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cms W1 'f , ,f 1 UQ QQ ww A f TENNISCOUT '7 'UCOQSQJ' fbggijfgigfigv S S2 KB ' , ' -0--f'x ..-New ""- --Pvc CjfQ?6 PGQ..Q2AwN-'haf 61 3 .f"'5. Cf lga-'xy Q wig. Y' HCfwffXg'W f' ff' U -:N ,,,.. ., yzmr ifwfwzfwvffnvdzyf ii?lEEEfgxiiZ?xY r?fFf7fg?3gf2i:3...... F f i -'1.f7?q 4f..52-iwcfyfj-2-Q 1 S-Sf' D6 J 5. 5 -L, - -gi-,-x....,.::H,....,1.,innan ml-EL ANNEX ,. ,f:fff1f?f:f f?'543ifiQA,??3giQ If Ff in fx? ff-fY2f1 fs ' f -fmfgE'fi'jf ' - ' gjmgg QEQQFIQ . HHH ..... ,... E jjQ3fE?fEfP .gflffj ll l - 5' Q--' '- ' 4. 1 Emwmimm E H f-A ' .r SE' : P Z i i 0 C C lg-Zim WW E.-.--9,52 ff' dLxQiEwFf::-55555 1 -'J .......-,. C X -9 ,ff-f"""-,... ffq,?ffQ:f" f'X :sez-' 'f f? lEEiEi iEl'f- f37 ' Q .4gEE ffffU":: ,f- Cf ir r ,477 :1 . :FF ij Q fag 5511 gf fgff-3E'MUFAf'1 ffwm fr-bfvm mrfwawmagfiivfnn fk fr: ,I '- - .4 53 Cmfifhxfv ff'-I-I.-3 W .5 giiE:?,EfxSiEEEEg:- - Ezgz g?T1s i 'F?g?fj ff? f-L:-Tfwf age: Q3 ' 11 fe JW ff ., '-:'fi- : r...-54.5 ILM- .E-.. y...: G A gi Q 3565 gJ5X T.5GCf'Nm0f, Cf 'W Xa ' , ff? . sm " QR ' 53 513 ' U f ff' - .-rf-..j'f5'i3 aj? all .---- ' , -. - 'EC- f5f3'2 'E aff F' flfff E! '1?J'Qfwvr"sQ'2"j jx SNS C cv Qgfbiff W nik L Q -n l iiffwm of as 'ZW ,1 if V ffkzf p ' -' fx? C3i LWi'?Ql.eQi3f- 2' 7i3 F096 iifl W Q F ? x22s ii fi? 52 Q3 if? KBQQV ' gg i: QE' ' 5 U53 E Q, J f-.- if :: Q 3 L1 "fl 535-?lf'i f'1Jl J" E- if K3 ' rg ig ' P 6A'Hi3 5 my ,. - - ,,-1 --:::-----1 - : .- I WF'-C"'n'3 53 1 ' -. 'aff-Fu ."?uS:,-f -- RX-?-gg! E. 3 Q w - " f , .. .. ,,. I - ., .. L :T-J N,-5.,zI,55,yf ii?-.3, -: if-'1'-I-Zh 3 M, ., ' 52352353 Q ? W Q33 QCP? QQ C' kv f H 'c I ei: + N in Q 1 1 L ,il ,E-1.-,. -..W :A 5: V : , a 3-.'5..-"' ffl' fffffl' ' ' H SNR 52231 we Q XgEESEEEeEEQEEE r im 'WJ 1 ,G .- U15 xx G fnrruy FYCQEE-E215-5 X RQ., gl ff '?-FFT-' rrr img' rrrrrr' my-gi , Q 1 Z.: -ri-I-V IT- :VVVFF rg' -psf Dx -- dv 3 U 41 .. 4-rr 1 FFVV ,rggyi I f 'H 3 ' ? QQ rf I N flix 'N - 1,1 H ..-..-.f--f I , ,, " ' ' ' " j -. , -l- ' :lf . .-.,'.' ,I In "' '- -' .. , ' . 5 1 'Tig-.Q i , - - , K- J ' . Q-JT: ff x .N q 3 4,-51" " I WY 1.1fCJx"?' 3 elwk fa' ' s in .5.-- ggi. .- 5. 1 ., . 'gp 3 , ..-r23- - , ':, T' ' f " ' ' ' f- QQ 1 X 2 07' Hy if Mifiiffw FE ffgg QS, il S 13?-W?ffEVE5F:. 5. A galgi-gif M32-H 2.5459 h l if 1953 RSENAL CANN N Arsenal Technical High School Inclizmapolis 7. Indiana , N 'WWI 'U C ' VC P"'v. Q .. .. 1 X - Y. Xl N ,fx 1 L-JU' I x I aw' 'J' J Alf' N. AX . I Ac gl I ft l v 4 1 ll 42 lu '5 1: , 1 gi l . bis " I , 6 Z l, l 25 11 9 H 'l 7- 1 . 'N 'x nl. wa , 3717 4' - Q F1 7. 5 452' 'fu U'v Nu- O n '4 ,. K. -p O "v-. Q " ' H RW 'Fw sq . ' 1, 1 A .' .4 . -x..-.-- 4 . " . .. , ' Mn ' A " .. ,- H .., .L , , IS OUR TECH . . Qurs is a comprehensive lwiglw school . . .17 We have a variety of activities. . . 33 Students boast ot our senior classes . . . 65 As for teams, ours is tops. . .91 :Qi- 1'1" HIS IS OUR TECH Qurleclw is seventy-six acres ol wooded acres and vvide stretclwes ol lavvn. Ir is lorsytltia, lilacs, pear trees, dogvvood, and redbud in bloom in tlie spring, and gray vvliite barl4 ol sycamore trees gleaming in tlwe vvinter sun. Ir is seven vveatlier-vvorn briclc buildings lilce our Arsenal vvitlt its cloclc tovver, an everlasting reminder ol Civil War days. Ir is tive nevver structures lilce Stuart l"lall vvitln its stone paneled tovver. Ir is tliousands ol liappy boys and girls lwurrying from one side ol our auadrangle to anotlwer in tlwe lengtliy time ol tlwree lwundred seconds, on rainy days dodging umbrellas and iumping puddles. lt is a living,breatl1ing mass ol young Americans, learning to live and to vvorlc togetlwer, a student body vvitlw one goal-to travel tlwe liiglwvvays leading to vvider and briglwter lworizons. lt is a scltool dedicated to tlie molding ol young minds in tlwe Firm beliels ot liumanity, Freedom, and democracy. We leclwites agree tlwat our leclw is tlwe linest lwiglm sclwool in tlne country. UR CHIEF EXECUTIVE Meet Mr. Hanson H. Anderson, our popular principal, a real pal, if ever tlwere vvas one. l-lels cordial, l'1G,S lriendly, nes sincere in luis lil4ing For young people. As he vvall4s across tlie campus lie lwas a clweery greeting For lresltmen and seniors alilce. He seems so youtltful tliat one vvould never dream tltat l'te vvas one of tlte original eigltt teaclters vvlto, vvitlt Mr. Milo H. Stuart, founded tltis vvonderlul sclwool. He is always in demand, no matter vvltat tlte activity: a dance, wrestling matclt, or pep session. A real friend, Mr. Anderson surely is a pal to lwis scltool family. I rn -v A 1 t IW! 1 , 'n . x Y A . UR SMARTEST BRAINS Qur Faculty roster reads lil4e a "VVlio's Who," Many ol its two Hundred and Fifty members, selected lor years ol Uwear and tear," are nationally l4nown artists, writers, and educators. Coming in all sizes, all ages, and all temoeraments, tliey go all out For service to us students. As lor a good sense ol Humor, tliey liaye it, Qlten tliey out across tlrieir ideas by telling a Funny story tltat liyens up an otliervyise dead class. lliey're a wonderful stall ol teacliers. I .f J 0 I .gi n 'D - - z'- fuf -. J. 1. Hin, I MDN : I I I' A 'g v P ,Q s -it stil.. M i. s..,i- v . ang. bln-L- x 'Z l, V Y ,D f . I . . W fi gif jfg: ' ,A 4 L Y 'A 2 1 is iw W I-'W-Q .Q xx JVM 'i UR CHALLENGING ASSEMBLIES With laughter and lriendly chatter vve Five thousand happy boys and girls stream into the gymnasium at assembly time Coming from all corners of the campus vve sometimes thinlc that it's every man lor himsell it vvo are the last ones to enter. But before vve know it, competent ushers have directed us to our seats vvhere vve vvhisoer or talce a last loolc at our next assignment until vve hear the bond begin to play. With that signal tor the parade of Colors, vve stand at attention as a hushed silence settles lil4e a blanket over all. Then vve listen to a challenging program. K lysis I 1 '1 s I I 1' I H+ , 2. . - X 1 5 I . . . 1 "Q 3 3. 5 f . in 2 j O :V . if , .ms , L . 'P 1 - LSD KWQWW gf' V ,. W7 Q ,U A0 X fl xv,-3. , XY' ,,- Q . , '- M ' "Z 4253? ' A 5, X L, 35? W . 1' WP' X f if " f . 5 Q:-M : , , :,gQ,i1jj f S 1 0' ' dl, X.. . - QPU 'E ma.. K ea' 1-., . '+- 'z ,V if-5? 'L '- ' i 3, - 4.-4' .ff if. '15 wyfr-V A' wgf, 7,,!,u iv -X r . 1 ' f- - 4 - "' 'aff'-'43 .L 17' .. 'A ' el ,' . "WT .lt-. A ' N 4 5' s. . . 4 - . Bl 4, 1 ,A Q L. i .ff Q 137 X ff v O 5 AL' I si L Q ll. Q gl '4 YS - I lr rX -an- 'A .X X it Q I l 1 an -!'if""" I ,A 3' .L. T41-sag if? 5? . 'CNR s 2. Q-bww, UR UNSURPASSED STADIUM lhousands ol sports-happy fans iam our huge stadium in the autumn lor thrilling football games with the Familiar cheers and chants lil4e K'We Want a touchdown" and ul-lold that line" Filling the air. It friends lrom other schools are with us, We can't help but brag about our glassed-in press box which lends an air ot distinction to the Field, our two-and-one-halt-mile traclc which is the longest in the state, our beautiful three-story electric scoreboard, equipped with loud speakers, and our Field lights, mounted on six poles, one hundred feet high. Maybe were smug, but we do lilce to boast about our stadium which brings to us so many hours ol exciting entertainment. UR BUSY LUNCHROGMS lt's really a huge tasl4 to satisfy the appetites ol twenty-six hundred starving boys and girls and ivvo hundred and lilty eaually hungry teachers vvho lunch at Tech each day, lor they consume staggering amounts ol lood, not to mention tvvo thousand, tvvo hundred pints ol mill4. But the Forty-tvvo vvomen vvho are pusy lor hours preparing the nutritious meats and vegetables, the delicious salads, and tempting desserts don't seem to mind. With Mrs. Elizabeth Ross, our caleteria manager, they evidently tal4e pleasure in Feeding the hungry hordes, lor, though their day's vvorlc doesn't end until three o'cloCl4, they leave the Campus smiling, We lechites lcnovv that vve are fortunate to have such line serv ice 5 . 5 t i at fiifw v l WE E JOY LIFE ,p Our Student Center is the local point ol xi . T11 ,, ir- I t i Y' , V54 fw countless activities: teas, club meetings, college conferences, and senior council meetings. It the chairs are arranged in rows, we know theres to be a club meeting, but il the table is spread with a snowy lace cloth and set with the silver tea services and lighted candles, with plates ol dainty sandwiches and dishes ol patties on either side, we know that a tea is the order ol events. This Hheart of activitiesfi the home ol our dean ol girls, is the hive ol interest and activity lor busy campus bees. OUR COMMENCEMENT exercises in the Stadium at sunset are breathtaking. lt is a thrilling sight to see six hundred or more green-and-white robed seniors march onto the Field, led by their standard bearer. EACH SCHOOL DAY four ROTC cadets raise and lower the American Flag on the steel pole, located on lished in 1865, the government erected a wooden pole. BARBARA ANN ABSHER, Perry Jones, Jean St. John, IN Tl-lE STUDENT CENTER Jerrold Johnson, Mrs. Martha Nancy Richards, Carolyn Jean Stevens, and Mr. l-lous- Turpin, dean of girls, and Carolyn Babrick plan a party, ton l-l. Meyer spend a period in the Nature Preserve. while Miss Sink, assistant dean, and Miss Mattingly confer. the student quadrangle. When the Arsenal was estalc- V- -"' b Wfffff-f--v.'r:.'-' ww ., '-1 I, Q im. . , S . J , it N L . u nl A l?:rp,'sT 1 ,, .3 X" gf inf: , 'fn' '3','f1 af?" 'Y ' "4" 'ns' ,OA A DI' cis! , '. . ' 'Obi 4- D N, ,s 4. N Q.-I ,YQ 0 .tu -Q . v - 5' ,- , .-Q L we 94 , , 5 . -3- 'Y ev eg J 24, ,Q -f."-Y !:'--f-495' e" J ' i,s5af .rn s.,'-'Jq'.,N- 'f - -ez s x , Q 1' A! 'r 2' r " 4,535 .QEAPTQQ 'U , ,A . ni, 'Y .i:f..f'tl an ' . . gyilf' M -xl ,lx 1- 4 . P "' ' Y' "Y ' ' ' 1' 'o-' '.w.f-.2 -- V . ' -' --' ' iv- ANQ- ,xi lv ' f ,NVQ ' Q ' ""k f ri ' D F'-1.4 5 A '45 ' f V A .5 flkf' W ' A 4 MNC.: X "-Eaffm ., I? .ff',yS0 ' Y Q N01.X, ,f 1-, L , ' it I I5 ',' sing- ba"f"'i'A' N1 fav. -nv' 'H .tvs ' 1-1' w 4 1 579' i L, .1 'Q - 'j 'g 1, .- rs, .K wg. nfghlfgzlgyv X- lwf' ffl, Xe . .5 'F - u , ' E 4 J . QI? '2g.'2:4fv7,:?Q,i, ', ff' ,.Q'5,1Vp ,V, 1 "' 'A o ' ', I Q ' , 9' N' 31 , 6 ' - an, .- ' ,H - ' 'I' A f- Nvv.t 'frr?'Ef:?7L7' ' ""-"" -1-wb f -, ' I . 9' 'f Ie vu .-,N 1,-'-,Y ' ' ' .M .Q It A 72, .' ASL, hm -' 4--4. fiw 3 Q .Mx t 4. ' I ' A A! . N , 4 5 . 1 ,f .11-,Nga . th ' I ' ,' yu" 'Avi' r"'J 'QQ ' , h . ' :TNQ 'S "xxx, 'ta' V A I N' 'ltr ' ?'4'v ,"! gif.: .'ffff746xf'i33? A U .' Q ' . 1 , '- 'l " f kflfl' uf 4' fqtyl. ,w' nfs, I1 ' N I I ' ' Til' I ' 4 f . r 5, ak s".'?w:-42 2 'ill' -X " ' Am' 40 ' .fb . 'f.2'i',""W?' .. Q ml yawn. fp . , 4 'mM3c'y,,-4- w 'M . I n 6' iq Q N Af L U" .AY , . In . , .f xl lb 9 I . ,. I --. 'H ff - , ' ' ,I fb- 0, ,f,, 'A I 'ff 'xv - ' Ag ' .JS ' ' . ,R - I ' II. I . ' I ' 1 .l'9T,.p lil 5 56' 45 riff, In " fo s.- - f .-.6 kg 65 . 5 I -My-ju xg. IFJ L K X , 1, . .1 ga 1 V ' will 'L 1 ,.-- rsgxffvwja ' ""' 'fr' -I. J X S 5, v- . ,LiiSbfQ,1"7h'.,f- '.,'x.-.qyn "If . ' 1 4 'I .Lv D' .2 I fqlllf N'!"T'n '44-v-4, J v I we QA 'Q 4 v -. IS- Q n ai XX I' ,IJ I inn N an Q 2 A Q.. 1 'K . A- F A X - 4 J f ' rf . n I S , 5 K sf- ,A W fb 7-I A iE.s , 1 l ' " 1' 7' . A ,.4 ,, 5 Y. If fy F27 wi ' Q . "if . . "fn Lx '7-ii u I gg d S 1 ml' in gf X of 'I X- ,l 511, z 2 Q -5 "Wien-aa-A , Q Qu M... T , ' X is. i' UR TECH IS A COMPREHENSIVE HIGH SCHOOL Qur Tech is not iust academic, not iust vocational, not just technical either. Ir is all three rolled up into one big paclcage. We can translorm an ugly duclcling into a glamorous Cinderella or we can overhaul a i9QO lVlodel l' Ford into a classy convertible. But thats not all. We can produce anything lrom poet laureates to secretaries with personality plus. All ot these things aren't leats ol magic, lust the result ol Wonderlul direction and management. ls it any wonder that we leel that we are lortunate in our choice ol schools? EVEN IN BOTANY classes we get a taste of life on the farm for in the spring We plant and care for alittle garden of vegetables and herbs, under the watch- lul eye of Dr. Clare Cox, Biological Sci- ence department head. We enioy worlc- ing in this pet proiect of Dr. Cox for it gets us outdoors during the school day. CLASSES, METHODS ln MISS HORTENES Braden's Special Eng- lish I class pupils easily master the correct use of verbs in a room espe- cially attractive with potted plants and gaily colored pictures. OUR STAR GAZERS not only brave the chill of early mornings or evenings to come to the campus to study the heavens, but this spring, forthe First time, they are using TV to enrich their course and to supplement classroom discussion. Three mornings a vveel4 their teacher, Miss Louise Sturdevant, tunes in on the as- tronomy lectures of Dr. l-larvey Creel, professor at Butler University. IT IS FUN to study beginning Spanish in Miss Edith Allen's class, as Virgie Sand- ers, Bruce Anderson, Kathryn Hughes, Barbara Graney, and John M. White have discovered. They practice reading and pronunciation by using famous re- cordings that go with their Spanish text. RE U U UAL Pl-lYl.LlS MILES, Ula Timbs, Donald Stewart, and Gail Etherington find it is easy to correct pronunciation errors by making recordings and playing them back in Mr. Charles Martin's French class. ONE OF CUP MUST advanced and most difficult courses in mathematics is trigonometry which, as everyone knows, requires brains and skill to master. Three seniors who are looking forward to en- tering college in the fall, Tom Aronis, Laurence Mason,and Wesley Masenten, listen to Miss Sturdevant, acting head of the Mathematics department, explain a new and difficult problem to them. ..t1.iq4x 1' i LAST FALL Gerald Clark, Thomas I-loy, Thomas Bret- hauer Cseatedb, and Gerald Connell Cstandingb ap- peared on the "Quiz ,Em on the Air" program on Sta- tion WIRE, with Tom Carnegie, WIRE sports caster, as the quiz master, it vvas a valuable experience. A POPULAR MA- Cl-IINE to master during the vveelcs before the November presidential election was the voting machine which Mr. S. B. Essig explained to his government class. Whether its a ditlicult history or science assignment vve have to prepare, whether we are asked to appear on a broadcast, or whether were in need ol extra cash to help delray school expenses, vve lcnovv that there is alvvays a teacher vvho is willing to help us with our problem. WE TECI-IITES who are anxious to have part-time iobs during the school year or the summer hurry over to the Employment Qrlice to confer with Miss Ida Anderson, secretary, or Mr. I-lerman Denzler, coordinator, for vve know that they have requests for capable teen-agers. IN THE CHEMISTRY LAB ID the Shops Butldtng, home ol the pl1yStColSCtenCeS,Nlr.H.H. Chenoweth, Wtlltom Tolson, Glorto Thornell, ond Don Sexson perform on expertment on conductuvtty, olthough the three students seem to be dotng oll ol the work. LABOR TORIES ARE I TERESTI THREE CQLLEGE-BQUND students, Rosemory Buchonon, Dowd Hopptng, ond Allen Londreth, perform on experument tn the coefftctent of ltneor exponston whale Mr. H. R. Wol- verton wotches, reody to onswer ony of thetr questtons. MR. HGWARD COOK helps hrs botony students Rotrtcto Ptckertng, Jomes Rortsh, ond Jontce Hughes, tdenttly leaves lor notebooks eoch member must prepore. v'f0l ".Uj""'f"fw 5 v lr 'HNF 'N T fs ,.3'.v34tN 21 1 Y' 4:02 .- . ,. ,ev A -pu' .Xu - .N - I'-s . '.u I -,1 . .. 1 DR FTI GTHE BoYs ACQUIRE The Drafting department has three goals in mind, The first is to give a general education concerning the fundamentals of drafting. The second is to teach the language used in the art of drafting, and the third, to interest us Techites in entering a career of specialized drafting and designing. After we talce the basic course in mechanical drawing, we have the choice of two maior fieldsfarchitectural or machine drafting. We are well prepared to enter an engineering college if we apply ourselves, for our school offers many advanced courses. ln other words, first we study the theory of drafting, then we actually put our lcnowledge to worlc. Nearly everything that has to do with drafting, from simple-mechanical drawing to the designing of houses, we can learn here at Tech. LAWRENCE MASON and Gene Armstrong are making blue- prints, using the continuous blueprint machine. As Mr. Warren Cleveland, Drafting department head, watches, Gene feeds the machine, placing tracings on the sensitized paper, and Lawrence keeps the paper straight as it passes over the drying coils. SKILL FOR FUTURE PO ITIO DAVID NICE is working on a set of house plans of his own design in Archi- tectural Drafting lll, a four-period course, as Mr. Clarence Rosell watches him. 22 .. K Y i-If IN A SCULPTURE class Marcia Means Cleftb chisels a Fish in stone, Robert Morris CrightD carves an owl of wood, and Edgar Garrison and Nora Wildriclc worlc on sell-portrait heads in clay. SHUTTERBUGS learning triclcs of photography by trying portrait worlc as their instructor, Mr. Richard Reeler, directs, are Karen Bailey, Richard Moore, Edgar Garrison, and Marilyn Weddle. FOR CURIOUS A RT COURSES ARE SURELY FU Qur Art department is in itsell an art school lor it ollers a variety ol courses. We can fashion and make our own iewelry, talce ond print our own pictures, mold and tire our own ceramics, and sketch and paint our own murals. A lavorite proiect ol some ol us art students is to paint our own portraits on canvas or mold replicas ol our heads in clay. We not only develop our talents, but we also enioy ourselves while doing so. ACTI E MI DS WOODRUFF PLACE, the town-within-O-City, with its lovely old homes, broad espla- nodes, cast iron stotues, and bubbling fountains, provides many popular sketching spots for Mr. Edmund Schildlcnechfs advanced art classes. 23 IN VOCATIO AL CLASSES BOYS Our general shop classes prepare us lor luture vocations. ln these courses we learn the more intricate details ol the dillerent types ol equipment that we use. We boys can learn how to tal4e apart and reassemble an airplane or an automobile, we can follow in the lootsteps ol Ben Franlclin by learning all about electricity,--how to wire a house, to put into good worlfing order anything from a toaster to a deep freeze, and to repair and install a television set, we can learn about the newest linotype machines and the newest methods ol printing lor our Rrint Shop is one ol the best-equipped high school shops in the countryewe print anything from ollice blanl4s on the old l-leidelberg press to lndiunapolis at Work on the ollset TUNlNG UP an aircraft engine, malcing the final check to see il it is ready to run, are Ed Freeland, Clancy Arnold, Thomas Featheringill, with Mr. Robert Ottutt. WORKING AT a distributor tester in Auto Shop are three young mechanics, Michael Ellington, Warren l-laas, Robert Reed, adept at overhauling automobiles. BOBBY l-l. SCOTT and Richard l-larlin make a waste can for the cafeteria while Ernest l-larris and Marvin Swinney malce a utility cabinet from an old steel deslc with the help of Mr. Brinker, in Metal Trades. 24 MA TER KILL FOR I DUSTRY lTlOCl'1lne,OnCl In BUllClIV1QlfOClG3VV9t,Ult learn howto Fix that leaky laucet or install a new bathtubi we can even build a two story house paper and paint it, besides installing the plumbing and electricity. We are always being called upon to do some seryice lor our school: making waste paper containers lor the campus and the lunchroom, repairing our teachers' desks or the electric bell system. We really learn how to become expert handy men around our homes, lor we are always in demand lor overhauling the lamily car, painting the garage, or building a picket lence. Alter we have been kept busy at all ol these iobs at school and at home, we are well-prepared to use our knowledge to secure iobs in the industrial world. IN ELECTl2lC SHOP Mr. Jules Zinter paints out to Thomas Edwards and Robert Kirk the place to make a connection between the controller and the three-phase resistor, a necessary lesson lor young electricians. IN A PLUMBING class as Thomas Kenzer cuts a piece of pipe and John Lane is threading a piece of pipe, Mr. Paul Vogt shows LeRoy l-liles how to measure pipe. RUNNING OFF on the ohfset machine in the Print Shop some of the many thousands of pieces ol copy for both our school and for the administrative ol-lice, are Ronald Brooks, Mr. Harold E. Deem, and l2alph Jellers. 25 E E ,IOY OUR CLASSES ALMOST ANY LINE ot work can be learned at Tech il boys and girls are really interested. Gaining practical experience in merchandis- ing in their class in Retail Selling are Cath- erine St. Clair and Shirley Ann Owens to whom Mr. John Paul Lahr is explaining cor- rect customer approach, emphasizing courtesy and personal appearance. f'Y i VN 1"Y ,. Hill . . Vout It Pit ' Q'r'f:tsij., X U hifi! A' Lf... . IN A VERY busy group, if ever there was one, are seven mem- bers ot the Qttice Practice ll class which does a great deal ol production work for the school. They are Cseated, in trontb Freida Mae McCoy at the mimeoscope and Marcia Donaldson at the electromatic typewriter, Csecond rowj Jo Ann Markey transcribing a letter and Martena Ann Smith, doing copy work, CstandingD Peggy l-lilton and Mrs. Clara Louise Gorsline at the Filing cabinet, Patricia Lawson, and Jeannine Bryan. BUSILY MAKING hundreds ot fancy sandwiches For a school tea are members of a Quantity Cooking class, Don Constable and Nila Staley, assisted by their teacher, Mrs. Ruth Staltord. 26 .The re ,r-.fuse tn the ,ways ol health hapotness, anal horne lnle lor .we lfnow the roles ol ruahl luvlnq .Ne l4no.'.' how lo Upersuadew lrtlle jimmy ana Suste that :tis thetr beildy-by tame ancl we lcnow how to fnalqe ourselves attractwe by beuna E.-.tell Qroorneil Wlhen we tal4e a punch al fnowleclge lrorn each ol these courses combtne them anfl shalce well we have an tfleal lechtte CFQQD Ql?QGlVtlNQ If a must" tadav, Mrs lrmal fvlanntnaev explatnstoSandraLashanclCharleen l-larrtstnCosmetoloqyqIag: 27 HE LTH ME NS HAPPINESS "ill ENCE IS C1CDlDf,N" belteve lo Ann laxen, Barbara lean Beclfner, and Panald Wells as they lusten to Mr. Peuben llehlmefs explanatlon of the luncttons ol vntal organs tn Health Educatton, ll'S FUN to study Chlld Care wlth Mrs. leanne Bose, accordrng to Marulyn Wul- llams and Jean Bruce, who enloy enter' tanning thelr lltlle brothers wtth scrap' books that they made tn class. E'-lk, I I i -f Ii :cr ig,-.. 4.4: r , MUSIC TO EIGI-ITI-I graders Lynn Archer and Carol Frisbie with Miss Letha Coalcley is the playing back of parts in the Christmas program. CI-IATTING WITH Mr. Fred Gorman, summer school direc- tor, are Philip Shrigley, James- etta Petvvay, George Arger- opolis, and Jane Thomson. P NAME: DRIVERS TRAINING. Aim: Accident Preven- tion! Seeking to aid in achieving this goal Miss Sarah Hope instructs Marilyn Shanks and Dorothy Renfro. From the innocent little eighth graders who havent even begun to count the numerous credits necessary Ior graduation to the high and mighty seniors, some ot vvhom are trying so hard in their Iast semester to crowd in that Iast precious credit, the doors of Tech are svvung open vvide, both in the summer and during the re-guIar school year. 28 WEAVING THEIR VVAY through Mr, Herbert lroubls evening class in weoving ore Miss Julio Moron ot the loom ond Mrs. lillion Pobf bins with the dress, "THIS IS THE VVAY we upholsterf' instructs Mr. Roy Grow os his pupil, Mr. Fronk Bolcer ol tle odult evening class, lisf tens ottentively. ALL EYES TUQN toward the selected samples of work by Tech students, cit the Croltsmon Guild Four in Stuort Holl during Supreme Dov Weelc. Here it's photogrophy. Qur school is olwoys in use, both doy ond evening, It is ol service to the public, ollering its locilities lor furthering knowledge ond developing sl4ills. Severol thousond men and women tolce odvontoge ol mony non-credit vocotionol ond technicol courses proudly disoloying their ehforts to their lomilies ond neighbors, le:h's doors ore olvvoys open to on eager mind in Search ol further educotion. 29 D LTS FLOCK TO IGHT SCHOOL ', i . 5. " . I.g'i. - , A. 5 9 sf ig K, E 4-119 am E -T R .W W N 95 " I-f x- .- ' .fb 3:, wk Q -,J my 9' - ffw ' f W S25: 5Q'e7wE M E599 Q - 1: W 1, ,ssxfgiql '15, .NWGNRQ fx 'gf :E-rg, ryglq Q S F Q xf" gi' 'w vw f 'gU'5'sX"w I-"'9Nf ',23 W ,'uaw 1f2'm ,vii ' l' X X ' N W N' N v N ' A fi W0-f A'f' '45f,9 X' 3' mtl . -K 1 X S di K X N?-.xarflzf f'-r iq . fda!-YM --if-1. "-4' Hi.+Qff .'- . ' 1.3! Q , , ' f'? S,ff1a 1 EX f. X " 'fr '-"H-9'--:Q ig HV ff .f QDXST 'W-"' -m',! l'f",.rfE",llfZ ' X .R , .Kv" T 1 , KO'-af' 4 Xxx A EET OUR FUTURE TOP MUSICIANS HIGH-STEPPING, baton-twirling malorettes, who have been trained in the art by Mrs. Rose Marie Libbert, are Susan Perkins, Yvonwe l-lammond, and Janet Good who march at the head of the Marching Band. Qur music students are some of the busiest on our campus. They belong to orchestras, bands, choral groups, Madrigal Singers, and ensembles. And because they give such delightful performances, they are constantly in demand, It they aren 'i busy practicing lor an operetta, theyire giving a concert. It they're not giving a concert, they're enioying a party. Although they are kept quite busy singing a song here or playing an instrument there, they always manage to Find time to prepare and present numerous programs lor our enioyment. We Techites really appreciate our talented musicians. And when they travel to neighboring states we hear that other audiences are equally appreciative. First Row Cextreme lettD: Burnetta Sloss, Gloria Gamage, Adesso Bartlett, Jerilynn Caldwell, Ann Bobo, Sandra Em- minger. Second Row: Mary Jo Blanchard, Mary Lou Kern, Lou Ellen Dearinger, Ted Serchevich, John Pozek. Third Row: Jacqueline Jones, Jacquelyn l-leard, Doris Simonton, Louise Robertson, Barbara Price, Christine l-lutt. Fourth Row: Joanne Phillips, Margaret Moir, Jacquelin Conway, Faye Simpson, John Phipps, Viola Schlegel. Fifth Row: Jane Sharp, Nancy l-latton, Lois l-licks, Rachel Lawrence, Ronald Wells. Reor- First Row: l-lyland Miller, Boyd Alcorn, Anna Graves, Shirley Owens, Judith l-look. Second Row: Rea Williams, Martha Owen, Richard Switzer, Wendell Schmoe, Robert Ramsey, Jasper Shadoan. Third Row: Richard Harvey, Jack Wilson. Not in picture: Alberta Matske, violin, Patrick Markich, violin, David Wilcox, violin, George Bright, clarinet, Kenneth l-lunt, trombone, Nick Demiatriades, trombone, Larry Stowell, horn, and John von Spreckelson, cello. The orchestra plays for programs and senior class plays. 4 , , x ,. f 'E' f 9 If : ' Fi cf fi 'ff gif iw? 1' 239 ASQ n g , HQ. fi, f S- iw V, V ,ily ay Jw MFE? 578.4 2, W W, va. , w. Q fi, Q .2 'L , sppfig, QW ,f Y: f ff ' 'bl ,Q 957' ,QW , sr diff - I qv. 'Nu 'f5f'Qq'L-Ki, ' lf-'F' 27' 5 5 .. f A ww M bf 0' f N- x -'Vi ' U '-,IF K f Y Q 3. sl C' -,ui win ska A X 'N jf' x be xngfxffq lf' 4 i "'Vvi"1? iffy. max: fi, 6 in F "' Y" , .ka Z 'z A 1 . I I ' ,a,Q'i6.g' 1 , Q x, 'fu - x nf- .,'f' ww . in .1 va O 4"'1 4 Z' rent E HAVE A VARIETY OE ACTIVITIES Just imagine ltoving tlte opportunity to clwoose lrom sixteen dillerent clubs, to vvorlc on puplicotions stolls, to develop o Hnose lor news," to become slwutterbugs or loyout speciolists, to tolce port in ull- scltool dromotics, tlte senior ploy,"Il1e Slcetclwpoolcf' or tlwe 'Treslwmon Follies", to ottend donces ond pep sessions, or to lwove picnics ot tlwe ovens nortlt ol tlwe oquodrongle. Yes, vve teen-ogers ltove o round ol good times vvltile developing our tolents olong mony lines. Ioke our vvord tor it, vve ltove some ol tlie pest octivities in tlwe country. ,iv M w - .Io 'D Tk.. flv vs of! H5 5. 1 a+:-2 A- ' X ' f i v. .tix A 'M i' J B, H pi At our lortieth birthday tea are Mrs. Lillian l-larrison, lor many years our school secretary, Mrs. DeWitt S. Morgan, vvile ol our second principal, Mrs. Anderson, Mr. Anderson, our third and present principal, and Mrs. Milo l-l. Stuart, vvile ol our school lounder and lirst principal. EVERYBODY CELEBRATED TECH'S 'llalappy Birthdayl' has become a popular chant around lechtovvn lor all year long vve have celebrated our lortieth anniversary. September eleventh, our school birthday, began the lestivities vvhich have included teas, programs, birthday dinners, and luncheons. Mr. Anderson Day, Qctober 'l3, vvhen the entire school had an all-day surprise party lor him, included a three-period student reception in the lunchroom, gilts from each 'H'Q NEWALL HALL, Mrs. Hazel Barrows Kuete- meier, and Dorothy Carey, teachers who were in the lirst class, gladly pose with Mr. Anderson. TWO OF Tl-llf original eight teachers, Miss Emily McCullough and Princi- X 1 X' ' pal Anderson, exchange If V greetings at the party. 5 i . R in 7 v "Happy Birthday, Mr. Anderson, Happy Birthday to you," sang the merry representatives ol the co-curricular activities, as they gathered around Mr, and Mrs. Anderson, having iust escorted them to the lunchroom. D MR. A DER Q , BIRTHDAYS ol the clubs and other organizations, a huge birthday calre, and a Faculty reception, ln the lunchroom as the string quartet played "Happy Birthday," each student presented our principal with a birthday greeting and every student received a piece oi birthday calce, complete with a candle. Hundreds ol students and faculty worlced together to malce it a memorable occasion and one which lVlr. Anderson will never forget. ALMQST OVERCOME by the shower of little gifts from clubs and organizations, the huge birthday cake, greetings of pupils and teachers alike, and the gaily decorated box, overflowing with thousands of birthday cards, the honored guests pause lor a mo- ment and the photographer takes advantage of the situation. il-2 K3 ' 9' -vnii HERE'S OUR ANNUAL ,,s- v E, wi 1 l x I M, K 4 Y AN ENTHUSIASTIC loarker with a very loud voice, calling the milling crowds 'UQ-itil ig to patronize the Future Teachers' booth, was our friend Maxwell Meise. MARDI GRAS .JA f N r 1-ivy lfach year co-curricular groups stage a Mardi Gras where we can buy Flowers, have our shoes shined, even try our sl4ill at shaving balloons. lt's lun when we lcnow our money is going for the betterment ol Tech. BEAMING WITH PRIDE, Jasper Shadoan,MardiGrasKing,watched Mr. Anderson crown Virginia l-lo- gan, Queen ol the Mardi Gras. WE HAV A VARIETY OE ASSEMBLIES Staging their usual peppy all-school assembly to open their tall subscription campaign, members ol the ARSENAL CANNQN stall presented the "Vaudville Troupe ol 1952" Qne act in the program was staged by the public speaking class. Qur assemblies are really neat, theres no question about its We have a little but ol everything, ranging lrom student programs, which the dihlerent school organizations present, to professional productions like the lndianapolis Symphony Qrchestra. lhen we also have our peppy pep sessions featuring our teams, when we learn new yells, songs, and chants. We've been told that guest speakers sometimes leel their hands auiyering and their knees shaking when they gaze on our yast audience lhats why we marvel at our classmates who perlorm at assemblies with such ease TROUBLED Freddie Freshman getf DISCUSSING the U. N, trip are Mr. Flick, So- HQW PRQUD James Klinge was ting adiusted to Tech customs was cial Studies head, Jerrold Johnson, delegate, to present the Safe Driver Training the cleyer public speaking class skit. Principal Anderson, Ronna Secrist, alternate, trophy to our principal, l-lonor Day. As the audience responded with thunderous applause, the cast ol "The Emperors New Clothes" tool4 a Final curtain call, and still the enthusiastic audience wasntsatislied. "THE EMPEROR' EW CLOTHES" JOHN SCHLENCK and Raymond Wilson, composers, played a score. WAS UNSURPASSED We really beamed with pride when two ol our outstanding student musicians, John Schlencl4 and Raymond Wilson, wrote and produced an original operetta entitled "The Emperors New Clothes" which was presented by the Choir in Caleb Mills l-lall. lt was an all-school production in the true sense ol the word: the stagecralt classes made seven scenes, the girls in the Choir not only made their own costumes but also those ol some ol the boys, the talented COURTESY, INDIAN AS JAMES O'DELL and Robert Yount serve as carriers for the Empress, Nancy Belle Pease, Janet Maves and Jadith l-larvey silently vvatch them. orchestra played the tvventy-live original musical numbers, and the drama class applied the make-up to the cast. Everyone vvent all out in making the operetta a hit, members ol the cast dyed their hair blaclc, some toolc special dancing lessons, and some even hand-painted the beautilul costumes, It was such a tremendous success vvith the students, parents, teachers, and friends ol lech that a repeat performance vvas demanded. 'i THOMAS Wl-IALEN and Ernestine Boggs paint the elaborate costumes. THOMAS WHALEN applies make-up to Ronald Car- rell while Barbara Craney patiently waits for her turn. MAJOR CAST OF CHARACTERS TABU Clndia Merchantf , . ..,. Ronald Carrell LUV SQNG Cprincessl. ,....,,...... Mary Black Cl-lQW FU YOUNG Climperorl .... James White EMDRESS ....,,,......,,...,..... Nancy Pease lAJ fgervant ol labuj ,..,. ,... P hyllis Miles MAl'lAl. fgervant ol labub. ., ..,.. John laylor MlN DU Cprime Ministerj. ,s ,..Victor Brown BARU fl'ligh Rriestj ....,,.,..,c. Robert Walden DlRlECl'0R ,..... . ,Mr. William l:, Moon CGMPOSERS. . . .r r . J .John Schlenclc Raymond Wilson I -,li THE 19 5 2 SKETCHBUQ C tlC'UF9TFQ'Sf, INDIDN11F'OLlS TIMLS FQUR GIRLS from Latvia and Estonia present a dance popular in their native countries: Margot Moetus, Elvi Parna, l-lelle Aiango, and Maimu Leetmae, to the delight of the audience. N0 ACT is more hilarious or brings more applause than one in which boys impersonate girls. l-laving "the time of their lives" are the Andrews Sisters: Lino De Michieli, l-lector Garcia, and Richard An- dersen, as they dance to music bythe Dance Band. l2lC,HlXPD ANDHQQPN aave an excellent rmpersonatton of lohnnre 1 Qay stnatnq '4C,ry," so true that the audtenre rorlfed wtth lauahter MDEARIE, D0 YQU REMEMBEQN' remtnrsced the Deane matdens, flett to rtghtl Elrnor Sheppard, Kathryn Hughes, Letty lo Emma, Martha Marlrn, Vrrgrnra l-loaan, and Quth Ann Justus, as they danced. rrrtrntta. tmtttrxt-twtnrrtt-tr:-t. Wllth the buclatna Ol sprung comes the bursttna forth al out talent teyue, the Wglretchboolcn' Anyone who can carry a tune tn a baslfet or lctclr hrs heels ts prospectrye talent, Qn the nrght ol our debut we amateurs experrence a terrible sensatton of old-lashtoned stage-lrtaht. We thtnl4 vye haye tt bacl behtncl the Curtains wattrng for our cue, but when we swung aut before the tootltghts and see our Friends grrnntna at us, we want to run, The after-ellects are pretty bad too for when the last bow has been taken, the soap and water detatl talces over, But soon the hours of nerve-yyracktng practice are Forgotten because the revue has been a grgantrc success Its a lot ot Worlc but tts surely a lot of lun' lhe Charleston really created a sensation by bringing back to lile the "roaring twenties." We teen-agers had a yyonderlul time trying to yyin top honors in the contest at the lech lawn Fair. We not only enioyed the talent shows, games ol slcill, and lortune telling, but we spent all ol our money buying everything lrom potatoes to dolls, What a gay time we had at the l3-lA Fair, this yearl THOUSAND ATTE DED OUR INSISTING THAT Mr. Virgil Sheppard, P-TA president who had dropped into the little Country Store to rest, have some soda craclcers were Mrs. lvon Rice and Mr. James Cory, very busy storelceepers. TECH TOW FAIR 42 N0-UNE WAS MORE popular, especially with the small try, than the balloon man, Mr. Frank lVlcNabney, with wares ol all shapes and sizes. P RENTS FLOCKED TO CPE HOUSE r-1-gm " , vm i if . DQNALD SHIPLEY yvorlfed on tlie lerruin Kit, used lor teacliing small unit tactics, tn the l2.Q.l.C. headquarters, Barracls. This was lust one of the many class displays are ranged at the annual Coen House, to snow parents work of an ordinary school day. THE TQWEP ot Milo H. Stuart Hall is beautiful when the Flood- liglwts are turned on, at Open House, American Education Week. AUTOGRAPH-HQUNDS surrounded the accompanist and yocalist of the XNhite Hussars at the morntng assembly. Parents became students when tltey returned to Coen House one evening during American Education Vwleelp During tlte evening tltey re-enacted tlteir ltiglt scltool teen-agersl daily programs, sitting in tlteir seats and tallung witlt tnetr teaclters. It was auite a successful and interesting evening For tlwe parents as it ltelped tltem to understand more tullt, tlieir boys' and girls' yery busy sclwool lite S IT'S A HAPPY attair when the Re- MANY TRUCKLOADS of leaves are MR. ANDERSON, Maxwell Meise tired Teachers' Association holds its ralced up on the campus by our huge and Grace Black reminisce about luncheon in the faculty lunchroom, corps of custodians, directed by Mr. their trip to the Bellamy Flag cere each spring and fall. Edward Hamilton, head custodian. mony in Cleveland, last fall. EVENTS WERE MANY Not only do we students enioy ourselves at school but our Iaculty has some mighty nice social activities too. Among the events, this year, have been the birthday tea, honoring new Iaculty members, the tea for Mr. Anderson, and the Shamrock dinner. We I4now it must be a pleasure to be a teacher at Tech and to have the opportunity to ioin in its festive occasions. JLPHEI, gd THE ADMINISTRATIVE Women in Education en- ioy a Christmas tea in the library with Tech mem- bers as hostesses. MRS. ELIZABETH ROSS, our cafeteria manager, had C1 lovely luncheon for Mr. Anderson on his birthday. Clockwise from Mr. Anderson are Vice-principals Cecil McClintocIc, Earl Ensinger, and Joe Kettery, Mrs. Anderson, Vice-prin- cipals Fred Gorman and H. H. Walter, Mrs. Martha Turpin, dean of girls. 44 LINDA LUKENBILL chose a gift vvhile YVONNE HAMMOND and Patri- ROBERT WARRINEP and Madonna Stanley Rice, as Santa Claus, at the cia Keenaugh laughed as Madonna Porter alter Alfred Hanie and Edna Choir Christmas party, looked on in Parker climbed on iolly old Santas Ford punch at a combined l T fi, amusement at her hesitation, lap. Santa vvas Richard Harvey Service Club, Sauate Dance party WE H D MERRY CHRISTMAS Joining together as one big happy Family vve celebrated the ioyous Christmas season lor one vveek before the holiday vacation, Qur clubs and organizations munched hundreds ol seasonal cookies and sang Christmas carols at gala allairs. Honored guest at most of these activities vvas iolly old St. Nick. As usual, our Christmas assembly was colorlul allair vvith eighth graders, the girls' physical education classes, and the Choir having parts in it. Gaily decorated Christmas trees, glovving vvith lights, were everyvvhere: in the ollice, the Student Center, Stuart Hall tovver, the lunchroom the Night School ollice, and the publications ollice. WHAT A JQLLY time several ofthe ad- vanced art classes did have, during one the fevv heavy snovvfalls of the vvinter, when they turned back to childhood days to sculpture a snovvman on the campus THIS YEAR at our Christmas program our Choir formed a grant Christmas tree with an angel revolving at the top, 1 W' 9 CJ 'x 41 .41 Q B 1 , T F ff-N 5532 x w- , 3 7 ' J T .A , rf . , .5 t tw ,. I if 0-'A , ug -sl 1 I 1' RWM: ff ig' W0 Q-asf" dew If I -1 If .XH- A I QSQA M- 1 ' R352 .wk Q5 Y' - ,jf-fy. ., 'MXN Xigf 'x ,FS ZQQ1, W xx WE H D FUN AT GUR DANCES Wlterever rhythmrc mustc is heard our Dance Band ts sure to be Found. It is presewt at gala allatrst playrng all types ol mustc from tazz to classrcal se'e:ttons Durtng the past season rt was tn constant demand wrth a lull schelule rncluzltna the l?OlC Ball and the plgslan pranre W, , - x . MR. TQUCHDOWN, Phrlrp Ken- FOR THE Cannon Chrustmas party SHARON l?lCE, Tom Pentecost, worthy, Mass Vtctory, Beverly Grace Black wrapped grlts, Kath- Hazel lamney, Donald Davrs took Swartz, were chosen to reran at ryn West and Paula Vandrvrerdecf part tn the "Freshman Folltesf' the Prgslan Prance, last fall. orated the tree wtth gay baubles. THE PUNCH BOWL where Mrs. Angeltna Clearwater served was very popular at the Nltlttary Ball. A'Fl?ESHlV'lAN l:QLl,lES," held tn the sprung of195Q, featured Cnlorra Martrn playrna the vrbraharp. DANCE BAND Standing at Left: Donald Eaaert, student dtrector, Donald Cory, accompantst, Bottom Row: Rrchard Cross, Karl Kress, George Brtght, Jasper Shadoan, Second Row: Rea Wrlltams, Andrew Huahy, Robert Swttzer, John Brattatn. Top Row: Ptchard Harvey, Richard Swttzer, Davtd Aldrtch Mr. Qobert Gwyn ts dtrector of thus popular band that plays at all school dances. . 15" SERVICE CLUB-Bottom Row: Cleft to rightl John Kralt, Eleanor Mann, Linda Prater, Rosemarie Warren, Carolyn Babriclc, Charles Linder, Sue Ann Stafford, Rea Williams, Lu Ellen Dearinger. Second Row: Deanna Smith, Martha Anne Taylor, Burnetta Sloss, Phyllis Bissell, Jerrold Johnson, Larry Stowell, Betty Thomas, Rodney Wood, Samuel Neuerman, WilliamCornelius.Tl'iirdRow:JerieSuel-loover,CarolynShoolc, Phyllis Franlchouse, Gloria Gamage, Nancy Welshans, Mary Mann, Sharon Thompson, Kay Gray, Jo Ellen l-lowson, Toni Irwin, Jerrel White. Fourth Row: Carolyn Sandstrom, Carol McClarren, Rebecca Scarborough, Edna Ford, Kaye Noble, Betty Furry, May Anne Miller, Dolores Cailin, Constance Gagen, Wanda Greeno. Top Row: Norma McCallip, Mary Louise Brock-Jones, Marlene Scott, Ronald Brooks, Joe Frame, Larry Young, David Wyatt, Charles Spears, Keith Johnson, David Aldrich. E ALWAY HAVE WONDERFUL TECH TEEN SERVICE CLUBA 'Bottom Row Cleft to rightlz Susanne Exber, Linda Pentecost. Second Row: Lynne Archer, Carolyn Pittinger, Evonne Parlcer, l-lelen Knorr, Frances l-loler,Wilda King,Sharon Green, Jonita De Vore, Joyce Mayes, Wilma King, Patricia Wilhite. Top Row: Marge Lee Combs, Michael Lotz, Lynn Smith, Miss Elaine Buclc, Jeannine Pow- ell, Barbara Purcell, Louetta Teets. SERVICE CLUB Bottom Row: Cleft to rightlz Mary Lou McMrllan, Martha Hendelberger, Frances Holer, Jonrta De- vore, Lrnda Pentecost, Patti Mayer, Judrth Hummel, Phyllrs Lewellen, Lots Earrs, Beverly Slater, Carol Tremerer, Patrrcra Keenaugh. Second Row: Mrlton Johnston, Rosemary Buchanan, Helen Prrtle, Mary Bruder, Donna Lash, Ronald Krerger, Janet Krnser, Patrrcra Ellrs, Janice Gallron, Martha Hughes, Re- becca Easter, Third Row: Jerry Sternlcer, Barbara Scalf, Marcra Walden, Ruth f-Xnne lustus, Lrnda Kattman, Sue Inman, Shrrley Baxter, Dee Osman, Mary Krueclceberg, Louetta Wrlfon, Delores Skaggs, Joy Crarg, Mrs. Martha Turprn, sponsor Fourth Row: Janet McClure, Dona Lee, Arleen Baudendrztel, Marcra Johnston, Qwena Comer, Judrth Enyart, Wanda Enyart, Wanda Jacobs, Dazelee Hamrlton, Dorothy Kelloms, Patrrcra Parker, Alrce Aldrrch. Top Row: Joclc Canatser, Sherron Wall, Leonettza Dunson, Barbara Bell, Alberteen Thomas, Janet Wecldrngton, Betty Smrth, Shrrley Westmore' land, Marrlyn Harrell, Roslyn Johnston, Jacauelyn Heard. TIMES AT OUR CLUB MEETINGS CEBMAN CLUB Bottom Row Cleft to rrghtl Dagne Angersbach, Carol Doclce, John Pozelr Marmu leetmae, Paul Cralton. Second Row: Ruth Ann Broolrs, Dagnrra Brrvmonrs, Ewelvn Rrce, Lerlr Raag, Slcardrrte Lrdums, Jerry Menrkherm, Fred McNorton, Dorothy Kurtz. Third Row: Mrs, Susanna Underwood, sponsor, Parmonds Klagrss, lvars Prmanrs, Janus Dabars, Janus Subrrs, Henry Hobbs, Everett Kung, Dame ZV9IOI9l4S. Top Row: Vya Bolsterns, Theodore Sowers, Donald Wrllrams, Ellsworth Shade. the outgrowth ol our on Interest rn a allen oVQOnIzatrons lor sphsi fl ser-,ace ana rgluirs to or enloy social QQl1.lllQf too so .-.e loal lor.-,art our rntetestrrg "'x99'l"V2A with our lrrenczs, Almost all ol our clubs are currrculum lornrei: 25 luraro sublect But me also hae leisure-trrwe GuQlI". rtles. .. FUTURE TEACHERS CLUBeBottom Row Cleft to rightbz Mary Bruder, Cherry McCormack, William Klopp, Darlene Richey, Cadet teachers Maxwell Meise, Anna Wilson, Alice Aldrich, Grace Blaclc, and Janet Ellyson. Second Row: Janet l-loyt, Margie Gabbert, Cadets Martha Anne Taylor, Nancy Wolfley, Geraldine Sawyer, Joan Wyatt, Barbara Gamble, Marcia Donaldson, and Aline Spiclclemire, Rozetta Moore, Roslyn Johnston. Third Row: Miss Lois Sinlc, sponsor, Eleanor Trubendorfer, Virginia Breedlove, Lena l-leidt, Marilyn l-lawlcins, Danny Lunsford, Judith East, Norma Watlcins, Dorothy Tinsley, Mildred Dull, Wanda Jacobs. Top Row: Patty Covington, Gene Carter, Edward Wall, Edna Ford. LATIN CLUBYA Bottom Row Cleft to rightbz Arleen Baudendistel, Marilyn l-lawlcins, Janine Shields, Karol Bair, Patricia Keenaugh, Sandra Mahan. Second Row: Albert Johnson, Jasper Shadoan, Sylvia Sue Shanell, Madonna Porter, Gloria Brewer, Donald Bush. Third Row: James l-leard, Lloyd Acton, Carole Shields, Miss lrene McLean, sponsor. Top Row: David Ashby, Ellsworth Shade, Thomas Cone, Charles Linder, Betty Smelser, Dorothea Keller, Dennis Worrell, This is one ol the oldest clubs on the campus. CHEMISTRY-PHYSICS CLUB Bottom Row Cleft to rightbz Donald Webb, Yvonne Hammond, Carolyn Brown, Cherita Curles, Glen King. Second Row: James lyree, Patricia Keenaugh, Francine Homiak, Wallace Master, John Bauer, David Hopping, Rosemary Buchanan. Third Row: Kay Grtme, Patricia L, Miller, Paul Duvall, Richard Cross, Mr. H. E. Chenoweth, sponsor, Thomas Aronis, Rea Williams, Theodore Sowers, Donna Ayres, John David Kraft, The two clubs were united as the Chemistry-Physics Club in 1952 SCIENCE CLUBS ARE POPUL R NATURE STUDY CLUB' Bottom Row Cleft to rightlz Sue Cobb, Lois Adams, Lu Ellen Dearinger, Sandra Em- minger, John David Kraft, James Beeler, Joan Chapple, Geniel Wetmer. Second Row: Roslyn Johnston, Jacquelyn Heard, Leonettza Dunson, Hazel Tamney, Louise Wright, Hazel Depp, Norma McCallip, Judith East. Third Row: Louis Adams, Patricia Kearby, Carolyn Kearby, Anna Wilson, Ann Harger, Nila Staley, Patricia Pickering, Carolyn Wenthe, Eugene Flake. Top Row: Mr. Howard Cook, sponsor, Milton Johnston, Dorothy Tinsley, Carolyn Hostetter, Verlyn Syphers, Betty Jean Stone, Phyllis Beach, Sandra Allen, Jimmie Parish, Dr. C. F. Cox, Biological Sciences department head. D QM. "Jn- I Vi ' L....- .- O xx I ' Q Q v' 1 - , v - J: , . 1 'Egg Q 1 . l ff .... J: Xml ,A '- Q J Su Si- 9 ig, 9 -6 WA ,Q 14 ,v4.. DRAMA CLUB Bottom Row Qleft to rightb: Rosemary Bu- chanan, Charles Switzer, Lew Riggs, Lu Ellen Dearinger, lhespians, Thomas Whalen, Maimu Leetmae, Anna Wilson, Sharon Whalen. Second Row: Shirley James, Myra Wort, Janice Dukes, Virginia Breedlove, Linda l-lesoun, Abby l-lunter, Carolyn Ely, Mr. Robert Malay and Mr. Gaylord Allen, sponsors. Third Row: Marilyn Hawkins, Fred Stone, Patricia Keenough, Melba liemeier, Ruth Dragoo, Roslyn Johnston, Patti Kinnett, Gloria Martin, Juanita Smith, Christine l'luH. Top Row: Elsie lrittipo, Faye Simpson, Robert Walden, Rea Williams, John Kraft, James White, Jasper Shadoan, William Klein, Ronald Kreiger. WE DEVELOP SOCIAL SKILLS Not only do our clubs provide entertainment but they are also important character builders. Some go hand-in-glove with hobbies we enioy. Qthers develop our social graces, while still others, through talks, movies, and hikes, lurther interest in our subiects. ln clubs we make new Friends while learning to work with others. RADl0 CLUB Bottom Row Cleft to rightjg John Lutz, Roger Taylor. Second Row: Robert St. John, John Van Sickle, Rea Willrams, Sam Star- rett, Robert James, Fred Stone, Top Row: Jerry Fickltn, Allen Landreth, Mr. E. G. Bramblett, sponsor, Robert Witham, and Warren Byerly. 53 ,ll WE' 'S , , ' 4 I If ' six-Q.. -A" W X, , S - x ga, - A54 ' :fi mg i. m i' Q isa xi' A ig-sl, - -h '. 4 f 'U . ,um K - r., '- fp 'R . ' 31" , Y 4 . X ' I U? 'O' ' 5 I if ? X X . 1' 'Ur . 13' :rx ,. .Ax ' :S I Fl ,.'! ' - f' Q . .ggi lla!! """'.P.' ' "f - ' Xia. X 1 Ns, V-.51 mQ .. .f.,1 -4fff -4:1-yy. A' N19 ' ' - f..yvff'Cr- ,,. Q' I n 'X ' frfwsga 1l'T1Q:J,,,, I Z' I V I hx X ' ' ' i. HGME ECGNOMICS CLUB Bottom Row Qleft to rrghtj: Deann l-laiselup, Joan Chap- ple, Dorothy Sparlcs, Norma McCallip, Bar- bara Cochran. Second Row: Alice Steg- man, Louise Wright, Joyce Williams, Loretta Fodclrill, Judith McFarland, Sharon Jessee. Third Row: Mary Ellen Wright, Sharon Berg- doll, Margaret l-lale, Miss Leona Miller, sponsor, Norita Vest, Barbara l-luser, Ju- dith Kay Maxwell, Top Row: Wilma Parson, Mary Ann Nelson, Patricia Miller, Carolyn l-lostetter, Patricia Jaclcson, Donna Sue Stoelttng, and Linda Ping. ARE BRC DENING XYZ CLUB Bottom Row Cleft to rightjz James Yost, Richard Moore, Bill Lee Lyres, Jerry Stetnker, Barbara Schmidt, Rich- ard Cross, Robert Walden, Marlene Scott, Joyce Steinlcer, Alberta Matzlte, Charles Fisher, Thomas Aronrs. Second Row: Robert Martin, Jerry Daley, Karol Bair, Dorothy l-lumbarger, Sarah l-lunt, Velma Shalcel, lrene Morris, Patricia Ellis, Judith Smith, Betty Grimes, Anita Bartling, Diana Schaelcel. Third Row: Rosemary Buchanan, Sonia Willem, Carol Doclce, Joan Gilmore, Carol Sulgrove, Kaye Noble, Betty Furry, Karen Fiscus, Janet Meulen, Roslyn Johnston, Ethel Blessing, Lawf rence Sluss. Fourth Row: John Aitken, Gene Carter, Donna Ayres, Gretchen Gutlcnecht, Sandra Lee Mayor, Lynda Foster, Shirley Pittser, Diane Foster, Patricia Lowes, Carolann Brown, John David Kraft, Miss l-lelen NoFfl4e, sponsor. Top Row: Gene Armstrong, Alfred l-lanie, Richard Flee, Robert Warrrner, Norma Lucas, Barbara l-lallinin, Arleen Baudendrstel, Allen Landreth, Fred Sullivan, David Nice, Gordon l-lirschv, and Paul Duvall. It vvas first called Mathematic: Club, Tramp, tramp, tramp! Cadets pass in review at the annual inspection, May 6, 1959. R.O.T.C. Sponsors-Yf Front Row: Cleft to rightli Lt. Col. Elinor Sheppard, Cal. Po- berta Bishop, Lt. Col. Doris Johnston. Sec- ond Row: Lt. Col. Jo- anne Schafer, Lt. Col. Sue Siebert. Diago- nclly Ctop to bottomlz Captains Virginia l-logan, Karen Bailey, Judith McDaniels, Ruth Ann Justus, Nancy Noblitt, Carol l-lobbs, Sylvia Shanl45, and Mary Black. OUR ROTC U IT HA TOP RATING Qur neat laolcing l2.Q.l.C. unit vvhich numbers 428, is l4novvn throughout the state lor it is the only unit in the country that has vvon honor rating thirty-one times. This year the rifle team was city champs for the second consecutive time, and next year vve are hoping lor a third victory which will secure lor us, the trophy. Yes, our boys have brought many honors to lech and vve are very proud ol them. SNAPPING OUT commands vvith precision, l2.0.T.C. stahl otticers Sergeant First Class Ken- neth S. Sprague and Sergeant Charles S. Mori train our superior l-lonor Rating unit. -QNX JI, 2 1 g,1 , v,,9 v o - " . ...N " . .X . ' ,ii . .yi ' if x Q9 Q . .1 Iam 'a 4- .. S. U 4 f -Q ,Q 4-A Qs , . 8, F' 1 x 3 f , A -I , 167 ,. ' E . - ' D' " V 'A - . no ' "- , ,, T, 9 9' v' " ' A . 7 V, ff. ' J .X .A ', .Y '. -xy.. ':,., I' 0 -"' "' 'xx Q ,4 's , "' ..-V V . -L - -3- . D E"f h 'G' - . .i I , I 1 5 1 . 9 w . i 0 A al 1 I llil 'QiQi j a 3: Y 0 , I 57 ' 1'l'flfnlili,g.:fs,?'.,,3 . ,B k- I j- -f ., xv I I Eg-2 "Ti if 519- 1'?'Ql14'ti,QE?fi11'4'?bE434Hf2','Li??f '--4 0 X .X 2 - - 'W -f- 'T J 'VQ N -N "M ' ZQK f fn 'f ' '1 A K :A 'A "5 - . f' A Z , , Ai, L - - - ' K- - -- Ad .- H 'A 1 54, 1 ' ' X s . x . f S' fx, . , - --of v v- - Q- xxx - 5013 ,f ' I ' - ,-455, - f'u-.ff . - 2' bf' ' ' ' - ' . ' .. 0 . u 1 ' f' .sa K X 5 A ' f - , ' xx f". ,S x ' "Q 'v "5 . 1 Y, LL X 2 K nun inf". X f Kx..,.A, x K S 0 - -4 X MI' - L V -'HX ' " ax . 4.-. ,. .,' . N .-' Jf, 1 y4.kW A , . I., xl .fi'vl1g,A' FWS 5 ',I,fg'f:qQE xy S FF':'?,i'ii' g ,S A K, ' f ,. . ' 3'-'Tha' A X -, Yr' " N ".7' 'f -QFFQQ . 'I X L, 5 1 , .:.:i,.,-sa an-Q Q, . I. Q I, 8:3 A 1 ' 6 n xx Qf'4".', "f""'s IN I 1. f ' .h Q 40- K. f.,.- ' - p Q Ins 14- - - 3-N J ,a-V. 'fra 1-'glfl ' s 'f"P', W - , if 3 X65-iff. ,Q 3 A X K 'fi 1 . ' gQf'..". Q' Z" 1 r x 6 , fini. .AJ Q 0 ' 5 -'E . 5 x 5, ,rl X I iQl!A1,K,-lb ' A KK Z I ' W. w aim" 3 f Q 3 ' ." ' + ' ' 5 "' -., P2 H f' X -vw 9,3 , , bg? A :+- I M' -J .2 .,,, in EX '3' 5324, N- Q X . 1 A w 1 -- V H. Q x E' ,J 4, '33 - 1 "' 5 ca' "' Q X ' 2 """ I C ,gmv L- v-' N , X . S . ,A u lr A 1 ' ' W 2f"' A" 1 1 - W, .X ,Siva fn 5 ,Ma " X MA S gpg' 7 X , y A 1 fx, , V ,, ww' , - . 46, I 1 . f, . A, 1 . I , - NA, X I x Ai' id X If . lx V 4 'J 1 'fx .1 453,- A 'QQW N rl l 17 ' 1 ' ii -4 1 , . . .lx ' ' ' I s w I' I. - ' V -5' 5 ' " Q- M W: W -7' 'f-1-vngrfvgau 4 7 af - ' . hw " , Q. fm 'A "Yi Q- ' ,,-, 11' Aw-. 'fx gvf lfsf' chl- , H . ., - In-ft .4 . ...Y ,. -f.: , U. 1 . V ,ul-. 1A...,:- '-wfhluz Q :ff-.f:'?Q?f- :1:..:: -gh g 7'-.bfijxd ' L n , f E ' 1- - ?jf,,f114'4' . uf JZ' 1" .4 'A .J f'Q' - . ',, ur' K. A nik- I DUCTIO ,BA PARTI OUR LIFE NINE ol our ARSENAL CANNON stall members were unr- trated unto the l-ltlton U, Brown chapter ol Ourll and Scroll, tnternatronal socrety for hugh school qcurnaltsts, as charter members, January 15, at a program tn the Forum. Repre- sentatrves from chapters rn Marlon County were tnvrted. l-larvey Jacobs, executrve secretary of l.F'l.S.P.A., was speaker. Seated are Joan McCorn, Grace Black, Mr. l-lrlton U. Brown, Ann Schmrdt, Ellen Thompson. Standing: Mrs. Jane Gable, sponsor of the Broad Rtpple chapteq Paula Vandrvier, Barbara Caldwell, Martha Marlin, lruly Ann Schwein, Marrlyn Stewart, Mtss Jeannette Grubb, sponsor of the Shortrrdge chapter, Miss Ella Sengenberger, sponscr of the Arsenal Tech chapter. WHEN MEMBERS ol the ARSENAL CANNON staH celee brated the lortreth brrthday ofthe CANNON wrth a ban- auet, the eventng of December 9, ID the faculty lunchroom, Mrss Sengenberger had the lun of cutting the brrthday cake. At thas awards drnner, all high-point CANNON agents, three members of the Print Shop who do outstandtng work rn the lrnotype and press departments for the CANNON, two members ofthe Srgn class who made especrally attractrve posters for the CANNON subscrrption campargn, and out- standrng staff members receryed awards. Mrs. Naam: Adams Whrtesell, a former edrtor of the CANNON weekly, was guest speaker, tellrng of her newspaper experrences. OUR ALL-SCHOOL plays, presented by the Drama Club, under the drrectron of Mr. Robert Malay, were popular productrons. "Act Your Agel' was gryen rn the fall wrth lanrce Dukes, Vrrgrnra Breedlove, Patrtcra Keenaugh, Joyce Payne, Vtfrlltam Klern, Jasper Shadoan, Robert Walden, Carolyn Ely, Elsre Trrtttpo, and Stanley Farley rn the cast. Fred Stone was stage manager. "The Importance ol Berng Earnest" was the second semester play. In the cast were Robert Furry, Charles Swttzer, Fred Stone, Lrnda l-lesoun, Stanley Farley, Margaret Darnell, Myrna lnnts, Lawrence Brewer, and Robert Warrrner, Pictured are Wrllram Kletn, Jasper Shadoan, Carolyn Ely, and Janrce Dukes rehearstng forthe one-act play, "Act Your Age." MEMBERS of the 1953 Yearbook Staif Seated Martha Larson, copy writer. Standing: Edward Sims, photographer Marlin associate editor Joan McCain editor in chief Vivian Kathryn West, copy writer. Not pictured: Richard French WORKING O PUBLICATIO S IS FU Editing a yearbook is not all peaches and cream, lrials and tribulations are many as the months slip by. Writing and rewriting copy, taking and retaking pictures, making layouts, mounting pictures, counting characters, and measuring copy all add up to a Full-time iob. But when that deadline has been met, vve heave a sigh oi relief. All our worries and problems seem to be forgotten, and vve only hope that the thousands oi lechites vvho read our book will Feel as we do-that it is a lasting reminder oi our happy high school days. OUP SIGNATURE party in 195Q when we distributed our yearbooks vvas a popular aitair with everyone clamoring for friends' signatures. 60 MEMBERS of the editorial board cf the weelrly ARSENAL Grace E, Blaclc, editor-in-chief, Barbara Caldwell, Stuff ll CANNON are Qseoted, left to rightj Marilyn Stevvart, assc- editor, Ann Schmidt, Staff I editonfstandingl Patricia freeman, ciate editor of Staffs I 81 II, Paula Vandivier, news editor, page 3, Paul Crofton, Gail Goodner, Q, Richard French, 3 It's fun to be an editor ofthe CANNON weekly even if vve do develop headaches planning pages, measuring copy, trying to corner our elusive photographer for that last-minute shot, cropping pictures, rushing copy to the print Shop to meet the deadline, and reading proof. But what a lreen satisfaction vve derive from the finished product, We soon forget the occasional last lunch periods and the after-school hours of vvorlf, BUSINESS STAFF includes fseutedf Valda Bal- GUI? ADVISQI? of the weelfly and steins, tvpist, Allen Landreth, business, Kstcindingl yearbook is MissElla Sengenberger Carole Shields, typist, Philip Walker, circulation, frightj with Mrs Esther Ialiqainf Nancy Lou Engle and Gertrude Mitchell, typists. publications secretary. REPORTERS, sports writers, and assignment writers, who are the backbone of any newspaper stail, include fseatedj Alice Aldrich, Tanya l-langer, Anne Bryant, Jeanne Rhodes, Mary Louise Brock-Jones, and Mary Josephine Blanchard, re- porters, Cstondingl Betty Jacobs, assignment writer, Roberta Abdon, Dorothy l-lumbarger, Shirley Macklen, Marcia Man- ley, Shirley Corine, and Judith l-larvey, assignment writers, Russell Potts, Thomas Lowes, Norman Kleifgen, and Richard French, sports, and Ronald Knapp, cartoonist. All but Ronald have completed a one-semester course in iournalism. DEADLI E HAVE TO BE MET NEWS BUREALJ1Grace Black, Russell Potts, the News,lhomas Lowes, Paula Vandivier, Star, Norman Kleilgen, Marilyn Stewart, limes. PRINT Sl-lOPfteachers who work with the ARSENAL CANNON weekly: Mr. Clyde Armel, typography, Mr. Floyd Billington, press- bindery, Mr. l-larold Deem, bindery, Mr. George Barrett, printing advisor, Mr. Ralph Clark, linotype-makeup. Mr. Armel sets senior names forthe yearbook and often sets the ads. 4" HELPERS ASSIST THE STAFF Qur iournalism class and CANNON sponsor room agents help make our publications possible. As cub reporters, the young journalists who will be luture stall members dig out stories neglected by the stall, they even lind time to help the stall sell Tuberculosis Christmas Seals and to collect toys lor underprivileged children, Qn the other hand the agents go all out in the Subscription drive lor our newspaper and yearbook. IOURNALISM pupils who serve as cub reporters are Cseated left to rightj Marie Alton, Betty Jane Reed, Judith Griggs, Patricia Lowes, Robert Parsons, Cstandingj Lerittia lngram, Virginia l-loke, Ratricia Moore, Betty Smelser, John McConahay, David Redmond. They revised the Tech Book. l-llGl-l-ROINT CANNON AGENTSYA Bottom Row Cleft to rightb: Faye Simpson, Betty l-lolman, Jocile Rittser, Rebecca Sheppard, Kathryn West, Carol Sue Moore, Jeannine Bryan, Burnetta Sloss, Judith Rousch, Carolyn Stahl, Carolyn Lukens. Second Row: Alberta Matzke, James Ensinger, Clillord Brown, l-larold Ford, Larry Van Buskirk, Leo Landwerlen, Judith Rodgers, Tanya l-langer, l-lester Normington. Third Row: Delores Collin, Gladys Cantrell, Adrienne Gasaway, Vir- ginia l'logan, Robert Kiste, Thomas Reckenbach, Ratsv Lou Benson, Evelyn Ober. Top Row: Eleanor Schrowe, Rosemary Moore, Robert James, Martha Gregory, Letty Jo Emrg, Marv Louise Brock-Jones, Rhyllis Miles, Not Pictured: Flora Grll. Stanley Rice, Ted Sowers, Betty Cory, Beverly Ann Myers, Marilyn Stewart, John E. Smith, Doris Clark, Gail Goodner, Barbara Mock, and Marsha Walden. They received ther awards ata banauet given in their honor December 0. WXQIP G. 5 H A 5 r 5-ff.-. . . , . Q" M '1 L-px. 'Q ' A A 3 . ' L L- 3 1 'n 'L mf, ! f"'i:f' , Q . I y . ...Q--1-1 1 m 1 "1,y4 H .-.W 5 W.. ' ik. Q ff .W .ww if 1 , . fwf- o 2 ' 1 1. v ' f-:A H 17 I' ,. dui. .W L 'f lk TUDENTS BOAST OF OUR SENIOR CLASSES We seniors glory in tlwe tact tl'1atHl'l'ie senior year is tlwe best!! We enioy so many activities-tlie tense excitement ol electing olticers, tlwe importance ol Senior Council meetings,tl1e introduction ot tlie lecli l.egion at an assembly, and tlwe tormality ol our teas. We lwave tlwe tlwrill ot orclering our announcements and ol exclwanging name cards and pictures. We eat too mucli at our spring ioicnic,we teel a closer ooncl at Vespers, we cliolce baclc tears at Commencement! ancl we laugli ancl clance to our lweartys content at our glorious Senior prom. Qur lite lwere is so yvondertul tlwat we liate to say Hgood-oy!! L- TECl-l LEGlCN--'Bottom Rowfleft to rightl: Captains Grace E. Black, Richard Cross, Marcia Donaldson, Flora Gill, Ronald Jackson, Co-commanders Thomas Aronis and Carol l-lobbs, Captains Robert Martin, Susan Rerlcins, John Schlencl4, Marilyn Shanks, Robert Walden. Second Row: Kenneth Ruckersfeldt, Joanne Schafer, Ronna Secrist, Sue Siebert, George Sluder, Martena Smith, Dale Stone, Ronald Strain, Andrew Subris, Ellen Thompson, Paula Vandivier, Roy Viehe, Kathryn West, Eleanor White, Verlin Whitt, Robert Warriner, Luetta Wilson, Carl Kreis, Nancy l-latton, Richard l-larvey. Third Row: Doro- thy l-lumbarger, Jerrold Johnson, Edward Klinge, Betty Knight, David Kraus, Virginia Kysar, Leo Landerwerlen, Judith McDaniels, Shirley Maclrlen, Martha Marlin, Wesley Masen- ten, Lawrence Mason, Maxwell Meise, David Moore, Allen Perry, Verlene Rittser, Narcisso Rovinelli, Ronald Rislc. Top Row: Mrs. Marysue Gray, Mr. Charles Glore, Mr. Robert Gwyn, sponsors, Gordon Adams, James Ashcratt, Kenneth Ballard, Shirley Benson, Marilyn Bergman, Roberta Bishop, Mary Blaclc, Ernestine Boggs, David Brown, Victor Brown, Rosemary Buchanan, Fred Buses, Barbara Caldwell, Maurice Carmichael, Raul Duvall, Janet Ellerman, Milton Evans, Fred Forbis, Janet Good, Alfred l-ilanie, William l-larris, Mr. l-lanson l-l. Anderson, principal, Miss Mildred Corrie, spon- sor, and Mr. Charles C. Martin, founder and chairman. THE LEGIO RECOGNIZES CITIZENSHIP The Tech Legion, an honorary senior organization, Founded in the spring ol T935 with Mr. Charles C. Martin as sponsor, was established in order to recognize seniors who are outstanding in the attributes ol citizenship and the qualities of personal worth. Ten per cent of the boys and ten per cent ol the girls in the senior sponsor rooms who have received, during the preceding six semesters, the highest number ol merit citations and whose ohcice records are otherwise favorable, are eligible tor membership. The ranlring oFTicers are the co-commanders, the boy and girl with the highest number ol merit citations. Alter the co-commanders have been determined, within the membership the ten per cent ol the boys and the ten per cent ol the girls who have the highest number ol citations are designated as captains. f."fg.:'-A 111.1 Al llnlk lech legron leo In Student Center ,lonel Qood presided ol the punch bowl Shown beunfq served ore lloro Qrll,RlCl1- dd Harvey, Fred Busei, ond Moxwell Melee lN THE recervrng lrne or the leo lor sensors who plon to attend college ore Drlnclpol Anderson, Mrs Zereldo Elllolt, l3on-l'lel- lenrc member, ond Mre Anderson, wrflw Dotrrcro Lawson ond Fronclne Ho- mroclf meerrnq them HERE RE OUR 1953 CLASS OFFICER WHO COMPRI E THE COUNCIL SPONSOR ROOM 166 lN pun f SW an Q' THOMAS BOHLSEN ROBERTA G. BISHOP President Vice-pwgidenf Secretory Treasurer SPONSOR ROOM 153 3 5: ,134 6' 5- 1- 'V KAREN L. BAILEY MAURICE CARMICHAEL VICTOR C. BROWN Q""1' +A fYT'P Qs- MISS WOODWARD Sergecmteat-Orms SDOHSOI QS' ' I5 ' Y: J' f rv , , ,ff 'W - , 'V4Y 5 If JANET M. GOOD PAUL F. DUVALL FLORA E. GILL RICHARD V. CROSS EDGAR GARRISON MISS KINSLEY President Vicepresidem Secretary Treasurer SerQ9C1Hi'0f'C1fmS Sponsor SPONSOR ROOM 190 '. g, J 36 qmgo ' 169 lsr: , RONALD E. JACKSON President SPONSOR ROOM 300 DORIS M, JOHNSTON RONALD HAAGSMA CAROL A, HQBBS ViCe'DT6'Sid9H1 Secretory Treasurer 53 'Q-P DAVID J- MOORE BETTY C, KNIGHT VIVIAN A, LABSON WILLIAM A. LEE Pfesidem Vice-presideni Secfem-IV Treasurer R ffqvi '?' ' J. ELDEN HALL MISS HORNE Sergecmt-ot-arms Spongoy S' J 'O ROBERT D, MEYER MISS WELCH Sergeant-at-orms Sponsor SPONSOR ROOM 7 5 ,, Y' N. ' 1 IOANNE M. SCHAFER LARRY D. POWNER RONNA J, SECRIST JERRY D. PRICE RONALD C RISK MISS RHODES President ViC9'PI9Sid91'1i 59Cr6lC1rY Treasurer Sergeant-at-arms SPOHSOI I.-. Ah ov: sw .. 97 1 "' L. .Y Q' . 3 -'L' xx X - I V11 s Y - C1 JACK B SWEENEY SUE A. SIEBERT KATHRYN J, WEST WILLIAM SKAGGS JQHN M TAYLOR MISS WELLS President Vice-president SGCYQIOYY TISGSUYGT Sergeant-ot-arms Sponsor A D HERE IS THE CLASS THEY LE D l A - , I :A c M 9. h' 1 A ar 'c 995' fr, 1 ' N 4 I ff, ' 'Q , - V 'Ce-fx A if 4 X 'X I e x A , . X ' X ' . X ,I K S . ' I X Ix I X . PATRICIA A ABBOTT BEVERLY S ABELL GORDON D ADAMS WILLIAM B AKERS NORMAN ALBERSHARDT DALE E. ALBERTSON 1 , qgx 451 its J g 'gl I rv WILLIAM ALBRIGHT MORRIS ALEXANDER SARAH J ALLINDER DONALD ANDREWS SHIRLEY ANDREWS GENE L ARMSTRONG 3 Q e 1:0 -:' 1 I 11: C: H' V J ... gs' -' f IEEA A . K xx FIOWARD ARMSTRONG LARRY ARMSTRONG NORMA J ARNES CLANCY C ARNOLD SUSAN A ARNOLD THOMAS P, ARONIS 'alfa-f , .4 XL JAMES S, ASHCRAFT MARY B. AU BUCHON 1-ZLEANOR J AYLOR DONNA LAYRES CAROLYN BABRICK GEORGE R, BAKER MARION C. BANISTER BARBARA E. BALAY CHALMER W. BALES KENNETH BALLARD JUDITH D. BARLOW SHIRLEY M. BAXTER KATHARINE I. BERRY GRACE E. BLACK LOIS F. BARN ETT W -4' .f"?1, ' 1.1 . X . if 3, RICHARD A. BEAVEN SHARON U. BIGELOWIWAYNE BIGGERSTAFF 'Vi MARY J, BLACK -123'-,f ODESSA BARTLETT DONALD W. BARTON 'Wx "'!'.:-'W JON G. BEEKER CARLA F. BELT 'fl' BIRUTA BIRZNIEKS VELMA BLAKEMORE ERNESTINE F. BOGGS' f. I 'I'-uv. 1. '14 , Y Y e'-" T L g?f'f4fS, , . ,N . . 1, mf X JANET C. BOWMAN NETHA G. BOYER JEANETTE BRANSON RICHARD D. BRAY 'KV' . 14" ! THOMAS BRETHAUER JUANITA F. BRETT GEORGE W. BRIGHT ICO BRIVMANIS ,7- : Hz 125 , " " :2 xl' 3 i .:,.i.f5p 'iff , . 15-lf J s ROBERT G. BARBEE ALVIN L. BARKHAU NORMA J. BASTIN CHARLES R. BAXTER R SHIRLEY J. BENSON MARILYN BERGMAN PHYLLIS A. BISSELL MARTHA J. BIVINS '. 1 . . 5 If 3,0 3 '- Q I . ,u.'g4, N lag' VALDA I. BOLSTEINS JOSEPH W. BOWERS G fb Q' fd , W, .7 RONALD BRENTON JACK F. BRENGLE Liv' 'f ' RONALD BROOKS IMOGENE BROSMAN l BARBARA J. BROWN DAVID BROWN DONALD E. BROWN DONALD P. BROWN MARY J BROWN PAUL E BROWN Gb 5:7 'V' RONALD A BROWN VIRGINIA A. BROWN .IEANNINE M. BRYAN JOHN K. BRYAN ROSEMARY BUCHANAN DONOLA BURCHAM Q' N 1 QQ sv DONALD L. BURGE BEATRICE R BUSBY I-'RED O. BUSES C. MORRIS BUTLER ROBERTA J BUTLER PATRICIA A. BYERS I is '- D 7' 1, "' ' Q ea :-, " DIY ,. C. DUANE CADY ROY L CAINE BARBARA CALDWELL JERILYNN CALDWELL DOROTHY L, CARNEY ARNOLD C. CARR AVGKIQ 'Y' 1. CONSTANCE CAVANAUCH RAYMOND CHAPPELL BETTY CHILDRESS GERALD CHRISTENSEN DELPHA CLAMPITT CHARLES D CLARK 695 f DONNA LEE CLARK GERALD E. CLARK GLENN H. CLARK HARRY J. CLAY ROSEMARY CLINE JERRY L. COFFEY .,,...-, Q W vu LARRY E. COFFEY HELEN M. COLE DONALD L COLEMAN ROBERT G COMBS WALTON C. COMBS DONALD CONSTABLE fix If' ! . 1 fr.. ,v g. K, 43 S F '1 I .,,! ' ' 1 DONALD CONWELL 1 , ,Y '. I ' I 4 i RICHARD CONWELL H, GEORGE COOK KEITH E. CORBIN SHIRLEY V. CORINE KENNETH L. COX 9 J Q 'M Q, 5' I f I 1- , as . an V7 I J' ,K 0 fa I I NELSON L. CRAIN NORMA DAVENPORT K 1-T gf, N1 -fx "V f Y BOE R DEEL 'fy JULIA M DILLEY C53- AI HAROLD E LOTY ,A 7, -if CELIA C DUNCAN C. RONALD CRESS BETTY S. CRICK ROBERT L. CROCKER CHERITA A, CURTIS NORMAN DAHL . . f fc R' Q- Q cy 4 RQKL DONALD C. DAVIS JOHN H. DAVIS PAUL N. DAVIS ROBERT B. DAVIS LOUISE DEARINGER DOLORES J. DE MOSS EDWARD DENNEMANN RI-IODA DOUGHERTY CAROLYN S. DICKEY ROBERTA E. DIETZ R V KAY DINKINS GLORIA DISBRO D. CHARLES DITMAN GERALDINE DOMES MARCIA DONALDSON 64 Q 'QQ . ...., . M? I x I HOWARD W. DOTY ROBERT DOUGHERTY RICHARD DOWNING RUTH ANN DBAGOO PHILLIP R. DUKE F VON DA L. DUNN ALLEN D. EARL GLENN E. EARLE DONALD P. EGGERT BERNICE M. EILEBS U JANET L. ELLERMAN ERNEST F ELLIG ROBERT D. ELLINGTON RICHARD L ELSNER WILLIAM ENGLISH MARSHA A ENOCH JAMES A EVANS MILTON L EVANS THOMAS FAULKNER THOMAS FEATHERINGILL THOMAS E. FENTZ MARABETH A FINKE AI' R 3 cv '3 Q I .1 'J f-A Q19 D. MAX FISCUS FRANK E FISHER Y I 'av Q f,x 3 ' 'S' PAUL FISHER C RICHARD FLEE BARBARA FLETCHER LAVINIA R. FLETCHER G13 1 .3 if 'Q 'i' by . 5,1 ' RUSSELL FOREMAN LESTER L FORTNER C LOWELI. FOSTER and X lf '-v MARCIA mP'f:w1AN HARRY W GAGEN Gi LZ.- 'Ia E I' RAYMOND CALLOWAY 61, E. Q G- 'Qx 'T' ROBERT H. FISSE I 'IPX EUGENE L. FLAKE Ig jg 'QI NAI' 3. I '21 I vi A 1. ,Q x. . 7 .fl - BERNARD L. FOLTZ FRED R FORBIS fr 1---' CT -34:3 ao .41- V NANCY If FOX l -gf BARBARA CAMEL ii 11 MYLO K FRANCIS .315- 6 NORMA FLANNACAN 6- 51 G. MARSHALL FORD ol x sv I 'f ROGER E FRANKLIN 3 '? E BERNICE GARDNER LADONNA GARLAND 36 I in I fl. JOHN F GARRISON JOHN W GIBSON ROBERT R GILASPY CAROLE J GINSRERG JOHN VV CIOSCIO GEORGE GLENN 73 Q LAWRENCE GORTON LARRY J. GRAHAM MARILYN E. GRAVES ROBERT L. GRAVES i SHIRLEY J. GREEN MARY T. GREGORY RICHARD S. GRINDLE HAROLD D. GRUBBS I 'L SANDRA A. GRUNER M. JANET HAIGERTY ROBERT HALCOMB SHIRLEY J. HALE .P- IU' INEZ J. HAMMONDS LAURETTA L. HANDY ALFRED P. HANJE JOHN A. HARPER PATRICIA A. GRAY PATSY L. GRAY fn ALBERT F. GRUBER LAWRENCE GRUNER 'Y' RUTH C. HALLININ YVONNE HAMMOND SHIRLEY A. HARPER MARILYN P. HARRELL fil- 'n'ff'-f'M"r?rh,,I V. ff if 'L -gs 'V mg 'X 5 WILLIAM L. HARRIS JUDITH M, HARVEY RICHARD L. HARVEY NANCY A HATTON MARILYN K. HAUSER M60 35: 1 " -'im . bn. X ' RMK' ELLEN M. HAYES I JERRY E. HAYWOOD- REX H. HEDGES. AUDIE HEDGSPETH Y C: . than-an RICHARD HAWTHORNE , ' '. .j ..f:?'fx, .1' ,- yi , - 'Y 2 ' -Il ' A WILLIAM M. HIEDRICK LENA J. HEIDT PHYLLIS J HELMS LARRY HENSCHEN ELBERT T. HICKMAN LOIS A. HICKS BEVERLY HIGHBAUGH PEGGY J. HILTON AM. I MAXINE L. HODSON LYNN A. HOGAN DAVID E HOLDEN NICY L. HOLLIS DOROTHY HOLLOWELL ... P7 1:-U lJ SHIRLEY HOLSAPPLE FRANCINE HOMIAK EARL F. HOPKINS LARRY T. HORNER RICHARD L, HORTON is 6 I : , 5 f- X F' ev L 1 I BARBARA J. HOYT DOROTHY L. HUBBLE CLYDE H, HUEBER CHRISTINE HUFP JANICE F. HUGHES Q. . . P .gv r . P' 1 ' 4 P :-' I fr? f.- A Q 4 ' C. ANDREW HUGHEY JEANETTE D. HUGILL DOROTHY HUMBARGER RONALD E. HUNT LAVONNE E. HURT BETTIE R. HOLMAN 4573 WILLIAM H. I-IOSEA M. KAY HUGHES GRADY HUTCHINS 64 no K- f If If SHARON J HUTTON DALE G. IRVIN LARRY HUTCHINSON JACK A. IRWIN ,JAMES W, IRW1N I 0 I R, rho SAMUEL L. JACKSON BETTY J. JACOBS CAROLYN R. JACOBS L. JOSEPH JACOBS cg .m 4 -.r MILDRED M. JAMISON RALPH E, JEFPERS HOWARD R. JOHNSON JERROLD JOHNSON JUANITA JOHNSON JERRY H. ISENTHAL Q 6' 4.5.1, SHIRLEY L. JAMES CONNIE L JAMISON MARY A JOHNSON xx I5 Q J Q RICHARD JOHNSON 6 .1 .fe -ff PATRICIA KEENAUGI-I c RQ RS? THOMAS L. KERSEY MARY LOU KIRK 1 C.A, vw .1 x ROY C. JOHNSON 1'-5' V r nv' ' gg. ,, I ASA E. JONES JACQUELINE JONES JOAN M. KATTIVLAN CAROL KATZENBERGER 6 -gn. 7 mtl. B. WILLIAM KELLEY WILLIAM R. KEMP ROBERT A. KENIPE PHILLIP KENWORTHY flhrx -'P If-'J . - X YZ? 315' ' 4 I . J x CAROL A. KERNS WZ'T'?fI ff ,' MARY I. KEY MARGUERITE J. KEYT A. ROBERT KIMBLEY P. SUSANNE KINLEY JAMES L. KINSEY F567 RICHARD G. KLIER EDWARD C. KLINGE JAMES L. KLINGE PAUL F. KLOSS h ,Qg -PS Lge gm I NP iv -ow 'f C5 fgvm ...css- .if Q , . 1 S-'J RICHARD KOLLMANN MARY ANN KORAK DAVID M, KRAUS RONALD E. KREIGER CARL E. KREIS Y' VIRGINIA C KYSAR s. ,I '33 -Q33 .1 ps-,. RICHARD D. KNIGHT 433' DOROTHY A. KURTZ Q x ,.,. I' If-v ws:-:PI sf .Q A EUGENE LANDERS LEO LANDWERLEN LARRY V. LANE DONALD E. LANG SANDRA A, LASH an Q -' lv- I 1-'J Q 4n'gI 4? PATRICIA R LAWSON JACKIE M LEE ROBERT A. LEE MAIMU LEETMAE SHIRLEY M. LeFEBER JAMES E. LESTER JANET R, LEWALLEN '4,' -v-I JERRY J LUX B. JOAN MCCOIN 1 WILBUR P. LIVELY NORMA J MCARTHUR 'rv- FREIDA M MCCOY Asa ELNORA McGEE C. GAYLE MAGGART EULA M. MCINTYRE F4 .v ' 31 ,'1 Z. I KELLEY W. MAIER MARY K. MALEY M. ROWENA MA SHIRLEY I.. LOTZ ELEANOR LOUX LINDA M. LUKENBILL PATRICIA A IIIIIIIQ I fo 0 Q , X, -0' C25 A 1- 1 N' , X t . f' -I 'Q - Al' I S. X " JOSEPH L. MQAULEY ALTON MCCALLISTER RAYMOND Mc-CALLISTEH JANET I-: IVI'-CI,UIII'. Wed l?'. 11' Soir' MARYLOU MCCRANEY JESSIE L. MCDANIEL .IUDITH MCDANIELS WILLIAM IN1cI's'xRI,ANI.J ZA I WILLIE L. MABRY SHIRLEY MACKLFN CHARLES MCKINNEY FREDERICK MCNORTON .,.- agp. 'Q I NN JO ANN MARKEY MARTHA I MfIIf.I.lN 'lr 'TT' ESLEY MASENTEN LAWRENCE MASON ROBERTA D MASON RONALD MASSINCALE CHARLES D MARQUA ROBERT W. MARTIN W F4 'w F . xx I is 14? J 8 1 FREDERICK R. MAYER LAURA B IVIAYES SHIRLEY M MILIJC K JESSE P. MATTHEWS JANET L. MAVES RONALD E. MAY A K4 - - im MARCIA A. MEANS HARRY S. MEARS es ,1 "E-'JA HYLAND C. MILLER LAWRENCE MITCHELL 5? .,,, . X wr. fw BILLY J MOORE CAROLYN SU MOORE LELA M. MORRIS LENA M. MORRIS MARGIE L. MUNCY BARNEY MURRAY ROBERT NICHOLAS RONALD H. NIETEN .6 K MAXWELL A. MEISE JEANNE MERCER 55" ' " GEORGE MOFFATT WANDA L. MOMAN 3' RAYMOND MIDDLETON WILLIAM M. MILBY GRACE M. MONTANI JOSEPH MONTANI MARGARET MOORE MYLA J. MOORE A If ROZZETTA A. MOORE VIDA M. MOORE RONALD P. MORRIS RUTH D. MORSE 47N BEVERLY L. MYERS THOMAS C. NEEL NANCY J. NOBLITT THOMAS K. NOBLITT ' EDWARD MULRINE ROSEMARY MULRYAN 'lf I S u JERALD F. NELSON RONALD A, NEMEC A "".' fa- I .M Q- 51 J , f Q B3 r. lynlm, I . . 55 X4 FARRELL F. NOLAN G. PHIL NOLTING HARRY NORMINGTON FERN L. NYBERG D. SCOTT OCONNOR LOIS A OGDEN DONALD J. OKEY DELORES G. OSMON v I 0 J "":' RQ...- .45 JAMES R OVVENS SHIRLEY A OVVENS CAROLE L PAGE CHARLES W. PALMER DUANE C. PARKER RICHARD K PARKER .1 Cn, Q. ELVI PARNA JIMMIE G. PARRIS MARILYN A. PABSON ALBERT PATTERSON JOHN R. PATTERSON ROBERT PATTERSON I :ex 38 E or I Y' if I hi JACK IVI PAYNE JOYCE L PAYNE JOHN A. PAYTON NANCY B. PEASE JAMES E. PERDIEW SUSAN K, PERKINS ,Q rs. G. 1 53 J r- .4 w' ' .vi -. ALLEN O PERRY GEORGE D. PERRY JACOLYN PETERMAN JAMES B. PETERSEN LOUISE PFLUG DORIS J. PHELPS 10 I. M0 Q' 'Y' IP' ll I I If MARGARET I. PHELPS ROBERT H PIERCE THEDA M. PITTARD JOSEPH A. PITTMAN V. JOCILE PITTSER JOHN W. POEHLER ,H 1-4 HARRY R POLAND ROBERT G. POLLAK THURSTON POPPLEWELL NARCISO POVINELLI B. JOANN POWELL GERALDINE E PRICE f.,s .3 SHIRLEY A PRIEST MARLENE A. PROCTOR WILLA MAE PUGH JIMMIE L. PULLMAN LEILI RAAG ARNOLD RAKOWSKI I ar , MARY J. RHODES ka- ts l . 17 J A f, 1 X .. :VELYN L. RALSTON ROBERT V. RAMSEY MARY C. RANEY DONALD RAWLINGS DAVID J, REDMOND gf J 6 J an 4- Q 4' I OQF J ,,,. , - ,V 1 Q 19. 'I' i JOHN R RICE t3SS 'Y' CAROLINE RIGGERS IRQ ELBERT W ROGERS THEODORE ROGERS JOHN P. ROSE inn THOMAS J. RICE WAYNE A. RICHARDS N. DARLENE RICHEY 6- Q S Q 3 1 uv' ,J . THOMAS L. ROBBINS PERRY RODMAN NI A JJROE I ffaf :SW . I S ' 07 3, I 'Ny' .5 at """" ,.-X , , ? S QM DAVID F. ROSS HARRY T. RIEBE JO ANN A. RIEGEL .sg JO ANN. ROEDER JEROME L. ROEMER NANCY A. ROSS RICHARD E, ROTH 1 151' 'vw-I A107 MARJORIE A ROUSH VERNON C, ROWE PATRICIA A, RUARK KENNETH RUCKERSFELDT DAVID W. RUSSELL JO ANN RUSSELL fi, 'UG QQ.. J -A K1-'N an-in 'I CATHERINE ST CLAIR LONDON E. SAMS RICHARD SCHAUER GLEN L. SCI-IEIRING FRANCES SCHLEITEB JOHN M. SCHLENCK . KHM Y I . Q 1 '3 GQ f 3 3 t QI ', C, 6' ', K .N 3 A X ' g 'vs I ' 5 'ry .' 9 . 7 - ' Sv' Rv A 4 uf.. L R ' BE ANN SCHMIDT L WENDALL SCHMOE RALPH L, SCHRUM 'BOBBY H. SCOTT JOHN R SCOTT JASPER C. SHADOANA l i DONALD SHAFFER X -in I RICHARD SHEPHERD I 4' ss ia V KENNETH L. SHORT 3 Q DONALD E SMITH nv MARILYN J. SHANKS I I0 JANE A. SHARP RUSSELL SHARR CAROL A SHEARER DOROTHY SIIIQIVIWIILI. r GT 'Tal -U L:-'Af 1,5 REBECCA SHEPPARD CAROL M. SHIELDS GEORGE K. SHIELDS STANLEY SHIELDS ROBERT SHOFIIVIAKFIR ROSEANN SHOWERS DONNA M SMITH 6? gps' BILL R, SNELL RUSSELL SNELLENBERGER I fic., Ex E, f x K JACK C. SHULSE T MARTENA A. SMITH PATSY A SODEN , S C. BRENT STEWART DONALD E. STEWART RAEJEAN STEWART I1 4-nv gi' I- x, A' I DONALD A. SICKLE I5 RAYMOND F. SMITH BURNETTA IVI. SLOSS IIS' ,1 '-ur -ru ROBERT W, SMITH vt I-" a . Vx "v-1 h GEORCIT SLUDER i rl "' 3, D an ,T YT WALTER L SMITH 3 Qc: K Tr NINA STALEY KATHERINE STEPHENSON BARBARA STIQWART 26 Q' K RILEY G STEWART 'S' ORVILLE STONEBRAKER JAMES F. STOUT JIMMIE B. STRAHAN RONALD R STRAIN n A. Q ve ,4un.. lr Y --T , BETTY I.. STITES fi 'Ir D JEAN STRONG . 5:9 '77 gg'1 1, - DALE B STONE Y? -A C , X., ANITA C STURGEON 'T' ANDREJS SUBRIS J, G 7' ay XJ 'xv 5 ,Q CURTIS QA. TEVIS f- its 'ff' ff! MARY LOU SURBER CHARLES A. SWITZER 26 If... Jb5 CAROLYN THIESING ROBERT M. THIRTLE QC!" ur ELLEN THOMPSON WILLIAM THOMPSON GLORIA THORNSELL PATRICIA A. TITUS Q 3' I4 ,Alf . f , its m WILLIAM J. TOLSON JERRY B. TONGATE I 2 1 42 fo, X- ,PN JAMES N. TUCKER JAMES A. TWIGG LEWIS E. TYNER 6 3 62 G js A , I -4-b 1...-, T' BARBARA R. VERNON ROY W. VIEI-IE GEORGE M. VIGNA Q fb 99 .I in 3 K 'ff MARTHA A. TAYLOR PAUL R. TAYLOR E THOMAS L. TEAL , V5 Q 1 qs: -sr? . -eds? W' S E 1, ,,. K If M' EARL M, THOMAS JAMES M. THOMPSON LLOYD THOMPSON il'v' RICHARD THURMAN MELBA M,TIE1V1EIER DOROTHY Y. TINSLEY I 441 DOUGLAS L. TREES DARRELL D. TROTTER DON M. TRAUT 36 3 GUNA A, VANAGS JANIS Z. VANAGS PAULA VANDIVIER . J fv xg, V sr I . Y, I , -1 lk I rv! -' f N' I 5. 1-gr 36 -. 'g JOAN E. VOS JUDITH WACGONER WILLIAM C. WAGNEF ...aff ,- Q 'vt' . f-212 -e I 'f L --.. OJ 5' 1 , x.,,:i: I ll.. f all adn- A-.1 -. . 91 1 1 f JAMES W WALDEN ROBERT J WALDEN MARY L. WARNER ROBERT WARRINER JAMES WASHINGTON RAYMOND L. WEBB 6: 1 .sa I ? -ik- Q ' 1-.Y .,. 5 if ' Q-vt Y Ifi GLADYS R. WEDDLE MARILYN E. WEDDLE ALBERT C, WEIR LEON WEIR DONALD L WI'fI.flII NAI-If'.":' ' ' I I I 1 91 at J B Q s Z J -.- f-.v ..- 'val' f" f1P' f" -35 KY -,I ' , ' ,J M , !i2,l'Q'fa 'f,f',,.1 . ' -' nk' WX gl " 'FJ . ' A A ROBERTA M. VVEST SHIRLEY VVESTIVIORELAND THOMAS WHALEN ELEANOR C. 'WHITE V TRAVIS 'NHITT JERI','I'If1 ,I I 0 .Q hh . 8 ,FP ,S J- 'L PM ',h 'b It YT V 6 CLYDE W WILEMAN MARYLIN WILLIAMS ,Allin ? -wx hi V' JAMES W WILSON LOUETTA M. WILSON . N! W - JEAN A VVRAY MORRIS L WRAY 121 WANDA WILLIAMS sir- iw 'href THOMAS J. WISE Ci-3, R. JOAN WYATT in B ' K OP ,v "1" i,. R52 , - ' Ii Aj I ltfl 'f 'L - ' mv' K I PAUL M'YOUNG S GL . Am T' J' All, ANNA P. WILSON DELORES M WILSON in. 7.7-1 I S I I X 4, -Ov 'l"'7' I 'T' GERALD WOEMPNER THOMAS WOODHOUS ic' 4: ' rf 'i,f. 1---' .Q NJ NORMAN F YEAGLEY JOHN W YEARGIN W HARRON ZIIVIIVIERIVIAN Ci' V' RICHARD L. ALLEN LOUISE ANDERSON FANNIE M. BAILEY MERRILL BLACKWELL DOYLE ERYANI' I.?'JL'J.wIfz IQ .. ,f v , 4- , X X . '75 L, EARL V f A-' O: .IW f -X' fm ,X . I 'STN S' X. I rxpx A P-I! .- x eg ff. JM 1 gt hx ' J .ri JALE 1 + X .I , '43 6, , lx Ws.a -'Tis ft- 5' RICHARD EDEN JO ANN PLANNAGAN FRANCIS FLORA MARY GREENWALD HARRIET HASTINGS LARRY K. HUNTER Q -. - ws . -P Civ be CAROLYN JENNINGS A-4 '05 N 'v --.,. . I E XX, N I ' . I BENJAMIN PERRY 3.5. BETTY THOMAS ,sqf -nazi . ,A-uri I """ 'CZ39 . I .1 5 I 5 sf W ' 'fcf iiilfmgi' . P 'X -9 45:-l.l"flf1a , -1 .. 1: ,4J?.' ,'.11.:gi:.::pL.1. v4.1 A .' ' ' ' ufff: 't'+1:": -, -,,.,,.W.I11- .Mn AY' M ""' " JANET E. KINSER DONALD LINZIE CHARLES R. MORRIS RICHARD NICHOLS - I I , I " F' 'A I 'I :T 'r 2' 'M T -4- IIIX ' 1 V' 'Q' , 7 BARBARA PETERMAN JAMES S. PETTIT DONALD PRATHER BETTY J. OUANDT ffww' ,Q sm. 'T , 'yr Q X .' W ' -L 'I' ,,,,,,.. ROBERT VANNOY JAMES WHITE GRADUATE' PRAYER by Betty Joann Thomas l.ord, another senior class lmro life will slwortly pass, All of good, imbilned in sclwool, Ever let our actions rule, Let us gladly do our sluare Be flue taslc set, wlwatsoelver. Comrades, Teaclwer, Guide, with Thee We will strive courageously. JACQUELINE PERDUE ERNEST SELLARS fi! PHILIP WILLIAMS RALPH WILLIS LAURA WINEBARGER OUR SENIOR ROLL ROOM PROGRAMS BRING TO LIGHT HIDDE T LENTS Qnce each week our live senior roll rooms hold entertaining programs during roll call to help make the sponsor periods more interesting. These programs leature the talent ol the members ol the class. Qur vice-presidents are talent scouts who are always onthe run, searching lor hidden abilities which many ol the modest members try to conceal. These little variety programs help to make our last year at Tech more enioyable, EDGAR KLINGE, Techs popular accordionist, who is constantly in demand to play For club and other activities, entertained Room 6 with a program ol popular music. A VERSATILE young man, Jasper Shadoan, who is good at leading yells, playing in the band, or being in a play, gave Room 7 a treat when he played his saxophone, TEN MEMBERS of the Tech Choir presented a skit from their operetta, "The Emperors New Clothes," before the opening performance, for roll call in Sponsor Room 300, A CLEVER little radio skit was presented by six talented senior boys and girls, includ- ing Eldon l-lall, Ronald l-laagsma, and Richard Klier, for the program for Roll Room 190. Tl-lE GIRLS' ENSEMBLE, Sylvia Shanks, Joanne Schafer, Phyllis Miles, Jerilyn Cald- well, Jeretta Wiese, Eleanor White, Marv Black, gave a program For Room loo. WHEN lT COMES to strumming a guitar Edgar Garrison is right there as he proved when he played for Lu Ellen Dearinger as she worked her puppets for Roll Room 153, 85 SENIOR COMMlTTEESsBottom Row Cleft to rightD: Joyce Payne, Mary Lou Kirk, Marilyn l-larrell, Larry Coffey, James Owens, Larry Graham, James Ashcralt, Ann Schmidt, Janet Maves, Carol Su Moore, Jasper Shadoan. Second Row: Patricia Keenaugh, Narcisso Povinelli, Charles Switzer, Thomas Aronis, Robert Martin, Edward Klinge, Maxwell Meise, Martha Marlin, Carolyn Jacobs, Nancy Noblitt, Janet Bowman. Third Row: Darlene Richey, Freida McCoy, Ronald Brenton, Paula Vandivier, Robert Warriner, l-larry Normington, Richard Flee, Thomas Brethauer, Larry Armstrong, Marilyn l-lauser, Nancy l-latton, Delpha Clampitt, Eleanor White. Top Row: Barbara Gamble, Cherito Curtis, Marcia Donaldson, Lu Ellen Dearinger, Thomas Whalen, Gene Armstrong, Rich- ard Harvey, Wayne Richards, Keith Corbin, Fred Forbis, Marilyn Shanks, Dorothy l-lumbarger. coUNc1L, COMMITTEE SENIOR COUNCIL-Seated at Table: Ronald E. Jackson, president, Joanne Schafer, secretary. Bottom Row Cleft to rightbz Doris Johnston, Elden l-lall, Carol l-lobbs, Ronald l-laagsma, Victor Brown, Karen Bailey, Maurice Carmichael, Roberta Bishop. Second Row: Ronald Rislc, Ronna Secrist, KEPT U BUSY Jerry Price, Larry Powner, Robert Myer, Vivian Larson, William Lee, Betty Knight, Thomas Bohlsen. Top Row: Edgar Garrison, Richard Cross, Flora Gill, Paul Duvall, Janet Good, William Skagg, John M. Taylor, Kathryn West, Sue Siebert, Jack Sweeney. Senior class oFFicers comprise the council. - 'qrwf Mg 415. "'- '. 'f - ' -1 'fv- 5' 'in z. 52- Tfk ,.,f A W, ', a .5 I . x , . s sy ! 'Q .Q ' Iv . ff- V X X . 4 -1 I wi . f- , I- ., , V'1 ,, .. ' H f I N Lg I Q I' r . .'-Q - I' 'A ' - .fir gf. -J A '. -u 'T L ' ' I .4 1 X Q Q 4. R 'wx ' , .- I x ww. 'E' 3 " My-. C .ilk XS Q4 . 1 . s . . Kd 4' 4..-1, . - if 4- JJ r 'F . ' Y - , F' C i '- .NK h 15, A I I ' 5' 'f , ,lif ,. 3 4 A: . f '. :x :::.. ' K N' , Q4-' , ,Z . ii 432. A - FF 5 in As the hand played, more than six hundred seniors marched into the stadium, taking seats that formed a huge NI. OUR SENIOR YEAR IS FILLED WITH EXCITING EVENTS DISPLAYINCJ prize-vvinning drawings in the ban- PCDSEMAPY BUCHANAN, chosen to represent her ner design contest are Paul Davis, second, Charles class in the D.A.l2. Good Citizenship contest, receives Baxter, lirst place, and Paul Duvall, third. her award from Mrs. A. N. Stevens. . YCUNG ABE LINCQLN in Indiana, portrayed by senior William l-losea at the February TQ assembly, was the lwit ol the program. Many little everyday experiences and activities lwelp to mal4e up our scliool lile. We can talce part in assemblies, attend club meetings, and even enter contests. Alter n , W? PRINCIPAL ANDERSON and Superintendent l-lerman L. Slwibler cliat at the birthday te-3 L..-Il X lCU"N putting in a liard day ol vvorl4 at tlie brain 'A " Factory, vve trudge tovvard tlie parking lot and Find we lwave reaclied tlwe last stravv no gasl "Hs U . ,-Q 522.73 X ,-. xl' uv. 1 EVEQY' ONCE in a vvltile a pupils car need alittle extra urging to get started on its QECEIXVINQ AVVDJQDS at the L-5xlXlNQlN birthday dinner were Qicliard l-lantlwoine Jerry Drice,l?icl1ard Baldwin, Russell l-laine' Alford Eubanlfg Art and print flwop bir- 14...- TIF" 89 l '- 9 Xu ' X WEEQQ Qxvf J x . Y f f xx l g 1 'cami' Xue " ' s, ng In - in m A KL? Viv H V .R . , . , 9 1- 'Q , gi ,.'. v xx , nl... ' ,fy 4 -A '.:.1 efyg .. " , 1' A .I A ,'. ' . in 'i'f35gf,,.a . - ?3"a-Q., 'tl p4"'.,v I .. f.: ,...,. W' if W- ? ' -Q... -. 1 ,,....n. 7 Q , ' ,,ph-A , .,' K , . . .rw ,, . . , "1 .. "7 --H. - ' VZ' t '. . ' 1 . ,K ,xv . ,, MM' n . . . .rg-rf -1- llJ1np.ai7-in--, gf ,.L.i14f'p.ff.',,. , ,M V .. qu., 4 Awww , n- -4 JJ- ,,. j 1. f-T' A ?2:'5N,1fN2" -' ' 1,-qt-0 l A I D . . -- " ' if "9 ' ' A , 4.-fr ., A 5 5..- , . ...4x.4-.9 ,--,,T??",-',- v f -+1 ,LV ., 2.5 , . , .,Q.' . 4, pf I . ,..- W, , , ,,P"Ff ,g,H.:'!h.- ',v -Nr'-"f 1' la, -4'?'f"P::ri '- -i ' ' Qi-L.. x " " ' Y Riva L . ,anv- .,uJA.' all-F. 'Q' Y A 9' :S -aku' 3 . Nz 4. ...-x-campy" S FOR TEAMS, OURS ARE TOPS Qurlech hos o brood othletic progrom, monned by thirteen cooches. They ore o lorge toctor in producing good citizens os they not only build winning teoms but they olso mold good chorocter. Sportsmonship ond cooperotion in our student hody os well os in our teoms ore stressed os much os is winning. Not only do we hove on outstonding stodium with o two-ond-one-holt-mile troclc, out we olso hove hoseboll, tootholl proctice, ond girls' othletic Fields, tennis courts, ond even on outside hoslcetboll court. ls it ony wonder that Tech ploces so high in othletic contests? The colder the vveather the louder vve Tech spectators cheer our football team on to a victory at all ol the games. WE TECHITES ARE RDE T FGOTB LL FANS The Tech song really got a vvorl4out this year when our varsity footballers vvon seven ol nine pigsl4in encounters, coached by l-lovvard Longshore. Our gridders scored a grand total ol QQ7 points for the season against their opponents' 'l56. It would have been a rough season vvithout the last and brilliant pigsl4in carrying ol Charles Jones, Gene Austin, Adell Turner, and Ronald lf. Jackson, and the ground gain at Robert Ozman and Robert Crocker. Perry Rodman, team captain who played lelt end, and Robert Croclcer, oltensive lullbacl4, both vvere honored by being selected For the Indianapolis News all-city lootball sauad. Tl-lE Broad R:pple-Tech game was a thriller even though we lostl COURTESY' INDIANAPOUS NEWS Varsity Football 92 LK: 1Yl.liHEIILla4s..1 Sept. 'IQ Tech QO .... l-lovve 'IQ Sept. 'I9 Tech 'I3 Broad Ripple 'I8 Sept. Q6 Tech QO .... Anderson 'I3 Oct. 3 Tech 7 Muncie Central 'I3 Oct. 'IO Tech Qi Marion 7 Oct. 'I7 Tech 33 Franlctort TQ Oct. Q4 Tech Q6 Shortridge Q1 Oct. 31 Tech 34 Washington 6 Nov. 7 Tech 53 Logansport O .ff f ff we "LQ 2'- I LI. .53 ge 1 A 'Sl . Yr h 'w', 1 9,155 I l' f y Af W4 ,WL ,iff 1 f sy I f - Q, I. N 1 if 1, T , I 54- 1. gf. 9 '40 so 1254 44 5' 53096155 3 -.,.3 63 Q22 34 39 45 43 '37 , 59 'EE 35 4-3 55m 41 33 3-. 46 4 w TMJ llg,. if fi? xl' 1 'W 5"C 1 L ' "7- Freshman Football Sept. Q5 Tech O. Oct. Q Tech 19 Oct. 9 Tech Q7 Oct, 'l6 Tech 33 Oct. Q1 Tech 'I3 Oct. 30 Tech Q6 94 RESERVE FOOTBALL Squad -Front: Ronald Mills, man- ager. Bottom Row: Cleft to rightlz Charles King, Ronald Conover, William Austin, Clyde Whalin, Nelson Carr, David Vahle. Second Row: William Worley, Ronald Tracy, Walter Routen, David Oliver, Ronald Salisbury, Phillip Kat- tau, Jerry Woolen. Third Row: James Banther, James Whit- alcer, Ronald Weaver, Leo Moye, Gerald Nevitt, Richard Reed, Lawrence French. Top Row: Athletic Director C. P. Dagwell, David Alexander, David Cox, John Neil, Philip Wilson, Glen Condra, George White, Coach George Mihal. Our medium and small size gridironers came out on top in their schedules. The medium Green, coached by Reserve Football George Mihal, dropped only one game ol seven-that loss, courtesy of the Broad Ripple Rockets. ln their closest game, they edged out Washington, 7 to 6, their best Sept. Sept. Tech O ..,.. Broad Ripple 6 Tech 19 ,,... Anderson 7 Oct. Tech 13 ..... Franlclort 6 game was over Southport, QT to O. Coach Ernest Od' Tech Q1 IVVAI Somhpor, O Medcalle's freshman sauad came through with tour wins QU. Tech 7 ,lgll Anucks O in a six-game schedule, losing to Broad Ripple and QU, Tech Q0 ,,,,, ghoriridge 7 Shortridge, deleating Southport, Attucl4s, Deaf School, Oct. Tech 7 ..... Washington 6 and George Washington. Broad Ripple 6 i Southport 6 Crisous Attdclfs 6 Deal School O Shortridge '14 Washington O FRESI-IMAN FOOTBALL TEAMfln Front: Wilbur Subbraclc, manager, William De Michiele, manager. Bottom Row: William Payne, Robert St. Johns, Robert Kreise, Robert Mohrling, Fred McCoy, Robert Bernard, Jerry L. Smith, Ronald Mace, James McKinney. Second Row: l-larry Neer, Donald O'Rear, Donald Gruner, Donald Lyles, Thomas Looper, William l-lutt, Robert Pritchett, Jon Mclieel, Jed Ballard, Robert Morris. Third Row: Ralph Coryea, James Cast, Robert Taylor, Franlc Cox, Carl Andre, Elester Berryhill, Robert Souders, Lovell Ensinger, Edwin Callcins, Merle Gregory, Raymond King. Top Row: Coach James Stewart, Raymond Wischmeyer, John Walton, James Stonebralcer, Robert Davis, Max Wilson, Robert Crist, Donald Geozell, Earl Goens, Ronald Ray, William Settles, Coach Ernest Medcalfe. OUR 41 MATME RE RUGGED 4- AT THE BASKETBALL banauet Coach Charles Maas pre- 'ented a sweater to AI Northtngton as Athletic Director Charles Dagwell checked the names of other athletes who were to receive awards in winter sports. Qur mat men grappled their way through a good season, tal4ing one first place, two second places, and a fifth place in tournament meets, this year. lhe Green and White grapplers won six scheduled meets and lost only four: Shortridge, Bloomington, Southport, and Lafayette, by scores of 3Q to l5, Q8 to QD, Q6 to l3, and Q6 to 17, respectively. The grapplers defeated Broad Ripple, 39 to QO, Anderson, Q7 to Q3, Richmond, 38 to l3, Muncie Central, Q5 to QQ, Crawfordsville, Q3 to 'l7, and Decatur Central, QQ to TQ. Winding up its season in the state tournament, it tied Shortridge in the Sectionals, 49 apiece, and went on to talre fifth in the final State Meet, Coached by William lreichler, the matmen toolr a second row seat in the conference meet, being defeated by the host team, Jefferson of Lafayette, 57 to 49. Qutstanding grapplers on the team were Robert Rollaclr, Robert Qzman, Yuland Balcer, Dean Watson, and heavyweight Bob Croclcer. Not to be slighted were Albert Schropshire, William Eenter, Henry lanner, Robert Hunter, and Donald Hill. VVRESTLING TEAM Bottom Row Cleft to rrghtD: Ray Stafford, William Eenter, Dean Watson, Yuland Baker, Robert Pollack, Robert Crocker, Robert Hunter, William Lee, Henry Tanner, Albert Shropshire, Donald Hill. Second Row: Wallace Clark, Robert Graves, Donald Stevens, Ronald Foster, Phillip Wilson Rcnald Tracy, William Vtfeliever, Jed Ballard, Darrel Wheat ley, Ronnie Ward, James Hayslett, Qscar Hill, Robert Mon- day. Third Row: Richard Spelich, Kenneth Schreiner, Robert Davis, Lowell Ensinger, Louis Herd, John Eangman. Top Row: Asst. Coach George Mihal, Robert Ramsey, Gary Bates, David Qltver, Donald Lalctn, John Van Eossan, Jerry Smith, Head Coach William Tretcher, Athletic Director Charles R. Dagwell. AI Northington, guard, drives under for his famous lay-up shot during one of the thrilling season games. COURTESY. INDIANAPOLIS STAR BASKETB LL WAS GRE T ,gmt Ending first in the city and tying for second in the North Central Conference our varsity roundballers polished off one of the most successful seasons in Tech history. Qnly defeat of the season was handed to the Greenclads by the Anderson lndians, mal4ing an 'I8 vvin, one loss record. Coach Charlie Maas had the team put the freeze on the ball and play a slovv, deliberate game that stopped all top teams in the state, such as Muncie Central, Richmond, and Kolcomo. The starting five usually consisted of Ernie Sellars, Don Sexson, Albert Northington, Bobby Morris, and Bud Wray, but David l-luff, Barney Murray, and Qrville Stonebreal4er were always standing by, ready to start. Coach Maas had the honor of being named Coach of the Year by the North Central Conference sports writers, vvith AI Northington winning ci first team berth on a Q8-man honor sauad. Basketball . . . .Warren Central 46 . , . .Southport 54 ...Franlcfort 35 ....Nevv Castle 59 . . . .Shortridge 44 Invitational Tourney ...Broad Ripple 55 . . . .Shortridge 38-final . . . .Anderson 68 . . . .Washington 46 . . . .Lafayette 45 . . . .Manual 38 . . . .l-lowe 48 , . . .Muncie Q7 ....Marion 44 . . . .Cathedral SO . . . .Richmond Q8 ...Broad Ripple 47 . . . .Kokomo Q6 . . . .Logansport 46 Sectional Tournament Nov. Tech 49 Nov. Tech 63 Dec. Tech 43 Dec. Tech 74 Dec. Tech 54 Jan. Tech 58 Tech 56 Jan. Tech 51 Jan. Tech 48 Jan. Tech 59 Jan. Tech 53 Jan. Tech 50 Jan. Tech 38 Jan. Tech 49 Jan. Tech 56 Feb. Tech 33 Feb. Tech 65 Feb. Tech 3'I Feb. Tech 65 Feb. Tech 49 .... Ben Davis 53 av! MURRAY MQQQIS SEXSQN WRAY NORTHINGTON SELLARS MEMBERS OF Tl-lE VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAMfeBottom loralcer, Ernest Sellars, Don Sexson. Top Row: Lawrence Row Cleft to rightj: Perry Rodman, Charles Morrrs, Gerald Mason, Assistant Coach Jack Bradford, Athletrc Drrector Maas, student manager, David l-lull, Albert Northington. C. P. Dagwell, Coach Charles Maas, and Harry Poland. The Second Row: Barney Murray, Morris Wray, Grville Stone- boys played a wonderful season, losing one game. 97 RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAMiBottom Row Cleft to rightb: Robert Weaver, Stanley Rice, Richard Neel, Don Schroeder, manager, Carl Meditch, Robert Taylor. Second Row: Leo Moye, John NeFt, James Dunn, Nick Dem- atriades, Melvin Erman, Ronald Clark. Top Row: Coach Jack Bradford, William Barringer, Adell Turner, Qscar Ammer, Richard Tracy, Athletic Director C. R. Dagvvell. RE ERVES,FRE HIE ,EIGHTH GRADERS ARE OUR FUTURE STARS Reserve Basketball Nov. Q6 Tech 5Q Nov. Q9 Tech 37 Dec. 5 Tech 37 Dec, 1Q Tech 48 Dec. 19 Tech 58 Jan. 3 Tourney Tech 46 Tech 55 Jan, 9 Tech 41 Jan. 1O Tech 41 Jan. 16 Tech 43 Jan. 17 Tech 51 Jan. Q1 Tech 47 Jan. Q3 Tech 47 Jan. 30 Tech 43 Jan. 31 Tech 51 Feb. 6 Tech 56 Feb. 7 Tech 49 Feb, 13 Tech 43 Feb. QO Tech 51 BOB DEEL crovvd in a Warren Central 3Q Southport Q6 Frankfort 35 Nevv Castle Q3 Shortridge 36 Broad Ripple 34 Washington 36 Anderson 31 Washington Q7 Lafayette Q7 Manual 19 l-lovve 3Q Muncie 43 Marion QO Cathedral 35 Richmond 38 Broad Ripple 36 Kokomo Q7 Logansport 36 and Fred Forbis lead the rousing cheer for the team. Rrevievvs ol coming attractions were presented by the reserve hardvvood Five vvhen they played a lull 18-game schedule vvithout one defeat. The sharp-shooting ol Carl Meditch and Robert Taylor, combined vvith the ready rebounding ol Adell Turner, Robert Kretz and Qscar Ammer, vvas lust the right blend lor an undefeated season vvith rookie Coach .lack Bradford. There was no lack oi reserve strength with Robert Weaver, Ronald Neil, Jerry Carter, and Richard Tracy on the sidelines. Dec. Dec. Dec Dec Jan Jan .lan lan .lan ,lan Jan Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Freshman Basketball 4 Tech 34 11 Tech 36 18 Tech 98 19 Tech 41 10 Tech 95 13 Tech 99 15 Tech 39 90 Tech 58 91 Tech 48 97 Tech 39 99 Tech 30 5 Tech 95 7 Tech 34 10 Tech 95 19 Tech 47 14 Tech 41 17 Tech 49 19 Tech 36 Warren Central 99 Southport 39 Ben Davis 43 Sacred l-leart 95 Washington 30 Southport 33 Broad Ripple 34 Lawrence Central 34 l-lowe 99 Cathedral 97 Manual 94 Shortridge 99 Broad Ripple 41 Washington 30 New Castle 34 Crispus Attuclcs 43 Howe 37 Shortridge 45 FPESF-IMAN BASKETBALL TEAMA Bottom Row Cleft to rightD: Fred McCoy, Joseph Arvin, James Lacey, Jerry Donoho, Gene l-lelft, Jon Sexson, Second Row: John Walton, Thomas Looper, Jerry Piety, Elster Berryhill, Jon Mclieel, David Dagwell. Top Row: Coach Powell Moorehead, James Macy, Raymond VVischmeyer, Ronald l?ay, James Stonebraker, James l-lawlcins, Athletic Director C, P, Dagwell, Coach Powell Moorehead guided his Freshman team to a split season oF 9 wins and 9 losses. The little Greenclads started oFF by deFeating Warren Central and Southport, then Falling to Ben Davis and Washington. Meeting Southport For the second time it toolc a third straight deFeat. Alter losing to Broad Ripple the luclc oF the Freshman Green Waves turned as they had Five wins in a row: Lawrence, l-lowe, Cathedral, Manual, Sacred l-leart. They Fell again to Shortridge, but picl4ed up two more wins. They closed the season with a loss to Shortridge. Eighth Grade Basketball Tech 33 .... . School 93 Tech 36 .... School 97 Tech 60. . . School 1r- Tech 94. . School 39 Tech 18 . School 17 Tech 49 School I3 Tech 19 School 90 Tech 19 School 31 Tech 30 School 95 Tech 17 School 1'2 ElGl-lTl'l GRADE BASKETBALI TEAM Bottom Row tlelt to ritghti Ronald Means, l?obert Stone, Wallace Moon l?einLeetmae,Larrv Deer,Xl.'illiamtsel1f laclc Edwards. Second Row: .lomes Al Ford, Lloyd Cox, Maurice Paul Michael Alexander, William Caldwell lame' Curren. Top Row: Raymond Parson' Manager, Coach Ernest Medcaltn. YEA! RAl-ll TECl-ll rang out the clear young voices of our five action, leading the enthusiastic fans in typical 'lechtovvn yells, tireless cheerleaders, Sue Siebert, Roberta Bishop, Doris cheering the varsity team on to victory after victory in a season Johnston, Bobby Deel, and Fred Forbis, as they sprang into of action with the team responding to the cheers. NOT TO BE outdone by the varsity, our reserve cheerleaders came in for their share of the compli- ments. They are fkneelingl Louis Carry, Cfirst row, Gloria Knipp, Letty Jo Emig, Sherron Wall, Marcia Walden, Crearl Charles Linder, Robert Kuleff. BLOCK T CLUB-rf-Bottom Row Cleft to rightD: Robert Ramsey, Joseph Pittman, Russell Jack- son, Dean Watson, Maurice Carmichael, William Sidere- vvicz, William Snell. Second Row: Morris Wray, Ronald Jaclcson, James Qvvens, Rob- ert Croclcer, Robert Walden, Phillip Kenvvorthy, Robert White. Third Row: Orville Stonebralcer, Larry Van Bus- lcirlc, Robert Pollal4, Larry Gra- ham, Uland Baker, Graham Nell, Paul Koralc. Fourth Row: Larry Cuorton, Max Fiscus, Perry Rodman, Keith Branham, James Ashcroft, Mr. Charles Dagvvell,athleticdirector.Top Row: Mr. Wallace Potter, sponsor, Ralph Jeffers, l-larry Poland, William l-ledriclc, John Koontz, James Tvvigg. IOO MAC CAPMICHAEL, John Buckner, Ronnie Jackson, Coach Long- shore practice tennis. GULF TEAMH--Bottom Row Cleft to rtghtD: Gene l-lelft, l-larry Poland, Jerry Winkler. Second Row: James Ensnnger, Ruchard Flee, lamez Kunsey, Robert Walden. Top Row: Coach Ernest Medcalfe, Joseph Class, Athletic Director C. P. Dagwell. HARRY PCLAND and Robert Walden get ready for theur golf meets as Coach Medcalfe stands by TENNIS TEAM Bottom Row Cleft to rnghti Qonald ond Row: John Taylor, Ntck De-metrrade: Fred Metzger. Top Row: Coach l-loward Longshcre James O'Dell, Athletrc Durector C. P, Dagwell. Jackson, Mauruce Carmtchael, lohn Budner Sec- VARSITY BASEBALl.fBottom Row Cleft to rightjz Glen Rel- Donald Embry, Stanley Rice, Carl Meditch. Top Row: Assistant ford, William Snell, Charles Clarlc, Charles Robert Morris, Coach Charles Maas, Thomas l-lay, Thomas Bohlsen, l-larold Kent Smith, Elden l-lall, Richard Neel. Second Row: Coach Grubb, Larry Koontz, Ray Stafford, Athletic Director C. P. Jack Bradford, Leo lvloye, Gerry Woempner, Oscar Ammer, Dagyvell. Rain didn't discourage them. The Tech diamondmen opened the T953 baseball season under a new coach, Jacl4 Bradford. Approximately 150 boys went out for the teams, the season iust getting under Way when our copy was due at the printers This year our varsity faced a tough T6-Qame schedule with six different city and nine NCC schools. "CASEY AT Tl-lE BAT" is Carl Meditch, warming up for a record season Apr. Apr, Apr. Apr. Apr, Apr, Apr, Apr. May May May EVERYO E RE LLY E JOYS OUR BASEB LL SEASON Varsity Baseball At Southport Ben Davis At Washington At Kokomo At Muncie Anderson Lafayette At Richmond Rcscr At Manual Washington l-lowe May At New Castle May At Marion May Logansport May Frankfort May Broad Ripple May Shortrrdge May ,Qo,Q7 CttyTrny. May At Manual vc Baseball May 13 Cathedral May 18 At Howe May Q0 At Broad Ripple "PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT" has been the motto of the base ball reserves who have battled a rainy season. FRESHMAN BASEBALL Bottom Row Cleft to rightbz l-lenry Werking, Terry Kinley, Jed Ballard, Gary Ross, Robert Nieman, Tony Speziale, Larry Deer, James Galt. Second Row: David Bowden, James l-lawkrns, Duane Mullrs, Raymond Wischemeyer, Ralph Morris, Lee l-lays, Rrchard Whyde, Jack fVlcKiel. Top Row: Jock McKinney, Jerry Donoho, James Whitaker, Walter Greskamp, John Westrrck, Kenneth Schrerner, This is Tech's first freshman baseball team. TEC!- Yi I I .. ,pw -QEC1, JW' W l 6' 4 ' 1 , , , ,f 'RFI' - Q ' , -:SCH silt " .ff 'H+ i to 'C' ig 1 ' 1 f ,QTISUH . gc , C U t S- fblxvfl l I' 5 'tg f -, 'F 'L ' -V t ., B 1 QECI7' I ' if f .. M x F '55 , i L Q - wr tk A mi, 3' , Q W i T i 5 . GH gf -. s,,?,,' g- mi pf g, .k 'Wk If . Qi 5- Y K MH 5 53221 .5 if l I ' b N5 W VM, P M ki A I Lx Y V 'gl' -. W . f V . 1 T T T ' is X . ,lk if ' R ' X . 'SUCH V li L .gas ' i X, mcg, , X 'YT-UH L i. L, -Q7 L f - irc A CH. 'WEB' ' El xi Q L I' 1 1 L ag 'G' l H 15 A ,T l X lg ' E I l VARSITY TRACK TEAM-Bottom Row Cleft to rightjz Gilbert Kirkbride, Wilbur Guilford, Jack Mahone, Donald Barton, Russell Jackson, Larry Lane, Robert Ellington, Robert Burton, Robert Peters, Larry French. Second Row: Larry Graham, George Glenn, Tom Bohlsen, Paul Karak, James Prather, Eugene Landers, Kenneth Ackles, Keith Branham, l-lenry Brown, George Sluder, Grady l-lutchins. Third Row: Max Eiscus, Nelson Carr, Robert Miller, Oran Lakin, Wallace Clark, Charles Blust, Alfred l-lanie, Michael Ellington, James FRESHMAN TRACK-Seated in front: Manager John Wil- liams. Bottom Row Cleft to rightD: Jerrold Smith, Charles Stroup, James l-lirschy, Richard Mace, Charles Wood, Larry Wilson, Donald McCauley, William l-lall, Harry Neer. Second Row: Warren Byerly, Donald Carr, David Dagwell, Jon Sexson, Robert Mahrley, Thomas Nieman, Lloyd Merrill, Robert Dickey, David Bowles, Thomas Farson. Third Row: Lowell Ensinger, wat' l-layslett. Fourth Row: Adell Turner, l-larold W. Ford, Robert Davis, James Nelson, Robert Reed, Richard Schultz, Robert Medcalf, Kenneth Ursing, David Oliver, Robert Woolridge. Fifth Row: David Stultz, Glenn Thompson, Robert Thom, John Norman, Darrell Cox, Richard Rutz, James Sprecker, George White, John Koontz, Richard Wakeman. Top Row: Coach Wallace Potter, Coach James Stewart, Fred McCoy, Lester Koelling, Ernest Witten, Athletic Director C. P. Dagwell. Re- serves are included in this picture. Earl Quarles, Kent Thomas, Charles Owens, James Kirkpat- rick, Thomas Wamsley, Andrew Bailey, James l-lolder, Ray- mond l-land. Fourth Row: David Fisk, James Cochrane, Richard Anderson, Kenneth White, William l-lawkins, Keith Bailey, John Waller, Charles Walters, Aley Turner. Top Row: Coach William Treichler, Ronald Phelps. These boys will furnish Tech vi ith a superior team in a few years. YT ft l -er lf' 4-if l 5X'QBU1,- ,X f 1'-R f Nxt SCE!! rf: sf' S, tl. R' UN X jc J 4 El VA BPAKENSIEK led as she dashed down the track trying JANET KET-TREIN tries the soft ball throw as Judith Woolgar to win the 60-yard dash in the Girls' Play Day, last spring. and Mr. Richard E. T-Tamler, official, watch in Play Day events TECH IS ALWAYS HOST TO THE NNUAL PRI G STATE TRACK MEET Varsity Track Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. May May May May CROSS CQUNTRY TEAM Sectional and City Champions. Bottom Row Cleft to rightb: Max Fiscus, Larry Lane, Keith Bran- hfnm, Thomas Bohlsen, Larry Graham. Second Row: Larry Van Buslcirlc, Edwin McKeel, Robert Wooldridge, Paul Ko- rglf, Donald Babbitt, Top Row: Athletic Director C D. D39- well, Fred Williams, Couch Paul E. Myers, 105 7 'IO '14 17 Q1 Q4 Q 8 16 Q3 are L ,ITT wSectional fl2egional A State Reserve Track Apr. 7 Apr. 14 Apr. 16 Apr. Q1 Apr. Q3 May 13 At Washington Anderson City at Washington At Kokomo City at Shortridge Tech invitational Freshman Track '!Fi!"s" z c ,,,i 11 Apr. Q3 Washington Apr. Q9 Crispus Attuclas May 6 At l-lowe May'lQ City 7 T"" W'af- -Q ..,, I fy, I, -1 MEET OUR ADVERTISERS We Five thousand Techites who enter the gates ol Tech each day try to patronize our local advertisers who are l4ind enough to buy space in our yearboolc. We have the choice ot going to one ot three dependable iewelers, to one of two pharmacies, to one ot three cleaners, to one ot two Flower shops, and to one to three establishments where the best tood in town is served, in tact, we have advertisers varying from gilt shops to funeral homes. These local merchants are triendly, courteous, and helpful at all times. We have learned through many happy relations with these business establishments that their products are ot the highest quality and can be fully depended upon. These merchants have learned that it pays to serve the thousands ol boys and girls who attend our school. We 'lechites wish to express our appreciation and thanl4s to all ol them. i" ElS1e the Borden cow pornts out to Patr1c1a Clark Eugene Flake, Ronald Oalden, and Adrienne Gasaway that all 1Ce cream cones are good when frlled with Borden's ice cream. Nowfgfw kriywny' Mil-K! md """5 B0 EISIE SAYS: 1 l U iw ASK MK ' Q ggfdens 2 J -wif--Y BUT TU BE GUUD." SHELBY STREET SAVINGS Sz LOAN ASSGCIATION KE.'EPd11 ss f,,re dy h dd SAVE I g mall amounts, y h 1172 .' 1447 SHELBY STREET INDIANAPOLIS 3, INDIANA vmwmya. 327,12 1-,ME For a Life-Time With a Watch From Rowe's I A. S. RIIWE frm H I I. ' ' 3. fl -pl 3 ng mfe before muzeone fnzckx ber piggy b A4 I I FREUND PHARMACY Rexall "The Gafezwzy to The Eafzifzde Phone - Ar 0421 HIGHLAND AT MICHIGAN Claud A. Crum George A. Steinberger 1 F0l7R'l'lIFl 0 T I Herif-I ones O DESIGNERS AND MANUFACTUHES OF HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE IEWELHY, GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS, MEDALS, CUPS, AND TROPHIES I INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA gzowers for all occasions was I noams osuvsnv FR A3525 - 2480! YI. ASIIIIIGTOII MWQWA Best Wishes to the Senior Class from The Arsenal Grille Across Michigan from Tech f". Seniors must have had Herft-Iones trophies in mind when they selected the trophy case as the senior gift! For High Grade Lumber -i See -- I Hoosier Veneer Cnmpang, Inc. 3321 Massachusetts Avenue Indianapolis. Indiana EDUCATION FOR BUSINESS CAREERS You are invited to attend Cutetlrul tolloxvinj graduzition from ATH5. Central specializes in preparing .tmlwititous young people quickly for the liiglier-lexrl positions. CENTRAL BUSINESS COLLEGE 802 N. Meridian St. rol Lawyer and Judy Okely look cute in framed pictures on their best beau's dressers Uumwumw ummm umm mmm mmm 'P ,min raw 'k 'k Expert Sanitone Rug Dry Cleaning Cleaning 'k i' Drive-In Service East Washington Street Charles B. Dyer Co. Inc Club Pills and Seholastie Awards Trophies and Medals Special Graduation Gifts 234 Nlassaehuset ts A venue -G'l'his is ll waleh you will lie proud to wearf, Mr. Thomas tells Don Sf'ilI'0CIlCl', Dennis Baxterand ,lim Heidelberg. SllP'4UlllEl'lIl'SllfllflN'S 4Cll,EllNllElPi The cleaner that keeps 'lleelfs uniforms looking neal. Suede and leutherjuekets our specialty. DRIVE-IN SERVICE 15 NORTH STATE STKE HT CA. 8232 "OIL dmft mind .1 feud splizxlufi' on -1011? Jkirf. Ethel Bfu.fi11g.' Sf70!'l.UIla1lI'J' CfL'ilIl6'!'.m' mf! 6101171 11 like lI6'll'.'U e.x'cff1in1,r jmfy B.1m11. Auiftz Bnrflizzg mm' Nemmz Berfzilt znzffli zritlo i7Zf07'CJ,ff IU Charlet II"0mf .md Dizriff Iluytzff izltenzpl to fry flve lmm ami eggy. Kingan XI Co. Nothing goes better with scrambled eggs at an after party snack than Kingan's delicious Reliable ham, fried to a tenderized goodness by even the most inexperienced of cooks. MAIN PLANT and GENERAL OFFICES INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA ' For that PARTICULAR PERSON . . . ' for that PARTICULAR JOB . . . 0 0 A N! IA ' ' , '-5 X N ,5 1 F .. A MNHIIIIE Sax . TECHNICAL Q 'Z Ag .1 . sues g 1 -- IIII,' ,5.IIgf1sfi 0 cuanlcnl. I XI - It ' Sewing the Nation af the Y Crossroads of America Edna e .mm ' Empwvmfur smvlcf cor ooo Fmows suse. Licensed LI IICOILI1. 6349 Bonded CARTER-LEE LUMBER CO. HENZIE PHARMACY For Better Service 2161 E. New York Street Phone: AT. 9840 EMIL SAM ALICE SAM Cleaning - Pressing - Repairing - Alterations EMERSON HEIGHTS CLEANERS wr: SPECIALIZE IN QUALITY FINISHING "Our Business Is Your Business" Hours: 8 to 6 BL. 7307 4807 E. Michigan Street CD' ' e awafze Jfouvefz nghop FLOXVERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS! WE DELIVER. Mr. PIi11.I'lm1w'Ir llvifx rffzfrglvfww' bnnzz' ffm! Fufl1w"1 D41 mils for flnu 4 2922 N. DELAXVARE TALBOT 1568 Ts. INDIANAPOLIS BLUE PRINT a. LITHOGRAPH co., INC A FAVORITE 1. I look for I the band mo u. OHIO ST. - INDIANAPOLIS ,:Li, ..4:.i.., ,.,. I . . 5.A,,Hns DRAWING MATERIALS wmvens TEE SQUARES DRAXVING BOARDS TRI - ANGIIQS DRAXYING PENCQILS DRAVUING INSTRLIMIENTS DRANIUING. TRACING fx CROSS SECTION PAPERS BLUE PRINTS. PHOTOSTATS REPRODUCTION PROCESSES PHOTO - OFFSET LITI-IOGRAPI-IY ROOFING - SIDING - GUTTERING .9 I f,w1,1,,,s CIENERAI. HOME IMPROVEMENTS -Wforkmen Insured- n M01 E. 38th Street ' GOOD SANDWICHES Free Estimates Easy Terms FRENCH FRIED QNIQNS O "Let's Meet At 1529 PROSPECT ST. CA. 9389 KnObby's After The Show." FAIR PRICES GUARANTEED WORK J' Radio and Service Fine IVIIICIJ Repairing by "An Expert H0f0l0gi,tt" l529 E. XWashington Street D . Small Electrical Appliances and Car Radios I I. C. Open every day of the week C . 1455 LEXINGTON AVE. Q LLIT1. until 9 p. m. Guaranteed Service INDIANAPOLIS 3, INDIANA FRANKLIN 4277 ROY I TOLIN RUSSELL E. HERR TOLIN AND I-IERR - ' '- FUNERAL DIRECTORS IF IT'S GOOD FOOD YOU MA. 6969 Ambulance Service 1308 Prospect Sr. WANT -' EAT AT The Ride a Hobby, Techites to the 38th and Coliseum lolly-O-Hobby Gift Shop ACROSS MICHIGAN FROM TECH T , -i amgs In IIIIS IMI III INDIANAPOLIS ENGIIAVING COMPANY INC I 22.7 EAST OHIO SIPEET 'INDIANAPOLIS 6, INDIANA SEYMOUR. INDIANA L tu' fi!-3.4 ' ' f Ov F 1 ' Iv., X 5 . Q. 5 U ,,n ' J . '40 Sf? 1 , , , s o 5 . 1 Q 5' , , ,Q Q' Qi 9"1 .5 m x Q 1 I 4 fubffgr U D v',' X , fi? QQF- .jir-3 UQSTJ ff? QPR cf-iff: Hmm. 7' U 9 5 5 J C 0053 X 'f 1 film-7 A 30l,Ef5 gf f?,iL, ' 555 'iw ,fx ,AN Frmfgghmxi . iv ICB fiyf ezggggg Q3 FF ' 5565? 5356 .N , 5 Kiwi? -Q gm 3 up , Pggfigifqfifwf if O C5 s..J ' 1 Ffyfffiff f,:,3ff3JQ CNE 4:41 ' ,,+b,,,X , 5w6:g.l?g' 3i?Jii2,:-gg,-:Ei Q.. pg 5 .3 3635 ff Eng gif- gf?-Qrjgtfg'-4-gg, Q : 5 5 BQQQQQ Q00 ff' Q lf? fs 'W' " B ' DiN ,iff ' , .3-2,1 ' -..,. 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