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 - Class of 1945

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Arsenal Technical High School - Arsenal Cannon Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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1 I wr ,lf ,, . I x w ffl X f "9 j, , T1 WX 1 . '. , W K 11. ,Z .X ' gjr' I, Y: wi... ,EL J.. 5 Y.. my 5- --3, .e+Q ,s- ,Z ' L! ' M Q.. X ml ,HLELQ 'bc T' ' ' , 4 f ' . r 1 -v 4-. x , 1- 5 i u f ' I f - -. - f I x ,U w V' " ,A v r N Q-WV 1 4 9 1 'A 4' 1. Q I 1 , r- w---:.' ' fl -. vb , 1 'V - -r .4511 ' 'M I W 1 - ' ' " . 1 1 SSS 2 X ..,, ,WN X -.XX XV X XX-.XX::X.1: X X X X .XR X- wx X X M5222- , ,251 .4.g-.-.: Ae. .- 13252Q2:121E1f-'I2Z25i51522222212 "' ff f gwg. xy' . .... -'21 .-' 4' +1-:ff ..,.v:-:-5-.-1-:.v':f.-.-as 'c-:-2,.:--1 .1-zz' vs1s12vffvz:::ffff44':-23-3,1 V A, A ., .ff -.-'X ,4- f,-Z995'-a'1f':-:liz -'-- f' .mm- -1, , ,.,. . ,. 3" 122132329 149-1' y' , :,14.'-75:1-' ,.::-:-55:5 'S"',555'i':0"1?W2I7:5ZgF55:f givin-3,1 ,,4,.,.f.4,,:,.,.- . 1.-,2.-1 .: 5.1.-:-'::g:::2:g.1.A-55.- .,. .-4 .X .,:vZ4fA5:-'gzgifaigz-45 X X .XX-X L 1. K i -XTX-XX XXX X 'X If TX K XXX: X X X. X XX fi 3-ix ' X .X XX X . X XTX' X XXX? K X .X X X :X X XX 5 Xf.XX.XXXX X XXX X A 2.13.2-2:12-2-2. 2-2-2.-.-12.4.-.-1.,..4-,2 , .'.,..,,.f .,, . . -.W1.1.:'.4-9:-' -:.:',2.5.g,g.1 X ,y I, , ,. 1 , f 1' I I , " f -" f X ,f , f , 1 J 1 f f , fr " 9 I 5 fj 4' + , ' , .f , X , " ff 9 ' , M ,J X X , 1 X 1 X f 7 1 ff X X .r f If I X X , , f .f X ,f-'xg .f X , , .-4 9-f ff J ,f X X XX X f ff f 1 fl ,f 1 l f, f,f , , A, ' ' if ,' df I , f X ,J ' ,f r X r 1, XX 1 , f ' f ' f f 'X 9 155' , '77 g , X , 4, ' , W f , f , y f' I I fx' 'V ' 4 ff ,a f Z., , f ' I 'L ,, , ? M' , 1 X' , f f X 1 .f i, .4 i f Z 2 X 0 , f f ff, f ff ' f v , f fy! W Wx, ,f , x X 'X f fQ! f f , ,I f f f ,ff f 1 'ff ' ,X ffl , X X X XX X X 1' " ' 1 X , ,I V , X , f , i , 0 , ff ,- X ' I 1 4' 1,46 4, 5,21 'P f r ' ' X X ' I X X , f ' 'Q rf' X I, ,I , Q , X X X X mam 01 nf 1 ff, 1 X cf , ow: 1 21:52- .X,.1. X X X 32, X k 23+ .X ' 232' S 1215 X 9 212: XX? ,111 X S f. X 2E12:ZEE:i223E12:E22:EfE2E'2 K 222232323221t2:5:12S2:12r2:' :Marina-s::2:1:221s2' :3:1:E22s2:fs2E-g,2- ,.gf:.y-1-4.g.14.1.1: .'? Z-1-521-1-1-:I 1251251215551 0 2222342222 ..:.X ..2.1-: 12232225 If-59:1 .-XX,-2, :asa- X X 4 .X 2- X XX Ull ICAL CII A li A L T E ne Wage me f fnfe lfdildf 127171027 DI POLI , DI v0LUMlz 65 4, NUMBER l6 X, K f fan! b V9 5 -Q53 Xgvous Mm, C? rx 'S 'Z K3 2 33 73. 0716 za afay aayfas fa aaaa aafa faaa afazaafay ,jifaafaaa lfaa gay,- Qafaa, zafff faay fa! If 5117 asafass away? Wa! af gfaaaffy 471415 aaza Zay fs Jaya,- Jafa Sfaaaffy 4757! afyaf, zafffaafyaa. gaaafaf If afaaafffaa jlfa aya ayaa afzaf Sa saaa if faa aaaa yaafa af!! ayas fs aaa! Ugaaa aa!! faaa afawafay yifaafaaa ffya gay,- Qafai, zafff faay fa! if agffa ysafass away? Tum C A' if' xv 5 5 gf f ef 1 - . 4' 1 v-,j,,f.. Af ffifix, . V , SQL s 2 'rw 2 1 LA " , 'z . - I 1... ,PS , A u 1 2' . . 5 lcler high principles. her devotion to her chosen field of work. her sincere. untiring efforts to make the "bettcr. best" marked Esther Fay Shover as a friend whose memory and spirit will live on forever. 'Twas a sunshiny September morning in l9l2 when one hundred eighty-three boys and girls trudged along the cinder paths of the old Arsenal grounds to the formidable brick building with its huge clock tower. Directed by smiling young teachers they climbed the narrow wooden stairs inside the tower to the second floor. where Milo H. Stuart. who was to be principal of their 11ew school. greeted them. Thus, the Arsenal. Technical Schools had its beginning with its enthusiastic freshmen U C and eight eager teachers. Two of these instructors who had the irivileve of hel in to organize this ffreat school ' g N l n P g cv rn were Miss Esther ltay Shover and Llarence Hanna. Not only did Miss Shover behold the dawning of the new school. but her numerous contributions during her thirty-one years of loving service will forever have an influence upon thousands of pupils with whom she has worked. and o11 the school itself. v ,s.1fW- The certificate of service for retiring Tech teach- ers was proposed by Miss Shover who drew up the ,VA-' first draft. By a strange coincidence. she received 5 If the lirst one. which had been designed by Oakley sg Richey and printed in the school Print Shop. ZH d il A 0500 ea mf 1' 7972, Miss Shoyer devised the hurdle plan of teaching lfinfflish. writing a text-hook. Crani- I za rw :- mar Review. for the system. She was the Hrst senior sponsor at Tech and it was through her efforts that the first senior class was organized in 1914. Miss Shover will always he rememlnered for founding THIS AIRSICNAI. CANNON and serving as its advisor from 1912 to 1916. After locating the records of the old Indianapolis Arsenal at the Frankfort Arsenal in Philadelphia and arranging for the records to he returned to Tech. she estalilished the Tech Archives ill which the records are stored. To help students olitain a lretter understanding of the peoples of other lands and to form friendships with hoys and girls alrroad. Miss Shoyer founded the wlorld Pen-l"riem1- ship Association. which counts among its memhers lnoys and girls in many foreign coun- 1I'1t's. Three school pageants were written and presented hy Miss Shoyer: the dedication of the flag-pole. the lndiana Centennial. and the ten-year program at Tech. in 1922. It was Miss Shover who suggested and planned the dedication program for renaming the Main Building. Treadwell Hall. in 1913. in honor of the man who laid out these grounds in 1865. Because of ill health. Miss Shower retired in Novemher of 1913. Her sincerity and untiring efforts toward the school to which she was devoted made her one of the most loyal teachers and one of the most faithful friends Tech has ever had. Clarence C. Hanna followed Techis progress for its first five years as a memher of its pioneer English department. Tillie after time his keen insight as an English teacher helped some student "catch the spark that makes an inspiring essay." Mr. Hanna once said. "ln 1912 the 'Tech Spirit' was a phrase on the lips or a senti- ment in the hearts or minds of one hundred and eighty-three pupils and eight teachers." That spirit of which Mr. Hanna spoke is still alive today among the five thousand stu- dents and two hundred and forty memhers of the faculty. These two teachers. chosen hy Mr. Stuart for their deyotion to their profession and their interest in young people. proved worthy of his faith in tl1en1 and helped to found a school that is known. today. throughout the United States. His keen sense of rcsponsiliility. his love and understanding of young people. his general happy disposition made Clarence Hanna a friend of students and a "prince among teachers." Q i in the sign-making industry X T HE E ppigljlt.-1 EGFN vw in the field of electricity. where basic training includes electronic control, refrigera- tion, wiring, servicing. and maintenance j -.onli whim 'ily smzffcwrzefz 3,95 in sign painting. which pre- V c,,. ,t f' Jares tllelll for em lovment 2.4-at 'ie - in public address service by gaining practical experi- ence in the upkeep of Teclfs Pulrlic Address System in general garaffe - v-- fe f ' - .-'Lid of repairing and fender- ffm! 4 new Mzffaafa, 'gn . in Carpentry by performing all the tasks required in Constructing a house work and methods paintingautomobile and bodies in tool making, heat treatment of metals and ornamental iron work, as taught in forge and welding Classes 2 P.9...,!w' 6 X, in learning to use tlle hand and machine tools for eon- structing Wood patterns, a lJI'ElIll'll of the metal trades AH , U, H -764,-,W -MH-,H ,,,,.A,,,, .N L+, ,M A A W .. , ,TQW hw, ,-,, -LW--,,,g,f,.,.f4I.NH 5 "1 qlvw 1-1 iff !!20'5f477lZfl The center of many of Teclfs extra-curricular activities-as SCHIIJHCS, sports, and 6121110655- is the Boys' Gymnasium. Notes. sweet and low. are wafted from the Barn-home of instrumental music Classes. x fd V' 5 "--S :Z . 'xp 3 m if' M- - . Y ...rf - , rw A - 2544- - -I--,H-f A 1 ,di-A -,JL,..1 H-.. - 414. - lb MJ mffa Maia Jaws Peculiar odors floating from the north end of the Shops are chenlistry class products. In the West Residence a staff an Ru of lioys and girls records the events of the clay for the ARSENAL CANNON. In their first few days newcomers can easily get lost on the campus Without El lllflp. Day-llreanns are lvesl when rlreunlefl on the steps of Stuart Hull. 4-specially lve- fore I'lilS!-illlllt'. An Eiffel'-llllll'll stroll with friends is tlle order of a pleasant. sunny clay. Wk 'xp .fi .1 4 I "ff Exploring the Magazine is o11e of the pleasures ofa fresh- man conference excursion. 9224 .ff 1 , is , F50- X 'rp' . fix"- .A ' -'VL'-5.5 l ' . -.ttf -,..-.. 071 0 mm as A 'ci 'zz fwaffffafz. uff' in uujp '47 Freshmen and seniors alike know that the beauty of Stuart Hall in a snow-storm cannot he surpassed. Over snowy paths scurry famished Techites, many with the lunchroom as their desti- nation. .I 3 1 , 5199 if fag gag? My Q 5? aff' Iiff L, rl , Sli :"""' 'fi-" '48 Va- "f.'-.-1,3 Y 2. 3 ' ka s 2 ." 'if " fJ,5, V3 4 on p a ge? ll 6 is b 5 z ., ,L f'4i'isf51,5f -V , ,J .i -. . A A f 2' R' 1 f gg? 'Tai' ,ff A :Eggs ,- u Qc, . Us ,Ala 1.3, p - 4 . f' 51' f' 5 545' re:"':P' ,t 1,5-V' 'figs 'Q wggs y ' - 4 1 5 N f L .,. -.ff " A1 .4-L:1' f ' Wig' V ,iv ' 'kg ' "' , v if Q f -J ' "tv " , .mdk-4 Zyl. fi - we : -I - ,- we-on 4 tr I , Q , .W - . f. M. , 1., 4 x 1 -- .S 3' Q51-fag Q Wi' ' ' ' 4 'T 0 ,., ., Yfff 1 V, .:-si' Y 3 '51 i " ', ' 5 . Q Zn, 91, .4 - ' .2 f, . V . I 3 s .. w .-.Af 1 u V ' .' 4 , lv f:- ' ' . X "T .. ' " ' ' . . I ,A ' ' ' , . " B4 ' I 'I D W A t R I ,cu s , ' ' "I . --"lf-' -"3 ' - - Q f 4' , N , .3 'f - Y . 0-.f , , . 0 fi Ave . a-' 3 -:.f'g aff- P .s , Q' 'J ' V,.' 4,4 f- f ' ,' . 'N ' :hx if " .a V Witll tardy slip in hand. a lone Teehile hurries from the main office in the Arsenal. It Qs f'xX -f- e X In .- . .NX I x .V M-, x X li' N , Ag.-4 2 , J -Jr, ,,,. ,J--K fr' X 5 hh new :fray hams, If qw M B UW VAM we i MBU 'Nw il MXLNE tk' PxiNlD'Atf Edstor ,rNs30UJ U ' f E i X -. AH 2 PALMER Rlclpx Plbxx Picture! Ecliior HE fb' is LEN AB EL Ari Edltor Ilawn of a New Era Today is the beginning and the endg it is the light and the dark: it marks an entrance and an exit. Beginning a new life is the freshman as he enters high school. He is on the brink of a self-prescribed 1netl1od of learning through which he will attain self-reliance. initiative. coopera- tion. He will make new friends. He will take part in activities: clubs. dances. and community-service campaigns. and in foot- ball. basketball. and baseball. He will have the opportunity of choosing courses from a greatly expanded program of studies. he will become accustomed to passing from one building to another ill his allotted five minutes. He will learn to work and to play. to lead and to follow. in the coming four years. Though he has come to the end of his high school life. the senior begins new living as he seeks further knowledge in an institution of higher learning. or puts to use in the business world the knowledge he has acquired. It is the end of one existence and the start of another. For the senior. for the freshman. today is the dawn. It is. for the freshman. the dawn of four eventful years of high school life. For the senior it is the dawn of a future in which he will seek and find a place of his own. In this dawn is a light which casts into darkness that which has gone before. The light is still very small. only a tiny heacong but slowly. surely. it is lighting the way toward a newer. broader field of learning. a better-supervised and better-planned use of leisure time. a stronger and more healthy race. For the freshman. for the senior. this day holds a hope-a promise-of better things to come. of a better-educated, a healthier. a happier nationg of a better-planned. better-organ- ized. better-supervised school. This is the dawn of a new era. 1.41, ,iw ..--:san gf a zz il fi Toward a Newer and Broader Field ol' Learning Toward a greater understanding ln-- tween teacher and pupil, toward newer methods of teaching. toward more ad- vanced courses tuned to post-war life. Toward a Definite Development of Citizenship Qualities Toward expansion of knowledge in in- stitutions of higher learning, toward a practical use of acquired knowledge in the husiness or industrial world. Toward a Better-Planned Use ol' Leisure Time Toward a St Toward the development of leadership and followership qualities. toward the recognition of opportunities in eonunu- nity service, toward friendships made in soeial life. ronger and a More Healthy Raoe Toward an inter-scholastic unity through competition., toward a desire for honesty and fair play, toward the appre- ciation of a sound body. w""' 1 2, , A MW. fsmxwm 'lv 26114251 Jef! If Zddlfllifly adv that worl fl . The Uvhnol Looking forward to the advancement in the world of science, medicine, in- dustry, and Commerce in the post- war period, Teeh is stressing higher mathematies, advanced English Classes, special fields in the vocations, radio training, Courses that will lead toward greater knowledge to help build the changing world. Freshman and senior alike receive ice ill personal guidance problems help tl1en1 plan their careers either for College or the husiness Freshman Conference teachers know every- thing! v ,X 5 ifkxfdwl 2. Q ,X tv.-sl winnrneprinf- - -- x v0l'illi0IIill l1'2ll'llt'I'S lllt't'l in Mr. fxllllK'I'S0ll.S offivv to difcllhf post-war l'0llI'St'S. Mr. All1l6'I'h0ll calls za nwvtiug of depurtlnf-Ill lwzulh and Jirevtors of bpm'- vial zwtivities. , I , fwv,.," . v 'sp 1 J HSM Q. Pk 13 5 T Looking at the Honor Roll plaque. students count twen- ty-three faculty lll6ll1lJ6I'S now in the service. After signing out at the close of the day, teachers are ready to leave. First floor of tl1e Arsenal houses the main office, center of school organization. i AT lorve cooperate NtWVl'0lllQ'I'N on ilu- faculty l'll2ll in the teavlu-rs' libllllgf' in Trvzul- well Hall. gm, i 1.06 -11. ln. Q' .r-" .fy ?IA . . w - . Mn. Lllllilll 5. Ilawrhml, wluml wx-1'vta1'y. gin-5 llu' dzlyl i11slr1u'linns to ilu' uflim- form-. Mira Elsie' llvzuilill Xsorlv on ilu- htJI'Xll'l'lllt'll.S lilo in ilu- A-XRS! NAI, CAN Mm lilvrzlry. r A, T I l"zu'ulty lllt'llllb9I'5 gather for an Clll'lSlllI2rlS lea in the Home l'El'0ll0lllll'5llI'tiClll't'llllllllgfflfblll. The library Il6fliI'iilt'5 El Me- morial Bookshelf to Gold Star Servicelnell and former Tecllitvs during Book wreak. lNIt?lllll6I'S of the Loordlnation-Employment Office holcl Open Hou-9 ln Illt'lI' new room. Supellntendult Xlrvll Stinehaugh is honor-guest at a lumheon flllfllllf -xlllt'I'lldll Erlucation wY6f?k. ii ' Ajili, . .f-f Q'14-'-- -1 ,E-1-----i"""Q , . Q- Teaellers find a period of relaxation in the faculty lunehroom. Mrs. Helen Hive and Mr. xwlillltilll F. Moon compile the new booklet. "Songs of rIlt'I'll High." ,lab it llANNoN stamtes present il birth day eake to their principal. Mr. An tlerson. N., ,fs I 0 0 and in guidance of pupils In personal J n 2 L., 'Q--sf' L... off" A Qs ,s ,P 1 -SJ fi r l ,ff 91 K' J! Pupils desiring college information find their way to the pre-eollege guidance ofifiee to eonsult with Miss Gertrude Thuemler. Business never ceases for Miss Elsie Gray. freshman counsellor. and Mr. Charles Tee- ters, vice-principal in Charge of ninth grade guidanee. Une of Mr. Harold Wlaltefs many jobs is discussing post-graduation plans with sen- iors, for he is direetor of guidance and coun- seling. Mr. Ralph 0. Minniek. head of the Reelas- sifieation department. studies personal guid- anee reeords of reclassified students with Mr. Bayne Freeman and Mr. Paul Brackemyre. Twenty-five lroys and girls make straight A plus cards on final first-semester grades. We Y or school lll'lllllllllll'. 1 A 'nf' ln an unusually eonlplete lihrary. with an eflieient staff. headed hy lvliss Mary Louise Mann. ready at all times to assist its clientele. lvoys and girls eau Gnd the latest war information. read the newest magazines and newspapers. get any desired reference material, and Hnd hooks of all descriptions to sllit the inost fastidious tastes. KJ xllil-lOlf'xg To aid youth in understanding war developments. the lillrary maintains ex- hihits and an up-to-the-ininute Wrar ln- f0l'lll2Ill0ll Center. The Memorial hook shelves. dedieated Amer- ican Education Wreek. hold hooks given in memory of pupils and teaehers. Pupils learn to cast lvallots on voting machines on national election tlay. N4-iglllnors to tlle sontll lie- conlc friends to tliose wlio enroll in a Latin America class. el- h rs 1 'W I 3- Preparation tor citizen . . .. hip, Pupils of the Social Science depart- ment have the thrill of registering and voting in a mock presidential election. Studying the li. S. Centric world map. geography classes learn the im- portance of air transportation. '29, 1 J' 4' 0 6 -. ...I s, t , . .A . ,, . -A ,4 ..,-, ,.1f..... 4u0F,- " F' 4 L SCF" X international nnmmnninalinn 9 1 ' l 4 Because Latin is the lnafis of all Romance languages. tlie fle- partnient has a large enrollment. For post-war trade anfl omn- munieation. Spanish will lie an essential language to know. v 1 . 1 I 5 ,,,,, l H E , A., Q t 19 '-an n,-,,, l ...- 1 h l ,lk 4 N 1 ' J -,I f., -a j. l E153 ay' ,ff .-75'--1, i x f t x . u f 4 ' Ji., X it ""'S-x. m "' 5 -J-sua.a.zn.q,,i Aff' ti g . L lj n ' " . '- - A l 1l.x'95' .f -A i nit V-if .fr Preeife and eurrevt English will lie exen more important after tlle war. Since Ifll'illll't' ns ill play an im- portant part in tlie future. inany hllltlt'lllS tlewire a liIlUM'lt'1lgIt' of Fl't'lll'll. nuvuraug and 0 '+V ASM As two years of lll2ltl1t'1llHl- ics are required for College entrance, most fI'6Shlll6ll f-lc-ct zllgvlwzl. Constructions of geonietric Hgures and reasoning are the hasis of g00lll6tI'y. xavtlng quahtlevln Blue prints for CHIIIIJUS COIlstI'lll'li0IlS are nlade in the Blue Print class. 4 l f" v-y business essenllals are stressed After four eemefters of atenog- raphy and typing. pupils take Ofifiee PI'2lClif'f? for praetieal expe- rience. Maeliine 1,,iHli'lll2lii0ll elaeses teach a basic knowledge of the CUlllptOlllt'lPI'. the Bl1l'I'0llgll.5 CHlL'lli2il0l'. and the Monroe Cal- culator. their uses. and joins in whiell they can lie used. ,V fr for lhv llndvlwlanding oi post Apology Plllllllhlllhlh lt-urn 11'lion5uf ullulmllivzll mrh tmllln-irre-lulimlslliplllrnugll lll1'1llhs4'l'llUll 0flll'l'2lyllhll. gxll t'Xllt'I'illlt'lll illuslruteh the main points of weights to llll.t'l't'hlt'1l stutlf-nth of physics. I W .buf Pupils enrollml in lmtany lwcmuv tlmroughly Zllllllklillt- vel with Yill'i0llh forms of plant life-. 11-misss-1 developments. l l l l Biology vlan-ee Pllllllllhilt' llw re-- lutionship of plant :xml animal life lo lllilllns lwultll uml lmppille-N. :xgl'il'lllllll't' clover promote, moll- vrn uleas Ill vrop cure- and soil con- wrvallion. Classes in ilt'l'0lllllllil'S allticipatv za post-war air world. For those illtt'l'0Stt'll in lllt?lliCillt'. agriculture, and t'llgiIlt'6l'illg. chem- istry proves illvalllalvlv. f .li 1 K aj sf' H' -J, 15 ,fy ,, gs ' vw 41 269 -A fl, K 1 if A HBS, . 'mx X x l 5 X 1 'l 1 L. Q I -'- ' r xv--T: To appreciate beauln ol line Guin' 'ES 255.-Y hmm: 1 Q Qi 5 v, 93' Mg 'F fffff Art classes start with com- Sign Painting classes de- sign and paint all advertising . . . . . for campus activities, includ- positlon prlnclples. leading to . . . ing silk screens. posters, cut- more advanced drawing, painting. and sculpture. Pupils of advanced draw- ing classes learn the correct use of the kiln. Marjorie Schulz, post- graduate, arranges an exhibit of her drawings. 5 f Wav ., ff- 5 Elf ' ,f outs, and banners. The sparkling, well- blended voices of the green - and - white - robed Choir captivate the atten- An exhibit of water color W ff paintings is put on display by Robert E. Clark, student A painter. tion of all who hear them. s A "V v 5 , it -s W , 5 k a i s X ' 2 15,44 f , :ff 1 '5 5 f? Q2 45 A 'A 5 .1 sv 1 ' 1 , '5 ? , - 5 1 Q J- , '- Y I 3 my 2 rs 2 - 1 1-2? R ' ' if F f 5 V . N , , , A f 1 ,. , , ,Y W Z ' f A Q ,. 1:5 ,, 3 -Q 4 ."",. NN NAA' zul""ff1 Q 12 -- A L s 7 Q 7 i . K, H ,.., ...M ' 9-,Q ' N , f 1 ,s ' ,FQ v-nw 4-he W.. N X, ., ' n 1' 1' Q -.A K- 1 mg- .-4. ..' V ,-gm A K f ,sw Z ,V G ', '11 . Iii, ,tg 1 2 1 -4 - 6 Razz, a x 2 nv. xr .fFl!"" ,..,,,,, I P"v-'Wigwam ,, JM- 'Q ' """w'v4n+...,,.,,. S ,J - fn., -' , , 4. 'f Kr . " fa 9. 'HN ,kr ' X, TV ff , A 1 W -f , 9 -- A, It be wg, fw' ' x- .. if -f If-1-'-,W 4 .L 1 1 5- 3, 13. 11 " - Je' Whllff " . ' 2.9 -f sw I fu . Y. W. '- I fiflfi . 1 f ,, ,Y Q ,x I -I W - , , ,Q . , -.Av .1 , 1 M, ji- .,., 1 f , - - - -' , - 1 ' -Q.. J 1, -113, A x ,, 5 , " K Zami ww, -. df". x -2 ff, 'f'f 'Z-4bifif':i""+:-fl .1 " iw' - b. K." 7 -1 41.4 " , ' 4' VW? f'.- 'W'-M il-, A- MU. f ,J ', 2 f ' 9? VL Y , nn , W - "Q-2412 ' ' J,"-W. Mffdf ' 1' L g' +L A 1 - N P' E: '31 fvv?P'b+Sv 1- K5 Q 2 , Q, X ' , 4 -- 'Kas-, L , . M- , M-"'.5a. 91-W . 2593" -kf',gr A f ' gm' .-IQ' "f . g."'f, M Svfk. 1 Y f - Y 1 191?-kg ,- 2 A' ff' wfiffstt, ' if gs- . ff . 5-'ff--:"'3Jgg,'x.' 4. V ,- ' f A Q K. - 1 , - 4, ff . " V A ff-,QQ A A A1 - ffff if-.1 " "if Q -' W f 5 iff' m 6 , 'M fx W, 11? ,. 1 ff ' qw., ' fa, - 'V3F'f'fff'f'7 . 'J ., ' " . . W - D f - H '- 113' .- W.- :V 2. '- E2 f -, f ff fy -w W Af .' fa- -, - . ' If and suund ll, cultural training, NX llll rung- :mel wnnlm-5 lln V . - w frlflr IUIINPIIIIPII' zulqlf to ilu 1-njuynu-nlofnmny Sl'llU0lilllll vix if' projvvtf. Wlu-n nlellnw tum-s urc- llt'2lI'1l and wllitv jzlckvls wen. that is 1l1f-lluyQlIm1- verl fllulp. X Ffflvpnns ---Q" ....f'-' Eighty-five lilting voices l'0lllbil'lC in song to form the Girls' Concert Club. L R ,V Q" iam M I " is as at ag 'ms an 5 v as of 1, 'il 5 w.. 'il ff' 1 ww' if - ..., U 4,-5 ,Z-"' ", A ,-2.--I--L.,-,, "Tl1c' lllllhii' gum rouncl uml rouml and 4-mums out lwref' lwginning lllllhi1'iilllS learn. Nvw llllil-0l'lllS are prolully worn lry girls nf the- C0lll'0l'l Urclwftra anal Baud. i x al -Jill! Y f ' x Hun ' ll uuuu ,- annum A M " n n ' 2 3 If """'s... illll fl S l"llllll't' l'0lll't'l'l lllllhlflillls Ill1lPlt'l' 1-lglllll nolew zmel llllilfllxl' re-sh Ill ilu- 'llullvtlc' vlzlaw. Eight mzmulim' xoivm lvlc-ml tu fnrm il popular vmn-e-rl group. th. B0yfU1'l1'lIf'. x In 1lvl'iH- lH'lll'lllH ll'IIlII domestic Q-'70-A """- 'K f-lm Young zulyof-ales of attractive hats learn llow to flesign. make. and renloflel lll61Il in nlillinery elass. To make their own dresses proves to lie an enjoyable task to girls in tlressnlaking classes. Girls and boys learn to ap- preciate tlle value of personal and soeial xlevelopnlent in llusiness. at llonle. and in soei- ety in their Soeial Arts elasses. Santzfs helpers. the Special Sewing class. display alolls llll-lil? for t'llllilI'Pll at Riley Hospital. ff ue"!"'4 i -V44 'lv "N, ning, Sorting sage. grown in tlif- lrolany llffrlr garden. is one of the many llllf'I'f'Sllllg activi- ties of Foods II vlassvs. lmarning quantity cooking. lllf'lI1llPI's of tllv Bake Sllop llPC0lllf' skillful in tlu- art of preparing zlppvtizing foods. N. 111. 'H if 'aiisiisa-Q - 1 'I'lu-w lvoyf will livxvr ln-como 4X1m-r- ivan ll0llM'N'lYf'H. lrut thf- t'XIH'l'll'lll't' the-yn 2H'1,IlllI'4' in Fooclf l uml III, may ln- inx illllkllllt' in future- your-. Svwing vlafws lllillit' sl'lll.lir uml clitty lvags for sPrx'i1'mm-11 in 4'oope-ration witli tlw ,lunior Rf-d Cross. " Sv, ,x- 5 llo develop ahlllt by Wren' films. sponsor:-d lay tilt' Division of Pro- gram IJI'01llll'ii0ll. are sllown vavll wvvk. fre-v of 1-lun-gt-. in Room 300. Stage- Production pupils make a white elephant to advvrtisv the ARSENAI. CANNON Red Cross War Fund lwnvfit dance. "The Wlllitv Elephant Wlliirlf' Members of the Make-Up staff be- come experiellcvd in stagv make-up for school programs. Tl11'llllgll actual broadcasting, mem- bers of the Radio Expression class lay a solid foundation for future work in radio. WIA Qs- raclical trainin. Boys in M0111-I Bllil1lillglt'2ll'll flgill. il1'4'1lI'2l1'y.iIIl1l lH't'1'ihi0ll hy l'0llhll'll1'i- illglll1Nl1'lh. BIi'llllN'I'h ofEh'vlri1'z1l Shop install puhliv address Ulllliplllvlll in Stuart Hull towvr. nvw rzulio Sllltlitl. pe: I :S- J. Ia By lQ'2lI'llillg to uw lllillil took, Mu- vhillv Shop lmyf prvpurc' for za mu- vhinifll trash-. Pupil, 0fSl1e-vt Mvtal lvarn path-rn drafting and llwthmls of l'0IlHll'llf'lillg urtivlvs uf light slm-t nwtal. 'W and to accept, discipline 1 l. i y. ff lf: 'ff 15 f ' iff , ' 13 .W 1 i 4 Twenty-three ti111es the Tech R. O. T. C. has won the red star for its superior per- formance at the annual fed- eral inspection in the stadium. 38 through .1 1-.., X S "I-l A--x.f"'.1"NX A ' . iff: T f 'a.f!.sf'2f- , Q4 X. U 4, jj? D bf , ' ' . ! Vggf V Y. f ,U ' 1 I A-. 9, . , Aff., V kit ,Q I Eev fx! , 41,1 ' fc , c E4 ,,,'-fx. , " s - VL' ,, ,, 1,4511 ,. - .. x, .1 x v..-x N s Y-XX' Q --, 'T J X f",'l!!, fa A! 5 J The Stars and Stripes Hies from the Hag- pole at the top ofthe embankment in front of the Magazine. Sergeant Ernest L. Stringfield and Cadet Colonel Henry Russe discuss unit activities. V J A . , . .gangs ,EW I ' w- A: a . , ,, 1 , f 2 C 3i.?e-g,'gg1.gwg5,,,,x fffit. , , A . ' , R, L 4 . -, X , .. -, .x 4- ,tv . -vc 'f .f A p Q H .,.-,sffff fgggxa-gjiaf 2.55 ' J QLD , 1 ' ,Y J .V i ln U :sniff N4w.:4:jfgvft,?igf'fAL'f.- . ' - - , ,M .,ff5,,aggf',2f X 2' - F5 f - v-,- M' ' vfr. 3g,?.-Q-Eire? 'mf' M 1- 'Na 5' W4 ' I J . Wh 4 H -. V .ww :vi 'f - 4 - - 45,51 fi ' .A .'-,.- X 5:93, if' A v YV YV V V ,Wm , .- , 1' HJ- , S v A' f qifg J ig " wg' 3 50, , fr' V ev, + k MA 5 2 - .mi b yu 1 ,1 military training, V 0,,,,,. 19' " V :,.qw.wrN'4 -W f PX L A , Y f Q iQl1-fi5C-C- f-'ard ,, -' 1 ,vfig '.' ' mil' 'Xml 'T V A iflx,,.:,. .'-S: , . Teeh's Magazine is the uniform supply house for the entire city with Colonel Will H. Brown in charge. v .'. ff- . , I ,nv . ' in 'Uf .4 I -PY y t Hun. "At ease... commands the Oflieer ofthe Day at the Annual R. 0. T. C. lnspeetion. RIFLE TEAMeB0tton1 Row Neff to right! : Patrick Starkey. Roliert Green. Richard Murray. James A. Davis. Elmer McDowell. Richard Burge. Theodore Wells. Joseph Bering. Top Rowsprineipal Hanson H. Anderson. ,lack Brown. Eugene Smith. Henrv Russe. Charles Branson. Donald Newman. Niel Christensen. Charles Thompson. Staff Sergeant Leo Laier. Sr.. Coach. lllIflv'it of llzw lrifllizrifzpolfc ,N pupHslHan weH- rounded programs. Military instructors Sergeant Ronald Boelter and Sergeant Leo Laier discuss the dayls events. fain' 0fffc.Ms Bottom Row fleft to rightj : Henry P. Russe, Williarn B. Hoover, Williaiil T. Quillin, Edgar C. Featheringill. Second Row-Charles K. Ziegler, Robert N. Windsor Williaill E. Windsor, Howard F. Dick. Thi1'd-Williaiii J. Healy, Robert M. Miller, John W. Neville, J ol1n A. Sears. Fourth-Ray R. Lane, Charles M. Short, Richard D. Murray. F ifth-E. Eugene Courtney, Henry Plaschkes, Robert L. GCIIIIIICCRC, Theodore N. Wells. Donald E. Higgs. Sixth-Dale R. Jackson, Willia111 J. Rawlinson, Frank D. Henthorn, Charles E. Branson. Seventh.--Robert H. Jackson, Eugene Land, Victor Lomax, Robert L. Parker. Top Row--Charles H. Rusler, James J. Markey, Jack A. Boston, Robert L. Martin. 7 9 7 my g JUN' - ' J' J, . 5. ' Y 2 r 2 . M, fe Q in 2 i f r ' , ix M 1 K' 'ff La A - 16 5 . V aw, Nw 'Qs' -qv 4 15 4 if 1- -,M f gg . I if as We Wg 25 WS-Q A M1-fafzzffzfssfafzezf 0 ,ffcefzs Before donning those shoulder insignia, non-commissioned officers take. rather than give. orders One of the many duties ofthe non-coms is that of drilling troops. Musicians in uniform, the R. 0. T. C. Ba football games. ,-89.5. nd, perform at 3 Q is , as ill! 8- .P H 4 'BT .1-'ff' www, x ,ww ' '5W"M.y , f Z ' 125155 WM ' +4'Yf"".Z' F' 'ny"'F , . ff! ZIZKAI' dfl.Z!l'Z5 V W l S hir sur-vess. Seniors 'l'lu- senior who has tfolnlvla-tml il four- yvzn' span of high st-hool liliv looks towartl the- l'utu'rc- with 4'onli1lvn4-v and courage-. w"llf'lll0l' he' plans to lw il flovtor. lawyvr, Hlf'll0tQ'l'illbllf'l', or an t'llf,1'lllf't'l'. hc- knows that lllt'l't' will lu' il pluvf- for n in tht' post-war world. BQTRIIISQ' hc' has lllllll El strong llilllllllllltlll, hc' l.2lf'f'S tht- futurf' l'f'ill'lf'SSlf'. llc' knows that if he utilizes to tht- fullvst his high school training, ht- is ussnrf-tl of Wfhat a i'PSlllllllll IUOIIVQI 1 f do for ll s0ni0r's auto- graph! Spunsorsa1nduI'l'lv1-rsIeadsenlors. ,sv-is ,-Y' rv-1 ,aux nos an P x ,gg -Q.. 'Z'- 'lv-'W' 'buf' SEN IUH SP1 PNSURS. left to right: Miss Helen Elliott. Sponsor Room 192 z Miss Ruth Stone, Sponsor Room 173: Bliss Luis Sink. Sponsor Room 5 iitlillllillgil Miss Lt'lllllCt? Horne. Sponsor Room 177: Miss Frances Kinsley. Sponsor Room 139g Miss Hilda Kreft. Sponsor Room 6 lstandingb 3 Miss Margaret Axtvll. Sponsor Room 7. head sponsor: anal Miss Xlta W!vt'lf'll. Sponsor Room 300. ia ,, vin x- ? E 45 aww S or ,M . L! A ' or ' Q . 05772 79 i i 'V ."li Ii 1 9 gg' V - 1' M 'mffTvf3NQQ f ' I 1 AD RM L YVONNE AKERS DANIEL L BREWER , Lp ww, 54-fu,-m'cvAfm1 wangai S S X f fa, ,-1 75 u ,. , . ' le 5 11, ,Q ,.,,,, A Q K, fl R121 X fu is dw' ,yr E .ss K 'V W' if ' . , ' g X 1 . .E rg " .1+T,,,mf ii' '- wc QW rf 515 ,VQHN 9 QM BILL Q DUNCAN JOYCE M DEARENG JACK H COX ,J X- , v i 33 .A-1-, fsvfp-MH' f-1' flwm v---fvf-':"""":f: ' 1 uw:-.s .4 ,tr - Lg aww ... . amz ,173 633 QI? 1' i.. ' ff ZW ' H S'1'+wN +erf. rf 3 M4N M ,Mu HU xi H 'A ri " 1' 'S-. 'Q 'xx IG? ,ar 'R Q 7, .wh A4 ,N ' ' ,fx fx 'f Q ,fx N 4 00772 ff 5 ' ' my -1' XX x 5 V , 2. f " x X 1 .. A Ex fi 1 VPANK T WATT MLUAM E4 HOOVEP JO ANN HYNES EVA JUNE HUNDLEY 1. LL, -J 1 N 1 , , . p...4 ,,,. my , Q? W 8 ' .4 " M 1 , . Lg 071501 X V XA. Ak aa 500 ' 'W' Q :.. ' H x . -' iii' R-A I ' X 5 iwf x 'Q M b 2 Ji . HARRY L MANN ROBERT M MYLLER JANET A MCDONNELL '-ARGNIA L MAVE5 TED 0 METZGH ,v ,, ,,, f f ,, L'.,Ad.,.,. vw, , ' ,,,, ,Wo , 1, ,. -1 4 Y Q , ,V V S X nk 5 ' if " 'S' HARLES V RETHERFORD RiCHARD D MURRAY PAUL A REAMS F'fffudwH V1-v Pwwds-nf Tre-qxwvr '3 5, 5-"2 ' xg G' 1 Q "V N 1 K l- N ' T Q' 1 r W :ng " v ., Y. V A' A 5' K x N' 'lx KW W!l.UAM.B SPALL HENRY P RUSSE JACK T. SCOTT P'e-wdem Vwm Pumd,-n' Tmawwf Q .. , N .Q wx 3 5, g- ,i 5- , my- 'tw Q,--Q ' N. X E PAUL W WHITEHEAD RICHARD B WETZEL ADOL'PH WEISS Presfalenl Vue-pfendvnf Trecwfur ki' X PATRICIA J PALMER Sem-mf, -554. Q' ..,.. lf. VICTORIA F SOLOMIE 5E'f'l'1'7'V Q , Y' A f f X BETTY L. VEHLING Sang-fury Q . Y--F ' V 1. '- W S, gf"-311 73 , 521 ' ' "ef, M,.,...g,' , - ,,...z,. . .. I, , X A N6 ROBERT L POTTS S--fqf-mv' fv' Aww JOHN A bEARS 5.,,q.m+ Am ,pn- 'V 'A 95+- y ,e xx JOHN D YOUNG Se-,gmnf al Arms 5 mm 00772 452511551 amz 5' agfwfzscw a m S , I , ll a' , l 1? is is R Ea RI 1. I' , . ,, 4 i Q "THERE'LL BE SOME CHANGES MADE" IN THE SENIOR CONSTITUTION r P' QU! l ff ' ' 'B ,,. 11. Q L I w. I f .I X O 'Ain I If HELEN M ABEL RAYMOND ACKERMAN IACK L AGNEW DONALD E AGUE S., ii, 20" ' 1' I ,I Ag' ' W E tug. ' - .fb , Qi n : I ROBERT AMON CHARLES E ALBRICHT DONALD C ALEXANDER WAYNE A ALEXANDER EUGENE A ALLGOOD vu- ' A . 'Vim R A -'-I C N F' - 522211 WILLVARD H ANDERSON ALICE JANE ANDREWS JAMES ANDREWS ELAINE L ANSTESS ROBERT B APPLEBY 'Vs CARL H ARVIDSON is fa!..f. . , f '55 DEMETRA P BAKAS EET QB I LUCILLE I. BANKS C' 5- 4 A L I' ,V - .W gi . ALBERT K ASHCRAFT HAROLD A, ASKREN B2 - ' vs H X 'E ' X . . if , 3. 1 V ? xii' E' IB E- Wav 1 ,- JO ANN AVELS VERNON E. AYRES tvs gvs 09 Oc JOHN AI BAKER NORMA I BAKER I 5 E L A-M "R 2 LOIS ANN BARDWELL HAROLD B. BARKER WILLIAM E BAKER BETTY LOU BALCOM wb -w JACK 5, BARKER PHYLLIS BARKER ' 'WT --ian'---ig E- ' - ..,. , vi . . rr. ,N N. 1 yi.. I. 5.5311 .tw Ry -Im ,,.-"'- ::1yg'??' - .- .w-6'1" -:.'-mf" '11 r E -J-:ali 31 L- T wr Q- 5, F Ls LX GLENN H ADAMS I QP- " 39 - -J x Hx M , JACK D ALBERTSON Gs 1 GLENN E ANDERSON A is , ,V ., I 5: A? IEANNE E ARNEY Ni an K 'Q DELORES E BABB - 4-xii' ah! A It Rf FLORENCE BALDWIN SHIRLEY A BARNARD 49. 0 . is if x. W If MARGARETJ BARNEY MARY IANE BATT CHARLES W BECK MORRIS A BECKEP WILLIAM G BECKLEHIMER E'Cmf-KL 5 5? T , .f .. , fx , 1 S- . at .5 'Ui . A " ' 12" 'Y It Y- . A ff, 55-32.- . 55,11 yfjdfjaf 1 BASIL? BELICHIS WILLIAM D BEMENDERFER PAUL A BENJAMIN MARY E BENNETT TT IIT BETTY JANE BERKHOLZ MARGARET L BLACK 'KJ , 5' QT.. , ,,. Q, I - ag if NOLAN E BOLES FLOYD V BERNHARDT CARL j BERNITT 1, D gp X Y X vxlx an .' ,, I I Nw' f I I I - C JOAN BLACKWELL Hr HAROLD M BOESE daw- 0. ROBERT L. BERNLOEHR tr- 0 Ex . ? mid N, 5 f L . A G PAUL BOHANNON Q fr: . l . Q' S4- ,.. G: - . ' v . ' Y' "THQ . 1 :Avy IERALD E BENTLEY 1 , ,vb . 'Af YY, Q! Tkffl .ANNA M BERCJM IEROME A. BIDDLECOMBE I BUTYL BIW an , I 'wil Yxgj ,:'.. ,TW R 1'-.f . t ki-Q ,f 5 fgg-1 RICHARD R BOHNE DORIS E BOLEP 'Tx DONNA IOAN BONSETT BERNARD A BOSS TACK A BOSTON ROBERT I. BOSTON ROBERT L BOIJNL 'une BETTY A BOWDEN ROBERT C BOWEN - BARBARA I BOYER . Q KN L- I . Tir: E ,V I X. I.-. ROBERT D BOYER THOM,-xg A BRAND CHARLES E BRANSON 'HSPRING GREEN' IT Iss" DECIDES THE PLAY COMMITTEE -as K, W' iz ,,,.,,.. Rai "' A N A 1" T EW .4 AT na A , 2 R .,, HELEN L BI?+fW'-NN ':- as ' N O C T 14 nu? ' JA .9 ."' ' Aww, - A ' IIL5i! "5 "'fi:sp:, ' we :V- .sgTa I' Rfk-wwf, ' fx, -f'.i"' 3' 126.1 55 ' ,V DOH A LE T HRT INAMETT f: ,- fl J' RCQEIE 7? T If' IELL l I w C . ' ,vw 5:1 in C '12 - A F R 535 ' G4 E,,..,yf5y: ' ' Hn W. T, C g I1 ' 94-.. R. ' sv I . M 5 C, 'R fi, , ,ax RM,-I ? C 'IL RICHARD C EIURCJE sl' 4, x 'rtiv I 1 Eff Q ' Q Z' M , ., xx 3 A YONNE A BRENNAN .- IOHN A BRIGHT THEODORE F BRILL ,if If fk I I gp H f . 4- 6 , I . I fit- R "" 5 ' X 'R f HJ R RAYMQND P RRQWN RUTH E BROWN C STANLEY BROWN ,SJ QV, 9 MART IHRYANT R ,f Ya Rs 5 . T5 I T V 'Ek gfif RARRRRAI T BUENING 3 I "tm : I X x X IOI-IN K, BURTON Br ff? 9 .u 'lb-I ' Q-J'LAi'., BETTYJ BROOKS 'U- EVELYN L. BRUCK , 5 A v J 5 f 4,5 E ' R v' I X , CHASE E. BROWN ,. gi ERNEST W BRUMITT RrCI-IARD O BRYANT THE PROJECT COMMITTEE PROJECTS A PROJECT ROBERM J ws RICHARD A BUSENHARK C- L jg? . R - ,, - gil Y' E w, A-ff E. TQQFHBETH I CAIN NJRILMA D CALDWELL. A KENNETH CAMPTON -"Dj Q T ' I. -L' R I - E A . ,., kim, S A A A3 111 Wk- XO"' , "J 'VE ,sf I W' 'R M Ri I I -E ff 5 'FZ I 1 , ' A A 'E 59, . Q I .R V C .1 Q I W W -.. . DONNA C CARRICK MARY E CARRICK ROSALIE E CARSON .ow Yo' Q, NANCY L BUSH DUGE BUTLER IR DUERENE BUTRUM ,T,'. pq. gr QA it by T U mc' ,M f :ya -E-C y' 3 , .-' ,Z . , Q. .I ,I3,.R, f R-CR few. . A 'fini JJ 1 , ROBERT G CARDOT I JOY J. CARTMEL BONNIE J CARLSTEDT -rf 'P' IAMES C CASEY ,V IUNE E CARMIN Y ROBERT J CASTETTER I M M-:Tim M 4,1 Mb- ay S- 1- un. Gia N1AMfffE'1-L 4 CLCL IAME5 H CHAPPFLL ROBERT Q CHLLDS Y ,..- ,,,. N : , 5 4 2 , M ff E, ,-.,, Y? A RNCH,A,Fl'1 Q .QE AIN 'WPLMAJ CLARK yi-Xigj f f V rf 5 E -QU N ' A,,, , ' V Y V4 N QTL DWES L f.f'EgNH DHYLEIV 1 CQNAW ATY 1 ,X . ff, .- ' LQ' -i s- QQ nf A x I , , ' f x 4 , 5 N 1' . E 'k.,3Jf",Ei:," , ' '- L. xv 3f'a"""-if , , Zwzf- .1 'x X' K """- 1A,N'.kN P Cf',HQ7MVJ"j fOAN R COONING if ,Em "4 1' N lv K1-. .., A ENE CWUYJYNE Y RQSSE Cf1"Jf.'g1.LL N- ' -S . , 40' K ' or , g, ' " .E L - A 4 ,,.... , .. 4 11.5-gil' , VJU 'ANNA M UWPE Y' A YMONDJ CROSS DONALD M CROUCH ,-. 0 w -f QF 5 ms A Q L- 5- s-N, L:-lx K . Q. ,Em 5 U24 E E EVELYN M CULMANN ULLY MAE CUMMENS P ANN CUNNINGHAM uv is E Q af E1- Q , x , "' in 5 0' "" u ,,.., . .x K 1 E D - wi ' 9 ' . +' 1 if lm, - X4 N' 7 LHERY CHRVSVAN NEIL C LHI2hUNwH-4 ' EV-P ' , '1 amy' A BEULFNH M CLARKE E. 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DICKE nan, it M , A L. .gl ELMA R DAUCUHERTY - JO- ,-1 I .5 -. l -.1 K THOMAS A DELAY BETTY L DIGGS DOROTHY M DOBB5 HARRY F DOCKE 'JELMA I DODD G DANIEL DRAI-IER A ,, A . ., hiv '4 ,WJ , L , Q? ,C , I Hin. 'II , ""z'IIf EI?- f!Is':f DEAN E DRUMMOND PATRICIA A, DUGAN HAZEL L DUNCAN N JEAN DUNCAN PATRICIA M DWYER G5 A IIMMIEE 3A'JIn ah., Tor , qw- , 'T' ,ww 4 199 'iw I A I, W I Q! JOHN DE MASIE CONNY DINE G+ ROBERT L DRAKE EVELYN C DUNKMAN fr? IQ. RICHARD L EAKINS SPRINGING INTO ACTION ON THE SPRING PARTY BETTY Iv EASTES LUELLA ECKEL E T - fe" -i lp- rs- ROBERTE DAVIS fvb, IOANNE L DEMOS5 E- 6 , I Q, wgggkfg QQLM ' '64 'Ik .ggi S34 3 V , f' 5 f ,I RONALD M DOAK 1 if If. G EDWARD DROEGER 'Q C AROLYN M DUNN BOBBE L EARLE GEORGE C. ECKSTEIN om 5- f 1 1 I A M-, 1 A CAROLYN R EDWARDS DOROTHY E EICHMILLER R f ga. , ,,,. I f . . 4 fi If' 31 ,.r A . ,A CHARLES W. ENNIS WALTER MCG. ENOCH "s-T',f fifiwfei ff, ROBERT L EVANS RUTH L. FARB LAVON FARRINGTON WM .I fp if S Cx ,Sai 5 Q 1 Aw V I gv , L ' N I f I E'- If it X I Q31 , CK I 5177 A WALTER I EDWARDS LOIS I EGGERT Qw- CLARENCE P ELLIS oc: JI 1 5. I0 I RICHARD F. EVARD MARY D, EVERETT fs xi'- A ,vi . ,. 4 I K--A , .fix Yeh, yr- , ,L- f' C 4 2 Q 'J Q If f if Q :fig-...J ,B 1:13 , MARIORIE E FELLA MARVIN E FIELDS ROBERT D, FINLEY - 'Qi X' f , . A LLA' JACK M ELTZROTH "WHICH WOOD YOU CHOOSE?" OUERIES THE ARBOR DAY COMM "EE NANCY A ENT CAROLYNI EPPIHIMER MARY ANN ERK ROSEMARY ESTEPR ' . , A ff? Q, ,T gwcpx , H . . ?S?:4:'Ve?,'?vf:",e , ' A II' wrswiw-I2', I I 5 IAMES W. EZELL CHARLES E FAIRBANKS CHARLES M FAIRCHILD gf? L 'F' , 5 his-.- VIVIAN L FATHERREE RICHARD C FATTIC PATRICIA A FAULHABER I MERLIN L FEATI-IERQTON 3. ' L. O BERNARD A FISCHER GLORIA I FISCHER JACOLJELINE E ,p., mm. FISC -1 I HER IYONNE M. FISHER JACK A. FISHER FRANK H. FISSE BLANCHE E. FLANNAGAN MARY L FLETCHER RICHARD E FLYNN I I f as JACOUELYN M FOLT? Q2 BEYTY JO FRANK I A aw , x. 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IOHN C GIBSON VIRGINIA R GODDARD .' ' ' , , fa Va fx I: I .2 I , , I J 'ill f I ,I PATRICIA M GRAVE? LAWRENCE L GRAY . N.-f I .Q W , .If f f w ' -7" IO ANN GILBERT 'HT 1-X I L mx if ' 5-..I,l.., .7 Lx. 1 .1 X Q A ,N f wr 1 Q Q mf. M f ' Mu sa " f' rfiluiz 'i:.-f EDWARD I GODWIN IXS X in , '9"'-- 'sk EDWARD GREILICH I 4-93, Tix ROSALEA F GILBERT ,iss E I ?' M If L EARL GORDON '-G? WS 71" xx IEANNE GREY f -- E Q p QX f , IAMES c GALLANT Q. A 5. Iffi"""f- DONN F GAYNOR Q BEULAI-I M GIBSON I 'wut A. va "H iii" In RONALD A GILES OPAL I GORMAN ,,., , .. .Q .lf EWL X. .. . 1 .E . ' fy, A ffl' 'Q' ' ,. ' I ,, ,-2, xgfff- I Q 'qi vi I KQQ, 4 h y ravi' "Lal, 1' gf I 'I - V4 521.3512 ! . iQ? . Qs 3' A BERNICE FOY 3. h if 'EP' DOROTHY I GAMBOE 749' in x li, X x Wa A SOLON GEBBY IR B ! I - :I ESTI-IER I GIBSON 'ff ELOISEI OILLESPIL . KI L x, f T I X! EIA JACK N GOUDY xx . avr. 1 'QPS- - PHILUP D, GRQVES FRANCES E GRUNER ,... .- .L J,-4:-wax ' v' l J V ,biz .1 ISL'-TEN 1 'f I ROBERT G GUNDERMAN LOWELLE GUTKNECHT I 2.1-.Ia . 'fl' I DOLORES A. HAGAN DONALD E HAGANS - ,--.--N F I Q 45. , L- . Iv- ': . we . f f ,X h . , Q LA, J p 1. Q fazgzswr 19" I RICHARD L HABERLEY H EDWARD HAGEDON I' , .bf I I fm'E I IIE -. ' I. 2 Y I NAOMI A HALL I C U R I AD I K .f I . , ...I 'L . CHARLES E HABIG cus. 3 RONALD G HAIR ' '-'NO MORE D'DAZE," PROCLAIMS THE SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE I IRENE HANKINS fx .7 s. .fx 2" iq. f' 1 ' x. HELEN M HANTZIS ROBERT E HARMON V sa. L- f: 4 WJ ' R 1 I if ' 2 H. 5 ROBERT E HARTZBURG NORA M HARVEY .,,,,xw A :L '-T K- :fi '- .E I b,"' Q ' J ' I 1 K. X P LAVONNE HELM M JEAN HEMRY ' 'QWTQ f BARBARA I. HARPOOL 'Q' JOY D HATTON oy- ' gf- ROBERT A HARRELL 3,1 ME? ANN C I-IAUSMAN 'X . .3 C . RICHARD E HABOUSH .7 - II' . .il Q' ' af" 2 f MARSHALL A IIAISLIJP ,ink .54 ff X x L lf. . Ii 1 54' e V, M . 'fn Fix v C, S VERLIE E HALL as. - L Y' . . . ,rf u g ' T WILLIAM R I-IANLEY sr, I . .I .N 'H ', W I.: 5 E , I lf. X , .IL ORVILLE D. HARROD IERRY D HAXTON VIRGINIA L. HENDERSON ROBERT L HENDRICK ROBERT W HENDRICKSON 'bw BARBARA A HACKER .WZQE .. 'vu . 4 -1' 'N JOHN I HALrA.IfsI+ Q. Lv I J Pr X AUDREIY H HANCOCK 'FL 5 'WILLIAM M I-IANNEY 9 -an NINA I, HARTLEY , gl 'ig Y, Q vga.,- r1?fas'f9"-I " 4'lfQIA5:"n, . .1L4'mIIf' ' ' R BERNIECE I-IELFRICH '1- ,h- - CAROLYNJ HENRY J '..v-.N I , 9,- .WX , .XX X M f-,IVAN R HESTER WILLIAM E HEUSER ANNA R HEWITT MASS PRODUCTION ONLY 826 MORE RIBBONS TO GOI , wr, ss: '59 'T A I ' CQ' I ' ' . ,X J 'HZ -' Q , GLEN A HILL LEOI HILL f, ' 5, h 'mv 'Fox PAUL H. HILL I 'K 4109- ?' Y as. , Q .4 CAROL E HEYER Ex FLORENCE E, HIGGINS ORA G. I-IIGHT LYLE R HIATT L LYNUS K. HICKMAN Le' MILDRED L HIGGINS x -x . X I RUBY F, HILGADIACK PAUL A HIRT Em N THOMAS A HOBBS WANDA L HOBSON VELMA R. HOFFMAN MARILYN R HOFFNER ,wa I'Q ' I I I ' I A 'I 0 . d 1 66 'Z gm..- my ' www m -, M X I - ' S I 1'I I . ,f ,, ,I I , ,- 2, Hg IEAN E. HOLLANSWORTI-I S R. HOLLENSBE CAROL L, HOLMAN FRANK A. HOLMES U Q ' " 6 4- ., , V E gg ' K uh F , X, I -III , I . I I A S f .. , 1 I fx. ..,I Q, g V I y H -b ,5f,1:,fk. . V1 I Rf ,P 1 sill I .I,, 1 -p f 1 :55 ' KETURAH S. I-IOWE LILLIS M. HOWERY KENNETH E, HOY BARBARA j, HUFFMAN --4 " . "Qin:- ---H -sw -- .3- L. EUGENE I-IOBBS E, THOMAS HOGAN WILLIS E HONEYCUTT DONALD E HIGGS INTL BARBARA A HILL E .AQ U Joe A Hoses lf' -A '42 I Q If ,Rx , nf ALTA M, HOLLAND I-I JOAN HORNADAY C D, : K 'Q' - 8 I fl- f sl l I A XxXjf?E2aQHHjwg WILLIAM C. HUGO GEORGE U. HULLETT Qu- 'fm - u lf. Rf- ' HOWARD W HUNTER EUGENE R HURST glam? Q' .Q ltr, x,,5 .AN 1. 'Fibre Ax UTM,-' 'VN ,331 A W, x H S, Y 1" '-8 . QA . Q .,-, X 'WC "4 'J , PHILIP K JACKSON 5.-"H --wk C' VIRGINIA A JENKINS , .4 V MAXINE ILIFF OWENF IRELAND ROBERT B JACKSON JOSEPH S JAMES FRANK w JANNECK 'K ,- up 4-1 OR Ca 1 -E 1 A - . , 'GC J 4-'T H I Q E X M, ,ix A lakql wg Na- 4' iz 3' - - , .,',tjg v5qm .7 , . A 5-,FL A N T 'I EXT HOWARD M JOHNSON WILLIAM c JOHNSON BARBARA L JONES LOUELLA MAE JONES js. ROLLAND L JONES ', A A' ov Q' wx--v WY' V V ,, F RALPH E KASTNER DONALD E KATZENBERCJER 'C' 1 MARY ALICE KELLEY up k X .Q JAMES A KEMPE Jaw, 'wp 1 . ff BOBBIE C JORDAN CHESTER E JORDAN 'Y lv' - C I DONN K. KEEVER the ae S rx? ff HELEN M KEMPFER if-h ROBERT I IRWIN 5'- F43 , H I f Q NORMAN H JEFERJES , ,P R Sl J VF 3 ...J A E DOROTHY L JONES ROBERT E JOYNER 01" X MW' 4 I R -v E51 .E E BE'TEf EJ ACA TSS ,V RI?" A X I" ROSINA M Jil Ali 'Fu- bq X N' . -'JI JUANITAE JONES 6- VX4 , C I DORIS J KAPPUS Wffhv 15 N-T, . "IF A BODY MEET A BODY" GENERAL ACOUAINTANCE COMMITTEE -, ' ..., . 8,-., 6 IJ-1, Sa. 11 'Y NYBJT . 'i X DONALD F. KENIPE RICHARD M KENNEDY JACOUELINE L. KENYON CALLEROY KERHOULAS BETTY L. KESTERSON Q, 1-- WILLIAM G. KEYLER 51 L I :wmv xv 4 Q X .X if ' -A .Q A ,Q I Q., .a , Q ,-,, ,Ke iii , I f-ff-"2 'Pt' fILEKOf: Q- b x bs '.R.,, ' Ov 'T T , I. , . . L 1 ROVER' R KINOERV THOMAS C KINGSTON ,J 17" GENEVA I KLEMM WILLIAM O. KLINGSTEIN - J -. iv- Og- r X 5-CQEEII D VILLLEA 'X " 5. LA sa- V9 W Mg. BERNA LEE KINLEY I j ....., . fi T ale mf' x I X x BETTY L. KNOOP STUART L KOSTICK BETTY M KUHN JAMES R KURRASCI-I Ls is A ff 'l A ,N "1-"-2 -1' iii- 53, PHYLLI5 N VIMBERLN BETTE I YIMMELL A ...i 5. Ev :fa Q .' ,Y N' . 4 HARRY W KIRKHOFF bv I 6. Av, .,.L 2 i n ' I. GIF I , 4 I , if Q. f 5IfI'1AIfIl , K'N3 A JR gl. sf WILLIAM W, KIRKHOFF DONALD H KLEINER 4 - '13 if R -15, - ' 2 T W' 1' M' 0 mb ff fl' bf- KATHRYN I KOCH GILBERT I KOERS PAUL KOERTGE V' it gr' uv- ' I tvf ' Q, Y K' P51 Sl 4 'X x. nz. ,V .4 JAMES D KUTZ MARION LA GROTTO ae, V 1 f QE, Q 5 4' L 'Q .A Q ' 'P ,ag ,V .,,s IMOGENE LANE RAY R LANE ,W x f -,.',g, 4 A I ff? f , ' c N' A ,Q , ' Q ERNEST D LANGFORD WILLIAM B. LARSEN xl, 3.3! ,I ,J ff :RX I 1'. PATRICIA A LANDIS ROBERT G, LANE THE WINNER? ANNOUNCEMENT NUMBER 3? RUTH E I-AYTQN g g iw., . 3- gb Li' L S 'Em-L 'fl' .Q-, 'L' ""--4 2 qw? V 1 L-f 5 BETTY I LEATHERMAN ROBERT L. LE COMPTE JOANNE LENDORMI LEON LEPERE CARL R. LINDSTROM MARTHA YI LINK 1 4-C Qs.. ' A -T". if In . I an di HS ... ,.-L., Y: L RICHARDE LINKHART ROBERTA L LIPP IAMES A LOGAN VICTIJR uv LUMAX ILA NE I LIEIN-,SHORE Lu- NE If II, MR 'K . 9 ts' JCW' 'ix' . 5- B' "" vzrf It. " .f -.uf J 1 1Fn!if QY3:e. -F 53-ef 1 CHARLOTTE A LUCAS ROBERT S LUKENBILL HELEN L LUNSFORD NORMA E LUNSFORD OILBERT I LUX ,ANTIIONf I M ANIIRE I I ,f W va. 'W iq. A x E x 4 -' u- A X ji! E- Q Vg " '-.V wr. , T- I ' "-. '-'R' JOHN C MECALLISTER WILLIAM L MECARTNEY C JAMES MECLAIN I STEPHEN MCCLAIN WILLIAM L NICCLAIN IRANI4 Aw' MICLARI , I W. U V N 1' -g, - N W' I .. sk , U: D P 5, Y? g- C M COLLEEN MECONNELL E EUGENE MECOUN ADA M MECOY , il ,M , -, A- PAUL I MEDUFF nw- RICHARD H MANN RAYMOND L MEIN-Rv T IRENE MfGINNIs 191 R ROBERT E MANN IRWIN G MARER . . EQ In v, . f. N. gf. ff, - , ' I- if ' 'IJ-f,'T ERNEST C MARTHIN ,- 0 4 3' M. JEAN M:COY ROBERT A MEINTYRE MARY LOUISEMCCULLOUGH THOMAS A M MAHQN I 1... 'iw - . 1,0 I ,JE R XQQ XQW i Ewi- X - , :Q .n1v.. .v '- .TQE I TR :Xi :Q K A f ! :Af JAMESJ MARKEY if. Ep. .r-- 4 M I C...- I - ff A"".. . pin T 1 R K TX MARY LOU MAROUETTE BETTT L TV'E:'jT C9 EM L E -.f I-AI . 'JR I 1 5 xi I , 3, , ELL? 4 ff'-xi f" C 4 '-F1 H X-I N LLIAM 1 N' T CT Q. BETTY E MARTIN GERALDINE D MARTIN GLENNAJ MARTTN MARVIN D MARTIN ROBERT A MART if L ' 's n . k is: Q, , - " -N , I 1 Q 'V' ' -5- . Y gr 5 ee- - .wg ' , , J A , P' ' 1, V 1 5 . 1. . J' . f , 'mf fx , A HMI LP Uffrsf-,LII av rw-,UQJN -A Y L'Q,I,lISi MASTER WILLIAM E MATHENY l HP -'I M MATTHE Jw S wx 'E - .1 - ' 4 ' x I ,ji if 3432 . ROBERT I5 MELLETT :QP , If F sem I-IELEIJ L ME YER I Q., as , ,.., a I LDIJINE MMTINQLQY ""? x LL x Q ., E, K5 x ROSINA M MENONNA NORMA I MICHELFELDER '91 ' WE L, N. wowfx A MMO RICHARD I MERRITT l ,,, -1 .9-.-7 f W DALE MILLE R HSHORTEN IT," AGREES THE CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE -.L 'N ' x 5- f Q' , . .- 3 K' ELORENCE A MATHEWS , fx If MARYE MEADOWS EVELYN ss MEDLEY 'Ef f' gk I s- 35 - 1 ' 'lb 1 . Af J 1, ROBERT P MESALAM wr as ,fu X EDITH M MILLER fe if ' 4? A ,Q t kr K QL I 'I I Y SARAH L MILLS . iv" ev' v in I 1, i :,fgag.::1Mif 422 , JOSEPH MESHULAM MARILYN A, MILLER WANDA P MILNER DOYLE MONTGOMERY ROY D, MONTGOMERY asv . bf ' x ROSEMARY MATOUK A is ,W CLARENCE T MEISTER JR JOHN V MESSERSMITH ,I-. 1, . fv- .ff XYZ" f ,f '114 3 ,Y If ,'j:l, ,y' 31 IA I , I 413225. ' ,' ,' I f' . ' THEODORE C MILLER ,QX 6 Z 'k' i -L DORIS K MOBLEY RICHARD D. MOODY QM' Qf' Minn. ESTHER L, MOORE MARY B. MOORE MARY FRANCES MOORE RALPH E MORFORD IOAN MORGAN MARIE A. MORGAN 3 V RICHARD L MORRIS E, .W Q I in I FRED C MYERS BETTY L. NEES CHARLES M, NELSON vw ,W-F' 5 RAYMOND F NIETEN ibn HAM ln.'4u 'C' RUTH MORROW .I H. DALE MORTSOLF I-IARRIETT A. MYERS JOE E MYERS '55 . HERBERT C. NEES 9 II' ft, L Y 'f YQ ELEANOR A. NEMEC A II. , -- If .I M vs . L , .I 'gif I LOUIS F. NORDSIECK I -I ' ' X if f", I Aw- 'wr ,xv I IW . Zigi - -,. , . A Aff' if J l I ,U '5 , x 'sk Egfr 2.3 QQ J I xi 0' IQ mga I M .I YN 2, 15 ka I f ROBERT H, NEFFLE Sf "TT , JOHN W. NEVILLE EMILY G. NORSELL L EARL NORTON lg Q3 T' 'R Ir . L . It Ji BILLIE S MOSS MARIAM L MUHLENBRUCH ROSEMARIE MUSTON ..-vez, 2. OPEN FOR SUGGESTIONS A GIFT FROM THE CLASS OF 45 lr- R 2 1 5. r ,.- M' Q I I i I M I DONALD G, NICHOLSON I '60 , aim? ,. I F ,sy w If GENE FA NOTTINGHAM ROBERT F OLDHAM HAROLD L. OLIVER VELMA R,OLIVER ' LAVERNE M. ORFF MERRILL F. OVERMAN I. - r .' f S - ' 5 If - , v Mt., ' - is ' sf K5 f I I' f .I A KATHERINE M. OWENS RICHARD H: OWENS ROBERT B. PACE IIMMIE LPAGE RUTH I. PALMER IJ, E- IX X I IO ANN C NICIAIOLSQN lv' IU' Cf X PATRICIA H OAKLEY CAROL I OVERSTREET M:-H Ny K- Q... J' L MARIE PAPAZIAN 6 ar- Q 'E' ROBERT L. PARKER .A A I 'ffm I' L . I RUTH H. PAYNE or , 5: A, . ' s ya 1, v f . ROBERT E. PARRISH U I 'aan HI- F , wr .15 ' X I . 'R f Q THOMAS C. PAYNE 92 MILTON L. PATE 65. L- ir' -xfxx M FRANCES PEACHEY .,: 5 fir! PATRICIA EI PATRICK EMMA I. PAULEY Y' PHILLIP E. PEACOCK PHYLLIS I. PEACOCK ' . 37 ' Q7- . . A I ' I M I A 4 I ' DON If PEOPLES EMMA I PERKINS F JACK PERKINS VIVIAN MAY PERSELL WILLIAM PICKETT , uf. 1 I AI: A .H-I' 1 , b v' ' 9 gi V 1 . 112- QMM Igwnar m' I - A 'V' A F Q , Av Y.. Ax, , wk ..- 1 - if Rf - . . QQ 1 ' ' .X I KATHARINE A PIPER BETTY F PITTMAN PERIE R PITTS HENRY PLASCHKES CARL F. POEHLER T-if? asf' I x mx I f CHARLES W, POOLE ' , Eff: , ' Tn, , I ' X V ' -AE 1 ,I . mx' Y Sv- Q JOHN M. PRATHER .-- . Q- YT' .I 4:2 - Q . K' , I M A Lg.. 41 . ' A M ' RICHARD PAVEY .Q MICHAEL ,I PEONI l 67 ' . fb' ,. T7 V ii, M ,,, -'fum " J' 4 ,w"If-'l ,'agi,,i' .N N 53-3 -fly, fu, .. ggyfggigglif I PAUL E PIERCE f 'gif Q, A, A fIII -S EIL NICHOLAS W POEHLER l in A' ev- ,Q ' N . yi , 5 I DORIS W PORTER ROBERT F. PORTER EDGAR H POSNER MYRON M. POSSMAN f A-I ,J w . 4 GLENN R, PRICE NELLIE A POWER Cx JAMES R. PRINGLE DOROTHY I. PRITCHARD VIRGINIA L PUCKETT DIXIE G. PUGH X0 MARY A PUMPHREY WILLIAM T OUILLIN RICHARD L. RAASCH PAUL L. RAIKES IMOGENE RAMAGE WILLIAM j. RAWLINSON hi ?WLiir , . , ..T.:,,,, , V . N . .'!e, - Ia-4-1-f"""' ' W ' ' I I Q NT z ' Q ' N . 5 ,fix Q X. '1 1-.- 5 ' XX: 7x '.'-A ,L ' If -. f uf W5:E,:ffW5IEIII ..jL5'j'.,? Iii , 'aff ililil' R. ROBERT F REDMOND Q- MARIE H RICHARDS ,HQ ---,,.,., ,X Y, ., I, I CTI Ilx: Q46 , U W' xx N A i RICHARDI RINSMA It WILLIAM F REICHLE 1, X CHARLOTTE RICHARDSON ll' DONNA A ROBBINS PAUL R REISS r'. ,4i' gg was E Q1 I 2 I ELLA I RICHEY X N 5- I I -s. s .I 142 NELDA I ROBBINS z.. 5' x N27 l . ROBERT P ROBINSON 'WANDA L ROBINSON VIRGINIA E RODMAN 8101 iv 4-.., H RICHARD ROSENGARTEN FQ tx Yin EVON S SALIBA ff, 'fl' ,I IR :li BETTY L SCHIEFELBEIN ETX MARIORIE F ROUCK Inf- 4- ff' If A TX I' I DOROTHY E SARBER K K. :il 5 Q. -'mn raw Ki 5 I QQ? ANTI? K WILLIAM C5 ROUSH ...L .K- OREN A SAUNDERS N I , G fi' lb- V 'Z' , AJ, ,K ,J '9.t1 H f X A 1: . , J , YK? ' Ik A fag' MARY A REXROTH JOSEPH D REYNOLDS A I 1 Qkx 6-K 'Alf' ff RO3ERTA RICHTER ROBERT L RIESEN .v-"A qv -.v -I k, Y?" il x is HAROLD C ROBERTSON BONNIE L ROBINSON 9 flux ,RN -- 'Qs C . IO AIIN IIOEMPKE MARQUERITE I Romain 1 QW If-1 . . V . lk- CHARLES I-I RUSLER BETTY I RUSSELL 11 H, 'A - mf' MARY G SCAMAHORN PATRICIA SCARBOROUGH F GN 'Q' , KX I . RICHARD W SCHMIDT IO ANN 50-IMITT AUDREY E. SCHMOE 0 1 vv . i gs-' ' if-iff' . N, K 122 A 5.4 .' R. iii .I I I I PAUL D REYNOLD5 gf ,Ii 52 ELLA V RIGCW 'fd' f 41 YQ 'A . 'ST' NORMA I ROBIN' iw I , . fu.. sm X. f. mi fr 1 E 'URTIS ROMACK Q' LAWRENCE M SALEBA 2? Ss 4. I 1. FRANCESE SCHENCK 'TT' DOROTHY A SCHOENER PATRICIAJ SCHOENER Q, MARY K SCOTT WILLIAMJ SCOTT 'fm . li i "' FRANCES J. SEXTON CHARLES E SHANK P FRANKLIN SHAW RICHARD N SHEEK CONRAD D SHELLAND - . 5 57 .-'idx' 455 C. 'T' I. W 41 '., 'V' T ' K uw ,V X . Q' , R ,' I' mia: x I I -. .1 I if 4 " I gl I L M. Q N f , 3 Y' I X .41 x f I A 'QLIII-""TLI -MAPS W 'ICHWIER WILLIAM C SCHWIER DALE H SCOTT .sas -.E 7- 'av w 24' 22- R M I 4- va. ' -.M 5- , . M A , 'Y 1 1 , I .4 I ' -, In I' YM-Lu ,J C' I N. -M ff-. Biff-+1 , Q: aI asf.. ufff ' -y . Q. . A -'-.rlwfl f,,+ARILYN I Qgglg IERROD SELBY JAMES L SEWARD S iw 1. ' . ,.. AA R: . it if ., ' , fu , I , Q 1 E7 5 L' ,' , I. A y:3'1-xf2s,f'.iLM . , IM :lk 4 ,. It xx 34 .,,' I g A 'A fi. .I ' , " Y7 jj1Lff1'f: if ' , Wffni f '.'f-f iiiz, 'xiriixfgfif 'VIII I-.IVIEJ M HIMNNON IMIJL MIADIPCD DON E SHARP I f ',' - 2 ' ' Ii- ,. . 1.9 RWM , -1' . 9,59-' " 4,. . ' 'Hfj 'gr ' 2, , gg - 'r in D , I f f ff miaww '21-Ii1'HER1,I PIZPDEQICV 2 SHERMAN GLORIA SHIPP MAXINE L SHERTZER l A , , T ' , ' 23:6 iff' 1' ' Y' " an if Stu-i. ' , Qmiswmp :www fw1,L'ffR, 1,INL,Lsrf3N GORDON C SKILLS .9 -. it , 1 1 ' , .r .- 'za M 23-5 . ' ko-' X .' il- L A su QATQIW R I C x. .. T IOYCE J SKILLMAN DQNNA L ,SMITII M FRANCES SMITH MADELEINE SMITH ROBERT R SMITH wg, V- ' a E 'U x a . I, I x Aw. X-.A ' V 1' . ' fJTRi'f'fY i I 'P WILLIAM L SHIRLEY CHARLES M SHORT Q RICHARD E SLINKER CHARLES E SMITH R " W I 1 'I s- , A W ' ." -'MI ' I I 41,74 " Q? MARJORIE E. SMITHER JACOUELINE F SMOCK 7' JEAN W, SNIDER H DALE SOMMERS JR RICHARD I, SORENSON CAROLYN L. SOUTH WILLIAM I, SPARKS ROBERT E, SPEARS A G 4 . - 8, W X v- ' N 1 "rv E Y ,. ,.... BETTY ICD SPENCER DORIS M SPENCER LAWRENCE F SPERRY EMIT M SFICKLEMIRE A 'Tl Y Iv R G . "" ' . for 1' ,L J TTT- 'L E: I Q "X , 5 ,A 52 s I I Y M 5' MARTI-IA L STALLINCTS PAUL E STANDEFORD NANCY L STANLEY D BENTON STARR YI' LEONA M QTEVENS In , s, MARTHA A RTW ART "REPORT ON MONDAY AT 3:QO'I THE PICTURE COMMITTEE I ww... A1 vii A, I 1 lq -.... .I--G vr' I c.. 0. '- E Z 0 if xv ' .TS DONALD D STILES HENRY c STORM'- I 2. f'9',E lx MIRIAM SULLIVAN ANGELA R SUMMERS QQ-S, T M., if--f x. .xg VIRGINIA K STRAIN 'T- A 4. - 'CT' 7 ROBERT E SUPF5 SUZANNE E STUART fox ..- lf" NORMA I SUTTON - Y' IACK E SWOPE WANDA L TANASOVICH ALICE G TATE CSWENDOLYN j. TATLOCK " K: Q u E II.'."j "f, f E F NCJEL SPLIRRIEIQ 'BZ er LOIS ANNE STEINKE r 'L E- ' I FRED E STEWARD ,.m a,I 'Fig' E"T'f 'ill M v .. - T - . ,I A ra ,, :,.,:4., ' .'.?.'2c,, ew.. . Q "-12-3 . ,Q ,ui , A.. va 9 Y ,K ,Es E .f V xv,- 1 ' N, ,,, , . 4- X KR 5 5 .. ,,,,,4.,, ,. 6 My V .,... ,,. .P FREDERICK A STICKLE 4- fb: Q' Q- E"gb . I u SHIRLEY I, SUI-IRE iQu- BETTY IEAN SWANK bu 5, ' I 3. 1 2:1 Z V x E DONNIS M TAYLOR Q. w IQHN M QT 'Z LL K ms V, t- 4. AS E4 LEW S II STEINSBERCJEP , if ' bf . fm .l if f. , , 71. T-.Tm , HARRY M DTE 'NAVT 5 'Q' ....... - 'lu-U, C MARY ANNA STICKLE5 nf R:-.,, M BETTY I suns RICHARD F SWISHER 9' IMOGENE M TAYLOR PV I,-.Q J, A. -QEERT TA T E iw 3 43- ' .A - . .nv- -W.. .fy "fi . 1' 6 ' DAVIDJ THOMAS iw .' , , .Q.g,,. ,.- ,T. .. R F ' 5 A N, . ' Q 1 4 r" .' 'ff' 3:E'q'.?"-Q. 1' R'g'T,Q'5,1,',.' ' -A-1,'eaf!u.4:' WESLEY E THOMPSON jg , X55 MQ731 'Yr R 5" R, E P igf V ' ixd in""f5i F'-A C jEANNETTE TODD H '3- ip- by X, ' E ,af1?'dX as A. ' L PATRICIA A TRACY I 7, or 1 if T' 'ff' ,fQ'F'g5g:"f4'Y,,'1.Qgj-I , ' A, , f A LYLE P TUTTLE Tk 'T' F'- E ER A , iS ul 1 V , ,wi in 1 -... W was 41 16:3 'cn 'T . , L C . -:sf A J 'Zia ,X 'C' I E, . iii , A Oxy 2 a 'A ,av-"5 T ' , .." I W T A ' , Na- 3' 'Q T 1 f' X X ' Sad Qt AE ROSEMARY TEETE1' PATRTCTA j THATCHER HAROLD P THAU BARBARAT THOMAS CALVTNJ THOMAS ,A P T-il - - . 'T D Z. S, , 5 vu.- Q' T ff.. . N '!'TT""" .. ,7 M V s 9" 'X a S ' 'Q A ,A 'T' 7 at -E varfgs JOSEPH THOMAS f'aRs5L BETTY 1 THOMS AILEEN S THOMPSON CARL D THOMPSON FRED B TOWELL WINTER PARTY COMMITTEE MAKES ARRANGEMENTS .jr A-:T ...- . ' X Kg. Ao. g Y, , 4, '- , , l ,K 1 , I ' ELEANOR M TRITCH '?w mf x K ' WALTER F TYNAN lm TAMES T TROBAUGH I A QL . E x in fi HAROLD B UMBENHOWER gm ffm L t g 'L ' E ,T N CHARLES W THOMPSON JOHN W THOMPSON 6' 'Q bg V - 5, X E'-I ' "'3.."' ' f u- - , . . 1 ' f A , wtfiwz BETTY R THORNBURGH KENNETH E TTRMENSTEIN T A R 'R in WILMA D TOWER TOHN A TOWSLEY fav-kwa., ix H AX 1-- MARJORTE J TURNER BECKY ATURPIN DONALD K TUTTLE 'UN jANET L VAHLE WILBUR J VAN DER MOERE ARTHUR F, VINCEL JR xxx Z' A .51 ,.,' A wi f if -41,1 ' 1. ., 4 Qglw . A-, A rf , 'S -f f-,'5T:Qp - ,E E5 ,- S, fam- L :AVR 1, we ..ff,1., E . DONALD E. VINSON GEORGE A VIRGNE CARROL L. WADE PAUL R. WAGGONER JR WAYNE E WAGGONER MONTE To WALDEN .Q.. - 'vs . ' T: - fffii' -I -1 .Ml ,, I gn I--., fees f' I X DORIS R WALKER ELIZABETH I WALKER b- I ni- 5 Rv , ., I I I N .,I"T Ii. A, A. I" , t 'IV L- ' -. 9' N' 'A AJ- Y- ff 'QI' 4 ,lf F!-" I A -I ez. , gp Ari. ,Q DE LORES M WATSON RONALD L WATSON 15' MARY D WALLACE 6 X . Fi L KENNETH A WEAVER JR MARY L. WELLS NORMA WELLS THEODORE N, WELLS IR .I -af. ., ss. D . new 44 .5 gg . ' , ,L I ,,:.L A' I IIIIV' T' fri? f Q I BETTY I WHITE If' Q ROBERT C, WHITE G. - r I f -- :'is?f.1'vf JAMES H WHITMAN SYLVESTER A, WIENEKE JR bv -gr MARILYN I WILLIAMS .L I - zfefzm ., ...p .- - ,-pf "2 .1 X 1- - -1. P ' - wg "' U MARY LYNN WILLIAMS , 4- . . "- im 5353: I: I grail" 5 3,56 .T J " Qt 4 1 'fmfhkf Q ' ROBERT L WHITE 5, Ex I I 5 BETTY I WIGGINS F!-N . R. Q M RICHARD WILLIAMS l. RICHARD F, WILSON WILLIAM E, WILSON ROBERT NL WINDSOR 3- Nbf' 9. X RJR II SHIRLEY E 'WALLACE 524' r ,R ' ..-E 9' ., 'Q x ,. ' T' 59.4 ' . i x X: E I I Q ' MARIORIE v, WEAVER JOHN N. WESSEL JR A f-P' VERNA M 'L' 'XIQNIIEF WILMA L WEAVER -E iv 49..- KENNETH M MVHISMAN . 6 , II Ll. 'PZ X . DONI- LL II Iv II 'III 29 sig S, 1, R .- 3- ROBERT E WEBSTER fan.. ,QL .,I ANNA M XJHITE ' YS. I ' ' EVELYNE WHITEHEAD ROSANNA M WHITESIDE RAYMONDE WHITIS 'F-J 0 1 V it W S Qc- Tw- - V .34 fi, ,.TE , L YQ.. QII I- Sf' lf' .. " L '-'..?'I5 X 'Sllfq ALBERT C WILKERSON EUGENE R WILLIAMS FREDERICK L WILLIAMS '47 .. Q, 4' I :P -iw if - li R 5 -4 I I x LL CHARLES E, WILSON LAWRENCE M, WILSON MARIORIE M WILSON 1 ll YP?- WILLIAM E. WINDSOR EDWARD F. WIRTZ LANCE A WISE -N " 4 w - ot -v I2 I? G M O' Q Q ' , X. , M, , , -L - Q ws- "' K 75,2 'R ' Q-9 . N . , ,rv t 'Q' 1 ,f Hr' tx! ,Iv , Q' .,, X N'-,li'lQ' W W'ClRDENyf'XN DUN!-.LD 5 VVOEVNER JOSEPH P, VVOHLHIETER DENNIS W WOLBERT BARBARAj WCCD 'iv' 95 M Y' :tml 1' A '- A Q 4 i qv 'i , ,N ' 2- As' H ' l',..-., . - -:Z V ' S . Y' N ar- l V.. 4, rig- an 5, 152 D i '45 .,..,n ' f ive- 5 'ff ,IST 'fililf' , . fl .J . f if J" f Nl 'A'il'LEi- " 'NU Y. 1AMES F W0-QL jAMES D. WOODN JACK E WORKMAN STANLEY B WRIGHT fn Q 1 ,us ,, mg f ffm " , , 0 Q. Q ,A . S. in-N .. I bf 5 MFL WN E' YMQFP L GEORGE! YOUN, ,, 'fum Q., V 'QP ,r who WALLACE V YOUNG fv- "Z I- 'ur--v' Tp-QELMA L YOUNT CHARLES K ZIEGLER "Spring lirrr April, 945 The east for "Spring Green." a modern. light three-aet eomefly written by Florence Ryerson and Colin Clements, inelufles. bottom row. sitting: Robert Potts. ,loan Hines, Shirley Esmon. Aclylean Pumphrey. and Paul Pieree. Seeoncl How. sitting: Henry Russe. Betty Vehling. Xvilliillll Quillin. Robert Forbes. Jeanne Mc-Coy, Rieharfl Slinker. and ,loyee Dearing. Thirrl How, Stilllfllllgl Betty Eastes. Gloria Fiseher. Harold Fryar. and Charles Reth- erforcl. The prorluetion was rlireetefl by Miss Evelyn Kletzing. ,..,,,,-, ' 'ri ii' ' uviii, I 1...-?"l"l, 1,91 In thu hook ell IIIOIll0I'IlM Only Coil can make- a Ire-+'.ln1t it take-s a senior to plant onv at lln- annual senior Arbor Day exvrvisvs. During roll call in senior sponsor rooms. class nufnilwrs give- programs. "No, thanks. this is Svnior Sacri- lim- Dayln is a popular rf-ply when a se-nior is lt'lllplt'4l to lilly a liar of calmly. Seniors vnjoy chatting anal flanving to- gether at Senior Mixers. Ullivvrs of ilu' viglll sc-nior sponsor roonls form tlu- Svnior fiounvil H'lll1'll gow-rns lllf' vlass. uhh.-.- M1 f 5?5?u June, I944, Cemmeueemenlt exereises and plays, 'v w,-fe--,Q ws ,, , ., , u 1. 'A X I s ' 4.1. ' ek! , 'KV ' 41: '31- , Iialhgzqnulngm if ti 1 .giniiflzili-'Ha' W .. j .',1 1 11111- 'BZlC'Y'!!"l'lM - l, er., F4 ff. ..-ii.-'fl' v' 1 ..-.-.ann-on , I 1 5 "4 ." If 4-',i,'fr 'sa '50 f 'I 14 C0llllllPllI'Clllt'llt exereiees in the school stadium just at sunset are never-to-be-forgotten. agree members of the Class of 1944. The audience applauds its approval as the curtains close on the spring, '44, senior matinee, which presented nIlllElCCllSl0lll6fl As I Am" by Mildred Hark and Noel McQueen and "My Ladies' Lace" by Edward Knobloek. Inf, 5 ye. . ? , a N ' 'X 5: f ,A .I . gi i -.- .,.J2ar,.,-1-.fs . . 7 , Q -ls January, 1945, seniors, I One hundred forty-five seniors receive diplomas at the second annual Recognition Day ceremonies. January 23. in the Boys' Gymnasium. ffass af fefzznzfriy. 1945 Glenn H. Adams Jack L. Agnew M. June Anderson Carl H. Arvidson Lois Ann Bardwell Harold B. Barker W'illiam G. Becklehimer Robert L. Bernloehr Betty A. Bowden Richard H. Braun Betty Brooks Raymond P. Brown Richard A. Busenbark Duerene Butrum Donna C. Carrick Rosalie E. Carson Joy .I. Cartmel Robert J. Castetter Martha M. Clark Richard C. Clark Lawrence G. Cook Robert A. Cornelius Ross E. Cowgill James N. Crabb Raymond J. Cross Robert E. Cunningham Jimmie E. Davis Wfilliam R. Davisson John De Masie George C. Eckstein Watltet' M. Enoch Charles M. Fairchild Richard C. Fattic Marjorie E. Fella Jacquelyn E. Fischer Richard E. Flynn Norman G. Foust Morris Fowler Esther J. Gibson Virginia R. Goddard Edu ard J. Godwin Jack N. Goudy' A. Edward Greilich Audrey H. Hancock Orville D. Harrod Jerry D. Haxton Robert L. Hendrick Anna R. Hewitt Ruby F. Hilgadiack Frank A. Holmes H. Joan Hornaday Frank VI. Janneck Norman H. Jeffries Rosina M. Jelase Dorothy L. Jones Wlilliam O. Klingstein Gilbert J. Koers Betty M. Kuhn Marion LaGrotto Imogene Lane Carl R. Lindstrom Richard E. Linkhart James A. Logan Norma E. Lunsford Ada M. McCoy Thomas A. McMahon Emilie I. McNabney Robert V. Manier Richard H. Mann Robert E. Mann Norma A. Mayo Mary E. Meadows Jolm V. Messersmith Theodore C. Miller D. Doyle Montgomery Mary Frances Moore Ruth Morrow Herbert C. Nees Charles M. Nelson Carol J. Overstreet Jimmie L. Page Robert E. Parrish Patricia E. J. Patrick Richard Pavey Phyllis Peacock Robert F. Porter Edgar H. Posner Richard L. Raasch YVilliam F. Reichle Richard J. Rinsma Jo Ann Roempke Marjorie F. Rouck Mary G. Scamahorn H. Douglas Barnes Robert J. Benjamin Wvilliam E. Boyer Jolm A. Bright..I1'. Edward F. Camic Thomas L. Carr Paul A. Deming Edu in L. Duke Carolyn M. Dunn gwfzfzmfffzg ff: ,jyfilflflitl Charles S. Edmonds Norman E. Eichhorn Wfilliam D. Evans Charles E. Habig Vernon F. Koers Robert C. Krachen fels Raymond L. McGa ry Merle M. Miller James L. Seward Frances J. Sexton Frederick E. Sherman J. Richard Shumar Gordon C. Skiles Robert R. Smith Richard J. Sorenson Doris M. Spencer Lewis H. Steinsberger Leona M. Stevens Donald D. Stiles Betty Jean Swank Alice G. Tate Patricia J. Thatcher Patricia A. Tracy xvllltlll' J. Yan DerMoere Arthur F. Yincel. Jr. Monte J. Wfalden Ronald L. Wlitson Robert E. Vfebster James H. Vifhitman Inez E. YVilliams M. Richard Williams Bernard YV. W'oerdeman Dennis W. Wolbert Charles P. Wvood James F. YYcmcl lfleceuserl James D. Wioods .lack E. Nvtlflilllllll Stanley B. Wright Thelma L. Yount Gene F. Nottingham Merrill F. Oyerman James Parker Milton L. Pate Harold C. Robertson Wiilliam C. Shank La xx rence F. Sperry Richard F. Wvilson and lIIlFIlIlIl5I'S ni the Tech . . "wa , f'-'A . , ' I" " Commander-VIRGINIA RODMAN Li f'11 tenant-Commander-HENRY PLASCHKES Captains ALICE JANE ANDREWS AUDREY H. HANCOCK CAROL OVERSTREET RICHARD BRAUN WILLIAM HOOVER CHARLES RETHERFORD BORDEN CRENVS BARBARA LEE JONES HENRY RUSSE JOYCE DEARING ANTHONY McANDREWrS CAROLYN SINGLETON ROBERT FORBES JEAN McCOY AILEEN THOMPSON MARTHA GINGER ADOLPH WEISS Faculty Sponsors CHARLES C. MARTIN MISS HILDA KREFT HAROLD WALTER Legion Founder TO tl1Ose seniors who have attained the most Inerit citations during their high school years is given the distinction of becoming 111611111616 Of the Tech Legion, senior honor society. organized in the spring Of 1935. Merit citations are given hy class teachers for such personal characteristics as follows: Type 1. TRAITS WHICH CONTRIBUTE TO CLASS OR GROUP ACHIEVEMENT. Type 2. TRAITS WHICH BRING FAVORARLE PERSONAL CONSIDERATION. Type TRAITS WHICH ARE FUNDAMENTAL FOR PERSONAL SUCCESS. Only ten per cent Of the senior hoys and ten per cent Of the girls heconle Legion members. The boy and girl Wl1O excel in the total nuniher Of merits serve as connnancler and lieutenant-cominander throughout the school year. The girl and hoy having the highest number Of citations in each sponsor room are co-captains. Small, green and white enamel pins are presented at an all-School assembly in the fall when names of the Legionnaires are announced. Captains' pins have one starg lieutenant-comnianders', twog and C0l1lHl3I1dCI'S,, three. Legion take their places Yvonne Akers Carl H. Arvidson Donald E. Bauernieister Charles E. Branson Raymond P. Brown Evelyn L. Bruck Mary J. Bryant Robert Childs Jack H. Cox Darrelljean Curran Charles E. Curtis Jinnnie E. Davis John De Masie Ronald Doak Carolyn M. Dunn Bobbe L. Earle George C. Eckstein Willialli L. Elliott Carolyn J. Eppihiiner Shirley A. Esnion Charles M. Fairchild Richard C. Fattic Edgar C. Featheringill Betty Jo Frank Harold B. lfryar Marcia L. Ceckler Eloise J. Gillespie Barbara Ann Hacker John J. Halfaker Lois M. Hannnan Ann C. Hausman Frank T. Hiatt Jean E. Hollansworth Willizilli R. Hotz Kenneth E. Hoy Eva June Hundley Jo Ann Hynes Jean Jackson Louella Mae Jones James A. Kelnpe Calleroy Kerhoulas Donald E. Keyt Bette J. Kinnnell Patricia A. Landis Ruth E. Layton Joanne Lendorini Elaine R. Lowery Gilbert J. Lux Harry L. lxrlllllll Yirginia l.. Mau-s .lanet A. Mt-Donnell Rosina M. Menonna Ted R. Metzger Helen L. lileyer Robert M. Miller Richard D. Murray Robert Oldham Patricia J. Palmer Donald Peoples Paul E. Pierce Robert F. Porter Robert L. Potts wlilllkllll T. Quillin Paul A. Reams Richard J. Risina Robert P. Robinson E. Curtis Roinack Charles M. Short Robert Supp Norma J. Sutton Wiayne Wiaggoner John D. Young 'F M2 'W- il-Y, 4 0 3, 2 l9'x4 ,lt J' 1,, , I ff 5-Ha, , nw- yy.. ofa . . 2 Egx . 1 9 r ? 4--'cf 2 ww 'Q . in "1 JMDQ' Y I . Ti. Wil: Wt., KYYIB., .fKL 'MWUQX 5e?zfxtzi2352,. T35 'X ' U W., - n !-if lklif 4 f WA tar ""T'Y"1w-41 femme ffffze lvlllvlllvs and lf-zlmlvmllilv, 'llvcfll v11f'o1lI'agf'sfwtrzl- Cu1'1'if'ulzu' zwlivitivs. Clubs. lrulrlivzltions. ass:-llllmliffs, . 4 4, '5 SIDOIISUI' P00111 lDl'Ogl'2llllS., Zlllll Will' ,j 1' flrives offm' 21 varied lrrogrzull for student participatioll. Groups plan ll2lllCOS, llll'lllCS, llikf-S, ancl partivs for the 9llj0Vlllt?lll of all. A Slllflfllll l'f'lllPIf., student lounge, svvmlly-six-acrv f'2llIlIlllS, and fully PlIlllIbllf'll picnic grounds foster life- long fI'l9llIlSllll'lS as boys and girls ffillllfil' for an llour of relaxation flur- Z' I ing thc' lunch and Elflfil'-SCllO0l periofls. Behind the parking' lol. l ' left of the stadium, in ' the woods, clubs find As' ovens for picnics! 1 v 1 I I 1 l i l 'K To llc-vvlop initiative, coolwration, 1 4 a U In hu ing Bonds audi 1 X A17 Ab-as, A ,X M! C , '3 '3.v , ' --. 1 Packages of eraekers and eookies and jars of jam are admission fee for the Serviee Clnh dam-1: to roller-t food for a U. S. U. Center. Carrying humlles and hags of rags. pupils trek avross the campus to the Student Center with 1-ontrihutions for the S. A. 0. Rag Drive. journalism elass heggins its 1-ampaign for ilu- ,lunior Rell Cross llll'llllIf'l'S sponsor a hook drive for Camp Att:-rhury Hospital. Janet Vthite anfl William Quillin. Raggedy Ann anal Andy at a tlanee sponsored lay the S. A. U. to eolleet rags. pose with their 1-ourt. ,ale of Christmas seals. NIZIIUJIG x 1 -- Nlllbllllll room- olnhun Nl Yxvlll Sl amp .un um lam nw fo claw-4 - .un svn 1 I 1 Q 1 M spon-an 4- N lll lu n 1 I vvv 4 Wim Nhunp and I una N Ol scrum me - 4 - to tl In III Cum 1 . . ln' In Ill, 1 9, A-...,... aiim 1.-1. " ', clubs cooperate with oommunil Service Club members lake time out from school serviee lo pose on the Ar- senal steps for the eamera. Ac-ling is fun. agree memhers of the Drama Cluh. espeeially when the play is a eolnedy. noon at the school picnic grounds at the end of a hird hike. Nature Study Club mem- hers enjoy an autumn after- ..11ss .QQ ,gm JN5-' 441 ff i girls. 7 fb In the judicial manner of the ancient Romans. Latin Club holds a special meeting. The Dance Band takes time out from playing at an all-school llancc. V0 I f '55 1 'x 5 K n n xx i, in -arf' I A Mzulrigul Singflrf enjoy singing the olfl folk songs and English mzulrigalf. Girl limvrvvf is an intc-rnation- al orgunizuliml flevotc-fl to livlp- r Q, ing girls ilewvlop tllvlilselufs pliy- sically. lllvlllkllly. and spiritually. la, l' "', i U.,-L l f35-W ,. riff "' A-My W , 1 "f-. - g 9 C5 C3 KJ glvlllglllvlralda1ndsupp0l't. ini- The executive board of the Student Affairs Organization confers on a current War drive it is sponsoring. Future farmers watch a soil analy- sis being made during a meeting of the Agriculture Club. Members of the Personal Styling Clinic discuss current fashions for high school girls. French Clubbers become ac- quainted with customs and traditions of old France. Clleulistry Clulr lll?llllPt'l'S varc- fully follow cacll step pf-rformml in za llt'lll0llhlI'2ili0Il. Spanish lllulv enthusiasts confirm the "hamls across the border" polivy after lrecoming Wfflll-lllf0I'lllf'1l on the- Spanisll-spvaking nations. Boys and girls of the XYZ Club dis- cover that through fascinating games and puzzles. math is fun. Naturally. in the Music Club. om- woulfl expect to find musical enter- t3illlll6llt. .W r .4 L Fur those Illllflliilll minded, r w v - w - I ll1'b1N'lill 51'lt'll1'4'l lul n listens as n ulesofllle lH'1'XlUllHlllt't'llllU'iff' rezul. in 4 e he Melnhers of the World Pen-l"riend- ship Association en- joy letters from lroys and girls in other lands. , 5 Adolph Wieiss, memher of the Physics Cluh, ex- plains his model of Mount Shasta to a group of friends. lfrl' A small but popular concert musical group is the Instrumental Trio. Pep Committee memhers plan anoth- er interesting pep ses- sion. 1 5 -x xf E i -film f y, W1 ' ,asf g - 2' X J X". s ax. X 4 .N 'M Y Wy -.1 Ni 1 I -if 'iw .A s W A N wffvv.. - Ml?" n ' 'AM ' ' mug. . . Q ' 55 L. rm... ..-..-Q..-w.:"::'f':'f""l-u-v-n..... , A I I Ii Q ' . Q Q '- A ,UQ , , 4 L Y A 0, my - . +1 . m 'f . ' l X ' ' X i - '- ' ' l l u, X . 'Af ' "Q U9 -L ,-- . 1 E , ,,., N - ii 1'.-fw,-2 ,Q-.Q --gag' Q 'fl S-1 , F,-f'll'4f.-ns, -L ,wh md v-:thi 15:5 bg QRQWHW up 'ggi b 1 , 'fx J ' ' 'i4.,ffk' +.f2 'ka ' IH 5 uf - vw ' Q, 1 '.f Y 'ffl , 1 , 'f A, , 2' ' .1 41" 1 1, 1, .jf 'ya 1- 1 xx -' . K 3 r . .J J I. -. I: if .A.' 'I al RJ 63 ,1 v , -1- - ik Q l Q- 1 1 ' ' '-t"' ' 'H V ' ' - A-LQ' . . fi! '.' " in -,Z 'V 5.5 'I ' .1 . i. ,V ,W Q f a 'ww . , -K , 1 . A f v - QM .. , ,r ,HQ - A 44 ' " I ' .,v'..3 . N, v If Q ,A I xv KI. ' Q Q! gnjx V ' 4 ' Y LN 1 .55 5 f ' 'J' g, I w jgy . 'f ' LQ- Tm "N ' N ' .Q 4 , -91, 45,-J .Q-. ? . 4 , bb fe' W Q .4 , N X ' ' J If' " in H 'IQ' V gilvv. 'L ' M ' 'L M 4 A b . ff! 1 wh. x 5 5 f K 4 J 1' ' 'H Q . 1 1 ' A 5 1 'T I 'X ' . , W al? 'wr " N 5' Q' ,rn I I . A M . uf , ,,,, ff X, Y ,Q t H5 H ' 4 12 Qi ,. .. fl M4 Q 4 95 . Q. -f-af-ofa?-4, HY for 'ampuu In 0lDN'l'Xilllt'4' of Constitutional Day. tlle Sox-ial Seienf-e clepartinent tliaplayf an lllllllllllilltil eopy of the Conftitution in Stuart llall tower. A Filllllillh lllll0Xtlll0ll is tlie after- noon movie- entertainment in Room 300. for only twelve vents. A familiar perfonage to Band inemlrerf ih Mr. Henry Kaiser. monitor of the cheek rooln. To advertise the "White Elephant whirl." Red Cross lrenent tlanee fponsorecl lily the CAN NoN. a white elephant parades on tlie PHIIIIJIIS dur- ing llllll'll IN'l'l0flS. div' Q' Green and white novelties for atllletie events are made lay Serv- iee Clulr lllf'lIllJt'I'S. Folder post Cards of campus scenes. designed and printed by the Print Shop. are sold lay CAN- NON staff lll6llllJt'I'S. "I see in your future . . Santa has a palm reading at the CANNON Christmas party for roll room agents. Two lvoys pause before the Vlfar Bul- letin Board in the main ofliee for late news of Teeliites in the serviee. GI TECH B0 QL 'N WTI-IE SEQVICES VS AND 'U 'l . 1 1 fl f 1 4 i 1 i , K Q' av al X ' I 1 ' l r, f n "Q , . ' ' A -Z N rm l 1 ,fm ta 444. 'ua 9 I 4 and lor lunch, 'Penh provides the time ' o' and place. . . ,i Y K 3- ff... ,..f .., Sel- ala! rw? tts S.. Efficient cooks prepare tasty dishes for 3.500 lunchers in a modern. su11lit kitchen. Mrs. Elizabeth Ross, head of the school cafeteria, consults with a student helper. At each lunch counter are boys and girls. ready to help with the service. "Make mine vanilla." remarks a lad, and the ice cream server smiles. Four periods a day. the lunchroom teems with hungry pupils. S. Editors of the ARSENAL CANNON weekly staff aree- sitting, tleft to right l : Aileen Thompson, editor of Staff I. Betty Sehiefellrein, managing editor, Ruth Payne, associate editor of Staff II, standing-ee Rolrert L. Wliite, editorial page editor, Barlvara Thomas. eity editor. Paul Reanls, asso- eiate editor of Staff I, and Elaine Lowery. editor of Staff I. Minor editors are tleft to rightb: Delores Burden, copy, Robert Willclsor, R. 0. T. C., Williaill Willclsor, page six, Phyllis DeHart, Columnist, Wil- liam Christy, cartoonist, Jean Hollansworth, page five, tsit- tingj-Ruth Layton, page eight, ,lean Lukie, page seven, Virginia O'Drain, copy, Calleroy Ker- houlas, war, and Patsy Cook, copy. Business staff tleft to rightj : Gordon Jones, business manager., Joy Basan, typist, Earl Beasley, assistant circulation manager, Charles St. John, circulation manager. aipwf .fi .' 4' X S ka 1 -6 at v .- frank if 'XZ ' M? 1 ag' SG K, f, Q 1,7 x 2:-, . , :Mfg .4 -, ' 1' ,,j' -j'lj:.7Q'. A :f wwf: :KJ-.ff - 5,1 '1' ' 'L -155l'cJ!l1f, 5, 1 ,.. plqufxh f V'-1 Q5 4 f F., 11 4 '41 "' v,'Tf' - wLi.n,'.-:ii win :V ' .1,.,-. V. .-......u-an-sp., , ' -av' 'X x X--, vt W-vu. in Members of tl1e News Bureau who write school news for the local news- papers are tstandingl : Lee Roy Han- sel, Wlanda Milner: lsittingl : Roh- ert L. Xvhite, Margaret Tandy, Elaine Lowery. and Lance Wise. The city room hums with activity as editors. reporters, and typists get out the weekly edition of the AR- sr:NAL CANNON. The ,l0lll'llilllSlll class gets its hasie founda- . . V Y ,fi tl0Il for service on the CANNON staff. The Photography class, headed hy Mr. Herhert Trauh, aids the ,lune Magazine staff in assemhling its campus and classroom scenes. latest Tevhtown new' lor the Arenal Cannon. Miss Julia Jean Rowe. assistant to thc diroctorl Miss Ella Sengcnhvrgor. director of puhlicationsz Mr. Yverncr Monningor. husinf-ss advisor: and Mr. Ralph E. Clark, printing advisor. niakv up the hoard. Sports Editor Wlargarvt Tandy givvs assignmc-nts to Lance Wise. David Bvst. ,lamvs Voorhis. sports writ- vrs. and LCC Hoy Ilansol. assistant sports Q-ditor. Bringing in nvws and writing fvatura- storivs are- thv joh of rc-portvrs: st-atvel La11ra Spvar. ,lt-annv Kinlvy, ,lunv Bvhrc-ns. l'atri1'iu SWV00lll'yI. svvond row fGraCc Hood. Lorvtta Mandara. Carolyn NN all. Caro- lyn Hart: third 1'1m-sJh14li'mv Thomas. Typists ,loy Basan. Barhara Evans. Barham Hat-lwr. Elva Hagcdon. ,Ioycv Jackson. and Carolyn Svhwo- IIIFYCI' typo all 1-opy for tht- printer. CANNON staff hvlpvrs art- Mary Martin. st-raphoolt rovordvrq Nlarjorio llagvxnann, oxvhangvsz ,Ivan lil- liott, assignint-nt writvr: Ahnira Smith. st-raphook rc-vordcrz and Margaret-t Kidd. vuh oditor. 1159143 lg iQ. nu-M I -1-1 fi :lr ar Q 5 1 9 Q, , 14 ., .ix y , .3 -1 ,E Z 11. A nf A ' 'A 4 5 'if if , if .af J XSX rf' 4 ' ' 'B Fix., ' yi ,wage ,. ' R mf w 9' 49 L N ef Sv an fe zzffy zz Ilealth To build a lwalthivr body, llllySltfLl fitness is a rc-quirvcl subject. To under- stand the value of good lwalth, pupils study physiology, llygifflle, and safety. Compvtitivo sports, lwsidffs devfll- oping mind and lrody, mfflato intra- scllool and inter-svliool unity and SIJOl'lSlll2lIlSlllIl not only on the sports field but also in the lmlezuilifws. The good athlete is onf- who plays fair, wi11 or lose: the good spectator is one who can Cl1f'61' his team, whether in victory or deff-at. Cheering the team to victory, freshmen dis- play true school spirit! Be ginning hlthe tall when Wazzfffy yaaffaff Bottom Row fleft to rightl: Willialll Stafford, student manager: Robert Forbes, Dean Drummond, Eugene Hobbs, Nolan Roles, Joe Mattinfflv Kenneth Weave1', Milton Pate David McClain Sam Sha Jiro Paul Hirt Hubert Toombs Earl L Us , v -w 7 I 9 H D9 Gordon, ,lames Cracraft, Robert Fisher. Willialii Eastes. Second Row: Franklin Standish, Ed Wiltsee, Richard Schmidt, .lohn Berck, Lynn Lynch, Eugene Turner, Charles Ennis, Howard Johnson, James Davis, Charles Deardoff, Robert Ahlers, James Andrews, Dale Overstreet, ,lohn Weooley, Robert Little, Don Forbes, James Barnett, Glenn Reasner. Top Row: Coach Roscoe Pierson, Coach Paul V. Wetzel, Max Seward, Richard Braun, Paul Standeford, Fred Halsworth, Williain Quillin, Sylvester Wieneke. James Seward, Don Bauermeister, Robert Casse, Robert Le Compte, Ralph Kastner, Willialll Craig, Connie Shelland, Coach R. E. Halnler, Athletic Director R. V. Copple. Tech Opponent VARSITY Sept. .leff of Lafayette . Sept. Ben Davis . . . Oct. Muncie ..... Oct. Anderson .. . Oct. Manual ..... Oct. Cathedral . . . Nov. Richmond . . Nov. Washington . Nov. Shortridge . . ,lim Davis kicks off as .li holds the ball. lll Andrews RESERVES Oct. 5 Oct. 12 Oct. 19 Oct. 24 Nov. 2 Nov. 9 Tech Opponent Southport 2 Broad Ripple13 At Manual ..13 Cathedral 6 Shortridge ..l6 Wasllington .21 Nolan Roles does the punting. 5 FRESHMEN Tech Opponent Oct. 12 At Southport 6 0 Oct. 19 Cathedral ... 7 6 Nov. 2 At Shortridge 0 0 ftiel Nov. 9 Washington .13 6 For that extra point, Charles Ennis kicks the ball from under Eugene Hobbs' fingers. f if?" if Ffa' ef'lS.Q.Z,.f'w-.f ffx W3h?MWl+e N, , .. ,Q -7' '-1 Y - ' , 1 ., .X Q -fer-sxqmff E K ,, 1 ' 'il wa .6 xi.,-Aj.-if,--v, if , ff. Ti if A , - . -- .uf'- - ' -' Os p : - -Q. .35 , wg - .- 'H -ll' e 73311, if ,..n1 f' football reigns supreme, and At Manual's 50th anniversary, Captains Dave Shaw fManualJ and Robert Forbes fTecl1ib ac- cept the birthday cakes. 65627025 Bottom Row fleft to rightl: George Taylor, Thomas Clark, Kenneth Haehl, Don Willsey. Kenneth Gilliam, Charles Dell, William Helfer, James Eads. Jerry Latt. Second Row: Ed Wiltsee. George Collins, Robert Phillips, John Berck, Rex Phillips. Lynn Lynch, Richard Wagner, Eugene Turner, John Helfrick. Robert Fischer. Merle Corliss. Top Row: Coach R. E. Ham- ler. .lack Peaslee, Lawrence Burnett. Don Hoeker, Sam Win- inger. Richard Wickes. David Carter, Joe Springer. Jack King. Richard Denny. Wilfred Wal- ther. Snowden Gillespie. student assistant. r f 4 J 3 5' If 777 5 ll Bottom Row fleft to righti: James Graham, Robert Petit. Jack Poole. WVilliam Bohn. Rob- ert Kendall, student manager, Richard Weber. Donald Buck- sot, Joe Endicott. James Din- kins. Douglas Arvidson. Walter Cravens. Second Row: Herbert Dins- more. Robert Lawrence. Allen Vincent, Bill Robertson. Otto Kellams, Dick Luthe. Eddie Lepper. John Thompson. Thom- as Pratt, John Lytle, William Miller, Charles Erk. Jack Haines. Top Row: Coach Oscar White. Darrell Williams. James Benz, James White. Jack Wilmoth, William Egan. Thurman Brown. .lack Lawyer. Robert Brubeck, Robert Norman, Charles Scar- brough, Henry T. Wilson, Coach Charles P. Dagwell. N7 ,x1:sl'l'x' NOV. Nov. llem' llet' Der Dem' Dec' Dem' Jam. Jam. Jann. .l1lll. jam. 20 .lam. -6 Fel, 'Fl' lr l"l'lP Ft-lv l'lf'lI IIll'1lllgllasoasun1ll hzlskethall, ,li asm: v los Upponent Tech Upponent Nov. Nos Dee liet- Der Dem' Iyfil' Det' jam. Jllll. jun. Jan. Felr Fell Felt Ft-ln lloxw ....... Wasllinglon . IQUIQUIIIO .. New llalalle ,. Frnnlxl'orl . . . llllllltlllfill ... Sllortridge .. llualwille ... ,M lilt'lllll0Illl Al Anderfon Manual ..... llalayelle ... Mum-ie ..... Al Southport Al Marion ... Al Shellnyx ille VlFHl'l1'lll1ll'lN Nor. Dee Dee Jun. Jun. Jan. Jan. Jan. .lan. Fel: Fel, Felr Fell. Fell. Tech Upponent 'l'anlrernm'le .. ..... Ill 23 lives-ll Grove ........ 13 20 Al l"ranlxlin Txwp. .... l2 18 At llroad llipple ..... 15 225 Sll1ll'll'lflflP .......... 13 27 AI Manual .... ..... l T lil ,Xl llillllf?lll'1ll ........ ll: lf At xYilSlllllgll1lIl ...... lh 23 Al Home .... ..... l ll 20 Sllllflflflgfd ... 9 23 Manual ... ..... 15 12 ll1lllll'Ill'ill . .. ... 5 Ill Wvaflzinglon ... ..... 15 21 Hou e ....... ..... 1 3 225 Qffmsffy lgasieffzzff Bottom R010 Ileft I0 riglztl: Donald Higgs. student nianagerg Charles Fairbanks, Richard Slinker. Har- land Sturgeon. Edward Wvirtz, Donald Bruin- mett, lllarvin Fields. Top Role: Athletic Director R. V. Copple, liennetli Hoy, Robert Kurtz, Vlfilliam Larsen, Robert Freeman, Rich- ard Moody, Coach Al- l vin Seliumm. I 7-2 J, ' . 4 l x L X -ai 1 3. 't 1 A favorite spot on the calnpus 1 the outdoor haskellrall count when lroys may play lnefore and aftel sr hool yaesiman 15 zz 5 14 e Xia ff Bottom Role fleft to righti: ,lohn Thompson. .lohn And rcs. John XXvllCIlSf'l1., Donald Beeler. Richard Wlcher. Donald Short. ,loc Himes. Second Row: ,lamcs Benz. Rohert King. Michael Zorm an. Clifford Doerr. Gordon King, Rolmcrt Petit. ,loc Kearns. George Napariu. Top Role: Charles Erk. Charles Good. Charles Scar- l1l'0llgl1. .lames Graham, Roh- ert Mucho, Wlilliam Foreman. RichardCallal1an.,WTalter Cravens, Coach Herman T. Hinshaw. man, spring sports and 011110 , - , IP me fra: fri, vw rr: Cir X-V Q Q yzrzq, QCP guy , ss: cf as 3" i 'lf CY ' CT I ,J TEE? , , 'TE C' A a k+,595f" 4 will AE-"2'f, an-H 4 C5 ' -,W mg" Q I 1, ig V? f 'global' 1, ,HAZ-N 4.4-any f L ,-,iz S 941 x V Y For the second consecutive time, the base- ball team of 1944 wins the North Central Conference. Ready for eighteen holes are the golf team fleft to riglztl, first row: Don Fisher, Frank Rexroth, Kenneth Hoy, Jr., Richard Ken- nedy. Robert Buchanan, second row: Milton Kane, David Hilligoss, Robert Kennedy, Joseph Clemans, and Coach E. W. Ensinger. Teclfs 1920 football team at- tends Tech-Manual football game, celebrating Manual's fiftieth birthday. Cross-country track men "get-ready" for the gun. .,, . .- , .. -. -.hw . ,W , Many girls enjoy intra-school basketball tournaments after school hours. Girlsi Play Day. an annual spring event. gives girls an opportunity to test their skill in relays, dashes, throws. broad jumps. ping pong, and badminton. Leading the cheering for the glory of the home team are fleft to rightj: Elmer Mc- Dowell. Neil Redmon, Williaiil Hoover. Vlfarren James. and Willialli Hurley. W5 After completing a successful season of track Tech's l944 tape-breakers capture the city crown for their tenth win in eleven meets. 'VIP' E ' ffgvzgl is .- J' A-- igsl - 4 ef 4 , - r 3 r- -E V M 1 ?T'i f EK, it L .ee N gg, I 2, . jf iq.. 4 1 y tg -E ' is it '--f la. 35344 tvs 2 ev pi, 1- fb 'T if E4 4 Z: 9 5 1-1 9 6 cxtra curricular and class actlvltlcs Boys use commanclo tactics to scale the wall on the oh- stacle course. Girlsi physical fitness classes learn to keep healthy hy exercising. Boxing develops co- ordination of mind and hocly in boys' phy- sical fitness classes. N - V .Al Lag, alff ' C vf' -, . M 0116 of the eve-11ts of the- illlllllill Girls' Play Dayq in which lllelll- lrers of girls' pliysical fitness clashes pa1'ticipate. is 2Il'Cllt'I'y. E11fl111'a111c'e is essential to cover that last lap of the obstacle Course. pl1ysi1'al fitness lroys dis- cover. fill llxv ulrflzlvle- 1'ull1'sv. lmy IlllySl1'ill film-as vlzuwf ge-t an pre vie-xv of llfllly liff-. premet, better health il Girls willl a leaning toward nursing as za profesfion assiat Nurses Pauline Duffy and Mil- dred JA0llHSl0ll in llle First Aid room. Girls obtain a knowledge of practical home nursing that will Ire Zill invalualrle aseet in future years. 4 ........, 3 5 J In order to learn to drive safely and correctly. junior pupils ill physical fitness classes have twenty lessons a semester in Driver Education classes. Child Monitor classes learn the responsibility involved in the care of children. ,,.,-- citizenship. coll' To show Teclfs part in promoting health and ll fsical fitness among its students. the Plivsical lj 5 c . Education department has a health exhibit in the Bo s'G m. Y Y ln the all-school tuberculosis survey, X-ray pictures are taken of pupils. Boys' ancl girls' physical fitness classes practice folk tlances which were given at the health exhibit. Using an actual skeleton and a figure with removable parts. physiology classes study the parts and the functions of the hotly. Z'5 -as V " '- vt, u Jn 1 4. I iyxg gl f r a "-J Vu '.j, ,,-I s- 'O U 1 M zz., fy' 'Y' - '4'.v- ' 's ' sn . A . . Q .e g,,. r Av.A-NV4 1 "A 1.4 v H4-.'. '1 Y ic . 4' v .-- ' A 0 V 44 . 1 .. f A . V h .A ,x x 'u , uf- ,cn f ' ' ' .-"nf lf N A , ., ...Q , , 1 .f . 'fn , t Q . tug, . jk? 2, , ' 'l 4 , . 1 XM M v Y .. g v V KK ,' . In f . r I ' :J 1-'LGS ,f 2: , X ' y "Jil: " -.. " , ' wwf ' Q s " -" -F - . x - 'f. .- Q. , g . NVQ, V .. . x b V 5 A 4' . .5 .. A , ' KI 3 . - l "9 1 ' ' O: ' , A, ... . 1, X V' ,, W . M ' - 2 ,. Q - -." X. . - . ' I ,L x 'Q il .V . 1 ffix. , 1 x ff' .1 1' I A X O M1 , . . Q r . A 1. . D 1' - 'A . , 1 ' ' - . . f s ' 'A I ' f 1 'iN 14 -. , 7' 5 1r' .1 I K 'V ' '. Q ' , , ' . ,. , IT .-sf ' V? " T. Y 'ov Q V :'u K ' tl, .1 . -Q " 1 .Q , 4 M f '4 4' X . V ,. M' 5 A' . 1 '- 4. Q Q . .' ' f I h x . '-7' 5 Q f ' .- . A. -. ' N P . ' " l W '-. I 1 I - " . . 4 ' " I' F " 5 . , EH 'li 'Q , A "I Q . y . W I f ,J ' '. r. ' K ' fi -Q4 I . ' 'av 'K "wi j - . ir ' Q '. . I V .112 h 1 x 5.7 -7-. U. v V X ' - 5 "sw 'I P -- -' ' .- -.,-f , -9 ff Q ' ' "f ' ' ' .it-'fi if "4"" " ig J: r- . 4 "t A vi.. 91-sf M A , ' " w .. fi ' f I ' "1 - N JI , "' 'li 's . X . A ,. " '7 ' fr- .. A , A Lim fqfzfff' - X V , A -f-ge. - f - , f. V . ' . 5- ' . - V - 1. ' I H534 ' E X ' I I x ' f..3L'f " L ,, . , - .. . . . .- , .. . ,. n , ., V W - I -T . P' ' 1' Y I x X A 1 - -'g - ' f"-' . 1 V l . . W 1 Y- .' H A ' - V ' Hx 'H v ., . ,f pw , KA 4" 7' I hx A . 1 1 ..,- , 5 , I9 N4 A if-x A' 'lf' 4 . xr W ' . V4 IL- 1 . A---'s .,L, . 1 x . . N 1 .lf .. , 9 wg., 91A n .'3 ' 3 A-.n"?r"'i Marlon County 5'7 Indianapolis Public Library Renew by Phone 269-5222 Renew on the Web For general Library information please call 269-1700. 2 5-run Q, Q ' "' I . an I fe, n.,-v I Ho L 'S 9 ' li V A it ,Yi Av ig' h- 1-I T ' .Y - wrt! - 1 xi ,Y I

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