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,, Thus Is My Book M Mx M fx? fl . ,mix pix M " ww ' fwkx L if B Af go S U' HI cfm Oil G 'Q gg l W Q ff N' N K xiif .-"W 'W N 'Tv KE' W3 KCSCJ-Qrij? ff' V4 HQ Ly j fag-ix This IS yr SM Our World WU N 6" N , il,-4 I. HK Xa H 5 4 L NH N 4 Y T lf' w f n Y if LJ 'x fl x ,X ,Q W M At Arsenal Tech THE ARSENAI. CANNON ARSENAL TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL INDIANAPOLIS 7, I NDIA x , ' A , , ' ,'-N--1-gag? ,Swfif GSP w-on-4., WML, nf 'T iv . A " ' Tw, " - , :Qwffp ,f -. if . Zim ' ' gf A Q zyfg 'A N6 fr 't KSN um wx Sw C f Q , . f 5' " " m f 7 ifickxfl 'T' - ,- "f -f I , ,4 Wiki ifys, Z41gaa,,,4 6 if, 41, Q E, elif .' I' I '.M'f' if"zM, A Q Li. X. f. A ' f A' ,- , wi . , ,, , . HA ,912 x ,al if . ff X , My Q 4, " 6 f an U wr-f . .2151 A k .mf SK ' ' 51' m, 2.1 .g n 'TMP . A Q--'Ax' Q1-, gy A YY! S N 4 I T331 gif in-1 ' Hifi ' Q52 Ax My wb N, . SA 'K' ar Pk " X ff F fmfv. 1 R -5.1 Q x ' L ,- ,X 3. an-43. N 4, Lx lx! if GW Elm! F' 4 . i If l t V Q . Q R This is Our World R if ,ft -. +g,4,7W-, . sv. At Arsenal Tech 1 This is our world at Arsenal Tech -. a world of interesting classes and competent teachers, of lasting friendships and gay activities, of winding sidewalks and budding trees. It is a world of little things that hold our world apart from all others, fighting traffic iams in the hallways, walking to class with that special someone, and cheering our teams with all our hearts at every game. Ours is a world of club meetings, all-school dances, and impressive assemblies. It is a world we know, love, and support. Here we live all of the ripe experiences of our youth. Our world is so full of a number of things, we can't help being as happy as kings. THE ARSENAL CANN0N0'I957 'S W vwmwwww , 4. ww ., A if x M W I .,,,, A 2x 73 ' Rhhmqmgwww - K , .W ,X ig Q' lyiwpw ,, , x 4 .1 ky x K' t fs . 'Zig S t Pu va ex.. pg gil,f,fi,.5 . K. wx ' I 1 f if . rv A NUMBER OF THINGS Our World of Little Things 6-I9 With Its Faculty ancl classes 20-5I Its Variety ot Activities 52-75 Its Energetic Senior Class 76-99 And Its Program ot Sports IOO-I I5 .THAT WE CAN'T HELP BUT BE AS HAPPY THE LATE afternoon sun casts its rosy glow on deserted Milo H. Stuart Memorial Hall, named for our flrst principal. ,ff 8 SHOUTING, laughing, or just talking, Tech students ind the quadrangle a pleasant spot to spend their free time. With our beautiful 76-acre campus to remind us of our many blessings, we can't be anything but happy. Wherever we are in our world, we notice that nature has been especially generous to us. We enjoy our five-acre Nature Preserve, our own stream, and lovely Liberty Grove. The Plaza is one of our favorite places to meet and talk with our friends. We are proud to show our school to visitors at any time of the year, for to us, it sports a special brand of loveliness with each new season. Yes, we are happy, indeed, to belong to this wonderful Tech world. AS KINGS gcc fi mx KJ i i l i If 'X' i lf X i' WY up , Y 'll QQ Pl ff Xxx A p 'lk fllllk KH!! S X: X l i ,Jl , i 1 lx 5 I 'i i i l Y ii , is i i 2 i i i in l i A , . , i i , l i ,, Kyl Q. lls- J. - in - C l,- i l i i i i 'i ri GREAT-GRANDDADDY of our spacious campus, The Arsenal lends dignity and traditions 'ro our historical grounds with many buildings of Civil War days, BURSTIINIG with spring blossoms, our campus becomes a fairyland of color and fragrance. D "V , ,:, , tix fl, 'I ' , l f N X K, Z. 2 5 ,,. ' my hv NY3, N , if , 'I 5 9, 30 ' 2 'Q ag? , ff 3 5 Q L Q in 'w W 9 jf, , 1 I y ai K ,, li 1 4, A , 1 , , ii Qi 3 i gl ,f I, ii' l if 1 . QWW TTT, 'XX l l l T , Xp - YL Xb Xvwf cf, f cf y,, THAT LAST minuTe before The bell rings Tinds some of us loiTering OT our lockers os ore Shield GrolT, Ndncy Dickey, Ronnie Fisher, Melvin STofTord, ond Terrence O'I-lord Tor ci Tino! word. OUR WQRLD RADTATES A SWEET CF Yf'!f5xRi'vlTl"l ,ff-XTXTD F?3L!EiNlDLliHiESS Everyone vvho enTers one oT The Tour goTes of our cdrnpus becomes o viTol pdrT of iTs endless ocTiviTy. The hdlls ore filled vviTh choTTering Teen-cigers, one minufe goy, The nexT minuTe serious. We live in on cnmosphere of youThTul ldughTer TlooTing ocross The compus on goy, sunny doys, dnd of cheerful voices, peneTroTing The gloom on dreory vvinTer doys. Our vvorld is one uniTed in worm ond Triendly Togerherness. WE ARE olvvoys rushing To The BooksTore Tor needed sup- 1 OUR PRES!-IMAN Orienrmion inTroduces newcomers ro Tech. plies, everwhing TrOm pen Gnd ink TO HCRGTS fOr d0nCeST SEEING TRAYS piled high vviTh The "Bdsic Seven," vve Tdrnished sTudenTs ovvoiT our Turn in The "endless" lunchline. Esmimzz ff . Q MARCIA GASAWAY ond Lorry Cosner enioy exploining U. S. populotion distribution to on Arnericon History closs. THROUGH ITS OPPORTUNITIES OUR LIVES ARE ENRICHED Leorning is o most irnportoint port of our busy doys. Our closses ore gold mines, ond eoch doy we leove with oi nugget ot educotion odded to our rnind's treosure. Since Tech offers such oi greot voriety of suloiects, we con End closses to suit our individuol interests. Here in this smoll world We ore leoirning to live the Arnericon Woy of Lite. WE ALL ENJOY working on o closs project like "Meet An Americonf' the scropbook this English IVA closs hos mode. CAPTURINO the splendor of the outumn compus scenery is on chollenging project for our tolented ort students. WHILE WE WATCH the sporks fly, Williom Andrews orch we-Ids pieces of me-tol in Mr. Cruser's Welding III closs. X ESR! Q-. was ww 'Q ww .A Mm-wm.',,W,,,m Q ,mmssa X .... - ,. -,,,M,.,, ,,.,.,,,if..,...-5. 'P ' Q r' 'qw , f A 4 hi g -Qi ,,' " 5" 1 i ff- ' ff f W 'E' 2 uv., 1 M. ,,,,,y11 V ,gg , 19 QQEAKQ 1' :uu,:,a :mai ' f: , Lys, """ ' 4 rr' M, " .fr "'-- 5 8. V A 4 4 , M X gf M if ' ' Nnwxi . A, ,fy ,A , , X 2 N' It Q, -V 1 .., Q + '- - -44,P'4-.,1 - X B 'wk ffyj Y K. 1 , y . . I Y 4-' K .x f - u 'M'z""'lfn4uw7..4 ' 5 5.5 g 'll""" E I 4 ff, ,, ,, fu . . , ,W . V , K ,P 1: A 1 be -' H i sf ' . x 'I 5 ' ' 'Q 'i - , ix K 5 ' . 9 s fi ix .-...Q 1 .g. . '-'try -. 1 f . I V - ,4 3. Y. r"" 1'-1 I 1 '.' 6 ,F avfh -N,,g , . ,., L .4 IN OUR CAREFREE if! Q2 ess !fEQjQgX Rite? , rv' iifx 7U R 3- W Q? WARM WEATHER brings To our world on epidemic of Tenih-hour group picnics which we dll enioy, ds witnessed by Judiih Riggs ond her friends. LOUNGING beneoih big shode Trees west of The Arsengl is cu reldxing wdy To end our lunch hour. HOURS WE ARE BUILDING A STOREI-IOUSE OF MEMORIES WE SOMETIMES forget, os Koren Belles evidently hos, thot others would like to use the Telephone between closses. ia, tn LIKE REBECCA Shrigley we grab o newspoper to protect our curls in on toll shower os we dosh to our next closs WE ALL HAVE os much fun lough- ing ot the tunny oolvertisements posted on our school bulletin boord os Mortho Beeson, Jomes Foy, Dennis Focemire, Colette Bouerle. TIMELESS l ., , I Jig' Mff'Yf'.ff1 5 Ann -- .QV - ' Human OF counsz. in GETTNC . I Yfiwdk ,. I it ' p -N-, i ,ARcYou? Y":,"'Y'T' eil cm, ' " Gift' Cliff ' I I l 3 dontslipup 'lil I V I X 4,5-y:?xl,'I1 '- ,JJHL . X L X tx order your A 'YCARBOOKWI I ' , K , N I' 'S'-'x 'x I -qv f . , , OAZIIXIO OUT A classroom window, we offen see clossmofes oloslw cacross The parking lor frying To Ioeot The 8:I5 bell TI-IE SPICE OE LIFE IN OUR DAILY ROUTINE OUR UINIFORTUIXIATE clossmores who foil To beef The lost bell must reporf Io The oITendcmCe desk for Terdy slips. I4 WE WONDER IF Larry ond Oory IVIcCommon's reporT cords like their feces, ore identical, but they will not 'fell HOW proud we ore of our Techoir when iT records o progrom Tor "Young Americci Sings," which we heor on WIBC. ,,.!,.N,x,-y- X' ,-. s-., 'T T. Q..f Q. -4 N- As The doys Tly swiTTly by, we become occusromed To The ins ond ouTs oT coimpus life Some of us never seem To escope The TronTic doiily riTuoul of hurrying breoThlessly To cloisses, Teoring To be loTe. We geT used To woiTing wiTh boTed breoTh on reporT cord doy Tor ThoT loTol mork. Around ChrisTmoisTime, we dll know our compus will be Tronsformed inTo o spoirlding yuleTide sighT. YeT, Though we know iT, we never foil To be Thrilled by The choinging sighT of Tech, goy in iTs seosonol spiriT. VVe leorn The beoTen poThs To eoch building, yeT eoch doy They ore diTl:erenT, Tor we moy meeT o new friend os we hurry olong e-och crowded wolk. 1553 gil? T rlii THE SPARKLING Tree in STuorT Hoill which fills our heorTs wiTh ChrisTmos cheer is being decorc1Ted by XYZ club members. OUR MOODS VARY WITH Changing inTeresTs and acTiviTies are evidenT in every corner of our school. Ranging Trorn The sublime To The ridiculous, our acTiviTies serve To loring The TaculTy and sTudenTs closer TogeTher, We show our lighTer side in friendly arguing, Teasing, and joking, buT our serious naTure reigns as we sTand uniTed in silenT respecT for Old Glory aT an all-school assennloly. OFT'TlMES- we waTch our flag lowered by cadeTs William Sore and Larry Marshall. OUR MARDI GRAS royalfy, Sally Sore and Michael Alex- A ander, enioy a beTTer look at Their cherished glittering crowns. T THIS BEING a national elecTion year we had fun watching Allen Maxwell, T WalTer S-Talnaker, Martin Joachim, and RoberT Bruce defend Their Two parTies. lo OUR CHANGING INTERESTS ' lx 'T lllllilli li! llill Tir!-1 f -gl Q A SCENE from our faculty play, "Hasty Pudding," is en acfed by Mrs. Avo Hadley, Mr. Gaylord Allen, and Miss Louise Padou. TO ACQUAINT PUPILS vvilh National Bible Week Barbara Waddell is placing book marks in Arsenal Cannon weeklies. OUR VISITORS are amazed af The silent respect slwovvn by our huge assembly audiences for The performers on stage. ff nv ,- f 1' OUR SEVENTH graders have unusually lively discussions as they interpret a book. IF WE WANT TO BE xTECHNICAL', WE COUNT ALL OUR SCHOOLS We vvho attend daily classes are proud that our Tech is nationally known as a comprehensive high school, versatile, tor it is three schools in one: academic, technical, and vocational. Serving a variety ot people and organizations, Tech has become a necessary part ot the community. Rooted in its tTrm traditions, to us all it is a steadying influence. fr 2? MR. WILSON always holds the interest of his pupils when he explains a piece ot machinery in his Metal Trades classes in Evening School with an approximate thirty-tvvo hundred pupil enrollment. lN THE GOOD old summertime Ivlr. Gor- man is director of our summer school. 3: My llt. AV . OUR HONOR students ond their porents relox, enioying punch ond cookies ot the teo thot follows the exciting Honor Doy Progrom. lt seems to our senior closs members os it they ore just beginning their high school coreers when suddenly it is oll over, ond they ore lett with o flood ot memories. The lost tevv weeks, with their senior octiyities, Honor Doy, ond tinolly, Commencement, poss by much too quickly. Finolly, eoch nervous senior is presented with the symbol ot his tour hoppy yeors, oi leother-encosed certiticote ot groduotion. Oroduotes step from our world to toke their ploces in the everydoy world, corrying with them their own speciol port ot Tech. tHEioi-I Ho, HEIGH Ho, iT's orr TO Woieic WE Got' I... BEAMINO proudly, our seniors occeptvocotionolcertiticotes. OUR Commencement exercises ore cilvvoys held in the stcxdium. 0 ' 'tv' WTB gf? fs - A W s f Q 1 W1 In This World of Ours We Are Self-Sufficient Forming a nucleus for our embryonic vvorld are many academic and vocational courses. Taking advantage of Them, we "learn by doing" hovv To develop our skills. Working vvilh us and for us are several hundred laculry members vvho enioy a ioke vvirh us, encourage us, poinr our our possibiliries, and give us lirrle "words of wisdom". Our beloved friend and principal, lvlr. l-l. l-l. Anderson, vvorks side by side vvilh Teachers and srudenls alike, siriv- ing To bring us The besr opporluniiies. Mr. Houston Meyer and Judifh Ridenour I X X X , , -W 4,464 QW K my xx AMW -' " M ,.,M...-W ' .. ..w,, ,.,A..f-- ' MMV' . N. X x f 1 .4 , , Y ,, ,Nnwr f ' , 1- .P f r ,pn M S. A, . v . M , ,.,, ff! ,, f r, , m,.,,f,,. I I ,ff ff it H af f Xvifif' " 7 ' y , f , My 6 uf' ' v 1 .v 41" " z I ,I1 x - .. A f of v I Y 4 4? bfwr fv 1'NA. , 1. .fa ,M- JJQA4 A -N f ,.1'f 141' "5 wx ' giw J, .'0'c'A ' v- w ,.v 4 , - ,.As""W Q wc" V ,elf ,. "J: ' ,, " 1' A -ff ,Q5'ggz3? , - 'j,f'ff" . .nw f' V . V , - ,. abd . I. Q , i V , . ,051 'Q' . 4-Sf -.,' ' O Al ' "' x. I .r XX " .TAI ,A aj" ,xqff vfqgg- ,1 '.n A A-.' ,- ew SCHOOL DAYS, SCHOOL DAYS, GOOD OLD GOLDEN TECH DAYS ARE DAYS l This world of ours, our comprehensive high school, revolves oround our efficient foculty ond energetic school personnel. Our foculty boosts o corps of 225 vvell-troined leoders, olvvoys olert to our needs, troining us for positions in industry or business, or preporing us for college ond o professionol coreer. A competent crew is our office stoff, toking core of oll the clericol work in this little vvorld of ours with its 4,300 inhobitonts. Equolly busy ore the T6 efficient deportment ossistonts. The Herculeon tosk of keeping our grounds ond buildings spoirkling is o job well done by our 40 copoble custodions ond motrons, while our 53 populor lunchroom women plon ond preoore tosty lunches for 3,000 fornished Techites every doy. Working together, our foculty ond school personnel moke our little world ot Arsenol Tech o wonderful ploce in which to live. REFLECTED in his foce ore the fine quolities chor- octeristic of our principol, Mr. H. H. Anderson 22 WE'LL NEVER FORGET Q29 .w:: it:-1, fy tix Xl R my ttf il DISCUSSINO their many mutual interests, Mr. Anderson and Dr. Herman L. Srhibler, superintendent of our schools, enjoy a friendly, quiet talk in the principal's office. ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF-Cleft to rightl: Cecil McClintock and Fred R. Gorman, vice principals, Hanson I-l. Anderson, principal, Earl Ensinger and I-lerman I-Iinshavv, vice principals, Mrs. Martha Turpin, dean of girls. BOOKSTORE STAFF-Seated: Mr. Oliver I-l. Clark, Mrs. Laverne Stewart. Stand- ing: Mrs. Wilma Durham. -s , v f , ,c,c C I H.. ' --1 I I "Y 1 3 1' 1 Q Y Wifi 5? 2 Q I N- ,f-. ,. 4, V. 11 'W 'ff . fy, g.. I . 109' . 0, . ,lr W M. V 1,51 Q' v ll 1' I i fi V if Tv" .3 -IC ti HIGI-I SCHOOL SOCIAL SERVICE STAFF-Seated ileft to rightl: Mrs. Anne Barrett and Miss Mariorie Law- son, Mr. William C. Murphy, psychologist. Standing: Mr. Omar Nelson and Mrs. Jeanne Ann Granes. SCHOOL NURSES-Seated: Blanche Wil' liams RN., Mrs. Mildred Johnston R.N. Standing: Mrs. Rowena Cvraub R.N, 23 l I I i l WX 'Www 'fs 9 -Y iff .M .9 s .NX J P fs' AJ? , "' SPECIAL ASSIGNMENTS - First Row lleft to rightt: Kenneth Barr, Visual Education director, Herman Denzler, Coordinatorg Fred Reeder, Assistant Program director, Gay- lord Allen, Reclassitication direc- tor. Second Row: Karl Kalp, Guid- ance directorg Paul Wetzel, Eve- ning School directorg Ella Sengen- berger, Publications directory Chelsea S. Stewart, Program Pro- duction directory Charles Dagwell, Athletic director, George Lone, Shop Activities director. .' X . A . 1 x x.- STARS TWINKLED over the tea table and stars shone in the eyes at faculty members as they served honor guests at the spring reception. OBVIOUSLY enjoying Mr. Harold VViltong's ioke are Misses Frances Longshore and Olive Brown. IN THE receiving line, headed by Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, We otten notice our taculty enioying a well-earned breathing spell in the midst ot a busy schedule. They have their teas to bid tarewell to members who leave in the spring and to greet new members in the tall, while the ottice statt entertains the taculty with a cottee hour at Christmas time each year. ,. . , m,.c,,, 4 X 4. 1 3 " ' i 5 5 ' L t 1 -1 'X '- st jx ,Q 59 ,s. grew 'fs ..s,1,jjJ , are Mr. and Mrs. Veltrup and teachers who are resigning or retiring. K s 5 ff. ' 3 -I-' . . Ti X .' ' " xiii K we m ,jf 3 .. ffl, X f 4-1. 4 h. iv is 'X wr ,-1 le V 75? x' Q1 ...spew W- ' W OFFICE STAFF-Seated: Mrs. Hermanda Metzker, registrar, Mrs. Florence Cox, stenographer, Norma Rodewald, assistant registrar, Miriam Howe, school secretary, Damor Eubanks and Patricia Littell, clerk-typists, Mrs. Gloria Robbins, head stenographer. Standing: Barbara Cleverly, P. B. X. operator, Louisa Steeg, guidance clerk, Mrs. Edna Ayres, stenographer, Mrs. Ruth Smith, attendance clerk, Mrs. Ruth Berryman, stenographer, Mrs. Elsie Wilcox, attendance clerk, Mrs. Clara Nicoles, clerk, Mrs. Rosa- lynne Yarnell, Mrs. Dorothy Armel, and Mrs. Helen Cloud, stenographers. u 9 ., Q ,, ,f fy 7Wt JN- k K i l - QT l --- ANNUAL AFFAIR is the coltee hour which the entire oflice staff has tor the taculty the afternoon betore the Christmas holidays. DEPARTMENT ASSISTANTS-Seated Cleft to rightt, Marilyn Farmer, Athletic student assistant, Mrs. Rosemary Riggs, Publications, Mrs. Olga Geisler, Music, Mrs. Josephine Schlenck, Music, Mrs. Helen Sturgeon, Art, Mrs. Bertha Brooks, Home Econom- ics, Mrs. Mary Van Buskirk, English, Standing: William Hill, Building Trades, Linsie Cox, Elec- trical, Walter Dearing, Auto Shop, Mrs. Maxine Moore, Home Economics, Mrs. Evelyn Mattingly, Dean's office, Harry Mears, Program Production, Arthur Cook, Physical Education. Not shown: Rich- ard Neft, Auto Shop, Mrs. Verda Allee, Military Training. 113 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT-First Row Ilett to rightl: Margaret Waters, Mrs. Ressie Fix, Radio Expression, Mrs. Clarena Huffington, Halcyon Mendenhall, Jean Wells. Second Row: Louise Padou, Ruth Bozell, Jane Strain, Gertrude lnsley, Helen Thornton, head, Mrs. Mary Furry, Mrs. Ethel Mclntosh, Mrs, Carol Wilson, Vance Garner. Third Row: Mrs. Muriel Tucker, Mariorie Schoch, 1 .MIM IT DOESN T matter how old or even how young we are, antiques interest us, so Miss Margaret Waters had pupils bring examples to English l. THE AGE OF Shakespeare becomes alive as Sally McKenzie discusses Seventeenth Century literature with the members ot Miss Helen Thornton's always popular English VIIE class. librarian, Irene Rhodes, Mrs. Barbara Dearing, Irene McLean, Margaret Remy, Mrs. Eva Lycan, Olive Brown, Hortense Braden, Mrs. Barbara Camp, Gaylord Allen, Robert Maloy. Top Row: Jennie Moton, Mrs. Vera Kilborn. Not Shown: Anna Applegate, Alice Brown, Richard Jackson, Harold Wilfong, Radio Expression, Mrs. Marion Adams and Mrs, Dorothy Newcomer, librarians. FRGM GRAMMAR TO SHAKESPEARE WE TREAD THE ENGLISH COURSE , -, 1 --we MODERN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT-Seated llett to rightl: Mrs. Susanna Underwood, Irene McLean, Edith Allen. Standing: Edith Baker, Charles C. Martin, head, Mabelle Sprague. MINDS CAN MEET IF THE TONGUES CAN SPEAK AND EARS CAN UNDERSTAND THE FASCINATION which the Notre Dame Cathedral Rose window holds for visitors is explained to members ot Mr. Martin's French VII-Vlll class by Jovvdit l-lallel. M41 ry ,7- ' V5 tak S X, f fr- Tl-IE LATIN CASE holiday dis- play featuring illuminated manuscripts, made by Robert E. Clark, holds the attention of members ot the class ot Miss Irene McLean, instructor. 27 M y ART DEPARTMENT-First Row ileff To righflz Charles Glore, La Von Whifmire, Oakley Richey, head. Second Row: Kermit Swenson, Lorena Phemister, Earnest Med- calfe. Top Row: Edmund Schildknecht, Sy Perszyk, Rich- ard Peeler, Harold Stewart. IN ART RAW TALENT BECOMES SKILLED CRAFTSMANSHIP RICHARD MAURER admires The necklace which Elizabeth Chilfon has made in Mr. Perszylds Metal Craft-Jewelry class. lir A 5 ' " af 9 E fi , 4 " S . , 'Z may ,f, ""-Q. ,Al -am, SKETCHING from cm model os oTTrocTive os is Mory .lo I-lomilTon delighTs The members of Miss LoVon WhiTmire's closs who Tlnd These lessons in orT indeed oi chollenge To Their creoTive obiliTy. Sgme gf The fufufe grfigfg gf grggf rengwn NOT EVERYONE con receive prizes vviTh Their circhiTecTurol house mod- els in The Ford conTesT os Chorles Polmer ond l?oberT Bruce hove. moy be omong The 56 Trom Tech who won recogniTion in The ScholoisTic ArT Awords conTesT. Ceromics, sculpTure, ond pho- Togrophy ore some of The closses in which There were winners. YeT, These ore only ci Tew oT The mony courses oFTered loy The ArT depdrTmenT. In The DroTTing deporTmenT boys who some doy hope To become orchiTecTs or engineers ore Tdking odyonced courses in Mochine ond ArchiTecTurol DroTTing, enTering Their drowings in The onnuol Ford conTesTs. S DRAFTING DEPARTMENT-Seofed ileff To righT: Fred Henlxe. VVorren Clevelond, head, Norman Schneider, Sfonclingz Kenneth CoTTin, Horold El- lioTT, Floyd Tobroclae, Clarence Rosell. 29 w p5 sssmf w:7 .M is ' NX I 2 gf , Sass.-Q M, , - S, SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT-First Row ilett to rightl: Mary Elizabeth Moore, Josephine Graf, Alta Welch, Frances Longshore, Jeannette Tobey, Frances Lyons. Second Row: Merrill Wil- son, Ralph Minnick, Katherine Book, Mrs. Dorothy Lyon, O. S. Flick, head. Top Row: F. R. Caldwell, Donald Daily, William Kimberlin, Howard Longshore, James Butler. Not Shown: Mrs. Marysue Gray, Karl Kalp, GOOD GOVERNMENT STEMS FROM GOOD CITIZENSHIP tiff POLlTlCAL and Economic Rights are being demonstrated by S-ue Christian in Miss Mary Elizabeth Moore's American Problems class. WE WENT ALL OUT tor Indiana Day in Mr. Butler's World History class with pictures, maps, and a spirited report by Precia Oberle. Appreciating our heritage, the American Way ot Lite, pupils in Social Studies, through classes in American Government, Problems, and history, are taught the fundamental prin- cipals of good citizenship. We are learning V to liye and to work together. Taking part in if "Quiz 'Em" and "Town Meeting" programs help us to recognize the responsibilities ot our government. SMILES, trovvns, complocent expressions reflect reoctions ot pupils toking Mr. Robert BeIding's trigonometry test. Techites who enjoy working with "X's" ond "Y's" tind thot courses in the Moth- motics deportment not only sotisty this liking but olso provide sound bo- sic instruction in trigonometry, olge- bro, plone ond solid geometry, print- ing moth, socioil moth, ond senior oirithrnetic in preporotion tor the tuture. PERI-IAPS IT MAY be iust cznother Algebro II closs but to pupils of Mrs. Glodys 'Iyndoll it is o very speciol closs. WE ARE TANGLED IN ANGLES WITH OUR X'S AND Y'S MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT-First Row Ileft to rightiz Dole Sore, Sorci Ewing, Monsheld. Top Row: Cyrus Lonccister, Mourice Kriese, Fred Ahlenteyer, Wcilter Mrs. Glodys Tyndoll, Mrs. Effie McDougc1II, Newell Holl, Robert Belding, head. Second Row: Edith Silver, Mildred Corrie, Helen Peorson, Dorothy Corey, Betty Reogcin, John Stoeclxinger. Not Shown: Williciitt I-Ierbst, Rovylond Leverenz. .4-15" ON CONTOUR mops Koy Hulion shows clossnnofes John Wompner, Koren Dryburg, ond Milton Cox sfoges in the cycle of erosion, in Mr. MoloH's physiogrophy closs. Curious Techifes, eoger To solve biologicol onol physicol phe- nomino of our vvorlcl, moy enroll in some of our mony science closses. From chemisrry To Zoology, The vorious courses offer sfuclenfs o chonce To ono- lyze Their subiecf moffer in well-equipped loboroiories with eosy-To-use Texfboolcs. Our Science deporfmenis noi only Troin future nofurolisfs ond engineers, buf increose our respeci for The world oround us. THROUGH TEST-TUBES, FROGS, AND LEAVES THE MYSTERIES OF PHYSICAL SCIENCES-Seated ileft To righfl: Lester Bolonder, Raymond Horn Wolverion, Louis Allen, William Groney, William Hawley. odciy, James Rose, head. Standing: H. E. Chenovveih, Burfon Molotf, Rolph 32 1' FYI' USING A HUGE model Doris Ball explains the structure and development of roots as William Sare and David Hart wait their turn to recite. EMERGE AS FACTS i. ' , tl r--1 . Qt .il V1 aff 4' ya' .iv 'F' .A i i X X., , J BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES-Seated llett to righti: Clare Cox, head, John Farley, Mrs. Joan Fersell. Standing: Houston Meyer, E. V. Rutherford, Scott McCoy, Howard Cook. Not Shown: John Kendrick. ' in l l "4 'a ' risw luck 0' fe V 'll MH- fs L Q " 'lp ' ...- ' C I ie X MSHW it U INQUISITIVE scientists learn the anatomy ot flowers and leaves in Ivlr. Hovvard Coolc's Botany II class. 4'-2' 4 . , J rx, 3 i A WMNNK W MADRIGAL SlNGERS-ilefT To righT around Tablein Mafilda Alice Jenkins, David Williams, Marcieia May, Judifh Dillinger Romanoff, Larry Gray, Nafalie Krueckeberg, George Shearer, Russell Smifh. Miss Louise Swan, direcfor. OUR ENSEMBLES MAKE MUSIC WHEREVER THEY GO MUSIC DEPARTMENT-Firsf Row lleff To righfl: Mrs. Elise Marshall, Wil- liam Moon, head, Rosemary McGuire. Second Row: Mrs. Jo Ann Moore, Walter Shaw, Richard Orfon, William Breedlove. Top Row: Raymond Brandes, Louise Swan, John M. While. 34 We aT Tech are lucky To have such a versafile Music deparTmenT. From The Tirsf foofball game in The fall To The lasT assembly in The spring, our music majors keep busy planning and presenfing many beaufiful programs for our enTerTainmenT. The TalenT of The vvhole deparTmenT is culminaTed in one big performance each spring as The individual groups combine To presenT "An Enchanfed Evening" for The P-TA. l-lovvever, each group has a rigid performance schedule of iTs ovvn. Our music groups are alvvays in demand noT only for school affairs buf also for local civic and church groups. All of our music sTudenTs do noT sing or play a musical insfrumenf, some vvho plan a professional career as fuTure songvvrifers and orchesTra leaders, find Harmony and Direcfing helpful subiecfs. Earning credifs vvhile learning music, Talenfed musicians give unselfishly To enrich our liTTle vvorld. 3 'K' 5' . , X f 1 y VSA GIRLS ENSEMBLE lleff To righfl: Kay Nobliff, Bonnie Bryson, Sharon Rice, Marilyn Reynolds, Patricia Myers, Sally Sare, Marilyn Dravis, .Judith Hunt, Karen Rousch, Mrs Elise Marshall, director, STRING QUARTETTE ilefl to righh Charles Welsh, Deanna Allen, Robert Gray, Judifh Sfahlhuf, Russell Smilh, Mr. Walrer Shaw, director. ' -.1 fF,f""s::A1'.N - - - f ,Nz 3'-bij-TQ-N -'. - S -3' 9 R Q: - , ,-,x yi 57 -X :Q Ex! ' fi Q -N M if 3 I K ,JIIUWWH 'Q' at V W-'F mf ll. .23 ' Q ' '1 ll' XX-' l - 'KN , 2 f 3 E Q - 2555, 'f Wg F JI ' 61:1 z. l l I '1 . Q X- ' : 2 L X , , Q BOYS' OCTETTE-First Row lleff io righfw James Alford, Lesfer Cavanaugh, Ronald Hege. Second Row: Donald Erman, James Sullivan, Charles Woodard, Wallace Moon, Top Row: John Wampner, Mrs. JoAnn Moore. CONCERT ORCHESTRA-First Row tleft to rightli Charles Welsh, concert master, Deanna Allen, Roberta Walters, Pauline Wood. Second Row: Judith Stahlhut, Richard Catt, Robert Gray, Sandra Pflug. Third Row: Barbara Madden, Gareth Putnam, Elinor Myers, Karen Smith, Patricia Harvey. Fourth Row: Nancy Kingery, Carolyn Martin, Thelma Flowers, Drucilla Johnson, Alice Mae Kendrew, Jaan Hatcher, Patricia Fortner. Fifth Row: Mr. Walter Shaw, director, Cynthia Edwards, Philip Rankin, Jaan Weddle, Gail Hackett, John Fish, Nancy Pierson, Jean Mayes, Elizabeth Sievers, Shirley Maotz, Judith Sluss. Sixth Row: James Williams, Herbert Lindsey, Nancy Dillon, James Dishinger, James Stephenson, James Foy, Sharon Hoy, Lester Gordon, Ronald Cauble, Nathan Madden, Robert Fletcher, Phillip Ranelin. HEY DIDDLE DIDDLE, WE PLAY OUR HORNS AND OUR FIDDLES "Instrumental" to our Music cleportment's success are presentations by the Orch- estra, Band, and Dance Bond. The Orchestra, always busy rehearsing tar assem- bly programs, presents the Orchestra Concert each spring. Band members, gay in crisp green and white unitorms, march at games and with our ROTC unit in parades, while Dance Band musicians swing out with many popular songs at dances. CONCERT BAND-In Front Llett to righti: Maiorettes Mary Jane Hartwick and Robert Booth, Rebecca Anderson, LeRoy Foindexter, Kenneth Cross, David Trudy Halliday, Flag Twirlers Linda Johnson, Evelyn Smith, and Betty Sue Flannery, Lester Cordon. Top Row: James Williams, Herbert Lindsey, Richard Pyles. First Row: Judith Smale, Daniel Deputy, David Cailmer, David Kingsbury, Carlsen, Stanley Stuart, David Fasso, Jean Anderson, Donna Wright, Nancy Robert Dunaway, Nathaniel Madden, Ronald Cauble, James Fay,Second Row: Dillon, Morgan Schumacher, Gary Williams, Donald Knight. Judith Hoyt, James Taylor, William Breedlove, Ronald Taylor, Marcia Edwards, H .t.-. .l.s CONCERT ORCHESTRA-First Row iright to lettii Patricia Myers, Russell Smith, Rosemary Bailey, Kenneth Jolly. Second Row: Judith Ridenour, Sondra Condra, John Smith, Cleo Means. Third Row: Judith Pruitt, Roberta Russell, Delilah Hollis, Joyce Madden, Sue Tardy, Evelyn Walters. Fourth Row: Colette Bauerle, Shirley Johnson, Bernice Bryant, William Humphries, John Bailey, Eva Boglin, Lilly Butler, Marilyn Hicks. Fifth Row: Mary Teegarden, Margaret Witter, Jeanette Hunt, Mariyn Williams, Victoria Vos, Sandra Parker, Rosalene Malone, Patricia Copas, Lonnie Withers. Sixth Row: Con- stance Smith, Amelia Toops, Madonna Heck, Lomax Malone, Beverly Blough, Carole Simpson, Sharon Crawley, Delmar Beight, Tyrone Nelson, Harold Rominer, David Wilmer, Daniel Deputy, Judith Smale, Richard Boughm, Not pictured: Harold Frome, Janice Slaughter, Nina Means, David Duree. DANCE BANDAFirst Row llett to rightl: Lester Cavanaugh, Donald Goodwin, Daniel Dep- uty, George Alcorn, Harold Rominger, Monte Young. Second Row: James Stephenson, Rich- ard Borelly, Ronald Cauble, Robert Dunaway, Robert Fletch- er, Richard Baughm. Top Row: Mr. Walter Shaw, director, Bon- nie Cook, David Williams, Law- rence Gaston, Herbert Lindsey, James Dishinger. , CONCERT BAND-ln Front fright to lettl: Maiorettes Allan Joy Whip, Linda Craig, and Alice Holman, Flag Twirlers, Beverly Schrowe, Frances Bivins, and Maria Laakman. First Row: Judith Sluss, Betty Sievers, Linda Joachim, Char- lotte Huebner, Shirley Mootz, John Foster, Drum Major. Second Row: Harold Rominger, Richard Foster, Richard Stoelk, George Alcorn, Marcia White, Monte Young, Tyrone Nelson, Sharon Hoy, Rebecca Shrigley, James Stephenson. Top Row: Richard Baughn, Phillip Ranelin, Robert Fletcher, John Dalton, Ann Bockstaller, Jack Briemeir, Jerry Medley, Sherman Seogroves, Delmar Be-ight, James Monday. Mr. John M. White is director. -r- 1 . 1 1 TECH CHOIR-First row Cleft to rightl: Miss Louise Swan, accompanist, Carol Graston, Marilyn Dravis, Marilyn Reynolds, Bonnie Bryson, Joyce Lee, Geneva Warren, Bonnie Cook, Bonnie Priest, Suzanne Sweeney, Vonda Hilt, Ruby Dodge, Roberta Russell, Karen Rousch, Judith Hunt, Barbara Castetter, Kay Noblitt, Sharon Rice, Marilyn Bockelman, Mr. William Moon, director. Second Row: Sally Schoeneway, Sue Schoeneway, Sally Sare, Sue Cory, Marcieta May, Alice Jenkins, Jo Anne Hornberger, Imogene Maples, Judith Ozman, Matilda Romanott, Mary Jane Hartwick, Sandra Pollard, Connie Moore, Nancy Foster, Natalie Krueckeberg, Judith Dillinger, Judith Sluss, Patricia Myers, Third Row: Harold Seslar, George Shearer, Raymond Parsons, Lester Cavanaugh, James Alford, Larry Gray, Philip Okey, Jack Parker, Lyle Sciters, Charles Stinson, Ronald Hege, Sherman Seagraves, Donald Hubbard, Milton Cox, Dan Higgins, Gilbert Sprecher. Top Row: James Sullivan, Harold Hyden, Charles Woodard, Russell Smith, Larry Gaston, Ronald Means, Larry Casner, Ted Slack, Carl Striebeck, David Williams, Donald Erman, David Wilson, Verron Smith, John Wampner, Ronald Miller, Michael Alexander. CHORD-IALLY SlNGlNG, TECH SONGSTERS GAIN WIDE ACCLAIM EIGHTH GRADE CHOlRYFirst Row lleft to rightl: Judith Allen, Jeanetta Wil- burn, Margaret Austin, Paul Light, Michael Cavanaugh, David McCullough, James McClure, Frank Jacobs, Daniel Hughey, Bonnie Hargate, Margaret Chandler, Katy Lou Robertson, Pauline Palmer. Second Row: Nancy Martin, Betty Walton, Anita Nelms, Kendrie Caudill, Daniel Williams, Lawrence Lind- ley, Ronald Taylor, William Browning, Dennis Smith, David Sower, Judith Burnam, Sharon Ruppert, Miss Rosemary McGuire, director. Third Row: Karyl Kirkbride, Patricia McClain, Rita Sykes, Dennis Bates, Richard Reeves, Richard Smith, Paul Hempfling, Paul Smith, Derryl Ridge, Julie Allen, Larry Ritter, Jack Foltz, Alice Hamilton. Top Row: Carol Bolinger, Linda Higgins, Sharon McAninch, Elizabeth Yost, Kenneth Miller, Frederick Weimer, Donald Davis, Cletus Cook, Ronald York, Judith Hedrick, Judith Johnson, Beverly Miller. X' Lx 4 .4 Q A BN ,te M is i I 'i W il, it. gg, 43 M. BOYS' CONCERT CLUB: First Row ilett to rightlz Patricia Myers, accompanist, William Dickey, Eric Fenter, William Breedlove, James Hunt, Stanley Stuart, Philip Rankin, Ross Heltt, Robert Dunaway, William Woods, Charles Frank, Mrs. Elise Marshall, director. Second Row: William Higgins, Dale Tarpenning, John Hoffman, Robert Booth, Thomas Pollard, Thomas Pentecost, Joseph Miles, Anthony Martin, Michael Mott, Carl Kern. Third Row: James McNeeley, Jerry i QS.. l . ' i t il E . i . h I 4 7 I 2 5 Medley, William Green, Wayne Gossman, Wade Fernald, William Sampson, Joseph Mulford, William Sare, John Bailey, Richard Bowman, Fourth Row: Charles Howard, Michael O'Connell, James Spaulding, Warren Wetzel, James Kendrick, Jerry Ritchie, Kenneth Brooks, Noel Sandy, John Fish, Thomas Montgomery. Musical entertainment tor our many assemblies, club and P-TA meetings, and social events that have taken place during the year has been provided by our vvell-trained choral groups: the Eighth Grade Choir, Elizabeth Kaltz Singers, Boys' Concert Club, Girls' Ensemble, Boys' Gctette, and Techoir. They have provided entertainment tor civic and church groups, being constantly in demand. This spring the Techoir iourneyeol to St. Louis tor the second time to present programs in three ot the high schools. ELIZABETH KALTZ SINGERS-First Row Llett to rightl: Shirley Chester, Linda Shockley, Rose Ege, Saundra Jones, Marie Haspel, Judith Thomas, Patricia Seay, Sherry Haschel, Nickie Eskew, Susan Warner, Janet Kramer, Second Row: Judith Cone, Sharon Cottee, Judith Tomlinson, Barbara Madden, Dolores LaHue, Marsha Tanner, Alice Holman, Darlene Cole, Sue Benson, Mary Jackson, Shirley Reed, Linda White, Sharon Grubb, Carolyn Parsons. Third Row: Myrna Rance, Joy Buckner, Ruth Mote, Judith Abbott, Sandra Daulton, Sandra Har- rison, Joyce Clodtelder, Rebecca Wilson, Margaret Gray, Jo Dollinger, Lois Garrison, Jacqueline Huey, Loretta Rightor, Bonnie Friar, Patricia South. Top Row: Linda Fletcher, Joe Ann Johnson, Dorothy Terry, Sharon Spears, Jo Ann Hatcher, Karen Van Buskirk, Karen Haltaker, Mark Edvvards, accom- panist, Margaret Weddell, Karen Belles, Beverly Halstead, Virginia Jones, Sharon Seslar, Patricia Buchanan, Judith Van Osdol, Miss Louise Swan, director. ..., , sg ,, Lg , 1 i , if T3 "' if me 1' ' J S . 1 . I X- ,., , if 9' 71 M gt M vtiiw 'if ff' "5 "' 7 4' tw- , Q r - MV, ef ,J J . f 'fy .9 9 -Q' Q Q4 'tiff af 'ft In I as ,FMW to-Q. i Y? 7 I . an gg 46' 1 ' " 'ff ' N '- ' T L' ' A T- T '1 .. 'F-L 71 L int p .. a1a3 m a ,mz1,.s,-swm-wvnnwmmmn....w.un- ., P fn A! I I ' I I I A DATE EACH DAY Xa, X 2 ,, KX 22 sez Tiff riffs G H 'Qs Q, EFE5- T vQ.1::73,25-M.: :sw . RA' 1,13-..,--.L ,, TEQKQZ T' .. ,mr-f' '1.':'iTl1:'4v. iii-. .cf Filled wiTh The holiday spiriT, our sTagecraTT sTu- denTs builT The YuleTide scene Tor The annual ChrisTmas decoraTions on IVIonumenT Circle. CuTTing, hammering, sawing, painTing, The crew, assisTed by oTher groups, creaTed an enchanTing German Calendar house in The easT basin. Under The able direcTion oT Mr. C. S. STewarT, sTagecraTT crews have been erecTing lovely naTiviTy and amusing Toyland scenes Tor The pasT eleven years. FIRST STEP in consTrucTion was designing The carToon win- dow panes by sTudenTs in Ivliss WhiTmire's ArT IV class. WORKING FROM a scale model, The STagecraTT crew con- sTrucTed The house on The sfage To geT The final eFfecT. SI-IIVERING in The icy winTer blasTs, Mr. C. S. STewarT di- recTed his compeTenT crew in erecTing The huge display. FOLLOWING direcTions closely, These boys complefed The Task of arranging The holiday display in The easT basin, LIGI-ITED windows shining in The dark December nighT, our German calendar house glowed wiTh cherry Chrisfmas warmTh. CHANGED OUR DISPLAY EARLY AND LATE LWE TALKED AND WE ATE ln observonce of Nofionol EducoTion Week we devoTed November T3 To educcJTionol ocTiviTies. ln The morning Moyor BoyT spoke oT our os- sembly, mony disTinguished guesTs c1TTended The principol's luncheon, in loTe oTTernoon The P-TA sponsored ci fish Try, ThoT evening poirenfs visiTed our onnuol Tech Open House. MRS. MAC MILES, P-TA presidenT, lTourTh from leTTl helps orronge cokes ond pies for The QP-TA's Open House dinner. A COMICAL SKIT, extolling The yeorboolds meriTs, high- lighfed The Arsenol Connon Yeorbook subscripTion drive. FOLLOWING The Educotion Week oissembly, Mr. Anderson vvos hosf To mony honored guesfs of The principol's luncheon. CAREFULLY ARRANGING o colorful disploy of foscinofing Europeon curios were Lidiicz Liepnieks ond Noncy LeipniTz. yay? Q. if L Q i Y L ww T . LO ' ..+.i SH 3 J" Xlxxl ,gi Nu hw P ,V ' Tn., . - ,. ,cf - 3 1 swf v - V F rf' T: - - ,M-,L 5' ' , 59 ' A - will 'f lfu ' cl. '43 .T , T , - , .Tm Lf wt - T 3' - 514' 'ug 'W " i.., - , pw, -ji A .:'..-v" . T' ' - , n ' , .I .L ' F . 6 3, Q Q. ,M EW Egfr-1391 1 . -uri 43.35 lj T ll i T HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENTfFirst Row ileft to rightl: Mrs. Marilyn Top Row: Mrs. Ermal Monninger, Mrs. Mary Lou Little, Mrs. Elizabeth Stephen- Moneyhun, Mrs. Lois Lang, Marguerite Hardy, Mrs. Florence Boots, Mrs. Ruth son, Mrs. Marilyn Hartwick, Mrs. Hazel Kuetemeier, Mrs. Mildred Eccleston. Stafford, Hilda Kreft, head. Second Row: Ann Abbott, Mrs. Marian Holly, Not Shown: Frieda Ann Bach, Mrs. Julia Van Sickle. Anna Kellum, Pearl Apland, Mrs. Elizabeth Holtsclaw, Mrs. Mildred Wallace. AS WE SEW AND WE COOK WE ACC2UlRE THE NEW LOOK Good health, life's precious gift, is a combi- nation of a balanced diet and proper ex- ercise, When the delicious smell of food sneaks mischievously into our halls, we knovv that industrious cooks in our home economics laboratories are learning food values. And again, vve get our fill of exercise in our gym classes, building stronger bodies and having fun too. We are privileged to have these fine departments in our school. IT'S A SAFE bet that Commercial Cooking chefs vvill concoct food that will disappear in a flash from our many cafeteria counters. GRACEF-ULLY modeling bouftant formals which they have created, many Clothing majors present our long-awaited spring style shovv. E774 'Km- HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT- First Row lleft to rightl: Charles Dagwell, Helen Caffyn, Sharon Parrett, Mrs. Conna Hawkins, Shirley Parrett, Mrs. Jeanne Bose, Reuben Behlmer, head, Howard Catt. Second Row: Jack Bradford, Sarah Hope, Mable McHugh, Wallace Potter, WITH BRAIN AND BRAWN POWER WE STRIVE FOR GOOD HEALTH OUR FIGURES- thrive on doing push-ups and similar daily exercises in Physical Fitness classes. AFTER A period of strenuous calisthenics in our required Physical Education class we usually painfully discover new muscles. 1 ii Anna Parker, Sight Saving, William Sanford, Driver Education, Carlos Bell. Top Row: Paul Myers, James Stewart, Charles Maas, Ivan Moreland, Robert Mehl, William Treichler. Not Shown: Harry Sullivan. GETTING the feel ot a wheel, Rose Scarborough watches Linda Holt shitting gears as Sue Thompson waits her turn. 1- Qf! e.f'AmA c ,J MMD A , A 'vm WV' 5' fs 3 sf COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT-First Row rlett to rightlz Fred H. Gillespie, Brill, Frances Kinsley, Kenneth Puckett. Top Row: Werner Monninger, Doro- head, Arete Covey, Edna Maley, Elma Sullivan, Margaret Peterson, Keith thy Steele, J. C. Harger, William Guess, Bruce Mitchell, Mahlon Carlock. Kuck, Lois Sink. Second Row: Mona Woodward, Evelyn Truedson, Winitred TEEN-AGERS will know how to manage personal tina-nces I'I"S atter attending Mr. Keith Kuck's class in Junior Business. AND LEARNING HOW TO SELL Pounding innocent typewriters, adding huge accounts, filing important notices, operating countless ,WW machines, or selling profitable merchandise, students in our Tech Commercial department learn that the business world is a varied and boundless one. We who are planning to enter that tield will End our high school training valuable experience tor a tuture career. FUTURE home-owners in Mr. Kenneth iPuckett's Consumer Education class are learning, while still in school, to analyze with care all desired products before they purchase an expensive item. , D E JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL DIVISION-First Row lleft to rightl: John Marilyn Gilbert, Mrs. Janice Shoptaugh, Mrs. Marcia Miles, Ted Golish, Miss Mary Marshall, Mrs, Avo Hadley, Mrs. Wilhelmina F. Moore. Top Row: John Wythe, Wesley Murphy, Ivan Moreman, Smitha, Mrs. Alice Cook, Miss Frances Shaw, Odus A. Landreth, Delbert West, John Clark, Marion Overman. director. Second Row: Samuel Skomp, Miss Mary Maillard, Mrs. OUR JUNIOR HIGH PUPILS STUDY AND PLAY IN OUR LITTLE WORLD 'ic-f ru H. ii 5 2323? fe EXPLORING the mystery ot the stars is an adventure for the junior high science classes when they visit the J. I. Holcomb Observatory. USING BRAND new science equipment, eighth graders in General Science demonstrate the earth's rotation to classmates. , is SHOP DEPARTMENTS-First Row Cleft to rightl: lvan Hanen, Building Trades head, William Eddy, Metal Trades head, George Barrett, Printing head, Floyd Fye, Electrical head, Warren Haas, Auto Shop acting head, Clyde Armel, Printing, Verl Whetstine, Metal Trades, Fred Wilson, Metal Trades, Ralph Clark, Printing, Don Patterson, Auto Shop. Second Row: Lewis Mar- - .,.,.1 s 3 is Q 5 lit Metal Trades, Robert Offutt, Airplane Mechanics, Floyd Billington, Printing. Top Row: Morris Woods, Building Trades, Louis Pence, Airplane Mechanics, Norman Brinker, Metal Trades, William Lampert, Building Trades, Harry Stone, Metal Trades, Paul Vogt, Plumbing, Sam Dudkowski, Frederick Mayer, and Clifford Allen, Auto Shop. Not shown: Harold Deem, Printing, Edward shall, Earl Terry, Garold Bramblett, and Jules Zinter, Electricity, Edward Madinger, Auto Shop, lthel Shoemaker, Building Trades, Emanuel Cruser, Sawing, welding, wiring, pointing, or plumbing, boys in our shop buildings work busily all day in vocational classes. Using brand new professional equipment, they create and construct many useful obiects as they build their careers, pre- paring to serve as useful citizens in the community. UNDER THE skillful guidance of Mr. Ralph E. Clark, in- structor in the Print Shop, James Allen is learning how to operate the complicated linotype machine. Howe, Metal Trades, Donald Miller and Russell Sands, Auto Shop. MINDS FOCUS ON THE FUTURE AS SHOP BOYS CAST AN EYE TO INDUSTRIAL SUCCESSES REAL COOL electricians in Mr. Earl Terry's Refrigeration class are Philip Roy, George Stone, and Ronald Jackson, who are very busy charging a refrigerator unit which the class has just overhauled. LEARNING to mix and apply paint is one of the lessons taught in the Painting and Decorating class ot Mr. l-lanen, the boys practicing on a two-room house built by pupils in the Building Trades Department IT CALLS for skill and great care to cut a gear on this latest model milling machine as Thomas Dunavvay is demonstrating in Mr. Verl D. Whetstine's advanced class in the Metal Trades Department. 1, - - -- ----- i ,..l 51? la AB ,MZ 2 if '-SEV' STANDING rigidly ot ottention, our ROTC codets get on rough in- spection by two pretty sponsors, Solly Sore ond Alice IVicCutchon. OUR RCTC BOYS CHALLENGE THE FUTURE CONFIDENTLY WITH DISCIPLINED MINDS PLANNING strotegic maneuvers for the boys to study os they Ieorn their militory tactics, our tour instructors, Mfsgf. Arthur E. Lordon, IVIXSQT. Claude A, Dixon, SFC Louis E. Wade, ond SFC Robert D. Longordner, confer over o contour mop. -M , We ,, ,uhm MVNV 4-GMX Goldbrick' 8 Mme I I-I jf Q1 . I "' IM, Y- Z, , af -"-l-- v ,-.v..,,-,-,,-'J 1 .P-"" T Ways Q wx Xxgx SCALE Il25O ,-W A 500 0 We I R 'bodes IOO0 coriruun INTERVAL loo Ft. CIXVILLE AND VICIINITY A MOST impressive sight is to see The unit march down the Held as the Band stands at attention "ATtensh-hut! Right-tace! Forward-march." echoes daily from a corner ot our campus. Here a building dubbed The "Barracks" serves as a "home" where our soldiers-in-the-making learn military tactics. Reserve Officers Training Corps takes its place as a necessary division ot our Tech as iT builds men from The boys who enter our world. Watching The corps ot familiar taces march reverently underneath our country's banner aT a parade is an inspiring sight. Each spring, The unit joins in an impressive, formal Federal Inspection. PRINCIPAL H. H. Anderson pins the 35th gold star signi- tying R.O.T.C. unit honor rating on the new Tech banner. CADET FIRST Lieutenant Robert L. Bruce MXSGT. LARDON oFIers congratulations to expresses his gratitude as he accepts an Jerome Rodenbarger, who won the Com- award ot the American War Mothers' Medal mandant award, and Ronald Cauble, hon- trom Mrs. Julia Howser during Inspection. ored with the National Guard Medal. I 'E' DRILL in handling weapons rewarded Cadet Thomas Pollard with the Ameri- can Legion Knockout Drill medal, which Mr. Carl Schmidt presents to him here. R.O.T.C. OFFICERS-First Row llett to rightl: Lt. Colonels David Wall, Scott McCoy, Scott Phillips, John Drake, Majors Richard Baughn, Charles Timbs, Robert W. Butler, First Lt. Ronald Cauble. Second Row: Second Lts. James Schiewer, James Hanson, Thomas Bolinger, Charles Senteney, Norman Ross, Captains Gerald Lewis and Bobby Fowler, First Lt. John L. Foster, Second Lt. Frank Dietz. Third Row: Second Lts. Charles S. Green, George S. Ford, Robert First Eubank, Willie Hallal, Daniel Shown: Major Jackson, Larry P. Brown. RIFLE TEAM-First Row Cleft to rightlz Lt. Col. David B. Wall, Lt. Cal. Scott Phillips, Sic. Louis E. Wade, instructor, First Lt. Ronald Cauble, Major Richard Baughn, Sfc. Larry Casner. Second Row: Second Lt. George S. Ford, Sgt. James Forbes, Second Lt. Daniel Hopping, Sfc. Ronald Miller, Sfc. Charles Glore, Sec- ond Lt. Willie Ray. Not Shown: Captain John Strel- nieks, Major Royce Bourne, Second Lt. Joseph Elliott. X Mlljx N xx NX . 'F 1 D w it S iw I if f Fw' g - Lg X' ij X L75 W Q fl yy! K I WT 2f7?7LfK,s I in: T j 1, ffx WW ,- - - - fy ff -,. HONORARY ROTC SPONSORS lin frontl: Lt. Col. Karen Edwards. Row-ilett to rightl: lst Lt. Kay Noblitt, Lt. Col. Barbara French, lst Lt. Susanne Sweeney, lst Lt. Alice McCutchan, Lt. Col. Susanne Esber. Second Row: Major Sharon Rice, lst. Lt. Marilyn Reynolds, lst. Lt. Barbara Baker, lst. Lt. Jacqueline Bryant, lst. Lt. Sandra DeVore, Major Linda Pentecost. Third Row: Major Sally Sare, Captain Marilyn Farmer, Major Sue Cory, lst. Lt. Nancy Dillon, lst. Lt. Josephine De Cenzo, lst. Lt. Georgia Flowers. Ray, John Kingsbury, James Kendricks, Michael Sites, Jowdat Hopping, Ronald Marshall, Elmer Bunce, Jack Dennis. Not Royce Bourne, Captain John Strelnieks, Second Lts. Robert McCammon, Larry Agnew, Joseph Elliott, Lewis Gray, Robert :mn-nnnxmzmuuln m ami' -V-1 we ff 4 se .rf-.t ,L 1 duff' CUSTODIAL STAFF-First Row lleft to righti: Edward Hamilton, head cuss todian, Spurrier Crickmore, Miss Odelia Niehoff, matron, Russell Clapper, David Jessup, Mrs. Eva Bartlett, matron, Wayne Austin. Second Row: Fred Armitage, Claude Culley, Porter Stephens, William Taylor, Clyde Knarr, Lester Cook, Henry Townsend, George Strother. Third Row: William Sowers, Jesse Harbin, Harry Perry. Fourth Row: Sgt. Forrest Allison, Freeman Gibbs, Jesse Deeming, John Hempfling, Harry Dobbs, William Swindle, James Moy- prism N-f .5 nfl' lan, Frank Durham. Top Row: Laurence Pointer, Jesse Kenworthy, Augusto Polesel, Archie Hoop, Joe Norton, Allistair Stewart, Alonzo McClellan, James Diana. Not Shown: Homer George, Alton James, Charles Kloss, Oma McNobb, Richard Moore, Leonard Ragsdale, Elza Robinson, John Ross, Har- larn Sage, Carl Schooley, carpenter, Ben Soltau, Riley Sterling, Howard Wade, Shepherd Watkins, Mrs. Clara Monford, matron. IN THIS WORLD OF OURS l WE HAVE LOYAL FRIENDS AFTER MANY years of admirable service to Tech as lunchroom manager, Mrs. Elizabeth Ross ileft, with Mr. Rossi is honored upon retirement by a faculty tea. LUNCHROOM STAFF-First Row lleft to righti: Mesdames Louise Egan, Clara Springman, Ruth Barnes, Eva Gibson, Lola Moore, Anna Sargent. Second Row: Mesdames Laura Hays, May Starkey, Jessie Elliott, Blanche Baughman, cafeteria manager, Elizabeth Ross, retiring cafeteria manager, Netta Schmidt, Daisy McBride, Ruby Plummer. Third Row: Mesdames Margaret Garrison, Mabel McAuley, Audrey Barrett, Laura Merrill, Osa Moser, Freida Jones, Elsie Yarnell, Alice Szteleblak, Esta Parsley, Florence Hynes, Lillian Klier, Elizabeth Healey, Rosa Stelting. Fourth Row: Mesdames Johanna Wilson, , , Irene Taylor, Gladys Thompson, Ethel Tyra, Virginia Strack, Angie Clearwater, Pearl Boyland, Clarabelle Clift, Pearl Brown, Ruby Van Remmen, Mr. Jack Rutherford, Mrs. Elise Sigg, Mrs. Dorothy Grube. Top Row: Mesdames Josephine Pollilcam, Ethel Krees, Lola Kline, Martha Zapfe, Irene Steagall, Irene Jeffer- ies, Mary Stinnet, Ruth Hurt, Maude Brown, Ethel Pitts, Matilda Ramey, Gladys Grigsby, Anna Dobbs, Hazel Hirth, Ilma Gillaspy, Thelma Garner, Goldie Duffy. Sr' ' l N it . 'ss Q A , . Y. , 'gil it X ,,.. ' ' - sc sei ' , - saw- f 9 fi., 'Q f . ,I 1 9 J .3 Iwi M if E65 li?-" T 4 J J it ta , xg Q Vg.. W A ' 0' we . I V J is , .1 If sift ,, . L Mr S ' 'y . ' 'NA "" 5 ,. X s I as 1, .Mgmt . S ,. ,f I is ,, I . v 1 is M s. I , . 4 K 2 if - 1 -N tr ' f 'I .1 rr. ' , ,M . ' ' T 4 Ii V ' I yi A J . ,ii ,,,. ,V 5,3 A X' X . ,,. , ,, ' , . A 1 V 2 as M if 1' ".: , 1- st 'NSW' 1 is I . W' X J J " , -Ms? ,X r V 52' " L si , - g F is it I 1 -1357, ' Qs Q 1 .W XS -',,.s. , f kg. f f, ro , 'WC-ii I -: ff? ff 1 A fs, ' 'W - I f I 1,1 in 1 7, e 7 f f 41 7 Alf youTh, we HH our spore Time To The brim vviTh counTless ocTiviTies. Our club meeTings provide us vviTh The righT kind of sociol experiences which will prove voluoble To us in ioTer yeors. We find Tun, Too, in working TogeTher To produce "specToculor" oil-school donces. Our ploys, The onnuol "SkeTch- book," ond The "Mordi Gros" ore oll iiving evidences of vvork ond Tun uniTed Through The pleosure of componion- Our World Is Teeming With the Joy of Youth ChorocTerisTic of The sheer exuberonce of snip ond The rnogneT of common inTeresTs. 9 Rosella King and .lock Parker m...+ fs ' 1 an NWN .MX H 'MWA mu My , ,. dy HRX X Nita... F' 'M , N, 15" 35 we 5 f-:.':.f '-3'-4 I. ' A X -X '- if-v g a? AA 'Q-'W 'll ,Y QA 1 , O ' 1 ,V-'r I' ..,... -.,...--f.-f-nur' 5 'U' ' Q.:- A L.. 16 .4 x -I-11 1 , , fx .Q X525 -,,x .a.l , -ri .Q ,. H ,H-1. . W- I AUTO-CLUB-First Row Ileft Dudkowski, William Barker, Robert Ayler, David Row: James Weddell, to rightfl: Mr. Sam A. Fentz, James Wade. Second Ronald Miller, Robert Blackford, John Jackson, Third Row: John Hook, Donald Strother, Richard Hardesty, Thoburn Hammond. Top Row: James Foy, Robert Swartz, .XQXN , tg I 41 51 I W 12? ,A Ts Zwfn S-f-24 1 if lmlllli I ""' 4- 7 In Q: A - K , QM, I2 f I 24 SPRING JUNIOR TOWN MEETING OF THE AIR PANEL-Seated Ilett to rightjz Susanne Esber, moderator Linda Pentecost, Thomas Abraham, Miss Elizabeth Moore, coach, James McNeeley, Susan Manning Standing: Student coaches Norman Harris, Phyllis Morefield, Patricia Wilhite, Marilyn Farmer. AN INNOVATION is serving breakfast to early birds with Mr. Brandes spinning the records while they eat. wsu- "HOW MONEY Operates in Our American Economy" is olramatized by Miss Jeannette Tobey's American Problems class MEMBERS OF THE NOVEMBER Junior Town Meeting Panel-Cleft to rightl: Judith Sluss, Judith Haney, Gerald Glaze, John Lee Foster, George ShaneFF, Thomas Kuhn. Given over WIBC, with Miss Katherine Book, coach, the subject was 4, , "How To Encourage Young People To Qualify for Science, Engineering, and Medical Research." THROUGH RESEARCH WE LEARN MORE ABOUT CIVIC AFFAIRS Small as our world is, we do not maintain a G state-wide, nationally, and internationally for our work in acquainting teen-agers with the basic principles ot democracy. Through debates, panel discussions, contests, research projects, or iust talking in the classroom, we gain a better understanding not only ot our power in the government, but of the responsibilities which accompany that power. By creating inter- ...... MEMBERS OF THE QUIZ 'EM TEAM Which Triumphed Over St. Agnes Academy-seated lleft to rightl: Larry Bland, Eric Fenter, alternate, Larry Williams, Willie Roy, alternate, Mrs. Dorothy Lyon, coach. Standing: Meredith Wiley, Jerry Sharp. A world globe was these, our world develops good citizens. their prize. est in civic duties through activities like policy of isolationism. We are known locally, . , f TIES AND HEELS ARE IN ORDER MR. VELTRUP GRINS os he Thcinks The fc1cuITy for The comero Mr. H. H. Anderson hos presenTed To him ond Mrs. VeITrup. FACULTY MEMBERS enioy oi coffee hour given by The ReTired Tedchers AssocioTion honoring The VeITrups. AT THEIR ChrisTmos porTy ArT club members prove ThoT They con sing, os Well os poinT picTures. A TT w 1l From Mordi Gros in SepTember To The Senior Prom in June, our school yeor bulges wiTh gold evenTs designed purely Tor our enjoyment Whirling goily in o misT of Hlmy neT oT o donce or munching cookies oT o ChrisTmos porTy, we find IoughTer, Tun, ond goieTy The keynoTes of our socioI ciffoirs. FOR THE TECH CHOIR Chrisfmostime meons o doy of cc- TiviTy wiTh coroling in downTovvn offices, enjoying o Teo in Ayres' Teoroom, ond being enTerToined in The STork home. i .l' 3 L, STANDING by as Mr. Anderson crowns Josephine DeCenza queen of the Harvest Moon Ball is king David Williams. PROUD AND HAPPY the Icing and queen of the White Christ- mas Dance, Steven Beeker and Susanne Esber, dance together. FOR OUR VARIETY OF SOCIAL AFFAIRS C7 It fb- - Q I N is -IIT' 'R 7 e it TI BEAMING ROYALTY, John Foster and Karen I I Edwards stand between Mr. and Mrs. Ander- I I son after being crowned at the Military Ball. I A PARADE OF TALENT PRESENTS A MUSICAL REVUE, ISKETCHBOOK' "Green and Bear IT" was the unusual title tor our twenty-fourth "Sketchbook," The annual revue ot student talent, presented under The direction ot C. S. Stewart. The revue is comprised of singing and dancing, acrobatic acts and various other talents, with The acts linked together vvith a Theme and The Dance Band providing The musical continuity. PORTRAYING sleeping flowers, The cast rehearses with dancers Sandra Potts and Charles Stinson Tor Green and Bear IT," one ot the lovely acts. APRIL SHOWERS-" Cleft to rightl: Alan Joy Whipp, Joyce Williams, Vonda Hilt, Kay Noblitt, Linda Johnson, brought gasps of admiration, "BIRTH OF THE BLUES"-First Row flett to rightl: Sharon Rice, Marilyn Dravis, Sue Cory, Linda Pentecost, Sharon Butler, Judith Pruitt. Second Row: Cecily Riley, Rosalee Coffman, Patricia Durham, Diane Bowman, Judith Gilstrap, Janet Porter. FUN AND FROLICKING START THE SCHOOL YEAR WITH A GREAT BANG Fun ond Trolicking ushered in The T956- 57 school yeor os The TenTh onnuol Mordi Gros, one of The biggesT ond besT evenTs oT Tech, vvos held SepTember 20. The noises of music, loughTer, ond popping bolloons, ond The delicious smells of condy, cokes, cookies, ond popcorn combined To odd iusT ci liTTle more enjoymenT To The evening for everyone who oTTended. GAIETY AND loughfer ore byvvords of Mordi Gros os "kids" of oll oges hove fun QT our on- nuol TesTivol, iven in our Bos' O mnosium. Y DEFTLY copTuring The personoliTy of eoch model, AFT club members ToTTen Their Treosury by skeTch- ing porTroiTs of hoppy Teens for o very smoll fee. LITTLE LULU ond mony oTher chorc1cTers greeTed us oT The eighTh grode chorus booTh. HOW THRILLED we were when we were lucky enough To win of The Choir Coke Wolk booTh. MW 1. , WA r 4 ' 'HL In -f.. X -,3. ken Fifteen in all-ThaT's The number of clubs we have from which to choose. We can choose Art, Music, XYZ, or vvhatever activity we like. In the informal atmosphere, classroom acquaintances become lasting friends. In planning trips, picnics, parties, and Teas, we learn To work and play together. Activities are as varied as The clubs themselves-Music club sponsors The popularity contest aT Mardi Gras each year, Nature Study club Travels To a state park each spring, Y-Teen club s sponsors worthwhile talks, while Radio MUSIC CLUB-First Row tleft to rightl: Roberta Russell, Lyle Scifres, Diane Distel, Judith Stahlhut, Susanne Esber, Carolyn Parsons. Second Row: James Alford, Sally Sare, Marcia White, Sharon Hoy, Janet Martin, Mr. Raymond Brandes, sponsor. Third Row: Joan Weddle, Rebecca Wiegand, Patricia King, Nancy Vasileff, Mary Preston, Janis Rush, Emmadean Vest. Fourth Row: Marilyn Hicks, Judith Sluss, Judith Hoyt, Jack Parker, Ellen Mann. Fifth Row: Gareth Putnam, Richard Foster, James Taylor, Betty Jean Converse, Natalie Krueckeberg, John Smith. Sixth Row: Robert Dunaway, Charles Stinson, Karen Rousch, Barbara Madden, Patricia Stinson, Brenda Wilson. Top Row: Donald Toney, Edna Mae Pracht, Loretta Rightor, Robert Gray. club brushes up on forecasting for those coveted call letters. With such a variety of activities, it is no wonder that so many Techites are clubites. FIFTEEN IS A LUCKY NUMBER FOR OUR TEEN-AGE CLUBITES NATURE STUDY CLUB-First Row ileft to righti: Barbara Fuerbacker, Patricia Huzzey, Annis Stigall, Patricia Jackson, Marianna Peters, De-anne Needham, Elsie Kayse, Sylvia Evver. Second Row: Karen Van Buskirk, Patricia Chadwick, Phyllis Stroup, Jane Thiry, Carolyn Hedrick, Deanna Dunigan, Emily Polk. Third Row: Edith May, Marilyn Dunn, Margaret Witten, Sara Messick, Marilyn Miller, Donna Weaver. Top Row: Mrs. Joan Persell, sponsor, Bonnie Priest, Billy Randel, James Kendrick, Scott McCoy, Jr., Milton Cox, Willilam Sare, Mr. Scott McCoy. Y-TEEN CLUB-First Row lleft to rightl: Rose- mary Beverly, Patricia Roach, Sharon Hoy, Betty Jo Hill, Carole Reinken, Vicki Soden, Janis Rush, Mrs. Conna Hawkins, sponsor. Sec- ond Row: Brenda Scott, Barbara Lundsford, Heidi Dowdy, Kathleen Hulburt, Margaret Steinman, Alice Shulse. Top Row: Betty Sievers, Barbara Purcell, Patricia Chadwick, Mary Preston, Gerald Hurst, Marcia White, Phyllis Hayes. PREPARING TO answer emergency calls are Ronald David- son and Chester Crump, in the Ham Shack with Mr. Bramblett. Courtesy Indianapolis Times RADIO CLUB-First Row lleft to rightl: Mr. Garold Bramblett, sponsor, Maxine Hupp, James Whitaker, Odell White, Chester Crump, Donald Goodwin, John Smith, Ed Mulholland, Lowell Atkinson. Second Row: Rich- ard Hillman, Dan Guthrie, James Foy, Gerald Hinchman, Noel Atkinson, Bruce Eastmoncl, William Randel. lx,-.-ga, ' l Nd' l i I" P , wanna lla, 4 ff WSJ qw. 1 v. i gi, lx If Ni s ga 'fr H 1 Y ' . f' Wifi 'x . 1 X x 3 5 '1 4 XYZ CLUB-First Row ileft to righti: Connie Moore, Katherine Holle, Era Young, Sharon Long, Valentine Leipnieks, Janet Foy, Judith Cone, Sharon Hoy, Sharon Cottee. Second Row: Mr, John Stoeckinger, sponsor, Dale Parker, Walter Stalnaker, Stephen Sites, George Howe, John Currens, Michael Reyman, Michael Sites, Bennie Webb, John Smith, James Taylor. Third Row: David Girt, Anna Leipnielcs, Carol Wells, Charles Stinson, Ware ren Wetzel, Eric Fenter, Larry Bland, Willie Ray, Peter Waeger, Mary Preston, Margrit Steinemann, Ann Bochstahler, Lidiia Liepnieks, Marilyn Hicks. Top Row: Sandra Potts, William Sare, Joseph Miles, Larry Chaney, Ronald Schvvomeyer, Harold Grate, Warren Schwomeyer, Albert Wagne, Norman Harris, James Harner, Boian Pozek, Ronald Taylor, Lyle Scitres, Gareth Putnam. Not Shown: Susanne Esber. if P5 VSV? ARTISTS AT WORK! Art club members design and paint a sixty-toot mural for the 'Springtime in Paris' dance. ART CLUB-First Row llett to righti: Margaret Smith, Elsie Humbarger, Su- san Sliger. Second Row: Mr. Richard Peeler, sponsor, Dennis Moss, Michael Bodenhamer, Harold Rominger, Cecelia Beniard, Victoria Vos, Marilyn Reynolds, Suzanne Clemons, Viia Celmins. Top Row: Phyllis Anderson, Gloria King, Russell Coleman, Jerry Foley, George Alvis, Russell Duffy, ,nv Q9 Emily Polk, Dorothy Johnson, Rose Ann Franklin. Not Pictured: Jane Thiry, Martha Moss, Judith Hedges. JG Ti if ll' OUR CLUBS ARE ACADEMIC OR VOCATIONAL GERMAN CLUB-First Row lleft to rightt: Junta Pimanis, Boian Pozek, 'Q-K r., 1. "...,""..?f't"' .A ' - ,af-V---. A 'N . if James Sower, Lidiia Liepnieks, Howard Segal, Stephen Osterhout. Second Row: Mrs. Suzanne Underwood, sponsor, Vila Celmins Zinaida Liepnieks, Betty Had- nett, Richard Somma, James Stephen- son, Touring the Powerama display at Allison's was a red- letter day forthe XYZ club, selling hand-drawn Christmas cards was the German club's main protect this C I -4 , HOME Economics club members visit our publications office to get acquainted with all the processes ot publishing our super weekly newspaper and yearbook. year, Art club talent was evidenced in the sixty-by-six-toot murals seen at three ot our dances, while Home Economics club tattened its treasury by selling autograph hounds which members had made. HOME ECONOMICS CLUBeFirst Row llett to rightl: Carolyn Thomas, Melanie Seitz, Carolyn Herndon, Roberta Whobrey, Gevon Stoner, Mary Cline, Sarah Senour, La Juana Curlee, Carole Spear. Second Row: Diane Holterback, Martha Adams, Nancy Fay Rat- lift, Jacqueline Granger, Sue Ward, Sandra Alexander, Linda Ketring, Patricia Tucker, Janet Wallace. Top Row: Miss Ann Abbott, sponsor, Janis Rush, Kay Willis, Minetta Crawford, Nancy Brown. 'ga , ' ,Mr ...,. 7 4 . a.c.k 3-:". ,B 63 IF WE ARE CLUB CONSCIOUS, WE JOIN A GROUP OR TWO, ,X HIGH-POINT CANNON AGENTS-First Row llett to rightl: Warren Schwa- meyer, Judith Riggs, Donald Skillman, Jack Snyder, Marie Greer, Raymond Parsons, Connie Moore, Michael Reyman, Carol Wells, James Kendrick. Second Row: Bonnie Friar, Barbara Streepy, Sharon Coffee, Nancy Baden- heimer, Judith Hiatt, Carolyn Auter, Wanda Simmons, Rose Marie Scar- borough, Joyce De Coursey, Ausma Karlous. Third Row: Dale Parker, Trina Marquis, Sharon Hoy, Carl Striebeck, Karen Van Buskirk, Robert Gizure, ,E F1 Ez it by Qgpi' 'fix :AL is .. Jesse Lynch, Sharon Grubb, Judith Jones, Brenda Weaver, Sylvia Herndon. Not Shown: Sonya Aldrich, Patricia King, Ronald England, Robert L. Jack- son, Frances Bivins, Sue Benson, Roberta Negri, Margaret Witten, Linda Hale, Larry Osborn, Betty Ball, William Breedlove, Nancy Foster, Nancy Taylor, Josephine Estep, Kay Noblitt, Carolyn Branstetter, Rebecca Wilson, Sally Peters, Sandra Eavey, Donald Patten, Claire Arment, Jo Ann Hatcher, Ralph Heid, Ronald Ponsler. Professional planning, intramural sports, or furthering academic interests-our clubs suit all tastes. Amateur racketeers enjoyed active competition provided by Tennis club games, Nurses club was host to Nurses clubs throughout the city at Crossroads and sold Easter Seals. For our sandal and toga set, Latin club, Martin Joachim edited the official publication ot the State Junior Classical League, "Vertias et Scientia." Our clubs are surely busy clubs. ya' I INTRA-MURAL Tennis Club-First Row llett to righti: Wayne Chambers, Richard Frost, John Frost, Edward Frasier. Second Row: Ross Helft, Saundra Jones, Nancy Leipnitz, Lidiia Liepnieks, Katherine Holle, Katherine Koons, Judith Flaskamp, Wanda Wright, Heidi Dovvdy, Jo Ruddell. Top Row: Ronald Cauble, John Frymier, James Fox, Carroll Stoner, Ken- neth King, Janet Foy, Michael Sites, Walter Stalnaker, Bonnie Friar, Donald Knight, Carol Klein, William Green, Mr. Rowland Leverenz, coach. FUTURE NURSES' CLUB-Seated lleft to rightl: Myrna Kennison, Dorothy Milam, Gearline Kessinger, Mona Brown, Judith Riggs, Carolyn Parsons, Judith Smale, Urith Hays, Sonya Aldrich, Jane Smith. Standing: Mrs. Rowena S. Graub, R. N., sponsor, Victoria Vos, Natalie Krueckeberg, Marilyn Hicks, Rebecca Wilson, Nancy Carter, Josephine De Cenzo, Sally MacKenzie, Charlotte Kendall, Joan Rorer, Barbara Estridge. TECH ALUMNAE in nurses' training and hospital School of Nursing counselors attending program, sponsored by the Future Nurses Club, December l8fFront Row llett to rightii Miss Dorcas Rock, counselor, l. U. School of Nursing, Nela Edwards, Lois Harpman, Lola Jones, lnot a Techitel Miss Eleanor Royloa, activities director at General Hospital, Sonia McDaniel, Mary Krueckeberg. Second Row: Miss Mildred Sweet, counselor at Methodist Hospital, Patricia Rush, Janet Hartness, Elizabeth Mroz, Mary Ann Nelson, Miss Anne Dugan, counselor, and Miss Fredericka Koch, director, St. Vincent's Hospital. LATIN CLUB Seated llett to rightl: JoAnn Johnson, Carol Loyd, Patricia Jackson Roberta Russell, Martin Joachim, Allen Maxwell, Milton Cox, Diane Bowman Jo Dollinger, Nancy Dillon. Standing: Miss Mobelle Sprague, spon- sor Eileen Brethouer, Anna DeFrees, Sandra Potts, Russell Smith, Kathryn Cochran, Ralph Fancher, Barbara Estridge, Josephine Estep, Gerald Glaze, Beverly Pritchard, James Monday, Lana Cartwright, Michael Alexander, Claire Arment, Janet Nice, Willie Ray, Janet Foy, L. C. Suddarth, Gloria King, Nancy Bodenheimer, Connie Moore, Miss Irene McLean, sponsor. X N ,. , S , i ' " 5 l-fl ai-'fx 5 W 'is +2421 Y' SERVlCE CLUB-First Row ileft to righti: Maria Lookman, Evelyn Smith, Con- nie Moore, Barbara Purcell, Susanne Esber, Sally Sare, John Drake, Linda Pentecost, Lillian Cook. Second Row: Sharon Crawley, Mary Preston, Judith Whitsett, Judith Jones, Sharon Adams, Linda Marcum, Frances Bivins, Gloria Noble, Myrna Kennison, Judith Nichols, Phyllis Stroup, Patricia Chadwick, Jo Anne Hornberger, Barbara French, Margo May, Jerilyn Goodwin. Third Row: Dorothy Milam, Delores Thompson, Dorothy Cook, Judith Ogle, Susan 6, MEMBERS OF the Student Aitairs Organization are installed as otticers by Mrs. Turpin, following an election last fall. STUDENT AFFAIRS ORGANIZATION EXECUTIVE BOARD-Seated llett to righti: Linda Johnson, Linda Pentecost, Michael Reyman, John Lee Foster, sergeant at arms, Nancy Dillon, corresponding secretary, John Drake, presi- dent, Sally Sare, vice president, Suzanne Sweeney, recording secretary, Allen Maxwell, treasurer, Connie Moore, Kay Noblitt. Standing: Barbara Purcell, 1 wa- , .,.,. ., ,S Sp Q V til Y ,Q Z 1 -+1 . ' wt is , f., . Y - ' , c l ' i 1 if ' ' .. Nga, . ,Q I gin? S Q, A A 9. Sliger, Judith Ray, Vicki Soden, Pamela Powell, Sandra Mencer, Natalie Krueckeberg, Kathleen De Frees, Rebecca Shrigley, Margaret Kunkel, Betsy Pearson, Diane Denham, Jean McDamon. Fourth Row: Don Parish, Stephen Sites, Virginia Jones, Bonnie Jones, Jerry Foley, Marie Greer, Carl Stiebeck, Elmer Bunce, Charles Stinson, Sandra Potts, Jerry Osborn, Joseph Miles, Marilyn Hicks, Meredith Wiley, Anna De Frees, James Whitaker, Mrs. Martha Turpin, sponsor. OR MAYBE THREE OR FOUR Working together, clubs produce a wholesome school spirit. The Future Teachers ot America learned by doing-they served as cadet teachers in our city schools, Drama club entertained us with three excellent plays, and the Service club sponsored the White Christmas Dance and Freshman Orientation Program, welcome additions to our social calendar. Mrs. Martha Turpin, dean ot girls and sponsor, Thomas Bolinger, Gloria Jean Noble, Charles Umbanhowar, Rein Leetmae, Susanne Esber, Scott McCoy, Linda Hill, Milton Cox, Janet Ramsey, Michael Sites, Nancy Meyer, Harold Rominger, Donald Erman, Peter Waeger, Sharon Rice, Patricia South. DRAMA CLUB-THESPIANS-First Row llett to rightl: Mr. Robert Malay, Thes- Second Row: Judith Hiatt, Margaret Kunkel, Margaret Weddell, Sandra pian sponsor, Marina Howell, Katherine Holley, Jo Dollinger, Carol Frisbie, Potts, Claire Arment, Joseph Miles. Top Row: James Simmons, James Sullivan, Schorling Schneider, Dennis Fulk, Mr. Richard Jackson, Drama club sponsor. Peter Waeger, Paul Downer, Donald Knight, Robert Dunavvay, EXAMINING various ceramic work done by professionals at Amaco are members of Mr. Richard Peeler's Art VI class. CADET TEACHERS-First Row Llett to rightl: Marsha Reynolds, Roberta Russell, Myrna Singhurst, Sondra Ware, Deanna Allen. Second Row: Bonnie Bryson, Janet Cox, Patricia A. Jackson, Jean Bernard, Mary Alice Roberson, Miss Jane Strain, sponsor, Third Row: Emogene Maples, Nancy Kingery, Esther Wells, Mary Broadus, Trudy Holliday. Top Row: Gregory Andrews, Charles Stinson, James Cody, Kay Clore, James Van Horn. i i PEN FRIENDS-First Row llett to righti: Diane Denham, Judith Hammer, Sheila Graft, Karen McCoskey, Judith Copp. Second Row: Donna Jo Sampson, Robert Curry, John Hoftman, Ronald Klipsch, James Hurt, Gareth Putnam, David Girt, Third Row: Natalie Krueckeberg, Carla Jean Anderson, Katherine Halle, Carol Ann Loyd, Janet Nice, Jo Ellen Kuerst, Jeanette Acree, Lida Jacobs, William Meek. Fourth Row: Carol Anderson, Jeanne Wand, Barbara 2 1 J 5 y I5 , 3 ' 4 N V X iz 1 he Lunsford, Mary Ann Carney, Doris Pierce, Rooe Soubeih, Myra Vahle, Trina Marquis, Tom King. Fifth Row: Karen Fromer, Lavonne Blades, Lynn Hunter, Steven May. Sixth Row: Sue Rush, Quincey Neil, Judith Hedges, Patricia Jackson, Karen Van Buskirk, Sandra Potts, Sally Theising, Martin Joachim, Linda Whitt, Susan Sliger, Schorling Schneider. Standing: Miss Hortense Braden, sponsor, X in FOREIGN RELATlONS CLUB-First Row llett to rightt: Katherine Holle, Jayne Dillon, Linda Hill, Jo Dollinger, Sondra Ware, Anna De Frees, Sylvia Wisser, Jean Hornberger, Patricia Ann Price. Second Row: James Kendrick, Natalie Krueckeberg, Judith Jaynes, Linda Higgins, Pauline White, Gearline Kissinger, Charleen Swayze, Carolyn O'Connor, Mr. Richard Jackson, sponsor. Top Row: Shirley Jean Davis, Karyl Kirkbride, Marsha Reynolds, Pamela Powell, Rita Sykes, Anita Nelms, Patricia Gaines. And on the international scene, Techites interested in world attairs find a niche in either Pen Friends or Foreign Relations club. By writing to people the world over and subscribing to toreign newspapers, these clubs gain a more personal contact with peoples in other countries. MR. Anderson and Miss Howe look at the scrapbook cover- ing six years Tech has won Freedoms Foundation awards. we 2 xv 'L go X! xx Q3 KEY CLUB-Seated ilett to rightl: Peter Waeger, Donald Erman, Martin Joachim, Allen Maxwell, Michael Sites, Charles Umbanhowar, John Lee Foster, Second Row: Tom Strain, Meredith Wiley, Robert Bruce, Milton Cox, Thomas Bolinger, Eric Fenter, L. C. Suddarth, George Howe, James Forbes, Norman Harris, Norman Barnes, Thomas Pollard, Schorling Schneider. Third Row: Larry Gaston, James Foy, Ronald Oberle, Harold Rominger, Michael Reyman, Walter Stalnaker, Willie Ray, John Drake, Dale Cissna, Top Row: Stephen Beeker, James Currens, Warren Schwomeyer, Ronald Cauble, Michael Alexander, Gerald Hinchman, Larry Horton, David Wilmer, Dale May. Not Shown: Grady Jackson, James Kriese, Scott McCoy, Kenneth Rogers, Harold Boyd, Dennis Fulk, Mr. Karl Kalp, sponsor. of minted . 1 4 V i Q 1 Tx E ,L ,, CHEMISTRY-PHYSICS CLUB-First Row lleft to rightl: Joe Harrier, William Ray, Michael Reyman, Norman Harris, Walter Stalnaker, Mr. William Graney, sponsor, Carolyn Hedrick, Margaret Hawkins, lrene Kirby, George Easter. Second Row: James Kendrick, Norman Giezendanner, Warren Schwomeyer, John Currens, Larry Bland, Don Elder, Michael Sites. -,w tml Our Key clulo, chartered at Tech last spring, helps to promote many worthwhile activities on the campus. Last tall the boys sold our yearbook ads. This spring the club assisted the SAO in the Yards Park project. Our young scientists pride them- selves on the lectures they have at club meeting. IN PHOTOGRAPHY Anthony Cancel snaps a picture of Joyce Williams as Donna Kilgore and Elizabeth Vaughn assist. 3? "'1n..,. wi , . ,. fi if iT-I -wi W ,V ARSENAL CANNON YEARBOOK STAFF Ileft to rightl: Marilyn Bockel- Mariorie Cartwright, co-editorein-chief, Viia Celmins, art editor, Judith man and Nancy Dillon, copy writers, Michael Alexander, sports writer, Michelfelder, co-editor-in-chief, Not shown: Norman Barnes, sports writer. EDITING OUR YEARBOOK IS A DIFFICULT BUT REWARDING JOB Snapping pictures, writing copy, counting headlines, meeting deadlines-editing the Arsenal Cannon I ' 4Eavmm,,M. weekly, the Arsenal Cannon yearbook, and the Tech Book is a difficult but rewarding iob for our "Cannon Kiddiesf' Long after most of us have gone home, the lights burn brightly in the West Residence as energetic staff members plan and prepare our inter- nationally known publications. These journalists learn to meet people, to take heavy responsibility in stride, to distinguish fact from fancy, to be dependable, they should surely succeed, not only in iournalistic work, but in any field they choose to enter. PUBLICATIONS ADVISORS: Mahlon Carlock, business, Mrs. Rosemary Riggs, assistant, Ella Sengenberger, director of Pub- lications and weekly and yearbook advisor. BECAUSE THE FOOD at the Cannon Christmas party is de- licious, Nancy Dillon invites Mr. Anderson to help himself. Writing and editing are only one chapter in the story ot our publications. Without the help ot many busy person-boys in the Print Shop, subscription salesmen, our publications could not go to press. By cooper- V I Fav-ig ating with one another, Cannon staflites publish , a newspaper and yearbook ot which we are all proud. BUSINESS STAFF llett to righti: Jerry L. Foley, exchanges, Robert Lynch, first semester circulation manager, Rosemary King, typist, Marty Katzen- berger, second semester business manager, RUSHING TO MEET DEADLINES KEEPS OUR CANNON STAFF BUSY ARSENAL CANNON NEWSPAPER STAFF-Seated llett to rightl: Martin Maxwell, assignment writer, Michael Alexander, sports co-editor, Not Joachim, editor-in-chief, Judith Coffey, page 3 editor, Nancy Dillon, Shown: Norman Barnes, sports co-editor, associate editor. Standing: Diane Bowman, editorial page editor, Allen l l l 2 4 cc ,vw .. v A ,,,,,.,,,..s X WJZZL Tl 1. i Q . . --4-new Ms, Lie- seven 71 STAFF MEMBERS attending l.H.S.P.A. Press Conference-flelt to righti: Marie Greer, Sally Thiesing, Judith Michelfelder, Judith Colftey, Mariorie Cartwright, Barbara Waddell, Martin Joachim, Roberta Russell, Rosella King. gel? X ff-.R . gl I f- J. ROOKIES PREPARE TO STEP INTCD VETERAN STAFFITES' SHOES JOURNALISM CLASS Clockwlse Llelt to rightl. Lynn Hunter Gloria ing Margaret Weddell Sandra Risk Judith Ann Cone Beverly Halstead James Forbes, Miles Batchelor, Patricia Har- vey. Standing: Robert Gray, Margo Lane, George Howe, John Rogers. A f-7 ARSENAL CANNON NEWSPAPER STAFF-Seated llett to rightl: Sally Sare, Linda Pollard, Marie Greer, Sally Thiesing, Roberta Russell, Ros- ella King, Carol Frisbie lflrst semesterl assignment writers. Stand- ing: William Breedlove, Nancy Kleif- gen, L. C. Sucldarth, Sharon Hoy, Jean Anderson, Claire Arment, re- porters. 'Q 'V' if L MEMBERS OF QUlLL AND SCROLL, international honor society for high school journalists, initiated March l2, l957 llett to righti: Michael Alexander, Norman Barnes, Diane Bowman, Allen Maxwell, Marjorie Cartwright, Judith Coffey, Martin Joachim, Nancy Dillon, Judith Micheltelder. KEY CLUB MEMBERS who solicited ads for the yearbook-Bottom Row lleft to righti: Allen Maxwell, manager, Martin Joachim, Eric Fenter, L. C. Suddarth, Schorling Schneider. Second Row: Norman Harris, Norman Barnes, Robert Bruce, Walter Stalnaker. Top Row: Milton Cox, Ronald Oberle, Steven Beeker, Michael Alexander, Dale Cissna, PRINT SHOP INSTRUCTORS-Clyde Armel, yearbook ads-senior names, Ralph E. Clark, weekly linotype-make-up, Floyd Billington, weekly press- binding, George R. Barrett, weekly printing advisor. 4 -,,,,,.h.....-,--..,,, .,-" O O I G 5 o l I . , . 4 " V ,.' L. Wiifg 'CC fm: f" i L l ! rf 3, DURING Tl-IE i956 spring flood, Cannon paper stock got damp even though Mr. Billington and Mr. Deem rescued it. THE SLY camera catches T.. is 5, 'H E. -N . . ,Th a scene between Schorling Schneider and Marilyn Reynolds. .sfp-,.' V I "DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY"-Seated ileft to rightl: Robert Gray, Marilyn Reynolds, Marina Howell. Stand- ing: Joan Weddle, Robert Dunaway, Paul Downer, Judith Hiatt, Sandra Potts, Patricia Jackson, Donald Knight. 74 THE PLAY'S THE THING FOR CORA ,.... FEDELE ,....,,......,...., DUKE LAMBERT ,.,,., ALDA ..............,.......,,. DUCHESS STEPHANIE PRINCESS ..........,.,.... BARON CESAREA .,,..., RHODA FENTON ..,... ERIC FENTON .... CORRADO ....... GRAZIA .......,...,....,, PRINCE SIRKI .,........ MAJOR VVHITREAD .. DIRECTOR ....,...,...,,.....,...,... STUDENT DIRECTOR DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY "Member of Thespian Troupe No. l240 ,,.,........Joan Weddle Mathilda Romanott .......Robert Dunaway ...,.....Paul Downeri .,,,....,.Sandra Potts ........Patricia Jackson ...,...Marina Howell .......James Simmonsi ............Judith Hiatt .......Donald Knight ..............Robert Gray ....Marilyn Reynoldst' Schorling Schneicleri ,,......,....Michael Sites ...Richard S. Jackson .....,......Jo Dollinger+ ONE OF A SERIES of living pictures in "The Bandits ot Bethlehem," written by Mr. Maloy for our lovely Christmas assembly in the gym, was a nativity scene. FOR A Thanksgiving program an English IV class pre- sented a Pilgrim church service in Student Center. I 5.1 ACTORS AND AUDIENCE I M3 NZ-5, fir ' x U7 sf cw-. BOYS' CHORUS LINE in the Silver Anniversary "Sketchbook of I957" Kneeling llett to rightlz William Meek, David Wilson, Wendel Baker, Paul Renfro. Standing Ilett to rightlz David Williams, Charles Woodard, Allen Hatton, Grady Jackson, Ronald McCurry, and Steven Beeker. DUTCH MILLER .,,,.. HUNK HOYT ........ SATCHEL MOYER ..... CHUCK GREEN ...., BEST FOOT FORWARD .,..,,..Larry Kierstead .......James Simmons ,..............Robert Gray ,,...,.Schorling Schneider DR. REEBER ......... ........... S teven Mooring OLD GRAD ,,.,.. ..,..,.. R obert L. Dunaway MINERVA .........,..................,..,...,. ,.......,,.. S andra Potts ETHEL ........,...,..,...,.................,.....,,, ....... L ee Bartlett MISS DELAWARE WATER GAP ,....,,. ....,.................. S hirley Ball THE BLIND DATE ......,............,......... .....,... M ary Elizabeth Taylor BUD HOOPER ...,..... .................. J ames Kriese PROFESSOR LOYD ,,,,. GALE JOY ....,............ JACK HAGGERTY .,.,... HESTER BILLINGS ........., ...,,..Charles Stinson ..,......Carol Frisbie ,.......Paul Downer .,.....,.James Sullivan HELEN SHLESSINGER ...... ,,,,..,,,,,, ,I 0 Dollinger MISS SMITH ............... ,.....,. M ollie Robertson k DIRECTOR L ...... Robert Malay CAST OF THE FALL PLAY "Best Foot Forward," presented November 20, under the direction ot Mr. Robert Maloy-Seated llett to rightl: Sandra Potts, Steven Mooring, Jo Dollinger, Paul Downer, Carol Frisbie, James Kriese, I . Q 1. nf E , , ,.- 1' ' , rw' g .mmiit-f I . , ts, - V. . I 'it iff REHEARSING a scene from the comedy "Best Foot Forward" are Jo Dollinger and James Kriese who played lead roles. Lee Bartlett. Standing: Mary Elizabeth Taylor, Schorling Schneider, Robert Dunaway, Charles Stinson, James Sullivan, Dan Guthrie, Molly Robertson, Robert Gray, Larry Kierstead, James Simmons, Shirley Ann Ball. fi ff f ff,4?'4 f f n' 1 1, 5 QQ Zyl .21 7 , ill, X Days Pass Too Quickly In This World of Ours Time, like auicksilver slipping Through our hands, has a vvay of TleeTingly escaping, carrying vviTh iT parTs of our lives. Those of us who are seniors Tind ThaT our remaining high school days are alarmingly numbered. ln The meanTime, however, our lasT year is chuck Tull of all kinds of senior evenTs. As "Kings" of The campus, we enjoy a shorT louT conTenTed reign. Soon, vve musT face The uncerTain TuTure, buT now, we are saT- isfied vviTh living in The presenT, making The mosT of our lasT, brief days aT Tech. Principal H. H. Anderson and Alice McC Tchan E ESQ? X f ig! 1 W 1 I . fzgigz E X33 f v Q ,xgicggfgygis H: gflj. X xx, jlghk E X W Y W 1 mm Qi sf. ,x . s,,,l,QZ2k'E2V , ss., , wx EW I gf' iixf WW , I ,g, ,U -QV. Qi, . , Xikx sixxx ,Xa X is E MQW M X 'QXJM ,H Sl nxggxxfsiz W, xi? Y . K4 is, 3 w X X S E 3 xligiqgiifii H ' gg, V . 2, lf Sn 7 Q if , if Q5 Z 5? 2 3 Q se Sl if 1,5 I Q 215 ' f 3 , if , i, W , -Q, A--.,f j' f... '111 l g Y fx 311 ,..:: is -4-LQLYQX 'X s . 1, xxgiyp, -,,.,,.pWliT,,, A if s 122, ','N' X , N ZZ. gg. '1 miami, 5 X " 'I 1 11 x X umm i1 2 Q , 5 5 , wi az , s -xxi , ' 3. V .. ,, S Y, 1 : i 2 , A.2' fi, mi :sig . + wif , l - , X 1 V ' f -1 3 J? , wifi, ,fi iii, .Q1 ,1 :f,,1iX,.Q2 lyxffiil' 's -37552 2 kg'Q1f:je:1,1,j Q 'L . L ...,: ",LA'iw1gs:4s .Eli QQ XX 1 3.,Q r: ,X A if - y 1' gi5fQ?s':??s I , . . .,, , ,.-X 2 ,J 'xligg K . . ,is5,ff: ,fwa .g v, 152 . ., - , :Q 1 mx . fel - W, ,w . V., 1 . X , 4 -, . Um, ,Aa if .. 1 ,,,- ., ,ff-lsr ' v2.2 ' 12 ini 2 , x1'.'z.z G VL 1 '?1- ' ffif , W I ,, f,f.5g:4:, "PLM: -::'5 X f'F. .,,X ,1 ,5:: ze 'VI' ,, V, .,,,i, , .,f sn' ,,f3i,!2-,. A ,, NW! N ,- X fi-'1:':ff'5f?.,s ' 3, ,QQ ggffgrggf giwf wi .wfxxyg fgs,-xg . ' . -'ii I Q. 5 ,fwxxya 5, K ,s X ex ixxNXX'FX 'IX-fsxxf I f:z --WN, w'KxXfX,NX'A..V",'xXRtX1. . jffiiiiugff - gwv' -1 ., X.. ' ,wtf ., - N jxx .fy A. -B E :5 3' , www: ay' Q X 2 2 .XA '. - K E v 1 ' J '. - Y -. , 1 X . -XX X X. Vx, I K Q . Q X -A RX xx ., I, X, xxx-Vx: , SI ' Q R Y f ' 4'4ff"""'? fff w, ' , '- ' ' x ' - , S . lx. 1 x ., mi' K K' K x Q ANI, ' " I x 'Sf!A 4215 V x ,' frlffl ., f, 3 ,jf , .1 'ff ",,',f,f .14 A Q ,cg gf? f iyfif I-fx, 'K ' -1 Q ff,q 2-,.'5' ,.. , ,E?Q Q' ma 2 .K,Y 'A .,,, N-..,,,M V -. ,r if ' v-.www .-ggs m1 x 1-e f me :lx fig 1 sf' MXN w QQ ffiilmaxkk MX , iw xx XX xx ,,5' K WNV? l 5,5 . . if , -.X , x ,lx X f-ffl' fi' ,U , 1 ,N IQ . 4 u 3 .fx gk. X N 2 2 E v 5, xi WP. u x 1 Siva: EMM 1 :S ix X .3,:,Nx . E a 1X 'iw N . 8 X AE X ' 1 -fxcv-. L - , NNW 4 . ,Q W, Ka..?i,xS inc, J 'ff?isg,,,H6, "...f ,"3 .3 84 , ,W . , .sq-h., , .5 9 .'x?q"'?'f1'4 3 .iw ,Q- , 'f'f5'3': ,uf i'Nf'r"' A f g 'W -1- if 'f 738 ,K--,mf,j1 ,' f.4,J'g'.f '5.1f'x q 'F-fi... L f ,' . -X J, r 4' A" . f ' ,' 'l..1 rx- 4-4 ,A -J " 3 , --0.1 'ix-if ' I 1 'fgr- .1 " -"fm-,. f- K 'ts'.v:'.grRg?Z .at i 1 3 .- .A f'+Y,aq ww i'5gik-LJ? J' v N." f ' f :Aff-9 ,ff -. . -. 'X-.V I f.',"?i?f1l,'?d9'?fj?'- I . '-1 -s-f,v- Q' : 'dgfviv ,A,,. .,...,J,.l.,5g . .-+- fb A- A QL,-" JEUTV? " ' X pil- gf Q -9. 1 'ev Y , ,-f j 741. .rw ' s, ..'. ' .. ' Kr'15.- , Y-WJ? LL! fmt ? - . I., . I JL 471.9-.3 'V S .f gf" J- . iii? , f 1 Q --nf' .Au 6- gal QHQL .3-1 THE TECH LEGIONeFirst Row Ilett to rightl: Mr. H. H. Anderson, principal, Mr. Miles De Phagpher, speaker, John Drake, Ingrid Henkels, Scott McCoy, and Susanne Esber, captains, Milton Cox, co-commander. Second Row: Adrian Newsom, Nancy Meyer, Ronald Oloerle, Barbara Purcell, Jack Parker, Sharon Rice, M Allan Perdue, Janet Scrivner. Third Row: Mr. Charles E. Martin, founder and sponsor, Paul Downer, Jo fa? 412' N Dollinger, John Lee Foster, Patricia Dryburg, Charles Harvey, Karen Edwards, Gerald Hinchman, Carol Lil Frisbie, Ronald Huggler, Carlene Green, Top Row: Michael Alexander, Deanna Bartram, Gregory And- Nx L' 'y rews, Judith Brown, Norman Barnes, Jacquelyn Bryant, Stephen Beeker, Marjorie Cartwright, Thomas If - ' Bolinger, Judith Caudell, Robert Bruce, x I L LEGIONNAIRES REFLECT LEADERSHIP, 0 XM J tw JOHN DRAKE, as president of the SAO, who represented Tech when Miss Margarette Miller presented the Bellamy Flag Award to Pentago High School, plans his trip with Mr. James Burke, American Legion representative, Mrs. Margaret Thornburgh, and Mr. H. H. Anderson. PATRICIA ANN Jackson accepts her Good Citizenship Award from Mrs. Richard Miller, Irvington chapter, DAR. MICHAEL SITES, delegate to the U.N., and alternate Allen Maxwell discuss plans for the trip to New York. THE TECH LEGION-First Row lleft to rightl: Sally Sare, co-commander, Allen Maxwell, Patricia Myers, Michael Sites, and Linda Pentecost, captains, Miss Ann Abbott, Mrs. Marysue Gray. Second Row: Charles Stinson, Suzanne Sweeney, Ronald Taylor, Geneva Warren, James Toler, Bernard Van Buskirk, Judith Smale, Meredith Wiley. Third Row: Mary Jane Hartwick, Grady Jackson, Patricia Jackson, Martin Joachim, Rosella King, James Kriese, Natalie Krueckeberg, Rein Leetmae, Susan Manning, Dale May, Miss Mildred Corrie, Mr. Charles Glore. Top Row: Viia Clemins, Wayne Bruness, Frances Collins, Dale Cissna, Betty Jean Converse, Lloyd Cox, Sue Cory, James Currens, Diane Distel, William Doherty, Nancy Dillon. PERSONALITY, AND GOCD CHARACTER TRAITS Tech Legion-dream ot every freshman, ambition ot every sophomore, hope ot every iunior, and pride ot many seniors. Membership in Tech Legion is an honor coveted by all and attained by tew. While only ten per cent ot the senior class are members, all who have worked tor this goal have developed the positive character traits ot good citizens. With the aid ot interested teachers, we have striven to grow in initiative, industry, dependability, and honesty. Tech Legion is not only an honor tor its members, but a tangible goal tor all. This society, sponsored by Mr. Charles C. Martin, was founded by him in the spring ot l935. All Legion- naires wear a green and white enamel pin-a white bar with squares ot green at either end. The co- cammanders' pins have two stars, the captains', one. DAINTILY NIBBLING cookies as they sip delicious punch Sue Cory, Evelyn Collins, Ingrid Henkels, Judith Caudell chat about their graduation exercises at the Legion tea. B 741.--gg'i"" SPONSOR ROOM 190 SPONSOR ROOM 153 SPONSOR ROOM 195 SPONSOR ROOM 5 SPONSOR ROOM 300 80 OUR WORLD REVOLVES AROUND THE SENIOR CLASS OF '57 WHICH BOASTS A COUNCIL OF 35 DEPENDABLE OFFICERS Y 'W "'1 A .. f,.: .. -' .,., f ' . , f A5951 S ' I . :lu ' .1212 S. f. , A ' ' . Im, f A A g I Q 5 fs .:.-'pf -mf I , I NIICFIAEQI. Ig. AI.r'.I'1FxNF5ER JU IJI'I'I'I ANN BROWINI ROBERT L. BRUCE . ,IACOUELYN BRYANT STEPHEN iD. BEEKER MISS IVICJNA INOODXNARD I3r1.'.,wI'f1'I1 Vue PM 51-110111 'I'rf:L1:,w.,rcr ' Sfrcrrktcxry Sergeant Qi Aymfi Sponwy 3 Mr cr' 4-f-M' .JOHN S DRAKE SUSANNII M ESEFI1 DALE D. CISSNA KAREN A. EDWARDS A LLOYD G. COX MISS FRANCES Pvefxdexzx Vice Ihcszgiazrxw , 'I'r1:-:I .waz Slaczeicurx' Sergeant at Amw Sponsor I w 'Www I 'HON I JOHN LEIE I"C1f5'I'1.II IVIAIIY JANE HARTWICK JAMES VV. HARRELL CARLENE M. GREEN GERALD V. HINCHMAN MISS EIJITH ALLEN 4 PIQSEICJQHI Vmf' Pre-,rderfi Treoburex - SQcremr',' Sergeant Qt Anna Sponsor GRADY L. JACKSON V Pxesident' b JOYCE LIEE Vxce Pzesidwzm ROBERT J. JACKSON I MARY L. MANNING SCOTT MC COY MISS LOIS SINK. 'Ikedwrer ' Secretory Serqe-uni ci Arms 39011501 ' df? . 5 KM! . Q ' I I I DALE L. MAY PATRICIA A. MYERS JANE A, OREAR ALLAN V. PERDUE ALLEN B. MAXWELL MISS ALTA WELCH Pl951'ieY1I Vice P:-ssldem Treasurer Secretoxy Serge-cm! at Arms Sponsor . . I SPONSOR ROOM SPONSOR ROOM , "QPQ.,,,. f uf 'iQ SALLY D. SARE KENNETH I.. ROGERS MICHAELSITES KAREN K. ROUSCH WALTER S STALNAKER MISS IRENE RHODES President Vice' President Treasurer Secretory Sergeant ot Arms Head Sponsor DAVID B. WALL SUZANNE L. SWEENEY BERNARD VAN BUSKIRK GENEVA VVARREN AND 670 EXEMPLARY MEMBERS rs PS1 JAMES L. TOLER MISS JEAN WELLS Sergeant at Arms Spenser -5 A Qg.ZfZQff',,f Q X71 4 6-,H H ,, Qff W f 5 X ', ,' ir V wi ...... A X J lx I I' '56 ZLL - ' Q MMR -vs. will MICHAEL ABEI.. THOMAS L. ABRAHAM LARRY G, AGNEW DONALD B, AIKMAN SONYA S. ALDRICH 'Dm JAMES R ALFORD DEANNA S ALLEN A V .g ,.,, ,.'f,- I ,,,, A 4.'. "S . I 4 I ' I ' , . r,'2'e ' A ' f '99 -fi" f " I r"- J. ' sv Y x .M .gy A Q ,E 95 . RICHARD ALLEN JUDITH K. ALLISON GEORGE ALVIS RICHARD C. ANDERSON WILLIAM B. ANDERSON GREGORY L. ANDREWS CLAIRE E. ARMENT .-. .A Xm...,, A . A . . sy X .I laxgls Ann it S " , K . X :L an I .Q ,-11,1 fx 4 '... V .. .2:. 'W . ' - ' Q-K . N33 WILLIAM L. WENDEL ASHCRAFT EUNICE A. ATCHISON JANIS U. AUGENBERGS BRENDA J, BAILEY ROSEMARY K. BAILEY L. BAKER JOANNE BALL ' SHIRLEY A. BALL CAROLE V. BALTIMORE "" JOSEPH S. BAN DY DONALD E. BAKER JOYCE I. BAKER PATRICIA A. BANKS JEAN BARNARD NORMAN R. BARNES ROBERT E. BARTLETT DEANNA L. BARTRAM MARY JANE BATES CHARLES E. BAUER MICHAEL D. BAUGH ruff J.-:gf RICHARD 1 BAUGHN CHARLES A BECKER LARRY B. BEELER DELMAR F. BEIGHT BEVERLY J. BELL C. PAUL BELL LARRY J BELL MARY L BENBOUGH BARBARA A. BERNITT ANDRIS BLOMKALNS LAWRENCE BOLENGER MYRNA K. BOLENGER ., , 1' 'a f. Q . 1 Q n,,...2'v,,,,'ff ' W V H K I' A4 , A 9, X, ' cl-23 X N' ' . -5 .. R.. 1 A f .. Q4 Q L If aff A THOMAS W BOLINGER RONALD R. BOTTORFF " ' ROYCE E. BOURNE WILLIAM N. BOWERS WAYNE A. BOVJINS BARBARA A BOVHIMAN 1 , E17 . jr X maint' SCHOOL AND HOME MEET X I. DIANE BOWMAN BARBARA R BRANSON lx nn- , QQ? FREDRIC M BRASHER SONDRA S. BRATTAIN JOHN R. BREIMEIR DENNIS BRIGHTVVELL BRENDA A. BROADUS MARY H. BROADUS B. JEAN BROWN 1 1-:z-gnu V ,Z , .fb ,Qui .MARGARET A. BROWN ROSELEE BROWN THELMA L BROWN WILLIAM E. BROWN RONALD L BRNCE WAYNE C. BRUNESS BONNIE J. BRYSON RONALD D. BUCKSOT MICHAEL BUDD ROBERT W. BULLOCK ELMER M. BUNCE BIORNETT M. BURTON MARGARET JO BUTLER MARY A. BUTLER SHARON K. BUTLER NIKK1 L. BYARD EUGENE R CAINE HARRY M. CAMPBELL JOHN E. CAMPBELL X 35" ' ' 'f if X .J xnx x . gg , Y. 4 I V A V ., mf A 1-.sq . 5 A we J SAMUEL H CANARY ANTHONY J. CANCEL JUNE CARPENTER WANDA L CARROLL 'sry' MARJORIE CARTWRIGHT BARBAFUX CASTETTER . .ivzn S I 6 is p. X f , K 5 , I wr X' Q , - 7 -P 'rx MARILYN L. CASTI-:TTER RICHARD L. CATT JUDITH D. CAUDELL VIJA CELMINS Q' I X I WILLIAM CHAMBBRLAIN 1'Nw'f s L I D E ls fx l- L' - ggi E ' AT OUR SENIOR RECEPTION 3,1 . M La . If I it 1 4 44, Q ,., '2.. km 'Why I L 54 X' 4 I -:W-' mf . WJ' f 4' L R., -- f im JAMES L CODY JUDITH J. COFFEY SARA J. CLEMONS FRANK W. CLODFELDER is-'O' 40" EVELYN COLLINS MICHAEL W. COLLINS CAROLYN COIVIER ROBERT T. CONANT ITV ' MARIYN JO CLAI-'FEY www 441' SUE C. CHRISTIAN GERTY L. CLARKA ODA E. COFEEY MARY ELLEN COFFIN id 27? RONALD C. CONDON BE'I'I'Y JEAN CONVERSE JAMES I., COLBERT 532' ,A- 'F' . ' lx. BONNIE J. COOK .. If :IJ I. , ' I feqiffg f Q , ,pm fum . 3 'I fn . L , .M l "' 1 I z , N, l ' 45 V .lil I ,. Q , Nw , 'kv - ? g I , vw'-'! wzwmu. Q CQOPER sus C com' " I I- if ' ,vA, . V , .--, . .,,. .1 M .2 K, 1 1 - ' W- V V f'f,WA" ,, -I I 5 I ' I 'Q gi -f V V' f Civ' X, . C . SONJA D CRAIG WILLIAM E. CRIST I rpg, I ,N xk,A I x MARVIN L. DAUGHERTY RONALD D DAVIDSON . I. wr' ' f' " 'I ""m"'JfxQ Zhwiffgf " x vg"',.,, if I 1.5 7,155 ' ""'fi7' -. V ' jx ' 4 ,ffl EI ,, A ,I 4 2 ly' 'U' 'JV I' ' f'.Z?ff,'hf, , , 4 f Q 3 If . ' , I 1. . ff' ,, ' L I M JOYCE E DE COURSEY LARRY A DEER .IUDITH L. DILLINGER NANCY C DILLON 1? '17 fY 'n 1 I IIZIIYZI 5 -613. II: QQ fb A 'SEA I NWI I5 NANCY J. COUDEN JANET M. COX MILTON D. COX JOHN E. COY FRANCES CUNNINGHAM JAMES K. CURRENS DONALD E. CURTIS JOHN D. DAUGHEBTY CHARLENE A. DAVIS GARY L. DAVIS SHIRLEY L, DAVIS JOSEPHINE DECENZO KATHLEEN M. DEFREES PHYLLIS A DENHAIVI .IONITA C. DEVORE FRANK R, DIETZ . 55 PHOTOS RINGS, AND RIBBONS CLIN ' ix 9-'fix HM' 'I K' PATRICIA A I'VIIvIIvII'I'T DIANE DISTEI. 3 , , Y f-:Ia Mk, iq ,, . V 'K 'i ""lvW " 4-'wr RONALD P DODGE RUBY M. DODGE WILLIAM G. DOHERTY JO D. DOLLINGER .ICANN DONER 0' .1-gulf' JAMES DORAN HOLLY W, DOUGLAS DANIEL L. DOWDEN PAUL D, DOWNER PATRICIA D. DRAKE MARILYN J. DRAVIS HAROLD O. DRUMMOND E. DRYBURG JOSEPH P. DUDDING THOMAS N, DUNAWAY SHARRON M. DUNCAN WILLIAM D DUNLOP MARILYN E DUNN PATRICIA J. DURHAM VVILLIAM H. DURHAM I JOHN R EASLEY J DIXIE B. ECKERT JACK M. EDWARDS GEORGE D ELLIOTT f-1 --u xl,-1. . PAUL L ENGLISH CREOG B. BRDMAN DAVID L PAIN CORA S. FAIRFIELD WAYNE FANCHER MARILYN J. FARMER 21 I-I' .- A ' , ZII ,II :L IIII x . A I 'J' ,ff Mg ., Kf?Y" 1 ' if' ' I - . I I AIIII 'S V::" ' ' . 1'-f VV,, ' 'PR .41 . fu? . ,, , ' ,,,,,. WILLIAM E. FARMER MICHAEL FISHER CARROL A. FLEENER CLIFFORD FLEETWOODA I I THOMAS L FLINN GEORGIA M. FLOWERS ,, ' M1 fx 1, x ,fits ,.-,. Y ,n?41,M '5 cial' MARK US AS CAMPUS BIG SHOTS IKM fu J 'I" KW . AW V , I I ji 1 .I I CAROLYN S, FOREY JOHN R. FOSTER THOMAS C. FOSTER MICHAEL M, FOUST JOHN W. FOX JAMES P. FOY ROBERT FR JERRY L. FOLEY PHILLIP D. FOLEY -,.ff:'f3 ,ts i ' QV? v 'v.,,f 6 , V, 4' f 6 1 K, QMS ANISQHOUSL . JUDITH H. FRAZIBR ROBERT A. FREELAND MICHAEL D, FREEMAN BARBARA D. FRENCH NANCY G. FRIAR CAROL E. FRISBIE RICHARD 1 KI FROST WILLIAM P FULTON ROBERT F FURR LOIS D. GARRISON ERNEST L GARY GERALD W. GLAZE HAROLD D. GOODMAN JOAN C. GARDNER JANICE K. GARRINGER JOYCE IVL GARRINGER DOROTHY GARRISON MARCIA J. GASAWAY RUTH A. GILLHAM ARNOLD J. GILLIAM DONNA L. GILPIN MARILYN S. GOODWIN HAVARD GORDEN CAROL L. GRASTON DONALD E. CRASTON M I ,W I ' LARRY K. GRAY GLORIA GREENWOOD J MARIE W. GREER LINDA D. HALE BARBARA HALLOWELL JUDITH M. HANEY x N Q1 C K' fvx f Am JANIS E. HANKINS ALONZO J. HARDEN , 5 M THE Two MIKES SPEAK INTO J L . .Q-QL. 'THOMAS M. I-IARDING WILLIAM H. HARRELL HORACE R. HARRIS PATRICIA E. HARRIS BONNIE J. HARROD MARY E. HARTZLER CHARLES H. HARVEY xv:-wwf, ft ROSE M. HASKETT MARIE A. HASPEL CAROLYN S. HBDRICK RONALD D. HEGE MARTHA HEIDELBERGER INGRID H. HENKELS CALVIN HENRY 'MIKES' AT OUR CONVOCATION 9, 152 +2 1 ai f 3 191' ' M RONALD LEE HENRY JAMES E. HERRING ROBERT L. HICKEY DOROTHY L. HICKMAN 'oN SHIRI..IlI:' J HIDAY CA'IHEEfII'IE 1 HIEQ if MARY LOU HOBBS JAMES D. HODNETT GERALDINE HOEFLING JOHN C. HOFER HARLAN J. HOGGATT JUDITH A. HOLDEN Q .L A141 i 'Int-' Q77 WAYNE HOLLAND TRUDY E. HOLLIDAY DELILAH HOLLIS ALICE PAY HOLMAN VIRGINIA HOOPENGARNER DONALD E I-IOOVEF Q IZ IL Qj IU an k If 1-Q , I . ' .. 1 5- . 0 Jn" 'J I Ziff ' V' 5' W-Q. . - 'r " r A 5401, If A ,Q Q, if ....,,,,, , I-, I I -1 Mx BETTY J. HOPPER JO ANNE HORNBERGER JOHN J. HOUTS SANDRA L. HUBER V X SANDRA L HUEBNER RONALD D HUGGLER I I , xv an ,,-rad? if , .IM-I .... ..... JOE W. HUMPHRIES BETTY J HUNT JUDITH A HUNT BONNIE HURST PAUL R. HUSER kv md NOLA M. IVEY NORMA G. JACKSON PATRICIA A. JACKSON ROBERT L. JACKSON DALE D. JACOBS X ROBERT R HUGHES RODNEY D HUMPHREY 'r ...R 'V HAROLD V HYDEN WALTER DAVID INGLE WANDA L. JACOBS JO ANN JAMES DENNIS E, JAYNES SHIRLEY JENNINGS RALPH R. JERRELL MARTIN D. JOACHIM HELEN R JODY ANITAR JOHNSON '1 DOROTHY F, JOHNSON JOE ANN JOHNSO JUDITH A. JOHNSTON BEVERLY A. JONES JODIE E. JONES DONALD D, JORDAN MONTE D. JORDAN CHRIS KAMIVIERLING MARTHA E. KASTNER CHARLES PL KELLER WILLIAM R. KELSO JUDITH A. KENIPE ill so -d'?""' HARRY G. KENNEDY MYRNA L KENNISON x LARRY J. KERR RUTH E, KIDD DONNA M. KILGORE ROSELLA A. KING ROSEMARY P. KING WILDA M. KING 4- Ki .55 A PRIM AND PROPER WE SIP AND Qw 2 rj sl N IIS... -rv-Q Mm - vw'- NANCY A. KINGERY SHARON K. KINNETT MALINDA KIRKPATRICK PAUL E, KISTE CHARLOTTE M. KIZZEE DAVID M. KNIGHT V DONALD R. KNIGHT gf. BEVERLY A KNOOP ALBERT A. KRAMER JAMES L. KRIESE NATALIE KRUECKEBERG JUDITH A. KRUG THOMAS W. KUHN E - K. BRIAN KUN12 , ,, . , ., .. ,, ff' IQ! 'QT iii. - 'JUDITH A LAKIN JOYCE H, LAMKIN BONITA A. LANHAIVI D SUE LARKIN PHYLLIS L, LATHROP DONNA A LAUGHLIN 'Ya is-A 5- A DAVID L LAYCOCK DORIS A. LEE REIN LEETMAE NANCY E. LEIPNITZ LIDIJA LIEPNIEKS ADOLF R LOEFFLER ., I 'fir- fw .,,. . 'Ox 3 V iw? , ' , '. .glcf i - 1 ' W 3 , , V WILLIAM K. LONG MICHAEL J. LOTZ SANDRA S. LOY LARRY A. LUKENS JOYCE A LUT2 ROBERT I. LYNCH 613 we 'Ki "Tu . ,X 1 K fp cltlm I A XR ' GARY L. MC CAMMON LARRY MC CAMMON PATRICIA MC CLIMON PATRICIA MC CORMICK 4 ' CORRINE MC CRAY RAYMOND MC CULLOUGI J A ivfw wg 2 ATU WE CHAT AT OUR COLLEGE TEA gr. K 'tb MARGARET MC GHEE GENIE A. MC GIBBENY FORREST MC GINNIS FRANK D. MC KEEL BARBARA J. MC KINNEY JUDITH A. MC NUTT DEANNA J. MC ROY Aqgfglf, 'mm . ng," J- A , 5.918 ' f.. :. Y-YQ, ' 4 fn . wa-', lj' 'X A up .,,. ,, : --n ' V U X, ' ' 4 MC VICKER I JUDITH MC VICKER ROBBIA A, MABRY SALLY M. MAC KENZIE SUSAN J. MANNING EMOGENE L. MAPLES HERBERT P. MAPLES . Z, 'Z I f ' A-In , , I - an if . . . . --fm-11 'Q gf If ,ff 'fF"ML Q2- MS. I' 'Gly :ff , F J, 5 As: I ROBERT T MARBURY SHARON K MARSH RONALD L. MARSHALL JAMES PI, MASSEY DONNA MASSINGALE JOHN H. MATTHEWS -1 1 -,A fi 9 -ui ggi I 4 I, ,,, . Q . A X S359 ? I KENNETH MATTINGLY MARCIETA L. MAY REMONA MAY CLEA E. MEANS GEORGE R. MEANS TRESSA Y. MEDLEY F will was ww Nw-.J 'W A 'V SUSAN A. MENCER JOHN E. MERRILL NANCY R MEYER IUDITH MICHELFELDER HERBERT T. MILLER JANE A. MILLER ,QR I' p 1' WI- ' T- . ' ., , 'I I 1.1-ff' if I 7'W5k I ,ly 7 ,N.: S , . A f N B I 6 ., 2 I .I in law 'ii RICHARD L MILLS JAMES E. MILTON AYW CARL W. MITCHELL RYMAN MITCHELL DAVID E. MOEILER PATRICIA I MOEEAI-I Pafkf -A ji'f'Ne-,qi 1 he X'--sy'-41,55 I OJk'fjwLil WEEE .TI AND WE REIAX AS WE EAT X , Cf' A . ' g BONNIE R MOHR WARREN MONTGOMERY 0 0 X WALLACE G. MOON DAVID P.. MOORE MARGARETT L. MOORE TERRY G. MOORE STEPHEN C. MOORING PHYLLIS E. MORBFIELD ROBERT J. MORIARITY 'Wi WALLACE MORLOCK GEORGE B. MUENCH EDMOND MULHOLLAND WILLIAM NEWHOUSE ADRLAN E. NEWSOM RONALD R, OBERLE TERRY OXCONNOR ,kxb W fs., ,., '41 i wir-S NANCY JANE OGDEN ZENTA E, ONTUZANS RAYMOND E, ORFAIT PAUL C. OSKINS MARY JANE OWEN ff 'H nz. wr mwb , JUDITH A. OZMAN CHARLES P. PALMER ,pw HK vf 1 H L' 'L ALI:- S ' Q.-'iw 4 V lx :is ' 0' 'QW S ' I 3 J wg ,Mugs ,KV A M 4, -62 . fi 'Qi .L C ix X Xiu I 1 Ffffxfq , X ' ' I , A? i .. W A QMS. X NELLIE R, PARISHO ALETA PARKER JACK K. PARKER RAYMOND A PARSONS fax X pw' - 53- JULIA A PATTERSON MAURICE E. PAUL LINDA PENTECOST THOMAS PENTECOST JEROME V, PERKINS MICHAEL R. PERKINS M935 1 CLINTON PERRY WILLIAM R PETERMAN SANDRA S, PFLUG AT OUR CLASS DAY PICNIC L , M ' Wtf,:'1- ' 4 5: IM I ,.,I,Z. X .L l ff, U ,VS in i 1 I MAX J. PHILLIPS i ' Z l kia? Q V, L I K X XD at , SCOTT W. PHILLIPS . 1 'WED DONALD W, PIPES I QQ f"""' "3 N SHIRLEY POINDEXTER ELLEN L. POLIN Qi. ""98un LINDA S. POLLARD SANDRA L. POLLARD NANCY J. POLSTON DAVID A. POPE JANET S, PORTER RICHARD L POSEY JAMES D. POWELL 1.1 .we- Y, 1-"' AE be "C.'7f I. .K V AA , y JUDITH A POWELL DONALD R POWERS MARILYN D. PRATHER BEVERLY PRITCHARD JUDITH K PRUITT BARBARA J. PURCELL MARLEN C, PURVIS I Iwi ,1 , rw? X. --1 JOSEPH D. RAJER PLORINE M. RAMSEY I . I A N- Ei 'V' Ski' f X I , "'?f,.,-4' . A V- f DAVID O. RHODES JERRY L RICE 1 -Q -1 , ?'5Yef-f'fw? y' fzw' fffX"1LWf .N 1' S If -.: 3.3: -. wfxx z 53,025 -Gag .. .I . 3 2:64 -'sf' N vi , Iaz,sfS. .:" I-u sa f MS wi 1- ' f I , A 'R A ' wg ' X .P QR-,E ' ' 4 . ,,,, . ,,.,. , - ,. ,I , ' f ' ' .f fxjis . A ' Z xx. -X. . 141: MARY A. ROBERSON DALE J ROBERTS .. .3 ' wx , I 3: 'SZ . K 1: A. .,,," :Emma . BARBARA J RODGERS PHILLIP G. ROY FLOYD A. ROMACK . . W? 'S A . NORMAN R Rowan I VAX 'xy N! J, KI fgo X337 I I L-f JL L5 . Q5 I JANET M, RAMSEY PHILLIP A. RANELIN PEGGY J. RATLIFF DAVID B. REED I I SHARON K. RICE ROBERT V, RICHARDS SUSIE V. RICHEY JUDITH A. RIDENOUR SANDRA ROBERTS CHARLES ROBERTSON CLARENCE ROBINSON JOSHUA ROBINSON .0 - I . I. X ' Tv . A"I" ' jk. ' X2 ' S: 'R . KAY E ROOSA JOAN Y RORER JUDITH ROSS JIMMY L. ROUSTIE BEAMING WITH PRIDE WE ACCEPT 92 KENNETH G. RUSH CHARLOTTE RUSSELL ROSALYN RUSSELL SUSAN C. RUSSELL WILLIAM W RYAN DONNA J. SAMPSON MICHAEL SANDERS ROBERT E. SANDERS DOLLY A. SANDY ERNESTINE SARGENT JAMES V. SCHAFER CHARLES W. SCHIEWER JUDITH A. SCHNELLE SUSANN SCHOENEWEY 1 1. f f , 4 , I it 1 9' 1 Nw' 3? f f. A 'I z .2221 f f x g y m f- Y . ,,...,. Q3 . S MSI ' 4 aux If I V Ie XS M J 'Mx I" QA? C 4 gy? Q Qyxa Q X f ' 'er I fn . - 5 .5 I LYLE H. SCIFRQES DENNIS A. SCOTT I MELVYN D. SCOTT JANET C SCRIVNER GEORGE E SEALS EDMUND W SEARS I-rm' 'Ihr' '30 DONALD L. SEDAM CAROL R SENDMEYER HAROLD L. SESLAR GEORGE IVI. SHANEFF MARTIN P. SHEA ROBERT SI-IELDON 1 I-w," "f-:-- JANICE R, SI-IEPHARD SHARRON S SHIRLEY TIMOTHY L. SHORDON REEECCA SHRIGLEY MYRNA SINGHURST DONALD SKILLMAN .AR WGN.. I .P 1414-frm, JUDITH K, SMALI: BESSIE J SMILEY CHESTER L. SMITH JAMES A. SMITH PQ.. Jo ANN SMITH JUDITH A, SMITH X xl f 1 ' f gl F S V GUI OUR COVETED HONOR DAY AWARDS gf v-ov LELAND W. SMITH PAUL E. SMITH a -0 - A., " xy . . ,-f'TfS?:1A f RONALD C. SMITH GEORGE A. SNAVELY JACK M. SNYDER RICHARD M SOMIVIER GARVIN L SOIVIIVIERS RONALD S. SORLEY ALLEN If SOVCEES f '-I , ii -.4 Q' u JOY E. SPARKS RICHARD SPENCER SANDRA C. STAFFORD CHARLOTTE STEELE GEORGE C. STEWART MARGARET R. STIFF CHAEIIS I' STINSC J JOHN E. STIPP -1 ...,.., 4 V4 ia 2. , F2 -1-A , 'Wk We "wy,,. Y. L -W' .Q- JAMES M STROUE af '.f,M .JN A ROBERT P SVIARTZ GEORGE T' STONE ROBERT L. STONE WAYNE K. STOTTS JOHN STRELNIEKS JAMES STRETSHBERRY 4"'?' like 1 ELSTEI J. STROUGH KAREN A. STROUGH CHARLES M. STUTSMAN JAMES F. SULLIVAN DONALD R SUTTON f 1 x i X V X '35 VELIVIA SWEENEY JERRY A TAYLOR .mx RONALD K. TAYLOR DEANNA L, TEMPLIN DOROTHY L. TERRY W A 'ff A 2 4 5, R yX 3 " X w s ,Q A. ASV ' .T ,Q ' gy ' A My A AQ A f . N z gf A I 'vs if f-af? li EARL M TETRECK WILLA IVE. THOMAS WILLIAM D. THOMAS LAVONNE TINLEY DONALD E TONEY JANET K. TOOTHMAN ff., ' . ' ' ' '--' ' , , .. . DORIS C. TRIMMER A Af ' , . X fix' i ' ...A T - fi SN T x FI Y 55 1 fs Ji .5 XM X RXQEXQAND THEN we WIPE AWAY A TEAR AS fx wif BIHUTA M. TRQKSS I 'Huw .:., , Q f ig LE- I -b R U . A ,, .Q ,If f 7"'I'i . .. J . . 519, . ,, g y we as 1 " A M , , , , x':Z KJ f Q' .iz E ,X- Z , ,.,, .... 1 If 5 .. A. , , ALLAN D. TRUEBLOOD BILL A. TURNER JAMES D TURNER MARILYN S. UNGER JACK VAN DEVENTER JAMES G. VAN HORN PHYLLIS VAN METER A JUDITH VAN OSDOL RICHARD VAN SANT ELIZABETH VAUGHN GERTRUDE L. VEHLING WILTON C. VIA BARBARA F. WADDELL BARBARA QI. WAD ALBERT H. WAGNER JAMES W. WALTERS JOHN V. WAMPNER MARY A. WARD SONDRA K. WARE 'M I ' 'wif Mfg 1 'v ,A I fab RONALD P. WATERS CORNELIUS WATKINS JOHN WATTS WILLIAM JAMES WEBB JAMES A. WEBSTER . , A Ji 'I I . ' 5 A 'r Z. '. -ng ' -.1 I x xx ROBERT L. WEGENER PATRICIA A. WEIMER PATRICIA L. WELCH DOYLE E. WEST MICHAEL D. VJEST ,:I.., :-:' f Sf.-,. J W 4 wt, W f ":: ' ",L' ' If . 5 'T' I 1 V v'-, 1 - ty ,gf '- 2, ww M--1' M " as -Q ' A if "': I I L. w . A f I I -T1-www fl ' I . ' N ,.- -r ' ,. I- Zi ' N ,Q - ffl? -3 ...QL ,,..... ff? TWILA L. WHITMER JOE EDD WHITNEY MARY A. WHITNEY DALE E. WHYSONG PEGGY A. WICKER I I I My OUR HIGH SCHOOL DAYS ARE OVER PATRICIA WILI-IITE DAVID WILLIAMS JAMES J. WILLIAMS JUDY A. WILLIAMS LARRY E. WILLIAMS DAVID I. WILSON DELORRIS WILSON I RONALD G. WINTER DAVID K. WISE LINDA L. WISSEN LORNA L. WITTEN DAVID WOLFE CHARLES WOODARD . ,. 3 3. fx SANDRA S. WASHER STANLEY WEDDINGTON JOHN A. WESTRICK MEREDITH R WILEY GERALD R, WILKINS J I REX A. WILSON r HENRY C. WOODS RYAN D. vvoonsow SHIRLEY WORKMAN CATHERINE WRIGHT Ross B. vvmcm RUTH cs. WRIGHT I MARY M. WUENSCH L. GLORIA ABERNATHY JOSEPH ALLEN SHERIAN Y. AMOS ANN G. BENTHIN LESTER ICAVANAUGH NANCY E. CHAPPELL JOYCE M. EDWARDS I RONALD R ENGLAND CAROLE SUE HORN RICHARD E. HUGHES I I g , .,..... . If '.,, ,.... . .,.,,. 1 ..f, , -I .,V,,.. .,...V. , , ff- ' I A I . -1 A ,J 1 . . 5 Za -A E . . ,A 1 13' if - v- 'M ff - 'a sia' x ' . 'W i f ' . .. W , K 4 1 L . .-52,5 RALPH D. JESTER WILMA F. KING .ik ' ak 5" .N ' 'IF ' Ll -'N RUSSELL COLEMAN NANCY E. DEPP ..., . , 'I . w" " .Q ' 7 "Ewa mg I pb.. I LEAL BROWN JOE D. BRYANT DOROTHY J. DUNLAP - MARK E EARLEY FRANCES L I-IOFER .LQJ I ROBERT J EUBANK MILDRED MAE GILES SYLVESTER HILL X ax RX X90 X. Kjggfx I fx I K . '- i w I if MARILYN KIRTLEY , . TEARS ARE sooN FORGOTTEN -I X TJ! MARJORIE KLEPPER ' Www?- LARRY KOELLING tk! . . . . ., , ,mg -' Q ' I . i n Hm- ' ,3,u-4" BUNNY E. MC HENRY ROVENA MC MICHAEL NATHANIEL MADDEN GARY MARTINDALE EDWIN L MERRITT ,.,..., Y, .LW ,vm .. .,.,.m . GLENDA S. LINDNER WALTER R MC DONALD if RICHARD F. MESSER RICHARD P, MILLER JOHN A. MINOR PATRICIA MITCHELL JERRY J. OSBORN GARY R. PARKER ,. 5 . 0 f- " . 952155:-.I Q. S z, , , . -on, , f f V-'Ik :S Ka 4 Q I 4 I, ,, , gi 0 1 l A at I 2 f E , In ,,,, again 4134, ' OVENIA PATTERSON WILFRED E. PAXTON LEROY POINDEXTER TONIA A. PROFITT Q -:":1 ' , .JM 1 ' KATHERINE sms ,wif ' giving' MICHAEL WHITNEY RALPH EZSTHER J. WELLS AFTER THE LIGHTS GO CARI. R SMITH RONALD R. SMITH JERRY J. STOKES A. WILLIAMS NORIVIA D. WILLIAMS xl ,lf DowN Low X ffffr We Tw Y IIIIAM A F.'Il'.SCIlIfl Ji.?i.H'ii f ' ' QW H ,H ' ax .. 5, -J ,-f' 37 I YF I M Q .Vx fl i' ' R.. R HTML! E. IZFZEIJFT :SHIT I 2 '?"..-CT if if".-f ':xsIj... pf .. . . . - .?',. X K Q Fri? GPH? I fig v' All 1,"", J 14" v W' .r . ' K I X' II C'IIAT'l.iiS EC TIMES ',E.QE'I li 'ff' I -'-SMT ,tri I ' . ..,. .. f' ""' .QI , gf i mga. .IOE E. WII.SOI"I PROSPECTIVE college co-eds leorn of modern foshions ond formol etiquette of our onnuol spring Teo for senior girls. 'sy ali I ,.,,..1 CONVOCATIONS UNITE OUR SENICR CLASS OUR FIRST senior convocation, patterned after the United Nations General Assembly, was an awe-inspiring program for senior class and its newly elected officers. Our last year is hlled with fun and laughter, but it has a serious side too. Perhaps it was at our tirst convocation that we realized we were finally seniors. That long-awaited year had come, it was going faster than we wished. lt was a good year-a year packed with important duties-electing our officers, choosing class colors, selecting a senior gift, and INFORMATIVE college bulletins from all over the state of college-bound students and their parents at the S-enior attending our final convocation and picnic, how- ever, we had the most headaches and the most fun fiaunting our new rings at underclassmen, taking endless senior tests, and planning our own Senior Prom. But nostalgia is soon forgotten as we antici- pate our immediate future, whether it is in college, in an office, in industry, or in the home. await the scrutiny Parents' Reception. ?A"WQr -1 str T se Tkfmtksml ,,,p-any page X Qi X f S' 5-:Is f s. , 6455. , M mg , 'ft-aL. 15452 -Q' Q, .. "" QQ 15? , , kg s, .Q hw' 'MAA'-'1lNmf,' V1 X, fc A , Kew Q - 'i',?Y?f, . . , S. 1 U fwasgsz '.- S? J , SAM, if New ,mylar A NEW BUILDING BRINGS PROGRESS TO OUR SHOPS MR. ANDERSON breaks The ground for our new shop building as Sally Sore, Roberta Russell, Margie Gabbert, John Drake, and Dr. Herman Shibler watch. Landmarks in our world are constantly chang- ing. Watching our modern shop building, To be named Morgan Hall, rise from The dust ot The old Electric Building, we are proud That Tech is a leader in educational progress. LOOKING quite desolate, The Electric Building is being razed to make room tor a well-equipped modern structure. BEFORE long our curious sidewalk superintendents watch The busy crews ot workmen pour cement and erect girders To complete The first floor ot the Two-story building. WI-IEN WE LEAVE the campus in June, The building will be nearly completed, and we know that it should be ready for a formal dedication when we return to school This tall. Mfli VZZZAA i,i,i I gi U X N x ,,,,..-. 'AJS tli izg ,. ,ff '-' f T3 , ,- A i k r i k , f ,ss ,, '1.' '19 fss -'f,' , -"' I ,,2""" ,.. f' " X fb lTl-I t "'T ff' 13553, GN I iiifs A 1171! fe? I I if .I Q , , MM KI, ,asf gin: sa EEFF . . .,,,, Y g k g W, I 1 Tflw Tsi X E ff V- sf Q Q-TSS,-555 5 'fi 1..' --11:11 ia S 4 a xizm, 1 . , - - s..- 4 1, 3 ' , 5 ai ,ferr Hr' A 1,-2'-" 9. Iffw 1 i hi? X, H Jin' x I 1 i f 5 if 1 - f1 1, . I W X - A f -a Ours Is a Happy World Of Teen-Age Enthusiasm Gaily iiaunring green and vvhire ornamenrs, we laugh, weep, and scream in unison as we loyally cheer our Teams on To viciories. Freezing in a crowded sradium or suFiocaTing in a noisy gymnas- ium, we are always ready To supporr our Greenclads. Drinking cokes, munching popcorn, exchanging heIlo's, and waving our mops, we form an imposing mass of Teen-age enthusiasm ar every Tech specraror spori. This year We almosf pursr with pride as We watched our arhlefes srore up impressive records. Don Erman and Mr. Charles Dagwell f lm v V, -, ,. r.- Hs Q ld kg-SK Q: Q. x4 ag," . W X r'! x w . V , ' V. M: L4Qf,:- .. . , Af A ,V L I , 'N-fs, My ' x ff'-f, ,,.,..LM: ., ,, ..W,,,..A....M.Ma..gIf' if VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM FINISHES OUTSTANDING SEASON, WINNING CITY AND N.C.C. TITLES TECI-I GUARD Ronnie McCauley Takes 0 rebound from Albert Moxey, Crispus Affucks, during The City Tournament VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM-First Row lleft to rightli Assistant Coach Jack Second Row: Principal H. H. Anderson, Grady Jackson, Harold Boyd, Charles Bradford, Larry Williams, Eddie Hannon, Ronnie Bryant, Larry Bemis, Richard Umbanhowar, Coach Charlie Maas, Larry Deer, Rein Leetmae, Henry Woods, Johnson, Ronnie McCauley, Assistant Coach Robert Mehl, Trainer Harold Catt. Athletic Director Charles P. Dagwell. VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES Nov. 24 Tech 58 Dec. T Tech 6l Dec. 7 Tech 59 Dec. T4 Tech 74 Dec. I8 Tech 46 Dec. 22 Tech 66 Dec. 27-29 City Tourney Tech 84 Tech 80 Tech 60 Jan. TI Tech 61 Jan. I2 Tech 90 Jan. I8 Tech 44 Jan. T9 Tech 67 Jan. 25 Tech 75 Jan. 26 Tech 67 Feb. I Tech 64 Feb. 2 Tech 56 Feb. 8 Tech 58 Feb. 9 Tech 59 Feb. T5 Tech 72 Feb. 22 Tech Bl Sectional Tech 69 Tech 66 Tech 72 Tech 44 WON 22 N.C.C. CHAMPIONS Warren Central Southport Frankfort New Castle Crispus Attucks Hammond Washington Manual Crispus Attucks Anderson Washington Lafayette Manual Muncie Howe Marion Cathedral Richmond Broad Ripple Kokomo Logansport Broad Ripple Shortridge Ben Davis Attucks LOST 3 CITY CHAMPIONS RON MCCAULEY drives to the goal in the Lafayette game as Lafayette's Bob Perigo vainly tries to block the shot. ..-amuse Al-in The sharpshooting hoopsters of Coach Charlie Maas turned in a brilliant season record by winning the North Central Conference, after 25 long years, and grabbing the city crown from Crispus Attucks after a period ofithree years. Finishing with a grand season record of 24 wins compared to only 3 losses, the netmen went undefeated through rugged N.C.C. competition. A victory skein of 22 straight victories was snapped by Attucks' Tigers, knocking them from tourney play in the fTnal games of the Sectionals. The Big Green had been rated number 3 in the state. Tech possessed a deadly shooting attack which was led by senior guard, Henry Woods, along with hard driving teammate, Eddie Hannon. Team captain Rein Leetmae, Harold Boyd, Larry Deer, and Charles Umbanhowar were tops in the rebounding de- partment for grabbing loose rebounds off the boards. TO A O as fir sg 5 QW 3 3 1 I1 Wwwf 1 'Ct' 'fit' ra E2 gg mn-Q ,W ,..,...- RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM-First Row lleft to rightl: Gene Healton, Fred Top Row: James Whitaker, student manager, Ronald Boyd, lndulis Birkmanis, Belser, Jesse Lynch, Raymond Carter, William Sams. Second Row: Charles Coach Jack Bradford, James Spaulding, Donald Amos, James Beasley, student Peterson, Roscoe Fields, Earl Frasier, Robert Walker, Don Erman, Noel Sandy. manager. RESERVE BASKETBALL SCORES 'B' TEAM IS SUCCESSFUL Nov. 24 Tech 44 Warren Central 31 Dec. 1 Tech 54 Southport 45 . Dec, 7 Tech 52 Frankfort 34 Completing another successful season under the Dec' '4 Tech 35 New C"'S"e 25 coaching of Mr. Jack Bradford, the "B" team Dec. 18 Tech 30 Crispus Attucks 23 Des. 22 Tech 59 5-fesihff 36 Hnished a victorious season with a record of 16 wins Dec. 27-29 City Tourney H H Ted, 54 WGShmg,O,, 48 compared to only 3 losses. The B team T h 27 H E. w d 29 . . ec my OO possessed a well-balanced attack against its Jan. 11 Tech 33 Anderson 27 Joh. 12 Tech 68 Woshihgfoh 51 opponents for there was no telling which of Jon. 18 Tech 32 Lafayette 43 Jon. 19 tech ss Manual 49 the starting five would break into double figures. Jan. 25 Tech 51 Muncie 4O Jang 26 Ted, 49 Howe 27 Composed mostly of sophomores, the reserve squad Feb. 1 Tech 41 Marion 49 . . . . Feb- 2 Tech 75 Cathedral 39 looks as if it will provide plenty of Feb' 8 Tech 45 Rlchmond 38 net talent for our varsity team in the next two Feb. 9' Tech 41 Broad Ripple 38 Feb- 15 Tech 59 Kokomo 36 years. Towering lndulis Brickmanis, Ronnie Boyd, Feb. 22 Tech 69 Lagaisport 42 and Charlie Peterson look as if they will . , see plenty of action next season. With good material moving up from the frosh squad, the 1 NT reserves will look forward to another successful year. ' ff ALWAYS READY to help, athletic trainer Howard Catt gives runner Anthony Boshenko a whirlpool treatment. 4? FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM-First Row Ileft to rightli Harold Woods, William Meek, Dennis Edwards, Richard Henry, Webster McCray, Coach Robert Mehl. Second Row: Peter Smith, James Hunt, Melvin Garland, Frank Craig, George Bishop, Stephen Sites. Top Row: Kenneth Adams nudem manogen Nkk PoweW Bnme MamhaH ChadesPoke,RonaH Cmng FROSH ARE CITY CHAMPS Following in the footsteps ofthe varsity squad, the freshman hoopsters won their fourth consecutive city championship under Coach Robert Mehl. The rhinies' only loss of the season was at the hands of the Broad Ripple frosh in a close contest, but in a second return game with them the fired-up Little Green put a damper on the Rockets' hopes for another victory by drubbing them by more than 20 points. Three big reasons for the rhinies' fine season record were center George Bishop, set shot artist Melvin Garland, and the fact that Coach Mehl had plenty of depth in the scoring department from the rest of the frosh team members. DR. WILLIAM Cook, master of ceremonies for the Winter Sports banquet, scans his notes preceding the program. Nov. Dec. Dec Dec Jon. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Chy Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech 55 55 45 45 42 Tau 50 48 46 4I 56 64 36 56 43 42 rney Warren Central Sacred Heart Ben Davis Harry E. Wood Howe Washington Harry E. Wood Crispus Attucks Shortridge Anderson Washington Broad Ripple Howe Shortridge Cathedral 25 28 30 22 29 30 36 36 34 5I 35 4l 37 33 26 X. -fic 5 ' 1- VARSITY FOOTBALL-First Row ileft to rightl: Coach Ernest Medcalfe, Don Erman, Ernest Demott, Paul Renfra, Gerald Glaze, James Currens, manager, Ray Akers, James Britton, manager, William Thomas, Michael Bough, Larry Williams, Richard Johnson. Second Row: Coach Wallace Potter, Havard Garden, Noel Sandy, Rein Leetmae, Wayne Bowins, Dwayne Turner, Don Sedam, Ronald McCauley, Charles Woodard, Larry Agnew, James Ramsey, Robert Walker, Trainer Howard Catt. Top Row: Ronnie Rushton, Harold Guynn, Robert Woodard, Fred McNarton, Felson Bowman, William Dunlap, Ronald McCurry, John Weliever, Michael Davenport, William Brown, Head Coach Howard Longshore, Athletic Director Charles Dagwell. TECH FOOTBALLERS ENJOY A GLORIOUS GRIDIRON SEASON Under the direction of head coach Howard Longshore the varsity football squad compiled another superlative record during the I956 season. The gridmen won a total of seven games while bowing in only two contests. Leading the way was halfback Larry Williams, city scoring champion with 99 points, and sophomore sensation Ray Akers. Quarterback Don Erman and fullback Havard Garden rounded out the first string backield. Up front in the line the Greenclads were loaded with power. All-city and all-conference tackle Ronnie McCurry bulwarkeol a line which averaged I9O pounds. The footballers placed second in the city behind Broad Ripple and second in the conference behind Richmond. Broad Ripple and Richmond were the only foes to defeat the Green's gridiron heroes. IO6 Sept. Sept. Sept Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Jamboree VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES Tech Manual Tech I8 Howe Tech Broad Ripple Tech 33 Anderson Tech 24 Muncie Central Tech I2 Richmond Tech 40 Kokomo Tech 26 Shortridge Tech 35 Washington Tech 46 Marion SEASON FOOTBALL POINTS Williams 99 Akers 62 McCauley 44 Erman 20 6 Carter 6 Sandy 3 Total 240 Opponents Total II7 O O I9 I2 I2 27 I4 7 20 6 TECH FIRST stringers tound it helped to work together both during the games and at the vveekly practice sessions. RESERVES COMPLETE SEASON RESERVE rooTBALL SCORES- Sept. Tech Broad Ripple Sept. Tech Anderson Oct. Tech Southport Oct. Tech Attucks Oct. Tech Shortridge Oct, Tech Washington RESERVE FOOTBALL-First Row llett to rightl: Roy Carter, Sam Chapan Michael Crowley, Robert Heid, David Lester, manager, John Boocika, manager, Edward Vaughn, Michael Hendricks, John Wallich, Walter Lyons. Second Row William Fields, Larry Downey, James Dike, Frank Rushton, Warren Stiervvalt, , 25 3 , 'UW il 4 Vvfitrv ri i V ' if? .531 i , fa ' wi . .if dr .4 .b g,.,3'fR5 , , i ' C .' sw, Z "5 ., f , , ,.,,,, ,I V , . k A f'-. qv?" . ' 3 ' 5 ' 'KM , 9 1, Q W i' Q0--F! Y' A 5,13 Z XQAZESR, ' 7' 'i ,f - ' ' 1 f.,,-'-,"- ft, - 'fi' . 1 ' ,Q A I A i Lt' .. s lag wr E1 ,I I X Q .. rj t . I , M' M " ,il ff Rv ff, .. 5X5'1':p,zif- , f ,ef 4 l , .N 2 1" ., wi, -, , .R . N M Y, . W . , .4 fR,,,,. Q43 ,511 -gi.. 1 3' . r . f g":fr.R,1 , f , A 1 , :R Y ,,,,,..w' Q , , , ra -!1,.j',.'r.4 ig , Jw.-1, .'z,."' y, CL N T , l A sv sr., ' ,..ww'T' 'Q 'vii AAR- . , r' 1, . 'f,.,-.iw 4- ', -'ff , ' , f fc-' 7? '- Hwy. , ',, in , f " ' ' ' 1' r -' ig . as E. """ E-if J, VR R . , ,fz,.:w ' r-4 R 1 . 0, --4-vjfw ,M kr. . .- M - ,N q :ff t if 2 ' 5' .55 ..f. ':-a"'72f""'4' -f r- ' 2, ,W . . , .fr . r ,. s. fy, rv" 4 ' ' f , 1 , 1 - ,",'1, 3.424 ,- ji I -H, .nf-fe - 3 g - Q 2,93 gf Ta , -ivy: , R I ,I V - Y Af- , If ,gfikgafrfsa-:s.,.t,.',4,,.::jLQ',QfQ,Ei?.7-ua.ziljjk, fy' . T ' " -f' --f'f 'm s :' f"'r ,nw-c' "mir 5 ' .H W...-are f'.,, ""'f'1,f Hi V 5 1 55 , ,' i.i-hgwrgf w. 21'--f""' , "- V - ,:sv1'g5'l6t'4"i' -5,-'r':rr.' f -'ff 1, 1 3 7 1-Fffsrxlf f 1 ye:-'www-f1",,K.f rf-4-V-A R l"'l ' in . 4. 3- 35 A o f-H .g , sf-nwfesfsfsa- L::1r11Af. 1 y , ,. . - 4' ' .. f' if '?."'.f-"' """"',. . ' . L. Fw tl vi-ian -' ir 7 i ' .4 F' 'E " ,v ..:J'. .u.:,.m.. 9 - -ff -f' if ,Q Q U T., . 2' ' V. .. g-if Q, . i nf .f . ir ml A vw. ,H ji ,R TQ, . x A . " Q 3 S f ' -dw--f A - - . 1 v ,, - 3 . -, . -i ' - 3,11 ' -'-i-MH ' "W ya f 3 If '. X W ng, .. 'V E ' 1 V .r ,- 'if ' F 'fn . , v., 1 , . . . f P' , 1 . , .. ' .f..,' 4, f V " "" - X vw 1 , ' ,- 'I V r ' w E if' T I 5 K' , ' X ' Q ' 4 15 3 ' E ' ' "1 f' K' + 1 ff' --u R 5 -, -Q X ' ,f .. , K , U -,f 'K . 3 fm 1 A ,. i n - 7 . . , M. fax ,- .ag r I ffl W I fp ' L I 35? ' , v f ' ' 6 ' ff' ' Q - -' . V ,. , , A Q, gg I . J ,I , .f , . wt .. fqlfw' 'vw' E ,iv-.E u.-6 f . 1 Q 1 .- - .... - 1. , , I 1 4 Q' I I , ,.4 U I 4 iw.. ,, - ... . , .frm N , Ng K - ' " R., . .1 M ...--.-.1--X f ilgemfzxiizighv . . , VARSITY GRIDMEN gather around their bench prior to ci practice session to kindle the spirit tor gridiron action. Under Coach Carlos Bell, the Medium Green tinished a comparatively mediocre season with tvvo vvins to tour losses. Actually the reserve squad was much stronger than statistics show. lt lost three games in the closing seconds ot tight fought contests. Com- posed mostly ot sophomores, the reserves did more than could be asked ot them. Doing most ot the ball carrying chores in the backtield were backs Ray Carter, Walter Lyons, Bruce Pleak, Howard Kellums. John Dalton, Richard Parnell, William Barnes, Thomas Davis, Richard Brown, George Alcorn, Coach Carlos Bell, Top Row: Steven Sternbuch, Jerry Miller, Robert Cook, Richard Lee, Chester Hallinin, Bruce Fleak, Homer Jones, Fred Tingle, Donald Neill, Jerry Thomas, Carl Alclermon, Leslie Moir. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL-First Row lleft to righti: Thomas King, Bennie Webb, Donald Longshore, Earl Humphrey, Kenneth Adams, manager, Frank Craig, Richard Brown, William Montgomery, William Barnett, Michael Cutshaw. Second Row: Dale Waggoner, Dan Koehler, James Hunt, Robert Holler, Allen Partlow, Noel Stephens, Omar Fannin, Dennis Welch, Jerry Maynard, Russell Moreman, Paul Smith, James McNorton, Bruce Duncan, James Baugh, Charles Hedrick, Joe Szentivanyi, Larry Fogleman, Elbert Lee, Robert Terhune, Ronald Alexander, Dennis Edwards, Ronald Craig, Thomas Brown, John Byers, Dennis Curts. Top Row: Kenneth Prohtt, James Williams, Edward Schaekel, Kenneth Woodard, John Doherty, James McCray, James Bastic, August Garden, Westy Hirschy, Deryl Hedge, Harold Woods, William Meek. Third Row: Coach Ivan Connerford, Duane Mottier, Howard Sulver, Coach Harry Sullivan FROSH GRIDMEN FINISH ANOTHER SEASON IN FINE STYLE FRESHMAN FOOTBALL SCORES Sept. Tech 26 Frankfort Oct. Tech I Scecina Oct, Tech I5 Attucks Oct. Tech Shortridge Oct. Tech I2 Washington Oct. Tech Broad Ripple TECH GIRLS enrolled in Physical Education and Physical Fitness may participate in the annual girls' Play Day. One group of young girls is competing in the softball throw. Under the guidance of Coach Harry Sullivan, the IOS frosh gridmen played heads-up ball to finish a victorious season with four wins, one tie, and only one loss. Depending upon speed and good blocking the Little Green ran its opponents ragged with end sweeps and short passes. The young hopefuls declared themselves N.C.C. champs, too, since they played one N.C.C. opponent, Frankfort, and drubbed it, 26 to 6. The speedy backfield consisted of James McNorton and Frank Craig at halfbacks, Earl Humphrey at fullback, and John Byus at the quarterback position. WRESTLERS ARE NCC CHAMPS AND FIRST PLACE WINNERS IN THE MUNCIE SECTIONAL S WRESTLING SCORES Nov. Tech 32 Broad Ripple Nov. Tech 47 Washington Nov Tech 22 Shortridge Dec. Tech 42 Muncie Dec. Tech 47 Anderson Dec. Tech 37 Richmond Dec. Tech 29 Southport Dec. Marion County Tournament Tech-Second Jan. Tech 33 Manual Jan. North Central Conference Tech-First Jan. Tech 23 Crawfordsville Jan. Tech 28 Decatur Central Feb. Tech 29 Lafayette Feb. Sectional Tech-First Undeteated in dual meets Second in Marion County First in North Central Conference and Sectionals Sixth in State WRESTLING TEAM-First Row Ilett to rightl: Michael Abel, Ronald McCurry, Wendel Baker, Ernest DeMott, James Ramsey, John Easley, Gerald Glaze, James Milton, Ernest Duff, John Dalton, William Webb. Second Row: Larry Smith, Gerald Miller, John Weliever, Joseph Matracia, Tom Pollard, Harvard Garden, Edward Vaughn, Dwayne Turner, James Reeves, Harold Guynn, Coach William Treichler. Third Row: Jerry Spickler, John Doherty, Deryl Hedge, 1 . . 'ga-vs,-.. ali.- im 's 3 nw-4 T MEN'S CLUB-First Row llett to right: James Dutt, Robert Woodard, Donald Hubbard, Larry Williams, Ronald McCauley, Raymond Carter, Fred McNorton, David Baer. Second Row: John Easley, William Thomas, Dwayne Turner, Gerald Miller, James De Mott, Felson Bowman, James Milton. Third Row: Paul Rentro, John Weliever, Arnold Gilliam, Donald Erman, William Brown, Wendell Baker. Fourth Row: Noel Sandy, Michael Davenport, David Wilson, Gerald Glaze, Wilfred Paxton, Robert Bruce, James Reeves. Fifth Row: Joseph Timbs, Charles Woodard, Richard John- son, Larry Deer, Floyd Romack, Rein Leetmae, Edward Vaughn, Kenneth King. Top Row: James Toler, Grady Jackson, Harold Boyd, Robert Bullock, William Dunlop, Charles Umbanhowar, Paul Thatcher, Cliftord Gribbens. Closing its season undefeated in dual meets, the wrestling squad, under the direction ot Coach William Treichler, wan the N.C.C. championship as it tied with Richmond. Winning undisputed first place in the Muncie Sectional and first place points in the all-sports rating were other enviable accom- plishments of the Greenclad grapplers. Edward Vaughn brought credit to the team, school, and coach as he was undefeated, winning the state title. Thomas Brown, Robert Downey, Robert Brown, Kenneth Woodard, Michael Crowley, Gilbert Sprecher, William Dollinger, Richard Esselborn. Fourth Row: Donald Sutton, student manager, James Glaze, Frank Rushton, Richard Lee, Joseph Holland, Charles Glore, James Thomas, August Garden, Paul Renfro, Ernest Vaughn, Levi Lewis. If I , - I QW MMM . .., ,.. V, sf, , .V 1 A I ' A i i - - Aw We f -wfp..- f ,, L. V. E y I . I N' -wmv: gg J F- M , viMi:s..,,5 P- I - 'A if .fl F 42 'Tse-L ' ,I .4 I .- ., ..,.,.. , f - WA jk.. gi ' "ii - ., "' ' s - :pg VARSITY CHEERLEADERS-First Row cleft to rightiz Michael Mott, Sue Cory, Third row: Reserves lvvhiie svvearersii Rebecca Wilson, Gene Bayless, Robert David Williams, Josephine De Cenzo, Elmer Bunce. Second Row: Sharon Rice, McKinsey, Shirley ChesTer. The Misses Sharon and Shirley Parrell are sponsors. June Carpenter, Janis Hanlcins, Joyce Lee, Sandra Pollard, Judifh Ozman. WE ARE PROUD OF OUR CHEERLEADERS AND MAJORETTES DRUM MAJOR AND MAJORETTE5, FLAG TWIRLERSeFirsi Row ilefr to rightlf Johnson, Evelyn Smith, Bene Pyles, Marie Laokman, Frances Bivins, Beverly Drum Maior John Lee Foster, Alan Joy Whipp, Second Row: Maioreffes Mary Schrowe, Mrs. Conna Hawkins is sponsor of the group. Jane Hartwick, Trudy Holliday, Alice Holman. Third Row: Flag Twirlers Linda JOYOUS smiles show our thinlyclods' feelings os they line up following one of their victories. HARRIERS OUTDISTANCE FOES FRESHMAN cieoss-couNTRY SCORES .. Ik.. T s T. 21 T h 40 A d T I , , I ep Tiih 29 Pgrrjrson l-IARRIERS disploy chompionship trophy ond victory smile Tech 31 Shorrridge ofter victorious Triumph in the Shortridge lnvitotionol. RESERVE CROSS-COUNTRY SCORES Sept. 7 Tech I5 Washington Sept Tech Morion S T T h M ' C T l . . . . . . . S53 TZZTI Asggfon an ro With The crisp, chilling Qctober our in Their lungs S T T h M c' B ' . . . er high Shuorhfdgeums our Thinlyclods ron The two-mile course. Focing VARSITY CROSS-COUNTRY SCGREST only The sTote's best Teoms, The horriers 'nnished Sept Tech Washington I I Sep, Tech Mhhoh with five wins ond one loss omong duol meets, Sept Tech Muncie Centrol I I I I I I Seph Tech Ahdehhh winning The Shortridge lnvitotionol, second in The Sept Tech Muncie Burris I , I I I Ohh Tech Richmohd city competition, fifth in The lXl.C.C. meet, second Oct. Tech Cothedrol I I I in The Sectionols, ond plocing on close fourth Oct. City Ivleet-Tech second Off, Sltofifidge 'fW'TOfi0'TG'eTeCl1 MT in The sToTe To complete its distinguished record, Oct. North Centrol Conference-Tech fifth Oct. Sectionol-Tech second Nov. Srote Meet-Tech fourth CROSS COUNTRY-First Row lleft to rightlf Robert Church, Edword Mclzorlond, Cribben, Dcivid Wilson, Floyd Romcicle, VVilfred Pczxton, Eugene Boone, VVilliorn Richord Esselborn, Gerold Miller, Jerry Hoywood, George Horton, Williom Couldweil, Robert Bruce, Cooch Foul Myers. Top Row: Dovid Boir, Lowell Dollinger, Kenneth Smith, George Howe, Donald Hubbord. Second Row: Kfrlcbride, Chorles Dirr, Robert lrvin, .loe lviulford, Anthony Boshinlho, Jcimes Arthur Cox, Jomes l-luffmon, Dovid Thotcher, Williom Brodford, Clifford Reeves, Chorles Luccis, Robert lvlundoy, lvlichoel Abbott. A lj 5' 'lgg Y Ig alci -x T? FQLEM' 4 I ,I Q l T. asf 'PQ A if 1, lf if f-iiafflwf Y , irlfr W ,W : f 3 N ,. r R 1 H ci wwe .,, - f 5 A VARSITY TRACK TEAM-First Row lleft to rightl: Roscoe Fields, Richard Johnson, William Bradford, Larry Williams, Raymond Carter, George Bishop, Kenneth Rogers, Charles Peterson, Wilfred Paxton, Donald Hub- bard. Second Row: Philip Myers, manager, James Toler, Ronald Mohr, Clif- Sig J, , W ford Gribbens, Raymond Akers, Bruce Pleak, Melvin Bradford, James Strode, manager. Top Row: Field Coach Wallace Potter, Ronald Rushton, Floyd Romack, Rein Leetmae, lndulis Brickmanis, Robert Bullock, William Dunlop, Paul Thatcher, Robert Woodard, Coach James Stewart. POWERFUL TRACKSTERS WON MANY HONORS ON THE CINDERS Composed of power, endurance, and determination throughout every contest, the mighty cindermen crushed all dual contenders to remain undefeated for the second straight year. Not one dual opponent came closer than 30 points to the Oreenclads. Under the experienced coaching of James Stewart, the tracksters captured the city crown with ease as they rolled up the huge number of BO points. Individually the cindermen were led by seniors Rein Leetmae, Floyd Romack, Larry Williams, Robert Bullock, Donald Rushton, and James Toler. VARSITY TRACK SCHEDULE April 2 Tech 88-lf2 Washington 20-lf2 April 5 Tech Warren Central fcancelledl April T2 Tech BO Shortridge 29 April lo Tech 75 Anderson 34 April i8 Tech 78 Broad Ripple 39 April 23 Tech 62 Kokomo 47 April 26 Tech 80 City Howe 33-T73 lFirst Placet May 3 Tech 47-2f3 Conference, Muncie 5l-lfo lSecond Placel lScores at Deadlinel May TO Sectional May l7 Regional May 25 store EXHIBITING their championship form in fine style are cindermen Floyd Romack, Rein Leet- mae, and Ronald Rushton, who all are city champs and the Oreen's scoring leaders. LVXX 4-We 'ar Track queen Mary Jane Hartwick awards blue ribbons to city's swift half-mile relay champs Raymond Carter, Raymond Akers, Larry Wil- liams, Melvin Bradford, four stars. as RESERVE TRACK TEAM-First Row lleft to rlghtl: Anatoli Boschenko, Richard Esselborn, Thomas ff James Ransey, Robert Walker, Eugene Mor- row, Donald Neill, Michael Crowley. Second George Row: William Cauldwell, James Perry, Howe, John Dalton, Charles Welsh, Chester Hallinin, David Pierce. Top Row: Brown, Charles Hart, Karl Schmidt, Richard Coach Howard Longshore, Charles Umbanhowar, Larry Horton, James Beasley. Not pictured: Jerome Ferry, Thomas E. Davis, Gerald Miller, John C. Morrow, Gilbert Sprecher, Michael Young. The future looks bright tor seasons to come because ot brilliant showings ot both the reserve and freshman track squads this spring. Leading the way tor the reserve team were distance runner Gilbert Sprecker, hurdler and broad jumper George Howe, and high iumper,Robert Walker. The rhinies won an easy city meet victory as they practically doubled the runner-ups' score in grabbing the crown. Outstanding stars ot Coach Carlos Bell's Little Green are Harold Woods, William Barnett, Ronald Taylor, Frank Craig, Lowell Kirkbride, Steven Sites. FRESHMAN TRACK TEAM-First Row llett to rightlz Tom Swintord, manager, Harold Woods, Frank Craig, Lowell Kirkbride, Russell Hirschy, Jerry May- nard, Michael Cutshaw, James Williams, Robert Quick, manager. Second Row: Thomas Brown, Ronald Taylor, Donald Longshore, Derryl Hedge, David eb .. X sg , Tj l f' tl Hr' A .gsgwz 1 R i f-' Q -vie -N . L-i 1 . if 1 ,I T" fu ' ,lair-4, X RESERVE TRACK SCHEDULE April 2 Tech 46-lf2 Washington ol-273 April ll Tech 74 Shortridge 35 April I6 Tech 69 Anderson Sl April T8 Tech 89 Broad Ripple '26 April 23 Tech 64 Kokomo 44 April 29 Tech 75 VVarren Central 42 ERESHMAN TRACK SCHEDULE April l7 Tech 72 Washington 45 April 24 Tech 73 Attucks 43 April 30 Tech 80-273 Manual 36473 May 2 Tech 72 Howe 45 Heitzman, Richard Dietz, Samuel Greene, Carlton Greene, Robert Smith, Robert Holer. Top Row: Coach Carlos Bell, Joe Szentivanyi, William Bare nett, Merrell Pennington, Dennis Edwards, Stephen Sites, Charles Hedrick. Robert lrvin, John Byus, Joe Baugh. egg.. avg- lx .WW 1 'W . 1 I fx i T Q if ii "' b"ii"'53-F , M, if dl qT!Lii W -4,Qw4v 1' I A if 'Whig A Kg! Qu?" BASEBALL TEAM-First Row ileft to rightt: Jesse Lynch, student manager, Maas, Donald Erman, Larry Agnew, Albert Kramer, Donald Jordan, Coach Richard Frost, Gene Healton, James Alford, Donald Cox, Frank IvlcKeel, Jack Bradford. Top Row: Ronald McCauley, Larry Deer, Wallace Moon, Kenneth Adams, student manager. Second Row: Assistant Coach Charles Larry Bemis, Jerry Nichols, Edward Hannon, Nicholas Gibson, Noel Sandy. OUR BASEBALL TEAM RACKED UP AN IMPRESSIVE RECORD The great national pastime, baseball, has nothing against our diamondmen. Baseball mentor Jack Bradford, faced with only three returning lettermen, hustled into shape a team that could compare with some of the past Tech "Greats" Loaded with a supply of pitching talent, the Greenclads knew howto lay plenty of wood to the horsehide for needed hits. Aces in the pitching department have been veterans Larry Deer and Don Erman with Don Jordan and James Alford. Sophomore moundsman Don Cox has turned in several good relief appear- ances. The fine showing of our undergraduates makes the future look bright for our Techtown Nine. V ' ll " l th jf ,,,,, f f X. f Z9 Z fyf?xQXQ?Q V iii H f Q41 SL xv-Ji ive J H4 April April April April April April April April April May May May May May May May May April April April April April May Iviay May May May May May May BASEBALL SCHEDULE Tech Southport Tech Ben Davis Tech Washington Tech Muncie Tech 20 Crispus Attucks Tech Lafayette Tech l Richmond Tech T4 New Castle Tech 4 Marion Tech 5 Logarisport Tech TO Frankfort fScores at deadline? Tech' Kokomo Tech Cathedral Tech Anderson Tech Broad Ripple Tech Manual Tech Shortridge TENNIS SCHEDULE Tech 5 Park Tech 5 Cathedral Tech 4 Shortridge Tech 5 Broad Ripple Tech 2 Lafayette Tech 5 Anderson iScores at Deadlinei Tech Muncie Tech Marion Tech Frankfort Tech Howe Tech Richmond Tech Logansport Tech Ben Davis Kenneth King-undefeated in seven consecutive matches. Tom Strain, Ross Helft-have wan six matches. icaiicelledl icancelledl ipostponedi ipostponedi O ipostponedi 2 4 4 4 8 2 2 3 2 5 2 LINKSMEN AND RACKETMEN DISPLAY SPEEDY PROGRESS WITH HIGH FUTURE HOPES GOLF TEAM-Standing lleft to rightl: Coach Ernest Ivledcalfe, Richard Bowman, Terry O'Connor, Louis Bluhm, William Crist. Kneeling: Rich- ard Anderson. The Tennis team, under The tutelage of Coach Row- land Leverenz, came up with a fine combination of boys To complete one ofthe best seasons in tive years. Turning up with an outstanding group of racaueteers composed mostly of underclassmen, The netmen will be looking forward To better seasons ahead. The golf Team, under The coaching of Ernest Medcalfe, was not so fortunate. Although The linlcsmen had a mediocre season, high hopes are set for next season AMI. April April April April April April April April Moy May May May May May May May May Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech lScores aT Deadlinet Tech Tech Tech Tech Sectional Conference State GOLF SCHEDULE Washington Howe Shortridge Cathedral Lafayette Howe Shortridge Washington Martinsville Terre Haute Broad Ripple Anderson North Central Logansport Marion County Kokomo Crawfordsville Logansport La Porte Invitational Kokomo Anderson I5lf!2 43V2 4I V: I3V2 I2 3rd Ist 2nd 4th 3I I 328 9 I3U': I3 I4 Schools IQI2 II'f: TENNIS TEAM'Kneeling lleft to rightl: Gilbert Everett, Thomas Strain, Sherill Hunter, John Frymier, Tom Hart, Eddie Frasier, David Bailie. Stand- ing: Coach Rowland Leverenz, Ross Helft, James Foy, David Butcher, John Frost, Richard Frost, Noel Ivledccilf, John Miller, Kenneth ProfTitt, Serving: Kenneth King .3119 3,5 ' el its "'n'-:Q 9 3 4 3 cl ',4sl wwe are our ,xdcluerfiaem The Sugdcrigerd Pnoro av ANTHONY CANCEL East Michigan Street gate . . . the main entrance to our 76-acre campus. Patronize them. They helped to make this beautiful yearbook a reality. Artistic True-Lite - Oils C Harming - Gifts Studies Chums Frames DISTINCTIVE PORTRAITURE EXECUTED TO PLEASE! BILLI1 EHFIEH 9 115 E. 34th. Street Wa 3-1252 For additional copies of your SENIOR PORTRAIT call the Studio You Never Oufgrow Your Need For Ilili Drink Af Leasf 3 Glasses A Day EVERY ll!-lY Milli Fnumlatinn nf Indianapolis ngzefzy .Siireef jealera! Savings and Loan Association uThey make saving easy... they make saving sale." 1447 Shelby Street Indianapolis 3 Me. 5 -1503 While Iudith Ann ones couns er savin s eore e osi in them, Ianet Foy jots down the amounts. 805 Union Title Building ME 2-8045 Enjoying or glass oi milk before she starts to study, Ethel Lowe knows that milk is good for teen-agers. L , BRUCE SAVAGE EH. HEALTUHS Indiana Building Me 2-85 71 Represented on the East Side by: Mrs. Luvena Dischinger Al Cowan FL 7-6528 FL 6-0160 Wm. R. Hawley T. V. Thompson FL 7-2878 FL 7-5703 'ff W5 - Hunting for ideas for a home, Mary Mitchell realizes how much t an a " r am house." Getting a iob can be fun 55 gf. 77 Olflle fo L Q Meet Miss Jane Forman who finds the right job for the right person. LI Employment Service 129 East Market Street, Suite 1217 Indianapolis 4, Indiana Martha Katzenberger listens with interest as Miss Forman tells her the business opportunities open to high school graduates. 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"Accuracy with Promptnessu Dies ' Fixtures ' Gauges ' Tools 660 Virginia Avenue ME 7-3449 Recognized Specialists in the Design and Construction Ot Dies Rosemary King and Marilyn Bockelman are curious about the holes in the stamping part for a refrigerator. tellin, ,.tll,l,,r. 1, nil- ,ll-,L H 19 7 8I"f8l"l'l'l6Ll'llfl 5 Flowers for All Occasions Flowers Telegrapheol City Wide Delivery 241 Massachusetts Avenue ME 5-2333 Branch Store-Town and Country Center 4435 N. Keystone Avenue LI 7-3121 Barbara Streepy asks Linda Higgins whether she doesn't think the pink Carnation corsage is prettier than the wrist gardenia. .Si'A6Ll'l'l68l"g is The Shop Around the Corner Ladies Ready to Wear 9 East Market Street ME 4-8828 'I bought it at Schamberg's," Sharon Penrose remarked when Rosemary King and Marie Greer admired her new dress. ,- geqi 1,' 'Q' ,, I h A rr,r 2 aaa a -' ., " . -" - I - Q' -rr , 5 .ff -- , ., W. WANT TO SAVE MONEY? NEED TOOLS FOB A IOB? GOING TO HAVE A PARTY? GOING ON A TRIP? 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OHIO ST-INDIANAPOLIS DRAWING MATERIALS TEE SQUARES DRAWING BOARDS TRI-ANGLES DRAWING PENCILS DRAWING INSTRUMENTS DRAWING, TRACING 81 CROSS SECTION PAPERS BLUE PRINTS, PHOTOSTATS REPRODUCTION PROCESSES PHOTO-OFFSET LITHOGRAPHY R f A-B-C Activities Division Page .......... Administrative StaFt ............ American Education Week ........ Arsenal Cannon Newspaper Statt .... Arsenal Cannon Yearbook Stott Art Club ..................... Art Department ...... Athletics ............. Athletics Division Page .. Auto Club ........... Band ..... Baseball .... . . . Basketball .................. Biological Science Department Bookstore Stott ............ Boys' Concert Club Boys' Octette ...... Breakfast Club ... Campus Lite .... Campus Scenes ...... Cheerleaders ........... Chemistry-Physics Club . .. Choir ................. Circle Christmas Display Clubs ................ Commercial Department Commissioned Otticers Cross Country ........ Custodial S-tatt .. .... .. D-E-F F Dance Band .......,. ...... Dances .............. Department Assistants .... Directors ............ Drafting Department . . . Drama-Thespians Club Dramatics ............ Drum Maiorettes ..... Eighth Grade Choir .... . Elizabeth Kaltz Singers English Department ..., Faculty and Curriculum .. Federal Inspection ..... Flag Twirlers .............. Football ................... Foreign Language Department . . . Foreign Relations Club ........ Future Nurses ............... Future Teachers at America .... G-H German Club .... ..... Girls' Ensemble .. Golt ............................... . Health 8 Physical Education Department l-ligh-Point Cannon Agents ............. Home Economics Club ............... Home Economics Department INDEX ..52-53 .. 23 ... 41 ..71-72 70 62 .. 28 100-115 100-101 54 36 .. 114 102-105 .. 33 .. 23 .. 39 .. 35 .. 54 .. 8-19 ..6-7 110 .. 69 .. 38 40 . .62-69 . . 44 . . 50 111 .. 51 .. 37 .. 57 .. 25 .. 24 .. 29 .. 67 . .74-75 110 .. 38 .. 39 26 ..20-49 .. 49 .. 110 106-108 27 .. 68 .. 65 .. 67 .. 63 .. 35 ..115 .. 43 .. 64 .. 63 .. 42 J-K-L Junior Classical League ......... Junior High School .... Junior Town Meeting ... Key Club ......... Library ......... Lunchroom Statt . .. .... . . .. M-N-O Madrigals ................... Mardi Gras ........ . ....... .. Mathematics Department . .. Music Club .............. Music Department Nature Study Club .... New Shop Building .... Nurses ............ Ottice S-taft . . . Orchestra .......... Orientation Program . . P-Q-R Pen Friends .................. Physical Science Department .... Play Day ................ Principal .... .... Publications ..... Ouill and Scroll Quiz 'Em Teams Radio Club ..... Ritle.Team ....... ROTC Department ROTC Sponsors SAO Boa rd ....... Seniors ............ Senior Division Page .. Seniors, Spring '56 .... Seniors, Spring '57 .... Service Club ....... Shop Departments . . . Sketchbook ........... Social Service Statt ..... Social Studies Department Sports Division Page ..,. String Quintet ......... Superintendent .. T Men's Club .. Tech Legion Tennis ....... Tennis Club .. . Track ...... S-T W-X-Y Wrestling . . ........ .. XYZ Club .... Y-Teen Club ... .. 65 .. 45 .. 55 .. 69 Q .. 11 .. 51 .. 34 .. 59 .. 31 .. 60 . .34-39 .. 60 .. 99 .. 23 .. 25 .. 36 .. 88 .. 68 .. 32 .. 108 ..22-23 ..70-73 . . 73 . .54-55 .. 61 .. 50 ..48-50 .. 50 .. 66 ..76-98 ..76-77 .. 19 .. 98 .. 66 ..46-47 .. 58 .. 23 .. 30 100-101 .. 35 .. 23 .. 109 .. 78 .. 115 .. 64 112-113 .. 109 .. 62 .. 61 131 fix I Y S Y A9 tell: -Lift'

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