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U V U rv- 1 .ls I J , 11 'V I 1 r M . . Q. Mx 'wc ' ,- L-.1 '1 mul- .. " . "' f??J2'l21f XYWN f ' 'V "'9lf'a 'fja h A M A1j.j,5v,,,.1.y'1 U: -1-' , :,:.L ,3,. A .ng,"- , ,, J n M 5,-pta' vw., ,,,f:.Cg',.fw ,M H , f'12H'C , V X "Y - 1 X ,'-ilrdi wi ,w--W--'N , 404. . 1. WJ- rw . 1. ,.-ygyx .L lA..,Q1A, 2,5 . 141.1 Vt, ,w .,, 1 xv , '.,1w Ly: ' 1 , M. '. ' 1 'GU'-3, A ,J ', ' L 17 ,, , .. . , , , , ,. 1 , 'f , "U 1' ' ',N.,w,N v ,,,, ' J A "' ',..,u f-1 4 , . v . w , 1 X , . rw X X M -xv. W' W .vy 1 w , w 'v '.4 ,V ,V Www, X 1. . IH 41 ' L V '. , I .- , 7 fx. ' v 9 .ul 5 3,15-. 'E ,' ,. -Wm JW V43 ,J ugrx .I K X xi fp-'sq gk ' 'gg 'Nu v. x x THE ARSENAL CANNQN pq V." ' A '. J -i:5l Wig . "X mwah- I M www Wm lily A' W- if 91, if ,W Q ff 1 'iw-5 f 2, ff gv' X Of Till 'N 1 4, ,'. ,ws ,AV Xxx I X , x 4-, xx x I' W w M .1 QQ. r ei:-W- f 'gfgfxr-Vx V' A' Y' 'WB ',6QSixk'5inffa 5 N . ul Slim I, Jig R V B-all ' - ,-14 5 f 3 0 . 3 . Eg Q ha I n IQ 'I K V R XQ x ' 6 A Q ' A Q54 'Q .5 fx ' f ! 5 X xx N X X xi N X an RN N' 1 I. X? E. M X N 1 Q Q ' L ' P 4 A , Ax ' 7 H L 5, Ns ff? '. Mx 'WAT lik A ua -mgmir A U x 'fs x " -. m . X xx NV' w--' R "I'!ffV,Q4'.'-N Y IVA x ' wuixfx- WN' X 'Min C , x ,j U 1" xlg AEQX A, N iv I 'vw 1 - '--xsil., Q ' 'ffl' .245 w lisbliixuk 'Sq 4 1 yi . ' .tn ,-Ak Q hw .. ',q 5.7tl' ", 4 -mY' . V 'far X tx hi" Q' ,-'Ixr' NI GRS, Aa, Higl K x xx U' K. V V rj , X1 lk I gl x :JMX , k, A 9' HW. J-,Pix S:-QQ, x '.A XLR! .I .3 QQ--ft ,N Qi '- SQA- A-gf 1 . Xiu N .14 ff K L, 4 xfe. -' 1 -'?: -. Lv, X ' . YN' ' -'U 5,1-'lx -Tiagljx. f .fi 1 XXL? Q5 - ' Q ', - ' W X fi -N' .4 . N Y? SKLLX 5 N ul thx s QR 'I 'N Mx , X ouR mixes Administration Page 12 Activities Page 22 Athletics Page 58 IN THE SUN Yi- ! . 1 ' 3 ' a Zh ' 0 gl' 'Y 5,11 Q, X A 'xv , , 3? N xi . P . 45 nf ' rdf. --'J--' 'Z Faeultq W , f ,4?, 'fb , ,rl ,3?3i,",: U 9N r if lik 7 Page 76 Seniors Page 98 The sun smiles on ATHS from dawn until Twilight as Techites scurry Toward a place in The sun. Advertisements Page 126 I se i .79 ' fi. i 5 ..t W I5 ms H1185 Q Out of the shadows of night the world rolls into light, if is doybreok everywhere.-Longfellow ech Slumbers Till Down Sleepy students orrive or the stort of o fresh day. The Sunrise Cannon marker shows on hisroricol beginning of Tech , X, A X45 ,sm . Z, A 1 S E 5' l '?:5".f ,Vw 1 X- Y' , .. .ye -r C W r f Qldflgvx W fir-3"',M X' A 5.75.5 G, ,...,,6 Mig? had ig .' .gr ,.f-ij'Q4.J-'ff , . , , ,,. , 1' - L5MQ.4ff'V -' . -5" .uf ,gn I , 3 ,. I 5. e Q lijgmffifdz T .' ' H Chattering groups V ' ff 2: eff' ff' I' A gather before the X ,mg first ben. Dawn . . . the start of a new day . . . sleepy Techites and devoted teachers take their places in the sun. Automobiles loaded with pupils and faculty members quiet their motors and mufflers. Like the children who lived in a shoe, teen-agers, still groggy with sleep, pour out of the buses at the gates. Slowly Tech comes alive. Small clusters of pupils discussing the coming events of the day dot the campus. Others, like strays from the flock, stand alone frantically boning for tests or preparing homework they iust could not find time to do. Gradually the sun looms more apparent in the sky. The chimes sound . . . 8:07. Pupils scatter. But some Titans are early birds. 1 s X 'x v ,Q Stuart Hall is frost- ,Qfw H' ,-T" 3 ecl with a covering r""'I.m pf'-' We W A-leur -,rf 'xlxlf of snow. W-W5""' ""'5't Friendly Squirrel Bong! A govel sounds for on x-hour meeting. Oom- poh! The pep bond provides eorly morning Titon en- thusiosm. Ruf! A dog comes to school. We heor the mur- mur of quiet conversations, the sound of shuffling feet, squirrels chottering modly high in the trees, doors slqmming open ond shut to odmit students cmd teochers to clossrooms ond meetings, the cheery "Hi!" colled ocross compus. Squeok, squeok . . . the flog is roised to meet the sun. f X QSM: ,X x X i 1 1 E 5 is s, ti S Pupils owoken to the beginning of a busy doy. 1 . fa c Q, lysis f R " V f . X .. f x , s fjfwf J L If f ,ff 'W Q X11 f Drowsy Key Club members ossemble for on x-hour meeting. "X-hours are ridicuIous," thinks this Tech visitor. A quiet colm envelops the campus in the eorly morning. t ' Eager students rush into The Main of 8:07. Dcxq- eqin Noisilq x X 4 f 5 2 5 5 6 if 4, f 3' f 1 445 3! 3' - , H ' ef f ,. Q Miva." I" 3, - Mex ' A l 4 '+'. .x , , ,A , 7: 3 ..:.::.. fri, V1 " l qv' a b d if K Q! . , W, If I YW '50 5 .V ke y J A 4 0 3. M Q latin ,, f 9, r Q f ll 4 ?,.1 PA up if ,JA 5 in N X i 4.01 V H-mi , . , x., Na im qt, 'y I A 6, .1 , Wx Q x. V , V X kigtsgifbazw .H ,A MW be 1' 4 ZW ' --1' X . gr, 1 1" ' A 'JQWW 3, in 2 .va yy!! x i, ' W' if ,ibn Qs 'QAQ-MALE-1 K g 1 K F n' qw 1, U ' ' 'Q r , ff.: as .fr-af" Sw m,i,,,f?W55i'f'. A . 'Q .H . if , . pw iff, :,,g,XF.QX,,142'W5 5 wg21nw,,mQ..j S k A ' ':, r,l.x.'.glKl' I qi' 'H'-if ' -' Q " 'N ,. .-2 'xl AW.. , 0 -N ,V 'f 1.-.s 4 lr " 9 r 1' ,wfQ?N1X 451 lu f 5' 'N -1' vi V "'7?'q E wi fWSfw'3'vL'iff55 ' iff'.vf"v.'f-'f.'A?i IU it ,f, ,NNN ' .1 U . f . nu , s 1. W ' f- "inf X 'wif 'g31f'L"" ,-' .- ,..,, .,."V ef '..:X?ai,.zi'AQ V , il. xi gg' i V U gf A ,ffyd zgivl- t S'-535 .wif ,., V'-' J" r ' " if NH? A' 1 '1 aim M. " A 3 ' Q ' Y ' -Q W' 'Q , ' "'W'f QA if '- 11 5 V "M 4"'5f'16K5'5 5m?QHi'gg??fiy F' 3 1 Q, M,-+.., 1 .. M if ,xx X igxw .r sg ,gli 'iw 1? ,QQ fgi ,vi 5, K jg, Y ' -A .KJ . S' -swf Y Y' 4.-'A V 'i ,fi if X ' Y'-H , E'f1 Qff?f?irrfv 1 IV swvfx 2 ., -l 2: i'-21' 2 1-Lf-: Kgf 1- -ffgiw' .,'-lyxivo RQ 1? , ,J live f-35.3 :4 vfgfi M x-5 31, R- 3 'Q' '85 'sv fin ' ' A-51 , f27'ff3, ,. 1, fi.,,'giE'f2! fy. T .,' :YJ fixvizpx sign , li ,U ,,, gk , Rjxg, RJ - 1 , . -fr 'Q uixged g ,M.gflv'5f ':,Q,iim:1'yf.2W a,.fffmesf4f --1, A 4 f . il The flag is roised to meer The sun. . 7 2 .'X fm -yawn xv-4? W Lunch line-up! ff- Lunch period doubles as a rest period tor some. Students relax outcloors. Rush, rush, rush . . . tardy slips . . . "the predicate noun is . . ." "Say, what's for lunch today? I don't eat till the seventh!" Roll call . . . football practice tonight . . . club meeting the tenth . . . page two due tomorrow . . . when can I do my home- work? Running around this campus gets me down! Do you think l'll ever graduate? Teachers keep students on their toes in class. - Athletes spend tenth-hours practicing. 0 0 ' U S IYYXQ P Special occasions call for tenth-hour socializing. 'f if ,.'-' ff' .Q "fi" ' HQ. '-I ". .,,. ,:- 'A -, ..2M:.. ru" Natural scientists collect leaves during and after class Activities abound at 3:15 p.m. The close of school-kids of all types eagerly and anxiously make their way through the noisy halls to get home to study and recall the day's work and fun over the phone. For many, the end of school is a car filled with kids and armloads of books. For teachers, it is chatting, leaving the Arsenal, checking boxes again. Many feel that school ends by rushing out of the gates to meet a friend and stop at the drugstore for a coke. Others find that taking that last step or playing that last note as the marching band ends one of many prac- tice sessions closes another day at Tech. For some, watching the janitor make his way down the quiet, empty corri- dors, sweeping away litter which ac- cumulated over a busy day, brings another day to a close, another hectic day at Tech. While the end of school may be all this, those looking back on a day's activities find that it ends not only with the ringing of the bell but with a golden invitation asking one to return-sunset. Tired Titans Leave ech 'IO Studious Techites prepare for a long weekend. 4lll .sv- Techites scoot homeword offer ci day of school. A icinitor continues h' work of the end of day. 6 T ...X-4, wi-PM Av '65 ' ws wp., Titanic spirit was shown before the Tech-Kokomo game. an WN' ffP00"N- i ii-me-I ' .41 ,Q n- .,, i i i i o I 1 i i Sunset Marks Dciq' End ?f' 'Wiz The Arsenal houses most of Teclrfs top brass, The administration. An elightened world places ever-increasing demands upon all of us for more training and educational experience. As the school year comes to an end, climaxed by the graduation of another outstanding group of young people, we must think of this as truly a commencement. No longer can anyone expect even four successful years of high school to equip him satisfactorily for what he hopes to achieve. The class work, the study, the activities, and the associations - of which we will often be reminded as we turn the pages of this yearbook - should offer us the opportunity to decide upon a goal toward which our aim of achieve- ment might be directed. But only by continuing efforts of learning can we hope to attain and keep that degree of achievement we do desire. Let us not be content with our accomplishments thus far, let us reflect, then move onward to find our place in the sun. H. L. Longshore, Acting Principal xxx' N N - "Wm As one ot the vice-principals, Kenneth Puckett is in charge of finances and buildings and grounds. Odus Landreth is the vice-principal in charge ot teacher personnel. For the benefit ot students going to college, C. Gaylord Allen, guidance director, administers placement and college entrance exams. Among his many other duties he also counsels students who have scho- lastic problems. lthel Shoemaker, director ot buildings and grounds, maintains our campus and buildings as well as the various shops. Kenneth Puckett ff p Brass" ,za .fx aj -i I g:'jQ?iLm- ng , y f I I A 3 I S! f -2: Q Herman T. Hinshaw Fred N. Reeder Warren F M 4 ,. , , I . ' Pin" x N , .rg-5 Ready and willing to accept the re- sponsibilities of vice principals are three of Tech's outstanding personalities. Aside from assisting Acting Principal Howard Longshore, each has his own duties to per- form. Warren F. Haas, whose office is lo- cated in the basement of the Arsenal, con- ducts the evening school division. He is less familiar to the day students than are the other two. A better known per- sonality to daytime Techites is Fred N. Reeder, who has the responsibilities of programming, curriculum planning and sponsor rooms. Counseling boys is just one of the duties of Herman T. Hinshaw who deals with matters of safety and traffic and school activities. . Haas 4 Pl x E ai! 1 i 'M ,uhh Wea Leon Maurer Charles Dagwell "5'?4'sW ?5g ., . sW,.,, ., ,W sf . .- f, X In I as: ,fag M s. V - N-.4 G. Kenneth Barr -GUN 3 2 .,,'-"gr,-Mr' James Stewart An able and efficient administration keeps Tech running smoothly. Headed by our acting principal, Howard L. Longshore, a staff of qualified directors guides the divisions of campus life. Divisions and their directors are Charles Dagwell, athletics, Wallace Potter, special education, Leon Maurer, Diversified Cooperative Education, G. Kenneth Barr, au- dio visual, Chelsea Stewart, program'produc- tion, and Cecil Tresslar, publications. James Stewart is assistant director of the Tech Evening School. Cecil Tresslar and Mrs. Betty Rowland, Assistant r--Q. sg-'Q S :aa ii Wallace Potter and Delbert West Many Titans turn to understanding counselors during the school year who help them choose courses to reach their goals. Often these personal guides plan special employment programs so pupils can attend school and work part-time. Whether a student has a problem in school or at home, he knows there is someone interested in his problems and willing to give needed assistance. Tech's advisers on personal matters are Ernest Cline and Floyd Tobrocke, guidance, Kenneth Bayless and Ernest Medcalte, laoys' counselors, Miss Sharon Parrett, Mrs. Dorothy Stout, Mrs. Ethel Mclntosh, and Mrs. San- dra Tharp, girls' counselors. dvisers Aid U Mrs. Sandra Thorp, Mrs. Dorothy Stout, Miss Sharon Parrett, and Mrs. Ethel Mclntosh 1 Ei' as egg? Ay .ffxfilff x, , il! "N---"" ' .Mr -1 ' 'rf 'S--iff ,... ,,,i..-R William Fields and Chelsea Stewart Floyd Tobroclce and Ernest Cline Kenneth Bayless and Ernest Medcalte 'H' vii L i t . , Q f Kf 32 r. Q S K. 4 ii 4,,vf,E,"?g.15 Anya H' Q4 uve ' WJ' gqpcdf 3, Rf st L 1 3 f1q,,f'f-i2,?"gf4! , ei' 2 i .- Ji fifeffqifixf ' 2 Q ,173 W V ,545 x f 5. 5 sg, wqwnx 'HQ -...qp Lf!-.6 fr Mrs. MC1VTl'lC1 Turpin, DGGH Of Girls, Mrs. Barbara Dearing, Assistant Donald Daily, Dean of Boys, and Mahlon Carlock, Assistant Dean of Boys. Dean of Girls. Mrs. Zoearline Davis, Miss Marjorie Lawson, and Miss Ruth Dunmeyer, Social Workers. Teachers socialize before the day begins. Tech's staff of advisers who superintend the Training of the student body is like a handbook of information. These advisers give helpful directions, information and suggestions. Like pages in a directory, they are always handy when some troubled Techite needs advice and guidance. Secretaries, like footnotes in the handbook, aid our advisers in general correspondence and maintenance of important records. The student deans are especially helpful in solving pupil problems. Miss Norma Rodewald, School Secretary. if Y We li? 3 QV En.- fcr cs' T'-5. Records-Mrs. Virginia Cauble, Mrs. Hermanda Metzger ,.. - ' I Uftv- ,,f-"J-Q L 'WL -4---v-....,...-4P"' L., n . ..- Night School Office Staff-Mrs. Mary Pentecost, Mrs. Mary Hoffman, Mrs. Mildred Langlotz, Mrs. Eileen Thompson. Night G ' Dau Help '4 -J ""g, E Loss cards, grade transcripts, phone calls, money, and 2 A school supplies-what do they have in common? They're if V' . all kept in meticulous order by memloers of Tech's of- f i B-T fice staff in the Arsenal. These 'Tbehind-the-scenes" ilwffsffiaif, F workers take care of details in pupils' daily school lives. L ylfi ' X J,Y,.., ' The evening school staff works night and day in A gm.,-P , handling schedules and records of more than 3,900 'WJ--'il'Pfl ' "" v"- F e "ni ht lschool eo le." Q l p p Attendance-Mrs. Rita Tussey, Mrs. Rosalynne Yarnell. Fir1C1I'1ClC1l OffiC6-MiSS Potriciu Liftell, MVS- Bookstore Staff-Mrs. LaVerne Stewart, Mrs. William Durham, Fannie Fowler Mrs. Frances Craig. Switchboard-Mrs. Ann Loyal .1413 X fi-I ,- n -:gilt ,- F 25. - . ,T fsi5j.'4E gs Y E 4: il: Q gf-x ffrggilr- 'A ,jig 'H .T 524.11 f'1t,5'z21:-2'f 4 'p."lr:,E?f. gQa-'rr :fare .gf- ...Jw 1:3 iff' 5 'Qs . if gm s- 1 r . T 15+ 2' -r 9 . 'min ' 11' .. E .stair l W. gs. ..- L- , Ii l - . , ' f -- 'X' ' 1. fi ' - ,Q -Q - . f .cs . gu?gtigVl k V . - I . wtf? 'WWW' ,v-x OFFICE STAFF-FrontRovv1 Mrs, Gloria Robbins. Row 2: Mrs. Helen Cloud, Mrs. Ruth Berryman, Mrs. Dorothy Armel, Mrs. Edna Ayers, Mrs. Phyllis Reeves, Miss Kaye Phelps. Staff Does Varied Work Mr. E. C. Hamilton, Head Custodian Sgt. Hecivenridge, Sgt. Martin l . ,P 1 Y l NX 2 2 i 5 fr Q ,NX , x Ns.-... X , ff ,.fff'M ' 2 , fi 'N l 6' YH: F T .. , . Wir. K , . tri 1 .Yiffna-'1 -.3 Working to keep Tech in perfect order throughout the year is our office staff. Office workers aid both students and administrators. E. C. Hamilton, with 20 years of service, is our head custodian. With 5O custodians under him, he sees that our classrooms and grounds are kept in ideal shape. Miss Louisa Steeg, Tech's ovvn guidance clerk, helps give specialized and standardized exams. Order and respect are maintained loy our policemen, Sgt. Martin and Sgt. Heavenridge. Miss Louisa Steeg, Guidance Clerk 1 l ff i Z,gi.,f. Q' f K l ,. KJ , 4 'fy if ' ,W 453 ' T 'Q' '.-' -A i- T5 A y , 54' xl kr ' t LUNCHPOOM STAFF-Front Row: Goldie Duffy, Leota Maud Brown, Elsie Roberts, Jessie Elliott, Johanna Wilson, Marie Sutton, Florence Jaus, manager. Row 2: Alice Szteleblak, Janie Webb, Thelma Garner, Fred Crisler, Mae Starkey, Opal Sterrett, Martha Cook. The lunchroom staff arrives at 8:15 a.m. to begin to prepare several thousand lunches needed to feed hungry students. From the beginning of the fourth hour to the end of the seventh, these hard-working staffers tolerate the gossiping and shouting of the pupils while trying to serve tasty lunches. The Health Center, better known as the nurses' office, is a quiet place where Tech-ites can rest when the "sun's not shining" for them. The nurses have a record of every student in order to know which students have visited them. Students with scratched fingers and broken bones alike are given first aid in the center. The nurses do not give medicine but call parents to inform them of their child's illness. These busy women sometimes find time to operate a dental clinic. Mrs. Betty Brodhecker, R.N., Mrs. Mildred Johnston, R.N., Miss Blanche Williams, R.N. Front Row: Lola Moore, Elsie Sigg, Enid Laing, Angie Clearwater, Audrey Barrett, Laura Merrill, Christine Still. Row 2: Helen Schroder, Dorothy Rosemeyer, Gladys Thompson, Irene Steagall, Florence Cameron, Lorene Todd, Lillian Kleir, Esta Parsley. - Front Row: Rose Stelting, llma Gillaspy, Margaret Garrison, Marie Russell, Josephine Miller, Genevieve Hagerty, Florence Hynes. Row 2: Helen Karnes, Martha Yapfe, Susie Post, Sarah Montgomery, Mae Reever, Lucy Kimmell, Irene Taylor, Laura Wittenbrock, Ethel Pitts, g . 9 TTS nm mm demise an e was - -v f neil ....,-Sw 'kx Sunshine faIIs on sTucIenT council leaders from Indiana af The Indiana Association of Swdenr CounciI Convemion. OUR CHANCE TO SHINE Extra-curricular and co-curricular activities give students the chance to "shine" by sharing their knowledge and talents with their triends outside class. lt is usually during these meetings betore and after school that lasting friendships are formed. The tenth and eleventh hour rehearsals, meetings, and parties provide enioyment and entertainment for teachers and pupils alike. The rehearsals are sometimes tiring and the meetings boring, but good times make the hard work rewarding. Radio Station VVATS celebrities prepare to go on the air. Student Center is an activities center for members of tive Tech organizations. - "" v.:-V-,ff .,.- ,M A v MW U 12, ll y V' XG ABN 9 3 K 3 Z e 4 Z' 5 ' , Q, 6 X I J? cz c 0 4 ' x 0 1 or 'kfsigf . f A be we I-40 QNX' -c .tem y if 6LXwl I il '-"'-"- 'i r 'A Mr. and Mrs. Howard Longshore crown Dorothy Wood and Rene Lewin, queen and king of the Mardi Gras. Chris Hammond announces the Dance bands lively shows. fi Candidates beam as the royalty is crowned. Delicious pizza was served at the Mardi Gras. i Q if Y X, t W 5 A X 1 J X X xc 42 xx -,Q Fun Cdl-Raising Nloircli Gros WiTh The coming of ouTumn, foiculfy os well os sTudenTs look forwdrd To The firsT dnnuol sociol fesTiviTy for oll. Mcirdi Gros! VdrieTy wos The keynoTe To This yeor's suc- cessful fomily fun nighT. IT wois o Truly goy holidoy. Among This yedr's "funsville" booThs were The Service Club's cider ond doughnuT sTond, The Boys' OcTeTTe's voudeville shows, ond The SAO Bodrd's "Try Your Luck" lwin oi fishl booTh. For Those TechiTes looking for d liTTle more exciTemenT, The ROTC opened The rifle roinge os oi shooTing gollery. People who wonTed To reldx wiTh o few Teors, ci liTTle lough, or some Thrilling suspense TroTTed To STuorT Hdll, where The Dromd-Speech Club gove perform- dnces of four skiTs. Bock in The gym, Techoir ond orchesfroi members re- ioiced over The elecfion of Their condidoiTes for Mr. Boss Clef ond Miss Treble Clef. Before Mordi Gros, club mem- bers sloved To mdke Their booThs reoil "money-moikers," ond c1fTer The big nighT wos over ond The coins were counTed, TechiTes were hoppy The Music DepoirTmenT hod sponsored The huge fund-roising proiecT. Cider sippin' wos popular OT The Mordi Gros. Two points? This Techite hopes so. Bill Bolcinder oims To topple 'em. f"""--.X lllll rllll ,init- I p -6 3' .SN ir "sr Nj Q v U1 ,sw BAND-Front Row: James Henderson, pres., Kenneth Beight, Daniel Bacon, host, Mary Hopping, Deborah Hockenbeamer, Elena Looper, Rebecca Thompson, James Hardy, David Hawley, Suzanne Wilson, Janice Sheetz, Jenny Goodnight, Gary Ray, Gordon Caudill, v. pres. Row 2: Jeanne Forkner, Roger Vitt, Darrell James, Ronald Foster, E. William Bryant, Richard C. Clark, lrvin Stuart, Carl Todd, Mitchell Leclford, Paul Allen, Dwight Suggs, Thomas Creasser, Paul McDowell, Eric McQueen, Mike Mc- Carty, Connie Newman, Wayne Jennings, sgt.-at-arms. Row 3: Sharon Donahue, Christine Petree, Cheryl Hardyman, Carol Simmons, Luther Hastings, Jeffrey McAtee, Robert Wade, Donald Brown, William Adams, Janice Devine, Mary Jo Morgan, Bonita Knorr, Donald Sunman, Eric Fin- nell, Joseph Harris, Gene Morris, Norman Weeden, Melvin Wright. Band Booms With Spirit Donna Seibert, Karess Burnham, Martha Greenwell, Sue Hohnlce. 4 ' , nf? , A Linda Smith, Kristin Hirschler, Carolyn S. Hart- , , jf X ,R r' ' man, Lorraine Hill. Il - J Y . gf' . N' if 4. ,Q t v' 5 fl 39 'I ,ff " f H. r T N ,..,,l fl, z ,e ,0- ,..,, W Y L The Tech Band is one of The busiesT organizafions on The campus. During The fooTball season, The band plays aT all The home games as well as many ouT of Town games. FrequenT affernoon pracTice sessions are neces- sary To make Tech's band one of The besT in The ciTy. ParTicipaTion in The VeTeran's Day and ChrisTmas pa- rades is also on The band's agenda. Thanksgiving and ChrisTmas concerTs and school assemblies keep The band busy during The vvinTer. Spring brings The Yard-Parks Clean-Up Parade, The band-orchesTra concerT, and The Federal lnspecTion. Ofher musical groups connecTed wiTh The band include The dance band, The brass ensemble, and The pep band, which plays aT The baskeTball games. ln The fall, The band sold candy in order To raise money for new uniforms. Their food concession aT The Mardi Gras also added To funds. An imporTanT parT of Tech's marching uniT is The ma- ioreTTes and flag Twirlers. These girls pracfice Their rou- Tines wiTh The band. Dressed in colorful green and whiTe ouTfiTs, The maioreTTes and flag Twirlers perform aT games and parades. MAJORETTES-Judy E. Strong, L. Sue Cook, KaThleen ff? HuTer, head, Victoria Sutton, Mary Lou Hand. FLAG TWIRLERS-Edna Vest, Karen Safford, Susan Cook, Jeri Brasher, Judy Parrish, Patricia Whife. Techs young musicians often provide music at special assemblies. j , i - 1 ' Q ' 34 .gif 5.72 ' I '57 l J ' 6. fl I ' "' fi iii' " STRING ENSEMBLE-Front Row: Susan Johnson, 2nd violin, Marilyn Miller, piano, Christina Priest, viola. Row 2: William A. Smith, cello, Raymond Brandes, dir., Peteris Putelis, lst violin. Musicians Gpen Assemblies ORCHESTRA-Front Row, Peteris Putelis, Treas., Raymond Englander, co pres., Carla Leonard, Sheryl Thiesing, lib., Christina Priest, hostess Dorothy Wood, co-pres., Anne Duthie, lib., William Smith, sgt.-at-arms. Row 2: Susan Johnson, sec., Diane Westmoreland, Chappell Hayes 1 Emily Gullion, Charlene Brovvn, Ruth Lagle, Roger Brinkley, Roberta Croolce, Elaine Chaney, Beverly Vaughn. Row 3: Sondra James, Donna Hunt, lib., William Bolander, Hans Sigg, Pamela Burch, Margaret Huber. Row 4: Nancy Boyd, Faith Marshall, Iris Williams, Linda x , 5 i 2 X 5 3 is 2 , Mug Q0 UQ 4-nf. Q Q 'r--J 'HQ' i 6-5 ,35- u lf 3?- las as 1-s 'ir ifff' .2 G- if-4 36- ,-3 I-Q. 'U' a-f""q If OD ll' 'WMP ef na, sb sf fit' ff . si' 'L-fg,1if'n fi'-f"e 4'6" I qv 'rec-4235 ,, . T' 'Qu .-'IJJQ "yu Q15 1, 'fs- 'nd' MUSIC CLUB-FronT Row: Susan Watts, Patty Michael, Denita Wright, Linda Kirby, Judith Miller. Row 21 Kendall Meador, Anne Duthie, Mary Jean Hopping, Diane Comer, Richard S. Orton, sponsor. Row 3: Josephine Ashley, Roselyn Toliver, Cleo Brasher, Jocelyn Tandy. Row 4: Gerald S. Music is a viTal parT of Tech life. Beaufiful music is produced by The concerT orchesfra under The direcTion of Raymond Brandes. Consisfing of ol members, The orches- Tra performs aT many school funcfions. The concerT or- chesTra requires many hours of diligenf pracfice, and The resulT of Truly sparkling Tones and Tunes is worfh iT. Rynard, Jocelyn Tandy. Row 5: Sharon Donahue, Susan WaTTs, Susan Newell, Nancy Johnson, Suzanne Wilson, Rebecca Thompson, James Henderson, Kenneth Beight, Daniel Bacon, Mary Hopping, Christine White, Jackie Asher, Carol Oakley, lib. Row 6: Paul Allen, Mitchell 'auf Hendrickson, sgtfatrarms, Jerry R. Robertson, Clarence Pavey, Betty Abbott, Mary M. May. Row 5. Alfred Lee Cox, Sandy Brown, George Eads, Gordon Caudill, pres., Ellen Eads. The Tech Music Club offers young musicians an ex- cellenf opporTuniTy To parTicipaTe in musical acTiviTies. Under The sponsorship of Richard OrTon, The club has be- come an acfive parT of Tech life. A Trip To Clovves Hall is one proiecf which was underTaken This year. Musically inclined Techites enjoy The acTiviTies This club offers. Ledford, Raymond Evans, Bryan Van Gundy, Eric Finnell, Thomas Creasser, Gordon Caudill. Row 71 Robert Shelby, Jonathan Laswell, Mary Ann Wonnell. . 3' 3 3? f 2 . Q Q X 3 , , .i ' . , g 3. . W, V . , s s ? 29 Qfanimfr TECHOIR-Front Row: Daniel Bacon, L. Sue Cook, Pamela Hunt, sec., Rebecca Thompson, Phyllis Rivers, Anne Duthie, Mary Monschein, Van Butler, co-pres., Miss Dianna Griffith, assistant director, William F. Moon, director, Ruth Handy, co-pres., Carolyn Forbis, Christina Priest, Leonore l-lodges, William Smith, Gloria Wilkinson, Kathleen l-luter, Linda Craig. Row 2: Diane Roberts, Eric Johnson, Kenneth Wells, Melvyn Pfeiffer, Diane Westmoreland, Diane Comer, Maxine Madritsch, James Lewis, Charlotte Grebe, Suzanne Wilson, Carolyn Wuster, Rita Crawford, Janice Britt, Steve Rannage, Bernard Martin, David Abbott, Sue Hottenroth, Tim Mosier. Row 31 Keith Phemister, James Ford, Sheryl Thiesing, Dorothy M- Awimem-.AM E i A lftitEESCtFE if iw Wood, Raymond Englander, Susan l-lumbarger, Melvin Hoefling, Rene Lewin, Mary Jean Hopping, Davra Denham, Rosemary Koelling, Denita Wright, Nancy Boyd, Kenneth W. Kitts, Charles Rodocker, Jenny Good- night, Frederick Johnson, Karla Burns, Evelyn Lewin, Steve Belding. Row A1 Michael Reed, sgt.-at-arms, Victoria Sutton, Jack Morton, Dwight Suggs, Steve Williams, Glee Looper, John Schowengerdt, Nancy Jones, hostess, Wayne Gross, John l-labig, treas., John Soltau, Steve Lawrence, Philip Kunlcel, Joseph Misbach, jr, rep., Spencer Worth, John Robertson, Gordon Caudill, John Miller, Patricia Todd, Gene Spicer. V 4' V l' 4 4 l h ' GIRLS' ENSEMBLE-Linda Craig, Leonore l-lodges, Susan l-lumbarger, Denita Wright, Rosemary Koelling, Miss Diane Griffith, dir., Carolyn Wuster, Phyllis Rivers, Evelyn Lewin, L. Sue Cook, Mary Monschein. WWYWT J Mammary, p-4, 2, i 5 , ll, if rf! 5 V J l ig i-.0-""' gyzxa. si cf V. T Q f Cheerful songs provoke mirth among Techoir TasTy food is enioyed by Techoir officers and guests af The yearly Kick-Off Banquet. members. l-laving a very heavy schedule ThroughouT The school year, The Techoir is always on The go. The Kickoff Ban- queT opened The singing group's year, Their firsT per- formance was aT The sTaTe sTudenT council convenTion. ChrisTmas Took The choir downTown, where They caroled. VocalisTs became salesmen as They sold Their own ChrisTmas record. To welcome spring, The choir gave iTs annual concerT aT The World War Memorial. Techoir's BOYS' OCTET-Fred Johnson, Rene Lewin, John Solfau, Sfeve handclap welcomed many guesTs, and Mr. Moon gave many pennies To members who had special evenTs To celebraTe. Boys' OcTeTTe and Girls' Ensemble members were even busier since They are Techoir members Too. These small vocal groups performed freauenTly for school and non-school groups. Williams, John Schowengerdf, Mike Reed, Sieve Belding, Steve Ramage. vcr: ' 'lf' VV lK"jf1LLLL,F'kl l 'vs Lili llni M4i,i9i? iiiii l ONT? 6.1 if?Ul fiilii. EN' -Uvll r s T4 K 'W' Sifiriiiici iNiiFMllON l lrllf l!f,3TfiVi P nff I l , Q i yf 3 U GT? .,..f MADRIGALS-Front Row: Ruth Handy, Anne Duthrie, Dorothy Wood, Priest. Row 2: Daniel Bacon, Kenneth Wells, Joseph Misbach, John Habig, Mary Jean Hopping, Nancy Jones, Sheryl Thiesing, Nancy Boyd, Christina Gordon Caudill, Van Butler, Raymond Englander. Nladriqals Sing A Cappella Mads march to Student Center for a performance. Boys' and Girls' Concert Club officers get their heads together to plan a joint activity during Friday "co-educational" rehearsals. a Rl gk . ,QW ' T he i W ' r's?'5mmw-W, W. 3, V if . ' SNK' - Yan. ' 4' flliff 3 s r K ' A N I , 4' ' ' JW? ' if' . , he . MY. x - r. ' sv' . ,: , 'fi fed!!! .. , I - -'I I 1 v gg, - fi, T fi. i T' 6 9 lr' 'tl is I 'Y' 'V 4? 5 'V Us ' ' 1 5: 'sig' 2 U V w 9 r , if Q . 5 'iz 3, 4: ' fi ta ,. , ""' 1 N 1 Z , , Q , GlRLS' CONCERT CLUB-Front Row: Linda Polland, Trudy Lenox, Linda J. DeMunbrun, Edna Vest, Pam Hunt, accompanist, Judith Burns, v. pres., Donna Hunt. Row 2: Beverly A. Clark, Carla J. Cooper, Sandra Hargis, Carolyn Sue Thomason, Nikki-lynne Kennison, Cheryl Marie Jackson, Joyce C. Clark, Judith Phillips. Row 3: Arlester J. Marshall, Suzanne An opportunity to participate in several school pro- grams awaits members of the Boys' and Girls' Concert Clubs each year. The concert clubs combine their talents every spring with other Tech music groups and present an "Enchanted Evening." They sing at city performances of all girls' and boys' concert groups and have a concert of their own during the year. The Madrigal Singers sing a cappella and, according BOYS' CONCERT CLUB-Front Row: Mike Polson, pres., Robert Wakeland, Shelby Duncan, Raymond Evans, Ronald Rodocker, Asael Contreras, Edwin Scahill. Row 2: David DeVine, Larry Biech, Bob Taylor, Bill Newkirk, Ed Montgomery, Cleo Brasher, Ted Jordan, Mrs. Mildred Moore, accompanist. Row 3: Jerry J. B. Karr, sec., Donald Guthrie, Steven Leonard, Mark ix X., , v Kreiger, Linda Evans, Sharyl Schoenewey, pres., Peggy Boswell, Jimi Sue Parker, Sheree Wade, Beverly Vaughn, Jeannie Forkner. Row 4: Sharron Herrington, Penny Pickett, Anne Young, Betty Abbott, Frances Bass, Gloria Trout, sec., Sandra Brown, Janna Wells, Sharon Ann Donahue, Juanita E. Hirschy. to the name of their course, Chorus Vlll, are the most ad- vanced singing group at Tech. Dressed in bright red, the "Mads" dazzled their audiences with their performances of fifteenth and sixteenth century songs. They impressed new Techites with the singing of the traditional "Tech Hymn" at the freshman orientation programs and showed others how Tech "shines" in their performances outside school. Scott, Earl Lee, Larry Woodard, Alfred Lee Cox, Kenneth Hughes, Robert E. Simpson, dir. Row 4: Donald M. Lovell, v. pres., Jim Sykes, lib., Jay C. Ratliff, Frank Greene, Ronald D. Thurman lll, Tom Beeson, sgt.-at-arms, Ralph Hodgson, Kent Nay, Roderick Morgan, David Hardy. -Wh.,.----- V-A' -- , A-f--33, as , A 1 .5 '? sf? l ii if sf . T Q4 E1 i - T l L Sandy Baker and Craig Barns reigned over "AuTumn Twilight." Class represenTaTives are elecTed To The STudenT Affairs OrganizaTion in The Tall of The year. The SAO has The Task of governing some of The affairs of The sTudenT body. BuT iT also has The Tun oT planning and accomplish- ing many worThwhile proiecTs. Among iTs duTies are The all-school elecTions of The Jamboree Queen and The Princess of lighT, Tech's beauTy who was To ride in The ChrisTmas parade. The SAO ExecuTive Board plans The HarvesT Moon Ball. This year Two of The Board's own members reigned over The "AuTumn TwilighT" dance. The SAO helps promoTe sporTsmanship by sponsoring a slogan conTesT and by placing posTers on bulleTin boards. This acTive group is in charge aT The spring clean-up campaign and encourages sTudenTs To keep The campus "shining" ThroughouT The year. Bev HoyT posTs a sign To boosT Tech sporfsmanship. r... 9.-if'Q2f: ""' M . fm, NRG SAO EXECUTIVE BOARD-Front Row: Pam Hunt, rec. sec., Marcella Risk, Terrie Chris, Karen Safford, corr. sec., Larry D. Metcalfe, Janice Talbert, Karla Burns, Mike Polson, Deeann Mathis, Donna Hunt. Row 2: Mrs. Martha Turpin, sponsor, Sandra Baker, Barbara Spears, Carol Simmons, JoAnn Brady, Linda Evans, Maxine Madritsch, v. pres., Mary McAree, Mary A W Y-A ,---q 'T' N, Jean Hopping, Larry Champion, pres., Ellie Smith. Row 3: Jerry B. Karr Beverly A. Hoyt, Ron Strahl, Rene Lewin, treas., Gloria Trout, Kenneth Hughes, Craig Borns, sgt.-at-arms. Not shown: Rose Barnett, Gene Jacobs Gary Kennedy, Bernard Martin, Melody Radziewicz. SAO Coordinates Activities What force is behind the all-school activities that run as smoothly as IBM machines? If it's an all-school event that is preplanned, publicized, and promoted, the Stu- dent Affairs Organization is probably sponsoring the activity. Many of the funds which the SAO obtains by the Executive Board's booths at the Mardi Gras and through the sale of many items, which this year included pillovv "seats" for use at football games and hats and Titan buttons for the sectional basketball tournament, are used for receptions. The group began the year by honoring its roll room representatives and sponsor teachers with a special after-school reception in Stuart Tovver. A girls' college tea, boys' college mixer, and annual "surprise" Valentine tea for teachers found many student workers from the SAO in attendance. And after the teas come the dishes! Although messengers in the Student Center sometimes do the "dirty work," several SAO Board members claim dishpan hands. Two special meals are planned by the Board each year: the Christmas Dinner in honor of members' parents and faculty mem- bers who aid the SAO, and the May Breakfast, which is prepared by the underclassmen in honor of the Board's senior members. SAO'ers "wash-up." 3 5 Q Ogg 15655 4. 4 51 A 1 1 , 5 7:1 , ..- 4 i swf? K Q XV X s as X i . '. 5b.w X1 55541 'Mfr QQ A 42 ' I i i K-, wr-"' we :Eff 'lf sv' sv XV Chairmen confer about convention plans. Freshman representative Janice Talbert prepares for her first Christmas Dinner. V utn United F r Dr qress Gavel-wielder Larry Champion shows one of the items the SAO sold as a money-making proiect. 'MHIQ on in Karla puts last minute touches on the Open House display. More Than 1,100 sTudenT council leaders from all over The sTaTe aTTended The Indiana AssociaTion of STudenT Councils convenTion aT Tech This October. SAO Board members prepared Tor This special aTTair Tor nearly a year and worked on The convenTion almosT exclusively for a monTh. The STudenT-FaculTy BaskeTball Game was planned by The SAO Too. Money earned from This one-aTTernoon af- Tair was added To The principle oT The Hanson H. Ander- son Scholarship Fund. The scholarships were given To a senior boy and a senior girl on Honor Day. Local busi- nessmen added To The Tund by adverTising in The baskeT- ball program. Leadership was TaughT and demonsTraTed aT The lead- ership skills workshop given by The Board Tor iTs own members in The Tall. A candlelighTing ceremony in which members renewed Their pledge To help improve Tech was a parT of The workshop. Hours oT Time were spenT aTTer school by elecTions com- miTTee members who had The Task of counTing balloTs in all-school voTes. The Board opened The STudenT CenTer Tor parenTs and all Tech visiTors aT Open House This year. Each of The clubs which meeTs in The cenTer had a display Telling of iTs acTiviTies. Junior Board members cooperaTed wiTh all of Tech's iuniors in sponsoring The Junior Prom This spring. Vice-president Maxine gefs ready for a leadership skills session. Eledions chairman Ron Strahl spends exTra Time Tallying balloTs in all school vofes ,ppm Www bi Nfwiliv 'Qu ,wc . KEY CLUB-Front Row: Tim Mosier, Dan Bacon, Mike Polson, Wm. James ton, David Denham, Ernie Dallman, Kenneth Hughes, Bill Donovan, Jim Patterson, Raymond Evans, Tom Campbell, John Kuhn, Bill Thompson, Henderson, David Mattingly, William Wilham, Raymond Englander. Row 4: Edwin Scahill, Row 21 Roderick Morgan, Peteris Putelis, Steve Belding, Van Butler, Gordon Caudill, Joseph Misbach, Spencer Worth, Wayne treas, Clifford Chandler, sgt.-at-arms, Craig Borns, Larry Champion, Gross, Bill Conour, John Peterson, Gene Jacobs, Kent Nay, John Schowene v. pres., Michael A. Weber, Stanley Moss, pres., Rick Detty, sec., Bernard gerdt, Rene Lewin, Ron Strahl. Martin, Charles Scahill. Row 31 Mohlon W. Carlock, sponsor, Jack Mor- Keq Club Plans Festivities Homecoming queen Anita Smith glows after being crowned by Howard Longshore, acting principal. Citizenship, scholastic ability, and participation in extra-curricular activities are some ot the requirements 'Sli 'hw-.,.. -' ml tor membership in Tech's chapter ot the Key Club Inter- national. Boys apply tor membership in this Kiwanis Club-sponsored group. A special proiect of this service group is the tall homecoming. Members encourage at- tendance at this event and plan the halt-time ceremonies. Club members usher at senior convocation and vespers, they sell refreshments at several school events. The Turnkey, a turnabout dance, is another ot these service- minded teens' proiects. David Mattingly and Bernard Martin show new Techites around during Freshman Orientation. ...f ""' if T, 4 1, . U1 ,Minh-4. 'V N Q.-Q.."'. .psf--'-" Il' 5'5" " vu Q-'tr HIGH S C H O OL RED CROSS CLUB-Front Row: D o n n a Hunt, Pam Hunt, Evelyn Resnick, Petrine Christein, Diane Ressinger, Ruth Hcindy, rec. sec., Donna Anderson. Row 2: Linda Wooten, Peggy Berchekas, Terrie Chris, Karen Safford, v. pres., Kathy Moeller, Nikki Kennison, Iris Williams, Mrs. Barbara Dearing, sponsor. Row 3: Linda Goode, Mary Ann Kenning- 400 Given One hundred per cent enrollment in High School Red Cross started the club's successful year. Members planned several party boxes, counted enrollment supplies for the roll rooms, and prepared an international album to be sent to a foreign country. Several Tech organizations contributed to the Red Cross overseas chest to be used for students in a disaster area. Y' . ,-JW' P' f ' 'S ton, Elizabeth Jo Ann Young, Mary May, Jill Horn, Mary Jean Hopping, corr. sec., JoAnn Brady, Janice Talbert. Row 41 Susan Pearson, Betty Brewer, Jerry J, B. Karr, Gloria Trout, Beverly Hoyt, treas., Penny Pickett, Tante Masters, Maxine Madritsch, pres. T Red Cross After donning blue and white pin-striped Red Cross uniforms, several girls served a turkey dinner at the No- vember Marion County Red Cross I-ligh School Board meeting. Other club members contributed time by placing Red Cross and United Fund posters in the neighborhood and by working at the Chapter House. Members helped with the Valentine Tea and "Bundle Days." Petrine, Donna, and Gloria seem excited at the prospect of trying on a Red Cross uniform. l l 5 i' fl L f i is lx li 7 I. .f"A2V S Tante and Diane put up posters urging contributions so that we might receive the Red Cross Journal. vsgf at i l T :vm Q. WW 40 'if '!""'V SERVlCE CLUB-Front Row, Judy Martin, Carol Kidd, Carolyn Phillips, Marcia Montgomery, Evelyn Resnick, pub. chair., Linda Craig, rec. sec., Diane Ressinger, Karol Ponsler, Delores Moralez. Row 2: Lynn Detty, Mary Pfeiffer, Penny Burnham, Barbara Abbott, Terrie Chris, Linda Wooten, Carolyn Walker, Valerie Holden, Donna Anderson. Row 3: Karen Biech, Barbara White, Carole Edwards, Charlene Stinger, Cindy Albertson, Helen Powell, Linda Wenz, Jocelyn Tandy, Y"' 'Di A ' r v 4 A 1 ,F v 4 1 ' 1' 'wx .fr .50 hi VD -' ik t' - ' ' Q,- T Row 4: Donna Morgan, Sidney Reynolds, Melvin Barr, Susan Pearson, v. pres., Joyce Montgomery, Betty Brewer, Jill Horn, corres. sec., Loretta Backus. Row 5, Mrs. Sandra Tharp, sponsor, Tante Masters, Cindy Bradley, Sharon Montgomery, Maxine Madritsch, Gloria Trout, Bev Hoyt, pres., Penny Pickett, Roberta Brooks, Mary Hopping, Betty Bell, Row 6: Gregory Owens, Wayne Miller, Jerry Karr, Clarence Pavey, Donald Gill, Alfred Cox, Kenneth Calhoun. Shield Stands For Service Members of school service groups, which consist of volunteer messengers, gate, street, bicycle, and automo- bile guards, safety patrol, and full-period hall and door monitors, make up most of the Tech Service Club's membership. Meeting twice a month in the Student Center, the members plan and work out ideas in detail for their an- nual proiects. The club provides workers for the Fresh- man Orientation Program, who welcome and introduce Fourteen popular Titans vied for the titles of Miss Merry Christmas and Mr. Happy New Year at the White Christmas Dance. Front Row: Kathleen Huter, Ruth Handy, Donna Burnette, Carole Miller, Karla Burns, Evelyn new students to Tech. Two bountiful Thanksgiving food baskets were given needy families this year. The club sold mums to fill the treasury and sponsored a "Wonderland by Night," the White Christmas Dance, during the holiday season. To promote efficiency in school service work, to further good fellowship among Techites, and to create a better cooperative spirit in the school are the purposes of the Tech Service Club. Lewin, L. Sue Cook. Row 2, Rene Lewin, Larry Champion, Tim Mosier, David Sexson, Richard Detty, John Nell, Gary Kennedy. 4 s' 'lllf' Fu. 'fin N vi BFWQCUY V nfuw, :W si S 1"1 nfl: ff' .ip WK Powell, Gregory Cavanaugh, Clyde Tuttle, Bill Wegener. Meid, Bill Wigley, Kenneth Purvis, Steve Waggoner, David Hawley, cation. FUTURE NURSES CLUB-Front Row: Donna Wade, Barbara Gilmore, Yvonne Montague, Carol Gribben, Barbara Abbott, pres., Sharon Hoskins, Cheryl Fogleman, Bertha Mae McMillin, Daisy Quick, Cheryl L. Villines, Wilma Louise Watson, Janice Sheetz. Row 2. Brenda Chapman, Suzanne Wilson, v. pres., Barbara Cheshire, Gertrude 'Parr, Lorraine Snorden, Jolie Pat- terson, Joyce Swanner, sec.-treas,, Donna Lewis, Marti Church, chaplain, LY CHESS CLUB-Front Row: William Hawley, sponsor, Jerry Dorsey, Douglas Fred Bonnett. Row 3, Richard Bacon, John Hawley, Chappie Hayer, Tony Row 2, Steve Fleener, Steve Dickens, pres., Harold Powell, William Smith. Members at the Chess Club spend concentration time determining moves for a pawn or a bishop and examin- ing the results. Old members teach new members chess fundamentals and participate in tournaments against fellow classmates. The Future Nurses Club's purpose is to encourage interest in nursing by informing members of nursing op- portunities. The "nurses-to-be" sell Christmas holly to purchase food tor needy families and Easter seals tor Crossroads Rehabilitation Center. Three future nurses look over their monthly publi- Ines Brewer, Sandy Gaunce, Nedra Lewis, Jane Howard, Mary Lynn Russell, Blanche Williams, R. N., sponsor. Row 3, Mary McAree, Cannon representative, Susan Newkirk, scrapbook editor, Diane Pennington, Linda Wenz, Sandra Swisher, Janice Gaalema, Rosie Lee Allen, Bertha Robinson, Pamela Glenn, Carol Coapstick, corr. sec., Carolyn Adams. nr ' QR V pv' ', 'q ,HQ 'T' " ,."f' -4, .S si .. ww ,ff . L M x""4"f risk' dvlfs cf N t .i-. f. i i r 'ff' P' 'Q , It .M . sql, 'Z 'ft 1. 3 3 Tu. 4. F E L "WF mir vw 1 ii ,V JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE-Front Row: Mary Ann Kennington, Elena Margaret Beasley, treas., Fred Dunkman, Stephen Grove, pres., Gloria Looper, Evelyn Resnick, Richard Buchanan, v. pres., Nikki Kennison, Mary Trout, Jimi Sue Parker. McAree, sec. Row 2: Virginia Hurt, sponsor, Sherry Sayles, Jeffrey Oliveira, Language Clubs Keep Busq The purpose of the Spanish Club and the Junior Classical League is to create an interest in language out- side the classroom. The Spanish Club offers an enjoyable after-school activity by having special programs and by conducting its meetings in Spanish. Once again this year SPANISH CLUB-Front Row: Suellen Jackson, Sandra Wilson, Carla L Leonard, Barbara A. Hamon, Mary Spaulding, Karol Ponsler, Mary Collins, Sharon Wilson, Linda Kirby, Lillie Mae Cross. Row 2: Suzanne Wilson Candace Covert, Nedra Lewis, Hattie Marie Williams, Victoria McClung Charlene Brown, Sharon Wallace, Sondra E. James, treas., Dollie Reese i the club feasted on tasty Mexican food at the Taco House. Members of the JCL find the age-old Latin language an interesting topic for research. This year the club planned a Roman banquet and other festivities based upon the ancient customs of Rome. Jim Soltau, Gracie Marie Swift, Gloria Grubbs, sec., Suzanne Kreiger, Josue Contreras, Mrs. Carolyn Hawkins, sponsor. Row 3: Mary Clark, pres., Kenneth Nelms, Gregory Owen, Clyde Rosebrock, sgt.-at-arms, Stephen Williams, John Miller, John S. Springer, Kent Nay, v. pres., K. David Kreimer, Linda Gullion, John McAndrews, Beverly Jo Jones. 4? X M. 5 -me I it 5 W FRENCH CLUB-Front Row: Deborah Barnett, Evelyn Mitchell, treas, Bar- Mrs. Mary Bedell, sponsor. Row 3: Larry Hobson, sec., Roderick Morgan bara Noffke, Jacki Abbett, Lillie Barnett, Becky Laing, Paulette Suggs, Van Butler, Ruth Randolph, Hermoine Miles, v. pres., Emily Gulion Sharon Calvin, Becky Bender. Row 2: William Lane, Betty Watts, Joyce Sondra James, Kenneth Wells, Charlene Brown, Alice Purvis, Ronnie Hor Miller, Marilyn Thiry, Kenneth Purvis, Douglas Powell, Arlester Marshall, ton, Richard Clark. sgt.-at-arms, Jody Howe, Dorothy Swan, Pam Hunt, Clara Frisbie, pres., French students who are interested in extra-curricular activities often ioin the French Club for fun and enioy- ment. Last summer Van Butler and Clara Frisbie were chosen to visit France through Indiana University's Honors Abroad Program and added to the fun of French by speak- ing the language during club meetings. Most meetings are conducted in the language so members may learn as they derive a spirit of fellowship from club meetings. GERMAN CLUB-Front Row: Rita K. Schowengerdt, pres., Linda Schowen- gerdt, Kathy Carman, Kathy Weatherford, Christine Petree, Brenda Scho- wengerdt, Richard Hausz, Jeanette Simmons. Row 21 Mrs. Susanna Under- wood, sponsor, Peggy Berchekas, Linda Banta, Stephen Waltman, Michael German Club activities began with a "plant potting patio porch picnic" at the sponsors home. After potting nearly two hundred plants, these language enthusiasts were ready to sell them at the Mardi Gras. Club members extended the holiday season by having a New Year's party instead of the traditional December festivities lust so they could celebrate at the time of year the Germans do. Rowls, Robert Hirschy, Jack Corpuz, v. pres., Gary Rott, Janet Huebner. Row 3: Robert Beck, Michael Thomas, Jerry Rott, Ellen Eads, Kenneth Hilton, Bill Conour, sec.-treas., Mara Strelnieks, Mickey Seulean. I f' t 9 XYZ CLUB-Front Row, David Drexler, Alfred Lee Cox, Jerry J. B. Karr Thomas Creasser, John Springer, Jack Morton. Row 2: Wayne Miller Gregory Owens, Mara Strelnieks, treas., Steve Belding, Joyce Montgomery pres., Eric Waldhaus. Row 3, Jenny Goodnight, corr. sec., Charles Wend ling, llze Henkels, v. pres., Cleo Brasher, Richard Clark, Robert Brewer, Randy Randol, sgt.-at-arms, Steve Chestnut. Row 4: Janet Huebner Math club meetings are never lacking interest as well as entertainment. Movies, faculty advisors, and even stu- dent speakers are often at the head of the agenda. The climax of the year came this May when seniors and others who had achieved in the field of mathematics were honored by the club at the annual May Tea. Gazing at stars and mixing colors are but a few of the projects of the Chemistry-Physics Club. A telescope brought out the star-watchers at the Mardi Gras, but the "highlight" ofthe school year for these scientific-minded students was a demonstration on color which they pre- sented at the Hobby Show last fall. After completion of their work on color, these scientists resumed their study of the measurement of light. Making geometrical ornaments was another Math Club proiect. -I ' N -Q 5, 19" ' Q 4 Richard Todd, Robert Hoskins, Donald Hockersmith, Astrid Henkels, rec. sec., Sandra Gounce, Mary Gaunce, Marilyn Thiry. Row 5: Judy Frantz- reb, Marcia Montgomery, John Armstrong, Shirley Lytle, Charles Lytle, Mrs, Barbara Polizotto, sponsor, Jody Howe, Susan Watts, Carol Oakley, Robert Todd. CHEMISTRY-PHYSICS CLUB-Front Row: Larry Allen, sec., Matt Matlik, treas., Joseph Flores, v. pres., John Springer, pres. Row 2: Allan Wilkinson, David Coffin, Fred Panhorst, Melvin Barr. Row 3: Gerry Hendrickson, Donald Lovell, Stephen D. Leonard. Row 4: Ted Burks, William Tozer, co-sponsor, David Beeson, coesponsor. Row 5, Richard Young. '31 lf' K' 33 'Q l QS sz. 299' p-v get 'Q wr W? gg at . rf D. C. E.-Front Row: Donna Catlin, Beverly Pribble, v. pres., Sue Ellen Evans, sec., Mary Ann Kennington, Linda Newsom, Marilyn Yvonne Loux. Row 2: Keith Jarvis, Don Bartlett, treas., Steve Schreiber, Lindsey Hahn, Raymond Owen, William Boyd, Row 3: Kenneth Gearlds, Michael L. Funke, Ronald V. Jones, James Duricl, Jack Cause, pres., Mark Aaron, Leon F. Maurer, sponsor. Pupils Learn, Earn Credit Keith Jarvis works at Midland Lumber and Supply. -xi i l i ' i i 1 l l l l i K E l I l i i . 5 I l l i l Pupils in D.C.E. spend parts of their days in class. Leon Maurer heads the Diversified Cooperative Educa- tion program at Tech. Those qualifying for this worth- while program have the chance of choosing, preparing for, and entering the vocation of their choice while still in school. The best way to determine the proper occupations is through the students' interests, abilities, and personali- ties. One period a day is given to DCE classroom work, and fifteen hours a week are actually spent on the iob. Sometimes students must start their days early because the jobs they have chosen require promptness. A good example is those who work at Community Hospital. Be- sides local hospitals, these students may be found in cafeterias, service stations, or body shops. A student may earn one credit per semester in D. C. E. while he becomes familiar and experienced in a chosen occupation. I i .,,,,.g3 John Habig, Bellamy Flag Award Representative, Ilze Henkels, Senior DAR winner, Mickey Seulean, Freedoms Foundation Represen- tative. -fx .2 wr A .. -f Q... 'V' fm, -as 'Nl W'-w wr""X w HISTORY CLUB-Front Row, Evelyn Resnick, pres., Mary Lynn Pfeiffer, Susan Johnson, parl., Dorycea Senour. Row 2: Sandy Gaunce, Sara Porter, Cheryl Fogleman, Judy Hester, asst. rec. sec. Row 3, Linda Davis, ass't. corr. sec., Donald Mockersmith, Christine Petree, corr. sec., Kenneth Calhoun, sgt.-at-arms. Row 4: Paula K. Cline, 3rd v. pres., Alice Purvis, rec. sec., Kenneth Purvis, Anne Stewart. Row 5, Ilze Henkels, 2nd v. pres., Mary Sue Gaunce, Claude Stuart, Connie Miller. Row 6: Gregory Owens, lst v. pres., Clementine Barrow, Evelyn Wells, Ollie Baker. Row 7: Eric Waldhaus, Linda Wenz, Alfred Lee Cox. Row 8, Donald D. Griffith, treas., Stephen Williams, Duane Blcinkenhorn, sponsor, Kenneth Hilton. Clubs Prepare F r Future Although only a year old, the History Club has over 40 members. Relating past history and the news of today is the goal of the History Club. This group often has programs with speakers, films, anol slides, they take several trips. John Habig, who showed leadership and an interest in history represented Tech at the Bellamy Flag Award ceremonies in Chattanooga, Tennessee, this fall. Mickey Seulean went on the Freedoms Foundation Valley Forge pilgrimage as a representative of his grade school. Tech has won Freedoms Foundation awards every year since their existence. Miss Jeannette Tobey heads the Foundation committee. Ilze Henkels was the recipient of the senior girl's good citizen Daughters ofthe American Revolution award. Sev- eral seniors attended Girls' and Boys' states during the summer. Stamps, an interesting facet of history, seem to intrigue Kenneth Hilton and Gregory Owens. ywkyhi its r I X'-ll5Nll'tl tlls MEM., N11 TNT' rr nxt 'Gu ---,Q 3,,f-"M" 7 -f 5 ff WV Z ri 6561 ,. .s , if F My E X he if FUTURE PRINTERS' CLUB--Front Row: Dean McClary, Ron- liams, Charles Pittman, Stephen Sowder, James Scalt, ald Lavely, Alan Snyder, Walter Jackson. Row 2, David R. W. Smith, co-sponsor. Row 4, Claude Stuart, Michael Allen, Donald McClary, Cleo Brasher, Michael Trent, pres., Lumpkin, Jerry Roth, George Eads. Ricky Whitt. Row 3: Clyde Armel, sponsor, Robert Wil- In the spring of 1950 a new club was started at Tech. During the time of its existence the Future Teachers of America group has guided many young people into the teaching profession. Under the leadership of Mrs. Doro- thy Stout, these prospective teachers participate in many worthwhile proiects. The FTA meets every Tuesday at 7:30 a.m., and a guest speaker is usually present at these "sunrise ceremonies." Besides meeting in the mornings, some of the members are cadet teachers at Tech or neighboring schools. Another club which promotes the profession of its name is the Future Printers Club. lt was formed in order to help its members learn more about printing. The club's motto is "Expand Your Knowledge." The FPC visits print- ing firms to learn new techniques. ji '59s A 'Lf' Janice Bland grades papers as part of her cadet teaching job. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA-Front Row, Barbara Gilmore, Kathryn Roselyn Toliver, hist., Carol Jean Worley, Judith Carol Richardson Clenda Borden, Cary Cox, Deeann Mathis, sec.-treas,, Linda Clark, pres., Evelyn L. Clevenger, Candace Covert. Row 3, Michael Billhymer, Juay Lopas Resnick, Becky Bender, Sharon Calvin, Diane Childers, v. pres. Row 2: Ellen Eads, Carol Esarey, Janice Lucas, Marilyn Miller, Kathy Fogleson Diane Ressinger, Cheryl A. Harding, Dianna J. Roberts, Juanita E. Hirschy, Mrs, Dorothy Stout, sponsor. xm- I -359 ,-lx, .A '-55 X vi! t 5 KA, if rf Ii ir lf lindsay Q? A09 11225 ART CLUB-Front Row: Mary Ann Casey, Susan Humbarger. Row 2: Mary Gaunce, Karen Platt, Gloria Lashbrook, Beverly Polvadore. Row 4: Lorena Phemister, sponsor, Rosie Lee Allen, Betty Ann Howard, Nivian Richard Riegel, Ernest Jones, James Taylor, Nathaniel Blunt, Augustus Quick, Alberta Anderson, Jill Hansford. Row 3: Phyllis Ellis, Judith Doty, A. Kissee, Michael Thomas, Gregory Owens, Wayne Miller. A wonderful way to begin a new day is Through prayer. Members ot the Prayer Circle meet each morning at eight in the basement of the Arsenal. Through these devotions, members ot the Prayer Circle teel better equipped to start their day. Young artists at Tech have an opportunity to meet outside class with other people interested in art by at- tending meetings ot the Art Club. The club takes many trips to art exhibits, art galleries, and museums. Whether art is iust a hobby or a prospective occupation tor these people, they all gain aesthetic values from Art Club participation. Members of the Prayer Circle meet in the basement ot the Arsenal each morning at eight. rwwfswm ,ff A Polly Hollowell and Janice Bland receive admirable comments about their GAA letter sweaters. i l A Athletes who earn Their letters in any sport are eligible for membership in the Block-T Club. Boys retain their letters for lite and are admitted To Tech games without charge when They wear Their letter sweaters. Tournaments highlighted The year for The Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation. Girls participated in sev- eral sports throughout The year and competed in a class volley- ball Tournament. Bowling en- thusiasts showed Their skills at The Fox-Hunt bowling alley near school. Q -iss. W 'Nl s sa LETTERMANS CLUB-Front Row: Elwood Jee, Dennis Wilson, Steve Belding, Chester Humphries, Michael Avery, Richard Detty, Clifford Chandler, Ralph Wendel. Row 2: James Boone, Dennis Selms, Ernest Dallman, John Nell, David Kreimer, Daniel ireland, Frank Nichols, Michael Weber, Carl Blue. Row 3: Eugene Akers, Gary Kennedy, James Bostic, Arthur Sams, Eli Brown, Jon Spadorcia, Lloyd Eldridge, David Sexson. Pupils Are Phu icallq Fit G.A.A.-Front Row: Linda Reeves, Donna Johnson, Ruth Pridemore, Janine Fogleman, Stephanie Armour, Pat Keller, Joyce Williams, Juanita Byers, Betty Trotter. Row 2: Cindy Duncan, Barbara Cheshire, Brenda Chapman, Annette Rhim, Kathy Carman, Nancy Johnson, Charlotte Herrington, Chris White. Row 3: Terrie Chris, Shirley Lytle, Susan Evans, Jean Link, Inez lsham, Marilyn Lucas, Martha Church, Doris Williams. Row 4: Kathy Weatherford, Janice Bland, pres., Tana Wiggington, treas., Phyllis New- kirk, rec. sec., Mickie Anderson, Lana Gerninden, soph. rep., Linda Wooten. 'Ni Row 5: Stella Brown, Debbie Moody, Susie Starks, Hallie Williams, Con- stance Mabry, Charlene Brown, Mildred Gordon. Row 61 Nova Thompson, Roselyn Toliver, Polly Hollowell, sr. rep., Sharon l-ledderick, Kerry Brinkley, Rosie Allen, Darlene McGee. Row 71 Carolyn Wuster, Dollie Reese, Yvonne Bishop, Carol French, Mary Kendrick, Thiel Williams. Row 8: Naioma Stockton, Katherine Dumes, Penny Pickett, Carol Blount, ir. rep., Miss Patsy Scott, sponsor. ...Qi-. V .. , M W-,..,. -. ...Wu -.. .......,.M4,.M..c Ms... s- ...Uv-,.. A.. As. -W . A. .-..........n-0.4 .,... .- ---w--' .,,,..,W ...s....- ...Q........,. J., .., ,. ......'-is 4... r ' .5 .. 'Nunn -Y-an 'fl tw! , F P-' li eg' r X' J- 5 J '-4Nc.,,,, ' MQ? 2 1 COLOR GUARD-Bruce Parish, Larry Ward, Robert Graham, Neal Yeager. . 3,5 -1 n , - xe- ffiif. Sfftfff. - .3-f 7 OFFlCER'S CLUB-Front Row: Hon. Cadet Captains: Linda Craig, Edellen Stewart, Ruth Handy. Hon. Cadet 2nd Lts. Donna Black, Eleanor Smith. Row 2: Hon. Cadet Captain Sandra Baker, Hon. Cadet Lts. JoAnn Brady, Sharyl Schoeneway, Evelyn Lewin. Row 3: Hon. Cadet 2nd Lt. Chris Hammond, Hon. Cadet Captain Nancy Atherton, Hon. Cadet Maiors Charlotte Grebe, Barbara Spears. Row 4: Cadet Captain Robert Strong, Cadet lst Lts. Robert Marshall, Stephen D. Leonard, Cadet 2nd Lt. Robert McClain. Row 5: Cadet Maiors William Pracht, Steven Daugh- erty, Cadet lst Lt. Randy Randol, Cadet 2nd Lt. Kenneth Hughes. Row 6: Cadet lst Lt. Harold Powell, Cadet Captain James Ford, Cadet Lt. Col. John Peterson, Cadet M!Sgt Larry Ward. Row 7: Cadet lst Lt. Charles Scahill. Officers Show Leadership RIFLE TEAM-Front Row: Randy Randol, Bill Pracht. Row 2: Hans Sigg, Harold Powell, Greg Young, Melvin Penick, Larry Ward, John R. Wood. The Reserve Officers Training Corps, better known on campus as the ROTC, was established at Tech in l9l9 by Captain Hardin under the National Defense Act of l9l6. The ROTC offers excellent opportunities in military train- ing for all boys. It teaches discipline, the proper use of guns, and prepares boys for future military duty. The Reserve Officers Training Corps basically resembles the United States Army in the regulation uniforms, drills, and inspections. Many opportunities are offered by the ROTC department for learning and advancement in rank. ln- cluded in the ROTC are the color guard, rifle team, drill team, army instructors, and sponsors. Activities of the ROTC include drills, parades, inspections, taking part in assemblies, and the placement of guards for school- sponsored events. The Tech ROTC has won an honor rat- ing every year for the past several years at the annual Federal Inspection held in May. The highlight of the year for ROTC cadets is the Military Ball, held in the spring. multi' :Tl ll 222 gg lt'?i?TIQ lil? UB l 'bl'-RS Freshman Company D kept up the pace in November llth's Veterans' Day Parade. Cadets Shine Datri ticailq INSTRUCTORS-MfSgt. Waldemar E. Mathews, MfSgt. Arthur G. Wilkin- son, SFC Frederick E. Elliot. 2 "Colonel" Hewitt measures students tor shirt size. . , 'Q , ,Z A1-Lk jg-,X 5, is H A 'Ns Ir ir G 5 .. DRAMA-SPEECH CLUB-Front Row: SueAnn Brockman, Peggy Sue Hupp, Kathryn Borden, Clyde Tittle, Dianna Roberts, Teresa Black, Marilyn Atherton, Dorothy Swan, Jackie S. Asher. Row 2: Robert Maloy, sponsor, Ronald Rodocker, Clifford Curran, Paula Cline, Nancy Adams, Carol In the light of self-expression the Drama-Speech Club, Thespians, Speech and Debate Team contribute greatly to Tech's place in the sun. From the beginning of the school year the Drama-Speech Club, under the sponsorship of Mr. Maloy, is busy at play practices and working on skits for school assemblies. All students who have appeared in plays at Tech are eligible for membership in the National DRAMA-SPEECH CLUB-Front Row: Evelyn Schuller, Jackie Abbott, Clau- dia Floerke, Rebecca Thompson, Annette Waerner, Kathleen Karol, Roseva Hughes, Ann Wischmeyer. Row 2: Mary Roberts, Susan Meeks, Carol Mindach, Kathy O'Neal, Beverly King, Ellen Eads, Hermoine Miles, Janice Esarey, Linda Thorman, Kathy Fogleson, Mary Lynn Pfeiffer, David Wise. Row 3: Thomas May, Rick Clark, Marc Thorman, David L. Hunter, Ronald May, George Eads, Chuck Hendrickson, Andrew Smith, Charles Rodocker. Thespian Society. The club provides interested students with a chance to become acquainted with the theatre. Mrs. May sponsors the Speech and Debate Teams, whose members are busy bringing home many awards. Some- thing special this year were the invitational speech meets held at Tech with Indiana schools participating. Talbert, Jerry Ballinger, Sheila May, sponsor. Row 3: William Wegener, Sherman Standiford, Eric Waldhaus, Richard Hight, John Springer, Steve Williams, pres., Steven lngels, parl., William Slaten, v-pres.: Robert Slaughter. KJ R 1 elm "Ria is dl ' V' 'Wit Two Thespians practice a scene from "The Man Who Came to Dinner," a hilarious satirical play produced in the fall. The Thanksgiving assembly gave the Thespians another chance to exemplify their dramatic talent. Thespians Shine THESPIANS-Front Row: Jackie Asher, Evelyn Schueller, Annette Waerner, Sue Brockman, Rebecca Thompson, Petrine Christein, Teresa Black, Peggy Hupp, Roseva Hughes. Row 21 Jackie Abbott, David Wise, William Wegener, Jerry Ballinger, Paula Cline, Linda Thorman, Nancy Adams, Ellen Eads, Hermione Miles, Susan Meeks, Clifford Curran, Carol Mn dach, Mary Pfeiffer, Robert Maloy, sponsor. Row 31 Steve In es Richard Clark, Charles Rodocker, William Smith, David Hunter, Ceorge Eads, Steve Williams, Ronald May, William Slaten, Richard Hight, Thomas May, and Sherman Standiford. ,W f 'TT . sv, . til-I fl. L, .4 K! N.F.L.-Front Rovvz Roseva Hughes, Marilyn Atherton, Kathleen Karal, Eads, Susan Meeks, Clifford Curran, Hermione Miles, Steve Leonard, Janice Dorothy Swan, Teresa Black, Sue Brockman, Annette Waerner, Evelyn Talbert, Rebecca Thompson. Row 3: Tom May, Richard Clark, Marc Thor- Schueller, Jackie Abbott. Row 2: Ann Wischmeyer, Sheila May, sp., man, Charles Rodocker, Steve Williams, Charles Hendrickson, Steven Dave Wise, Paula Cline, William Wegener, Sherman Standiford, Ellen Ingels, Bill Slaten, William White, Robert Slaughter, Richard Hight. DEBATE TEAM--Roseva Hughes, Hermione Miles, Steven In- RIBBON WINNERS-Kathleen Karol, Tom May, Bill Slaten, Stephen Williams, Steven gels, Bill Slciten, Susan Meeks, Sherman Standiford. Ingels, Hermione Miles, Teresa Block. I 1 44 ll , l T 'UTY Qi' K i -- -+ 5 . 1 5 5 i 'Q , Q nqf 4- 2? 32 S WN, -. RADIO CLUB-FronT Row: Steven Lawrence, sgT-aT-arms, Charles Blume, Allen, Treas. Row 2: Garold BrarnbleTT, WQPOF, sponsor, John S, Springer, sec., Daniel L. Auble, pres., Richard L. McKenna, vice-pres., Larry E. Larry D. Pryor, Robert Todd. Titans Tru Communication "Wheel of Fortune" was The Radio Club's Theme aT The Mardi Gras. AT The Hobby Show They had a Civil Defense booTh on Radio OperaTion. This club helps The members in obfaining licenses, buT To be able To operafe The equipmenT a sTudenT musT have previously secured an amaTeur license. The members learn Morse code aT The meefings in The Ham Shack in Morgan Hall. The Quill and Scroll, an inTernaTional honor socieTy, is for high school sTudenTs who excel in iournalism. To qualify for membership a Cannon yearbook member musT have performed in an oufsfanding manner for aT leasf Two full semesfers, and newspaper sfaff members musT have 2,000 column lines published. Also, a B- or beTTer grade average and a recommendafion by The sfaff sponsor are required. The new members were iniTiaTed aT Chrisfmas in a candle-IighTing ceremony. QUILL AND SCROLL-Fronr Row: Petrine Chrislein, Evelyn Resnick, Deeann Dennis Hanshew, Maxine Madrifsch, Sue Hottenrofh, pres., Melody MaThis, Mary McAree, James Suddarrh, William Bolander, Emily Guillion, Radziewicz. Dorothy Schaefer, Kay Lester. Row 2. Asrrid Henkels, Ilze Henkels, sec., T 'yi 1 ' . .. .,. .LLL , YT? 0 ,T New .1 Q5 0 'Wx .f REPORTERS-Front Row: Sharon Calvin, Evelyn Resnick, Rebecca Bender. William Bolander, Kenneth Hilton, Steve Pedlow, Thomas Creasser, Phillip Row 2: Heimone Miles, Mary MCATGS, Sondra James. Row 3: Carol Coop- Bass, Richard Hight, Michael Hyatt. stick, Mara Strelnieks, Betty Bell, Susan Meeks. Row 4: Michael Rowls, Arsenal Cannon reporters are frequently seen scurrying around the West Residence struggling to meet an ap- proaching deadline. Still, their copy gets to press on time, and it becomes easy to believe that an award- winning paper is produced even with the antics of the "kiddies" While spying, creating features, and telling iokes, staffers diligently cover their beats in order to keep the student body informed of activities in all corners of Reporter gets on interview. ' .JN Iv 11.3 the campus. After-school sessions of pouring over page layouts with a coke in hand are common occurrences. Staffers attended several special iournalism conventions this year. The year was brought to a successful end with a banquet at which the editors for the 1964-65 Arsenal Cannon were informed that their life of ease would soon come to an end. WEEKLY EDITORS-Front Row: Kay Lester, p. 3 ass't., Melody Radziewicz, p. l ed., Ilze Henkels, p. 2 ed., Astrid Henkels, assc. ed., H. Sue Hottenroth, p. 3 ed. Row 2: Dennis Hanshew, ed.-in-chief, James Suddarth, ass't sports ed., Ron Strahl, sports ed. Cl?Y I i Fx Chr Composing and editing the Arsenal Cannon Yeorbook includes numerous tosks. Among the duties eoch stoff member performs ore selling odvertising, loying out poges, composing copy, ond snopping pictures. Long hours ore spent in getting oll the moteriol reody for the printers. Twenty-five of Tech's top students work dili- gently throughout the doy ond on spore time, to moke the deodlines. Some ofthe work must be token home os closs time is not enough to complete the work. It tokes on efficient stouff to meet oll the deodlines ond get the yeorbook out on time for the groduoting seniors ond the yeoirbook donce. YEARBOOK COPYWRITERS-Seoted Evelyn Schueller Donna Anderson Lewis, John Springer, Jonice Bottenberg, Jenny Goodnight, Sondra Trudy Lenox Stephen D Leonord Standing Mory Jo Morgan Nedro James, Lorry Walker, Sponsor. 5 i rw xl? an gy, Q l i i l i i i 4 i i l 5 5 V 'fixgax f aw ,Q-gin ., S was KW 5 5 3 K NQQQ S f Us Q ....... ,, -T ,,,1 X, , l fe , new c ' "-XT Energy comes from Tech's aThleTic TiTans as energy radiaTes from The sun. Our Tech Teams excel in wres- Tling, baseball, Track, Tennis, golf, baskefball and foofball. An abun- dance of aThleTics is evidence of The enforcemenf of The fifness program ThaT has been effecfively sTressed Throughouf The UniTed STaTes. Through numerous acTiviTies, our sTu- denfs receive exercise ThaT is neces- sary for Them To mainTain good healTh. Cheerleaders prove ThaT girls are noT lefT ouT of Tech's aThleTic pro- gram. The Three squads pracTice daily in order To keep Their bodies in Tone for Those exTra special yells which require gymnasTic abilify To be incorporaTed wiTh cheers. Through acfive parTicipaTion in vigorous sporTs and acTiviTies, Tech boys and girls learn body discipline and precision. STudenTs who have Taken an acfive parT in afhlefics know The value of habifual exerTion and endurance in reaching perfec- Tion in physical fiTness. . x Q f Mr. Myers proudly displays blankef given To him upon refiremenf as Mr Longshore looks on. as -,cw,"r H 'TT' y y -.....,- .....,.., 2 5 ' Q f H 0 -wa--,M-M.--M - - A . . .. V -w---Q N'-,.c. - 7... -Y, Eu TlTANS ' -.1--VX 'NL -Q Before leaving for an away game some Titan boosters gave The Team This sign. ---f----Mm ... -........,.-,..1. VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM-Front Row: Bevin Crodian, Richard Terry, Larry Coron, John Kirkbride, Chester Humphries, Mike Avery, Dan Ireland, David Cutshaw. Row 2: Dennis Baker, manager, Wayne Reed, Larry Ellis, Carl Blue, Lloyd Eldridge, Theodore Morris, John Nell, Eugene Akers, Jerry Herrell, manager. Row 3: Carlos Bell, asst. coach, Thomas Heitzman, Bill Donovan, Wayne Gross, Anthony Cabbell, Aubrey Ander- SCORES OF FOOTBALL GAMES September 2 Jamboree 6 Tech 47 13 Tech 33 20 Tech 0 27 Tech 20 October 4 Tech 0 11 Tech 33 18 Tech 14 23 Tech 28 November 1 Tech 20 8 Tech 33 SCORES OF FOOTBALL lRESERVESl September 5 Tech 44 12 Tech 33 19 Tech 0 26 Tech 14 October 10 Tech 7 17 Tech 12 22 Tech 41 31 Tech 26 November 5 Tech 0 Howe 0 Broad Ripple 6 Cathedral 13 Scecina 7 Kokomo 20 Manual 0 Warren Central 13 Washington 0 Muncie 13 Shortridge 6 Howe O Broad Ripple 0 Cathedral 12 Scecina 19 Manual 20 Warren Central 7 Washington 0 Arlington 6 Shortridge 0 RESERVE FOOTBALL TEAM-Front Row: Ronald Richards, Leroy Avery, Larry Medcalte, Bill Thompson, Tim Barnes, Cyril Carter. Row 2: Phil Kunkle, John Ealy, Ralph Scruggs, Bernard Muffler, Wendel Madrey, Jeff Hollbrook, Larry Woodard, Ronald Johnson, Jim Hannell, manager. son, Roderick Morgan, Mike Ensminger, Tom Owens Ernest Medcalfe head coach, Howard Catt, trainer. Row 4: Ivan Moreman lineman coach Dave Sexson, Kemp Shobe, Arthur Sams, Eli Brown, David Kreimer Gary Kennedy, Larry Schoolcraft, Wesley Sickle, David Park Robert Meyer line man coach. Sports, especially football, occupy the minds of our Reserve Team. Row 3: Ivan Moreman, coach, Roderick Morgan, Mike Ensminger Charles X. Sanders, Fred Boyd, John Jarrett, Steve Oser, Steve Sanders Jim Burks. Row 4: Velman Graham, David Handy, Leroy Robinson Floyd Evans, Ronald Grasshoff, John DeMoss, Joe Misback. f..s ,, 7 M 7 ' is , , r 4 i 4? fgjrf - ,gif ' V ' , ,,.' .5 , V f Qi Q Sq A A ,ff , 4, ,, dx VV 'QV nw V4 V e h Vf, . my , . K V .. J f ,gg 4 + V V V, ii, I , Q my Q , V -vz V V V V, , wg V ff' Vg Q -' 5 tv, V 4 Vx V , X 1 1 Y? - my ta J: 25 1 53 il ' ' f S if . l s ' V , V V QW' ' si 5 , 'V' me f V V .,.- . Q Q V ,V 'muy V ni 'VV ,,,. EV ,M , V .4 , J. 5 , r VV M VV ., 'ff' M: -X .. ss, 1 ' T '- V , . L . XV V91 1 up , Va Gb - 3 37 'T :QS 149 , , , 1 I , " ,Q , V . S V3 , V, I Y Vg if ' X ' x F Mraawtlu W - .. , f.,,.,,L ..,, .A : - I ,V ft 19 1' if 1 r '- -VA He. we .3 H4 Cu. Shortridge was the scene of wild scrimmages between the two teams one Friday late last fall. '4 40,1 Fans watch hopefully for another win to add to the Titan record. ,axiraw Q 1 4?'4:,,:i. .. FRESHMAN September 5 Tech 20 Howe O 9 Tech 6 Broad Ripple 14 19 Tech O Cathedral 21 26 Tech 6 Scecina O October 1O Tech 20 Manual O 17 Tech 18 Woodview 7 22 Tech 13 Washington 27 31 Tech 27 Arlington O November 5 Tech 34 Shortridge O FRESHMAN FOOTBALL-Row 1: Warren Ayers, William Devitt, Gerry Walton, James Fogleman, Donald Wheeler, James McCormick, Edward Vance, Mike Roney, Kenneth Chambers. Row 2: Larry Wilkerson, Richard Bacon, Jetf Olivera, John Russ, Roger Holder, David Gephorst, Sam Heltferich, Jessie Ealy, George Egelhoff, Cary Cox, Steve Bauerle. Row 3: Harry Caskey, head coach, Jon Wray, Keith Woodard, Dennis Jordon, Ralph Brooks, James Ferguson, Stephen Brown, Billy Smith, Edward Leavell, William Mansfield, Herbert Deldine, Walter Dininger, asst. coach. Row 4: Bob Teckenbrook, Spencer Caldwell, Louis Clark, Grant lmel, Stanley Price, Richard Long, Harold Lee, Ross Furry, William Funke, Clarence Beckwith, Floyd Hardesty. 'Li-?ff1,2f,a,J X VARSITY CHEERLEADERS--Left to Right: Anita Smith, Sandra Baker, Dede Schaefer, Effie Lewin, Ellie Smith. Yeah! Rah! Team! Beat 'emi Team! Beat 'emi These two familiar yells known to Tech sports fans are led by enthusiastic cheerleaders who help build school spirit and cheer Tech teams to victory. Varsity, reserve, and freshman squads lead yells for their respective teams. Three T964 seniors began the freshman group in l96O. Besides practicing once or twice a week, the girls make money for outfits by having car washes and sponsoring a Mardi Gras booth, they fix huge baskets of candy for the players before "away" games. Although these extra projects keep them busy, they continue to develop new and better yells with the guidance of their sponsor Phillip Quillin. Jill Schmidt yells for the reserves at an away game at North Central. Varsity cheerleaders, Dede Schaefer, looks worried at one part of the Tech-Attucks game. ff RESERVE CHEERLEADERS-Sharyl Schoenewciy, Tcmfe Masters, Chris Hammond, Jimm Schmidt, Deanna Hardy. Cheerirxq Tech T Victorq FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS-Susan Harvey, Becky Hill, Patty Hiefzman, Iris Williams, Sherry Cross. i Cheering our Team on are Becky Hill and I Williams. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM-Front Row: Charles Wells, John Nell, James Coach, David Sexson, James Bostic, Jon Spadorcia, David Harvey, Harry Boone. Row 2: Howard Catt, Trainer, Gene Akers, Gary Kennedy, Mike Caskey, Asst, Coach, Johnson, Jerry Harrell, Student Manager. Row 3: Jack Bradford, Head Basketball Excitement Sweeps Tech Tech's majorettes are an integral part of all basketball games. Coach Jack Bradford offers some good advice. Excitement is never lacking at a Tech basketball game, anal nearly every Techite has a part in its production. The eager and enthusiastic crowd sees the ability and style of each game. As the national anthem ends and the ROTC color guard retires, our varsity basketball team runs out onto the playing floor to the chorus of "The Tech Student" as tooted forth by Tech's own pep band. Loud cheers and the tweet of a referee's whistle are familiar sounds to the basketball fan who watches the tenseness of a game grow. Basket after basket is shot in to score, and spectators "stand up an' holler" for the mighty Titans. Five times during the year a home basketball game is the site of a Coronation. The Student Af- fairs Organization does its part in presenting half- time ceremonies complete with basketball queens. Fight! Fight! Fight! This is the Tech Titan spirit. v n, x . an W..-.A-a 0.-or -"""""' U ,W 414' X HUF' Ns., ' A T 'IFEX W ff ml? Down the floor, across The line and John Nell makes another basket. Four years ago, five freshmen boys Tried out and made The freshman baskeTball Team. Four years later, These five boys were The hub around which The fabulous Varsify TiTan roundballers roTaTed. "Mackie3' Johnson, forward, held each opponenT To a minimum number of poinTs while Dave Sexson, a slight 6'-S", lived upto his famous name aT The oTher forward position. The duties of guards were quite ably aTTended To by 6'-2" Gary Kennedy of TiTan football fame and John Nell, 5'-ll" co-captain. Cenfer, Jon "Spud" Spadorcia filled ouT The "Dream Team" while The Team ambled Through The season. With The help of sharp-shooTers Dave Harvey, Jim Boone, and Gene Akers, The Tifans couldn'T do less Than sporT a near-perfecf record. VARSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDU LE November 27 Warren CenTral 30 Southport December 6 Arlington 7 Elwood T3 Ben Davis 20 ATTucks January 3 North Cenfral TO Howe ll Muncie CenTral lo-18 City Tourney 24 Connersville 25 Manual 31 ShorTridge February i Cathedral 7 Broad Ripple 8 Peru 14 Kokomo 15 Washington 21 Scecina Both The players and The Team are Tense as The cheerleaders scream, "Get That Tip!" RESERVE BASKETBALL SCHEDULE November 27 Warren Central 30 Southport December 6 Arlington 7 Elwood 13 Ben Davis 20 Attucks January 3 North Central 10 Howe il Muncie Central 16-18 City Tourney 24 Connersville 25 Manual 3l Shortridge February 1 Cathedral 7 Broad Ripple r 8 Peru i4 Kokomo C I5 Washington Under the net, the Reserve team picks up two more points. 21 SCeClf1Cl Fast action brings players clown court. RESERVE BASKETBALL-Front Row: Charles Wells, Glen Johnson, Larry Jim Herold, Manager, Row 3: Carl Meditch, Coach, Charles Sanders Meclccilfe. Row 2: Bill Thompson, Steve Sanders, Dan Hoyt, Otis Curry, Morris Dean, Floyd Evens, Joe Henderson, Mike Price, Howard Catt, Trainer 3 REC FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM-Front Row: George Egelhoe, James Fer- guson, Tom Mattingly, Marvin Tardy, Jack Schafer. Row 2: Tom Price, Mgr., Mike Hickey, Neil Placek, Jessie Ealy, Bill Smith, Ronald Baker, Every high school freshman boy has visions of be- coming an athletic star. For The fourteen boys of The freshman basketball team This vision has, for a small part, come true. Every Tuesday These nimble freshies' Took up The lname of Titans and defended iT with zeal. ' FRESHMEN BASKETBALL SCHEDULE November 26 Woodview Junior High December 3 Sacred Heart 10 Ben Davis 17 Arlington 18 Wood January 7 Manual 9 Broad Ripple 15-16-17 City Tourney 23 Attucks 28 Scecina 30 Shortridge February 4 Washington Fulton Junior High 11 Howe 13 Chartrand 19 Cathedral EC 1599 c 'Gin Gerald Sears. Row 3: David Waltman, Larry Cook, Jerry Dockery, Keith Woodward, James Whitfield, Phil Marshall, Ernest F. Cline, Coach. Not shown: James Handy, Mgr., Roger Holden, Ross Furry, Steven Brown. i He s up in the air! WRESTLING TEAM-Row 1: Elvian Nious, Siegfried Borczak, Ralph Wen- del, Richard Howard, Leonard Scott, David Pittman. Row 2: Leroy Avery, David Cutshaw, Lloyd Eldridge, Eli Brown, Dan Ireland, Velmon Graham, Eric Finnell, Kenny Hughes, Don Buchanan, Paul Trefz. Row 3: Jack Wilson, Anthony Cabbell, Mike Ensminger, John Kirkbride, Jerry Mc- Gary, Jerry Keen, Curlee Griffin, Tom Payne, John Kuhn, Art Enlow, Matmen fight for distinction. Tony Foreman. Row 4: Jay Chamberlain, Randy Woodson, Bill Funke, Sam Helfterich, Harold Lee, Stan Sowder, Lewis Clark, Steve Dildine, Bill Devitt, Steve Kirkbride, Nick Alm, Berry Hammond, Robert Williams. Row 51 John Hurrle, head coach, Tom Creasser, Gary McGary, Lewis Beem, Jim Henderson, John Strain, Edward Vance, Roger Shockley, James Scalt, James Scott, Charlie Johnson, Robert Meyer, Asst. Coach. WRESTLING SCHEDULE November 27 Washington December 3 Broad Ripple 6 Cathedral 10 Wood 13 Arlington 17 Manual 19-21 City January 7 Ben Davis 10 Shortridge 11 Howe 16 Howe 21 Lawrence 23 North Central 31 Southport Grunts 'n' groans heard during practice. Working hard-John Kirkbride tries to throw another Titan at practice. All-purpose Dr. Cook comes out f the Titans locker-room 'I t I i 5 Q l T l s l i E, ri SQ Tech s least known but tastest growing sport is wres- tling Everyone has the opportunity to participate re- gardless ot height or weight. Each person is placed into his weight class and each match is classed by these weight classes Wrestling is an individual sport designed to develop agility speed balance, and strength. Tech has had many outstanding wrestlers and state cham- pions This season Floyd Eldridge won the city cham- pionship in the heavyweight class with Eli Brown taking second and Ralph Wendil and Velmon Graham who placed third. Everyone on the team must practice and work out every night. Most ot the practice is done in the East Portable. At one of the home matches a Titan is on top. , ' I f Xl t ' I 1 1 J I I 'ff' 129 f, , arp, ,- A ul ,dey u 1 3 X VARSITY BASEBALL-Front Row: Larry Wilker, Manager, John Nell, Gary Row 3: Ivan Moreman, coach, Kenny Lewin, Carl Blue, Danny Hoyt, Jim Kennedy, Ron Strahl, Gary Williams, Fred Dunkman. Row 2: Mike Weber, Bostic, Jon Spadorcia, Jim Boone, Greg McCall, Jack Bradford, Asst. Coach Larry Champion, Bob Kaiser, Kenny Hughes, Billy Thompson, Elwood Jee. VARSTY BASEBALL Date Opponent Score April 7 Attucks 1 1-5 April 9 Warren Central 11-2 E April 14 Scecine 14-7 April 17 North Central 7-3 April 21 Arlington 10-7 April 23 Southport 3-2 AprH 30 Kokomo 8-6 May 5 Cathedral 2-1 May 7 Northwest 5-4 May 12 Broad Ripple May 14 Manual May 18 Shortridge May 22 Washington RESERVE BASEBALL April 7 Attucks 6-2 April 9 Warren Central 6-5 April 14 Scecina 4-3 April 17 North Central 3-O April 21 Arlington 3-2 April 29 Southport 7-1 May 5 Cathedral 9-6 May 7 Northwest 9-5 May 12 Broad Ripple May 14 Manual T May 18 Southridge lRiversiclel May 22 Washington T Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Cathedral Tech Tech Tech Scecina Tech Tech Southport Tech Tech .w..f4..,..,.,.m,.,,..+....V , -'N' 3 lf ra gi Qgf- 1. f 67 ig 4:55 mfg? gi gran,-,, ,404 , l ,' if , 5 M J ,XXX ly i up 'faifjj-wiv?-f ' 5 X ,fb fa N' x :fs J Q 3 ff J I VARSITY 81 RESERVE TRACK-Front Row: Harold Powell, Marion Casey Jimmy Smith, Spencer Worth, Cyril Carter, Riley Bates, Earl Lee. Row 2 John Kuhn, Jeff Holbrook, Felix Townsend, Anthony Cabbell, John Jar rett, Floyd Evans, Charles Pittman. Row 3: Warren Watson, Danny lre- Skill and strength are vital essentials of shotputting. ,J 1 1 X land, Eric McQueen, Mike Thomas, Rod Morgon, Earl Price, Bernard Muffler. Row 4: John Strain, Mackie Johnson, Eugene Akers, Steve Sanders, Larry Medcalfe, David Abbett. Row 5: John Ealy, Arthur Sams, Ronald Richards, Benny Ronald Johnson, Tom Heitzman, John Scott. Hurdle iumping is an energetic sport. -'jf e "Ne '-W, 3 ,.a- Q 2 gf: ,L f" ' . 3: eg., Speed and muscle coordination are essential for good track runners. TRACK-FRESHMAN April 7 Perry East T " 15 Washington " 17 Manual T " 22 Attucks " 27 Shortridge " 30 Howe May 5 City-3:30 " 11 Wood Relays " 13 Arlington T 18 Woodview Jr. High W 4 -Q, FRESHMEN TRACK-Front Row: William Funke, Steve Brown, Carl Clay, Louis Clark, Steve Dildine, Van Wilson, Steve Bauerle. Row 2: Clarence Beckwith, James Whitfield, Dan Woo, Roger Holder, Jesse Ealy, Henry Cork, Mike Kulik, Cary Cox. Row 3: Leroy Mason, James Ferguson, ' 31 L Jgffg It ,f 4 ,M 3 ,, , may A -A'-C 'Nw .4 -Ill ' f fffy, :naman Dorothy Schaefer wears a smile as Yard-Parks Queen. TRACK-VARSITY 84 RESERVE March 31 Washington April 2 Warren Central " 7 Southport T 1O Shortridge 17 Seymour T 21 Kokomo " 24 Arlington T April 29-May 1 City May 8 Sectional " 15 Regional " 23 State Michael Roney, Cleo Hall, James Swintord, Robert McKinney, Greg Roe Row 4: Larry Cook, Thomas Williams, Garland Stovall, Spencer Caldwell Jackie Wilson, Robert Tackenbrook, Chester Pryor. Row 5: Richard Sexson Larry Kirgman, Ross Furry, Robert Mosley, John Coe, Keith Woodard. FIG 'R f PM it are ,bv its Q A .E in . ree-J ifmef ff fm-4:-S, If if if 'F .5731 Mem' il ii is gswx . ,S sw J s V -4. V! i S TENNIS SCHEDULE 59" April 2 Washington T if 7 Shortridge T 9 Attucks 14 Arlington i7 North Central T Sacred Heart 20 21 Kokomo T 23 Howe T 28 30 Manual Broad Ripple May 5 Wood T 7 Northwest T Scecina Cathedral 12 T4 GOLF-Front Row: Alan Borneman, John Laffey, Steve Wetherell, Mike Jack- son. Row 2: John Pridemore, Steve Schmidt, Michael Schackleforcl, Mike Ensminger, Mr. Quillen, Coach. "Fore" is the cry heard as golfers tee off at the local golf course. Mr. Phillip Quillin the coach makes sure that each boy is well trained in the fine art of driving and putting. Excellence is not an easy goal without weeks and weeks of training. In order to attain success the boys must devote each free afternoon to the sport. As the spring approaches with all its sunshine and glory the cement courts know a bustle of excitement never known loefore. A winning record is the proof of the many hours of practice put in loy the team. ti X822 if . -- H cw, 1 ...Q H, ,,,,,7. 4 ut ... 74 Fast action on the tennis court is a common sight around Tech in springtime. TENNIS-Front Row: Mickey Seulan, Cliff Chandler, Steve Belding, Rick Detty, Bob Kollmeyer. Row 2: David Coffin, Neil Placek, Ernie Dalman, Tom Creasser, Stan Moss, Roland Leverenz, coach. L34 'N we if Make thot puff, Mike' y CROSS COUNTRY-Front Row: John Earl L. Lee, Felix Townsend, Lynn mon. Row 2: Paul E. Myers, coach G5 , , V' 3 X ,jf my , , ,. 3 s iw Q x J " -1 Q 'QQ ! Vt' Q f . 4. N26 2.222 vw N Yi in if ir 4 ff, 4 25 1 OUR Ll GH T OF LEARNING Members ofthe Tech faculty might be called The "Lights of Learning." Offering young people Training that will help Them in a particular iob or in The home with everyday problems becomes The Teachers' main goals. They also help prepare students for entrance into college and for special assignments. Each year the faculty tries new approaches To help The students further. Their profession is not a dull and boring one, because they participate in many different ac- tivities such as the Student-Faculty Basketball game. The faculty helps in developing skills and knowledges of The students. Because they can't do these iobs alone, the Teachers need the cooperation of all the stu- dents. Tech should be very proud of its hardworking faculty. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT-Front Row: Miss Barbara Russell, Mrs. Ethel Mclntosh, Miss Gertrude Insley, Mrs. Alice Goodwin. Row 2: Miss Judith McBride, Miss Margaret Backer, Mrs. Arvilla Bennett, Miss Martha Gas- cho, Mrs. Mildred McAfee, Miss Nancy Secrest, Mrs. Margaret Hahn, James Mann, S. Larry Walker. Row 3: Mrs. Marjorie Garrett, Mrs. Sheila May, Mrs. Kathryn Francq, Mrs. Barbara Emry, Mrs. Evelyn Surso, Mrs. Diane Comstock, Miss Hester Anne Hale, Miss Margaret Nessler, Providing one of the many fields of learning at Tech is the English Department. Courses offered in this de- partment include the standard English, special classes in speech, and publications. Developmental reading pro- grams offer Tech students opportunities to improve read- ing skills. This department supports the Drama-Speech Club members in presenting all-school plays. Under the watchful eye of department head, Miss Irene Rhodes, the English department offers students interested in writing an opportunity to express themselves through many contests. Paperback books are sold in the English Office. These books give Techites an opportunity to acquaint them- selves with some of the finest works available at a very low price. Tech can indeed be proud of its English Department forthe work it does in preparing Techites for college and vocations. Miss Irene Rhoades, DEPARTMENT HEAD Mrs. Janet Land, Mrs. Margaret Clapp. Row 4: Robert Maloy, Thomas Danheiser, Robert Cronkhite, Emmett Hardiman, Cecil Tressler, Miss Susan Schumacher, Miss Irene Rhodes, Mrs. Joyce Hanna, Miss Jane Dongus, Mrs. Vera Kilborn, Miss Margaret Waters. Not pictured: Gay- lord Allen, Jimmie Beeler, Miss Alice Brown, Mrs. Barbara Dearing, Mrs. Mary Furry, Miss Mary Maillard, Mrs. Jennie Taylor. f"0"t- , Books on English and American Literature intrigue students. LIBRARIANS-Mary Katherine Garst, Miss Mariorie Schock, Mrs. Dorothy Newcomer. Headed by our able Miss Mariorie Schoch, the Tech library staff keeps our library run- ning smoothly and efficiently. Containing over 20,000 books, 126 periodicals, and five newspapers, the library provides a wonder- ful source of material both for research or just for plain entertainment. Lunch hours and free periods can be spent profitably studying or iust relaxing with a good fiction book. No student need panic when he is as- signed a term paper or special report. The Tech library' will almost always have on hand all the information for it. Qllltl Nlllii ii0'iI lllti izcruizia 1 : , 01.4 Him: . Library assistants help keep our library functioning smoothly Mrs. Gertrude Russell is doing one of the endless filing iobs that are Mrs. Leila Toler finds that trimming book iackets can be fun involved in the library. ' Y' 555 -' nfs-szmit Wea-ti if if X .. . , Q V- A It . ffflf 'T' " X 1" X. Li A ,gf K' ng , ,: ,few I It i ., B2 1 1 4 ', A Q3 Miss Mona Woodward, BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENT HEAD. BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENT-Front row: Miss Margaret Peter- son, Miss Edna Maley, Mrs. Ester Carpenter, Miss Alice Johnson, Miss Mona Woodward, Miss Elaine Eskritch, Miss Lois Sink. Row 2: Mrs. Virginia Jackson, Mrs. Phyllis Bryant, Miss Beth Huthsteiner, Miss Training pupils to enter the field of business is the dif- ficult iob of Miss Mona Woodward and her staff of teachers. The classes are always filled, at times too full, and there is a wide selection of classes to fill. A program of two years of typing proves helpful to future secretaries as well as to college bound students who will have many term papers to write. Shorthand is also a very popular course with college bound note-takers as well as future stenographers. Both typists and stenog- raphers have the chance to earn awards for speed and accuracy in their fields. The department, also instructs pupils in bookkeeping, machine calculations, office prac- tice, business law, filing, salesmanship, office production, and business mathematics. Extra materials have been added to several courses to give office bound pupils ex- perience in data processing. Seeing that pupils can handle themselves in a world of automation is the aim of the Business Education Department. Keeping Tech students in the finest condition physical- ly, recreationally, and mentally is the responsibility of the Health and physical Education Department. The de- partment offers not only the required first year of physical education and the academic course of health education but additional years of physical education, family living, driver education, narcotics and alcohol education, and nursing as well. Teachers work every day to keep pupils in good physical condition. Rope climbing, seasonal sports, forward and backward somersaults, and other acrobatic skills are iust a few of the feats that teachers use to keep the students fit. The aim of the faculty members is to keep a healthy, happy Tech. Frances Kinsley, Mrs. Dorothy Stout, Miss Eleanor Lawless, Mrs. Gwen- dolyn Ohmit. Row 3: Kenneth Bayless, Gerald Lamkin, Keith Kuck, William Guess, Mahlon Carlock, Bruce Mitchell, M. Turpin Davis, Clifford Harger. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT-First Row: Miss Blanche Williams, R.N., Miss Anna Parker, Miss Patsy Scott, Wallace Pot- ter, Miss Shirley Parrett, Howard Catt, Miss Sharon Parrett, Miss Mrs. Betty Brodhecker, RN. Row 2. Jack Bradford, Harry Caskey, Reuben Behlmer, Walter Floyd, Phillip Quillin, Ivan Moreman, Charles P. Dagwell, Arthur Cook, Daniel Camplese, Paul Myers, Mable McHugh, Mrs. Mildred Johnston, R.N., Mrs. Sandra Tharp, Carlos Bell. Not pictured: Ernest Cline, John Hurrle. The head of the Physical Education Department is Reuben Behlmer. f ' KX , ,C , M., X With eyes glued to the "road" these drivers are sure to reach their des- tination without a scratch. ci! Ouch! Exercise can be tun to music, but, oh! those backaches. MATHEMATICS-Front Row: Miss Betty Mansfield, Mrs. Joan Boese, ger, Maurice Kriese, Ronald Ireland, Rowland Leverenz, William Welch, Mrs. Margaret Potter, Mrs. Connie Bolinger. Row 2: Jim Borshoff, Wil- Newell Hall, Harry Smith. Not pictured: Mr. Robert Belding, Mrs. Christine liam Wheeler, Richard Glover, Mrs. Barbara Polizotto, Dale Sare, Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Marion Strickland. Dorothy Gavin, Miss Mildred Corrie. Row 31 Carl Corbin, John Stoeckin- tw.- Robert V. Belding-DEPARTMENT HEAD 9 ALGEBRA CONTEST WINNERS: Gene Dishman, Earl Pearson, Dortha May, Jim Soultau, freshmen. . i i I . v l l l ' 1 l xl 3 , , a R 1 "--was J iii, 'Q aw'- , ' "" A W , l 2 .1 J fs. W . I' f ' f -. ' 5 f Q rf 2 V 5 l I e l Q LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT-Seated: Miss Rita Sheridan. Standing: Mrs. Carolyn Hawkins, Mrs. Susanna Underwood, Mrs. Serine Fine, Mrs. Mary Bedell, Mrs. Virginia Hurt, Miss Loree Steele. Tech's representatives to France and Mexico last year were Clara Frisbie, Van Butler, and Mary Clark. Miss Rita Sheridan is the smiling, competent head of the Foreign Language Department. "Solve, guten Tag, Buenos dias, Boniour!" These greetings can be heard while walking along the east half ofthe second floor of Stuart Hall-the Foreign Language Department. Besides having highly-trained teachers, Tech has an up-to-date language laboratory in which students can see films, listen, and speak in a foreign tongue. One, two, three! What kind of math will I take next year? This question comes up many times in a Techites life. The department strives to give students broad knowledge of all kinds of math, therefore it offers more courses in the field, math, than any other high school in the city. i i l l Physics pubils are timing how long it takes to run up the stairs and how much energy is being used. Louis D. Allen-DEPARTMENT HEAD Students taking a course in the Physical Science De- partment will learn some of the many wonders of the world. There are many unseen, but important forces that act upon us each day ot our lives. The pressure of the atmosphere exerts upon us, how strings on a musical instrument are made, and why a ship will float are a few ot the many marvels a student will learn. The Physics Department is equipped with many modern in- struments and a statt of well trained teachers that know how to use them. Tech has one ot the best Physical Science Departments in the state, and can otter a good basic training to anyone. PHYSICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT-First Row: David Beeson, William Row 2: Louis Allen, William Tozer, John Miner, Richard Dykeman, Ralph Graney, Winston Wythe, Mrs. Pauline Caldwell, Miss Janice Cooper. Wolverton, William Hawley, Hadley Haworth. BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT-First Row: Mrs. Linda Hall, Mrs. Coy, John Kendrick, David Hon, Garlan Howard. Row 4: John Farley Melinda Hvtto, MISS -IOGVIHG GUSS, Mrs. Doris TI1OmPSOf1- Row 2: John Carl Schneider, John Peebles, Arthur Kusch. Not pictured: Miss Mercedes Wythe, Bill Johnson, Howard Cook, Dr. Kenneth Barr. Row 3: Scott Mc- Guess. John Farley, Department Head -snR1s ,MW Nh-nv' a 041:-55 ' . V .bf .,:. ::,, .g S s ,J.: . fc -- ff? - At the greenhouse, Mr. Scott McCoy instructs as interested students look on. Organic sciences are studied in Tech's Biological Science Department in much detail. Ot these sciences, biology stirs interest with its course of study including lessons on plant and animal life throughout the world. Biology is a ioint science since botany and Zoology are combined within it. Botany encourages students to study plant lite and collect leaves, many ot which may be found on the Tech campus. The question of why leaves are green is one ot many an- swered in botany class. Insect collections and bird study are two areas ot interest in Zoology. Dissection is the means students use to study animal lite in detail and to see how the body functions ot each animal work. fi as i, Ki .X DDQ li Miss Mary Elizabeth Moore-DEPARTMENT HEAD. "History in The making" is The Social Studies De- parTmenT's moTTo whether it be in history, geography, economics, or government. Nineteen Teachers under- take part of The Task of fitting TechiTes into adult life. Through The courses Taught in The department students learn To become good citizens aT Tech, in The community, in The nation, and The world. Each year, under The supervision of Miss Jeannette Tobey, TechiTes enter The Freedoms FoundaTion's Awards program. Students write speeches and es- says, make Tape recordings, assemble scrap books, and complete other proiects That pertain To The Ameri- can way of life. Tech has won more Freedom Foun- dation awards Than any school in The state. P ' '-A fi fs ,,,, mi r 'T"' 'ss ..,,q 'f A .iiif l 3 C Miss Frances Lyons makes history more enioyable Through pictures SOCIAL STUDIES DEPT.-Front Row: John Kanouse, Karl Schneider, Miss Dininger, Elbert Smith, Wesley Murphy, Delbert West, Leonard Jeffers Jeannette Tobey, Miss Katherine Book, Mrs. Judith McGinnis, Miss Jose- Duane Blankenhorn, Roberf Meyer, Donald Daily, Charles Harry, Mrs phine Graf, Miss Mary Elizabeth Moore, Forrest Caldwell. Row 2: Walter Dorothy Lyon. Not pictured: E. Frances Lyons, William Kimberlin. 4 R' ' 'imufl it r,.,35..5fiiL ---....-..,...,....,,... M, . Q Q ,, .ss .. X, + "+-1-Nqgzyylyw,-, X, x William F. Moon, Department Head MUSIC DEPARTMENT-First Row: Mrs. Mildred Moore, Miss Shirley Parrett, Miss Diana Griffith, Miss Louise Swan. Row 2: Robert Simpson, William F. Moon, Raymond Brandes, John White, Richard Orton. Since music is important to many students, we at Tech are very fortunate in having an excellent Music Depart- ment. Tech offers the musically-inclined student an op- portunity to express himself Through voice or instrumental courses. Many students learn to appreciate the different aspects of music after taking music appreciation or music theory. It is not unusual to hear a group such as the Madrigals practicing the X-hour to obtain perfection. The Techoir, Mr. Brandes offers a helping-hand to Trudy Lenox in an advanced Harmony class. under the direction of Department Head, William Moon, also practices diligently in order to give many enioyable programs. Other instrumental and vocal groups include the Concert Orchestra, Concert Band, String Ensemble, Boys' Octette, Girls' Ensemble, and Girls' and Boys' Concert Clubs. Tech can certainly be proud of the golden opportunities the Music Department offers. Tech's proud to have Miss Donna Griffith as our exchange teacher from England. lx... L, ART DEPARTMENT-Front Row: Miss La Von Whitmire, Mrs. Alice Cook, Kermit Swenson, Edward Ring, Harold Stewart, Oakley Richey, Chelsea Charles Glore, Miss Lorena Phemister, Miss Helen Sturgeon, asst. Row 2: Stewart, Ernest Medcalfe, William Fields, asst. Art Department IDP otes Culture Recreating this splendid young artists occupied. . ., V, WO rk of art on paper keeps these Oakley Richey-DEPARTMENT HEAD Q L nf ff V 1 fg- C 1-'S -ew df- ,1 . 1 r .Mtg ..,. Christmas keep-s art students busy. Tech campus through pictures One may see students in the spring sitting on small camping stools with paper, a board, and pencil in hand sketching portions of the campus or sur- rounding neighborhoods, they are members of Tech's art classes. Also, a student with permission from the head of the art department, Oakley Richey, may enter sign painting, commercial art, craft arts, art metal craft, jewelry making, photography, ceramics, or sculpturing. The spectrum of art offered, covers a varied radius, and the finished proiects that origi- nate from these classes are often displayed in the department show cases. Making signs to brighten the campus. .tier ii, ,IWW , HIGH SEHUUL ART on mins . ,M ..,,x , In . ,- yi! HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT-Front Row: Mrs. Florence Boots, Mrs. Ruth Stafford, Mrs. Leila Toler, Miss Frances Smith, Mrs. Hazel Kuetemeier, Mrs. Gwendolyn Huff, Mrs. Elva Wignall, Mrs. Mildred Wallace, Mrs. Joyce BeMiller. Row 2: Mrs. Natalie Ransom, Mrs. Marion Holly, Miss Marguerite Hardy, Mrs. Marian Moore, Mrs. Louise McCormick, Miss Hilda Kreft, Miss Marjorie Lucas, Mrs. Eliza- beth Holtsclaw, Mrs. Ruth Metcalf, Mrs. Mariorie McCutcheon. Not pictured: Mrs. Mildred Eccleston, Mrs. Carolyn Demas. -" P 6' "' i,,, is f-ritz, 's'4i .2f.,iti,-airs.-1 -F1 ' ' ' ,Ep ig, ,,, ,,, ulql ? 1.525155:Ax-j:M?.15j'fTM7'?riI-JTIIKLEII Occasionally, while passing through the 1 ,.,,g, f,,5LMf,?'g5,i -tn-'g5.Ip,Ll,LlJ,'.ir'-JL halls ot the Main, one can smell pleasant Jll?.'li!-l-!-i!QiTffl0.'.i.!,L'J--l-J-"f aromas drifting from the Home Economics 4 751-'I' ll l SJ . . 'L45J5.LlQ,'3:.:liE.i!s!.i!.i..1 Department. Besides being taught to create f- heavenly smells in foods classes, girls at Tech can elect clothing, home management, and social practice. This past fall girls who ranked above their other classmates were chosen from each of the millinery classes and were entertained at a tea. On the same day, the teachers at Tech were invited to a tea, and a foods class entertained another foods glass with a tea. The day suited everyone in the depart- ment to a "A World of Fashions," a style show, was introduced in the spring by the sewing di- vision. The girls were required to try out for the show. As usual the girls looked their best and presented up-to-date wardrobes. get ,- i 'rr . s ' T ,. 'K J . I Qs f Miss Hilda Kreft, Department Head - L, N xx -. 4 .Adv 'wi "TEV Q 1' t fl I I5 1 'll , ., , . 1 , j X f ' if X 3 ' "A mr, .ll Q Girls learn distinguish arts. f-Ski' The Iinotype machine is The key To printing the Cannon. Pa 451349 ,J Clyde Armel-DEPARTMENT HEAD 'U 15. 3 I 5 Q 0 C 3 F ro C -l -l 3' ro 'rl C C+ C 3 rn k 6 C. " X - W, X ' , -,L Y PRINTING DEPARTMENT-Robert Smith, Harold Deem, Floyd Billingfon, Samuel Skomp, Ralph Clark, Clyde Armel. Department Head Clarence Rosell DRAFTING DEPARTMENT Seated, Clarence Rosell, head. Standing James Davis, Edward Cottrell Harold Elliott Carl Meditch, Fred Henke. Not pictured: Floyd Tobrocke. One step for training the mechanical and architectural engineers of the future is in the Drafting Department. A student may take Draft- ing throughout all four years at school and be placed in a job upon graduation. A student starts out with basic mechanical drawing. The future draftsman then advances to either archi- tectural or machine drafting, depending on the field he wishes to enter. Basic drafting is re- quired of any person entering any of the shop courses here at Tech. However, the drafting ex- perience will help considerably in the future re- gardless what field the student enters. Tech's Drafting Department has all the modern drafting instruments to give the student the best training he could possibly receive. Woodworking is iust one of the many skills which boys in the Drafting Department are taught. Bang! Bang! are the constant sounds heard in the Building Trades Department. Four boys hammer away to build a king size luxury dog house. DEPARTMENT HEAD-Morris Woods Wish to build a house, make a piece of furniture, paint, or construct lawn statues? The Building Trades Department offers instruction in all these fields. Carpentry, cabinetmaking, paint- ing and decorating, masonry and plumbing are the various branches of the department. Freshman take a six week course in each field, after this basic training they may specialize in any field. Department head, Mr. Morris Woods, supervises a staff of able teachers. Upon completion of this course a student possesses knowledge of brick and block laying, plumbing, and house building. Many repair iobs around campus are performed by pupils in the Building Trades Department. BUILDING TRADES DEPARTMENT-Charles Kocher, Stephen Belmer, Morris Woods, John Obst, Jack Longshore, James House, Samuel Skomp, Paul Vogt. KMA! . . i.-51,132 -f N -yjfgf O oi' AUTO-AVIATION DEPARTMENT-Front Row: Byron McColly, Robert Furry, Dudkowski, Row 2: Dale Herrington, William Berger, Charles Day, Lewis Asst., Ered Mayer, Steve Behlmer, Donald Miller, Robert Crooke, Sam Pence, Douglas Thompson, Verle Overshiner, Clifford Allen. Mechanics Learn Trade Skill l 'N i l K . i N ' i i , - Sam Dudkowski, DEPARTMENT HEAD Two future mechanics demonstrate skills. 4 Norman Brinker, Metal Trades Department Wood pattern making, foundry practice, and machine shop work are lust a few of the courses offered by the Metal Trades Department. Also the basic fundamentals of sheet metal work, gas and electric welding, and advanced machine shop are included. To protect the students, safety measures are stressed in the class. industrious teachers pre- pare these students for the jobs that await them upon graduation. There is always a place in industry for skilled, efficient metal workers. Tech's Metal Trades Department offers many opportunities for future metal workers. METAL TRADES DEPARTMENT-Emanuel Cruser, Johnson, V. D. Whetstine. Two Metal Trades students mold their futures as they work in their classrooms to gain vocational training. Edward Howe, Norman Brinker, James Davis, Howard :N 51:35 l :li fy. z PL' l v 1-as 0- -l -QW' '-. .nw , I w,,,wesw-""- l 1 1 vin rv--. .IF Je? ,v., . K . ,mmgmwmfr ., X X f, QAM QS ii : if Lewis Marshall, Department Head ,. amps? :V ,pi ' 41 lo' 3 "Aw 'X 6, Lb!-'N ELECTRICAL TRADES DEPARTMENT-Earl Terry, Gerald Bramblerr, Lewis Marshall, Samuel Skomp, Jules Zinler. Students E ect E ectricitq Technicaliry proves tedious. Lowell L. Danr, newly added member of the Tech staff, has the position of receiving clerk. l "Watch the birdie!" The P.T.A. annually sponsors the underclassmen's picture taking. Varied Activities Fill Spring Semester Faculty members always enjoy the annual Valentine Tea which is sponsored by all the clubs working out of the Student Center. Coffee, punch and cookies were in- viting to the eye and pleasant to the taste--one of the ways students show their appreciation to their teachers. Friday, January 31, T964 was the day Techites have anxiously awaited for years. The groundbreaking cere- mony for our new cafeteria was held. A member from each of the four classes was present along with members of faculty and administration. We are sure that our new cafeteria will be well worth waiting for. Picture taking time is a busy time at Tech for everyone: P.T.A. members, students and faculty. Once a year the P.T.A. sponsors an annual picture taking. Students smile bright- ly, the photographer snaps the picture and the P.T.A. makes money. Students undoubtedly will treasure these pictures for many years. tg Susan Seaver, Marilyn Miller, Jill Horn, and Mrs. Dearing worked hard on the Valentine Day Tea. Techifes break ground for future expansion.. 4 'YQ -n 4 ii!-A if ,' 'rv 'L N 1' . 'iw ,Qs-45 li 93 1, '51 .., 5 A .. , f , . fff, fax, rauasw, Q Q . Q 3 X 3 Sun Sinks in the West Techites whoop it up after final game of season while looking forward to tournament play. .A ,L - , f' Vffwue 1 .ar 'li f-1 s 4 ,,, . x ,,-ff X J "And now we know there is im- mortality. We have seen a sunset turn into a dawn." -Milo H. Stuart is i' l f 5.1, x...N ?',:, if-M , ' 3 ' -Wi ff, ' . . ,Aj Mr. Longshore-honorary member of the Class of 64-receives colors. i-K. , 'ng ixffhlrfji 1, ' 34415, .rgj as Gracluati n Nears ff Q X ist f ,Jw ' N i is Q K ,L L, see ff? wi. S , . ., TECH LEGION-Front Row: Barbara Abbott, Evelyn Resnick, Janice Rothenbush, Karen Saftord, Rita Schowengerdt, David Sexson Donald Sunman, Rebecca Thompson, Diane Westmoreland, Patricia White, Steve Williams, Mary Ann Wonnell, Dorothy Woods, Maureen Woodard. Row 2: Josie Hudson, Roseva Hughes, Pamela Hunt, Kathleen Huter, Dan lreland, Rosemary Koelling, Rene Lewin, Shirley Lytle, Dawn Mackey, Maxine Madritsch, Hermione Miles, Joyce Montgomery, G. Timothy Mosier, Melody Radziewicz. Row 3: Carolyn 1 Seniors Shine Dr. I. Lynd Esch, president ot indiana Central College, spoke at the Legion Day Assembly. on Legion Dau Tech-to a senior, these are poignant reminders of the senior year. Z 15 its if QQ 3 2 K' Forbis, Clara 'Frisbie, Rosalie Gabbard, Jenny Goodnight, Karen Bell, Craig Borns, Cynthia Bradley, Marsha Bromagen, Van Butler, Gorman, John Habig, Ruth Handy, Dennis Hanshew, John Hawley, Larry Champion, Petrine Christein, Linda Clark, Mary Clark, L. Sue Astrid Henkels, Ilze Henkels, Polly Hollowell, Beverly Hoyt, Ray- Cook, Linda Craig, Rita Crawford, Richard Detty, Diane Dickey. mond Englander. Row 4: Sandra Baker, Janice Battenberg, Betty Election to the Tech Legion is one ofthe highest honors that a graduating senior may receive. The Tech Legion is an honorary society consisting of ten percent of the senior class. This ten percent is selected according to the accumulative numbers of merit citations that each student has received. Those receiving the highest and who have no unfavorable office records are eligible for membership in the Tech Legion. Merits are given by each teacher at the close of every semester to those pupils who show traits which contrib- ute to group achievement, bring favorable personal con- sideration, or aid in personal success. Participation in extra-curricular activities and school service are also principles which help a student earn merit citations. The teacher is allowed to distribute merits to 20 per cent of each class. Students are notified as to their Legion standing through the mail. On Legion Day the students are rec- ognized at an all school assembly. The Legion is com- posed of sixty seniors. The boy and the girl with the highest number of merits are chosen co-commanders of the Legion. The remaining TO per cent of the members are honored as captains. Mr. Robert Belding, Mathematics Department head, is chairman of the Tech Legion committee. Other members of the Tech Legion committee are Miss Irene Rhodes, whose duty consists of contacting guest speakers, Miss Margaret Peterson, checking and rechecking records, Mr. Charles Glore, seating arrangements and certifi- cates, and Mrs. Louise McCormick, Legion Tea. Seniors, faculty and parents enioy annual Legion Tea. Seniors eagerly await the distribution of diplomas. MZ' -X 1' T7 K5 I ' """' 1 '- . - J 'Q Nkll ,,,f,,W 1 F V s . 1 15 , . X , my 3 ' . ,f , . .M Q., M, A g , 4 W1 E ' f :QB P'-'Q ,f Z., -fd., 3... .4 f s My Q X 9 gn t X 4'- , NT, x ROLL ROOM 190: CRAIG R. BORNS: Pres., Mai.-Social Studies, Science, SAO Board, sgt-at-arms, Senior Council, Key Club, Scholarship Comm., Commencement Comm. ' SANDRA K. BAKER: Vice-pres., Mai.-Social Studies, French, Senior Council, SAO Board, Captain of Cheerleaders, ROTC Sponsor. BETTY L. BELL: Sec., Mai.-Social Studies, Mathe- matics, Service Club, Cannon Staff, Cannon Yearbook Staff, Senior Council, Gift Comm. LARRY M. CHAMPION: Treas., Mai.-Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, Senior Council, SAO Board, pres., Indiana State Student Council, pres., Indian- apolis Student Council, v.-pres., Key Club, treas. CLIFFORD E. CHANDLER: Sgt-at-arms, Mai.-Social Studies, Mathematics, Key Club, Service Club, Senior Council, Block "T" Club. ROLL ROOM 153: RUTH HANDY: Pres., Mai.-Social Studies, Mathe- matics, Red Cross Club, rec. sec., Speech Team, German Club, Music Club, Techoir, co-pres., Madri- gals, ROTC Sponsor, Recommendations Comm., Jr. Torchbearer, RICHARD B. DETTY: Vice-pres., Mai.-Social Studies, Mathematics, German, Senior Council, pres., Key Club, sec., Varsity Tennis, Block "T" Club. JOHN C. HABIG: Sec., Mai.-Social Studies, Mathe- matics, Science, Radio Club, Techoir, treas., Madri- gals, Senior Council, Commencement Comm., Schol- arship Comm. LINDA S. CRAIG: Treas., Mai.-Social Studies, Math- ematics, Service Club, rec. sec., Techoir, Girls' En- semble, Prom Comm., Senior Council. DENNIS HANSHEW: Sgt-at-arms, Mai.-Social Studies, Spanish Club, Quill and Scroll, Cannon Staff. ROLL ROOM 300: RENE LEWIN: Pres., Mai.-Social Studies, Mathe- matics, Science, SAO Board, treas., Key Club, Techoir, Boys' Octette, Senior Council, sgt-at-arms, Baseball. KATHLEEN HUTER, Vice-pres., Mai.-Social Studies, Mathematics, Head Maiorette, Techoir, Senior Coun- cil, sec., Prom Committee. BEVERLY HOYT: Sec., Mai.-Social Studies, French, Service Club pres., Red Cross Club, treas., SAO Board, Senior Council, French Club. PAMELA HUNT: Treas., Mai.-French, Mathematics, Social Studies, SAO, sec., Techoir, sec., Madrigals, Commencement Committee. ROBERT MCCLAIN: Sgt-at-arms, Mai.-Social Studies, Science, ROTC Officer's Club, ROTC Drill Team, Senior Council, Recommendation Committee. ROLL ROOM 7: GUY TIMOTHY MOSIER: Pres., Mai.-Science, Social Studies, Key Club, Techoir, Band, Senior Council, Prom Committee. DOROTHY J. SCHAEFER: V-Pres., Mai.-Social Studies, Art, Varsity Cheerleader, Art Editor of Yearbook. KAREN SAFFORD: Sec., Mai.-Social Studies, Mathe- matics, Phys. Ed., Flag Twirler, SAO Board, corr. sec., Red Cross Club, Commencement Committee, Senior Scholarship Committee. H. WAYNE RETTING: Treas., Mai.-History, Body and Fender, History Club, SAO Alternate, Senior Coun- cil, Senior Gift Committee. WILLIAM JAMES PATTERSON, Sgt-at-arms, Mai.- Mathematics, Science, History, Wrestling, Key Club, History Club, School Service, Senior Council. ROLL .ROOM 6: STEPHEN L. WILLIAMS: Pres., Mai.-Social Studies, Mathematics, Spanish, Drama-Speech Club, pres., Speech Team, Thespians, v-pres., National Forensic League, Senior Council, Boys' Octette, Techoir. DOROTHY WOOD: V-Pres., Mai.-History, Music, Techoir, Madrigals, Orchestra, co-pres., Drama- Speech Club, Thespians, treas., Senior Prom Com- mittee, Senior Council. PATRICIA SUE WHITE, Sec., Mai.-History, Home Ecloncmics, Service Club, Flag Twirler, Senior Coun- ci. DONALD SUNMAN: Treas., Mai.-Mathematics, Sci- ence, History, Band, Orchestra, Senior Council, Com- mencement Committee. JONATHAN SPADORCIA: Sgt-at-arms, Mai.-History, Science, Mathematics, Senior Council, Recommenda- tion Committee, Shcolarship Committee, Basketball Football, Baseball, Tennis, Block "T" Club. 1 ROLL ROOM SPONSORS: 190-Miss Marguerite Hordy, I53-Miss Fronces Kinsley, 300-Miss Mildred Corrie, 7-Miss Lois Sink, 6-Mrs. Christine Bennett. JAMES L. AARON: Mai.-Social Studies, Auto Body. BARBARA J. ABBOTT: Mai.-Math., Science, Social Studies, School Service, DCE, Future Nurses Club, 10 Y pres. BETTY J. ABBOTT: Mai.-Social Studies, Business, Spanish Club, GAA, DCE. STEPHANIE J. ADAMS: Mai.-Social Studies, Home Economics. SHARON R. ADDLER: Mai.-Social Studies, Girls Concert Club, JCL Cheerblock. NANCY A. ALDER: Mai.-Social Studies, Business, SAO Representative. ROBERT O. AMOS: Mai.-Architectural Drafting. ALBERTA J. ANDERSON: Mai.-Social Studies, Art, Art Club, School Service. CAROLYN D. ANDERSON: Mai.-Business, Home Economics. DONNA L. ANDERSON: Mai.-Social Studies, Home Economics, Yearbook Staff, GAA, Service Club, Red Cross Club, Spanish Club, Cheerblock. JAMES H. ANDERSON: Mai.-Business, School Serv- ice. SHIRLEY R. ANGEL: Mai.-Business, School Service. PATRICIA F. ARMSTRONG: Mai.-Home Economics, GAA. JAMES ARNETT: Mai.-Social Studies. NANCY J. ATHERTON: Mai.-Social Studies, Business, ROTC Sponsor. MICHAEL AVERY: Mai.-Hann Printing, Football, Wrestling, Track. NANCY J. AYRES: Mai.-Social Studies, Business, 'Tl Service Club, History, Cheerblock. LORETTA R. BACKUS: Mai.-Social Studies, Home Economics, School Service, Service Club. DORIS J. BADGER: Mai.-Business, Home Economics, School Service. , PATRICIA S. BAKER: Mai.-Business, Home Eco- ncmics, School Service, Red Cross Club. . ' s ' . :- fy-f.-.v::::::"s K ' ff . V , if5.,.r,? 1 ! ? :Q I , .. V. .. -V : f " X P f e , f W R hs. " k 4, if 'ws .cg : I X' Llfi ALAPHAIR BARGER: Mai.-Home Economics. DIANNE M. BARKER: Mai.-Social Studies. DANNY BARNARD: Mai.eSocial Studies, Concert Club. ROSE M. BARNETT: Mai.-Business, Home Economics, Special Senior Committee, chairman, SAO Board. G. SUE BARNETT: Mai.eArt, Art Club, SSC-treas., School Service. JAMES E. BARR: Mai.-Social Studies, Architectural Drafting. MELVIN E. BARR: Mai.-Cabinet Making, Service Club, Chemistry-Physics Club, Natural Science Club. LARRY BARTH: Mai.-Science, Art, Cheerblock, Serv- ice Club, Art Club. DONALD A. BARTLETT: Mai.eAuto Mechanics, DCE, DCE Club, Treas, PHILLIP L. BASS: Mai.-Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Yearbook Staff. JANICE K. BATTENBERG: Mai.-Mathematics, Social Studies, Art: Cheerblock, vice-pres.: Senior Color Committee, French Club, Service Club. ESSIE M. BEASLEY: Mai.-Home Economics. THOMAS BEAN: Mai,-Printing. DANIEL J. BEATH: Mai.-Mathematics, Science. KAREN K. BECKMAN: Mai.-Business, Home Eco- nomics. JOHIIZI A. BEESON: Mai.-Mathematics, Social Studies, rac . DENNIS A. BELCHER: Mai.-Shop. CONNIE SUE BELL: Mai.-Home Economics, Social Studies, School Service. MAXINE I. BERRY: Mai.-History, Art, Business, SAO Rep. CAROLYN C. BLACK: Mai.-English. JANICE I. BLAND: Mai.-Social Studies. CARL S. BLUE: Mai.-Social Studies, Building Trades, Baseball, Football, Block "T" Club, School Service. JACK D. BOBBITT: Mai.-Social Studies. STEPHEN M. BOLINGER: Mai.-Social Studies. ETHEL A. BOND: Mai.-Social Studies, Y-Teens, French Club, GAA. JAMES A. BOONE: Mai.-Social Studies, Auto Body, Basketball, Baseball, Letterman's Club, School Ser- vice. ALLEN L. BORNEMAN: Mai.-Masonry, Golf Club, School Serivce, Chorus Club. JAMES A. BOSTIC: Mai.-Art, Social Studies, Math, Basketball, Baseball, Block "T" Club, School Service. PEGGY J. BOSWELL: Mai.-Social Studies, XYZ Club, Music Club, Girls Concert Club. JERRY BOWERS: Mai.-Social Studies, Auto Mechanics. ELIZABETH M. BOWLES: Mai.-Business, Home Eco- nomics. CLARENCE A. BOWMAN: Mai.-Radio 81 TV. CLAUDE BOYD: Mai.-Shop. CYNTHIA L. BRADLEY: Mai.-Social Studies, Busi- ness, School Service, Cheerblock, Picnic Committee. RANDAL O. BRADSHAW: Mai.-Social Studies, Drill Team, NCO Club, Officers Club. RONALD L. BRANHAM: Maj.-Science, Social Studies, Math, School Service. MARLENE K. BRANSON: Mai.-Business, Social Studies. JERI BRASHER: Mai.-Social Studies, Business, Flag Twirler, Trumpettear, Cheerblock. BENNETT HAROLD BRASWELL: Mai.-Auto Me- chanics, ROTC Drill Team. ROGER l. BRASWELL: Mai.-Shop. 'vas' ? A fi. U . Mx.. JANICE FAY BRITT: Mai.-Social Studies, Busi- ness, Thespians, Drama-Speech Club, JCL. MARSHA LYNN BROMAGEN: Mai.eHome Economics, Social Studies, Vespers Committee, School Service. ROBERT L. BROOKS: Mai.-Aviation Mechanics, Alge- bra Contest, School Service. ROBERTA E. BROOKS: Mai.-Home Economics, Social Studies, Service Club, Cheerblock. ANNA ELAINE BROWN: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Home Economics. ANITA JANE BROWN: Mai.-Home Economics, So- cial Studies, Future Teachers' Club, SAO Repre- sentative. CELESS BROWN: Mai.-Social Studies, GAA. CHARLENE F. M. BROWN: Mai.-French, Social Studies, Math., Spanish Club, French Club, GAA, Cheerblock, Y-Teens. JANICE AILENE BROWN: Mai.-Business, Social Studies. JUDITH ANN BROWN: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business. LARRY EUGENE BROWN: Mai.-Latin, Social Studies, Math., SAO Representative. MARIE G. BROWN: Mai.-Latin, Social Studies, School Services, GAA, SAO Representative. MARVIN WILLIAM BROWN: Mai.-Art, Social Studies. ROGER CLARENCE BROWN: Mai.-English. RICHARD LAVON BRUCE: Mai.-Mathematics. DONALD DAVID BRYANT: Mai.-English. SANDRA KAY BRYSON: Mai.-Social Studies, Busi- ness, School Services. RICHARD L. BUCHANAN: Mai.-Math., Latin, So- cial Studies, JCL, v.-pres.: Natural Science Club, Prayer Circle, SAO Representative. KENNETH ROBERT BUCK: Mai.-English. PAUL KENNETH BUCK: Mai.-English. ' W"!' J fl" -sqf- -:qs X X Q . iw I lg? A 1 , , . ,fri : f 'W t i -if f M Q Milf lil' ,iffl at . QQ' :f"'i?' el -1 .,W ,,x g',,:,:,:. 3 Q , a mwh ' r- '-EASY: -:fini Wi, .. , Us 'T J' ,, s Q ri fn DONNA M. BURNETTE: Mai.-Business, Social Studies, Junior Basketball Queen, Service Club, School Serv- ices, Cheerblcck, SAO Representative. PENNY SUE BURNHAM: Mai.-Social Studies, Busi- ness, Serivce Club, treas., Red Cross Club, School Services, Cannon Agent. JERREL R. BURNS: Mai.-Cabinetrnaking. KARLA KAY BURNS: Mai.-Social Studies, Freshman Cheerleader, Techoir, Girls' Concert Club, SAO Board, Service Club, Red Cross Club. JUDITH A. BURTON: Mai.-Social Studies, Business. SYLVIA A. BUSHFIELD: Mai.-Business, School Serv- ice. MARY J. BUSSELL: Mai.-Social Studies, Business. VAN HYSEL BUTLER: Mai.-Math., Social Studies, French, Scholarship and Cap and Gown Committees, Techoir, co-pres.: Madrigal Singers, Band, Orches- tra, Key Club. CATHERINE BYERS: Mai.-Social Studies, Business. BEATRICE L. BYROAD: Mai.-English. ROBERT A. CALLIS: Mai.-Social Studies, English. HELEN L. CAMP: Mai.-Home Economics, English. THOMAS A. CAMPBELL: Mai.-Arts, Social Studies, Key Club, School Services, SAO Representative. KAREN JEAN CANNON: Mai.-Home Economics, School Service. THOMAS E. CAPLINGER: Mai.-Social Studies, Busi- ness. DORIS K. CARR: Mai.-Home Economics, Social Studies, School Service, SAO Representative, Service Club. JOAN C. CARTER: Mai.-Art, English. MARVIN E. CARTER: Mai.-Science. FRANCIS A. CARUTHERS: Mai. Social Studies, Busi- ness, School Service. JOHN CATELLIER: Mai.-History, Track, Wrestling, Football, Spanish Club. Y, A 4 913 2-M' f 'I MANZEL CAUDLE: Mai.-Mathematics, German, Soe cial Studies, ROTC, Wrestling. MARCIA FAY CHAMBERS: Mai.-Social Studies, Business. VICKI L. CHAMBERS: Mai.-Social Studies, Tech- niques. DONNA L. CHILDERS: Mai.-Home Economics, Busi- ness. TERRIE L. CHRIS: Mai.-Science, Social Studies, SAO Board, Red Cross Club, Service Club, GAA, JCL. PETRINE J. CHRISTEIN: Mai.-Social Studies, Mathe- matics, Quill 81 Scroll, Thespian, Drama Speech Club, Yearbook Staff, asst. ed., Red Cross Club. PHILLIP D. CHURCH: Mai.HBody Fender, Wrestling. MICHAEL J. CLAPRODT: Mai.-Auto Mechanics. GARRY L. CLARK: Mai.-Printing. JOYCE E. CLARK: Mai.-Social Studies, Y-Teens. LINDA J. CLARK: Mai.-Social Studies, Mathematics, Business, Future Teachers of America, pres. MARY F. CLARK: Mai.-Social Studies, Spanish, Busi- ness, Spanish Club, pres., Schplarship Committee. RONALD S. CLARK: Mai.-Social Studies, Mathemat- ics, Architectural Drafting. KARL COATS: Mai.-Stage Craft. WILLIAM COPPER: Mai.-English. ALICE F. COLEMAN: Mai.-Social Studies, Home Eco- nomics. ZEPORA M. COLEMAN: Mai.-Business. GARY LUIS COLLINS: Mai.-History, Mathematics, Business, Drill Team. PATRICIA ELAINE COLLINS: Mai.-Social Studies, Business. J. MICHAEL CARROLL: Mai.-English, Business. DIANE COMER: Mai.-Social Studies, Business, Red Cross Club, Music Club, Service Club, GAA, Techoir, L. SUE COOK: Mai.-Social Studies, Mathematics, Languages, Y-Teens, GAA, Maiorette, Techoir, Girls' Ensemble. W. DEAN COOK: Mai.-Mathematics, Social Studies, Auto Mechanics, ROTC. FRANCES A. COPELAND: Mai.-Social Studies, Span- ish, Spanish Club. DOUGLAS A. CORBIN: Mai.-Shop. LARRY E. CORRON: Mai.-Social Studies, Machine Shop, Mechanical Drawing, Varsity Football, Re- serve Track. MARY E. COUCHE: Mai.-Business, Physical Edu- cation. SUZANNE M. COUCHE: Mai.-Social Studies. PATRICIA J. COULTER: Mai.-Social Studies, Busi- ness. JACK COUSE: Mai.-Body and Fender Shop. CAROL D. COWGER: Mai.-Social Studies, Busi- ness, Home Economics, GAA. ALFRED L. COX: Mai.-Electricity, Service Club, His- tory Club, Music Club, Spanish Club, XYZ Club, Boys' Concert Club. DONALD R. COX: Mai.-Social Studies, Drafting, Reserve Baseball. THOMAS M. COX: Mai.-Social Studies, Drafting, Mathematics, Science, Freshman Track. WILBUR G. CRAFT: Mai.-Auto Mechanics. LISABETH A. CRAMER: Mai.ASociaI Studies, Sci- ence, Art, Languages. RITA J. CRAWFORD: Mai.-Social Studies, Techoir, Cap and Gown Committee. J. BEVIN CRODIAN: Mai.-Social Studies, Math- ematics, Science, SAO Representative, Block "T" Club, Varsity Football. STEVEN A. CRODDY: Mai.-Mathematics, Science. JOHN DALE: Mai.-Mathematics, French. . .,,. - 1-H r 'B 6- 1:9 2 f l f ,f 4 ,r 1' ' f an PX 7 fl! M -A-ann f-JP' An Y77' div' ERNEST R. DALLMAN: Mai.-Social Studies, Draft- ing, Key Club, Block "T" Club, Freshman Basket- ball, Varsity Tennis, Varsity Cross Country. JAMES D. DALTON: Mai.-Social Studies, Reserve Wrestling. JANE A. DALTON: Mai.-Social Studies, JCL, Red Cross Club, DCE, sec. ROBERT DAMMOND: Mai.-Social Studies, Auto Shop. SHIRLEY K. DANIEL: Mai.-Social Studies, Home Economics, Future Nurses Club. STEVEN DAVENPORT: Mai.-Social Studies, Art. DIANE R. DAVIS: Mai.-Business, Home Economics, Cheerblock, GAA, School Service. JOHN C. DAVIS: Mai.-Social Studies, Drafting. MIRIAM L. DAVIS: Mai.-Social Studies, Business. PATRICIA A. DAVIS: Mai.-Social Studies, Business, School Service. FRANK DEAL: Mai.-Social Studies, Printing, Reserve Baseball, Varsity Football. SANDRA K. DEATLING: Home Economics. DAVID DEHART: Mai.-Aviation Shop. JERRY N. DENNIS: Mai.-Social Studies, Art. STEPHEN L. DEUSER: Mai.-Social Studies. DIANNE J. DICKEY: Mai.-Social Studies. W. THOMAS DONAHUE: Mai.-Social Studies, Math- ematics. EDITH L. DOSS: Mai.-Social Studies. BEVERLY J. DOTSON: Mai.-Social Studies. JUDITH DOTY: Mai.-Social Studies, Art Club-pres. 'Rt 'Q' GIFT COMMITTEE-Patricia White, Dennis Honshew, Wayne Rettig, Rene Lewin, Beverly Hoyt, Betty Bell. CORRIE DOUGLAS: Mai.-Social Studies, Masonry. CHARLOTTE A. DOWDELL: Mai.-Business, Cannon Agent. MARTHA A. DREXLER: Mai.-Social Studies, Business, Service Club, SAO Representative. TIMOTHY DUGGAN: Mai.-Social Studies. BARBARA J. DUMES: Mai.-Home Economics, GAA, Future Nurses' Club, Cannon Agent. SHELBY DUNCAN: Mai.-Cabinetmaking, Painting and Decorating. GEORGE THOMAS DURBIN: Mai.-Social Studies, Machine Shop. JOAN L. DUREE: Mai.-Social Studies, Business. CHARLES E. DURICK: Mai.-Social Studies, Masonry. JAMES R. DURICK: Mai.-Auto Body Shop, Cabinet- making, School Service, DCE. PAUL J. DWIGANS: Mai.-Social Studies, Art, Art Club, Chess Club. STEVEN C. EBERHARDT: Mai.-Social Studies, Print- ing, Physical Education, Freshman Football, ROTC. CAROLE A. EDWARDS: Mai.-Social Studies, Service Club, Cheerblock. A. LORRAINE EICKS: Mai.-Home Economics, SAO Representative. CHARLES E. ELLIOTT: Mai.-Mathematics, Drafting, Reserve Wrestling. PAMELA L. ELLIOTT: Mai.--Social Studies, Business, Cheerblock. PEGGY ANN ELLIS: Mai.-Social Studies, Business: Cheerblock, rec. sec., Girls' Concert Club. PHYLLIS A. ELLIS: Mai.-Social Studies, Business, Art, Spanish Club: Chess Club, rec. sec.: Art Club, Cannon Agent. RALPH E. ELLIS: Mai.-Shop. STEVEN ELLIS: Mai.-Printing. 26: , .3 -,msd s ROBERT A. ENGLKING: Mai.-Auto Mechanics. I RAYMOND N. ENGLANDER: Mai.-Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, French Club, pres., Key Club, Re- serve Tennis, Concert Band, Orchestra, co-pres., Techoir, Madrigals, Convocation Committee, chair- man. FLORENCE M. ENGLISH: Mai.-Social Studies, Busi- ness. FRANCES F. EPLER: Mai.-Social Studies, Mathe- matics, French Club, Y-Teens. TIMOTHY W. ERNE: Mai.-Math., Cabinetmaking, Chess Club. ERMA JEAN EVANS: Mai.-Social Studies, Home Economics. JONNY B. EVANS: Mai.-Art. SUE ELLEN EVANS: Mai.-Social Studies, French Club, Music Club, DCE Club, sec., Service Club, Y-Teens, Red Cross Club, Cheerblock, Yearbook, advertising editor, Girls' Concert Club, Cannon Agent. PHILLIP A. FARB: Mai.-Social Studies, Science. JERRY LEE FARMER: Mai.-Home Economics. THOMAS J. FERRELL: Mai.-Mathematics, Science. R. ERIC FINELL: Mai.-Social Science, Pep Band, Dance Band, Concert Band, Service Club, Reserve Track, Varsity Wrestling. GARY B, FLANNERY: Mai.-Business, Freshman Track. DONNA L. FLATER: Mai.-Home Economics, Busi- ness, Service Club, Cannon Agent. JOSEPH H. FLORES: Mai.-Mathematics, Science, Chemistry-Physics Club. TERRY J. FOGLEMAN: Mai.-Science, ROTC, SAO Representative, Drama-Speech Club. WILLIAM A. FOGLESON: Mai.-Social Studies, Span- ish Club, Natural Science Club, History Club. CAROLYN S. FORBIS: Mai.-Social Science, Math- ematics, Business, JCL, pres., Techoir, SAO Rep- resentative. CAROLYN S. FORD: Mai.-Home Economics, School Service. JAMES W. FORD: Mai.-Science, Business, ROTC, Techoir. 1--ap. it 'E' :tw el an -uw VS .. I . 'L f ,qutdk 1 ff ,X 5-K-X 4? ig ., X at P xi . ' 3 'ft 12' If ' 1:31 x I . f . RSI? , f' sa., ' X ,, F FRANCIS ALLEN FOX: Mai,-Body and Fender Shop. PHYLLIS K. FRANK: Mai.-Business, Home Economics, School Service, Drama-Speech Club. BETSY A. FREEZE: Mai.-Social Studies, Business, Cheerblcck. CAROLYN FRENCH: Mai.-Business, GAA. CLARA I. FRISBIE: Mai.-Social Studies, French, Drama-Speech Club, French Club, pres. SHERRY LEE FLORENCE FULLER: Mai.-Social Studies, Business, GAA. MICHAEL L. FUNKE: Mai.-Science, Machine Shop, Freshman Football, RICHARD R. FURGASON: Mai.-Auto Body, Fresh- man Football. ROSALIE GABBARD: Mai.HSocial Studies, Business, GAA, Service Club. JAMES T. GALLEN: Mai.-Social Studies. MICHAEL K. GALVIN: Mai.-Body and Fender Shop, Service Club. GEORGEANN GARY: Mai.-Social Studies, Languages. ECEEINA J. GATLIN: Mai.-Social Studies, Business, KENNETH O. GEARLDS: Mai.-Social Studies, Car- pentry, DCE Club, Service Club, Cannon Agent. HELEN M. GEDDES: Mai.-Social Studies, Business. SANDRA K. GEORGE: Mai.-Business, Home Eco- ncmics, Y-Teens, History Club, Girls' Concert Club. BETTY C. GILBERT: Mai.-Social Studies, Mathe- matics. NANCY M. GILLAM: Mai.-Social Studies, JCL, parl., GAA, Service Club. DELORES J. GOODALL: Mai.-Science, Future Nurses' Club, GAA, DCE Club. JENNY L. GOODNIGHT: Mai.-Social Studies, Math- ematics, French, XYZ Club, corres. sec., Music Club, French Club, Concert Band, Techoir, Year- book Staff. I JUDITH A, GOODWIN: Mai.-Social Studies, Busi- ness, F.T.A. MILDRED B. GORDON: Mai.-Home Economics, Y- Teens, GAA, SAO Representative. KAREN L. GORMAN: Mai.-Social Studies, Business, Picnic Committee. A. DALE GOSHEN: Mai.-Mathematics, Machine Drafting, Social Studies. LINDA A. GRAY: Mai.-Business, GAA. CHARLOTTE A. GREBE: Mai.-Social Studies, JCL, ROTC Sponsor, Techoir. J. RICHARD GREEN: Mai.-Social Studies, Mathe- matics, Vespers Committee. LINDA K. GREEN: Mai.-Social Studies, Business. NORMAN L. GREEN: Mai.-Social Studies, Mathe- matics, Science, Electricity, Chemistry-Physics Club, Boys' Concert Club, Cannon Agent, RAYMOND J. GRIFFIN: Mai.-Auto Mechanics, Var- sity Wrestling. .IENNIE A. GRIFFIS: Mai.-Business. PAUL D. GRIFFIS: Maj.-Social Studies. DONALD D. GRIFFITH: Mai.-Social Studies, Busi- ness, History Club, treas.: Service Club, German Club. BEVERLY GRUBBS: Mai.-Home Economics. GLORIA J. GRUBBS: Mai.eSocial Studies, Business, Spanish: Spanish Club, sec. LINDA HACK: Mai.-Social Studies, Physical Edu- cation, Home Economics. JERRY J. HAGGERTY: Mai.-Auto Mechanics, ROTC. LINDSEY HAHN: Mai,-Mathematics, Machine Shop, DCE. SAUNDRA J. HALTOM: Mai.-Social Studies, Busi- ness. ROBERT JAMES HAMM: Mai.-Social Studies, Math- ematics, French Club, Reserve Track, Special Senior Committee. SARAH E. HAND: Mai.-Home Economics. M. SANDRA HARGIS: Mai.- Social Studies GAA SAO Representative, Girls Concert Club. RALPH G. HARR: Mai.-Math- ematics, Machine Drafting, Reserve Track, Boys' Concert Club. PROM COMMITTEE-Lorry Champion, Lindo Croig, Kothleen Huter, James Potterson, Dorothy Woods, Timothy Mosier. ,,,,, -,,-.,,2I--gnc.,-A we.-. as 'Q' 13? COMMENCEMENT COMMITTEE-Front Row: Karen Saftord, Donald Sunman, Pamela Hunt. Row 2: Clif- ford Chandler, John Habig, Craig Barns. PATRICIA N. HARRIS: Mai.-Home Economics, School Service. STEPHEN D. HARVEY: Mai.-Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, School Service, Reserve Football. LINDA D. HAWKINS: Mai.-Business, School Ser- vice, Future Nurses' Club, Home Economics Club. JOHN D. HAWLEY: Mai,-Social Studies, Science, Business, Chess Club, v. pres., Marching Band, School Service. BARBARA HEDGES: Mai.-Social Studies, Physical Education, JCL, Y-Teens, Cheerblock. CHARLES HENDRICKSON: Mai.-Social Studies, Sci- ence, NFL, Thespians, French Club, Drama-Speech Club. GERALD HENDRICKSON: Mai.-Social Studies, Sci- ence, Dance Band, Sketchbook, Chemistry-Physics Club, Music Club, sgt.-at-arms, School Service, Fresh- man Track. ASTRID HENKELS: Mai.-Mathematics, Social Studies, German, Science, Cannon weekly staff, ed.-in-chief, XYZ Club, rec. sec., Senior Scholarship Committee, German Club, Special Senior Committee, History Club, Natural Science Club, sec. lLZE HENKELS: Mai.-Social Studies, German, Math- ematics, Hcme Economics, GAA, History Club, 2nd v. pres., German Club, XYZ Club, v. pres., Natural Science Club, Quill and Scroll, sec., SAO Repre- sentative. JOYCE HILL: Mai.-Social Studies, School Service. KRISTIN HIRSCHLER: Mai.-Social Studies, Trum- peteer, Service Club, Y-Teens, Spanish Club, Drama- Speech Club, School Service, SAO Representative. DONALD T. HOCKERSMITH: Mai.-Business, Math- irragics, Social Studies, Chemistry-Physics Club, XYZ u . LEONORE D. HODGES: Mai.-Social Studies, Techoir, Girls' Ensemble, School Service, Spanish Club, Cannon Agent. REGINA HOLLIDAY: Mai.-Art, Y-Teens, Service Club. POLLY ANN HOLLOWELL: Mai.-Social Studies, Phy- sical Education, GAA, pres., Cannon Agent, SAO Representative, School Service, Art Club. PAULA J. HOLMES: Mai.eBusiness. SHARON HOLYCROSS: Mai.-eBusiness. DARLENE HOOPER: Mai.-Business. JILL HORN: Mai.-Home Economics, Service Club, corres. sec., Red Cross Club. SHARON HOSKINS: Mai.-Business, Service Club, Future Nurses' Club, School Service. Q i ,l gl it 5-. H. SUE HOTTENROTH: Mai.-Social Studies, Latin, Service Club, Techoir, Cannon Weekly, pg. I ed.: Quill and Scroll, pres. ARTHUR CORYDON HOYT: Mai.-Drafting, Varsity Football. JOSIE MAE HUDSON: Mai.-Social Studies, Busi- ness, Future Teachers of America, Colors Commit- tee, Special Senior Committee. ROSEVA JOY HUGHES: Mai.-French, Social Studies, Music, Thespians, NFL, Drama-Speech Club, French Club, German Club, SAO Representative. JOYCE LYNN HULL: Mai.eSociaI Studies, ROBERT B. HUMPHREY: Mai.eMusic, Boys' Con- cert Club. CHESTER HUMPHRIES: Mai.-Social Studies, Auto Mechanics, Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Fresh- man Basketball. DAVID LEE HUNTER: Mai.-Social Studies, Science, Thespians, Drama-Speech Club, Cannon Weekly, Yearbook Staff. JOHN R. HUSER: Mai.-Social Studies, Aviation, School Service. PATRICIA ANN HUSKISSON: Mai.-Social Studies, School Service, SAO Representative. JAMES W. HUTCHENS: Mai.-Mathematics, D.C.E. BARBARA ANN ILLY: Mai.AArt, Service Club, School Service. DAN CHARLES IRELAND: Mai.eSociaI Studies, Math., Machine Drafting, Football, Wrestling, Track. LOWELL T. IRVIN: Mai.-Printing, School Service, Freshman Basketball. VEADA MARIE IRVIN: Mai.-Social Studies, School Service. MAXINE E. JACKSON: Mai.-Home Economics, GENE RAYMOND JACOBS: Mai. Social Studies, Art, Spanish Club, sgt-at-arms: SAO Parliamentarian, Key Club, Techoir, Art Club. JAMES HENRY JACOBS: Mai.-Social Studies, Ma- chine Shop. RONALD LYNN JACOBSON: Mai.-Social Studies, Auto Mechanics. CAROLYN K. JAMES: Mai.-Social Studies, Business, Future Nurses' Club, School Service. -'iff ,Ji 1 , SONDRA ELAINE JAMES: Mai.-Social Studies, Spanish, Business, Spanish Club, treas., French and Drama Speech Clubs, GAA, Future Teachers' Club, Arsenal Cannon Weekly and Yearbook, Concert Orchestra. ELWOOD JEE: Mai.-Social Studies, Architectural Drafting, Science, Mathematics, Baseball, Wrestling, Letterman's Club. ROBERT ALLEN JENKINS: Mai.-Social Studies, Art. WAYNE LEON JENNINGS: Mai.-Social Studies, Lan- guages, Spanish Club, Concert Band, Dance Band, Concert Orchestra, Indianapolis Philharmonic Or- chestra, Band, sgt-at-arms. BARBARA JOHNSON: Mai.-Social Studies, Home Economics. CARL LEONARD JOHNSON: Mai.-Shop. EVELYN RUTH JOHNSON: Mai.-English. MARK ALLEN JOHNSON: Mai.-Social Studies, Ar- chitectural Drafting. SUSAN LYNN JOHNSON: Mai.-Social Studies, Art: Concert Orchestra, Libr.: String Ensemble, History Cub. VIRGIL A. JOHNSON: Mai.-Drafting. WAYNE JOHNSON: Mai.-Body and Fender, School Service. CHARLES E. JONES: Mai.-Body and Fender, Block "T" Club, Freshman Basketball, Varsity Track, Var- sity Crcss Country, School Service. CLARENCE E. JONES: Mai,-Business, Freshman Foot- ball, Freshman Wrestling, Reserve Track. DONNA K. JONES: Mai.-Business, Music Club, Cheerblock, SAO Representative, Cannon Agent. NANCY JONES: Mai.-Social Studies, Music: Te- choir, hostess: Madrigals, School Service, Sketchbook, Cannon Agent, SAO Representative. RONALD V. JONES: Mai.-Auto Trades, School Ser- vice. LAWRENCE L. KAELIN: Mai.-science, Social studies, Mathematics, School Service, XYZ Club, SAO Rep- resentative. JAMES R. KELLY: Mai.-Cabinetmaking. KATHERINE KELLY: Mai.-Home Economics. KAREN K. KEMPER: Mai.-Social Studies, Business, Home Economics: Y-Teens, sec.: Flag Twirler, SAO Representative. .v..i,! . Q. ., f fo I' J i J Q RECOMMENDATIONS COMMITTEE-Sandro Boker, Robert McClain, Jonathon Spodorcio, Dorothy Schaefer, Ruth Handy. GLORIA D. KENDRICK: Mai.-Business. MARY M. KENDRICK: Mai.-Social Studies, Home Economics, GAA, Cheerblock, Future Nurses' Club, Natural Science Club. CHARLES A. KENNEDY: Mai.-Social Studies, Math- ematics. GARY W. KENNEDY: Mai.-Social Studies, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, SAO Executive Board, Block "T" Club. MARY A. KENNINGTON: Mai.-Social Studies, JCL, Red Cross Club, Girls' Concert Club, School Ser- vice. STEVEN M. KERR: Mai.-Social Studies, Mathematics. CAROL J. KIDD: Mai.-Business, School Service, Service Club. CLAUDIA L. KIRBY: Mai.-Social Studies, Cannon Agent, Art Club, History Club. GERALD E. KIRK: Mai.eBusiness, Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Track, Art Club. DONALD E. KITTERMAN: Mai.-Social Studies, Math- ematics, Social Studies, School Service. DANA SCOTT KLINCK: Mai.-Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Languages, School Service. BONITA J. KNORR: Mai.-Social Studies, Business, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, School Service. ROSEMARY E. KOELLING: Mai.-Social Studies, Math- ematics, Science, Latin, Natural Science Club, treas., Techoir, Girls' Ensemble, Red Cross Club, Service Club, Cap and Gown Committee. K. DAVID KREIMER: Mai.-Social Studies, Spanish, Blcck "T" Club, School Service, Varsity Football. ROSEMARY L. KRIEL: Mai.eSocial Studies, Art, S.A.O. Representative, School Service. GEORGE ALBERT LANE: MairSocial Studies, Art. VAUGHN P. LANE: Mai.-Sccial Studies. JONATHAN LASWELL: Mai.-Social Studies, School Service, Dance Band, Pep Band, Concert Band, Con- cert Orchestra. JAMES D. LAW: Mai.-Printing. CAROL A. LAWRENCE: Maif-Social Studies, Cloth- ing, School Service. ,ui l l 5 t l x., I- X... ' 6:5 Wav: 5 iw , , "f" Q -sr xy' -Qt, i 'in R. MICHAEL LAWRENCE: Mai.-Social Studies. SANDRA S. LEHMAN: Mai.-Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Service Club, School Service, Cannon Photographer. JOHNNIE M. LEMMONS: Maiflioods, Y-Teens, GAA, School Service. CARLA L. LEONARD: Mai,-Spanish, Social Studies, Orchestra, Spanish Club, Music Club, School Ser- vice. PHILLIP LEVI: Mai.-Science, Shop. JANICE LEWIS: Mai.eSociaI Studies, Science, SAO alt. representative. ROBERT A. LONG: Mai.-Printing. EDWARD LOUX: Mai.ePainting and Design, Shop. MARILYN LOUX: Mai.-Home Economics, Business, Service Club, School Service, SAO alt. representa- tive. DONALD LOVELL: Mai.-Math., Science, Social auciies, Natural Science Club, Chemistry-Physics u . SANDRA C. LUDWIG: Mai.-Music, Social Studies, Concert Orchestra, Red Cross Club, Music Club. RZOIZERT LUFCY: Mai.-Social Studies, Printing, Radio u . CAROL J. LYKINS: Mai.-Social Studies, Business, Cheerblcck, GAA, School Service. LINDA LYNN: Mai.eLanguages, School Service. SHIRLEY LYTLE: Mai.-Social Studies, Math, XYZ Club, Drama Club, Picnic Committee. MICHAEL McCARTY: Mai.-Social Studies, Music, School Service, Drama Club, Band. DOUGLAS McCLELLAN: Mai.-Social Studies, Bas- ketball student manager, Baseball, Football. WILLIAM MCCONNELL: Mai.-English. MAGELINE McCRAY: Mai.-Social Studies, Home Economics, GAA, School Service. CHARLES McCULLOUGH: Mai.-Social Studies, Radio Club, Chess Club. naw- Huw JOANN McDADE: Mai.-Social Studies, School Ser- VlCe. MARILYN MCDONALD: Mai.-Social Studies, Busi- ness. PAUL McDOWELL: Mai.-Aviation, Band, Aviation Club, School Service. BOBBY McGRAW: Mai.-Business, School Service, GAA, Cheerblock. LEEROY MCKINNEY: Mai.-Aviation. CATHERINE ANN MCMAHON: Mai.-Social Studies, French, Service Club, Red Cross, Cheerblock. PATRICIA MABRY: Mai.-Social Studies, Business, School Service, SAO representative, GAA, Cadet Teacher. DAWN G. MACKEY: Mai.-History, Science, Busi- ness, XYZ Club, JCL Club, Cheerblock. MARY JO MACY: Mai.-Social Studies. MAXINE R. MADRITSCH: Mai.-Social Studies, Ger- man, Service Club, Red Cross Club, SAO Execu- tive Board, Techoir, Girls' Concert Club, Arsenal Cannon Weekly News Bureau Chief, DAR Good Citizen, Arsenal Cannon Yearbook editor, Quill and Scro . CONSTANCE E. MADRY: Mai.-Clothing, Social Stud- ies, Business, GAA. LEEROY MARSDEN: Mai.-Social Studies, Auto Me- chanics. ANTHONY L. MARSHALL: Mai.-Airplane Mechanics, School Service. FAITH E. MARSHALL: Mai.-Social Studies, Busi- ness, Concert Orchestra. ROBERT L. MARSHALL: Mai.-Electricity, School Ser- vice. JAMES R. MADDEN: Mai. BERNARD DALE MARTIN: Mai.-Art, Social Studies, Service Club, Techoir, Key Club, SAO representa- tive, Sketchbook. JUDITH KAY MARTIN: Mai.-Social Studies, XYZ Club, Service Club, SAO alternate representative. REGGIE ANN MARTIN: DCE Club, Social Studies, Home Economics, School Service. JERRY W. MASSINGALE: Mai.-Printing. DEAN RUSSELL MATHESON: Mai.-Radio and Tele- vision. DAVID MATTINGLY: Mai.-Social Studies, Mathe- matics, Science, Cannon Agent, SAO Representative, Scholarship Committee, Tennis, Spanish Club, School Service. RONALD LEE MAY: Mai.-Business Education, German Club, Drama-Speech Club, Thespians. RANDALL BRUCE MAYFIELD: Mai.-Mathematics, Au- to Shop, Cross Country, Cannon Agent. JAMES FRANKLIN MIDDLETON: Mai.-Mathematics, Social Studies, Business Education. STEPHEN KEITH MILBOURN: Mai.-Social Studies, Science, Track. HERMIONE E. MILES: Mai.-Social Studies, French, Mathematics, NFL, V-Pres.: Thespians, Drama-Speech Club, French Club, V-Pres.: Debate Team. CAROL MILLER: Mai.-Social Studies, Spanish, Span- ish Club. CONSTANCE MILLER: Mai.-Mathematics, Science, Phys. Ed., Service Club, History Club. KAY MILLER: Mai.-Business. FRANCIS MILLS: Mai.-Art, Shop. NANCY MILTON: Mai.-Social Studies, Business, GAA, School Service. JUDITH MINNICK: Mai.-Social Studies. RUTH MITCHNER: Mai.-English. LAUREN MOHLER: Mai.-Social Studies, Business. ROBERT MOHLER: Mai.-Social Studies. ANITA MONTAGUE: Mai.-Social Studies, Business, Science, School Service, Service Club. JOYCE MONTGOMERY: Mai.-Social Studies, School Service, Business, XYZ Club, pres., SAO representa- tive, Cannon Agent. TIMOTHY ARTHUR MOORE: Mai.-Business. JOSEPH F. MOOTZ: Mai.-Printing. it i -an-uf nur 'S x THEODORE MORRIS: Mai.-Masonry, Shop, Football, Letterman's Club. JACOUELINE MORRISON: Mai.-Social Studies, Busi- ness. RICHARD MOSS: Mai.-Social Studies, Mathematics, Machine Drafting. STANLEY MOSS: Mai.-Social Studies, Science, Math- ematics, Key Club, pres. NANCY MULLER: Mai.-Social Studies, Music, Con- cert Orchestra, Concert Club, Junior Achievement. PHYLLIS MUMAW: Mai.-Social Studies. DARLENE MUNDY: Mai.-Social Studies. LOLITA DIANE MURPHY: Mai,-Social Studies, Busi- ness, Service Club. MICHAEL EDWARD NANCE: Mai.-Shop, School Ser- vice. JOHN D. NELL: MaifSociaI Studies, Mathematics, Football, capt., Basketball, co-Capt., School Ser- vice, Baseball, Letterman's Club. MICHAEL ARNE NELSON: Mai.-Mathematics. RONNIE WAYNE NEW: Mai,-Shop. CONNIE FAY NEWMAN: Mai.-Social Studies, Home Economics, School Service, Cap and Gown Com- mittee. JOAN LINDA NEWSOM: Mai.-Social Studies, Busi- ness, DCE. FRANK E, NICHOLS: Maj.-Business, Varsity Foot- ball. LOLA MONTEZ NOAKES: Mal.-Social Studies, Home Economics, Y-Teens, SAO representative. SANDRA LOUISE NUGENT: Mal.--Business, Home Economics. CHARLES RONALD NUNLEY: Mai.-Printing. GREGORY BAYNE OWEN: Mai.-Social Studies, Art, Service Club, History Club, Art Club, Spanish Club, XYZ Club, Human Relations Committee. THERESA ELAINE OWSLEY: Mai.--Social Studies, Business, Home Economics, School Service. J vm S KW f Y I . w X ,al Nl . Q 4 -..- A Q, 4' X f Q c"i5irki Q '35 'T , -ai ff 4 X SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE-Karen Safford, Dennis Hanshew, Maxine Madritsch, Craig Borns, Astrid Henkels. Second Row: Van Butler, Stephen Williams, Jonathon Spadorcia, John Habig, David Mattingly. TOMMY PARKER: Mai.-Radio and TV, Shop, Radio Club. JUDITH ANN PARKER: Mai.-Social Studies, Home Economics, Service Club. GENE J. PAYTON: Mai.-Social Studies. SUSAN C. PEARSONS: Mai.-Social Studies, Ser- vice Club, Red Cross Club, German Club, Drama Club, SAO Representative, Cannon Agent. LILA R. PERDUE: Mai.-Mathematics, Social Studies, Business, Cannon Agent, Senior Colors Committee. VELVET J. PERKINS: Mai.-Social Studies, Future Nurses' Club. ' NANCY A. PERRY: Mai.-Home Economics, School Service. SHARON K. PETERMAN: Mai.-Home Economics. ROBERT H. PETERS: Mai.-Social Studies, Architec- tural Drafting. JOHN E. PETERSON: Mai.-Mathematics, Social Stud- ies, XYZ Club, Natural Science Club, ROTC Rifle Team, Key Club. MELVIN PFEIFFER: Mai.-Social Studies, Science, French Club, Key Club, Chemistry-Physics Club, Golf, Baseball, Wrestling. DORIS O. PLETCHER: Mai.-Social Studies, Business. RICK PIERCE: Mai.-English. JOHN R. POLLOCK: Mai.-Auto Mechanics. CAROLE I. POOLE: Mai.-Home Economics, Cannon Agent. DEANA R. POWELL: Mai.-Business. HAROLD L. POWELL, JR.: Mai.-Social Studies, Print- ing,kROTC, Officers' Club, Rifle Team, Chess Club, Trac . WILLIAM C. PRACHT: Mai.-Plumbing, ROTC Of- ficers' Club. J. MICHAEL PRESLEY: Mai.-Social Studies, Math- ematics, Plumbing, Golf. BEVERLY J. PRIBBLE: Mai.-Social Studies, Busi- ness, Red Cross Club, Y-Teens, DCE vice-pres. .an ar JAMES GARRISON PRICE: Mai.-Social Studies, Draft- ing, Mathematics, Tennis. JESSE WILLIAM PRICE: Mai.-Social Studies, Math- ematics, Senior Intramural Basketball. JOHN DAVID PRIDEMORE: Mai.-Social Studies, Art. SANDRA ELAINE PROFFITT: Mai.-Business, School Service. SHARON KAY PUCKETT: Mai.-Home Economics, Flag Twirler, Cheerblock. LARRY QUINN: Mai.-English. ABRENDA JOYCE RADFORD: Mai.-Social Studies, Home Economics. MELODY ANN RADZIEWICZ: Mai.-Social Studies, Art, Latin, SAO Executive Board, Latin Club, V. pres., Service Club, publicity manager, Sketchbook, advertising manager, Cannon Weekly, assoc. editor. LARRY EUGENE RAGSDALE: Mai.-Science. STEVEN ROBERT RAMAGE: Mai.eSociaI Studies, Mathematics, Science, Techoir, Boys' Concert Club, School Service. RANDY LYNN RANDOL: Mai.-Social Studies, Mathe- matics, Science, XYZ Club, sgt-arms, ROTC Rifle Team. JEFFERY RANDOLF: Mai.-Social Studies, Mathematics. FRED MARVIN BASNER: Mai.-Mathematics, Drafting. GAIL ANN RATLIFF: Mai.-Social Studies, Business. MARY LOUISE RAY: Mai:-Business. MICHAEL STEVE REED: Mai.-Social Studies, Art, Techoir, Boys' Octette, Tennis. WAYNE ALLEN REED: Mai.-Social Studies, Science, Track, Football, Letterman's Club. EVELYN RESNICK: Mai.-Social Studies, Latin, Can- non Weekly, Yearbook, History Club, pres, Service Club, Red Cross Club, Latin Club, School Service, Quill and Scroll, Future Teachers of America. SIDNEY ELLEN REYNOLDS: Mai.-Social Studies. NANCY LOUISE RIEBE: Mai.-Social Studies, Busi- ness, Service Club. ?, -MW 'fx .iff K I As-ag. A, ,wa-.P .MUN .NE 3:1 as Q! 3 PHYLLIS ANN RIVERS: Mai.-Social Studies, Te- choir, Girl's Ensemble. ELIZABETH NEFF ROBERTSON: Mai.-Social Studies, Drama Club, History Club. CAROLYN JESSIE ROGERS: Mai.-Social Studies, Business, Spanish Club. DAVID LEE ROGERS: Mai.-Social Studies, Spanish. PATSY JEAN ROGERS: MaifHome Economics, Busi- ness, School Service. WILLIE ROY ROGERS: Mai.-Cabinet Making, Band. ROGER ELLIOT RONEY: Mai.-Social Studies, Art, Cross Country, Track, CLYDE LEE ROSEBROCK: Mai.-Social Studies, His- tory Club, Spanish Club, School Service. JANICE RAE ROTHENBUSH: Mai.-Social Studies, Business, Y-Teens, Senior Convocation Committee, Red Cross Club. DORIS M. RUSH: Mai.-Mathematics, Business, GAA, SAO Representative. MARY LYNN RUSSELL: Mai.-Social Studies, Business, Elizabeth Kaltz Singers, School Service, Future Nur- ses Club, pres. ROBERT ALAN SADLER: Mai.-Social Studies, Math- ematics, Auto Shop. WILLIE SAMUEL: Mai.-shop. CHARLES SANDERS: Mai.-English. RICHARD SATKAMP: Mai.-Auto Mechanics. CHARLES F. SCAHILL: Mai.-Social Studies, Mathe- matics, ROTC Drill Team, Officer, Color Guard, NCO Club, vice-pres., Key Club. ANITA JANE SCARBOROUGH: Mai.-Social Studies, Physical Education, Trumpeteer, Service Club. LARRY SCHOOLCRAFT: Mai.-Body and Fender, Foot- ball, Letterman's Club. JOHN MINOR SCHOWENGERDT: MaifSociaI Stud- ies, Mathematics, Key Club, Human Relations Comm., ROTC, Color Guard. RITA K. SCHOWENGERDT: Mai.-Social Studies, German, German Club, FTA, Art Club, Service Club, GAA. .Hit CONVOCATION COMMITTEE-llze Henkels, Roy: mond Englctnder, Jonice Rothenbush, Kenneth Wells, Terrie Chris. fu vi- qi 'P C.,' ' tt JOHN STANLEY SCZCYPINSKI: Mai.-Auto Shop. MICHAEL TYRONE SEAGRAVES: Mai.-Carpentry, ROTC, Boys' Concert Club, Reserve Track. ROGER CATO SELLS: Mai.-Auto Mechanics. DAVID BERT SEXSON: Mai.-Social Studies, Math- ematics, German Club, Football, Basketball, Base- ball, Block "T" Club, v. pres.: School Service. ALBERT IRVIN SHADDAY: Mai.-Shop. JUDITH JOANN SHARPE: Mai.-Business, Home Ec- onomics. CONNIE JEAN SHEPPERD: Mai.-Business, Home Economics. JANICE SHOCKLEY: Mai.-Social Studies, Science, SAO Representative, History Club, Science Club, Choral Club. NHLES LEE SHIPP: Mai.-Social Studies, Electric S op. WESLEY EUGENE SICKLE: Mai.-Social Studies, Var- sity Football. JEANETTE MARIE SIMMONS: Mai.-Business, Ger- man Club, SAO Representative. ROBRT L. SLAUGHTER: Mai.-Science, Social Stud- ies, Natural Science Club, Drama-Speech Club, Speech Team, NFL, Special Senior Committee. WILLIAM HERSHEL SLOANE: Mai.-Business, Fresh- man Football. ADDIE E. SMITH: Mai.-Social Studies, Home Eco- nomics. ANCIITA LOUISE SMITH: Mai.-Social Studies: Cheer- ea er. GERALD LEE SMITH: Mai.-Electricity. LARRY RICHARD SMITH: Mai.-Printing. LYNDA ADELE HOBBS: Mai.-English. LYNNETTE FAITH SMITH: Mai.-Social Studies, French Club, Service Club. ROBERT G. SMITH: Mai.-Cabinetmaking. f 1' TIMOTHY J. SMITH: Mai.-Shop, Social Studies. FREDERIC LEE SNOW: Mai.-Social Studies. JOHN DAVID SOLTAU: Mai.-Mathematics, Social Studies, Techoir. NANCY LEE SORRELL: Mai.-Home Economics, Busi- ness. LINDA FAY SOWDER: Mai.-Home Economics. BARBARA JEAN SPEARS: Mai.-Social Studies, Busi- ness, Drama Club, Cannon Agent, SAO Executive Board, ROTC Sponsor. GENE ALLEN SPICER: Mai.-Machine Drafting, Art, Techoir. JOHN SAMUEL SPRINGER: Mai.-Mathematics, So- cial Studies, Science, Natural Science Club, Spanish, Radio and XYZ Clubs: Chemistry-Physics Club, School Service, Yearbook Staff. DON LEE SPRINKLE: Mai.-Social Studies, SHERMAN L. STANDIFORD: Mai.-Social Studies, Drama-Speech Club, NFL, Thespians, XYZ Club. LEONA B. STEINER: Mai.-Social Studies. RONALD LOICE STANFILL: Mai.-Printing. CAROLYN R. STEPHENS: Mai.-Social Studies, Speech Team, History Club, Cannon Agent, SAO representative. ROSE S. STEVENS: Mai.-Social Studies, Business. WILLIE M. STEVENSON: Mai.-Business, Home Ec- onomics, Y-Teens, Home Economics Club. JOHN B. STEWARD: Mai.-Auto Mechanics. EDELLEN L. STEWART: Social Studies, Business, ROTC Sponsor, SAO Representative, Elizabeth Kaltz, Singers. GARY E. STONE: Mai.-Machine Shop. RANDALL K. STORM: Mai.-Body and Fender, Auto Mechanics. JACKIE A. STORY: Mai.-Art. ' Q , , su: Yr:-st' -rr' PAMELA J. STRATTAN: Mai.-Business. GEORGE T. STROKE: Mai.-Cabinetmaking. ROBERT J. STRONG: Mai.-Auto body. SHARON M. STRONG: Mai.-Social Studies, GAA. JAMES W. SUDDARTH: Mai.-Mathematics, Social Studies, Quill and Scroll, Seminar, Cannon News- paper Staff. FREDERICK F. SUEZ: Mai.-Social Studies. DWIGHT E. SUGGS: Mai.-Social Studies, Concert Band, Techoir, Wrestling, Cross Country. VICTORIA L. SUTTON: Mai.-Business, Social Stud- ies, Mathematics, Maiorette, Techoir, Princess of Light, '64 DOROTHY A. SWAN: Mai.-French, Social Studies, Techoir, Madrigals, Elizabeth Kaltz Singers, Speech Team, NFL, Service Club. DAVID H. SYRUS: Mai.-Electricity, Radio, Shop. BENJAMIN TANDY: Mai.-Social Sutdies. RICHARD TERRY: Mai.-Social Studies, Football. ALMA L. THOMAS: Mai.-Social Studies, Home Economics, Business. BETTY ANN THOMAS: Mai.-Social Studies, Business. MARGARITA S. THOMAS: Mai.-Art, GAA. CAROLYN S. THOMASON: Mai.-Social Studies, Business, Cheerblock, Girls' Concert Club, History Club. PORTIA A. THOMPSON: Mai.-Social Studies, Home Economics. REBECCA THOMPSON: Mai.-Social Studies, Math- ematics, Music Club, Service Club, Drama Club, Thespians, Speech Team, NFL, Concert Band, Te- choir, Orchestra. LINDA ELAINE THORMAN: Mai.-German, Social Studies, Mathematics, Drama Club, treas., Maiorette, Thespians. REUBEN L. TIPTON: Mai.-Business. Q30 L 4 5... S , CAP 81 GOWN COMMITTEE-Rita Crawform, Connie Newman, Van Butler, J. Diane Westmoreland, Rose- mary Koelling. S ,Q J Sf P X f X 7 .,. at ROSELYN TOLIVER: Mai.-Music, Social Studies, FTA, GAA, Music Club, Girls' Concert Club. MARILYN S. TOMLIN: Mai.-Social Studies, Business, Cheerblock. NICK THOMAS TOOLE: Mai.-Social Studies, Math- ematics. MICHAEL G. TRENT: Mai.-Printing, Printing Club, pres., Freshman Football, Golf. NORMAN P. TRITCH: Mai.-Mathematics, ROTC Drill Team. SANDRA L. TRITCH: Mai.-Social Studies, Business. GLORIA D. TROUT: Mai.-Business, Social Studies, SAO Executive Board, Red Cross Club, Service Club, JCL, Girls' Concert Club, sec., School Service, Can- non Agent, SAO Representative. DENNIS JAY TSCHAN: Mai.-Aviation, Social Stud- ies. JENO ANN UNDERWOOD: Mai.-Social Studies, Business, Chemistry-Physics Club, Cheerblock, School Service. NANCY JEAN UPTON: Mai.-Home Economics, Y- Teens. FRED DELBERT VANLANDINGHAM: Mai.-Drafting. BARBARA JANE VESSEY: Mai.-Business, Home Eco- nomics, School Service. MARGARET GRACE WARNER: Mai.-Home Economics, Y-Teens. E. ANNETTE WAERNER: Mai.-Business, Drama-Speech Club, NFL, Thespians. SANDRA WALDERN: Mai.-Business. JOHN WALKER: Mai.-Art. DONQALD LEWIS WALL: Mai.-Carpentry, Freshman Trac . LARRY JAMES WALTERS: Mai.-Mathematics, Radio and TV. ROBERT STEVEN WALTERS: Mai.-Science, Business. SELLIE LEMUEL WALTON: Mai.-Aviation. l I i e I I 2 i x I 2 . f I ...,..,-14--...M 'H' J ff-cs.9T""1: 4" ' ' S idlgfg: S . JUDITH L. WINCEL: Mai.-Social Studies, Business, School Service. , MARY ANN WONNELL: Mai.-Business, Social Studies: Concert Band, Drum Maior: Concert Or- chestra, Dance Band. . , MAUREEN A. WOODARD: Mai.-Social Studies, Latin, Mathematics, Girls' Concert Club, School Service.. ANDREW KERN WOODS: Mai.-Radio and TV, Radio lub. REBECCA L. WOODS: Mai.-Business, Home Eco- nomics. ROACHELLE R. WOODS: Mai.-Auto Mechanics. CHERYL ANN WOOLWINE: Mai.-Business, Home Economics, School Service. RONALD L. WORLEY: Mai.-Auto Mechanics. DENITA WRIGHT: Mai.-Social Studies, Music, Con- cert Orchestra, Techoir, Girls' Ensemble, Music Club, Drama-Speech Club, Spanish Club. JANICE ANN WRIGHT: Mai.-Social Studies, Home Economics. MELVIN C. WRIGHT: Mai.-Social Studies, Mathe- matics, Concert Band, Pep Band. NANCY WRIGHT: Mai.-Business. FRED WILLIAM WYETH: Mai.-Social Studies, Cab- inetmaking, JOYCE ELLEN YATES: Mai.-Home Economics, School Service, GAA. LOUIS HENRY YATES: Mai.-Art, Track, Cross Coun- T . Mli-XRY LOUISE YATES: Mai.-Auto Mechanics, ROTC. NEAL YEAGER: Mai.-Auto Mechanics, ROTC. HENRY VAN YEARY: Mai.-Business, Social Studies. RONNIE YEARY: Mai.-Auto Shop. CURTIS YOUNG: Mai.-Social Studies, Business. ,-'BMV ii X as 1 Ig. ' Q., Y f 'W THOMAS L. WEAVER: Mai.-Refrigeration, Varsity Football, RAY E. WEBSTER: Mai.-Carpentry. STEVEN L. WEBSTER: Mai.-Science, Home Economics, School Service. JONNA WELLS: Mai.-Social Studies, French, Techoir, Concert Band, Madrigal Singers, Senior Convocation Committee. KENNETH S. WELLS: Mai.-Social Studies, French, Techoir, Concert Band, Madrigal Singers, Senior Ccnvocation Committee. RALPH A. WENDELL: Mai.-Electricity, Mathematics, Varsity Wrestling. LINDA M. WENZ: Mai.-Home Economics, Business, Service Club, History Club, Future Nurses' Club, Natural Science Club, Cheerblock. DIANE WESTMORELAND: Mai.-Social Studies, Lang- uages, Drama-Speech Club: JCL, pres.: French Club, Special Senior Committee, SAO Representative, School Service, Concert Orchestra, Techoir, Natural Science Club. MARY WESTERFIELD: Mai.-Home Economics. THOMAS C. WHICKER: Mai.-Latin, Social Studies. OLIVER WHITTED: Mai.-Science, Social Studies, Music, Business, ROTC. RONALD WILLIAM WIENEKE: Mai.-Drafting. WILLIAM L. WILHAM: Mai.-Social Studies, Mathe- matics, Natural Science Club, Boys' Concert Club, Key Club, Freshman Basketball, Varsity Baseball, Reserve Cross Country. BILLY JOE WILKERSON: Mai.-Science, Reserve Baseball. JAMES ARTHUR WILLIAMS: Mai.-Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Languages, Boys' Concert Club, Reserve Track. LARRY L. WILLIAMS: Mai.-Machine Shop. LEWIS ELIA WILLIAMS: Mai.-Home Economics. EFAYMOND E. WILLIAMS: Mai.-Plumbing, Metal op. DENNIS R. WILSON: Mai.-Welding, Art, Football, Varsity Wrestling, Track, Cannon Agent. JUDY WILSON: Mai.-Home Economics. "fi www' RONALD THURMAN: Mai.-Refrigeration, Boys' Concert Club, School Service, Radio Club. RUTH A. WIGGINGTON: Mai.-Business, GAA. BENNIE GENE WILSON: Mai.-English. MAXINE R. WINER: Mai.-Social Studies. ELIZABETH YOUNG: Mai.-Social Studies, Red Cross Club, Concert Club. JILL YOUNG: Mai.-Social Studies, Mathematics, Business, XYZ Club. PATRICIA YOUNG: Mai.-Social Studies. SCOTT A. YOUNG: Mai.-Social Studies, Shop, Welding, Gate Guard. SENIORS NOT PICTURED: Larry Bailey, Milton O. Ball, George Brown, E. Sanders, James E. Shrece, Jr., William F. Slaten, Freddie L. Taylor Sandy Chappell, Bennie Farmer, Earl Lee Griffin, Jr., Sidney E. Hayes, Douglas G. Toole, Larry Trueblood, Jim Woolridge, Henry C. Walker Robert F. Hillman, Daniel Keaton, Sharon Lee Luke, Charles D. McKay, Pamela Waller, Phillip K. Williams, Harry W. Wright. Glen Mason, Carolyn J. Patterson, Carolyn Richard, Morris R. Roland, Henry Seniors pack away high school as summer vacation begins. Q' TA., SENIOR COUNCIL-Front Row: Rene Lewin, sgt'at- arms, Karen Safford, v-pres., Richard Detty, pres., Kathleen Huter, sec. Row 2: Patricia White, Betty Bell, Dorothy Schaefer, Craig Borns, Larry Charn- pion, Dorothy Wood, Ruth Handy, Pam Hunt. Row 3: Linda Craig, Robert McClain, James Patterson, Dennis Hanshew, Stephen Williams, Timothy Mosier, Wayne Rettig, Clifford Chandler, Sandra Baker. Row 4: Donald Sunman, Jonathan Spadorcia, John Habig. PICNIC COMMITTEE-Karen Gorman, Joyce Mont gomery, Richard Terry, Cynthia Bradley, Shirley Lytle -xxx X ' ' Y. . fi, f f if 1 f f f' . if if 1, . g , V1 -I . N 'X x fy l J 1 ,f 1 1 1 1 , f 1 4 ,ff , ...wr 1 ' Q 2, f .,y if 5 1 ll ll L3 ll 5 S fr T 2 2 5 2 'T id a Teacher, Speak To us of Teachi And he said: No man can reveal To you aughT louT ThaT which already lies half asleep in The dawning of your knowledge. - The Teacher who walks in The shadow of The Temple, among his followers, gives noT of his wisdom buT raTher of his faiTh and his lovingness. IT he is indeed wise he does noT bid you enTer The house of his wisdom, buT raTher leads you To The Threshold of your own mind ..... For The vision of one man lends noT iTs wings To anoTher man. And even as each one of you sTands alone in God's knowledge, so musT each one of you be alone in his knowledge of God and in his undersTanding of The earTh. In Mem ru f 1 ffw .1 ,L 1 Jw ,fc , I 2 1' , ' ff 1' f ff wh T' lk f Q K , ., Wifjf i .f , , 31 as K 1 l f.,W ., M , i I ' I ff y!":f-. I E S' Km I A ,ix . V iff! f, e Vi. , .v, f XXV! I , i .- L,5:rf'..., 1 .af l ,fee ff, 1 " 1 I I 1 1 . ff ,Q ' , f fu ' yi f 'X - f ' " M. 'I no ,- ff we " fl if , ,4 1. y J., wit, f ' i fl .1 :fly Q f 4 iff -ff l , 1, 1 D fi. 1' ' . 1,11 if 1 J 1 I .1-We , 4 fs b L I , X -5. 1 ' . 5 ! ll , . I Ka E -NK I 11" .1 'ff f , r. . fy u 1 AX W ...-ov-vna',p-nun-oil 7' ai wi?- 'QQ K ri 3, NW I Fw wfsfdvwiwf M f f - X I M r ' M5 7m W ,M l mimi Q 6' wg M 65 fw W f' ,wmv N ffi I-uv-I CUP RCW! f Help L- , J x I -P? X if A x , ,m V' 4' iv' if Ik ,xg .aff 12 n49i""'i' W H , f W- ,-n 4152 ...ww ui ,, .0 - .mf ,.... ull" MAX GAll0WAY STUDIO W ll MEUNIER ELECTRONIC SUPPLY COMPANY Taperecorders, record players, radios. ' Meunier Electronic Supply Company has everything needed for your listening pleasure. They are also leading dis- tributors ot tubes and electrical com- ponents. I if . SPORTSMAN CLEANERS Ah! Clothes have a springtime tragance after being cleaned at Sportsman Cleaners. You expect more from Sportsman and you get it. .Qt SHELBY STREET FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN Need money? Come to Shelby Street Federal Savings and Loan Association where money is there business. You can borrow the few extra needed dollars. By-the- way it you have extra money lying around, give it to them and have it earn interest for you. JHROUGH DEPFNDAazLitv R9Sg?:G's l Lifw Wi' .Ji : 3 , ,vi , W, .xl,'. 'D 'it' HERFF JONES Some handlsomel adornment no kidding, is what you will get in Herft Jones ring selections. Sure enough, these rings suit all who are tinicky about their phalanges-unless they have square fingers, I of course. I4OI Capitol Avenue I I vc' + II'vS'i"7'7vA'q' I 'I -v ,f .. . . ,, A ILP" 62625 I "5-gf' -.I I ' I-Y-' "TS, A"ivf "fl", I g-N f LN MF .5 . .' x 54,1 4 nw- ,, "li is ai- AAN- wi-'M .QQ -hm 1 J 9 . . a .v i.v,.- -wh I, V-.fgxfxsiz M- ..l Q Ir. A gk-lp f iw!-,I NX, ,., S-I -.. if 1-1 ' ' rss, I -+M- UNITED RENT ALLS O-F INDIANAPOLIS Glasses, Dishes, Silver! Man, you can get anything from United Rent-Alls ---- . Anything lout a date for the Senior Prom, that is. 7I6 Virginia Avenue MEIrose 2-6333 Melrose 5-I554 ff E 9 is .gfffyjidrzi . fj 1 GARDNER ELECTRIC COMPANY, INC. AC or DC, it's Gardner Electric for the electrician's every need. There is nothing shocking about their charges, the prices are well grounded-er-founded. 23I3 E. Michigan Street MEIrose 8-5532 YOU NEVER OUTGROW YOUR NEED FOR MILK DRINK AT LEAST 3 GLASSES EVERY DAY. TECH BOOK STORE COTRSAGES and BOUQUET5 enioys serving the students and fqculfy of LUEBKING FLOWER SHOP 3837 E. 1Oth Street FLeetwoooI 9-5311 Tech. Textbooks ond Supplies Dcince ond Gome Tickets Senior Rings Tech Decols, Shokers, Pennonts, ond Sweotshirts Soy it wgzfitahnflowers PLUMBING AND HEATING MADISON AVENUE Compme FLOWER SHOP Plumbing 81 Heoting Service Soles-Instclllotion-Service Licenseol--Bonoled-Insured RESIDENTIAL - COMMERCIAL FREE ESTIMATES 3706 E. Wosh. .............. FL-9-1051 2457-59 Modison Ave. lndicinopolis, Indicmo 'Order By Phone With Confidence ST 6-0431 li, T I ,A.g i,, P ' I .. St I X . . io as is jf! mf ., , ., h 1: fs' Q - " 151 s V. '- ,, 4 , '- ,fi ' fi 19' ' 51-wa: 23 I 2-Ay X ey.,-,145-:4 ' ' . '- -V S 2.5 , I --gl : 4 J X 1 3 "sw we ws, wf KJ: X xx 'I fa ' 4 A- ir v Qs 4 ,ESM I Q., QI, N i1 ,W Xmefkiflx 4 X ff 5 X ,.... MQ., ,tg 45,1 I-V Coach Company Incorporated Best in Charter Service MElrose 4-3198 CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES Vissssss 4 ...,' 'E-1 FR- 'V' 'E fffzi A11' zgi 2 TTeT T e A :L I NWN T - T v 0 5 7 - - - -., -' fl .. - - ..n..a'm4.uun ...y- Mm Lett to right-Jim, Rito, Betty, Ilze ond Don. Ot course We're selecting our senior rings from CHARLES B. DYER CO., INC. Monufocturing ond Retoil Jewelers The Newest in Design ond Finest in Quality cmd in Crottsmonship TROPHIES MEDALS HONOR AWARDS 234 Mossochusetts Ave. MElrose 4-3381 'SP I -it CB. DYER MJ Q-4:94-'fl'-A 2 . I e , ARTHUR'S MUSIC SHOP f 931 Shelby sf. MElrose 8-3524 1 l IJ BUD GRENWALD'S MODERN MARKET I If 34 North Delaware MElrose 7-3239 WOLFE SHELL SERVICE STATION - 1845 East Michigan MElrose 7-0055 I WYAND PHARMACY 2102 East Tenth MElrose 8-3022 Mike Weber takes a SEVEN-UP break. HASSE BAKERY 3316 East Tenth MElrose 8-5861 THE SERVICE SHOP 5882 Haverford Clifford 3-3386 School of successful graduates. Complete beauty training includes theory and on Phosesolbeouly Wo'k' TRIANGLE PRINTING COMPANY We specialize in hair styling. D, I , d 940 Massachusetts MElrose 1-9323 Ip omas Issue . Member of: Ethical Beauty School of Indiana National American Cosmotology School KLEIN'S QUALITY FLOWERS AIPIW 5i9m0 Phi Ch0PIef 2213 East Tenth MElrose 8-1122 State Licensed School Write or call- 401 Roosevelt Blvd. Melrose 50000 Meme 50401 MIRACLE CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY 1 101 North Park Street Indianapolis, Indiana EAST SIDE CHEVROLET 5436 E. Washington St. FLeetwood 7-1121 Indiana's Largest Chevrolet Dealer CARS New and Used TRUCKS New and Used INDIANAPOLIS BLUEPRINT AND LITHOGRAPH COMPANY 600 E. Ohio Street MElrose 2-4466 Whether one needs a ruler, Compass, or a box ot Blueprint paper, Indianapolis Blue- print and Lithograph Company has the largest selection of drafting and engraving supplies in Indianapolis. Ei- Clif A X fi If 1 If wie- .34 ri.:-' 4 - - . 1 , 3 Q x3 I- rw f A 5 ff' 3-'f""' "' T '55-'MII'f'.1 J-' ' , .fc w L vsrrrf.. - is tic. I L s L 44 " F i"' , l I-V Coach Company, H it Q Incorporated ' I Best ,,,II V in Charter V , Service 5 1--Hz: MElrose 4-3198 'ff - Q' xg 125. V ...Q I -N I . - CUE AND CUSHION 2301 E. 38th Street WAlnut 6-1043 Take your cue from the "ins" .... Billiards are fun in a friendly atmosphere Q - Mike Weber takes a SEVEN-UP break. CENTRAL BUSINESS COLLEGE PREPARATION CREATES OPPORTUNITY EDUCATION FOR BUSINESS CAREERS INDIANA BUSINESS COLLEGE BUILDING 802 N. Meridian Street MEIrose 4-8337 48 Monument Circle MEIrose 9-2505 PORTER COLLEGE SPEEDWRITING EXECUTIVE SECRETARY COURSES FREE JOB PLACEMENT SERVICE IBM DATA PROCESSING PBX RECEPTIONIST IBM KEY PUNCH NANCY TAYLOR FINISHING SCHOOL TRANSPORTATION Day and Night Classes EDUCATIONAL FINANCING AVAILABLE As the sun sets on the closing page of this yearbook, The days have gone fast. It seems that only yesterday we the Yearbook Staff of T964 would like to acknow- we were making plans, writing copy, and taking pic- ledge some of the people who have made it possible. tures for our yearbook. Now it is finished, and we would Often they have gone out of their way to help us. They like to say thank you to the 'many friends who have have lifted our spirits with smiles and understanding. made ourtask easier. Many businesses have given us their time and The Yearbook Staff advertising. 4 , . . Q . sl' f 'QF Mr. Walker, who hid donuts in his desk .... New Staffers, who got the impression that they had to work.. . KWH: Mary, who cluttered the blackboard with her notes... Mrs. R., who made our Christmas complete with her green and red hose. . . Mr. Puckett, who served as our "crying towel". . . James Leon Aaron 103 Mark Aaron 45 David Abbett 30,72 Jacki Abbett 43,54 Barbara Joan Abbott 40,41,100,103 Betty Jean Abbott 29,33,103 Carolyn Adams 41 Nancy Anne Adams 52,53 Stephanie Adams 103 William Adams 26 Sharon Ruth Addler 103 Eugene Akers 72 Lucinda Albertson 40 Nancy Adler 103 David Allen 47 Lawrence Edward Allen 44,55 Paul Allen 26,28 Rosie Allen 41,48,49 Nicholas Alm 68 Robert Amos 103 Alberta Anderson 48,103 Aubrey Anderson 60 Carolyn Diane Anderson 103 Donna Lou Anderson 39,40,57,103 James Anderson 103 Mildred Anderson 49 Shirley Angel 103 Stephanie Armour 49 John Armstrong 44 James Arnett 103 Jackie Asher 28,52,53 Josephine Ashley 29 Marilyn Atherton 52,54 Nancy Atherton 103 Daniel Auble 55 Leroy Avery 60,68 Michael Avery 47,49,60,103 Nancy Ayers 103 Warren Ayers 61 Loretta Ruth Backus 40,103 Daniel C. Bacon 26,28,30,32,38 Richard Bacon 41,61 Doris Jean Badger 103 Timothy Baines 60 Dennis Baker 60 Ollie Baker 46 Patricia Sue Baker 103 Ronald Baker 67 Sandra Kay Baker 34,35,50,62,100,102, 1 13,1 16,123 Jerry L. Ballinger 52,53 Linda Jean Banta 43 Aliphair Barger 103 Diane Michael Barker 103 Danny Omar Barnard 103 Deborah Anne Barnett 42 Geneva Sue Barnett 103 Lillie Mae Barnett 42,43 Rose Marie Barnett 35,103 James Earl Barr 103 Melvin E. Barr 40,44,103 Clementine Barrow 46 Larry Barth 103 Donald Allen Bartlett 45,103 Frances Bass 33 Phillip Lawrence Bass 56,103 Riley Bates 72,75 Janice Kaye Battenberg 57,100,103,106 Steve Bauerle 61,73 Thomas Frank Bean 103 Essie Marie Beasley 42 Margaret Beasley 42 Daniel Joseph Beath 103 Robert A. Beck 43 Karen Kay Beckman 103 Index Clarence Beckwith 73 Lewis C. Beem 68 John A. Beeson 103 Tom Beeson 33 Kenneth B. Beight 26,28 Dennis Anthony Belcher 103 R. Steven Belding 30,31,38,44,49,74 Betty Lou Bell 40,56,100,102,108,123 Connie Sue Bell 103 Rebecca R. Bender 42,43,47,56 Peggy Berchkas 39,43 Maxine lone Berry 103 Karen Kay Biech 40 Larry A. Biech 33 Michael Billhyrner 47 Yolanda J. Bishop 49 Carolyn Black 103 Teresa Ann Black 52,53,54 Janice Irene Bland 47,49,104 Carol E. Blount 49 Carl Steven Blue 49,60,70,104 Charles N. Blume 55 Nathaniel Blunt 48 Jack Babbitt 104 William A. Bolander 24,25,28,55,56 Ethel Ann Bond 104 Fredric Bonnet 41 James Alexander Boone 49,64,70,104 Siegfried C. Borczak 68 Kathryn M. Borden 47,52 Allen Lee Borneman 74,104 Graig Ray Borns 34,35,38,100,102, 1 1 1,123 James Allen Bostic 49,64,70,104 Peggy Jean Boswell 33,104 Jerry Richard Bowers 104 Elizabeth Marie Bowles 104 Clarence Albert Bowman 104 Claude Boyd 104 Nancy Boyd 28,30,32 William Boyd 45 Cynthia Louise Bradley 100,104,123 Randall Osborne Bradshaw 104 Jo Ann Brady 35,39,50 Ronald Lee Branham 104 Marlene K. Branson 104 Cleo Brasher 29,33,44,47 Jeri Lee Brasher 27,104 Bennett Harold Braswell 104 Roger Irvin Braswell 104 Betty Brewer 39,40 Ines M. Brewer 39,41,104 Robert Louis Brewer 44 Kerry L. Brinkley 49 Roger Brinkley 28 Janice Fay Britt 30,105 Sue Ann Brockman 52,53,54 Marsha Lynn Bromagen 100,104,105 Ralph H. Brooks 61 Robert Lee Brooks 105 Roberta Lee Brooks 40,105 Anita Jane Brown 105 A. Elaine Brown 105 Celess Brown 105 Charlene Frixella Brown 28,43,105 Charlene Brown 42 Donald Brown 42 Eli Brown 60,68,69 Janice Ailene Brown 105 Judith Ann Brown 105 Larry Eugene Brown 105 Marie Gail Brown 105 Marvine William Brown 105 Roger Clarence 105 Sandra K. Brown 29,33 Stella L. Brown 49 Steven M. Brown 61,73 Richard Lavon Bruce 105 Donald David Bryant 105 E. William Bryant 26 Sandra Kay Bryson 105 Donald Buchanan 68 Richard Lee Buchanan 42,105 Kenneth Robert Buck 105 Paul Kenneth 105 Pamela L. Burch 28 James F. Burks 60 Ted A . Burks 44 Donna Marie Burnette 105 Karess J. Burnham 26 Penny Sue Bingham 40,105 Jerrel Burns 105 Judith E. Burns 33 Karla Kay Burns 30,35,40,105 Judith Ann Burton 105 Sylvia Ann Bushfield 105 Mary Josephine Bussell 105 Van Hysel Butler 30,32,38,100105 116,120 Catherine Byers 105 Juanita Byers 49 Beatrice Loretta Byroad 105 Anthony Cabbell 60,68,72 Kenneth E. Calhoune 46 Spencer Caldwell 73 Robert Adrian Callis 105 Sharon L. Calvin 43,47,56 Helen Louise Camp 105 Thomas Allen Campbell 38,105 Karen Jean Cannon 105 Michael Eugene Cantwell 105 Thomas Edgar Caplinger 105 Kathy J. Carman 43,49 Doris Kay Carr 105 John Michael Carroll 106 Cyril Earl Carter 60,72 Joan Christine Carter 105 Marvin Edgar Carter 105 Frances Audrea Caruthers 105 Marion Casey 72 William Cassidy 75 Cyrille John Catellier 105 Donna Gatlin 45 Gordon D. Caudill 26,28,30,32,38,39 Manzel Caudle 106 Larry Champion 70 Cliff Chandler 74 Barbara J. 'Cheshire 41,49 Steven J. Chestnut 44 Diane M, Childers 47 Donna Louise Childers 106 Terrie Lee Chris 35,39,40,49,106,118 Petrine Jane Christein 39,53,55,57,100 106 Martha J. Church 41,49 Phillip David Church 106 Michael Joseph Claprodt 106 Beverly A. Clark 33 Gary Lynn Clark 106 Joyce Elaine Clark 33,106 Linda Jo Clark 101,106 Louis Robert Clark 68,73 Mary F. Clark 42,100,106 Richard C. Clark 26,43,44,52,54 Ronald Stevens Clark 106 Carl Clay 73 Glinda L. Clevenger 47 Paula K. Cline 46,52,53,54 Carol Sue Coapstick 41,56 Carl David Coats 106 John Coe 73 William Colfer 106 David Coffin 44,74 Alice Fay Coleman 106 Zeporia Mae Coleman 106 Bruce Collester 26 Gary Luis Collins 106 Mary E. Collins 42 Patricia Elaine Collins 106 Diane Comer 29,130,107 William R. Conour 38,43 Asael Contreras 33 Josue Contreras 42 L. Sue Cook 27,30,40,100,107 Larry Cook 67,73 Susan Cook 27,75 William Dean Cook 107 Carla J. Cooper 33 Judy A. Copas 47 Frances Anne Copeland 107 Douglas Arnold Corbin 107 Henry Cork 73 Jack Corpuz 43 Larry Edgar Corron 60,107 Mary Elizabeth Couch 107 Suzanne Marie Couch 107 Patricia Joanne Coulter 107 Jack Richard Couse, ll 45,107 Candace R. Covert 42,47 Carol Diane Cowger 107 Alfred Lee Cox 29,33,40,44,46,107 Cary D. Cox 47,61,73 Donald Ray Cox 107 Thomas Michael Cox 107 Wilburn Glen Craft 107 Linda Sue Craig 30,40,50,102,110,123 Lisabeth Anne Cramer 107 Rita Joan Crawford 30,100,107,120 Thomas R. Creasser 26,28,44,68,74,136 Steven A. Croddy 107 James Bevin Crodian 60,107 Roberta Kay Crooke 28 Lillie Mae Cross 42 Sherry Lynn Cross 63 Clifford Curran 52,53,54 Otis Curry 66 David Cutshaw, 60,68 John Dale 107 Earnest Ray Dallman 38,49,74,107 James Donald Dalton 107 Jane Ann Dalton 107 Robert Berry Dammond 107 Shirley Kay Daniel 107 Steve Daugherty 50 Steven Charles Davenport 107 Diane Rosalie Davis 107 John Charles Davis 107 Linda S. Davis 46 Miriam Lorraine Davis 107 Patricia Ann Davis 107 William Henry Dawn 122 Frank Deal 107 Morris Dean 66 Sandra Day Deatline 107 David Alon Dehart 107 Herbert Deldine 61 John W. De Moss 60 Linda Demundrum 33 David N. Denham 30,38 Jerry Neal Dennis 107 John Derick 45 Lynn L. Detty 40 Richard Brooks Detty 38,40,49,74,100, 102,123 Stephen Lloyd Deuser 107 David S. Devine 33 Janice Marie Devine 26,33 William J. Devitt 61,68 Earl Dick 122 Steve Dicken 41 Dianne Jeannine Dickey 100,107 Herbert S. Dildine 68 Steve Dildine 73 Danny Doan 75 Jerry Dockery 67 William Thomas Donahue 107 Sharon Ann Donahue .26,28,33 William J. Donavan 38,60 Jerry Tyrone Dorsey 40,41 Edith Lcivon Doss 107 Beverly J. Dotson 107 Judith Ann Doty 48,107 Carrie Douglas 108 Charlotte Ann Dowdell 108 Martha Anna Drexlor 108 Timothy James Duggan 108 Barbara Jean Dumes 49,108 Katherine Dumes 49 Cynthia J. Duncan 49 Shelby Willard Duncan 33,108 Fredric Wallace Dunkman 42,70 George Thomas Durbin 108 Joan Lavonne Duree 108 Charles Edward Durick 108 James Richard Durick 108 Paul Joseph Dwigans 108 Anne E. Duthie 26,28,29,30,32 Ellen Eads 29,43,47,52,53,54 George Eads 29,47,52,53 Jessie Ealy 61,67,73 Johnny Ealy 60,72 Charles Eberhardt 108 Carole Edwards 40,108 George Egelhoe 61,67 Ada Eicks 108 Loyd Eldridge 49,60,68 Charles Elliott 108 Pamela Elliott 108 Larry Ellis 60 Peggy Ellis 108 Phyllis Ellis 48,108 Ralph Ellis 108 Steven Ellis 108 Raymond Englander 28,30,32,38,100, 109 Robert Engleking 109 Florence English 109 Arthur Enlow 68 Mike Ensminger 60,68 Frances Epler 109 Timothy Erne 109 Carol Esarey 47,52 Linda Evans 33,35 Erma Evans 109 Floyd Evans 60,66,72 Janny Evans 109 Raymond Evons 28,33,38,100 Sue Evans 45,49,109 Phillip Farb 109 Bennie Farmer 122 Jerry Farmer 109 Thomas Farrell 109 James Ferguson 61,67,73 Rudolph Finnell 26,28,68,109 Gary Flannery 109 Donna Flater 109 Anthony Fleener 41 Joseph Flores 44,109 Claudia Flouke 52 Cheryl Fogleman 41,46 James Fogleman 61 Janine Fogleman 49 Terry Fogleman 109 Anna Kathy Fogleson 47,52 William Fogleson 109 Carolyn Forbis 30,109 Carolyn Ford 109 James Ford 30,109 Tony Foreman 68 Jeanne Forkner 26,33 Ronald Foster 26 Francis Fox 109 Phillis Frank 109 Judy Frantzreb 44 Carolyn French 49 Betsy Freeze 109 Carolyn French 109 Clara Frisbie 43,109 Sherry Fuller 109 Michael Funke 45,109 William Funke 68,73 Richard Furgason 109 Ross Furry 67,73 Rosalie Gabbard 109 Anthony Gabbrell 60 Janice Lee Goalema 41 James Thomas 109 Michael Keith Galvon 109 Lynn Gartrell 75 Georgeann Gary 109 Donna Jean Gatlin 109 Mary S. Gaunce 41,44,46,48 Sandra E. Gaunce 41,44,46 Kenneth Odell Gearlds 45,109 Helen Margaret Geddes 109 Lana C. Geminden 49 Sandra Kay George 109 David R. Gephart 61 David Gephorst 61 Betty Carol Gilbert 109 Donald S. Gill 40 Nancy Marie Gillam 109 Barbara Gilmore 41 Pamela Ann Glenn 41 Velman Graham 60,68,69 Robert Graham 50 Karen Lou Gorman 100,110,123 Alva Dale Goshen 110 Judith Ann Goodwin 110 Milred Beatrice Gordon 49,110 Jenny Lee Goodnight 26,30,44,5 109 Linda Ann Goode 39 Ronald E. Grasshoff 60 Linda Gail Gray 110 Charlotte Ann Grebe 30,50,110 James Richard Green 110 Linda Kay Green 110 Norman Lowell Green 110 Ronnie Green 75 Caroline K. Gribben 41 Curlee Griffin 68 Earl Lee Griffin 110 Roymond Joseph Griffin 110 Jennie Ann Griffis 110 Paul David Briffis 110 Donald Dean Griffith 46,110 Wayne H. Cross 30,38,60 Stephen Grove 42 Beverly Sue Grubbs 110 Gloria Grubbs 42,110 Emily J. Guillon 28,43,55 Linda Jo Gullion 42 Donald E. Guthrie 33 7,1 John Christian Habig 30,32,46,100,102, 111,116,123 Linda Elaine Hack 110 Jerry James Hagerty 110 Cleo Hall 73,75 Sandra Jean Halton 110 Robert James Hamm 110 Barbara A. Homan 42 Barry Hammond 68 Chris L. Hammond 24,50,63 Mary Louise Hand 27 Sarah Elizabeth Hand 110 David Handy 60 James Handy 26 Ruth Marion Handy 30,32,39,40,50, 100,102,113,123 Jill D. Hansford 48 Dennis Martin Hanshew 55,56,100,102, 108,1 16,123 Deanna A. Hardy 63 Mary Sandra Hargis 33,110 Ralph Gilbert Harr 110 Jerry Harrell Jr. 64 Jim Harrell 60 Joe Harris 26 Patricia Noel Harris 111 Carolyn Sue Hartman 26 Dave C. Harvey 64 Stephen Douglas Harvey 111 Susan E. Harvey 63 Luther W. Hastings 26 Richard Hausz 43 Linda Darnell Hawkins 111 David Hawley 26,41 John Harrison Hawley 41 ,1 11 Chappell R. Hayes 28 Sidney E. Hayes 122 Sharon Hedderick 49 Barbara Joan Hedges 111 Patty Heitzman 63 Tommy Heitzman 60,72 Nora Helfferich 61,68 James E. Henderson 26,28,38,68 Joe Henderson 66 Charles David Hendrickson 52,54,111 Gerald S. Henderickson 29,44,111 Astric Pauline Henkels 44,55,56,100, 11 1 llze Erne Henkels 44,45,46,55,56,100, 1 1 1 Jim Herald 60,66 Charlotte Herrington 49 Sharon Herrington 33 Judith Hester 46 Michael Stuart Hickey 67 Richard W. Hight 52,53,54,56 Becky Hill 63 Joyce Elaine Hill 111 Lorraine Hill 27 Robert Hillman 122 Kenneth R. Hilton 43,46,56 William Hineman 74 Kristin Elizabeth Hirschler 26,111 Juanita Hirsehy 33,47 Robert A. Hirschy 43 Larry Hobson 43 Deborah Hockenbeamer 26 Donald Hockersmith 44,111 Lemore Durham Hodges 30,111 Ralph E. Hodgson 30,33 Melvin Hoetling 30 Sue Hohnke 26 Jeff Holbrook 60 Valerie Holden 40 Roger A. Holder 61,73 Jeffrey L. Hollbrook 60,72 Regina Lee Holliday 111 Peggy Ann Hollowell 48,49,100,111 Paula Jean Holmes 111 Sharon Lee Holycross 111 Sylvia Darlene Hooper 111 Mary Jean Hopping 26,28,29,30,32,35, 39,40 Jill Suzanne Horn 39,40,97,111 Ronald Horton 43 Robert Hoskins 44 Sharon Lee Hoskins 41,111 Henrietta Sue Hottenroth 30,55,56,l12 Betty A. Howard 48 Jane Howard 41 Richard Howard 68 Jody Howe 43,44 Arthur Corydon Hoyt 112 Beverly Ann Hoyt 34,35,39,40,102,111 Daniel Hoyt 66,70 Margaret Huber 28 Josie Mae Hudson 101,106,112 - Janet S. Huebner 43,44 Kenneth Hughes 33,35,38,50,68,70 Roseva Joy Hughes 54,101,112 Joyce Lynn Hull 112 Susan C. Humbarger 30,48 Robert B. Humphrey 112 Chester Humphries 49,60,112 Donna B. Hunt 28,30,33,35,39 Pamela Jeanne Hunt 30,33,35,39,43, 101,102,111 Virginia Hunt 42 David Hunter 52,53,112 Peggy S. Hupp 52,53 John Robert Huser 112 Patricia Huskisson 112 James William Hutchens 112 Kathleen Susan Huter 27,30,40,101, 102,123 Michael Hyatt 56 Barbara Ann Illy 112 Dan Charles Ireland 49,60,72,101,112 Steven lngels 53,54 Lowell Thomas Irvin 112 Veada Marie lrvin 112 Francis Inez lsham 49 Francis Inez lsham 49 Cheryl M. Jackson 33 Maxine Elizabeth Jackson 112 Suellan Jackson 47 Tyrone Jackson 75 Walter Jackson 47 Gene Raymond Jacobs 38,112 James Henry Jacobs 112 Ronald Lynn Jacobson 112 Carolyn K. James 112 Darnell J. James 26 Sondra Elaine James 28,42,43,55,57, 1 12 John Jarrett 60,72 Keith Jarvis 45 Elwood Jee 49,70,112 Robert Allen Jenkins 112 Wayne Leon Jennings 26,112 Barbara Ann Johnson 112 Carl Leonard Johnson 112 Charles B. Johnson 68 Donna Jean Johnson 49 Evelyn Ruth Johnson 112 Fred Johnson 31 Glen Johnson 66 Macky Johnson 72 Mark Alan Johnson 112 Michael W. Johnson 64 Nancy Ann Johnson 28,49 Richard Johnson 30 Ronald Johnson 60,72 Susan Lynn Johnson 28,45,112 Virgil Alva Johnson 112 Wayne Johnson 112 Beverly Jo Jones 42 Charles Edward Jones 112 Clarence Edward Jones 112 Donna Dianne Jones 112 Ernest Wayne Jones 48 Nancy Jones 30,32,1l2 Ronald Vern Jones 45,112 Dennis Jordan 61 Theodore Jordan 33 Lawerence Kaelin 112 Bob Kaiser 70 Kathleen Karol 52,54 Jerry Karr 33,35,44 Jerry Keen 68 Patricia Keller 49 Catherine Kelley 112 James Richard Kelly 112 Karen Kemper 112 Gloria Kendrick 113 Mary Kendrick 49,113 Charles Kennedy 113 Gary Kennedy 35,4O,49,6O,64,72,113 Mary Ann Kennington 39,42,45,113 Nikki Kennison 33,39,42 Steven Kerr 113 Carol Kidd 40,113 Beverly King 52 Claudia Kirby 113 Linda Kirby 29,42 Gerald Kirk 113 John Kirkbride 60,68,69 Steven Kirkbride 68 Clarence Kirkman 113 Larry Kirkman 73 Augustus Kissee 48 Donald Kitterman 113 Kenneth Kitts 30 Dana Klinck 113 Bonita Jane Knorr 26,113 Rosemary Koelling 30,101,113,120 Bob Kollmeyer 74 Suzanne Kreiger 33,42 David Kreimer 42,49,60 Karl Kreimer 42,49,113 Rosemary Kriel 113 John Kuhn 38,68,72,75 Mike Kulik 73,75 Phillip Kunkel 30,60 John Laffey 74 Ruthie Lagle 28 Becky Lainge 43 George Lane 113 Vaughn Lane 113 William Lane 42,43 Gloria Lashbrook 48 Johnathan Laswell 28,113 Ronald Lavely 47 James Law 113 Carol Lawrence 113 Robert Lawrence 114 Steven Lawrence 30,55 Eddie Leavell 61 Mitchell Ledtord 26,28 Earl Lee 33,72,75 Harold Lee 68 Sandra Lehman 114 Grant Lemons 114 Mae Lemons 114 Trudy Lenox 33,57 Carla Leonard 28,42,114 Stephen D. Leonard 44,50,57 Steven R. Leonard 33,53,54 Kay Lester 55,56 Rene Robert Lewin 24,30,31,35,38,4O, 70,101,102,108,123 Phillip Owens Levin 114 Evelyn Lewin 30,50,62 Donna A. Lewis 41 Janice L. Lewis 114 Jimmie R. Lewis 30 Nedra L. Lewis 41,42,57 Jean A. Link 49 Mike Lonpkin 47 Robert Alten Long 114 Elena L. Looper 26,42 Glee D. Looper 30,42 Edward Aloysuis Loux 114 Marilyn Yvonne Loux 45,114 Donald Martin Louvell 33,44,114 Janice E. Lucas 49 Sandra Carolyn Ludwig 114 Robert Donald Lufcy 114 Carol Jean Lykins 114 Linda Lynn Jones 114 Fred Lynch 75 Charles Lytle 44 Shirley Ann Lytle 44,100,114,123 John McAndrews 42 Mary Myrtle McAree 35,4l,42,55,56, 136 Jeffrey McAtee 26 Greg McCall, 70 Michael Wayne McCarty 26,114 Robert H. McClain 50,102,113 Dean McClary 47 Donald McClary 47 Douglas E, McCleelan 114 Victoria J. McClung 42 William H. McConnel 114 James McCormick 61 Mageline McCray 114 Charles T. McCullough 114 Jo Ann McDade 114 Marilyn K. McDonald 114 Paul D. McDowell 26,114 Jerry McGray 68 Darline McGee 49 Chester McGill 75 Bobbie R. McGraw 114 Gary McGary 68 Charles D. McKay 122 Richard McKenna 55 Lee Roy McKinney 114 Robert McKinney 73 Catherine A. McMakon 114 Bertha M. McMellin 41 Eric G. McQueen 26 Patricia Mabry 114 Dawn G. Mackey 100,114 Mary Jo Macy 114 James Madden 144 Maxine R. Madritsch 30,35,37,39,4O,55, 57,101,114,116 Constance E. Madry 114 Wendell E. Madny 60 William C. Mansfield 61 Leo Roy Marsden 114 Anthony L. Marshall 114 Arlester J. Marshall 33,43 Faith E. Marshall 28,114 Philip Marshall 67 Robert L. Marshall 114 Bernard D. Martin 30,35,38,114 Judith Martin 40,114 Reggie Ann Martin 114 Leroy Mason 73 Jerry W. Massingale 114 Tante Masters 39,40,63 Dean Russell Matheson 115 Deeann Mathis 35,47,55,57 Matt Matlik 44 David Michael Mattingly 38,115,116 Thomas T. Mattingly 67 Dortha C. May 82 Mary M. May 29,39 Ronald' Lee May 53,115 Thomas May 52,53,54 Randall Bruce Mayfield 115 Kendall Meador 29 Larry Medcalfe 35,60,66,72 Susan Meeks 52,53,54,56 Stephen Louis Meid 41 Patricia Michael 29 James Franklin Middleton 115 Stephen Keith Milloourn 115 Hermione E. Miles 52,54,56,100,115 Carole Yvonne Miller 40,115 Constance Leigh Miller 115 John Miller 42 John S. Miller 30 John T. Miller 30 Joyce E. Miller 43 Judith E. Miller 29 Karla Kay Miller 115 Marilyn S. Miller 27,28,47,97 Wayne Miller 44,48 Francis E. Mills 115 Nancy Yvonne Milton 115 Carol L. Mindach 52 Judith Joan Minnick 115 Joseph Misback 30,32,38,60 Evelyn Mitchell 43 Ruth Mitchner 115 Joseph Francis Moatz 115 Kathleen S. Moeller 39 Lauren Marie Mohler 115 Robert Leahom Mohler 115 Mary Monschein 30 Anita Marie Montaque 115 Yvonne Montaque 41 J. Edward Montgomery 33 Joyce Ellen Montgomery 44,115,123 Joyce Montgomery 40,100 Marcia Kay Montgomery 40,44 Sharon M. Montgomery 40 Deborah Jane Moody 49 Mildred Moore 33 Timothy Arthur Moore 115 Delores E. Moralez 40 Donna Morgan 40 Mary Jo Morgan 26,57 Roderick Morgan 33,38,43,60,72 Gene Wesley Morris 26 Theodore R. Morris 115 Jacqueline Sue Morrison 115 Jack L. Morton, Jr. 30,38,44 Guy Timothy Mosier 30,38,40,101,1O 110,123 Robert Mosley 73 Richard Anthony Moss 115 Stan Moss 74 Bernard P. Muffler 60,72 Nancy Elizabeth Muller 115 Phyllis Joan Mumaw 115 Darlene Mundy 115 Michael Edward Nancy 115 Kent R. Nay 33,38,42 John Dwight Neil 4O,49,60,64,65,7O 115 Kenneth C. Nelms 42 Michael Arne Nelson 115 Ronnie Wayne New 115 Susan D. Newell 28 C. Williams Newkirk 33 Connie Fay Newman 26,115 Joan Linda Newsom 45,115 Frank Edward Nichols 49,115 Elvian Nious 68 Lela Montez Noakes 115 Barbara C. Noffke 43 Sandra Louise Nugent 115 Charles Ronald Nunley 115 Carol A. Oakley 28,44 Jeffery Oliveira 42,61 James Osborne 75 Gregory Owen 40,42,44,48,115 Raymond Owen 45 Tom Owen 60 Theresa Elaine Owsley 115 Tommy L. Palmer 116 Frederick Panhorst 44 Bruce Parish 50 David Parks 60 Jimi Sue Parker 116 Gertrude Y. Parr 41 Judy A. Parrish 27 Jolie W. Patterson 41,136 William James Patterson 38,102,123 Clarence Pavey 29 Thomas Payne 68 Gene T. Payton 116 Susan Grace Pearson 39,4O,116 Steven Pedlow 56 Mary Lynn Pfeiffer 4O,45,46,52,53 Melvin Lewis Pfeiffer 30,116 Melvin Penick 50 Diana L. Pennington 41 Lila Ruth Perdue 106,116 Velvet T. Perkins 116 Nancy Ann Perry 116 Robert H. Peters 116 Sharon Kay Peterman 116 John Edward Peterson 38,39,50,116 C. Christine Petree 26,43,46 Keith Phemister 30 Carolyn S. Phillips 40 Judith R. Phillips 33 Penny L. Pickett 33,39,40,49 Rick Pierce 116 Charles Pittman 47,72,75 David L. Pittman 68 James L. Pittman 47 Marty Pitts 75 Neil Placek 67,74 Karen L. Platt 48 Doris Opal Pletcher 116 Linda L. Poland 33 John Pollock 116 J. Michael Polson 33,38 Beverly A. Polvadore 48 Karol J. Ponsler 40,42 Carole I. Poole 116 Sara Porter 46 Deana Rae Powell 116 Douglas Powell 41,43 Harold Powell 41,50,72,116 Lelen Powell 40 William Charles Pracht 50,116 Christin Preist 28,3O,32 J. Michael Presley 116 Beverly Jo Pribble 116,145 Earl Price 72 James Garison Price 117 Jesse William Price 117 Michael T. Price 66 Thomas E. Price 66 John David Pridemore 74,117 Ruth E. Pridemore 49 Steve Pridemore 75 Sandra Elaine Proffit 117 Chester Pryor 73 Larry E. Pryor 55 Sharon Kay Puckett 117 Alice Purvis 43,46 Kenneth G. Purvis 41 ,43,46 Peter V. Putelis 28,38 Daisy L. Quick 41 Larry Quinn 117 Abrenda Joyce Radford 117 Melody Ann Radziewicz 35,55,56,101, 1 17 Larry Eugene Ragsdale 117 Steven Robert Ramage 30,31,117 Randy Lynn Randal 30,44,117 Jeffery Randolph 117 Ruth I. Randolph 43 Fred Marvin Rasener 117 Gailann Rasener 117 Jay Ratliff 33 Gary Ray 26 Mary Louise Ray 117 Michael Steven Reed 30,31 ,1 17 Wayne Alan Reed 60,117 Dollie Reese 42,49 Linda K. Reeves 49 Evelyn F. Resnick 39,40,42,46,47,55,56, 57,100,1 17 Diane K. Ressinger 39,4O,47 H. Wayne Rettig 102,108 Sidney E. Reynolds 40,117 Annette Louise Rhem 49 Ronald Richards 60,72 Judith C. Richardson 47 Nancy Louise Riebe 117 Richard Riegel 48 Marcella Risk 35 Phyllis Ann Rivers 30,117 Diane J. Roberts 30 Dianna J. Roberts 47,52 Mary Roberts 52 Bertha Robertson 41 Elizabeth Neff Robertson 1 17 Jerry Robertson 29 John Robertson 30 Bertha M. Robinson 41 Charles Rodocker 30,52,53 Ronald C. Rodocker 33,52,53 Greg Roe 73 Carolyn Jessie Rogers 117 David Lee Rogers 117 ' Patsy Jean Rogers 117 Michael Roney 73 Karen Louise Safford 27,35,39,101,102, 111,113,123 Arthur Sams 49,60,72 Willie Samuel 117 Charles Sanders 60,117 Charles Sanders 60,66 Steven Sanders 60,66,72 Richard Ellis Satkamp 117 Sherry Sayles 42 Charles F. Scahill 38,117 Edwin C. Scahill 33,38 James R. Scalf 47,68 Anita Jane Scarborough 117 Dorothy Jean Schaefer 55,57,62,102,123 Jack A. Schaefer 67 Jill Schmidt 62,63 Steve Schmidt 74 Sharryl Schoeneway 33,50,63 Brenda Schoengerdt 43 Rita Kay Schoengert 43,101,104,117 Larry Joe Schoolcraft 60,117 John Schowengerdt 30,31,38,117 Linda Schowengerdt 43 Steve Schreiber 45 Evelyn Schuller 52,53,54,57 James Scott 68 John Scott 72 Leonard Scott 68 Marklin Scott 33 Ralph Scruggs 60 John Stanley Sczcysinski 118 Michael Tyrone Seagraves 118 Gerald Sears 67 Donna Seibert 26 Roger Cato Sells 118 Dorcea Senour 46 Dennis Selms 49,75 Mickey Seulean 43,74 Richard Sexson 73 David se-mn 40,49,60,64,101,118 Albert Shadday 118 Judith Joan Sharpe 118 Janice Sheetz 26,41 Robert Shelby 26,28 Connie Jean Shepperd 118 Miles Lee Shipp 118 Janice Shockley 118 Warren Kemp Shobe 60 Roger Shockley 68 Wesley Eugene Sickle 60,118 Chris Siff 75 Hans M. Sigg 28,50 Carol Simmons 26,35 Jeanette Marie Simmons 43,118 William Franklin Slaten 52 Patricia Slaughter 52 Robert L. Slaughter 118 William Hershel Slone 118 Addie E. Smith 118 Anita Louise Smith 38,62,118 Billy Smith 61,67 Eleanor Smith 35,50,62 Gerald Smith 118 Jim Smith 72 Larry Smith 118 Linda Smith 26 Lynda Hobbs 118 Lynnette Smith 118 Robert Smith 118 Timothy Smith 119 William Smith 28,30,41,52 Lorraine Snorden 41 Frederic Snow 119 Alan Snyder 47 James Soltau 42 John Soltau 30,31,119 Nancy Sorrell 119 Linda Sowders 119 James Sowder 47 Stan Sowder 68 Jonathan Spadorcia 49,64,70,102,113, 116,123 Mary Spaulding 42 Linda Steiner 119 Carolyn Stephens 119 Rose Stevens 119 Willie Mae Stevenson 119 John Steward 119 Anne Stewart 46 Edellen Stewart 119 Charlene Stinger 40 Naomi Stockton 49 Gary Earl Stone 119 Susan Storks 49 Randall Storm 119 Jackie Story 119 Garland Stovall 75 Ronald Strahl 35,37,38,56,70 John Strain 68,72 Pamela Stratton 119 Mara Strelneiks 43,44,56 George Stroke 119 Judy Strong 27 Robert Strong 50,119 Sharon Strong 119 Claude Stuart 46,47 Irvin Stuart 26 James Suddarth 55,56,119 Frederick Suez 119 Dwight Suggs 26,30,119 Paulette Suggs 43 Donald Sunnman 26,100,102,111, Victoria Sutton 27,30,34,119 Dorothy Swan 43,52,54,119 Joyce Swanner 41 Grace Marie Swift 42 James Swinford 73 Sandra Swisher 41 James Sykes 33 David Harold Syrus 119 Robert Tackenbrook 73 Janice Talbert 35,36,39,52,54 Bob Taylor 33 Beniamin Tandy 119 Jocelyn Tandy 28,29,4O Marvin Tardy 67 James Taylor 48 Robert Taylor 33 Richard W. Terry 60,119,123 Sheryl Thiesling 28,30,32 Marilyn Thiry 43,44 Alma Thomas 30,119 Betty Ann Thomas 119 Margarita S. Thomas 119 Michael Thomas 43,48,72 Billy Thompson 70 Portia Thompson 119 Rebecca Thompson 26,28,30,10 Carolyn Thomason 119 William Thompson 38,66 William Thompson 60 Linda Thorman 119 Marc Thorman 52,54 Ronald Thurman 33,122 Reuben Tipton 119 Clyde M. Tittle 41,52 Carl W. Todd 26 Patricia Todd 30 Richard L. Todd 44 Robert W. Todd 44,55 Marilyn S. Tomlin 120 Nick Tooley 120 Douglas Toole 122 Felix Townsend 72,75 Michael Trent 120 Norman Paul Tritch 120 Sandra Louis Tritch 120 Betty Trotter 49 1,104 Gloria Dale Trout 33,35,39,40,42,120 Dennis Jay Tschan 120 Lynda Turner 57 123 J. Ann Underwood 120 Nancy Jean Upton 120 Edward Vance 61,68 Bryan Van Gundy, Jr. 28 Fred Vandlandingham 120 Beverly Vaughn 28,33 Barbara Jane Vessey 120 Cheryl L. Villines 41 David Vitt 26 Roger Vitt 26 Edna Vest 27,30 Cheryl Wade 33 Donna Wade 41 Robert Wade 26 Annette E. Waerner 54,120 Stephen D. Waggoner 41 Robert Wakeland 33 Sandra Walden 120 G. Eric Waldhaus 44,46,52 Carolyn Walker 40 Henry Clay Walker 122 John Walker 120 Donald Lewis Wall 120 Sharon Wallace 42 Larry James Walters 120 Robert Steven Walters 120 David R. Waltman 67 Stephen Waltman 43 Gerry V. Walton 61 Sellie Lemuel Walton 120 Larry Lee Ward 50 Margaret Grace Warner 120 Warren Watson 72 Wilma Watson 41 Betty Watts 43 Susan Watts 28,29,44 Kathy Weatherford 43,49 Thomas Lee Weaver 38,39,49 Michael A. Weber 38,39,49 Roy E. Webster 121 Steven Webster 121 Norman Weeden 26 Barbara Wegener 136 William Wegener 41,52,53,54 Charles C. Wells 64,66 Evelyn Wells 46 Jonna Wells 33,121 Kenneth S. Wells 30,32,43,121 Ralph Arthur Wendel 68,121 Linda Mary Wenz 4O,46,121 Steve Wesherell 74 Diane Westmoreland 28,39,100,120,121 Don Wheeler 61 - Thomas Cleo Whicker 121 Barbara White 40 Chris White 49 Particia Sue White 27,102,108,123 William L. White 54 Myron Rickey Whitt 47 James Whitfield 67,73 Oliver Whitted 121 Ronald William Wieneke 121 Lana Wiggington 49 Ruth Ann Wigginton 122 Bill Wigley 41 Larry Wilker 70 William Loren Wilham 38,121 Larry Wilkerson 61 Allan K. Wilkinson 44 Billy Joe Wilkinson 121 Gloria Wilkinson 50 Doris Williams 49 Gary Williams 70 Hattie Williams 42,49 lris Williams 28,39,63 James Arthur Williams 121 Joyce Williams 49 Larry Lee Williams 121 Lewis Elia Williams 121 Particia Williams 42 Phillip Williams 122 Raymond C. Williams 122 Robert D. Williams 68 Robert M. Williams 47 Stephen Lee Williams 30,31 ,42,46,53, 102,123 Thiel Williams 49 Thomas Williams 73 Dennis R. Wilson 49,121 Jackie L. Wilson 68,73 Judy Wilson 121 Sandra K. Wilson 42 Sharon Wilson 42 Suzanne Wilson 26,28,30,41,42 Van Wilson 73 Judith Lynn Wilcel 121 Rochelle Maxine Winer 122 Ann E. Wischmeyer 52 David Wise 52,53,54 Mary Ann Wonnell 28,121 Dan Woo 73 Dorothy Wood 24,26,28,30,32,102,123 Keith Woodard 61,67,73 Larry Wayne Woodard 33,60 Maureen Woodard 100 Andrew K. Woods 121 Dorothy Woods 100,110 Rebecca Lynn Woods 121 Roachelle R. Woods 121 Randall Woodson 68 Larry Woodward 33 Jim Woolridge 122 Cheryl Ann Woolwine 121 Linda Wooten 39,4O,49 Carol Worley 47 Ronald Lee Worley 121 Spencer Worth 30,38,72 Steven Worth 75 Jan Wray 61 Denita Wright 29,30,121 Gary Wayne Wright 122 Janice Ann Wright 121 Melvin Clyde Wright 26,106,121 Nancy Wright 121 Carolyn Wuster 30,49 Fred William Wyeth 121 Joyce Ellen Yates 121 Louis Henry Yates 121 Mary Louise Yates 121 Neal Yeager 121 Henry Van Yeory 121 Ronnie Yeory 121 Elizabeth Joann Young 39,122 Jill Young 122 Ann Young 33 Curtis Young 121 Gregory Young 50 James Young 75 Jo Ann Young 39 John Young 75 Particia M. Young 122 Richard L. Young 44 Scott Allen Young 122 A Art Club ........ Art Department ........ Attendence ............. Auto-Aviation Department . . . B Baseball ...... . . Basketball ...... Biological Science ., Bookstore Staff ..... Boys' Concert Club . . Boys' Counselors ......... Boys' Octette ............. Building Trades Department .... Business Education Department C Cannon Weekly . . . . . Cannon Yearbook .... Cheerleaders ......... Chemistry-Physics Club .. Chess Club ........ Concert Band .... Concert Orchestra . . Cross Country .... D Directors ......... . . D.C.E. Club ........ Drafting Department . .. Drama-Speech Club . . . . . Electrical Department .. .. English Department . . F Financial Office . . . . . Flag Twirlers .......,..,. Football ...............,.. Foreign Language Department . . . French Club ............... Future Nurses Club ........ Future Printers Club Future Teachers Club .. .. G General Secretary ..... .. German Club ......... Girls' Athletic Association . . Girls' Concert Club .... Girls' Counselors ...... Girls' Ensemble .... Golf ............. Guidance Counselors . . . . . H Head Custodian ............... Health 8g Physical Education Dept. . History Club ....,............. Home Economics Department .... J Junior Classical League . .. .. K Key Club . . . . Subject Index ...48 . . .88 L - - .19 Lettermen's Club . .. .. ---94 Library Staff ...... Lunchroom Staff . . . . . . . . .70 M - - -64 Madrigal Singers ...... . . . - - -35 Maiorettes ......... . . . - - -l9 Mathematics Department . . . . . .33 Metal Trades Department . . . ...I7 Music Club .......... ... - - -3l Music Department . . . . . . . . . . .93 . . .eo N N.F.L. .. . . .56 0 'I I QQ Office Staff . .. .. . . . . .44 . . .41 P . . .26 I I I28 Physical Science Department ..... . . . I I I75 Policemen ............,........ ... Acting Principal, Howard L. Longshore Printing Department ............. . . .16 R . . .45 III92 Radio Club .. III5Q Records. Red Cross Club ............... Rifle Team .................... R.O.T.C. Cadet Officers 81 Sponsors . . . II I96 R.O.T.C. Color Guard ,.....,.. .. . I I I78 R.O.T.C. Instructors .... . . . S 19 S.A.O. Executive Board ...... I I I27 School Nurses ............. . .I I I I60 Senior Class Officers 81 Sponsors . . III83 Senior Council ......,..... ... IIII43 SeniorRollRooml9O........ 41 Senior Roll Room l53 UH47 Senior Roll Room 300 ... HU47 Senior Roll Room 7 ..., H' Senior Roll Room 6 .. Service Club .......... Social Service .........,. I8 Social Studies Department . . . "'43 Spanish Club ....,. ... ""49 String Ensemble ... ... . . .33 . . . I7 T I Tech Legion .. ... IIII7 Techoir Thespians . . Tennis . . . Track .. . . .20 . . .81 V . . .46 , . l I I I9O Vice Principals ... ..- W I I I I42 Wrestling . . - - - X III38 XYZ Club .. ...34 ...49 ...79 ...2l ...32 ...27 ...82 ...95 ...29 ...87 ...54 ...20 ...84 ...2O ...l3 ...9l ...55 ...l9 ...39 ...5O ...5O ...5O ...Sl ...35 ...2l ..........lO2 .........,l23 4, l05, lO6 ,1oe, lO9, iio 112,113,114 6,117,118 ,l2O l2l 122 r 1 ...l8 ,..86 ...42 ...28 ....lOO, lOl 30 l'l'f'.Q'.5a ........74 ....72, 73 ...l4, 15 ...48 ...44 Autographs 1 4 4 1 'I 3- ' ' rl ' ' ' ' f 1 pe. .l,' -YM mia fi -X Qllaf

Suggestions in the Arsenal Technical High School - Arsenal Cannon Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) collection:

Arsenal Technical High School - Arsenal Cannon Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


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Arsenal Technical High School - Arsenal Cannon Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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Arsenal Technical High School - Arsenal Cannon Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


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