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fiwwg iw QQ SQWQ 4 6255? Q1 QQkKCQCy?f5 . .V Q3 E C572 ox? fn My Xfiigfggfi 9E,jQ'f4,Q 06 332232 if f5 JJ,W N 52 fi UJKQZ4. ,wjfwf ff 530523 'ia A22 QVC 3 5394? 509390530 QLfjGiiCjsE jQ?hi'73?J5 gwgiafffify wk 5J3?Fff3gifV5f??5if33Q?im2?Nf2g pwfgliggn L? 3352, mf gs f 4 fy? 35x33 Ojls ,N fffsgxjygff N222 Gif iSiWy532iL3'ffM5igN B L, if fb if mf fffE5g5f ffg Wm Ebqgycgpggfvsgygx W' QV jf jg fy V jqhvim --, -V v r-,-sum-M-fsfaammwkvwf-GM -- v wwau- Within these pages our thoughts lin er, memories echo througin walls of the past. . .we hold our treasures in our minds. We are the present, the future past. . . MEMORIES 7,-455315 60W75W7S 7514771255 Odes ..................... 2 Honors .............,..... 8 Knight's Lady ........... 42 Football Homecoming , . .161 Basketball Homecoming ,........ 166 D7W7S70 WS junior fClass of 19891 ..... 16 Actlvltles .........,.,.,.. 30 Sophomores QClass of 19901 ......... 44 Administration 84 Faculty ......... ..,.. 5 8 Teachers ,,...... ..... 6 7 Freshmen QCIass of 19911 ........ 74 M . uslc ,............,............ 88 Senior Poll .......,......,,.... 110 Seniors QCIass of 1988j ....,..., 114 Sports ..,...........,.......,. 146 Organizations .................. 194 Studentlife... .......208 "VERY LOYAL AND PROUD TO BE A KNIGHT, BOTH AS A STUDENT AND A TEACHER MR. GUNSTREAM "IT'S A GREAT SCHOOL." MRS. BENNETT QZGREAT SCHOOL- INVOLVED STUDENTS WHO WORK HARD TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS." MR. SEFTON "ARROYO IS A SCHOOL WITH A GREAT TRADITION FOR EXCELLENCE. IT IS A SCHOOL OF WINNERS." MR. QUINN , W. Students In Retrospect hat will you always remember about high school? "All the fun things my friends and I talked about . . . did .. . and stared at. - Sonja Albright Grade 10 Smile sophomores,CHEESE ! hat incident will you remember from your four years of high school?"Getting thrown in the girls locker room shower my sopomore year nude." - Grace Perez Grade 12 Betsy Holm delights in free time. A knight enjoying herself during lunch. hat personal asperations do you have planned during your time at Arroyo? "I hope to acheive good grades, meet a lot of friends, and have the best years of high school that l could have ." - Jenni Baird Grade 9 mm. Think J.V. football! hat in particular will you never forget about Arroyo?"The football games and the football pIayers." - Susan Mendoza and Susan Roberts Grade 10 f5,l,w-..--,-,v-ll- V- W' gg,-5--ll, ll :.wv:l.7li WwwWW2QTr!w ll ll Class time ,.. hat has been the most memorable incident at Arroyo?"When the plane crashed on the football fieId." - Tammy Barbosa Grade 10 A flashranker looking on ... s a freshmen how do you feel about Arroyo? "Meeting new friends and being part of the "crowd" has been a great experiance." - Irene Perez Grade 9 Fun in the cafeteria? Memories .swam hat is the one thing you'II alwz remember abou1 Arroyo? "Unlike other schools it doesn't have s groups of "in" people - everyone just hangs around who and where they want." - Amy Kasten Grade 12 l gl fl Chris DelaCruz gossips to a buddy. hat is the one thing you will always remember about Arroyo High School "The Women" -- Jason Remos Grade 1 Friends . . . hat one thing wil you remember about high schooI?"The lockers. Where you're locker is,who's above you ,belov you, or next to you, can make or break the year." - Candy Sugarmen Gra hat has been your most memorable incident at Arroyo? "The day of the earthquake when every- one was out on the seems kind of weird, :ut everybody seemed really close to one another-. Espe- :ially when all of l.V. huddled together I Thanks guys' it Nas great!" -Megan Conner and Katrina Haro Grade 11 Viewing the lunch scene. hat has been your most embarassing moment at Arroyo? 'The first day of school in 'ny sophomore year I had Vlr. Olson. When I walked in didn't see the bars which onnect the desks. I tripped. Everyone turned and ooked! Then I heard a voice say 'Cindy's here' " - Cindy DeLosAngeIes Grade 11 hile attending Ar- royo what has hap- pened to you that you will never forget? "8e- ing "pantsed" in P.E. my freshmen year by seniors, but with my lightening speed I ran and no one saw my bare """"'." -Louis Sandoval Grade 12 Louie sheds a smirk. hat has happened during your four years at Arroyo that you will never forget? "When I walked into a girl- filled restroom and all the girls just stared.Everything was silent except for my friends laughing outside." - Gerald Cruz Grade 12 Best Friends . , , Great smile .,. hat is the one thing you will always re- member about Ar- royo high school? "Eating Arroyo food." -- Kisha Carpenter Grade 9 , 'J' V4 A , -.nw 'f Ummm Cookies! Let ME take your pulse! Memories hat goals do you plan to achieve at A r r o y o h i g h school? "I hope to be ASB president in 89' and make my senior year the best !" - Brent Perry Grade 11 Blue, black and white assem- bly. hat will you miss at Arroyo? "The memories - Good times, and bad ,and all the beautiful friends I've had the pleasure of sharing these good times with." - Eva Ramirez Grade 12 kX,, ,.. OUR ARR Y IN APPRECIATION OF YOUR TIME AND SUPPORT. . . ,, F91 D Arroyo ' Jf3:aM5gW 1 4'-mmm VLA id ' M l'.'w4.,- , ARROYO HKH1SC Homffw MISS KIM BURNS ht THANKS V "ln the corners of my mind. , ." Here is someone who likes to remi- nisce . . . "Geez that was a lousy ham- burger . . . okay, where did everybody go?!" A, if 44:-1 E I 1 E E E i I Q 1 This year, lunchtime activities were alot more fun and people participated with more enthusiasm and others watched with more enthusiasm. Spectators here are curiously awaiting the new activity. ,.e-X 1, rf ,.-,,,gX I. xg , Friday, Knights are found at football games where they cheer their champi on team on to victory and mingle with other outgoing, friendly Knights- Memories The word High School often makes us think of friendship, hard work, summer vacations, fun and most of all, memo- ries. High School has the best and most cherisha- ble memories of all. One day we'lI all look back and say "Hey, remember when ...?" These four years spent at Arroyo will hopefully be memorable ones. Friends we make here are not always going to be with us throughout our lifetime, so Iet's make the best of what we have now. hung Ngo sits patiently on those lard gum seats. ' L 5 -V ,,,, , 7 es . . ,J J.. ' s, sv . T 7 I 55 , I if ,.s: V' Seniors Kari Hart and Mysti Tidwell say, "CHEESE!" KI CQ Here's a happy couple! Gina San Fillipo and her boyfriend Matt. fum, Yum! What's for lunch to- lay? ' 'Q A typical lunchtime with a friend. rs.. 1 t it fi ft R me is 1 gps. s . . st " x X Now that's school spirit! Qtop left corner! As you can very well see, friendship is a strong attitude displayed here at Arroyo High School. This scene proves the point. lmiddle picture! Now here's a happy couple! Gina Sanfillipo and her friend are enjoying themselves at Arroyo's first home football game against Temple City. Kristal is always on the phone. HOT j5?F5L4f2Qfg7Qw1Mzgrgffvwywiw wffpgygwg- f wmywwf, W. -,L , ,WL KM ,K K K, K K K ,wfwff mf fwwgwwfwwf-azv ff Wm f w W F NJ A gfwiwwlfffffwgf 45221 EQ 1 ax gg .L A wi 5545? Www? Lf M if wwf vp- - Liwlwfiggxfef fysigp 1 A yy fi4ArLfv4l641YW51??4QfQP?5'N4W HQ ,LA 1411- :Qf-gzwfggsff gsgdffgi QW! 51 ,,1,f1445ZW . w M f il , W f I g e : a f f . w e U Maggwsg iz5'g3?45'Mf5 'M swim N 5:1533 ESQ ZW 1 gi? gif F232 E255 gas? Rm mg 4-. 55232 QS EQ gigs? H. 3 may aff? 53332 EEE Egger msg mix ww? EW is 2 5 61 Mig? 32132521 3 '?i5"WW m' 'V fl gggiiggig vm Vgggiw., Zjjiig mggxzggw 328 H :gEgg :5:gE 5 :5: :5ig..:. LSEQQMQ ESEQSQQQS Eiwgmigiifsigizfgig g 5235: :52 5E " 'tm Rf , was 11 -W. swf N: 60 W 'H 322235 -:-:: :gs:-..:-.1- 2: -.- S 233323isSSS23313255522s5igii5Eg?3Hd02S22i iS3iSfgws 2:: ':--:I I 3225? ---- QfiniSixQsKSQfvwsszaiwwixgiiwwig E22 522.52 2255 " EW? gzsvgiimiw Piggimmig fff5wM2'5EgW '52 eff ha: Q H, M 5:2-5,-g:::':::s...-fi, -5?5:5:5:,gg2f W. , ., ,N,V ,W ,..,...,. W. W M ,, .. ,.,.,., .. .... . ....... , . .... N m 3 3 gsgbmgmjs W .. vw qfgrggfz, ,ggzgw Q 44.1 V: J 175 gi EEE? RROYO HIGH Mfvfw 5 wi wi F. if f E g. 1 MQW HM4'.'ZW4M':4f 'f 4-ww , z wi H W .7272 -b, ffm if If 11' ,, 3 ,W My . Q , if H , ? 'fa .' Wi .4-Q x, J' fe ii? Qi i 52513 iiw' e aw, - - :.:.: .- E:- ::.: .5-I " 'IL .. 52 -:- I-: E:. :If'IEI 322 ..: : :I 'I: 5- af Q QW? 1 Z mg 5' ....... .Z 5 '34 Y ... ..,.: gsm? E355 ,Mfffsx2fz E 5253 f? qj 'f'Ywf s ,4 5 Up 1 3 5 v 4' RQ 5-3 gf, 2 5 gg f,A,x:- E up iw? igg x ggx V Q 5 555 X 1 .L Nigga ff gi ggi? 7? 1 is :fax is fn 53 gliiif' 77 RY' gg i nf ggfggiw igg Y 1 E 5 19 45 W --:Za-: X . if F' -I -s- 2:2'2 5-1 -E: -' :::.I5,2--:,F-:::-'g: :5:: Q x g e i Q 5 afgig 1 523 gm f 2 M y ig gg v 'Q 'J 5 Qi.: ...... . W iw ? Q Sis A A . H , gg? :.x:. : : s 5 -: --a-:-.:: . 5533- 1-2: F Q '2 '-f:' H35 ' .I. 2 .I 5 wggf iaf' ziiss x .9 .,.,.,.. ..... ,.,.,.,.,.,.. . , - fl' ?Trfi5g ----- f ins: .: 5, T5 Hb 4 - 4 1. SCHOOL TIMES 1 3, is SES Y : , 5 Ea ff E Egggwa f.B3!!!1gvZ 5 :re 415925552 if 5 5355352535 5 We se 5 E555 522 , be e,eeee,. ev Fl g ? l 1 1 1 5 gi gli M S E E S F31 0 S iam 1x 5 W : Q .:,.: e W., we ei' e g ,4 ..:.:: M is : A 55? ig qgfegq Simi 1 ,, we 2 ie get E if i a ik! 2255 Q li ewes? .. ew eel gggfsg ' Ei! R! 5 5 gee SSW :e':5:.g:.g5 i :Egg WS a i s f gg ' . ew, lu, we 1 13 4 ' .J-1 ' fc- Q' i t X 4 . ' fK...' 1 'WL' W7 Y Q .igszgw ' 'ug-'-'Br' . e , New V, wg, , ,. 5, f ' ef we QARC eee 7 f iA- T5 RE RES , ,Ajl toN eegi?5m-we MW Q .H ,W we - "PUBLIC HEALTH ENEMY NO. 1" As proclaimed by President Reagan. AIDS has killed nearly 25,000 Americans, millinns of dollars have poured into medical research fur the mysteri- uus immunity-robbing disease from which no one recovers. FX I I J Li , 5 'A ' l L75 1 J 2 ' l ii M 5 75' i 1 f -L , i t ,f . f vfi 5 14 K i si 9 -w."'L'3iw: ix L Y-N gf. 15, T' , . 1 A xt ' Qtek Sa M egg.: ..f,.?-: gi, ey e s at as , 3 a 33 i ff l in? s .ivy 3 if Q 9-1 2 , , '58 5 iff E5 H1555 We 'ez at , .,.--- Q A 1 ss? gg 25 Q9 We 41:3 s et, tide 1 xi P ,X wg ,.,. Q t' if .ls ' . S sas 2 ss ' 5 r X ,W as s ...... 4 -'-' Q 'ik iii? M : 53 ii i .- .- 1 -. N ii 'N s ia. S' N +1 i.. . .., -::.:. .: f --. V . A . . .-ii --:I.. -..-I'-.-.I.IZLi-.'::':: -Ji.-' F :i ii FW W, siiessfmsfaf as All the t.v. news media picked this one up . .. We know that short hairstyles are the "in" thing for guys right now but, Coach 0'Rourke, isn't this going too far? Actually, it was the cross country team that went far . . . far enough to become number one, top gun, and undisputed champs in the entire Our football team did not strike instead they went all the way to the CIF finals. Last year they clenched the CIF crown and it is very unusual for teams to even get to CIF the year after . , , but our u s have 8 Y what it takes' nation , . , and guess who promised to shave his head if they did?! How about that football season? A 24 day strike by the NFL players in mid0ctober when the union capitulated and went to court instead of fighting club owners at the bargaining table. Our soccer team this year upheld the BBP QBIG blue pridell by coming very close to the BIG CIF title. E 3, Add N . is.:w f X! . , , 1 W -. . Q. X H. -f '53 mi' M . ws! -' ' NNN W BIG Boys THE"F BVKFOUR 3 If N Gerardo Fuentes, Jaime Ortega, Derrick Powers, and Jeff Gilkey are the best in the west, east, north, south, nonh- west well, you get the idea. This fabulous quartet be- came number one In the nation which caused even Cool Coach 0'Rourke's hair to fall out. In wrestling, Marcos Carranza had "no respect" as Rodney Dangerfield would put lt, as he pinned down the state championship. 95333 STATE CHAMPION MARCOS CARRANZA market a nine-city tour of the U.S. and Mrs. Reagan greeted that measured 6.1 on the lt was not a catastrophic 'ff In an effort to keep the Per- sian Gulf open to navigation, the United States began in July to escort vessels to protect them from Iran. In September the U.S. Navy blew up an Iran- ian ship that was caught laying mines in the Gulf. Several mines were confiscated. farewell to th to a sexu. the broan From summer un , . .to SAT's ARROYO CRITTERS r . tte f fm , . V we 40- We were Splishin' and Splashin". . , Now comes the time. . . WE DID IT! CLASS OF. . . 1988. . . A YEAR TO REMEMBER plain to just Through homework frustration ,,..sW...i. s ' mixg we wares i Y i is E. "I feel being salu totian is a great hu or. The educati here at Arroyo wa real unique exp- ience. I was very sti ulated by the a- demic environm which engulfed m Arroyo." Christine Li Grade 710 77025 e ea e e E 1? It was the best! How xuld I ask more out F Arroyo?! The Aca- emic education nks highest. Thomas Linn Grade 12 W? f IA ,,,.. 'f K ' We I ' 2 H W 1 s as gg A Qfw w.. f ff I V J kr 1 sei 'L--Z.,L ,. ggfw t,tD. gg 7w,D.g : 'e'w , J ..:U J -wL3: ig: Qf.s --5 mfg - w mjgif' gilslggw iiisg I nf fg 6 59' ,L ,K ' 'hh' ' ig I Castano g ,gr4afxrzan fA3si1ifejAsQJ1rrG' 5 ?Ff??Y 1 D??'??i53Q g'v95e5?5?'95 Q f 57 fJQf?'?if6F 3!79V?5il fla : l9'+'F37 N3?lfi Q ?9!?N8f99FfU?fW?F??WUl Q AlfQf! Z?1H!l Derek Beyss 4 l l f f 9fH4YllF?flFl'an?? ? f 7 zQifffh9ma9 F5F'! l 1 , 1f lf-?fF1'fiSff'?ff'l 94i1S2'?33F3?4 ' 5 ,ijfl ? 3"?'?5i1 731mg g ,iV vfkkivafwf gf i fi Leticia 5 , 1 , Cindy Laruamg ' .lack Lamb r iB3Ym9"'dl Ng' 9 1 Q Phcrig Rock f ,Bili Thomas ACADEMIC DECATHLO Derek Beyss Aditya Chauhan Patrick Gonzales Thomas Lin Raymond Ng Senior Senior Junior Senior Senior ln November, Arroyo High Shool's Academic Decathlon team competed in the sixth annual L.A. County Academic Decathlon at West High School in Torrance, Ca. With only seven members present, instead of the necessary eight, Arroyo won many individual awards. At the Honors level, Mingfun Warasopun won a second place in Fine Arts in alternate competition. Varsity student Shirley Wear was awarded first place on her essay. Scholastic student Derek Beyss defeated more than 130 of the country's top students in winning the bronze medal, a first for the El Monte High School District. Derek placed second in the subject of history, first in economics, and, to top it all off, scored a perfect score of 1000 points in the Quelling Superquiz. Without a doubt, this was the best Academic Decathlon team Arroyo has produced. Congratulations go to all the team members! Mingfun Warasopun Shirley Wear Frank Wu Mr. Ted Koch Mrs. Mary Gerke Junior Senior Senior Advisor! Coach Advisor Academic Decathlon CSF PhiIAm Acosta, Marian Aguirre, Kevin Angeles, Brandy Baker, Robert Barrett, Annaliza Basa, Derek Beyss, Anthony Boiano, Marcela Castano, Quynh Chau, Andrew Chen, Angie Chen, Lionel Cooper, Daniel Crosby, Cindy Delos Angeles, Angelina Duran, Boris Duran, Henry Duterte, Rosa Flores, Leticia Garcia, Patrick Gonzales, Jennifer Groves, Denise Hanson, Winn Hong, Tua n Hua, Rakhi Khurana, Cynthia LaFlame, Jack Lamb, Brian Ledder, Steven Lin, Thomas Lin, Christine Lisko, Blanca Munoz, Raymond Ng, Dung Ngo, Binh Nguyen, Michelle Nobile, Robin Palmer, Trang Pham, Eva Ramirez, Phong Rock, Leo Rubia, Raquel Salvador, Yesenia Samaniego, Nguc Tang, Quyen Tran, Mingfun Warasopun, Lori Wilson, Frank Wu, Peggy Yao, Wilson Yee, Kim Yong, Dolly Yu, Alan Zhou, Sherry Zhou CSF QCalifornia Scholastic Fed- erationl is Arroyo's honor soci- ety. Admission to this elite aca- demic group is based on grades. CSF visits various university and college campuses at the end of each semester. Money for these trips is raised by members through fundraisers. President-Thomas Lin Advisor-Mrs. Patricia McGinnis CSF GIRLS' S mi N? W S 'K if - ssa 1 5 lm S TATE REPRESENTATIVE SHANNON KEELING I was very pleased to represent my school. Girls' State was a great honor and a great experience that l'll never forget. Girls' State taught me alot about the student government and how it is run. All I can say is that l enjoyed meeting new friends and being involved. My plans after high school are to attend a J.C. for two years. I would like to major in the medical field. Sincerely, Shannon Keeling Girls' Slate Representative BOYS' STATE REPRESENTATIVE J Q.. .fn wx W 'fp .. f , ETTE as ,V ?,Q:f,f,1i,"? "'-"" 'TUE . me ,.... .. V A 1' 2' W? . . X .. i uw E'SSTT 'E-S H 'r . " K ' . . .. K wif V Q. if 55 if Si V' :T H , ' it 5 PHONG ROCK I was really surprised to be chosen for Boys' State. I had a terrific time and found it very valuable. The experience is a fascinating story in itself. I felt very honored to have represented Arroyo in Sacramen- to. At the end of the 1987 Boys' State session, I was also priviledged to be elected to represent California as alternate to Boys' Nation in Washington D.C. Boys' State is an experience that will be very valu- able to my life in the future. r Sincerely, Phong Rock Boys' Stale Representative lg ! f ,- Wgffg X Zara Q 97? iaf 7 1 gzmvazs "I think it's great being a junior, just think, next yea l'lI be graduating! -Brandy Bala Il "It's better th being a freshman, or sophomore, . . WZWVOZS :ing a senior ill be cool." -Robert Barrett I enjoy being junior, I like ue thought of wing only one :ar left". -Renee Meenan few M Thor Abaya Jaurique Abram Marie Tina Acosta Michael Acosta Pilam F. Acosta Veronica Acuna Jose Adorno Edilia Aguiar Fidel Aguirre Marian Aguirre Thaddeus J. Allen Christine Alvarado Veronica Alvarado Luis Alvarez William R. Alvarez Albert Amabisca Christina Amaro Adrian An. Kevin Angeles Ruben Ananibar Suzann Arredondo Debbie R. Arrizu Ellen Baca Brandy Baker Neil C. Ballecer Yolanda Barba Michael Barajas Cherylinn Barber Judy Barbosa Diana Barker Craig Barney Robert Barrett Melissa Barron Victor Baserga David Batres Sara Bell Leah Benson Billy Blaisdell Larry Lee Blood Jr. Roland Bomar Chad Bosques Christa S. Bowman Ramon Bravo Nanna A. Brown Javier Bueno Laura Buis Warren Burke Justin Caballero Christian Calderon Maritza Calo Gector Camacho Tracy Linn Cameron Saul Campos Nicolas C. Candido Laura Carbajal Christine Carillo is 5 i Silw '2 ff X Z V s 7 .W , UZ l 55 5 'H iff, i xg, f X4 121' img? wwf f ,W ff X if ' 2 W X F X 7 b W. W ,,, a we ff! , fa ..., , , ..,, . Ja.. , .,,, :lgw gf X I , f ' A . S9 ff fs, W 7 f MW f , W N 25442 x gx if '7 f as if ' Qi Q f 2 Q f .K 34 2' ff W l , sl Q 2 -fy 11 az? f sa WCZJQW ,W juniors if .SI v X s 3? 5 ss 'N Q2 .fi "Ei5:'-1. get I t 1: - -args.. If 1, ,. M S . se . E' 2 Q s is Wal, C W WW' I WL ff , f 5 1 i 5 's ,Q Mg: gf E F W 8 f e 4, 4 , 2 'CL' yyyyy N ,, ' V ,gl W1 A f' --" ,J , jr W' f ' i' , ' 3 ,,,,3 V new My ,, ,, ,237-X , wf7eK4 K4 I, . , fi -- r Nw, fm-,W W' WW! luniors f ff L. CLASS OF 1989 CLASS OF 1989 CLASS OF 1989 CLASS OF 1989 CLASS OF 1989 CLASS OF 1989 CLASS OF 1989 CLASS OF 1989 CLASS OF 1989 CLASS or 1939 IORS .lose Carillo Ciro Carnevale Juan Carranco Patricia Carranza Jose Carrasco Olga Casanova Jose Casillas Rene Castro Dave Cazaro Gabriela V. Centeno Edward Cerecedes Lynn Cerillo V Jean Chadwick Evera rdo Chavez Q W x ffffwf f ,ff K x W f WL M mf f f gf 2 1 ' 4 ff My . YK M is Ai 1 53 Regina Chavez Andrew Chen Debora Cheney Michelle Cheney Angie Cheng Bill Chiu Tony Chung Diego Cisneros John Clark Walter Cobos Donald Clark Lisa Clemetson Don Colmenero Robert Combs W. M, Megan C. Connor Mary Contresceri Andrew Cook Griselda Coria Carrie Corona Ruben Corral Steve Correa Cindy Curran Anthony Dalmeida Roman Davalos Christine Decosta Mara Delcastillo Eric Hernandez and Mike Thompson are two unusually different people here at Ar- royo. They both have a unique style. One of Eric's hobbies is making clothing. He says it's his way of ex- pressing himself. "People may comment on it but I don't care because everyone is entitled to their own opin- ion," says Eric. Mike, on the other hand, doesn't think he is any differ- ent from the next guy. He lis- tens to Punk and New Wave music, one of his favorite groups is the Cure. Both guys also have a different sort of hair style. Different is special, they're like no one else. Eric and Mike are two very nice guys, Eric seems to be strong minded and knows what he wants. Mike is friendly and has a very funny sense of hu- mor. Alessandro Corsaro Shannon Cory Martha Couret Jefferey D. Cox Ailene S. Creencia Daniel Crosby Christopher Crowder P Dawn Cunnyngham Frederick Curtis Z.. - ,M ' "" - f Q .i'i 5 Eduardo Delgado Cindy De Los Angeles Maria V. Delrico Angela Diaz Carlos Diaz Diane Diaz Jaime Diaz juniors an Martin R. Diaz Jeffery Dodson Peter Doeue Shawn Dolhy Andrea M. Dominguez Henry M. Duterte Kenneth Edgell Marco Elizarraraz Celia Enriquez Andres Erickson Robert Escobedo Tanya Escobedo Ernesto Esparza Marcella Espinoza Alfredo Estrada Robert Evans Mark Fields Anne Marie Fiqueroa Wendy Finch Edward Flores Daniel Flores J W f we 7 KW? If gf if ' ,'. 5 , , ft -'QE' gas i ,ft Lambrini Frangos Danette Freng Raymond Fuentes Jr. Marisela Galvan Abel Garcia Gabriel Garcia Juan Garcia HERE'S. . .DUCKIE, FRA KIE, A D SHAMROCK luniors Friendships are very important to people, especially teenagers. A true friend is some- one who likes you, not because of what you have or what you can give them, but for who you are. Jorge, Chandr, and Ruben are real friends, a little strange, but that's what friends are for. Out of all the Juniors at Ar- royo, Lisa Lagares seems to be the most spirited of them all. Lisa is in Acappella and Chamber Choir. She is also a Varsity Cheerleader. Most of us will probably remember her as, Junior Princess on the Football Homecoming court. lt not only takes a lot of effort to take on so many activities, Tomas A. Garcia Dennis Galassi April Galindo Armando Galvan Elizabeth Gavilanes Gina Ghan Chandra Gilweit Susan Goddard Efrain Gonzalez Juan Gonzales Juan Gonzales Maria Gonzalez Patrick R. Gonzales Paul Gonzales Virigina Granado Yvette Granados Claudia Grano 5 x . Linda Grudzinski Maribel Guerra f Mario Gurrola ' - . .K f .. ,N Javier Gutierrez Victoria Gutierrez Claudia Guzman Sharon Guzman Remonda Halaka Denise Hansen xv W Carlotta Gutierrez '::: zl- xxx N S X i l . 3 , X X l tttaryy aaaa J .Sn but you have to want to, for you, and your school. If you had to pick one per- son at Arroyo that had the most school spirit, it would probably be Lisa Lagares. Lisa is an excellent example of an Arroyo Knight. People like Lisa are what our school is all about. s - ,,.:, A ,... Q 5' s s J Ss s ill X if 'EN I s YE X55 sl ,V Katrina Ann Haro 22 Amos Hawk Arthur Hernandez David Hernandez Dolores Hernandez Eric Hernandez Joe Hernandez Richard Hernandez Stephanie Hernandez Veronica Hernandez Lettica Hernandez Lorena Hernandez Susan Herrick Claudio Higuera John Hillis Scott Hinman Heather Holcomb Angela Holden Jeffrey G. Holguin Le My Hong Winn Hong Armando Hovey James Howell Jorge Huizar Mario Huizar Erik Hurr Ngoc Huynh Daniel lbarra Susie Imrich Holly Ingelson Guadalupe Jashimoto Tracie Jensen Mario Juarez Ramon .Iuarez Astorga Juventino Christine Kaposy Sheri Kennon Daro Keo Kari Kidnay Chris Krueger Bernard Kruse Edward Kwan Lisa Lagares Danielle Lamarre Jean Lamb Travis Laugeson Dolores Laurel Jason Law Ann Lan Le Mark LeBlanc Larry Lee Trena Lemus Tran Lien Nancy Lin Steven Linger Gina Lobato Armanco Loera Chris Lopez Hector Lopez Kevin Lopez Rodolfo Lopez Rachel C. Lopez Martin Lozano Jason Lubrano Francisca Macias Norma Macias Nicole Maltby Angelica Mandujano Monique Manjarez Denise Marmolejo Dennis Martin Martin Martinez Victor Martinez Joe E. Matke Lincoln Maxwell Kendra McClendon Jeff Mcmurtrey Alvaro Medina Renee Meenan Michael Mejia Carlos Mendez Liana L. Mendez Anjanette Mendoza Freddy Millan Chris A. Miller Elva Miramontes Vera Miranian Frank Montoya Carol Morales Ernest Morales Lydia M. Morimoto Arturo Morgado Skye A. Morgan Paul Morquecho Moyao Rosario Valerie Mullen Cecilia Munioz Romeo Mutuc Cynthia C. Nakashima Donna Natham David Nelson Hue Nguyen Nicole Nichols Claudia Norona Juan Nunez Maria Nunez Sheri Obrien Gustavo S. Olmos John 0-Nesky Saul Ordonez Margaret R. Orozco Nancy Orosco Ligia I. Ortegon ily Sr, liv- '-f-.U f f ww W T' " YE , ,ls " 3' 5 if " "' 1 V. - f 4 j. ja, ZZ W I an 93 ff WW I W 2 L ,, 'df i W W f, vis, J fw W f f W fwmmma M f , L- ff ff mm!! ,A 22242149 ff , wx ,, , , --mf f f , Mm ,f 11 2 4, f 3 , ...., , 5 Lf? be 4 ff 1 gf 242 W K W U ,f fy.. we rf W 2 KZ 5 . ...J A KJ s...,.,w ff 55 as V ,man ",, , f f - , ,,,V, Ni' Y V . My 4 'f a my juniors , X, ' few , ,y M- .75 mask, Marc Ortiz Eric Palacios Rosa M. Palacios Angelina Paredes Frank Parrino Richard Pedroni Raymond Pena s, . ,f1iy,i,f,f W ffffii . Christine Penrod 4: X" " Brian Pendleton Arif?" . " I ' . Nathan Pense 1, I Adriana Perez David Perez "ir, V - Diana R. Perez ,,,,...., . .,, ,,,, Richard Perez Mique Perkins Brent Perry Tracy Perry Kerri Petterson Borauy Phe Shannon Phillips Suzanne Pimentel Tiffany Pimcott Robert R. Pinniger Chad D. Plaisted Melody A. Plan Daniel Poteet Jena Powley STEPMO BLUES? twine 350 .Qaf 'S "W of D Q Jai. 2 amid 5. Mio. Have you ever wondered what it is like to live with a step-mother. Well, why don't you ask Tina Acosta. Tina has a lot of insight on the matter, since she lives with a step moth- er. Tina says, "At first I didn't get along with my step-mom, but now I think she's cool, It's just like if my real mom was there, ex- cept I don't call her mom." Thomas C. Prechtl Tommy Queen George Quezada Salomon A. Quijada Saul Quijada Ruben Quiroz Ana Ramirez fwwimfw , ,,ff :1s,,,w,,,fueww.1 ,, , , .... e,,, ...s,,,,, mfg f I J EKZLWJS 2 f .gym f ii! Gloria Ramirez Lupe Ramirez Norma A. Ramirez Randolph Steven Richard Rankin Maria Raygoza Christopher Read Daniel Remos Diane Remos Jacqueline Rettura Wilfrido Reyra Christopher Richter Alexander Rios Blanca E. Rios Angelica Rivas Brenda Robles Clifford Robles Graciela Rodriguez Israel Rodriguez Jorge Rodriguez Maydell Rodriguez WE ARE COMING ON STRONG! C ASS OF 1989 "Being twins can be a pain," say John and Diana Perez. But there are some advantages. For example, they meet more friends, Diane met her boyfriend through John. They are also very close so they stick up for each oth- er. We asked them if there was any interest- ing thing that happened to them and here's what John said, "ln wrestling I hurt my hip on the right side and Diana hurt her hip in track in the same pIace." Now that's some coincidence. fliff a t iii, .... , ..... . xg : 7 f iii mm. Q, ,f ,ly , .fs I.. ,,,, M . , ,::' rg, . ., HMM , fm f V f my Q -ff 1 f , w ww wal- --1 ax ,. ,f ,, , , 1 X .I ffagy Q EW 33 9 may 3 + H mi W ff J W I W we P ' afwwlfgva Z Amms WW Ni fn ZW f ef f aff 26 juniors Lisa Roldan Antoinette Romero Linola Romero Rachel Romero Oscar Romero Liliana Rosales Carlos Roxas . .::,. E g ...:,:. Erik Rubio L ' Laura A. RUdlSIIl 3 Margaret Ruffin Kafi Ru eiiii S - pp V b David Russo . ' Donald Russo 1 - ,iii..l 5. - Margaret C. Rykowskl , . :a,, Deborah L. Safranek Stephanie L. Sailors Javier Salcido Patricia Salinas Raquel Salvador Maria A. Samora Patricia Sanabria Elsa G. Sanches Enrique Sanchez Margarita Sanchez Susana Sanchez Juan Sandoval Steven Schiedow Eric Schmidt -We , Ne GR DE " " SCHOOL. luniors - yy. I gg, ,ff .. ' , f cf X -r w 1 Z. .,,..,,,, , MTW "', , ' i We asked Towanda Spruel what she thought of Arroyo High School and here's what she said, "Arroyo is a good high school, I especially like the choir, I guess because l'm in it." Towanda's best memory of Arroyo is the 1987 Pops Concert. I'm sure many people feel the same way Towanda does about Arroyo. Here's a story about a beau- ty contest winner and if you know Yolanda Barba you should be very proud of her. "One day l was walking down the mall in Santa Monica when a man asked me if l wanted to compete in a beau- ty and personality contest." says Yolanda. Naturally she accepted and went on to win this contest. Yolanda is a friendly person who loves to help and talk to people. Now Yolanda is involved in another contest. She hopes to go on and compete for Miss Mexico. Her dream is to become Miss Universe. Her future plans are to travel and later pursue a career as a medical assistant. I'm sure YoIanda's parents are proud of her as we all should be. Well, good luck on your dreams, Yolanda! Michelle Seegers David Serrano Sandra Showen Ruben Sierra Agustin Silva Herman Silva Gary Simmons Erika Smith Victor Smith Warren Smith Samantha Sou Eric J. Spring Towanda Spruel Brandon W. Stace W Wm Michelle Stenberg . V',..VV ,...z:Z A Emily Suarez H Y Margarita Suarez 5 ,'fiif1V 1.,,"V'iE 3 A Candy Sugarman Librada Tafoya 5 D' V Jose Tembrina , '.,. X it f i f,.. . 'lil ii Stacy Thompson Julie D. Todd rf V f QM: f f: Elias Torres M Joe Torres ' Katherine Torres Mario S. Torres William Toston , "', . .,, - -ww ww 5 W ,.. VE ,,,,, ,H H W fi' .f:9 '.g. ' H " 'W 75, " 55 , ' .. ,,,,, 1 f , ff , ,. -1 W ,mia . lunlors Ann Than Tran Thanh Truong Angela Marie Turner Alfonso Uribe Jacquelin V. Urrutia Susana Valdez Steven Vasquez Juan Vega Juan Vega Michael Velasco Cely Velasquez Wendy Vensell Frances Vierra Rosa A. Villa Patricia Villegas Russell Walker Jerry E. Waasdorp Brenda A. Vizcarra Carolina Villicana Kirk Walsh Worra Walter Mingfun Warasopun Heidi Wayman Shon Wells Dale Wert Stephanie White Trina Wickham Toniann Wilson Thomas Winkelman Jennifer Wolford Loida Woo Walter Worra Kim Fun Yong Christine Yoshida Gary Young Angie Yrigoyen Dolly E. Yu Maria E. Zambudio Sherry Zhou Roxanne Zito l l ACTI "Arroyo activi ties?. . .They'rn fun, differen t, . .and ex "The activitie at Arroyo ar funny to watch TIES -sam. - - remely unusu- Nell Ballefef nd fun to par- icipate in." " -Loida Woo ' VARSITY CHEERS M . XX l 'I 19' 3 iv" . A A Z Zn H51 '93 xml: CAPTAIN Edith E. Tombol Varsity Cheerleaders are school- spirit promoters. They attend all games and work together to promote school spirit. That's not all the cheer- leaders do. They also practice for their own competitions. Each Homecoming the cheerleaders plan a series of activi- ties for all teams. These activities in- clude dinners, kidnapping, parties, movies, and even roller skating. The squad consists of Senior Cap- tain Edith Tombol, Senior Co-Captain Melissa Aragon, Senior Squad Mem- bers: Dawn Lovejoy, Lisa Mclaugh- lin, Leticia Valdez, Shannon Keeling, Stephanie Zubiate and Tammy Rubio. Juniors are Nancy Orosco, Christine Kaposy, Christine Penrod, Angela Diaz and Lisa Lagares. Senior Yell-Leaders are Neil Truax and Frank Sosa. The Cheerleader advisor is Amy Nosek. The Varsity Cheerleaders have done a lot together this year. They feel that school spirit is better than ever. 32 Varsity Cheers C0-CAPTAIN Melissa A. Aragon Q ,Qi E. Tammy L.R. Rublo Mrs. Amy Nosek-Advisor ,, . .Cafe--' ' . ... A5 A W e f 42 fff v' 2 Al f . frtff i r , A we , ' ' A s . ,, LQ :VI guy, . I .M x V , 7 " .8 V r i V r gg Q I I f . M ,5 A ,M ,.,,, , , it - Z 1 .-.. , ,E ' im V RSITY CHEERS Stephanie T. Zubiate Leticia L. Valdez I f K I Ll as Shannon E. Keeling - Lisa A. McLaughlin nf! ,ff ,fifiisa tazares K Lf ChI'lSiI D- P6nl'0d Christine L. Kanosy , Ang az if-f Q f ,, L' if , H ., .- , ' IIII 3. g , Ei f ' A 252 :S A, 22 ? . rf- V 1 .11 E, 5 . . I " , 552.7 571921232 iw - i . iq, f f f ,wggfzy w w sfVffQ3wi:5,v:fsfWfHgL+H5,gf:i,mfzzifiiii-Wt 'gwlmff ', I r . Q - - ' A ff ,w.11fm,,w.,, ,,7ms,, me V ,f ' X V ff! ' Nancy . Orozco Frank So Neil A. Truax ff' f EJ, Varsity Cheer IU IOR VARSITY and FROSH-SOPH CHEERS Junior Varsity Cheer has had an awesome year. J.V. Cheer- leaders always seem to work hard on their competition rou- tine. They perform extremely well. The J.V. Cheerleaders en- joy cheering their teams on to victory. Junior Varsity Cheer- leaders have spirit and pride for their school. - X CC.. 1 .T C a T ..,, i in in ..,. -V ..,. .-': 'Q sssss s t . r s ieei iii -K Q , , ..i: Q K ...L VKSK ' 2 - ... T ..., I VA.. Front Row:fl-rj Melody Plan,Rebecca Moravec,Jennifer Weston,Veronica Acuna. Middle Row:Ql-rJSheIIy Cheney,Jessica Juarez,Trina Sambas,Megan Conner,Karri Petterson. Top Row:fl-rlKendra McKIendon,Katrina Haro,MicheIIe Grosenbach,Debbie Cheney. UNSHOWN:YoIie Ortiz Front Rowzfl-rjCaptain Marie Rivas,Co-Captain Emily Quitoriano. Back Rowzfl-rJYesenia Samaniego,Lorena Lopez,MeIissa Kaplan. Cheer Frosh-Soph has had a ve unique year. The frosh-so support not only freshm sports but sophomore spor' as well. This year they did fine job supporting the teams. COURT IESTERS The 1987-88 Court Jesters. .Iesting around. "THE Flip" Court lesters .. H I. i. s s N R I N. i Sr. Lori Luster I have really enjoyed being the 1987- 88 Court Jester! What a way to top off my high school career! Clowning around with my partner at all the Var- sity games is quite an experience. My partner Christine is the greatest, I have a lot of fun when she's down on the field or court with me. Christine has a great sense of humort and she is a really nice person!! I would like to say thank you to the cheerleaders and the Richards Club for a job well done! If you think your'e getting rid of me you're wrong ... I'II be back at Home- coming 89' ready to go! 13 Q. Oki 22312. N as Jr.Christine Carrillo l've had so much fun this year being Court Jester! It really is an experience. It feels really good to leave after a game and know that I have accom- plished something by making people laugh by the time they leave. I would encourage all of you crazy guys and girls to try out with me next year. fOnIy if you can handle it!! This year l've had the best partner that anyone could ask forg Lori, one of the sweetest people. Don't let her fool you, she has a little spark of wildness in her! If we didn't make you laugh this year I'lI be back next year! F LL ASB COMMISSIO 39- 5?-5 :S-I 0 -I 28:92.95 --lm 35.0 90,0 VIH-y 5-EO oB'qp Q33 gm!!! omg- 152. 333 am?- omg' -cog QS: 90 Go 'he A-0 no-22 mmo :sc an-: Q-.Q UQ. ,Sm N201 ,093 55-0-52' '1u""' 'UB' Og 2,00 '4Q,W gm" o'40 4-0-'ff-r NSD. gg-E 05.14 ml 55-- U' 4 C0 '43-CD T'3'91 5 .A ' A , i ft if , .fm ,,,., or g,:A,,,.. o I -v, A M I V 3 x Missy Aragon Diana Barker K ee A i z . - -1- i 5 1 ii- :vw ,gp AN ' i E -A - E '-.' 1 53 , , Q , ax A sg ' Vikki Yaller Chris Hernandez . ,i 'OM 'iii A f. ' : . ' L ikri .M-ff 'fx Q V My , M i,,i ff' ,. " 4 ,ww " f' I A zzy ,Za ryy 1 Phong Rock Monique Manjarrez Thomas Lin ' 2 X A 'Ui Tai :Like "4 I A . Christina Magallanez Cindy LaFIame X 3 3 - gs . , 'Q ' 'S X so . .. is, . I ' . L Saa Christine Yoshida Brandy Baker Lori Luster Angie Cheng Shannon Keeling Julie Nelson ez .. Q ,gg Nl B I 5 ' 3 A Q' A Q A Q k f A bid E 3? Marcela Castano Paul M0"QUeCh Mr. Morris Qprincipal of activitiesj ani the established ASB President. Elec tionsfappointments are held each se mester. This fall, ASB plans to have the mos successful homecoming, and the bee Christmas Ball ever! Michelle Sievert Byron Cantrall 5 Paulo Lopez Edith Tombol Eva Ramirez Leticia Valdez Unshown:Brad King, Lorraine lbarra, Monique Armenta, Cindy DeLosAngeles, Sherif Hunein, and Kim Burns. A.S.B. if Q v t - Q S Y 1 , 1-M x in K 'Na W, Xa. arp, lfiks.-1'Vi2,'i'S' ' Iii-sais:-ii? ZX, is Mark, ...s- at N? 5, new 4, 11- Els Rg""u H We u I sf f PRI G ASB C0 MISSIO 1 A Jason Moran Marcela Castano The 1988 Spring ASB Commission is strong commission, led by the stron- gest members of the student body. This spring we have planned suc- essful projects and campaigns, such ls, food pigouts, obstacle courses, and he Arroyo Olympics. Such activities S , K 2 51 K . we A F W as 4? Fi va S wc- Q K ' is me ,. if .KSQB Jon Springer John Hillis zos soly sss,,h 3 1- .,l A ' '39 LF gym 5.43. -t -Q ., 1 1.43 yi- 'S H Byron Cantrall Angie Cheng U si V ra 1 fSQ5 g . 3 Q1 . .fx ' X , X F :fx--H 345 s f- -R Missy Aragon Aditya Chauhan Kari Hart Veronica DelRico Lori Luster enhance the school morale. The success of each commission de- pends upon the effort and dedication put forth by each individual. The members of both commissions, Fall and Spring, have obtained this goal. Our spirit is growing! 2' 2 Nurs Monique Manjarrez Chris Hernandez K . : , . S ,gsm it . ,yiiwbe l i . S e 1 f i Lg lk if Cindy La Flame Edith Tombol -X. J :. ., :' ,' . f E- 5 E X ik tg , ,. l 4 sv ,Y 'X Y, sf . :fs Tina Magallanez Vikki Yaller Unshown: Diana Barker, Shelly Sievert, Monique Armenta, Lorena Gutierrez, Jeff Gilkey, and Christine Yoshida. FRESHMAN C ASS COUNCIL lleft to rightj Chris Jacobson, Willie Garcia, Raya Mendoza, and Valerie Cuevas. lUnshowng Michelle Sievert, and Lorraine lbarraj Sponsor Mrs.AguiIar President Willie Garcia The freshmen class has shown su- prising maturity in electing its class council representatives. I have been extremely impressed with their com- mittement to making the class of 1991 a positive force in keeping with the long standing Arroyo tradition of ex- cellance. I look forward to working with them for the next four years and being a part of those decisions and those efforts that make Arroyo an even better place to be. Freshmen Class Council Proud of the class of '91 OPHOMORE C ASS COUNCIL lLeft to rightl Clyde McKeIvie, Alex Guerrero, Monique Armenta, Steve Brown, Sonia Ramirez, and Jennifer Weston. f .. -. . F . u v,,. , ...Q Sponsor Clyde McKeIvie President Steven Brown The Sophomore Class Council start- ed their second year with much enthu- siasm and confidence. Considering that they had lost a president and a sponsor, they resumed their positions well. This year the council had many fund raising activities, including can- dy drives, and a booth at Cinco de Mayo. President Steve Brown and vice president Alex Guerrero have provided the leadership and guidence essential for their offices. Treasurer Jennifer Weston and secretary Sonia Ramirez have also done a great deal of work. We expect to start the next year on a sound financial basis and with deter- mination, complete our junior year with a successful prom. Sophomores love to have fun! UNIOR C ASS COUNCIL lTop rowj Margarita Sanchez, Herman SiIva,Jason Lawe, ,Qbottom rowj Toniann Wilson, Wendy Finch, Pilam Acosta, and Christine Yoshida Sponsor Mr. Nick Salerno President Herman Silva The Junior Class Council was espe- cially busy this year, involving them- selves with fund raising activities and helping with preparations for this years prom. It is the responsibility of the Junior Class Council to locate the prom site and to make all the neces- sary arrangements ranging from the menu to the decorations. The Junior Class has also been work- ing on a class flag that will be dis- played in the Round Table Room. The flag represents the values and beliefs that the Class Council regards as their strongest points. All in all the Junior Class Council has had a successful year, serving their school and commu- nity - and having a lot of fun while doing it . We're planning the best prom ever SENIOR C ASS CCUNCIL QTop rowj Byron Cantrall, Jon Springer,l bottom rowl Aditya Chauhan, Robin Palmer, and Paulo Lopez. Unshown: John Batres and Jeanette Sicher. AVX11 aft' The Senior Class Council has small , but great responsibilities They in- clude The senuor sweat shirts senior gift and graduation announcements. The most important though is the sen- nor gift. QA gift to the school itselfj. When we as seniors graduate, we would like to leave our mark, so that everyone past, present, and future will remember the class of '88. The Senior Class would like to take this opportuni- "fwfr President John Batres 2 Sponsor Jim Sefton ty to thank Mr. Sefton for all his time and support, we could'nt have done it without you Mr. Sefton! We want to let everybody know that we really worked hard for what we gave this school athe- letically and academically and we're very proud of what we have achieved. To the class of '88 . . . The very best of luck. Seniors are definitely IT! IGHT' DY FI ALIST MISSY ARAGON "I met my best friends thru cheerleading ... I love them all DAWN LOVEJOY 'I like either riding motorcycles or my truck." MARNIE ANTON "I'll remember all the crazy times I had with my friends and all the homework." MYSTI TIDWELL "I think I will remember all my friends the most ROBIN PALMER "I didn't expect to be chosen because i hated m and then my teachers." senoir pictures." vnwfwwr' WENDY PARR "I like Mr. Russel because he let us go get can- dy H JEANETTE SICHER "My friends are what keep me going." KNIGHT'S LADY FINALIST BELINDA CARDENAS "Arroyo is a quiet and peaceful school an teachers are helpful." THE 1988 KNIGHTS LADY M SS IE ETTE SICHER "I WAS I-IONORED T0 BE CHOSEN A FINALIST, IT'S SOMETHING I'LL ALWAYS REMEMBER." wr! Y ' If aww ' Min, 6 'I ' , .3 f 'fig 1 A . ! . Ii, if f 5 .4 I AND HER COURT ww dw . in I ,, MISS ROBI PALMER N Ehys 1 my Mil fig, , f K fi, V .,f, - wa, -M. ah-. MISS DAWN LOVEIOY Loya Studios. SOPHf "I like being sophomore because it' nice to be il "Being a soph omore is nea because ther are a lot of ex citing things ti "I like being sophomore because l'Il b IORES , A 3 Q Z ai af Q E 5 V ,V ,WWWMWW Wag, , a aarr 'lk 5' ,, Wg, A 1 - he middle." -Leonard Evangelisa ook forward D.Il -Christine Renton cool junior next year." -Diana Perez ,ff Raquel Abaya Elena Abeyt Maria Aguiar Gisela Aguilar Irma Alacron Ruben Alarcon Guadalupe Alba Sonja Albright Eva Alcantara Gustavo Alfaro Celia Almazan Cruz Alvarado Fred Alvarado Rebbeca Alvarado Hector Alvarenga Frank Amaya Monica Amezcua Sandra Amezcua Alma Andrade Karen Angeles Elvira Antuna Efrain Arellano Maria Arellano Melia Areo Monique Armenta Christine Arriola David Arriola Margarita Arteaga Jaime Avila Anthony Ayon Gregory Baca Christopher Bafford Michael Baltierra Judy Barbosa Michelle Barocia Ana Barrientos Tammy Barbosa Wendy Barney Joanne Becerra Kyle Beezley Tammy Beltran Eric Bencomo Mathevv Benitez Chris Betancourt Noel Blanco Ann Bolander Curtis Bomar Melissa Borquez Jeffrey Braxton Barbara Brinkman Jesse Britlman Lori'Brown Steven Brown Maria Bueno Patricia Bueno Irene Buentiempo Jun Nun' we X MW' WWW pzzzf:6esf,ff:,m tsl, lm? , ff. ,,,,,,,. ,,,: E A Qt? we sw sv .3 ..., .2416 V 1 ,fgg la 1:2 'file .gpm V g, I if aww. -l fi. Sophomores Zi? ' ff ,I ,fl V, .,,,. ,, , ,W K, f ff 4-W 'H ill-P" ' CLASS OF 1990 CLASS OF 1990 CLASS OF 1990 CLASS OF 1990 CLASS OF 1990 CLASS OF 1990 CLASS OF 1990 CLASS OF 1990 CLASS OF 1990 SOPHOMORES g Q J it at thus Ks... Nunn pow. Sophomores lbw., Neem-:li-Xt.., C Joseph Burnett Yvette Burton Robert Butler Blanca Cabada Jose Caldera Anthony Calderon Eiseo Campero Araceli Candido Carlos Canzoneri Rogoberto Cardenas William Carpenter Dan Carillo Eduardo Carnarino Maria Castano Alexandra Casteleiro Javier Castellanos Patricia Castellanos Patricia Castillo Sergio Castro Noel Centeno Alex Ceron Jerry Cesena Ernesto Chavarria Miguel Chavarria Gilbert Chavez A Ch n eng Timothy Cheung Gina Chicaferro Timothy Clark Eddie Colmenero Anthony Colon Eric Colwell Kathleen Cook Samuel Cook Nzxlie Regina Johnson - Elizabeth Coombs . David Cox f Eric Creencia J 1 - eel Bons cruz f " ' f. -'ii if AIIA Miriam Cm iie . Neil Dare ,. ooiel I Jerry Davalos 2 -5-S Felix Davila l Christine Delacruz L V Julie Delao : Joel Deleon P 5 . William Deleon ' . Salvador Delgado 3 5 Danelle Deyoung Diane Deyoung Sandra Diaz Amjad Dinkha May Dullavin Boris Duran Luis Duran ARROYO TWINS MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL, ARROYO TWINS MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL, CAN YO TELL WHL HO E's wHl H, LL? Radames and Orlando Montes are a set of unique brothers. These two sophomores are twins, with Radames being five minutes older than Orlando. They have different personalities, but share the same hobbies which include running and singing. Most people have trouble telling them apart be- cause they basically do the same things and go out for the same sports. The twins agree that there are advantages to being twins, but there are also disadvantages. For instance, Radames' mischief getting Orlan- do in trouble. Watch out! Double trouble. 48 Sophomores if --W "'---f 'aw ,feng f X 1 f we vmfig sum ' 7 K I f ? f 1 .ax W l 44 ? Q3 ffm f 'ff A--' , W ,,,, ,BZ E, Ki f, f ffzdiwg , " ? K M ' wif LL., wma Q Zz ' 1 W or W .... , as " " 'H it Z .5 W W f f 7 "" W5 WWA' - fi JM se M X f i 1 W W a 1 Qs 1 , 1, 5 e f' fi X5 new? yr Q95 4 a V f M, X W fi ' -M, M H ..,.. , - ' Q 'f " g.,- ':f 2693 , I ' ' f fzww, ,MH ,M WWW -mm. f ff T, ,wZ5,, , , gsm ,, .,,, 1, .. ,, , f af 2 5 QW QW f, ,f 4, ,,v 554 , gf 24? Q 2 W7 fee , K f Will 5 f x f W ,, Sophomores Edward Durazo Todd Duthie Scott Earl Michael Eblen Daniel Echardt Gregory Edwards Robbyn Eggleston Jennifer Eginton Juan Elizarravaz Abraham Elliot Chris Enriquez Mathew Erie David Escamilla Sandra Espinosa Luis Estrada Moises Estrada Leonard Evangelista Marie Evans Marcie Fairchild Jacqueline Fann Jorge Fazzini Joanne Ferguson Tom Fernandez Humberto Ferrer Jack Figueroa Brenda Fink Ramiro'Flores Rebecca Flores Yvette Flores Mario Fonseca Traci Frazier Mark Frith Issac Fry Marina Fuentes Samuel Fung Alfred Gallegos Armando Galvan Claudia Galvan Alejandro Garcia Angelica Garcia Brigida Garcia Carlos Garcia Cesar Garcia Christian Garcia Edward Garcia Marcela Garcia Olga Garcia Peter Garcia Shannon Garcia, Terri Garcia Victor Garcia Francisco Garza Maria Garza Marisol Gararrete Humberto Gavilanes Sports are one of the many activities that keep us moti- vated at Arroyo High. Stu- dents enjoy the competition and the excitement. There's no doubt that football is a popular sport at Arroyo. Without the students' in- volvement and support we wouIdn't be so successful in football. This year three proud sophomores made Var- sity football. They are: Darren MacLelIan, Robert Kwan, and Freddie Martinez. They all supported the team very well. They felt that it was a good Daniel Gil Daniel Gogoyla Frank Gomez Ramon Gomez Claude Gonzales Vanessa Gonzales Angelica Gonzalez Clarissa Gonzalez Irma Gonzalez Luis Gonzalez Manuel Gonzalez Connie Granado Jennifer Green William Griebel Denia Grivalva Jill Groves John Guerra Yvonne Guerra Alex Guerrero Nadara Guerrero Rodriguo Guillen Alejandra Gutierrez Christina Gutierrez Lisa Gutierrez Maria Gutierrez Olga Gutierrez Tina Gutierrez John Hall accomplishment making Var- isty as sophomores. Bill Griebel is a dominant sophomore in cross country. In college he plans on run- ning and he wants to major in sports journalism. Referring to cross-country Bill said "I don't think of it from an indi- vidual standpoint, l'm happy if the whole team wins." Con- gratulations to Bill and the entire team on the great job they did this year! And a special thanks to Coach 0 Rourke for being not just a coach, but also a friend. mn ES? Sophomores gs it 3 5 3 5 s 1. Ss E NNNR NX WX x X au x 5 . ::' as Q we it .MI QL: . ,. ' ' 5 fix' K - Q, iw si se 4 2 I X iff S X X N xx-N .- gem Q5 S R X X5 X -IX xx k--- 5 rl' N. F N, Q. N X se? gm X X Xwg isa? Louis Halsey Albert Harkey Shelly Harsen Gloria Hernandez Marco Hernandez Thomas Hernandez Yolanda Hernandez Martin Herrera Greg Hicks Edwin Hodder Mike Holguin Kevin Holmquist Windy Holt Robert Hoyt Mitch Hovakimian Jason Huddleston Clemencia Huizar Kathleen Huntley Catherine Ianno Brandon lberri Cheri Jacoby Domenic Jimenez Martha Jimenez John Joha April Johnson Jerry Jordan Gabriela Juarez Jessica Juarez HIGH SCHOOL: A STUDE T'S POI TOF IE Sophomores Albert Tucker thinks that high school is horrible, but he goes anyway to get his education. "l go to school because I have nothing better to do " Friendships are very impor- tant to everyone. True friends can be helpful when you need them. They can lighten up your day when you are not feeling so good and they can give you support through tough times. A friend is someone who will al- ways be there when you need them. Surely Mike Robles and Chris Betancourt agree David Jackson Melissa Kaplan Charlie Keeling Terrence Ketchan Ghazala Khan Wen Ko Deana Kohli James Koppelman Cynthia Kruse Kimberly Kurovsky Robert Kwan Marie Legaspe Patricia Lem Pearl Lem April Lemire Arvicio Lemus Victor Lemus Alma Leon Angela Levy Jason Liddle lok Lim Fu , Steven Lin Carmen Lizarraga Dana Loera Pui Loh David Lopez Lorena Lopez Hieng Lu that friendships are special. Natalie Valenzuela, Martha Martin, and Elvira Antuna have been friends since eighth grade. Their views about friendship are probably the same as other students at Arroyo. They agree that a friend is a very important person. Friends always stick together and help each other out. J ! VM . ,,,. Sophomores W f A f Lf 14 mf? mba We ww, ls, f 1 ,f W Y , Q 1' , .,,,,,,,,. , ,, W in Z 1 i W ' X ,M msg ,H H - ,, ,r..,Z'.:, . , , 3' 1' , ' f L Q f .1 gm W if x 1 JW 1 f Antoinette Lee Phu Leao Madai Laurel Jeremy Latimer Maria Lanoy Dow Langdon Daniel Landers Robert H. Laberteaux Darren Maclellan Eloy Macias Sonia Maciel Araceii Maldonado Natalie Maldonado Andrea Marchesan Jennifer Marcogliese Armando Mareneo Alicia Marrone Christine Marquez Ramon Marquez Refugio Marquez Lupe Marquez Loera Maricela Marta Martin Efren Martinez Elesar Martinez Freddie Martinez Jill Martinez Tobias Martinez Victoria Martinez Joette Mayer Lopez Mayte Janenne Mcknight Kelly Mcrae Carlos Mendez Juan Mendez Joseph Medina Raul Medina Lydia Mendoza Maria Mendoza Susan Mendoza Gena Miller Angel Miranda Juan Mireles Christy Miyagishima Emilia Montes Orlando Montes Radames Montes John Moore Samuel Morales Joaquin Moran Rebecca Moravec William Morehart Karine Moriarity Zabrina Morones Irma Munoz Julieta Mutue Luis Natera Anthony Negrete Drake Newman Anh Nguyen Binh Nguyen Benjamin Nicolas Michelle Nobile Cynthia Norona Christine Novara Natalie Nunez Douglas Ogata Jose Olazabal Alina Olivera Eduardo Olmos Melissa Ontiveros Raquel Orozco Hilda Ortega Carlos Ortiz Alicia Ortize Robert Osterkamp Jose Palacios Stephen Parr John Pate Jaimini Patel Mayra Payan Brian Peltz Diana Perez Gloria Perez Mina Perez Patricia Perez Rene Perez Susan Perez Nghia Pham Phat Pham Trang Pham Michael Phillips Tanya Pittman Luis Portillo Jason Prechtl Helen Prince Nicole Prudhomme Robert Quintero Emily Quitoriano Eric Ramirez Patricia Ramirez Sonia Ramirez Susan Ramirez James Rawle Peter Rayan Joanna Razo Rusty Reagan Kenneth Ream Joanne Reid Jason Remus Christine Renten Ruben Rete zaffffeszfffgmwt ' ff: ' . ,l,. , V Q, f ,, . , Md? vs i5 ' Wg 5 V r f Ziff X 1 T ff if aw , Q , .WWI if 'ifff .XJ 2, , W ,,,-, Mi" f W ,ff 1 8 Q 0 2 ,Q ? s Aa 7 W x ff g ffm f ik S ' V, "5 fri My V3 5 ' f X f f f A X f f W an f , ii in Mm 5' 7 3, f 6 f 4 fl ff Q f an f, rt, f - 4 ,1 ..,, 5, W -- ,W X542 i 3 W if K 2 f 1 , W 4 1 545 K Z fa W9 X f ff if J 2 2 Q Q ez' 'fff W W ,,.. Q1 4 if , K, as lg A f 1 Zfw X W fix X y 6 'Lf 5 W ag 2259 fin f M4 S Am v fv ,riff X W X 1 f ff, X 1, X, WX M! ' ,X X Mi f 132 Q f 4 fi 1 x, ,iff .: , New X f 1 I 1, f f 1 G! 4 M 412+ sw f , 1 2 31 , 5 'Ze . 59,4 mx f 1 X A Z f wyfw W WX ff ff MQWAW ,f , f f if X f 4 Z fs 1 f 2 4, Q70 f 1 X fg W f away f 4 H mp 1 6. L 7 ff , yhw W f - LW ' Q.-,f f fl f f if 5 'Mi 1 , ,f 4 4 1 f ai! M f 1 .Q z Z2 22 .i W, wg Dina Reyes Geroge Reyes Kathy Rini Pedro Rios Franklin Ritter Maria Rivas Pablo Rivera Mike Robles Angelina Rodriguez Cynthia Rodriguez Humberto Rodriguez Jose Rodriguez Olivia Rodriguez Paul Rodriguez Rebecca Rodriguez Yvonne Rodriguez Marie Rogers Cassandra Rojas Cindy Romero Albert Romo Teddy Rosario Yesenia Rosel Chris Rothenhausler Mark Rubacalva Adrian Ruiz Nicole Ruiz Cynthia Salgado Yesenia Samaniego ARROYO STUDENTS HAVE FUTURE GOALS SET IN MIND. Sophomores "I would like to become a professional hairdresser for a rock band. This kind of job is fun and it's an excellent way to meet new and important people." Irma Munoz "My future goal is to become a professional singer." Jessica Juarez Trina Sambas Renee Sanchez Julian Sandoval Angelito Sanjose Juan Santillana Maria Santillan Ricardo Santillana Gabriela Sarmiento Elena Serrano James Seung Pamela Sevilla Sherrie Simmons Brian Sorensen Gina Stratton Thomas Swyers Nguoc Tang Luis Tapia John Terzino Quynh Thiev Jennifer Thomas Rendal Thompson Sheila Thompson , , Alex Toban "'V ' Maria Tornel 2' V Angelo Torres Hector Torres if' Can Tran '33 'vaf Tien Tran 'lii ARROYO STUDENTS ' WILL ALWAYS HAVE i SOMETHING TO REMIND THEM OF THEIR HIGH SCHOOL YEARS. . . MEMORIES After every year is over there are memories left behind that we will always remember. Whether they are good or bad, we will look back upon them one day. Six sophomore girls, which are also known as the frosh-soph cheerleaders, shared many new experiences and struggled through many situations. Co. Captain Emily Quitoriano commented "At the beginning we didn't get along too well, but in the end we managed to pull together." The frosh-soph cheerleaders have indeed many memories to treasure. 56 Sophomores :::,, VHQE ,::: :- N g ' wi. KK h . . . - A f Elsi e: SJQSQ f---- Q L . " I ...... , Lg: Us is NN gm FREN. A T.. fi n as A X res. , . X X.: 9 W 'K S X X S SQ an 1 5 IS N s N i X 5 an Q lg 555 Q S 3 Z S 2 1 1 .LN 1' ' gsm ::::. - K Sf -..l.sss..Sfiff: W "xx R . - " " Q X ' so be W ' .. ' X .. .Q H. - . .. K S ,. , 2 E ... L.L, Xa, gg, . i .... J sw F ,K . X X sx N cgi 3 R X QQ as N Q X F X 5 Q X is . . .. .si 2 f :fn 22. 3 2 '15, K .5 l w"'M 2 gi si . M gg 'f .... . .. s .X . is ..., .Hu . Sophomores .. f1t,-Nj? ' 5' -. - aw Q 4: ., - - Dung Tran Quyen Tran Thong Tran Arturo Trujillo Joe Vargas Carmen Valdez Mario Valdez Juana Valenzuela Michael Valle Guadalupe Valles Steve Vaporis Paul Varela Jamie Varner Gerardo Vasquez Julie Vasquez Maria Vasquez Robert Vasquez Rodolfo Vasquez Thomas Vaughn Maricar Velaslo Kristina Velasquez Eillbert Venegas Eddie Vera Alex Verdueo Adora Villacorte Donna Villalobos David Vishon Billy Vogel Christina Walker Samuel Weimer Rebecca Wells David Wen Jennifer Weston Christy White Jeffrey White Randy Williams Roger Williams April Willison Kimberly Wilson Amy Woodcock Stephanie Worsley Tony Wu Chad Yugo Nathan Young Richard Yrigoyen Steven Yutani Luz Zamudio Raymano Zubiade Timothy Zuniga S+ . I. .af :: i Ye. it y Ui -. -.t fs kkkk 1 - Q -amz, 5,35 4144 5 X i , K f f - "I have enjoye my twenty yea at Arroyo vel much becaus the staff and tr students hav been great I work with. . ." Mr. Michael C. Bul Max if ,,.. sg 5 ' 4 a 5 A P Q I Jaw- .,L: .Six J, f .xi is -.-5-as .gm -NR . . . 'N A W vrffz I L Q W - Qi ' ' ,GQ Lk .. . if J! fm 73 1 ,,V, . , A,,, :EAV G Q M is MQ xx "OW 4 f . . .Grrreat! ' 2 I "' Q ' f , m happ to be , part of it... fit ' n't like being Q brick-or-a- - ece-of- rniture-part!" k Ms. Candace Miller L1 mf - 0 ' N .1-' , 5 Q5 36 M Y s ff 'xi ff, , af Q f ' ff 5 'fmskslf V 55997 X s gf W Q W, A W 'if K g 5 wwfmymmn ,M f'."5" .2::W' Z ' 1" af: J , v zz, 74 M , .4 f fe: 751 ' ' 'Hi N 'Y ? f' " A-,aw-M 1 010 x V n We s 4 1 1 ? DMINISTR TIO While some schools may be satisfied with the status quo, mediocracy has nev- er been a goal of Arroyo High School. The school's traditions have been founded on the philosophy that each of us, both stu- dent and staff together, will strive to de- velop our personal and unique talents to the highest degree obtainable. We fur- ther support the theory that success gen- erates continued success. This is why I have often refered to this school as a School of Champions. Arroyo High School has never been a school commit- ted to the role of a follower. We have never been hesitant to step forward and blaze a path for others. For these reasons and more, Arroyo High School has be- come and is now a very proud school. The thirty-three year history of the school is a chronical of individual and collective successes. The caliber of pre- sent student body and the accomplish- ments of our alumni verifies this fact. Our unparalleled brand of spirit and pride has become that trademark of this school. You schould be extremely proud that you are an Arroyo Knight. Further- more, this pride will continue to follow you throughout your life. The name Ar- royo will always stimulate thoughts and rememberances of the most meaningful days of your life. For this you are most fortunate. Jack E. Quinn, Principal PRINCIPAL WMM new ,N My msmwwwww. ..., ,. .,..,. W., A . M as .. Administration DMINISTR TIO MRS. FURNALD Mrs. Furnald, assistant princi- al of instructions, has worked in ne EI Monte School District for 3 years, and 3 years at Arroyo. 1e finds the students friendly id they make her job truly en- yable. Her most humorous ex- arience at Arroyo is her, hope- llly it is 0.K. to say, fortieth rthday celebration at Arroyo. 1e was given a surprise birthday arty in the front office complete ith funny gifts and the Arroyo ioir coming to sing for her. :me of Mrs. -Furnald's most lemorable teaching experiences cludes having students who she lught return to the El Monte igh School District as teachers. er hobbies are waterskiing, rais- g her children, and she loves :tending all extra curricular ac- vities. ' ' ! f A+. A-.. Assistant Principal, Student Services, John Robbins has been working at schools for 36 years and has worked at Arroyo for 31 years. What does Mr. Robbins think about Arroyo and it's students? "Arroyo has an excellent calibur of students and is one of the finest high schools in the San Gabriel Valley or I would not have stayed here," Mr. Robbins told us. His most humurous experience while working at school is the time that it snowed on campus and students and teachers were out building snowmen and throwing snow balls. His most memorable experience is when the Arroyo Band represented Arroyo High School in the New Year's Tournament of Roses Parade. Mr. Robbins' hobbies include photography and traveling. MR . ROBBINS I f x K X ' I ,WK 2 J In 5 f A E ' f F... 475 .ef Wx T , S 591 "' A If Q fy S ' ' 3 " '54 i F . A . ge. s V X . X ax., .. 'mi np, A V X W I ,Wi-2.1 'K ' K I S .fs Administration MR . MORRIS Mr. Dan Morris, Assistant Prin- cipal of Activities has been work- ing in schools for 14 years and has been at Arroyo for 2 years. What are Mr. Morris' thoughts about Arroyo? "Arroyo has al- ways been a class act. It's nice to be a part of a winning tradition," Mr. Morris said. And his feelings about the students? "I have been at 5 different high schools in my teaching career, and Arroyo stu- dents encompass the very best of the things I have experienced at all the other places." His most humorous experience while teaching was while participating in a faculty talent show, he was sent a singing telegram for his birthday. "It was rather risque and with 700 people in the audi- ence, I was a little embarrassed." On a sadder note his most memo- rable experience was when a man passed away while participating in a P.E. class. His favorite hobbie is waterskiing. MRS. WALLACH MR. MOSELY MRS. MAHONEY MRS. ARCHER BOARD MEMBER BOARD MEMBER BOARD MEMBER BOARD MEMBER STAFF Mrs. MaryLou Woodford works at the activities office Mrs. Linda White, being the reliable person that she is, and is an important person to students at Arroyo be- can always be counted on to help out at Arroyo, and cause of her friendly ways. her friendly smile lets us know that she's always glad to do it! Ms. Silvia Adame, Aide Miss Ruth Arellano, Student Services Mrs. Edna Betancourt, Head Cafeterian Mrs. Barbara Cascelli, Career Center Mrs. Doris Crain, Office Staff Mrs. Janet Davis, Special Education Aide Staff Ms. Pam Foster, L.A. County Office Ms. Cleo Gainey, Special Education Career Center Mrs. Delia Gutierrez, Cafeteria Mrs. Olga Howard, Student Store Ms. Tina Kesseling, L.A. County Office Mrs. Rhonda Logan, Switchboard Mrs. Celia Rodriquez, R.0.P. Technician Mrs. Mary Lujan, L.A. County Office Mrs. Dee Maddox, Attendance Mrs. Pat Mann, Nurse Ms. Sharon Meenan, Home Ec. Aide Mrs. Elena Raygosa, Cafeteria Staff I W ,,....,-W l xx X mmm. . :,:. , Staff Xie X, rx , -I ss NT 4 V' VCX 1. dwsst Ms. Kim Rosenburg, Cafeteria Ms. Amelia Rueda, Cafeteria Mrs. Peggy Saraseno, Girls P.Es Attendant Ms. Nancy Stewart, L.A. County Office Mrs. Vera Valdiviez, Attendance Ms. Marilyn Wilson, Cafeteria Ms. Vivian Wing, Cafeteria Mrs. Marylou Woodford, Activi- ties Ms. Darlene Ziezinski, Student Services Mr. Bill Delgado is the head of the maintenance dept., and helps out in all of Arroyo's afterschool events. Mrs. Howard is always thinking of ways to build school spirit by selling Ar- royo memorabilla at the student store. Ms. Kim Rosenburg is someone the students can count on when their stomachs are growling because she works the snack bar at the cafete- ria. Q! 2 4 3 2 P Mrs.Bennet Aurelia Bennett has been working at Ar- royo for 27 years, presently in the guid- ance office. She says she has students who's parents were once her former stu- dents. She feels students here at Arroyo are an enjoyable group to work with. She enjoys tennis, reading, dieting and also vis- iting Joshua Tree. 1 . CCUNSELORS Mrs.Bowman Peggy Bowman taught for 6 years and has been a counselor for 25 years. " I enjoy Arroyo students and am very proud of them and don't think there is a student body in the San Gabriel Valley that can compare to them," she says. Her hobbies are golf, reading, bridge, and watching TV sports. sg X :s 55 3 'Sail 'muliik' '5':S55S?Q -ii 5- .IEE 1.:?: ':: P55555 iii'-s2?5i'i2f'lE, s -. ' - - ,.... X X ----- B " fi . . -1 5 ii ' fi- . " s .... ' 3 - .. " 1 ' E 5 'XPQQNSN ssef . s g 2 gi S gX szQE. - .. P ESSEX 2 5 1 X 1 K I X :4'2-IQSSQQQQQQ: H... is X .... X X g wif ..,,...... ,,... YQ! " K Mins. N.e.5ZiSfiJi?-E::EE . :- XQXH S Mr. Salerno Nick Salerno has taught at Arroyo High School for 12 years now. He feels Arroyo is an excellent place to work and agrees that most of the students at Arroyo are great people. Mr. Salerno really enjoys working with such outstanding individuals such as Rick Blanchard, Linda White, and Doug Halvorsen. His most memorable teaching experience was, in fact, two: aj All students passing the math proficiency exam. by First MVL BASEBALL CHAMPIONSHIP. His hobbies are body surfing, weight lifting, and bicycling. Outside of school he is busy with his children Gino and Carlo. s X .. X X X t.t. 1 s X . :,, ,gg ig.. , , X. XE W N X I Q X E Mrs. Issac Connie Issac has been at Arroyo for 23 years. She loves teaching at A.H.S. and strongly feels it is a priveIege,not a re- quirement for students to attend Arroyo. Basically our students are great kids. Her hobbies are golf, tennis, bingo, dancing, and watching T.V. Counselors I I F . A Mr.Cole Eric Cole taught for 14 years and h been in guidance for 7. He enjoys workin with the students and says his job is enjc able. He likes working on street rods al says he has a home in Hawaii which l visits every year for about one month. j cfm-V ? s Mr. Hamiliton Stephen Hamilton is the coordinator attendance and has been here at Arro for 21 years. He feels it's a rewarding perience because of the good relationsh with students and staff. " I have alw enjoyed our students because of th great diversity. Tennis and Golf are hobbies, and he also coaches. 'I M , I Z, U '1 ' vs - 22:Q4fl V ff ,fa-' f w e Q X Mg ,3 .A ' ' im H is 111: 8 I faV7a:sl1"-Zim 85651, ,lzfafif 4' " "" '? iid!" , ,, f f W ' ' W-wwfafi 4 fn .. ' 7 -2 f me-W' ,f f , ,, , , ga. I 22? in ig 3 Q iff if he if W 5, LW 51503 TEACHERS 87-88 Basically good kids always a certain element that's a pain-Peggy Morgan You mean teachers are human and have a life after Arroyo, you bet, but l'm not telling- Candy Miller Students are respectful and proud of their school- Robert Sorenson "BASICALLY GOOD KIDS ALWAYS A CERTAIN ELE- fl eggs-1 MENT THAT'S A PAIN" PEGGY MORGAN "YOU MEAN TEACHERS ARE HUMAN AND HAVE A LIFE AFTER ARROYO, YOU BET BUT I'M NOT TELL- ING" "STUDENTS ARE RESPECT- FUL AND PROUD OF THEIR SCHOOL" CANDY MILLER ROBERT SORENSON 67 FACULTY CANDIDS Above: Left: Mr. Morris takes a well desired break, Middle: Mr. Kyne relaxes on the shores of Club Arroyo. Right: Mrs. Furnald rehearses for her talent show number, "Singin' In The Rain". Far Right: Mr. Sefton instructs his Practical Math class one, two one, two. 5.5-:sg PJ 2 5 f : 1 .-.-. . ......... X 3 2 'El I x l i ,XE ? 3. Q ., ,x . K . at llll gil. ,f -2:2 , :L Mt F 1' ' ' ff if"l:i'11'1,-sms: ' - i 'if' if 1: :iff N sg - 'A ":' rtss 55 E f 3 s J-.NM L. Q 3 as 5 s E i 5 me , X ,gli X: ex X sei M w. 1 X essex l . Et Q 1 X Q ix X gi 53' X N xv M ' X xlibs A Q is Cf X 5 3 Q ' , st t, 1 M E W , X X w if sw 5 S X ggi? NN"i,?',s K 5' , H 3' 1 g N. - g J L V , L is F F . .K K It tx iss . X N W N M s-me X Q ,X w est: sa .. 2 gsm NX Q We N X N X Qs Qs Wx X 1 E E 1 1 it Q -f . , 1-Qs ' -A., " E 55 :ff W A A A 'fs ge - .,,,. 1--: W W 2 ,A ' W X SE, Am ,,,, , -A eliii r ssear 1, relt L so sl :-ggfmfiig IQ 2 'Q 4 mmf. Q-:::.::.,::::::.:::. 5 l 5 Q EEE, ss 1:25.55 1 Lili, 5 3 5 E. ,lei 2 5, I Mr. Pollack practices for his upcom- ing G.Q. cover shot. Left: Open House festivities are lead by Mr. Quinn. Above: Coaches Klein and Harrison wash just one more car in the softball fund raiser. Top: The ever happy Mrs. Logan takes time from the switchboard 1 deliver the mail. Left: Mrs. Miller takes aim on her archery student Right: A lunch break for Mr. White. TEACHERS Mboveyburing lst and,2nd lunch, Mrs. isaac checks the students for their lunch permits. A t ileftj Open house, Mrs. Furnald and Mrs. Watson check in the parents as they arrive. Aguilar, Barbara QEng.l Teachers Bigler, Bob QBus.j Bravo, Dolores lSci.l Brown, Harvey QForeign Lang.J "Some days I think to myself, I "can't believe I do this for a living." -Aguilar Buchholz, Mary fEng.l Busarsky, Kathy QBus.l Butler, Michael fMathJ Castaneda, Ginette fEng.J THOUGHTS ABOUT ARROYO: "Ar- royo reminds me of a good wine-it eda 3. I just gets better with age." -Castan- Colwill, Nona QP.E.j Costello, Rita lSoc. Sci.J Dabney, Morris lDept. Head Foreign Lang.l Dean, Richard QBus.J "All the ceiling tiles fell on JefflEng. teacher, with a room full of stu- dents and kept on teaching as if nothing happened." -Dean DeBraal, Donald QEng.j Donato, Margaret lEng.l Dorkowski, Donald fDept. Head H 8. SJ Dwyer, Sandy lDept. Head Home Ec.l THOUGHTS ABOUT ARROYO: "Gutsy, earthy. Students who do not care how much you know-but knows how much you care." -De- Braal .Feldes, Jim lSci.j Flores, Michael QForeign Lang.y Gerke, Mary lDept. Head Sci.J Getze, George lDept. Head Eng.J "I like those little trucks that make the funny loud noises while driving around the school." -Feldes Grenzenbach, Stanley lBus.J Gonzalez, Dorothy QBus.j Gunstream, Gary QMathj Hake, Steve QMathj "I probably would bleed blue, black, and white. Very loyal 8t proud to be a knight." -Gunstream Halpern, Bob lEng.J Halverson, Doug QSoc. Sci.l Harrison, Sheila QP.E.J Henneforth, Gary fSoc. Sci.J HUMOROUS THOUGHT: "Teaching with McKeIvie and explaining how to turn on a T.V." -Halverson TEACHERS ii-- W ES X J. X K we X X QR X f N X sm X N Nm I A SNQ s wx is x mm Q if 5 N N -X 1 X Xfnqfar N X P KX S Q xi X N Q X A X N95 , Q' X is X e s Q X 3 N X X W 3 xx X XX X 4 xx N -sn... Teachers S TEACHERS Teachers Hermesch, Sheila QP.E.J Hirigoyen, Larry QMathj Hoffman, Esther lEng.J Karklins, Loma lSoc. Sci.i HUMOROUS THOUGHT: "That these students might one day rule the world." -Hirigoyen Kelley, James Und. Artsj Kelley, Richard fPer. Arts Dept. headj Kleine, Michael QP.E. Dept headj Koch, Ted QMathl Koprcina, Paula lHome Ec.j Kuhn, Frank lSci.J Kyne, Joel lSpec. Ed.J Laun, Melinda QForeign Lang.J THOUGHTS ABOUT ARROYO: "Too much candy and junk food sold by clubs and cafeteria." -Kuhn Loewen, Bret lEng.J MacKinnon, Don lP.E.J Maitland, Jeen QCar. Cen.l McGinnis, Pat lMath Dept. headj Mclllwain, William fSci.J McKeIvie, Clyde lSoc. Sci.l Miller, Candace lP.E.l Morgan, Peggy QSpec. Ed.i OTHER ACTIVlTlES:"You mean teachers are human and have life after Arroyo? You bet but l'm not telling . . . or maybe its my memory fading." -Miller TEACHERS :. if: S l S qi, V as ' f Nelson, Vern lEng.J ,, as X E Noelte, AI Und. Artsj :,, ' ... ,N txx. N, .,.:. I ctkbtb Nosek, Amy QHome Ec.J ' K 5 nnn :.. "iff ' , E15 AAA"' A ,.... 2 Olson, Bruce Qlnd. Artsj n n f ,E :.,, -X I . ...,:.:::.,, -1tt: zzz THOUGHTS ABOUT ARROY0:"Fln- TT1 ,ITTTT in students eating habits." -Nvsek d f nn+-n T ' nT nnn , l . S i 1 ll ' TT.T- inn TTV ..:: , X P Sim ZIA W 0'Rourke, Tim lEng.J Pace, Eugene QMathj Palmer, Sandra lSpec. Ed. Dept headj Peel, Mary lLib. Sci. Dept. heady HUMOROUS THOUGHT:"Running in the door on a rainy day and fly across the room and land flat on my back." -Pace N E , S 2 Teachers TEACHERS FY J I Teachers Pencall, Constance lEng.l Pilon, Kristin fArtJ Pollock, Brad QSci.J Pope, Michael lSoc. Sci.l "A boy brought in live snails cov- ered with white frosting for a Christ- mas treat." -Pencall Randol, Howard Und. Artsj Richardson, Keith QForeign Langg Russell, Roy fBus.J Sainz, Sam QSpec. Ed., HUMOROUS THOUGHT:"Some of the things students say in cIass-sub- ject not repeatable." -Russell Sefton, .lim QP.E.J Shephard, Geoffrey fMathJ Shively, Robert Und. Artsl Sorce, Chris QSoc. Sci.J HUMOROUS THOUGHT: "A drivers ed. car hit the steps on portable rm. 76 and the class could not exit." - Sefton Sorenson, Robert QP.E.l Sutton, Fredrick fSoc. Sci.J Sypherd, Edward lMathJ Thomas, Linda lSpec. Ed.J "1958 Grad. of Arroyo High Schoolllst Grad cIass.jGIad to be back." -Sorenson Vorobieff, Victor lP.E.j Warden, Larry lPer. Artsl Watson, Myrtle lNurseJ White, Richard QArt Dept. headj HUMOROUS THOUGHT:"Too funny to teII." -Watson 7255121176 Z am?! "Freshman?. , . ls that what I -Albert Hernande "ll'S all- ' right " -Iohnr Ramire 'eshman?. . .I ke it. . .It's .k." -Lupe Santiago 7225 217765 W Being a Gabriela Aguilar Monique Aguilar Daniel Arellano Jose Arellano Veronica Arias Veronica Arteaga Kimberly August Steve Avila Jessica Ayala Miguel Ayala Jennifer Baird Steven Thomas Balsz Carlos Barajas Richard Barber Inez Barberena Anthony Barbosa Magdalena Barbosa Patricia Barragan Orlando Barreras Michele Bellgardt Guadalupe Bermudez Garius Bias Nasir Biilo Daphne Biurra Martha Blancas David Bontty Rene Briceno China Brinkman Dori Brown Holly Buck Robert Buckhart David Burrecia Leticia Cabrera Jbes Caldwell Richard Cambdin Campos Celedonia Juana Candido Rubin Cano Lourdes Cardenas Mario Cardenas Fernando Carillo Ailyn Carmona Kisha Carpenter Gabriela Carranza Sharon Carranza Sylvia Carranza Robert Carter' Veronica Casandra Veronica Casillas James Castenada Brandon Castillo Thomas Caton Kelly Caylor Wendy Ceron Raechel Ceroni Juan Chadwick f ef we if , ' H ,, ,,,, , W7 93 M x W f f M J f f V4 J' ,M 'lv 45 , 1? , X f Y f W K . ...V, f ,,, ,Z Q 3 3 ' H , . ,ff ,,,, ' . F ii g K . . 3 , i E' , fi? u 2 1-ff " zwffm: n- ff f X mt, X! 2 xg X ff si bf fe-L g ff, ,..., M24 5 X Q , W WW, ..,, M VV ggi? , ff ig 2 . il 525 , gn , ,S , 2 MQ X 135' ig E. , ,, Bla 9 f , hwswwvf w7":ef.2f?524w :-- H, 'H .. i ,,,, , ,,,, , ,,,,,,, ,,,, , t VV,, Q K W QW ft S K s , f f 1 7414 f ,waxy .1 4 f ,, , W. .fn - e J 47 f 1 4, f ,M , .. , .t,.,i,, f at A ,ezfg .. ' , . W 1 X , f V J, V ,,, ' f wi f ,lll , ,,,,, 1,U f wi fl U, K' f an if J ,, , W ,, -- A -far. .Q CLASS OF 1991 CLASS OF 1991 CLASS OF 1991 CLASS OF 1991 CLASS OF 1991 CLASS OF 1991 CLASS OF 1991 CLASS OF 1991 FRESH MEN Sherry Chambers Ji Hoon Chang Z ,R XA! f e W f f 4 f X W M ' ,,,, " 'nw Freshmen Eric Chavarrla Jorge Chavez Mario Chavez Patricia Chien Jim Chung Ana Cisneros Margaret Clark Lorena Clazabal Gregory Clinton Cecilia Contreras Josie Contresceri Leticia Corales Brian Costello John Costello Patricia Couvet Tracy Cox Michael Crook David Crosby Art Cruz Benjamin Cruz, Jr Danny Cruz Philip Cruz Valerie Cuevas Sabbatino Curtis L B' h Dam oan ic Minoy Daniels Thien Dang Chad Davis Sophia Davis Brandi Lynn Dean Daniel Dean Christina DeCorse Mike Degidio Adolph Delacerda Ill Pablo Delatorre Desiree Delariva Elizabeth Delreal Veronica Delreal Victoria Delrico Vera Delgado Luis Denico Gidgeth Dhong Ana Diaz Cam Tuyet Diep Lucio Dominguez, Jr. Robert Donahoo Mariza Donan Stephanie Dossett Christina Dow Crystal Dow Katina Durham Brian Duron Erik Eriz if X gi Q 3 sl? if, N. ttiiii , ees, ..... s. ,, .... X .., Q as X S seg X S .1 w is Y Ne-is , ,X X if as ,, we X S X X MXXXXXXX., .ss . ,,.sss.w: - ,, -XM ....i . .., , me was X 5 8 . 5 K eeee ., ... l.t.. ' . ,,.. .,,. - ' 3 WATC 1 1 New disease linked to excessive consump- tion of cafeteria hamburgers. ..... Y XX X X sex X gm -SL s X X 2 A .. 'XX S Dag? X2 X XX 3 X gg f X Si ies X f X X 5 X 2 W X X XX SS X X1 R X S Ss QNX XX it E if X 1 X N X s XXE XX X VNSXYS X X 95955 AX, www is VXXXX gs Freshmen i L7 IN 3,192.2 tu ,l 01942 .f nw um 5 'Val 1 , Q cj J, . f, Ama. W f f X W we A F JR V wt B W 4' , f' Q I ,, .... ,S my A Q W ff -..n. Aus. ,.. ff irir evvv he 1 W, M ' H Z ff' ,, ,,.. . ff QW f ff SZ 0 f, ,Q 92 f if f f , f L, it ,,,, X' W W r, ,,,,,,,,, , f K 1 'ilu sy- -'tw' , ff M l , H' '1!,s ' 'E fi: ' 'V-,F ' -0 ,. M'ij'l ' H ' 'wsgrw , ef f 'he "wiv if 1 H . ? ,M.?Wg wwf ff ff! mf ,ff 165 fx 4532 H FEZWWZ ,. J 'fiffi' ' 'f1!,,,...1: 'L f V w 'sf 4: ' r" 'Sfff ,fEf' rx" f ,W 1,1 7 sf F ' X, 'yy' QW Freshmen Mark Escalante Juan Escobedo Alicia Esparza Eloy Espinoza Annette Fernandez Cynthia Fernandez Jenett Fernandez Joseph Fernandez William Finke Caesar Flores Leticia Flores Sal Flores Konstandina Frangos Franklin Freeman Aaron Gallagher Braulio Gallegos Hector Gaona Bertha Garay Claudia Garcia Guillermo Garcia Jade Garcia Leticia Garcia Luis Garcia Marlo Anne Garcia Monica Garcia Renee Garcia Tony Garcia Peggy Garrison Jonathan Gilkey Satina Giordano Charlene Godinez Danny Gomez Susanna Gomez David Gonzales Everett Gonzales Francisco Gonzales Mark Goodman Mark Granados Araceli Grand Scott Grebe Marta Grinnell Michael Grosenbach Charlie Guerra Jose Gurrada David Gurule Luis Gutierrez Cynthia Guzman Lori Hacker Jennifer Hale Bertha Haro Mark Haro Steven Harrison Ken Haug Tina Heilbron Jennifer Hentsch Alberto Hernandez Consuelo Hernandez Joaquin Hernandez Lisa Hernandez Ruben Hernandez James Hines Michelle Ho Nancy Hoa Margo Holguin Kevin Holmquist Thanh Hong Lisa Huong Michael Hwang Susan Hwangpo Lorraine lbarra April Imperial Mercy Irigoyen Christopher Jacobson Jessica Jashimoto Manuel Jemenez Rudy Jimenez Peter Jong Jesse Joyce Jorge Juarez Enrique Juarez Brian Junell Michael Kline Dianne Krager Nina Kunimoto "WHAT'S FOR LUNCH?" Suzie Q's, apple pies, and fries that's what we'lI get 'cause we can't go off-campus yet. 'Mme ,,, N 5 , .,., ' M-W fffi fif' f vs, . rw ,, 7, fir if 80 new we V, Ovid x w-we ,f fwefff,-wwe' aagww.,-zz L a...,, ,,,, ..s,, , , ,,,, L' " . 4 .4 MQW Freshman A .mwah any 'DN Freshmen Kendra Liang Richard Lambdin Marvin Carson, Jr. Lily Lazo Tuan Anh Le Phi Ni Leao Whylip Lee Brandee Levy Hsiao Ching Li Abraham Lopez Ada Lopez Carmen Lopez Gabriel Lopez Gerardo Lopez Jeanette Lopez Paul Lopez, Jr. John Magallanes Tammie Maier Jose Maldanado Gabriella Marenco Adan Marin Cynthia Marmolejo Brian Marris Dominic Martinez Jennifer Martinez Luz Martinez Ricardo Martinez John Mascorri Arroyo is gee so neat all kinds of people are here to meet from Heavy-Metalers to people who like the Disco beat. Kenneth Molineaux :-- ---..A.,,, , -,ff Rebecca Montalvo 5F'1 l1'2l1""' frzqx FRIENDS Friends come in different sizes, some are big, some are small, and some are real tall 7 and Arroyo s the place to see them all Sandra Matke Salena Mckel Lynn Melendez Paul Melocoton Jason Menchaca Rhea Mendoza Pedro Menrlquez David Meza James Miuer Paul Miller Lorza Mlner Celia Minott Claudia Miranda .121 Samantha Miranda 'M' ww Ricardo Montes Alicia Montie Steven Montoya Michael Moore gf A M J : Cindy Morales '. A Florida Morales V - H April Moreno V " Melissa Moreno VV' ' " ' Monica Moreno David Morrison - Pablo Moyao ' Judith Munoz M945 M-W xffm' -Nix f sg' s s 1 I M kk ,, f W S2 W' f an 'lf , f H M' fl .. W X' 'K X 'li f ,,,L W J ' 7 :..n-M, , ,,,f ,, as 2 5" 1 ,,g. ,xv ,X A 'W7 A . 2 5 , , , VU' I' 4, , 9 I W so 1,6 f i. , Q N 1' 'it fx vm ' Q gig? l qt lun, '00 k gf' " uw f , 95f',,,-if .- , 3 gn , , x 46 ' 'z f 1 'M af .. 'I x 4 X if f 32 "' w...,w . E - we was 'f ' . 1 f ' 3, L Q I y ff, V 5 I I .f I f wr- O. ,f qu' ,,,,-.w- eww fa! fg,,, 'HW' "if ..u..e My f W , A, 'hi .3 ggz m I 'ww Freshmen Chaiyaporn Mutsalklisana Susan Myers Judy Natera Luis Navarro Luz Negrete Amy Wai Har Ng Kim Nguyen Song Nguyen Salena Nickel Michael Nunez Maria Del Ochoa Filiherto Olazabal Lorena Olazabel Armando Olmos Tinesa Olotoa Isaac Ornelas Michael Orona Beatriz Oropesa Michelle Ortegan Jose Ospina Didgedh Ovend Timothy Owens Johnny Padilla Victir Palacios Christina Pariagua Benjamin Parson Ayamy Pena Imelda Pena Ruben Pena Peggy Perales Cory Perdue Ana Perez Arturo Perez Denise Perez Irene Perez Hien Pham Koinly Pho Kenny Pickett Priscilla Pilan Tahja Pino Michael Pinto Amy Poise Jenny Prado Adrian Purdon Diego Quintero Joseph Quintero Rafael Salvador Andrew Ramirez Felipe Ramirez Juan Ramirez Mario Ramirez Richards Randazzo Evelio Raygoza, Jr. Veronica Renova Michael Reyes Karla Reyna Sherri Richie April Robles Adela Rodriguez Anthony Rodriguez Elias Rodriguez Irma Rodriguez Alicia Roman Ned Romero Rachel Romero Jennifer Romo Yolanda Rosales Sonia Rosel Sonserey Rubia Jennifer Rudisill Gabriel Rueda Christopher Ruggles Brandie Ruiz Damien Ruiz Olivia Ruiz Chris Ruggles David Rush Elizabeth Ryan Victorian Ryan Ben Sacks Frank Sagliano Eddy Salazar Francisco Saldana Lupe Samaniego Cesar Sanchez Eric Sanchez Lisa Sanchez Reynaldo Sanchez Alex Sandoval Anna Sandoval Fernando Sandoval Victoria Sandoval Yesenia Sandoval Adrian Santiago Henry Santillan Sergio Santillan Cynthia Saraf Sandra Sarmiento Daniel Scott Phillip Serda Louis Serrano Wendy Sharp Christopher Sherk Michelle Sievert June Silva Stacey Silva Chrisopher Smith Karen Smith Sandy Smith Lorraine Spiro Chris Stevens Gerod Striekland M104 mf X Z, my be , ,S Sw, f f K W 'Z' ff ff g X , . V H dvr!! f Q1 W f f I g ,ll lery i s I ,W N, ,,,,,,Mz., A x , ,L e ,. 'w w em- f - 1 M1435 E l 425 " W ,Q-f 4 fiii A 2 My f , .J-'W ,F 7 l Awmnmi ff ml W L ef ar-1 Q A, . ? ,Q fd "'-xv V, 51 H ,,, W - - ,,,,,,, MDM x li fl W, fi W . , ,mfr 4643 V , . --f 1 1, ' Vff. at fl , 1, , ,,..,,,, . , Q 1 2 32.45, yi 1 M P 'fn , X f Freshmen ,I .ff si ,ww :mr ee? HW . .2 fwwwr l ff , 4121 A f Z6 M w M 9 s J 541294 X 5:5352 ..,, 1 L V f 4 g W, E X, fm 3 3 ey S K w X is- af ,g 5 W 2 5 NO' -:vw -,pf Y v NS X QNX gs iw! '14 ? pq..-N A i . . I ,::... ":. Q ' f .t.. ttf . -. i ..,:1 QP ,- We X X NT: 1 dun . 'V' M, m,T' . f " HHHHHHH " Freshmen ssss Tricia Tadakawa Christopher Taggart Khai Tang Alma Telrez Sara Tena Reyna Tinajero Lily Toledo Scott Tolman David Tornel Anthony Torres Frank Torres Maria Torres Miguel Torres Pasqual Torres Ethan Toste Dung Tuyet Tran My Ming Ung Robert Valdez George Valenzuela Jose Valenzuela Joe Vargas Paul Vargas Consuelo Vasquez Vincent Vasquez Leonardo Velasquez Erika Velasquez Frances Verni Pamela Vetterick w'y"""bf 46" 1 FW U M To be successful in High school, students must dedicate themselves to hard work. Dionicia Villalvazo Lydia Villanueva Jose Villasenor Eduardo Villegas Mathew Villescas Stephanie Viray Michael Vizcarra M w -we A is Q 5 XX Q , Dong Vong Jennifer Wall Parnatda Warasopun Anna Wen Gunther Werther Michelle Wilbur Dawn Williams 5 ,., - N gg .S 95 W QW Ni as 'SX X X 2 Nix Ng Q , Wt is swf' -: - . 5 5 Q r Ls Q A ss E? 5 , X .e 2- I kvqg: : ,- ' Q as get Swim 5 me get Q M.: E is Q Qs 'luv' Rac"e'Fe Wi'S0" i t Jason Lee wmkleman , ,... Q Christopher Witherby l mfr ' , Shannel W0ng Z 1 " ell t 1 W l s San? Na" Wong ss KX eeul so We W""a"' Wm at eeel Stace WU"5l9y ll.. . A... oa.... . . V -Wwe ff: 'r,': 22356 -1 . - -if 1 5'-fs Qi Phuong Wu Veronica Ybarra Esther Yee Lydia Yelin Sef Ayman Yous Christine Yu Albert Zamora as-4 mf cLAss or 91' We're the class of 91 we're a bit strange but we love fun. sm X 36 Freshmen s ,.:,, .lua WAN E S X 3 'Bk , g 1 2596 . .... F6 .T F.. ,mg 1 5.353 Q. ,..... ...... ,WYE W x, ...M .fvwq mwww .. M, 6-,MMM Qs iwigqgv gf? xl 'ff -- ------ ------ - Q Q X M .....,, W.. .,.,. ,.,.,.,,,. . .L ,.x. .,.. ,, ,q .,:,..: X ,.,:., .:.: .,.q,,:,:...: .,..,: ,k,, ,:,.,.,.:.,,. , 3 ,,,,,:,,:, ,,,., , . """' W --ef: -- 4 ----- ' it ' .... : SA 531 2? ?X ?' ??, iv , ggfg fi? 55 '-'-' s'i': ?5 2 afiasilfjizg 35335 1:'35WiHL,j 'RA W QJZQEQSMQE mew.isxi,fagg3f25Wwfsx,5Q,2,gs1MBAgg5ii2ee:.Q,:25zgmQg4:,,:,-ish! apw,5fQQvw:Wg,g,gw:f:ff izilsbiggisgszsggggmseimzffs z 34 219: 'f5f?S.,rz::Eg?Q52i:::m3??i :ss 'si1.ffwf::f1iifw,fsz '1 sis? W 4 1 is ,fs if gm 525555, 5531g:"ff?j'f?R'1::f:55055952 e "'1'f-2:36 Af gsf:f'i5'???"Q'?fffiawff 'ff Q -54, 'ffsigi A' 55335 . J QNqf3f22z'f: U fl? 953 iilwa? 5 IA if 535553 'T5?1i'K?s.Z' Y 3 ls? f, 2 'iii '4?55iiS,,'2f ?,??3f?f?3 in 1 2,155 , 52: sf fyllsf, g :xii , ' 1:2-mg ,ml f wv,i,mgb:,6 mfwgg- :Ms swam., , hams:-.2 b???3avSf.:zgv?SSi?Sif3 :Mmqfggg wg V Q esssiww kg: Qgewagsaiviiizsgiwqmsgg grin Wag: ESS?-:ll Z t h'Qf'1?H'fgg352?1fR5fS33f-'? 2 fggifflff' Q fi g ,Eg 2. 1 Q 4?fffS55?51fF N? x Ein sswg5i?SG22S25f:m -1:-1,1 -1:5f1'-11 1 522fvrgsiiqfegsszeysgsssfimgggg X :V 225 , I Ji V 2:2 pil' U Aff fig fb 2 2?'-S2112 I :I Q f 555 2,1 ff :fi gi? H355 :::-: mgffrgiszsg- .1 f , , 3 WSWS? Eff sfsffffffs , :--:i ----- :- :fm-.2: S. Q aww 9 04 5? N SQMEK pig,- -:-I-- .2 f m Su 2-'.'.2: :2-:E--a QQSWE' f iff 'W " 5555fs:E5:i. , ' my .aria G Qe2::e?Zf?2f2f:,.:we:i???iS2smi5,,Mqs1wwswifwm "" 22 QQ 'gf M it 'L W Q fl gm if ,swam M 22 ,, Ri Candids IMDHWW Q 7026576 "The Music Department ha a great deal of opportunities for students who love to be -Q involved." -Betsy Hol 75?f42777Z5W'7 'The Music vepartment has me best eachers-very Ispirational . ' ' Albert Hernandez RROYO HIGH SCHOOL Betsy Holm Being president of Arroyo's Choirs is no easy task, but 198788 president Betsy Holm did the job with grace and style. Therese Fowier Vicepresident Therese Fowler did a fine job in supporting the choirs. Therese has been part of the music vocal department throughout her high school career. , 7 if, si. 3 as 4 , so I 3 at , 5 , , l I i f 1 , T Q Art Arias, Robert Hoyt. Kara Montgomery, Karen Hinman, Christa Bowman, Michelle Seegers, C Garcia, Katrina Haro, Shawn Dolhy, Alex Guerrero, Robert Osterkamp, Brad King, Desirea McCoy, J Pate, Heather Holcomb, Kim Vetterick, Jean Chadwick, Ken Mattson, Betsy Holm, Stacy Osterka Danielle LaMarre. ACappeIla singers giving it their ali. Misty and Stacey show us that there is much more tl choir than just singing. 90 ACappella Choir ACAPPELLA CHOIR ,wi Q 9 elissa Laing, Dan Eckhart, Veronica Delrico, Therese Fowler, Tawanda Spruel, Kari Hart, Tanya ,cobedo, Mike Max Maze, Kelly Evans, Lisa Lagares, N Misty Tidwell, Krista Eubanks, Christine zCosta, Monica Moreno, Radames Montes, Orlando Montes. Note: Names not in order as they spear. ii, ,J The choir is showing their stuff. ACappella Choir 91 if H I ,,., r l 'neg - , 'gif' 1? V, it X yy maillist V H! If ' A ., ,. ,, awk: 'M ' -"' ' " i ls iix Mr. Warden, choir director, leads the choir in their strive towards musical harmony and per- fection. Senior Sandy Randazzo studies her complicated music. The ACappeIla Choir has always had a long-standing tradition of being among the finest. This year was no ex- ception as the choir was asked to per- form at many different functions. Members of ACappelIa are dedicated and hard-working, devoting much time and effort to rehearsals and per- formances. Who will ever forget the drudgery of Tuesday night rehearsals or Mr. Warden's urging to, "Use your diaphragms!"?! 3 5 3 a l- .i. . .. g ... ., . ,1 ,. , , l ,, f t .A, or , , ,: 2 : E : , : Ti me M My : : 'fchristie Ivleflgez, brlando Montes, Misty Ti Betsy Holm, ' is arcia, Radamus ontes, Krista Eubargdgiseiigalgesv N AMBER CHO IR W' N -- W -W L MW ww mm Wm e- ----'- M WMM -:A A- .W , e ' W -W , NMWM A WW kk' WW W M N 2 gn- i l I l 5 gs - f Q za ' 53 i S l E Ill Q2 ix 5' 3 ls X QE :A 3 :sf Q ww l , 2 ,s,. g sg ' 2 l li A as as s-'-- 'M W M fm' WE W f - .... : 4 JJVK .,.:::gg:g, ...., mMm V ms mm W h ,--f--S SX Rotfe1't0sQkamp Kare Muntgumire, Alex Guerrero, Desirea McCofsMic. rshjhawn Christa Bow N n, Art Arias. Ken Ilgjtson, ChriLk, Mehssa Laing, Kelly Evans, Therese Fowler AR 1ww?F"'MQ'ex genie' N2 We f E 2 5 I ' X 5 ,. 5 l, fff2:2 :QE:--' :?. X E gif, :A E i g I, ' es Sigel S? M SE as air Efisl lieift f i Q 5555 gi gl? ' EQIE ragga il l r g r lV2?52gE 2 g gg e E Elf 5 QW EQESSQQ W, EE Fee 122 5 ff weigh! lf Q ,ti ,, E E fif t it 5 1 Y Q gl S ag 323 ig f Getting ready to perform . . . 92 Chamber Choir EOLIAN CHOIR ln Alphabetical Order: Cherly Barber, Wendy Barney, Melissa Borquez, Sandra Diaz, April Galindo, Shannon Garcia, Jill Groves, Linda Grudzinski, Nadara Guerrero, Christine Gutierrez, Olga Gutierrez, Melissa Kaplan, April Lemire, Denise Marmolejo, Christine Marquez, Victoria Martinez, Janenne McKnight, Diane Redondo, Christine Renten, Maria Rivas, Cassandra Rojas, Renee Sanchez, Mari Turner if H km 41 52, A enise Marmolejo enjoys herself at an Arroyo The Aeolian choir sang well in the Christmas Renee Sanchez shows a thoughtful look. aotball game. performance done for the Arroyo students. The Aeolian choir is a select group comprised of Sophomore, Junior, and Senior students who enjoy singing. Different styles of music are experienced and explored by the Aeolian choir. The students gain real insight on music and the feeling of singing with a group. 25 . K s l Q MI ED CHORUS In Alphabetical Order: Monique Aguilar, Kristin Allen, Rachael Allender, Jennifer Baird, Inez Barberena, Magdalena Barbosa, Daphne Biurrea, Martha Blancas, Holly Buck, Raechel Ceroni, Veronica Delreal, Victoria Delrico, Mercy lrigoyen, Dianne Krager, Nina Kunimoto, Kendra Laing, Ada Lopez, Kimberly Lujan, Cynthia Marmolejo, Jennifer Martinez, Samantha Miranda, Florida Morales, Susan Myers, Judy Natera, Alicia Roman, Olivia Ruiz, Sandra Sarmiento, Sandra Smith, Khai Tang, Erika Velazquez, Pamela Vetterick, Parnatda Warasopun. SSX, is revise, If Raechel Ceroni isn't singing her heart away in the chorus, she's on the SUSBI1 MYGYS d0eSn'f Seem f00 h3PPY to have her Pic' stands cheering on our Arroyo athletes. ture Taken- This is the first stage of singing for girls at Arroyo. Being a part of this group is a memorable experience and the girls are taught to develop their confidence. The importance of maintaining a good attitude to have a successful group is also stressed. Girls Chorus 5 ts THE CHRISTMAS CONCERT A yi Mr. Quinn narrates a stirring rendition to the Christmas story. Choir F Mr. Kelley accompa- nies the choirs 31 Mr. Warden directs the sounds of the holiday sea- son nqh, . 'Qi 'S Students await the beginning of the holiday vacation. aft wigf iffy F LORI WILSON Being President for the Arroyo Knights Band is a responsible position, but Lori Wilson sure tack- led it! y Jennifer Groves Jennifer Groves, also, took a great responsibility and stood behind Lori as the Vice President. A Knightly salute Rnovo HIGH scHoo Yvonnedkbasta Ruben Alarcon, Racheal Allender, Joshua Alvarenga Art A1 "54M"- J' X, . . . Momifue Armenta, Neil Ballecer, Mike Baltierra, Elena Bernal, Curtis Bomar, li Burrescia, Yvette Burton, Eli Camparo, Patti Carranza, Steve Ceroni, Tim Chen Monique Churchill, Lionel Cooper, Bri ISL ello, Jeff Cox, Tracy Cox, .1 DeLao, Katina Durham, Kelly Evar?,M5?cie Faire iid, Melissa Freet, .lon Gil Charlene Godonez, Jeni Groves, il V6Ej"Tla'dara Guerrero, Carla Gutier John Hall, Joaquin Hernandez, Lisa Hernandez, Marty Herrera, Heather Holco The wild side of Band. Let the music play! Knights' Band ARCHI G BAN hy Ianno, Richard Lambdin, Marie Lanoy, Dave Lazaro, Anseley Lee, Anne Marie Easpe, Jenny Li, Jeanette Lopez, Kevin Lopez, Jill Martinez, Rhea Mendoza, ltalie Nunez, Sheri O'Brien, Gus Olmos, Melissa Ontiveros, Michelle Ortegon, ith Pinneger, Tahja Pino, Jason Prechtl, Sonia Ramirez, Rusty Reagan, Mike yes, Yvonne Rodriguez, Racheal Romero, Gabriel Rueda, Sandy Schowen, Luis rrano, Ben Siders, Gina Stratton, Denise Thain, Pasqual Torres, Tien Tran, uristine Walker, Becky Wells, Lori Wilson, Rochelle Wilson, Nathan Young. 2 AJQXWF Performing for a pep rally. Mike playing the trumpet. Knights' Band 5 ,.i T' it .. Ki .M , . fi i ., is 5 ,Q W . 1 I 1svRxs1mss,,.,r.,, ..- ,... s, W -'Rfk is , R i 1 ' li--Iss' t .. M M . We-sa..-.L x Working together, as a group, is an important part to Band. if Friendship is also an important essential to the Band's success. The Knights' Band consists of in- strumentalists and dancers that strive to put on an entertaining show. The band is proud of its winning traditions. Awards include, performing at the Na- tional Freedom Bowl Festival, West Co- vina Field Show Tournament and the Lester Oaks Band Review. The concert band performs well at all showings and is a big part of the band. lts flash- rankers add a special touch to the al- ready spectacular sounds and effects. The Bands' success throughout the year is found through competitions and awards. This year the band has represented us in the best way . . . The Arroyo way! DR M M IOR ANSELEY LEE Anseley Lee is the 1987-88 Knights Band Drum Major. Anseley is a fourth year clarinet player in the band and has played first chair for two years. He has won over 40 awards as a drum major and has played in the Citrus Col- lege Honor Band, and the P.C.C. Tour- nament of Roses Honor Band. KELLY EVANS Kelly Evans is the 1987-1988 Head Flashranker. Kelley is a second year band member and serves as the Lan- cerette Captain, Drill Team Co-Cap- tain, and a member of the Dance Team! She placed third as a military soloist at camp this summer. AND HE D FLASHRANKE Drum Major and Head Flashranker IESTERS ls. Lront:JiIl Martinez,Natalie Nunez,Michelle Ortegon. MiddIe:Charlene Godonez,Racheal AlIender,Ailyn Carmona, Jill -roves. Back:Sonia Ramirez,Marcie Fairchild The Knights Band Jester team works hard to achieve excellence in both military and dance styles. They add the snap and flash to the drill team on the street and the sparkle on the field. wr --sw tif Jill Groves-Captian E . . I Q' 'il 'y.1fv' 1x 6 ' 5 l -A -0 'I': , Q, N.. ps y W x i M. N seg Q: 1,5 T' 4 1 fn eee as ,W ,t llt J e gg-e e ,W 14: s y -' """' -l l ,'. - I IESTERS ANCERETTES Front:KelIy Evans.Middle:RocheIle WiIson,Gina Stratton,Yvonne Rodriguez,Tahja Pino. Back:MichelIe Stenberg,H- eather Halcomb. The Knights Band Lancerettes are a as Nts. ., small precision team who specialize in sell military style routines. They also work irT with all of the other flashranker groups to add that snap to field shows and the drill team. get 4 Kelly Evans - 5 Captain i X K - -wife s me t M :ff fi .3- Lancerettes IORETTES Front:CarIa Gutierrez,Becky Walls. Back:Tracy Cox,Monique Armenta. The Majorette team consists of the girls who are experts in twirling ba- tons. They work with the other flash- ranker teams as tall flags and dance- drill members for field shows and pa- rades. The Majorettes also twirl knives and fire batons in various coompeti- tions. J is N .,., Carla Gutierrez - Captain N .gs www W time MAIORETTES O GLE DERS sw f- . 15 Front:Sandy Schowen,Jeni Groves. Back:Sherrie Simmons,Julie De Lao,Lisa Hernandez,Vickie Cansoneri,Yvonne Abasta. The Knights Band Songleaders are a group that specializes in dance style movements and uses pom poms for its routines. Members of the songleading team also perform tall flags and dance-drill routines for field shows and parades. Jeni Groves - V Captain New Y-WIUZXLQ SONGLEADERS it A E T LL FLAGS Front:Patti Caranza. Middle:Elena BernaI,Racheal Romero,Ann Marie Le Gaspe. Back:Nadara Gurrero,Cathy Ianno. f gf Patti Caranza Captam I QI LL-L X, 1 . g as 5 - A1151 -- rwibnauiszfg-' W' N 'Shiva-,, A... A . A ,..L. 5 1 S The Tall Flag team members are ex- pert flag twirlers. They twirl 5',5'6" and 5'8" poles with many different flags. They add color to the Knights Band Shows. .nf rw X SF 4. Tall Flags K IGHTS ARE Us Hey, guys, we're on candid camera! A va W, WWAQ Spectators await results of taste test. Who is this masked being? I' Is it safe? Charge H fi Memories K IGHTS ARE US 535' K TY ' '3 - ' Q, - s,:- ' I! .... ' ' - i Hey! Who turned out the lights?! R xt. 5' 3 Pleading the fifth amendment me... -uk.. Iv!-in E i i i Mental mathematical exercises Peek-A-Boo! Candids .mf "We love it!" 4 v FALLING Falling Slowly first Faster now Speeding, Failing Now it's stopped I-lit the bnttom Look There Ynu'll find me -- Denise Thain . ' QXXXQ ii X322 YSXM 455, Q S ' . - A , A ' iv gyXQ..X. X. K . K. A. X N . Q Q T' 1. ' A ll,.i: . X. . 1?1',5 i" i'1fi ff lll. A Q 9 KX SX X K HX g si X A Xia xg WX XA Q M AX Q XX N X .NN 55,5 N55 A 5 NAS-A R55 r ,X A QXKXW is, ,gi , Wg ,TN X A X AX X A A X , Nsyk XV ,fx A q,s,XflX Xfw xg Xf-XXX A? , f A MXQSA NX-X X NX A, v ,.sXNw. xi. ..g.5k.X..sAwX.g,.., .,...xgjM. NMA , .ix X- A -ff 22Xw-2--::X,,fwX.iXf.1- X AXA - Fi. -- i Q - x X. XX .,...X.R..q. X. X X X XS KX NSA-FN? 'AX 4 X ge if ' S A N252 N Wi H+ A-XX i XX AX Q5 iv, A 'ik XX I A f A X 1 y X X Qi E -A X X X A X ' X 'N 1 ,X X XA X A x fl X -A X3 . wg 1 1 x X X X A f X 3 x, "K i A53 4 x s X A X X A Q K 1 t NR K Q X xy rw Xi X 3 A ' 'K -XA ik A if- is X 'KA - 255:if-22':E::sg-aL:5'-52:2-.g:-.E-52:2.2E2i:::.2:f6-E: IE "" I .. .. . .... .... A .5525- :-:-...:,:g::gE5s.,.g.-,-g ii ' ' 'izwriiiiiE?.i'1-'Fl-:-?'Y""i'i,v 4- 'V '1 ' 'rf gy 'Pb .Qu V ggi ff if - 2, ,Wai , .... A A AEN- iii? 0 sf J 1, ..-I.':I: H .ii U-::: Tri-,XL ..... , ig. . .... ... ii i , I .,:,,..,. I .. - -' s. .-1 il if - , pf" A 5, gi ' , ig Qian -. .... -, , ,, -af .. , '1 Lf.:-:ak -A . .-,. I .r:.!i,:...g:,I':-s.g-- ---. :'.gl'g-s.-gg1f'nE,.g :.-.,-.-'-119-125 gil .-,. , ---. .ffl -. - . 1 .- ---. .. . .,,..-:fb - .... -.-.. . E- ..... -.-. .- .. A WSW.. Wi . .... g .... :-,:.: .-., , -.:.:. :-.:g-,.- .,-.g:,g- ,.,:-.1-lg-,:' ,,,?.3-'::- adj.: gry. J- A .Aa I- ig . X 2.4 5252 X25 ag en .-Egg? S2353 A ii- f ii- 11: - ff-if-2 " gf ii " 5523215 g i-Ziyi --2 -lg EEE iii! GE ANN A ANCE co CERT IS A success -as :A -ai- X . 3.1 A. . :A-.- 5 sim' ':?:W:5iE?:xi'i . ... .A...A.A.:.A::-.--- 1- -A-- -:- L, P3 il E ':.::5,.' . -: :- we '--v 1- - --,gg ...Ag-.:..f4A.A 1 .. . 1 Q i-'13 A A. 513 In mid-february the da dance concert. lE" Dance Cvmnany 2 the audience- E:" ..:. i The dance Pfvgf -E i-:i ii' POPIYOGK music- SMU" Pall' Demi", ,..,.,, . dancers on stage." Q watching had H F9 5- - - 5- 9? FS T i S gy 1 W .1 11:1 Aw E 552 ii 8 Q , i .....,. ...A.s,:,:5:.-. -:.: 5 .5 lg .. XZ? 3 5 ibn:-:..: if :.: ..... .E,.:i ,., 5: 15 ",f .:'E.-:E E.:, A - v gg.-:..a ... .. fifx:.:.g.:A:. :.: ms: Z l ll l J Q 1 Z Fi A. m,.,.,.Nr,:W - -fzgwse pm. aww "' 1 1 il fl 3 X 3 RTISTICAL LY SPE KI MEMORIES the woods I see coming back to walking hand in hand to understand? our love is true when things Denise Hansen BRENT PERRY AN SHANN N GARCIA STAR I " AVID A LISA" This year the Arroyo performing Arts Department presented the play and Lisa", by James Reach. Adapted from the book by Theodore The story plot, which envolved two psychologically disturbed people other through self introspection was played beautifully by L . Brent Perry fDavldJ, and sophomore Shannon Garcia QLisay. all the characters, especially the leading characters were said senior ithespianl, Marla Jarquin, Jorge Alverez, Donna Natham, Jose Arias, Haydee Gonzalez, Tina Pen- Llonel Cooper, and Karine Moriority, also did a wonderful job in their ng roles l . was great!", said assistant prlnclpal, Dan Morris," I can't wait until next one." What will be next for the outstanding Drama Classes ?? , . , Well what their choice, Arroyo students can expect another great perfor- hls interests change. expands his range, bills, employment, passive enjoyment, And so he Retirement, leisure, social security filed, His son presents a new grandchild, Then he has come . . . Full cycle. - Rich White LTo Brandon and his grandpal. The Fine Arts IU 55767625 f AW K Vziy' H? an fy it ,K Mic, 1 ' L no I2 va , "I think of Arroyo right now. , ,But I won't when I'r gone." -Paul Devli "I don't think of Arroyo any- more-I think 55 727025 L, ff f ollegiate. . ." - Kari Hart ' ' 'I enjoyed my our years at A Arroyo. . .when I ook backl have E no regrets." M3 --LaVonne Stephens Ss. as '13 MOST SPIRITED Byron Cantrall, Edith Tombol BEST DRESSED Ruben Garcia, Diane Betts 1 ,,,. PRETTIEST SMILE Greg Rodriguez, Lorena Guiterrez SENICR PCLL Here it is! ... The 1988 Senior Poll! Each year the Senior Class votes for candidates to fill several categories. The two people lone male and one fe- malel, in each category, with the most votes win the category. Yes, these are the people who will always be remembered for the way they look, dress, perform, or behave! These people are greatly appreciated . . . Because without them four years would be pretty boring! To be chosen for the Senior Poll is a great honor, and very special for graduating Seniors. We are extremely proud of the Class of '88! May good luck be plentiful throughout each of your endeavors! And now the Shield proudly pre- sents the 1988 Senior Poll winners . .. MOST TALKATIVE Derrick Powers, Joey Gilliam BIGGEST FLIRTS Jason Thomas, Tina Magallanez BEST BODY Bob Brogan, Tanya Kaysen TRENDIEST Neil Truax, Marcela Castano . ,, , , , H. ,N , V g I K J I e is 1 , ,,,.. im BIGGEST GOSSIPS lunshownl Jose Arias, Vikki Yaller I BEST CAR I MOST LOVABLE BEST LEGS Ray Barajas, lunshown-Julie Nelsonl Jimmy Rodriguez, Missy Aragon Jason MacLellan, Kim Barnes Senior Poll Wg' SENICR POLL Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Rick Cordova Lori Luster Frank Sosa Robin Palmer MOST INVOLVED MOST LIKELY T0 SUCCEED MOST ATHLETIC Jon Springer My Ao Phong Rock Eva Ramirez Rick Fuller Anita Paggao MOST TALENTED CRAZIEST fUnshown Raul Almanzan Betsy Holm Paulo Lopez Stacy Smith PRETTIEST EYES MOST SCHOLASTIC MOST LIKELY TO INVADE RUSSIA Jeff Gllkey Jennifer Dummg Thomas Lin Christine Llsko Eric Geppert Kari Hart 71422 70511 Q if wg' ? 5 112 Senior Farewell . V 1.Eric Martinez taking a break ,2.Sarah I er, 3.Class of 88',4.Therese Fowler durin ing time ,5.LioneI Cooper enjoying tl ,6.Jason Gardner watches the game Truax and Frank Sosa,8.Tran Tran,9.L varez and Kim Barnes spectating. On o pagegl Anita Paggao,2.Senior athelete: their spirit,3.Frank Imperial having fu friends ,4.Dawn Lovejoy and Leticia ,5.Lee Randle,6.The Fab Three?,7.Dora I with a gracious greeting, 8.Diane Betts quiet smile. 3 if . 70 5577025 4"""'l' .1 Q -Nyc . Q . ' ,A Fi! 5 Q. 5 Q X . gs, xx. 3 R vs 'ff A f . 4 ,-.'f1. Senior Farewell 4...-rx ii. 1 ,N .nu-. , N 1 .,r' W, 5 - P , M M257 H ?:1?if31, I 3 E 2 if , is 5 'H' g , me 3: .f , ,, ,, -92 H m mww l ww Wi. ww' W My 'HM' y1,fm,v55?' 1 -v mmf fW WHi1 'W5u MPM W ,, M , w 'mu' :W I -A 1'1" M Ng 5 -g 3 .. L SENI Annaliza Basa Alicia Barragan Kimberly Barnes James Barela is This year, our Varsity Foot- ball team is strong and mighty! One of the Arroyo Senior's fa- vorite past times this year, as always, was cheering our team on to victories. Nothing could be more exciting than watch- ing our team come from be- hind to take the lead and win. Remember all those cold, stormy nights and the "hot chocoIate" we bought at the snack bar? Remember sitting with your friends? That's the stuff Knights are made of P-R-I-D-E! - f ,,f,., .A .LH , , L ,N T. PW , I , ' , l I l , The Black, White, and Blue Assembly was a great success That 5 the 5P""t' Arroyo S 5P"'t has 0bV'0u5'y 'mproved this year. It helped boost the spirit of the entire student this year. This was apparent in the tremendous success of body- unchtime activities. Pictured here are two seniors support- ng their favorite football team. Arroyo always has a good turnout of fans at football games on Friday nights whether :ur Knights are home or away. '88 has kept that spirit! Seniors SENIOR John Batres Vicky Beecher ulissa Belt J ,X Bernadette Bernal Ronald Bessera Diane Betts Charyl ne Blackwell wMww-el,- .,n..,v., .,. , V if If Jack Rodriguez appears to be overwhelmed by what he is reading, it's probably because he is. But he's not alone. Senior year may be a time to party and have fun, but it is also a time to get in those college applica- tions. It is no longer enough to have terrific grades because now colleges are demanding more. The competition is much tougher. The best thing to do is to make sure you are well rounded socially as well as academically. So if you ever thought that the school club scene just wasn't for you ... think again! Seniors ,W N !L'39"'wrV Au. ,Y ,HQ ,K ,,!g,1w,3,,, M . , I S' qv w W3 ,W ,E ii 1 Jug" W x i 1fW'k Mk .W gf www 'fum " ,155 - sim rw? -fam nm Mm. M K ,AH N 'Wh JM" V C2513 1 howls. Q W-Ef'fI5 1 , Wu, , N Hmmm? r 'Mmm , g 4 , , L W M ,-,lQH"?' "V ,M gg: :ax ':':: - ,L ,.,, 2. vfsil. ,rzifm , .IJ 'Wai suv ff- . .W 3235 e fag-3-5, ff I f W fialiix: , ' 4Q.'w W .NMI gg M 43? , we-4 W :PVR af?" i , w!W"' Y M14 .W-,F www 4 an 1 ' QJW1 ,, 1 1' u ' " FH Yjlizglf , , W ,wit '- 39 , ,, A+ WW 55" 5 ws ,1 ,A N -N 1253 .- iD."f W , '-r '-, 'HU' , 4 nu N ,E M , md km W M," M M, ,WJ -11 ucv 'iff ' l ' , M , W! ,E ,-5 M W 3! T ' -' 'sr 3 F ' will 'A 1 w ww W Q1 '1 3 '.4,W W H HH 0 ' " ' " AMW 1 , N .Jw ,,. -1 ' A., l , MQ? ,iii 1 I MN U .1942 WMS .1 l' if L, 5 x.,: ,5 1 xwwmyu .V W A A M NWA lix m xL " ' W' Mu ,um , -.v 5? 'Q mi :Mew A ,A WENHQ' X ir, U M 5 1.1. -, ,, W' . ima Tcbvfh' H 11 , Q, "' C .MBV . i f Q ' K? V , X , .V W-A 4 W, Wu 4 4 SENIOR oicture at topl Paco Chavez is a senior who wishes to pursue aseball. PURSUING BASEBALL ... How many boys dream of being a star on a high school Varsity baseball team? Almost every little boy. Paco Chavez has made that dream a reality. Paco has played varsity baseball since his sophomore year. By his junior year Paco boasted such awards asg M.V.P. lmost valuable playerj of the 1987 Arroyo Varsity Baseball team. Paco has been named to 1st team all league, 1st team all C.l.F., 2nd team all valley, and he was honored as M.V.P. of the Mission Valley League. Paco plans to get a scholar- ship to a good baseball oriented school . . . And maybe someday make the big leagues. ltop leftl Paco has been playing since he was a little boy. ftop rightl lt's good to get an early start. Yung Pei Cheng Victoria Cheney Theresa Chavez Regina Chavez Seniors .1111 11. 1f ' '6 A 111111 1 1'j1,! 1 11115211 1,1 he M1z,55g cz 'W511 " 11115 111 11 11 :E U1 1 ,1 11111 1 31131131g1wa 'M ' 1511112111211 K, F 1 4 A 1.11112 W1 vm M 11:3 1 W .L , 1523 11 " 111 11,3 15 W, 111' 11 1 11 N11 11"!M1H I 11 W- 1.11 1 1111" 11111 ' W 1 1 1' 1 - 1 1 1 1 X111 ' 'L 1,11 A ,T 1 .1 E H f1.,1E1 5 1 1 1 11EWM11111 1.1.4 1 NM. fi 1113111 1 1w,1 W 'V 1 U ww 11 1 1111111 " 1,1111 1 'WF' 1 FW , 11 " M""11M11+111 iw' 11111 um.. 11' 111 W 11' "':1111511g4g11.11 1 - 1 11 "3 .31 Ll "'1 11 H' W 1 11' 1' M"'51F ig H g A ' 1"'1s111" iii-'G ' 4 11111141 1 11 1.112 11 Hx 1111 , 'H- , 1 WJ is 3:11 I- ff V 1' 'van-, ' , 5- ' ' -f' , ,li1l.:r.15.f ,Q '11 A 3114 1 1 L WL I'-1'Q'17'7!'?-251 Mt . ','i't:i.-vii." P 1 1 .11 -7:1 -1 !:Zsf'+5-ivy -.1 1 iff '11 1' 11455 , N1 " 1 1' 1 1. PM SENICR l William Demarest Paul Devlin Jennifer Diaz Tanya Diaz Rodel Dullavin Antoinette Duran Tham Duong Jennifer Durning UNCLE SAM wants YOU! Seniors your time is drawing near . . . A good portion of you are voluntarily going into military service after graduation. lWhy?!J Mostly to get a good education , travel or get started in a lifetime career . Uncle Sam also requires all young men when they reach the age of eighteen to enlist for emergency military action or face a fine of 5250.00 or more! Seniors 11,1 , .111 1,111 , ,fu , 121 111 1 a 1111-11111..,..11.11:1: 1 , 3112 WW 5' WWfN1W!WUv , M1111 ,, U1 ,1,1,,,, 511 .g 1, ,M 4h 1 1111 1" 1 ,1 1:11f1'fV121"' W V11 il 111.11111111111111 11 I IW9 Y'1i1".1'.:3 HHH-I-1 'WSW1 11111.1W.11 1 'SSI 'EIMQ11 N, .M ,is 'FT 1 -51 2121 1, .rw ,,,, 1. 1 111-11f1!,13"T' . , 1:1 M- ,,1 11 11 ,1" lwwbmm 1 11, 1 . . -Mafia: ,111 ,, 11. :1111 ,111 , ,,,. W, 11,e1E'15 51, 1141 Q1-fm 1 1.1 . 111, 'W 1 W A 111,j Nw 1 11413111 L -3 w.--. , ,,,f Mig M J i! ' iiil ' H"1 111w111 1a11111111 1, 11-1 , W ,151 11111 E 'I1111 -MW' Y! ,1g1y1pg41p1qf1 ' 1' 1111 QL .1 Wav ,1 ' X' .1 13. 1Q111111111111' 1 b'11512Wi1iE'Q1E1151 111111111 '11 W 1 1 ww: 1 a 1Q,1,,W , 11.1 1, 1111., 414 111 11 1 1 ' '111A1QV11 ,111 W , -1-1111! 1 1 11, , , ,,1.1411 1 -1 .11 1 1 , ,, L ,!111:.1,,',?'qf1aMk1 X W1 Mh 1i'ir!,'- 11,M1i1,",'1L 5 11J1.11, ' nwfwzlz V1 1L.1 -1,11 ll 1 W1 141 1,-,.1-Mg 111,11m' , , 141 V1- g1.11:1:11?111q:,1 1 111,1,1Q,111k111 1:1111:1'1,":1:-31 QEW 5 W ' '1 1 ? 1 11'i:'w! 1 ' ' I ' 1'11wg'f':!'f1-'F11Q'1151w1:1'gffx1311' '1 ,'W5 , 111111 , ,1 w111w 11 1-1 1 1, ..- "Wai 111 , ,11,11' ,1 11- , 111111111 1,1 N ,, ,,M, 1.- zw , 111 , 1 ,ww 11 ,1, , n ,-.. ,, f. Mfr: 1f1WIH111+ W 1 W 1111 ,va 1.- 1 , F 13 1 W WW, 1 HWMLE, ,V ,LJ 1,-11 E' Ji 1, , K, , 13 1 111 - M- 11, 1: -fa, ',1,M'I,1'I" MEQEWNQ11 1 I SENIORS Sandra Garrison Eric Geppert Aditya Chauhan, like many other seniors, will at- tend college after gradu- ation. A recent survey indi- cated that about 43'Ma of col- lege bound seniors are un- decided about which school to apply to. Many admit that they sometimes rule out schools that are too far Brian Glick I .mir away or too expensive, while others feel that for the first two years it is better to go to a near by, smaller school. Many students at Arroyo rely on the Knights' Banner, the schooI's bi-monthly newspaper, to keep them in- formed on what goes on at school. Ben Gomez Seniors Jeffrey Gilkey Joey Gilliam Cecilia Gomez Andrea Gonzales lv' X W X, M' , X 9 , N" 5 c m fm , N, ., w U 'wa H y y w',v:k4ii w ,W dmv: H+ nlwlw Wm V 'WIIJA' - ss' N543 Hiker- Na V I lx if ",. ' Wiyw WL! 14 Kimi, '. Tw "" 1-1-.1"W f , f I an gf" giiizfw fi Y aff' ,Q 'En , W 1 '.' W 'thnx-.., K JA' LS-"Vw-. gf 'W H. u .ww -, V Y W 51, my ' A ' ' 1 'W KM M .- f 1 MIS? 1 Iflii' ' A' '1l?i1??3wg wk:-,q.: QQ .VWW M125 Wim 1 I3 ,,,, ., ,,, LW rr 19355: as p, Q N' W!" .V , QL gy. A ax ,- r -,Sf Z? ' tu if 1 , H" 5 W - up it i"'L s ES M ...- 1,-,. 5 J, Wren E 5 wa , ...- ve- SENIORS Michael Herrera Mirta Higuera Shanrwn HIIIIS Karen Hlnman AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A FOOTBALL CAPTAIN Anyone watching an Arroyo football game can't help but notice Jason MacLelIan. Jason has been playing since age eight! His father enrolled him in youth football nine years ago and he's been happily playing ever since. Jason doesn't stop at football however, he also ex- cels in track. Qpole vaulting and sprintingj. Jasons talents allow him to go far and exceed many Several more good memories will surely come his way. -1 151115 Q W ,, A T A412 vm qi, ef A J, v w h t- U Q' f-,', L .ff l li V ' ll A ' " 'WrW435?lm1BdLLyg ,wal Jason at age eight. Tri-Captain of the Varsity Football Team Jason MacLeII SENIORS Elizabeth Holm Linda Hoa Gary Hobbs Kristl Hofheimer E Mary Hopkins Quoc Tuan Hua Van Thi Thu Hua Manuel Huerta E l BATRES . . . THE DYNASTY CONTIN- ES! Batres. When that name is heard 1at comes to mind? The number 13 lould. Why 13? Because John Batres part of this number. This dynasty ls been sounding in the halls of Ar- yo for quite some time. Leadership nd respect also follows the Batres nme. Johnny sets a perfect example that as Senior class President. He as also president of the class of '88 ir first year at Arroyo. Johnny has so been the captain of two football ams and received the American Le- on Award. John plans to become a firefighter id help people in need. Here's a very ce guy! Seniors Senior Johnny Batres "BOOGIES away his senior worries. Hmm .. sharp dresser. What a Knight! SENIORS NEW SPIRIT ... Whats happening to ou school spirit ? lt's GROWING Thanks to the new club, thi year ,King Richards Court .Be cause of these fine brave men . majority of people are follow ing thier examples and reallj getting involved with schoo activites.The King Richard Club ,is a club in which anyont can join, but Caution thesl people are known for being crs zy!They participate in all Iunc time activities. They also sup port all athletic groups ant functions. These people ar' truly spirited . . , they deserve, hand. The Richards club will al ways be remembered, the make Arroyo a more fun am pleasant place to be. Sherif Hunein Edna lbarra Frank Imperial Leticia Jimenez Myleena Jones Patricia Juarez Amy Kasten Seniors Kahi Priy ' WM ar: , , M 2, N ,W Wu lmaqmi 3 N W ., , 591, A A 1 V , , 51,1 Wg ' ,ix W AW 1 mi ! 1 + Lui 4-L., F "Nik, new if M Wk: W am, 'WMM L 5 41' X i M ..VV, Y., 1 ' V1 W , , W, U ' 1 1:1- I M ra 'M U ,lr . i "-...f can : :bw V .,f.,, np: . if? ya Q Ti H 1 w im W W N 'fi W 3, , ,Fw - --ray 2 ' ,imp . 5 -Q J! 5,4 :gs-K' wp. 5 IX 'Q' .W .M nl ,WMM ' 13: J , ,,,,, A ,w , ,M M M! 'J x? ,W , 0' 5 SE Y., ee. HE: 1? 'ma , 'up , -we 'ML Mir? vw Qffimi V ,,,.z awk 51'-5Q'f i if? 3 aff! , Q-F V ,W ,mm S 4 Sas 7 I if K? fg- ? uf 'Qin lOREDOM-WHEN THE 'EARNING FOR LEARNING JIES. Of course everyone has one rf those days, when your body iasn't been awake since the irevious nightg Your eyes are nlurry, it's hard to focus. Peo- ile blurt "Hi!" to you as you nanage to straggle down the iall, you look straight at them :ut somehow fail to see them, lor realize what's happening. t's only Thursday, and you still iave Friday to go ,. . It's only .econd period . . . For some 'eason you can't sit still as the eacher lectures about algo- 'ithm, or tangents, or some- hing ... So you sit there and loat away, into a world all your mwn ,,, And the day goes by a ittle quicker. .. Jason Maclellan Margarita Maldonado SENIOR Christina Magallanez Jeanette Magner Michael Maine Matthew Maliglig Ana Malvido Kevin Mante Seniors SENIOR Ever wonder what really goes on in these honors classes? Well, here's the Senior AP English class on a typical day discussing Chaucer, Shakespeare, and The Cosby Show. While Arroyo does offer a variety of AP courses, we are still at a disadvantage when compared to other schools where the AP courses are very competitive. "It is diffi- cult to compete with other students from different high-schools where their AP courses are offered since their freshman year. And in almost every subject too," ex- plained one concerned college-bound sen- lor. Brian Martinez Eric Martinez Jenny Martinez Kenneth Mattson Desirea McCoy Patrick McKiernan Seniors Jennifer McKnight fm. ww N i Av X1 :gg . 1 11,2 L Ii 'Wx ' lf'g"?"Ifil ' 3-5 Q - W an ,Q wil' X .riff ' Nh ,, gggglikl :f,"Lq. w r? iii". ,A-05 . 1 7' ' i','fG',i .Q 414 JF LVIQ -wh'-,-Q - , f W ' ,I1" 1"1- ,J -.1 'H 45 ' f -f,jJ.W, , 'F' ' ' W WE -Q wi M' N . ?7 ff 'ia . gx Q Q L. 1 .w -pg A gn ww ,.-f Y,:,g,gf-..H1, - ,Hn 5'mifg,Xz1 f -': ,-,ff N. f , N 54. f my 3 21 f 'Lv' A Na + V: . ,N 'Fr M ' 3 5? 1. . gs 1 Y. Ph 5 'J '1' Q- , sw -9- 322.1512-figl ia-L 1 ' Q' ' ' W ' k Q s H R D ei Jar' , 4 J .Q -W' , ' V x ,:.v2eg,Q?,-y' wi 2 gag., 1 rv .1 556' , ah A-f YEAH? Q .5 'NFS' in um 4 f 4 if WW? w ill if 1, 1 . W '15'f1wm,, A nag ew l '11 1 we ""' wwf, -1 'fm Y A x 4 " 1 .W Mu, Q ,we 1- . :wi mi, Hi EW -Q., 'km 1 -1, ll' . Q 4Qgg,g,,., air' . Ai-1'!"'- 2 1 ,""'+a-v w3y , 'QM MQ 353523 , ' , " . fa. m 1.. QW? SENIOR Jeffrey Okuda Rosalva Olazabal Laura Ordonez Gabriel L. Ornelas Taxi x as M 6. THE RUSH OF THE CRUSH - inquiring minds wanted to know how many crushes the average senior has throughout his high school career. Out of senoirs polled , 50W said that they had liked more than two people! "There's a lot of pretty girls in our class ."said one source fWho admitted he has liked a mere thirteenj One senior girl admitted ,"I like to go to all the dances , have fun ,and socialize.lf I went with one guy to everything it would be boring .fThey run out of moneyl. So I go with a different guy each time." "All the good people are taken ",stated one senior ,which 30'Ma of the pollers agreed."When your used to seeing two people together, Your scared to approach one even after they have broken up." The last 20M of seniors stated that they have had a steady mate throughout most of high school. "I'm pretty mellow when it comes to those things. I enjoy someone who knows me well ,and that l've shared good memories with." said one female senior. Poll findings show that the average female is entranced with four boys QMen?J during her career, and the average male is found to have liked a shy seven girls.Undergrads start your lists! Al Paggao Karen Oschman Yolie Ortiz Jaime Ortega Seniors ,, Y'!f,':' if V ,EWR f"z'L3.', M X H , M, -:ma : ffm:-fu , vb.11"A ,lg y ' A' WWW W l , A ml 55Qg a WW ,ww 11 'M'-'V' ,. 'M WW ' 1w 11? W ffm, , 'rm mmf- 4 26: 9 1 'all' S' """ :l11"111731 ' Wm ' W111'wN'1J 'g', ww. " M'-,-. -z, 1 -'if' f " w 2 I E .r " Z Af f ? V 3 53 f sniff ig 195-1 Fish mn! 4, ,L .u lu " ,An-, X wwL:p P l l e VW n "MQ Mmfise 6 w 'ig,"', gi :MF tj? ' . X M' f M w JW ' 1 Y, we ., if f fem- f , ,. ' K' ri- 4. R R I1 msn' , -,n k MM. gp ,,W.,., ,m,JnN.fe ' .':1':5W'W' ' , :qw . ,, WW , ,fif Q : Q, fm, 4:51 Y, fl 5. .A n , 5 3 wr 5 1 'lj im 1 , 1-M W 5 'iii' L Q SENIOR Marvin Quitoriano Carmen J. Ramirez Rl Sandra C. Randazzo Lee Randle 51-3 V ffg.- J ,fs .J CLOSE LOOK AT JON SPRINGER Who is this crazy guy? Cpictured in middlej Why it's Jon pringer of course! Jon is well-known land Iikedj at Arroyo. ut there is something we at Arroyo don't know about . . . is talent in archery. Jon has been in archery for eight Eva M. Ramirez Norma Ramirez Richard Regalado Jr. Irma M. Renova years. He has traveled to places such as Sacramento, Las Vegas and Colorado to compete in tournaments. Jon is well coordinated, and topping that, a very good sport. Here's to you, Jon Springer! BuIl's Eye! Seniors SENIOR Julio C. Rivas Xilma Rivera Phong Rock Cecilia A. Rodriguez -'is ws., X, Frank J. Rodriguez Gregory Rodriguez Jim Rodriguez Jagk Rodriguez -3'-. 3 A car sounds impressive does'nt it? Anyone who does'nt productivity, resulting in a low grade-point average. Tha have a car may think so. Realistically Speaking, Owning 8 on top of all the bills, insurance, registration, gas, etc. yo car is not all it's cracked up to be. People who drive their then find yourself stranded when the engine or some oth own car usually have a jobg working long hours on weekday part of your faithful car decides to give you trouble. Is th evenings, and frequently all weekend long. This, on some freedom really worth it? occasions, can sometimes lead to a drop in homework Seniors W Q x ,,, vw , 4 Leticia R ww ' :..,.1, '-' H ul, ,, 1 ., ,,.,,,,, , ,,,,,,, f,,,,M,gh Y ,u gg, , , W, :E Q 5 W E, ' W M- ,I F .f at QE 4 Ma -mn, i M y Q v ,4 4 , , . !,:!A Q 'I Wgigff-. , .N . f'1ri'g,-nw: YUM, n., ,. si f s 4, 1, me sv ,,,g, ,M Y R 'Eff Q. VV., Y , YM- ,,,, - 3lH di,,,,. ?' if A 'ln A ., N 55 is ' EE 1 ,,,W-,,. 'ng-, lf 'w,,Mm,,wF up Q-ZS. ,, 4, M- I " ' M1151 W" Ig 4 nag 1. ,,11Hg!w! ' , U N W 0 M f x, N, ,r, 1, ' 5 3' fa 2 J z .2 .ai his ' 51 1 4 A f 'W md W , , 55 " 1 H Nr L -.H 4, J 'fm Q' 2. 24? v r. N' W- 7. :J ,Wig Q Mmm, 11 x ' Y it M13 ' 1 vu. jg? w, Q nf: , wa-:iff 4 fi6'75 ' 1 ,N-, ,, uf, , , 1 ,, rw 1 , l -M W :q'f::',,, "am, H 1,11 W' 1' ,, ,M -5 Nw, F W M da- 'PH W, vw. .im f Hg W'P5,q, Y A 'W ,, 1 'W "W""HL,fi',, Rm ui fi' 'Wt' , A WM 4, fm A ., F av ig - if 1. QE? is is 1 ,+ ,uaijgg 1. " H I ' Ir'-fs' ' X r , , L .V 7 55 .W 54 -Q. ga.. 1 Aa "2" ' mags, ' . 1 i .L fx -:U A1311 ir: W N M1313-', Y VV. -1-I , Q. '?iLQ1g,Q-.3 Q, yu, 13 ww P aww ff iii? iwifg '15 ,YNV ffhq N'H1AnfE3N'74'1' A gi WX-QF?" ' , mv 1: E, 1 .w sv My ,: v 51- Q nf H: : , W ' www ' Tidwell SENIOR Christy Urias Jose L. Valadez Leticia Valdez l Angela G Valencia Selma J. Valenzuela Kathy Vanvalkenburgh Kimberley Vetterick - Could there really be a thing such as SAT-phobia? If you really want to find out, just casually mention the word SAT in a small crowd of seniors and watch the frightened reactions. Agreed, though, that most 12th grad- ers find this test the most trying in their whole high-school experience. Cries such as 'too hard', 'why me', and 'who cares', are some of the most heard complaints around our campus. Seniors Incredibly, however, is the fact of Christine Lisko, who just decided to tackle it and score a 1270. Whereas an average score is about 800, who do you think overlooked the complaints and did their best? Believe it when you're told the SAT is the biggest test of your life, but it is an important exam that could make or break your chances of entering the college of your choice. SENIORS Whos'name has been mentioned time and time again in major news papers ? Why it's Rick Fuller. The biggest guy on cam- pus. f6'8", Two-hundred and seventy pounds!J Rick has set numer- ous records at Arroyo in track. Q shot put and discus JRick enjoys track over football, another sport which he dominates.Ricks out- standing atheletic talents make him a target for major universities- .Rick is a fellow with a big heart . . . and with his talents rick can make BIG dreams. How did Rick get so BIG? Mike Villanueva George Villareal Teresa Lynn Walker Elizabeth Ward Seniors ,111 1251 ' 51595 1' :fs , 'QW L Nw m 3g,W.1,,L,'ig 1 ,Ev 1 WN ml' 4- ,mr Y ' ,QF Y W2'?'1'FHMu1e'fEK- , """ , L Yi, , ,aa-iv W 45,51 A , 'Www'-' n as F1 ,,, A , 1' Milli' WWW- W3 5,9 '1 mi W' , . . , 'ww'1-1'- 13 ,i'g3.W1,!g1 N , M, - 34 q:,':,,1,,u,:' , 1 ,A 13 Uw,w,, ," ww ,V ,F 'M 11'!,w,!w, , .w i M' U 'WM X v W ,U 1 'mn Q.. ?M'rM"' QTLAQ ki, in WL wa' W, 1 M 513 iff, ,. 11 W M, ,1' UXN 4 .M ,, 11' 1 , "Ml 14 W W1 1 w., 111 ' W1 11-zm,w,,, 1 ' 'TTI 333' 1"13:iEF1'-W 1 W W '31 Y W-qv' 5 Wg,-4 - ,r e f e ill EQ mi., 5614772250 ?76 771255 ,S A ,. ,fx , Q! M 7' K NWN . N HW' My -'I L1 ut '--4 it I ,uk -- W '. 144 Memories 'lam E UNSHOWN SENIOR Hosh Souad H Aboul Juan Manuel Acero Anthony E Acosta George W Allen Antonio Alvarez Tracy Alvarez Douglas E Andrews Rlchard H Arce Ronnle Arellano Jose R Anas Graclela Arteaga Mlchael Ayon Veromca Barajas Scott Barney Todd A Bates Johnny M Bletran Barbara J Bennett Derek F Beyss Carlos Blandmo Marlo Bnceno Sandra A Brooks Brldget Brovlak Sarah Cardenas Frank Carranco Wlnser J Carrasco Hector Carrlllo Klmberly S Carroll Gustavo Casanova Patncua Castro Kenny Chyan Carl Lee Colby Luls Colon Jose Cortez Alphonso Cruz Emlly Cruz Marla V Cruz Jose Davila Marcella R Decorse Antometta Degldlo Marlal Deleon Marla R Deleon Leon Delgado Josle Dlaz Julle Enrlquez Patrlcla Enrlquez Marc C Ferrell Letlcla Flguero Elenor P Florenclo Lydla Fuentes Richard Galvan Doreen D Gamboa Marla Garza Robert Granados Johnny R Greene Marlbel Guerra Rlgo A Gutierrez Sllvla Guzman Jessica M Hennessy Abel Jr Hermosullo Javler Holguin Marcellno Huerta Carol Jaramlllo Douglas D Jones Jennlfer V Jota Llsa E Juarez Kimberly K Kaplan Darrln Koval Francme L Leslle Jose L Lopez Marcos Lopez Oscar A Lopez Robert Lopez Ellzabeth Malvarez Janmne C Manjarrez Tlrza Manzanares Claudia B Marenco Jason Marshall Ana l. Martinez Michael Maze Albert Medma Glona Mendez Morma L Mendoza Graclela Mero Stanley C Moore Michael B Moravec Roberto V Obong Alex Ortega Carlos Ortega Jose A Paggao Albert Paredes Jeff Lee Parlsh John Parker Vlctor Perez Trl Bao Pham Larry Pmtor Ellzabeth L Pool Tummy Lee Queen Davld Reyes James E Rodriguez Dana Romero Jesus A Rosas Leo S Rubla Brenda D Sanchez Alma Rosa Saucedo Adam Sheffield Francisco Sosa Sheryl G Suarez Hllda Tellez An Tran Bung Tran Nell Truax Veromca Urlbe Jose Valdez Scott Walker Wllhelm Werther Ch rlstopher Weybnght Sylvia Zapata Francisco Chavez Stacey K. Osterkamp S?027.E "Sports, namely volleyball, have b an essential part ofl my life. I have gre. memories of game we played and of going to football games on rainy nights with the gang, . ,"-Kimber Burns 5'?02'7S ieing out on the wld or on the court a great feeling that u can't compare anything. And nning is even tier."--Chris :rnandez Warsity otball, Basketbal icky. . X -5351 ' X . .Ii-33.1.,553-gtsg ,,.. . .. A.. ANITA PAGGAO NAMED MISSION VALLEY LEAGUE 1987 VOLLEYBALL M.V.P. Anita Paggao ...When I think of that name, l think of a petite 5'3" pretty philipino girl with a great smile. However that's not all Anita Paggao is During her four years at Arroyo Anita has done some very outstanding feats. Athletically Anita is top-notch, always the best in what ever she partici- pates in. Among her achievements areg Track: 2nd team All League in her Freshman, and Sophomore years, lst Team All League, Junior and Senior years, Anita broke the standing records for the Long Jump and Triple Jump, by her Junior year. Anita was also honored as M.V.P. of Field Events. Anita has also lettered Varsity in Basketball, where she has also earned numerous awards. As everyone knows Anita Paggao also plays Vol- leyball. l mean she plays VOLLEYBALL. Anita is known to have secret springs in her legs she delivers a pretty mean spike. lAmong other thingsll Anita being the excellent player she is, made Varsi- ty her freshman year QA rariety in girls athleticsl. ln her Junior year, Anita was awarded 2nd Team All League, and by her Senior year, lst Team All League, and honored as Mission Valley League Most Valuable Player. "I was overwhelmed and shocked", said Paggao. To top off her Senior year, Anita was chosen as Most Athletic in the Senior Poll, a true reward be- cause Senior peers elect the winners. "That's what I wanted"!!! replied Paggao. Anita what is Arroyo go- ing to do without you?!!! Look at those dimples! THE WIND THAT BLEW AWAY DREAMS It was December 11, 1987, the last game of C.l.F. Football. Arroyo had achieved the ultimate . . . For the second year in a row, the knights had reached the C.I.F. Finals. Were the defending C.I.F. champions going to win a second title? The match would be held at Cajon High School. The home of the Cajon Cowboys. Victories against Glad- stone, Apple Valley, and Victor Valley were behind them now .,. Six months of conditioning, dieting and practice had come down to this night. As the teams arrived fierce winds gusting 30-55 miles-per-hour swept through the stadium. In order to win, the Knights had to conquer mother nature, as well as Cajon. The Cowboys being used to these conditions had an automatic advantage. To start off, in the first quarter of play, Cajon scored with a touchdown. Seconds later Arroyo came back scoring as Jason MacLeIIan ran a six yard touch down to raise the score to 6-7. As the wind streamed on so did Cajon . . . The final score was an unforgetable 44-6. "The weather really hurt us. It's ridiculous. We couIdn't even throw the ball in this weather." said Willie Reyna. The Cajon coach Chuck Petterson ad- mitted, "The wind did affect their passing game". Over all the Knights had a great season. Now lets talk about next year . . . we KLEINE TAKES VARSITY SOFTBALL TEAM Any girl trying out for softball this year noticed something different , . . The new head varsity coach is Mike Kleine. lYes, coach Kleine the football coachlj Coach Mike Kleine took the coach-less team because he wanted a new challenge. Kleine has been coaching for over twenty years. Coach Kleine is very optimistic about the varsity team. Assisting head coach Mike Kleine is Richard White lShieId Staff advisorl. "We're good friends," said White, "l'm excited to try something different." "We're looking forward to a great season." With six returning Varsity players, there are a few vital openings which will be filled with new prospects. Senior, Sarah Springer, was thrilled about the new coaching situation. "It's nice to have a new coach who is friendly AND open minded." Senior Michelle Nunemaker was also very optimistic about the new coaches, "l'm excited anybody has a chance to make varsity." All the girls are very happy with the change. "By next fall there will be another C.I.F. Banner in the gym!", replied White. For the '87 Mission Valley Champs it's a strong possibility. l 5 l l l 5 California State Champ, Jaime Ortega CROSS COUNTRY NAMED NO. 1 IN NATION For the first time in Arroyo high schools' histor the Boys Cross Country Team has accomplishs the imperceptible ... The team won the first eve California State Championships. They then a vanced to the Nationals, in Los Angeles, where th- competed against the top runners in the Unit: States. The Cross Country Journal named Arroyo nul ber 1 in the nation. Leading the team at the state and league Ieve were the "Fab Four", seniors Jaime Ortega, Je Gilkey, Derrick Powers and Gerardo Puentes, wl made outstanding contributions to the team. The "Fab Four" also "ran away" with top hono such asg L.A. County lst team, All C.l.F. 1st teal All State 1st team, All Valley 1st team, All San G briel 1st team, Mission Valley League C.I.F. Char pions, State Champions, and National Champion "Any race we ran, we won", said Senior Derri: Powers, lStanford Invitational Winnerl "The cla of '88 Varsity Cross Country team has never lost meet in all four years." The M.V.P. of the team, Jaime Ortega, was tru exceptional. His honors fincluding the above coursell boast, Mission Valley League Champio All Western United States 1st team, All National team, and All American 1st team. These names be remembered as long as the C.I.F. Plaque shin . . . Forever. 0'Rourke "hares" all Good job, Doug! Frosh-soph runners kicking back before their race. Don't fall off the horse! :sg fi? SSW WS XSS we W ESQ' W3 W 3 .g e :.. ra ? -. nf. fi 1' :Ewa ii. -S4 -L 2 A, 'li H iii 5' gig? its 'REE QQ, vi l 5, 1. 3 I 5 ea ggt : as .1 55 els S2531 1255 S553 es QQ ge , 5 "Blue pride. Yeah, we got blue pride. Yeah, eah we got it!" BOY S ATHLETICS The Fall sports program this yaar started our school year with a big bang, The Varsity Football team again won the Mission Valley League Championship and advanced tothe Southeastern Center' ence Championship game. Unfortunately, due to a major wind storm and the lack of a neutral Held the Knights were defeated by Cajcn High School. The team members had many league awards and throng Willie Reyna, Frank Imperial and Rick Fuller were named All-CIF. The JV and Fresh football teams also enjoyed a fine fall SGSSOYI. While the football teams were enjoying success, the Cross Country Teams were on a route of major accomplishment. The Varsity, .IV and FroshfSoph teams all earned undefeated Mission Valley League seasons and charnplonshlps, The Varsity then continued on and won the 3-A CIF Championship. The next stop lor the Knights was the State Meet in Fresno. They became the first ever State Cross Country Champions in hlstory by a land slide, Jaime Ortega. Derrick Powers, Jef! Gilkay and Gerardo Fuentes were named All- State. The team then competed in a National timed event, and on the basls of their time were declared National Champions. As a result of his efforts Jalme Ortega was named and All- American. After this line stan, the Winter sports were not to be left behind. The Basketball teams enjoyed a very fine season with the Varsity qualifying for the CIF Play-offs. Unfortunately lor the Knights. they were defeated by a fine South Hills team in their first game. While the ball was going in the hoop in the gym, the Soccer Team was enjoying a great season. Playing tough against Keppel bu! loosing the League Championship by scores of 1-0 and 2-1 they advanced to the CIF Playvofis but were eliminated by Saddleback in the second round, Thls activity wasn'i enough for the Knights ln the Winter. The Varsity Wrestling team enjoyed perhaps its finest sea' son in quite a while In the Mission Valley League Finals, the team was able to earn enough places to send 9 wrestlers to the CIF llnals at Rosemead High School, The team did not earn a champion, but did qualify three wrestlers to the State Meet in Stockton. Neil Truax and Robert Escchedo represented their school well, but came up short of a medal. However. Marcos Carranza was able to win all his matches at the State Meet and won the 115 pound Championship, ' bright. The Baseball teams are all enjo - ing winning seasons and all are favored ,- ' to win me Mission Valley League Chame pionships. The Tennis teams were enjoy! A ' ing new revival and are undefeated and expected to challenge Keppel High V School for me League title, The Gymnas- tics team is headed for a fine season as their competition is set to begin, The three levels oi Track are all expected to Mr Sefton win or at least challenge lor the league title with the Varsity Track team expected to produce a challenge forthe CIF andfor State Champsonships, In the process, it ls possl- ble that Arroyo could have at least three individual State Champion challengers Rick Fuller in the Shot Put and Discus, Mike Deith in the Pole Vault and Jaime Ortega in the Mile and Two Mile. What a fantastlc year. lt is wonderful to he on or near the top at all levels in all sports, 1987-88 will he another year long remembered in the accomplishments of a great high school Y ARRDYO. 7 The Spring sports scene is every hi! as , Y 4 Q, f GlRL'S ATHLETICS The Girl's Athletic program has had tremendous impact on the overall educational atmosphere at Arroyo Through participation an sports, an mdlvldual reallzes the smportance of dedlcatlon, teamwork, the acceptance of de feat, the exhllaratlon of success, and the Increased value of aca demlc achievement The quality of talent at Arroyo has been re flected ln the numerous cham pxonshlps the gurls have captured We are proud of our teams for all they experience, for all they contribute to personal develop ment and Arroyo tradntnon Thank You' Mrs Maller . A cf A A . 4, s A Q' . , 'H x 5. VARSITY CROSS COU TRY SS S,,S ,S W, f,, ,.., - 25. M ' X Lupe Alba Everardo Chavez Mike Deitch Jennifer Durning I Mlkiwfii Q Jeff Gilkey Claudia Galvan Virginia Granados 'mi 4151 'f . Eddy Hodder Varsity Cross Country If Vw V K 4 . I fy-,Q I AiL , :,,f,, 2' ,, 'WMS 'iw J ,gm .g . , I , Dennise Hanson NS Doug Jones VARSITY CRCSS COUNTRY Y xx ,,LL,,..1 ,, . LL.. A Q S 5 X3 X K es.. iii ,ie it W WM My Diana Perez Derrick Powers Gerardo Puentes Julio Rivas we , - 2' I 3 Raquel Salvador Christine Yoshida Coach Lopez Coach 0'Rourke The Varsity team shows their stuff at the Woodbridge Invitational Cross Country Meet. The Boys' Varsity Cross Country Team had an outstand- ing year, including another Mission Valley League Cham- pionship.The Knights' were led by Derrick Pcwers,Gerardo Puentes,Jeff Gilkey, Mike Deitch,and Jaime 0rtega.These runners are ranked among the top runners in the western United States.This is surely the greatest year in the history of Arroyo.CongratuIations on a very fine season. The Girls' Cross Country Team had another fine season . Contribut- ing to the team were Jennifer Durning, Diana Perez, Chris- tine Yoshida, and Claudia Galvan. Also helping to make a very good season were Dennise Hanson,Virginia Granados, and Raquel Salvador. 335351 Cross Country CROSS COU TRY Back row left to rightgJohn Perez, Tito Haes , Paulo Lopez , Juan Cortes, Juan Garcia , Richard Hernandez . Front row left to right, Nick Calderon , .Qck Rodriguez . An outstanding group of sophomores helped the Frosh - Soph Cross Country team have a winning season again this year. The team was headed by Bill Grie- The Junior Varsity team complete its ninth straight undefeated seaso and won its ninth straight Misson Va ley League Championship. Th Knights were led by Julio Rivas, Eval ado Chavez, John Garcia , Nick Car dido , John Perez , and Richard Hel nandez. Their combined talents mad Arroyo a formidable team in compet tion. Arroyo's Junior Varsity team ha another record breaking year. bel, Eddy Hodder, Victor Garcia, Felix Da- vila, and Claude Gonzales. In addition there was one of the greatest freshman V classes to ever enter Arroyo which was led by Willie Garcia, Braulio Gallegos, ' ' Pablo Moyao, David Grule, and Steve , pt 5 M I I , at ' g Q: ,. 'M 623 V 5 ,.,, V i t kktk ff .,,..,. it A rrvwzz W W.. M . A .....,.,. ,..,, i s e , sl s s f . F J Noel Aguirre, Dan Carrillo, Jim Casteneda, Felix Davila, Scott Earl, Bravilo Gallegos, Willi Garcia, Victor Garcia, Claude Gonzales, Bill Griebel, David Grule, Luis Gutierrez, Jerry LopeJ John Magallanes, Steve Meza, Al Miramontes, Orlando Montes, Rademas Montes, Pablo Moya Ben Parsons, Mike Reyes, Scott Tolman. Cross Country CROSS COUNTRY M i ', lack I. to Ionan. Bernice Lopez, Denia Grijalva, Wendy Barney, Front I. to r. Rosario Moyao, Melissa Ontiveros, Maritza Congratulations Mission Valley League Champs Boys Varsity, IV, Frosh-Soph and Girls Varsity Individual Honors laime Ortega-Mission Valley League Runner of the Year-Varsity Everardo Chavez-Mission Valley League Runner of the Year-l.V. Bill Griebel-Mission Valley League Runner of the Year-Frosh-Soph All League First Team-Varsity Jaime Ortega Jeff Gilkey Derrick Powers Gerardo Puentes All League Second Team-Varsity Mike Deitch Doug Jones Cross Country All League First Team-Girls Varsity Jennifer Durning Diana Perez Claudia Gisivan U GIRLS' VARSITY TENN S My Ao May Dullavin Tanya Kaysen Nancy Lin Liana Mendez Too Cool? Ja?" Trang Pham Shannon Phillips Tran Tran Loida Woo Coach Hermesch Unshown:Vicki Cheney The year 1987 has been a rebuilding year for our tennis program. Our Varsity team has had one returning player, My Ao, who is a four-year Ietterman. The new members of the Varsity team are seniors Tanya Kaysen, Tran Tran, My Ao, and Vicki Cheney. Junior members are Shannon Phillips, Loida Woo and Liana Mendez. Our sophomores are May Dullavin and Trang Pham. The entire team has improved over the season. We are really looking forward to next year with six returning players and a much improved J.V. Team. Girls' Varsity Tennis GIRL ' I.V. TENN S WF' 'N lleft to rlghtl Elenor Florenclo Celia Almanzan Marla Ortega, Nguoc Tang, Iok Him, Diana Barker, Natalie Valenzuela Ming Fun Warasopun Jennifer Wolfard Susan Hwangpo Qayen Trang Amy Ng, Pilam Acosta Sherry Zhou , The J.V. Tennis team played many close matches. Three were tied and lost by total game scores. It was the first year of competi- tive league play for all the girIs.Sherry Zhou played in the number one singles position and won 14 of 21 set- s.Iok Lim and Ngouc Tang were a doubles team who were tough to beat.Sophomore Natalie Valenzuela moved from doubles to singles for a couple of matches and did a good job there too.Jen- nifer Wolfard was elected as Captain and Pilam Acosta filled the Co- Captain sport. Girls' l.V. Tennis Miss Nona Colwill . A varsity player strutting her stuff' VARSITY VCLLEYB LL """ ,nfs i': Sherryl Barber Maria Jarquin Betty Perez .l , N Y Ns X X lm N K x ef- 15" ' f i Qfgtw ' Y i, :-. twsws- - o gg -, xv X. N ,w s Q " X Kim Burns Malena Castano Mission Valley League Champs TEAM Knights Keppel won Rosemead WON Duarte w0h EI Monte l0Sf Mt. View w0n Keppel won Rosemead w0n Duarte WON El Monte w0n The tradition of winning held true again this year as Varsity Volleyball claimed title of Mission Valley League Champions. Led by six returning varsity players, Kim Burns, Marcela Castano, Maria Jarquin, Anita Paggao, Bet- ty Perez, and Julie Todd, the knights demonstrated that experience and the motivation to win are ingredients to a successful season. The end of this year marks not only a great accomplishment, but also another year of wonderful experiences. The team has been memorable in spirit and in heart and I would like to thank them for being so special. l Anita Paggao Becky Rodriguez fs ,N 1 Q N si A Julie Todd Coach Candy Miller Varsity Volleyball . .VOLLEYB LL , IZV VVVi:VV , L Vi.., ZV. : , , V ,. I , ,,,, 49 1 J f , g H. man 6wg ,,,,. v,,,, , ' 5 ,WW ,,,, , HILLS-7,A:.1:v3-sr: gg,flE:.1"k:.V, aww? fi" eam lt. View eppel Iosemead 'uarte I Monte lt. View eppel iosemead ruarte I Monte 5Pikil'lg it! Gettin' down. Cindy's having fun! , bi k:Q Coaching the J.V. Vol- , Ieyball team this year has 5 ff e'.,,' C been a very rewarding ex- N I perience for me. The - ", ,L ' at as team worked hard at im- M.V.L. Champs Knights won won won won lost won won won won won Top row: Jenny Martinez, Cammy Lynn, Jessica Jashimoto. Middle row: Terri Walker, Cindy DeLosan- geles, Lori Luster, Vicky Martinez, Donna Villalobos. Bottom row: Sara Springer, Patty Castellanos, Sandra Diaz. l.V. Volleyball proving their skills, and the results were evident in their playing. Our J.V. team plays real volley- ball, in contrast to many of our competitors, who are just concentrating on getting the ball over the net. I believe that the girls on the J.V. team also learned some important things about what it means to be a team how to work together and how to benefit from con- structive criticism. I hope that these are the things the girls have gained from this experience and not who won or lost or who scored the points. Thanks to Vicky Mar- tinez, our Captain, for her support and hard work keeping everyone together, to Sarah Springer, our Co-Captain, who always had a sense of humor, and to Jacqui Rettura, our Team Man- ager. A very special thanks to Mr. Jim Feldes for his assistance and support of us in our ef- forts. VARSITY Alex Rios Steve Correa Greg Rodriguez Chad Plaisted Frank Imperial Elias Torres 1 58 Varsity Football FOOTB LL Q Arroyo Varsity Football Team was ranked 41 in CIF in preseason polls for the second year in a row. This year's team hopes to win a fourth consecu- tive Mission Valley League Champion- ship. The team is led by its' three sen- ior captains Jason MacLelIan, Frank Imperial, and Eric Martinez. Other players who are going to play key roles in winning another championship are Rick Fuller, Willie Reyna, Mike Cabral, Paco Chavez, Marc Chavarria, Mike Ayon, and Javier Holguin. The Knights are currently 2-O in League and are hoping to make it 3-0 with a Home- coming victory. VARSITY FOOTB L L I Domenic Jiminez - ha , ' f 1-5 1 z fijf ,S zz .C Y! 55,133-4 Ui 1 i 4 a , f , Mike Cabral ,f - r' 5-iw skalilawlx 2 J' m . 'TI Li 1 ,.. f Q-fy, iv ":-A f .. I xfff rw bw , v.-'lx W .' " 'w . 'f A i ,"Y 'Z Aw, , Eric Schmidt Eric Martinez Javier Holguin 'W -If .""k f , a 1. '.'V'f ,M fy 'Q - ,L 'W -',,,,gL,,, Paul Marquecho Chris Hernandez Ramon Davalos m X Lucio Dominguez Richard Barber VARSITY FOOTBALL VARSITY FCOTB L L Saul Campos Danny Lopez Eric Hurr Ernie Hernandez ARROYO ARROYO ARROYO ARROYO ARROYO ARROYO ARROYO ARROYO ARROYO SCORES TEMPLE CITY 0 NOGALES 13 HART 13 AZUSA 15 NORWALK H.MONTE MT.WEW KEPPEL ROSEMEAD 16 Phon g Rock NE-IjQdl ,2L!LnQ.Z fl ,af Y, Coach MacKinnon Coach Kleine CCAC HE VARSITY FOOTB L L gala. WJ 'N . 4 U ' . ug - , if 3'f,Z:1'Q' AJ" .-:Air-'. xy'-if 5 -:M ' --5 f 761. 'Q7 Q' A fl 'J " Q "Secs : an 1 Rick Fuller Ray Pena Paco Chavez Willie Reyna Marc Chavarria I nbc N t. I. 1 . 'ff, NBL 4 WT, ,, 45 mn, A lpnf Tom Garcia Robert Kwan Darren MacLeIlan Coach Duim Jason MacLelIan Ron Arellano Mike Ayon VARSITY FOOTBALL ,Q 'V+ , vap- 455' u EA w WI! lu .Q N im. W ' li 1 3 .Hi- -Vif -m, if-, F f' , X' .11 1 V wx "gg, ,. .35 i I ' E' I xii" I fu' !,1:.-w Q. mf I V, is 'W , 3' .i 3 af . . -Y 5 fi' M-im A A . . ,,, , , Q K S at or , Q- - r , ? ,. 9, Q QE, ,. ,, 5 M q ' xg Y , W ' I ' M :J ,W J I 5 ' UmAhf"f: '12 NWVS-M! H ' l ww-aevlif MEIN ivfm g H ,W M14 , f:'3"5:"f'I , I ' li cwiigggi-5-,xgfi 1-5-gi: J 3, fm? 159, g5g.f+g:fQi W W ,., 0623 ,1,L,,,:,.N "gf -gif? 'i'fTTQf'3'f 'Q' ., "-,.,..E?- 'i'- 435. ?ggzLf1-:fii gi:-gffx ,wire .- A-1 -Q -W, 54-1--.. V, X R Il:-,5 v , A 'QQ ' '?EFff 'b"'f" V,- , .W A-, ' "7,fl"fI5fM111e"V3' va . ,..',mM- .-rw-W' ! GA .ka . MN 5. vc. :V if- M 4 mfwm 4 " W1 Mk ,vb J! 'V " "W E ' www - 5 ,fs- NM .rg 51' wa 4 M LX 'W fi f ' , 1 H 4- I f 1 my ,. al ,, N1 ' 'T f ,E ' 5 ' Lmifw' , gg, 1,f'Q'rfff' 'wif-q1,,N Y 1 M HW we. Q! , Y! EY . 112215 g: , 'Q ' S x I ' X '4 1 ,Q Az PS im M ,Q -4, M, Y U xxx? iv E . x il, 1' A 2 fi X' . fig 1 FOOTB LL - K " d I ,,, 4592 ' 22 5 3 xii 4' I lf 47 M. W f K ei Q M 1 ,,. 4' 5 .Q if . . 3 H , i .,,, j - QM, Front Row QL Rl David Perez Anthony Calderon Mike Chavarria, Phat Pham, Jorge Rodriguez, Angelo Torres, Cesar Garcia, Tony Wu. Middle Row QL RJ Cruz Alvarado Dominic Jimenez Jorge Fazzini, Jerry Davalos, Jose Mireles, Drake Newman, Hector Torres, Jeff Braxton. Top Row QL RJ Ramiro Flores Mark Rubalcava Alex Guerrero, Jason Remus, Rob Hoyt, Anthony Ayon, Chris Read, Steve Vaporis. 1 l 3 l.V. Football This year, the Knigl should have a very potent fense, led by quarterback Cl Alvarado, running backs An ony Calderon and Dominic menez and receivers Jeff Br ton, Jeff McMurtrey, Pl Pham and Hector Torres. 1 strong point of the offer should be the offensive li consisting of Rob Hoyt, A Guerrero, Jason Remus, l miro Flores, Tony Wu 2 Anthony Ayon, Defensive the Knights have always be tough, and this year should no exception. Linebackf Jason Remus and Dominic menez will be the backbone the defense, along with Je Davalos and Alex Guerre Others playing key roles on fense will be Anthony Ay Ramiro Flores, and Tony W f k as FRESHMAN room LL A. ... 1... J., The 1987 FRESHMEN FOOT- LL TEAM started workouts August with 72 young ights going out for the um. By the time league start- in September, there were players that made it 'ough the long hours of lctice and conditioning. l'he new Knights have a lot live up to since our fresh- an teams have won the ague Championship for the t four consecutive years in- rding 17 shut-outs in the last games. .eading this year's team will Tony Garcia, Caesar Flores, minic Martinez, Philip Cruz, lrk Granados, and Steve fntoya on the offensive line. the backfield will be Rud 1enez, Eric Chavarria, Chrig zobson, Dan Vasquez, and n Romero. On defense the ights will be led by Oscar rez, Orlando Berreras, Bob nahoo, Ethan Toste, Dan allano, Saul Salinas, and d Romero. Doing the pass :ching will be Carlos Bara- , Felipe Ramirez, Eddie Sa- r, and Joe Valenzuela. - S ... As . A , Coach Sainz Coach J. Woolery FRESHMAN FOOTBALL ASKETB LL HOMECOMI G Seniors: Marcela Castano and Bob Brogan. The Knights ... This year, our 1988 Bas- ketball Homecoming court was, as always, a real win- ner. Shannon Keeling and Eric Martinez were crowned Lady and Knight. CNothing new to Eric since this is his fourth consecutive year . . . give the other guys a break, Ericll. Congratulations to all. Shannon gets her crown. Seniors: Robin Palmer and Jim Rodriguez The Ladies. 1 ' - .. Sophomores: Alicia Marone and Juniors: Denise Marmeljo and Paul Freshmen: Adela Rodriguez and Tim Clark, Marquecho. Mike Duarte Basketball Homecoming Here come the Knughtf' ASKETB VARSITY BASKETB L L MMV eiruz ejvffffbi K Qarge Gonzalez Gary Hobbs 59-em Shfejd- QfiiH6 is f i 1 if 3 a fi XxXA N K E V our is- . 1 e . X... ...f Adrian Ruiz Jeff Holguin Willie Reyna Jack Lamb Qgiiii Eff 3 U gilgjucia Chris Hernandez Coach Svfensen Team Work! This Year's Knight Basketball team lack experiance and height, but make up for these shortcomings with hustle, desire, and traditional intensity. Chris Hernandez and Willie Reyna are the only returnees. Four outstanding players from last years J.V. team are: Hobbs, Holguin, Lamb, and Hernandez. One from the Sophomore team: Acosta, and one from the Frosh team: Ruiz. Darge Gonzales did not play last year but has done quite well this year. We expect to be competitive for a C.l.F playoff spot this year. Varsity Basketball VARSITY BASKETB L L 1, ,fm ."', z , qw I mv. fwl , 8 T I j A W4 4 az 2 Cheerleaders Doing Their Thing Where's The Ball? Ki W!! The 1987-88 Varsity Baketball Team Practice Again?! 'Wil ,4- Yes, We Are Studs! .M Jack Hates Smiling The Winning Shot? Two Minutes Until Victory Varsity Basketball I.V. BASKETB LL 2, 1:,. M ,W Y I "f: if 1 M Top Row lLeft to Righty: Robert Ostercamp, Mike Barajas, Kevin Angelos, Brian Sorensen, Mike Acosta. Bottom Row lLeft to Rightl: Ray Marquez, James Wang Po, Thain Tran, George Weiser. Coach Mallary The J.V. Basketball team is red hot. With experience on their side and tal- ent to boot, these Knights can't lose. Coach Mallary plans to keep the guys in top shape. The competition will never know what hit them. But, no matter what the score, one thing is for sure ... we'Il always win in spirit. G0 Big Blue! We are true winners! l.V. Basketball SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL 21 1 I We KJ 'J if QQ BYQ is 1Top Row5: 1205 Fred Alvarado, 1245 Jeff Braxton, 1505 Kien Lac, 1445 Alex Guerrero, 1345 Luis Natera, 1425 Moses Estrada, 1525 Tony Wu. 1Bottom Row5 1MGR5 Anthony Calderon, 1105 Joe Medina, 1225 Steve Brown, 1125 Phat Pham, 1145 James Koppleman, 1405 John Guerra. .Vex A . ...K ,, 5 K K.U"'S1 M it 151 1 Q X B S taao B Coach Gorball This year, after a real shaky start, the FROSH-SOPH BOYS BASKETBALL team has put to- gether a strong balance of wins that will hopefully outstand this season to be one of the finest in a long while. Louis Natara is a strong girder in the building of this team as is Phat Pham. "We're looking forward to a great season," says head coach Gor- ball. 4 Basketball hard at play Friends and teammates Sophomore Basketball FRESHMAN ASKETB L L Top row Carlos Barajas Sal Salinas Dale Murphy Adrian Purdon, Chris Jacobsen, Kien Hang, Felipe Aguilar Bottom row Rick Martinez Tuow Le John lrvlne Noel Aguirre Steve Montoya Mr Halvorsen fcoachj MR. HALVORSEN The freshman basketball team will once again carry out the standing tradition of being among the best. As always, Arroyo teams show pride and exhibit good sportsmanship in com- petition. That's the stuff winners are made of! Freshman Basketball A CANDID LOOK T SPCRTS a f1 2A i 4 , ' Q M C . rf' K I WS 4 i ' .CL L l ? .af f f f 1 Right: Rick Fuller prepares to start his long walk to Westwood. j , E 3. ff 25 'X ,. ' . K. , . ii, z -:V-. Q .. ... ,. Q. ., ,C ,..,, . W lv . V, ,L ilkiviq :il , ,Fx Left: Beatrice Perez waves an official 'hello' from the 'ii' Q .1 . ..V - 'Q M.V.L. Volleyball Champs. Above: Varsity Soccer aff' Q ,, -,' Champs, Danny lberra, Everado Chavez, and 'Little f W :J f i" Q, if ,H cf- ' 4 it r 'ff' ., 'Q Sw Yr . ., , x. 'f 'Q 591' Q Q 3-'4 . 1' . .L 'kr '39 ,,. ,W 4 y re- 5 f x, ' M A d ms: Wg, LX F , qs: Q K i W 45 X s , Man' Hernandez take a break from practice to 'pose'. F, iii :P 514' ef xg 'E 3 , Q, X is wh..,a. 3 -P E 4 ' rf it ,M ,NM . . .. "W . W. .5 pw L J .L , ,,, t , Practice is no picnic for trackster Danielle Lamar, but the payoff is worth it. :rag m I . wi-Q-.fe UQCQ Chris Hernandez ponders which is harder Varsity Track or Football. N --, " QV' E ShWj5WWw'nN'wmmW5w5"m'mMW"W WWMWZMMNQ ' me . .,.. .,., M Nm -.--. M M My K U K ,WN ,,...,...., Mwwm.. 5 .ga ii 2 ::-55.5255 ,E :.gz:::::::: xx 2 .::.5:.:.'-' S2 . li ,,.. 5 3 g : 1. :,. l . g 5 1 E s gg , glgqtgwiamaf w fwiieaxeaiwsfzzazzzzggx rg gs, it ?2 as E . 'lg and WWW? im.. s awn f ls... PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT Left: Hurdler Bob Combs demonstrates his fam- ous stork imitation. Below: Some athletes, like volleyballer Cammi Lynn, will do anything to avoid practice. GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETB LL My Ao fx lm lm fin D6 Maria Jarquin m i A W Ll Stacey Smith Patty Castillo Shannon Cory This year the girls varsity basketball team returns seven players from last years squad. Leading the team is senior Julie Nelson, returning for her fourth year, and also seniors My Ao and Anita Paggao, both returning for their third year. Included on this years' squad is also Maria Jarquin, Serena Maxim, Donna Villalobos, lvonne Ortegon, Stacy Smith, Shannon Cory, Lambrini Frangos, Librada Tafoya, Tanya Kaysen, and Patty Castillo. There is not a lot of height on this years team so we will be relying on quickness and good defense to defeat our opponents. With a tough pre-season that included South Pasadena and Schurr high schools, the team got a good test, and showed how they will fair in the Mission Valley League. X W Julie Nelson Yvonne Ortegon .Q B H lxlkllrgffly EX lb Librada Tafoya Donna Villalobos TVMDW Girls Varsity Basketball RR lil IR 'Lambrini Frangos . hi l H . Q Q W ,,,.. M a s ,,.,., E., H: J M1 Vrkfr My .,, K ff, ,, f f f 54 1, f 2 3 ,,,, , Tanya Kaysen will Anita Paggao m , rllai Coach Thomas f if K W' f Q , " 2, , 1 , 5 X il, ,K an lm IW ll? A GIRL ' I.V. BASKETB L Assess '4f4 ssssss sis? sssw Assess 1 S The J.V members consist ofg Patty Castallano, Malena Castano, Valerie Cuevas, Christine DeLaCruz, May Dullavin, lvette Flores, Jessica Jashlmota Rachel Orosco, Trang Pham, Peggy Perales, Adella Rodriquez, B39-ky Rodriguez, Gabriella Sarmiento, and Juana Valenzuela. Sr. My aims for the basket J.V. Coach Rita Costello This years' J.V. girls basketball team holds a lot of promise. There is great expectation that we will improve on last years record. With such stand outs as Jessica Jashimota, the Rodriquez sisters, Becky and Adella, as well as with the talents of second year J.V let- termen Christine DeLaCruz, Pattie Castellanos and May Dullavin the fu- ture looks bright. This is an enthusias- tic and hard working group who has set their minds on bringing Arroyo a league championship year. Two happy J.V. players . . . Girls l.V. Basketball Varsity player Patty shoots , ,, wa 45 L f I GYMNASTICS v X f' ff 4 Lydia Morimoto Dianne Betts Jennifer Green June Silva Q f 'mm' W My 2' , K ff efwffayf-M1 be yourselves! Marggs Logez David Hernandez Gymnastics GYMNASTICS U-lzsarl-bein-4 Stephanie Smith Joyette Mayer Paty Lem Mike Maz flying high" Duane Betts 8. Stephanie Smith , 4 I David Hernandez Coach Valenzuela Arroyo's Gymnastics Teams are known to all high schools in the state. A presitigious record has been establishedg two C.I.F. titles have been won by the girls team and one C.I.F. title for the boys, along with several tournament titles and winning seasons. Coach Valenzuela, a member of the C.l.F. boys team in 1983 is now rebuilding both the boys and girls team to continue the prestigious Arroyo Gymnastics reputation. Joseph Burnett Tim Clark Mike Maze tLouie Sandoval il,-2" Gymnastics f?QggQgT3jQff4f 1 3- V'---f ' o r L rg i f Q f 4 Q 1 4 . Q 1 f ww 5 if in y wl " if ff Ugg' ff 2 f if fi M, 4. M 5 Qfytg' I .! , C z zn qf Nw fa QW 4 . F' Q f ff ,kj ,Lf A A ff ,yi ,ff 1 fl f 4" 72 -.I M , f 29 W f 5 f V , ,,, A V 5 , Luis Alvarez Abel Gar ia 'wwf V ., f IQQQQQ W'j 'f if , A nf f., f L A' 41:9 5-ff V mf' 1 ., f f 'cf ' A 've Z A i 'ii ,. , ' ' 51 '5"' I' ' , Q2 M Jose Mirales Luis Santillan VARSITY Byron Cantrall SOCCER A, ef . V W , 4' ' ,f 5. v ',:.iQ.:-it v 1 N g ,lv ' I , . if 1, , Zzll I Q ,,., H , my M Everado Chavez may . , 2, ri , o u u .5 AV ,V K .,,,, li f , ,VR Q Vlrv ,gf W W nrii ?..:, f on I ,- 4,. I . if 4 V V. 4 5, H v' V "f,. .1 5 If ' .1 , fx? v Dan Gil fl Ned Romero Dave Serrano . ,Az H we ,V ,V . ,, ,le , H f X - A 1 'EP' 7 5 Z 3 ' . 4 'QE Qglrfgzff z 4 ro L ,T f rw ,iq , A. ' f ' gi in 4 -f ,f - Q if ' 0 if 2 is f M ' " L J' '49 JM yi an if i 7 a 1 A W " in i?,eMyQ3?nEyZEYQ f. fi if f V W ,M if 3 f i r "'L r rr rrrrrrr 4 V , ,W ivgnijlgz I 1' Daniel Ibarra Isreal Rodriguez gl,-........,. -L f Varsity Soccer 1, vu .- , wr 1, if ',ff ,,. 1 QV zzr z rrr vrl lk i're 4.4 W . L rflv ifgi 'W W V ,V-V,, HWY, 'Ligue a mic: V 4 if F , ,...i, V 4,1 irv 5 ,,,: in I 5: vrrl' ' L ,V,, ,,h 1' -W " I- KL'l' E " 'M l 1 A z f' if 4 ff, Eli ' X nigga Z A 2 'Q K ' fi' 4 e :ff ,ff Q A, , Q f X A4 M My 5 ! WM fin Z W Q f. 1- lo M jeg", SA f C W 1 A 'Q 'Q Q Wwwvh' wmrnfw ?f Diego Cisneros iW2Q!5yfi'vZ??f 'i"i l il f'r L if WI " l r r in uri we ,,, Q' f fi- VV 'Qwgvi rfwnwf f lag 'X A V ,f 1 V le,n,,, gif 'l L' Q 1' .lose Lopez , 'V 1 f , 5,,W:'f We 'Zu k',,, , , X V fn- . ."5 2 SOCCER XE at . Sf' Coach Rios SOCCER This year's team, consisting of 14 players, should dominate the mission valley league. Arroyo's soccer pro- gram has developed over the past 5 years and each year the program im- proves. The team is held together by hard work and dedication. With 3 hours of practice daily and an excel- lent coaching staff, the team should do very well. The team's success is most noted by their very impressive offense, led by Ned Romero, Luis Alvarez, Danny Ibarra and Abel Garcia, and an excel- lent defense, led by captain Byron Cantrall and Juan Garcia. The team is very young this year, there are only 5 returning varsity players. The hopes of this years team is to advance further in CIF and to hold together a talented soccer team for next year at Arroyo High School. r lf V R ITY RESTLI G Billy Vogel Can Tran Marcos Carranza Robert Lopez Robert Escobedo Y Neil Truax Eric Martinez Frank Sosa Jose Lomeli Saul Campos Jason Remus Rvsemead bifes the dUSf! 5 ti Pin! Escobedo prefers to be on top. Varsity Wrestling l.V. WRESTLI -l lf- --.... J.- -at-Hi first row: Angelo Torres, Victor Lemus, Bang Tran, Chris Betancourt, Frank Gomez, Thor Abaya, Vince Vasquez. second row: Coach Rafik Tadros, Freddie Martinez, Frank Amaya, Ceaser Flores, Anthony Torres, David Lopez, Alex Corsaro, Coach Henry Alsept, Rudy Lopez, Coach victor Vorobieff. The Wrestling Knights have eight re- Jrning Iettermen and a potential CIF lacement team. Lead by Marcos Car- anza, CIF champion in '87, and Neil ruax QSr.l medal winner in every tour- ament plus seniors Eric Martinez -eague Championl, Robert Lopez, ose Lomeli, and Can Tran sophmore tandout. the Knights will be a force to eal with in the Mission Valley League. his is the strongest tournament team ve have had and will be the dark horse oing into the CIF playoffs. Individual- r, Marcos Carranza iis rated 1st in the tate by a coaches poll. Another occur- nce for Arroyo High School. "Catch the Fire" is our theme for 1e year, and with the help of the stu- ent body, we hope to have 100 wres- ers contending for Varsity and Jr. arsity spots in the years to come. The team watches impatienuy' Jr. Varsity Wrestlers are the league champions of tomorrow. The team composed of freshmen through ju- niors are always placing in the top three at every tournament. Solid per- formances from Frank Amaya, Ceaser Flores, Billy vogel, and Angelo Torres demand respect from their opponents. The solid coaching staff of "All Americans" Rafik Tadros, Henry AI- sept, and Coach Vorobieff will make league and CIF Champions out of any- one that truly wants it. Marcos is ready for victory. Victor Vorobieff Jason, Saul, and Billy taking it easy. l.V. Wrestling Neil attempts to pin his man. Celia Almanzan Raul Almanzan Cruz Alvarado Frank Amaya Mike Ayon VARSITY TRACK Brandy Baker ,f I A Wendy Barney 1, 1 Robert Barret Justin Caballero i,1'i f ,Q Byron Cantrell " " ' Patty Castullanes Evarado Chavez 'V J , I ' Jose Chavez ayrl Bob Combs I Shannon Cory ,"' 7"iiii Ll The 1988 boys varsity track as well as the frosh-soph team just might be the finest teams in school history. The varsity team is well-balanced with great performers in several areas, however, the greatest strength lies in the area of distance events. The Knights are led by three cross country All-Americans - Jaime Orte- ga, Jeff Gilkey, and Derrick Powers. Also strong are Gerardo Puentes - third place in the CIF 1600 meter final in 1987 - and seniors Doug Jones, Tito Haes, and Albert Paredes. Rick Fuller, two time CIF champi- on in the shot put, heads a powerful group of throwers. Sherif Hunein is a potential CIF finalist in both the shot and discus, and sophomore Rod Gul- Iien is already challenging FuIIer's lower division school records. An incredibly strong trio of senior pole vaulters- Mike Deitch, Jason Mac Lelland and Jim Rodriguez- will all be over 15 feet this season. In the sprints and hurdles, Al Paggao and Raul Almanzan are potential league champions. They will be supported by junior Bob Combs and super- sophs Robert Kwan, Claude Gon- zales, Darren MacLeIIan, and Cruz AI- varado. The frosh-soph team will also be very strong and should be able to fol- low the varsity's lead to a league title. "Arroyo Knights are winners!" Practice makes perfect! An occasional mishap. 182 Varsity Track VARSITY TRACK Mike Deitch Jennifer Durning Tracy Frazier Rick Fuller Claudia Galvan Jacob Gamboa Abel Garcia Juan Garcia Jeff Gilkey Claude Gonzalez Bill Griebel Tito Haes Denise Hansen Chris Hernandez Sherif Hunien Doug Jones Jessica Juarez Tanya Kaysen Robert Kwan Danielle Lamarre Jack Lamb Jean Lamb Ann Marie LeGaspe Bernice Lopez Danny Lopez Oscar Lopez Paulo Lopez Darren MacLeIIan Jason MacLeIIan Eric Martinez Kelly McRae Skye Morgan Rosario Moyao Melissa Ontiveros Jaime Ortega Robert Ostercamp Steve Overly Al Paggao Anita Paggao Albert Paredes John Perez Derrick Powers Gerardo Puentes Manuel Quintero Mike Reyes Julio Rivas Phong Rock George Rodriguez Jimmy Rodriguez Raquel Salvador Brandon Stace Thanh Troung Scott Walker VARSITY TRACK 184 Varsity Track TRACK COACHI G STAFF Coach Ramon Lopez Coach Tim 0'Rourke Coach Joel Kyne FRO H- OPH TRACK 4-will Front Row: Phat Pham, Eric Greencia, George Chavez, John Gilkey, Danny Arrellano, Can Tran, Noel Aguirre, Joey Quintero, John Magallanes, Willie Garcia, David Gurule. Second Row: Scott Earl, Tony Wu, Rudy Jimenez, Fred Alvarado, Aaron Gallager, Radames Montes, Orlando Montes, Ben Parsons, Matt Villescas, Felix Davila, Phasit Chiararaiyataya. Third Row: Mike Valle, Kan Hang, Greg Baca, Steve Meza, Robert Quintero, Chris Jacobson, Chris Stevens, George Chavez, Lloyd Larson, Anthony Ayon, Fred Alvarado, Dan Gil, Alex Garcia. 185 VARSITY TENN S Dave Buck Adity Chahuan Winn Hong Brad King Brian Ledder Thomas Lin Frank Parrino Dong VOI1g Alan Zhou Coach Syphard Varsity Tennis Wilson Yee And he still finds time to study . . . Led by seniors Brian Ledder, last fear's M.V.P., Brad King, Rodel Dulli- ran, Alan Zhou, Dave Buck, Tom Lin, tditya Chauhan, and Frank Parrino, :he Arroyo Varsity is vastly improved. Ne have strong Singles players, and Jossbile some of the best Doubles :layers in the league. Frank Parrino, unior, and Jose Alverez, sophomore, and two freshmen, Dong Vong and lose Alverez are excellent players that vill lead the Knights for years to come. I.V. TENN S is 1.-1 ,Q In Alphabetical Order: Anthony Almeida, Jose Alvarez, Neil Ballecer, Coach Busch, Andrew Chen, Jeff Cox, Eddie Durazo, Sam Fung, Steven Lin, Israel Rodriguez. FRESHM TENN S The Arroyo J.V. lost only two match- es last year, and could be better this year. The doubles team of Jeff Cox and Neil Ballercer could be the best in the league, and will be fighting for a Varsi- ty job. The FroshSoph squad finished sec- ond in the league last year! Names such as Reed, Hernandez, and Good- man should appear in the win column often. Arroyo Tennis is on the move! n Alphabetical Order: Blu Alfaro, Coach Busch, John Canel, Sam Cook, Dave Cox, Clark Cuardo, loris Duran, Hector Gaona, Mark Goodman, Steve Montoya, Andy Ramirez. l.V. Tennis l S 3 V X .' ,f Ax , , Ailmliiilliirm tmmm C MERR Y A RWW Y k J Carol Jaramillo Jenny,.Martinez " x K , . f l . 1, L. H ""' ft A it ian F , Mglkll ililll Alicia Marone Malena Castano Coach Richard White jflzifffsllifxrlozr m , Vicki Martinez Coach Mike Klein 0' 1 - f ,. Q L4 f . ,. ,-.Ze rixrrnifiliilfffhm Sarah Springer Marcela Castano ' ff "" f if " J W , W, man , nfwww . W3 ,wnigez .W my 'H f " H V 593, WI::2W.,i77i?E5? ,:,iY'ZEWA:zw',HWVZ? wifi 537533 If " ,,,,,, z E- 2,22 x E 2 ' 5 I This years girls varsity softball team is pointing toward a Mission Valley League Championship. A fine nucleus of players returns from last years league championship team. Add to that a talented group of J.V.'s from last years team and some outstanding incoming freshman and you have the potential for a very successful season. Softball ' ,VX SOFTBALL SOFTBALL SOFTBALL SOFTBALL SOFTBALL SOFTBALL SOFTBALL SOFTBALL Harrison Coach: This year we have 5 re- t u r n i n g players. We have also ac- quired 9 new softball play- e r s. Wit h this combination of students we have had a strong team both offensively as well as defensively. We are expecting a strong pitching performance from senior Mi- chele Nunemaker. We are also expecting good performances from our incoming freshman. We believe that through hard work and total determination we can be league champions this year. Top row: Patti Castillo, Annida Chomseul Susie Sanchez, Christine Delacruz, Dina Grijalua, Cathy lanno, Lilly Toledo Bot tom row: Joanne Becerra, Robyn Cano Raquel Abaya, Michele Nunemaker Sherri Chambers, Adela Rodriguez, Ra quel Orozco: R ITY BASEB Ll Coach Source i, , 5 ,,.,' "M f .,,, ,,,, A f",13f5' I .' . , ' H My ' .3 Vi 5: ,H , , ' I i ' g Klko Garcia VV,. ,, M ,,,,, gk? ,,,,, ,,, craig Barney I never get the ball! Jeff HOISUIU X fr , . D as A f fw1H'- 5 L-,H 'I V 2, if -' V I - , .. ww e iiqiauialiniih W , --ff " f - 7" H e,- ' ' U ' F! i f iw :,::l'-5532"VEIPSN1-:xv .W ' ' ' I .. . . .. 4 , 1 " , ' "". 'f . , , "" -' f f M rrr., . ' r 1 H W, "" '11 Mike Cabral Paco Chavez Rick Cordova Fred Martinez ,. ,,.,, ,,,, z V 5 ,, ,, 4 X V , we in f f HH N ? fifz,ffs1'zJ im ,, ez, ,. ,,ew:-gq,,,,gi,g:: nuqg?'i1'g'i 5 M wfrnw V , 1, V H View f ery - f " ff" H ff M- WNW ,,,,, . Mm f ,, f-- ""ff A-' ff,f ,::w Jeff Edwards Varsity Baseball Ralph Montenegro 4' .ff VARSITY BASEB L we ,ge-. Luis Natera M B N ilk" , "ms my Y I 1, f liz, Q ,t f-Lf? 5 5? ' . Q ,ggsisx , , ' Ht- W5 . ,tg wg 5 - -.rj -M' 5 Q' l L xmas- l - all A, , A 5 K , R , . .- us Qt.. gk - A -1. s L fig . , .. 1 , , . .W--at -jg, if T, 77 . gs... f Sli 1 ., f ,Q if Wi W- ,gf if f' ! t k,b' , Lavy my , .Q Q' if KM-in I , ,Li . , A " 1 -'awe . -131,9-3f,Ex,'., M 1 V ffl V'-is H - it sc A H --23 ef .M " W ' BJ -fn , . K., f -7 A x HQ A xl egg 1 an mi? W1 -'f'-ia.-N:-" M Warm S Lee Randle Kick BBCK Time! A Away Luis Santllla wllpweffhef Jason Thomas ,Fred Martinez Varsity Baseball L Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsit e I ' seball Varsit R:gw?sebaIl Varsity ase a arsl y aseball Var ' r 't eball Var Affgieball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball Varsity Baseball 1 Ray Pena 7' The 1988 Knight's baseball team should be a hit this year with returning key players. Under the direction of first year head coach Chris Source, the Knights will be solid on the mound with senior pitchers Paco Chavez and Marc Chavarria, as well as Iefthander Ralph Montenegro. The infield will be anchored by Kiko Garcia, Art Arlas, and Ray Pena. Chasing down the fly- balls in the outfield will be seniors Jason Thomas, Lee Randle, Jeff Ed- wards, and sophomore Freddie Mar- tinez. Coach Source has been im- pressed with the hard work and enthu- siasm from his squad and expert posi- tive results to show for it. Arroyo base- ball should really be something to catch this year. UNICR VARSITY BASEB LL Back Row: Coach Woolery, Alfred Gallegos, Elias Torres, Moses Estrada, Luis Natera, Greg Edwards, Tom Garcia, Adrian Ruiz, Mike Thomson. Front Row: David Perez, Jason Lubrano, E..I. Robles, Jim Rawle, Antonio Galvez, Steve Brown, Mike Chavarria. , WRU-F' Steve Brown makes a mighty throw. Coach Woolery This year's JV Knights plan to continue the winning tratdition which has been a dominant force in the Mission Valley League. Coach Woolery and coach Van Dyke feel that this team is very talented with a good mix of returners from the baseball program as well as some new faces. This season proves to be very exciting as the Knights defend the Mission Valley League Crown which they have owned for over a decade. The JV baseball team has put in many long hours of hard work both on and off the field to uphold the fine tradition established at Arroyo High School. Smile Adrian! You're on camera! l.V. Baseball FRESHMAN ASEB L L gtwess X-wwe lack Row: Steve Avila, Rick Martinez, Caesar Flores, Sal Salinas, Eric Chavarria, Bravlio Gallegos, Evelio Raygoz, Gunther Werther. Front Row: Brian lunell, James Hines, Ricardo Montes, Eddie Salazar, Dom Martinez, Steve Balsz, Chris Ruggles. Q. l .Q 5 , Ruben Hernandez is caught in action. Coach Halvorsen Crouched ready at first base is Sal Salinas. This year's Arroyo Freshman baseball team hopes to continue the great winning tradition of previous years. This success has its foundation in hard- work, team togetherness, and a winning tradition. Hopefully, this year's edition of Arroyo Freshmen baseball will follow in the footsteps of great teams of the past. Freshmen Baseball J .ZWZS I - 2 E i L l ,.,. ,atzf J in vw , gnu V' ,f , 'Q Af 'A , i I f 3 r I ?1 4, 5 s,.gH""lvlfl ii"'w??-vfw"' L , ,A HQ? 'V' 1' K K 1 .4 I : N A - - , N an - fm " ni., -gf Q K 1 - .Ame S3EMpjg.'7i'-V 'X Q . 1 ' ' , f , x 5, VM? f , Willing' 121 1 4 L 'Nm S i 4 A gi 5f"7"'f.- 1, L fx gg- 'V l Lp fb- L L MFLWLLQV Q: Q: . ft-K ' W, K LL Q--ai - K--- Y 2 in - L A , - i' W ' , - L W - LL L L .- 1 L l ' ' ' - P K Kh el A L V L'L' K L L X Lf L 5 L r LL fi' - A K- ' L Q K ML QQK, Lex as SW ,S A f"kk Wk ik -. L 'L K , ' -..- Q L- L LL H I LLLLLL 1 ' Lx A .1 L A W is Q LLLf -- X x - - i VN -my i --,, A A-Lff - . I - QQ -- V ' L ,LLL .L KK is-N - X i ' LL L 1 P' : - K 5: ' i 'X l "Being in a club makes me feel like a true knight." April Var W Grad 5 V L ?-471255 Il rx , H . . , . " R' 1 , A, K was K Nh .S as L. v M f . ,Aw f gif k . - - 5 A W F , 5 3' .Q 'ua-Q5 1 -- . nw Qkltkwkkiss- l V - .gr fn L, Y-- i as 5 Q , ' ,, + g mx I9 n MM , M , n L K I -- - - f 'X n ff 1 5 K n xr K we , ., K Clubs are :cessary to ake our hool 54751 in hool spirit and 5ide. . . n -Shannon n Keeling Grade 12 wi? F ' Q HIELD STAFF Monique Manjarrez Dean Stratton ,- N f- x 1 viii' 'mp 75-mmm Susan Arredondo 3 mmf if if f P- QP - N NL., Eva Ramirez Joe Matke :wifi I K ,ww Pau' De"'i" "a'1"' Lopez Advisor Richard White Shield Staff HIELD STAFF La Vonne Stephens Lori Luster N-ii5"" Anthony D'AImeida Raul Almanzan Shield Staff . lf Melissa Aragon Yesenia Samniego Denise Thain Yearbook Staff may apear to be an easy class but until you've experienced it you really don't know. Yearbook just isn't a class it's a JOB. Many people join yearbook looking for a kick back class, but what they realize as the class starts, it requires a lot of the students time, taking pictures, making layouts, typing and do- ing Iots of work on their weekend time. So if you were planning on getting a kickback class don't joint the Yearbook staff. Although for most peo- ple who contribute greatly, there . yearbook . . . This is our "baby", and your Shield, enjoy! ! E 2 as 5 fi E s E lx 3 E' E 1 5- 2 3 x T2 fe LE Xa ZS ,if list 25 :ga ,Xl iii Si 22 223 AZ Q2 su Si M 33 M, iv: 33 25 is is if is ,S 6 ii zz ii :E Zi sz :Q Z? is 5 Z 1 v . Q EE H 1 19 1,4 15 222 E3 if eg Ei Q3 25 ZZ 92 R? if 5 S 88 ,P E is ss ,Q M Si E? as ! QQ 2 2 x ? 2 2 ! 2 2 a s 4 3 3 3 2 2 2 5 2 E Q 2 E , i E 2 E E E E E I 2 E E 1 11 2 S 3 5 5 2 2 3 5 3 Q 3 2 32 Z 2 E i 2 S E Q 2 5 E 2 S E E 3 1 E 1 E i z 5 , 5 s , 3 3 1 I 1 1 Z 2 s S fi as 35 5 ,Q N fi n 5. P? E 5 2 E E 5 2 E E 1 E if x 5 3 Ei Z, 5 5 2 s Z 5 2 s I S Q S xi 1 E 1: 51 51 2 M l 5 Z 3 5 E 2 2 E. L 5' P L 2 5 Q 3 2 3 5 i 2 2 3 1 s 2 Z 2 E f E Q 1 5 E K 5 3 2 1 1 2 3 2 1 z 2 i 3 1 I 4, ,, V. rw an an SCIENCE CLUB LE RNING CENTER T TOR YELLUW ,sf .M W. Top Row: Henry Dutente, Chris Miller, Mr. Pollock, Frank Wu Middle Row: Denise Hansen, Peggu Yao, Lisa Hernandez, Dung Tran, Jennifer Jota, Mike Ye, Michelle Ho, Ly Pho In Front: Dung Ngo ADVISOR Brad Pollock W X X fi PRESIDENT Dung Ngo V, ' ., I ' W V, , ,, , 1 fl' vb if 1 .V ww Q, ...L f "To boldly go where no student h gone before," is the mission of the s ence club Arroyo. This motto dl scribes the purpose of Arroyo's sc ence club which is to investigat places and objects which stimulate a interest in science. Mr. Pollock an the members investigate places suc as science museums, research facil ties, observatories, and any Iocatior which actively explore science. Mmm . ,,,.,.. U N... ,MW My h,7f'7, 7, w'M'fQ7"', ,,?fZ""'T"WWKi" ,.y,f,,V , ,,,, M'kmwl M' iQw2ff'A'i'f2:W,flA.1gWffL.'-':wW:!"imfvw wffvvwWWWWf'f"Wf4f?f'77WfWW2gfW9??mf41WMWM V X Mm, ., .,,, , 4 ,,,,,,,, fff-- V . , . ' The Learning Center Tutors are a vi- tal, integral part of the Center's after- school program. A student must meet high standards bilingual, have a B average in academic work, and must demonstrate qualities of flexibility, maturity, and self-motivation. Tutors receive special training to help them do an effective job. Through the years it has been a privilege to know and work with some of Arroyo's brightest, friendliest students! Back Rowi Nicolas Candido, Alan Zhou, Edna Ibarra Front Row: Jaimini Patel, Steven Lin, Olga Gutierrez Not Shown: Boris Duran, Maria Jarquin Science ClubfLearning Center Tutors E 1 S W i , :,, - . W 3' - sss s i. .J .X .m , . . Q i i Science Club Ueople of the Science Club got together d decided to have a science fair, demon- ating their expieriments. Two of the stu- nts, Bill Thomas and Mike Sacks are deep- involved with their "Bad BaIIoons" By the y it looks, it isn't so bad. n the spring, the science club is looking 'ward to visiting Griffith Park Observatory, ma Linda Medical Institute, and the Muse- 1 of USC. The science club is always looking for new idents to join. There will be a lot of fun tivities and trips. In doing this, there will new experiences. Also you will meet new ends who might one day become your best end. One day you might have the time to sk back in your high school days and re- zmber those joyous memories. Balancing Involvement Here junior, Maria Ortega takes time out of her busy schedule for the bene- fit of others. Her partner is carrying a case of Hersey's chocolate to help a club raise money. The money will be used for club trips. They seem to have the determination to sell, sell, sell. With her book and pen, there's no way she is going to lose track. She has that keen instinct and perception to sell all of it. By the time she's done, it would probably be her third or fourth box of candies. She has fire in her eyes and if you see her better buy a bar or two. ,,..,..-.Q-P M I ,Q Involved Students Right: Involved students must also spend time studying to maintain the 2.0 grade point aver- age needed to be eligible to participate in Athlet- ics and other school activities. Right: Thomas Lin, Raymond Ng, and Frank Wu are eagerly awaiting the Math Contest. All three are looking forward to doing their best for themselves and the school. The math contest involves all the high schools in the district. They take the best five scores of each school and send them in. Any student in an advance placement math class is entered. Memories Dance Company The dancers of dance company practiced day and night for their performance of "That's Dancing," which was well done. The Dance Co. has brought culture to Arroyo High School We are Proud to have them here. Good luck to the fine dancers that have worked hard all year to achieve the high stan- dards they've earned. The dictionary defines dance as an up and down movement a quick or lively manner. Sherrie Simmons and April LeMire definitely describes the word dance in the best man- ner. They have the determination to do their best and with that, nothing is going to stop them. The next time you see them they might be a professional dancer on Broadway, and just remember, this all started at Arroyo. -Q Q QQ, N, V""".-'Mar ,,A ,XA V H We M ,, , , M L,, , l d l l ll ffk,-A" N 'vate pun Q . , at 5. ' as Q . .1 . 1 ,4 . I S 77105 W' "Believe it not, life does e ist after 2:40!' -Debb Burn Grade "I go cruising down Holly- wood Blvd. an 4772 neck out the licks!" -lessie Rosas Grade 12 Hit the beach ld party all lght." -Tom Swyers Grade 10 X ,-.X f -:K nl -....-QM '35 1l-.1 I. I fre Karen Oschman and Dana Sailors find it relaxing to go to the movies and unwind from a long week. ,.,i s W y y, ,Fm irrr 1-.ff .- . f' ' . ' N ' , F ,,.,,., .: , V , V, . .W 1... ' I . V N fl . up f -4 W, , ,- M s .Q Nd, ' as While eagerly awaiting ice cream brought by friends, Chris Hernandez suns his shapely legs on the sands of Huntington Beach. :N 1 Arroyo students love music . . . Happily shown here a student gets an autograph ani a hug from drummer, Steve Adler, of Heavj Metals' "Guns and Roses". WEEKENDS OF SUN D UN -l...- ln, , Forty-eight hours of freedom . , every student lives for the weekend, a time to 'kick back' and relax, a time to gasp for air in a sea of con- stant homework. Students count down the minutes from monday to friday, awaiting the sound of the last bell. Friday nights are usually spent with special friends, going to par- ties, movies, or just out to dinner. Saturdays, if the weather permits, are spent at the beach, shopping or working. Sundays are usually spent sleeping in, and being with family And like a never ending cycle, the pattern repeats. And then comes I SUMMER "Cheese!" ,. , Amy Kasten swims among the fish, as she smiles for the under-water cam- era. Two students pose for a picture during their night out on the town .,. Dancing and eating out were favorites here. Memories .Q 7 V in J I Brandy Baker enjoys the view from hig off the ground, as she enjoys herself on family getaway. 'S indy O'DelI and April Montague flash Style and grace is the name of heir smiles as they goof around at home. game .. , Skiing the slopes is a fa- THE ULTIMATE FASHION - STATEMENT CLOTHES. - Everyone wears them. As you walk down the halls of Arroyo you can't help but no- tice the several styles of clothes different people wear. Several styles were dominant, however. Such included, Big belts, large hoop earrings, and leather minis- kirts for the ladies. The guys, on the other hand, thought Reeboks, leather jackets, and of course, classic Levi's, true fashion this year! Money however, is a large factor in anyones wardrobe. If Mom and Dad didn't give you the money, your weekly pay check did. Several students display their own creations of uniqueness by making their own clothes and jew- elry. Tastes ranged from the "Surfer- skater" look to the Disco Beat look all very individual. Every- one in the "scene" was definitely in style! i l ' filjwllll QSTUDE T LIFE V Rs 5' fs s. ...... "Later!", Duc Lu quietly says, waving, as he anx- iously hurries away for a lunch date. 1 ll -1 - THAT CERTAIN SMILE Everyone is attracted to a great smile A flash of those pearly whites can catch the eye of the oppo site sex There are several kinds of smiles Some smiles some smiles are seductive and some are just plain happy smiles So when in doubt dont be afraid to smile Who knows something great could come out of smiles are "friendly" it! 1 l 25s. . I , X, N KX L is no X., t 1 5 . 1 l 5 l s it lr 'a ww Among the favorite things to do, from a teenagers point of view, is eating food, U.S. teenagers of all people, must consume most of the food in North America. The average 2 EATING- TEE AGE HOBBY teenager eats approximately 21k pounds of food a day! That s 912V pounds of food a year! Favorite foods topping the list in- clude- Pizza pasta, hamburgers, ta- cos burritos crab, lobster, and any- thing containing, drowned in or topped with chocolate. Ummm Yum! M W M 0 ,. Willa wwmwc, E l .1 d!'j,:"' fi LaVonne Stephens enjoys her chocolate milkshake at Burger King, a favorite lunch site for upper class- men with transportation. 214 NO OFFCAMPUS CLASSMEN Thls year Arroyo started a new policy A policy which the Freshman and Sophomores werent too happy about man were not allowed off campus during the lunch period This decision was made to deduce loitering complaints from local residents and merchants. It s really not fair said sophomore Sonia Ramirez A few people ruined it for everybody. Now all we have to choose trom is the cafeteria food . . . an there s really no variatlon. Next year there is a chance that only seniors may have the off-campus privi- ege. LUNCH FOR LOWER 5 5 " '1 'gi"" V5 Sain -'fy' W':jt25EE5EME:f-Qi''lEEQ'5H,-wifi? M." -' f ,,,- , r fri. -ee .,-. ' 7 3 :W ,, is Dinner at Dennys? Varsity cheerleader Ch ris- tine Kaposy is enjoying herself with the Cross Country team during homecoming week fes- tivities. Senior Claudia Nieto takes a break from he burrito to say 'Hi', and take a sip of her pepsi ,, Ill l Il- lll "' ' Ill Student Life v- I ,W .,,,, ,M ,,.. II II 1 ll II , STUDENT LIFE My ,,,, MMM. .,.. . V .,...,. .w,,w.T,s,.,,.,.WM...M, ..AA Wwmmm www We - ,.,. .,.. . W5 ..,,.,.... H N :Q - item ma.-. .. EWR Wim ff .gM Mm,MW,WN,eNess,W.. W my .....,.. .., ,..A W,.W.... ..M,,,,,m ammy Rubio and alumni Ralph VanDyke Dawn Lovejoy and beau relaxing at the Nancy Oroaco and Alex Corsaro wait in line lash those gorgeous smiles at the Prom. Christmas Ball during band intermission. to take their pictures. AN UNFORGETTABLE MOONLIT KNIGHT THE PROM. Thoughts raced through my mind as I twisted and turned, trying to catch at least a wink before it was noon. I couIdn't sleep. The Prom was 8 hours away. I glanced at the rented tux hanging from the doorknoh . . . And thought of how long we searched for the perfect colors . . . I really should get out of bed and pick up the flowers .,. I hope she likes them. The alarm . . . wake up! . . . I have to get my nails done . . . I hope he doesn't come early. I LOVE my dress , . . lt's perfect. Darn it. How do these cufflinks stay on? These shoes are BOTHERING me. The Limo's coming in 20 minutes .. . I just have to shave. MOM will you help me with my dress? Where's my shoes? I love high heels I hope he doesn't think my hair is too "poofey" ,.. Mom she's waiting .,, don't take pictures of me now . . , Is he here? ... ls that the bell? ... Tell him to WAIT. "l'lI be right there". I think of him as I glance in the mirror . .. and smile quietly to myself . . . It's the Prom, and I look good . . . She walked into the room . , . she was over- whelming . . . I felt so proud as I slipped on her corsage. He looked so handsome . . . I was speechless . . . Happily we smiled as mom took pictures. Memories saved, never forgotten Cher- ished FOREVER. sffw A-'iw """ N5-Mm'-wwawwmwmw-eemezmww ewvwewm-se-:mf 'l Angela Ramirez poses before the Prom. . ..,.... MM , , ,... ,,.e . .... ..,.. -e...,..... ...,gLg.,Mm,.,...,. sg W I " 7 'Q-Tm " Q '- A Plaid is where it's at for the XMas Ball. Memories 2, 'lmwwg ...,. 'in' ML . mg MM ,.,,.,.,,N,,s,,,,.,N,.a-,,,,,., W, . , -.-...H l l l 3 ll E Debbie Ogata and Neil Truax having fun at the Prom. 3 l l 2 r 1 215 Betsy Holm and beau, Todd, steal the show on the dance floor. THE LIGHTER SIDE FAVORITE THINGS T0 D0 1 Be with girljhoy friend 2 Go to the movies 3 Hang out at games LEAST FAVORITE THINGS 1 Homework 2 Work 3 Clean bedroom 1 Cosby Show 1 Blue 2 Different World 2 Red 3 Family Ties 3 Black l FAVORITE T.V SHOWS FAVORITE COLORS SADY H WKINS HAW IIA STYLE Straw hats, leis, and flower prints were the rage this year for the Backwards Dance. The theme: Hawaiian, the place: The gym. Several couples enjoyed the evening, as the girls were rockn' n' rollin' with their favorite guys. The Backwards Dance, or Sady Hawkins, is supposedly where the girl 'treats' the guy, for clothes, food, and pictures. Most guys are honored to be asked to participate in this festive occasion, and usually accept .,. What a blast! x . N. 5 V , M.. - Rv 1 Q ss.. .9 ' E3 Jeff Gilkey clearly refused the hedge clip- "HANGE LO0SE!" Everyone is havinga gr pers, in his authentic hawaiian hat. time and the evening is only half ove i I I LORI LUSTER 1987 Miss T.E.E.N. This year Miss Lori Luster ended her term as Miss T.E.E.N. Baldwin Park. The Miss T.E.E.N. organization is very prestigious, fTeens Encouraging Excellence Nationallyl. In order to par- ticipate a girl must have at least a 3.0 G.P.A., have a minimum of 12 hours of volunteer service to the community, show leadership ability, and have good looks as well! Congratulations Lori! SOPHOMORE CROW ED The 1987 Christmas Ball was very suc cessful this year As couples danced and twlrled on the dance floor looking their best the Arroyo PTA and Mom and Dads Club scrutinized the floor seeking out young ladies for the Christmas Ball Court Their choice for Queen was a sophomore My Ao Princess was very happy couldn t believe lt' That was a surprise lt really made my night l I . by the name of Christina Arriola. Senior, . ' , . "I STUDE T LIFE KIM BARNES PAGEANT FINALIST This year Arroyo senior ladies and alum- ni participated in the Miss EI Monte Pag- eant. Among the participants were Ar- royo s own Shannon Keeling Kim Barnes and Jennifer Groves. As the final moments approached Kim the crown surpassed many others. Blonde blue-eyed five-foot ten Kim plans to enter the Air Force and eventually be- come a physical therapist. All our ladies looked GREAT that night ... Alumni Jackie Thurston captured the crown that evening. 1 . 1 Barnes, being announced as a finalist for , , 1 . Lovely Anita Paggao glows as 1987 Prom princess. 1-111 n " I LL I--. Student Life llllii 217 af ff.. Y . UQ.-,, " W ff W M f W f S 4 W 72 K f I A ,571 J fy PM f f 1 ff if , U' W.s: J 2e2g,mm jf, , Dedicated to Anjo and Michael from Imelda and Kimberely. Lots of Love. qv' DEDICATICNS 't .... 1 'a-.,. . N-. . . We'd like to wish the best of luck to all our special frenz, and may your futures be as bright as the rainbows end! Take care, Luv Darge and Lorena Keep smiling, Keep Shining Knowing you can always count on me Happiness is ,. . Being with you! Love always, Art Love always, Tracy. Q S i'- Natalie and Rachelle Best friends Best of friends forever '88'!! YUU EUYS have been the hes' friends-anyone V, '45, , , Good luck Baby sister in all that you do. I low could ever have. We're gonna miss you 1933 very much and ru always be therefor you T Kristl!! Good luck Hi Gina 5rIld.Cammy! Love RJ?-r "DOUBLE TROUBLE" mom and dad for everything I love U Debbie and L3V0fl.5xI8f.ffi M AX sy' CLASS OF 9091!!! , - . , E x Belinda and Lorena hestfriends for 12 years. To my couzin Liza Thanks for being here for me Betty. To my little couzin Betty, hope you make it like I did or else? Cousins 4ever 218 Dedications Ultimate reaction crowd. live at the 1987 Ar'royo Prom. DEDICATIONS MW 'fi To all the homeboys of ultimate reac- tions, don't let no one get you down. 'est of us. f K .. n K don't forget us after your gra- e. Love from Susan, Sheila and h and Missy best friends. We love varsity cheers! capt. and cocapt. Class of 88 o:8788 varsity cheers. You were the best of the best. Always remember the times! We are gonna miss you lots!!! fs his 1 In Q '. ,, A im ' f V Q ..- .4 ' '3' . at 5'-5 . ,. , if.. ' If only they could each remember more than one number 976TlNA. f A A 12 , W 'lf vb Yesenia and Lupe best of sisters al- ways. Q in Together thru thick and thin. varsity cheers have spirit. Rah Rah Rah!!! l :num lmehow they could not help but wonder if T.P.ed had another meaning. Zanny from the start, Spirited to the end, and beyond . ,. A great Philisophy for 219 life, Eh? not shown Dave. DEDICATIONS TO DARLENE: You have always been a daughter to be proud Rick of. We wish you happiness and success. Follow your dreams, we're so proud of you, We love you With all our love, Mom and Dad This year we wanted to do something different for the yearbook, we decided to start pages for dedications. This is a first for Arroyo's yearbook and hopefully as the years progress these pages will become a bigger success with more pages of dedications. We think this will make a great way to "REMEMBER" the years. 220 I'HE DRUDGERY OF WORK Several students on campus have jobs , . . This is evident in the way some students walk, talk, and look, wandering the halls in the early hours of mourning. Yes, these are the people who spend countless hours in the work place, willing to sacrifice homework or sleep for the sake of a buck. For a lot of people work is nec- essary for car payments and other small investments, or debts. You can find most of these working class people la- boring diligently in the mall, or, at the local grocery store or fast food place. For anyone the mon- ey always comes in handy. "'WwtH'eisF3-as f ,, i i s sf ...,. ag K.. V I , , , - f .5 . -54, f- alfa 0 I 75226 vayitfffsrzzxz' :rf f fair' f ffnfef, ' N Kg. ,Y ,5W3efegc,.,, 3: ef., ,,g,,.,-H, . Q Y 5 V ..M,,f 3 ..,...,. - I ,..,.. A ...... s as ........ 5 E, .sei SQ . 40" an .1 3 0 I If "" e i .J X 3' lura Ordonez smiles happily, showing off we outfit she picked out for her date on uturday night. '2:::"-Y'U" r-W-' ""' What a ham!!! Gary Hobbs, shown here, is hard Hmmmm . . . Which one will it be?! Leticia Ra at work collecting carts at Vons. mirez searches for the perfect T-shirt for that Student Life is l special guy. ' SPENDING HARD EARNED MONEY lt s pay day and all of the in convenience and heartache of the previous week disappear once that cold hard cash huts the hand Of course students LOVE spending money Stu dents with a surplus of petty cash can usually be found in the mall shopping until their heart The girls spend their money on clothes record albums or food Guy s usually spend their money on basically the same things But most guy s have to budget their money for the date on friday or save for a pre sent for that special girl , . or wallet is content. y 1 , . . , . v n I DEX it , l 11, -X .M I 1 1 1 Arrellanewa, , f 71a1 ,V.. 11111 .1 2 ', h tg 11 1 11 X,," an 117 1 rf. ,,,f.ff,,,, 2,1 A A,,,. fm 5 A sja, 300, A ' , 1 , aquel 7 5 1,,1 1, 90, ,X A 4' A Bi 11111 in 1 1ll2 1 11l11 Jose 1111 11111 Blac 1 11, 1772, ,f AA111 . 2 1 2 'f 2 21 la -ih ,wav 59 BIaI5de11 I- yi 1 7, '1 5 2 ,QQ 2 522 71 ,1 ' 1 ,,, 1 1 2 2 1 1 1, if enxa, 19 19119 3 101 BlaneaS,2Vla"2 , 11 22 if fe e 18221961 19, ,B'00f11, Laffy 1 1354 15 1 7 ,,,1 ,m 1 8 Boia To A thony 1, 3. 31 ' w 1 ' - la 76 Bel, der, eld ATUIZUKIQ 21 181,08 B0'2"12" Qafy' 1111 20? , August,'2KimberI Bqgnffy, Davld 75 A 1 - - 'A zzz "' f f g 1 G'Se'2 ,,, 'Wes' Chad - Jaime ,,,,.. "i' A 'yyi werman Guy 55 1' ' laal . ' A 142112 182 2 ' 1 A 1 11viIa, Steve 6, 193 11aa '11 ', ,i Xe: 5 .58 -.:. ' ':",, """ 1 " 1"1' '1 1 " ' f ., 7' Y , 2 ala, Jessica 76, 204 ,, De ree 1, 1 A 1 ,.., l 1 11 1 18 11 ,,,, 4 Arrr I 2 Z W My rw P--ii 1 ala MIgU9I ' 1ravoi Ra 1' on 4 X521 ,,f 1' 57522274617 V , ' ' ,,,,, f 1, 1 11 ,,,,, Anthony 1642 Bfexfen, Jeff 164, 1 221 2 Aguilar, Gabriela76 Aydn, Mike 161, 132, 207 Brleerne, Rene 76 Aguigar, Gisela 1g ,6,, 1 1 ,,, q aaa, Brogan, Robert 112, 117, 166 Aguilar, Moniq aaaa , : BFOOKS, Sandy 293 . 1 ,,,,,, aaaa 1 aaaaa ,,,, A F'de' 18, ,,,, ,,,,, B"'w"' , Marian s ,.: I ik. ' A ' 11 1 U f oe 11, --.. ,,, 1 M 1 111 ,,.... 1111 ,,,. .,., ,,,,,., 1 111 1,111 -. -,,, 111, 1 :i., ,,, ,154 kkii K,.1 L ,1 .hiii 1 ,,.. -. 11,1 1 f ina 1 - 37, 182, ,,,, ,,,,6 Dora ,,, 11 , Buck, ,-,- .... ..,, 1 1 :-- V, -A - ' KIA, '.., 1 hiihy Alarcon, Ruben .K,.,. , ,,2. 1 1Alba, Guadalupe 46 1 A 11118 uuu, 1 E I., iiyiiggmii 11:11,i1111,,f111, kkkk iii S 11, ,,, -.,1 S1 11 11111-1111 - :K 1, 2 Alba, Lupe ,KA 11111i11111fBUen0, 1171, 1 , iiii ,-.,,' h,"-- ':1" 1 Albright: Soriiaiags ,111 ,,,, 11 Buene, Mania 203 203 1663 1'33 ,,' Buentiem Irene A'ca"I,2 EVa ef H P A 1 10l1d UIS, ,uu 1 1,,, ,,3,1 1 ' 18 ,,1,- Alfonso, Paul 114 Barber, Cheryllnn 18, 188 , . . 111,1 11 ,,,,, Allen' Knstm 94 Allen, Thaddeus 18 ,812 F 117' 210' 211 'A A A A 112ll AAA1 Allender, Racheal 94, 96, 99 5I'l5h0fl3h1 57155, 117, 145, 147 Almanzan, Celia 182, 197, 201, 203 2 AA1 U1 y 1 1111 1 1 ddd A ,, 88 47 Almanzan, Raul 113, 114, 182, 197 QSa,1Nl,agd lena 7 Alvarado, C , ,,, ,1 ,,, tlne 18 lana 18, 36, 1 198, 69 -15'1"'1",7f1 'I Q :':k "f7 1 813121 ' 'f 164 182 es 11 Alvarado, 6, , , 1111 ,1,11111,1, 1 , AlvaI'ad0,1 f1 6, 171 69- 202 Ivarado, ca 4,61 47 ,,,,,, ,l7,l1 llrlr, ,,,, ,,,,1 ,,,, - 1lll11 Ve fff ,fi 76 ' A de 75, 1 , "'1 7 , ,,, 1 "ll 22 fllll R02 1 13 18 aaa 203 1 ' , 1 ' ' C ,, ,5,82W2Y ,,,, ,,,,, 11 l,' 1 1 111 n 853:18 a a 11111- 18 f111' A 18 1 2 ,,,1 nn J ,,1 1 , , , 87 BASEBALL, VARSITY 190 Cabral, Michael 117, 190, 207 a Bama' VMC' 18 Cabrera, Eduardo 117 ,, fggglfo, ChrfT'! s " 5 5 "' BASKETBALL, J.v. 170 Cabrera, Susie 117, 203 Afii 4 ,:' ,Q - A a, Frank BASKETBALL, VARSITSY 168 Caldera, Jose 47 M, Batres, David 18 Calderon, Anfheny 47, 164, 171 We "' ' " 1 . "" 1, - - , 2Ainanibar, 2272 ,,,, 1,,, - 1 Batres, John 41, 116, 200.12 12 C2'de'0", C'J"Sf'2" 18 1 1,,Be0er1 , - 1a!1!116 139 Cameron, Nlck 21 in 2211 I 1 Caldwell, ,1 1, gg 1, ,V1111 rgyr 1 11 k111L 1 iih Thk 1 1A A , I A 5 V1 1 1, I 1 1 11 1 f A 1 ,,,1 111, 1,'l 2 'l--11 ' 1 ' l I 8 Antuna, E, 'BeYt1:3n, Ju 116, 203 11 Camef5W,11 1 1111 111 Ae, My'11 114,1 , 174, 199,11 328528, 8 ca"'P1 S"' 1952911 1 1 203 1,,, I 2277 1122 Bermudese adalupe 76 C 47 ' nna 15 ul 13, A ,'1'1 1, ,,,1 1':,,'r 111 ,i 1,,1 -,,1,,- 8 1 - - Bernafwesefnadefie 116 1 Cell' 1 ---- " 11.,,. " 1 1 ' A '1" 96, 103 203 Q "a'd1+116 187 - 1 aaii 1 22222 222 I DEX Cueva 139300, Robyn 7 1 BYYOW iiii 132, 207 siiii 119 Patti 103 1 , y' :f 19 ' - Laura 18 lsir 119 Cardenas, Belinda 118 111 11 32, Cardenas, Rig0b,8r,toi47 Chen Andrew 13 19 187 7 Me, ' ,,h, ,,h, ,,,,f., it Cardenas, Wendy 118, 203 Cardiel, Tanya 118 Carillo, Christine Carillo, Jose 19 1 earmona, Ailyh Carnarino, 47 Carnevale, Carpenter, 47, 90 Carranco, 19 Carranza, Patricia 19 Carrasco, Christina 118 ,Carrasco,,Jose Carillo, Jose 19 Casanova, Olga 19 Cascelli, Barbara 63 Castallano, Patty 175 Castaneda, Ginette 69 ' B ,7,,,,CarrilIo, Chrzstuge 199 chenf Angie 13 ' ' Chen, Esther 202, 204 Chen, 19 lsilll , ,, Cheney, Cheny, 154 Cheney, 119 ' Cheng, An Cheng, Angie"19, 36, 37, 198 Cheung, 47 Chicafegiiio, Gina 47 76 Swett, Patricia 79 Chiu, Bill 19 CHOIR, ACAPPELA 90 CHOIR, ACCAPELA 91 Choir, Chamber 92 Chomseui, Annida 48, 189 A Castano, Malena17,5 g gs ,,,,,,s Chung, Jim L 3 9351299 Chung. 0 L 1554 ,CC5 A Csstt iss sis as s4s stsssss Ciazabal, 79 Casteleiro, Alexandra 47 Cisneros, Anaf79 Casteleiro, Cary 118 Castellanos, Javier 47 Castellanos, Patty 47, 156, 157, 182 Castenda, Jim 52 Castillo, Patty,4E?.,5j 3,74, 189 Castillo, Steve ,, sstt 7 L Cisneros, Diego 19 Clark, Donald 19 Clark, John 19 Clark, Margaret 79, 203 Clark, Stepharfie1120 Clark, Timothy48, 166 Castillo, Steven ' ' 7 Castro, Carmen 118 is Castro, Rene 19 Castro, Sergio 47 Caton, Christina 118 Caylor, Kelly 203 Cazaras, James 118 Cazaro, Dave 19 Centeno, Gabriela 19 Centeno, Noel 47 A Cerecedes, Edward 19 Cerillo, Lynn 19 Ceron, Alex 47 Ceroni, Steve 118 Ceroni, Rachael 94 Cesena, Jerry 47 Chadwick, Jean 19, 90 Clemetson, 19 2 Clinton, Gregxiiy 79 CLUB, ECONOMICS 200 CLUB, K EY 203 CLUB, LEO 202 CLUB, MATH 202 CLUB, SCIENCE 209 CLUB, S UNSHQNE 206 CLUB, vARsSFrYs 207 Cobos, Walter 191 Collaso, Lee 120 Colmenero, Don 19 Colmenero, Eddie 48 Colon, Anthony 48 Colwell, Colwell, Eric 48 Eric 48 Colwill, Nona 70 Cahmbers, Heidi 118, 188 Chambers, Sherrie 79, 189 Chang, Ji Hoon 79 Chau, Quynh Chauhan, Aditya 12, 37, 41, 118, 186, 187, 202, 207 Chavarria, Eric 79, 165, 193 Chavarria, Ernesto 47 Chavarria, Mark ,118, 161, 191 B Chavarria, Mikeiif164, 192, 203 Combs, Bob 173, 182 Combs, Robert 19 COMPANY, DANCE 209 COMPANY, JOSTENS YEARBO Conner, Megan 20, 34, 115 Contreras, Cecilia 79 Contreras, Eunice 120 Contreras, Evinice 203 Contresceri, Mary 20 Contresceri, Josie 79 chavez, Gilbert 47 oecosfa, chhsfine 91 , Chavez, Everardo 19, 150, 173, 182 Cook, Andrew 20 Cook, Kathleen 47 Chavez, Guillermina 118 Chavez, Jonge 79 Cook, Samuel 48, 187 Coombs, Elizabeth 48 OK 13. 107, ' : - - .gih ,,s7 9 2 it iii 113s, f120, 1906 20 ss 20 7 120 Corral, 20 3 Correa, Steye720, 158 Cortes, 3.52 gcory, ssu zo, 174,182 79. 5 , , 79 Costesliesi ta 70 A COUNSELORS 66 COUNTRY, CROSS 152, 153 Couret, Martha 20, 203 Cox, David 48, 187 Cox, Jefferey 20, 187 Cox, Tracy ggggg 96, 101 Cfaims f Crawforttiiisitacey 120 Creencia, Ailene 20, 201, 203 Creencia, Eric 48, 203 Crook, Mike 79, 203 Crosby, David 79 Crowder, Christopher 20 Cruz, Art 79 C3411 Cruz, Cruz, Cruz, Cruz, Truz, Cuard Geraid,120, 203 , Miriam 48 f Philip 79, 165, 203 Ted 120 Qfc-lark 187 Cuerrero, Alex 92 s, Valerie 38, 79, 175 Cunnyngham, Dawn 20 Curran, Cindy 20 Curtis, Frederick 20 Curtis, Sabbatino 79 - ,,,,r,, ,, 70 , 1, 20, 187, 197 Dam, 79 Dang, Thiehi778 Daniels, Minoy 79 Dare, Neil 48 Dass, Augustine 120 Davalos, Jerry 48, 164 Davalos, Ramon 159 Davila, Felix 48, 52 7, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis Dean, Dean, Dean, Dean Brant 120 Chad 78 Janet 63 Sophia 78 Brandi Lynn 78 Kelly 120, 203 Richard 70 7, Shannon 120 DeBraaI, Donald 70 , DECATHLON ACADEMIC Degidio, Mike 78 Deitch, Mike 120, 150, 182, 183 223 IDE Delacerda lll, Adolph 78 3 Edwards, Jeffrey 190, 191, d ' dddd DeLaCruz, Christine 48, 175, 189 Eggleston, e yy DeLaCruz, Victor 120 9 lrd i r J DeLao, Julie 48, 96, 102 9 Eiseley, ee e1d W Q DeLariva, Desiree 78 Elizarravaz, Delatorre, Pablo 78 Elkins, Deleon, Joel 48 Elliot, lizl ,,,, rii Deleon, William 48 Ellis, ,122 iii J iiiii .1 Delgado, Bill 65 Enriquez, i, 49 Delgado, Salvador 48 Erie, 'iiiii iiii iiiii 1 Delgado, Vera 78 Eriz,yE,ri,, 78 Delorse, Christina 78 Escaia,ntc,iMark 89. Deidmngeies, Cindy 13, 36, 37, 156, ,, 157. 201 iiii J W as Delreal, Elizabeth 81 1 Esccliedo, iiki' Delreal, Veronia 81, 94 W 1 Delrico, Maria 91, 91 ,,,, ,rr 9 Espairza, , llli 11i,, DGIRECQ, Victor 78 ,,, Esparza, i, 'llllii DelRick1,iVi,cky 1i,, 37, 94, 204 ,,ii ,,,ir Espinosa, iieefi Demarest, william 121 ,i,,3 ,il1,i ,iiii Espinoza, it 7 DeniQbi.ii1.LiUiSi78 1ii1 ,ii Eitrada, coeviingeaui 10, 106, 107, Estrada, 192 DeYoungl,' Danelle 48 g ,iiili i iii i,,,, 1 rrii, ,Euban ks, 122 ,,iii 2 111 DeYoung, Diane 48 irll, Dhorig, Gidgetn 78 9 Diaz, Angela 33, 199 ,J in 1 Diaz, Aona 81 J Diaz, Jaime 203 Diaz, Jennifer 121 my Diaz, Sandra 48, 156, , 57 Diaz, Tanya 121 Diep, Cam Tuyet 78 , Dinkha, Amjad 48 Dolny, Shawn 90, 92 Dolo, Crystal 78 Dominguez, Lucio 78, 159 Donahoo, Bob 165 Donahoo, Robert 78 Donan, Maritza 78, 153 Donato, Margaret 70 Dorkowski, Don 70, 202 Dossett, Stephanie 78 Dow, Christina 78 Duarte, Mike 166 .7 EVan5,v ,,,iiii 98. 1001 iii F , Fairchild, David 122 iii . 1 i Fairchild, Marcie 49, 96, 99 Fann, Jacqueline 49 Farmer, Nathaniel 122 Fazzini, Jorge 49, 164 it Felds, Jim 70, 157 , Ferguson, Joanne 49, iilil Fernandez, Annette Fernandez, Fernandez Fernandez 1 Fernandez, Cyn 79 in Jenett 79. Joseph 79 Tom 49 Ferrer, Humberto 49 Fetters, Michele 122 Figueroa, Jack 49 1,221 gi Fry, Issac i 8ii88l 3 Fuentes, Marina 49 Fu h rman, Tracie g Fuhrmarljn, Tracie ,ie1e Fuller, Richard 115, 123 ,,,,,, Fuller, Rick 2161, 173, Fung, Daniel 123 . Fung. Sam 187 9 ,Furnald, Mrs. 232 g it G Gabaldvni iii . Gaineyi Galceran, llli iG9'980Si BfaVi'i0 ,,,l 71. lfl Gallaieher. iiii W lli, Q ifii ,,,, ,Aiiegdsg 192 i iiiil f4"ii ifi it J ,,,,, ,,, 1 33 . it Gaona, Hector ,,,,, 1. Garay, Ben 79 it Garcia, 'Alejand ro 49 Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia Angelica Brigida 49 Carlos 49 Cesar 49, 164 Christian 49 Claudia Edward 49 Francisco 1231 y 7 7 4 Gina 123 , J Juan 152,3173, 183, 207 Kiko168, 190, 191 Leticia 13, 79, 123 Luisi79 Manuela 123 Marcela 49 Marlo Ann 79 Olga Peter 49 Ruben 112, 123 2? zz ia LW 7 Duirn, Coach 161 Fink, Brenda 49, 204 Garcia, Shannon 49, 107 ,,,,, 1 ,,,,, Dullavin, May 48, 154, 175 Finke, William 79 Garcia, Terry 49 Dullavin, Rode: 121, 187 iiii ,1ir, ,,,,, ,,,, ,,, , , ,g 1,,, carcia. Tom ,,, iilc Duong. Them 121 iii iiiiiii G mia. Tony 79? Duran, Kafina 78 J Duran Angelina 13 it 1. iiii 117, iiif Will'i9+f38l4i.. ,,,, Dinan, Antoinette 121 Gardner-7 iii DUfaf1.B0fiS.13. 48. 187. 1,,,,, iridi-est, iiii 'J ,,, ,,,, Gareis. DUl79I1i sl-UFS 943 i 9 F'0"eST,, 11,,,, iir, GQHUS' iiiii Dulrazo, Eddie. .49, 187, 203 ,,,, ,,,, ,J ,,, 1 iiii 4 7,,,,, ,,,,,,, iii, ourning, Jennifer 113, 121, ,,,ii iri ,,,,11 V,,y yy , y or ,,,, Ga'-231 Di1r0I1.1BY9il1' 73 iii i ,lf?ilores,'Y Garza. 1 ii iliiic Duron, Dina 122 W Fionsecca, iiii 49 Di-ltelnfeii Hem? 13. 208 , ,, aiis ,,,,,,, 124 i1dinie,rodd49 iiwyef, sandy so 54 7 iisii ' GN? 1,,,, E 7 liilli j if sis , ,,, 1 91,8 , 9 2.'T1i2il.i122 8 Gnkey' iiii F llii 5 8 133 sad. scan 49. 52 174 Gllkeyf Eblen. Michael 49 ,,,, 9 isi 1 iieseii iiiei i 8 8 Eckhardt, Daniel 49, 90, 91 1 eeiii iiiiii 49 Glick, Edwards, Greg 49, 192, 203 5 79 gg ,iii iiir Edwards. Greg 49. 192. 203 49 A 1 , ,,,,, .,. . , ff f .',- . .i. .", ifi ",.,.:f i.: i .ff.,...i '1'f' J f L. , . ,V ,,, , ,V H ,, ,. ,,..,,,,,..,,,,..,,..5,M. , , - . fi , ,.i' i,, , 1 Qndonezr' liur i Gamez, it Giomezibanl 79' 1 lrlirr Gomez, Frank 50 47 Gomez, Susanna 79' lrlillli 4 irii J ' Gonzales, Andrea 124 rlll 9 A J 0 Gonzales, Claude 50, 52, 182 Gonzales, Irma 50 Gonzales, Patrick 12, 13 Gonzalez, Angelica 50 oose Gonzalez, Clarissa, 50 9 Gonzalez, Claude3f183 A S Gonzalez, Darge 125, 168 Gonzalez, Dorothy 70 Gonzales, Francisco 79 Gonzalez, Haydee 107, 125, 20 Gonzalez, Luis 50, 125 Gonzalez, M. 50 Gonzalez, Sonia 125 9 Gonzalez, Vanessa 50, 203 Goodman, Mark 79, 187 Gorball, Coach 171 8 G ranado, Carm i le J Granados Mark 79 165' Granados, Virginia 150 Grand, Araceli 79 Hallfi John I DEX Halpern, Bob 70 lrouua Halsey, Louis 51 2 Halverson, Doug 70, 172, 193, 203 Hamilton, Stephen 66 Hang, Kien 172 Hanson, Denise 13, 107, 150, 183, 203, 208 Harker, Aibert 51 Haro, Bertha 79 Haro, Katrina 34, 115 HMO, MHYKJ9 lrn Ha,rrisq,n, ,70, 189, Harri5on.nsievew 79 if Harsen,Shelly 51, 203 Hart, Kari, ,37, 90, 91, 113, 125 Hava, Kenf79 A g Hayden, Dax 125 Heilbron, Tina 79 Henneforth, Gary 70, 200 Hentsch, Jenny 79, 203, 204 Hermesch, Sheila 471, 154 Hernandez, Alberto 79, 90 168, 178, 189 Hernandez, Hernandez, Hernandez, Hernandez, Christopher 125 Eric 203 J Ernie 125, 160, 199 Gloria 51 Lisa 96, 102, 125, 203, Hernandez, Marco 51 Hernandez, Richard 152 H emandez, Hernanilez5jl'homas 51, Ruben 193 91g 9 Chris 37, 37, 125, 146, Grebe, Scott 79, 90 Green, Jennifer 50 gg sssfis Grenzenbach, Stanley Griebel, Bill 50, 52, Griebel, William 50 Grijalva, Denia Grinneli, Marta 79 ,yy s Grivalva, Denia ire F Grogan, James 125 yyyss , 9, ' Grosenbach, Michelle 1755, 125, , 203 Grosenbach, Mike 79,203 Groves, Jennifer 135102, 125, 200 Groves, Jill 50, 96, 99 Grule, David 52 of S Charlie 79 Guerra, Yvonne 50 sss oiiligerrero, Alex 39, 50, 90, 164, 171 -'QSQZ9 esassliiunstreamsee sGarys,70 lligiiirrero liladaraf50 103 geuzierei, Luis 79, 9b Gutierrez, Gutierrez Gutierrez Gutierrez Gutierrez Gutierrez f1i 8Gutierrez Gutierrez Alejandia 50 Carla 96, 101 Christina 50 Lorena 56, 125 Louis 52 Maria 50, 125 Maria 50, 12,5 Olga 50, ,298 ,,,.,,, 51 g 125 198 126 Hiresglarnes 193 Hinmangxaren 90, 126 Hirigoyetsglflarry 71 Ho, Michelle 208 Hoa, Linda 127 Hobbs, Gary 127, 168 Hodder,FiEddy 51, 150 Hoffmani?Esther 71 Hofheimer, Kristl 127 Holcomb, Heather 90, 100 Holguin, Javier 159 Holguin, Jeff 168, 190 Holguin, Mike 51, 159 Holm, Betsy 90, 92, 113 Holm, Elizabeth 127 Holmquist, Kevin 51, 90 Holt, Windy 51 Hong, Winn 13, 186, 204, 207 Huerta, Manuel , Huizar, Clemertcia Hunein, Sherif:l35, 1528, 183, 202 Huntley, Kathleen 517 Hurr, Eric 160 lanno, Cathy 51, 103, 189 lberra, Danny 173 lberra, Edna 128, S208 2 Ibarra, Lorraine ,204 lberra, , imperial, J Imperial, F rank lii 158 lrigoken, Mercy94 Irvine, John 172 J lssac, Connie 66 J lssac, Mrs. 66 J. Woolery, Coach 165 , Jackson, ,,,, , , Jacobson, 385165, 172 Jacoby, Cheri 1511 Jaramille, Carol , g Jarquin, Maria 107, 128, 174, 203, 208 Jashimoto, Jessica 156, 157, 175 JESTERS 99 Jimenez, Dominic 164 Jimenez, Leticia 128 Jimenez, Martha 51 9 Jimeniz, Rudy,,165 j s gge Jiminez, Domenic Joha, John 51 gsee Jonson, April 51 Jones, Doug, 182, 183 i ie, i i as Jones, Myleen 128 Jordan Jerry 51 Jota, Jennifer 106, 202, 203, 204, 208 Juarez, Gabriela 51 Juarez, Jessica 34, 51, 55, 115, 183 Juarez, Patricia 2 -'Well' . Kaplan Melissa 199 Kaposy, Christine 33 Karklins, Loma 71, 201 Kasten, Amy 128 9 Kaysen, Tanya 112, 129, 154, 174, 183 Keeling, Charlie 52 4 Keeling, Marion 129 , Keeling, Shannon 14, 33, 36, 37, eiifgugtierrez, Tina A g ,ersl iiiiilll H opkins, Mary 127 129. 155 Guzman, Cynthia 79 Hovakimiah, Mitch 51 liii Kelley. JGITIGS 71 , Howard, Olga 64, 65 Kelley, Richard 71, 200 f s e8ru lessef fsslu 8 1 H Hoyt, Rob164 Kemper, Linda 129 Hoyt, Rdbert 51, 90 Kenora, Laing 81 glglacker, Lori 79, 203 Hua, Tua,17 Kesseling, Tina 64 7 ii,iH aes, Tito 125, 152, 182, 183 Hua, Quoc 127 Ketcham, Terrence 52 alllailie, Steve 70 9 Hua, Van Qe127 Khan, Ghazala 52 , Tigse, Jennifer 79 Huddieston, Jason 51, 199 Kharana, Priya 129, 198, 201, 203 zsiws , IDE E 2 f 41 1 .s Z . , 33 33 AA-. 1 .3 3 . ,, 3 13 J . . - 3 3 X LL-. 1 X 3 K- 01 1861 7, 200 , . 1 3 - -X 1 , f 1 4 20 1 W il 71 .1 X 1 . 1 11111 3 xx ... A ,, ,, . . .. ,. .. w. X x.x.1...... 3 1 .1 X N 1 .. .. .. .A N ..x. . ..,, ,.,..1v , .. , N.. .... e . Q N L . . ., , .,. ,ww . ..1..wk1eee nnet .. 11, i . 3 --.. . 1,1 1 . ,. ,..- , ,-,h . . 1 1 1, '-L' 3 2 -e 3 A--,,-- W 'ghh 4 ffwiiff' 1 " 5315? 1. 11 3 33, 232' .P '33 . 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R ' IIC' ' and ' erna' 'LA' Rgman' EHZQ184 X Xiu Sandgval' 1111 1111- Chri Sandoval' bumss f " 19' , a , , ' ',', Z 'K '-h' Val a . . ,-,. KK . - . 1 Ve ' .--. -. ----- K---. : K--,. .... 'K , - , - -- Sen' x x K-,f : -' I Ia -- -.. K av a ,,-K, KK" 4 .. ! 'K " ' -- ---- -K-K i ' 'na 139 0 1 R 1 "K" '1 ,,,-, ' ' 1' f -,9... , - -," ' V , - -K ' "'K'-'- c 1 RQ'-nz' J bert 55' Rosalg, ennlfer 34 aw 1 111 - red , ' I KKK- K K"KK K . Rosy? YO'-and ' ,,,, C ,,,, K ..-,' , ,, -- - ,KKK- - - K- Ros! 84' . 1 ... " , . -, KL , -", Q' 5 I sid 35 55 W ma a, Juan - " ,y 1 n 'f,, "" ,.,, ff - - 3' RP-ffa K ' Ich ' il H' "" , 'al' x ff" -N 'isffk' My ,K I - KK 4 KKKK, .4724 .... I f ,--,,,,-,4 -,,,,, ,Lf . .x XM. 135--,.i. wQ-X-W T,--.111-Q-M .-.., --if-,.fmv.--M-,-,vi RQ-.--.ff, m . ,ix - - 1 K fm 6 we X, --fdw--,,,-54 , ev- Q KRW X -- -- X-if 1-N S- - ' K- ,,,, - . -- K -- Kan -K'. 2 - 11,,,,, , . 223 Terzino, John 56 2 Thain, Denise 9, 140, 197 2l21eE-f:ff:2.s: -115. If 2- ssi'5:2i:s1 K -5fT:..88:8i': - 2 E 12sl,sq,5 iiii ,:-.I: Q iii f8 fi ..kk 8 air:-:E 8 '21 ---- 253- mffif 8 13- 88c22 : 55 ei. 22 Iiiir 3gACl-IERS 67 8 8888 TENNIS, V. 186 - A Thieu, Quinh 56 I DEX Valenzuela, Juana Valenzuela, Natalie llll 8 Valenzuela, Valle, Michael lll 5 Valles, Guaclalupe 57i Vanvalkenburgh, Kathy 141 Vaporis, Steve 57, 164 Vargas, Joe 57, 85, 90 wllbur, as Williams Dawn 86 1 X l V l 1 F WilIiams,iPhiIip 5.43 5 P' Williams, Randy 57 A A f'iw'-1. Williams, Roger 57 fe Varela, Paul 57 Varner, Jamie 57 6 Wilson Wilson Wilson , April 57, 203 l , Lori 13, 143, 200, , Kimberly 57 201 Thomas, Bill 203, 209 ,,,, lll 8 Thomas, Jason 9, 112, 140, Thomas, Mr. John 8 Ji i ii g Thomas, Jennifer 56 Thomas, Linda 73 Thomas, William 9, 140 Mike 192 Sheila 56, 219 2 Thomfison, Randal 56 Tidwell, Mysti 1, 9, 90, 91, 140 Tinghero, Reyna 85 Toban, Alex 56 Todd, Julie 188, 203 Toledo, Lily 1389, 204 Toledo, Marie 85 Tolman, Scott 85 Tombol, Edith 32, 36, 37, 112, 140, 219 Tornel David 85 4' Tornel Maria 56 Torres Angelo 56, 164 Torres Antony 85 Torres Christina 140 Torres Elias 158, 192 Torres Frank 85 Torres, Hector 56, 164 Torres, Maria 85 Torres Martha 140 Torres Miguel 85 Zabala, Fernando 143 Torres, Pasqual 85 Toste, Ethan 85, 165 Towanda, Spruel 90 TRACK, V. 183 Tran, Can 56 y Tran, Dung 57, 208 i,, 1 2 13, 57, 2.0 Tran, Thaln 170 3 Tranitien 56 Tran, Tran 112, 140, 154, 200, 2 203 Tran, Thong 57 Truax, Neil 33, 112 Trujillo, Arthuro 57 TUTORS, TEEN 207 XF U 'i M , f Ur ,gs,,TChristy 141 Vaiadez, Jose 141 8 f iissei f Valdez, Carmen 57 2 eiss,, 1 Valdez, Leticia 33, 36, 112, 141 Valdez Marion 57 Valdez, Robert 85 Valdiviez, Vera 65 Valdenc ia, Angela 141 Valenzuela, George 85 Valenzuela, Joe 85, 165 Vasquez, Connie 204 Vasquez, Consuelo 85 Vasquez, Dan 165 Vasquez, Gerardo , , Vasquez, J ulie 557 i i,, A Wasquez, Maria 57 Vasquez, Robert 572 Vasquez, Rodolfo 857 2 ogg, Velasco, Mark 263 3 8 Velaslo, Mariciar 57 Vensell, Wendy 199 Verni, Frances 85 Vetterick, Kimberley 90, 141 Vetterick, Pamela 85 Villalobos, Danna 156, 157, 174, 108, 203 2 2 Villalvaso, oion2ieaQ,,e6SQg Villalvazo, Diorlica syi Villanueva, Lydia o Villanueva, Mike,1842 ii Villareal, George 1422 Villasenor, .lose 86 2 ,i i as Villegas, Eduardo 862 eie Villescas, Mathew 869 8 Viray, Stephanie 86 8 Vizcarra, Michael 86 VOLLEYBALL, J.V. 157 Vong, Dong 78, 186, 187 Vorobieff, Victor 73 W ,J Walker, Ch rlstina, ,,,i Walker, Teresa Walker, Teri iiiii 8 Wall, Jennifer yggg Walls, Becky 101 iii Wang, James - Warasopun, Mingf1ii1L12,l,2fi13,8 198, 201, 203 22 Warasopun, ParnattlflE86, 203 Ward, Elizabeth Warden, Larry 73 1 Watson, Myrtle 8 wear, Shirley 12,js143, 203 Weimer, Samuel I lgig ' Weiser, George 170 Wells, Rebecca 57 ee , , g Wells, Rochell 143 g Wen, Anna 86 g ,iiieee Q ,ii ,,, 2 eee Wen, David 57 8 iii, f iii 8 Werthen, Gunther 86, 193 Werther, Will 191 Weston, Jennifer 34, 39, 57 Wilson, Marilyn 65 Wilson, Rochelle 78, 100 Wilson, ,Toniann 40 Wing, yyii y 2 alli Lee 86 1438 86 Wolfolfoj allen ny, 203 Wong, Diana 2 Wong, Shannel 86 Wong, Sam Alan 86 Woo, Loida 154 Woodford, Marylou 63, 65, 232 Woolery 192 Worsley, Stacy 86, 204 Worra, William 86 I Wu, Frank 12, 13, 143, 202, 203, 207, 208, 4209 Wu, Phuong 48666 wu, Tony 57, Y , ,,,,: .'ll' f' ff e, ,:,'g,i', Yaller, , Yao, Ybarra, Verdnica'86 Ye, Mike 202, 203 Yee, Esther 86, 203 Yee, Wilson '13, 143, 186, 200, 2 203, 204, 207' 2, Yong, Kim Yoshida, Christine 36, 40, 151 Young, Nathan 57 Angie 20321 Richardi57, 203 8'fYu, Christine 86 Yu, Dollgijl Yugo, 57 Yutan, 'Steven 2 57 2 2 02, Zabala, Yolanda 143 2 Zamora, 86 Zamudio,2525l3g3gglond 57 Zhou, 186, 187, 202, 2083- 88 Zhou, 8 203 Zielirlaifi, 232 Zubiate, Stefihanie 33, 143 Zuniga, Timothy 57 Acuna, Veronica 115 Cheney, Shelly 115 White, Christy 57 White, Jeff 57 White, Linda 63 White, Richard 73, 188, 196 Wiese, Malinda 143 SWAN S0 The motley diversity of Arroyo s student body is what makes us so unique I will always treasure memories with friends and fun times shared Being Editor In Chief of staff was an experience which I know will prove to be very valuable and it is already something I treasure Lori we did it now let s hope everyone apprecl ates the sweat and laborious tolling which went into this Shieldll memories Mr White we couldnt have done it without you PIS Cygaf gp,-f I r'7,,4f,.9,lfjf GQ zz . . , . . . . , . This year our theme reflects our dreams, aspirations .. . and . . , , . i, QW-5 n - 145, ., , ' 'Wi , , ' 67 ' Q"'v Being Editor-in-Chief of the Shield has been a very rewarding experience. Out of all the clubs and activities l've been in IAnd that's practically alllj, nothing compares to the fulfillment of the Shield. lt has been an honor writing and learning about my peers. To Eva, I love you, and though we're going our separate ways, l'll always be there, no matter how far. To the Class of '88, we did it! fAnd we did it goodly The Class of '88 has been the most outstanding in the history of Arroyo . ,. Athleticly and academically. I will truly miss everyone , ,. P.S. Thank You Mr. White, for being a great advisor, and a great friend. , J SWAN SO fx, LC' Hello! I would like to take this space to tell what a great time l've had helping in the production of 3 yearbooks. Being on yearbook staff for 3 years has been a big challenge. Now I'm a fSENl0R and I'll be moving on to a bigger challenge that chal- lenge is life and I would like to wish all my friends on staff and on campus the best of luck in their lives and take care, I'II never forget you. Sincerely, Alcbrv I 'Vu Being Photo Editor has been a challenge and a learning exper :ence I wish the best of luck to the next photo editor I would also like to thank LaVonne for all the help and support she s glVen to me l3QmunQ. 7WlOLLm . 1 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS A k wledgements

Suggestions in the Arroyo High School - Shield Yearbook (El Monte, CA) collection:

Arroyo High School - Shield Yearbook (El Monte, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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Arroyo High School - Shield Yearbook (El Monte, CA) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 67

1988, pg 67

Arroyo High School - Shield Yearbook (El Monte, CA) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 35

1988, pg 35

Arroyo High School - Shield Yearbook (El Monte, CA) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 8

1988, pg 8

Arroyo High School - Shield Yearbook (El Monte, CA) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 72

1988, pg 72

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