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tic Libr oi' ag 'rf di an ap0Xx5 f-GBQDA This is mY bvvk INDIANAPOLIS-MARION mvuauc UBRARI the Arsenal Cannon 1958 I , f ff - fy' fi f , X D . i MXXSW ik ff '- .- 'f X f w . - Mjff X 'E Q .. x evo ,lflll-A. A. X l SEAN il 2 i A T yi D21 1 f lil l l i m V i c ACMQLS SEX L1 lllj - l ' , 2 l l fig s If Arsenal Technical High School ' Inclianapolis, Indiana 1 'Z E Y ki A Ek 4 V x N! X H, V QM S 5.51 , eg ,,,, , tS:,:.5, tj -,-. .f , ., Z -Q k g "1,..fyf1.-.wr .H :- .:..: f. -' I 177' I' ffzf, ,x Mr. I v as ffm X Q 34 4 Q 1 Vx Q 2 X QQ 9 BQ 4 A x f Q? 4 X? QQ ' A w 5 vx A , 9 6 X ! X ,fx 9 ,, . 1: , - fv,gf?Jgp,n-1,, W, . Wiki K Q an QMLSQZ? A X A we, 'Y x K , V' ' -X A Qfx QW 2 'Z ,Z , 35 5 vig? ,wg Wai A WE? x f Vg f nxf dx Cx NX fQx :gf X QW X146 5 K . f SZ: Y iwwn F --.....,, TECH hlA R4 This, your comprehensive high school, is one thot is recognized tor mony things . . . its beoutitul 76-ocre compus, its college otmosphere ond size, its thirteen buildings, some old, some new, its history ond troditions, its owords ond honors, its thousonds ot joyful students, its tocuhy ond pemonneh ond you,im bekwed pdndpol Tech your school ond ours, is olso well-known tor its tive-ocre Noture Preserve, its Liberty Grove with trees tor eoch ot the Tech boys who enlisted in World Wor l, its mony orgonizotions, its hreoth-toking Commence- ment exercises held ot sunset in our Stodium, its excellent loulolico- tions, its uneguoled othletic teoms, ond its school spirit, known os the TedwVVoy.AHhough youxNHlnolonger be our duet odymon the nwunory ot you wAH torever hnger uithe hoHs ot Tech ond in the minds ot oll who know you. Yes, this is your school, Mr. Anderson. - 1-an-1... Nftx -new so J T ' ll i ,.,,..4e. f gil 'W. LN-. I .Hs ., ow .. . . - o f gy , sw U H ,QL in U U U H ..,, i"i U H E U H l, H H H HU cg 5 4' , ? w i: Ei , , The Arsenal Cannon ' 1958 20817K if E2 f1,,q,- Q AH, :V if fi lf13l K A fig . ,cfmyjfi . gqlfw si mfg fm. Q J QLL11 Lfjfixf EU 5 5 MQ www fb ' ' ' Q 9 lf's The lie between teachers ond pupils ond you lf's friendships, leodership, ond service, too An athletic program thot warrants respect And hundreds of seniors proud of their Tech """""i 1-mg -g,.,f,., 5 :g2f4Zi'i"' , , - 'Kg gf 1 ' My fx Q' Q I 5 Ii ' ,TQ 'Q '53 . '-ix 5 ff 5 1 ell .-.'v.l 21" I 51 nwrnxf W 53's I ... fr wa 2' gg? E5 A 5 12. iff eg, 43 nyweyf-'-ZVL, zz f h ...wp-mmm.-Q-1-'5 jj .:::t': Q,-wi gg' K. A -in M -3: Wham. gf 4 ff 'N' if f 'ga ' , .....,-........-M 14 I :!!llWl!. -Qlm . W! 1! mu 5 'Reyna IAIQCDC' 6 FILLED WITH HAPPY During The yeors, Mr. Anderson, you hove vvolked olong The shoded poThvvoys ThoT cross ond recross The grounds. Fomilior To you vvos The poTh To EosT TenTh STreeT when iT vvos coilled "The Cinder PoTh To Tech." You hove enjoyed The peor ond opple Trees in Tull bloom in The spring, The Tulip ond The Tlovvering crolo, The golden roiinTree, The dogvvood, ond The redbud, The lilocs ond TorsyThio, dll odding gorgeous color To The compus. l-lovv you ond The oTher ToculTy members did enjoy The beouTy of Liloc lone ThdT wound iTs vvoy from The liTTle office in The cenTer oT The quodrongle To The vvesT sTeps of The Boirrocks. l-low mony miles hove you Troversed os you hove corried on your work? l-lovv mo ny pupils hoive you guided over These poThs ond onTo The poThvvoys of liTe'? NoT even you con counT Them, Mr. Anderson. TECHlTES I-IURRYING TO CLASS G ANY hour buT mosTly during The Tour lunch periods The vvollq on The eosT side of The ArTillery Building ronles high in populoriTy. r tu- -tw M1 I, 255:16 25 -A Q -N433-A' Y X ' ' fir .'?i ,1g :', ' 4 i '14,L:?.1s3f5x,, ,e I ,T JW N 31 A ' he-FK?-329151. . . fffff-fi1"ff'2ff,'? , ,ff -., 'sg V- in 1 V :fc N, 1 "' 'i -ff' - ,. 'le' ' "'s':'f'5'5T' 1 'FH ' . " ,Far-h, g --,gf W ,gmc gil., " V A ,,fnp,,,i ,, .-.-nw., L..:.,,4:..,y5 ' gnc .. ,-,.,,,,. , R-at 'L T -W T. -., I. .. .A .,m,,.,,, V, ,, .,1, ,, . : ,, I L ,yqf '- r if is, - 2 ie.-ggktxf ji-'lvl .f-f , .X ' U ' f . 'ri f5Fr?,3,- -,snr . :Q c Tx Q han f -V., . rw .gy , 1. V J"'- 'NT 4 - ,b f 4- . ,- . ,,, mf T- ' 5- i,,fk.' 'ff f' "TQ 1' ik-+ 'tl r1+stfgg. M5 ""'!., , 'i ,Af " "fir--,.-vt 1 21, 'in-h.t,g. 1 sift -.'i1?rf I , 1, , '4 . tu ba 14 , 4, ' , , N.:-1, h giia-.-gpigggqgq' N ff. T' .ffl ' ,skis-1': ' Aff? . fuwi'r MM p iiiygp UHF. .1 Jail? i , .4-. MQ- . fi -' Y-3 9- , 2, ,f .71 r-Aff H- A - In gh UKy.3Q,? 'V WTF, , j.v'k,s q.b fx, 5 4 if , ,!.4:q,i'Q1i::. H 75' K1 fS'7g,.. - ' A' -T , sz g -wi 595 ri w .jgg-Q ., fv"5f:fi'-9' V M .fe ' 912.95 , , , xi ' " K. "" "- s-'J N-."'-an s 'kv " K 'Y . '??lf2KVSMi .s,. wif- -xv, gif' Q. 1 :, 32 clnmvb una- if A' 35 A, .ffm inf, f. .. "W ' WA . - '7 T 1"'--' - . .av 'I :ff Ln... -f 37? A 52 X 4' :Fig 'WH M l'r'A7t"3fE . , ' li' ' ' -:st . ' T. T HU, if A +V.. ff M a' a. rg g:f.Z,-' -3,41 f A .H sig.: , .1 'Q sa ,ra -N ,V f, ' -fl"-Q ., es 4, , :vm 13 d,-3 '12 j..,..:- iff ' , ,A. , 3 fyi- ..,- 'A -A .Q ,J '- My :K A I 1 .i Ixetsigflii -'th Asn' lg' V' A 'mr 1 if ll " ' -V' C , WL. M ' ,. 'f - ... Ms ' ' A-Aw STUART Tower, both stately and beautiful, stands silent - guard as students chat with companions between classes. 6 - OLD Glory waves over the west side of the quadrangle to remind students of our many freedoms as Americans. V., . ag en, ?gg.wgQ9.g-my .. - KLM Wg-, fy . , . P+, ..5'vgf,x 5' W ., if- Qlwfffi-f if ' '97 - 'Ti i ,,-"x If . sf X , 4, - - ff 2 Q AT THE Plaza in the center ot the quadrangle, boys and girls can alvvays be tound, taking a last- minute glance at an English lesson, solving a math equation, or exchanging notes on last night's date. . .., gy! Xl i' N. if . ,i If IR, wer 174 L- lx Z NXT- , Among The Ten brick buildings on The ccimpus when Tech wos founded were severol oT greoT inTeresT. AT The EosT Michigon goTe, sTill sTonding, wos The liTTle Guordhouse, 'IirsT used by The school To sell lunches. In The cenTer of The quodroingle wos The office, which burned in I92I. Todoy ci cheery lolozoi wiTh long cernenT benches inviTes pupils To resT. The Arsenoil Tower wos ci mysTerious ploce unTiI The presenf sfoircose wos builT, ollowing curious TechiTes1'o reoch The Third floor. Since Then, Milo I-I. STuorT I-Ioll hos been builT, opposiTe The Arsenoil, To Torm The Twin Towers of Tech. Through The yeors boTh buildings ond compus hove grown deor To us oll, no moTTer how long we hove been c1T our beloved Tech. THE TOWERING BUILDINGS ARE CDUR CENTERS CDE ACTIVITY if v 4 xv J? gg-fx One pleoscunt foll ofternoon, Mr. Anderson stopped to chot with George Horton, Donold Cox, Jone Hunter, ond Sylvio Burton. A photogropher snops o real ccnndid shot of two girls os they relox on the steps of the Arsenol. The loeouty of our grounds invites Techites to enioy the out-of-doors during lunch periods. Benches, mode in our Cement Shop, ore odequotely ploced oround the compus, giving pupils the chonce to rest, study, or chot with friends. For those vvho enioy toking short strolls, there ore numerous poths lined with colorful foiloge ond blossoms. Especiolly in mild Weother, mony ioyful groups ore seen scottered over the quodrongle. Forging losting friendships is on importont port of high school, ond the congeniol spirit of our principol inspires this friendliness. 'iii-rea. - QM- r 1-..s.-,.-.,..,,,,,. M , , , Y Q I ' t , LOITERINO at the plaza, whether it is to talk or BEFORE tall taded into winter a tarniliar sight on campus was study is a favorite pastime ot many Tech students. the eighth graders soaking up the last rays of autumn sunshine. OUR DAILY LIVES ARE ENRICHED BY THE FRIENDSHIPS WE MAKE ATTENDING a luncheon October 7, honoring Miss Margarette Miller, Ports- Gevon Stoner, Patricia Elliott, Mrs. Margaret Thornburgh, Mrs, Fix, Congress- mouth, Bellamy Flag Award donor, were-Seated: Mrs. Turpin, Miss Miller, man Charles Brownson, Mrs, Anderson, Miss Sengenberger, Gloria Workman, Principal Anderson, Miss Thornton, Mrs. Miller, Portsmouth, Mrs. Rae Hoyt, New Eileen Cutlip. York. Standing: Miss Cora Mae Fitzgerald, Cradock High School, Portsmouth, Tv Qi , it W 5? xx X 1 ,f an A V ,uri ...IHS-AFL 1515 M .W 4, Q ,ff Eff 25? if 3 541 wg. W N if in Q H- M -if E K x - at p mewx 3x 1 ,I -x " an if 'Y -M ' wi, ' "N ag.. . A '- 'v 1-fp. Q S ' fi: fff"X'f'f'1"'f'f AJS, lm vi? .any THE Service Club, os its surprise, honds Mr. Anderson o box of birthdoy greetings, sent by every sponsor room in the school. THAT'S Mr. Anderson's hond holding the decoroted birth- doy coke which Arsenol Connon stoff members, following their onnuol custom, hove just given him os C1 surprise. OCTOBER FOURTEENTH WAS CHOCK-FULL OF SURPRISES FOR YOU THE principol shows Jerry Bootmon the beoutiful plont in his office window, sent to him by the P-TA. MR. Anderson, Miss LoVon Whitmire, ond Mr. Robert Belding look ot etchings which Miss Whitmire drew for the Mothemotics deportment gift for Principol Anderson. f'Hoippy Birthdoy, Mr. Anderson!" Yes, October T4 wos filled with surprises for our principol. They begon with the Connon coke ond the office stoff teo, ond ended with the Alumni Boord colce. Becouse Mr. Anderson is loved ond respected by oll, eoch roll room presented him with o birthdoy cord. Yes, hun- dreds of students ond foiculty worked tog ether to mol4e this occosion one which Mr. Anderson will not forget. AS Miss Howe pours, Mr. ond Mrs. Anderson help themselves to birthdoy coke ot the office stoff teo honoring the principol. ""'lnq-'K -5 . QQ A N' MEETINGS, CONFERENCES, COUNCILS CONTINUALLY INTERRUPT m 1 ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF: Messrs C. L. McClintock, Earl W. Ensinger, and Fred R. Gorman, vice principals, Mrs. Martha Turpin, dean ot girls, Mr. H. H. Anderson, principal, Messrs. Herman T. Hinshaw and Paul VV. Wetzel, vice principals. Q --'sk .'-',5'T i. it M ,wwe 91... '-1 'M X, Q , y DR. Herman L. Shibler, general superintendent at Education, leaves the School Administration Building tor a conference with Mr. H. H. Anderson at Tech. MR. Anderson is host at the monthly luncheon for the superin- tendent, principals, and vice principals ot the eight high schools. YOUR BUSY SCHOOL DAYS Our principol seldom hos o free moment for it tolces time, obility, ond potience to monoge successfully o school os lorge os Tech. Events such os foculty meetings, committee meetings, ond conferences ore forever interrupting his schedule. And yet he is olvvoys smiling ond friendly with o cheerful greeting for oll those he meets on the pothwoys or in the holls. R . ..T. . . esponslblll lescmcl Worlfles Whlcll Olwoys ROBERT E. Croig Art Gollery, honoring the first heod of the Q0 Cllong Wllll The Olcllce Ol pflnclpgl Ore Fine Arts deportment, third floor of Stuort l-loll, is one of our multiplied for you, lVlT. Anderson, bythe top compus show ploces where students often linger for o chot, size of Tech, ond the voried number of problems requiring your speciol ottention. AT the opening of eoch semester Mr. Anderson colls o foculty meeting of his efficient stoff in the Forum to introduce new members, to present proiects, ond to discuss plons ond policies for the coming months to insure o well orgcinized school. 15 ff Mis- ' 1uv...-.-- if-' V . ga l' ' - wr AS Don Erman, Kay Noblitt, Larry Gaston, Barbara Madden, and Michael Reyman watch, Mr. Anderson kisses Queen Rebecca Wilson. OUR GALA FESTIVITIES WOULDN'T BE COMPLETE WITHOUT YOUR ffl fxfw I -' - A if A . . . . 74, Whether it is crowning a royal couple, accepting AX yi l fl an honor, or standing in a receiving line, our I Mr. and Mrs. Anderson seldom fail to attend the 'I , many social events ofthe school year. From dances I l l to faculty teas, no activity would be complete lTTT vvithout these tvvo joining in the festivities. i l-lighlight of this year vvas the Anderson Ball l vvhen the tables were turned and the student body I crowned our principal and his wife king and queen. 9 Af FOLLOVNHNG a trombone fanfare Tech's Junior High presented Mr. Anderson with a scroll of appreciation at Christmastime. f2Y?TlR3?r AT the annual fall taculty tea, Mr. Anderson greets Mrs. HELPING to make this Christmas season bright, Mr. and Mrs. Anderson attend one ot the many activities parties. Kilborn os Mr. Day watches Miss Waters welcome Mr. Bayliss. PRESENCE 'fa M .L-al-7 S A L HELPING themselves to some refreshments while Miss Dorothy Steele pours are Mr. Leamon, Sergeant Hewitt, and Miss Rocleloack, three of the new teachers who were honor guests at a taculty tea last tall. is one use cu-,-,,,,,,M,W,,.,, T Ours is reolly Three schools in one. IT offers excellenT insTrucTion in ocodemic, vocoTionoI, ond Technicol fields, wiTh oi vvide ronge of subiecTs in eoich division. Rofed os one of The Three besT comprehensive high schools in The counTry, iT provides preporoTion for o profession, business, Trode, or indusTry. We con plon our progroms To include courses in oll Three fields of educoTion, There- by ollovving us vvell-rounded progrorns which will develop well-rounded individuols. UUR CGMPREHENSIVE HIGH POUNDINC5 busily oT Their TypevvriTers, sTudenTs in Miss STeele's Typing III closs concenTroTe on The doy's lesson. A PHYSICS l closs is doubly inTere-sting To The pupils when Mr. Louis Allen, The insTrucTor, gives Them o demonsTroTion. X-,RX FASHIONING new hats ot many styles Mrs. Moneyhun's CHECKING instruments in their new shop in Morgan Hall millinery pupils were ready tor the Christmas festivities. are John Chandler and Robert Strother, Electric IV pupils. SCHOOI. IS RATED AS ONE OF TI-IIE THREE BEST IN TI-IE COUNTRY "FEA ' USING some of the twenty-tour pacers in our vvell equipped developmental reading laboratory which accommodates forty students and is supervised by Miss Padou, members of Mrs. Eva Lycan's English VI A class are acquiring speed and accuracy i 1 1 f f w T, - ., i THE Europeon oTmosphere of The French club booTh in- SENIORS vvifh college on Their minds ore geTTing ideos trigued Mr. ond Mrs. Anderson oT The exciTing Mordi Gros. by looking oT The coTologs during The porenfs' recepTion. THAT INTANGIBLE SCHOOL SPTRIT ENLIVENS OUR YEARS AT TECH WATCHING The fooTboulI demonsTroTion vviTh inTeresT ore Mrf Terry, Mr, Dogvvell, ond Principol Ander- son os The Toll semesTer is sTorTed wiTh on open-oir ossemloly, held for The HrsT Time in The sTodium. , .V msmsmzmmms , li-if PRESENTING o deep bow To Mr. Anderson freshmon Lorry Colemon receives o grocious smile from our principol of The Freshmon Orienfofion progrom, while Connie Moore, president of Tech's Service club, looks on loughingly of The scene. Porfies, donces, ond numerous ofher evenfs mdke life more inferesfing ond worfhwhile for Techifes. These voried ocfivifies help us fo brooiden horizons, form friendships, prepore for The fufure, ond fo moke The mosf of our few shorf yeors in high school. "HERE, sign my book," is the possword os Tech pupils throng To the Yeorbook Aufogroph donce. 2. T Q . y ggse uk, K PUNCH and cookies are popular wiTh parenTs and pupils alike aT The P-TA social hour in The STuarT l-lall Tower following The l-lonor Day program aT The annual Supreme Day Assembly, May 22. SENIORS realize ThaT high school days are drawing To a close as They wencl Their way from STuarT l-lall To The Gymnasium for an hour of devoTion and dedicaTion at Their Vesper Service. ss MSF' A Q M- 1, p ., ' T Q. ..,. -' M., 1. ,,, M wr 0 , -Q, .:,,.-M.-,.,:,,xMi ., .- T, wf 4 . V .., 1 L 4: 15 X X IT IS Commencement ond in the speoker's box ore Miss Welch, the Reverend Roy D. Converse, the Misses Wells, Sink, Kinsley, Woodvvord, ond Rhodes, Mr, Anderson, ond Mrs. J. lvl. Zoerker, guest speoker. THE HUSTLE OF THE LAST FEW WEEKS PUTS US ALL IN A TIZZY The lost tevv vveeks ore o bustle ot octiv- ity tor our seniors. The mony events begin with Honor Doy, on impressive ossembly, Supreme Doy, Moy 22. For Vespers, seniors, porents, ond toculty gother tor o quiet hour of devotion. A delighttul picture is Q the senior procession into the Gymnosium, i fc ' girls in their crisp summer dresses , N if ond I3erl4Y hots. Then the big dc1Y orrives. K. II I if lf? c As the sun is setting in the West, seven A I, i x . lil hundred or more seniors, in green ond white f ,V 'I f A I' 4 ex - A cops ond gowns, morch onto the othletic ls, , ,, ' field to receive their diplomos. Once in I ' I -' ' - ' on while the vveothermon doesn't cooperote, os hoppened lost yeor, ond exercises must be held in the gym. As o grond climox is the Senior Prom. Who is the f Center Olcllllllese Gcllvllles? Whyfour IT IS o moment ot silence os dignitories on the plottorm of the beloved principolond IriGr1CI,lVlF.Andel'SOn. Forum prepore to present vocotionol certificotes to recipients. 'THAT SOMETHING EXTRA WHICH MAKES TECH OUTSTANDING IS GENIAL Mr. Fred Oormon, who is director ot Summer School, stops to Chot with o few students on the steps of Stuort I-Ioll. IN ONE ot our populor Evening School shop closses, which ore ottended by men ond women who ore increosing skills in industry, students ore vvotching Mr. Wilson set up o Iob for the rodiol-orm drill. OUR OTHER THREE SCHOOLS Going to summer school, evening school, or iunior high? Then come To Tech. Yes, besides our comprehensive high school, vve hove These other Three schools, oll under The direction of Mr. Anderson. Enrollment zooms in The summer when pupils con moke up credits on our cool, shody compus. Adults like the ideo ot hoving porking spoce. On cc1mpus,vve hove o Well-orgonized Employment Office to help pupils ond olumni find positions. In T958 SOO pupils ond oO olumni osked oloout jolos. 'Wm ,, 4, 1 'J : i Qu- VVAITIIXIO Their turn for on interview ore Donold Clork ond lvlory Preston os Noncy Hedding discusses o summer iob vvith lvlr. Denzler. "THERE'S o trick to vvropping cittroctive Christmos gifts," soys Borboro Eittz, one ot Iviiss Mory Mc1rshcill's seventh grctders. 45 AMAZED at the number of books in the T957 all-school Freedoms Foundation entry, Julie Allen asks Mr. Anderson who assembled the collection and how much time it took. WITH a smile Maior Julius S. Boldizsar Jr., PMST, accepts an honorary Technical High School diploma from Principal Anderson at the annual Federal Inspection, last May 22. 26 STEVEN Van Cleave and Sue Montgomery are interested in the fifth library and T2 George Washington Honor Medals received in the six consecutive Freedoms Foundation Awards. WHEN IT COMES TO HONORS When it comes to honors, Tech is one school that cannot be surpassed! Yes, throughout the year, awards are bestowed upon Tech: its pupils, faculty, activities, and athletics. For instance, Tech won sweepstakes honors with eleven places at the City-County Speech Festival this spring. Business Merit Awards, National Scholastic Art awards, and all kinds of music honors are given each year to our teens. Our teachers are chosen 'to head local, state, and national groups. Our band wins high ratings in state contests, while our Cannon yearbook and weekly receive top national ratings. Tech teams are city football, city basketball, and city and regional wrestlings champs. Our flag twirlers are first in the state. Making a national record, our school now has fourteen ' Freedoms Foundation awards. Yes, Tech proves it is outstanding by being recipient of many honors. Yxs, S Ti f , 1 l 5? x. Y J ,km X 2' M, X A LUNCHEON honored three pupils who represented their schools at the Hunter, Mary Wilkins of Cradock High School, Portsmouth, Virginia, Judith Bellamy Flag presentation at Will Rogers High School, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Riggs. Standing: George Howe, Jules Alcorn, Lindsay Knight of Pontego High October ll-Seated: Connie Moore, Sully Thiesing who represented Tech, Lynn School, North Corolino, L, C, Suddorth, Michael Reymcm. lT'S UJOHNNY ON THE SPOT" FOR FRESHMEN AND SENIORS ALIKE TIMES sports editor .lim Smith presents the Indionopclis Times All-Sports Championship trophy and plague to Mr. Anderson during on oll-school pep rolly, os Athletic Director Charles P. Dogwell wotches with pride. 'Courtesy Tommy Ogden, Indianapolis Times 1 4:0 -, l Q., -A-.Q . iz 54 ff ex .iw 'fit z 1 1 few ,ss xx 1 , l gs ' c,0c,3,::,Q5 g 1 gf- 1 .AAS 5 '- , X ' i f??i"! ., s T , - ,A .. l 5gi,,,yi,f ,,c . - ,L f A , ML-J. -af, . l .si iw I , it N ever. ss , 3 Wx , ' . , V ' E , , l Q ' 'tgf' .-QE' Q Q, Q 5 if N- ' 5 4 3A , 5 L I, V cya ' h P ' f i n , 9 i C f l7 i or A ' if " A ', , fl Stl: , i315is'Ex?335-?,,1E-:ff . AR, 5,,iX4u. . ,:,:,,, T SEVERAL V ,fx 'S " .1 'T' ., S: V.. I v If 4 sk A ' MOVING slowly olong The line QT one of The Three Tobles loden down vviTh delicious Tood prepored loy P-TA members for Their loulTeT dinner, losr OcTober, honoring The ToculTy, ore Mr. ond Mrs. Anderson. MRS. Eorl Hopping, presidenT, ond Mrs. Anderson ore reody To serve guesTs of o P-TA Teo in The Tovver of STuorT l-loll. Four orgonizoTions ore closely ollied vviTh The school. The Tech Alumni AssocioTion, The Arsenol Connon Alumni AssocioTion IncorporoTed, ond The P-TA, oll give ovvords To ouTsTonding seniors. The ReTired Teochers AssocioTion meers Twice ci yeor To keep up vviTh school ocTiviTies, ond is onoTher orgonizoTion which is very imporTonT To The odvoncemenT ond presrige of Tech. -rosa ez, 7-iowfw, wwf' x x 1 ' 9 .4 . L. OUR faculty members never lose contoct with their beloved school for when they retire, they join the Retired Teochers' Associotion ond return to Tech twice o year tor o get-together which includes coffee hour, luncheon, ond business meeting. ASSOCIATIONS BEGAN THROUGH A COMMON INTEREST IN TECH OFFICERS of the Tech Alumni Association-Standing: Elmer Love, Marion Montgomery, Mrs. Helen Phillips, Miss Jo Ann Jones. Seated: Mrs. Ethel Bohlsen, Mrs. Opal Brewer, president, Mr. H. H. Anderson, treasurer, Miss Beverly Sterrett. OFFICERS Attending on Arsenal Cannon Alumni Association, Inc, Business Meeting-Seated: Adaline Walker, vice president, Miss Ella Sengenberger, executive secretory, Mrs. Christine S. Jordan, chairman of Dinnerette, Mrs. Betty S. Reinhordt, treasurer. Standing: Richard Stontield, Harold Howen- stine, president, Mory Benedict, Thomos Fittz, chairman of Scholarship Fund. .qwmmmw gs lr un u. -.. 2 yn zewxfw --.sw 5- . -iq: E, iff We ,gy .' . v. ,-,v,w4,fw'7?? f 335- f'5XxN7'5 ,f 5 I . f' 1 '- Ax ' . ' , +t,,y:,..m...v ,, vwmwiw , , . 7-,fm mwmwm ' f . 1 weww-W' "" Y S ,Wy.,w'-WA . 4 A W VWwW0',,,,,:...,....Wf ,fr 5,155-m,,....-I ,V- LM,,.,Wwj,,.w' ' iffw' f , 3 f 1 , Aeffif . , I ,,5i,,-M '- , 4 vw 54" A, CLK' -QW' ,ef AL ygixyfjay ff' H' ffw w ,Aix fi Aww v W' V N ef ' W Rfk' bm may -in M ,.,a""', J 41. -' 4 W P by AMN www? 8 wwf- S. J' 'Gun L. fx, "" an N- :Q N' vu ' 'r my 9 .... 4 Wwg 1' 'K ll hw X 1 ' ' ' WW we 1 -.W uv, ..x, is 42" ll. Q Y 5 C an 'W' ,al M f 2, "W 'Ja- 'Sq ,gs L- . - In M!" Q7 X Qf - 'f Q fs? . f mf ',. wi . up 5 , -Jw. I ,Siu V , Ez 6 Q Q up av? A mmpn -an -'aff vii, wr' ff! V4 'W sf ,...,,n Nm SY., -SA af' A..-1295? 'N-, 5--1 ,ff yr ,Y .9 ml Q K W QQQQFQYQ N .. ki xr fSfw:,5. . ,, 1NiQfwX . x X. x QNX rw M 4 X K, 'WNW 'Y' Y X A XS x X XJR X Q1 X ., ' , arsmefk ' f . .- f ,wg 5 4,qf.',,'.3dn.'. -R x 1 'u,Lz. ' 'P ,-A' 9. , -lib.. -Mgws YH if 2 .p.A . .QL-Q. 5. 1 4. ...QA x . .- ai. 3 xxfz- J XJ! A comprehensive high school, oi summer school, on odulT evening school, ond o iunior high school . . . yes, Tech is Tour schools in one. The lorgesT, The comprehensive high school, is ocodemic, vocoTionol, ond Technicol. Courses, selecTed Trom TvvenTy diTTerenT deporTmenTs, oll hoive one common gool -To develop sTudenTs To Hnd Their ploces in The world oT Todoy ond Tomorrow. And iusT who helps Them To do This? Why, oT course, iT's Tech's inspiring leoders, The ToiculTy. WiThouT Their encourogemenT, guidonce, sense of humor, ond Teoiching Techniques, Tech couldn'T pe The school ThoT iT is. l-lelping, olso, To moke This school "The loesT" ore The office personnel, deporTmenT ossisTonTs, mony cusTodions, ond oi compeTenT lunchroom sToTT. BuT who is The Tie ThoT loinds oll of These sTudenTs, Teochers, ond personnel TogeTher'? IT is our ever-smiling heoid mon, our principol, Mr. l-l. l-l. Anderson. AN ALERT phoTogropher snops on oTTrocTive shoT of Miss Sprogue of desk, Miss Mendenholl ond Mrs Mc lnTosh lrighTl in Miss Allens ofhce fx fa, .kg Qffi " ., wwmw . 0' 1 ' ,gg ,NX ' .. ", A-J, J 'al' -' 1' X 7' ' s. " 1 G.. 4 ,Q 52 3 7 . v , . 3 ' K. .L g' 1 23 x' L9 .+- Q' X 'vfffw ,, A '75 ., ' W 't K 2 ,J 1 A "ffm WHT if s Q 1? , ,. I fu! , 5. fs g gi! 3 , ' -V A' ?f'fQ 5 '5 6 . CA I M Ml 1 my , V Ya X.-X' ,,,.---" Q m,,,,- 53 m' .. ' ii 4. DEPARTMENT HEADSeFirst Row: Hilda Kreft, Home Economics, William Eddy, Metal Trades, Helen Thornton, English, Mona Woodward, Commercial, Edith Allen, Modern Language. Second Row: George R. Barrett, Printing, James B. Rose, Physical Sciences, Robert Belding, Mathematics, Harold F. Fye, Electrical, Warren Cleveland, Drafting, Warren F. Hass, Auto Shop. Top Row: Oakley E. Richey, Art, Reuben D. Behlmer, Health and Physical Education, Ivan A. Hanen, Building Trades, Howard L. Longshore, Social Studies, William F. Moon, Music, Clare F. Cox, Biological Sciences. BEHIND THE SCENES ARE SOME OF THE BUSIEST PEOPLE ON Members of the Administrative staff-Messrs. McClintock, Gorman, Ensinger, 'Wetzel, and Hinshaw, and Mrs. Turpin dean of girls, enjoy a ioke as they enter Mr. Anderson's office What is the magic quality which binds our principal, Mr. H. H. Anderson, to the hearts of all who know him? The most important senior may be unnoticed in the halls, but everyone recognizes our cheery pal and friend. This man leads a very busy life, as he is chief advisor of Tech and must constantly strive to uphold his school in all ways and means. He is the head of the administrative staff, directors, department heads, office staff, department assistants, faculty, and students. Many people have often wondered where our principal gets his never-ending energy. They do not realize that his secret is a youthful heart. Our Mr. Popularity rarely has a peaceful moment to himself, for he not only has teachers' meeings, principals' meetings, and superintendents meetings, but also loyally attends all Tech activities. lt may be a club party after school, a wrestling match in the evening and then onto hear part of a Choir concert, but he's always there, smiling, nodding a warm greeting to all. DIRECTORS-First Row: Fred N. Reeder, assistant Program Planning, Ella Sengenberger, Publica- tions, Herman Z. Denzler, Coordinator. Second Row: George L. Lone, Shop Activities, Odus A. Landreth, Junior High Division Head, C. Gaylord Allen, Reclassificationg Chelsea S. Stewart, Program Production. Top Row: Charles P. Dagwell, Athletics, G. Kenneth Barr, Visual Education, Karl R. Kalp, Guidance. THE CAMPUS fa QQ I 1 aj ,l,, 6 RW 45" -hd I 10144 In-.W - s -v -i X V4-0'l .44-ff OFFICE STAFF-Seated: Louisa Steeg, guidance clerk, Mrs. Fannie Fowler, clerk-typist, Mrs. Ruth Berryman, stenographer, Mrs. Gloria Robbins, head stenographer, Martha Katzenberger, stenographer, Mrs. Florence Cox, stenographer, Miriam Howe, school secretary. Standing: Mrs. Ann Loyal, P.B.X. operator, Patricia Littell, clerk- typist, Mrs. Hermanda Metzger, registrar, Mrs. Edna Ayres, stenographer, Mrs. Dorothy Armel, stenographer, Mrs. Ruth Smith, attendance clerk, Mrs. Elsie Wilcox, attendance clerk, Norma Rodewald, assistant registrar, Mrs. Rosalynne Yarnell, stenographer, Mrs. Helen Cloud, stenographer. DEPARTMENT ASSISTANTS-First Row: Williani O, Hill, Mrs. Josephine Schlenck, Mrs. Gertrude Russell, Walter Dearing, Linsie Cox. Second Row: Mrs, Gwendolyn Hutt, Mrs. Evelyn Mat- tingly, Mrs. Rosemary Riggs, Mrs. Olga Geisler, Mrs. Helen Sturgeon, Howard Cook. Top Row: Mrs. Betty Rowland, Joan Dollinger, Mrs. Mary Van Buskirk, Mrs. Verde Allee. 1 e-m,s. l x 5 .2577 2 1' HR kg, .V if QI, l X .:. -,. , ' " 2 " 1 5 1 3 X . X i iff' 5 sm . anus. f:f ,: , ,. , K 1? . 4 ,a 'W . Sf x X ' A x P, -' www M 0 A , X: M ,Q Q 1 r .mW..,,..,.M.,,,.Y Z' ' t FACULTY-First Row: Wesley Murphy, Don S. Patterson, Margaret Remy, Mrs. Ethel Mclntosh, Halcyon Mendenhall, Shirley Parrett, Sharon Parrett, Mrs. Elise Marshall, Margaret Peterson, Mrs. Dorothy Newcomer, librarian. Edna Maley. Second Row: Bruce Mitchell, Kenneth F. Puckett, Ernest Medcalle, Betty Mans- field, Houston H. Meyer, Wallace Potter, Louise Padou, James H. Mann, Robert D. Maloy, Anna Parker, Walter F. Reagan. Third Row: Jennie D. Moton, Robert OUR UTMOST ABILITY IS OUR FRIENDLY FACULTY FACULTY-First Row: Lois Sink, Ithel Shoemaker, Fred L, Wilson, Mrs. Ruth Statilord, Mrs. Gladys Tyndall, Mrs. Mary Weld, LaVon Whitmire, Elma Sullivan, Floyd Tobrocke, Mrs. Susanna Underwood, Mabelle Sprague, Mrs. Muriel Tucker, Blanche Williams, R.N. Second Row: William A. Sanford, Merrill Wil- son, Earl Terry, Dale Sare, Jean Wells, Jeannette Tobey, Mrs. Lois Repass, Dorothy Steele, Edith Silver, Irene Rhodes, John M. White. Third Row: Harry Stone, Clarence Rosell, Paul Vogt, Kermit Swenson, William Treichler, Mrs. WWW mmwm E, Meyer, Robert K. Otlutt, Ralph D. Minnick, Mrs. Joan Persell, Helen Pearson, Lorena Phemister, Mrs. Jo Ann Moore, Mrs. Ermal Monninger, Paul E. Myers. Top Row: Ivan Moreman, Lewis Pence, Richard Orton, Ted Moore, Donald Mil- ler, Lewis Marshall, Robert E. Mehl, Charles Maas, Sy Perszyk, Mary Eliza- beth Moore, Mrs. Marilyn Moneyhun, Werner H. Monninger. .. -iff" Q. 9' NM! -Ja. In J L.. FRED H. GILLESPIE RUSSELL R. SANDS Died, December 4, 1957 Died March 3, I958 Elizabeth Stephenson, Mrs. Mildred Wallace, Louise Swan, Mrs. Julia Van Sickle, Mrs, Natalie Woods, Evelyn Truedson, Marjorie Schoch, heacl librarian, Mrs. Carol Wilson. Top Row: Morris Woods, Douglas Thompson, Norman Schneider, Cecil Tresslar, James Stewart, Ralph Wolverton, John Stoeckinger. Jules Zinter, Margaret Waters, Mariorie Rodebeck, Robert Simpson, Harold Stewart, Charles Russell. Ol" Sw? 4' "r 4 9' I l if I I w THOSE WITH A VARIETY OF SKILLS ARE A 'IMUST" FOR SUCCESS is 3 ll ? D , 0 JUNIOR HIGH FACULTY-First Row: Charles Harry, Mary Marshall, Mrs. Avo Hadley, Mrs. Lillian Pence, Marion Overman. Second Row: Delbert West, Ted Moore, Mrs. Marcia Miles, John Golish, John Clark, Mary Maillard. Top Row: James Burch, Samuel Skomp, Mrs. Marilyn Gilbert, John Wythe. I L if Tsai? THREE ot the busiest people in the school are mem- bers of the Book Store statt-Mrs. Wilma Durham, Mrs. LaVerne Stewart, and Oliver Clark, manager, who sell books, school supplies, and many other items. MR. WALTER Reseberg ot Franklin High School, Seattle, Washington, and Mr, Anderson, both principals ot Bellamy Award schools, became acquainted at Will Rogers High School last October, when it received the Bellamy Award. 9T"...w1v:.s at if 'WM :T 4 TV 4'-1 ,f M 4 A X 3 1 9 i Q 1 , f , K -- I i ' g as W W A fl 4- lst' 5 A N' L I .W i - Q 14- f-Q I ... V I Nd 4,11 Y AJC y -2 A 4 M g nf 3 ' ' r IW J W - 1 ' s 'R W L . . ' " 2 tx ear' ff A g -" 'T 1 i T I -x 1 ' CAFETERIA STAFFeSeated: Mesdames Christine Still, Netta Schmidt, Ruby Plummer, Gladys Grigsby, Mae Starkey, Thelma Garner, Louise Egan, Rose Stelting, Alice Szteleblak, Audrey Barrett, Mabel McAuley, Ethel Pitts, Frieda Jones, Mary Stinnett. First Row tStandingl: Mesdames Jessie Elliott, Anna Dobbs, Lillian Klier, Laura Merrill, Irene Jettries, Pearl Johnson, Pearl Boyland, Hazel Hirth, Ruby Van Remmen, Lola Moore, lrene Taylor, Esta Parsley, Angie Clear- A TRAINED STAFF CARES FOR OUR DAILY NEEDS AT TECH There are two groups on Tech's campus that the school just couldn't get along without-the lunchroom staff and custodians. There's no more ditticult task than to satisfy the appetites ot thirty-tive hundred starving boys and girls plus two hundred and titty equally hungry teachers who lunch at Tech each day. Then, too, cutting acres ot grass, cleaning and sweeping thirteen buildings, tiring furnaces, and guarding the campus day and night is an enormous iob well done by our custodians. CUSTODIAL STAFF-First Row: Mrs. Eva Bartlett, Porter Stephens, Vtfilliam Tay- lor, Clyde Knarr, Russell Clapper, Claude Culley, Robert Polen, George Strother, Alton James, Louis Bussell. Second Row: E. C. Hamilton, head, James Diana, Gus Polesel, David Jessup, C. F. Gibbs, S. M. Watkins, Lee Bodily, Mrs. Odelia Niehott, Mrs. Clara Belle Mortord, Durward Ebby. Third Row: Jo Nor- ? ' LA water, Elizabeth Healy, Mary Long, Lola Klein, Ruth Barnes, Joanna 'tNilson, Blanche C. Baughman, manager, Louise Ristow, Goldie Duffy, Maude Brown, Last Row: Mesdames Elsie Roberts, Daisy McBride, Virginia Strack, Ethel Kreis, Martha Zaptee, Margaret Garrison, Gladys Thompson, Elsie Yarnell, Clarabelle Clitt, Eliza Badgley, Dorothy Grube, Deloris Pallikan, Eya Gibson, Elsia Sigg, WHEN Mr. Moylan gets out the tractor and starts to cut the grass in the quadrangle, we know that spring is here. ton, Horace Wehrling, Lawrence Pointer, James Moylan, Harry Perry, Wayne Austin, Lester Cook, Jesse Harbin, Emerson Emery, Harry Wright, Carl Schul- theis. Top Row: William Swindle, Williant Sowers, Sgt. George Martin, Alonzo McClellan, John Hemptling, Henry Townsend, Richard Moore J. H. Kenworthy, Charles Kloss, A. C. Stewart, James Johnson. 3 5 I ' F s vii sf. E Fai Q it r' Nt' 1 A WE ARE KNOWN FAR AND WIDE FOR OUR GUIDANCE PROGRAM Guidonce is The moior purpose ond TuncTion of ony school. AT Tech, much encourogemenT ond ossisTonce ore given Through ci highly-developed l progrom ThoT begins long before The sTudenT enTers high school. While on underclossmon oT Tech, eoch pupil is ossigned To o sponsor Teocher who helps To plon o Tour-yeor progrorn Tor him, considering vvheTher he plons To enTer college, indusTry, or business. In The second or Third yeor, he is given o Kuder TesT which deTerrnines The Tield in which ci sTudenT is mosT inTeresTed ond TolenTed. In The senior yeor, he receives more concise ond individuol counseling. For college-bound TechiTes, shelves of coTologues sToTing enTronce require- rnenTs ore locoTed in The STudenT Cenfer. CHECKING his conTpleTed KuTer TesT Miss lVlc1i'goireT Remy shovvs ci pupil hovv iT meosures his vocoTionol obiliTy. UNDERCLASSMEN in Mrs. Vero Kilborn's sponsor room ore olvvoys given sound odvice when They ore selecTing The courses They rnusT Toke if They plon on enTering college, business, or indusTry. .Y A1 3 .dv-""T-an 'Y' Q' .-ww INFORMAL discussions when held in Mrs. Camp's English VIII A class make the study ot American literature much more interesting. IT'S READING AND WRITING AND GRAMMAR FOR EVERYONE English is the background tor all courses in high school. Therefore, a student must know howto read, write, and speak. In addition to the thorough study ot literature and grammar in the regular English courses, subiects such as radio expression, iournalism, and public speaking are ottered to Techites. And although teachers otten become discouraged and wonder it teen-agers will ever learn proper language, Tech's pupils win many national writing awards. Then, too, among Tech alumni who have been outstanding in English are nationally known playwrights, poets, magazine writers, and authors. se WASH wa-'L L. C. SUDDARTI-I, Barbara Cross, David Lynch, and Carolyn Kelly, with Jerry Jackson at th Thanksgiving Day program to be e control, rehearse tor a given on Station VVISI-I-TV. I I I I I I I 5 ...II 'V IT IS an interesting discussion Mr. Robert IVIeyer's American History II class is having with Roberta Whobrey at the map. PAST AND PRESENT ARE UNRAVELED IN OUR HISTORY BOOKS I f ,Mx f, g.. Just vvhat is the "American Way ot Lite"'? This ' I"' A I is a question that is otten discussed, especially in various classes in the Social Studies . department. Through courses such as American and World I-Iistory, American Government, and Economic Problems, Techites are taught current events, location ot countries, and howto use the voting machine, in addition to the tunda- mental principals of good citizenship. Taking part in "Junior Town Meeting" and "Quiz 'Em on the Air" programs, plus sending a student delegate to the U.N., helps 2,IOO 'teens to realize their part in this great American form ot government. LEARNING hovv to vote is the lesson Russell Dufty and Kathryn Cochran are demonstrating in Mr. Caldvvell's class. 42 5 --- ----A --1 r -'- 'H ' W sw' . "1 i , , -at JUST imogine the din it would moke it the Sponish closs ployed oll those queer looking musicol instruments ot one time. ln oddition to Lotin, Sponish, Germon, ond French, o new Course, Greek ond Lotin Derivotives hos been odded tothe Longuoge Arts deportment. The olo students enrolled hove been privileged to heor tolks by foreign visitors during The yeor. GEORGE Gordon odds on item to the Lotin IVVVII disploy os Borboro lvlodden ond Richord Bovvmon oFler suggestions. 'M Q 5 T ,tt T ll li LANGUAGES DEVELOP CULTURE 43, lT'S o beoutitul picture of o Costle on the Rhine thot John Toms ond Donn Koonce ore showing to Germon pupils. 43 COLLEGE-bound mathematicians are happy to have The opportunity to enroll in one ot the advanced math classes which re- quire concentrated ettort, as evidenced in Miss Dorothy Carey's Trigonometry class with Ann Bockstahler at The blackboard. SQUARE RGOTS AND TANGENTS PUZZLE STUDENT MATHEMATICIANS IN MR. Raymond Kriese's College Algebra class Lewis Gray and Herbert Goshen are working on an intricate equation. 44 The sunny first floor ot Stuart Hall is the home place ot many mathematics classes, ranging Trom the "X", "Y", and "Z's" ot algebra tothe deepest brain Teasers such as Trigonometry and other college mathematics. Whether Techites plan to be engineers, certitied public accountants, or just pupils vvho enjoy working with numbers, the lvlath department has a course suited Tor them all. Even "star-gazers" are otctered a course in astronomy it enough students are interested in it. ln addition, subiects such as social math and senior arithmetic are provided Tor those pupils who Tind that vvorking with numbers is difficult tor Them. ik f -Mrs MN-Y A Ai V --..-r... -,-. v-.f-.-Y, - ' Liege.-:Q 4--fa HNOW IS THE TIME..." TO BE TRAINED FOR OFFICE WORK l l "ClickeTy-clack, bang" and "Take This leTTer Tor TranscripTion" are very familiar sounds To The 2,064 girls and boys who are learning To be secreTaries, TypisTs, bookkeepers, or salesmen Through The many courses . offered in Tech's Business EducaTion deparTmenT. Because These sTudenTs noT only do class work buT, in advanced classes, l gain pracTical experience by assisTing oTher deparTmenTs in The school, Tech has more calls from business Tlrms Tor T clerical workers Than can possibly be filled. i i T il i T WHILE Carolyn AuTer operaTes The gesTeTTer machine Dr. Cox and Miss Sullivan plan vvork The Office PracTice class vvill do Tor him. ' r I . l l l l PREPARING for Turure empIoymenT or for inTeIligenT home-making by Taking Mr, KenneTh Bayless' class in Consumer Educa- Tion, Barbara Skaggs operaies The cash regisier vvhile Leslie Rovvley discusses qualiTy and price values oi packaged foods. I, l 4 T l fi l I Fil PATRICIA Seay is sculpturing a self-portrait while Joe Ivlatoak, Mr. Peeler, and Phyllis Boyd examine a vase Joe has made to enter in the T958 Scholastic Art Awards, in the Ceramics and Sculpturing class. ART FOR ART'S SAKE MAY DEVELCP INTO ART FOR A VOCATION - , .s,,. Our Art department is practically an art school in itselt tor it ofters a variety ot courses and produces many tuture artists, possibly of great renown. At Tech, we can tashion beautiful lewelry, take and print pictures, mold and tire ceramics, I sketch and paint murals, and design posters tor school or communit ro'ects. Because, in Y P I these subjects, we receive good training and develop natural talent, names ot our taculty and students are sure to be included among the awards given in many state and national contests. IN AN Art VIII class, taught by Miss Lorena Phemister, Frances Croshier paints the portrait of a little girl. W li ll ll li!! af., 1 .ll . f yri! flu, EAGER to learn all that he can about the subiect Darrell Weakley listens vvith interest as Mr. Kenneth Coffin explains a point to Larry Cady vvho is drawing a difficult fink truss for a bridge structure in his Machine Drafting III and IV class. MR. W. Cleveland shows Melvin Garland, Larry Calvert, and Donald Longshore hovv to vvorlc the blueprint machine. FUTURE ENGINEERS AND ARCHITECTS ACQUIRE SKILLS At Tech, three maior phases of Drafting are taught. The flrst, Mechanical Drawing, lays the basic foundation for future development. The second, Architectural Drafting, is a course in which blue prints are made, using original ideas for home designing, and the third is Machine Drafting, vvhich involves the designing of intricate machine parts. Because ofthe many advanced courses in Drafting, Tech boys often vvin prizes and continue in this fleld. Interest centers on Judith Rovvlett os she wields her blode on o pickled grosshopper in Mr. Forley's Zoology closs. J any-v,.J W le 't:,"m75,ThLh?L, K ' ', ,Q-1 ,s,i,v4., 141, 1, swf W 1' Tqsifgzyfsh fflftyx ,. ,, u f 3 5. AQ, ff lx 1 -QQXQ-st-, 'Wim P 'wkfw y " 2 . Isl? 48 IT TAKES Lorry Goston to hove the "know how" to work on on experiment to titrote o somple of KMNO4 in chemistry. MYSTERIES OF NATURE UNFOLD FOR THE EYES OF THE CURIOUS Sputniks? lvluttniks? Trips to the moon? Yes, Americo must keep up with other countries in the ever-importont field of science. This yeor obout 750 Techites were enrolled in biologicol sciences, thot is, either botony, Zoology, or biology. These Techites were often seen scouting the Nciture Preserve or chosing the butterflies. A totol of 644 pupils were toking one or more of the Physicol Science courses, thot is, chemistry, physics, physiogrophy, physicol science, or oeronoutics. With the oid of textbooks, these science students mixed stronge smelling substonces or studied motter, energy, ond the eorth's surfoce. And yet, our Science deportments not only troin future noturolists ond engineers, but increose our respect for the beouty of the world oround us. 'EARLY TO BED, EARLY TO RISE, MAKES US HEALTHY AND WISE Nature has given to many a gitt that is often taken tor granted, namely, good health. Hovvever, at Tech, not iust one but two years ot physical education and one semester of Health are required for graduation. Additional courses such as Child Care, Driver Education, and First Aid are oltered as supplements in the Health and Physical Education department. It, hovvever, a Techite does become ill, professional assistance may be found in the tully-equipped Health Center, where three registered nurses are on duty. SINCE babies require patient attention, members ot Mrs Rovvena Giaubs Child are class admiring Lois Fisher's scrapbook are experts in the pr pei e f the toddler se DRIVER Education is a must tor teen age boys, Mr. Wesley Murphy believes as he explains lust hovv a good car motor vvorks WE PREPARE OUR FUTURE HOMEMAKERS - QW' .ad Z IT IS no wonder thot Tech girls ore well groomed when they con enroll in the course in Cosmetology. TO SEW o fine seom is on ort, soys Miss Anno Kellum to Mory C. Colloert. ,.---nn-1.-.,q 4 Q u-F" i MRS. Woods points out o recipe to Noncy Tuttle ond Ellen Holder who leorn how to prepore meols. They soy cooking is the woy to o mon's heort, ond we, ot Tech, find thot pretty clothing, toilored by our own honds, is importont, too. Our Home Economics deport- ment not only teoches us howto sew ond prepore meols, lout olso, through such courses os Sociol Arts, Cosmetology, ond Millinery, troins our girls to be courteous ond monnerly, to creote Fifth Avenue chopeoux. . km- C Fx DR, ChrisTian Jung, assembly speaker, and Mr. H. Anderson siop Tor refreshmenrs The P-TA is serving in The Tovver. Tech's doors were flung vvide Tor The Throng ThaT flocked To our Open House, November IQ, as a parT of our observance of American EducaTion Week. ParenTs moved from building To building, accomplishing The main purpose of EducaTion Week, ThaT of consulTing vviTh Teachers abouT The course of sTudy and Their children's progress. AN Open House gives pare-nfs an opporTuniTy To discuss The progress of Their children wiTh The faculty members. HOARDS OF PARENTS FLOOD CAMPUS AND BUILDINGS FOR AMERICAN EDUCATION WEEK MR. Anderson is hosT aT his annual luncheon for friends of The school in The Home Economics pracTice dining room. Rl PARENTS enjoy The delicious dinner served by members of The P-TA in The caTeTeria before aTTending Open House. 51 TECH CHOIR-First Row: Tom Pollard, Jon Daulton, junior representative, Saun- dra Condra, iunior representative, Roberta Russell, Saundra Jones, Margaret Wood, Kay Noblitt, Don Erman, co-president, Mr. William F. Moon, director, Marilyn Reynolds, co-president, Bonnie Priest, Sharon Coffee, Larry Casner, sergeant-at-arms, Barbara Madden, secretary, Mary Preston, Larry Gaston, treasurer. Second Row: Carl Striebeck, Phillip Okey, Joy Buckner, Darleen Cole, William Breedlove, Patricia South, Nickie Eskevv, Eric Fenter, Shirley Reed, Judith Cone, Linda White, Sandra Cavanaugh, Myrna Rance, Robert Dunavvay, Kenneth Brooks. Third Row: Carolyn Parsons, Alice Jenkins, James Stevenson, Betty Jo Hill, Donald Hubbard, Bonnie Friar, Mrs. H. H. Anderson, Mr. Hanson H. Anderson, principal, Miss Louise Swan, accompanist, Wade Fernald, Ted Slack, Connie Moore, Judith Thomas, James Hunt, Sharon Grubb. Fourth Row: William Sampson, Sharon Seslar, William Sare, Alan Joy Whipp, Sherman Segraves, Wayne Gossman, Michael Mott, John Bailey, James Spauld- ing, John Hoffman, Saundra Daulton, George Shearer, Karen Von Buskirk, Jerry Ritchie. Fifth Row: Peggy Jo Weddell, James McNeely, Karen Belles, James Kendrick, Sally Schoenoway, William Green, Judith Sluss, Noel Sandy, Rebecca Wilson, Daniel Higgins, Not Shown: Gilbert Sprecher, Stanley Stuart, Larry Sprinkle, Linda Fletcher, and Nancy Foster. 2: H vii CNE at the happiest occasions tor the Tech Choir is the tour of homes to sing ioyous Christ- mas carols before the holidays. 9 1 "2 4 4 ' A i 4,2 ,s J . . , ff 3 , I g , 5, A is i . V . , ,L . , ,, 5 g , 1 ni' t i' f , 4 f i G' f A 3 f if ii in 3 as 3 . 1 I 5 I if M ' ' " if PQ 1 J t Q , 'ml , N 1,5 Ai 51 "'N' gh 1 Y J L ii 9 FW, H' if? y Q 'P E.. lft. I .71 - I Q , .. ' f I 4- 'mf -wwf ' ' c . ,q I ' ...J -W Q - 6 . h IV if x T I -lf J i it E' EIGHTH GRADE CHOIR-First Fow: Joyce Wells, Pamela Miller, Michael Moore, Bruce Paternoster, Charles Carmony, Burr Betts, Charles Beavin, Danny Hughey, Jack Robertson, Rebecca Page, Sharon Walker, Rita Burrell, Judith Raisor, Miss Rosemary McGuire, director. Second Row: Carmen Ward, Kaye Crawley, Vivien Rike, Charles Pitchford, William Paulson, Dean Myers, David Altopp, James McClure, William Burmeister, Elaine Arment, Sandra Ohne, Joanna Gearlds. Third Row: Janet Worth, Judith Robertson, Terry Hazen, Michael Jones, William Griffey, Alan George, Henry Lewin, Peter Cellar, Frank Jacobs, Gregory Car- michael, Rita Donnell, Linda Walker, Joan Long, Barbara Slack, Julie Schaefer, accompanist. Top Row: Jo Ann Weber, Laura Wyciskalla, Linda Murphy, Donald Miller, Erwin Townsend, Rolland Fraser, Larry Robbins, Harry Proctor, Kirri Phemister, Claudia Lutes, Wanda Stratton, Jeanne Craig, Elaine Thompson. BUSIER THAN BUSY ARE OUR MANY POPULAR MUSIC GROUPS Therefs no rhythm like Tech rhythm! Yes, our school boasts one ofthe finest Music de- partments in the state. From the first football game in the fall to the very last assembly in the spring, our music majors are constantly onthe go, planning, rehearsing, or presenting first-class entertainment. And because their presentations are the best, our special music groups are always in demand, not only for school events but also for local, civic, and church groups. Tech's Music MADRIGALS-Seated: Ted Slack, Saundra Jones. Darlene Cole, Alice Jenkins, Mary Preston, Sharon Grubb, Barbara Madden, Jon Daltcn. Standing: George N.--wnvwc.. N.. .. ,k...N.t-4... ., . department started away back in l9l3, when Mr. Antonio Montani was the director of our first chorus which consisted of about 20 members. It met in "Splinter Hall" which was on the third floor of the Arsenal. Then, too, Tech was the first of the Indianapolis high schools to add harmony, on a credit basis, to its program. lt was formed by Miss Elizabeth Kaltz, who also, in l9l5, introduced Music Appreciation to our expanding curriculum, Tech being the Hrst high school to make this addition. Shearer, Michel Mott, Carl Striebeck, William Sare, Miss Louise Swan, director. if L, 9 . -as is .Fix , :LgZ.r"cii-'K"cf'Xo gQfgQE'fCy'.ci"n'Q'o'Eis+'iN0",fItYb"5i'fkSiRYQ-if-st1 CONCERT ORCHESTRA-First Row: Charles Welsh, Judith Stahlhut, Roberta Walters, Margaret Smith, Second Row: Gareth Putnam, .loan Vveddle, Carolyn Martin, Bonnie Poison, Patricia Harvey, David Parish. Third Row: Elinor Myers, Gail Hackett, Beverly Blough, Donna Sovern, Melvin Harding, MaDonna Horton, Marilyn Williams, Lilly Butler. Fourth Row: Cynthia Edwards, John Fish, Thelma Flowers, Mary Wells, Fifth Row: Mr. Raymond Brandes, director, Constance The Tech Orchestra was tounded in l9l4. For nearly two years it met on the third floor ot the Arsenal, after class hours. Then, after the rooms were changed several times, orchestra and band rooms were set up onthe second tloor ot the Artillery. Today, how- ever, the tiddlers and horns have again been moved to the Barn. Our band, the pride ot Smith, Nick Sanders, Kenneth Lee, James Ruskaup, James Stephenson Sharon Hoy, Elizabeth Sievers, Jerry Baumgartner, Judith Sluss. Top Row Mark Ed wards, Richard Donahue, Madonna Heck, Richard Carlson, James Dishinger Herbert Lindsay, Donna Wright, Lester Gordon, Robert Dunaway Richard Borelli, Roscoe Vest. Tech, was organized in the tall of l9l5. lt consisted mostly ot boys who played in the Newsboys Band. At that time, members wore green and white sweaters, skull ca ps, and white trousers instead of uniforms. Today, Tech boasts ot ten high school and three Junior High school music organizations, which give unstintingly at time and talents. ii. I Mrs. Elise Marshall, director. GIRLS' ENSEMBLE: Kay Noblitt, Bonnie Friar Sharon Coffee, Karen Von Buskirk, Alan Joy Whipp, Judith Sluss Marilyn Reynolds, Joy Buckner, Judy Cone, Roberta Russell sf 'Q CONCERT ORCHESTRA-First Row: Marilyn Hicks, Kenneth Jolly, Roberta Russell, Fourth Row: David Duree, Daniel Deputy, Judith Hoyt, Peter Vkfaeger Richard Russell Smith. Second Row: Jeanette Hunt, Karen Miller, Karen Van Buskirk, Foster, James Taylor, Ronald Brown, Carole Simpson, Jon Halstead Amelia Colette Bauerle, James Williams. Third Row: Joyce Madden, Rosalene Malone, Toops. Top Row: Michael Wolgamot, Stephen Osterhaut, Ronald Pallikan Sue Tardy, Sandra Parker, Shirley Johnson, Nancy Huskesson, Beverly Hackett. IT IS TRUE INDEED THAT MUSIC DOTH CHARM OUR TEEN-AGERS BOYS' OCTETTE-First Row: Eric Fenter, James Hunt, Robert Dunaway, STRING QUINTETTE-First Row: Judith Stahlhut, Russell H. C. Smith, Carolyn Martin Thomas Pollard. Second Row: John Bailey, William Green, Wayne Second Row: Mr. Raymond Brandes, director, Charles Welsh, Alice Jenkins Mark Gossman, Don Erman, Mrs. Jo Ann Moore, director. Edwards, accompanist. .2 if 41892531 it 4193 il 3 A 1, BOYS' CONCERT CLUB-First Row: Karen Van Buslcirk, accompanist, Dan Carr, Richard Bowman, Robert McKinsey, Robert Ruddell, Larry Weaver, James Ganzberg, William Sterrett, David Bailey, James Ste- phenson, David Daugherty, Mrs. Elise Marshall, director, Second Row: William Dickey, Deryl Hedge, John Morris, Tony Martin, Tom King, ego. fi Jerry Medley, Jon Halstead, Ross Heltt, Don Cunningham, Charles Frank, William Hill. Top Row: Lowell Kirkbride, Tom Montgomery, Paul Ruskaup, William Higgins, Warren Wetzel, Owen Young, Russell DuFfy, Wayne Chambers, Carl Kern, Kenneth Woodard, Phillip Rankin. SCALES ARE THE UUPS AND DOWNS" IN LIFE TECH BAND-First Row: David Duree, Daniel Deputy, James Taylor, Judy Hoyt. Second Row: Diana Alverez, Curtis Ray, Jay Ward, Gary Ball, Kenneth Lee, Michael Wolgamott, Loretta Rightor. Third Row: Dan Carr, Marcia Edwards, Rebecca Anderson, Karen Youman, David Bailie, Patricia Cox, David Flannery, Michael Lane, Barry Cook, James Johnson, Stuart Probst, James Holtman, Steven Nowlin. Fourth Row: Herbert Lindsey, Richard Carlson, David Fosso, Stanley Stuart, James Dishinger, James Williams, Donna Wright, Marcia White, Jules Pearson, Jack Parnell, Paul Smith, Henry Shirley, Kenneth Fisher. Standing in Rear: Sharon Crawley, Maria Laakmann, Janet Purcell. Kneeling Left: Quincey Neil, Linda Johnson, Judith Whitsett, Frances Bivens, Linda Hartwick. s ,Q CZ? , ' t wmww,-mmm owwwwsw.. Y 5 -it ELIZABETH KALTZ SINGERS-First Row: Mark Edwards, accompanist, Patricia Ratclifte, Barbara Mincer, Linda Shockley, Judith Hanson, Patti King, Judith, Hiatt, Judith Frank, Linda Hartwick, Harriet Good- man. Second Row: Judith Tomlinson, Carol Erman, Sandra Wesley, Elizabeth Pinegar, Margaret Wood, Jeannette Hunt, Carolyn Martin, Joan Weddle, Thelma Flowers, Sue Montgomery, Judith Heitzman. Third Row: Barbara Feuerbacker, Marcia White, Tina Moore, Carol Pettingill, Jo Ellen Kuerst, Linda Hill, Loretta Rightor, lvery White, Nancy Bodenheimer, Carol Wright, Janet Martin, Patricia Harvey, Janet Tileston. Top Row: Sandra Harrison, Patricia Buchanan, Betty Jo Fleming, Elsie Humbarger, Carolyn Swanigan, Sharon Burns, Vir- ginia Jones, Marilyn Hicks, Julie Schaefer, Karen Fromer, Betty Sievers, Mary Davis, Mary Johnson, Miss Louise Swan is director, FOR THE HUNDREDS OF AMBITIOUS YOUNG MUSICIANS TECH BAND-First Row: Judith Wolgamott, Marvin Parrott, Peter Waeger. Second Row: James Stephenson, Sharon Hoy, Jo Ann Coe, Charlotte Huebner, Shirley Mootz, Betty Sievers, Jerry Baumgartner, Judith Sluss. Third Row: Lester Gordon, drum maior, Robert Dunaway, Richard Borelly, Roscoe Vest, Tom Hart, Annis Stigall, Clarence Jefferson, Robert West, Shirley Reed, David Kingsbury, Richard Foster. Fourth Row: William Hasseld, Stephen Manship, John Shockley, sl Ronald Pallikan, James Monday, John Mason, Jean Allen, Gary Washburn, William Bockstahler, Jerry Medley, Sherman Segraves, Edmund Akers, David Strauser, James Ruskaup, Steven Osterhaut, Standing in Rear: Evelyn Smith, Sandra Wagoner, Laura Nelms. Kneeling Right: Alan Joy Whipp, Phyllis Bu- chanan, Bette Sue Pyles, Barbara Lunsford, Rosemary Beverley, Patricia Roach, Mr. John M. White, director. QQ , ' - fu , Q.. , X, ei L Y V 7 '4 4- i in I I gf I ' Q .5 'f .gs P'1 I I , i , . ,,ff ., 1 .E , ,, i , 4 K 4' ' 5 fgs iz :fer , if H . iff . 1 9+ I f f f gs 2- , , 5 I Z 1 5 , Ls?-. -,r 1 ,S Q if 5 I U I sf ff i 2 , iz X L ,, its iw I s 1 Z 2 ff S 5 - 1 z S? I I 33 5 Z it 1 A i 7 M - it ,f . R i ,i Ms 4 1 1 .1 . s 1, ssg , sy 2 ' 5, ' 2 ,guage ,ff 1? Sfs, sl if ' t sgif A B! s i . . ., ,. ,, is EIGHTH GRADE BAND-First Row: Mary Hoyt, Linda Alford, Shiloh Graves, Linda McMurray, Donna Terry, Second Row: Elaine Thompson, Kenneth Eggert, Sharon Chenoweth, Linda Murphy, Barbara Slack, Nadeen Hoppes, Bruce Paternoster, Jo Ann Weber, Pamela Miller, Judith ScritchtTeId, William Bur- meister, Ruth Ann McClure, Claudia Lutz. Third Row: Sherry McCain, Helen Jerrett, Joe Wycofl, Willis Pope, Geraldine Mulry, Sharon Mackey, Terry Hazen, Charles Bevins, Gregory Carmichael, Malcom Herring, Ralph Wilkerson, captain, Allan George, Charles Pitchford, John Rickett. Fourth Row: Roland Frazier, Kendric Caudill, Burr Betts, Dean Meyers, Larry Robbins, Billy Paulson, Dennis Moore, Danny Hughey, Donald Pollard, Robert Course, David Church, James McCIune, Nelson Haggatt, Mr. William D. Breedlove, director. Members Not Present: Kirk Waldhaus, Jennifer Rothenbush. JUNIOR HIGHS WILL FILL IN THE GAPS LEFT BY GRADUATION JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA-First Row: Margo Garmon, concert mis- tress, Elaine Arment, Bonnie Bell, Michael Jones, Michael Cavanaugh, Louise Davis, Judith Roberts, Sandra Call, Diane Kendrevv, Linda Combs, Sandro Artherburn. Second Row: Jeanne Craig, Jo Ann Weber, Anna Putellis, Charles Carmony, Rose Baugh, Bill Swan, Frank Jacobs, Stephanie Tomascue, Sandra Ohne. Third Row: Susan Smith, Kirk Waldhaus, Shiloh Graves, Judy Scritchheld, Ruth Ann McClure, Barbara Slack, Malcom Herring, Daniel Hughey, Michael Long. Top Row: Mr. William D. Breedlove, director, Charles Pitchford, Nelson Haggatt, Nadeen Hoppes, Pamela Miller, Charles Beavins, Bruce Paternoster. Not Pictured: Henry Lewin, Barbara Fittz, Greg Carmichael, Billy Paulson, Harold Backus. i 58 -25 "ws, ' 5' i GROUPED around training aids which are used tor instruction in map reading for ROTC Cadets are the efficient instructional statt- SFC Louis Wade, IvlfSgt. A. J. Frame, Sgt. lvan Harrison, Sgt. Ste- phen Hewitt, MfSgt. Claude Dixson. ff? ' Gpldbril- Min f 8 ' Y ' A I Lighf- 9' L ' liraxem Q "t" K L ROTC BUILDS BETTER YOUTHS BOTH MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY Our R.O.T.C. unit is composed ot 489 cadets organized into a regiment made up ot three battalions, with two companies in each battalion. Our T7 sponsors in their green and white uniforms add color to the corps. We also have a rifle team and a drill team. The Barracks houses this unit iust as it housed soldiers stationed here when our grounds were an United States Arsenal, the Powder Magazine is the distribution point ofthe supplies for all R.O.T.C. units in the city. Through the years, the R.O.T.C. has played a prominent part in school activities. It was organized at Tech as the Cadet Corps on September 6, T9T 8, only a few months before the War Department established military training in all city high schools on April 7, T9T9. RIFLE TEAM-Kneeling: Lt. Col. Ro Standing: 2nd Lt. James C. Forbes F. Ray. nald L. Couble, Capt. George S. Ford. , 2nd Lt. Charles R. Glore, Capt. Willie ROTC COMMISSIONED OFFICERS-First Row: Capt. James Schiewer, Capt. James Hanson, Capt. George Ford, Lt. Col. Robert Butler, Lt. Col. Ronald Cauble, Major Jack Dennis, Maior Gerald Lewis, Maior Thomas Montgomery, Capt, Charles Green, Capt. Phillip Patrick. Second Row: lst Lt. Richard Coats, lst Lt. Richard Esselborn, lst Lt. John Kingsbury, Capt. Robert P. Brown, 2nd Lt. Milstead Hendricks, 2nd Lt. James Forbes, Capt. Willie Ray, 2nd Lt. Robert McKinsey, 2nd Lt. Donald Goodwin. Third Row: 2nd Lt. Thomas Pollard, 2nd Lt. Larry Casner, 2nd Lt. Robert M. Gray, Qnd Lt. Norman Glezenclanner, 2nd Lt. David Parsley, 2nd Lt. Robert Hunt, 2nd Lt. Charles Glore, 2nd Lt. Gary Wall, 2nd Lt. James Berry, Top Row: 2nd Lt. Richard Foster, lst Lt. Daniel Hopping, 2nd Lt. Kenneth Fisher, 2nd Lt. Don Pressley, lst Lt. Ronald Hawthorne, 2nd Lt. Ted Slack, Capt, Donald Thompson, 2nd Lt. Keith Lasley, 2nd Lt. Donald L. Clark. Not Pictured: Capt. James Kendrick, Capt. Charles Senteney, 2nd Lt. Robert Russell, 2nd Lt. Michael Griggs, 2nd Lt. Warren Wetzel, Major Norman Ross, lst Lt. Vx'illiam Sare, Capt. Joseph Elliott, 2nd Lt. Dennis Moss. WVQJN4 ' 'JT T' If f N 5. J Q ' . --' ROTC SPONSORS-First Row: Lt. Patricia Green, Maior Sandra De Vore, Maior Kay Noblitt, Lt. Col. Barbara Baker, Major Marilyn Rey- nolds. Second Row: Lt. Sharon Cottee, Lt. Barbara Madden, Lt. Roberta Russell, Lt. Nancy Taylor, Lt. Judy Cone. Third Row: Lt. Connie Moore, Lt. Sondra Condra, Lt. Joy Buckner, Lt. Barbara Reed. Top Row: Stc. Louis E. Wade, instructor, Lt. Rebecca Wilson, Lt. Judith Riggs, Lt. Judith House. IT'S FEDERAL INSPECTION TIME FOR THE CORPS Since I92I , our R.O.T.C. hos never foiled to win honor routing in the Fifth Army oreo dt the onnuol Federol Inspection. This inspection is olwoys on inspiring ciffoir, with mortiol music bythe Ivlorching Bond ond columns of morching codets. United Stotes Army officers iudge the Corps os it posses in review. This includes officers front ond center ond the posting of the colors. The formotion is highlighted by precision drill of the Codet Corps Drill teom, the knock-out drill, ond the individuol owords. Through the yeors, our excellent record of militory cichievement hosloeen mointoined loy the constont work of our codets ond their instructors. It is ci record of which Tech moy he proud, for no other school in the Iond hos won the gold stor honor routing for 36 yecirs. IVIXSGT. Arthur E. Lordon swells with pride os Ivlr. Anderson pins the 36th Red S-tor signifying the R.O.T.C. unit honor rotting on the school bonner out the Federol Inspection. ,,.i I ONE most impressive sight is the odvoncing Color Ouord. .si A M114-, S., ja ' . kdfgxux H one T1-C 'wviiq BRIO. Gen, Allison Moxwell, Principol I-I. I-l. Anderson, Moior Lciwrence J. Burger, inspecting officer, ond Ivioior Julius S. Boldizsor Jr., Professor of Ivlilitory Science ond Toctics, stond ot oittention os the Tech unit posses in review. ol rf if . I S-O , ' A i -, A ,i fre 1 ,T 1 --'I n.-vm-uvmufqs f I I I I A ii F Quang, , I JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT AFFAIRS ORGANIZATION-Seated: Charles Pitchford, Sandra Little, Aina Zils, Kaye Crawley, James Fullen, Linda Alford, Jean Bowers, Sandra Ohne, Timmie Walker, Standing: Rolland Fraser, Ralph Reynolds, Robert Sullivan, Benny Schuck, Linda Murphy, Diane Kendrew, Mr. Odus A Landreth, sponsor. 7A-7B classes tour Water Company Hltration plant. I REHEARSING for a play are William Westfall, Charlotte Robertson, Vivian Rilce, Betty Hardesty, and Douglas Dovvnton. IIJUNIOR TECHITES" MANAGE WELL ON THEIR OWN Trying to hold their own amidst 4,200 high school pupils isn't so easy for Tech's 460 seventh and eighth graders. For nine years, Tech has had a Junior High division. Today, the old Arsenal echoes with laughter and learning of preteens in two gifted plus thirteen regular classrooms. A SPIRITED and comprehensive current events discussion is in progress in Mrs. Lillian Pence's accelerated class. i 62, K LIGHTS BURN LATE AS STUDENTS PONDER IN EVENING SCHOOL 5 l , I IT reolly doesn't seem to toke so very long for foreign- 5 born men ond women to moster the English longuoge. I AN interesting cloiss is Oltice Proctice which provides young cidults on opportunity to become more efficient. When we ore in high school, we otten think only ot todoy, ond sometimes o solory looks lorger ond better to us thoin on educotion, but oll we hove to do is visit Tech's Evening School closses to see how much eoisier it would hove been it we hod completed high school. Our Evening School enrollment is now oibout 3250, from which there will be oipproximotely T22 groduoites, who will hove their own yeorbook, THE Q I . . JENIINEL' gIfOdUQIlOn'ClGnCe'ClnCl Iecepllon' MANY point iobs in the Body ond Fender Shop present problems thot con soon be mostered by skilled young men. ' I 'i ONE ot the odvonced closses is in blueprint reciding tor young men who 'I ore interested in engineering coreers. 63 y s L Mwy,4u Ji MORGAN HALL IS OUR NEWEST SHOP BUILDING Our general shop classes here at Tech prepare us for future vocations. Although we Techites often do not realize the vital job our vocational school is doing for the community and for the world, our vocational department is well-noted for its services. As early as IQI3, Tech had a vocational department that offered courses in carpentry, printing, and pattern- making. At first there was only one WILLIAM Higgins and Robert Sullivan pause on their way from class to see the display in the foyer showcase of Morgan Hall. teacher in each of these subjects, some having only one and some two classes each day. Through the years, however, Tech has added many other phases of vocational work to the curriculum. In fact, this year, a modernistic, bright, and spacious new building known as Morgan Hall, which was dedicated Supreme Day, May 22, was added to our campus for the purpose of housing the ever-expanding enrollment in shop classes. A DREAM came true for Mr. Anderson when the new shop building, Morgan Hall, named for Tech's second principal, was finished f' if"-""7" ' I L 2 2 ...ggigggy A "4 .f if Ji! f , 5595 -N ' if X' if ff 2' v E275 "" s fr E 22 Z , 4, W u i OPENING o nevv mix miller in Mr. Horry A. Stone's Foundry closs proves interesting to three industrious vocotionol pupilseGlenn Boch, Ronold Porter, ond Williom A. Johnson. BRUCE PLEAK ond Deon Wood moke new scrop contoiners for the vocotionol shop rooms in one of Mr. N. L. Brinker's Sheet Metol closses. AS HOWARD Jorvis sondpopers his step toble, Lorry Bemis works on his project in Mr. Shoemoker's Cobinet Moking cioss. i i I i i i i i ' i i t i i fi ii i v I TEEN-AGE boys interested in ioining the Air Force tinci If thot Mr. Pence's closs in Airpione Mechanics is iust right. El i IVIR. Billington con vouch for the Ioct thot o busy ploce on the compus is the Print Shop. I z ,uh A lk tm r IN TI-IE Cement ond Brickloying Shop, 'fought by Mr. Lompert, boys moke the benches tor the Plozo ond grounds. TI-IERE'S never o dull moment in the Rodio ond T.V. Shop ond some of the busiest ond most skilled young repoirmen ore Gene I-leolton TRAINING FOR A VOCATION IS Here ot our school ore being troined the top-notch oirplone ond outomobile mechonics, corpenters, controctors, electricions, Welders, printers, tool ond die mokers, plumbers, ond retrigerotor or freezer experts ot tomorrow- oll skilled crottsmen to fill the shoes ot the present generotion. Yes, our boys ore bringing vvith them not only the knowledge ond troining ocquired ot Tech, but olso procticol experience goined by service to our school ond home, ond tresh new ideos os vvell. Thus our school is not only helping to streomline ond better the tuture ot industry of tomorrow, but olso is teoching boys how to become expert hondy men oround the home I I I . ssl, A - gf. v, , Sv N., af f 'M , , W in XG., 1,2 I David Dougle, Chester Crump, Randall Carter, and Ronald Bechtel as they test and repair models that have been brought in by pupils. CONNECTIIXIG motors and motor starters are Byron Wells and Armin Fielder in Electricity III. l I Q I ' I L ! I X. if tb , 4 I iw ,- , A Carpentry class builds a permanent house for pupils CHARLES WILSON, Ralph Means, and Larry Weaver analyze a to practice wiring in the brand new I-louse-Wiring Shop. customer's car tor a needed tune-up job in an Auto VIII class. I l l 67 I I I W' 3 r' , 3' 8,2 xwh- fl' 1- ,pf 'Mads 9- any X Kami .. 8 L .fv- f A ff' 295 Tiifffzzfifa .,.,,.Av gi w X . ' 1 I """'-.., P , l 1 ig Y ' W A fix , 1 ,ti - s - and 159, li V .Fu ix u""1' -ku V, -45,5 ,X I 01. , my 5 27'?if""v gli: WT! sw Vg ' xx fffzlil .1 M fm' R vga 111 Q,-AA',,Q'6P'L my NT, , Rx 'N K 'Y . ,J 's ,! il s , I I 1 W W l"' i esiii, fQ ll ii EEZ 'l ', 'ami "lbs Fellowship, responsibiliTy, resourcefulness, leodership, service, ond leorning-yes, These ore oll o porT oT Tech's rnony exTro ond co-curriculor ocTiviTies. Open To TechiTes is The opporTuniTy To join The STudenT Alnfoirs GrgonizoTion, deboTe Teom, Drorno-Thespions, The newspoper ond yeor- book sToTTs, plus TwenTy ocodemic or vocoTionol clubs, eoich wiTh The purpose of helping To brooden pupil inTeresTs. lvlony of These orgoinizoTions, besides Their regulor meeTings ond porTies, plon ond sponsor oTToiirs such os The onnuol lvlordi Gros, oll-school donces, ond dromoTic presenToTions. They sponsor drives Tor The beneTiT oT boTh The school ond communiTy. Tech Teens Toke porT in The "SkeTchbook", They oppeor on chollenging oll-school ossembly progrorns. And becoiuse of oll oT These evenTs, TechiTes go on Their woiy enriched in personoiliTy ond knowledge, by Their Triendships, leodership Troining, ond school service. AT The golo oll-school evenT of The school yeor, The Mordi Gros, girls in colorful oTTire sell rich cookies oT The Germon Club booTh. D 'E' .5 vi , Willie Xf- P L if x BEAMING SMILES REFLECT THE JOY OF OUR ROYAL COUPLES Why are Tech dances so much fun? Perhaps it's that feeling that everyone is having a wonderful time. Yes, Tech is filled with students, students love dances, and dances mean kings and queens, fluffy formals with corsages, suits and ties, beautiful decorations, and the music of Tech's Dance Band. The first all-school dance at Tech was held on an afternoon in April, 1933. It was sponsored by the Arsenal Cannon and was called the "Cannon Ball." The very hrst queen to reign over a Tech dance was crowned by Mr. Anderson at the Cannon Ball in April, T939 This year, in addition to the annual Harvest Moon Ball, White Christmas Dance, and Military Ball, an all-school dance was given as a surprise in honor of our "graduating" principal, Mr. Anderson, and his wife. PROUDLY displaying their crowns are Miss Treble Clef and Mr. Bass Clef, Roberta Russell and Charles Welsh, royalty of the Mardi Gras. ill?-ca' Q5' DVS? I ' , 1 f f ,L f , A gl : x T7 li QUEEN Barbara Baker and King Russell Dooley lead the Grand March at the T957 Military Ball following their crowning by Principal and Mrs. Anderson. THE "Tech Sweethearts," tapping to the music ot the Dance Band, helped make the White Christmas clance an enioyable aFlair. LAUGHTER AND GOOD TIMES ARE HMUSTSH FOR TYPICAL TEEN-AGERS TWIRLING under the shining glass ball and colorful streamers are Re- becca Wilson and Robert McKinsey, royal couple of the Harvest Moon Ball. SPOTLIGHTED on the floor at the White Christmas dance are their highnesses Linola Lou Johnson anal Paul Rentro. UUE! A gl -i. i LETTERS from overseos Pen Friends to Tech students ot- troct the ottention ot Dione Huftrnon ond Oerolynn Hughes. JUST ONE OF countless proiects in Mr. Holrold Stevvcirt's Sign closs wos rnoking posters by the silk-screen process tor the Post Oftice ot Christmostime for the holidoy rush. OPPORTUNITIES IT'S report cord doy ogoin ond Lindo Stultz, Horold Srnittkomp, ond Dione Chester cornpore grodes. FIFTEEN minutes ot devotions ond proyer with Mr. Medcoite os Ieoder stort the doy right for mony Tech students ond teochers. li1-11 ,, 5 4 '!'QH12,flw 1 IN THE Control Room Mr. R. lvlehl runs a film for his l-lealrh class. ARE LIMITLESS FOR MAKING FRIENDS AND DEVELOPING TALENTS RUSSELL Smifh, Siare winner, played wirh The city Symphony Orchestra. CGNGRESSMAN Brownson presenrs 'ro Miss Sengen- loerger a flag which flew on The U.S. Capitol Building in honor of her birthday, The gifr of Two alumni. 1 fix ssxxx fx MARK Edwards, a sophomore, is sfate Symphony Society champion of high school piano playing. JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE-First Row: Janet Foy, Judith Gimber, Carol Loyd, Sue Rush, Willie Ray, L. C. Suddarth, Sandra Potts, Karen Fromer, Russell H. C. Smith, Roberta Russell, Robert Gray, Cynthia Edwards, Mrs. Lois Repass, spon- sor. Second Row: Mary Yost, Patricia Harvey, Mary Preston, Carole Reinken, William Breedlove, Donald Henry, Mary Bobo, June Burse, Barbara Purcell, FRENCH CLUB-First Row: Jules Alcorn, Marilyn Reynolds, Don Henry, Kenneth King, Janet Tileston, Pamela Beem, Mr. Phillip Leamon, sponsor. Second Row: Marsha Reynolds, Diane Denham, Mary Jackson, Marjorie Burtord, Judith Hedges, Martha Scarborough. Third Row: Bonnie Burns, Margaret Wood, Judith Burnam, Margaret Chandler, Betsy Pearson. Fourth Row: Carolyn Martin, Ann Sowers, Betty Walton, Jayne Dillon, Sylvia Repine. Fifth Row: James Ken- drick, Douglas McPherson, James Weddell, Gareth Putnam, Lyle Brewer. John Hoftman, James Johnson, Connie Moore, Joseph Lahr, Patricia Bouck, Janet Nice, Miss Mabelle Sprague, sponsor, Top Row: Louis Hasseld, Ben Mc- Allister, Judith Kindred, Dana Orlasky, Anna DeFrees, Jerry Robertson, Billy Randel, George Gordon, Nick Sanders, Eloise Short, William Sore, Julie Schae- fer, David Butcher, Phillip Rankin, Shannon Waldo, Nancy Bodenheimer. CAROL Rankin, Kar- en Fromer, Mary Bobo, David Butcher, Sandra Potts, Latin Club members, ar- range an exhibit. GERMAN CLUB-First Row: Ronald Pallikan, Ann Bockstahler. Second Row: Sylvia Parma, Sandra Daulton, Juanita Pimanis. Third Row: James Stephenson, Steven Osterhout, Richard Cooley, Susanne Smith. Fourth Row: Harold Grate, Paul Hempfling, Anna Liepnicks, Dzidra Zils, Thomas Emrick. Top Row: Larry Bland, Mrs. Suzanna Underwood, sponsor. I il!!-UNH!! ART CLUB-First Row: Marilyn Miller, Emily Polk, Gloria King, Cecilia Beniard Karen Margaret Smith, Linda Lucas, Patricia Seay, Second Row: Elizabeth Kinley Nancy Pierson, Judith Pierson, Barbara Feuerbacker, Sylvia Evver, Phyllis Andere son. Third Row: Rose Ann Franklin, Suzanne Quillen, Judith Seay, Shirley Shackle ford, Frances Croshier, Charla Fields, Mr. Richard Peeler, sponsor. Top Row Douglas McPherson, Jerry VanSickle, Marilyn Reynolds, William Sampson, Mar- garet Weddell, Paulette Croshier. 1. OUR SCHCDOL IS ALIVE WITH CLUBS TO SPANISH CLUB- First Row: Ronald Perkins, Roberta Russell, Suzanne Quillen. Second Row: Schorling Schneider, David Bailie, Charles Welsh, Mary Johnson, Beverly Lyons, Darlene Cole. Third Row: Richard McMath, Madonna Heck, Suzanne Clemons, Sandra Wyant, Marsha Wilson, Karen Belles, June Cromwell. Tff -ggii Q V . I I -+5 SPARKLING decorations are created by Art club members tor the White Christmas dance. SUIT EVERY INTEREST Top Row: Walter Key, Joe Miles, Anibal Ocosic, Shirley Mootz, Chester Hostetler, Marvin Morris, Linda Higgins, Linda Dalton, Chorla Fields, Shirley Shackel- lord, Steven May, Wayne Chambers, Mr. Marvin Hurley, sponsor. ' .nnfsnnwmzf . - mvf MUSIC CLUB- First Row: Ellen Mann, Kathleen Edwards, Margaret Wood, Loretta Rightor, Roberta Russell, vice president, Judith Sluss, president, Sharon Hoy, recording secretary, Lester Gordon, sergeant-at-arms, Marcia White, cor- responding secretary, Judith Stahlhut, Sandra Parker, Gloria Vinson, Mr. Ray- mond Brandes, sponsor. Second Row: Margo May, Jeannette Hunt, Suzanne Smith, Charlotte Huebner, Judy Hoyt, Donna Wright, Betty Seivers, Janis Rush, Shannon Waldo, Virginia Jettries. Third Row: Herbert Lindsey, Marsha Reyn- olds, Linda Price, Karen Van Buskirk, David Duree, Marilyn Hicks, Rebecca Anderson, Nancy White, Carolyn Martin, Marilyn Eskew, Edna Mae Pracht. Top Row: Phillip Stuart, James Stephenson, Louis Hasseld, James Ganzberg, Stan- ley Stuart, Gareth Putnam, James E. Taylor, Warren Wetzel, Steven Osterprout, George Gordon, William Breedlove, Eric Fenter, Robert Dunaway, Lyle Brewer, Allan Dutt. CLUB ATTENDANCE DEVELOPS LEADERSHIP QUALITIES Sy XYZ CLUB-First Row: Lois Pence, Linda McKay, Suzanne Brindley, Linda Dal- ton, Carol Bolinger, Martha Scarborough, Margaret K. Smith, Edna Mae Pracht, Katherine Holle, Suzanne Quillen, Nancy Ratlifzl, Sandra Bailey, Sue Rush, Judith Gruber, Darla Reno, Mr. J. H. Stoeckinger, sponsor. Second Row: Susan Hall, Sandra Drummond, Judith Burnam, Margaret Chandler, Marlorie Burtord, Anna Liepnieks, Ann Bockstahler, Joseph Miles, Era Young, Betty Wegener, Darlene Cole, Rodger Barnett, Richard Drake, Odell White, Warren GIRLS in Foods classes bake cookies tor the Lutherwood Orphanage at Christmastime. Schwomeyer, Third Row: Thomas Little, John L, Smith, James Taylor, Thomas Emrick, Ronald Taylor, Paul Hemptling, Carl Hand, John Baldwin, Larry Hope, John Hoffman, Eric Fenter, Tony Watt, James Hanna, Bennie Webb. Top Row: Louis Hasseld, Ben McAllister, Gareth Putnam, Harold Grate, Lester Gordon, Warren Wetzel, Jerry Ritchie, Claude Henderson, Robert Hunt, Philip Okey, George Howe, Larry Bland, Ronald Roger Miller, Carleton Richard Hillman. Schwomeyer, Jon Halstead, Garland AN ARRAY CDF CLUBS GREETS NEW STUDENTS CHEMISTRY-PHYSICS CLUB- First Row: Warren Schwomeyer, Ronald Schwomeyer, Claude Hender- son, Daniel Hopping, Katherine Holle, Carol Loyd, Mr. William Graney, sponsor. Second Row: Larry Hope, James Little, Ronnie Christensen, John Bald- win, Joe Miles, Robert Hunt, Larry Bland. Nineteen in all-yes, that's the number ot clubs Techites have from which to choose. Not only do our clubs provide entertainment, but they are also important character builders. Some develop our social graces, others go hand-in- glove with our hobbies. Still others, through talks, movies, picnics, and hikes, further interest in our subjects. Whether we ioin language or science clubs, service or vocational clubs, we learn to work and have fun together. VVith such a variety, it's no wonder Techites are clubites! NATURE STUDY CLUB-First Row: James Kendrick, president, Deanna Dunigan, vice president, Deanne May, secretary, Daisy Stevens, Marilyn Miller, Mr. Charles Russell, sponsor. Second Row: Sharon Adams, Elsie Kayse, Shirley Mootz, Annis Stigall. Third Row: Rose Ege, Sandra Shelby, Janet Tileston, Ellen Mann, Ronald Shrigley. Fourth Row: Diane Kennedy, Linda Higgins, Patricia McClain, Jane Brock-Jones, Marjorie Burford, Mary Smith. Fifth Row: Charles Crane, Mar- garet Smith, Edna Pracht, Elsie Humbarger, Alberta Docktor, Melaine Alexander. Top Row: David Harper, James Prairie, William Sare, Bonnie Douthit. HOME ECONOMlCS CLUB-First Row: Nancy Brown, Silvi Parna, Brenda Weaver, Patsy Bundren, Martha Adams, Donna Frank, Carol Huttman, Gevon Stoner. Second Row: Karen Garner, Eleanor Powell, Janet Reed, Betty Stevenson, Melva Berry, Jean Allen, Grace Fisher, Carolyn Thomas Top Row: Sharon McAninch, Judith Johnson, Miss Ann Abbott sponsor, Katherine Noakes, Joann Allen. ' ii-1 11.11411 v 1-nw .mir m1s KEY CLUB-First Row: Schorling Schneider, Richard Esselborne, Lowell Kirk- bride, Willie Ray, James Forbes, Charles Umbanhowar, vice president, Ronald Cauble, secretary, Michael Reyman, president, Thomas Pollard, treasurer, Robert McKinsey. Second Row: Steven May, Thomas Moir, Eric Fenter, L. C. Suddarth, James Taylor, Robert Dunaway, Richard McMath, William Sore, Thomas Strain, Mr. Maurice Kriese, sponsor. Third Row: Robert Gray, David RADIO CLUB: First Row: David Sutton, Rex Curtis KN9ETW, vice president, Chester Crump K9ADJ, president, Max Lyons, secretary, Kenneth Cross. Second Row: John Mason, Gary Sarver, William Keefe KN9INN, Noel Atkinson , ...WW l ? Vai A. A A W? X5 J sg is --. Gm WMM V: , Wilmer, James Simmons, Richard Foster, Daniel Hopping, George Horton, Da- vid Butcher, Fred McNorton, George Howe, Charles Welsh. Top Row: Larry Casner, Larry Horton, Warren Schwomeyer, Robert Hunt, James Kendrick, Jerry Ritchie, Peter Waeger, lndulis Brikmanis, David Thatcher, Larry Deuser, Law- rence Gaston, Don Erman, Harold Rominger. Not Shown: Clifford Gribben. Q ,limit XV: , is C J ii :E ll 'A 7, li ll Llc' 1 ' ., DR BUSY members ot the Future Nurses' Club wrap Christmas gifts for poor children. K9DJN, chiet operator, Sam Baine KN9IJU, sergeant-at-arms, Claude Hender- son, treasurer, Lowell Atkinson K9DJM, sergeant-at-arms, Mr. G. E. Bramblett WQPOF, sponsor, Don Davis, Ronald Davidson K9ATS. M TAKING AN ACTIVE PART IN CLUBS MEANS MAKING NEW FRIENDS FUTURE TEACHERS-First Row: Judith Cox, Brenda Jackson, Ethel Lowe, Roberta Russell, Jerilyn Goodwin, Betty Wege- ner, Katherine Holle, Era Young, Bonnie Priest. Second Row: Shirley Mootz, Susan Moore, Deanna Dunigan, Bessie Jackson, James Simmons, Michael Wright. Third Row: Eileen Brethauer, Lillian Cook, Betty Jean Courtney, Phyllis Hayes, Sharon Dalton, Linda Fiscus. Top Row: Elaine Short, Sandra Eavey, Linda Fletcher, Phyllis De Falco, Miss Jane Strain, tall sponsor, Betty Cloud. Miss Dorothy Steele, new sponsor. HV' fix' '1- ., ..- .. i 9 ea FUTURE NURSES CLUB-First Row lStandingi: Barbara Estridge, president. lSeatedl: Char- lotte Kendall, secretary-treasurer, Barbara Streepy, corresponding secretary, Ollie Ed- wards, Beverly Blough, Donna Sovern, Thelma Flowers. Second Row: Mrs. Rowena S. Graub, R.N., sponsor, Karen Moltitt, Shirley King, Urith Hays, Marcia Edwards, Jayne Dillon, Mary Hoover. Not Shown: Sharon Mahan, vice president, Marilyn Hicks, chaplain. Y-TEENS-First Row: Josephine Applewhite, Carole Reinken, Judith Rowlett, Sharon Hoy, Barbara Lunsford, Betty Seivers, Rosemary Beverley, Janet Purcell, Harriet Dowdy, Marilyn Hicks, Marcia White, Charlotte Keithly. Second Row: Patricia Gaines, Gwendolyn Hubbard, Georgia Phillips, Beverly Miller, Jane Dillon, Charla Fields, Ernestine Underwood, Melva Berry, Alice ,luv Schultz, Jo Angela Greene, Dana Jones, Barbara Gray, Bernadine VVaIker. Top Row: Charlotte Huebner, Sandra Chambers, Jean Hornberger, Mrs. Conna Hawkins, sponsor, Monica Hubbell, Vicki Soden, Barbara Essig, Carolyn Parsons, Sandra Harrison, Shirley Mootz, Betty Jo Hill. AW! J me J as v X -52-vs, Q- Sk N.. Qggigwsxt kesgigwif 3? a Q, .. lnffi ,., 7 ' V "-'M'-"'W-"M-' lmmfems-f-1-lem'-A-9 - VYVYY Y KN A beautiful religious cantata "Bethlehem" with a pantomime illustrating the night Christ was born was presented at the Christmas assembly by the Tech Choir and Expression pupils. BLINDED BY THE BRIGHT LEARN TO DEVELOP POISE MARY Elizabeth Taylor, James Kendrick, William Sare, and Meredith 0'Brien appeared in "The Patriots," the tall play of the Drama-Thespian club, coached by Mr. Robert Maloy. Appearing betore the public is, for most people, an extremely difficult thing to do. At Tech, however, students are trained to overcome this stage fright through such public performances as the two yearly Thespian plays, debate matches, Town Meetings ot the Air, Quiz Team programs, and speech contests. Yes, through 'these mediums, we Techites learn to speak well, to organize our thoughts, to think clearly, to have poise and selt- contidence, to be co-operative and alert, and to accept both victory and defeat with a smile. REHEARSING for the ploy "Cheaper By the Dozen"-Seated: William Stagner, Karyl Kirkbride, William Sare, Annis Stigall, Karen Fromer, Standing: Thomas Little, Lyle Brewer, Jimmie Carol Smith, Robert Gray, Nick Sanders, Mary Bobo, Director, Miss Anna Applegate. 7 FOOTLIGHTS, WE AND SELF-ASSURANCE MEMBERS OF THE VARSITY DEBATE TEAM-Seated: Robert Gray, Charles Umbanhowar, Mr. Harry Wil- tang, sponsor, Harriet Dowdy Mary Bobo, Don Erman. Standing: Larry Hope, William Breedlove. JUNIOR TOWN MEETING OF Tl-IE AIR -Seated: Larry Smith, Michael Baden- hamer, Philip Bremeir, Miss Katherine Book, coach, Nancy Hedding, Terry Jackson. Standing: Doris Ball, Eelson Bowman, L. C. Suddarth, John Wilson. DRAMA-THESPIANS-First Row: Robert Dunaway, Larry Kierstead, Marina Howell, Marilyn Reynolds, Lee Bartlett, Mary Bobo, secretary, Schorling Schneider, president, Nick Sanders, treasurer, Sandra Potts, scribe, Cervia Greenberg, James Simmons, vice president. Second Row: Shannon Waldo, Virginia Jettries, Judith Rowlett, Carole Reinken, June Burse, Myra Robbins, Suzanne Smith, James Johnson, Joseph Miles, Sandra Rouse, Pamela Livingston, Dzidra Zils, Mr. Robert Maloy, sponsor. Third Row: Judith Hammer, Jeanne 'G wma '55 1 2 Nwwaa-M Z 2 gg M 3 ..,,,,,,,fX M-HW K 3 k .af 'Mi Hand, Judith Hiatt, Joan Weddle, Jane Brock-Jones, Karen Fromer, Margaret Kunkel, William Stagner, Marlene O'Brien, William Breedlove, George Brenton, Steven Osterhaut, Lyle Brewer, Vicki Soden, Kathleen Edwards, Byron Wells, Warren Wetzel. Top Row: George Gordon, Steven May, Dana Mason, Jo Ruddell, Cynthia Edwards, Robert Gray, Robert lmel, James Kendrick, Wil- liam Sare, Warren Schwomeyer, Sherman Segraves, Carlton Hillman, Ronald Shrigley. .Q , R , . . t .f .2 ' va . .' 2 Q i we v ,ii I f i and F .s gsm, SERVICE CLUB AND MESSENGERS-First Row: Sandra Coyne, Mary Bobo, Susan Sliger, Phyllis Boyd, Mary Jo Fry, Betsy Pearson, Diane Denham, Nick Sanders, Anna De Frees, Connie Moore, president. Second Row: Ann Hinshaw, Judith Jaynes, Helen Plummer, Margaret Chandler, Susan Pentacost, Jayne Dillon, Patricia McClain, Anita Nelms, Betty Walton, Judith Whitsett, Judith Tracy, Diann Barnhill, Judith Rowlett, Elsie Kayse, Sharon Adams. Third Row: Charles Crane, Louis Hasseld, Douglas McPherson, Margo May, Judith Jones, Myra Vahle, Shirley King, Jean Hornberger, Daniel Dowler, Dennis Foress, John Russell, Marsha Reynolds, Judith Hiatt, Patricia Hastings. Fourth Row: Sharon Hoy, Carol Bolinger, Martha Scarborough, David Butcher, Karen Fromer, Julie Schaefer, Bonnie Allgood, Lee Bartlett, Marilyn Hicks, Charlotte Huebner, Judy Hoyt, Annis Stigall, Joan Vveddell, Kay Clore, Dziclra Zils, Carleton Hillman, James Kendrick, Gerald Lewis, Ronald Woodrum. Top Row: Robert Taylor, David Gaertner, Michael Keesee, James Bigelow, Edward Ogle, John Hook, Warl Aughe, Ben McAllister, James Stephenson, Richard McMath, Donald Henry, Judith Wilkerson, Virginia Smith, Susan Smith, Myra Robbins, David Duree, Beverly Lyon-s. EVERY PERSONALITY CAN FIND A CLUB TO SUIT ITS TASTE K I 3 , 5 s :sf QUIZ 'EM TEAM-First Row: Joseph Miles, Nickie Eskew, Eric Fenter. Second Row: Mrs. Dorothy Lyon, coach, Ross Heltt, Wil- lie Ray. Top Row: Larry Bland, Edward Wilson, Donald Henry. Busily working with the Student Center is a large group of Techites known as the Service Club. These students render many valuable services to the school such as guarding doors and lunchrooms or running errands, in addition to sponsoring the Orientation program and White Christmas Dance. JUNIOR RED CROSS AUXILIARY- FOREIGN RELA- Jeffers, Julie Schaefer, Shirley Mootz, Jerilyn Goodwin, TIONS CLUB-First Row: Jean Hornberger, Anita Nelms, Marilyn Reynolds, Connie Moore. Top Row: Robert Mc- Karen Fromer, Betty Ison, Sandra Lively, Gloria Noble. Kinsey, Anna DeErees, William Sare, James Forbes, Second Row: Patricia Gaines, Sandra Chambers, Betty 'E SERVICE CLUB AND MESSENGERS-First Row: Ellen Mann, Sharon Ruppert, Gloria Noble, Sandra Lively, Sharon Crawley, Brenda Weaver, Darlene Cole, Jerilyn Goodwin, Diana Huttman, Margaret Dooley. Second Row: Sarah Baker, Nancy Brown, Frances Stott, Janet Wooten, Elizabeth Randolph, Josephine Applewhite, La Vonne Weathers, Mayree Nash, Joann Whitsey, Kathryn Coch- ran, Carol Loyd, Betty Jo Fleming, Joseph Lahr. Third Row: Sonia Donnals, Eleanor Powell, Betty Ball, Shirley Shackeltord, Kathleen Teets, Ann Taylor, Shetia Hayes, Emma Lowe, Pauline Palmer, Carolyn Avery, Earline Martin, Joanne Allen, Juanita Nelson, Linda Dailey. Fourth Row: Linda Higgins, Judith Reterred to by our principal, Mr. Anderson, as "a powerful organization on the Tech campus," the Student Attairs Organization consists ot three divisions-Representative Body, Executive Board, and Ofticers' Council. SAO sponsors many activities such as Junior Red Cross, Good Sports- manship, Polio, and Clean-Up drives, the Junior Prom and Harvest Moon Ball, ln addition, the Board has drawn up the Student Code ot Ethics. 1- A S, S.A.O. EXECUTIVE BOARD-First Row: Karen Fromer, Roberta Russell, corresponding secre- tary, Willie Ray, sergeant-at-arms, Marilyn Reynolds, recording secretary, Michael Reyman, president, Kay Noblitt, vice president, Harold Rominger, treasurer, Barbara Baker. Second Row: Gloria Noble, Susan Shingleton, Frances Stott, Patricia South, Rebecca NNiegand, Con- nie Moore, Linda Hill, Barbara Madden, Mrs. Martha Turpin, sponsor, Linda Johnson. Third Row: David Wilmer, James Forbes, David Bailie, Charles Welsh, Robert McKinsey, Thomas Pol- lard. Fourth Row: David Butcher, David Thatch- er, Robert Hunt, Charles Umbanhowar, William Green, Peter Waeger, William Sare. Not shown: Don Erman. vi X43 .lil Burnam, Linda Price, Sherry Barner, Richard George, Sandra Nieten, Jeanne Hand, Judith Hammer, Brenda Daniels, Rosemary Beverley, Janet Purcell, Hiedi Dowdy, Shirley Moots, Phyllis Hayes, Carole Shear, Eleanor Baltimore, Joanne Cleveland. Top Row: Betty Jo Hill, Jean Allen, Sandra Chambers, Patricia Gaines, Betty Jefters, Don Parish, Edward Harding, Pamela Powell David Parish, John L. Smith, Gareth Putnam, Jo Ruddell, Angela Greene, Sarah Ruffell Nancy Huskisson. Not Pictured: Robert McKinsey, treasurer, Sandra Potts, Program chairman. IN THE parasol parade at the i957 Spring Style Show are Nigel Henry, Sandra De Vore, Suzanne Clemons, Judith Frye, Jeannette Hunt, Sharon Penrose, Sandra Conover, Ann Hinshaw. 1 'T' ANXIOUSLY vvaifing for The resulTs, The girls who vvaTch The balloT boxes wonder which candidares vvill be The lucky ones AT Tech, There's no Time for mischief! Teachers as well as sfudenfs are confinuously on a merry-go-round of work anal fun. The fall means freshmen and a well- plannecl orienfafion program. As leaves begin To Turn our Thoughfs svvifch To The gala Mardi Gras which is noT only fun, buf harcl work Tool Then alecorafing for Chrisfmas begins on Tech's campus. Yes, TechiTes are always busy, in class or in seasonal social affairs. u 5 D ol' gm -. .D-2 s Gs FAA B A 49,ooD X .. . 5' 'Q' uu,o5u , . if 'sap . E j . :. .,. ' 0.9-L ' sf T - .A fi Q '-"' .,f THE eleganT pink Tissue paper Chrisfmas Trees in The enTrance windows of Treadvvell Hall were cheerful aTTracTions This year sais fl ei' h ' l CHATTING os they relox, teochers enioy o Hcottee ond donut brecik" between semesters, thonks to Mesdomes Turpin ond Deoring. f, '. -1, fi - X i .9 - A s .E Cl-llVAl.RY'S not deod proves Donold Neill os he helps Lindo Ketring pick up her purseg Annis Stigoll thinks it is tunnyi PACKING Red Cross boxes ore members ot the F.R.J.R.C.A., Betty lson, Connie Moore, Mrs. Borboro Deoring, their sponsor, ond Anno De Frees. -fx. Q x gn-nnani .-vsu1N..f. CLEVER photographer gets tricky shot ot Freshmon Orientotion line in Stuort Tower. 5 . H "-.... -W...-fr' ff C, s. wr TYPISTS FOR THE WEEKLY AND YEARBOOK: Patricia Gaines, Rose Ellen Ege lseatedl, Annis Stigall, Kathryn Cochran, Suzanne Smith, exchanges. Not shown-Mary Elizabeth Taylor, bookkeeper. THE SPORTS' staff for the newspaper and yearbook are Roger Miller, Sharon Grubb, Jack Rogers, James Forbes. if "'1 f All by A . A. ' gi lux-:qu El IT MAY MEAN HARD WORK, BUT IT'S FUN TO MEET DEADLINES A REALLY busy girl all year has been Lynn Hunter, iunior lat rightl, editor-in-chief of the T958 Arsenal Cannon Yearbook, who has had Janet Nice, head copy writer, and Steven May, copy writer, assisting her with the editing. It's just one mad race-writing headlines, copy, and captions, counting characters and lines, making picture appointments, canceling them and making new ones, cropping pictures, making page layouts, phoning the engraver, checking with photographers, choosing the cover, working during vacations, and selling enough ads to meet expenses. Yes, for seven breathless months, yearbook stattites work from three to tour hours every school day in the yearbook room at West Residence. Long after most at us have gone home, lights burn brightly in the old commandant's house. But what a satisfaction it is at the yearbook autograph dance to hear subscribers exclaim about the beauty, the origin- ality, and the cleverness ot our yearly publication. CHECKING a story are Cecil Tresslar, assistant ad- visor, Mrs. Rosemary Riggs, publications assistant and Miss Ella Sengenberger, director of Publications Q I ui r KWH ,,gf3f.?""""' ARSENAL CANNON WEEKLY EDITORIAL STAFF-Seated: Sally Thiesing, editor- Russell, Page 3 editor. Standing Nancy Kleifgen Page 2 editor Jame Thiry in-chief, Sharon Hoy, school editor, L. C. Suddarth, associate editor, Roberta photographer, Carol Jean Anderson News Bureau editor Every Thursday, atter the ten days ot writing, editing, counting heads, planning pages, and meeting deadlines which members ot the Arsenal Cannon weekly staff go through, material evidence ot their work shows when the stacks ot Cannons arrive from the Print Shop. The work seems worthwhile to the statftites as they count their lines and admire the results ot their "Blood, toil, tears, and sweat." There is little time tor relaxation, however, forthe next issue must be ready in a week. QUILL AND SCROLL INITIATION. Mrs. Esther McCleerey, honor- ary member, Sally Thiesing, Mr. H. H. Anderson, newest honorary member, L. C. Suddarth and Roberta Russell, initiates x.. BF-um REPORTERS-Seated: Mardema Coram, Jo Ann Stephens, Mary Grace Johnson David Girt Petei Waeger Billy Randell, Michael Griggs, David Butcher, Kay Hutton, Joyce Fuckin Sue Rush Standing Janet Nice Suzanne Clemons. Not shown: John Wallick. REPORTERS-Seated: Shirley Ledtord, Elsie Humbarger. Standing: Steven May, William Breedlove. wie I , Qi C , I . nl z"-5. 4 .t .3 ,i 42- 1 Y ,ax -1 I s 3,.! 'Mk " V - Q ,J JOURNALISM CLASS - Clockwise: Gevon Stoner, Patricia Gaines, Ma- donna Heck, Judy Heitzman, William Meek, Fay Ratlift, Julie Schaefer, Betsy Pearson, Karen Fromer, and Connie McKimmy. PRESENTING a Sl,OOO check to Miss Sengenberger and Editor Lynn Hunter, to be used to help finance the yearbook, are Dr. Earl Bock- stahler, Mrs. Earl Hopping, president, and Mrs. R. K. Buckner, vice president of our own P-TA at the assembly featuring Mr. Don Belding. P CHRISTMAS is a time ot giving, and many Techites gave gener- ously to the Christmas Seal sale sponsored by the Journalism class. LEMURY PAF i 355 5 MMD!! ir Suggwi 9 N f GLOSS PRINT SHOP INSTRUCTORS-Clyde Armel, yearbook ads- senior names, Harold E. Deem, oltset printing, Floyd Bil- lington, weekly press-binding, George R. Barrett, weekly printing advisor, Ralph E. Clark, weekly linotype-make-up. ww l l re M 3' W E t 3 I i x gi 6, ' dir 90 ml AT THE assembly in March, sponsored by the Arsenal Cannon, are Kathryn Dale, secretary at XE 'x Crossroads, Mr. Don Belding, speaker, L. C. Sud- r darth, Lynn Hunter, Sally Thiesing, Barbara Estridge, Mr. Roy Patton, director at Crossroads Rehabili tation Center, and Miss Catherine Bauer, Chi cago. ln front is Mike Baker, I958 Easter S-eal boy. I BESIDES EDITING THE CANNON "Busier than bees" is about the only expression one can give to members and advisors on the Arsenal Cannon statts. In addition to editing the weeklyand yearbook,the Cannon sponsors assemblies, Newspaper Week, an autograph dance, May Day luncheon, and this year, the Reader's Digest Top Teen poll. Then, too, "Cannon kiddies" join Quill and Scroll, attend press conferences, enter writing contests, and have service proiects. This year, there was hardly a day that a request was not received for pictures and clippings from our morgue. STAFFITES SPONSOR ACTIVITIES si i , - ,., f . ,ttf , ki?-4 Qs S957 4 . Wv LOOKING at a display the library arranged tor the Arsenal Cannon Q wgmmd sponsored Newspaper Week are Judith Allen and Sharon Neighbors. XM If READER'S DIGEST TOP TEN PANEL LUNCHEON-Seated: Mrs. Lydia Thomas, Public Relations, Mr. H, H. Anderson, principal, Dr. Herman L. Shibler super editor-in-chiet of Reader's Digest Educational numberg Teddy Winckebach, intendent, James Knauer, Howe, Hiss Helen Thornton, English department head Manual, Nancy Hildenbrand, Washington, Steven May, Tech, Marilyn Bennett, Kirk Sargent, Shortridge, Suzanne Clemons, Tech, Steven Roberts, Broad Ripple Harry E. Wood, Finis Anderson, Crispus Attucks. Standing: Mr. .lack Parker, Sally Thiesing, Tech, Miss Sengenberger, publications director. TT 'rf ,x - bx ,mg-5 Y J W 4 -,iv.Ai-..+,.... ..-,--f - ---- ,Q 1,9-fb X N 1 0.914 - v 1 1 , xxal -5 Qs,,'.'1f.... . .. 4..- --. . .. ,R , .A 'Q'K?s""'v-If -sv 3 'M v 4. :fic M4 K , N f -N Q wffx , ,,. x at fn .,,, .., . sq, ,gnvgcw .wi ff' N, VY.-.,. --, f-.1 v.. 3 4 ,x yn.. ,-in - --41 T "T"'TT" W" ' """"- TX-'N lj FooTball, baskeTball, wresTling, cross-counTry, baseball, Track, Tennis, and golT . . . yes, These are The eighT Teams of which Tech is very proud. NoT only do The coaches oT These aThleTes build winning Teams, buT They Try To mold good characTer. SporTsmanship and cooperaTion are sTressed To The boys as well as To The sTudenT body. Then, Too, Tech has plenTy of space Tor The Training of These Greenclads. A sTadium wiTh a auarTer- mile Track, a cross counTry course, baseball, TooTball pracTice, and girls' aThleTic fields, Tennis courTs, and an ouTside baskeTball courT may be Tound on These 76 acres. Wherever There is a specTaTor sporT, masses oT Teen-age enThusiasTs are Tound, eiTher laughing, weeping, yelling, shouTing ioyous hello's, or iusT Talking To a Tellovv TechiTe. VViThouT a doubT, Tech always has an aThleTic program ThaT warranTs respecT. "COME ON, Green, Come on, WhiTe, Come on, Tech, leT's TighT," shouT Thousands of happy Teens when led by Their enThusiasTic cheerleaders. 1 44 WX if fa, 1, M7 ' " ' - 1 'Q -I 15 321' ' . ', ' w f 'f , N X ffl 6 3 32535-X 1 4 8 - 1'f?fLbf?C VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM-First Row: James Beasley, manager, Walter Lyons, Ronnie McCawley, Don Erman, Raymond Akers, Paul Myer, student manager. Second Row: Coach Ernest Medcalfe, Richard Johnson, Ronald McCurry, James Ramsey, Paul Renfro, Robert Woodard, James Collins, Harold Gwynn, Dwayne Turner, James DeMott, Felson Bowman, Trainer Howard Catt. Third Row: Coach Wallace Potter, Athletic Director Charles P. Dagwell, Noel Stephens, William Barnes, Fred Tingle, Ray Carter, Richard Brown, Bruce Pleak, John Weliever, Noel Sandy, Donald Neill, John Byers, Jack Dalton, Principal H. H. Anderson, William Fields, Coach Carlos Bell. Top Row: George Bishop, Frank Rushton, Fred McNorton, Chester Hallinin, Robert Walker, Robert Cook, Richard Parnell, Nick Gibson, Robert Terhune, Danny Koehler, James Thomas. VARSITY HAS PERFECT SEASON, RESERVES MAKE GOOD SHOWING History was made when the Tech varsity football team trotted off the Shortridge field after downing the Blue Devils I2 to O in Tech's final season game. This was the first year that a Greenclad pigskin squad had completed a season undefeated and untied. It also marked the Hrst year of coaching the Big Green for Mr. Wallace Potter, who for eight years was the assistant coach. Tech romped through nine tough opponents, including some of the roughest in the top-ranked North Central Conference, to emerge both city champion and co-champ of the league with Kokomo. Two of Tech's boys made the carefully chosen All-State team: Ronnie McCauley, who was also top scorer in the city with 95 points, at fullback, and big Ron McCurry, at tackle. Junior Ray Akers made a spectacular showing on the gridiron with his hard, dazzling long runs, which tallied time and again. OUR NEW head varsity coach, Wallace R. Potter, ' has directed the team through its crushing season. VARSITY FOOTBALL Sept. Tech Howe Sept Tech Broad Ripple Sept. Tech Anderson Sept. Tech Muncie Central Oct. Tech Frankfort Oct. Tech Logansport Oct. Tech Washington Nov. Tech New Castle Nov. Tech Shortridge S Q fkl RESERVE FOOTBALL TEAM-First Row: Donald Longshore, Harold Wood, Kent Samuel Green, John Davis, Carlton Green, John Currens, George Bernhart Stierwalcl, Clifford Day, Russell Hirschy, manager, James Whitaker, William Ronnie Rushton. Third Row: August Gordon, William Barnett, Phillip Green Montgomery, Jessie Marsden, Peter Smith, Kenneth Woodard, Richard Brown. Ronald Taylor, Paul McRoy, James Mcislorten, John Doherty, George Howe Second Row: Coach Robert Meyer, Jerry Maynard, James Glaze, David Hass, Armin Fiedler. Under the able direction of Coach Robert Meyers, the Tech reserve football squad vvas led to a good, hard-fought season of four wins, one tie, and one loss. On its vvay to the finish of the season, the Medium Green dumped Sept tough Broad Ripple and Shortridge, as vvell as Crispus sepf. Attucks and Washington. The Anderson Indians, hovvever, 22' edged out the B Team by one point to mar its season record. Oct- Clcf Southport Cardinals handed the reserves their one tie. Big men in the backtield were l-larold Woods at quar- terback, and Jim McNorton and Frank Craig at halfback. RAY AKERS fights through a tough New Castle defense as the ramping Greenclads defeat the Trojans 34 to 13. RESERVE FOOTBALL Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech 20 20 l Broad Ripple O Anderson 7 Southport O Crispus Attucks O Shortridge O Washington l3 MLJDDY and vvet but with undaunted spirits, varsity footballers cheer after taking the city title by defeating rival Shartridge. FRESHIVIAN FOOTBALL TEAM-First Row: Paul Bowlby, Leon Combs, Ronnie Fulton, Jack Beam, Roy Grundy, John Muench, Dennis Bolton, Jon Smith, Charles Hart, Haraland Pierce. Second Row: Phillip VVhite, John Finch, Walter Hodgin, Jerry Harvey, Jack Justice, Denny Lawless, Jerome Cook, Don Koonce, Charles Carpenter, Richard Cree, Robert Jones, Fred Brown, Curtis Childress, manager. Third Row: Coach James Stewart, Daniel Wright, manager, Micky FROSH WIND UP EVEN SEA BLOCK T CLUB-First Row: Thomas Pollard, William Bradford, Ernest Duff, Ray Carter, Paul Renfro, Tom Strain, Albert Miller. Second Row: Roscoe Fields, Robert McFarland, Robert Walker, James Ramsey, Ross Helft, James Glaze, Jon Dalton, Don Hubbard. Third Row: Jerry Nichols, Bruce Pleak, Fred McNorton, Richard Johnson, Gene Healton, Louis Drexler, John Kline, Charles Bowman. Fourth Row: Ronald Bryant, James Reeves, Larry Deuser, Robert McGuire, Robert Woodard, David Thatcher, Ronald Timbs, Louis Blume, Kenneth King. Fifth Row: Melvin Bradford, Ronald McCauley, Felson Bowman, Clifford Gribben, Charles Umbanhowar, Walter Lyons, Noel Sandy. Top Row: John Weliever, Don Erman, Ray Akers, Indulis Brikmanis, James Collins, Ronald IVlcCurry, Duane Turner, James De Mott. Hartsburg, Walter Jones, Ronald Peterson, Walter Stegman McKinley Butler Thomas White, Tom Benell, Gary Sarver, Denny Rushton Ulysses Johnson Ronnie Heitzman, Don Tucker, Coach Ivan lvloreman. Top Row Donald Walters Anthony Laker, Richard Hodgson, J. R. Woodcock, Steven Dunlap Walter Dorsey, Don Sriannigan, James Rhodes, Willie Williams, James Burgess David Jones, Rick Thixton, Victor Walker, Donald Strauser, Ronald Fosso SON WITH A 50-50 MARK FRESHIVIAN FOOTBALL Sept. Tech 34 Frankfort Oct. Tech I2 Scecina Oct. Tech Crispus Attucks Oct, Tech 2 Shortridge Oct. Tech Washington Oct. Tech I2 Broad Ripple The freshman football squad, with Coaches Ivan Moreman and James Stewart, closed its season with a 50-50 mark of three wins and three losses. Trained until they were a formidable match for any team, their speed and blocking, coupled with good plays, ran opponents ragged. Undefeated in the North Central Conference league, the frosh whipped their only contender Frank- fort 34 to 0. Backfield men were Don Tucher at fullback, Gary Sarver at left halfback, Bob Jones at right halfback, and Ron Heitzman at quarterback. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM-First Row: Gerry Williams, William Bales, Louis David Thatcher, Clifford Gribben, George Horton, Edward McFarland, Donald Drane, Roosevelt Warren, Larry Dunville, Clarence Miller, James Gribben, Hubbard, Coach Paul Myers, Athletic Director Charles P. Dagwell, Third Row: Walter Hernandez, Brad Boswell, Robert Hofer. Second Row: William Cauld- Thomas See, Michael Cutshaw, Lowell Kirkbride, Clyde Lucas, Frank Latz, well, student manager, David Bodenheimer, Joe Wright, Anatoli Boschenko, Gilber Sprecher, Michael Abbett, Robert Donahue, Gerald Miller, Eric Boone f' HARRIERS FINISH NEAR-PERFECT IN DUAL MEET COMPETITION Day after day the thinlyclads braved the brisk fall defeat in dual meets. The Greenclads also managed weather to run a long, rugged two-mile course. to place fourth in the NCC and seventh in the State Competing with the toughest teams in the state, our meet. Three seniors, Clifford Gribben, David Thatcher, crass country runners finished the season with a very and Donald Hubbard, led the team when it came respectable record of four wins, one tie, and one to winning places in the stiffest of competition. COACH PAUL Myers poses with his seven men who ran in DR. A, D. Dennissn, guest speaker, gives the athletes some the State Cross Country Meet: lfrontl Clifford Gribben, sound advice at the fall football-cross country banquet. Donald Hubbard, David Thatcher, lrearl Richard Esselborn, Larry Dunville, Gerald Miller, and Eugene Boone, winners. 1 Sr' g MTH Ai? 99 i VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM-First Row: Charles Peterson, Melvin Garland, Ron- Bishop. Third Row: Coach Charles Maas, Assistant Coach .lack Bradford Ath nie Bryant, Eddie Hannon, Ronnie McCauley, Second Row: James Spaulding, letic Director Charles P. Dagwell, Trainer Howard Catt, Student Manager on lndulis Brikmanis, Charles Untbanhowar, Harold Boyd, Larry Bemis, George nie Rushton. VARSITY BASKETBALL NOVA Tech Scecina GREENCLAD CAGERS WIN CITY, NO- tech cent--of NOV- Tech Southport LCSE SECOND TOURNEY GAME Dec' Tech Fmkfoff Dec. Tech New Castle Dec. Tech Attucks Jan. Tourney Tech Manual Tech Washington TOWERING Charles Umbanhower grabs a rebound from Test Amfks dwarfed Scecina player as Larry Bemis gives a hand Jan' Tech Anderson ' Jan. Tech Washington Jan. Tech Lafayette Jeff Jan. Tech Manual Jan. Tech Muncie Central Jan, Tech Howe Jan Tech Marion ' Feb. Tech Richmond Feb. Tech Broad Ripple Feb. Tech Kokomo Feb. Tech Logansport Feb. 26-Var, l Sectionals Tech 75 Wood 54 Tech 50 Attucks 6l again capped the City Championship only to drop the Sectionals to their age-old rival, Crispus Attucks. Ranked fourth in the state, Tech was favored by many to go as far as the Regionals. ln NCC play the Green- clads were a little less fortunate than last year. After a losing streak of three, the roundballers de- feated Richmond to capture Hfth in the conference. Led by the sharpshooting of Eddie Hannon and Larry Bemis, the Green had a powerful shooting attack which was bolstered by the rebounding of l-larold Boyd The Green and White Knights of the hardwood court once RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM-First Row: William Meek, Frank Craig, Melvin Richard Henry, Kenneth Adams, student manager. Top Row: William Sams, Noel Garland, Ray Carter, Jesse Lynch, Charles Maiors. Second Row: Russell Hirschy, Sandy, Ronnie Craig, Robert Marshall, Dennis Edwards, Donald Amos, Kenneth student manager, Harold Woods, Jerry Ritchie, James Hunt, John Morris, Brooks, Coach Jack Bradford. RESERVE BASKETBALL U H NO, M55 SCM., MAGNIFICENT B TEAM Nov Tech 50 Warren Central NOV- Tech 53 Soufhpofr WINS NINETEEN LOSES TWO Dec. Tech 49 Frankfort I Dec. Tech 54 New Castle Dec. Tech 43 Attucks Jan. City Tourney Tech 54 Washington Tech 47 Mgmmi ALERT Eddie Hannon leaps high to intercept a wild Tech 40 Attvcks pass in the NCC game against Franktort's Hot Dogs. Jan. Tech 45 Manual Jan. Tech 46 Muncie Central Jan. Tech 49 Howe Jan. Tech 50 Marion Feb. Tech 4l Cathedral Feb. Tech 60 Richmond L Feb. Tech 48 Broad Ripple Feb. Tech Sl Kokomo Feb. Tech 4l Logansport Under the tutelage ot Mr. Jack Bradtord, the Medium T Green completed a magnificent season with T9 wins as compared to two losses. Losing to NCC toe Muncie Central, the reserves shared the conterence title with the Bearcats. In the city tourney the Greenclads weren't so tortunate. Attucks shattered a Tech championship as the Tigers downed the junior varsity in the tinal game. Leading scorers were Mel Garland, Ray Carter, and Bill Sams. However, Coach Bradtord could never tell which at his starting tive would break into the double tigures. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM-First Row: Charles Russel, Randall Miller, Reynolds, Jerry Frohmuth, student manager. Top Row: David Barnes, Joe Sigg, Floyd Roney, Denny Rushton, Donald Tucker, Luther Jacks. Second Row: Larry Jerome Cook, Tom Brinkley, Darnal Johnson, Coach Robert Mehl. Musick, Eddie Akers, Tom White, Robert Jones, Michael Hartsburg, Melvin RHINIES HAVE GOOD SEASON Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. FRESHMAIXI BASKETBALL 23 3 10 17 7 9 11 14 16 23-24 city Tech 40 Tech 32 Tech 45 Tech 34 Tech 39 Tech 41 Tech 37 Tech 45 Tech 41 Tourney Tech 46 Tech 46 Warren Central Sacred Heart Ben Davis Wood Manual Broad Ripple Washington Howe Crispus Attucks Crispus Attucks Manual Jan. 28 Tech 51 Scecina 41 Jan. 30 Tech 42 Shortridge 33 Feb. 4 Tech 44 Washington 38 Feb. 8 Tech 38 Broad Ripple 49 Feb. 1 1 Tech 51 Howe 28 Feb. 13 Tech 49 Shortridge 49 Feb, 18 Tech 37 Cathedral 27 Coach Robert Mehl's freshman basketball team missed the City Tourney title by a hair for the first time in ive years as it dropped a close one to Manual, 47 to 46, in the final game. Since the frosh had a vvell-balanced team, it will furnish the varsity with good material. CHEERLEADERS-In front: Reserves Robert Mc- Kinsey, Bonita Watts, Mary Louise Davis, Rebecca Wiegan, Thomas Pollard. Standing: Varsity Michael Reyman, Rebecca Wilson, Judy Heitz- man, Sharon Phelps, Michael Mott. WRESTLING TEAM-First Row: Thomas Brown, Paul Rentro, James Glaze, John Klein, Ernest De Mott, James Ramsey, Gary McGuire, Ernest DuFI, James Reeves. Second Row: John Dalton, Robert White, Frederick Tingle, Clittord Day, William Dollinger, Deryl Hedge, Ozwald Girolami, John Morrow, Dwayne Turner, Larry Smith. Third Row: Michael Cutshaw, Jessie Marsden, Frank Rushton, Roosevelt WRESTLERS WIN CITY TOURNEY VARSITY WRESTLING Nov Tech 22 Broad Ripple Nov. Tech 47 Washington Dec. Tech 3I Muncie Central Dec. Tech 33 Anderson Dec. Tech 24 Richmond Dec. Tech 27 Southport Dec. City Tourney TechfFirst 92 Jan. Tech 28 Shortridge Jan. Tech 36 Manual Jan. Tech 25 Crawtordsville Finishing its second straight season undefeated in dual meets the varsity wrestling team won the I957 City - Tourney and Sectional titles. Coach William Treichler had many outstanding athletes in this tield which included champions such as James Reeves, Ernest De Mott, Dwayne Turner, and Harold Guynn, all ot whom received first places in two ot three ot the tourneys in which the Greenclads were entered. James Ramsey won a hrst place in the Sectional, and Ernest Dutt received a medal tor tirst place in the City Tourney. In its regular season the team taceol both ot the state co-champions, defeating one, Broad Ripple, and tying the other, Richmonol's Red Devils, with a 24-to-24 draw. Warren, Robert Downey, Robert Purvis, Larry I-Iockman, Gerry VVilIiams, George Sims, Reserve Coach Robert Meyer. Top Row: Coach Vtlilliom Treichler, James Whitaker, student manager, Thomas Pollard, John Weliever, Harold Gwynn, Robert Woodard, James Monro, Fred Covington, August Garden, Athletic Director Charles P. Dagwell, Jan. 22 Tech 46 Cathedral 7 Jan. 23 Tech 4l Howe II Jan. 24 Tech 38 Scecina I7 Jan. 25 North Central Conference Tech-Second 82 Jan. 28 Tech 26 Wood 23 Jan. 29 Tech 28 Decatur Central I8 Jan. 3l Tech 24 Lafayette 20 Feb. 8 Sectional - Tech-First I2I Feb. I5 Regional - Tech-Fifth Feb. 22 Finals - Tech-Thirteenth LCDOKING up to get the reteree's signal, Dwayne Turnei prepares to take on the I75-pounder trom Muncie Central IO3 VARSITY TRACK TEAM--In Front: Student managers Jerry Maynard and James Whitaker. First Row: Bruce Pleak, Ed McFarland, Don Hubbard, Rich born, Frank Craig, Ray Carter, Ray Akers, William Bradtord, Rosc Richard Johnson, Robert Walker, Second Row: Athletic Director Charles Dag- ard Essel- oe Fields, well, Head Coach James E. Stewart, Robert Woodard, Richard L. Brown, David Thatcher, Joe Wright, Karl Schmidt, David Hart, Assistant Coach Wal- lace Potter. Top Row: Don Neill, Larry Horton, Clittord Gribben, Indulis Brikmanis, Dennis Edwards, George Bishop, William Barrett, James Ramsey. TRACKMEN HAVE GARNERED MANY VICTORIES DURING SEASON Sparked by determination, the varsity cinder- men, led by Raymond Carter, Clifford Gribben, VARSITY TRACK SCHEDULE Raymond Akers, and Robert Woodard, capped April I Tech 72 Washington 45 , , , , April 3 Tech 86 Warren Central 3I their tourth consecutive City Champion- April H Tech 7,-U3 Shomidge 45-on ship, under the expert guidance at Coach APN' I5 Tech 60 Andefson 49 . h April I8 Tech 67 Broad Ripple 42 James Stewart. Their record includes tive Aon, 22 Tech 5Q.1fQ Kokomo 56,tfQ wins and one loss in dual meets. A team ot AW' 25 Ted' 49'V7 Ripple 4O'V7 . . City skilled cindermen, they could be counted on to May 2 Tech 46-W2 Kokomo 44-,yo make themselves telt in any meet they entered. Conference' Richmond lPress Timel They took the 3lst North Central Conterence track and tield meet with 4oV2 points, tirst time in I9 years. AT THE city track meet ilettl Alan Joy Whipp, Tech track queen, lcenterl Ray Carter wins the 220-yard dash by a hair's breadth, presents trophy to Ray Carter, Bob Woodard, and Coach Stewart, and irightl Robert Woodward wins the shot put tar needed points. X i. T ,A.,- of - xx-sm ' of 1 -4,,.., . .wc , MP1 K f' Md' , xl i 35 RESERVE TRACK TEAM-First Row: Daryl Ker- ggi berg, Ronnie Taylor, Robert Irvin, Lowell Kirk- " bride, Cecil Cornell, Harold Woods, Thomas Brown, Jessie Marsden, Frank Lotz. Second Row: Coach Ivan Moreman, Anatoli Boschenko, Carlon Greene, Steven Steinbush, William Barnes, Clarence Jefferson, Darrel Britt, Mike Cutshaw. Top Row: Clyde Lucas, Thomas King, George Howe, Lyn Smith, Deryl Hedge, Charles Hendrick. OUR SECOND TEAMS SHOWED RESERVE TRACK SCHEDULE PROGRESS DURING SEASON Apr' I Tech 81 Wcshwon April 3 Tech 82-lf2 Warren Central April II Tech Shortridge With honorable records, the freshman and April is tech 77 Anderson . . April I8 Tech 77 Broad Ripple reserve teams look like good timber for April 22 Tech 34.10 Kokomo future competition. The freshmen racked IPre-SS Time-I up a good season under the expert guidance FRESHMAN TRACK SCHEDULE of their coach Carlos Bell. Meanwhile, April ,I Tech 76 Shormdge the reserves also successfully handled April 16 Testi 84 Washington . I A April 23 Tech 89 Attucks top notch competition, thanks to their App, 29 Tech 58 MGHUO, coach Ivan Moreman. Outstanding were MW I Tech Howe May 6 Tech City 1,Press Time George Howe, Thomas Brinkley, Larry Dunville, Ronald Taylor, and Thomas Janes. FRESHMAN TRACK TEAM-First Row: Coach Carlos Bell, Thomas Bennell, James Brinkley, Jerome Cook, Russell Green, Joe Sigg, James Rhoades. Top Row: Williams, Walter Hodgin, LeRoy Kinchlow, Louis Drane, Larry Coleman, Kenneth Ulysses JOhnSOn, DOWCI B0CIGnhSimSV, RODOICI BOVIOW, JSVVY HGVVGY, Cornelius Lee, James Jackson, James Emerson, Larry Dunville, Charles Miller. Second Row: Muncie, Thomas White, Edward Akers, Ronald Heitzman, Paul Bovvlbey. Robert Barer, Jack O'Neill, James Gribben, Gary Sarver, Robert Barnes, Thomas f:nm--,.c, 7.,l.1- - 1- v-w.7 .i w i i - i 1 l 'l.fml IP' g ew ew Wt wt 4.-1. VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM--First Row: Louis Drexler, Allison Arnold, Jerry George Horton. Top Row: Student Manager James Beasley, Assistant Coach Nichols, Nick Gibson, Ronald McCauley, Gene Healton, Second Row: Don Er- Charles Maas, Don Cox, Roosevelt Warren, Melvyn Garland, Head Coach Jack man, Robert Marshall, Philip Hon, John Miller, Robert Cook, Richard Richey, Bradford, Student Manager Kenneth Adams. OUR VARSITY DIAMONDMEN HAD THEIR UPS AND DOWNS. Sun or rain, the baseball team could always be seen practicing for its forthcoming games with the toughest competition in the state. Powered by Coach Jack Bradford, the diamondmen upheld a comparatively good record. The team relied on Don Erman and Don Cox in the pitching department and top notch back- Helder Ron McCauley tor the distance batting. RESERVE BASEBALL TEAM-First Row: Michael Abbett, Noel Stephens, Kenneth Woodard, Tom See, Richard Hodgson, Russell Sterrett, Earl Chestnut, William Meek, Donald Cochran. Second Row: Robert Dunaway, Doyle Ramsey, Bernard Lynn Smith, Tom Laker, Darnel Johnson, Micky Hartsburg, Larry Long, James April April April April April April April April May May I 3 8 I5 I7 25 28 30 I 6 VARSITY BASEBALL SCHEDULE Tech Tech Tech Tech I3 Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech lPress Timey Southport Ben Davis Washington Crispus Attucks Lafayette Richmond New Castle Marion Logansport Frankfort lCanceledl 3 I 5 9 8 4 3 Johnson, Charles Carpenter. Top Row: Ralph Strough, George Hawkins, Robert Bostic Joseph Mohawcas, Coach Robert E. Mehl, Alfred Newman, Oscar Higgins, Richard Hughes, Gary Draper. I TENNIS TEAM: Kenneth King, Ross I-Ieltt, Thomas Strain, Gilbert Everett, Larry Deue ser, George Gordon, Lester Gordon, Coach Roland Leverenz. TENNIS, GOLF ARE HOLDING THEIR OWN VARSITY TENNIS SCHEDULE April ll Tech 4 Park April I6 Tech 5 Cathedral April I7 Tech 7 Crispus Attuclcs April 2l Tech 4 Shortridge April 24 Tech 4 Lafayette April 29 Tech 3 Kokomo iPress Timed GOLF TEAM- First Row: Richard Bowman, Louis Bluhm, John Dalton, Phillip Doran, Michael Rey- man. Second Row: William Sare, Robert Strother, Robert Galahorn, Richard Henry. Top Row: Warren Wetzel, Tony Brinkley, Coach Ernest Medcalfe. TECYH I I, in P I J W, r . 32 , fo 1 ,gs 'iii-:-25 f ,V , ANNUAL Girls Play Day is an exciting spring activity. PHYSICAL Education and Physical Fitness classes are popular. 'WD 5 3 .,x 14' 'S aff' .' . 1240! Q2 'V if ff . . E- , X' va 5 M -,f. I 4. A1 r .3 J J rw E, 1 Qs f 2 Qs ,, W , ,.,.. MMM-,wmv N .gggiggr V f .ff v' I 'A I V r' Y y Y 5 .2 , , ' pi' ,..,,,, .. , ,ff 1 ., t f w + ,,,-va - 3 , M..- 9-LXX H 1' ,.,,, ,-,- 3, J us ,wvvwl .har Il ,,,, X Z w-nr YN , A ,'.. 5185: ' at . ' ' -ng f V4 -v, , xg 4, , ,,,.4v-' 3,,.--ff f f, ,,yf5f:,,' . V A I I A Q l X i M ' W' .' W ' 4, Q ,. , 2. I gi - ' 1 wh, K J f , , 45 I P x 5 'W ! . K? ,Q h ,., Q ,ggi gp Q2 'Q Cs f f J 1. fi' ' af . . ' 'W' .F ' QA , as 5 j Q f A .Q --W . ,A 1 " ,',.'f, "' ' Y M if .x Wiz?" Q: Sk' Y ' X' 'A 5 of sb? Z 'Z - G V Af QQ- ww il Q Y - R 5,2 H f, . ' u " A M, n N I ' N, gm Q., if M- ,A L 4.1. if f . - ' 5 an, x six! W.. ,:'Q'm.,a Qwil.. "' r 'gum' 'F .4 A Q ' Q if ' 'WN' - W-N --------- --- --Q--1 in - gf 3 ., W1 ' ' f ,,, H ! if ' gf f Nf A V X ' e fi f ff N , A of SEM Q 'AP' ,ww -ep- mf I Q. 11- ,,.....---' l "x pf' JN .... .103 9.5" 41" -...hy r , .QJWX if E . C lin' 'Rf and , 4 I l ' . " I3 , l i ll .1 ' l i l, i , .1 . i 1 -, l i i 5 . L T i n T n l T 'ff' i i 1 A . l ltr ...' Clailmmliegdmzm lsifioiiilsogiiliizirczlveclli. Those HrsT doys on The compus os giggly freshmen, Those grown-up sophomore semesTers, ThoT dignified iunior yeor, ond mosT of oll, Those losT few limiTed doys of high school . . . yes, T958 Tech seniors will corry mony priceless memories in Their heorTs. . . memories of The exciTing elecTion of senior oicficers, The Thrill of moking Tech Legion, The TormoliTy of recepTions ond Teos, The choosing oT closs colors, The delicious Tood oT The senior picnic, The heodoches over senior TesTs, The long-coyeTed owords given on l-lonor Doy, The exchonging oT senior picTures, The Weoring oT pins ond rings, The dreomy Senior Prom, The mixed emoTions oT Vespers, ond The choked-bock Teors oT CommencemenT AlThough life moy direcT These seniors inTo mony dilTerenT chonnels, one memory will olvvoys remoin wiTh Them . . .The proud memory of hoying gone To Tech. CAROL Rooke pins The senior colors on The cooT lopel of Principol Anderson who soys he is going To be groduoTed vviTh The T958 closs 4 4 i THE F ALL IR. OUR NA SECIJRI WE IVILIET ItA'v't' t ANU STIIFIME le at it i MEMBERS OF THE I95B TECH LEGION-First Row: Miss Margaret Remy, Roberta Russell, Warren Schwomeyer, Judith Sluss, John Stutsman, L. C. Suddarth, Mr. Robert Belding, Legion committee chairman, Don Erman, co- commander. Second Row: Mr, Charles Glare, Anna Liepnieks, Carol Loyd, Winona McDowell, Barbara Madden, Linda Manring, Edith May, Joseph Miles,, Ann Bockstahler, Connie Moore, and Michael Reyman, captains. W Third Row: Sylvia Harrell, Dianna Hessman, Vonda Hilt, Katherine Holle, Larry Horton, Sharon Hoy, Judy Hoyt, Carol Ireland, Alice Jenkins, Anna DeFrees. Top Row: Jules Alcorn, Barbara Baker, Colette Bauerle, Rosemary Beverley, Larry Bland, Patricia Buchanan, Bonnie Burns, Ronald Cauble, John Coffman, Judith Cox, Frances Crosier. THE FIRST OF ALL FIRSTS IN HIGH SCHOCDL IS MR. Anderson and Mrs. Martha Turpin, dean ot girls, chat with parents about their children at the senior Parents reception. II2 Founded in I935 by Mr. Charles C. Martin, the Tech Legion was organized to recognize seniors who are outstanding in the attributes ot citizenship and qualities ot personal worth. The top officers are co-commanders who receive two-star pins and six captains who receive one-star pins. For the first time, this year's selection was delayed until the second semester ot the senior year and ten per cent of the entire class with the highest number ot merit citations were eligible tor membership. This year, too, a pin with three stars was presented to one who has always served Tech loyally, making him an honorary commander-in-chief-our Mr. Anderson. I'S 1' it Helen Peterson, Miss Ann Abbott. Second Row: Sally Thiesing, Charles Um- IS I. HOOP MEMBERS OF THE I958 TECH LEG-ION-First Row: Principal H. H. Anderson, honorary commander-in-chief Marilyn Reynolds co commander Sue Thom f I - 2 P' son, Karen Van Buskirk, Linda White, Judith Whitsett, Era Young, Miss WY Row: Dianna Dunigan, Linda Johnson, Kenneth Jolly, Saundra Jones, Guntis Kalnaia, Martha Katzenberger, James Kendrick, Kenneth King, Jo Ellen Kuerst, Charlene Lawson. Top Row: Sandra Eavey, Nancy Elliott, Niclcie Eskew, Eric Fenter, David Flannery, Nancy Foster, Lawrence Gaston, Herbert banhower, and David Wilmer, captains, Shirley Mootz, Kay Noblitt, Mari- Goshen, Sharon Grubb, Karen Halfaker. anna Peters, Sandra Potts, Willie Ray, Paul Rentro. Harold Rominger. Third GOOD CITIZENS, WORTHY OF THE TECH LEGION IT WAS a big day for the Senior Council when it was introduced to the seven h tall convocation when Sherman S-eagraves, accompanied by Alice Jenkins, opened the program by singing several lovely songs. undred members of the class at the first X . II3 SPONSOR ROOM 190 SPONSOR ROOM 153 SPONSOR ROOM 300 SPONSOR ROOM 5 SPONSOR ROOM 7 SPONSOR ROOM 6 MISS MARGUERITE HARDY :rf ' , f r . gy , ,s "', 5 -' ' I- -I fr fy , . ,Q -AAV M-in f '53 5, N x I 1 I wi I r 5553 I H .145 I 1 9319: W ig 'VH ' ' I ' I I x , ., J . A r- r - , if M- V 1' ' .v isw, ,, Q 'M gf. if S ' ' was 'N ra mx sm Q4 . as lg rm, A ' 'P f JULES R ALCGRN DORIS D BALL FELSON L. BOWMAN JEAN ANDERSON RONALD L, CAUBLE Pre-xrdfarei Vrce Presrderrt Secretary Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms SPONSOR If ' Av' NEIL, A . 'A 1' "l"fT"V L DON C ITRNIAN Prekzrdwut I 4 I S ,ar fr. A 2 Q, . A 'mgx - .I YT 4. -v'4A fax! 4 ii, fr ,I ' a SQ LINDA L. JOHNSON 1 CA f , SSN 'v ' 2 Q- 9 2351 . we 5 I. , - my j Iii , , as A Q. -......,... 1 fr W . f , .. , ,2zQr4f1zi if-Ifasflfrf. ' 4 s no 2? wi 1 .1 ,gy . I- -:ff',.,, ggi' -f-if W-a rv Shri . r FRPD Mc NORTON pIF!51d9I1T XF. ,, .. Q., , wb Yr X rf 7 , sig V .... ., My 1 f- ,wh ' A ' Q w ' I , PAUL Z. RENFRO Prr . :dent A P 39 X R Q fix' ar X fra. inf' 945-N ,C Q., ... BARBARA I CROSS Vrce Prosldenr ix ,wr , ' SQ gm t, A Q mp, ' M-LQ. 4 .. ae.-' , 3,4 up .,, 4? DONALD M HENRY Vice Presldent A ' . A , ,,, b . Mc...-4'2:frawaN . , , . IS ' -15" pw .V A e gf 2 ,.,,, ,wk I , , if fr I 4 mfg, 3 if, ,f my KAY NOBLITT Vrfqe Presidrent ""' - ,h g AW j ' 2, . gif ' "cr 51.2 ?R V s SNRR is 1, ROI-BERTA J. RUSSELL V109 Prrisrrcieni 2 14 wg., mwaf 'ww I ,X f aw X' A M .I N' 46 SAUNDRA D. DAULTON LAWRENCE GASTON EARL H. FRASIER MISS FRANCES KINSLFY Secretary if Treasurer qi rf r 3 Sergean! - at- Arms SPONSOR KAREN R. HALFAKER GUNTIS KALNAJS NICHOLAS JORDAN Miss MILDRED CORRIE Set-yeggyy TYQGSUYQY Sergeant Y at - Arms SPONSOR I "'.I I A Qi 'W' I A I rw YW w k 155 JU! BARBARA MADDEN THOMAS MOIR KENNETH E, KING MISS LOIS SINK Secretary Trsuu,1rQr Sergeant -at -Arms SPONSOR I 'xi I! MARILYN REYNOLDS Secretary f- A I 156' WILLIE F. RAY KARL H. SCHMIDT M135 IRENE RHODES Treasurer Sergeant-ai-Arms HEAD SPONSOR .r -.-,, " ,kk, . I gm gk JA, V is it :fem i 1 FN ' mist vi: ' az, ff x , rs rg - I . ,, 5 AJS " 6 3 vw ALAN .IQY WHIPP PAUL D TI-IATCHER JUDITH A. THOMAS Pm-5159151 Vice Preddcni Secreiary JOE L. TIMBS CHARLES UMBANHOWAR MISS JEAN WELLS Treasurer Sergeant A ut - Arms SPONSOR ,Hi .Ii DEE ANN AARON -Lk , ww ' -'IP' Gw- Vq- , i1 SHARON A ADAMS -an 'A "f"'m JUDITH D ABBOTT EILEEN ABSTINE 1- , 9,225 .lt A 2 Vx , GH. I A , . I-6- I 41, xv " 2. 1 I, g1fQw1fggj'f! ,L "4 1:5-2524 DANNY J. ADAMS .lgwff ,Qgrggj U' . Q5' 'I L? 1 5,45 uf F' i yyguf ',.f,.1.-1. ' 'Z 4,4 , . Y? 4, f 4 1 A if MARY ANN ADAMS . , .232 . ROBERT I. ADAMS ' ' .M . Jr 1: 'Q 2" V A - W 2 , Q - I vi 4 - A- .V Y gil 1.3 'ff f-. he M. P . 'R' I ... .., I 'zi' N I f gz- I i .-,-' N i I 4 - if if V I ff .. I 'AA' ,,,,, ,, ' ' " ,. A - ',.:. ., g 5 " f . ' I ,I W " I I "i1 1 DDA, . "' . ws A 1 1 M fy Nu A ' M I K, h F . ' A. ,N I 6 .v-- , .f ,M . . I 1. ,. 'Lg SYLVIA L. ADAMS RICHARD R. AGEE ETHEL ANN AKIN CAROL L. ALDRICH MERLA J ALENDER If .. ' L Y ry, Qflr-Q ,W M y , I A mv, N 'Q' .2 0 fy mv X' ggdif 'E ' . ' f f WILLIAM ALEXANDER DAVID ALGER JAMES 'if ' ' ' Ui'-I w I LOUISE ALTOM DELORES J. ALVIES JACKIE R ,, Q 5 E. ALLEN PATRICIA J. ALLEN PHILIP R. ALLGOOD DAVID L. ALLSTATT 'lk ANDERSON RONALD M. ANDERSON WILLIAM H ANDREWS ANNIE L. ARMSTRONG W' Wi ,na 'Q Q' g f? as 91 ISN ALLISON ARNOLD LOWE!-L G- ATKINSON NOEL D. ATKINSON CAROLYN S. AUTER WILLIAM 1, AVEHY ROBERT 1. AYLER ' AfW"1f' 1' 1 ':'6"WQ9v':f:61fyg,gI,Xf vrgfw f"' -'f . W... ,,,,.. ,W , N ..., ,,, f .2 .Q 1- .yV1gsvzifwi-?a5'Vl1 , "ff fi " -, MIC 1- 'A ' I , I I H' LQMW3 ' X", ' ' fl 5: I, , 5 -'J I in '-.gnu-' 5 4 I 0' 2 if 7' 1, f k' 1 ' , - Q. ' I V ii' hx I Z. N. . D I X r In I f'?m.x Li M I 1 DENNIS A. BACKUS SAMUEL N. BAINE BARBARA A BAKER LINA J. BALDERSON ELEANOR BALTIMORE STEPHEN D, BANKS ,HIS - Stinky t ti' N. mf I ,,1..- 6 - NCC CIW f A tx gf munmsw f I ,Q I 'gf' I M ia I I L. Tw... , ,Q fr:S.?5' ,,.. . , f Tj .:- - .- ASIBYL F. BARTLETT JACK H. BASINGER COLETTE BAUERLE BETTY R. BEAVEN RONALD L BECHTEL MARTHA F. BEESON A-4? 'n..':' K 57-1 H5 A . ' 5 gk X.. x. X31 Gee w .. M H6 A...-....T. . .L . ...VA . K X . .. Y .a x EW A VZ 1 .f .6 , ii ., . M it A .-, L Y' 2 " EI me Qi , A f ., X 5-iq,-my 5 E V V- -' . Qs Q' fw kr J me 1:15 .X A Qlxbti- f'--'L Q f M 3 -vw f , . , J ' 1 , ' ' 52 2 . 1.:..:,. , g y In Qrrvuqbb I , E? 'K lb, .,,, 5 . 2 M :K A , WI. , i A x L' 'YH s' pr. if .. ,... .... f f .. .A , A - SANDRA L BENNETT MARGARET S BENSON NELLIE MAY BESWICK A YY' ' vm A ..........?, FRANCES M. REVINS LARRY I BLAND LOUIS E BLUHM 5 " . M7-g.'3'4u Vw 7.3 'dh fr a NN ' A 1 V5 X.-JN... A Ref" , H- S ' ,qi zfi E SHARON J. RONN ELLEN G. BOWERS LORNA J. BONNET mb V, L X Q HAROLD L. BOYD WY!- Qi, N':"..:'O .05 EILEEN K. BRETHAUER FREDERICK J. BREWER .... .... .,,. .. X .. Q7 P . , I J me N ,emma 1 A f- , 7.5" TWV VALDIS D. BROSS Maur :V4 eln ,g':i::35? 'QC' A'-'. V iw J 7 , xx . GEORGE H. BROWN M4 ,gas I I .gh EUGENE S. BOONE 3 , ii , f i M i X f RONALD A. BOYD 1'1: 1 EZE' ll' fe X X . ANTHONY BRINKLEY .f., ,, , 03 ROSEMARY BEVERLEY 'Wk AVC? MARILYN BOCKELIVIAN THOMAS R. BIBBS WILLIAM A. BICK QA ANN BOCKSTAHLER MICHAEL BODENHAMER if . 41 v 9 , wg, , . Q ' f f . . .N A BY Kg X z mf! , , L 3 , K 2. X W .,, N JO ANN BORER JACQUELINE BRADLEY CAROLYN BRANSTETTER MARGARITA BOSCHENKO WANDA M. BOWDEN PHILIP D. BREIMEIR X -l E1 2f.L.l: I 'I ...-QQOX w f . N 'E my .IUDITH L. BRONSON . ,, .. y ,,. r w 1 ' ' .g 4 '3 'O 1 f Q 'Bib x 95- . 3 ISAAC BROOKS JANET J. BROOKS , A if A .4 . t 5 Q... :V 5 Q L I t .ga ,Q V. A Xt E 63 ,W jk ,,.,,. JANICE L BROWN MARGARET R. BROWN MONA D. BROWN RICHARD D. BROWN 'Q -1s...,,,, '15 :Q , 'Yunn- mcl-IARD LEE BROWN ROBERT P. BROWN BONNIE P, BRUMLEY BERNICE BRYANT RONALD G, BRYANT PATRICIA BUCHANAN HAROLD T. BUCK SYLVIA'A. BURTON ROBERT W. BUTLER 41 GWENDOLYN CAMP ROBERT A. CANALAS HAROLD R CARRAHER RANDALL J. CARTER LARRY L. wimvf JOYCE M. CASTLE JUDITI-I M. CASTLE WILLIAM CAULDWELL SANDRA CAVANAUGH CYNTHIA K. DIANA L. CHAPMAN SHIRLEY A. CHESTER JOHNNY V. CHRISTIAN MARCIA M. CLARK BETTY J. A JOHN N. COFFMAN JEAN D. COLEMAN JAMES O, COLLINS MAX L. COLLINS RICHARD E. JOHN P. BURGER RUTH ANN BURKHART SANDRA L- BURK5 BONNIE JEAN BURNS STEPHEN P. BUTTS ANNA B. CALDWELL LARRY R. CALVERT IRENE M. BURNS JEAN M. CAMERON CASNER ANNA E. CASTLE CHAMBERS ROBERT P. CHANDLER CLOUD KATHRYN L, COC I-IRAN COLLINS ROSCOE CONKLE ORTRUD CONRAD LILLIAN F. COOK BRENDA L. CORBIN A JANICE CORNETI' ROBERT J. CORRIE JESSE C. COTHRON ,f'N fb A wp I I I I I I I I I I I I i I I I II II I, X. BETTY J. COURTNEY JUDITH K. COX EDWARD W. CRISPIN FRANCES CROSHIER ROGER W. CURRY MYRON L. DAHL SHARON P, DALTON THOMAS E. DAVIS DAVID L. DAWSON PATRICIA A. DEPREES MARTHA F DEHART QF- in X JW 'N W 5 f N RY: fi 'K rw. . " f 34 If w . A" - 5-'fi ' '-""" xy . ,, .55 31 . X. IK ' FANNIE L. DALY Q. 'DAX 9 I 4 , .W f' - .1 I I 5' J 'Y I ii' . ' ' i? -is ' Mfiiiffgf S ' if ,' Q -1- ' 5 NELDA R. DECKARD 44. f , I W, . . . .A - ' N ff K 4 .. . Jas? 9 , N . .II I NK' -vw-.aff 5 , LARRY M. DEUSER SANDRA A. DEVORE WILLIAM D. DICKEY . L- I V FI I afwyfiffaf , -V -- - -I .If f ' " fn 1 f 51- A K H- . 3 s I f W ,ii f Q I f A 3 f X MQ 1 Y LARRY E. DOWNEY 62 IIT' RICHARD A. DEER ROGER EL CROUSE CHESTER W. CRUMP My A-. - f, , . ,-5 .S Q f ' . :If ji 9843 , .Lf . -3 f-P , ' ' ASW? IM. ' 4- 'iiiffi.3v. , 'nf g, MICHEAL DAVENPORT RONALD L DAVIDSON KVA' 'W PHYLLIS M. DEFALCO ANNA H. DEFREES BENJAMIN J. DELUCA ERNEST J. DEMOTT JACK R. DENNIS SAMUEL J. DENNIS MARTIN DIEHL 'awe Q.: ' MARY J. DISBOROUGH RONALD N. DOOLEY 'mr ALLAN L. DUFF ERNEST R. DUFF DAVID R. DUGLE DEIANNA M DUNIGAN BLANCHE E. DUNLOP IIR RI. . '.I' . A I I IIII I' p. f ..... . J fci . ,W I ,........ .,.m.... .. , I .. . ..,-. MMD. , A J Q PRISCILLA DUNNINGAN DOROTHY E. DUNSON JAMES K. DYKE THOMAS C. EASLEY SANDRA L, EAVEY I MARCIA J. EDWARDS S II8 Q Aki OLLIE D. EDWARDS ROSE ELLEN EGE ELIZABETH E. EICKS ROXY A EILERT DANNY J ELDER 2 . ' LLLL I 4. I My '.'. I - . .dr 3 ,::- I -' in M I. fe 5' I I NANCY M. ELLIOTT LINDA J. ELLIS NICKIE A. BSKEW JOSEPHINE ESTEP JOSEPH H. ELLIOTT . . , .. .. ,.A,. . S IM A 5' w mu, '. J f X , ., y f w3.,,,' w -QL 4 . A ,Q 1 W ,484 Q ' . ' ':fj1IQf'Q. I 1 32 ff, at V 3 Q 5' W ai Wt 42 ' f ' ' I .IUDITH A. ELZEY DONALD R ENGLE WILLIAM H ENGLES WILLIAM E. ENGLISH 1 Q 'F wk tw, I 3 .- K I v 5 Z 1 vnu-Q ,ix -A ' wg , P1 -' ---N--.. 1' .ar 5 --ff Mau- . i , I X , 4 ff , ' . . 1 . V 7 1 4 ZR I ,li , K. . . 3' BARBARA E. ESTRIDGE LELAND P. PAIN ERIC L. FENTER WAYMAN FERGUSON .... INDI ffwwwmw f f X .,,. ' ' k . . t gn ' K A 'N '52 V. 2 -- ' . ff , I ,.... ,.... . X " ' ' "" I I' .- v i m - , .,,,. :V V , it ,. 'A V F " 2, ' X ., fx gf ' ' ' A . Lat? if" ' I f' - " "' ' I 'wr A if . . j thy. -V . . ..-nun., y- 7, . I Aj 11: .M uw " I ff Qi s ,f " ' " ....... . I 1 -5 f - . .. I ..' f ' . . '-ff' I ' , I CAROLYN L FERNALD ROSCOE G. FIELDS LINDA L. FISCUS DAVID FISHER ELLEN J. FISHER KENNETH R FISHER ., V I WV "QF-9 ' 1: If I bf , 'X ug? 52552. 9 1 . 'figiy X05 ' . I V I I . . Q A , .. XA 5-gl 55:1 P If ' ww gg' I as N "-' 3 ""' 0 ' I ----- . " .NI I I f 'A ., 1 " . , ' R959 fa , V If.. 1. I I T MTW" K . rM5Q,.QN X I ' A .T Iv gi fi N A . PAUL T. FISHER JEAN FITZGERALD DAVID I.. PLANNERY LINDA F. FLETCHER MICHAEL FOGLEMAN GEORGE S. FORD X ! I if x ,Q Sk' Y-X r I. I A I - ..- ' X . 3 'v R I Ol' DAVID I. FOSSO NANCY S. FOSTER BOBBY R. FOWLER PAUL M. FRANKLIN ROSE ANN FRANKLIN FREDERICK F. FRIES JOHN L. FROST 5 WINIPRED E. FULLEN ROBERT K. FULTON DAVID P. GAERTNER LOREN G, GILLEITE ING' 44,1 CAROLE L. GLASGOW I 1 Il. x. 'X If I 'QI -- 'ISQI N I I f,- m 'I II9 .f ,W O QT REBECCA J. GLASS ' CHARLES R. GLOREL DQNALD GOBRECHT LESTER T. GORDON PEARLIE M. GORDON SANDRA A. GORDON HERBERT L. GOsH1-:N WAYNE K. GOSSMAN THOMAS c. GRAHAM LEWIS R GRAY ' MARGARET c. GRAY CHARLES s. GREEN :L . A. ,... A-..-A-:,.+,-.,..-. ,,.-.Ag -N ,. A-f -A:-:-.-, ' f, YZ - yf fZl'Ij'V?T""!fA "fm :Ava 555352,-4:3E5:.fg ', qv . Lyiw,-s , ' Q " V" A X A H1 Q-:-g:QR:.f!x..w4. mn . A. Lg b b A. .,,k,.. ,.... Q A A V Q ' V, ' . r-SQA' -3 -. . , , .,..-f,A,fm:.:.: ..,..-,.,- Y W 'Aw .. -.,-. .-ef my-'xffr .Sf ff-91: Y , RY , I I L A A A . I . .. ff A R- A 5, .MD Y. ,AX my 15,2 AQAYBQX S 4 8 Q f 3 4' uh- FW' A if' PATRICIA A. GRIFFO SHARON IL GRUBB MARIAN GRUENHOLZ STEPHAN FGUYER CEZVIA A. GREENBERG CLIFFORD .I GRIRBEN ..:-::,:A-.::gf,.f- A:-'ggi-1...-Y 4 5 X INFJL.: A f X - ' . ' ' ' ' 2 I ' --" . - . 9 Y . A . A ' 1 3 -"1" ,, 5 I M 4 7 SIL M J Ai, A N I 5 J 51 , Xxfgxwlff :Iv ff-.Asa A -- smf1fQR:z :KA- , .wwf wi.-, fam' 4- ,r-XO-Q .5 "" A R711 ,,w N X" A .f,. I A. 1. .,.. :-L :A-5:1-. , AY ,S M X 1 N Ng if 3 1 f X7 A 'X N51 f .X Q A 5' f A 4' ' f M7 A an I 'KW L , Y..f..4ffss+'vP'- . PV ' :f:':1f.. ':':" . H' . . 4:2 I JOWDAT HALLAL BARBARA A HACKLIIH BERT HAHN THOBURN L HAMMOND OLLIE J. HAMPTON JAMES A. HANSON W W "" ' "Civ ' ' ' . - ' I-'If ' A - f ..'r'fGWw 'A-W' ,DAQ " ' ' D" ARMY" Af 'WA Y, ' A A " .. - . Q- .NL-E ' "A, I ..... I A , I I ,, ,. , . . I . . yi ,M I . i , X. V -, .W fam I A4 gk nf Q I. '::,.,Afz.:,.,,5,N 1 .L E Y . . AM, ,I ' A , A - ,ua V ' A ff, Lv , ,X 3 I J w. ,R Ig: I . A I 'gals ' f 1 1 ' . ' ' 111 if .mf f iff fm im , SL ' , I . J ' Y--' ' . Vi?" I V , 5 f ,Ja , X' ww- 'N ' W RICHARD B HARDESTY SYLVIA M. HARRELL ANNIE L. HARRIS BETTY JA HARTSOCK SANDRA L. HARRISON CHARLES D. HART WMV 'Rb' 'fav JUDITH A RASCH SRERRY D HASCHEL DONNA L. HATCH JUDITH RAUSDORFRR MARGARET HAWKINS RONALD HAWTHORNE SI-IELIA L. HAYES GENE HEALTON GARY E. HEATH NANCY J. HEDDING ALMA L HEDGEPATH JUDITI-I A. HEDGES I H 6' CLAUDE HENDERSON DAVID J. I-IERMAN SYLVIA R HERNDON DIANNE L. HESSMAN JOHN V. HICKS DANIEL P. HIGGINS VONDA J. HILT JAMES L. HILTON MARY E. HINDMAN GERALD W. HIRE ALMA I.. I-IISER LINDA I. HOLE A LARRY G. HOLLAND KATHERINE J. HOLLE SANDRA L. HOLLETT DIXIE J. HOLLEY SANDRA A. HORSLEY LARRY R HORTON LARRY B. HOUSE NORMAN A. HOWE SHARON K. HOY JUDY A. HOYT DONALD HUBBARD BENNY R. HUDSON Mm JACQUELINE L. HUEY DONALD D. HUP? CAROL J. HUPFMAN JAMES I. HUFFMAN RICHARD L. HUCCLER CHARLES R. HUGHES W imma 'Q ik S5-..... NANCY L HUKLE NANCY L. HULL ROBERT W. HUNT .JOHN A, HUNTER GEARL HURST JERRY R. INGLE .L -... 5 'r ' -I t . IIQQ - I 7 ' A Q- , .s If 'I .Q A . V. ' 'Q V , 'Cf " ,.,, 55 in ' 2' ' CGI f- , .Qi ' T -.V'.1 T' 5F '-.-- 1" 3 ""' I' 9 I" r A .-.-. ' I "fu " . . A ' fx CAROL J. IRELAND CYNTHIA L. ISOM BRENDA L. JACKSON RQNALD E. JACKSON TERRY L. JACKSON LIDA My JACQHS IQI l- -.- '- 1 1 A -' ff, ' ' rf WN'fwX.,52 MY. -, .J V A f lv K N mp, W- I O , , MM 4' " A ' ' . K Ek.-, .. ., J hx 5 Q 9' , I-,Q ' . ' ELLEN S JAMIESON HOWARD W JARVIS DOROTHY JEFFERSON ALICE M. JENKINS JULIA J. JENKINS VIRGINA A, JEWELL 1 .1 . 0 I ,N ' 'zswf .,,, 2, f ,l kj - ig, A N ,.. EE., .. . II., . ia, M :.. Q' gp ' ' 111, .. '5 I ,,v. . Z., VN A!! , 9 ' YZ x Am 6 ' ' ' .2 Q .. ? is is L f f M -7 N Z, X A XSQsyr',,f H" 2, V '- J f. I ,Ae RICHARD A. JOHNSON KENNETH 1. JOLLY DONNA M. JONES PHYLLIS JONES SAUNDHA J. JONES vmgmyg L, JQNES .mf I -ww in , YG., -vu-1"""' 9- WF., WAYNE JONES LENA P. JORDAN THOMAS E JULIAN AUSMA KARLOVS LAIMA KAHLOVS MARTHA KATZENBBRGER IN ELSIE V. KAYSE CHARLOTTE KEITHLEY CAROLYN R KELLEY JAMES E. KENDRICK LARRY L KIERSTEAD JOHN D. KINGSBURY I 1x IRENE KIRBY JOHNNY C. KLEIN MARLENE KNOEPFLE DONALD J. KRAUS JOELLEN R KUERST LINDA L. LAAKMANN I DOLORES L Lo HUE LESLIE A. LANE ALFRED EI. LANMAN BARBARA D. LARKINS CHARLENE LAWSON GEORGE R. LESTER I 1' NG '91B 1-35,3 KJ HQ i Z . , ' . VFKIPPLED c N ,mee M wr -.10 Q If fl L . 'U ' GERALD A. LEWIS LEVI H. LEWIS ANNA Z. LIEPNIEKS HERBERT R. LINDSEY BARBARA A. LINTON JESSIE M. LONG j g 122 i ' I M412 .. i . CAROL A. LOVE RONALD L. Mc CAULEY L. Mc DOWELL JOHN F. Mc MAHON I . . A ai M IL Lt vfzf ff Q1 X2 ' .X ' lg THOMAS MIANSON ,fg - L5 W , f Q1 5 I ' 58 455532 RALPH F, MEANS Q . , " If ..,- ' I 4i'.5i4,,f,, ,I JL 1 L 5. ,xv ' F322 .996 f nn I Qi l if r av K Y Qsvgffg G' 'UW fi- X f X ETHEL L LOWE nf: , CAROL A. LOYD ,WN ,Q DAVID S. LYNCH ,Jn is .. v L. . nm ,Zigi . J' -uv -1... I T -1 I W. fq WALTER J LYONS CAROL J Mc AULEY 15. Amm- Xg ' 1 .11 I r--,v MARTHA Mc CLAMROCH CHLOE S. Mc CLARREN STEPHEN Mc CLIIVION MARY LOU Mc CORKLE RONALD E Mc CURRY CHARLES S. Mc ELWE RICHARD Mc MATH , . A Lv. .L .X I xl . W" -"I HX fm W1-IL. if I BRENDA MARSHALL gm. . Q2 v 'IQ -2-A'-"- M . I . 'V lkv f , 1 W5 y- .. If LARRY D MELLOY ,mf Arif 2 -Wm nv! E EDWARD Mc FARLAND LORENE Mc GRAW JAMES K. Mc NEELY SHARON S MAHAN .1- . I Q GARY L. MC GUIRE I ,,V Z A X- ' V'V1' .- :LV . ' ,. LOMAX E. MAHONE ,.,. . L l . I A M if a fill?- 1 " ' S SHIRLEY MATHESON JOE G. MATOUK EDITH A, MAY , b , ,... L. ' V fx 'z-iv wwf I' . ' . I I 5 fn V I l "V Y 'Q' 27 'QL , . I ,.,, L. --4-'4 W , '1 A . W fiazfzi-'zfzfayf V. --f' .1 .I ' ' . L. . I L P3 ' S Zi izl PAUL A MEREDITH DIANA MICHENER :I f- V , f-., , f, I sf ? -, Ik-www . ' L. A x 3 x q iigiisgzf. Q ' 1 K - 1'-:IX if A , Z Ix ,." f.,..:...4v 3 L If JOHN M. MILES C V .-Q 'e 'I ' 33' -15 A L kk L Wm I D E .hgh I , a-,...'- ,M -7,, , I ., Fr v x M P I, 4, 1 -s , PATRICIA Mc GUIRE ,L ., if :Qqgf 5 : f" - r,.' 'Q 'Y I -nfs' LINDA L. MANRING if if ff f. WILLIAM MAYNARD Q0 "::f"x . , I S I ' , Q 4 I -1 W EIL. Ii JOSEPH L. MILES GERALD MILLER JEIIALD L. MILLER JUDITH ANNE MILLER 'MARILYN It MILLER THOMAS L. MILLER JEAN MILLIQMN Y ffjjz-.. . 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PARIDO DALE D, PARKER MARTHA A. PARKS , Q 124 SUSAN K. MORRIS MADONNA MUSGRAVE ROBERT A. N EW'ELL KENNETH A, O'BRI'E'N LARRY E. OSBORN OLETTA PARRISH Ib 1 Q., if B 1 f s f CARQLYN L, PARSONS PHILLIP E. PATRICK DONALD H, PATTON JAMES A. PERRY LYDIA E. PERRY MARIANNA PETERS A ,..,,,,, V,,, . , I 'P x ff. "fm, 5 ,.. MARY A. PETERS SALLY E PETERS RALPH PETERSON BARBARA A. PHELPS SHARON K PHELPS VEEIMAE PHIFER DAVID D. PIERCE JUDITI-I A. PIERSON GUNTA PIMANIS JANICE L. POLSTON RONALD G. PONSLER SANDRA S. POTTS BOJAN S POZEK MARY J PRESTON CATHERINE I PRICE FREDRICK PRIDGEN BONNIE G PRIEST PATRICIA PROFFITT BIS., N ROBERT M. PROUGI-I BARBARA S. PURCELL BBTTE SUE PYLES TOOMAS RAAG CAIVIILLE RAGSDALE DELORES RAIVISEY ff- My A1:s.'f1i,:,s.2.i5w: ': . I , wp P .... f?.,'ffL.2 .... Mxwf , . . ,ELI -,.1-, , A, AW' P33661 at sf in W I 'V JAMES RAMSEY MYRNA F. RANCE CAROLYN 3- RAY BARBARA E REED MARY LOUISE REED SHIRLEY J REED GERALD D. RELFORD MICHAEL REYMAN CHARLES R. RHODES NYVONNE RI-IODES SPENCER RICHARDSON RICHARD A. RICI-LEY C, I X f J ' - '35 QMS' -? If 2' px I MV 1 ima ? CIO . A ig I I26 gm M' PI-IYLLIS G. RIDDLE SHIRLEY V. RIFE JUDITH L. RIGGS LORETTA P RIGHTOR SANDRA L. RISK JAMES O, RIVES Wm ,,.. i AVR ALBERT D, ROBERTS DAVID L. ROBERTS JERRY L, ROBERTSON MARY F. ROBERTSON ' SHIRLEY ROBINSON DANIEL P. ROBLING Q51 45' ALICE P. ROGERS CONNIE S. ROGERS HAROLD ROMINGER PHILLIP ROSE HAROLD L. ROSS Q ,Q fgrx QA my If ' CHARLES P. Rouss .. .... . . V sa A ff f W Ukiw- ... A . ,. f . f- ..,:: GARY L. RUDDELL CAROL S. RUKES VERRIS W RUSH RONALD D. RUSHTON DARLENE RUTHERPORD KATHRYN SANDERS an ROSE M- SCARBOROUGH Ross M. SCHEFFLER JAMES E. scx-HEWER JANET scHow1-:NGERDT Juomx A. SCHWERT WARREN SCHWOMEYER , ' f.- if .. , . W fmf Wf I . .M - 4 I . I I A I - II . f f ,,. -, 4 . , . . - f , -Y f . 1 ' ' ., .- -- , + Nywx . f "rf ' -1-fi-:: ., S' 0- f " -NJ, ,. . 1' ' A.. .L if - NM'-A ' I f . f A 5.iAm.f. .. fm ' M!,,,. ,. . , Q Q 1 . . 1 .sa f Q Av . Q 'Q 13 . f ' f . H M, W Q Q Ly K, . 5 sw . 1 P ' R Z GLORIA J. SCOTT PATRICIA M. SEAY HOWARD H. SEGAL SHERMAN SEGRAVES ANN SENDMEYER SARAH D. SENOUR . is '99 GEORGE A. SHARP GERALD L. SHARP BEVERLY J. SHAW ANITA L, SHEARER GEORGE E. SHEARER SHARON L SESLAR ev! SANDRA A. SHELBY SUSAN SHINCLETON JOHN R. SHOCKLEY ELOISE G SHORT JAMES D SIMMONS -I .4. I 9 . I fs , I I4 -4 f , . ., ,... ,f . . I I BARBARA D SKAGGS TED R SLACK JANICE L SLAUGHTEP. JUDITH L, SLUSS DITH IVI. SMITH GERALDINE A. SMITH LARRY E, SMITH VERNON SMITH LARRY F. SOMERS ROBERT E, STERRETT CONSTANCE A SMITH I . 'Q' :5 M, Gr RONALD A SMITH A M I R ,".4i7 , ,Qs 'ZA' .. VV ,IMI -Q., I :. 23 I . Q CAROLYN SOUDERS GILBERT R. SPRECHEB MELVIN L. STAFFORD .IUDITH A. STANFORD J. X KENNETH W SIMPSON DIANA I. SMITH ,, V , , , , ,, , I Q 'QW ' ..,,..,5,,,,,f 5, fm? , ' ,Paw jff.,?':'. .K HAROLD SMITTKAMP . ' " A " TY' 13 f '7 I 'f-Q , . pf' ,J .-1 ' ,Q -4 .. 51 ,5-3 ,. V , ,lm ff ' f if? z f "" , T fw . 1 uv J ' . , A f ' 5 "" y le 9 is , iq , V, .Vw 4 1 .. m , . Rx Q I? 3 ff " ' M z ,Q A2 f I f ' LEILANI STEAGALL LINDA L. STETTLER BARBARA SA STEWART RICHARD H. STOELK TOMMY N STRAIN CARL E. STRIEBECK SAMUEL L. STROUD STANLEY R. STUART JOHN M. STUTSMAN FAITH B4 SUDBRACK L C SUDDARTH CAROLYN SWANIGAN k :ss 'lo -X. . I 32 I 7 ,' If f W lpfdf I rf? Q, .2 I J BRENDA NL SWANN 1 ELLEN A. SYKES I JAMES V. SYMMES ,, MICHAEL G. TAPT MARS!-IA A. TANNER MARY B. TAYLOR I X f 127 - f :ACR WANDA I TAYI-UR GEORGETTE TEMPLIN I g VERA J. TERRY GARY v. THAXTON SALLY A. THIESING JANE gjmygy JERRY K. THOMAS BARBARA THOMPSON eibka, M... Z DONALD E. THOMPSON SUE A. THOMPSON JANET LEE TILESTON WILLIAM TOMLIN JUDITH TOIVILINSON JOHN TOMS , . ' "" W V15 ..e:a:,-:.e I .. 'Q . ELA- iz I sz, ff Q " f " Ii I L , TK'-f' KAREN VANBUSKIRK ERNEST D. VAUGHN ELAINE WALLACE ELIZABETH A. WALSH if JERRY L TUGGLE DWF-YNE K. TURNER CHARLES A. TURPIN MYRA N. VAI-ILE X .f.lfN.a. DAVID L. VIE JOSEPH L. WAGGONER IUDITH A. WALKER ROBERT L. WALKER SAMUEL G. WALTON NELSON W. WARE NANCY S. WATKINS MICHAEL R. WATT I ...... Z.. Zs. ... . Zi. X D ...,.. 5 vw '... :' x , ASQ M JOHN M WEEKS BETTY LOUISE WEGENER CAROL A. WELLS MARY J WELLS CAROLE WESTBROOK BONNIE VVESTERFIEIJD El? L I '4 J EEVERLY A. WHITE IVERY A. WHITE 128 . LINDA I.. WHITE DON WHITEHOUSE ROBERT H. WHITEIS ROBERT E. WHITNEY JUDITH A. WHITSETT JAMES M. WHITTLE JAMES T. WILCOX DIXIE L. WILKERSON DARLEEN WILLIAMS ERIC C WII LIAME I Huh 3 -'.- A . E W if. . HAROLD E. WILLIAMS JOYCE WILLIAMS JUDITI-I A. WILLIAMS LARRY L. WILLIAMS PATRICIA WILLIAMS HAZEL WILLIAMSON DAVID L. WILMER EDITH M. WILSON FREDERICK WILSON JOHN R WILSON MARGARET A. WILSON MARLENE WILSON 312' f 1, f IW Ar 'NI l- ., inf I I MONTE J. WILSON REBECCA WILSON MARGARET L. WITTEN PAULINE WQQD BETTY J, WOODARD KATHRYN WOODARD 71 f 'C' 'Y"'f"P' ROBERT WOOD!-XRD REBA H. WOOLF VIRGINIA L. WRAY MICHAEL M. WRIGHT VVANDA E WRIGHT CAROL S YEAGLEY 'uk-, NORMAN OLDHAM ERA P. YOUNG WAYMAN s, YOUNG GERALD E ZODY ROBERT E. TAYLOR ,Z f,f7 if, 4' -I. I'- ,.f x RIN - 4."'Il..:9 74" 2-1- 41, ., .ij It A L.. N ' K 4 ,1 .. N I X " '+G THESE STUDENTS ARE KNOWN AS OUR AUGUST SENIORS LARRY A. BEARD X QA Ti. , 7 ,mr-' .. e,,,5,1:g'-1 JERALDINE HENRY Aww ,, . I? ix t T T 4 E JOHN E MYERS it ROBERT N BORN RICHARD COATS JAMES EMMINGER GEIRALDINE FOWLER ANITA HARRIS V v f A f - fx, xc .-vg ,ffmqssr-T-. wirvy. so " . . K ii A We-1 T""" X. .4 SC' T-Siu. 4 f 5 .Q 5? + JAMES A JAMES GARY R. LIEDELL A f T 4' A N ,uw- rv xx x AQ QW ,.- 5 -dlhk 2 ,ilk 'i?:',,:.:. TA . I A 7 4 f? VINCENT J. NOE JOHN we T I b.,-auf, WWW 15 M X J 2 JAMES L, MATTERS WILLIE M, MCCURN EMMA J. MOORE .yas Q Lv if ORENDORFF EMILY POLK MARY E. RILEY RONALD W. ROBBINS RONALD B ROBERTS ROBERT H. RUSSELL HARRY L SHAW AMELIA K. TOOPS DAVID O. WOODS SENIORS NOT PICTURED: Samuel Chapman, Richard Greene, Eddie Hannon, Allen HaTTon, Christine Henard, Gail HoclceTT, Roberf Killian, Sharon Kissam, Joan Peck, Norman Ross, Charles SenTeney, Joe TeeTs, Roberf Bridwell, John R. Brown, John F, Hook, Charles R. James, Judy Marbury. CHOSEN FOR Trips are Sally Thiesing, Bellamy JUDITH Sluss receives congraTu- Flag Award, L. C. SuddarTh, Freedoms FoundaTion larions from Mr. Anderson for Pilgrimage, ColeTTe Bauerle, Tech UN represenTa- represenTing Tech in The sTaTe Tive, Marilyn Reynolds and Don Erman, Rofary conTesT designaTing The TiTIe, All- InsTiTuTe on World RelaTions, held in CincinnaTi. American Homemaker of Tomorrow. U? CONNIE Moore, chosen To be Tech's Good Cifizen in The D A R conTesT, receives her pin from Mrs. William McCoy of lrvingTon chap- rer, D A R, aT The senior assembly. At his oftice door our Mr. Anderson greets ci guest from Mossochusetts. THERE IS MCRE THAN CLASSES IN OUR EVERYDAY LIFE Seoted ot the speoker's toble tor the Freedoms Foundotion Avvords dinner, April ll, ore Mrs. Shibler, Dr. Williom Breedlove, vvho gove the invocotion, Principol H. H. Anderson, Mr. Richord Foltz, vice president of Freedoms Foundotion, vvho presented the ovvords, Dr. Hermon Shibler, superintendent, speoker, ond lvlrs. Anderson. L .rzfm -Gb-'K Mr. Anderson tells the 50 visiting principols obout the curriculum of the school ond the compus tour they will toke tollovving their luncheon. Ronold D. Hege entertoined the seniors ot the Closs Dov picnic, lost spring, pldying his guitor. Commonder Froncis Polond, Ainericon Legion tot letti ond E. C. IVlcCollie, Northeost Exchonge Club irighti present Mr. Anderson vvith o tlog ond Freedoms Shrine tor Tech. ,1,: -f 15 4 l W 4 fl A 274 ,, 1 l Z1 y A yi l f , 1 ..., 1, if-i'i'1gi"'i Xiu, fixxl -' I l X l I M l li1 y 6. X li Q, 1T 4I 0,415 fl 1 his 14 Yes, Mr. Anderson, This is your school. Through The yeors you hove seen Tech grow in size, duoliTy, spiriT, ond repuToiTion os one of The mosT ouTsToinding comprehensive high schools in Americo. You hove woTched ThoiTT1rsT closs oT183 beginning Treshmen in 1912 grow To over 1,500 Treshmen in 1958. You hove seen The T1rsT groduoTion closs of only sixTeen in 1915 grow To mony hundreds in recenT yeors, There being olmosT seyen hundred grdduoiTes This yeor. You hoye seen The rozing ol The Eosr Residence oind The ElecTric Building, The burning ol The liTTle olllice, The remodeling Tor closs use of The resT ol The old Arsenol buildings, ond The compleTion of six of our modern sTrucTures, sTorTing wiTh The Annex in 1917, Treoidwell l-loll in 1921, The new Shop Building in 1922, The Gymnosium-AudiTorium in 1980, Milo l-l. STuorT l-ldll Memorioil in 1940, ond, A T1nolly,Morgon l-loll, which you dedicoTed on Moy 22, 1958. YOU ARE consTonTly of The "beck ond coll" of everyone, Mr. Anderson, so you enjoy o quieT momenT oT your desk, reoding o newsy orficle. MS my Qty , fx yd: J, fr A 43 H ww, W X wwf il , X-'Nfsafff !f'?Wz-'S' "x?'7SwegQ, 2 ., '1 , ., '- W 14? 4 , 4, A X fl ,f gin Q 7 x , ,Q 37 Xi li 42? ya U f f ' 1- Q '55 6 bi V 5 ,. Z f-n Om 77' Q S i 1 v 5 x v N .. Mi Nxt. JOININO the original faculty of eight you lrear row leftl enjoyed working with Esther Fay S-hover, Marie Bin- ninger, Osmond Spear, Emily McCullough, Elizabeth Jasper, lrearl Clarence Hanna, and Ralph Yenne. YOU HAVE PROGRESSED FROM CLASS TEACHER TO PRINCIPAL Mmm WHEN YOU were a popular mathematics teacher in l928, you often discussed your problems and aspirations with your friend and principal, Milo H. Stuart, founder and first principal, as he sat at his desk in Treadvvell Hall. l34 WHEN DeWITT S, Morgan replaced Mr. STuarT as principal, you, vice principal, enioyed his friendship and conhdence. UNDER INSPIRED LEADERSHIP You well remember ThaT sunny day, SepTember I I, I9I2, when you meT wiTh Mr. STuarT and seven oTher Teachers To greeT The I8 beginning Treshmen To This new school. ATTer a Tew days oT vacaTion Tor The pupils in order ThaT you Teachers could help carpenTers and men from The school shop Transform The second Tloor of The Arsenal inTo classrooms, The HrsT semesTer of learning began aT Technical High School wiTh I83 freshmen. Through The hardships of Those early years, The Tech spiriT was born, and This spiriT has grown inTo The Tech Way oT Today. Your eFforTs To help build a successful high school were encouraged when, on May 22, IQI6, The Supreme CourT made iTs hisToric decision, auThorizing The execuTion oT The TiTle To These sevenTy-six acres To The Board of School Commissioners, ThaT They be Torever devoTed To The advancemenT of educaTion. You were righT-hand man To Milo H. STuarT, our TlrsT principal, and because of your TaiThTuI services lifffig ii KT XI i Q . M 5 F 1 '1 4 J iw-f 1 IN THE EARLY DAYS you ioined sTudenTs aT an ouTdoor as sembly when Mr. STuarT came from Ivlanual To address Them .. il 55-'Q ll Ei, ' , ,. Qu T RW . gl ' as . mm WITH MR. C. S. Stewort you visited the Guild Foir, Tech's tortieth dnniversory exhibit, which wos presented during Su- preme Ddy Week, Moy l9-25, in our tronstormed gymnasium. KJ WHEN TECH celebroted your birthdciy in T952 you posed with three tedchers who were proud members of thot first Closs: Newell Hoill, Hozel Kuetemeier, ond Dorothy Corey. YOU HAVE TAKEN PART IN THE GROWTH AND SUCCESSES OF TECH WHEN YOUR LONG-TIME wish for o new vocdtionol building, to be colled Morgon Holl, wos tlnolly to become oi reolity, how hcippy you were to toke thot tlrst spodetul of soil while Dr. Herman L. Shibler, Mr. Ensinger, ond prominent guests woitched. i A .1 THAT COLD spring afternoon in 1940, atop the new Stuart Hall Memorial Tower where the workmen were completing iobs you pointed out familiar landmarks to Mr. Horace Boggy and Mr. C. L. McClintock as you three enioyed a bird's-eye view of the city. WITH JUSTIFIABLE PRIDE to this new school, and your ability as a teacher, Mr. Stuart made you head of the Mathematics department in 1920. De Witt S. Morgan, Tech's first vice principal, became our second principal in 1931, the year you were appointed vice principal. The privilege of working under both of these nationally known secondary school principals, Mr. Stuart and Mr. Morgan, did much to prepare you for the office you assumed HOW PROUD YOU were when Tech received the Bellamy Flag Award October 12, 1948, and at the assembly you posed with Mr. William Evans, Leroy Burney, June '24, Miss Margarette Miller, the donor, Mayor Al Feeney, and senior James Orem. in 1937, that of principal of Tech. During the years you have spent in helping to make our school the institution of learning it is today, you have witnessed many interesting and heart- warming events, each of importance to the growth of this school. ln 1926, the five-acre Nature Preserve was set aside by Principal Stuart in order to save the various forms of tiora found there. Thanks to generous contributions and WHEN YOU dedicated the J. Scott Williams murals in Stuart Tower, March 9, 1949, guests were Fran Schroeder, Mrs. Louis Bruck, Mrs. D. S-. Morgan, Mrs. Anderson, you, Mrs. Anita Platte, Mrs. M. H. Stuart, Mrs. Miriam S. Hessler, and a student. YOU HAVE had the privilege and pleasure to take part in QI annual ROTC Federal Inspections, and each time you have left the field with reviewing officers, as you did April 7, i949, contident that Tech would again be named an Honor School THERE HAVE BEEN MANY UNFORGETTABLE EVENTS IN YOUR LIFE IN T942 WHEN lvlr. Boggy showed you the Gold Star tlag tor World War Il, you had no idea that the bronze tablets to be placed on the walls in Stuart Hall tower as a gift ot the T947 and '48 senior classes would contain 412 names. T38 the combined efforts ot students and faculty, the necessary tunds were raised to buy the pipe organ tor the school. This organ was dedicated with the gymnasium-auditorium on October 4, I929. You presided when the Main Building was rededicated as Treadwell Hall on Supreme Day in I943, honoring Captain Thomas J. Treadwell, who had laid out 'these grounds in I863, and was the tirst commandant ot the Government Arsenal. In I948, you welcomed lvliss Margarette Miller ot Portsmouth, Virginia, to Tech, and presented her at an all-school assembly when she gave Tech the Bellamy Flag Award. In I952, this high school celebrated its tortieth anniversary, and you, Mr. Anderson, were the center ot attention, tor you could also celebrate with Tech as having been here since the beginning in l9I2. You were especially honored on your birthday, October l3, when students and teachers had a series ot surprises tor you, including a birthday card from every one in the school. . 'iq 'f-V n, . 'iv 1 5 .Q fy " 93.1 WHAT a gala day was October T3, l952, vvhen, during the observance ot Tech's fortieth anniversary year, the school celebrated your birthday all day, one event being the presentation ot little gifts to you by all organizations. These are just a tevv ot 'the prominent happenings you have seen or taken part in during your years at Tech. The contributions you have made to secondary education in general and to Tech in particular will be a source ot pride not only to you and your tamily, but to every pupil who has attended this great school, and to every teacher, office statt member, and every employee who has had the privilege ot working vvith you. And as the years pass, The A countless experiences you have had as Teacher, coach, department head, vice principal, principal, and triend, will always be precious memories ot your torty-six years at Tech. YOU ARE ALWAYS proud to introduce the wives of Tech's principals: Mrs. Stuart, Mrs. Morgan, and Mrs. Anderson. g wbviflsf AT A FACULTY Thanksgiving party you, with other teachers, vvore Pilgrim collars. if, bien. x iii T ' - .. -FW-iii-ia?-si 3 .. - T -1 . A-H + llll Ill X l Ill fr ' ri' tl 'r GS lf: T- '- s ' Em i, if .fe . -T 'Egg f r' . c' s Qf5,9Yg"lll9' vii i s - fe e 'M H- EVEN AT THE extra-curricular parties our teen-agers knevv you would join in the fun. T39 W 1 rx-MPW MTM 0 fm-Nlwl RDS FDLA .c Q2 l ll, f if g .gg gli 1. li -.55 I A X 'lxl l yr . Wil ya! lll lwgom ,1l1fwi9'fLe, lamina, We, the students of Arsenal Technical l-ligh School, each day try to patronize our local advertisers. On dates, vve enioy stopping for a bite to eat at either the .lack 'n Jill Drive Inn or the Double-l.-Drive ln. Our meals are composed of various types of foods that Kingan's, Borden's, Stark and Wetzel, and Koehler's sell. On the vvay home, vve often stop in the drugstore for a coke or 7-Up. When vve go to formal dances, vve girls like the corsages from Madison Avenue Florists or Bertermann's, and vve boys rent our tuxedos from Skeffington's. We couldn't be prouder than the moment vvhen vve receive our senior rings from Dyer's or l-lerff Jones. We buy our hobby supplies, gifts, souvenirs, or party supplies from such businesses as Les Hobbies or the Paper Art Store. Yes, these merchants are friendly, courteous, and helpful to us at all times. We have benefitted from many pleasing business transactions vvith these reliable establishments and found that their products are of the highest quality and can be fully depended upon. TECHITES know that without our advertisers who each year, buy space in the Arsenal Cannon Yearbook, the price of the book would be more X X , , x N xxwgm Vx x, x ls I AA I 4 Y . V' , X , . x Q h A J' 1 gm, X w. , t 'ai . , XX gf X XX mx .. .XM- 4 Q. x - 1" S. Q Q v -- .vw , W ---..2f"-. . Q , 0 4 N. ' JVN ,f r ' -,'f" . : :lofi I -Q' 4 KJ, X , o, .1 ' 1 'A , 1 ' v , Q 'gp-M., . i , ,- , f M 5 . ' - ' ' ,f ,.,.,. 1 ,K X s, , s'.-.- X' . W I Avff' , 4 fmmn " Q, . ,- ' 1 , ,,, ,W wa,,,,,,..,A,,.,M 1 x x ,, , va v' f 9. .N , N . v" M-. 415. , A V -8.7 1 -. .- WMS? A.l,. , ' x mf N' 1 A, . Q f' z 1 1 -ii .bqfkf ! " ' X 'X' 1 . xx F ' , . K wx: gc Q ' ,Aw 1 kv, X K ix fi rn S N an X f A wr v 0 4 ' S K 1 'X xx' y I X N r fig ' , M' 1 f Y ' ' M7 1 5 K if f I Z' 1 ANY M N X W f i . N f R , Q A it ' .f xg " W' ' 3 1 c EA V6 x X W v . iz ,, f f N 1' Q A X. 5 I 12,1 xx i Q 101 MK X X iv X g' 'X Y W xt 'S 1 X F' f X NE Fx Q A VK. xx x " 1 x ,x W' t gf ,A 1 X X 1 Q, if I ' Rv R Q - 4 1 , MA., A X k Y Kr 4 , " 'Q - X ff, Q J 5 + H' 3 A cf f A ' 3 NX 1 f sz ,Lx K MN' if I X N 5 Y H Alf .5 S ,xx If x X 'I :NX ix is s s , M N W., M 1- RM ., if twi-v",., A A -W-,-....,.,,,,,N , rx 'M- , -'W-A,,..M.v, , : 5 p-ggzh -. ,Sy-.. y x 5 S ' s ,S 3, Ig. r- f- "mf" R if ' 1 Ni f, .,,2 , . My N Boasfwg ,.....--f"""" ,gr , axis H X Rx mf- ,,,, . 4,5i " -R, ,flqa A Lal, f,,.' 33 ,1,,. X 75,5 V W A ' ,L .,,,, f 'Ez-'X A N-A I 1 l N .-. "'w3xl'5'11 ' X QS ,a::',:g'66,S2:m:-O, ,sf,,,fa.,q Q 9 ?,:vv:i? fa- A'-Q X Q ,.?.'l'if-Q. .x-W' R, w Y ,A--...W M. Nz' :sf Muir, iVrx',y yan? 13r:f."'w "N '13 , - , ,, Q 2 4' 9 M' 03" ' ew!! X, fails . y. k Q... V ' Zhi D-- .7-'s, 1 'N . - Q , xr mf? 4 9,3 W ,C , A W Se . " Y . . . 1' X 53' -X.. X X 1 ,mn .W Q ,....... A ,w x'Y -' V, ' Q52 " X is W . , at , - an 'P .5 ' fi "W,-.-fx? X , 4' M 3 A vi 'NWI is Q' A W auf Tx wi Ni A ,MW ' Allis, L, F ,, ,him .., .- 141 "lf H's BORDEN'S lf's Got To Be Good" f V xx A Borden snack is perfect out TV time agree Dorothy Welch and Alice Hamilton. Elsie says, "For milk and ice cream go to Borclen's" THE BUHDEN BUMP ANY Milk Division Ice Cream Division 1213 North Sherman Drive 131 N. Alabama Street FL 6-2403 ME 2-3451 "They Make Saving Easy . . . . . . They Make Saving Safe" iN? d,K V. 1' i .ff if www "What are you doing?" exclaims Carol Wright as Ianice Guinn raises her hammer. ll ' - ll A penny saved IS a penny got .gglneef jQ0!Ql"6lK Savings and Loan Associafion 1447 Shelby Street ME 5-1503 it it 3215 Shadeland For that snack After a game After a movie Follow the crowd to i I I Jack 'n Jill Drive nn ik' ii Annis Stigall and Donald Davis gaze in admiration at the huge Iack 'n Iill sign as they enjoy king-size strawberry ice cream cones. right in the 'DONE Coke is ut its delicious best when served ice-cold. Keep it in the coldest spot in your refrigerator. COCA-COLABOlg3?i:i.iUt:IOgoE23C.TAtCIiI6OfXld1APOLIS, :Nc When they "burn the midnight oi1" while working feverishly to meet a printer's deadline, Cannon kiddies enjoy refreshing cokes. J ILK J Drink Af Least 3 Glasses A Day lf's refreshing lf's healthful Shannon Waldo and Charles Murphy know what fun it is to share, especially when you are sharing a bottle of cool, refreshing vitamin enriched milk. Hobby Supplies We Carry a Wide Variety You will enjoy a visit to our shop We have repair service, too. 011145 , .jvloddies 3' joys 4206 N. College Avenue WA 5-8925 Brothers George and Lester Gordon, two young salesmen in their father's hobby store, inspect a Chris-Craft boat which they have just unpacked. ,.Yt,Y,,.,, Ti Interested in a Career? 66 57. 79 ome fo L e Meet Miss .Ian Forman who finds the right job for the right person L I Employment Service 129 E. Market SL E ME 8-7581 Martha Katzenberqer. Iune senior, returns to Life to consult with Miss Forman about a position which she had described last spring. We specialize in senior class rings and pins Our line ot graduation gifts will please you ILB. Dyer En. Inc. Established 1889 234 Massachusetts Avenue ME 4-3381 With many lovely styles from which to choose, Rebecca Anderson has difficulty deciding which of the senior rings to select. A Complete Rental Service jar your .Simior Mom Suif Come To SkeHington's Tuxedo Rental Inc. 245 N. Pennsylvania Street ME 4-1583 James Kendrick and Peter Waeger ask Mr. Moore's advice about the selection of a tie to match the blue coat ior the Senior Prom. We Feature California Method in Suede -:- Leather 7 .S?00l"f5lfl'l6Llfl if Cdfaner DRIVE-IN SERVICE I5 NORTH STATE STREET ME I-8232 Heavily laden with armloads of coats Linda Ketring and Iulie Ann Foley enjoy the spring air on their way to the cleaner's. Seven Up for "Seven Up"! You like it- it likes you .Sivan 740 Eoffgng Co. .gnu 651 East Twentieth Street WA 3-4545 It's Seven Up for seven girls-Barbara Thomas, Iudy Gruber, Sarah England, Mary Yost, Shirley Lee. Nancy Brown, and Ioan Hudson. "Accuracy with Promptnessu Dies ' Fixtures ' Gauges ' Tools RECOGNIZED SPECIALISTS IN THE DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF DIES W. 5. Ile Mass E Sun, Inc. Kenneth Hiatt, Mgr. 660 Virginia Avenue ME 7-3449 Robert Corrie and Iames Emminger are curious about the line mech- anism oi the recently installed Cincinnati Duplicating machine. For Trophies of Distinction Why Not Call Herff Janes Specialists in high school and College jewelry 1401 N. Capitol Avenue ME 5-1554 Douglas Barnes knows what ring he wants: he's showing it to Patricia Easterday who will make her choice in another year. WE RENT MOST ANYTHING WE ARE "The Nation's Neighbor" UNITED RENT-ALL5 COME IN OR CALL Store No. 1-716 Virginia Ave. MElrose 2-6333 Store No. 2-1808 Central Ave. WAlnut 6-2868 "What a lovely teaset," exclaims Carolyn Martin as she holds a silver teapot that she has rented tor the party she is giving. Good E ating-- Assured! Ay t . it it7E Xxu- . I WX Kmqans Wi A LQ 1 1 ' A .kai I , limi 1 . ..1,, g3-y3 ,1,i'1lt.,11u1l I ' 15'f"l : 1 "t! 1 f Kingan Division, Hygrade Food Products 55 S. Blackford Street ME 1-1381 Enjoying a delectable sandwich made from Kingan's finest wieners Wayne Chambers agrees that if you're hungry, they hit the spot. Artistic - Oils True-Life - Gifts C Harming - Ci'lUmS Studies - Frames DISTINCTIVE PCDRTRAITURE EXECUTED TO PLEASE! BILL EHHIEH Photographs 115 E. 34th. Street Wa 3-1252 For additional copies of your SENIOR PORTRAIT call the Studio me ,Monde of pdpel' Where You Can Buy Quality greeting cards, gifts, and paper novelties for all occasions. 3812 N. College Avenue WA 5-4168 Betty Sterrett and Linda McKay find it difficult to select prizes for their party from the elaborate display oi gifts. gl? p0l9ll AU' K7 K2 Cn ferfafning 'A' ir cjwlargn M0fAer5 Guitar and Accordion Studio 359 N. Illinois Street ME 4-2141 High school pupils are often teachers, too. as is Harold Cotty who gives lessons on various musical instruments at the studio. I ,sm ef Tit Y' 'Nad 'ii' 42" 1, 1 ,W as 1,5 , dit '. V 41 55 . . V5-1 1 COMPLETE HEATING it LUVE SHEET METAL IIIJ., Illlli. 4101 E. Tenth street FL 9-5421 Those last-minute exchanges of news between classes make campus lite most enjoyable, Phyllis Rettig and Kathleen Teets insist. i i ' 1 2 2 S' 7 el"tQl"lflfl6Ll'llfl if Our 78th Year flfowm fin- aff City-Wide Delivery 241 Massachusetts Avenue ME 5-2333 Meadows Branch 3952 Meadows Drive Li 7-5224 Sandra Lucas and Patricia Parker just can't believe that the beautiful A- flowers arranged in the garden cart are not real. Keep Your New Clothes Looking New by having them SANITONE DRY-CLEANED Bi ,xh8. MVN! Modeling spring fashions made in an advanced clothing classg girls know that Sanitone Dry Cleaning keeps outfits looking new. Can't Be Beat! What? ur 461201464 olw .gyanolwick Unuhln-L-Drive Il 1702 W. 16th Street 6501 E. Washington St. 1421 N. Arlington Ave. "Hop in the car." says Donn Koonce to Judith Iaynes and Donna Frank. "We'l1 go out to the Double-L-Drive In for a sandwich." ghd of gf0LU8l'.'i .APO Afwayd .xdlalarolariafe Our corsages are popular with teens .fglfenlle gfollffl' 2457 Madison Avenue St 4-4446 233223 fllea ifffilglll finlieilsiiiesillllighanllllucillzi Tsiinvlirs. Shop You name if, we have it We handle only high grade meats, produce, and canned goods Iinehler's Wholesale Restaurant Supply Ee. 2340 E. Tenth Street ME 6-444l Sandra Iackson and Mary Rose Purtlebaugh for lunch enjoy a piece of pie baked with Koeh1er's cherries. .SZ flaky Z?rofA era 51 ll l'l UFC! A "Truly a Remembered Service" Walter L. Shirley January, 1920 Dagnija Ozols and Darla Reno stop for cx last-minute chat. For Efficient Service Contact Carter Elzie ll Electric Service Inc. . Specializing in COMMERCIAL 81 INDUSTRIAL WIRING Night 81 Day Service 2125 N. Ritter Avenue FL 6-5098 No need to worry about ruining one's eyesight it the light is right believes Linda Higgins who enjoys reading good books. One of the Wor1d's Largest Dealers ABEL'S Heplllalillll - Yuur Guarantee rr PAYS ro DEAL AT ABEL'S ABEL'S AUTO COMPANY 1030 N. Meridian Street ME 5-2531 "Not a bad looking car tor the money. I'd take my chances on it. it I was in the market." says Carlton Green to Ierry Holcomb. ,MQ Get the habit of attending Sunday School every I Sunday MO0L5ic!e lqfgrim clwlohneru CAM-CL Pray Martin lr., Pastor 2101 Brookside Avenue Rev. Ray Martin, Ir. greets G. Rodger Miller after the servic 3-TRACK umafic Aluminum Combination Storm Windows 81 Doors Color Coordinated Aluminum Awnings Canopies and Patio Covers Low Cost Financing ALUMATIII PIIUDUET5 EU. For Estimates Call STate 7-1331 2621 SHELBY STREET T., BLUE PRINT 8. LITHOGRAPH CO., I I . , . , - sr.-Y 5 nt NYf'Wxvr- " NC f-sway 5' 1 s of , Asif Y' 41225 . K sw . s ,Es . , . . , ' . ' K gg J. Jef . A-H. - 1 A 161 ' X' ' A 1 VJ , 112:15 t- : Mgx , z X 5fLQ.f'135l5f-." " 5 1, ts ,, , gi ., . C .,+.,Qqg.a, . . J I -..,:.4.'-,.5,:-.q.....f, , , , fx? 1 X A, , . 9329 1 , ..,. . .. . ,, X K , xyx f XQIQXKX, Xwqxi Qx! yw A 1 fxsf f 600 E. OHIO ST-INDIANAPOLIS DRAWING MATERIALS TEE SQUARES DRAWING BOARDS TRI-ANGLES DRAWING PENCILS DRAWING INSTRUMENTS DRAWING, TRACING 81 CROSS SECTION PAPERS BLUE PRINTS, PHOTOSTATS REPRODUCTION PROCESSES PHOTO-OFFSET LITHOGRAPHY O t X xl I 'C Q41 ' Ahoy LIIGTG ,I APPETI TE S! I I ?'j"3 ' a" llKE GOOD WIENERS? fry Iarb5W ze Skinless WIENERS STARK, WETZEL 8. CO., INC. INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA A. C. Demaree Incorporated .86UflQl".'5 BRANCH STORES 5216 College Avenue -- CL 5-2401 3704 E. 38th Street - L1 6-2104 5870 N. Michigan Booid - CL 5-5311 3115 English Avenue - ME 6-3080 1127 N. Arlington Avenue - FL 7-5558 1609 N. Lyndhurst Drive - CH 1-4715 5216 N. Keystone QPlotntj - CL 5-2401 For o Delicious Frozen Treat Try the i , ' A 'ICHES ' P06 ig C1410 s , f . rr A -1 .fr W7 "swf Oriental 81 Michigan Streets t.. V1,:E: "Nothing like a Malted Milk." remarks Schorling Schneider to Iane Brock-Iones, as he reaches into his pocket for change. ' Z ' s"'P?7 I' s 3 2, 1 ii Eisenhut Drugs Medical Supplies Cosmetics Confections Our Student Ad Setters sf? Lester Wright ik' Robert Borer 'fir Ronnie Madison Prescriptions 5353 English Avenue FL 7-4456 as ev ss, Q Ai, Q :risks E :A -1,4 :' E , -129. E " 5 Z ,147 'W ' at 'mmm Arsenal Technical High School Our Engravers I N D EC O Noble Ropkey Our Printer The Hollenbeclc Press Robert E. Darnaby III Our Cover Makers SMITH CRAFT and and and lack K. Bundy Margaret Carer Glenn Munshower Secretary Fmnk Perseu Donald Montgomery Artist Harry Nahre Richard Brier 411 THE S. K. SMITH COMPANY Photographer Printers and Binders I INDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING CO. l22-36 N. College Avenue 2857 North Western Avenue 611 Park Avenue IVIE 5-5461 ME 2-8473 Chicago 18' Illinois GOLD PIN Cannon Yearbook salesman looking at an annual with Mr. Anderson are lseatedt Judith Riggs, Annis Stigall, Lynn Hunter, istandingl Barbara Cross, James Kendrick, and Martha Katzenberger, who are either juniors or seniors. ARSENAL CANNON AGENTS-First Row: Martha Katzenberger, Schorling Schneider, Willard Finney, Jesse Lynch, Carolyn Auter, Ausma Karlovs, Judith Riggs, James Kendrick, Patricia Gaines, Alice Shulse, Brenda Weaver, Phyllis Buchanan. Second Row: Pamela Powell, Patricia South, Harold Grate, Warren Schwomeyer, Karen Van Buskirk, Ruth Ann Opel, Annis Stigall, Marcia White, Patricia Parker, Jane Cromwell, Carolyn Herndon, Nancy Brown, Sally Glatz. Third Row: Gene Bayless, Clarence Puckett, David Sutton, Thomas Emrick, THESE ARE OUR SALESMEN E .X Q , s M , 2 . - Q,- B A 4051!-" f ar. .1-1 L ? 1 3 f ,Q 1' w., A Q v FOUR OF THE ad salesmen who sold l7 ot the 32 ads in the book are Peter Waeger, Robert Gray, Schorling Schnei- der, and Linda Higgins. James Kendrick was top salesman. William Robertson, Sandra Wagner, Carol Pettengill, Judith Hammer, Lana Justus, Dana Jones, Judith Tracy, Darlene Cole, Lee Bartlett, Roberta Negri, Susan Ward, Carol Plaftey. Top Row: Owen Young, Kenneth Bergdoll, William Breedlove, Paul E. Green, Roger Miller, Russell Smith, George Howe, William Sare, Robert Gray, Steven May, James Williams, Neleva June Moore, Judith Burnam, Mary Jane Chappell, Gloria Noble, Larry Johnson, Sharon Crawley, Judith Hiatt. ws gi? est 156 Activities Division Pages . . Ad Salesmen ......... Administrative Staff .... Advertisements ......... Alumni Association ..... American Education Week Arsenal Cannon Staffs .. Art Club .............. Art Department ........ HERE'S HOW YOU FIND YOUR PICTURES IN INDEX ....68-7I ....i56 .......I4 ....I4O-T55 .......29 .....5I . . .... 88-9I .....77 . ....... 46 Athletic Division Pages .... .... 9 2-95 Band ................ .... 5 6-57 Baseball Teams ............. ....... I O6 Basketball Teams .............. .... I OO-IO2 Bellamy Flag Luncheon iFacultyl ... ..... . . I I Bellamy Flag Luncheon lPupilsl .... .... 2 .7 Block T Club ................. . . .98 Book Store Staff ............ . . .38 Boys' Concert Club .... . . .56 Boys' Octette ....... . . .55 Campus Scenes . .. Cannon Agents ..... Cheerleaders ......... Chemistry-Physics Club .. Classes Commercial Department ...6-II ....I56 ....iO2 .......79 ....I8-I9 .....45 Cross Country Team ........ ....... 9 9 Curriculum Division Pages Custodial Statt ........... Debate Team .......... Don Belding Assembly .... Dr. Shibler ........... Dratting Department Drama Club ........ Eighth Grade Chorus Eighth Grade Band ..... Eighth Grade Orchestra Employment Ottice ..... English Department Evening School ...... Faculty ........ Faculty Meeting .... Faculty Teas ..... Federal Inspection .. Football Teams ...... Freedoms Foundation .. Freedom Shrine ..... French Club .......... Future Nurses' Club .... Future Teachers' Club .... German Club ....... Girls Concert Club . .. Girls Ensemble ... Girls Play Day , . . Golf Team ........ Health Department ....... Home Economics Club ....... Home Economics Department .. . . . .... 3O-33 .....39 ....83 ...9I ...I4 ....47 ....83 ....53 ....58 ...58 .....25 ....4O-4I ...24, 63 34-38,87 .......I5 ...I7 .....'6I ......9I-97 ....26, I3I ....I3I ...76 ...BI ...8I ...76 ...57 ...54 ....IO7 ....IO7 ...49 ...79 ...5O Junior High School Junior Red Cross .... Key Club ........... Kings and Queens .... Language Department Latin Club .......... Lunchroom Statt .. . Mr. Anderson .......... Mr. Anderson's Birthday . .. Mr. Anderson's Story Madrigal Singers ..... Mardi Gras ........... Mathematics Club ......... Mathematics Department Morgan Hall ........... Music Club .........., Mr. Morgan .. Mr. Stuart ....... Nature Study Club Orchestra ........... Orientation Program Original Faculty ......... Parent-Teachers Association . .. Plays ................. Prayer Group .... Principals at Tech . . Radio Club ................ Retired Teachers' Association Readers' Digest Panel Luncheon ROTC Officers ..... ........ ROTC Rifle Team ............ ROTC Instructors . .. Science Department . .. Senior Division Pages .. Senior Panels ........ Seniors, Spring '57 .... Service Club ............ Sign Class ............... Social Studies Department .... Spanish Club ............. Student Attairs Organization . . String Ensemble ......... Style Shovv ....... Summer School Tech Choir .. Tech Legion Tennis Team ... Times Trophy . . . Track Teams ..... Vocational Classes .... Wrestling ........ Y-Teen Club ... OUR BOOK I6, 25, 62 ......84 ......8O ...72-73 ....43 ....76 ....39 38 ...I2-I3 .I32-I39 ......53 2O,7I,86 ......78 ....44 ....64 ......78 .....I35 .I34-I35 ......79 ...54-55 ...2I,87 ...I34 ....28 ....82 ....74 ...I3I ....8O ....29 ......9I ...6O-6i ....59 ....59 ......48 .IO8-III .II4-T30 ...22-23 ...84-85 ....75 ....42 ....76 ....85 ....55 ....85 ....24 ....52 ...lI2 .....IO7 ......27 .IO4-IO5 ...65-67 ...IOS ....8I I57 ff- .yiggaf SIGN HERE . . . AND HERE 158 SIGN HERE . . AND HERE HERE IS YOUR BCDOK, MR. ANDERSON 160 R Tu. MMIIIIIQIQIMQJKIIIMILIMIQN I l 1 i f w Y I 1 1 s k 1-11 420 'ia J" ' Hflapohs Qgblic I,

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