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,X Hn 3 7a v 'P I1 presenting P- G T THS 62 63 , 'Q 'fa .-Q..-4 An Qutstanding Production In Three Colorful Acts h A I ..... . . . Ac ll ....... .. .. A lll ......... .. ..... .. Curtain Call ....... . . OurAngels ...... Cast of Characters . . . . . . . THE ARSENAL CANNCDN Arsenal Technical High School Indianapolis, Indiana l s. 9' 'TX 4 - I at-' -, Q. 2 .YQ V... PfTfl" A '-q.'.arf -fl, ' v-s A it-M A -Y""'Jl"' A A ' "' 'tr -'Q-1 1 ima! - f- 54, .-1. t av- 50- "' , " 'A 5 1' G , ph X dart- ' HXHLU cj UXU-ig SA fS ALAN un 111.5 ' an A X 118 Wg HEY V-M' E5 7- .N qi J L Ljk, 4 2 427, ,lx Xie ZUPPCU fda. ! EQ DICK mm orxei O Mfffw if "All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players . . ." This corner ot the "stage" is Tech. Here future "actors and actresses" prepare for the roles they will play in tomorrow's world. At Tech, many "props" aid the young "actor." The newest equipment, the latest textbooks and audio-visual aids . . . all contribute to the rewards received by everyone who par- ticipates in the Tech way of life. Directing the performance of these thespians in both classes mx f I .,' . I W ,--" 4 l i l l l 'T ,Q 4-141- .-ff X Q3 ,, A 0 4- ' , r' 51 1 lk .Ur .sl , J! 'fn A -I .Ay .V 'I 'x KA 4 .5 I ,,. V' 4.5 ' 5 A, s 1--' 2' .'?- ""r - I 3- -',..- "'."7- rg' s, 'K--ivy., , h . in -S J-. f ij 41 -.Tl I' IQ? ",-5' , Q-.1 -.' -. "xv:-.s - .f. "- :4."k,-". Slxxll !-'f4.""'A, .- rl 5' 'Q ' .- 4- fl -5- fx: .' 9 :gill td, .. 4 ng'- J 1 i X I Fl 'I ,..-1 5 -will QW- 4 AE' EE Fliii, cQl 5 'iii and clubs are more than three hundred able teachers and administrators. The Tech student has no trouble finding social and extra-curricular functions to fill his spare time, there is always a club meeting to go to, a dance, a game . . . he need not have an idle moment. Indeed, at Tech one is of- fered much more than intellectual training. Tech is a "stage" on which many young "actors" gain the experiences that will help them to grow in character and personality as well as in scholastic ability. There is still another phase of life on our campus, Tech spirit. As large and sprawling as Tech is, it manages to provide a friendly, 4' 'Ji jg ,, . wr "sJ' fl- 5 ,A ll . gtg I ,f-1 Q- '.v are ,fi 5115. i , X A -Q .-X! f I me xx- -4 relaxed atmosphere. The Tech student feels that he is respected as an individual, yet ac- cepted as an important part of the whole. One feels as if he were part ofa family 4,500 strong. The opportunities to develop close and lasting ,friendships with fellow students, teachers, and campus personnel are endless. 'blow' wwwm'-u if I l ,.---.. ...Q-umm I , , 1 ,ab ...T 5 V - - T'-ul In ,S,,k --N- xl? fw QR. , 2 - is sc XL. The cliche "many things to many people"' could apply to no other school as it applies to Tech. Tech is a pair of feet, clad in bobby- sox, wending their way through lunch line, a weary student leaving school at the end of the day, a crowded locker area, the con- tents of a girl's purse scattered before her, a freshman's awe at his first view of his new school. Tech is a "stage," a counselor, an instructor, and, to many, a second home . . . but most of all, Tech is a friend . . . a friend that we will forever be grateful to have known during the best four years of our youth. 555 i , " V, . Y:--'-::'.:.. .M . 5 2 AX 9 ?-1 1 A- : fi . ' r fy ny 'oi' ' 'i LF "'nI'T'l Q . I :- Is . "-v'5..,. fi it' .4- f :I . I I ,II 6 2, Q.. ' 4- - Q w- ,, ' -- '--- -,. , - - :- -, II .MN . , - ,I-.I N S.. 5 I I ,QYI I S. , ,, f Y' "- ' - u: -, . wqxi X 1 . .-"-- f - , Q MH'- - A ' --M.- 4-14- .- . 'Q XL., . "S-F' 4-fx' -1 1- - -.1'Z.-s, X - ' - ' '1 .f , 'A'-"?73"i,I, ' f' 'E-E-Q. - -. 2:12,-.T ?--I - ..,,I I Y V A f I ' ol" Y Y 5 - I , , - 0 0 ' k'I.f...jg, ' ,I ' --.J I I I , 5 ' ' ' . f V ,-ff . HRM-H-H . I I III II: I I -..., I Q -I r- 1' ,,,.,g,-, .III I II ' " -Q-. .f rig, IMI- 'Iff-' J' , ," II 1 'Q I 'JI.., -ji j,--. . dd "" v' w . 1 Ir? - ' v "' X . l1"f,'-f ' - N , ' "-Ez-l-n ' , ' 595:-. : -"' V .13 .:, -' 'Y I I 1 4- 3 '.. .. .1 ,III " I ' ' -v-Q if-7':"'f g.-V ' v - I U- '. ,-A ' -i-- 1 . - I'- ,4.' f IQ 13- 7 ' J 1 ,H ,fri ff 2 . I, g A I nf .Q yu 5'Lg.fIf v x ', .. I 4 '. -' -f 1 Q 3IfI 3 'gf' 2 f ua I IN QQ-I -- f-I'.",I'ig.' -- rj . I- 'YI 1- f g k+ I ' -11 I :Ig .. 'o-'.Nf4II-'-.,-'f-,I 7 ' I -1 A f. 1 , I: . ms -. My I 1-'22,-. -:'1f':.g4,f. I. . I5I I-I I III 9II,:..,. 5 II I 5-A. I A gms., If-1 gE'II:,515g,:.g,I?Igg ' - .4 I' .' ?M : . ' .1'-", ' V: -f P - """P.1 1 I L II 'ij"I+rIz-1 . A43 ' ' - f -H pr-..-J,-1 ' ' ' 1 F ' ,J 1- -2? - 0514 fq.?L5'fT pdf.. ,fm-.fv..q -- . .-1 '13,--. .-.z I " + :F 4 .gf 01, -gfnifl - '3 . .- 9 :fr I,. : I. ' ' QC' 2-.2-,' v . -1-4 ...' ' ' ' '--v yu- fu f" 'A 3" ff f 4 - -1' f' 5 ff- . , --- -- .. wr.-f.1'.--' . 1 1' 13 , A ' .vf'w':,! , 4 1 ' 2.4 A , ' 1- I.: - f .. ' AI .' ' ,""- Q- ." ,-' .. I , , . . I- v 4 .151 gf' L.-f' ' ' 'fi T ,i11.3'f.44x.1 fi: f A " Di Q' 'ff' . ' A .lifvr ei 1 1 g 7. ' - Hrpg L74-2121 - rv f- X EI - . r: - 4 ,H -- - "E , -3 Q33 . ' I X- . - . ' -".uL'. fi 'L' 3Z,' 'G .w ' ' yf.'.'if:y'2iJ,.:' I ,. . IA I: .. . I J ff' I I 153-.5 M.. -. .. ,, ., rJ,,III IIIIIIII, ', 4 x , "" 1' ' ,',"I- I:-. r f 'I I' I ' T - -- -,,. 03, fI5'.,' ."' .Q-E . . -. I, .4 . ..,, , 'II ...I ,f1.. .. .,- 1 - ..I-In -I ,. . r..,.: -,,, '- . I ' ,I II',, - -..-I - -:f.f " ff' .- ' 'Ia Fflg. " . ii-'11 f 2 ' - 1 ii -wp.. V . . X- ' . - . '- --.:-.--, - If ,. 1, 1 . . f . ' - f Q f , ,L ' - ' . -, ' , -,tr-jj-' 1 4'- rg ' : I . -r-r7,II P 1 'f -IL'-I+ , ' " . :'.-: fy 2 rjf ' t 4 . 4 I r 11173 Ipff-,-. . II I . I. II I I I I -II . I I . I.,,II . I, I III.7,,IIII - I, , ' ' - -f- f- I I I :. -- gg '. .7 - I 4.4.4 -,I-tu,-f., - ' - v , x . -'H' '. J' 7' I , N ' ' 3 ' Y --H .1 --.f."'3:.':'?V-ff f f , 'K ' 1. 'I . 1 . I I . ,:.f,x." .f-L I.- v 0 - X5 , -. - , + , f 'AI' F,- hh! . 1 F. "' ' ' "' " fi- 'L JQTA5 " 2 ' T J.:'if'f-,', " ' ' . '-" K.. ' --Lf Z: -17? IIT -6.1 V-'N ' . 5 'T QI-4.fv,I'5'.!-'EJ-Q.: . ,. .- . . - . 1- z.. 1 . I ,-.' -:'1,4 2 -. , .- . ff ' .21 - 1 'L ' gg:-.'... .- Wg. 1:11, .g,.fi' ' ' - I- I II: 'LI'1 I '-c- : '. 11-f.I.Ivfs-,I I.-31 I., -If, L.. . I 'I I I ' I If I, , L , . 4 .I I I ,, II I, v. . I-IIIII-,ikfkg 'ij-'.. 1 -.,,. - a.,,I I.'ff'2. 4J:IIf5gr'-.:I','I:1 .I :I If II- 1- . I U I I I -fI -qII1:'f:I:I.f1I .5-,3I'IgIII:Ly:TI?:Ir,g,1 .ml f -M 'L-I s-II45I,yI.II:vE:9-,I,g?:-'III :JI.:I,a1,:I4IIIIzl.:IgIzf.III ' - f. M" . R., . -jf ., .:-- 'f ,' 1- JA -wyyjg ...f-L.. qr ,,. .I .41 .,-if j'4-'Je'-T' ,.'-f. , ' - ' 1, ' 5? ".1I .' I f. -5. -12, f ' Y. 'Y "" j Vg. .. iff! If 'I' I-M A - . I , "' ,,, -v 'g'Zuf4LL1u.fDf '-1-. ., , ?,.'I1- " ' :'fff5f,? I Ij.ff.:i'f' U I ' . I I .. ' .-.1 f II -I, f- , ,,.,,d.u-3:-,K 'Q '-wr-JJ'-. , -'. 'Pr '--u 1. -I v, . ' - - JS - ' I -- "" C-5 f7?l.'L" Y wf- J: -ff' '-+':t3,.: 'E -'Mfg-' 'Url I , II QI I f .I Is I . f 11: if ?7.IytgI.-:IgiI.:I.: -I 3-1 -Img III: IjI2.Ji:I.II,I,I.,I 15,32 , , ' I I ' . .-,..---I I-H I1 ' L.: -T . -1 . I -., ,J .I 'If '4- L n , " ' A "SI f .L "' OF 'f F-'5 ?"4f,?f" 1' " 1'-viz?-ti"-x'. -- 4' H -no 'Tiff'-A7 ' -' -' .I J - f 1-' 7 J' ,.-'P 1 ff.z""4 X-'r - '- ,Zz-2 . '-s'-L ' f'f'.'J':- nu- . ' . ' f ' ' 'IL iffy.. 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'1-t:.',.'.-- . 1-. -c--. ,-- '1 inf '-r- v ff- ' ' L,',.f""' 1- ' -'ff-"' ' '- ' "f- 1" .41-114 -A I. . - 1" ij, "1-.7 ."' -1 "-nh' -A f" , '.,.. I 1.-r -, - . -, mu- fi uf ., .. ---, .- , ,. -. . ,mf -.1 , .c. ,.,'-IM., - ., . Q. nl , . ... IMI .. 3, ...I If ,-v- .. - . I .,.- ,I . M, ,9. - I4,-' ,1.',,- w I f, . " ' I I if 'ffff -II-dj,-:I A Q 3, ,I 7- gg -374.f'g w -I - . , 4-- .-J-f"v II f:I-I 'I '1 I . . Inf' ' . I.,,,,g ' 7' -f .I . .' 'FP7 " ,'- . "' - , -'J Ly .L - ,P-,,, - .. . "Q f U"j"f,f-,ff ff-,I-"'1..f' ':"4"'? , , . ""Z-- . ,.. V J- -gm... .1-.IL ,L . I,-II: , - ., f - .. -e,. A . . , - ...Jv- ,,u ' . I '- ' II "' 4l'f,I- J .7,-.'7.-v r ' , I -. .- - 'v ' JC! J", IIG Q,-":-" 1' ., 1,7 ',:,f.,-,QI- '-I., j' .J. . ,. 1' N ,f-"-:.,J-' f' L.,4l' ' " .4 rg "'jf'-',-,'f.' ' '-I-4 3 J -. - fl - -:V-, ---' - ' - ,. 1" '-3.f'1'Q.f"-nf"-K A- . - LT - 4'7-A-f-Sf -:".' I ' . ,-' -9" 5 - aff, ff, ,ffl 4' . I '. , I 'AI I I-,l.. Ir-,-W .I I I. , QQ J -1 , I--I,I.IfJ II, .'1II,,,--.II - ' .--V. '-V, f I A ' Q " -jf' ' 1 -. -.-"-- ',.7-.I I f' , J:-.jf . ' I-VI - 'IL3 . "QL " ' I " II Ig.f -i:'i' 1" I. ,L1'I." '14 ' f ' ,- A . -1 I -'fx-.- ff". .J .'. . ' . - l1A,f-'.'- s ,,,.I.r.f-y.- ., , mf' ' . .- . ' A "' . I I -f,fI-I 1 fI-- I,I III I 1 I ... - I ,III,,,.,, .. ... ....-If, ,.,II,-III'fI . -J'-. ' . I II , . II I II I 'II I' I.. -fr f . L-ff" . . I . "'-Lf -" .,,f-9-"H I , I, I I., , , - - , . , . I I, , , I I -v,- . 1 1 I - -I I ,,..-- , - ' ' I ' I,.,-.,-1" -' ,. "' ' ' ' II I. I Q-av' 4- -,.g.-k " I -I ...- -'s..w:.. ...pu-" -9 ' ,,.,- IIL. .. - .... . .-- ,,- ,Q.-- ' ,.-f -:""" -f'Tf 1 .N xy. f gfi?'f""' y'n Jv- hfkf M " 'A ...+V 5 ...Y-. 41 NM N ' wzasaiu 'eww ex ix:-' 5 -' ,A"x ii w, 7 if ,. In 1 ..I3,. A f , .v '-'45 , X 4, - ' ,'k1,. x ,gf ,.u QW! ' Y .1 N w .J ' 1 X .I . ' ' V, 4 'I' 1 Nw- - .QMMQ 4Am'f1'!7. 'wh-w. , 4 f Fir f' , ,X .J - I . ' L 3 L J'y -. 'j I 5 f H . , 1 f - 4+ --A:-.., 111,3- , fi A-V1-.,'v 4 ff, A P ' VL- W 'I - , .A M . - sq.. , , -"aw ' Q.. . -'V XA M 'ai . My 1 . ,. . H 1' .371--i:1Q',A X x X , -up-, fi 1 Q ff 4,4 -z'-f C J The Arsenal Stuart Hall The Barn Walk Morgan Hall The Arsenal For fifty-one years, Tech's campus has provided a beautiful setting in which the "stars" of tomorrow's drama "rehearse," In the fall, the multi-colored curtain of autumn leaves parts to reveal the campus once again ready for the bustling activity of young minds at work and play. In the winter, the winding walks and open landscaping adopt an almost comic face as students hurry along snow-covered walks between classes. And in spring, the campus in bloom furnishes a romantically wistful background for the an- nual exit of Tech's leading players. This is our campus, the stage on which we proudly present "ATHS: 62-63." .,f The Arsenal 3 I J' v in P Stuart Hall The West Residence The Main A' Qi,Hw,'c'.-H at 'rhS:v..8X R: tx w 6 . .,'- . . . J, , fr if K he ,. ,X D + ' '. ",Fn- 1 .?f'x 1 R xl i Vp -.' 3 Act One, Fall, begins with an overture of thousands of feet tramping through crisp piles of autumn leaves. Early in September, Tech- ites leave their summer diversions and relaxa- tion to return to a busy schedule of classes, homework, and lOth hour meetings. They come back, refreshed, to their campus, a campus that abounds in historic significance and character building traditions, to a cam- pus that has served the purposes of educa- tion for a half century. 'f 1 ., - 'll' f lc if sl f I X X56 f Q LV 'QQJ-I2-7 -1 x 'fr ,. i J N gg , r y 1 S Cecil L. McClintock fl" "Mr. MCC." Presides Over Tech The one person most responsible for the dynamic development of Tech in the past few years has been Mr. Cecil L. McClintock, our principal. His energetic en- thusiasm in campus affairs has increased the whole- hearted enthusiasm of the entire student body. Mr. C., Mr. Mac, or Mr. C. L. - he is affectionately known by all three-has a happy smile and a cheerful word for everyone he meets on campus. Once Mr. McClintock has met a person, he can usually remember the person's name when they meet again. Mr. McClintock came to Tech in September of 1925 as a math teacher. A few years later, in 1938, he be- came one of our vice principals. In all of Tech's fifty years, we have had only four principals. They were Milo H. Stuart from September, 1912, to December, 1930, DeWitt S. Morgan, from December, 1930, to August, 1937, Hanson H. Anderson, from August, 1937, to June, 1958, and finally, Cecil L. McClintock, from July, 1958, to the present time. Although the duties of the principaI's office are sometimes difficult, Mr. McClintock handles them with characteristic good humor. Our principal takes a very sincere interest in Tech and can be found at nearly every school function on and off campus. He can be seen in the Principal's Box at every assembly. He attends countless teas, conferences, and luncheons, entertains special guests on campus, and during Freshmen Orientation in Stuart Hall, he welcomes the new freshmen to Tech. Both Mr. and Mrs. Mc- Clintock are usually at the games cheering for the team and talking with the students. Arsenal Technical High School is fortunate in that it has a very cordial and competent principal in command. Fred N. Reeder Ably assisting Mr. McClintock in the management and supervision of Tech are our five vice principals. Warren F. Haas is in charge of adult education on the campus, his domain is the night school office on the basement level of the Arsenal. He is perhaps a less familiar person to daytime Techites than the other four vice principals who are assigned to the main office. ln addition to counseling boys, Herman T. Hinshaw oversees safety and traffic matters and student activities. Odus Landreth also serves as a boys' counselor, attendance and assignment of stu- dent teachers are two other areas which come under his jurisdiction. Finances are Howard Longshore's special province. He also has charge of buildings and grounds. Because he has the responsibility of programming classes, Fred N. Reeder may be the best known to students. Sponsor room and cur- riculum planning are also included in his duties. Infinite patience and understanding are necessary qualities for a Tech vice principal, and these five are well endowed. Late hours, shortened vacations, and plain hard work typify the vice principals' duties. -, l S Howard Longshore I r l . Herman T. Hinshaw Odus A. Landreth 2 it .W J gl ei.""""' S Warren F. Haas if jf If 'Id , - -11 ...,,. ' 1 Q X i I vi- , r i S Nine Directors Guide Progress 21' lthel Shoemaker Director of Shops, Buildings, and Grounds Kenneth Puckett Director of Special Education 'YP ' Fi: Z' leon Maurer Director of DCE me , 1-gy, r-'U' 6 G. Kenneth Barr Audio Visual Director We have nine directors on our campus in charge of the many different divisions and departments involved in coordinating activities of a school the size of Tech. The Guidance Division gives placement and college en- trance tests and counsels with students about scholastic problems. The Audio-Visual Department maintains the public address and film projection systems furnished by the school. Our Athletic Department sponsors all the home and visiting sports. Many people fail to realize that Tech has on campus a free employment agency for students and alumni. This service is provided through the office of the Employment Coordinator. While the stu- dent is still in school, on-the-job training is made availa- ble by the Diversified Cooperative Education Program. Pupils who are not in ordinary learning classifications are entered in the Special Education Division. All of our buildings and campus are maintained by the Shops, Buildings and Grounds Department. The Program Produc- tion Department assists in producing all-school plays, as- semblies, and special entertainment. Its main contribution is the annual Sketchbook. Tech's school paper and the yearbook are the work of the Publications Division. -'--. i. Q11 A if t Q 4, .ri 1 GUIDANCE COUNSELORS-Wallace Potter, Floyd Tobrocke BOYS' COUNSELORS-Ernest Medcalfe, Mahlon Corlock Guidance Program ppeal To Students 9 A GQ- GIRLS' COUNSELORS-Front Row: Mrs. Ethel Mclntosh, Mrs. Lillian Brandes. Row 2: Mrs. Barbara Dearing, Mrs. Louise McCormick, Sharon Parrett, Mrs. Dorothy Stout. Our counselors at Tech direct us toward goals in our personal and school lives. Sometimes the guidance is in our choosing of high school courses, sometimes it is in planning for adult careers. Or this help may come in the form of advice about taking a part-time job, stay- ing in school, or working out personality problems. What- ever the particular need for assistance, Tech students know that there is someone to turn to who is sincerely interested and ready to look for a solution. Testing is a part of guidance, Kuder tests, reading tests, college aptitude and placement tests are only a few of those administered by trained guidance counselors. Mrs. Martha Turpin, Tech's dean of girls, and the girls' counselors are headquartered in the Student Center in the Main, while the boys' dean, Donald Daily, and the boys' counselors have their office in the Arsenal. The guidance counselors are based in the opposite wing on the first floor of the old Arsenal. DEAN OF 5oy5-D,m,ld Daily DEAN OF GIRLS-Mrs. Martha Turpin 9:-WV ' lvl' CF. ,YI 9 I r I 7 M! Tw 1.-...,,. SOCIAL SERVICE-Marjorie Lawson, Ruth Dunmeyer, Mrs. Evelyn Kennedy No matter how able a school administration is, someone is needed to take orders and do detail work. This is the specialty of the office staff. They have proved themselves many times by being able to handle with calmness and good humor any problem or emergency that presents itself. In their busy schedule from 8:00 until 4:30 and be- yond, our office assistants are hard at work helping to keep Tech High School in A-plus order. The center of most of this important activity is the Arsenal office where mat- ters of administration, guidance, finance, attendance, school records, curriculum, and building and campus maintenance are conducted. Here are the people who perform a thousand and one duties that affect a Techite's life, from issuing lockers and typing the daily bulletin to readmitting a student to class and giving campus directions to a confused messenger. They dispense assistance, advice, counsel, encour- agement, and often a sympathetic ear to everyone who comes in contact with them, from the principal to the newest freshman. il . All GENERAL SECRETARY-Norma Rodewald GUIDANCE CLERK-Louisa Steeg ,z Office Staff Is At Center Cf Tech Life RECORDS-Mrs Virsinia Covble. Mrs. swircnsono-Mrs. Ann Loyal ATTENDANCE-Mrs. Rita rum, Mrs Ruth Hermanda Metzger Smith 1 X . V J. I.: aw i .I ,fx 4 . i . 5 'Y- Q ef 1, Y X -. , gg, A . v 'JJ' . 'I l 1 K n I ' 1 -is A li EVENING SCHOOL STAFF Mrs Eleanor Ogle Mrs Mary Hoffman, Mrs. Mary 0 1 xx EL Juv 1uc40"""'-f ,,,,,,,, Q nk ,W Nj , OFFICE STAFF-Kaye Phelps, Mrs. Edna Ayres, Mrs. Ruth Berryman, Mrs. Gloria Robbins, Mrs. Florence Cox, Mrs. Rosalie Yarnell, Mrs. Dorothy Armel, Mrs. Helen Cloud r 8 1 u 1 HEAD CUSTODIAN-E. C. Hamillon FINANCIAL OFFICE-Mrs. Fannie Fowler, Patricia liliell 68- I.. 9 FF t,- LUNCHROOM STAFF--Front Row: Elsie Roberts, Mrs. Goldie Duffy, Florence Jaus, Mrs. Jessie Elliott, Mrs. Helen Schroder, Cora Minor. Row 2: Mrs. Frieda Jones, Mrs. Christine Still, Mrs. Osa Moser, Mrs. Genevieve Haigerty, Mrs. Lola Klein, Ruth Orr, Mrs. Rosa Stelting, Marie Sutton, Mrs. Alice Sztele- blak, Mrs. Kathleen Woolsey, Mrs. Laura Merrill. Row 3: Mrs. Lorena Todd, Mrs. Margaret Garrison, Hazel Hirth, Mrs. Lillian Klier, Ethel Kreis, Mrs. Florence Hynes, Mrs. Esta Parsley, Mrs. Sarah Montgomery, Nila Crawley, Mrs. Ethel Pitts, Mrs. Susie Rost, Mrs. Gladys Grigsby, Laura Wittenbrock. Row 4: Opal Sterrett, Mrs. Helen Karnes, Mrs. Thelma Garner, Mrs. llma Gillaspy, Mrs. Elise Sigg, Mrs. Mae Starkey, Martha Zapfe, Fred Crisler, Mrs. Irene Steagall, Mrs. lrene Taylor, Mrs. Mae Reever, Gladys Thompson, Mrs. Angie Clearwater. Special Aides Work Behind The Scene r i 'S Mrs. Margaret Sifferlen Arthur Cook The non-teaching personnel on campus also con- tribute to making Tech what it is today, one of the most unique high schools in the country. The credit for the cleanliness of the halls and class- rooms goes to our maintenance staff that takes so much pride in keeping the buildings in top condition. The maintenance staff also manages to keep our campus in very good order in spite of student interference. In the fall, custodians clean the leaves off the walks and lawn. When winter comes, they keep the old home fires going in the furnaces. The spring and summer sunshine also gives them work because it seems that the grass always needs cutting. During our annual clean-up campaign, they are always on hand to help the students. Every day from the fourth hour to the seventh, vis- itors can hear the shouts of students who are hurrying out of buildings and across campus to have lunch in Tech's cafeteria. The cafeteria staff works diligently every day to feed the ever-growing appetites of the stu- dents. Menus are no trouble to a staff that knows what the students and teachers enjoy and appreciate. Diane McCallie ax 1 -fe. 15" x .:-' 1 Mardi Clubs Combine Fun nd Knowledge X VJ . J. 'N . 1 it C' f N- " .. k .I 1. 'M , V ' ' . u " 'Pin V- , 1. Piqua vgr -13.9 S.A.O. Executive Board Future Nurses Club ogfifwq ,R ' islm il' Key Club l.' v v , ' : IJ, f X . Service Club uw 'A343AXx . S X - YPT X 23 S.A.O. EXECUTIVE BOARD-Front Row: Margaret Bennet, rec. sec.: William Swan, sgt-at-arms: Diane Mathews, corres. sec.: Stephen Hyatt, pres.: Carol Furry, v. pres., Sharon Marin, parl.: Charles Beavin, treas. Row 2: Maxine Madritsch, Melody Radziewicz, larry Champion, Sandra Ohne, Kenneth Hughes, Karen Safford, Terri Chris, Deeann Mathis, Pamela Hunt, Beverly The governing body of our school is the STUDENT AFFAIRS ORGANIZATION. Representatives are chosen, interviewed, and then voted on by each class-freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior. They meet in the Student Center located on the first. floor of the Treadwell Hall. The busy, hustling noises brought about X-hour, Friday mornings, is the S.A.O. at work planning new and dif- ferent activities for Techites. It is one of the busiest, if not the busiest, organizations at Tech. The many productions which S.A.O. oversees each year prove to the school of- ficials that students are capable and dependable. Among the all-school events which they sponsor are: Junior Prom, booths for the Mardi Gras, the Harvest Moon Ball, and Yard Parks cleanup campaign. KEY CLUB-Front Row: Melvyn Pfeiffer, Roy Rossell, Daniel Bacon, David Mead, Mike Wischmeyer, Clifford Chandler, Mike Hyatt, Bill Eltzroth, larry Champion, treas.: Dave Pittman. Row 2: Steve Belding, Joe Wycoff, Jack W. Robertson, Joseph M. Long, Richard Detty, Wm. James Patterson, Raymond Englander, P. Douglas Bacon, Kim B. Phemister, Billie Mitchell, William Swan, pres. Row 3: Leo Hodges, Calvert Jared, Dennis Murray, Charles Bea- Reinken, Joseph Long. Row 3: Gene A. Jacobs, Mark D. Hopping, Rene Lewin, John Baker, William Kruger, Paris Goodrum, Kenneth Eggert, JoAnn Brady, Sandra Baker. Not pictured: Ronald Strahl, Marcella Risk, Jim Evans, and Mrs. Martha Turpin, sponsor. One of the most widely-organized and well-known clubs around Tech is the KEY CLUB. This is an organiza- tion in which boys are invited to membership on the basis of citizenship, scholastic ability, and participation in extra-curricular activities. They, too, call their meetings in the Student Center every Thursday morning. The Key Club sponsors the half-time ceremonies of the Home- coming Game, including the crowning of the queen, club members also serve as ushers at such important school functions as Senior Convocation and Vespers and sell re- freshments at various campus events. Key Club also sponsors the Turnkey Dance, a turn-about dance in which girls ask boys and compete to make the most unusual corsage for their dates. vin, sec.: Gene R. Jacobs, Jerry M. George, Mark D. Hopping, Stanley Moss, Michael Harvey, sgt-at-arms: Ron Strahl, William Wilham. Row 4: Paul W. Everman, Steve Hyatt, Jim Campbell, Kenneth Eggert, Robert Meister, H. M. Pittman, Wayne Gross, Vaino Aiango, Randy Burns, parl.p Paris Goodrum, Kenny Lewin. Mr. Carlock lRow 21 is sponsor. RED CROSS CLUB-Front Row: Diane Mathews, pres., Anna Miller Karen Safford, rec. sec., Maxine Madritsch, corr. sec., Margaret Bennett, v. pres.: Mary Hopping. Row 2: Susan Pearson, Evelyn Resnick, Beve Hoyt, Donna Anderson, JoAnn Brady, Gloria Trout, Petrine Christein. RED CROSS is a club for all students who are interested in helping and developing the community. The club sends gift packages to people known to be in need of assistance. It also sponsors the overseas chest annually which provides help to poverty-stricken and emergency areas of the world. Our Red Cross Club is affiliated with the national Red Cross which does so much for the people of America and the rest of the world in times of emergen- cy. The Red Cross Club gives parties and gifts for many unfortunate children. rly . 1 H , g' f' Row 3: Mary Evans, Donna Hunt, Wanda Kerr, Nikki Kennison, Kathy Moeller, Mary McGee, Jocelyn Tandy, Martha Allen. Row 4: Theresa Veerkamp, Penny Pickett, Ruth Handy, Sharon Grogan, Patricia Carmichael, Linda Wooten. Row 5: Mrs. Dearing, sponsor. Tech's Y-TEENS CLUB is affiliated with the Young Women's Christian Association. its purpose is to teach young women the meaning of religious understanding, companionship, and cooperation. The club sponsors many recreational activities at the downtown Y. W. C, A. Dur- ing the year, members have dances, parties, hayrides, slumber parties, plus other enioyable activities for all the high school Y-Teen clubs. The Red Cross Club and the Y-Teens Club are certainly two of the most active or- ganizations on campus. Y-TEENS-Front Row: Sandra Arterburn, sec., Aina Zils, pres., Linda DeHay, Deborah Barnett, Rosemary Mahone, Pearl Bond. Row 5: Joyce Miller, v. pres. Row 2: Helen Montgomery, Patricia Slaughter, JoAnn Porter, Ethel Jocelyn Tandy, Judith Miller. Miss Bowman lRow ll is sponsor. Burke. Row 3: Jerry Burke, Joyce C. Clark, Jamillia Hannon. Row 4: ' Q- 26 Yx 1? ti' vc 5-3 if 'T' C7 Q-7 5 -gr 1:17 S' l B SERVICE CLUB-Front Row: Susan Pearson, treas.p Maxine Madritsch, rec. Judith Bell, Diane Comer, Penny Burnham. Row 3: Frances Guenther, Jill sec., Margaret Bennett, pres., Rose Simion, v. pres., Beverly Reinken, corr. Horn, Beverly Hoyt, Miss lucas, sponsor. sec., Melody Radziewicz, pub. chrmn. Row 2: Mary Hopping, Linda Craig, Many students who are active in school service as highlights the school's social events in December. With the guards and messengers form the SERVICE CLUB, Tech's S.A.O. and Red Cross, Service Club hosts a traditional largest organization. Meeting twice a month in the Stu- Valentine's Day tea for the faculty. As a means of giving dent Center, members work out the ideas, plans, and de- service outside school, they fill two bountiful Thanks- tails of their annual projects. Through the Freshmen giving food baskets for needy families in the Indianapo- Orientation Program at the beginning of each semester, lis area. they formally welcome and introduce freshmen to Ar- Turning their time and effort into service, club mem- senal Technical High School. This fall the club sold white bers continually strive to promote efficiency in their work, chrysanthemum corsages for Homecoming celebration. to further good fellowship, and to create a better and Another project, the popular White Christmas Dance, more cooperative school spirit. SERVICE CLUB-Front Row: Sheila Armstrong, Donna Anderson, Lucinda Wye. Row 3: Peggy Albright, Betty Bell, Geraldine Jacobs, Sandra Baker, Albertson, Barbara Rosenkrans, Evelyn Resnick, Melvin Barr. Row 2: linda Wenz. Jocelyn Tandy, Melanni Himes, Loretta Backus, Nancy Ayres, Sharon Van- -'W 1+ 3 G if 96 0 '. Q ' l l W! 7 GMT Q -'T Ala THE Q A .. .r 'Qty l f ., RADIO CLUB-Front Row: Douglas W. Knight, pres.-- sor-W9POF, Tommy Palmer, Andrew Woods-WN9DRP, K9WSFp S te ve n Seals, v. pres.-chief operator- lawrence Edward Allen, Richard L. McKenna, WN9FUD, WA9CLQ, Danny Auble, sgt-at-arms-WN9FQP, Asael James Durham, Eddie Huggler. Contreras, sec.-WN9EMZ. Row 2: Mr. Bramblett, spon- The RADIO CLUB opens a wider world to its mem- bers through broadcasting. Licensed as an amateur radio station under the call letters W9FHQ, the club operates by governmental rules and procedure. Through a basic training in Morse code and radio theory, the club assists pupils interested in amateur radio to obtain their own licenses. Members must be licensed "ham" operators in order to work with the transmitting equipment. Club meetings, which are held in the Ham Shack, give mem- bers a chance to gain and exchange knowledge. As members of the CHESS CLUB engage in weekly competition among themselves or with other local schools, they learn and develop the fundamental skills needed to meet the mental challenge of the game. Each tournament is an opportunity to test their progress in imagination, strategy, and concentration. Like other competitive sports, chess also teaches qualities of good sportsmanship which are a part of mastering the game. Suspense takes over at lOth hour Monday meetings when boards and chess- men are put in place and the first player makes his move. CHESS CLUB-Front Row: Steve Dickens, David Hawley, Oran Watts, pres., Row 2: John Hawley, leon White, James Montgomery, Mr. Hawley, spon- Eric Waldhaus, Kenneth Purvis, Alice Purvis, Ray Whitney, Richard Elsbury. sorp Phyllis Ellis, sec.-treas., Bill Gaines, v. pres., Ronnie Jackson, Roland Hiles. f-lima-u...4, ll IB' vxfwx -04" LSZC 117+ .J-. nm 4 5 Q- Lf! ac. av! it Lb 453 -96- 'FN' 2.5 Q f .9- FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB-Front Row: Nora lee Newkirk, Melissa Mays, Susan C. Humbarger, Dorene Brown, sec.-treas., Doloris Kirkbridge, Deeann Mathis, Patricia Coe, Josie Hudson, Diane Childers. Row 2: Mrs. Stout, sponsor, Diana l. Brown, Crystal Rhodes, Annie Spencer, Judith A. Good- At their meetings, members of the FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA CLUB discuss educational theories and achievements. Future teachers are also helped by seeing movies, hearing speakers who are experienced teachers, and having panel discussions. Students who participate in cadet teaching gain valuable knowledge from actual classroom participation. These students teach at Tech and at nearby grade schools. The FTA also does some com- munity service work in hospitals. FUTURE NURSES CLUB-Front Row: Carol O'Hern, Mary Russell, pres., Ines Brewer, Martha Church, Velvet Perkins. Row 2: Kaye Towler, v.pres., Barbara Abbott, sec.-treas., Miss Blanche Williams, R.N. sponsor, Mary win, Beverly A. Daugherty, hist., Anita J. Brown, Edyth Martin, Jenny Hise Earl Kiesler. Row 3: Nancy Clark, Roselyn Toliver, Diane Mathews, pres. Shiela McAllister, Nancy Jane Taylor, Jimmie Gooch, v. pres., Catherine Nahas, Joyce Hill, Carol Vest, pub. chrmn., Marilyn Miller. The purpose of the FUTURE NURSES CLUB is to en- courage interest in professional and practical nursing and to inform members of opportunities in the field of nursing. The club takes field trips to hospitals and other places of interest to nursing. One of the club's proiects is a booth at the Mardi Gras. Another is a holly sale at Christmas time to provide funds for gifts to patients at the Marie Fred Nursing Home and a grocery basket for a needy family. McAree, scrapbook ed., Sandra Swisher, Beverly Brewer, Carolyn Weister, chaplain, Jeanette Davis. 2iii'l':sfl""ili QU, ' it liz .mf 125 '-A" A an ,IAF cz. ui ,J . r ,war --sr 2. -A-9' ff", ff vi -...qv i ,i""" ,f Royal Events Provide Magic Moments How does it feel to be a campus queen? This question may be asked by many Tech pupils, but only a few girls each year can personally experience the magic moment when a crown is laid on a queen's head. Kings are sometimes crowded out of the spotlight by the beauty of a queen and her court. In the fall season, Tech crowns the Jamboree Queen, the Mardi Gras Queen, the Princess of Light, the Homecoming Queen, and the queen of the Harvest Moon Ball. These are but a few events in which a queen, or king and queen, is selected. PRINCESS OF LIGHT-Joyce Henson The maiorettes add a touch of spice to the begin- ning, half-time, and end of each football and basketball game. Besides presenting the colors, they perform well- practiced routines of intricate patterns. Traditionally clad in green and white uniforms, they execute marching ma- neuvers in perfect ste-p and with unusual dexterity. The maiorettes are a select group who are chosen on the basis of their own expression of individual talents, abili- ties, and experience. As a reward for their endless, muscle-tiring hours of drill, we cheer them enthusias- tically, showing our gratitude for a iob well done. i ,, V I f,3.1,z. wg, 'f Q . ! c N. S ,A Ci YY 47..A'1w., .Tf'isS B if fit Wg 05 yjf' i ,L , , A - fi qi:.:'. Q. G' Q M WV t' 1 , C3225 ,,r,,,, L Q,-wr-22: K egg.,-4, 5825? C821-:Q DRUM MAJOR AND MAJORETTES-Front Row: Roy Rossell, Sue Cook, Vicki Sutton. Row 2: Kathy Huter, Linda Wilson. COLOR GUARD-Karess Burnham, Linda Thorman, Kristy Hirschler, linda Smith. Majorettes Add Charm T Every Game FLAG rwmusks and TRUMPETEERS-from Row: Lorraine Patty White, Shawn Puckett, Karen Kemper, Sue Cook. Hill, Diane Tinley, Jeri Brasher, Anita Scarborough. Row 2: Karen Sofford, Judy Strong. VARSITY VARSITY AND RESERVE FOOTBALL TEAM-Front Row: Randy Burns, Chester Humphries, Danny Ireland, Dennis Wilson, Eugene Akers, Frank Nichols, David Cruser, Michael Drone, Dennis McClellan, David Kreimer, Dennis Barlow, Gene Needham. Row 2: David Sexson, John Smith, Arthur Sams, Gary Kennedy, John Nell, Larry Parvin, Lloyd Eldridge, Michael Avery, Larry Doon, William Kruger, John Baker, Michael Harvey. Row 3: Mr, Potter, head coach, Mr. Medcalfe, asst. coach, Jerry Harrell, manager, Titans Capture '62 Where does one find a Techite on a Friday evening in the fall of the year? In the stadium rooting for his team, of course! Small wonder, for the Tech team is in- deed one to be proud of. In the 1962 season, the Tech Titans captured the city championship title with a record marred only by the loss of their close game with Cathe- dral High School. This city title compensated in part for coach Wally Potter's retirement as team mentor. Football is an important part of life at Tech in the first months of school. lt affords the Techite an exciting evening of recreation at the end of a week and a chance to show his school spirit. To the player, it offers a real op- portunity for physical and mental exercise while en- hancing the honor and glory of his school. Enthusiasm, physical prowess, and mental agility are requisites for the enjoying and playing of football, and these are also the things that keep football a perennial favorite. Charles Jones, Wayne Gross, Steve Donavan, Wesley Sickle, Tim Hon, David Cutshaw, Thomas Heitzman, David Parks, Kemp Shobe, Mr. Bell, asst. coach, Mr. Catt, trainer. Row 4: Mr. Dagwell, Athletic Director, Tom Weaver, Tom Owens, John Kirkbride, Aubrey Anderson, Tony Cabbell, Ernest Miller, Charles McCauley, Steve Harvey, Eli Brown, James Wool- dridge, Larry Ellis, Mr. Meyer, asst. coach. Not pictured: Gary Titus, Larry Schoolcraft. City Championship V vortg f '1 al' ' ' v pzf Coach Wally Potter and Charles Dagwell, Athletic Director. l l September 7 September l4 September 2l September 28 October 5 October 12 October I9 Howe Broad Ripple Cathedral Scecina Kokomo Manual Warren Central October 24 Washington November 2 Muncie November 9 Shortridge RESERVE September 14 Brood Ripple September 20 Cathedral September 27 Scecina October 4 Crispus Attucks October ll Manual October 18 Howe October 23 Washington November l... Arlington November 9 ,.,. , Shortriclge - ,a - . th A , J: A f ' .,.' f"1..",. w5.fe?Hee,"fv'- u.f""'fL-1 Y '.. W - .. J, f A A "Q ' - ' .gf '- L if iff .5115-' w f 1-rr ,. L 'u.4s'fa'- ,Q is 1:1 twang 'Q :gn XJ -Hvfwyi hx .N "HQ .Ou -M ' or r,. A-KN.Q,q,..f.v A I. g ,A -L L-V, 5.1, ',.r,.f, Y 5- ,Q jim. 1 '.,,, we-44...-sf,Tl .- 71- ' it , ff Q . .. -1+-2f.f'2w. Q.. J.:-Q fi'iH3'E"'f'f5'.r' F! ciW,'i1a':.. ff . ', v .,' .- .' ' -'H' w","'f.i."'1' is , ,sp '- M ".- J..-f to .Jn 1 ff-.j.., i..'.,..:'14'f5.1-32:11 . TL.:-"f e l.f'F.,-'f .-"wfi-1'e.L "5""?" " 'tw , FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM-Front Row: John Fawley, Harold Jackson, iamin Martin, Ronald Grasshoff, Donald McClary. Row 3: Dean Mc- Larry Woodard, John Ealy, Robert Klopotek, Cyril Carter, Barnes, Michael Parson, Dennis Tolle, Bernard Muffler, Ron M. Johnson, Kenneth Nelms, Joe Taylor. Row 2: Don Christ, Jerry Parvin, Allen Koon, Wendell Madry, Charles Windling, Mike Harmeson, Donald Guthrie, William Thomson, Tyron Tice, Rodney Morgan, Allen Davis, Walter Morrow, Ben- Leroy Avery, Tim Clary, Leroy Robison, William Thatcher, William Stella, Charles Sanders, Harvey, Morris Cheatham, Jay Chamberlin, Danny Hoyt, Robert Dixon, Mathews, John Jarrett, Steven Sanders, David Handy, Michael Steve David Mulryan, Rex Daniels, Michael Ensminger. September 6 . . . . . .Shortridge September 13. . . . . .Broad Ripple September 20 ..... . . .Cathedral September 27 ..... . . .Scecina October ll ..... . . .Manual October 18 ..... . . . Howe October 23 ..... . . .Washington November l . . . . . .Arlington The call goes out for freshman football hopefuls, and upwards of a hundred boys always show up. Such is the enthusiasm generated at Tech for their teams. , Even among underclassmen, sports are an integral part of Tech. The freshman football team, although playing some- what in the shadow of varsity and reserves, fights with as much determination as any team could. Every evening during the season they are out practicing iust as hard and with as much enthusiasm as their var- counterparts. Moreman and Harry Caskey tutored a respectable season record. The first off to a bad start but came roaring of their four contests. The Little Titans gained valuable experience as well as the basic funda- mentals needed for a winning squad in the future sea- son. Many of the frosh athletes will move to the re- serve team next year and a few, talented gridiron hopefuls will don the varsity green. sity and reserve Coaches Ivan the eager frosh to year gridders got back to win three - 4- - , , H. IIIIIUSS Q,6"1 " G' . ' f ' ,Q 5 xv' I FA 'Oh '-unwl'--f ' 9-'I i " 4 ,Y With flying cinders and flailing arms, the cross coun- try team is once again at work. Under the direction of - Paul Myers, these boys compete in one of the most gruel- ing of the high school sports. All week they do wind sprints, long runs, and calisthenics in order to prepare for meets. Then, at the meets, they run over a rough two-mile course. This takes stamina, determination, the will to win, and lots of hard work. 0' ' 1 vin? '. 44- , , , s 1 b 7 ....w if The Titan harrier season was clumaxed at the an- 5::',,2:b:: 'I'l.'. .,.. Sofjhrfrzon nual all-city tournament held at South Grove Golf Course. 5eP'e"'be' 14- '- ---- Muncie , h September 21. . . .... Anderson The speedy Tech squad captured a fourth place via t e Sepmmber 25... ','. Arlingwn rugged two-mile course. The Titans compete in one of Oflobef 2 .--- Howe h , , h d I , h , I h October 5 .... North Central t e most competitive sc e u es in t e state, mc u Ing suc odobe, I3! H Hushomidge meets as the North Central Meet and Howe Invitational. October l9--- .--. Sectional October 26 ln addition to these, Tech always entertains rival November3 . . . .... Regional . . - .... State Muncie Burris. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM-Front Row: Dennis Selm, Gerald Neff, Michael Harrison, Terry Smith, David Abbett, Mr. Myers, coach. Row 3: Ronald Weber, Jerry Lane, Randall Mayfield, James Shepherd, Ernie Dallman, Creech, Earl Lee, Riley Bates, Warren Watson, John Miller, Steven lawrence, Jimmy Smith, Clifford Miller. Row 2: Jack Dobbs, John Kuhn, Jeff Hol- Ronnie Green, Lynn Gartrell, Steve Oser, Robert Wakeland. brook, Michael Smith, Eric McQueen, Rene Lewin, Raymond Walker, William .Yu ' U r Q. T it - S 1 Q'- L--Q4 "ri f- 1 ee-.we gn l 1 I l l 3 3 K ll gif The curtain has fallen on Act One. Now our "stage" must undergo a change of scen- ery. A light blanket of snow replaces the leaves that once carpeted the grounds, and brisk, bracing winds take the place of frolic- some autumn breezes. As Act Two, Winter, opens the students and faculty members find themselves swept up with the feeling of seasonal good cheer. On the walks and in the halls are heard the warm exchanges of ioyful Techites . . . cold on the outside, but warm within. 30,47 GW K e ,,.- fts px vi -,-. , N , 4 I . f -xii' s, Q , A FK" ' kg you t u 1 x Q X A ,,.,"' Rx .. X AS- ,f -A. Ex S A i X4 TIME: WI TER PLACE:TECH fo' X 43 nk W , Q. , -'11.',f". '-'1 x,,,. '5- fy' am iii? 1 , .. 'uf F"-"' 1 A Q , , -- Q. P'5H!'S'-- , ..A,- 4. I . - ' A - 4 N .459 . .r . -'- A in ..f',',.Fw.? ,ls 'J ni IJ-1 T'-1 - L, or J. RIMM -ff' 'K Rf' A L V?'Mi rf T IX: ' 9'1 4 M W Q, 1 5 0 Zi 'lxx I lr ', X ' ,A -,.' L.. D fb ff, .lr , - ' "Q , . . . . Q, , A . 'M , 41 . , .1 . . . ' Yr t f ,- Nha-'1 5 A !',A.1,:i ' 'Q' 1, -, l l' ' 4, l K ' I 'mah ' x iq g"'4 5 ul H it gg- Xvw Physics Biology 'WI I Government Teelt Pupils Look, Listen, nd Learn -1? 5 6 'L ae Secretarial Practice Driver Education I -- U 2 5 Foreign language Laboratory 9 A' X - ' ll""'x4 bf .N-.R 'lit' N. N X ' f .4 RV WF. PVT . su '+ ll BT English D 7 s fl, B -.1 Survey of Mathematics H.. x fi' --4 ff i' wg. ' v Hu- 1 Y 11 5 -Z' 37 '.lL'T . y .. - .., Nl. r l lf 'Ur-slrilltlgli . LJ i ' ,, : ,Ai xgurf- ' - f"?'-TAPE. U GIQ - -in QT5 - 9. as. X ' es T' 0' ilk". ENGLISH DEPARTMENT-Front Row: Mrs. Margaret Hahn, Irene Rhodes, Padou, Jane Dongus, Diane Bowman. Row 3: Thomas Danheiser, Gertrude Mrs. Sheila May, Barbara Russell, Mrs. Vera Kilborn, Mrs. Judith McGinnis. Insley, Mrs. Kathryn Francq, Judy Ann Lybrook, Franklin Clark, Alan Cald- Row 2: Martha Gascho, Edith Ferber, Mrs. Clarena Huffington, louise erwood, Jimmie Beeler. 1 il I s""s-wi 3 . N.f Q7 IDL T. Z -rf ENGLISH DEPARTMENT-Front Row: Mrs. Margaret clupp, Mrs. Mildred Ethel Mclneosh, Mrs- Mary Furry, Mrs- Barbara Derrrins. Row 3: Hester McAfee, Nancy Secrest, Mrs. Virginia Hurt, Mrs. Ingrid Temple, Margaret Anne Hale, Emmett Hardiman, Cecil Tresslar, Mrs. Jennie Taylor, Gaylord Waters. Row 2: Mrs. Mary Harlan, Loree Steele, Mrs. Jeanette Reed. Mrs. Allen, RUBEN MCl0Y- One of the most practical subiects listed in the Irene Rl10deS,9ePGfIm0l1f H004 Tech curriculum is English, certainly every student needs to learn how to communicate. Accordingly, our ENGLISH DEPARTMENT is the largest in number of teachers, and it offers a wide range of courses, from English l to the more specialized speech and publications courses. Re- medial and developmental reading programs augment I 'W the traditional methods of teaching English. To the de- A L. light of students, paperback books are now sold in the English office. Not only do these books give the Techite a chance to read some of the finest works available at a small cost, but they are conveniently available on the first floor of Treadwell Hall. LIBRARIANS AND ASSISTANTS: Mariorie Schoch, Mrs. Gertrude Russell, Mary Katherine Gorst, Mrs. Leila Tolar, Mrs. Dorothy Newcomer Books for pleasure, books for term papers, books for special reports, magazines for relaxation, reference materials for class projects-the library helps Tech in many ways, and the students rely on the library for many things. Pupils may study there on any free period or dur- ing a lunch hour, and often teachers take their classes to the library for special work. The Tech library con- tains over 20,000 books and subscribes to 126 periodicals and five newspapers. Many students don't realize there is a periodical roorn where collections of back issue magazines may be used for reference. The enthusiastic, hard-working staff is made up of three librarians and two assistants, student messengers also help by check- ing out and shelving books. 5 'TJ sr Alan Calderwood, an exchange teacher from Perth Academy in Perth, Scotland, has taught English at Tech this past year, trading schools with James Mann of the Tech faculty. Mr. Calderwood says that the high school education in Scotland lasts for six years, the first three years are known as junior, and the last three years as senior. The Scottish students do not have as wide a varie- ty of subiects as the American students have in high school. Everyone, however, must take English and cer- tain other requirements. Mr. Calderwood says that he enjoys his experience at Tech very much. In his British- made sports car with its right-hand drive, he has be- come a familiar campus sight. For the Tech open house in November, he proudly donned his kilt. 99 9 1 ' df, .IW i " M, , t . .V 4.'fvr"'h Ili' i. ll, I . if P f g'l my A ' ' ' ll -"BML-vw Mg5'aA1..,. 5 .""f'.l: ' ' 1. "il-ftl' .i'lw'M'-L in Lt A fx N l I 4 ' a as .lm i, ll rp .1 ft' tl My ss, .MX , 4 "A+: MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT-Front Row: Mrs. Barbara A. Polizotto, Row- Stoeckinger, William W. Welch, Margaret Hummel, William R. Wheeler land leverenz, Dorothy Carey, Jim N. Borshoff, Maurice Kriese, Mrs. Robert V. Belding, Dale W. Sare, John Ingram, Richard Glover, Newell Christine Bennett. Row 2: Mildred Corrie, Betty L. Mansfield, Donald Q. P. Hall. Daily, Mrs. Connie Bolinger, Ronald Ireland, Harry Smith. Row 3: John An important part of the curriculum at Tech is the study of mathematics, and Techites have perhaps the largest choice of math courses offered in a state high school. Survey of Mathematics, a course newly added to the curriculum, encompasses the studies of geometry on the surface of a sphere, logic, groups and fields, non- Euclidean geometry, and other advanced subjects not usually covered in more specialized courses. Tech's MATH DEPARTMENT strives to give the interested student a better understanding and broader knowledge of mathematical ideas and their function. 1 R0 ,Qs 931 is Numbers are very necessary to the student, one uses math all of his life, and at Tech, the knowledge of math one receives is thorough, diverse, and comprehensive. Robert V. Belding, Department Head lu,.N-.5 'ii I X-Q1 l. W In-N 13 i my v I 5 H FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT-Mrs. Susanna Underwood Mrs Mary Jane Fry Mrs Virginia Hurt Mrs Mary Bedell Loren Steele, Mrs. Ingrid Temple, Rita Sheridan. 5 ,. "l"f""" Lf- . ., ,, I , w I ' 1 , I l -- -r-+-A! ln- fs -lbi--r l leer., -.L...l...4 1 ce-E+ l L MEXICAN TRAVELER-Joseph long At Tech, the FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT of- fers Spanish, German, French, and Latin. In classes taught by our highly-trained teachers and in the language laboratory where the spoken language may be heard on recordings, Techites are taught to read and speak these languages fluently. This past summer a totally new con- cept of teaching was introduced. Nearly 800 participants in an experiment sponsored by the Carnegie Corpora- tion and Indiana University were selected according to the language they had studied and sent to either France, Mexico, or Germany. There they lived with families and spoke only the native language. Eight Tech students par- ticipated in the program, one going to Mexico and seven to France. Wribv-4-av . rt-7 ff, - , Q' . Q ' il 64. Mona Woodward, Department Head On the second floor of the Main, anyone can hear the "cIickity-clack" of the typewriters and office ma- chinery at almost any time of the day. Our BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENT is a very busy and up-to-the- minute part of our school's educational system. The classes are always filled, and there are many classes to fill. Seemingly the most popular are the typing, short- hand, filing, and machine calculation classes. The typing course extends from l through IV. Advanced classes in typing develop proficiency by means of more difficult as- signments. New Royal electric typewriters were installed in some of the classes this year. A unique typewriter has been acquired by the department. It is an l.B.M. Selectric, the type is script. Shorthand courses are also more diffi- cult as a pupil advances from I to IV. Shorthand IV is a complete review of secretarial training. Filing classes are one of the department's specific courses. Students learn about every phase of filing and the different types of filing techniques. Classes in machine calculation instruct the students in the operation and maintenance of office machines, especially mathematic machinery. Some new adding machines have been installed in these classes, too. BUSINESS soucAnoN DEPARTMENT-Front Row: Keith Kuck, Kenneth Lamkin Edna Moley Muhlon Cv-flock Mrs Vns-nw Jackson Kenneth Bayless, Mrs. Esther Carpenter, William Guess, Mrs, Phyllis Bryant, Mfg, Puckett Frances Kinsley Bruce Mitchell Margaret Peterson Clifford Harger Gwendolyn Ohmit, Lois Sink, Mrs. Dorothy Timmerman. Row 2: Gerald Mona W00dWUl'd 'Nt' W V4 V - . cnwsix gg MS A-sl 0 r HEALTH AND PHYSICAI. EDUCATION DEPARTMENT-Front Row: Harry Caslxey, John Hurrle, lvan Moreman, Jack Bradford, Ernest Cline, William Treichler. Row 2: Carl Meditch, Shirley Parrett, Sharon Parrett, Anna Parker, Patsy Scott, Sandra Tharp, Howard Catt. Row 3: Carlos Bell, Phillip D. Quillin, Mable McHugh, Reuben Behlmer, Paul Myers, Wallace Potter. The HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPART- MENT directly concerns most Tech students. The physical health of every student at Tech is of vital importance. All freshmen must take a year of physical education. Health education is also required of every student for gradua- tion. Many Tech pupils demonstrate their interest in good health and good sportsmanship by going out for athletics. One of the finest benefits to pupils at Tech is the Health Center, usually referred to as the Nurses' Office. The three nurses, Blanche Williams, Mrs. Betty Brod- hecker, and Mrs. Mildred Johnston, are on duty through- out the school day to take care of sudden illnesses or ac- cidents. They, too, are members of the Health and Physical Education Department. Mrs. Betty Brodheclcer, R.N.p Mrs. Mildred Johnston, R.N., Blanche Wil- Iiams, R.N. ' Q git, 'E L' iw I ,, iifgfuvo .' lui' Fx "' " fx ' x 1 Q - " v T f llll 0 .X t, 0 . X 1 ' 7' ' 'lg-G eq L ,J T tl,-s' 'A' N' ' y , i I -T' ' . w i' 'A ' ' v3.3 . J ' " m.-g - ..,.. -Q L. E. f 'A Reuben D. Behlmer, Department Head in 'M 1' 1 . :ni ara' ,. 3 ,, x,,.l.Qf' ' . aff 141' PHYSICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT-Front Row: Mrs. Pauline William Gruney. Row 3: John Miner, Ronald Ireland, Ralph Caldwell, Gerald Hofmann, Richard Dykemon, Louis D. Allen. Wolverton. Row 4: Hadley Haworth. Row 2: David Beeson, Winston Wythe, William R. Hawley, Our PHYSICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT is concerned with offering opportunities to study the natural laws of the physical world in which we live. Courses in physics, chemistry, physiography, and physical science make use of both laboratory and demonstration methods of illus- trating the study of forces, the laws of motion, energy, composition of matter, the changes occurring on the face of the earth, and the relationship of the earth to other obiects in the universe. A new machine has been added to the Physical Science Department. The Von de Graaff generator is a kind of escalator for electricity. Anyone touching the sphere at the top accumulates a similar charge to that made by the generator. A repulsion of the electrical charges may even cause hair to stand on end. Louis D. Allen, Department Head D T'g. -Q 1 T 4 s b.. -- I un' K , - " ,,:ll'v" Ill U I I ,.'4 UI: 1,:,f,a' ,I 11,141 ll 1 I- i 1 lr, E... Y... f - " 'wr f L92 - . -- .,-4 , 'z x ' J ' 'V all-V If SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT-Front Row: Mrs. Dorothy Lyon, Jeannette Tobey, Katherine Book, Frances Lyons, Mary Elizabeth Moore, Walter Dininger. Row 2: Charles Harry, Forrest Caldwell, Delbert West, Leonard Every year that passes is a year that made history. To the SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT falls the two-part task of teaching students to comprehend and appreciate their historical heritage and at the same time to interpret current problems as history is being made. This depart- ment through discussions of world geography, economics, and government undertakes a large share of the re- Mary Elizabeth Moore, Department Head T Q 5 ? 15 S ,, gn ' , 3 ' X ,K ' :fs 1 ' T: ':3 l S i , in i I L 2 Q 2 Q -Ju' if 'IP I-fl .-fl , , -e44,.apW"f3"l'l li- Jeffers, James Stewart, William Kimberlin, Duane Blankenhorn, Robert Meyer, Wesley Murphy. sponsibility in fitting Tech students for adult life. Early in this school year, Bill Swan was selected to represent our school at the Bellamy Flag Award presentation at West High School, Waterloo, lowa, and was presented a check for expenses by the American Legion Eleventh District. The Bellamy Flag Award was presented to Tech in 1948. WN Q l 1 M- ,b,,. V . K - - xx I A - 'J 0 'Z 1 t If ' 5 . .L2Tf ,S.':'v. A wx 'J in sorted-:Q - t, 3 , ff .. C X Tlkf. 1 'tl'-l-i 'li'f.l'lj',.2." leiillfflft .. ff 'TF' ff liffgg if 1 l RETIRED TEACHERS-Front Row: Cecil McClintock, Helen Caffyn, Pearl Apland, Halcyon Mendenhall, Warren Cleveland. Row 2: letter Bolander, Wilbur Barnhart, James Rose, Harold Fye. Not pictured: Mrs. Muriel Tucker. Adults Remain Devoted Fans Of School Teachers are people who are patient and consid- erate with pupils who work and pay attention but in- clined toward disciplinary methods for those who don't work. Semester after semester, year after year, they continue teaching, always trying to inspire and stimulate while they instruct. Then comes the moment when, after many years of rewarding work, it is time to retire. To retire but not to be forgotten. Tech reveres its retired teachers, not only at the time of their leaving but for as long as they live. They are always an honored part of any Tech gathering. A strong PARENT-TEACHERS ASSOCIATION equals a strong school, and Tech is one of the strongest of schools. At Tech an interest in the student in both the classroom and the home is made evident by the activities of the P.T.A. Through this organization, parents and teachers alike offer their time and counsel and often undertake such activities as selling Tech license plates in order to assist the school's program financially. lt is this blending of interests that enriches our curriculum, helps to make our work more pleasant, and gives the family and the faculty a common ground for understanding. History Club 5 g , 7 1 'fi ,-1 V Cheerblock Tech Club Prexies Sound Their Gavels D.C.E. Club .i il T , ll my bil' s'n 'X Classical League lx!.!.' . , N 1 Ur X-1 'fi A he-T-, rf 4 'iff . X Z. YP LJ Ns ,Q W! DRAMA-SPEECH CLUB-Front Row: David Hunter, Dennis Murray, Stephen Miller, Richard Hight. Row 2: Judith Kay Weaver, Mrs. May, sponsor, Paris Goodrum, pres., Nola Rezzo, sec., Terri Schneider, v. pres., Mark D. Hopping, scribe. Row 3, William Gosnell, Robert DRAMA-SPEECH CLUB-Front Row: Daisy Quick, Stephen Thomas, Jerry Ballinger, William Slaten, Steven Ingels. Row 2: Wilma J. Harris, Suz- anne Couch, Becky Thompson, Petrine Christein, Dorothy Wood, Barbara Noffke, Joyce Harris. Row 3. Sue Ann Brockman, Richard Dickson, Sandy 1 . 1 Q 1 l l 1 .r 4 1 , . gl 1: sa- 4 5 . l V7 sf VU Slaughter, Steve Williams, Luba Kulik, Ruth Miller, Mary Hopping, Jim- mie Gooch, Denita Wright. Row 4: Sherman Standifard, Alan Finch, Roseva Hughes, Corine Brown, Linda C. Leonard, Paula Cline, Linda Thorman. Ludwig, Bill Smith, Carol Mindach, Mary McAree, Charles Carmony, Roberta Couch, Mr. Maloy, sponsor. Row 4: Elena Looper, Evelyn Schueller, Hermione Miles, Jocelyn Tandy, Sandra Dirr, Judith Hester, Sara Porter. r 1 t SN L X l l . l U v fl i. 1 z ll 7-A THESPIANS-Front Row: Alan Finch, David Hunter, Carol Mindach, Petrine Christein, sec,: Paris Goodrum, pres.: Dennis Murray. Row 2: Evelyn Schueller, Steven Williams, v. pres., Becky Thompson, Ruth Neffle, The play's the thing for DRAMA-SPEECH CLUB members who gain recreation and theatrical education participating in this busy organization. For long and exemplary service to Drama-Speech Club, students are awarded membership in the National Forensic League or the National Thespian League. Membership in the NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE is attained by accumulating 25 N.F.L. points. Points are N.F.L.-Front Row: Sherman Standiford, Paris Goodrum, Dennis Murray, Steve Williams, Bill Slaten, Hermoine Miles. Row 2: Ruth Neffle, v. pres., Mark Hopping, Corine Brown, sec., Charles Carmony, pres. Row 3: Becky Suzi Schneider. Row 3: Jerry Ballinger, Dorothy Wood, trees., Luba Kulik, Linda Thorman, Mr. Maloy, sponsor. awarded in every round at a speech meet. After the stu- dent has gained membership, he may move on to higher degrees. Membership in the NATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY is also determined by a point system. Points are awarded to a student for a play or presentation in which he per- forms. The number of points depends upon the difficulty of the role. Thompson, Mrs. May, sponsor: Roseva Hughes, Dick Hight, Nola Reno Lynda Smith, Ruth Miller, Sandy Yates, Stephen Miller, Paula Cline Mary Hopping, Suzi Schneider, Steve Ingels. I r W tv RQ l 1!"' SPANISH CLUB-Front Row: Sondra James, Mike Hyatt, treas.7 Linda DeHay, sec., Joe Long, pres., Sandra Arterburn, v. pres., Clyde Rosebrock, sgt-at-arms, Victoria McClung. Row 2: Sandra Wilson, Barbara Hamon, Dianne Morton, Carla Leonard, Sue Jack- son, Sharon Wilson, Suzi Wilson. Row 3: Frances Copeland, Mar- The purpose of the SPANISH CLUB is to introduce interested Tech students to a different way of life. By conducting the meeting in the Spanish language and having special programs about Spanish-speaking coun- tries, the members are able to accomplish this. For an un- usual and enioyable after-school activity, the club had a Mexican dinner at the Taco House again this year. GERMAN CLUB-Front Row: llze Henkels, Roger Birkla, v. pres., Robert Beck, pres., Frances Guenther, sec.-treas.p Astrid Henkels, Roberta Couch. Row 2: Linda Ham, Kathy Caeman, John Forsee, Jack Corpuz, Kathy iorie Kerr, Diana Weidman, Mary Clark, Nedra Lewis, Denita Wright, Miss Sheridan, sponsor. Row 4: Ralph Hodgson, Kent Nay, Daniel Dinnsen, John Springer, Bill Fogleson, Gene Jacobs, David Mattingly, Robert Buchanan. Tech's GERMAN CLUB provides its members with a tour of o romantic old-world country, Germany. Slides, movies, and talks help club members to achieve this goal. They learn about and enjoy the everyday and holiday activities that take place in the Germany of today and yesterday. They also be-come acquainted with the German people and their history and culture. Weatherford, Linda Banta, Brenda Ham, Mrs. Underwood, sponsor. Row 3: Michael Thomas, Aina Zils, Terry Weinke, Bill Conour, Eric McQueen, Ellen Eads, Jerry Rott, Anna Putelis. -K"Q 'P-as 'fs TY t fo FRENCH CLUB-Front Row: Mrs. Temple, sponsor, Melvyn Pfeiffer, Jane Woodard, Roseva Hughes. Row 2: Stephanie Tomescu, sec.: Willie Boone, Martha Allen. Row 3: Danny Rushton, Effie Lewin, Nancy Boyd. Row 4: "To be in Paris in the springtime" is a frequent phrase in many songs. We here at Tech have our own version of this romantic thought- the FRENCH CLUB. To visit France, if only in thought, is one main purpose of the club. Another is to stimulate knowledge about France, a country different from ours in many ways. Usually be- fore a student joins the French Club, he has taken a French course. Otherwise, it is rather difficult for him to JCL-Front Row: Jocelyn Tandy, Sherry Sayles, Corine Brown, treas.p Cindy Duncan, Nikki-lynne Kennison, Jo Diane Westmoreland, pres.: Carol Oak- Charles Beavin, treas.g Bruce Paternoster, pres., Susan Smith, Martha Vest. Row 5: Morris Rowland, Beverly Hoyt, Carol Furry, v. pres., Rod Morgan. know what is going on when most of the meeting is conducted in French. The JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE is another lan- guage club on the Tech campus. Students enrolled in Latin classes find a welcome retreat in the J.C.L. Mem- bers of the club are interested in finding out more about the time-honored traditions of the ancient Latin- language civilizations. The club plans several exciting activities a year patterned after early Roman customs. ley. Row 2: Mrs. Hurt, sponsor, Linda Everett, Margaret Beasley, Sondra Turner, Jeanette Davis, parl.g Marilyn Miller, Richard Storm. 0? XYZ CLUB-Front Row: Sandra Gaunce, Jill Young, Jenny Goodnight, prog. chrmn., llze Henkels, v. pres., Astrid Henkels, rec. sec. and pub. chrmn., Mary Hopping, Mrs. Polizotto, sponsor. Row 2: Mary Susan Gaunce, Nancy Fosso, Susan Smith, Dawn Mackey, Joyce Montgomery, Are you interested in mathematics? Joining the XYZ CLUB will stimulate that interest and expand your knowl- edge in math. Besides being interesting and intellectual, it provides worthwhile activities such as trips, movies, mathematical games and puzzles, and outside speakers. Projects undertaken by the club include the maintenance of a display case at the west end of Stuart Hall, an an- nual tea for outstanding math students, and a booth at the Mardi Gras. D.C.E. CLUB-Front Row: Freida Haines, sec., Wanda D. Elliott, Mary l. Ellis, Betty Swanner, Beverly Reinken, Jane Dalton, rep.p Barbara A. Gerlach, Hattie A. Steirs. Row 2: Roberta Whitney, linda Newson, treas., Nelson Hoggatt, Tommy Trimmer, Richard Coy, James luppino, Sammie corres. sec., Tom Creasser, Mara Strelnieks, Randy Randal, Ralph Fortune, Mike Wischmeyer, treas. Row 3: Wayne Miller, Calvert Jared, pres., Oran Watts, Steve Belding, Jack Morton, Peteris Putelis, Roger Muter- spaugh, Eric Waldhaus. If a Techite qualifies for the program, active partici- pation in DIVERSIFIED COOPERATIVE EDUCATION helps him choose, prepare for, and enter the vocation of his choice according to personality, ability, and interest. D.C.E. provides on-the-job training at local hospitals, body shops, cafeterias, and service stations while of- fering one credit per semester. Students spend a mini- mum of fifteen hours each week gaining practical ex- perience in their chosen field. Pullen, Keith Jarvis. Row 3: Albert Purcell, George Kelley, Jack Couse, v. pres., James Hutchens, James Wallick, pres., James Cole, David Hutchin- son, Robert Johnson, Mr. Maurer, sponsor. rx , X,xEx I t . T' CHEMISTRY-PHYSICS CLUB-Front Row: luba Kulik, Nancy J. Taylor, sec., Jeno Underwood, Sheila McAllister, v. pres. Row 2: Mike Grannis, Mike ln this modern era of rockets and missiles, scientific minds seem to be a must. Promoting science interest is the purpose of the CHEMISTRY-PHYSICS CLUB, an after-school activity which explores the field of nature, composition of substances, treatment of matter and the wonderment of energy, and expands minds in matters scientific. Discussions, reports, and programs conducted by members highlight meetings. NATURAL SCIENCE CLUB-Front Row: Mr. Schneider, sponsor, Ilze Henlxels, Astrid Henkels, sec., Nancy Ayres, Linda Wenz. Row 2: David Coffin, Wischmeyer, pres., Phillip Ross, treas., Morris Rowland, Mr. Beeson, sponsor. The NATURAL SCIENCE CLUB strives to interest stu- dents in the world of nature, covering such things as ultraviolet rays and cross-breeding of animals. Many ex- periments and inventions are sometimes exhibited at the Science Fair at Butler. This club is a great idea for all, but for those who are really interested in natural science this may be more, a key to the beginning of a career of science. Donald Lovall, Fred Panhorst, v. pres., William Bolander, John Springer Mart Matlik, pres. 'N vs !T' .JJ 1-0 I F ff' 1 E3""g. bil fs '. 'c LU." W. 4. , .V . J- .- .if-X 'I-af. uk -rf 568' v .359 C-0 HISTORY CLUB-Front Row: Jimmie Gooch, asst. rec. sec., Nicky Cause, John Forsee, third v. pres., Bonnie Hardy, Dorothy Hardy, Frances Guenther, treas., Paris Goodrum, pres., Rose Simion, rec. sec., Ilze Henkels, rep., Evelyn Resnick, first v. pres., Teresa Black. Row 2: John Brownlee, second v. pres., Ruby Pulliam, Loraine Brown, Evelyn Schueller, Judy Hester, Susan Johnson, Shelia Armstrong, Jocelyn Tandy, .............. , Carol Stevens, Astrid Henkels, Barbara Parrish, Kathleen O'Neil. Row 3: Corine Brown, Charles Johnston, Keneth Kalhorn, Carol Mindach, Sandra Dirr, Juanita Hirschy, Aina Zils, Nancy Taylor, Linda DeHay, Linda The HISTORY CLUB, which was re-established this year, is one of the most popular organizations on cam- pus. For a new club, it has a remarkably large at- tendance. Its purpose is to relate to its members in an unusual and interesting manner the past history of the world and also the up-to-the-minute news of today. In accomplishing this purpose, the club has featured speak- ers, films, and slides at the meetings. A downtown res- Turner, Cathrine Nahas, Donald Griffith, Virginia Brewer. Row 4: Craig Borns, sgt-at-arms, Carol Bohnenkamp, Van Butler, Jim Patter- son, Sara Porter, Suellen Jackson, Melanni Himes, ................ , Sandra Arterburn, June Anderson, Mr. Blankenhorn, sponsor. Row 5: Ollie Baker, Loretah Emerick, Mary McAree, Janice Shockley, Nancy Ayres, Linda Wenz, Charles Beavin, Suzy Evans, Betty Swan- ner, Alfred Cox, Donald Hockersmith. Row 6: Jerry Montgomery, Dawn Mackay, Wayne Rettig, Steve Dicken, Bill Fogelson, Clyde Rosenbrock, Alice Purvis, Kenneth Purvis, taurant was the scene of the History Club's dinner meet- ing for the installation of officers. Another new club this year is the FUTURE PRINTERS CLUB. The purpose of the club is to expand members' knowledge in graphic arts. It is especially appealing to those students who are interested in printing and pub- lishing and in commercial arts and is open to girls as well as boys. The club even has a crest and a motto. The motto is "Expand Your Knowledge." FUTURE PRINTERS' CLUB-Front Row: Stewart Mencer, John Laffey, Alan Scalf, Andrew Woodard, William Mock, sec., Earl Dick, v. pres., Herbert Snyder, John Mills, Louis Banholzer, Robert Williams, William Lee. Henry, pres. Row 2: Mr. Armel, sponsor, Mr. Smith, instructor, Jerry Roth, James 09 NY? YD .K s-ft, 9 .E 3? 'I is A q q. - ff ' v Tai . , ' I , , ll I ,, i i U GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION-Front Row: Judith Weaver, Lillian White, Donna Brown, Arthella McCauley, Evelyn Bartholomew, Meda Johnson, Marilyn Atherton, Sharon Luke. Row 2: Miss Scott, sponsor, Sue Hart- lage, Danette Hood, Terrie Chris, Jr. rep,7 Nancy Atherton, fil. sec.plLinda Wooten, trees.: Pamela Miller, Sr. rep., Ethel Lott, Loraine Snoden, By participating in the GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIA- TION, Tech girls can maintain good physical fitness and enioy themselves at the same time. The G.A.A. strives to increase interest in sports for girls and to promote good health and sportsmanship. It features sports such as bowling, archery, tennis, volleyball, basketball, soc- cer, tumbling, and track and field activities. Increased I.E'I'TERMEN'S CLUB- Front Row: Tom Bundy, Tom Weliever, Dennis Selm, David Kreimer, Danny Ireland. Row 2: Randy Burns, sec.: Charles Jones, Michael Avery, Michael Harvey, v. pres., David Cruiser, Gene Needham, Dennis Wilson. Row 3: Dennis McClellan, Larry Parvin, Gary Titus, trees.: 'ii' it V. - V.. ,., - l 4 .lik s, ,A .4 gin Ruth Ann Wiggington. Row 3: Phyllis Newkirk, rec. sec.: Lana Geminden, Kathy Duncan, Naioma Stockton, Carol Blount, Penny Picket, Fr. rep., Carolyn Wuster, Polly Hollowell, pres., Tana Wiggington, Donna Kay Robertson. skill in sports is the reward that comes to girls who participate in G.A.A. Any boy who shows prowess in school athletics and exhibits the fine personal qualities worthy of recognition is eligible for membership in the Block T or LETTERMEN'S CLUB. The Block T worn by members symbolizes athletic excellency. The club holds a skill test at the Mardi Gras and presents an Awards Banquet honoring Tech athletes. Jerry Neff, Ronnie Barlow, Chester Humphries, John Baker. Row 4: Jerry Lane, Michael Drone, David Sexson, Gary Kennedy, Eugene Akers, John Nell. Row 5: Frank Nichols, Fred Hawthorne, Michael Johnson, Lloyd Eldridge. CHEERBLOCK-Front Row: Candace Covert, Christina Cook, Carol Swin- ford, Judith L. Smith, Judy Parrish, Peggy Berchekas, Barbara Rosen- krans, Cindy Albertson, Barbara Davis, Mary Ellen Espinosa. Row 2 Morifrances Gibson, Violet Winburn, Sharon Wallace, Gloria A. Wilkin- son, Mary Hopping, Sharon Rady, Mary Louise Hand, Melody Moore, Donnis Stillabower, Tana Kay Wiggington, Kathy Elaine Duncan. Row 3 CHEERBLOCK-Front Row: Mr. Peebles, sponsor: Sandra Arterburn, pres.: Janice Battenburg, v. pres.: Peggy Ellis, rec. sec.: Jenny Good- night, corr. sec. Row 2: Wilma J. Harris, Linda De Hay, parI.: Aina Zils, spts. ann.: Rose Simion, asst. spts. ann.: Sharon Tomlin, sgt-at- arms. Row 3: Donna Brown, Dorycea Senour, Victoria McClung, Sandra Bryson, Margaret Barnes. Row 4: Pearl Bond, Helen Montgomery, Nancy Clark, Vicki Chambers, Donna Seibert. Row 5: Deborah Barnett, Joyce Clark, Jocelyn Tandy, Linda Foster, Judy Doty. Row 6: Ruth Ann Wiggington, Nancy Ayres, Linda Wenz, Jeno Underwood, Susie Tomlin. Betty Watts, Carol Long, Gloria Johnson, Carolyn Wuster, Suzanne Kreiger, Julie Green, Carol S. Coapstick, Sharon Addler, Dawn G. Mackey, Stella Brown, Annamarie Gibson. Row 4: Charleyne Stinger, Linda Suzzette Spears, Jill Schmidt, Deanna E. Hardy, Bonnie M. Hardy, Tante Masters, Judy Phillips, Sharon Montgomery, Susie Hohnke, Donna An- derson. Tech's CHEERBLOCK is one of the most active clubs on campus. This club has a meeting every Monday after school to plan what to do at the game on the following Friday night. Sometimes cheerleaders come in to lead yells at the meetings. The club's main purpose is to boost our school spirit at the games and to cheer our team on to victory. The Cheerblock even has a green and white dog as mascot, his name is "Technique," fBy the way, that is also the name of the Cheerblock itself.J The Cheer- block makes a lasting impression on the visiting schools, particularly those that have cheerblocks at their own home games. The "Techniques" also show up at some of the out-of-town games. At Sectional time, the "Tech- niques" can't be missed at Butler fieldhouse. They are there at all our games to cheer for our team. CHEERBLOCK-Front Row: Betty C. Wilson, Judith Miller, Patricia Slaughter, Sheila M. Epler. Row 2: Donna Childers, Joan Carter, Linda L. Poland, Nancy Whitehouse, Sharon Lee Tucker. Row 3: Rebecca Goldstein, Pat Baker, Jane Woodard, Linda DeMunbrun, Jean Anne Link. Row 4: Shirley Ann Cortez, Carolyn Sue Thomason, Shirley Ann Banks, Sue Ann Brockman, Lynn Detty. Row 5: Carolyn Sue Hartman, Carolyn Sue Adkins, Linda Everett, Chris L. Hammond. . 4 " v-f Rf F' I 1 fps gui vi 1.7 y lj S WHITE CHRISTMAS DANCE-Joyce Merrifield, Gary Titus lx- 0-5 cn , 'i BASKETBALL QUEENS-Judy Smith, sophomore, Anita Whitemoss, freshman Donna Burnette, iunior Spotlights Shine On Wintertime Royalty A special thrill goes with thetroyal crown and the title of king or queen traditional at Tech winter social and sport events. Miss Merry Christmas and Mr. Happy New Year reigned over the "Sleigh, Snow, and Mistletoe" of this year's gala White Christmas Dance. The evening of dancing and fun highlighted Techites' Christmas holi- day and brought to a close the 1962 school year. An early festivity of '62-63 sport events was the crowning of basketball's Queen of Queens. In special halftime ceremonies during December and January, a basketball queen was chosen to represent each class. From these four, the Queen of Queens was crowned to rule supreme over the Titan's victorious season. QUEEN OF QUEENS-Lyn Funke 25 fi xx -M-Q , 8 1 .t i 1 .5.- nn- , - ' I . . ,Af -il' 1.1 2 'i 1 '19 50 ...PM wi N. x S.. 6- A' 1' Z K , f .V ' ..J, RESERVE CHEERLEADERS-Effie Lewin, Anita Smith, Sheryl Schoenewey, Anita Whitemoss, Eleanor Smith. Arms high, bodies poised, eyes on the leader, Tech's cheerleaders watch for the moment for beginning their yells. New ideas, developed by vivid imaginations, VARSITY CHEERLEADERS-Lyn Funlte, Sondra Balmer, Donny McMahon, Carol Vest, Debbie White. produce unique and exciting yells which inspire our cheering section to greater volume and increase the team's spirit. Radiating energy and flashing winning smiles, the cheerleaders boost school spirit with their limitless enthusiasm at pep sessions and at the games. Constantly striving to improve, they practice for long hours after school to develop harmony as a group. On the beam at every game, keeping enthusiasm and spirit of all Tech fans high, leading the team to victory and fame are the Tech cheerleaders. FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS-Front Row: Jill Schmidt, Tcnte Masters. Row 2: Diane Ressinger, Marti Vest, Gracie Graves. M --.. 1. 454- mauuf I I 1 I '1I I non: vumon YW f ' 'Diff Xukfhrgl 'Nici' 44 ' 4 I i rw cb F, , N.,- bv," 33M 1 an as I,-as K Q. H S Q I Q QS , . ", 2 fx? ' J I 1 5. I ' 'F--2 S U Q Q no ,Pei 'Q J -1-, J. M , Old man Titan silently placed his pigskin trophy in a dusty corner and, with an air of confidence and a sly smile, donned his basketball apparel. Six junior sharp- shooters and six hustling senior flingers composed the Tech Titan's roundball team. Five veteran letterwinners guided and captained the Terrific Titans through the toughest, strongest Tech schedule in many a year. Six new squads, Arlington, Elwood, Ben Davis, Madison, Con- nersville and Peru were added to the Titan agenda. The rugged Titans averaged 6'2" in height and were con- sidered the top defensive team in the city as well as an offensive powerhouse. Speed, rebounding, and the fast break were the main Titan assets. November 30. . . December 1 . . . December 7 . . . December 8 . . . December 14. . . December 21 . . . January 5 ... January 11... January 12... January 18... January 19. .. January 24-26. . . February 1 . . . February 2 . . . February 8 . . . February 9 . . . February 15. . . February 16. . . Warren Central Southport Arlington Elwood Ben Davis Attucks Madison ...Howe Muncie Connersville Manual City Tourney . . .Shortridge Cathedral . . .Broad Ripple Peru Kokomo . ...Washington February 22 ...................... Scecina VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM-Front Row: John Nell, Mike Harvey, Bill Mr. Catt, trainer, Mr. Bradford, coach, James Price, Dick Kramer, Jo Sturdivant. Row 2: Dave Sexson, Gary Kennedy, John Smith, Mike John- Spadorcia, Mr. Dagwell, Athletic Director, Mr. Caslrey, asst. coach. son, Fred Hawthorne, Leland Gunn, Jerry Harrell, student mgr. Row 3: 42X 1 I t i November December December December December December . . . .Warren Central . . .Southport . . . .Arlington . . .Elwood . . .Ben Davis . . .Crispus Attucks December . . .City Tourney January . . .Madison January ...Howe January .. .Muncie January . . .Cannersville January .. .Manual February . . .Shortridge February . . .Cathedral February . . . Broad Ripple February . . .Peru February . . .Kokomo February . . .Washington February . . .Scecina RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM-Front Row: Charles Wells, Tom Owens Meditch coach Arthur Sams Jim Bostnc Dave Harvey Gene Akers Mike Weber. Row 2: Ronald Strahl, Dave Park, James Brantley, Charles Mr Catt trainer Jones, James Boone, James Montgomery, student mgr. Row 3: Mr ffl lac Axiljgt 6 36: c Cllll. .QE CA 'REQ 43151 EU ggfflil l 32 Q sw. 54 188 .tfsgl l 9 ia TI FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM-Front Row: Cyril Carter, Danny Jee, Terry Koon, Otis Curry, Charles Sanders. Row 3: Robert Duesser, mgr.g Mr. Bess, Howard Gamble, Bill Thompson, Wendell Madry, Glen Johnson. Cline, coach, Steve Sanders, Dan Hoyt, John Miller, Floyd Evans, Ronnie Row 2: Joe Henderson, Ronnie Green, Mike Price, Mike Ensminger, Alan Drake, Robert Dixon, John Fawley. November 27. . . December 4 . .. December 11 . . . December 18. . . December 19. . . January 8 .. January 10 .... January 17 .... January24-26 .... January 29 .... January 31 .... February 5 .. February 7 .. February 12 .... February 19 .... February 21 .... 1, ....6,,., 'fl . . .Warren Central . . .Sacred Heart . . .Ben Davis ...Arlington .Wood .Manual . . .Broad Ripple . . .Crispus Attucks ...City Tourney . . .Scecina . . .Shortridge .. .Washington ...Fulton Jr. High . . .Howe . . .Cathedral . . .Perry Central my-4 The Tech Athletic Department must constantly look ahead and prepare for the future if the Titans are to have good teams. This year's reserve squad waded through a tough schedule by playing the reserve and B teams of the varsity opponents. Twenty eager freshmen led the Tech frosh to victory over many city and county schools. Next year, the unsure frosh flingers will be de- veloped into fine, veteran athletes and will guide the reserve and varsity teams. For the most part, the re- serves will finally conquer their goal and a year from now obtain the varsity uniform. Often overlooked, these underclassmen play an important role, both present and future, in Titan basketball. The reserves produced a tall front line which is highly promising with the two for- wards over 6'2" and a 6'3" center. The aggressive re- serve Titans proved to be the best hoopsters in the city by winning the city championship for the second con- secutive year. vt' .uv ' ww" 4- ' -.4 than--.3,1, 'Sw Q 9-90 fel ' fl l eg' - ' ,9 fi X Eb is Ja 0 A0 Q 64-Ku!! 62 'E Q D Nature comes to lite again to set the stage for the third and final act, Spring. The last signs of winter disappear under Spring's mingled sunshine and showers. Appearing Q I tiny and misty green at first, the leaves of the W ll W trees and shrubs soon brighten, decorating Q the campus in rich shades of green. The first days of Spring bring a youthful, energetic feeling which quickly fades as that Q lazy, listless spring fever takes hold. 0 G K 'O .s:53.:tf's J 6 .J l .' X .1 X -Q j 3' XJ? ri: be K icy w i is cfj y YJ .n ,hai 5.-?1 T ME SPRING PLACE ARSENAL TECH .1 45 XX ll X 'B Y R lk-1, N , f I l fx.. " lr -xl ' , ' I' f ' f yi x J, 1? s X x y f x X , Q. eff N xr' -f AX Wk! ,. x 7 Q 1 Q I' J 4 I - X 5 I a' ,QA Us If 5--xf . . ku wwf fdply. QF li ng Trades Classtime Can Be Funtime For Techites , 1 . X mrs I I Wt 1" w vuug,y',..-- s X 2' 4 Ari ... ...M if ,1 . . y ----1061 gg-iii 'i'h.,. 1 lu l l - - Silt: n--.- Q Y ' :Eff 3-f'i,'9 , ,,. . - - . . .-A'+'iZ'i'Xg.+3+2"'2 1 .. ,f-34e,Q .v:.+94. ' ' ,. 7' 'o",I-'+"S'?q':'-iff? W-, S 9 Q ?:s4O:6g1l2Q:g6:O:O:O'+ Q g- AQAAJ-03450466 4, Q , 0. ..,,g',,, 9,09 .X ' 4 1' Q' rg 4' 0,9 " v. 5' ,O Ai ,vibe , .L 4. -. .mga 'I ' 5iJ:'++'2+- bg.. 3 hi 'Qu- T' :IH .. an - ...v . ,,V' .,. . QKWWWK ,.. . ,., . , 45.4.- g U ,,e,l'4,f-:.,..-,fn J A qfxtl 5-X N- ., AC' -SJ' xf w..,y ,. ,- dk." 1-L. MUSIC DEPARTMENT-Front Row: John White, Mrs. JoAnn Moore, louise Swan, Raymond Brandes. Row 2: Robert Simpson, William Moon, Richard Orton. Music fills much of a teenager's life through radio, television, and records. The excellent music courses and organizations at Tech offer musically-inclined students an opportunity to express themselves through voice or in- strument and to achieve a greater appreciation of music. An incomparable pleasure to be savored and en- joyed is the performance of the famed Techoir, seventy- seven voices under the direction of department head Wil- liam Moon. Also students are contributing their musical William F. Moon, Department Head talents to the Tech scene in the eight other organizations of the MUSIC DEPARTMENT which are the Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, String Ensemble, Madrigals, Girls' Ensemble, Boys' Octette, and Girls' and Boys' Concert Clubs. Since the old saying "practice makes perfect' holds true in the music field, these organizations meet daily to practice. Arsenal Technical High School can indeed be proud of the splendid reputation of its Music Department. I isdn .44 Oakley Richey, Department Head The ART DEPARTMENT offers students the challenge of creativity. Using imagination and interpretation, stu- dents express their ideas in a variety of media. As be- ginning students work with basic perspective, figure drawing, and composition, they learn to apply the prin- ciples of design and the elements of art structure. Each semester their ability to use these principles increases, and students develop personal styles and techniques. Advanced art students use new media such as oil paint while working on their individual compositions. Classes in craft art, ceramics, metal craft, sign pointing, and photography furnish students various means of cre- ative expression. ART DEPARTMENT Front Row Helen Sturgeon assistant LaVon Whitmire Mrs Alice Cook, Lorena Phemister, William Fields, assistant. Row 2: Kermit Swenson Edward Ring Chelsea Stewart Harold Stewart Charles Glore Ernest Medcalfe, Oakley Richey. cf? J' 2. 'I lei f' ' 'KVI ' A. W. J ,x.- -., . , ! I , f T .. f - -.,.4,. .."'1 V 1 V A lv,"-Q at -xg, g ' ' Q 5 xx.,-an QT' :J - -- Y -' , ' 'Nfl , 3 T- A ' J ' ik: i tl X v Qj,.4f. , E 1' e 'W ' A ' , . ., i sg. ,L L A I l l n,a 46 sz 5 HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT-Front Row: Mrs. Judy Flesher, Frances Smith, Mrs. Florence Boots, Mrs. Ruth Stafford, Mrs. Leila Toler, assistant. Row 2: Mrs. Mariorie McCutcheon, Mrs. Marian Holley, Mrs. Mildred Wal- assistant, Mrs. lace, Mrs. Elizabeth Holtsclaw, Mrs. Gwendolyn Huff, The HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT popular department for high school girls. courses are offered by this department to many interests of the girls at Tech. Among is a very Numerous satisfy the the courses offered are foods, clothing, millinery, cosmetology, and social practice. Girls in the clothing classes are eventually able to make formals and coats. ln the foods classes, the girls are taught to prepare complete dinners. Also, this Mrs. Hazel Kuetemeier made our school flag. .ff ff f 1 .N v-' Q? Natalie Woods. Row 3: Mrs. Mildred Eccleston, Mrs. Elva Wignall, Mar- iorie Lucas, Mrs. Ruth Metcalf. Row 4: Mrs. Hazel Kuetemeier, Mrs. Louise McCormick, Marguerite Hardy, Hilda Kreft. Foods Ill classes entertained the Social Practice ll year class. Many of the hats made by the millinery classes are artistic and professional looking. ln cosmetology the girls learn how to cut and curl hair and give facials and manicures. ln social practice girls are taught the basic fundamentals of etiquette. Good grooming know-how and training in basic homemaking skills are the rewards for girls who are taking these courses. very class, Hilda Kreft, Department Head +.l'i .5 fr F . 1---x -,gl L- if .M Clyde S. Armol, Department Head lf' 'r x I I' Q .1 Q '-Ha. X - Tech High's weekly newspaper, THE ARSENAL CANNON, is printed in the school print shop. Also printed there are the many school forms, programs for special events, and announcements. GOLDEN DAYS, the book the English Department compiled lost year for Tech's 50th anniversary, was also printed by students enrolled in printing. All of these are products of the Tech print shop, not only because it is convenient but also because stu- dents gain actual printing experience. Currently enrolled in PRINTING DEPARTMENT classes are 275 boys. Girls are permitted to take printing, but none is enrolled this year. Because of the heavy work schedule, it fol- lows that this is a very active and busy department. 'x ru- AA 22 ix Er X KEEP FROM aftwm X... -lv, S PRINTING DEPARTMENT-Harold Doom, Clyde S. Arrnol, Robert W. Smith, Samuel S. Slxomp, Floyd W. Billington, Ralph E. Clark. r 1 73 7-. as T 'NI i-r DRAFTING DEPARTMENT-Gilbert Shuck, Harold Elliott, Floyd Tobrocke, Armed with only a T-square, pencil, eraser, and paper, a student in Tech's DRAFTING DEPARTMENT soon finds himself ready to draw the world -if he wants a blue-print of it, that is. Starting with basic mechanical drawing, the future draftsman then advances to archi- tectural drawing where he learns the intricacies of home designing. Finally, the student is ready for machine draft- Claronce Rosell, Department Head YWX LA y i T J ' 4 i , T f i i iff'- N! - ' ,,,,, . i.vw.f! 91 l' Q , ....,, ' V , H-,x32f'Lx..g,' K.. ,, -' i"f"',f' Mearle Donica, Fred Henke, Clarence Rosell. ing. Here, armed with the most specialized instruments of his future trade, he studies the problems in designing machinery parts. The Tech Drafting Department, through a carefully- planned curriculum, develops a student's imagination, patience, and skill while preparing him for an interesting and profitable future. fi fqtffygv X . f'-14", , . 7 s 1 ' '1 Banging, clanking, hammering, cutting, and grind- ing noises, sawdust, smoke, and odors of paint, shellac, and cement fill the air in the various branches of the BUILDING TRADES DEPARTMENT. Freshman students undergo training in the five branches of this department for six weeks each, plus taking a brief electrical course. The branches are carpentry, cabinet-making, painting and decorating, masonry, and plumbing. Projects com- pleted include a model house, a piece of furniture, painted articles, lawn pieces such as statues, stepping stones, vases, and bird baths. Underclassmen obtain a knowledge of brick and block laying, plumbing, and house wiring. Upon completion of this program, the stu- dent may select any field for specialization. BUILDING TRADES DEPARTMENT-James House, Stephen Belmer, Jack ' '-- s- 4'-' p ,4 HHH 4'-sa. If X3 , Morris Woods, Department Head Longshore, John Obst, Morris Woods, Paul Vogt, Samuel Skomp, Charles Kocher. .AL 1 s l 1 AUTO-AVIATION DEPARTMENT--Douglas Thompson, Clifford Allen, Verle Qvershiner, Stephen Belmer, Robert Crooke, Donald Miller, T. R. Furry, The AUTO-AVIATION DEPARTMENT is an excellent example of one of Tech's popular training divisions. The department consists of a repair shop tor car engines and airplanes and a body and tender shop. People outside Tech may bring their cars in to have them repaired with- out the cost of labor. The students work on practice cars before they repair the cars which are brought in. The fs assistant, Charles Day, Dale Herrington, Lewis Pence, William Berger, Frederick Mayer. body and tender shop repairs the body of the car. Stu- dents paint, fiberglass, lead, and sometimes customize the car bodies. Students in the regular auto trades work on the engines and all the parts which go into the com- pletion ot the engine. In a similar way, the aviation di- vision takes care of the very few planes to be repaired. Sam Dudkowski, Department Head 'Q K ' t X- ' - Y x CTU i'cc1'if.,. f 1 A William Eddy, Department Head Because metal is one of the most useful materials in today's world, it is naturally fitting that Tech should offer courses in this field of work. The METAL TRADES DEPART- MENT presents an attractive program of classes to stu- dents interested in learning to work with metal. In the first semester a choice is given among wood pattern, foundry practice, and machine shop work. Next, the pupils are taught the fundamentals of sheet metal work, gas and electric welding, and advanced machine shop. Class proiects in metal help to teach in good skills that are learned in these classes. ln studying metal trades, a young man is laying the foundation for a substantial career. METAL TRADES DEPARTMENT-V. D. Whetstino, William Eddy, Howard Johnson Norman Brinker Edward Howe Emanuel Cruzer "E 11' , . . it x 5 X N E '81 1.- , V E t ew P ,. ELECTRICAL TRADES DEPARTMENT-Jules Zinter, Earl Terry, Garold Bramblett Lewis Marshall What doesn't run by electricity? Not many things. The courses offered by the ELECTRICAL TRADES DEPART- MENT not only acquaint a student with the mysteries of electricity, but also prepare him for a iob later on. Electrical Trades I and Il are "try-out" courses in which his abilities, aptitude, and interests are discovered. After learning the practical study of electricity, he applies this to different conditions of house-wiring on house models. Then he may choose any electrical field of interest for specialization, such as radio and television, refrigeration, electronics, and advanced electricity. Lewis Marshall, Department Head GHQ O 'l .15 'i .rt 5 v -.. fw- -8.- Mvtlw. K , 25 x ,- X .1 n X V f, A 'I I , p Qfjit 'P ' ,. .5 ""' N -: ' FP- Lg, .gc is ""'- nina 5. Y ht.,- ' +I ma hmm. x ' 1 K Z1 . I apr! , Aj -u- eil ART CLUB-Front Row: Suzi Schneider, sec.-treas., Deanna Handy, Patty A. Finch, Karen B. Wells, Judy Doty, Phyllis Ellis, Margaret Barnes, Susan Gosnell, Maenell Means, Jill Hansford, Betty Howard, Melody Radziewicz, Johnson. Row 3: Miss Phemister, sponsor, Danny Rushton, Vic Christian, Donna Ewer, Susan Humbarger, pres., Judith Hester. Row 2: Mary Ann James Taylor, William Wade, Larry Robert Barth, Jay A. Meulen, Paul Frakes, Donna l.. Wright, Phyllis Coleman, Mary Susan Gaunce, Richard , ,X 5. ,Q Ar' ' Mx STRING ENSEMBLE-Front Row: Bill Eltzroth, Jeannie C ra ig , Stephanie Tomescu. Row 2: Daniel Glover, Peter Putelis. A. Cassady, v. pres., Gerald E. Kirk, Richard G. Riegel. Through its varied extra-curricular program, Tech is able to find outlets for every type of enthusiastic student on campus. For those whose talent is expressed in some form of art, the ART CLUB provides extra work, education, and fun for anyone with the urge to paint, draw, sculp, sketch, and shape. For all students interested in music, the reorganized MUSIC CLUB is the answer. Prospective musicians can meet with kindred souls to create music or listen to it. The STRING ENSEMBLE, one of Tech's fine musical groups, provides entertainment for campus clubs and off- campus civic organizations. The melodic strains produced by the Ensemble provide a pleasant change from the usual musical offering. MUSIC CLUB-Front Row: Anna Miller, sec., Lynnda Pallikan, hostess, Slack, Evelyn Martin, Dotti Wood. Row 3: Dan Bacon, Charles Beavin, Pamela Miller, Anne DI-lfhie, PGP-I 990570 Wl'i9hI, IYGUS-P MY- 0l'I0ll. Clarence Pavey, Gordon Caudill, sgt-at-arms, Jerry M. George, pres., sponsor. Row 2: Sharon Donahue, Garnet E. Nolan, v. pres., Barbara Jim .Hendon-son, J 3 '3 17 T7 T77 rv V7 ff? . Q5 sf' f-v .Qi V4 'cr 1-J T7 ' ,, ,gf p 4 rs' L Y 4 Y 1 1 MADRIGAI. SINGERS-Front Row: Pamela Hunt, Dorothy Swan, Nancy Jones, Dorothy Wood, Sandra Ohne, Evelyn Martin, Pamela Miller, Ruth Two of the more popular musical groups on campus are the MADRIGALS and BOYS' OCTETTE. They may be two of the smaller music groups, but they are not small in quality. Eight girls and eight boys form the Madrigals, the Boys' Octette explains itself in numbers. Both groups give programs at quite a few local, civic, church, and , 1 X -x ' --I .dl K . A XLMASK , Handy. Row 2: Roy Rossell, Kenneth Wells, Joseph Misbach, John Habig, Van Butler, James Evans, Douglas Bacon. school functions. 'lhey are especially busy at Christmas time. All the students who are in these groups also take part in our Techoir, Only the more outstanding students in music are chosen forthe more advanced music groups. It takes talent as well as practice to produce the quality of the Madrigals and Boys' Octette. 6- yt-O1 BOYS' OCYETTE-Steve Ramago, Kenny Lewin, Charles Carmony, Steven L. Williams, Randy Burns, Michael Road, John Soltau, Jaclm Robertson, Charles Boavin, accompanist. a f BOYS' CONCERT CLUB-Front Row: Mr. Simpson, director: Mike Polson, sec.-treas.: Melvyn Pfeiffer, pres.: Shelby Duncan, Dave Abbett, Dwight Suggs, Larry Miller, Jack Corpuz, Ronnie Shuppert, John Habig, accom- panist. Row 2: Ronnie Buss, Asael Contreras, Tom Campbell, Steve Beld- ing, Alan Borneman, Eric Johnson, Steve Leonard, Wayne Howery, Ralph Tech's BOYS' CONCERT CLUB and GIRLS' CONCERT CLUB are busy groups. These two choruses perform on many occasions throughout the school year: during the Christmas season their schedule is especially heavy. Sing- ing on the Circle is but one of the activities of the con- cert clubs at Christmas time. They appear on television with a program of'Christmas music and play an im- portant part in the inspiring Christmas assembly at Tech. GIRLS' CONCERT CLUB-Front Row: Barbara Brummett, Susan Forlmer, v. pres.: Janice Britt, Mary Russell, William Eltzroth, accompanist: Chris- tina Priest, Judith Martin, Roseva Hughes, Patricia Floerke. Row 2: Ruthanne Cline, Mary Kennington, Karen Safford, pres.: Sharon Dona- hue, Jimi Sue Parker, 'Sheryl Thiesing, Peggy Ellis, Sandra Hargis, Maureen Woodard, Mary Jo Macy. Row 3: Nancy Muller, Karla Burns, Hodgson, Keith Phemister, Fred Smith, Bill Wilham. Row 3: Alan Finch, host: Steve Hull, James Williams, Fred Panharst, John Robertson, Wayne Gross, v. pres.: Tom Beeson, Ron Thurman, Bill Conour, Gordon Caudill, David Denham, sgt-at-arms, Oliver Whitted. The concert clubs are part of the Techoir that cuts a rec- ord of Christmas carols for the general public. Every spring these groups combine their talents with the other music groups and perform at "An Enchanted Evening," sponsored by the Tech PTA. Proceeds from this annual evening of music go to the Hanson H. Anderson Scholar- ship Fund which annually awards scholarships to a Tech boy and girl. Evelyn Lewin, sec.: Nancy Boyd, Jonna Wells, Glee Looper, Lincla Burris, Jo Ann Brady, Anne Duthie Diana Brown, Mary Monschein. Row 4: Gloria Trout, Sharon Addler, Sue Hottenroth, Sue Evans, Diane Weidman, Betty Abbott, Judith Doty, Maxine Madritsch, Diane Roberts, Faith Marshall. 49 40- N gflfiiii '-wig, 9 A xi, , M 5 NWWQ ' ' wg, ,,,. 'il V .9 "' ' A I ? . GJ, 'ff ?-f Q lA' ft' me f " Ing' xvx F315 'iq a- s i Wwiyi.QYQJ,' xfixfgifl 363 -' 2' 1? 'lea pi - XWQAI , , 5, 2 Q, 'Q . , ' IN qmnwg If 2:15 i M ff GHVLJ Q ju. !'75 l l CONCERT BAND-Front Row: Jerry George, v. pres., James Coe, Roy Rossell, drum mai., Evelyn Martin, treas., Harold Backus, Richard Dickson, Shirley Brown, Peggy Purcell, Rebecca Thompson, David Hawley, Suzanne Wilson, William Burmeister, Pamela Miller, sec. Row 2: James Henderson, The TECH CONCERT BAND has possibly one of the busiest schedules of any Tech group. Besides playing for assemblies, it also participates in community events such as the Veterans' Day Parade. Cold, rain, sleet, or snow, nothing stops the Tech Band from faithfully practicing routines used for half- CONCERT ORCHESTA-Front Row: Jeannie Craig, concert mistress, linda Engel, sec., Peter Putelis, sgt-at-arms, Sheryl Thiesing, Stephanie Tomescu, co-pres., Sandra Ohne, Susan Smith, lib., Daniel Glover, treas. Row 2: Janet Allen, Mark Hopping, co-pres., Nancy Muller, Faith Marshall, Donna Daniel Bacon, Cheryl Hardyman, Jeanne Forkner, Chris Hammond, Bruce Crellin, Lynnda Pallikan, Jenny Goodnight, Dwight Suggs, Paul McDowell, Anne Duthie, Thomas Creasser, Mary Hopping, Gordon Caudill, Vince Holm, sgt-at-arms. Row 3: Kenneth Beight, Reginald Milton, Timothy time shows at the games. Under the direction of Mr. White, band members daily are hard at work learning new selections and practicing the familiar old ones. The TECH CONCERT ORCHESTRA produces beautiful music, combining skills and talents in playing various symphonies as well as such modern music as "Exodus" Hunt, Emily Guillon, Christina Priest, Doloris Kirkbride, Dorothy Wood, Beverly Vaughn, William Smith. Row 3: Susan Johnson, lib., Denita Wright, Diana Brown, Carla Leonard, Charlene Brown, William Bolander, Pamela Miller, William Burmeister, Suzanne Wilson, Evelyn Martin, band H' I 'z 1 3? 2 1 1 ,f 4 'Y A , 2-my ,, , .WL 5, 1 .wil- lf l 5 51- 4 , .S ! 2' -W V St V Z. X IQ, N N -. : 5. h f ,-J .U . K .xxx R gli . I NH 59? Q ' . X ' :J fir . . :iw hi ii. YN D ,f 5,5 ? , 3:-J . 5 . X . Q51 ' e A 2 i 3 .n Q5 ' fP'g,t' ' FW -'- fi, ,Q 112: I Q' ' ' ., -"- 1 , - f, . 1 O 6 3 Q I. Y :Q F , X if ' ' . X I ' r.5'54U- 'T' f. A n r ' Qckls 1 l, x T. 5, I 1 . . 1 r nf 4 , x N wr- ' mf ' x 1 . pw Nb 1 1 ll. :O , X . ! !!Q ,. A ' N U s I ' 1 'H , g. .fda-Li ... vy a , 4, D . 1 f 'J' ga ,. ff vw' gpg. a ..- 'J X 5 ,. : 1- , 1 a --V . 'xy ..'J - .,-I tl., . .1- , ,. ,.,,-ag, . S. 'I fiffx W '9 2 . 7 1 I I W A 11 .4 . . va A Q ,J 1,621 1 N-Jfi P . ,X ,I n I An L' I I I , - -Ls V W 0 4 5,1 ' 5 f " " 94 xx I ' C. . ,v nO! Q 86 z ', s 3 4 Aus, 1 l 1 l, lr Q 5 l 1 ,.,,,.,.----r- An. W ROTC INSTRUCTORS-SFC Carlos Poindexter, MfSgt. Regis Craver, SFC J. C. Britton, and Mrs. Verda Allee, assistant. Our ROTC Is On G O C RIFLE TEAM-Mark Hopping, James Kidder, William Pracht, Harold Powell. Forward March The RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS was es- tablished at Tech in 1919 by Captain Hardin under the National Defense Act of 1916. Ever since then the ROTC, as it is commonly called, offers splendid oppor- tunities in military training for all interested boys. The ROTC encourages integrity, discipline, and leadership. The social highlight of the cadet year is the annual Military Ball which is held in February. The Tech ROTC also presents the annual Federal Inspection in the spring and has been awarded an honor rating every year since 1921 by the Fifth Army Headquarters, at Chicago, ll- linois. To make the inspection, an officer comes to Tech each year. Also, to make life more interestingare the ROTC sponsors, girls who march in parades, participate in the inspection and review, and take part in the social ac- tivities of the school's unit. COLOR GUARD-Cadet SSgt leeRoy McKinney, Cadet Sgt Mai. Ernest Hann, Cadet SFC James Seaman, Cadet Sgt John Scho- wengerdt. ROTC OFFICERS-Row 1: Hon. Cadet Capt. Edellen Stewart, Hon. Cadet Capt. Linda Craig, Hon. Cadet Capt. Rita Cummings, Hon. Cadet Capt. Sandra Baker, Hon. Cadet Lt. Col. Sandra Ohne, Hon. Cadet Col. Sharon Marin, Hon. Cadet Capt. Charlotte Grebe, Hon. Cadet Capt. Barbara Spears, Hon. Cadet Capt. Nancy Atherton, Hon. Cadet Capt. Debbie White, Hon. Cadet Capt. Sharon Moon, Hon. Cadet Capt. Ruthann O'Rear. Row 2: Cadet lst Lt. Robert Strong, Cadet 2nd lt. Charles Scahill, Cadet 2nd Lt. Stephen Leonard, Cadet Lt. Col. Donovan Busby, Cadet Mai. James Sharpe, Cadet 2nd Lt. Jerry Gilreath, Cadet Col. ivy ,f l . 1 x William Kruger, Cadet Capt. Steven Daugherty, Cadet Mai. James Kidder, Cadet 2nd Lt. Michael McCarty, Cadet 2nd Lt. Randy Randol, Cadet lst Lt. William Pracht. Row 3: Cadet lst lt. Harold Powell, Cadet Lt. Col. Mark Hopping, Cadet Maj. William Ford, Cadet Capt. James Ford, Cadet Capt. Gale Woods, Cadet Mai. John Baker, Cadet Capt. John Clark, Cadet 2nd Lt. John Springer, Cadet lst Lt. I.. Raymond Walker, Cadet 2nd Lt. Stephen Hyatt, Cadet lst lt. John Peterson. Not Pictured: Hon. Cadet Capt. Ruth Handy, Cadet 'lst Lt. Robert Marshall, Cadet 2nd Lt. John Eades, Cadet 2nd Lt. Oliver Whitted. Sl V.. ,gg T Q, ' ',f""'- 4 ..,. kgs- 1' 'A New . ww'- ' 1 In-If 1' ' A' l REPORTERS-Front Row: Mary MeAree, Evelyn Resnick, Evelyn Sghueller, Bolander, Kenneth Hilton, Tom Creasser, Betty Bell. Row 3: Susan Meeks, Row 2: Corine Brown, Sondra James, Mike Hyatt. Row 3: William P0145 G00dl'Ul"",KUY l-e5fel',DUVld Plifmun- Weekly And nnual Staffs Report Events The Cannon Weekly plays a big part in the lives of Technites. Each week many hours are devoted to prepar- ing the stories and "making up" each page for print. For those students who are interested in journalism, writing for the Cannon is a good beginning. Those who subscribe to the Cannon profit from its editorials, and stay in- formed on the activities around Tech Town. The Cannon also has several regular columns which consist of "witty tidbits" which are amusing to the readers. ln the front office of the West Residence dwell two faculty members, an able assistant, a file cabinet, an unused fireplace, and hundreds of miscellaneous items. Here in the cluttered atmosphere of hard word and iournalism, the Cannon newspaper and yearbook are originated, produced, and distributed. WEEKLY EDITORS: Front Row: David Grabhorn, sports editor, Melody Radziewicz, page 2 editor, llze Henkels, feature editor, Astrid Henkels, page I assistant, Sandy Lehman, photographer. Row 2: Steve Hyatt, managing editor, Donna Hufford, page 3 editor, Dennis PUBLICATIONS DEPARTMENT-Hester Anne Hale, year- Hanshew, page I editor, Maxine Madritsch, editor-in-chief, James Suddarth, page 3 as- book sponsor, Mrs. Betty Rowland, assistant, Cecil Tres- sistant, Sue Hottenroth, page 2 assistant, Ron Strahl, assistant sports editor. slar, newspaper sponsor and publications director. 6 nl is V 7 9 f V Students all over the world have a chance to ioin the Quill and Scroll Society, an international organization for high school students interested in journalism. To quali- fy for membership, Cannon newspaper staff members must have 2,000 column lines printed and yearbook members must have performed in an outstanding manner for at least two full semesters, recommendation by the staff sponsor and a C+ or better average are also requisites. YEARBOOK EDITORS-Seated: Ruth Neffle, editor-in-chief. Standing: Connie Hittle, photographer, Suzi Schneider, art editor, Susan Forkner, business manager. Ax f' QUILL AND SCROLL-Rowl: Ruth Neffle, Melody Radziewicz, Maxine Mad- ritsch, Susan Forkner, Sue Hottenroth. Row 2: Dennis Hanshew, Steve Hyatt, Astrid Henkels, llze Henkels, David Grabhorn. lg. K., "Work" is the basic word on which any yearbook Q relies, and the Cannon yearbook staff of 1963 is no ex- ception. Numerous tasks performed throughout the year are accompanied by usual headaches and trying situa- tions. Advertisements are gathered, indexes checked, A photos taken, and copy written in a rush of deadlines. Apt supervision combined with "work" and spiced with humor, plus an energetic staff, result in this yearbook. We have tried to produce a yearbook which reflects the best of our abilities and talents. YEARBOOK STAFF-Seated: Joyce Henson. Standing: Evelyn Resnick, Diane Hughes, Deeann Mathis, Petrine Christein, JoAnn Brady, Rose Simian. Not pictured: Sue Ellen Evans, Lynda Turner. i 'Wl 15 V, xf -'-7 5 . gf afl- The lure of the stage is a undeniable one. Year after year enthusiastic freshmen, sophomores, iuniors, and seniors ioin in one of the most outstanding events of the year. Many an ambitious young singer, energetic dancer, or promising comedian makes his debut with the raising of the traditional green stage curtain for the first performance of the annual Sketchbook. Grease paint, spotlights, and opening nights are linked with mystical and fascinating experiences by all ordinary people. The Sketchbook is student planned and student directed. Sketchbook Board members' duties are to supervise, plan, and direct every aspect of the gigantic production. This year's Board members have been hard at work almost from the moment of their selection, planning and rehears- ing countless surprises for the audiences who eagerly await the curtain's rising. When that magic moment ar- rives, the many hours, days, and weeks of hard, grueling, work are overshadowed by the thrill and excitement of opening night. Tech's variety show rates as one of the best in the city. Any Techite will agree to that. Sketchbook Generates Fun And Frolic SKETCHBOOK DIRECTORS Stephen Williams drama dir Evelyn Mar dir., Rose Simion, press dir., Roy Rossell, instrumental music dir. and tin dance dur Melody Radziewicz advertising dir Ed Cohee technical general chairman, Sandra Ohne, vocal music dir. yy CO JUNIOR PROM CANDIDATES-Front Row: Kathy Huter, Sandra Baker Borns Larry Champion Kenny Lewin David Sexson Gary Kennedy Karla Burns, Vicki Sutton, Donna Burnette, Anita Smith. Row 2: Craig Richard Detty Candidates Await Two Spring Highlights Beauty, poise, winning smiles . . . these are all at- tributes of a campus queen. To be sure, all of the Junior Prom queen candidates have that aura of happiness, and the radiance of the chosen queen will be reflected in the eyes of all who see her. The sparkling vivacity that marks a queen does not come from long hours in the beauty salon, but is drawn from deep within herself. At the end of the school year, there is always a yearbook dance. The candidates for the reigning couple are the top four boys and top four girls among yearbook salesmen. When Techites arrive at the 1963 yearbook "autograph party," they will vote for the one boy and one girl to receive the "best seller" awards. I WRESTLING TEAM-Row 1: Ralph Wendel, Bennie Owens, Richard How- ards, Charles Johnson, John Kuhn, Steve Oser, Siegfried Borczak. Row 6: Ireland, Jesse Washington, John Maxey, Joe Easley, Robert Gillaspy. Row 3: Willie Boone, David Cutshaw, Raymond Griffin, Anthony Cab- bell, Mike Avery, Ronald Wheeler, Dwight Suggs, Phillip Kunkel, Velmon Graham, Forest Haley, Arnold Cooper, Melvyn Pfieffer. Row 4: Tim Barnes, Jim Fox, David Pittman, Kenneth Purvis, Eric Finnell, Wayne Gross, Joe Wilson, Steve Evans, Charles Elliott, Phil Church, William Freeman, Randy Woodson. Row 5: Tom Payne, Elvain Nious, John Jarrett, Tom Carter, Leroy Avery, Ray Evans, Don Wright, Paul Trefz, Ronald Rich- ards, Charles Johnson, John Kuhn, Steve Oser, Siegfried Borczak: Row 6: Mr. Hurrle, coach: Richard Dickson, Charles Whirter, Steve Russell, Charles Melton, Steve Chestnut, William Bruce, Mike Harmeson, Stan Sowder, Alonzo Howard, Mr. Meyer, asst. coach, Mr. Dininger, Freshman coach. Wrestling Demand Brains And Brawn Mr. Hurrle "awards" Joe Easley. November 28. . . . . .Washington December 4 . . Broad Ripple December 6 . . Cathedral December 11 . . . Wood December 14. . . Arlington December 18 .............. . . Manual December 21-22-January 4. . . . .City Tourney January 8 .............. . .Ben Davis January 11 . . . Shortridge January 12. . . . . . Howelnvitational January 18... . . .Howe January 25. . . North Central January 31 ..................... Southport Strength, precision, and balance are the funda- mental elements which contribute to the development of a champion wrestler. For the participant, acquiring these basic necessities means vigorous and endless hours of practice and physical endurance as well as expert coaching. Under the careful guidance and experienced eyes of their coaches, John Hurrle, Robert Meyer, and Walter Dininger, the 1962-63 "mat" team has brought home rewarded acclaims for Tech. Of the numerous wrestling trophies already ex- hibited in the Tech gymnasium, the most prized is the latest addition, the Howe Invitational Trophy won Janu- ary 12, 1963. T2 94, RE 529 P.. VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM-Front Row: John Nell, Ron Strahl, Bill Wilham, James Boone, Mike Johnson. Row 2: Mr. Moreman, coach, Mike Weber, David Sexson, Jon Spadorcia, Jim Bostic, Gary Kennedy, Mr. Bradford, coach. Row 3: Jerry Harrell, Carl Blue, Larry Champion, Fred Taylor, Kenny Lewin, Jack Dobbs, Mr. Dagwell, Athletic Director. Springtime Is Baseball-Time On Campus VARSITY April 9 'I6 18 23 25 29 30 May 2 6 7 9 'I4 17 20 24 RESERVE April 24 29 May 1 2 6 8 'I3 15 Attucks Scecina North Central Arlington Southport Wood Sacred Heart Kokomo Ben Davis Cathedral Howe Broad Ripple Manual Shortridge Washington Manual Howe Cathedral Washington Ben Davis Broad Ripple Attucks Scecina 5. , fi Q.. X X 5- is L R lx X ks- 'LN N TSICZ ...A-.J ,t-I --. "sl X so . ,...,,4,, e 57' gn , -- - 1' f ' B x:--. A X-.-xp.'-vdL- Q. . -,i- ...C 2, jf' -s J 93 lg 94 7-" ii. ' 14,1 ...Ii Four high school baseball squads were added to the Titans' schedule for the first time. Scecina, North Cen- tral, Arlington, and Wood faced the powerful Titan dia- mondmen. The Varsity Titans sought to defend the city championship crown as they were guided by five letter- men. Three of the five lettermen hit over .300 during the previous season. The Tech outfield was well set as was the strong infield. Titan underclassmen had a hand in the pitching situation although they were led by a de- pendable letterman hurler. The Tech baseballers were ably coached by Ivan Moreman, assisted by Jack Brad- ford and Carl Meditch. The reserves played an eight- game schedule highlighted by matches with rivals Broad Ripple and Cathedral. xXN X XXX X 5 l I M., P " - f in . A ' ,,,-cue' 5 ie l.L i . st", 'lw 5' in . ne. :.' .- 'f " S We 7252? aff 'Lk .Raft .,1.n'if-.... VARSITY AND RESERVE TRACK TEAM-Front Row: Kenneth Hunt, Jerry McGary, Jimmy Smith, Dave Abbett, Tom Heitzman, Cyril Carter, Terry Smith, William Sturdiva nt, Steve Beattie, Chester Humphries, Mike Drane, Danny Ireland, David Cutshaw, Larry Fleming, Eric McQueen, Mike Seagraves. Row 2: Mr. Catt, trainer, Mr. Potter, assist. coach, VARSITY AND RESERVE April 2 4 9 'I 'I 'I8 23 25 May l-2 10 'I7 25 FRESHMEN April 'I6 24 30 May 2 7 13 15 20 Washington Warren Central Southport Shortridge Broad Ripple Kokomo Arlington City Tourney Sectionals Regionals State Washington Attucks Manual Howe City Tourney Wood Relays Arlington Woodview Jr. High Mr. Bell, head coach, Jerry lane, Spencer Worth, Harold Powell David Kreimer, John Baker, Eugene Akers, Roger Roney Velmon Graham Benny Owens, Mr. Medcalfe, asst. coach, Mr. Dagwell Athletic Director Row 3: Fred Davie, Gerald Neff, James Sykes, Wayne Reed Eli Brown James Shepperd, Fred Hawthorne, Arthur Sams, William Kruger Anthony Cabell, Charles Jones, Dennis Selm, Mike Avery, Roger Bnrkla NlN,X E " -x ' 'A A Z -ru- lsrehltfhil' FRESHMAN TRACK TEAM-Front Row: Ronald Richards, Walter Morrow, Paul Trefz, Ronald Johnson, Riley Bates, Earl Lee, James Chinn, Bernard Muffler, Steve Harvey, Leroy Avery, Lynn Gartrell, Jeff Holbrook, Chris- topher Wilson, Edward Vance, Robert Wakeland. Row 2: John Scott, Dave Mathews, Ronald Taylor, Jon Jarrett, Floyd Evans, Marion Casey, Eddie Bryant, David Handy, William Reed, James Ferguson, Michael The Tech Titan cindermen have constantly lived up to their reputation as one of the best "track schools" in the state. This year is no exception. Under new coach Carlos Bell, the Titans have once again fielded a team that is hard to beat in any one of the twelve track and field events. The broad lump and shot put seem to be Tech's strong points. Last year they won state titles in Price, Ronald Green, Steve Harris, John Kuhn, Robert O'Neal. Row 3: Mr. Dininger, coach, Cecil Frink, Charles Sanders, John Gannon, Sieg- fried Borczak, Wayne Culp, Dossie Sims, Robert Graham, Felix Town- send, Paul Middlebrook, William Watson, Rodney Wire, Harold Lee, Wil- liam Crawford, Ronald Horton, Thomas Whaley. both, under the fine tutelage of assistant coach Wallace Potter. The Titan hustlers are highly respected in both the mile and half-mile run as well as in the pole vault event. Teamwork is highly rewarded in the mile relay and half-mile relay. Coordination and spe-ed are emphasized in the high and low hurdles. Shortridge and Kokomo prove to be the Titans' staunchest opponents. 4- Q . .. .f.,-Q 1 ltm'PJ' Q W 1, it -gs as 4 ? rr a 0 'tw' 'L rl J . L'-' v.i?f'rd,', V- , -'ff:f'iz-sf ,r.!L,-,,,Q.!! Qmw .,,, Ut. J V. ,,f.,W3,s-, .,,w, ,, , N . L hge., fling., ry-41:50 i 4 '-'a..i" 'L 1 1 .uw .a , sf, s N We .rs tt, f' " , .-': ff' ff V ff'F,u I , tdffmzf-',liK4'hnflf1lrf1f.fg?fZfiI..,' MW' TENNIS April 11 April 16 April 18 April 19 April 22 April 23 April 25 April 30 May May May May 14 May 16 May 20 Wood Howe Washington North Central Manual Kokomo Sacred Heart Shortridge Scecina Cathedral Arlington Broad Ripple Attucks City Tourney TENNIS TEAM-Front Row: Dave Grabhorn, Kim Phemister, Steve Belding, Cliff Chandler, Jim Price. Row 2: Mr. Calderwood, asst., Ernie Dollman, David Coffin, Richard Detty, Stan- ley Mass, Mr. Leverenz, coach. Below Bruce Paternoster. Tennis and golf require long hours of strenuous practice because these two "minor" sports are almost equal to a "major" sport. Coach Roland Leverenz, aided by exchange teacher Alan Calderwood, supervises the tennis program. These two coaches must put in long hours in helping aspiring young tennis hopefuls who practice five nights a week from 3:00 to 6:00. The coaches and players have their hands full once the season starts as the team plays from three to four matches a week. Aided by four re- turning varsity members and one Ietterman, members of the 1963 tennis squad will be out to improve on their 5-12 showing last season. Handling the coaching duties in the golf department is Phillip Quillin. This iob becomes even more important considering these boys play from nine to eighteen holes of golf each school night. Even though last year's season was below par, Coach Quillin is looking for a brighter future in 1963. GOLF GOLF TEAM-Front Row: Robert Duesser, Steven Schmidt, John Laffey, Roland Hiles. Row 2: Alan Borneman, Michael Presley, Frank Renfro, William Hinman, Mr. Quillin, coach. April Howe . , April Washington ' i i i "' -, April Wood ' J , Q ' April Manual , ' f' ' , , ' April Sacred Heart I ' , 9 April Shortridge May Scecina May Kokomo May Cathedral May Arlington May Southport May Broad Ripple May Attucks May Sectional 4-is E N3 97 'vu 1. 4' - - .4 f . 9'Z'..'t.e1..3...-'-few" , ,vii vt 5.17. ' , .U I' f' Q if u"'-'V edivi- ' xg-. , gr . ' , hd. gn . - f - -- ' -4 , ' 'Q -A . ..4 O ' 0. .Q . "J I Q U I . Q 1. C I 1 bl I ' . JY! N !U"4" -'. X .HL 5 ,1q,,mv ,. -QD ' ' v . ' Q, Q- -' M. uv w.. Q I ,Q - f-4'4H'Jr A mi ii A ,N Ar:-. I 'J' .-I ' b rx -Ji gig!-in , Nui M., ,W X if .. x - ig, .. N n'ya?'Qv,,g,'f. , 'f A gf J'-5 Q' ,wifi ' - Xzgljf-, Xf.,.'A g' K' -, Y Q f fsgg? .ygxfgk H ,N -- 5,1--.4-VM + -' ,. - w fb gw . 5 , - -1 JA M A "JL J. M ' K. , is M A 5 . , , .1 543, .2 . w. M A, vtqgisfd R.. ,.:4.'1,j 4 xl I .JL V , 34 D' ... - , Q au , 5 5 s .Ji xx , 1 N Q X :W X ' f ' x- cf 13.1. 'lu fl -3-5h,'W5 N: Y x - X. l . 'Y ,iz .SAGQ . vu ' - -' ' s- 'sf 3 INT Agn 5-MN' Q M 'f 1 ,pi b 'Q' - ' V -1. f ,, A, :A Q N If, Aw. . .-lui-rjf'-,'YJ",1 'llffi 1,1 if-ff 1 fl www I- 2 "1 fp . .J 1 ' , ' ti- , r. K H S f,,glsuiMff.b..ix. Z 'Q I 'xi a v 'J - -J - , ,M - -5, 'Q ,, 1 .V-.rf-. ".g:,.- wYa,:-,. l . ., , Q - , fs , ?uf4- 'Q' ' f' x-.- Q - "' 1 Af 4.'T.",,ws 'P K, Q ,, . r -,. UN , 44, ,. fvn.. . .W fx Av V. R 'L - " f , 21" 'xt . fr if 'j 'I .- A gtg, 'Ipf X, -KA v A- ,, ' , - . ' - ' .- -' if . , X - . - M 5- , f 'ff x'-,K Luft'-'-,Mfr ',-. ' Ag' W '63 -' 46984. jf - ' ' . . . 4 , . , - , . , 'gf ax 1 A .-g V , S ii .TZ jrvzgi 1: 4, fy' K 2.33411 ,- 'KM 11,0 - Q VN N 2, F 4 V JK' L- , U , A x, ,. .. " . 1'-1' if ,Q .'-, rpfffzi J, ,y .k.-nf M , 'f"1'- ,N l f -W ' .f ' v k-: " H ,f- 1. H.,-ya' , fa-,ff x f X fx U . , b 1. ' V. ?l1 f f i K-... 'Z' Q, 'Sr' 5: yd 4 ' 'Q .N.45YxY-if ,' 3 ti 4 u ,, Y 1 , .ia -- "zL11"".'n , -,, , "- Q-'m'f.f f Q - ew 1 , ' .2 - ' 'W 1 -H ' 'KZ'-lv H I 1' ol fljtf wi " .1 'I Q fr It 'Ng , 5 1139 Q3 Q . .L k X 1 1 .N 1. Q. . f- . ' , , X' , .L-E, ,, -, fb ,xml , .. L X h , 4 L . V I L, - n 4... ' A 1 Z n - I , W -3 ,- "-'M , . 1 ,. , "?f.,f . .' N- j ' .f o " I L .0 ' if ,,,, v '. 4 A s I .l 4- nik 4 4 - fm ja, A Q t -Q I 4 1 F " A' ' 'ff' Q ' sf I ' f ' 75' f ' 'Km 'f A , .f -f- vt--"x"!f -fwtf ug . 11' - ' 1 1 - " ' 1 1 ' --4 4 --Q1-gzfvfi iff-A , ' X 6, , - .1503 ' . 5 ' fg X., ,QV 4 ' x 1' , . + Q Q xx , - x V. ., .MH ,.. B , tr . 1 ' f '-.-,' 1 WJ - Sm ' ' ' 61+ , A ' ' ' ' an ' ' fl' .v 'K - I , , ' . . . ' v 4 ,. Y " I 0 K, 4 . 'f A., ,A ' 3 Q, Q , V ' If fl I fr l 'Y ie? " 1 , ', '13 1 . x ! q , ' I' Y 4 "'. - y 'f 5 Q ,- D V 1 1' 2 . s." Qig,z.Q ffl' up E -5' . f ' k H YVA. c"6!Q..-S .. f' V . , A V,.f , ' f' - -Q.. 1 1643 , , f, x f K , X. 1,1 sf 'Aa ','slr vp" s'll, 'fff . ' .A , QW' ' ' ' 1 in in I i , I I . -1 J -'A J This Is Our Year Of The Roses still remember how, as very small children, we went out to look for summer flowers. To make up our bouquets, we searched carefully everywhere, and the bravest ones of us would climb to the highest places to pick the prettiest blossoms. Then, we would take our flowers home in great handfuls and try to keep them in glasses of water, but somehow, eventually, they would always wilt and die. Older people smiled and told us, "Never mind, look to the coming summers." We did dream about the years ahead. What would it be like to be "grown up"? Perhaps we could have whole gar- dens for ourselves. Now, in our last year of high school, we are young men and women in whom others may place their trust. We supposedly have absorbed enough experience and knowledge to be able to continue, now, as independent and individual examples, to transcend the ideas of our basic education that we might meet the challenge of the future. Faced with this realization of the seriousness of our responsibilities, we react with mixed emotions. Adult- hood is not so reassuring as we had hoped it might be. We find it difficult to stop being children in our fears and wants, and the fragile flowers we tried to keep so long ago are symbolic of the remaining days of our adolescence. To you, who educate and guide us, we again turn for encouragement and advice. There is such a bond between you and us, of purposes, of efforts, and of anxieties. You can truly know our inner conflicts and ambitions be- cause they have been yours. They have, indeed, been a part of all youth from the beginning of time. Man and man need no words to communicate. During our course of time together, more and more every day, we say to you proudly in each movement we make, "Look at us! See how beautiful, and young, and strong we all ore! See how much we want to live!" ln turn, you have been eager to help us learn how to utilize our resources. You have told us to use our abili- ties not only to soar our rockets higher, build our build- ings taller, and to expand our frontiers further, but also to probe more deeply into our own minds, and to con- struct the political and moral systems of tomorrow on the principles of compassion and iustice for the individual. Within your consciences, you say to us, "Succeed where we have failed." Tell us, once more, of these things which we must accomplish. We are willing and able. Tell us. How are we to do them? For the world which you are about to bequeath to us is an ominous heritage. The garden of which we dreamed is now over-run with prickly weeds and small snakes. If we are to salvage any of the ideals transferred to us through the generations of history, we must immediately make the decision of personal dedication toward the uprooting of ignorance and evil in our society. There can be no cowardice, no hesitation here. Especially on those persistent ones of us who al- ways climb highest for our goals will the task be par- ticularly burdensome. Logically, the rewards should also be the most abundant for them, but life will make no such promises. Perfection is their ever unattainable peak. Knowledge is the object of their search. Even after it has been obtained, like a rare and delicate plant, it must be continually transplanted and constantly nurtured. Its possessor must tirelessly give of himself that it may thrive to be a prolific thing. To all of us have been put the questions: "What is your place?" "What is most important to you?" At the end of this year, we must be prepared to answer. Yet, before we are ready, let us consider the year itself, and in doing so, meditate on our own questions. What is senior year but another threshold, the passageway between the dream world of pretending and the reality of a more serious game? What are all our times of happiness but small, soft blossomings, too quickly gone? What is child- hood, if nothing but a summer that has been too short. But if our senior year is an end to something, it is also a beginning. The beginning of our acceptance of your challenges. We hope that we shall be fully pre- pared to meet them. However, if sometimes we seem to hestitate during this last year, it is because we are trying to go beyond written standards to evoke strength from a deeper source, awareness. lt may be that the re- membrance of a face, or a day, or a thought is of the ut- most importance. To forget one detail means to lose it forever to eternity. There is so much we must take in, and now so little time. That is why this year is vital to us. When the youth, ioy, sorrow, and friendship within a group of people reaches a certain point of wholeness or unity, it may be described as a "senior year," or more exactly in a poem by Marya Zaturenska, as a "year of the roses": Nola Reno delivers the speech she wrote for the Senior Convocation. "Fallen these moments, cold and clear Year of the quivering rose, the year When what is loved is most possessed." .N AJ gy H 1- A Q. ic? S- U is if , W' sf: ' 121 ' eff 0 QT: NF NJ 5 w I I .,,T,., 1- , fu A if L Q- f" PROM COMMITTEE-Steve Hyatt, Jack Robertson, Jean Craig, Sharon Marin, Deborah White, Rita Cummings, Terri Schneider. Not pictured: Michael Har- vey, ex-officio member. 5 RECOMMENDATIONS COMMITTEE-Vaino E. Aiango, William Kru- ger, Bruce Paterncster, Phillip Smith, David Grabhorn. Not pic- tured: Michael Harvey, ex-officio member. SENIOR COUNCIL OFFICERS President: W. Michael Harvey Vice-President: Lyn C. Funke Secretary: Rita E. Cummings Sergeant-At-Arms: Joseph M. long 5 1 "xx I 'nu' -"Tw, : Q. by? iii' SPORTSMANSHIP COMMITTEE-Front Row: Sandra Arterburn, Deborah White, COMMENCEMENT COMMITTEE-Front Row: Michael Harvey, Sheila McAllister, Diana Tinley. Standing: William Swan, James Sharpe, Charles Beavin. Not pictured: James Evans. Terri Schneider, Rita Cummings. Standing: David Grabhorn, Vaino Aiango, Charles Beovin, James Sharpe. Not pictured: Michael Harvey, ex-officio member. GIFT COMMITTEE-Front Row: Sandra Arterburn, Lyn Funke, Sandra Ohne. Standing: Gale Woods, Joseph Long, Richard Cook. Not pictured: Michael Harvey, ex-officio member. 51? W 'Hrs 'TI CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE-leo Hodges, James Campbell, Rose Simion, Linda Engel. Not pictured: Joe Wycoff. COLORS COMMITTEE-Marilyn Smith, Diane McCallie, David Grabhorn, Nancy Clark. Not pictured: Sharon Nichols. PICNIC COMMITTEE-Oran Watts, lorine Brown, Mark Hopping, Harrison Pittman. Not pictured: Paris Good- rum. V LETSCREADQ l CONVOCATION COMMITTEE-Front Row: Evelyn Martin, Stephanie Tomescu. Standing: Ruth Neffle, Charles Carmony, Carol Furry. SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE-Sandra Ohne, Charles Carmony, Susan Smith, Michael Harvey, Bruce Paternoster, Charles Beavin, Evelyn Martin, Connie Hittle, Sharon Grogan, Stephanie Tomescu. I ' I r . , . 4 Y l 6 jgfnivfi 4 I X 5 ff VESPERS COMMITTEE-Front Row: Doloris Kirkbride, Pamela Miller, Susan Smith. Standing: Jerry George, Bernard Crispin. ,N H' " i Pla , V, . . " if LX J' 1, 7 ' - Je?-. I1-Z. I 'E . 1 r 4 l 1"N'-Y ,Bib tv Roll Room I90 JUNE R. ANDERSON: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Science, Techoir, Junior Classical League, History Club, Service Club, Cheerblock. LINDA C. ANDERSON: Mai.-English, Social Studies. SHEILA A. ARMSTRONG: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education, Home Economics, Drama Club, His- tory Club, Service Club. . JAMES G. ARNOLD: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Shop. MELANIE ARSENAULT: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Busi- ness Education. CAROLYN L. AVERY: Mai.-English, Home Economics, Art, Service Club. PAUL J. BACH: Mai.-English, Auto Mechanics. HAROLD E. BACKUS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Science, Art, Tech Band, Concert Orchestra. P. DOUGLAS BACON: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Techoir, co-pres., Madrigals, Key Club. CASSANDRA J. BAILEY: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education, Future Teachers of America, Natural Science Club. JOHN M. BAKER: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, S.A.O. Executive Board, Techoir, Foot- ball, Track, Wrestling. THOMAS D. BANDY: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Busi- ness Education, Baseball, Football. DENNIS E. BARLOW: Mai.-English, Art, Tech Band, Lettermen's Club, Football, Basketball, mgr., Track, mgr. HELEN J. BARNES: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education, Natural Science Club, School Service, Girls' Play Day. RICHARD A. BARNES: Mai.-English, Shop. CAROL J. BARNETT: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Home Economics, Health. CHARLES A. BASS: Mai.-English, Framing, n.o.T.c. Drill Team. JACQUELINE BATES: Mai.-English, Home Economics, Girls' Play Day. RHONDA K. BATES: Mai.-English, Business Education, Arsenal Cannon Agent. SANDRIA A. BEASLEY: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Science, Natural Science Club, Girls' Play Day. IO4 President-CHARLES W. BEAVIN: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Languages, S.A.O. Executive Board, treas., Key Club, sec., Techoir, treas., Tech Band, pres., French Club, treas. Vice-President-D. JEAN CRAIG: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Music, Techoir, String Ensemble, Senior Prom Committee, Concert Orchestra. Secretary-SANDRA K. ARTERBURN: Mai.-English, Social Stud- ies, Languages, Techior, Cheerblock, pres., Spanish Club, ,r-A , v. pres., Gift Committee. Treasurer-RICHARD R. COOK: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Languages, Social Studies, Science, Gift Committee, Football. Sgt-at-Arms-VAINO E. AJANGO: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Tech Band, host, Concert Or- chestra, Key Club. Sponsor-MARGUERITE HARDY JAMES B. ADAMS: Mai.-English, Patternmaking. JANET P. ALLEN: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Science, Con- cert Orchestra. MARTHA E. ALLEN: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Stud- ies, French Club, History Club, RediCross Club. ERIC W. ALM: Mai.-English, Radio and T.V., Auto Club. ALICE A. ANDERSON: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Year- book Agent. i ,Su Q.. 'N fl, if Q-0 H"-Q. 1. .. 2: :- 'IPS- 3"2 A at A H 4 5 ups-'fr E V i I r If LORINE BROWN: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Languages, Social Studies, Science, Senior Picnic Committee, Speech Team, Arsenal Cannon Newspaper, Latin Award, History Club, corres. sec. EVELYN COX BROWNING: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies. ' JOHN D. BROWNLEE II: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, German Club, History Club, sec- ond v. pres., XYZ Club. SHARYN L. BRUCE: Mai.-English, Social Studies, S.A.O. Representative, Techoir, Girls' Ensemble, School Service. STEVEN D. BRYANT: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Body and Fender. ANNIE LEE BUCHANAN: Mai.-English, Health, Future Nurses of America. WILLIAM H. BURMEISTER: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Marching and Concert Bands, Concert Orchestra, French Club, treas., Service Club, Natural Science Club. RANDY B. BURNS: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Techoir, sgt-at-arms, Boys' Octette, Key Club, parl., Football, Track. CAROLYN J. BURROWS: Mai.-English, Business Educa- tion, Arsenal Cannon Agent, Cheerblock. ROBERT E. BURROWS: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Drafting, Art Club, pres., Golf. BARBARA J. BURRUS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Home Economics, Spanish Club, Red Cross Club, Y-Teens, Drama Club, Girls' Athletic Association. DONOVAN K. BUSBY: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Languages, Football, Wrestling, French Club. BEVERLY J. BUTLER: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Home Economics, Y-Teens. JACQUELINE K. BYRD: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Freshman Cheerleader, Service Club. JAMES A. CAMPBELL: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, S.A.O. Representative, Cap and Gown Committee, Techoir, Key Club, Algebra Contest. PATRICIA G. CARMICHAEL: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Science, Red Cross Club, Future Nurses of America. CHARLES D. CARMONY: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Convocation Committee, Scholar- ship Committee, Debate Team, National Forensic League, pres., Drama-Speech Club. KAREN A. CARNEY: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Busi- ness Education, Cheerblock. DAVID E. CARTER: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Shop, Auto Club. PAUL A. CASSADAY: Mai.-English, Art, Art Club, v. pres. RONALD L CASTETTER: Mai.-English, Carpentry. GERALDINE A. CASTLE: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Spanish Club, School Service. KENNETH L CAULDWELL: Mai.-English, Patternmaking, Baseball. THOMAS L. CHAMBERLAIN: Mai.-English, Auto Mechan- ICS. norm w. CHAPMAN: mei.-English, Shop. Wav' ty! STEPHEN D. BEATTIE: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Stu- dies, Track. JUDITH A. BELL: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, S.A.O. Representative, Service Club, School Service. MARGARET A. BENNETT: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Languages, S.A.O. Executive Board, rec. sec., French Club, v. pres., Service Club, pres., Red Cross Club, v. pres., Cheerblock. ROGER L. BIRKLA: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Shop, Cross Country, Track, German Club, v. pres., History Club. CORTLAND H. BISHOP, JR.: Mai.-English, Machine Shop, Cross Country, Football. JANET K. BISHOP: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Edu- cation, Arsenal Cannon Agent, Junior Classical League, Cheer- block. MARY J. BLACKWELL: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education. BETTY L. BOAL: Mai.-English, Business Education. VICKI L. BORER: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Natural Science Club, Cheerblock. D. DIANE BRAKE: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Edu- cation, Health, School Service. LINDA L. BRASHEAR: Mai.-English, Business Education, Ser- vice Club, Radio Club. ULDIS BRIKMANIS: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Drafting, Service Club, Natural Science Club. STEVEN J. BRINKER: Mai.-English, Drafting, Aviation Club, sgt-at-arms. M. LEROY BRISTOW: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Art. EDWIN M. BROOKS: Mai.-English, Shop. JOHN BROSS: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Shop. CORINE BROWN: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Science, Lan- guages, National Forensic League, sec., Speech Team, Debate Team, Junior Classical League, treas., History Club. DIANA L. BROWN: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Languages, Girls' Concert Club, Concert Orchestra, Future Teachers of America. DORENE L. BROWN: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Elizabeth Kaltz Singers, Future Teachers of America, sec.-treas., Red Cross Club, Natural Science Club, Cheerblock. JUDITH A. BROWN: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Home Eco- nomics, Tech Band, Y-Teens. js jf! "iv Q11 A if Q X Z1 Q'7",w .s.,J Q .. , . E57 ge 'AAN 'C--Tl bud ' i .xiii I if 'A' b V gg . av, 525' 15' 1 1 . t X ,'-'SP Xsali Q.. 'L If Ls., L- PQ .SSL : 4 Q. -. 'fel N DAVID D. CHRISMON: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Stu- dies, Shop. HARRY D. CHRISTENSEN: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Busi- ness Education, S.A.O. Representative. DAVID L. CHURCH: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Tech Band, Sketchbook, Drama Club, Tennis, Football. NANCY E. CLARK: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Home Eco- nomics, S.A.O. Representative, Colors Committee, Service Club, Cheerblock, sgt-at-arms, Future Teachers of America. SHERRILL G. CLARK: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Stu- dies, Business Education. ROBERT N. COAR: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Marching Band, Tech Band, Pep Band. CARLOS COBIELLA: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Languages. PATRICIA A. COE: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Home Eco- nomics, Future Teachers of America, Y-Teens, Home Economics Club, Cheerblock, Cadet Teacher. BRENDA K. COFFEY: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education, Cheerblock. DAVID L. COFFEY: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Printing. EDGAR T. COHEE: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Stage Crew, Sketchbook, Chief Stage Electrician, Student Director of Pro- ductions. JAMES M. COLE: Mai.-English, Shop, D.C.E. ESTHER CONTRERAS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education, French Club, Prayer Circle. STEVEN F. COOK: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies. BARBARA J. COOPER: Mai.-English, Business Education, Prayer Circle, Arsenal Cannon Agent. WALTER C. COOPER: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Mathe- matics. BRADY K. CORBIN: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Drafting, Spanish Club, v. pres., XYZ Club, Wrestling, School Service, S.A.O. Representative. MARTHA L. CORNELL: Mai.-English, Home Economics, Girls' Ploy Day. DAVID COURTNEY: Mai.-English, Art, Social Studies, Football. RONALD R. COY: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Shop, Auto Club. BARBARA A. CRAFT: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education. . OSCAR E. CRAMER: 'Mai.-English, Social Studies, Shop. G. KAYE CRAWLEY: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education, Cheerblock, Service Club, S.A.O. Representative. BERNARD M. CRISPIN: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Shop, Arsenal Cannon Agent, Vespers Committee, Concert Club. , DAVID L. CRUSER: Mai.-English, Machine Shop, Lettermen's Club, Football, Wrestling, Track. T7 LINDA G. DAVIDSON: Mai.-English, Business Education, Arsenal Cannon Agent. JEANETTE DAVIS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Junior Classical League, parl., Future Nurses of America. JOHN H. DAVIS: Mai.-English, Science, Stagecraft. SYLVIA L. DAVIS: Mai.-English, Art, S.A.O. Representa- tive. LINDA K. DEHAY: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Spanish, Y-Teens, v. pres., Spanish Club, sec., Cheerblock, parl., History Club, Service Club. THOMAS R. DENHAM: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Busi- ness Education, Techoir. CAROL S. DEVINE: Moi.-English, Social Studies, Business Education, S.A.O. Representative, Drama Club, Service Club. SANDRA J. DEVINE: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Busi- ness Education, Health. RICHARD DICKSON: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Metal Trades, Tech Band, Concert Orchestra,. Wrestling, student mgr., XYZ Club, sgt-at-arms, Drama-Speech Club. MARY E. DILK: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education, Home Economics, Cheerbloclc. SAMMY L. DILL: Mai.-English, Shop. SHARON L. DILLARD: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Home Economics, Future Teachers of America, Y-Teens, Girls' Athletic Association, Cheerblock, Junior Classical League. CATHIE D. DIRR: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Home Eco- nomics, School Service. LARRY M. DOAN: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Football, Lettermen's Club. JACK L DOBBS: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Stu- dies, Electricity, S.A.O. Representative, Arsenal Cannon Agent, l.ettermen's Club, Baseball, Cross Country, mgr. TOMMY C. DOBBS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Base- ball, Concert Club, v. pres., lettermen's Club, Gold Base- ball Award. THOMAS E. DOSS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Auto Shop, S.A.O. Representative. DONNA M. DOUGHERTY: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education, Cheerbloclx, Junior Classical League, School Service. ROBERT E. DOWNEY: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Art, S.A.O. Representative, Arsenal Cannon Agent. JOHN W. DOZIER, JR.: Mai.-English, Auto Mechanics, Cross Country. 5- fi I Room l53 - o K' . ' I ! 'T s I President-W. MICHAEL HARVEY: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Senior Council, pres., Key Club, sgt-at-arms, Lettermen's Club, Football, Track. Vice President-RITA E. CUMMINGS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education, Spanish Club, v. pres., Senior Council, sec., Service Club, R.0.T.C. Sponsor. Secretary-LYN C. FUNKE: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Busi- ness Education, Senior Council, v. pres., Techoir, Reserve and Varsity Cheerleader, Girls' Ensemble. Treasurer-JAMES R. EVANS: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Spanish, S.A.O. Executive Board, Techoir, Golf, Key Club, National Forensic league. Sgt-at-arms-DAVID G. GRABHORN: Mai.-English, Mathe- matics, Social Studies, Arsenal Cannon Newspaper, page ed., Basketball Statistician, Colors Committee, Quill and Scroll, Tennis. Sponsor-FRANCES KINSLEY JUDITH D. CUMMINS: Mai.-English, Social Studies. RICHARD L. CURRY: Mai.-English, Stagecraft, Techoir, Boys' Concert Club. VICTORIA V. CURRY: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Spanish, Drama Club, Cheerblock. NORMAN E. CYPHERS, JR.: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Art, S.A.O. Representative, Arsenal Cannon Agent, School Service. BEVERLY A. DAUGHERTY: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Busi- ness Education, Future Teachers of America, French Club, Red Cross Club. T' Y' fr il l,- " 5,1 " "' vu 1 R -I '9- if Q-v 45 Civ In 'd Q1 iz.. r 1 ' we 1 Q. 'VY' 1.5 L- -. 4IN,a1 . 3 1 .N Q.. rx fix 1. ti-v N Tb. 44 K I Q elvis' ' '-125' vs PHYLLIS ANN FAGNER Ma, English Social Studies Business Education School Service WILLIAMR FARMER Mal English Shop MARILYN S FIELDS Mal English Health Service Club Drama Speech Club Cheerblock School Service GEORGE T FISHER Mal English Cabrnetmaklng JAMES E FISHER Studies PATRICIA L FLOERKE Ma, English Social Studies Con cert Club Service Club MARK W FLOYD Mal English Mathematics Social Studies Algebra Contest WILLIAM E. FOERNZLER: Mai.-English Body and Fender' School Service. WILLIAM H. FORD: Mai.-English Painting and Decora- ting. SUSAN M. FORKNER: Mai.-English Social Studies Science' Arsenal Cannon Yearbook bus. mgr.' Elizabeth Kaltz Singers pres., Quill and Scroll- National Forensic League. JOHN K. FORSEE: Mai.-English Social Studies Science' Drama-Speech Club, German Club, pres., History Club, v. pres., Cross Country, Wrestling. NANCY M. FOSSO: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Techoir, Concert Orchestra, Drama Club, XYZ Club, Service Club. PHILIP FOUGEROUSSE: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Business Education. EDDYE L. FREEMAN: Mai.-English, Home Economics. CAROL L. FURRY: Mai.-English, Social Studies, French, Business Education, S.A.O. Executive Board, v. pres., Techoir, Girls' Ensemble, French Club, v. pres., Future Teachers of America, sec. FRANK T. GAALEMA: Mai.-English, Art. SHIRLEY A. GADDIE: Mai.-English, Home Economics, Y-Teens. SHARON M. GALBREATH: Mai.-English, Business Edu- cation, Home Economics. MARY A. GATES: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education, Girls' Athletic Association. RICHARD L. GATES: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Shop. JOANNA C. GEARLDS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Home Economics, Physical Education. JERRY M. GEORGE: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Music Club, v. pres., Tech Band, Concert Orchestra, Vespers Committee, Key Club. BARBARA A. GERLACH: Mai.-English, Social Studies. WAYNE A. GIBSON: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Sheet Metal. DOROTHY L. GILL: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Health. Mag English Mathematics Social 108 3 44 Y .fs LOUISE K. DUNCAN: Mai.-English, Social Studies, S.A.O. Representative, Tennis, Arsenal Cannon Newspaper. JOHN B. EADES: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Mechanical Drafting. JOSEPH EASLEY: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Science, Print- ing, Wrestling, Football, Track, Lettermen's Club. LOIS A. EASTES: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Edu- cation, Girls' Athletic Association Bowling Team, Arsenal Can- non Agent. EDWARD E. EDGERTON: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Yearbook Agent. PAUL M. EDWARDS: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Drafting. KENNETH G. EGGERT: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Sciences, S.A.O. Executive Board, Key Club, XYZ Club, Chemistry-Physics Club. JAMES EHRMANTRAUT: Mai.-English, Aviation. DONALD E. ELLIOT: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Shop. WANDA D. ELLIOT: Mai.-English, Business Education, D.C.E. DENNIS K. ELLIS: Mai.-English, Radio and T.V. MARY L. ELLIS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Science, Business Education. WILLIAM E. ELTZROTH: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Music, Techoir Accompanist, String Ensemble, Eliza- beth Kaltz Singers Accompanist, Key Club. LORETAH D. EMRICK: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Science, Business Education, Arsenal Cannon Newspaper, Arsenal Can- non Agent, History Club, School Service. LINDA E. ENGEL: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Music, D.A.R. Citizenship Award, S.A.O. Representative, Cap and Gown Committee, Concert Orchestra, sec., School Service. CAROLYN L. ENGLAND: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education, Arsenal Cannon Newspaper, Radio Club, sec. DENNIS C. ENGLAND: Mai.-English, Mathematics, History Club VIRGINIA L. ENGLAND: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education, Home Economics. CELESTA EVANS: Mai.-English, Social Studies. PAUL W. EVERMAN Il: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, German, XYZ Club, v. pres, Golf, Natural Science Club, pres. WW '32, if Q i fr AQ? if ', A' fs rite P-If Q ,P 1 I It vi Q6 ef I 'C -ax 4-:ar . sit. . ,J "f-if Q F77 r N. SUZANNE HART: Mai.-English, Social Studies, S.A.O. 1 Representative, Arsenal Cannon Agent, Future Nurses of America, Cheerblock, Junior Classical League. KEITH L. HARTZOG: Moi.-English, Mathematics, Social V Studies, Business Education, S.A.O. Representative, Ar- senal Cannon Agent. ROSE B. HARWELL: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Ser- vice Club. THOMAS L. HAVELY: Mai.-English, Body and Fender. FREDERICK W. HAWTHORNE: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Auto Trades, Basketball, Track, Service Club. Q C C' I ,Zi 1 ug. C' be 4-r ,A 'TSP DAVID S. GIRTON: Maj.-English, Social Studies, Printing. DANIEL V. GLOVER: Mai.-English, Social Studies, German, Boys' Concert Club, treas., Marching Band, Concert Orchestra, String Ensemble, School Service. N. LYNN GOLDMAN: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education, Elizabeth Kaltz Singers. ANNIE I.. GOLDSMITH: Mai.-English, Business Education, Home Economics, Girls' Athletic Association. JIMMIE M. GOOCH: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Stud- ies, S.A.O. Representitive, Future Teachers of America, v. pres., History Club, asst. rec. sec., Drama-Speech Club. MARTHA L. GOODMAN: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Home Economics, Girls' Athletic Association. PARIS M. GOODRUM: Mai.-English, Social Studies, S.A.O. Executive Board, Arsenal Cannon Newspaper, Thespian So- ciety, pres., Drama-Speech Club, pres., History Club, pres. WILLIAM A. GOSNELL: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Drafting, Drama-Speech Club. SAUNDRA J. GRADY: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Home Economics. DELMARIE GRAY: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Home Eco- nomics. DENNIS C. GREENE: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies. REGGIE M. GREENE: Mai.-English, Radio and T.V., Cross Country, Choral Club, v. pres., Concert Club. JUDY E. GREER: Mai.-English, Business Education, Service Club. SHARON L. GROGAN: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Science, Latin, Scholarship Committee, Red Cross Club, Junior Classi- cal League, Service Club. JUANITA F. GROSS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Home Economics. FRANCES P. GUENTHER: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, German, S.A.O. Representative, Future Teachers of America, German Club, sec-treas., Service Club, History Club, treas. JENNIE L. GUNN: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Home Eco- nomic, Y-Teens, Home Economics Club. LELAND s. GUNN: Moi.-english, An, Basketball. FREIDA L. HAINES: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education, D.C.E. Club, sec., XYZ Club. CHRISTINE A. HALL: Mai.-English, Home Economics, Cheer- block. DAVID W. HALL: Mai.-English, Commercial Art, Football, Boys' Concert Club. DWIGHT E. HALL: Mai.-English, Social Studies. MARILYN J. HAMM: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education, Home Economics. ERNEST C. HANN: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Science, R.O.T.C. Color Guard Commander, R.O.T.C. Drill Team, School Service. JAMES R. HARMON: Mai.-English, Auto Mechanics, Auto Club. 'Q N. JA, ,T .. C 4 Roll Room 300 STEPHEN W. HERMAN: Mai.-English, Sheet Metal. RICHARD A. HESSMAN: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Printing, Football, Basketball, Track. PATRICIA M. HICKEY: Mai.-English, Home Economics, Service Club, Art Club. CONNIE S. HITTLE: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Art, Arsenal Cannon Yearbook, photographer, School Service. MICHAEL L. HOCKMAN: Mai.-English, Science, Auto Shop. LEO C. HODGES: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Spanish, Key Club, S.A.O. Representa- tive, Football, Baseball, Spanish Club, pres. NELSON H. HOGGATT: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Body and Fender, D.C.E. Club. MICHAEL V. HOLDER: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Foot- ball, Track. TERRY W. HOLLE: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Science, Key Club, S.A.O. Representative. CAROLYN S. HOLLER: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Busi- ness Education, Cheerblock, Arsenal Cannon Agent. MARK D. HOPPING: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, German, S.A.O. Executive Board, R.O.T.C. Rifle Team, capt., Concert Orchestra, co-pres., National Forensic League, Key Club. JAMES D. HUDSON: Mai.-English, Radio and T.V., Radio Club. CCE' ooNNA L. HUFFORD: Mai.-English, Social studies, Ar- Slr' senal Cannon Newspaper, History Club, Service Club, Red Cross, Homecoming Queen Court. SANDRA L. HUGGLER: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education. DANNY L. HUGHES: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Sci- ence, Cross Country, Track. M. DIANNE HUGHES: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Arsenal Cannon Yearbook, Prayer Cir- cle, Junior Classical League, Service Club, Drama Speech Club. NANCY L. HUGHES: Mai.-English, Business Education, Home Economics. CONSTANCE R. HUNTER: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Health Education. GAIL D. HUSER: Mai.-English, Home Economics. DAVID F. HUTCHINSON: Mai.-English, Auto Shop, D.C.E. ll0 A r 4?-SQ QE' President-WILLIAM KRUGER: Mai.-English, Mathematics, So- cial Studies, Lettermen's Club, pres., S.A.O. Executive Board, Football, capt. Vice President-SHARON S. MARIN: Mai.-English, Social Studies, French, Business Education, S.A.O. Executive Board, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Techoir, Girls' Ensemble. Secretary-SHEILA G. McALLISTER: Mai.-English, Social Stud- ies, Business Education, Chemistry-Physics Club, v. pres. Treasurer-STEPHEN J. HYATT: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Spanish, S.A.O. Executive Board, pres., Arsenal Cannon Newspaper, ed.-in-chief, Key Club, Drama-Speech Club, v. pres. Sgt-at-Arms-JOSEPH M. LONG: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Spanish, S.A.O. Executive Board, Spanish Club, pres., Key Club, Senior Council, sgt-at- arms. Sponsor-MILDRED CORRIE VENION G. HELM: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Music, Tech Band, Music Club, sgt-at-arms, Dance Band, Sketchbook, Con- cert Orchestra. MARY A. HELTON: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Cheerblock, Service Club, Drama Club, Sketchbook. ALBERT L. HENDRICKS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Welding. HERBERT E. HENRY: Mai.-English, Printing, Future Printers Club, pres. JOYCE D. HENSON: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education, Arsenal Cannon Yearbook, Princess of Light, Ar- senal Cannon Agent, Service Club, Red Cross Club. A -sr Z KENNETH A. KELLY: Mai.-English, Body and Fender, Football. TERRY L. KERN: Mai.-English, Body and Fender. MARJORIE N. KERR: Mai.-English, Social Studies, S.A.O Representative, Future Nurses of America, Spanish Club, Natural Science Club. ALFORD L. KESSINGER: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Football, Track. ROBERT D. KETRING: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Drafting, Drama Club. JAMES C. KEY: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Printing. JAMES L. KIDDER: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, R.O.T.C. Rifle Team, Tech Band, Wrestling. DOLORIS K. KIRKBRIDE: Mai.-English, French, Music, Techoir, Concert Orchestra, Future Teachers of America, French Club, Music Club. DAVID E. KLEIN: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Radio Club. DOUGLAS W. KNIGHT: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Science, Radio and T.V., Radio Club, pres. MARTHA A. KOEPPE: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Sci- ence, Latin, Cheerblock, Junior Classical League. RICHARD E. KRAMER: Mai.-English, Aviation, S.A.0. Representative, Lettermen's Club, Basketball. SANDRA L. KUHN: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Girls' Concert Club, Prayer Circle, Girls' Athletic Association. LUBA KULIK: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Art, Thespian Society, Drama-Speech Club, Sketchbook, S.A.O. Repre- sentative, Junior Classical League. JOHN R. LACY: Mai.-English, Social Studies. JEROLD R. LANE: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Auto Shop, Lettermen's Club, Key Club, Track, Cross Country, Capt. EDWARD G. LANGE: Mai.-English, Electricity, Track. PAULETTA LASLEY: Mai.-English, Home Economics. MICHAEL C. LASWELL: Mai.-English, Mathematics, So- cial Studies, Wrestling, AQUILLA LAWRENCE: Mai.-English, Science, Body and Fender, Track. BILLY D. LAWSON: Mai.-English, Auto Mechanics. ROBERT J. LAYTON: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Shop. SANDRA N. LEDFORD: Mai.-English, Home Economics, D.C.E., Commercial Cooking. DOROTHY N. LENON: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Y- Teens, Cheerblock. FRED R. LEONARD: Mai.-English, Art. DARRYL W. HUNTER: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Stud- ies, Drafting, Wrestling. ANITA L. JACKSON: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Art, S.A.O. Representative, Red Cross Club, Service Club. JASON C. JACKSON: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Stud- ies, Science. JOHNNIE JACKSON, JR.: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Art. REUBEN JACKSON: Mai.-English, Social Studies. CALVERT A. JARED: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Stud- ies, Science, XYZ Club, pres., Key Club, Spanish Club, sgt- at-arms, Chemistry-Physics Club. EDWARD L. JEFFERSON: Mai.-English, Body and Fender. SANDRA S. JEFFRIES: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Stud- ies, Home Economics, Techoir, Service Club. CORA C. JILES: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Home Economics' Service Club. FRANKIE L. JOHNSON: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Y-Teens ANTOINETTE JONES: Mai.-English, Business Education. DONNA L. JONES: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education. JAMES R. JONES: Mai.-English, Printing, Basketball. J. MICHAEL JONES: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Music, Techoir, Madrigals, Concert Orchestra, pres. RITA L. JONES: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Educa- tion, Red Cross Club. SHIRLEY D. JONES: Mai.-English, Business Education, Arsenal Cannon Agent, Red Cross Club, Cheerblock. MICHAEL L. JORDAN: Mai.-English, Auto Shop. CHARLES R. JUSTUS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Science Electricity, Cross Country, Basketball. MICHAEL D. KEELY: Mai.-English, Auto Shop. LOWELL C. KEITH: Mai.-English, Shop, Football, Track. gl -Q is ,f-8 3 s 'O' 1'-':r sl 45. . 'y' I , . I 4... A . 5,1 Q. ...L I 4? ' Yi JI -, A xy 1 Q. .. fx It fm if I 2 E17 Qs' uf" w .J EDYTH F. MARTIN: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Science, Future Teachers of America, Cheerblock, Junior Classi- cal League, Service Club, School Service. EVELYN E. MARTIN: Mai.-English, Mathematics, French, Music, Techoir, Madrigals, Tech Band, Concert Orchestra, Sketchbook Board. DIANE T. MATHEWS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, S.A.O. Executive Board, corres. sec., Red Cross, pres., Future Teachers of America. CARL K. MATLOCK: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, French, Concert and Marching Bands, Concert Orchestra. GERALD H. MATTINGLY: Mai.-English, Social Studies. JOHN G. MAXEY: Mai.-English, Carpentry, Wrestling. DAVID H. MEAD: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Key Club. v-rv -J J 'GT t Ln X.-Y, wwf '04 l 'Lf 'x Tl VSV I , an ii f--- 1 I-- , N ' if I ' Xi' . , Q31 . ,J 091.14 J X 1 I PATRICIA A. LEVEL: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Home Eco- nomics. DANIEL L. LEWIN: Mai.-English, Social Studies. SANDRA K. LITTLE: Mai.-English, Business Education, Art, Girls' Athletic Association. BARBARA E. LOHMAN: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education, Girls' Athletic Association. JAMES R. LUPPINO: Mai.-English, Cabinetmaking. EDWARD W. McAVOY: Mai.-English, Social Studies. DIANE McCALLIE: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Edu- cation, S.A.O. Representative, Service Club, Elizabeth Kaltz Singers, Natural Science Club. WILLIAM E. McCARTY: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Cabinet- making, School Service. KENNETH N. McCAULEY, Mai.-English, Art. MARY L. McCLARY: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education. 0 THOMAS R. McCLEERY: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Elec- tronics, Spanish Club. C. SUE McCLELLAN: Mai.-English, Social Studios, Business Education. MARY E. McGEE: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Future Nurses of America, Y-Teens, Cheerblock, Red Cross Club, Girls' Ath- Ietic Association. CHARLES D. McKEIGHAN: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Ar- senal Cannon Agent. RICHARD L. McKNIGHT: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Radio and T.V. DANIEL M. McMAHON: Mai.-English, Auto Shop, Varsity Cheerleader, School Service. DONNA R. McMANAMA: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Busi- ness Education, Home Economics, Service Club, Cheerblock. ETHEL L. MADDUX: Mai.-English, Social Studies. JOHN MALLORY: Mai.-English, Body and Fender, Basketball, Track, Auto Club. CHERYL F. MARSH: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education, Home Economics, Service Club: V If K-so Q. --4 ,Lf E? BERNARD C. MILLER: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Busi- ness Education: School Service. CARLOS R. MILLER: Mai.-English, Body and Fender: Track. DONALD W. MILLER: Mai.-English, Machine Drafting, Shop: Cross Country: Traclc. GORDON A. MILLER: Moi.-English, Body and Fender. JANET L. MILLER: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education, Home Economics: Y-Teens: Cheerbloclc: Home Economics Club: School Service. PAMELA A. MILLER: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Music: Techoir, sec.: Vespers Committee: Madrigals: Tech Band, sec.: Concert Orchestra. RONALD D. MILLER: Mai.-English, Social Studies: Boys' Cheerbloclc: Spanish Club, pres. RUTH E. MILLER: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Science: S.A.O. Representative: Speech Team: National Forensic League: Drama-Speech Club: Prayer Circle. STEPHEN C. MILLER: Moi.-English, Social Studies: Ar- senal Cannon Agent, National Forensic League: Service Club: Natural Science Club: Drama Club. REGINALD L. MILTON: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Shop: Arsenal Cannon Agent: Basketball: Tech Band: Spanish Club. BILLIE E. MITCHELL: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science: Key Club: Chess Club: Algebra Con- test: Boys' Concert Club. JAMES M. MONTGOMERY: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science: Chess Club: School Service. DIANA K. MOORE: Mai.-English, Social Studies: S.A.O. Representative: School Service. RICK B. MOORE: Mai.-English: School Service: Mechan- ical Drawing Awards. DONNA L. MORGAN: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Busl- ness Education. BECKY A. MOSS: Mai.-English, Social Studies: Elizabeth Kaltz Singers: Arsenal Cannon Agent: German Club: Service Club. JEANETTE L. MOSS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Home Economics: Home Economics Club: Service Club: School Service. CHERYL J. MULKEY: Mai.-English, Home Economics: S.A.O. Representative: Girl's Athletic Association Bowling Team. CATHERINE M. NAHAS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Science: Future Teachers of America: Junior Classical League, sec.: Drama Club: Cheerbloclm: Service Club. SUSIE NAPIER: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education: Style Show: Cheerbloclr: Prayer Circle. R O Room ,xi I 4, , W""" Q2 ir' 3' ld W .N- 'Q H Q Ni I Q-A . ! I .if ww President-JAMES G. SHARPE: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Languages: School Service: Commence- ment Committee. Vice President-TERRI S. SCHNEIDER: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Arts: Thespian Society: National Forensic League: Art Club, v. pres.: John Herron Art Scholarship. Secretary-BRUCE PATERNOSTER: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Language, Science: Natl. Merit Letter of Commendation: Tennis: National Forensic League: French Club, pres. Treasurer-SANDRA M. OHNE: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Languages, Science: Techoir, co-pres.: R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Madrigal Singers: S.A.O. Executive Board. Sgt-at-arms-JACK W. ROBERTSON: Mai.-English, Mathe- matics, Social Studies, Science: Key Club: Techoir: Boys' Octette: Prom Committee. Sponsor-LOIS SINK MAENELL MEANS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Art: Art Club. ROBERT G. MEISTER: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Science, Music: Concert Orchestra: Dance Band: Key Club: School Service. JOYCE E. MERRIFIELD: Mai.-English, Social Studies: Eliza- beth Kaltz Singers: Yearbook Agent: School Service. WILLIAM P. MIEDEMA: Mai.-English, Social Studies: R.O.T.C. Rifle Team: Red Cross Club: Sketchbook. ANNA B. MILLER: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Music: S.A.O Representative: Techoir: Red Cross Club, treas.: Music Club, sec.-treas. S? ,sr-X Cf' f-0? . ' N ,gb TTS u Q '-oi if it Ci ff' YN E9 vi? X A DORENE L. PALMER: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Busi- ness Education, Clothing, School Service. JAMES E. PALMER: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Body and Fender. PAUL PALMER: Mai.-English, Social Studies, S.A.O. Rep- resentative, R.O.T.C. Drill Team, Track. DONALD J. PARKS: Mai.-English, Print Shop. D. JUNE PARRISH: Mai.-English, Business Education. LARRY M. PARVIN: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Foot- ball, Basketball, Track, Lettermen's Club. JERETA M. PATRICK: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Sketchbook, Cheerblock. JOYCE PATTERSON: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Home Economics. JUDITH A. PATTERSON: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education. KIM B. PHEMISTER: Mai.-'English, Social Studies, Math- ematics, Languages, Science, Techoir, Tech Band, Chem- istry-Physics Club, Tennis, Key Club. GEORGE T. PHILLIPS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Bas- ketball, Football. MARCIA A. PIERCE: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Home Economics, S.A.O. Representative, School Service, Drama Club, Red Cross Club. SANDRA L. PIESTRO: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Eliza- beth Kaltz Singers, Dance Band Vocalist, Red Cross Club, Service Club, Cheerblock. PHYLLIS P. PIKE: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education, Yearbook Agent, Service Club, Y-Teens, Cheerblock. HARRISON M. PITTMAN: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Quill and Scroll, Arsenal Cannon Newspaper, Picnic Committee, Key Club, Tennis. ROBERT I.. POINDEXTER: Mai.-English, Shop. WENDREL L. PRICE: Mai.-English, Art, Basketball. SAMMIE D. PULLEN: Mai.-English, Machine Shop, D.C.E. RUBY D. PULLIAM: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Home Economics, History Club, Home Economics Club, v. pres. VIESTURS M. PURVLICIS: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Chess Club, R.O.T.C. Rifle Team, R.O.T.C. Color Guard, R.O.T.C. Drill Team. ANNA M. PUTELIS: Maj.-English, Social Studies, Science, Languages, School Service, German Club, pres., XYZ Club, Natural Science Club. CHARLOTTE RAINBOLT: Mai.-English, Home Economics, S.A.O. Representative, Cheerblock. CAROLYN S. RANDOLPH: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education, Arsenal Cannon Agent, Cheerblock. SYLVIA E. RANELIN: Maior,-English, Home Economics, Health, School Service, Cheerblock, Girls' Play Day. DANNY L. RAY: Mai.-English, Carpentry. l'I4 ri -ui 1F'.f 415' jf.. si, ..- ,ga X K. c ,. . bu I gr r, l' I QTY ' X59 GENE W. NEEDHAM: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Art, Foot- ball, Lettermen's Club, School Service. GERALD G. NEFF: Mai.-English, Shop, Track, Cross Country, Lettermen's Club, Arsenal Cannon Agent. RUTH A. NEFFLE: Mai.-English, Social Studies, NEDT Scholar- ship Certificate, Arsenal Cannon Yearbook, editor, Convoca- tions Committee, School Service, National Forensic League, v. pres. CHARLES M. NEILL: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Science. RICHARD A. NELL: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Science, Radio Club, XYZ Club, Service Club. MARY E. NELSON: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education, Physical Education Assistant, Arsenal Cannon Agent, School Service, Cheerblock. NORA L. NEWKIRK: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Languages, Elizabeth Kaltz Singers, Yearbook Agent, Future Teachers of America, French Club, Drama-Speech Club. JOYCE E. NEWSOM: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education, Cheerblock, Service Club. JAMES R. NICHOLS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Painting and Decorating, Boys' Concert Club, History Club. SHARON S. NICHOLS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education, S.A.O. Representative, Arsenal Cannon Newspaper, page ed., Colors Committee, Service Club. JANICE F. NOAKES: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Y-Teens. GARNET E. NOLAN: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Music, Girls' Ensemble, Techoir, Concert Orchestra, Thesipan Society, Music Club, v. pres. OTHA L. NORTHINGTON: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Science, Electricity. SHERON C. NUNES: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Science, Natural Science Club, Cheerblock. RUTHANN R. O'REAR: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Health, Service Club, Cheerblock, Red Cross Club, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Junior Prom Queen. JOANNE WANDER OVERBECK: Mai.-English, Home Eco- nomics. ZANE W. OVERTON: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Mechani- cal Shop, Boys' Concert Club, pres., Techoir, School Service. RONALD D. PACHECO: Mai.-English, Social Studies, School Services, Service Club. FINLEY E. PADGETT: Mai.-English, Art, Art Club, Industrial Art Contest. LYNNDA J. PALLIKAN: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education, S.A.O. Representative, Arsenal Cannon Agent, Tech Band, Music Club, hostess, French Club. w- 1 1 :nw- Z:-.14 , . -mx-rr: -a 5 .fit J., Q Q gps i X . Q, . -Qi' -:Q lv W f it "?':X2 Q23 His 1:-QX .9-ff 4- . 121CI!' , QQ L. 1 JN -et, -I 5 I gf A 1 X ,. JAMES E. SCHRUM: Mai.-English, Radio and T.V. MICHAEL J. SCOTT: Mai.-English, Radio and T.V. JAMES D. SEAMAN: Mai.-English, Science, R.O.T.C. Color Guard, R.O.T.C. Drill Team, School Service. DAVID L. SEDAM: Mai.-English, Auto Trades, Social Studies, School Service, S.A.O. Representative, Basket- ball, Football, Baseball. DONALD D. SELLERS, JR.: Mai.-English, Commercial Art, Football, Cross Country, Track, Wrestling. JAMES H. SEXTON: Mai.-English, Science, School Ser- vice. DIANA L. SHEETS: Mai.-English, Business Education, Cheerblock, School Service. DONNA M. SHEETZ: Mai.-English, Social Studies, School Service. STEVEN J. SHELBY: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Machine Shop, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Track. GROVER E. SHEPHERD: Mai.-Mathematics, English, Radio and T.V., School Service, History Club, Baseball. JERRY I.. SHILLING: Mai.-English, Spanish, Social Stud- ies, School Service. ALICE M. SHIPLEY: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Cheer- block, Junior Classical League, Future Nurses of Amer- ica, Yearbook Agent, School Service. RICHARD C. SHUMATE: Mai.-English, Machine Shop, Football, Manager, Track, Manager, School Service. ROSE M. SIMION: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Busi- ness Education, Service Club, v. pres., History Club, rec. sec., Cap and Gown Committee, Arsenal Cannon Year- book, Sketchbook, press dir. 1-"- .JSI S- 3.- 5 . L- -pw- b- :L . "yer Q, .C 4. f 'Qzi IA X '- WILLIAM R. REED: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Auto Mechanics, Auto Club. BEVERLY J. REINKEN: Mai.-English, Social Studies, S.A.O. Executive Board, Elizabeth Kaltz Singers, Cheerblock, v-pres., Service Club, corres. sec., Red Cross Club, corres. sec. KATHRYN M. RENNELS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Busi- ness Education, Arsenal Cannon Agent. CHARLES L. REYNOLDS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Chess Club, Drill Team. JOHN B. REYNOLDS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Science. TIMOTHY W. REYNOLDS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Music, Pep Band, dir., Tech Band, Music Club, Dance Band, Concert Orchestra. NOLA M. REZZO: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Art, Drama- Speech Club, sec., Speech Team, National Forensic League. RALPH J. RICHARDS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Art. CAROL A. RIGGS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Health, School Service, Band Drill, Future Nurses of America, Cheerblock. JOHN E. ROBERTS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Shop, School Service. LINDA D. ROBERTS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Arsenal Cannon Agent, School Service, Style Show. ABIE D. ROBINSON: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Printing, Track, School Service. SENA L. ROE: Mai.--English, Home Economics, Prayer Circle. WAYNE W. ROSENKRANS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Shop, School Service. ROY ROSSELL: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Music, Tech Band, Techoir, Key Club, Concert Orchestra, Sketchbook, gen. chrmn. TERRY L. ROWE: Mai.-English, Cabinetmaking, School Ser- vice. JERRY D. RUSHTON: Mai.-English, Shop, Basketball. CLAUDIA ST. JOHN: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Stud- ies, Business Education, Future Nurses of America. NANCY S. SAMPSON: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Home Economics, Home Economics Club, School Service, D.C.E. DONALD L. SCAGGS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Football, School Service, Natural Science Club, German Club. ALICE M. SCALF: Mai.-English, Home Economics, Health. PATRICIA SCHMIDT: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Art, Cheer- black, Spanish Club, Girls' Concert Club, S.A.O. Representa- tive, School Service. DANIEL L. SCHROCK: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Lan- guages. as sv- - , Q ""'!P 5"N 'R f.:.s55:?.. Roll Room JOHN A. SMITH: Mai.-English, Auto Mechanics, Bas- ketball, Football, Track. JOYCE F. SMITH: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Future Teachers of America. MARILYN D. SMITH: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Home Economics, Business Education, Service Club, corres. sec., Spanish Club, Speech Team, Red Cross Club, Colors Committee. ROBERT E. SMITH: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Drafting, International Relations Club. SUSAN K. SMITH: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Mathe- matics, French, Concert Orchestra, French Club, XYZ Club, Scholarship Committee, Vespers Committee. WILLIAM C. SNEAD: Mai.-English, Shop. JUDITH L. SPRY: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education. MICHAEL A. STANLEY: Mai.-English, Carpentry. WILLIE J. STEELE: Mai.-English, Shop, Wrestling. BARBARA STEEN: Mai.-English, Home Economics, Red Cross Club, School Service, Arsenal Cannon Agent, S.A.O. Representative. HATTIE A. STEIRS: Mai.-English, Home Economics, D.C.E., Service Club. LESLIE STEPHENS: Mai-English, Social Studies, Home Economics. MARY FRANCES STEPHENS: Mai.-English, Home Eco- nomics. RONALD L. STEPHENS: Mai.-English, Radio and T.V. JOHN T. STEVENS: Mai.-English, Social Studies. PAMELA M. STOCK: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Home Economics, Red Cross Club. ROGIE L. STOKES: Mai.-English, Home Economics, Cheer- block, Home Economics Club. MARY 'A. STONE: Mai.-English, Home Economics. JESSE A. STONER: Mai.-English, Printing. LUKE D. STOWERS: Mai.-English, Business Education. II6 'B 3 of : if e ' f f I l X' A xl President-WILLIAM SWAN: Mai.-English, French, Mathema- tics, Social Studies, S.A.O. Executive Board, Key Club, pres., Bellamy Award Representative, Boys' State. Vice President-DEBORAH L. WHITE: Mai.-English, Home Eco- nomcis, Social Studies, Techoir, Varsity Cheerleader, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Tech Band. Secretary-DIANNA TINLEY: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Spanish, Trumpeteer, Spanish Club, pres., National For- ensic League, Speech Team. Treasurer-PHILLIP L. SMITH: Maj.--English, Mathematics, So- cial Studies, Science, Concert and Marching Bands, Rec- ommendations Committee, History Club. Sgt-at-Arms-GALE D. WOODS: Mai.-English, German, Sci- ence, Social Studies, German Club, Service Club, Tech Band, Concert Orchestra. Sponsor-MRS. CLARENA HUFFINGTON MARY I. SKELTON: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education, Typing Awards, Stenography Awards. BARBARA L. SLACK: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Music, Con- cert and Marching Bands, Techoir, Girls' Ensemble, Music Club, Y-Teens. CHARLES M. SMITH: Mai.-English, Architectural Drafting, Basketball. DENNIS L. SMITH: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Sheet Metal, Tech Band, Pep Band, Natural Science Club. JAMES G. SMITH: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Chess Club. 'Q Ty 5 IQ Q At iii! gf! 1 1 IT ...pulp E In '- , , Ig A K , I A X ' I ' ' f I . . J: sf' 'F' ' . qu ? it! 'N fi T' rj. 1' 5, Q ,ff 55-sipsui' ' 1 'Ev if L ,An- T..-V T 1. DAVID R. STRICKLAND: Mai.-English, Aviation, Basketball. JANET K. STUCKER: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Techoir, Re- serve Cheerleader, Service Club, Sketchbook. WENDELL STUMP: Mai.-English, Shop. WILLIAM C. STURDIVANT: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Track, Basketball. ELIZABETH A. SUESS: Moi.-English, Social Studies, Business Education, Health, Elizabeth Kaltz Singers, Red Cross Club, Service Club. ROBERT L. SUGGS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Mathema- tics, Spanish Club. QUINTILLIA SULLIVAN: Moi.-English, Social Studies, Business Education. ROBERT L. SULLIVAN: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, French Club, Speech Team, Auto Club. ROGER C. SUMMERS: Mai.-English, Social Studies. BETTY A. SWANNER: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Mathe- matics, Health, Natural Science Club, Junior Classical League, Future Nurses of America, sec., D.C.E. MARK E. TAFT: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Drafting. NORMA J. TALLEY: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Concert Or- chestra, Elizabeth Kaltz Singers, Techoir. CLIFFORD L. TATE: Mai.-English, Auto Mechanics, Tech Band. SANDRA TATE: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Art. NANCY J. TAYLOR: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Home Eo- onomics, Service Club, Future Teachers of America, History Club, Chemistry-Physics Club, sec., Cheerblock. ALICE A. THOMAS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Home Ec- onomics, Health, Cheerblock, Y-Teens. AMALIA S. THOMAS: Mai.-English, Home Economics, Cheer- block, Service Club. GLORIA J. THOMAS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Home Ec- onomics, Arsenal Cannon Agent. RAYMOND L. THOMAS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Science. ANTHONY E. THOMPSON: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Art, Track. GREGORY R. THOMPSON: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Architectural Drafting, Chess Club. JUDITH A. THOMPSON: Mai.-English, Science. ROBERT E. THOMPSON: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Drafting. WILLIE C. TIPTON, JR.: Mai.-English, Radio and T.V., Mathematics, Track. GARY N. TITUS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Drafting, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Lettermen's Club. STEPHANIE J. TOMESCU: Mai.-English, French, Social Studies, Mathematics, Concert Orchestra, co-pres., String Ensemble, French Club, sec., Convocations Committee, Scholarship Committee. SHARON K. TOMLIN: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Arsenal Cannon Agent, Cheerblock, sgt- at-arms, Girls' Athletic Association. N. KAYE TOWLER: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education, Future Nurses of America, v. pres., I. B. M., Cheerblock. TOMMY D. TRIMMER: Mai.-English, Pattern Making, D.C.E. PORTIA A. TURNER: Mai.-English, Home Economics, Cheerblock, S.A.O. Representative. JULIA l. VANLIER: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Busi- ness Education. GLENDA L. VAUGHN: Mai.--English, Business Education. P. CAROL VEST: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Varsity i all ' fiesfsz- ml. a s L- 'WT 0. V7 pi Cheerleader, Future Teachers of America, Arsenal Can- non Agent, S.A.O. Representative, Cadet Teacher. WILLIAM WADE: Mai.-English, Art, Social Studies, Art Club, Future Teachers of America. HENRY W. WAGNER: Mai.-English,'Social Studies. CAROLYN K. WALL: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Busi- ness Education, Cheerblock, Future Nurses of America. LOIS W. WALL: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education, Cheerblock. NANCY J. WALLACE: Mai.-English, Social Studies. DONALD M. WALTERS: Mai.-English, Foundry, Football. DELORIS M. WARREN: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Busi- ness Education, Red Cross Club, Cheerblock. BEVERLY J. WASHINGTON: Mai.-English, Home Ec- onomics, Home Economics Club. WARREN wurono. Mai.-english, Aff. ORAN A. WATTS: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Tech Band, Chess Club, pres., Natural Science Club, XYZ Club, Chemistry-Physics Club. THOMAS P. WELIEVER: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Football, Wrestling, Lettermen's Club. KAREN B. WELLS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Art, Art Club, Elizabeth Kaltz Singers. WT' i fx Q. '-49' T' 3' -.c. EI Q X--7 rw' ,'5.- Y'fY .Q it 'i wg., '-if r . A EN I 2 X J E? V fnmvi l T., ' 9' ,9 ' Q 6.51 fs so - ' ""5' ks I ,V 1 NICOLAAS V. WOOLS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Auto Mechanics. DONALD K. WRIGHT: Mai.-English, Aviation. DONNA L. WRIGHT: Mai.-English, Art, Health Education, Art Club. JACK E. WRIGHT: Mai.-English, Social Studies. MARY K. WYATT: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Home Economics, Health Education, Future Nurses of America. JOSEPH R. WYCOFF: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Techoir, Key Club, Wrestling, Basketball, Baseball. KENNETH J. YORK: Mai.-English, Printing, Service Club. AINA E. ZILS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Home Economics, Y- Teens, pres., Cheerblock, sports reporter, Future Teachers of Ameri- ca, History Club, Service Club. JOSEPH ZURFACE: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Shop. DANIEL E. WETHERELL: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Drafting, Golf, Baseball, French Club, Arsenal Can- non Newspaper. DOROTHY J. WHITE: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education, Girls' Athletic Association. LINDA K. WHITE: Mai.-English, Home Economics. CHARLES E. WHITNEY: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Baseball. RAYMOND WHITNEY: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Chess Club, Service Club. ROBERTA WHITNEY: Mai.-English, Home Economics, Service Club, Y-Teens, D.C.E. RONALD S. WILKERSON: Mai.-English, Social Studies. CHARLIE T. WILLIAMS: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Studies. CHRISTINE WILLIAMS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Home Economics, Business Education, Arsenal Cannon Agent. JOHN C. WILLIAMS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Techoir. RUTH A. WILLIAMS: Mai.-English, Home Economics, Techoir- Y-Teens, Home Economics Club. ELMER W. WILLIAMSON: Mai.-English, Body and Fender, Basketball, Baseball. GARLIDENE WILLIS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Home Ec- onomics, Y-Teens, Home Economics Club. STEVEN J. WILLIS: Mai.-English, Mathematics, Social Stud- ies, Architectural Drafting, Art Club, S.A.O. Representative. JONNIE T. WILSON: Mai.-English, Social Studies. LYNETTA A. WIMBLEY: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Education, Cheerblock, Service Club. MARK WINKLER: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Business Edu- cation. MICHAEL A. WISCHMETER: Mai.-English, Mathematics, So- cial Studies, Science, XYZ Club. treas., Chemistry-Physics Club, pres., Natural Science Club, I.U. and Butler Science Seminar. DAVID A. WOOD: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Track, Bas- ketball. KATHLEEN WOODS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Music, Mu- sic Club, Home Economics Club. RONALD C. WOODS: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Track- Cross Country, Auto Club. HENRIETTA M. WOODSON: Mai.-English, Home Economics. MARCELLA S. WOODSON: Mai.-English, Physical Education, Social Studies. as-up 'E W. 12' S X x i S- W Sy l O PQ uv tk- rv 2 DOROTHY L. ANDERSON: Mai.-English, Social Studies: Cheer- block: Girls' Play Day. MATTIE L. ARMSTRONG: Mai.-English, Home Economics: Cheerblock: School Service: Girls' Athletic Association: Home Economics Club. JAMES K. ARTHUR: Mai.-English, Shop: Boys' Concert Club: Chess Club. WILLIAM B. AUGHE: Mai.-English, Shop. VIRGINIA BREWER: Mai.-English, Social Studies: Y-Teens, corres. sec.: Service Club: Red Cross: Future Teachers of America: School Service. DARLENE BUCKNER: Mai.-English, Social Studies: School Service: Arsenal Cannon Agent: Y-Teens: S.A.O. Representa- tive. TIMOTHENE CADE: Mai.-English, Home Economics: Girls' Athletic Association: Home Economics Club. JOHN N. CLARK: Mai.-English, Shop: Aviation Club, treas.: R.O.T.C. Drill Team: R.O.T.C. Color Guard. FAYE COLE: Mai.-English, Social Studies, Home Economics. FREDA A. DARDEN: Mai.-English, Social Studies. EARL M. DICK: Mai.-English, Printing: Future Printers Club. MICHAEL E. DRANE: Mai.-English, Social Studies: Football: Track: Basketball. DONALD L. DUNCAN: Mai.-English, Art. RALPH F. DUNGAN: Mai.-English, Science, Art: School Ser- vice. ROXANNA J. FINNEY: Mai.-English, Home Economics. RICHARD E. HANKINS: Mai.-English, Business Education: Service Club. DONNA SUE HENSON: Mai.-English, Home Economics. RONALD E. HOSKINS: Mai.-English, Shop: R.O.T.C. Color Guard: School Service. ROBERT L. HUBBARD: Mai.-English, Cabinetmaking. MARILYN R. JARVIS: Mai.-English, Business Education: Ar- senal Cannon Agent: Sketchbook: S.A.O. Representative: Track. Diplomas Awarded T August Graduates WANDA S. JONES: Mai.-English, Social Studies: Y- Teens: Cheerblock: Service Club: French Club. JAMES L. KIMMEL: Mai.-English, Machine Drafting. SHARON L. PEACE ALBERT F. PURCELL: MICHAEL L. REESE JAMES E. MOORE: JUDITH M. PAVEY. Mai.-English, Mai.-English, Mai.-English, Mai.-English, Mai.-English, Science. Home Economics. Health Education. Patternmaking: D.C.E. Shop, Social Studies. HAROLD L ROMINE: Mai.-English, Body and Fender: Dance Band. MANUEL N. ROTH: Moi.-English, Carpentry. SCHELLIE M. RUSS: Mai.-English, Business Education, Social Studies: Service Club: Y-Teens: Cheerblock. DOROTHY J. SEALS: Mai.-English, Home Economics. ROBERT E. SLUDER: Mai.-English, Aviation, Shop: School Service: Sketchbook: Aviation Club. FREDERICK A. SPRIEGEL: Mai.-English, Machine Draft- ing: Sketchbook. LARRY STEIN: Mai.-English, Cabinetmaking: School Ser- vice. DORIS J. THRASH: Mai.-English, Clothing, Foods: Cheer- block. LE ROY VAN: Mai.-English, M a t h : Junior Classical League: Wrestling: Track: Basketball. L. RAYMOND WALKER: Mai.-English, Business Educa- tion: Track. ROGER WILLIAMS: Mai.-English, History. IC :Q bi T WW r47' r l v ,f-ar. I . 'UHF -0 fa sf 'Tri' l l - I r ! uup- ,.,. - A.. ... TECH LEGION-Front Row: Lyn Funke, Carol Furry, Connie Hittle, Sandra Ohne, Bill Swan, Dianna Tinley, Diane Mathews, Evelyn Martin. Row 2: Mr. C. L. McClintock, principal, Bruce Paternoster, Anna Putelis, Beverly Reinkin, Jack Robertson, Roy Rossell, Terri Susan Schneider, James Sharpe, Rose Simion, Marilyn Smith, Susan Smith, Stephanie Tomescu, Oran A. Watts, Deborah White, Mrs. Hazel Kuetemeier, Miss Margaret Peterson. Row 3: Leo C. Hodges, Mark Hopping, Stephen Hyatt, Calvert Jared, William Kruger, Joseph M. Long, Sheila McAllister, Sharon Marin, Anna Miller, Pamela Miller, Billie Mitchell, Ruth A. Neffle, Garnet E. Nolan, Mr. Charles Glare, Mr. Robert V. Belding. Row 4: Vaino Aiango, Charles Beavin, Charles Carmony, Nancy E. Clark, Richard Cook, Brady Corbin, Jeanne Craig, Rita Cummings, Mary Dilk, Jack Dobbs, Donna Daugherty, Loretah Emrick, Linda Engel, James R. Evans, Lyn Goldman, Paris Good- rum, Frances Guenther, Suzanne Hart, W. Michael Harvey. Tech Legion Honors Fift -three Students C. L. McClintock. 9 Co-commanders, Sandra Ohne and William Swang Commander-in-chief, Mr. This year's Tech Legion honored retiring Cecil L. McClintock by naming him Commander-in-Chief of the Legion and awarding him a special green and white bar pin with three gold stars in the white background to rep- resent this honor. Like the other Legion members, Mr. McClintock is leaving Tech at the close of this year, having devoted fifty years of his life to school work, the last five as principal of Arsenal Tech. The Tech Legion was founded in 1935 by Charles Martin, then head of the Foreign Language Department. Its goal then, as now, was to recognize the qualities of personal worth and citizenship in Tech students. The top ten percent of the senior class who have received the highest number of merit citations during their preceding six semesters at Tech and who otherwise have a favorable office record are elected to membership. 1 . Y. A V A 1 . -E v w , x--.-. - V . x -Q-L.. .visit fa . .X tx ali?" .. ' ,LH x I ' ' , xx , Y it A I 0 . A xnlg. xx, ,lil 4 Yhkg 1 Ik' - ua.-I N V .1 I .10 ,' "Q 5 Q J .q , . .4 su ' .- 4. ' x "Q 'fr X x'94!.Ts . N x , -Yj. Q 25 -.qv ' s - n x L . - 3 , .. 9 f lx N .4 ' 1 'Ke --x5 ' x x , ' -.' ' I A-' 1-5 ,-' 0 " 'i - hr- ...iw 2 , 5 .. 'Ss - ' 3 1 Q mikagif' ' w 1 I 'A . A. t- -L -A K -w Q-.I I I , ,N x . I . . 1-wr, -,f ,. , -' . J, .X N . ., A ' 5 g r 1 -L55 , ., 1 42? iY"5r' 1, , . ,, i x -o X l --J, -5. .1 . . ,f ., V -L v 1, ,. , ,IJ -Vg-:s.:x.i.: . 7 , L... ur' il- vp -If jr- , -1... .., 1.,.f1 r +1 Q 1' 'A' '. f T' 7 ' 0 -A iflffflfgi ' ' v V , , ,.,., . ' lv Q Y. 4 I I f-CL ' ' i I. V .,+.2.2f:i'l 31" 53:4 il: r i'..a4na.G'r f-AJ s-. lf' 'WL .4 . x 4 Y Y i - A 1 4 1 N L 1 122 ' . .ir e X. .41 .,.'f' K 4 xx 1 x A., K P11 fk ' H7 diff' 'H -J xi Our Advertisers Are 0 O 9 OUR GEL gf. '1- 4 J- -Q 'a 5 O ls X -. 47. r w K X V . Y ff U, 1 nf: S. I N N x N N Q- X -,ff tk --.J .J 1 ,.. MAX GALLOWAY STUDIO 20 E. Fourteenth Street ME 5-2200 CENTRAL BUSINESS COLLEGE "Preparation Creates Opportunity" Education for business careers Indiana Business College Building 802 N. Meridian Street ME 4-8337 ' Vi"9QiQW??f'f"?i' -.1 Take Your Seniors Cords and School Clothes to GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY LAUNDRY ' DRY CLEANING ' RUG CLEANING I'-ggi-ral -Y' Fai if . Of course We're selecting our senior rings from CHARLES B. DYER CO., INC. Manufacturing 8. Retail Jewelers The Newest in Designs and Finest in Quality and in Craftsmanship Trophies - Medals - Honor Awards 234 Massachusetts Ave. ME 4-3381 1 'QW '+qlI"" If it's dependability and style you want in the car you buy buy a Chevrolet EAST SIDE CHEVROLET 5436 E. Washington Street Fleetwood 7-1 121 FOR Industrial, Commercial, or Domestic Wiring see GARDNER ELECTRIC CO INC 2313 E. Michigan Street MElrose 8-5532 For Trophies of Distinction Why Not Call HERFF JONES Specialists in high school and college iewelry 1401 N. Capitol Avenue - MElrose 5 1554 I-V COACH COMPANY, INCORPORATED Charter Service MEIrose 4-3198 ,,,., V BEST wlsl-les, GRADUATES . . . . l- Your high school education is completed and you'll commence a new period of your life now. This is a turning point, ond there -lf-3 41-f are many ways to go. Some of you will continue your educotions 1 at universities or technical schools. Many will start careers with X J immediate iobs. Some will soon marry. So many ways to gol ' WA:" "' '-. I ' - ' - ' " " ' ' Whichever way YOU choose, our Best Wishes go with you. ... gi Since 1888 Loughner's hos been serving the people of Indianapolis. 4 Aff:i-:,.g,,.:,.1.,-:- 1 4.1.1171:i:11g.,:,315g,g -qjflz-,. we hope youll' include Us in YOUR funue. iLAuGHNERS - Where Fine Food ls 1, v . Q- A Family Tradition Z I 5115 East 1.0th Street Steer-In Restaurant f 5 8515 Westfield Blvd. and 5130 East .mth street l ' 2038 West Morris Street MEUNIER ELECTRONICS SUPPLY CO. Wholesale Distributor Authorized RCA Distributor 811 E. Michigan Street ME 5-3511 il' wfscon " .Wdfhff l -r Compliments of THE EAST SIDE FURNITURE, INC. Quality Merchandise QI' Lower Prices Gibson, Norge, and Philco Appliances 2407 E. Michigan St. Indianapolis 1, Indiana FADELY-ANDERSON INC. Home of the Dependables Your DODGE Dealer For Over 30 Years 3547 E. Washington Street FL 7-8341 TECH BOOK STORE enioys serving the students and faculty of Tech Textbooks and Supplies Dance and Game Tickets Senior Rings Tech Decals, Shakers, Pennants, and Sweatshirts VERN ROWE 8. SON Marathon Oil Service 5201 E. 25th Street GRABHORN'S MARKET 4600 E. 16th Street FL 6-7244 Compliments of WYAND PHARMACY 2102 E. 10th Street ME 8-3022 FORST HAUS BOARDING KENNELS Rural Route 2 Greenfield, Indiana TW 4-7291 COHEN BROTHERS DEPARTMENT STORE 2501 Station Street LI 6-9969 PIERSON-NORGE Cleaning and Laundry Village 2025 E. 10th ME 9-0646 BILL COOK '27 BILL COOK '62 Compliments of BURGER KING RESTAURANT 3401 E. 10th Street BALL REALTY CO., INC. 1011 N. Beville Avenue MARATHON OIL CO. 139 E. St. Joseph Street Compliments of ABELS AUTO COMPANY One of the world's largest new and used car dealers MC DANIEL REFRIGERATION 3421 E. 20th Street A LITTLE MORE TRAINING EQUALS A LOT MORE PAY Inquire about our career courses Q :BM DATA PROCESSING IAUTOMATIONI Cdl' Mum- 9-2505 OI' g EXECUTIVE SECRETARIAL Wrho Director of Admissions 0 TRANSPORTATION s. MANAGEMENT PQRTER CQLLEGE INC. Q IBM BUSINESS MACHINES 49 Mmm-nv Circl- 0 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Indianapolis 4, Indiana "Indiana's Most Modern School of Business" 9 ZCZDZHIFRZS' L Lf Wholesale Restaurant Supplies "Quality K" says: let one call do it all MEATS 0 PRODUCE ' cnocsnles 2340 E. 10th St. 0 ME. 6-2345 0 Indianapolis -X IOI Get Where You're Going By Saving Regularly 4U current rate-Insured S ' X0 , , , , avmgs If you save S5 each week, you'll have Convenient-drive-in wmdows u 1 264 70 plenty of parking m Year-S ' Save by mail kit ln 5 years-31,434.95 Remember Shelby gg SHELBY sm-:ET FEDERAL Street Federal rig I y sunny smear Fznzxuu. 'XL " 3 9fi"gl5f'.LL?'T?.i'8'fiitf?2 for a Home I oan If".1'18.i'f'.'l..1"ff1?.i"""1iiitff'2 established 1892 i 129 CHILDERS STUDEBAKER 1 -- offers brand new 1963 KA LARKS fl For only 51695.00 CHILDERS STUDEBAKER, INC. 10th and Sherman Drive FL 7-8332 cocA-con sornmo co., INDIANAPOLIS, mo. Need Lumber? lNnlANAPous BLUE PRINT ...,,.,.,,..,S,.,..W,,.,.,. a. un-IOGRAPH co. INC. ,,IfPlZfZ:f,fgQ1j0h"!:2- E. Street you cQn'f get if." ME H466 THE HOME LUMBER 8. SUPPLY Drafting Materials Slide Rules 901 East New York Street D"'wl"9 P"Pe'5 Melrose 7-4561 Corsages and Bouquets SMITH PHARMACY LUEBKING FLCWER SHOP . . 2250 E. Michigan St. E. Slfeef Fleetwood 95311 Prescription Specialists Schneider-Made Clothes Tudor and Cleaner for those who think young Ernest W. Schneider pEp5l 920 N. College Ave. ME 6-1221 Sportsman's CLEANER America's Finest Suede and Leather Cleaner MElrose 1-8232 15 N. State St. Indianapolis, Indiana 7Tl"'1u. SKEFFINGTON'S FORMAL WEAR, INC. Up-to-date, Smart Formal Wear 132 E. New York St. MElrose 4-1583 922 Broad Ripple Ave. CLifford 1-2206 Xxx , f J++. --I I JERRY ALDERMAN FORD SALES 5500 N. Keystone CL 1-1441 FIX-CRETE The Amazing Concrete Weld REPAIRS DAMAGED CONCRETE RURAL PHARMACY The Rexall Store 2801 E. Michigan - ME 2-5506 Compliments of GER-BAR, INC. 442 N. Illinois - ME 4-1727 EISENHUT DRUGS 5353 English Avenue FL 7-4456 KLElN'S QUALITY FLOWERS 2213 E. Tenth St. ME 8-1122 WOLFE SHELL SERVICE STATION 1845 E. Michigan St. ME 7-0055 KEY PLACEMENT SERVICE 3426 N. Meridian St. WA 3-5405 "Licensed by the State of Indiana" You Never Outg row Your Need for MILK DRINK AT LEAST 3 GLASSES Every Day LEARN OF THE SCIENCES At Evansville College there is . . . A Co-operative Engineering Program, allowing students to divide academic training and professional experiences equally throughout their college career. . Pre-professional courses in pre-medicine, pre-dental and medical technology. . Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics departments which offer maiors in their respective curriculums leading to a B.S. degree. O A School of Engineering which offers degrees in electrical, mechan- ical and industrial engineering. Students are fully prepared for technical, managerial and executive careers in industry. . Summer Session and a Community College lEvening Divisionj to make full utilization of the academic calendar. Evansville College provides programs in 20 different departments, emphasizing more than 30 various subiect fields. Its varied curriculum provides a base of vital knowledge essential to the full enrichment of the students. EVANSVILLE CCDLLEGE Write to: Director of Admissions Evansville College Evansville, Indiana GUITARS Gibson - Fender - Gretsch - Martin Epiphone - Goya New and Used Guitars ACCORDIONS - BANJOS - MANDOLINS Olds - Buescher - Selmer Gretsch - Slingerland BAND INSTRUMENTS AND DRUMS Fair Trade-ins Easy Terms Music Lessons ARTHUR'S MUSIC STORE 931 Shelby-Fountain Sq. Open 9 to 9, Saturday until 6. ME 8-3524 BOWLING 36 Brunswick Lanes For League, Team or Individual Bowling Located in Twin-Aire Shopping Center 2950 E. Pleasant Run Pkwy. N. Drive Indianapolis BOWL-O-MAT ME 8-3458 KMIQWXLSIPQJUQJ PUBLISHING COMPANY San Angelo, Texas '7 - A.,,,,...f-- A :J J ' Iffl Y' UNQFMT -i1 7 EL... P X X ' , R y . I -Abu 40955. gfg-5 - ' ""-'ry .f- '1,,.u- ffs' ' ,- ,. . - , ,. 95' .ufqb - Q" U 'wt '. " ' -935' 4,uq.fu.Qn I ' - ' -- , ..'s. V . . f " ' " ,' 'A gl K" 1 ,. ', --xv ...A 1 " ' "--l . 3' 'f"g.:" " 'B' 1:19 X. M w l . 3 Mgt: .. -. 5 ,v vf JY.- fr-:Q . .r...f,',.i, Q, W . mv ' 1 L. . I... - . . I- I .. -A -. lg - al" - 'A' ... vm, . -" 'H' " ' J - ' ' Q " 4- ' . - - 1' A Q -. ' lvl- A Y"'S- 'QA ' - "Nr ' .- - -' 1- - -w ' - . -' . - N , w VERA -xg " --.. . f - V .. if-' -'Wu - . - W. Q -- .. " he ' - 'Nu .f- x . .' r- , -- N..-,.-vx.g,,.. '- . - ', , L- r . e -..,3.3' ' 4 . - J 4 Q f - ew. f, , SX.,-Q sg ., U 1. .' .1 ' . - . 'Sh l. Q '. v ij, I 4-LW - r - I . Q 4, - .,- - , i,,.Vq,, QRQ 1..- - 'wg 4 . ' .uf , ,' my " hp,-g 'xgmxi ' ' v. .K , - W . ' ' N 5' "- N' , " , - ' x"""'5NAoq,wW-'. 5. A '. . Q' I ?-Qc' 'I' ' ' ' !x".,.',S. 5 1 ' I"-v-A "" E-Lvl, ' ' 1 x' -. x 5 - fr.-.5 ' -- ' U . ' R. 1, . - , . ,. . Q, hwx QA . sr K ,wr x - . I- 4, ru X, ,j xi . ' . Q ' 'I ', . , ,' '-. I ' ' A. .- V - .fei'.f1,Q..,. xr ., -1. - Vw., "-'K ' ".b,'..4x: 1 '. 1-. I v- 3 Winner of 10 different national yearbook awards "Without a song, the day would never end .... " We pause on this final page to acknowledge the cheer- fulness and help of the people listed below. Indeed, pro- ducing this 144-page yearbook would have been a dreary task without the "song" they provided. Sometimes their help was in the form of long, after-school hours of hard work to help meet a deadline: sometimes willing- ness to write a headline or draw up a page made the difference. Always, a sympathizing friend was near to break the tension with a quip or joke. Numerous business concerns and "friends of Tech" helped make this book Miss Hale, who wished for a pair of roller skates . . . fed?-'fx -..-.riff JoAnn, who typifies the hardworking staffer . , . Ruthie, who terrified us with The Threat . . . ,Q possible. Many of their names are listed on the previous advertising pages: others will be found below. We find it hard to believe that all the pictures have been taken, copy written, pages planned, and at last produced as a part of our yearbook. We've worked hard: but don't be deceived-we've enjoyed it, too! We give you a glimpse of some of our friends through pictures and list the names of others. Appreciate them, for they have made this book possible. - Ruth Neffle, Editor i Editor: Business Manager: Advertising Editor: Art Editor: Photographer and Cover Designer: Editorial Assistants: Sponsor: Consultant: Photography: Printing: Covers: Ruth Neffle Susan Forkner Sue Ellen Evans Suzi Schneider Connie Hittle Evelyn Resnick Deeann Mathis Joyce Henson Rose Simion Petrine Christein Lynda Turn-er Diane Hughes Dennis Murray JoAnn Brady Miss Hale Mr. Tresslar Max Galloway Studio Newsfoto Publishing Co. and Dick Kennard The S. K. Smith Co. Mrs. R., who persevered in spite of the walnuts . . . ,ir- if z, 1,4 . 3' 2 5 Q yfxxxqz x . w.3 Z 5 : 0 l Q 459 5 1 'All -llt :Z is g. S l :ks V, .fx A ' , i i l X -11 A Mr. Brown, who is our psychological neighbor . . . L T, Y VVVV +7 H .V ,.. SUBJECT INDEX A Art Club ...... . . . Art Department . . Attendance ..,........ August Seniors ........... . . . Auto-Aviation Department . . ..... . . Baseball ....... . . . Basketball ....... Biological Science .. Bookstore Staff ..,.. Boys' Concert Club .. Boys' Counselors ......... Boys' Octette ............... Building Trades Department . . . . . . Business Education Department .. ..... .. C Cannon Weekly .... Cannon Yearbook Cheerblock ......... Cheerleaders ......... Chemistry-Physics Club .. Chess Club ........... Concert Band ....... Concert Orchestra .. Cross Country .... ...... D Directors .,........ . . . D.C.E. Club ........ Drafting Department . . . Drama-Speech Club ...... . . . Drum Maior G Maiorettes . . .... . . Electrical Department . . . . . . English Department .... . . . Evening School Staff . .. .. . . .. F Fall Kings 8- Queens Financial Office ............. Football ...................... Foreign Language Department French Club ................ Future Nurses Club .... Future Printers Club . . . . . . Future Teachers Club .. .... .. G General Secretary ..... German Club ........... Girls' Athletic Association .. Girls' Concert Club .... Girls' Counselors Girls' Ensemble ..... Golf ............... Guidance Counselors . .. . . . . . . H Head Custodian .... .............. ..... . . . Health G Physical Education Department . . . History Club .......................... . . . Home Economics Department .......... ...... J Junior Classical League . .. . . . . . . K Key Club I. lettermen's Club . . . . . library Staff . . lunchroom Staff .. ....8O ....7l ....l9 ...II9 ....76 .....93,94 62,63,64,65 .......45 ....20 ....82 ....l8 ....8l ....7S ....42 ....88 ....89 ....58 ...60,6l ....55 ....27 ....84 ....84 ....33 ...'l6,17 ....54 ....74 ....50 ..,.30 ....78 ....38 ....20 ....29 ....20 ...3'l,32 ....4l ....53 ....28 ....56 ....28 ....l9 ....52 ...,57 ....82 ....l8 ....83 ...,97 ....l8 ....2O ....43 ....56 ....72 ....53 ....24 ....57 ....39 .,..2l Madrigal Singers ....... Mathematics Department . Metal Trades Department Music Club .............. Music Department ...... N.F.l. . . . ........... . Natural Science Club Office Staff Physical Science Department .. Policemen . . . . . ....... . .... Principal, C. l.. McClintock P.T.A. ................ . Printing Department ..... Radio Club .. Records .,..... Red Cross Club .... Retired Teachers ................ Rifle Team ............. R.O.T.C. Cadet Officers 8 Sponsors R.0.T.C. Color Guard ........... R.0.T.C. Instructors .... S.A.0. School Executive Board .. Nurses ..... . . . . . Senior Class Committees . Senior Council .......... Senior Roll Room 'I90 Senior Roll Room 153 Senior Roll Room 300 . . Senior Roll Room 7 . . . Senior Roll Room 6 . . . Service Club ........ Sketchbook ............ Social Service .......... Social Studies Department Spanish Club .......... Spring Kings 3- Queens . String Ensemble ........ Tech Legion . . Techoir ..... Thespians . . . Tennis .... Track . . . Vice Principals Winter Kings 8- Queens . Wrestling ............. XYZ Club . .. Y-Teens . . . ....8l ....40 ....77 ....80 ....70 ....5'l ....55 ....20 ....44 ....20 ....l4 ....47 ....73 ....27 ....l9 ....25 ....47 ....86 ....87 ....87 ....86 ....24 ....43 .......'l03 .......l02 104,105,106 107,108,109 110,111,112 113,114,115 11s,117,11a 26 ....'l9 ....46 ....52 ....9l ....80 ...120 ....83 ......51 .......97 .....95,96 ....l5 ....59 ....92 ....54 ....25 A Dave Abbett 33,82,95 Barbara J. Abbott 28 Betty Jean Abbott 82 James Bruce Adams 104 Sharon R. Addler 58,82 Carolyn S. Adkins 58 Vaino E. Aiango 24,84,102,104,120 Eugene Akers 95 Gerald Lee Akers 31,64 Lucinda Sue Albertson 26,58 Peggy Albright 26 Janet P. Allen 84,104 Lawrence E. Allen 27 Martha E. Allen 25,53,104 Paul Allen 84 Eric W. Alm 104 Alice A. Anderson 104 Aubrey L. Anderson 31 Donna L. Anderson 25,26,58 Dorothy Anderson 119 June Anderson 56,83,104 linda Anderson 104 Mattie L. Armstrong 119 Sheila Ann Armstrong 26,56,104 James G. Arnold 104 Melanie Arsenault 104 Sandra K. Arterburn 25,26,52,56,58,83,102,104 James K. Arthur 119 Marilyn A. Atherton 57 Nancy Jo Atherton 57,87 Danny Auble 27 William Aughe 119 Carolyn L. Avery 104 Leroy Avery 32,92,96 Michael Avery 31,57,92,95 Nancy J. Ayres 26,55,56,58 B Paul J. Bach 104 Harold E. Backus 84,104 Loretta Backus 26 Daniel C. Bacon 24,83,84 P. Douglas Bacon 24,81,83,104 Cassandra Jean Bailey 104 Johnny M. Baker 24,31,57,83,87,95,104 Ollie R. Patricia Sandra Jerry L. Thomas Baker 56 S. Baker 58 K. Baker 24,29,61,87,91 Ballinger 50,51 D. Bandy 57,104 Louis Banholzer 56 Shirley A. Banks 58 Linda Jean Banta 52 Dennis E. Barlow 31,57,104 Helen J. Barnes 104 Margaret L. Barnes 58,80 Richard A. Barnes 104 Timothy E. Barnes 32,92 Carol J. Barnett 104 Deborah Anne Barnett 25,58 Melvin E. Barr 26 Larry R. Barth 80 Evelyn S. Bartholomew 57 Charles A. Bass 104 Phillip L. Bass 55 Jacqueline Bates 104 Rhonda K. Bates 104 Riley S. Bates 32,96 Janice K. Battenburg 58 Stan Baughn 84 Margaret R. Beasley 53 Sandria A. Beasley 105 Stephen D. Beattie 95,105 Charles W. Beavin 24,41,53,56,80, 102,103,104,120 Robert A. Beck 52 Tom Beeson 82 Kenneth Beight 84 R. Steven Belding 24,82,97 Betty Bell 26,88 Judith Ann Bell 26,105 Margaret A. Bennett 24,25,26,105 Peggy R. Berchekas 58 81,83,B4, Cast of Characters Terry Bess 65 Philip Birkla 52 Roger L. Birkla 52,95,105 Cortland H. Bishop 105 Janet K. Bishop 91,105 Teresa Ann Black 56 Mary J. Blackwell 105 Walter Blankenship 84 Carol E. Blount 57 Carl Blue 93 Betty L. Boal 105 Carol Sue Bohnenkamp 56 William A. Bolander 55,84,88 Pearl M. Bond 25,58 James A. Boone 64 Willie L. Boone 53,92,93 Siegfried C. Borczak 92,96 Vicki L. Borer 105 Alan Borneman 82,97 Craig R. Borns 56,91 James A. Bostic 64,93 Nancy Roberta Boyd 53,82 Jo Ann Brady 24,25,26,82,89,134 D. Diane Brake 105 James Brantley 64,84 Jeri Brasher 30 Linda R. Brashear 105 Beverly Brewer 28 lnes Brewer 28 Virginia Brewer 56,119 Uldis Brinkmanis 105 Steven J. Brinker 105 Leroy Bristow 105 Janice Britt 82 Sue Ann Brockman 50 Edwin M. Brooks 105 John Brass 105 Anita Jane Brown 28 Corine Brown 50,5l,53,56,88,105 Diana L. Brown 28,82,84,105 Donna Brown 57,58 Dorene L. Brown 28,105 Eli Brown, Jr. 31,92,95 Judith A. Brown 105 Lorine Brown 53,56,103,105 Shirley E. Brown 84 Stella L. Brown 58 Evelyn Cox Browning 105 John D. Brownlee 56,105 Sharyn L. Bruce 83,105 William Bruce 92 Barbara S. Brummett 82 Eddie Bryant 96 Steven D. Bryant 105 Annie L. Buchanan 105 Robert L. Buchanan 52 Darlene Buckner 119 Jerry Burke 25 William H. Burmeister 84,105 Donna M. Burnette 59,91 Karess J. Burnham 30 Penny Sue Burnham 26 Karla K. Burns 82,91 Randy Burns 24,3I,57,81,83,105 Linda S. Burris 82 Carolyn B. Burrows 105 Robert E. Burrows 105 Barbara J. Burrus 105 Donovan K. Busby 87,105 Beverly J. Butler 105 Van H. Butler 56,81,83 Jacqueline Byrd 105 C Anthony S. Cabbell 31,92,95 Timothene Code 119 Kathy Caeman 52 James A. Campbell 24,83,103,105 Thomas Allen Campbell 82 Kathy Carman 52 Patricia G. Carmichael 25,105 Charles D. Carmony 50,51,81,83,103,105,120 Karen A. Carney 105 Cyril E. Carter 32,65,95 David E. Carter 105 Joan C. Carter 58 Tom C. Carter 92 Marion Casey 96 Paul A. Cassaday 80,105 Ronald L. Castetter 105 Geraldine A. Castle 105 Gordon D. Caudill 80,82,84 Kenneth Lee Cauldwell 105 Thomas L. Chamberlain 105 Viki Lynn Chambers 58 Larry M. Champion 24,91,93 Clifford E. Chandler 24,97 John W. Chapman 105 Steven J. Chestnut 92 Diane M. Childers 28 Donna L. Childers 58 James Chinn 96 Terri Lee Chris 24,57 David D. Chrismon 106 Donald E. Christ 32 Petrine J. Christein 25,50,51,89 Harry D. Christensen 106 Victor A. Christian 80 David L. Church 106 Martha J. Church 28 Philip Church 92 John N. Clark 87,106,119 Joyce C. Clark 25 Mary F. Clark 52 Nancy E. Clark 58,103,106,120 Nancy Jean Clark 26,28 Richard C. Clark 84 Sherrill G. Clark 106 Paula K. Cline 50 Ruthanne Cline 82 Carol Sue Coapstick 58 Robert N. Coar 84,106 Carlos Cobiella 106 James Coe 84 Patricia A. Coe 28,106 Brenda A. Coffey 106 David l. Coffey 106 Regina C. Coffey 84 David P. Coffin 55,97 Edgar T. Cohee 90,106 E. Faye Cole 119 James M. Cole 54,106 Phyllis O. Coleman 80 Diane Comer 26,83 William F. Conour 52,82,91 Asael Contreras 27,82 Esther Contreras 106 Christina E. Cook 58 Richard R. Cook 102,104,120 Steven F. Cook 106 L. Sue Cook 30,83 Susan G. Cook 30 Arnold P. Cooper 92 Barbara J. Cooper 106 Walter Cooper 106 Frances Anne Copeland 52 Brady K. Corbin 106,120 Martha Cornell 106 Jack C. Corpuz 52,82 Shirley A. Cortez 58 Roberta Couch 50,52 Suzanne M. Couch 50 David Courtney 106 Jack R. Couse 54 Nicholette L. Cause 56 Candace R. Covert 58 Richard E. Coy 54 Ronald R. Coy 54,106 Barbara A. Craft 106 D. Jean Craig 80,83,84,102,104,120 Linda S. Craig 26,83,87 Oscar E. Cramer 106 Russell W. Cravens B4 Rita Joan Crawford 83 William Crawford 96 Glenna Kaye Crawley 106 Thomas R. Creasser 54,84,88 Ronald R. Creech 33 Bruce Crellin 84 Bernard M. Crispin 103,106 David L. Cruiser 31,56,106 Wayne Culp 96 Rita E. Cummings 87,102,107,120 Judith Cummins 107 Otis Curry 65 Richard L. Curry 83,107 Victoria V. Curry 107 David Lee Cutshaw 3l,92,95 Norman E. Cyphers 91,107 D Ernie R. Dallman 33,97 Jane Ann Dalton 54 Rex Daniels 32 Freda Ann Darden 119 Beverly A. Daugherty 28,107 Steve Daugherty 87 Linda G. Davidson 107 Fred Davie 95 Barbara J. Davis 58 Jeanette Davis 28,53,107 John H. Davis 107 Sylvia L. Davis 107 Linda K. DeHay 25,26,52,56,58,107 David Denham 82 Thomas R. Denham 83,107 Lynn Detty 58 Richard B. Detty 24,91,97 Carol S. Devine 107 Sandra J. Devine 107 Earl M. Dick 56,119 Steve Dicken 27,56 Richard Dickson 50,84,92,107 Mary E. Dilk 107,120 Sammy L. Dill 107 Sharon L. Dillard 107 Daniel A. Dinnsen 52 Cathie D. Dirr 107 Sandra C. Dirr 50,56 Robert Dixon 65 Larry M. Doan 31,107 Jack L. Dobbs 33,93,107,120 Tommy C. Dobbs 107 Sharon A. Donahue 80,82 Thomas E. Doss 107 Judith A. Doty 58,80,82 Donna M. Dougherty 107,120 Robert E. Downey 107 John W. Dozier, Jr. 107 Ronnie Drake 65 Michael E. Drane 31,57,95,119 Robert Duesser 65,97 Cynthia J. Duncan 53 Donald L. Duncan 119 Kathy E. Duncan 57,58 Louise K. Duncan 108 Ralph F. Dungan 119 Clifton J. Durham, Jr. 27 Anne Duthie 80,82,84 E John B. Eades 87,108 Ellen Eads 52 Johnny Ealy 32 Joseph Easley 92,108 Lois Eastes 108 Edward E. Edgerton 108 Paul M. Edwards 108 Kenneth G. Eggert 24,108 James D. Ehrmantraut 108 Lloyd Eldridge 31,57,92 Charles E. Elliot 92 Donald E. Elliot 108 Wanda D. Elliot 54,108 Dennis K. Ellis 108 Larry L. Ellis 31 Mary Ellis 54,108 Peggy Ann Ellis 58,82 Phyllis A. Ellis 27,80 Richard Elsbury 27 William Eltzroth 24,80,82,83,108 Loretah D. Emrick 56,108,120 Linda Engel 84,103,108,120 Carolyn England 108 Dennis England 108 Virginia England 108 Raymond Englander 24,83 C. Mike Ensminger 32,65 Sheila Mae Epler 58 Mary Ellen Espinosa 58 Celesta Evans 108 Floyd Evans 65,96 James R. Evans 81,83,102,107,120 Mary L. Evans 25 Stephen Evans 92 Sue Ellen Evans 56,82 Linda Everett 53,58 Paul Everman 24,52,108 Donna L. Ewer 80 F Phyllis Fagner 108 Willam Farmer 108 John Fawley 65 James Ferguson 21,96 Marilyn Fields 108 Alan Finch 50,51,80,82 R. Eric Finnell 84,92 Roxanna Finney 119 George Fisher 108 James Fisher 108 Larry Fleming 95 Patricia Floerke 82,108 Mark Floyd 108 William Foernzler 108 William Fogleson 52,56 Carolyn Forbis 83 James William Ford 83,87 William Ford 87,108 Jeanne Forkner 84 Susan M. Forkner 82,89,108 John Forsee 52,56,108 Ralph Fortune 54 Nancy Fosso 54,108 Linda Lou Foster 58 Philip Fougerousse 108 James W. Fox 92 Mary Ann Frakes 80 Tom Frank 92 Eddye Freeman 108 William Freeman 92 Cecil Frink 96 n Lyn Funke 59,61,83,102,107,l20 Carol Furry 24,41,53,83,103,108,120 G Frank Gaalema 108 Shirley A. Gaddie 108 Bill Gaines 27 Sharon Galbreath 108 Howard Gamble 65 John Gannon 96 H. Lynn Gartrell 33,96 Mary A. Gates 108 Richard L. Gates 108 Mary Gaunce 54,80 Sandra Elizabeth Gaunce 54 Joanna Gearlds 108 Lana Geminden 57 Jerry George 24,80,84,103,108 Barbara Gerlach 54,108 Annamarie Gibson 58 Marifrances Gibson 58 Wayne Gibson 108 Dorothy Gill 108 Robert A. Gillaspy 92 Jerry Gilreath 87 David Girton 109 Daniel V. Glover 80,84,109 N. Lynn Goldman 109,120 Annie L. Goldsmith 109 Rebecca Kay Goldstein 58 Jimmie M. Gooch 28,50,56,109 Martha L. Goodman 109 Jenny L. Goodnight 54,58,83,84 Paris M. Goodrum 24,50,51,56,88,109,120 Judith A. Goodwin 28 Patricia L. Gosnell 80 William A. Gosnell 50,109 David G. Grabhorn 88,89,97,102,103,107 Saundra J. Grady 109 Robert Graham 96 Velmon Graham 92,95 Michael Grannis 55 Ronald E. Grasshoff 32 Gracie F. Graves 61 Delmarie Gray 109 Charlotte Ann Grebe 83,87 Dennis C. Green 109 Julie Green 58 Ronnie W. Green 33,96 Reggie Greene 109 Judy E. Greer 109 Raymond J. Griffin 93 Donald D. Griffith 56 Sharon L. Grogan 25,103,109 John C. Grone 84 Juanita F. Gross 109 Wayne H. Gross 24,31,82,92 Frances P. Guenther 25,52,56 109 120 Emily J. Guillion 84 Jennie L. Gunn 109 Leland S. Gunn 63,109 H John C. Habig 81,82,83 Freida L. Haines 54,109 Forest Haley 92 Christine A. Hall 109 David W. Hall 109 Dwight E. Hall 109 Marilyn J. Hamm 109 Chris L. Hammond 58,84 Barbara A. Hamon 52 Mary l.. Hand 58 David Handy 32,84,96 Ruth M. Handy 25,81,83 Richard E. Hankins 119 Ernest C. Hann 87,109 Jamilla J. Hannon 25 Jill D. Hansford 80 Dennis M. Henshew 88,89 Bonnie Hardy 56,58 Deanna E. Hardy 56,58 Cheryl K. Hardyman 84 Mary S. Hargis 82 Mike Harmeson 92 James R. Harmon 109 Jerry Harrell 31,63,93 Joyce Harris 50 Steve Harris 96 Wilma J. Harris 50,58 William R. Harrison 33 Suzanne Hart 109,120 Sue C. Hartlage 57 Nancy L. Hartle 52 Carolyn S. Hartman 58 Keith L. Hartzog 109 David Harvey 64 Stephen Harvey 31,96 W. Michael Harvey 24,31,57 63 102 103 107 120 Rose B. Harwell 109 Richard K. Hausey 52 Thomas L. Havely 109 David Hawley 27,84 John H. Hawley 27 Frederick W. Hawthorne 57 63 95 109 Chappell R. Hayes 84 Sidney E. Hayes 84 Tommy Heitzman 31,95 Venion G. Helm 84,110 Mary Anne Helton 110 James E. Henderson 84 Joseph D. Henderson 65,80 Albert L. Hendricks 110 Astrid P. Henkels 52,54,55,56 88 89 llze E. Henkels 52,54,55,56,88 89 Herbert E. Henry 56,110 Donna S. Henson 119 Joyce D. Henson 29,89,91,110 Stephen W. Herman 110 Richard A. Hessman 110 Judy J. Hester 50,56,80 Patricia M. Hickey 110 Richard W. Hight 50,51 Roland Hiles 27,97 Joyce E. Hill 28 Lorraine M. Hill 30 Kenneth R. Hilton 88 Melanni K. Himes 26,56 William Hinman 97 Kristin E. Hirschler 30 Juanita E. Hirschy 56 Jenny Hise 28 Connie S. Hittle 89,103,110,120 Donald Hackersmith 56 Michael L. Hackman 110 Lenora D. Hodges 83 Lea C. Hodges 24,103,110,120 Ralph E. Hodgson 52,82 Nelson H. Hoggatt 54,110 Sue Ann Hohnke 58 Jeffrey L. Holbrook 33,96 Michael V. Holder 110 Terry W. Halle 110 Carolyn S. Holler 110 Polly A. Hallowell 57 Timothy D. Hon 31 Danette K. Hood 57 Mark o. Hopping 24,29,50,51,84,86,87,103,110, 120 Mary Jean Hopping 25,26,50,54,58,83,84 Jill S. Horn 26 Ronald Horton 96 Ronald E. Hoskins 119 H. Sue Hottenroth 82,88,89 Alonzo W. Howard 92 Betty A. Howard 80 Richard Howard 92 Wayne D. Howery 82 Beverly A. Hoyt 25,26,53 Daniel E. Hoyt 32 Robert L. Hubbard 119 James D. Hudson 110 Josie M. Hudson 28 Donna L. Hufford 88,91,110 Eddie Huggler 27 Sandra L. Huggler 110 Danny Hughes 110 Kenneth W. Hughes 24 M. Diane Hughes 110 Nancy Hughes 110 Roseva J. Hughes 50,51,53,82 Susan C. Humbarger 28,80 Chester Humphries 31,57,95 Danna B. Hunt 25,84 Kenneth Hunt 95 Pamela J. Hunt 24,25,41,81,83 Constance R. Hunter 110 David L. Hunter 50,51 Gail D. Huser 110 David F. Hutchinson 54,110 Darryl W. Huter 111 Kathleen Huter 30,83,91 Michael D. Hyatt 24,52,88 Stephen J. Hyatt 24,87,88,89,102,110,120 Steven J. lngels 50,51 Dan C. lreland 31,57,92,95 J Anita L. Jackson 111 Harald R. Jackson 32 Jason C. Jackson 111 Johnnie Jackson 111 Reuben Jackson 111 Ronnald E. Jackson 27 Suellen Jackson 52,56 Gene R. Jacobs 24,52,83 Geraldine M. Jacobs 26 Sondra E. James 52,88 Calvert A. Jared 24,54,111,120 John Jarrett 32,92,96 Carson K. Jarvis 54 Marilyn R. Jarvis 119 Danny Jee 65 Elwood Y. Jee 65 Edward L. Jefferson 111 Sandra S. Jeffries 83,111 Wayne L. Jennings 84 Cara C. Jiles 111 Charles Johnson 92 Eric Johnson 82 Frankie L. Johnson 111 Glenn E. Johnson 65 Gloria Johnson 58 James M. Johnson 63 Meda A. Johnson 57 Mike W. Johnson 57,93 Nancy A. Johnson 84 Robert Johnson 54 Ronald M. Johnson 32,96 Susan L. Johnson 56,80,84 Antoinette Jones 111 Charles E. Jones 31,64,95 Donna L. Jones 111 James R. Janes 111 J. Michael Janes 83,111 Nancy Jones 81,83 Rita L. Jones 111 Shirley D. Jones 111 Wanda Sue Jones 119 Michael L. Jordan 111 Charles R. Justus 111 K Michael D. Keely 111 Lowell C. Keith 111 George A. Kelley 54 Kenneth A. Kelly 111 Karen K. Kemper 30 Gary W. Kennedy 31,57,63,91,93 Mary A. Kennington 53,82 Nikki-lynne Kennison 25,53 Terry L. Kern 111 Mariorie W. Kerr 52,111 Wanda F. Kerr 25 Alford L. Kessinger 111 Robert D. Ketring 111 James C. Key 111 James L. Kidder 86,87,111 Earl Ray Kiesler 28 James Lawrence Kimmell 119 Gerald E. Kirk 80 Doloris K. Kirkbride 28,83,84,103,111 John H. Kirkbride 31 David E. Klein 111 Robert Lynn Klapotek 32 Douglas W. Knight 27,52,111 Bonita Jane Knorr 84 Rosemary Koelling 83 Martha A. Koeppe 111 Joseph Allen Koon 65 Richard E. Kramer 63,111 Suzanne Kreiger 58 K. David Kreimer 31,57,95 William Kruger 24,29,31,87,95,102,110,120 John Kuhn 33,92,96 Sandra L. Kuhn 111 Luba Kulik 50,51,53,55,111 Phillip K. Kunkel 92 L John R. Lacy 111 John Laffey 26,97 Jerold R. Lane 33,57,95,111 Edward G. Lange 111 Pauletta Lasley 111 Jonathan Laswell 84 Michael C. Laswell 111 Aquilla Lawrence 111 Steven B. Lawrence 33 Billy D. Lawson 111 Robert J. Layton 111 Sandra W. Ledford 111 Earl L. Lee 33,96 Harold Lee 96 William G. Lee 56 D. Louise Leni 33 Dorothy M. Lenon 111 Carla Lauann Leonard 52,84 Fred R. Leonard 111 Linda C. Leonard 50 Stephen D. Leonard 82,87 Kay A. Lester 88 Patricia A. Level 112 Daniel L. Lewin 112 Evelyn Lewin 53,61,82 Rene Lewin 24,81,83,91,93 Nedra L. Lewis 53 Jean Anne Link 58 Sandra K. Little 112 Barbara E. Lohman 112 Carol A. Long 58 Joseph M. Long 24,41,52,102,110 120 Elena L. Looper 50 Glee Darlene Looper 82 Ethel B. Lott 57 Donald Lovall 55 Sandra Ludwig 50,84 Sharon Lee Luke 57 James R. Luppino 54,112 Mc Sheila G. McAllister 28,55,102,110 120 Mary McAree 28,50,56,88 Edward W. McAvoy 112 Diane McCallie 21,103,112 William E. McCarty 87,112 Arthella G. McCauley 57 Kenneth N. McCauley 31,112 Dean McClary 32 Donald N. McClary 32 Mary L. McClary 112 C. Sue McClellan 112 Dennis McClellan 57 Thomas F. McClerry 112 Victoria Jean McClung 52,58 Paul D. McDowell 84 Jerry L. McGary 92,95 Mary E. McGee 25,112 Charles D. McKeighan 112 Richard L. McKinna 27 Lee Roy McKinney 87 Richard L. McKnight 112 Daniel M. McMahon 61,112 Donna R. McManama 112 Eric McQueen 33,52,95 M Dawn G. Mackey 56,58 Mary Jo Macy 82 Ethel L. Maddux 112 Maxine R. Madritsch 24,25,26,82 88 89 Wendell Madry 65 Rosemary Mahone 25 John Mallory 112 Judy Maners 84 Christine Marcum 26 Sharon S. Marin 24,83,87,102,110 120 Cheryl F. Marsh 112 Faith Marshall 82 Robert L. Marshall 87 Beniamin Martin 32 Edyth F. Martin 28,112 Evelyn E. Martin 80,81,83,84,90,103 112 120 Judith K. Martin 85 Tante Masters 52,58,61 David Mathews 96 Diane T. Mathews 24,25,28,112,120 Deeann Mathis 24,28,89 Matt Matlick 54 Carl K. Matlock 84,112 Thomas D. Matthews 32 David M. Mattingly 52 Gerald H. Mattingly 112 John G. Maxey 92,112 Randall B. Mayfield 33 Melissa J. Mays 28 David Mead 24,112 Maenell Means 80,113 Susan Meeks 88 Robert G. Meister 24,84,113 Charles R. Melton 92 Stewart Mencer 56 Joyce E. Merrifield 59,113 Jay A. Meulen 80 Paul Middlebraok 96 William P. Miedema 113 Hermione E. Miles 50,51 Anna B. Miller 25,80,83,113,120 Bernard C. Miller 113 Carlos R. Miller 113 Clifford L. Miller 33 Donald W. Miller 113 Ernest L. Miller 31 Gordon A. Miller 113 4 Janet L. Miller 113 John T. Miller 65 Joyce E. Miller 25 Judith E. Miller 25,58 Larry E. Miller 82 Marilyn S. Miller 28,53 Pamela A. Miller 57,80,81,83,84,103,113 Ronald D. Miller 113 Ruth E. Miller 50,51,113 Stephen C. Miller 50,51,91,113 John M. Mills 56 Reginald L. Milton 84,113 Carol Mindach 50,51,56 Joseph H. Misbach 81,83 Billie E. Mitchell 24,113,120 William B. Mock 56 Kathleen S. Moeller 25 Mary Monschein 85 Anita Montague 26 J. Edward Montgomery 64 Helen Montgomery 25,58 James M. Montgomery 27,113 Jerrold Montgomery 56 Sharon S. Montgomery 58 Sharon L. Moon 83,87 Diana K. Moore 113 James Moore 119 Rick B. Moore 113 Donna L. Morgan 113 Roderick Morgan 53 Walter Morrow 32,96 Jack T. Morton 53,54,83 Becky A. Moss 113 Jeanette L. Moss 113 Stanley Lee Moss 24,97 Bernard Muffler 32,96 Nancy E. Muller 84 Cheryl J. Mulkey 113 James Mulryan 32 Dennis Murray 24,50 Roger Wm. Muterspauh 54 N Catherine M. Nahas 26,28,53,56,113 Susie Napier 113 Gene W. Needham 31,57,114 Gerald G. Neff 33,57,95,114 Ruth A. Neffle 51,89,103,114,120,134 Charles M. Neill 114 John Nell 31,57,63,93 Richard Nell 114 Kenneth C. Nelms 32 Mary E. Nelson 114 Nora L. Newkirk 28,114 Joyce E. Newson 54,114 Frank E. Nichols 31,57 James R. Nichols 114 Sharon S. Nichols 103,114 Elvain A. Nious 92 Janice Noakes 114 Barbara Noffke 50 Garnet E. Nolan 29,80,83,84,114,120 Otha L. Northington 114 Sheron C. Nunes 114 O Carol A. Oakley 53,84 Carol O'Hern 28 sandra M. ohne 24,41,81,83,84,87,90,102,103, 113,120 Robert O'Neal 96 Kathleen O'Neil 56 Ruthann R. O'Rear 29,87,114 Steve Oser 33,92 Joanne W. Overbeck 114 Zane W. Overton 83,114 Bennie Owens 92,95 Tom Owens 31,64 P Ronald D. Pacheco 114 Finley E. Padgett 114 Lynnda J. Pallikan 80,84,114 Dorene L. Palmer 114 James E. Palmer 114 Paul Palmer 114 Tommy Palmer 27 Frederick H. Panhorst 55,82 Jimi S. Parker 85 David Parks 31,64 Donald Parks 114 Barbara Parrish 56 D. June Parrish 114 Judy A. Parrish 58 Mike Parsons 32 Jerry K. Parvin 32 Larry M. Parvin 31,57,114 Bruce Paternoster 41,53,102,103,113,120 Jereta M. Patrick 114 Joyce Patterson 114 Judith A. Patterson 114 W. James Patterson 24 James Pattison 56 Clarence E. Pavey 80 Judith M. Pavey 119 Thomas Payne 84,92 Susie Pearson 25,26 Sharon Lee Pease 119 Velvet Jean Perkins 28 John E. Peterson 87 Melvyn L. Pfeiffer 24,53,82,92 Keith R. Phemister 82 Kim B. Phemister 24,83,97,114 George J. Phillips 114 Judith R. Phillips 58 Penny Lee Pickett 25,57 Marcia A. Pierce 114 Sandra L. Piestro 114 Phyllis P. Pike 114 David L. Pittman 24,88,92 Harrison M. Pittman 24,103,114 Robert L. Poindexter 114 Linda L. Poland 58 S. James Pollard 83 J. Michael Polson 82 Jo Ann Porter 25 Sara J. Porter 50,56 Harold Leo Powell Jr. 86,87,95 William C. Pracht 86,87 Michael Presley 97 James G. Price 63,84,97 Michael Y. Price 65,96 Wendrel L. Price 114 Christina Priest 82,84,85 Sharon Puckett 30 Sammie D. Pullen 114 Ruby D. Pulliam 56,114 Albert F. Purcell 54,119 Peggy A. Purcell 84 Alice F. Purvis 27,56 Kenneth G. Purvis 27,56,92 Viesturs M. Purvlicis 114 Anna M. Putelis 52,114,120 Peteris V. Putelis 54,80,84 Q Daisy L. Quick 50 R Sharon F. Rady 58 Melody A. Radziewicz 24,26,53,80,88,89,90 Charlotte L. Rainbolt 114 R. Steve Ramage 81,83 Ronald Randol 84,87 Carolyn S. Randolph 114 Sylvia E. Ranelin 114 Danny L. Ray 115 Michael S. Reed 81,83 Wayne Reed 95 William R. Reed 96,115 Michael L. Reese 119 Beverly J. Reinken 24,26,54,115,120 Frank Renfro 97 Kathryn M. Rennels 115 Evelyn F. Resnick 25,26,53,56,88,89 Diane K. Ressinger 61 H. Wayne Rettig 56 Charles L. Reynolds 115 John E. Reynolds 115 Timothy W. Reynolds 84,115 Nola M. Rezzo 50,51,101,115 Crystal Rhodes 28 Ralph J. Richards 115 Ronald L. Richards 92,96 Richard G. Riegel 80 Carol A. Riggs 115 Phyllis A. Rivers 83 Diane Roberts 26,82 John E. Roberts 115 Linda D. Roberts 91,115 Donna K. Robertson 57 Jack W. Robertson 24,81,83,102,113,120 John F. Robertson 82 Abie D. Robinson 115 Leroy Robinson 32 Charles Rodocker 83 Sena L. Roe 115 Harold L. Romine 119 Roger Roney 95 Clyde L. Rosenbrock 52,56 Barbara L. Rosenkrans 26,58 Wayne W. Rosenkrans 115 Roy F. Rossell 24,30,81,83,84,90,115,120 Jerry W. Roth 56 Manuel N. Roth 119 Jerry Rott 52 Terry L. Rowe 115 Morris Rowland 53,55 Roy D. Ruffin 52 Daniel Rushton 53,80 Jerry D. Rushton 115 Schellie M. Russ 119 Mary L. Russell 28,82 Steve Russell 92 Linda L. Rynard 84 S Karen L. Safford 24,25,30,85 Claudia E. St. John 115 Nancy S. Sampson 115 Arthur Sams 31,64,95 Charles Sanders 32,65,96 Steven Sanders 65 Sherry Sayles 53 Donald L. Scaggs 115 Alice M. Scalf 115 James Scalf 56 Anita J. Scarborough 30 Sharyl Schoenewey 61 Charles Scahill 87 Jill Schmidt 58,61 Patricia Schmidt 115 Steven Schmidt 97 Terri S. Schneider 50,80,89,102,115,120 Brenda iHam1 Schowengerdt 52 John M. Schowengerdt 83,87 Linda iHam1 Schowengerdt 52 Daniel L. Schrock 52,115 James E. Schrum 115 Evelyn J. Schueller 50,51,56,88 John Scott 96 Michael J. Scott 115 Mike Seagraves 95 Dorothy J. Seals 119 Steven John Seals 27 James D. Seaman 87,115 David L. Sedam 115 Donna Seibert 58 Donald D. Sellers 115 Dennis L. Selm 33,57,95 Dorycea Ann Senour 58 David Sexson 31,57,63,91,93 James H. Sexton 115 James G. Sharpe 87,102,113,120 Diana L. Sheets 115 Donna M. Sheetz 115 George Robert Shelby 84 Steven J. Shelby 115 Grover E. Shepherd 115 James Alan Shepherd 33,95 Jerry L. Shilling 115 Alice M. Shipley 115 W. Kemp Shobe 31 Janice F. Shockley 56 Richard C. Shumate 115 Ronald Shuppert 82 Wesley E. Sickle 31 Rose M. Simion 26,56,58,89,90,103,115,120 Dossie Sims 96 Mary l. Skelton 116 Barbara L. Slack 80,83,116 , William Slaten 50,51 Patricia Slaugher 25,58 Robert L. Slaughter 50 Robert E. Sluder 119 Anita Smith 61,91 Charles M. Smith 116 Dennis L. Smith 84,116 Eleanor C. Smith 61 Frederick O. Smith 82 James G. Smith 116 Jimmy D. Smith 33,95 John A. Smith 31,63,116 Joyce F. Smith 116 Judith Lee Smith 58,59 Linda S. Smith 30 Marilyn D. Smith 26,103,116,120 Michael M. Smith 33 Phillip L. Smith 102,116 Robert E. Smith 116 Susan K. Smith 41,53,54,84,103,116,120 Terry M. Smith 33,95 William A. Smith 50 Willy H. Smith 83,84 William Snead 116 Loraine Snoden 57 Alan L. Snyder 56 John D. Soltau 81,83 Stanley J. Sowder 92 Jon Spadorcia 63,93 Barbara Spears 87 Linda Suzzette Spears 58 Annie Spencer 28 Frederick A. Spiegel 119 John Springer 52,54,87 Judith L. Spry 116 Sherman Lee Standiford 50 Michael A. Stanley 116 Willie Steele 116 Barbara Steen 116 Larry Stein 119 Hattie A. Steirs 54,116 William R. Stella 32 Carolyn R. Stephens 56 Leslie Stephens 116 Mary F. Stephens 116 Ronald L. Stephens 116 John Stevens 116 Edellen Stewart 87 Dennis Stillabower 58 Charleyne E. Stinger 58 Pamela M. Stock 116 Naioma J. Stockton 57 Rogie L. Stokes 116 Mary A. Stone 116 Jesse A. Stoner 116 Richard M. Storm 53 Luke D. Stowers 116 Ronald Strahl 24,64,88,93 Mara Strelnieks 52,84 David R. Strickland 117 Judy Elaine Strong 30 Robert Strong 87 Janet R. Stucker 83,117 Wendell Stump 117 William C. Sturdivant 63,95,117 James W. Suddarth 88 Dwight Suggs 82,84,92 Robert L. Suggs 117 Donald Sunman 84 Elizabeth A. Suess 117 Quintillia Sullivan 117 Robert L. Sullivan 117 Roger C. Summers 117 Victoria L. Sutton 30,83 James Sykes 95 Dorothy A. Swan 52,84,83 William W. Swan 24,102,116,120 Betty A. Swanner 54,117 Carol J. Swinford 58 Sandra K. Swisher 28 T Mark Taft 117 Norma Tally 83,117 Jocelyn E. Tandy 25,26,50,53,56,58 Clifford L. Tate 117 Sandra Tate 117 Fred Taylor 93 James Arthur Taylor 80 Joe Taylor 32 Nancy J. Taylor 26,28,55,56,117 Ronald Taylor 96 William Thatcher 32 Sheryl Lyn Thiesing 84,85 Alice A. Thomas 117 Amalia S. Thomas 117 Gloria J. Thomas 117 Michael J. Thomas 52 Raymond L. Thomas 117 Carolyn S. Thomason 58 Anthony E. Thompson 117 Gregory R. Thompson 117 Judith A. Thompson 117 Rebecca Jane Thompson 50,51,83,84 Robert E. Thompson 117 William S. Thompson 65 Linda E. Thorman 30,50,51 Marc Thorman 84 Doris Jane Thrash 119 Ronald D. Thurman 82 Dianna Tinley 30,102,116,120 Willie C. Tipton 117 Gary N. Titus 57,59,117 Patricia Ann Todd 26,83 Roselyn Toliver 28 Dennis E. Tolle 32 Stephanie J. Tomescu 41,53,80,84,103,117,120 Marilyn Sue Tomlin 58 Sharon K. Tomlin 58,117 N. Kaye Towler 28,117 Felix Townsend 96 Paul A. Trefz 92,96 Tommy D. Trimmer 54,117 Gloria D. Trout 25,36,53,82 Sharon Lee Tucker 58 Lynda L. Turner 30,56 Portia A. Turner 117 Sandra J. Turner 53 U Jeno Underwood 55,58 V LeRoy Van 119 Edward Vance 96 Bryan W. Van Grundy 84 Julia Vanlier 117 Sharon Kay Van Wye 26 Beverly R. Vaughn 84 Glenda L. Vaughn 117 Theresa L. Veerkanp 25 Martha E. Vest 53,61 P. Carol Vest 28,61,117 David E. Vitt 84 W William Wade 80,117 Henry W. Wagner 117 Robert Lee Wakeland 33,96 Eric Waldhaus 27,54 L. Raymond Walker 33,87,119 Carolyn K. Wall 117 Lois W. Wall 117 Nancy J. Wallace 117 Sharon Wallace 58 James E. Wallick 54 Donald M. Walters 117 Deloris M. Warren 117 Beverly J. Washington 117 Jesse J. Washington 92 lBert1 Warren Watford 117 William Warren Watson 33,96 Betty R. Watts 58 Oran A. Watts 27,54,83,84,103,117 Kathy Weatherford 52 Judith Kay Weaver 50,57 Tom L. Weaver 31 Michael A. Weber 33,64,93 Diana J. Weidman 52,85 Terry L. Weinke 52 Carolyn Weister 28 Thomas P. Weliever 57,117 Charles C. Wells 64 Janna L. Wells 85 Ka'en B. Wells 80,117 Kenneth B. Wells 81,83 Ralph A. Wendel 92 Linda M. Wenz 55,56,58 Jo Diane Westmoreland 53,84 Daniel E. Wetherell 118 Thomas Whaley 96 Ronald D. Wheeler 92 Charles Whirter 92 Christine White 84 Deborah L. White 61,83,87,102,116 Dorothy J. White 118 Leon White, Jr. 27 Lillian White 57 Linda K. White 118 Patricia Sue White 30 Nancy D. Whitehouse 58 Anita Whitemoss 61 Charles E. Whitney 118 Raymond Whitney 27,118 Roberta Whitney 54,118 Oliver Whitted, Jr. 82,87 Ruth Ann Wiggington 57,58 Tana Kay Wiggington 57,58 William Wilham 24,82,93 Ronald S. Wilkerson 118 Gloria A. Wilkinson 58 Charlie T. Williams 118 Christene Williams 118 James A. Williams 82 John C. Williams 83,118 Robert D. Williams 56 Roger Williams 119 Ruth A. Williams 118 Stephen L. Williams 50,51,81,83,90 Elmer W. Williamson 118 Garlidene Willis 118 Steven J. Willis 118 Betty C. Wilson 58 Christopher Wilson 96 Dennis R. Wilson 31,57 Joe E. Wilson 92 Johnnie F. Wilson 118 Linda S. Wilson 30 Sandra K. Wilson 52 Sharon L. Wilson 52 Suzanne D. Wilson 52,84 Lynetta A. Wimbley 118 Violet J. Winburn 58 Mark D. Winkler 118 Rodney Wire 96 Michael A. Wischmeyer 24,54,55,118 David A. Wood 118 Dorothy K. Wood 50,51,80,81,83,84 Andrew M. Woodard 56 Jane A. Woodard 53,58 Larry W. Woodard 32 Maureen A. Woodard 84 Andrew K. Woods 27 Gale D. Woods 52,87,102,116 Kathleen Woods 118 Ronald C. Woods 118 Henrietta W. Woodson 118 Marcella S. Woodson 118 Randall A. Woodson 92 James R. Wooldridge 31 Nicolaas V. Wools 118 Cheryl A. Woolwine 26 Linda L. Wooten 25,57 Spencer L. Worth 83,95 Denita A. Wright 50,52,80,83,84 Diana K. Wright 80 Donald K. Wright 92,118 Donna L. Wright 118 Jack E. Wright 118 Melvin C. Wright 84 Carolyn S. Wuster 57,58 Mary K. Wyatt 118 Joseph R. Wycoff 24,83,103,118 Y Sandra J. Yates 51 Kenneth J. York 118 Jill Young 54 Z Aina E. Zils 25,26,52,56,58,118 Joseph Zurface 118 Autographs 1 61

Suggestions in the Arsenal Technical High School - Arsenal Cannon Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) collection:

Arsenal Technical High School - Arsenal Cannon Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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Arsenal Technical High School - Arsenal Cannon Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Arsenal Technical High School - Arsenal Cannon Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Arsenal Technical High School - Arsenal Cannon Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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