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Vi f 49' B00lr ,4 tg-1 BH 01193 ,ff I 01 I0 X aww N Q I 'Ziff ' D nb' A If g"'1-.1f,X.X'l'tY'm NV7137'-w - W' 'U N X xx JN 0 s'N 'Ml v i 1 1 'Round TECH TOWN 1" Q5 . '27 ,Aff 3 -r r! ' 1 K , . Springtime is breath taking on the beouiiful seventy-six acre Tech compus. 1960 At Arsenal Technical wwf talks of Tech Teens ,Q and records the happenings ' ' J during The year 1960 . . . fm, ' i Round Schools Located in Indianapolis, Indiana 1' Ecu 'rowu ff Mid' Tech Teens that's us gi -, i DOTTIE Breen has to take time out in her studying sometime, doesn't she? 4 JACK Beam has Tech Spirit that sent our team to the semi-state. A SMILING teener like Carole Hinman has to be a Techite! For We Are Ardent Students of the Technical . Sometimes happy, sometimes blue, and forever onthe go, that's us! We like to study, but we like to have fun, too. For four years our home-away-from-home is a spacious plot of land which we call our Tech Town. Teenagers are the key to Tech Town-a town forthe teens, by the teens, and of the teens. Rah for Tech! Our Tech's all right. CAROL Beinburg and Ronnie Sizemore find going steady to be a port of high school, 1 W' S., X' X e n 'L - 3 'll s 3' x .uv -hi' g X ' 5. . :gf FJ' ff ' s 5- 2 1 f4: K '32,- " ' K. 1 - -.1-l fws., 195, X ff 'K : ff Q kxxig '-A xwgiggf Q . yi ... uf 'T ji 2 F 'f S 1 I, 1306 '51 Benches Guard House Morgan Hall Teachers Mailboxes f' fi , gf' ,f ,Mya ., was : ijt 6 5' f-'sr f si I f. , , ff J' 'W:rii'Pi1if?lE A 'I Q x. A J 4, n '- ' , ff "5 FN J? - , , - -xgt:gtg.:z',vf - f L 1- v. ff' "VV 5 ii ' - ,Q 1 i jisffsff V , 3,5,.5': I, A , L X. WH , V V Directional Scoreboard Stuart Tower ,,.v-"""-1. ""'wai.f,p.mauvvq.,, """' MW M M , 'Round Tec!-I Town FE at Win., N, , M n , IH' Muanvmhllumqipnal' From high above the campus on the edge of the Ar- senal tower, a little bird would see this encompassing view of our seventy-six acre campus. lts winding walks, its twelve buildings, its shady lawns all so familiar to the hundreds of students and teachers be- low take onthe look of a miniature town to the little bird. Perhaps he is seeing the campus for the first Cannon time. lf he is, he does not know the little nooks and details so close to all Techites. The symbolic cannons, a close score on the scoreboard in the gym, the stately solitude of Stuart Tower, the directional guiding friends and freshies, a look through the window in Morgan Hall, the old guard house, the teachers' boxes in the main office, and the stone benches all convey special meanings to every Techite Q Xf,: INSTEAD OF concerning the closs LQ. median might this faculty chit chat be about cl new spring ho? or Bridge game? 8 N i Tech Town Maintains Democratic Government As a town we are guided by a government of our own. Guidance, rules and regulations are essentially developed by the administration and faculty-and sometimes enforced by our own "John Law," Sergeant Martin. But, as students, we too have an important voice in government through the Student Affairs Organization, a vital link between faculty ond students. These governing bodies help to make Tech a democratic "Town." We are proud ot our government and those who are responsible tor it. TECH Town's own policeman is Sergeant Martin DONNA Moon, iunior, consults with Mrs. Mattingly and Mrs. Turpin. JlM HUNT wields his gavel for the Tech students. "OH no, you've done it again," exclaims Jean Hinshaw to twin sister Jane, who found the stack of books too heavy. is 4 ALTHOUGH we were taken on a guided tour during Freshman Orientation day that did not cure all our class-finding troubles. "GOSH, l'm lost again," moans Jerry Hendrickson to senior Jan Halstead, who stops to aid the frosh in finding his way. Freshmen Experience A llYear of Firsts" at Tech PHILLIP Smith plans to take Pansy Phelps to the As freshman we have stepped into a totally new phase ' ' i . . 'Howe and for O lore Snack on me" mst dale' of our lives. We will never forget our first days on campus when we found ourselves dropping new books or getting lost trying to find our classrooms. During this year some of us will never forget that once in a life time ordeal, the first date. However, these days as "freshies" we will cherish along with our remaining high school years throughout our lives. Sophomores are known as "silly sophomores" to upper classmen. But disregarding our nickname, we devote much time to academic subjects. ln English we are faced with the great task of memorizing parts of Julius Caesar. When not memorizing Caesar, there is still studying to be done like learning axioms and postulates in geometry, identifying leaves in botany and coniugating verbs in foreign languages. Ot course, time can still be i found for telephone conversations and slumber parties. l l SOPHOMORES take time out for extra activities. Sophomores l ABOVE: Food, girls, records, gossip, and noise could be only one thing-a slumber party, Below: By their happy expressions Sharon Mackey and Bob Downey enioy studying via phone. Direct Their Time to Academic Subiects BEN McAllister had just earned his driver's license when he chautteured these pretty pas- sengers to the sectional last February. Juniors Think JEANNIE Bailey smiles as she shows oft her new "steady" ring to Louise Duncan. i JUNIORS racked their brains for information gained "way back when for the annual National Merit Scholarship Qualifying tests held early last spring ol Exams, Class Rings, t At last we have reached the ranks of upperclassmen! As we look upon our Hrst two years as necessary evils. We now have a more mature outlook and a wider variety of interests. Now our minds are filled with thoughts ot scholarship exams, drivers licenses, parties, Techoir, class rings, and the highlight of the year, the iunio h e P ro m iuniors r prom .1 1 W5 'ii,5,,. M , . ag " 51,3 Q + Ka K 5, , g. ,sjsggk I - 4 ' 1 1' wr, ' Q1 - 1--H' ' ' W F J' . "' 2 Y f X A f, ,--'Q X x 1 FROM the highest ratters swings the spirit of Tech, the mighty "Greenclod," portrayed by Jon Halstead. TECH'S basketball queens display their crowns. They are: Lyn Funke, freshman, Sharolyn Condra, sophomore, Judi Burnam, iunior, and Becky Vlfiegand, senior. Clintock as she is crowned at Tech-Broad Ripple game. Our Tech Town With lts School spirit is the password to Tech Town. From the beginning at the year, when Greenclod made his "swinging" entrance, Techites have enioyed the activities altered at Tech, These activities include The crowning ofthe class basketball queens and the "queen ot queens," the Barrets of Wimpole Street," and climaxing the year, the Cannon Ball, with the crowning at the Governor and First Lady at Tech Town. These were supplemented by the impressive holiday assemblies. BASKETBALL queen Becky Wiegand glows for Mr. Mc- AN ANCIENT Christmas pageant was the highlight ot the Yule- tide assembly. Steve Hyatt and John Hupp portrayed wise men while Bob Becker was King Herod. Mr. Maloy directed. ff y I3 gfftly . frm, i lf? ,mem s T , ' 1 K- ' ' ,,, 5 MARGARET Kunkel and Vicki Soden, from the cost of "Barretts 'U I ' of Wimpole Street," are getting costume adjustments from Dzi- 'l l dra Zills, costume seamstress. The play was on April 1. Many Sparkling Activities ls No Quiet Village THE GOVERNOR and First Lady of Tech Town's Cannon Ball were chosen from these students, who sold the most yearbooks. Seated: Lindo Murphy, Nancy Brown, Sharon Morin. Second Raw: Jerilyn Goodwin, Rita Shuffield, Jo- Ann Stephens. Third Row: Lowell Kirkbride, Dave Altopp, Russell Green, Dick Foster, Bob Pentecost. Not pictured: Jane Campbell, Joe Sigg, Jon Hul- stead. TECH Town was a "swinging scene" on October third when the Mardi Gras hit the campus. Direct from uFunsville" Come the Mardi Gras CAROLYN Martin, Mardi Gras queen, is kissed by Mr. Cecil L. McClintock as Nick Sanders, the king, and Jim Hunt look on. EVEN the faculty members got into the Mardi Gras spirit as illustrated by gay carnival barker, Mr. Robert Simpson. Father Time brings an end to anxious waiting, when he brings the fall with its Mardi Gras. Youngsters and oldsters alike loose their hearts to this wonder- ful, gay, holiday atmosphere. It com- bines the thrills and excitement of games with the warmth and happiness of friendship and good times. Variety is the spice of life-and variety reigns supreme at the yearly presentation of Sketchbook. Sketchbook, featuring Tech's finest talent, is entirely student planned and student directed. This year's theme, "The Wonderful Years," brought a rousing climax to the hard work and endless time displayed bythe cast. and Sketchbook JOYCE Dugger, Jim Gribbins, Rita Shuffield go modern with the cha-cha-cha. PHYLLIS Buchannan, Sharon Crawley, Barbara Lunsford, Janet Purcell, Rita Shuffield and Silvi Parna re-live yester-year in a chorus line. DEAN Myers, Skip Wilkinson, Paul Hemphling, Jerry Collins, and Nancy Rite strike up a chord for this year's Sketchbook "The Wonderful Years." Imagine stardust, soft lights, and music just meant for dancing . . . that describes Tech Town on formal dance occasions. Several Times each year Tech Town's feminine population exchange sweaters, skirts and bobby sox for frothy formals and dreamy expressions while the blue-leaned fellows change into formal attire and become gentlemen. The gymnasium is transformed into o fantasy land of pastel colors and soft music with happy teens danc- ing, laughing and having fun to complete the picture. TOM King and Phyllis Buchanan reign at Harvest Moon Ball. DONNA Moon and Frank Craig, queen and king of the Christmas dance, pose for a royal picture before they lead the Coronation dance, LILIES were sprouting up everywhere when Pat John- son made the prize-winning corsage for her date, Nick Sanders, at the girl-ask-boy Turnkey dance, We Dance f 5 S in E ON Soturdoy evening of October 31, C1 dreomy mood settled over Tech Town os couples whirled ot th H t M B ll Away the Hours of Many An Enchanted Evening At Tech There Comes a Time ToAHonor Outstanding PRINCIPAL MCCLINTOCK, Jim Hunt: James Burke, American Legion, Mrs. Thornburg, Bellamy Rep., and Kenneth Brewer, PTA Vice-Pres., present Jim tickets to the Bellamy Program. MR. FRANZ SCHROEDER, art consultant for the stained glass window, and Miss Sengenberger chat before the dedication. This year we have chosen to honor our first principal, Milo H. Stuart, with a stained glass window in Stuart Tower. The formal dedication took place November TO. Miss Ella Sengenberger, director of publications who retired last year after forty years service to Tech, was chairman of the committee who initiated the stained glass window plans. Miss "S"-as she was known to Cannon staffs for so many years-was given the classroom teachers' Freedoms Foundation Award last spring. We take time to honor Miss "S" for her long-standing devotion to Tech. She also was instrumental in Tech's winning the Bellamy Flag award in 1948. This year James Hunt, SAO president, was honored as Tech's delegate to the Bellamy Flag award presentation in Berkeley, California. MISS SENGENBERGER, second from left, and Principal Mc- Clintock, far right, receive Freedoms Foundation medals won by the school and by the weekly Cannon publication at the awards luncheon given by the organization last spring. Classmates, Teachers and Administrators THE stained glass window, dedicated in honor of Milo Stuart, is based upon his words "And now we know there's immortality. We have seen a sunset turn into a dawn." "WHAT GAL con resist o new prom dress?" sigh two clothes-conscious Techites, Judy Jacobson cmd Shoron Rupert EXEMPLIFYING the mcmy students mointciining ofter-school iobs is Linda Horvey, who works ot the Spodes Pork Library. 'Round the Corner Z' Techites find thot Tech Town is not CI stranded islond, for around it is o busy community. This community ofters opportunities for pupils seeking port-time employment os well os ci chonce to toke port in locol civic offoirs. On Youth In Government doy, three representatives from eoch ofthe city high schools took over city offices for o dciy. For those wishing culturol entertainment, the Murot gives regular concerts. Community centers oftord recreotionol opportunities for teen-ogers. We cire proud of our community. HTECHATOWNERSX' Barbara Thomas and Bob Marshall pause in front of the Murat Theater. From Tech Town... We Work, We Shop, and We Play MR. DENZLER and Mrs. Yarnell help many Techites like Charlotte Yoryan End part-time jobs. Mr. Medccxlfe, friendly Tech teacher, walks with Morgcref Chandler and Put Rollo. And 1960 Was A Year When - - 0 cmd the people who administer, teach, cmd participate in this most important function . . fauna' 1'ECl-l Tech Teens Were More Aware of Education Than Ever Before I 25 E ig 5 ? V fi' .Q s S 953: is MXN 5 E2 --A S xiii Y x X , I X X x X N Swwwgxgw ,Xml QWQM Q K Ns nv , ai , . x NX ,SSWTW S 'E ff. . ESQ, A X ,. K 52 SM ,, ,-3.1. X ' k Sli? :XX X S S? ss 'S X Sv A x f , Tix ' .M s w 9 x Qx x x ik SFX ADMlNlSTRATlON-Seated: Herman Hinshaw, Vice-Principal, Cecil McClintock, Principal, Mrs. Martha Turpin. Deon of Girls. Sionding: Fred Reeder, Karl Kalp, Paul Wetzel, and Earl Ensinger, Vice-Principals. These People Malce Tech Town Ticlc The "main spring" of Tech Town is in the Arsenol. ln this building ore the oiTices where our principal, the odministrotive staff, ond office staff work to guide Tech on its daily course. lt is through the efforts of these personnel that our Tech Town "ticks" smoothly ond efficiently. On March 2 we were saddened by the death of Mr. Ecirl Ensinger, our respected vice principal. OFFICE STAFF-First Row: Miriam Howe, Mrs. Lou Ann Andel, Mrs. Fannie Fowler, Mrs. Ruth Smith, Mrs, Ruth Berryman, Mrs. Dorothy Armel. Second Row: Mrs, Edna Ayres, Mrs. Ann Loyal, Mrs. Florence Cox, Patricia Litiell, Mrs. Gloria Robbins, Mrs. Rosclynne Yarnell. Mrs. Hermonda Metzger, Louisa Steeg, Mrs. Helen Cloud, Norma Rodewald, Mrs, Virginia Cauble. REMEMBER the power failure lost fall? ln the true school spirit Mrs, Armel and Mrs. Smith continue their work by candlelight. SOCIAL SERVICE - Seated: Mrs, Jean Ann Groves, Miss Mariorie Lawson. Standing: Mrs. Mary Williams. Tech Town Even Has a General Store BOOKSTORE-Mrs. Wilma Durham, Asst., Mr, Oliver Clark, Mgr., Mrs, Lo- Verne Stuart, Asst. Two of the most important offices at Tech Town are the bookstore and the social service department. Every Techite knows the bookstore as the place where he not only buys supplies and books, but also the center where every- thing from ink to class rings is purchased. The social service women help Us with our personal problems and lend a helping hand to those in need. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT-First Row: Mrs. Mariorie Garrett, Gertrude lnsley, Martha Guscho, Nancy Secrest, Mrs. Mary Harlan, Mrs. Clarena Huttington, Mrs. Ethel Mclntosh, Halcyon Mendenhall. Second Row: Robert Maloy, Sarah Murphy, James Mann, Irene Rhodes, Head, Mrs. Jeannette Reed, Miss Mild- red McAfee, Louise Padcu, Mrs, Vera Kilborn, Barbara Russell. Third Row: Bill Porter, Harry Wilfong, Tom Danheiser, Mrs. Mary Hahn, Mrs. Barbara English ls the Baclcbo MISS IRENE RHODES, English department head, confers with department assistant, Mrs. Mary Van Suskirk. l RUSSELL GREEN finds this device in reading laboratory is iust what the doctor ordered to remedy his reading ills. I1 l l l Dearing, Mrs. Muriel Tucker, Mrs. Christine Bennett, Mrs. Sue Giltoy, Mrs. Bette Taylor. Fourth Row: Robert Elmes, Emmett Hardiman, Gaylord Allen, Cecil Tresslar, Lynn Clippinger, Margaret Waters, Mrs. Margaret Joss, Mrs. Edna Wootton, Mrs. Jane Wheeler. Not Pictured: Mrs. Ann Cartmel, Alice Brown. e of Our Education The English department is always in the news! in addition to classes in English fundamentals, this department is responsible for the Cannon weekly, this yearbook, assembly skits and roll call broadcasts. Another major contribution to Tech Town is the work done by drama club members who present all-school plays. And last but not least, the Tech library, where we find material tor proiects and papers as well as full shelves ot rich reading tor leisure hours. LIBRARY STAFF-Mrs. Lelia Toler, Asst., Mrs. Margaret Schroedle, Librarian, Miss Norma Fultz, Librarian, Miss Mariorie Schock, Head Librarian, Mrs. Gertrude Russell, Asst. 29 FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT-Seated: Mrs. Susanna Underwood, Edith Allen, Head, Loree Steele. Standing: William Watkins, Mrs. Lois Repass, Martha Raup, Marvin Hurley. The Language Department Goes Modern in T960 The Language department has taken on the "forward Latin, too, is taught here in Tech Town. This look." Room 330 is the departments pride because here the new language laboratory is found. One of five in the city, this lab allows students, sitting in sound-proof compartments, to hear a foreign tongue from a tape. The aspiring linguists in turn repeat the material to the teacher. This way they learn Spanish, French, or German in true dialect. language, said by some people to be "dead," comes to life in our Latin classes. These classes have lively discussions on the Roman way of life, from chariot racing to Roman weddings. A course in Latin and Greek derivatives is offered to college-bound students. Studying the multi-syllable words is helpful when it's time for scholarship tests. STUDENTS of Mr. Marvin Hurley's Spanish, ll class revive the old Christmas custom ot breaking the pinata filled with "goodies." MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT-First Row: Newell Hall, Edith Silver, Gladys T yndall, Effie McDougall, A. Sue Jinks, Betty Mansfield, James BorshaR. Second Row: Robert B. Belding, Head, Mildred Corrie, Dorothy Corey, He len Pearson, Margaret Hummel, Dale Sore. Third Row: Richard Glover, Wil- Iiom Wheeler, John Sioeckinger, Rowland Leverenz, Maurice Kriese. Math Figures High l ln Our Curriculum You think you have problems? Not as many as the 2400 math students who struggle daily over the problems in Their world of protractors, propositions and formulas. Under the new diploma plan there are 88 cliherent math classes. Even those ot us who do not need math- matics in our business lite 'find it a great help in solving the problems of everyday living since it develops in us the power to think logically and accurately. TRIGONOMETRY Teasers become everyday problems to Marilyn Hicks, Ron Schwomeyer, and Harold Simmons with the use of a king-sized slide rule. MR. BORSHOFF illustrates the prin- ciple of "squares"-square roots, that is-to his Algebra ll class members. BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT-Seated: John Farley, Head, Mrs. Cherry Sparks, Howard Cook, Scott McCoy John Pierce, Mrs. Joan Persell, Coleen Woodward. Standing: Kenneth Barr, Arthur Kirsch, William Johnson, Charles Rus sell, .lohn Kendrick, Richard Allen, Garland Howard. Teen Scientists Hold Key to Our Future Security "WE learn by experimenting," says physics student Walter Key as Dave Shipley, Mr. Allen, and Betty Hodnett watch. The Biological and Physical Science departments have experienced "growing pains" during the past years. The School Board ruling requiring two years of science has increased the number of students taking the sciences. Because ofthe additional students, six new teachers were added to the Biological Science department in recent years. Science institutes are making it possible for students to increase their knowledge in physics, chemistry, physiography, or areonoutics. Several students from Tech Town took part in these by entering proiects. JOHN Hupp demonstrates to Mr. Farley that he is not squeamish when it comes to cliscecting, BILL MOSS, Julayne Stinger, and Marie Bailey wonder if monsters once invaded this land of ours as Mr. John Miner explains rock fossils. PHYSICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT-Seated: Ralph Wolverton, Lester Bolander, Mrs. Pauline Caldwell, James B. Rose, Head. Standing: William Graney, William Hawley, John Lannan, John Miner, Louis D. Allen, Rich ard Dykeman. V I V 33 SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT-First Row: Robert Carey, Katherine Book, Frances Lyons, Jeannette Tobey, Forrest Caldwell. Second Row: Donald Daily, Wesley Murphy, Robert Meyer, Leonard Jelters, Josephine Graf, Mrs. Dorothy Lyon. Third Row: William Kimberlin, James Stewart, Howard Longshore, Head, Mrs. Judith McGinnis, Mary Moore, Dwayne Blankenhorn. Not Pictured: James Burch. Social Studies Classes Mold Better Citizens Techites learn to become good citizens not only of Tech Town, but also of their community, their nation, and their world through courses taught in the Social Studies department. Each year the department sends a student representative to the United Nations. This year a new unit on Communism has been added to American government classes so that pupils may study and compare Democracy with Communism. "DEMOCRACY vs. Communism is today's topic," says the student teacher to a government class which includes Margaret Love, enrolled in class via two-way communications system. MARGARET smiles after reciting to class back at school. She likes home study, but looks forward to returning to Tech. How- ever, many students think home study would be the greatest! A SILHOUETTES and shadows of ancient statues help artist, Carole Klein, capture the perfect mood for her sketch. Art Activities Enrich Lives ol Many Techites . Tech Town's art students communicate in a way that differs from the rest of Tech's pupils. They use drawing as the "language ofthe expression of ideas." Capturing campus scenes on canvas is done by the art classes in the autumn and spring. Other phases ot the art activities include ceramics, sculp- turing, jewelry and metal craft, Learning these various artistic skills makes life seem richer. i ART DEPARTMENT-First Row: William Graney, La Von Whitmire, Lorena Phemister, Oakley Richey, Head, Shirley Julian, Mrs. Helen Sturgeon, Asst., Mrs. Alice Cook, Charles Glore, Second Row: Forrest Higgs, William Fields, Asst., Chelsea Stewart, Dir. Program Production. Harold Stewart, Sy Perszyk, Ernest Medcalfe, Kermit Swenson, "s...,-Q SO YOU want to lead a band? And as you've guessed by now Tech Town's music department otters such an opportunity for musically inclined Tech teens. ., TECHITES of Mr Gywn s harmony class learn how the nation s hit tunes are born Instruments and Voices Fill the Air with Music Our well-equipped Music department ofters may op- portunities for musically-minded Techites. Throughout the year our six vocal and three instrumental music groups perform over a hundred times for special events and assemblies 'Round Tech Town and in the community. Besides these special groups there are classes in harmony and directing. Who knows, someday one of the students in these classes may be composing songs tor a Broadway hit or directing a famous symphony MR. MOON, Music dept. head, talks music with Mrs. Jo- sephine Schlenck and Mrs. Olga Geisler, dept. assistants. MUSIC DEPARTMENT First Row Robert Gywn Louise Swan Mrs JoAnn Moore Rosemary McGuire William Moon Head Second Row John Wh te Robert Simpson Will am Breedlove Richard Orton Raymond Brandes , HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT-First Row: Anna Kellum, Mrs. Mildred Wallace, Hilda Krelt, Head, Mrs. Jeannine Root, Mrs. Ruth Stafford. Second Row: Mrs. Laura Ann Reese, Mrs. Mildred Eccleston, Mrs. Elizabeth Holtsclaw, Mrs. Hazel Kuetemeier, Mrs. Natalie Woods, Mrs. Marjorie McCutcheon. Third Row: Mrs. Lois Laskowski, Mrs. Ermal Monninger, Mrs. Marilyn Hardwick, Marguerite Hardy, Mrs. Marian Holly. Noi Pictured: Mrs. Florence Boots, Pearl Apland. We Learn the Way To a Man's Heart Our busy homemakers ot tomorrow receive their first practical experiences Through Home Economic classes at Tech Town. These girls are called upon many times to prepare and serve food forthe many guests who visit our campus and forthe special teas and luncheons. Some industrious girls have even been known to make a complete ensemble from head to hemline in the millinery and clothing classes. PREPARING tor the Easter parade in millinery classes are Sara Kerr and Karen Wetherald. MISS HILDA Krelt, head of the Home Eco- nomics department, and her assistants, Mrs. Gwendelyn Hutt and Mrs. Betty Rowland, check supplies tor foods classes. i MR. REUBEN Behlmer, Physical Ed. head, discusses future ac- JUST another typical day for RN's Mrs. Graub, Mrs. Johnston tivities for the gym classes with his assistant, Mr. Arthur Cook. and Blanche Williams as they comfort patient, Walter Hodgins Health Classes Strengthen Our Minds and Bodies Promoting good health and sound minds is the goal of our Health and Physical Education department. Three-tourths of the pupils enrolled in Tech are enrolled in one of the ninety-four classes meeting daily in the ten various subiects. These include physical ed., narcotics, fitness, physiology, health education, posture, child care, first aid, and driver ed. OUR girls exhibit a competitive spirit on Play Day. HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT-First Row: Harry Caskey, Patsy Lou Scott, Shirley Porrett, Blanche Williams, Sharon Parrett, Mrs. Rowena Graub, Howard Catt, Wallace Potter. Second Row: lvan Moreman, Helen Caffyn, Carlos Bell, Mrs. Conna Hawkins, Mrs. Mildred Johnston, Mabel McHugh, Anna Parker, Reuben Behl- mor, Head. Third Row: Paul E. Myers, Charles Dagwell, Robert Mehr, Charles Maas, Philip Quillin, Jack Bradford, William Treicnler. THE BUSINESS world offers many opportunities for experienced Tech graduates. Machine Cal- culation is one of the stepping-stones these students are taking to reach their vocational goal. BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPART- MENT-First Row: Keith Kuck, Marg- aret Peterson, Lois M. Sink, Edna Maley, Elma Sullivan, Kenneth Bay- less Second Row: Dorothy McSherley, Mrs. Dorothy Timmerman, Frances Kinsley, Evelyn Truedson, Mona Wood- ward, Head. Third Row: Winifred Brill, William Guess, Mahlon Cclrlazlc, Bruce Mitchell, Werner Manninger, Mrs. Phyllis Bryant. Not Pictured: J. C. Hager, Kenneth Puckett. Techites Train Today For Jobs of Tomorrow TRAINING to be a future secretary, Judy Garing uses the voice writing machine as she transcribes dictation in office practice. Have you ever wondered what that rat-a-tat on the second floor ot the "Main" is? Why it's Indianapolis' tuture secretaries and business leaders preparing themselves in our Business Education department. Through our courses in typing, shorthand, book- keeping, machine calculation, office practice, business organization, business law, scilesmanship, and ottice production pupils and find the step by step way into the business world. PLACING letter molds in a "stick" in order to make a head- line for the Cannon newspaper is Gary Wood, printing major. The Press Rolls Cn As Boys Learn Printing Trade PRINTING DEPARTMENT-Mr. Clyde Armel, Head, Ralph Clark, Harold Deem, Robert Smith, Floyd Billington. LARRY Kindsvatter and Steve Nowlin prepare one of the many program forms we fill out at the beginning ot every semester. Our Print Shop not only keeps busy by printing the issues ot Arsenal Cannon weekly, but they are also busy turning out young men who have printer's ink in their blood. After these boys have completed the tour year printing course, they are ready to take their places at the press, at the linotype machine, and at many other jobs in the printing field. ln addition to this work, the Print Shop prints the many forms and blanks used by faculty and students alike. ELECTRIC DEPARTMENT-Garald Bramblett, Louis Marshall, Harold Fye, Head, Earl Terry, Linsie Cox, Asst., Jules Zinter. Interested in Architectural or Machine Drafting? Here in Tech Town we have an extensive department. Every year students in the advanced courses are called upon to design a project for other departments or for out- siders. The Electric Shop boys have installed speaker wire cables which replace over lOO miles of wire installed by the Electric Shop boys in l934 and I935. The radio and television classes keep the speakers, lines and amplifiers repaired. K ii i , HSHOCKING, what we learned," says James McCutcheon to Roy Rossell while working on this housewiring project. Tech's Vocational Courses Prepare Us for Tomorrow DRAFTING DEPARTMENT-Harold Elliott, Warren Cleveland, Head. Norman Schneider, C, A. Rosell, Fred Henke, Floyd Tobrocke, DRAWING assignments may someday bring dream homes to Tommy Griffin and Buzz DeVore with Mr. H. DenzIer's help. 41 MR. GEORGE L. Lone, director of shop activities, takes time from his busy day to pose for the Cannon photographer. AUTO SHOP boys, Roscoe Polin, Tom Budd and Robert Pickett are training for a lab and learning to repair the family car Aviation Shop Completes Six-Year Proiect in 1960 l l RECHECKlNG wing alignment is one part to be done before Karl Geizendanner, Dennis Bolton and Don Nicholas complete an aviation proiect. AUTO AVlATlON DEPARTMENT-First Row: Som Dud- kowski, Lewis Pence. Donald Miller, Keith Pottorff, Louis Allen. Second Row: Walter Dearing, Asst., Warren Haas, Head, Douglas Thompson, Charles Day. Dale Herrington, Frederick Moyer, Don Patterson. 42 "Almost finished!" That's what students and faculty members ofthe Aviation shops are saying. For the past six years boys in the advanced classes have been diligently constructing two airplanes. This summer the planes will at last make their solo flights. Boys enrolled in our Auto shops have the opportunity to become top-flight auto mechanics through practical, on-the-iob experiences. Many students and faculty members entrust their cars to these boys for repairs of all kinds from straightening wheel alignment to hammering out dents on fenders. BUILDING TRADES DEPARTMENT-Paul Vogt, Jack Longshore, Morris O. Woods, William Lamperf, ithel Shoemaker, Ivan Hanen, Head. Not Pictured William Hill, Asst, Thanks to our Building Trades classes, we now have a new concession stand ta serve us our coFFee, cakes, and hot dogs during the football games next tall and for years ta come. ln addition to the Building Trades class we have our Metal Trades department which received 525,000 worth at army surplus equipment to start the '59-'60 term. The depart- ment consists of tive divisions: found ry, pattern- making, welding, sheet metal and machine shops. Shops Contribute Special Proiects To Our Tech Town METAL TRADES DEPARTMENT-Edward Howe. Harry H. Stone, Emanuel Cruser, W. R. Eddy. Head, Berl D. Whetstine, Norman Brinker, Meorle Danica. i960 FOOTBALL fans will enioy a new con- cession stand built by Building Trades classes. PREPARING for industry by actual practice are Dick Wright, Mike Sheppard, and Dennis Edwards, who pour hot brass in foundry class. THESE three cadets and their dates at the Military Ball take time out to watch the royal Coronation and grand march. SUE RUSH and Judi Burnam beam dual smiles, after a tie-vote for queen at the annual Military Ball. Principal McClintock , crowns the girls. Jack Ingels and Russell Dooley tied for king. l 1960 Was a Year of ROTC OFFICERS-First Row: Cadet Maior Richard Foster, Cadet Lt. Col. P. Gregory Harris, Cadet Major Russell Dooley. Second Row: Cadet Lt. Douglas Wheatley, Honorary Cadet Captains Gloria Noble, Marsha Reynolds, Rebecca Wiegand, Sue Rush and Diane Denham, Cadet Capt. James P. Cox. Third Row: Cadet Capt. David Lange, Honorary Cadet Lts. Carol Hinman, Donna Moon, Vicki Soden, Betty lson, Frances Stott, Judi Burnam, Sandro Lively, Shannon Waldo, Jerilyn Goodwin and Cadet Lt. Leonard Crump. Fourth Row: Cadet Capt. Benny Webb, Cadet Lts. Vernon Wallingford, Duncan Wheatley, Richard Cooley, Curtis Watkins, Byron Wells, James Lower, James Ruskaup, William McBride, Mike Klein, and Cadet Capt. Jack lngles. Fifth Row: Cadet Lts. Donald Price, Marvin Morris, William Essex, William Robertson, Herman Coftey, Jerry Douglas, William McAllister, James Weddell, Jack O'NeilI, Nick Sanders. 44 l K V ,'-warms fm, mmf was Y""L V ,Y x , ' RQWY 1 . . 1 N Y .T 0. , V , 1-iliwfa . , Ly 73, 'g ' , ', ' f J", ' Mxgnf ff- .A . ki ., 1. 3" J' , Q, ,t,",x'f, 4, J" f 1-. f 1 x Q "H -L1 F A K N 'i 1 ""1iff5 ' L X ig ,fi . 5 ffl ' ' f m Si fd -55 x " N l X ,,,,pf.5 . ' -i A k, ' V M' AW"-'--' . . , t-3 A9 X, Q , 1-,,. . ky f ix X 6 ,1 v, . K Y , X Qb x, in Y gk 5? :Mfg ,Q r Q, 2 A i . X K 4, W 1 1 T ly x ,K A , I 5 S. gs A - gs W -up-V s Z t I 3 ' f 1 if . A 'X X Gs N . L. - . K A v ..,: x A ' 1 . 1 V1 sys' x M r. EM, 1 K A --gay K - H . 1 ig K .. . 'K ' Nixfgsnjgrf ,Q 7 af Q if-mf W f A 4 X X ff.1m'W?3Qf'? f e A ,S Q Y k l Z . ' 2 Q is is U ' 5 Hia x x L 5 i Aw-- I x 9' w w , Junior High Schoolers Take Hints from uElders" Good naturedly called "little seventh and eighth graders," Tech's Junior High has its share ot Tech Town. These younger generation Techites have their own basketball and football tea ms, marching band tcomplete with maiorettesl, orchestra, and even a student governing body like our SAO Board. JUNIOR HIGH DEPARTMENT-First Raw: John Wythe, Ebert Smith, Mrs. Lillian Pence, Delbert West, Marion Overman, Second Row: Walter Din- inger, Mary Marshall, Mrs. Eleanor Wriggelsworth, X Robert DeNoon, John Golish. Third Row: Duane Biankenharn, Odus A. Landreth, Director, Sam Skomp, Charles Harry. Not Pictured: Mrs. Marcia Miles, Mrs. Marilyn Gilbert, Mary Maillard, Mrs. Anne Cartmel, Mrs. Lillian Brandes, Asst. Often, the Junior High ioins in activities with the senior high school to make Tech Town complete. DISCUSSING characterization in a Jr, High literature class are Kenny Wells, Joyce Burris, Rosemary Koelling, and Rick Burrell. They find literature interesting as well as fun. 46 JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT AFFAIRS ORGANIZATION-Standing: Wanda Jones, Lynda Turner, Peter Putelis, Edward Marlow, Tammy Nidifter, Mr. Odus Landreth, Span., Shirley Harris, Lois Dyer, Mary Ann Banta, Terry Johns, Phil Kunkel. Seated: Matt Matlik, Marsha Bromagen, Linda Smith, Janice Lynch, Sandra Main, Sondra Kashon. TESTING rocks tor limestone content are Mary Chapman, Larry Ebersole, Mr, Smith, Sharon Dwigans, Harry Shapere, Lois Dyer. These students prepare for Tech science classes. IN THE good old summertime some ot us will still be on campus, remarks Karl Kalp, director of summer school, to Nancy Fenter, one of the 1,500 who will attend. The Wheels Turn 'Round FOUR ot 3,200 students enrolled in Tech's evening school find the courses help them as citizens and on-the-iob. EVENING SCHCOL OFFICE-Mrs. Mildred Langlotz, Miss Joyce Suess, Mrs. Eleanor Ogle, Mr. Paul W. Wetzel, Vice-Prin., Dir., Mrs. Mary Pentecost, Mrs. Erma Miller. the Clock at Tech Town Day and night, Techites may be seen hurrying Through the corridors in Tech Town. Nearly 3,200 pupils are enrolled in evening school, taking both elementary and high school courses, trades courses, and courses in English for foreign born students. During the summer, 1,558 hearty souls were out inthe morning sun coming to Tech summer school classes. Many of these students from other high schools come to take courses only offered at Tech. All Techites agree with these 20th Century Romans that ofter-school activities ore rewarding. And We Become Better leorning, serving, ond The teens who take pride spending offer-school hours ond having fun .. i Acquainted With Fellow Tech ites and Our School .3 , 'I P' .' JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE-First Row: Angela Greene, Carole Reinken, Vice-Pres,, Jack lngels, Pres., Sue Rush, Ed., Timmie Walker. Second Raw: Mrs. Lois Repass, Span., Charlotte Vinson, Gisele Brivman, Leslie Flannogan, Barbara Hittle, Donna Dougherty, Judy Parnell, Janet Bishop, Dianne Hughes, Ruth Nettle, John Hupp. Third Row: Carol Talbert, Carol Patterson. Beverly Reinken, Janet Canter, Luba Kulik, Dohn Bear, Janet Glaze, Sharon Linguists Linger Late "When in Rome do as the Romans do"-and the JCL is no exception. Annually these Latin lovers gather for their traditional Roman banquet. Shades of Caesar prevail even so tar as homemade togas. Mackey, Joyce Dowdy. Fourth Row: Miss Laree Steele, Span., Marilyn Abra- ham, Shirley Zimmerman, Catherine Noakes, Betty Swanner, Larry Clark, Earlene Flowers, Joe Stevens, Pat Rolla, Fifth Raw: Mary Ja Fry, Shannon Waldo, Christine Moudy, Joe Sigg, Ronald Schwomeyer, Jo Ruddell, Tom Hankins, Phyllis lsam, Ronald Klipsch, Steve McCallie. Learn About Foreign Who can forget the Mardi Gras-and who can forget the Spanish Club's Telegram Booth? This year the club initiated the "singing telegram" which proved an hilarious outlet for Tech senors and senoritas. SPANlSH CLUB-First Raw: Beverly Thiesing, Sherry McCain, Janet Short, Susan Forkner, Mary Riner, Patricia Grantham, Margie Cox, Christine Harding. Second Row: Mr. William Watkins, Span., Douglas Wheatley, Sharon Mitchell, Karen Garner, Diana Alvarez, Beverly Branson, Margaret Kunkel, Patricia Schmidt, Marilyn Riner, Stephen McCallie, Danna Coram, Geraldine Castle. Third Row: Lynda Fuller, Margie Lewis, Lynda Geralds, Diana Tinley, Suzanne Leland, Sandra Bailey, Gaynelle Bishop, Evelyn Cox. l Eileen Huntley, Bill Hasseld, Mr. Marvin Hurley, Span. Fourth Raw: Buddy Cantrell, Bonnie Burris, Ronald Miller, Lyn Funke, Adrienna Warner, Shirley Shackletard, Carol Beinburg, Jerry Butcher, Randall l-larbert. Fifth Raw: Ronald Perkins, Phillip Bitner, Bill McBride, Carol Robinson, Stephen Mil- ler, Marvin Morris, Walter Key, Donald Price, David Yarbrough, Michael Harrington, Michael Flockhan. ff ' FRENCH CLUB--First Row: Karyl Kirkbride, Dan Hughey, Jimmie Caro Smith, Vivian Rike, Shiloh Graves, Donna Terry, Margaret Bennett, Mis: Martha Raup, Span. Second Row: Diane Denham, Peggy Keller, Cheryl Grundy, Mary Jane Hoyt, Carolyn Burrows, Sandy Ohne, Charles Pitch- lard, Bill Cook, Beverly Daugherty, Vicki Soden, Robert Sullivan. Third Row: Karen Miller, Margaret Chandler, Stephanie Tomescu, Nancy Clark, Mari- orie Burford, Judi Burnam, Phyllis Call, Ronald Wyatt, Charlene Cutter. Suxie Brinkley. Fourth Row: Carolyn Martin, Sue Hall. Marsha Stutsman, Charles Beavin, Miss Loree Steele, Span., Janis Rush, Frank Jacobs, Charles Carmony, Mary Ann Bennett, Terri Bourn. Filth Row: Betsy Pearson, Martha Scarborough, Betty Walton, Jayne Dillon, Sandy Miller, Carol Furry, Rol- land Fraser. Ervin Townsend, Michael Melline, Kirk Waldhaus, Oran Watts, Nancy Rite, Josephine Applewhite, Neighbors and Their Customs The French Club started the year by sponsoring spent two years in France. The German Club two showings ot the film "Cyerno de Bergerac" as a moneymaking proiect. Still other activities forthe French Club included a visit from a French girl and a visit from an American woman who began early this fall to plan its Mardi Gras booth, Ye Old Book Shoppe. A gala Christmas party was another sparkling highlight of the 1959-60 school year. Mrs. Underwood is sponsor. GERMAN CLUB-First Row: Bill Ireland, Karen Yeaman, Elsie Humbarger, Judy Wilson, Gracie Brooks. Second Row: Richard Smith, Russell Hire schy, Myra Robbins, Tanya Coffey, Libby Robert- son, Mrs. Susanna Underwood, Span. Third Row: F'aul Hemplling, Bob Harold, Jay Blackwood. Janeen Jessup, Dolores Wieland. 51 NATURAL SCIENCE CLUB-First Row: Judy Allen, Juanita Blond, Sec., Charles Cormony, Pres., Bruce Peternoster, Vice- Pres., Dianne Hughes, Second Row: Carol SalTord, June Anderson, Patty Carmichael, Lee Anne McNeal, Ronald Wyatt. Third Row: Bill Swan, Suzanne Hart, Dianna Tinley, Jennifer Rathen' bush, Mr. John Pierce, Span. Fourth Row: Paul Everman, Kim Phemister, Kirk Waldhaus, Paul Young, Oran Watts. T Club Members Take Pride In Special Proiects The Key Club locked up Emily Post for a day andthe "gals" chose their "guys" forthe annual Turnkey Dance. Following the Tradition the boys sported corsages The girls had made from bits of This and That. Poems are made by fools like me, but The Trees were Tagged by the NSC. This year the Natural Science Club drew a map ofthe Tech campus on which They entered and identified every Tree. The Chess Club spent their spare minutes ' learning and playing the game as well as engaging in thrilling chess tournaments. CHESS CLUB-First Row: Billie Mitchell, Ronald Klipsch, John Hoffman, Leonard Crump, Alan Harding, John Hawley. Second Row: Phillip Bass, George Brenner, Steve Donovan, Steve McCallie, Gareth Putnam. Third Row: Mr. William Hawley, Span., James Olin, Ronald Schworneyer, Frank Krumreich, Robert Curry, Steve Vie. KEY CLUB-First Row: Douglas Wheate ley, Tony Watt, Lowell Kirkbride, Jim Hunt, Jon Halstead, Jim Taylor, Dan Carr, Mr. Mahlon Carlock, Span. Sec- ond Row: Jim L. Williams, Jay Hal- stead, Bill Meek, Tom King, John Rus- sell, Jerry Baumgardner, Jim R, Wil- liams. Third Row: Don Tucher. Nick Sanders, Carlton Greene, Jim Johnson, John Hoffman, Ron Schwomeyer, Don- ald Longshore, Buzz DeVore, Louis Hasseld. Fourth Row: Larry Fitzgerald. Bill Sterrett, Jack Justus, Joe Sigg, George Gordon, Ralph Wilkerson, Bob Dunawoy, Tom Hart. Not Pictured: Ben McCollister, Jock Beam, Jock Foltz, Allen George, Russell Green, Roger Harper, Ronald Taylor, Mike Moss, Mike Edwards, Dick Foster, Mel Gar- land, Ronald Karns, Bob Marshall. CHEMISTRYVPHYSICS-First Row: Lyle Brewer, Ronald Pallikan, Steve Osterhaut. John Hoffman. Second Row: Steve McCallie, Ron Schwomeyer, Robert Curry, Ronald Taylor, Albert Caldwell, Mr. William Graney, Spon. Tech Town Revolves Around Thinking Teens G- 1,-If . X134 .40 'G Q flflb M While some amateur chemists may be "out of this world," ' L 2 ' our Chemistry-Physics Club members are "down to earth." ' T' T Y' T 5 . They have entered projects in various science contests, , Q' M including the Westinghouse Science Talent Search l l Ll , A and the Science Fair held in April. The XYZ Club 1 ' ' ' ' T - - O ,, delved enthusiastically into the field of mathematics. XYZ CLUB-First Row: Joan Weddle, Sandra Bailey, Carolyn Sue Bullock, Nancy Fay Ratlitt, Suzanne Brinkley, Ed., Sue Rush, Pres., Jo Ruddell, Sgt. at Arms, Ronald Schwomeyer, Vice-Pres., Ronald Klipsch, Sec.-Treas., John Hoffman, Parl. Second Row: Joyce Dowdy, Robert Loyston, David Miller, Jay Blackwood, Carolyn Waltz, Mary Yost, Steve McCallie, .lan Mindaclt, Mr. John Stoeckinger, Spon. Third Row: David Stansifer, James Walden, Dottie Breen, Betsy Yost, Nancy Romack, Meredith Wilson, Cheryl Scots, Vernon Wallingford. Fourth Row: Spen- cer Jones, Richard Nell, John Mason, Ron Pallikan, Gareth Putnam, Kenneth Wuertley, Robert Curry, Marilyn Hicks. DRAMA THESPIAN CLUB-First Row: Ronald Shrigley, Mr. Robert Malay, Spon., Patricia Johnson, Nick Sanders, Paul Young, Bob Dunaway, Mar- garet Kunkel, Judy Gimber, Lyle Brewer, John Hupp, Thomas Little. Second Row: Rosaleen Link, Dianne Hughes, Gracie Brooks, Eileen Huntley, Nancy Fosso, Carolyn Baldwin. Judy Baily, Kathy Robertson, Marilyn Hicks, Janadine Mindach, Paul Binder, Vicki Soden. Third Row: Dohn Bear, Carol Robertson, Claudia Lutes, Diane McCallie, Dzidra Zils, Max Lyons, Susie Schneider, Linda Alfred, Michael Keller, Barrie Allen, Aina Zils. Fourth Row: Garnett Nolan, Catherine Noakes, Karen Garner, Sharon Marin, Charles Robertson, Dagniia Ozals, Bob Ketring, Minnie Dunbar, Joyce Watkins, Donna Coram, Janeen Jessup, Lyndon Smith. Tech's World Becomes A Stage, Thanks "Lights, Camera, Action!" Tech's dramatists get ready tor another outstanding production. This tall they prepared three one-act plays, and in the spring presented, "The Barretts of Wimpole Street." Highlights ofthe year were the selection of "Best Actor" and "Best Actress" and the impressive initia- tion into the National Thespian Society. Still other activities included the Christmas party and the tradi- tional "strike parties" after the plays. The troupe is presently looking forward to their new Shake- spearean-type stage being built especially forthe production of scenes from Shakespeare. Also, plans are being made tor the forthcoming Thespion Convention to be held this summer onthe Indiana University Campus. Here they meet other Thespians and learn many acting techniques and skills. "NO, no, o thousand times no," exclaims Robert Becker to A STITCH in time may save time, but poor Gammer Gurton the recent romance between his daughter tLuba Kulikl and may be behind in her mending as the calamity of her lost an English soldier tRonald Shrigleyl, in the play, "The Schem- ing Lieutenant," presented on November 19 and 20. needle evolves in the Drama Club production, "Gammer Gurton's Needle." lt was given at the Mardi Gras this tall. SPEECH TEAM-First Row: Steve Miller, Shirley Shackelford, .la Ruddell. Lyn Funke, Beverly Branson, Susan Faulkner, Betty Hardesty. Second Row: Frank Jacobs, Tom Hankins, Bruce Paternostor, Marilyn Smith, Josephine Applewhite, Corene Brown, Margaret Kunkel, Pat Johnson. Third Row: Terrance Tandy, Charles Carmony, Kirk Waldhaus, Jane Brock-Jones, Ruth Nettle, Diane Kennedy, Pam Corn, Diane Tinley. Fourth Raw: Jay Ward, Steve Craig, David McCullough, Carlton Greene, Betty Stevenson, Carol Britt, Charlene Allan, Janeen Jessup, Mr. Wilfong, Spon. to the Speech and Drama Crganizations 'Teeners with an articulate "gift ot gab" may find enjoyment on the Speech and Debate teams. Under the able hands of Mr. Harold Wiltong, coach, the team has traveled throughout the state to various contests. These contests have brought an impressive array of trophies, ribbons, certificates, and medals to the school. But the accumulation of prizes is only one aspect ofthe busy team. It is always called upon to provide skits and assemblies at school and at local gatherings. Through its ettorts, Tech has gained wide recognition in speech-iust another Held in which Arsenal Technical students have excelled. Tech has its own chapter ofthe National Forensic League. Atter accumulating 25 points in contests, a person may apply for membership in this organiza- tion. Each spring the league has its annual banquet when awards are presented, new officers are elected, and the outstanding team member is chosen. DEBATE TEAM-First Raw: Jo Ruddell, Lyn Funlce, Car- lene Allen, Shirley Shackelford, Capt., Corene Brown, Pamela Corn. Second Row: Stephen Osterhout, David McCullough, Stephen Craig, Charles Car- mony, Paris Gaodrum. STUDENT AFFAIRS ORGANIZATION EXECUTIVE BOARD: First Raw: Carole Reinken, Robert Dunaway, Rebecca Wiegand, Rec. Sec., James Hunt, Pres., Betty lsan, Vice Pres., Nick Sanders, Treas., Betsy Pearson, Carr. Sec. Second Row: Douglas Wheatley, Jerilyn Goodwin, Judi Burnam, Frances Stott, Karen Framer, Marsha Reynolds, Diane Denham, Anne Hinshaw, James Meet the uWheels" - Sr. Linking students and faculty is the job of the Student Affairs Organization. This elected board and repre- sentative body plan the Good Sportsmanship Campaign, Harvest Moon Ball and Student Code of Ethics. The Senior Council, planning board for the Senior class, lays the foundation for Senior Night, the senior gift and graduation activities. L. Williams, Sue Pentecost. Third Row: William Cook, Sandra Lively, Sharor Crawley, Patricia Johnson, Sharon Marin, Barbara Thomas, Sue Montgom- ery, Jayne Dillon. Fourth Row: John Russell, Jon Halstead, Tony Watt, Terri' Anderson, Robert Marshall, Melvin Garland, Phillip Harris, Thomas King, Sgt. at Arms. Council and SAO Board The Junior Red Cross Club prepared an overseas gift chest, containing equipment to set up a school room for thirty pupils. The "Snowflake Swirl," i959 White Christmas Dance, kept Service Club members busy with preparations. Also on this club's agenda are freshman orientation programs each semester. The club gave Thanksgiving baskets to the needy. SENIOR COUNCIL-First Row: Miss Lois Sink, Span., Ronald Karnes, Sgt. at Arms, Robert Dunaway, Vice-Pres., William Sterrett, Pres., Joanne Jones, Sec., Melvin Garland, SAO Rep., Bonnie Allgood. Second Row: Sue Rush, Barbara Lundsford, Sue Montgomery, Diane Denham, Marsha Reynolds, Sharon Crawley, Diana Alvarez, Margaret Wood, Gareth Putnam. Third Row: Richard Faster, Phyllis lsom, Sandra Bailey, June Burse, Phillis Bu- chanan, Jo Ann Stevens, Tom Little. Fourth Row: Jon Halstead, Lowell Kirk- bride, Ronald Klipsch, James Hunt, Bennie Webb, Ronald Schwomeyer, Meridith Wilson. Not Pictured: David Shipley. JUNIOR RED CROSS-First Row: Sue Montgomery, Sherrie Howard, Tom King, Carole Reinken, Sandy Lively, Betsy Pearson, Sue Pentecost, Mrs. Barbara Dearing, Spon., Becky Vviegand, Fran Stort. Second Row: Ann Day, Ann Hinshaw, Thea Hunter, Jane Hunter, Nick Sanders, Linda Dalton, Carolyn Waltz, Diane Denham, Jerilyn Goodwin, Betty Stevenson. Third Row: Ricky Houston, Madonna Horton, Patti Rollo, Judi Burnam, Nancy Romack, Mayree Nash, Margaret Chandler, Karen Fromer, Marilyn Bullock. Fourth Raw: C. Jean Williams, Barbara Essex, Sharon Crawley, Bob Dun- away, Jan Halstead, Jim Johnson, Tony Watt, Marilyn Burns, Beverly Rein- ken, Barbara Thomas, Mary Janes, Tam Hankins. Service, Red Cross Clubs Tops with Tech Teens SERVICE CLUBHFirst Row: Beverly Thiesing, Cheryl Vaughan, Gloria Gates, Marilyn Burns, Patricia Burns, Nancy Romack, Linda Dalton, Nancy Fosso. Second Row: Carolyn Herndon, Mrs. Marilyn Hardwick, Span., Jon Hal- stead, Treas., Dzidra M. Zils, Corres. Sec., Douglas McPherson, Vice-Pres., Jerilyn Goodwin, Pres., Thomas Hankins, Sgt. at Arms, Bonnie Allgoad, Rec. Sec., Marilyn Hicks. Third Row: Joan Weddle, Linda Krug, Diane Dun- ham, Linda Higgins, Betty lson, Margaret Wood, Ann Hinshaw, Susan Pentecost, Marilyn S. Fields, Mayree Nash, Marlene Young, Margaret Chandler, Carolyn Waltz, Timmie Farley, Aina Zils. Fourth Row: Margie Lewis, Josephine Applewhite, Vadette Wilburn, Carolyn Burrows, Margaret Persinger, Judy Hartman, Judy Higgins, lrene Leach, Gracie Brooks, Mary Crickmore, Marsha Stutsman, Marjorie Burfard, Richard Nell, Bruce Lucas. Fifth Raw: Dorothy Breen, Margaret Bennett, Edna Harris, Mary Turner, Patricia Johnson, Anita Nelms, Betty Hardesty, Elizabeth Humphries, Barb- ara Gaddie, Betty Stevenson, Susie Hall, Dona Angel, Carolyn Pease, Nick Sanders. Sixth Row: Frances Stott, Patricia Fax, Ronnie Buss, Phyllis Eu- banks, Sandra Bailey. Betsy Pearson, Carol Loveman, Janet Sfucker, Juanita Bland, Diane Tinley, Suzanne Hart, Patricia Rollo, Judi Burnam, Cheryl Burch, Uldis Brikvnanis, James Johnson, Jay Halstead, Dan Smith. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB-Firsf Row: Mrs. Mary Harlan, Spon., Mary Jo Fry, Vice-Pres., .Io RuddeII, Pres., Janet Canter, Sandy Pavey, Sec., Marlene Young. Second Row: Jane Brock-Jones, Enrica Houston, Bob Haraid, Madeline Koch. Barbara Essex. An Extra Curricular Activity Is Designed ...I, r, .fu IK, ."' , FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB-First Row: Bar- bara Lunsford, Wanda Perkins, Phillis Reedy, Doris Pierce, Jerilyn Goodwin, Mrs. Dorothy Timmerman, Span. Second Row: Lilly Butler, Grace Fisher, Margaret Per- singer, Judy Higgins, Beverly Daugherty, Nancy Brown. Third Row: Betty Bryant, Karen Muller, John Lenon, Mike Cuishaw, Carol Furry, Betty Seivers. sa I FUTURE NURSES CLUB-First Row: Mrs. Rowena Graub, Span., Suzanne Le- Palmer, Gladys Booker, Sharon Smith, Vice-Pres., Gisela Brivman, Betty land, Carman Ward, Sec., Judy Booze, Minnie Blakely, Corr. Sec., Fern Hodnett. Third Row: Joyce Flowers, Ruth Compton, Jimmie Smith, Carol Robinson, Pres., Vicki Anderson, Patricia Sullivan. Second Row: Janet Lawrence, Nancy Vosleti, Marilyn Williams, Pamela Marco. Glaze, Reporter, Korine Littleton, Shirley Johnson, Mary Jo Donica, Paulina To Fit Every Tech Teen's Taste Tech Town teens have an international air. The Future Nurses Club sponsored a school-wide International Relations Club members correspond contest to see who could make the most original with young people living in every corner ofthe world. bean bags for children at the Crossroads Gaining vocational training onthe iob is the purpose Rehabilitation Center. Pupils in the Future ot the Diversified Cooperative Education Club. Teachers Club are vital links in tomorrow's Highlight ol The year was the annual banquet given education. Mr. Brandes and his slides on English by the twenty-nine members in honor of employers. school life rated high with "clubsters." DiVERSlFlED COOPERATIVE EDU4 CATION-First Row: Donna Brinkley, Janet Gorman, Janice Gwinn, Pa- tricia Lampkin, Rosalene Malone. Second Row: Douglas Gallion, Doris George, Mary Ann Schwab, Carolyn Camp, Emma Howard, Minnie Quinn. Third Row: James Wright, Bill Higgins, David Pembleton, John Sheott, Mr. L. F. Maurer, Spon. AUTO CLUB-First Row: Jim Raymer, Jim Farrell, Vice-Pres., John Thurman, Sec.- Treas. Mike Ping, Pres., Bob DeVore, Jim Price. Second Row: Jim Harmon, Ronnie Thomas, Eric Alm, Calvin Wellington, David Carter, Tom Harris, Bill Reed, Clayton Wal- lace. Third Row: Jim Ingalls, John Chandler, Tom Chandler, Roger Williams, John Hes- ter, Roy Jennings, Ronald Woods, Mr. Charles Day, Spon. ARTHUR Evans, Max Stout, Mr. Bramblett are shown at ham shack dedication. i960 was W9HFQ's 20th anniversary. RADIO CLUB-First Row: Robert Malcom, Vice-Pres., Oran Watts, Janet Worth, Martha Rufner. K9POE, Carolyn England, Sec., Linda Brashear. Second Row: Jack Robertson, Mr. G. E. Bramblett, W9POF, Spon., Kirk Waldhaus, Eddie Lyon, Treas. Third Row: Fred Leggs, KQMXK, Doug Knight, John Mason, K9PGK, Chief Opera- tor, Larry Robertson, David Sutton, Pres. 60 During the 1959-1960 school year, the Tech Amateur Radio Club marked its twentieth anniversary of active operation. The club's first radio station was put on the air when Max Stout, ci Tech student, became the club's first trustee. He made sure that the club station was operated in accordance with government rules. The club received the call W9HFQ, which it has held continuously for 20 years. The Auto Club's Mardi Gras project was their "car wrecking" booth. l Y-TEENS-First Row: Judy Hartman, Aina Zils, Gloria Gates, Shiloh Graves, Nancy Rite, Geraldine Muiry, Joyce Dowdy. Second Row: Nancy Fosso, Jo Angela Greene, Elizabeth Humphries, Barbara Gaddie, Enrica Joy Houston, Barbara Essex, Karen Garner, Ann Taylor. Third Row: Betty Ann Stevenson, Carolyn Herndon, Heidi Dowdy, Audrey Wisdom, Minnie Applewhire, Char latte Huebner. Fourth Row: Mayree Nash, Miss Margaret Hummel, Span Josephine Applewhite, Janet Canter. Not Pictured: Claudia Lutes, Ernestine Underwood. Club Activities Are Often Wide in Scope THE SAO Board and the Service Club were hosts ata surprise Valentine tea for the faculty. Mrs. Williamson is graciously assisted at the tea table by Patricia Johnson, board member. On February 23, the Y-Teens took part in the Y-Teen Central Southern Mid-Winter Conference. Tech gave a choral reading for the worship service with tour creative dancers accompanying it. These gals are by no means seltish, for they rendered some of their time tor the welfare ot the community. Making artific ial flowers tor the women at Central State Hospital was one ot their projects. The Y-Teen formal dance, a highlight ot the club's activities, proved to be a delightful attair. The sock hop was a bright occasion. EDITORS-Seated: JoAnn Stevens, Editor-in-Chief. Standing: Elsie Humbarger, MR TRESSLAR M Q T I d M R' h Th Page I Editor, Julie Allen, Page 2 Editor, Karen Fromer, Page 3 Editor, ' ' 'is oy or' an rs' lggs gre .C eclmg . e Gevon 5,o,,e,, AMC, Editor, yearly budget which keeps the Cannon publications in print. Weekly and Yearbook Staffs Developing a "nose for news" is the aim ofthe busy Cannon staff. With Mr. Tresslar aiding and advising these junior editors and reporters they spend class periods and extra hours making the Arsenal Cannon an interesting and informative weekly. The Cannon has won several awards for its outstanding achievements. However, not to be outdone by the Cannon stat? is the yearbook staff. Our yearbook this year is under new management! Mrs. Bette Taylor is advisor. The 1959 Arsenal Cannon yearbook received a Medalist Certificate and was ranked "All American" in competition. The 1960 YEARBOOK STAFF-Pct Johnson, Jane Campbell, Bonnie Allgoocl, Co-Editor, Louise Duncan, Angie Greene, Business Mgr., Betsy Yost, Co-Editor. TT - REPORTERS-Seated: Sue Rush, Linda Murphy, Karen Madritsch, Martha Rufner, Janadine Mindach, Suzan Williams. Standing: Steve Gillaspy, Linda Ketring, Tom Little, Suzanne Brinkley, Dan Carr. Nut Pictured, James Cox, Photographer. Keep Tech Town Informed 'Round the Calendar yearbook, for the first time, is devoting space to the five maior activities ofthe seniors, to underclass life, and is featuring more action sports pictures. A giant kick-oFf sales campaign, known as Project "X", was held this year, and hand picked agents sold subscriptions to their classmates. SPORTS STAFF-Seated: Carl Hand, Editor, Jerry Holcomb. Standing: David Altopp, Bob Bostic, CHARLOTTE Heubner, Cannon stat? typist, is shown preparing copy for the paper. Meeting deadlines is a must for this gal! TECHOIR-First Row: Phyllis Buchanan, David Barnard, Rebecca Wiegand, Lyle Brewer, Margaret Wood, Lawell Kirkbrlde, James Williams, Donna Moon, James Hunt, Marsha Reynolds, Robert Dunawoy, Joanne Jones, Diane Denham, John HoFlman, Margaret Chandler, Jerilyn Goodwin, David Daugherty, Shirley Davis, Louls Hasseld. Second Row: Joan Weddle, Judith Gimlaer, Donald Longshore, David Opal, Margo Mcy, Jane Hunter, Jack Foltz, Frank Craig, Ronald Taylor, Karen Framer, Betty Sievers, Carolyn Martin, James Johnson, Heidi Dowdy, Linda Dalton, David Strauser, Karen Miller, Marcia White. Third Row: Judith Rowlett, Mary Page, William Has- seld, Richard Smith, Judith Sorrell, Steven Turner, Phyllis Miller, Julie Shaefer, Mr. Moon, Dir,, Miss Swan, Asst. Dir., Mark Edwards, Accompan- ist, Jack Beam, Elsie Humbarger, Shirley Lee, Sue Montgomery, John Russell, Jeannette Hunt, Betsy Pearson, Jane Brock-Jones, Minetta Crawford. Fourth Row: Carolyn Keller, Ronald Shrigley, Marilyn Hicks, Jon Hastead, Rita Sykes, Ronald Casner, Paul L. Young, Deryl Hedge, Darrell Britt, Carlton Greene, William Sterrett, Julie Allen, Joe Mullord, Nancy Pierson, Robert Taylor, Judith Jacobson, Jack Justus, Kenneth Woodard. All Indianapolis Hears and Applauds MADRIGAL SlNGERS-Seated: Margaret Wood, Julie Allen, Julie Schaefer, Nancy Pierson, Lindo Dalton, Margo May. Standing: Ronald Taylor, Daniel Carr, William Hosseld, Jon Halstead, William Sterrett, Richard Smith. BOYS' OCTETTE-Lowell Kirkbride, David Daugherty, Deryl Hedge, James Williams, John Russell, .lack Justus, Joseph Mulford, Carlton Greene, Mr. Robert Simpson, Dir. Seated: Frank Jacobs,Accomponist. Our Excellent Music Groups With a "prest-o-change-o," Treadwell Hall is rapidly becoming a well-established music hall. Techites who .. . "feel a song coming on" can find unceasing opportunities in one of Tech's six talented vocal groups. The largest is the Techoir-the ultimate goal of these musically-minded students. There are also five smaller groups-Madrigal Singers, Girls' Ensemble, Boys' Octette, Boys' Concert Club, and Elizabeth Kaltz Singers. Each, noted for its harmonious quality, is constantly in demand by local, civic, and church organizations. GIRLS' ENSEMBLE-Shirley Davis, Sue Mant- gomery, Rita Sykes, Joanne Jones, Judy Jacob- son, Diane Denham, Margaret Chandler, Jane Brock-Jones, Marsha Reynolds. , i KIWANIS Club calls Tech bond most improved in city. Betty Sievers, Dick Foster, and Barbara Lunsford view the new trophy given the band by the civic organization. 5 K is ELIZABETH KALTZ SlNGERSfFirst Row: Susan Ward, Sharon Ruppert, Asst, Sec., Juanita Bland, Michele Knight, Shannon Waldo, Vivian Rike, Dorothy Davies, Gloria Vinson, Vice-Pres. Second Row: Donna Terry, Betty Walton, Sharolyn Condra, JoAnn Weber, Julayne Stinger, Kathleen Edwards, Jayne Dillon, Karyl Kirkbride, Sec., Margaret Persinger, Jackie Walton. Song ls uBusiing" Out Third Row: Jeanette Caplinger, Mary Jane Hoyt, Marsha Stutsman, Carole Burns, Janet Canter, Judy Thomson, Cynthia Combs, Susan Williams, Judi Burnam. Fourth Row: Janis Rush, Pres., Betsy Yost, Sharon Urshon, Martha Rufner, Barbara Slack, Linda Higgins, Joyce Phipps, Cheryl Carr. Nat Pictured: Miss Louise Swan, Dir. All Over Campus BOYS' CONCERT CLUB-First Row: Terrence Tandy, Joseph Duff, Larry Coleman, Pres., Bill Eltzroth, Acc., Mr. Robert E. Simpson, Dir., Don Hughey, Charles Pltchford, Jerry Miller, Dan Opel, Second Row: Mike Cavanaugh, David Stansifer, Larry Fitzgerald, Vice-Pres., Tom Benell, Noel Metcalfe, Frank Jacobs, Acc., Bill Cook, Jim Gribben, Host, Bill Lane, Bill Griliey. Third Row: Don Allen, Jim Ward, Mike Noblitt, Sec.. Jerry Hubbard, Haw- ard Dawers, Roger Harper, Rolland Fraser, Mike Edwards, Ron Segraves, Allen George, Sgt. at Arms. Fourth Row: Hugh Bryson, Jerry Lankford, Douglas Brooks, Owen Young, Mike Hoffman, Tom Brinkley, Harold Rightar, Johnny Henson, Marvin Morris, Jim Weddell, Ted Greene. Not Pictured: Walter Bowman, Steve Vie. i i MUSIC CLUB-First Row: Betty Sievers, Vice Pres., Carolyn Martin, Rec. Sec., James Taylor, Pres., Charlotte Huebner, Corr. Sec., Ron Pallikan, Sgt. at Arms. Second Row: Loretta Leturgez, Marcia White, Karen Yeoman, Diana Alvarez, Deborah White, Nancy Rite, .loan Weddle, Evelyn Martin, Another Verse ls Added lt's strictly "do-re-me," when the Elizabeth Kaltz Singers and the Boys' Concert Club meet fourth hour. Both groups are designed as preparatory instruction before entering the Techoir. This year the Kaltz Singers pertormed with the Indianapolis Symphony, and both groups caroled onthe downtown Circle. JUNIOR HIGH CHOIR-First Row: Carole Early, Sheree Wade, Sandra Main, Fred Grabbe, Craig Barns, Harry Shapiro, George Marlow, Fred Panhorst, Charles Sparks, Roger Muterspaugh, David Coflin, Bob Loveman, Janice Britt, Judy Bell, Marsha Bromagen, Peggy Boswell. Second Row: Frank Jacobs, Acc., Sheryl Thiesing, Pat Todd, Faye Tolle, Harold Backus, Donald Grittith, Brent Landis, Phillip Kunkel, James Williams, Bob Cross, Clilil Chandler, Charlotte Grebe, Jenny Goodnight, Linda Umbarger, Sheila Turner, Rebecca Thompson, Mary Monchein, Shirley Harris, Miss Rose- Laura Marilyn Hicks. Third Row: Mr. Robert Gwyn, Span., Linda Murphy, Leturgez, Rebecca Anderson, Virginia Batt, .Iune Clark, Marilyn Williams, Shirley Johnson, Steve Osterhoust, Bill Clark. to Our Music Program When it comes to selecting a club, you may hear the comment, "make mine music." While being one at the more popular clubs on campus, the Music Club also has the reputation ot being one ol the most active. lt sponsors the "popularity contest" at the Mardi Gras and holds a gala Christmas party. mary McGuire, Dir. Third Row: Janice Redick, Bob Hittle, Mary Ann Banta, Rose Bough, Kenneth Wells, John Jones, Bob Deal, Bob Foster, Ray Englander, Byron Slater, Van Butler, Michael Weber, Glee Looper, Sheila McAllister, Pam Hunt, Kay Lester, Leonore Hodges. Fourth Row: Joyce Bur- ris, Linda DeHay, Hermione Miles, Bob Huskisson, Larry Fields, Paul Mc- Dowell, Vaino Aiagno, Paul Palmer, Tim Mosier, Oliver Whitted, Michael Seagraves, Frances Gunther, Diane Roberts, Faith Marshall, Rosemary Koelling, Carole Vest, Sandra Arterburn. MAJORETTES AND FLAG TWIRLERS-Firsl Row: Charla Fields, Barbara Lunsford. Phyllis Buchanan, Patty McClain. Second Raw: Sharon Crawley, Janet Purcell, Rita Shulifield, Jayne Dillon, Marty Scarborough, Silvi Pcrna. High Sleppers Lend Color at Sporting Events TRUMPETEERS AND COLOR GUARD- FIDE' Row: Carol Talbert, Donna Terry, Vivian Rike, Margaret Lindley, Second Row: Shiloh Graves, Mary Jane Hoyt, Charlene Marqua. Timmie Walker. This year, Tech Town's String Ensemble busily prepared themselves for the State Contest, when ' they were not working up numbers for appearances at Tech Town events, At the District Contest the hard' working ensemble won lst place. The Junior High Orchestra was also busy practicing for their many performances for parents and classmates. The glamour and excitement of appearing before enthusiastic fans prompts girls to try out for Band Drill. Tech Town's future high steppers spend a period a day practicing and arranging routines. This is basic training for girls who wish to be maiorettes, flag twirlers, trumpeteers, or members ' ' ' STRING QUINTET-Marilyn Hicks, P. JoAnn Weber, Mr. Raymond Brandes, Dir., William Eltzroth, Carolyn Martin, Gareth Putnam. ofthe color guard in the Tech band. String Groups Tune Up for Their Many Performances JUNIOR HIGH ORCHESTRA-First Row: Dorothea Mills, Ray Englander, Goodnight, Patricia Todd, Becky Essex, Van Butler. Third Row: Mr, William Janice Redick, Mary Monschain, Bridget Gwin, Steve Epply, Carol Scand- Breedlove, Dir., Robert Faster, Randal Woodson, Robert Cross, Ray Lither- land, Pamela Hunt. Second Row: Mary Ann Banta, Sue Johnson, Sheryl land, Kenneth Wells, Matt Mattlick, Viano Aiano, Clifford Chandler. Not Thiesing, Myra Strelnieks, Glee Looper, Patricia Wray, Tim Master, Jenny Pictured: Barbara Wegener, Emily Gulfian. l .. JUNIOR HIGH BAND-First Row: Dorothea Mills, Evelyn Lewin, Marty Boren, Alice Shipley, Deearee Wilson, Mary Ann Bonta, Leonore Hodges. Fran Epler, Janice Lynch. Second Row: Tim Mosier, Ray Englander, Patty Ann Todd, Jenny Goodnight, Pat Wray, Bill Bryant, Shirley Givans, Mott Matlik, Kenneth Wells. Third Row: Chris Hommont, Gordon Caudill, Eliza' beth Brasher, Van Butler, Harold Backus, Becky Essex, Bonita Korn, Maxine uSeventy-Six Trombon Fields, Philip Kunkel, Tom Nedifer. Fourth Row: Diane Roberts, Cheryl Hardy- man, Virginia Wells, Marsha Bromagin, Marlin Dodge, Larry Ebersole, Charles Sparks, Robert Hittle, Clifford Chandler, Viano Aiano. Fifth Row: William Breedlove, Dir., Ray Litherland, Bob Crass, James Howell, Earl McClain. s Led the Big Parade.. " G Tech's Concert Band was voted the most improved football marching band in the city by the Kiwanis Club. Wearing colorful uniforms the members usually march to fast tempos and form intricate patterns. The band plays at all home football games and accompanies the team at some out-ot-town games. They also found time to participate in the Indianapolis Christmas parade and at lndiana University CONCERT BAND-First Row: James Taylor. Mil-ce Edwards, Dan Carr, Jerry George, Virginia Batt, Evelyn Martin, Pamela Miller, Charlotte Huebner, Harold Rightor, Ralph Gene Ray, Curtis Ray, Richard Foster Second Row: Rebecca Anderson, June Clark, Diana Alverez, Sharon Mackey, Bruce Pater- noster, William Campbell, Karen Yeoman, Clifford Wheeler, Tracy Davidson, Danita Duree, Kirk Waldhaus, Mariorie Oskins, Harold Simmons. Third Row: Marcia White, Linda Murphey, Linda Kohlmeyer, Sheri McCain, Kenneth Eggert, Roy Rossell, Kenneth Bass, Nadene Hoppes, Barbara Slack, Judy CONCERT ORCHESTRA-First Row: Gareth Putnam, Joanne Weddle, Engel, Marilyn Williams, Sonay Ohne, Marilyn Hicks, Daniel Glover. Row: Carolyn Martin, Bonnie Poison, Joyce Dowdy, Judy Johnson, St Tomescu, Sandy Parker, Susan Smith, Shirley Johnson, Third Row: Craig, Elizabeth Fritch, Jonell Weotherard, Donna Sovern, Bonn Ronald Second ephanie Jeannie ie Bell. Elaine Dearinger, Terrence Tandy, Carol Robertson, Frank Jacobs, Karen Milter, Phyllis Miller, Cheryl Grundy, Eileen Huntley, Betty Bledsoe. Sarah Baker. Fourth Row: Mike Jones, Nancy Fosso, Cheryl Carr, Geraldine Wilson, Michael Cavanaugh, LeAnn McNeal, Carol Sattord, Gladys Booker, Betty Sievers, Pom Miller. Charlotte Huebner, Evelyn Martin, Rebecca Anderson, Mike Edwards, Jim Taylor, Dick Foster, Mayme Ladd. Charles Carmony. Fifth Row: Raymond Brandes, Dir., Jim Williams, Marcia White, Charles Pitchiord, Ralph Eddy, Michael Lane, Robert Dunaway, Allen George, Steve Osterhaut, Daniel Hughey, Edward Akres, Ronald Pollikon. Jon Halstead, Mark Edwards. of Tech Musicians on to Another Successful Year Band Day. For those students who prefer the more sophisticated strains of Brahms and Schubert, there is the Concert Orchestra. Aside from playing at various civic functions, the orchestra also plays at impressive assemblies and social events. Following the high-stepping footsteps of the older band is the precisioned Junior High Band with its own maiorette corps. Mr. William Breedlove is director of this organization. Rose, Ann Taylor, Ralph Beight, William Beavam, Don Cordell, Robert E. ter, Mary Richards, Nancy Rite, Betty Boteson, Ronald Pallikan, Robert Williams, Gary Haltom, William Williford, Allen George, Mike Lane, Robert Armstrong, Robert Coar, Jerry Collins, Dean Myers, Robert Oyler, Larry Dunaway. Fourth Row: James E. Williams, Barbara Mahone, Dennis Cress, Cochran, Don Hughey, Edward Akers, Steve Osterhaut. Drum Maier: Betty Bruce Geddes, Paul Hemphling, Charles Pitchford, Ralph Eddy, Kim Phemis- Sievers. ONE of these senior lovelies will reign oi our onnuol senior prom of The Indiana Roof. As Members of The Class - MGM who now ore reody to foce 1, A fufure challenges wilh on sound V V hugh school educohon from . . . v 1 m of '60 We Will Long Cherish Our Days at Tech l e e 1 73 AMONG the 105 students who were honored ot the 1959 Supreme Doy cxwcirds ossembly were Lynn Hunter ond Nancy Kleif- gen, who earned publicotion's swords given by Miss Ella Sengenberger, our former director of publications, who retired, SHARON Coffee, class of 1959, posses the torch, o symbol ot Tech spirit and tradition to Jim Hunt, from clcxss of 1960. Seniors Anxiously Await Legion Doy, Supreme Doy, Junior-Senior Convoco- tion, Vespers ond Commencement ore very speciol doys tor seniors. On the doy ot the Legion ossembly, members ofthe groduoting closs who hove shown outstoncling leodership ond personcil quolities during their yecirs ot Tech receive the coveted green ond white pins of this honorory orgonizotion. Supreme Doy, Moy 22, is the dote ofthe estoblish- ment of our school, it is olso Honor Doy. This is the dciy on which seniors receive toculty, olumni ond PROUDLY weoring their green ond white Legion pins, mem- bers ot the 1960 Tech Legion enioy o ted held in their honor. TECH LEGION-First Row: Diane Denham, Margaret Kunkel, Gareth Putnam, John Hoffman, Russell Hirschy, Heidi Dowdy, Jerilyn Goodwin, Carolyn Martin, Marcia White. Second Row: Mr. McClintock, Miss Peterson, Vicki Soden, Rose Soubeih, Julie Schatier, Mary Stanford, William Sterrett, Gevon Stoner, James Taylor, Dorothy Vandagriff, Joan Weddle, Rebecca Wiegand, Gatha Wesener, Meredith Wilson, Karen Yeoman, Miss Rhodes, Mr. Anderson. Third Row: Mr. Glore, Mrs. Keuetemeier, Sandra Lively, Donald Longshore, Barbara Lunsford, Robert Marshall, Margo May, Shirley Davis, Dagniia Ozols, Silvi Porno, Betsy Pearson, Suzanne Quillen, Marsha Legion and Supreme Days, scholarship awards. At the inspiring Junior-Senior Convocation, the Torch Bearer from the graduating Reynolds, Sue Rush, Nick Sanders, Linda Ketring, David Shipley, Ronald Shrigley, Betty Sievers, Mr. Belding. Fourth Row: Bonnie Allgoad, Diana Alvarez, Rebecca Anderson, Sandra Bailey, Donna Coram, Martha Moss, Robert Dunaway, Mark Edwards, Elsie Humborger, Gilbert Everett, Karen Fromer, Melvyn Garland, James Hunt, Jo Angela Greene, Carlton Greene, Phyllis lsom, .lo Ann Jones, Alice Kendrew, Ronald Schwomeyer, Lowell Kirk- bride, Ronald Klipsch. Not pictured: Judith Ann Wolgarnatt, Gary Roy Wood, Catherine Noalres, JoAnn Stephens. Vespers and Commencement class passes the flaming torch, the symbol ot the schooI's spirit and traditions, to the junior representa- tive. Finally comes the day of Vespers-those quiet moments when each senior reflects his four years ot high school. And last there is Commencement. Through salty tears, seniors realize that their high school education has come to an end. But tears are soon forgotten in the gaiety ofthe Senior Prom. HUSHED seniors listened to the music by the Techoir-adding a quiet reverence to the very impressive Vesper service. AS THE proud seniors of '59 march to graduation exercises, they realize the many values ot a high school education. SPONSOR ROOM 190 SPONSOR ROOM 153 SPONSOR ROOM 300 BONNIE ALLGOOD-Pres. Sr. RR 190: Co-Editor 1960 Yearbook: Service Club, Recording Sec.: Sr. Council: SAO Rep. PHYLLIS BUCHANAN-Vice-Pres. Sr. RR 190: Maiorelle: Techoir: Harvest Moon Ball Queen: Sr. Council. DIANA ALVAREZ-Sec. Sr. RR 190: Sr. Council: Sr. Prom Com.: Music Club: Band. JUNE BURSE-Treas. Sr. RR 190: SAO Rep.: Drama Club: JCL: School Service. SANDRA BAILEY-Sgt. or Arms Sr. RR 190: Sr. Council: XYZ Club: SAO Rep.: Spanish Club. MISS MARGUERITE HARDY-Sponsor RR 190. RICHARD FOSTER-Pres. Sr. RR 153: Band, Pres.: ROTC, Dpty. Bile. Gp. Commander: Key Club: Dance Band, Dir. DIANE DENHAM-Vice-Pres. Sr. RR 153: Techoir: Girls' Ensemble: SAO Board: ROTC Sponsor. SHARON CRAWLEY-Sec. Sr. RR 153: Sr. Council: Flag Twirler: SAO Board: Sr. Prom Com. MELVYN GARLAND-Treas. Sr. RR 153: Basketball: Base- ball: SAO Board: Key Club. ROBERT DUNAWAY-Sgr. of Arms Sr. RR 153: Sr. Council, Vice-Pres.: SAO Board: Techoir, Treas.: Band, Treas. MISS FRANCES KINSLEY-Sponsor RR 153. JAMES HUNT-Pres. Sr. RR 300: SAO Board, Pres.: Baskel- ball: Techoir, Co-Pres.: Jr. Torchbearer. JOANNE JONES-Vice-Pres. Sr. RR 300: Techair, Sec.: Sr. Council, Sec.: Girls' Ensemble: Sr. Prom Com. PHYLllS ISOM-Sec. RR 300: Sr. Gift Com.: JCL: School Service: Cannon Agent. RONALD KARNS-Treas. Sr. RR 300: Sr. Council, Sgt. at Arms: Key Club: Sr. School Spirif Com.: Sr. Commencement Com. Treas.: Key Club, Sec.: SAO Board: Madrigals. MISS MILDRED CORRIE-Sponsor RR 300. Our High School Days Are Now But A Memory We have completed our four years 'Round Tech Town, and have shared hard work, parfies, and proiecrs. As leaders, we have helped in making this year a success. One ofthe main activities on our agenda was The election of Roll Room officers. The Senior Council, which is composed of these oliicials, planned The JON HALSTEAD-Sgt. at Arms Sr. RR 300: Service Club BARBARA LUNSFORD-Pres. Sr. RR 7, Head Maiorette, Y- Teens, Pres., Mardi Gras Queen, School Service. LOWELL KIRKBRIDE-Vice-Pres. Sr. RR 7, Techoir, Key Club, Pres., Boys Octette, Track. SUE MONTGOMERY-Sec. Sr. RR 7, SAO Board, Techoir, Girls' Ensemble, Jr. Red Cross Club. RONALD KLIPSCH-Treas. Sr. RR 7, XYZ Club, Chemistry- Physics Club, Chess Club, Drama Club. THOMAS LITTLE-Sgt. ot Arms Sr. RR 7, Drama Club, Cannon Staff, XYZ Club. MISS LOIS SINK-Sponsor RR 7, Head Sr. Sponsor. GARETH PUTNAM-Pres. Sr. RR 5, French Club, Treas. 8- Sgt. at Arms, String Quintet, Orchestra, Co-Pres. 8- Con- certmaster, Tennis. MARSHA REYNOLDS-Vice-Pres. Sr. RR 5, Techoir, Co- Pres., Girls' Ensemble, ROTC Sponsor, SAO Board. SUE RUSH-Sec. Sr. RR 5, ROTC Sponsor, Cannon Staff, Sr. Council, XYZ Club. DAVID SHIRLEY-Treas. Sr. RR 5, Sr. Council, Sketchbook, SAO Rep. RONALD SCHWOMEYER-Sgt. at Arms Sr. RR 5, Chess Club, Pres., XYZ Club, Vice-Pres., Chemistry-Physics Club, Sr. Council. MISS WINIFRED BRILL-Sponsor RR 5. WILLIAM STERRETT-Pres. Sr. RR 6, Key Club, Techoir, Madrigals, Sr. Council, Pres.: JCL. JO ANN STEPHENS-Vice-Pres. Sr. RR 6, Editor-in-Chief of Cannon Newspaper, Sr. Council, United Nations Dele- gate, Alt. MARGARET WOOD-Sec. Sr. RR 6, Sr. Council, Techoir, Madrigals, Service Club. BENNIE WEBB-Treas. Sr. RR 6, ROTC, Maior, XYZ Club, Football, Sr. Council. MEREDITH WILSON-Sgt. at Arms Sr. RR 6, Sr. Council, XYZ Club, Vice-Pres., Chess Club, Vice-Pres., SAO Rep. MRS. CLARENA HUFFINGTON-Sponsor RR 6. prom, commencement, and decided the suitable gift to present to the school. Working together on the Senior Committees to make preparations for gradu- ation, the picnic, senior yearbook pictures, ribbons, assemblies and the reception were big tasks, but the final results of these events were worth those endless after-school hours. SPONSOR ROOM .Q SPONSOR ROOM SPONSOR ROOM We will always have great respect for those who were applauded on Honor Day and Supreme Day. The awarding of Tech Legion pins was thrilling! In these four years at Tech our interests have ex- panded, and we have grown in many ways. Education is the cornerstone of American democracy We are now a part of that cornerstone. MICHAEL ABBETT-Baseball, Cross Country, Block-T Club, Sec. 8- Treas. RUTH ABBOTT- JOHN ABEL-Auto Club. CONNIE ABNEY-SAO Rep,, School Service. KENNETH ADAMS-Cannon Agent, SAO Rep., Basketball, Mgr., Football, Mgr., Baseball, Mgr. MARTHA ADAMS-Home Ec. Club, Vice-Pres. SARA ADAMS-Cannon Agent. JULIE AIKEN-Sr. Ribbons Com., SAO Rep., School Serv- ice. BEVERLY AKINS-Cannon Agent, Library Asst., SAO Rep., Alt., Fr. Orientation Guide. STEVEN ALBERT- TERRY ALBRIGHT- LINDA ALEXANDER-Service Club, Girls' Recreation Club, SAO Rep. OSCAR ALEXANDER- PAULETTE ALEXANDER-French Club, Music Club, SAO Rep., School Service, Sr. Picture Com. BARBARA ALLEN-School Service. BILLY ALLEN-Service Club, Schoal Service, Wrestling. JANICE ALLEN-Kaltz Singers, Drama Club. JEAN ALLEN-Band, Cannon Agent, School Service, SAO Rep. JOAN ALLEN-School Service, Cannon Agent, Alt., Fr, Orientation Guide. BARBARA ALLISON- VENORA ALUMS- PATRICIA ANDERSON- P. TERRY ANDERSON-SAO Board, XYZ Club. REBECCA ANDERSON-Music Club, Sr. Reception Com. EDWARD ANDREWS-XYZ Club. MONTE ANGRICK- JOSEFHINE APPLEWHITE-Y-Teens, Pres., Sr. SAO Rep., French Club, Service Club, Speech Team. RONALD ARMSTRONG-SAO Rep., Cannon Agent. JANICE ARTHUR-Cheer Block. PHILLIP ASHCRAFT- THOMAS AUSTIN-School Service. DORIS AVERY- IARIARA BACON-SAO Rep.: Cannon Agent: Nature Study Club: Service Club: School Service. ANNA BAILEY-Kaltz Singers: School Service: Girls' Play Day. LARRY BAILEY-Basketball. RICHARD BAIRD--Football. M. IMOGENE BALL-FTA: Drama Club: Home Ec. Club: Library Asst. JANET BANTA-School Service: SAO Rep., Alt.: Girls' Play Day. EARL BARNES-Drama Club. EDWARD BARNES-School Service. WILLIAM BARNETT-Track: Football: Block-T Club: School Service. DONNA BASINGER-Cannon Agent: Style Show: Girls' Play Day: School Service. GERALD BATKIN-School Service. MARGIE BAYNE-Cannon Agent: Service Club. GLENN BEACH-Art Club: ROTC, Drill Team. REBECCA BEASLEY-Style Show: Girls' Play Day: Cheer Block. MICHAEL BEATTEY- BARBARA BENNETT- ROBERT BENNETT- GORDON BENSON- JIM BENTHIN- WILLIAM BERNHARDT-SAO Rep.: Cannon Agent: Drama Club. LUCILE H. BESS- ARNOLD BITNER- ANTHONY BLACK- GEORGE BLACK- A. LAVONNE BLADES-SAO Rep., Alt. JAMES BLAKELY- MINNIE BLAKELY-Cannon Agent: FNA, Sec.: Fr. Orien- tation Guide BETTY BLEDSOE-Orchestra: FTA: Chemistry-Physics Club: Style Show. EVVA BOGLIN-Cannon Agent: SAO Rep.: Fr. Orientation Guide. .IANICE BOOTH-Y-Teens: JCL. GERALD BORN- LAWRENCE BORN- ROBERT BOSTIC-Baseball: Sr. Convocation Com., Con- non Staff. LINDA BOYD-SAO Rep.: School Service. MICHAEL BRADLEY-Cannon Agent. ROBERT BRADSHAW-Wrestling: Football. DONNA BRINKLEY-FNAg JCL. DARRELL BRITT-Football, Techoirg Track. GISELA BRIVMAN-JCL, PNA, lntern'l. Rel. Club, SAO Rep., School Service. NANCY BROWN-Cannon Agent, SAO Rep., Home Ec. Club, Pres.: FTA: Service Club. RICHARD BROWN-Football, Baseball, School Service. ROBERT G. BROWN-Auto Clubf School Service. ROBERT M. BROWN-Wrestling: Band. THOMAS BROWN-Wrestling, Football: Track, Bond, Block-T Club. EARLENE BROWNING- HARRIET BRYANT- LUTHER BUCK- VIRGINIA BUCY-Service Club. As juniors the Prom was our big night with the crowning of Betty lson ond Melvyn Gor- land queen ond king of the formal affair. THOMAS D. BUDD- PATSY BUNDREN-School Service: Home Ec. Club. ROBERT BURGETT-Band. STANFORD BURT- LILLY BUTLER-Orchestra: FTA: Sr. Cap 81 Gown Com. JOHN BYUS-Football: SAO Rep.: Track: School Service. CAROLYN CAMP-Home Ec. Club: DCE Club: Natural Science Club: FNA. WILLIAM CAMPBELL-Music Club: Art Club: Drama Club: SAO Rep.: Service Club. MICHAEL J. CANTER- BUDDY CANTRELL-Baseball: Spanish Club: School Serv- ice: Cannon Agent: SAO Rep., Alt, JEANETTE CAPLINGER-SAO Rep.: Kaltz Singers. J. MICHAEL CARLISLE-Track: Football. DANIEL CARR-Techoir: Madrigals: Key Club: Cannon Stall: Band. MARILYN CARR-Cannon Agent: SAO Rep.: FNA. NOLA CARR-School Service. KENNETH CARTER-Boys' Concert Club. GEORGIA CASE- DAISY CAVANAUGI-I-School Service. JAMES LARRY CHAMBERS- CURTIS CHILDRESS-Football: Wrestling. JACK CLARK-Track: Football: Fr. Orientation Guide. MARY ELLEN CLARK-Cannon Agent: Service Club. MARY JUNE CLARK-Band: Music Club: Sr. Ribbons Com. ELEANOR CLEVELAND-Service Club: Y-Teens. LARRY COATE- LOY COATS- GALE COFFEY- MARVIN COFFEY- TANYA COFFEY-German Club: Cannon Stuff CAROLE CONWAY- BARRY COOK-Baseball: Basketball: Football: Trcck: Tennis. JOYCE COOK-Band. DONNA CORAM-Spanish Club, Drama Club: SAO Rep., Service Club. PHILIP CORBIN-Cross Coumry, Wrestling, Service Club: SAO Rep. CECIL CORNELL-Truck, Cross Country, Block-T Club. DANIEL COTTONGIM- RAYMOND COULSON- CHARLES COWHERD-School Service. JACK COX- JAMES COX-Cannon SNR: ROTC Color Guard: ROTC, Officers Club. FRANK CRAIG-Football, Basketball, Truckp Techoiry Block-T Club. RONALD CRAIG-Basketball. MINNETTA CRAWFORD-Kcliz Singers: Techoir. STANLEY CROOKE- LEONARD CRUMP-School Service, Service Club, Chess Clubf German Club. MICHAEL CUNDIFF-SAO Rep.: ROTC NCO Club. MARIE CUNNINGHAM-Girls' Play Day. JERRY CURL-School Service. ROBERT CURRY-School Service, XYZ Cluby Chemistry- Physics Club: Chess Club. REX CURTIS-Deceased, December 27, I959. MICHAEL CUTSHAW-Key Club: Trcckp Wrestling: Foo?- bull, Mgr., FTA LINDA DAILEY-School Servicei Sr. Picture Com.: Service Club. FRANK DALTON-SAO Rep. DAVID DAUGHERTY-Techoirg Boys Octettep Tech Bible Club. DOROTHY DAVIES-Kultz Singers. JOHN DAVIS-ROTC, Drill Team. SHIRLEY DAVIS-Techoirg Girls' Ensemble. DAVID DAY--German Club. WALTER DEARING-JCL, School Service. THOMAS DEMPSEY- ALENE DENNY- JOYCE DEVINE-Service Club. WANDA DE YOUNG-School Service. RICHARD DIETZ-Track. What would we have done without the guid- ance of our marvelous senior sponsors? Four of the six are shown above on their way to the i959 graduation exercises in the stadium. CAROL DILLEY-Drama Club: Library Asst. CHARLES DIRR-Cross Couniry. BONNIE DISBOROIJGH- DENNIS DOLLENS-School Service: SAO Rep. RICHARD DONAHUE-Dance Band, Orchestrug Cross Coun- iryg Skeichboolt ROBERT DONOVAN-Chess Club. MARGARET DOOLEY-School Service. RUSSELL DOOLEY-ROTC, Li. Col.: Mililury Ball, King: SAO Rep.: ROTC, Drill Team. JERRY DOUGLAS-SAO Rep.: ROTC, NCO Club, Pres.: ROTC, Color Guard: School Service. HARRIET DOWDY-Y-Teens, Vice-Pres., Techoirf Service Club: JCL. MICHAEL DOWNEY-Cannon Agenl. RICHARD DRAKE-Baseball, XYZ Club: Chess Club. DONALD DU CHENY- JOYCE DUGGER-Cheerleader, Cannon Agent: DCE: School Service. JANET EASTER- GEORGE EASTES-Art Club. WINSTON EDMONDS-Wrestling, DENNIS EDWARDS-Fooiballp Track: Basketball. Block-T Club. KATHLEEN EDWARDS-Kalvz Singers. MARK EDWARDS-Techoir, Accompanist. MARY EDY-Cannon Agent: Cheer Block ANN ELKIN-Maiorette: Sketchbook. PATRICIA ELLIOTT-School Service: Home Ec. Club: Cheer Block. JOHN ELLIS- RICHARD EMMONS- EMILY ENGLAND-SAO Rep.: School Service. BARBARA ESSEX-Intern'tl Rel. Club: Jr. Red Cross Club: Y-Teens: Cannon Agent: Speech Team. GILBERT EVERETT-Tennis. RONALD FALL-SAO Rep.: School Service. C. THOMAS FAULKNER- CAROLYN FERRIS- ARMIN FIEDLER-Football: German Club: ROTC, Rifle Team. GRACE FISHER-Girls' Recreation Club: FTA. RICHARD FISHER- WALTER FLOCKHART, JR.-ROTC, NCO Club. JULIE ANN FOLEY-Cannon Agent: School Service. JAMES FORSYTHE- BONNIE FOUTS-SAO Rep.: School Service. DAVID FOX- l.. WILLIAM FOX- ANTHONY FRANCE- .IUDITH FRANK-Kaltz Singers: School Service: Cannon Agent. GARY FRANKLIN-School Service: Service Club. RONALD FRAZEE- KAREN FROMER-SAO Board: Techoir: Connon Staff: Jr. Red Cross Club, Set.: JCL. PEGGY FURGUSON-PNA: Service Club: SAO Rep.: Cheer Block. BARBARA GADDIE-Y-Teens: Service Club: Cannon Agent. DOUGLAS GALLION-DCE. JUDY GARING-Home Ec. Club: Y-Teens. PAUL GARNER- LYNDA GERALDS-School Service: Spanish Club. KARL GIEZENDANNER-ROTC, OHicers Club. STEPHEN GILLASPY-Cannon Staff: SAO Rep.: Cannon Agent. JUDITH GIMBER-Techoir: Kaltz Singers: Drama Club: School Service LARRY GLAZE- JERILYN GOODWIN-Service Club, Pres.: FTA, Pres.: SAO Board: ROTC Sponsor: Techoir. AUGUST GORDEN-Block-T Club: Football: Wrestling. E. SANDRA GORDON-Y-Teens: Home Ec. Club. GEORGE GORDON-Tennis: Key Club: Senior Picnic Com. LESLIE GORDON-ROTC. VALERIE GORDON-School Service. JANET GORMAN-DCE. ROBERT GRABHORN-Golf. BARBARA GRAY-Y-Teens: SAO Rep. ALBERTA GREEN- GWEN-DOLYN GREEN-French Club. SAMUEL GREENBERG-Nature Study Club: Latin Club. CARLTON GREENE-Key Club, Vice,ePres.: Boys Octette: Techoir: Block-T Club, Vice-Pres.: Football. JO ANGELA GREENE-Sr. Ribbon Com.: Cannon Year- book Staff: JCL, Editor: Y-Teens, Corres. Sec. 81 Devotional Leader: School Service. PHILLIP GREENE- SAMUEL GREENE-Football: Track. JUDY GRIFFIN- Our class was the first to initiate the wearing of senior cords. ln o class election we chose creomecolored cords modeled here by Terry Anderson and Judy Rowlette. SARA GRIFFITH-Speech Team: School Service. SHEILA GROFF-Home Ec. Club: Pen-Pol Club: Cannon Agent: Drama Club. MARY GRUBBS-Library Asst. DONALD GULLEY- JANICE GWINN--DCE, Vice-Pres.: SAO Rep.: Service Club. DAVID HAAS-Football: XYZ Club: Cannon Agenfp SAO Rep. JOSEPH HADSELL-German Club. L. TIMOTHY HALCOMB-Cannon Photographer. BOBBY HALE- RICHARD HAMILTON-Band. JUDITH HAMMER-School Service: Dromo Club: Jr. Red Cross Club: Spanish Club: Service Club. CARL J. HAND-Cannon Sports Editor: XYZ Club. WILLIAM HANES-Radio Club. MARSHA HANSFORD-Service Club: School Service: Cheer Block. LANE HARDIN- RONALD HARDING- DAVID HARRIS- MARY O. HARRIS- P. GREGORY HARRIS-ROTC. Btle. Grp. Commander, Mcior: SAO Board. THOMAS HART-Tennis: Key Club: Bond: Orchestra: School Service. DAVID HARTER- LINDA HARVEY-Cheer Block: SAO Rep.: Cannon Agent, Alt. SHARON HAUSZ-Y-Teens. JOSEPH HAWKINS-Chemistry-Physics Club: Drama Club: Tennis: FTA MARILEE HAWKINS-SAO Rep. MARY HAWKINS-SAO Rep. JAMES HAYES- DERYL HEDGE-Sr. Parents Reception Com.: Techoir: Boys Ocfette: Foofbull. NADIM HELAL-ROTC. MARIANNE HELD-School Service: Service Club: Cannon Agent. HARRY U. HELTON- THOMAS HENDERSON- Tech's Margaret Kunkel, delegate to the United Nations, and JoAnn Stevens, DAR Good Citizen, prepare for the coming, gay holiday festivities. CAROLYN HERNDON-Service Club, Cannon Agent, Cheer Block, SAO Rep. 8. Alt., School Service. MARILYN HICKS-Techoir, Orchestra, String Quintet, FNA, Service Club. WILLIAM HIGGINS-DCE, ROTC, Drill Team, Techoir. LAWRENCE HIGHBAUGH- CARLETON HILLMAN-School Service, Drama Club. RUSSELL HIRSCHY-Sr. Convocation Com., Basketball, Mgr., German Club. LARRY HOCKMAN-Wrestling, Baseball, Cannon Agent. CHARLES HODGE- BETTY HODNETT-DCE, School Service, FNA, German Club. ROBERT HOFER-Track, School Service. JOHN HOFFMAN-Key Club, XYZ Club, Sr. Picture Com., Techoir, Chemistry-Physics Club. ELLEN HOLDER- Jr. Red Cross Club, School Service, Service Club. THOMAS HOLLAND- ROBERT HOLLER-Football, Track, School Service, Service Club. RlCHARD HOLLIDAY- JOEL HOLT- R. PHILLIP HON-Baseball. SANDRA HOOK-Band, Service Club, Cannon Agent, Alt. JOHN HOOVER- MICHAEL HORN-Football, Track. WILLIAM HORN-Wrestling. JERRY HORTON- MA DONNA HORTON-SAO Rep.: Cannon Agent: Jr. Red Cross Club: Orchestra. ENRICA HOUSTON-Pen-Pal Club: Service Club: Jr. Red Cross Club: Y-Teens: Cannon Agent. ADA HOWARD-DCE: School Service. EMMA HOWARD-DCE: Home Ec. Club: Service Club: School Service: Girls' Play Day. SHARON HOWARD-Cheer Block: Kallz Singers. CAROLYN HOWE-Cheer Block. CHARLOTTE HUEBNER-Band: Orchestra: Music Club, Cor- res. Sec.: Cannon Agent: Inlern'tl Rel. Club, Counselor. DIANA L. HUFFMAN- JOHN HUGGLER- MONICA HUBBELL-FNA: School Service: Cheer Block. GARALYNN HUGHES- ELSIE HUMBARGER-Cannon Staff: Techoir: Arr Club: Natural Science Club: German Club. JEANNETTE HUNT-Techoir: Orchestra: Music Club: Sr. Cap 8- Gown Com. JANE HUNTER- Cheerleader: Techoir: Jr. Red Cross Club. CHARLES HURLEY- LESLIE HUSER- SHERRILL HUTER- RONALD HYDE-Band. JACK INGELS-ROTC Officers' Club: JCL, Pres. CAROLYN INMAN-School Service. GEORGE IRELAND- CAROLE IRWIN-School Service: Service Club. BETTY ISON-Cheerleader: ROTC Sponsor: SAO Board: Service Club: School Service. JUDITH JACABSON-Techoir: Kollz Singers: Girls' En- semble: SAO: Cheer Block. ARBIE JAMERSON-Band. HARLAND JENNINGS- HAROLD JOHNSON- MICHAEL JOHNSON-Tennis: Chess Club: Service Club: XYZ Club: Spanish Club. SHIRLEY JOHNSON-Orchestra: Music Club: FNA. CAROL JONES- Wonder if we'll ever forget the Beatnik era which was so ever present during our senior year 'Round Tech Town. Barbara Koelling and Sieve Gillaspy ascend To a "cool, party pad." Check Those "shades" and that berei, DANA JONES-Style Showp Y-Teens: Speech Teamp Can- non Agenlg SAO Rep. JUDITH ANN JONES- MARTHA JONES- SHARON K. JORDAN-Bible Club. SHARON KARNES-School Service, Style Show. HOWARD KELLAMS-Football. CAROLYN KELLER-Techoirp Drama Club, Koltz Singers. LINDA KELLEY-Bond: XYZ Clubp Kolfz Singers. PHILLIP KELLY- CHARLOTTE KENDALL-FNA. ALICE KENDREW-SAO Rep. C. DIANE KENNEDY-School Service: Speech Teamy Nu- ture Study Club: Sketchbook. LINDA KETRING-SAO Rep.: Cannon S1051 School Serv- icep Home Ec. Club. LAWRENCE KINDSVATTER.. THOMAS KING-SAO Board. Key Club: Speech Team: Track: Jr. Red Cross Club. WANDA KING-Cheer Block, Drama Club, Cannon Agem. PAUL KINGSTON-Chemistry-Physics Club. JAMES KINNEY-Cross Country, CHARLES DEAN KIRKBRIDE-Slxeichbookp Drorno Club. CAROLE KLEIN-Ari Club, Y-Teens: Nature Study Club. ROBERT KNAUER- DANNY KOEHLER-Football, Truck, Block-T Club. BARBARA KOELLING-SAO Rep., Cannon Agent. RONALD KOONS- DIANE KRUG-Koltz Singers, School Service, Cheer Block. FRANK KRUMREICH-Chess Club, Chemistry-Physics Club. MARGARET KUNKEL-Dromcx Club, Speech Team, Spanish Club. JOSEPH LAFALLETTE- PATRICIA LAING-SAO Rep. JUDITH LAMOND-Bond. LARRY LAMOND-Bond, ROTC. NCO Club. PATRICIA LAMPKIN-Home Ec. Club, DCE, School Service. DAVlD LANGE--SAO Rep. JOSEPH LEAVELL- DARLENE LEE-School Service, MARY LEE-SAO Rep. SHIRLEY LEE-Cheerleader, JCL, Techoir, Kulvz Singers, Cannon Agent. MARY LESTER-DCE, Slyle Show, Student Mgr, SANDRA LIVELY-SAO Board, ROTC Sponsor, Jr. Red Cross Club, Sr. Ribbons Com., Chairman, Style Show. DONALD LONGSHORE-Techoir, Key Club, Football, XYZ Club. EMMA LOWE-Y-Teens, School Service, Service Club. JAMES LOWER-ROTC Officers' Club, German Club, School Service, Wresfling. W. CLYDE LUCAS-Cross Country, Wrestling, ROTC, Drill Team, Truck, SAO Rep., Alt. RITA LUTHE- KENNETH LYNN- MAX LYONS-Drama Club, Radio Club, Truck, Boys' Con- cert Club STEPHEN MC CALLIE-XYZ Club, Chemistry-Physics Club, Pres., Chess Club, JCL, Spanish Club. DIANA McCLELl.AND- KAREN M:COSKEY-Koltz Singers, Home Ec. Club, Y- Teens. ROENA McCURN- PERNOLA JEAN McDAMON-FNA, Service Club, School Service, JCL. ROBERT McEVOY- HULDA MAGHEE- DOUGLAS McPHERSON-French Club: School Service: Art Club: Service Club. JANET MicROY-School Service: Service Club. DONNA MACE-School Service: Y-Teens. GEORGE MAHONE-Cannon Agent: School Service: ROTC: Drill Team. JO ANN MAICHEL- ROSALENE MALONE-Orchestra: FNA: Latin Club: Nature Study Club: DCE. JOANN MARCUM-Service Club: Music Club: SAO Rep. JESSIE MARSDEN-Wrestling: Track. ROBERT MARSHALL-Key Club: SAO Board: Block-T Club: Basketball: Baseball. CAROLYN MARTIN-Techoir: Orchestra: String Ensemble: Sketchbook: Music Club. DANA MASON-School Service: Y-Teens. HENRY MASSEY- CONNIE MAUPIN-Service Club: School Service: Music Club: Spanish Club: Kaltz Singers. MARGO MAY-Techoir: Madrigcls: Service Club: Music Club: School Service. WILLIAM MEEK-Key Club: Baseball. CHARLES METCALF-Wrestling: School Service. CHARLES NORMAN MEURER- KAREN MILLER-Techoir: Orchestra: French Club. MARJORIE MILLER-SAO Rep.: School Service. RITA MILLS-School Service: SAO Rep. DELORE5 MIMMS- THOMAS MITCHAM-School Service. LARRY MONEYMAKER- SARALYNN MOON-Kaltz Singers: Service Club: School Service. DONALD MOORE- JAMES MOORE- JOEL MOORE-Service Club: School Service: Fr. Orien- tation Guide. NELEVA MOORE-Fr. Orientation Guide: Cannon Agent: SAO Rep.: School Service: Service Club. JACK MOORMAN- MARVIN Moms-Rorc, Bile. Grp.: Spanish Club: school Service: Bays' Concert Club. ELIZABETH MOSS- MARTHA MOSS-SAO Rep., Cannon Agent, Art Club, Y-Teens, Service Club. PATRICIA MOYER- JOSEPH MULFORD-Techoir, Boys Octette, ROTC, Drill Team, Crass Country. THOMAS MULLIN- ROBERT MUNDAY-Cross Country. RODNEY NEAL- JUANITA NELSON-Service Club, School Service, SAO Rep., Cannon Agent. PAMELA NELSON-SAO Rep., Alt. CLYDE NEW-Band. SHIRLEY NICHOLS- SANDRA KAY NICHOLSON- CATHERINE NOAKES-Latin Club, FTA, Drama Club, SAO Rep., Speech Team. GLORIA NOBLE-SAO Board, ROTC Sponsor, Jr. Red Cross Club, Pres., Service Club, School Service. STEVEN NOWLIN-Band, School Service. RICHARD NUNLEY- EDWARD OGLE-Service Club, School Service, ROTC, Color Guard. MARCIA OGLE-Drama Club, Y-Teens. JAMES OLIN-Chess Club. SHARON O'REAR- ROBERTA ORR-Klatz Singers. JOE OSBORNE-Football, Mgr., Basketball, Mgr. RUTH OSKINS-Cheer Block, Cannon Agent, Service Club, School Service. STEPHEN OSTERHOUT-Band, XYZ Club, Chemistry-Phys' ics Club, Debate Team, German Club. DAGNIJA OZOLS-Sketchbook, SAO Rep., French Club, Drama Club. MICHAEL PADGETT- SALLY PAINTER-Spanish Club. RONNY PALLIKAN-Band, Chemistry-Physics Club, XYZ Club, Music Club, Chess Club. SANDRA PARKER-Orchestra, FNA, Music Club, Sr. Rib- bons Cam., Style Shaw. SILVI PARNA-Flag Twirler, Home Ec. Club, Pres. 8- Sec., German Club, Sketchbook, Style Show. JACK PARNELL-Band. SANDRA PASCHAL-School Service, Home Ec. Club. BETSY PEARSON-SAO Board, Corres. Sec., Techoir, Serv- ice Club, Corres. Sec., French Club, Sec., Jr. Red Cross Club, Vice-Pres. 11i1 JEWELL PEARSON-Truck. DAVID PEMBLETON-DCE. SHERWIN PENNEY-Latin Club: Cannon Agent. MARGIE PERDEW- RONALD PERKINS-Spanish Club: SAO Rep. WANDA PERKINS-FTA, Vice-Pres.: Cannon Agent, SAO Rep., Alt.: Service Club: School Service. DORIS PIERCE-FTA: Library Asst.: French Club: Pen-Pol Club. NANCY PIERSON-Techoiri Modrigals, Orchestra, Debate Team. RUSSELL PIERSON- DARRELL PLUNTZ-Wrestling. School Service JON POGUE-ROTC, Rifle Team. G. EDWARD POLLARD-Basketbcxllf Cross Country: Track. JAMES O. POOLE- JOHN POOLE- DAVID WAYNE PORTER-SAO Rep. MARY POTTER--School Service, Home Ec. Club: Cheer Block. NICHOLAS POWELL-Cannon Agent: SAO Rep., Alt., Basketball. EDNA MAE PRACHT-Drama Club. DONALD PRICE-ROTC Olticers' Club: ROTC. NCO Club: Spanish Club. LINDA PRICE-Service Club, Spanish Clubf Music Club. Kultz Singersg SAO Rep. Look at those freshies! Why that was us back in September of 1956 cis we took the freshmen orientation tour through Stuart Hcull. A Royal picture to be sure. Becky Wiegand, Football Jamboree Queen, shows off her Block- T sweater to Sue Rush, Tech's princess in the Indianapolis pre-Christmas celebrafion. DAVID PRUITT-ROTC, Color Guard: ROTC, Flag Detail. JANET PURCELL-Y-Teens: Service Club: Flag Twirler: Color Guard: Sr. Dance Com. ROBERT PURVIS-Wrestling. ROBERT QUICK-Track: Naiure Sludy Club. SUZANNE QUILLEN-Spanish Club, Pres. 8. Treas.: Art Club: XYZ Club. RUTH QUINN.. LARRY RAMEY- DOYLE RAMSEY-Baseball: Speech Team. ELIZABETH RANDOLPH-SAO Rep., Alf.: .lr. Red Cross Club: Service Club: School Service: FTA. NANCY RATLIFF-XYZ Club: Y-Teens: SAO Rep.: Library Asst.: School Service. CURTIS RAY-Band. RALPH EUGENE RAY-Band: Dance Band: Skeichbook. CAROLE REINKEN-SAO Board: SAO Rep.: .lCL, Vice-Pres.: Jr. Red Cross Club, Corres. Sec.: Drama Club. MARY REN FORTH- SYLVIA REFINE-Library Asst: French Club: FNA: Pen-Pol Club: School Service. CAROLE REYNOLDS- MARY RHODES-Natural Science Club: Girls' Recreufion Club. KAY RICHARDSON- MARY RICKETTS-Bond. M. SUE RIDENOUR-Kaltz Singers: Service Club: School Service. SHIRLEY RIDER- PAMELA RISSER- MYRA ROBBINS-Cannon Sloff, FNA, Service Club: Ger- man Club, School Service. THOMAS ROBERTS- BEVERLY ROBERTSON- JOHN ROBERTSON, Il- WILLIAM ROBERTSON-ROTC, Drill Team, Drnmc Club. JOHN ROGERS-Fooiball, Baseball. WALTER ROUSE- JUDITH ROWLETT-Techoir, .ICL, Sec.-Trees., Jr. Red Cross Club, Drama Club, SAO Rep. JO RUDDELL-In?ern'fl Rel. Club, Pres., Chemistry-Physics Club, Sec.-Treos., XYZ Club, JCL. ROBERT RUDDELL- PAULA RUPPERT-School Service, Service Club. .IANIS RUSH-Kaltz Singers, Pres., French Club, Music Club. BONNIE RUSSELL- WILLIAM SANDEFUR- STEVEN SANDER- NICK SANDERS-SAO Board, Treas., Drama Club, Pres., Speech Team, Key Club, Service Club, Sgt. at Arms. JERRY E. SATTERLY- JULIE SCHAEFER-Techoir, Madrigols, JCL, School Service, Service Club. ED SCHAEKEL-Football, School Service. DAVID M. SCHUCK- MARY SCHWAB-DCE. LARRY SCOTT- RONALD SEGRAVES-Boys' Concerf Club. CHARLES SHEA-School Service. HENRY SHIRLEY-Bond, Auio Club. PAIJL srmuev- VENITA SHORT- RONALD SHRIGLEY-Drama Club, Techoir, School Service, Natural Science Club. RITA SHUFFIELD-School Service, Flag Twirler, SAO Rep. ELIZABETH SIEVERS-Techoir, Band, Orchestra, Music Club, School Service. KENT SIMMERMAN- HAROLD SIMMONS-Bond: Music Club. WILLIAM SIPES-School Service: Athletic Agent. SALLIE SLIGER- DENNIS SLUDER-ROTC, NCO Club. JIMMIE SMITH-French Club: PNA: School Service: Drumo Club. PETER SMITH-Football: School Service: Athletic Agent: Block-T Club. PHILLIP SMITH-Nature Study Club. ROBERT HENRY SMITH-Track. RONALD SMITH- T. LOUISE SMITH-SAO Rep. ESTELLA SNOW-FTA: XYZ Club. SAUNDRA SNYDER- VICKI SODEN-ROTC Sponsor: Drama Club, Sec.: French Club: Speech Team. STEPHEN SOMMER-School Service. JUDITH SORELL-Techoir. ROSE SOUBEIH--French Club: School Service: SAO Rep, DONALD SOVERN-Wrestling. ROBERT SPARGUR, JR.-School Service: Athlelic Ticket Salesman. PAMELLA SPARKS-SAO Rep.: Spanish Club: lntern'tI Rel. Club. RICHARD SPENCER- ROY SPIGHT- PHYLLIS STACY-Service Club. MARY STANFORD-Service Club: School Service: SAO Rep.: Connon Sfoff, Bookkeeper. NOEL STEPHENS-Football: Baseball: School Service. BETTY STEVENSON-Speech Team: Jr. Red Cross Club: Service Club: School Service: Y-Teens. A. GEVON STONER-Cannon Sfufl: Prayer Circle: Home Ec. Club: Service Club: School Service. GERALD STRONG- JAMES STRONG-School Service. ROBERT STROTHER-Golf. CHARLES PHILLIP STUART-Auto Club: Music Club. JOYCE SUESS-Y-Teens: School Service. HOWARD SULVER-Wrestling: Footboll. KENNETH SUMMEIER- THOMAS SUMMERS-Truck. NANCY SUTTERFIELD.. HARVEY SUTTON- SANDRA SUTTON-Cheer Block: SAO Rep.: Cannon Agent: Spanish Club: School Service. JOSEPH SZENTIVANYI-Cannon Agent: Track: Football. CHARLOTTE TALLEY-SAO Rep.: Style Show. JAMES TAYLOR-Bond, Pres. 81 Vice-Pres.: Dance Band: Music Club, Pres.: Key Club: XYZ Club, Treos. MARY TAYLOR-Girls' Recreation Club: Y-Teens: SAO Rep. .IUDITH TERRY-Girls' Recreation Club: Cannon Agent: Y-Teens: SAO Rep. BARBARA THOMAS-SAO Boord: Jr. Red Cross Club: SAO Rep.: School Service: Service Club. C. REX THOMAS-Jr. Red Cross Club: SAO Rep.: Tennis. CAROL TIMMONS-School Service. MARILYN TOWNSEND-SAO Rep. KENT TRABUE- HUGH moos- DONALD 'rucnen-Key Club. CLARK TURNER-School Service. HATTIE TURNER-Natural science Club. RUBY TURNER-Service Club: School Service. STEVEN TURNER-Boys' Concert Club: Techoir: ROTC, Drill Team: ROTC, NCO Club: TODD TURNER-School Service. SHARON URSHAN-Kclltz Singers. DOROTHY VANDAGRIFF-School Service: Service Club. JERRY VANSICKLE-Art Club. ALBERT VANSLYKE-School Service. NANCY VASILEFF-PNA: School Service: Service Club: Music Club. BARBARA VAUGHN-Cannon Agent: Project X: School Service: Service Club: Y-Teens. GEORGE VERNON-Boys' Concert Club. GLORIA VINSON-Kcltz Singers: Lotin Club: Music Club: School Service: SAO Rep. .IANICE WADE-School Service: Cannon Agent: Style Show. EDWIN G. WAKELAND- .IACQUELINE WALTON-Kaltz Singers ERMA WARD- SUSAN WARD-Kaltz Singers: Cannon Agent. HENRIETTA WARREN- .IOYCE WATKINS-Kaltz Singers: Service Club: School Service: Drama Club: SAO Rep. BONITA WATTS-Cheerleader: SAO Rep.: ROTC Sponsor: Service Club: Girls' Recreation Club. RICHARD WEAVER-School Service. P. JOAN WEDDLE-Cheerleader: Techoir: Orchestra: Dance Band, Vocalist: XYZ Club. BRUCE WELCH-School Service: Service Club. DENNIS WELCH-Football. DOROTHY WELCH-Style Show. BYRON WELLS-SAO Rep.: XYZ Club: FTA: Cannon Pho- tographer. GATHA WESNER--Spanish Club: FTA: Sr. Assembly Com. ROBERT WESTERFIELD-Service Club. KAREN WETHERALD-Girls' Recreation Club. DUNCAN WHEATLEY-ROTC, Drill Team: ROTC, Officers' Club: School Service. C. THOMAS WHITE-Auto Club. MARCIA WHITE--Techoir: Band: Orchestra: Dance Bona, Vocalist: Music Club. .IOANN WHITSEY-Service Club: School Service: Home Ec. Club. REBECCA WIEGAND-Cheerleader: Techoir: ROTC Spon- sor: SAO Board: Football Jamboree Queen. BETH WILHAM-Service Club: School Service: Cannon Agent: SAO Rep., Alt.: Style Show. WILLIAM WILIFORD-Band: Dance Band. .IUDITH WILKERSON-School Service. SANDRA WILKERSON-Cheer Block, Vice-Pres.: Spanish Club: SAO Rep.: Cannon Agent. BETTY WILLIAMS- ELOISE WILLIAMS-Girls' Play Day. JAMES WILLIAMS-Band: Dance Band: Orchestra: Key Club. LORETTA WILLIAMS-School Service: Service Club. MARILYN WILLIAMS- Cheer Block: PNA: Orchestra: Music Club. SHEILA WILLIAMS-Orchestra. A. PAUL WILSON- CAROL WILSON-School Service: Girls' Play Doy. MARSHA WILSON-SAO Rep.: School Service. JUDITH WINTERS-School Service. JUDITH WOLGAMOTT-Bond: School Service. NANCY WOLLENWEBER-Style Show: School Service: Orchestra. GARY WOOD-School Service: Cannon Agent: SAO Rep. G. MICHAEL WOOD--Sketchbook: Drama Club: School Service. PHILLIP WOOD-Bond: JCL: Boslceiball: School Service. KENNETH WOODARD-Techoir: Football: Baseball: Key Club: Wrestling. JOSEPH WRIGHT-Track: Cross Country. KENNETH WRIGHT-School Service. MARY WRIGHT-Cheer Block. MYRNA WRIGHT-Cheer Block: SAO Rep. PHILIP WRIGHT-School Service: ROTC, Drill Teom: ROTC NCO Club: ROTC Oliicers' Club. RICHARD WRIGHT-Cannon Agent: SAO Rep. JOSEPH YEAGLEY- KAREN YEOMAN-Band: German Club: Music Club: SAO Rep.: Slceichbook. FREEMAN YOUNG- MONTE YOUNG-Band: Donce Band: Orchestra. ROBERT P. YOUNG-SAO Rep.: School Service. NANCY ZIMMERMAN-Slyle Show. Sandy Parker, Sandy Lively, Angie Greene, June Clork, Morcio While, Julie Aiken lie our Senior colors - the True sign of distinction. i August Seniors MINNIE APPLEWHITE- DIANNA BECKETT-Red Cross Club RONALD CASNER-Techoir. DOROTHY CAUDILL-School Service: Cannon Agentg SAO Rep.: Marion County Teenage Safety Council. ELIZABETH M. COFFAL- CALVIN COLVIN, JR.- CYNTHIA COMBS-Elizabeth Kalrz Singers. ROY COOK- CLIFFORD DAY-Block T Club, Football: Wrestling. CAROL S. ERCOLE- FRANK FEATHERSTUN-Radio Club: Auto Club. SAMUEL HENRY- RICHARD HOBBS- LLOYD P. JOHNSON- ULYSSES S. JOHNSON-Football, Track. SARAH J. KERR-Home Ec. Style Show. WALTER R. KEY-Spanish Club. Track: Service Club: Drama Club, SAO Rep. MARY J. KIRBY- WILLIAM L. LANE- SHARON A. LONG- JACK A. PARNELL finds thot the life of ci senior picks up speed in his stale senior year, beginning with being measured for his cap and gown until the doy of commencement. l l i l l i -i PATSY McNElL- MARY F. PAGE-Techoir. PAULINA PALMER-Service Clubg PNA Club. JUDITH PARNELL-JCL: SAO Rep. JUDITH PEACE-Home EC. Club, CHARLES ROBERTS-Speech Team, Drama Club: Fooiballf Trackp Basketball. SANDRA ROBERTS- KATY ROBERTSON-SAO Rep., Cheer Block, Drama Club: Spanish Club: Skelchbaok. SHIRLEY ROYER- ROBERT RUDDELL.. LARRY SCOTT-Cannon Agent. JUDITH SEAY--Art Club: Service Club, Aihleiic Agent. LYNN SMITH-SAO Repq Baseball, Cannon Agent, STEPHEN L. SOWDERS-XYZ Club. RICHARD L. STALEY- ROSA S. THOMAS- OSCAR L. WHITFIELD-School Service. AUDREY L. WISDOM-Y-Teens, Publicity Chr. PARENTS attending the Senior-Parenis Recep- tion last fall discuss The preceding speech by Mr. Robert Kryier on college studies. AGILITY and muscle control are musts for ofhleles like Dick Donahue and Bill Hczsseld. 10? And What Techite 4, ond The Tech Teens who showed 17? excellent traits of sportsmanship in making This o record yeor . . s s r c ff' Q ix i, X- , 1 -,WJ Will Forget "Hoosier-Hysteria" Time Last Spring . . l 103 VARSITY FOOTBALL-First Row: William Rushton, William Clemons, Paul Bawlby, Fred Bandy, Norman Terry, Frank Craig, Charles Jennings, Ken- neth Woodard, Gary Sarver, Harold Woods, John Thurman, Second Row: Mr. Charles Dagwell, Ath, Dir., Mr. Carlos Bell, Asst. Coach, Pete Smith, Jack Justus, Edgar McVea, Clifford Day, John Byus, Ronald Jones, Ralph Wilkinson, Phil White, Ronnie Heitzman, Darrell Britt, Mr. Ernest Medcalf, Asst. Coach, Mr. Howard Catt, Trainer, Sam Scamp, Equip. Mgr. Third Row: Michael Cutshaw, Mgr., James Bostic, Walter Jones, Sam Greene, Darnal Johnson, Hoy Thurman, Ron Barlow, Don Koehler, John Finch, David Barnes, Dennis Edwards, Carlton Greene, Mr. Wally Potter, Head Coach. Big Green Suffers Poor Year But Prospects l l WY. HEAD coach Wally Potter finds that it often helps to shout, threaten, and even cheer his gridiron eleven on to victories. 104 Despite a disappointing 2-win, 6-loss, and 2-tied record, the varsity footballers, under the direction of coach Wally Potter, showed a great deal of promise for next year. ln city play, the team dropped four contests without winning. However, City Champ Cathedral had to fight tooth and nail to down the tired-up gridders, l3-6. ln NCC competition, the Green finished sixth with a 2-win, 2-loss, and l-tied record. ln the annual Football Jamboree in the Tech Stadium, Tech fought to a scoreless tie with Washington. Against Frankfort at the Homecoming game, the Big Green chewed up the Hot Dogs, 36-25. Although Tech dropped this thrilling football contest to Broad Ripple's Rockets, l4 to l2, a Ripple ball carrier runs and smashes into a stone wall of tough Tech defensive linebackers. for 1960 Are Good Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech SEASON RECORD 7 Howe I2 Broad Ripple I9 Andemon O Munde I3 Marion 36 Frankfort I4 Scecinc 6 Cathedral 6 Logonsport 7 Shortridge LOWELL Kirkbride crowns Marsha Reynolds the T960 Home- coming queen with Betty lson, Joyce Dugger, Shirley Lee. Becky Wiegond, and Phyllis Buchanan in the royol court. SCRAPPY haltback Frank Craig shows tight as the gets away from the Marion tackler. 105 RESERVE FOOTBALL-First Raw: David Barnette, James Clark, John Deal, Ted Kirby, David Sowder, Walter Hodgins, Tom Weliever, James Hoakes, George Phillips, Larry Wellington. Second Row: Mr. Rabert Meyer, Coach, Robert Harold, Troy Wright. Denny Lawless, Dencil Casner, John Muench, Stephen Heitzman, Kenneth Lee, Dan Garner, Kenrich Caudill, Jack Cody, Mgr. Third Row: Michael JeHeries, Mgr., Harry Campbell, Arnold Veller, Harold Smith, William Dorsey, Charles Whitsey, Alfred Cunningham, Ar- thur Fowler, McKenzie Brown, Jock Beam, Ronald Jarboe, Mgr. Frosh Have Winning Season, Reserves Break Even RESERVE FOOTBALL SCORES- l 959-60 Tech-I3 Broad Ripple-O Tech-0 Scecina-I4 Tech-6 Cathedral- l 9 Tech-6 Southport-I9 Tech-20 Shartridge-l 3 Tech-41 Washington-6 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL SCORES- l 959-60 Tech-39 Wood-0 Tech-21 Scecina-19 Tech-28 Attucks-0 Tech-l 3 Washington-20 Tech-6 Shortriage-l 2 Tech-l 4 Broad Ripple-l3 FRESHMEN FOOTBALL--First Row: David Church, David Cruser, Joe Easley, Richard Cook, Lester Basey, Mike Keely, Donovan Busby. Second Row: Raymond Whitney, Leo Hodges, Dennis Wilson, Joe Smith, Mike Harvey, Richard Hessman, Tom Bandy, David Hall, Dave Meao, Mike Holder, Greg- ory Carmichael. Third Row: lvan Moreman, Coach, Roland Bryant, Larry Pawin, Mike Doan, Donald Sellers, Steven Shelby, Tyron Weathers, Donald 106 Tutt, John More, Arcides Moines, Albert Kessinger, John Baker, Hurry Caskey, Caach. Fourth Row: John Clemons, Richard Kramer, Raymond Smith, Mike Cantwell, Ronald Burleson, Clifford Miller, Randy Burns, Steven Cooper, William Kruger, Gary Titus, Lee Applewhire. Mike Drone, Ronald Woods, Roger Stout, Charles Horice. CROSS COUNTRY-First Row: Stephen Beattie, John D. Carter, Courtland Lucas, Charles Randy Miller, Paul Meyers, Coach. Third Row: Martin Bishop, John Brownlee, William Gibson, Donald Miller, Floyd Gillaspie, McAfee, Jack Dobbs, John White, Bernard DeVore, John Smith, Paul Ever- Wayne Gibson, Robert Fable. Second Row: Frank Robinson, Elbor Hopper, man, Randall Steve Romack, Charles Ronald Justice, Robert Heath, Michael Abbott, Leny Chester, Larry Dunville, Cornelius Muncie, Clyde Cross Country Team Finds '59 Season Rough The Cross Country team won only two dual meets in 1959. However, the Green did place tourth in the NCC met and sixth in the City meet. The result in both meets were the some for the second straight year. ln the Sectional the team placed eighth, and it did not qualify anyone tor the state meet. But the Harriers, coached by Paul Myers, was a team loaded with underclassmen, so prospects tor l96O are good. CROSS COUNTRY SCORES-1959-60 Tech-29 Washington-28 Tech-46 Southport-23 Tech-34 Ben Davis-26 Tech-34 Muncie-21 Tech-Ill Anderson-26 Tech-35 Burris-20 Tech-23 Richmond-32 RESERVE CROSS COUNTRY-l959-60 Tech-60 Muncie-l5 Tech-43 Anderson-20 Tech-25 Burris-30 Tech-45 Richmond-l5 RANDY Miller lleftt and Martin McAfee Crightl confer with cross country coach, Mr. Meyers, before the coming meet. 107 Left to right: Don Lingle, Guard, Dennis Edwards, Center, Mickey Hartsburg, Forward, Ronnie Craig, Forward. Bob Marshall Forward Tom Brinkley Forward David Barnes Center Maas' Men Cop Sectional, Tech's varsity basketball team, coached by Charlie Maas and paced by Mel Garland, won the City Championship for the fourth time in seven years, and copped the Sectional and Regional basketball titles for the first time since 1952. The Big Green finally lost to the eventual state championship runner-up, Muncie Central, 48-44, in a hard fought contest in the Semi-state tourney. Tech, using a "sticky" defense, almost pulled the upset, but couldn't quite keep up with the tall Bearcats. Garland set two new school records for a single game and for the season. His single-game high was 40 SEASON RECORD Tech Warren Central 57 Tech Southport 59 Tech Frankfort 68 Tech Newcastle 48 Tech Attucks 49 Tech Logansport 7i Tech Anderson 48 Tech Washington 61 Tech Lafayette 60 Tech Manual 64 Tech Muncie 83 Tech Howe 53 Tech Marian 49 Tech Cathedral 47 Tech Richmond 7l Tech Broad Ripple 65 Tech Kokomo 74 Tech Scecina 69 CITY TOURNEY Tech Wood 42 Tech Howe 45 Tech Manual 51 SECTIONAL Tech Speedway 29 Tech Cathedral 52 Tech Broad Ripple 58 Tech Shortridge 44 REGIONAL Tech Elwood 43 Tech Manual 45 SEMI-STATE Tech Muncie 48 Left To right: Mel Garland, Guard, James Hunt, Guard, Frank Craig, Guard: Jack Bradford, Assistant Coach. Regional Before Bowing To Muncie poinTs against Richmond and his new season record was 507 points, which broke The old record seT by Joe Sexson in l952. He also added l52 points in The sTaTe Tourney for an all-season Toral of 659 points, and a 23.5 average, besf in The ciTy-counTy since The high school days of former Crispus Airucks sTar and All-American aT Cincinnafi UniversiTy, Oscar RoberTson. Mr. Maas guided his lasT and besT Tech baskeiball Team To a 2l win and 7 loss record. He retired The end of The season and is naw a grade school counselor. Mr. .lack Bradford was named coach. Charlie Maas Head Coach Russell Hirschy Manager MICKEY HarTsburg leaps high To grab a re- bound from a Warren CenTral player in The seoson's opening game, Mel Garland 1243 is ready To help his Team in the nexT play. IO9 Photos Courtesy of indianapolis News. MR MAAS beams with pride as he snips down victory nets COACH Charlie Maas fires up the team with only two seconds after downing Manual in the regional finale. He guided his left in the Manual regional game. Garland went ahead to first regional and sectional teams before retiring as coach. sink two free throws and clinch the win 64 62 for the Green RESERVE BASKETBALL SCORES-1959-60 Tech Warren Central-34 Tech Manual-40 Tech Southport-52 Tech Muncie-49 Tech Frankfort-36 Tech Howe-35 Tech New Castle-33 Tech Marion-35 Tech Attucks-46 Tech Cathedral-37 Tech Logansport-57 Tech Richmond-40 Tech Broad Ripple-35 lreserve city tourneyl Tech Brood Ripple-49 Tech Anderson-3l Tech Kokomo-50 Tech Washington-50 Tech Scecina-4l Tech Lafayette-41 RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM-First Row: John White, David Bcrnette, James Larry Dunville, Montgomery, Charles R. Miller, George Harris, Donald Woods, Charles Coach's Aid, Mike Jeflries, Mgr. Roames Mgr. Second Row: Mr. Jack Bradford, Coach, Mackenzie Brown, Stephen Manship, Bill Dwigans, David Altopp Bill Cook ,dimes Kea-- ,s,E,,,.e FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM-First Row: James Campbell, Elmer William- Michael Harvey, Gary Titus, Gary Meade, Richard Kramer, John A Smxth son, Roger Stout, Joe Evans, William Sturdivant, Ben Baker, James Evans, James Jones, John Brownlee, Mr. Robert Mehl, Coach. Michael Drane, David Havely. Second Row: Fred Hawthorne, William Freshmen and Reserves Develop Varsity Prospects Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Warren Central-27 Sacred Heart-35 Ben Davis-37 Wood-51 Manual-4l Broad Ripple-45 Atrucks-33 Scecina-48 Shartridge-35 Washington-37 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL SCORES-1959-60 Tech-52 Tech-29 Tech-58 Tech-39 Tech-53 Tech-5l Tech-44 CITY Howe-44 Washington-33 Cathedral-57 Kavertimel Southport-41 ldouble overtimel Attucks-35 Washington-32 Wood-50 lhnal game runner upl THESE scrappy trash netters show the spirit that THE reserve basketball team battled valiantly helped them achieve a T2 win, 5 loss record. but found Ripple reserves too hot to handle. Cheerers, Block-T Club Boost School Athletics This yeor the Block-T Club sponsored a lettermon's oworcl to the freshmen othletes who showed out- stonding promise in sports, scholarship, ond sports- monship. They used the proceeds from the Mardi Gros' bosketshooting booth to cover the cost ot the owords. Ushering ot ball games ond serving os the welcoming committee tor visiting teams were some ot the functions ot the lettermen's club. They also ployed ci port in orgonizing the cheer block. BLOCK T CLUB-First Row: Donald Woods, Mike Abbott, Lurry Dunville, Tom Brown, Frank Craig, Mel Garland, Bill Barnett, Randy Miller. Second Row: Robert Mehl, Spon., August Gordon, Gilbert Everett, George Bishop, Dan Koehler, Jessie Mursdon. Third Row: Robert Marshall, Dennis Edwards, Corlton Greene. CHEERLEADERS-Kneeling: Lynn Funke, Sharolyn Condra, Judy Reyman, Jennie Elkin, Sherry Howard. Standing: Mott Klein, Jane Hunter, Betty lson, Joyce Dugger, Shirley Lee, Becky Wiegond. Russell Green. GALLONS of linoment were ready for the faculty oll stors otter the seniors won the Student-Foculty bosketbcxll game 30 to 26. " ITD J t Ml 7 THE score was tied, the seconds Flew, the ball was in the hands of our star player, the crowd waited breathlessly, and then . . . DAVE Barnes scores on a lay up as Walt Sahm ot Cathedral tries to block the attempt and Dennis Edwards awaits rebound. 'I 3- I 3 El ty . T r x . i Amid the screams of victory, the ball found its way into the net to score another win for Tech. Super Spirit Shown in '6O. School spirit at Tech was definitely on the up-swing in l96O. The formation of the boys' and girls' cheer blocks and crownings of class basketball queens were a great part ot this success. When the going got rough for the teams- the fans were there with those much needed screams! H3 VARSITY BASEBALL-First Row: Jerry Miller, Richard Hodgson, Mel Gar- Iand, Phillip Hon, Darnal Johnson, Mike Abbett, Don Cochran. Second Row: Johnny White, David Altopp, Merell Pennington, David Boker, Don Lingle, ALL eyes turn to Richard Hodgson as he smashes a line drive to center field, scoring another base hit for the Tech team. II4 John Underwood, Bob Bostic, Jack Dobbs. Third Row: Mr. Jack Bradford Head Coach, Bill Horn. Mgr., John Finch, Bob Marshall, Buddy Cantrell Mr. Ivan Moreman, Asst. Coach With Only Three Low in experience, but high in spirit were the 60 varsity baseball squad. With only three returning lettermen and no returning pitchers, Coach Jack Bradtord's greatest problem was developing his pitchers. The team lost tour of its first tive games VARSITY April I2 Tech April I4 Tech April I9 Tech April 25 Tech April 26 Tech April 2B Tech May 3 Tech RESERVE April 27 Tech April 29 Tech May 2 Tech May 4 Tech BASEBALL -7 -I -2 -5 -I -8 Press Time BASEBALL -I3 -3 -EI Press Time SCHEDULE Attucks-2 Lafayette-I3 Richmond-3 New Castle-I 2 Marion-Postponed Logansport-5 Frankfort-5 SCHEDULE Manual-2 Washington-Postponed Howe-2 Cathed ral-7 ANTICIPATION mounts as one by one the diamond men file out of the dugoul for their Turn al bat. Each player hopes To score a victory run. Lellermen, inexperienced Nine Sullers Diamond Woes RESERVE BASEBALL TEAM-First Row: Willis Mills, Mgr., Dan Wetherald, Ronnie Cox, .lack Dobbs, Mike Cantwell, Mr. Quillin, Coach. Third Row: Hoarse Milchell, Jerry Morgan, Tom Dobbs, David Buck, Elmer Williamson, David Sowder, Jimmy Clark, Tom Bundy, Robert Totten, John Deal, Jon Charles Crider. Second Row: Bill Proctor, Gary Tilus, Kenneth Cuuldwell, Hall, George Harris. ll5 VARSITY TRACK-First Row: Lowell Kirkbride, Mike Cutshaw, Jock Clark, Jesse Marsden, Ronnie Heitzman, Tom King, McKenzie Brown, Elvor Hop- per. Second Raw: Randy Miller, James Grayson, Tom Brinkley, William Barnett, Steve Turnage, Frank Craig, Kenneth Lee, .lohn Carter, Howard Tech Track Team Op Under the supervision of Coach James Stewart, the varsity track squad won five of six dual meets, and placed third in both the City and North Central Conference track meets. The team was led by hurdler Bill Barnett, who was undefeated in dual meet competition and was city champ in both the high and low hurdles. Sophomore brood-iumper McKenzie Brown copped first in the City meet. The team was loaded with underclassmen and is looking forward to a strong season in '6l. 16 Catt, Trainer. Third Row: Wally Potter, Asst. Coach, Cornelius Muncie, Ulysses Johnson, Larry Dunville, Carlton Greene, Dennis Edwards, Ralph Wilkinson, Ronald Barlow, Charles Dagwell, Athletic Dir., James Stewart, Head Coach. e ns Season lmpressively, VARSITY AND RESERVE TRACK SCHEDULE May 29 Tech-78 Washington-31 April I Tech-62-2f3 Warren Central 2l and Wood 33-if3 April 7 Tech-54 Shortridge-55 April l2 Tech-55 Anderson-54 April l4 Tech-58 Broad Ripple-5l April l9 Tech-59-2f5 Kokomo-49-3f5 April 22 City Meet Tech-Third Shartridge--First April 30 Tech-Third Muncie Central-First NCC Meet Press time May 6 Sectional Meet May l3 Regional Meet May 21 State Meet FRESHMEN TRACK April l3 Tech-41 Washington-68 April 20 Tech-63 Attuclcs-45 April 26 Tech-4l Manual-68 April 28 Tech-40 Howe-69 ClTY May 3 Shortridge first place-52 Washington second place-4BV2 Tech third place-48 THAT final burst of speed sends this Tech cinderman across the finish line. MCKENZIE Brown takes the big leap thot made him the City broad jump SOARING through the air with ease Champion in the meer on Aprll 22' helps a pole voulter raise our score. Places Third in City, NCC Meets RESERVE TRACK-First Row: Steve Heck, James Whittaker. Rodney Asst. Coach. Scott Hubbard, John A. Smith, Robert Harold, Russell Johnson, Clifford Miller, Alford Kessinger, Robert Winanis, Bernard Green, Walter Jones, Everett Miller, Mr. James Stewart, Head DeVore, John Russell, Thomas Madden. Second Row: Mr. Potter, Coach. H7 FRESHMAN TRACK TEAM-First Row: Greg Carmichael, Mike Harvey, Steve Beattie, Don Sellers. Second Row: Richard Shumate, Mgr, Vaino Aiango Roger Birklar, Larry Parvin, Jerry Lane, Benjamin Baker, Dennis Barlow, Mgr, Third Row: Mr. Ernest Medcalte, Coach, Fred Hawthorne, Roger Stout Richard Hessrnan, Don Miller, John Baker, Mr. Carlos Bell, Coach. Tennis, Golf, Freshman Track Appeal to Tech Men TENNlS TEAM-First Row: Jim Munro, Roger Harper, Larry Coleman, Michael Johnson. Second Row: Michael Edwards. Gilbert Everett, Gareth Putnam, Phil White, Coach Rowland Leverenz. Not Pictured: George Gordon. H8 April I2 April 18 April 19 Aprii 2l April 25 April 26 April 28 May 3 April 5 April 6 April 7 April T4 April I8 April 26 May 3 TENNIS SCHEDULE Tech 5 Cathedral 2 Tech 6 Shortridge I Tech 7 Broad Ripple O Tech 2 Lafayette 5 Tech 6 Park i Tech 6 Kokomo l Tech 7 Anderson O Tech 5 Muncie 2 GOLF SCHEDULE Tech lV2 Washington l6lQ Tech BV: Lawrence Central 7V2 Tech 7 Cathedral B Tech 8Vb Anderson 7V2 Tech 7 Scecina 8 Marion County Tech-Eleventh: Broad Ripple and Tech 352 Cathedral-First Kokomo 295 North Central 3l3 Press Time GOLF TEAM-First Row: Mr. Mehl, Coach, Bill Hasseld, Denny Rushton Dick Allen. Not pictured. Dick Honkins, Ronnie Taylor. WRESTLING TEAM-First Row: William Gibson, Winston R. White, Larry Allen, Greg Carmichael, William Kruger, Ronald Barlow, Fred Bandy, Oscar Girolomi, Jessie Marsden, William Stagner, John D. Carter. Second Row: John Marshall, Thomas Weliever, Lester M. Basey, Charles Good- man, John Baker, Maurice Barns, Charles Jennings, Gary M. Sarver, John Deal, Edgar McVeo. Third Row: Mr. Robert Meyer, Asst. Coach, Arthur Fowler, John E. Moore, Joe Easley, David Cruser, John W. Mihay, Choice Gorden, Ronald Jarboe, Manager, Mr. William Treichler, Coach. Wrestlers Faced A Building Year in 1960. . The T959-60 wrestling season turned out to be a building year. Despite losing all its dual meets, the varsity wrestlers, coached by William Treichler, had two boys win Sectional titles and two that were runners-up. William Stagner, lO3-pound class, and team captain, Jesse Marsden, T20-pound class, won VARSITY WRESTLING Tech Broad Ripple-40 Tech Washington-35 Tech Anderson-32 Tech Richmond-28 Tech Cathedral-27 City Tourney Tech-fifth place Brood Ripple-first place Tech Manual-39 Tech- Ben Davis-40 Tech- Shortridge-39 Tech- Tech Tech Howe-36 N. C. C. Tech-sixth place Lafayette-33 Southport-32 Sectional Tech-fourth place Wood-first place State Champion Wood individual titles in the Sectional Mat Meet. William Gibson and August Gordon were second place finishers in the 95-pound and 154 pound classes respectively. The team placed fifth in the city tourney and sixth in the NCC meet. All team members will return next year except Gordon and Marsden. JESSE Marsden, team captain, is shown applying a hammer lock to his opponent in the Washington wrestling match. H9 THREE members of the busy custodial staff, Russell Clapper, James Diana, and James Moylan, pose in front of the familiar T-truck, which is often seen being used for jobs on campus. Having 3,000 guests for lunch would make most hostesses cringe. This is not so with our lunchroom staff-for they smilingly serve just this many students every day. Devouring about 1,650 hot dogs, 1,600 cold sandwiches, and 450 potatoes is an easy daily assignment for hungry Techites. Also serving Tech are our ianitors and matrons. This maintenance crew not only cleans up after 4,500 pairs of dusty feet but keeps the campus in good working order. Staffs Service Tech Town and Its Teens CAFETERIA STAFF-First Row: Maude Brown, Ethel Pitts, Mae Starkey, Mabel McAuley, Christine Still, Goldie Duffy, Jessie Elliott, Leona Coonce, Elsie Roberts, Netta Schmidt, Ruby Plummer, Angie Clearwater, Anne Sullivan, Gladys Grigsby. Second Row: Thelma Garner, Eliza Badgley, Laura Merrill, Ruth Barnes, Geneviene Haigerty, Louize Egan, Frieda Jones, Osa Moser, Lillian Kfier, Ruby VanRemmen, Elise Sigg, Esta Parsley, Lorena Todd, Irene 120 Taylor, Pearl Johnson, Mildred Former, Helen Schroder, Gladys Thompson, Pearl Boyland, Daisy McBride. Third Row: Deloris Pallikan, Margaret Gare rison, Johanna Wilson, Lola Klein, Mary Stinnet, Alice Szteleblak, Rosa Stelting, Elsie Yarnell, Robert S. Jones, Hazel Hirth, Ethel Kreis, lrene Steagall, Martha Zapfe, Irene Jeffries, Audrey Barrett, Florence Hynes, Lolo Moore, Ilma Gillaspy, Evo Gibson. K T I' . if . 'x Q5 Ch K ., -411, .ff . A.. ,?4 51,5 ' H: ,Qi I . mp. Q . puffs., 1. W . .,g,, ig,- Mm. H Q V ,u .ui A-'X N Smiling Techite, Lindo Higgins, has her orms full of packages from The stores of our advertisers. 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Illinois OUR PHOTOGRAPHERS Bill Ehrich Iames Cox Tim Halcomb Cecil Tresslar it "cuz E 5 'buf OUR STUDENT AD SETTERS Iohn Corrado Larry Richmond Kent Garshwiler Caroline Howe Larry Moore ARSENAL TECHNICAL HIGH Scxoor. To Our Advertisers We Give Our Thanks The Yearbook Staff l""T Activities Division Pages ..... Administration ................... .. Advertisements ..................... Advertisement Division Pages . Around the Corner From Tech Arsenal Cannon Division Pages Arsenal Cannon Staffs .,......,. Art De artment .......,...,.......... P Assem blies .......,.,....,..... Athletic Division Pages ...... Auto-Aviation Shop ........ Auto Club ........,.......... Autographs ..,,....... Baseball Teams ........ Basketball Queens ......, Basketball Teams ...... Block T .....,........... Bookstore Staff ........, Boys' Concert Club ......,,....... Boys' Octette .......................... Building Trades Department .,.... Business Education Department Campus Scenes .....,......... Cannon Ball Candidates ..... Cheerblock .....,......,....... Cheerleaders ......,,......... Chemistry-Physics Club ....... Commencement, 1959 ....,. Community ..............,,, Concert Band .......... Concert Orchestra .,...,.... Cross Country ........,............ Curriculum Division Pages ...... Custodial Staff .................. Dances ..............,.,..........,. Debate Team ......,,............,.. Diversified Education Club ..... Drafting Department ..,........ Drama-Thespians ...... ..... Electric Shop ...........,...... Elizabeth Kaltz Sin ers g ...... Employment Office .......... English Department ....... Evening School ........ Faculty informal .,.... Football Teams .......,....... Freedoms Foundation ...... French Club ....t,...,....... Freshmen Life .......... Future Nurses Club ....... Future Teachers Club ....., German Club .......... Girls' Ensemble ..... Golf Team .....,..................... Health-Physical Education Department ,... Home Economics Department ................ Honor Day, 1959 ................. Honors ..,...............,, 138 INDEX ,...,.48-49 124-137 ffl... Qfffffizz-123 ...,.....22-23 ........62-63 ........l4-15 ..,.....102-103 ........139-140 ........1l4-115 ..,.....108-111 ......,....112 .......28 .......66 .......65 .....,.43 .......39 ....,.6-7 .......15 ....,1l2. .....,.53 ......22-23 ,.,...7O-71 .,,....7l ........lO7 ......24-25 ........12O K .....,.18-19-44 55 59 "'fffff4i , ...... 54 ,......41 ....,..66 .......23 ......,29 .......47 104-105-106 ......,....,..2O-21 .......1O ....,..58 ..,....58 ....,..51 .......65 .....118 ..,....38 .......37 ...,..20-21 International Relations Club Junior Classical League ,,,.. Junior High School ........ Junior High Band ....... Junior High Choir .......... Junior High Orchestra ...,.,. Junior Red Cross ....... Junior Life ........,.. Key Club ................. Language Department .... . Library Staff .,.............. Lunchroom Staff ......... Madrigal Singers ............. Maiorettes, Flag Twirlers ...., Mardi Gras ..,.........,.r.,.... Mathematics Department ..... Metal Trades Department ....., Mr. McClintock .......,....... Music Club .........,........,.. Nurses ....,,....,..... ,. Orientation Program ...... Office Staff ............... Plays .................,........ Printing Department ...... Radio Club ............ ROTC .................,..... Science Department ...... Senior Division Pages ....... Senior Officers .......... Senior Panels ................... Senior Spring Activities ..... Senior Life ....,.....,......... Service Club ............. Shops .....,.......... Sketchbook .........,............. Social Service Stat? ................ Social Studies Department ...... Sophomore Life ................. Spanish Club ,.....,............ Speech Team .............,......... Stained Glass Window ............. Student Aftairs Organizatio H Summer School ....,............,.. Techoir ..,......... Tech Legion ...... Tennis Team ...... ....,.59 , ..... 50 ......46 .,....70 ......67 ......69 ......57 ......12 .....,52 ......3O ..,....12O ......65 ......68 ...,..16 ......31 ..,.....26-27 ......38 ...mio ......27 ....i..,15-54 ........44-45 ........32-33 ........72-73 ........76-77 ......78-101 ........74-75 40-41 -42-43 1 7 .....,34 .,....11 ......5O ......55 ......2l ,.....56 ......47 Track Teams ,... ,,,.,,, 1 16-117 Vespers, 1959 ..... Wrestlers ...., XYZ Club ..... Y-Teen Club .... ...,..75 .......119 ......53 ...,..61 Autographs Autographs V 1 i w 4 F J I ji-'L J' 3 QQ 19'-V T ,p--v- M3 5- its 1 ,,, x.Mu -0 W "' ' gnflvvr V'nuvl4C 'th ' J A in A xx- -sxlllv 1 '5'Y!. 143 - L ' 4, ig X" r X N -. - ' f Y' ,' - w f I V f N Q NNY X , V , I M X a N Ig . X X W I 7 --f X 71 u 'Y ' Y W Q X-.fb seg., "'P""' V! THIS 29 300K N',NNt:.'f-7 fl A9 f ro , X Q X Ak Q I". 1' A 'gpg ,A lfgfflv 'Mb a . ,Q ' " ' Xl xx A mx I 'ln IJ -JVM' ' . V!" .- uw NLN-X 'A K444 "

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