Arsenal Technical High School - Arsenal Cannon Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN)

 - Class of 1916

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Arsenal Technical High School - Arsenal Cannon Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1916 Edition, Page 10 of 52
Page 10 of 52

Arsenal Technical High School - Arsenal Cannon Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1916 Edition, Page 9
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Arsenal Technical High School - Arsenal Cannon Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1916 Edition, Page 11
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Page 10 text:

8 THE ARSENAL CANNON THE GERMAN CLUB'S FIRST CHRISTMAS PARTY On the Friday before Christmas, 1912, the thirty members of the German Club and their friends gathered in the gym for their first party. The faculty, too, shared in the fun. After a grand march the real good times began. From a large, bril- liantly lighted Christmas tree the teachers received their Christmas gifts, a tin horn, a kit of toy tools, a box of candy, a chorus-girl doll, a broom, a small toy cupboard, a pair of moccasins, a tin wagon, and a red leather purse. As much as he desired to be present oftener, h'Ir. Stuart, our principal, never succeeded ffor at that time he was with- out his own autol. Therefore, he was the proud recipient of a well known make of auto ften-cent store brandj guaranteed to run two feet without winding. He appreciated the spirit in which it was given despite the faults of the machine. Games, in which everyone joined, then followed, along with another decided fea- ture of the afternoon-refreshments. Plenty of ice cream and cake decorated with holly proved to be a graciously accepted part of the program. This first Christmas party of the German Club stands out clearly as one of the many to-be-remembered good times of the first semester. BERTHA GELLIAN. EXPLANATORY Not lack of enthusiasm but time has prevented club meetings this year. From September through November Technical was in continuous session from 7:30 to 5:00. Since December our hours have been 8:00 to 4:00. Students have been on half day programs because they could not all be accomodated during regular hours. Pupils having early programs could not wait till the close of school for other club members who had after- noon schedules. For the same reason we have had no PQFCIIL-TC3Cl1CfI1Xf1CCI1I1gS this year. These are beginnings which, we hope, will soon resume their activities. THE GROWTH OF TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL In the Spring of 1912, when study slips began coming to Shortridge and hfanual Training High Schools, their numbers showed that their owners could not be accomodated in the city high schools. lvlr. Stuart undertook to induce enough prospective Freshmen who lived within walking distance of the Arsenal Grounds to enroll in 'Lan overflow division" of Manual. Of these Pioneers and their first termls experiences you have already read. In the meantime, the Board of School Commissioners leased privileges for a part of the Kfain Building and Shops from hflr. Charles A. Bookwalter, Receiver of The lvinona Technical Insti- tute. Evidently no one knew the un- usual strength and the power of rapid growth of the 'cTech Acorn. l' The lease was drawn up so that it could be ter- minated by either party on five days notice. So, legally, the school has lived "from week to weekl' and thrived on such meagre provisions. llfhen school opened, September eleventh, it hoped that The Supreme Court would decide the case 80186, filed in Room 3, and that by November of 1912 it might begin to make, permanent plans. Four school years have almost passed. Short leases and privilege of occupying these seventy- six acres, have, in spite of long waiting, made our hopes grow faster and stronger than our school. lXIay 22, 1916 has brought a favorable decision and will en' able the Board of School Commissioners to carry out their plans concerning Tech- nical High School. One hundred and eighty-two pupils were enrolled with Techis first term, September 1912 to January 1913. The first program, reproduced on page five, offered eleven subjects and required all the time of eight, and part of the time of four teachers. Sometimes hfr. Stuart came out to see us as often as twice a Week, but he was always ready to answer Tech's phone calls. This was the begin- ning. Continued on page ten

Page 9 text:

THE ARSENAL CANNON 7 cows. Later the tired crowd found its way to the Pendleton pike and home. This term, lX1iss Sylvia Leonard's group of students who have been studying birds on our campus has continued the work of the Nature Study Club. THE CHORUS How well do 1 remember the first chorus of Technical High School. The entire class occupied the first five rows in room 20, and was under the direction of hfr. hfontana. The pianist was Dor- othy New who played the accompani- ments and also played popular music while the constituents of the class rested their melodious voices. The chorus is now composed of 300 regular pupils, 119 boys, Latin 60, German 60, and for the past two years has been under the leader- ship of bliss Kaltz. 'TEC1-1'S ORCHESTRA AND BAND During the first term Tech tried to organize a band under hfr. h1ontani's direction. The "Hear Yew mentions the names of eighteen members. The prac- tice, however, was never sufficiently good to warrant public playing. A second and somewhat similar at- tempt marks the effort during the second term. 1n the fall of 191-1, hliss Elizabeth Kaltz, proving the adage that third time was charm, organized our present orches- tra of twenty and our band of twenty- four. These and the choruses have al- ways most willingly assisted in Tech's programs. 4 THE DEBATING LEAGUE The Debating League of Technical High School, organized in November, 1915, with hfr. Claude H. Anderson as censor elected the following officers at the second meeting: president, James Scott, vice-president, Lehman Holliday, and secretary-treasurer, Lois E. Stone. Wiith the aid of 1Vlr. Anderson the mem- bers prepared several good programs con- sisting of debates on important current questions and of speeches, memorized or extemporaneous. The meetings of the club were discontinued at the beginning of the Spring term, 1916. THE POULTRY CLUB The Poultry Club was organized the Spring of 1915 by Kfr. Stair. A notice was posted on the bulletin board to the effect that all wishing to join would meet in the House. The club was organized in order that we might learn all about poultry. At one meeting we had at program on the care and feeding of chicks up until they were twelve weeks old. After the meeting we went upstairs to where we had an incubator, and watched the chicks hatch. The only trouble was that the girls wished to handle the little fiuffy balls. All who belonged to the club were enthusiastic and deeply inter- ested. ly THE VVIRELESS CLUB The Tech Wireless Club was started the third year of Tech. Yery interesting talks were given by hlr. Ackley, hlr. Harris, and hlr. Yenneg and the con- struction ofthe receiving instruments was started. This year the set was finished and an aerial was stretched between the water tower and the barracks, the length and the height makes it one of the largest aerials in the state. 1t is planned to have a first class receiving station some- where in the Physics Laboratory next winter. Not much work can be done in the summer on account of static electricity in the air. ROBERT VEHLING. ELECTRICAL GRADUATES Graduating exercises for the vocational electrical students who have completed the two year course will be held in room B-5 Tuesday afternoon, June 6, at which time certificates will be presented to eleven boys who are the first to finish the course. At a recent meeting of the class a standard design was chosen for a pin, which shall be used by all graduating classes of the School of Electrical Con- struction. The oflicers of the class are: President, Ralph Reidy, Vice-President, Eugene Saltmarshg Secretary, Oscar YanCleaveg Treasurer, Jack Thurston. The other members of the class are Fred Finehout, VVilliam Dickert, Ray- mond Ping, Clarence Brown, Harold Bar- ton, Lyman Baker, and Fred Griggs.

Page 11 text:

9 2,,L:,:a-C .. -I-, -0 315250 C, 'J"Cr17"'-1 9 J: 1 .5 dig 5 "',--- Q4 -4 dawg ,,-A 15: -U ETH -2 'Zz g-' .::'?E-i-'UQ I ,.,, , .- c-6.2: I5 'L"",,',4..g'r-' 4 V ...'U'5 ,-Q U A ...lx A- gl-E1 "1oL:E"' 4:-U vE..FJi.2H 114 V ,A .- 22l2Fi2 J. 'S 'Sir-11 L. ,'I"e1fU' U5 :ES-:LL-J :-1 aL5AI7h.i -avi-5 " .2 H , -'.'1p,..f'-' - ...,,fI14-,gqmg rr-m --....- :E Q 'J'T4'.3 Q, v 114 ,J.,..., H F5vQ""L"' '- Q 1:5 gg, 4 we el-Q , ::hu'OA 'JZ Fifi:-1 -Q 3' f-ik:-17-WC 7- . -1.1--,-' -O :IL 5, .,-mr-',-QF Mya 5 E5u-x'T'U..5 C ,I .zgufgfio -LL, r , n.. , -N .- .J f f' V? -. -,.. I 5551 4 E3 , .av 52: .: S3 w.:,.1. 0 -UM -- 'rl,Q-:nW3- 1,3 Q :mC..::-VE, fx 5 2?:3w" 5 Via.,--dn 2, W Zigi Cs: Q 'Emma QW: bf- 9.5 QF :3 --u,.:..lD'-I L.: -CE 92 Nfl '-Q. Q- - C " 1'9Q: '-'O "' U .f-.,, --4 4'1" L2 .4 .ia .Q ab, 'J . Au L. ---Q., '-1 .." Y-1 U U ,lf 4 k gf .. '-: fn. 'E -C 'ff':,2g,, ,Es Q- ...,- W, m- -'-' U'-' ,,... CL " EE an U C u., ,W G- un. cL:41,L. -fs -- W, ,m ,U Q an '-.E 'Q LZ-C : ,- .- , .., .- -if-1 ff: 'Z "rf '1' 'SV-QE 1 '.: -2 .--E 3 :L .NEFH .E QU -- QE 3 Q' 43 1 "'::.ZZ4 ,.I"! '-in 'S 'C . 3-4 LI it -. 'mc G1 U fm O "' "' N In gf... U .: - ..1 V., L... . I, 5 S513 L3 Q3 na nh. ga - -I--top: C ,2 ,. :N IJ" E' fu.: QQ ,mg -- -2 gm., v-I-4m 3 C ...:, A ., -- rwia f Q E ,::.-.. ' 1- V aug: 9 Z F :- c: .-'- - .1 -va.-'JE Q.: vs P--3'-55'-'Z 2.2 .2 li3'f7:'E':C ST: Q, :Q.-.-.j- -5: -C mm L -Z Q: 'L' , ' . -57252 E5 2 :gihzii "3 z 'Z ' 'O Hz .c - .1 , 3 ,-:Qmac : . 3 "' - -- 2712 m 'Z 11,5210 :vf , 'J'-:,L..: , Og -Z W..-1 'Y ' - llmvdjjzf Q: Q .:'S 75-'QU U A" '-- 1' '-'i Y. n-n1o-fl1,- " "Ll ,, .,-13 J f-F H ,E saga: : im4iEgWEH 'L QQMS: 'E jig '54 , 372 1 t'f'IP:1--'4 41' an .,,.'f'-L'f:1'-2 -,Zi .3 Aidmhi BQ H .-. , :L C rs 'FACS-in Earl' m S12:Ih mum ' .,-.-Juv ,L "JW -Z 5-'QL-..' .."" - H 'Urs-'X' 1-E I1 :x:fEg 5 -4 -CU,g-J..- H . :KS Q2 Z 'cggjtvif go .z Oiugzg 5- 4 '-J:-o-gg ,Now -12 ..HD:4-1-UQ-C2 .: 'ESQ Q.. ND.. N-C - ' , rx .- ""Q. ,A.JL1...U..-'23 'fu'!.32'gO,':I- L20 XJ'-:L-nas' N P- "'3'-153+-w.'J 32 ..,: .. ..-- Qrrzu'-52 8 P-'E ,VA :.-mi, 'U :I 'gijfnskufn '12 'J 44 - ad-Lg

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