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Arsenal Technical High School - Arsenal Cannon Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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THIS Book Buomss To . OF ARSENAL TECH . . . PROUD OF OUR COMPREHENSIVE HIGH SCHOOL AND OUR BEAUTIFUL 76-ACRE CAMPUS WITH ITS THIRTEEN IMPRESSIVE BUILDINGS... IN THIS, THE 1956 EDITION OF OUR YEARBOOK, RECORD THE UNFORGETTABLE EVENTS OF A HAPPY SCHOOL YEAR . . . A TYPICAL YEAR AT A TYPICAL AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL. . . A YEAR DURING WHICH, IN OUR CLASSES AND OUR ACTIVITIES, WE HAVE LEARNED THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE THROUGH THE AMERICAN WAY OF EDUCATION. the Arsenal Cannon ARSENAL TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL INDIANAPOLIS, u.s.A. Our four flags symbolize our way of living, our efforts for world unity. Our school flag represents our preparation for life in the community. Our R.O.T.C. flag is indica- tive of the home guard, training for peace instead of war. Our state flag points out the individuality of each state, an individuality which we students are encour- aged to develop for ourselves. Our nation's flag reminds us of our strong bonds with the rest of our country, and our allegi- ance to freedom. At Tech, we not only study the American way of life-we live it! ARSENAL TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL Q' F9 1 "Z 'X ill x"f!i'-1. Q 9- 4 5 .ki 'Tl -Lliih u.'.'-...'f -- N -1' -, . . 'S ' 1 X-1' 'vx,1- .., U qv- fn ,. is ,. - - 41- If 'g.'.1.:'kT.' " -- ' - ?3Wf!gl?li': ss'-' ' " if ' ,?.'Ier.'fif-E A P Q L I S I U . S . A D Our Privileges ...... . 6-2'l Our R. O. T. C. Unit Our Guidance Program . . . . 22-25 Music Groups . . . Preparation for Life . . . . . 26-35 Athletics . . . Co-Curricular Activities . . . . 36-57 We the People . . ' -iiQW"'. .4 'rn 58-61 62-67 68-81 82-l i5 . V ...N . ' -' " '4':, .lv ' 1 " I N- .- , .i ' -A .. .,-ff '-'-fu .fg Q- ., x , .lx 1- . . , 1 4 .., . --4 '.r.', ,.fJ!",,' ,- A "" A ny.-H Hr' , ' . ' 1, ' .. A . 5 I I, 'gt . 5 . , . .I , 4 .N . U , Af- 1,45 .u , I ' 1 , G , ' -X ,: 'fa ' . f I xxx 1 Q 'J V 3.15, , 1. ,' W ul! . h , V .V 1 , A ., U: , , I V r ,,.. ,, . 2- a K 14.5. ,gm 4, iff: ,Ll liJA,.:t:-.lA 1 . vi: 11 4- Y' - Q , x- ,. .1 . fn. . UL' ,.!,, - -, Awe. ---we A H , K . . A- -- , Q1-7,5ffg,' f ' .""w.1.' -t . fx ' ' , N " .1 ' ' ' f"i .'J','i?1:l'.. -.Sf .Elini u -'O Ju J' h .--Ji'-J' 4. F-fx. K s ,K-5, ,X -5 gpf? ' 3 " -. -I A ' +912 -'-f-ff ff im 1 B Q., nw QgN5fX3-5 .M vw-Q www .L w - ,. ., X "2" A ' - 7 'Irf- .5 Q. , N3 A ff '53, , J'-t" 'hir' -' -' . 'A' rFf ,J KE' ', 3 ' :JB-A - " ' ,' . . -' r ,. ' A W , , 1 fx 4, I -o ..' ' 1 lfq: V" -1 W- ,l r- 1 . 4' f'P sl-. .- V Atv.- , if " ' " f X: l. . Ka, . , 1' -. N55-4" .'-, 1 5 'fl IQ A . 1' , X W f , 'Wai' . .,. S 4 V . st- '-5 ' - 1 fr, ,,, Xu f Y A 1 .K -if ,,, ...gil ucv' n- IIN- -ESS?" GM If us l avi? Qsx Q-I s . ix :xt V x. A, K , tx.. f 4 1,A.,A I 1 1 , i . ..' gin- '- s 'X ,A .,.V,!5 .' . K W.-1.-. .A -Rm: . H., Q., .. .A . V.. ii Qc, I, 'li P' ,. I- ,X . . . D I 1 131 f ,1 S :1-ff Max . 'ly' 3 ' , Q :Si-vy . L V, W A '1fi'.,."- I ' ky., "-- . if I ' ' X' ,f ff- 5,54 xt .f' 4. 9 ' '.2'5" .14 ff- .- - T1 -L f' 5- "av, . ' .f'F..fv"H,.: ' 1-' " f ' Ni - -A ..-- .. -,v.' . ,x'v W , 1 . , ' -N' ,,, .QW ,. - . ' .M A f .1--H 1 iii -if . 5.-,--+,E3g,. " . . -Lf' 'J-.-if "xi" Q ' ' ' a. "w--' A .X-Sw 'C4"!lY3Qq4 'avi' .. -K ,AH ' ' f "1 - ' " ll" I Uni- -ff 3,-.if ,x- 'f 'Lkfv -rf.,-.,s ,A f'.."'v- -.--uc,--1.---. A '- . N .M 's .' . ' we' . u iyk, 'N-uw! . Nu '- 1, - 1 .rt -X Nh. 4 H : gi, -- y GX '- '--X. 1 - '-.- . ' x-fx . N. A ' " .. " . 1... -Mx A-A, " 'fx' ww - :V 9- x., . .f. -J. .N . .g Il: Y .K kt- , -f.,.x ' ic. Q.. , 51,5 .'C".'K t"O ymxsl J 1 M : lm.:-N .N - .. ff., N' X' X, . 'N ' 5? .RW vw of .' .'-.Rh N - - 4. gxj M V . .- . , ' . ' . xi. QA: 'E' s 't 1 , n 9 -X, . M., A - . v , -,.,! , . S P KJV' I - ' ' ' -I Q A - .' - Q - ' . Q - 1 y-x ' ' no . Y' . ,h fpsq, I V .' ,qi , ' ji ,D Sm. 9 ka .' N "?i'-,'-..f'f'.-- ' F 1 I W 5- 4 , . I g X ' S 1 Q , ,5As -' ,fs -4 . . V ,ex - ii. . I. .. , .. , , . -1- ,luv -, . ,. .- X Q 'N ., y Q . . , R 1 . J I' Q . vt. sys' J V 'Lg R X. ' '. x .x 9 , I .5 V , 1 S , U f' . ' ' :, 3 lil 1 fi 4 qi' 3 N ' - I L -f'1 ' M . 0 'I 1 'tr We ore proud ot our beoutitul compus with its college otmosphere. We ore olso proud ot its history ond troditions. Qur school history is shodowed by tour wors, tought to pove the woy tor our mony freedoms. Eight ot our buildings were erected during the Civil Wor period when we tought ogoinst slovery. These buildings, with our newer structures, ore now used to educote students so thot we moy remoin tree ot those who would seek to ensloye our minds. We ore tought to cherish our treedoms ond to chollenge ull who would deprive us ot them. We lcnow thot we, by our octions, determine whether we moy keep the treeooms with which we ore endowed. This is our compus--this is our school. Freedom rings in our laughter. We ore hoppy people, we ore tree people. il. 'Y-K X W I I f, I v , lllll . I -s '-,fffii - ul I l 'mf 'll-IE ARSENAL, oldest building on our historic comitua with l865 on its lceystone orch, is o symbol ot strength. rst rrin irol t To SECQND ot our 'ltwin towers" is the Milo l-t. Stuort Memoriol l-loll, nomed tor the tounder ond ti C H o l .V ' ii'7':',g'.'f' ff .:1"f4t?2.f-'r-54? - J 1 -ff i ,D i gi W l ll'l.i.'lUgis 5- ling' i AIJ-jj! ' '.' '- 'v'Q-GLW- -'ix ., , -L n ,x . ,xr 134 s-PM' "E-1'-alff- -, L,- "fs-4'R0fsX ' 9 fl! 1 ,f f N ,-A , ,.--f I Q94 in -. id! - ' Lid! 'ix M we Fw 'f-gm I p ,-,- ,, f Q Q , ul I gang: N-cv In , A V-1 K A E , - , Kxf.4'sflJx,3l' xl A ,G " - A I , ti., Q J ff 4 ' jf , ' Mfg JV ififf'-' xtbt , P15 t FRIENDS IN INFORMAL GROUPS We are tree-tree to meet with our triends, tree to gather in cheering crowds at our games, tree to meet in intormal groups, and tree to gather tor tormal assemblies. Throughout the school year we enjoy entertaining programs, whether they be all- pupil attairs, a symphony orchestra concert, or an address by a speaker ot note. All are designed to educate and to intorm us. We are proud that we are trusted to conduct ourselves properly . r"""' ,Q '- had 4-e-- --'..-au, an '17-QW ,A 554' without regimentation. Yes, we ' e U States glory in this treedom. ,lg l up J I . "N" x Eftcri Noon hour the i2.o.T.c. fifiii mis im I , with laughter ot exuberant qunmr high stud n es K 4, Q Q INTEREST centers around the tables ot literature, arranged by Mis Edith Silver at the reception tor the parents ot college-bound seniors. S IEIISIQRY pupils are teitrei i'iii'r- Ll E i Ar I world attoirs on Q :Z 'Fm ii , Q 7 ' ON TI-IE AIR in one minute" signoIs the controI room to the woitinq Radio-Expression cost during Brotherhood Week. OUR LIVES ARE MOLDED BY OUR FREEDOMS OF EXPRESSION , 5 JERGME Perkins ond Dovid Boker rnonoge the tlotbed press proud ot their work tor they know the "power ot the press Qur lite is o world ot words-printed ond spoken. Through rodios, televisions, news- popers, ond mogozines, all tree ot govern ment censorship, we direct our thinking, interpret current events, ond tronsrnit our opinions on government ond world ottoirs thot we, o port ot young Americo, will tit into the estoblished pottern ot our country BETTY Converse reeds the Arsenol Connon which olwows retlects treedom o he or ss THE RIGHT TO WORSHIP GOD IN ONE'S OWN WAY . . . 5 . W we h a ve understanding and friendship s , s 3' 51'- es :,w..- V-:Q I , I 'W 1, iff 'X ff? f 'Je' " " " nw , - fy L'- 3 ' :E an , ,, ,wwf .2 ' ' '-W-fx"vmw,,W,M, Qur nation is based on the tundamental beliet in God. ln the beauty ot our campus and our Nature Preserve, we are reminded ot l-lis worlcs. We are inspired to practice brotherhood all year, not just tor one week. In our sports, our extra-curricular IN Tl-lli U. S. we enjoy as our heritage, treedom ol religion. MARCELLUS-Clifton Bush, hands Christ's robe to Simon Peter-Robert Richards, in "The Robe." I I wg if f., ' ,' , V X E+-- activities, our classes, and our ctiurclwes, we gain an understanding ot all tlie races, colors, and creeds. We acquire respect- respect torourtlaqourschool,ourtriends, and our God. We are proud that we live in a country with its freedom ot religion. THE FOOTBALL eleven joins arms in a moment ot silent prayer before the opening kiclc-otl. nu: fi fi YQUNQ' voices ot representative- ftfcli-Of r l n cticiii f-.infix ,nw Ct ifw 'livin'-i -"Vi" JAM H ' , I , ,vb ,, 5: 'eil ss: . . 1, 'v-'Q 5, I-.Q 'Q ,J ix 5 ,f if x . -W IIIIIFIII is I, n A 1,3-Qui. . , V g S A , "BE SURE before you pull the lever," soys Mr. Minniclc, explaining our right to free elections ond the secret bollof. WE LEARN THE INTRICATE PROCESSES OF GOVERNMENT AND u JN E 5' 'J f ' X IN LITTERBUGS ore not welcome on the compus ot ony time, most certoinly not during Service Club Cleon-Up-Week. We like to be well intorrned obout the world oround us ond to know how its ottoirs intluence our doily lives. We ore being troined, os good citizens, to be intelligent voters, to recognize the rights ot others, ond to hove o respect tor property. We ore proud thot through our cornpus cleon-up compoigns Tech hos ployed o port in bringing the Cleonest City Aword to lndionopolis. TAKE PRIDE IN OUR CIVIC DUTIES In our Sociol Studies closses we leorn the processes ot selt-government so thot we moy step into the role ot "public citizen" with contidence ond knowledge. "Let's moke brotherhood o yeor-round procticef' soys Poul Downer, one of the speakers in the enlightening progrom pre- sented in the Forum in recognition ot Brotherhood Week, Vis-it ' "PUT THAT knite owoyf' Jerry Grittith tells Eorl Frosier tor Tech pupils ore respecttul ot property. OURS IS A LIFE UNFETTERED When we welcome an exchange teacher from another country, when we have the oppor- tunity to visit industries and see tree enterprise in practice, when we meet in the cateteria tor our breakfast, or even as we wallc around our campus during the tour lunch periods, we lcnow that we are experiencing one ot the tinest freedoms our country has to otler. A buzz ot activity is always prevalent around the school tor day and night, summer and winter, classes are in session: and after school teen-agers are busy taking part in various extra-curricular activities. A GOVERNMENT class boards the bus to go to the State l-louse where it will visit the General Assembly. G 1 IN F I 75 -sw ' N 5 1 BY UNREASQNABLE BOUNDARIES ,N . ,.-M fi?T f5ai2A -Ls K- 1 6 Q, 1 1- ,l" f'S"n.1'- .-0-, Q -' -. X. 4, Q 'IL . w.. L -45' 2 x ll' fa-i 'J'-7 ..f3'V'i . ' ' Zqceg :.s?.v',yr.Y' N . ,- V , 1 V 4. J U I - - t ' 1- , ' :S - 75' Q v Qu-'g!:f ' .U1?'f5i,."C 'Q' A FAVORITE SPOT during the four lunch periods, on cle-or, sunny days, ns the plozo IU the center of the quodroncje. 'W1P:f?'-Q -IQ T I i Q 1 1 ii -Q5 'Q 'Y si A .i, X J 1, F' fm 4 1 N p "W A wp. My I J ri Vw, , .,.-.fy w 'N' 91 .0 l X I 'my 4. x ,-v,s-X ,4gv F i I'-A 'Kaq.,,, "L- FIVE BOYS applying tinishing tape to new airplane control surtaces in Airplane Mechanics are Charles Sentony, Charles Becker, Raul I-luser, David A. Pope, and Robert Sheldon. We choose our tour-year programs tram a varied and extensive curriculum, tor our school otlers vocational and technical as well as academic subjects. Our Employment Otiice places many ot our youthtul sales- men, typists, carpenters, printers in industry and in business. We even earn poclcet money at school by helping in the lunchroom or assisting teachers. Since we will be paid according to our abilities, We Ore enccuroged to Work for O lfllqll AI A DRAFTING table, Robert Sauders males a a standard ot accomplishment. ct a r-achine part, as David Wcemcner, at the Q 1 WhiteeRrint machine, males a blueprint at a pincil tri i TRAINED TO WORK IN CALLINGS OF OUR CHOICE fiflafxlfli LLfICrsRff I -. T :' cfs,--fl . rift' is A. .. I m-... .-. WE LEARN THAT OUR CULTURE STEMS FROM MANY We coll Americo the melting pot ot the world tor we hove welcomed to our shores peoples from oll notions ond hove tought them the principles ot Americonism. ln turn, these treedom-loving peoples hove brought with them not only their ideos ond ideols, but olso the culture ond boclcground ot the old world. Todoy, we study this old-world culture ond odopt it to our modern use. Although our government wos revolutionoiry in giving its people control, we still study the lows ot oncient civilizotions: we study Lotin os the posis ot our modern English longuogeg ond in our mothemotics we leorn that it origi- noted in Egypt in the time ot the Phoroohs. Through the process ot eliminotion, we hove token the best ot the culture ot the world ond hove mode it our own. MARILYN Bochlemon is proving o theorem in geometry os Lorry Goston, Sandro Eovey, ond Mr. J. l-l. Stoelcinger listen i 3 , A 4- I ' Q - 4 ' , 1 1' -f ff " Q.-. xc 1 l 0 K 2 3 X i , ,,.. , 1..- gi.. . 1 ' W X- . ' f' -- n . -Y A G- in .V 15 -...l Q n u - ' r vi X,- I Q Q ' .4 Q Q Q 'Q 'dm 1 , 1 f jg ,. hi .3 ,J on-gst 4-' 3 WE ARE ENCOURAGED TO REACH FOR A STAR, TO DEVELOP lf'WSM EARL Snellenberger ond Jonet Woggoner, yeorboolc ond weelcly editors, ore JAMES Swoin, o member ot Mr. Per- proud thot the l955 yeorboolc received N.S.P.A. All-Americon roting ltenth syzlcs Metol Crott closs, works on o timel ond C.S.P.A. Medolist roting lsixth timel besides tirst ploce in the huge bross bowl which won tor him Wobosh Volley contest: ond thot lost yeor's weelclies received Quill ond on oword ot the i955 Stote Eoir. Scroll lnternotionol l-lonor Roting ond the George Gollup Aword ltenth timel. DCN l-lILL ond Ronald Word, Qhompiong, Qdmire FIVE English Vlo pupils who hod their poems occepted tor the No- the lvlorion County Wrestling chompionship trophy, tionol l-ligh School Poetry Anthology ore Thomos Dunowoy, Sondro , l-luebner, Viio Celmins, Jonet Romsey. Not shown, Forrest McGinnis. I l i l l l l l PRINCIPAL Anderson holds one ot Tech's nine Free- I doms Foundotion George Woshington l-lonor Med- T ols cis he tells Koren Nichols ond Kenneth Brooks thot the school hos received tive ot the medols, ond the Connon hos received tour tor editoriols. MISS Boolc, committee choirmon, Mr. Glore, ond Mr. Peeler loolc ot the entry in Freedoms Foundotion Awords tor I954-55, which they, together with Miss Alice Brown, prepored ond which received one ot the Top Ten Principol School Awords' the third time Tech hos received o Principol School Aword. OUR TALENTS WHILE REACHING We ore encouroged to develop our tolents, to strive toword higher gools. Mony ot us win owords ecich yeor in ort, longuoges, mothemotics, music, ond T sports, but just to win is not o tetish with us. Eoch is given the opportu- y nity to ochieve our gools, but we do not hove to troin or to develop our tolents just to glority our school. lt we succeed, we ore given recognition y in ossemblies, on l-lonor Doy, ond ot Commencement. It we toil, our , teochers opploud us tor initiotive, tor our couroge to try. At the end ot l our tour yeors ot Arsenol Tech, it we hove done our best, we will i hove leorned to occept victory with modesty ond detect with o smile. Ql WE RECEIVE GUIDANCE IN COURSE SELECTION AS PART ot the guidonce progrorn ot our school Miss Jennie Moton, sponsor ot Room IS6, exploins why the school insists thot eoch pupil plon his tour-yeor progrom. X WE MUST BE developed physicolly os well os men- tolly so, os o requirement we must tolce two se- mesters eoch ot Physicol Educotion ond Physicol Fitness, with Posture os o substitute tor either. AN D HEALTH U.. f' - 'gn' 5 ..- IN ANOTHER cowse lor teenagers, Child Care, 'fauqlmt by Mrs. Jeanne Bose, girls enjoy each otlwer's scrapboolcs. MISS Anna Parker has o timing lesson in Soqlnt-saving, a non-credit class for pupils with defective eyesight. DEVELOPMENTAL Readunq, wlwuclw trauns our classmates to be more rapud readers, meets in a welleequupped laboratory. ...., Q, XM MR JAMES Stewart points out the dangers in the use ot habit-torming drugs to Mary Butler Richard Taylor Delilah l-lollis and Larry Vlfeims in his Narcotics class. ONE ot the representatives tronn colleges and universities who in- terview students planning to at- tend their institutions concerning college opportunities today is Charles l-lenry, Hanover College. sf I-. I , , .xx fs. W MRS. MARTHA Turpin, our dean ot MERETI-IA Bruner talces a Kuder test, given DQRIS Bronson is interested in girls, gives some pre-college guide by Miss Louisa Steeg, Guidance clerlf, to Eng Mr. Ernest Il'iiel's explanatIon ot ll ance pointers to L. David Srnitlw listi V classes to determine pupil aptitudes reguirenfents necessary to earn and Kathleen Kelley, June seniors. and to guide students as to courses to talce. a coveted vocational certiticat . YES, WE HAVE SUPERIOR GUIDANCE ALONG MANY LINES TO BE A GOCDD driver, a person must be tarniliar with tl'ie parts ot the motor, Mr. George Milnal, Driver Education teaclrier, tells William Andrews and 'ltionnas Abralriarn. A slr I, . QQQQ .DY as 4 if it I' fl A WITI-I its IOO moqozine subscriptions, newspopers, 70 OOO booIcs ond clipping tiIes our Iibrory is in constont use COMPREHENSIVE IN ITS VARIETY OF COURSES IS TECH In this our notionoIIy known comprehensive nigh scnooI we ore ottered I I2 semester courses in the ocodemic tieId onol 287 in vocotionol ond teQIinic3oI tields. Becouse ot this wide voriety ot otnferings, we ore given on opportunity to work toword our personol qool, whether it is to be prepored JCANNE VVALSI-I efpIoinstI1e ports ot the broin iz ner i3izgCI1oIoqf closs, touqlwt by Mr. 0. S. Il! E 'S- wi IN MISS Edith Balcer's Spanish class James Allred and Mary Lou I-lobbs display native ccst lor higher education leading toward a profession, to be successful in an occupa- tion, or to be uselul as a member ol society UWWEC. Our school strives to attord all ot us at high school age the particular land ot training that best suits our needs, EXPLAINING a oroblem onthe blaclcboard in a Sen ior Arithmetic class at Mr. I-'lerbst is Janice Egelhot. Tl-IE BQTANY I class listens with interest as Mrs Persell describes the blossom at the Devil's Tongue J'-'V 3 N BARBARA Coleman malces a stencil on the mimeoscope machine while the rest v ot Miss Elma Sulliyan's Otlice Practice class types mailing slips tor tl'ie Cannon. MISS Frances Potter's students are encouraged to develop speed and accuracy in timing tests. 2 'Q T' KR. l grixia, x Tl-lE tamily budget is the topic ot discussion for Nancy Taylor, James Little, James Barber, and Sandra Coyne in Mr. Wilmer Lawrence's tirst-lfiour Junior Business class. NATFHE l4I'Uf'C,lfAl,f'VQ and Riflwurfi rlil, " i rfrcglc-l-1, al C'VTll'Jf!fJ', in Mr. Paul My,f-ru' Z ii ilim, mia' . GAlL Etlwerinqtan, Albert Moore, and Stephen Duncan are warlcing an an intriquinq experiment, canductivity at solutions, in Mr. Ralph Nlfalvertans' clwernistry class. KARL KAPP, FRED Masuccia, Janis Liepnielcs, Doris Branson, and Bernard Van Buslcirlc laalc aver a static macliine in tlie study at static electricity, taken up in Mr. William l-lawley's pliysics class. ,g lllil fs. 1? ff 'N c " 'i if ' K 'Til' R 3k CHILDREN LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING TOYLAND SCENE Indianapolis children have grown to expect a toyland scene in the east basin ot Monument Circle tor the holidays. Last Christmas tor the third time the Division ot Program Production, directed by Mr. C. S. Stewart, built such a scene. And it was the tenth time that the Stagecratt class had arranged a Circle display, the tirst seven years having made the Nativity scene tor the west basin. For this year's project Jaclc Fischer was in charge ot building the Victorian house, and Forrest McGinnis made the papier mache tigures ot the children in the house. WI-IILE Billy Leavell worlcs on the model tor the house, Jack Stiere- walt puts the tinishing touches on the scale model ot the display. LARRY Aiken assembles an aluminum deer which has pivoted joints and hidden springs to give it a galloping motion when tinally mounted. TI-IREE ot the youthtul stagecrattsmen in the class are building the house onthe gymnasium stage, prior to talcing it to Monument Circle. ON A BITTER cold day a tew weeks betore Christmas the class moves the setting to the east basin at the Monument where they assemble it. AT LAST the tremendous project is completed ready to be enjoyed by old and young as they pause to admire the mechanical toyland scene. IT IS ART FOR ART'S SAKE PLUS ART FOR A VOCATION Whenever awards tor art contests are announced, narnes ot Tech teachers and students are sure to be included. Our art taculty wins prizes at the State Fair Art Exhibit, the Hoosier Art Salon, and lndiana Artists' exhibit. This spring art pupils won 63 places in the Scholastic Art Awards tor paintings, ceramics, jewelry, and sculptures: titteen art students won sixteen prizes and places in the Ford Motor Company Industrial Art Awards, while Drafting pupils came in tor their share ot the honors in the sarne contest. RGBERT Dickey, at the drotting table, uses a dratt- ing machine to malce a drawing ot a Fink Truss, with an engineer-drawing by Thomas French as reterence. THREE YOUNG artists painting landscapes with water colors in Mr, E. G. Schildl4necht's class are 551 ,-'QQ Jaclc Moore, Patricia Ann Wagner, Andre-is Strilcis. ENJOYING a trip to the Arnerican Art Clay Com- pany to tollow through steps in creating objects are members ot Mr. Richard Peeler's Art VI class. lb rf UZ!!! F i 1. I -nr 'Q i h +A! t L, A X Q2 LOOKING through the doors ot the home economics proctice dining room we se how owls in Mrs. Betty I-lunqertord's closs ore touqht to set o toble ond serve o meol EETTf WI-1lTNEY,FoithSudt3rodf, ffwmtred Fuller, ond Judith Hurley e' 5, r-olfmg theur own ctothes in W ii Peort Aotomrfs ctothihg Gloss. vii .V P 'gf WHATEVER ONE'S TASTE, ONE FINDS A CLASS IQU . 4 x st 'S rs! Z fig, ' ", K Ak TWO OE Tl-IE 2,880 odults ottending Evening Schocl ore developing o pleosont hobby in o ceromics closs. si' 'G , EARLY Americon explorotions ore the topic tor discussion in Miss Mory Morsholl's seventh grode Sociol Studies closs. Tech ohters o voriety ot courses tor o voriety ot oge-level groups: courses tor students trom seventh grode to Senior l-ligh to Evening School. Tech teoches everything trom home-molcing to history, trom child core to corpentryg trom crt to Driver Troining. ElGl-lTl-l GRADERS molcing posters ore Morino l-lowell, Dcuglos McPherson, Victorio Vos, Russell l-lirschy, Dorothy Vondegriti. GREEN thumb members ot the Londscoping closs beoutity o spot in front ot the West Residence. -4 Q . A.-F1-"ga f ,, . ,T .-w,gf, . , 121: :'.' 'gl ,.- -' ' 2'--1' -- - 1 ' i , l -u--N...--......... X . M Ya ' - .. '-"3 X 'TB R Xg' S NOWHERE CAN ONE FIND AT Tl-lE Ludlow machine in the Print Shop, setting heads tor the Arsenal Cannon weelrly, is Terry Kinley with Charles Stroud nearby. SKILLED young worlcers in Mr. Clittord Allen's Auto Shop are Benny De Luca, Richard Cullison, and Gerald Brown, maslcing and spraying a customer's automobile. With l4O ditterent courses in tive Shop departments Tech is noted tor ottering the tinest vocational curriculum in the city. No boy who has the desire to enter a trade can escape being trained tor the job it he maps his course with care, it he chooses the classes that will give him the best opportunity to develop, and it he lceeps in mind that a vocational certiticate will open the door tor him to his chosen tield ot worlc. WORKING with great precision on a variety ot projects are boys in a Cabinet Malcing class with Mr. lthel Shoemaker instructing. sgxkb in rf! if ZX f ff. rr at -E ai' Tv-v ,A I , ,ff .6 ' , Lflfi ff 'X BETTER SHOP COURSES DONALD Bollord, Donold Mcfbxuley, George Sl1ulSe,ond George Ereeberg ore leorning to service television sets in Mr. Eye's closs. N X ,47 21' - l 1 GERALD SCOTT WORKS Ot tlwe veri, loiest mod Universol Milling Moclnine wlwicln is occurote with .OOIS, in Mr. W. D. Vlflietstine-'S Mocliine Sligo clof fm 2? ef xqxfllgl iw MQ E x YOUTHFUL TALENT DELIGHTS THE AUDIENCES IN OUR ANNUAL "SKETCHBOOK" AND "SCRATCHPAD" REVUES 1 ,M-4 1 5 T, 1 QQ E. , .. f ' Y Two student tolent revues ore the "Sketchbook," now with 24 pertormonces to its credit, ond the "Scrcitchpod," o Junior High production, with two pertormonces to its credit. Lost yeor the theme ot the "Sketchbook" wos "Show Boot," with three ot the originol octs shown here. This yeor the theme wos "Green ond Beor lt." lt wos on olmost com- pletely student-produced pertormonce teotur- ing forty octs, tor the judges, the three mosters-ot-ceremonies, ond the directors ot the octs were teen-ogers. . A BEVY ot "squows" wotch Richord l-ledge do his genuine Pueblo lndion Eogle donce. ,,,o ' .3 VVl-HRLING lightly to lilting music Shoron Rice donces o tost top routine. STRIKING ACT in the "Scrotchpod" wos the eighth grode choir which song "Surrey with the Fringe on Top," under the direction ot Miss Rosemory McGuire. DRESSED os borbers ond chops ot Yes' teryeor the Girls' Ensemble bleno ther' voices in ttoicol borber Shoo hormonh 5 v f CN ffllln the donce otter Borboro fi erfdr oro Pnillir, Jones hove lust been WITH o brood smile Mr. Anderson poses with Bor- PROUDLY weoring their crowns Borboro Rodocker ond Rob boro Dulce ond Lorry Engle ot the Militory Boll. ert Pritchett dence to the music ot the Tech Donce Bond IT'S ALWAYS LAUGHTER AND FUN AT OUR DANCES With the choosing ot o queen tor the Senior Prom seven royol members will hove reigned ot tormol ond semi-tormol donces. For weelcs betore o donce o greot odvertising compoign tor condi- dotes' votes is lounched, originol decorotions ore plonned, publicity is written, ond ticlcets ore sold. Eoch donce must be "the best." 5 J Cf fhe Wtiite Christmos donce ? MONEY WAS KING AT THE MARDI GRAS A time ot tun, ot louqhter, ot music, ond ot excitement-thot's the Mordi Gros. The smell ot hot buttered popcorn, the clicking ot ping-pong bells oqoinst gloss tish bowls, the howlcinq ot costumed vendors, the odor ot home-mode cookies ond condy, thot, too, is the Mordi Gros. lt's o time tor clubs ond music groups to molce money tor their octivities. "RING A COMIC," the eighth grade Choir booth, drew o crowd with Rito Porlcer, Jonice Pedigo, Judith I-Ieitzmonn, ond Jomes I-Iort os comic boolc chorocters possing out the rings. SIX TIMES on ombitious cost presented on old-toshioned melodromo, 'lThe Triumph ot Goodness," or "Soved, in the Niclc ot Time." LAUGI-IING os they hod their pictures tolsen, Morilyn Former, Jeonne Sutton, Solly I-Ionlcs, Potty Moye lcindly pose tor onother picture. IT didn't tolce long tor Principol Anderson to prove thot he's surely o stroight shooter. SI-IINING shoes wos o protitoble business tor Misses Morilyn Thomos ond Virgiriio I-Iolfe. -6 lcidf Wk ,- 3 'P' 'E .n 9' 'Wg' 5" .fx 5 ' i- 4-is? Bt' ,I it ' i . ,ian . -,T ff' 1 1 i 1? 7 I L I- -'J ISE, 'i- I MISS Soro Ewinq's closs reods the Credo ot Freedoms Foundotion. THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE Approximotely nine tlfiousond young peopIe ond odults received o cleorer concept ot our Americon Iweritoqe when they visited ttie breottitoking Freedoms IT WAS QUITE A CEREMUNY when membem , , , , , ot Mr. I-Iorold Stewort's c:Ioss ond Mr. Anderson Izoundcmon pCmOrOmIC SXIIIIDIIE dummy the Week hung ttie Freedoms mobile in the principoI's ottice. ot Qctotoer tentti, on disloloy in Stuort I-IoII tower. M R. FUNK Ilettj ond Mr. FugettIrigI'1tIexpIoin the ponoromic extiibit to Mr. ond Mrs. Leverenz, porents ot senior Leroy. Il .0 TM X E Ausmqu REA Y QF L i:i.1?uIF NGM5 ..,., .. ,, lil... I I F I .f1'.5,, NS...-1,-.- ..- " F9 fr" N'i'5a., , fi M, OPEN HOUSE AND SUPREME DAY ARE TWO BIG EVENTS Tl-lE photogrophy loborotory proves to be o populor ploce. fha 5 JOE Dudding, Electricity lll pupil, operotes o motor gen erotor set during Open l-lous Visitors ore olwoys welcome tor Open l-louse, Americon Educo- tion Week ond Supreme Doy. Buildings ore open during the evening with disploys ot pupil worlc ond students demonstroting projects tor the visitors. For the thirty-ninth observonce ot Supreme Doy when the Supreme Court gove these grounds to the school city, besides l-lonor Doy, the P-TA. hod its tirst Fish Fry. pi, I -E! MR. Robert Ottutt demonstrotes 'h Ranger Pxircrott engine which his po tuned uc dnl ooeroted, Supreme Un Fish Fri, AN inn, ation 'or Open r-louse .-.Je in . ,Q he D 'T A now eos' o' r' c . . . cc ,,c. A JURY, chosen tram the audience, made the trial in "Night at January I6th" interesting. "THERE'S NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOW BUSINESS" "NIGHT OF JANUARY l6Tl-I" April IZVI3 CAST OE CHARACTERS Carol Erisbie, Ronald Mar' shall, Henry Tawnes, Larry Richards, Louise Burgess, Paul Mathewson, Beverly Snodgrass, Scharling Schnei' der, Conchita Howell, Nor- ma Watkins, Paul Downer, Jahn Strelniclcs, Jo Dol- linger, Robert Richards, Larry Coleman, Niclcie Es- cue, Judith Hanson, Jerry Steinlcer, William Breedlove, Rebecca Shrigley, Janet Al- len, Jean Hornberger, and Patricia Copas. Director, Mr. Paul Wadleigh. CAST OE "THE ROBE," presented October I8 and I9, under the direction ot Mr. Gaylord Allen-llett to rightl: Patricia Myers, Martha Hughes, Richard Allen, Paul Owen, Robert Richards, Marilyn Reynolds, Rebecca Shrigley, Beverly Snodgrass, Schorling Schneider, Jo Dollinger, Ered Albert, Raymond Kriese, Theodore Wiese, Cevio Greenberg. At center table: Paul Mathewson, Shirley Ball, Philip Shrigley. lrii .. . FT l l ,?, -A - f"'li iff, tu 5 I 4 4 -4 0 'O I 50 1 CAST CF "LADY VVINDERMERES FAN," presented January I9 and 20, under the direction ot Mr. Robert Malay, llett to riahtl: Paul Downer, Shirley Ball, Martha Hughes, Janet Tileston, Herbert Goshen, Raymond Kriese, Carol Frisbie, Cc: ieen 'Murray Jchn Wampner, Paul Mathewson, Henry Townes, Richard Allen, Beverly Snodgrass, Henry Werlrincq, Marina Howell, Claire Arrnent Joyce Cooper, Jeannine Powell, Schorling Schneider. "lhere's no business like show business," Thespians agree. ln spite at ditticulties in memorizing lines, att-day rehearsals, and costume tittings, "the show must go on," and it always does! Our three directors have produced three-act and one-act plays during the school year. The applause and prestige were rewarding to those in the casts but the lessons in good sportsmanship, patience, and perseverance meant more to them. 'X 1 c. ix it, i 5 of MAKING signs to advertise "The Robe" are Jchn Lane, William Brown, Charles Walter in Sign class. FQUR TALENTED ,cung actcrs certcrrnina rf lne lmoortance ct Being Ernesfl are Ramncna Jc Dollinger, Paul Mathewscn, ana Jannes Kriese lifes ,J i ' '2.'Z'4" -. ,, --:fi-5'S?.P ' vYC2 ' if ' . off' 1,?.w. txi N'1ri3M ' ""-S14 Eff!! -- s 34' i"'F""""' , ACTIVITIES STEPS 1 Q I 1 A X s X U ...' W Q I :Wi wil ' ' v . :JV TXT f ligi, WHETHER it's tor o I-lorne Economics laik v project or or College Teo for senior girls, Style Shows ore olwoys populor. sir EARL Snellenberger ond Donny Luns- X, tord orronge o clisploy when the Arse- nol Connon observes Newspoper Week. MISS Morgorette Miller stops ot Arsenol Tech on her woy to Seottle, Woshinqton, to present o Fronces Bellomy Aword, which Tech received in IQ48, to Fronlclin I-liqh School. u B .Rf V 3 I F f , ,, . all ARE MANY AND VARIED lhere's never a dull moment tor many activities are either being planned or in the process ot being carried out. There are the senior and l-lome Economics style shows, assemblies, broadcasts, the paclcing ot Junior Red Cross overseas gitt boxes, the sale ot tuberculosis Christ- mas Seals by the journalism class, the sale ot Easter seals by the Future Nurse club, the collecting ot toys by the Cannon statl tor underprivileged children, and the packing ot baslcets ot toad by the Service club tor needy tamilies. l -t 7 i AUTO CLUB-First Row llett to rightl z Patrick Cole, Paul Owen, Rccf ef! Eubonlr, LOrry Wile-Y, Stephen Gaye-r, Donny Adarrc, Jgnngg Fgyv Second Row: Mar Phillips. Jcel Jones, Herbert Maples, Rennie Rickey Lc--fell Kirkbride, Kenneth Jcm, Jacli Hervey Jerry Ficlflana, Mr. Sarr Dudlwowslri, sponsor. Not shown: Torn Armstrong Jerry lnale, Gary Ruddell, Warren Byeriy, Maurice Paul Lerrell White Florence Ridg- lev, Sharon Marin. .L.c. Ly CHECKING Tl-IE 530 Junior Red Cross overseas boxes which sponsor rooms have tilled are Sharon Rice, Marvis Johnson, Connie Moore, Linda Pentecost, Jerry Steinlcer, and John Dralce ot the SAO Board. KEY CLLJ5AFirst Row , . ' i:"' in lf' N 1-.-.i i 'l,V"i'V'Vf1'B'1iPj.-" R" :- Yp.. Freq rg-QV, , 3,1 - -A ' St-infer Er' r'-rr Lfr. G3 "F V :rw Rumi, Fi rx 71 T 1, , Second Row: G-'31 Hn"""1n tzf S' if fi-fi--r ferr xl. N '-- L 51" . j'I-7 Emi' S. "1-f Third Row:l"11" r ' Hz' 1 .1 Y-1 .N-- " ',C- '1."": ' ri f '- Fourth Row: ,. , , 1 ,W A, f ,, 1 -. "V 'r ,1 TopRow:: -V ' J- 1 , lrlfv' I" '-" 1. 1 2'1p"1i3"- 'rf- YEARBOOK STAFF-In Front: ar ne en er er, e iar E IS ll b g dt -in-chietand artist. ln rear: Mariorie Combs, associate M ll d dt M h lt ld ediforj Mary Ellen Wright, typistg iss E a Sengenberger, o visor, Ju ih ic e e er, associate editor. DEADLINES ARE THE BUGABOO OF CANNON STAFFITES We students who are journalistically minded are given the opportunity to write tor our nationally-lcnown newspaper and yearboolc, to edit our student handboolc, and to report tor local newspapers. Our weelcly news- paper, the Arsenal Cannon, has won its tourth editorial award in Freedoms Foundation and its tenth Quill and Scroll lnternational honor rating and George l-l. Gallup Award. Gur l955 yearboolc received C.S.P.A. Medalist rating, N.S.l3.A. All-American l-lonor rating, and tirst place at the Wabash Valley Gonterence. Surely our train- ing will help us in rnany lines ot worlc. -'lf A GREAT event in the school year is autograph day when the Arsenal Cannon Yearboolc is distributed to subscribers. 4, UF .. Q Mr I .I ad V H '1- x fb 'X 3000'- XX fi 2.46 , lEX-'VSPAPEQ STAFF-In Front fwff it fvmil: Nlftw Du im J,-1-13"tp3q,g2 .pdmfri Judmth Puma f,-prf:-gf' Ii1,','1," exft S3193 Q":j1fiV' New My-vw-iw siiwd-1-,LriMJrTxr' J'k'J'ihNVT' pJ1i13iC1'QdIt-iff, Rear Row: 7 JN? Bi-A."'7h C336 4 Qjriif' P551 AJ-E'X,'E'V Vi-Diff-:fi Nffwlrv BNP-j-. jpfrt-,'Bqrk"13r3 Frermjh PM f-ftp pg, 51 diff C' "-, - -:'o:fief'J1.dwf'W NXQCZJJN' iwfcwatvm Jssmarwt. Standing: IXAJW- Greer, report--r V1EVVSPfXpEp STAFF--Yseofed filff T' ru mtl: Flcwrmq M'C3mD V1 1-A I 7vjdwffV"41j'1f'FVJ1, 53. -1171 fif' HQNQH Bfifffw puixil V ii -fdwfvfi Jwlrwef VVllI4':V'1'?V, Qdutf1r4n fi wnlf F, Standing: lzffw H f ' C"f' 131u"'1-f J"d I-V1f':VTJJ'T'-Q' BK -V P534 fi--jwtif' Curr! ff-,1iw":. i m. MAI-ILON Carloclc, business advisor, Mrs. BUSINESS STAFF llett to rightl-Robert Lynch, circulation manager: Danny Lunstord, Esther McCleerey, assistant, Ella Sengen- business manager: Kaye Noble, typistg Ann l-larger, assistant: Diane Zvejnielcs, typist: beraer, director and publications sponsor. Steven May, business. Not Shown: Barbara Waddell, typistp Sally Thiesing, scrapboolr. BEHIND THE SCENES THEY D0 THEIR SHARE The story ot our publications does not end with the reporters and editors. Besides the writing stan? many other groups cooperate. Behind the scenes our technical workers, our business statt, our typists, and our printers, are constantly at worlc doing their indispensable jobs. They keep books, order supplies, do all the typing, mail Cannons, set type, and lceep the presses rolling. Our I6O agents sell subscriptions to the news- paper and yearboolc and deliver the papers once a weelc to their roll rooms. SALESMEN who helped sell yearbook ads ref, Betty Warren, Tom Low and Judith PRINT SI-IOP Instructors--Floyd Billington, weelrly press-binding: -Susie Hartz- Ralph Clarlc, weelcly linotype-malce-up: George R. Barrett, weekly Micheltelder. printing advisory Clyde Armel, yearboolc ads-senior names. -g 4 f s QQ NCT o Sound as heord os Stottite their vert, own poper, "The Pooqunf' of the onnuol Connon Moy Do, iunchnon. '31 VS 'Q 4, 1-L5 lilklhf' ARSENAL CANNON HIG,-HLPOINT SALESMEN-First Row lieft to rrohtl: Don Skrltrnon, Mox Wrlson, Norma McCoINrp, Posello Krnq, Scott McCoy, Mortrn Jooclmm, Renee Wrse, Rrchord McMoth, .lone Potterson. Second Row: Judrth Lokrn, Corot Sulorove, Noncy Drhcrn, Noncy Foster, Morlorre Klepper, Borboro Reed, Sondro Huehner, Royrnond Porecns, Robert Lee Bruce. Third Row: Cori Strrebeck, Borboro French, Shoron Berodoll, Joon Epperson, Judrth Enyort. Judrth Ozrnon, Sohy Sore, Myrno a - WHILE SEVERAL decorote thc tree, others orronqe toys whrcn '1 the Connon Stott Collected to give to underprrvileqed schooi J torniliesinthe neighborhood. Bchnoer, Joyce Dclioursey. Fourth Row: Ltr Hop., Atwnw Korr Brendo Weover, Borboro Boller, Ido Roe Qurlorry, LoVrrngA Frf er, Juonrto Snnrth, Gretchen Gutlrnecht, Morne Greer, Btnnre Jf-in Eaff Suson Monnrnq, Wrtirorr Breedlove. Top Row: Mrchoei Pmnnflr, foo Costie, Shorron Duncon, Ponotd Roy, Potty Mrtfheri Lrcrrfh, Terr. Corot Fteener, Donno Mosirnoote, Connre Mrrre Ann Errrrrr' Eirrrf, Horrod, Lester Gordon. Second Row, Neft: Lrrs- Howe, OUR SCHOOL HAS TWO NATIONAL HONOR GROUPS, 5.58 3 vs THESRIAN TROURE l24O INITIATION-First Row llelt to riqhtl: Conf son, Dennis Fullc, Robert Richords, Mr. Gaylord Allen, sponsor. Top Row 1-'trl-l HP lMth R dKr M I R ld Philli SttMC R B 'b RhdAll 'dtJ DI ,nl J owe , ou o ewson, oyrnon uese, or: yn eyno s, p co c oy, oyce ourne, scrn e, ec or en, pres: en , o o Shrlgley, ond Schorlnnq Schneuder, unntlotes. Second Row: Ronold Dowd, linger, secretory, ond Jomes Snmrnons, vice president. THESPIANS AN D OUILL AND SCROLL E ami: cut trmr -:ondles os they ore nnntnoted into Qulll ond Scroll, Notuonol l-lonor D1r'1lfEl',fl:0r l-hgh School .lournolusts ot the Connon's Moy Doy luncheon ore Jomes Hlrsihy, Eorl Snellenberger, Corol Frlsble, Normo Mccolllp ond l-lelen Brooks. ,hdlth Gvrnqrji, olomnoe, ond Jonet Woqfgoner, presudent, ore unntuotmq them. e l ,S 2 I f I ,N 1 X s . 4-Q , .r"'2'5' dl.-A A4 l ORGANIZATION PARTICIPATIGN MAKES BETTER CITIZENS STUE ENT AFFAIRS ORGANIZATION EXECUTIVE BOARD-Standing circlel: Mrs, Mar a urpin pan n at left: Richard Davis, president. Seated in Front: Barbara Duke. First Drake, Earl Sne en erq r err n rr Row 'ett to riahtl: Sharon Rice. Keith Johnson, Margie Gabbert, Su- Marvis Johnson nnnie oar on 3 n I n sanne Sweeney, Linda Pentecost, David Dagwell. Second Row laround Susanne Esber. We Iind enjoyment in taking part in our mony school organizations Gur wide variety ot clubs provides us with the opportunity to turther our knowledge in nearly any tield. The eighteen extra- curricular organizations available help us to know the school and to let the school know us. They teach us leadership and resourcetulness, part at growing up to be good citizens. We learn to accept responsibility, to do our share. Yes, we tind it tun working together through varied activities tor the betterment at our school, our community, and ourselves. I SINGING EOR the Service Club Christmas oort a e Elm Bunce, Judith Frasier Sally Sare Jerry Steinker Sue Co "'Wl-IAT DO you want tor Christmas oung man h question put to Terr Kinle bySar1tO Claus Sg Ar hur La donl as Barbara Duke looks on at the S A G Christmas r dr SERVICE CLUB-First Row llett to rightl: Ausma Karlavs, Barbara French, Jo Anne Hornberger, David Alger, Charles Parrish, Judith Ann Gray, Nancy Jane Huslrisson, Dorothy Reuter, Robert Taylor, Nancy Taylor, Kay Nablitt, Maria Laalcman, Mary E. Preston, Shanette Sperry, Carolyn Parsons, Judith Whitseh. Second Row: Gene Bayless, Joyce Lee, Madonna Harrington, Evelyn Smith, Janice Carr, Lillian Coolc, Donna Tuder, Bonnie Westertield, Anna DeFrees, Hollie Suggs, Connie Moore, Linda Johnson, Jeannie McFarland, Mary Robertson, Judith Nichols, Rob- ert Church, Nancy Clappell. Third Row: Judith Frazier, Robert Hughes, Rita Gatlin, Karen Belles, Sandra Condra, Brenda Weaver, Dianne Hess- man, Shirley Mootz, Mary l.. Wagner, Connie Jo Kladden, Marcia Johns' ton, Kathleen DeFrees, Edo Rae Quearry, Diane Distel, Janet Porter, Dolores Thompson, Paul Owen, Linda Laulcman, Sylvia Green, Ann Em- mons. Top Row: Marie Greer, Richard l-lillman, Jerry Foley, Donna King, Camilla Rugsdale, Gene A. Stern, Ronald L. Marshall, Linda Kiplinger, Judith Ray, Barbara Waddell, Diane Bowman, Deanna Bartram, Karen Edwards, Natalie Krueclceberg, Faith Garvin, David Smith, Royce Bourne, John l-loolc. FJVJPE NURSES CLUB-First Row flett to rightl: Rebecca Wilson, Scrum Pc iaro, Alice McCutchan, Josephine De Cenzo, Patricia Rush, "ra Ncrt, Sue Ann Asher, Alice Ann Wclodrum. Rear Row: Nancy Miller, Pamela Powell, Mary Teegarden, Jane Kraus, Margaret Benson, Mrs. Rowena Graub, R.N., sponsor, Mona Brown, Judith Ogle, Susan Russell, Gearline Kessinger, Carolyn Miller. Marvls Johnson, Kerth Johnson, Jerry Stemlcer. Second Row: Sally Sare, Barbara Purcell, Joyce E. l-larnrnond, Lindo Pentecost, Susanne Esber, Sue Cory, Mrs. Martha A, Turpln, sponsor. Third Row: Wayne Cothron, Norma Jackson. SERVICE CLUB-First Row lleft to ruqhtl: John Dralce, Judith Ogle, Elmer Bunce. Fourth Row: Jocquelune Bradley, Sharon Stew- art, Susan Sluqer, Janet Bohenltamp, Jerry Gatlan, Top Row: Thomas Durham, Judrth Kefnoe, George Ellnott, Jo Ann Hatcher, Jerre West James Lloyd JS J CHEMISTRY CLUB-First Row llett to rrqhtl 3 Suzanne Sf-eene. Potrlcna Muller, Carolyn l-ledrlclt. l-lelen Flake, Mrt Wm uf' Graney, sponsor. Second Row: Mnchoel Sltes, Al.en M3n.e1l,Jie Kurz, Carl Nnermann, Third Row: Probert l-ludicrv Jock Hue, James Trulaclm, Charles Anderson, Top Row: James Yogi Prev Schowenqerdt, James l-lrrschy, Larry Myers. 17 2 , l A . W L . MUSIC CLUB-First Row llett to rrghtl: Mr, Raymond Brandes, Lyle Scrtres, Sally SOFS. Sandra DeVore, Morlorle Gactfert, Susanne Esber. Jonlta DeVore, Joyce DeCoursey. Mr. John M Whlte sponsor, Second Row: Natal-e Krueclneberg, Judrth l-loyt, Judith Ston nut Rocerto Russe- Sondro I'-lueboer C'errt, McCormack Judltn Ozmor. Third Row: Lorr. ,Q Gaston, Janet Scrivner, Dione Drstel Mxnn Kr-rrtriz M 1' ,n H - Jocauelyn Bryant Sharon l-lo.. Top Row: Q no EJ Lf- G '1 ufan Monnmn Mgrtrr Bl-:fmer SJn1'1 U1 ,Jmf S, . S K -Holi-r Judlfh Sluw- l-left-Lf? L 'Teh NATURE STUDY CLUB-First Row llett to riqhtl: Marian Gruenhalz, Patricia Downey, Bonnie Priest, Patricia Weimer, Mary Alice Roberson, Donna Tuclcer. Second Row: Milton Cox, Edo Rae Quearry, Billy Randel, Glenda Britt, James Swain, Charles Keller, Jane Thiry. Third Row: Eliza- beth Eiclcs, Wanda Wright, Mary Peters, Deanna Duniqan, Edith May, Virginia l-loopenqarner, Mrs. Joan Persell, sponsor. Fourth Row: lvery Ann White, Willie May Brown, Robert Moriarity, Ronald Marshall, Mil- dred Giles, Martha Johnson, Lillian Thompson, Rose Marie Schettler. Top Row: Joe Duddinq, Meredith Wiley, Ray Dillinger, Patricia A. Jackson, Patricia Dryburq, Margaret Benson, Jarnes Merrell, Scott McCoy. DRAMA CLUB-First Row llett to riqhtl: Ronald L. Davidson, Marilyn Peynalds, Carol Frisbie, James Sirnrnons, Royce Bourne, Richard Allen, Ja Dollinqer, Robert Adams, Schorlinq Schneider, Second Row: Conchita Howell, Dennis Fullf, Philip Shriqley, Robert E. Richards, John Wampner, Pa-yrncind Kriese, Paul Mathewson, Mr. Robert Maloy, sponsor. Third Tl-IE CAMPUS with its great variety ot trees is ideal tor the Nature Study Club to collect leaves. Row: Mr. Gaylord Allen, sponsor, Thomas Deal, l-lenry Werlcincg, Claire Arrnent, Patricia Ann Copas, Rebecca Shriqley, Mary Robertson, David Alger. Fourth Row: Joyce Cooper, James Kriese, Fred Albert, John Bailey, Courtland Riclcetts, Paul Downer, l-lenry Townes. 2' l' FUTURE TEACHERS OE AMERICA CLUBW-First Row llelt to rif1htl:Ted Slacl,Elrr'g-rEur1- Sue Thompson, Roberta Russell, Eileen Bra-thauc-r. Second Row: Sandro Mciicr, Dlanrj Eu tram, Janet Sue Porter, Table Ann Bess, Marilyn l-lowlrinf, Mary Ruth Mcrgan. Third Row: Nancy Kingery, Diane Bowman, Kay Clore, Vila Bolsteins, Judith Boilio, l-lelen Fla!-ci. Top Row: John McCray, Cherry McCormack, Sylvia l-larrell, Karen Edwards, Miss Jana- Strain, 'z 1' ', PLENTY ol delicious load was brought to the Radio Club Christmas party in the "I-lam Shack." 9 RADIO CLUB-First Row lleft to riahtl: Edmond Mulholf land, Helen Elalre, Kitty Leslie, Patricia Price, Ronald David- son, Roger Taylor, Gerald Hinchnnon, Second Row: Terry Mueller, Daniel Hopping, Donald Goodwin, Chester Crump, John L. Smith, Kenneth Miller, Third Row: Robert Grove, Don- ald Weiss, Leonard Petty, Odell White, Larry Lindley, l-lollie Suggs, Bruce Eastmond, Mr. Garold Bramblett, sponsor, Top Row: David Chai-pie, Joe Dudding, Charles Matheny, Rich- ard l-lillman, Janis Liepnielrs, Billy Randel, William Sconce, Carl Mitchell. 'x.Z .1- 29' G, ,HV bv jx, 5 Q, l F kj, ,li I 1 1 SQUARE DANCE CLUB-First Row llett to riahtl: Charles Stinson, Sondra Potts Denver Veteto, Janis Shirley, Clinton Perry. Second Row: Paul Huser, Steven May. lfangl Alger, Lydia Perry, Rebecca Shriqley, Miss Helen Cahfyn, sponsor. Third Row Sally Thiesing, Nancy Bodenheimer, Portia Thompson, Mary Jane Chappell, Kath N 'N Cochran Marie Greer To Row' Gerald Chappell, Richard McMath, Dale oi e , . . p . Cissra, Albert Wiagner, Janice Carr, Kitty Leslie, GERMAN CLUB-First Row llett to rightl: Donna Sue Stoelting, Ausmo Karlovs. Second Row: Gunta Pimanis, Anna Liepnielcs, Mary Elizabeth Taylor, Lidija Liepnielms. Third Row: Martha Kastner, Ann Boclrstahler, Doine Zveinielrs, Vija Bolsteins, Top Row: Janis Liepnielcs, Jo Anne Walsh, Mr, Heinrich Veltrup, sponsor, William Hutt, Larry Bland. .A PT CLUB-First Row llett to rightl: Harold Rominger, Mary Ann Ward, E.ei,n Weafer, Mary Alice Roberson, Herbert Lindsey, Walter Derma Mnriiyn Reynolda, Glenn Beach, Joyce Garrinqer, Janice Garrinqer Second Row: Suzanne Clemons, Susan Sliqer, Jane Thiry, Beth Koonce, Gfrnda Bledsoe, Barbara Purcell, Donald Toney, Michael Bodenharner. '3 Third Row: Josephine Garland, Cecilia Beniord, Cevia Greenberg, Phyllis Anderson, Lido Jacobs, Karen Belles, Joyce Eiclclin, Judith Pierson, Jerry Foley. Top Row: Russell Coleman, Linda Hole, Sylvia Herndon, Michael Sanders, Frances Walden, Linda Lea Smith, Viia Celmins, Russell Dutly, Mr. Richard Peeler, sponsor. ,fx 1 als lg . 'Y 7 . HOME ECONOMICS CLUB-Seated llett to rlqhtl: Judlth Cone, Sandra Condra, Shirley Mootz, Carol Errnan, Suzanne Clernons. Standing: Mass Ann Abbott, sponsor, Mrs. Mary Lou Lrttle, sponsor, Nancy Bodenherrner, Barbara Purcell, Edo Poe Quearry, Irmqard Hopsornmer, Judrth Mclllclcer, Nancy Jo Acree, Betty Howluns, Melba Butler, Thelma Flowers, Janet Vrnt, Mrs. Elrzabeth Holtsclaw, sponsor. XYZ CLUB-First Row llett to ruqhtl: Rosella Kung, Juduth Brown, Darla Reno, Judrth Gruber, Forth Garyrn, Sharon Cohtee, Joy Buckner, Marqrnt Sternernann, Mary Evelyn Preston, Judnth Ogle, Janet Bohnenlramp. Sec- ond Row: Constance Moore. Walter Dearrnq, Martin Joachrrn, Thomas Bolrnger, Mlchael Srtes, James Brshop, Mary Jackson, Darlene Cole, Martha Huqhes, Sue Thompson, Doris Boll, Barbara Hallrnln, Warren Schworneyer, Sandra Potts, Albert Wagner, Dennrs Fulk. Third Row: Su- sanne Esber, Wayne Cothron, Ronald Veller, Lyle Scrtres, Martln Brenner, Gerald Sternlcer, Sharon Hoy, Mary Peters, Anna Lrepnlelrs, Ann Boclr- stahler, Era Young, Larry Boyer, Dowd Gurt, Cveorqe Hof-e Churle Matheny, Muss Helen Nohflre, sponsor. Fourth Row: Ann Harqer, Sara Moen, Gretchen C-utlrnecht, Larry Chaney, Wrllnam Sore. Darla Cnarpre Wullram Doherty, Theodore Wrese. Katherrne Holle, Lldna Lrepnrelg Wrf he Ray, Mechael Reyn'1an,Jarne'3Currens, John Currens Dale Mn, Top Row: Charles Strnson, Sandro Mayor, Charles Ellrott Wrwnnn Jchricn Ted Slaclc, Roger Taylor, Phllrp Shruqley, Paul Donner Lwrr, H'rfi' George Horton, Dowd Alger Jnrrer. Yost Greuor, Anure--. C'3'f' Rrppy Ronald Oberle, Allen Ma-fyerl, PREPARING to show the Browning Autornotic Ritle ot Open I-Iouse ore M Sgt. Cloude Dixon, M Sgt. Arthur Lordon ond S I: C Louis VVode OUR R.O.T.C. STRIVES TO BUILD BETTER MEN BOTH MENTALLY The I?.O.T.C., orgonized during the spring ot I9I9, wos preceded by the Codet Corps in I9I8, ond the Arsenol Guords. Todoy it is o tull six-compony regiment ot 450 codets with o driII plotoon ond I7 spon- sors ond o stott ot three instruc- tors. Its heodguorters ore in the some Borrocks which housed the soldiers when these grounds were on orsenol. Its driII tieId is south ot the West Residence. PIFLE TEAM-First Row Ilett to ghti CorporoI ChorIes Q'Connor, First L t t S tt Ph II p M 1 D d enon to i i 9, dor WOII. Second Row: Lieutenont C I I Chodea L. Pipoy, Keith Johnson J h Trinwpet First Lieutenant Qhfer M y FCVTC. SPONSORS g Extreme Righf: Lt. Col. Barbara Dub-, Firsi Row fri-ft to rwgrwtlz Vit Lt. Barbara Frf-MH, Znd Lt, Susanne Efrer let Lt, Bgrrara RC'df'Qli'gf, Shjrrjn Puf- ard Mar-'m Farmer. Second Row: lst Lt. Sharm' B-1radaH 2nd Lt. Lmda Pants-Colt Vt LM. Judufh Gm!-.trap Kaye Ncbbe and SONM Sare1.Top Row: lst U1 Mama Johnsfirw Kftty LPJNE- Sandro Mayor Karen Ed' -wards and Sue Cary. AND PHYSICALLY 25 V' 1,Ll-x LLJND I L uf LLL f , f X 1, CAC'-ET WEGIMENTAL STAFF-f-First Row 5 P4116 'f'1FtQ:C3'11JT Lmt-fi:f:Cviw-" C"3"EA1L.R'PDX,, PT-f' K. rw -f vff Tffrrie. Second Row: C11-'t 'fix " jf ""'feRTdf3rC3"1f'r fu.1'vN1z SH' 1'-'fgCi,, Third Row: C119 U1 ' T rr S frixkfx CIJAET Fff Lila'-"1"' S' Fr r , Top Row: ff' S11 Ar'r..rE,L1':" CA""i1'aJa' Cixi:-if Sf-"'1 L--J-'5 Ca' NN, U if-3 Czif' SIC .' Lef1Ft1tH' -e l I f 4 I . . , si-'L .nr .L .if , 1 fr WN' 'gs- CADET Lt. James Merchant and Cadet Major Larry Engle checlc cadets' appearance during monthly inspection INSPECTIONS KEEP THE CADETS ON THEIR TOES CADET MAJCR Vernon Brugger, Lt. Col. Dulce A. Bryant, Inspector General's Corps, 5th Army, Honorary Lt. Col. Barbara Dulce, and Cadet Major Scott McCoy at the chart which is a training aid tor map reading, during the annual se- mester inspection by several otlicers ot the Sth Army Corps. Last year tor the 34th time the R.0.T.C. re- ceived the academic honor rating tor the year I954-55. Tech is the only school in the country to be the recipient ot this award this many times. As in all groups at Tech, each cadet is given a chance to progress on his own merit. It he maintains a high academic standard he is awarded the Academic Ribbon. This training turnishes excellent mental and physical discipline and inculcates ideals at service. OUR I955 FEDERAL INSPECTION FIFTI-I CORPS Arrny officers and special guests were in the reviewing stand at the IQSS Federal Inspection. OUR I-IONOR Guard aroused pride within us because of their very slcillful performance in following commands. MRS. I-Iouser pinned the American War Mother Medal on Ca- det 2nd Lt. Scott McCoy as M Sgt. R. E. Johnson watched. M SGT. JOI-INSON and Principal I-Ianson Anderson pinned the thirty-fourth consecutive star on the ROTC banner. AS TI-IE COLOR guard marched briskly past the grand- stand, people stood at attention in reverent silence and respect for their school and their country flags. ' . . ...:'. I - Allen, Ann Bobo, Judith Mir TECH CH0lRfFirst Row llett to riqhtl: Lynda Faster, Cciniihita Hifi.-.i ll, Hawkins, Judith Jones. Third Row: Donald Find, lifrf rr F V i F Judith Hunt, Bonnie Bryson, Geneva Warren Martha Anne Bobo Mari' Allen, Ray Paririni., James Altord, Chrirlf V'!rfiiflard CT l'-yn Draws, Barbara Coleman, Judith Bohannnn, Mr, William F Moon James Sullivan, John Brattain, Larry Gray, Leiter C41 1 1 1 director, Judith Gilstrap, Patricia Rush, Velma Siihalrel, Rcisalynn Hassi:-lil Silcox, Milton Cox, Gerald Steinlrer, Thonwa, Wrirriit-irri F' 1 i Helen Knorr, Karen Rousch, Margie G-abtert, Sharon Rice. Second Row: ald Hoge. Top Row: Harold Seplar David VViliriin1 ,li P l i Sandra Mayor, Sue Schaenevfey, Marceita May, Karen Nichols, Alice McQuinn, Ronald Smith, David Wciempner, Murth Pun ll Fi Jenkins, Juanita Smith, Kaye Noble, Sara Main, Gretchen Gutlrnecht, Richard Byrd, Wallace Moon, Mar Wil-aan, olarniy. Cat A Patricia Myers, Sally Sore, Suzanne Dearinaer, Natalie Krueclreberg, Dennis Worrell, Donald Errnan, Harry Neer, David Hu Judith Di'linger, Barbara Costetter, Sue Cory, Helen Brooks, Marilyn We students who are musically inclined may distinguish ourselves in either instru- mental or vocal groups. We may advance according to our ability. Qur Band, Choir, and Qrchestra, and the smaller groups derived tram them have won many first and superior ratings in district and state contests. Qur Band plays at athletic contests, in parades, and at RCTC Inspection. Our music groups give entertaining pertormances at assemblies, and tor local, civic, and church groups. This spring the Music department sponsored the appearance ot the Crew-Cuts at Cadle Tabernacle to raise tunds tor new uniforms. MAORIGAL SINGERS-C'-ack wise Around Table: Dowd XIVM iianrs, Alice Jenlrir-5, Margie G-abbert, Nicki Farley Sandrg Mayor, Dennis Worrell TL'Of"'j1 Loy-1, Judith Dillinqer, Martietv May, James Cast. Miss Lruisr S'Jri V dire-'tar .1 s ,-,gl STRING QUINTET-llefq if riqhtl: Charles Welsh Cf-anew telder, and Russeit Smit? NNalter Shar-s is director. 'Zig CONCERT BAND-ln Front llett to rightl: Maiorettes and Flag Twirlers Suzanne Dearinqer, Rosalyn l-lasseld, Judith Ozman, Mary Jane Hart- wicli, Linda Johnson. First Row: Judith Smale, Daniel Deputy, David Wile mer, Marcia Edwards, John Lee Foster, Drum Major Predericl: l-lubbard, James Eoy, Lester Gordon. Second Row: Judith Ann l-loyt, Harold Ro- rninaer, Ruby Dodae, Renotta Trainer, David Kingsbury, David Duree, in Q,- Ronald Taylor, Richard Stoellc, Brent Ryan, William Breedlove, John Joseph, Richard Barelly, Thomas Miller. Top Row: Robert Eubanln, James Powell, James Williams, Stanley Stuart, Bruce Blalcemore, l-lerbert Lindsey, Nancy Dillon, Mary Jane Owen, Kenneth King, Philip Breimeir, Doyle West, David Flannery, Nathaniel Madden, Edmund Sears, Edward Sears, OUR MANY INSTRUMENTAL GROUPS PROVIDE US DANCE EANEYFirst Row llett tc riahtl: Sam Canary, Stephen Behlmer, Myron Koehrinq, Larry Gaston, Second Row: Mr, Wialter Shaw, director, Richard Byrd, Daniel Deputy, Lester Cayanauah, Top Row: Vernon Alexander, Rich- ard Barelly, Donald Davis, Lester Gordon, Dale Cissna. At Right: Bonnie Coolc, Max Wilson, Phyllis Talley, Not Liituredz Eranlf Furman, Robert l-lendersan. 7- CONCEPT BAND-In Fronf U'f'?t 'C rrmili Miwifi-if 'ur'-1 H11 'z TM 'f-f 'HDF L5-'ti-V C-JX.c1rmu'1?" ,,Vj1fL Hfjwlmf- Efvg E f P Siwerl, SSW?--9 Sue But:-F Fr3r1i-QBw.:", Juitb Hum' Pj1twjwg1F'Um, Top Row: Vg-rmwm AM -fmdv,-r g:"NYYW1VE"W1Y' I Y First Row: DCHJNNJ Lee DJJ, Rin-.lid Cuutu- Mfvg TN wer CF-gurlfn, ,Kelli Aww Bwil' fuhlfe-r Fhfhfurri Ef1x,:Hr,f5: 1 P v 1 L13---Vl"'fZ-E GJJ5' Rwiwlfil AUef' Judxfe YU, K.f,-gifer Ce-'rr-, fxfnyyr Egluffi-vii 1 FYAMJ FX'IV'f'irV' Fflyrt H 1 A 1 f'-'1"C:A'V"JQLl. Second Row: JUN-J Hudfcr' S'J'7'U'?vStV'iLlf1 f1f'r1PfdFv1N:Ht, ,f'f?fw,YA.VV!'1NfEAV if V,ff'fV, Emil' Bute SVCJVT' Hi, Pftffff Fwchcfd' C7'1'X'V"lE' N-gifv F'3"L Tw WITH LIVELY MUSIC EPABS UJQEM V V' 2+-V, Rwllf'-Nl S 'SLE---First Row w hm Second Row: ,fxwvf F V r f 1 Y'1ih1u'd" U16 A in V 'J P w T P Sic " r1:lnj:V'lf-"E L DR. SHIBLER ond his S509 were foam- noted bg, the Ioyous singing O5 Chrastmcg corols os the Tech Choir seremocied them. CONCERT ORCHESTRA-First Row llett to riqhtl: Ann Bobo, concert- mxstress, Deanna Allen, Drucilla Johnson, Donna Blaclc, Judith Michel- telder, Norma Watlcins, Mr. Walter Shaw, director. Second Row: Richard Catt, Charles Welsh, Thelma Flowers, Pauline Woods, Sandra Ptluq, Elinor Myers, Evelyn Walters, Rosemary Bailey, Georgia Flowers. Third Row: Nancy Kinqery, Patrick Marlcich, Phillip Rankin, Barbara Madden, Jo Ann Hatcher, Gail l-loclcett, Cherry McCormack, Kay Klepter, Kenneth Jolly, William Humphries, Janice Slaughter, Beverly Rivers, Fourth Row: Judith Stahlhut, Cynthia Edwards, Mary Garrison, Beverly Blauqh, Jennie l-liq- don, Judith Smale, Daniel Deputy, Mona Tolliver, Larry Gaston, Arleen Baudendistel, Myron Koehrinq, Roberta Russell. Top Row: Dale Cissna, Suzanne Sweeney, Lomax Mahone, Constance Smith, James Foy, Fred t-lubbard, Sharon l-loy, Robert Richards, Donald Davis, Lester Gordon, Richard Borelly, Robert l-lenderson, David Aldrich, Daniel Young, Jane Owen, Not pictured: Norma Bohnenlcamp, John Fish, l-larold Frame, Patricia l-larvey, Delilah Hollis, Cleo Means, Karen Smith, Amelia Foops, Joan Weddle, Kay Willis, Margaret Wittem, Janice Cortmell, Philip Ranelin, Rebecca Shrigley, Judith Sluss, Peter Waeqer. OUR PRIZE VOCAL GROUPS GIVE MANY DELIGHTFUL i f i WF l ,P Yi t . t GIRLS ENSEMBLE llett to riqhtl: Judith l-lunt, Rosalyn l-lasseld, Bonnie Bryson, Sara Main, Miss Marilyn Thomas, director, Patricia Myers, Jua- nita Smith, Sharon Rice, Mari- lyn Drayis, Karen Rousch. .0 5 17- "X..- CQNCEPT QRCHESTRAW-First Row fleft to ruxigntk BOYS OCTETTE-Firsf Row Heft tn rnntjz Jlffe- P, Mfnrd JWVYH M ,'1X,w"' Fussell H. C. Sr-mtn, Potncno Myeri, Second Row: Gutlrnecht, Jamee SuUwon,Rnn01d Hem, Second Row: Lund, Gm, 1"-P W ww' Cngnfgne- Fhnn Judfth Rndenour, Margaret Mow, Woffmpner Rncnord Dons. Third Row: Susan Manning, Sgndrg Cnndro, Fourth Row: Mgrwp I-iahklns Colette Buuerle- Judltn Pm, it. Top Row: Nunn Ddbn Herbert Lwntdbm, 'ME-f Wx MQW' PROGRAMS FCDR SCHOGL, CIVIC, AND CHURCH GROUPS N'w"jOPNN'NPJC' Cxfgiffelif -"-ii " ' '1"' '-"f:"n': - : 1 A' ::.: "1 'b 1 1 r 1' g' , ' ,.' A Siondmg X-Vfwfif R-3'Q1i'zT ,J'f- 1 '- Qin" -Q 3 1 3 AS FOR ATHLETICS OUR MANY TEAMS ARE TOPS TECH CENTER, Horeid Boyd, bots in o rebound during the Tech-Eronkfort gome os O defender stretches voinly to stop him VARSWY EASKETBALL TEAM-First Row llett to rightli l-lenri VVciodi3, liam I-tutt Assistant Coach Robert Mehl C5ochChiJrl'1' MJ Y Ed.-.ard Hannon, Ronald Bryant, Lee Hays, David Dagwell Fred McCoy. Couch Jack Bradtord, Trainer l-loward Cntt Athletic Direct f E Second Row: Lawrence Deer, Harold Boyd, Rein Leetmoe James Stone Dagwell, Student Monager John llmtinrhiifv trslfer Rtnala MiCJule,i Jin Serson. Third Row: Student Manager Wil- VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM ENJOYS FINE SEASON Tech's varsity basketball squad enjoyed o time seoson during I955-56 as it compiled a record ot I4 wins and only seven detects. The netmen, sparlced by Captain Jon Sexson and sopho- more Eddie l-lannon, placed second in city stand- ings and tied tor third in the North Central Conterence. Despite their good season the Green- clads tell to Shortridge in the opening game ot the Sectionals, suttering this loss tor the second straight year. Qnly team to whip the Green Wave twice was Crispus Pxttuclcs: the Tigers won both times bv seven-point margins. TECP-l ond Worren Central centers iurnp high tor the tip-ott in the opening varsity game ot the IQSS baslcetball season. RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM-Kneeling llett to rightl: William Brown, Coach Jaclc Bradford, Ronald McCauley, Ronald Bryant, David Knight, Robert Walker, Gene Healton. Standing: Student Manager Wayne Stotts, Roscoe Fields, William Dunlop, Charles Umbanhowar, Donald Erman, Robert Stone, Michael Alexander, Larry Williams, Richard Johnson, Ronald Smith, Student Manager Edward Crispin. VARSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Nov. 23 Tech 63 Warren Central 26 63 Southport Dec. 2 45 Eranlntort 9 70 New Castle I5 37 Crispus Attuclrs I6 67 Hammond 28, 29 City Tourney 50 Broad Ripple 74 Howe 39 Crispus Attuclcs rx 6 53 Anderson 7 62 Washington I3 57 Lafayette I4 50 Manual 20 63 Muncie QI 74 l"tOw9 27 68 Marion 28 76 Cathedral Eos. 3 57 Richmond 4 63 Broad Ripple O S3 Kolfcmo I7 72 Loqanzpcirt 22 DCCL ional 47 Sticrtmaae RESERVE BASKETBALL FRESH MAN BASKETBALL SCHEDULE SCHEDULE Nov. 23 Tech 46 Warren Central Dec. I Tech 56 Warren Central 26 45 Southport 6 56 Sacred Heart Dec. 2 27 Franlrtort I3 4I Ben Davis 9 42 New Castle Jan. 3 42 Harry Wood I5 38 Crispus Attuclcs 7 38 Washington 28, 29 City Tourney I2 65 Broad Ripple 52 Broad Ripple I4 37 Manual 40 Howe I7 60 Howe 33 Crispus Attuclcs 2I 36 Anderson ICM Ctwmivsl 23, 24, 26 City Tourney Jan. 6 40 Anderson 43 I-lorry Wood lOVertlmel 46 Crispus Attuclcs 7 47 Washington 43 Shortridge l3 40 Loloyette 28 57 Cathedral lil 55 Momml Eeb. 2 60 Shortridge 20 39 Muncle 4 54 Broad Ripple 2l 46 l-lowe 7 54 Washington 27 48 Marlon 9 55 Southport 28 42 Cathedral I4 56 Howe Feb. 3 53 Richmond I6 58 Shortmdqe 4 52 Brood Rlpple lDouble overtimel IO 39 Kolromo I7 48 Logansport WON lg LOST l I7 WINS 3 LOSSES AFTER HARD proctice nothing is os soothing os o whirlpool both, soy Ronold McCauley, Lorry Deer, l-lorold Boyd, ond Jornes Sionebrolmer. ,l s X I TECH FORWARD, Rein Leetmoe, loys-in o two-pointer during the Tech-Morion gonne os Tech's Fred McCoy lR.l ond helpless Morion defenders loolc on in ornozement. FRESHMAN BASKETBALLMEN COULD BOAST A GOOD RECORD Fl3ESl'lfvl!5klN EASKETEALQ TEAM' --- Firsk Row l elf fi f 'Vt 1 Ffid Ef- H f Ra ' 'C 'n ' F F' yl'f,V7G flF."r ,l3'7"'F' Cr,T"' wil, 'rcfd All-iffs Ricef l Diff- 1 Sec- ond Row: Stoner' M'-gn 1-f Cntr, lvl-jlir: Qnfjld A ,Von ,'."f' Rcrnlu BMJ Cnsff F-'if " S3 dent Manager .lv W- L.' '. Top Row: Cinih RTFQVI N-'In F"':1 AW' enif- wer, l'1,A F'-'i-'Y 1' Ln f E .lnrres Som. Jrrz. VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM-First Row llett to rightl: Don Erman, Don- ald Se-dam, Kent Thomas, Fred McCoy, Paul Rentro, Gerald Glaze, Larry Williams, Robert Souders. Second Row: Student Manager Donald Skill- man, Richard Johnson, Richard Mace, Robert Pritchett, Jack Mclieel, Robert Crist, Lowell Ensinger, Ronald McCauley, James Ramsey, Ronald I.lcCurry, James Currens, Wilbur Sudbrack. Third Row: Assistant Coach GREENCLAD SPIRIT PRODUCES For the tirst time in years the Greenclads didn't have what is commonly reterred to as a "one-man team." With the excellent blocking and tackling at such sturdy linemen as Bill Payne, John Hunter, and Jim Stonebraker, and such speedy backtield men as Dick Mace, Fred McCoy, and Jack McKeel, the team, under the able coaching at Howard Longshore and Line Coach Wallace Potter, tinished sixth in the North Central Conterence and ninth in city standings. Aiding in the team spirit, playing the linebacker spot, Lowell Ensinger kept the detensive platoon perking. Although ridden by injuries, the tirst part ot the tall semester, the boys played hard, trying with all they had and enjoying the sport. Wallace Potter, Head Coach Howard Longshore, William Payne, James Roustic, Charles Woodard, Ernest DeMott, Ronald Heaton, Joseph Etchi- son, Bennie DeLuca, William Ashcratt, Assistant Coach George Mihal, Trainer Howard Catt. Top Row: Wallace Moon, Ronald Rushton, William Settles, William Dunlap, Rein Leetmae, James Stonebraker, John Walton, John Hunter, Telson Bowman, William Brown. BALANCED FOOTBALL TEAMS VARSITY FOOTBALL FALL V755 Jamboree Tech O Manual O Tech 6 Howe I4 Tech 6 Broad Ripple 7 Tech I2 Anderson 20 Tech 6 Muncie Central O Tech 6 Logansport 6 Tech I3 New Castle O Tech 7 Shortridge 20 Tech 7 Washington 6 Tech 27 Latayette Jett, 34 7,4 1, 5 J--Q 'VTE - +1"1r :-'T 'Q +1-"' ' " 'fr " EYTLTT' T'1""W"': '11 "2 x"""' - 1' "T 'N' - . TTTLTT fro ' wr' vb 4-I X4 ,..1 X. - .5 VESEPVE EGQTBALL TEAM-First Row Ita-tt to riqhtjz Michdi-i Unwg-nf Britton, Pritui-rt Beck Ered M itlfrtori Mgtiri - TU, ir rr pfri Erdnk VV-:St Rfrert Wfgrjiiirer Front MiKe+,-L Xivithdm Qrint, Michunt ET-.ovne Turner, Elonotd Efttcr Cari Srnrwrj' EH Maru fir Dwizn Ebni Wiitinmn Second Row: Robert Wiirrfridrlrrj, Loy-.rc-nie Ariine.-. Pierce, Ccoch Curtin, Beti. Top Row: Hair rd Qi. ,nr L' 1- ff r v time-3 Poi?-vijh R11-rt Parsing P-itirert Wrdtkrf-r G+'-ratd Shim Pirihdrri Elovnn. Xivithriirr' Thciirios, Wrnttf-r Lwir- Tr-rr, Juii ir' C' 1 r 1 Phitio Pgtrigl Ricert Hate. Third Row: Stud--nt Mondgier Jorriei ri-r3d,Chr1rte'1Sf3Ant+3neiv,WiI!i1rr- Hqtifn Edward Vw: RESERVE FOOTBALL FALL 1955 Tegn ta Brood Rippte O Tech O Anderson tn Tein 20 Southport O Teih o Crisous Attuct- tn Te-ir 0 Shcrtridge O Teri TQ Wrggniriifiln O TENSIQN surely mounts in o tootbolt gome os o substi- tute kneels, reodi, to enter the gome, unidentified ploy- ers on the Tech bench otso owoit their turn to see oction. The I955 reserve tootboil eleven tinished tossing the pigskin eorly in November ond wound up with on impressive record. Qnly one deteot morred the Greenclodsf record, o 6-to-O loss to Anderson. A strong Crisious Attucks teom tied the reserves, 6 to 6. Cooching reserve city chompions wos George Mihol. "HEADS YOU WINI' the reteree seems to so, to cnc' toins ot the Tech ond Howe tootbotl teoms Us oofn itf teoms stort their initiot contest ot the trait FRESH MAN FOOTBALL TEAM-First Row llett to rightl: Jerry O'Brien, Bruce Pleak, Milstead Hendricks, Richard Parnell, Willard Finney, Ronald Harris, Donald Cox, Ronald Boyd, Michael Crowley, Forest Tolliyer. Sec- ond Row: Nicholas Gibson, George Howe, Stephen Hair, Assistant Coach James Stewart, Minaott Boacika, Chester Hallinin, William Fields, Noel Sandy, Robert Cook, Jerome Perry, Paul Wright, Richard Rrotlett, VVilliam Barnes, Phillip Hampton, Byron Gettle, Coach Ernest Medcalte. Third FRESH MAN FOOTBALL FALL l955 Tech 37 Scecina Memorial 6 Tech I3 Crispus Attucks O Tech I3 Shortridge O Tech 3l Washington 7 Tech 2l Broad Ripple O lT'S A real-tor-sure scrimmage taking place on the practice tield on the northeast side at the campus. Row: Student Manager Charles Wilson, Paul Ruskaup, Paul McRay, Ken- neth Brooks, Homer Jones, James Wade, Frank Rushton, John Dalton, Raymond Akers, Richard Lee, Edward Heid, Kenneth Stierwalt, Student Manager Phillip Rentorth. Top Row: Wendell Turner, Richard Richey, John Weliever, John Morris, Jesse Lynch, James Howell, Ronald Hand, Howard Kellams, Fred Tingle, John Rogers. lt records are any indication as to what the tuture holds, Tech has a bright tootball tuture. The trash rolled up l I5 points to opponents' I3 in tive games. The team, tinish- ing the season undeteated, was city co- champion with Cathedral's undefeated treshmen. JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL TEAM-First Row llett to rightl: Robert Duna' way, Michael Cutshaw, Robert Ruddell, David Nickols, Clyde Lucas, Robert Munday, Daniel Koehler, William Jordan, David Johnson. Second Row: Ken- neth Adams, James Hunt, Myron Shapiro, Larry Corpuz, Ronald Craig, Rab- ert Lynn, Darrell Britt, Kenneth Vance, Coach lvan Moreman. Top Row: Joseph Ball, Charles Hedrick, John Byus, Frank Craig, Ronald Moore, Ronald Alexander, Russell Hirschy, Duane Mattier. EEF: . e'.Lg?T P V 0 ' Q I R K "" 'ixff-gas I x T P 'X , W 1 g I' 4 , , . ..-1-lang... H--Tn K X H T 1,- . . -Q pa-..- ., . -' l l v 1 s X-: . L 1- , . F5 I .T L I It .IVAJ I 4 WRESTLING TEAM-First Row llelt to ruahtl: Randall Small, Wslndell Balmer, Ronald Ward, Dan I-lull, James Ramsey John Easley: Rnchard Essel- torn, James Milton, Bruce Plealc, James DeMott, Second Row: Gerald Glaze, Edward Vaughn, Ronald Rushton, Lowell Ensunqer John l'-lunter, Charles Woodard, I-lomer Jones James Reeves, Thomas Pollard James Doran I-Iaryard Gordon Wrltred Paxton, Third Row: Student Manager Coach Wullrarrl J. Treuchler, William Taylor, Gene Boyle r,-., Charlet. Ellrcrtt lvluurrrr, Pjrj ,I ,rn lf' r John Dalton, Larry Smlth, Jrrhn Wcllle-yfclr ,Ire Marr rf,. J slixrrfi- G Student Manaaer Robert Perry, Top Row: Aw tdht Cr 'lm' G. L, If ' pl Jerry Sprclrler, T-ranlc Rushton, Thornas Mcrr, Ll.-.d,rfATurr'1-r G xr, '.' Gurre Brll Drclfey Rrchard Lee, John Bushtrrifla Amr' I-lcrtrr Ht yn THE WRESTLING TEAM PILED UP CHAMPIONSHIPS VARSITY WRESTLING GALORE VARSITY BASEBALL SCI-IEDULE New 22 Tezh 21 Broad Rupple 25 heh. 4 North Central Conference De: Tech I9 Shortrrdqe 2l gllimgjgonslllpg L 4 H 70 API" 4 TMP I3 SCUll'P5'7i ec O Oye e 5 4 Ben Da.lf3 Dec Teth 52 New Costle O Champnonsz Dan I-lull, IO3 lbs.: , IO 8 Washlnattr 2 Dec- 7 Tech 27 Anderson I8 Ronnie Ward, I27 lbs.: Edward ' Vaughn: John I-lunter, l-I, Wt. I2 I9 Munve C9'll'C'3 Dec. I5 Marlon County Tournament I7 Comeyled Cmspug Awww Tech 76 Southport 67 Feb- " SSCUOHGIS I9 I A L Ty J QQ Tech IIO ltirstl Shortrudqe IO4 I O' 9' 'L Jan Tech I0 Rrchmond 34 F b I8 St t F I 24 4 Rycpymondl Jan Tech 33 Muncue I4 e I' S Og 32:5 t '57 T hso H dy 26 5 New Castle I o. en en ra ec n Jer Tesh 25 Manual I9 Champions: Don I-lull, IO3 lbs.: Moy l 4 MOflCn I Jan Four-Way Meet sample y-Vllavvi, yI57dybsyJ Johg ypress Deodlmey C f,d ll 9' T yy 87 un er, . , n 3 arvar row O SVI e ec Gordon, l75 lbs. l3rdlZ Wendell Kokomo 75 R-chmond 65 Balmer, IQO lbs, l4thl. BASEBALL TEAM-FlI'Sf ROW llelt to rlahtl: Richard Frost, James Galt, Pollard. Top Row: Coach Charles Maas, Albert Kramer, Joe Etqhrscf L99 l'l0Y9S- -ION MCl4eel, Robert Nleman, Frank McKeel. Second Row: Larry Bemrs, Jerry Whrtalrer, Kenneth Schrrener, Donald Erman, Cfgg Student Manager Phullup Rentorth, Henry Werlung, Keath Pritchard, Ron- Joclr Bradford. old McCauley, Larry Deer, Terry Kunley, Student Manager Thi-,mos sv, Q? wwf 152: ' if Q , 7 rf' I I 1--L I Fr' , s 1 , ' 1 I as". - Tb... fqilfify ,N ' 0' 1 I -AIS' Nr X l I U V .4 l K Y A ri IT, Y x ' I :ll I fx if 7 'PF ,V 9 J' 1,-S r J, 5 V Q bv I I X, 6511 .117 I 'SEQ-5' , QE C-If , wwf ' i if QSC?-f I . swf 'S' more 11,'.f. .. . ' s , .- - 3 L x , l r , I VY Q is 5 , l X sv' . 'Q '-RQ' J , f V ll- 1 Q av' f get "yr fl A ,hx Y ya L, F. I rLC-'I i - 45549 , f elm, ,TEM 1. , I L , ' :T .. 'AENH f,L-425' i 73 I -7,1 8 fri-if qglfi 3 A pc' , X QSC? y dick, av .- wi vu . - . .tar 9 g, 5, l W 'W ' f rw IF' X M f ,V y , I 1 I Av I A, 1 I P I-My X I , I t f ,I f , 5 -xox., S- f fri t -' 'Hn - .YL 7 I , E VARSITY TRACK TEAM-In Front: Student Manager Scott Teets. First Row llett to ruahtl: Fred I-lubbard, Robert Wallcer, Richard Mace, Fred McCoy, Donald Engle, Raymond Carter, Melvin McGuire, William Bradtord, Larry Paxton, Richard Johnson, Robert Woodard. Second Row: Robert Bruce, Larry Williams, Robert Pritchett, Rein Leetmae, Floyd Romaclc, Eddie I-Iannon, James Bledsoe, Roscoe Fields, David Pierce, Donald l-lubbard. Top Row: Assistant Coach Wallace Potter, Arnold Gilliam, James Stanebraker, Robert Bulloclc, Ronnie Ruston, Clarence Robinson, William Dunlop, James Toler, Thomas I-larris, Wade Walton, I-lead Coach James E. Stewart. OUR ENERGETIC TRACK TEAMS ARE WINNERS! Boasting a powertully balanced team was VARSITY TRACK SCHEDULE Tech's varsity traclc squad. Under the Apr. 3 Tech 84 wcshmqion tutelage at Coach James Stewart, the cinder- 5 84 Women CMM' D I3 67V Shortriclqe men were undeteated in dual meets all I7 5612 At Anderson SGOSOU' lrldlvlduolly the tlrllnly Clgdsf led 20 Shortridge 77, Tech 55 Indianapolis Relays by seniors Fred McCoy, Diclc Mace, and Jim 24 865 Kokomo . . T II, , Sh A C Stonebralcer, were undeteated in their 27 es 67 Om' ge 48 'ty May 5 lPress deadlinel Conference respective events in dual meets. 76 32 3I 48?6 5215 2212 RESERVE TRACK TEAM-In Front: Student Manager Plnrllrp Meyer, Horton, Melvrn Statlord, Rlclnard L. Brown, Mrqtwael Baugtw, Larr, Sr' First Row llett to rratwtl: Ttromas Ramsev, Ernest DeMatt, Grlbert Top Row: Coach Wallace Potter, Clwarles l-tart, Graay Jaclfvr Fel Screclrer, Roger Scrwener, Ernest Vaualwn, Dowd Wrllrams, Davrd Wrlscrn, Bowman, Ttwcmae Dar-url, James Perry, D-wrglwt Turner, G-irq Edward McFarland. Second Row: Wrllram l-latton, Karl Sqlwmrdt, Larry FRESHMAN TRACK SCHEDULE Ar:-r, I3 Te'-39 Mily l Snertrr Warsnr Attu: l-lrjwg Cnty af-gdllfel FRESHMAN TRACK-First Row llett to rrqlntl: Kenneth Brown, Wcradrcf. Ant Pam Sfa Franlmlrn Bayless, Wendell Turner, Donald Nerll, Robert Mclirrwsey, Plwrllrp Wtrrtrvrrrrzn lfVlll Crclrey, Rrcnard Esfreltnornt Second Row: Ronald t-larrri. Rrcnard Parr-ell Jann Dmijn Fr Ruitxtan, Indulrs Brrltmanls, Steven Sternbuclc, Georle l-lawe, Franl: Lcti Mr5f.n Ernjt op Row: Cfraclu Howard l.onqst1ore.Jatwn Welrever, Cnarleg I-le-sg Wrflrrgnn, lt Sr Charlet t-lo.-.ard Brarr- Plealr, Uavrd Maxwell, Jamea l-lowell, Ccaqlw Cami' .wi 45 .w,..,..,f', ' TENNIS TEAM-Kneeling Ilett to rightl: Tom Strain, Larry Deuser, Ross I-Ioltt, Charles Anderson, Ronald White, James Glaze. Standing: David Butcher, Kenneth King, John Miller, Kenneth Carson, William Green, Coach Rowland Leverenz, Alan Summers, William Randall, William Dollinger. OUR GOLF AND TENNIS TEAMS ARE DEVELOPING POWER Galt and tennis teams, though they had mediocre records when the Cannon went to press, are looking torward to greener pastures next year. Both Ernest Medcalte and Rowland Leverenz, golt and tennis coaches respectively, lost nearly all at their lettermen through graduation, last spring. A building year, both coaches are developing a nucleus tor next season. April I2 Cathedra Howe 35I April I3 Tech 3If2 April I8 Tech 3If2 April I9 Tech 4If2 GOLF TEAM-Kneeling Ilett to rightl: Richard Anderson, Thomas Parson, Coach Ernest Medcalte. Standing: Lciuis Bluhm, Joe Teets, Cortland Carrington, Jerry Miller, David Bowman, Robert Blume. VARSITY TENNIS SCHEDULE April IO Tech 3 Park 2 Cathedral 6 23 O Shortridge 7 I9 7 C.A. O 26 2 Latayette Jett. 5 VARSITY GOLF SCHEDULE April 21 Shortridge 320 Martinsville 339 Washington 343 Tech 354 April 23 Broad Ripple 344 Tech 346 Bloomington 365 Wiley lT.I-I.I 366 April 26 Tech 3 Logansport I2 IPress Deadlinel 1 Y' , 'Q-.EA ' . f , QQQ5'-A, nl P' -I - 4 Y Ui? ' ' . at .' W 34,1 1 I A' ' . W A 5, " sw CROSS COUNTRY TEAM-Front Row llett to rightl: Mel Stattord, Ray- Tirnbs, James Holder. Rear Row: David Thatcher, Gilbert Spreclcer, Ron' mond Hand, Clarence Robinson, William Paxton, Dan Hubbard, Ray nie Perry, Norman Howe. Larry Horton, James Perry, James Bledsoe Schroder, Paul Harden, Floyd Romacln, David Wilson, Robert Bruce, Joe Robert Sterrett. Paul E. Myers is coach. During the tall weather, a strong October wind blows tresh air into young athletes' lungs while boys lceep a steady pace over Tech paths covered by leaves in a sport called cross country. Running two miles over irregular ground strengthens the indurance that the cross country squad needs tor interscholastic competition. Last tall Tech runners had a ditticult schedule running against teams which ranked in the state's top ten. With six at the seven top boys onthe varsity squad returning, the future holds a shining star. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY PRACTICING onthe cross country course onthe campus are David Wilson, l955 James Holder, Robert Bruce, Raymond Hand, Raymond Schrader, Don Woshmqtm 25 Tec, N Hubbard, and Floyd Romaclc, who proved that practice does malce perfect. Manor' 20 Tee' 35 Muncie Central I9 Tet' 35 Anderson I? T-31' 39 QQ Tech 27 frlxjriii- Burn? 23 Tech I? Richrrora 35 Shortridse Invitations Anderson, first? Tech. tourte City Meet Shortridge, Vrstz Tech. sezoro. North Central Conference Meet Anderson, firstf Tech, tourtn. Sectionals Shortridge, fir-str Tech, second State Meet Ar1ClerSOr1,tir5tjTeQh, tw-git! .5 Adi' 14 ij -'S A -5' r U vr i ,.,o- ,4,' ,.ag' 6 1 if if . t... . ,J I. I 4-.I-a J 9 . :L ' a CHEER LEADERS-Kneeling llett to riohtl 3 ,lo Dccenzo, Norma Worth, Barbara Coleman, Maureen Schmidt. Standing. Jerry Gritfin. Sharon Rice, Marilyn Farmer, Max XfVilsan, Sandra Pollard, Janice l-lanlcins, Elmer Bunce. Sponsors: Misses Shcrcvt gngi Shirley l:Oi'V6t'l. UP AND AWAY go members ot a Physical Education class during the rope climb. The boys tale their slips and slides learning the tine points at the taslc under Instructor Wil- liam Treichler. MR, XNILLIAM Lampert, Tech shop teacher, who issues athletic equipment to athletes, is issuing uriitorms to candidates ot the tootball and cross country squads tor their respective sports. WE BUILD STRONG BODIES TO HAVE HAPPY TEEN-AGERS All types ot activities malce up a well- rounded t-lealth and Physical Education pro- gram. Boys and girls build healthy bodies by taking Physical Education and Physical Fitness, one credit in each course being required tor graduation. They be- come well adjusted both mentally and phys- ically to tit into the pattern ot their com- munity by enrolling in courses in Posture, Physiology, Narcotics, Nursing, Eamily Living, Child Care, and Driver Training. The phi- losophy at the school is that youth must be strong physically as well as mentally. MEMBERS OF A Posture class, striving to develop good posture, balance books as they climb Stuart l-lall stecs. ELOCK T CLUBkEirsi Row lie-TE tc fiiihtli Larfi, VVil1ionns,James Milton Row: Eli-My Vtferkinq, Pcnnif- P'i'lfECLlVTy' Petr-rt TllV'V"if!", Ti-fr, his '- Cin l-lurttuira, Uawd Euerf-tn, Pifhard Mace, Jerry Glaze, Wendell tli'+' Tirriti Bch Pritchett Pav Schrdedef Ed Vaugihr Eblvz' VVN ' SJW' wlfhf' Exile, -lG"e, PJ"r'e. Ein Hui. Second Row: Ered Metzger liahdoll Srrdil 'William Pawn Top Row: Yr-rfirft Sfnri-tiff-f Ex, 1 Elin LDJJP BC? Efuie Rchwe ll-"iCJ,ie, Ere-d MCCC-, KentThi3mc1s, E-31,-.e.i, Lcf.-ill Ea in :er F'rrirf Pnchtffr- ,VI--h M lf--i Eff L-'f'f'3'- W frfa Putt' 9:t'e'f Sauder- Eddie l-lannfn l-le-Pr, Wcicds. Third Pint: lfiiviacl ,Iclan i-lun'f3r Wi.ii3N Uunirifi l-l'ir'i-lEi',T1 ,lame T' WORKING WITH HIM ARE OUR SUPERINTENDENT AND COUNCIL I Tl-IE SENIOR COUNCIL-First Row llett to rightl: Presidents Keith James Burke, Patricia Rush, Linda Wain.ictt. Fourth Row: Tri 1,1 uw' Ar' Sales James I-law-ilnins, Phillip A. Jones, Ross Meyer, Charles Rippy, Bobo, Richard I-I. Davis, Jomez I-Iirfhy, JC-ieph lfurg Thqng P.,-yqiqv CWGVIES VVeob, David Daqw-fell. Second Row: Vice Presidents Barbara Jerry Rislf, John Trimpe. Top Row: Serqeuntzfntfjrrr, Pocerf E. 8-fr Caenran, Barbara Duke, Ruth Ann Loudermilk, Kaye Noble, Barbara Niclci Farley, Donald E, Hill, Larry MfManu,, Bill K Pear,-, P I Riaciker, Daine Zyeinieks, lnot shownl Judith Gilstrap. Third Row: Ser- Souders, David Woempner. retzrel Evonne Parker, Alice Kehling. Kathryn De-llinger Ann I-larger, We, the people-we, the principal, the tive vice-principals, the 248 taculty members, and the 35 senior council mem- bers who represent a class at 803 industrious seniors-talce the lead in sustaining a well-balanced educational and social program tor 4,528 teen-agers, in furthering the treedoms we enjoy, and in cherishing our great American heritage. Working with us in this etlort are a well-gualitied ottice statt at I6 etticient members and 8 taculty assistants. We all worlc together in an ettort to main- tain the American Way ot Education. MR. ANDERSON and Dr. I-lerman L. Shibler, general superintendent at schools, must certainly be enjoying a good iolce as they have a Friendly chat in the otlice, wig ' Af! Nt: will i 5. 1- I , vi , . ! fi Nz. , 23 w -' "'1-8.01514 -, v-4' - , . u H- ,4 EPARTMENT HEAUS ANC DIRECTORS--First Row U5-tt tn rwatwtj. Owl L. Low'-, Auto Stvf-pq Qcwtfflrt B-i-Hung FA3tttf-ffwtw ' FJ ft E 1- r wr- ,1- "e-'t H5-ggx CHQ'-gx C, Mgrgm Mydwrfw Lt1n'1u3i1f3i Fred H. G1 Jurworl-luggh CH3nrmf3n.Top Row: Mary Lwfmf- Mym ' w,-N, 11 wrruru W 'C il CCf""-3'i'3 ' Cf. C :fe P. Cir BmtonwiaiScmAnfies:H,F1oyd F-,Q A.Hmm,Bmdm1Trod+f-N-Vtw-Rnd' K5-rwwth Eurr Vt un- Ein JH ' iff jg ' X."V3'f-if E. C Q.et3'3 D"JfUf'1'Jl"""?? B, Rue P"v,'inQJ1 Sw EUNJ Sfamwvtzi-fix'-f,Putiw-t3tI"r'.Dmfi1itcr'FrHJ VJ.Pm'1--f A W :M 3, 511. Mein Tfzdeg' Reurev Bowfror Pm-.,x:13WEcmfJtf IVJW UlrQit3rZCt1f??,E13 S. Stfilwurt Pfcxgryfv P' 11, tt Pi f. - -az tv Second Row: U-Qczftment Held- H-PM-A Twrvtof- EUJQNYW Vwrtzfgl, E.'immi1Si'viol Dm-'itif' Cfuf-Q P, t an ,,4N w At" -f' F, Mi' h.1,n1'QJke,E.R1itw, Art'Ge0f1-2 V, Buffett Prwr P-li-ffwfufv Z, D'?'7ItE'V, Ciwrdmator' OM' A Lwdf-NH! 5'- -3 S. F u- S'Q13 Smueg' H133 Kf-att Him-1 EfUV'f"'Wi"C5'i'1'1 D1VP'lf'f'f'Ji-hm Pm! Lutvr PM tm Uma- Eiuintfn C "'11'J' SCHOQL DAYS, busiest Spots on the COVWDUS ore teodwerff -.-.grim NC OAD1sseemwqu ice Heov, for Mr. Kemdrud' 4 NO WONDER WE TEEN-AGERS ARE SO PROUD OF OUR SCHOOL FACULTY-First Row llett to rightl: Ralph E. Clarlc, Clyde Armel, Floyd Billinqton, l-l. E. Chenoweth, Mrs. Louise Camp, Mrs. Florence Boots, Olive Brown, Katherine Book, Mrs. Edith Berry, Helen Cattyn, Arete Covey, l-loward Catt. Second Row: Carlos Bell, Dorothy Carey, Edith Allen, Emanuel Cruser, Harold Elliott, Sara Ewing, Mrs. Mildred Eccles- ton, Mrs, Alice D. Cook, Mrs. Jeanne Bose, Mildred Corrie, Jack Bradford, Franlr Atherton. Third Row: Sam Dudkowslci, Frances Buschmann, Pearl Apland, Ann Abbott, Constance Boldman, Edith Balmer, Winitred Brill, l-lortense Braden, Ruth Bozell, Lester Bolander, John R. Clark, Raymond Brandes. Top Row: Kenneth Cottin, James Butler, Garold Bramblett, Clit- tord Allen, Norman Brinlcer, Mahlon Carloclc, Harold Deem, Fred Ahle- rneyer, Howard Coolr, S. B. Essiq, Forrest Caldwell, Louis Allen, Betty Alice Bayfield. Not Pictured: Gaylord Allen, Frieda Ann Bach, William Breedlove, Alice Brown, Mrs. Barbara Dearinq. x..,! OFFlCE STAFFYSeoted llett ta riqhtl: Mrs. Ruth Smith, attend' 'whiz Mrs. Ruth Berryman: Miriam l-lowe, school secretary: Mrs. Elsie ffilim, attendance: Barbara Cleverly: Damar Eubanlcs. Standing: Ury l-lerrranda Metzaer, registrar, Norma Rodewald, assistant req- rry- fllrg. Edna Ayres: Patricia Littell: Mrs. l-lelen Cloud: Mrs. ' 'rr't,Arn'ei1Mr'.Ro'al,1rine Yarnell: Louisa Steeg, auidance: Mrs. Arjan Warlace: Mrz. Margaret Barrett, P.B.X, operator. FACULTY ASSBTANTS-Seated llett ta riqhtl: Mrs. Josephine C" --'ik Mr: Qlqa Geifler, Mri. Bertha Braolrs, Patricia Mayer. Standing: Linzie Cir, lllfj Efelyr Mattingly, Mrs. Mary Van Buslrirlf, U" , E 'ref ffCC2eerff,'. OUR FACULTY AND SCHOOL PERSONNEL ARE SECOND TO NONE Although our toculty is lorge ond hos diversitied interests, it is o triendly group. Mornings mem- bers con be seen tollcing ond loughing together os they empty their ottice boxes. When we students see the beoutitully decor- oted tobles in Stuort l-loll tower or the Student Center we otten wish thot we, too, could ottend the colortul teos ond cottee hours. Our toculty is the guiding torce ot our schoolg it is molding young Americo into typicol Americons. fu, ,A OUR OFFICE STAFF hos the hoppy toculty ot plonning Cottee l-lours tor the teochers the otternoon betore the Christmos holidoys ond ot the close ot the toll sernester. 4 is FACULTY-First Row llett to ri1htl:Mf,A.h H111-. f-'i'.E,1L,.v Mrs, Rgasie Fin Gertrude lnslfj--,,, ffi"2,R'j.'.i"'1 Cv'Jul' RVN, PJ' . L' grew Johnston RN., Soroh l-looe, M3ri'i'f-N LJ.-. fr S- wg Sw. '.'r , l.' :ri lyn t-lord-.ich Mrs, Ccrnc Ha,-.king Mfg, C 3'-i-'J Huffr :V f- Mr . 'E-'-'I. t-lurgertord, Mr1.Je:1n Ann Gram' Sf' 3 Ser. it C 'rr G' 1 Second Row: Mrs. Mori, Furry Elsie Hemi in Fri:-'ai Lf: 'FH Fw.-. vu NVorren l-loss, Ste--,oft Jo' Fi.-.ond ui.-f-'H+ New-.ell l-loli. Roi-xrcrd t-lifrodoi, NV 3' l-l-'rr A l 'r' Third F7 My J.-1 V, I T A E l R i 1 'X lh Xl lil, fx Row.i.,r Fl lf "r Fl lr l Arn-I K, UN ivf t wr: ,i 'rr zz' V. wr' L y,,, L L--A re-fi ,rf ,-,, L,f-:- p- ..,,, vi, -A , ,t,d:',. p1',1n il., -Vmmrv ii, .V.lA.., ,-. , ,, ll, , '.it,'-P' TopgRow: 'A ,- , .N iii., f -V v Q , T- Li :": Not Pictured: V 1 F H, , ., D 'J Q FACULTY-First Row llett to rightl: Halcyon Mendenhall, Margaret Remy, Frances Potter, Helen Notllce, Louise Padou, Jennie Dea Moton, Mrs, Marllyn Moneyhun, Mrs. Marcia Miles, Sharon Parrett, Shirley Par- rett, Rosemary McGuire, Mrs. Ettie McDougall, Mrs. Ethel Mclntosh. Second Row: Marion Overmon, Ralph Minniclc, Robert Malay, Irene Mc- Lean, Mary Elizabeth Moore, Lorena Phemister, Mary Marshall, Edna Male-vi Anna Porlcer, Margaret Peterson, Edward Madinger, Houston Meyer. Third Row: Walter Reagan, Joseph Powderly, Clarence Rosell, Don Patterson, Wallace Potter, Helen Pearson, Robert Ottutt, Mable McHugh, Mrs. Joan Persell, Donald Miller, Ernest Medcalte, E. V. Ruther' tord, Russell Sands. Top Row: Paul Myers, Burton Malott, Charles Maas, Lewis Pence, Richard Peeler, Robert Mehl, Ivan Moreman, George Mihal, Sy Perszylc, Mrs. Ermal Monninger, Werner Monninger, Richard Orton. Not Shown: Betty Manstield, Mary Maillard, Irene Rhodes. Y-L kill?-'s.A EOR THE annual tall tea in Stuart Hall Tower, honor- ing new members on the taculty, the gorgeous centerpiece tor the table was a horn ot plenty and orange candles. RETIRED TEACHERS ASSOCIATION-First Row llett to rightl: Irma Bachrnan, Mrs. Edwin Balmer, Helen Murray, Emily McCullough, Olive Beclnington, Lucille Hubbs, Grace Bryan, Lyle Harter. Second Row: Clara Ryan, Edna Nowland, Louise Sturdevant, James Shannon, Mrs. Lillian Harrison, Edwin Balcer, Adaline Barnett, Nettie Gilmore, Olive Traylor, Mrs. Arthur Hottman. Third Row: Mrs. Jacob Jones, Arthur Hotlman, Mrs, Geraldine Moorman, Zila Robbins, Mrs. Milo H. Stuart, Mrs. Ann Smith Kessel, Clarrisa Morrow. Top Row: A. C. Boren, Jacob Jones, Charles Brosey, Roy Matthews, Herbert Kessel, Al Lagernann, Mrs. H, H. Anderson. THE FACULTY HONORS OUR EXCHANGE TEACHER A12 T. 1 lil-: 'if- :1,.Q' IN THE receuwnq lane ot the COfTE'E' Hour whrch tht Lonquoqe deportrne-ntqOvetQr Mr,Unf1 Mrs. HG-n nnony, Mr. Chorles Mortln. Veltrup ore Mr. Anderson, Mrz. Anderztian, Mft. eltrup, Mr. Veltrup, e-change teacher horn Gi-ff the Veltrups. MISS ADALINE BARNETT, torfnerty 0 Tonquoqe teacher, pours ot the Cottee Hour which honxrf Io EACJLTYV -First Row att it rri1htTfMrf.GiJ-15,2 Tynjurt Mr, XNnhH Ward-gr M,S1t. Arthur Lqrdrn H,-rnrrih Ve twr IJ S12 C :yur C - r N': Swing: -1-,-Jn:-"it Tire, Jane Strmn Mafgqrue Srjhfg-jh Marr ,n H-Jrr, Sultnjn Nt-hn M,VVnrtA- W.1'rr111 Tretini-f ,W fn S"f -"1-r , "f TVN: ri". Viv, SM Edrfh Sr .er Mrl. Dorirtny Vnn Brwt Mr, Wmhe E:1rtTerf-, Fred L. Wr1,r'n Pf"'r"wt Sw,-n in K :V SJ'--.Top Row: Lt, 'NJ L- S- Lgrxfn XNhrtrnrr,,- Etrnu Suthvan A.'T'lt"?'rw-1 V. f1.Whet5t+ntiA, ltnei Stni-fnukr,-r Paul V-Qfxt Hur", Sf 'J " W 1 Surzzw. Second Row: ' Wrw,in Frmd Tobrocko, Dorothy Stoeh- Rntph Wit.ert'n I-lc1rfH Sta-wart A, C. Vqr Ar-und "L ,N 91 1' Eng- ,' Tm'-1 ' Ly Q lun Ergrieq Shgf. Mr-s,Eh1oh'?thStf?phQn, PJUN tN3dtiwi1h, S'JfWU','i SLVVTI- Jn!-f Inter Hur- ri W 5 " ' 'Hn' wN.- A 'lX'l1N"'E' 3 NVj iq.-.uri fVTV.C'lVf'1WTl9'IU Mj1r,r,1r'- Vvht Nfrrrnnn Sfhnf'-udp-r, Not Pictured: Eirfnr-rig 'rn 1-'M ' 'vN11'f-' Vt 1'-4' S' 1.-. 3 'Ei' VV 'T1J'Y' RN, Third Row: SEC Li, Siiftifi Ext-in Lww Sf-' ,. T 5 I Q h Y 2 f 1 . E ' -. 'ffm ,511 W ,4 Kqai 6 Ill" "1 X. JL 1 'I IJ: 'iz' Q0 WE INTRODUCE TO YOU OUR 35 SENIOR OFFICERS, OUR SEVEN SPONSORS, AND OUR 808 CLASS MEMBERS SPONSOR ROOM I90 SPONSOR ROOM I53 SPONSOR ROOM I95 SPONSOR ROOM 5 SPONSOR ROOM 300 90 ki 03 9 T? KEITH B. BAILEY BARBARA A COLEMAN M. ANN BOBO JAMES E, BURKS ROBERT E. BERRY MISS MONA WOODWARD President Vice-President Treasurer Se-cretcuy SSIQGQIH-QIAAYUES Sponsor DAVID D. DAGWELL BARBARA 'EL DUKE RICHARD H. DAVIS KATHRYN DELLINGER NICKI I. FARLEY MISS FRANCES KINSLEY Pxesxdlem Vnce-Pzesidem Treasurer Secrefmy S9IQe0IU'C1f'AYm5 W' Sponsor . 1,aQf- l .336 n an JAMES I. I-IAWKINS JUDITH E. GILSTRAP JAMES C, I-IIRSCHY ANN HARGER DONALD E. Presmd-ant ' V1ceAPzes1dent Treasurer Secreiary SGIQGOHPGI- . MISS EDITH ALLEN Sponsor . HILL Arm' PIIILLIP A. EONFS RUTH ANN LOUDERMILK JOSEPH C. KURZ ALICE J. KEHLING LARRY G. MC MANUS MISS LOIS SINK Pwuzden! F Vnce-Presmdent Treasurer Secretary Sergeant-ot-Arms Sponsor CP' ROSS Il MEYLH KAYE E. NORLE THOMAS E, REDICK EVONNE J. PARKER BILL K. REALEY M155 ALTA WELCH P:-mden! Vme-President Treasurer Secretory Sergeant-cl-Arms Sponsor SPONSOR ROOM 7 SPONSOR ROOM 6 he .4 fi! CHARLES L RIPPY BARBARA ROI Of lxI.H JEIHHY C RISK li PAIHICIA RUSH H HOIHQHI whlflfill, MISS IRIN! Nivflyi, Plesldenl xrc V P10 nivul fuw .,L-:gn-hu', .,n,1q-,1.:.I !A:1q ll ,.1,,, ,.,,, ff' 95' ,, TY v xx'1 CHARIJIS C' WHH IJAINIL A fVffJNIlQKb JOHN li I'EiIMI'l LINIJI1. H L'.fxH'Jm'uI"I IJAVIIJ W 'v'v:fYlf1FvH'Nff' MLM HMI: Pr--'.n.l1-nt Vnvv Vrnxxd-,-rw! fr'-fn .wgwI.u',' 5.-1,11-0141411 Am. ed-, mr f' pf I Y5ew0'1BoM 6' 16?cL".'L'Zr fp! MEMORIES OF OUR SENIOR YEAR ox W ww 0 X had Ag T , 1 , 1 A Q g' .. .. v.1.1 RFSSA '1!..l 1 l,'. ,V .9 l 'o-'Q 7, Z?- ,F ELI '.lrkxA:x.H.::-Y ' J 11 ?f Wi, ,.,v . fl I . . 1.5. , 1 ' '- ' 'A . A .-. -'- px 1 Q . ., v- X -5 . i ' ' ,......f-5 3 1 QQ C vi 'w-qv l I px iN on .5 MK 5 -3. 4 I l ax if ,.4. 'Q '4' .--1 5.1 'IX' NJ' r -9 1 '43, N'-' AW V i1.f'xikN. 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' '1 .YL . iE'fl-h5- W -' ' Y In 1: L-ff L: -,gf .ht J V 4, M Y ,Q 4: yn v f 7, A-1' -If ,f 1: 'in 4:11 e ., A L 'H fx 'ISN W QP' . -e-3 -.. dx ,,,, fQ :Ml , CPT FCEH 2 ,,.1 ,,, ,,. ,, '1lm.,..N. , I. f , I 1 I ... In-ef ,f--'sv 'uf X' XMI W QQ 'TT 'BV ' rf' I 2: my A N W .K I Avfgkz EATING LUNCH WITH OUR FRIENDS If: 1? i Q2 'NT ,L V Iymx .IQ '11 ., s,5.rn "V fuf. 4 ' ,1,j.g 1 V fp, 3 'in- 3 N., F, ca- iff' 'rf' 5 af-ww 059' IM., I .. , I I I, ws-fIr I m I 'wr I,.,. I wi, w, .mfm Hp ' lv QUITYIM j 'xv QQ! -.Q I TIICYV u N 'ff PAH 4. ,M-'V-J INIU I3 gf is I i 1 , I P'1I,1-ON I. , - Wh. X X 0 I 1 I I Qi ., ' Wflill I f1lYl'I' HIHTIA I U XM. 1 rn 15, - ' Wkvwx N5 'T PTF? 137 Q2 R THOSE MORNING RIDES TO SCHOOL D V A , LD ,I , J, O xr an 4,196 QM nj n uri f Lf Tfx .3.' 'C A., ,, , - ., ZS.. Affx , x...' , , '. , '- " W! J fret 5 1.4. x-1 '-'Zn ,rr-ri 1 .1 r...,Q r, '.'-, - IMA . N ' 1,0 "Wi SHIRLEY Fl l'7C!'HAI.lJ 'Z A r ..-xi.: I"Tw.R.x ','.-YI' 1!:'KIlI:..' .-x rv QW A,f1w11.!'x .-A: '1 wr.-,. - K ' ' . I . A 1 K-i"W"" T PYWIHI IYHXNP M Iw:3I'f'i'i IU ANN PVN'I'l'! .wk fl' T Vx'NVU'K A lf'O'f3'l'l'l5 TEAIQBAHA ll !UH.L'l CENT W VOUTS 'ai' 71 O., -,1,,b .K ..I W , TANKS PPTLK 3 'VX Nl-0 gi Qui xx V'ix'If'f 9'5x"'KiVlVE "'RI.i'?Q3 I FPANZ !'xNN.3. il VIHFVEFTICK FLOHTJ I E:,LE 'Ll-ORCH f. PPIEEEERG DONFUTW 1. FREEMAN RT RONALD C GAEHTNER .IANICE L GALLION ng- THINI1' 1' fl!-?lFI'2l EUQVWE T.5xh"llSON IMIPJXY H CIXRFQISON SHIRLEY L GATES GEORGIA M CHS YVONNF C CUVFOTKI' A THE IMPRESSIVE "PASSING OF THE TORCH" C3 W I Q5-T? QQ, Gro: pal '32 T'- "' Q' 445 lk K v r A' -fs W - R ENOS L OOIJWIN DAVID L CSOTAY Iwo FHZTTL 'A V I BIITTY ICU f'i1AF,1-'1' LOBIIRT C GHAMST, THOMAS W, GRANNTS CAROL L GRAY KAY D CRAY Y' 3 7 12' 4.1 1rr'l:':x' r--- ' - NCHA! I-Hw ., ,... .-. .. . MIST. W . 1' N J-:K 94. IQ, ,eg 2 -'4 ,-vw K- I 5-Qu 'A ' ' AA I - Q 3 ! 5- v- RW 's .0 'f , hAHBARA ' Hi 'k 1 iUZAEE TH . Hur f 'TX ,,.N4'q""' I -J T Q7 - J ,J '- 157 THOSE BRAIN-TEASING SCHOLARSHIP TESTS 'T Ting mfg' !,': as . lab 6 wj pw: S WFS 15 u S7145 A " af! 'I I ix. 'v qs: x - x BETT gf: 57 I , J' I . - . 1 5 . I C Q 'Q' Q Q, 3 NOW . .- I Q A., -af.. -1 A 6 aw, ,,-ig ' I I I I' Q 1 I' 'H 'I A J ' fp I "' I V S It I 1 6 .xl Y x n 'K is I I lg M ks? uf in 'Sf . mm , e1'sv:w. rmrs,'u' 1, es-mx: f ,TIHACIQ IlI,I,I,N mwiw JOHN 5. IIUAIIII Jmwus Ii 1101-:LL5 WILLIAM II 1Ic,,I1nN1:'1"1' JAMES E, HOLDER ,WF J' s: .af "" 'ff .. Ziff fi J . f, KBERNELL E, HOLLAND HELEN J, HOLMES RICHARD A 1IOLIv'IF5 JERRY SUE HOOVER PAUL K HOOVER SHARON D IIOPP ROBERT R HOPWOOII AF' 2 vm! 3 1 WJ' Qfgjv- T I 'f gs' gli, 5 X 59? i SUSANNE E, HORNING MARILYN HOUGHLAND SHIRLEY A. HOUSTON CONCHITA K HOWELL CAIIOLYN IVI HUBBARD, FREDERICK D. HUBBARD JULIA A. HUDSON 770, T4 fW R741 'ia M CHEERING AT ouR EXCITING GAMES L, MM "' 2, 'sw f ,MII I '.,,p I f6"f"J 'W 5' W4 fs: F 'fi f::, .le f- iii "JI-IfIfI .. if , 'II If'-.CII IIIIV1' EYII.IIAIvI LLf"I'JAI'I1 IIIJVI J'II.I.IAIvI LVIIIS IIIIIII ALICE J IIULIIIILL MARIIIA IVI IIUGIIL25 DONNA J HUMPHREY bf- I, :str 53 SL! 433, ' ',.- ' Wm. ,LIIFJ '.'. . " JAP-75.5 I. IIIJIJEE IQARBARA L, HINIIZ JERRY I. IIlJSIfR JANET L, HUISON DAVID IQ HUTTON JOHN E, HUYBERS 0 I vw- y uv JAMIQ: P iI'x'I-ITM" JANET L. ILLY WILLIAM R IMIQI, LINDA LOU IIVILAY C. SUE INMAN SANDRA S, IRELAND DONN R. JACKSON -IM gas. -.5 " '."'l'-. 'Il EE fi.-Ill . '. QW . '. '3 w"TfI W Q' 0? 5 11 V' "" YP' ' L Xe if DKK A 1 QQ- -'sac Y-'34 J 1 , . Y:- fi I U if-EAN 0 SAYING "CHEESE" FOR SENIOR PICTURES X557 I I I EV W ' ' "TH W " -L, of ,I ig ' S QQ! .qw- W if 35 I CAP. El A nr-4 Y vi QA J x X ia TAMES V L wks W SPORTING OUR NEW SENIOR RINGS xt, H11 JOTHY T LA 'OH 1 J LONI Ik AX FLNC BAPBRPA 'LP H POSRLYF I L TAPI PNUHRN NANFY ff- lf. ' Q0 iQ f I pf'-II 1-C' "7 -1 .'. , Y .J V . l 1' I I INT I I ,I II Il 'J " XN f ff 7 1 THE FUN OF TRADING SENIOR PICTURES Twjn fx Llgl I X Nb ef 'E' ,QRLJII -lqpf . 1 W T7 xgvlf " 1 n ag f' .,, - 1 Mi 'L V, a ' S If f ' !iI' L . I RONAID G. MITIQK LLOYII I1 MIQRRILI. BARBARA ,I MIUISIION VIRGINIA G IVIIIURIIR IIOLUIIIS MIDDLETON Quan' -. ad' JAIVIFS IVI NIILILS CAROLYN S. IVIII.I.ITR vi' fob- fi? I W' 1 s-.1 E DAIII, J 'VIII VI. ,ILII'ILwC'N i' IIiII:I'I'I IVIIIHIOEXII. I I'III,I,IfH N.'W.NC'Y ', fvEIuII7I5 I':'xTRI1f'IA I IUIII .LV ,IEIIIMI Ig Ii i'IIE.,l IVIIXITCAG-lI,I ,IA MOIII 'UQAI YZF' In-1 NW, ., Agp IIARLES I MOODY ALBILITT IVIOORIT JACK I. MOORE WIIILIBSI I' IIIOGRE IVHUIY R I'?I"IIifZIXN RALPII I' MCIRVIS DlXI?RIfI.I. IJICITRQISON. ! S :Vw 3. FZ OUR DAZZLING, COLORFUL SKETCHBOCK EFX D 0 In Q as-' Ia , I ar' sf :fi x" V' il ! . I E4 6 'X I I!1.7.I . I II HIIIII I I MI' IL TIER I '11 VSV- ' "I IEII 'Hb I'A'IIILlf'I,'- JI, "-IIQIYI, IW-I. . VI lv I is vf.f ':':Ifr. 345 Qi .. I I I ,I Q m 65 I - fwa -- .Nur , F . IHS' I I A' I'-T! ff.. ' -'N' '-I'1'I'I:P1 ITF 'EE IfI'?'I'I,I. f3l'IIVIII ,I IFI'III'IIP.'IAN IXII-JNfI NI' IIITFISTFII IVIIXIRY I III I.'I,If4fWN 41' sd X""..T' ' : " I1.I'I,I1I Q '. 75" 5--.- 'Nl' 'f'I!I'Il,f4 IIOHIIIYI A NIU-'IAN THOMAS I NIIIIVIAN CARI, NIIRNIFINN SARAH H, NIX REX IQ F'IJfII?II" 'r J? BP Wai 1 +-I ir' 1 Qfm fl fi Ji BEING MEASURED FOR OUR CAPS AND GOWNS VUL 151 if Sv 9659 ""'e,f fa, 1' ' 12 v ' ,f Xu. and Yr S-V , I . f I x, .. A X 4 - - fn 'J y 5' ' W. Lf.,-ff ff ,JB f 41. DOROi"'. , QJVYIS HERE .' PLLQVIQQ HICHEHV Q MMD JfXIv'lilS i' F11'i.fuJYL'I'I1 RUNI IHITTIG CARL Q RICE ROBERT E RICHARDS 3 svw BEXJYL,I'.,,! .K PTXTHEY RONAIYD li I,!C5iE'x' CIfC'II.V lb TQIIFY YJXRVTY C RISK S. LEA ROARK CHARLES HOBERSON FLORA MAE ROBERSO1' RICHARD uf GQELERTS BARBARA ROBINSON JI-IRODIIE BDDENBARGEH MILTON A ROE RC1SETl'Kx F11 ROCKIES WILLIAM E HONK DAVID E. ROSS 3f QQ -fo wmv wx fi 1.--f Q..-f, 5- -35 f T'Fx'VY" ' 1 L MUUSP KFMHJETTT F, ILC"-,VET F'JOI'EI'vI3N P FROWH WIAMTHA M, l.QV.'I,ANLD ROEiiE'L'I' T1 PLCTWLS GEORGE I RUDBECK 421 Q ggi mf' THE BULL SESSION FOR THE BOYS 'ln -par 9159 ,lv-f if .L -'I1.lzm,N1f. 'Q w+1L!LF i'VHi'V'J' 'f,Y'T'lLH.1 VKFSCIMIF. A . 1E,Vi,H RLBFCCA if'AP.i,CUliUllCI1VELIVIA . SCHAKEL P-X 1 CO4 A 1 X V--waisf. '5 :c'H:.mfr Pminu s.Cw f.'!fgxicsumr :fn sc-HEADER K1m.f.':1'H SCHREINER DON G, SCHWIND x A L,T.Pi1'xn.l v .4,'1nl'f' HOHLITI' 4 N' DVI' 1.'.'1'-. I,-'L 'E ' ,g,H'4Ff1 .'.'iw Wx 'K 1:-'f I-1 I V.: gl I J Tl MIMJN in-'r " 11,"xTQP.ifIX .lwfg SHAHUIQ A SHE' FY 'I?.HAl1f .wiH'PF'f'xRD PAULINF 'J '3Hii-.MON Jf4.1'XJIN' " X X . ,, 'wh 'fI'.I' . JN.. H LM., - IA NIH D5 Ti ' L, KT,I1'Il '-H.l,T'm :Tl .1 V MARJORIE SHIPLEY Xv- 'v ll if v. T? , Q Q6 ,,.,, lk-1 THE COLLEGE TEA FOR THE GIRLS vi-4 2, 4- -.. -gs, .rn Lag. H4 jf X. - 1 N' Tl Rx K I If -O 5 gc. 'wr ' 0 - 5 TP, 1-0' T ""7 l if X . ,cf 32 73 mln 1 FIIIH ks! sr nlf BIIVKJQRY' - I x L YIXPKH DOW IIA Q ' HM AN PYIN EP I ' W Nm sms ' uMQ N'C' T-uf 2 6 PJU . 1. 'x . :ull H" nu p""'1 gl 1 ,. -- - .. ..4,, V,.. . , V..- I-1'x.w ' .f " Hffxfzl x .. Uh J rvrm' "4 , !.- , Hff-H IW-'1P.iNVW ' THE EXCITEMENT OF HONGR DAY 25' -gf: '33 i l 5 Y", N ' 1 X x I I - ,f xxx ., Af. ,- ?i i a,,lN O 'X -l 3 ,.-f Ax W'- ,-.'x.1 of 0 'J .,,.f MMI' ,. 1 I,,M,:1:,,1 1: W .. , ,311 l.,.,.u ' 1 P,mu-- ', L QDAVIYZ' '.".Ri,'H!.I' lm R T. 'E ....1.n.i,.! .1 "-1' .,r,. . .Q r..,'-. . .m:141'- " Q S rf' N Asa 1 x , sy K-7 ., ..,...,, .P " N V I 4. BEVEQHLY J '.'.'FxI?Ef k.l.IZABIITH 'LAI 4 JAN! T JJ M '.'..'x,1IN 25.7 Pl'x"Ml A 5. 5 .'.fX IW' E' F ,. d I. wa.. .. x: 3, 5- 'YN' -29' WI .1 r.. 9 ...a ' 8, Q-- 4 1 f :JT EAWPE.. fi 111.5 I' .' Q"'l gf L. 7 JAMLS P '.'.'.fsI.XI'Ii RONALD I' WALMIII PHILLIP E WALSH CHARLES G WALTER GLORIA C WALTON JOHN H WALTON CATHERINE WAMPNER -y- THOMAS 'E WAMSLEY NANCY E WARD RONALD K WARD LINDA L. WARNER BETTY R WARREN RONALD E. WARWEC PINKIE P. WATERS aff? 5 A 'T by SIGNING THOSE "STACKS" OF YEARBOOKS , f N , l XVI xI-iq av E 5. Wi: .1 www- --A 0- 3 f-' .qu 'il 1115 v-f, INIS Q 'NAIKIN5 NORMA R V.I.'F.'I'KIN5 RONALD E. '-'I'AI'KINS JAN WEAKLEY VAL J I.'I.'EAKI.EY KENNETH E WELTY HENRY A, WERKINC 1: Q6 E-I 1 9, v. ? E CHAPLL 'IHITF EITEL I' WIIITE JERRELL R WHITE 4156 X ff RONALD W WHITE KENNETH R WHITNEY SANDRA L WICKES .- i ft-1' al :I 5- 3 ' -as-1 "s-' .rg 48 I 2 5 I . 7 Q' S1 THEODORE O '.'-'IIQSE' JERRY G WILDNIAN E JOHN '.'VILLEII1I JAMES S '.'v'ILI.IAMS SHARON S W 6-Ten 6' '4' . if f: Rjifli., .. ' QILIS BRUCE H '.'.'II.5CN DORA M WILSON HUBERT E, WILSON IO8 LARRY DAVID WILSON MARJORIE R ILLIAMS WARREN P WILLIAMS 1 WILSON MAX GERALD WILSON vu! 1 NN"!::' AAIIIII '.'JII'lI'Iw'IIZLjiZII 5I'I.I'IIANNII. WISTTIIN CAIIOI, I. WOOD CIIARLIIS I Woof: FRANK I' WOOIJS 'IHOIVIA5 M '.'.'f -IJII N IFLNNIH I .'.'. 'I 3 al! 20 gi Y Q IVIYIIA I, '.'.C,E'l' NOIIP-IA I. I.'.f',JII'I'II ELIZABETH A WRIGHT MARY I5 WRIGHT MERLENIJ R WRIGHT' MARGIIQ '1'ARI'Ff'1 I -or-4 '-cf, THESE ARE OUR O DANIEL YOUNG SIIIRLISY A, YOUNG KFLII5 II KPRQN DANCING UNDER THE STARS AT OUR PROM J QS I9 X - ifffiil ,J as 'V Il. M JAMIE' -' . AUGUST SENIORS III A WWW Ri. 'J 1-sr J. MICHAEL ADAMS CONSTANCII BAILEY PAYE B BLANTON DONALD P, BOLTON JERRY G BOTSCHELLER LEROY E, BRYANT X -A t E' MAHIAM 1. coffin ROSALIIL CRUTCHI'IFI,I7 PAULA DAVENPORT EHNHSTINH M FENTZ MARVIN L GARARD ooncmv amy, I-P P MARZELLA GROSS NANCY HASTY FRANK A. HILL ADDIE M JENKINS DONALD I. KI'I'I'S RICHARD C KI.EII'CEN 1' sinh- I 5 PAUL Iv CHASTAIN .fi LAL MAX .'. 'LE .jx Z' Q.- 2 .14 RICIIAPI3 If ICFYISI, G25 i rut: JUDITH A LOCKETT CAROLYN A. MARKER HARRY NBER THOMAS C. NELMS JORDON I.. PEITCOFF ROBERT POLAND CAROLYN S. PLUMMER GF DEANNA PRICE DONALD W. SCOTT MARJORIE SHIPLEY EVELYN STEPP HoL1.11: o. suoos Rom L SCQGGINS LILLIAN 1. THOMPSON I ! .. JOAN TWYMAN CHRISTINE WALKER BETTY JEAN WHALIN JAMES J. WI-IITAKER JOHN R. WHITNEY CLASS DAY COMMITTEES--First Row lleft to rigl'1tl:Deann Haiselup, Joan Epperson, Robert Rowls, Franlc Guudone, Potrucuo Wagner. Second Row: l-lazel Tamney, Margie Gabbert, Margaret Moir, Walter Gres- lcamp,Tl'1ird Row: Wnllodean Oliver, Helen Peters, Helen Brooks, Thomas Parson. Fourfh Row: Donna Stoelt- ung, Dennls Worrell, Judntlw Boilne, Katherine Baloarogiclw. Top Row: Leroy Le-verson, Tom Low, Jolwn McCroy. fb'-. '5- na ROBERT R. WHITNEY CHARLES T. WOLFLA 5? J' :in . IIO ,LJ-5 'X 7 ., r ,F . 4466 ,I At 1 I ...-.2 .lutoi PHILLIP Jones OwOitS his turn os Ann Horqer tnes out tor ior Commencement speoker, o coveted honor whuch Ann Nfn IT WAS A PRQUD doy for sensors when they receuved then closs colors, ond it wos surely o proud doy tor Borboro Huser when she wos chosen to pin the colors on Principol Anderson SENECP COMMITTEES-First Row lieft to rvghtl: Ronokd Meek, Koren Judrth Hoegerly, Wnklnom De-Mnchveh. Fourth Row: Kltty Lesh. P J Ntcnit Llfdu Wtdrner, Ann3 Neumelster, Stephen Behkmer, Jome-3 Mwkes, Hossek, Corokyn Shook, Cothleen Kelty, Wondta Barnet., Bc-.fc-ru, Vvnz Chr -2 Moody. Second Row: Preston Judson He-ken Floke, Lindo Wta4n- Donna Kwnq, Fifth Row: Beverly Foster, Norma Lniol Sue Awhqr J, 2 if Je PJ Hefmzn Cuff? ke Thomas. Keltt' Steakhouse. Third Row: Theo- Smuth, Jonme Bonnet, Alma- Hu1hei.Top Row: Wohda Pifif-f T1"i- W'-5-le Jlmes Clif Borrow Huie' -koik Hu-ev, Judith Enyart Sihmudt, Norman fry P .F,,-,.,,- - ,. ,J ,n I. X a 7 I. C5 'Q , . MEMBERS OF THE TECH LEGION ARE PROUD TO 9 9? Y l AX! TECH LEGION-First Row llett to rightl: Captains Kitty Leslie, Dennis Wcirrell, Martha l-lughes., David Dagwell, Ann Harger, Richard Davis: Co-commanders Margie Gabbert, Keith Johnson: Captains Sandra Lee Maier, Gerald Steinlrer, Gretchen Gutlcnecht, Anna Neumeister, Theodore Wiese, Daine Zveinielrs. Second Row: Mr. Charles Martin, founder and ipcinsorg Donna Stoelting, Jerry Peity, Judith Stratton, Thomas Rediclc, THE RECENTLY named members ot the Tech Legion be- I came acquainted as they chatted "over the teacups' at a reception on October 25 in the Student Center. Carol Sulgrove, Richard Reid, Hazel Tamney, John Smith, Lois Thompson, Earl Snellenberger, Elizabeth Vernon, Janet Waggoner, John Trimpe, lnis Watlcins, Jerrell White, Mary Ellen Wright, David Aldrich, James l-lirschy, Miss Mildred Corrie. Third Row: Principal H. H. Anderson, Alice Kehling, James Holder, Jane Kraus, Jack l-luey, Martha Lou Loyd, Phillip Jones, Norma Lucas, Preston Judson, Norma McCallip, Raymond Kriese, Linda We remember how thrilled 83 members ot the senior class were when, on Qctober IO, they were introduced to the school as mem- bers ot the Tech Legion, our honor society tar those with the highest number ot merit citations received during their three underclass years. Only IO per cent at the boys and IO per cent ot the girls in the senior class may wear the green and white bar which marlqs a person as a teen who has possessed attributes at good citizenship and qualities at personal worth which have been recognized by his teachers. BELONG TO OUR MOST COVETED HONOR SOCIETY APFEI W MW Fur! Mgr M If QE CR9 Ono Thaw anti ow pr rg rc mfln s rw S uort ON DP Q'-HQ ER EV H he P TA membprg os Q Q 'He everwwq of October 3, t I Ox IO 0 om Q co Dqp ouuoorwcg ron erfmfe an Uv G ww. 'He NVQ' n w I955 DR. HENRY G. White had the sermon tor Vespers Sunday atternaan in the Gymnasium with the Tech Chair furnishing the music. CNE OF the really tunny stunts at the Senior Day program last spring was the chorus line at laays in ballet dresses. SPRING THESE BUSY WORKERS ARE THE BACKBONE CF TECH To comprise the bockbone ot our Tech ore three little-known, little-proised, but most necessory groups: the coteterio, the custocliol, ond the Bookstore stotts, who moke it possible tor our school to operote so etticiently ond etlectively. When we enjoy the beouty ot o well-lcept compus, when we sit in on orderly clossroom, when we eot our lunch eoch doy in the lunchrooms, ond when we purs chose supplies ot our Bookstore, we ore enjoying the services ot these peop'e. iiwnu HUIIIUINY ' N ,.. ,, I --'. vu H...-.i..,. 1--nu. .:v..Lf.' i -7 1 LTI TWC OF our forty-eight member coteterio stotl with Mrs. Elizobeth Ross, monoger, ore Mrs. Esto Porsley ond Mrs. Angie Cleorwoter. MR. QLIVER Clorlc llettl is our etticient Books store monoger who hos os ossistonts Mrs. Vlfilmo Durhom ond Mrs. Loverne Stewort. REPRESENTING our custodiol stott ot 47 members ond our seven engineers ore llet' to rightl Corl Schooley, corpenter' Emerson Emery, heod engineert Edword l-lomilton, heoci custodiont William Sowers ond Jomes Moylon compus coretolcers' ond Sgt. Forrest Allison. .L H wx.: 3 'Q-9 'ff ,L fi-"'N'w A , A, MA Safufe Qui' .fgcluerfirierm Through the Southwest Entrance Window of Treadwell Hall. .xx Four thousand seven hundred teen-agers salute the firms Whose advertisements helped make this yearbook a reality. ff v " I D . 'Qi' . VI WJ N ,, V7.5 r xi Q .I . .1 -.lugfh e X ,- gg J , -f i I I 0- R 5 . I - A Normon Bormes cmd Virginict Sorver enjoy looking ot the display of photographs os they wctit to have their pictures taken. IF 1T'S CASUAL on FORMAL- WHATEVER YOUR STYLE, COME 'ro DEXHEIMER'CARLON- WATCH THE Braun: AND SMILE. 'I' i' 'k lexkeimer - Ewan 'I' 'k 'A' IIIIWNIUWN SIUIIIII UIJII ILLLIIW BUILDING He has a ring on his finger, And belles af his foes. He's proud of his jewelry, Wherever he goes! ir ir 'lr 'lr Charles B. Dyer Co, Inc 234 Massachusetts Ave. Me 4-5734 "HoW's this?" Steven Beeker asks, as he and Betty Warren select the senio ' g . Your suedes will look fine When you fake them fo Sporfsman's For the speediesf service, lf's fhe best in our fown. l9 SPCRTSMAIXVS CLEANER DRIVE-IN-SERVICE I5 NORTH STATE STREET ME I-8232 "Can you remove that spot?" asks Larry Deuser as he points to an ink spot on hts suede jacket. For that dish of ice cream Thaf's filled fo the brim, Stop af Kruger's Korner, With that very special him. KRUGER'S KORNER E. 20th lBrooksideJ at Dearborn St. One-Stop Shopping Center Complete Prescription Service Me 8-3261 Alt 1 q d y t school Iudith Ann Cone and Suzanne Clemons stop 1 K l f eshinq soft drink, served by Iames Colbert. lf you're Toofhpick Tim, Or Sixteen Tons, You'll get a perfect fit Ai Skeffingfon's. For Your Senior Prom Suit Go To Skeffington's Tuxedo Rental Inc. 245 N. Pennsylvania Street Me 4-1583 When Iunior and Senior Proms are in the offing, it is time to be fitted for formal wear, as Stanley Stuart and David Wilmer well know. 4 FOR THAT SPECIAL PARTY WHEN THINGS MUST LOOK RIGHT CHOOSE FLOWERS FROM GRANDE FOR A TOUCH THAT IS RIGHT rtsfi 0 I 2401 W WASHINGTON ST 8 I I 9 . . Ianet Scrivner knows that her flower arrangement will be just right becau e it came from Grandes - fwfr , .su--ig,,..' , ll ll Seven up for 7 UP! Drink if from the bottle, Or from the paper cup, You'll agree that if's the besfg If's refreshing 7 Up! G YOU LIKE IT-IT LIKES YOU Seven Up Bottlers 8: Distributors 651 East Twentieth Street even up for 7 Up are Darlene Barnett, Phillip Biemer, Norma V. th David Carli, Katherine VVr1qht,iamcs Cox Iames Currons. '7 r' I 1 t "I Q- Piggy's full of pennies And heavy as a fank Take if io Shelby Savings, lf's fhe finesf place fo bank. 'ir 'A' ir .SQFQCJ j00lel"!1K .SiwfngJ ann! ofoan .X4JJOCiClfi0I1 njivy mugv Juzffng muy - jAz'y nzulu' Jlllillg Mafia" 1447 Shelby Street A Indianapolis 3 1V1e 5-1503 Luann Mottier, Ianice Pedigo, Wanda Fleming, and Renee Wise are ready to r b th ir piggy b nks to deposit th Savings i fer pl FUR THUPHIE5 UF DISTIIXIIITIUN The i IN D I A N A P 0 L I 3 III, mf aff HEHFF-JUNE5 1Ir1Ir'!r'k DESIGNERS AND MANUFACTURERS or HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE JEWELRY GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS MEDALS, CUPS, AND TROPHIES itti' 1411 N. Capitol Avenue Indianapolis, Indiana ME 5-5514 BLUE PRINT 8. LITHOGRAPH CO., INC 600 E. OHIO ST- INDIANAPOLIS DRAWING MATERIALS TEE SOUARES DRAWING BOARDS TRI-ANGLES DRAWING PENCILS DRAWING INSTRUMENTS DRAWING, TRACING 81 CROSS SECTION PAPERS BLUE PRINTS, PHOTOSTATS ' REPRODUCTION PROCESSES PHOTO-OFFSET LITHOGRAPHY Qefcuuare jfoalfer' ,SDAOIQ ir ir ak Roses are red, Violets are blue: When flowers come from Delaware, Sl1e'll be all for youl FLOWERS THAT LIKE TO BE COMPARED 2922 N. DELAWARE STREET "lt is lovely," exclaims Ianet McLoughlin as she look her delicate pink camelia corscxqe which Tom L h l d h D 1 Fl Sh p FOR YGUR CAREER "Come to Life" If you are tired of toil and strife, Ancl want a better chance For your career, just come to "LIFE," In a new job you'll advance. L I F E Employment Service 129 East Market Street, Suite 1217 Indianapolis 4, Indiana A H rger discusses career opportunities with Mrs F Sing a song of perfumes, Of candy and of gum. Sfop in af Heid's drugstore Where business really hums. ir'k'k Heiil liut Hate Drug Stare 4001 E. Tenth St. ' FL 9-2382 There's never a dull moment tor Ralph Heid who enjoys arranging displays in his iather's drugstore. 4' W 1 The next dance will be lovely, They know what to wear For at Crown their formals Will receive extra care. GD Laundry and Dry Cleaning Prompt Pick-up and Delivery Service Convenient Drive-ins 2901 E. Washington Street ME 7-3331 6122 E. Washington Street FL 7-1398 lOl. Ann Helen and Kathleen DeFrees know that they can depend on Crown to clean their formals so that they will look like new. To plan for the future Can be loads of fun If when you buy a house Almost all the Work is done. L,.Q BRUCE SAVAGE COMPANY REALTORS 625 Circle Tower Main Oitice-ME 2-8571 East Side Office-FL 6-7254 Sue Ann Thompson and Iudith Bohannon enjoy looking at room plans for homes they may some day own. RICH OR POOR IN RAGS OR SILK YOU NEVER OUTGROW YOUR NEED FOR MILK. iririr MILK FOUNDATION OF INDIANAPOLIS Union Title ' Tech Breakfast Club- Michael Reymcxn cmd Albert Kremilles know that milk is tops to To market, fo market To buy a new bike Home again, home again No more fo hike. iff ' EAST SIDE BICYCLE STORE 4232 E. Michigan Street ' FL 6-0212 lam, Like all boys Michael Alexander and Donald Curtis can't resist wishing for bicycles at Bob Gray's. Kiddies always do their best. They really make things boom When cooking or when serving In a Well lighted roorn. Gardner Electric Co., Inc Industrial ' Commercial and Domestic Wiring First Class Worlcmanship ' Quality Material 2313 E. MICHIGAN STREET Indianapolis 1, Indiana ME 8-5532 Tech pupils enjoy working in a well lighted sewing laboratory, Z M50 your power madoning 1. No reputable merchant can afford to misrepresent his product in any way. 2. Cash prices are much lower than credit prices. Likewise short term credit is much more economi- cal than long term accounts. 3. An old firm with a known reputation for quality is 1002, safe to deal with. Why take any chances? 4. In a reputable store you are always welcome to look without any pressure to buy. After all-there is nothing to cover up. Sipe's Supreme Quality Diamond Rings 540.00 Up SINCE 1884 Charles B. Sipe ATHS Class of 1918 MONUMENT CIRCLE ' NEAR COLUMBIA CLUB INDIANAPOLIS Nancy Coffin agrees with Mr. Eric Townsend that it pays to have a guarantee ot weight, color, and exact degree of perfection when purchasing a diamond. EDUCATION FOR BUSINESS CAREERS I' he courses offered here are definite, specific, effective. They prepare thoroughly and quickly for the higher-level business positions. For Bulletin, visit the school or phone-lVIElrose 4-8337. CENTRAL BUSINESS COLLEGE Indiana Business College Building 802 N. Meridian Street, Indianapolis Earl I-Iopping's I I 14, "2 1 ' J R IM lc t 1 I 4 ega ar e W- -as-mlm:- , HW if 2720 East Michigan Street ,MI A I,Q!LE Jilgjggx 491 R ME 6-0322 Yager pharmacy Bells Pharmacy Store of Personal Service Marvin L. Yager ,49 Self-Service ' We Deliver 1702 East Washington Street 2726 East New York Street ME 8-7455 ME 1-7877 There are many differenf producfs, And all of fhem are fine. 5 We kids who know fhe very besf, rj Q l A Know fhe Borden good-food line! Q- U' U r l v,..,,,,r,.,. ,M ', Carolyn Hubbard and Susie Hartzler listen with interest as Miss Alberta Vail explains one o rden's newer products. "lf H's BORDEN'S H'sGof To Be Good B0RllEN9S We Sqfufe Our Afumnif-The Arsenal Cannon Staff Meeting in the principal's office to select the winners oi the Alumni awards are Mr. Charles B. Sipe. Mr. Bruce C. Savage, Mrs. F. E. Thornburgh, Mrs. David Pearson, and Mrs. W. F. Riggs. No maffer whaf fhe proiecf, No maHer whaf fhe cosf, We can counf on our alumni- For fhem no fime is losf. Meet Uur Staff Phntnqraphers Lasf, buf nof leasf, Are our irusfy phofogs. In our publishing game They're indispensible cogs. Our two Ierrys, Ierry Smith and Ierry Huser, leave St t Hall on assignments lor the Arsenal Cann weekly cl Y b lc. ALL WINTEH LUNG THEY HXWE WIIHHEII WITH U5 1' - .P EACH HAS COMI: TO THE PUBLICATIONS OFFIC Ia THROUGH THE I-:AST MICHIGAN STREET GATE l Our Engravers Our Printer IN DECQ The HOLLENBECK PRESS and and Robert E. Darnaby III Fred Noel' Glenn Munshower Frank Persell Margaret Carey INDIANAPOLIS ENGHAVING CO. P R I N T E R S A N D B I N D E H S 611 North Park Avenue ME 5-5461 122-36 North College Avenue ME 2-8478 Our Photographers O C M k ur Over G ew Our StudentAd Setter Russell Benson SM I T H C . GUNTIS KALNAIS Duncan Scheiclt Gerald Carlon and Ev A Iones Photos Jack K. Bundy Dexheimer-Carlon Bass Photos THE S. K. SMITH COMPANY ?TU2ENT PHONPRAPHERS :N 3 1' - 1" ,emy ,evOI.sOII Severa Spots Shots 2857 North Western Avenue Staff photographers Chicago 18, Illinois Amo lerry Huser and Ierry Smith TU PUBLISH II BUIIH UE WHIIIH WE IIHE PHIIUII. Zj.,f.,.A.,.,L Stuff ' o ' o 1 ? 4 ,F fl..- sho o ' Om ' ' gg 1 U . 4 . N F I F 1 1 I 4 4 I -Q---.-,.. W , ,, -d'i1l-.7-po-If '35, A -Q D.- l' ,I ,-TYQZ1 f-L-Q iq 'ah LE-'J-5 -4-:ff-s -'- -1'7" ' ... - 'C Q5 X Xb

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