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TOW Wii T M 2%- H 7 • tj n !■• ■■.! - Ui« ,» 41! :-. ' . ' .; : .. . ' , ' p dgp " ' - ' ' ■■ ' :n county public ubrai 3 1833 03586 0052 GENEALOGY 977.202 IN3ATH 1965 ' tC v - ' ' : " ' ' 1£l V V ' The Arsenal Cannon Arsenal Technical High School Indianapolis, Indiana 1965 TWTYTW This Was The Year That Was -65- This was the year that ivas full of fun, happi- ness, and problems. Each day began with buses screeching their tires in front of the gate. Lively laughter from small groups, and solemn faces of individuals thinking and worrying about the com- ing day . . . Bells ringing unseen and students crowding through doors. Talk of the election, the sound of rain and the whiteness of new fallen snow were also part of the school year. Students working math problems and others thinking about the problems of young love. Heavy feet on stairs, locker doors opening and closing. Homework as- signments and pep sessions. Club meetings and sports events. — These are the memories and thoughts of high school. Each a real and vital part of a year at Tech. THI5 WAS THE YEAR THAT WAS 1 A r } D a □ c A GLIMPSE OF: Student Life 2 Administration 10 Departments 20 Allied Activities 60 Sports 70 Seniors 90 Ads 120 FROM THE YEAR 1965 t fc - I ■jybg£ . ■■ ■ sJ- ' - : ' J:.0 ' j , j | c S.7. ) ' ? " " " :. " ' lt-at=ii?— - " ... jj ■ ; " " ' ■:: ' v - :v - ' :J 44.: .; : : ;- -- " ■CJLU tw.ii ■m mm n-r- i aft " " ' ■ i, ' " ' i «w«Hw; .--J »S»)(Wi«.»lll»itli !?»»• m ■ Artillery Building Scene Of Our Year That Was Treadwell Hall and the Arsenal West Residence . . . We constructed our new cafeteria — music building Our Everchanging Scene ii it ii 11 Our Administration " This Was the Year That Was " could not have been possible if it hadn ' t been for the faithful ad- ministrators of Tech. The administration was helpful, hard-working and dedicated. Everyone, from the principal to the secretaries proved his willingness to give assistance to troubled Techites many times each day. They were interested in every facet of Tech life and energetically worked on all projects and programs that transpired on campus. The counselors gave Titans advice in career planning and tested aspiring scholars with college entrance examinations. Program planning, roll rooms and curriculum — administrator ' s night- mares — were handled easily and smoothly by the staff. Vice principals and directors worked constantly on school activities, safety, campus grounds, the school finances, athletics, publications, evening school and many others. Tech has a long history of devoted work- ers. Our present staff has done its best to carry on the tradition that was begun by these early administra- tors. They, like our " forefathers, " still strive for the high school, academic and athletic standards that were set by the first Techites. In short, Tech has an ad- ministration of which it can be very proud. Tech ' s Man Of The Year Mr. Howard L. Longshore was the most important person in this successful year. As of September, 1964, " our man of the year " became officially the principal of Arsenal Technical High School. In previous years Mr. Longshore served as a vice-principal in charge of finances, and also building and grounds. Mr. Long- shore handled the difficult executive position of prin- cipal with ease and efficiency. He had the final de- cision on all important matters concerning Tech. He supervised the work of our five vice-principals who were in charge of various jobs. Numerous duties made his work interesting and fulfilling. Warren F. Haas Fred N. Reeder Herman T. Hinshaw Odus A. Landreth These five vice-principals helped in the supervision and management of our Tech alongside Mr. Longshore. Their many varied jobs included evening school, supervision of student counseling and keeping office records up to date. But that wasn ' t all. Our important men of " the year that was " were in charge of planning programs for students and teachers, building and grounds maintenance, super- vision of finance, and safety patrol matters. These duty minded men kept our school run- ning smoothly by virtue of hard work and long hours. Kenneth Puckett Delbert West and Wallace Potter, Special Education Mr. Longshore looks on as Mr. Dagwell, athletic director, displays the " Sportsman of the Year " award that was presented to him by the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce. Directors Guided Our Program Jack Longshore, Director of D.C.E. William Fields and Chelsea Stewart, Program Production Ithel Shoemaker, Director of Building and Grounds Cecil Tresslar, Director of Publication Kenneth Barr, Audio-Visual Director James Stewart, Assistant Director of Evening School The Guidance Division gave placement and college entrance exams, and counseled the students about scholastic problems. The Audio- Visual Department maintained the public address and film projection systems furnished by our school. Our Ath- letic Department sponsored all the home and visiting sports. While students are still in school, on-the-job training is made available by the Diversified Cooperative Education Program. Pupils who are not in ordinary learning classifications are entered in the Special Education Di- vision. Tech ' s splendid buildings and lovely grounds were kept in shape by our Buildings and Grounds Department. The Progr am Productions Department assisted in production of all-school plays, assem- blies, and special entertainment. Its main contribution is the annual sketchbook. Tech ' s school paper and the yearbook was the work of the Publications Division. Gaylord Allen, Guidance Director Donald Daily, Dean of Boys, Mahlon Carlock, assistant. Mrs. Martha Turpin, Dean of Girls, Mrs. Barbara Dearing, assistant. . Counselor ' s Helped During The Year Ernest Cline, Floyd Tobrocke, Guidance Counselors. Helping direct and guide Tech students toward their goals in personal and school lives are Tech ' s understanding counselors. Many Titans look to the counselors for guidance and advice during the school year. Counselors give time in guiding, helping and supporting Tech and Tech ' s students. Selecting high school courses and planning for adult careers are just a part of the guidance that the counselors give. They also may help students obtain part-time jobs. Another important part of counseling and guidance is the conducting of apti- tude and intelligence tests. No matter what the problem is, the students know that they may pri- vately discuss them and find a solution in the office of their counselor. Mrs. Dorothy Stout, Miss Sharon Parrett, Miss Judy McBride, Girls Counselors; Mrs. Lillian Biandes, assistant. Mr. Ernest Medcalfe, Mr. Harry Caskey; Boys Counselors. SOCIAL SERVICE — Front Row: Miss Marjorie Lawson, Mrs. Ruth Du meyer. Second Roiv: Mrs. Wilma Simms, Mrs. Mary Williamson. Ready and willing to accept the many secre- tarial responsibilities with ability and ef- ficiency was Tech ' s office personnel. This capable and hard working staff occupied the first floor of the Arsenal. They kept track of all our records, money, and school supplies. Grade transcripts and schedules were also handled by Tech ' s office staff. The Tech sec- retaries were always on hand to provide any records which might have been needed. Many counselors helped Tech students to solve any problems that they might have had. Always on hand to help was the bookstore staff. Too often students failed to realize the importance of these patient smiling people. However, the students were extremely grateful to them and all the others who kept Tech shining on the inside. SWITCHBOARD OPERATOR— Mrs. Ann Loyal RECORDS — Mrs. Hermanda Metzger, Mrs. Virginia Cauble ATTENDANCE- Caroline Hyatt -Mrs. Rita Tussy, Mrs. GUIDANCE CLERK— Miss Louisa Steeg EVENING SCHOOL STAFF— Seated: Mrs. Mary Hoffman. Stand- ing: Mrs. Mary Penticost, Mrs. Alpha Smith, Mrs. Mildred Langlotz, and Mrs. Eileen Thompson. BOOK STORE STAFF— Seated: Mrs. Francis Craig. Standing: Mrs. Wilma Durham and Mrs. LaVerne Stewart. LUNCHROOM STAFF— Front Row: Mesdames Laura Merrill, Marie Russell, Alice Sztelblak, Emma Abney, Jessie Elliot, Florence Jaus, Nora Prendergast. Rosa Stelting, Miss Sharon Hoskins and Mrs. Florence Hynes. Second Rou : Mesdames Helen Schroder, Geneveve Haigerty, Laura Wittenbrock, Leota Brown, Lillian Klier, Esta Paisley, Lola Moore, Christine Still, Janie Webb, Christine Hodge, Helen Karnes, Elsie Roberts, and Lola Klein. Third Row: Mesdames Ethel Pitts, Marsha Cook, Audrey Barrett, Sarah Montgomery, Thelma Garner, Irene Taylor, Enid Laing, Dorothy Rosemeyer, Marie Sut- ton, Ethel Kries, Margaret Garrison, Susie Rost, and Mae Reever. Fourth Row: Mesdames Gladys Thompson, Kathleen Britt, Florence Cameron, Sarah Laubach, Jessie Hobson, Irene Steagall, Elsie Sigg; Messrs Fred Crisler and Emmett Brimus; and Mesdames Gertrude Ray, Angie Clearwater, Goldie Duffy, lima Gillaspy, and Opal Sterrett. 4!3 FINANCIAL OFFICE— Miss Patricia Littell, Miss Margaret Persinger OFFICE STAFF— Front Roto: Mrs. Phyllis Reeves, Mrs. Gloria Rob- bins, Mrs. Dorothy Armel. Second Row: Mrs. Edna Ayers, Mrs. Ruth Berryman, Miss Kaye Phelps, Mrs. Rosalynne Yarnell. E. C. Hamilton, Head Custodian Mrs. Florence Cox, D.C.E. Secretary SPECIAL POLICEMEN— Wilbert Gruner, George Martin, and Jack Heavenridge. The office staff had busy days this se- mester from 8:00 until 4:30 and some- times beyond. These people performed a thousand and one duties which affected the Techite ' s lives. This staff issued lockers, typed the daily bulletin, re- admitted students and gave directions to confused pupils. Credit should be given to our mainte- nance staff that took pride in keeping the buildings and campus in top condition in spite of student interference. The busy custodians worked to keep the home fires burning and the walks free of snow in the winter and worked equally hard cutting the grass in the spring. 19 Our Departments All departments worked hard to make The Year That Was. The co-operation of each of our sixteen departments proved necessary to Tech ' s year. The departments offered courses ranging from the traditional English and mathematics to the new and specialized auto-aviation and electrical trades. Many departments offered college preparatory classes, while others prepared students for future jobs. Some depart- ments sponsored contests which made classes much more interesting. Tech ' s many departments offered one of the largest curriculums in the country. Each student could find some area of study that interested him. Many of Tech ' s departments sponsored clubs. These clubs sparked " after school " interest and enthusiasm in studies. Special projects, field trips, lectures and other interesting events did much to make the clubs enjoyable as well as educational. Interest, experience, enjoyment, fellowship, and, of course, education were a few of the ideas that developed through these clubs. Miss Irene Rhodes— DEPARTMENT HEAD LIBRARY STAFF— Mrs. Jeannette Fields, Mrs. Gertrude Russell, Mrs. Dorothy New- comer, Miss Mary Garst, Miss Marjorie Schoch. English: A Key To Future Understanding --- This was the year that Tech was at its greatest. Big- ger and hetter things happened in the many different departments. The English Department was one of the most outstanding. As in past years, Miss Irene Rhodes served as the Head of the English Department. She supervised the thirty-four teachers that worked in the department. Grammar, literature, and composition were the main areas stressed by this department. Classes in journal- ism, public speaking, and speech arts were offered to students who wished to further their knowledge in these fields. Advanced English courses in college com- position, literature and business English were also offered. The English Department offered special interests in creative writing. Opportunities were given for students to express themselves in contests. English classes also helped us to appreciate and understand more thor- oughly literary classics and poems. Tech was very proud of its English Department, as it kept up with the demands of our school. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT— Front Row: Miss Irene Rhodes, Dept. Head; Mrs. Kathryn Francq, Miss Margaret Waters, Jimmy Beeler, Mrs. Mary Furry, Mrs. Margaret Hahn. Second Row: Miss Barbara Russell, Miss Hester Hale, Mrs. Mildred McAfee, Mrs. Majorie Garrett, Miss Gertrude Insley, Miss Martha Gascho, Mrs. Vera Kil- born. Third Row: James Mann, Mrs. Margaret Clapp, Mrs. Diane Comstock, Gaylord Allen, Cecil Tresslar, Emmett Hardiman, Tom Danheiser, Robert Maloy. iSliWO i 1 ; fgN l . N " l ENGLISH DEPARTMENT— Front Row: Miss Constance Harvey, Mrs. Avvilla Bennett, Larry Walker, Mrs. Janice Davidson, Miss Doris Mueller. Second Roiv: Mrs. Jane Lemen, Miss Karen Weldele, Dale Renault, Miss Margaret Backer, Miss Judith McBride. Third Row: Miss Margaret Nessler, Mrs. Evelyn Surso, Miss Paula Haw- kins, Miss Susan Schumacher, Mrs. Carol Bean, and Mrs. Joyce Hanna. Pupils constantly took advantage of the facilities in our library. Kay Lester, Ed.-in-Chief Emily Gullion, P. 1 Ed. Mara Strelnieks, P. 2 Ed. Mark Wilson, P. 3 Ed. Ronald Strahl, P. 4 Ed. Tech ' s Dedicated Journalists CANNON STAFF— Front Row: Rebecca Bender, Lillie Barnett, Janine Fogleman, Sandra Wilson, Paula Williams, Cheryl Harding, Sharon Wilson, Jacki Abbett, Sharon Calvin. Second Row: Janice Talbert, Linda Wooten, Bill Wegener, James Griffin Jr., David Matthews, Mary McAree, Mike Rowls, Susan Meeks, Susan Newell, Mr. C. T. Tresslar, newspaper advisor. Third Row: Jeff Oliveira, Bill Bolander, Sandra Turner, Carl Pearson, Kenneth Hilton, Jay Ratliff, Tom Creasser, Steven Pedlow, Jerry Rott. QUILL AND SCROLL— Kay Lester, pres.; William Bo- lander, Mary McAree, Ronald Strahl, Emily Guillion, sec. Philip Wallace, Ed.-in-Chief Marsha Boswell and Mary McAree, A s s t . Editor, 1st Semester Evelyn Schueller, Business Manager Ellen Eads, Layout Editor P§8 : - WMmSm Barbara Wegener, Copy Editor Deeann Mathis, Senior Editor Tom Creasser, Sports Editor Earl Lee, Art Editor The hard task of putting out a yearbook was undertaken by twenty-six of the busiest Techites on campus. " That Was The Year That Was " held a high place in the minds of all the staffers. Writing copy, drawing layouts, snapping pictures, and co-ordinating the many facets of work were but a few of the numerous jobs which made up the 1965 Arsenal Cannon Yearbook. On every school day, the southwest corner of Tech ' s campus echoed with the mingled sounds of the new lunchroom ' s con- struction and the clacking typewriters of the West Residence. These sounds also prevailed after school and during vaca- tions, for the staffers were forced to work hard to get the yearbook out on time. Cecil Tresslar— DIRECTOR OF PUBLICATIONS, Mrs. Betty Rowland— AS- SISTANT, Larry Walker, YEARBOOK ADVISOR. YEARBOOK STAFF— Front Roto: Gloria Hockman, Tana Wig- gington, Susan Kirby, Linda Herman, Nedra Lewis, Maureen Minor. Second Row: Sandra Green, Dave Wise, Philip Long, Bert Haddix, Aubrey Anderson, Jim Jacobs, Teresa Black. DRAMA-SPEECH CLUB— Fran Row: Ronald Rodocker, Marilyn Lucas, Cheryl Fogleman, Ann Wischmeyer, Janine Fogleman, Dar- lene Roberts, Kathryn Borden, Linda Arnett, Jacqueline Ross, Marsha Dycus, Patricia Parr, Joyce Dersey, Myra Port, Charlene Webster, and Miss Doris L. Mueller, sponsor. Second Roiv: Carol Mindach, Martha Stockton, Patricia Buck, Evelyn Schtieller, Patti Michael, Kathleen Karol, Teresa Black, Paula Cline, Roscoe Fordyce Jr., Rebecca Laing, Jeffrey Oliveira, Janice Talbert, Sandra Williams, Marilyn Atherton, Jacki Abbett, Sue Ann Brockman. Third Roiu: Libby Hogan, Pamela Hedrick, Stephanie Baniszewski, Donna Blount, Debbie Witman, Julie Wheeler, Mary Loudermilk, Susie Meeks, Dave Robbins, Brenda Spears, Marc Thorman, Dave Wise, William Weg- ener, Nancy Adams, Linda Herman, Kathy Fogleson, Dianna Rob- erts, Thomas May, president. Fourth Row: Deborah Gaddie, Velma Hollowell, Donna Lewis, Jerry Ballinger, Richard Clark, Richard Hight, Sandy Brown, Carol Esarey, Steven Ingels, Stephen Grove, George Eads, Bill Conour, Robert Crowder, Ellen Eads, secretary, Stephen Meid, William Smith, Twanette Witsman. Talk Was Up And Talent Flying Techites Show Off Their Talent THESPIANS— Front Row: William G. Wegener, Nancy Adams, Linda Herman, Evelyn Schueller, Jacki Abbett. Second Row: Kath- leen Karol, Teresa Black, Paula Kay Cline, Ronald C. Rodocker, William A. Smith, Dave Wise, Marilyn Atherton, Sue Ann Brockman, Miss D. L. Mueller, sponsor. Third Roiv: Carol Mindach, Richard Clark, Sandy Brown, Stephen Grove, George Eads, Richard Hight, Ellen Eads, Jerry Ballinger, Susan Meeks. The Tech Drama-Speech Club enjoyed a big part in the year that was. In October, the club gave four one-act plays at the March Gras. In November, Richard Brinsley Sheridan ' s " The Rivals " was given under the direction of Mr. Maloy. Other produc- tions were also given. Miss Mueller became the new sponsor of the Tech Drama-Speech Club in September 1964. She di- rected one of the Mardi Gras plays and worked on other productions. Miss Sheila May, Miss Susan Schumacher, Miss Doris Mueller, and Mr. Robert Maloy worked closely with the club all year. Once " Rivals, " now friends N.F.L. — Front Row: Ann Wischmeyer, Evelyn Schueller, Kathleen Karol, Marsha Dycus, Marilyn Atherton, Jacqueline Ross, Teresa Black, Sue Ann Brockman, Jacki Abbett. Second Row: Paula K. Cline, Janice Talbert, Jerry Ballinger, Linda Herman, Mary Loud- ermilk, Ronald Rodocker, Pamela Hedrick, Sandra Williams. Third Row: Nancy Adams, Susan Meeks, vice-president; Donna Lewis, William Wegener, Brenda G. Spears, Thomas May, Dave Wise, Donna Blount, Mrs. Sheila May, sponsor. Fourth Row: Richard Clark, secretary; William A. Smith, Marc Thorman, Sandy Brown, George Eads, Bill Conour, Steve Ingels, president: Ellen Eads, and Richard Hight. William F. Moon— DEPARTMENT HEAD STRING ENSEMBLE— Front Row: Pamela Burch, Marilyn Miller, Christina Priest. Second Row: Andrew Smith, Peteris Putelis. Mellow Music Flowed Mrs. Judith Shattuck- SISTANT -DEPARTMENT AS- MUSIC DEPARTMENT— Standing: Richard Orton, William Moon, Robert Simpson, John White, Raymond Brandes. Seated: Miss Louise Swan, Mrs. JoAnn Moore. TECHOIR — Left Side — Front Rou : Dan Bacon, Mary Monschein, Karla Cooper, Donna Hunt, Nikki Kennison, Judy Phillips, Mary Hopping, Trudy Lenox, Cheryl Jackson, Larry Medcalfe, Joe Misbach, William F. Moon, Director, Mrs. JoAnn Moore, Evelyn Lewin. Second Row: Kenneth Hughes, Sharron Baylor, Melvin Hoefling, Fred Smith, Susan Humbarger, Larry Biech, Earl Lee, Jimmy Lewis, Anne Duthie. Third Row: Sherry Wade, Eric Johnson, JoAnn Brady, Sharyl Schoenevvey, Cleo Brasher, Ron Rodocker, Suzie Wilson, Juanita Hirshey, Pat Todd, Kent Nay. Fourth Row: Glee Looper, Torn Beeson, Jack Morton, Jim Sykes, Eric Fort, Sharon Donahue, Ronald Horton, David Colvin, David Denham. Right Side — Front Row: Cheryl Stinger, Asael Contreras, Elena Looper, Norma Frank, Linda Poland, Mike Poison, Bob Todd, Carolyn Wuster, Gloria Wilkinson, Richard Howard, Dave Abbott. Second Row: Larry Woodard. Beverly Vaughn, Jeanne Forkner, Bob Wade, Arlester Marshall, Jerry Karr, Beverly Clark, Christina Priest, Steve Belding. Third Row: Steve Lawrence, Fred Johnson, Nancy Boyd, Susan Kreiger, Louis Long, Linda Wooten, Sheryl Thiesing, Maryjo Moon, Ron Knoop. Fourth Row: Wayne Gross, Frances Bass, Jill Brinkley, Diane Roberts, Phil Kunkel, Kenny Kitts, Gordon Caudill, John Miller, Spencer Worth. Through Tech Town The Techoir, directed by Mr. William Moon, was one of the busiest organizations this year, especially at Christ- mas time. Taping television shows, making records, and caroling on the Circle were only a few of the many ac- tivities which kept the Choir busy at Christmas time. Tech ' s " ten plus one, " the Girls ' Ensemble, and Mrs. JoAnne Moore, Sponsor, carried Tech spirit to many Indianapolis citizens through their performances. Miss Louise Swan ' s Madrigals, a group of eight boys and eight girls, also kept busy performing programs all around the " Circle City. " Under the direction of Robert Simpson eight boys sang in the Octette last year. These boys performed often at Tech functions. MADRIGALS— Front Row: Trudy Lenox, Patricia Todd, Mary Jean Hopping, Maryjo Moon, Sheryl Thiesing, Nancy Boyd, Christina Priest. Second Row: Daniel Bacon, Gordon Caudill, Joseph Misbach, Eric Fort, Louis Long, Jerry B. Karr, Ed Scahill, Robert William Todd. Not shown: Anne Duthie. CONCERT ORCHESTRA— Front Row: Peteris Putelis, Nancy Boyd. S h e r y 1 Thiesing, Ruthie Lagle, Christina Priest, Roger Brinkley, Elaine Chaney, Wm. Andrew Smith. Second Row: Susan Watts, Emily Gullion, Pamela Burch, Iris Williams, Doris Asberry, Rita Corrando, Hans Sigg, William Bolander, Carol Arnold, Susan Newkirk, Roberta Crooke, Linda McKinney, Stephen Handy. Third Row: Jane Howard, Janis Richards, Maureen Mills, Pete Harris, Sylvia Taylor, Sherry Sayles, Lillie Barnett, Linda Hill, Lorraine Instrumental Music Was Better BAND — Front Row: Kenny Beight, Dan Bacon, Ronald Foster, Janice Sheetz, Jeanie Forkner, Gary Cox, Gary Ray, Gordon Caudill, Elena Looper, David Hawley, Suzanne Wilson. Second Row: Sharon Donahue, Robert Wade, Ain Haas, Mary Spaulding, Jean Link, Luther Hasting, Mary Jo Morgan, Steven Caudill, James Griffin, Jeffery McAtee, Carol Simmons, Bradley Byrd, Curtis Howler, Roger Vitt, Marilyn Miller. Third Row: Mitchell Ledford, Paul Allen, Irvin Stuart, Rick Clark, Bob Todd, Tom Payne, Carl Todd, Arthur Simp- son, Donna Wright, Douglas Palmer, Dan Renean, Dave Drexler, U| I x sf " I K. y y it Hunt, Suzanne Wilson, David Hawley, Elena Looper, Kenneth Beight, Daniel Bacon, Carol Simmons, Eric McQueen, Gordon Caudill, Thomas Creasser. Fourth Row: Larry Pryor, Christine White, Kathy Stearns, Carl Todd, Doug Palmer, Richard Clark, Paul Allen, Irvin Stuart, James Woodford, Kent Brinkley, Carol Oakley. Not Shown: Sharon Donahue, Marilyn Miller, Anne Duthie, Rose- mary Nunn, David Vitt, Bryan Van Gundy, Michael Shakelford. Than Ever In The Year That Was Danny Beight, Claude Stuart, Dave Melvin, Michael Shackelford, Jane Woodford. Fourth Row: Dan Vitt, Dan Matthews, Lawrence Broadus, John Takacs, Jerry Backus, David Greenwell, Robert Shelby, Waller Blankenship, Jerry Rott, Gary Rott, Robert Junge, Bruce Callester, Stephen Waggner, Robert Wilson, Stuart Lawrence, David Rose, Eric McGreen, Larry Auble, Wilbur Gibson, Gerald Ledford, Norman Weeden. Not Shown: Don Brown, Chris Hammond, Anne Duthie, Dora Hart, Curtis Fowler, Thomas Creasser. ill frK mm m Wy% If m K H R l C mm Ml V S ilir " 1 irfP 8 -J " " " w ml wm km 1 • 1 Mm -.1 1 ft« » " • •f. ' BOYS ' CONCERT CLUB— Front Roto: Jim Lewis, pres.; Chip Evans, v-pres.; Tom Whaley, Dan Wright, librarian; Otis Waters, Wil- liam M. Lane, Gary Moore. Second Row: David Devine, James Boyd, James Soltau, James Handy, James Jacobs, Mike DeSpain, Patrick Walsh. Third Row: Chris Chronis, Stephen Meid, Buddy Potter, Richard Parham, Gary Keel, Steven Beckham, Steve Watkins, sec. treas. ; William Watson, Melvin Coleman, Jeffrey McAtee. Fourth Row: Jeff Mentis, Richard L. Fresyel, Robert Farabee, James Burks, Bruce Collesta, Ken Volstad, Mrs. Judith Shattuck, accompanist; and Robert E. Simpson, director. Concerts Were Great This Year GIRLS ' CONCERT CLUB— Front Row: Barbara Noffke, Donna Worley, Judi Burns, v. pres.; Peggy Berchekas, sec; Linda Goode, Susan Watts, Gloria Edwards, Linda Hodges. Second Roiv: Cheryl Harding, Linda Darland, Deborah Moody, Mary Spaulding, Kay Ratliff, Susie Harvey, Kathleen S. Moeller, Sherry L. Boswell, Dianne S. Morton. Third Roiv: Donna Joyce Helfferich, Linda Taylor, Kathy Fogleson, Sharon S. Montgomery, Lynnda E. Waerner, Susan Newkirk, Jill Schmidt, Anita Whitemoss, Susan Newell, Sherry Sayles. Fourth Row: Margaret Beasley, Dianna Caldwell, Penny Pickett, pres.; Linda Guillion, Ellen Eads, Ruth Randolph, Nancy Adams, Anne M. Young, and Beverly Jo Jones. BOYS ' OCTETTE — Front Row: Jim Lewis, Bob Wade, Larry Medcalfe, Kenny Hughes. Second Row: Frederick Johnson II, Keith R. Phemister, Spencer Worth, Steven Lawrence, Ron Knoop, R. Steven Belding. Melodies Were Heard- GIRLS ' ENSEMBLE— Mary Monschein, Sharron Baylor, Beverly Vaughn, Sharyl Schoenewey, Glee Looper, Carolyn Wuster, Susan Humbarger, Judy Phillips, Linda Poland. MUSIC CLUB— Front Row: Annabelle M. Rice, Juanita Silvey, Joyce Goodwin. Linda Hodges, President; Bobbe Ellen Bigelovv, Vice President; Sandra L. Meadows, Cora Napier, Rickey Lynn Rozzelle. Second Roiv: Carol Ann Arnold, Jeannie Forkner, Techoir Repre- sentative; Darline Bartlett, Pamela Burch, Sherry Boswell, Patti Michael, Phyllis Brock. Third Row. Robert S. Orton, sponsor; Linda Goode, Betty Thrailkill, Josephine Ashley, Larry Biech, Techoir Representative: Clarence Ed. Pavey, Kathy Woempner, Valerie White, Carol Mason, Elizabeth Hallins. The Tech Music Club offered many opportunities to the music-minded Techite during the year. One could gain knowledge in the field of music, enjoy recreation with fellow students, and meet new people. This group of musically-inclined students met bi-monthly under the sponsorship of Mr. Richard Orton. The purposes of the Music Club were to present student music pro- grams and promote the appreciation of good music on campus. The Tech Dance Band was one of the more enter- taining organizations on our campus. These boys per- formed at the Mardi Gras. Chris Hammond announced this program in the Forum. The Dance Band also played at various dances during the year, such as the Turnkey. This organization also participated in various music contests throughout the state. DANCE BAND— From Row: Eric McQueen, Kenny Beight, Gordon Caudill, Dan Bacon, Roger Vitt, Tom Creasser. Second Row: Robert Todd, Mitchell Ledford, Paul Allen, Bryan Van Gundy, James Woodford, Danny Beight, Larry Auble. Standing: Mr. Steve Behl- mer, director; David Matthews, Barbara Hamon. SPANISH TEACHERS— Orlando Chomar, Miss Rita Sheridan, and Mrs. Maria Lagadon. Miss Rita Sheridan— DEPARTMENT HEAD Students Went Spanish SPANISH CLUB— Front Row: Maureen Mills, Sylvia Kern, Carolyn Phillips, Susan Williams, Sandra Wilson, Sharon Wilson, Lillie Mae Cross. Second Row: Anna Marie Sanchez, Sherry Cross, Mariann McKnight, Sherry Brannon, Linda Darland, Patricia Collins, Cynthia Kern, Janet Brummett. Third Row: Mrs. Maria B. Lagadon, sponsor; Barbara Hamons, Dianne Morton, Anne Stewart, Victoria McClung, secretary; Halli Maria Williams, Linda Wooten, president; Crystal Rhodes. Fourth Row: Linda McCaleb, Dollie Resse, Daniel A. Dinn- sen, sgt. of arms; Tom Adams, Kent Nay, vice president; Anthony W. Heener, Ken Taylor, Annie Spencer. The world is constantly becoming smaller. With the advancements in communication and trans- portation that scientists have made in the past few years, we are constantly in touch with other nations. That is the reason that a foreign language is necessary. Being bilingual is a very important requirement in many of today ' s jobs and the Span- ish Department at Tech did its best to equip its students with a knowledge of the language. Under the direction of Miss Rita Sheridan, Mr. Orlando Chomar and Mrs. Maria Lagadon, Tech Spanish students learned how to communicate with our neighbors south of the border. The purpose of the Spanish Club was to acquaint the members with the culture and language of these people. FRENCH TEACHERS— Mrs. Serine Fine, Mrs. Mary Bedell. Whether he is of French descent or not, any student at Tech is eligible to learn to speak and write French. The French Club, sponsored by Mrs. Bedell, published a newspaper last year and issues were printed every two weeks. Club members called their newspaper " Le Fusil (Le Petit Cannon), " which when translated means " The Gun: The Little Cannon. " The newspaper ' s staff was made up of French students at Tech. The French Club sponsored two booths at the Mardi Gras. One booth was for having your pic- ture taken, and the other one, a French puppet show. Both were very successful. Another activity of the French Club this past year was a visit to the Indianapolis Zoo. The trip was sponsored by the Language Department and conducted by Mrs. Bedell. Languages Helped Us Culturally FRENCH CLUB— Front Row: Rebecca Bender, Kathleen S. Moeller, v. pres. ; Sharon L. Calvin, Lillie Mae Barnett. Second Row: Marsha Boswell, treasurer; Regina Coffey, Richard Clark, Emily J. Gullion, pres.; Mrs. Mary B. Bedell, sponsor. Third Roto: Frederick P. Bon- net, Roderick H. Morgan, Sandy Brown, Roger Brinkley, Marc Thorman, Larry Hobson. ..— • ' 1 JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE— Front Row: Donald Glenn, v-pres.; Margaret Beasley, sec.; Sandra Turner, Stephen Grove, pies.; Fred Dunkman, Jeff Oliveira, Sherry Sayles, Dortha May, Mrs. Virginia Hurt, sponsor. The Latin Club, Junior Classical League, was an- other of the many clubs on campus. Students in the club found out about the time-honored traditions of the ancient Romans. Many of the club meetings were patterned after the early Roman customs. The German Club provided its members with infor- mation about the old-world country. During club meetings, slides, movies and talks helped them under- stand the present-day Germany. The members learned about the German ' s way of celebrating holidays. The club helped broaden the German students vocabulary. During the annual Mardi Gras the German Club sold potted plants in their booth. GERMAN-LATIN TEACHERS— Mrs. Virginia Hurt, Latin; Mrs. Susanna Underwood, German; Mrs. Constance Harvey, German. GERMAN CLUB — Front Roiv: Brenda Schowengerdt, Linda Schow- engerdt, Lucinda Albertson, Jackie Albertson, Katheryn Borden, Darlene Roberts. Second Roiv: Juanita E. Hirschy, Kathy Fogleson, Susan Powell, Cary Cox, Dianna Roberts, Mrs. Susanna M. Under- wood, sponsor. Third Row: Debbie Witman, Charles Bonnet, Chris Chronis, Richard Wischmeyer, Robert Beck, Jack Corpus, Julie Wheeler. Fourth Row: Michael J. Thomas, Gary D. Rott, C. Jerry Rott, Bill Conour, Kenneth Hilton, Carol Esarey, Robert Hirschy, Brenda G. Spears. Robert V. Belding — DEPART- MENT HEAD MATH TEACHERS— Front Row: Mis. Marian Strickland, Mrs. Connie Bo- linger, Miss Charlotte Ashbaugh, Mrs. Dorothy Gavin, Miss Mildred Corrie. Second Row: Maurice Kriese, William Welch, Dale Sare, Newell Hall, Carl Corbin. Trig, Triangles, Trapezoids! XYZ CLUB — Front Row: Linda Monroe, Marcia Montgomery, rec. sec; Susan Watts, Judy Frantzeb. Second Row: Sandy Gaunce, Anne Stewart, Robert Hoskins, coir, sec, and treas. ; Jim Amato, Janet Huebner, v. pres. ; Jeffrey McAtee, Mary Susan Gaunce. Third Roiv: Jeffrey Oliveira, Judy Ray Schultz, Steve Waggoner, Earl Keisler, Richard Clark, Mara Strelnieks, pres.; Arthur E. Simpson Jr., Mrs. Marion Strickland, sponsor. MATH TEACHERS— Front Roiv: Jim Borshoff, William Wheeler, Donald Robinson, Harry Smith. Second Row: Richard Glover, Rowland Leverenz, John Stoeckinger, Richard Shock. Math Challenged The Mind Tech freshmen learned math under Mrs. Bolinger. This was the year that the XYZ Club acquainted students with the uses of mathematics in the business and social world, and discussed the history and de- velopment of all branches of mathematics and their relation to the sciences. The pur- pose of this club was to promote a deeper interest in mathematics outside the allotted school period. Any pupil interested in mathematics was eligible for membership. There were 98 math classes which held 2,700 students. Each of these students were required to take one of the following kinds of math: Algebra I II, General Math, Practical Math, Geometry, Applied Math, or Business Math. For the advanced stu- dents in mathematics, Tech offered these courses: Algebra III IV, Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry, Calculus, and College Algebra. Solid Geometry and Math Sur- vey were also offered. Miss Mary Elizabeth Moore— DEPARTMENT HEAD This was the year that was very important to his- tory students, hecause this was the year of the presi- dential election. The History Department sponsored many events in connection with the election. Under the supervision of Miss Moore, Tech had a political party rally, an assembly with speakers from the State Senate and the state Election Board, and a chance to vote. The comprehension and appreciation of our historical heritage with an interpretation of current problems, as history was being made, were the main objectives of the history teachers. From the courses taught in the department, and the themes each class wrote on " The Challenge of Citizenship, " students learned to become better citizens at Tech, in the community, in the na- tion, and in the world. The department undertook a large share of the responsibility in fitting Tech stu- dents for adult life. History club meetings were interesting and inform- ing as films, slides, trips, and speakers headed the agenda. The club ' s purpose was to relate to its mem- bers in an unusual and interesting manner the past his- tory of the world and the up-to-the-minute news of the day. In accomplishing this purpose, the club was one of the most popular organizations on the campus. History Was Made SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT— Front Row: Miss ' {Catherine Book, Miss Frances Lyons, Miss Jeannette Tobey, Mrs. Dorothy Lyon, Miss Mary Elizabeth Moore, Miss Martha Bradshaw, Ebert Smith, Forrest Caldwell, John Kanouse. Back Row: Karl Schneider, Robert Meyer, Delbert West, Duane Blankenhorn, Wesley Murphy, William Kimberlin, Clyde Smith, Leonard Jeffers, Charles Harry, Walter Dinineer. Miss Graf and U. S. History Class Miss Book and U. S. Government Class HISTORY CLUB — Front Row: Duane Blankenhorn, sponsor; Gary Etchison, Deborah E. St. John, Paula K. Cline, Cary Cox, Linda Davis, Vada T. Carter. Second Row: Mary Lynn Pfeiffer, Evelyn Wells, Mary Gaunce, Sandy Gaunce, Clementine Barrow, Susan Powell. Third Row: Anne Stewart, Margaret Beasley, Alice Purvis, vice pres.; G. Rufus Collins, Claude Stuart, sgt. at arms; Mary McAree, recording sec.; Christine Petree, corresponding sec. Art students worked on a sign-lettering project. Oakley Richev— DEPARTMENT HEAD Artist ' s Exhibits Were Enjoyed ART DEPARTMENT— Front Row: Mrs. Alice Cook, Miss LaVon Whitmire, Miss Helen Sturgeon, Ernest Medcalfe, Edward Ring. Second Roic: Miss Lorena Phemister, Charles Glore, Chelsea Stewart, Kermit Swenson, Harold Stewart, and Oakley Richey. Standing is William Fields. ma ■■ ...v «■ »- s v w •» ■■ ' ' £- ' • i :»- " ■ .. .« »•■ • tjW 5i ■ - • " M ■., - „»•.« jRj ■•- ' 3» . o " « P ART CLUB— Front Row: Betty Howard, Phyllis Coleman, Pam Duckett, Karen Piatt, Jill Hansford. Second Roiv: Carol O ' Hern, Mary Gaunee, Rosie Allen, Susan Humbarger, Cyril Carter, Miss Lorena Phemister, sponsor. Third Row: Lula Williams, Judy Kay Schultz, Bert Haddix, Michael Thomas, James Taylor, Gloria Lash- brook. Individuality was the theme of the Art Club and the Art Department. The teachers of art and the sponsor of the Art Club constantly stressed the importance of creativity in bringing out the in- dividual nature of the artist. The Art Club, under the guidance of Miss Lorena Phemister, met every two weeks, usually on Friday. They often visited art shows, in and around the city. Scholarships were offered to students who ex- celled. The scholarships were usually awarded by the school the student was going to attend upon graduation. The Art Department presented a de- partmental award in memory of Miss Elizabeth Jasper. This award aided the student in purchasing the required art supplies. The department also has a library in memory of Miss Jasper. 43 iflii rQ y TT7 Ml ' j f HH1 CHEMISTRY-PHYSICS CLUB— Front floio: David Beeson, co-spon- sor; William Tozer, co-sponsor; Fred Bonnet, Michael Grannis, Susan Watts. Second Row: Edgar Parido, Howard Spiehler, Allan Wilkin- son, Roger K. Brinkley, treasurer; Fred Panhorst, president; Richard Young. Chemicals, Test Tubes, And Formulas Mr. Louis Allen headed a group of able teach- ers in the Physical Science Department. These teachers imparted knowledge to the many students enrolled in these classes. The classes offered in this department were physics, chemistry and physi- cal science. The students were offered opportuni- ties to study the natural laws of our physical world. Laboratory experiments and demonstrations aided the Physical Science teachers. PHYSICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT— Front Row: Mrs. Pauline Cald- well, Miss Janice Cooper, Louis Allen, Winston Wythe. Second Row: William Tozer, William Graney, Ralph Wolverton. Third Row: John Miner, John Kern, William Hawley. Fourth Row: Richard Dykeman, David Beeson. Fifth Row: John Kasting, Hadley Haworth. Louis D. Allen— DEPARTMENT HEAD BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES TEACHERS— Front Row: Mrs. Malinda Hutto, Mrs. Linda Hall, Mrs. Doris Thompson, Miss Joanna Guss, Mrs. Mercedes Guess. Second Roiv: Fred McCoy, David Hon, Arthur Kirsch, Howard Cook, Garlan Howard. Third Roto: William Johnson, John Kendrick, Kenneth Ban, John Farley. Fourth Roiv: John Wythe, Michael Simmons, Robert Collins. Mr. John Farley— DEPARTMENT HEAD This was the year that new interest in the field of Natural Science was developed. This interest was stimulated by the exhibit of the boa constrictors, lizards and various other animals that the depart- ment had on display. The Botany classes trekked across our spacious cam- pus identifying wild flowers and trees. They also learned the structure of the plant and how it lives. The Zoology classes spent their time studying the anatomy of mammals. The Biology course consisted of the subjects studied in the Botany and Zoology classes. The Natural Science Department also offered courses in landscaping, and earth science. These courses gave a better understanding of the living things around us today. NATURAL SCIENCE CLUB— Front Row: Marsha Thorndike, Dor- othy Ann Neill, William H. Bruce, Mildred L. Henderson, Linda Barber, Michael Pedigo, Phyllis Wardwell, Butch Trefz, Anna Marie Sanchez, Bonnie Johnson, Sherry Johnson. Second Row: Deborah Howe, Leonard S. Scott, Andi McCallister, Dian Whorton, Regina Hamilton, Mildred Anderson, Gloria Thompson, Mary Lynn Pfeiffer, Ken Frost, Beth Anne Puckett, Dianna Nickels, Mr. M. Simmons. Third Row: Floyd B. Ireland, Relis D. Cline, Kenneth G. Purvis, Howard Spiehler, James R. Sutton, Robert Williams, Max L. Roe, Gary A. Redmon. Alan Long, Jo Anne Benge, Donna Hartle. Fourth Row: Patrick Mack, William Allen Hall, Richard D. Lynch, Billy Joe Smith, Gail Smith, Jon Wray, Ron Jackson, Bruce Collester, Edwin Davidson, Sam Helfferich, Otis Hasty Jr., Ronnie Luttrell. The Business Education Department offered many- classes to prepare students for future jobs. Miss Mona Woodward headed this department for aspiring secretaries, typists, bookkeepers and salesmen. Practical experience was given to shorthand and typing students as they as- sisted other departments at Tech. Along with the traditional typing and shorthand, Tech offered to students bookkeeping, machine calculation, of- fice practice, business organization and business law. All these business courses were beneficial not only to future secretaries, but also to tomorrow ' s homemakers and col- lege-bound students. The knowledge in bookkeeping in to- day ' s complicated world of business is almost a " must " to future success. The aim of the Business Education Department was to see that all Techites would be able to assume their places in a modern world of automation. Miss Mona Woodward— DEPARTMENT HEAD Industrious typing students used reams of typing paper. Learning the basic ski students. of shorthand was of special interest to these Mrs. Virginia Jackson ' s Consumer Economics class aided students in Future secretaries and businessmen learned their trades in Business rgi getting future jobs. Education classes. Business Education Was Essential BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENT— Front Row: Miss Mar- garet Peterson, Mrs. Esther Carpenter, Miss Lois Sink, Mrs. Phyllis Bryant, Mrs. Dorothy Stout. Second Row: Mrs. Lois Smith, Miss Edna Maley, Miss Joyce Freeman, Miss Mona Woodward, Miss Vir- ginia Jackson, Miss Alice Johnson. Third Row: Keith Kuck, Gerald Lamkin, Bruce Mitchell, William Guess, Kenneth Bayless, Miss Francess Kinsley. -n LETTERMEN— Front Row: David Pittman, Cyril Carter, Felix Townsend, David Cutshaw, Mike Ensminger, Greg McCall, Earl Lee, Bob Kaiser, Richard Howard. Second Row: John Kirkbride, Ron Strahl, Mike Thomas, Dave Harvey, Eli Brown, Mike Weber, Steve Belding, Kenny Hughes, Larry Ellis, and Marion Casey. Tech ' s Sports Minded Clubs GAA — Front Row: Doris L. Knox, Sandra G. Wong, Sherry L. Burks, Janie Fogleman, Juanita Byers, Patricia D. Keller, Pat Scott, sponsor. Second Row: Christine White, Marilyn Lucas, Wilma Harris, Susan Powell, Mary A. Robinson, Elizabeth L. Servies, Linda C. Wong, Shirley Smith. Third Roiv: Donna Blount, Phyllis Newkirk, Carol Blount, Violet Davis, Barbara Thompson, Lana Geminden, Deborah Bear, Judith Pedlow, and Thiel L. Williams. 1 , —-— " -—— n Hi 1 m JSI 4 ' ■•■ • • rar Reuben Behlmer— DEPARTMENT HEAD Ernest Cline watching his students tug hard for an " A " Fitness Was Improved PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT— Front Row: Mrs. Betty Brodhecker, R.N., Mrs. Mildred Johnston, R.N., Miss Blanche Wil- liams, R.N., Miss Sharon Parrett, Miss Shirley Parrett, Miss Kay Hallanger, Mrs. Mary Lou Manka. Second Row: Carlos Bell, Harry Caskey, Reuben Behlmer, Paul Myers, Arthur Cook, assistant; Jack Bradford, Miss Patsy Scott. Third Row: Howard Catt, Daniel Camp- lese, John Eason, John Hurrle, Ivan Moreman, Ernest Cline, Phillip Quillin, Bruce McGeath. HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT— Front Row: Mrs. Jeannette N. Fields, assistant; Mrs. Marian Holly, Mrs. Elva Wignall, Mrs. Marjorie McCutcIien. Second Rote: Mrs. Marian Moore. Miss Janiece Helm, Mrs. Marguerite Hardy, Mrs. Elizabeth Holtsclaw. Future Homemakers Miss Hilda Kreft— DEPARTMENT HEAD Students learn the fundamentals of clothing construction. Pupils perpare foods as they learn the basic kitchen skills. Learned Basic Skills Students serve at Principal ' s Luncheon HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT— Front Row: Mrs. Ruth Stafford, Mrs. Florence Boots, Mrs. Gwendolyn Huff, assistant, Miss Fiances Smith, Mrs. Judith Flesher. Second Row: Mrs. Mildred Wallace, Mrs. Joyce BeMiller, Mrs. Mildred Eccleston, Mrs. Wyolene Cody, Mrs. Natalie Ransom, Mrs. Ruth Metcalf. R.O.T.C. INSTRUCTORS— S Sgt. Emery Martin, M Sgt. Thomas Daw- son, M Sgt. Arthur W. Wilkinson COLOR GUARD— S Sgt. Hans Sigg, Sgt. Maj. Eddie Bryant, S Sgt. Wayne Karol, Cpl. Michael Moran R.O.T.C. Cadets-Part Of Our Year RIFLE TEAM— Front Row: Honor Cadet 1st Lt. Sharyl Schoenewey, Cadet S Sgt. John R. Wood, Cadet S Sgt. Larry L. Kramer, Cadet Cpl. Michael Kramer, Cadet lst Sgt. James Gulley, Honor Cadet Capt. Violet Winburn. Second Roto: 1st Sgt. Melvin J. Pennick, Cadet 1st Lt. Steve Oser, 1st Lt. Greg Young, 2nd Lt. Billy G. Hatcher, Staff Sgt. Ronald Kern, S Sgt. Emery Martin. Cadet Colonel Kenneth Hughes receives the Legion of Valor Bronze Cross from Mr. Ben- jamin H. Harrell, a decorated veteran of World War I. 52 OFFICERS AND SPONSORS— Front Row: Honor Cadet 2nd Lt. Donna Hunt, Honor Cadet 2nd Lt. Marilyn Atherton, Honor Cadet 2nd Lt. Cheryl Fogleman, Honor Cadet 2nd Lt. Diane Ressinger, Honor Cadet 2nd Lt. Tante Masters, Honor Cadet Captain Sharon Rady, Honor Cadet Captain JoAnn Brady, Honor Cadet 2nd Lt. Re gina Coffey, Honor Cadet 1st Lt. Donna Black, Honor Cadet Cap tain Violet Winburn. Second Row: Honor Cadet 1st Lt. Chris Ham mond, Honor Cadet 1st Lt. Sharyl Schoenewey, Cadet 2nd Lt William Parson, Cadet 2nd Lt. Herman C. King, Cadet Lt. Col Kenneth Hughes, Cadet Major Stephen Leonard, 2nd Lt. Dak Walters, Cadet 2nd Lt. Craig Decker, Honor Cadet 2nd Lt. Penny Pickett, Honor Cadet 2nd Lt. Helen Powell. Third Row: Cadet 2nd Lt. William M. Lane, Cadet 2nd Lt. Daniel M. Johnson, Cadet 2nd Lt. Michael Jackson, Cadet 2nd Lt. Stephen C. Watkins, Cadet 2nd Lt. Lynn Gartrell, Cadet 2nd Lt. Anthony W. Fleener, Cadet 1st Lt. Walter S. Blankenship, Cadet 2nd Lt. Billy G. Hatcher, Cadet 1st Lt. Jim Bartholomew, Cadet 2nd Lt. Kenneth Calhoun, Cadet 1st Lt. Hershel Monroe. Fourth Row: Cadet 1st Lt. Thomas Creasser, Cadet 1st Lt. Steve Oser, Cadet 2nd Lt. Allen Baker, Cadet 1st Lt. Bob Fisher, Cadet 2nd Lt. Ken Volstad, Cadet 1st Lt. Greg Young, Cadet 2nd Lt. Jerry Montgomery, Cadet 1st Lt. Dennis A. Logan, Cadet 2nd Lt. Ronald Randol, Cadet 1st Lt. Robert T. Graham, Cadet 2nd Lt. Nathaniel Smith. Cadets Show Leadership DRILL TEAM— Front Row: Jo Ann Brady, Mike Moran, George Wilson, Fred Riley, Ralph Murrary, Dickey Gilbreath, James Hylton, Robert Hoskins, Sharon Rady. Second Row: James Amato, Kenneth Calhoun, Kendal Meador, Charles Chris, David W. Brown, William Edward Burks, Noah Spurr, Craig Decker, Larry Thornburgh. Third Row: Lynn Gartrell, Alan Burks, Richard Long, Robert Fawley, Kenneth Volstad, Joseph Baker, Anthony Fleener, Jesse Barger, John Fawley, ass ' t. drill commander; Allan Tilford, drill team commander. DRAFTING — Left to right: Ted Sterns, Fred Henke, Harold Elliott, Clarence Rosell, Carl Meditch, Floyd Tobroeke, Patrick Kauchak. Draftsmen Learned Future Trade Under the direction of Mr. Clar of the future. Rosell, aspiring draftsmen planned homes Clyde Armel— DEPARTMENT HEAD PRINTING DEPARTMENT— Front Roto: Sitting, Clyde Armel, Dept. Head. Second Row: Floyd Billington, Harold Deem. Third Row: Robert Smith, Samuel Skomp, Ralph Clark. They Kept The Presses Rolling FUTURE PRINTERS ' CLUB— Front Row: Mr. Clyde Armel, sponsor; Robert Haines, Lawrence Beck, Ron- nie Lavely, Robert Smith, co-sponsor. Second Row: Willie Smith, Clyde Young, Philip Birkla, pres.; Stewart Mencer, v-pres. ; Richard Parham. Third Row: Robert Williams, Claude Stuart, Rickey Whitt, Frank Renfro, Mike Lumpkin, James Sowder, sec-treas. ; Charles Pittman. BUILDING TRADES— Front Row: Paul Vogt, Paul Oscarson, Charles Kocher. Second Row: James Hause, John Obst, James Davis, Morris Woods, Samuel Skomp. Students put finishing touches on masonry. Morris 0. Woods— DEPARTMENT HEAD RADIO CLUB— Front Roiv: Dick McKenna, WA9FUD; Steven Law- rence, K9ARH; Larry Pryor, WA9FQP. Second Roiv: Barry Winkle, Bill Gouge, WN9LPD; Garold Bramblett, sponsor, W9POF; James Amato, David Lane. Advanced TV pupils operated a repair shop. Electricity Was Put To Use Lewis A. Marshall— DEPARTMENT HEAD ELECTRICAL DEPARTMENT— Left to right: J. Kenneth Gilliland, Garold Bramblett, Lewis Marshall, Samuel Skomp, Earl Terry. Sam Dudkowski— DEPARTMENT HEAD Automobile servicing was updated with the use of electronics. Tech ' s Sparkplugs AUTO- AVIATION TEACHERS— Front Row: Oral Henderson, Bryan McColly. Second Row: William P. Trimp, Donald Miller, Fred Mayer, Robert Crooke, Clifford Allen. Third Row: Robert Furry, Assistant; Dale Herrington, Lewis Pence, William Berger, Douglas Thompson, Earnest Tinker. METAL TRADES DEPARTMENT— Front Roiv: Emanuel Cruser, V. D. Whetstine, Oral Hindson. Second Row: Norman Blinker, Howard Johnson, John Hill, Jr. Metal Trades Offered Future Skills Norman Brinker— DEPARTMENT HEAD Utah Our Allied Activities Many events took place during The Year That Was. Some were traditional like the Mardi Gras and the elections of queens, while others, like 1964 elec- tions, were special events. The Key Club, Service Club and S.A.O. Board were instrumental in Tech ' s year. Competition was the keynote at many of Tech ' s activities ranging from sports to the election of queens. Many occasions called for the election of a queen. Jamboree queen, Homecoming dance and game queens, Miss Snowman of the White Christmas Dance, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Basketball queens, Princess of Light, Track queen, Yard Parks Queen, and the Cannon Ball Queen were some of the titles girls received in the past year. A Tech year could never be complete without the gay Mardi Gras festival in the fall. The eye-catching decorations in the gym advertised the many booths. Many activities ranging from games to pictures to a marionette show were in the club-sponsored stalls which lined the walls. While these festivities went on in the gym, equal enjoyment was offered in Stuart Hall where the Drama-Speech Club presented four one-act plays. Enjoyment and fun reigned over Tech ' s tra- ditional Mardi Gras. Tech ' s student government, the Student Affairs Or- ganization, sponsored the election of a fine group of representatives to the S.A.O. Board. Representatives from each class, freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior, and appointees from different campus clubs made up the S.A.O. Board. Active in many of our affairs, the Board worked hard to improve the school, sponsoring scholarship, sportsmanship and other com- mittees to benefit Tech. The 1964 elections, national, state and local, sparked interest and enthusiasm. Sponsored by the Social Studies Department, rallies and mock elections caused some rivalry and arguments, but all the stu- dents greatly benefited from the experience. JAMBOREE QUEEN— Effie Lewin PRINCESS OF LIGHT— Violet Winburn Royalty Reigned v i HOMECOMING GAME QUEEN— Deanna Hardy HOMECOMING DANCE KING QUEEN— Joseph Misbach, Effie Lewin BASKETBALL QUEENS— Left to Right: Bonnie Hardy, Becky Hill, Marti Greenwell, QUEEN OF QUEENS— Debbie Barnes. MARDI GRAS KING QUEEN— Chip Evans, Christine Priest. WHITE CHRISTMAS DANCE MR. MISS SNOWMAN— Kenny Hughes, Judy Strong. 63 Key Clubbers check last minute detail: Fun Was The Key Word Working hard to prepare for the big event. Titans enjoy the many varied booths at the Mardi Gras. P Goldwater backers turned out for pre-election rally. Young Americans Took Part In Elections Students for Johnson took time out to give support. £ i • • THE KEY CLUB— Front Row: Dave Pittman, John Kuhn, Chris Chronis, Daniel Bacon, Jimmy Handy, Ed Scahill, Mike Poison, Jack Corpuz, R. Chip Evans, Cary Cox, Sponsor Mahlon Carlock. Second Row: Jim Lewis, Dave Ahhett, Fred Dunkman, Boh Clelland, Earl Lee, Ron Strahl, Parliamentarian; Gordon Caudill, Vic Ayers, Peteris Putelis, R. Steven Belding, President; Larry D. Medcalfe. Third Roiv: Kenny Hughes, Mike Hickey, Tom Creasser, Dave Coffin, Dan Dinnson, Ed Montgomery, Michael Weber, Jim Henderson, Claude Lee Stuart, Rod Morgan, Treasury; James S. Sowder. Fourth Row: David Denham, Joseph Misbach, Bill Donovan, Bill Conour, Wayne Gross, John Miller, Roger K. Brinkley, Spencer L. Worth, David Handy and Jack Morton. Service Clubs Were Helpful SERVICE CLUB — Front Row: Sylvia Kern, Carolyn Phillips, Donnis Stillabower, Charleyne Stinger, Barbara White, Karolyn Walker, Nedra Lewis, Nikki Kennison, Judy Storey, Gloria Wilkinson. Second Row: Zandra Hess, corres. sec; Iris Williams, rec. sec; Martha Stockten, Marian McKnight, Janice Talbert, treas. ; Susie Harvey, sgt.-at-arms; Patti Michael, Christine Petree, Mary Lynn Pfeiffer. Third Row: Linda Lee Wooten, Linda McKinney, Sharon Montgon- ery, Cheryl McGinnis, Jerry Kan, pies.; Robert Crowder, Cynthia Kern, Susan Seaver, v-pres. ; and Judith Johnson. f ft ik CHESS CLUB— Fred Bonnet, Pies.; Biech, Stephen Meid, Gary Elliott. Alan Duckett, Anthony W. Fleener, Larry This Was The Year That Was at Tech, and various organizations contributed to its greatness. Among the outstanding were the Key Club, Service Club, Future Teachers of America, Chess Club and Y-Teens. The Key Club, Kiwanis-sponsored boy ' s organization, participated in many of the school ' s activities. The members, chosen for their citizenship, scholastic ability, and participation in extra curricu- lar activities, represented the club on cam- pus in many of Tech ' s affairs. One of the largest clubs on campus was the Service Club. Techites who worked as volunteer messengers, guards, and hall and door monitors made up the club ' s mem- bership. Several of Tech ' s clubs devoted their time to preparing students for future oc- cupations. One such club was the Future Teachers of America. These clubs were very active in campus affairs. The Chess Club was one of the truly recreational clubs at Tech. Its members worked hard at perfecting their games and having a good time. Another active club was the Y-Teens; sponsored by the YWCA, membership is open to any Tech girl. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA— Front Roiv: Rebecca Bender, Sharon Calvin, Darlene Roberts, Candace Covert, Diane Childers, pres. ; Kathy Greig, Linda Arnett, Janice Crawford. Second Row: Kathryn Borden, Linda Bedwell, Barbara Wegener, Deeann Mathis, Suellen Jackson, Jackie Albertson, Mrs. Dorothy Stout, Sponsor; Arthella McCauley. Third Row: Diane Ressinger, Debbie Witman, Victoria McClung, Kathy Fogleson, Carol Jean Worley, Juanita E. Hirschy, Dianna Roberts, Glinda Clevenger. Fourth Row: Jenny Hise, Julie Wheeler, Mary Loundermilk, Ellen Eads, Carol Esarey, Marilyn Miller, v. pies.; Evelynn Miller, Linda Herman. Y-TEENS Crystal V. Rhode;. Spencer, chaplain dent, not pic. Lillie Mae Barnett, reporter; Pau v. pies.; Sandra Turner, Thiel L. Williams, Slier lette Suggs, sec; treasurer; Annie ry Sayles, presi- SAO EXECUTIVE BOARD— Front Row: Jacki Abbett, Judy Strong, Arthella McCauley, Linda Smith, Susie Harvey, Iris Williams, Bar- bara Hamon, Nancy Chapman, Donna Hunt, Mrs. Martha Turpin, sponsor. Second Row: Janice Talbert, Mary Jean Hopping, corres- ponding secretary; Tante Masters, Mike Poison, Penny Pickett, Mary McAree, Carol Simmons, JoAnn Brady, vice-president; Susan Meeks, Diane Ressinger. Third Row: Jerry B. Karr, parliamentarian; Larry Medcalfe, Ron Rady, Rod Morgan, Joe Misbach, sergeant-at- arms; Greg Young, Tom Creasser, Ron Strahl, president; R. Steven Belding, Kenny Hughes, treasurer; Mara Strelnieks. Organizations Created Spirit FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA— Front Row: Cheryl James, Betty A. Howard, Janice Sheetz, secretary-treasurer; Janice E. Yates, Joyce Harris, Wilma Young, Pamela Gardner, Mae Wallance, Blanche Williams, R.N., sponsor. Second Row: Dorothy Phine Young, Donna Kaye Worley, Donna Wyatt, Judy Story, Donna Joyce Helfferich, Jeanne Ann Bowman, Willma Jean Harris, Barbara Cheshire. Third Row: Frankie Graham, Suzi Wilson, president; Becky Muse, Cynthia Means, Joyce Swanner, scrapbook editor; Darline McGee, Darline Bartlett, Sheila Doss. Fourth Row: Carol Raisor, Vivian McGee, Carol Coapstick, Anne M. Young, Ramona L. Berry, Rosie L. Allen, Beverly A. Brewer, Annie Spencer. RED CROSS— Front Roiv: Lillie Barnett, Donna Hunt, Rita Corrado, Paulette Suggs, Barbara Hamon, Nikki Kennison, Peggy Berchekas, Marilyn Atherton, Bertha McMillin, Debbi Barnes, Jaeki Abbett, Patricia Keller. Second Row: Martha Stockton, Diana Williams, Judy Storey, Lynn Detty, Marianne McKnight, Diane Ressinger, Susie Harvey, Iris Williams, treas., Cheryl Harding, Sherry Cross, Charleyne Stinger, Linda Goode, Libby Hogan. Thi.d Roiv: Pamela Btirch, Sherry Saybs, Susan Seaver, Linda Banta, Mary Boyd, Linda Lee Wooten, Tante Masters, Regina Coffey, Janice Talbert, corr. sec, Barbara White, Anita Belding, Carol O ' Hern. Fourth Row: Linda McKinney, Sharon Smith, Linda Herman, Cheryl McGinnis, Elizabeth Hallins, Ellen Eads, Betty Brewer, Penny Pickett, Christine Petree, JoAnn Brady, Jerry Karr, Mary Hopping, pres., Jill Schmidt. Clubs Were Helpful Fun D.C.E. CLUB — Front Row: Loretta Williams, Connie Schiller, Brenda Chapman, Teresa Baughman, Jane Woodard, Annamarie Gibson. Second Roiv: Sandra Michael, Judy Docktor, Ines Brewer, Donna Black, Sheri Crane, Mr. Jack Longshore, sponsor. Third Row: Margaret Page, Jimmy Bartholomew, Jerry Carter, Mark Aaron, Diana Pennington, Wanda Philpott. Not Pictured: Carlos Buck, Michael Hyatt, Robert Masters, Ronald Meaders, Sharon Rady, Kenneth Seibert, Michael Sumpter. Our Athletics Competition sparked life at Tech this past year, as al- ways, in the form of sports. Techites showed their school spirit by turning out for all Tech sports events. Sports- manship was a keynote at these activities. In the autumn, freshman, reserve, and varsity football teams battled for victory. The annual homecoming game highlighted this season. Tech ' s cross country team also competed this season. The winter season brought out basketball fans to the freshman, reserve, and varsity games. The enthusiasm shown at these games proclaimed the fact that Tech had caught " Hoosier Hysteria. " Also through the winter months, Tech ' s wrestling team fought on mats in true school spirit. As the seasons changed, so did the sports. Spring now saw the end of basketball, football, and wrestling, and the beginning of track and baseball competition. Tech ' s varsi- ty baseball team struggled to beat opponents. Freshman, reserve, and varsity squads represented Tech at track meets. The warm spring weather also brought golf and tennis. Three squads of cheerleaders, freshman, reserve, and varsity, led Tech fans in encouraging our teams toward victory. Sports really played an important role in The Year That Was. Opposition meets a Titan in his attempt to score. VARSITY FOOTBALL Tech 19 Howe 7 Tech 14 Broad Ripple 42 Tech Cathedral 9 Tech 20 Scecina 21 Tech 2 Warren Central 13 Tech Manual 14 Tech 19 Kokomo 40 Tech Washington 1 (forfeit) Tech 26 Arlington 7 Tech 22 Shortridge 6 Coach Metcalfe looked worried as the Titans were behind; the score 4 to 11. VARSITY FOOTBALL— Front Row: David Park, Larry Ellis, Wayne Gross, David Cutshaw, Captains Tom Heitzman and John Kirkbride, Velmon Graham, Eli Brown. Second Row: Charles Sanders, Bill Parrish, Phillip Kunkel, Anthony Cabbell, Roderick Morgan, Mike Ensmigher, Bill Donovan, Aubrey Anderson, Leroy Robinson, Steve Sanders, John Ealy, Head Manager Dennis Baker. Third Row: Head Coach Ernest Medcalfe, Leroy Avery, Billy Thompson, Wendell Madry, Ronald Grasshoff, Larry Medcalfe, Jerry Keen, David Handy, Floyd Evans, Cyril Carter, Sam Helfrich, Grant Imel, Trainer Howard Catt, Manager John Fawley. Fourth Row: Assistant Coach Ivan Moreman, Lewis Clark, John DeMoss, Bill Mansfield, Ronald John- son, Bernard Muffler, John Jarrett, Harold Lee, Clarance Bechwith, Jesse Ealy, Assistant Coaches Carlos Bell and Robert Meyer, Athletic Director Mr. C. R. Dagwell. -ftr is — jb 9 fa J5S2 IcZi .-» RESERVE FOOTBALL— Front Row: Bill Mansfield, Bernie Muf- fler, Jerry Kean, Larry Medcalfe, Floyd Evans, Cyril Carter, John DeMoss, Ron Richards, David Handy. Second Row: Sam Helfrich, Larry Moore, Roger Holder, Bill Devitt, Larry Woodard, Harold Lee, Clarence Beckwith, Tim Barnes, Bill Funke, Warren Ayers, Spencer Caldwell, Jeff Holbrook. Third Row: Ron Grassholf, Wen- dell Madry, Keth Woodard, Napolen White, Steve Beck, Ron Baker, Eddie Leavell, Steve Brown, John Miller, Ron Roney, Ron Morris. Fourth Row: Ivan Moreman, Coach; Jim Harrell, Mgr. ; John Fawley, Mgr. ; Bob Warsaw, Jay Chamberlain, Don Wheeler, Louie Clark. Reserves Scrambled to Victory RESERVE FOOTBALL Tech 33 Howe 6 Tech 14 Broad Ripple 18 Tech 6 Cathedral Tech 13 Scecina Tech 14 Warren Central 13 Tech 14 Manuel Tech Washington 13 Tech Arlington 7 Tech 9 Shortridge 7 ' We want a touchdown! ' FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Tech Howe Tech 6 Broad Ripple o [ Tech 9 Cathedral 24 Tech Scecina 21 Tech 6 Shortridge 12 Tech 6 Manual 7 Tech 13 Woodview 6 Tech 6 Washington 6 Tech 7 Arlington Titans tackle opponent in their struggle for victory. Victory Was Freshman Goal FRESHMAN FOOTBALL— Front Row: Lemont Purvis, Gary Cham- pion, Preston Ahbott, Jack Seibert, Randall Woods, Dwight Blue, Dennis Riggleman, James Craig, Jay Reno, Victor Miller. Roiv 2: Walter Dininger, Earl Adams, Stanley Neal, Pat Blue, Nathan Appel- ton, Charles Johnson, Walter Grundy, Walter Strong, Joseph Williams, Dennis Alexander, Robert Harris, Ronald Rady, Larry Mays. Row 3: Harry Caskey, Richard Nickels. Jerry Bean, Charles Peyton, Clarence Randolph, James Carter, Charles Beck, Ronald Rucker, Robert Jones, Joe Norton. Mark Winzenread, James Chapman, Steve Mackey, Richard Bell. Row 4: William Ressell, Mark Hanna, Phillip Black, William Wilkerson, Benson Skelton, James Graves, Darryl Stanfield, James Swinford, Thomas Avery, David Bailey, James Entwhistle. MAJORETTES: Mary Lou Hand, Karess Burnham, Judy E. Strong, head majorette, Sue Hohnke, Edna Vest. FLAG TWIRLERS: Betty Watts, Marti Greenwell, Judy Parrish, Linda Smith, Judy Phillips, Donna Seibert. Girl Titans Were Enthusiastic COLOR GUARD: Barbara Hamon, Christine Petree, Linda Phillips, Marsha Nale. TRUMPETEERS: Donna Marie Johnson, Patti Marshall, Linda A. Everett, Peggy Berchekas. CROSS COUNTRY— Front Row: Michael Freeman, Mgr., Jerry Roth. Felix Townsend, Michael Weber, William Watson, James Sowder, Robert Teckenbrock, Lynn Gartrell, Charles Pittman, Allen Glover, Mgr. Second Row: Coach Bruce McGeath, Riley Bates, Siegfried Borczak, John Kuhn, Charles Potter, Danny Doan, Michael Moss, Dossil Sims, Chris Siff, Coach John Hurrle. Third Row: Harold Giles, Leroy Martin, Steven Williams, Steven Handy, Marty Harp, Robert Adams. Fleet Footed Titans VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY Washington 27, Ben Davis 37, Tech 65 Southport 25, Arlington 38, Tech 74, Cathedral 100 Howe 24, Tech 37 Washington Invitational — 6th out of 11 teams Tech 23, Greenfield 33 Arlington 20, Tech 38 Broa d Ripple Invitational — 5th out of 9 teams Howe Invitational — 6th out of 11 teams North Central 31, Arlington 41, Warren Central 59, Tech 87 City Meet — 6th out of 12 teams Shortridge Invitational — " 17th out of 19 teams in the open division Sectional — 8th out of 18 teams VARSITY W T Washington 24 22 Broad Ripple 23 29 Cathedral 15 33 Wood 29 24 Arlington 3 43 Manual 30 16 CITY 32 Pts. 4th Ben Davis 19 23 Shortridge 33 11 Howe-Invit. First 116 Pts. Howe 32 14 Lawrence 30 16 North Central 16 38 Southport 19 25 Muscles straining — a pin is ready to take place! Matmen Grappled for Top Honors Coach John Hurrle records instructions. - m r 0 4 % X fa« ' v • J . fl WRESTLING— Front Row: Eli Brown, Jerry McGary, Velman Graham, Anthony Cabbell, Jim Sowders, Kenny Hughes, Elvan Nious, Steve Dildine, Calvin Hardesty, Mike Pittman, Barry Hammond. Roic 2: Frank Taylor, Mike Ensminger, Harold Lee, Jerry Keen, Cleo Hall, Lewis Clark, Sigfried Borczak, Leroy Avery, John Strain, John Kuhn, Paul Trefz, Danny Woo, Steve Handy, Jeff Privett. Row 3: Jeff Oliveira, Darryl Stanfield, Danny Reneau, William Wil- kerson, Ain Haas, Richard Bell, Dwight Blue, Thomas Avery, Rufus Brown, James Radford, Steve Williams, William Parker, Harry Benson, John Jarret. Ron ' 4: Coach John Hurrle, Lemont Purvis, Edward Cabbell, Greg Roe, Peter Davis, Richard Bacon, Joe Sow- der, Mike Kulik, Edward Vance, Neal Fashimpaur, John Barrett, Arthur Enlow, Randall Cagle, Asst. Coach Robert Meyer. RESERVE W T Washington 37 18 Broad Ripple 36 5 Cathedral 19 31 Wood 33 18 Arlington 7 46 Manual 32 18 CITY CITY 1st 48 pts. Ben Davis 17 30 Shortridge 28 20 Howe-Invit. Howe 36 16 Lawrence 31 13 North Central 17 27 Southport Wrestlers are called many names — grapplers, mat- men, canvasbacks — but whatever their name they are a band of devoted athletes. The wrestler must rely on brute strength and agility to whip his opponent whether it is by a pin or points. Twelve weight classes make up high school wrestling teams. Each boy must train constantly and watch his diet so that he will be assured of " making weight. " Wrestling is a fast- growing sport at Tech as well as all across the country. The East Portable is the home of the Titan wrestlers. John Hurrle coaches the varsity grapplers. Tech had a fourteen match schedule this past winter not in- cluding the city and state tournament. Woodview Perry East Scecina FRESHMAN W 7 15 38 T 38 25 5 Richard Howard holds tight to win. 78 « HH w V VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Chris Hammond, Shary] Schoenewey, Xante Masters, Effie Lewin, Deanna Hardy. Cheerleaders Sparked Spirit SI- ' ?IhI T. -; ' " Whs i 37 ■ -. ft f r 3i FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS: Judy McCul- lough, Linda Hodges, Jill Armstrong, Patty Tay- lor, Janelle Boykin. RESERVE CHEERLEADERS: Jill Schmidt, Susie Harvey, Diana Ressinger, Becky Hill, Debra Barnett. Techites jump hiyh for rebound. TITAN sharp-shooters reach to victory over Hornets. Tech ' s star Titan, Dave Harvey, scores another basket. VARSITY Tech 74 Warren Central 80 Tech 76 Southport 59 Tech 68 Arlington 58 Tech 53 Elwood 79 Tech 61 Ben Davis 63 Tech 82 Connersville 66 Tech 62 Crispus Attucks 56 Tech 78 North Central 67 Tech 72 Muncie Central 54 Tech 51 Howe 46 Tech 71 Manual CITY TOURNEY 59 Tech 74 Scecina 39 Tech 67 Howe 56 Tech 46 Wood 47 Tech 73 Shortridge 63 Tech 72 Cathedral 59 Tech 62 Broad Ripple 66 Tech 58 Madison 71 Tech 72 Kokomo 64 Tech 50 Washington 66 Tech 66 Scecina SECTIONALS 50 Tech 58 Broad Ripple 50 Tech 56 Cathedral 58 WON 15 LOST 8 Helpless opponents look on as Techite stretches to score. VARSITY BASKETBALL— Front Roto: Jack Bradford, Coach; Gerald Sears, James Price, Steve Sanders, Otis Curry, ATH. DIR. Chas. P. Dagwell. Son- 2: Student Mgr. Jerry Roth, Jerry Dockery, Charles Sanders, Mike Price, Glen Johnson, Student Mgr. John Fawley. Row 3: Asst. Coach Harry Caskey, Warren Marsden, Ross Furry, David Harvey, Joe Henderson, Trainer Howard Catt. RESERVE BASKETBALL— Front Row: Coach Carl Meditch, Roy Craft, Michael Moss, Dave Waltman, manager. Rmv 2: Gerald Sears, Jerry Dockery, Mike Hickey, Marvin Tardy. Row 3: Keith Wood- aid, Ross Furry, Bill Parrish, Bill Thompson, Jesse Ealy. The reserve, B-team, or sub-varsity basketball squad is just one notch below varsity competition. Composed of sophomores and juniors, each athlete gained valuable experience before making his de- but as one of coach Jack Bradford ' s key men. The reserve tilts begin just before the varsity contests at 6:30 p.m. Carl Meditch has just completed his third year as the " B " team mentor. RESERVE BASKETBALL 1964-1965 Tech 30 Warren Central 26 Tech 43 Southport 39 Tech 40 Arlington 34 Tech 38 Elwood 44 Tech 38 Ben Davis 29 Tech 53 Connersville 29 Tech 52 Attucks 33 Tech 54 North Central 44 Tech 35 Muncie Central 43 Tech 39 Howe 55 Tech 35 Shortridge 49 Tech 46 Cathedral 21 Tech 41 Manual 40 Tech 49 Broad Ripple 40 Tech 46 Madison 54 Tech 50 Kokomo 54 Tech 37 Washington 42 Tech 49 Scecina City Tournament 39 Tech 45 Chatard 19 Tech 40 Howe 55 Tips like this gave Tech Reserves a winning season. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL— Front Row: Coach Ernest Cline, James Chapman, Gary Champion, Jack Seibert, Bill Hodgson, Victor Miller, Marvin Toney, Mr. Bruce Gale. Row 2: Tom Adams, Mark Winzen- read, Joe Norton, Charles Rice, Danny Pride, Jay Reno, Ron Bradley. Row 3: Paul Gillespie, Jerry Taylor, David Bailey, Nathan Appleton, Charles Peyton, Clarence Randolph, Charles Johnson. Freshman basketball coach Ernie Cline has a twofold purpose: the first is to win games, and the other purpose is to develop promising frosh for future varsity experience. In three years or less, many of these game hoopsters will don " the varsity green " and carry the brunt of Tech ' s hardcourt hopes. The season ' s crop of basketballers copped a city championship. The " Little Titans " were certainly the best freshman team in the last five years and one of the best in the Tech Basketball annals. Tech 37 Woodview 40 Tech 54 Sacred Heart 27 Tech 57 Ben Davis 43 Tech 53 Arlington 32 Tech 57 Wood 20 Tech 52 Manual 47 Tech 50 Broad Ripple 22 Tech 38 Attucks 34 Tech 53 Scecina 48 Tech 50 Shortridge 41 Tech 42 Washington 30 Tech 25 Fulton Jr. High 35 Tech 65 Howe 53 Tech 46 Cathedral City Tourney 38 Tech 56 Chatard 36 Tech 51 Howe 34 Tech 41 Cathedral 34 Tech 48 Scecina Tech-Champions. 41 High jumps like this won the city freshman championship. TENNIS— Front Row: Keith Phemister, Bob Kollmeyer, Michael Gemmill, Martin Toney. Row 2: Mr. Leverenz, Coach; Jack Morton, David Coffin, Steve Belding, Don Grover. Racquets Swung and Balls Flew ■; ' ; i3 ' Bj M ,.. . ... . j ' ' ■ J j0fr Dave went after the ball. Eight boys made up the Tech Tennis Team in The Year That Was. Tech ' s top players represented our school in tennis matches throughout the state and more excitement than ever before was generated on the courts. This difficult and fast moving game required speedy action, hard work and determination on the part of the boys. " Practice makes perfect " was the motto of the Tech Tennis Team as they devoted each afternoon to practice on the cement courts. Weeks of extensive training made possible the excellence and success achieved by our team last spring in The Year That Was. Steve served another on " . : ' :f§p " " ' J. GOLF TEAM— Front Row: Phillip Quillin, Coach; John Hallanger, Jim Soltau, John Laffey, Bill Devitt. Roiv 2: Mike Ensminger, Mike Kramer, Frank Darden, Steve Weatherell, Larry Kramer. Row 3: Steve Schmidt, Jerry Ferguson, Mike Shackelford, Frank Renfro, Randolph Woods. Tech Titans Teed Off It took concentration to be a good golfer. The snow didn ' t stop this Titan golfer. BASEBALL — Front Roio: John Fogleman, Danny Jee, Tim Hon, Austin Fleming, William Mansfield, Fred Dunkman, Bob Kaiser, Ed Scahill, Micky Bemis. Row 2: Ross Furry, Manager; Mike Weber, Danny Pride, David Myers, Mike Hickey, Eddie Montgomery, Ken- neth Hughes, Ron Strahl, Bill Thompson, Jack Bradford, Asst. Coach. Row 3: Carl Meditch, Reserve Coach; Greg McCall, Danny Hoyt, David Harvey, John Miller, Ralph Hodgson, Jerry Dockery, Jack Schaefer, Buddy Potter, Ivan Moreman, Head Coach. Plans for many victories were made early in the spring. Practice had to go on, even though the weather did not cooperate. Spring found Techites ' at the old ball game. ' Tech ' s Babe Ruths ■ » S- m. 3 " The wind-up . . . the pitch and Weber throws another strike. ' At the plate, another Titan warmed U[ 87 z- Steve waited for just the right time to take that hurdle. Spikes, Cinders and Sawdust tmr iv yr mweihi L v 7 8H Ehr v r ' SB ' Q 4 | Bernie took off enthusiastically. Tommy warmed up slowly. Snow, ice, and freezing temperature forced the track team to prepare itself in the gym. High hurdler Roger puts forth that extra push to make it over the top. Vigorous Techites led the track team to victory this year. All the obstacles that the team had to overcome such as weather, becoming dizzy practicing running around the gym, and plowing over Sketchbook audi- tioners did not stop our team from coming out of the season ahead. Practice had to go on, good weather or bad; so John put the shot in the gym. Our Seniors One of the busiest and most fun-filled periods in the lives of many Techites is now over. June saw the graduation of over 700 proud Tech students and the completion of four years of hard work. It seems that only yesterday they, too, were green, young freshmen, viewing Tech for the first time. Now they are four years older, and " experienced " seniors. Time once was filled with only homework and T.V. These filled the senior ' s time, but senior activities de- manded as much. Senior pictures, picnics, committee meetings, Tech Legion, awards, and all the other ac- tivities, topped by Vespers, Commencement, and the prom were big events in This (Senior) Year That Was. Seniors faced the future with varied emotions. Al- though happy to see the work of high school done, many were sorry to see these happy days end. Many of these Techites looked forward to jobs, others to higher education, and still others to marriage. Now the years and miles will separate these new Tech alumni, but the memories of these past four years will unite the class of 1965 forever. SPONSORS ROLL ROOM 190: DIANE M. CHILDERS: Pres., Maj.-Business Education, Social Studies; FTA— pres., Senior Council. H. STEVEN BELDING: Vice-pres., Maj.-Math, Social Studies, Science; Senior Council— pres., SAO Executive Board, Key Club— pres., Techoir— treas. TERESA A. BLACK: Sec, Maj.-Social Studies; NFL, Thespians, Senior Council. ROBERT A. BECK: Treas., Maj.-Social Studies, Math, Drafting; German Club— pres., Senior Council. AUBREY L. ANDERSON: Sgt.-at-Arms, Maj.- Printing, Social Studies; Football, Senior Council. ROLL ROOM 153: RICHARD L. FOWLER: Pres., Maj.-Social Studies, Printing; Senior Council. LINDA J. DEMUNBRUN: Vice-pres., Maj.-So- cial Studies, Spanish; Senior Council, Girls ' Concert Club. SHERI J. CRANE: Sec, Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; Senior Council. PHILLIP H. DAVENPORT: Treas., Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; Senior Council. DAVID N. DENHAM: Sgt.-at-Arms, Maj.-Social Studies, Science, Art; Freshman and Reserve Football, Key Club— sec, Techoir— sgt.-at-arms, Senior Council. ROLL ROOM 300: TOM D. HEITZMAN: Pres., Maj.-Math, Social Studies; Football— Team-capt., Track Team, Let- termen ' s Club, Senior Council. CHRIS L. HAMMOND: Vice-pres., Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; Varsity Cheerleader, ROTC Sponsor, Band-sec, Senior Council. MARY JEAN HOPPING: Sec, Maj.-Music, Math, Social Studies; SAO Executive Board- sec, Red Cross Club— pres., Madrigals, Techoir, Human Relations Committee. KENNETH W. HUGHES: Treas., Maj.-Social Studies, Math, Science; SAO Executive Board- treas., ROTC Battalion Commander, Senior Coun- cil, Varsity Wrestling. DALE A. JAYNES: Sgt-at-Arms, Maj.-Math, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language; Senior Council, Chemistry-Physics Club, XYZ Club. HOLL ROOM 7: MATT M. MATLIK: Pres., Maj.-Social Studies, Math, Science; William Randolph Hearst Senate Youth Program, Indiana Representative; Senior Council. KAY A. LESTER: Vice-pres., Maj.-Science, For- eign Language, Social Studies, Math; Jr. Torch- bearer, Cannon Weekly Staff, Senior Council, Quill Scroll— pres. MARY E. MONSCHEIN: Sec, Studies, Art, Science; Techoir— sec semble, Orchestra, Senior Council. PATRICIA A. NORRIS: Treas., Studies, Art; Senior Council. JOHN MILLS: Sgt.-at-Arms, Maj.-Social Studies, Printing; Senior Council. Maj.— Social , Girls ' En- Maj.— Social Miss Lois Sink 400— Gerald Lamkin 6— Mrs. Christine Bennett ROLL ROOM 400: W. KEMP SHOBE: Pres., Maj.-Math, Shop, Social Studies; Football, Senior Council. CHRISTINA C. PRIEST: Vice-pres., Maj.-So- cial Studies, Music; Techoir-Hostess, Madrigals, Concert Orchestra— co-pres., String Ensemble, Senior Council. LINDA SMITH: Sec, Maj.-Social Studies, Busi- ness Education; SAO Executive Board, Majorette, Senior Council. HAROLD J. SARK: Treas., Maj.-Social Studies, Math, Architectural Drafting; Senior Council. CHARLES R. PITTMAN: Sgt.-at-Arms, Maj.- Printing; Cross Country, Track, Printing Club, Senior Council. ROLL ROOM 6: RONALD J. STRAHL: Pres., Maj.-Social Studies, Latin, Math; SAO Executive Board— pres., Key Club-parl., Varsity Baseball, Block T Club, Arsenal Cannon Weekly, Quill Scroll, Bellamy Award Representative, Senior Council. JUDY E. STRONG: Vice-pres., Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; Head Majorette, Senior Council, SAO Executive Board. PATRICIA A. TODD: Sec, Maj.-Math, Social Studies, Music; Senior Council, Techoir, Madrigals. CAROLYN S. WUSTER: Treas., Maj.-Social Studies; Future Nurses Club, Chemistry-Physics Club-sec, Techoir, Girls ' Ensemble, Senior Council. JAMES S. SOWDER: Sgt.-at-Arms, Maj.-Print- ingi Key Club, Block T Club, Printing Club- sec. -treas., Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Wrestling. " fc MARK S. AARON: Maj.-Metal Trades; DCE— v-pres. DAVID C. ABBETT: Maj.-Social Studies, Math; Techoir, Key Club, Cross Country, Track. SUSAN L. ABNEY: Maj.-Home Economies, Social Studies; Service Club, French Club. DIETRA L. ADAMS: Maj. -Business Edu- cation; Service Club. GERALD L. AKERS: Maj.-Auto Trades. ROBERT H. ALBERTSON: Maj.-Re- frigeration. GEORGE C. ALEXANDER: Maj. -Art. KAREN SUE ALEXANDER: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education, Home Eeo- LINDA C. ALEXANDER: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education. ANITA LYNN ALLEN: Maj.-Business Ed- ucation, Social Studies. RITA R. ALLEN: Maj.-Social Studies, Home Economics, Business Education. ROSIE LEE ALLEN: Maj.-Home Eco- nomics, Social Studies; Future Nurses Club, Y-Teens, Art Club, GAA, School Service. MILDRED JEAN ANDERSON: Maj.-Busi- ness Education; GAA, Natural Science Club, School Service. ROGER K. ANDERSON: Maj.-Drafting, Social Studies. MICHAEL RAY ANGLEA: Maj.-Social Studies; School Service. CHARLES E. ARMSTRONG: Maj. -Ma- sonry; Freshman Football. JOHN P. ARTHUR: Maj.-Social Studies- Concert Club, Techoir. MICHAEL D. ATEN: Maj.-Electricity MARSHALL L. AVERY: Maj.-Art, Shop. DANIEL C. BACON: Maj. -Math, Social Studies, Music; Tech Band— pres., Tech- choir, Madrigals, Orchestra, Key Club. ALFRED K. BAKER: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education, ROTC-Captain of the Guard. ALICE H. BAKER: Maj.-Art. DENNIS J. BAKER: Maj. -Printing; Foot- ball, Wrestling-mgr. OLLIE R. BAKER: Maj.-Math, Social Studies; History Club, Red Cross Club. JERRY L. BALLINGER: Maj.-Pattem Making; Drama-Speech Club, Thespians, NFL. RICHARD W. BARE: Maj.-Social Studies, Printing. DANIEL G. BARKER: Maj.-Shop. MARGARET L. BARNES: Maj.-Art So- cial Studies. OLIVIA MARIE BARNETT: Maj.-Home Economics; GAA. CLEMENTINE BARROW: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; History Club. JIMMY T. BARTHOLEMEW: Maj.-Auto Shop; DCE-treas., ROTC Senior Staff Officer, Color Guard. FRANCES O. BASS: Maj.-Social Studies, German, Science, Business Education- XYZ Club, German Club. TERESA A. BAUGHMAN: Maj.-Business Education; DCE. STANLEY W. BAUGHN: Maj.-Auto Me- chanics. SHARRON I. BAYLOR: Maj.-Art, Social Studies; Techoir. MARGARET F. BEASLEY: Maj.-Social Studies, Foreign Language; Concert Club, History Club, Latin Club— sec. LEWIS C. BEEM: Maj.-Math, Social Studies; Cross Country, Wrestling. THOMAS BEESON: Maj. -Science; Techoir. BARBARA A. BEGLEY: Maj.-Business Education; Concert Band— treas., Con- cert Orchestra, Dance Band. KENNETH S. BEIGHT: Maj.-Business Education; Concert Band— treas., Concert Orchestra, Dance Band. WILLIAM T. BEINBURG: Maj.-Math, So- cial Studies. LINDA M. BELL: Maj. -Science, Home Economics. REBECCA R. BENDER: Maj. -French, So- cial Studies; Arsenal Cannon Weekly, French Club, FTA. SHARON P. BENEDICT: Maj. -Social Studies, Business Education, Home Eco- Tele- RALPH D. BENNETT: Maj.-Radic vision; Chemistry-Physics Club. RICHARD A. BENNETT: Maj.-Math, History, Science; Football, Baseball. WILLIAM N. BENNETT: Maj.-English. RAMONA L. BERRY: Maj. -Social Studies; Future Nurses Club. ALMA JEAN BLACK: Maj.-Business Edu- cation, Social Studies; GAA. DONNA L. BLACK: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; ROTC Sponsor. WALTER S. BLANKENSHIP: Maj.-Social Studies, Science; ROTC NCO-sec, Of- ficers Club, Band. CAROL E. BLOUNT: Maj. -Spanish, Math, Social Studies; GAA, School Service. CHARLES N. BLUME: Maj.-Radio, Tele- vision; Amateur Radio Club— sec. WILLIAM A. BOLANDER: Maj.-Social Studies; Arsenal Cannon Weekly, Concert Orchestra, School Service. WILLIE L. BOONE: Maj.-Social Studies. C. WILLIAM BORDERS: Maj.-Social Studies. JEANNE A. BOWMAN: Maj.-Social Studies, Science; Future Nurses Club. FREDERICK W. BOYD: Maj.-Social Studies, Math; Reserve Football, Con- cert Club. NANCY R. BOYD: Maj.-Math, Social Studies; Techoir, Madrigals, Concert Or- chestra, DAR Good Citizen, FTA. JO ANN BRADY: Maj.-Math, Social Studies; SAO Exec. Board— vice pres., Techoir, Red Cross Club, ROTC Sponsor. JAMES T. BRANTLEY: Maj.-Auto Body; Freshman and Reserve Football, Band. ELIZABETH L. BRASHER: Maj.-Social Studies, Math, Science. BEVERLY A. BREWER: Maj.-Business Education; Future Nurses Club. INES M. BREWER: Maj.-Business Educa- tion, Social Studies; Future Nurses Club, DCE Club, School Service. DANIEL L. BRIGHT: Maj.-Auto Body; DCE. ROGER K. BRINKLEY: Maj.-Math, So- cial Studies; Key Club, Chemistry- Physics Club— treas., Concert Orchestra, French Club. G. JEAN BROTT: Maj.-Home Economics, Business Education. BETTY L. BROWN: Maj.-Home Eco- BYRDIA L. BROWN: Maj.-Home Eco- nomics, Social Studies. MARIAN L. BROWN: Maj.-Home Eco- SADIE V. BROWN: Maj.-Home Eco- SANDRA K. BROWN: Maj.-Social Studies; NFL, Thespians, Techoir, Drama-Speech Club, Music Club. STELLA L. BROWN: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; GAA, Y-Teens, Booster Club. VIRGINIA E. BROWN: Maj.-Home Eco- nomics, Business Education; Cheerblock. EVERETT W. BRYANT: Maj.-Printing, Social Studies; Band, Orchestra, Print- ing Club, Pep Band. STEVEN L. BRYANT: Maj.-Auto-Mech.; Golf. SUSAN E. BUNCE: Maj. -English; Spanish Club. JAMES F. BURKS: Maj. -English. TED A. BURKS: Maj.-English. GLORIA B. BURLINGAME: Maj.-English. KARESS J. BURNHAM: Maj.-Social Studies, Spanish; Majorette. JUDITH E. BURNS: Maj.-Social Studies, Math; Concert Club-v-pres. GAYLE L. BURRIS: Maj.-Home Eco- nomics; GAA. LINDA SUE BURRIS; Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; Concert Club. JAMES BUSTLE: Maj.-English. SHARON K. BUTTS: Maj. -Business Edu- cation, Social Studies. ANTHONY S. CABBELL: Maj.-Machine Drafting; Track, Wrestling, Lettennen ' s Club. KENNETH E. CALHOUN: Maj.-Social Studies; History Club-sgt.-at-arms, Ser- vice Club, Wrestling, Football-mgr. SHARON L. CALVIN: Maj.-Social Studies; Future Teacher ' s Club, Service Club, Red Cross Club, French Club, Arsenal Can- non. Weekly. PATRICK G. CANTWELL: Maj.-Social Studies. ROBERT E. CARROLL: Maj. -Science. COLINSIA CARTER: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education. SHIRLEY A. CAUDELL: Maj. -Business Education. GORDON D. CAUDILL: Maj.-Social Studies, Music; Band— v-pres., asst. di- rector, Music Club— pres., Key Club. PATRICIA E. CHANEY: Maj.-Social Studies, Heme Economics; Concert Or- chestra, History Club. BRENDA K. CHAPMAN: Maj.-Social Studies, Home Economics; GAA, Future Nurses Club-v-pres., DCE Club-v-pres. VICTOR A. CHRISTIAN: Maj.-Art, Social Studies; Art Club. TOMMY J. CHRISTIAN: Maj.-Home Eco- MARTHA J. CHURCH: Maj.-S o c i a 1 Studies, Math, Business Education; GAA, Future Nurses Club, Chemistry-Physics Club, Art Club. BEVERLY A. CLARK: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; Techoir, Chemistry- Physics Club. JANICE K. CLARK: Maj.-Social Studies. RONALD L. CLARK: Maj.-Math, Social Studies, Auto Mechanics. BEN J. CLEM: Maj. -Radio-Television; Sketchbook Audio Director. GLINDA L. CLEVENGER: Maj.-Social Studies, Math, Business Education; Fu- ture Nurses Club, FTA. PAULA K. CLINE: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; Drama-Speech Club, History Club— 2nd v-pres., Freshman Cheerleader, NFL. CAROL SUE COAPSTICK: Maj.-Social Studies, Red Cross Club, Future Nurses— JAMES E. COE: Maj.-Machine Shop. WAYMAN L. COFFER: Maj.-Social Studies, Electric Shop. DAVID P. COFFIN: Maj.-Math, Science, Social Studies; Chemistry-Physics Club, Tennis, Key Club, Science Seminar. WILLIAM F. CONOUR: Maj. -German, Social Studies, Math; NFL, Debate Team, German Club-sec.-treas., Key Club, Concert Club. CHRISTINA E. COOK: Maj.-S o c i a 1 Studies, Business Education; Cheerblock, GAA. JOHN COOPER: Maj.-Social Studies, Math, Science. DONNA JEAN CORKHILL: Maj.-Social Studies, Home Economics; School Service. VIVIAN CORLEY: Maj.-Business Educa- tion, Home Ec onomics. RALPH CORNELL; Maj.-Social Studies. JACK G. CORPUZ: Maj.-Social Studies, German, Math, Science; German Club- v-pres., Key Club, Chemistry-Physics Club, Concert Club. SHIRLEY A. CORTEZ: Maj.-Home Eco- nomics, Business Education. FRANK COURTNEY: Maj.-Radio-Tele- vision; Radio Club. CANDANCE R COVERT: Maj.-Social Studies; Cheerblock, Spanish Club. DANNY COX: Maj.-Auto Body. JIMMIE D. CRAWFORD: Maj.-Math, So- cial Studies, Science, Drafting; Service Club. THOMAS R. CREASSER II: Maj.-Math, Social Studies; SAO Executive Board, Key Club, Tennis, Arsenal Cannon ' Weekly ir Yearbook, Band, Orchestra. GREGORY L. CRONKWRIGHT: Maj.- Aviation. MARY ELLEN CROSS: Maj.-Social Studies, Home Economics. DAVID L. CUTSHAW: Maj.-Social Studies, Art; Football, Wrestling, Track, Lettermen ' s Club. BETTY DAILEY: Maj.-Social Studies, Home Economics. BETTY A. DAVIS: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education. GLENDA DAVIS: Maj.-Social Studies; GAA. MARLA J. DAVISON: Maj.-Social Studies; Service Club, GAA. LINDA F. DEAN: Maj.-Business Educa- tion, Home Economics. JANIE A. DENNEY: Maj.-Social Studies. RONALD D. DENNISON: Maj.-Math, Auto Mechanics. PHILLIP W. DEUSER: Maj. Social Stud- ies, Math. JANICE M. DEVINE: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; Band. BETTY J. DICKERSON: Maj.-Home Eco- Business Education. ROSA DICKERSON: Maj.-Business Educa- tion, Social Studies. DANIEL A. DINNSEN: Maj.-Social Studies, Spanish, Math; Spanish Club- sgt.-at-arms. Key Club. JUDY E. DOCKTOR: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; Drama-Speech Club, DCE, Human Relations Committee. SHARON A. DONAHUE: Maj.-Social Studies, Music; Techcir, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Music Club. YVONNE DONALDSON: Maj.-Business Education, Home Economics. WILLIAM J. DONOVAN: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; Key Club, Varsity Football, Lettermen ' s Club. REGINALD C. DOTSON: Maj. -Refrigera- tion. MARION P. DOUGLAS: Maj. -Printing. CHARLES F. DOUGLASS: Maj.-Business Education. JAMES A. DREXLER: Maj.-Math, Social Studies, Business Education. MICHAEL DUNCAN: Maj.-Body and Fender Shop; School Service. FREDRIC W. DUNKMAN: Maj.-Science, Social Studies, Latin; Key Club, Base- ball, JCL. ALINE M. DUNSON: Maj.-Home Eco- RACHEL L. DURBIN: Education. THREECA J. DURBIN: Education. Maj.- Maj.- Business MARIANNE EADES: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education. JUDITH ELKINS: Maj.-Social Studies, Math; French Club. CHRISTINE L. ELLIOTT: Maj.-Home SHARON L. ELLIOTT: Maj.-Business Education, Social Studies; Cheerbloek. LARRY L. ELLIS: Maj.-Social Studies; Varsity Football, Lettermen ' s Club. RICHARD ENGLAND: Maj.-Body Fen- der, Welding. MARY L. EVANS: Maj.-Social Studies; French Club, Drama-Speech Club. ROY EVANS, JR.: Maj.-Machine Shop. STEPHEN EVANS: Maj.-Masonry; Re- serve Wrestling. LINDA A. EVERETT: Maj.-Latin, Social Studies, Business Education; Majorette. STEVEN C. FAUCETT: Maj.-Social Studies, Drafting; Drill Team. ROBERT J. FAWLEY: Maj.-Auto Body Shop. THOMAS R. FIELD: Maj.-Auto Body Shop. ROBERT H. FISHER, JR.: Maj.-Social Studies; ROTC Officer ' s Club. GARY M. FITZGERALD: Maj.-Social Studies. JOHN E. FLASKAMP: Maj.-Social Studies, Math. JUDY M. FLEENER: Maj.-Business Edu- cation; Service Club. WILLIAM A. FLOERKE: Maj.-Social Studies, Body Fender Shop. WILLIAM E. FORD: Maj.-Cabinet Making. BRENDA M. FORSEE: Maj.-Home Eco- GEORGE T. FOSTER: Maj.-Math, Sci- ence, Drafting. NORMA L. FRANK: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; Techoir, Girls ' Con- cert Club, Service Club. JUDY M. FRANKLIN: Maj.-Business Education. TANIA R. FRANKLIN: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education. WILLIAM R. FREEMAN: Maj.-Auto Mech., Social Studies. SHARON M. FRITCH: Maj.-S o c i a 1 Studies, Business Education; GAA. DENNIS L. FULNER: Maj.-Social Studies. KAREN E. FULTZ: Maj.-Business Educa- tion, Home Economics. JANICE L. GAALEMA: Maj.-Social Studies, Home Economics; Future Nurses Club. WANDA K. GADDIE: Maj.-Business Edu- cation, Social Studies; School Service. JUDITH A. GAITHER: Maj.-S o c i a 1 Studies, Business Education. MARY S. GAUNCE: Maj.-Social Studies, Art, Business Education; Art Club, His- tory Club, XYZ Club. MARTHA R. GEARLDS: Maj.-Social Studies, Home Economics; School Ser- CHARLENE GEE: Maj.-Home Economics, Social Studies. STEVE L. GEMINDEN: Maj.-Auto Me- chanics. DENNIS L. GENIER: Maj.-Social Studies, Printing. LINDA S. GEORGE: Maj.-Business Edu- cation. ANNAMARIA GIBSON: Maj.-Home Eco- nomics, Social Studies; Cheerblock, DCE— v-pres. KATHERINE GILBERT: Maj.-Business Education, Social Studies. DONALD S. GILL: Maj.-Auto Shop. DONALD E. GLENN: Maj.-Latin, Social Studies; JCL-v-pres. PAMELA A. GLENN: Maj.-Business Edu- cation, Math, Social Studies. JESSE F. GODWIN: Maj.-EIectricity. REBECCA K. GOLDSTEIN: Maj.-Home Economics, Business Education; Cheer- block. ROBERTA L. GORDON: Maj.-Business Education; Concert Club, Drama-Speech Club. GEORGE FREDRICH GRABBE: Maj.- Business Education; Radio Club XYZ Club. SHARON E. GRADY: Maj.-Home Eco- nomics. JOSEPH I. GRAHAM: Maj.-Sheet Metal. ROBERT T. GRAHAM, JR.: Maj.-Social Studies, Aviation; ROTC Officers Club, Aviation Club, Color Guard, Drill Team VELMON GRAHAM: Maj.-Auto Mechan- ics, Social Studies; Lettermen ' s Club, Track, Football, Wrestling, Concert Club. I mjM 97 MICHAEL GRANNIS: Maj.-Social Studies, Math, Electricity; Freshman Tennis, Chemistry-Physics Club. TERESSA A. GRAY: Maj.-Home Eco- WILLIE GRAYSEN: Maj.-Auto Body. EMMA MAE GREEN: Maj.-Home Eco- nomics, Business Education. JULIE A. GREEN: Maj. -Business Edu- cation. SHIRLEY GREEN: Maj.-English. FRANK C. GREENE: Maj.-Auto Me- chanics; Boys ' Concert Club, ROTC. MARTHA J. GREENWELL: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; Flag Twirler, XYZ Club. LARRY W. GREGORY: Maj.-Math, Social Studies. DELMAS GROSS: Maj.-Auto Mechanics. WAYNE H. GROSS: Maj.-Social Studies, Math; Football, BlockT Club, Techoir, Key Club— sgt,-at-arms, Wrestling. STEPHEN G. GROVE: Maj.-Latin, So- cial Studies, Science; JCL— pres., Drama- Speech Club, Thespians. CHARLES W. GRUBB: Maj.-Electricity. EMILY J. GULLION: Maj.-Social Studies, French; Arsenal Cannon Weekly, French Club— pres., Concert Orchestra, School Service, Quill and Scroll— sec. -treas. ROSE MARIE HABICH: Maj.-Social Studies; FTA, Band, German Club. MARY L. HAND: Maj.-Social Studies; Majorette, School Service. JAMILLIA J. HANNON: Maj.-Home Eco- nomics, Art; History Club, Y-Teens, GAA, School Service. DEANNA E. HARDY: Maj.-Social Studies, Art; Varsity Cheerleader, School Service, Jr. Basketball Queen, Homecoming Queen. JERRY L. HARRELL: Maj.-Social Studies, Art; Football— mgr., Basketball— mgr., Baseball— mgr. WILMA JEAN HARRIS: Maj.-Home Eco- nomics, Business Education; Future Nurses Club, GAA, Y-Teens, Drama- Speech Club, Service Club. LINDA L. HART: Maj.-Business Educa- tion. NANCY L. HARTLE: Maj.-Math, Social Studies. DAVID G. HARVEY: Maj.-Social Studies, Varsity Basketball, Block T, Freshman Football. PATRICIA A. HATCHETT: Maj.-Social Studies, Home Economics. CHAPPELL R. HAYES: Maj.-Architect- ural Drafting, Math, Social Studies; Chess Cl ub, Concert Orchestra. LES HAZLETT: Maj.-English. E. FRANCES HEARRELL: Maj.-Social Studies, Home Economics. JAMES E. HENDERSON JR.: Maj.-Social Studies; Key Club, Wrestling, Cross Country, Band— pres, Boy ' s State. LOIS E. HENNESSEY: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education. DAVID C. HERRING: Maj.-Social Studies, Science, French, History. JUDITH J. HESTER: Maj.-Social Studies, Home Economics; Drama-Speech Club, History Club— sec, School Service. LARRY L. HEY: Maj. -Architectural Draft- ing, Math. JOYCE ANN HICKS: Maj.-Social Studies; School Service. LORRAINE M. HILL: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; School Service, Trumpeteer. KENNETH R. HILTON: Maj.-Math, So- cial Studies, German; Arsenal Cannon Weekly, History Club— pres., Quill and Scroll, Freedoms Foundation Pilgrimage- Rep. CAROL A. HINES: Maj.-Social Studies. JONNIE M. HINES: Maj.-Business Educa- tion; Drama-Speech Club. LARRY HINES: Maj.-Social Studies, Science. PAMELA K. HINKLE: Maj.-Business Ed- ucation, Home Economics. JUANITA E. HIRSCHY: Maj.-Math, Ger- man, Social Studies; FTA, Human Re- lations Committee, German Club, School Service. LARRY J. HOBSON: Maj. -French, Math, Social Studies; French Club. RALPH E. HODGSON: Maj. -Social Stud- ies; Baseball, Spanish Club, Boys ' Con- cert Club, School Service. MELVIN C. HOEFLING: Maj.-Social Studies; Techoir. SUE A. HOHNKE: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; Majorette, Spanish Club, School Service, Girls ' Concert Club. VALERIE J. HOLDEN: Maj.-Social Stud- ies, Home Economics; School Service, Service Club. JACKLEN HOLLIDAY-Maj. -English. SHARON A. HOLMES: Maj.-Social Stud- ies, Business Education. MARVA L. HOLSEY: Maj.-Business Edu- cation, Social Studies, Home Economics, Science. ROBERT A. HOLTMAN: Maj.-Stage Craft, Art. TIMOTHY D. HON: Maj.-Science, Busi- ness Education, Social Studies; Football, Baseball. SANDRA K. HOOD: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education. GREGORY HOPPES: Maj.-Social Studies, Auto Mechanics; ROTC. ROBERT W. HOSKINS: Maj.-Drafting; XYZ Club-treas., ROTC Drill Team, Flag Detail-Commander. LINDA J. HOUSE: Maj.-Social Studies, Science; French Club. BETTY ANN HOWARD: Maj. -Art, Busi- ness Education; Art Club, Future Nurses Club, School Service. HELEN G. HOWARD: Maj.-Home Eco- nomics. RICHARD M. HOWARD: Maj.-Refriger- ation; Wrestling, Lettermen ' s Club, Techoir. WAYNE D. HOWERY; Maj.-Auto Body. BEN HUBBARD JR.: Maj.-Auto Me- chanics. BONNIE JO HUBER: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; School Service. STEPHEN HUBER: Maj.-Social Studies; Cross Country, School Service. JOSEPH L. HUDSON: Maj. -Radio-Tele- vision; Radio Club. RICHARD HUFFMAN: Maj. -Math. SUSAN HUMBARGER: Maj.-Social Stud- ies, Art; Girls ' Ensemble, Techoir, Art Club. DAVID HUMPHRIES: Maj.-Social Stud- ies, Shop; Freshman Track, Freshman Football. KENNETH L. HUNT: Maj.-Auto Body, Social Studies. PEGGY S. HUPP: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; Drama Club, Speech Club, School Service, Prayer Circle. MICHAEL D. HYATT: Maj. -Spanish, So- cial Studies; Key Club, DCE, Spanish Club, Arsenal Cannon Weekly. STEVEN J. INGELS: Maj.-Social Studies, Speech, German; NFL— pres., Drama- Speech Club— pari., Debate Team, Thes- pians. LAMAR IRBY, JR.: Maj.-Shop. PHYLLIS J. IRWIN: Maj.-Home Econom- ics, Business Education; Service Club. F. INEZ ISHAM: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; GAA. CHERYL M. JACKSON: Maj.-Business Education, Social Studies; Concert Club, Techoir, Cheerblock, Service Club. MICHAEL J. JACKSON: Maj. -Refrigera- tion; ROTC, School Service, ROTC Drill Team, Officers ' Club. SAMUEL E. JACKSON: Maj.-Social Stud- ies, Auto Mechanics. SUELLEN JACKSON: Maj.-Social Studies; FTA, Spanish Club, History Club. PATRICIA JACOBS: Maj.-Art; School Service. SHARON S. JAMES: Maj.-Math, Social studies; School Service. JUDY JEFFERS: Maj. -English. ADA JEFFERSON: Maj.-Home Econom- ics, Business Education. BARBARA JENKINS: Maj.-English. JOSEPH JENNINGS: Maj.-Radio-Tele- HARRY JILES: Maj.-Social Studies, Busi- ness. Education. FREDERICK A. JOHNSON: Maj.-Social Studies, Music; Techoir, Boys ' Octette, ROTC, Foo tball, Track. GLORIA J. JOHNSON: Maj.-Business Ed- ucation, Social Studies. IMOGENE JOHNSON: Maj.-Art, Social Studies; History Club. JACK L. JOHNSON: Maj.-Social Studies, Machine Shop. LOUISE Y. JOHNSON: Maj.-Home Eco- nomics, Social Studies; Future Nurses Club. NANCY ANN JOHNSON: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; Concert Orchestra, GAA. R. ERIC JOHNSON: Maj.-Social Studies; Cross Country, Techoir, Red Cross Club. WILLIAM A. JOHNSON: Maj.-English. CAROLYN S. JONES: Maj.-Art; Service Club. CHARLES E. JONES: Maj.-Auto Body. JENNIFER L. JONES: Maj.-Home Eco- LARRY R. JONES: Maj.-Auto Body. LARRY RICHARD JONES: Maj.-Art. RONALD G. JONES: Maj.-Auto Me- chanics. ROBERT J. KAISER: Maj.-Social Studies; Varsity Baseball, Lettermen ' s Club. GARY L. KAMMERLING: Maj.-Math, Social Studies, Science. WAYNE KAROL: Maj.-English. JAMES KARR: Maj.-Social Studies, Math, Science; Red Cross Club, XYZ Club- treas., Service Club— pres., Techoir, SAO Executive Board— pari. MARY K. KEEFE: Maj.-Social Studies, PATRICIA D. KELLER: Maj.-Business Education; Red Cross Club, GAA. DAVID KENNEDY: Maj.-Social Studies, Science, Shop; Cross Country. RONALD KERN: Maj.-Science; ROTC Rifle Team. MICHAEL L. KIEFER: Maj.-Social Stud- ies, Printing; Printing Club. MARIE KING: Maj.-Social Studies, Busi- ness Education. RUSSELL L. KING: Maj.-Social Studies. MICHAEL R. KINNAMAN: Maj.-Radio- Television; Cross Country. LINDA J. KIRBY: Maj.-Social Studies; Spanish Club, Music Club. JOHN H. KIRKBRIDE: Maj.-Social Stud- ies; Wrestling, Lettermen ' s Club, Var- sity Football— Co-capt. AUGUSTUS A. KISSEE: Maj.-Math, Art; School Service, Service Club, Art Club- v-pres. KENNETH W. KITTS: Maj.-Spanish, So- cial Studies; Techoir, Spanish Club— treas., Concert Club. OTIS J. KLOSS: Maj.-English. RICHARD L. KNOX: Maj.-Math, Radio- Television. SUZANNE S. KREIGER: Maj.-Social Stud- ies, Home Economics, Spanish; Techoir, Spanish Club. PHILLIP K. KUNKEL: Maj.-Spanish; Varsity Football, Reserve Wrestling, Spanish Club, Techoir. MARTHA L. KYER: Maj.-Social Studies, Home Economics; History Club. RUTHIE I. LAGLE: Maj.-Home Ec ics; Concert Orchestra. 100 SHIRLEY LANE: Maj.-English. JAMES LATIMORE: Maj.-Auto Body. JUDITH A. LAUGHLIN: Maj. -Science, Math, Foreign Language, Social Studies; Future Teachers of America. MILFORD C. LAUBAUCH; Maj.-Art, So- cial Studies. BETTY JEAN LEAVELL: Maj.-Social Studies, Home Economics. PAULETTE E. LEDFORD: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education, Math. TRUDY LENOX: Maj.-Social Studies, Music; Madrigals, Techoir, School Serv- STEPHEN D. LEONARD: Maj.-Business Education, Social Studies; ROTC, Chem- istry-Physics Club, School Service. ROBERT E. LESNET: Maj.-Social Stud- ies, Body and Fender. WILLIAM C. LESTER: Maj.-Printing; Track. EVELYN LEWIN: Maj.-Social Studies; Cheerleaders — capt., Techoir — v-pres., ROTC Sponsor, Girls Ensemble. BARBARA JEAN LEWIS: Maj.-English. DONNA LEWIS: Maj.-Math, Social Stud- ies, Business Education; Future Nurses Club, Drama-Speech Club, NFL. NEDRA L. LEWIS: Maj.-Social Studies, Spanish; Arsenal Cannon Yearbook, Fu- ture Nurses Club, School Service, Span- ish Club, History Club, Service Club. RUTH E. LINGLE: Maj.-Business Edu- cation. BARBARA JEAN LISENBY: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education. DIANNE E. LITTLE: Maj. -Home Eco- nomics. DENNIS A. LOGAN: Maj.-Math, Science; Officers ' Club, School Service. CAROL ANN LONG: Maj.-Social Studies, Math; School Service, Cheerblock. LOUIS J. LONG, JR.: Maj.-Art, ROTC; Techoir, Madrigals, Drill Team Com- mander. STEPHEN B. LOOMIS: Maj.-Auto Me- chanics, Business Education; Baseball. GLEE DARLENE LOOPER: Maj.-Social Studies, Science, Music; Techoir, Girl ' s Ensemble, School Service, Girl ' s Concert Club. ETHEL B. LOTT: Maj.-Home Economics. LARRY LOWE: Maj.-Social Studies, Auto Mechanics. JANICE LUCAS: Maj.-Math, Social Stud- WILLARD F. LUDWIG: Maj.-Auto Body; School Service. STEVEN GEORGE LYKINS: Maj.-Print- ing. KAREN SUE LYNN: Maj.-Business Edu- cation, Social Studies. MARY McAREE: Maj.-Social Studies, Math, Science; SAO Executive Board, Quill and Scroll, Arsenal Cannon Week- ly, News Bureau Chief. GREGORY S. McCALL: Maj.-Math, Social Studies; Baseball, Letterman ' s Club, School Service. ARTHELLA G. McCAULEY: Maj.-Busi- ness Education, Social Studies; Human Relations Committee— pres., SAO Exe- cutive Board, FTA, GAA, School Service. EARL D. McCLARREN: Maj.-Radio-Tele- VICTORIA J. McCLUNG: Maj.-Social Studies, Spanish; Cheerblock, Spanish Club— sec., Future Teachers of America, School Service. JAMES M. McDANIEL: Maj. -Machine Drafting. ROBERT L. McDOWELL: Maj.-Social Studies. JERRY L. McGARY: Maj.-Science, Shop; Wrestling, Track Team. RICHARD L. McKENNA: Maj.-Radio- Television; Radio Club— pres. BERTHA M. McMILLIN: Maj.-Business Education, Home Economics; Red Cross Club, Future Nurses Club. PAUL L. McNEELY: Maj.-Social Studies, Math; School Service. ERIC G. McQUEEN: Maj.-Social Studies; Band, Orchestra, Dance Band, Track, Cross Country. HARRY A. MAHONE: Maj.-Electronics. HAROLD R. MAPLES: Maj.-Auto Me- chanics. MARCELLA MARTIN: Maj.-Home Eco- Maj.— Business Edu- jAll VEONIA MARTIN: cation. JAMES N. MASON: Maj.-Body and Fender; Wrestling, ROTC. C. SUE MASSENA: Maj.-Home Econom- ics, Business Education. ROBERT L. MASTERS: Maj.-Auto Me- chanics, DCE. DEEANN MATHIS: Maj.-Social Studies, Latin; SAO Executive Board— rec. sec, FTA, Arsenal Cannon Yearbook, Quill and Scroll. JAMES MAVITY: Maj.-Social Studies, Architectural Drafting. HELEN CHRISTINE MAYFIELD: Maj.- Sccial Studies. ELSTER AUDIE MEADER: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education. RONALD GENE MEADERS: Maj.-Auto Body; DCE Club. CAROL ANN MEDCALF: Maj.-Business Education. JANICE ROSE MEDCALF: Maj.-Business Education, Home Economics; School Service. GARY GENE MEISTER: Maj.-Business Education. JOHN C. MELVIN: Maj.-English. STEWART ALLEN MENCER: Maj.-So- cial Studies, Printing. KENNETH A. MESSENGER: Maj.-Arch- itectural Drafting, Math. SANDRA K. MICHAEL: Maj.-Business Education; DCE-pres., Shorthand and Filing Awards. ERNEST L. MILLER: Maj. -Pattern Mak- ing; School Service. REED MILLS JR.: Maj.-Auto Body Shop. CAROL MINDACH: Maj.-German, So- cial Studies; Drama-Speech Club, Thes- pians, History Club, German Club. JOSEPH M. MISBACH: Maj.-Science, Social Studies; Techoir, Madrigals, SAO Executive Board— sgt.-at-arms, Key Club v-pres. DONNA M. MITCHELL: Maj.-Social Studies. LINDA MITCHELL: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education. ELISHA OTIS MONDAY: Maj.-Social Studies, Math. NICOLA S. MONTANI: Maj.-General Shop. JERROLD K. MONTGOMERY: Maj.- Math, Social Studies; ROTC, Officers Club, History Club. SHARON S. MONTGOMERY: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; Girls Con- cert Club, Service Club. LARRY K. MOORE: Maj.-Social Studies; Reserve Football. KIP S. MOORE: Maj. -Math, Social Studies. GREGORY MOORMAN: Maj.-Math, Sci- ence; Service Club. JUDY L. MORGAN: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education, Home Economics; Service Club. JACK T. MORTON: Maj.-Social Studies, Math; Techoir, Key Club-v-pres., Hu- man Relations Council, Tennis. JERRY L. MOSS: Maj. -Drafting, Math. LARRY J. MOULDEK: Maj.-Business Ed- ucation. CHARLES D. MUNDEN: Maj.-General Shop. GEORGIA MURRAY: Maj.-Social Studies; Art Club. FRED J. MUSE: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; Service Club. 102 STEVEN MUSE: Maj.-Welding. BETTY A. MYERS: Maj.-Home Econom- ics. DAVID L. MYERS: Maj.-Social Studies. LEWIS J. MYERS: Maj.-Social Studies. MARSHA K. NALE: Maj.-Business Edu- cation; Majorette. DIANA NAPIER: Maj. -Business Educa- tion; Drama-Speech Club, GAA. HARRIETT J. NEAL: Maj. -Business Edu- cation. NANCY NEAL: Maj. -Business Education, Social Studies. DOROTHY A. NEILL: Maj.-Social Stud- ies; Natural Science Club. SHIRLEY D. NEW: Maj.-Business Educa- tion. JOHN R. NEWELL: Maj.-Mathematics, General Shop. CHARLES W. NEWKIRK: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; French Club, Concert Club, Freshman Track. PHYLLIS L. NEWKIRK: Maj.-Home Ec- onomics, Social Studies, Mathematics. ELVAIN A. NIOUS: Maj.-Electricity; Radio Club, Band, Wrestling. NEDRA NOEL: Maj.-Business Education; School Service. BRENDA E. NOLAN: Maj.-Home Eco- nomics. MARY MICHELLE NORQUEST: Maj.- Social Studies, Math. DANNY EUGENE NUSBAUMER: Maj.- Social Studies, Auto Body; Chess Club. CAROLYN SUE O ' HERN: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; Drama Club, Art Club, French Club, Red Cross Club, Service Club. ANN ELIZABETH OLIVER: Maj.-Business Education, Social Studies; History Club, Y-Teens, GAA, School Service. JOHNNY OPEL: Maj.-Math, Machine Drafting, Auto Mechanics. BEVERLY KAY OSBORNE: Maj.-Business Education, Social Studies, Home Eco- nomics; School Service. KAREN L. OWENS: Maj.-Home Eco- nomics, Social Studies, Math; School Service. QUINNETTA OWSLEY: Maj.-Business Education. THOMAS PACHECO: Maj.-English. MARGARET PAGE: Maj.-English. FREDERICK PANHORST: Maj.-Science, Social Studies; Chem-Physics Club— pres., Sketchbook— adv. director. RICHARD E. PARHAM: Maj.-English. BRUCE E. PARISH: Maj.-Carpentry; ROTC, Color Guard, Freshman and Re- serve Football, School Service. DAVID S. PARK: Maj.-Math, Science, So- cial Studies; Jr. Prom King. JIMI S. PARKER: Maj.-Foreign Language, Social Studies, Science; Future Nurses Club, Girls Concert Club. RANDALL L. PARKER: Maj.-Social Studies; Shop. MAXINE L. PARKS: Maj.-Business Edu- cation, Social Studies, Math. GERTRUDE PARR: Maj.-Home Econom- ics, Social Studies; Future Nurses Club, Service Club. PATRICK PARBISH: Maj.-Auto Shop, So- cial Studies. VIOLA PARBISH: Maj.-Business Educa- tion, Social Studies; School Service. ROGER A. PARSONS: Maj.-Math. DEBORAH JO PASCHAL: Maj.-Business Education, Social Studies; Junior Prom Decorating Committee. THOMAS H. PAYNE, JR.: Maj.-Auto Mechanics; Wrestling, Band. MARY JANE PEARL: Maj.-Home Eco- nomics, Social Studies. STEVE PEDLOW: Maj.-Math, Foreign Language, Social Studies; Quill and Scroll. MELVIN PENICK: Maj.-Masonry; Rifle Team, NCO Club. DIANA L. PENNINGTON: Maj.-Social Studies, Art; Cap and Gown Commit- tee, DCE, School Service. S. DARLENE PERKINSON: Maj.-Social Studies, Home Economics; Style Show, French Club. BETTY J. PERRY: Maj.-Social Studies, Home Economics; Sketchbook, Drama- Speech Club, Service Club. T. LOUISE PERRY: Maj.-English. MARGARET ANN PETYON: Maj.-Busi- ness Education; School Service. KEITH R. PHEMISTER: Maj.-Math, So- cial Studies, Science, Music; Techoir, Boy ' s Octette, Tennis, Float Committee. JUDITH R. PHILLIPS: Maj.-Social Stud- ies; Techoir, Girl ' s Ensemble, Flag- twirler, Float Committee. WANDA LEE PHILPOTT: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; DCE, DCE Convention Delegate, School Service. JANICE PLASKETT: Maj.-Social Studies. LINDA POLAND: Maj.-Home Economics, Business Education; Techoir, Girl ' s En- semble. MICHAEL J. POLSON: Maj.-Music, So- cial Studies; SAO Executive Board, Techoir, Key Club. LYNN M. POOLE: Maj.-Shop; Football. ROBERT L. PORTER: Maj.-Foundry; Basketball, Football. SARA J. PORTER: Maj.-Social Studies; Latin Club, Drama-Speech Club, History Club, School Service. SHARON POYNTER: Maj.-Business Edu- cation. STEPHEN PRIDEMORE: Maj.-Social Studies, Math, Auto Trades; Golf Team. ALICE T. PURVIS: Maj.-Math, Lan- guages, Social Studies; French Club, History Club, Service Club, Chess Club, GAA. PETERIS V. PUTELIS: Maj.-Math, So- cial Studies; Key Club, Concert Orches- tra, German Club, XYZ Club, String En- semble. SHARON RADY: Maj.-Social Studies; DCE, ROTC Sponsor. DIANNE, RAMSAY: Maj.-Business Edu- cation; School Service. GARY RAMSEY: Maj.-Social Studies, Auto Mechanics. JANICE SUSIE RATLIFF: Maj.-Business Education; Cannon Agent, SAO. JAY C. RATLIFF: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; Cannon Staff, Con- cert Club. BRENDA JOYCE REED: Maj.-Business Education. JANET RENO: Maj.-Business Education. ROGER A. REYNOLDS: Maj.-Social Stud- ies, Radio-Television. JAMES L. RICHARDSON: Maj.-Machine Drafting, Social Studies; Wrestling. RICHARD GRANT RIEGEL: Maj.-Art, Social Studies; Art Club— v-pres. TERRY LEE RIEGEL: Maj.-Art, Social Studies. DANIEL A. RIVERS: Maj.-Aviation; ROTC, Drill Team. DIANE I. ROBERTS: Maj.-Social Studies, Language; Service Club, School Service, Techoir, Convocation Committee. MARY M. ROBERTS: Maj.-Home Econom- ics; Drama-Speech Club. SANDRA ANN ROBERTS: Maj.-Business Education, Social Studies. ELIZABETH ANN ROBINSON: Maj.- Home Economics, Business Education. STEPHEN ROBERTSON: Maj.-Social Studies. NORMA SHORT: Maj.-Social Studies. SHARON C. ROTHROCK: Maj. -Home Economics, Social Studies. C. JERRY ROTT: Maj. -Mathematics, So- cial Studies, German; Arsenal Cannon Weekly, German Club Reporter, Band. MICHAEL ROWLAND: Maj. -English. RICHARD L. RUDOLPH: Maj.-Art. JOHN H. RUDD: Maj. -Auto Mechanics. R. DAVID RUFFIN: Maj. -Business Edu- cation; German Club, School Service. DAN RUSHTON: Maj. -English. DAVID RUSHTON: Maj.-Social Studies, Drafting. EMOND RUSSELL: Maj.-Social Studies, Drafting. EVELYN LOUISE RUSSELL: Maj.-Home Economics; Future Nurses Club. SHIRLEY J. RYAN: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education. DEBORAH E. ST. JOHN: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education, Foreign Language; German Club, History Club. ARTHUR SAMS: Maj.-Social Studies, Plumbing; Football, Basketball, Track, Block T Club. BEVERLY SANDERS: Maj.-Home Eco- nomics. ROGER SAYLES: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; FTA. KAREN SUE SCALF: Maj.-Home Eco- nomics, Business Education. JAMES B. SCALF: Maj. -Printing; Print- ing Club, Wrestling, ROTC. KENNETH SCANTLAND: Maj. -Carpentry. KAREN SCHAFHOUSER: Maj.-S o c i a 1 Studies, Business Education, Math; Jun- ior Achievement— pres. CONNIE SCHILLER: Maj. -Math, Business Education, Social Studies; DCE Club. STEPHEN SCHMIDT: Maj. -English, So- cial Studies, Drafting; Golf. SHARYL A. SCHOENEWEY: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; Cheer- leading, Girls Ensemble, Choir, Service Club, ROTC. EVELYN J. SCHUELLER: Maj.-Social Studies, German, Math; Drama-Speech Club— v-pres., Thespians, NFL, Arsenal Cannon Yearbook. JUDY KAY SCHULTZ: Maj.-Art, Social Studies; XYZ Club, Art Club. GILBERT D. SCOTT: Maj.-Radio-Tele- vision; Color Guard, Flag Detail. MARKLIN E. SCOTT: Maj.-Printing; Con- cert Club. CLARENCE F. SCURLOCK: Maj. -English, Social Studies; Building Trades. SUSAN D. SEAVER: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; Service Club v-pres. DONNA S. SEIBERT: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; Cheerblock, Flag twirler, Head, Color Guard, School Serv- KENNETH L. SEIBERT: Maj.-Auto Body; DCE Club. DORYCEA A. SENOUR: Maj.-Social Stud- ies, Business Education; History Club, French Club. MICHAEL SHACKELFORD: Maj.-Social Studies; Golf Team, Marching Band, Pep Band, Orchestra. SHIRLEY SHACKELFORD: Maj.-Home Economics, Business Education; School Service. TIMOTHY B. SHANNON: Maj.-Social Studies, Auto Body Shop. GEORGE R. SHELBY: Maj.-Building Trades; Drum Major, School Service, Pep Band, Orchestra. JAMES ALAN SHEPHERD: Maj.-Math, English, Auto Mechanics; Track, Cross Country, School Service. SANDRA SHERRILL: Maj. -English, Home Economics, Business Education; School Service. P. IRENE SHINGLETON: Maj.-Social Studies; School Service. LEONA M. SHIPP: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education, Home Economics; School Service, Service Club, Princess of Light Candidate. 105 RONALD M. SHUPPERT: Maj.-Art; School Service, Concert Club. MARILYN D. SISK: Maj.-Social Studies, Home Economics. KAREN S. SKELTON: Maj.-Business Edu- cation, Home Economics. AUSTIN W. SMITH: Maj.-Math, Auto Mechanics. DARLENA S. SMITH: Maj.-Social Studies, Education. DONALD E. SMITH: Maj.-Social Stud- ies, Business Education, Math; Human Relations Committee, SAO Representa- tive. FREDERICK O. SMITH: Maj.-Social Studies, Science, Math; Techoir. JIMMY D. SMITH: Maj.-Auto Mechanics, Social Studies; School Service. JUDITH L. SMITH: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education. SHARON SMITH: Maj.-Home Economics, Social Studies; School Service. TERRY M. SMITH: Maj.-Social Studies; Cross Country, Track. WILLIAM A. SMITH: Maj.-Auto Me- chanics, Social Studies; Drama-Speech Club, Orchestra— sgt.-at-arms and treas., Techoir, String Ensemble. LORRAINE SNORDEN: Maj.-Home Eco- nomics; Future Nursing Club, GAA, Arsenal Cannon Weekly, School Service. ROBERT L. SNOW: Maj.-Social Studies; 1st place Mech. Drawing IV Awards. JOSEPH S. SOWDER: Maj.-Sheet Metal; Wrestling Varsity and Reserve, Cross Country, School Service. CHARLES SPARKS: Maj.-Social Studies. CARMA K. SPAW: Maj.-Social Studies. RONNIE STALLINGS: Maj.-Pattemmak- ing. SUSIE STARKS: Maj.-Home Economics. MARGARET A. STEFFEY: Maj.-Business Education; School Service. JOHN STELLA: Maj.-Math, German, So- cial Studies. DENVIL STEPHENS: Maj.-Social Stud- ies, Radio-Television. PATTY MARIE STIGERS: Maj.-Art, Busi- ness Education. DIANA STOCKRAM: Maj.-Home Econom- ics, Business Education. ROSE MARIE STOVALL: Maj.-Home Ec- onomics; Music Club, Techoir. NETTIE STOWERS: Maj.-Math, Social Studies; JCL, GAA. JAN STRATTAN: Maj.-Social Studies. MARA STRELNIEKS: Maj.-Math, Social Studies, German; SAO Executive Board, Arsenal Cannon Weekly, XYZ Club- pres., Orchestra, Junior Achievement. GLORIA DARLENE STRONG: Maj.-So- cial Studies, Business Education. IRVIN V. STUART: Maj.-Business Edu- cation, Social Studies; Tech Band, Sketchbook Band, Music Club, Orches- tra. JACQULINE SULLIVAN: Maj.-Home Social Studies, Business Edu- SUTTON: Maj.-Foods; Tech cation LINDA Band. CAROL Studie ial J. SWINFORD: Maj Business Education. ERIC R. SYFERT: Maj.-Auto Mechanics CHARLES A. TAYLOR: Maj.-Social Stud DEANE ANN TAYLOR: Maj.-Business Education, Social Studies. LINDA I. TAYLOR: Maj.-History; Girl ' s Concert Club. WILLIAM TAYLOR: Maj. -Electricity. DOROTHY MAE TEDROW: Maj.-Busi- ness Education. RAY ALLAN TEDROW: Maj.-Social Studies, Radio-Television. 106 SHERYL LYN THIESING: Maj.-Social Studies; Hostess of Orchestra, Madrigals, Teehoir. JOHNNIE L. THOMAS: Maj.-Home Eco- nomics, Business Education. ROBERT M. THOMAS: Maj.-Social Stud- VICKI G. THOMPSON: Maj.-Business Ed- ucation. WILLIAM S. THOMPSON: Maj.-Car- pentry; School Service. TYRON L. TICE: Maj.-Aviation. ALLEN LORIS TILFORD: Maj.-Auto Mechanics; ROTC Drill Team, NCO Club. BONNIE TODD: Maj.-Aviation. LYNDA LEE TURNER: Maj.-Social Stud- ies. BRYAN VAN GUNDY: Maj.-Aviation, So- cial Studies. SHARON DAY VAN WYE: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education. BEVERLY RHEA VAUGHN: Maj.-Social Studies, Music. EDNA LYNELLA VEST: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; Majorette. CHRISTINE VESTAL: Maj.-German, So- cial Studies. CAROLYN S. WADE: Maj.-Social Stud- ies, Home Ec ERIC WALDHAUS: Maj.-Social Studies, Science. SANDRA K. WALKER: Maj.-Home Eco- nomics, Social Studies. CAROL M. WALL: Maj.-Business Edu- cation. PATRICK JOESPH WALSH: Maj.-Sci- ence, Social Studies. DALE W. WALTERS: Maj.-Math; ROTC Officers Club, Tennis Team. SYLVINA I. WALTERS: Maj. Business Ed- ucation. LINDA M. WANDRIE: Maj.-Home Eco- nomics, Social Studies. BARBARA J. WARD: Maj.-Business Edu- cation; School Service. STEVEN WARFIELD: Maj.-Shop. DEBORAH V. WATERS: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; Home Eco- nomics. RUTH A. WEBB: Maj.-Business Educa- tion, Home Economics. DORA B. WEBBER: Maj.-Business Edu- cation. CAROL WEBER: Maj.-Home Economics; School Services. MICHAEL A. WEBER: Maj. -Masonry; Letterman ' s Club, Key Club, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Cross Country, School Service. BARBARA J. WEGENER: Maj.-Math, So- cial Studies; FTA, Arsenal Cannon Yearbook, School Service. DIANA J. WEIDMAN: Maj.-Social Stud- ies, Foreign Language, Business Educa- tion; Spanish Club, School Service. CONNIE SUE WELCH: Maj.-Business Education; School Service, GAA. WAYNE R. WELLINGTON: Maj.-Cabinet Making; Freshman Basketball. CHARLES E. WELLS: Maj.-Social Stud- ies; Varsity Basketball. EVELYN G. WELLS: Maj.-Business Edu- cation, Social Studies; History Club— 2nd v-pres., Human Relations Committee, Red Cross Club, Arsenal Cannon Weekly. VIRGINIA WELLS: Maj.-Art; Cheer- Block, GAA. ROBERT WENDEL: Maj.-Auto Shop. RONALD D. WHEELER: Maj.-Math; Auto Shop. CLYDE DAVID WHITE: Maj.-Auto Shop. KENNETH H. WHITE: Maj.-Math, Social Studies. Maj.— Social Maj.— Business WILLIAM L. WHITE: Maj. -Social Stud- ies; XYZ Club, Cadet Teaching. RAULEND LEE WHITEIS: Maj.-Business Education; Junior Achievement. LARRY GENE WHITIS: Maj.-Math. PATRICIA A. WHITNEY; Maj.-Social Studies, Home Economics. CLIFFORD F. WILDER: Maj.-Business Education. ALLAN A. WILKINSON: Maj.-Auto Shop, Math, Science, Social Studies; Chemistry- Physics Club. BETTY J. WILLIAMS: Maj.-Business Edu- cation, Home Economics. GLORIA J. WILLIAMS: Studies. LORETTA J. WILLIAMS: Education; DCE Club. MARTHA WILLIAMS: Maj.-Business Edu- cation, Foreign Language, Social Studies; Spanish Club. ROBERT M. WILLIAMS: Maj.-Auto Shop. SANDRA K. WILLIAMS: Maj.-Social Studies; NFL, Service Club, Drama- Speech Club, GAA. THIEL L. WILLIAMS: Maj.-Social Stud- ies, Home Economics; GAA, Y-Teens. WARREN E. WILLIAMS: Maj. -Body and Fender; Band. DAVID A. WILLIS: Maj.-Printing. ALLAN L. WILSON: Maj.-German, Math, Science, Social Studies; German Club, XYZ Club, Chemistry-Physics Club, Nat- ural Science Club, History Club. BETTY C. WILSON: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education; Cheer Block, History Club, Human Relations Committee, Dra- ma Club. CHARLENE B. WILSON: Maj.-Social Studies, Business Education. MARK WILSON: Maj.-Social Studies, Sci- ence, Math; JCL, Chemistry-Physics Club, Page 3 Editor, Cannon, Quill and Scroll. VIOLET WINBURN: Maj.-Social Studies, Math, Business Education; ROTC Spon- sor, Service Club, Cheer Block, Senior Colors Committee, Rifle Team. SANDRA G. WONG: Maj.-Social Studies; School Service, GAA. JANE A. WOODARD: Maj.-Social Studies, Home Economics; DCE— Secretary, School Service, History Club. RANDALL A. WOODSON: Maj.-Math, So- cial Studies. MILDRED WORTH: Maj.-Home Eco- nomics. SPENCER WORTH II: Maj.-Social Stud- ies; Key Club, Techoir, Boys Octette, Cross-Country, Track. REBECCA L. WRIGHT: Maj.-Home Eco- nomics; Art Club. THERESA M. WRIGHT: Maj.-Social Stud- ies; Junior Achievement, Red Cross Club. WILLIAM E. WRIGHT: Maj.-English, Shop. MICHAEL A. YATES: Maj.-Science, Art, Metalcrafts. ANNE M. YOUNG: Maj.-Social Studies, Math; Girls Concert Club, Future Nurses Club, Senior Float Committee, Nursing Assistant. MICHAEL L. YOUNG: Maj.-Foreign Lan- guage, Social Studies; Cross Country. RICHARD L. YOUNG: Maj.-Science, So- cial Studies; Chemistry-Physics Club. JUANA S. ZAMORA: Maj.-Business Edu- cation, Home Economics. 108 August Seniors ROBERT ANDREWS: Maj.-English, Math. NANCY BABB: Maj.-English, Business Math. JERRY BONDS: Maj. -Printing, Social Studies; Track, Basketball, Baseball. JOHN BREWER: Maj.-Welding. WILLIAM CASSADY: Maj.-Math, Auto- Shop; Football, Basketball, Track, Cross Country. CAROLYN COMBEST: Maj.-English, So- cial Studies, Business Education; Human Relations. TRUDY L. COOK: Maj.-English. CARLA J. COOPER: Maj.-English, Busi- ness Education, Social Studies, Science; Techoir. STEVE DICKENS: Maj.-English, Social Studies, Math. ERNEST DORSEY: Maj.-English. DANIEL L. DYCUS: Maj.-Shop, English. THOMAS FISHER: Maj.-English, Social Studies, Shop. RUTH A. GARDNER: Maj.-English, Home Economics. MICHAEL A. GRANT: Maj.-Social Stud- ies, English. JUDY A. HALL: Maj.-English, Social Studies, Business Education. LINDA HANLON: Maj.-English. JAMES C. HARRELL: Maj.-English, Shop, ROTC; Basketball, Football, Track Man- ager. JOYCE ANN HARRIS: Maj.-English, Home Economics; Fu ture Nurses Club, Drama-Speech Club, School Service. ANNETTE R. HERBERT: Maj. -Business Education, Home Economics, English. JENNY HISE: Maj.-English, Math, Social Studies; Y-Teens, Future Teachers of America. VERA L. HUSER: Maj.-Home Economics, English, Business Ed. LINDA HUTTON: Maj.-Art, English, So- cial Studies; Cheerblock. LINDA L. KEEN: Maj.-English. CHARLES S. KENNEDY: Maj.-English. GLORIA J. LASHBROOK: Maj.-English, Business Education; Art Club— pres. FLORENCE LAYMAN: Maj.-English, So- cial Studies, Business Education. SHARON LEAP: Maj.-English, Business Education. GARLAND MANUEL: Maj.-E n g 1 i s h; School Service. SHEILA MARTIN: Maj.-English, Sci- ence, Home Economics. CAROL MERRIFIELD: Maj.-English; Home Economics. STEVE McDONALD: Maj.-Social Studies, English; School Service. LINDA PERRY: Maj.-English. JANET PHELPS: Maj.-English, Business Education. ROSEMARY PHILLIPS: Maj.-English, Business Education. NANCY RILEY: Maj.-English, Business Education. NORMAN RILEY: Maj.-Auto Trades, Sci- ence, English. WILLIAM SAWYERS: Maj.-English, Ar- chitectural Drafting, Social Studies. PHYLLIS SCATES: Maj.-English, Business Education; School Service. SANDRA SHERRILL: Maj.-English, Busi- ness Education, Home Economics. DOSSIE SIMS: Maj.-English, Auto Me- chanics; Track, Cross Country. JtAmh ALLEN SNYDER: Maj.-Printing, English. PAUL STEPHENSON: Maj.-Math, Shop. JAMES SURBER: Maj.-English. BARBARA SUTTON: Maj.-English. JACK. SWARTZ: Maj.-English. PAMELA WALLER: Maj.-Business Edu- cation, Home Economics, English. LARRY WALTON: Maj.-English. PAUL WHITNEY: Maj. -Carpentry, Typing, Social Studies. Seniors Not Pictured: James S. Ackelmire Donald Ambrose Barbara K. Angel Phillip W. Birkla Frank Bobbitt Eli Brown Robert J. Campbell Dennis M. Carney Jerry Carter Bonnie R. Chamberlin Charles R. Colbert Phyllis Coleman C. Richard Collier Asael Contreras Linda Cook Richard L. Cornforth Edward A. Cox Robert L. Dunn Richard Ellis James L. Fahrenkamp Robert R. Farabee Thomas M. Finney Ralph D. Fortune Michael A. Gillespie Charles Golliday Judy Green Pearlie M. Green Tom Halcomb Robert Hawkins Vaughn R. Hendricl David C. Herring Elizabeth J. Hollins Wanda L. Hood Marcia J. Isbell Daniel M. Johnson Karen Karr Shirley J. La Vullis David M. McCleery Leland R. McDanie! Dorothy M. McGee Sherry D. Majors Nancy Marcum Pamela A. Maxey Thomas A. May Clarence D. Miles Joseph C. Monroe Robert L. Moore Eldon W. Moulder Thomas P. Northrup Margree Oakley Pamela R. Ostermerer Bonnie Lee Owens Marcella Parks Barbara Pate Charles Perden Charles C. Pierce David L. Pittman Gary Pugh Patrick D. Quillin Reece Randolph Charles T. Roy Danny J. Richards John F. Robertson Bertha Robinson Kenneth W. Robinson Reginald L. Ronay Linda L. Rynard Charles D. Sams Anna Marie Sanchez Larry K. Simpson David M. Smith Nathaniel Smith Sharon Y. Smith William R. Sparks Linda J. Stanfield William H. Steiner Marvin E. Stinger Loanna Stroup James A. Taylor John Michael Thomas Ariah Turner Joyce W. Upshaw Karolyn J. Walker Cornell Walton Audry L. Ward Bryon L. Westmoreland Steven Alan Wetherell Gloria Ann Wilkinson David M. Williams Benny L. Wilson Patrick P. Wilson Gweneth E. Witte Cheryl K. Wood Pauline I. Woods Do R. Yo SKETCHBOOK DIRECTORS— Kay Lester, publications; Leona Shipp, business; Thomas Finney, technical; Gordon Caudill, instrumental; Steven Watkins, vocal; Evelyn Schueller, dramatics; not pictured Angela Thomas, dancing. Matt Matlik presented Mr. Longshore with a Youth Senate Program Flag which had been flown over the White House. Mrs. Richard B. Miller presented Nancy Boyd with the Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizenship Award. Efforts Were Rewarded Kay Lester received the Betty Crocker Award, presented by Miss Kreft and Mr. Longshore. A state-televised address was given by Ron Strahl at the Bellamy Awards Program at Wausau, Wisconsin. TFXH LEGION— Front Row: Captains Evelyn Sehueller, Patricia Todd, Carolvn Wuster, Matt Matlik, Co-Commanders Jnanita Hirschy and R. Steven Belding; Captains Kenneth Hilton, Jo Ann Brady, Nancy Boyd, Chris Hammond. Roiv 2: Diane Childers, Judy Strong, Jane Woodard, Loretta Wil- liams, Donna Seibert, Nedra Lewis, Nancy Hartle, Christina Priest, Gloria Wilkinson, Dorothy Neill, Connie Schiller. Roiv 3: Trudy Lenox, Evelyn Wells, Teresa Black, Edna Vest, Cheryl Jackson, Emily Gullion, Deeann Mathis, Linda DeMunbrun, Kay Lester, Glinda Clevenger, Deborah St. John. Roiv 4: Diane Pennington, Sharyl Schoenewey, Fran- Tech Legion High TECH LEGION COM- MITTEE— F i t s t Row Miss Margaret Peterson Mrs. Mary Furry. Sec ond Row: Robert Beld ing, Mrs. Marian Moore Charles Glore. cis Bass, Mara Strelnieks, Carol Blount, Alice Purvis, Mary McAree, Linda Everett, Phyllis Newkirk, Mary Hopping. Row 5: Robert Beck, Kemp Shobe, William Bolander, Dan- iel Dinnsen, Richard Fowler, Roger Brinkley, David Coffin, Steven Ingels, William Conour, Joseph Misbach, Michael Weber, Gordon Caudill, David Denham, Tommy Heitzman, Kenneth Hughes, Daniel Bacon. Not Pictured: Susan Hum- barger. Steven Pedlow, John Cooper, Mary Susan Gaunce, Stephen Grove, Carolyn Hartman, Lorraine Hill, Fred Muse, Michael Poison, Shirley Ryan. lights Senior Year Mr. Longshore and Matt Matlik officiated at the Tech Legion Assembly. COMMENCEMENT COMMITTEE— Front Row: Diane Childers, Patricia Todd, Sheri Crane. Second Row: James Sowder, Matt Matlik, Steve Belding, Tom Heitzman. Not Shown: Harold Sark. GIFT COMMITTEE— Front Row: Judy Strong, Chris Hammond, Christina Priest, Mary J. Hopping. Second Row: Robert Beck, Kemp Shobe, Richard Fowler, John Mills. RECOMMENDATIONS COMMITTEE— Front Row: Phillip Davenport, Linda De Munbrum, Dale Jaynes. Second Row: Charles Pittman, Aubrey Anderson, Ronald Strahl, Steve Belding. 114 SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE— Front Row: Teresa Black, Kay Lester, Nancy Boyd, Diane Roberts, Mara Strelnieks, Juanita Hirschy. Second Row: Daniel Dennison, Matt Matlik, Kenneth Hilton, Richard Fowler, Ronald Strahl. CONVOCATION COMMITTEE— Front Row: Gloria Wilkinson, Juanita Hirschy, Trudy Lenox. Second Row: Daniel Dinnsen, Gordon Caudill, Diane Roberts. VESPERS COMMITTEE— Front Row: Mary McAree, Lorraine Hill, Beverly Vaughn. Second Row: Fred Smith, David Coffin, Carol Blount. CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE— Front Row: Jack Morton, Diane Pin- PROM COMMITTEE— Front Row: Linda Smith, Teresa Black, Kay nington, Fredrik Dunkman, Joseph Sowder. Lester, Christy Priest. Second Row: Patricia Norris, Kenneth Hughes, David Denham, Carolyn Wuster. 115 DANCE COMMITTEE— Front Center: Rebecca Bender. Others (Left to Right): Edna Vest, Nedra Lewis, David Coffin, Nancy Hartle, Dorycea Senour. SENIOR COUNCIL OFFICERS: Linda Smith, sec.; Steve Belding, pies.; Matt Matlik; sgt.-at-arms ; Christina Priest, v-pres. PICNIC COMMITTEE— Front Roiv: Evelyn Schueler, Daniel Bacon, Tonia Franklin. Second Row: Carol Swinford, Joseph Misbach, Emily Gullion. COLOR COMMITTEE— Dorothy Neil], Martha Greenwell, Linda Everett, JoAnn Brady, Leona Shipp, Violet Winburn. Mr. Longshore and Mr. Anderson recalled past experiences. This was the year that marked the celebration of the one-hundredth birthday of the historic Arsenal Building. Tech ' s PTA sponsored the celebration and Mr. Hanson Anderson related the history of Tech and of the Arsenal. Later. Mr. Puckett, v-prin. in charge of finances, buildings and grounds gave some in- side information of what to expect in the future. Refreshments were served and tours of the building were conducted by members of the teaching staff and of the PTA. Mr. Kenneth Puckett spoke to P.T.A. of Tech ' s future. PTA Supported Tech Undertakings 1 ■■■■ ' Raap ..yif.ffii|ifM Jliffllil P finf " " i ' " -iJM} } ' r ' i 1 1 If ' ! 1 § " ' [ H I ■ : B ;i - " ' I m P.T.A. : Mis. Louise Creasser, Rec. Sec; Mr. Warren Harvey, 1st v-pres.; Mr. Longshore, prin.; Mrs. Evelyn Wilson, pies.; Mr. Anderson, former prin. of Tech High School. Mr. Anderson told of Tech ' s first days. 117 1874-1964 Herbert Hoover m Our Advertisers Many of the following businesses served the Indianapo- lis area and especially the Tech district. Our yearbook could not have been possible without these sponsors. These businesses showed their appreciation for Titan patronage by buying space in our advertising section. Their services and products were indispensible to Techites and their families and added to the comfort and enjoyment of The Year That Was. 121 MAX GALLOWAY STUDIO 20 EAST FOURTEENTH STREET ME-5-2200 For the best in Business Training see: CENTRAL BUSINESS COLLEGE 802 North Meridian ME 4-8337 For your drafting needs come to INDIANAPOLIS BLUEPRINT AND LITHOGRAPH COMPANY 600 East Ohio Street ME 2-4466 Pete Putelis For the best in cleaning needs go to SPORTMAN ' S CLEANERS 15 North State ME 1-8232 " Tante, Will you PLEASE give me some of your 7-UP? " begs poor, thirsty Dave. SEVEN-UP YOU LIKE IT IT LIKES YOU MAPLEHURST nullum Dairy Products 3745 Farnsworth Street THE BEST PLACE To stop after school oji INSIDE AND OUTSIDE DINING COMPLETE CARRY OUT SERVICE Tenth Street and Emerson GO0D1P0RT r G OPEN FUME BROILING MAKES THE DELICIOUS DIFFERENCE! HAMBURGERS 154 DOUBLE-BURGERS 25$ CHEESEBURGERS 200 DOUBLE-CHEESEBURGERS 5 HOT FISH SANDWICHES 25$ ' FRENCH FRIES 15» MILK SHAKES W GIANT MILK SHAKES 25$ Cocs-Coll lOt-200 Orange Drink 10C-20t Root Beer 1 20{ Hot Chocolate 15$ Coffee lot " Milk 10$ (HAMBURGERS t CONVENIENT LOCATIONS THROUGHOUT THE CITY FRANCHISED NATIONWIDE BY BURGER CHEF SYSTEMS INDIANAPOLIS 7 Don ' t Be a Dunce Go To PORTER BUSINESS COLLEGE 48 Monument Circle ME 9-2505 Compliments of JOHN GRANDE AND SONS, FLORISTS 2401 West Washington Street ME 7-3525 You Never Outgrow Your Need for MILK Drink at Least 3 Glasses Every Day LUEBKING FLOWER SHOP Corsages and Bouquets 3837 East Tenth Street FL 9-5311 TECH BOOK STORE enjoys serving the student and faculty Textbooks and Supplies Dance and Game Tickets Tech Decals, Shakers, Pennants, and Sweatshirts SKEFFINGTONS FORMAL WEAR, INC. Up-to-date, Smart Formal Wear 132 East New York Street 922 Broad Ripple Avenue ME 4-1583 CL 1-2206 SMITH PHARMACY Prescription Specialists 2250 East Michigan Street ME 8-2000 Before you buy your senior ring see: HERFF JONES 1401 No. Capitol ME 5-1554 Don ' t Be Caught Empty Handed Save At SHELBY STREET FEDERAL 1525 Shelby Street ME 5-1503 940 Massachusetts TRIANGLE PRINTING COMPANY ME 1-9323 I-V COACH COMPANY, INCORPORATED Charter Service MEI rose 4-3198 Buy the affordable furniture at RICHARD BENNETT FURNITURE INCORPORATED 5804 East Washington Street FL 6-7211 Linda McKinney and Judy Johnsons p e s p o rt LEARN ea y, 9 uid STENOGRAPH § MACHINE SHORTHAND SPECIALIZING IN TRAINING HIGH SPEED STENOGRAPHERS-SECRETARIES COURT CONVENTION REPORTERS FREE PLACEMENT SERVICE Day and Evening Classes • Easy-Pay Tuition Plan • ACCOUNTING • TYPING • GREGG SHORTHAND ME 5-9537 STENOGRAPH STUDIO DIVISION OF Consolidated Business College Corner of Mass Penn 318 K OF P BLDG. For the finest in high school rings be sure to see CHARLES B. DYER 234 Massachusetts ME 4-3381 For those who think young drink PEPSI-COLA We insure all risks Auto, Fire, and Homeowners Young and old drivers Low monthly payments call ME 8-7511 RELIABLE INSURANCE AGENCY 1122 East Washington For fine photography come to KAMRA STUDIO INCORPORATED 136 North Grant Avenue FL 7-1477 KIEFER FLOWERS 2901 West 16th ME 7-3407 For Flowers as close as your telephone J. B. FARMER DRUG STORE ARTHURS MUSIC SHOP 2129 Brookside Avenue ME 8-5151 931 Shelby Street ME 8-3524 IMPERIAL SERVICE STATION 1640 East Washington Street ME 2-0594 ME 2-7456 INSURANCE INCORPORATED 1102 Kentucky Avenue CHARLES B. CAMPELL, REALTOR 1137 North Layman Avenue FL 6-9555 RCA- at home in Indiana 1 he people of Indiana are proud of the traditions and skills they have developed for home and country. The skills and dedication of some 13,000 Indiana men and women are at work for RCA and for you. These neighbors of yours earn as a group millions of dollars a year. They spend most of this money right here in Indiana. This helps local industry. Money and employment go hand in hand in other ways. For example, RCA dollars help our State through the mountains of materials they purchase here. Transportation benefits through the steady flow of raw materials into RCA plants and the finished RCA Victor products shipped out all over the country. And RCA employees help provide taxes for the schools, roads and other public works throughout the state. Wherever in America you travel, you will see RCA Victor products in stores and homes. " Made back home in Indiana " you will say to yourself. The Most Trusted Name in Electronics Tmk(s)« Mrs. R gave the impression she was working hard Our mighty photographer, Bill Bolander, was on the go in rain, sleet, and snow, all the time. We Acknowledged: Mr. Puckett beamed as he signed over more money for our great school. Mr. Brown did his best to ignore yearbook staffers. No, it ' s not a police line-up. It ' s the line-up of new staffers Ronald Brenner, Janine Fogelman, and Marshall Trimmer. Mr. Lowell L. Dant accepted our yearbooks when they arrived. m 1 HGife 6 ' K ' ,W ; hP Subject Index A Art Club 43 Art Department 42 Auto-Aviation 48 B Baseball 88, 89 Basketball 80, 81 Biological Science 45 Boys ' Concert Club 32 Boys ' Octette 33 Building Trades Dept 56 Business Ed. Dept 46, 47 C Cannon Weekly 24 Cannon Yearbook 25 Cheerleaders ' 79 Chemistry-Physics Club 44 Chess Club 67 Concert Band 30, 31 Concert Orchestra 30 31 Cross Country 76 D D.C.E. Club 69 Drafting Dept 54 Drama-Speech Club 26 E Electrical Dept 57 English Dept 22, 23 F Flag Twirlers 75 Football 72, 73, 74 Foreign Language 35 French Club 36 Future Nurses Club 68 Future Printers Club . 55 Future Teachers Club 67 G German Club 37 G.A.A ' 48 Girls ' Concert Club 32 Girls ' Ensemble . . 33 Golf , ' ,. ' . 86 H Health and Physical Ed. Dept 49 History Club . 41 Home Ec. Dept . . 50 51 J Junior Classical League 37 K Key Club 66 Kings Queens 62, 63 L Lettermen ' s Club 43 M Madrigal Singers 29 Majorettes 75 Mathematics Dept 38 39 Metal Trades Dept 59 Music Club . . 34 Music Dept ... 28 N N.F.L 27 P Physical Science Dept 44 Printing Dept 55 R Radio Club 57 Red Cross Club .69 ro.t.c ...;;;;:::::::::::::; 5 3 S S.A.O. Executive Board _ g 68 Senior Class Officers 92 Social Studies Department 40 Service Club _ gg Spanish Club _ 35 String Ensemble . . 28 T Tech Legion 112-113 Techoir 99 Thespians 27 Tennis 8 4 Track 07 W Wrestling yg X XYZ Club 30 132 Index Mark Aaron 69,93 Dave Abbett 29,66,93 Jacki Abbett 24,26,27,68,69 Preston Abbott 74 Susan Abney 93 James Ackelmire 110 Dietra Adams 93 Earl Adams 74 Nancy Adams 26,27,32 Robert Adams 76 Tom Adams 35,83 William Adams 32 Gerald Akers 93 Jackie Albertson 37,67 Lucinda Albertson 37 Robert Albertson 93 Dennis Alexander 74 Georgia Alexander 93 Karen Sue Alexander 93 Linda Alexander 93 Anita Linn Allen 93 Paul Allen 30,34 Rita Allen 93 Rosie L. Allen 43,68,93 James Amato 38,53,57 Donald Ambrose 110 Aubrey Anderson 25,72,92,114 Mildred Anderson 45,93 Roger Anderson 93 Robert Andrews 109 Barbara Angel 110 Michael Anglea 93 Nathan Appleton 74,83 Charles Armstrong 93 Jill Armstrong 79 Linda Amett 26,67 Carol Arnold 30,34 John Arthur 93 Doris Asberry 30 Josephine Ashely 34 Michael Aten 93 Marilyn Atherton 26,27,53,69 Leroy Avery 72,78 Marshall Avery 93 Thomas Avery 74,78 Larry Auble 34 Vic Ayers 66,73 Waren Ayers 73 Nancy Babb 109 Daniel Bacon 29,30,34,66,93,112, 116 Richard Bacon 78 David Bailey 74,83 Alfred K. Baker 93 Allen Baker 53 Alice H. Baker 93 Dennis Baker 72,93 Joan A. Baker 93 Joseph Baker 53 Ollie Baker 93 Ron Baker 73 Jerry Ballinger 26,27,93 Ed Bandy 93 Stephanie Baniszewshi 26 Shirley Ann Banks 93 Linda Banta 69 Linda Barber 45 Richard Bare 93 Jesse Barger 53 Daniel Barker 93 Debbie Barnes 63,69 Margaret Barnes 93 Tim Bames 73 Debra Bamett 79 Lillie Bamett 24,30,36,67,69 Olivia M. Bamett 93 John Barrett 78 Clementine Barrow 41,93 Jim Bartholomew 53,69 Darline Bartlett 34,68 Earnest Bartlett 93 Frances Bass 29,93,112 Riley Bates 76 Teresa Baughman 69,93 Stanley Baughn 93 Sharon Baylor 29,33,93 Deborah Bear 48 Margaret Beasley 32,37,41,93 Clarence Bechwith 72,73 Charles Beck 74 Lawrence Beck 55 Robert Beck 37,92,112,114 Steve Beck 73 Steve Beckham 32 Clarence Beckwith 72,73 Linda Bedwell 67 Tom Beeson 29,93 Lewis Beem 93 Barbara Begley 93 Daniel Beight 34 Kenneth Beight 30,34,93 William Beinburg 94 Anita Belding 69 Steve Belding 29,33,48,66,68,89,92, 112,114,116 Richard Bell 74,78 Linda Bell 94 Mickey Bemis 86 Rebecca Bender 24,36,67,94,116 Sharon Benedict 94 Ralph Bennett 94 Richard Bennett 94 William N. Bennett 94 Harry Benson 78 Peggy Berchekas 32,69,75 Ramona L. Berry 68,94 Larry Biech 29,34,69 Bobbe Ellen Bigelow 34 Philip Birkla 55,110 Alma Black 94 Donna Black 53,69,94 Phillip Black 74 Teresa Black 25,26,27,92,112,115 Walter Blankenship 53,94 Carol Blount 48,94,112,115 Donna Blount 26,27,48 Dwight Blue 74,78 Pat Blue 74 Charles Blume 94 Frank Bobbitt 110 William Bolander 24,30,94,112,131 Jerry Bonds 109 Charles Bonnet 37 Fred Bonnet 36,44,67 Willie Boone 94 Siegfried Borczak 76,78 Charles Borders 110 Kathryn Borden 26,37,67 Marsha Boswell 25,36 Sherry Boswell 32,34 Jeanne Bowman 68,94 Frederick Boyd 94 James Boyd 32 Mary Ann Boyd 69 Nancy Boyd 29,30,94,111,112,115 Jaenelle Boykin 79 Jo Ann Brady 29,53,68,69,94, 112,116 Gerald Bramblegt 57 Ronald Bradley 83 Sherry Brannon 35 James Brantley 94 Cleo Brasher 29 Elizabeth Brasher 94 Ronald Brenner 131 Betty Brewer 69 Beverly Brewer 68,94 Ines Brewer 69,94 James Brewer 109 Daniel Bright 94 Jill Brinkley 29 Kent Brinkley 30 Roger Brinkley 30,36,66,94,112 Phyllis Brock 34 Sue Brockman 26,27 Jean Brott 94 Betty Brown 94 Byrdia Brown 94 David Brown 53 Eli Brown 48,72,78,110 Rufas Brown 78 Sadie Brown 94 Sandra Brown 26,27,36,94 Stella Brown 94 Steve Brown 73 Virginia Brown 94 William Bruce 45 Janet Brummett 35 Eddie Bryant 52 Everett Bryant 94 Steven Bryant 94 Carlos Buck 69 Patricia Buck 26 Susan Bunce 94 Pamela Burch 28,30,34,69 Alan R. Burks 53 James Burks 32,53,94 Sherry L. Burks 48 Ted Burks 94 William E. Burks 53 Gloria Burlingame 94 Karess Bumham 75,95 Judi Bums 32,95 Gayle Burris 95 Linda Sue Burris 95 James Bustle 95 Sharon Butts 95 Juanita Byers 48 Anthany Cabbell 72,78,95 Randal Cagle 78 Dianna Caldwell 32 Spencer Caldwell 73 Kenneth Calhoun 53,95 David Calvin 29 Sharon Calvin 24,36,67,95 Robert Cambell 110 Patrick Cantwell 95 Dennis Carney 110 Robert Carrall 95 James Carter 74 Cyril Carter 43,48,72,73 Colinsia Carter 95 Jerry Carter 69,110 Vada T. Carter 41 Lynn Cartrell 53 Marion Casey 48 William Cassady 109 Shirley Caudell 95 Gordan Caudill 29,30,34,66,95, 112,115 Jay Chamberlain 73 Bonnie Chamberlin 110 Gary Champion 74,83 Patricia Chaney 30,95 Brenda Chapman 69,95 James Chapman 74,83 Nancy Chapman 68 Barbara Chishire 68 Diane Childers 67,92,112,114 Charles Chris 53 Tommy Christian 95 Victor Christian 95 Chris Chronis 32,37,66 Martha Church 95 Lewis Cland 78 Beverly Clark 29,95 Janice Clark 110 Louis Clark 72,73 R ichard Clark 26,27,30,36,38 Ronald Clark 95 Bob Clelland 66 Ben Clem 95 Glinda Clevenger 67,95,112 Paula Cline 26,27,41,95 Relis D. Cline 45 Carol S. Coapstick 68,95 James Coe 95 Wayman Coffer 95 Regina Coffey 36,53,69 David Coffin 66,89,95,112,115,116 Charles Colbert 110 Melvin Coleman 32 Phyllis Coleman 43,110 Bruce Collester 32,45 Charles Richard Collier 110 G. Rufus Collins 41 Patricia Collins 35 Linda C. Combest 109 William Conour 26,27,37,66,95,112 Asael Contreras 29,110 Christina E. Cook 95 Linda Cook 110 Karla Cooper 29,109 John Copper 95,112 Donna Corkhill 95 Vivian Corley 95 Ralph Cornell 95 Richard Comforth 110 Jack Corpuz 37,66,95 Rita Corrado 30,69 Shirley Cortez 95 Brenda Cortrecht 96 Frank Courtney 95 Candace Covert 67,95 Robert Cowger 66 Cary Cox 37,41,66 Danny Cox 95 Edward Cox 110 Roy Craft 82 James Craig 74 Sheri Crane 69,92,114 Janice Crawford 67 Jimmie Crawford 96 Thomas Creasser 24,25,30,34,53,66, 68,96 Gregory Cronkwright 96 Roberta Crooke 30 Mary Ellen Cross 96 Lillie Mae Cross 35 Sherry Cross 35,69 Robert Crowder 26,66 Otis Curry 81 David Cutshaw 48,72,96 Betty Dailey 96 Frank Dorden 85 Linda Darland 32,35 Phillip Davenport 92,114 Edwin Davidson 45 Betty Davis 96 Glenda Davis 96 Linda Davis 41 Patty Davis 78 Violet Davis 48 Maria Davison 96 Banny Dean 76 Linda Dean 96 Jerry Dean 74 David De Bruhl 96 Craig Decker 53 John De Moss 72,73 Linda Demunbrun 92,112,114 David Denham 29,66,92,112,115 Janie Denney 96 Ronald D. Dennison 96 Mike De Spain 32 Lynn Detty 69 Phillis Deuser 96 David De Vine 32 Janice Devine 96 Bill Devitt 73,86 Steve Dickens 109 Betty Dickerson 96 Rosa Dickerson 96 Steven Didine 78 Walter Dininger 74 Dan Dinnsen 35,66,96,112,115 Danny Doan 76 Jerry Dockery 81,82,86 Judy Docktor 69,96 Sharon Donahue 29,30,96 Yvonne Donaldson 96 Bill Donovan 66,72,96 Ernest Dorsey 109 Joyce Dorsey 26 Sheila Doss 68 Reginald Datson 96 Marion Douglas 96 Charles Douglass 96 James Drexler 96 Alan Duckett 67 Pam Duckett 43 Michael Duncan 96 Fred Dunkman 37,66,86,96,115 Robert Dunn 110 Aline Dunson 96 Rachel Durbin 96 Threeca Durbin 96 Anne Duthie 29,30 Daniel L. Dycus 109 Marsha Dycus 26,27 Ellen Eads 25,26,27,32,67,69 George Eads 26,27 Marianne Eades 96 Jesse Ealy 72,82 John Ealy 72 Gloria Edwards 32 Judith Elkins 96 Christine Elliott 96 Gary Elliott 67 Sharon Elliott 96 Larry Ellis 48,72,96 Richard Ellis 110 Richard England 96 Arthur Enlow 78 Mike Ensminger 48,72,78,85 James Entwhistle 74 Carol Esary 26,37,67 Gary Etchison 41 Floyd Evans 72,73 Mary Evans 96 R. Chip Evans 32,63,66 Roy Evans Jr. 96 Stephen Evans 96 Linda A. Everett 75,96,112,116 James Fahrenkamp 110 Robert Farabee 32,110 Neal Fashimpaur 78 Steven Faucett 97 John Fawley 72,73,81 Robert J. Fawley 53,97 Jerry Ferguson 85 Thomas Field 97 Thomas Finney 110 Bob Fisher 53,97 Thomas Fisher 109 Gary Fitzgerald 97 John E. Flaskamb 97 Anthony W. Fleener 53,67 Judy Fleener 97 Austin Flemming 86 William Floerke 97 Cheryl Fogleman 26,53 Janine Fogleman 24,26,48,131 John Fogleman 86 Kathy Fogleson 26,32,37,67 William Ford 97 Roscoe Fordyce Jr. 26 Jeanne Forkner 29,34 Brenda Forsee 97 Eric Fort 29 Ralph Fortune 110 George Foster 97 Richard Lee Fowler 92,112,114,115 Norma Frank 29,97 Judy Franklin 97 Tania Franklin 97 Tony Franklin 116 Judy Frantzeb 38 Michael Freeman 76 William Freeman 97 Richard L. Fresyel 32 Sharon Fritch 97 Ken Frost 45 Dennis Fulner 97 Karen Fultz 97 Bill Funke 73 Ross Furry 81,82,86 Janice Gaalema 97 Deborah Gaddie 26 Wanda Gaddie 97 Judith Gaither 97 Pamela Gardner 68 Ruth Gardner 109 Lynn Gartrell 53,76 Mary Gaunce 38,41,43,97,112 Sandra Gaunce 38,41 Martha Gearlds 97 Charlene Gee 97 Lana Geminden 48 Steve Geminden 97 IV 97 Linda George 97 Annamarie Gibson 69,97 Katherine Gilbert 97 Harold Giles 76 Donald Gill 97 Michael Gillespie 110 Paul Gillespie 83 Dickie Gilreath 53 Donald Glenn 37,97 Pamela Glenn 97 Allen Glover 76 Jesse Godwin 97 Charles Goiliday 110 Rebecca Goldstein 97 Linda Goode 32,34,69 Joyce Goodwin 34 Roberta Gordon 97 William Gouge 57 George Grabbe 97 Sharon Grady 97 Frankie Graham 68 Joseph Graham 97 Robert Graham 53,97 Velmon Graham 72,78,97 Michael Grannis 44,98 Mike Grant 109 Ronald Grasshoff 72,73 James Graves 74 Teressa Gray 98 Willie Graysen 98 Emma Green 98 Judy Green 110 Julie Green 98 Pearlie Green 110 Sandra Green 25 Shirley Green 98 Frank Greene 98 Marti Greenwell 63,75,98,116 Larry Gregory 98 Kathy Greig 67 James Griffin Jr. 24 Delmas Gross 98 Wayne Gross 29,66,72,98 Stephen Grove 26,27,37,98,112 Dan Grdver 89 Charles Grubb Jr. 98 Walter Grundy 74 James Gulley 52 Emily Gullian 24,30,36,98,112,116 Linda Gullian 32 Ain Haas 78 Rose Habich 98 Rosemarie Habich 98 Bert Haddix 25,43 Robert Haines 55 Tom Halcomb 110 Cleo Hall 78 Judv Hall 109 William Allen Hall 45 John Hallanger 85 Elizabeth Hallins 34,69 Regina Hamilton 45 Berrv Hammond 78 Chris Hammond 53,79,92,114 Barbara Hamon 34,35,68,69,75 Mary Lou Hand 75,98 David Handy 66,72,73 Jimmy Handy 32,66 Stephen Handy 30,76,78 Linda Hanlon, 109 Mark Hanna 74 Jill Hansford 43 Jamillia Harmon 98 Calvin Hardesty 78 Cheryl Harding 24,32,69 Bonnie Hardy 63 Deanna Hardy 62,79,98 Martv Harp 76 James Harrell 109 Jerry Harrell 98 Joyce Harris 68,109 Pete Harris 30 Wilma Jean Harris 48,68,98 Linda Hart 98 Donna Hartle 45 Nancy Hartle 98,112,116 Carolyn Hartman 112 David Glen Harvey 48,81,86,98 Susie Harvey 32,66,68,69,79 Otis Hasty Jr. 45 Billy Hatcher 52,53 Patricia Hatchett 98 David Hawley 30 Chappell Hayes 98 Las Hazlett 98 Elanie Hearrell 98 Pamela Hedrick 26,27 Anthony Heener 35,53 Tom Heitzman 72,92,112,114 Donna Jovce Helfferieh 32,68 Sam Helfferieh 45,72,73 Joe Henderson 81 jim Henderson 66,98 Mildred L. Henderson 45 Vaughn Hendricks 110 Anthony Henner 53 Lois Hennessey 98 Annette Herbert 109 Linda Sue Herman 25,26,27,67,69 David Herring 98 Zandra Hess 66 Judith Hester 98 Larry Hey 98 Mike Hickey 66,82,86 Joyce Hicks 98 Richard Hight 26,27 Sandra Hilbams 27 Beckv Hill 63,79 Linda Hill 36 Lorraine Hill 75,98,112,115 Kenneth Hilton 24,37,41,98,112,115 Carol Hines 98 Jonnie Hines 98 Larry Hines 98 Pamela Hinkle 98 Juanita Hirshey 29,37,67,98,112,115 Robert Hirshey 37 Larry Hobson 36,99 Gloria Hockman 25 Linda Hodges 32,34,79 Bill Hodsen 83 Ralph Hodgsen 86,99 Melvin Hoefling 29,99 Libby Hogan 26,69 Sue Hohnke 75,99 Jeff Holbrook 73 Valerie Holden 99 Roger Holder 73 Janice Holiday 99 Velma HollaweU 26 Elizabe th Jo Anne Hollins 69,110 Sharon Holmes 99 Marva Holsey 99 Robert Holtman 99 Timothy Hon 86,99 Sandra Hood 99 Wanda Hood 110 Gregory Hoppes 99 Mary Jean Hopping 29,68,69,92, 112,114 Ronald Horton 29 Robert Hoskins 38,53,99 Constance Houser 99 Betty A. Howard 43,68,99 Helen Howard 99 Jane Howard 99 Richard Howard 29,48,99 Deborah Howe 45 Wayne Howery 99 Danny Hoyt 86 Ben Hubbard, Jr. 99 Bonnie Huber 99 Stephen Huber 99 Janet Huebner 38 Kenneth Hughes 29,33,48,52,53,63, 66,68,78,86,112,115 Ric ' hard Huffman 99 Susan Humbarger 29,33,43,99,112 David Humphries 99 Donna Hunt 29,53,68,69 Kenneth L. Hunt 99 Lorraine Hunt 30 Peggy Hupp 99 Vera Huser 109 John Hurrle 78 Linda Hutton 109 Michael Hyatt 69,99 James Hylton 53 Imel Grant 72 Steven Ingels Lemar Irby, Jr. 99 Floyd B. Ireland 45 PhyUis Jean Irwin Marcia Isbell 110 Inez Isham 99 7,99,112 99 Cheryl Jackson 29,99,112 Michael Jackson 53,99 Ron Jackson 45 Samuel Jackson 99 Suellen Jackson 67,99 Jim Jacobs 25,32 Patricia Jacobs 99 Cheryl James 68 Sharon James 99 John Jarrett 72,78 Keith Jarvis 100 Dale Jaynes 92,114 Danny jee 86 . Judy Jeffers 99 Ada Jefferson 100 Barbara Jenkins 100 Joseph Jennings 100 Harry Jiles Jr. 100 Bonnie Johnson 45 Charles Johnson 74 Daniel Johnson 53,110 Charles Johnson 74,83 Donna Johnson 75 Fred Johnson 29,33,100 Glen Johnson 81 Gloria Johnson 100 Imogene Johnson 100 Jack Johnson 100 Judith Johnson 66 Louise Johnson 100 Nancy Johnson 100 Eric Johnson 29,100 Ronald Johnson 72 Sherry Johnson 45 William Johnson 100 Beverly Jones 32 Carolyn Jones 100 Charles Jones 100 Jennifer Jones 100 Larry Jones 100 Robert Jones 74 Ronald Jones 100 Bob Kaiser 48,86,100 Kenneth Kalhorn 100 Gary Kammerling 100 Wayne Karol 52,100 Jerry Karr 29,66,68,69,100 Karen Karr 110 Kathleen Karol 26,27 Mary Keefe 100 Gary Keel 32 Jerry Keen 72,73,78 Linda Keen 109 Earl Keisler 38 Patricia Keller 48,69,100 Charles Kennedy 109 David Kennedy 100 Nikki Kennison 29,66,69 Cynithia Kem 35,66 Ronald Kem 52,100 Sylvia Kem 35,66 Michael Kiefer 100 Herman King 53 Maria King 100 Russell King 100 Michael Kinnaman 100 Linda Kirby 100 Susan Kirby 25 John Kirkbride 72,100 Augustus Kissee 100 Kenny Kitts 29,100 Otis Kloss 100 Ron Knoop 29,33 Doris Knox 48 Richard Knox 100 Larry Kramer 52,85 Michael Kramer 52,85 Susan Kreiger 29,100 John Kuhn 62,66,76,78 Mike Kulik 78 Phil Kunkel 29,72,100 Martha Kyer 100 John Laffey 85 Ruthie Lagle 30,100 Rebecca Larng 26 David Lane 57 Shirley Lane 101 William Lane 32,53 Gloria Lasb rook 43,109 James Latimore 101 Milford Laubach 101 Judith Laughlin 101 Steve Lawrence 29,33,57 Ronnie Lavely 55 Shirley La Vullis 110 Florence Layman 109 Sharon Leap 109 Betty Leavell 101 Eddie Leavell 73 Mitchell Ledford 34,101 Pualette Ledford 101 Earl Lee 25,29,48,66 Harold Lee 72,73,78 Trudy Lenox 29,101,112,115 Stephn Leonard 53,101 Robert Lesnet 101 Kay Lester 24,92,111,112,115 William Lester 101 Evelyn Lewin 29,62,79,101 Barbara Lewis 101 Donna Lewis 26,27,101 Jimmy Lewis 29,32,33,66 Nedra Lewis 25,66,101,112,116 Ruth Lingle 101 Barbara Lisenby 101 Dianne Little 101 Dennis A. Logan 53,101 Alan Long 45 Carol Long 101 Louis Long 29,101 Philip Long 25 Richard E. Long 53 Stephen Loomis 101 Elena Looper 29,30 Glee Looper 29,33,101 Ethel Lott 101 Mary Loudermilk 26,27,67 Larry Lowe 101 Janice Lucas 101 Marilyn Lucas 26,48 Williard Ludwig 101 Mike Lumpkin 55 Ronnie Luttrell 45 Steven Lykins 101 Richard D. Lynch 45 Karen Lynn 101 Marv McAree 24,25,41,68,101, 113,115 Jeffrey McAtee 32,38 Linda McCaleb 35 Greg McCall 48,86,101 Andi McCallister 45 Arthella McCauley 67,68,101 Earl D. McClarren 101 David Michael McCleery 110 Victoria McClung 35,67,101 Judy McCullough 79 James M. McDaniel 101 LeLand McDaniels 110 Steven McDonald 109 Robert McDowell 101 Jerry T. McGary 78,101 Darline McGee 68 Dorothy McGee 110 Cheryl McGinnis 66,69 Richard Lawerence McKenna 57,101 Linda McKinney 30,66,69 Marianne McKnight 35,66,69 Bertha Mae McMillin 69,101 Paul L. McNeely 101 Eric McQueen 30,34,102 Patrick Mack 45 Steve Mackey 74 Wendell Madry 72,73 Harry A. Mahome 102 Sherry Majors 110 Bill Mansfield 72,73,86 Garland Manuel 109 Harold R. Maples 102 Nancy Marcum 110 Warren Marsden 81 Arlester Marshall 29 Patti Marshall 75 Leroy Martin 76 Marcella Martin 102 Sheila Martin 109 Veonia Martin 102 Carol Mason 34 James A. Mason 102 C. Sue Massena 102 Robert Masters 69,102 Tante Masters 53,68,69,79 Deeann Mathis 25,67,102,112 Matt M. Matlik 92,111,112,114, 115,116 David Matthews 24,34 James Mavity 102 Pamela Maxey 110 Dortha May 37 Thomas May 26,27,110 Helen C. Mayfield 102 Larry Mays 74 Elster Meader 102 Kendall Meador 53 Ronald Gene Meadors 69,102 Sandra Meadows 34 Cynthia Means 68 Janice Rose Medcalf 102 Larry Medcalfe 29,33,66,68,72,73 Susan Meeks 24,26,27,68 Stephen Meid 26,32,67 Gary Gene Meister 102 John C. Melvin 102 Stewart Mencef 55,102 Jeff Mentis 32 Carol Jean Merrifield 109 Kenneth A. Messenger 102 Carol A. Metcalf 102 Pattie Michael 26,34,66 Sandra Michael 69,102 Clarence Mills 110 Earnest L. Miller 102 Evelynn Miller 67 John Miller 29,66,73,86 Marilyn Miller 28,30,67 Victor L. Miller 74,83 John Mills 92,114 Maureen Mills 30,35 Reed Mills Jr. 102 Carol Mindach 26,27,102 Maureen Minor 25 Elvan Mious 78 Joseph Misbach 29,62,66,68,102, 112,116 Donna M. Mitchel 102 Linda Mitchel 102 Kathleen S. Moeller 32,36 Elisha Monday 102 Herschel Monroe 53 Joseph Monroe 110 Linda Monroe 38 Mary Monschein 29,33,92 Nicola Montani 102 Ed Montgomery 66,86 Jerry Montgomery 53,102 Marcia Montgomery 38 Sharon Montgomery 32,66,102 Deborah Moody 32 Mary Jo Moon 29 Gary Moore 32 Kips Moore 102 Larry Moore 73,102 Robert Moore 110 Gregory Moorman 102 Judy Morgan 102 Mike Moran 52,53 Rod Morgan 36,66,68,72 Ron Morris 73 Dianne Morton 32,35 Jack Morton 29,66,89,102,115 Gerry Moss 102 Michael Moss 76,82 Eldan Moulder 110 Larry Moulder 102 Bernard Muffler 72,73 Charles Munden 102 Georgia Mae Murray 102 Ralph Murray 53 Becky Muse 68 Fred Joe Muse, Jr. 102,112 Steven Muse 103 Betty Myers 103 David Myers 86,103 Lewis Myers 103 Marsha Nale 75,103 Cora Napier 34 Diana Naplor 103 Kent Nay 29,35 Harriett Neal 103 Nancy Neal 103 Dorothy Ann Neill 45,103,112,116 Stanley Neal 74 Shirley New 103 John Newell 103 Susan Newell 24,32 Charles Newkirk 103 Phyllis Newkirk 48,103,112 Susan Newkirk 30,32 Dianna Nickels 45 Richard Nickels 74 Elvain Nious 103 Nedra Noel 103 Barbara Naffke 32 Brenda Nolan 103 Mary Norquest 103 Patricia Norris 92,115 Thomas Northrup 110 Joe Norton 74,83 Rosemary Nunn 30 Danny Nusbaumer 103 Carol Oakley 30 Margree Oakley 110 Carol O ' Hem 43,69,103 Ann Oliver 103 Jeff Oliveira 24,26,37,38,78 Johnny Opel 103 Beverly Osborne 103 Steve Oser 52,53 Pamela Ostermerer 110 Karen Owens 103 Bonnie Lee Owens 110 Zui Owsley 103 Thomas Pacheco 103 Margaret Page 69,103 Doug Palmer 30 Fred Panhorst 44,103 Richard Parham 32,55,103 Edgar Parido 44 Bill Parish 73,82 Bruce Parish 103 David Parks 72,103 Marcella Parks 110 Jimi Parker 103 Randall Parker 103 William Parker 78 Maxine Parks 103 Gertrude Parr 103 Patricia Parr 26 Bill Parrish 72 Judy Parrish 75 Patrick Parrish 103 Viola Parrish 103 William Parson 53 Roger Parsons 103 Deborah Paschal 104 Barbara Pate 110 Thomas Payne 104 Mary Pearl 104 Carl Pearson 24 Michael Pedigo 45 Judith Pedlow 48 Steven Pedlow 24,104,112 Melvin J. Penisk 52,104 Diana Pennington 69,104,112,115 Charles Perden 110 Darlene Perkinson 104 Betty Perry 104 Linda June Perry 109 Louise T. Perry 104 Myra Pert 26 Christine Petree 41,66,69,75 Charles Peyton 74,83 Margaret Peyton 104 Mary Lynn Pfeiffer 41,45,66 Janet Sue Phelps 109 Keith R. Phemister 33,89,104 Carolyn Phillips 35,66 Judy Phillips 29,33,75,104 Linda Phillips 75 Rosemary Phillips 109 Wanda Philpott 69,104 Denny Pickett 32,53,68,69 Charles Pierce 110 Charles R. Pittman 55,76,92,110,114 Dave Pittman 48,66,110 Mike Pittman 78 Janice Plaskett 104 Karen Piatt 43 Linda Poland 33,104 Linda Pollack 29 Mike Poison 29,66,68,104,112 Lynn Poole 104 Robert Porter 104 Sara Porter 104 Buddy Potter 32,86 Clarence Powey 34 Helen Powell 53 Susan Powell 37,41,48 Sharon Poynter 104 James Price 81 Mike Price 81 Danny S. Pride 83,86 Stephen Pridemore 104 Christina Priest 28,29,30,63,92,112, 114,115,116 Jeff Privett 78 Larry Pryor 30,57 Beth Anne Puckett 45 Gary Pugh 110 Alice Purvis 41,104,112 Kenneth G. Purvis 45 Lemont Purvis 78 Peteris Putelis 28,30,66,104 Patrick Quillin 101 James Radford 78 Ronald Rady 74 Sharon Rady 53,69,104 Carol Raisor 68 Dianne Ramsay 104 Gary Ramsey 104 Ronald Randol 53 Clarence Randolph 74,83 Reece Randolph 110 Ruth Randolph 32 Janice Ratliff 104 Jay Ratliff 24,104 Kay Ratliff 32 Charles Ray 110 Gary Redman 45 Brenda Reed 104 Danny Reneau 78 Frank Renfro 55,85 Janet Reno 104 Jay Reno 74,83 Dollie Reese 35 William Basil 74 Diane Ressinger 53,67,68,69,79 Roger Reynolds 104 Crystal Rhodes 35,67 Annabelle Rice 34 Charles Rice 83 Danny Richards 110 Janis Richards 30 Ron Richards 73 James Richardson 104 Richard Riegel 104 Terry Riegel 104 Fred Riley 53 Nancy Riley 109 Norman Riley 109 Daniel Rivers 104 Dave Robbins 26 Darlene Roberts 26,37,67 Diane Roberts 29,104,115 Dianna Roberts 26,37,67 Mary Roberts 104 Sandra Roberts 104 John Robertson 110 Stephen Robertson 104 Bertha Robinson 110 Elizabeth Robinson 104 Kenneth Robinson 110 Leroy Robinson 72 Mary K. Robinson 48 Ronald Rodocker 26,27,29 Gregory A. Roe 78 Mav L. Roe 45 Reginald Ronay 110 Ron Roney 73 Jacqueline Ross 26,27 Sharon Rothrock 105 Gary Rott 37 Jerry Rott 24,37,76,81,105 Michael Dennis Rowland 105 Mike Rowls 24 Rickey Lynn Rozzelle 34 Ronald Rucker 74 John H. Rudcl 105 Richard Lee Rudolph 105 Roy David Ruffin 105 Dan Rushton 105 David Rushton 105 Edmond L. Russell 105 Evelyn L. Russell 105 Shirley Ryan 105,112 Linda Rynard 110 Deborah St. John 41,105,112 Arthur Sams 105 Charles Sams 110 Anna Marie Sanchez 35,45,110 Beverly Ann ' Sanders 105 Charles Sanders 72,81 Steve Sanders 72,81 Harold Sark 92,114 William Sawyers 109 Roger A. Sayles 105 Sherry Sayles 30,32,37,67,69 Ed Scahill 29,66,86 James B. Scalf 105 Karen S. Scalf 105 Kenneth Scantland 105 Phyllis Scates 109 Jack Schaeffer 86 Jvaren Schafhouser 105 Mike Schakelford 85 Connie Schiller 69,105,112 Jill Schmidt 32,69,79 Stephen Schmidt 85,105 Sharyl Schoeneway 29,33,52,53,79, 105,112 Brenda Schowengerdt 37 Linda Schowengerdt 37 Evelyn Schueller 25,26,27,105, 112,116 Judy Kay Schultz 38,43,105 Gilbert Dean Scott 105 Leonard S. Scott 45 Marklin Scott 105 Clearence F. Scurloc 105 Gerald Sears 81,82 Susan Seaver 66,69,105 Donna Seibert 75,105,112 Jack S. Seibert 74,83 Kenneth Lee Seibert 69,105 Doryceo Senour 105,116 Elizabeth Servies 48 Michael Shakelford 30,105 Shirley Faye Shackelford 105 Timothy Bob Shannon 105 Janice Sheetz 68 George R. Shelby 105 James Alan Shepherd 105 Sandra Anita Sherrill 105 Phylis Irene Shingleton 105 Leona Shipp 105,116 Warren Kemp Shobe 92,112,114 Norma Short 105 Ronald Melvin Shuppert 106 Chris Siff 76 Hans Sigg 30,52 Juanita Silvey 34 Carol Simmons 30,68 Arthur Simpson, Jr. 38 Larry Simpson 110 Dossie Sims 76,109 Marilyn Sisk 106 Benson Skelton 74 Karen Sue Skelton 106 Austin Wayne Smith 106 Billy Joe Smith 45 Darlena Sue Smith 106 David Smith 110 Donald Eugene Smith 106 Fred Smith 29,106,115 Gail Smith 45 Jimmy Douglas Smith 106 Judith L. Smith 106 Linda Smith 68,69,75,92,115,116 Sharon Smith 67 Nathaniel Smith 53,110 Robert Smith 55 Sharon Yvonne Smith 106 Shirley Smith 48 Terry Michael Smith 106 William A. Smith 26,27,28,30,35, 106 Willie Smith 55 Lorraine Snorden 106 Robert Lawrence Snow 106 Allen Snyder 110 James Soltau 32,85 James S. Sowder 55,66,76,78,92, 114U23 Joe Sowder 78,106,115 Mary Spaulding 32 Charle Lee Sparks 106 William Sparks 110 Carma Spaw 106 Brenda Spears 26,27,37 Annie Spencer 35,67,68 Howard Spiehler 44,45 Noah T. Spurr 53 Ronnie M. Stallings 106 Darryl Stanfield 74,78 Linda Stanfield 110 Susie M. Starks 106 Kathy Stearns 30 Margaret Ann Steffey 106 William Steiner 110 John Robert Stella 106 Denvil Stephens 106 Paul Stephens 110 Anne Stewart 35,38,41 Patty Marie Stigers 106 Donnis Stillabower 66 Charleyne Stinger 66,69 Cheryl Stinger 29 Marvin Stinger 110 Diana Lou Stockrahm 106 Martha Stockton 26,66,69 Judy Storey 66,68,69 Rose Marie Stovall 106 Nettie Bernice Stowers 106 Ronald Strain 24,48,66,68,86,92, 111,114,115 John Strain 78 Jan Ann Strattan 106 135 Mara Strelnicks 24,38,68,106, 112,115 Gloria Darlene Strong 106 Judy E. Strong 63,68,75,92,112,114 Walter Strong 74 Loanna Stroup 110 Claude Lee Stuart 41,55,66 Irvin Stuart 30,106 Paulete Suggs 67,69 Jacqueline Loraine Sullivan 106 Micheal Sumptor 69 James Surber 110 Barbara Sutton 110 James R. Sutton 45 Linda Ray Sutton 106 Joyce Swanner 68 Jack Swartz 110 Carol Jean Swinford 106,116 James Swinford 74 Jim Sykes 29 Eric Ray Syfert 106 Janice Talbert 24,26,27,66,68,69 Charles Taylor 106 Deane Taylor 106 Frank Taylor 78 James Arthur Taylor 43,110 Jerry Taylor 83 Ken Taylor 35 Linda Irene Taylor 32 Patty Taylor 79 Svlvia Taylor 30 William Taylor 106 Robert Teckenbrock 76 Dorothy M. Tedrow 106 Ray Allen Tedrow 106 Sheryl Thiesing 29,30,107 Mike Thomas 37,43,48,110 Johnnie Lue Thomas 107 Robert Thomas 107 Barbara Thompson 48 William Thompson 72,82,86,107 Gloria Thompson 45 Vicki Georgeen Thompson 107 Marc Thorman 26,27,36 Larry Thombough 53 Marsha Thomdike 45 Betty Thrailkill 34 Tyrone Lamar Tice 107 Allan Louis Tilford 107 Bonnie Todd 107 Carl Todd 30 Patricia Todd 29,92,112,114 Robert W. Todd 29,34 Martin Toney 83,89 Felix Townsend 48,76 Butch Trefz 45,78 Marshall Trimmer 131 Ariah Turner 110 Lynda Lee Turner 107 Sandra Turner 24,37,67 Joyce Upshaw 110 Edward Vance 78 Bryan Van Gundy 30,34,107 Sharon Kay Van Wye 107 Beverly Vaughn 29,33,107,115 Edna Vest 75,107,112,116 Christine Vestal 107 David Vitt 30,34 Ken Volstad 32,53 Bob Wade 29,33 Carolyn Sheree Wade 107 Sherry Wade 29,33 Lynnda E. Waerner 32 Steve Waggoner 38 Sandra Walder 107 George Eric Waldhaus 107 Karolyn Walker 66,110 Carol Wall 107 Mae Wallace 68 Phillip Wallace 25 Pamela Waller 110 Patrick Walsh 32,107 Dale Walters 53,107 Sylvina Irene Walters 107 David R. Waltman 82 Cornell Walton 110 Larry Walton 110 Linda Marie Wandrie 107 Audry Ward 110 Barbara Jean Ward 107 Phyllis Wardwell 45 Steven Warfield 107 Bob Warsaw 73 Deborah Waters 107 Otis Waters 32 Stephen C. Watkins 32,53 William Watson 32,76 Betty Watts 75 Susan Watts 30,32,38,44 Steven Weatherell 85,110 Ruth Webb 107 Dora Webber 107 Carol Weber 107 Michael A. Weber 48,66,76,86,107, 113 Charlene Webster 26 Barbara Wegener 25,67,107 William G. Wegener 24,26,27 Diana Weidman 107 Connie Welch 107 Wayne Wellington 10 7 Charles Wells 107 Evelyn Wells 41,107,112 Virginia Wells 107 Robert Wendel 107 Bryon Westmoreland 110 Tom Whaley 32 Dian Whorton 45 Don Wheeler 73 Julie Wheeler 26,37,67 Ronald Wheeler 107 Barbara White 66,69 Christine White 30,48 Clyde David White 107 Kenneth White 107 Napolean White 73 Valerie White 34 Willian White 108 Raulend Whiteis 108 Anita Whitemoss 32 Larry Whitis 108 Patricia Whitney 108 Paul Whitney 110 Rickey Whitt 55 Tana Wiggington 25 Clifford Wilder 108 Gloria Wilkenson 29,66,110,112,115 William Wilkerson 74,78 Allan Wilkinson 44,108 Betty Williams 108 David Williams 110 Diana Williams 69 Gloria Williams 108 Hallie Williams 35 Iris Williams 30,66,68,69 Joseph Williams 74 Loretta Williams 69,108,112 Lula Williams 43 Martha WUliams 108 Paula Williams 24 Robert Williams 45,55,108 Sandra Williams 26,108 Steven Williams 76,78 Susan Williams 35 Thiel L. Williams 48,67,108 Warren Edward Williams 108 David Allen Willis 108 Allan Wilson 108 Benny Wilson 110 Betty Carol Wilson 108 Charlene Wilson 108 George Wilson 53 Mark Wilson 24,108 Patrick Wilson 110 Sandra Wilson 24,35 Sharon Wilson 24,35 Suzi Wilson 29,30,68 Violet Winbuxn 52,53,62,108,116 Barry Winkle 57 Mark Winzenread 83 Ann Wischmeyer 26,27 Richard Wischmeyer 37 Dave Wise 25,26,27 Debbie Witman 26,37,67 Twanette Witsman 26 Gweneth Witte 110 Kathy Woempner 34 Linda Wong 48 Sandra Wong 48,108 Danny Woo 78 Cheryl Wood 110 John Wood 52 Jane Woodard 69,108,112 Keith Woodard 73,82 Larry Woodard 29,72,73 James Woodford 30,34 Pauline Woods 110 Randall Woodson 94,108 Randolph Woods 85 Linda Wooten 24,29,35,66,69 Carol Worley 67 Donna Worley 32,68 Mildred Worth 108 Spencer Worth 29,33,66,108 Jan Wray 45 Dan Wright 32 Rebecca Wright 108 Theresa Wright 108 Vivian Wright 68 William Eugene Wright 108 Carolyn Wuster 29,33,92,112,115 Donna Wyatt 68 Janice E. Yates 68 Michael Allen Yates 108 Anne M. Young 32,68,108 Clyde Young 55 Donnie Young 110 Dorothy Young 68 Greg Young 52,53,68 Michael Young 108 Richard Young 44,108 Wilma Young 68 Juana Zamora 108 Mike Zumpkin 55 NNS ? t W v

Suggestions in the Arsenal Technical High School - Arsenal Cannon Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) collection:

Arsenal Technical High School - Arsenal Cannon Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Arsenal Technical High School - Arsenal Cannon Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Arsenal Technical High School - Arsenal Cannon Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Arsenal Technical High School - Arsenal Cannon Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Arsenal Technical High School - Arsenal Cannon Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Arsenal Technical High School - Arsenal Cannon Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


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