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571 if ,, -. -.N 1 w. , w K . It ' fy,"'.,, ..,'.. x " " I ' , 1 I. f' ...f-.1 A w. . i 1 . ff' 3 ' i ., 3' Q Y 1 1 Af nl I' E ti 1 . 1, .Mix w,A fi. , f-. .1 ,. ", ',v,l 4' . ."1l1'P'-tiff' M- -fi! as - az 'au 'z -b '7- v 1.4 JV' "f. R1 'lj' ggi: L f'."' ! v-'5,, 4?-gr ".' -- 4 wut- 45 ,' -Q -, ,pl -I-. ,.,.h- -o pq, I' . J ,. I 1 Jmf? if 'fr - 1 J... 0 v-,. r' . - .f,, 'M V ',, -.- -,. .J 5f4QP':9"1 A Fzx 1 'ff'1'g:q'.!,-S'j,,- - , f '-I, .,F-.:'- u-"ly, , 1 4 A -iw ,'g,Q1-W..-A u,,',-, ,'- l 1 , ,,,,, . I ij' 1. ' ' -.3 . If x 'EH ' ' J ,. 1 1 -1-'V' 'Q f 'Q 5 , , 1. nf ' ,Q ix M A, V WE-M5 4 , xl nfbl. - br A i' lg ! ' '37 I X? .4 '54 v I , 1 -,,. w , I . 1. I 1 I . , 1 RL W 5 f -, n , A K. '5E "3n5' -. , A - 5 ' f T ' , wings.: I' '1 .- wwf. .Q 1 x V .. j- 1 4 , ,r f V ' 3 , , . ' , 4 . -A W .A Y lg,-ly L 1 r f- ,f Z' f ' . "' "J YH 0 '-lm, A 1 1 . W-' 43 ,f'f9-15511 V T r ' -ff' ' ' "", .W - " sf. QT? T :Ep4jffn D , 'J war' h 'Af' J , 'f7'if'1f3PgQ-0' V Q -' ' 12 'a,m A ,-sf, xiii'-Nff' , Y I Of 'af 'f W .N f1L'f'2L7f-" 'f w ifff wk ' A - , ,. 'Wg ,-Fas, ff- w,,,j'+a1,15 1 g,N,,.W5.g , 1' Af W N ' ff. ..-rf-f,,,'v5-3 ,fe 1 'f ' HQ. 7.-'f Wg! . '5f'2""f5kj.:3, -Y ' , ? N iff". . 4 fbi?-L+ , , w,.,f ' 7 fddnl A 'Y'Q7fA"f,i 7 L .A ., A ' '-'wifi' t""',.-,J A ' 52 . Q" L9 5, 'xiii T29-fFL -, +51 'A , ' ' 1 ' . ..- -. ,510 , , "' " . V ' ' , , 1: uf, :-wsiiff.,-..,'s 'qyl' 'gk'40'-M.uLl.w:fv"1:5 Q ,, 'W-12:59 .3 A 1 'S I? Q, 'Wh , . eg. :ll .xxx , Ac uf 1'Z"1' 5 .. "1 ""vs,,.' ...EN f , . ,- . Q' v 52 HP XL wqllsy N 1 . X . X 'f N XX fx si ,-, '11 - Y'Y? ,5- - fx ' 'wwf I I J H v xl ,- 0 , s ' ,1 'Aff' cl , 1 r, Q 4, "CQ - ff 1 1 .L . A FLIGHT 66 Organizations ......... 24 Sports . ........... . .56 Administration and ' ii i Faculty. . . . . . . . . . . . .76 Classes. . . . . . . .90 seams . . . . .112 , 'LVL 'wtf 'L fxyf MQ ,, "XJ-t. 'fi Li, '- Briefing Arsenal Technical High School, Indianapolis, ln- diana, is the launching site of the Tech Titan Flight 66. The countdown began September 7. l965. and ends June 7, 1966, with the launching of over 700 seniors into their adult careers. America now is living in the exciting and progressive Space Age. Schools all over the country are empha- sizing both general and technical knowledge. Tech prides itself on working toward the goals of good citizenship, cultural development, and vocational preparation. Space workers, in naming one of their largest mis- siles, have used the Titan of old as a symbol of power. We at Tech have adopted the symbol as our own. We are almost 5,000 strong, comprising one of the largest high school student bodies in the United States. Our sights are set: our controls are ready. Out of our years of preparation we look forward to the time when we shall make our contributions to the adult world. Behind us stands an inspiring heritage. A century ago when some of our buildings were new-long before we became a school-our campus served the nation as a United States arsenal. The cannon, a symbol of military power, became a symbol of Tech. We dedi- cate ourselves to the spirit of loyalty it implies. We also look to the future. We pledge ourselves to the spirit of high adventure . . . shooting for the stars . . . with vigor and alertness to preserve what America values, and to live up to the name-Tech Titan. I Techvs Gateway to Knowledge No longer echoing to the roar of Civil War cannons, the historic Cuardhouse now witnesses the passing foot- steps and laughter of pupils filing by on their way to classes. Located at the Michigan Street gate, the quaint building once served as a jail for military prisoners. The bars were taken from the windows some years ago, but the campus visitor can still see where they were at- tached. The building had three cells in the basement. Through later years the Guardhouse served as a cafeteria and as an English classroom. It now houses the office of Tech's custodians. About half of the buildings on the campus are original buildings. One, the old Artillery Building, where weapons once were stored, was razed a few months ago. The West Residence, once the home of the commandant, later housed the Cannon Office. It still stands, an inspir- ing campus landmark, Where various offices are located. The Barracks, which housed the soldiers stationed at the arsenal, is now the headquarters of Tech's ROTC. Pupils practice at a rifle range located in the basement. In 1912, the United States Supreme Court gave the 76 acre tract of land to the city of Indianapolis to be used as a technical high school. Every year on May 22, Supreme Day is celebrated at Tech to commemorate this proud event in Tech's history. Principal Tech-nician swat -hands Convincing are the arguments and predictions that the future is one of rapid change. Acceptance of this, in itself, is not enough. The ability to cope with such change and to prepare for it are all-important. As the hunter must lead the flying duck and anticipate any variation in direction of flight, the young person in school today must attempt to visualize his place in the future in terms of what it will be when he arrives, not merely what it is at present. Education in general and each and every school in particular have tremendous responsibilities. They must design for the future. As this is not an easily visible area, since experiences of the past do not necessarily foretell the paths to tomorrow, it is imperative that our school and all schools be flexible, compre- hensive, farsighted, and dedicated to the search ahead for the vision of true preparation. The need for adaptability to a changing environment, to greater requirements of skills and knowledge, to bet- ter understanding of human relations, to the effective- ness of mass communication and rapid transportation, to automation must be a primary concern of the school's total program for every student. Tech, from its very beginning, so frequently referred to as the MSchool of Tomorrow," can meet the chal- lenge. Its excellent physical facilities, its truly com- prehensive curriculum, its highly trained and en- lightened teachers, and its eager and cooperative student body are ready for the task. And readiness does not merely reflect past preparation and accomplishments, but those shifts and advances that make readiness the Word for each approaching day. fa, Five Minutes of Confusion 011 noi Late agam 1, inf 4, 34 513 ff: mo ou. Rod! imtis ln 1 ll lin' iuvii. 2 '01 I Q wx 4 Tu 44 W W ,v A , 1. -lgv ly. . Q .,,m , M ,, A - 1"---fn .T'- Rf" . Ai 'T' K . ""+N-., 111' -, - .--- 'wr--,.,,--f Q, - ., W 1, --'--K-"F A - ff 1 X I 1, 55,1 pi- Q - -'R--.. if flqqas I ampus Events Mark School Year Hot September days . . . returning Techites buzzing with news of summer vacations . . . the picnic atmo- sphere of lunchtime lounging on campus benches . . . the mild hubbub of crowds thronging the tomblike cool- ness of the Arsenal basement to line up at the Book- store . . . these present a picture of Tech at the opening of the school year. The gaiety of the Football Jamboree has hardly sub- sided when plans for the Mardi Gras begin to grow. Techites and their families, returning alumni, and teachers jostle about in the colorful Boys' Gym en- joying an evening of fun. Then follows a busy time-the grim reality of report cards, followed the same day by homecoming. Senior sponsor rooms compete in the construction of floats proclaiming our determination to beat Washington, our football foe of the evening. Pupils take two days off for the Indiana State Teach- ers Association when pupils enjoy seeing teachers go to school. Then, with hardly a breathing space, we celebrate Veterans Day with its downtown parade in which the ROTC cadets and sponsors march in military review. Now the exciting basketball season begins, and loyal Techites turn out to cheer the team to victory. December follows quickly, and the days fly by in hurried preparations for Christmas. Secret plans and club meetings herald the many seasonal activities with the SAO Christmas Dinner highlighting the festive season. The New Year then blows in with a taste of Indiana blizzard. After finals, the semester ends, and students rest from weeks of concentrated study. Then comes the all-school variety show, the Sketch- book, with an enthusiastic performance by all. With the month of April a new trend is started: warmer weather, and the new bright attitudes of stu- dents. The lVlilitary Ball highlights the social calendar for April, and the track and baseball seasons begin. In May trees become green again, flowers blossom, and the beauties of the Tech campus cheer the busy routine as the school year nears a close. Tech juniors revel in the prom. To seniors June means excitement-Vespers, Com- mencement, the Senior Picnic. and, of course, the Senior Prom. June means sadness as Tech days shorten, as seniors say good-bye to the routine they have fol- lowed for four years, good-bye to days they can never share again. But June means new beginnings, too, a challenge to graduates, and anticipation for the seniors of tomorrow looking forward already to the opening of a new school year. Trcadwcll Hall HRH! i t --I X Speech class develops 'ccharactersf' Ellen Eads watches as Dick Hivht emotes. C an Classes for Man People There! Maylue 1ny radio will work now. Leslie Harvey and Gary Arnold tseatedl learn ahout a DC power supply. 3-Tia: .QM ,f-,3 , 4'Experience is the best teacherf, Class at Tech is full of experience, Whether it he typing, driving, cooking or repairing a car. The skills learned in each of the 18 dif- ferent departments are a useful investment in the future. Tech's curriculum is of such a Wide variety that any stu- dent can find and major in the field of his choice. Some 261 teachers employ all available materials and ma- chines for the advantage of students in the various courses. With opportunities like these, it,s no wonder Tech students are so aggressively loyal. Q:-5 if X, adn' V Tech typists Becky Hiatt, Donn Patterson and Mary E. Dalton pick up speed. Closer Ties With Friends Ahroad During the school year Tech students and teachers Won honors as exchangers to and from foreign countries. lVlr. John Peters, our exchange teacher from England. has made a happy impression on pupils in the Biology Department. He traded johs, schools, and countries With lVlr. Garlan Howard who took lVlr. Peters' place in a boys, school in Sussex. As a result of the Indiana University Language Honors Program, Penny Pickett, Kent Nay, and Richard Clark were chosen to study their respective languages in foreign countries. Penny and Kent spent nine weeks living with native families in San Luis, Mexico. Richard studied in St. Brieuc, France. He stayed in the home of a French family for five Weeks and in a dormitory for three Weeks. All the students had extensive oral drill. They were required to speak 1 Z. y d the adopted language at all times. The experience was enjoyable and profitable. W... I Mr. John Peters enlivens hiology classes with his Charming speech and personality. Rick, Penny. and Kent return from a siuniner of study outside the T-ui MQW 'sn ted States. Wk. ew irfnvf 1 ... 7... K rj -'v Q 1 X. M' .-+40 4 v '.,I 'gf' lJ',,,fvf" 'Li n':"' 4412-1 .5-A ' ' . '-1-. ,- V LV, 'T H - ' 'l' 55' Sri' V , ' fb - ,.-1-,.'f,Z-,C ,.-A-H 'A 5' Lv-. . ,. 51' 'I' xiwf' '-'- E A+, nga-2 ,p - f".,' ar..."-'G +1 Vw, nff"'5 nz' -:V f 4 ff ' v.L9f"s'f"w- -- V. -V 1 it' JJ, M4 H .af.,1-:23'I',V'. S'w'a4MJf46ffV,5' 77Si7"f2":i - 'V f: ' LT I -f ' V., .. "'La1.'r'-W ' -fggzw '---v figg., , ,I-V-. I Y- H V 'ctw-.fy-Q-2 'ffm ' W" ..'5b1',..,," -.4 fx .6 'x A'-xqm, . l A ' .HA I N 'I' 'fd .-5 .a-' mf- , " fm 'A 5 jefbm -'f,-gZ'w-- ff'-V1 !"4f,', - I' -u V 4 . A-' . ,.,,.p..-.., 02. ' r -. . , , -f lc , .. ', ,--fix .-+ . .Q QA' V gc -, ,f'i'pf,: .'A:7f 'Y fu. -I , Z' '- -' ni" ' 0 fzdfffjz' . ' .Lf nfl Y V,..Vf1L, ,V ' VW .- VV ' sr nv 4.. - 4kJ'f'lr.,02 : -D 1,1 11: 1 . g, -f f Ii " - FT .' X 4 LH ' 1- ,J I 1 n -.,.,eg , 2,151 V 11. 'fri ,,.'.'t'. ,Q -3.15 -'fw"V- ' . .7 '- as N X-' Vt.-3,1 " 573,95 B , !f"!". lv -Q . up '. : n 4:NA,, -I' QJKA- ,wfv w ., v ',,. lv-,l Q 052565 'grxffi gf I il' .4 A 'v ' . :' ' s J I 4' A , J, . ll -.--- . vj,-.9 V -' - f Q infix' K' QMI, A LQ -' ffl" '- -.V .-I1:?1"f-V-."'7'efST"Z'!' ' ,v.-- X, f'.--...- T I H!---I in . I: . .4 ' .... ,'wfr3'F3"" 1.1-f"4fi1.:Lf v ' 0' ' 1 4' V " . f f' - Fiji- - 1' V ' "1-I-. L 'V -if 1 ,,,, 1. 1 . , .nf I-5,1-.. -f-,--x'Q ,I ay. , Vx ' '4"'Q gig .,Q5fe.u , Jw 'rain 3 W V, V ' 4-1' V .4 3. - -r . A 1 .f.,,jV' - ,, .-' 1 -pf ,,:5,,'.. f.. V: .L.- ,. I . A . - V' 1 --' - f K ,fu N fix f N ., ... , ' , N -V 4 , I ' ' ,', .Q ' -fr . . , f , 'ff .4 - . -f' I ,. Jw. . f , .af VX- .' Z 5" 'A ., " lfijp 23,-,4 .SBI ' ' K' A . - 5 I' ..1 V" H x - ,,4 4 I v V4 V - A 1 -P-L2 ? gf ' V ' ..'rfFh"" ' Fri il?-cl f . g-,g,vfqV ' . .IVV 1 f , , , . A I ' 1 I' . Z V fi big, ' .. 141- 1 ' ' if . -.1 , V' -' 'A IA44'-L. 6 9, Q. 1-1 Lf- Nklf' rsenal Tradition Reborn ail Hurried hellos, elanging of locker doors, and clicking of typewriters-all of these are sounds of the present- day Arsenal. A century ago, however, different sounds were heard Within these Walls. Sounds of gold-braided men shout- ing orders to their command rang through the halls. Plans were being advanced for the future of a nation. Plans still are made within these Walls, but by stu- dents, not by the Union Army. The nation's future still is being shaped, but in the hopes and dreams of young people. R7 i ,,,.......-- 'v"" V l 'V Q.-, me ' if Q X 1 i ' 3 MM, .,,, N, saw Sw' wifi ,W N...--W ff'----"' ' Students use lunch periods for study in the library Bookstore talk speeds up time for opening. at . My Q .X ,, , HI-ley. Mom, you should sm- my report Card!" Jfgg p ff - .cy-1 few f f xv 4 if K Q 25 Se.. ...f ,, E The Titans race through the Tech Band's traditional funnel to begin another game. There's an unmistakable stir of excitement in the air as the big horns blare out the strains of HThe Tech Song." The sixty-member band is well organized he- cause of the three weeks of practice day and night be- fore school began. Every day after school till 4:30 the band rehearses in the student parking lot to prepare itself for the coming games. Strutting in green and White, the band performs at games and participates in parades and contests throughout the state. No football game is really under way until the thrill- ing music begins. The spectators start feeling the true Tech spirit when the drum majorls Whistle blows to lead the musicians into action. The bass drum scores with the spectators almost as much as a touchdown does. The high-stepping performers are so enthusiastic and Tech- spirited that their zest just has to rub off on all present. Baton high. Butch Stuart. drum major. leads the band in per formances throughout the year. ANU ln. Re-dskin stvw. a dish fit for a Titan M ajornttvs stvp in time- to tht- ibZlI1fi.S SIJifiif'fi musira Victor the Titan Wa at :iv :ls ?""1! 0 0 ,ml 1 sf? . . uyii li' A viii x 5 l . 3 iatsvwti gf, sri 11+-ff t,.ff-,lit : ' .-inf N A x 2 7 . i 0 fx 44" r"f'i my 'Y' if Q ' iv' 'wi Q Sponsor Room 400, a bit gory for glory, won second place Sponsor Room 153 saw the Titans steam to xictory in float competition. Fireworks, F1 Techites and W3Sl1iIlglOI1 Continentals alike began filling Techis Stadium at 7:30 p.m. on October 20. lt was Techis annual Homecoming game. and the festivi- ties began early. Queen candidates and their escorts rode around the track in a parade lap. Qnce around. they disembarked, and the ceremony began. After being crowned by lVlr. Longshore and presented roses by his wife, radiant Queen Diane Ressinger walked from the platform amid the cheers of the crowd. After another uvictoryn lap around the track the Homecoming game began. Witli Tech and Wfashington deadlocked 0-0 at the half, enthusiastic Techites relaxed to enjoy the exciting halftime show. Now it was time for the float competi- tion, and floats made by each of Tech's six senior roll rooms rolled in front of the crowd. Sponsor Room 6 had the winning float with the theme-uThey Smelled De- Feelfi To climax the halftime show of band and drill team exhibition, Queen Diane and her court returned to the field. The stadium lights dimmed, and as a royal task, Diane lit the fuse which set off a gigantic fire- works display. Supplied by the Key Club, the fireworks illuminated the sky and spelled the word 6'TlTANS" in blazing letters. Apparently spurred on by this dis- play, the team returned and ended the game Vic- toriously, 13-0. oats and Royalty Sponsor Room 6 put its best foot forward to mn first place Expecting a relaxing evening, Sponsor Hungrily. Sponsor Room 190 looked for- Losing their heads Sponsor Room Room 300 was not disappointed. ward to a delicious evening. 7 tried a dcadls approach for Homecomin if .Q wi MT ,' Ny, fa ,Me 'A ffifpf' Y' 1.4 , if Il at . -wx, g t 2 ' S ff fix 25 'Wy Q QW h 1 .: ' li pw? ' Eating is a traditional Mardi Gras pastime. This popcorn booth proved suc- cessful for the Girls Ensemble. Boys Octette members earned their Larry Medcalfe and Chris Petree reigned hap- money in a dirty way. pily at Mardi Gras. 0 I I un, Frolic Rei n at Mardi ras Key Clubbers worked hard in the afternoon, readying their booth for the evening's customers. ,415 3 Dancing on the Moon seemed great. Harvest Moon hines ver Tech Penny and Steve reigned over the Harvest Moon. The night of November 20 was a night to remember. The occasion was the launching of many Techites on a trip to the moon, the Harvest Moon Ball, that is. Sponsored by the SAO Board and the Service Club, the starry-eyed couples arrived on schedule at eight o'clock to dance away the evening at Tech's fall formal. A recording of 4'Everyone's Gone to the lVloon,', the theme of the dance and a current hit record, was played in the background. Techis own Dance Band provided the live music. The dance was held in the new cafeteria which was appropriately decorated for the occasion. Symbols of autumn abounded as Homer, a huge ragged scarecrow, and pumpkins and Indian corn adorned the room. Completing the decorations was an eight-foot oilcloth earth, brightly illuminated by the light of Tech's umoonf' Chris Petree, Penny Pickett, Jill Schmidt, Betty Watts, and Iris Williams vied for the title of queen. Gazing hopefully at the king's crown were Mike Ens- minger, Larry lVledcalfe, Bod lVlorgan, Steve Sanders, and Bill Thompson. Penny and Steve were crowned queen and king. For entertainment, Dave Wise supplied a humorous monologue, the Girls Ensemble sang several songs, and Carol Oakley presented several numbers on her ac- cordion. Cider and doughtnuts refreshed the foot- weary dancers. Soon, the inevitable hour of eleven arrived, and the lunar visitors returned to earth, knowing that this trip, the Harvest lVloon Ball, was the highlight of the fall social season. .R-nw V VM 'Mm M33 -lun- A Gary Ray, Rick Clark and Cornelius Stravers attended the Science Seminar at the l.U. Medical Center. ck Carol Oakley was chosen by a faculty committee to partici- pate in the Hurst Youth Senate Award Program sponsored by lndiana Senators Birch Bayh and Vance Hartke. Tech Pupils Bring Home Honors .M .ri, W, N, m"'"w..,,--, ' .,, 'N .....X,M 1 - "rmw...w.,,.,.,, V. - . N M a M""WWmw,...,,,x, ' 1... lrly f M Nm' ' ' -N-..,, , W rw W 1 s may MM R ' q"cwM,,,, v"i"s-'M 1-..., N. wg'--Q N Q ...uv 1 A 'Q-,.,,.,,'m.q ? is i,.i,: W.. """"-ww-are-....,,,, "' ,, , at I MW"""""-m.,,, Wm V.. , I ' f"' aw... , """"-ai... V VJ " 'Ls ' e lm.,-sw., v W-W i - l 5 ., X .sk Wise! ri .Q ,Q-..,.,..' l Rod Morgan received a four-year scholarship certificate from Mr. E. C. McCaig, Indiana District Manager, Shell Oil Company, as Mr. Howard Longshore, witnessed the presentation. 20 Honors came to Tech this year as pupils excelled in various activities. Inter-school academic competition, participation in panel groups, attendance at seminars and conferences widened pupil experience. Only a few citations are presented here, representative of many other achievements of a fruitful school year. Sharon Wilson, Norman Weeden, William Wegener, Rick Clark and Sandra Wilson, alternate, had a stimulating session before participating in the Exercise in Knowledge program. Dave Wise, alternate, not pictured. sms:-:ravi -mini .vwnuanuq . 5 . :'-32,-ax" - if---1 4' ya so ,W W NK -. sqm ar. A X N aa.. 1 ss: , ' - In the 24th Annual Presentation of the Francis Bellamy Flag Award, Edwin Scahill proudly presented a key to the city of Indianapolis and received the first National Honor Medal for outstanding accomplishment in citizen- ship. Mrs. Richard B. Miller of the DAR Irvington Chapter presented the organizationis Good Citizenship award to Sharon Wilson in November. ..z,,, g.. up fl wm,.,,,-as ,,., if-n' Y x ' X William Wcfgener and Peggy Berchekas represented Tech at the state mathematics contest held at Franklin College. Rod Morgan and Tante Masters received recognition as Tech's representatives at an assembly on Congress and the American Future at Ball State University. Winners of Regional Scholastic Art Awards were Ronald Jackson. still lifeg Danny Miller and Donald Shobe. jewelry: Patty Michael. sculptureg Rick Johnson, photographyg and Earl Lee. sculpture. Sandra Wilson and W'illiam Wegener represented Tech in the Youth in Government Day Program in November. TECH LEGlONHFr0nt Row: Susan Meeks, Roderick Morgan, Donna Hunt, Tante Masters, Richard Clark. Diane Ressinger, Edwin Scahill, Carol Oakley. Nikki-lynne Kennison. Secorru' Run: Brenda Spcari Joyce Swanner. Susan Swartz. Michael Thomas. William Thompson, Kenneth Volstad, Betty Watts. Kathy Weatherford, Cynthia Weathers. William Wegener. L. Christine White. Sandra Wilson. Sharon Wilson Suzanne Wilson. Larry XY00l,lCl1Ll. Third Razr: Mary Sue Spaulding. Roderick Myers, Melody Moore, Kathleen Moeller, Kent Nay. Penny Pickett, Karol Ponsler. Helen Powell. Ronald Richards. Linda Roberts Steven Sanders. Linda Sargent, Linda Schowengerdt, Jill Schmidt. v a Brenda Schowengerdt, Linda Wooten. Marilyn Miller. Fourth Rozc: Carol Simmons. Caran Hart. David Hawley, Charlotte Herrington, Sharon Herrington. Janet Huebner, Deanna Jeters. John Kuhn. Steve Lawrence. Earl Lee, Elena Looper, Arlester Marshall, Larry Medcalfe, Barbara Hamon. Carole Yule. Roberta Gilbert. Fifth Rolf: Lucinda Albertson, Nancy Anderson. Marilyn Atherton, Deborah Barnett. Peggy Berchekas. Sue Ann Brockman. Judy Copas, Dave Drexler. Pamela Duckett, Cynthia Duncan. Anne Duthie, Ellen Eads, John Ealy, Vicki Eaton, Michael Ensminger, Chip Evans, Lana Ceminden. Four Years Crowned b Legion Each year as commencement nears, the ten per cent of the senior class with the highest number of merit citations are chosen as members of the Tech Legion. Mr. Charles Martin, Tech French teacher, established the Tech Legion in 1935 to recognize pupils outstanding in the attributes of good citizenship. Merits earned during the first seven semesters at Tech are counted for Legion membership. Summer school merits are included. Ranking Legion officers are the co-commanders and the captains. The top boy and girl are named as the co- commanders. From the remainder of the Legion, the top ten per cent are ranked as captains. Three types of citations are given for various desir- able personal traits. Each teacher has the opportunity to award ten per cent of his class citations. Merits also can be earned through extra-curricular activities. TECH LECION COMMITTEE with Principal Longshore-Front Row: Irene Rhodes, Howard Longshore. Second Row: Charles Clore, Mar- garet Peterson. Robert Belding. Mrs. Marian Moore. T.T.D. Promotes Understandin Y iT , vs TECH TAG DA r, Bette! Human Relations p our GOBTS T T Human Relahons Council T N T - l ls The Gateway L To Il T l - l N 3. The Human Relations Council is sponsored by Mr. Charles Harry and Mrs. Dorothy Stout to promote understanding among pupils and to improve the already good relations between faculty and pupils. The l6 members are chosen upon application, and it is the plan of the sponsors to maintain a balance of member- ship as to age, sex, and race. Guest speakers during the current year have included Mrs. Osma Spurlock, Deputy Director, Indiana State Civil Rights Commission, and Mr. Paul Crafton, Di- rector, East Side Christian Center. In the fall, the Council sponsored a slogan contest setting forth the annual theme. The winner received complimentary basketball tickets. The spring project was Tech Tag Days with pupils displaying tags affirming their interest in promoting better human relations. F 5 M 5 .Wap 1 i KX , A IF, , N L TTNW 5 Q HUMAN-RELATIONS COUNCIL-Front Row: Betty Watts, secre- Lillie Mae Cross, Mr. Charles Harry. co-sponsor. Third Razr: Richard tary, Janice Talbert, Sherry Loanna Sayles, Linda Sue Herman, Mrs. Kern, Otis Curry, Paul Claspie. Richard Kenneth Bacon. tiliarles Dorothy Stout, co-sponsor. Second Row: Deborah Barnett, president: Thompson, Jessie L. Ealy. Ron Rady. Joe Henderson, not pictured. Frank G. Keesee, R. Chip Evans, Cheryl Harding, Marilyn Atherton, WWW W x M min , i ,W UM. Q, 3 7, fs- K ,M 4,40 , X- ,t s 5 A M, ,. A , I . 1 , . - 3 .. I K , . ., , TECHOIR-Front Row: Elaine Illey, Linda D. Phillips, Iris Williams, Kathleen Moeller, Cheryl Harding, Susan XVatts, Patricia Michael, Linda WVooten, co-president: Mr. NVilliarn F. Moon, director: Mrs. Patricia Baxter, assistant director: Larry Medcalfe, co-president: Susan Newell, Barbara J. Davis, Charleyne Stinger, Susan Harvey, Rebecca Hill, Donna Hunt, Anne Duthie, Carol Oakley, Jeanne Forkner, Elena Looper. Second Row: Carol Gregory, Mary Spaulding, Nancy Chapman, Dianna Caldwell, Nancy Adams, Brenda Bishop, Linda Darland, Christine Petree, Nikki Kennison, Linda Gullion, Ellen Eads, Mary Jo Moon, Caran Hart, Arlester Marshall, Barbara Noffke, Lorraine Hunt, Peggy Berchekas, Kathryn Fogelson, Suzanne Wilson, Anita Whitemoss, Phyllis Brock, Anne E. Stewart. Third Row: Larry Thornburgh. Robert Todd, Ron Horton, Larry Woodard, Steve Meid, Ed Scahill, William Watson, Jeff Mentis, Chris Chronis, James rganizations f df Handy, Don Wright, R. C. Evans, Steve Watkins, Jeff McAtee, Bill Lane, Chester Bowman, Robert Wade, Bill Devitt, Ronald Rodocker, Don Brown. Fourth Row: Gary Moore, Danny Doan, Cleo Brasher, Earl Lee, Jim Jacobs, Eric Fort, Bradley Byrd, Ken Volstad, William Adams, Steve Lawrence, Kent Nay, John Miller, Hans Sigg, John DeMoss, Rod Morgan, Jim Soltau. S X , M14 J 'f li Performances at P-TA and church groups made last- ing impressions on four of Techls musical organizations. The String Ensemble performed on a full schedule, which included appearances at the annual instrumental contest, the Parent-Teachers Reception, and the Hobby and Gift Show. The Madrigals, one of the oldest groups on campus, was formed thirty years ago. Their specialty is old En- glish songs and folk music. The group started its sea- son singing at the Freshman Orientation. They also traveled with the Techoir on its spring tour. The Harvest Moon Ball program was included in a busy year for the Girls Ensemble. They also sang for the lndiana Federation of Teachers. Their music varied from Broadway show tunes to religious pieces. Their goal was to put the music across, not just to sing the words. The Boys Octette started its season singing at Techoiris annual Kick-off Banquet. Under the direction of lVlr. Robert Simpson, the boys spent long hours re- hearsing for their many and varied programs. As the boys sang with meaning, they impressed many au- diences during this past year. STRING ENSEMBLE-Marilyn Miller, piano: Donna Hunt, first violin: Linda D. Phillips, second violin: Anne Duthie, cello: Susan Newkirk, viola. Titans l 1 , BOYS OCTETTE-Bob Wade, accompanist: William Devitt, Larry Woodard, William Watson, William Adams, Kenneth Volstad, Steve Lawrence, ,lim Jacobs, Larry Medcalfe. 26 MADRICALS-Front Row: Nancy Adams, Mary Spaulding, Christine burgh, Danny Doan, Eric Fort, William M. Lane, Chester Bowman Petree, Kathleen Moeller, Anne Duthie, Susan Newell, Caran Hart, Jeffrey McAtee. Suzanne Wilson. Second Row: Ed Scahill, Robert Todd, Larry Thorn- Hit High Note of Popularit GIRLS ENSEMBLE: Mrs. Patricia Baxter, director, Caldwell, Linda Darland, Iris Williams, Patricia Donna Hunt, Rebecca Hill, Lorraine Hunt, Cheryl Michael. Harding, Nikki Kennison, Arlester Marshall, Dianna TECH BAND-Seated at front: Janice Sheetz, Marsha Majors, Jean Link, Karen Spaw, Charles Dinkins, Ain Haas. Mary Spaulding, Ron Foster, Suzi Wilson. Lewis Clark, Elena Looper, David Hawley. Marjorie McCorn, Bob lunge, Phyllis Bloss,'Linda Adams, Rod Lewis, Cary Cox, Suzan Kirby Cary Ray Bradley Byrd Carol Sim mons, William Parker, Roger Vrtt Seated on rzsers Richard Clark Bob Todd, Carl Todd, Bob Wilson Steve W a oner Paul Terry Stuart Music Plays While if ii ii ,si Marching Titans added Color to Veterans Day parade. in Lawrence, James Griffin Jr., Jim Entwistle, Norman Weeden, Larry Vitt, Dave Matthews, Sandy Stanfield. Mike Elliott. Elisha Madden Auble, Gerald Ledford. Standing: Marilyn Miller, Jeanne Forkner, Ray Robinson. Don Wright, James Woodford. Dan Rene-au. Danny Jim Jordan, Lawrence Broadus, John Takacs, Jerry Backus, Dave the Band Marches l ac wt, snSmwW.,.,a-,-, . ..,. ., L-. , ..-M ... -.. , . Chris Petree, head majorette, and Claude "Butch" Stuart, drum major, stand proudly beside Techis big drum. Beight, Claude t'Butch" Stuart, Naioma Stockton. At all Tech athletic events there is a body of students who are working as hard as the team members on the field-the band. The hand practices every night just as the teams do. They supply the team with moral sup- port and entertain everyone with music. This yearis band of fifty-eight boys and girls, sponsored by Mr. John Wliite, evidences great enthusiasm. The band is led by Chris Petree, head majorette, and Claude Stuart, head drum major. Many persons think that being in the band requires only a knowledge of the instrument, but band members must be able to march in time and move in intricate patterns as well. Band members also sell candy to raise money for uniforms. The Concert Orchestra is composed of approximately sixty-five talented musicians. Directed by Mr. Raymond Brandes. the orchestra makes tapes of various music ranging from classical to modern, for broadcast on an Indianapolis radio station, which airs programs from different schools nightly. A traditional performance is that at the Christmas assembly. The spring concert in March is considered by many the biggest musical event of the year. The band and the orchestra combine to give a polished performance. Q Qwxi f f f ' Q ff ' J If ' .- ,Mi , A-W , .XM , 44' 4 , 'z 5 ff X Z9 f ,, 1. , SN- Qu 225 iii. :1 942 M, wk 7, A I LQ 7? Ib, was fx. Sv X Q05 Q 2 ? ff ,X ,, ,xg 5,4 a , J. 355: fl fi fm M' A Q54 Eff' ,M fgzggfa cw f W f 4 ' 4., ab ,Sz - 1, Qffii' , lf, V! , eg , 1, .L.. . k an -3' 17 5' 5 , 4 K .1 f., i A 5 .Q ., W ix f 1 Ml' Q xx , U Sf s ZSL ? Q? N. N Qi. f5se,Zv?L VL? ' I z 4 -3 f .,,fl.-W A fx. 2 .ma ff, ff' , 7, M6 .' li 'Z -in .7 7 , fa, 3, if M, ,- .f W f ,kx 2 W W ,45- Q-- Q- my M. -af , V0.1 f 12, hz 'f ,sq , 2 Xl ,ff ,z fz'f,,, fi s f 'eslffycjfisgzf' 4 ' , .14 .f fy' .vm - X 4 ff , ii 'ifi V gy, 12 .A 1 Q i , I, ,, -,fa , ' ' ' T 'L 2'-P f' f , 4,,.f,f' , ,f ,, , H ' Q, - fa-M -' ' L pi, M. , x 4 . fi. f ,- , ,,, 1 4 f ,4 5 , ,,..- ,.,,. , Q .V 3, ,I , I 5 , " .' ' 1 0 T., 'YZX ,Q , 1 , , Z: Q , ,Z 4 ' 'f H ff fwfr 1' if -5 , 4' ,A 0 ,, . f V , A 2,,YZ,,1i f " " A fy , ' ,' -1 - , fx ,, .M , f 1 ,,f?f'-77 2' lg X ' f ,4 '-: " 7, 4, I 4 2 ,, H , Jw WW if ,f. 25,-lnjj,f,.f f I Q f,' f f , ' " -,f ,ff X ,W , fr , ,, ,4 f , f ,n ff ' W-. ' aff, yy, 1 f if , f 2' M if ff , W, Af Q x K ,x v,. 43, E,7,,, ,jf , I-14 z, W' i , f 97, V4 f, W , "XA ' ' Q fm f . .6 V, A Z ,, 'I Q, rg , v, 'W , ,YQ ,x fx V ig K! 7 K 'W ,gi X , Lg , KW Q '7 , " 2 I if ,iii ,,,,4. x i Q a, ' 4 1 'f in ,f cuss 1 fl' ,-,,,,,,w ,,,,,, ,, J 1 ' 4 Y. , x ? Z I K if , , x f ' z if S I 151 'Q 1 1 af 5 Z BOYS CONCERT CLUB-Front Row: Patrick Harmeson, Robert Lee Wfakeland, president: Thomas Whaley, George W. Farral, Donn Patterson, sergeant-at-arms: David DeVine, Robert Curry. Second Row: Melvin Coleman, Larry Hill. Richard L. Frenzel, Lonnal Daven- port, Max L. Roe, Paul C. Davis, David E. Robbins. Third Row: Walter Ingram, Jim Osborn, librarian: James E. Swinford, David God- win, Chris Sipf. William Hodgson, Michael Robinson. Fourth Row: Edmond Davis, Stephen Kleifgen, Steven Elwood Beck, Charles Potter, Tom Adams, secretary: ,lerry Dockery, vice president: Danny L. Lowhorn, Kenny Rynard. Leroy Simmons, not pictured. Techis Alive With Sounds of Music The Tech Music Club is bubbling with activities like the champagne music of Lawrence Welk. Mrs. Pa- tricia Baxter, the new club sponsor, helped make this year's club an outstanding part in the lives of many Tech musicians. A concert, featuring a Japanese man performing on the koto, an oriental stringed instrument, was only one of the many musical spectacles the club attended. Each club meeting offered a different type of musical entertainment, presenting to the members all forms of music-classical, jazz, and rock-n-roll. Every Tech music student could find something worthwhile in this club, and many did, as the attendance records show. Music will continue to flow from the Music Club DANCE BAND-Front Row: Roger Vitt, Cary Cox, Gary Ray, Rod Lewis, Richard Clark. Second Row: James Griffin, Robert Todd, Carl W. Todd, Mr. Stephen R. Behlmer, director. Third Row: Larry Auble, to delight and refresh its members. The Boys and Girls Concert Clubs play an important role in Tech life. The main purpose of the clubs is to prepare members for next year,s choir. Only once in the spring do the clubs combine to give a concert. They sing at some of the school assemblies and perform for the church and P-TA groups. Picking up the beat, the Dance Band, under the leadership of Mr. Stephen Behlmer, practiced after school. One of the activities of the band included their annual performance at the Mardi Gras. The band also played for many of the school dances. Daniel Beight. James L. Woodford Jr., Dan Reneau, Claude "Butch" Stuart. Fourth Row: Donald E. Wilkinson, Dave Matthews. GIRLS CONCERT CLUB-Front Row: Maureen T. Mills, Donna J. Johnson, Gloria E. Edwards, Donna Wo1'ley, Cindy Burton, Linda Hodges, secretaryg Juanita Silvey, Ricky Lynn Rozzell. Second Row: Linda K. Myers, Lucinda S. Albertson, Deborah Moody, Shawnee Jones, vice presidentg Donna J. Helfferich, Sherry L. Sayles, Donna MUSIC CLUB-Front Row: Cathy Todd, Kathy Volstad, Susan Smith, Cindy Burton, treasurer: Teresa Ann Lawson, Juanita Silvey, Carolyn Michael, Vicki Moore. Second Row: Frankie Freeman, Donna Proffitt, Carol J. Gregory, Claudia J. Couse, Elizabeth Wright, Patti Michael, president, Mrs. Patricia Baxter, sponsor. Third Row: David :FT T? Proffitt. Carolyn Phillips, Vonda R. Harper. Third Row: Brenda Bailey, Brenda Lyle'-s, Sherry Chandler, Julia Mangus. Jo Ann Rothen- bush. Janice Vint, Penny Pickett. president: .lanelle Boykin. Anita Belding, assistant secretary. DeVine, Marilyn Woolley, Carol Ann Arnold, Russell C. Hughes. Thea Masters, Terry Boyd, Mary S. Spaulding, Paulette Suggs. Fourth Row: Dianna Caldwell. secretary: Edith Reese, Helen Lagle. program chairman: Ken Volstad, vice president: Bill Watson. Stephen Meid. sergeant-at-arms: Ed Pavey. as ia'-1.3 , x YSL' 4,14 S' F- k- 3 l -I SAO BOARD-Front Row: Donna Hunt, corresponding secretary: Linda Arnett, Nancy Chapman, Nikki Kennison. Iris Williams, Chris- tine Petree, Barbara Hannon. ,lacki Abbett, Mrs. Martha A. Turpin, sponsor. Second Row: Linda Darland, Anita Belding, Diane Ressinger, Linda Wooten, Carol Simmons, vice president: Carol Oakley, Susie Harvey. Third Roni: Chip Evans. Susan Meeks, recording secretary: A 1. atm- Vw arid S-tw at C U W, NWS X SAN l W? ci 'RAF Swim FQ Q- W gil. X .XX Carol, Ed, and lris display the SAO Appreciation Scroll, signed by Tech students to thank the School Board for the new cafeteria. Betty Watts, Gary Champion, Ed Scahill, president: Larry D. Met- calfe, treasurer: Tante C. Masters, Janice Talbert. Fourth Row: Ron Bady. Earl Lee, Jim Jacobs, Rod Morgan, Greg Young, sergeant-at arms: Ellen Eads, John Hilton, Penny Pickett, Billy Thompson. Jack Seibert, not pictured. Composed of 33 poster-hangers, ticket-takers, tea- hostesses and program-planners for-energetic Tech- itesl, the Executive Board of the Student Affairs Or- ganization is responsible for numerous campus activities. Elections for the class representatives, Jamboree Queen, Princess of Light, Track Queen, and Yard Parks Queen all are conducted by this group. Various service projects, such as Teacher Appreciation Week, the Teachers' Valentine Tea and Student Scholarship Tea, the Annual Student-Faculty Game for the Anderson Scholarship Fund, and the representatives, tea and body meetings are directed by the SAQ. Each year a gala Christmas dinner for parents, friends, and invited guests of the board members is prepared, while the underclassmen honor and mimic the seniors at the annual May Breakfast. Ed, Rod, and Bill preside over this early Wednesday morning club meeting. Traditionally, the Homecoming festivities and the Turnkey Dance are the two main events that the Key Club sponsors during the school year. This year the club scored a first by providing a fireworks display for the Homecoming celebration. Members also kept busy by operating concessions, waiting on tables, and ushering at various school functions. Last summer Mike La Crotte, Frank Keesee, and Richard Storm attended the Key Club International convention held in New York City. They brought back with them new ideas on how to promote better club and school spirit. Primarily a service club, the group is an interna- tional organization chartered by the Kiwanis Club. Mr. Mahlon Carlock is the sponsor. Application for mem- bership is open to any boy with a C average, who has no disciplinary record and has an interest in serving the school. There are forty-five members this year. Key People Hold Key Positions KEY CLUB-Front Row: Frank Keesee, Steve Mackey, Cleo Brasher, Dan Polson, Chris Chronis, Cary Fox, David Osterhout, Bill Wegener, Leo Condos, Stephen Handy. Second Row: Martin Toney, Chip Evans, sergeant-at-arms: Larry D. Medcalfe, parliamentarian: Bill Devitt, Billy Thompson, vice-presidentg Walter Strong, Jim Handy, Ron Rady, Ed Scahill, secretaryg John Kuhn, Mr. Mahlon Carlock, sponsor. Third Row: Richard Storm, Don Buchanan. Bill Funke Claude Stuart, David Handy. Jim Soltau. Vic Ayers. Bob Clelland Gary Ray. Fourth Role: Jack Schafer, Mike Hickey. Paul Claspie Dan Auble, Ross Furry, John T. Miller. Phil Wallace, Jerry Doekery Ed Montgomery, Rod Morgan, president. , " use , : A f , V v I K , ., I Ili! nkqx I I Q I IIQ ,I f.. I III ,I I ffgm 2 X' ? .. gy .Qs 9 if , 3' K , I 3 IQ f ,, ' -xr f xi: I 3 .1 ' Q II,g 14,-3 ,Q 1 , L iTP',I., b .ff . 1 Wm 5 gl . - ww. --W,'.tlg 1 1 1 'ff!l.1llbX2 - ' if: 'fi' Wi , 72? - .. K 1 V il' 'J' F " ll " K 'S' 'ni l i Q o f "'l'G1fff3 -- ' ll 25' 1? ' iw M- W I -PQA E 5 f ' iq, M! A wiv" I K , FI :Il I I N, Ina ? It., WX.. I I , I L I ,-S. , 3,51 'vvrlj I I . X ,j SQ I' El I I , lk. ,,, ,I H , , , ,r-, 0,94 . ll .E .X , "5 it 1 ' , ,IZ - ' ,Q V rv i " E69 E53 gii7Fgggi53"'gFj ,ig-.. 1 We fi- ,,L,.: , ' xg "l:gH.-F rf-we f -+3-1 V mi," -,,, I . Ai - if ' A,,5-g.,-- -III , M ' lzkff , ,lx ' ,255 I 'f A '-1, - I ffm Zfllsi .91 A .- . 2- W I,,,n" -1" 'k"1Q4 . ' 'V W wif YQ' 'f l" "fu .X L 55.-'ifffg'-' il" Q l W :E A ff-'M J ' f 'L ' I I X Q xI I ,1,'Iig.2i , 'Q '-' xr islipvl I I g:':5,,I - ,- - V rf: is ' ' .HI I ' ,1 X V-:QI , V , , , r . , X! X me 1 - fr- H IW I, I . I ,- A f I IIII I 1 I . NI. , .II I - , Q ,rw I II I - ,- "W if f- i 1. a ' . A 5 Y' I "' K 'Y ,V-T. ' ' . 'Wi .W ' 'B I LII IM T .I N Qt' ' I I , ' ," V, ,I ' V' :1:.. M-WW-W W -' - QM 5 lj -- ., ..,,... - J. :, K Qrfxftfl-1' ' of Q -' " fe , i X 1 Le., .f 3 Linda Sue Herman at fe -'f-'er Philip Wallace COPY Editor Editor-in-Chief i le ,Q avr M , 4 l 'Wal' I X W' i, V., ow 'WSP' aw 'lu-If 4993 fl? 'xr 3 x tl l CANNON YEARBOOK STAFF-Front Row: Janine Fogleman, Kathy Brenner, Tana Wiggington. Karol, Gloria Hockman, Suzan Kirby, Marilyn Atherton. Second Row: Jacobs, Carl Pearson, Ellen Miss Bernice Jones, adviser: Linda Sue Herman, Dave Wise, Ron Foster not pictured. In Earl Lee Layout Editor Q", wg-my 1 f 9 t Third Row: Earl Lee, Cary Rott, ,lim Eads, John Hilton, ,lane Howard, Ron - or NM! i-.fig ,bf I... if-f Ellen Eads -t Dave Wise Business Manager Senior Editor f .W, 3 , i, ,B 5. A Jim .lacobs Sports Editor Staff Becords School Year Moving into new quarters with a new adviser, Miss Bernice Jones, the yearbook staff began the year with a period of adjustment. Leaving the old offices in the West Residence caused much sorrow, but spirits brightened when the staff saw its new room. In offices on the second floor of the new Cafeteria-Music Build- ing, yearbook production took on a modern look. Having decided on the theme, the staff began to plan lay-outs, write copy, take pictures and then crop them, sell ads, and do all the many tasks associated with meeting the ever threatening deadlines. With the launching in June of the Tech- Titan '66 yearbook, staffers look back on an educational and re- warding year. 1. ' t . 62 f Q. 1 W 'M' ,, ,i V . "rm , ' ,.,......-. s..- f ,.- J--.-' QUILL AND SCROLL-Front Row: Sharon Wilson, treasurer: Linda Wooten, Susie Meeks, Cheryl Harding, Sandra Wilson, secretary. Sec- ond Row: Phil Wallace, presidentg Bill Wegener, vice president. x is P9 1 X Y I ff S 1' X -2 if .f if ..., Q? M 'if f . Ai 1-me 6, 5 A W LZ ---- ss ..., fiqifx iff 'E Li-f f l, H M X 'f S. sf Susan Meeks Editor-in-Chief -.. Sandra Wilson Chief Copy Editor xg . L9 William Wegener Page 1 Editor annon Weekly Marks Firsts jf Sharing new quarters with the Cannon yearbook, the Arsenal Cannon weekly staff sought new ways this year to give their readers a more attractive newspaper. More pictures and more variety in page layout characterized the '65-,66 issues. Tech's offset printing press was used this year for the first time in the Cannon weekly's history. Second semester issues were printed on the standard letterpress, however. In the fall, Susan Meeks, editor in chief, received the first Arsenal Cannon Alumni Association sweater award, emblematic of outstanding staff achievement. ln the spring, the following staffers were so honored: Linda Wooten, Cheryl Harding, Sharon Wilson, Wil- liam Wegener, and Sandra Wilson. The White sweaters with green cannon insignia are given to staffers in recognition of the fifth semester of superior publications work. A minimum 5.5 overall grade average is also required. The 29 issues represented the efforts of about 4-0 staff members. A - - , F5 - CANNON WEEKLY STAFF-Front Row: Sharon Wilson, Marcia Susan Newell, Marshall Trimmer, Sharon Smith, William Wegener, Montgomery, Barbara Noffke, Susan Watts, Cheryl Harding, Marilyn Fred Bremmer, Susan Meeks, Janice Talbert. Fourth Row: Crystal Maxwell, Jacki Abbott, Frances Bender. Second Row: Sandy Wilson, Rhodes, Jeff Oliveira, Mary Loudermilk, Danny Doan, Nancy Adams, Pam Hedrick, Tom Seifert, Susan Powell, Bob Ingles, Kay Harrison, Dwayne Dixon, Steve Grimes, Dave Matthews, Jim Griffin. Nikki Kennison, Cecil Tresslar, adviser. Third Row: Linda Wooten, "'2 , dl? - 7 ?i+f Ma? iifi X . ' 6 1, 'P-7' .. it A t wif' 1-':,f , ' A 4 Eb .ffi f:,., v V . ., 5 .,,,, Qi i " n ., X, A 3' 'Gai-5 i wx , Q, R Q ii i ,Zi 1 , ""-A . XR V . 31 Sharon Wilson V M XXX f exrw Page Two Editor Linda Wooten Page Four Editor 5 cf- i gf A Shi-xgg-sy X ,.f Cheryl Harding Page Three Editor Mr. Clare Day ................. Kenneth Volstad DRAMA-SPEECH CLUB-Front Row: Carolyn Michael. Janet Brum- mett, Kathy Karol. Linda Cornett. Coodloc A. Taylor. Susan Rupert. Sue Ann Brockman. Linda Arnett, Kathy Capshaw, Cathy Todd. Sec- ond Row: Marilyn Atherton. Pamela Hedrick, Susan Powell. Lynn Sills, Linda Ingle, Elizabeth Kern. Marty Bottoms. Donn Patterson, Robert Carnal, Rebecca Laing. Third Row: Mrs. Doris Webber, sponsorg hw ' waxavewiar St ucet that hideous monstrosity out of this house!" Ken Vol- stad screams at his Life With Father wife. Nancy Adams. Dave Wise, James R. Sutton, Twanetta Witsman, William A. Barton, George Buds. Chester Satkamp. Ellen Eads. Marc Thorman. Stephen Meid. Fourth Row: Susan Meeks, Brenda C. Spears, Linda Sue Her- man. Ronald Rodocker. Richard Clark. Jeffrey Oliveira. Mary J. Loudermilk, Richard R. Hight. Bill Wegener, president: Nancy Adams, secretary. Phil Wallace, not pictured. Cast of Life With Father Mrs. Vinnie Day Clarence ..... John .... Wliitney . . Harlan .... Cousin Cora . . Mary ..... Dr. Lloyd .... Dr. Humphries . Dr. Somers . . Margaret . . . Anna .... Maggie .. Delia .. Nora . . . Director .. o n .1 nu. . . Nancy Adams .. . Phil Wallace . . Robert Todd . . . . . Don Brown . . . Jackie Abbett Linda Sue Herman . . . . . Susie Meeks . . . Jim Sutton . . Jeff Oliveira . . Bradley Byrd . . . . . Pat Frazier . . Linda Cornett . . . . Becky Laing Mary Loudermilk Ellen Eads Mr. Robert Maloy Actors Reflect Varied i oods Messy lessons in make-up application, hurried re- hearsals for Mardi Gras sketches and the worry and excitement of opening night appealed to theater- minded Techites. The Drama-Speech Club, sponsored by Mrs. Doris Webber' and Mr. Robert Maloy, offered these activities. Members learned more about the many facets of theater production and worked to perfect their acting skills. Pupils who excelled in these productions were awarded membership in the National Thespian Society. Points for admission could be earned by acting on stage or working behind the scenes. Two all-school plays, January Thaw and Life With Father, entertained their audiences. Several one-acts were also presented. r ti ' Ken, Jim, Linda and Susie pleaded with Kathy in this scene from January Thaw. rv' aff' JANUARY THAW CAST: Ken Volstad, Marty Bottoms, Joe Eads, Linda Cornett, Ron Barnard, Phil Wallace, Jeff Oliveira, Jim Sutton, David Griffin, George Eads, Susan Meeks, Nancy Adams, Mary Loudermilk, Kathy Karol. ff NATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY-Front Row: Kathy Karol, Sue Brockman, Marilyn Atherton, Jacquelyn Abbett, Linda Arnett, Allen Taylor, Mrs. Doris Webber, sponsor. Second Row: Susan Meeks, Mary Loudermilk, William Wegener, David Wise, Nancy Adams, Linda Sue Herman, Ronald Rodocker. Third Row: Jeff Oliveira, Richard Clark, Steve Meid, Chester Satkamp, George Eads, Kenneth Volstad. Ellen Eads, Richard Hight. C f ornpetition Attraets Speakers Eng P QTATIQNS J V: V, . mf .2-M A Sue Brockman, the team's most successful speaker, and Susie Meeks, NFL president, show the ribbons which fulfilled Tech's "Great Expectations." ' sf A '97 Veteran members and novice speakers combined to form this year's speech team. Team members who earned 25 or more points at meets were honored by membership in the National Forensic League. Headed by the new coach, Mrs. Linda Vaughn, and NFL presi- dent, Susan Meeks, the team enjoyed an active year. Attending an average of one speech meet a month, members worked hard to bring home the ribbons. Dra- matic, humorous, and oratorical interpretation, original oratory, extemporaneous speaking, poetry and debate were some of the areas in which Tech was represented. From the very first of the season, team members set their sights on the national meet for winners of state competitions to be held at Albuquerque, New Mexico, in J une. ,M Q, ... X. Qui QW' s 'QE' "l.?"" TW? TQ? DEBATE TEAM-Front Row: Kathryn Borden, Pam Hedrick, cap- Jon Burroughs, William Barton, Bob Ingels, Barry Winkle. Miss Mar- taing Kathryn Fogleson, Tylka Goldman, Lillie Cross. Second Row: garet Nessler, sponsor. ,V 'ff' fs 1 5 .UW .. i f . W P' ll if in NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE-Front Row: Linda Arnett, Jacki Bill Wegener, Linda Sue Herman. Susan Meeks, president: Ronald C. Abbett, Marsha Dycus, Marilyn A. Atherton, L. Christine White, Sue Rodocker. Third Row: Richard W. Hight, Richard Clark. secretary: Ann Brockman, Kathv Karol, Mrs. Linda Vaughn, sponsor. Second Dave Wise, Marc Thorman, vice president: George Earls. Ellen Eads, Row: Pamela Hedrick, Mary Loudermilk, Donna Blount, Nancy Adams, Brenda G. Spears, Jeffrey Oliveira. Phil Wallace, not pictured. Pam Hedrick, Nancy Adams, Sue Brockman, and Kathy Karol show the ribbons they won in sectional speech com- petition. . I If , . f N J.. ,, A 2-sf . 2 . QA. X ai? Q-f if xi -t Mary Loudermilk reads several of James Whitcomh Rilefs poems at a speech contest held at Ben Davis High School. s - as... l I ,s- cf-1 gr 49 l ,wa 5 M. . 4, .A H ,ge L f I E X, b ' i. . 1' ! gr. JZ A 3' '!""f1' VTTYY' 5 4 ,I m 5 1 ES., ' FRENCH CLUB-Front Row: Katherina Diamantidis, Elaine Dia- Hunsucker. Third Row: Linda Ingle, Richard Clark, vice-president, mantidis, Donna Hunt, president, Juanita Byers. Second Row: Susan Marc Thorman, Ain HHHS, MIS. Mary Bedell, sponsor. Clark, treasure-rg Kris Tomescu, Regina Coffey, secretary: Lynne E. Tech Linguists , X Y .Q ts K A ., Saw ' . , X :L 'Stir' L 'Sf'-W 146' qw XX 'of' s , ? 1 3 SPANISH CLUB-Front Row: Lillie Mae Cross, historiang Patricia Linda Wooten, 'Publicity Chailmanl Penny Piffkeif, ViC6'PfCSidCI1iZ Johnson, Lynne Hunsucker, Arthur Juarez, Becky Joven. Second Row: Billy Hatcher, Kent Nay, P1'951d9Utl RLlfl1S COHIIIS, Jeffrey McAtee, Mrs. Maria B. Lagadon, sponsor: Tim Schneider, Barbara Hanlon, treasurer? ShCf1'Y BT3113011- Marsha Allen, Marianne McKnight, Sandra Wilson. Third Row: GERMAN CLUB-Front Row: Kathryn Borden, vice-presidentg Linda Davis, Dianna Roberts, Barry Winkle, Cheryl Hamilton, Dortha May. Second Row: Mrs. Susanna Underwood, sponsorg Steve Borden, Susan Practice for Perfection Supplementing classroom work with everyday ex- perience, members of Tech's foreign language clubs found a useful opportunity in the year's activities. Competent officers, an interested sponsor, and eager members made up El Circulo Espagnol, the Spanish Club. Sponsored by Miss Maria Lagadon, the club par- ticipated in the Mardi Gras, and then made plans for a Spanish dinner and a pitch-in fiesta. Guest speakers af- forded an opportunity to improve listening skills. Observing French customs, the French Club spon- sored a buche de Noel, which is the French version of the Yule Log. Four issues of Le Petit Canon fThe Little Cannonl were written by members and distributed to French classes. Mrs. Susanna Underwood, German Club sponsor, started the year with a club party at her home at which the students prepared potted plants for the Mardi Gras. For the holiday season, the club printed songs in German and circulated copies for students to learn. Another project was attendance at the film, Sound of Music. At Tech, the JCL is affiliated with both state and na- tional Junior Classical League organizations. At their meetings, members played games involving the use of Latin, and enjoyed guest speakers. tty w.. ,,,,,...,.,,,f"" C? 5X,,v5C'??MN 55 ei, ragga: Ss a'qi'Q.s MQ is c Powell, Michael Palmer, president: Kathy Fogleson, treasurer: Jon Burroughs. Third Row: Michael Gregory, Carol Esarey, secretary: William Barton. Ken Noble, Norman Hiselman. ju 51 'G' was JCL-Front Row: Miss Virginia Hurt, sponsor: Elizabeth Keller, Linda R. Perdue, president: Susan Rupert, vice-president. Second Row: Tylka Goldman, Jan Heatherly, Elizabeth Wright. Third Razr: Paulette Suggs, George YV. Farr-al, Jeffrey Oliveira, Dortha May. secretary. Vicki Morris, treasurer, not pictured. 45 It ROTC OFFICERS-Front Row: Cadets 2nd Lt. John Hallanger, 2nd Lt. Dan Howard. Capt. William Parson, Lt. Col. Steven Oser, 2nd Lt. Michael Moran, Capt. William Lane, lst Lt. Richard Cabell, Capt. Herman King. Second Roux' Cadets 2nd Lt. Roderick Myers, Capt. Craig Decker, 2nd Lt. Joseph Mills. 2nd Lt. Clinton Sparks. lst Lt. RIFLE TEAM-Front Row: Honorary Cadet Captain Penny Pickett, Cadets Sgt. Major James Culley, lst Sgt. Larry Kramer, Sgt. Neal Fashimpaur. Second Row: Cadets Capt. Craig Decker, Capt. Billy Hatcher, 2nd Lt. Hans Sigg, Sgt. John Rouse, lst Lt. John Wood. John Wood, lst Lt. John Fawley, 2nd Lt. Myron Rance, 2nd Lt. Charles Chris, lst Lt. Jerome Moore. Third Row: Cadets Capt. Ronald Randol, Capt. Billy Hatcher, lst Lt. Joseph Baker, Capt. Kenneth Volstad, Lt. Col. Greg Young, 2nd Lt. Hans Sigg, lst Lt. Jesse Barger, Capt. Hugh Cartrell. ROTC Preparation for the Veterans Day parade, with prac- tice marching at 7:30 on Thursday mornings, paid benefits for the entire ROTC unit. They captured a first place in competition sponsored by the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce. The prize, a beautiful Ameri- can flag with a gold eagle at the top, was awarded to Tech because units marched in near-perfect forma- tion, and all orders given by the commandant were obeyed correctly. An earlier project of the group, under the sponsor- ship of Sgt. Thomas L. Dawson, was a campaign to improve relationships between officers and noncom- missioned personnel. The organization promoted courte- sy and good will to all. With the approach of the big annual event, the Mili- tary Ball, members were kept busy with arrangements and the sale of advertising to finance the affair. During the year, the Rifle Team won second place in the City Postal Match. The team participated in matches throughout the year at Tech and at other schools. Practice sessions were held in the basement of the Barracks. The final weeks of the year were devoted to plans for Federal Inspection. Senior activities closed the year, with juniors giving the graduating officers a farewell party. ROTC SPONSORS-Front Row: Honorary Cadets Capt. Diane Res- singer, 2nd Lt. Marcia Montgomery, Capt. Marilyn Atherton, Capt. Donna Hunt, 2nd Lt. Paulette Suggs, 2nd Lt. Diane Roberts. Second Row: Honorary Cadets 2nd Lt. Hallie Williams, 2nd Lt. Susan Wins Honors 'G-7 Newell, Capt. Regina Coffey, Capt. Tante Masters, Capt. Penny Pickett, Capt. Helen Powell, 2nd Lt. Anne Stewart, 2nd Lt. Linda Downing, 2nd Lt. Marilyn Lucas. DRILL TEAM-Front Row: Cadets SFC. James Hylton, Sgt. Daniel Combs, lst Sgt. George Wilson, Honorary Cadet Capt. Regina Coffey, Cadet lst Lt. John Fawley, Honorary Cadet Capt. Helen Powell, Cadets SfSgt. Harry Todd, Capt. William Parson. Second Row: Cadets Sgt. Robert Spencer, SfSgt. Robert Hirschy, SfSgt. Alan Burks, Sgt. Elmer Kurbursky, Sgt. Noah Spurr. SfSgt. William Binks. Sgt. Michael Wilson, SfSgt. Jerry Brannon. Left trophyf3rd place Detachment -72510 City Drill Meet. Right trophy-3rd place North Central High School Drill Meet. SERVICE CLUB-Front Row: David S. DeVine, Sharon Hawkins, Judy Story, Nikki Kennison, president: Charleyne E. Stinger, Zandra Hess, treasurer: Linda Brady. David S. Smith. Second Row: Kathleen S. Moeller, Marcia Montgomery, Faye Frost, Patricia Pierson, Teresa White, Susan Bright, Shawnee Jones, Barbara TVl1ite, corresponding lub embers Three of the most active organizations on the Tech campus, the Service Club, the High School Bed Cross Club and the Future Nurses, all have an active concern for school and community Welfare. To the Service Club, under the sponsorship of Miss Judith McBride, freshmen owe much of the planning for the orientations they received in September and in January. This is an annual responsibility of the organi- zation. With membership open to all students, the club is one of the largest on the campus. The group sold mums at Homecoming and sponsored the popular uCider-A-Co- Co" booth at the Mardi Gras. Together with the SAO Board, they sponsored the Harvest Moon Ball. Always interested in community affairs, they pre- pared Bed Cross overseas chests and participated in the Multiple Sclerosis Drive. Annually the club has prepared a Thanksgiving basket as well. The High School Bed Cross Club sponsored a clothing drive for unfortunate families in the Ap- palachian area. They helped to provide a second Christ- mas for residents of orphanages and homes for the secretary. Third Row: Margi Cheshire, Martha Stockton, vice presi- dent: Janet Huebner, Betty Watts, Janice Talbert, recording secretaryg Anne Duthie, Marianne McKnight, Miss Judith McBride, sponsor. Fourth. Row: Vicci Nahas, Sherri Hessman, Jim Osborn, Kenny Whisman, Michael Phillips, Robert Spencer, Keith Monday, Jerry Troxel. Serve and Learn aged. They joined with the SAO and the Service Club in entertaining teachers at the Valentine Tea. Membership is open to all students. One member is selected annually to visit Kent State University Lead- ership Development Center in Ohio. This year's repre- sentative from Tech was Nikki Kennison. The High School Bed Cross Club is sponsored by Miss Hester Hale. Those interested in school and community health and in nursing careers find opportunity in the Future Nurses Club. Members attended High School Day at Indiana Cen- tral College. The group also visited Marion County General Hospital School of Nursing and other hospitals in Indianapolis. The group sponsored community projects during the Christmas season, and invited guest speakers for some of their meetings. As its contribution to the Mardi Gras, Future Nurses successfully conducted the uRing-a- Prize" booth. The club holds a national charter, and is sponsored by Miss Blanche Williams, R.N. RED CROSS CLUB-Front Row: Ramona Wilson, Lillie Mae Barnett, Maureen Minor, Reta Campbell, Becky Taylor, Charlotte Herrington, Rita Corrado, Zandra Hess, Jo Ann Irwin, Debbi Barnes, Donna Hunt, president: Judy McCullough, Cathy Ressinger, Stephanie Price. Second Row: Miss Hester Hale, sponsor: Paulette Suggs, Libby Hogan, Charleyne Stinger, Barbara White, Barbara Hamon, Sandy Hogge, Linda Darland, Shawnee Jones, Peggy Berchekas, Connie Beinburg, Diane Ressinger, Nikki Kennison, corresponding secretaryg Kris Tomescu, Claudia Floerke. Third Row: Becky Hiatt, Cheryl Harding, Linda Wvilliams, Ruby Boykin, Chris Petree, Marilyn Woolley. Judith Johneon, Susie Harvey. Patty Taylor. Anita Belding. Sherry Sayles, Kathleen Moeller, Iris Williame. treaiurer: Sherrie Jones. Fourth Row: Cheryl McGinnis, Regina Coffey, Tante Masters, rice president: Teresa YVhite, Betty Wvatts. Sherri Heisman. Thea Maateia. Vicci Nahas. Susan Clark. Sharon Smith. Jill Schmidt, Janice Talbert. recording secretary: Martha Stockton, Linda McKinney. FUTURE NURSES-Front Row: Mae Wallace, Wilrna Young. Teresa Sultzer, Linda Walker, Vicki Collier, Juanita Hernandez, Elizabeth Keller. Second Row: Janice Sheetz, president: Elizabeth Jeter, Sylyia Compton, Karen Spaw. Donna Worley, chaplain: Lynda Marlean Har- rison, Miss Blanche Williams, RN sponsor. Third Row: Georgia Drain. Donna Wyzltt. Anise Frink. Vicki Poynter. Pallas Houser, Becky Muse Margie Cheshire. Fourth Razr: Barbara Cheshire. secretary-treaauier1 Terry Boyd, Joyce Swanner. yice-president: Leslie Young. Betty Stock- ton. Patricia NYeddington. Kerry l.. Binkley, Shirley Hantzie. LETTERMENS CLUB-Front Row: Bob Kollmeyer, Steve Dildine, Larry Medcalfe, Leroy Avery, John Ealy, Marion Casey, Ed Scahill, Calvin Hardesty. Second Row: William Mansfield Jr., Roger Holder, Bill Watson, Bernie Muffler, Earl Lee, Otis Curry, Felix Townsend. Jeff Holbrook, Mr. Fred McCoy, sponsor. Third Row: Rod Morgan, Mike Ensminger, Jessie Ealy, Jerry Roth, Charles Sanders, presidentg Steve Sanders, Billy Thompson, vice president, Bob Teckenbrock. Fourth Row: Ronald Johnson, Glen Johnson, Rod Wire, Michael Price, Daniel Hoyt, Warren Marsden, John DeMoss, Clarence Beck- with, Grant Imel, Leroy Robinson. Athletics Scores Big ith Titans GAA-Front Row: Doris Knox, Melba White, Brenda Poteet, Sherry Floerke, Juanita Byers, junior representative, Janine Fogleman, junior representativeg Judy Weaver. Second Row: Linda Sears, L. Christine White, recording secretary: Patsy Ransom, Veronica Van Cleave, Nikita Young, Teresa Sultzer, Linda Wong. representative. Third Row: Har- riett Gooch, sophomore representative: Mary Ann Roberson, Linda Neal, Margaret Ann Durrett, Donna Wyatt, Gloria Wright, Pearlie Sanders, Elaine Taylor. Fourth Row: Alma Scott, Donna Blount, treasurer, Betty Beverly, Violet Davis, filing secretary: Kerry Brinkley, Lana Geminden, president: Gail Henderson, Jacqueline Hollins. Past and Future Interest Pupils HISTORY CLUB-Front Row: Beverly Polvadore, Margaret Godwin, Raymond Floyd, Gary Etchison, historian, Susan Powell, president, Linda Proffitt Christine Russell Gre or Cavanauvh. Second Row a , g Y - Linda Ingle, Jon Burroughs, assistant historian, M5131 Lynn Pfeiffer, FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA-Front Row: Janice Crawford Darlene Roberts, Kathy Greig, Linda K. Myers, Linda K. Reeves Marcia Montgomery, Kathryn Borden, Linda Arnett. Second Row? Denise Whitted, Diane Ressinger, vice president, Debbie Witman Kathy Fogleson, Marcia Bowers, Dianna Roberts, historian, Mrs Deborah Moody, Linda Davis. secretary: Mr. Duane Blunkenliorn. spon- sor. Third Row: Charles E. Lytle, Cary Cox. Rufus Collins. Richard Bacon, Claude Stuart, Fred Bremer, treasurer: Charles Wendling. Larry Borden. Dorothy Stout, sponsor. Third Row: Susan Clark, ,lon Burroughs. Linda Sue Herman, Marilyn Miller, president, Carol Esary. Ellen Eads, Julie Wheeler, Mary Loudermilk. Evelyn Miller. secretary. not pictured. K ' 'S I ' EAQQL '51-15 gl S.. :Fix -aff' RADIO CLUB-Front Row: Albert Blair, Eddie Craig, Steve Hooker, Michael Hubbard, Larry Wells. Second Row: Mr. G. E. Bramblett, WQPOF sponsorg Rodney Douglas, sergeant-at-arms: Dan Auble, fl APM" WAQFQP, president: William B. Smith, secretaryg Larry Pryor, WA9MFF, chief operator. luhs Spark C? '-ad if DCE CLUB-Front Row: Bonitasue Johnson, Beverly Herrington, Linda Schowengerdt. Brenda Schowengerdt, Sally Mitchell, vice- president: Barbara Hosenkrans, Jackie Michael. Second Row: Mr. Jack Longshore, sponsor: Particia Abbott, vice-presidentg Bettie Longs, Don Buchanan, Butch Trefz, Sandra Gaunce, Louis Banholzer. Third hm. Row: Paula J. Dillahay, Joe Peterman, Mark Wright, Judy Copas, Marshall Trimmer. Kathy Weatherford. Fourth Row: Sharon Wallace, Barbara Parish, John Laffey, presidentg Thomas Pirtle, Doug Palmer, Carole Yule, Richard Storm, treasurer. CHESS TEAM-Front Row: Mike Gemmill, Harry Benson. Greg Porter, Barry Winkle, Gary Elliott. William Buckley, Randy Fraser. Second Row: Larry Auble, Charles Brasher, Larry Biech, Jeffrey Pupil Interest The only club on campus requiring a federal license to operate, the Radio Club, is unique. The club trained its members to obtain their own licenses and aided other schools in beginning new clubs. This year the club worked with the W.A.S. certificate as its goal. This certificate is awarded to radio clubs when contact has been made with all states in the United States. Besides most of the states, Tech,s club has contacted Mexico, Belgium, France, Russia, Israel, and many other countries. Combining scholastic education and vocational train- ing, the members of the Diversified Cooperative Educa- tion Club gained much from the experience. The Em- ployee-Employer Banquet was one of the main high- lights for DCE members this year. Pat Abbott and Jacqueline Michael were Tech's voting delegates at the state convention at LU. in the fall. During the school year, Y-Teens enjoyed splash parties and a hayride. They contributed money to Techis scholarship fund and aided at hospitals and nursing homes. Y-Teens also had membership in the YWCA. This year the Chess Team added something new. Chess meets with other schools by active varsity and reserve teams sparked action. Prizes were awarded at the end of the year to the most successful players. Oliveira, Donald Spears. Mr. John Kern, sponsor. Third Row: Michael Beem, lsaac Stansberry. Larry D. Anderson. Richard K. Bacon, James M. Nolte. James Austin. David Hawley. Robert Spencer. Y-TEENS-Front Row: Rossetta Hughes. Janice Yates. Paulette Suggs. Emily Cade. Sandy Cable. Marilyn Maxwell. Lillie Mae Barnett. Sec- ond Row: Nancy L. Buckley. Sandra Fleetwood. Judy Wiley. Vivian Wright, treasurer: Sandra C-reen. secretaryg Sherry Sayles. ICC rep- resentative: Mrs. Elya Wignall. sponsor. Third Row: Crystal Rhodes. president: Ruby Boykin, Karolyn Jean Waid. Betty Stockton. Mary Stuart. Teresa McCaskey. Dollie Reese. vice-president. Not pictured. Annie Spencer. Minnie McCurry, ICC representatives. Hi Til- Cgoll I PRINTING CLUB-Front Row: Mr. C. S. Armel, sponsor: Robert Lumpkin, secretary: Frank Renfro, president: Ricky Whitt, vice-presi- Boyd, Dean McClary, Robert Haines. Donald McClary, Mr. R. M. dent, Clyde Young, Thornton Van Sickles. Smith. sponsor. Second Row: Lawrence Miller, Paul Birkla. Mike CHEMISTRY-PHYSICS CLUB-Front Row: Roy Prasley, David Cooper, Naomi L. Anderson. Susan Watts, Mr. William Tozer, sponsor. Second Row: Mr. David Beeson, sponsor: Anthony Wilkinson, Terry NATURAL SCIENCE CLUB-Front Row: Sherry Johnson, secretary: Maureen Minor, Donna J. Johnson. Debbie J. Johnson. Shurden Owens. Linda Ross, Joyce Goodwin. Rebecca Laing. Pamela Reed, Zandra Hess. Frances Elliott, Marsha Thorndike, Michael Pedigo. Second Row: Donna Hartle. Sherry L. Fagan. Phyllis Wardwell, corresponding secretary: Bobbe Bigelow. Patricia Brenson, Linda Barber, Mahlon Arnett. Beth Puckett. Hallie Maria Williams. Mary Lynn Pfeiffer, Winfred Turner. Marsha M. Allen, Joseph Eads. Third Row: Harold Cramford, Keith Williams, Timothy Wand. Third Row: Cornelius D. Stravers, Charles Robert Wendling, Richard Kenneth Bacon, James M. Nolte, Dave Black, Edgar Parido. Skudrovskis, Deborah Abernathy. Relis D. Cline, Elizabeth Kern, Jose C. Joven, Newman Montgomery, Walter Anderson, Floyd B. Ireland, Bill Isbell, Otis Hasty, Debbie Decker, treasurer: Jo Anne Benge, Allen Clover. Fourth Row: Bill Watson. David Abernathy, Kenneth Townsend, Gary Arnold, Michael C. Huffman. James Sutton, John Parry, Edwin Davidson, Steven A. Colvin, Richard Kenneth Bacon Larry D. Anderson, C. Rufus Collins, Franklin Oliver, William Tynes, Craig Decker, president: Mr. Michael Simmons, sponsor. O .3-sf' XYZ CLUB-Front Row: Sylvia Taylor, Janet Huebner, president: Keith Monday, Charles Wendling, Jeffrey Oliveira, Cornelius Stravers, Michael Huffman. Second Row: Linda Monroe, David DeVine, David Cooper, Susan Bright, Jerry Troxel, Faye Frost, corresponding sec- .qv 5"15 in retary, treasurerg Marcia Montgomery, vice-president: Susan Watts D. Scott Smith. Third Row: David Black. David Rose, Gerry Cilliatte Naioma Stockton, Joseph Eads, Robert Spencer, Marilyn Thiry. Jeff Hutchens, Mrs. Connie Bolinger, sponsor. lubs Provide Varied Program Using the facilities of Techis well equipped Print Shop, Future Printers learned much about their chosen occupation during a busy club year. Chemistry-Physics Club members broadened their scientific knowledge at meetings in the Old Shop Build- ing. Experiments using the fundamentels of physical science made membership rewarding. One of the largest and most active clubs on campus was the Natural Science Club with its weekly meetings and many educational field trips. A journey to the Indianapolis Zoo was a highlight of their year. Squares, triangles, and circles provided basic con- cepts for two Tech clubs. XYZ Club members used these figures in the mathematical sense. Art Club members employed the forms in a more creative way. Numerous field trips gave members experience of value in hobbies and prospective occupations. ART CLUB-Front Row: Gail Collins, Mary P. Collins, Vicki Gilly, Gina Hamby, Patti Michael, secretary: Patty Curtin. Second Row: Pam Duckett, Rebecca Laing, Vicci Nahas, Belinda Ransom, Lula . if:- Lawson, Phyllis Coleman, Bill Vernon. Third Row: Miss Lorena Phemister, sponsor: Janice Vint, Angela Thomas, Tom Burnwortli, Ken Taylor, Jr., Henry J. Dorsey. 4 X if A wx cf 22x if W fx f A ,, 7 ,, ' I -is 'dv ,Wa,. , W 1 v x .5 IN agp! Jessie drives as Rod Morgan comes in to block. Varsity Footllall TECH Howe 0 TECH Broad Ripple 20 TECH Cathedral 21 TECH Seeeina 6 TECH Warren Central 0 TECH 13 Manual 0 TECH 27 Kokomo 13 TECH 13 Wasllingtoll 0 TECH 33 Arlington 12 A, wi TECH 20 Sllortridge 14 N -5 , , s All-City Titans inelude Jessie Ealy, junior halflbackg Mike Ens- minger. senior centerg and Chick Sanders, senior end. ,, -.-., ..... 1 .---- s,.. Ui., - .1--,- 1-,,-,,,,,,-,A,.- - --, ,-,---1 Jessie Ealy dodges Ripple tacklers for precious yards. Titans Post 9-1 Billy braces for bruising blow. 'N Q, -fy Q E As...-s , if K ' -. A f' -3 ' 5. P I' 4 j YT . . A As the Titan team left the Shortridge Field, with ex- cited Techites in pursuit, one of the best football seasons Tech fans have ever witnessed drew to a close. The Tech gridders had defeated Shortridge in a thrilling game that assured Tech a share of the city title. The smashing 9-1 record, the best since '57, also placed the Titans in the state's number two spot. Tech's only setback of the season came against a strong Cathedral team on a humid, 80-degree evening. The Titans blasted back, however, upsetting undefeated Manual. The following week the gridders downed the top team in the state, Kokomo, 27-13. Even after mak- ing a second bus trip due to a light failure in Kokomois stadium, they made a spectacular appearance before a hugh Kokomo Homecoming crowd. The Shortridge game proved to be a dramatic ending to a dramatic year. Probably one of the hardest-fought and most exciting games of the season looked like a runaway with Tech leading 13-0 at one time. But with 1:15 seconds left to play, Tech fell behind 14--13. De- termination played a key role in the Titan offense as they drove 4-1 yards in 29 seconds. This yearis team was privileged to have in its back field two of the best ball carriers in the city. All-State junior halfback, Jessie Ealy, became known for his long runs and precious second efforts. Picture at right f bot- tomj shows Jessie as he dives for the extra yard. When the team was in need of a tough yard for the first down, Leroy Robinson was on the spot, muscling his way through the stone wall of the opposing team. On the line were co-captains Mike Ensminger, center, and Rod Morgan, guard. These boys did a tremendous job lead- ing their team in a championship season. Pictured at right ftopj with Coach Medcalfe, these captains not only played a good game, but did an excellent job sparkling life into the team when spirits were low. Cer- tainly Techites will be proud of this team for years to come. Record, apture Co Crt Title FOOTBALL-Frgnf Row: Jghn DPMOSS, R011 Jghnggn, R011 Sdlll H6lifPIlCll LOllls Clillx SIGN? Beck lVTllxE Rones Edhllfl Steve Sanders, Bill Parrish, John Jarrett, Mike Ensminger, Rod Mor- Leavell R0 61 HOICIPI B111 DGHII .l0hYl Mlllel Fmlfth R011 Head gan, Larry Medcalfe, Bill Thompson, Leroy Robinson, Floyd Evans, Coach Fime Medcalfe Assi tant Coach Culo Bell Janie Carter Clarence Beckwith. Second Row: Grant lmel, Bill Mansfield, Leroy Preston Abbott Cll'iIl6S .l0llI1qOI1 Mana 91 R0bC1tCll1ldb Head Mana Avery, Ronald Crasshoff, Rodney Wire, Jessie Ealy, Charles Sanders, gel 101111 Fawlcy Trainer Howard CHU Jerry Keen, Larry Woodard, Bernie Muffler, Ron Richards. Third TSTAN5 rrrarfs new I rfb - - E 1 el-sf. Q 9 Q. , rj S' N ir-S xl .ts-r W 'Q fr' '- MANS , TITANS ' T,.,.,q, A N rrrAN5 r mn T, 5 5,349 44 as as 41 RESERVE FOOTBALL-Front Row: Ron Morris. Ron Rucker, Ron Baker, Vic Ayers, Walter Strong, Walter Grundy, Mike Abbott, Ronald Woods, Leroy Mason, Dwight Blue, Jeffery Beck, Edward Cabbell, Ed Bluitt. Second Row: Coach W. Dininger, Richard Bell, Joe Morton, Mark Winzenread, Steve Mackey, Tom Avery, William Jones, Bruce Canady, David Bailey, James Chapman, Ron Rady, Calvin Hardesty, Dennis Alexander, Coach I. Moreman. Third Row: Robert Smith, ,loc Swinford, ,lim Craig, Jerry Bean, Tom Adams, Don Imel, Ray- mond Hill, Dennis Rice, Leroy Beck, Richard Nickels, Pat Blue, Mike Freeman. Reserve Footballers Prepare for Varsit Reserve Football Won 5-Lost 4 TECH 13 Howe O TECH 6 Broad Ripple 9 TECH 7 Cathedral 26 TECH 0 Scecina 13 TECH 10 Warren Central 0 TECH 12 Manual 0 TECH 26 Washington 0 TECH 0 Arlington 7 TECH 16 Shortridge 12 Positions The reserve footballers barely made the winning ranks with a 5-4 record. The year was slow starting with three losses in the first four games. The next three weeks produced three Titan victories without letting the opponents score. With the stronger reserve players and second year varsity teamed up, next year's varsity shows strong possibilities. The Freshmen tied in the win-lose column at four each. With the strong running of Milton Allen, the Freshmen scored against strong opponents. Coaches Caskey and Hurrle did a fine job of teaching the newcomers the art of the game. Dwight Blue follows blocks of teammates for long yardage. rv TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH Freshman Football Howe Broad Ripple Cathedral Scecina Washin on Arlin Shortridve Won 41-Lost 4 7 6 6 26 O 20 13 O TECH 25 Manual 12 27 . gt 26 7 gton 12 7 O 14 Coach Caskey gives half time pep talk ., fc 7 V.- M5 di Q Q ,V 444 , rf vfxb fam C 9 5' X Am""'5""""""""2"r it in pk elf. , ,I 1 Y 4, fl?-,W , ' -M fs W1 s ...vw ,f V , - 1745? 'F' V' ff 13: 9 X 0' L , . ., ' are efrr l - ,J 5' - Q 7 i 6 " ' .,,1. W . ee .... 1 at f : M ' , x .K 'J ' 1 " ' " , '- 4 5 aah Tflywvww W , .. fi Y 4-f 29 I, I l ls W . J, ,. U grail., X ','..i5f't", TY? f Y g X neg :Ag , , .. ,V - U ' Wt ? , a 1 .1 za. . 4 , . ., , . . , J. drew- sf .vw w,,,.a.5,,,f,, .. .0 Z.. ,Q 1 , Q, 1 w , V, V V . - -,,f - 1 ,g.fyQ,, iff- 4 .,f,.J.S , aan 9-fs. ,, ,twiiwf 3, si Wa g 112' W 1 , . X "mfr ' - .Wir-Yfveifglf me 73:15 T 'gif' r'T5653fi2Z fill? E lf L 5 ,im 6 Q, las! 44535 it ng Q , Q , Nba' ,-iff' A' dbg' A' .8 f X rf is 'Q 'Q P ' S' f ff , , f - .f 9, Q, t my f , fi, , , . c , ,ff .Xb ,Q I ,,- f, ., .. Ag, 594 - " .. f f -,sf Wggrefyr:-3, ff 4 'f .1 r via, ,fr .M ' ' .L.'B3!.1,.'7f ixA.s5"2 eL.l'?'1 fii ll "ML'bu.i"2 1, af- ' 2' ' 0 ' r Milton Allen is scoring ace for freshmen grid team. Frosh ridders Learn the Trade FRESHMAN FOOTBALL-Front Row: Darnell Dawson, Mike Price, Milton Price, Randall Cox, Steve Crubbs, Richard Baylor, Max Hut- ton, Floyd VanWye, Greg McCloud, Joe Parker, Solomon Varnado, Steven Campbell. Second Row: John Strubbe, Ron Robbins, William Maddox, Ray Bryant, John Webster, Michael Majors, Robert Davis, David Sellers, David Kellum, Nathaniel Hardy, Henry McGraw, Ken- neth Phillips. Third Row: Coach J. Hurrle, Thomas Leavell, Reginald Bishop, Ceraldi Franklin, Sylvester Edwards, Cary Lish, Don Criffin. Barry Jefferies. 1Vayne Ferguson. Mike Johnson, James Lewis, Terry Loux. Coach Harry Caskey. Fourth R01l'I David Russell. Kenneth Roach, Phil Lynch, Cregory Alsott. Steve Boggs, Claude Ventner. James Officer, Robert Medcalf, Cary Sanders. Steve Purkerson. Richard McClain, Wayne Massa. rr' Klip., MAJORETTES: Peggy lflerchekas, Judy Parrish, Chris Petree, head COLOR GUARD: Sherry Burk, Marilyn McCarty, Marilyn Lucas, Anita Belding. jj' majorette, Anne Stuart, Linda Darland. Feminine Talent Adds Sparkle Adding feminine charm and sparkle to Techis all-boy athletic contests, the lVlajorette Corps bubbled through many routines this year. The group presented the flags and entertained at pre-game and half-time shows. The girls also marched with the band in various parades. Led by head majorette, Chris Petree, the corps was composed of four different groups. The five majorettes perfected baton routines for the games. Flag routines were the specialty of the six flag twirlers. The four trumpeteers and the four colorguards joined in pre- game activities and pom-pom routines. These groups are sponsored by Miss Shirley Parrett. FLAGTWIRLERS: Janine Fogleman, Donna Johnson, Linda Phillips Betty Watts, Barbara Hamon, Patty Marshall. Majorettes left the stadium after performing ' ll!! ll!! if lt!! HU it J use TRUMPETEERS: Brenda Bailey, Joyce Miller, Sharon Smith, Dora Hart. 62 i in Mexican attire. .QM W x! rm ,y..1mSf it Y? 151559 fb-'trail Q5 bw 4g.rf:.'-nag: cd, it We - ,tsrncuj TECH 5 ' TITAN5 wif" CROSS COUNTRY-Front Row: Bill Watson, Paul Glaspie, Lynn Cartrell, John Kuhn, Felix Townsend, Bob Teckenbrock, Earl Lee, Jerry Roth, Coach Bruce McGeath. Second Row: Arthur Enlow, Kenneth Town- send, Dennis DeBruhl, Danny Doan, Larry Cook, Jim Handy, Glenn Bentley, Jerry Taylor, Mike Harp, Elmer , A" x , ,. ff . I fag ., A .- Q . K - iff 'if- i T. 4 1 :XE -- f , is AQ- X ., V, lf X jf - 'c .rr , " -s " Q . xffv. ff r ba, ,113 J - f Jw -.V ' if f " 'ffl-'few' 25' 4 K ,f . 1 f - - ,f ' ' I A 3, , H, l,,,.,.tg3gvsR .. M ,mi ,if A. ,A V, ,wnfg wwsxzxxskss.. ,Vg fi ., ,riff Q . . ,, . 2,5 sas , g f -. ' ' ' "'f -figs V TL ,W to , ,W f ,Q gpg sgsfery, X if :,??,,W ' ft' ,wg ' ii' W - tfr, , " wg! .1 L, N ,J l?'Vti", In-,2X"1JFz'.4? ..L:.1sa-its .. 'V Titan runner, Paul Claspie, moves toward finish line. Tl TA N5 X! Kurbursky, Kenneth Purvis. Third Row: Coach Fred McCoy, John Hilton, Kevin Lacey, Gary Cartrell, Larry Miles, Jerry Andrews, James Black, Danny Alexander, Stanley Broadus. Fourth Row: Allen Lee, Michael Boofer, David Cooper, Dorsey Young, Steven Utley, Grant Wood- son, Kenneth Mathew. Braving the brisk fall weather, Techis cross country team made a fine representation of the school, running against stiff competition. The Tech Harriers had a good season, winning four out of five dual meets, but could fare no better than seventh in the rough sectional competition. Jerry Roth led the Techites finishing a strong second place, in his class. Carrying the Tech banner proudly, the Fresh- man runners did a tremendous job, winning all dual meets, finishing first in the Broad Ripple In- vitational, and capturing city title. Led by Mike Boofer, it looks as if those ugreenyn runners will bring Tech a bright future in the two mile circuit. For those not familiar with Cross Country scor- ing, the low score wins-runners receiving one point for a first place, two points for second, and on up to twelve points for a twelfth place finish. Titans Burn Two-Mile Circuit Cross Country Scores TECH 29, Washington 29, Ben Davis 74, Southport 22, TECH 38, TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH Cathedral 82 21, Lawrence 40 37, Howe 18 13, Arlington 27 second in Broad Ripple Invitational 22, Northwest 34- fifth out of 23 in Columbus Invitational fifth in City Meet 14th out of 23 in Shortridge Invitational 7th out of 20 in Sectionals. Chilly fall weather didnit keep cross country boys from practice. Runners are Mike Harp, Felix Town- send, Bob Teckenbrock, and Earl Lee. Wi? -QC' sz, , VARSITY WRESTLING-Front Row: Barry Hammond, Steve Handy, Don Buchanan, Calvin Hardesty, Leonard Scott. Second Row: Robert Childs, manager: Steve Dildine, Edward Vance, Leroy Avery, Siegfried Borczak. Third Row: Louis Clark, Jerry Keen, Mike Ensminger, John Jarrett, Coach John Hurrle. atmen Wrestle for Winnin Year The matmen poured energy, spirit, and determination into their specialty this year. Many meals Went by untouched so that weight could be made for an ap- proaching meet. Wiestling is an individual's sport. When the grappler comes up against someone his own size, it's win or lose between the two. Tech was represented in the state finals hy Leroy Leroy was beaten in Avery in the 138 pound class. the finals but not before putting down many opponents in a very successful year. City champ Steve Dildine, who lost only 3 matches all year, and Mike Ensminger, a sectional champ and winner of 17 matches, helped Tech wind up with a 7-6 record. Tech will return next year with another terrific team to participate in this rough and tumbling sport. Titan grappler, Calvin Hardesty, has upperhand over South- port opponent. 1 ff-Ffa? QW, rvwsi " . X t sm. J Leroy Avery practiced holds in preparation for the State Finals. Wrestling Scores TECH 31 Washington TECH 31 Broad Ripple TECH 18 Cathedral TECH 40 Wood TECH 19 Arlington TECH 22 Manual TECH placed 6th in city meet TECH 22 Ben Davis TECH 21 Shortridge TECH 2nd in Howe Invitational TECH 30 Howe TECH 31 Lawrence TECH 11 North Central TECH 20 Southport r ff.. Diane Ressinger Anita Whitemoss Jill Schmidt Tante Masters, captain Debbie Barnett When the Titan team ran onto the floor, a thunderous roar rose from the stands. Two things could he credited for this reaction. One was the great team performance shown this year. The other was the energetic demon- stration of the cheerleaders that led all Tech fans in urging their team to victory. With overflowing pride in their school, the girls never lacked enthusiasm to spark their team. The girls Went through routines almost as strenuous Sadie Hawkins night found cheerleaders dressed for the occasion. X heers Fans Fun as those of the hall players. With Mrs. Mary Lou Manka as sponsor and Tante Masters as captain, the varsity squad seldom failed to draw applause from the stands. For the first time in years they were assisted hy a huge Tech cheerhloek, the Titan 300! Witli over 400 members, these Techites made it evident to the team that they were being hacked 100 per cent. 1- ., l Techites 'Gwent wild" after defeating heavily favored Washington. Very few loose balls got past the alert Titan green. Larry and Tante brought out their best rags for the Sadie Hawkins game. Basketball Scores Q17-3D 4...-cf TECH 81 Warren Central 56 TECH 87 Southport 74 TECH 77 Arlington 51 TECH 68 Elwood 60 TECH 66 Ben Davis 53 TECH 67 Connersville 34 TECH 59 Attucks 49 TECH 73 North Central 57 TECH 79 Muncie Central 62 TECH 66 Howe 86 TECH 61 Manual 60 HTECH 87 Scecina 49 HTECH 83 Howe fovertimel 87 TECH 53 Shortridge 47 TECH 85 Cathedral 62 TECH 96 Broad Ripple 63 TECH 85 Madison 74 TECH 78 Kokomo 63 TECH 61 Washington 57 TECH 86 Scecina 63 it city tourney Joe Henderson got a mouth full of basketball action in the Southport game. 66 I LSU' ! . a Mike Price, left above, proved to be an outstanding rehounder and defender throughout the season. Also pictured, foreground, is Ross Furry. At right, Chick Sanders 1530 has a tense moment as Mike i311 captures the ball. , R if I ueens Reign ver Titan Athletics BASKETBALL QUEENS: Susie Harvey, Queen of Queens, Anita Whitemossg Anita Belding. Betty Watts reigned as JAMBOREE QUEEN. 'S Nr' 1 t 1 are 4. 8U2 ,Q 1' s , VARSITY BASKETBALL-Front Row: Michael Moss, Wyrnan Brown, Third Row: Coach Jack Bradford, Assistant Coach Carl Meditch, Floyd student managerg Gerald Sears, Steve Sanders. Second Row: .loe Evans, Mike Price, Ross Furry, Athletic Director Charles P. Dagwell Henderson, James Price, Otis Curry, Glen Johnson, Warren Marsden. Trainer Howard Catt. Chick Sanders, not pictured. Titans Blast lnto Tourne rbit, After a terrific season of 17 wins and 3 losses, the Titan team rocketed to its peak and climbed to the final game of the State Basketball Tournament. With two of their three losses going to Howe, the team looked for- ward to a third crack at the Hornets in the Regionals. But Howe bowed out to under-dog Beech Grove, and Tech had a near-clear the Regional champion- ship. Stiffer competition awaited the Titan ten in the Semi- Finals, but determined players downed Aurora 81-64 and Greensburg 79-75, becoming Semi-Finals champs. This placed Tech in the Finals-a surprise to all except the Tech family. After three week-ends of Victory celebrations, the Titans met a heart-breaking defeat in the final game. Eight teams fell at the hands of the Titan ten before the crusade was stopped by Michigan City 63-52. But the celebrating continued, for every Techite was proud of the fine performances of the team throughout the season and especially in the tournament. Cheer leaders formed an active background for VlP's on the stage at the pre-State assembly: Mrs. Mary Lou Manka. cheer leader spon- sor: Charles Dagwell. Athletic Director: Paul I. Miller. Assistant Superintendent of Schools: George Ostheimer, Superintendent of Schools: Howard L. Longshore, Principal. Mayor John Barton, shown here with Mr. Longshore was a guest of the school at an assembly before the Semi-State Tournament. SGIZG State Runner-Up Troph Before the State Finals cheer leaders led fans by perform The Titan 4'300" professed its loyalty to school and team. .o 'If' . W-L' y - , p .. , gi af! , 5 'N ff 4 -.- inner RESERVE CHEERLEADERS-Top: Iris Williams, Jill Arm- strong. Bottom: Becky Hill, Susie Harvey, Patty Taylor. Reserve, RESERVE CHAMPS-Front Row: Yvyrnan Brown, manager Marvin Tardy, Jerry Dockery. YValter Grundy, Nathan Apple- Charles Johnson. Mark Winzenread. Danny Pride. James ton, Clarence Randolph, Coach Carl Meditch. Chapman, Jay Reno. Second R0ll'.' Howard Cult. trainer: FRESHMAN CHAMPS-Front Row: Coach Ernest Cline, Tim Schneider, head managerg Ricky Roark, William Haw- thorne, Bob Caddie, Harold Russell, manager. Second Row: John Hilton, David Graves, David Mitchell, Gerald Franklin, Reginald Bishop. Third Row: Jerry Andrews, managerg Freshmen Capture With the Freshman and Reserve Basketball squads both capturing city titles, the future may be a bright one for Tech. Both teams are full of individual talent and that all-important drive in Working as a team. The Freshmen squad Went into the city title bout with a 9-1 record. After defeating 3 other teams they bumped off Washington 44-41 in the finals. Coach Cline's boys finished the year with a 17-3 record. The Reserves finished the season 15-7. They defeated Washington 46-44 in the final game of the city com- petition. Coach Meditch thinks the boys will be ready to fill the varsity spots for next year's team. An en- couraging feature of the team is its well balanced scor- mg. Randall Walker, Richard Baylor, William Beck, Mike Hud- son, Sylvester Edwards. Fourth Row: William Taylor, Terry Loux, Cary Sanders, James Lewis, Charles Hayes, Roland Richardson. it Titles FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS: Jo Ann Irwin, Becky Buchanan Debbie Ramsey, Becky Green. X qu-, X v px qi.: 1, . f Individual talent can be expressed best in golf and tennis. These are sports that require skill and form of the participant. The tennis team began practicing in the gym before the weather permitted outdoor practice. With spring temperatures, the boys made a quick trip to the tennis courts. The tennis team had its share of new members this year with high hopes of developing into good rep- resentatives for the school. Golf is one of the less strenuous, but more difficult sports offered at Tech. Perfect form in swinging the club is a necessity for a good golfer. Techites need not fear being hit by flying balls on campus, for most of the team practice is done at the Pleasant Run Course. -Sv .4-if" Lynn Cartrell prepares to return served ball 'M COACHES: Mr. John Eason, tennis, Mr. Phillip Quillin, golf. Mike Ensminger and Frank Renfro A look on as Jerry Ferguson gets in the W Q w Kxfk swing of things. Baseballers practice batting. Mike Hickey catches as Eddy Montgomery keeps eyes on the ball. Waiting to bat are Roy Craft, John Fogleman, William Mansfield and Ed Scahill. Baseball Makes Tech Scene J ack Schafer hurls ball toward strike zone. K Kim Coach Ivan Moreman Before the snow had melted with Warmer weather, the crack of swinging bats echoed across the Tech campus. With the first signs of spring, Tech's Babe Ruth's were on the diamond preparing for another year of rough competition. Hoping to improve on last year,s record, Coach Moreman found the weather suitable for early practice. With the first of March, the boys were in uniform, look- ing forward to some exciting baseball action. A winning season bloomed in the minds of all Titan baseball fans. e 0 'fy T5 M ffffvwm . 4 b X A S X , N54 x Perfect form wee used by Jeff Holbrook and Jesse Rely in jumping hurdles. Titan Track Team Talented Relay team members passed the baton in early practice session. I Q was we V, ha - Q i rf e I Muscles hulged as shot-putters John Jarrett, left, and Ron Baker WZ i'5i.i'?? PM-J - prepared for approaching season. Xa 7 . 1 I 'M'-wana..-,....,,,,. lglggsak gknf' fs. 111.12 H Y , . gi '1 '- 3 I 1 9 4 is , E ' T 3 1 T It 4 'Y N. HN' ' Av -sw 4 sf f ' Q . ,W , Q 1. The track team proved to be very talented this year. Four years ago the Freshman City Track Meet was won by the Tech freshman team, and now these boys are seniors. The time came to Win again. The distance runners practiced all year lround, and could often he seen striding through the campus. This yearis team started early in the season with very good times, and as a result of hard and long practice, had an excellent year. One of the strongest members of the team was found in Marion Casey, pole vaulter. Last year, as a junior, Marion placed fourth in the state meet. Distance runners Larry Medcalfe and Jerry Roth be- came quite familiar with Tech's quarter-mile oval. X M -v..,. . , mmm -1 , W M' :rw-. I c I I .gm-MI .. , 4-M .I - V 'U If .gfgwef-nf'wnrr'2251Tf -'gk h . Haysvkznm Y 2 " 1-JJ'-Q S . , I . ISI, , y s f M, QM X . ., , . ., . I I , , .3 I, . ww IIIU-I , "NIL , I. . I 3. 4' I I I I . .,I -, I 1 II.,1I I-I I QIIII II I II ,, ' A-,I I' II v I. ' N. I II .. ' va 1 .QI . XI I - I ' .I g, 'EI f Ifg X If I II.IIII . -.I., . If .II I f fi I Q U 14 1 x il ' ' 1 I ' "' -4 J V A 'A . is .-,W-'Q 'L 4, 'xi f ,lp X f' If ' .J A .. fx, In .'w . 1 ' ' ' , I I I , -.,. II I I ,. II . I . V- f - X P .Zfw IJ' 2 '75, - + 'f ' ' , ef- ff f 53-,:, . I. .I I 5. ...I QI ,II -I.I a I: I . I. I .. A, 5 sw' Q. . E N' Q.-f' . BN' -. 71' N' .-1' 5 ' '-f ... . 4 , I I WI.: A" ',II.v"fnII-I I9-.'x.xI .I . ff o 'M' .. n N I I 1,0 .- ' ., . 7 . + II K. - I 1 ,'I I, .lm QI A' In, ' 4 :Jw 5, 5 I n Y' II 'II . -, 'a , ' if W. ' . ', J 'W 5, P,-4'l:'..'.,'s':',v'l1:,'q Q'f""5':w'3f" ' Y' 'K 4:1 film "' 301:43 Q ll v . - . .-V 1 v 1 3 ,nm x gd- lg I. ,, - - Qu . ,W -4. g., 1 y J PV "U" 'nf' HN? ' M L' ' I 4 ' "lf"-' hr, . X" fl I I .III III.-, II . " Sf 'Q-,I I.-,-.III I I,III,IwIAI.I .I ZIIV1 . .I I - I var II ' - I , r ng P ,.-4.,Tx' A ,'I" :,I kg' :" L 'H X,.-QM! z IIIQI Q 1 5.3, ', , ' all f' . r I .I 55 II 'Y -"fi" Q, ,III II .I SQII II. If I...qII 3. II III vm, ,Q I sIII. I YM, If 9I,,l. MII .ga II I I I M: , I III ,I ..,,- IIgI,nsf I z, ,I ' .-Ia II III I,II,,I :KI II: I. 5 I UII If -... . 5, III II v I I af.: A' QI' I ' -"QW -.gtg ,YI-II :...:',II 7' ,I -A1121 'i f. If fn 'gi I 'I W .,,. - f. ,If ,:oII Lg ' f" W 'ef Big 'Mp-"+'K,If' :M x9"l25,5gi U .,. ' 1 ':ja:'.'.P',-..:-QI' Q H f ,N gy I .I . . U. 1' 1 H I' a I , 14.3 Q. I iI . 4 irq. tk "eg", ' 93,1 xflriurii, -'.:i:':. 'Q I ft' I,g,f"f: f. ' -" V if f ' ' 1 -F, 'gf-1' Qu .-5' LAB-f' ""' --:give ., 'lp ".:'. ' 7 'Ina , II III - I If III sq: I nv, ,I hi - t'?:?o.--l.?Nm I 2 4 4' - .',' I' Ia .. . ,Q g '.j.f.' Q. - rr. ' 1 'sv fs' J Z, ll ,-P, Q4-,w 'J cfffwf Ei. ., . .I.-.. ,..,, Eg. 5 , , s I I, . 0 ' v.! f ii,-', . I I . I I IRL :Cf 1 My Q, :f'j'?:E.5 Hifi" 'ff 'Wh' ':. , 433. . 5 3' Q' -' LN". xp... ,lug ' - u " -2, 5. nO .-..,. .. 0 , .a.-a ng, , .. n' I.. I 4 Q' . , i .. . , ff, In -5. .I A ..I "' f' "gf: 1 X hs, -,."".f."",' ff,:0"' ' P" 5 0 , z ' "Am-9 : ' "' '2""".?" Q' 'T'7':3' Q ..D:1I .0 f' ua ' I ., ' Q AI "ago :I I., .e,- 3 1. II I a . ,I Qin. Ig 3 -.aj 42' 'Kb '3if.,, a ,W f Q.. I r wc- - W 2 v .1--1.. 1.2, A' 'X'-Q ' 1 i ' " A ng Y MJ. , .w dministration and Q!" ""ft.,,,, ' x ' 'Ari-A 'fig LH, V .. ,figgia . . . , ,. i girl., .,w,4',, X- . 1 , 1 R , .1 35 1' ax ,n 3 I M4 31 .J . ,A .IV rl . K l iirqlxf. .., ,,f 1. Q11 ' Y. , ae ff Vg, 5 sfiflwlfa' W un", Y ".., . , :J 1 5 LL: . 1 f,-mf1!,,.5 581.1 og' QQ Sw Q ,513 51 ', 1' f 3 AJ M '53, ,vi ?:5:,.2 -. :Q-25:6 ak' P. ,.4"::g..Qf ,Al ul H. ,5 00+ :cgi V5:'5:.,...: '.- 3 4 . , . a v V . 'na if-'ffa'? 4311+ -,fr ,Z-.fft-,igm-1-1 Q L5'..,,5 . .319 -w.W,.N-V93 mr Q I 4-,3:gf"i'w1,:fg1'-1:11,L'-3 gg'3f L' .,,,,,4q..g.-., -. 4 :W ' . '- - . Q . F. , f My f 1 ijtec' ' .'45,4r1x, .'-.3 .,.Y4 x 'ci':2,':"x-'1"I:g 'ggi uf Y '7-'1' x0 M ' Sijkvb ,IIE A , Q Qf".b i 273 ,sig .A .5 , wa' QS"-.,,, ' 5273 livt3.1'."WQW5".,, 'Wife L ' Facult WW Howard L. Longshore . . curriculum Principal Fred N. Reeder Vice-Principal in charge of programs, records and '-'uf , "land Kenneth F. Puckett Vice-Principal in charge of finance dministrators Chart ur Course Odus A. Landreth Vice-Principal and Administrative Assistant in charge of teacher personnel James Stewart Vice-Principal in charge of Evening Division 'Acid alla 3.5 1 With messages issuing from the Arsenal, Techis own umission control," vice-principals and directors, guided the Titan Flight '66 to great heights. Keeping up-to-date on school life data, these men Worked consistently to maintain a smooth course for the thousands involved at Tech. Theirs was the task of coordinating activities, of planning the financing of the project, of the scheduling the work, and of maintaining the launching area. These were the details that centered in "mission control." Herman T. Hinshaw Vice-Principal in charge of pupil personnel , E63 1 9 A , Tvs Y. R,- .1. Left, top to bottom: Charles P. Dagwcll, Athletic Directorg Cecil T. Trcsslar, Publications Directorg Harry C. Caskey, Neighborhood Youth Program Director. Right: Gaylord Al- len, Guidance Director G. lxenneth Barr Audio Yi ual Director Librarians: Mary lx Cart Marjorie qchoch head Mrs Dorothy Newcomer QQ -Ml r l i l - 'A Q . 1 Wallace Potter Director of Special Education W c gl J-q! -M f lthel Shoemaker Director of Shops, Buildings and Grounds Q -we -11... ff' Robert Meyer Director of Student Activities Jack Longshore Director of DCE William Lowes Director of Evening School Guidance ounselors Lend uiding Hand All year long there Was a never-ending line of stu- dents Waiting for conferences with guidance counselors. These active people spent every spare moment planning student programs, consulting with department heads, studying the new courses offered, and checking and rechecking each detail to confirm the students' hopes for a bright and successful future. Mrs. Martha A. Turpin, Dean of Cirlsg Mrs. Barbara Dearing, Counseling Assistant Mahlon Carlock, Counseling Assistant: Donald Dailey, Dean of Boys Ernest F. Cline, Floyd Tobrocke, Junior High Counselors. was My .A ,. , ..,. , A.. ...... .. .... r BIHXQQESQQIYAPEKKRZIW HBRHYXWNLXE XM MSH MN - NI I RWTH SYS! . 'NO 1 2,4 WW ,, 51 lr? new is , BOOKSTORE CLERKS: Mesdames LaVerne Stewart, Frances Craig, Wilma Durham. SOCIAL SERVICE-Front: Mrs. Wilma Simms, Miss Frances Eick- hoff. Back: Mrs. Kay Sutherlin, Mrs. Carolyn Ray. Not pictured Mrs. Anne Barrett. ffice, Bookstore, Social Service l 5 A , i f-PM -' 9 , iv y A i f,. f E OFFICE STAFF-Front Row: Mesdames Ann Loyal, Caroline Hyatt, Reeves, Louise Creasser, Helen Harvey, Dorothy Armel, Rosalynne Rita Tussey, Edna Ayres, Ruth Berryman, Fannie Fowler, Florence Yarnell, Elsie Robards, Misses Norma Rodwald, Patricia Littell. Cox, Virginia Cauble. Second Row: Mesdames Gloria Robbins, Phyllis , p fa'5f':'w Q,1p ' W4 , J VJ V my 3 , tv ', 'w-'vt 1 V' t mfg ,4,V .?1,ff5 . . , , ,K K. ,Q ,, ef K .Af ,ff 'hw-4 . pi , 3, v 7x.C Ol. 'I U .a- ". 1 0 1"'P:K f , 2' ' -. , . ,, 1 ,tg if '90, . , .1 ' ao- lr , I K, ' , 45 f I T T xg ,. A' 1' " 'f' JG- ii sa 2 A . ' ,':-iii! f it " f ' 5' i Sv pf 1 1 ,p it 1 'x I Q, s 3 ,s f , 4, if fx ,, , 1,3 , i , ,Q 4 df x f ,X ff 6 fd ,, T , ' fifgfff 1 , f ',,'H5Q fm 5 w I If 1 .f .nt , . . ,, , ,ff i J' f -',f , ' L 'ff .'f.1e.,- .file 1 1 I Q K, 5 f I If I 4 f , 1 I If ff! it ' 'ff " .f 'ffl v v, bl fr 1 Q Y 9 1 1 f i ggyf. i if ex jg gl 3 f, ' sf j I' A, , f I It Z ' iff IJ V' fi if 4 1 ' f 1 md! g ,: A .1 Q .,.,A-vv 'V DEPARTMENTAL ASSISTANTS-Front Row: Mesdames Lillian Fields, Alice Goodwin. Second Row: Mesdames Gwendolyn Huff, Brandes, Gertrude Russell, Judith Shattuck, Betty Rowland, Jeannette Verda Allee, Robert Furry, Lowell Dant. Staffs Are ital Working behind the scenes, five groups of men and Women assisted in the operation of the school. Departmental assistants performed tasks ranging from secretarial and clerical work to the ordering of supplies. The office staffs of both the day and evening schools kept records and Worked directly under the vice- principals to keep a careful and precise log of the Titan Flight '66, Dispensing hooks and supplies to Techite customers, the Bookstore staff worked hard to keep up with the constant demands of the students. The Social Service workers helped students who needed guidance and aid throughout their high school years. .,. ff 1 ?if."HIff?' M.. -E V 4 3, X, . .V 4 aug' 'f fdfif, . My 9 0 'WSF' ,, -N-.,A - V ---w' - Q-f--... M- - ,l""" s , i gt ., f M ' , ,, ' ""-' " W ' awww L3 Q EVENING SCHOOL OFFICE STAFF-Front Razr: Mesdames Eileen Thompson, Mary Pentecost. Second Row: Mesdames Mil- dred Langlotz, Mary Hoffman, Alpha Smith. ons ' M . SH!!! X . fl-rr fm 43" 'Ki . 5- I 1, sk. , 5 M i ,. ,.. F' gm .Q J, V ,K if f W: 'fm '-J flags 1 vi 6 B? f' 5 Q5 " wi ,X A W 0 Q .ilk , an 4, X ht V .rf 6 7 x A f -of " be . t ffnff :J .ef ffl' J 2 Q A ,3 U T p F 8, W v yawn Q 4 E I M ' 'L ,Gas ' f. is 9 f... y... in I ve' W. U5 -5,59 1, gg , 1' ' f Si F 3 ' 4' 53 as yaf' " ' -. .. cu Z' ' . , Q ,, , K f Q if l if f' - 1 . A . . N, . T as . gif, Q, 3. , Q , as W r T A ii ' ' Q uf lxl' THQ as r ' Eff H 9 gg D 5' -iii' " P . if fsfifw- M , 1,1 f -L ,E h ig A . a , - ns l 'W I X 'Nt in ', I N ,, ,W A M . VI ,Qin J f -A Q3 ' , 'AY HX X x "Q 5 1-3 5- , 1, ng, 4 ', -,Qs 1 - - E56 X I E. Q -. A g .L :F , , X 1 X .54 1 QL v. Ir, E tx .v , f ' J X 3 it A Q f . - K- . W- 2 fe 'sr 'Q - it ' if 3 A if '71 f : 'f ' , ' 1 b 'Q .-Nf ., -'fd N ' f ,sex .,: Z fQ M ,, J, f fffr' k xy U 'AX .S 1 f if WW Q N:-ff- o . , r r was A , K . W' QMS K ,..:!. T' 'W rg M, fl '11 V Nxfa ' as fps M: f rf' K ' f U ' N, N K i fly xy' Q43 + ' -inf-' ai f b 111:21 9 GE, 05, J J tl as aj g t ,Wm me s L- -X CAFETERIA STAFF-Front Row: Mesdames Laura Merrill, Marie Russell, Helen Schroder, Rosa Stelting, Christine Hodge, Thelma Simpson, Leota Brown, Jessie Elliott, Christine Gunter, Christine Still, Lola Moore. Second Row: Mesdames Janie Webb, Lola Klein, Esta Parsely, Mary Kidwell, Elsie Roberts, Opal Rife, Genevieve Haigerty, Emma Burroughs, Marie Sutton, Alberta Karnes, Lillian Klier, Mary Coverstone, Laura Wittenbrock. Third Row: Mesdames Norma Smith Susie Rost, Mary Melvin, Gertrude Ray, Jessie Hobson, Enid Laingz V ,of rfai 13992 Nora Prendergast, Louise Emberton, Dorothy Rosemeyer. Fourth Row: Fred Crisler, Mesdames Thelma Garner, Audrey Barrett, Ilma Gil- allaspy, Miss Emma Bockweg, Mesdames Mae Starkey, Goldie Duffy, Margaret Garrison, Opal Sterrett, Helen Karnes, Emitt Primus. Fifth Row: Mesdames Lillian Sherwood, Sarah Laubach, Elsie Sigg, Florence Jaus, Mae Reevers, Angie Clearwater, Flossie Sanders, Gladys Thomp- son, William Griswell. Mesdames Florence Cameron, Ethel Kreis not pictured. llis Fare in Tech, M-4' .. if Q ..: ,auf Hungry pupils ate miles of Tech-made pies this year. dwrslnnlnlhillfff , N .,,, ..,. , , t .1 :.: :Q .-...M k-Qn-k""0Gi An advanced class of food eaters energetically begins its daily performance. ew Cafeteria Listening to recorded music as they drank their milk shakes, pupils relaxed and enjoyed their new cafeteria during one of the four lunch periods at Tech. Housed in the new Cafeteria-Music Building, the student lunch- room is equipped with 144 tables and 1,365 colorful modern chairs. On the same floor are located modern kitchens for food preparation and classrooms for commercial foods classes. Also on the first floor are the faculty dining room and lounge. On the second floor rises the unheard blare of horns and the beat of drums from the Music Department. Un- heard? Yes, for the new building has been sound- proofed to prevent disturbing other classes. The Publications Office of the Arsenal Cannon weekly and yearbook left their traditional home in the West Residence to occupy quarters on the second floor of the new building. i J ,M U ri., F? HEAD CUSTODIANS: Tom Walker and E. C. Hamilton. CAMPUS POLICE: Patrolman Wilburt Cruner, Sgt. C-corge Martin and Patrolman Jack Heavenridge. Emerson Emery Chief Engineer DEPARTMENT HEADS-Front Row: Harold Elliott, Drafting: Sam Dudkowski, Auto Trades: William Siedlecki, Social Studiesg Robert Belding, Mathematics: Clyde S. Armel, Printing. Second Row: Irene Rhodes, English: Hilda Kreft, Home Economics: Oakley E. Rickey, Art: Mona Woodward, Business Education: John Farley, Biological Science. Third Row: Morris Woods, Building Tradesg William F. Moon, Music: Reuben D. Behlmer, Health and Physical Educationg Norman Brinker, Metal Trades: Louis D. Allen, Physical Science. Rita Sheridan, Foreign Languageg Lewis Marshall, Electrical Tradesg not pictured. llys Strive for Excellence , fix s M, .2 Yi i 2 L 55 T ii 3 ' - f sw, we if .n . 5 T y Ng A V. r 2 ig 53 K- , , V'7'C""5 6, -Ek pw -f-2 -44' 'bv-st' ENGLISH DEPARTMENT-Front Row: Bernice Jones. Mrs. Mary Furry. Gertrude lnslev, James Beeler, Martha Gascbo. James Mann, Margaret Backer. Judith McBride. Second R014-: Mesdarnes Margaret Clapp. Margaret Hahn. Nancy Jo Secrest. Mrs. Arvilla M. Bennett. Hester Anne Hale, Robert Maloy. Mesdames Barbara Soutbwick, Jane Ann Lemen. Third Rolf: Mesdames Marjorie Garrett. Mildred Mc- wwf Afee. Constance Harvey, Virginia Hurt. Mesdames Linda Vaughn. Joyce A. Hanna. Kathryn S. Francq. Janice R. Davidson, Barbara Machin. Fourth Row: Thomas Danheiser. Mrs. Erelyn Surso. Mar- garet Waters. Mrs. Carol Bean. C. T. Tresslar. E. F. Hardiman, Mes- dames Diane Comstock, Jennie Taylor. Margaret R. Nessler. '50 MATHEMATICS AND HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENTS - Front Row: Mesdames Florence Boots, Nancy Gillette, Ruth Metcalf, Christine Bennett, Connie Bolinger, Elva Wignall. Harold S. Brown, Mrs. Judy Flesher, Frances H. Smith, Mrs. Ruth Stafford. Second Row: Mesdames Mildred Wallace, Dorothy Gavin. Betty Mansfield, Robert Belding, Mesdames Marion Strickland, Marian Holly, Marjorie McCutcheon. Harry Smith, Dale W. Sare, James Borshoff. Third Row: SOCIAL STUDIES AND BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENTS -Front Row: Alice M. Johnson. Katherine Book, Mrs. Sarah F. Hamer, Edna L. Maley, Mrs. Dorothy Stout. Lois Sink, Mrs. Anne Wilson. Margaret Peterson. Mesdames Esther Carpenter. Virginia Jackson. Second Row: Mesdames Gwen Ohmit. Phyllis Bryant. Elbert W. Smith, Karl C. Schneider, Keith Kuck. Mrs. Martha Bradshaw. Jackie Harell, Mesdames Lois Smith. Jane Jones. Third Rozr: Mrs. Dorothy 'pr' Mrs. Elizabeth Holtsclaw, Marguerite Hardy, Richard Glover. William R. Wheeler, W. W. Welch, Donald Robinson, Mesdames Marian Moore Natalie Ransom, Mildred Eccleston. Fourth Row: Charlotte Ashbau h Mildred Corrie, Carl H. Corbin, Maurice Kriese. Rowland Leyernc7 Ronald Ireland, John Stoeckinger, Richard O. Shock, Mrs. Wyolent Cody, Janiece Helm. Lyon, Forrest R. Caldwell. Robert E. Meyer. John A. Miner. Charles Harry. William D. Siedlecki. W'alter Diningei. John Kanousf-, M Turpin Davis. Kenneth M. Bayless. Fourth Ron: Gerald l.amkin William N. Guess. Robert E. Casey. Mahlon W. tfailork. William R Kimberlin. Clyde Smith. Jr.. Leonard Jeffers, Duane Blankcnhorn Bruce V. Mitchell. Wesley Murphy. Delbert West. 'Q Q. ,g. g ,, -- SQ' it ,J xx :U ' it L . Q f 4 , . , X . . . 3 4 J ' s Q Q .ma QL lH11fi1Ij'11.lQl 1-- BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE, HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENTS-Front Row: Blanche Williams, Patsy L. Scott, Anna Parker, Mildred A. Johnston, Arthur Kirsch, Howard J. Catt, Bruce McGeath, Mrs. Mercedes Guess. Sharon Parrett, Betty Brodhecker, Shirley Parrett. Second Row: John Peters, Jack Bradford, Ward Whalin, John W. Kendrick, Scott McCoy, Reuben Behlmcr, Mrs. Ruth Shannon, Mrs. Mary Lou Manka, Robert Woodard, Bob Martin, Fred McCoy. Third Row: David S. Hon, Ellen Reininga, Roy Terrell, Mel- vin Bowers, Phillip Quillin, Ernest Cline, John Eason, Paul Myers, Kenneth Bar, Ray Reed, Carlos Bell. Fourth Row: William M. John- son, Daniel Camplese, Robert F. Collins, Howard L. Cook, Michael Simmons, Ivan Moreman, John Hurrle, Thomas R. Dawson, Arthur G. Wilkinson, Kenneth A. Thompson, John E. Wythe. hysical and Mental Emphasized QW PCL FOREIGN LANGUAGE, MUSIC. ART. AND PHYSICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENTS-Front Row: Janice D. Cooper, Mrs. Maria B. Lagadon, Virginia Hurt, Constance Harvey. Mrs. Patricia Baxter, Mrs. Serine Eine. Mrs. Mary B. Bedcll. LaVon Whitrnire. and Mrs. Susanna Underwood. Second Row: Ernest Medcalie, Mrs. Doris Webber, Louise Swan, Charles Glore. Orlando Chomar, Lorena Phemister, and David 09" Beeson. Third Row: Raymond Brandes, William Tozer, Mrs. Pauline Caldwell, WVillia1n Graney, John Kern, John R. Kasting, Leo Deming, Kermit L. Swenson, and Robert E. Simpson. Fourth Row: Richard S. Orton, Wlilliam R. Hawley, Harold J. Stewart. James H. May. Rita Sheridan, Edward L. Ring, Hadley Haworth, Paula Hawkins. Ralph WOlY'61'lOH. CD t-+- S33 :Q T' CD 5 CLI Us 'H 0 O Il' um DP ea.. 4 p..l . G CD Af , ,SA vev-me vwwmrlnily , ,..., . wbwswlh-Yin ,gvwxigxii .X ' -V ! -' 'W' 1 X L , ,- , ,fa . , ,. - S' an '39- BUILDING, ELECTRICAL, AND METAL TRADES: AUTO, AVIA- Charles Kocher, Philip High. Earl Terry. Third Row: Lewiq Marshall, TION AND PRINTING DEPARTMENTS-Front Row: Emanuel Williarri Tremp, Clifford Allen, Donald Miller. Dale Ilerrington, Fred CFUSCFV Byron MCC01ly, Rflland Boughtfm, Oral Henderson, Floyd Mayer, Paul Oscarson, Kenneth Gilliland. Fourth Row: Stephen Behl- Billington, Ralph Clark, Robert Smith, Verl Whetstine. Second Row: mer, William Berger, Ernest Holmes, Howard Johnson. Lewis Pence, James Hause, Paul Vogt, John Hill, Garold Bramblett, Robert Crooke, Jack Longshore, Harold Deem, Burney Jackson, Douglas Thornpfon. Wim QQ '86,-Q 231:25- . ,XR COUNSELORS-Front Row: Mrs. Sarah Hamer, Kenneth Baylees. Mrs. Mildred McAlee, Patsy Lou Scott. Second Row: Carlos Bell, John W. ASSISTANTS To THE DEANS-Fmnt Rim... C1,m.l,.S Hurrlev Rlchard S110CktDuHHe Blfmkenhom- Harry. Ernest Medvalfe, Judith McBride, Mrs. Dorothy Stout. Back Row: Sharon Parrett, Howard Call. f K Clas 'Uni- fi N I E Using the English Departmentis new overhead projector, Bruce sf Grant Imel and Clinton Sparks discovered the slide rule long problems. Weber explained fundamentals of punctuation to Miss Hester Hale's class. New Teaching Methods Everett lVlcClung and Ernie Lynn were two of the many students who 2 5 ,Q ' g , 'f ,Q 1 9 l 1 K' 'A 5 benefited from Teclfs well equipped Reading Laboratory. Brenda Spears and Raymond ffjhipj Evans found interesting reading in the departmenfs book rack. V l . Q 5, cut the time on some of those Larry Pryor demonstrated to Debbie Barnett some of the complexities of new math. Moolernize Tech's Departments I'I ,lim Jacobs and Dan Renault found the answer to rough math homework by use of a computer. Headed by Miss Irene Rhodes, Techis English Department was the largest and most populated on campus. As six credits in English were required for graduation, most Techites were enrolled in one of the 180 daily classes. Forty men and women made up the staff, and taught accelerated, normal, slow, and remedial classes in English I-VI. and ad- vanced courses in literature, composition, and speech. Special activities made many classes more inter- esting. Mr. Thomas Danheiser's modern literature class made a detailed study of Vlfilliam Colcling's Lord of the Flies. lVlrs. Doris WelJbe1"s classes de- signed and wrote Christmas greetings to he sent to Viet Nam. The Math Department. one of largest and most important on the campus, operates with Mr. Robert Belding as its head. At his side are 20 other qualified teachers meeting 96 classes a day. with an enrollment of 2800 pupils. Classes range in levels from practical arithmetic to the complex analytic geometry, a course for college-hound stu- dents. The teachers not only teach but attend school themselves in order to prepare themselves in the new math. Donna Fogleman, Jon Burroughs, Margaret Godwin, Joseph Mat- lock and James Stacey wait eagerly for instructions in German class. Are Ellis Hines, Paula Chambers, and Gina Hamby in Span- ish class or Driver Education? Foreign anguage ls Fun. Si, Si! Ja, J . Pupils used the Language Laboratory for ear training in French. First Row: Paula Scott, Howie Pfeiffer. Second Row: Rosemary Robertson, John Picot. Third Row: Dennis Russell, Vivian Pender. E . lg ' Aix ' ,i rg 1 Q my f ix' an Ka . ,qs lil., S af-' 35155 if . .,: A 5 "' X i I E2 V. .. : ' t ' 21. Y - . . f , ' . S 355 . 5 if ,V f J . t' - . ' " i X x., 'f f 'fe ' t A if NGK , 1 xx XM" 2, F ,fr I Eif f' sf' ' 'Eff ' .-'Z T :mf f if it f, 'I F W . 1 --1 .. I, gwiiwj-,-Klan 17 :V v" ' :ffl .,.,.. "ii: 1 V ' ' I i ' at '..Q 1 W., r , 51,-5: Q .5 .. -zz ' 'i 1: :':i'5f' '44, '54 451 ' ,I i .ga Y ' 53453. , fig .,,.. ' . . 'U .. . - .. . .:. Hggrg- I, .a v,,,,,g9.,. -gg, cy A .4 V- .W..s-..x'......., t eff? , - . ' . ,' .." "M . ,, K if Q , 1 Q-, aaxrmm I f' - l . ' U ' fm ti . The Foreign Language Department offers four years of French, German, Latin and Spanish and a one- semester course in Latin and Greek derivatives. Four semesters in one language constitute the basic course. A second language is a necessary tool for anyone who serves his country or his business in a foreign land-a tool which enables him to communicate with and to understand the culture and thinking of the people among whom he lives. By the same token, foreign lan- guage study is a necessary part of the schooling of the truly educated person. Latin seems fun for John Ealy, lVlendy Ross, and Becky Muse. W if sg .. .J,..-MRC' A be-S, . ,V Xf,,,bb . The American a ls the Tech a The highlight of the year for the Social Studies De- partment was the visit of two prominent political figures on campus, Senator Birch Bayh and Dr. Fern Stuken- broeker, a former FBI agent. Senator Bayh spoke in the Forum and in various government classes on the im- portance of being an American citizen, participating in government, and understanding what it means. Dr. Stukenbroeker spoke on the menaces Communism pre- sents to society, the effects of totalitarian government, and the importance of students' learning and appreciat- ing their American heritage. The main purpose of the Social Studies Department is to help students gain a good understanding of their American heritage, their government, and its mechanics. The department is devising new techniques of teach- ing and using new materials and books. ff Q' '3 A I Nix! f . Qt , X 1 E A-we Senator Bayh did a little Hpoliitickingf' ,4' An American History II class watched as Ronald Baker and Alice Cook located strategic points on the map. Miss Katherine Book stressed Americanism in the many classes she taught at Tech before her retirement this year. Shown with Miss Book: Ronald Davidson, Don Clary. Paulette Suggs, Charles lVlathew, Linda Roberts, Wilnia Watson. lf I rt-A Creative Adventure tt Lit' Artists attempt to capture life in pastels, with Angela Thomas as model. Tom Mattingly and Roberta Couch choose several plaster casts for use in advanced art class. itil! iii ,,t5,fi y . ve- - 'Yf H--t....E5f Equipped with models, books, and exhibits, Tech's Art Department is one of the finest in the state. The department, headed by lVlr. Oakley Richey, offers Tech students a wide variety of courses including paint- ing, drawing, designing, commercial art, craft art, sign painting, photography, jewelry, and sculpturing. John Herron Art lnstitute sends many displays to Tech, and they are shown in the department art gallery which is dedicated to Mr. Robert C. Craig, former art teacher. The art library, in memory of Miss Elizabeth Jasper, Tech's first art teacher, is also a part of the Art Department. 1 ,W . -,aw-.W H-mi I Laverle Syfert and ,lane Howard design posters telling about Techs, evening school in their commercial art class. Belinda Ransom creates an intricate mosaic in craft art class. 4 5 if -5..::m...x- fx: , ' 4 . 2 " " " J' .- , , at . r ff , , f Y , f- f fl, 5 'r If , 5 5 A , f 3 r V ' -2 , 2 , ,. 'ff ff -- E" if g' . L 5 : f 2 f 53" , ,V 3 ,Hr -, 2-' gf 1 f 7' fi . 'Sf 5' ' t f cya. 1 " ij, I if ' 3 1 1, p W 2 'lf' 1 ..,. ct., A "" I ,li ki ., 1 . ri' fill F055 5 5 5 " .- 2531 sl'- if :ef EXPLATORY TEACHERS Front R010 Robert Gllberf Barbara Clyde Smith. Jr., sponsor: Ellen Eads, Naioma Stockton. Roderick Noffke Dlane RCSS1I1gCr Janet Huebner SUZHTIUC WIISOH Peggl' Morgan, Penny Scharbrough, Marilyn Miller, Beverly Jones, William Berchekas L Christine White Cynthia Duncan Second Row M Wegener, upils Explore Job fferings On-the-job training, combined with credits for graduation, made Diversified Cooperative Educa- tion interesting for the 29 pupils enrolled in the class. Sponsored by lVlr. ,lack Longshore. the pupils Worked in 16 different occupations. Graded on both class and job performance, the pupils spent a minimum of three hours on the job with one class period devoted to DCE-related general studies. Stu- dents desiring to Work in DCE were required to be at least 16 years old. The Exploratory Teachers' Program was estab- lished in 1952 as an effort to correct a serious short- age of educators. Still a popular class, the group enrolled 15 in the fall semester. Pupils considering a profession in education did practice teaching for two periods daily in a subject of their choice. Such duties as recording absences. checking homework. and preparing and grading tests were allotted to these student teachers. Only seniors with a 5.0 average qualified for the one-credit subject. Pupils were evaluated by their teachers who sent the grades to the group sponsor. Mr. Clyde Smith. Exploratory teacher Barbara Noffke received practical experience from teaching these first graders at School 74. , Pens, Needles, Pots and ans Hat-making was just one project that Brenda Decker and Dorene Bates accomplished in their millinery class. Paula Frazier, Gloria Davis fserving rollsl, Kathy Stearns, Katherine Martin, and Janice Miles participated in a class- room luncheon in Foods Ill taught by Mrs. Mildred Wallace. This year, as all years, the Home Economics De- partment has been striving to build better individuals and to promote happier family living conditions. Pupils are trained, not only for future careers, but also for all phases of homemaking and family relations. In the domestic science classes the students study human relations, child care and development from in- fancy to twelve years of age, and also housing and home development. From the family living point of view, the students are studying home nursing, foods, and nutrition. They are interested also in personal grooming and the se- lection and making of clothing. -all is s Donna Leveque, Fred Cook, and Sandy Meadors demonstrated equip- ment in Commercial Cooking class taught by Mrs. Ruth Stafford. QF" li nf . fi fb:-f I ,- . 1 ii-fra? , 7f' 1" 7' .gift 176 Nl ,131 Q - ,yi Q, F Band members get in step at an afternoon practice, making ready for Friday night's game. Music Makers Enjoy New uarters 3. if , .ff ' J Trying some new equipment in the Music Department's re- cording studio are Ken Volstad and Mr. Robert Simmons. The Music Department is probably the most fortu- nate department at Tech, using the new 551.5 million building for the first time this year. Witli a quantity of practice rooms, recording equipment, and four huge chorus rooms, Tech now possesses some of the best music facilities in the state. Classes range from be- ginning chorus to advanced chorus, and included or- chestra and band. For the more advanced music stu- dents, courses in directing, music appreciation, and music theory are offered. Wo1'king under Department Head, Mr. F. Wlilliam Moon, are seven Well qualified music instructors. This staff's ability is evident when their music groups per- form. Whether' it be at an all-school assembly, a foot- ball game, or a half-time basketball performance, Tech- ites enjoy the accomplishments of the Music Depart- ment. New Equipment Promotes Science Modernization was the key Word in the Physical Science Department this year. As a result of much renovation, the department had new tables, sinks, and storage cabinets in four of the classrooms. An oscillo- scope Was purchased to be used in advanced physics classes. Chemistry pupils used new science kits that enabled them to perform experiments on radioactive samples. Other pupils took advantage of classes in earth science being offered experimentally. lVlr. Louis Allen, department head. and 14 other teachers instructed the 40 classes in the department. Joyce E. Miller and Lynn Gartrell work together on a chemis- try experiment. Don Guthrie, Charles Wetidling, George Wilson and Steve Chestnut count particles released from radioactive materials in Advanced Physics Ill class. A f 2 5 fwftwrsia 7 5 'C eff .SW-bf ' f" - f 2 , 'Y vi PM sa ts ft umnnunqqgq u ln their Earth Science class, Robert Frazier, Sherri Hessman and Kenny Rynard learn to use special squipment. Use of live specimens was part of the learning ex- perience of these Botany 11 pupils: Patty Taylor, Don Grover, Karen Beech. Y Biology Provides Live Program New biology teachers this year were Messrs. Ray Reed, Roy Terrell, Ward Whalin, Miss Joanna Guss, and Mr. John Peters, an exchange teacher from England. In cooperation with the Building Trades Department, the Biological Science Department developed a new Animal Room in the Barn. One of Tech's oldest build- ings has been converted into an all-science facility in- cluding three classrooms and a culture room. The landscaping class, under the direction of Mr. Scott lVlcCoy, deserves much credit for its work planting new trees, shrubs, and grass around the campus. The Biological Science Department built a nature preserve around 1920 which flourished until 1960 when School 101 was built. Mr. John Kendrick worked to transplant the specimens in the area west of the student parking lot, but some of the plants were lost. Botanists still hope for a completely new preserve in the future. Used as an exhibit for Open House, this cockatoo was loaned from the Indianapolis Zoo. ,TT-SPM' --N ' -.. sg Exchanging gazes in the Biological Science Department at Open House, were Mr. Longshore and this boa constrictor. 2' X S 1 Skill Building Glenn Crawford, Jacqueline Clevenger, Don Yates and Roger Wiley are participants in a sight conservation typing class. Typing classes built speed records. Thomas Garrett, Elaine llley and Sally Mitchell worked under the direction of Mrs. Dorothy Stout. ,. ,A 'A' X 4' ' M 2443 1 ,, .t,. i, iq - 522.14 'iQ?I'Q':IE444.- , A ' 'n..i :ur 1.4-2-ffig it-1, Five girls in Stenography Ill attained speeds of over 100 far left: Linda Goode, Susan Swartz, Vicki Eaton, Bar- words per minute. Taking dictation clockwise beginning bara Hatcher, Debbie Barnett. ls Bi Business Various courses offered in Tech's Business Education Department are helpful in planning future careers. Courses such as shorthand and typing acquaint pros- pective employees with skills that will be in demand when they begin searching for jobs. Students are aided by 23 skilled teachers as they go about their studies of the business world. A newly developed area is that of data processing. Tech is the only school in lndiana with adequate equip- ment to offer these courses. The equipment is leased to the school at an average of 31,000 a month. Enrollment rose from 168 to 300 students in the fall semester. This new program offers students an opportunity to see what the world of automation has to offer. Students from other city high schools also may take advantage of the data processing courses by spending part of their school day at Tech and the other part at their own schools. dd if R When Mr. Lewis Gilfoy, Director of Secondary lnstruc- tion, visited commercial classes. lVlaureen lVlinor explained her task to him. if "Nga, Mastering the intricacies of Data Processing class kept Michael Huffman. Judy Frantzreb and Suzy Harvey busy. . vw Prize winning marching unit saluted veterans on their day. adet Tactics Tech Color Guard members, Mike Moran, John Wood, Hans Sigg, and Clinton Sparks march for their country. , "'1 f NW ' as . 'Q sf ' PNN ' C A Q M T5 'T 4 I X hang J "f,E,. , " I . 5 -..ra,r..e 3' it c,it -'1- A,:,, was MTN -N., " , X. aff' "" 2 ' . -i"' lz' :" V f R a ,W A Q , 'F ' tus S., , 4: Kam ,Q 3 tv. Q K I rw MM i g 9 ' E ., I my , 5 A K g Z. , I 'gy W rw 3 it 1 fl 3 , Zi pai? V 'Mx ffl ft It :ty H' Honor Tech In ROTC, cadets learn how to drill and are given instruction in military discipline. lVIap reading and advanced combat tactics also are on the agenda. Cadets become expert in handling weapons by qualifying on the rifle range. They learn to take apart and reassemble M-1's and other weapons, and some can perform this feat in record time. The Veterans' Day parade afforded an opportunity for special recognition when the 325-man unit repre- senting Tech was judged best in the parade. The award, an American flag, was presented by lVIr. Roy C. Echols, president of the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce during the Veterans' Day dinner at the Indiana Roof Ballroom. Cadet Lt. Col. Gregory Young accepted the award for Tech. '6Well, Spurr, you took it apart. Now letls see you put it back together againf' commanded lVIfSgt. Arthur C. Wilkinson. Pvt. Curtis Brown watched. Health Education Develops Titans Subjects offered by the Health and Physical Educa- tion Department inform pupils on the body functions, care of the body, and the best ways to keep the body active through formal and recreational activities. Health Education teaches the structure and functions of the body. Alcohol Education informs pupils on al- cohol and its effects on the body, and includes a study of narcotics. Driver Education teaches pupils the knowledge and skill of driving safely, good insurance against auto- mobile accidents. Physical Education develops the muscular and or- ganic systems of the body and teaches the skills neces- sary to remain physically active throughout life. Sight Saving aids and guides people in their school subjects who have visual problems and teaches them how to live successfully with a physical handicap. Titans worked out in '66. N ' ffiw' ' Health education pupils got down to the bare bone of fact. GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION classes engage in varied activities. Front Row: Yvonne Nussbaum, Delores Norman, Linda Scarbrough. Caroline Gribben, Virginia Thompson, Kathleen Donoghue. Donna IVyatt. Ora Webb. Victoria Terry. Second Rozv: Debbie Whitman. Marlene McCarty. Rita Campbell, Geraldine Burke, Carolyn Meigs, Donna Leveque. Third Razr: Maureen Minor, Maureen Mills, Pat Caalema, Diane Ressinger, Tante Masters. f i urrent lnterest Sparks Shop Keeping pace with an ever changing field, Tech,s Electrical Department offered classes in electricity, electronics, electrical maintenance, re- frigeration, and radio and TV service. Pupils lIifqlC"S.." learned the characteristics of many AC and DC V machines, automated controls, and intricate wiring connections. The boys studied shop methods and practical procedures in the repair of electrical equipment. Refrigerators, air conditioners, de- humidifiers, ice-cube makers, radios, audio am- ,Nw plifiers, and televisions were repaired and studied by the boys in these classes. pf OW4' Z Mr. Lewis Marshall and student, Ronald Morris repaired and checked one oscilloscope by another. lfwrfi ff: N , f W' -iff7,g.,t'?t?g FE 5 as T ii' "" 6 l Q Q K M 2 Z5fi5.fifj .. Fil 5 53 -. iw, 'QI fig .. . i.r'W1lii iw Q ' 0 .QQ L Testing a DC motor generator set for efficiency of operation were Ronald Morris, James McCormick, Arthur Emlow, and William Tracy. a n x y 72 ff? x X l Cy PM M g 4 i F. Y I f'1t7xX I . l. . t,.4"" :IDS-N-T"'5-..." Jerry Dockery, a member of the Architectural Drafting V class observed the work of a graduate. , ., M. , X A-lx 'N N pt 9:5 fs - QM, Techites Draft Future Blueprints ,,f59' John Kuhn, drafting assistant, operated the Ozalid, a draw- ing duplicator. Tech's Drafting Department provided the basic and specialized training necessary to prepare pupils as de- signers of the products and structures of the future. Drafting is essential, for it is necessary to describe the ideas and dreams of the engineer or architect with such clarity and exactness that skilled workmen can make the desired object or structure. Beginning drafting courses teach the fundamentals and provide exploratory experiences in several different specialized areas. Pupils who discover that they have talent in an area can pursue it further by continuing in either architectural or machine drafting. Many pupils find the experiences encountered in the basic drafting courses are of value in a chosen occupa- tion, and still others find their knowledge extremely useful in planning and constructing many leisure time projects. Dean Bauerle, Claude Smith, and Ronald Perkins worked on tuning up cars in their Auto Trades class. -4" Q-.X Junior mechanics Larry Wilson, Alvin Milton, and Howard Snorden learned the basics of their chosen profession, auto body repair. Shop Pupils Keep otors Running Robert Catlin and James Graves examine an airplane engine in Aviation Shop. In the Auto Trades Department many junior me- chanics preparing for a vocation worked on car and airplane motors. Every year one nationally known auto manufacturer sponsors a nation-wide trouble-shooting contest. Mr. Sam Dudkowsky, head of the department, selects ten of the best boys from the auto classes and by several tests eliminates them until he has determined the top four. The two highest represent Tech, and the others are alternates. lf they win the regional contest which is held at Tech, they advance to the national finals at Detroit. The winners receive scholarships and are given job opportunities in the sponsor's plant. Aviation Mechanics, also in the Auto Trades Depart- ment, attracts pupils who wish to learn the fundamentals of airplane engines. Learn Todayg Build Tomorrow John Rouse watched Steve Barnes dress down a length of wood in Cabinet Making class. Classes in carpentry, cabinet-making, plumbing, ma- sonry, and painting and decorating make up the five different areas covered by the Building Trades Depart- ment. Five vocational classes met four periods a day and offered two credits each. The 21 other classes had an enrollment of 400 pre-vocational pupils. The de- partment was equipped with modern facilities to con- duct classes on a high vocational level. Eight teachers headed by Mr. Morris O. Woods provided instruction. '4Keep that paint flying, boys!" said teacher Mr. Philip High. Clifton and Steve Durham wielded brushes as Ken Wisdom held the scaffold in this stage-craft project. Adolphus Rogers and Curlee Griffin worked on a line of pipe in Plumbing class. 5 .L tvs ' Floyd Evans ran the complicated Linotype machine. Dean Shanklin and N. Marty Pitts worked together operating the letter press. Pupils Gain Printshop Experience A ., ,,1.2:. X A , 2 . T .. Rickey Whitt and Don lVlcClary printed the 1966 calendar using the latest offset printing process. Located in the south end of the Old Shop Building, the Printing Department headlined the year by printing the Arsenal Cannon and other official publications of both the school and the Instruction Center. During the first semester the Arsenal Cannon Was printed by off- set for the first time. The staff is composed of five printing teachers. Mr. Clyde Armel heads the department. The experience gained by Tech pupils in this depart- ment has produced many excellent printers. After grad- aution, employment for the students is approximately 9929. Presently there are many job openings. Tech's teachers are always keeping up to date on industry and the printing world during the summer. They maintain a bulletin board which changes every month. The bulletin board hangs in the Print Shop window to greet all callers. Men of Metal Acquire Skills The Metal Trades Department is divided into five distinct trades: welding, foundry, pattern-making, ma- chine shop, and sheet metal. All of the classes have equipment comparable to that in industry. All of the trades offer Well paid jobs for high school graduates with vocational training. Foundry pupils poured their own cast iron, aluminum and hrass. They made small cannons as souvenirs for visitors. .Hx Y3.k5 " . ixvw r XS Floyd Wisdom and Harold Palmer drew aluminum to pour it in Foundry class. lf' :ni Ill: -4- g,..- t if 1-5 , r ,allen James Barton and Glen Miles made waste cans in Sheet Metal class. Steve Harris and Steve Parrish brazed T-joints in Weldirig class. 7 fs 'C Seniors Wu if 1 1 W QE Miss Marguerite Hardy Sponsor . f af' V . X s f ,Q A Q I ,g M af' . ' f sf xx 6 S fur X l . t 1 . N 1' li Mrs. Carol Bean Sponsor gills 'A We f fQv Q Q ss- ' K ' 771 x Miss Mildred Corrie Sponsor f ,ggi in I ..,. U .. 'W ,1 s agar X ,IQQ ..,..,N , ,.,, 6 ,A ,, 1 ,:.: ,KM 1, 5. We , f nies.. si, Q,-wfffeifa T 11ffv1ff':::::':'-X' ...::::?L:"-" ...,,::::::...... 1. , - -g1::.,. 1::7g:::::::rrt:-,-I-.a ..:::?E31-:::.::: Miss Lois Sink Sponsor as if l r 7 V , xr 'Vg ikfx " Q . 4 xy, 221 K, - ,fa W H., f, ' . fs- we gq.5.,,f 3, -i' , . F Q? 2, ' Q -We 1 XA :Q ' J Cleo Brasher Regina Coffey Peggy Berchekas Deborah Bamett Richard Clark President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms as-is ewrkkex 2175? f fl if Mickel Ensminger Vicki Eaton President Vice President X50-We I '-Q A i l0hD Kuhn Donna Hunt Preslderlt Vice-President , ' 1 ' M Z: X fm- ,K V-, ' ' gf ' 5.515 Rod Morgan Tante Masters President Vice-President K Lf' 7, " f - is are - MF- Gerald Steven Sanders Penny Pickett Lamkin President Vice President Sponsor ,.,:s f W fi f . ' 1 Mrs. Christine Betty Watts Kenneth Volstad Bennett President Vice President Sponsor 4 Donald Guthrie Anne Duthie Secretary Treasurer Eric Fort Sergeant-at-Arms 'CSE' Nikki-lynne Charlotte Kennison Herrington Secretary Treasurer John Laffey Sergeant-at-Arms Carol Oakley Earl Lee Secretary Treasurer , 4 fwu 'YM 9' x if "-nr Q.,-fr f lin Schmidt Ronald Richards SCCFSCBYY Treasurer Stephen Watkins Linda Wooten Secretary Treasurer Larry D. Medcalfe Sergeant-at-Arms , ., , S . l Clinton Sparks Sergeant-at-Arms Larry Woodard Sergeant-at-Arms hawk? F - ,L ,fu ,449 4 lvtxf '39 f ' 4511- Lf I , 4 K , - f H M, M 1 4 2 Colleen Abbett Lawrence Allen Leroy Avery Sharon Abbett Patricia Abbott Lucinda Albertson David Alexander Ted Alexander 'rf ' Marilyn Atherton 'TDP' I if 7 f 'Wo 'Uh Nicholas Alm Nancy Anderson Paul Amett Carol Amold -II4 "--'- 1 'f:. ' , ,' - A 5 A ...', 1" 'en A ff 5 :if rf' b -me I, wtf, 2 ll a ' Willard Aytes Lillie Bamett Evelyn Bartholomew ' X Judith Beaver Larry Blech a fl , i Deborah Bell vfqwre ., 1 ,. :sf tv, R 1 'ffff . I Ji. ff f- ic' f J as H, N 5 f Yolanda Bishop Siegfried Borczak Stephen Bgrden J. Allen Baker Edward Bandy N .n., 4 W U .H 5 fm I M. 5 ,', fy'ag X ' 5 ' X' 3 f- , K John Bartlett Stephen Bellamy Ioann Biszantz Q we ,.:,,5,: . f gxf rx' 5 EA, t +Jj , "mfg t" t fi , ,L . cj , Q 1 f V X x if Marsha Boswell Eula Baskerville A x X f s 'J if '-0 f f , l l 1 1 George Bennett 5 iw? fa-Q-, ' f l' McHelen Black ,mm 13' 7'We f y ,N e!'1'1'TL"9X 2 Y' Sherry Boswell Linda Banta , ' T Fe- . W . in l Chester Bates f f' x 7 wg . wx' Wwe rea 4 if Karen Bennett 3 Linda Barber 44 . l Riley Bates ,ef , . ir, 7' A sw f"1' If I Benny Bergdoll V' ' X l- f - Y, j "4 ' - if 'ftrr ' A ' 3, ' ami Ji , . Y R Sandra Blount flu Carol Bohnenkamp David Allen Daniel Auble al 4 W Edith Barlow . ,,7.,,,,,,, h M , O , M H me 3 'F' 9 1 Robert Baxter 13' .. ages' Ronald Betz Class of 1966 'X f E 'x John Aurand Tim Bames J . N, N ffimw. sg, HDMI, 5 ze vs .54 fi , H4t7 R, A Sharon Baxter CJ Karen Biech Sli Pearl Bond Penelope Boothe 'QT' Ioetta Bougher Mary Boyd Gary Brizendine Sue Brockman A Class 1966 A ' Larry Brooks A Vvv -, in may Pat Buck Geraldine Burke -- ,Q uik ,- .. f,M-M45 wrwy -' Steven Calvin Carolyn Carter Nonna Brooks an , ,- 4 s wwf Alan Burks W" x hw- ,. viki- + . 5 J Vada Carter Q.. if X x Calvin Brown William Burks Consuelo Burlingame 'hugs Don Cartwright Marion Casey COMMENCEMENT COMMITTEE-Front Row: Donna Hunt, Nikki Kennison, Linda Wooten, Regina Coffey. Second Row: Earl Lee, Steve Sanders. Third Row: Ron Richards, Mike Ensminger. IK -vm. iehfny 1 Q. 4 i E l , , Q V x VM' 1 5 i i ,A , .. M, ,,-. , i - Y yi '35-r NZM f .idk X "YS R x f k l Donna Brown Douglas Brown Ir. Marian Brown Patricia Brown Paula Butler 3 Mary Casida W N' It V 'Nfl 7 s ww 2 ' 1' , r ,rwN,,, , Steven Chestnut Jacqueline Clegg 'Q Emily Cade Spencer Caldwell If - 1 ,ies N , fri 135' Chamberlain Barbara Cheshire fag-1 -, 4 is W? kv' x lf""'esf---"K Don Christ Nick Christian Mary Cloyd Melvin Coleman Bill Collins Judy Copas Donald Copp Margaret Coppage s ,W ff, ' eg-:cf 4 my N ii' s 9 f 2' Sherry Comett Frank Cottongim -.-if ' Roberta Couch Ronald Creech R0b9rta Cr00ke uh, 'N ' I 'f ,S , - ' ,Q 1 le , it V Q I. A. Crowder Otis Curry Leroy Dallman ' ,ww- , up ?' req- if ff 4-u Rex Daniel Linda Davidson Barbara A. Davis Barbara I- Davis Jimmy DeCka1'd Lynn Detty AZ' S' 5 "4 ss: 3 'Zi' ,Lt , .1 - "M David DeVine Elk GU' aw... X 5 S ' X Q fl 5 Ronald Drake Dave Drexler V? Paula Dillahay , .,,, :" E' 12:7 2. N H .-,. ' UK Pamela Duckett I-J 'unrest' Iimmie Dyer Ellen Eads Teresa Eads ,345 632+ Q 'J 'aw in , is fi . W saw YYK 4 5. N .mms Y s Q 'J sr , uf Rosann Donahue gf Dorothy Donoghue St if f .ly X f 4- Hg VE, 3 H to Jin F' '-PM I -- ,re f , I A x ..,.' ,F 4,:,.:t: ik Cynthia Duncan ro V Us 'T' Cynthia Earley Craig Decker Im - fi! ' A avi Denny Doran Millie Dalton 'B A a 2 X john DeMoss in , 'f usd John Dorough Class of 1966 f 1 , , any 4 ., ,ll of X, Mike DeSpain jerry Dorsey 'Q -'bl ,uns Ioseph Duncan Kathy Duncan Clifton Durham, Ir. M. Ann Durrett Gloria Edwards fm , Y ,A- kk -.9-..,.,. Mildred Egan fb, ,f ' v-2,3 14 as Donna England Barbara Evans R. Chip Evans Thomas Evans George Farral Iohn Fawley 'yr' style V sznqlo -5 . M lwtifsd NK Q .mfs L Sli Brenda Elliott in: . wg 4 ai YS Linda Fishbum x"uf" Danny Elliott Glenda Ford ll fd' I0yce Ford Paula Ford Gwendolyn Foreman Jeanne Forkner Curtis Fowler Emma Franklin Cecil Frink H. Lynn Gartrell Class of 1966 Nova Gilliatte Ir. LX ' ,Z .VX 1 l .A-as ,,., . 2 V 44 N I Q .t ,, P N + -.3 5 Wayne Gearlds J' JoAnne Glover Lana Geminden V ' W , ef ' ' ll X 'if ' 'mi n 5.5, -- -fag y Q 1 " Q rbi ,fm X Qi Deborah Godwin Sandra Green 51, gr -5 Q ,,,'f'f5K. we . f. QV, Af.- v5: N. 1, l l X M iff 4., . -'-3-:la gg ,. f s- My f X N. we 1 fs f 5 N 16' . Carolyn Hall Bonnie Hardy Sw-H 4-v Kathryn Gerstung 455462 P2 Nancy Gibbs Ni ei' E .9 gf. KX' Linda Goode S. Diane Goodman I is Mary Gibson Wilbur Gibson Roberta Gilbert is -3 ,, ' A 1 'L 1 ' ' 5255 59.3 ' Beverly Goodrich Ronald Grasshoff Ronald Green Nfwn , x gh! 2 'v::, -, . 4 A , X - e., .Q l 4. . I' Donald Gregory Caroline Gribben Curlee Griffin John Grubbs Iames Gulley Michael Gulley Bert Haddix .I wil A 4 XX X I, l eq 4 'N la. mv v,v,- M-Q avr- f gl f?,.:1j,. Regina Hamilton Odis Harris Barbara Hamon Rache Harris David Handy Wilhelm Hannemann Iay Hansen w- '17 Stephen Harris PICNIC COMMITTEE: Sharron Herrington, Ed Montgomery, Diane Ressinger. Carolyn S. Carter, David W. Handy, David H. Wise, not pictured. Q .7 5 MM, x-J" Julia Harter ,- ,I X . V ,Q Caran Hart .ax 3 '49 Luther Hastings Shallis Hansford Thomas Hardison V ..i,,V. . , .,..,, 5 ' 1 i 1 Q I 4,1 David Harvey Kenneth Hasch Barbara Hatcher Billy Hatcher Richard Hausz Delma Hawkmg David Hawley Vicki Hazelwood 1 'e V' - 155' -A ' K .4 0 I fl K 'Z' I N. IN , 5 Beverly Herrington ,... ,, ,,x,., ,.,,-.,.- Rf .CUM ,x T' f 7? - ' 2 f of ,fi u 1 V424 r ' sa john Hill Ir. ax - N, ei , K on 4. 4 of .qs f yy f, A 5-ff' f W -.ego ,XL . V Wk ,,, an me . f W T -1, Q , , -we Vi, 1 - v . Danette Hood 7,5 ff X , X, N X A , 4 K 4-9? in 4 f Rf Ronald Horton . ,, ,W A .- ,, , ...M-,-.,...,.,r. ,N , ly r f 5 yt 1 J, V 1 A 1 ,fi A I1 . l Y xg I P 71? , Susan Houser Dan Howard , . QM wi W we like . swirl f Donna Helfferich 'A P , T ,Ei I 3 gk xv r x . , c - 4 -ai , K 1 C Sharron Herrington Marilyn Hindman Iames R. Hoard James S Hoard A1211 Hof Ieffew H01bl'00k Cafmel HOUICIHY -l0hnnY Holman f-"rw vvlv Cherye Hoover Jimmie Horton t , t ....l,: 'wg .V , . ""' ,X -- it i lfffl ""'f vga' ' 'K if I ff l Mark Hoskins Darrell House Y if if H. , W rn., V , V. .:.- 1 EL L- ,. g ,E l 'Y :Z 1, I, 'bil ,fr I M ' V G: .N h Alonzo Howard Beverly Howard Vb, A , 6 . 1. lx X Jane Howard Ieanette Howard Candice Helmick Joseph Henderson Mildred Henderson Robert Henslee Phlllip Herald Linda Hettenbach Letty Hicks Steve Hicks Charles Highbaugh Richard Hight Dan H1 Deborah Howe Nancy Hunt 'Qu 'wwf' Ralph Howery Daniel Hoyt Janet Huebner Marilyn Huffman Michael Huffman Edwin Huggler 'di 'HVQIA Karen Irwin Gereldine Jackson Ronald Jackson Dennis Jacobs Geraldine Jacobs A. Greg James , Q Zb John Jarrett Danny Jee Deanna Jeter Betty Johnson Bonitasue Johnson Brenda Johnson Donna Johnson Glen Johnson SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE-Front Row: Sandra Wilson, Karol Ponsler Carol Oakley. Second Row: Peggy Berchekas, Charolotte Her- rington Sharon Wilson. Third Row: Tante Masters, Nikki Kennison, V1ck1 Eaton Fourth Row: Ed Scahill, Rick Clark, Mike Ensminger. Aww' Paula Johnson J, Rick Johnson Ronnie Johnson Sherry Johnson P 5 s 5 V' . I .' Garry Jones Glenda Jones Joann Jones Joseph Jones Jr. X 7. rl ,K N . y :j,n.wV, 2 , f ar r Q Z.: , . x 'ff ' . r af Y f ' W , 1 , 4 ... 1 1' GQ' Marilyn Iones Mark Jones Denise J0l'daU Gary Keel Donna Klinck Ron Lavely Cynthia Liford Jerry Keen 'ive-f'1?' Robert Klopotek Arthur Lawrence .K t K X qs 3 T"N 1' -. r. 115 -Q , , r 15045, , I Jean Link John McAndrews F. Theresa McCaskey Lynne McClain Dean McClary 7 ' 'C' ymrfy ,, , mi' A Frank Keesee Ir 7, x,A. ., ,--ff Ronald Knoop 'mf Steven Lawrence Barbara Long be .Mx A. -mwrgg N, ., r. W WN ew, ww X r ' eg g , s.,,. XZgx Q Q Nfl. ,. sf X i S 5 Q 5 1 a 2 ,f 't x S e Q! 4 xi Yo rr , X 5. aye a fi Q ,ix 25 TE Class 1966 George Jordan Phyllis jordan Kay Joyner Theodore Iudkins 079' Donald Kerr " W 3 Bob Kollmeyer 'e lla f.,'421.::' 4 r ' tif ' sg Robert Lee Bettie Longs L, , . sr .agp YW if 7 R a ll Earl Kiesler Herman King Steve Kirkbride Iackye Klein W 'V V. W r an xy l ,z- V 5 , - A ?.Lf,,3 , V, r ,T V I 2 - ?"5?5-'J ff. - um .Z . Larry Kramer Willa Laderson Helen Lagle Jackie Lancaster off ' V 0 Q 4 r qv' ? ' lv ' fe f Wh ""422w ,. H., - , F ' . -4 f ., -me A , my .,. uw f q,,,, 'fzffzrv l 4-01 www 1 Philip Leonard David Lessaris Donna Leveque Jimmie Lewis , ' at an 1 Q s i Q-fl l X' NK .. ' R , 2 i Elena L00Pel' SteVe LOUX Ronnie Luttrell Charles Lytle PROM COMMITTEE-Front Row: Charlotte Herrington, Peggy Ber- chekas, Deborah Barnett. Second Row: Betty Watts, Jill Schmidt, Tante Masters. Third Row: Rod Morgan, Eric Fort. Q gm WWW WD L I ""9Vss 4 'fr 11 NA iv'-7' 'lf' X Class l .. in of an 1966 s 4 , Q 1 M s 72.3, Donald McClary H H r ' Mark McCord I. Larry McFall Darline McGee f ' " 1 ' .aff " I. ,I ff , T 152-Y 1 . ':i. f' '- ..., -5 53, if" ' x EQ 'Q " . x x ' -' i 4 --as ' . , ll I af f 1 .. l ai S Charles McWhirter ,.f ff We l 5 ' . hav' 1 - M Arlester Marshall f'V- 'X 'W 1 ' L' fi - X6 .X M X. , 'WR l Susie Meeks Florence McWhirter Patricia Marshall WW 11.41-f' Charles Madison -W lil.,,1'f Wendell Madry 1 ., 1 f ii cf as , nas rfb! Z9 , .ff-fff' all , , ag , ,f :E-El jimmy Mason 0 ' ifw'-Jai-ff? " Q71 4. X , , , 'A' bn W Wx 'Q ix S5 Q Charles Mathew Ir. 5- Marsha Majors Y ,an j -fswfx rv'-ww Dave Matthews Eliza McGee elk -af -42,7 slim I'-A I R 5 I s . Q xx. Mary Manning Kendall Meador X74 Charles Melton Dave Melvin David Merrifield jackie Michael DANCE COMMITTEE-Front Row: Barbara A. White, Caran E. Hart. Second Row: Melody S. Moore, Helen V. Powell. Ellen Eads, Lucinda S. Albertson not pictured. Arthur Miller Londa McKinsey Thomas McMullen ' z a 122255 ' ' e f f ,T I C' If . ,... . ,N QQ .. ,, iii? -' , - I A Warren Marsden Rick Marsh ws- Sandra Meadors Danny Miller 1 ., Cynthia Means -df! Glenda Miller John S. Miller John T. Miller Joyce Miller Marilyn Miller Veronica Milton ly ..., Q -- , Q E K .l 4 ., 0, . ---- J ,X ,. fx xi !.'E. f "3-Y.ZP it fmt., f 'x " Maureen Minor was ml XJ Judith Miller Delorise Mitchell : 'Y I. .Y Keith Mitchell Sally Mitchell Kathleen Moeller Ed Montgomery 1' fr x 1. l . . , 6 .9 Sharon Montgomery I. a........,,,r,..,,,., ,...T,,.,N.,..,,. , -. ' . 'eiigs fs ilk 1. " me . WCM 4' ,vw W . X kj" -xl Aaron Morgan 31' Y 04' If .4535 .-.A .g ., ,f L i a? A , nt' S, ' 1 f f fl - ap. , Y .neare- Gary Moore G. L. Morgan , ga' t Q gy Q- -4 dv Harry Moore Mary Morgan 'lx' 'hz Roderick Myers Kent Nay Susan Newkirk Ierome Moore Dianne Morton Gloria Nichols me Kathy O'N eil Steve Oser David Osterhout William Parson Mike Parson R. 'r'-vo G. Edward Pavey Victoria Pelphrey in "Ulu--' Linda Perdue Shirley Petty Brenda Patterson mm :.... . 5 , N A -1 ig' H g vi' X F :Xa Donna Pennington ar'-.f Carolyn Phillips Sharon Owens ',. M 9 Melody Moore 'Q '?- 'Egfr C it .J " l' V .7 1 R M, Michael Moss 411 Dianna Nickels g i ak: ,, if f ...fa A 5 9 I rw . .. Byron Owsley 'vida Vicky Moore lil' 1. ,fi 1 if an fa, 5. .if ff" , . W4 xr 20,126 -5 .1-ff' n Q f Bemie Muffler J:"gi rl ll 'W If 9 'WF' W' J 2 Delores Morales .-.fx , , Roselyn Munden .ara , C .fgx Barbara Noffke M. Terry Oelschlager f V i. ff K g I. .WY V43 , j .51 g 3 g .Q g, . . ' ,,.- ,--Q V '52 in-A new of-if r MM 'HH If Harold Palmer Second Row: Rick Clark, Don Guthrie, Volstad. John Laffey, not pictured. Barbara Parish Class of 1966 . ' lr, f '-ibm , 'ltr' 4 ' .- 'ui if' J, V, Nc, eff -.g , ' Mollyann Muscatel 9 11. 4 if In mx X f Robert O'Neal Ir. E. X -X fys. 2 'E Y: Hhxi f , fl nga Judy Parrish RECOMMENDATIONS COMMITTEE-Front Row: Carol Oakley, Penny Pickett Steve Watkins. Third Row: Steve Sanders, Ken Class of 1966 Sandra Porter ,-f as If' ,ia ,3 " "H ss ,-, 4 ' Kenneth Purvis 4561 Donald Pierson ? L ' SW X ...v s ig! X 1, ' ,s Cheryl Posey V - f' . -Q Daisy Quick " sf f ' -V ,. sw., .45 sf. w, , Thurman Reed W. Ellis Reed Karen Platt 4 E - .A-vu I I A w' , , W Charles Potter Cynthia Radford f Sharon Plummer Helen Powell Stephen Plummer Beverly Polvadore Karol Ponsler Myra Port R iii' .. was 5' i"' r. , ,,. ': " X 'W , .-1:. ,Q , V, 1 . Sandy Powers Michael Price Stephanie Price Jerrie Pullen Ronald Randol Cathryn Rasener Kay Ratliff Frank Ray Ronald Ray Carolyn Reeves Delores Reeves Senior Parents' Reception Earl Reives Crystal Rhodes Linda Rippy 'TW Q 'Q fi K if? K X jennifer Robertson Frank Renfl-0 Diane Ressinger Vicki Rethmeyer Y if iz, ,A Linda Richards David Robbins Gloria Robinson Beth Richardson Es it D . V...- Q l Linda Roberts James Robinson Iudi Richardson Donna Robertson Leroy Robinson ' , f 'ad ff Kgs 1 Z' E f f i .. .,., Emma Rogers Gary Rose E. Jeannie Rosenbaum Ramona Samuel Charles Sanders Lev0I1 Sanders ' N, L- gf-P Y. ,, :gg ' ff f ' Ls'1"""'M"""""f" X- Barbara Rosenkrans "Sf Linda Sargent s Brenda Schowengerdt Linda Schowengerdt Neal Schwier "I . W F . 4 g 2 i at ' Carol Simmons Rita Sinclair Patricia Slaughter 'J f W Z 7' li s 1113. Q we..-r E x Mary Smith Patricia Smith Rod Smith ug-.4-. ,xv Q S ' mt is .Q lik 3' Sandra Smith Susan Smith Virginia Smith ff, V, . ' , , it Q' S, if Harold Sovem Mal? Spaulding Brenda G. Spears John Scott Linda Sloan J Q K X Henry Sczcypinski sr-f AQ' Us Jerry Roth Michael Rowls Lionel Rush gi fr 6 lin Sherry Sayles Ed Scahill R 1 cgi Penny Scharbrough Sally Sheats Janice Sheetz , 1 ,vb Class of 1966 I Donna Schmidt Nl? Ronald Silence Lf Q-ff, - x A S James Slone Allen Smith Edward Smith Larry Smith VESPERS COMMITTEE-Front Row: Linda Barber, Cynthia Duncan, Suzanne Wilson. Second Row: Edwin Scahill, Steven Kirkbride. Kent Nay, not pictured. E ? z , WEE luv' 2.3 fe s X K rf no NW' by I uf. il ,X A-4 Class of 1966 S N aioma Stockton Cora Sultzer t. 'Si' 93 Q, -'rr ,wil 'I filly. , -, Y, ,K-.J-. , 555, , , 'Aft Y-.f.A'aV 3 ff,-1' . Janice Taylor . .- ,V-gf . l- M 1 . I if nw' 'Q A , A V , Q E ' , N i 'Wi , Q 1 1. ,Q Linda Spears Annie Spencer .s ,Ng 'X 5 Paul Stockton Richard Storm , l 45 W v . 8 x I Joyce Swanner Susan Swartz . wi f? 5 5 ., X , ss. - V ,W Rr X ,. '- "rr ' psig ' -:- I ' GSC9 ' Qi 3 Kenneth Taylor Jr. Kenneth Taylor Roberta Stames Susie Stevens X Mary Stout John Strain V -- " ' 5' . X f' I fe. . I L A 'NW' . K f? .. :sz 3 ,ss f Y Q g Q LaVerle Syfert Garb' SYUIIDSS 5, Margie Taylor Peggy Taylor CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE-Front Row: Joyce Swanner, Arlester Marshall. Second Row: Claude Stuart, Ted Alexander. Deanna C. Jeter, not pictured. im!! Q s at NG: .,,,, Kenny W. Thomas Michael Thomas a-.Jw 'rn-wmv f x s V K f X Kr M , e -at 'bw ' 'Y' 'J S-'iliac W. ff, - may-2:12 x Carl Todd Dennis Toler Sr 'wwf ,ft ' sais friz Fred Stevenson fr P3-.'f.7 ' .i 7 xii K 'l'.?f'rI' f 5 . Claude Stuart Jr. Richard Suesz Arthur Taylor Frank Taylor Ng! Brenda Thaxton Angela Thomas fi Gloria Thompson 3 W 115 s sas 2. W, nf: Felix Townsend Mattie Tramell Charleyne Stinger Martha Stockton Vaae sl X or , ,-W-...,,.2a.. s. Wzxlf X rf f, e 'v-J i Mary Sullivan George Taylor ff' Kenny C. Thomas gin. Robert Thompson William Thompson Iwi 'W l Paul Trefz Marshall Trimmer Vincent Tucher Jimmy Tumer Joyce Turner Donald Van Briggle lik QQ, Edward Vance Carmel Vaughn David Vitt Karen Volk ks- Robert Wade Lynnda Waemer Robert Wakeland Philip Wallace Wilma Watson Susan Watts Kathy Weatherford Cynthia Weathers i sl 9-i '---...X '-ff, Donna Wade Morris Wade Pamela Wade Z' . 491 Sharon Wallace ' , ,. Q Qfgaawfr ' We 1 ,ww I vi? , ,, q i 951' 1' an Tudy Weaver Class of 1966 fl M' ti' Jerry Walters Gerry Walton Dave Watson ,fu A Jr, 5 A 1 ?"r , , 'f--ff 'WU' . M 4 ,-.1' S " 7 Karen Weaver Bruce Weber Nonnan Weeden we I , , f 5 .., William Wegener Charles Wendling Bob Wesley Thomas Whaley Barbara White Bemice White L "J, Q D Hamid Whimey Myron whim Dian Wharton Tana Wiggington David Wilcox Samuel Wildman Beverly Williams Cenola Williams Michael Williams . Christine White Anita Whitemoss CONVOCATION COMMITTEE-Front Row: Barbara Hatcher, Sue Brockman. Second Row: Carol Simmons, Cynthia Weathers, Jeanne Forkner. 'wtf 'ww O J-.rm is Qlgfdf fx, 1 08 i va n io X.. fr' A .fi ' ltvgkassf wkqiugef was W' if' ,. D fl i'i'F wfiiiyf' 9- ' V 'V' .Lid 'Q 521- Ni . -ix .1515 W , NA, fem: Class of 1966 Queen Williams Robert Williams Russell Williams Sonia Wills Rebecca Wilson Rita Wilson Sandra Wilson 49" -41 65IV l .,, Q,, 4 Q 2 ,Lf S. fi Sharon Wilson Suzanne Wilson Rodney Wire Kenneth Wisdom David WiSe John Wood James Woodford Jr. Larry Woods 'Y 1. -L if ' V 'V Q ,Q 6, ,N :,, ,,., M ,af--' as W 4- esos e i f .ri fa- if gow'- fi T' rin A 1743! RQFK' r,,f " A ' fx A Zb: I 6 A ' , Marilyn Woolley Ion Wray Diana Wright Donald Wright Gloria Wright Jack Wright Margaret Wright Mark Wright ' A I WAR' :VV 4 , .auf ' . Ai' 53323 , h!j. Q . , 'si ' ' ff? ' ,. . Ur It rl, 3 Di Richard Wright Vivian Wright Donna Wyatt Priscilla Wyatt William Yarbrough Dorothy COLORS COMMITTEE-Front Row: Karol Ponsler, Susan Swartz, Elena Looper. Second Row: Janet Huebner, Barbara Hamon, Sandra Blount. E , Carole Yule Yarrell Sue Yensel Greg Young Cheryl Zeigler wxgs. ss: V, ,.,g, , ps David L Allen Richard K. Bacon S .49 Q ig V W .2 Ralph Brooks Wayne Carter Fglm it Roy L Craft Myron Duff Robert W Frazier Sandra E. Gaunce Teresa Hiatt Sandra Lee Hogge .V ., . -5 -.-- X Q i fn 'Wi 1 'f 4 , 7 .. ' . .W . . , F 55 we . , 5 , Dennis A. Baker ' . "if WW' . .. .M E icyf Z . If 7, 1 Danny Bauer james Birge Cheryl K. Bobbitt Collins Clayton R. Cooper 0 Robert A. Cartmel Richard C. Coleman Kelly F. f .. .,.,,. V -- '--'f ,.,, s ie, A P . f. 'r" " .. f f .. f X IW. V fs' x . Q - , . I . if Q . L Q F f . .44 ' Marie E. Dunwoody Iacquelyn Goldstein . . ,K bmw! l l H X Kay Hunt Mary H. Dunwoody Mary Green an Helen D. Evans jerry D. Ferguson of T l Cl 1966 Betty L. Brewer Johnnie I. Comelison Robert M. Cottongim Vw 6 C- 1 fl ca.. AWRW " v 4 iff Steven Fielder Roscoe L. Fordyce LaVeme Gregory Michael D. Groves ,Q-an - A ag, .gi-,. V L fer P sf. ' as fi . W f Er 3 55 r-.X W""'t'9 Les Harvey Zandra Ann Hess ' ' F .f vVJ....NvL:: : ,I '- f 'ff' egg.. 4 A 5 "" L L as W- 'M . ' ,f 1 -......-H F5 f Dwight T. Jackson Debbie Jo johnson Milton Johnson Larry K. Keller Ventura King Larry Medcalfe and R. Chip Evans entertain seniors at roll call. .,.,l 3 S "' 1 . RQ 4 1-. 'uf ' ,Q 5 f E Z .lfws i YQ' fl .Ni ' ia 'f x' C Otis I Kloss Jr Iogeph Allen Kogn James Allen Lange Theresa Langley V J. . Xl-.X x Cheryle Lantls Amos A. Leary Ruth Ann Leavell Carolyn McCampbell S Q C I . ' 'a'o'o' 0 n ...J ff!! 0 ' 21 in Ci 'YI' il I 1 Cf f eau: V .. if ":. ,'gje ojoi0- ', lass 1966 1" N Cheryl S' McGinnis Jocelyn R' Marshall Darlene G- Mason ICFYY J- Miller Alvin E. Milton Mary Io Moon Maxine Murray .W 5 in 21 if Linda C. Musmann William S. Norris Buddie R. O'Conner Harold L. Peace Karen Perry Stephen C, Phipps Tom Pil-de Gafy A, Redmon i 'Wy Q Robert Rollins Phillip S. Russell David Schaefer Leonard S. Scott Joyce Jean Seats Linda M. Shreve Nora Lynn Sills Kristina K. Stames Claude C. Street William E. Swift Vickie Terry Mattie Mae Thomas Larry Thomburgh Dennis Turner Phyllis Wardwell Lola S. Wells Tante Masters, Princess of Light A S Av Em ' ', fiw je jf, N 5 A 5 ,vy. "'-fis . .. I - . - 'sf .- A-pg, ,5 .4 M :wil M in 2, x y -'QQ We .w ' f 13 :rl f sw fe 'Wit .N Z Hein x Lula Williams Susan Kay Williams Ioyce Ann Yates Henry C Young Frank P. Zavada Aaron Zinnerman 'se Donna Hunt receives the ,66 torch from Kay Lester, representing the class of l965. 1966 Senior Ro ter ABBETT, COLLEEN R.: English, Home Economics. ABBETT, SHARON ANN: Business Education, English. ABBOTT, PATRICIA M.: Business Education, English, Social Studies! DCE Club. ACRES, ANN: English, Social Studies. ALBERTSON, LUCINDA: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! Service Club, Girls Concert Club. ALEXANDER, DAVID E.: Building Trades, English. ALEXANDER, TED: Art, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Biology laboratory assistant. ALLEN, DAVID C.: English, Printing. ALLEN, DAVID L.: Electrical Trades, English, Social Studies! Boys Concert Club. ALLEN, LAVVRENCE EDYVARD: Electrical Trades, English, Mathematics, Science! Chemistry-Physics Club, Radio Club, Boys Concert Club. ALLISON, PHYLLIS J.: English, Home Economics. ALM, NICK: Electrical Trades, English, Social Studies! VVrestling. ANDERSON, NANCY C.: Business Education, English, Social Studies. ARNETT, PAUL: Auto-Aviation, English. ARNOLD, CAROL ANN: English, Music, Social Studies! Prayer Circle, Con- cert Orchestra, Music Club. ATHERTON, MARILYN ANN: English, Social Studies! NFL: Thespians: Drama-Speech Club: Red Cross Club: Speech Team: Debate Team: Cannon yearbook: ROTC Sponsors: Human Relations Council, vice president. AUBLE, DANIEL LEE: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Key Club: Radio Club, president: Chess Club: Chemistry-Physics Club: Gennan Club. AURAND, JOHN W.: Business Education, English, Mathematics, Social Studies. AVERY, LEROY: Building Trades, English! Lettermen's Club, Varsity Foot- ball, Varsity Wrestling, Varsity Track. AYTES, VVILLARD: Auto-Aviation, English. BACON, RICHARD KENNETH: English, Science, Social Studies! Chess Club, Chemistry-Physics Club, Natural Science Club, History Club, Base- ball, Cross Country, Football, Wrestling, Human Relations Council. BAILEY, CHARLES: Auto-Aviation, English. BAILEY, STEPHEN D.: Auto-Aviation, English. BAKER, DENNIS A.: Building Trades, English. BAKER, J. ALLEN: Drafting, English, Social Studies! ROTC Officers Club, Tennis. BANDY, EDWARD L.: Auto-Aviation, English. BANHOLTZER, LOUIS: English, Printing! DCE Club, Future Printers Club. BANTA, LINDA JEAN: Art, English, Social Studies! Natural Science Club, Service Club, Red Cross Club, German Club. BARBER, LINDA LOU: Art, English, Social Studies! Natural Science Club. BARLOW, EDITH MARIE: Business Education, English, Home Economics. BARNES, TIM Auto-Aviation, English! Football. BARNETT, DEBORAH A.: Business Education, English, Foreign Language, Social Studies, Mathematics! French Club: Y-Teens: Future Nurses Club: Varsity Cheerleaders: Human Relations Council: Senior Council, president: Senior Prom Committee: Senior Sponsor Room 190, treasurer. BARNETT, LILLIE MAE MARIE: Business Education, English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! Red Cross Club, Service Club, Y-Teens, French Club, Concert Orchestra. BARTHOLMEW, EVELYN S.: Business Education, English! GAA. BARTLETT, JOHN L.: English, Auto-Aviation. BASKERVILLE, EULA MAE: Business Education, English. BATES, CHESTER R.: Building Trades, English. BATES, RILEY S.: English, Metal Trades! Cross Country, Track. BAUER, DANNY: Electrical Trades, English, Social Studies. BAXTER, ROBERT DALE: Drafting, English, Social Studies! Football, Basketball. BAXTER, SHARON L.: English, Home Economics. BEARD, BRENDA: English, Home Economics, Social Studies. BEAVER, JUDITH ANNE: English, Social Studies! Spanish Club. BELL, DEBORAH JOAN: English, Home Economics. BELLAMY, STEPHEN PAUL: English, Social Studies. BENGE, JO ANNE: Business Education, English! Natural Science Club, Cheerblock. BENJAMIN, YETTA: Art, English. BENNETT, GEORGE WILLIAM: English, Mathematics, Social Studies. BENNETT, KAREN SUE: English, Home Economics, Mathematics. BENNETT, MARY L.: Business Education, English, Home Economics, Mathe- matics. BERCHEKAS, PEGGY R.: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies! Majorettes: Techoir: Prom Committee, chaimian: Scholarship Committee: Red Cross Club: Senior Sponsor Room 190, secretary: Girls Concert Club: Flagtwirlers. BERGDOLL, BENNY W.: English, Social Studies. BETZ, RONALD L.: Auto-Aviation, Business Education, English, Mathematics. BIECH, KAREN K.: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! Service Club. BIECH, LARRY: English, Social Studies! Chess Club. BIRGE, JAMES: Business Education, English. BISHOP, YOLANDA J.: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! GAA. BISZANTZ, JOANN: Business Education, English, Social Studies. BLACK, MCHELEN: English, Social Studies. BLOUNT, SANDRA L.: Business Education, English, Home Economics! GAA. BOBBITT, CHERYL K.: English, Home Economics. BOHNENKAMP, CAROL SUE: Business Education, English! Service Club, History Club. BOND, PEARL M.: English, Home Economics! Y-Teens. BOOTHE, PENELOPE: English, Social Studies! JCL, Red Cross Club. BORCZAK, SIEGFRIED: English, Social Studies! Wrestling, Track, Cross Country. BORDEN, STEPHEN C.: Auto-Aviation, English. BOSWELL, MARSHA CAROL: English, Social Studies! French Club, trea- surer: Drama-Speech Club. BOSWELL, SHERRY L.: English, Social Studies! Girls Concert Club, Music Club, French Club. BOUGHER, JOETTA KAY: Business Education, English. BOYD, MARY ANN: Business Education, English, Home Economics! Red Cross Club, Service Club. BRADLEY, JOHN: English, Social Studies. BRASHER, H. CLEO: English, Mathematics, Printing! Techoir: Key Club: Future Printers Club: Senior Sponsor Room 190, president. BREWER, BETTY L.: Business Education, English, Home Economics! Red Cross Club, Service Club. BRIZENDINE, GARY W.: Auto-Aviation, English. BROCKMAN, SUE A.: Art, English, Social Studies! NFL: Thespians, presi- dent: Drama-Speech Club: Speech Team: French Club. BROOKS, LARRY: Drafting, English. BROOKS, NORMA J.: English, Home Economics. BROOKS, RALPH H.: Auto-Aviation, English, Social Studies! Football. BROWN, CALVIN L.: Business Education, English, Mathematics, Social Studies. BROWN, DONNA J.: English, Home Economics! GAA, Cheerblock. BROWN, DOUGLAS E., JR.: Business Education, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! French Club. BROWN, MARIAN F.: Business Education, English, Home Economics. BROWN, PATRICIA A.: English, Home Economics! Y-Teens. BUCK, PAT: Business Education, English! Drama-Speech Club, NFL, Music Club, Speech Team. BURKE, GERALDINE A.: English, Home Economics! Y-Teens. BURKS, ALAN R.: English, Printing! ROTC Drill Team. BURKS, WILLIAM EDWARD: Building Trades, English! ROTC Drill Team. BURLINGAME, CONSUELO L.: Business Education, English! Art Club. BUTLER, PAULA K.: Business Education, English, Social Studies. CABELL, MICHAEL E.: English, Social Studies! ROTC Color Guard. CABELL, RICHARD ANTHONY, III: English, Foreign Language, Mathe- matics, Social Studies! ROTC Officers Club, Spanish Club, ROTC Color Guard, NFL. CADE, EMILY J.: English, Home Economics! GAA, Y-Teens., CALDWELL, SPENCER HENRY: Business Education, English, Social Stud- ies! Football, Track, Wrestling, Service Club. CALL, LAURENCE: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies. CALVIN, STEVEN A.: English, Social Studies! Natural Science Club, Music Club. CANNON, MICHAEL D.: English, Social Studies. CARRICK, LINDA.: Business Education, English. CARTER, CAROLYN S.: English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! Girls Concert Club. CARTER, WAYNE: English, Metal Trades. CARTER, VADA L.: English, Home Economics. CARTMEL, ROBERT A.: Business Education, English, Mathematics, Social Studies. CARTWRIGHT, DON: English, Printing, Social Studies! Future Printers Club. CASEY, MARION: English, General Shop, Science! Lettermen's Club, Cross Country, Track. CASIDA, MARY E.: Art, English. CAUDILL, DONNIE WAYNE: Building Trades, English, Social Studies. CHADWICK, BETTY JEAN: English, Home Economics. CHAMBERLAIN, JAY: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Football, Wrestling. CHAMBERS, JAMES: English, Metal Trades. CHESHIRE, BARBARA: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Future Nurses Club, secretary-treasurer. CHESTNUT, STEVEN J.: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! XYZ Club. CHRIST, DON: English, Printing! Football, Wrestling. CHRISTIAN, NICK: Auto-Aviation, English. CLARK, RICHARD C.: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! French Club: NFL, secretary: Thespians: Drama-Speech Club: XYZ Club: Senior Sponsor Room 190, sergeant at arms: Concert Band: Concert Orchestra: Debate Team: Speech Team. CLEGG, JACQUELINE: English, Home Economics! Natural Science Club. CLOYD. MARY R.: Business Education, English, Social Studies. COFFEY, KENNETH: Building Trades, English. COFFEY, REGINA CAROL: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies! French Club, secretary: Red Cross Club: Senior Sponsor Room 190, vice president: ROTC Sponsors: Commencement Committee: Senior Council: Concert Orchestra: Girls Concert Club. COLE, STEVEN W.: Building Trades, Business Education, English. COLEMAN, MELVIN: English, Social Studies! Boys Concert Club. COLEMAN, RICHARD CHARLES: Building Trades, English, Social Studies. COLLINS, BILL: English, Mathematics, Social Studies. COLLINS, KELLY F.: Drafting, English, Mathematics. COOPER, CLAYTON R.: Auto-Aviation, English. COPAS, JUDY A.: Business Education, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! DCE Club, FTA. COPP, DONALD: English, Plumbing, Social Studies. COPPAGE, MARGARET C.: Business Education, English, Social Studies. CORNETT, SHERRY D.: Business Education, English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! Spanish Club. CORNELISON, JOHNNIE I.: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! Laboratory assistant. COTTONGIM, FRANK DAVID: English, Metal Trades, Social Studies! Span- ish Club. '66, Roster COTTONGIM, ROBERT M.: English, Metal Trades. COUCH, ROBERTA: Art, English. CRAFT, ROY L.: Business Education, English. CREECH, RONALD: Auto-Aviation, English, Social Studies. CROOKE, ROBERTA KAY: Business Education, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Concert Orchestra. CROWDER, ROBERT E.: Art, English. CURRY, OTIS: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Lettermen's Club, Basketball, Human Relations Council. DALLMAN, LEROY NV.: Auto-Aviation, English. DALTON, MILLIE E.: Business Education, English. DANIEL, REX: Auto-Aviation, English. DARDEN, FRANK, JR.: Building Trades, English, Social Studies! Golf. DAVIDSON, LINDA J.: Business Education, English, Home Economics! Nat- ural Science Club. DAVIDSON, ROBERT B., JR.: Auto-Aviation, English, Mathematics. DAVIS, BARBARA ANN: Business Education, English. DAVIS, BARBARA JO: English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! Techoir, Service Club. DECKARD, JIMMY L.: English, Social Studies. DECKER, CRAIG D.: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Natural Science Club, president: ROTC Rifle Team: ROTC Officers Club. DeMOSS, JOHN: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Football, Lettermen's Club, Techoir, Boys Concert Club. DeSPAIN, MIKE: Auto-Aviation, English! Boys Concert Club. DETTY, LYNN L.: Business Education, English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! Service Club, Red Cross Club, Girls Concert Club. DeVINE. DAVID S.: Business Education, English! Boys Concert Club, Music Club, Service Club, XYZ Club. DICKERSON, WILLIAM: English, Metal Trades. DILLAHAY. PAULA J.: Business Education, English, Home Economics, So- cial Studies! DCE Club, Service Club. DIXON, ROBERT: English, Social Studies. DONAHUE, ROSANN: English, Social Studies. DONOGHUE, DOROTHY ANN: English, Home Economics, Social Studies. DORAN, DENNY: Building Trades, English, Social Studies! Basketball. DOROUGH, JOHN R.. English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies. DORSEY, JERRY TYRONE: Drafting, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! XYZ Club, Chess Club, Golf. DOVVDY, MASON L.: Business Education, English, Mathematics. DRAKE, RONALD: Building Trades, English. DREXLER, DAVE: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Cap and Gown Committee, XYZ Club, Concert Band. DUCKETT, PAMELA: Art, English! Art Club. DUCKVVORTH, DENNIS: English, Social Studies. DUFF, MYRON: Building Trades, English, Social Studies. DUNBAR, CLADYS: Business Education, English, Social Studies. DUNCAN, CYNTHIA: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Physi- cal Education Assistant. DUNCAN, JOSEPH: Auto-Aviation, English. DUNCAN, KATHY ELAINE: Business Education, English, Home Economics. DUNWVOODY, MARIE E.: English, Home Economics. DUNWOODY, MARY H.: English, Home Economics. DURHAM, CLIFTON J., JR.: Building Trades, English. DURRETT, M. ANN: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Service Club, GAA. DUTHIE, ANNE E.: English, Music, Social Studies! Service Club: Music Club, vice-president: Senior Sponsor Room 153, treasurer: Gift Committee: Concert Band, treasurer: Concert Orchestra, hostess, secretary: Madrigals: String Ensemble: Techoir, hostess. DUTTON, ROBERT BRUCE: Auto-Aviation, English. DYER, JIMMIE: Auto-Aviation, English, Social Studies. EADS, ELLEN: English, Social Studies! SAO Executive Board, Techoir: Drama-Speech Club: Thespians, secretary: NFL: Speech Team: Cannon yearbook, senior editor: FTA: Quill and Scroll: Senior Dance Committee: Girls Concert Club. EADS, TERESA DIANE: English, Social Studies! GAA, Spanish Club. EALY, JOHN: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies! Lette-rmen's Club, Football, Track. EARLEY, CYNTHIA A.: English, Social Studies. EATON, VICKI L.: Business Education, English, Mathematics, Social Stud- ies! Senior Sponsor Room 153, vice president: Scholarship Committee: Senior Council: Gift Committee. EDWARDS, GLORIA EVONNE: English, Home Economics, Mathematics, Social Studies! Girls Concert Club. EGAN, BRENDA: Business Education, English. EGAN, MILDRED: Business Education, English. ELLIOTT, BRENDA SUE: Business Education, English. ELLIOTT, DANNY: Architectural Drafting, English. ENGLAND, DONNA: English, Mathematics, Social Studies. ENSMINGER, MIKE: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Lettermen's Club: Football: Freshman Basketball: Golf: Wrestling: Senior Sponsor Room 153, president: Commencement Committee. EVANS, BARBARA A.: Business Education, English. EVANS, R. CHIP: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Techoir, sergeant at arms: SAO Executive Board: Wrestling: Human Relations Council: Key Club, sergeant at arms. EVANS, THOMAS C.: English, Metal Trades. EVANS, HELEN DARLENE: English, Social Studies! DCE Club. FARRAL, GEORGE W.: Business Education, English, Social Studies! JCL, Boys Concert Club, FTA, Key Club. FAWLEY, JOHN M.: Auto-Aviation, English, Science, Social Studies! Foot- ball: Basketball: Track: ROTC Officers Club: ROTC Drill Team, com- mander. FERGUSON, JERRY D.: Drafting, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Golf. FIELDER, STEVEN: Electrical Trades, English. FISHBURN, LINDA LOU: Business Education, English. FORD, GLENDA M.: English, Home Economicsy GAA. FORD, JOYCE: English, Home Economics. FORD, PAULA J.: English, Home Economics. FORDYCE, ROSCOE L.: Business Education, English, Drama-Speech Club. FOREMAN, GWENDOLYN K.: Art, English, Social Studies. FORKNER, JEANNE E.: English, Music, Social Studies! GAA: Music Club: Spanish Club: Techoir: Concert Band, sergeant at arms: Concert Orchestra: Tennis. FORT, ERIC K.: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Techoir: Madrigals: Senior Council: Senior Sponsor Room 153, sergeant at amis: German Club. FOWLER, CURTIS J.: Electrical Trades, English, Social Studies! Concert Band, Pep Band, Marching Band. FRANKLIN, EMMA JEAN: Business Education, English, Social Studies. FRAZIER, ROBERT W.: English, Mathematics, Social Studies. FRINK, CECIL R.: Electrical Trades, English, Mathematics. GARTRELL, H. LYNN: English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science! ROTC Officers Club, Cross Country, Track. GAUNCE, SANDRA E.: Business Education, English, Social Studies, Science! DCE Club, History Club, XYZ Club, Future Nurses Club. GEARLDS, WAYNE: English, Social Studies, Building Trades. GEMINDEN, LANA CHERYL: Business Education, English, Home Eco- nomics! GAA. GERSTUNG, KATHRYN ANNE: Art, English, Social Studies. GIBBS, NANCY: English, Home Economics. GIBSON, MARY FRANCES: Business Education, Home Economics. GIBSON, WILBUR: Electrical Trades, English! Concert Band. GILBERT, ROBERTA N.: English, Foreign Language, Home Economics, So- cial Studies. GILLIATTE, NOVA E. JR.: Building Trades, English. GLOVER, JOANNE: English, Home Economics, Social Studies. GODWIN, DEBORAH: Business Education, English, Home Economics. GOLDSTEIN, JACQUELYN: Business Education, English. GOODE, LINDA ANNE: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Red Cross Club, Girls Concert Club. GOODMAN, S. DIANE: English, Social Studies! Spanish Club. GOODRICH, BEVERLY: English, Home Economics. GRASSHOFF, RONALD: Drafting, English, Social Studies! Football. GREEN, MARY: English, Home Economics. GREEN, RONALD WAYNE: English, Business Education! Baseball, Cross Country, Basketball, Track. GREEN, SANDRA J.: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! Natural Sci- ence Club, Cannon yearbook. GREGORY, DONALD: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Chess Club. GREGORY, LA VERNE: Business Education, English, Home Economics, Social Studies! Natural Science Club. GRIBBEN, CAROLINE K.: English, Home Economics. GRIFFIN, CURLEE: Building Trades, English! Wrestling. GROVES, MICHAEL D.: Auto-Aviation, English. GRUBBS, JOHN H.: Building Trades, English! Freshman Track. GULLEY, JAMES: Metal Trades, English! ROTC Rifle Team. GULLEY, MICHAEL R.: Electrical Trades, English. GUTHRIE, DONALD: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Senior Sponsor Room 153, secretary: Wrestling: Football: Boys Concert Club. HADDIX, BERT: Drafting, English, Mathematics! Radio Club. HALL, CAROLYN JEANNE: English, Horne Economics, Mathematics! Fu- ture Nurses Club. HAMBRITE, ALYCE: Business Education, English. HAMILTON, REGINA ANN: Business Education, English, Social Studies. HAMMITT, JIM: Art, Auto-Aviation, English. HAMON, BARBARA ANN: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies! Red Cross Club, Service Club, Spanish Club, SAO Executive Board, Flag Twirlers, Dance Band, Colors Committee. HANDY, DAVID: Drafting, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Key Club, Football, Track, Boys Concert Club, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra. HANNEMANN, WILHELM: Auto-Aviation, English, Social Studies. HANNON, MAGALENE: English, Social Studies. HANSEN, JAY M.: English, Social Studies. HANSFORD, JILL D.: Art, English. HANSFORD, SHALLIS J.: Business Education, English, Social Studies. HARDISON, THOMAS: Art, English. HARDY, BONNIE M.: Business Education, English, Social Studies. HARRIS, ODIS B.: Auto-Aviation, English. HARRIS, RACHE: English, Home Economics, Social Studies. HARRIS, STEPHEN L.: Auto-Aviation, English! Track. HART, CARAN E.: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Madrigals. HARTER, JULIA ANN: Business Education, English, Home Economics. HARVEY, DAVID C.: Auto-Aviation, English. HARVEY, LES: Electrical Trades, English. HASCH, KENNETH R.: Auto-Aviation, English. HASTINGS, LUTHER WILSON: Auto-Aviation, English. HATCHER, BARBARA: Business Education, English, Social Studies. HATCHER, BILLY GENE: Business Education, English, Social Studies! ROTC Rifle Team, captain: ROTC Officers Club: Spanish Club. HAUSZ, RICHARD KARL: Business Education, English! German Club. HAWKINS, DELMA ANN: English, Home Economics, Social Studies. HAWLEY, DAVID P.: English, Social Studies! Concert Orchestra, Concert Band, Chess Club. HAZELWOOD, VICKI L.: Business Education, English, Home Economics. HELFFERICH, DONNA JOYCE: English, Social Studies! Girls Concert Club, Future Nurses Club. HELMICK, CANDICE L.: English, Home Economics. HENDERSON, JOSEPH D.: Electrical Trades, English, Social Studies! Cross Country, Human Relations Council, Varsity Basketball. HENDERSON, MILDRED: English, Mathematics, Social Studies. HENSLEE, ROBERT ALLEN: Auto-Aviation, English, Social Studies. HERALD, PHILLIP DEAN: English, Metal Trades. HERRINGTON, BEVERLY K.: Business Education, English! DCE Club. HERRINGTON, CHARLOTTE J.: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Scholarship Committee, Convocation Committee, Red Cross Club, Senior Sponsor Room 300, treasurer. HERRINGTON, SHARRON JEAN: Business Education, English! Girls Con- cert Club, Picnic Committee. HESS, ZANDRA ANN: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Red Cross Club, Natural Science Club, Service Club. HETTENBACH, LINDA S.: English, Social Studies. HIATT, TERESA: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! DCE Club, Fu- ture Nurses Club, Service Club. HICKS, LETTY ANN: Business Education, English, Home Economics. HICKS, STEVE M.: Electrical Trades, English, Social Studies. HIGHBAUGH, CHARLES T.: Business Education, English, Social Studies. HIGHT, RICHARD WARREN: English, Social Studies! NFL, Thespians, Drama-Speech Club, Speech Team, Cannon weekly. HILES, ROLAND: English, Printing! Chess Club, Golf. HILL, DAN L.: English, Drafting. HILL, JOHN A. JR.: English, Social Studies. HINDMAN, MARILYN J.: Art, English. HOARD, JAMES RONALD: Art, English, Social Studies. HOARD, JAMES SCOTT: English, Social Studies. HOF, ALAN L.: English, Social Studies. HOGGE, SANDRA LEE: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Red Cross Club, Natural Science Club. HOLBROOK, JEFFREY LYNN: English, Social Studies! Track: Football: Let- ten'nen's Club, secretary. HOLLAND, BOB: Business Education, English. HOLLIDAY, CARMEL: English, Home Economics. HOLMAN, JOHNNY B.: Building Trades, English, Social Studies. HONEYCUTT, STEPHEN: Building Trades, English. HOOD, DANETTE KAY: Business Education, English! Drama-Speech Club, GAA. HOOVER, CHERYE E.: English, Home Economics. HORTON, JIMMIE EDDIE: Building Trades, English! Baseball. HORTON, RONALD T.: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Track, Techoir, Cross Country. HOSKINS, MARK E.: English, Social Studies. HOUSE, DARRELL W.: English, Social Studies! Spanish Club. HOUSER, SUSAN B.: Business Education, English. HOWARD, ALONZO WILLIAM: Electrical Trades, English, Mathematics. HOWARD, BEVERLY JEAN: English, Home Economics. HOWARD, DAN ALLEN: Electrical Trades, English! ROTC Officers Club. HOWARD, JANE D.: Art, English, Social Studies! Concert Orchestra: Cannon yearbook, art editor: Cannon weekly. HOWARD, JEANETTE PAULENE: Business Education, English, Home Economics. HOWE, DEBORAH ANNE: English, Social Studies! History Club, Spanish Club, XYZ Club, Natural Science Club. HOWERY, RALPH M.: Auto-Aviation, English, Social Studies. HOYT, DANIEL EDWARD: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Baseball, Basketball, Football, Letten'nen's Club. HUDSON, LINDA SUE: Business Education, English, Social Studies. HUEBNER, JANET S.: English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Foreign Lan- guage! XYZ Club, president: Service Club, German Club. HUFFMAN, MARILYN DIANE: Business Education, English, Social Studies. HUFFMAN, MICHAEL C.: Business Education, English! Debate Team, Sci- ence Club, XYZ Club. HUFFMAN, THOMAS J.: Building Trades, English, Social Studies. HUGGLER, EDWIN A.: Drafting, English! Radio Club. HUGHES, RUSSELL C.: English, Social Studies! Music Club. HUNT, DONNA B.: English, Foreign Language, Music, Social Studies! SAO Executive Board, corresponding secretary: Red Cross Club, president: French Club, president: Techoir, secretary: Girls Ensemble: ROTC Sponsors: Senior Sponsor Room 300, vice president. HUNT, KAY: Business Education, English, Social Studies. HUNT, NANCY L.: English, Mathematics, Social Studies. IRWIN, KAREN R.: Business Education, English, Home Economics. JACKSON, DWIGHT T.: English, Social Studies! Service Club, Future Printers Club. JACKSON, GERELDINE R.: Business Education, English, Home Economics, Social Studies. JACKSON, RONALD E.: Building Trades, English! Chess Club, Natural Science Club. JACOBS, DENNIS D.: Art, English. JACOBS, GERALDINE M.: Business Education, English, Social Studies, JAMES, A. GREG: English, Science, Social Studies. JARRETT, JOHN MICHAEL: Building Trades, English! Lettermen's Club, Football, Track, Wrestling. JEE, DANNY: Business Education, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Baseball, Basketball. JETER, DEANNA C.: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Natural Science Club. JOHNSON, BETTY J.: Business Education, English. JOHNSON, BONITA: Business Education, English, Home Economics! DCE Club, Natural Science Club. JOHNSON, BRENDA MARIE: Business Education, English, Home Economics. JOHNSON, DEBBIE JO: Business Education, English! Natural Science Club. JOHNSON, DONNA JEAN: Business Education, English! Girls Concert Club, Natural Science Club. JOHNSON, GLEN E.: Building Trades, English! Chemistry-Physics Club, Lettermen's Club, Basketball, Track. JOHNSON, MARILYN: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Junior Prom Committee, Service Club. JOHNSON, MARY E.: English, Home Economics, Social Studies. JOHNSON, MILTON: Auto-Aviation, English. JOHNSON, PAULA J.: Business Education, English. JOHNSON, RICK: English, Social Studies. JOHNSON, RONNIE: English, Science, Social Studies! Lettennen's Club, Football, Track, Basketball. JOHNSON, SHERRY: Business Education, English, Home Economics! Natural Science Club, secretary. JOHNSON, WAYNE LEROY: Building Trades, English. JONAS, JOHN EDWARD: English, Social Studies. JONES, BEVERLY JO: English, Social Studies! Girls Concert Club, Service Club, Spanish Club. JONES, ELLA MAE: Business Education, English. JONES, CARRY L.: Art, English, Social Studies! Baseball. JONES, GLENDA F.: English, Home Economics. JONES, JOANN M.: English, Home Economics. JONES, JOSEPH, JR.: Drafting, English, Social Studies. JONES, MARILYN MAE: Business Education, English. JONES, MARK: Auto-Aviation. JORDAN, DENISE J.: Business Education, English, Mathematics! Spanish Club, Service Club. JORDAN, GEORGE W.: Building Trades, English, Mathematics. JORDAN, PHYLLIS JEAN: English, Home Economics. JOYNER, KAY FRANCES: English, Foreign Language. JUDKINS, THEODORE J.: Drafting, English. KEEL, GARY L.: English, Social Studies! Boys Concert Club. KEEN, JERRY LEE: English, Metal Trades! Football, Wrestling. KEESEE, FRANK GENE JR.: English, Social Studies, Mathematics! Key Club: Human Relations Council: Senior Sponsor Room 153, treasurer. fDeceased December 24, l965.l KELLER, LARRY K.: English, Metal Trades. KELLUM, STEVEN D.: Auto-Aviation, English. KENNISON, NIKKI-LYNNE: Business Education, English, Mathematics, So- cial Studies! SAO Executive Board: Service Club, president: Girls En- semble: Techoir: Red Cross Club, corresponding secretary: Senior Council, secretary: Senior Sponsor Room 300, secretary. KERR, DONALD R.: Electrical Trades, English. KIESLER, EARL R.: Drafting, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! XYZ Club, Natural Science Club, Cannon weekly. KING, HERMAN CHARLES: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Track, ROTC Officers Club. KING, VENTURA: Business Education, English, Social Studies. KIRKBRIDE, STEVE: English, Mathematics, Social Studies. KLEIN, JACKYE ANN: English, Home Economics, Social Studies. KLINCK, DONNA L.: English, Foreign Language, Social Studies. KLOPOTEK. ROBERT L.: Electrical Trades, English! Football. KLOSS, OTIS J. JR.: English, Social Studies. KNOOP, RONALD DUANE: English, Metal Trades. KOLLMEYER, BOB: English, Science, Social Studies! Tennis, Lettermen's Club. KOON, JOSEPH ALLAN: English, Social Studies! Freshman Football, Fresh- man Basketball. KRAMER, LARRY L.: English, Science, Social Studies! ROTC Rifle Team, co-captain: Golf. KUHN, JOHN W.: Drafting, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Key Club: Cross Country: Track: Wrestling: Senior Sponsor Room 300, president: Senior Council. LADERSON, WILLA MARIE: English, Home Economics, Social Studies. LAFFEY, JOHN: English, Printing, Social Studies! Golf: DCE Club, presi- dent: Lettem1en's Club: Senior Sponsor Room 300, sergeant at arms: Senior Council. LAGLE, HELEN JOAN: English, Music, Social Studies! Concert Orchestra: Music Club, program chairman. LANCASTER, JACKIE W. L.: English, Mathematics, Social Studies. LANGE, JAMES ALLEN: English, Metal Trades. LANGLEY, THERESA: Business Education, English. LANTIS, CHERYLE: Business Education, English. LAVELY, RON: English, Printing! Future Printers Club. LAWRENCE, ARTHUR LEE: Building Trades, English. LAWRENCE, STEVEN B.: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Radio Club, Techoir, Boys Octette, Cross Country. LEARY, AMOS A.: Auto-Aviation, English. LEAVELL, RUTH ANN: English, Home Economics, Science, Social Studies. LEDFORD, BRACY R.: Art, Building Trades, English. LEE, EARL L.: Art, English, Social Studies! Quill Sz Scroll, Lettermen's Club, Track, Cross Country, Techoir, Cannon yearbook, SAO Executive Board. LEE, ROBERT: Electrical Trades, English! Track. LEONARD, PHILIP DALE: English, Mathematics. LESSARIS, DAVID: Business Education, English, Social Studies. LEVEQUE, DONNA JEAN: English, Home Economics. LEVI, O. LOUISE: Business Education, English, Home Economics. LEWIS, JIMMIE RAY: English, Social Studies! Key Club, Boys Octette, Techoir, Boys Concert Club. LIFORD, CYNTHIA A.: Business Education, English. LILLARD, LARRY STEVEN: English, Mathematics, Social Studies. LINK, JEAN ANNE: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! Drama- Speech Club, GAA, Music Club, Concert Band. LONG, BARBARA ANN: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Drama- Speech Club. LONGS, BETTIE J.: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! DCE Club, Future Nurses Club, Cheerblock. LOOPER, ELENA: English, Mathematics, Music, Social Studies! JCL, Con- cert Band, Concert Orchestra, Girls Concert Club, Techoir. LOUX, STEVE L.: Building Trades, English. LUTTRELL, RONNIE L.: English, Social Studies. LYTLE, CHARLES EUGENE: Electrical Trades, English! History Club. MCANDREWS, JOHN J.: English, Social Studies! Spanish Club. McCAMPBELL, CAROLYN: Business Education, English, Home Economics. MCCASKEY, F. THERESA: English, Home Economics! Art Club, Y-Teens, McCLAIN, LYNNE: Business Education, English, Home Economics. MCCLARY, DEAN: English, Printing! Future Printers Club: Football, manager. MCCLARY, DONALD: English, Printing! Future Printers Club: Football, manager: Cross Country. MCCORD, MARK S.: Auto-Aviation, English. MCFALL, J. LARRY: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies. MCGEE, DARLINE: English, Home Economics! Future Nurses Club, GAA. '669 Roster MCGEE, ELIZA: English, Home Economics. McGINNIS, CHERYL S.: Business Education, English, Home Economics! Red Cross Club, Service Club. McKINSEY, LONDA L.: Business Education, English. MCMULLEN, THOMAS: Auto-Aviation, English. McWHITER, CHARLES: Business Education, English! Freshman Wrestling. MCWHIRTER, FLORENCE: Business Education, English. MADISON, CHARLES D.: English, Metal Trades, Social Studies. MADRY, WENDELL EDWARD: English, Pattern Making! Basketball, Foot- ball. MAJORS, MARSHA J.: English, Social Studies! Concert Band. MANNING, MARY E.: English, Social Studies. MARSDEN, WARREN: Drafting, English, Social Studies! Basketball, Track. MARSH, RICK: Art, English. MARSHALL, ARLESTER J.: Business Education, English, Foreign Lan- guage, Mathematics, Social Studies! French Club, Techoir, Girls Ensemble, Cheerblock. MARSHALL, JOCELYN RUTH: English, Home Economics. MARSHALL, PATRICIA: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Fiag Twirlers, head: Trumpeteersg Cheerblock. MASON, DARLENE GAIL: Business Education, English. MASON, JIMMY: Cabinet Making, English! Service Club. MASTERS, TANTE: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies! Red Cross Club: SAO Executive Board: ROTC Sponsors: Senior Sponsor Room 7, vice president: Senior Council: Prom Committee: Gift Committee. MATHEW, CHARLES ED, JR.: Art, English, Social Studies. MATTHEWS, DAVE: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies! Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Dance Band, Pep Band, Cannon weekly. MEADOR, KENDALL L.: Art, English! ROTC Officers Club. MEADORS, SANDRA S.: English, Home Economics! GAA. MEANS, CYNTHIA JEAN: English, Home Economics, Social Studies. MEANS, WILLIAM JAY: English, Metal Trades. MEDCALFE, LARRY D.: Art, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Letter- men's Club: Key Club, parliamentarian, SAO Executive Board, treasurer: Techoir, co-president, Boys Octette, Football: Basketball: Track: Senior Sponsor Room 7, sergeant at arms: Senior Gift Committee chairman: Senior Council. MEEKS, SUSIE: English, Social Studies! Cannon weekly, editor in chief: NFL, president: SAO Executive Board, recording secretary, Thespiansg Quill and Scroll: Speech Team: Drama-Speech Club. MELTON, CHARLES R.: English, General Shop! Wrestling. MELVIN, DAVE: English, Music, Social Studies! Concert Band, Concert Orchestra. MEREDITH, WILLIAM G.: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies. MERRIFIELD, DAVID L.: Business Education, English, Social Studies. MICHAEL, JACKIE: Business Education, English! DCE Club. MILLER, ARTHUR M.: English, Metal Trades. MILLER, DANNY L.: Art, English, General Shop. MILLER, GLENDA: English, Home Economics, Science. MILLER, JERRY J.: Auto-Aviation, English. MILLER, JOHN S.: English, Welding. MILLER, JOHN T.: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Key Club, Techoir, Football, Baseball. MILLER, JOYCE E.: English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! Majorettes. MILLER, JUDITH E.: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! Y-Teens, Cheerblock. MILLER, LARRY EUGENE: English, General Shop! Boys Concert Club. MILLER, MARILYN: Business Education, English, Music, Social Studies! FTA, JCL, String Ensemble, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra. MILTON, ALVIN E.: Auto-Aviation, English, Mathematics, Science. MILTON, VERONICA ANN: English, Home Economics. MINOR, MAUREEN: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Natural Science Club, Red Cross Club, Service Club, Cannon yearbook, Service Club. MITCHELL, DELORISE: Business Education, English, Mathematics! DCE Club. MITCHELL, KEITH A.: General Shop, English. MITCHELL, SALLY JO: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! DCE Club, Physical Science Club. MOELLER, KATHLEEN S.: Business Education, English, Foreign Lan- guage, Mathematics, Music, Social Studies! Service Club, French Club, Red Cross Club, Madrigals, Techoir. MONDAY, OPAL: Business Education, English, Social Studies. MONTGOMERY, ED: English, Mathematics, Printing, Social Studies! Key Club, Baseball, Boys Concert Club. MONTGOMERY, SHARON M.: Art, English. MOON, MARY JO: English, Music, Social Studies! Techoir, Madrigals, Girls Concert Club. MOORE, GARY L.: Art, English, Social Studies! Techoir. MOORE, HARRY A.: Auto-Aviation, English! Drama-Speech Club. MOORE, JEROME: English, Social Studies! ROTC Officers Club. MOORE, MELODY S.: Business Education, English, Mathematics! Science, Social Studies, Service Club, Cheer Block. MOORE, VICKY: Business Education, English. MORALEZ, DELORES E.: Business Education, English, Home Economics! Service Club. MORGAN, AARON: Auto-Aviation, English, Social Studies. MORGAN, G. L.: English, Social Studies, Machine Shop. MORGAN, MARY JO: Business Education, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Spanish Club, History Club, Cannon yearbook, Concert Band. MORGAN, ROD: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Key Club, president, treasurer, Lettermen's Club: French Club, sergeant at anns: Football, co-captain: SAO Executive Board: Techoir, treasurer, Track, Senior Sponsor Room 7, president. MORRIS, JESSICA: English, Home Economics. MORTON, DIANNE: English, Social Studies! Service Club, Spanish Club Red Cross Club, Girls Concert Club. MOSS, MICHAEL EDWARD: Business Education, English, Mathematics, So- cial Studies! Basketball, Cross Country, Track. MUFFLER, BERNIE: English, Printing, Social Studies! Lettermen's Club Football, Track. MUNDEN, ROSELYN: Business Education, English, Home Economics! Dra- ma-Speech Club. MURRAY, MAXINE: English, Home Economics! Service Club. MURTAUGH, DONNA KAY: Business Education, Home Economics, English, Social Studies. MUSCATEL, MOLLYANN: English, Home Economics. MUSMANN, LINDA C.: English, Social Studies! GAA. MYERS, RODERICK J.: Electrical Trades, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! ROTC Officers Club, Convocation Committee. NAY, KENT R.: English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! Key Club, Spanish Club, Techoir, Cannon yearbook. NEWKIRK, SUSAN: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Drama- Speech, Future Nurses Club, String Ensemble, Concert Orchestra, Girls Concert Club. NICHOLS, GLORIA: Art, Business Education, English. NICHOLSON, DARLENE S.: Business Education, English, Social Studies. NICKELS, DIANNA LYNN: Business Education, English, Social Studies. NOFFKE, BARBARA C.: English, Social Studies! French Club, Techoir, Cannon weekly. NORRIS, WILLIAM S.: Auto-Aviation, English. OAKLEY, CAROL A.: English, Mathematics, Music, Social Studies! SAO Executive Board, Techoir, Concert Orchestra, Senior Sponsor Room 7, secretary. O'CONNER, BUDDIE RODGER: Business Education, English. OELSHLAGER, M. TERRY: Auto-Aviation, English! Track. O'NEAL, ROBERT LEE JR.: Art, English. O'NEAL, KATHY: English, Social Studies! Drama-Speech Club. OSER, STEVE P.: Drafting, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! German Club, ROTC Officers Club, Cross Country, Football, Track, Wrestling. OSTERHOUT, DAVID B.: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Key Club. OWENS, SHARON R.: English, Home Economics. OWSLEY, BYRON T.: Art, English, Social Studies. PALMER, HAROLD: English, Metal Trades. PARISH, BARBARA J.: English, Science, Social Studies! DCE Club. PARRISH, JUDY A.: Business Education, English, Home Economics! Twirlers, Majorettes, Cheerblock. PARSON, WILLIAM R.: English, General Shop, ROTC Officers Club. PARSONS, MIKE P.: English, Science, Social Studies! Football, Wrestling. PATTERSON, BRENDA E.: Business Education, English, Home Economics, Social Studies. PAVEY, C. EDWARD: English, Metal Trades! Music Club. PEACE, HAROLD L.: English, Printing! Future Printers Club. PELPHREY, VICTORIA ANN: English, Home Economics. PENNINGTON, DONNA: Business Education, English, Social Studies. PERDUE, LINDA RAE: English, Social Studies! JCL. PERRY, KAREN K.: Business Education, English. PETTY, SHIRLEY: English, Home Economics. PHILLIPS, CAROLYN SUE: English, Social Studies! Girls Concert Club, Service Club, Spanish Club, Red Cross Club. PHIPPS, STEPHEN CRAIGE: Business Education, English, Social Studies. PICKETT, BRENDA SUE: Home Economics, Social Studies. PICKETT, PENNY LEE: English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! ROTC Sponsors, SAO Executive Board, Spanish Club, Girls Concert Club, GAA, Service Club, Red Cross Club, Senior Council, Roll Room 400, vice president. PIERSON, DONALD A.: English, Metal Trades. PIRTLE, TOM: Business Education, English, Social Studies! DCE Club. PLATT, KAREN: Art, English, Home Economics! Art Club. PLUMMER, SHARON: English, Home Economics. PLUMMER, STEPHEN A.: English, Mathematics, Social Studies. POLVADORE, BEVERLY: Business Education, English, Home Economics! History Club, Art Club. PONSLER, KAROL J.: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Girls Concert Club, Service Club, Spanish Club. PORT, MYRA: Business Education, English, Home Economics, Mathematics! Drama-Speech Club, GAA. PORTER, SANDRA KAY: Business Education, English, Home Economics. POSEY, CHERYL ANN: Business Education, English, Social Studies. POTTER, CHARLES: English, Science, Social Studies! Baseball, Cross Country, Boys Concert Club. POWELL, HELEN: Business Education, English, Social Studies! ROTC Sponsors. POWERS, SANDY: Business Education, English, Social Studies. PRICE, MICHAEL THOMAS: Building Trades, English! Lettermen's Club, Basketball. PRICE, STEPHANIE ANN: Business Education, English, Home Economics! Red Cross Club, Service Club. PULLEN, JERRIE L.: Business Education, English, Science, Social Studies! Service Club. PURVIS, KENNETH G.: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies! Chess Club, Physical Science Club, French Club, History Club, Wrestling, Cross Country. QUICK, DAISY: English, Home Economics! Drama-Speech Club, Future Nurses Club. RADFORD, CYNTHIA DIANN: Business Education, English, Home Econom- ics! School Service. RANCE, MYRON A.: Building Trades! ROTC Officers Club. RANDOL, RONALD: English, Printing, Social Studies! ROTC Officers Club, Chess Club. RASENER, CATHRYN E.: English, Social Studies. RATLIFF, KAY E.: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Girls Con- cert Club. RAY, FRANK A.: Electrical Trades, English, Mathematics. RAY, RONALD EUGENE: Electrical Trades, English. x 1 REDMAN, GARY A.: English, Science! Natural Science Club, Service Club. REED, THURMAN R.: English, Mathematics, Metal Trades. REED, W. ELLIS: English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! Art Club, Track. REEVES, CAROLYN LORRAINE: English, Home Economics! GAA, Music Club, Physical Science Club, Cannon weekly. REEVES, DELORES C.: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Girls' Track. REIVES, EARL S.: English, Plumbing, Social Studies. REIVES, TOMMIE LEE: English, Social Studies. RENFRO, FRANK LEE: English, Printing, Social Studies. RESSINGER, DIANE KAY: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies! Varsity Cheerleader: SAO Executive Board: ROTC Sponsors, FTA, vice president: Red Cross Club: Service Club. RETHMEYER, VICKI SUE: Business Education, English, Home Economics. RHODES, CRYSTAL VIRGINIA: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! FTA: Spanish Club: Y-Teens, president: Cannon weekly. RICHARDS, LINDA MARIE: Art, Business Education, English, Home Eco- nomics, Social Studies. RICHARDS, RONALD L.: English, Mathematics, Foreign Language, Science, Social Studies! Football: Track: Wrestling: Senior Council: Senior Spon- sor Room 400, sergeant at arms. RICHARDSON, BETH: Business Education, English, Social Studies. RICHARDSON, JUDI CAROL: Business Education, English, Social Studies, Drama-Speech Club, Future Teachers of America, Y-Teens, Red Cross Club. RICKETTS, JIM: English, Social Studies. RIPPY, LINDA C.: English, Home Economics. ROBBINS, DAVID E.: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Drama-Speech Club, Tennis, Boys Concert Club, Prayer Circle. ROBERTS, LINDA L.: Art, English, Social Studies. ROBERTSON, DONNA K.: Business Education, English! GAA. ROBERTSON, JENNIFER R.: English, Social Studies! Natural Science Club, Spanish Club, GAA. ROBINSON, GLORIA J.: English, Home Economics. ROBINSON, JAMES E.: Auto-Mechanics, English, Mathematics. ROBINSON, LEROY: Building Trades, English! Lettermen's Club, Football. RODOCKER, RONALD C.: English, Science, Social Studies! Drama-Speech Club, Music Club, NFL, Thespians, Techoir, Speech Team. ROGERS, EMMA JEAN: Business Education, English, Home Economics. ROGERS, HELEN: Art, Business Education, English. ROLLINS, ROBERT: English, Auto Mechanics. ROSE, GARY W.: Drafting, English. ROSENBAUM, E. JEANNIE: Business Education, English, Social Studies. ROSENKRANS, BARBARA LYNN: Business Education, English, Social Stud- ies! DCE Club, Service Club. ROTH, JERRY W.: English, Mathematics, Printing! Lettennen's Club: Future Printers Club: Track: Cross Country: Basketball, manager: Football, man- ager. ROWLS, MICHAEL D.: English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! Cannon weekly, German Club. RUSH, LIONEL THOMAS: Auto-Aviation, English. RUSSELL, PHILLIP S.: Drafting, English, Mathematics! Wrestling, Track. SAMUEL, RAMONA: English, Home Economics, Social Studies. SANDERS, CHARLES: English! Lettem1en's Club, Basketball, Football, Track. SANDERS, LEVON W.: Business Education, English, Social Studies! His- tory Club. SANDERS, STEVEN M.: Art, English! Lettermen's Club, Football, Basket- ball, Track. SARGENT, LINDA: Business Education, English, Home Economics, Social Studies. SAYLES, SHERRY LOANNA: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, So- cial Studies! Y-Teens, president: Red Cross Club: JCL, secretary: Future Nurses Club: Human Relations Council: Concert Orchestra: Girls Concert Club. SCAHILL, ED: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies! SAO Executive Board, president: Baseball: Techoir: Key Club: Madrigals. SCHAEFER, DAVID: English, Metal Trades. SCHARBROUGH, PENNY L.: English, Home Economics, Mathematics, So- cial Studies. SCHMIDT, DONNA L.: Art, English! Art Club. SCHMIDT, JILL: English, Social Studies! Senior Council: Senior Sponsor Room 400, secretary: Cheer Leaders: Girls Concert Club: Red Cross Club. SCHOWENGERDT, BRENDA: English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! DCE Club, Gennan Club. SCHOWENGERDT, LINDA: English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! DCE Club, Gennan Club. SCHWIER, NEAL MATTHEW: Business Education, English, Social Studies. SCOTT, JOHN L.: Building Trades, Business Education, English! Natural Science Club, Track. SCOTT, LEONARD S.: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Wres- tling, Natural Science Club, French Club, Freshman Track. SCZCYPINSKI, HENRY J.: English, Mathematics. SEATS, JOYCE JEAN: Business Education, English, Social Studies. SHEATS, SALLY: English, Home Economics! Service Club. SHEETZ, JANICE A.: English, Social Studies! Future Nurses Club, presi- dent: Concert Band. SHOBE, DONALD: Art, English. SHOOPMAN, LINDA: Business Education, English, Home Economics. SHREVE, LINDA M.: English, Home Economics. SILENCE, RONALD D.: Building Trades, English. SILLS, NORA LYNN: English, Home Economics! Service Club, Drama- Speech Club. SIMMONS, CAROL L.: English, Music, Social Studies! SAO Executive Board, vice-president: Concert Band, vice-president: Concert Orchestra: Convoca- tion Committee, chairman. SIIQCEAIR, RITA M.: Business Education, English, Home Economics, Social tu ies. SLAUGHTER, PATRICIA YVONNE: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! Y-Teens, Spanish Club. SLOAN, LINDA DIANE: Business Education, English, Social Studies. SLONE, JAMES E.: English, Printing. SMITH, ALLEN M.: English, Metal Trades. SMITH, DORIS: English, Home Economics. SMITH, EDWARD AUBREY: Building Trades, English. SMITH, LARRY A.: Drafting, English, Mathematics. SMITH, MARY ANN: English, Home Economics. SMITH, PATRICIA GAIL: English, Home Economics, Science! Natural Sci- ence Club. SMITH, ROD: Auto-Aviation, English. SMITH, SANDRA DIANE: Business Education, English, Home Economics, Mathematics, Social Studies! Y-Teens. SMITH, SUSAN JANE: Business Education, English! Music Club, XYZ Club. SMITH, VIRGINIA: Business Education, English, Social Studies! DCE Club. SOVERN, Studies. HAROLD E.: Business Education, English, Mathematics, Social SPARKS, CLINTON L.: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Senior Coun- cil: Senior Sponsor Room 400, treasurer: ROTC Color Guard: ROTC Offi- cers Club, Wrestling, History Club, French Club, Chemistry-Physics Club, Chess Club. SPAULDING, MARY S.: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Music Club, Spanish Club, Service Club, Techoir, Madrigals, Concert Band. SPEARS, BRENDA G.: English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! NFL, Drama-Speech Club, German Club, Speech Team, Debate Team. SPEARS, LINDA SUE: Business Education, English! Natural Science Club. SPEARS, LINDA SUZZETTE: Art, English. SPENCER, ANNIE: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! Y-Teens, Fu- ture Nurses Club, Spanish Club, FTA. STARNES, KRISTINA K.: English, Social Studies. STARNES, ROBERTA: Business Education, English, Social Studies. STEINER, EDELTRAUD CEDITHQ: Business Education, English, Social Studies. STEVENS, SUSIE: Business Education, English, Social Studies. STEVENSON, FRED: English, Social Studies. STINGER, CHARLEYNE E.: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Service Club, Techoir, Red Cross Club. STOCKTON, MARTHA J.: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Red Cross Club, Service Club, vice president. STOCKTON, NAIOMA: English, Music, Social Studies! Concert Band, XYZ Club, Y-Teens, Music Club, FTA, GAA. STOCKTON, PAUL E.: English, Metal Trades. STORM, RICHARD: Business Education, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Key Club, DCE Club XYZ Club, JCL. STORMS, JOE: Building Trades, English. STOUT, MARY JO: English, Home Economics. STRAIN, JOHN ROY: Building Trades, English, Social Studies! Wrestling, Cross Country, Track. STREET, CLAUDE CLAYBORN: Building Trades, English, Social Studies. STRONG, BARRIE JO: English, Home Economics, Social Studies. STUART, CLAUDE LEE: English, Printing, Social Studies! Key Club: His- tory Club, sergeant at amisg Future Printers Club: Drum Major: Concert Band, treasurer: Concert Orchestra, Pep Band. SUESZ, RICHARD J.: Business Education, English. SULLIVAN, MARY L.: Business Education, English! Service Club, Y-Teens. SULTZER, CORA J.: Business Education, English, Social Studies. SWANNER, JOYCE R.: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Future Nurses Club, vice-president: Y-Teens. SWARTZ, SUSAN: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Future Nurses Club, Y-Teens. SWIFT, WILLIAM EUGENE: Art, English, Social Studies. SYFERT, LaVERLE D.: Art, Business Education, English. SYMMES, GARY L.: English, Science. TAYLOR, ARTHUR LEE: English, Metal Trades! Red Cross Club, Football, Track, Wrestling. TAYLOR, FRANK W.: Auto-Aviation, English! Wrestling. TAYLOR, GEORGE ALBERT: Building Trades, English. TAYLOR, JANICE: Business Education, English, Social Studies! History Club. TAYLOR, KENNETH E., JR.: Art, English, Social Studies! Art Club, Span- ish Club, Drama-Speech Club, Natural Science Club. TAYLOR, TAYLOR, TAYLOR, Studies. KENNETH S.: Building Trades, English, Mathematics. MARGIE ANN: Business Education, English, Home Economics. PEGGY JOYCE: Business Education, English, Mathematics, Social TERRY, VICKIE: English, Home Economics, Music! GAA. THAXTON, BRENDA GAIL: Business Education, English, Home Economics. THOMAS, ANGELA MARIE: Art, English! Art Club, Drama-Speech Club. THOMAS, KENNY C.: English, Mathematics, Social Studies. THOMAS, KENNY W.: English, Science. THOMAS, THOMAS MATTIE MAE: English, Home Economics. MICHAEL J.: Drafting, English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies! Key Club, Gennan Club. THOMAS, MIKE: Art, English! Art Club, Lettermen's Club, Football, Track. THOMPSON, GLORIA DAWN: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! Future Nurses Club, Natural Science Club. THOMPSON, ROBERT C.: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Spanish Club Cannon weekly. THOMPSON, WILLIAM A.: Building Trades, English, Science! Key Club, Lettermen's Club, SAO Executive Board, Football, Baseball, Basketball. THORMAN, MARC: English, Foreign Language, Music, Social Studies! French Club: NFL, vice president. THORNBURGH, LARRY: Auto-Aviation, English! Music Club, Service Club, Madrigals, Techoir, Boys Concert Club. TODD, CARL W.: English, Music, Social Studies! Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Pep Band, Dance Band, Track. TOLER, DENNIS EDWARD: Art, English. TOWNSEND, FELIX G.: Electrical Trades, English, Mathematics! Letter- men's Club, Track, Cross Country. TRAMELL, MATTIE: English, Home Economics, Social Studies. TREFZ, PAUL ALAN: English, Printing! VVrestling, Track, Natural Science Club, DCE Club. TRIMMER, MARSHALL: Art, English! Cannon weekly, DCE Club. TROXEL, MARK EUGENE: Auto-Body, English. TUCHER, VINCENT L.: Auto-Aviation, English. '669 Roster TURNER, DENNIS: English, Social Studies. TURNER, DWIGHT ANDREW: English, Metal Trades, Social Studies. TURNER, JIMMY: Building Trades, English! History Club. TURNER, JOYCE L.: English, Mathematics, Social Studies. UNSELD, RONALD GEORGE: English, Social Studies. VAN BRIGGLE, DONALD: English, Mathematics. VANCE, EDWARD S.: Drafting, English! Football, Track, Wrestling, Con- cert Band. VAUGHN, CARMEL: English, Metal Trades. VERNON, BILL: Art, English, Social Studies! Art Club, Chemistry-Physics Club. VITT, DAVID E.: Drafting, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Concert Band, Pep Band. VOLK, KAREN J.: English, Home Economics. VOLSTAD, KENNETH WILLIAM: English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! Music Club, vice president, Thespians, ROTC Officers Club, Boys Concert Club, Boys Octette, Techoir, Speech Team. WADE, DONNA KAY: Art, English, Social Studies! Future Nurses Club, Drama-Speech Club, Service Club. WADE, MORRIS ELMER: Art, English. WADE, PAMELA JUNE: Business Education, English. VVADE, ROBERT A.: English, Music, Social Studies! Boys Octette, Techoir. WAERNER, LYNNDA E.: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Girls Concert Club. WAKELAND, ROBERT LEE: Art, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Boys Concert Club, president, Cross Country, Track. WALLACE, PHILIP: English, Science! Cannon yearbook, editor-in-chief, Quill and Scroll, president, Key Club, NFL, Drama-Speech Club, Thes- pians, Speech Team. WALLACE, SHARON: Business Education, English, Social Studies! DCE Club, Spanish Club. WALTERS, JERRY EVELYN: Business Education, English. WALTON, GERRY V.: Building Trades, English! Football. WARDWELL, PHYLLIS: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Nat- ural Science Club. WATKINS, STEPHEN C.: English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! Techoir, Senior Council, ROTC Officers Club, German Club, Chemistry- Physics Club, Senior Sponsor Room 6, treasurer. WATSON, DAVE: English, Social Studies, Machine Shop. WATSON, WILMA LOUISE: Home Economics, English! Future Nurses Club. WATTS, BETTY: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Service Club, Red Cross Club, French Club, History Club, Y-Teens, Cannon weekly, SAO Executive Board, Twirlers, Senior Sponsor Room 6, president, Senior Coun- cil, Human Relations Council, secretary. WATTS, SUSAN R.: English, Mathematics, Social Studies! XYZ Club, Music Club, Chemistry-Physics Club, Concert Orchestra, Techoir, Cannon weekly. WEATHERFORD, KATHY J.: English, Foreign Language, Science, Social Studies! DCE Club, German Club, GAA. WEATHERS, CYNTHIA LUESE: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Service Club, French Club, Convocation Committee. WEAVER, JUDY KAY: Business Education, English, Social Studies! GAA, History Club, Drama-Speech Club. WEAVER, KAREN: Business Education, English, Social Studies. WEBER, BRUCE: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies. WEEDEN, NORMAN A.: Business Education, English, Science, Social Stud- ies! Concert Band, Concert Orchestra. WEGENER, WILLIAM G.: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Drama-Speech Club, president, Thespians, NFL, Speech Team, Cannon weekly, page I editor, Quill and Scroll, vice president. WELCH, BARBARA LOU: Business Education, English. WELLS, LOLA S.: English, Home Economics. WENDLING, CHARLES ROBERT: Electrical Trades, English, Mathematics! XYZ Club, Chemistry-Physics Club, History Club, Football. WESLEY, BOB: Drafting, English, Mathematics. WEST, LEONA M.: English, Home Economics. WHALEY, THOMAS: Business Education, English! Track, Boys Concert Club. WHITAKER, DALE: Building Trades, English! Red Cross Club. WHITE, BARBARA A.: Business Education, English! Red Cross Club, Service Club, Cheer Block, Dance Committee. WHITE, BERNICE: Business Education, English! Red Cross Club. WHITE, L. CHRISTINE: English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! GAA, recording secretary, NFL, Concert Orchestra, secretary. WHITEMOSS, ANITA: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Cheer- leader, Techoir. WHITNEY, HAROLD L.: Art, English. WHITT, MYRON RICKEY: English, Printing, Social Studies! Future Printers Club, vice president. WHORTON, DIAN: Business Education, English, Home Economics! Natural Science Club. WIGGINGTON, TANA KAY: Business Education, English, Home Economics, Social Studies! GAA, Cannon yearbook. WILCOX, DAVID E.: English, Mathematics, Social Studies. WILDMAN, SAMUEL E.: English, Metal Trades. WILES, SAM: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Basketball, Track, Concert Band. WILLIAMS, BEVERLY JEANIE: English, Home Economics, Social Studies! FTA, Service Club. WILLIAMS, GENOLA T.: English, Home Economics! GAA. WILLIAMS, MICHAEL M.: English, Printing! Future Printers Club. WILLIAMS, QUEEN ELIZABETH: Business Education, English, Foreign Langauge, Social Studies! Natural Science Club. WILLIAMS, ROBERT D.: English, Printing! Natural Science Club, Future Printers Club, Wrestling, Track. WILLIAMS, RUSSELL E.: Auto Mechanics, English! Wrestling. WILLIAMS, SUSAN KAY: English, Social Studies! Spanish Club, GAA, Freshman Track, Sophomore Track. WILLS, SONIA MARIE: English, Home Economics, Social Studies. WILSON, REBECCA: Business Education, English, Social Studies! Ger- man Club. WILSON, RITA: Business Education, English. WILSON, SANDRA K.: English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! Cannon weekly, chief copy editor, Quill and Scroll, secretary, Spanish Club, Schol- arship Committee. WILSON, SHARON L.: English, Foreign Language, Social Studies! Cannon weekly, page 2 editor, Quill and Scroll, treasurer, Scholarship Committee, Spanish Club. WILSON, SUZANNE D.: English, Foreign Language, Music, Science, Social Studies! Techoir, Madrigals, Concert Orchestra, Concert Band, Music Club, Future Nurses Club, Vespers Committee. WIRE, RODNEY F.: Drafting, English, Mathematics, Social Studies! Foot- ball, Track, Lettermen's Club. WISDOM, CURTIS ALLEN: Auto-Aviation, English. WISDOM, KENNETH E.: Art, English, Art Club. WISE, DAVID H.: English, Social Studies! Thespians, NFL, Drama-Speech Club, Cannon yearbook, Speech-Team. WOOD, JOHN R.: Auto-Mechanics, English! Chess Club, Radio Club, Ser- vice Club, ROTC Officers Club. WOODARD, LARRY: Art, English, Science, Social Studies! Football, Boys Octette, Techoir, Senior Sponsor Room 6, sergeant at arms. WOODFORD, JAMES LOUIS, JR.: English, Foreign Language, Social Stud- ies, Spanish Club, Dance Band, Pep Band, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra. WOODS, LARRY D.: Drafting, English. WOOLLEY, MARILYN KAY: Business Education, English, Science! Music Club, Red Cross Club. WOOTEN, LINDA: English, Foreign Language, Science, Social Studies! SAO Executive Board, Techoir, co-president, Cannon weekly, sports editor, Quill and Scroll, Spanish Club, GAA, Service Club, Senior Sponsor Room 6, secretary. WRAY, JON M.: English, Social Studies! Physical Science Club, Football. WRIGHT, DIANA KAY: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies! Future Nurses Club. WRIGHT, DONALD R.: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies! Techoir, Football, Wrestling, Track, Boys' Concert Club. WRIGHT, GLORIA ELAINE: English, Business Education! GAA. WRIGHT, JACK R.: English, Building Trades. WRIGHT, MARGARET ANNE: English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Busi- ness Education! Future Nurses Club. WRIGHT, MARK A.: English, Metal Trades! DCE Club. WRIGHT, RICHARD A.: Auto-Mechanics, English. WRIGHT, VIVIAN F.: Home Economics, Business Education, Social Studies! Y-Teens, Treasurer, Future Nurses Club. WYATT, DONNA: English, Home Economics! Future Nurses Club, GAA. WYATT, PRISCILLA ANN: English, Home Economics, Business Education! Cannon weekly. YARBROUGH, WILLIAM D.: English, Electrical Trades, Mathematics, Social Studies! Boys' Concert Club. YARRELL, DOROTHY J.: English, Home Economics, Social Studies. YATES, JOYCE ANN: Business Education, English. YENSEL, SUE: Business Education, English, Social Studies. YOUNG, GREG: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Social Studies! SAO Executive Board, sergeant at arms, ROTC Officers Club, ROTC Rifle Team. YOUNG, HENRY C.: Building Trades, English, Social Studies! Music Club, ROTC Officers Club. YULE, CAROLE: Business Education, English! DCE Club. ZAVADA, FRANK P.: Art, English, Auto Trades. ZIEGLER, CHERYL: Business Education, English, Social Studies. ZINNERMAN, AARON: Electrical Trades, English, Mathematics. Topical Art Club 55 Auto Trades Department 108 Band 14, 28, 29 Baseball 73 Basketball 67-71 Basketball Queens 69 Biology Department 11, 101 Boys Concert Club 32 Boys Octette 18, 26 Business Education Department 103 Building Trades Department 109 Cafeteria Staff 84 Cannon Weekly Staff 38-39 Cannon Yearbook Staff 36-37 Cap and Gown Committee 126 Cheer Leaders 65-66 Chemistry-Physics Club 54-55 Chess Team 53 Color Guard fBandJ 62 Color Guard KROTCJ Commencement Committee 116 Concert Orchestra 30-31 Convocation Committee 127 Cross Country 63 Custodians 85 Dance Band 32 Department Assistants 83 Distributive Cooperative Education 97 Distributive Cooperative Education CDCEJ Club 52 Drafting Department 107 Drama-Speech Club 41 Drill Team 47 Electrical Department 106 English Department 92-93 Evening School Staff 83 Exploratory Teaching 97 Flagtwirlers 62 Football 59-61 Foreign Language Department 94 French Club 44-45 Future Nurses Club 48-49 Future Printers Club 54-55 Future Teachers of America KFTAJ 51 German Club 45 Girls Athletic Association CGAAJ 50 Girls Concert Club 32-33 Girls Ensemble 27 Gift Committee 119 Golf Harvest Moon Ball 19, 26 Health, Physical Education Department 105 History Club 51 Homecoming 9, 16, 17, 35 Home Economics Department 98 Human Relations Council 23 Jamboree Queen 69 Junior Classical League KJCLJ 45 Key Club 18, 35 Lettermen's Club 50 Madrigals 26-27 Majorettes 15, 62 Mardi Gras 9, 18, 41, 45 Metal Trades Department 111 Military Ball 46 Music Club 32-33 National Forensic League KNFLJ 43 Natural Science Club 54-55 Office Staff 81 Orchestra 31 Picnic Committee 118 Plays 40-41 Printing Club fSee Future Printers Clubl Printing Department 110 Prom Committee 121 Radio Club 52-53 Recommendations Committee 123 Red Cross Club 48-49 Rifle Team 46 ROTC Department 104 ROTC Officers Club 46 ROTC Sponsors 47 Sadie Hawkins Committee 122 SAO Board 34 Scholarship Committee 120 Senior Parents Reception 124 Service Club 48 Social Service 82 Index Social Studies Department 95 Spanish Club 44-45 String Ensemble 26 Tech Legion 22 Techoir 24-26 Tennis 72 Thespians 41 Track 74-75 Trumpeteers 62 Vespers Committee 125 Wrestling 64 XYZ Club 55 Y-Teens 53 P PILI Abbett, Colleen Rae 115 Abbett, Jackie 34, 39, 41, 43 Abbott, Mike 60 DEX Abbott, Particia 52, 115 Abbott, Preston 59 Abbett, Sharon A. 115 Adams, Linda 28 Adams, Nancy 24, 27, 39, 40, 41, 43 Adams, Tom 32, 60 Adams, William 26 Albertson, Lucinda 22, 33, 115 Alexander, Danny 63 Alexander, David E. 115 Alexander, Dennis 60 Alexander, Ted 115 Allen, David Cecil 115 Allen, David L. 129 Allen, Lawrence E. 115 Allen Marsha 44 Alm,,Nicho1as E. 115 Alstott, Gregory 61 Anders Anders Anders on, Larry D. 53 on, Nancy C. 22, 115 on, Naomi L. 54 Andrews, Jerry 63, 71 Appleton, Nathan 70 Amistrong, Jill 66 Beck, Steven E. 32, 59 Beck, William 71 Beckwith, Clarence 50, 59 Beech, Karen 101 Beem, Michael 53 Beight, Danny 28, 31, 32 Beinburg, Connie 49 Belding, Anita 33, 34, 49, 62 Bell, Deborah J. 115 Bell, Richard 60 Bellamy, Stephen P. 115 Bender, Frances 39 Bennett, George VV. 115 Bennett, Karen Sue 115 Benson, Harry 53 Bentley, Glen 63 Berchekas, Peggy 21, 22, 24, 97, 114 Bergdoll, Benny W. 115 Betz, Ronald 115 Beverly, Betty 50 Biech, Karen K. 115 Biech, Larry 53, 115 Birge, James 129 Birkla, Paul 54 Bishop, Brenda 24 Bishop, Reginald 61, 71 Bishop, Yolanda J. 115 Biszantz, Joann 115 Black, Dave 54, 55 Black, James 63 Black, McHelen 115 Blair, Albert 52 Blass, Phyllis 28 Blogs, Phyllis 28 Blount, Donna 43, 50 Blount, Sandra L. 115 Blue, Dwight 60 Blue, Pat 60 Bluiett, Ed 60 Bobbitt, Cheryl K. 129 Boggs, Steve 61 Bohnenkamp, Carol Sue 115 Bond, Geraldine 31 Bond, Hettie 31 Bond, Pearl M. 115 Boofer, Michael 63 Boone, Julia 31 Boothe, Penelope A. 115 Borczak, Siegfried C. 64, 115 Arnett, Linda 34, 40, 41, 43, 51 Amett, Paul R. 115 Amold, Carol Ann 31, 33, 115 Arnold, Gary 10 Asberry, Doris 31 Atherton, Marilyn 22, 23, 36, 40, 41, 43, 115 Auble, Dan 52, 115 Auble, Larry 28, 32, 53 Austin, James 53 Aurand, John H. 115 Borden, Kathryn 42, 45, 51 Borden, Larry 51 Borden, Steve 45, 115 Boswell, Marsha Carol 115 Boswell, Sherry L. 115 Bottoms, Marty 40, 41 Bougher, Joetta Kay 115 Bowers, Marcia 51 Bowman, Chester 27 Boyd, Mary A. 115 Boyd, Robert 54 Avery, Leroy 50, 59, 64, 115 Avery, Tom 60 Ayers, Vic 60 Aytes, Willard A. 115 Backus, Jerry 28, 31 Bacon, Richard 23, 51, 53, 54, 129 Bailey, Brenda 33, 62 Baker, Dennis 129 Baker, J, Allen 115 Baker, Joseph 46 Baker, Ron 60, 75 Bandy, Edward L. 115 Ban'hol Banta, zer, Louis 52 Linda 16, 115 Barber, Linda 115 Barger, Jess 46 Barlow, Edith 115 Boyd, Terry 33, 49 Boykin, Janelle 33 Boykin, Ruby 49, 53 Brady, Linda 48 Brannon, Jerry 47 Brannon, Sherry 44 Brasher, Charles 53 Brasher, Cleo 16, 35, 114 Bremer, Fred 51 Brenner, Ron 36 Brewer, Betty L. 129 Bright, Susan 48, 55 Brinkley, Kent 31 Brinkley, Kerry 31, 49, 50 Brizendine, Gary L.- 115 Broadus, Lawrence 28 Broadus, Stanley 63 Bamard, Ron 41 Bames, Debbi 22, 49 Bames, Steve 109 Bames, Timothy 115 Bamett, Deborah 22, 23, 65, 93, 102, 114 Bamett, Lillie Mae 31, 49, 53, 115 Bartholomew, Evelyn S. 115 Bartlett, John L. 115 Barton, James 111 Barton, William 40, 42, 45 Baskerville, Eula M. 115 Bates, Chester R. 115 Bates, Riley S. 115 Bauer, Danny 129 Bauerle, Dean 108 Baylor, Richard 71 Baxter, Robert D. 115 Baxter, Sharon L. 115 Baylor, Richard 61 Bean, Jerry 60 Beaver, Judith A. 115 Beck, Jeffery 60 Beck, Leroy 60 Brock, Phyllis 24 Brockman, Sue Ann 22, 24, 4 43, 115 Brooks, Larry 116 Brooks, Norma J. 116 Brooks, Ralph 129 Brown, Calvin 116 Brown, Don 40 Brown, Donna J. 116 Brown, Douglas E., Jr. 116 Brown, Marian F. 116 Brown, Patricia A. 116 Brown, Wyman 70 Brummett, Janet 40 Bryant, Ray 61 Buchanan, Becky 66 Buchanan, Don 52, 64 Buck, Cheryl 31 Buck, Pat 116 Buckley, Nancy L. 53 Buckley, William 53 Bunk, Sherry 62 Burke, Geraldine A. 116 Burks, Alan R. 47, 116 49, 62, 0, 41, Burks, William 47, 116 Burlingame, Consuclo L. 116 Burnworth, Tom 55 Burroughs, Jon 42, 45, 51 Burton, Cindy 33 Butler, Paula K. 116 Byers, Juanita 44, 50 Byrd, Bradley 31, 40 Cabell, Edward 60 Cade, Emily 53, 116 Caldwell, Dianna 24, 27, 33 Caldwell, Spencer Henry 116 Calvin, Steven A. 116 Campbell, Reta 49 Campbell, Steven 61 Canady, Bruce 60 Capshaw, Kathy 40 Carey, Marion 50 Carnal, Robert 40 Carter, Carolyn S. 116 Carter, Janes 59 Carter, Vada L. 116 Carter, VVayne 129 Cartmel, Robert A. 12 Cartwright, Don 116 Casey, Marion 50, 75, 116 Casida, Mary E. 116 Caule, Sandy 53 Cavanaugh, Gregory 51 Chamberlain, Jay 116 Champion, Gary 34 Chandler, Sherry 33 Chapman, James 60 Chapman, Nancy 24, 34 Cheshire, Barbara 49, 116 Cheshire, Margie 49 Chestnut, Steven J. 116 Childs, Robert 59, 64 Chris, Charles 46 Christ, Don 116 Christian, Nick 116 Chronis, Chris 24, 35 Cheshire, Margi 48 Clark, Lewis 28, 31, 59, 64 Clark, Richard fRickJ 11, 20, 22, 28, 31, 32, 40, 41, 43, 44, 114 Clark, Susan 44, 49, 51 Clegg, Jacqueline 116 Clevenger, Jacqueline 102 Cloyd, Mary R. 116 Coffey, Regina 44, 47, 49, 114 Coleman, Melvin 32, 116 Coleman, Phyllis 55 Coleman, Richard C. 129 Collier, Vicki 49 Collins, Gill 116 Collins, Gail 55 Collins, Rufus 44, 51 Combs, Daniel 47 Compton, Sylvia 49 Condos, Leo 35 Cooper, Clayton R. 129 Copas, Judy 22, 52, 116 Cook. Larry 63 Cooper, Clinton R. 129 Cooper, David 54, 55, 63 COPD. Donald 116 Coppage, Margaret C. 116 Cornelison, Johnnie L. 129 Comett, Linda 40, 41 Cornett, Sherry F. 116 Corrado, Rita 31, 49 Cottongim, Frank D. 116 Cottongim, Robert M. 129 Couch, Roberta 96, 117 Couse, Claudia 33 Cox, Cary 28, 32, 35, 51 Cox, Randall 61 Craft, Roy L. 73, 129 Craig, Jim 60 Cramford, Terry 54 Crawford, Glen 101, 102 Crawford, Janice 51 Creech, Ronald 117 Cronett, Linda 40 Cl'0Ok6, Roberta Kay 117 Cross, Lillie Mae 23, 42, 44 Crowder, J. A. 117 Curry, Otis 23, 50, 68, 69, 117 Curry, Robert 32 Curtin, Patty 55 Dallman, Leroy W, 117 Dalton, Millie E. 117 Daniel, Rex 117 Darland, Linda 24, 27, 34, 49, 62 Davenport, Lonnal 32 Davidson, Linda J. 117 Davis, Davis Davis, Davis, Davis Barbara Ann 117 Barbara J. 24, 117 Edmond 32 Gloria 98 Linda 45, 51 PUPIL I DEX Davis, Paul C. 32 Davis, Robert 61 Davis, Violet 50 Dawson, Darnell 61 Deckard, Jimmy L. 117 Decker, Craig D. 46, 117 DeBruhl, Dennis 63 DeMoss, John 50, 59, 117 De Spain, Mike 117 Detty, Lynn L. 117 DeVine, David S. 22, 32, 33, 48, 55, 117 DeVitt, William 26, 59 Diamantidis, Elaine 44 Diamantidis, Katherine 44 Dildine, Steve 50, 64 Dillahay, Paula J. 52, 117 Doan, Danny 27, 39, 63 Dockery, Jerry 32, 70, 107 Donahue, Rosann 117 Donoghue, Dorothy Ann 117 Doran, Denny 117 Dorough, John R. 117 Dorsey, Henry J. 55 Dorsey, Jerry Tyrone 117 Douglas, Rodney 52 Downing, Linda 47 Drain, Georgia 49 Drake, Ronald 117 Drexler, Dave 22, 117 Duckett, Pamela 22, 55, 117 Duff, Myron 129 Duncan, Cynthia 22, 97, 117 Duncan, Joseph 117 Duncan, Dunwoo Dunwoo Kathy Elaine 117 dy, Mary E. 129 dy, Marie H. 129 Durham, Clifton 109, 117 Durham Durrett, , Steve 109 Margaret Ann 50, 117 Duthie, Anne 22, 24, 26, 27, 31, 48, 114 Dixon, Dwayne 39 Dycus, Marsha 43 Dyer Jimmie 117 Eads: Ellen 10, 22, 24, 34, 36, 37, 40, 41, 43, 51, 97, 117 Eads, George 40, 41, 43 Eads, Joe 41, 55 Eads, Teresa Diane 117 Ealy, Jessie 23, 50, 58, 59, 74 Ealy, John 22, 50 Frazier, Paula 98 Frazier, Robert 129 Freeman, Frankie 33 Freeman, Mike 60 Frenzel, Richard L. 32 Frink, Cecil 117 Frink, Anise 49 Frost, Faye 48, 55 Furry, Ross 67, 68 Gaddie, Bob 71 Garrett, Thomas 102 Gartrell, Lynne tHughJ 46, 63, 72, 117 Gartrell, Gary 63 Gaunce, Sandra 52, 129 Gearlds, Wayne 118 Geminden, Lana 22, 50, 118 Gemmill, Mike 53 Gerstung, Kathryn Anne 118 Gibbs, Nancy 118 Gibson, Mary Frances 118 Gibson, Wilbur 118 Gilbert, Roberta N. 118 Gilbert, Robert 97 Gilliatte, Gerry 55 Gilliatte, Nova E., Jr. 118 Gaily, Vicki 55 Glaspie, Paul 23, 63 Glover, Jo Anne 118 Godwin, David 32 Godwin, Deborah 118 Godwin, Margaret 51 Goldman, Tylka 42, 45 Goldstein, Jacqueliyn 12.9 Goode, Linda 102, 118 Goodman, S. Diane 118 Goodrich, Beverly 118 Goodwin, Joyce 54 Grasshoff, Ronald 59, 118 Graves, David 71 Green, Becky 66 Green, Mary 129 Green, Ronald Wayne 118 Green, Sandra 53, 118 Gregory, Carol 24, 33 Gre ory, Donald 118 Earley, Cynthia A. 117 Eaton, Vickie 16, 22, 102, 114 Edwards, Gloria 33, 117 Edwards, Sylvester 61, 71 Egan, Mildred 117 Elliott, Brenda Sue 117 Elliott, Danny 117 Elliott, Frances 54 Elliott, Gary 53 Elliott, Mike 28 England, Donna 117 Enlow, Arthur 63, 106 Ensminger, Mike 19, 22, 50, 58, 59, 64, 72, 114 Entwistle, Jim 28 Esarey, Carol 45, 51 Etchison, Gary 51 8 Gregory, Lavem 129 Gregory, Michael 45 Greig, Kathy 51 Gribben, Caroline K. 118 Griffin, Curlee 109, 118 Griffin, David 41 Griffin, Don 61 Griffin, James Jr. 28, 32, 39 Grimes, Steve 39 Grover, Don 101 Groves, Michael D. 129 Grubbs, John H. 118 Gmbbs, Steve 61 Grundy, Walter 60, 70 Gulley, James 46, 118 Gulley, Gullion, Guthrie, Haas, A Haddix, Michael R. 118 Linda 24 Donald 114 in 28, 31, 44 Bert 118 Hall, Carolyn Jeanne 118 Hallanger, John 46 Hambry, Gina 55 Harvey, Susan tSusieJ 24, 34, 49, 67, 103 Hasch, Kenneth R. 118 Hastings, Luther Wilson 118 Hatcher, Barbara 102, 118 Hatcher, Billy 44, 46, 118 Hausz, Richard Karl 118 Hawkins, Delma Ann 118 Hawkins, Sharon 43 Hawley, David 28, 31, 53, 118 Hawthorne, William 71 Hayes, Charles 71 Hazelwood, Vicki L. 119 Heatherly, Jan 45 Hedrick, Pamela fPamJ 39, 40, 42, 43 Helfferich, Donna 33, 118 Helfferich, Sam 59 Helmick, Candice L. 119 Henderson, Gail 50 Henderson, Joseph D. 23, 66, 68, 119 Henderson, Mildred 119 Henslee, Robert Allen 119 Herald, Philip Dean 119 Herman, Linda Sue 23, 36, 40, 41, 43, 51 Hernandez, Juanita 49 Herrington, Beverly 52, 119 Herrington, Charlotte 22, 49, 119 Herrington, Sharron Jean 22, 119 Hess, Zandra 48, 49, 54, 129 Hessman, Sherri 48, 49 Hettenbach, Linda S. 119 Hiatt, Becky 49 Hiatt, Teresa 16, 129 Hickey, Mike 73 Hicks, Letty Ann 119 Hicks, Steven M. 119 Highbaugh, Charles T. 119 Hight, Richard CDickJ 10, 41, 43, 119 Hill, Becky 66 Hill, Dan L. 119 Hill, John A., Jr. 119 Hill, Larry 32 Hill, Linda S. Hill, Raymond 60 Hill, Rebecca 24, 27 Hilton, John 34, 36, 63, 71 Hindman, Mearlyn J. 119 Hirschy, Robert 47 Hiselman, Nonnan 45 Hoard, James Ronald 119 Hoard, James Scott 119 Hockman, Gloria 36 Hodges, Linda 33 Hodgson, William 32 Hof, Alan L. 119 Hogan, Libby 49 Hogge, Sandra 49, 129 Holbrook, Jeff 50, 74, 119 Holder, Roger 50, 59 Holliday, Carmel 119 Holling, Jacqueline 50 Holman, Johnny B. 119 Hood, Danette Kay 119 Hooker, Steven 52 Hoover, Cherye E. 119 Horton, Jimmie Eddie 119 Horton, Ron 24, 119 Hoskins, Mark E. 119 House, Darrell W. 119 Houser, Pallas 49 Houser, Susan B. 119 Howard Aeonzo William 119 Jackson, Gereldine R. 120 Jackson, Ronald E. 21, 120 Jacobs, Dennis D. 120 Jacobs, Geraldine M. 120 Jacobs, Jim 26, 34, 36, 37, 93 James, A. Greg 120 Jarrett, John 59, 64, 75, 120 Jee, Danny 120 Jefferies, Barry 61 Jeter, Deanna C. 22, 120 Jeter, Elizabeth 49 Johnson, Betty J. 120 Johnson, Bonitasue 52, 120 Johnson, Brenda Marie 120 Johnson, Charles 59, 70 Johnson, Debbie J. 54, 129 Johnson, Donna 33, 54, 62, 120 Johnson, Glen 50, 68, 120 Johnson, Judith 59 Johnson, Marilyn 120 Johnson, Mary E. 120 Johnson, Mike 61 Johnson, Milton 129 Johnson, Patricia 44 Johnson, Paula J. 120 Johnson, Rick 21, 120 Johnson, Ronald 50, 59, 120 Johnson Sherry 54 120 Jones, Beverly Jo 97, 120 Jones, Ella Mae 120 Jones, Garry L. 120 Jones, Glenda F. 120 Jones, Joann M. 120 Jones, Joseph L. 120 Jones, Marilyn Mae 121 Jones, Mark 121 Jones, Shawnee 33, 48, 49 Jones, Sherrie 49 Jones, William 60 Jordan, Denise J. 121 Jordan, George W. 121 Jordan, Jim 28 Jordan, Phyllis Jean 121 Joven, Becky 44 Joyner, Kay Frances 121 Juarez, Arthur 44 Judkins, Theodore J. 121 Junge, Bob 28 Karol, Kathy 36, 41, 43 Keel, Gary L. 121 Keen, Jerry Lee 59, 64, 121 Keesee, Frank 16, 23, 35, 121 Keller, Elizabeth 45, 49 Keller, Larry K. 129 Kellum, David 6 1 Kennison, Nikki-lynne 22, 24 27 34, 39, 48, 49, 114 Kern, Elizabeth 40 Kern, Richard D. 23, 31 Kerr, Donald R. 121 Kiesler, Earl R. 121 King, Herman Charles 121 King, Ventura 129 Kirby, Suzan 29, 36 Kirkbride, Steve 121 Kleifgen, Stephen 32 Klein, Jackye Ann 121 Klinck, Donna L. 121 Kloss, Otis J., Jr. 129 Klopotek, Robert L. 121 Knopp, Ronald Duane 121 Knox, Doris 50 Kollmeyer, Bob 50, 121 Koon, Joseph Allan 129 Kramer, Larry 46, 121 Kuhn, John 63, 107, 114 Kurbursky, Elmer 47, 63 Evans, Barbara A. 117 Evans, Floyd 59, 68, 110 Evans, Helen D. 129 Evans, R. Chip 22, 23, 24, 34, 92 117, 129 Evans, Thomas C. 117 Farral, George W. 32, 45, 117 Farzier, Pat 40 Fashimpaur, Neal 46 Fawley, John 46, 47, 59, 117 Ferguson, Jerry 129 Ferguson, Wayne 61 Fielder, Steve 129 Fishburn, Linda Lou 117 Fleetwood, Sandra 53 Floerke, Floerke, Claudia 49 Sherry 50 Floyd, Raymond 51 Fogleman, Janine 36, 50, 62 Fogleman, John 73 Fogleson, Katheyn 24, 42, 45, 51 Ford, Joyce 117 Ford, P aula J. 117 Fordyce, Roscoe L. 129 Foreman, Gwendolyn K. 117 Forkner, Jeanne 24, 28, 31, 117 Fort, Eric 27, 114 Foster, Fowler, Ron 28 Curtis 117 Franklin, Emma Jean 117 Franklin, Gerald 61, 71 Frantzreb, Judy 103 Fraser, Randy 53 9 Hamilton, Cheryl 45 Hamilton, Regina Ann 118 Hamon, Barbara 22, 34, 44, 49, 62, 118 Hammond, Barry 64 Handy, Dave 16, 118 Handy, James 24, 63 Handy, Stephen 35, 64 Hannemann, Wilhelm 118 Hansen, Jay M. 118 Hansford, Shallis J. 118 Hantzis, Shirley 49 Hardesty, Calvin 50, 60, 64 Harding, Cheryl 23, 24, 27, 37, 39, 49 Hardison, Thomas 118 Hardy, Bonnie M. 118 Hardy, Nathaniel 61 Harmeson, Patrick 32 Harris, Hans Peter 31 Harris, Odis B. 118 Harrison, Kay 39 Harrison, Linda Marlean 49 Harp, Mike 63 Harper, Vonda 33 Harris, Rachel 118 Harris, Steve 111,118 Hart, Caran 22, 24, 27, 118 Hart, Dora 62 Harter, Julia Ann 118 Harvey, David C. 118 Harvey, Leslie 10, 129 Howard, Beverly Jean 96, 119 Howard, Dan 46, 119 Howard, Jane 31, 119 Howard, Jeanette Paulene 119 Howe, Deborah Ann 120 Howery, Ralph M. 120 Hoyt, Daniel 50, 120 Hubbard, Michael 52 Hudson, Mike 71 Huebner, Janet 22, 48, 55, 97, 120 Huffman, Marilyn Diane 120 Huffman, Michael 55, 103, 120 Hugg, Edwin A. 120 Hughes, Rossetta 53 Hughes, Russell C. 33, 120 Hunsucker, Lynne 44 Hunt, Donna 22, 24, 26, 27, 31, 34 , 44, 47, 49, 114, 130 Hunt, Kay 129 Hunt, Lorraine 24, 27 Hunt, Nancy L. 120 Hutchens, Jeff 55 Hutton, Max 61 Hylton, James 47 Illey, Imel, Imel, Elaine 24, 102 Don 60 Grant 50, 59, 93 lngle, Linda 31, 40, 44, 51 Ingles, Bob 39, 42 Ingram, Walter 32 Irwin, Jo Ann 49, 66 Irwin, Karen R. 120 Jackson, Dwight T. 129 Lacey, Kevin 63 Laderson, Willa 121 Laffey, John 52, 114 Lagle, Helen 31, 33, 121 Laing, Rebecca 40, 54, 55 Lancaster, Jackie 121 Lane, William 24, 27 Lange, James A. 129 Langley, Theresa 129 Lantis, Cheryle 129 Lavely, Ron 121 Lawrence, Arthur 121 Lawrence, Steve 22, 26, 121 Lawrence, Stuart 28 Lawson, Lula 55 Lawson, Teresa 33 Leary, Amos 129 Leavell, Edward 59 Leavell, Ruth Ann 129 Leavell, Thomas 61 Ledford, Gerald 28 Lee, Allen 63 Lee, Earl 21, 22, 34, 36, 50, 63, 114 Lee, Robert 121 Leonard, Philip D. 121 Lessaris, David 121 Lester, Kay H9655 130 Leveque, Donna J. 121 Lewis, James 61, 71, 121 Lewis, Rod 28, 32 Liford, Cynthia 121 Morales, Delores 123 Link, Jean 28, 121 Lish, Gary 61 Long, Barbara 121 Longs, Bettie 52, 121 Looper, Elena 22, 24, 28, 31, 121 Looper, Helen 121 Loudermilk, Mary 39, 40, 41, 43. 51 Loux, Steve L. 121 Loux, Terry 71 Loux, Terry 61 Lowhorn, Danny 32 Lucas, Marilyn 47, 62 Lumpkin, Mike 54 Luttrell, Ron 121 Lyles, Brenda 53 Lynch, Phil 61 Lynn, Emie 92 Lytle, Charles 51, 121 Mackey, Steve 60 McCampbell, Carolyn 129 McAndrews, John J. 121 McAtee, Jeffrey 24, 27, 44 McCarty, Marilyn 62 Mills, Maureen 31, 33 Milton, Alvin 108, 130 Milton, Veronica 122 Minor, Maureen 49, 54, 103, 122 Mitchell, David 71 Mitchell, Delorise 122 Mitchell, Keith 122 Mitchell, Sally 52, 102, 122 Moeller, Kathleen 22, 24, 27, 48, 49, 122 Monday, Keith 48, 55 Monroe, Linda 55 Montgomery, Ed 73, 122 Montgomery, Marcia 39, 47, 48, Pierson, Donald A. 124 Pierson, Patricia 48 Pirtle, Thomas 52, 130 Pitts, Marty 110 Platt, Karen 124 Plummer, Sharon 124 Plummer, Stephen A. 124 Polvadore, Beverly 124 Ponsler, Karol J. 22, 124 Port, Myra 124 Porter, Greg 53 Porter, Sandra Kay Posey, Cheryl Ann 124 Poteet, Brenda 50 Potter, Charles 32, 124 Russell, Dennis 94 Russell, Harold 71 Russell, Phillip 130 Rynard, Kenny 32 Samuel, Ramona 125 Sanders, Charles fChit-kj 50, 58, 59, 67, 68, 125 Sanders, Gary 61, 71 Sanders, Lcvon W. 125 Sanders, Pearlie 50 Sanders, Steve 19, 50, 59, 68, 114 Sargent, Linda 125 Satkamp, Chester 41 Sayles, Sherry 23, 31, 33, 49, 53, McCla McCaskey, Theresa 53, 121 McClain, Lynne 121 McClain, Richard 61 McClary, Don 110, 121 ry, Dean 54, 121 51, 55 Montgomery, Sharon 123 Moody, Deborah 33, 51 Moon, Mary Jo 24, 130 Moore, Gary L. 123 Moore, Harry A. 123 Moore, Jerome 46, 123 Moore, Melody S. 123 Moore, Vicki 33, 123 Moran, Michael 46, 104 Morgan Morgan , Aaron 123 , G. L. 123 Morgan, Mary Jo 123 Morgan, Roderick fRodJ 19, 20, Powell, Helen 22, 47, 124 Powell, Susan 39, 40, 45, 51 Powers, Sandy 124 Poynter, Vicki 49 Polson, Don 35 Prasley, Roy 54 Price 69 Jim 68 Price: Michael 16, 50, 61, 67, 68, 124 n Price, Milton 61 Price, Stephanie 49, 124 Pride, Danny 70 Proffitt, Donna 33 Proffitt, Linda 51 McCloud, Greg 61 McClung, Everett 92 McCord, Margaret 31 McCord, Mark 121 McCormick, James 106 McCom, Marjorie 28 McCoy, F. D. 50 McCullough, Judy 49 McCurry, Minnie 53 McFall, Larry 121 McGee, Darlene 121 McGee, Eliza J. 121 McGinnis, Cheryl 49, 120 McGraw, Henry 61 McKinney, Linda 49 McMullen, Thomas 121 McKnight, Marianne 44 McWhirter, Charles 121 Mackey, Steve 35 Madden, Elisha 28 Maddox, William 61 Madison, Charles 122 Madry, Wendell 122 Majors, Marsha 28, 122 Majors, Michael 61 Mangus, Julia 33 Manning, Mary 122 Mansfield, William, Jr. 50, 59, 73 Marsden, Warren 50, 68, 122 Marsh, Rick 122 Marshall, Arlester 16, 22, 24, 27, 122 Marshall, Jocelyn 130 Marshall, Patty 62, 122 Martin, Katherine 98 Mason, Darlene 130 Mason, Jimmy 122 21, 22, 34, 50, 59, 97, 114 Morris, Ron 60, 106 Morris, Vicki 45 Morton, Dianne 123 Morton, Joe 60 Moss, Michael 68, 123 Muffler, Bemie 50, 59, 123 Munden, Roselyn 123 Murray, Maxine 130 Muscatel, Mollyann 123 Muse, Becky 49 Musmann, Linda 130 Myers, Linda 33, 51 Myers, Roderick 46, 123 Nahas, Victoria CVicciJ 48, 49, 55 Nay, Kent 11, 22, 44, 123 Neal, Linda 50 Newell, Susan 24, 27, 39, 47 Newkirk, Susan 26, 31, 123 Nichols, Gloria 123 Nickels, Dianna L. 123 Nickels, Richard 60 Noble, Ken 45 Noffke, Barbara 24, 39, 79, 97, 123 Nolte, James 53, 54 Norris, William 130 Oakley, Carol 20, 22, 24, 31 34, 114 O'Connor, Buddy Rodger 130 Oelschlager, M. Terry 123 Officer, James 61 Oliveira, Jeffrey 39, 40, 41, 43, 45, 53, 55 O'Neal, Robert 123 O'Neil, Kathy 123 Osbom, Jim 32 Oser, Steven 46, 123 Pryor, Larry 31, 52, 93 Purkerson, Steve 61 Purvis, Kenneth 63, 129 Quick, Daisy 124 Radford, Cynthia 124 Rady, Ron 23, 34, 60 Ramsey, Debbie 66 Rance, Myron 46 Randol, Ronald 46, 124 Randolph, Clarence 70 Ransom, Belinda 55, 96 Ransom, Patsy 50 Rasener, Cathryn 124 Ratliff, Kay 124 Ray, Frank 124 Ray, Gary 20, 31, 32 Ray, Ronald E. 124 Redman, Gary 130 Ree, Max 32 Reed, Pamela 54 Reed, Thurman 124 Reed, Ellis W. 124 Reese, Dollie 53 Reese, Edith 33 Reeves, Carolyn L. 124 Reeves, Delores 124 Reeves, Linda 51 Reives, Earl 124 Reneau, Dan 28, 31, 32, 93 Renfro, Frank 54, 124 Reno, Jay 70 Ressinger, Diane 16, 34, 47, 49, 51, 63, 65, 97, 124 Rethmeyer, Vicki Sue 124 Rhodes, Crystal 39, 53, 124 Rice, Dennis 60 Richard, Janis 31 Richards, Linda M. 124 125 Scahill, Ed 16, 21, 22, 24, 27, 34, 50, 73, 125 Schafer, Jack 73 Scharbrough, Penny L. 97, 125 Schmidt, Donna L. 125 Schmidt, Jill 19, 49, 65, 114 Schneider, Tim 44, 71 Schowengerdt, Brenda 22, 125 Schowengerdt, Linda 22, 52, 125 Schwier, Neal Matthew 125 Scott, Alma 50 Scott, John L. 125 Scott, Leonard 64, 130 Scott, Paula 94 Sczcypinski, Henry J. 125 Sears, Gerald 68 Sears, Linda 50 Seats, Joyce 130 Seibert, Jack 34 Seifert, Tom 39 Sellers, David 61 Schaefer, David 130 Shanklin, Dean 110 Sheats, Sally 125 Sheetz, Janice 28, 49, 125 Shreve, Linda 130 Sigg, Hans 31, 46, 104 Sills, Nora L. 40, 130 Silence, Ronald D. 125 Silvey, .Juanita 33 Simmons, Carol 22, 31, 34, 125 Simmons, Leroy 32 Sinclair, Rita M. 125 Sipf, Chris 32 Slaughter, Patricia Yvonne 125 Sloan, Linda Diane 125 Slone, James E. 125 Smith, Allen 125 Smith, Claude 108 Smith, David S. 48, 55 Smith, Edward Aubrey 125 Smith, Larry A. 125 Smith, Mary Ann 125 Smith, Patricia Gail 125 Smith, Rod 125 Smith, Robert 60 Smith, Sandra Diane 125 Smith, Sharon 49, 62 Smith, Susan 33, 125 Smith, Virginia 125 Smith, William B. 52 Mason, Leroy 60 Massa, Master 65, Wayne 61 s, Tante 21, 22, 34, 47, 49, 66, 114, 130 Masters, Thea 33, 49 Mathew, Charles, Jr. 122 Mathew, Kenneth 63 Matthews, David 28, 31, 32, 39 Mattingly, Tom 96 Maxwell, Marilyn 39, 53 May, Dortha 45 Meador, Kendall 122 Meadors, Sandra 122 Means, Cynthia 122 Medcalfe, Larry 18, 19, 24, 26, 34, 50, 59, 66, 114, 129 Medcalfe, Robert 61 Meeks, Susan 22, 34, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 122 Meid, Stephen 24, 33, 40, 41 Melton, Charles 122 Melvin, Dave 122 Mentis, Jeff 24 Merrifield, David 122 Osterhout, David 35, 123 Owens, Sharon 123 Owens, Shurden 54 Owsley, Byron 123 Palmer, Doug 52 Palmer, Harold 111, 123 Palmer, Michael 45 Palvadore, Beverly 51 Parido, Edgar 54 Parish, Barbara 52, 123 Parker, Joe 61 Parker, William 29, 31 Richards, Richardso Ron 22, 59, 114 n, Beth 124 Richardson, Judi Carol 124 Richardson, Roland 71 Rippy, Linda C. 124 Roach, Kenneth 61 Roark, Ricky 71 Robbins, David E. 32, 124 Robbins, Ron 61 Roberson, Mary Ann 50 Roberts, Darlene 51 Roberts, Dianna 45, 47, 51 Roberts, Linda L. 22, 124 Parrish, Bill 59 Parrish, Judy 62, 123 Parrish, Steve 111 Parson, William 46, 47, 123 Parson, Mike P. 123 Patterson, Brenda E. 123 Patterso n, Donn 32, 40 Pavey, Ed 33, 123 Peace, Harold L. 130 Pearson, Carl 36 Pelphrey, Victoria Ann 123 Pender, Vivian 94 Robertson, Donna K. 124 Robertson , Rosemary 94 Robertson, Jennifer F. 124 Robinson, James E. 124 Robinson, Leroy 50, 59, 124 Robinson, Michael 32 Robinson, Ray 28 Rodocker, Ronald 40, 41, 43 Roe, Max L. 32 Rogers, Adolphus 109 Rogers, Emma Jean 125 Sovern, Harold E. 125 Sparks, Clinton 46, 93, 104, 114 Spaulding, Mary 22, 24, 27, 28, 33, 125 Spaw, Karen 28, 49 Spears, Brenda 22, 40, 43, 92, 125 Spears, Donald 53 Spears, Linda Sue 126 Spencer, Annie 53, 126 Spencer, Robert 47, 48, 53, 55 Spurr, Noah 47 Stafford, Linda 31 Stanfield, Sandy 28 Stansberry, Issac 53 Starnes, Kristina K. 130 Starnes, Roberta 126 Stearns, Kathy 98 Stevens, Susie 126 Stevens on, Fred 126 Stewart, Anne 47 Michael, Carolyn 33, 40 Pennington, Donna 123 Michael, Jackie 52, 122 Michael, Patricia 21, 24, 27, 33, 55 Miles, Glen 111 Miles, Larry 63 Miles, Janice 98 Miller, Arthur 122 Miller, Danny 21, 122 Perdue, Linda R. 45, 123 Perkins, Ronald 108 Petennan, Joe 52 Perry, Karen 130 Petree, Christine CChrisJ 18, 19, 24 27, 29, 34, 49, 62 Petty, Shirley 123 Miller, Evelyn 5 1 Miller, Glenda 122 Miller, Jerry 130 Miller, John S. 122 Miller, John T. 59, 122 Miller, Joyce 62, 122 Miller, Judith E. 122 Miller, Lawrence 54 Miller, Marilyn 26, 28, 31, 51, 97, 122 Mills, Joseph 46 Pfeiffer, Howie 94 Pfeiffer, Mary Lynn 51 Phillips, Carolyn 33, 123 Phillips Kenneth 61 Phillips: Linda D. 24, 26, 31, 62 Phillips, Michael 48 Phillips, Setephen 130 Phipps, Picot, J Pickett, Stephen Craig ohn 94 Penny 11, 19, 22, 33, 34, 44, 46, 47, 114 Rollins, Robert 130 Roney, Mike 59 Rose, David 55 Rose, Gary W. 125 Rosenbaum, E. Jeannie 125 Rosenkrans, Barbara 52, 125 Ross, Linda 54 Roth, Jerry 50, 63, 75, 125 Rothenbush, Jo Ann 33 Rott, Gary 36 Rouse, John 46, 109 Rowls, Michael D. 125 Rozzell, Ricky Lynn 33 Rucker, Ron 60 Rupert, Susan 40, 45 Rush, Lionel Thomas 125 Russell, Christine 51 Russell, David 61 Stinger, Charleyne 24, 48, 49, 126 Stockton, Betty 49, 53 Stockton, Martha 48, 49, 126 Stockton, Naioma 28, 55, 97, 126 Stockton, Paul E. 126 Stomi Rich 16, 52, 126 Story: Judy 48 Stout, Mary Jo 126 Strain, John Roy 126 Strave Street, rs, Comelius D. 20, 54, 55 Claude C. 130 Strong, VValter 60 Stuart, Anne E. 24, 62 Stuart, Claude fButchJ 14, 28, 29 32, 51, 126 Stuart, Mary 53 Strubbe, John 61 Suesz, Richard J. 126 Suggs, Paulette 33, 45, 47, 49, 53 Sultzer, Cora J. 126 Sultzer, Teresa 50 Sutton, Jim 40, 41 Swanner, Joyce 22, 49, 126 Swartz, Susan 22, 102, 126 Swift, William E. 130 Swinford, James E. 32 Swinford, Joe 60 Syfert, LaVerle D. 96, 126 Symmes, Cary L. 126 Tardy, Marvin 70 Takacs, John 28 Talbert, Janice 23, 34, 39, 48, 49 Taylor, Allen 40, 41 Taylor, Arthur Lee 126 Taylor, Becky 49 Taylor, Elaine 50 Taylor, Frank W. 126 Taylor, George Albert 126 Taylor, Janice 126 Taylor, Ken, Jr. 55, 126 Taylor, Margie Ann 126 Taylor, Patty 49, 101 Taylor, Peggy Joyce 126 Taylor, Jerry 63 Troxel, Jerry 48, 55 Tucher, Vincent L. 126 Turner, Dennis 130 Turner, Jimmy 126 Turner, Joyce L. 126 Utley, Steve 63 Van Briggle, Donald 126 Van Cleave, Veronica 50 Van Sickles, Thomton 54 VanWye, Floyd 61 Vance, Edward S. 64, 127 Varnado, Solomon 61 Vaughn, Carmel 127 Vaughn, Kim 31 Vernon, Bill 55 Vertner, Claude 61 Vint, Janice 33, 55 Vitt, David CDaveJ 28, 31, 127 Vitt, Roger 28, 31, 32 Volk, Karen J. 127 Volstad, Kathy 33 Taylor, Sylvia 55 Volstad, Kenneth 26, 33, 40, 41, Taylor, William 71 46, 114 Teckenbrock, Bob 50, 63 Terry, Paul 28 Terry, Vicki 130 Thaxton, Brenda Gail 126 Thiry, Marilyn 55 Thomas, Angela 55, 96, 126 Thomas, Kenny C. 126 Thomas, Kenny W. 126 Thomas, Mattie M. 130 Thomas, Michael J. 22, 126 Thompson, Charles 23 Thompson, Gloria Dawn 126 Thompson, Robert C. 126 Thompson, William A. 19, 22, 34, 50, 59, 126 Thorrnan, Marc 40, 43, 44 Thomburgh, 24, 27, 130 Thorndike, Marsha 54 Todd Todd Todd Todd 40 Toler, Dennis Edward 126 Tomescu, Kris 44, 49 Wade, Donna Kay 127 Wade, Morris Elmer 127 Wade, Pamela June 127 Wade, Robert 26, 127 Waemer, Lynnda E. 127 Waggoner, Steve 28 Waid, Karolyn Jean 53 Wakeland, Robert Lee 32, 127 Walker, Linda 49 Walker, Randall 71 Wallace, Mae 49 Wallace, Phil 16, 36, 37, 40, 41, 43, 127 Wallace, Sharon 52, 127 Walters, Jerry Evelyn 127 Walton, Gerry V. 127 Wand, Timothy 54 Wardwell, Phyllis 130 Watkins, Steve 24, 114 Watson, Dave 127 Watson, William 24, 26, 33, 50, 63 Watson, Wilma Louise 127 Watts, Betty 19, 23, 34, 49, 62, 67, 114 Watts, Susan 24, 27, 39, 54, 55, , Carl 28, 32, 126 , Cathy 33, 40 , Harry 47 , Robert 24, 27, 28, 31, 32, Townsend, Felix 50, 63, 126 127 Townsend, Kenneth 63 Tracy, William 106 Tram Trefz, Butch 52, 126 Trimmer, Marshall 39, 52, 97, 126 ff Weatherford, Kathy 52, 127 Weathers, Cynthia 127 Weaver, Judy 50, 127 Weaver, Karen 127 ell, Mattie 126 45' K 1 TOP CANNON AGENTS-Front Row: Kay Harrison, Linda Banta, Lana Ceminden, Kay Ratliff, Karen Platt. Second Row: Linda Russell, Steve Oser, ,Jeff Holbrook, David DeVine. Cindy Albertson, Lewis Clark, ,ludy Parrish, not pictured. Weber, Bruce 92, 127 Webster, John 61 Weddington, Patricia 49 Weeden, Norman 20, 28, 31, 127 Wegener, Bill 20, 21, 22, 35, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 43, 97, 127 Wells, Larry 51, 52 Wells, Lola 130 Wendling, Charles 51, 54, 127 Wesley, Bob 127 VVhaley, Thomas 32, 127 Whisman, Kenny 48 White, Barbara 48, 49, 127 White, Bemice 127 White, L. Christine 22, 31, 43, 50, 97, 127 White, Melba 50 White, Teresa 48, 49 Whitemoss, Anita 16, 24, 65, 67, 127 Whitney, Harold L. 127 Whitt, Myron Rickey 54, 110, 127 Whitted, Denise 51 Wharton, Diane 127 Wiggington, Tana Kay 36, 127 Wilcox, David E. 127 Wildrnan, Samuel E. 127 Wiley, Judy 53 Wiley, Rodger 102 Wilson, Sandra 20, 21, 22, 37, 38, 39, 94, 128 Wilson, Sharon 20, 22, 37, 39, 128 Wilson, Suzanne CSuziJ 24, 27, 28, 31, 97. 128 Winkle, Barry 42, 45, 53 Winzenread, Mark 60, 70 Wire, Rod 50, 59, 128 Wisdom, Floyd 111 Wisdom, Ken 109, 128 Wise, David 19, 20, 36, 37, 40, 41 43, 128 Witsman, Twanetta 40 Wong, Linda 50 Wood, John 46, 104, 128 Woodford, James Louis, Jr. 28, 31, 32, 128 Woods, Larry D. Woods, Ronald 60 Woodson, Grant 63 Woodard, Larry 24, 26, 59, 114 Woolley, Marilyn 33, 49, 128 Wooten, Linda 22, 24, 34, 37, 39, 44, 114 Worley, Donna 33, 49 Wray, Jon M. 128 Wright, Wright Wright: Diana Kay 128 Don 24, 28, 31, 128 Elizabeth 33, 45 Wilkinson, Anthony 54 Wright, C10ri21 50, 128 Wilkinson, Donald E. 32 Wright, Jack R- 128 Williams, Beverly Jeanie 127 Wright, Margaret Anne 128 Williams, Genola T. 127 Wright, Mark 52, 128 Williams, Hallie 47 Wright Richard A. 128 Williams, Lula 130 Williams, Michael M. 127 Williams, Iris 19, 22, 24, 27, 34, 49 Williams, Keith 54 Williams, Linda 49 Williams, Queen Elizabeth 128 Wright I Vivian 53, 128 Wyatt, Donna 49, 50, 128 Wyatt, Priscilla Ann 128 Yarbrough, William 128 Yates, Joyce Ann 130 Yarrell, Dorothy J. 128 Yates, Don 102 Williams, Robert D. 128 Ejnffg- 32113863 . . u , r Williams, Russell E. 128 Young' Greg 34, 46' 104, 128 Williams, Susan K. 130 Young' Henry 130 Wills, Sonia Marie 128 Young, Leslie 49 Wilson, Bob 28 Young, Nikita 50 Wilson, George 47 YOUrlg, Wilma 49 Wilson, Larry 108 Yates, Janice 53 Young, Clyde 54 Wilson, Michael 47 Wilson, Ramona 49 Wilson, Rebecca 128 Wilson, Rita 128 Yule, Carole 22, 52, 128 Zavada, Frank 130 Zeigler, Cheryl 128 Zinnerman, Aaron 130 cknowledgements The editor and staff of the 1966 Cannon yearbook express their sincere thanks for assistance by the following: NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE AD- MINISTRATION for the use of the Titan missile launch photo on page 2, Newsfoto Publishing Corn- pany and its representative, MR. DICK KENNARD, for technical advice, MR. KENNETH PUCKETT for financial guidanceg Our advertisers for help in financ- ing the Titan Flight '66, MR. JOHN DAVIS for pilot- ing his plane over the campus, and photographer- alumnus WILLIAM BOLANDER who flew with him to shoot the cover pictureg MR. MAX CALLOWAY for photographs of clubs, seniors, faculty, and class- room activitiesg MR. WILLIAM GRANEY for team photos, DWAYNE DIXON for Campus photographs, The office staff and faculty for cooperation in schedul- ing many photographsg The coaches of spring sports for adapting their programs to help us photograph their athletes, MR. CECIL TRESSLAR for consulting with us on many problems and questions, MRS. BETTY ROWLAND for accounting, clerical assis- tance, and moral support, and roll room agents for their efforts in our sales campaign. SMITH PHARMACY Prescription Specialists 2250 East Michigan Street 638-2000 7747 South Meridun Street 881-93339 THE BEST PLACE To stop after school KYITILS ! I i ,. W P is ff? A , " Il wx, eer in - - - s U ' u-g -, uv' u , 'llllllwl Tnlbllrl INSIDE AND OUTSIDE DINING COMPLETE CARRY OUT SERVICE Tenth Street and Emerson A NATURAL WHERE THERE'S ACTION FIRST AGAINST THIRST 7 UP ' ' ' . .. . -- I 972'-fy. . X' "2 QQ,1,iQ , , M. INIISXVAVXQHFKQUQJ PUBLISHING COMPANY San Angelo, Texas Qygmpi n 1 . I 1 Q QQ: E w,...,,,,,,,,,v Gym' ,Q Q "5wU'B'h. Q Q Q 4 ff ff, Q ,, , p fl' ' 1'V"ta, ' ' N 'iff 'si?"1"?f2,e'h6W ' ' Y , 1 U, , , , ,,. , , . . , V, ,, .hi ,. ,, , ,l ,,..,VQ Lp X, , ' A 1 .., , ,V .yg,,fj--. g.,f5.f. I ,. ,xv 1' . ,. , , 'A -, .f , Q ' . Q "ef ' I 3 ' 14? , 'JF' 41' Q. 2:3 ,Q,4.3'5!4iAaL 4- rg. QQL f 1 Q QA " 1. Q, ,vy mm' Q - I rw-11 ' N :W e,f5m4fL,f: ,'-" , . V " "J F 1 w ' -. : V H '. - , j ' V-w X , ' X , - 4 f . Q Q ' Q if - ,ik 'Q-3,34 2 Q' .QQ ,QKQW QQQQQ Q v I Q Q , A X V 1, ' ' -. :gg . ' -..,','- it ' .' V "4 - 'Q . -' ' . 51 ,, 1 'V - , ,np ., 'M' -A " K AV , .- ,' - . . ,. 1 ' f ' ,,- ' ' 9 A ' A--1 ff7,g,. 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"Q I "'x'WV ' T9 1" " ' ' "' 3 - in .iq Winner of 10 different national yearbook awards , 0 J r "IIS llilll S WICI' AVICTQR Makes lndiana the Color Tolovi ion Capital of the World sara- ,-,,.....---wr "TT A " ' tv, LOB rf...- H, A yt. , ., , ' -'Et YT" YV" KAW" C f ' In.e'k2'v:t'::E...1-I. . bz'.a'I1. f ' yf,'m2ff'py6'-32" , ,' ff ' . gf -' jf . t . f' ' p. Y ' """ ' Ps. I, f. 'x 4 fi' . :., ,V " 1-, ff ' .. r 'WMM we . . I f, yg.jMa.,,W,Z , , .,,,? 0 . ., 5. ,. , 4 T- 1 s ., my ..,,.,:I. . ,. ,, A V e L-rl. RCA pioneered and perfected Color TV. Today more people own RCA Victor Color TV than all other leading brands combined. These RCA Victor sets were made here in Indiana by some of RCA's 17,000 Hoosier workers. This helps insure a dynamic growth economy for our state. THE MOST TRUSTED NAME IN ELECTRONICS aw . 7. , s-.-.ww-...,,.,......, ,.,..,,,...,.,se...,,m.rQa-v2a"'W' ' WWW.- ---my-wax! Indianapolis-RCA Victor furniture stylists look at sketches lor a new Mediter- ranean lowboy model. Styl- ing, Engineering, Advertis- ing and Sales Departments for RCA Victorhomelnstru- ments, as well as much of the actual manufacturing, are headquartered here. Monticello-Hand rubbing imparts a mellow lustre to this RCA Victor Color TV cabinet. Before leaving here, each cabinet will pass through many skilled hands and as many as 16 finishing operations. RCA Victor cab- inet quality rivals that ofthe finest custom furniture. Marion-New RCA "Hi- Lite" Color Tube, with a color picture substantially brighter than any previous RCA Color Tube, goes into full-scale production. Mar- ion is one of three RCA plants meeting the con- stantly growing demand for Color picture tubes. Bloomington-Cabinets from Monticello, picture tubes from Marion and parts from Indianapolis come to- gether here at the world's largest Color TV assembly plant. Next stop for Amer- ica's first choice in Color TV: RCA Victor dealer showrooms. fq lflufz CAREER COURSES SUCCESS ASSURED IN A FEW SHORT MONTHS 0 Executive Secretarial 0 IBM Business Machines 0 Business Administration I IBM Data Processing I Transportation Management PORTER COLLEGE "INDIANA'S MOST MODERN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS" 48 Monument Circle 639-2505 Portrait- Wedding Photography Cameras and Telescopes WILLIAM J. GRANEY 3214 West 16th 639-9169 Buy the "Affordable Furniture" From: RICHARD BENNETT 5804 East Washington 356-7211 Be sociable, You're in the Pepsi generation. Compliments ot: DRINK I-v coAcH coMPANY, PEPS'-COLA INCORPORATED Charter service anywhere in the United States 6344198 New and Used Parts and Machine Facilties We Specialize In MOTORS 81 TRANSMISSIONS Complete Line of Speed Equipment 2113 E. Washington Me 6-4481 We insure all risks Auto, Fire, and Homeowners Young and old drivers SKEFFlNGTON'S FORMAL , L0WCL'ff'jj,lg'Y8'fQZQ'Qe"'S WEAR, INC. RELIABLE Up-to-Date, Smart Formal Wear 132 scsi New York 634-1583 H22 EUS' r"'Shi"9'0" 922 Broad Ripple Ave. 251-2206 239 West Washington Downtown Office X 5615 N ,5 Q E. 3 ?,F-F".vsa-"ie XM LUEBKING FLOWER SHOP mm 3837 East Tenth Street 359-5311 .fl 5 ii "-' i"1 ' ' U 'sf - , Corsages and Bouquets r-51.3153 5 ,ig- -f ,ls.,i?.., '12, 1 if 'EiEii1e231i2211?i"' Y ' , T X 1 X x Z N NX,, f. Qi T 31513 W""im.,.. MAX GALLCWAY STUDIO Official Cannon Yearbook Photographer 20 EAST FOURTEENTH STREET 635-2200 You Never Outgrow Your Need for MILK Drink at Least Three Glasses Every Day .1-4-K LOCATIONS IN INDIANA, KENTUCKY . AND lLuNols ' ' f Offering you the most complete Beauty Culture training in the II, I , Middle West 4 'Easy Budget Terms - --- :i 'Day and Night Classes 'F Pl S ' "Drcifmitgfy?Tr?rn6utehllIiiwn students doffsggi ML James 4 convenient locations in Indianapolis Nationally Known Hair Stylist and Beauty Consultant NORTHSIDE: WESTSIDE: 836 Broaclripple Avenue 251-9269 21 North Lynhurst Drive 241-9368 EASTSIDE: SOUTHSIDE: 6901 East Washington Street 359-5339 4001 Shelby Street 786-2208 3105 English Avenue 4541 East 21st Street 637 2421 357-5183 TECH STUDENTS GET ALL THEIR DRAFTING NEEDS AT: INDIANAPOLIS BLUEPRINT AND LITHOGRAPH COMPANY 600 East Ohio Street 632-4466 W'-Ili-1-Zi--an-........., DRINK things gg I Qlie LOUDERMILK GAS AND OIL BURNER SERVICE IOQO North Spencer Avenue HARPOOUS 3577040 AMERICAN CLEANERS TEE-KAY FLOWER AND NOVELTY SHOP IAOI North Olney Street 638-A264 2510 Roosevelt Avenue 6380277 STUCK COAL AND OIL COMPANY William M. Hcxrpool - Roy M. Horpool III LeOtO Street 631-7835 ' zAPH's RESTAURANT HERB'S BARBER SHOP 902 Ecxst Morket Street 4539 East 21 st Street 638-8540 GET OUT OF THAT RUT COME TO "THE HUT" Compliments of ART'S REXALL DRUGS For the Sharpest Clothes in Town 2502 Station Street 546-bm COHEN BROTHERS p 25th Street off Sherman Drive QUALITY PRODUCTS TITANS, LINE UP! For Books, Supplies Everything Yo., Need- IMPERIAL OIL coMPANY 1640 East Washington Street 636-1566 SPORTSMAN'S CLEANERS Fon ALL Youk qeui CLEANING NEEDS 15 North sms sneer 631-8232 it :::,, jig I if 2 2 ,Q It f -vvl .:,,f 4 - ,, "", , '-- 'Zig-1 , -, iq, W I MISTER CHICKEN-PIZZA BROOKSIDE AND RURAL MARKET 3816 North College Avenue 926-1349 1928 East Michigan Street 637-0945 MCALLISTER MILLINERY MORE-HEAD BEAUTY SALON 2248 East Michigan Street 638-2039 I309 East Ilth Street 634-6938 By appointment only HAMBURGERS-L' MAPLEHURST GOOD PORT -.X ag G FDR A GERGHOEF A DPEN FLAME IROILING MAKES THE DELICIOUS DIFFERENCE! HAMBURGER8 ..................... H525 WUBLE-BURGER! .......... ...... . CHEESEBURGERS .................. DOUBLE-CHEESEBURGERS ......... HOT FISH SANDWICHES ........ .... FREN H F I E52 2222 'EHHHE C R ES .................... MILK SHARES ..................... GIANT MILK SHARES ........ ei ........... .......... 00 'Milk ......... .......... 109 xx lapgwi CONVENIENT LOCATIONS on THROUGHOUT THE CITY 177' 9' FRANCHISED NATIONWIDE BY BURGER CHEF SYSTEMS ki Wa M INDIANAPOLIS 7 M ff- To Get a Start in Life Seniors Save CII' Shelby Street Federal Savings and Loan Association 1525 Shelby Street 635-1503 MODERN, RELIABLE COURSES Specialized Education for Business Careers Big Demand for Graduates Attractive Salaries Courses Include: Stenographic and Secretarial Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Accounting Comptometer and Business Machines Send for Free Bulletin Personal Interviews Welcome CENTRAL BUSINESS COLLEGE Indiana Business Building North Meridian Street Indianapolis, Indiana For Hands That Shape The Future .... Rings to Remember HERFF JONES JBNELERS 1401 North Capital Avenue 635-1554 Q "fifte- ef 5' 'W eff' ogy' e Aut0graphS N E W S F 0 T O Your Yearbook Publisher Im. p Q .. 93 '?Zf 1 f 1 1 41 4 v o - J P., 1 1 4 S 54.1, , mul. M

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