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The Arsenal Cannon 1961 ARSENAL TECHNICAL HICH SCHOOL INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA rv ...ii 'Yr J Q65t?fxf 5 ,x ,W xx X 'W The stately Arsenal Tower has stood over The grounds for almost a century. eww ,N X fmwlsxyqgym ,W lm Tickirii at 'ilfeeh XVC are proud of Tech! NVQ :ire proud of its unique history as an old Civil WVHI' Arsenal. We ure proud of its curriculuni - vocational and aca- demic. And most ol? all, we are proud ol' the spirit of freedom surrounding us. Seventy-six acres of wooded grounds, winding walks, buildings. teen- agers scurrying to class, babbling, bubbling, coming, going . . . we are Teclntes! YVe saw the campus when the green oi' summer faded into autumn's golden hues, and then was transformed into Zl winter wonclerland. The clashes between buildings in the zero temperatures were soon replaced by springs leisurely strolls. As time ticks on, we tick on . In campus lilie ,... l-27 In activities ....,i........ . .,.. 28-57 In our curriculuni .... ...,., 5 8-S7 In SpO1'tS ,b,........ ....,,.. .... 8 8 -105 In senior activities ...... .b.. l 06-lfil ln our Buyers Guide ..,., ,,., l 32-142 Student index .........,,. .... l 455-148 V 2315 1-e t csee ,. -e - .--f1- 1 U ofa Q t w We s fe i n 3 of 1 9 if-5 1 if ' " -. Lil? , -, ' '12 '?Q.3T?" AB' sn. ' w 'M wi AH , i BANW r 0 ,QA x '-.'- .mi r i r A 4' SYN' jg, , 'Rs ti S. - ' Q f "-sf, Hg' -.. Q. .,if.1c.wfgc - ,M g ,, 5. . .1 , ,, -t , V ..,,,,, . x.. X. vu .s,. wi J .f V l it ,., ., ,L .. cw.,-. , . '..'- 1 ff- -WE ' fad 'bf ' ,Jf " ,W ' ,1.' ' 1, f.S..41'5Rr5,1jm-"9"sa' A 5 wh K ,-f, .i .win N, ,-vp, i wr. N, A Q - - i , .NX N. wif. x ,4 1 .efiywggx -31 Wg. ,QL 1 4 'K ,W f, : " "INF LM:',s,i " ,M . W 4 ' if' w"iSJiA'2?'r3Q.W'l,TW 'A' wllff'if?'n'i"'Qr 31025 3223. , Q , 1f'ZJ53"'l--5"l'52 if-'bl ' fl' in-li 'SWHINSZ-' ,XS 8 , .A af 4ffafQ5gX::. ly. was lg , ., iq. ..,.'. , - -I Q E s -.,g - - ,V it -M -. A1 .rv -. A ' . Q, Q Q 'Aviv-A - avi? N af +- v 4' ' 'ina-' Y , 4. . i,mf',,ruQ, mg h,3,p..-.wh :wwf gt. - ., Q. i-e5?5Jw,,t:. ,aeY2 f+A45lQg?+ Milf :NME , ,NA3,!g, xv ,,,,.xgiL.! p if Early in the morning Tech becomes alive and tickinf Starting each day members of the ROTC unit hoist "Old Glory" into place to wave freely over campus throughout the day. 4 Fortress of Learning Arises h DaWn's Light As the early morning sun rises upon the campus, Tech Town's buildings stand in sharp contrast on the horizon. The Arsenal lilts its tower skyward: Treadwell Hall rises, a shell ol' learning: the Gym- nasium. our power plant, is strangely quietg and while the morning's first rays ol' sunlight are still faint. other buildings await the rush of students: Stuart Hall, housing undisc'ox'ered artists and prom- ising mathematicians: the Artillery, nourishing lam- ished students: the Shop Building, molding vocations and new-found interests: and the Barn. center ol' harmonious music. if T ff 'ifi l' V! lab' "Spring has sprung" on our Tech campus. Students enjoy watching the seasons march on at Tech. ,sig .V 2' Jvc ', ' . fn N 12.4 ff - fe Q Alone, early in the morning, a student has arrived before Tech really starts tickin' with its people. 5 ,A in .. 1 Mist covers the campus at daybreak as the sun dramatically silhouettes buildings and trees. The scene known only to early birds and early teachers is uncommon to many sleepy Techites The Earl Sun Steals Across a Dormant Treadwell Hall was named in honor of Col. Thomas j, Treadvvell, the first commandant ot the U. S. Arsenal that occupied our grounds lOO years ago. 6 'iTecl1 Hymn" O Tech, thy walls and towers speak thus to me. Canst thou not all, so strong and sturdy be? Fail IIOI to use thy gifts, free-given to thee, To serve thy country faithfully. Here now beneath thy stately towers I stand And pledge my strength to give to this clear land. And giving thus, O Tech, I honor thee. O school that gives so much t t, s No congestion, just a stop light. O IHC. sa- xix X X-N i. l i I , 2 xi it il Ti ll 1? is I. l. I it il il 'i l iv -l is :E if 'i if ei i J. fl X, E 3. 5 5 Although relieved of its job ringing the be-lls, the Arsenal Tower clock continues ticking along. and Peaceful Campus it ' ,gi ji ,gi , al 5 il is il Qi te 3 Q ? 4 A vital apparatus to insure accurate time at Tech is this clock from which class bells are timed. What's this? . . . a late "take-oft" from class, or a hurry-up into class? These unknown Techite's feet seem to be in a big rush either way. W 7 .A ' W 2 Q +WV""w . wr,-V, Q fi, 2 S15 x ? . in As the sun begins its trip across the sky, Tech students begin their day at school. Students daily "tramp" to and from class on the familiar paths between our many campus buildings. Our principal, Mr. Cecil L, McClintock, leaves the Arsenal Building bound for the lunchroom. 8 Thirst for Knowledge As the early morning rays of sunlight steal across the campus, book-laden figures are seen, only a liew at lirst, then in groups, and finally they come swarming - from north, south, east, and west. Some- times they're swallowing their last bite ol' hrealtlast. or dabbing powder on a still shiny nose. They pile out ol buses two-deep: they stream lrom the park- ing lot: they stroll: they walkg they run. They smile at the thought ol? a new day, or they frown with the thought ol' the upcoming history exam. Hurry- ing-scurrying-slowly-remotely - all speeds: tall-short - all types: anxious-bored -all kinds. The deserted village becomes astir with the shouts ol' teenagers. Clumps ol' students gather at doorways, in the "pot", in Room 7, waiting lor the 8:07 hell and the mad rush to the locker rooms. Crowds - more people! - live minutes until the bell-four-three-two feveryone rushesj one-RING-a few stragglers arrive late to class, and the halls again are empty - for a while. ,Qiiiillf-' 3 f tgtsff wt-sig, J' wif'-uh P ' mira , - as ,,-Jug , 1, f., .V tw , V .i,,, V ,Q af ,Q -K, 3 mga X- - .if N ,ar " Q-.f' sac 'fs-W v'-f ""'-S ., -, sw lx N --A As the students leave the buses, the driver reluc- Blossoming buds and sleepy eyes "open" in the early tantly thinks of tomorrow and "more" students. hours as Tech students arrive on campus. Draws T11'ed PUPIIS to Endure Another Da l-lere are moods of a student and hovv they vary - up in the morning - ott to school - be it in rain, snow or sunshine. lt's all in a day. Interesting? Perhaps . . .l-lumerous? Perhaps . . . Boring? Perhaps. 9 Through the rain loyal Techites march to and from their classes. Despite the old belief, the sometimes dreary rain doesrft keep away these students. IO N 0 f - 62 i A X .:', I .X-pl I If O 0 O Q oo 0 O IH. Af , ff lie sz- B" I" K O o Ocmslzi- o o ' 'r I Techites participate in their own mid-morning traffic rush as they hurry to their next period class. lfoin' lllOllS2tllIl eight llllllLlI'CCl Techites - ll lil'lCl1ClS i11 the lllllllll'0Ulll, gllllllllg' L'XIJCl'lL'l1l'CS that l111te1'11g'e111'1111s1nixt1n11-oli1le11s,opinio11s, g1111ls, Llllfl 1'o11l1l llZllJIJCll o11ly ill 'l'1-1'h - these itll' lllL'lllOl'lCS llllCl'CSfS, yet h1'l1l together hy ll 1'on11non 111111111 - which Te1'hitcs will C'llCl'lSll 11lw11ys. Te1'l1it1'-1l111t's11sl Yet i11 the 1112188 1'1111h is 111111si1lc1'1'1l llll in1livi1l1111l 'liogethei' we w11ll4 'liCL'll'5 WIllliS, 11tten1l l'l2lSSCS, - c111'l1 l111s Zlll lllllll6Il2llJlC' right 111 rliCl'll - 1111111111 sports events, 1lis1'uss, 111111 gossip! XV1' like our big tunity -4 o11ly Zlll in1livi1l1111l 151111 lll'lllCVC l1is go11l Tull lzllllilyl 111111 o11ly 1111 in1livi1h111l fill! 1'111'11te i1le11s. XVhil1f w1 Tech stuclents gain lllillly lllC'IllUI'l6S 11s the y11111' llllly he o11ly links i11 1111 CllCllCSS Clliilll, we 11111 Qllfll ticks hy - the night spent finishing tl111t lflnglish help SfI'Cllgfll6ll the 1'l111in, Zlllfl lllttbllgll 11ss111gi11ti1111 V1 llwllltv lllf' TlmlliCY- Sliflills W 211111 H0111 ClllSS with others lllltlit' ollrselves 11111111 11111'ep111l1l1- 11s ll on Ll 111111pet olf ice, seeing new l'111'es, eating with l1et1e1' in1livi1l1111l i11 1l11-1-yesol'o111' lll'lt'IltflS. Crowds Cram Crevices of Campus Premises l '-' 3 1 Y """""'w,- ..-A., W 1 1 Y A V- ms Another popular spot on Tech campus is the lunchroorn where teens "chit-chat" with friends while dining. Lunch tirnel These teachers exchange classroom experi ences and other happenings of the day in the Iunchroom l l Amidst any crowd, the Techite stands out. On cznnpus, in thc halls. :ind in the clzissrooni he ob- serves the rules ol' order. quiet, :ind punctuality. 'lhis is the 'licch NX'ziy. In puhlic, he realizes that his actions rellect directly upon his honie and his school. He reacts with courtesy :ind thoughtfulness. XVhile rooting enthusizisticzilly for his teznn in ath- letic contests he does not :ict against any tefnn. contestant, or oliicizil. This is the Tech YVziy. Tech has grown since its lounding in 1912. when its total enrollnient included 183 pupils :ind eight teachers. Now 'l,ll5li high school students and T307 teachers czill Tech "honie." It isn't hard to find zi crowd at Tech. They :ire everywhere - in the parking lot. :it gzilzi-events, in the locker rooni, :ind :it zisseniblies. Laughing, talking, discussing, joking - these :ne the sounds ol' ll crowd - il Tech crowd. The students timetable is the watch. Activities, Actions, Achievements Constantly , , z ' I ,. In our capacity-filled car lot, these faithful automobiles patiently await their masters each day. I-MK , M Dow Q Q in .elf X X -' . X " 1.-.ALS fr' , ?'SfIiff is 4 fs:-esfhx f e-,, v .. A " 1 X f . i: ., - ff X' a ft' Av , lsr' . ' AQ, Q af - sf fi ! ,wi V x Qc X t X L f Q -, ac-a s ai , af The Mardi Gras attracts young and old, lt's fun for all and all for fun. 6 7 Exemplif and Encourage a Better Tech Wa .Male I - A fighting spirit is present at all sports events. Cheerleaders, members ot the cheerblock. and all Tech students are always eager to give moral support to a Tech team. i 5 Students and teachers were reminded to be thankful of their bless- Mr. George Mardekian speaks to ings by this scene from the Thanksgiving program. an assembly on Americanism. Tiekin' Stops as Students Attend Assemblies Tech gymnasium is filled vvith attentive students entranced by lzler SoIomon's expressive hands. lf-1 Nine thousand six hundred ears listened atten- tiyely as lzler Solomon directed the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra in an all-school concert last lall. This was only one of the impressive assemblies heard by these ears. There was the assembly where Mr. George Mardekian, millionaire, naturalized citizen, spoke on what it means to live in a free country, and olf the opportunities that await us in a land such as ours. Other assemblies were entertaining and inspiring - the Thanksgiving assembly - the Christ- mas assembly - the Easter assembly. Throughout the year Techs administration or- gani7es and correlates a variety of programs lor the entire student body. Assembly programs range from musical to inspirational to entertainment to educational. Frequently students do DOI realize the opportunity offered through these assemblies. Stu- dents' expressions relay a varied account of thoughts - some are extremely interested - others are ex- tremely bored - others have wandering minds - from lunch to anticipating the ringing of the bell. X1 X! Sf! -2 V ,ff i . V f. .. ,.., Charla Fields and james Gribben, discuss plans and argue and exchange' ideas for dance routines. livery year, energetic Ireslinien, soplioniores. juniors, and seniors, participate in one ol tlie niost grueling drains on physical stamina. No, it isn't liasketliall, lmaseliall, or lootlmallp it's tlie countless liours spent planning, rehearsing, and linally giving. the Sketclilnook, tlie annual student variety show. 'l'lie Sketclilmook, now in its Qflrd year, is known lor its originality and is entirely student-planned and student-directed. lvlany an aniliitious young singer, budding dancer, or promising comedian. makes liis debut with every raising ol' tlie green stage curtain. Nervously tliey have auditioned lmelore tlie Sketclilmook lioard and have gained their position in the sliow. 'lille Board niemlJer's duty is to super- vise, plan, and direct every aspect ol the big pro- duction. On linal night, tlie cast plays to an always receptive audience and looks back on a creative iolm well done. Talent Ticks in Annual Sketchbook Techantics' Shown above is one of the numerous groups which auditioned for a part in the Sketchbook. SKETCHBOOK BOARD-Row lg Margaret Chandler, vocal directorg Frank lacobs, director of instrumental musicg Donna Moon, assistant vocal directorg Char- la Fields. dance directorg james C-ribben, assistant dance directorg Thomas Pembleton, technical di- rector. Row Z: Patricia lohnson, press directorg Nancy Rite, chief arrangement director: lane Brock-jones, drama directorg Clyde Brooks, advertising. I5 AA sz gsf X ' v - X 1 .Q fwi X- Cratt art students busily work on their projects de- signed and created by themselves tor competition. Discussions of all types take place in American history classes. Richard Allen and Edward Doss listen to the arguments of the opponents in this debate of the l96O national presidential election. Educational Activities Stem From a aricty of The English movie room is dedicated to Esther Fay Shover, one ot Tech's original teachers. lt is the scene of many duels out ot literature. Here our English courses are combined with entertainment for education's sake. l6 Kits-V. I wif Wy Ernest Riggs contemplates a james Coe applies mechanical lane Dillion finds her X-ray drafting problem on his design. knowledge to repair a car body. training information valuable. Classroom Instruction Students may earn credit. earn money, and education all at one time by enrolling in the Diversi- fied Cooperative Education program. DCE gives pupils practical experience in on-the-job training while they continue their education. Special pro- grams are arranged so that they may attend both classes and their jobs, which may be as a nurse's aid in a hospital, printing. or a number of other lielcls. Pupils joining the DCE Club find that many of their friends have future plans similar to their own. Regular meetings are held by the group which is supervised by Mr. Leon Maurer. Each year the students who are employed through this program and their employers enjoy a spring banquet. This year Tech DCE members attended a State Meeting in December and another one in the spring at the Indiana University Medical Center. DIVERSIFIED COOPERATIVE EDUCATION-Row l, Frankie Pear- son, reporter, Sue Hood, treas., Virginia Jeffries, sec.g Robert McManama, v-pres.g Jayne Dillon, pres. Row 2: Mayree Nash, Doris Ann George, Betty L. Robinson, Bonnie Means, Elizabeth Kinley, Patricia Ann Johnson, Malinda Carter. Row 3: Mary Ellen Witten, Glenda L. Mitchell, Charles Clark, Michael Ping, Robert A. Dailey. Row 4: Waymond Whitney, E. Eugene Scott, Richard Brodshow, Robert Wente, James Wright, Edward Roda, Jr., Leon Maurer, sponsor. l7 45 wi Time ticked on as the football season officially ended at an all-school assembly, where Techites honored the champs for their NCC success. "' T . . ,x 4 5 ' E ttf ' ' ' 7 f ,T i Q... if , x ,, Z rw Y x' ' p as 2 ' A WM74' ' f 2. nf n " Q f Q 5 af . ET .. 2 , r in 4 1 If ' Q X I N' 5 " f r X T WV' as X f "T f 'Q-Q! 0' Yi .H Zi. 4' ' f i.. 4 jg , , ',,, ,y F245 . , .free 5 vw 4... rv yi mr, iii .fn fmt' f5,ey,r.fQt.,,Y' Y it rf' tw" ' 0 -' Wife at . . ie 2. fmt. ",,:'g-fi 4 4 rw 15. f f a fl' wx V' iv 4.1. gym 0 X .mix , 1 ,f .ff 1 - 4, Q , ET . PT 1 2 , .r 36' ., 'vs .' 'qv , I , , f . , or N 'Qfti""'.gf '.,y- r i M gg ,fu . , 92.1 , Kyrie! , V X sp . .A 'S ' 9' .3 . A , ,,. fi , 49" ,K Lgyvcls , I . I r, 1 , 1 ." W-A . 1 ' I qgfij. JA, 5 P f l' T' 'l' Glitter and glow . . . the tree casts a spell of Yuletide spirit in the office. l8 "A Tech Song" Hail, dear Alina Mater, Tech. Your sons and daughters sing! To the breezes huoyantly- Your colors wide we fling. Young in spirit, old i11 glory. lyy-crowned you stand: Staunch and loyal in the seryire Ulf our land. Technical High School, loyal are we: Firni and united ever we'll he! Green for youth and victory, YVhite for purity. Lead us-guide us In the wake of your traditions! Your torch shall point us whither lanie lroni Honor springs. Anonymous The 'Green and White' W mt. X425 "The Tech spirit is not dead . . Ardent fans of the Big Green display their eager enthusiasm. G27 KE vs N05 SQUI fill? but K X W. www Hg! cziiiub I fkfff H 4!lm,ll Ll 0 Spirit? The Key Club's Mardi Gras booth enabled students to get revenge by squirting teachers. Mr. McClintock, principal, shows spirit by attending campus events, nce More Goes Undefeatecl in School Spirit Weire you a legal voter? Students jam the polls to have avoice in the rnock national presidential election sponsored by the Social Studies department. ' ,-, ff -nr ti ff 5115 21' l9 Mr, Karl Kalp, vice-principal, welcomes two ot Tech's new teachers, Mrs, Esther Nader and Mr. Hadley I-laworth, The reception, held in their honor, was a welcoming to their future at Tech. Another new tradition at Tech is a tea given for all honor students with more than forty points. 20 Principal C. L. McClintock greets freshmen at Fresh- men Orientation as they entered Techtown. Teas, Receptions, and 'lihroughout the school year, Tech dons its Sunday best, displays its finest manners, and assumes the role ol' host. Although entertaining is only a part ol Techs social life, it always displays the friendliness of Tech teachers and students. TVe received the incoming freshmen at the lfreshmen Orientation Program, with warm smiles and welcoming handshakes. Happily we introduced them to their respective sponsor teachers and showed them about the campus. TVe greeted teachers new to 'l'ech and said goodbye to those who were calling their teaching days at Tech to a close. YVe took part in the ribbon-cutting ceremony as we dedicated the new rille range in the Barracks, and we also planned various teas in honor ol the holidays. It was a busy year: but by taking part in our teas, receptions, and ceremonies. Techites learn social graciousness and poise - but most important - Techites take it upon themselves to assure every friend and visitor ol' Tech, a warm welcome. T' The ticker at Techtown, ' "Tea time" is a "fancy time." Ceremonies Prove rv-""'J Our principal cuts the ribbon to open the Barracks new 513.000 rifle range Friday, September 30 1960 Tech to be a Grac1ous Host 7 , I .-. ,A iz -1 Vx7.g2 f . : ge X ' at F at . i . ,. ' NW A 1 Al' 2' i -' V ,ik V f Aj! 5 xi fs -as F ,F , ,ff . K k fs-is ff- if ,s If pg wfagxiy. ivgixx, i ,N i as 3 ,Sf I f fxlmiizxl " if , Ain :,, W Q 3 as 1 ' ' X! f . w3,s,g4 fm - - fi j karl? F f W Sf 564 ,' , , NMS- c use , 3 max ,fo s , 5 yr 'fliifi 'Ss X 5 ' t- ,V A 2 ' F + Ki M., - , ,1 . X 'W' i f " X f.t:1gia, - :"'1 X- fl F: s A vkygmaw, Q .. S X X sy' '- 1 fp S ., f QW at-ef, . . -if - g fs fwgg f V f 1 A c, - 4211 .111 SJ February, Tech was host to principals and vice-principals of Indianapolis schools George F. Ostheimer, Superintendent of Schools, was in attendance. In M5 ,,M,,,nfs- I Happiness, impartibility, and even regret, are shown in the expressions on the faces ot students. Yes, the bell has rung to end another tickin' day. 'Qx Tech's ticking nears its end as another day is near its close, and there's homework to be completed. uk. This students just too tired after a tickin' day at Tech for anything but relaxation now, work later. After School Hours Lend Time to .... After tickin' through a school day students anxiously await the hell ol' their last hour. However, time at Tech or in serving Tech does not end at the hell for many students. 3:15 P.M. may signal home for some, hilt lor others it is time to rush on to another activity. In co-curricular clubs students may further their knowledge in a lield they enjoy. Extra-curricular clubs give students the opportunity to increase in social and group living, For others part-time jobs follow school. Arrival home is signaled hy a slamming rc- frigerator door, By late evening the household "genius" is settled down to homework. accompanied hy radio or television, and frequent phone calls. I., f-7-4:t..,.-f 'i' 3. The brain-battered students world is topsy-turvy at the end ot a gruesome day and still facing homework. After school hours find numerous students attending various club activities. . S i "w.z,zT"'!9' R 'Y ll. Eager Creenclads and Scecina Crusaders flock to the Tech Stadium to cheer for their teams. Cheerleaders motivate student excitement. Nl i li. School Spirit Thrives Football players experience a tearnmate's play "off" the gridiron as well as "on" the gridiron. Sectional-bound Techites listen as Coach jack Bradford speaks to them at a pep session. The session was called to instruct students about rules and good conduct at sectionals. and Creates an Atmosphere of Sportsmanship Tech ticks at sport events! XVll6IllC'lA it is blocking that tackle or rooting from the stands, Tech is on the ball. Tliroughoul the year the world is pelted by Teclrs athletic achievements. ln the lall it's football. cross country. and wrestling. Tech ticks on, in lmasketball. goll. tennis, track. and baseball. Being on the teani involves niany factors. The rewards run high -Q boys who have clistiiiguisliccl theniselves throughout a season for niarkecl skill and ability, who have niet specilied training regu- lations, have niaintainecl a high sianclarcl ol school loyalty, and have denionstratecl the best stanclarcls ol athletics, receive the Block ill sweater-the goal of every athlete. "i Baseball, a national sport, appears in the spring. -will 25 :N ., S 5 .7k"7 in This is not a view ot the environment ot a captive-but a view of our taircampus seen through the bars surrounding the seventy-six acres Shadows Steal Across a Sleepy Tech Villageg Santa tells Frank lacobs, MC of the Christmas dance, to shut his eyes and "surprises" will appear. The time ticks out at 3:15 PM. as this teacher begins the time consuming task ot grading papers. Evening Events Var Bidding Tech good-by, students depart for a holiday even though the calendar says it's only Sat- urday. The gang, going to the game, exchanges last minute "Call me" as they hurry out the gate. Excitement stirs while tired brains. worked all week long, take on new life-it's Friday! No home- work! At least not tonight-maybe late Sunday night. Everyone is relieved after what seemed to be the most tiring week of any tickin' week yet. Students will return for a dance or a ball game but otherwise weekends find the campus neglected. Monday at 7:00 .fX.lVI. again the rumbling, mumbling, crowds will appear. The long-awaited weekend may mean extra hours of sleep or a date with someone special. Maybe it means the big dance or just a chance to watch television. For some it means a Saturday spent at a part-time job. XVhatever it means, everyone welcomes a weekend. S ff f ff! llulnfsx -wh The hands on the clock reveal that time has run out for these two Techites until busy tomorrow. At the end of the day students acquire an "unteach- able" attitude as they sit in front of their televisions and watch the "UntouchabIes." 27 F-1-gg. v vwvaaf-NQ1' , X. 7 01: wahllvnww was '-M? Q .X .. ,E 6 M aaa S W an JW if .w:mw,swwvx,wx aq- N 2 fi Q MNY . S mm mm E , X N V-S iw . ,QQ A x, wx mf ww ,M fx Sky :mm my ,YQ ffgkx :E x X A R 1 Q Q X" :,,,::..'9:,,riQ' L. gx , Q, N ' x WW 5' N w , .LA x.. I . A X ,TVX ' Nlgijiiifu, .Sk W Tiekin, at Tech in Activities Ticlcin' at Tech does not stop at 53:15 IPM., for this is when the "carpets are rolled back." Students confined to a classroom find enjoyment in clubs. organizations, and other school activities. Tech organizations further the normal activities and interests of the school and foster a spirit ol' loyalty for the school as well as exalting the standards and traditions of Tech. Each club has a constitution setting down the purpose, requirements, and other club data, which is approved by the principal. Clubs meet on campus in the afternoons with a faculty sponsor present. Activities complete school life. giving the student a chance to gain leadership, planning ability, respon- sibility, and education as well as having fun in the process. As time ticks on. we tick on . In co-curricular clubs .... ,..,., f 40-T57 ln extra-curricnlar clubs .,., 138-45 In royalty ..... ...... 1 16-47 ln ROTC .. ..,... 48-49 ,Y---"35S1""', -V ,f-,cgi-'e"g'q , llcl 'KR ..-- A .3 .59 3 l iso spa et, if ,iff -1:71 i iii - cl pi vi- NJ-. H QM 1- ,Xl f 2 il. if -if f 'jxxxq T, , ff 00' "" ii g N -11.--,,-.Q -Zi 5 - 7f X' "'t e t""' 1 Q . , - -FN 'i. f rc 5 Wfizeffil rife ff, iffy .,a' atm-1 lt 'IQ if YEARBOOK STAFFffIane Campbell, senior class and tacultyg Allen, opening, Dovid Bornord, sports, Anita Houglond, activities, Susan Forkner, activitiesg Adrienna Warner, advertisingg Potricio Johnson, activities, Elizabeth Yost, editor, Shoron Smith, Sondra l-lomilton, octivitiesg Worren Dovis, opening, Corlene advertising, Borry Allen, student photographer. The Tradi ional Roar of the Cannon Echoes ,gp ' I Mrs. Donna Minnick, yearbook adviser, and Elizabeth Yost, yearbook editor, explain the yearbook layout to Mrs. Rosemary Riggs, publications secretary. "Deadline tomorrow!" liacli liour during the yearbook class must be used to work in order to meet deadlines. It takes an eflicient staff to write and compile copy. A lot ol' work. imagination, extra time, :ind will power go into 21 yearbook like the .-liwvriril flrmnon yearbook lor llllil. 'lilieines have to be thought up. advertisements have to be sold, copy :ind captions written and rewritten, plus an endless znnount ol' work done by El tickin' stall. Tech publicity is written by Marsha Stutsman and Susan Hall, News Bureau staff members. Cecil Tress- lar, adviser, assists the girls with copy. -.1-J 'Q tl - L "f"'3 -H272 CANNON EDITORS--Seated: David Altopp, sports, Jerald Hel- Martha Rufner, page 25 Claudia Lutes, clubsg Karen Madritsch comb, sports. Standing: Suzanne Brinkley, page 35 Linda Duncan, editorg Suzan Williams, page l. page 35 Charlotte Robertson, page 2, Stephen Hyatt, exchanges, Throughout a News-Conscious High School "Let 'ein roll!" This phrase we hear as the presses ol' the Print Shop start to print the very interesting and newsv .-lmeiifil CIUIIIUII. liach day the XVest Residence huncs with chatter ol' campus events, on-the-spot news reports, future plans ol' clubs, and any other "quip" ol' news avail- ahle. Reporters work many hours to accumulate all the campus news. Various columns appeal to the reader's eye. "Did You Notice" allows a gay, personal glimpse into the private mistakes. lives. and even loves ol Techites. hoth faculty and student body. UA Student Speaks" lets Tech students do just as it reads and that is to speak and to voice their opinions. Hlorking on the newspaper gives one a look at the exciting newspaper world. CANNON STAFF-Row li Barry Allen, photographer, Mary Jane Hoyt, Donna Terry, Betty Hardesty, reporters. Row 2: Phyllis Call and Sandra Miller, reporters, Connie Payne, typist. Row 3: Jana- dine lvlindach, Linda Murphy, Dennis Henshew, William Swan Row 4: lay Ward, Paris Coodrum, Harrison Pittman, William Bockstahler, reporters. GERMAN CLUBfRow lg Roger Birkla, sec-trees., lohn Forsee, pres.g Brenda Scott, y-presg leffery Roames, sgt.-at-arms. Row 2: Anna Putelis. llze l-lenkels, Rita Hom, Ostrid Henkels, Ruth Handy, Becky Moss, Juanita Beard, Darlene Jones. Row 3i James Waldon, Carol Robertson, Susan Pear- son, Maxine Madritsch, Vernon Wallingford, Phil- lip Smith, Michael Lane, Mrs. Susanna Under- wood, sponsor. XVl1t'llll'l' om- is 11 lim ol "Spit-tltcll Sie 13ClllSL'llH or "Ii Plutilius Uuumf' hc will liucl enjoyment in lllCIlllDL'l'SlllIJ cilliet in the fiCl'lllilll cluli ut the .lunim Cilzissiuil l,CilgllC. lu the Y2ll'lUllS clulms students lczmi customs ol' lltc colltltries wliicll speak the lziuguztgc they :unc studying. Q I The fiClilllZlll club pmitiotcs interest in Citilllllllly R n h P 1 f :mtl lilc within the country. Nts. Suszumu Ilnclct- S g t 6 O woorl slipcrviscs the work ul' the gtollp. 'Ilia 'luuiin' Cllztssicnl l,c':1guc'. sponsored lmy Nlts. xillgllllil Hutt, aims lm' zippmptizltc progtzuns :mtl xzirious zutivilics, such as Ll lltllllilll Bzmquel. that iclzitc- In lllc study ol' I.z1tin. JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUEQROW l: John Mason, treas. Christine Moudy, sec., Mary Jo Fry, y-pres., Jane Brock-Jones, parlimentarian, Shannon Waldo, club editor, Jock L. Foltz, pres Row 2: Mrs, Virginia Hurt, sponsor, Mary Ann Ke-nnington Dianne Hughes, Gail Crellin, Carolyn Forbis, Martha Koeppe 32 John D. Carter, Janet D. Allen, Joe Stevens. Row 3: Alice Has- senbein, Melody Radzlewicz, Luba Kulik, Charlotte Grebe, Doro- thy Schafer, Lea Barr, June Anderson, Jeanette Davis, Jo Diane Westmoreland. X5 FRENCH CLUB--Row l: Charles Pitchford, sgt.-at-arms, Donna Terry, publicity, Shiloh Ann Graves, sec., Sandra Ohne, treas., Carolyn Barnum, v-pres., William Cook, pres., W. S. Fishback, sponsor. Row 2: Lynnda Pallikan, Connie Belcher, Susan Smith, Stephanie Tomescu, Nancy Rife, Sharon Marin, Evelyn Martin, Timothy Mosier, Esther Contreras, Pamela Hunt, Melvyn Pfeiffer. Row 3: Nancy Clark, Glea Steward, Margaret Bennett, Roseann Jiles, Sandra Huggler, Cheryl Grundy, Almeda Beasley, Doloris Kirkbride, Beverly Daugherty, Claudia Lutes, Stanley Moss, Ken- neth Wells, Gregory Carmichael. Row 4: Bruce Geddes, jerry George, Charles Beavin, Danny Wetherell, William Barmeister, Carol Furry, Janice M. Thomas. Lan uage Barriers Links Nations to ations If one "Hable en Espanol" or "Parlez-vous Francais" he will find a big welcome in the clubs ol the Language department. More ol' the language students are taking a greater interest in clubs. Both SPANISH CLUB-Row l: James Gribben, v-pres., Bennie Rogers, reporter, Ronald Miller, pres., Jerry Butcher, sec., David Stansi- fer, sgt.-at-arms. Row 2: Donna Anderson, Susan Forkner, Sharon the French and Spanish clubs sponsor booths at the Mardi Gras. Other activities in the year lend interest in learning about France and Spain inhabitants. Miss Rita Sheridan sponsors the Spanish club and Mr. XVilliani Fishbatk the French club. A 5 yr S EF Adams, Sherry McCain, Janet Short, Carole Miller, Miss Rita Sheridan, sponsor. Row 3: David Miller, Phyllis Ellis, Gloria Grub- ban, Mariouke Weiss, Betty Abbott, Mary Clark, Calvert A. Jared. 33 DRAMA CLUB-Row l: Jack L. Foltz, sgt.-at-arms, Barry Allen, Luba Kulik, Carol Robertson, sec., Dzidra M. Zils, pres., Janadine Mindach, v-pres., Frank C. Jacobs, Steve Hyatt, treas., Paul Young, Paul Binder. Row 2: Shirley Ann Lytle, Barbara Burrus, Barbara Rice, Anita Jackson, Suzan Schneider, Ruth Nettle, Gloria Grubbs, Sandra Lehman, Linda Shertzer, Linda Thorman, Shiloh Ann Graves, Pauline Johnson, Carol Divine. Row 3: Marilyn Fields, Charlene Beaty, Corene Brown, Marlene Young, Becky Thompson, Sue Barnett, Dorothy Wood, Susan Pearson, Mary Ann Helton, Judy Spann, Andrea Brown, Janice Britt, Sondra Brooks, Nancy Fosso. Row 4: Douglas Bacon, Bennie Rogers, Laritto Ross, Sondra Ludwig, Linda Lynn, Andra jackson, Victoria Curry, Claudia Lutes, Aina Zils, Carol Furry, Gene Jacobs, Stephen Cooper. Expression of 0ne's Self Profits b art 34 "Theres no business like show business. like no business I know. Everything about it is appealing. Everything that traffic will allow." Drama provides an excellent opportunity for artistic expression for those students interested in theatre. Throughout the year plays are given by members of the Drama-Thespians club. These plays help to give valuable experience to many students who plan to direct their goal for the future toward acting. l. Club activities include preparation of two booths for the annual Mardi Gras. In the fall members worked diligently for hours in practice to perfect their presentation of the humorous play, "Time Out lor Ginger." Other plays were given during the year. Members enjoyed good entertainment and fun when they attended the performance of "The Merchant of Venice." They also took a trip to Indiana University. Bloomington, to see "She Stoops to Conquer." At the Christmas assembly they helped to create a true Christmas spirit throughout the campus with an inspiring nativity play. "Can't you understand that girls shouldn't play foot- ball?" This is a typical scene from "Time Out for Gin- ger," one of the many plays given during the year. SPEECH TEAM-Row l: Douglas Wheatley, Susan Forkner, Careen Brown, Marlene Young, Betty l-lardesty, Patricia Johnson, Marilyn Smith, Stephanie Tornescu, Hermione Miles, Ruth Handy, Beverly Branson, Lyn Funke, Janadine Mindach, Susan Schneider, Miss Constance Clark, student teacher. Row 2: Steven Miller, Ronald Engle, Bruce Paternoster, John Hupp, Richard Gasaway, Carol Britt, Marilyn Abraham, Diane Tinley, Carlene Allen, Luba Kulik, Mary Jo Donnico, Ruth Nettle, Ruth Ann O'Rear, Carol Furry, Lorine Brown, Harold Wiltong, sponsor. Row 3: Steve Craig, Pat Nesbitt, Mark Hopping, Robert Herald, Jay Ward, l-larry Grover, Alfred Cox, Kirk Waldhaus, David McCullough, Frank Jacobs, Kim Phernister, Paul Everman, Steve l-lyatt, James Williams, Douglas Bartlow, Jay Blackwood, Charles Carmony. in Dramatics, Speech, and Debate Groups Fmphasis on the speech :md clelmte team is on forensics and speech correction. Stuclents concentrate to improve their speaking skills. As one passes hy Room 3753 on the thircl lloor of Stuart he may wonder what those people can possibly hncl to talk zihout. People wzllking zirouncl talking to themselves are xi strange :incl inquiring sight. They are only speech teglm memhers preparing for another contest. Tech's speech team. with the advice of Mr. Harold YVillong, sponsor, competes with other schools over the state. They zittencl tournaments zit Ball State Teachers College. Inliziyette ,lell High School, lnclizinzi High School Forensic Association District Speech Tournament. :incl num- erous others. Vlorking :is ll pzirt of the speech teznn is the rlehzrte team. These students increase their :ihility to recite orally hy przicticing oral rlehzite :incl par- ticipating in clehzrte contests. Some ol? the contests debate menihers zittencled were the Indiana llnie versity Puhlic Alilfziirs Conlerence, Marion County Dehzite League. Inrlizinai Stzile Teachers College De- hzite Vllllll1'llllIllCllf. zrncl vzirious other contests in other Inclinnzr cities. DEBATE TEAM-Row li David McCullough, Bruce Paternoster, Charles Carmony, john l-lupp. Row 2: l-lermione Miles, Stephaine Tomescu, Careen Brown, l-larold Wilfong, sponsor. l 3 5 XYZ CLUB-Row 1: William Bockstahler, sgt.-at-arms, John Mason, pres., Jay Blackwood, v-pres., Douglas Bartlow, treas., Susan Smith, sec. Row 2: Randall Randod, Brady Corbin, David Stansifer, Claudia Lutes, Nancy Fosso. Row 3: Jim Borshoff, sponsorg David Miller, Thomas l-lidiffer, David McCullough, Cal- vert Jared, Jack Foltz. Binominals and Bugs Interest Mathematicians In 1923, a Mathematics club was first organized. and it was in 1934 that the name was changed to the XYZ club. The main purpose ol' the club. sponsored by Mr. slim Borshorl, is to create an interest in mathematics outside of the alloted school period and also to acquaint the members with the significance ol mathematics in the business and social world. The club discusses the history and development of all branches of mathematics in its relation to the sciences while promoting fellowship among its members. To further interest in chemistry and physics by discussions, reports, programs conducted by meni- bers, by trips to various industries, and hy lectures given by speakers from the industries, is the purpose of the Chemistry-Physics club. Though at one time the club existed in the forms of Chemistry and a Physics club. they were united in 1952. These scien- tific-minded students delve into the mysteries of chemicals, molecules, atomic structures and the like, to help them lorni conclusions. to assist them in their classwork, or satisfy their curiosity. CHEMISTRY-PHYSICS CLUB - Row lt Judy Johnson, Willis Scarles, Jerry Ramsey, Lyle Brewer, Kim Phemister, Paul Ever- man, Row 21 Mel Clifford, Mrs. Pauline Caldwell, sponsorg Rudy 36 Weinhardt, Jack Foltz, David McCullough, William Bockstahler, Rolland Fraser, Albert Caldwell, William Craney, sponsorg Oran Watts. NATURAL SCIENCE CLUB-Row l 1 loyce Walk- er, sec., Paul Everman, pres., Carol Patterson, v-pres., Carol Sotford, treos. Row 2: Helen Barnes, Oran Watts, Don Lovell, Kirk Waldhaus, LeeAnrie McNeal, Sandra Main, Deborah White. Row 3: Charles Furgason, Darryle Harville, Pat Watson, Anna Putelis, Carol Loveman, Dianne Hughes, Vicki Barer, Sheila McAllister. Row 4: Robert Oyler, Steve l-leck, Dennis Smith, Jack W. Rob- ertson, Kim Phernister, Janadine Mindach, Stephen Cooper, Rosemary Koelling, Frances Guenther. and Scientists Preparing for Future Careers Protection for society applies to the study of science. Members of the Natural Science or Future Nurses clubs are students who realize the need for scientilic advancement. Field trips encourage students to become mem- bers of the Natural Science club. During the late fall the club took a trip to Indiana University for High School Science Day. Other trips during the year promote a greater interest and knowledge in science. The sponsor of the Science club is Mr. Allred Nowak, Science department instructor. The purpose of the Future Nurses cluh is to encourage interest in professional and practical nurse ing and to inform ineinbers of opportunities in the field of nursing. Helping others is the primary goal of the future nurses. A holly sale at Clliristnias proe vides funds lor the girls to give gilts to patients at the Marie Fred Nursing Home and lill a basket with groceries for a needy liainily at Christmas. The cluh's sponsor is lNfIrs. Rowena S. Grauh. R.N. chaplain, Kaylene Russell, sec.-treas., Sharon Smith, pres. Row 2: Susan Forkner, Barbara Sark, Ruth Nettle, Sue Cook, Norma Duncan, Mary Russell. Row 3: Mrs. Rowena Graub, sponsor, Brenda Daniels, Ruth Compton, Patricia Carmichael, Mary Jo Don- nica, Wynonia Cunningham. 37 FUTURE NURSES CLUB-Row l: Carol-e Lawrence, SERVICE CLUB-Row l: Ronald Bus, sgt.-at-arms, Mayree Nash, v-pres., Karen Madritsch, publicity, Margaret Bennett, corres. sec., Thomas Hankins, treas., Mrs. Marilyn Hardwick, sponsor. Row 2: Rebecca Thompson, Sandra Lehman, Pauline Johnson, Beverly Reinken, Patricia Rollo, Linda Altord, Mary Anne Hel- ton, Judith Spann, Pamela Hunt, Sue Holtenroth, Nancy Ayers, Linda Wena, Marilyn Loux. Row 3: Cynthia Bradley, Donna Burnette, Susan Pearson, Patricia Heitzman, Pat Burns, Jeannie Bailey, Kaye Phelps, Sharolyn Condra, Kristin Hirschler, Rita Cummings, Marilyn Fields, Sue Barnett. Row 4: Roberta Brooks, Virginia Brewer, Martha Drexler, Dorothy Wood, Carol Devine, Maxine Madritsch, Carol Patterson, Carol Loveman, Rosemary Koelling, Linda Duncan, Ruth Ann O'Rear, Elizabeth Suess, Linda Brashear, Dzidra Zils. Service and Courtesy to thers Are Vital and The Tech Service club has the distinction of heing the largest chili on campus. Anyone who is a memher ol any school service group may become a member. This group inclucles lunchroom, gate, street safety patrol, bicycle, ancl automobile guards: mes- sengers: and lull-period hall monitors. The purposes ol' this club are tlj to promote ellicicncy in the work, Q25 to lnrther good fellowship, and City to create a hetter co-operative spirit. The Freshman Orientation Program is a project ot the cliih. Through this welcoming service, the lreshnien learn more about their school and the im- portance ol making the most ol' their high school years at Tech. Another project of the club is the Wlhite Christ- mas Dance in December. and lullilling their goal ol service to others, the club gave two Thanksgiving baskets to needy families. SERVICE CLUB-Row li Dennis Storms, Richard Nell, James Walden, Andrew Woodard, Gregory Owens, Waymond Whitney, Michael Hottman, Larry Barth, Paul Jones, Johnny Baker, Gregory Carmichael. Row 2: Tom Pembleton, Bruce Geddes, Donna Mc- Manarna, Joyce Henson, Patricia Hickey, Bonita Howe, Catherine McHerna, Nancy Rite, Sandra Baker, Edith Martin, Stephanie Adams, Charlotte Oden, Marlene Young, Patricia Floerke, Con- stance Belcher, Dorothy Breen, Pauline Jones, Kaye Crawley. Row 3: Janice Thomas, Patty White, Donna Flater, Rita Ham, Mar- garet Cordonier, Sandra Ludwig, Sharon Moon, Brenda Daniels, Andrea Brown, Carol Baldwin, Nancy Clark, Jill Horn, Sandra 38 Nichols, Sue Cook, Luba Kulik, Ruth Nettle, Charlene Beaty. Row 4: Corine Brown, Bessie Greene, Carol Owens, Judith Patrick, Sondra Harris, Nancy Fosso, Aina Zils, Karla Burns, Terrie Chris, Penelop Gardner, Carol Coapstick, Wanda Jones, Barbara Hobbs, Lynda Wheeler, Rosalie Gabbard, Linda Herron. Row 5: Marsha Walker, Mary McGee, Ginny Gunn, Barbara Johnson, Elyse Hend- ricks, Claudia Lutes, Nola Noakes, Marsha Roberts, Betty Suther- land, Margaret Wade, Anita Jackson, Andra Jackson, Cheri Garshwiler, Glea Steward, Christine Moudy, Edna Acton, Janet Worth, Connie Payne, Christy Hirschler. 6 STUDENT AFFAIRS ORGANIZATION-Seated: Russell Green, parliamentariang Ann Hinshaw, rec. sec,g David Watt, treas.g Frances Stott, v-pres., John Russell, pres., James Williams, Sgt.- at-armsg Donna Moon, corr. sec. Row l: Mrs. Martha Turpin, sponsor, Jerry Baumgardner, Karyl Kirkbride, Nancy Sterrett, William Marlene Burnam, Bernard William Swan, Douglas Wheatley, Sandra Ohne, Sharon Marin, Young. Row 2: Frank Jacobs, Jayne Dillon, Judith Martha Rufner, Patricia Rollo, Patricia Johnson, Row 3: DeVore, Ronald Heitzman, William Kruger, John Baker, Cook, Ronald Taylor, Vernon Wallingford. ractical irtues Acquired in rganizations One may have noticed the scurrying and hurrying in and out of the Student Center. Behind this re- volving door of student activities we lind the ever- ticking part of student life, the Student Affairs Organization. The Student AHairs Organization is the student governing body in the Tech community. This body is made up of class representatives and before these representatives is the task of representing their class well, living up to the Code of Goals which is a written statement of the groups goals. Each roll room elects one representative to this board. In the fall students who wish to may apply for membership in the SAO. Each applicant is inter- viewed and finalists are selected by the SAO Execu- tive Board. Each representative attends a class convention where they elect a specified number of students to the board. The Executive Board consists of the SAO officers, class representatives, appointees and other honorary executive board members. This organization keeps Tech's social life alive with the Harvest Moon Ball and Junior Prom. The Clean-Up Campaign is also sponsored by the group. The clock on the wall shows it's time for one of the many SAO projects, the Scholarship Tea. 39 Y-TEENS-Row l: Ann Taylor, treas.g Nancy Rite, corr. sec., loyce Dowdy, rec. sec.g Mayree Nash, pres.g Claudia Lutes, v- pres., Janadine Mindach, inter-club council, Miss Margaret Hum- mel, sponsor. Row 2: Barbara Abbitt, Lynnda Pallikan, Sue Mat- thews, Sue Martin, Patricia A. Marshall, Janet Gray, Ellawease Johnson, Gwendolyn Hubbard, Pauline Jones. Row 3: Aina Zils, articipation in Campus Club sponsored groups give a student an op- portunity to develop lurther along social lines. Group living is important to the development of a mature cliaractcr. NVorking together as nienibers of the Y-Teens gives girls training in social and group living. This year the Y-Teens, sponsored by Miss ' w 3 Q 2 l WM. ' .S W, . , ,M-, .pf .1 s Diana Jeter, Janet Miller, Mildred Hudson, Venus Clay, Willie Mae Stevenson, Mary McGee, Jennie Gunn, Sylvia Pate, Sandra George, Anita Brown. Row 4: Nancy Fosso, Rita Ham, Lola Noakes, Margaret Cordonier, Johnnie Mae Lemons, Laretta Ross, Stephanie Jo Adams, Barbara Hobbs, Wanda Jones, Karen Beckham. rganizations Provides Margaret Hunnnel. saved pennies. These were con- tributed to the YVorld Fund which gives aid to needy children over the world. The club is organized through the Young YVonien's Christian Association, a national organization. Y-Teens groups are located in numerous schools. is-v . Y-TEENS-Row li Bessie Greene, corr. chairman, Marlene Young, publicity, Ruth Neftle, devotions chairman, Loretta Le- turgez, music. Row 2: Virginia Brewer, Karen Robbins, Nora Newkirk, Sharon Mackey, Peggy Purcell, Donna Ewer, Kristin Hirschler, Luba Kulik, Sue Cook, Beatrice Byroad, Andrea Brown, Barbara Burrus, Row 3: Almecla Beasley, Judith Adams, Benito Dorsey, Beverly Green, Marilyn Bullock, Carolyn Bullock, Janice 40 Rothenbush, Beverly Pribble, Donna Looper, Billie lo Bradshaw, Frankie Johnson, Sharon Johnson. Row 4: Janice Britt, Daun Mackey, Martha Drexler, Sandra Lehman, Patricia S. Baker, Jen- nifer Rothenbush, Patricia Merryman, Jane Morris, Penelope Gardner, Brenda Daniels, Sylvia Looper, Ernestine Underwood, Ruby Williams. .555 If W lll lb w"w FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA-Row l: Barbara Miles, An drea Woodard, publicity, Karen Muller, Carol Furry, historian Brenda Dinkins, sec.g Nancy Sterret, pres.g Sandra Lee Reynoldsl. v-pres., Bessie Greene, treas.g Gilema Robertson, chaplaing Car mela Cento. Row 2: Karen Robbins, Diane Kendrew, Anna Miller lane Martin, Karyl Kirkbride, joyce Walker, Patricia Coe, Viri ginia Brewer, Karen Madritsch, Suzan Williams, Margaret Pers- inger, Sharon Nichols. Row 3: Miss Dorothy McSherley, sponsor, Beverly Daugherty, Elaine Dearinger, Luba Kulik, Sandra let- tries, Janice Thomas, Madeline Kock, Jimmie Gooch, Judith Wells, Diane Mathews. New Friendships and Proper Social Training l'lClllL'llIlOlllll theories and achievements are re- Mr. XVilliznn Hawley prepares Chess Club ineni- viewecl hy nietnhers of the Future Teachers ol bers for ll weekly chess tournznnenl. ln these local Ainericzi eluh. This eluh helps liiture teachers hy tourneys the hoys llIlIJl'0VC' their skill to pzirticipzite hzning speakers who :ne tezicliers. showing movies, in competition with chess it-:uns lionl other schools. and panel cliscussions. Miss Dorothy MeShe1'ley. The zihility to coneentrzite is certainly improved in sponsor. provides news ol' ideas in educzltion. this club. CHESS CLUB-Seated: Clifford Curran, John Hawley, Charles McCullough, Stephen Bussell. Standing: Oran Vtlatts, Bruce Pater- noster, Phillip Bass, Garry Clark, Kirk Wald- haus, James Middleton, Rolland Fraser, Sherman Standitord, Rudy Weinhardt, Wil- liam l-lawley, sponsor, William Bockstahler, David McCullough, Steven Vie, James G. Smith, James Grambush. 4l IR. RED CROSSe-Row lg Marcia Pierceg Mrs. Barbara Dearing, sponsor, Beverly Reinken, Patricia Rollo, Ann Hinshaw, pres., Frances Stott, v-pres., Mayree Nash, Gregory Carmichael, Carol Stafford, Row 2: Ruth Nettle, Marlene Young, joyce Hull, Penny Burasham, Ruthanne Cline, Donna Moon, Margaret Bennett, Kaye Phelps, Linda Alford, Nancy Rite, Pam l-lunt, Sue Hotten- roth, Catherine McMohon, Lyn Funke. Row 3: Virginia Brewer, Cheryl Grundy, Janice Rothenbush, Karen Madritsch, Suzan Wil- School-Sponsored C Members of the lr. Red Cross, Service Club and SAO jointly sponsored a Surprise Faculty Valentine Tea, Feb. l4, The tea gave teachers a chance to relax. 42 liams, jennifer Rothenbush, Rita jones, Patricia Burns, Sharolyn Condra, Margaret Persinger, Carol Patterson, Carol Loveman, Diane Mathews, Rosemary Koelling. Row 4: William Kruger, Susan Pearson, Maxine Madritsch, Johnny Baker, Michael Hoff- man, Andrea Woodard, Gilema Robertson, Thomas Hankins, Bruce Geddes, Linda Duncan, Ruth Ann O'Rear, Elizabeth Suess, Russell Green. lubs Her the Members The .lunior Red Cross, which is in affiliation with the American Red Cross, is known throughout Indianapolis as a hardworking' organization. Last year the club made three party boxes. A party box consists of equipment to give a party for ltlli people. These boxes are taken to such institutions as hos- pitals which care lfor mentally ill. chronically in- capacitated veterans. aged or sick children. Through the help ol' the club's funds, plus do- nations from all Tech clubs, they lilled an overseas chest. Such a chest consisted ol equipment lor a school room ol' thirty children. Tech was the Hrst Marion county high school to undertake on its own such a task. In addition. Tech helped to till two other chests which had been cooperative efforts of several high schools. The Junior Red Cross Club filled 500 gilt boxes for needy children. Members unsellishly devote after-school hours and weekends to attend chapter meetings, to fill boxes, and to work on projects. The club sponsor, Mrs. Barbara Dearing, spends hours with the club. KEY CLUB-Row l: Ralph Wilkinson, treas., William Harvey, sop. rep.g Bruce C-eddes, librarian, Michael Moss, sec., james Williams, pres., Russell C-reen, v-pres., Bernard DeVore, jr. rep., jerry Baumgardner, SAO rep., Anthony Watt, sgt.-at-arms. Row 2: Larry Coleman, Douglas Wheatley, Ronald Taylor, Mark Hopping, Jerry Coleman, James P. Johnson, John Russell, William Bockstahler, Jack Beam, David Mead, Vernon Wallingford, Bruce Lucas. Row 3: Charles Pitchtord, Joe Kong, William Swan, David Parish, Louis Hasseld, Tom Pembleton, Everett Baker, Jack Foltz, Martin McAfee, Roger Harper, Larry Fitzgerald. Row -l: Mahlon Carlock, sponsor, Frank Jacobs, William Cook, Jack Justus, Joe Madden, Michael Edwards, Jerald Holcomb, Noel Medcalf, David Altopp, Ronald Heitzman, Benson McAllister, joe Sigg. an pportunit of Unselfishl Helping thers Key club members render service to various czinipus functions. The sehrmol-sponsored Club is for boys only. Membership is selective and is based on the approval ol' the club nienihers. hlilllltlll Clzirlock sponsors the group. lizrch year the group sponsors zi Turnkey dance. During the yezlr they assist with Honieconiing festiv- ities. cznnpus clean-up, senior graduation and picnic. V11 RADIO CLUB-Row l: Kia Campbell, Robert Malcom, Jack Rob- ertson, Kirk Waldhaus, Fred Spiegel, Oran Watts, Albert Cald- "This is NVUHFQ willing . . can be heard coming lroni the direction of the lelziiiisliztck. The purpose ol the Rzidio tluh is to help nienihers uc- quire rt radio license. This is 2lCCtJlIlpllSllCCl hy liztving Morse Code przictiee and rzrdio theory discussions at meetings. Trztnsniitters :ire operated lironi the Hami- shzitk. Assisting students with cluh activities is Mr. Gzirold Brznnhlett. Q '52-uv' operator, John Mason, sgt.-at-arms. Row 3: James Hudson, James Walden, James Barnes, Joe Fougerausse, Dennis Pitcher, well, Mr. Carold Bramblett, sponsor. Row 23 Richard Nell, john Stephen Craig, Douglas Knight, sgt-at-arms. Habig, Charles Ball, v.-pres., Eddie Lyon, pres., Fred Bail. chief 43 Q X 1' if x 2 Nff V ., Q. Sfiis ia ,. , ff 9' Y 34" p. "' :Q N3 , X.x. . -.1 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB-Row l: Mrs. Marjorie McCutcheon sponsor, Donna Flaterj Melody Wolfe, historian, Ruby Pulliam, v-pres., Mary S, Thomas, pres., Martha Sullivan, sec., Wilma Rogers, treas.g Mrs. Ieannine Root, sponsor. Row 2: loyce Tucker, Janet Miller, Edna Banks, Diana Jeter, Carolyn J. Greene, Logie Stokes, Ruby Ann Croney, Beverly Jean Washing- ton, Beatrice Byroad, Patricia A. Marshall, Willie Mae Stevenson. Row 3: Ruth Williams, Nancy Martin, Sue Matthews, Cecela Preston, Carol Sue Coapstick, Nancy Sampson, Janet Gray, Judy Spann, Mary Anne Helton. Row 4: Jill Horn, Nancy Clark, Jeanette Moss, Dietra Adair, Fern Woods, Stephanie Jo Adams, Marian Wills, Beverly Jean Green, Margaret Thomas, Patricia Coe, Virginia Brewer. Culture Comes Forth in Home Economics, Art Girls ol' the Home liconoinics cluh are perfecting their art ol cookery. The purposes ol' the club are fly to cooperate in all school enterprises, 125 to ad- vance the ideals of the department. 635 to promote the social lile ol' the pupils, and HJ to show the highest standards ol young wonianhood. The group is sponsored hy Mrs. Marjorie Mcilutclieoii and ART CLUB-Row l: Michael McQueen, Iris Allen, Donna Wright, Robert Burrows, Dzidra Zils, Miss Lorena Phemister, sponsor. Mrs. Jeannine Root. The Art club was organized to stimulate and develop art interest and appreciation. One Ends interest from the abstract to the provincial, from the Roman to Greek sculpture, Future artists may come lironi this club, sponsored by Miss Lorena Pheniister. Row 2: Susan Schneider, Charlene Beatty, Steven Willis, Michael Melline, Howard Dowers. 66. :I , ffwi 1 41" 3 4 'yi 'R 5 Y 7 l- , gi J Y 'ft Z sf 'Zz 1 el' 54 if Z 4 af' f rv "UW, .13 L if nfs. , 'fi 1 li.,- .f' 51. rf Jaffa: i. EW . if! . , I 7 . 41' Wide Scope of Activities Means Fun for All lVith every tick of the clock, Techites with an excess of vitamin A, B, C. or D, employ their go- power i11 still other school activities. It may be supporting a school club, making a tape for an all- school broadcast, or even decorating lor an upcoming dance, fair, or miscellaneous caper. Tick, Tick, Tick, another day has gone and wearily these pursuers ol' extra curricular activities trudge home. Though they may spend their remaining waking hours working on a cluh project, scheming elahorate designs for decorations, or writing a script to he broadcasted at roll call urging students to suhscrihe to the Cannon. or to huy green derhies tor the sectionals, these teen- agers appreciate the opportunities to display in full glory their talents and diversified abilities. The pace is exasperating. hilt the benefits are truly rewarding. At the master switch, I-larold Wilfong instructs laneen jessup in the many arts of broadcasting. 3 it irdiiii fx: r I. yy, M if 'X 2 ug During afterschool activities, H. 1. Stewart displays a work of art as students scrutinize. Club activities occupy "off" hours for students, The Iettermen decorate for the Mardi Gras. L,,,,a-fy -45 One may call them beautiful, handsome, popular. sharp, fortunate or even sophisticated. These words and many others describe the kings and queens who reign during the gala-events on the Tech campus. Kings and queens are selected at such events as the Harvest Moon Ball. YVhite Christmas Dance, the Military Hall, I-lomecoming, Yearbook Dance, hlunior Prom, Senior Prom, and lor athletic events. The selection ol a "true" king and queen is based on many things. Notice certain features about these guys and gals: their smiles, their pleasant voices, and neat, fresh-looking appearances. But amid the outward glow, there are many inner secrets these students maintain. Those who receive the honor of reigning over an event are good students. They know the how, when and where of correct manners. The personality of each is outstanding. One will hnd that these students possess good iudgment. Each Techite can he a king or a queen in his own way. Il each would wear a constant smile and attempt to y make others happy he would reign in his own way. l l Mr. Bass Clet, Allen George, and Miss Treble Clet, ludy johnson, stand beaming after being chosen King and Queen ot the Mardi Gras, The yearly contest is sponsored by Tech Music Club. Kings and ueens Reign at ala Social Events Homecoming Queen, pretty Vicki Anderson, smiles Top yearbook salesmen Russell Green and Rita Shet- happily as she and her escort, jerry Baumgardner, field were crowned Royal Governor and First Lady are driven around Tech's football stadium. of Techtown at the l96O Yearbook Dance. MW X -1.4.- 46 I., . . ,gt - i Ruth Ann O'Rear's expression denotes her extreme joy as she dons the White Christmas Queen crown. In early April, nominations are made for the royalty of Techs two gayest allairs-tlie -junior and Senior Proms. The finalists are selected by the re- spective classes and anxiously await their coronation night. Being a candidate for a prom is truly an honor with many lasting memories-the excitement ol' being photographed . . . that 'Avery special" dress lor the girls . . . for the boys, the new adventures in formal wear, the tux. Not to be forgotten are those last-minute beauty appointments for the girls and corsage buying for the boys. At last, prom night is here as our radiant candidates make their debut in the Tech limelight. ' 1 2 ,sf . isffwafx -V' C7 SENIOR PROM CANDIDATES-Row l 1 Donna Moon, judith Burnam, jenny Elkin, Gharla Fields, Patricia McClain. Row 2: james Williams, jack justus, Rus- sell Green, joe Sigg, Mickey l-lartsburg. IUNIOR PROM CANDIDATES-Row li Donna Terry, Sharo- lyn Gondra, Deana Warner, Pat Rollo, Shiloh Graves, Timmie Walker. Row 2: Frank jacobs, Charles Pitchtord, john White, George l-larris, Douglas Wheatley, Bruce Geddes. -47 ix , Q ,yi 9. W af gif me 'ff as E if SEZ, ,c vs' Q I 5 , i s s sn S ' . 4 h Pir D is I kl- sjt S 6 .G ll Q Q'a ROTC statt members include Sfc. Vinson Rose, Stc. Stoe gives instructions about the use of targets Ste. Authur Watts, lVlrs, Verda Allee, lVl!Sgt. Arpad to Harold Powell and Robert Fable. This is part of Szallar, and Sfc. Richard Stoe. the equipment in the new rifle range. ROTC Instruction Provides pportunit for , - , gpg' - it tgzgaf ' f ln, if , r we . Reserve Officers' Training Corps. commonly called the ROTC. A Cadet Corps was organized on Sep- - tember 16, 1918. On April 7, 1919, Military Training was placed in the Indianapolis high schools by Y authority of the YVar Department. Throughout the years, Teclrs unit has been distinguished many times Q - by awards received from the Federal Inspection. The 1 c '4 , is ff! - A A valuable gear of Tech's watchworks is the , , ' 3 '. ,H c '4 r l t Corps basically resembles the United States Army- lrom regulation uniform to the military drills and protocol. Many opportunities are olifered by the ROTC department for learning and advancement in rank. Participants include the instructing staff. privates, ollicers. and ROTC sponsors. Activities oi' the ROTC men include drills, parades. inspections, taking part in assemblies, and appropriating of guards lor various school-sptinsored events. Students have the privilege ol' obtaining many assets through this inspirational spring ol' Teclrs great watcliworlas. Tech ROTC members of the color guard are Pic. meyer, and Pic. Donald Pollard. 48 5 ,.. Charles Weigan, Sic. Don Ciarner, Sgt. David Wisch- r Eff, , 1 .gc sat' p Q- 211 N QWO .- ll Qt,-ws.. f I . ctw 1 A -' ,,.,t.c,,,,, L ,. - f 5 at , . Nu--., 'P - 1, X - .. . , 'nf . Q 4 4 . X , s Y . , ,W ROTC SPONSORS AND OFFICERS-Row l: William McBride, Douglas Wheatley, Vernon Wallingford, Captains, Richard Cooley, Benson McAllister, Majors, Michael Klein, William Krueger, Captains. Row 2: Carol Hinman, Donna Moon, Captains, Betty Hardesty, Koryl Kirkbride, 2nd Lts. Row 3: Harry Campbell, Cap- tain, Sharolyn Condra, Carolyn Barnum, 2nd Lts., Frances Stott, 5 WW , X A Q 1, . - . s I W Y Captain, Sharon Mackey, 2nd Lt., Judith Burnam, Shannon Waldo, Captains, Ann Hinshaw, 2nd Lt., Sandra Miller, Major, Francis Knapp, Captain. Row 4: James Raushaup, Major, Jerome O'Donnell, Charles Crane, 2nd Lts.g David Bodeheirner, Captain, Michael Flockhart, Kenny Caudell, Donovan Busby, Chris Sheff, 2nd Lts., Dencil Casner, Captain. Men to Acquire Militar Service Knowledge ROTC troops are being called to attention for a routine inspection made by Ann Hinshaw, 2nd Lt. Charles Crane, and Sgt. john Brand. Stephen Hewitt watches while sergeant stripes are cut from his tunic and the silver leaves of a Lieutenant Colonel are put in their place. 49 TECHOIR-Row l 1 Ronald Taylor, Larry Coleman, judith Burnam, Frank jacobs, Vivian Rike, Bernard DeVore, Marsha Stutsman, jr. rep.g Rita Sykes, co. pres.g William F. Moon, dir.g Mrs. Charles Moore, assist. dir.g james Williams, co. pres.: Donna Moon, sec.g jack justus, sgt.-at-armsg Margaret Chandler, hostess, Elvin Townsend, Clennis Crutchfield, Linda Dalton, jerry Miller, Paul Young. Row Z: Patricia Rollo, Nancy Rife, Michele Knight, Donna Terry, Pamela Miller, Sharolyn Condra, Elizabeth Yost, Shannon Waldo, William Cook, james johnson, Phyllis Miller, janet Stucker, Sandra Ohne, Richard Smith, janet Canter, Evelyn Martin, Mary jane Hoyt, Larry Fitzgerald. Row 35 Charles nimus ex anime ill l li Pitchford, Dorothy Wood, Allen Georgie, Carole Burns, Louis E. Hasseld, Mary Alice Yost, Dan Hughey, Barbara Slack, jane Brock- jones, john Baker, Lyle Brewer, Karyl Kirkbride, David Parish, jack Foltz, Lyn Funke, james Cribben, David Opel, Claudia Lutes, Robert Newby, Rolland Fraser. Row 4: joe Sigg, Michael jones, David Barnard, Harold Rightor, Lanna jo Barrick, james Walden, jack Beam, David Strauser, William Hasseld, Virginia jefferies, Charles Carmony, Kim Phemister, joAnn Weber, Roger Harper, Michael Hoffman, Cheryl Carr, Thomas Brinkley, Linda Higgins, Michael Edwards. Singing dds a Touch of C eerfulness and BOYS' OCTETTE-fCircling the piano: Irwin Townsend, john Russell, jack Beam, Michael Hoffman, james Walden, jack Iustus, james Cribben, james Williams, and seated at the piano-Frank jacobs. 50 The Techoir is constantly in the public eye. displaying, with a professional touch, the merits of this, our finest group of singers. Through the years the beautiful music of the organization has become traditional in bringing admiration to Tech. Every spring, ambitious songsters condition tonsils and throats for their audition with Mr. TV. F. Moon, choir director. The hnal selections are made in the spring and are announced on the last day of school. Outstanding students are placed in one of the three speciality groups: the Girls' Fnsemble, the Boys' Octette, or the Madrigal Singers. Ahead lie endless hours olf rehearsing that can only be con- solated by the beauty of each performance. Yearly the Techoir "cuts" a Christmas record from which they linance their spring trip. Still other highlights ol' the choir year include. the Christmas Eve tele- vision show. and the caroling around the city. All in all. it is a gay, exciting. fun-lilled life to be a mcmhcr ol' the Techoir. vwrrv U 'i f-ig: i Tir .1 :i If Q is-ug Eff: .:'.',:i, - Q , 25, ,, H . 5. t :gr ,v..' .',f-f- . , , , ' I' 1, ,H , - z ,-- 5- 5 ,- -,a':'IT-22-gg.-'.,.,..' "' Culture to MADRIGALS-Row l: Beverly Branson, Pamela Miller, Elizabeth Yost, Linda Higgins, Cheryl Carr, loAnn Webber, Sandra Ohne, Ioyce Ciuy. Row 2: Charles Pitchford, William Cook, lames johnson, Rolland Fraser, Harold Rightor, Richard Smith, Ronald Taylor. L , ' i , .v - Q 4 . we, , .ew Q' ' zikbnsizi .vie ' , .- , Pupils' Lives 1?-gm 'f gg, init Q' I , .bg 'Tl ' Mai '13 "Seventy-six Trombonesu is a popular tune with a lively bounce and seems appropriate for the band. GIRLS' ENSEMBLE-Around the piono: Vivion Rike, .lone Brock-Jones, Margaret Chondler, Mory Jone Hoyt, Corole Burns, Chorlo Fields, Morsho Stutsmon, Koryl Kirkbride, Rito Sykes, Donna Moon. fp-5 T7 W., x .-l"zsJlw.'1 l .. L 4- . Sn. .J ELIZABETH KALTZ SINGERS-Row l: Beverly Theising, Becky Moss, Lora Newkirk, Brenda Scott, Lyn Goldman, Sandra Piestro, William Eltzroth, occ.: Garnet Nolan, Carole Nicholas, Susan Forkner, Carmen Ward. Row 2: Charlene Cutter, Sue Shipley, Sandra Stevenson, Linda Alford, Bonnie Burris, Carol Talbert, Dorene Brown, Margaret Persinger, Deana Warner, Susan Smith, Donna Terry, v.-pres., Connie Hittle. Row 3: Sharon Morin, Janet Short, Diane McCallie, Joyce Dowdy, Pat Johnson, asst. sec.: Andra Jackson, Judy Higgins, Deborah White, Elizabeth Suess, Dana Brown, Roseonn Jiles, June Anderson. Row 4: Dorothy Wood, Corlene Allen, Mary Yost, pres., Carmelo Cento, Loretta Leturgez, Glenda Yates, Carol Furry, Martha Rufner, sec.: Mar- tha Mitchell, Beverly Reinken, Mary Ann Soltau, Sandra Jeffries, Juanita Bland, Nancy Fenter. Music Groups Participate in umerous Campus Singing in time with the ticking of the clocks here at Tech are the Elizabeth Kaltz Singers and the Boys' Concert Club. Echoing through the halls. voices of their members can be heard as they practice for coming concerts such as the one held here at Tech on May 16, where the two groups combine their voices in a joint concert. Both groups during the past year made a record- ing for "Young America Sings." The two groups also performed in the annual "Enchanted Evening" on June 2. Music is time consuming but interesting and fun for these Tech musical groups, the Elizabeth Kaltz Singers and the Boys' Concert Club, performing or practicing. BOYS' CONCERT CLUB-Row l: Robert Simpson, dir., James Arthur, Terrence Tandy, Mike Reed, Arnold Canada, host, Billie Mitchell, Jerry Butcher, David Stansifer, Gary Brashear. Row 2: Larry Hill, Charles Beavin, acc., Douglas Bacon, John White, Larry Clark, Tommy Dobbs, Timothy Brown, Michael Mellene, 52 David Segroves. Row 3: Steve Vie, v.-pres.: James Campbell, Bill Browning, sec-treas., Jay Halstead, Donald Opel, Douglas Brooks, sgt.-at-armsg Dennis Moore, Paul Barnhart, Richard Cyphers, Charles Crider, Thomas Pembleton, pres. MUSIC CLUB-Row l: Allen George, pres.g Evelyn Martin, v- pres.g Bruce Geddes, reporter: Sandra Ohnie, corres, sec.: Paul Hemptling, sgt.-at-arms: Deborah White, recording sec. Row 2: Doloris Kirkbride, Susan Smith, Stephanie Tomescu, Anna Miller, Danita Duree, Sue Cook, Denita Wright, Ruth Handy, Nancy Rite. ffl' ex N251 1 ft 5 9 Row 3: Susan johnson, Nancy Fosso, Sandra Ludwig, Lynnda Pallikan, Sharon L. Mackey, Ann Taylor, Barbara Slack, Mary Ann Wonell, Linda Murphy. Row 4: judy johnson, Pamela Miller, Ralph Eddy, Daniel Hughey, Charles Pitchtord, jerry M. George, Michael Edwards, Robert O. Gwyn, sponsor. and Gommunit Programs Throughout the Year Musicians enhance their culture through mem- bership in the Music club. Various activities add interest to the meetings. They traveled to Europe via colored slides shown by Mr. Raymond Brandes in one of their club meetings this year. Mr. Brandes took the pictures while he was an exchange teacher in England during the 1959-1960 school year. Mr. CONCERT ORCHESTRA-Row l: Ronald Engle, Jeannie Craig, Joyce Dowdy, Judith Johnson, Stephanie Tomescu, Sandra Ohne, Susan Smith, Daniel Glover. Row 2: Cheryl Carr, Nancy Fosso, Ruth Handy, Bonnie Bell, Elaine Dearingier, Denita Wright, Carol Robertson, Sandra Ludwig, Dolores Kirkbride, Dorothy Wood, Norma Talley, Sarah Baker. Row 3: Linda Engle, Mike Jones, Donna Sovern, Raymond Englander, Nancy Muller, Susan johnson, Virginia Batt, Bill Burmeister, Pam Miller, Bruce Paternoster, Ronnie Little, Evelyn Martin, Jerry George, Michael Edwards, Robert Gwyn has tlic job ol being club advisor. The Concert Orchestra gives many performances throughout the school year. It gives concerts and plays for assemblies. Mr. Brandes, advisor of the Orchestra, works diligently with these musicians to accomplish the "sparkling music." Kirk Waldhaus, Venion Helms, Kathleene Cooper, Wesly Sickle. Row 4: Elizabeth Fritch, Terrance Tandy, Deana Brown, Mark Hopping, Sharon Johnson, Joyce Guy, Charles Beavin, Allen George, Michael Lane, Eugene Williams, Dean Myers, Bob Oyler, Daniel Hughey, Horace Mitchell, Bill Swan, Garnet Nolan. Row 5: janet Allen, Betty Bateson, Charles Pitchford, Paul Hempfling, Ralph Eddy, Mr. Raymond Brandes, director: Frank Jacobs, Robert Miester. CONCERT BAND-Row l: Michael Edwards, Jerry George, Bruce Paternoster, Evelyn Martin, Ronald Little, Virginia Batt, William Burmeister, Pamela Miller. Row 2: Ray Englander, Barbara Slack, Sherry McCain, Sharon Mackey, Kenneth Eggert, Violet Johnson, Van Butler, Robert Williams, Harold Backus, Clifford Wheeler, David Church, Kirk Waldhaus, Harold Rightor, Carol Patterson Venion Helm. Row 3: Linda Murphy, Phillip Smith, Jenny Good: night, Kenneth Bass, Lynnda Pallikan, Roy Rossell, Robert Gannon, Hours of Practice Perfect the Concert Band e 1 l pud 'Jimi' , .,... 1. 'lay :aw T .. ...arf ,4 "' no Q-C l DANCE BANDffRow l: Venion Helm, David Church, Evelyn Martin, Kirk Waldhaus, Roy Rossell. Row 2: Robert Oyler, Dean Myers, Clifford Chandler, Vaino Ajango. Row 3: Tim Reynolds, Eugene Williams, Paul Hempfling. Row 4: Nadeen I-loppes, Rob- ert Meister, 54 Tech's Concert Band is one ol' the best of its kind. The hand appears at all home and away-l'rom- ionie Ja varies. .L want i'e ours is no wiiiou I l ll D i X l I IL t tl t practice. They practice the ninth period and until lour-thirty on Tuesday, XVednesday, and Thursday. The lirst perlorinance ol the band this year was at the annual Football Jamboree. They also per' formed on Purdue Band Day with six-thousand high school bandincn. The band plays at the Veterans Day, Thanksgiving. Christmas, and Armed Forces Day parades. They were invited to play at the corner stone laying ol' the City-County Building. In addition the band has a lull program here at Tech: for example, they arrange Thanksgiving and Christmas programs annually, and in March they have a concert with the orchestra. They also play for various mili-- tary programs. In the spring they help with the Richard Dickson, William Clark, Nadeen l-loppes, Danita Duree, Linda Kollmeyer, Michael Lane, Allen George, Charles Beavin, Tim Reynolds, Gary Haltom, Ralph Beight, Wayne Jennings, Judy Rose, Ann Taylor. Row 4: Nancy Rite, Charles Pitchford, Barbara Mahone, Bruce Geddes, Paul l-lempfling, Ralph Eddy, Kim Phemister, Robert Coar, Horace Mitchell, Dennis Barlow, Daniel Hughey, Robert Oyler, Dean Myers, Donald Pence, Clifford Chandler, Edward Akers, Larry Hill, Vaino Ajango, Oran Watts. Performances and Members, Musical Abilities Clean-Up Paint-Up campaign. Playing at the Com- mencement ceremony climaxes a busy year. Fifty band members entered the district solo- ensemble contest. Tech was also well-represented in the district and state twirling contests. The Concert Band has many oflisprings, includ- ing the Dance Band. the Brass Ensemble, and the basketball Pep Band. The band also gives sweaters to outstanding members. For extra money they sell candy to the students and faculty. The band was organized in the fall of 1915. It consisted mostly of boys who played in the Indian- apolis News Newsboys' Band. At that time. members wore green and white sweaters, skull caps, and white trousers instead of uniforms. Quite a contrast to the band of today-and one of which Techites have reason to be proud. Vigorously directing the band at an assembly, john White, sets the "music into motion." IUNIOR HIGH 0RCHESTRAfRow l: Pieter Putelis, Donna l-lunt, Marcella Risk, Ruth Davenport, Martha Vest, Diana Brocle, Anne Duthrie. Row 2: Mary Monschein, Sheryl Thiesing, jonnie l-lines, Barbara Wegener, Sandra Gounce, Roberta Crooke, Diane Roberts, Pat Todd. Row 3: Emily Gullion, Faith Marshall, Linda Rynard, i 5 5 3 Q Z Z 32 7 .4 STRING ENSEMBLE--Row l: Elizabeth Fritch, Jeannie Craig, Stephanie Tomescu. Row 2: William Eltzroth, Mr. Raymond Brandes, sponsor, Daniel Glover. 56 Melody Moore, Gordon Caudill, Becky Jane Essex, Bill Bryant, Matt Matlik, John Reid, Bob Hittle. Row 4: Mara Strelnieks, Vicki Koons, Gloria Thompson, Phyllis Trevin, Bob Cross, Randy Woodson. unior Musicians and Though young in years, the Junior High Choir proves age no handicap, as it bursts into song with youthful exuberance. The choir is composed of junior High students interested in music. Tryouts are made each semester. Under the direction of Miss Rosemary McGuire, the junior choir participates in many programs. They have a concert in the fall and often sing at eighth grade graduations in January and june. Much to the delight of the high school students, faculty, and staff, the choir carolled in the cafeteria and Arsenal during the yuletide season. They also presented a Christmas program for the junior High in a special holiday assembly. Still another exceptionally talented credit to the Junior High department is the Junior High Or- chestra. They too, like the choir, keep up a rapid pace. Under the directing hands of Mr. William Breedlove, this group of skilled seventh and eighth graders devotes extra hours for rehearsal. The or- chestra also participates in a spring concert. These pre-high schoolers contribute to Techis resources. JUNIOR HIGH CHOIR--Row l: Kenneth Thomas, Eugene Rippy, Luther Hastings, David Matthews, John Wood, Ray Edens, Ricky Clark, William Wegener, Steve Watkins, Marc Thorman, Carl Todd, Ray Evans. Row 2: Peggy Boswell, Dana Brock, Frank Cottongin, Fred C-rabbe, john Stella, Roderick Morgan, Kent Nay, John McFarland, Ronald Unseld, Willard Aytes, Steven Ingles, James Dunaway, Donna England, Mary Monschein, Bob Farabee, Linda Leonard. Row 3: Loretta Backus, Elizabeth Brasher, Kay Lester, Patricia Todd, Larry Martin, Marlin Dodge, F S B fi XT 1 'tl X is I' TI' X363 S m 4 is 1 l x v X I Peter Putelis, Phil Kunkel, Bruce Crellin, John DeMoss, David Busby, Steve Benell, Emily Guillion, Martha Vest, Ann Duthrie, Sheryl Thiesing, Evelyn Lewin. Row 4: Miss Rosemary McGuire, director, Susan Humbarger, Becky Essex, Ruth Davenport, Beverly Sievers, Randall Bradshaw, Jim Sykes, Robert Deal, Larry Jones, Frederick Boyd, Richard Wilson, Kenneth Beight, Diane Roberts, Faith Marshall, Glee Looper, Suzanne Wilson, Sandra Kuhn, accompanist. uintet Keep Expertl in Tune With the Times JUNIOR HIGH BAND-Row l: Bonnie Todd, Susie Held, Sheila Epler, Evelyn Lewin, Janice Lynch, Shirley Woodtin, Jonnie Hines. Row 2: Pat Todd, Diane Roberts, Betty Brasher, Evelyn Brown, Evelyn Mitchel, Becky Essex, Phil Konkel, John Reid, Matt Matlik, Bill Bryant. Row 3: Chris Hammond, Janice Sheetz, Bruce Crelin, losephine Shockley, Bill Penman, jackie Hamilton, Ronnie Lutrel, Gordon Caudill, Toni Franklin, Larry Martin, Carl Todd, lim Dunaway, Ricky Clark. Row 4: Kent Nay, David Matthews, Robert Cross, Kenneth Beight, Luther Hastings, Susan Humbarger, Dana Bell, Sara Porter, Janice Shockley, Marlin Dodge, Phil Townsend, Eugene Rippy, Ray Evans, Bob Hittle. 57 QQFVFSV' ,rx N1 , ff, 7 , X v 'ii .,.. ,t L aa, lm , V r L3 ' L J yy' x ' tu, xx Q , -, W - ' , s 2. e Y X .' I 'ffl W 1, W in Q2 V. ' :f.,fQ,,,N 1- 2 ff f IA if IKE! sefif x V sv M., 4 f . l ' fffA,"',C7' 3,,'x ,.,',.,' , F ,f 'I' ,ff E35 3:1 141 .f ','nz.. ff M. 'KM A was 11, End of another school day finds teachers attending 'ro last minute duties and details. 58 N it JJ? si? zxgv .W v www R: Q. 5 Tickin' at Tech in Curriculum Interesting subjects may he found here at Tech. lfroni child cure to l'2llClllllS, Tech pupils boast the aidvznituge ol' an wide lield of courses. Students may prepare for college in our strong 2lC2lClC'llllC depart- ment, including courses in English, mzlthemzitics, history, science. :ind foreign languages. Voczltionzil training is also ollered to Tech students. Pupils may take business courses amd he ready to go directly into ll secretzirizll ioh upon graduation. Boys ure prepared lor luture vocations in our shop courses. Modern teaching methods accompany our wide curriculum. Lzmguzige students are aided hy the lzinguuge laboratory. Movies in various courses add variety as well as knowledge. Such :1 wide curriculum gives every student the chance to choose ll profession in which he may become skilled. As time ticks on. we tick on. In administrzition amd stalls ,....,.. 60-69 In academic .. ...e 70-75 In vocational .. .uss 76-H7 ,fl ....-f-"""':-'Zia 7124 ill ,w .,- f 57 NX ER I. W Q OX :By ."x'tA- X: ,xl .L X-ND Nfl l ffl:-1 6 , 7 1. if .- l I. lx v. V I. yi! im , V I . ' ,LX tif: ' l . i ' l,,4,,h,..., . .V , '3- ' .V :. vi""" '.'y'f:5-'N A--L,' - I- l ,N - , ff fs2'u.:1.z lv LM . 2 . 'Xu iifffzf-1 I f t I n I L f. ::.t 1 . - Ni e,,.,f Nr lvlr. Cecil L, McClintock, our well-known and liked principal, heads "Tickin' at Tech." dministrators Regulate the cDo's and Don'ts, Tech has a fine tradition-stemming' from its early days as a civil war arsenal to its present institu- tion of learning. "Tech" was founded on May 22, lfllfi, when the Supreme Court designated these seveiityesix acres to lie used for an academic and vocational high scliool. Under the guiding hands of' Milo H. Stuart, Tech instigated its nation-wide repu- tation. Continuing the quality leadership was DeYVitt Nforgan, who was principal from lflflfi until 1937. For twenty-one years Hanson H. Anderson was principal. Continuing the tradition of Tech is Cecil l.. McClintock. 60 Mr. McClintock has the responsibility of seeing that Tech runs smoothly and efhciently. Among the tools of his trade are a warm smile, interest in every- one. and a reinarkable memory. Hlhether Techites see him in the halls, on the sidewalks, or in his office in the Arsenal, they know he is our chief advisor doing his job well. Pupils and teachers alike know that without his inspiring interest and efforts that Tech would not be the highly rated school that it is today. It is through the combined efforts of faculty and staff that Tech ticks. rw px, Milf' W? A, f f gui -,np--.-AE---M f,..,v...2 . , riai'i'-viriff-ilwazr '46 Mr. Odus Landreth, vice-principal, and his secretary, Mrs. Florence Cox, are always kept busy managing student problems. Mr. Fred Reeder, vice-principal in charge of programs, is watched by his secretary, Mrs, Ruth Berryman, as he approves a student's program. of a Traditional Tech Assisting our principal with his daily tasks are our four vice-principals. The jobs of these four in- dispensable men are many and the time they spend working at them is almost never-ending. Supervising Tech's finances, scheduling classes. assemblies, and home room sponsorship, counseling, interviewing, and disciplining are just a few of the responsibilities of our vice-principals. Perhaps we don't realize all the work done by the Superintendent, principal, and vice-principals. XVe should take a good look at the clock to see all the time saved by the jobs they do for us. George Lone, director of shops, buildings and groundsg Mrs. Helen Cloud, stenographer, and Karl Kalp, vice- principal, have their office in Room C-. A busy vice-principal is Mr. Herman Hinshaw. The secretary in his office' is Mrs. Edna Ayres. 6l X 'Y I Y' 51' ia. wishes.. Xn lQl..4I 'Pig r'- 6-f ,Lt-.A S-.R Ann Hinshaw and Francis Stott, two of Tech's ROTC sponsors, assist Mrs. Martha Turpin, Dean of Girls. in the busy Student Center, Mrs. Barbara Dearing, along with teaching her English classes, assists the Dean of Girls around the clock with the job of counseling Techites. Student Center Aids in Keeping Things Tiekin' To enable pupils to make friends and further their friendships is just one of the objectives lullilled by the Student Center. Rooms ll5, llfl, and lll, collectively known as the Student Center, include the private ollice ol, the Dean ol Girls, a reception room, college guidance, library rooni, kitchenette and the little theatre. lt's a center lor the Student .Xltairs Organization. Key Club, and the Dean of Girls. On the shoulders ol the Dean ol Cyirls rests the responsibility lor interests. welfare, also the special problems of girls, college guidance for boys and girls. parent loruins, school social activities, and co' ordination ol' school clubs. Keeping busy is no trouble lor anyone who enters the Student Center. Co-operation ol' students and faculty enables the Stu- dent Center to work smoothly and elhciently. Mrs. Marilyn Hardwick, known for her congenial smile, outstanding personality, and especially for her counseling, helps another Techite. . . ,4rNw..jA,5! Q .X A. , fx 1, L 62 on-"ng Q Mr. Charles Dagwell, athletic director, Director of special education Kenneth Herman Denzler, Tech's employment co- works diligently to plan a complete sports Puckett pauses a minute from the daily ordinator, and his secretary, Mrs. Rosa- program for Tech's boys to increase stam- routine of arranging schedules and work- lynne Yarnell, aid students to obtain ina and energy. ing with special students. suitable tull time or part time employment. 41" K ' ,,, . -f-17:17 -Qs., ' 4 N15-'g.,,, 0 0 o 0 o I Directors and Counselors Fill Various Capacities To keep a clock running smoothly all parts must he kept in good working order and free from particles ol dust. Tech has to he kept running smoothly, not to keep time but to save time. Di- rectors and counselors are kept busy in the fields of guidance. audio-visual, athletics, employment. shops. - huildinffs and Grounds, Grade school. diversilied co- ,fs- 5 U FW operative education, program production, publica- tions, and special education. Techites realize that through the efforts ol' our directors and counselors Tech operates smoothly around the clock without the burden of problems. Mr. Gaylord Allen, Mrs. Dorothy Armel and Miss Louisa Steeg look over a bulletin board. At right: Mr. Robert Gwyn talks to Mr. Charles Maas. This is the familiar figure of Mr. Leon Leaving the lunchroom is Mr. Kenneth "A, master ot his craft" might well dc- Maurer who is the director ot the DCE, Barr who is the director of the Audio- scribe the creative talents ot Chelsea A. lDiversified Cooperative Educationl, in- Visual department, which adds an integral Stewart, the director ot Techs Program struction at Tech. part to classroom instruction. Production department. .mnwmunzn -nmnw mmawm.wtww -wswwmfmw, fzwsmam rf N I-xssistant registrar, Miss Norma Rodewald, is shown Keeping accurate records on pupils is the task of Mrs. busily flipping through the teachers' sorter. Virginia Cauble and Mrs. l-lermanda Metzger. Without the Vital Assistance of Secretaries, A , M i"i M ,,C:, Behind every successful office there is a hard-working Working efficiently behind the scenes or rather be- secretary, and at Tech it is Miss Miriam Howe. hind the bars in Te'ch's financial office are Miss Pat- ricia Littell and Mrs. Fannie Fowler. Mrs. Gloria Robbins sorts the Mrs. Rita Tussey and Mrs. Mrs. Ann H. Loyal sits at daily mail which pours into Ruth Smith calculate and the switchboard in the office: the office for the faculty. correlate the attendance. don't get your wires crossedl Q-mini-.rig . 1 4 14xm:.nn sn-r,.u Q 41 i- 1 f 1... 5? X :Q X TE.: nv f N QS . il -ka ' i 'V K 9' -3 if ,,.,1 ,N KEN' W ki a gf '.-'.' ,,, QA ' Y' ., if -:WW A 5 rv. gilwtv Fmt! 'mt it 3' if if - , ,3 WS- me M levi- f . nw fit' -4 wt i 7 S CAFETERIA STAFF-Row l: Netta Schmidt, Pearl Boyland, Maude Brown, Mary Stinnett, Ruby Plummer, Leona Coonce, Elsie Roberts, Jessie Elliott, Goldie Duffy, Mae Starkey, Pearl Johnson. Row 2: Johanna Wilson, Lola Moore, Thelma Garner, Lerena Todd, Martha Zapfe, Margaret Perkins, Opal Sterrett, Geneviene Haigerty, Deloris Pallikan, Ethel Kreis, Lillian Klier, Laura Merrill, Ethel Pitts, Angie Clearwater, Esta Parsley, Irene 7 , t ,f J t V Taylor, Alice Szteleblak, Elise Sigg, Eliza Badgley, Mabel Mc- Auley, Gladys Thompson, Christine Still, Louise Egan. Row 3: Irene Steagall, Fred Crisler, Margaret Dodge, Lola Klein, Elsie Yarnell, Irene Jeffries, Audrey Barrett, Helen Schroder, Ruth Barnes, Florence Hynes, Eva Gibson, Osa Moser, Hazel Hirth, Rosa Stelting, Margaret Garrison, Ilma Gillaspy, Mildred Farmer, Gladys Grigsby, Staff and Custoclians, Tech Could ot Tick Z Tickin' efficiently along with the clocks throughf out each day is the Maintenance department and the cafeteria staff. The efficaciousness of thc maintenance men can he Seen through spotless windows and across trim campus grounds. A vital link between students and studies is foocll The cafeteria stall? peels many potatoes. supplying students with their needed mid-clay energy. One mongoose in captivity is proudly displayed by Sgt. George Martin, Tech's policeman and friend. Chit-chatting in the familiar Guard House are E. C. Hamilton, head custodian. and Charles Kloss. Other custodians are Row I: Alton James, Eva Bartlett, Cleo George, Odelia Niehotf, E. C. Hamilton. Row 2: Charles Kloss, Russell Clapper, Lessie Anderson, William Sowers, Charles Cole, Row 3: James Diana, Aubrio Fleming, S. M. Watkins, Bernard Friddle. Row 4i Lester Cook, Harlan Sage, William Swindle, Paul Lebaugh, James Moylan, Wayne Austin. unior High Members Exhibit Excess Energ JUNIOR HIGH TEACHERS-Row l: Jack Fadely, Mrs. Eleanor Wrigglesworth, Mrs. Lillian Pence, Mrs. Beryl Vaughan, Laurel Rardin, Mrs. Sandra Kern, Paul Bennett. Row 2: John Golish, Clayborne Blue, John Wythe, William Petranoft, Samuel Skomp, James McLain, Walter Dininger, Charles Harry, Ebert Smith, Marion Overman. Basic fundamentals of reading are taught by Miss lVlary lvlaillard, junior high reading teacher. Ai! AL xv 66 As the clock ticks through the day, the liveliest of Tech's pupils carry on their school day with zealous enthusiasm. They are members of the Junior High department. Junior high members exhibit their boundless energy in the mad dashes to lunch, to physical education. and to wherever else they may be going. Junior High pupils participate in many activities. Some are members of the Junior High Choir, Or- chestra, and Band. Others are representatives on a lunior High SAO Board. Boys develop ability and gain training on athletic teams. Students in the Junior High also join in high school activities such as the Mardi Gras in the fall. Plans are in process for a new building to be erected for the "up and coming" needs of this Junior High division. The site of this building will be the present Nature Preserve. Tech's junior High pupils have the decided ad- vantage over students who enroll new to Tech--they won't be "green" freshmen. 1. 5 Burma Hutt. Mr. Donald Daily, junior high principal, admires the honor roll. His degrees are an AB. and a MS. The photographer captures the interest of four jun- ior high: students enboying a break before class. The Tech library offers a quiet shel- ter, whether it be tor putting in last minutes on a research paper or brows' ing through many aisles of fiction. +-Ji Library Uiiers Adequate Facilities for Education "Do you know where that hook is . . . No, I don't remember the title or author, but it's this story about . . This is just one of the many questions librarians answer daily as they help the avalanche of pupils writing research papers. hunting lor just the right book or searching for some odd hit ol' in- formation. Students are aided by the special displays includ- ing Indiana authors, Communism, ian, holidays sports, mysteries. and many others. Card catalogs in the library are a stimulus tor stu- dents who are required to prepare term reports. Keeping a watchful eye on l8,000 books is the job ot Mrs. Dorothy Newcomer, Miss Mary Kay Carst, Miss Marjorie Schoch, head librariang Mrs. Gertrude Russell, and Mrs. Leila Toler, departmental assistants. 67 Mrs. Mary Williamson, Mrs. leanne C-raves. and Miss Marjorie Lawson, social workers, keep Techs clockwork free from problems. Staffs Function to Keep Tech Pupils Tickin' Our bookstore staff, Mr. Oliver Clark, managerg Mrs. Laverne Stewart and Mrs. Wilma Durham, as- sistants, walk leisurely to the bookstore. Need class supplies? The bookstore is the scene of a near riot at the beginning ot each semester, The bookstore staff linds its day is a never-ending rush of supplies to keep Terhites in pencils. pens, notebooks. paper, and other sundry items. liarly days in the semester turn the bookstore into a Grand Central Station with pupils arming themselves for the new semester. Freshmen may be observed buying a stack of new books with that all-important Drill Book on top. As the clock ticks on and the staff Hnds their day drawing to a close, the last few stragglers leave and the bookstore closes shop for the clay. YVhen Teehites have problems they need help with, they talk to our understanding social service workers. Through them, they often hnd new under- standing in their high school lives as well as a valu- able new friend. sgu-.., - i , A fi N 319' 'lf' Working at various jobs such as keeping class records in our night school office are: Mrs. Mildred Langlotz Mrs. Eleanor Ogle, Mrs. Mary Pentecost, and Mrs. Mary Hoffman. Toward the Right Direction Both Da and ight Tech ticks at night. Clocks never sleep. Why should Tech? The Tech Night School offers educa- tion to complete requirements lor graduation lroin high school, for vocational improvement and for general interest. One seldom thinks of what happens on our campus four nights a week. On these nights, Tech is equipped with its second shift of students. This evening school gives adults a chance to continue their education. As the clock passes six the "putter oli feet" can he heard echoing through the halls. Many young people and adults complete a high school education through Night School study. Formerly head of night school, Mr. Howard Long- shore is novv vice-principal in charge of finances 69 ENGLISH-Row l: Mrs. Margaret Hahn, A.B., Barbara Russell, A.B., M.A., Mrs. Mary Furry, A.B., Mrs. Mildred McAfee, B.S., M.A., Mrs. Marjorie Garrett, A.B., M.A., Gertrude lnsley, A.B., Martha Gascho, A.B., Mrs. leanette Reed, B.S., M.S. Row 2: Mrs. Donna Minnick, A.B., Mrs. Clarena Huffington, A.B., Louise Padou, A.B., M.A,, Mrs. Muriel Tucker, A.B., Mrs. Barabra Dearing, A.B., Mrs. Vera Kilborn, B.E., Ph.M., Halcyon Menden- hall, A.B., M.A., Mrs. Ethel Mclntosh, A.B., M.A. Row 3: Sarah Basic Understanding Miss Irene Rhodes, who is head of the English de- partment, finds time to teach and maintain her other duties. She has a B.S., M.A., degree in English. Murphy, B.S., Mrs. Edna Wootton, B.S., Mrs. Jane Wheeler, A.B., Mrs. Lynn Neff, A.B., Mrs. Mary Harlan, A.B., Mrs. Sue Gilfoy, A.B., Mrs. Jennie Taylor, B.S., M.A., Margaret Waters, A.B., M.A. Row 4: Gaylord Allen, A.B., M.S., Cecil Tresslar, A.B., M.A.T., William Watkins, A.B., M.A., Harold Wilfong, B.S., M.A., James Mann, A.B., M.A.T., Thomas Don- heiser, A.B., Robert Elmes, A.B., Robert Maloy, A.B., M.S. of English Is Essential Irene Rhodes. head of the English department, is only one of Techs thirty-seven English teachers. The object of our English department is to teach graniniar, literature, and composition. Special classes in iournalisni, public speaking, and speech arts, a new tourse at Tech, are offered for students who wish to further their knowledge in these fields. Advanced English courses in college composition, literature, and business English are also available for interested juniors and seniors. Our English courses enable us to establish a firm foundation for other courses. XVithout English we would not be able to write and speak clearly and correctly. English also helps us to learn to appreciate and understand more thoroughly some of the literary classics and poems. In English VIIE students study a Chaucer chart. T......,. E . 1 ,xi :- gy . S. 's et' , ,z 1' qi ,XI Xilis- ft il if ""H'N. ff" 'M afff ,Wg H Z. N i ,q, -ax t ag s, ,J I A fi t,.,. LANGUAGE-Row li Mrs, Susonno Underwood, AB., M.A.g lVl.A.g Rita Sheridan, AB., lVl.S,g Loree Steele, AB., lVl.A.g Mrs. William Fishback, AB., B.F.T., M.A.T.g William Watkins, AB., Virginia Hurt, AB., lVl,A. in the Stud of Various Foreign Languages Q 1. 'W 3 lg. f 'iii . K - ti-sv - 5+ Q Qs if 4 ls? tt , WT' flew ,, , Q -ty: ?iga, , af ' .-.N , . H as fa V ,N . 1 .3 ,. sm. av 5 63.5 ,,,,m..f,'. X - - .Lf--sf 1 ' . K, . i 5 . -fp B ' VX, A A 4 1 A A ' x 96 9 , ' E ' A s 5. '- v 15. Eiisf flfwy f t . I .. f t 5. , ,S if . Q k . Ik In gs , e. . . , A, .. , . 4 X 'f I re- - P e , H X I 4? R " 1- - yn! 'ii -. A Q r Q 1 . ,., 'sh ,. A X 'if ' 5 t ffl,-' M 'X' ' l i Q S Q .. at-B . t Y f N ,, 'f Listening and interpreting assists teachers with tor- eign language instruction in the language lab. Miss Edith Allen, AB., B.S., lVl.A., head of the For- eign Language department, grades homework assign- ments and correlates the departments business. "XVhen in Rome, do as the Romans do." Even if we never go to Rome, taking' a trip around the world is almost like taking a trip to the classes ol'- lered by the Language department. Spanish, German, Latin, and Ifrencli are the courses available to inquiring students seeking to learn ol' other countries and their languages. Latin students lind that their language is lar from being "dead" and that many Fnglish words have originated from it. They also learn about the rustoms and Cultures of our South American and Spanish friends. Techs German and French students lind the study of Ger- many and France a help in the study ol their history. YVhether studying Latin, Freneli, Spanish, or Ger- man, Teehites lind the Language department educa- tional in many ways and an asset to a complete education. 'sis Q fs a it f ' .. S ,:, "Q.:.:f-2 "Knowledge of biological sciences plays a definite part in the modern world," relates Mr. john Farley, A.B., MS., head of the department. Scientists Stud the Ways and Laws of the BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE-Row li Mrs. Joan Persell, B.S., M.S., Mrs. Doris Thompson, B.S., Mrs. Cherry V. Sparks, B.S. Row 2: Garlon W. Howard, A.B., M.S., Arthur Kirsch, A.B., John Pierce, A.A., B.S., D.C., Scott McCoy, B.S., M.S., Charles Russell, A.B., M.A.g William Johnson, B.S., M.S. Row 3: Alfred Nowak, B.S., M.S.g Kenneth Borr, B.S., M.S., Howard Cook, A.B., MS., John Kendrick, A.B., M.S. CHEMISTRY-PHYSICS-Sitting2 Mrs. Pauline Caldwell, AB., Hadley Haworth, AB., M.S., Richard Dykeman, B.S.g William Hawley, A.B., MS., Lester Bolander, B.S., M.S. Standing: Louis Phenomena of ature Among the inany fields of learning ollered at Tech is the Biological and Physical Science depart- inents. The liiologiezil Science depairtnient is equipp- ed to offer students interesting and lIlli0l'lil2lliYC courses in loology. botany, and biology. In mology students delve into the world olf animal lile: in hotany they study the plant kingdom. The Physical Science departnient includes chernistry and physics. Cheinistry students probe into the orgaiiic' and inor- ganic world ol clrenricals and compounds. Physics offers the study of matter and energy. mwsmg wi u u n n gr 1 p Allen, AB., MA., William Graney, B.S,, M.S.g Gerald Hofmann, l3.S.g john Miner, B.S.g john Lannon, B.S.g Ralph Wolverton, BS., lVl.S. 519' W9 james B. Rose, head ot Physical Sciences, received his AB. and lVl.A. degrees from Indiana University. He enhances the study ot sciences to students. Physics lll students gather around Mr. William Haw- ley as he demonstrates the retraction of light, 5308 is. MATHEMATICS-Row l: Mrs. Gladys S. Tyndall, A.B., M.S.g Edith Silver, AB.: Betty Mansfield, AB., M.A.g Mrs. Sue War- ren, A.B.g Mrs. Esther j. Nader, A.B. Row 2: Helen Pearson, A.B., M.A., Mildred Corrie, A.B., M.A.g Marganet Hummell, B.S.g Mrs. Christine Bennett, AB.g Dorothy Carey, AB., M.A. Row 3: WH William W. Welch, A.B., MS., Newell P. Hall, A.B., M.A., William R. Wheeler, B.S.g Maurice Kriese, B.S., M.S. Row 4: james N. Borshoff, B.S.g Richard Clover, B.S.g Rowland' Leverfenz, B.S.g john Stoeckinger, B.S. Social Sciences and Mathematics Stimulate "Xab plus Zyz is ? P ? .... " These figures run through the mind of Robert Belding, B.S., M.A., head of the Mathematics department. 74 Having approximately 2500 students enrolled in math, and employing more than 20 teachers in 93 classes, Tech has one of the most comprehensive math curricula available. Amid the flurries of sim- iliar triangles, quadratic equations, sums, and per- centages, Tech mathematicians learn from one of the many courses offered. The beginning freshman may take algebra, general math, vocational math, or social math. In the sophomore year, the department offers courses in geometry or business math: while in the junior year, intermediate algebra, college algebra. and solid geometry are available. Math- minded seniors may take trigonometry, analytic ge- ometry, or descriptive astronomy. The department sponsors the Algebra I Contest, which is given to superior Hrst semester algebra stu- dents: students in the department participate in the state-wide achievement contests, which are given in the spring: these contests are given in all levels of math. Thus. the math department at Tech offers every student, regardless of ability or vocational choice, mathematics courses which will be valuable to him in business, in home management, and in everyday life. Miss Mary Elizabeth Moore, A.B., M.A., always busy as head of the Social Studies department, keeps up with the news to be well informed for class. History classes help brighten the day for pupils who enjoy studying the techniques of our forefathers in economic and social aspects and in warfare. Academic Training to College-Bound Students "History and its allied subjects open doors for appreciations, pleasures and opportunities lor serv- ice," states Miss Mary Elizabeth Moore, head of the Social Studies department. American and world history classes afford a knowledge of the history of our state. nation, and world. In economic problems one views the factors and problems of our free-enterprise society. Also within the scope of social studies is psychology, which is the "scientific study of behavior." This course provides pupils with a deeper understanding of them- selves and others. Government classes deal with all levels of our complex government and also includes a two-week course in communism. Citizenship is stressed in community living. It presents the story of how people live and work together. A study ot the world and its peoples is offered in World geog- raphy, making the department well-rounded. SOCIAL STUDIES-Row l: Katherine Book, A.B., M.A., Frances Lyons, A.B., MS., Jeannette Tobey, A.B., M.A. Row 2: Robert Meyer, B.S., M.S., James Burch, A.B., Mrs. Dorothy Lyon, A.B., M.A., Josephine Graf, A.B., M.A. Row 3: Leonard Jeffers, B.S., Delbert West, A.B., Duane Blankenhorn, A.B., Forrest Caldwell, A.B., M.A. Row 4: James Stewart, B.S., M.S.5 Wesley Murphy, A.B., B.S., M.S.g William Kimberlin, A.B., M.S.g Robert Carey, A.B., M.S. BUSINESS DEPARTMENT-Row lg Frances Kinsley, A.B., MS Lois Sink, B.S., M.A.j Elma Sullivan, A,B., Margaret Peterson B.S., M.S. Row 2: Edna Maley, BS., M.S., Mrs. Phyllis Bryant: B.S., Dorothy McSherley, B.S., M.A,j Mrs. Dorothy Timmerman, AB., MS., Mrs. janet Weaver, B.S. Row 3: Keith Kuck, A.B., M.A., J. C. l-larger, B.S., M.S.g Mahlon Carlock, B.S., M.S. Bruce Mitchell, M.B,A., BS., Kenneth Puckett, B.S,, M.S. Kenneth Bayless, B,S. Busy business occupies the school days for Mona Woodward, B.S., l'Vl,A., Business Education head. Mental and Physical Strengths Are Gleaned ,L 'nab 'vs Students prepare for their future through the vari- ous business courses taught at Tech. 76 Keeping time with the many clocks ticking away all over our Tech campus are the numerous and varied makes of both typewriters and adding ma- chines being used by the students in courses offered by the Business Education department. Many Tech- ites, whether preparing lor hopeful future careers as secretaries, bookkeepers, or salesmen, lind the courses in typing, shorthand, bookkeeping, machine calculation, ollice practice, business organization. business law. salesmanship, or oflice production make them better qualilied to acquire the job they want. College-bound pupils realize that these courses can benelit them also. The knowledge of bookkeeping is almost a "must" for future homemakers and to- morrow's tax payers. The business world offers many openings lor experienced Tech graduates. Tech's Business lfducation department provides for all Techites. "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". could be the motto ot Robert Behlmer, B.S., M.S., head of the Health and Physical Education department. "Get on your mark. Get set. C-ol" Scooter races like this one give variety in the girls' gym classes. in Business and Physical Education Training HEALTH AND EDUCATION-Row l: Shirley Porrett, B.S., M.S., Sharon Parrett, B.S., M.S., Mrs. Rowena Graub, AN., B.S. Row 2: Wallace Potter, B.S., M.S., Anna Parker, AB., M.S., Helen Caffyn, A.B., M.A.g Patsy Scott, B.S., M.S., Mrs. Mildred John- ston, A.N., B.S., M.S., Howard Catt, B.S., M.S. Row 3: Horry Caskey, B.S., M.S.: Mabel McHugh, B.S., Mrs. Conna Hawkins, B.S.g Paul Myers, A.B.g Carlos Bell, AB., M.S. Row 4: Phillip Quillin, B.S., M.S.: William Triechler, B.S., M.S.g Charles Maas, B.S., M.S.g Ivan Moreman, B.S., M.S.g Robert Mehl, B.S., M.S.g lack Bradford, B.S., M.S. The Health and Physical Education departments main objective is to assist every student enrolled in its classes to achieve the optimum physical. recrea- tional, and mental health to which he or she is capable. To achieve this goal an activities program in physical education and p0SIlll'6 is offered in the freshman and junior years. Health knowledge, health practices, safety practices. and care of the body arc acquired in subjects such as physiology, health edu- cation, family living, driver education, lirst aid. orientation, narcotics, child care. and nursing. The Health Center gives health services in thc way of first aid. The nurses give council and guidance to thousands of students who pass through this center yearly. It can be said that the philosophy of the Physical Education department is "youth must hc strong physically as wcll as mentally." 77 MUSIC-Row l: Raymond Brandes, B.M.E., lv1.lvl.E.g Mrs. Row 2: Robert Simpson, B.M.E., M.M.E.g Richard Orton, A.B., JoAnn Moore, B.M., Louise Swan, B.M., M.M., Olga Geisler, M.M., William Breedlove, B.E., Robert Gwyn, M.M.E., John seeg Rosemary McQuire, B.S., M.S.g losephine Schlenck, sec. White, A.B,, M.M,E. Music and Art Add to the Cultural Aspect of 6 -" f ' D f l?'74- .f'x'g" I 4.2, bf, Y' X 311.1 K 2 , W 1-szrzf-an .tex a - ' M V- A . ' Q-. Q. -'UTA 1 ' , , igggp-1 Y 's.. 3 ' - QQ?" " 1- ' '-L - Rhythrnically strolling, Mr. William Moon, A.B., M. A., head ot the Music department, takes a jaunt to lunch. 78 All over Indianapolis people can hear Techs excellent music groups as they sing for various or- ganizations, churches. and civic groups. Pupils are lirst enrolled in music classes and they then advance to noted campus groups as the Boys' Concert Club and the Elizabeth Kaltz Singers. After tryouts, pupils may become members of the Techoir. The ultimate goal ot the music-minded student is one ol the three smaller ensembles-Boys' Octette, Girls' Ensemble, and the Madrigal Singers. Our music department students have a full school year with the numerous programs they present. Mr. Robert Simpson keeps in time with "Tickin' at Tech" as he directs a boys' chorus class. Mr. Oakley Richey, B.A.E., M.A,E., Art department head. stands by an artistic statue which is one ot many unusual items in the department. Students, Interest Hand made plastic rings receive a tinal polishing by their skilled owners in a Craft Arts class. ,. .t-s.,a,.,.,,v HZ n 5 . i,...,...A ,,.,,vf"'W f i , ,L dzhwy, i My if fl ,f 1 Mkfiwwa Culture creates a large role in the everyday lile and learning of Tecliites. This being true, days are not complete without tlie many classes in 2l1'I'. Students involve themselves tlirongli the craft of ,jewelry mak- ing, the planning of arcliitectural landscape, drawing and producing posters, taking photographs and then processing them, sculpturing and ceramic' making. Art groups may be seen sketching landscapes over the campus and in surrounding neigllborhoods dur- ing fall and spring. Various pictures can be seen on display in many of the buildings on campus. eacili exemplilying a stnclent's leelings. ART-Row l: Mrs. Alice Cook, B.F.A., Mrs. Shirley Webb, B.S.p Mrs. Morgciret Fitzpatrick, BS., LaVon Whitmire, A.B.g Lorena Phemister, B.F.A., M.F.A.g Helen Sturgeon, sec. Row 2: Charles Clore, B.A.E.p Williom Groney, B.S., M.S.g Chelsea S. Stewort, Kermit Swenson, BS., ME., Sy Perszyk, BS., M.A.g Forrest Higgs, B.S.g Ernest Miedcalte, B.S,g Harold l. Stewart, A.B.g VVilliam Fields. HOME ECONOMICS-Row l: Mrs. Helen Miller, BS., Mrs. Ruth Stafford, BS., Anna Kellum, B.S., MA., Mrs. Marjorie Mc- Cutcheon, B.S., M.S., Mrs. Florence Boots, B.S., M.S., Mrs. Mildred Wallace, B.S., M.S. Row 2: Mrs. Jeannine Root, AB., Mrs. Natalie Woods, B.S.g Mrs. Mildred Eccleston, AB., M.A.g Marguerite Hardy, AB., Mrs. Hazel K. Kueterneier, BS., Mrs. Lois Laskowski, B,S., M.A.T. Row 3: Mrs. Elizabeth Holtsclaw, BS., Catherine Cecil, BS, Mrs. Nancy Dodge, BS., Mrs. Marilyn Hardwick, B.S., M.S.g Mrs. Marian Holly, B.S. L-...i - . 'M-4 Miss Hilda Krett, AB., MA., Home Economics head, demonstrates the art of being a good cook. These students enrolled in clothing classes to learn how to "stitch and sew" many of their own clothes. Use of Hands Is Vital Future homemakers of America learn to make their home the center of their life. Home Economics includes the study of personal development, family relationships, child growth, home management, health of the family, as well as food. and clothing. Cooking and sewing, as two essential arts of homemaking, are taught to the novice "chief cook and bottle washers," and SQQIHSIYGSSCS. The Clothing department has its own style show, which displays its "stitching talent." Learning in Home Economics is best measured, not by measuring spoons, but by thc growth of the individual in attitudes, in skills, in appreciations. and habits of everyday life. .,h,., aww ,mm I as W 4 ' f . Students in the print shop work busily setting type Printing instructors Floyd Billington, Harold Deem, for what could be a drill book for Tech students, or Clyde Armel, Printing headg Ralph Clark, and Rob- another issue of the Cannon. et Smith look over a Cannon copy block. in Home Economics an rinting Instruction In the print sliop the boys lczitn niziny ol tlic' zispccts which go into inziking at goocl printcix 'Illic- presses never stop :is tlic itttinre printers gain experi- cncc and knowledge in setting type. licuclliiics, :ind copy wliicli all go togclliei to compose tlic Arsriiril Cminon ncwspgtpcr. ixllL'l' tonipleting ll loin' yczn course tliesc boys nic well-c-qitippccl Iota going into tlit-ii' p1'ospc'cstix'c' iolss in the printing liclcl. "Let 'em rolll" This command is common as another Cannon goes to press. Eager students await the news. Me , m, V X. X Q f X . f, Wy f . ' SQSXNWS 'S ' QQ: Vins if gf rf ww, V -Q.. t ffyxvsi YQ" t sv. f , Q30 X N. ' 5? X "Af no Printing students getting a glance at the Arsenal Cannon are members of our print shop at Tech. Many students combine efforts to publish the Cannon. 8l These boys are concentrating on learning how to repair brakes in an auto mechanics training class. Automobiles and airplanes are just like clocks in many ways. They come in assorted sizes. shapes, and colors. They run rapidly. on time, or late. -lust like clocks, craftsmanship is needed to keep them in tip-top shape and running smoothly. In the Auto- Aviation department students are taught automobile and airplane repair and maintenance. Some of the courses which are offered are body-fender. aviation. auto trades. auto mechanics, including auto shop. Samuel Dudkowski has the newly appointed position as the head ol the Auto-Aviation department. lvlr. Warren F. Haas, B.S., lVl.S., head ot the Auto- Aviation department, takes a moment out to relax and pose for the tickin' Tech photographers. Electric Shop and Auto-Aviation Give Pupils AUTO AVIATION-Row l: Frederick Moyer, Som Dudkowski, Clifford Allen, Dole Herrington, Donald Miller, Meorle Donicci, 82 F. Douglas Thompson. Row 2: Charles Day, Lewis J. Pence, Williom Berger. Txe 'X , -is A F X, A N 5 Earl Terry watches a student wire an electric circuit. This is one of many electrical projects. a l ing Start to Their "It really shocked mel" is a familiar sound in the Flectrical shops. Knowledge acquired here is, beyond a doubt. helpful to the students who plan to enter a vocation requiring such material. This trade is valuable for an ordinary person to learn be- cause many things use electricity around the clock- the alarm clock awakens us: the alarm starts the day for school and working places: meals are cooked on electric stoves: and everyone turns off the light switch belore retiring. All ol these things sometimes need repairing, Ili a boy has studied electricity in his high school years, a repairman will not need to be called. thus being economical and practical in every respect. . :- ., 'N J i 1 ' 7""1i ELECTRICAL TRADES-jules G. Zinter, Earl D. Ter- ry, Carold Brarnblett, Linsie R. Cox, department assis- tantg Lewis Marshall. uture Vocations Kraeg Lin, Mr. Harold F. Fye, head of the electrical shops, holds a B.S.E.E. from Purdue University. 83 ,JV I l E l - -4- -.4 2 , --, - Ig M ,H-gl fix The deceased lvan A. Hanen, past head of the Building Trades department, had served Tech 13 years and completed 7 years as department head. Craftsmen Acquire a Variety of Manual Skills ... -' 5 - . H t , "Bzzzzzzzzzzz" This familiar sound vibrates from the Building Trades department. l-lead of this department is lthel Shoemaker. BUILDING TRADES - james l-lause, William I-lill, Minds locus rm the future as the hoys in the Building Trades department cast their eyes to iii- dustrial success. These boys are ahle to do many jobs in the vocational lield hy the time they have completed high school. They are taught to paint. to build houses, and to build various other con- 84 Paul Vogt, jack Longshore, Philip High, Morris Woods. structious. Also they are taught plumbing, masonry, and carpentry. These courses are not just "sit and learn" classes for these boys actually do the work themselves. Daily they work on their projects to- gether. These projects are not just small jobs, for they demand a great deal of skill. In mechanical drawing students learn how to make blue prints ot model homes and construct drawings. I S 1 H. Here we find Mr. Warren Cleveland, head ot the Drafting department, taking "time out" tor lunch, Through Building Trades and Drafting Courses Drafting takes Illlllllllll skill. Tl1e Drafting de- pa1't1nent has sent niany young 111611 i11to future careers capable of l1oldi11g tl1e best jobs in tl1e field. .-Xinong the courses offered are: mechanical drawing, ZlI'Cl1llCCfll1'2ll drafting a11d n1at'hi11e drafting. Tl1e Drafting departnient is Closely connected witl1 the various shops since inechanical drawing is required to enroll in niany shop courses. For those plllllllllig to make a career of drafting Tech offers advanced courses. I11 architectural draft- ing, for example. the student draws up an original design olf a one-story house and makes a complete set ol' drawings for it. I11 niachine drafting tl1e student studies the func- tio11 of the drafting rooni, and its relations to the design and other steps involved in tl1e IHZIIILIFLICILITC of machines. To apply for the advanced courses :1 student niust have an understanding of 1nathe111atics and other related courses. One knows that any student who has majored in drafting has Il thorough under- standing of the problems involved in dralfting. DRAFTING-Harold Elliott, B.S., M.A.g Fred l-lenke, B.S.g Floyd Tobrocke, AB., M.A,g CI I MPE PE arence Rosell, B.S., lvi.A.g Ci bert Shuck, B.S., . . ., D. . . 85 -S s 5 In the foundry metal trades the boys' efforts are rewarding as they construct many useful items, and learn a trade for the future. Metal Trades Provides ccupational Training One of the most intriguing shop classes is Metal Trades. This course is offered only to freshmen. Offered in the first semester are wood pattern mak- ing, foundry practice, and machine shop work. Next, pupils are taught the fundamentals of sheet metal work, gas and electric welding, and advanced ma- chine shop. Necessary safety measures are taught to keep students capable of doing their work. Basic training for later jobs, which Tech helps scholars obtain, is learned in these shop classes. Many grad- uates from this department have acquired excellent positions and usually prove efficient and capable. Mr. William Eddy, B.S., lVl.S., Metal Trades depart- ment head, shows students proper uses of machinery. METAL TRADES-I-larry Stone, Norman Brinker, Mearle Donica, 86 Edward l-lowe, VD. Whetstine, Emanual Cruser. , hail itnwlnrwr 1 ..- uluqrannawnru u:- 5' .manual gnu v pr ,win ln lla: 'on vlnimnqi 1 min' an lalnsnu nu clonal an lun Officers of the Parent-Teacher Association confer with C. L. McClintock, principal. Seated with Mr. McClintock is Mrs. Earl Humbarger, president. Standing: Mrs. Ralph E. Clark, corresponding secretaryg lvlr. Gaylord Allen, second vice-pres.g Mrs. William F. Moon, tirst vice-pres.g Mrs. Earl R. Hunt, recording secretaryg and Mr. Kenneth Puckett, treasurer. arent-Teacher Association Sets High Goals Members of the Parent-Teacher Association set To bring into closer relation the home and school, forth the following objectives: that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently . . . 'n the traininv' of the child. To promote the welfare of children and youth in l D home, school, church, and community. To develop between educators and the general public To raise the standards of home life. such united efforts as well as secure for every child the highest advantages in physical, mental, social, To secure adequate laws for the care and protection and spiritual education. of children and youth. Teachers and students flashed their most becoming smiles on the P-TA sponsored picture-taking day. This is only one of many activities this group sponsors on the campus. . 'A is W-me -- ' -f' - Q, f ws W ff 4 A ts wwwfasawwaas-,f.,m,. , 1 .,. W.. W. alarm .. , A . , 5 I ,ag ' 1 ' ' Q - 1 Wa N 'f ' H ff -1 ,.:.4ge.41 Mn.,-f?" l QV N N 5 s, '5 g E ,t l ,far ya 1 aw' A ff ,fy , tt E . as i A V 1- X f 5 f X R' , , .5 f f f, , R' 1 Q 1 NE .5 ff Q3 X wing, F, is Q, w F ' Q V , ' If X X X f 'e li X K 0 Tiekin' at Tech in Sports Down through the years, Tech has always had teams ol which to he proud. The Greenclad teams have always tried to luring honor and recognition to Tech. Always considered a "power" in state athletics lrom the tennis courts to the Butler Fieldhouse at Sectional time, Tech teams maintain a rigid sched- ule ol' games. Keener competition on the playing lloor gives the student body greater respect and admi- ration lor its team. As lor those athletes who practice, play. and give their all lor Tech, they're tops! IVe're also proud of our coaches, whose patience, experience and leadership ahility give us encourage- ment. As time ticks on, we tick on . . . In loothall .r..e. ..,e S 10-03 In haskethall eeee .... 1 14-07 In cross-country. cheerleaders. l3locl4-'li .. ...... 08-00 In hasehall ...... veeeeee.eeee .,,. 1 1 12-103 In track. wrestling .i... ,,,.. 1 02-103 In tennis, goll' e.e.,,e. . 104 Student-lfaculty game ..,.e is 105 5. 77 Eyst2N -M I p ,Wf'5TeN fi 47 ffl iff? iq? 1 , ik! is ff ls sl! yeef'eesee 'eee s e VE. c if-Tit' fl ij li A X ' 1 -vie it is el I it t 1. lv 1 1 ,,t: . , 1 will gl ' in u sv . H M I . .... , , :,, .,y,.. i 1 W, I L N .. X cyt if , X' ' "t,' I 1 shm'u-4',.fn,r,,.......---""i'-1 M .-6 ---.qw 'L 7 1 J XX -li: " il , W , 1 YKXQQ1: if f' - M 'Q v . 89 Q VARSITY FOOTBALL - Row lg Donald Tutt, Michael jef- tries, Ronald larbo, james Smith. Row 2: Thomas Weliever, William Dorsey, Stephen Heitzman, David Sowder, Michael Drane, William Rushton, Fred Bandy, John Deal, William l-larvey, John Finch, Ralph Wilkinson. Row 3: Wallace Potter, Ernest Med- calfe, Charles lennings, Norman Terry, Robert Harold, Greenclad Gridders Teclrs Greenclads "cleaned" many an opponent from the gridiron during the season. The gridders came through with a good record this year, placing once again in the top echelon ol' the football powers in the state. Piling up a record of eight wins and two losses, their best since 1957 when they were undefeated, the Greenclads fought to the top. The only losses of the season were to the Cathedral "Irish" and the Broad Ripple "Rockets" Tech captured lirst place in the North Central Conference for the lirst time since l957. Head Coach I 5 .X 4 " '72- ,..+,,Q. ff 6 M' rf. gi Sophomore Michael Drane sweeps around right end en route to a gain in a 33-O drubbing of Shortridge. ,MQ Richard Hessman, Walter Jones, John Thurman, Ronald Barlow, David Barnes, Ronald I-leitzman, Jack Justus, Maurice Barnes, Clary Sarvier, Carlos Bell, Howard Catt. Row 4: Paul Bowlby, Lawrence Wellington, Donald Woods, Darnal johnson, William Kruger, Phillip White, Gary Titus, William Clemons, David Sedam, Lee Applewhite, McKenize Brown, Charles Dagwell. Finish with 8-2 Seasong Wlallace Potter possibly would explain the season's record: "A football coach laces the hour of decision in every second of a rough n' tumble football game. It takes the cooperation of each player in every game to succeed." After four years, Coach Potter has compiled a record of twenty-six wins, fourteen losses, and two tied games. Any football player must possess courage and brawn to tackle the game. As in any activity, be it minor or major, simple or complex, only the desirous person will succeed. Ronald Barlow, all-city fullback, bulls his way to paydirt in the 39-12 rout ot city rival Scecina. :fe X ,-Sv.'F' David Sovvder, lohn Deal, Maurice Barnes, and William Clemens encourage the Creenclad team on to victory. Win N. C. Conference FOOTBALL SCORES T O T O Sept. 9-Howe l9 6 Oct. l4-Lcifoyette 20 O l6-Brood Ripple l2 l4 2l-Cothedrol I9 27 23-Anderson 26 2l 26-Scecino 39 l2 3OgMuncie 6 O Nov. 4-Richmond 20 l 3 Oct. 7-New Costle 38 7 lO-Shortridge 33 O 8 wins 2 losses The Creenclads play rough, clean football as shown below by vicious line play and tough forward rushes that exemplify the thrilling, bone crushing game. Head coach Wallace Potter shovvs why coaches are as tired, or even more tired than players in the game. 5 v 'x W6 Ron Id David Paul john Barlow Barnes Bowlby Finch -Chi' f Darnal johnson Charles Ronald jennings Heitzman -ik :Q ,gi ? Q 1,, . ,,,,, 'll' ,Qui A, 6 -r"'5' J A Robert Walter jack William D. ones jones justus RuShfOn Cary Norman Phillip Sarver Terry White Senior Lettermen Complete Successful Seasong Cary Kennedy, freshman halfback, rounds right end and speeds dovvnfield outrunning the opposing team. 92 Tech senior lettermen played their last game and beat Shortridge 33-0. They finished the season with a record of 8-2 for a fine winning season. They also gave Tech a North Central Conference crown, some- thing which had not been won since 1957, and a lot of exciting, thrilling football. Next year the holdover varsity players and the reserves and freshman coming up will combine to form the nucleus for a strong team for the next two or three years. L, Tech will have a lot to look forward to in the future years if the record of the freshmen team is a basis for speculation. The Little Green YVave was undefeated and won most of its games without too much opposition. Their closest game was a 12-0 victory over Cathedral, but the largest division was a 55-7 shellacking administered to the Scecina "Cru- saders" During the entire season, the team was scored upon only twice. The freshman are undefeated from the start giving a bright outlook for the future. X si 3 1 ,-. e v 'fs Vu ina Yrs 25 Y pf" A fl l vs W if I x EX E552 ai E 1, ,Q 5 X 'J X ,X 4 5 , , 1 , . , 1 Q , N, 1 , W Swv Q S s ss K P V X X. f ar' RESERVE FOOTBALL - Rovv l: Lester Basey, Kenneth Kelly, lack Cody, loe Easley, Thomas Franks, manager, Troy Wright, Greg Carmichael, Larry Allen, Arthur Fowler. Row 2: Robert Meyer, Randy Barns, Don Arnes, lohn Clemons, Alfred Cunningham, lohn Baker, john Brand, Phillip Quillen. Row 3: David Cruser, James Noahes, Larry Doan, Dovivan Busby, Charles Stewart, Arcedis Maine, David Courtney, William Stout. Furious Future Football Squads Look Favorable The little Greenclads rolled over all other teams lor a perfect record. The freslnnen were 6 and 0 lor the year being scored upon only twice. Their largest victory of the year was a 55-7 drub dished out to the Scecina "Crusaders" The tightest encounter was a 12-0 victory over the Cathedral "Irish", The freshmen had a solid backheld and a bruising line which enabled the Greenies to mark up such a record. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL-Row l: Thomas Hodgin, Michael Trent, lames Crodium, Michael Avery, William Slone, Frank Deal, Walter Diedine, Donald Applewhite, Charles Humphries, Robert McVea, William Harvey, Thomas Weaver, Kenneth Sutton. Row 2: Michael Funke, Kenneth Buck, Frank Nichols, Larry Schoolcraft, David Chrisman, Wesley Sickle, Donald Sunman, Paul Buck, Roger The reserve team had a rather hard time this year winning only one game in the season. Their record was one with one win and live losses. The competition, however. prepares the players lor the stronger varsity teams which they will meet next year. Next year is looked forward to as having a good chance for a marked improvement as the players from the freshman team and the holdover reserves forming the nucleus for a good solid team. Bell, John Beeson, David Sexson, Gary Kennedy, John Nealy, David Kreimer, Ivan Moreman. Row 3: Harry Caskey, D. Terry, Daniel Hays, Jess Jones, Robert Hillman, Wayne Reed, Jon Spadorcia, Eugene Akers, Danny ireland, Dennis McClellan, Kenoly Hendricks, James Marsischky. Coach jack seems concerned? confident? Regardless, he appears thoughtful about his C-reenclads. Senior basketball lettermen were David Barnes, Floyd Roney, Mickey l-lartsburg, and Thomas Brinkley. Action and Thrills Denote Basketball Season as Wlhile lians may have been skeptical ol the lfllil edition ol the Tech Greenclads at the beginning ol' the season, they had restored laith when Tech skin- ned the number two-ranked Muncie Bearcats and downed fifth-ranked Cathedral on successive weeks. 'llhey finished the season with a I5 win, 8 loss ret'- ord-a line record for coach -lack Bradford. Alter a lack-luster start, the Greenvlads poured it on, winning seven out ol' their last eight games. VARSITY BASKETBALL-Row l: David Barnette, Donald Woods, Mickey Hartsburg, Thomas Brinkley, Randy Miller, George Har- ris. Row 2: lack Bradford, head coach, john White, Michael Jefferies, managierg james Montgomery, l-loward Catt, trainer, llunior George Harris, alter starting the season on the reserve team, worked his way up to the starting post and sparked the teams defense. Seniors Thomas Brinkley, David Barnes, and Mickey Hartsburg etched their names in Teclrs Basketball Hall of Fame, climaxing lour years at Tech. Yes, it's been a terrilie season long to be remembered by both the team and the fans! Harry Caskey, assistant coach. Row 3: Floyd Roney, David Barnes, Charles Dagwell, athletic director, Richard Kramer, David Altopp. 1 In a tangled mass of hands, George I-larris tries to fake the ball away from the Irish. Greenclads Spark to F1n1sh W1th 13 7 Record Rebounding is strenuous work. Muscles straining, T These shots indicate various basketball moods. - scamble tor the ball - Whose arms are longer? How much is this doggie for Tech? - Another mad Two ingredients tor a lgarne - a ball and a basket. Photographs Show Ingredients of 'B' Ball Year Nov. Dec. 29-30 lan. Nov. Dec. lan. 96 -Warren Central -Southport --Frankfort -New Castle Crispus Attucks -Logansport City Tourney -Anderson -Washington -Lafayette ---Warrien Central --Southport -Frankfort -New Castle -Crispus Attucks City Tourney Anderson -Washington VARSITY BASKETBALL T O 78 52 47 58 61 59 55 59 56 69 68 70 Howe 74 43 Attucks 53 56 66 51 61 50 73 55 15 wins RESERVE T O 50 42 45 53 61 42 63 32 51 37 Shortridge 31 39 42 34 43 24 13 wins lan. 14-Manual 20-Muncie 21-Howe 27-Marion 28-Cathedral Feb, 3-Richmond 4-Broad Ripple 10-Kokomo 17--Scecina -Sectionals and 8 losses BASKETBALL Ian. 13-Lafayette 14-Manual 20-Muncie 21-Howe 27-Marion 28-Cathedral Feb. 3-Richmond 4-Broad Ripple 10-Kokomo 17-Scecina and 5 losses 54 61 70 57 75 44 72 65 60 54 53 48 80 46 57 60 83 69 Shortridge 58 57 Ben Davis 73 53 Attucks 49 73 49 46 41 29 35 34 48 46 36 37 37 30 54 37 48 51 36 43 53 46 'Wifi' RESERVE BASKETBALL-Row lg Benjamin Baker, jack Dobbs, William Sturdivant, james Evens, Michael Harvey, Row 2: Robert Reserve and Freshmen FRESHMAN T O Nov. 23-Woodviiew 35 23 29-Sacred Heart 7l 36 Dec. 6-Ben Davis 35 l9 l4-Wood 52 25 2OfManuaI 48 32 22--Broad Ripple 42 22 jan. l2-Crispus Attucks 44 22 l8-l9-2O4City Tourney Manual 52 3l l7 wins FRESHMEN BASKETBALL-Row lg Kenneth Sutton, manager, Michael Avery, Frank Deal, Kenneth Lewin, john Nell, William Wilham, Douglas McClellan, manager. Row 2: james Boone, M5560 g f' f' If qw.-.., Mehl, coach, Elmer Williamson, Leland Gunn, Fred Hawthorne, David Sedam, john White, Dennis Barlow, manager. Teams Promise Victor BASKETBALL Shortridge 45 32 Crispus Attucks 46 36 jan, 21-shofifidge 46 24 24-Scecina 54 27 Feb. 3-Washington 48 28 7--Howe 53 33 9-Washington 48 3 l l 4-Cathedral 55 36 l 6-Southport 44 24 and O losses Ernest Dallman, Cary Kennedy, jon Spadorcia, Michael johnson, Chester Humphries. Row 3: Harry Caskey, coach, Lowell Irwin, David Sexson, Arthur Sams, john Beeson, Horace Mitchell. ri , .im - u zf w unsv CROSS COUNTRY TEAM-Row l: Philip Lane, Roger Berklu, Donald Miller, Rodger Roney, Gerald Net, Stephen Beattie, Donald Sellers, I. Lyson. Row Z: Paul E. Myers, jerry Lane Floyd Gillaspie, Clifford Miller, Kenneth Cauldwell, James Dobbs Jack Dobbs, John Lemon, Danny Hughs. Row 3: Martin McAfee, Randy Miller, Laurence Dunville, LeRoy jones, Elvore Hopper Paul Everman. Athletics Develop Studentis Physique, Abilit , ' ' '1kf"wf--WM ,.,,M,,,..W,...,,MNQM qw: T - WH- if "'1""""""""'IPf1rw 4 ' W -ww-qu. .-,., A ., W, ,MPM MJ' V MVN A vs -V V W --1-mr..a,,..,.,,,,,,.t,t,1,,,, fr 1, ' """""""'1"-"M WWWMWA.. W. .,.i ,.,,,,.,,,. X, W A u""A'fj"' s- e . A "v'v----.V-LL Wma.fw.,..,,. ,,,, -,e,..,, . , if fjwjfjhjjl I have ,,,,, i .M . .WM,,....,,M.,, ,,f,,,,, ....,,,,. ., ,,,, M ,HYMWWMWWY 'E W f A X A my A 47. k, 5' V xi' E M kg 3 17434, ""'x'w WJ. , I U""!q A KS 71' 4qn1owfmvf.Mf-w-.- le. . Vg, Q . ... . . -2 . xi-J 1' ."X. "' A :am-'it'-"7 ,,,, T- , ff-5' 98 The Tech Harriers showed a marked improve- ment over last season by winning four out of five dual meets this year. The victories ranged from a 27-28 squeaker over Muncie Burris to an 18-45 trouncing of Richmond. The low score wins in Cross country-a runner receives one point for first and two for a second place linish, and up to twelve points lor a twelfth place finish. The thinly-clads were second in the City Cross Country meet and made a line showing ol' themselves. Also, the team came through with a second place linish in the North Central Conference meet. CROSS COUNTRY SCORES T O Oct. 4-Richmond l8 45 Sept. l3-Southport 29 26 ll-City 2nd l6-Muncie 26 29 I5-Shortridee lnvit. lOth 23-Anderson 27 29 2l-N. C. C. 2nd 27-M. Burris 27 28 25-Sectional 3rd In spite of early spring's chilly breezes, track team members were set to go at coach Stewart's command. 9 sebum W V. CHEERLEADERS-Row l: Matthew Klein, Judith Ryman, Jenny Richard Allen, Mickey Hartsburg, Darnal Johnson, McKenzie Elkin, Vicki Anderson, Mary Ann Whitemoss, Russell Green. Row 2: Ianet Stucker, Sue Burkhart, Sharolyn Condra, Linda Nooe, Deana Warner, Lyn Funke. BLOCK TfRow l: lohn Carter, William Rushton, Robert Jones, Gary Sarver, David Barnes, Ronald Heitzman, Phillip White, Row 2: William Stagner, Brown, Charles Miller. Row 3: Cornelius Muncie, Roger Harper Don Cochran, Ralph Wilkinson, Tom Brinkley, Richard Hodgson Walter Jones, Larry Dunville, Ronald Barlow, Leroy Kinchlow Elvor Hopper, Ambition, Spirit, and Sportsmanship Attitude Yea! Rah! Tech! Clin-clizi-clizil It cloesn't take the opponent long to realize they are playing Tech! The thunderous roar ol yoices led hy our cheerleziclers urging Tech on is enough to inzike any opponent head home. The cheerleaclers :ire not only hezircl-they're seen. Wlhite sweaters :intl skirts or trousers inzike theln easily seen hy the enthusiastic Techites :incl their opponents. Each year the cheerleaders coine hack with more enthusiasin and pep. along with new recruits lo lill the places ol those grzicliiziting. .me MMM Axsururv :mwawwwmau am., wmugm rx s,-wnar,ve.v wio,,mws'e TRUMPETERS AND COLOR GUARD-Kneeling: Nancy Phelps Judy Hartman, Gloria Gates, Charlene Marqua. Standing: Char lotte Vinson, Carole Beinburg, loAnn Long, ludy Iustus. MAJORETTES AND FLAG TWIRLERS-Kneeling: Charla Fields Patricia McClean, head majoretteg Timmie Walker, Martha Scar: borough. Standing: Linda Doan, Margaret Lindley, Donna Sutton, Carole Talbert, Donna Terry, Vivian Rike. VARSITY BASEBALL-Row l: john Nell, john White, Michael Dobbs, Richard Hodgson, Gary Kennedy, David Altopp, james Cantwell, Ronald Cox, john Deal, George l-lawkins, Kenneth Bemis, Donald Cochran, Charles jennings, jack Bradford, Angel, and Thomas Dobbs. Row 2: lvan lvloreman, coach: jack ass't. coach. ,, o 0 V arstt and Reserve Baseball Teams Ant1e1pate ' 'ge I Rs. The 1061 haseball team has great hopes of having one olf its most prosperous seasons for many years. Returning lettermen along with upcoming players from last year's lfreshmen-reserve team will have the makings ol' a strong team. Head coach Ivan Moreman will direct Techs last team to play in the North Central Conference pennant race, as Tech has re- signed lrom the Conference. VARSITY BASEBALL April llflkttucks May 8-Ben Davis l 3fLafayette 9-Cathedral I8-Richmond-T l l-Anderson 2OfNew Castle-T l6-Broad Ripple 254lVlarion-T l8-Muncie-T 27-Logansport l 9-Manual-T May 2-Frankfort Z2-Shortridge-T 4-Kokomo-T r as practice provides "vitality." lOO Spring time brings an early rendezvous with all spring activities. Sports enhance the lives of 'many fellows xt - .fy zixxxm v i X , i 6 S 'A it in HKS ' .f '- ln, 1 ' i 44 2 A big looming No. 7 and a big looming baseball bat ancl a big looming Techiite equal the ingredients tor a big game of baseball. These fellows are practicing tor those all important boots with bat and ball. El Difficult and Competitive but Winning Season April 20-New Castle-T May 3-Cathedral 26-Manual 8-Ben Davis-T Z8-Washington lO-Broacl Ripple lvlay l-l-lowe-T l 7fScecina RESERVE BASEBALL-Row l: William Cassaday, managerg Larry Phillip Quillin, coachg William Wilhelm, Daniel Wetherell, Leo Champion, lvlelwyn Pheifter, Billy lo Wilkinson, Elwood lee, l-lodges, Thomas Bandy, Carl Blue, Rene Lewin. Row 3: Donald joseph Wycoff, Stanley Moss, lerald Kirk, manager. Row 2: Cox, David Seclam, james Bostic, Melvin White, Frank Deal H rf 5 gm ir tg? 32 L C5-,ir M i - "-fra:: i ii"' S -" g g 15, i'lia,.f,QiZg 41 , A ag to , is C a my 7 ffrfarfa e iii C9 45 iii at at VARSITY TRACK-Row lg Larry Wellington, jerry Lane, Michael Drane, john D, Carter, Cary Sa-rver, Kenneth Lee, Clifford Miller. Row 2: Wallace Potter, coach, McKenize Brown, Richard Hessman, Thomas Brinkley, Ralph Wilkinson, Robert Harold, William Harvey, Willie Tipton, Ronald Barlow, Elvor Hopper, james jackson, Robert jones, Cornelius Muncie, Larry Dunvill-e, james Stewart, coach. Traekmen Hustle to Condition for Spring Meetsg lraelisters soared out at the Hoosier Indoor Re- VARSITY 8 RESERVE TRACK lays in March at Indiana University to produce signs ol' a sut't'essl'ul spring season. Trackinen spend hours over spring vacation "working out." Some ol' the more promising varsity tracknlen which have had lironi one to three years previous experience are: McKenzie Brown, Michael Drane. Larry Dunville. Ronald Barlow, Larry Wlellington. james -jackson, Gary Sarver, and Thomas Brinkley. Varsity roach is ,james Stewart: XVallaee Potter is reserve coach and: Carlos liell and lirnest Med- callie coach the lreslnnen track squad. RESERVE TRACK-Row l: William Reed, David Cruser, Danny Hughes, Roger Birkla, Edward Lange, Horace Mitchell, Stephen Beattie, LeRoy Van, Richard Shumate. Row Z: Wallace Potter, coach, Dennis Wilson, Martin McAfee, jerry Neff, john Stiles, john Baker, Randy Burns, Bernard DeVore, Alfred Kessinger, Conference Sectional Regional Wood Relays Warren Central North Central April -lfWashington-T April 27 City 6-Warren Central May 5 l 4-Shortridge l 2 l 8-wAnderson l 94 Zl-Broad Ripple Z7 State 25-Kokomo-T FRESHMAN TRACK April I9-Washington-T May 9 City 26-Attucks l5 May 2-Manual 22 4-Howe-T 26 Conference Cecil Cornelius, james Stewart, coach. Row 3: Ronald Woods, Donald Miller, Donald Sellers, Charles Korices, Samuel Grayson, Fred Hawthorne, Anthony Marshall, Paul jones, Benjamin Baker, Anthony Thompson, james Wright. ' "W L' . 1 We fy Vi ,., .4 Q ,M t NEPA .D AAU, .K ,j y qggiy 'iq J ' My . '1 g ,,, s' ' wig i , mm, ui 11 R 9 Q 7 A, V X I y . vu ww i 'Vvv l 4 3 Q, X, y M j ya , Q ,- Vvvj. I My jg-is ,sv K., , kv .ff 'U' . Q f i ' S Sm X fs, Q A-3 .jx i R wlqgm K, VE U Q, , ,, , 'YYTLH Y - ,Q 'V 5' , muff 1 1 ff X fm' - it 43" ' if .W ' -413' is ,YEEYH ia av X if , .A A, . A X ,Q-1, . P' Di A fi , i if b .lf A ip s 5 Li A 4 X.. .. t ,. . at it r. if as ' i ' A H' T ey A r it if is i. get . a si wif f . We , . , . Q' 'R ,' fc, L0 , f X mcg, , y V, wwf Q, qnca X gang . Qian-fry 1 5' , ,t-5' f I . ii f p , 'W ' 2 ' " li 7 X. A ' ' is I . E' P' - , 5' 1 W ,K a V 1, N ,fa :...,,,,,,Sd H ,N X, A - ' C, - ,V I' as lO2 - SSA! XS.Qi-ISJ"1siEif.. , i , 5 f FRESHMEN TRACK-Managers: Michael Weber, Thomas Weaver. Row l1 Viano Ajango, james Marsischky, Peter McGuire, Louis Yates, Kenneth Banhulzer, Peter Cabell, Thomas Beam, Cuy T. Moiser, Ralph Harr, Clendell jones, Robert l-lamm, james A. Williams, Cary Flannery, Dwane Garvin, Nathaniel Dawn. Row 2: Carlos Bell, coach, Lloyd Eldridge, Wayne Reed, Thomas Cox, Ronald Cross, Thomas l-lodgin, Frederick Davie, Chester Humphries, james Dobbs, Daniel Ireland, Roger Roney, Allen Pacukewicz, Ernest lvledcalfe, ass't coach. Row 3: Wayne Quinn, john Schowengerdt, Arthur Sams, john Fritts, john Nealy, john Beeson, David Kreimier, Dennis McClellan, Raymond Walker, Donald Wall, William Dawn. hysiqucs Improve With Wrestling Instruction VLYNWV-VVV' V ?' " ' 1 'cfh-.,.4 ,:., ' f ,V ' , 'rf j-2 X4 , no :L .L Y 4 , 3 W as 2 i sf fi T is it' it it fgiff, , , 4: 1. if- , I 'rf f' 1 f 'W 'rfiffr -3' no ' f ---- fs. 5'-w ' i ff 'r sm' sw.n SV' "i 'TT' '1 J , "3l.fT 'U ' - -Y. veg, 'Sie Z-si If '-Oi "V, -gf? 3 E E - 5 l, f Www Nw -.J 1 'f"1x:f- 'W ff . -. 1 -x.f .. ,- . m, 4, . H f i X - if Q N.- ' 'rf sf' S ' 9 '- A ' , '-Q.. ts e -, it 2 li , - ' ,...1'I'L -M f A gs' ,W-M--W-., V -:H aff 13" ,. A 3V5fV,4,5i'e- 'KW 71? . 5 A " L---V tl I g f " V1 rg. v ., .-,uf--ua-1- www? x . , W ,,-ggys-...,-g53Z,..:,,: V1 .. sqxm 4 7- iz ,, VV V , , Q I - fl il ' 'li 'pa m i , T , ' 1 "'iSf.."1 5- ' -, ll i . W . , -C , ggi , wg QQVWWQ jwmv-mamma TN'-i? E', : e , , jp , . gf J ww -,V ' m R,'N"'W5", w-my5y4 'g1i,3 , sf rf: - ' ,snlf',f5g,Q,giF,gf, WV 2' , fff'-'gf fiwfiarafmmvaugrmi, -" ttmzaag 22552, T Wh 'IQTTTQL Q2,----j- N Q----5 --ew A' - , - 5 Q, , , ff' V V, V ,,,,,,,,,L ..., ,. V V - Vp 3 i V5 V9 5 , S- 'WV ,, ig. it . . fr 'ff A i A A ' .3 -we 4 1 is ' L ., V .... .,,,, ..,. 3.4 V J Lg? uf f 3, f A ws? ,, --aw . ex ,bw My . .1., , VV : ij Vj 1 .args W Q fo ,wry , QW AL .sr ,, . , Tetra , c Mf r ,, , ., ,S ' ZZ? ' A-'W ,,,, , 5 si i M ' .sr :dfff-.. 25 - . . . 'Q r 6, rr , , z ,, W V - WM ev-fziigre-,ffb Q..- LU l' . v .,- ,, ?f:v,,, ,lf fa , ,V V Amwrgy .V I .te w Q-ifnifllyvfiiff " fiiif' " 'Mita A i "-1' L V Ctr.. "' ie .. , ,,,, ,fren -,,, ,gf C. ' , - V , . . . ,. Y . .. , Q ,V.,.e -1 Ax., My V, MV V V ., ---1-- ' . 1' ' - V -V S' " ,. , i '1 , .. A T 3957- if sf. lfnm ' ' - .M ,JV V.-fn, ,Q - V VV A V for ' .N ,NA it V, V ., ,1,..,4V V - .Qu B- ,, ., A A-...My V 4 V, 5. f..- V , -.2 V. ,, ,A -s , , V 7 3 1' ,Vh:Vs,,.,,qfV:V V' View .f rw- gf' . Q, V',2,,., f,,, , .nj X... 1 ,wf2?Y"fwf :ff me 'Haw- ,, r - 'r ' ,Aw,l-f-- " A , A- 4 S. V The shot-put is only one of the' many field events A fast lap around the stadium is an excellent con- which becomes prominent during the spring season. ditioner for any athletic-minded sports pursuer. WRESTLING-Schedule: Broad Ripple lTech-24, Ripple-l8l, Washington 127-lSl, Anderson ll2-34lg Richmond G8-6l, Cathedral ll9-28l, Wood ll2-26l, placed fifth in City Meet, Ben Davis ll2-32l, Shortridge ll'-l-263, Howe l34-3l, V placed fourth in the NCC, Lafayette t22-26l, Southport l5-32l. William j. Treichler, wrestling coach since the sport Left to right members of the squad are lohn Carter. Cary Safvef. W ' ' ' Willie C-ibson, joe Easley, Ronald Barlow, Ralph Wilkinson, as Introduced In j947' has resjgned as mat Coach' Raymond Whitney, Maurice Barnes, john Milay, Karl Kleinbub, Gregory Carmichael, William Treichler, coach, Thomas Frank, At the Winter Sports Banquet he was awarded the large blanket pictured below for his successful efforts. Thomas Weliever, Ralph Wendel. ,W sir'ri' t s..,, ' JT1' Lf, L. Nl' fi l'f5-ai: " f dw me' Y 4 ffw1ff:"c' as sfavsf , 1 A so '1 R.,- TENNIS-Left to right: William Swan, William Hinman, Larry GOLF TEAM-Left to right: Forrest Arthur, james Evans, Richard Coleman, Kim Phemister, Philip White. Rowland Leverenz, Allen, Larry Warren, H. Ronald Taylor, james Campbell, and coachg Michael Edwards, james Munro, Roger Harper, Donald Robert lvlfehl, coach. Barnes, I O O C Tcnms and Golf Enhance S rm S orts Act1V1t ' P 3 P 3 The tennis teznn, with Rowland Leverenz :is lieaitl "Par fOlll'H is ll very connnon term to all gollers. fozujli, looks l.0l'XV2ll'Cl to zinotliei' lJI'USpCl'Ull5 yezny This term is certziinly llnnilizn' to Tecl1's gollers All students should keep :in eye on the courts lieliintl wlio, under the cliret lion ol' Robert Mehl, :ire really the l3oy's Gym lor an swingin' tennis Ieznn. "up to par." TENNIS SCHEDULE COLE SCHEDULE April l lfCathedral-T May 4-Marion April l l-Washingtom May 2-Kokomo-T l3fWashington 9fFrankfort-T Attucks 4- l7-Shortridge l O-Howe-T l 3-Cathedral 8- I8-Broad Ripple l l4Richmond I8-Lafayette l7-Anderson 20-Lafayette l 5-Attucks 20-Anderson l 9-Sectional 2SiKokomo I6-Logansport-T 2-lfScecina-T 2 l -N.C.C.-Frankfort 27fAnderson l8-New Castle 25-Manual 25-Kokomo 2-Muncie-T Z2-North Central 27--Broad Ripple-T 29-Carmel-T 3-Manual 24+City Tourney May lQCity-County 29fAttucks Tourney Skill and good form are the keynotes ot a successful athlete. Endless hours spent in practice on the Tech tennis courts can mold a winning player. 171-1, ,wwf :wmv lla' ,4s,wl'W"""' -4-0 armm- -' ' ' Lm,,,.' .A Q ,,mt,", .,,-was WM, y , . . M. Q., . ' ""'l""'a'l-'nym M I' Four bright and agile faculty cheerleaders, Patsy Scott, lane Wheeler, Lynn Neff, and Mary l-larlan, lend their support at the rousing student-faculty basketball game. Student-Faculty Challenge Stimulates Excitement Strziined inustles, limping teachers. and cheering 'l'et'h students :ind lzitulty were the order ol' the day when the students inet the liertie faculty on the gym lloor lor the :innutil lzit'ulty-student hziskethall gzune. Chills Crew lound that their opponents, the students. were really tough as the student teznn defeated the lztculty teznn by the tnargin ol 38 - flti. The high- light ol this contest was the crowning ol' the liztctilty queen Mrs. Olga Geisler ol the Music' departnient. The student-littulty game lollowed the trziditions whith :ire at part of every game - truly faculty :tn- tits, good texunwork, good players and good lun. 11.4011 .. -iw aw.: asv. NM-l rauwmewiu- qfH4wmm m'-' um '1 Where could be found a more radiant queen than Mrs. Olga Geisler, as she reigns over the game? Mr. Carlos Bell gracefully executes a winning play, temporarily haulting all-city basketball player, Mickey l-lartsburg, at a fun-filled challenge, 'uma Q... Q-Kwik Seniors gather to share events of each day as high school days become fewer. 106 S Q i XX J Q-f Tiekin, at Tech With Seniors Vl Being gi senior is not lust wearing gi little how ol' rihhon, ai clip :ind gown :it grzicluzition. It is the leeling of having grown up, ol' having heconie more ol ai person, soineone up in the world. A senior thinks he is the wisest, and the hestg still, he is just on the threshold ol' lile. Seniors enjoy the CXL'lUIlCl1l of electing oflicers, :ind the forinzilitites ol' connnencernent. They receive the thrill of ordering znniouncenients, and exchang- ing pictures and nznne cards. Seniors also are honored at zi spring all-school zisseinhly when Tech Legion inenihers are zinnouced. As ai senior, one feels he is leaving the school which has played zi role in perhaps the four most iinportznit years of his life. He will never forget the jzinnned lockers, crowded hulls, rzispy throats :it sectional tiine, or any ol' the other wonderful ex- periences hzld at Tech. ,Q As time ticks on, we tick on . In lfllill grziduzition 108-lllfl In class connnittees ...ccc l 10-l l l In the senior class c ....., l l2-lfll 1 li I M lI,i A L V A , X l XX , Xxiixwm l i ff 51 5 t - " i A 5 '. I-., .- .4 o ' W9 'gf at N c.,s ' "iw ,.,, -ol t.5i,,f" A fy Wggliii ful A, Y A i -lg ihlxiishlx ictiiqgzi-it s - it 1' .fe ,..Z A X U V 8 , -v 1 V XTX , Qi. I V - -Q X Ns., l -, it I-Z9 - bf fl il lO7 5 is ' 'dl Undaunted by nature's tricks. seniors interrupted commencement ceremonies to seek shelter in the gym. Here they heard the commencement speaker and received their diplomas, oblivious to the dreary weather outside. After ceremonies seniors rushed home to prepare for the prom, making june l4, l96O, a day always to be remembered. The Hourglass Leaks the Last Grains Beneath ominous skies, the green and white of the commencement procession presented a striking picture of Tech. Ronnie Karnes carried the class banner - a regal tribute to the class of l96O. "A Day ln lune"' was Rev. R. E. Dowdy's topic at the inspiring Vespers service. Sand at Commencement Slowly, and yet ever so quickly, the magic hour approached: the hour when seniors would ioin the rank of Tech alumnae. Grain by grain, the sands in the four-year hourglass diminished. Freshmen, sophomore. and junior years passed quickly, bring- ing us to the threshold of the coveted position of senior. As freshmen, we looked forward to the day when we, too, would be seniors. The campus was bound- less, the rooms endless, and it seemed as if the worlds population was concentrated in our seventy-six acres. As sophomores we became more familiar with our surroundings - we no longer ran to lunch, and we grew rather tired of the mashed potatoes that made up our freshman diet. As juniors we acquired some of the privileges of upperclassmen. It was a year when outside activities took up more time than ever before. And then our senior year stretched before us. Left now are only memories of the events that made our year complete. Though our paths part, these memories linger on - memories of events, of Tech, of our friends - memories that will always give us pride in being The Class of l96O. T Mr. William Leak spoke to seniors at a last convo- l cation - commencement. Margaret Kunkel recalls her years at Tech and the challenge of the future. The long awaited moment has arrivedl Michael Brad- ley receives his diploma - opening the door to success. lO9 Ui! 4 E X 7 NS- I Q X . N 5 as X , W 4 f X a X Q 3 Q ' :H .F .59 .pw wk, AH X SWA Q x QE' 'Y i is X X? NY Ad Edgar Walden, William Bockstahler, Michael Moss, and W. Benson McAllister proudly display the green and white caps worn at Commencement. K -MQW' ww' Beginning plans for the senior picnic are the tive members of the committee: Paul Young, Donna Angel, Charla Fields, Sue Matthews and Martha Scarborough. ,mi Frances Stott exhibits one of the Senior ribbons on jane Brock-jones, as Barbara Ledtord ties them. llO Class Committees Work iligentl on Projects Various senior connnittees work diligently through the linal high school year to prepare lor the nume erous senior events on the agenda. Senior Council members lunction as a liaison between the live senior roll rooms. Naturally as a senior. each one wants to "make the best ol' his last year." It is through activities that many seniors spend the last hours with those who have been friends lor years. Through the work ol' the organized class committees such events are planned. To make the "final flings" successlul all class members assist with the work and participate in the events. Each senior class gives a gilt from its class to the school. A bulletin board was given to the school by this lfltil class. lt will be an imlormative board lor the hundreds ol people who pass by Tech daily throughout the coming years. f QS SENIOR COUNCIL-Row l: Karen jones, Patricia johnson, Margaret Chandler, Sharon Ruppert, v-pres., Rita Sykes, sec., Larry Coleman. Row 2: Nancy Stierrett, SAO rep., layne Dillon, Donna Moon, ludy Burnam, Linda Higgins, Richard Smith, loe Sigg, sgt.-at-arms. Row 3: Donald Koonce, lack Foltz, lack lUSfl-IS. leffv Coleman, Ronald Taylor, Vernon Wallingford. Row 4: Russell Green, pres., Raymond Shipley, lerald Holcomb, Roger Harper, Thomas Pembleton. Beginning plans for the Senior Class Day Assembly are: seated-Christine Moudy, Ann Hinshaw. Stand- ing: lay Ward, David McCullough. David Parish, Sandra York, Mary Alice Yost, and Louis Hasseld go picnicking in the early spring. ti 1 .... ,. . a mf- , N c 3, cms?" -i Z r ya V it f .-- ' f' ' f x 'r a Q 1 , ez Q s ill Memories Dwell Within Seniors' Minds EDNA M. ACTON: Maj.-Commercial, Ser. Club SAO Rep., Home EC. Club. LARRY H. ADAM: Maj.-Shop. TOMMIE E. ADAMS: Maj.-Home Economics, Rec Club, Home Ec. Club. ARTHUR S. AKERS: Maj.-Printing. EDWARD T. AKERS: Moi.-l-listory, Cement Shop' Band, Freshman Basketball and Track. I r IUDITH A. ALLEN: Maj.-Business Education: Ser. Club, N. Science Club. IUDITH K. ALLEN: lVlaj.fl'listory, Home Ec. EDNA R. ANDERSON: Maj.-Mathematics, Horne Ec. M. EVELYN ANDERSON: Maj.-Commercial. VICKI J. ANDERSON: Mai.-Health, Var. cheer- leader, Fut. Nur. Club, lpres.l, Homecoming queen. DONA I. ANGEL: Maj.-Home Economics: Band, Ser. Club, Drama Club, SAO Rep., lamboree queen. EDWIN L. AURS: Maj.-Drafting, ROTC Drill Team Color Guard, and Flag Detail. EMMA E. BACON: Moi.-Home Econmoics, Cheer- block. E. MARIE BAILEY: Maj.-Commercial. H. DANIEL BAILEY: Maj.-History, Science. 1 . .-- N Senior sponsors, lvlrs. Clarena Huffington, Frances Kinsley, Lois Sink, Marguerite I-lardy, and Mildred Currie are always "tickin" to take care of many assigned duties. "V .V' DXSYN fs Z if W HNQS' x l l-76. RUBY J. BAILEY: Mai.-Hasfofy, ser. club, R. cross, v 'X JCL, Band. I SARAH J. BAKER: Maj.-Music, Concert Orch. fsec.l, , by V Ser. Club. I X' JOHN D. BALDWIN: Mai.-Aff, xvz, Chem.-Phys. . , s, '- WILLIAM C. BALES: Maj.-History, Cross Country. vm FREDERICK M. BALL: Maj.-Electronics, Radio Club 'ii I .. , lchief operotorl. ili ' 'A T H If l ll2 .Q vig. V X Ai . i X VV ii . I, V 1 is gf' -'Q ' .. X s . ' I W m g 1 at., , X .. f ...a K., .0 j Q, f i 1 f ' s 1 N3 I ' i . . 9 I , X i xl , - 6' .W-rn' X -ffigfx 1 Q. . " Q2 'AAA fy? X QR . A fi . W. ' i . , -25 215 ff-2, AN' Q. PAUL A. BINDER: Maj.-Mathematics, Drama Club, Speech Team, Thespian. J. GAYNELLE BISHOP: Maj.-l-lealth, Span. Club. WILLIAM C. BOCKSTAHLER: Maj.-Mathematics Science, Hist., Chess Club, Chem.-Phys., Key Club, Can. Statt, XYZ Club lSgt.-at-arms.l DAVID G. BODENHEIMER: Maj.-Mathematics, Drafting, ROTC Officers' Club, Res. Track and Cross Country, Freshman Track and Cross Country. F. LEE BOLES: Maj.-Commercial, Drama Club. 1 ROBERT A. BORER: Maj.-Mathematics, History, Track, SAO Rep., Ser. Club. TERRI A. BOURN: Maj.-French, Buss., French Club, SAO Rep. PAUL D. BOWLBY: Maj.-Mathematics, Drafting, Football, Basketball, Track. MARILYN K. BRADLEY: Maj.-Commercial, Hist. BILLIE J. BRADSHAW: Mai.-Commercial, Hist., Y-Teens, Cheerblock. H. RICHARD BRADSHAW: Maj.-Pattern Making, Football, Wrestling. SHIRLEY A. BRENGLE: Maj.-Commercial, I-list., Cheerblock. GEORGE R. BRENNER: Maj.-Mathematics. LYLE R. BREWER: Mai.--Science, Math., Techoir, Drama Club, Chem.-Phys. Club. ROBERT A. BRIDGES: Maj.-History. LARS E. BRINKLEY: Maj.-Welding. SUZANNE BRINKLEY: Maj.-Commercial, Can. Staff, R. Cross, XYZ, French Club. THOMAS N. BRINKLEY: Maj.-History, Block-T Club, Techoir, Var. Track, Var. Basketball lCo Capt.l, Fnesh. and Res. Track, Basketball. SHIRLEY J. BRISBANE: Mai.-Business Education. CAROLE D. BRITT: Maj.-History, Drama Club, Speech Team CNFLI. NR 'fi' JAMES A. BANDY: Maj.-Mathematics. RONALD L. BARLOW: Maj.-Cabinet Making, Foot- ball, Track, Wrestling, Block-T Club. DAVID J. BARNARD: Maj.-Science, Math., l-list: Can. Staff, SAO Rep., Techoir, Prog. Committee. DAVID A. BARNES: Maj.+Mathematics, Commer- cial, Basketball, Football, Block-T Club, lvice pres? R. STEVEN BARNES: Mal.-Body Shop. 1 THOMAS H. BARNHILL: Maj.-Drafting. LANA JO BARRICK: Mal.-Commercial, SAO Rep., Kaltz, Techoir. J. DOUGLAS BARTLOW: Maj.-Science, XYZ Club lvice pres.l, Speech Team, Drill Team. VIRGINIA A. BATT: lVlai.-el-llstoryg Band, Orch., Music Club. TARISSA A. BATTS: Maj.YCommercial, School Service. JERRY G. BAUMGARDNER: Mai.-Science, Pres. l9O, SAO Ex. Bd., Key Club Bd., Sr. Coun. JACK A. BEAM: Maj.-Art, Science, Key Club, Techoir, Football, Boys Octette. ALMEDA L. BEASLEY: Maj.-Science, Math., French Club, Y-Teens, Cheerblock. DONALD R. BECHTEL: Mai.-Radio and TV. PAMELA S. BEEM: Maj.-History, SAO Rep., French Club. CAROL A. BEINBURG: Maj.-Commercial, SAO Rep., Color Guard, Span. Club. LUDELLA BELCHER: Maj.-Home Economics, Home Ec. Club. THELMA BENTLEY: Maj.-History, Home Ec. Club. RITA M. BIDWELL: Mai.-Science, SAO Rep. JAMES H. BIGELOW: Maj.-Printing, Chess Club, Science Club, Ser. Club, SAO Rep. 9 403 f N Q" A sf 3 .. K Za 1 I3 e 'Sf f KN' , Z If ft, h. I . ' 4 f an 2 . wwf? I I, . 'I . 2 :wig-2 ft , : , .- '- . . ' ,Retina 1- fa -. r a . I ' ,ffl A - I ' 'W Xi., . " 'i' s if , 3 X v Q at E I A N w ei 1 I S ff if Jlgkxyg xl- .gg ry 1: .fix , Zjy :f.::,,, . 4 .. -. . '41 CHERYL R. CARR: Mayflvlusicg Techoir, Madri- gals, Orch. IOHN D. CARTER: Maj.--Science, Math., Lang.: ICL, Block-T Club, Track lmginl, Wrestling, Cross Country. PERRY L. CARTER, lr: Maj.fComrnercialg Tennis, Wrestling. DENCIL D. CASNER: Maj.-Electronics: Football, ROTC Capt., Radio Club, ROTC Officers' Club. CARMELA CENTO: Maj.-History, FTA. MARGARET I. CHANDLER: Maj.-French, l-list,g V.-Pres. l9O, Sr. Coun., C. Ensemble, Techoir, Sr. Gift Com. RICHARD A. CHAPPELL: Mai.-Auto Mechanics: Track. RONALD CHAPPELL: Mai.-Foundry: ROTC. LOUIS J. CHRIST: Maj.-Body and Fender. BRYAN L. CLARK: Maj.-Electric Shop. IUDITH I. CLARK: Maj.-4Commercialg XYZ Club, SAO Rep. PATRICIA O. CLARKS: Mai,--History: Rec. Club, XYZ. WILLIAM R. CLEMONS: Majf Mechanical Draft- Football, Ser. Club. ing, I-list., MELVIN L. CLIFFORD: lV1aj.fnScience, Math.- Chess Club, XYZ, Chem.-Phys, MARY A. CLINE: Maj.-f Commercial: Cheerblock, Home EC. Club. DONALD C. COCHRAN: Maj., History: Baseball Block-T Club. LARRY C. COCHRAN: Majf-fBody and Fender' Band. IERRY L. COLEMAN: lVlai.flVlathematics, Key Club. Sr. Coun., Sgt.-at-arms l9O. LARRY A. COLEMAN: Maj,-e -Mathematicsg Techoir Sr. Coun., Treas. l9O, Track, Tennis, MICHAEL R. COLLINS: Maj.-Mechanical Drafting. n v w ll4 R 1 "L, ,,......ifEx. Ii. s X AW I Iii, ,Y A .. 5 1 .,,,, , . V . - I .P 4. I . X. V . rw- ' ' ' X f- v 3. .. 'Wx ix I N. J., A .ff .f. . -ng h V 3 . My - sl, .::. X x 'LF' 1 31, 'X sg X 32 Y? 'fs JANE E. BROCK-JONES: Mai.-Science, Lang., Math., Techoir, Drama Club Ctreasl, G. Ensemble, Speech Team lNFLl, JCL lparl.l. CLYDE E. BROOKS: Mai.-History: ROTC Color Guard and Drill Team. DOUGLAS M. BROOKS: Maj.-Auto Mechanics, ROTC and Color Guard, Concert Club. JACK N. BROWN: Maj.-History. IEROLD E. BROWN: Mai.fl-listory, Draft: SAO Rep JOHN W. BROWN: Maj.-Radio and TV. BERNARD W. BROWNINC: Maj.-Mathematics: Tennis, Drama and Cer. Clubs, SAO Rep. BETTY J. BRYANT: Maj.-Commercial, FTA, Home EC. Club, Y-Teens. CAROLYN L. BRYANT: lVlai.4Commercial, Hist.g FTA. BARBARA H. BUCK: Maj.-Art. MARIORIE A. BURFORD: Mafelvlathematics, l-list.: French Club, Ser. Club. JIMMIE BURGESS: Maj.-Shop. IUDITH K. BURNAM: Maj.fFrench, Math., I-list.: SAO Bd., ROTC Spon., Techoir, Sr. Coun., Sec. l9O. CAROLE L. BURNS: lVlaj.4Art, Frenchg Techoir, G, Ensemble. ROBERT L. BURRIS: Maj.-Aviation. STEPHEN L. BUSSELL: lVlaj.4Mathematicsg Chess Club, Baseball. IERRY L. BUTCHER: Maj.-l-listoryg Concert Club, Span, Club. LUELLA CALVERT: Mai.-Home Economics. RONALD T. CAMPBELL: Maj.-Auto Shop. IANET G. CANTER: Maj.--Science, Hist.g Techoir, Y-Teens, SAO Rep., lnt. Rel. Club. .. 6 'rar W 5 -J ' msgv , . x -:SV , ' , .- ' t,g,g3N9?i. . , - R 7 .., iYi.i:sf 4' gx ' nl - 1. ,'-Es' C 3-tw miss - .X " .fri X: afar. -..:1 Q f:35"'5 f 4l r Ni - 4.1 T 0 Rte S. i . X ., . f Six V m X BARBARA S. COLSON: Male-Commercial. CHARLES R. COMBS: Maj.-A--Drafting, Math., XYZ JCL, Chem.-Phys. r DERA M. COMBS: lvlaigl-lame Economicsg Cheer- block, IERRY L. COMPTON: lvlaj.-l-lisforyg Ser. Club, SYLVIA M. CONDON: Maj-Home Economics. SHERRILL K. CONSTABLE: Maj.-Art, Hist. RICHARD L. COOLEY: Maj.-fCerman, Math., l-list., ROTC Rifle Team, ROTC Officers' Club lpres.l, Cier. Club. CHARLES L. COPAS: Maj,-Mathematics, Shop. JOHN CORRADO: Mai.-Printing, BRUCE K. CRABTREE: Maj,-Auto Trades, Hist. RAY J. CRAIG: Maj.-Electric Shop, Math. CHARLES F. CRANE: Maj.-Arr, NCO Club, N, Science Club, Ser. Club, ROTC Officers' Club. DENNIS A. CRESS: Maj.-Shop, SAO Rep., ROTC Drill Team, Rifle Team, NCO Club, Band. IANICE D. CRISPIN: Maj.-Commercial, l-list., SAO Rep. JERRY W. CULLEY: Maj.-Mathematics. BROOKS E. CUNNINCHAM: lvlaj,--Foundryg Ser. Club. VERNON W. CURRIN: Mai.-Art, Baseball. ROBERT A. DAILEY: Maj.-Electric Shop. LINDA C. DALTON: Maj.-Artg Tiechoir, Kaltz, Madrigals, Chorus Acc., Dance Band Vocalist. BRENDA I. DANIELS: Maj.-Home Economicsg Ser. Club, Y-Teens. Winding Walks, Stately Buildings are Recalled This skit given at the senior class assembly emphasized the seniorls need to "hoard, money. ll5 2 f fx, 'UR if ... 'Q". Y. ,f ? , lb lgvk T.. . .. Y X .J Q 1 A at L. we , if I N., 'X 'I g . A F . it . 1,,, I 5 : J . ,AAAA 2 r . J fx K X 2 ,.... , .. LW A :-,, " . , 2, q... ' I ,.,, li M ..A f" "ff" f-f ROBERT D. DAVIDSON: Moi,-Printing, l-list. BARBARA A. DAVIS: Moj.-Commercial. LOUANNA C. DAVIS: Maj:-Spanishg SAO Rep. FTA. WARREN L. DAVIS: Mai.-Historyg Yearbk. Staff. IUDITH A. DEBORDE: Maj.-Spanish, Scienceg Fut. Nur. Club, Y-Teens. VICTOR B. DENNIS: Maj.-History. IAYNE A. DILLON: Majf-l-listoryg Sr. Coun,, V.- Pres. l53, SAO Bd., DCE Club lpres.l, Flog Twirler. BRENDA L. DINKINS: Maj.-Home Ec., l-list.g FTA Csec.l, Home Ec. Club, SAO Rep. LINDA R. DOAN: Maj.-Historyg Kaltz, Ser. Club, Flag Twirler. DONNA I. DODGE: lV1aj.fl-lome Economicsg Cheer- block. GERDA O. DOLLINGER: Maj.-Home Economics- Cheerblock. W. MICHAEL DORSEY: lVlaj.fElectric Shopg Foot- boll, EDWARD L. DOSS: Moi.-Mathematics, History Science. WAYNE M. DOTSON: Moi.--Foundry. MICHAEL D. DOUGLASS: Moi.-Commercial, Hist. 1 BONNIE L. DOUTHIT: Maj.-Commercialg SAO Rep., Asst. Librarian, Student Counselor. HOWARD A. DOWERS: Mai,-Mathematicsg Art Club, XYZ, SAO Rep., Concert Club. LARRY V. DRAKE: Moi.-Electric Shop. RUTHA A. DREW: Moi.-Commercial, Hist. SANDRA K. DRUMMOND: Mai.-Comm-ercial, Artg SAO Rep., XYZ. Fun and Learning Combine to Fill Four Years Without senior roll rooms it would be impossible to transact senior class business. ll6 - DAVID E. DUHAMELL: Maj.-Art. LARRY C. DUNVILLE: Maj.---Art, Track, Basket- ball, Cross Country. DANITA I. DUREE: Mai- Home Economics, Music Club, Band, Cheerblock. SHIRLEY M. DURNIL: Mai.-Music, Hist. ROBERT E. DUVALL: Maj.-Auto Shop. ROXANNA E. EAST: Maj-Home Economics. MICHAEL R. EDWARDS: Mayelvlusicg Key Club, Tennis, Techoir, Band ly.-pres.l, Orch. FREDERICK A. EICKS: Maj.-Plumbing. IENNY L. ELKIN: Mai.-History, Science, Cheer- leader, SAO Rep., Spanish Club. NELLIE F. ELKINS: Maj.-Home Economics, Cheer- block. ANNETTE B. ELLIOTT: Maj.-Commercial. PAMELA S. ELLIOTT: Maj.fCommerciaIg Cheer- block. JAMES T. ELLIS: Maj.-Machine Shop. CAROLYN S. EMBERTON: Maj.-Commercial. IAMES E. EMERSON: Maj.-Science, SAO Rep., ROTC, Bond, Track. JANICE K. ENGLISH: Maj.-Commercial. IAMES R. ERWOOD: Maj,-Mathematics, Science, SAO Rep. WILLIAM I. ESSEX: Mai.7Auto Shopg ROTC, Offi- cers' Club, Ser. Club, Auto Club, ROTC Color Guard. NORMA J. FAGNER: Maj.-Commercial, Hist. AUTHUR L. FAULKNER: Maj.-Science, Drafting, Math, SAO Rep. Jw ifilf ' I 1 Tw I. .fair "- l L . 5 22 Vi' .S . M , . ,A ,,, J QR fl. SX mx.. . X 1 " i, sf , XY.. . ,, 4. i . Y K. :Q-. Yi t K E v'-'X-. We Q X "Nifty, 1' YH fm-. P D f sa- X nf J' I5 J' ' zz ,. -ff! A I ,I lil' . . 9. S .... 's --. Y Tess. 1, I, ' 2 I . il ffzl , ' ll ' ." in . Q! E a .. , N -N . Q If ,.--": wa rr 5 W ,i 114' ' : : , ' . 'E' ee? REQ I ' frf, 1 X 4 --f - " - . 3 , , Kita' , 'S' ' V rr:-' , . S A X wg A E .. 'Nici Al 'S 5 X l- 6 25 -, M . lil ,al-, . V' ' 1 -as . w....'4Y 2 CHARLA M. FIELDS: Mai.-Commercialg Techoir SAO Rep., Majorette, Cr. Ensemble. IOHN D. FINCH: Mal.+Aviati0n, l-list., Football Track, Baseball, Wrestling. ROBERTA S. FISHER: lvlaj.fCommercialg Ser. Club, Home Ec. Club. MARSHA S. FLETCHER: Maj.-History. MICHAEL R. FLOCKHART: Maj.-Mathematics, l-list., ROTC Drill Team and Officers' Club, SAO Rep. w n IOYCE A. FLOWERS: Mayfl-listoryg Fut. Nur. Club, JCL. MARILYN J. FOGLE: Maj.-Commercial, Home Economics. JACK L. FOLTZ: Maj.--Mathematics, Science, His- tory, Sr. Coun., ICL, lpres.l, Key Club, Drama Club. CAROL S. FORD: Maj.-Commercial. EUGENE F. FOREY: Maj.-Shop. ELIZABETH S. FRITCH: lVlaj.flVlusic, Orch., String Ensemble. IERRY A. FROHMUTHz Maj.-Science: Basketball lmgr.l. MARY I. FRY: Maj.-Latin, Science, Math., ICL lv.-pres.l, Int. Rel. Club lv.-pres.l, Speech Team, SAO Rep. CHARLENE I. GABBARD: lvlaj.-Commercial, Cheer- block. JAMES R. GAIRING: Maj.-Shop, l-list, LLOYD C. GARDNER: lVlaj.fHist0ryg Band, Basket- ball, Track, Spanish Club. PENELOPE A. GARDNER: Maiflvlathematicsg Y- Teens, Ser, Club, Fut. Nur. Club. KAREN S. GARNER: Maj.-Home Economics: Y- Teens, Cheerblock, Home Ec. Club. RICHARD L. GASAWAY: Maj.4Science, NFL, Speech Team, SAO Rep. DORIS A. GEORGE: Maj.-Commercial, SAO Rep., DCE Club lsec.l, Cheerblock. ll7 'IST' ' dm' 'Ig I It s .. rx ?"""Q K , X N ss.. f ,,. . 'em as g, . 1.24: th' ESTHER BENBOUGH HAGGARD: Maj.-Home Economics, JAMES G. HALL: Maj.--Shop. SUSAN I. HALL: lVlaj.7Science, Math., Hist.g Can. Staff, Sr. Ribbon Com., Orch. GARY A. HALTOM: lVlaj.4Shop, Math., Band. MARVA D. HAMILTON: Maj.-l-listory. LARRY M. HAMMONDS: Mai.-Aviation. RANDALL C. HARBERT: lVlaj.fScience, l-list., Spanish Club. EDWARD D. HARDING: lVIai.?Commercialg Ser. Club. DELMAR E. HARGER: Maj.-Printing. ROGER D. HARPER: lVlaj.fl-listory, Math., Block-T Club, Key Club, Sr. Coun., Techoir. ELGIE HARRIS: lVIaj.4Auto Shop, ROTC Drill Team. DARLENE A. HARRISON: Maj.-wComme-rcialg SAO Rep. CHARLES R. HART: Maj.-f-Science, Math., Shop, Football, Wrestling. IAMES E. HARTLE: Maj.+fScienceg Nat. Science Club. MARTHA L. HARTLEY: Maj.--Home Economics, Music Club, XYZ. LETTE I. HARTMAN: Mayfl-lame Economics. MICKEY R. HARTSBURG: MaI.fel-listory, Shop, Block-T Club, Track, Basketball. DAVID K. HASCHEL: Maj.-eScience, Math. LOUIS E. HASSELD: Maj.--Commercialg Techoir, Key Club, Modrigals. WILLIAM T. HASSELD: Maj.fWl-listory, Golf, Te- choir, Spanish Club, Speech Team, Madrigals. IIS WILLIAM L. GIBSON: Maj.-l-listoryg Wrestling, Cross Country lmgr.J. LARRY D. GILASPY: Maj.-History, Math., Cap and Gown Comm. OSWALD I. GIROLAMI: Mai.-Plumbing, Wres- tling. ROBERT G. GLENN: lVIaj.fSpanishg SAO Rep. IAMES D. GRAMBUSH: Mai.-History, Shop, Chess Club, Cheerblock, Speech Team. CHARLES F. GRANT: Maj.-Mathematics, PATRICIA C. GRANTHAM: lVlal.+l-Iistoryg Spanish Club. SANDRA S. GRASSHOFF: Maj.-Commercial, Ger- rnang SAO Rep. LINDA D. GRAVES: Maj.-Commercial. TIM E. GRAVES: Maj.fl-listory, ROTC, Football, Track, Bond. WILLIAM L. GRAVES. Ir.: Mai.-Carpentry, ROTC. E. OLIVER GRAY: Maj.-History, Shop. RUSSELL R. GREEN: lVIaj.fMathematics, Science, Sr. Coun. lpres.l, Pres. I53, Key Club lv.-pres.J, SAO Bd. lparl.l, Cheerleader. SHARON K. GREEN: lVlai.4Commercial, I-list, Fut. Nur, Club. BESSIE C. GREENE: Maj.-Commercial, Home Ec., I-list., Y-Teens, Ser. Club, Speech Team, FTA ltreas.l. IAMES P. GRIBBEN: Maj.-History, Track, Techoir, B. Octette, Spanish Club lv.-pres.l. TOMMY L. GRIFFIN: lVlaj.+lvIasonry. JOHN W. GUNN: Maj.-Cabinet Making. IOYCE E. GUY: Maj.-Science, Orch., Techoir, Madrigals. JOHN E. HAGAR: Maj.-History. VQ7' .vi I fn -'Z'-3' ,.... V 'Illu- - 0 K 3 vi M b V . , I 1 . i if 4 Q X Q , K ' X O ,sl Q' - I . ' W A ls wr V 'Y f .K M5 ii ":' -. .,.: i ",' , X fx -. -V -., ,,. . " XY X . I 'X Q 5 A ,, - .. - , pf" ,.v. x 5 .' ' wh'-9' .1 X ,a ::.f NN Wi, Q ' f -iw t -. 0 s IS., il Q I " 1 f sf' f- . 5 .f , i . if ui 9 8 we il -we-Q A W .2 l GEORGE T. HAWKINS: Mai.fSciehce, Shopg Base- ball. RONALD K. HEITZMAN: lVlaj.- -Science, lvlathg Block-T Club, Football, Track, Key Club, SAO Bd. M. JOAN HELM: Maj.-Spanish. PAUL R. HEMPFLING, lr.: Mai,---I-Iistoryg Music Club lsgt.-ataarmsl, Band, Orch. RONALD HENDERSON: Maj.-Printing. NORRIS R. HENDRICKS: Mai.-Auto Shop. MARY B. HENSON: Maj.-History. WALTER M. HERNANDEZ: Mai.-Science, Draft- ing, l-list.g ROTC Drill Team, ROTC Officers' Club. LINDA D. HERRON: Maj.fCommercialg Ser. Club. DAVID L. HESTAND: Maj.-Art, IOHN T. HESTER: lVlaj.fDrafting, Ivlathg Auto Club lpres.l. LINDA A. HIGGINS: lVlaj.4Commercial, Spanishg Sr. Court., Techoir, Madrigals, Ser. Club, Treas, l53. IAMES W. HILL: Maj.-History, CAROL A. HINMAN: lVlaj,fCommiercialg ROTC Span., Ser. Club, JCL, Drama Club, ANN L. HINSHAW: Mai.-fLanguage, Math., Sr, Coun. lrec. sec.l, Ser. Club lrec. sec,l, ROTC Span., R. Cross lpres.7. THOMAS H. HOBBS: Maj.-History. SHIRLEY A. HOCKMAN: lVlaj.gI-Iistory, I-lealth. WALTER M. HODGIN: lVlai.4l'VIasonry, I-list.g Foot- ball, Track. RICHARD L. HODGSON: Maj.-Mathematicsg Foot- ball, Block-T Club, Baseball. MICHAEL D. HOFFMAN: Maifl-listoryg Techoir Ser. Club, R. Cross, B. Octette. Senior ffieers Provided ualified Leadership Various activities highlighted the final year. Among these was the parents' reception. ll9 :rg-- .- . 3. ..1gjhIfwg"5ls. s L. iii. N. K. .li fi as I. ,. .. E Q if A I Welcoming students and visitors the year .,, irwgfgf MW., J M M gounnd is the Class gift of l96O, an aluminum sK .Mw,..,s M- g- at ? - W"1g ihii .1 1 is at I ,M . II oitihg rx ' .1 "1 I .AMY U 1 W V ' 'E I- Q I' i.,.,,a6 Q I N. Caps and Gowns Were Fitted Earl in the Year CONRAD C. HOFMANN: Maj.-Draftingg SAO Rep., ' ' "'i" I f' ,. W if-,Z ,Nh DCE. . I ' ' fii' 2.1-GP' Q IERALD W. HOLCOMB: Maj.!Scienceg Sr. Coun., Us ,,,. my ' 3 .if-' . "5 N "' Key Club, Con. Sports Ed., Trecis. 300. d ' 1 sus P. HOOD: Maj.-Commercial, Hist.g ocE tw I Q, ,2,1 H X ltreas.l, Y-Teens, Ser. Club, Cheerblock. W ' A ' EVERTRIE HOOVER: Moj.-Commercial, Hist. XZ S sLvoR L. HOPPER: MaifHiSiofy, Band, Bloglet ,gg Club, Ser. Club, Cross Country, Track. 7 f WM MICHAEL L. HORSLEY: lVlaj.fHistory3 Band. GWENDQLYN I. HUBBARD: Maj.-Mathematics ' ' Home Ec. Club, Y-Teens. , X .N ROBERT H. HUBER: Moj.-Auto Mechanics. 'N MILDRED HUDSON: Maj.-Historyg Home Ec, Club Y-Teens. M. ELLEN HUFFMAN: Maj.-Commercial, Hist. ' sAo Rep. RICHARD I. HUGHES: Maj.-Historyg Baseball. JANE A. HUGILL: Moj.--Commercial. DAVID R. HUMPHREY IESSIE HUMPHRIES: Maj.-History, lvlatlmg ROTC 7 Wrestling. Q GEORGE A. HURST: Maj.?Avlation, Hisf.g Orch. ROTC. SAUNDRA K. HUSTONQ Mol.-Home Economics, Hist. RONALD L. ILLY: Moj.-Printing. PEGGY S. ISOM: Moi.-Home Economics. LUTHER T. IACKS RONALD I. IARBOE: Maj.-Machine Shopg Wres- tling lmgr.l, Football lmgr.l. ffI! I 20 li 'TSM ' sm.gS2x ..a..... Ewa S0015 I7 X 1 gf- . - "'?:- . L .Z I up wwe lf.. I 'tri .X :ns.ixtl'b.'wFs3f2 4 Q w NF A e S5 1: 'Q' 'V 2 .Sc V - QMS? 4 Nm 1. if-'17 f "K-' .-"W" -. 44. .ff i :f " T Plavix we his V . - N fx x WW ge 'www 1 .Qi F ....-7 ix IKM i DANNY L. KINSER: Mai.-Art. KARYL L. KIRKBRIDE: Mai.-French, I-list., Te- choir, SAO Bd., French Club ltreas.l, Ci. Ensemble, ROTC Spon. MATTHEW D. KLEIN: Maj.-Science, Math., Air. Mech., Nat. Science Club, Cheerleader. KARL F. KLEINBUB: Maj.-Mathematics, SAO Rep., Wrestling lmgr.l. ROBERT W. KLEIS, Ir.: Maj.-Building Trades, l'list. FRANCIS A. KNAPP: Maj.-Aviationg ROTC, Tennis. VICKI IO KNAPP: Maj.-Commercial. DONN A. KOONCE: Maj.-Art, Math., ROTC, Foot- ball, Sr. Caun., Sr. Cord Comm., Sgt.-at-arms 300 MAYME Y. LADD ROBERT J. LAMASTER: Maj.-Mathematics, Elec- tric Trades. JAMES C. LAMPKIN: Maj.-Art. MICHAEL E. LANE: Mai.-History, Math., German Club, Band lsgt.-at-armsl, Orch. PATRICIA I. LANE: Maj.-Commercial, Y-Teens, Ser. Club, SAO Rep., Cheerblock. CYIELIAM L. LANE: Maj.-History, Math., Concert u . IERRY L. LANKFORD YVONNE A. LASWELL: Maj.-History, Home EC.: FTA. BARBARA G. LEDFORD: Maj.-History, SAO Rep., Cheerblock. KENNETH D. LEE: Maj.-Carpentry, Band, Foot- ball, Orch., Track. A. IURIS LEIKARTS: Maj.-Drafting, Hist.g Nat. Science Club. SUZANNE D. LELAND: Maj.-History: SAO Rep., Spanish Club, Fut. Nur. Club. .Q an C Q' VIRGINIA L. IEFFRIES: ivlai. Home Economics, DCE Club lsec.l, Techoir, Drama Club. CHARLES H. IENNINCS: Mai. Science, Math., Block-T Club, Football, Wrestling, Ser. Club, Base- ball. IANEEN R. IESSUP: Mai. fl-listoryg Ser. Club, NFL, Drama Club lscribel, Speech Team. DARNAL JOHNSON: Mai.-Cabinet Making, Block- T Club, Baseball, Football, Basketball. IAMES P. IOHNSON: Mai.-fScience, Math., l-list., Techoir, SAO Rep., Wrestling, Madrigals, Key Club. IUDITH A. IOHNSON: Mai.--Home Economics, Music Club, Home Ec. Club, Chem.-Phys. lsec.-treas.l Orch. lco-pres.J. LEDORA IOHNSON: lVlai.- History, Home Econ- omics Club. MARION M. JOHNSON: Mai--Body and Fender. PATRICIA ANN IOHNSON: Mai.---History, Ser. Club, Sec. 300, Sr. Caun., DCE Club, Commence- ment Comm. TREVA L. JOHNSON: Maj.-History, Home Econ- amics. 1 VIOLET IOHNSON: Maj--Mathematics, Band, Y- Teens, JCL. WILLA A. IOHNSON: Mai.---Science, l-list., Cheer- block. ARDENA F. IONES: Mai: Commercial, Ser. Club, Cheerblock. KAREN L. IONES: lVlai.fCommercialg Sr, Prom. Comm., V.-Pres. 300, Sr. Caun. ROBERT T. IONES: Nlajf -Masonry, Block-T Club, Football, Track, Baseball. WALTER H. IONES: Mage-History, Football, Track, Block-T Club. JACK W. JUSTUS: Maj.-Science, Math., l-list., Pres. 300, Key Club, Block-T, Techoir, B. Oc- feffe. GLEN E. KAISER: Maj.fAuta Shop, l-list., Auto Club, Football. PEGGY J. KELLER: Maj.-Home Economics, His- tory, French Club. ELIZABETH M. KINLEY: Maj.-Home Economics, Art Club, Nat. Science Club, DCE Club. 418 NVQ 1 Ek :nw -is 5 , J 45 S X ' 2-. 74, 'wind' MW T 1 fr.. I iff I x fi-f .. . YS ff I Ez ri' ilz ':'r:, l2l -c.. as .Ei f t . Q-fs' 5 7' 3.5 . .WB rd .Nm X wasp' ,:,, X'-W as xiii .Swag S SSQPAS? lk f Tx W 5 50, -I X if f 4 K flaw - ,S f ig Q5 : H W X s fbi 'f' , ' - 4--' ,. Wg f 6 .4 .38 . sg Ai. V3 vs S C... . -a " ' f . -ei l. . ' - If .. 1 J. TERRY McATEE: Maj.-Auto Mechanics. PATRICIA L. McCLAIN: Mal.-Commercial, Ser. Club, Princess of Tech, Majorette lheadl. JEANNINE M. McCLEERY: Maj,-Commercial, l-list.g lCL, SAO Rep. DAVID D. McCULLOUGH: Maj.---Scienceg jr. Torch Bearer, Debate Team, Chem.-Phys. Club lpres.l, Speech Team. LOIS MCCURN: !Vla1.-- -Home Economics, French Club, Home EC. Club. GARY L. MCFARLAND: lVlaj.fl-listory, Auto Shopg Auto Club. CAROLYN MCGEE: lVlaj.fl'listory, Home Economicsg SAO Rep. ROBERT L. MCMANAMA: Mal.-Machine Shop, DCE Club, lv-presl, Track, SAO Rep, ROBERT B. MACDONALD: Maj.-Auto Shop, SAO Rep. IOSEPH S. MADDEN: lVlaj.4l-listoryg Key Club. KAREN R. MADRITSCH: lVlaj.f'Ciermar1, I-list., FTA Can. Staff lpg, I co-editorl, Ser. Club, lpub. chair.l, R. Cross. A. FAY MAGNESS: lvlal.fffEnglishg Soc. Studies. BARBARA I. MAHONE: lVlaj.--el-lome Economicsg Home Ec. Club, Band, Ser. Club. ROBERT J. MALCOM: Maj.-History, Radio. STEPHEN L. MANSHIP: Mai.-ewlathematicsg Bas- ketball. MARY L. MARTIN: Maj.WScience. NANCY R. MARTIN: IVlaj.-- Home Economicsg Cheerblock, l-lame Ec. Club, SAO Rep. T. IANE MARTIN: lVla1.- -l-listoryg ICI., FTA, SAO Rep. IOHN MASON: Maj.--language, Hist., Math.g XYZ Club lpres.l, lCL ltreaS.l, Radio Club, Can. Staff. SHIRLEY I. MASON: Mai.-f-Artg Art Club, Cheer- block, Science Club. l22 ,416 .. IOHN N. LENON: lvlajf-History, lVlath.g FTA, Cross Country, Track, Choral Club. HILDA D. LEWIS: Maj.--Commercialg Drama Club, SAO Rep. DONNA M. LIGHT: Maj.-Health, Home Ec. Club, MARGARET R. LINDLEY: Maj.-Commercialg Flag Twirler, SAO Rep. DON R. LINGLE: Maj.-l-listoryg Baseball, Basket- ball. ROLAND F. LITZ: Maj.-Science, PAMELA K. LIVINGSTON: Maj.-Mathematicsg Fut. Nur. Club, SAO Rep. MARVIN S. LOFTON: Maj.-Commercial. TOBY D. LOGSDON: Maj.-Science. ROBERT R. LOGSTON:'listoryg XYZ, NCO Club, Spanish Club. SUSAN A. LOHMAN: Maj.-Home Economics, Fut. Nur. Club. CLARELLA L. LONG: Maj.-Commercial. LARRY E. LONG: Maj.-Printing, Baseball. STEPHEN L. LONG: Mai.-Printing, SAO Rep. THOMAS D. LONG: Maj.-Radio and TV, Ser. Club. DAVID C. LOWER: Mai.-Printing, I-list.g Wrestling. BRUCE A. LUCAS: Maj.fScience, I-list.g Baseball, Ser. Club, Key Club, SAO Rep. MARILYN S. LUNN: Moi.-Commercial. E. DAVID LYLES: Maj.-Carpentry. W. BENSON McALLISTER: Mai.-Science, lVlath.g ROTC Bottle Group Comm., Key Club, Sr. Cap and Gown Comm. lf' . ' , -' I, . S ,':, I . 2 wx.. t N. III fi ' . e 2 , . g f A , ..,,. . .. I . hw. ,xx 9 if f he M.- ffiii i . Nix' . N t ,h E4 ' F I I I 5 N X I x v' 'A . X X N x 3 'J , f fi' -wr 5 L "T" 'fi ' S I ll " I " if E1-N.."f... .' wax 5 j- .. '. , . . N . 'C' - . . -.- ' - 'S - , 'lily Sexy. . ' '. qqfilil 'waiigliixggzl' 1- mx 1, -C A E, 325' in-g ,fe TJ. ' LS' R-?:ff'2j' . "il-f.,Q:fT"vfI. I" The Picnic Culminated Man REBECCA IRENE MATRACIA: Moi.-flelorne Econ- omics. A. SUE MATHEWS: lVlaj.- -Home Economicsg Cheer- block, Home Ec. Club, SAO Rep. IUANITA S. MAYES: Maj. Artg SAO Rep. BONNIE L. MEANS: Map. -Home Econornicsg Cheer- block, DCE Club. CAROLYN I. MESSICK: Maj.-ff-Commercial, Math, Dromo Club. NOEL C. METCALFE: lVlal.flVlathematicsg Tennis Key Club, B. Concert Club. SARAH I. MEULEN: Maj.--Commercialg Cheer- block, SAO Rep. IAMES R. MEYER: Maj.-Auto Shopg SAO Rep. IOHN W. MIHAY: l'Vlaj.fSheet Metal Shop: Wres- tling, DAVID R. MIKESELL: Moi.-Auto Shop. C. RANDALL MILLER: Maj.--Sclence, Mathg Track, Block-T Club, Bosketboll, Cross Country. CYRENA A. MILLER: lVlaj.fCommerciaIg Cheer- block, SAO Rep., Stud. Nur. Code-t. IERRY D. MILLER: Maj.-Shopg Techoir, B. Concert Club, Wrestling, Baseball. SANDRA K. MILLER: Maj.-Home Economicsg ROTC Spon., Con. Staff, SAO Rep. ROBERT L. MILTON: Maj.-Carpentryg Track. CHARLES M. MINTON: Moi.-Science, Art. ALBERTA MITCHELL: Maj.-Science, Hist., Y-Teens. GLENDA L. MITCHELL: Mol.-Commercial, DCE Club. PATRICIA F. MONEYMAKER: Maj.-Commercial, Ser. Club, XYZ. DONNA M. MOON: Moi.-Mothemotics, Science, SAO Bd. lcor. sec.J, Techoir, lsecl, G. Ensemble, ROTC Spon. lcopt.J, Sec. 7. Wonderful Events In the Tech gym strangely-garbecl seniors add gala and enthusiasm to Senior Night. IZ3 Margaret Chandler shows Linda Higgins and Patricia johnson the site ofthe l96l class gift Commencement Climaxed the Cherished Years BEVERLY K. MOORE: Mai.-Commercial, DCE Club, SAO Rep. ELEANOR J. MOORE: Moi.-Home Economics, Sci- ence. L. JANICE MOORE: Mai.-Health, Bond. MINNIE DUNBAR MOORE: Moi.-Commercial. TOMMY E. MOORE: Mai.-History. FAITH E. MORRISON: Moi.-Commercial, Ser. Club, SAO Rep., Lib. Asst. MICHAEL J. MOSS: Moi.-Mathematics, Hist., Ser. Club, Key Club, lsec.l, Golf, Sr. Cap and Gown Comm. PATRICIA F. MOSS: Moi.-Commercial, Lib. Asst. CHRISTINE MOUDY: Moi.-Commercial, Long., JCL, Ser, Club, Sr. Convocation Comm., G. State Rep., Cheerblock. CORNELIUS S. MUNCIE: Mai. - Science, JCL, Block-T Club, Basketball, Track, Cross Country. LORA S. MUNDY: Maj.--fCommercial, Home EC. JAMES R. MUNRO: Maj.-Mathematics, Science, Arch. Drafting, Tennis, Ser. Club, Wrestling, Block-T Club, ISAAC S. MYRICK: Mai.fCabinet Making. MARVIN K. NANCE: Moi.-History. MAYREE NASH: Mai.iMathematics, l-list., Health, Y-Teens lpres.l, Ser. Club lv.-presl, R. Cross ltreas.J, SAO Rep., French Club. CHARLES H. NELMS: Mai.-l-listory. G. ANITA NELMS: Mai.-History, Ser. Club, SAO Rep., R. Cross, Home Ec. Club. PATRICK R. NESBIT: Mai.-Science, Radio ond TV, Speech Team, M.C. Jr. Prom. ROBERT M. NEWBY: Mai. - I-listory, Aviation, Techoir, CHARLES I. NEWKIRK: Mai.-Mathematics, Shop, Scienceg Art Club, XYZ, Science Club. IZ4 W . iv t , X xt 5 S 15.5. A. X . M . , .... X gi , .., ' 2 w : ff- 5 ,' Q9 ,.,,- .1 'Q ss? Q X X WA 'Q' ali Af' hr' 1 X ' 2. +1 nm: 1 . Q. ff... 11 M- . x ...- . 5 -I Q a I sl I I' . .f ,ff , , ' NJ I" f Q J 'A X -vm-f g YF' I N --' li , X If x l .4 I. ' 1 gl l f SQ . A , 'S' 5' ' . -.2-was 'Q'--QP -M il r s . X . . r H , . X V X x. gn. 5. , A 1 . I CONNIE K. PAYNE: Maj.-l-lealth, Ser. Club, Can. Stott, SAO Rep. FRANKIE L. PEARSON: Maj.-Commercial, Cheer- block, DCE Club lreporterl. CAROLYN PEASE: Ivlaj.-Historyg Ser. Club, Che:r- block, Y-Teens. DAVID PEAVLER: Maj.-Mathematics, ROTC, XYZ, SAO Rep. THOMAS A. PEMBLETON: Maj.-Electricity, Treos. 7, Key Club, Concert Club lpres.l, Ser. Club, Sr. Prom. Comm. DELORES PETERMAN: Mai.-l-lealth, Hist., Ser Club, Y-Teens, Science Club. JAMES M. PHIPPS: Maj.-Printing. LANA S. PHIPPS: Maj.-Commercial. BETTY J. PICKETT HELEN M. PLUMMER: Maj.-Commercial, Home Ec.5 Cheerblock, Ser. Club. PATTY J. POINDEXTER: Maj.-Commercial, Cheer- block, Ser. Club. JEANNETTE POKE: Maj.-Home Economics, l-lealth. ROSCOE R. POLIN: Maj.-Auto Mechanics. LARRY M. POLLEY: Maj.-Science, Shop, Mathe- matics. BONNIE L. POLSON: Mai.-Commercial, Orch. BETTY ANN POOLE: Maj.-Home Economics. LORINE POPE: Maj.-History, Health. ELEANOR J. POWELL: Maj.-Commercial, l-list: Ser. Club, Home Ec. Club, SAO Rep. RICHARD L. POWELL: Maj.-Commercial, Hist. HENRY D. PRICE: Maj.-Shop, l-list. I . I " . A Q . X-' .V f QV QU.. I . .bl-...ff i ...IL Y.. -.,. . f ff if mit .il J Y S... .'x an -. 'M .,.,. 'T' 'V ee. W 'f " X fp R .. nk' ff BERNARD J. NEWNUM: Moj.fMathemotics. DALE R. NEWSOM: Moi.-Auto Mechanics. MARY L. NEWTON: fVlOl.+I"IOfT16 Economics. DONALD V. NICHOLAS: Mal.TAviotion. PATRICIA A. NIEMAN: Mal.-Commercial, SAO Rep. NANCY L. NOFFKE: Mol.-Commercial. CARTER A. NORIVIINCTON: lVlaj.- History, IVlath,g Shop. JEROME C. O'DONNELL: Maj.-Shop. PHYLLIS J. OGDEN: Maj.-I-leolth, Home Economics, RONALD W. O'HERN JACK R. O'NEILL: Maj.-Mathematics, l-list., Track, SAO Rep., ROTC Officers' Club. DAVID P. OPEL: Maj,-Auto Shop, l-list., Techoir, Concert Club, Choral Club. Nat, Science Club. DONALD H. OPEL: Mai,-Auto Shop, Cabinet Mak- ingg Concert Club, Choral Club. DONNA K. OWEN: Maj.-Home Economics, SAO Rep. HEDY M. PADCETT: Mal.-Mathematics, Science DAVID A. PARISH: Maj.-Science, Math., Techoir, Key Club, Orch. RALPH PARROTT: Maj.-Foundry, Ser. Club, Band. ALBERT W. PARSON: Maj.-History, Shop. CAROLYN J. PATTERSON: Maj.-Home Econom- ics, Y-Teens, Music Club. PATRICIA J. PATTON: Maj.-History. .. I l . oi I lwl , A ..f J ah? Ev I X .. J x cr .- fildi C' .......? F"',. ' J", , - ,: ,K gs 4-ev I sink If l25 A 'W 1 'vw 2 ' ' xx D v luih E , I ,ix ' . 3 . S , J . ' 5'-.-eww... i..f 'S 1 -.. W 4 S 1 f . Q N, V .,v,,...,, ., ff 'H' ' - ' ' -Sci' -,.,,, . V T Q"-'wg , JOHN S. ROBERTSON: Maj.-History. LARRY K. ROBERTSON: Maj.-lvlathematicsg Nat. Science Club, Radio Club. RODGER A. ROBERTSON: Maj.--Art, Math.g Art Club, Choral Club. BETTY L. ROBINSON: Maj.-Home Economics: DCE Club, Cheerblock. EDWARD I. RODA: Maj.-Shop, Mathg DCE Club, Radio Club, Jr, Prom Comm. JANICE M. ROGERS: Maj.-Health, Home Econom- icsg Cheerblock, Rec. Club. WILMA L. ROGERS: Mai.-Home Economicsg Home Ec. Club ltreas.l SAO Rep. FLOYD RONEY: Mai--Electric Shop, Hist.g Basket- ball. SANDRA MAY ROUSE: Mai.-Home Economics: Ser. Club, Drama Club. SHARON ANN RUPPERT: Maj.-Commercial lV.- Pres.lg 7, V.-Pres., Sr. Coun. lV.-Pres.l, Sr. Cords Comm., Kaltz. ONA S. RUSH: l'Vlaj.- -Music, Healthg lvlusic Club, Y-Teens, Rec. Club. WILLIAM DENNY RUSHTON: lvlai.-Mathematics, Science, Commercial, Basketball, Football, Colt. IOHN C. RUSSELL: Maj.-Scienceg Key Club, Techoir, Ctreas.l, B. Octette, Stud. Coun. lpres.J TOM R. SANDERS: Mai.--Art. CARY M. SARVER: Maj.-Science, Math., Block-T Club lpres.l, Radio Club lv-pres.l, Wrestling, Foot- ball, Track. BYRON SAYLOR: Maj.-Shop, Art. MARTHA IO SCARBOROUCH: Maj.fFrench, Math.: French Club lv-pres.l, Stud. Coun., Ser. Club, XYZ, Majorette. NANCY L. SCHULTZ: Maj.-History. E. EUGENE SCOTT: Mai.-----History, Shopg DCE Club. MARSHA K. SCOTT l26 X w .ie "Af, . X, JN, .9 . - if '- ,- S X , if X R A ,QSIH W Q Hi . WO: . . , f f ,. if "w if vfj I , .dv 1 , . 2. xXTw W f 'W' X if 2 l 2 f , . .. K SANDRA V. PULLIAM: Maj.-History: Home Ec. Club, G. Rec. Club. V. IRENE QUILLEN: Maj.-Mathematics, Cheer- block. MINNIE QUINN: Mai.-Home Economics: SAO Rep., DCE Club itreas.l. SUE C. RAY: Mai,-Historyg Home Ec., Commercial, D. ELAINE REDFORD: Maj.-Commercial, Health, For. Rel. Club. JANET K. REED: Mai.-Home Economics, Home Ec. Club, Cheerblock, SAO Rep. BRENDA R. REEDUS: Maj.-Commercial. JOHN A. REESE: Maj.-Mathematics. JANET G. RETTIG: Maj.-Home Economics, History. ROBERT P. REYNOLDS: Maj.-History, Radio and SANDRA L. REYNOLDS: Maj.-Home Economics, Orch., FTA tv-pres.J. SADIE M. RICHARDSON: Maj.-Home Economics, Health. ERNEST C. RICCS: Maj.-Drafting, DCE Club. HAROLD W. RIGHTOR: Maj.-Music, Hist.g Band, ROTC, Madrigals, Techoir. EVERETT C. ROACH: Maj.-Auto Shop: ROTC. RONALD G. ROBBINS: Maj.-Drafting. BRUCE C. ROBERTS: Maj.-Art. MARSHA L. ROBERTS: Maj.-Commercial, Home Ec.g Cheerblock, Ser. Club, Y-Teens. CAROL ANNE ROBERTSON: Maj.-Language: Orch., German Club, Drama Club isecl. CHARLOTTE H. ROBERTSON: Mai,-Hist.g Can. Staff, fed. pg. 2.5. . I .. V, xglxg, . 1: fi- U I 1 E , Q f W' f- 5' w AJ Q- 4 S '..,.-.RS W . T t ,xx 'f "3 z ., - ' X S. A 36 V ' I V ' A v I' r , -eil , X J iff . ' ..,q X . I X . .Q , Ak '- fix? I A X9 H f 50" X' Q Nw' W W as 'W gg I 'X' i , :,, Q f if 5 s f f ,f I .r A XZ Q' , WM if .Q 'i I 'Ulf l, V"-- V' a 'W lx x am 'Q Q P. MARK SCOTT: Maj.-Science. SHIRLEY I. SHACKELFORD: Maj.--eLanguageg NFL Cpresl, Debate Team lcaptl, Speech Team. MICHAEL J. SHANNON: Maj.-Science, Math. IOHN F. SHEATS: lvlaiflvlafhematics, Shop, DCE, ROTC Drill Team, ROTC Officers' Club. CHRIS D. SHEFFE: lvlaif 'Airplane Shop, Hisfg Ser Club, ROTC Drill Team, ROTC Officers' Club, NCO Club lpres.J. C. RAYMOND SHIPLEY: Maj.fScience, Math., Histg Sr. Coun., Gift Comm., Sgt.-at-arms 7, SONNY C. SHOEMAKER: Maj.-Art, ROTC. DAVID P. SHORT: Maj.---Airplane Mechanics. JOE P. SIGG: Mai.-Mathematics, I-list., Lang., Sciienceg Pres, 7, Sr. Coun, lSgt.-at-armsl, Techoir, Track, Basketball. LINDA C. SIMMONS: lVlaj.fLating Fur. Nur, Club. WILLIAM M. SIPPLE: Mai.-Shop. RONALD L. SIZEMORE: Maj.-Mathematics, Hisfg Cross Country, XYZ, NCO Club, Basketball. GEORGE W. SLUDER: Maj.-Auto Shop. ION R. SMITH: Maj.-Aviation, Football. IUDITH ANN SMITH: Mai,-Commercial, Home Economics. MARY I. SMITH: lVlaj.4Commercial, Home Eco- nomics. RICHARD E. SMITH: Maj,fScienCe, Math., German, Techoir, Sr. Coun., Madrigals, German Club. TEDDY R. SMITH: Maj.--Barbering. DAVID' A. SNOW: Mai.-Printingg Science Club. DONNA I. SOVERN: Maim-Science, Math., Orch.. Fut. Nur. Club, Music Club, Drama Club. Dancing Created an Enchanting Prom Evening Susan l-laII's eye is caught by Warren Davis' mark of distinction-green and white ribbons. IZ7 Departing Seniors SHIRLEY M. SPEARS: Moj.-Commercial. WILLIAM H. STACNER: Mai.-History, Wrestling, Drama Club, Block-T Club, Choral Club. PHYLLIS A. STEARNS: Maj.-Commercial, Histg Ser. Club, SAO Rep. BETTY I. STERRETT: Maj.-Commercial, SAO Rep., Lib. Asst. NANCY I. STERRETT: Mai.-History, SAO Bd., Sec. 6, Sr. Coun., FTA Cpres.l, Cod. T. RUSSELL D. E. STERRETT: Moj.-Mothemotics, Drafting, Baseball, Football. FRANK O. STEVENS: Maj.-History, XYZ, Auto Club, Ser. Club, Science Club. SANDRA I. STEVENSON: Maj.fCommercialg Kaltz. KAREN S. STIERWALT: lVlaj.fScience, Health, SAO Rep., Ser. Club. BETTIE M. STIGERS: MGI.-Commerciol, Hist. ROBERT V. STILES: Moj.-Drafting. FRANCES W. STOTT: Moi.-Home Economics, Math., SAO Bd. lv.-presl, R. Cross lv.-pres.l, Ser. Club lpresl, ROTC Spon. lhon. copt.l. DAVID H. STRAUSER: Mai.-Drafting, Tecboir. BARBARA A. STREEPY: Moj.-Language, Home Economics, SAO Rep. VILNIS STRELNIEKS: Mai.-Mathematics, ROTC Rifle Teom, NCO Club. RALPH T. STROUGH: Moi,-Shop. MARK D. STUCKER: Moi.-History. L. PATRICIA SULLIVAN: lVlaj.+l-listory, Commer- cial, Cbeerblock, Fur. Nur, Club. DAVID L. SUTTON: Maj.-Radio and TV, Wres- tling lrngr.l Ser. Club, Radio Club lpres.l DONNA A. SUTTON: Mai.-Healtlwg Y-Teens, Flag Twirler. l28 XZ, 1-fu. .gs v 'gif' A ,l H -, . X . X V 'fl I 'l Q .2 .,,, . Q w.. A, I X" "Q kai-,SV " YI?" , . Q . ,,,,. ,Zh . , , X X -Q V l X . 'Ili 'Vs' . S as S " P' ' ziffiigglsizf , CAROL J. TRITCH: Moi.-Home Economics, Com- mercial: Y-Teens. JOSEPH A. TUCHER LOIS L. TURNER: Maj.-Science, Art: Scienie Club. MARY L. TURNER: Maj.Yl-l.storyg Ser. C'ub, C. Rec. Club, Not. Science Club. NANCY ANN TUTTLE: Maj.-History. IOHN C. TYLER: Maj.-English, Shop. IAMES I. TYSON: Maj.-Artg Cross Country, Foot- ball. ERNESTINE UNDERWOOD: Mai.fFrenchg Y-Teens, French Club. PATRICIA I. VARNEY: Maj.-History, Commercialg SAO Rep., Home Ec. Club. ESTHER L. VAUCHT: Maj.-Commercial. FRED I. VIA: Maj.-l-listory, Math. STEVEN A. VIE: Mai.-Draftingg Chess Club. JAMES R. VINT: Moi.-Drafting, Moth. MARGARET R. WADE: Maj.-History, Home Eco- nomicsg Ser. Club, Cheerblock. EDGAR L. WALDEN: Maj.-Mathematics, Science, Aviationg Sr. Cap ancl Crown Comm. SHANNON M. WALDO: Mai.-Language, Home Economicsg ROTC Spon., Techoir, ICL. VERNON E. WALLINGFORD: Mai.-Mathematics lr-list. Cierx Sgt.-at-Arms 6 SAO Bd. Key ub ROTC Officers Club ltreas.l Sr. Coun. BETTY R. WALTON: Maj.-History' Cheerleader SAO Rep., Techoir JOHNNY E. WALTON: Maj.-Mathematics. . . ' . , CI , by if WILLIAM A. WALJLS: Mai.-Hasrofy. THOMAS C. SWINFORD: Mal.--V-Body and Fender. RITA M. SYKES: Maj.--Art, Kalfz, Ci. Ensemble, Techoir lco-pres.J. Sr. Coun, lsecl. V-Pres. 6. DENNIS L. TAFT: Moi.-Shop. SHERRON A. TARTER: Maj.4Commfercial, Cheer- block. H. RONALD TAYLOR: Maj.- -Mafhematcsg Troas, 6, Techoir, SAO Bcl., Key Club, Modrigols. IRENE A. TAYLOR: Maj,-Art Metal Cralfg Y'Teens ltreas.l, Cheerblock, Music Club, Ser. C'ub. Band JAMES M. TAYLOR: Moi.-Electric Shop, Moth. MARY K. TAYLOR: Main-Commercial, Home Ec., Cheerblock. RICHARD B. TAYLOR: Moi,-l-lisfory. NORMAN L. TERRY: Maj.-Mathematics, Track, Block-T Club, Footboll. SANDRA J. TETRICK: Moi.-Commerciol. MARY F. THOMAS: Maj.-l-lorne Economics: Cheer- block, Home Ec. Club. MARY S. THOMAS: Mayfl-lome Economics, l-lome Ec. Club lpres.J, Cheerbloik, SAO Rep., Music Club. DONNIE R. THOMPSON: Moi.-Art. HAROLD L. THOMPSON: Maj.4MaThiemaTics, I-list., Science: Wriesrling. EWELL THRASHER: Mai.fl-llstoryg Auto Club lv- pres.l. HOY H. THURMAN: Maj.-Foundry, Football. WILLIAM H. TODD: Maj.-Painting and Decoration: Auto Club. RICHARD E. TOLLE: Maj.-Drafting, SAO Rep., Ser. Club. DENNIS A. TRIMMER: Moi.-Cobinet Making. J 4 K rf Q. M V V 2 -w-gy I7 . f 2. . ,.5:V..J ,,-1 . , , ws 1'-2 I' ""' W 'T 21027 If 1 ,. , if 4 idL W 129 612' 44" r' x I "ani .ng ..:, ie , , I V V , ' . ,..:?.-'f.'..-33:52-Snzqeexiiuktk ,fl , , - it CAROLYN L. WILLIAMS: Maj.-Drafting, l-list., Mathematics. IAMES L. WILLIAMS: lVlaI.+HistOry, Key Club lpres.l, Stud. Coun. lsgt.-at-armsl, Speech Team, Techoir, B. Octette. ROBERT E. WILLIAMS: Maj.-History, ROTC Color Guard, Drum Major, Band, Orch. SUZAN I. WILLIAMS: Maiflvlusic, l-list., Can. Staff lpg. l co-ed.l, R, Cross Club, Kaltz, Cad. Teacher. CAROL A. WILLIS: Maj.-Home Economics, l-list. CAROL A. WININGER: Maj.-History, Ed. of lames E. Roberts Journal. PEGGY LEE WISE: Maj.-Commercial, Ser. Club, Home EC. Club. MARY E. WITTEN: Maj.-Commercial, Hist,, Cheerblock, SAO RED., DCE Club. DIANE E. WOODARD: lVlaI.fCommercial, Y-Teens, Ser. Club. I. R. WOODCOCK: Maiflvlach. Shop, Football, Cross Country, CHARLES L. WOODS: Mai- -Aviation. IANET L. WOOTEN: Maj, Commercial, SAO Rep., Ser. Club. IAMES D. WRIGHT: Mai,-Cabinet Making, DCE Club. LESLIE H. WRIGHT: Maj.-Printing. RACHEL E. WRIGHT: Mai.-Language, Lib. Asst. PHILLIP H. YATES: Mai- I-listory, Painting and Decorating. JOSEPH M. YEAGLEY: Maj.-Art, Auto Shop. BETTY E. YEARY: Maj.-Home Economics, SAO Rep., R. Cross. ESTHER R. YENSEL: Mai.--Home Economics, Cheer- block. SANDRA K. YORK: Maj.-History. l3O . wa' A . ,4 .. - I. : 2 QR R, 'Q Divx Gam v-Ip' Q? I up I ,v f ,vi '. , , -2 ,. . E x 3 M.. is v i yx IAMES R. WARD: Maj.-Body and Fender, Auto Club, Concert Club. IAY A. WARD: Maj.-History, Can. Staff, Com- mencement Comm., NFL, Band. JENNIE S. WARD: Maj.-Home Economics. THOMAS WARFIELD: Maj.-History. DAVID A. WATT: Mai.-History, Math, SAO Bd. ltreas.l, Key Club lsgt,-at-arms and treas.l. KENNETH E. WATTS: Maj.-History, Track. DENNIS E. WEATHERS: Maj.-Art. IAMES C. WEDDELL: Maj.-Mathematics, ROTC Officers' Club, French Club, Chess Club. RUDY WEINHARDT: lVlaj.+Cierman, Math., Sci- ence, German Club, Chess Club lpresl, Chem.- Phys. Club lsgt.-at-armsl, XYZ, SAO Rep. ROBERT I. WENTE: Mai,-Shop, DCE Club. ROBERT P. WEST, II: Mai.-Music, Band. RAYMOND R. WESTFALL: Maj.-Shop. SANDRA M. WHARTON: Mai.-Commercial, Home Economics. EYNDA L. WHEELER: Mai.-Home Economics, Ser. lub. ALVIN C. WHITE: Maj.-Carpentry. PHILLIP W. WHITE: Maj.-Mathematics, Tennis, Block-T Club, Football. WINSTON R. WHITE: Maj.-Electric Shop, Wres- tling, Drama Club. MARY A. WHITEMOSS: lVlaj.fArt, Cheerleader. LARRY T. WHITLOCK: Maj.-Auto Shop. WILLIAM C. WIESKUS: Maj.-Art. T -H" A : : . , K .ig 3 'E , . 12 X -ij 4 Q N w , 'V ----sr A ,,. ,,,. lan: '-gk QQ.. if I -L .M ft 3 IF' .Ig 3, 7- ffl! 1- el , iikxa., I 3 AG '-Ya . . . , ' ' . SH S - .,: 1. mx 5 .Q ' ' rx K N E rf X ,N if 'I A we I X .E .,. R S219 I Ki' ,,. AN ' ' , 2 f August Seniors IUDITH R. BEATY ALMAGENE E. BERNARD SHIRLEY K. BowSI-IER SYLVIA K. BowSI-IER PATRICK H. BURKE PAUL K. CLARK VERNA R. FLETCHER CAROL A. FODDRILL DORIS A. FULTZ CI-IERYL NI. GRUNDY IAMES E. HOOPER IAMES B. HOSKINS, IR. IAMES c. IACKSON ROBERT I. IONES STEPHEN R. KEEFE HAROLD E. KIDWELL LASZLO LENKEI PATRICIA L. LIGHT RONALD I. LITTLE SHARON L. MC ANINCH CATHERINE M. MC KENNA HERSCHELL MEANS IAMES E. RUSKAUP BETTY D. ROBINSON DAVID I-I. STRAUSER ETHEL R. THOMPSON RUBY N. WILLIAMS LucIANA B. WOLFF IAMES D. WOODCOCK 2" Q 'fl '1Ql,i..SS?lf Sb ELIZABETH I. YOST: Maj, -I-lustoryg Yearbk. lco- cd. '60, Cd,-In-chief '6ll, Tecboir, Madrugals, SAO Rep., XYZ. MARY A. YOST: Mal. Sclence, I-list., Mall-1,3 Kaltz lpreS.J, XYZ, Tecboir, MARLENE M. YOUNG: Mol.-History, Home Eco- nomics., SAO Bd., Ser. Club, R. Cross, Drama Club, Speech Team. PAUL L. YOUNG: Mal,-f-Shop, Math., Techolr, Trock, Sr, Picnic Comm., Dromo Club, French Club. SANDRA K. YOUNG: Map, History, Spanisbg Span- ish Club, Ser. Club, JOHN W. YULE: Mol.-History. DZIDRA M. ZILS: Male-Art, Math., Drama Club lv-preS.l, Ser, Club lcorr. Secl, Art Club lSec.- treaS.I Cheerblock lrec. Sec.l, German Club. 49 W -E45 Www f X V18 Nfl '-Wg Q ln. .7 1 X N2 ' 'S R 4 a f' 'E' NS V. 5 BD' 27,71 gummy Q L 4 A I3l 9 is Q 5 ak QM X ,. , j -K 6 If 'SL X X .ifgbw , X X gN'?7'.f3f",."3-iii, V4 L V X' fn, ,-qcfxwsgx .as Qxgiv-,Q ggm, 1,235 . , ,. X ,K mpfgf 4 . 1 K2 N5 N ...., 1 ':'Qg',,J 4,1 A: 4 x J V. fu Qggqtigg W . ,A , . ., f . x E., wi'-,. ,,,j'Q'kSYf .XTX J, WV' , -'.,,' 1.F-gif' Q , - M f Q, A 4 4, ,f X x ' f',.J 'gif' gsffiri " l ,A -fmriwf. 6'9" VN swf- A f ' Q ffl Ziff L, wgif' wj?.12X?'V Q 5.3 1 5 50 .,.. 1 f'..Mi3QAm+. -ww f wg. 2 , ,iff N- -nr RQ63' 4-.xQ'.Qgq1',?ea:.,,"e' G: 1 ,J 31.251 ff 'wc-V , A 1 'V f -QW 'fwP?Nsq.,'4 Y 'A" '.'i1 , 'WW QA - : 3' w- ,X ,S13,5f.'ff -:Ij'7"F' 'g,, - f f, ,px 5,,,5,,mix' MSM: ' x ,fi , , , V: ,ASX . J - -af ' Qi?-fmff?5,1geVf tl ' . f V .f N X' 'f 2 in , ' -- Y . Q W . K ,wx . ' fx . , g - X naw wx ff ' ef' ::. ms -f " 51:0 IJSLLL V .J , 'if af -:wx zf fx , f , ,J .. xx Sn' K 5 if le .x if Qfsfmw Q . ,V W, Q , 'N awwgiwx K' fn 5 5' .4,.?.,.,,5X AqiY,lgJ.x-Q. x . X 3 1 xa-K5 ,STQQKW A figlgv vffifg, QM, 4 , A .. K Q 52 e . x fa- M... M... 3 K N .M v :gi ' . X 3 W -ni" vw. Tickin' at Tech in our Buyer's Guide .Ks time ticks on, sweeping hands of clocks all over Indianapolis keep track ol' minutes its they sail hy. Vile 'lwechites niust keep track ol' the many services done-niorning, noon, and night-lor us hy our year- hook sponsors, the numerous businesses that adver- tise in our yearbook. Banks, drive-ins, clrugstores. florists. cleaners, jewelers, lood coiupztnies, and photo- graphers are just at lew old the business concerns all over Indixuizipolis. These husinesses are showing their loyalty and interest in our school :ind its :tctivities when they :advertise in our yearbook. XVe can show our :appreciation hy thanking theni with Ilillftllllllllg their businesses when services ol? the kind they offer are needed. Services :ind products ol' the highest quality are advertised in the Iollowing pages. XVhen the clock on the wall shows buying tinie, look to our huyer's guide. As time ticks on. we tic k on. In our l3uyc'r's Guide A IH?-I12 Student Index ee.. eee, I lf?-I I7 if W 'A' i lr? iz li? t' . x 5 1 ' l Q i K 7 1 9 3 c fc f f i k f ' , ffl-cm--5 3 6 I . f -rJ":':-' JM E!! mfwuqvcga I Q V J .LT--:l,-- :gs , Q " . TW,-L' t w Q 7'-' 1',A,:M1-...- ' A ' " -' '-ff.. I l33 , U, , 4,1 R ,gf 6' sv S . .,-R, C -x gf-E mb ii Q W E i ,311 EVERY LAUNDRY SERVICE if 'A' 'lr Sanitone Dry Cleaning 'k ir 'k Rugs, Carpets, and Furniture Cleaning ir i' 'k Call IVIE 73331 For Prompt Pick-up 'k 'k 'A' 8 convenient stores to serve you GD QIIQIIIIUII FIRST IN PERSONAL SERVICE 134 SAVE FOR THE FUTURE SHELBY STREET FEDERAL Savings and Loan Association 1525 Shelby Street ME 51503 David Barnard is making another deposit in his valuable savings account at Shelby Street Federal Savings and Loan Association. Postage is paid both ways! Be Populoir in 1961 - Own cmd Drive o Chevy' from EAST SIDE CHEVROLET, INC. Sales and Service FL 71121 5436 East Washrington Street Used Car Lot FL 52453 5408 East Washington Street DEXHEIMER-CARLON STUDIO Senior Betsy Yost poses a pretty picture for jerry Carlon, professional photograph-er. Mr. Carlon photographed the graduating seniors, and he took numerous pictures ot activities for the 1961 ARSENAL CANNON. Located in the Odd Fellows Building 11 North Pennsylvania Street Room 912 ME 76990 135 Don't Be Lett Out in the Coldll Be Sure Your Home ls Electrically Heated by GARDNER ELECTRIC CO., INC. 23l3 East Michigan Street ME 85532 LET'S CO BIC- C-REENllll Electricity "sparks" the life ot everyone. Sharolyn Condra and Deana Warner stand by one ot the street lights which "brighten" the beautiful campus in the evening. M 2,7-ff A U .5 f..t N , .. . ,,,- ,, f, , -r ,, ...,., ,. as -ff2+ , , .,, .... , i.., ,,y V gig ig, ,i X N. 1 in Q 'E-'Ei' is . M., flu ,, KOEHLER'S WHOLESALE RESTAURANT SUPPLY COMPANY You name it - We have itl lndiana's largest restaurant and institutional food distributors. 2340 East lOth Street ME 62345 Warren Davis and Carlene Allen "plot" for a "portion" of the "yummies" and "goodies" which are "packed" behind them!! FRESH UP WITH 7-UP THE ALL-FAMILY DRINK Seven Up Bottling Co., lnc. 651 East Twentieth Street F4 WA 51481 I i After a trying day, David Sowder and Marsha Stuts- man reach for a refreshing, bubbling bottle of cool 7-Up, I36 fiagi is MERRlLL'S Hl-DECKER Delicious food served by courteous carhops. A location everyone knows I 155 East 38th Street Karen Madritsch and Bruce Geddes patronize Mer- rill s Ht Decker for a "refresher." TECHITES Always Find Time to Eat!! Go To WA 58983 For Quality in Appliances, Tools and Supplies Visit Al Meyer Hardware No. 1 1728 East 10th Street ME 20542 AI Meyer Hardware No. Z 2630 East Michigan Street ME 17195 Al Meyer Hardware No. 3 3745 North Keystone Bernard Buzz' DeVore flashes a smile as he rings u purchase at AL MEYER HARDWARE 31 i 1 , A 1 tefittert P", lNDIANA'S LARGEST GERMAN SHEPHERD KENNEL Delbert and Maxine Harold, Owners Pups tor guard dogs, obedience and companions. Show animals from champion U. S. German bloodlines. I 7 Miles East ,' of State Road 111 100 on East 38th Street canines from ......,-mu s We 3, wr ,KXQ eta si ' X .2 1. Ip an we L M gt. i wr: 1 .' f cl FOR QUALITY Buy your gas and oil at the THRIFT STOP and SAVE Thrift Stop Service' Station 390l Southeastern Avenue FL 70505 Louis I. Christ, lr., and Phyllis lean Odgenr "filler- up" for better "Thrift" .,,, -5 '-4 ii' For Meals, For Snacks get the best and friendliest service at VAN HOY'S LUNCH COUNTER l7l4 East 10111 Street ME 64051 Hallie Bishop and Linda Alfred smile as they serve "Cooling cokes to two teens of Tech. .1 fi. 5.1 .- ix? is in if. as ' 1 965 Oll STEER IN TO DELICIOUS FOODS J, LAUGHNER'S STEER-IN RESTAURANT Curb Service and Dining Room 5130 East l0th FL 70002 Hamburger or steak? Which to choose is the problem faced by Warren Davis and Susan Forkner as they scan the inviting menu. Q, -a NW' 4- 5 ' r f. 1,3 ' eil' f ss Rai - If cw-ia, Q' j 55. Z ,4 J .,4+'!E , -fan?-., 1 4 . 5 1 Us , Q . .,. ,. 4..- -fl de 4, 3,-is. . '1- sl: 3- f.-34. A . QF-4--'v ue, v A' -G9 ,yas .. 'rx 1 rl x . b Handsome and Smart Formal Wear at SKEFFlNGTON'S FORMAL WEAR INC. 132 East New York Street ME 41583 922 Broad Ripple Avenue CL 12206 What a handsome fellow! ef in such a handsome white dinner packet! lim Williams, senior, is being fitted for the final fling Senior Prom "PREPARATION CREATES OPPORTUNITY" Education for Careers in Business The Indianapolis Center of INDIANA BUSINESS COLLEGE 802 North Meridian Street ME 48337 Mr. C. T. Butz, principal of Central Business College, instructs lane Campbell and Anita Hougland as to the training received for the "future" secretaries. ,,,.,..wffM--V M ff V t., XY'V' 'N r 'A' za- N ' V X f Kjgvw1v1azHwf1jfQzfsrt'?:'giQ!Zf1z 5559,-.tty ,. 1: tt! ,. . L .4 an-hw -.A Hit' THREE CHEERS!! as -Q6 for STARK 84 WETZEL Quality Meat Products lan-et Stucker, Sue Burkhart, and Lyn Funke "beam" as it Wfvfg. i they partake of an extremely favorite food not only during WA. -' football season, but in all seasons! 139 You Never Outgrow Your Need for MILK Drink At Leost 3 Glosses EVERY DAY MAC'S GULF SERVICE MADISON AVENUE "At the sign of the oranges disc" Brake Service Motor Tune-Up ' . 2457 Madison Avenue Wheel Balancing Batteries Wash Wax "Order By Phone With Confidence" Polish Tires 1844 East 10th Street ME 90674 ST 44446 ST 60431 o'sHAuoHNEssY DRUGS COMPLETEdHEAT'NG Complete Prescription Service AIR CONDITIONING Hallmark Cards American Express Money Orders Sheet Metol Co., Inc. 1402 N. Olney ME 86701 4101 East 10th Street FL 95421 140 For that snack After a game . After a movie Follow the crowd JACK 'N JILL DRIVE-IN EQ, fs- wx' Ut wr, ..' i 'fi lifting . I x fu-iz" 'I X 4 D ,,. lL'.3f .f I rw, , '14 in ,ff :gg lj' '25 JI I' I X, I ' I I Ll ' G1 1 'I I I 'ii Inf! qi ' ki '17 I , 3 6 lfl. RESTAURANT T 32I5 Shadeland Avenue Ll 70988 b , gy A,f, vw gi l ' -' -"ff ----,XA .VN-gfvg 9 'nf David Barnard "hungrily" awaits a tray of that delicious and taste tempting lack 'n jill food. lt's Pizzo Eating Time At "Of Course" 'F','.,4 ri sf! We're selecting our senior rings from CHARLES B. DYER CO INC Manufacturing Cr Retail jewelers The Newest in Designs and Finest in Quality and in Craftmanship Trophies - Medals - Honor Awards 234 Massachusetts Avenue Pat Iohnson and Doug Wheatly, juniors, realize h gh school days are dwindling away as they become eligible to select a teas red senior ring 2422 Roosevelt ME lO78O PIZZA PAK COMPLIMENTARY ADS Martins Drugs I702 Lexington Avenue Luebking Floral Co., Inc. 3837 East lOth Street Yager Pharmacy I702 East Washington Bovvden's Confectionery 27 I O Southeastern Ernest W. Schneider, tailor 920 Colle-ge "A Friend" C. C. Murphy Co. 33 North Illinois C-low Floral 4IOO East Michigan Washington Auto Parts 2I I3 East Washington Rivoli Smart Shop 3I5I East lOth Street Doherty's Market 3326 East lOth Street Producers of the I96I ARSENAL CANNON ROPKEY ENGRAVING COMPANY II7 North East Street ME 93426 Charles Mueller, consultant Margaret Carey, secretary Frank Persell, artist THE S. K. SMITH COMPANY Yearbook Covers 2857 North Western Avenue Chicago I8, Illinois jack K. Bundy, sales representative I42 PROFESSIONAL PHOTOCRAPHER jerry Carlon of DEXHEIMER-CARLON STUDIO STUDENT PHOTOGRAPH ER Barry Allen THE BENTON REVIEW PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC Printers and Publishers Fowler, Indiana David L. McConnell, president Richard Brier, sales representative Abbott, Betty .......... Basey, Lester .... ,- ---- Student Index Abbitt, Barbara ........ 53, 113 Abraham, Marilyn ...... 38 Acton, Adair, Edna M. .... Die-tra .......... 113 38 Angel, Dona I. .,.. 110, Adam, Larry H. -- --- Adams, Iudith -- .... -- Adams, Sharon ........ Adams, Stephanie lo 38, Adams, Tommie E. e,--- Akers, Arthur S. ...... Akers, Edward T. -- 54, Akers, Eugene ........ Aiango, Vaino ---- 54. Alfred, Linda 38, 42, 52, Allen, Barry .... 30, 31, Allen, Carlene 30, 35, 52, Allen, Iris ............ Allen, Ianet D. ..... 32, Allen, ludith A. ....... Allen, Iudith K. ....... Allen, Larry ...... , ..... Allen, Richard - 16, 99, Altopp, David 31, 43, 94, Anderson, Donna ....... Anderson, Edna R. ..... Anderson, lune ..--- 32, Anderson, M. Evelyn --- Anderson, Vicki I. 46, 99, Angel, Kenneth .... ,--- Applewhite, Donald ..... Applewhite, Lee 49, 113 Arnes, Donald --- --- Arthur, Forrest -- -- Arthur, lames -- --- Aurs, Edwin L. ........ Avery, Michael ,,... 93, Ayers, Nancy --- ---- Aytes, Willard -- ---- Bacon, Douglas .... 34, Bacon, Emma E. - --- Backus, Harold -- ---- Backus, Loretta ........ Bailey, E. Marie .... 38, Bailey, H. Daniel ...... Bailey, Ruby 1. ........ Baker, Benjamin --,- 97, Baker, Everett ......... Baker, Iohn 38, 39, 42, 93. Baker, Patricia ........ Baker, Sandra -- .... -- Baker Sarah 1. ..-. 53, Baldwin, Carol .,...... Baldwin, Iohn D. Bales, William C, ..... Ball, Charles -- Ball, Frederick M. Bandy, lames A. --- ---.4Tg- " 9d Bandy, Thomas ....... Banhulzer, Kenneth .... 40 33 35 112 44 112 40 33 40. 44 112 112 112 93 103 138 34 136 44 53 112 112 93 104 100 33 112 52 112 112 112 100 93 90 93 104 52 112 97 38 57 52 112 54 57 112 112 112 102 43 50, 102 40 38 112 38 112 112 43 112 113 101 103 44 Banks, Edna ........... Barlow, Dennis ..... 54, 97 Barlow, Ronald L. 90, 92, 99, 102 10 1 13 . 3. Barnard, David 1. 30, 50, 113, 134, 141 Barnes, David A. 90, 92, 94, 1 1 3 Barnes, Donald --- -- 104 Barnes, lames ......... 43 Barnes, Helen ......... 37 Barnes, Maurice 90, 91, 103 Barnes, R. Steven ,..,.. 113 Barnett, David ...... 94, 99 Barnett, Sue ....... 34, 38 Barnhart, Paul --- ----- 52 Barnhill, Thomas -- -- 113 Barns, Randall --- .... ,- 93 Barnum, Carolyn --- 33, 49 Barrick, Lana lo .... 50, 113 Barth, Larry .... ...... 3 8 Bartlow, 1. Douglas 35, Bass, Kenneth .... .... Bass, Philip ......,L... Batt Vir inia A 354 . 8 . 5 . . Bateson, Betty ......s Batts, Tarissa A. Baumgardener, lerry G. 39 46 Beam, lack A. 43, 50.5K Beam, Thomas ........ Beard, luanita - Beasley, Almeda Beattie, Stephen Bea ty. Charlene - Beaty, ludith -- Beavin, Charles 3 ---.4.6- L. , -- 98 34,38, 5'3i'3E v u Bechtel, Donald R. .... Beckham, Karen ....... Beem, Pamela S. ...... Beeson, lohn -- 93, 97, Beight, Kenneth Beight, Ralph ......... Beinburg, Carol A. -- 99. Belcher, Constance - 33 Belcher, Ludella ....... Bell, Bonnie .... -,- Bell, Dana .... -- Bell, Roger -- ,- Benell, Sheve ......... ,, Bemis. lames - .----.. - Bennett, Margaret 33, 38 Bentley, Thelma - Berkly, Roger -- Bernard, Almagene .... Bidwell, Rita M. Bigelow, lames H. .... Binder, Paul A. --- 34, Birkla, Roger -- Bishop, Hallie -- 32, 98, Bishop, 1. Gaynelle .... Blackwood, lay .... 35, Bland, luanita -- Blue, Carl ..... Bockstahler, William C. 32, 36, 4 , 1 43, 110, Bodenheimer, David G. -- Boles, F. Lee --- -- Boone, lames Borer, Robert A. -- -- Borer, Vickie Bostic, lames Boswell, Pe Bourn, Terri A. - Bowlby, Paul -- Bowsher, Shirley ggy-SS- Sf- Qofiif Bowsher, Sylvia --- Boyd, Frederick Biradley, Cynthia Bradley, Marilyn K. --- Bradshaw, Billie I. .... Bradshaw, Randall ..... Bradshaw, H. Richard 17, Bradshaw, William ..... Brand, Iohn ....... 49 Branson, Beverly ,,.. 35 Brashear, Elizabeth Brashear, Gary .... .... Brasher, Linda --- -- Breen, Dorothy --- -- Brengle. Shirley A. ..... Brenner, George R. .... Brewer, Lyle R. 36, 50, Brewer, Virginia 38, 40. 42, Bridges, Robert A. ..... Brinkley, Lars E. ...... Brinkley Suzanne -- 31, Brinkley Thomas N. 50, 95, 99, 102, Brisbane, Shirley I. .... .- 36, 113 93 54 41 113 53 113 43, 113 113 103 32 102 44 131 55 113 40 113 103 57 54 113 53 57 93 57 100 42 113 98 113 113 113 113 102 138 113 36 52 101 31 113 113 97 113 37 101 57 113 113 131 131 57 58 113 113 57 113 40 93 51 57 52 38 38 113 113 113 41, 44 113 113 113 94, 113 113 Caudwell, Kenneth L, 48, 98 Cento, Carmela 41, 52, 114 Champion, Larry .,a... 101 Chandler, Clifford ..,,. 54 Chandler, Margaret I. 15, 50, 51, 1 1 1, 1 14, 124 Chappell, Richard A. ,e- 114 Chappell, Ronald ..... 114 Charmicheal, Patricia ...L 37 Christ, Louis l. --- 114, 138 Chrisman, David ...... 93 Church, David --- ---- 54 Clar, William Ae- --- 54 Clark, Bryan L. -- 2- 114 Clark, Charles -- --- 17 Clark, Gary .... --- 41 Clark, ludith l. -- -- 114 Clark, Larry .... .-, ..s.. 52 Clark, Mary .,........ 33 Clark, Nancy -4 33, 38, 44 Clark, Paul .......,.. 131 Clark, Ricky .... .-- --- 57 Clark, Terrie ...... --- 38 Clarks, Patricia O. -- -- 114 Clay, Venus .......... 40 Clemons, Iohn --. ....... 93 Clemons, William R. 90, 91, 114 Clifford, Melvin L. -- 36, 114 Cline, Mary A. ........ 114 Cline, Ruthanne ....... 42 Coapstick, Carol Sue -- 38, 44 Coar, Robert ....... --- 54 Cochran, Donald' G. 99, 100, 1 14 Cochran, Larry G. ..... 114 Cody, lack ............ 93 Coe, lames ........... 17 Coe, Patricia ...... 41, 44 Coleman, jerry L. 43, 1111, 1 4 Coleman, Larry A. 43, 50, 104, 111, 1 14 Collins, Michael R. --,-- 114 Colson, Barbara S. .... 1 15 Combs, Charles R. -- -- 115 Combs, Dera M. --- -- 115 Compton, lerry L. ..... 1 1 5 Condell, Kenny ........ 48 Britt, Carole D. --- 35, 113 Britt, lanice ,......... 40 Brock-jones, lane E. 15, 32, 50, 51, 110, 114 Brocle, Diana .... -- 56, 57 Brooks. Clyde E. -- 15, 114 Brooks, Douglas M. - 52, 114 Brooks, Roberta ....... 38 Brooks, Sandra .... . .... 31 Brown, Andrea -- 34, 38, 40 Brown, Anita ......... 40 Brown, Corine -- 34, 35, 38 Brown, Dana ......... 53 Brown, Dorine -- -- 52, 53 Brown, Evelyn --,-- ---- 57 Brown, lack N. --- -- 114 Brown, lerold E. ..,... 114 Brown, Iohn W. ...... 114 Brown, Lorine ......... 35 Brown, Mackenzie 90, 99, 102 Brown, Timothy ..,.... 52 Browning, Bernard W. - 114 Browning, William ..... 52 Bryant, Betty 1. ...,-,, 114 Bryant, Carolyn L. .... 114 Bryant, William ..-. 56, 57 Buck, Barbara H. ..... 114 Buck, Kenneth --- .-- 93 Buck, Paul ....... --- 93 Bullock, Carolyn -- -- 40 Bullock, Marilyn ...... 40 Burburasham, Penny .... 42 Burford, Mariorie A. --- 114 Burgess, limmie ....... 114 Burke, Patrick ........ 131 Burkhart, Sue .... 99, 139 Burmeister, William 33, 53, 54, 113 Burnam, ludith K. 39, 47, 49, 50, 111, 114 Burnette. Donna ....... 38 Burns, Carole L. 50, 51, 114 Burns, Karla .........- 38 Burns, Patricia ..... , 38 42 Burns, Randall --- --- 102 Burr, Lea ....- -- 32 Burris, Bonnie -- -- 52 Burris, Robert L. -- --- 114 Burrows, Robert ,- .... 44 Burrus. Barbara .... 34, 40 Bus, Ronald --- ---- 38 Busby, David ......... 57 Busby, Donavan .... 49, 93 Bussell, Stephen L. - 41, 114 Butcher, lerry L. 33, 52, 114 Butler, Van .......... 54 Byroad, Bertrice .... 40, 44 Cabell, Peter --- ---- 103 Caldwell, Albert .... 36, 43 Call, Phyllis --- ---- 31 Calvert, Luella -- --- 114 Campbell, Harry ....... 49 Campbell, Kia ......... 41 Campbell, lames -- 52, 104 Campbell, lane --- 30, 139 Campbell, Ronald T. --- 114 Campton, Ruth .... . .... 37 Canada, Arnold ....... 52 Canter, lanet G. --- 50, 114 Cantwell, Michael ..... 100 Carbin, Brady ......... 36 Carmichael, Gregory 33, 38, 42, 93, 103 Carmichael, Patricia .... 37 Carmony, Charles --- 35 50 Carr, Cheryl R. 50, 53, 57, 114 Carter, Iohn D. 32, 99, 102, 103, 114 Carter, Melinda --. ..... 17 Carter, lr. Perry L. .... 114 Casner, Dencil D. -- 49, 114 Cassaday, William ..... 1 Ol Caudill, Gordon .... 56, 57 Condon, Sylvia M. --,--- 115 Condra, Sharolyn 38, 42, 47. 49. 50. 99, 136 Constable, Sherrill K. --- 115 Cottongim, Frank - ..... 57 Contreras, Esther ...... 33 Cook, Sue -- 37, 38, 40, 53 Cook, William 33, 39, 43. 50. 51 Cooley, Richard L. -- 49, 115 Cooper, Kathleen ...... 53 Cooper, Stephen --- 34, 37 Copas, Charles L. .,,,,, , 115 Corbin, Brandy ........ 36 Cordonier, Margaret - 38, 40 Cornelius, Cecil ...... - 102 Corrado, Iohn ........ 115 Courtney, David .... --- 93 Cox, Alfred ,....... --- 35 Cox, Donald ----- 100, 101 Cox, Tom ........... 103 Crabtree, Bruce K. .... 115 Craig, Ray I. ......... 115 Craig, leannie ----- 53 56 Craig, Stephen -- 33, 35, 43 Crane, Charles F. 48, 49, 115 Crawley, Kaye ......... 38 Crelin, Bruce .......... 57 Crelin, Gail ....... --- 32 Cress, Dennis A. --- -- 115 Crider, Charles -- --- 52 Crispin, lanice D. --- -- 115 Crodium, lames --- --- 93 Crooke, Roberta --- -s- 56 Croney, Ruby Ann ,,,,. 44 Cross, Robert ...... --- 57 143 Cross, Ronald ......... Cruser, David ..... , 93, Crutchfield. Glennis ..... Culle err W v.l v . .... s-- Cumming, Rita ........ Sharon K. ..... I03 I02 50 IIS 38 Cunningham, Alfred .... 93 Cunningham, Wynonia -- 37 Cunningham, Brooks E. - II5 Curran, Clifford ,,,-H-,, 4I Currin, Vernon W. --.-- IIS Cutter, Charlene --- --- 52 Curry, Victoria --- -, 34 Cyphers, Richard ....... 52 Dailey, Robert A. --, I7, II5 Dallman, Ernest R. ..... 97 Dalton, Linda G. --- 50. ll5 Daniels, Brenda I. 37, 38,1405 Daughtery, Beverly -- 33, 4I Davenport, Ruth .... 56, 57 Davidson, Robert D. .-.. II6 Davie, Frederick ....... l03 Davis, Barbara A. ..... II6 Davis. leanette ..... --- 32 Davis, Louanna C. .... ll6 Davis, Warden L. 30, II6. I27, I36, I38 Dawn, Nathaniel ...... l03 Dawn, William ....... IO3 Deal, Frank --- 93, 97. I0l Deal, lohn .... 90, 9l, I00 Deal, Robert --. ..----- - 57 Dearing, Elaine .... 4l, 53 DeBorde, ludith A. .... II6 DeMoss, lohn ..... --- 57 Dennis, Victor B, ...... II6 Devine, Carol ....,, 34, 38 DeVore, lr., Bernard 39, 43. 50, I02, I37 Dickens Brenda .....-- 41 Dickson, Richard ------ 54 Diedine, Walter ....... 93 Dillon, layne A. I7, 39, Ill. l I6 Dinkins, Brenda L. -- -ll, II6 Doan, Larry ...-..-. --- 93 Doan, Linda R. -,.-- 99, II6 Dobbs, lack --- 97, 98, I00 Dobbs, lames ..-.- 98. IO3 Dobbs, Tommy - .-.. 52, I00 Dodge, Donna I. ...... II6 Dodge, Marlin .....,.. - 57 Dollinger, Gerda O. .... ll'6 Donica, Mary lo --.- 35. 37 Dorsey, Benita ......-- 40 Dorsey, W. Michael - 90, II6 Doss, Edward L. .... l6, II6 Dotson, Wayne M. ...5 II6 Douglass, Michael D. -- II6 Douthit, Bonnie L. L... II6 Dowdy, loyce --- 40, 52, 53 Dowers, Howard A. - 44, II6 Drake, Larry V. ....Y.- II6 Drane, Michael --- 90. I02 Drew, Rutha A. ....... II6 Drexler, Martha .... 38, 40 Drummond, Sandra K. 5- II6 Duhamell, David E. a.-. II7 Dunaway. lames - - 2 - --- 57 Duncan, Linda --- 3l, 38, 42 Duncan, Norma .-... --- 37 Dunville, Larry C. 98, 99, I1q2j Duree, Danita I. 53, 54, II7 Durnil, Shirley M. ..... II7 Duthrie, Ann ...... 56, 57 DuVall, Robert E. -- --- II7 Easley, loe ....... 93, IO3 East, Roxanna E. ...... II7 Eddy, Ralph ........ 53, 54 Edens, Ray .........c. 57 Edwards, Michael R. 43, 50, 53, 54, I04, I I7 Eggert, Kenneth ..-.. 54 Eicks, Frederick A. --,-- II7 Eldridge, Lloyd a,...a. Elkin, lenny L. -- 47, 99, I44 IO3 II7 Elkins, Nellie F. --- -- Elliott, Annette B. -- -- Elliott, Pamela S. --s -- Ellis ames T . l . -- -- Ellis, Phyllis ......b... Eltzroth, William -- 52, Emberton, Carolyn S. --- Emerson, lames E. ,... England, Donna ........ Engle, Ronald ..... English, lanice K. .... - Englander, Raymond - 53, Epler, Sheila .......... Erwood, lames R. ..... Essex, Rebecca ...L 56, Essex, William I. --,--- Evans, lames ..... 97, Evans, Ray ........s.. Everman, Paul 35, 36, 57, Ewer, Donna .......... Fable, Robert --- --- Fagner, Norma I. -- -- Farabee, Robert -zz --- Faulkner, Arthur L. .... Fenter, Nancy ......... Fields, Charla M. l5, 47, 99, IIO. Fields, Marilyn -... 34 Finch, lohn D. 90, 92. Fisher, Roberta S. ...... Fitzgerald, Larry --- 43 Flannery, Gary ........ Flater, Donna ...... 38 Fletcher, Marsha Fletcher, Verna .s,.... Flockhart, Michael R, 49, S. .... Floerke, Patricia .,..... Flowers, lovce A. ...... Fodclrill, Carol ..... -- Fogle, Marilyn l. ...... Foltz, lack L. 32, 34, 36, 50, Ill, Forbis, Carolyn -,-, .... Ford, Carol S. ........ Forey, Eugene F. .,.... 35 Forkner, Susan 30, 33, , 52, Forsee, lohn .......... Forrest, Arthur .... .--- Fougerousse, loe .... ss, Fosso, Nancy 34, 36, 38, Fowler, Arthur ........ Franks, Thomas .... 93, Fraser, Rolland 36, 4I, 50, Fritch, Elizabeth S. 53, Fritts, lohn ...... . .... Frohmuth, lerry A. .... Fry. Mary I. ...... 32, Fultz, Doris ......... Funke, Lyn 35, 42, 50, Funke, Michael .... , .... Furgason, Charles ....,. Furry, Carol 33, 34, 35, Gabbard, Charlene I. 38, Gairing, lames R. ...... Gannon, Robert --- 54, Gardner, Lloyd C. -- 54, Gardner, Penelope A. 38, 99. Garner, Don .... , ...... Garner, Karen S. Garsawiler, Cheri Garvin, Dwane ....... Engle, Linda --, ...,,.. - 35. Gasaway, Richard L. 35, Gates, Gloria s... 2 .... Geddes, Bruce 33, 38, 42, 47, 53, 54. George, Allen 46, 50, 53 George, Doris Ann -- I7. George, lerry -- 33, 53, George, Sandra ........ Gibson. William L. IO3, Gilaspy, Gillaspi 9. Larry D. ...... Floyd -- 5-- II7 II7 II7 II7 33 56 II7 II7 57 53 53 II7 54 57 II7 57 II7 I04 57 98 40 48 II7 57 ll7 52 5l. II7 38 II7 II7 50 IO3 44 II7 I3I II7 38 II7 I3I II7 43, II7 32 II7 II7 37, I38 32 l04 44 40, 93 l03 5I 56. II7 I03 II7 II7 l3I 99. I39 94 37 4I. 52 II7 II7 II7 II7 40, II7 48 II7 38 IO3 II7 99 43. I36 54 II7 54 40 II8 II8 98 Girolami, Oswald I. .... II8 Glenn, Robert G. ..... II8 Glover, Daniel ...... 53, 56 Goldman, Lyn --- --.--- 52 Gooch, limmie ......... 4I Goodnight, lenny ...... 54 Goodrum, Paris --- --- 3I Gounce, Sandra ........ 56 Grabbe, Fred .......,.. 57 Grambush, lames D. 4I, 54, I I8 Grant, Charles F. --, .... II8 Grantham, Patricia G. -- II8 Grasshoff, Sandra S. --- II8 Graves, Linda D. ,..... II8 Graves, Shiloh Ann 33, 34, 47 Graves, Tim E. ,.,,.-., II8 Graves, lr., William L, - II8 Gray, E. Oliver -,, ,-.,,, II8 Gray, lanet ........ 40, 44 Grayson, Samuel -- .... I02 Grebe, Charlotte - - - - - - - 32 44 Green, Beverl ean -- 40, Green, Green, v l Russell R. 39, 42, 46, 47, 99, III, Greene, Bessie C. 38, 40, Greene, Carolyn I. .... ,- Gribben, lames P, I5, 5313, Griffin, Tommy L. .... Grover, Ha rry ......... 43, II8 II8 4l, II8 44 50, II8 II8 35 Grubban, Gloria -- --- 33 Grubbs, Gloria ....... -- 34 Grundy, Cheryl M. 33, Guenther, Frances ...... Guillion, Emily ..... 56, 42, I3I 37 57 Gunn, lennie ..... ., 38, 40 Gunn, lohn W. ,....... II8 Guy, loyce E. -- 5I, 53, II8 Habig, lohn ........... 43 Hagar, lohn E. --, ...... II8 Haggard, Esther Benbough II8 Hahn, Robert ......... I03 Hall, lames G. ....-,.. II8 Hall, Susan I. 30, II8, I27 Halstead, lay ......... 52 Haltom, Gary A. --- 54, II8 Ham, Rita ----- 32, 38, 40 Hamilton, lackile ....... 57 Hamilton, Marva D. .... Hamilton, Sandra , -- Hammond, Chris ....... Hammonds, Larry M. -- Handy, Ruth --- 32, 35. Hankins, Thomas .... 38, II8 30 57 II8 53 42 Hanshew, Dennis - - ..... Harbert, Randall C. .... Harding, Edward D. .... 3l II8 Hardesty, Betty -- 3I, 35, 49 II8 II8 Harger, Delmar E. ..... Harold, Robert 35, 90, Harper, Roger D. 43, 50, I04, III, Harr, Ralph ........ ,-- Harris, Elgie .......... Harris, George -- 47, 94, Harris, Sandra ....... Harrison, Darlene A. --,,- Hart, Charles R. --- -- Hartle, lames E. -- -- Hartle Martha L y, . ---- Hartman, ludy I. -- --- Hartman, Lette l. .... ,- Hartsburg, Mickey R. 47, 99, Harvey, William 43, 93, Haschel, David K. .... Hasseld, Louis E. 43, 50, Hasseld, William T. - 50, Hassenbein, Alice .... ..- I02, I37 99, II8 IO3 II8 95 II8 II8 II8 II8 II8 99 II8 94. II8 I02 II8 III, II8 II8 32 Hastings, Luther ....... 57 Hawkins, George T. I00, Hawley, lohn ......... II9 4I Hawthorne, Frederick 97, I02 Hays, Daniel .......... 93 Heck, Steve .......... 37 Heck, Pat ....,,,,,,,, 38 Heitzman, Ronald 39, 43, 90, 92, 99, II9 Heitzman, Stephen ..... 90 Held. Susan .......... 57 Helm, M. loan ......,. II9 Helm, Vernion ..... 53 54 Helton, Mary Anne 34, 38 44 Hempfling, lr., Paul R. 53, 54, I I9 Henderson, Ronald ..... II9 Hendricks, Elyse .... -- 38 Hendricks, Kenoly ..... 93 Hendricks, Norris R. --- II9 Henkels, llze ...... -- 32 Henkels, Ostrid --- -- 32 Henson, loyce ...... -- 38 Henson, Mary B. ...... II9 Hernandez, Walter M. -- II9 Herron, Linda D. -- 38, II9 Hessrnan, Richard -- 90, I02 Hestand, David L. .,.. ,- II9 Hester, lohn T. --- -- II9 Hewitt, Stephen ,, -- 49 Hickey, Patricia -- -- 38 Hidiffer, Thomas ...... 36 Higgins, ludy ......... 52 Higgins, Linda 50. 5l, III, l I9, I24 Hill, lames .......... II9 Hill, Larry ........,,.. 54 Hillman, Robert -- --- 93 Hinamin, William ..... I04 Hines, Ionnie ...... 56. 57 Hinman, Carol .... 49, II9 Hinshaw, Ann 39. 42, 48, 49, 62, I l l, I I9 Hirschler, Kristin --- 38, 40 Hittle, Connie ......... 52 Hittle, Robert ...,.. 56, 57 Hobbs, Barbara ..... 38, 40 Hobbs, Thomas H. ..... ll9 Hockman, Shirley .,... II9 Hodges, Leo .......... IOI Hodgin, Thomas .... 93, IO3 Hodgin, Walter M. .... II9 Hodgson, Richard L. 99, II9 Hoffman, Conrad C. .... I20 Hoffman, Michael 38, 4I, 50, 5I, I I9 Holcomb, lerald 3I, 43, I I I, I20 Holtenroth, Sue .... 38, 42 Hood, Sue ....... I7, I20 Hoover, Evertrie -- .... I20 Hopper, Elvor 98, 99, I02, I20 Hopper, lames ....... - I3I Hoppes, Nadeen ....... 54 Hopping, Mark -- 35, 43, 53 Horn, Iill ......... 38, 44 Horsley, Michael L. .... I20 Hoskins, lames ....... l3l Hougland. Anita --. 30, I39 Howe, Bonita ......... 38 Howille, Darryle ....... 37 Hoyt, Mary lane - 3l, 50, 5l Hubbard, Gwendolyn l. - 40, I20 Huber, Robert H. ..... I20 Hudson, lames ........ 43 Hudson, Mildred -- 40, l2O Huffman, M. Ellen ..... I20 Huggler, Sandra ....... 33 Hughes, Danny .... 98, I02 Hughes, Dianne .... . 32, 37 Hughes, Richard I. .... I20 Hughey, Daniel - 50, 53, 54 Hugill, lane A. ....... I20 Hull, loyce ........... 42 Humbarger, Susan ..... - 57 Humphrey, David R. .... I20 Humphries, Charles ..... 93 Humphries, Chester - 97, IO3 Humphries, lessie ..... l2O Hunt, Donna --------- 56 Hunt, Pamela -.. 33, 38, 42 Hupp, Iohn ,... --- 35 Hurst, George A. ss- -- 120 Huston, Saundra K. .... 120 Hyatt, Stephen - 31, 34, 35 llly, Ronald .......... 120 Ingles, Steven ......... 57 Ireland, Danny ,... 93, 103 Irwin, Lowell ,s ...... 97 Isom, Peggy S. ........ 120 lacks, Luther T. ...... 120 lackson, Andra - 34, 38 52 lackson, Anita ..... 34, 38 lackson, lames --- 102, 131 Iacobs, Frank 15, 26, 34, 35, 39, 43, 47, 50, 51 53 Iacobs, Gene .......... 34 larboe, Ronald I. -- 90, 120 Iared, Calvert A. -- 33 36 lee, Elwood .......... 101 lefferies, Michael -- 90 94 lefferies, Sandra 17, 41 52 lefferies, Virginia L. 17, 50, 121 lennings, Charles H. 90, 92, 100, 121 lennings, Wayne .---.-. 54 lessup, laneen R. -- 45, 121 leter, Diana -...... 40, 44 liles, Roseann ..... 33 52 Iohnson, Barbara ,.... -- 38 Iohnson, Darnal 90, 92, 99, 121 lohnson, Ellawease ..... 40 lohnson, Frankie ....... 40 lohnson, lames P. 43, 50, 521, 1 1 lohnson, ludith A. 36, 46, 523, 1 1 Iohnson, Ledora ....... 121 lohnson, Marion M. --- 121 lohnson Michael ....... 97 lohnson, Patricia A. 111, 121, 124 Iohnson, Patricia Ann IXI 15, 17, 30, 35, 39, 52, 141 lohnson, Pauline .... 34, 38 lohnson, Sharon .... 40, 53 lohnson, Susan ........ 53 lohnson, Treva L. ...... 121 lohnson Violet .... . 54, 121 lohnson, Willa A. ..... 121 lones, Ardena L. ...... 121 lones, Darlene --- --- 32 lones, Glendell ....... 103 lones, less ........... 93 lones, Karen L. -s 111, 121 lones, Larry --- .... -- 57 lones, Leroy .......... 98 lones, Michael ..... 50, 53 lones, Paul ...... 38, 102 lones, Pauline -- -- 38, 40 lones, Rita ........... 42 lones, Robert I. .,,,,,, 131 lones, Robert T. 90. 92, 99, 102. 121 lones, Walter H. 90, 92, 929, 1 1 lones, Wanda ..... 38, 40 lustus, lack W. 43, 47, 50, 90, 92, 1 1 1. 171 lustus, Iudy .......... 99 Kaiser, Glen E. -- -- 121 Keefe, Stephen -- -- 131 Keller, Peggy I. ....... 121 Kelly, Kenneth ...---.. 93 Kendrew, Diane ....... 41 Kennedy, Gary 92, 93, 97, 100 Kennington, Mary Ann -- 32 Kessinger, Alford ...... 102 Kidwell, Harold ....... 131 Kinchlow. Leroy ....... 99 Kinley, Elizabeth --, 17, 121 Kinser, Danny L. ...... 121 Kirk, lerald .......... 101 Kirkbride, Delores -- 33, 53 Kirkbride, Karyl L. 39, 41, 49, ' 50, 51, 121 Klein, Matthew D. -- 99, 121 Kleinbub, Karl F. as 103, 121 Kleis, lr., Robert W. -- 121 Klien, Michael ........ 49 Knapp, Francis A. -- 49, 121 Knapp, Vicki lo ...... 121 Knight, Douglas ....... 43 Knight, Michael ....... 50 Kock, Madeline .... 40, 41 Koelling, Rosemary 37, 38 42 Koeppe, Martha ....... 32 Kollmeyer, Linda ...... 54 Kong, loe ..........,, 43 Koonce, Donn A. -- 111, 121 Koons, Vicki ......... 56 Korices, Charles -- .... 102 Kramer, Richard .....,. 95 Kreimer, David ,... 93, 103 Kruger, William 39, 42, 49, 90 Kuhn, Sandra ......... 57 Kulik, Luba 32, 34, 35, 38, 40, 41 Kunkiel, Phil ......... 57 Ladd, Mayme Y. ...... 121 Lamaster, Robert I. .... 121 Lampkin, lames C. .... 121 Lane, lerald ...... 98, 102 Lane, Michael E. 32, 53, 5241. 1 Lan-e, Patricia l. -- -- 121 Lane, Philip ,..... --- 98 Lane, William L. -- -- 121 Lange, Edward ....... 102 Lankford, lerry L. ..... 121 Laswell, Yvonne A. .... 121 Lawrence, Carol ....... 37 Ledford, Barbara G. 110, 121 Lee, Kenneth D. -- 102, 121 Lehman. Sandra -- 34, 38 40 Leikarts, A. luris ...... 121 Leland, Suzanne D. --- 121 Lemon, Iohn N. s-- 98, 122 Lemons, lohnnie Male --- 40 Lenkeli, Laszlo ....... 131 Leonard, Linda ........ 57 Lester, Kay .... - Leturgez, Loretta H- ' 116 Lewin, Evelyn ......... Lewin, Kenneth Lewin, Rene .... Lewis, Hilda E. Light, Donna M. -- Light, Patricia .,...... Lindley, Margaret R. 99. Lingle, Don R. ........ Little, Ronald -- 53, 54, Litz, Roland F. .,...... Livingston, Pamela K. Lofton, Marvin S. ..,... Logsdon, Toby D. ...... Logston, Robert R. Lohman. Susan A. ..... 57 52 57 97 101 122 122 131 122 172 131 122 122 122 122 122 122 122 91 Long, Clarella L. -- -- Long, lo Ann -,- -- Long, Larry E. --- -- 122 Long, Stephen L. -- -- 122 Long, Thomas D. -- -- 122 Looeer, Donna L- -- 40 Looper, Glee -- -- 57 Looper. Sylvia --, -- 40 Loux. Marilyn - ...... 38 Lovell, Don ........-.. 37 Loveman. Carol -- 37, 38 42 Lower, David C. ....... 122 Lucas. Bruce A. --- 43, 122 Ludwig. Sandra .... 34, 38 Lunn, Marilyn S. ...... 122 Mackey, Sharon 40, 49, 53, 54 Madden, Ioesph S. -- -13, 122 Madritsch, Karen R. 31, 38, 41, 42, 122, 136 Madritsch, Maxine ,- 32, 38 Magness, A. Fay .....,z 122 Mahone, Barbara I. ss.. 122 Main, Sandra ----ff--.. 37 Maine, Arcedis .....,,. 93 Malcom, Robert I. -- 41, 122 Manship, Stephen L. --- 122 Marin, Sharon -- 33 39 52 Marqua, Charlene ...... 99 Marshall, Anthony 102 Marshall, Faith 56 Marshall, Patricia A. - 40, 44 Marsischky, lames -, 93, 103 Martin, Edith ......... 30 Martin, Evelyn 33, 50, 53, 54 Martin, T. lane s.,,s.. 122 Martin, Larry .......... 57 Martin, Mary L. .---,- 122 Martin, Nancy R. -c 44, 122 Martin, Sue .-........ 40 Martin, T. lane ...... 122 Mason, Iohn S. 32, 36, 43, 122 Mason, Shirley l. ..... 122 Mathews, David -- ---- 57 Mathews, Diane .... 41, 42 Matlik, Matt ...... 56, 57 Matracia, Rebecca l. --- 123 Matthews, A. Sue 40, 44, 110, 123 123 102 Mayes, luanita S. .,.... McAfee, Martin 43, 98, Lutes, Claudia I. 31, 33. 34, 36, 38, 40, 50 Lutrel, Ronald ......... 57 Lyles. E. David ....--- 172 Lynch, lanice --- -- 57 Lynn, Linda ...... -- 34 Lyon, Fddie ....... -- 43 Lytle, Shirley Ann ..... 34 Macdonald, Robert B. -- 122 Mackey, Duan ......... 40 McAllister, W. Benson 43, 49, 1 10, 122 McAllister, Sheila ...... 37 McAninch, Sharon .... 131 McAtee, l. Terry ....,. 127 McBride, William ...s.. 49 McCain, Sherry ec... 38, 54 McCallie, Diana ..,,s.. 52 McClain, Patricia L. 47, 99, 122 McCleery, leannine M. - 122 McClellan, Dennis -- 93, 103 McClellan, Douglas ..... 97 McCullough, Charles .... 41 McCullough, David 35, 36, 41, 1 1 1, 122 McCurn, Lois ...,,, U, 122 McFarland, Gary L. ...,. 122 McFarland, Iohn -- --- 57 McGee, Carolyn 2 --- 122 McGee, Mary ...... 38, 40 McGuire, Peter ....,,. 103 McHema, Catherine .... 131 McKenna, Catherine --- 131 McMahon, Catherine .... 42 McManama, Robert L. 17, 122 McNeal, Lee Anne ..... 37 McQueen, Michael -,.. - 44 McVea, Robert ........ 93 Mead, David ......s.,. 43 Means, Bonnie L. -- 17, 123 Means, Herschel ..,... 131 Meister, Robert .... 53, 5-1 Melline, Michael .... 44, 57 Merryman. Patricia ..... 40 Messick, Carolyn l. .... 123 Metcalfe, Noel G. - 43, 123 Meulen, Sarah l. .,.... 123 Meyer, lames R. ....... 123 Middleton, lames .s.... 41 Mihay, Iohn W. -- 103, 123 Mikesell, David R. ,,.,, 123 Miles, Barbara ........ 41 Miles, Hermione ....... 35 Miller, Anna ...... 41, 53 Miller, C. Randall -- 99, 123 Miller, Carole ......-s. 33 Miller, Clifford --- 98, 102 Miller, Cyrena A. ..... 123 Miller, David ...... 33, 36 Miller, Donald ---- 98, 102 Miller, lanet ..... 40,44 Miller, lerry D. ..-- 50, 123 Miller, Pamela 50, 51, 53 54 Miller, Randy -s 94, 98, 99 Miller, Robert L. ,..s, 123 Miller, Ronald - ,...., 33 Miller, Sandra ss... 31 49 Miller, Steve ,ss .... as 35 Mindach, lanadine 31, 34, 35, 37 40 Minton, Charles ,..., 123 Mitchell, Alberta .s,.. 123 Mitchell, Evelyn ..-.s. 57 Mitchell, Glenda L. 17, 123 123 Mitchell, Horace 53, 54, 97, 102 Mitchell, Martha ------ 52 Moiser, Guy ...,...,.. 103 Moneymaker, Patricia F. 123 Monschiein, Mary U- 56, 57 Montgomery, lames ...S 94 Moon, Donna 15, 39, 42, 47, 49, 50. 51, 111 Moon, Sharon ,........ 38 Moore, Beverly K. ,..s. 124 Moore, Dennis --s --- 52 Moore, Elanor ,- -2 124 Moore, L. lanice s-, s, 124 Moore, Melody .....,.. 56 Moore, Minnie Dunbar -- 124 Moore, Tommy E. ..,. 124 Morgan, Rodenick ..... 57 Mooris, lane ..s... --, 40 Morrison. Faith E. ,.... 124 Mosier, Timothy ------. 33 Moss, Becky ..,s... 32, 52 Moss, Ieanette ........ 44 Moss, Michael 43, 110, 124 Moss, Patricia F. ...... 124 Moss, Stanley ,.... 33, 101 Moudy, Christine 32, 38, 111, 124 Muller, Karen .L...... 41 Muller, Nancy ......... 53 Muncie, Cornelius S. 99, 102, 124 Mundy, Lora S. ,,,,... 124 Munro, lames R. -- 104, 124 Murphy, Linda -- 31, 53, 54 Myres, Dean ...... 53, 54 Myrick, Isaac A. ...... 124 Nance, Marvin K. ...c. 124 Nash, Mayree 17, 38, 40, 42 Nay, Kent ..........., 57 Nealy, Iohn ...... 93, 103 Neff. Gerald ..... 98, 102 Neffle, Ruth 34, 35, 37, 38, 40, 42 Nell, Iohn ...s.... 97, 100 Nell, Richard -- -- 38, 43 Nelms, Charles -- --- 124 Nelms, G. Anita ....... 124 Nesbit, Patrick ..... 35, 124 Newby, Robert M. -- 50, 124 Newkirk, Charles ..... 124 Newkirk, Nora ....- 40 52 Newnum, Bernard ..... 125 Newsom, Dale R. --- -- 125 Newton, Mary L. -- -- 125 Nicholas, Carol-e ....... 52 Nicholas, Donald B. --- 125 Nicholas, Sandra -- --- 38 Nicholas, Sharon --- 41 Nichols, Frank - --- 93 Nieman, Patricia ,-- 125 Noahes, lames - ....s. 93 Noakes, Lola ...... 38, 40 Noffke, Nancy L. ...... 125 Nolan, Garnet ..... 52, 53 Nooe, Linda .......... 99 125 Normington, Carter A. - Oden, Charlotte ....... O'DonnelI, lerome -2 49, Ogden, Phyllis --- 125, O'Hern, Ronald W. ..s. Ohne, Sandra 39, 50, 51, O'Neill, lack R. ...... Opel, David .... -- 50, Opel, Donald ..... 52, 145 38 125 138 125 53 125 125 125 T l . --- Rike, Vivian .... 50, 51 emp eton' ludv A 93 Roach, Evertt C. ...... Terry, Norman L. 90, 92, 129 Thomas, Mary A. -- -- Stevens Safford, O'Rear, Ruth Ann 35, 38, 42, 47 Owens, Carol ......... 38 Owens. Donna K. .,.... 125 Owens, Gregory .-... 8, 38 Oyler, Robert --- 37, 53, 54 Pacikewisz, Allen ,e... 103 Padgett, Hedy M. ..... 125 Pallikan, Lynnda 33, 40, 53, 54 Parish, David A. 43, 50, 111, 125 Parrott, Ralph .,,,.... 125 Parson, Albert W. ..... 125 Pate, Slyvia ........,.. 40 Paternoster, Bruce 35, 41, 53. 54 Patrick, ludith ......... 38 Patterson, Carolyn l. 37, 38, 42, 54, 125 Patton, Patricia I. ..... 125 Payne, Connie K. 31, 38, 125 Pearson, Frankie L. - 17, 125 Pearson, Susan 32, 34, 38, 42 Pease, Carolyn ....... 125 Peavler, David .,v,.... 125 Pembleton, Thomas A. 15, 38, 43,52,111,125 Pence, Donald ........ 54 Penman, Bill .......... 57 Persinger, Margaret 41, 42, Peterman, Delores .... - Pfeiffer, Melvyn --- 33, Phelps, Nancy ......... Phelps, Kaye ,..... 38, Phemister, Kim 35, 36, 50, 54. Phipps, lames M. ..... Phipps, Lana S. ....... Pickett Bett . v I. -- -- Pierce, Marcia --- 2- 52 125 101 90 42 37, 104 125 125 125 42 Rice, Barbara ......... Richardson, Sadie ...... Rite, Nancy 15, 33, 38, 42, 53 Riggs, Ernest ...... 17, Rightor, Harold W. 50, 51, Ri r Eu ene D V. 8 --------- Risk, Mareella ------ -- Roames leffery ....... Robbins, Karen ..... 40 Robbins, Ronald G. - -- Roberts, Bruce C. ..... Roberts, Diana ..... 56 Roberts, Marsha .... 38. Robertson, Carol Anne 34, Robertson, Robertson Charlotte 31, . Gilema ,- 41 Robertson, lack .... 37 Robertson, lohn S. ..... Robertson, Larry K. --- Robertson, Rodger A. 32 Robinson, Betty D. .... Robinson, Betty L. -- 17, Roda, lr., Edward I. 17, Rogers, Bennie ..... 33 Rogers, Ianice M. ..... Rogers, Wilma L. -- 44, Rollo, Patricia 38, 39, 42 Roney, Floyd ......... Roney, Rodger .... 98, Ross, ludy --- ------ Ross, Laretta ...... 34 Rossell, Roy .......... Rothenbush, Ianice -- 40 Rothenbush, lennifer 40,' Rouse, Sandra May ..... Rufner, Martha - 31, 39 Runkers, Beverly ..,... Ruppert, Sharon Ann 111, Rush, Ona S. ......... Rushton, William Denny 92, 99. Ruskaup, lames .... 49, Russell, lohn C. 39, 43, Russell, Kaylene 2- -- Russell, Mary -- -- Ryman, ludy .... -- Rynard, Linda --- -- Carol .c.... 37, 50. Walker, loyce ...... 37 Piestro, Sandra ......,. 52 Ping, Michael ......... 17 Pitcher, Dennis ........ 43 Pitchford, Charles 33, 43, 47, 51, 53 54 Pittman, Harrison ...... 31 Plummer, Helen M. --- 125 Poindexter, Patty I. .... 125 Poke, leannette .....,. 125 Polin, Roscoe R. -- -- 125 Pollard, Donald --- --- 48 Polley, Larry M. -2 -- 125 Polson, Bonnie L. - -- 125 Poole, Betty Ann - -- 125 Pope, Lorine .... -- 125 Porter, Sara ..... ,-- 57 Powell, Eleanor I. - -- 125 Powell, Harold .... --- 48 Powell, Richard L. ..... 125 Preston, Cecela --- --- 44 Pribble, Beverly -- ,-- 40 Price, Henry D. --- -- 125 Pulliam, Ruby ---. ..... 4 4 Pulliam, Sandra V. .... 126 Purcell, Peggy .......,. 40 Putelis, Peteris .... 56,57 Putilis, Anna -- -- 32, 37 Quillen, V. lrene -- -- 126 Quinn, Minnie -5 -- 126 Quinn, Wayne --- -- 103 Radzlewicz, Melody .... 32 Ramsey. lames ...... -- 36 Randad, Randall ,,, --- 36 Ray, C. Sue .......... 126 Redford, D. Elaine ..... 126 Reed, lanet K. ....... 126 Reed, Michael ......... 52 Reed, Wayne ..... 93, 103 Reed, William ........ 102 Reedus, Brenda -, .... 126 Reese, lohn A. -- -- 126 Reid, lohn ..... ..... 5 7 Reinken, Beverly -,- 38, 52 Rettig, lanet G. ...,.- 126 Reynolds, Robert c..... 126 Reynolds, Sandra Lee 41, 126 Reynolds, Timothy ...-- 54 146 Sampson, Nancy .-..... 97, Sams, Arthur ..... Sanders, Tom R. ...... Sa rk, Ba rba ra ......... Sarver, Gary M. 90, 92, 102, 103. Saylor, Byron ......... Scarborough, Martha I8 11 . Scarles, Willis -------- 34 126 40. 54 126 54. 126 99 57 56 126 32 41 126 126 57 126 53, 126 126 42 43 126 126 34 131 126 126 34 126 126 50 126 103 54 40 54 42 42 126 52 42 126 126 90. 126 131 51, 126 37 37 99 56 42 44 103 126 37 99, 126 126 99. 12'6 36 Schafer, Dorothy ....... 32 Schneider, Susan 34, 35. 44 Schoolcraft, Larry ...... 93 Schowengerdt, lohn .... Schultz, Nancy L. ..... Scott, Brenda ...... 32, Scott, E. Eugene -- 17, Scott, Marsha K. ,..... Scott, P. Mark -.....c. Sedan, David -- 90, 97, Sellars, Donald --- 98. Sexson, David ..... 57, Shackelford, Shirley I, -- Shannon, Michael I. --- Sheats, lohn F. ....... Sheetz, Ianice ....... -- Sheff, Chris D. .... 48, Sheffield, Rita - .... - Shertzer, Linda - -.... -- Shipley, Raymond - 111, Shipley, Sue .......... Shockley, Ianice ....... Shockley, losephine ..... Shoemaker, Sonny C. -- 103 126 52 126 126 127 101 102 93 127 127 127 57 127 46 43 127 52 57 57 127 Short, David P. ....... Short, janet ...... 33, 127 52 Shumate, Richard ...... 102 Sickle. Wesley, .... 53, 93 Sievers, Beverly ....... 57 Sigg, loe P. 43, 47, 50, 111, 127 Simmons, Linda G. ..... 127 Sipple, William M. .... 127 Sizemore, Ronald' L. --- 127 Slack, Barbara -, 50, 53, 54 Slone, William ........ 93 Sluder, George W. ..... 127 Smith, Dennis ---. ..... 3 7 Smith, lames --- -- 41, 90 Smith, lon ....... --- 127 Smith, Iudith Ann ..... 127 Smith, Marilyn --- -- 35 Smith, Mary I. ........ 127 Smith, Philip ....A, 32, 54 Smith, Richard 32, 50, 51, 1 1 1 , 127 Smith. Sharon ..... 30, 37 Smith, Susan 33, 36, 52, 53 Smith, Teddy ......... 127 Snow, David A. .,..... 127 Soltau, Mary Ann -..... 52 Sovern, Donna I. -- 53. 127 Spadorcia, lon ..... 93, 97 Spann, ludy .... 34, 38, 44 Spears, Shirley M. ..... 128 Spiegel, Fred -- ..... -- 43 Sowder, David - 90, 91, 134 Stagner, William H. 99, 128 Standiford, Sherman .... Stanisfer, David - 33, 36, Stearns, Phyllis A. .... Stella, lohn ........... Sterrett, Betty I. ...... Sterrett, Nancy 39, 42, 1 Sterrett, Russell ....... Stevens Frank O. ..... . l0e ---------- 41 52 128 57 128 11, 128 128 128 Taylor, Irene A. - -- Taylor, lames M. --.. -- Taylor, Mary K. ....... Richard B, --,,, Taylor, Taylor, Ronald 39, 43, Terry, Donna 31, 33, 47, 52. Terry, Ea rl D. ......... Theising, Beverly ...... Theising, Sheryl --,- 56, Thomas, Ianice M. 33, 38, Thomas, Kenneth ...... Thomas, Margaret ...... Thomas, Mary F. -- -- Thomas, Mary S. ....., Thompson, Anthony .... Thompson, Donnie R. -- Thompson, Ethel ...... Thompson, Gloria -- --- Thompson, Harold ..... Thompson, Rebecca -- 34, Thorman, Linda - ..... - Thorman, Marc -- --- Thrasher, Ewell .... -- Thurman, Hoy H. -- -- Thurman, lohn --- Tinley, Dianna .... --- Tipton, Willie O. --- -- Titus, Gary ..... --- Todd, Bonnie -- --- Todd. Carl ,,-- ,-- Todd, Patricia --- --- Todd, William H. ...... Tolle, Richard E. ...... Tomescu, Stephanie 33, 53. Townsend, Irwin --- 50, Townsend, Phil -- Tredin, Phyllis --- Trent, Michael .... --- Stevenson, Sandra I. 52, 32 128 Stevenson, Willie Mae 40, Trimmer. Dennis A. Tritch, Carol I. ..... -- Steward, Glea -... - 33, Stewart, Charles -- .... 93 Stierwalt, Karen --- --- 128 Stig-ers, Bettie M. -- --- 128 Stiles, lohn ...... --- 102 Stiles, Robert B. ....., 128 Stokes, Logie ......... 44 Storms. Dennis ..,..... 38 Stott, Frances 39, 42, 49, 62, 110, 128 Stout, William ........ 93 Strauser, David .-.. 50, 128 Streepy, Barbara A. .... 128 Strelnieks, Mara ....... 56 Strelnieks, Vilnis ...... Strough, Ralph ........ Stucker, Mark D. ...... Stucker, lanet -- 50, 99. Sturdivant, William .... Stutsman, Marsha 30, 50. 128 128 128 139 97 Suess, Elizabeth -- 38, 42, Sullivan, L. Patricia .... 51. 136 52 128 Sullivan, Martha ....... 44 Sunman, Donald -- .... 93 Sutherland, Betty ...... 38 Sutton, David L. ...... 128 Sutton, Donna A. -- 99, 128 Sutton, Kenneth 31, 39, 5933, Swan, William 31, 39, 43, 53, 104 Swinford, Thomas C. --- 129 Sykes, lames ..-------. 57 Sykes, Rita M. 50, 51, 111, 129 Taft, Dennis L. --- --- 129 Talbert. Carol -- ---- 52, 99 Talley, Norma ......-. 53 Tandy, Terrace ..... 52, 53 Tarter, Sherron A. ..... 129 Taylor, Ann ,-.. 40, 53, 54 Taylor, H. Ronald -- 104, 129 Tucher, loseph A. ..... Tucker, loyce --- Turner, Lois L. --- -- Turner, Mary R. -- -- Tutt, Donald ...... --- Tuttle, Nancy Ann ..... Tyler, lohn C. .,... -- Tyson, lames I. ....... Underwood, Ernestine 40, Unseld, Ronald ........ Van, LeRoy .......... Varney, Patricia I. ..... Vaught, Esther L. ----- 129 129 129 129 50. 111 129 50. 99 129 57 41 57 44 129 129 44 102 129 131 56 129 38 34 57 129 129 90 35 102 90 57 57 57 129 129 35. 56 51 57 56 93 129 129 129 44 129 129 90 129 129 129 129 57 102 129 129 Vest, Martha .... -- 56, 57 Via, Fred l. .......... Vie, Steven A. -- 41, 52, Vinson, Charlotte ...... - Vint, lames R. ...,... Wade, Margaret R. - 38, Walden, Edgar L. -- 110, Walden, lames 32, 38, 43 Waldhaus, Kirk 35, 37, 43. 53, Waldo, Shannon M. 32, Walker. Marsha Walker, Raymond ..... Walker, Timmie .... 41 Wall, Donald ........ Wallingford, Vernon E. 39, 1 1 1, Walls, William A. ..... Walton, Betty R. ...... Walton, Iohnny E. ..... Ward, Carmen ........ Ward, lames R. ...... 129 129 99 129 129 129 50 41, 54 49, 129 41 38 103 99 103 43, 129 129 129 130 52 130 Ward, lay A. 31, 35, 111, 130 Ward, Iennie S. ....... Warfield, Thomas -- -.. 130 130 47, 99. Warren, Larry ........ Washington, Beverly Warner, Adrienna 30, lean Watkins, Steve ........ Watson, Pat .......... 43. Watt, David A. 39, Watts, Kenneth E. ..... Watts, Oran 36, 37, 41, Weathiers, Dennis E. ,-- Weaver, Thomas -- Weber, jo Ann .... Weber, Michael ....... Weddell, Iames C. .... Wegener, Barbara ---,. - Wegener, William ...... Weigan, Charles ----. -- Weinhardt. Rudy 36, 41, Weiss, Mariauke ....... Weliever, Thomas -- 41, Wellington, Lawrence 90, Wells, Iudith ......... Wells, Kenneth -- ---- Wena, Linda .......... Wendel, Ralph ........ Wente, Robert 1. -- 17, West, ll, Robert P. .... Westfall, Raymond R. -- Westmoreland, lo Diane - 93. 50. 52, 136 104 44 57 37 130 130 43. 54 130 103 51 103 130 56 57 48 130 33 103 102 41 33 38 103 130 130 130 32 Wetherell, Danny U 33, Wharton, Sandra M. -,- Wheatley, Douglas 35, 39, 47, 49, Wheeler, Clifford ...... Wheeler, Lynda L. -- 38, White, ' White, Whitfe, lohn 47, 52, 94, White, Melvin ...,,... Alvin C. ....... White, Patricia ........ White, Phillip W. 90, 92, 104, Winston R. .... Whitemoss, Mary A. 99, Whitlock, Larry T. ..... Whitney, Raymond .... White, Whitney, Waymond -- 17, Wieskus, William ..... Wilhalm, William ..... Wilkinson, Betty lo .... Wilkinson, Ralph 43, 953, 10 , Williams, Carolyn L. ,-- Williams, Eugene --- 53, Williams, Iames A. .... Williams. 47, 50, 51, 130. Williams, Robert E. 54, Williams, Ruby --- 40, Debora -- 37, 52, Iames L. 35, 39, 101 130 43, 141 54 130 130 53 100 101 38 99, 130 130 130 130 103 38 130 101 101 99, 103 130 54 103 43, 139 130 130 Williams, Ruth ...... -- Williams, Suzan I. 31, 41, Willis, Carol A. ....... Willis, Steven u -- Wills. Marian .... Wilson, Dennis --, --- Wilson, Richard L-- -a Wilson, Suzanne ....... Wininger, Carol A. Wirchmeyer, David Wise, Peggy Lee ...... Witten, Mary Ellen - 17, Wolfe, Luciano ....... Wolfe, Melody ........ Wonell, Mary Ann ..... Wood, Dorothy 34, 38, 50, Wood, lohn .......... Woodard, Andrea 38, 41, Woodard, Diane E. .... Woodcock, I. R. ...... Woodfin, Shirley -,- -- Woods, Charles L. .... Woods, Donald ...,. 52, Woods, Fern ..... .... Woods, Ronald ....... Woodson, Randy ......, Wooten, lanet L. ..... Worth, lanet a-.. -- Wright, Denita --- -- 44 42, 130 130 44 44 102 57 57 130 48 130 130 130 44 53 52 57 42 130 130 57 130 90 44 102 56 130 38 53 Wright, Donna .... .. , - Wright, Iames D. -- 102, Wright, Leslie H. ..... Wright, Rachel E. ..,.. Wright Troy L... We Wyaff, loseph zz -- Yates, Glenda Yates, Louis ....,a. s- Yaties, Phillip H. ...... Yeagley, loseph M. .... Yeary, Betty E. ....... Yensel, Esther R. ..... York, Sandra K. -- 111, Yost, Elizabeth l. 30, 50, 131, Yost, Mary A. 50, 52, 44 130 130 130 93 101 52 103 130 130 130 130 130 51, 135 111, 131 Young, Marlene M. 34, 35, 38, 131 39, 40, 42, Young, Paul L. 34, 50, 110, 131 Young, Sandra K. ,.,.. 130 Yule, Iohn W, -,- -2 131 Yule, Sandra K. ....... 131 Zils, Aina .... -- 34, 38, 40 Zils, Dzidra M. 34, 38, 44. 131 147 Q, , Q-, f, Y 5 J Q 4 52- YW' A 5 A I UQ a 6 -4 4 I lx U l w 9 an-Y 41

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