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1986 Arro y n Arroyo High School 15701 LorenzoAvenue San L OfGf1ZO,CA 9-4580 volume 51 o eo 9 . . - , . . , - 0 9" ff 0 eo 1 of o 0 . . QOXQ o o Q 0 .9 e . I ,Q s , so Q91 ov Q -11' 0' -63 6' oo J' 6' of' ff v' A' fy y Gdlib wn Dolve lr? 1 oo UP, Up, CIIICI AWCIY PIIOIOI DY Gdllbtlldl Dons SHOW school Spifil' ffl 3 p2flOf'8I'T'IiC view of the FO C1 f U76 5 FISEI' HOITIECOVTYIFIQ game if? C W 8 U OCCODEV. ,L 'ff I 'UW 2211 X I my IC'S been I'lOUI'S SINCE I BITIVEU 312 the SCENE of the CFIITIE. I' just baffled HOW BDOLIC SOIVII1 the C358 when I fIl'St receive notice that the Arroyo Red Prid M 'Who e it takes Arroyo by storm!' 2 WI10 DONE It? The DTV Gulch Gazette had been missing. This type o case is just what I have bee hoping for. It'S been quite a Ion time since this old gumshoe ha a good case to crack. BY the WHY, my name is Sam Valone, private IFIVGSCIQBCOF. I thought I WHS going to have an BVGFHQE WEEK, with SVGFSQE CIEYS, HVEFEIQG hours, and BVGFBQS WO' mefl. Boy, WBS I wrong! At 7:1 3 a.m., I received a mys- terious phone call. The voice seemed muffled, as if someone was deliberately distorting it mf' I vi ki 'pfif x , -"L A 5 yi. I "YiE'Q'l'I,, J ' 1,3 ,fa ,. AY Y ,J A Al'I'0y0 ftlifhflll SUDDOFUHQ the DOH team, Seniors KEWIT BUS' UESS, RODGFF V6QaS, Jeff R9I7l'IaCkE'f, JOI7 JaCObY, and Vince MCNiEll meet at a VafSifY game. f , 672' -M ' Sign it Signing his John Haf'lCOCk, JUI7iOI' RiChafd Reed Wl'if9S a SD6'Cial message on SODHOITIOFE SHWGY MUl'phy'S MICKEY Mouse f6'9ShiI'f. 1'-YOOOOIII! D6m0f7SffafiHg how IO fide a Kawasaki, PI'if'lCiDal Ralph Vandro Dal1fOl'71il1E'S for Juniors V6f'OI7iCa Gallardo af7d Tina Cruise at U76 HOIVIGCOITIIDQ barbeque. by covering the mouthpiece with a handkerchief. it laughed a grue- some howl and snidely remarked that a terrible crime was about to occur at Arroyo High School. immediately I rushed to the Arroyo campus, but it seemed I was too late, for Activities Direc- tor Jack Hunt ran to me in a fl'al'ltiC state. 'lt's terrible! Just terrible. Valone. someone has taken our Red Pride! Trying to keep myself from laughing in his face, I lit a cigar and nonchalantly asked him,'Whatin Conan DOyIe'S name is Red Pride, J3Ck?' Who noiiie ir? 3 wi 1 ,, , "Wi, he 1' ' 4 L .., V1 WIIOO! All Right! SHOWIFIQ theff tI'UE DOI7 Pride at the HOm9COm' ing rally, SE'f'iiOI'S TEH NOI'l778I7, MiCf'I6ll6 Smith, Annette TI'iDUZfO, Lisie F6fI'9if3, Gina 53flCf'l6Z, Joanne Derieg, Dal? PI'YfOgl6, M3f'l3 POt9StiO, Melanie Lopez, MICHEIIE HZJITEII, SHG BOD CI'Ol6y Q0 alittle CFSZV. ,V ii Qi , 4,1 'f if-1 A a l l 1? i' S 1 ' Y ii .vfgf 'iii' 'it' , , l, , Q, , . . i 1 V 1' wrieli- "lm-.iiflaaq pf- A ' as li ,:- ,.i .nf ,. , , - 13.314 - Af M . ,. mlaliivi 'i l , , Like a man possessed, he rep- lied, 'Red Pride is what people from Arroyo share. It is used to get good grades, to shout out at rallies, and to beat the oppos- ing team With. Why, without our Red Pride, we'rejust another average high school.' The seriousness of this act of thievery finally hit me. I said to Jack, 'Well, someone had to have taken it, but who WOUId do something that cruel?' 4. who Dome ir? IJ- 1-f -ff' Q W- if g 1: ,, xi ft Lg ,I , f- A 5 Y pix .L , , st, 425, xfsaiflgi -A V .ii 'ii it x A it Q f i . 'rs ,,,4', xl W Qif sv I . " ' n sd A T iitlvitl W' ' .Ki ff Rtlh! Dflllllllif! RCIII! Chef BOYCIYCIEE Getting loose to the beat of 'Footloose,' Head Tossing his burger with skill, Junior Robbie Hitch- Varsity Songgirl Darlene Sasaki shows her talent cock DFSCUCGS 35 S6fliOf Dari Kahn and Head at the Homecoming rally. Cheerleader Nicole Zoggas watch his antics, Pho o byG rlb ldl Ki' 'Q f'-dl' 14:40 P055 thE Wfel1Ch ASSfSl'if'Ig fhe Shop IHSUUCFOIQ Senior Tim NOFL1' strom DUf5 in 3 little elbow QFGBSE' l'O help TESCHEI' Ed L8M8I7fi8. X, Gy-It 0f 40 'Am3ZiHQ! The authors are truly br-i ntn' -The Washington Post 'Do what?' Jack asked curiously. 'DOI'1eif,VOLI fooI!' I SCFEBITIGU at him fOI' 3SKil'1Q such 3 dllmb question. Oh,' he replied. You mean who dunnit?' 'Nol' I answered grimly, 'WhO DONE i1I?' 016,108 4046. 4 Who DONE lt? 5 lil 1 ' 1 , , I u ffiff' f'Lf,h,fL !,!' 5'.l,,l',..., Nl u U1l'fw 31,,'.4ff'.'Ji M ui: 'nrfH +I, H, WZ f J ww , f w A ' ' .' 1 L QM. ' w Q w rw v1L1g v , '11 mL MIM l V.i v ' 1 www 1i I J JHWQ ,11 f 1fjYl, f in J L A L 1g 1 if1u "f 1 jf? ,J n 1. fA i'M, 9.f WN 'f1"m1 Y1'Q ' Q, W 1' Nfljl, ,.,! Wh? ,!'N Lv' M A ml MM J l'HlV, ',,. N " ,1"' Q Q? M ff' fx ,:'JlNLa .ffl ,.Q f W' fiff, WIT f MN :W VI ' w "y '- 'Q AC1ZlVIti9S DiVISi0n 9 .mf Jeuaag I S0 N 'Xl Q. Y A 'kr 'kv 195' ' . 'lu l , mr M '.,Vz."i . tu-M '-A Dix,- ,Xt 11. Y.."1'4,- 'vm r- Q. Activities DiViSi0l'l 31 xi: "' N W t' 'P' Ay' ' - 1 as w ,if -.41 'Um .P R0y3lty l'eSLlItS ShOCk DOnS excessive voting. 'But the students would nOt vote DeCaUSe they didn't want their Cards dai'naged,' said Hunt. 'We also did it by pulling the l'Oll cards, DUt those Wel'en't available to USe this Veal' HUnt also said that he wasn't aWaI'e of any cheating in the voting, but he admitted that he didl'l't think it was necessary tO Chetk the 475 VOteS CaSt with the Sign'in sheets. ADOUt reports that he released the final results DI'iOI' to the game, HUnt replied, 'Until I handed out the enve- lopes, no one KneW.' 'I WaSn't expecting it,' said FaShineil WhO said he WaS about to walk away ?x C0fnDletinQ her tufnbling I'Un, Varsity Songgirl Shelley BOFQES does the splits in ITlid'aiI'. 'TCIDS' COnCentl'atinQ on their music, Efnie Harper and Steve Sakamoto USe all of their eneI'QV While in Deff0l'n'ianCe at the HOI'neCOn1ing game. Yeah! Proud of winning the HOI'T7eCOl'ninQ rally contest, .lUni0fS LiSa Cavaz, RODeI't HitChCOCk, Marcus HUiZal', and Edna Villafnin ShOW that theY'I'e nUfT1bef' One. LOOkirlQ to kill, V8l'5ity FOOtb3ll Player Lee Teith, along with Junior Mafk TOGO, Cleaf5 the Way for Wide ReCeiVef Joey villalobos. 'o HOmECOminQ with his helmet before his name was announced on the field. 'l already decided that IWaSr1't going to win, so l had to pull my attention back when they called my name,' said Quigley. 'l was so shockedl' 'l was disappointed that people would think I would fixlthe ElECtiOni to win. If it was, then lshouldn't have gotten it,' said Quigley. 'It'S kinda a downerl' Fashinell said he ignored a banner which said 'fixed' which adOl'n9d the luncheon table. He sloughed it off as a stupid prank Quigley admitted that being Home- coming Queen was a dream come true and that she couldn't believe she won. Fashinell said of the honor, 'You get all the glory as King. lt's a big thing for some people, but it wasn't a major change for me. l took it in stride.' -sv'-""' li' PIIOCOI by Gdibdldl ,4....i.c,:4i,p...,,..,.,lM sf" xl-,iqiYA- 'T' ' '3..: .Vim ,bfi ikldiull 91" ., rl" g ffwrhz A l L4 -if vi 5 4. Q A 4fiwgQ9' mi ,gui . 'N X' ii ' i i : - H +. YJ AL X P1'?"f"' ,,,, I. ViCt0l'y Winning the Homecoming game, Dan Coombs, David Schardt, Rich Reed, Jason Walling, Da vid Cuneo, Stephen Wright, and Anthony Aniasco yell out the bus window. MOWDQ to the beat, JUl'llOI'S Danielle Cfagg and POSHIQ for the SDeCf3fOl'S,f7eWlY'Cl'0Wl1eClHOIT7e' SODl70lTlOI'e Glefi A viles eI7jOV the HOITleCOIT7ll7Q COlTiiI1Q King 3nd Queen TOI71 F3Sl'Ilf'Iell8l7Cl Shawna D3l'ICe, Quigley smile Dl'OUdlY at fhe CVO Wd. HOl'T19COmiI'lQ S9fIi0I' PiCl1iC --."x 4 -luuu ' 1i gov' M1- ',- ,IT fs' ' ' 0 Q . .B - . 7 xmfwl "'0hl1Q'!li"'f'+ v- 1'-' X, rf' ,',,--o W 9:13 QQ 95,9 iii. ujifggw ij 9-gb' . 'gg ' in-H ,,,,.,,,,..,..-- -xx 1 1 "' ' .J u 4 -....-. 7.11. . ,X vi .Ffa 1 X sul ik-asfq.. S9I'1i0I' PiCI1iC W 1 Leadlng the CFOWG in an Omega SD6ll'0Ut, Cheerleaders DBVE HUtCl'llIlSOl'l, Tony Al'll85C0, MSFCUS HUlZ3f, Robbie HltChCOClC D20 Kahn, Doug Statler, and T0m FaShinell give their all tO get f8I'lS involved. 'We AFB AR-ROY-O! A Wal tlflg judging feSUll'S, ITIEITIDEVS of the AITO YO Sl'Ud6flt body 8f'lflC'lD8fe the tally at the annual Omega Rally ll? Castro Valley. l'l0ld fhdf P059 PeffeCtlY SYl'lCl'll'ODlZet1 V8fSll'Y Rally Squad mOVeS to the beat of 'FOOCIOOSE' at Omega C0lTlDetltlOf7 lfl OCfOb6f at NelQl'lD0l'l'l0Od ChurCh. QQ' PHOQOI by GUIQIIQ i Cl'lE'Gl'lG3ClE'l'S COD first at Omega Through unity, enthusiasm, and initiative, the Varsity Rally Squad placed a trophy winning first in cheer and a fourth in song at the annual Omega Klck-off Rally OCtObel' 26. Along with Arroyo, 16 other high school from the Bay Area competed at Omega which was again held at the Neighborhood Churchlchurch of Three Crossesl in Castro valley. Placing behind the Dons for the varsity cheer award was Moreau High of Hayward, and Irvington High of 14 omega Rally Fremont placed a strong third. ln the second category of varsity song, San Leandro swept Hrst, second was awarded to Moreau, and lrvln- gton edged out Arroyo for third place. In the final category, sweepstakes, judges determined the winner by adding up total points from the cheer and song categories. San Leandro High, with the highest total, won this competition. ln order to compete, Arroyo's Rally Squad engaged in long hours of practice under the direction of Advisors Laura Clapp, Kathy Dezotte, Kim Hardester, and Jack Hunt. 'Theylthe practicesl definitely paid Off and we have a first place trophy to prove lt,' said Head varsity Cheer- leader Nicole Zoggas about her squad's victory. 'I feel that we showed our school just what coed cheerleading ls, The flrst place is the school's, just as much as it is ours,' stated Squad Member Elaine Rockowitz. a x all V! u f 1 ' 1 Hlflng their SKUDIS, AITOYO Val'Sity Rally Squad D6ffOfmS lfS l'0Ul'lf'l9 Wll'l1 the EXCEIIEDCE that WON 8 fll'Sf pl8C9 fl'ODhY f0l' U16 school. We dld lf: FII!! PRICE! Showing their enthusiasm after receiving a first place trophy, Head varsity Cheerleader Nicole Zoggas, Junior Shelley Borges, senior Dave Hutchinson, and Senior Tom Fashlnell smile in victory celebration. who WOI1 file SEYIBIT Taklflg 3 mOmEflf I0 dlSCuSS the l'llQfIf'S evenm, Principal Ralph VandrO, hlS daughter, Wife Sally, and Activities Dir EC IOI' Jack HUD! 6XCl'l3l1g6 ODlfllOI1S on the D6l'f0l'maf7CES. omega Rally 15 l ff? 'lu 4 2 w f .f-'S' ,f- -,w....wr any - .ff lifl' r 1' ' i I f ,,. -41 YES? 5f'8I'7dll'7Q' and flSf9f7ll7g, Aff l!'lSfl'UCfOf Liiffy Wil- SOI7 ponders 3 D8fEf?f'S GLIQSUOH about his Cf3SS Are we hav ing Fun? Waiting for the instructor to begin UIQSS, Dolly Rosa and Phil Mural sir patiently in Student desks, Hell!! POIV1 UHQ out D'H3ll, Rally SQUQUMGIUDEFSDQUISG YOUUQ ZJHCY Tiffany' SFOWU 95SlSf ,UHVGITCS OF! U79 WEIV fO CIBSSGS, Glllllile U bfedk... Taking time to resranci talk on the bricks, Cathy Moul and Mary and Sam Angotti talk about their impressions of the new principal and school rules 16 Back-ro-scnooi Night fx, iii? 31. , .9 Rf 0 s M.. is ,ig X., W P3l"9l7l'S previewschool Parents gathered once again to attend the annual BaCk-tO-SCHOOI Night held OCCODEEI' 9. As parents listened to a short ses- sion in each of their child's classes, the teacher briefly explained what stu- dents would do throughout the school years Principal Ralph vandro started off the evening with a brief speech in the cafetorium about what he expected and what his goals were for the upcomingschoolyear. As Parent Myra Zoggas enthusiastically statedflthink lvlr. vandro cares a lot about the stu- dents and their spirit. H6 seems very concerned about school actitivites, which is gOOd.' ln talking with parents, some were pleased with many of the newer teachers on the faculty. One obser- vant parent comrnentd about Science ll1SIZl'UCtOl' AIDSFY JOFGBIW, 'l think l'liS presentation was Well prepared and he has a good rapport with his students! Following classroom visitations, parents and faculty members re- turned to the cafetorium for re- freshments and conversation. Whdf U blly! Smiling 3nd ISUQHIHQ 9DOUf8D8f'9f71T'S Question Trying to convince them to purchase a set, COHCGFHIHQ 8 C1855 DVOIHCE HOME ECONOMICS Booster Club Member Janie Stivers tries to sell D6D3rtfT'l9r7fH63d Darlene Scottreacts to Chuck raffle tickets to Chuck and Marilyn Brown at B3Ck-EO-SCHOOI Night. PIIOYOI by Gufibdldl Back-to-school Night 1 7 'Alice' nets S700 profit When Director Gerry Fisher started to plan the Fall Play, 'Alice in Wonder- land,' he had one idea in mind-to make it the best performance ever. With thousands of dollars and tons of work and days of planning, the presentation, held NOVEmbElf' 20-22, 'lt was one of our best over all ever,' said FiShel' of the pl'0dUCtiOrl. 'Ill the three days the play ran, it made over 51 900 and netted us over S700 for use in the Drama Department,' said Fisher. ACCOl'dil1g to FiShel', 'The attitude of the students this year was excellent. A lot of hard work was put into the show and the kids Were tOtaII,y devoted.' A Leading roles in the production went to Kristen ClaysoniAlicel, Bran- don lvlaschalicheshire Catl, and Randi Herholdtioueen of Hea rtsl. Other cast members played supporting roles as flowers or other characters from the Carrol work. s Sets were designed by Fisher and the CSU, Hayward Drama Department, but executed by the drama classes on campus. Student actors constructed their own costumes. 'lt will be a long time before we see this again,' said Fisher happily about the massiveproduction. 18 Fail Play fxfk ,, 3 T00 IIICIIIY fCll't5 Al1gl'y'7 Making her entrance as the queen, Junior Randi Taking her QQQFGSSIVGHGSS our SGNIOV Sarvdv Herholdt, DIQVS out the scene. Rose abuses the potatoes 'N son ,eq Siligili' in 'the I'CIil1 Praying around Eighth Graders Benji Rice and JOSY Pashayan portray Tweedle D66 arid Twee- dle Dum. CClSf Kristen Cla yson, Brandon MaSChaL Randy Morris, Amy Amaral Heidi Murray, Jennifer Gregory, Janet Macedone, Sandy Rose, Bart Paduveris, Robert L3POiI7t, Chuck WhitebeCk, Benji RiCe, Joey Pashayan, Cheryl Bargewell, Tara Kur- zawski Lee Gamett, Marcy Cody, Damon Bishop, Jon Nagel Davon Min ton, Debbie O'Banion, Sallie Vidaurri, Jennifer Shepherd, Dawna Hendrickson, Kurt TOrrliCiCh, Brett Dixon, Randi Herholdt, Kelli Dunster, Frank Marshall, Debbie Hilder, Tania Anderson, Jason Vaughn, Susie Schwarz, and Tammy Miller. Pllt YOUI' 'F0Of CIOWII! what Cl CCIYCI! Making 8 stand the Mad H2ff9I'1Ser1i0I' JON Painting the roses red Juniors Jennifer Gregory, N-29612 DIQYS hiS r0l9 21009 with JUni0r KriStef1 Heidi Murray, and Janet Macedone assume the Clay5Ol1, Junior Damon BiSh0p, and Eighth Grader roles of cards in the fall play, Tara KUI'Z3WkSi. Fan Play 19 Winter Ball . ,A A.,.N 19" wwf min ."K..J Sing it, btlby! 'Short CiI'CUif'D9I'fOl'ITl5 at U19 3f7f'lU3l WiI7f6I' Ball 35 the fiI'Sl' live band in ITIBFIV YEZFS, Let's CICIIICE RESUHQ 3K fheif fable, Sophomores TONY Mafa' ITlOf1f6 arid ChI'iSfY Nielson sit ONE HUITIDGI' out. I IOVE YOU EITIOWITQ 3 COI7V9f'S3Z'fOf1, SGVHOI' V3l6I'i6 Vieffa Zfld Date Paul Cafdflel' falk during the 6VEI'lil'IQ. Use Pearl Drops? H3 ving fUI7 at the Wif7l'6I'B3ll, JUHIOI' Cath Y M056 and date enjoy U76 music of 'SHOIT CiI'CUif.' 200 al' 1' Grid Winter Ball 'We made approximately 52,000 which is being put toward our junior and senior balIS,' said Sophomore Class President Sean Wildman about the Winter Ball which turned out better than planned. The Sophomore Class has tradition- ally sponsored the ball. 'It turned out better than I pIanned,' said Wildman. 'lvlore couples showed up, and the band wasn't as bad as Iestimated it to be,' he said. 'In my opinion, a winter Ball is wha- tever you make it,' said Senior Debbie Himango who attended the December 15 dance in the cafetorium. The Winter Ball was totally great, but I wouldn't have had as much fun if II'ladr1't gone with Ma rcus,' said Senior Sandy Rose about her date. A new addition to the dance, which cost S15 per couple, was the addition of a live band, 'Short Circuit.' 'I heard them play at another occasion and thought they were great,soIthought it would be classier than a deejay,' said Sophomore Class Vice President Col- leen Butler. 'I think the live band was a good idea, but people just had to get used to the new found entertainment,' said Junior Class Vice President Brent Anderson about the live band. 'I think although we didn't have lots of class involvement, the people who did help did a greatjob. I would say it turned out alittle less than a success. In other words, it was pretty good,' said Wildman about the dance. Photos by Cdflbdldl vlnnter san 21 Go fedllll Cheering on the Varsity, Spiritleaders Chris Gould Raelene Searle, DeeDee Schultz, and Kathy oezotte demonstrate their school spirit. Shake if Dancing during halftime, Juniors Danielle Gragg and Rochelle Cross and the Bull do the 'boogie' routine. Sell, sell Trying to raise money for uniforms, Junior Hel' X ,L EDB W6f5S and Ff6Shm8n Julie BUFIKGF sell mef' CHBITUISE at lunch. Wrapping a severely sprained ankle, Graduate 'F J Dyafl Dezotte f3k6S Cafe of SfSf6I' Kl'i5fY affefa . fall at Omega. ' Q GIOOVG Out as i Dancing ata rally, Chns Ready 'gets down' to the music. www-an J' 22 Rally Squad Boys add NEW dilTl9l7SiOl'7 to Squad First and foremost for the Rally Squad was its regional victory in com- petition and, at press time, the possi- bility of a trip to Orlando, Florida and an appearance on CBS-TV. The Squad won this honor with a first place at the Northwestern Regional Competition in Fremont. To travel to Orlando, the Squad had to raise 515,000 in one month. 'I knew we could do it. We just needed some incentive,' said Head Cheerleader Nicole Zoggas about her team's accomplishment. Advisers to the group were Teachers Laura Clapp and Jack Hunt, Parent Kathy Dezotte, and Alumna Kim Hardester. 'Our year was a large success as indi- viduals as well as in the group,' stated Choreographer Kim Hardester about the squad. The Rally Squad's year started off COHFEYEHCB tillle DfSCUSSif7Q fUl7dl'3iSiI1Q with Colleague Diane WOOUS, DfI'9CfOf' of ACfiVil'i9S .IZCK HUl1t and ll'lSl'I'UCfi0f73l Aide Kathy DGZOITG Shafe ideas to send Cheef QFOUDS to Orlando, FlOfid3. Redlly? COI'lf6I'iI7Q before U76 3f'II7OUf7C9fT'I6f7I', Cheef' leaders Rochelle Cross and KI'fSZ'Y Dezotte look OVEI' I'65LIlf.'S of HOITlE'COITlif'lQ GIECUOH. PHOCOS by Gdflbuldl Rally Squad 2 3 QQ 1, 'W iq' 'f W 1, , , .bf-Ay. 4, PIIOCOI by Gtlrlbdldl Val' si ty takes l'eQlOl1alS by attending a cheerleading camp at Stanford University in August. The squad tooktwospiritsticks,and three squad members were asked to be instructors for the National Cheer- leading Association. 'l felt really honored to be asked right out of high school,' stated Head Yell leader Danny Kahn. The two oth- ers who were appointed were senior Dave Hutchinson and Junior Shelley BOFQES. The Rally Squad's second achieve- -uzysnsrgg ment was that it won the cheer cate- gory at the annual Omega Rally. Arroyo had never won the honor previously. Also new to the squad this year was the fact that it was a co-educational group. 'Throughout the year, being a coed squd has brought everyone closer together! stated Squad Member Elaine Rockowitz. 'The guys were a major asset to the competition success,' said Yell leader Tony Aniasco. l'l00l"Cly! DOlf1Q a Sh0UldeI' sit, JUfllOl'S Helena Wel5S and Shelley BOf'QeS cheer fhe football feam. Holding their fingers high, the Val'Sity Rally Squad shows off its flI'Sf Dlaffe fl'ODhy fI'OfTl the NOI'l'hefI7 US ReQiOhalS COmDeflflOh. HaVll7Q fUf'l at a football game, SDlI'lfleadeI'S DeFllSe YOUDQ ahd Tiffany BFOWI7 do a few klCK5. .IUIIIIJ Showing Off their Splflf, JUl'llOI' Shannon Kleg- mah afld SeI7lOI' Daflefle Sasaki lead the squadat the Omega Rally in CaSffO Valley. Rally squad 25 Twist It MiIT'liCkil'7Q Chubby CHECKEF, FI'6ShfTl3fl Marcus Combs D9I'fOfmS in the Rock 'H Roll Hall of Fame Skit. All fight, SODHO- Sophomore U53 KSHKEI CHEGFS OI7 HEI' class with loads of Splflf and zest. 5 -X 6,42 JUL. r ul '87 Wil'lS S9COl'ld Spirit Week jug Juniors captured the Spirit Jug for the second consecutive year during the annual Spirit Week competition in February. Scoring 1,000 Out of 3 possible 1,260 pointts, the Cl3SS of '87 clearly out- scored the other groups. Finishing second was the Freshman Class with 886 points, followed by the Sopho- mores with 841 and the Eighth Grad- ers with 822 points. Finishing laSt was the Class of 1986 with 813 points. 'ThiS ClaSS h3S the ability to pull together when it wants to go after something,' stated Junior Class Presi- dent Jennifer Gregory. The Juniors did more than pull 26 Spirit WEEK together, for they swept the four top categories in competition, participa- tion, spirit squad, decorations and class dress, and overall rally pre- sentation. The key to the Class of '87's success, 3CCOl'dil1g to ACtiVitiES Dil'eCtOl' Jack Hunt, was the participation of the class members and its organization. 'They were really organized,' said Hunt. The leading participans during the Week were given a newly established presidential award. The winners in the Junior Class were Helena weiss, Damon Bishop, Lisa Cavaz, and Becky Gohlke. Winners for most spirited in each class were Eighth Grader Chrissee Chin, Freshman Lisa Pontes, Sophomore Laurie Lovell, Junior Cathy Mose, and Senior Michelle Smith. Elected lvlost Spirited was Junior Michelle krippene. The Freshmen and Eight Grade Spirit Leaders both gave good performan- CGS at the Night Rally. The Nihth Grad- ers took first place for their cheer routine, and the Eighth Graders won for best song routine. The Class of '89 also won recognition for best skit. About the week of festivities, Hunt stated, 'I was apprehensive until Thursday Night because there was more spectating than participation' wr? . , 4 .fi N- 'ms . . 4, , fin. - NN 5 A A, T... . 'Q -..,. , A wf 1 nf , at 4 . . - wi Q H 5 1-mx - i W J . Q KJVN Q 14 , A 'swf wx? ,W k Q- ,X 4 N fi? , . f , fy, , Z Y .A Q 1 'Q , '52 T Agia 1- X N f , Sf 3 . ,YW lm, 'ga "Qs-.h, M 251 w M E 4 7 H ,,, , 1 Q if ky.. A H I Q fn W W4 , r in :iff kk ' Q' V9 A.. 5 , , 'Q g N 1,, W, fx 1 -w:f 1331 Quinn X st X Life, Liberty, and... JUf1iOl' Class PI'6'5idEf1f Jeflnifel' GFBQOVY HSITZFES fOr the class skit, Senior Spifitleadef' Tefi NOITTIBI7 DUYS OD hel' 5l'I8d6S and CIBFICGS to '5UffiI1' USA' Gregory IEHUS C1355 tojug ViCl'Ol'V From February 'I 'I -1 ll, the feelings of competition and al1tiCipatiOl'l filled the air EIS Spirit Week.'86 arrived. Only having four days in Spirit Week instead of five, the classes knew they had to work hard and fast to pull rou- tines and skits together. 'Arroyo SaIuteS America' was the theme for what seemed to be an average week in the eyes of many students. 'lt could have been a lot better, the last couple of years have been the best. We need more participation' stated Junior Carrie Oliveira. A lot of Studel1tS had that feeling and it showed. The IaCk of participation was blamed on the weather and the ever- famous Classes of '86 and '87 rivalry was not as strong, but did spur the week onto new heights. Monday was class color day, and students found out for the first time what was happening during Spirit WEEK. While participation on the first day was less than desirable, it picked up later in the week. Lunch rallies were downplayed by the rain and an 'I don't care attitude.' 'All the classes tried their best and eventually, there had to be a winner, but we all had fun,' said Sophomore Doug Berryhill, who modeled the atti- tudes of many other students. The feeling at the dance Friday night was one of high emotion and unity among all the classes. As the winners were announced in every category, nobody had a Clue as to who the overall winner would be. As the Junior Class was announced as winner forthe second year in a row, President Jennifer Gregory was hosted onto the shoulders of fellow classmates and it was a mark of another Spirit Week gone by. 'l was happy that everybody else was happy, and they were giving me credit for it all when it was everybody who made it happen,' said Gregory about her class' victory. Spirit Week Reagah tops HEWS list As always the world experienced its share of good and bad news during the year. Topping the list of newsmakers and events was President Ronald Reagan WhO met with Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev in Geneva and recuperated from serious cancer surgery during the summer. Arroyans were as shocked as anyone about the devastating earth- quakes which hit Mexico City and the tragedy which occured in Columbia when a volcano exploded. Many Dons feared for relatives in both nations, but hO bad hEWS of local tI'3QEdV EVOiVEd, ahd all Al'l'OV3hS' I'Ei3tiVES WEFE fOUhd safely. lh SDOl"tS the school W3tChEd with EZQEI' 3htiCiD3tiOhi3S did the Ehtil'E h3tiOhi when Pete ROSE of the CihCih' hatti Reds broke Ty CObb'S all-time hit I'eCOl"d with his hiStOriC 4, 192 slam 3Q3ihSt Sah DiEQO. Strife hit SOUth Afl'iC3 35 DIBCKS DFO- tEStEd apartheid Bhd EIS h13hY US fil'l'hS tried tO dECide whether to keep ihVESth'IEhtS Ol' to diVESt South Affi- Cah stocks. Yllde W0l'ldllP Ph0t0S Apartheid RiOtS Wefe 8lITlOSt daily OCCUFBHCE fh SOI AfI'fC3 85 blacks Dl'Ol'eSted fOI' fheff f'ighl'S. whdf big boys eat DEITIOHSUZUDQ Whe8tiESDOWEf', REUS' PEteRl DI'e3kS Ty CODUS hit fECOI'd against the I DieQO P3dI'eS. B0l"l1 il1 the USA ROCKET BFUCE SDI'ff7QStEEl'7 married and SEZ' f13I'iOl7 tappfhg With his SOld'OUf COhCEI'tS. .wr ARL, zo Current Events as L Oflgw 1, Is SAF 1 V 9 5 IME pi! if f . jgiyxkks ji f- , r Vi T, ' ff' 5 w ., , Z Y X, xi . X .1 X f' 3 4 X X -Y' A 'Z fi L - A ' X 1 ri 56' E fi 4 0bitl.ldl'ie5 Among the prominent people to die this year were Yul Brynner, Rock Hunteriwhose AIDS death shocked the countryi, and Film Great Orson WGIIGS. Pf6Sid8f'lf Reagan and his wife Naf1CY give U16 all right Sign from hiS hospital window in July after Uf7d9i'Q0iI'iQ Caf'iC6f SUFQEFY. I-liidCk! FOUI' P2l9Stir7ian f.'ErrOriStS hyacked the AChill9 LaUl'O cruise liner and killed One Af'l1El'iCafl. SPCICE Cadet ChriSta MCAUliffe fOldS her training uniform 35 she DI'9Dal'9S to become the fiI'Sf AITiEI'iCaI7 teacher to C'I'aVEl in SpaCE. CUI'l'El1t EVBTIYS Squad DGl'fOl'lTlS ffl fl3fiOl'l3l CON te lf' 'lt didn't really hit me that we were actually going until we boarded the plane,' said Junior Stacey Medeiros about the Rally Squad's trip to Orlando, Florida and the National Cheerleading Competition. The Northern California Champions were chosen to attend nationals last November, leaving them with a month to perfect a new routine. Prac- tices were long and hard, with the group spending an average of 25 hours a week. Along with the strenuous practice schedule, the squad also had to raise over S1 6,000. 'lt was really hard trying to juggle your time between home- work, practices, and fundraising,' stated Co-head Cheerleader Rochelle Cross. The trip was plagued with injuries, beginning with Julie Lumley's broken armlwhich occurred during practicel. Luckily, the injury occurred early enough so that a routine change was easy. 'I was sad,' said Becerra. 'It was my last year. we were competing nationally, and I got hurtl' Aftehfibh Awaiting their turn to perform, the Squad stands nervously at attention. DE'fT7Of7SfI'3l'iI'lg his M6XfC8I'l Afl1eI'lC8fl hefifage, Junior Marcus HUiZ8I' fools 3I'OUf7d at EDCOIL Ceflfef. 32 National Competition According to Cross, the pressures of competing became a reality when the squad was only minutes from taking the floor. 'I was sure the Whole sta- diucgn could hear my heart beat,' she sai . The heat was on as the squad filed onto the floor. Seconds seemed like hours as they awaited the music to begin. Hours of dedication, accompanied by injuries, pain, and tears were over within two and one-half minutes. What the squad had been striving for was over. Three stunts weren't com- pleted, partly because of nerves, but also because of injuries. 'I was excited because I had a feeling of accomplishment,' said Head Song- girl Darlene Sasaki. The feelings, though, weren't the same between all squad members. 'I kept saying to myself, 'all that hard work and we came so close. said Cros With a few d3yS Still left of their trip, the group decided to make the best of it. They attended Epcot Center and Dlsneyworld on New Year's Eve and arrived home the next day. Parents and friends eagerly awaited their arrival, anxious to hear of the trip. Stated Junior Jill Cravalho who contracted chickenpox on the plane, 'lt felt good to be home. The pressure was off us, eventhough we didn't do as well as we expected' Dil'eCtOl' of ACtiVitieS Jack Hunt said ofthe excursion, 'Despite everything that happened, I would do it all over again.' BOI1 VOYCIQE LOOKIITQ happy, Advisors J8Ck HUf'lf Bfld L3UI'3 CISDD get ready for the long plane trip to FlOI'id8. Hi, MOI!!! Posing pyramid style, Squad Members Sean Wildman, Dave Hutchinson, Tony Aniasco, Mar- cus Huizar, Robbie Hitchcock, Dan Kahn, and Tom Fashinell show their strength in front of Disneyworld. -qt sie UO- 5 'N ,- rx K s " L i "Wann S HOW Cute! Fiflaiiy finding fheil' Chip fl' Dales, .iUI7iOl'S SZ'8C6y iVi6CiEil'O5 afld Si'l3l'lf7Of7 Kiegmafl DOSE for Cafldid. Front Ro W, Shelle y Borges. Second Row, Jennifer Gregory, Theresa Yim, Tony Aniasco, Shelley Bunker, and Tanya Anderson. Third Row, Danielle Gragg, Julie Lumley, Helena Weiss, Chris Becerra, Jill Cravalho, Cindy House, Elaine Rockowitz, Shannon Klegman, and Kristy Dezotte. Back Ro W, Marcu Huizar, Dan Kahn, Dave Hutchinson, Rochelle Cross, Nicole Zoggas, Darlene Sasaki, Stacey Medeiros, Doug Statler, Tom Fashinell, and Robbie Hitchcock. National Competition 33 CIOSG UD l'OUl'S CZDNIOI Washington DC or bust was the motto for18 Arroyo students as they prepared themselves for an unfor- gettable week back East. Fundraisers before the trip took place to help raise the S855 needed for the Close Up excursion which occurred December 8-15. Residing at the Quality Inn in Pen- tagon City, Virginia, AHS students roomed with other pupils from Geor- gia and Louisiana. Ideas, customes, and lifestyles were shared as each learned about the other's way of life in another state. The southern accent was the most obvious difference between the states. 'At first We didn't really like them, but at the end, we didn't want to leave because we became such good friends. It was hard to say goodbye,' commented Junior Vicky Bargagliotrri. Seminars and bus tours filled the days, while smaller group discussions on current issues filled the nights. Students were able to hear various l l l speakers, then had a chance to ask questions that concerned them. 'l was able to see all the things that l've only read about,' stated Advisor Diana Sarchett. 'l realized how impor- tant intrernational issue are to the United States and also to respect our legislators' responsibilities' A tWO-Clay visit to Williamsburg, Virginia was also included in the trip. Each student was treated to an old fashioned dinner which was served during the colonial period. A tour of Williamsburg helped students to imagine what life during the late 1700s was like. For a night on the town, students were treated to a fish or chicken dinner at Hogates and then escorted to Ford's Theater to see 'Little Me,' a Neil Simon play. 'The play was fun, but knowing that Lincoln was shot there gave the place a gloomy feeling,' stated Senior She- ree Wang about the experience. YES, MY. Pl'eSidel1f Clo wning around the White House, Junior Susie Schwarz poses with President Reagan.-Fooled 'yal Unveiled in 1985 was the vietNam War veterans Memorial which Close Up members visited in Washington DC. Close Up Front Ro w, Marianne Laszlo, Buffy Kuykendall, sandy Marejcic. Middle Row, Shawna Quigley, Jenny Phipps, Lisie Ferreira, Gina Sanchez, Carol Partridge, and Marcy Aranda. Back Ro w, Cecelia Jeong, Michelle Gonzalez, Susie Schwarz, Sheree Wang, Vicki Bargagliotti, Lori Steiner Christine Cla yson, and Cindy Epperson. 34 close up x4.f.T.' 'Q 356. 9 Q 4-.M I V33 'VT CCII1 R0lIlIiE pldy? After ViSitir'lg the White HOUSE, decorated for the holidays, Seniors M3fi3l1I'l6 Laszlo, LiSi6 Fef- I' eil' 3, and Buffy KUYKGFIUBII shelter fi76mS6iV9S from the fail? OUfSidE the Qafei Slilile pfeffy JUI'liOl'S Vicki B3l'g3QiiOtl'i, Susie SCi'IW3l'Z, Ci'lI'iS- UNE Clayson, 3l'ldLOI'i Sf6il16l'DO56 bfiefiy b6fOl'6 the W35i'lil7Qt'OD Monument. 1 A CHOD, CHOD W8I'Ci'lif'lQ intensely 35 8 CIOSE UD student i68l'l7S how the COiOI7i3i5 bUiil' fheil' homes, S6I7iOfS Sandy Matejcic and Cindy EDDGFSOH enjoy l'i'l6if visit to COIOI'li3I Williamsburg, Virginia. A t0Cl5f Forfeiting dinner for a Domino's pizza, Seniors Gina Sanchez and Buffy Kuykendall discuss the previous presidential seminar over sparkling cider while Senior Marianne Laszlo opens a gift in Celebl'3tiOrl of her birth. Close UD 3 5 DiSCUSSfl'lQ the HOHOI' DEJV DIEJITS with CIUD membefS, AdViSOI' Vicki BfS5ell suggests 3 lOC8' tfOfl for an activity. Sig ' CSF dOUbleS QFOUD members California SCHOIBFSND Fedel'8tlOY1 f'eCOQI'1iZed StUdef'ltS with good QI"3deS and WEIS associated With the National HOI'lOf' SOCietY. According to CO-AdViSOl' Mary Camezon, 'THIS QFOUD is 3 benefit for college. CSF looks very good OH 3 f'eSUme. TO j0iFI the organization, StUdeI'1tS had to SLIDlTIit an 3DDliC3tiOI'l with 3 verification of grades to CO'AC1VlSOf' ViCKi BiSSell. Bissell verified grades and kept tf'3CK of scholastic I'eCOI'dS BHG community service projects of club members. According to Camezon, the club program did not change dramatically, except that more studentsjoined the organization. In the second semester, over 60 students applied for member- ship, a 100 per cent increase. Several fundraisers, led by Club Pres- ident Cecelia Jeong, were held during the school year. Also planned was a spring Honor Day to acknowledge the amount of academic work that members achieved. Highlighting club meetings were several pizza feeds which seemed to boost involvement and interest in the club's activities. kxnotf I-iStEl1 fb llle CiViI7Q hef' ODil7iOf1, CSF Secretary Buffy KUYKEI7' dall explains hef' point of view 35 ViCe Pl'e5fdef'It Marianne LZSZIO and AdViSOI' MBFY C8fT1eZOl'l liStE'r'l. 36 CSF Cdll tb Ofdel' Checking meeting 8ttel7d3f7Ce, AdVfSOf' Vicki Bis- sell IOOKS over the California SCf'lOl3I'Sf'Iip Fedefa tion meeting. L BISSELL Aguilera! Marlo AHUETSOH, SHBTUU Alsup, Attolini, SFS- Q in 5 R -5 Wi 4' K 5 t 13' 1 Q X A X ' "EJ v .444 X , be at f ' 2 , ix K , , ,, V 'j FV' K X ie, ' ff, r an Bargallllttl, VICKI Bamard, Aimee Bi5h0D, D3lTl0n Blank, Dan10n Blank, Danny Brar1C0, Janlne Camfam, Valerie Carter, DenniS Cartrrlell, U53 Cirimele, Mary Clayson, Kristin Connell, Patricia Correla, Dawn Cl'3V3Ih0, JIII Emery, William Ferreira, USle G0hIke, Becky Gutierrez, Elllanetn leong, Cecelia Jeong, SIeVe LaSZl0, Marianne lee, 'hna Lirrl, Berta Lim, Corina Llzama, Lorrie Lovell, Debbie Meaeiros, Bryan murphy, snirley Nagel, Jon Ng, Sonia Nguyen, Tran Ogiita, Sarah 0'LeaI'y, KaSeY 0WY0llnQ, SfeVe Pham, Tuafl Pint0, Noelle Quigley, Shawna Rickert, Cynthia Rojo, Ricky Santos, Doug So, Amy Spore, Karen Steiner, Lori SW8ilS, Catherine Takeuchi, Ualg Tang, Stanley Teshima, Joey TeShilTla, Stacey Tse, Kaneton Tsifrin, Donna Vanderheiden, COnnIe wang, Sheree Wee, Jennifer Wiegel, Todd Wildrrlarl, Seah Wong, Diane Zoggas, Nicole csr 1 J if N F m - f 1' A -I5 'Q 4. K Y 4 MK .x U9 Y X izigxf . . ,,. . a . My Qs XJ! 4 W 5 Q . 't Q + ,is AUCHGHCG enjoys CUHCGIT 'lt was a huge success...a full housel' stated Band Leader Rochelle Cross about December's Winter Concert. The Winter concert was held December 18 in the cafetorium. Tickets were sold at S1 with an activ- ity sticker and S2 without a seal. According to cross, 70-100 students performed in the concert which con- sisted of students who played and sang various compositions. Taking in the annual event were the Concert Band, intermediate Band, Jazz Band, A Cappella Choir, Mixed Choir, and Orchestra. About the highlight of the evening, Cross stated, 'lt's really hard to say because everyone played very well. But there did seem to be a couple of favorites.' The Concert Band played a number called, 'Continental Christmas,' which Cross felt pleased the crowd. For its finale, the Band played Christmas favorites while the Mixed Choir and A Cappella coaxed the audience into a sing-a-long. 'l would say this was probably on of the best concerts we've had,' said Cross. 'lt was our far most successful,' She added. Ph0t05 by Gdflbdldl -One, Tuna, Three COI'lCeI7fI'8fiI'lQ UEEDIY, ViOlif7fSl'S LUCi3 Mafa' monte, H63ff76'f' Sloan, 3nd HEI'lT73I'l KOSBC Dl8Y 3U accompaniement in the Wfflfel' COHCEIT. PIIOCO by Befhdf 1 L. W W if ""'wqM 9, A Q wi' ix, WX N 11221 L: 'L.1- wyff .S 5 law , Y . X, Q ,. " R x id- 3:15, E Q - A +5 F K 5 ws-1 XS Q X Q ii . sm. -T k X ,K w w . 2 zz' 5' 'Q W , ffwz 3455 V vw 'F af f' 3 3 G' 439' i Q E M Q aff if l n f fy: 1-' 15,2 li, LJQ,-'Y if -T2 X ra- Q 1.1 , ff 2? Qi L . 3 i vi . 4,3 Si ,ggi ir'5 .-I 1. , u 5 . 2 U 25, za 1' 1W.?3 wig ?v:?f ,,,.,- .... .. MW.. . fo.. fe 9 I 1 - 1 : : Y A . A , ,Q Q U V. 4 f ' E 3 U f f ' u 2 5 3 X 4 1 x S ' E ' S 4 . Q 3 5 2 X, 3, 1 ii. 5 Q ,S SHIGS SUDDOIT activitie Felling the need for extra funding for activities, many classes and clubs put in extra time and energy into rais- ing money by conducting various sales and activities. Products on sale ranged from stuffed animals to Christmas ribbons to candy to sweatshirts to bull magnets. The rally squad probably had one of the largest fundraising campaigns, spending the entire school year to raise 515,000 to attend National Cheerleading Championships in Or- lando, Florida. 'We had a hard time rais- ing the money and selling things because of all the other fundraisers and because it was so close to Christ- mastime,' stated Songgirl Elaine Rockowitz. Other groups tried to sell their pro- ducts for money,but were not as suc- cessful as the rally squad. 'Most of the Sales seemed to be happening all at the same time,' stated Junior Pat Monroe. 'Many Stud6l1tS C0uIdl'I't find the money to buy our things because of all the other events. Their money was also spent on Christmas presents for family and fri6l'ldS,' said JUI'liOl' Julie Lumley. Class Councils and publications and music groups also tried to raise needed money by sponsoring dances, selling flowergrams, and selling com- puter dating. X. Photos by .lU5f like Cl PPO Giving if all she QOII, T6aCh6I' Debbie Knight I'efUI'hS a spike at the Volleyball Nighf. Break it up Ehl0Yihg a scuffle dUI'ihg a volleyball IT'lafCh, :96hiOl'Dah COfT7bS,S9hiOI'BOb V9gaS, S9hiOI'JUh' IOI' DGHOYOS, Sophmore JOEY Villalobos, JLIl7iOI' Jon Jacoby, and S9hiOI' BO Youngblood pile Oh fOD of Ohe ahOth6I'. I WOIIUEY who I got Awalfihg the f'E5Ull'S of COIT'lDUf6I' Clafihg, .lUhiOI' Jehhifel' EdWal'd5, SOlJhOIT'lOf'9 AaI'Oh BOlahg9I', .lUhiOI' Dah Mafk, S9I1iOl' TOITI Young, and Eighth Gfadef Joey PaShaWah QFOW fifed of Waiting in line for COml9UfEf date I'6SUll'S. WOl'kihg at the al7f'lUal HOlTl6COh1il'lg DahCG, Eighth Gfadel' .lane Gregory and Sophomore Stephanie KESIGH Cafef to fhiI'SfY daf'iC6f'5. FUI1Clf3lS9I'S Three S9l7iOl'S 3ffEl7dSf3 te lTl6El'il7Q Arroyo representatives Dan Kahn, Robert Monroe, and LiSie Ferreira tra- veled to Sacramento State University in August to learn about California government as a part of the Girls' and Boys' State programs, sponsored by the American Legion. Held fl'Om June 22-29 and July 'I-8, the sessions were attended by one boy and one girl from every high school in California. Kahn was selected as a second Arroyo representative after another area candidate decided to drop out of the program. DBITITY Kahn K 44 Bovsvcirls' State According to Kahn, 916 boys a- ttended Boys' State and were divided into seven counties and 28 cities. Each county elected officials. Monroe served as a judge, and Kahn was ele- vated to the county board of advisors and an election board. 'There was also free time and recreational time,' stated Kahn about the week. 'The experience gave me a better understanding of how our govern- ment works,' said Monroe. According to Kahn, meeting all of the representatives from different schools was interesting. Girls' State representative Lisle Fer- reira said, 'There were 550 girls at the program and, from what l heard, we were twice as IOud and closer knit than the 916 boys! This program was run similarily to the boys'.' 'I got so much out of the entire week. We went there to learn about government, but it was also a grow- ing experience,' said Ferreira. Ei ii. ,gm -fa,:g?5,,:. :l W , W M : fgg ,..:,. in , , mga. , My . f,,,f 1 A . nf -nw 2? 52 Q 222 ff H I' . Q, --Q-r-an -,y,.,,,i..,,--+. Kwan ,nw 'L ,M f, 4 . 5 W' 133, 1 'X' . ,wieg ff K7 139559 A 1 :Lf . ' jj . -J A""- ,,,,.' Nc. WX. Li. SF' .J 53 Q M 'X we mx Nr- - ,Qi Q .af o,, f' f 0: ' I an if Q 1,4 CO5fUm6 Contest WIHHEFS D6l786 CI'Ol6Y 3I1d Shelley BOFQES flash smiles of ViCt0l'V at lUI1Ch. LOOK Maybe we should have entered? sophomores YIOHCIEI' WHO? fl2?,'Z's"i'ZZZanigmi'Zlff?O'Z'Z'ZZ?,SSl,'?2?'fifg Lfaokffw Qf' Wffh FUf'0S'fV' Sophomofe Laura winners. V W Mlgle awaits the wlnners of the lunch contest. T025 LOOK at those toes! senior Teri Norman walks by the cameraman and displays her socks. 46 COStUITIE DZYS I' SS dayspro vepopul I' Participation increased for the annual costume days held around Halloween. 'We make up the dress days as we go along,' stated R2lliES Commissioner Dan Kahn who was surprised that even some of the teachers partici- pated in the events. 'l think it's good because students have a chance to get involved and it breaks the monotony of schooI,' said Junior Carrie Oliveira about the days. Oliveira also thought that this year's participation seemed better than in previous years. ka I Besides Halloween, Senior Sock and Silence Day was successful. Any senior caught talking to an underclassman had to give him a ticket. The senior with the most tickets at the end of the day won a prize. Red and White days were held on Fridays to boost school spirit and to 'unify the student body,' said Rally Member Shannon Klegmann. other days for Odd costumes included a Mickey Mouse Day and GI Joe Day during October Homecoming week. J. Button, button... COfTlDEl'il7Q for hOI7OfS, S6I7iOfS Cifla S3I'lCi76Z, Li5iE F8fI'Eif3, Theresa Yim, Teri NOFITISH, and MiCh6il6 Smith EXDFGSS theil' CIBSS Spifif. Hey? Did somebody IOSG their DUITOIT collection? Senior Gil18 Sanchez 5661715 to have found it Attired fOr the day, Fl'EShrTlaf'l MiCh6lIe Sfeffa- Hefti SCOffS8fDhOfOQI'8DheI' Onhel' Way to Cl3SS. Costume nays 47 e , a X .lUl1i0l' CICISS COUl1Cil Seated, Sf13I'lI1Of7 Klegman, S6CfEf8I'Yg BFEHI' AHGEFSOH, Vice Pl'6SiCl9nl'. B8Ck ROW: Pf6SidEI7f J9l7I7if6f GI'9gOf'V and Treasurer Pal' MOI7f'O6. 48 class Councils E x f OU" .l sx ki W3 . bfi! W ini" , Eighth GYCICIE CICISS COUl1CiI Class Fl'Of1l' ROWg WCG PfESiClEf7f Shannon BUUGI' and Treasurer Denise Valenzuela, Secretary Tracy Tf9a5Uf?f,D?b0f-ah Wef5S Bafk ROW: 59Cf9f9fV Marshaul and Vice president Rochelle Zoggas' Donna Tlslflnn and President Debbie Forsberg. TI'93SUf'EI' Dale C3I'SOf7, S6Cf'6f8I'V Daflefle S8S8ki, WCG PI'65id6I'If Tefi NOfm8II, and PI'eSid6I'lf Li5i6 F6fI'EiI'8. Front Ro w, Sean Wlldman, president. Back Row, Linda Smith, treasurer, Cheryl Metz, secretary, and Colleen Butler, vice president. 0ffiC9l'S lead classes ffl fUl7dl'3iSil'lQ With all of the new ideas and changes made in 1986, class presidents took on the school year with very high hopes. 'l was really pleased with how the Winter Ball turned out,' stated Sophomore Class President Sean Wildman. Wlldman also commented on how his class had doubled its treas- ury since the previous year. Eighth Grade CIZSS President Jane Gregory had quite a year, too. 'we're trying to start early on our fundrais- ers so that we can raise all the money we need for the future,' she said about her year. With very high expectations for her class, Junior President Jennifer Gre- gory stated, 'i'm really glad to see that more people got involved in the class activities, especially the Junior Prom which I hope is a big success.' Senior Class President LiSie Ferreira hoped to have an extravagent Senior Ball. 'Although we're doing things a lit- tle differently than before, the class has been very cooperative,' said FET' reira about her peers. 'l'm glad to see that more people got involved this year,' said Debbie Forsberg, ninth grade president. As in the past, most class activities concerned fundraising to support class activities in the senior year. CIaSS councils 49 Watch my finger WOl'kiI7Q hafd- on the DEFICHES .lUFliOl'S Mafk Wagnefand Ken TUdfI7O assist T68Ch6l' ROI1 Arid' EFSOI7 ffl COf7Sfl'UCfi0f7. B222 Tfimming the EXCESS, ASSiSf8nf Principal MYFO L6ViI'I DUfS the fiI13l touches OI1 U16 DGFICHES. Killk buck Relaxing ffl the 5fT7OkinQ afea, 3 QFOUD of Sl'U' d6l'lfS hangs out affel' school. ef '-im 1 I-xx-...L it www- ' UD in SITIOKE V3l7dl'O l'Gl0C3fES SlTlOkil7Q 3F93 Effective November 15, the boun- aries of the smoking area were oved from the patio area to a spot etween C and D'H3llS. Not only was the entire smoking rea relocated, but a change in policy as also made by Principal Ralph Van- ro. Students could smoke before chool, at lunch, and during passing eriods. No smoking was permitted uring instructional time. Students ho violated the new regulation ere subject to suspension. In addition to moving the area, a ew redwood deck was built from ampus improvement funds. Under he direction of Assistant Principal Myron Levin and Wood Shop InStrUC- tor Ron Anderson, the new decking was installed in two days to student workers. After gathering student and faculty opinions, Vandro moved the area from the patio. 'lt was something that we needed to address,' he said about his decision. According to Vandro, student reac- tion to the move differed as some students favored the move, while others opposed it. 'lt doesn't matter to me because l don't smoke,' said Sophomore Doug Santos about the change. if 4 , . ,. il Q ' B - 'f-' , 41. I - ,plug 1 Admffing the finished product, Shop TGSCHEI' RON Af'ld6I'SOf'l, ASSf5l'3l'If Principal MYFOI7 LeViI'I, Gfeg WZQHSIZ JZITIGS, Wafd, JOEY Ponzo, and KET! Tudino SUFVEY the d6CkS. VCU l'lli55ed Cl 5p0f P8il'7l'il'lQ the DSW redwood benches fOl' U76 SmOkil1Q afea, JUFHOI' KUIT TOlT7iCiCh makes SUFG he dO65I'l'l' fTliSS 8 SDOC Hey, dllde! 2'l.ll3? Getting together Bl' lunch, fff6I7dS make U59 of U76 SITTOIUHQ afea. Gbf Cl Cigdfefte? Taking 8 break, Seniors Susan PEITY, MfCh9ll9 RGDOSS, and MfCf79ll6 Jolivette fE'l3X. UD in SITIOKE Le cl l'SDl I7 25 I'3llieS Approximately 25 rallies took place on campus during lunchtime. To name a few, rallies were held with contests for 'Best Costume' on Halloween and 'craziest SOCKS' on Senior Sock and Silence Day. Rallies were also held for Spirit Week and a number were held to raise spirit. 'I think the rallies would Q0 better if we had more crowd invoIvement,' stated Rally Commissioner Dan Kahn. 'The student body isn't very sup- portive. It was true that few students con- tributed to making rallies successful, and one reason for that could have been open campus. Students disap- peared at lunch. According to Junior Elaine Rocko- witz, rallies received a good response. 'l think they should play a larger var- iety of music, but otherwise, I think they're successful in getting students il'lVOIVed.' About her opinion on lunch rallies, Junior Jill Cravalho stated, 'They liven up the lunch hourl' Much hard work went into planning the rallies, including running the sound system, supplied by lnstuctor Ron Anderson. contests were organ- ized by Kahn. 'Being rally commis- sioner isa lot of hard work, but I enjoy seeing the successes.' Rbydlty Second runners-up Joanne Derieg and Robb Pandolfo relax at the Homecoming luncheon. FUI1 Awaiting a lunch performance, a crowd anx- iously anticipates the Rally Squads Omega routine. MEG' fif FOI' Cl king... Fll'5l' fUf'lI'lEI'S'Up USl6 Feffeifa and Tony Al1l8SCO fE85l' OH dell sandwiches. 1 i K 5 Y , , A ,rr f 1 Q ' iw' , 4 i vi -1? NQN RCISPUEPYY With tongue out of her' mouth, Senior Michelle Smith shows disapproval 85 JUI'liOI' St8CV iVi6d9i- FOS and SEI7iOl' LiSiG Feffeifa watch. QUEEI1 'FOI' CI dlly W3ViI7g to U16 crowd, Sophomore Chfi5tiI'i6 Cun- nifiQi'i3IT7 D9i'fOI'IT'lS 3 skit 31' the H0fT79COlTlil7g rally. Photos by Gul-lbaldl CYCIHK if UP! Turning up the music, Junior Ed Kinder makes sure he gets the best sound Ldllgh if UD During lunch Sophomores Rik Sasaki and Senior Chad Moul enjoy an activity. Lunch I'3ili9S 5 3 Dlililid CUIIEO Jbdhhe Defieg cutest Couple Though we both have a- ttended Arroyo since the Eighth 1 hhh if 2 YM N t fa h h ROC! 5hil1k0 Ivlost Athletic I am most grateful to all of my teachers and coaches who have helped me so much throughout my years at Arroyo. si Sandy Rose lvlost Spirited Class Clown I'Ve had a great high SCl'lO0l life here at Arroyo. Getting involved with my class and school activi- ties made all the difference in the world. It gave me the chance to meet different kinds of people. Grade, we first started seeing one another in our junior year. Ever since then, we've been HWSGDZFHDIG. , we think of each other as best friends, Luffy BYEYIICII1 PPettie5t lldil' What I will remember l'TlOSt about AYTOYO is all of the fl'lEl'lClS and people l'VE met OVEI' the DaSt five Yeal'S.l'VG had SOITIE of the best times in my life and l HODE tO have mal'lV mOf'E. Elie shannon KIQIHQ Pfetflest Sllllle l'll remember everything, not just one thirlg. I will miss all the dances, spirit week, sports. I will Cherish all the aClVlSe and encouragement the teachers gave me. Esperanza Bully prettiest Hair What l will lTliSS l'rlOSiC about leaving Arroyo is leaving all of my closest friends that the peo- ple with whom I am going to -ICISOI1 BI'05l'lCll'l CICISS CIOWH Hi, l'm Jason! l usually don't try to be funny, l try to be nice, but l guess it comes out kind of funny. I hope future Arroyans will enjoy their years as much as l enjoyed mine. graduate ll'I '86. .ll.ll1i0l' DEHOYOS Be5t L00kil1g Most Popular Have brother in Class of 87 Bob DGHOYOS Going to miss the trees and people at Arroyo Mike Reheheffe Most Ttllehted sometimes I don't think of my drumming as a talent, but a job. It's what I am probable going to be doing for the rest of my life. It also makes me money but I really think fame is the best part of it all. To have someone write to you from a foreign country and tell you that your an awesome musician os a natural high all in itSelf. I thihk my dream is finally going to come true. I can remember when I was wearing Garanamals and still rolling aI'OUhd ih the mud y , l I l I l l l 1 i :Q"i2fHEf'jgf' ' "?,v'34Tfii"'i'l i "ff rg 7'i2?V'l'5+2rf"4 I 3 'X Rf 'TI Ziff "iff I I fifffgw fel Q r wmv- , I MCll'iUl1l1E LCISZIO Most Talented I eventually hope to pursue a career in journalism, in theater, or a career that incorporates both fields. NIV gOal after high school is to escape from suburbia by moving to a large city to attend college. Being independ- ent is important to me, but I could not have survived four years at Arroyo without my friends. I want to desperately seek a way to make a small, but significant contribution to the world. DCII1 Kflhli Most Spirited In all of my years in high school, I have always thought of SPIRIT as a large role in activities. I think Arroyo has lots of spirit and when I graduate, I'm really going to miss it.l I-Clfli SCIIICHEZ Best Looking What l will I'T1iSS ITlOSt about Arroyo High SCl'lOOl when l grad' Llate BFS 'Cl'lE extra CUl'l'lCUl3l' activities SUCl'l 35 TFHCK and Field, Ski Club, 3l'lCl the fOOflIJ3ll Q3lT1ES. 1 :-, ,N N I X' . K., :F es ,N Q - '-,.1.k.fQ if - - is j"?'f ii S . Kellili Bl.ll15l'le55 Prettiest Smile Arroyo High has been a great part of my life these past five years. I've met most of my friends here and l'll miss seeing them after graduation. Danica Sequeirtl Prettiest EYES l'm really excited about gra- duating this year, although I will miss so many things about this school. I've made a lot of friends here and, with them over the years, I've shared many great times, memories that will remain in my mind for the rest of my life. Being a member of the Arroyo Girls' Varsity Soccer Team for the past four years has been a very big part of the fun during my high school years. Also, I am glad to have been a member of the Class of '86 because, in my opin- ion, we're the BEST! ROI! ll1gebl'ef50l1 Prettiest Eyes What I will remember most about Arroyo is my experiehceih sports and my friends. Arroyo is also the same school my parents attended. I plan to continue my education and play baSeball. Another sport I enjoy is skiing. I just want to say good luck to the Class of '86 and future graduates of Arroyo High School. StCICey 'l'eShilllCl IVIOSC Shy During my five years at Arroyo, I have through some never-forgetting experiences that I will forever treasure. The most important thing I learned at this school is how spe- Cial fl'iel'lClS can be. With0LIt them I wouIdn't be as content as I am now. I will never forget all of my friends that l've made at Arroyoieven the ones who came from Marinal. Why I was voted for being most shy, l'll never know, Could it be that I wear too much blush? mg.. TOIII BeClKel"il1g M051 Shy My major problem is shy- ness, and I want to somehow change. I don't know how it started, but I just can't seem to let myself go and express my feelings, instead I keep them lOCked up inside. It may sound crazy, but I'm sure other people have this same problem. This may also seem crazy, but I think that I'm going to miss school quite a lot, with all the furl, friends, laughs, and activities involved. I want to thank Arroyo High School for all of the great memories. 56 senior Favorites Cecelia .leong MOSt IJKEIY to Succeed I'm really sorry to graduate because I'Il really miss all the wonderful teachers at Arroyo and all the friends and activities that go along with school. l'II especially miss the sports activi- ties which were very special to me because I had an excellent coach, Metcalf, and all the friends Imet. Next September Wherll Will be entering college, I hope I can uphold the Arroyo name and achieve good grades and follow with a succssful career. ..., , in .mi K , K 5: - ' , 5 r,,.. i 3 if g , .wx 3 rf, Ddhiel Pfyfbgle Most Likely to Succeed When I think ofthe meaning of 'most likely to succeed,' I would have to say that this honor does not belong to one or two people, but should bestowed upon the entire CIaSS of '86. We are all winners and all of us have the potehtial to achieve. All of us should follow the words of Ralph Waldo El'hel'SOI'l, 'Hitch your wagon to a star! I expect to see a parking lot full of BMW's at the five year reunion. Marla Potestio Biggest Flirt l am QOlhQ tO l'T1iSS AYTOYO High VEFY f'hUCh Wheh l Qfadllafe. There is SOfT'l6 great l'h6lT'lOl'lES left here Bhd l'll l'l9Vel' fOI'QGf them. l hope Wheh l graduate that I see all my friends. Stephen Wright Biggest Flirt Due to this award, my girl- friend and I have been arguing continuously. I had no plans on advancing ih this field due to the fact that my girlfriend plans on inflicting bodiy harm ifl do. Rl If ... ., .... Us , . TONY lll1iCl5CO Most Dedicated S l'l'Tl going tO l'hlSS Arroyo. No mOf'E xSCF9WlhQ around. l QUESS I'll have to fake life S9l'lOLlSlY at thE UFIIVEI' sity of H9Sp6l'l3h. Here l COl'T1El To al'l'TlS! To 3l'h'lSl Real WOl"lCl, h6l'e l COm6l slllll PCICIIECO Best Dressed The thing l'll miss most about Al'l'0y0 is the fl'iel1dS thatl had at this school. I know when I leave the Arroyo. l'll probably not see most of my friends that I had at Al'l'OyO. I'll miss them but the memorys of the good times I had I will always have with me but I will also meet new friends in my life after school Hopefully though I will be able to see some of my old friends from school at reunions and be able to laugh at the old memory that we had in school Llsie Fel'l'eiYCl Most Dedicated School involvement has always been important to me. Arroyo is not just an institution for academics, but for activities as well, and by being a part of this has helped me to grow a great deal. I have enjoyed being a part of the Class of 1986's victo- ries and accomplishments and will miss the closeness and secur- ity that Arroyo has given us all. I will miss the faculty and friends who have been a part of my everyday life for the past five years. 'l'hel'eSCl Yilll Best Dressed I'm very excited, like most seniors, to graduate, but I'm going to miss Arroyo...a lot! Rally Squad has been my life, and I'm really going to miss my friends on squad because we're like brothers and sisters. Arroyo has taught me a lot abOLlf life HOpefUlly Ill be accepted to San Jose State and major in public relations and communications I wish all the undergraduates luck In following years at Arroyo B0 YOUIIQDIOOCI Best Personality I will miss all the great times as well as the bad. What l'll miss most of all, though, will be my friends. Without my friends I couldn't of had my great times. Without my friends I would have had more bad times. About my future I don't know where, when, why, what, or how l'lI be dOil'lg arlyfhihg. I wish to graduate from college but that seems so far away. Though the future is a mys- tery, the past is definitly a great story. In fact it is many stories rolled up into one great big one. if 'K . f 39' Cindy BCll'l'0S lVI05t Athletic IVIOSC Popular Definitely my friends! I will also miss all of my coaches and the athletic aspect of high SChOOl. I'm going to miSSall0fthe fun things that high SChOOl Offel'S, espe- cially the socializing with all of my friends and going to all the dances. I'm also going to miss the feeling of closeness which Arroyo has. Last, but not least, lm going to miss having the opportunity to meet new people from arroyo, but also from other schools when we engage in a school activity. .IOCIIIIIE Defieg Be5t PeY50l1Cllify lt'S really l'lal'Cl to believe that we are QOll'lQ to graduate af'lCl Q0 OUT' separate ways. What lT'laKeS it l'lal'Clel' is that we l"laVe SLlCl'1 a ClOSe ClaSS that has QFOWH UD fOQetl'leI' over the DaSf flVe years. l'm still Lll"ldeClCleCl Ofl my fUfUl'e Cal"eel'. Maybe I'll know by OUI' flVe Veal' l'eUl1iOl'l! I'd like to thank all of my fl'lel'ldS in The ClaSS of '86 for mak- ing my school years special ones! BeSf of lUCKl Jeong leads '86 HS fOD SCl7Ol3l' After five IOYIQ YEHTS of hard work, SGYUOI' CGCEHB Jeong 63f'l"l9Cl the DFES' fiQiOUS title of V2lGdiCtOI'i3I'1 for the class of 1 986, Jeong Dlaflned to attend LOFIQ Beach State Uf'liVel'SifV and major in DUSWIESS K3l'l9t0n Dale CBFSOFI This mornning I took it upon myself to do a little afternoon football scouting. The team had just begun def- ensive drills, so I took this time to speak with the Quarterback, Roddy O'Flannigan who had just finished a few sprints. 'Yo, Flanniganl You want my COl3?'l asked, holding a cool and delicious can of the thirstquench- ihg liquid. 'Naw, that's all right,' said Flannigan turning around. 'ReaIIy, you can have it,' I said insistingly, looking for a slight Clue that might emerge from his reaction. 'WeIl, I, Uh, OkEly,' he said, tak- ing the soda and gulping it down to refresh himself. During this brief moment, I discovered now eagerly he took the Soda with a firm grip. He was easily under my spell from this point on. so SDOrtS Diivision SlJ0l'tS 'How can one., book contain so ll l much exceIlence?' -PIHVDOV magazine ll., ,Niy 'So, Mr. O'Flannigan, you're from a well-established commu- nity in Ireland? Wealthy parents? A very fine record,' I expressed to him very cautiously. 'Iye, all 'dem are true,' he said with his Irish accent, almost too much for a native Irishman. Since I had him in agreement with me, I tried to shock him into a confession. s Yes, it's all clear now. You had no need to come to America, no less to San Lorenzo. You have a fine background, wealth, and an impressive education. it's as clear as honeydew now. You had noth- ing like Red Pride in Ireland, S0 you came to Arroyo to steal it. Admit it! You deliberately came here to take Arroyo's Red Pridel' 'No, sir, I would do nothin' of the sort. I came here to see what America was all-about. l thought San Lorenzo was a nice, small, quiet comm unity! ne. rep- lied shocked at my accusation. O'Flannigan was just where I Wanted him. Ah, ha! So YOU think San Lorenzo is a small commun- ity, huh? Small enough for you to get away with a crime. I'm sorry, but this puts you In a very awkward position.' At this point, I thought for sure he was ready to surrender. 'What ih blO0lTlih' tal'l'lati0l'lS are you trying to get at, mate?l couldn't have taken the blasted Red.Pl'iCle. WhV I COUld very well be the heart of Red Pride. l hae this bloomin' team 'iped up to a peak. Without the Red Pride, no Arroyo team, let alone the foot- ball Squad, could be what lt iS.' AS he finished his SpeeCh with considerable emotion, he tossed the football to a fellow team- mated and nearly knocked him over. 'Perhaps you are innocent' I said while turning around. I start- ed toward the center of cam- pusiand thought to myself, 'But perhaps you aren't.' S 5021 S311 Ti PIIOCOI by Cdllbdldl Gil'lS' 'l'el1l1iS ll7eXDel'iel7Ce hUl'tS Qil'lS 'Youth and inexperience led to a dismal season for the Girls' varsity Tennis Team,' according to Coach Gin- ger Jarman. With only four returning letterpeo- ple, the squd consisted of two seniors, twojuniors, five sophomores, and one freshman. The top singles player for the team was Senior Sandy Matejcic. Heading the dOubleS squad were sophomores Tami Ong and Jennifer Wee. The team went 0-1 ll for the season. 'Learning was a key part ofthe team because some players were playing tennis for the first time,' said Jarman. Strike one FOllOWff'lQ through With heffOfehal'ld, JUl'7i0l'Cal" ffe ShODtaW makes an attempt at 3 SfTlaSh. 62 Girls' TeI1I'liS Team 'The girls played in the fall and really that's the first time they have played all year because they don't practice in the summer and that affects their play, too,' said Jarman. 'l wish they would practice on their own,' said Jarman about the team. The squad had its best matches against TehhYSOh. The Veal tough team, though, WaS Mt. Eden which had hOt lost a match ih two years ahd went 28-O. 'NOW that We'Ve gOt eXpeI'iel'1Ce with the team, We'I'e hoping fOI" a lTIUCh better SeaSOh,' said Jafmah. 1-0- if Watch the btlll MY RClCKef--- With determination, Sophomore Candi Green Chatting with her ODOHGHI, SGHIOF Sandi' Mate! goes for 3 backhand ghgt, CIC discusses her DFEVIOUS m3tCh 1 wi' ,I A-if W, ' V .- 1 9 .. . , Y , A , rl: r V1 fp 'fi ' 5 5 - 'f V ? gm x F .41 33 'figs 2 ,:.- 1-A 1 '4 if '3 ian' 'HlsIQn.w, if lv, WWW , 1 'NWN' ,Q--wi 'X 'ml VGYSIQY Vdlleybtlll AFFUYO ODDOHERI 11, 15, 15 Redwood CYIFISIISII 15, 10, 14 1, 5 Amefltan 15, 5 6.13, 1 Albany 15, 15,15 15,15, 15 Las L0m3S 10, 5, 2 6,10 SHI LE3I'ldl'0 15, 15 15,15 San LOFEHZO 9, 6 15, 5 MC. Eden 12, 8 16, 2 SUDSEC 18, 15 15,15 C3Si'I'0 Villey 11, 7 15, 15, 15 Hayward 6, 15, 6 12, 15, 15 S30 LEBIIUYO 14, 5,10 15, 15 SZI1 LOIEHZO 8, 12 15, 15 TEHUYSUH 10, 4 d,15, 4 5LIl1S8t 15, 9, 15 15,15, 15 CBSITD Vdley 10, 15, 12 15,11, 15 Hayward 3.15, 8 15, 15 TEHHYSOR 15, 10 10,15, 9 MC. Eden 15,7,15 8.7, 15,10 SBI! l.88Ildl'O 15,15,8.15 D I lik Jumping high to dink U79 ball, S6nfOl' Cindy Bal'- I'OS gives the play HEI' all COIIIE on Discussing what to do next, Coach Rob Wigand talks with a tired Cindy Barros as senior Susan Bumping the ball high, Junior Nicole Montalvo Ff0f1f ROW: Edna Vfllemfnf Beffv Sei Nicole Men' Edwards and Sophomore Deane Meinberglisten. follows through as Sophomore Theresa McCuI- fe'V0l Darlene Lum, and Thefese MCCUHUWT- Beek fum wafgneg Row: Deane Meinberg, Shannon Amaro, Coach Rob Wlgand Cindy Barros, and susan Edwards. up, up, qwqy Varsity Vblleybdll 64 Varsity Volleyball PIIOCOI by Gdflbdldl varsity Volleyball BHITUS leads With the talents of Sel'li0l'S Cindy Barros and Susan Edwards, Junior Nicole Montalvo, and Sophomore Theresa Mccullum, the Girls' Varsity Volleyball Team ended its season with an impressive 10-4 record and a third place in the Hayward Area Athletic League. The girls had an exciting year with tough play during every game. Their only losses 'came against two of the league's toughest teams, the Sunset Falcons and the San Leadro Pirates. The Dons did come together and beat San Leandro in the second meeting of the season. The only other loss came against Mt. Edeh'S Monarchs. About the season, CO3Ch Rob Wlgand replied, ' l was very happy with it. The athletes did a much better jOb than I thOLlght they WOLlId.' Bull! lf' Do if, DCIYIEIIE! Getting into position Senior susan Eddwards Doing what she does best, Junior Darlene Lum prepares to bump the ball successfully bumps the ball as Junior Edna Vil- lamffl W3fCf79S the play. 'l think it was a great season,' said Montalvo, 'for one because it was my first year on the varsity, and also l thihk the team altOgethel' played greatl' Unity and desire to win were the big factors in the squad. 'The team played so well together because it was like one big family and we all wanted to make the playoffs,' said Montalvo, Junior Betty So added, 'We were strongly influenced by Mr. Wigand. We knew we had to do good.' Winning the most valuable award was Barros. Junior Shannon Amaro was most inpirational, and Sopho- more Deane Meinberg was most improved. Jumping UD f0I' the DIOCK, S6f'IiOfS CfI'ldY Barros EDU Susan Edwards UV tO stop 3 San LOFGHZO Spike. varsity VOIIeybaII 65 PIIOIOI by Gllflbllldl .lclyvee Volleyball Gifisi SEHSUI1 improves With a league record of nine wins and five losses, the Girls' Jayvee VOI- leyball Team had a banner season. According to Second-year CO3Ch Debbie Knight, the team was led by outstanding play by Freshmen India Carrera, Jenny Saunders, and SODhO' more Maria Jarata to an overall record of ten wins and eight losses. 'Toward the end of the season, the girls played very well together. Their serves became more consistent, their passing was much better, and they started hitting the balI,' stated Khight. Throughout the season, the girls played some good matches. The toughest ones were against unde- feated and League Champs the Sunset Falcons and the San Leandro Pirates. The best match came at the end of Gdilig 'FOI' if Going fora score, sophomore Maria Jarata waits for the ball. Keep it going 'During 3 rally, Sabrina Vieffa bumps the ball. Sltllll it Leaping for the ball, Ff6ShfTi8I7 Sabfifla Vieffa 9065 fOI' 8 spike against S317 LOFGHZO. 66 JV VOIleyb3lI the season against Mt. Eden's Monarchs. The Dons were victorious with a 6-15, 15-4, and 15-11 match. About the season, the Coach stated, 'lt was basically a year of learning, considering most of the girls were freshmen. They could have won more games if they had been consistent. Some days they wanted to play, oth- el'S they didh't.' At the end of the campaign, the girls voted for honors. Most Valuable was Carrera, Most Inspirational was Monica Cuestas, and Most Improved was Donna Haley. QWNN S2 'Q' i I .r J 1-iz 4- ff f? .fm W.. 5 1 5? 9 , Q! ., Q 4 vs. . gf Q"!XvNf V sf., f-15' 45 21 "5 1 awww 9 W9X ! , fi'- 1. V. - Vf X Xf X! Mx 2 lan ing 52? M LJ DHOIOS by Gull bdldl vCIY5ify F00tbClll Uflffy assists Val' sity Don Mentor Wayne Roberts ex- pressed his disappointment over the season. With hopes for a better year, the Dons ended league play in seventh place in the Hayward Area Athletic League. ln comparing this squad to his 1982 champs, Roberts' disappoint- ment was obvious. Not all was lost as Roberts went on to tackle some of the good points of his squad. Team unity was excellent, he said, and he FGDOITEG that there were few attitude conflicts. 'We had good players, just no win- ning attitudes. We went out there and went through the motions,' said Quarterback Dan Coombs about the season. Coombs also remarked that it 'wasn't how much we passed, it's the plays we used when we passed.' Other players felt the same way as Coombs. 'l think that, of course, our offnese could have done better. Indi- ROII Ollf DFODDHTQ back FO DBSS, S6l1iOI' QU3l'f6I'b3Ck Dan Coombs looks dOWI'Ifi6ld for l'6C6iV6lZ 68 Varsity FOOUJHII vidual people could have excelled more, such as in the quarterback posi- tion,' said Lineman Lee Teich. Other changes included the con- tinued presence of new principal Ralph vandro who satallgames outon the sidelines to encourage players. 'vandro showed a lot more enthusi- asm than former Principal Roy Han- son. This helped along the way,' said All-leaguer Junior Dehoyos. Commenting on the team's strong- est points, Junior Mark Todd, 'Our run- ning game was excellent, led by Senior Rex Reddick and Sophomore Joey VilIaI0b0S.' ll Stitk 'em Going for 3 hit, .lUI'liOI' DOH KOlff1Ski anticipates Ripping af? ODDOHEITF, Lll16b3Ck9l'JUf'llOfD6hOYOS pam. applies 8 Cl'UCi3l hit 85 SGNIOI' S9311 AFITISITOHQ looks at the play. GOff1Q fOI' the SCOFE, SEIWOI' All-leaguer REX Red- dick OUUUHS U76 HAAL champion San Leandro High defense. VCll"Sify FOOCIJCIII Front Row: Tom Fashinell, BOD Dabner, Doug Santos, Rex Reddick, and Ron lngebretson. Second Row: Coach Herb Walters, Dave Cuneo, Todd Etringer, Steve Cabreana, Pat Monroe, Jeff vierra, Rob Monroe, and Coach Rich Meitz. Third Row: Rod Shinko, sean Armstrong, Junior Dehoyos, Joe villalobos, Dan Coombs, and scott Pinkler Fourth Row: EfiCk Vandeveer Steve Wright, D8 ve Schardt, and Glen A viles. Fifth Row: Coach Naish Piazza, Don Kolinski, Eric Larson, Mark TOUCI Jason Vaughn, Eden Peck, and Coach Wayne Roberts. Sixth Row, Gary Laffleun RiCh REEKI Albert Tang, Bo Youngblood, and Lee Teich. Back Row: Jason Walling, Paul Howd, Bobby Dehoyos, Tony Aniasco, and Jeff Brady. , Arroyo 5 A W 2 ff9PPD090fsf y e T +14 F g . i2B1ClII3l . , , W, 0 F A fAll16YlC3IlA 1 A -H7 7 - - h'Gf3i'l3U3'f.f 28l t ,A rgunsgg- 1410 so A A u a . M ,mgsuen A 3, 14 19 1 Sanleandro A A y F28 16 ' , Q musrenzol 5 'if'l"19, '17 A so Tennyson 1 i.u.,'e , , Q14 lzoi A 5 u ii". wffvuvaley E' VOA Q15 A i yuavwara, 120m varsity Football 69 ,P 1 mxffdgfl 'Q i 70 Frosn-sopn Football 1 1fFPQSli'S99h'F90til?Ul!' 040 Lrify g 3 A ,L 32551175963 ..L- F +1 l 1 7492 W LA-: , Q, ,E .211 2, .5 Q r 5 if t if LLL' 1 is 3 -Q25 , Ag, it 155, M S if Cafvbfviml V ' S 53 14 FYOSI1-Sbph Fbbtbtlll Front Row: Don Stanford Jim Nazer, Tim Kahn, Gary Vidales, Don Cabreana. Second Rovm Mark Edelman, Rick Martin, Paul Fosten Na than San- chez, Ken Jackson. Third Rovm Sean Wildman, Sean Thompson, Dano van A grella, Mike Schultz, Hiram Moy. Fourth Row: Coach Mike Saenz, Gary Sanchez, Brian Meendenhall, Toby Tresslen Jim Spear Fifth Row, Chester Murph v, Darren Wen- dell, Conrad LaRosa, Sam Arnold Back Row: Coach Gene Gire, Todd Reia, Alberto Sedano, John Evans, Chris Williams, Mark Vasconcellos, Coach George Dunphy. Bllfatilf fl'll'0Ugl'l TFWDQ to fhI'OW Off an opponent, FFGSHITIZI7 Bfiafl MEFIUEITHBII bI'68kS UTFOUQH the line. nga- Ph0t0I by Gllflbdldl Fl"05l'l-SODI1 Fbbfbtlll Fl'OSl'l fake second place ffl league Going 6-1 in league play, it was a great year for the Frosh-Soph Foot- ball Team. With that record, the squad cap- tured second place in the Hayward Area Athletic League. 'We were three points away from the championship,' said both coaches, Gene Gire and George Dunphy. 'The team played well as a unit,' said Player Ken Jackston. According to Jackson, team strength was equally distributed on the squad. 'No one indi- vidual stood out, our success was due to unity,' he said. B001! if! llnhund me In an Qff9mp.t to SCOFE, Sophomore Sean Wild' Attempting to break a defenders hold' Fresh. man KICKS 2 field eval. man Mike Schultz tries to get past the opposition. BIOCK Thl'OWfI1g 8 block, Sophomore Ch6Sf6l' MUFPHY attempts to Open 8 hole fOI'3 running back. After going 0-3 in pre-season play, the team felt inexperience was a major weakness. The squad then came back with an impressive four-game stretch in which their opponents tal- lied no scores. The team wound up with five shutouts for the season. The Dons onlyloss cameinleague to a very strong Castro Valley team, 38- 55, in the last minute of play. Arroyo led 21-6 at the half, but the Tl'Oj3l'lS came storming back to outscore AFFOVO in the SECOl'ld half. With the loss, the Dons were knocked out of the championship and fell into second place where they stayed for the rest of the season. With the laCk of experience, the team countered with a strong defense which won it several games early in the league season. Other teams averaged only six points against the Dons, while Arroyo piled up an average score of 31 points per game against their opponents. Frosn-sopn F00tbaIl 71 vClY5ify BCl5kEfbCIll DUNS l3Ck team Ul"lll'V Once again the downfall of the Dons' Boys' Varsity Basketball Team was due to a lack of team unity. 'The reason for our unsuccessful season was a lack of team unity and enthusiasm,' said Senior Captain Bo Youngblood Wl'lO did not finiSl'l the season. The team failed again to make the Hayward Area Athletic League Play- offs. At presstime, the Dons' record in league was two wins and 'IO losses. The DOnS' toughest competition came from Mt. Eden who was ranked number one in the East Bay and was 12-0 in league and 24-O on the 1986 season. 'MIL Eden just had too l'nUCl'l talent for the rest of the league,' said Sophomore Jason Walling of the C0mD6flflOI'l. tial but the competition was to Stlff,' said Walling San Leandro and sunset also prove tough for Arroyo in league play Sunset's hope for an upset in th playoffs took a major setback whe leading Scorer Eric Green fell victim t the Hayward Unified School DiStl'iCt' eligibility requirements and was declared ineligible. Fan support for Arroyo also was not up to par. Games which, in the past, plyed to packed crowds had hardly any attendance this season. 'We had a lack of support and interest,' said 'We had the talent and the poten- I . . C ' a ' 6 rl 0 S Walling. Vaf'SlTZY COaCl'l WaS Ken WelSS9l'lDOl'l1 , Nw! . Ni . . .L , - ,ll.s . . H -'1 1. If-1' sf-,---.fgi-.. 1- ww. Qs- l Varsity Bclsketbull FI'Of'lf Row, Dal? COOITIDS, EI'lC NakaSf'llma,Rlk Sa58ki, Matt HOffman, and Tom YOUHQ. Middle Row, MaI'CE'l MEUEIZ Mafk Todd Brad Youngblood, and Erik HOV6' BaCK ROW COaCl1 Ken ' BYECIK Ollf Heading lI'lfO the ODGI7 COUIT, Senior El'lC Naka- shima DI'9akS aWaY fI'OfTl a San L6aI'ldI'0 playeli . y WEISSEH' - DOITI, Bflafl Hafe, and Jason Walling. J 7 2 Boys' varsity Basketball Sf'lOOt'lI1Q fOl' two, Sophomore Jason Walling pulls UD fOI' ajUl'T7D6I1 U Sw. 6 X if 5 g ?ik V . ifgx QQ F fa h h fi - E J L as NE Wy A XZs 3? m - v, QS? . g,4gti?s :iii wwiQEHQh'n X 2 5 X f""xN-' 1..- ' ' . 1 k N "s liz 5 -, Y ,......- W ..-- -,,-:,:f,z..':...,,,,......----' -....... , 1 3 SF 4-,,,.,.,.f,5. 'M ,Q-s-ll"u'3".'6 R X Q X WQQPIZX - u 4 an V I .fx S. fi. nl -M-,,,.,..... -.......... . ..-.vN. v'vvv ff- M ...-'M ,V 4 f ,wp X 3 K -L 1 Ks. 'O ,Q 41 'x 1 Em X f 3 . -..-.... -. .1 Q 4 wg. -gr Q by M Q K B gi wx, - igw W5 if ., A xr - -A 421 :- ' s x A 3 - 4 .LV gzfl. 'A Q1 .-.NH V 'gfni' J- f- NS A "' 0 Q- f AO 1 4 .Q ,W J N O Vw., "f1'ii52fCr!1"f3'r' H74 afar CCltCl'I UP Cross Country Getting FSBUY FO D855 U16 H8YW-aid FUUUGF. Front Row, Shirley Murphy, Jenny Phipps, Laurie SEFHOI' Cecelia Jeong, fOllOWEd by JUHIOI' William Liza,-na. Second Row: Randy Waage' Kevin Briggs. Emefv. f0l'99S ahead OH FHITTTSVS' C0U"59- Third Row: Chuck Mullane, Ste ve Moser, William 74 CFOSS Country ' Af I M-in-un., , a, f'-ff: :ies - .. H- ,M qv. w . J Ni' 3 , ,-- , . .f.- J w'f-efief i e .Q we f ' -J--' e 1, .... . . Emefy, Ricky Cho, BOD Beffy. FOUITH ROW: L8Ufi6 HEITIEFIWZY, THEFGSZ PSFGZ. Fifth ROW: Cecelia Jeong, Coach JSITY M6fC3lf, BGZU Pl'U9fl', LBFICE H8l'I'iS, Jon Nagel, Joe W3f5Ol'l, Jaime Y3SSil'I, D3 WIS Johansen. -ea.. ff PIIOIOI by caflhaldl Cross Country Pride motivates DCHS Running their way through another season, the Cross Country Team ran with pride, but did rlOt do BS well 35 anticipated. After hours of grueling practice, the Dons had a difficult time pulling their skills together to win some meets. Part of the problem, according to Coach Jerry Metcalf, was the inexpe- rience on the boys' team. Led by vete- ran runners Charles Mullane and Steve Moser, the Dons lacked depth in meets against other Hayward Area Athletlic League schools. The girls' squad, on the other hand, fa red better in league. Hayward Marathon Winner Laurie Hemenway helped pace her teammates to several victories in triple meets. c,,, ,K According to Teammember Bob Berry, the Dons had a difficult time with Castro Valley, a league power- house. Another area Berry felt hampered the Dons was the lack of publicity and support from the student body that the team received. Berry felt that more students and staff should have taken an active interest in the squad, so that their concerns would have been taken as supportive element to assist the team. No Arroyans moved on to North Coast finals at the end of the season. Defeflllillllfibll Pushing himSeIf to the limit, Senior Jon Nagel finishes hi5 l'3Ce, 8 mafk of endurance. CheCkiI7g tally SheetS Oh l'3Ce5, AITOYO Coach Jerry Metcalf looks OVeI' l'eSUltS with 58h LOfehZO CO8Ch Dave Rhodes. All the Wtly P3Clhg themselves, RUf7hefS CeCeli3 JeOhQ and William Emery pace themselves dUf'il7Q meet. Uphill bdttle StI'UQQlihg to OVel't8ke3 H8YW3l'dI'UhheI1 Junior Chuck MUll8l1e paces uphill at H3YW8fd High dual meet with San i.OI'ehZO. Cross Country 7 5 Gil'I5' Btlsketbtlll Pla VGFS gall? SG3SOl7ll'lQ With the building programs of the Varsity and Junior Varsity Girls' Bas- ketball teams, their seasons were not tremendously successful. The groups, however, did manage to show off some promising young talent. Many young players improved throughout the year. On Varsity new players, such as Guard Linda Smith, a sophomore, and Forward Lisa Starr, another sophomore, saw plenty of seasoning and playing time. stricken with untimely injuries, the Girls' Varsity lost Forward Cheryl Den- ton for most of the season as Denton broke a foot in physical education Class. Some key players for the Dons were Guards Gina Thorn and Cindy Barros at the point. Under the boards, Nlafla Potestio at Center kept the rebounds coming. Forwards Melanie Lopez and Nlichelle Repose rounded out the squad. The Jayvees also had lots of young, promising players who developed skills throughout the season. Coach Ken Repose said the best game the Dons played was the 40-27 victory over the Tennyson Lancers. 'lt was the most thrilling game of the year, and we looked awfully good,' said Repose. The Jayvee's most dominating win was over the Hayward Farmers. Arroyo walked away in the 35-rl match. S6f1lOI' Mafla POf65l'lO Charges through with U79 ball fOI'8 l3YUD 3Q3iI'l5l'3I12QQf6SSlVE opponent. I CICIYE 'yd Guard POCl'l6ll6 ROdl'lgU6Z lf7l'lfTlld3f9S the San LEE-Jf1dfO DIBVEI' who is lI1DOUl'Idll'lg the ball. .lUl1i0l' vClfSify FFOHI' ROW, Erica Nelson, Julie Jacoby, ROCl'l6ll6 ROdFigUEZ, AHI73 Solis, Debbie Seiki, Ch6I'iSe Gilli- QBFI, and Patty CODFIEII. BBCK Row, Candace GITQQS, Tammy Y3XCl7ElITl6L Candy CFEEH, KBFHV Henry, .lenl SSUFIUEFS, Clngel' Wachtel J6I7f'Ilf6l' Sl'lE'Dl7E'I'Cl, Kelly MOVI7ll'l3f7, Nadine QUll'OZ, 3nd CO8Cl'l KEI7 REDOSE. Pl'l0f0S by Gdflbdldl 76 Girls Basketball Key players for Arroyo included Guard Tammy Yaxtheimer who was high scorer, and, according to Repose, 'a good ballhandler.' Forward Jenni Saunders was good on boards. For- ward Gina Wachtel was the most promising, said Repose. Players Candy Green and Rachel Rodrigues were also cited for outstanding play by the COBCH. TCEITI records fOl' DOU1 SCIUBGS Were 6 f wes- iff E ,J -Q' W V fy K, gd W Wrestling CI'3DDlel'S e In a heated match against Castro Valley, Arroyo's Dons lost a bid to cap- ture the league crown for a fourth consecutive season. IH the final match of the season at San Lorenzo, Arroyo and Castro Valley were tied 29-29. The Dons' Lance HOITIEH IOSC his match to I'liS Tl'Oj2r'l opponent for the title. 'We had them won, but we just didn't have the guts to fil'iiSI'i them Off,' said Senior Rod Shir1kO. 'The strongest part of our team was the upper and middle classes,' said Wrestler Mike Sommer. Sommer cre- dited Shinko for contributing much to the team as a first-year competitor. Coached by Fred lndalacio, the Dons finished the season with a 6-1 record, while the Trojans ended with a 7-O mark. YlYe5flll1g TECIIII FI'Of7f Row, Mike Nybefg, JZSOI7 Elam, Laffy Bfey' hafl, PedI'O LO8iZ8, L3flCe HOITlel"l, and GSFY EVBFIS. Middle Row, Coach ROD MZYES, TONY Silveria, Doug Santos, Rodney Shinko, JOE Montoya, AFIIHOITV Carrasco, Mike DUU3, Head Coach Ffed lfldel3CiO. Back Row, Jim Nazer, Glefm A viles, Jun- iOf' DeHOYOS, Eric Stout, Mario Elef1eS, and Ffed DUfffeUX. Sef7iOl'L3ITV Bfeyhafl defeats 3f7Ofhef' ODDOI7eI7f in his dOmff'l3l1Ce in f1i5 league Weight CIZSS. Wtltth out! Sef7fOl' JUI'IiOf DeHoyos DI'eD8I'eS to shoot at his ODDOf'lel'7f'S legs fOI'8 takedown. I7 5-7 I' eC0l' C1 Strong members of the squad included Seniors Larry Breyhan, Junior DeHoyos, Eric Stout, and Sommer. 'We had a young team this year, but eve- ryone contributed everything they had,' Said Breyhan of his teammates. Also playing a role in the champion- ship meet was Arroyo's contention of faulty referee calls. According to DeHoyos, one faulty Call occurred in the last match when the referee interrupted a Don takedown a- ttempt. North Coast qualifiers were deter- mined at the league meet following press time, but contenders included Breyhan, Shil'lkO, DEHOVOS, and SCOLII. Wrestling Scoreboard AIYOYO opponent 55 Hayward 21 51 A san Lorenzo 21 48 Sun Leandro 21 51 - Sunset 17 54 Mt. Eden 21 29 Castro VCIIIBY 35 :L Q. x ,mw'f'Yw... ':"'f I -4 4 ,,.,,,, Q 5 53 sul sf lv, iffy, A g5K.z1,fLM ,T if J' xxgwlflf ,Q gif. .ffl-1' .wk ' f15.'1'5.- . , -,my +1 h 1 . . ,- jf gp-l, A . VA 4, 5, A - ffzkv' 1 -fs.:fav '5w,.. eirfi My ' lg ' lp: ' , -1s.Q3y,e:'L1 . ' Vg, NN, QI!! + xl " lllD!l!5'llClY!iit1I EFIIIIIIIEI FfOl1t Row, Ch3fl6S Loder, Mike RODGNS, RiCk CIS- HGFOS, Tim Mufai, and EI'iC Th3U, SECOFIU Row, Chad MOUI, Baff P8dUV6l'i5, RODD P3I'ldOlfO, Jose P3I'I'8. Thifd ROWg HiI'3IT7 MOV, Randy MOfI'i5, Scott '9- gg MQEM -'1 f -7 4+ 'I '-im BOYS' Vdfslfy SOCCQI' 3 I Arroyo Opponent 2 sunset 2 1 SKID I-DIEIIZO 0 I 'fellhyibli 2 1 san Leandro 1 1 Castro valley 2 4 mt. eden 1 'I IIIIYWCIPC U 3 ' sunset 1 1 SCII1 I-0l'Ql120 0 5 'l'el'll1yS0l1 3 1 SGH I-GNIUCIIO 4 2 custro Valley o lllDll,lDl1 llilll! COI'IC6f1ff3fiI'lQ OH U76 ball with 6V6I'Y fiber ofhis being, JUf1iOI' Hiram MOV DFEDBFGS to IGI' out 8 Moyers, DGf7f'liS COITIES, and Severino FiQU9I'O3. powerfulklcki FOUI'fi7 ROWg Sfephefi Wfighf, RODbie HifCi'7COCk, Steve Cabreana, Marcus Huizar, John Quill, Pettar Ph0f05 by Gtlrlbtlldl MOFKGFI, and Gfeg LaFleur. Back ROWg C3I'Y LaFleur, STEVG MOSEF, BDU Coach TOITI HBDSOH. Bovs'Soccer .lflyllee Fl'0Sh SODI1 Btlsketbtlll J V faces stiff COl7f9SfS Like the varsity, the Boys' Junior Varsity and Frosh-Soph sqauds faced tough seasons and very competitive teams in play. Finishing with a 3-7 record, the Jay- vees, according to Coach BOD Hitch- cock, had a 'pretty good year,' despite very tough competition. 'We did what we could when we could. Coach Hitch- cock is an excellent coach, and we had good talent all the way around, but competition was just real competi- tive,' said Jayvee Player Chris Williams, a sophomore. According to Hitchcock, he encour- aged the team to forget previous games and to play each one as it came up. The Frosh-Soph Team played in a similar fashion. 'We looked real strong in practice, but in the end, we were diSappOirIted. I thirlk the real impor- tant thing is that we had fun,' said Freshman Kyle Seipel about the season. Coached by veteran Frank Domin- guez of Bohannon, the Frsoh-Soph squad ended the league season with a 2-8 record. Fl"05h Btlsketbtlll AIYOYO oPP0l1el'lf 40 .l0I'll1 MUII' 64 28 CCISCPO valley 28 45 Mt. Eden 55 48 SGI1 I-0l'el120 58 28 5Ul'l5ef 28 31 1'ehl1yS0l1 26 23 HCIYWUIU 58 11 Bdhtlbft 52 41 CClStl'0 Valley 31 25 Mt. Edeh 56 FYOSII-SOIIIII Front Row, Chris Boots, Todd Chiovare, Bryan Medeiros, and Chris Hudson. Second Ro W, Jamal Shama, Jack Berlau, Paul DeMarco. Third Row, Mike Hogan, Jon Fernandez, James Hadley, John Fernandez. Back Row, Kyle Seipel, Coach Frank Dominguez, Dean Wilkinson, and Mark Vas- concellos. Sky high Freshman James Hadley takes 8 jump shot 8g3iflSf 311 aggressive ODDOHGFI F. photos by cm-lbqlal 82 Jayvee Basketball Jdyllee BCI!-'alfefbllll l1l'l'0y0 Uppdheht 43 SUI1 l.eCIl1dl'0 61 30 CtlSfl"0 Vdlley 34 41 Mt. Eden 66 47 SCII1 LOYEIIZO 37 41 Sl.ll1Sef 40 54 fel'1l1y50l1 58 34 Hdywdld 60 30 SUI! I.eCll1dl'0 52 49 CCISCYO Vtllley 33 44 Mt. Eden 48 BYECIK AWCIY Df'iViI7Q to the hoop, Fl'ESf'lIT72l'l Matt TOIT65 QOES ff? fOI' 3 two poin SCOl'6. Jl.ll1i0l' vCll'Sity Bfiafl M6d6fI'O5, Rowdy Vieffa, and CFEQ JOHHSOI7. Middle ROW: Toby TFESSIEF, DOHOVSI1 Agfella, Eddie TGFIQCO, 8f7d Chris Willi3I'T1S. B3CkROWg Matt TOFFGS, P3Ul MUI'3i, Coach Bob Hitchcock, JOI7 AFCHUIGIT8, and Charles P3f'lQ8Sl7i3f7. FI'0Sh BHSKEUJBII C0aChl UdS t am effOlTS With eight of their new players being in the first year of competition, the Girls' Varsity Soccer Team, accord- ing to Coach Keith Burnett, had no weak players at all. The squad did not have any extremely fast players, said Burnett, but it had numerous quality players who worked well as a team-so well that the Team took the league cham- pionship in regular season play. Practicing every day, the Girls' Team played twice each week. Burnett pushed the gil'IS hard. He said that the team ran more than any other team in the leaue, so at the end of the sea- son, the Dons were in the best condi- tion. During practice, Burnett re- quired distance running, fundamental SKIIIS, gOaI kicks, and OffehSiVe and defel1SiVe drills. The Squad played in one tourna- ment, a Christmas invitational at Washington High in Fremont. ln the first match, the Dons lost by a score ot 5-0 to North coast Champs Amador Valley High. ln the second match, Arroyo lost again, 5-1, to San Ramon High, but finally defeated Fl'elTlOht'S Al'hel'iCaI'1 High 2-'I irl the third outing of the tourney. Get thtlt bull 'I'hl.ld' Go 'FOI' If Kicking the ball before an opponent can get it, Heading the ball sophomore Kristine Rice looks KICKIHQ the ball Freshman Janine La6race follows Freshman Christy Schellenberg beats the at the ball fly through the air through with play opposition. Photos by Gurlbuldl 84 GiI'iS' SOCCEI' lla. ,,,, r-i':1o.7a 0 841096 615074 -swf, 'iwgn AWG .942 1 X Rf 40 ATTGQC , ' 'Ya fi-ying, IHHHHH lPU5S11N!hWHl Look of intengify, Coach Keith Burnett Watches Dribblihg the ball, Senior MiChelIe Harrell looks as one of his pla vers carries out a play. fOr 2 teammate fO D-SSS the ball FO. 9 I G m o ex ru Q 1 1Q"U1lHlghIlHDUI!llli Dinh:-lGO09uNUl EU Q il Murano Ctillldlfliltl Ahllmil Pacific sunset S681 LQIBIIIO TBHHXSDII Sun Leundfd Cditlb UCIHBY Mt Halen Hayward I n,5o i in K 5 fi 3 i up i ,Q is ab wg ,gg Q X 15- o o s g ' 7,7 ftzsli Vdxfy ,Leif :gi 4 :Q 3 in fi , ,Q ,ii Q f H ' 1 Gil'l5' vCll'Sity BOff0m Ro Wg D8I1iC8 S6QU6if3, Jennifer Defieg, L Win PEf6r5OI'I, J3Cki M6mOI'I1O, and MiCi'lEllE Har- rell. SECOITU Row, Shannon Amaro, KriSl'ir76 RiC6, Debbie Dal13,J3rleeh LSGFZCE, Darla Cha VEZ, Gary Vid3leS. Third ROW: Debbie Lovell, Janine Leigh, and Cheryl Metl. B3CkROWg Coach Keith Burnett, Ci'lI'iSl'Y Schellenberg, Joanne Defieg, Dearlfla Brose, SLISiE Th3U, and Gr9l'Ci76f7 Sorensen. Girls' soccer 85 Bl' 0577317 to lead Val' sity Arroyo's baseball team will have to pull together to win games this year. Entering the season, the Varsity will face stiff competition against San Leandro and Sunset, according to Head Coach Mike Reardon. In order to win, The Dons, according to Reardon, will have to unite behind the piCtChiI1g staff, led by Serliol' Jason Brosnan, David Aguilar, Junior Dehoyos, Jeff Spear, and Rik Sasaki. Twelve returning players will add experience to the Don varstiy. Accord- ing to Reardon, he expects Brosnan, DEHOYOS, Gary LaFleru, and Ron Inge- bretson to be the team's leaders. 'ln order to win, we're going tohave to play fundamental, sound baseball,' said Reardon. About pressure on his pitching, Brosnan replied, 'lt's my senior year, so l don't look at pitching as a pressure position, but as fun, but l'm still play- ing to win.' With Senior Gary LaFleur coming off a 'devistating 1985 hitting season,' Coach Reardon feels that Arroyo will do better this season than last year. LaFleur also feels that the Dons have a good chance of winning a lot of games this year. 'We have to throw strikes if we want to win and that was our prob- lem last year,' Stated Assistant Coach Frank Lemmo. Both Reardon and Lemmo are vete- ran coaches who also graduated from Arroyo. ,ai In s. 1 J- 1 A 'gn Ill' ' Iii' 'll I A gqfkv .iixipi f . I K3 5,-, 1 ,..a.,,,, K, W , t. 3210 ol if ' .K ,- ,Q ,C C, Q K ' "5 w. , as B- - -'i N - "mi Q? ' 1--5'-+1,.gz,g,- sf, ,Q H 5, Hey. CCICCI1! In the glove Reqdy, get, gg SWG' B90 C'0'eV.fO55e5 back the D?" to an Varsity Player Bob vegas makes Sure fhaf the warring for me rfgnc moment, senior kevin Arroyo pitcher during pre-season practice. ball d0eSr7'f get DGSF him- Bunsness anticipates a steal to second base. 86 Baseball ska Q' Three strikes... Junior Sean Wildman, in battingpractice, swings ,anew E r A X BYDP if Assistant Coach Frank Lemmo is demonstrating W vi 2 , , ., gi.m.,1 Q' X ,:.- yvf-A K... . .91 . , . , f4,g,,..' - .5 if W ' Q . t QQ- whdf now? Fielding a short nop, Sophomore Gary Vidales at U76 ball 3l7d misses the pitch. to DISVGFSHOW to anticipate theball dropping to 3l1fiCiD8l'ES making 3 DISV 8F fiI'Sl' 12856. 8 Wet field BBSEDZII BUYS' 'l'el1I1iS H3I'E to I9 CiBOVS' TEl7l7i Though the team was considerably younger than in the paSt, the Boys' Varsity Tennis Team, loaded with individual talent and experience, had high hopes for a successful season. Only five veterans returned to the squad, but Coach Tom Hanson was positive that the newcomers on the team looked strong. Senior Brian Hare, who was ranked number one on the Team during his Junior and Senior year, felt confident that his abilities would peak this season. 'With new additions to the team,' said Hare, 'we should be one of the top teams in the HAALJ Sophomore Joey Teshima, also returning, n3S practiced I'liS SkiIIS at tne net continuously. During the summer, Teshima qualified to be in i i KEY to DICIY COFlCEI7fl'3I'iOI'7 ITISKES for good DIBV 35 SGFHOI' QHU Number ODE' Seed Bfiafi Hafe SHOWS with his SEI'ViC6. 88 Boys' TEI'II1iS the Tanglewood Tennis Tournament in Hayward. He felt a successfull season is ahead due to team unity. 'We support and help one another to do their best by critiquing each other positively,' Teshima stated, Senior EriC Nakashima felt that team members' attitudes will have a IOt to do with determining their u performances. 'There's more confi- 'Wi ' swf , , . . .s 1,1 '- , , . dence in our team to win,' he said. T js i"" Senior Erik Hove, another veteran, 'r S S i' explained that the team's season looks promising, as long as the squad continues to play as a unit. 'It'S our fUI"n,' he said of the SGBSOI1. , -W v'v,,,,.sagQf f lux g In ri' -R'n3ap"S X ix "s ' P -K fir - Li 'L f , i . .Kwik i il 'xl it 'cal kilakxgmkmxuxxlkx rift?-,',.i. .,yr,,.,3 Razr 'i"K'l'f'fiYi'3 ilifi. ' , xx ix' Snixilil xlxxkkifyx KE lx, , Vx R Y - L ,jelly :if l'lUStle SODHOITIOFE Joey TeSi'lin13 hustles to ball before it hits the grOUrld. re3Ch the 5ef7iOf Erik HOVe demOf7Sff3teS hiS skill with 3 5fI'Ol7Q S9I'V9 OVEF the Het to an ODDOFISHF. wmk,,C,cmY,Mx,..,,.-f-isf:aMw,,, iq. .. .. l' R -lx fx 1 X K, X Kr xx X xx Wm vv'vVV'V'..Y P' 1' Q Q Q if . 1 -Q Q nl ,WNW xL..X " ' S' 3 4' 9' Q 5 is 'I . , tta 1 Q ... ttts 'kh- ' r so s slllflsh FOYIII callcentfflte Handcuffed by a vicious smash across the net, Demonstrating good follow through, senior Eric With 3100K of determination, Junior GFGQ Mohr Junior Craig Takeuchi tries to return a shot and Nakashima returns a service from his opponent, returns the serve at tennis practice. Cf'l3l'QE U19 Het. BOYS' TEI1l'IiS Sbftbtlll Squad to recap ture title with only three returning players from 1985, the Co-Champ Softball team Head Coach Rich Kerr said, 'Though the team is very young, they've had a lot of experience in Bobby Sox and on last year's jayvee co-championship team.' Kerr also commented that Senior Teri Norman and Michelle Smith, pitcher and catcher, respectively, will be the key players to lead the team this season. 'l think We're going to do very Well. We're young, but the younger girls know how to Win-North Coast, here we comel' said Smith. Kerr feels that the toughest competition for the Dons will be San Leandro's Pirates. They have strong pitching, defense, buntlng, and ag- gressiveness,' he said. TECISE V6f9l'8f'l C3I'Ch6I' MiCl'l9ll9 Smith DUIS Hel' DES! foot forward in ZH 6ffOI'f to ZGBSE U79 pifCh6f' to U'lf'OW HEI' out. Photos by Gtlrlbuldl go S0ftD3ll As the season progressed, Kerr hoped that the younger players WOuId develop il'1tO SOIid baIIpIaVel'S. Norman, who has pitched three seasons for Arroyo, said, 'l'm so excited. We have more girls this year who want to win and who are really interested in playing softball' Stetll ROUI7dfl7Q the bag, SODHOVTIOFE U58 Keflkel QOGS fOI' SFI extra D856 during base I'UI7I'IiI'lQ pI'8CZ'fC9. ' l SJ Here it COIIIES Ff6Sf7fT73f'l Sf'l8I1f'lOn BUUSI' UTFOWS U79 SOffD3ll to 8 teammate dUI'if1g 3 DVBCUCE S8S5iOI'I Df'iOl' IO U76 opening of the FEQUISI' SEBSOFI. RUI1, RUI1 Spfinfing fOW3I'dS SECOFIU 11856, Senior C3f'Ol MEFDIES DUZ'S out HEI' best 9ffOfI' to impress HEI' teammates at DFZCUCE. aw' .. ,, QQQQQ- Q-11-if g R .1 ,M A-rw. '5 A V300 Wm 31 'l'l'CICK Gil'IS see fOUl'i'l'l title Hoping to accomplish the near impossible, the Girls' Track Team strived to take its fourth consecutive Hayward Area Athletic League title. 'ln order to win the fourth championship, these athletes will need to find a new level of intensity that has led them to three con- secutive undefeated seasons,' said Head Coach Jerry Metcalf. Coach Metcalf also said that, 'A great number of seniors who have committed to Track and Field for the past three years are trying to accomplish a special honor-another championship. After finishing the year with a 7-0 record and a first in the league, the girls advanced to North Coast Sectionals where they finished with an impressive third place tie. In obtaining third place, Arroyo qualified six athletes for the Meet of Cham- pions. only one athlete from this group, Cindy Barros, then qualified for the state meet. Metcalf hopes that Barros and her teammates will again qualify for these meets at the end of the season. 5 3 I.ef'S 90 Flying to a possible league title, Senior Daniel Pryfogle gives every bit of himself during a practice jump. UD, Up, and CIWCIY Metcalf says he is planning to change his strategy to include more work on technique. He intends to use films and conditioning to improve marks in track. At the beginning of the season, Metcalf said he expected good seasons from Barros, senior Lani Sanchez in the hurdles, Melanie Lopez in the jumps, Jenny Phipps in mid distances, and Juniors Danielle oragg irl Spl'il1tS and Glenda DOViQi in field events. on the boys' side, North Coast was also an attainable goal. According to Junior Mark Todd, 'The Coaches are stressing us to have a good time and also stressing team unity. If we work hard, we can accomplish our goal,' he Said. Todd also compared the '86 team to the '85 version by saying, 'A lot of new people are coming out for the first time, including Senior Eden Peck' According to Team Member Bob Briesch, Exceptional years are in store for Junior Chuck Mullane in distance events and Dan Pryfogle in thejumps. According to Metcalf, the toughest opponent for the Dons at press time was Castro valIey's Trojans 'who are always a real threat.' ' - Teasing the shotput, Sophoimore Paul DeMafCO gfiiqggstgi fOCf,f,."aU't' Sophomore J'm Spear prepares ro throw his best ever shot. 92 mei . ,g . M .4 ,Y , Tl'OZ'fff'lg if7l'O the HOITIG Sfl'6fCh, SODHOITIOFE JENNY S8UI7d6f5 fif'ii5l79S SUOFIQ il? hef f3C6. tm 'Sf 1 J if Qi, h 1 . ,NM E - Q 7:2 - my .ASQ KMA x K ifmwi Qi Q ibfgg , i ,- I 'vw BCldllliI1f0lI 26 I'etUl'n to lead team According to the coach, the format for league competition has taken a turn for the better. 'We're having 15 games this season as opposed to last year's 13,' he said. The league has added two more matches to include games with boy's singles, girls' singles, boys' doubles, girls' doubles, and mixed doubles. According to McNamara, the team naS alot of el'lthUSiaSl'Tl, 'OLII' team likes to practice a lot because we all have a lot of fun,' said Senior Randy Morris. 'l think badminton is a fun sport, even though it doesn't always get all the recognition it deserves' said Returning exhibition Player Rochelle Cross. The Hayward Area Athletic Leaue tournament will be held May 1 3 and 1 5 at host school Castro Valley. North Coast Sectional Championships are Set for May 24 at Kennedy High School in Richmond. 'l'm very optimistic for this season,' stated Badminton Coach Tom McNamara. 'We have a lot of returning players! r ' i According to McNamara, experience is the key to success. With 26 return- ing players, some of which are letter- men, he has high hopes. 'l think the girls' doubles team of Susan and Jen- nifer Edwards will be strong this year, along with the number two team of Shannon Klegman and Jill Cravalho,' he sal . The mixed doubles team of Betty So and Randy NlOf'I'iS, the DOVS' ClOUbleS team of Jon BUn1gaI'neI" and Kevin DeNlellO and singles DlaYel"S Kristi Nick- eI"SOn and KeVin PatteI'SOn aI'e all expected to advance to tne North Coast finalS. PI'aCtiCeS fOI" the season afe sche- duled to begin TUeSdaY, February 18. Tne first pf'e'SeaSOn I'natCn is Tuesday, IVlaf'Cn ll against JaI'neS L0gan High School at Arroyo. ReSUltS were not aVailable at DI"eSS time. League l'natCneS will begin March 18 against Mt. Eden at AFFOYO. Listen up LOOK out! lt'5 lllille! Giving laSt minute inStl'UCtiOnS, Coach TOm warming up at pl'3CtiCe, Senior Jon Bumgarner Looking likeapfg, Senigf 5145311 Edwards gefg up MCNam8f2 DFGDBFGS the feam for the UDC0mif19 hurries to return the shuttlecock. to make a return. 5ea5On. BaClITliI'It0I'l 9 5 Eighth GYCICIE Sports '90 GX cells in afI'llGfiCS Eighth Graders participated in three sports, wrestling, flag football, and girls' softball before press time. Flag football team members learned that in order to win, a lot of physical training was required, but also in the end, that the conditioning came in handy in tight spots. Coach BOD Hitchcock explained that the boys had all the right ingredients this season. Working together the squad went undefeated in season play. 'COBCHES Dunphy and Gire are look- ing forward to working with these boys next year because they are a good group with a lot of potential to go far,' said Hitchcock. Quarterback Ryan Agrella also had an optimistic outlook for future teams. 'lf our team members can stay together these next few years, our varsity team will be uhSt0ppabIe,' he said. Eighth Gl'ader'S Oh the WreStlir1g team also went undefeated. Coach Nw TD Bfeaking 3W8Y from the DECK, ROMEO RZITIOS heads for the Gl1dZOf'l6. 96 Eighth GTBUE SDOITS Fred lndalacio was impressed with individual performances. 'Considering the short amount of time these boys were given to strengthen their abili- ties, they were better than expected.' Each gained experience, but stan- douts, according to lndalacio, were Jay Arnold, Oscar Chadaza, Richard Rantz, and Tony Yadron. With a 6-1 l'eCOl'd, the Gil'IS' Softball team came out winners. shortstop Jenny Ruth admitted that competi- tion was slim, but the team's ability to work together was a key factor to its success. 'Many players have previously played on Bobby Sox teams together,' said Ruth. 1,2, 3 PiNNiNQ his ODDONENI, TONY Y8dI'ON 3W8il'S the SOUNC1 of ViCfOI'Y. COIIIE OI1, QUYS FiQUfiNQ out U79 f.'e8N'l'S Sfl'8f6'gY, Coach RODGFC Hitchcock W3fCN65 his DOYS work fora ViCl'OI'iOUS SGBSON. Gil"IS' Sbftbtlll Front Row, Renee Freitas, Tracy Marshall, Kari Lewis, Christine Butler, Jennifer Texeira, Kim Hankins. Back Row, Coach Stacy Shepherd, Assistant C08Ch Nadine Quiroz, Andrea Ramos, Tiffany Hubbard Jenny Ruth, Denise Hallstrom, Monica Martinez, and Tammy Gill. any 1 I f fygaypff- 'Az' Y Q-., rffgfi, f .. '-'- 'A." A Q2 :J , ,. 4 -'lf -ff - ' Q 'it Xmffiy S , V,-Nm , ,,F,.'2g,u,4f,,f L . Y N nr - 3, 15.5, 1 C it i .h VAVV 1 ,V ?,. Q fa far '-it wl'e5flil1g FFONI' ROW, RiCN3fCi MSIOI1 JBSON BNNQEISON, JOHN DSZUFO, TONY Y3dl'ON, SECONU ROW, Matthew Miller, Carl BOWm8N, TONY CN3I'lOiX, JSY AFNOIU. Back ROW, Bf'8Nd0N Shaffer, RiCN8I'd R8NZ'Z, Ry L3NdI' Y, OSCZI' Ci'l3d8Z8, Coach Fred lNd3l8CiO. BOIIIIJS AWCIY Tl7fOWiNQ the WiNNiNg 17355, QU3l'l'6fD8Ck Chl' is BOW3N1N outplays C8NYON'5 d6fEN5iV8 liN6N73N. Photos by Gtllibtlldl Flag FO0tbClll FFONF Row, B6NjiE RiC6, Glen MONf6N'l3YOI', Albeff ANNUNZiO, Guy TI'iDUZiO, W3ff6N VOYC6, aNd John SOUZ2, SGCONU Row, Tim RODEITS, Bfi3N Cooper, Ricky Affkfidge, AIDSITO Loaiza, JONN Davis. Third ROW, Chris BOWEN, RiCh3I'd Majo, TONY M3I'qU6S, Pablo DWYEIZ RODSIT TGITY, RONTEO RBNTOS, Bfi8N Reflfefi FOUITN Row, K9ViN l.6WiS, ViNC6 Gaf'Ci8, David VGQZS, Bfi8N Jess, R8NClY HUQNEY, JOHN Porras, Pete MZFDIGS, Coach BOD Hitchcock. Back ROW, MBFCUS LiN, TI'OY Saiffa, Jeff HOll'ON, Scott Vigil, RYZN Agrella, Jose M8YOf, Chris BOZGINBN, Ci7l'iS YlJ3l'3, aNd Ricky NOITNSN. Eighth Gfade SDOITS AC2ldE 'Definately one of the best in the decadel' -Readers Diges Next on my agenda was to speak with the intellect of Arroyo, Thornton F. Bugmaster, and I could tell by his name that would be a tough one to prose- cute. 'What's the capital of Zimbabwe?' I wailed at him. 'WeII, sir, it was formerly the country of Rhodesia, but if you wish to get technical, the capi- tal is currently saiisbury, and it's area is approximately 10.75 square miles .... ' 'Enough, Thorntoni' I interrupt- ed. 'Were you the one who stole the Red Pride? 'How can one possibly steal something that is immaterial,' 98 Academics Division B:I S19 Vandro assumes AHS prmcipalship Two significant Ch3hQeS OCCUi'l'ed in the San LOl'el'1ZO Unified School DiSti'iCt. One big change happened on cam- pus with the arrival of Ralph Vandro as principal, following the resignation of former Principal Roy Hanson. Vandro liked Arroyo and made sev- eral changes here. He felt the main purpose of the school should be to improve academically. Vandro also stressed improvement of the Califor- nia Assessment Program scores of the CIBSS of 'I 986 and initiated tutoring in math and English to boost scores. The other major Change OCCUI'I'ed following eieCtiOnS NOVeh"Ibei' 5 when two candidates WeI"e Feeieefed to the Board of Education. Running against two opponents, Patricia Griffen and Betty Moose retained their seats on the board. Griffen was later elected president of the board, Moose assumed the position of board clerk. Griffen and Moose defeated Norman Fobert and David Funke for their victories. Together with Colleagues Loren Simpson, Dorothy Partridge, and Harry Gin, and Superintendent Dr. Alden Badal, Board Members worked to approve attendance and ta rdy pol- icy changes, sold off vacant school sites, and investigated new programs for San Lorenzo Unified School District students. AIYOYO lliCe While Sitting in her office, ASSi5t8nt PI'inCiD3l Diane OSDOI'ne takes time out to meet the DhOtOgf3Dnef. While completing construction on the new smoking area, Assistant Principal Myron Levin works hard. BOCIPCI of EdUCClfi0l1 FI'Ont Row, 5Upefintendent Df. Alden Badal, DOI'OthY Paftfidge, and Betty MOOSE, Clerk. B8Ck ROWy Loren Simpson, P3tl'iCi3 Cfiffen, DI'eSident, and H3fl'Y Gin. Photo by Berndt 199 Administration iii -PV' I ' " 2 'ff 'aw g yy - K vyrk ff 5.. , RIM. HN., ww: V-..... f n -v 1 sg, wfam 1 4 .. r.,. -Q Q 7 2 , ' V 2 ' K , J V xg nr Q mmf af Q M nn' i I r W-',4.,,, 1 m 7,323 MNA, VVS W xwm FrOnt ROW: Bobby Berry, Steve EDDerS0n, MarCy COdy, April Critelli, Dawn Vigil, C35S3dy MiCk, and Jennifer G0ld. Middle ROW: Bill Emery, JOe Wat- SOH, JON Nagel, Jeff KrOgh, Scott Krogh, Jaime YaS5in, KaSey O'Leary, Linda Santillan, adviser. BaCk Row: TOITI YOUng, Scott Vigil, Sara MayOr, Bob Orlowski, Carmen LaineS, and Tina Lee. 1 EI1QliSrI Department Dfy Gulch Gdleffe Front ROW: Dan Kahn, Cindy RiCkert, Buffy Kuy- kendall, Rhonda Askew, Mike FlOWer5, Bob Berry, Diana LeWi5, KriSti Nickerson, CarOl Partridge. Middle ROW: Annette TribUZiO, Stephen Wright, Gina SanCheZ, AdViSel' RiChard LlOyd, Marianne LZSZIO, Shelley Stivers. BaCk ROW: Maria AqUin0, Susie Schwarz, LiZ YODD, Denae Croley, Sam PaCheCO, .lOe WatSOrl, Erik HO Ve, BO Youngblood, Brent ArlderSOn. Ge5tUl'il1g USing arm n1OtiOl7 to make a point, English lrlStrUCtOr Jerrold Wergeland discusses proper outlining teChniqUeS. 1 S X Q. gh Q Ke" EEXW Q wx 3 if x Q X-, -'-M4-.......v.h.. , -5.5m -:ag .Nw M WWQNX VAX. 5 Q Q Q f f f 2 3 5 3 5 ...N - ifdfv- A f it :Fig , L T 'W- i x an i 5- - fi . LL,Lk -X Q ,AL. X i x. MM IHSS size hil1dEl'S if7diVfdU3liZ3ffOl7 'Class size has increased, so the qual- ity of student work has gone down because staff cannot get to every student for assistance,' Saaid Fine Arts Department Chair Charles Runyon about his area of curriculum. Runyon noted that enrollment in art, drama, photography, and year- book classes increased dramatically 'which made it harder for teachers to deal with StuderltS irldiViduaIIy,' said Runyon. Runyon felt that, since all fine arts classes are performance classes, that increased class size was not fair to students who took their work seriously. 'Teachers just can't take the extra time,' he said. 'They seem to enjoy their work, under these circumstances with not much money,' said Runyon of his Department members. 'The teachers in the Department are doing excep- ti0l'laIIy WeII,' he said. Added to the capital expenditures of the Department were a new color enlarger and an Apple IIE computer for the music classes, granted by CTIIP grants. Runyon noted that the area hoped for increased grant support. Adding to the Department's impor- tance was the fact that Fine Arts was one area in which a student could achieve graduation requirements. This new development added stu- dents to the classes in the De- partment. S5555 WOl'kiI'lQ 0UfDl'eff7'lin3l'Y figures Yearbook BUSfl'16SS Managef WEHUV Hamp ton DFEDZFES I' EDOI' f OI7 530,000 budget. Ill'l'0yCll1 stuff Front Row: Robert Berry, Darlene Sasaki Teri Norman, Stacey Teshima, Shannon Klegman, Chris Becerra, Shelley Borges, Tina Nordhavn, Erin Perry, Stacey Medeiros, Gina Sanchez, and Robbie Hil'ChCOCk. Middle Row: Erik HOVG, B0 Youngblood, Jeff Rennacker, Mark Wie- l3nd!Edit'0r-irl-Chiefl, Sean MaCGOWaI'l, Gary LaFleur, Erick Vandeveen Pettar Morken, Carl Berndt, and Adviser Richard LIOYU, Back Row- Rhonda Askew, Kelly DEMBVCO, Tina Heitz, Maria Aquino, Kristy Kucin, Wendy Hampton, LiSie Fer- reira, and Annette Tribuzio. Photo by Bernd! Photo: by Gdrlbuldl 104 Hne Arts Department ' 'NM-'s...s:f ,- - . a r 'mlgiisgesit ,ii-ev-.. ' S ly l X l , I Il EXlJl3fI7inQ how l'O USE' C8I'dS fOI' the index of the V93I'bOOk, Adviser RiCh8fU Lloyd addresses the Staff Critique commenting on Senior Paul Sturm's work, Fine Arts Chair and Photo Teacher Charles Runyon goes over fine points of composition and printing. APE we hilllilig Fun? D9IT'lOHSl'l'3ffHQ 3I1Ol'hel' side of yearbook, Edil'OI" iI'l'ChiEf Mark Wfeland lf5f9f1S to DEGFS DfES6I7f COVGI' id68S. ol'Che5fl'CI Front Row: Elizabeth Gutierrez, LUCi3 Mara- monte, Herman Kosack, Eileen Tse, Karen Spore, Heather Sloan. Back Row: Brian Hare, Carrie Druppal, Pam Hendricks, Maria Neto, Sam Rhodes, Ronale Castron, Candy Green, Michelle Gonzales, and Director Pam Nadeau. Fine AITS Depaftment N-Q N S. W X W fx RQ Y If I S, +I. Q. .,.- . 'bb' "2 X y was Q '61, 3 XF X J: Y XS! Q. W X t Q? . E. ,df , N, ?Sf'ff :?+w fi! I 9 4 gf' F I s 4 N sw., is E 155' ' x it-Q, we QM? yn I X Q if QQ ,, as R was . x :iii 4 Q K N , W 1 X, , X A . ' W ' S3 N' Q Q W 'W X X A X QW , x . ., W Q tw , ix K is NVQ, K .i e ' , If R ons' music Dl'OQl'amS Sfl'eSS goals 'Basically what I want to try to teach the kids is responsibility more than their singing goals,' said Choir Director Pat Schultz about her objec- tives in teaching music. A virtual renaissance of sorts took place in the music departments as several years of concentrated Work began to pay off. Music programs, such as Choir and marching band sud- denly became popular again. Schultz attributesthis new popular- ity to the tremendous emphasis on singers and musicians iin the profes- sional ranks. Many Arroyans who par- ticipated in music also took time after school to practice their crafts, said Schultz. Mixed Choir Member Deanna Kral summarized her interest, 'Music gives you a skill for life, while if you're in something like football and get an injury, it's all overl' ll"lStl"Ulllel1tCll 1'eChl1iCIl.le5 FI'Onl' Row, LeeSa Dodson, Andrea RamO5, Marla Brown, Millie LeOn, and Randy HUQhey. Second Row, Jason Atherton, Dave Vegas, and Pablo Dwyer Back Row, Peter Aidan, Debbie ErikSOn, Brian Renter, Dan 5fOVer, Darren GUN, Ara5h SODhane, Cnri5 Ybarra, Pam NadeaU, director, and ChriSfine BUflefI FrOnt Tow, MiChelle BUenO, Janice MOhl1 Camille PafferSOn, LyZeffe Yann, Andrea FlOreS, ReDeCCa Kennedy, ReDeCCa DOrman, RUfh HOSain, YOlanda Gutierrez, RO5e Stajkowski Second ROW, Joshua ROSaaen, Kim Hankins, Angela Rose, ChriS' tina CaSZ'iIlO, Anne Marie Thiry, NafaSha Thayne, Carmen DOUWnS, Seana BeniUmea. Back Row, PafriCia Schultz, direCl'Or, Brian Fiflgerald Peggy EaQleS, Sheila Say, LaUra MOnferO, Naneffe Pyle, DaWn Vigil, MarCU5 Combs, and Mark Souza. MajOrel'lfe Tina Crews leads the marching band at halftime at a football game. Fr0nf ROW, RUDen RiChaI'dSOn, TraCy Loder, Mark SheDheI'd. BaCK ROW, Brad MiCnaeliS, Pam Nadeau, director, CarOl Partridge, Sam RhOdeS, and LanCe Harris. c0l1Cel't Band FrOnf Row, Ernie Harper, Tina CTUZ, Brad MiChae- liS, Jennifer Gibson, Brian SDOre, Maff Berfalld Veronica GallardO, Pam NadeaU, direCfOI1 Steve Sakamoto. Second Row, Diana Niemoeller, DaVe LUm, TOny MaI'amOnte, Slf'eVe Worley, Daryl Payne, Jimmy NeWman, Cindy Combs, Ted BrOCkman, DaVe SlOane. Third Row, Perry NifZ5Che, Sherry Hendricks, Cnri5fina LeOne, RUeDen Richardson, Amy BerfaUd, Howard Sfender. Back ROW, WendyDe5a, Emily RidenOUr, Warren VOyCe. Fine AITS QFOUDS 8 G+ is X A 5 x K, 3-Q New yew V X Q i w s Ex we --sm ix N K+ ,ff 5. gag.. - Q 5 wx . lf I 3 ..i' ' N ,Q ix pg ' Q 1. W, .- -W 1 'W-W., 3 , UI vzyww .W ,,, K ,, 7 ,ff 'aw M-ww nil QM I 5 A Q -X ,X M, W' " isf mm 1 A 5 Wk' ,wx .Q K x KM w-F' .v""': ,dn gwiwgm , - W , , in , W ,xl 71 Students work to impro ve scores lnSfI'UCfOf' Paul Kfydef' assists one of his math SfUdef'lfS OIT a homework DFOUIEITT set. SQlUti0l1 DeI71Of7SU'afiFlQ how tO solve 8 DFODIEITI 32' the board, Math TeaCl7el' L8Ul'a Clapp defT'lOl'lSl'I'afeS the CalCUlafiOI'1 in ffOf'lt of CISSS. ReI'1eWeCl emphasis WaS placed on the Math and SCleI'lCe DeDai'flT1ef1fS to ll'TlpI'OVe Sfljdenf SCOl'eS on the Cali- fornia ASSeSSmeI'1t PI'OQf'afT'l TeStS ICAPSJ. AISOH making I"IeWS WaS the addition of two I"leW 'lTeaCl'1ef'S to the Math Department. JOll"llflQ the staff were Paul Kryder and Delores Konn Wl1O came to campus to fillslots opened UD by an ii'ICI'eaSe in el'lf'OllmeY'lt in lTIatl'IematlCS SeCflOf'lS. 'We'I'e trying to eSfaDllSl'1 a maXlITIUm of DI'OflCleYICY l'IeI'e. I would like to See each ClaSS have a required amOUI"It of work and a test to See l"IOW well Stu' del"ltS have learned the work before passing to the f'IeXt leVel,'SaiCl Nlafh Depaftment Chall' Ffank CaSSOI'1. Nlath If1SU'UCtOY' Jerry NlefCalf also worked at the District level to improve testing and math curriculum to meet new state requirements in the subject. The Science area received much attention with the appointment of Lois Roach as a mentor teacher in the District. Roach was selected to work on science curriculum and to coach new instructors. New to the area were Instructors Ron Hart and Albert Jordan who came to campus to teach newly-formed sections in science and to head the physics and chemistry programs. Sciencelnstructor Waltwagner also advised the Chess Club, a group of 12 avid players who raised funds to attend area tournaments. FI'OI1f ROWp Joshua ROS3aef1, Steve BlaSdell. Middle ROWg U53 Reed, Tl'aVf5 CaI'SOl'l, Albie Af7I1UI7ZiO, Brian Montoya, and Bffafl Renfef. Back ROWp KeViI7 BITQQS, Peggy Eagles, Paul FOSfef, walt Wagflef, 3dVf5OI', Jeff Bl'fQgS, Laffy MfI7l'OI7, and Ed Hal1SOI1. GOFFIQ over a problem set at his desk, Math TeaCheI' Jerry Gfeeflballffl aSSfSlf'S SODHOITIOFS Sf'lal'Of1 BifTll'O5e. Phbfb by Gllflbdldl Science Department Photos by Gdflbdldl OQQ heads AHS GV3lU3flOl1 FGDUI' Like everything else, the Social Science and Foreign Language De- partments tried our new methods to improve curriculum. One new idea was the institution of an economics class in SOCi3l Science that was offered to seniors and was taught by Mil Billings and Sheila O'COnnell. on a tryout basis, the course replaced a current world affairs class, but would become mandatory for graduation with the Class of 1987. Several new teachers were also added to the Social Science Depart- ment including Sharon Lane who taught world history and two other COl'l'eCt R6SDOI'ldil7Q in the 3ffil'IT'l3l'lV6 Z0 3 Sl'Ud6l1lf"S 3I'lSWSf', TGSCHEI' JZCK Wllbul' acknowledges 3 COITECF 8n5W6I'. A ' BT Discussing a homework grade with Instructor Sheila O'CQI'lI76ll, FI'6'Sl7ITl8f7 J3kCB9I'l8U 3I'f6fTIDl'5 to have l'llS DOIHFS tallied UDW3I'd TCIKE One Social Science TEBCHEI' Mil Blllll1QS DZSSES out lfT'lPOl'f3l7I' information to his CISSSSS Junior JUS' flfl Sullivan Sf8I'ES into SDBCG. 112 social Science instructors who came second semes- ter to work with Project Business. ln Foreign Language, several new instructors were hired to fill slots in Spanish due to the illness of Linda Ramstrom. Department Chair suzanne Fogg also chaired the school report for the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, a task that evaluated all aspects of Arroyo life. Accreditation of Arroyo was set for the spring semester when a visiting committee of educators would meet with Fogg and the faculty to evaluate the entire school program for the first time in six years. , M, G ig, Yf1""J?iQ., 2 R J, .." ..' . -we 1 -4 .- Q . . 4-ez . , .L . fl .1 . 3 1 .' ' Q . 5 . . 4 mm. l Testing in7Dl'O V95 skills Physical Education and Special Edu- cation Departments continued to work together to improve the aca- demic and physical fitness of Arro- yans. 'l think it is a good idea to have test- ing every unit,' said Junior Brent And- erson about the exams which took place every four weeks in PE classes. Consisting of eight tests, the exams were required for a passing grade. 'lt is one fifth of a student's grade, anditisalsoan important part of each unit,' said PE Department Chair Naish Piazza about the testing program. Throughout the daily classes, each student went through a physical fit- SUHQICISSES? Taking time out fOI' I'naI'dailVDUSn, Junior Ricky Smifn, 5OlJnOf'nOI'6 TOf'n PaI'l'6'I'5On, and Fresh- man EI'iCk KEIIOQQ enjoy U16 sunshine between CIBSSES on U76 DafiO. BIOCK A FI'Ont Row, Ricky CnO, Cecelia Jeong, Shawna Quigley, and Jenny PniDp5, Middle ROW, Susan EdWaI'dS, TOn7 Fa5nin6'll, Tami Ong. Third ROW, JOE' Watson, LaUI'6Y H6'f'n9nWaY, and Jon Nagel. BaCk Row, Glenda DOWQL Bob BEITY, and Jim ThOl'ne. AdViSOI' WaS TaIT7n'lY Bal'finO. PUIIIP thelll Ollf DOfnQ theirpushups, two students fn'lDI'9SS Phys- ical EdUCal'fOn ln5ffUCl'Of June MaCaDe6'. 114 Physical Education Department ness course, consisting of pull-ups, bar-dips, pushups, and sidesteps. Fol- lowing these exercises, students were off to run the square. Upon successful completion of the testslwith an A gradeiand running the milein six min- utes or less, each student, according to Piazza, received an 'Arroyo Pride Through FitnESS' te9Shil't. Returning to campus from a leave, former Athletic Director Tony NIB- chutes found himself teaching physi- cally handicapped units in physical education. Machutes led the classes in soccer matches in the cafeteria and even devised a gadget to facilitate student play. Made out of plastic, the device is hooked to a chair and kicks the ball as players move on the field surface. New to the Special Education Department was Instructor Dorothy Woods who taught English. Woods joined other Special Ed teachers Lois Hirsch, Angelo Tancredy, AI Cordano, Diane Woods, and Carol Mckillop in meeting the needs of Arroyo's ever expanding program. Ph0f0S by GUYIDUI dl - Q-3. . , K .W ,,,,Q..,. , ,tw K L X X ul 5WEClf if Ollf Pumping iI'Of? SODHOITIOFG Kelly M3I'Sh8ll demon- Stf3f6'5 hel' Stfengfh to Weight Tf'3if'liI1Q CO3Ch Naish Pi8ZZ8. CCltChil'lg the l'CIy5 ' KfCkif1g back BS lff6QU3I'Cl, Sophomore StEV6' EDDEFSOFI observesswimming classes ill the pool. Z' I 'l'l'lClt'S correct , POfflfiI'lg OUl' the correct 8I7SW9I' to Fl'6ShfT73Fl John LEONE, lf'lSfI'UCfOf' C8I'Ol MCKHIOD HGIDS him and FI'65hITl3I'I EITC KGIIOQQ COITIDIETE 3 math 3SSiQflIT7EI7f. JM I Q M Special EUUCZUOFI Depaftment 5 I Q X Q., -at 1 ss 9? 9 ff' 'W iff RHS A 'gang' 31 I lie fix ef- Gdt it? LeadeI'5l7iD lI7Sl'fUCl'Of Jack HUf'if makes SUfe Head 5OflQgiI'l Daflefle Sasaki and Head Cheef' leader Nicole ZOQQaS i7aVe iI'iSU'UCfiOf7S fOl' a HOOD fallV Sffaighf. LeCldel'5hiD FFOFII RO W, Li5ie Feffeifa, COlleeI'i Bdflelj and Jafie CFGQOFV. Middle Row, Jack HUf7l', Rochelle Cross, Helena WeiSS, NiCOle Z0gQa5, and Dal? Kahfl. BaCk Row, Daflefle Sa5aki, TONY Af7ia5CO, Vicki Barga- QliOffi, Ki'iStY DeZOffe, Stacey lViedeifOS, Debbie FOFSDEFQ, ROD Pandolfo, afid Jefinifei' GfeQOl'V. ll1tel"l1Clfi0l1CIl Club FFODC Row, Sue Pangilianan, Corina Liu, Wejo Liu. Second Row, Marianne Loyola, Erika Moreno, Angeli Lisondra, Sandra Hartono, Le Le, Ali cia Tejada, Eddie Park, Ai Lin, YOI3l7da GUit6i'I'6Z, Freda Ayub, Christina Chen, Patricia Villasenior. Back Row, Mai Dinh, Toni Fan, Thomas Cheung, Michael Pangilinan, HeKmat Yasuf, Arash Sob- hani, Ysuf Ysuf, Tony Park, Kwan Lin, and Advisor Annette Pedersen. CUKUDQ out leadeI'Sl7iD pOSl'eI'S, Head Cheef' leader NiCOle ZOQQBS DI'eDal'e5 to publicize UDCOlTiil7Q Omega Rally. 116 Special Studies Department FOI' rrlirlg goals make Veal' successful 9 999m DJ-.Q.PwA f:'1.r..l-1. 9 5 legen.. s x he fi! ' if N organization, information for stu- dents, and pupil involvement were the keys to a successful year for the Leadership class. 'We are not only trying to get stu- dent involvement for campus activi- ties, but also academicaIly,' said Direc- tor of Student Activitiies Jack Hunt. Communication was the main fac- tor in the class's involvement and were presented to the student body in a variety of ways from bulleting announcements to posters. 'When the student body knows the time, place, and date of an activity, they were more likely to attend,' said Freshman Class President Debbie Forsberg. Involvement among students was always a goal for the Leadership class who made it possible for all Arroyans to become active, but left decisions for involvement up to the individual. 'Through the years, people not tak- ing the responsibility to get involved has basically been the reason for lack of participation,' said Hunt. Only one aspect of the newly- formed Special Studies Department, the class joined family living, career decisions, first aid, driver education, proficiency studies, and English as a second language. Headed by Chair Mil Billings, the Department spent most of the year working on the Western Association of Schools and Colleges evaluation. According to BlllirlQS, while the Department is new, the courses which are assigned to it are r1Ot. BilllrlQS said the Area WaS fOrI'rIeCl in 1985 to COI'1SOl' idate special lrltereSt courses whose needs were r1Of met in larger depart' fTlerIfS, such as EHQHSH arld Social SCler1Ce. hui-A - BIESS YOU! As MafViI1 and Louise BaI'Q3QliOfI'i and DOUQ Fel'- felfa llSfeI7, JUI'lfOI' Vicki Bal'Q3QlfOI'I'l, SfUCleI'lf body vice DI'eSldel1l', DaS5eS out lf'7fOI'ITlal'lOI'I at B3Ck-tO-SCHOOI Night. SeI'llOI' Yell Leader Dal? Kahn fTl3kE'S a DOSfer 35 .lUrllOI'S Rochelle Cross and Jennifer GI'eQOI'Y and SerliOr ROb P3ndOlfO critique it. Adam Fullw The Sfgrl says if all 35 SfUG'eI7l' Body PfeSldeI'7f TOI'lVAf'lla5CO talks to JuniorRochell CFOSS, Sef7iOl' Dal? Kahn, and .lUf'llOI' Nicole Zoggas 3DOUf UDCOITNHQ events. special Studies nepartment111 1' Setrettlritll Stuff Kathy BUITIHHFI, Sl13l'Of'l HEITISHWBY, Mafie John- SOI7, DOI1I'l3 white, Ida Riedef, FBYG D8VfS, J63l1l76 Fl3f1Cl6I'5, L8UfiE M8t8I'3ZZ3, and Mafy ROd9l'iCk. 11 classified staff A DODUISI' NSW ffE'ITl W3S DFGYEIJS ice Cfeam. Cafetefia MBITBQEI' Carolyn M3f'Sh3ll 3f'ld JOY Baflkhead dish OUZ' fI'68tS to SfUdel'7fS at lunch. Cilfefefiil Sfflff Front RO wr Jean Hulseman, Elda Olivares, Eleanor Butler BaCk Row: Annie Miller, Coletta Haggerty, and Manager Carolyn Marshall. OlTIDUtel'S to aid classified Del'SOl1l7el III Many new changes in classified Staf- fing occurred, especially in the Attendance Office which received two new workers. Heading the new team was Marie Johnson who joined Faye Davis and Clerk Mary Roderick in keeping tabs on attendance records and fiIeS. Also new in the area was the addi- tion of a computerized attendance system in the District which also took care of counseling work, such as grades. The San Lorenzo Unified School District arranged for installa- tion of the new computer during Christmas vacation for implementa- tion in the second semester. 'The computer will be a great addi- tion to the office,' said Johnson about the new system. Also on top this year was the classi- Ph0f0l by Gdflbuldl ,Q WLQMJM fied staff's SUDDOI"t of the WASC I'eDOi't. Pf'ihCiDal'S SeCf'etaI"Y Jeanne Flahdef'S Sel'VeCi as chief tVpiSt Oh the I"epOf't which WaS SUbI'T1itteCi to ah OLltSide committee ih February. ChahQeS aiSO OCCUFI'eCi ih the Cl.IStO' dial staff with the additiOh of several heW pel'SOhS Oh the hight crew. Cafeteria ChahQeS ihClUded the ihtf'OCiUCtiOh of new pI'OdUCtS ih food services, such as Di'eVeI"S ice cream, ah instant hit Oh CaI'l'iDLlS with both stu- dehtS and teaCheI'S. FI'Of7t: Faye DaViS, Ida Riedef. Back: Marie John- S0f'lg Chaflie Main, head CUSf.'Odiaflf Ralph Val'7dfO, DfiHCiDab and Kathy BUIT7anf'l. POPCOYI1 'FOP flN0? Serving the most popular item in the student store, Meda Schultz accomodates a student request. Classified staff 119 For hours, I patiently went on trying to find clues to help me with this baffling case. Every road to the solution turned out to be a deadend. NIV last suspenct was Pene- lope E. Fairchild, whose goomie bracelets were found in the Stu- dent Government Office at the scene of the crime. I sure hoped it was Penelope who committed the crime be- cause she was my last suspec- tland she also annoyed mel. I called her il'ltO the office that I had telTlpOr'al'ilV estab- lished in the boys' bathl'OOm outside of B-Hall, the usual place for campus counselors or investigators. 'Penelope, l still have some 120 PEODIE Division Bd Muni. S13 X PEODIE DiViSiOn Ftltlllty AITCIEFSOH, Ron lnupsfrlul Ares Battlno, Tamara PE BilliI7Q5, Mil Spec. Stud. cuan- BISSEII, VICfOf'l3 SOC. SCi8l"lCE Chair Blom, Ed 5CieliCE BfOUill6fE', MEI Spetldl SfUdleS Burnett, Keith F0f.lGl1 gllllge Camezon, Mary Soc. Science C3l7nOn, Shawn Business Cxson, Ffank Mdth Chdll' Clapp, L3UI'8 Mtlfh Clark, .l3l716S Science Cordano, Al special Eu. Cornwell, Lorin SOCIIII SCIENCE D'A Ugelll MiCl73 el Drake, Gail Home Economlcs Dunn, Barbara Counselor DUl7Dl'l Y, CEOFQG numeric mr. Even ff, P3 Z' . English Ferreira, Melinda FOI. ldllgllflge NEW l'68Cl'l9l'S DEDDIE NYQUISK DOl'Ol'l1V WOOUS, Sl73I'OI'l C8f7f'lOI'l Al .lOl'd8fl Dolores Kahn, Linda LOUSHIH and Anna KOl'ISf3I7l'0D0l0US. of K ? u if L D NEW f93Cl79l'S j0il7 SCl'lO0l f3CUll'V wise GUY! , Cherrio! Directing a student down the hallway, science A I Instructor AI Jordan reprimands a student for L?f7QU3Q9 TGSCHGF Tim G00dm8H IFIFKOGUCGS rowdy behavion himself to a parent at Back-to-school Night. L. . f 41 Zach x CE 'D The year marked a great change in he ranks of the Arroyo faculty. Illnesses, retirements, and promo- iions forced Principal Ralph Vandro to lire additional teachers after school vegan in September. 1 Among those hired to fill vacanncies vere Alumnus Ron Hart and AI Jordan n science, Tim Goodman in foreign anguage, and Sharon Cannon and xnna konstantopolous ln business. Also added to the staff vvere.s Y'l3I'OI'1 and Dolores Konn in math, and Dorothy Woods in special ed ucation. Filling in as long-term subs were Debbie Nyquist and Linda Loushin, another AHS alum- na. About his new position, Goodman compared this school to those in Eng- landlhis former homel, 'The schools in England are quite different from American schools, butl like the overall view on this campus! Goodman also taught Daft of the day at San LOFEHZO and 'FOUYIG his COI'T'lYTIUte 'CfiffiCUlt ' Cannon, who took over the typing classes, moved to the Bay Area from Oakland, Oregon where she taught for the past eight years. She found Arroyo, 'big, butvery personable' About Cannon, Senior Class Presi- dent LiSie Ferreira stated, 'Having typ- ing sixth period can be especially bor- ing, but Mrs. Cannon has a way of making it a little livelier.' konstantopolous formerly taught on campus in the 1960'S and spent the in Greece 309 Ifl social Sffbke! Striving fOl' SVEFY OUHCE of effort, the 'DUTY DOZEN' CTEW flies BCFOSS the Wafelf XXM, "- "--'T'-. ,Wk n . L i Sw , -llrq-'QP Machutes se ts Olympics trial goals Two years ago, Physical Education Teacher Anthony Machutes left with two former Arroyans completely determined to learn rowing, to work their way to the Olympic rowing team trials, and to compete in the National Rowing lvleet. lvlachutes and his two friends, Mark Knopp and Steve Anderson, originated their passion for rowing when they all competed in a promotional gimmick called the 'Bathtub Brigade', spon- sored by a local radio station. Setting their goals and working intensely, 'We were always pushing to another goal,' said Machutes. The head of the Olympic Commit- tee whom Machutes w BS honored to ITlGEt, flatly stated that there WZS HO possible way the team could succeed. With l'l0 COElCh, HO boat, and little experience, the Committee chair tried to discourage Machutes and his friends from competition. According to Machutes, the work- outs were grueling and demanding. HE put in two miles of running and nine miles of rowing daily, sometimes working in intense heat. For three months, the team's confidence did not wane. 'I learned what I could do physically, mentally, and nutrition- ally,' said Machutes. At the End of three l'l'lOl1thS, the team was confident that it could do well in Olympic trials. They placedi sixth in the 1000 meter events. 'We were beaten by less than the length of the gym,' said Machutes. Picking up sponsors after their suc- cess, the group traveled over the course of the next year to Switzer- land, France, Yugoslavia, East Ger- many, and Canada. About his experiences, Machutes said, 'I plan to relate this tOtaI team commitment to my math classes. The class should learn as a whole, notjust by individual GffOl'tS.' Machutes planned to write a book about his adventure, entitled 'In the Honour to Compete.' 3 Fisher Gerry Flne Arts FOQQ, SUZBITHE For.l.ap19 . Chair 0821811 O, J O9 Industrial Arts CITE, C6116 IIIKIUS. R125 Chull' Greenbaum, Jerry Mdth Hal' f, ROI? Sclenpce D HIFSCI7, LOIS SDECICI Ed. Hil'ChCOCk, RODEIT PE A Hoag, Mrtch lndusqrlul Args Hopping, Marian s0Ci Ill sCiel'lCe HUl7f, J3Ck mr. or Acewlrles JOI'd3I1, Albeff SCIENCE Kimmich, Martha COUIISBIOY Knigh E, Debbie SCIENCE Kryder, Paul Mdth LaMantia, Ed llidllsfflal IPCS Levin, Myron ASS t. PYFIICIPGI Lloyd, Richard ' Engl., :mel Arcs Lusk, Patricia Fine ll'fS MBCBUEG, JUNE' PE, Math 1'htlt'5 the Wtly' While showing Sp6CI8lEdUC3flOl1 SFUUEIWS NEW fOI'I'T1S of exercise lf'ISfl'UCfOf TONY Machutes lends guidance and 3SSlSf3f'lCE' any - f ' 2 ' 'vflvil g 1 A-" nf ' MT CiSiOl'7. Eye of the tiger USif7Q his COl1C6'l'ltI'3fIOf7 SDGCISI EUUCEUOFI lI1SU'UCfOf TONY M3Cl'1Uf6S SUOKES with DFG 1 FBCUIYY Pl10f0S by caflbflldl immich Named CHITIDUS COUHSEICJI' From PE teacherto math instructor - counselor was the career progres- Jn of Martha Kimmich. Kimmich, who has a masters degree guidance counseling, received her l in physical education at Skidmore allege and had been teaching in that ea until four years ago. Kimmich new her career ambitions since the :th grade, but went to the Univer- ty of COI0radO, after having taught lree years at Baldwin School in Pen- nsylvania, for her masters degree,just in case she couIdn't teach PE later. 'lt's very tough on a teacher who has to teach something out of his fieId,' stated KirTlmiCl'l who looked forward to tackling the counseling position, Kimmich's absence from PE has not stopped her sports activity. She played golf and taught the sport to teachers at Cal Poly during the summer months. Kimmich was also - the champion golfer at Chabot for seven years and won one Walnut Creek tournament. 'l was so nervous, I got wiped out,' said Kimmich about her match against Golf Pro Sandra Palmer 13 years ago. One of the biggest events in her life was Kimmich's marriage to husband, Larry, a former Arroyo math teacher. Kimmich succeeded her husband as chair of the Faculty Senate. -lla! fell llle Clbbllf if, lldlle Cl seat. Well... Head COurlSelOr Donrla Pinkrley diSCuSSeS fu ture Cn eerfull y finishing important paper work, While talking tO a student, COUr'ISeI0r TOm SOUSS JIBHS for Cafeel' arid college with SEf1iOf IVHCHENE C0un5eI0r Martha Kimmich grins happily 35 a gives SOITIE l'IElDfUl advice about college Gonzales. student Walks in to her office. 2DlS1liC8fi0I'IS. Ftltlllty Sarltillarl, Lirlda English S3I'Ch9l'f, Diana PE SChUltZ, Pat Fine Al'fS Scott, Daflelle Home Ee. Chair Seffeff, Ffed Mllfll Shephafd, GFBQQ SOCICII SCIENCE SiI7'lOI75, B3f'D8I'8 Counselor Sousa, Thomas counselor Taflffedy, Al'7Q9fO spec.Ed.chgir Tando wsky, Rich Vandro, Ralph Prlnclpul Vilas, Sally Librarian Wagflef, Waff n Science WGISSGVTDOIT7, Kefl Social Science Wefgefand, Jeffy English i i l V3l7dl'O HSSLIITIES AHS Dl'il"lCiD3lSl7iD A major administrative change took place as Ralph Vandro became the principal at Arroyo High School. THE change, however, not onlya affected the administration, but also the student body as Vandro insti- tuted new policies and goals for the year. According to Vandro, his focus was directed toward the following areas, discipline, curriculum, and improve- ment of the school's California As- sessment ProgramlCAPSl scores. An assertive discipline policy was enforced as pa rt of the new principal's strategy. A set of classroom rules for students and a set of consequences was posted in each room. A copy of those rules and consequences was also on file in the main office. Suspensions resulted if students committed any of the following offenses, riding bikes on school grounds, smoking outside of designated areas, carrying radios and skateboards on campus, fighting, pro- fanity, defiance, and drug or alcohol or paraphenalia possession. Carrying firearms, knives, explosives, or other dangerous objects was also reason for immediate suspension. has been involved in athletics. In high school, Vandro played football, wres- tled, and swam. While attending col- lege, he played football and wrestled. Wrestling, admitted Vandro, was his number one love. At SF State, he wrestled his way into national com- petition, and, at one point, was second in the US at the 198-pound weight class. AbOLlt hOW he felt between the bal- ance of athletics and academics, Van- dro stated, 'lt doesn't just have to do with athletics. The same thing applies to all extra-curriculuar activities. The number one purpose of school is aca- demics,' he said. Vandro said that he liked to spend free time with kids. 'They keep me young,' he said. The second area of emphasis of Vandro's plan was curriculum, with special attention directed to mathe- matics. According to the new princi- pal, math was stressed in the curricu- lum improvement project because of a definite need and in order to im- prove the CAPS scores. improvement of standardized test scores was the final aspect of Van- istered to seniors in December, and helped determine the amount of state funding the school received, if the Class of 1986 did very well. Vandro stated that he was very impressed with the staff and faculty of Arroyo. 'kids coming to school,'said Vandro, 'for extracurricular activities as well as for the education! Though his last job was in the San Joaquin Valley, Vandro's roots were in the Bay Area. Graduating from South San Francisco High School, Vandro fur- thered his education at the College of San Mateo. He received his bachelor's degree and master's degree from San Francisco State university, where he also obtained his teaching Credentials. Vandro later attended San Jose State University and earned a second master's degree Tranquility High School near Fresno was the next stop for Vandro where he was vice principal for two years. He then became principal at Sanger High School and remained there until he arrived at Arroyo. Vandro was enrolled at the Univer- sity of the Pacific in Stockton where, ,fOIlOWil1g I'liS diSSertati0l1, he will Vandro admin receive 3 doctoral Photos by Gdflbdldl 'www' Jr tv' w-1 if Qs? 'K 'LY Sv.-urn 15" Faculty 1 29 X A' X 1 faux X Q 1 x EX C '73 I7 Q 9 U5 LfSf9l'lif7Q 3tfGl1fiVElY FOFGIQH Exchange Sl'Ud9I7f L00kil1g Ovef' her grade, FOFSIQI7 EXCh3I7Q6 SIU' Petter Morken makes Sure to understand the dent Theresa Vinde giggles in surprise. test directions. Swedish Exchange Student Theres: Vinde had all the stereotypical Scan danavian looks, although she said that Swedes are just as integrated as Americans. Tl'lOLlgh Virldefelt tl'latAmel'iCa WHS a bit more restrictive, since there are no curfews In Sweden, she said, 'Here I have to be home at 10 p.m.I' Education was one reason that Senior Petter Morken came to the United States from Norway. lvlorken, a native of Skarnes, Nor- way, Ieft his old school at the end of August to finish his last year of school in San Lorenzo. 'I feel that coming to school in the United States is both educating to me because I am learning the English language more completely and I am also learning about a new country and its culture,' stated Morken. Although Morken returned to Nor- way at the end of the school year, he said he brought a world of memories hOm6 with him. BUIIV, ESDGFGHZH BUIIIQGFHEV, JOFIHYNHH Busness, Kevin Bush, Pamela Bybee, Tonia 1 A I e M ,Q Q. 'M L..-X. at . yn... iq, --Qi' . S we 45 , LW was ', I., , w Q, 3,4111 ff Q X .4 K ,. V, ..-1, L K 0 JW f ix W ,, ,,,...q,, Ha. A 2Y' 7: 'TAIR' IX, Q. ex ' Vb f ,. A W w wf,,,alf""'-M .y F illU""M it F X -. , ff! z Q i,.,.x rn aj' x qu ff R ali. .Ayn ,qw , Q ve -v. --,, xmvg -if -nff, 'S m..,m. 'fu Jef fr Nuo-6 vig i 3 . I ff- ?" . f iil . LL.L L A iiiA uw X V -Q K . -TT X ...arf I 4 ,. -1, 0 V, 4 3 1 5 6 H 19 R .Av ws' 5 , f- ., -i X. Q QS-.. Qi: 1 M MN-W K V FX Mg X 35 Qi i K xx X X fm K i mmm X N X .. , X X Xxx Y Q? A 135' X SWAT! -vi K K: 'dr' Pl1otobyBel-ndt. - T .T fr Fi NESS Cl'3ZGhf11S' CHITIDU Fitness and 'fit' people were every- where in students' lives-on commer- cials, in ads, and on campus. 'l see a lot more people in physical education giving it their extra effort. The really seem to care about how they feel and how good of shape they're in,' said Freshman Andy Wilson. 'The health clubs are becoming sin- gles bars of the '80's as stated in the film, 'Perfect,',' said WiISOn about the craze toward a more fit body. Many Arroyo families took advan- tage of diet plans and local spas to improve their fitness. The trend has even gone over to improved nutrition for some who pack their lunches and bring them to school. Apples, oranges, salads, granola bars, and vegetables made a resurgance on campus and replaced colas and junk food items . Trying to emulate Jane Fonda, Arnold Schwarznegger and Rachel Mcclish became the object of many students. One group who had to keep fit were members of the champion rally squad who gained physical endu- rance and strength by completing lifts and bends in their intricate routines. g orgy? We--.:1., . 5 fi xx, . 1 'sK . i K Ifi . k. f ".. ., 4.-ssl!! Nakashima. ,ENC Nickerson, Kristi Norman, Teri Ohnstad, Donna Pacheco. Samuel NSW, Marla Niemoeller, Diana NYDGFQ, Roger Oliveira, Dawn Paine, CBSSBHUTH N9Wm2H. IVIICNEIIG Nordstrom, lim 0'Connell, Casey 0'N93l, Cheryl Palma, victoria 'h L. awww ii., l",mvv' " if f"v""f ' .' . 'ceq A i,j4,jQ4' iff 'f .f ,.,x,7 , ay. Q",1gg+l5.i1s ' 4i..xQ:p rf: mi, f f,v"51Y 'ikl S',l'i"L ,, Pifwicf i M5375 7f??Ji is 'YW 211' my .Q '.,k,,yf,. D ' " gs, sv so ..,, , , A 1 '4g,,,4f AfbA'i,"n:2 xya . ,Y is .: lin.-3 gi -pf, 'T fa l.-,',.-.1 "ggi-6' ' . w.,s.'3..,,.,' gg, 5, 'z gg 57' V "'J':":1' aflfff' .vm we val .Iv F199 .aw 3 J tm , wi. ? wwf 'WB 'Q X J A. ta an-,. 1 Eii if m in ! gg A F 5 ... 4 . Qt l if 4 xx o L Afat 1--"" y an- P' 'gs 5? 13 f """'4C ,WN 'a.Jd,,,,. sf abbr- S9l7fOI'S face DBITHQG of GXDEITSGS Seniors had to work and spend extra time away from campus in order to meet the rising costs of graduation. It was estimated that the average senior would have to spend nearly S500 before graduation to participate in activities traditionally associated with commencement from Arroyo High SCI'lOOI. 'I dOI'I't think that is too rTlLlCI'1. We don't spend much money in the first years of high school. lt's the last year and people want to celebrate and have a last blast,' said Class President Lisie Ferreira. 'I work in a restaurant to make the money necessary to participate in these activities,' said Senior Diana NiemOeIIer about how she supported her attendance at end-of-the-year events. Included in the amount was attend- ance at commencementlwith cap and gown rentali, attendance at the Senior BalllS6O per couplel, and pur- chase of items, such as a year- booklS23i and panorama picturelS7l. SCIY CIIEESE! Admiring the work of the new portrait phto- Wx git graphen members of the Class of '86 wait in as fwffsf. C3f9l'OI'iUIT7 l'O sign UD fOl' early appointments at Garibaldi Photograph V. JZHUBFV 77 mafked order day fOI' CSDS arid QOWHS. S6l'lfOI' St9V6' SOITISZK l9l'S JOSfEf'l'S RED DOH Lane ITIESSUFG him for his IYIOITZI' bO8I'd. 'wg . . W- if . .gs f - ' 5 Sarosy, JOHI1 Schultz, REDECCB S9qUEiI'3, D3I1iCQ Silva, RiCh3l'd 50, AITIY Sasaki, DBTIEHE Scott, Kathleen ShEIiVll00d, CYl1thI3 5ilVEiI'3, AI1th0nV S0mITlEI', IVliCh3El SCh3l'dt, David SE'llD0ld, Derek Sl1Il'lK0, ROUFIEY Smith, Nlifhelle SOITISBK, SYGVEFI l ,X K M7 if 1 F3Sl7iOl7 l'l'Gl7dS GXDFGSS personality Fads were popular on campus, as on other high school sites across the nation. it seemed as if items came in one day and left the next, only to the cha- grin of students, parents, and teachers. On the fashion scene, there was a definite trend to return to the 1960's on campus. The look featured stirrup pants, paisley prints, and loud colors. Jewelry was an important fashion accessory which was packed on stu- dent sweaters and blouses and coats. Pearls, brooches, swatch watches, and large stone necklaces were big hits. To be 'vogue,' as it was called, stu- dents also wore Guess jeans, Geneva, e . .,,, Esprit, abd Forenza clothing, among the most popular and most expensive. One trend that both sexes on cam- pus favored were attractions to Gumby, Flintstone, and the Jetsohs sweatshirts. As for most males, the year brought in a new fashion trend. Guys were more cleancut and fashion conscious in GUESS jeans, cable knit sweaters, baggy pantslrolled up, of coursei, and suspenders. Dress and fads were demonstra- tions of students' individuality and expression. Like teens everywhere, whatever was in in department StOl"eS 'FOUYICI its Wav on CZYTIDUS. fu, -s:, 3 . k 75. N , , Xxx Q YCIDDCI Babb!! D0 SWCItChit! Fred Flinrsrone and Barney Rubbie flash their Sfep baCk,900mV bfaCe'ef5f Here Comes the badges on a Sweatshirt, a new Arroyo trend- latest fashion Statement' The Swatch Watch. yr' Mfrs Ollt Following 8 I'I3lf'iOn8l ffefld of 13 million pairs sold, AITOVBHS, too, DUFCHZSGU Rebocks, 3 DODU' lal' and COIT'lfOI'l'3blE item of appafel. 1 JUl1i0I' Class qw, ,es I meal JUniOfS Jehflifef DGZOZTE QISZE along U19 C90 In the IYTICS JUITIOFS HUC! Jon Jacoby dance U16 las' 0 Shelley BOSSI, Shelly 8 SUD l'Yl m, D3 E Mlthelle DOHBIU CAVE, John TONY Sabfllla Mala DBVE LlSt9I7II7g IH With 8 Smile, Junior Robbie Hitchcock eavesdrops OH 3 COI'lVEfS3flOfI. Let 5 CYOD if Talking O VEI' fhelf yearbook l3 YOU f, Jl.Il7l0l'S EI'lI'l PGI' I' Y and RODDIG HlfCl7COCk make final decisions oavson, Kristen COKEF, EI'lC Comphel, Paul Conde, Jocelyn Corral, Burt Correia, Dawn Curry, Bill Cortez, Barbara Cramer, Rod CIZVZIDD, Jill Crews, Tina Croley, Denae CFOSS, ROCHEIIE Cl'02lEI', NBR CUESIZS, Mithelle CUmmil'lQS, JOHN CUHEF, LVD Dailey, Tim Dal V, Denise Danouze, Mike Davis, USB Day, Carolyn DeJager, Teltje DeHoyos, Bob Delia, Sh0D Densmore, Stacy Denton, Cheryl DGZOUE, Kristy Dollar, Diane Dorsey, Jim 1987 l1ICllCOCl4 aSDlI"eS to DFO baseball BOYTI DeCemDel' 16, 1968, RObel't faul l'llfCl'lCOCK WaS an avid sports luff, The younger of two sons, Hitchcock llayed baseball and SOCCei' and WaS lCflVe as a Vell leadel' Ori CalTipUS. ll'l lddition to these activities, Hitchcock also enjoyed snow and water skiing ind fel'll'llS. 'Robby,' as his friends Called him, itafted his baSeDall career in the Sail .Ol"eI"lZO Little League 'l'l years ago. Hitchcock planned to continue playing the sport in college and hoped one day to make the pros. During 1985-'86 Hitchcock enjoyed his second year on varsity. About his enthusiasm for yell lead- ing, Hitchcock explained his involve- ment in that activitiy by 'it looked like funl' He was one of seven boys on the squad. Future plans for Hitchcock included admission to the University of Hawaii and a career in photojournalism. The Junior was an active member of the yearbook staff. About his future ten years from now, Hitchcock predicted that he be in a cabin in the Rockies, on the beach in Hawaii, or married to a good-looking brunette who 'knows how to cook' ln the meantime, Hitchcock concen- trated on his high school studies and remained content to explore life. 'I want to be my own person,' he said. if' D0lIlQi, Glenda xy Drake, Shannon Druppal, Christa Dunbar, Susan Dllffllng, BFDCK EUWBYUS, Jennlfel' Edwards, U58 Elelles, Salda Emery, Vlilllam Etrlnger, Todd EVBITS, GZFV Evans, Michelle Fail'l9SS, Mike Fafla, Janeen Falla, Manuel F8l'f3l'llZlfl0, Jeff FlQl'll'TlY, Rlillafil l:l0l'9S, Anna FOQelSDil, Fanelcla Fong, D8Vld Funcheon, .IBCK FUl'lK9, NlikE G8llal'U0, veronica Galli, Ann Gaflanll, Rita Gaffleft, REV IUUYIU Cefflty, llffally Gilbrecll, Dawn Gl0SSll'l, JUllSS8 G0etZlliel', Dl8l18 Gohlke, Befky GUUSBNES, Shel'l'Y Graf, SlTeD8lll'llE Gl'899, Danielle Gfeeil, 'Jeillllfel' GFEQDFY, Jennifer Gll3l'diaS, Cherie Glitleffel, Eva H3llS0n, Eddie H3l'D9I', El'I19St Harris, AlliS0n Hatcher, RICK Heath, Martin Hendricks, Sherry Hendrickson, Dawn Henry, Lisa Hefholdt, Randi A Hel'lTl8l'lll, Paul HlCK9Y, Tim HilZkS, Eric Hil3Fl0, Rami! Hlldef, Troy Hill, R053 HitChCOCk, Rllbhie Hoffman, Matt W Homen, Shaun House, Cindy Howell, Suzanne Huizar, Marcus 1987 Pat lVlOl'll'Oe enjoys 3tl'lletlCS, science From just looking at him, students might not think that Patrick Monroe was anything other than an ordinary teen. He wa, however, an exceptional athlete. As a freshman, Monroe was a member of the Varsity Wrestling squad. He wrestled in the 126-pound class and received his block A in the sport. He was also a starting line- backer for the Varsity Football team in his sophomore year. At the end of that season, however, he was se- riously injured and that kept him from Wrestling in 1984-'85. By the end of the school term in his sophomore year, Monroe recovered enough to participate in Junior varsity Track. During his junior year, Monroe was starting defensive back on the varsity Football team and he had hopes of the team Del'fOi'mil1Q better. in addition to his athletic ability, Monroe is an above average student who maintained a 3.0 grade average despite his active sportsinvolvement. During the year, he took classes in anatomylphysiology and algebra in hopes of admission to college. 'Science classes come naturally to me,' Monroe said as he explained his biological and chemical knowledge which he needed to succeed in anat- omy and physiology. Monroe also liked to water ski and snow ski. 'l started water skiing when l was seven, but ljust started to snow. ski l3St Veal',' he said. Along with these activities, Monroe also likes to target shoot at the Cha- bot Gun Club and at the Davis Street Tafget Range. - - mr YM! J' 8 W 35 4 5 Q 1.,: 3 i X ww' Q, e is 5 1 uv X Q- v . M ' Xin! hxx X x . .x 'x xx N 4-. . .A -Q. is w sn 5 S 3 X 'S H3 - 'YJ 'RTW 'es - . Q R N r ' 4 55 A ' 1 Y 4 Y J: X ,Q Si, Q 1 if S i .V -,gm ,. Qnudi -usp. ..--mv' '12 JUf1iDI' Class Perry, Erln PEWYSOIT, usa Pham, TUBI1 PlEI'C9, KEUEY Pina, Dave Pinkler, SCUUC Ponzo, Joey Popovits, Brian POW9rS, Nathan Pratt, Jason Pratt LISSa Proctor, Jon Puentes, Tom Ouizon, Roland Ramera, Eugene Ramirez, Carlos Rantl, Tlm Reals, Gina RGCKIIIIQ, Ursula Reed, RICl'lal'd Rennacuer, Jeff Richardson, Ruben Righton, Dave Ritter. Stephanie RilZ0, NBII Robinson, Linda RUCKOWHZ, Elaine Rogers. LESEY Rogers, Steve R0l0ff, MICHEIE C0l'lCel1fl'CIfi0l1 LISIEHIHQ Wlfh IDIEFGSC JUUfOl' MERISSZ l.3fl6 DZYS attention to a class drscusszon rn fournallsm. wg. o A 57, jg . r K Yes.. as ' 2. M y . R .-A.. 'X ref x 5 R :SN A, fx 3 us A Q el' P, 'X ,- QS ig: V' i 1: ya W' RUDCHEYTE, Rifk Ruiz, ESfi16i' SBQVEUTZ, JUBI1 SZIBS, Jeni SBICECIO, Nina Samara, Jil'iES S3l1Cl19Z, Alfonso SZNCHEZ, U53 SCi'iI'lEiUEl', Rithafd Sthwarl, SUSIE SEQUTB, BER Shil1k0, Darty Si10Df3W, Carrie SUOUYS, JOUR Silva, JOTQE Slatk, Katrina Smith, Juli SD, BEIYY Sorensen, GFEICUEI1 ROSiE Mlthelle Stevenson, usa SCORE, Ci'ii'iS Stime, Christy Stl'0l'l9, ChriSTin9 Stuart, Jeff Sullivan, JUSUI1 Szeto, Mikan Takellthl, Craig Lane acts in Marine World sho ws To most students, Melissa Lane may lookjust like any other normal blonde, but to the surprise of Arroyo High School, she's not. Why is Lane different? Well, for one, she's performed in front of a live audience in the stunt show at Marine WOl'ld Afi'iC3 USA in RedWOOd City. Lane received the week-end only job when she was visiting the theme park with some friends. To her surprise, a man from the stunt show approached her and aSkEd if she WOLIIC1 be interested in acting in the show. Lane accepted the offer and started immediately. She worked Saturdays and Sundays during the month of August and heract included a part as a gunman's wife and as a female gangster. Though she has since left the show, Lane felt she gained valuable acting experience. Her childhood ambition is to become an actress. Lane, 16, resided in Fremont with her parents. After graduation from Thornton Junior High, she decided to attend Arroyo in San Lorenzo because several of her cousins, aunts, and uncles graduated from AHS. 'It'S a family tradition,' she saidp Though Lane's commute to Arroyo is a long drive with her mother, the family had planned to move to San Lorenzo before the end of the school year. Although Lane appeared normal to her peers, she has experienced some great moments in her life. E X., Shi , ii Q ', a, , Mm. . 2.-X is! .R . ,..t, i .,,A ,W 55? : N .l A ur use x 'if ww-Q-Q , i mm Wm 2 A X , Alu on FQES aften HITIG ,pu---u-i ff Even U76 Dl'9Sfd6I7f hfmS9lf IQKGS 3 catnap duf fflg 3 C1385 35 EVIUEHCEU here by S630 Wlldman Abeleven, Clndv Acosta, Marlo Af0IlS0, Mile Agrela, Donovan Agullera, Becky Agulrre, Robert AIUZFICO, Khnstv AIIQTIQNI,-GTEQQ nlalne, Laurie AIESZUQEF, gddle AIVES, Tneresa Aryea, navlu Amaral Amv Anderson, Kristina Andrada, Arlth0lW MQUIBHO, HOITEITCIZ AI'll13Sf3S, MIKE Arthuletfa, JON AFHOIU, 53m Attvllrli, Cindy AUSIHUS, Ben AVIIGS, Glen 8385, Cathy Balentlne, Devln Bambrough, Jim BBDUSTB, Julle Barnard, Aimee Barfelru, Mlthelle Bauer, AIlCl3 Beggs, Debbie Belknap, MBFIOFEE Benson, Chris Berry, Karma Berryhlll, Doug Bertaud, Cosette Blrd, Klm Blmrose, Sham!! Blomson, MBIK Blackford, .IUYI1 BOWEN, Joseph Branca, JOHN BFDHCO, JBHIITE 1 Sophomores Li5fel1 Leading his class through a successful discussion SODHOITIOFG SGZH Wildman takes COHUOI of SESSION BNQQS, KEVII1 BYOUKS, HDIIY BTOSB, DEZIIFB BUCkil1gh8l'l1, TDEFOSB BUEHO, Mllthelle Butler, COIIGED Camafa, REHE9 Cambfa, Deaf! Cafll, D3fleI1E CBITIEY, John C8fl'3SCO, AMUOIW CBSG, CHFISUHE Castro, SIBLY Chapin, Charlie Uflmele, Mary thang, Thomas Chaves, Sue Clark, Christine CDIB, Andy Comparan, lose Wlldman leads SODYIS man's year. Maintaining a 4.0 grade point aver- age, Wildman hoped to continue his all-A showing, but he admitted that the job was tougher due to his extended activities as class president. On the ballfield Wildman performed just as Well as ne did in Class. H6 could Arroyo s Baseball teams. 'After did take about 20- and get dinner my homework! said practice, l have easily played varsity football, a presitigious honor for a sophomore, but he chose to see more action on the Frosh-Soph team. In the spring, the slugging left-hander was a stal- Iwart first baseman for the Dons' FrSOh-Soph Baseball squad, when asked if he ever felt like pack- ing it all in, Wildmarl stated, 'I did sometimes, but l would think of the rewards that would come, like receiv- ing an A or winning a game, if I kept W0l'klI'IQ,' he said. SODHOIUOTES 1 6 7 llefifdge POSil7Q in his ITZGIUOITSI COSfUl1'79, Sophomore Rowdy Vi6ff8 IOMS HIS dad and OUTSFS at 8 meeting. Fdlllily lJ0l'fl'Clif DFGSSEU in COSl'Um9, SODh0fT70l'9 Rowdy Vfeffa and f8fh9I'fOif7 Ofhef S311 l.Ol'6I7ZO I'9Sid6f7fS fora DCil'Ul'9 b6'fOf6 3 f3ff'I6f'SOf7 dfnnel Cortez, JOI1I1 COSf3, Kathy COKE, JZI1 CYOII, MIKE Cromwell, AUI'0f3 Cf UZ, MBFVRHE Cufieft, MZTIV Curry, KNSUH9 CUITENUQE, Angel DZDFIEF, BOD Dana, NUMB DBFDUZG, Sandy D3ViU, Ken DZY, ROUIIEY WBEUEDCOUH, ChI'iS DEBONE, IWKE DECIEF, Kim IPMZFCO, P8Ul DEMEIIU, ETIC IEDIIIS, l.0I'i D9I1I1V, ChI'lS Di3S, U53 DiSCh9I', JZSOH DOUSOI1, Rlfhafd DOH1, Kathy DOHI, Ronald DOUWES, Scott Driscoll, Debbie UUHSYEF, Keli DUW3, MIKE DUYHELIX, Ffed Dyer, Sean EUEIITIGH, MBFK Ehmke, Stephanie HQHES, MBTIO Engel, Rick Epperson, Steve Erika, Moreno Fann, Geraldine Farla, Joe Farla, Marla Faulkner, susan nf N X f X ! rrr rr 4- vw v.' 11' SODITOITIOFGS . . T .. " 5 ,, K N I W L 4 , x r K eXirXL x.xx,Q ...x K .mm T, ,W . X 5 1,4 ,gr ',-Q ..,- , is K . ice' 00 'K ' 1, ,v x if Y-.,. X' I . N V NSR SX 3 NK 93 4 Q . xr N rr X! Q 'LJ' it 1... in X 'ky' f-p,,,... QFZYT K 4 -,. kN.',7 4' W X F Q Y r lL'7 sr., X ' , ,CJ ! , X K 'dr ,, 22 If VS il X A.. L .Ji 'tsp x - ei? . .W,, R. 1 sis, e X K .5 ' -25' gf if 'ig QQ mi . i-gl f . 5 -' me V g .J - .eo v . ev v i . , WL' A 2 " by J . 11 ey sl x .xx Felclano, Gene Felclano, Judy Fields, Farrell Figueroa, Consuelo Flnato, Crystal Fll'll9Y, AllSSOn FUQBIE, Shelallle Gallardo, Heather Gaflleff, lee G3Yl0f, l.3Sell3 Gee, Kathy Gentile, Bridget Gibson, Jennifer Glll, 'lllffally Gomes, Dennis Gl'39Q. Dartella Green, candy Griggs, Candace Gunn, Debbie Gunn, Michelle Vierra enjoys culture Maintaining much pride in his Amer- ican lndian Heritage was Arroyo Sophomore Ernest Longe Vierra. Since moving to California in 1975, Vierra and his family traveled backto Brockton, Montana every summer to visit the indian reservation on which they formerly lived. Vierra reported that the reservations population was much smaller than San Lorenzo's at 7,000 lNl18bl1I3NfS. vierra's gandfather, G Norman Hollow, was also born and raised in Montana. He now resides as the Chief of the reservation which consists of members of the Sioux and Assiniboin indian Tribes. AN annual event to which the Sophomore looks forward was an lndlari celebration during WNiCl"l the reservation is divided into five separ- a ' ':"' ' K c f x 3 , 'lv I K I . Xi 3 la, , ' . ,A , i ,,fl' , - , . f n . "sir, ' M W XX, M H .EQ l I , n 1.4 1 re 1 . i G :Q S-aryl 1, - Q - ' 4 Q V , v l if Q l i f N 'L , , Y , at 'Fl' , i G f , sf: itll ' H we l V ,. .1 , 1 ' 1 1 4 4' sate CON'lmUNltleS WNlCl'l COl'Npe1Ze lN 3 wide 3SSOl'fN'leNf of 3CflVltleS l'3NQlNg fl'OlTl baseball to Cl3NClNQ. P3I"flCl- pants, according to Vierra, stay in teepees for four days and are respon- sible for food DFSDBFZUON aNd Ol'QaNl- Z81IlON of fl'3dlflON8l lNCll3N 3C'ClVllIleS. Vlef'l'3 felt fOl'1ILlN2te to KNOW SO ITIUCN about his CLllfLll'8l DZCKQFOLINO, especially tribal dancing. Wearing tra- ditional feathered garb also added to Vierra'S enthusiasm for his heritage. Vlel'l'2, WNO WHS KNOWN ON CHFNDUS as Rowdy, stated, 'l like going to the reservation because the people there are really NlCe. ladmlf lt feels good to bein a bigger city, though, with more people' Following his graduation, Vierra and his family Dl3N to N10Ve DSCK tO MONCBNB. SODl7OI'T70l'eS 1 Halleft, Steven HaI'D9f, Denny Haffwig, Steven Hayes, Kellie Hayward, Dennls Heath, Monica Hedemarlc Kan rEm8nWaY, lallfla Hafnannel, AlfI'6d0 HEFITNIUEZ, Belinna Hafnandal, Baffna Hetrlck, Suzanne Hllder, Candy Hill, JZITIES HOEUET, Kelley H0n1Gn, LanC9 HUUQ, Cheryl HOUSf0n, Audrey HOWBTU, Chl'l5 Hudson, CnflS HUl'n9S, ROUGH JaCkS0n, Ken JaCOUSEn, Jeff .IaI'an1lll0, Tammy Jafata, Marla Jarman, Todd Jaffeft Rnn Jensen, ROUGH llmlnez, Richard Johnson, Greg Jones, Tracy Juclldns, Terry Kelsey, Stacy Kemp, Aaron Kenkel Llsa Kesten, Stephanie Kller, Michelle Klrk, Elizabeth Knepuers, Jerry Knlppel, Nathalie Kl1UDf9l', Heidi Kosklnen, Kai Tfylng to solve 3 math problem Sophomore Bob WGS UIOUSE Dl'3fI'lSfOf'l1'7S an answer 1 SODn0n10I'ES I gOt if An, - .:TTZniN:'w'z ..4X 7 Xe S U C5 all - TW 1? V ...-,, '- x sax K w . Smiling fI'lUfTlDl18I1flY, 5Oph0mOl'6 Bob WESYI' UOUSE is glad he solved the DFODIEITI. YE , E Q . S-seem 6 , ,. W... . SUD, em ws ff n beaches, 'QV' beautsful LEE, Juny LENS, C3fl'le l.aP0lnt, Robert LBWTEHCE , James Manuel r SUN slzraight days! the large 6h!"Ol- t O hlS old SChOOl, he mlSS my Came to OHS of fOl' the E Gl'lSSOl'T'l ..lUl'1lOI' C8IlfOY'hl3 SChO0l. H9 was out that some Eighth Gr'adel'S! they were too noticed new wave and but I liked puhkStyleS Ofh3irCutSahdCIOthihgih stated here, Cllm3tE. FGBSOYIS Fl'3hClSCO. funny. was WEFE als 3 dlffEl'6l"lCE just that the to hlm, the NSW. WOTUS SUCh 35 fihe,' threw him SODl'I0fTI0l'9S 7 1 17 S .f l.U3iZ3, PEUFU l' f 'b LOUEF, TTECBY LOI1Q, P3tfY Lopez, cnarmane Q l ,10VEll,L3Ul'lE f l LUlS,S8m l lung, Toby ,X A K 1 .fi t- W K K 5 K. , 'ii xi l.U5S0l'U,K6Vll1 V N LYd3,AIlCi3 V Lyon,lohn A MN, 1 .Li Lytle, Scott Z . ,Q l y Macapagel, Rey 4 ' l 3 Macedon, Janet l KN 5 MBHQMTUH Maramonte, Antonio ,, Marquez,Angellto Y Marshall,Frank E Q. NW Marshall, Terry marflmacnv x A E Maschal, Brandon l l xt A lvlmollum, Teresa l X QR IVlCDlIitt, David l . l l W MCDiVltt,D2Vid l ' " MCGHI, lBlll'H f Medeiros, Bryan K M8Ql8,fhl'i5fY 4 J S Q Q Q . E .Aiw- MEFHUGTQ, DEBUNE A MSIQ, JSY I Mendez, LIS8 A - mmcneryl Q- as Mlchaells, Brad , , E i Miller, Tammy , mncnellmranx Mohr, Grant 3 . Monlz, Marco 1 S Montalvn, Joey Montez, Jason lvlontoya,Joe Moy, Hiram Mover, Tammy lllurawaul MUFBI, nm W Aflothef class? perched on the classroom shelf, Lori speers, SODHOITUOFB, SCBNS CUE' C1355 SCENE ffl l76!'IOUI'H3f' 5 iSlTl SECUOI1. :mums and round PFSCUCYITQ HEI' hobby. Sophomore LOFI SDGEFS fake!! SDOIDBI' shot Sf ound U18 Valle Vista rink. Perfect balance Wf1iZZfflg by Of? HEI' Sk8fBS SODHOIUOVS LOfi Speers d6lT!Of!Sl'I'8f6S HSI' fGChflfGUe fOl' GD' durance lvl-actos by Bemdf SODh0m0l'E Class SJNX S ,,v , X , .a N Aff Q' I Q'?N l L' K -M-. fm lr. sW5,. I A X -sv if A' ri 'W' g Ai H Q' ee! . 'Y ls F .nv- 4-4, ff- 2 . X4 ed? IK Speers raises 57 ,000 for D ystroph y research For the past 13 years, Arroyo sophomore Lori Speers skated her way to the top of competition. Speers admitted that she did i'lOt actually become interested in roller skating on her own. Her mother enrolled her lessons at the age of two and, as soon as she improved, her con- fidence and motivation for competi- tion began and strengthened. By the age of seven, Speers was competing ln dance, figure, and freestyle competi- tions in the Bay Area. She has claimed many first place trophies for her efforts in the skating rink. Speers was also involved in September in a skate- a-thon for the Muscular DVSYFODNV ,xt 'X gl . ,X Association. The sophomore raised over 51,000 for research from the pledges and donations she solicited for ner skating. Spee rs, who works out at Hayward's Valle Vista rink on Mission Boulevard, dreams about becoming a well-known professional skater in the future. 'lt's a hobby now, but in the near future, l would like to skate professionally! she Said. Speers was also active in journalism on campus, but much of her time was spent working on Skills and towards reaching her goal of a career in the world of professional rollerskating. MUTDYIY, master Murphy, Shirley Murray, Meldi Nagel, Dana Nalman, Paul NEVIII, Mark NBWDEITI, Chris Ng, SOHIH NQUYEH, Tran NIEISBI1, Chflitl NUCYIOIS, Craig Oliveira, mchelle Olsen, Danelle Ong, Taml orlnwskl, Bob OWYOLINQ, SCBVB Paduverls, Bart PBQE, Kim P8flgElil13I1, AI1ilM3fl8 P3l1Q3Sl18i'l, Ch3I'l9S Sophomore CIaSS 1 Park, TOI1V P3S3liS3, Angie Patfifk, Paula PSUZETSOI1, TDITI PBUISEI1, BECK! PEIHBUO, TONY PSTN, knhlfef Peterson Lynn Pierce, Sheri Pirie, USB Plotner, Shelly Piumlee, Eva Poyatos, my Pf0fUmD, Karen Puentes, MZCUISW Pyle, Nanette Ouiroz, Nadine Ramirez Janice Raymer, Janele Ready, Krls Rebriego, Dina need, Melanie REQBII, JBSOI1 Rice nnsune Rlcnarnson, Jenny Roberts, make Robinson, mane ROCCU, GFEQ Roderick, Laurie ROGQEI, Bill ROGFIQUEZ, Cindy RUUYIQUEZ, Erlt Rodriguez, Rachelle Rodriguez, Sabrina ROIO, RICKY Romero, Cassie Romero, oanme Rosa, LOU ROSE, LZUY3 Rtlddick, Troy num, Jeff salvaro, Amo Q ,QS ee 'R R. ,Q-,aw E Ni o n is X Q 0 . Ni qw' ,Q XT? . Q... . Y L -:ik 7 tat' ie 2 Smiling at 8 WOl1d8l'fUl MODGYFUHKMQ idea, vice PFESFUEDI' Colleen Butler works 31' 8 class council meeting In 8-1. amazon by Bama: 1 Sophomore Class Q Q N if Si R R 3 . rom ., ns 'cox ..q,f.Yxvg. t'Q,,. 1-5 an--.N .. "N . W' ' . , .M W 38 'K' ii 6 c . 1 9 Q i Vis ' ,, K i l i , V Wig , 0 . ' " 'VQH ' ,,, .- K 1 'email 'wifi Fi-3 , ia' , ,s- . , Yi' , 'suv N- ' I f I K- tx 9 s i ,4 Go DUIIS Joining her colleagues on the cheer squad, Col leeri Butler hOldS hel' breath while waiting the fESUltS of the point affel' kick Sawetfl, Arthllr SZTICHEZ, GZTY SBHGTEZ, TEFESZ Sanford, Dllliald S3I'lf0S, Doug SBSZKI, Rlk SBUHBOE BIII SEV, Shela SCFIUIICB, Jeanine Scott, Jelifllfel' Seardl, SKCEVE Sequelra, Melody Serrato, Monica Shaffer, Erlll Shaw Tudd L Shephefd, JE!IIllfBl' Shulte, MZUTBEU Silllefia, Lalifa SIOZU, Heathif Smith, AHYOIHBYCE Buflel' leeds active life Some students had troubles keep- lng up with responsibilities, such as sports, jobs, homework, and extracur- ricular actlvities, not to mention chores at home. ' B q But Sophomore Colleen Butler did all of the above and much more. i Butler was a member of the award- winnlngcheer squad, was vice presl- dent of the Sophomore Class, played soccer, and maintained a 5.5 grade point averageiby some miraclell. About how she keeps her hectic life Straight, Butler said, 'Ie really dOn?t know. Things just seem to fall into placel' , W , Butler's family is very supportive of her activities. Her younger sister also attends Arroyo and a younger bro- ther is enrolled in elementary school. About her family's involvement ln her activities, Butler said, 'They have been very helpful to me.' The Butler family was useci to their daughters active life, since she has been a regular school leader since elementary school. 'Many people don't know how much time everything takes. lvluch time is spent practicing cheerleading. All the practice is to learn moves, words, and techniques' ,said Butler about her involvement with the cheer squad. 'i will never regret one bit of it: said Butler of her active school life. 75 SODl'I0l110l'E Class 1 Smith, Linda Smith, R0b9rt Sobhani, Al'35h Sousa. SDEBI' SDBEFS, Spore, Karen Springer, Mark Starr, Ussa SYEIHQJSSET, SYEKIS srenuer, ulmarn Sterling, Stlvers, Sffadil' SfI'0ITl, Bflan Strugel, Stuart Tang, TGIXEJFB WI d . I1 Y TEHCO, Eddie Teshlma, Th0m3S, Th0m8SOI1, SDEHDOD TFESSIEY, T0by TUBZHOI1 VBIEUYQ, VBIEUIE, KNSUI18 valadon, KZFEH ES Vidal VIGEII, vierra, Vig3IIOn, John villaiobos, Joey VIIJBIODOS, UFJZZI' wachtel, Ginger Wauki-1200, Phi! walling, Jason wang, Wafd, .l3mES WEIJStEr, ROD WEE, Ennifef WESth0US9, Bob Whittaker, Jenny WIEQEI, T0dd Wlidman, S620 17 -:iv eff. 1 li i La Standing by the b8CKDO3fdifi7eII' 5eCOI'ld homel SODi'lOI'l10f'e5 Debbie DHHS? 3I'lCi KfI5fII'le RICe tell 3 ffiefld about their l'eCef7f SOffD3ll fI'3VeiS 35 San BObbY5OXel'5 HSUH, Sue wp la Wright, Carlos YOUHQ, BETDZFU YOUHQ, Debbie YUUDQ, Harry YOUIIQ, Laffy Zimmef, SHCEY zorri, Mittheli ZUff0, ROS3I18 League. During the past school year several DI-HV SODi'IOI'TIOI'E Class COITIDS shows Off spirit When Freshman Marcus Combs was asked what he thought was an 'aver age Joe,' he replied that it was 'not a low life and not Joe stud, but some thing in between.' Combs was not totally classified as an average freshman because of his class clown status. 'l think l get a lot of exposure being a class clown, but l'm not as much of a clown as l was in grammar school,' said Combs. The Freshman felt that there was much more responsibility in high school, but there were also advan tanges, such as more freedom and respect. Combs said he was glad to have left the eighth grade! 'Now we're not the lowest class, the ones to get picked on,' he said about his peer group. Aguiar, Danny Aguilar, Elaine Aguilera, Mario Albert, Chl'i5 Alemejenu, Saba Amaral, Tony Ames, Steve Anderson, Larry Anderson, Sharon Annastas, Jim Aranda, vic Baker, Dale Ballenger, Dawn Barragia, Robert Baxter, lim Becker, Kim sell, Annette BEl'laU, JBCK Berry, Lyle Bertaud, Matt Bhattacharya, lay Bird, Dawn Bishop, Brian Blank, Dan BIBS, Lynn Bockman, Vicki Bollnger, Aaron Bollschweiler, Allen Bononcini, Jennifer BOOTS, Chl'lS 1 FI'eSl'llTlEl'l Class COn'lbS aSpIl"ed to become a dOCtOl' Being the In tne fnedlCal field Intel' ested nIn'l DeCaLlSe nlS n'lOtneI' IS a nUl'Se and he had already gained mUCn eXDOSUl'e to tne field COYTIDS stated that he wanted to DeC0l'ne aCtIVe In the AYTOYO sports DFOQI'alT'l and WaS Intel'eSted In foot Dall Wl"eStllnQ baseball and badfnln ton HIS Otnel' lntel'eStS lnClLlded I'Lln ning fOl' ClaSS Dl'eSldent The FI'eSnYTlan also wanted to pal' tIClpate In Close Llp and tO COntlnLle nlS work In the ChOll' ACCOl"dlnQ to Combs I'nOSt Fresh l'T'len can t Walt to DeCOl'ne SenIOl'S l Want l'nY SenlOI" Veal' to COn'Ie qUICKlY because l can see all the fun RVanlnlS bl'OfhEl'l IS having stated Combs Just KnOWlnQ l Il have only one l'nOl"e year Wlll be Ql"eat PIIDCO by Gdlibdldl E? gh W Q 1? E Fw X xl H Photo by Berndt ROCkil1' Ollf Showing the I'9Sl' of the school how IfS UODG Ff6Shm8n MBFCUS Combs arid DBFFHEFIIUEFDUQ In contest at lunch rally. TOQCI! Affifed in the gafb of an 3I7Cl6I'lf Roman chief fan, FI' 6Sf7m3I1 M8I'CUS COITIDS W3lkS 8CI'O55 Cam DUS OH HZIIOWEEI1 - an-'O 'C Will? pw, BOWEN, JUIIE BOWGFS, KNSYEI1 Bl'0SI'l8H, ViCt0I'i3 BFOWI1, MBFK BFUWH, Tlffany BFUITIDBCK, PBUIB Buchanan, Trudie Bunker, Julie Burroughs, Darl Bussell, Dana Bussell, Darlene Butler, Shannon Cabreana, Don Camcan, Valerie raranta, cathy Carrelra, Nuke Carrera, India carter, Dennls Castro, Kim Catlow, ChflS C8uQhl'3n, KZUW Chavez, Dana Chen, Eugene Chlllianis, Blll cnm, Anthony Chiovare, T0dd Ch0, Bobby Ciaverelli, Erlc CIOWSEF, Mlthelle C0bb, Albert FTESHTUEI1 Class SQUEEZHIQ SODHOITIOFE Sf'l8l'OI'I AHUGFSOIT, Ff6Sf'lIT78l1 Kathy DGZOITG d9l77Of'lStl'3l'E5 EX' citement following 3 touchdown. LOOkiI7Q for directions OH the next Cheelj FFBSI7- man Letfefgffl Kathy DGZOITE W3fCl76S hef line l93d6f. Combs, cindy combs, Marcus COHHEII, Patricia Cooper, Jennifer Cordeiro, Christy correia, Yvonne C0tt3,J9ff Cfldef, Stacy CrlSt0baI, WII Cromwell, Melissa Cunnlngham,Christina Curtis, Tonla e Cuestas, Monica Darosa, Jose DBVIS, Chris Davis, Darrell Davis, Dina Delatorre, Lavon Deluca, Dorian Densmore, Bob Derelg, Jennifer D9 Sa, Wendy D9Z0tt9, Kathy DIBS, Sherri DIXUI1, Brett Dolln, Kirk Duffy, Nell Dullard, Ken Eagles, Margaret Edwards, Michelle 1 FfEShI113I'I Class .Smi- F i I xx ,- Q 2? sir! P X. x is Tizifp- ' N'Lt' X6 , EJ A S4 R7 few D620 ITG dislikes sibling C OITIDHI' fSOl7 Having older sisters and brothers at school had its advantages and dis- advantages. 'l hate being compared to my Older sisters by my teachers,' said Freshman Kathy Dezotte who had one sister, Kristy, still in school and another graduate in 1985. Dezotte felt that each person should be recognized for her own individuality and personality. Unlike her older sisters, Dezotte felt that she was more 'down to earth' than her talkative sister Kristy or her quiet sister Dyan. 'l've had several of Kristy's teachers in school and most of them expected me to be more out- spoken like Kristy was.' on the other hand, Dezotte had also been com- pared to Dyan by her former teachers who expected the younger girl to be mor mature. Despite their different personali- ties, Kathy looks up to bOth of Hel' older siblings. One of the advantages of having older sisters was that 'it was easier to make friends' having Older family at school. 'Kristy went through the same thing l've gone through because of Dyan's teachers, and that helped to prepare me for the sit- uationf 'l really don't mind hearing about Kristy or Dyan from my teachers. lt's just I feel they should treat me like any other kid in class. Everyone 'should be accepted for who we are .- s W we i R 3 x Q? ii x sf, , ph gawws, ttst Elam, Jason Elenes, Elizabeth Evans, Jon Evans, Julie Famalett, Steve Fanene, Naola Fafla, Usa Fernandez, Jon Fernandez, Jonathan Hgueroa, Antonia Figueroa, Klmo Figueroa, Severino HOFES, Andfea FIOFGZ, U53 A FOFSDEFQ, Debbie Foster, Paul FYZYES, SIBCY ri Ffedlafli, Shane , Fl'EitaS, Dwayne Fulmer, PBUI GZFCES, TOIW F G8I'Ci3, Catneflne G3fI19I', DEI1I1l5 Gerlovln, Michael Ghiradelli, IVl9IiSS3 Gllllgafl, Ch9l'lSe Gonzalez, victor GUUIU, Chl'IStIl19 Graf, Chris I Q 1 - Greene. Richard Freshman Class GFEQOFY, Tami Gross, Cl'll'lSUll3 GLIl1ll, Matt GUlll'l, Tammle Glltierrel, Elllabeth Hadley, J8ll19S Handley, Rlcahrd H3llkinS, Kelly Hardy, Darren Harris, Barbara Harrlson, Gina Harshman, Heldl Hathaway, Chuck Hartono, Sandra Hayley, Donna Henry, cathy Henry, Heather Hemandez, Karyn Hllder, Ekbbie H0lJlll, Kl'l5til1 Hoffman, Eddie Hogan, Michael H0lllllg9l', Steve Hulsmann, Kathy Hunter, Kevin Jacobs, Judy Jacobsen, steve Jacoby, Jennifer Jacoby, Julie Jasso, Eduardo Gilligan demonstrate man y talen ts Freshman Cherise Gilligan started playing softball at the age of six. Since then she has become one of the bet- ter players in San Lorenzo. Her first attempt at playing on a team was when she was eight for Foxworthy's Auto Supply. Ever since that first team exper- ience, Gilligan has moved through the various age groups with ease. She played for the renowned San Lorenzo Supersox this year. Gilligan, an all-around player, was slotted at catcher, but she also per- Fl'eSl1l'hEI'l Class formed well at first base and in the outfield. lh 1985, she had the league's top batting average. During the summer, when she was selected to play on an all-star team, the squad made it to the West Coast championships in the Los Angeles area and placed sixth out of 25 competi- tors. During the five game tourney, Gilligan proved her outstanding abil- ity as a hitter and fielder. Gilligan currently intended to try out for the Don varsity squad. lh 3hO'Chel' field, Gilligarl has ClelTIOI'1' strated eXtl'emelY good skill lh flQUl"e Skatlhg. She STIODDECI Sk3tll'lQ at age 1 1 , hOWeVel', beC8LlSe of the ehOl'mOLlS pressure of practices and SChOOl. Hel' ll"lSfl'LlCt0I" WHS l'el"lOWhed Skatel' Paul Heath of the 'NUtCl'aCKel'.' As 3 student, Gllllgarl Seemed to like hel' WOl"K. BefOl'e coming here, She attended jLlI'llOl' hlgh SChOOl at Cavalry Lutherah School ah led hel' gl'3dU3fiOl1 Cl3SS. Gllllgah also h3S Sflldled Wrltlhg lh AUSff'8ll3 for Ohe week. 'Cir JEIISEI1, l.0i'i JOHHSOI1, NEX JOHNSON, Julie J0l1l1S0f1, UDB Jones, Jody Jones, Susie Jung, Corey Kahn, Tim KBYBUSKZS, Michael Kellogg, Erik Kennedy, Rebecca Klnano, Kristie Kinder, Ed Kirby, Donald Kiaiig, JBSOI1 KlInCk, Karin KUCh9fSD9rQEl', i.YI'1I'i Kremer, KI'iSt9l'1 KUfZ3WSki, Tara KUSCHGI, Stacey Kwong, Jimmy Ladioray, Amanda LaGrace, Janeen Laines, Carmen Lam, Socneata Lam, sotny Lamb, L9Slie Lambeth, Jason Lameira, Lori Lakosa, conrado GO, GO, Go Stealing HOITIE, FFESHITISFI Cherise Cllllgafi tUfI75 OH the speed dUfiI7Q 3 softball m3l'Ch Waffling the pil'Cf79Ij C8fCl76l' ChEI'lS9 GIIIIQBI7 demonstrates pfl'ChiI7g signals in 3 BODDYSOX game. PIIOCOS by Fdlhl llell FI'ESi'IlTlEl'I CIBSS l3lGm3ll3, Jellfllfel' LaZaf0, Cllff L3Z3l'0, JDlll'I Ledda, Scott LEE, Angela Lee, Jenfllfel' Lee, Tlna Leigh, Ellllle Le0Qf3I1de, Annette LEON, Chl'lSl'll13 Le0l'le, J0l1l'l LeWlS, .l08I1l1 LlflSCl10tell, L0l'lI1 LOUGT, Cllal' les LODeI', Cll3l'leS LODGZ, ROI1 LODEZ, ROX8l'll1e LOSEE, l2Ul'eff3 LOWE, Shlrlee LUUWIQ, Chl' lS Lulan, JEITIES LUITI, DBVIU LYl'lCl1, T3l'll3 LYHH, lllllilllele Lyon, Alison Macedone, Jim Mahony, Todd Nlalbllnl, Shawna Mamorno, Jatkl Maramonte, LLICIZ 1. 'Nfl ' L ,taxa S, -1 Lili s X. l I 'Q U , f is X f , l N4 S Q ,. Q 6 H, . 'ser Q X.. . , FOFSDGFQ COl7fif'lUeS le3Clel"S I'Ole Freshman Debbie Forsberg not only held the responsibility of class presi- dent, but also participated on the Arroyo rally squad. A spiritleader Forsberg was selected to perform to work with the Varsity squad because of injuries incurred by other rally members. Practicing seven days each week to prepare for com- petition at the Nationals in Orlando, Florida, consumes much time from her schedule. Most would feel their reSpOl'lSiblli- Fl'ESl'lITl8l'l Class ties and leadership would slip from one position to another. Fortunately Forsberg had her priorities set. 'lf l need something done for my class and knowl will not be able to do it because of my schedule, l delegate things to the other Class officers,' said Forsberg. 'With practice there is much dedication needed, so most of my free time lately has been spent on homework! I , The energetic freshman was inv- olved ln eXlIl'3CUl"l'lCUl3l' activities because Sl"le felt that being bLlSV kept her gOli"IQ in school. AS Cl3SS pl'eSldeI1f, FOl"Sbel'Q WaS able to help l'lef' Cl3SS' lT'l3feS Obfalfl Ceffalfl QO3lS, SLlCl'l BS l'alSli'lg fLlI'ldS. AS 3 member of the rally squad, she Sl'lOWeCl bel' school spirit and pride. 'Two of ITIY goals, Wl'llCl'l l WOLlld like tO C0f'lqLlel' in l'llQl"l school, afe to be CIBSS Dl"eSldel'lf for all five Ye3I'S and to be 3 membel' of OUI' rally squad,' said FOI'SbeI"Q. y,- X "fr A k I ll r Q XX x X E H9 'ff fx X, Ke Marroquln, David Martinez Leonard Martinez, Tersa Mayor, Sarah , Mazer, James McKenna, Scott McMahon, Jeff Means, Adrlenne Medlna, Freddy Medina, Raquel Mein, Bonnle Mendenhall, Brlan f .t.. 5 NIEITUEZ TFES3 m. we .zz . xx, MGIIUUZB, Mgie 1 1 Mlck, CBSBUY r' MlhaIaS, Katia Miller, Shall Mills, Beth A , Q ar KX , pa ,rg if. as R fa rr Nlltly, Lllllan MDN, JBIIICE IVIUEIIYO, Joey MOI'ItEI'0, l.3Ul'3 MODf0Y3, J3Yl119 NIOSSZ, VICKI Y, MOYEFS, lennlfer Moynihan, Kelley Mural, Debbi Nelson, Erica Nelson, Janelle Newman, Jlm 'l'illl9 Ullf Pausing after a routine with Sophomore Paula Pa triclg Freshman Debbie Forsberg takes a break from yell leading at football game. GOFITQ OV6I'8 preliminary budget fOl'8 CIZSS activ- ity, FFGSHITIHH Pf6Sid6l1f Debbie FOFSDEFQ asks JUI7iOl' Elaine Rockowitz for help in leadership CISSS. FFESHITIBFI Class Nguyen, Clndy Nicholson, Cralg Niem0ellel', David Nltszche, Perry Norberg, Daryle Nordstrom, Tom O'Bal1I0h, Debbie Ochoa, veronlca Ocon, Robert Ogata, Sarah Olson, Trish Owens, Stephen Paallla, vlctor Park, some Pangellnan, Kathy P3l'i'3, Jose Patterson, Greg Paxlao, Jay Payne, Darryl Peck, JODBIHBN Peebles, vAnessa Perez, Jason Perez, Lisa Perez, Theresa Perry Deanna Perry, Frankie Phllllps, Karen P0hd, Michelle P0hteS, LiSa Porsee, John POWeII, Sherri Pratt, GSGV Pratt, JOEY PFICKGIT, Chl'lStll1a PFISIBS, Randy Puett, BEBU Thinking pondering a composition topic in English Freshman Dawn Vigil thinks about her thesis ASDIFIHQ to 8 Wflfifig Cafeelj FI'6Sf'lf7'l8f7 Dawn VIQII DSUSES In HEI' EHQHSH classroom Fl'ESi'IfTl3I'I Class s. sc- R ss. . -ef ' Y if Si' 5 5 l V M 'N Q f 11:6-ff 3 ef ,i 19 . Q7 f f 3 Pyne, .lim l Ramponi, Gina R ' Rather, Barbara NEI gala----.a K ff - c is U Reams, John Rechkemmer, David Reed, usa Roach, John R0bbInS, Mindy Robello, Sheree ROD9l'tS,Gi13 Rocha, David Xxx M if Rocha, lVl8l'YAl1I1 fc? Rodriguez, Frank Romano, Rebecca Rellthette, Kelly R0l1t3lll, Bill t gg ROSE, lVllCll39l Ryia, Todd S3K3m0t0, Steve 53I'ICl1EZ, Nathan Sanchez, Samantha - S3nnlC0laS, Nitk va 53I'ltl3Q0, Clllliy S3l'0SY,llla ac - c 'A fa s , -, saunuersieni I Y 1 ',' K ,X if 'uf Schellenberg,Chrlsty X i i X Schultz, Dee Dee .- s Schultz. Mice D ,,,,, W, , X X g ygig , a - at Searle, Raelene , Sedan0.AIbert0 Vigil plans to stay in vol 3- 'ts The key to having fun in school was to become involved in various ac- tivities. 'You won't enjoy school, if you don't get involved,' said Freshman Dawn Vigil, one of the more active members of the Class of 1989. Vigil, who was active in a variety of clubs and class events, attempted to increase her pace even more during the year. She was a member of the school literary magazine and avid writer who hoped to work on the school newspaper following instruc- tion in beginning journalism in the Iuture. Vigil also hoped to increase her VGCl3l'AHS activity calendar by running for a student body or class office. in ad- dition to her goals, Vigil also was named student director of the choir, a role in which she assisted Director Pat Schultz in organizing the group's music, events, and appearances. 'School seems to go by faster now,' stated Vigil WhO liked high SChOOl better than grammar school. 'I also like the variety of teachers and their different personalities,' she said. AS 2 hihth grader, Vigil felt that She received more respect from older students than she had in the eighth grade. 'People talk to me more be- cause l'm older,' she said. Fl'ESl1lTI3l1 Cl3SS TWil'lS OCCUI' fl7f3l'TlilV Having a twin sister had its advan- tages and disadvantages as Freshmen Dana and Darlene BuSSell discovered on campus. The identical sisters were not pleased with being twins, but looked at themselves as very different people. Born in Oakland in 1970, the gll'lS looked very much alike and even got along well together. While they each pursued her own interests, both did share friends at Arroyo. Much of their Selki, Debbie Seipel, Kyle SEVEFSOI1, D3Vld Sllama, Jamal Shaw, Jeremy Sl'lGflCl3l1, C3I'flE SlSI'l9I'05, RICK Smith, RlCh S0llS, Anna S0lTlSak, Davld 5IJECl0WSKl, K3f EI1 SDOnS9l, AITIY Sp0rlil1g,JaCk Sfefanetfl, Mltllelle Sfelneff, Fred Stlte, Angle Stl'0ll9, Blll SW3llS, C3lIhEI'lI1E Swanson, Mike Telano, Joanne Thall, EI'lC Thomas, Dawn Thompson, Sean Thornton, Shelly T0fI'E5, lVl3l'C0 T0l'lC0l'6lll, knfllfel' TI'lDUZl0, G3Bt3l10 TSB, Alan TSlfl'ln, D0llI'l3 VZIEIOS, Clll'lSflI13 Fl'ESl'lITl3l1 Class spare time was spent together in the company of those friends. About the potential embarrass- ment of being a twin, Darlene stated, 'l hate it when a teacher or another person calls me Dana, and we do get confused very often, and it's very embarrassing.' According to scientific data, it was usually a third generation phenom- enon who became twins, and so it was with the BUSSBIIS. Their greatgrand- parents on both sides were also twins. I . fl . - ,H R . .lilly :fx . 5 ,,...lr33l1gSxf:i. Liifistl T l x b l .3 A . iiii XQI lf? K 7 X, x. tai s Y ' is .. 5, ,I x 0 x X Q. W fr .2- 4 V, 5 . Ag, 5 . , xg , ull ,gg 2' . - fi se eeeoee , ' m no ,Q o K ' 1' ' ' A semi! Ddllble the 'FUI1 Despite lOOkil1g alike, FFESHITIZIT TWINS D303 and Darlene Bussell See fh6m5ElVES 85 two dlffefefll' individuals. vanoerneioen, Tfinetfe VaSCOnCell0S, Mafk jif .u ' r ,ei ef ,. , he ... 'foggy ff? rv-mm 'Q ky xx- 4:35 af . , 1 - , it f ff' 4 - Young, wendy VUSLIf, YUSef Z0tti, Mitchell Zuffo, Rosana Zurek, Zofio Vaughan, Mike Vidal, RaChel Vlelfa, Sabrina Vlgl, Dawn ViI1CeHZl, ROUETI Waller, TOI1y WatKinS, RiCh3I'd WeiSS, Debra White, Dana White, Kelli Whitt, Steve WilKlHSOI1,Deal1 wilson, Andy WllliamS0l1, NaI"lCY wlnaeu, oarrm WODQ, BI"lal1 W00dWaI'd, Kenflefh W00lEI'Y, Teleah Worley, Steve Yadron, 11m Yaxtheimer, Tammy Young, Debbie Young, Denise Young, Tereslta FI'eSl1man Class 1 9 Gregory leads CFOWC1 35 AHS ITIHSCOI' Although only an Eighth Grader, Jane Gregory demonstrated positive signs of ambition and leadership. The 1 5-year-old started off her high school years with much success. Unlike many new students, Gregory wasn't shy and became involved in activities. She represented her CIaSS of 1990 as class president and also joined the rally squad as mascot. Gregory was the younger sister of Junior Class President Jennifer Gre- gory who was also extremely active in school. 'l'm proud of herl' stated the elder Gregory of her younger sibling's accomplishments. Although she didn't admit to following in her older sister's footsteps, the busy Eighth Grader Agrella, Ryan AlIamlIIO, Patritk Alonzo, Annette Anderson, Gene Anderson, scott Annunzlo, Alble AFHOIU, JBY AI'f0I13, Jullssa Ath9I'f0l1, Jason A Avlia, Sandra Ball, P3tl'ICI3 mfilef, Ennifef B8fI'0S, SIBCIE SEHIUITIEB, S9303 BEI'i3, Ahh BIFUSOHQ, AI'ith0I1Y Blackwell, Kevin BIa5deiI, Steve Blea, Matt BOWI'l13l1, Carl Btlleman, Chl1S BI'0CKI'I13I1, Tl'IEOU0fE BFIQQS, Eff BUfleI', Chl'lSflI16 BI'0UllieffE, Renee BFOWII, ChI1St0Dl1Ef Br0Wll, Ellsabeth Brown, Marla Brown, Ray Bwngf 190 Eigntn oracle seemed to follow that direction. Gregory was enrolled in college prep course, with leadership and drama her favorites. 'She shows a lot of leader- ship potential for an Eighth Grader,' said Director of Activities Jack Hunt. Gregory's future plans included going to college to become a hospital administrator. As if she did n't already have enough to do, Gregory was also involved in sports. She played soccer for six years and was the right wing for Limited Edition. She has also been active on area softball teams for the past four years. About why she did not pursue her athletic ability at school, Gregory responded, 'I don't have enough timel' ie j . W .ic 6 ws, '45 A3 X f ' Y X . s I , XJ ,ef I .Ad 4, Q J ee , ,- .1 Q ,- 1' 1 .- A X zi- 3- if I xx, X f ,ae iv X . , ' A x Si , s 'Q' Cf, .Q-' f K of . . C..,e,e5 l.eCldel'5hip Taking charge at a noontime rally, Eighth Grader Jane Gregory grabs the microphone to make an announcement. Tillie Ollt Sitting out on the SideIirieS before halftime, Eighth Gfade Mascot Jane GFEQOFY ITIEEIS with KI'iSty D6ZOtt9 and Tammy Statler about their DEI'f0I'm3flC6. - fv- Buchanan, Heather Cabral, Brenda Cabrelas, Catherine Cabreias, Jennifer Carrasco, Jerry Carrasco, Joel rg, I ' Case, Daryl QF iv- Y , ,Cf g h ,gif Castillo, Christina 4 , . 1 Chaidel, OSCBF G!! x. he ras. 'K v . e Chamblei, Mike , Charl, Jeanne Charlebolx, TOI'iy , C , -4 ,Q -ie' 9 e Chimbpky, Donald 4 .5 Q Si J . fi , 1 , at ' Chin, Krissy ,' .. Vynyi Chiovare, Julie X Gement, Heidi C ., Cohen, Danielie E Q-xr Cooper, Brian qua- ,. 5 my Q- ' ,vxf Q f '5 J - Cooper, Jennifer ' A 3 X6 Cortez, John ' C ' , Costa, Laurie Cramer, Debbie Cramer, Mlchele if CrISt0b3l, VWH . . .X eo- an ' 'i R "" ff' CFUITJWEH, Clarence CUIT1mi5KV, Shane CUITY, REHGG David, Benjamin Eighth Grade 191 Davls John Day Robble Delguldlce Wendy Delp Ryan Delzer Davld Dobry lrlna DOUSOH LEBSZ DOI'm8I'l REDECCZ DOUWGS Carmen DFISCOH Shelll DUZFIE NICK DU3ftE Paul Dunaway Hugh Dupree Bllly Dwyer Pablo Dzura John Elghmy Llsa Emery Bnan EFIKSEH DEUOTBH Fan TONY Fefnane NlICl19llE Ferrelra Mark FISNEI' DHIIIIY 'Mx Flsher Klnny Fitzgerald Bnan Flors Andrea Fobrov Donna Fowler Tlm I waz.-M? mf LN f- All RICE enjoys Vafled SDOITS interests FFEIYSS Renee At the age of 1 3 Elghth Grader Ben jamln Rlce has already become tal ented at a varlety of sports Many of these talentlncludlng short stop and pltcher for hrs baseball team forward sweeper and goalle for has soccer team and safety and second strung quarterback on Arroyo s Elghth Grade Football team l enjoy playlng sports because It keeps me ln shape and It s fun belng part of a team wlth all of my close frlends stated Rlce Many of Rlces close fnends have always played a blg part ln hrs athletlc career Through fave years of Llttle League Rlce was on three flrst place teams and two squads that ranked second The boys soccer team The Stompers for whom Rlce has played for elght years has recelved a flrst place flnlsh for sux years Overall more of a team player than a ballhog he llkes to wlntas most boys dol but he enjoys playlng sports and belng a part of the team stated Gln ger Rlce Benjamln s mother Though hrs soccer team has much more fleld presence Rlce enjoyed baseballthemost In baseballlusually get to play wlth Older klds and It glves me more of a challenge stated Rlce The younger of two Rlce has an Older slsterlsophomore Krlstlne Rlcel who IS also an actlve athlete About her brother HE always enjoyed play mg sports for as long as l can re member sne stated " s S ,N ,,, . N. , r 5 T N T , . ,, if ,,,y , ' 1' o J' . . , A - K ' 5 ' ' r' - W .. ' . .of ' - H' ssl-5,1 Whjfbui W e 1:-gsm I N ,A ., fin--- ,,,.gY, jr yy, ' Q H . v I :H V1 lr fe' s5.g.fA.,':,3'- 1 . M- ' - xr " '.'vgv,"i'r'-5-, as 1 1 or ' , My x- 'N , . I , .J l Raj, , , ' - Hia. h K W K 1 . 1' A ' NT' 1 Q . 1 1 - . ' .X fs '2- 1 q ky K e, -' X A- ., . I -K X ij F , . 4 , 5 .1 , 7 , 7 . . iq- 9' T ,hx so f a .., . T ,fl . T. I gg Farlow, Jeff a ' . X S.. X . , l . F , A . ' K I . ,gi Q Q -' . in E f . -i R T, ... . A , fs c F - . W 1 : A . X :kk .. t 5' ' ' f , . Q o 0 - - . . . . , , , I l , . . , I - I I . ' ' I 1 1 - l I , , . I ' - I , , ' I ' - - - . . . . I . . , ' I - - I - - , . . , ' I . , . , , I I A - 1 , . . , . . , . - . I WE' : x page -2 S7 W M , OX 'un . 0 .- 5 Q . Holton Jeff Homen Rubln Hosain Ruth Hubbard, Tlff3nY Hughey Randy Fulkerson, Char Funke, Jeff GZIBS, Sherry Garcla, Laluana Garcla, vlntent Garland, MIKE Gill, Raml G0ld, Jennlfer GOIdb9rQ, Rathel G0nS3leS, Jason G0rlnQer, Tammy Granado, Zylna Greennlll, James Gregory, Jane Grlffen, Jeremy Gurr, Darnen Glltlerrel, Albert Glltlerrel, Y0l3nU3 H3llStr0n1, Denlse HanKinS, Kim H3nSen, J9SSlCa l'len3reS, Denlse Hermann, Natalle Hollman, DAvld Q' Dribbling past an opponent on the Marina field I, Eighth Grader Benjamin Rice races downfreld ',.""'e,, towards the goal. "'f,CK Wf, N O dna Ven wins 3W3l'Ci For the past two years, Eighth Grader Jenny Nordhavn has been twi- rling her way to the top. Since she was three years old, Nord- havn has been a member of the Blue Angels Baton Corps. Her activities in the group have included playing the cymbals, twirling batons, and dressing up as a mascot angel. Nordhavn has also been very active in the color guard. About why she enjoyed the Blue Angels, Nordhavn said, 'You meet lots of people. l've made lots of new friends and lt's funl' 'She'S really dedicated and likes what she does. She's a hard worker,' said Sister Tina Nordhavn. The Eighth Grader practices three times weekly, on weeknights and weekends. Her teachers, Donna Fun- cheon and Jill Dul1Cal1, led the five- member baton group and the ten- member color guard. 'lt's very expensive,' said Nordhavn of her hobby. Costumes, shoes, bat- ons, make-up, and warm-up suits were among her expenses. Nordhavn had no plans of instruct- ing baton groups, but said, 'I want to continue baton until l'm 2'l.' HUDZIKGF, CllflSflI18 HYDES, P3tl'iCK ll'll10C9llZl, Jlll JBCKSOI1, lVllCl18l9 Jarllk, St3C9Y JBFBIB, UIIVEI' Jess, Brian Jew, walter Johanson, Clint JONES, Cathy Kalama, Cheryle Kang, Gena K30I'l0l'll, KSUW KBIIIIOUY, Matt KBIIYOII, Cl1l'lSl.'lll3 Klmmel, 89th Khder, Sandy KDSE 194 Eigntn crane class Striking 8 DOSE at the 1985 national champion- SniDS in lndi8n8DOiiS, Indiana, Eignfn Gl'3d6l' Jenny NOfdi'73V6n d9fnOnSfl'8I'ES nel' winning b3l'On l'Wil'iinQ fOI'n'l. 'rf on if an--ff se' 4, 4 K e-- 9' x fuk' ,, A I 1- Q I Ss as ik -n K at g ,LB s -CN., s D, ' KK W Q K x E s McMickle, Loretta Medina, Bertha Meeks, Michelle Merz, Chas Miller, Matthew Klement, ChTI5 Klegman, Michele Kopter, Neung Kossaclc Hermann Kuykendall, Jllllan KwaK Susan Kwong, Thomas Laffargue, vincent Landry, Ry Langston, Christal Larson, Kim Leal, Jeston Leber, Lance Lee, John LEUTT, Mlllle Lewis, Kari Lewis, Kevin Lewis, Ron Lin, Marcus l.iu, WEjt0 L0ai23, AIDGTIO Lontec, Eleazer Love, Bonnie LOVE, Lon Lunardi, Stacy Lynch, Lakita Lynch, Tracy NIBCGOWBH, Heather Malhor, Ruch Malveda, Michael Manning, James Marples, Peter Marques, una Marquez Mercy Marquez Tony Marshall, Tracy IVl3l'tIl'l, SCOtt Martinez, Monica Matarazza, Ralph Mayes, Shonna Mayor, Jose Mays, Erika Eighth Grade crass 1 5 Millt0ll, larry Mitchell, Mike M0ff3t, Fred M0ff3f, Matt Montelro, Randy Montemayor, Glen Montoya, Brian Moore, Yvette lvloyer, Tlna Nevill, Tim Nordhavn, Jennifer Norman, Ricky olivelra, Gary Owyoung, wendy Padilla, cory Panasewicz, Noah Pashayan, Joey Patterson, Camille Paulson, Josh Pereira, Kelly Perry, Chad Perry, Noah Pierce, laura Pina, Denise Pilllle, Athena Placido, Jeff Poag, Brandy Porras, John Ramos, Andrea Ramos, Romeo MBU, RiCi13I'U Reed, Keith Reed, L53 Regan, Jacob REQBS, Danflie REHIEF, Brian Rexelle, Tony Rh0deS, Phillip RICE, Benlie Richardson, Jason Rldenour, Emlly 196 Eighth Grade CIaSS 5fODDfI7Q OUfSidE S-Hall between classes, Eighth Gfadef Maff Miller IOOKS COf'lfidEf'If enough to do si r an N wr , 5 - ,Ny Af first glance, Eighth Grader Matt Niiiier looked like a rlOrrrlai 1 3-year-old, but as he WaS seen WaiKirIQ down the corridors, it was eViderIt that Miller had cerebral DaiSY, a disease which he l'efl.ISed to let debilitate him. Miller arrived at Arroyo from St. Felicitas, a parochial school in San Leandro. At the Washington Manor school, Miller was a good student who was popular with both his peers and his teachers. About AITOVO Miller said that it WaS a lot easier than he eXDeCfeCi. He felt, too, that his teachers here were SUr' priSed at his iaCK of iirrlita1IiOI'1S. Because he did not let his handicap get him down, lvliller played many sports at St. FeIiCitaS, including CYO soccer. He also played basketball, baseball, and football. BeCaUSe of hiS enrollment in a larger school, Miller was afraid of physical education pro- grams here, but found that his inten- sive sports activities helped him to succeed. Miller was very happy to be attend- ing Arroyo and was hopeful that his academic successes would rival his athletic ones. R0bErtS, Al RODGFIS, Tim ROCk0witZ, Eddie Rodriguez, Michele R0drI9UEZ, Mlthele Rogers, Christina Romero, lose Rosaaen, Joshua Rose, Angela Rosecrans, Casey Ruth, Jennie Sae Jang, Lhda Saltta, Troy Sanchez, Monica Santos, Lisa Saucedo, Jennifer Schaffer, Brandon Schardt, Jodie Schulle, Andrea Scott, wayne Eigntn Grade Class 197 ,Hubbard aims for squad - Soccer softball Hula and high BFE 3 few of the ltelT1S has Hubbard attended Bay Elementary and partlclpated ln the athletic there. She played basketball, ran track. Hubbard has been active in softball the San Lorenzo Bobby Sox for the three years. She has made the all three years as catcher. She also played pitcher and shortstop. tl'lOUgl'lt it looked like a IOt of fun, SO they talked me into playing,' stated Hubbard. 'l'm going to try out for cheer- leading Flext year, but if I dOl'l't make it, I'll try out for soccer and softball,' said Hubbard. 'Soccer is my favorite,' said Hub- bard. 'ln second grade, my friend's mom coached a team and she asked me to play for her! Hubba rd played center forward and center halfback and has been playing for six years. Hula was also a part of the Eighth Grader's schedule of activities for seven or eight years, but Hubbard eliminated it because there 'wasn't enough time! 'I was considering danc- ing again, but when I weighed out the time factors, l realized it was next to impossibIe.' Silva, Chl'lS1Clrla Silva, Claudia Sllva, Steve Simpson, Karina ' Sl0al1, D8VlCl Smart, Ruby ,I 'All of my friends played softball. l . I'lle gOt if R3fSiflQ her' hand eagerly to 8I'lSW6I' 3 QUGSU Eighth Grader Tiffany Hubbard participa actively in a Class discussion. D6ITlOl'lSff'3l'if7Q her' l'6Cf'lI'IiqU6, HUIB DZITCEI' fany HUbb3f'd WBNTIS UD prior to 8 It fl s Sw S0fGl0, Setlna Souza, J0llI'l Spore, Bl'l3l1 SYZDD, Kim Statler, Taml SISQEF, Davld Stewart, Aal'0rl SUHI1, Klm SvDl1le5kl, Robby 5 t N ze 0, ancy Tagiapletra, Cory 198 Eignrn Grade class cfs? Q 375, oto by Berndt l., at gl :ss t ,T s T , se E .. l s Iii!-ULN ani . ,. -. K I 1- Il! , W- ,,Ma ii anvil 5 1. . 1 K' - K ex . . , X. X is r . Q x 1 . if Q- . 5. is 5 M' - 1 ' t..:t r X as , . T 'ii Q' at l 5.2.4 ii . l Q ,,,.Wm-a,. .,,,-W MMM., x,x. we ,,..e.,,..,..-.......-s...,,,,,,,,M N., ...,.., ,...,.. we .,.A WW v ' xv .s W", X, swf 6 x N s x 'X ..xA ..,.... ., 'L-L if T1 Y ra,'s, -K Eight Tang, Raymond Tavare, lll3k'l'l9 T3Yl0I', Sh9l'l'Y Telada, Allda T9lXEiI'8, Jehhlfel' Terry, Robert Thayne, Natasha Thlry, Annlvlarie Thompson, Sandy 11cee, Laurie T0mlCl Ch, Karl Tong, Lyn Town, lvllchael Trlbuzio, Gaetanio Tse, Eileen Tse, virginia Tuttle, Denise Undenuood, Codie Ulloa, Rathel Valenzuela, Denise Valles, Gl0I'ia vasconcellos, Paul vegas, David vierra, Leilani Vigil, SCOtt Villamin, Elaine vogue, warren voyce, Warren Wachtel, Bud Walters, Hope Weiss, Marry westergard, Erlk Whelan, Kenny Whitt, Gina Whittaker, Kad WilliamS, Rlthelle vlnmple, Toni Yadron, Tony Yap, LYZETIE Yarher, Chris Zoggas, Rachelle Zunlga, Jayna n Grade class 199 1 Aclsxllnw BeSt work of liiZGl'2llIUl"S SiYlCE the Bible!' I -The C3fl7OlfC Voice As my venetian blinds filtered the light throughout the boys' bathroom which was converted into my office, I again pondered the question of Wl'lO StOle Arroyo's Red Pride. Difficult cases, such as this, really tested me. The case files were dug out of my cabinet and I look over them for the rl'IilliOrlth time. Maybe I could find a bit of information I overlooked before. It seems that everyone from an Eighth Grade member of the Chess Club to the head of the Varsity Cheer squad uses Red Pride in some wav. Local businesses were invol- ved in the process too. They purchased advertising to the AdS!ll1dGX tune of about 513,005 the staff irl paying annual. I began to Pride a tangible use it more than the indexl, but is it I began to think over fileS in the and Spirit Week. sorted StuderltS otism for the After looking into the events discovered that could be stolen, not nail it CIOWIT suspect. There suspects. ,I l, I, at I, I , , I ,I I ll 3 eg, W3 1113913 .4167 Ax.. XJ AdSfIl1dGX 201 Jbhhd BGIIKS 'I'll ma fl'Y Shawn Cassidy and YOU'll I'I13ITY PBFKEI' SlIEVEI'ISOn!' WE'VE DEED fI'lEI'IdS SlnC6 I Can l'9mEmbEf. l.9f'S Keep if that W3Y 'tll WE C3I1't fememllef. BE good and good IUCK. FI'lEf1US fUfEVEI', Cathy MOSElC8lJiShl vClISify Cheel' I'd IIKE to WlSl1 6VEl'YOI1e OH squad the DESY lI'I U18 fUtIJI'E. Wltl10lIf D3I'tlClD3tlI1Q, l would have really ITllSS9d 0Uf. Th3I1kX, T. F391 AdVel'tiSil'lQ 'l'0l1y AIIRISCO You have really made me enjoy high school over the last couple of years l hope you Flnd the right glrl for you because your really are a 'nice guy! Thallkll, T. FaSh lliCt0l'iCI PCIIIIICI TYIESE Y93l'S have 90119 by i100 f3St, DUI the m6m0I'lES YOU have QNEH US wlll always be OUFS. WE are proud of YOUI' goals and 3Cl1lEV9lTI9f1fS and WE will love YOU 3lW3YS. C0nQl'3tlIl3fl0l'lS, M0m 84 D80 SfClCey 'l'e5l1illlCl You've been a greatfnend to us, but we're glad to finally get rid of you. Ha! Ha! Hope you have success ln everything you do. Lets always keep In touch. Love, Amy, Cecella, 81 Sheree Doug stdflel' CODQTBTUIBUOHS! WE WiSh YOU the DESY of luck lh EVEf'Ythil1Q YOU dd. IVIBY YOUI' future OE filled with h3DOil'I8SS We BFE proud of YOU! Love, Mom, Dad, 81 Tami Ryan COIIIDS You made it thfS fdfg dOI'I'f QW9 UD hOW. YOUI' Dal, Shag Sfd Cey 'l'eShilllCl Th3hKS fdl' the l'h8I1Y DFEUOUS I'I1OmEl1tS th fOU9hOUt thE YEHFS. lt'S D9Eh 3 W0hd9I'fUl 'I7 Y98 YS. What 3 WBY to QFOW! Much h3DDiheSS and IUY! LOVE, M0m 81 Dad TOIII FtlShil1eIl W9 BFE VEFY proud of YOU. D0h't EVEfStODg1IhE b9St is Yet to be. LOVE, Nl0I'h, Dad, Jim, 84 TI'3CY 'l'el"i NOYIIICII1 Nlelllliie I-Opel I COUIUFIT think of two Dettel' people to Sh3I'E the best years of my life with. Thank you for all the good UITIES Bhd the CI'3ZiI1ESS I love YOU QUY5! NlIChEIlE AdVEI'tiSihQ 2 o 3 D15 --' ful if , , RYCII1 COIIIUS -J 'Q -14 , KQQ Congratulations on graduating. You are on L YOUI' WHY to Ulggel' and better We wlsh YUU happlness, 5UnSl'llne, Smlles, and love. l.UVe, lYlal'CUS 81 Mom Kfisfy KUCII1 when l took tllls. YOU Wefe folll' Yeafs old and YOU ,ay wefe 3 Fourteen Yeafs later, YOU are a ,lovely IZUY! LOVE, Dad TO 3 SDeCl3l QUY who has Dflghtehed OUf llVeS. Good IUCK In the future. l.OVe, Nlllie, Eydle, Mlehael, Stephen, almost lmDOff8I'lflYl Stephahle 204 Advertising Villefle viEI'YCl YOU'I'e VeI'Y SOeCl3l to me. l'l'h glad we got fOQefhef. l hODe we l8St fOFeVeI'! The l3Sf year wlth YOU h3S been great, lJUf the l'eSf Wlll be beSt! YOUFS always, Paul HEY, NB., You hh3llY made lt! lefS see hOW UIQ YOUI' Smle ls now! DFOD me 8 line Bffel' YOU become I'lCh and f3mOUS. Your SlS, Pam 5 gf li' ,Y ,Zfgf - izigf Qif ikf , , 'gill Vo' .Sn ,a ' 54541. YOU'VE DEEI1 3 SDECIZI friend to ITIE for OVEI' 16 YEHFS. WE'VE ITIBOE lt U13 fafg HOW WE l13VE DUI' own IIVES to lead. BESt of IUCK to YOU. LOVE GMBYS, S8l1OYlCl1lCKEl1'l'l'l1lSCUltSl Cindy EPDBYSOI1 OUI' fUtUfE VEtEfll'l3fl2ll. COIlQl'3tUl3tl0nS on QI'3UO3flOI1. WE WlSl1 YOU much SUCCESS and l13DDll'lESS. WE wlll always DE l'IEl'E fOl' YOU. Love, Dad, lVl0ITl, 84 SlIEVE BOD Cfdley congratulatlons, son. You finally made lt. l'm very proud of your accomplishments, May your future be filled with success and bring you the happiness you always brought me. l love youl lvlom Michelle Smith COflQl'3tUl3U0l1Sl WE Wl5l1 YOU EVEFY good tl'llI'lQ life holds-Q00d l1E3llZl'I, l13DDlnESS, and SUCCESS. WE BFE VEI'Y proud of YOU. LOfS of l0VE, llll0m, Dad, 81 Linda llllfy LOYOICI YOU ITIBOE lt. COfI9f3tU3ltlOl1SlTl'l3I1KSfOI' UEll'lQ such 3 WOI'lClEl'fUl frlend. LOVE 'Y3, C3fflE 81 U58 Advertising 205 V ,me Betb Stltliledftl Its been nlce h3Vll1Q YOU 3I'OUI1O. Have 3 good One WhEl'I YOU get OUt. YOUI' Ol'Ofh6l', Jaun COHQFBYUIHYIOITS! YOU Call BCCOITIDHSH whatever YOU work fOT. LOVE to YOU WhO made US grand- parents 18 Ye3I'S 390. Love, GTBOODB Y. 81 GI'3l1Om3 Y. Y DCIIIEHE SCISCIKI I met D8I'lEI1E When SHE WBS nlne. She tUl'I1EO out to be 3 dose fdend of mlne. She IS the DES! songleader l'V6 SEEI1 YEL Sh9'S QOI1l13 OE my f3VOI'it8 Ralderetfe. Love, Mary Weber CECGIICI Jeong DCIVICI SCHCIYCIC You've accomplished your first goal. May good fortune and success be with you In reaching Wyshmg you happlness and success in the your future goals Love, future. we know you can do It Dad, Mom, Catherine, 8. Cynthla Love, 206 Advertisements M0m, J0hI1, 81 JOUIE WB' Dtlile Sthtlfdf Well, BSDG, you've finally QI'3dU8t9d! COI'IQI'3tU' l3lSl0I'lS! We've DEED thf0U9l'l 8 l0f f0QEtl1El'. l'll TIEVEI' f0l'Q6t all of the m0ITIEI'ItS we've Sl'l3I'6d. YOU'I'E VEFV speclal to me. l'll 3lW3YS love YOU. Karen BBS! wlshes In the future to 3 deal' Ql'3l'Idd3UQl1t9l'. LOVE, JI-Chan 81 Ba-chan 3 X,,,,....y Chdd MOU' Q, as X CONQFBYUIZUORS, Keep UD the QUOU WUYK. el y we are all very proud of you. NR L I, ' P L 's." I M0m, Dad, Dale, OJ, 84 BUl'lKefS . I, -' " el A A D009 Stdtlel' l'ITI really TIBDDY H1312 I shared YOU SEFIIUF YEBI' with YOU.l l10DE WE l'l3VE ITl3l'lV ITIOFE t0Q9tl1EI' ln the fLItUl'E. You'll always have 8 SD8Cl3l DIHCE In my heart I IOVE YOU. JIII CB700 we wish you all the luck and a very promlslng career. Remember: Always smlle and you have the world in your hand. Love always, Mom 81 Dad Advertisements 201 X Wh.. , ,,,. , ,f SHCIWIICI Qlllgley COngfal'UlatiOnSl WE' VE finally made it! THankS for making my SCHOOI years SO mUCH fun. Our fl'lEnClSHlD HaS a l0f of mEmOflES, all of WHlCH l'll ffEaSUI'E. GOOd lUCk in the future. LOVE, CJ TOQEIHEF WE are and fOgEl'HEI' we'Il al WayS DE. TakE Cal' E and fEmEmbEf the good times With 8 smile. LIS PS. WHOSE HOUSE SHOUlCl WE mEEl' at fOl' f,'HE I' EUnlOn? 20 8 Advertising TOIII GCIIZCIIES TO a VEI' y SDEClal QUy who HaS played a very SDECial Daft in my llfE. l lOVE you! FOFEVEI' yOUl'S, Tina We'Ve had SO many gOOd l'lmeS this DaSf,' yEalZ lknOW WE'll HaE lOl'S mOfE in the fUfUl'E. ThankS f0I' bEinQ as SWEEI' as you are l.OVlng you always, Valerie CIIPIS BECEFFCI Ddflelie 5Cl5ClKi Remember this da y? Fogtans and Biff and Sklp! We'Il miss you next year on squad Good luck and keep in touch! LOVE Elaine, Helena, Kl'lSl'y, ROChelle, and Shelley ' LA . Ddflelie 5CI5ClKi StClCey 1'eShilIlCI Bllffy KUYKEIICICIII Though we SOOn may be faf away, you'll always be close in my neaff. LOVe you all, LiSie Sillldy ROSE True friends COme only once in 3 life- time. Tn3nkS fOI' sharing the past 72 ye8l'S. Lef'S ne3l' it for fne next 12. Remember the good and bad and eSDeCi2lly 'CniCKen'n'BiSCUifS.' Cin l.i5ie Fel'I"eil'Cl We n3Ven'f always liked the same fningi DUI' it won't be the same wirnour you. LOVe 3lW2yS, Mafk Meldliie LOPEZ We finally made if! You have been 3 feI'l'ifiC best friend and n3Ve nelpea my nigh school memOl'ieS Cnel'iSn8' blell lOVe ya! Always keep in fOUCn. LOVe your best friend, Teri 5. IF A Randy M0l'l"i5 DOn't ever give up yOUI' dreams and never leave them behind. Find them, make them yOUl'S. We'I'e SO Dl'OUd of you! COnQl'3l'Ul3fiOnS! LOVE, Cal' y, Lee, Heidi, lVl3I'i3n Advertising 209 Rbdhey 5l'lil1k0 Tl'laI1KS for the ITlEITlOfl8S and all the SD9Clal time we've had IOQEUIE. You ITlEal1 a IO! to me and always WIII. l.O VE 'Ya, Jill Michelle Smith COlIQl'atUlatlOI1SlEQQSl! You've malla it thl'OUQl'l Wlth style. Good luck ln the fUtUl'9. We'lI have I'I1al'lY YEal'S to look forward aI'lCl DaCK OH. I love YOU. DOH Garcia 210 Advertising Meldliie I-Opel HOW proud l am of all YOU are and all YOU do. UVB YOUI' OI'EamS! LOVE YOU, MOITI lNhere have all the years gone? Thanks for the good grades, sports thrllls, and most of all, thanks for belng a wonderful son. You were a joy to ralse. we love you. Mom 8. Dad Al1l1etfe 'l'l'ibl.l2i0 As you leave your 5Ch0OI days behind you, hang onto what you learn and as you enter into your new future, think big and go for it. God GSS! Love, Papa 8. Mama Aflelie vigCll'S HEY, Baby DOH, AFIEHE, its been Qfeat, UBDE. I don't KNOW h0W W9 would have made lt. I d0l'I't know what I WOUICYVE UOHE without you! LOVE :ya ' Chafli l.iSCI 5fClgl1CIYO YOU'VE QFOWI1 iI1t0 3 VOUTIQ lady and WE BFE VEFY DI'0UCl of YOU. We love you! M0m, T0m Robb Pandolfo Randy Morris Jeff Spear Chtld NIOUI This is it you guys. You actually made it You've been wonderful friends, though we've had our differences. Good luck in the future. Don't forget usl f . Love, shannon PCIIII llel'ldYiCkS Mdfid Nef0 You finally made it. l can't believe it. Thank you for all you have done for me. Good luck, Sherry ,, 7 tram' , 'l ' M Nav.: 4 " . 4 I vm L--l v .' ,M Ddflelle 5CISClki 5fClCey 'I'e5hilllCl Let's always remember the old days. Even though we've grown apart, we first helped each other grow up. we've been through a lot. l'll always remember the good times. Love, Buffy Advertising 211 Randy Morris A glfy, a laugh, a tean a pride, al0ve, a son. Thanks for the memorles...yes- terday, today, tomorrow, always. Love, MOM 8 Dad We' ll always femembef OUI' sweet YOUITQ Qlfl, The YEaI'S Q0 by l'O0 fast. COI1Qf'afUlaflOI7S OH QI'aUdafll1Q fl'Om high school Love, MOITF 8 Dad 212 Advertising Kristy KUCII1 Congratulations! Good luck ln the future. YOU finally made it! Love always, Bob, Justln, a Randy W6 af 8 V6fY Dl'0Ud of you! You l'laV6 QFOWD into a WOl1ClSl'fUl VOUHQ man. COl7gl'afUlal'lOl'lSl Love, Mom 8 Dad Mike R0lIChQffe What an EXDEI' l6f'lC6 l ts D660 to walk to the beat Wlfh OUI' Cll'Umm6l'. WE WOUlClI'l'l' ffade YOU fOl' al7Y Ofheli Love, MOM 8 Dad k If , 'w"5' , FQ J .Ska Q if sq 31 4' Uv: , si X Craig Lewis Llfe has lts own rewards and you have been one of them. Love, Mom 8 Dad The years fl'Om tOddIel' to adulthood Seem to D255 in 3 fleeting ITlOITleI7t, but the memOl'i6S Will ISSI' fOl'6VEl'. Love, MOIT1 8 Dad CCIYI Befhdt Congratulations! We knew you could do it. Ha ve a wonderful future. Love, MOH? 8 Dad K. Billy AIIUEYSOII To 8 very SDeCi8l 5OI7g may YOU receive 85 ITIUCI7 love and h3pDil1e5S in YOUI' life 35 YOU have Dl'OUQhf iI7f0 OUl'5. COI'Igf'8l'Ul8l'iOl'l5! All OUI' love, MOITI. Jim, 8 Aflflelia 5 'H .l 5 y X ,Q XXX -,l,,,,., Mike FIOWEPS COI1Ql'8fUl3fiOI151 We afe proud of you. We love you and wish you the Vefy best always. Love, Mom 8 Dad Advertising 213 ' 3 C N The WaldOl'f Pelton Center 155 w. Juana F San Leandro, CA 94577 433-4040 BURGER FACTORY 14900 E. 14TH ST., SAN LEANDRO, CA 94577 "We" ""eY 1415, 483-2311 Q Q J f 3 C N "YOur Complete Video Station" Office Ho Bv Ai ri r i ih 270 4651 "' ALAN M. UNDER, MD. E0 UD AProfessionaI Corporation 0 Tapes 0 Discs I 0 Video Equipment 75 E. 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QUZIIYY WOI'Km3l1SI1ID Palntlng 81 DE'COI'3tII1Q Free EStIm3t9S C4157 278 0505 State ucense 471152 WP' ', Susan Cook 415!357 1339 E ngs 415!537 4331 15032 Fa ns orth St Sa Lea do C 94579 Nlelbdy CIECIIIEYS 15925 FClffl5lNOYfl1 SCII1 l.edl1Cll'0, CA 94519 711 ODBH 24 l'l0UI'S 15651 wdshlhgfbh AVENUE SCII1 l.0l'el1!0 Cl 94580 REE M WORLEY 782 8500 8524 Worley's Interiors I 2 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU L SAN LEANDRO HAYWARD 1976 LEWELLING BLVD 203 IACKSON ST AT THE BAY END ACROSS FROM 351 8524 MOTOR VEHCILE DEPT 538 5328 Q ,S l V ,. I. f , 4 . . -1 ' , N 17' I ic. ' ' f fx W . 7 5 . ! Q - ' ' -A ' f 41' 4 - .gffl ' . 2 v " 'R - 351- 0 ' ' ' Draperies, Upho stering ' E 'sf U p ' 7 J 1, N' W nf" I r w . - n n r , a veni - Advertising 21 7 NC Flllpinolvlaao Rental Reasonable Prlcea 'L ry Q ' ' a ' Gilda s Oriental Food Mart 15287 Hesperlan Blvd . , . San Leandro, CA 94578 F PARKER ASSOCIATES INC 2775 Castro Valler Boulevard Castro Valley Ca ifornia 94546 Business 14151 886-2100 Residence 14153 352-0889 , . 0 eislnde endanl Ownsdan Op td k Roland a Gilda ' THELMA HARRIS Germono ood REALTOR-ASSOCIATE General Mefchandise E hon ' p ty 41 J K A 6 C 0 24 Hour SQNCCQ i Y Chambless Glass Co. 5 ' . ' 'Fl Mobil S8l'VlC8 ' A H-www-iw-s F 'The st name in or hit Desi n' A 4 HAROLD CHAMBLESS A JOHN CHAMBLESS KEN CHAMBLESS 14155 278-nw A Q Q W I For your Future A Emergency, Urgent, and ROUtme Medical Care for Adults and Children 783-4915 A A R U Early Alvl 8. Evening Hours Available DOHHIC1 C. Fink, MD ' 19682 HESDEl'l3l'l Blvd. H205 A Hayward, CA 94541 iBy A Street-Across from Kennedy Park and Festival Cinemasl x J Advertising 219 W HETE YOU al'E with YOU! fll'St set of wheels. Thank YOU for drlvlng me and ITIY ffl6I1US around ln YOUT CUFI'9I1tSEf of wheels. LOVE, Heldl Kfisfi NOCKBISOI1, CCIYOI Pllfffidye, Jenny PHOPIJS Blf, Dada, and FIIDDEF, You QUYS flI1allY made it to the UIQ league. YOU QUYS afE the bestest fl'l6I'lOS a Qlfl can have. Good lucld HaV9 fUI1! LOVE, Marfy we've alWaYS UEEI1 proud of YOU and YOUI' Clean llvlng. Love, Your famlly KIYSCCII 'l'h0l'l'le Kellln Delllelld . Congratulatlons! You have come a long way, and we're proud of you. Thls ls just a llttle message to tell you good luck With love, In the future and keep ln touch! Mom, Dad, sr Jlm Love and frlendshlp always, Darlene 8. Chlppy 220 Advertisements x., Nia-1,1 ,Q Sfelle MOSEI' Thal'lKS fOI' all the rldes eVel'YWheI'e. Good luck lh all YOU do and 'Keep Oh fUhI'Ilh'y dOh't stop fUhI1lh'!' Love and fl'lehdShiD amays, Daflehe Kelly DQMCIYCO Ballet WaS YOUF dream. Overnight sports became eVeI'YthlhQ.COlle9e is I'IOW lh Sight Your fUtUI'e is lOOKlhQ hflght. We love YOU and we're proud of YOU and support YOUI' dI'eamS. LOVe, IVIOm 8t Paulie llil'lCe viefla Hi, babe! I just Waht to WlSh YOU lUCK lh the future. l'm S0 glad we got DUI' ChaI1Ce. YOU'll always have a SDeClal Dlate lh mY heaft. Nth all my IOVG, Chri5tV mi 12 .' 4 . I , . 1 1 l ROCK KIIUPFEY We know YOUI' winning Smlle ahd charm and wit will take YOU far in life. l.OVe, Mom 81 Dad You did I'eallY great ahd l'm very DI'OUd of YOU. HODE YOU get what YOU want OUt of llfe. l.OVe, YOUF SlSteI' Advertisements 221 'I-'EVERYTHING Fon ohday 3 6 'We're experts In clothing care' IVII-Ltldy CIECIIIEYS g C0fIV9l1l9I1t UIWE-UD Wil1d0W f0I' in Cal' SEl'ViCE 6611 BOCkman Rd. Phone 278-1811 San LOFSYIZO, CA 94580 SIA!! I I STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES INSUIANCI . Don K. Callahan Ins. Inc. Auto-Life-Fire P. O. Box 3185 SanLeandro: 357-6142 San Leandro, CA 94578 San Ramon: 820-5858 Q Q 222 Advertising Avenue 94579 e- Mme-,,,P , , . 44 f g,ws,1,I'1g:y,,'f4pWg.f ,WW A my W --4-.f.w.,L.,4,,,,M.3n- 'wif W' M 4 w 14 f wi J' f-JJ 14680 Washington San Leandro, CA 355-3555 Good LUCK Afvwgu Haqu same Sfl.lClel1f5 The fUfUl'E IS VOUFS to QI' OW In 2929 Sellehfh St Berkeley CA 94710 14151841 2052 3 F BeSt WISIIES GYCICIUCTCES ol'0lNl1eCIf FOCUS COIIIPCIIIY 14110 W3Shil'1QYIOl'1 AVENUE SGH LeaI'1dFO CA 94578 4415857-1000 l.Cll1gel1Cl0l"F Bakery jk AUIUUU- High Scluwk AdVEftiSiI'IQ 2 2 3 Cheryl 0'NeCll COl'lQl'3tUl3flOl'lS. I am very proud of YOU. Keep U'Yll1Q ZS hafd BS YOU have been and one of these days al of YOUI' Cll'e3I'l1S Wlll COl'l1e tI'Ue. l.OVe, NIOITI Cilldy BUYY05 The IOY of seeing YOU m3tUl'e lOt0 SUCl'l 3 lOVelY OefSOl'l makes me feel SO good. The loys and SOI'l' OWS l13Ve made US OOU1 QFOW. lVl3Y God lN3tCl'l OVel' YOU fOI'eVel'. LOVE ahvays, MOITI 224 Advertisements ESPEYCIIIZCI Blllly COl'lQl'3tUl3tlOI'lS! To 3 l0VlI'lQ and spedal OZUQH' tel' WOO ls always ll'l OUI' l'le3I'fS. MZY all YOUI' fUtUl'e Ye3I'S brlng YOU l'l8DOlI'leSS BOO SUCCESS l.OVe BMOYS, NIOO1, Dad, 81 M3l'C SBCII1 Aflll5fl'0l'lg You've overcome hardshlps and met challenges to achleve this goal. we are very proud of you. We love you! ' Mom, Dad, 81 Zlggy Allly Megkl You made It! we're very happy for you, even though we're golng to mlss all the fun tlmes we've had together. lvlay you prosper ln life and all of your dreams be fulfilled. Love, christy 8. Dlana CVT' Bmw is ., - l O 5 ff 'i x 5 l E K is gvfywg e,e Kelley GFEEI1 YOU'VE been the SUDSDFFIE of OUI' Ilves MaY YOUI' fUtUl'9 Dflllg YOU BS ITIUCD Joy and DSDDIDGS 35 YOU'VE DFOUQDIC US. COI1Qf3tUladOnS, Kel! YOU'VE made US VEFY DFOUO. WE IOVS YOU, Mdm, Dad, 81 Candy Amy lvleglu KEED UD the good work. WE BFE DTOUD of YOU. Carol lvlarples Love, I WISH YOU ludc and good fOl'tUl19. Through thick and thin, we've femalned best ffiEl1dS. AQZII1, good luck LOVE, Apfll WE KI1DW It's been hafd fOl' YOU the l3St COUDIE of YEBIS, DUIC YOU pulled thfdugh with HYIDQ COlOl'S.W8'I'E VEFY Dl'OUd to have YOU 35 3 SlStEl'. We'lI always love YOU. Don 84 TammY M0m, Dad, 81 ChrISty 'l'el'eSCl GOIIIES I'm really glad we've DECOITIE best fflEI1dS OVEI' the YEZFS. It WOUldI'I't have been YDE Same WIth0ut YOU. I WISh yOu the best of luck In the future. Love and ffl9I1dShlD, ChrlStine Advertisements 225 GARY OSIAS, d.D. ' I SAN LORENZO OPTOMETRY GROUP LEONARD OSIAS O.D. KENTON KERR O.D. Doclors of Oplomerhv 415-276-7080 15600 Washington Avenue San Lorenzo CA 94580 PCIUI S sl-los REPAIR 14157 755-0391 ACROBI FROM KAIIER HOSPITAL. HAYWARD 27045 HESPERIAN BLVD. HAYWARD. CA 94545 N6 4, mb I jk 35 VIRAY ASIAN GROCERY 07098 Hesperuan Brvo Hayward. 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CHENC 563 HARLAN STREETlSAN LEANDRO, CA 94577 FREMONT - 790-1774 EAST BAY - 352-4450 CONTRA COSTA - 932-4450 Q J Q J ACIVEIIISIIIQ 2 2 7 1 r I 1 To 3 VeI'y Speflal SOI1 who l1aS made me VeI'y Df0Ud many times. CODE-lfafUlal2l0I1Sl LOVe, Mom Gini! 'l'l'lOl'l1 The lallgllfel' and l0y are Stlll there, DU! the little girl lS HOW 8 woman. We are S0 Df0Ud! LOVE always, NIOH1, Dad, Kimberly, and Stacey Donna ohnstud Tony Aniclsco PfaCtlClI'1Q QfadUalZl0I'l maI'Cl1 in 1971 Oh Carl Bddme Field? Good lucld Gfandma, Grandpa, IVl0l'I1, Dad, Karen, Ally, and Nita 228 Advertising e Tony AI1iCI5C0 Good lUCK to US, Tony. AUDI D0fIna lCl"ySfCll 'l'l10l'l1e COI1QI'alCUlafiDl1Sl YOLl'Ve C0me a l0l'IQ way aI1d We'fe Dfdlld df yOU. l.0Ve, Nl0m, Dad, and Jlm Alilleffe 'l'l'lbl.l2i0 YOU'fE ODDS! WS time t0 ODEI1 NEW doors and learn DEW thiI1QSt l'ITI VEIY proud Of YOU. YOUI' life HHS DEED lI1SDlfiI1Q tO me. I love YOU VETY lTlUCh . l.8ffY .l0l1l1Cl BCIIIKS W8 love YOU and BFE SO proud of YOU SIWZYS LOVE, Nl0m, Dad, and AI'l'Wl 'l'0l1y AHICISCO DDIIHCI ol1l15fClCl YOU have both UEEI1 8 Ql'E3f50Ul'C9 oflove. lam VGFY DFOUO of each of YOU I love YOU S0 mUCh! Mom and Sister Kil'SfilI El'iCKSelI lKee-boo-teel, Congratulations and good luck ln beauty school. l hope you flnallylea med how to paint nails. Have a great future. Your friend, Tammie cnoare Annette lVl0l'il1g Alwasy keep hope ln your heart and youll never walk alone. We're so proud of you and we love you. Mom, Dad, Bob, Kelli, Donna, Tami and Kitty Cat Advertising 229 f amp BARRY 8L VAUGHN INC DBA 4"'ovr-Wo 15056 FARNSWOFITH STREET - SAN LEANDRO 351-2278 BARBER SHOP 1998 LEWELLING BLVD, JAMES BARRY BERT VAUGHN OWNER P3190 MEAT DEPT. GROCERY DEPT. CLARY CORDERO 35 42 NF, jk f , PORTEIiS MARKET W C Mowers fofAII Occasions ORIGINAL CH BERLAIN A C-gand SYHCTGP3 Tod Knudsen, Manager , C4153 276-2664 Janet Minami 14151581-4400 Deliciously Fresh Candy ' Cards di Gifts 21108 Mission Boulevard Hayward California 94541 15832 Hespfrfi-H11 Blvd- ' San Lorenzo, CA 94580 J Q vie Ii rrar - .ff irrr N uhh ard Er g 1 , 6, , . if-A iirraarr 1rEr1,, ,F raai A 1 , r oN4Nirrrr ,T Earrr, r,16 W to-1.,mhgg KNEW ,,., W 1 J ,Kg L3 U O ERFORMA N C E G 1-in ri A 411 A Street A 5 xl Htlywtlfd, CA 94541 k 1 iii 186-3550 f A 2 3 o AdVErtiSiI'Ig f N f Smile Designs Orthodontics W Jaeger Orthodontics P IA INALE SAN LORENZO. CA 94580 GENERAL CONTRACTOR LICENSE NO. 350102 275 'goo dlflaumice cunso J V L- .- 14155 351-1023 , Q f 5 1 PORKY'S PIZZA PLA CE 1221 Manor Blvd. 357-4323 San Leandro 357-4329 Hand Thrown Pizza Made to your special order, also Pasta, Salads Meat Balls, Garlic Bread, Sandwiches Soft Drinks-Beer-Wine i NO organ music or movies just 5 great Pizzas ful? A , Pasta X Q 1 f 5 Fl.lfl1lfUfelsy5fel'll5f DESIQII FO PROFESSIONAL Q 8 Tommy Thomas STAND UP Y OWNER COMEDY 6 Q -6- 1, Guthrie ' 'A -l-l--1- - f DOWNTOWN PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER 150 W. JUANA SAN LEANDRO, CA. l415I 351-LAFF CONCORD PARK AND SHOP CENTER 1655 WILLOW PASS ROAD CONCORD CA. 94520 14151686-LAFF X x Q C 5 4 ,sf Q . - , . fu f f- 7 -'M S2355 my? ,, 1--.Q 895-5541 f, S. tliqjx as ., -: - ' l' ',' I ? lowers I iw for all l Reasons 1 X 15215 Washington Avenue I ' A 05915 1310 asm. se. Emeryville, cn 541-szzo San Leandm' CA 94577 ' X 7 Q P Q Advertising f 3 gonsfmucfion, dompany il' 4 K . 4 ' 71- Jenny Phipps COl'lQl'aC'UlaflOl7S! W9'l' 6 proud of YOU. ' OUI' lOV6 afld Wl5l'I6S f0I' all good l'l'lll'lQS ll1 YOUI' fUfUI'6. LOVE, M0m, Dad 8 all the family APIEIIB VIQCIYS Alfhbllgh fhls plCfl.ll"e WGS fikeli 17 yedls 090, YOUI' SIIIIIB ls lllif CIS betlllflflll. Keep Slllllllig, be hippy, and we IOIIB you! IIOIII 8 Dlld 232 Advertising WE dOI'l'l' know what YOU WlSl1eCl then, but we Wish the b6St fOl' YOU HOW and always. WE lOV6 YOU Val' Y ITIUCH. LOVE, Mom, Dad, 8 Laurie Kflsfi NlCKel"S0l'l COI'lQl'at'UlaflOflSl W6 are all VEI' Y l3l'OUd of YOU and love you! LOVE, MOm, Dad Scott JD, K all Debble lllllltlllgd QR Babe, glad you made it all the way, if xl and it looks like we will too. Love always and forever, Joe F9 li kg , 5fClCey BYIQQS COl7gl'8l'Ul8l'iOl7S! YOU afe OI1 TERRIFIC GIRL W6 afe DI'0Ud of YOU. MSY all YOUI' dI'68mS be fulfilled MOITI, Dad, KEWH, Jeff, 8 James From then until now, you have made us very proud of you. We love you! DacL'Mom, Monica, 8 Elena COI1gl'3fUl8fl'OI'lS and ITIUCI7 HZDDIITESS and SUCCESS ln the Y63l'S to COITIQ W6 love YOU! Mom, Dad, 8 DENSS L' Thal'lkS for making the laSf three YEBFS SO special. I love YOU. Love, Walter ,www sfellell SOIIISCIK From your first year to now, you have made us so proud of you. Con- gratulations son! Love, Mom, DZCL David, 8 GWYII Advertising 233 5 1 7 1 ,f I-FWIT i, c ff r. Fu Q C N A . IOSTENS Fllllllly FlfI1E55 Cel'lfel'S 1 730 N8fi0I'l8l A VENUE H3 yWal'd CA 94545 887-3145 RICHARD DIX 14152 837-8712 B C I D II CA94 26 CREA O S O E CL SS R S ARDS OU CE E TS D PLOMAS AND CAPS 5- GOWNS Fllil TV Repdif SHOP BODY In sfeI60 SOIIIIII SySfElIl 15100 Edit Ilfh Sfleef SCII1 LBUIICIYO, CA 94518 Bill lwane 276-8404 European RW!! Aviv PAINTING 1 SPECIALIST , ev Erlclnouye ' J E M-AMEDA cAsTno VALLEV 2405 EAGLE Ave 3142 cAs'rno vAu.Ev aLvD. qv an A new W Scholastn D 115 I O 5 R F Fl G , W , A Q J C N i ze, X X - , J A 14151 581-5353 14151 521-1570 jk J WASHINGTON MANOR CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC Low Back Pam Neck 0 Whlplash and M1dbaCk Cases ALSO ACCEPTED Job IIIJUFICS Workmans Compensatlon Medx Care ev., Y, J' SPECIA LIZING IN TREA TMILN T 0F Auto Accldents ' Insurances 1241 Manor Blvd fl San Leandro qr' rn ofmafw 2 If fm nh Dr John W Dan1ClS Next to Porky s Plzzaj - . 1 ll . . . . . . C A , , P 4 I -0 .r .. . .fc V . A., . 4 AUVEITISIHQ 235 l RIIOIICICI ASKEW YOU'VE COITIE 3 IOIIQ WHY. WET9 bOth VETY DFOUO of YOU Good luck and h3DDiI1E5S always Love, MOIT1 81 Dad M"""'rr O fa f W icy ' ,555 fL: 'i9 if ff 1f"'3v lf ,, , Congratulations on all you've accomplished. We 're very proud. We 've enjoyed watch ing you grow into a warm, lovlng personfwe wlsh you success, happiness In al you do. Love, Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma 2 3 6 AdVEI'tlSiI'IQ YOU'TE IUST 33 sweet BS YOU WEFE fhEI'l! Gfeaf Glam Sh9Dh3l'O Amy 50 Mdlihd Tillig Ritk CHO COI1Qf3fUl8tiOl1S! Good IUCK ln U18 future. RElTl8l'llDEI'YOU'llI19V9l'D9 HIOIIE WHEFEVEI' YOU 90. WE'll always love 8nd support YOU. Matthew 5:16. UC, Greg, Betty, Albert, CGCEHB, Nlkan, Steve, DBOIEI, ZOO Stan CCIYI Befhdf' YOU HBVE been 3 VEFYSDEUBHJETSOI1 in mY life and I Want to WISH YOU the VEI'Y best IH the fUtUl'E. LOV9, Gfalldma 'Q' nl COl1Ql'3tUl8lfl0l1Sl YOU are VETY SDECl8l to US. LOVE, MOITI, Dad, and N303 lSSlSlyg 1 ,l ltnsg M. ,' , K Sf LV k y S! s , y nan clark, Jr. V XN Wwe: Diana Nielll0ellef You flrlally made lt! W9'VE been thr0LlQh 3 l0t Wgefllel' BDU l ll0DE we stay fllEI'lLlS f0fEVEl'l MBV al YOUI' fllfufe dl'E3lTlS COITIE true. Liz yg Love always, pp Your frlend Llsa lt's off to college and a bright future for my lovely daughter. lllmat fun lt's been watthlng you grow. Thank you. love, Mom SCIIICIY Rose Wll0 GISE? NEVEI' 2 dull moment. To know S3l'lClV is to love l1EI' BS l UD. l could DOY be prouder. You' fe the QI'93t9St! Mom Sillldy ROSE My grump sls, well, its your turn to go out lnto the world and face lt. I wish you lots of luck! Love, your best friend and grump sls, Janlse Sklong Advertising 237 5 3 6 F ' uw? ! ALL-AMERICAN CYCLERY - Sales - Repairs - Parts - Services L , R Open 7 Days Ahixlqfek 340 B Fair a ex San Lgandro. CA cf Visa - MasterCard , -' 14151481-1115 'Trucks and accessories 'Electric Tools Q9 'Floor Care Equipment ' 0 I 0 ,Paunnig Equlgment A fllll lllle of lllllfllpeell, ffeelfyli, 8 BMX blcyclel, Plumbing Equipment ,I ,,,,e,,,,.,e, 'Automotive Equipment Q 'Concrete Mixers and Plaster Mixers 'Air Compressors and Hammers f 'Asphalt Equipment ' 276.3030 Congratulations Class of '86 Nfwlffm- Fl0l'e5tCI CIGCIIIEYS 'Alrless Paint Sprayers :QPF 5P':""' l5740 Hesperian Blvd. aes' San Lorenzo, CA 94580 .ii 14815 W3Shil1Qt0n AVENUE SBHUFB Gaskill ,..-- - 1- ' ' 'A ' , M- I3 5" San L63I'Idr0, CA 94578 14155351-5841 ' A vu: "Ma e ff-C 1 , BOD HSIIEI' K Q Q ' 5 5 C , ff ilputrlck b H , :num o J, i 8993115 RICHARD L.. WYCHE VICE PRESIDENT 955 KE N DY STKE T GE ERAL MANAGER p CA 94505 O L D OPERAT S 14151 436 5350 Q Q C 3 wogoen mx 'A fsir 5 3121111111511 ,Qi Uu152Ls1'i1as1s.f JACK YOUNG ITT C B, ' C - 1 'V i Q U Q Q 238 Advertising X 24 gqgug SERVICE OFFICE 14153 352-3515 HOME 1415, 357'-9283 Vending l Complete Line of Vended 81 Office - Coffee Products ' ,, A P. O. Box .321 John W. Bumann San Lorenzo, CA 94580-0521 Manager' William Shear ASSOClat6S ll'IC. Richard C. I-lltchcock Prolect Dlreetor 415-481-2082 sox use MIII valley, cn saaaa Grove Way Auto Sales 21515 MISSION Bllld l'lCIyWCll'd A 94541 14151 351-3077 Open 7 Days FARIA BROS INC General Hardware Industrial Supplies Open Sundays 10-5 Manuel Faria 519 Manor Blvd. Frank Faria San Leandro John Faria Ca. 94579 fs . -f 0 PFGASUS PRODUCTIONS '4 Pegasus Mobile Light St Sound DISC Jockey EI1fEPCUll1lilQl1t Dried 8: Tied f flowers and Gifts A l4'l5l 581-8700 Castro Village Shopping Center ' 79- - 20633 Rustic Drive 7 Castro Valley CA 94546 Ru1mhTuhle SAN LEANDRO P95-2507 hid' Q SAN LEANDHO 278 3002 B yt M Sh pp QC l5960H D0llnBld SAN LORENZO 276-4792 V llaq BIIIB IIIIQII marching uma SUI! LOFBIIIO Relgllllig 1985 CdIlF0l'l'lld Sftlte Cl'lClll1lll0l1S DGCIICCICECI to BKCBIIBIICB In IlClgBlll1tl'y No 6Xp6l"l9l'lCe I'leC6SSal'Y. COYTIE make FIGW friends learn a NEW talerlt travel arid COYTIDETG. openings In Drum and Bel corps Color Guard and Baton Corps For more Info call Dawn at 218 0815 ., , C ' Q Q f 5 6 X V :ttf 'J sa K . . 41 f C it 'll ,379 1- n' I L 1 X Q Q f A C IN M 1359 Washington Ave rg, I' ' 'ga' ' San Leandro Plan I uw , Jq' y 5 I' qw F 222 a air all o IH unter S63 - . es 1 v t San Lorenzo t 0 I I O O O 1 ' 9 Q ' Advertising 239 Lisie Feffeifa Yuu've come a long way.Congratula1ions! Love, Kim -l0Cll1l1e nerieg MiChelle l'lCll'l'Gll Th3l1KS f0r all U16 good tim9S. Good IUCK In whatever YOU b0th UECIUB to d0. Fl'i6I'ldS amays, Cl1ErVl, Kl'iStiI1E W6'I'9 DTOUG of YOU and WE love YOU. Unde Ken and HONEY Lisie Ferreira BUFFY KUYKGIICICIII lv D IA, a I couldn't have asked for a better sister. flgfyoffoyandacha"e"9eV0u E een W Vs congrarularionsanumawrnefuturenomgrear ' Love' for YOU. Mom and Dad 103 I 240 Advertising YOU'Ve been 8 SDeCl8l Daft of mY life these DESY two years we have S0 m3l'IY DfeCl0US memories to IOOK DBCK OI1. BeSt of lUCK ln the fUtUI'e, CUtle. l love you! Joanne Mike Rdlldheffe Nlem0I'leS are made to last 3 llfetlme. AIWaVS, LlSiE YOU lT1USt have been 3 beautiful DBDY 'cause, UBDY, look Bt YOU now! l love YOU ZMBYS, David if Sfelle IWOSEI' Congratulations, Steve! Frlday nights were alot of fun and full of mEm0rleSthat we will always treesure. we nope that our friendship is never endmg. Best of luck in your future. LOVE 'ya, Shawna and Cetelia Dllilid CUIIGO Til!! N0l"dSfl'0Ill YOU'Ve been friends 3 long time. lVl3Y YOUT fUtUI'eS be filled Wlfrl laU9lItel' and lov and COI'ItlI1Ued friendship. LOVE, The CUl'Ie0S gl The N0fOStl'0mS Advertising 241 F, 3 C Qaws , crriuismp eq- ,fr .. M-- ,, . X ',.',' surf' Manor Travel C4151 351-0822, 917 Manor Blvd. San Leandro, Ca. 94579 Bert 8i Sue Vaughn Kermit 81 Bucky Kerr Q C Linda Cravalho Marina Faire Shopping Center mir rr... BUSJ 4415, 2766288 13828 Doolittle Drive "Your Good Neighbor Agent" San Leandro, CA 94577 'Hmmm .Fresh Food to Goh JERRY WILLIAMS 351-3003 'Great Tasting, 'Non-dairy frozen dessert: 'No choles- 7-g?,Lk?:s:r2?gz3g1C:,pping Cemerrr terolg 'No lactose, Come in for a free sample. "Finest San Lorenzo, California 94580 Herbs and Vitamins Guaranteed Pure" Sandwiches and Salads. Q Q Q C 3 C I In O T H E S D0'V"N0 S Cake 8r Cookie Co. 810 81st Ave., Oakland Ca. 94621 C4153 569-2323 GO ARROYO! CLASS OF '86 130 Ryan Industrial CT. Suite 200 San Ramon, Ca 94583 C4157 820-4911 Q C ' Gave Call us. Ky QQ Q- O GG North San Leandro San Lorenzo L NAOX 351-3301 481-0114 Q 14153352-1441 South San "ea"d'O 1269 Bockman Road 14950 zeima Street, san Leandro, CA 94579 357-0590 939 Manor Blvd. Menu G ,L C-- Q 'J Q 242 Advertising Van s Bakery Famous for Decorated Cakes Fine pastries and Cookies Old World Specialities San Lorenzo Village Shopping Center 527 Paseo Grande San Lorenzo CA 94580 44153 276-4505 FREE SHAMPOO CALIFORNIA CUTS ltr,t WITI-I DESIGN out FOR MEN AND WOMEN 1348 Bockman Road San Lorenzo CA 94580 MON.-FRI. 9-6 SAT. 9-4 No Appointments 1415, 276-9609 rw 4 ,. f-:Et LEWELLING FLORIST U giant ' foweu 3709 Castro Valley Blvd, 18030 Hesperian Blvd. Castro Valley A CA 94546 San Lorenzo CA 94580 Bob s Union Service 14999 Farnsworth Street San Leandro California 94579 Calif. Licensed Smog Check - Tune Up Expert Lubrication - Wheel Alignment Complete Brake Service - Air Conditioning ,:,, ,Vffl-. C Phone 582-4667 351-0834-276-7141 Robert S. Lyon First Baptist Church 14797 Farnsworth San Leandro CA 94579 Phone 351-1325 5 C Q Q 5 C ff 'L N' K E' ev, 5- f Q X e f 3 L 21 5 f is I , Eli as I, f its 14151351-9939-895-5420 H AE Ln 9 H Q Q 7 Q 5 K A Marion Pryfogle Paster Home 351-7879 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 86 1 ' I SCIIEI SEYVICE 4. 4 LEON R. RUDNICK, M.D. A ' K , A PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION U ' - 6 7 ' F , My M ' S N DIPLOMATE AMERICAN BOARD OF FAMILY PRACTICE 4 A ,U ,W Q3 , - l'lt""" 15600 w I N A E.. s Lena 1 . CA 94530 - . """ T .t Jw.. ,, , "L ' 'M-ll I Q ff' . 'X Era , ' f ,,.. 5 if -'ft 5' -' If A 276-79:50 :Q Q iii:-1 Wiki. OFFICE I-IouRs IF NO ANswER. CALL 3 -- , ,t.I , BY APPOINTMENT 352-7801 SHOP 15215 WCISHIIIQCOI1 AVENUE 559-8961 SCII1 I-BCIIIKIPO, CA 94519 A X 7 Q Advertising if ROCI shiliko ROI1 lllgebfe Congratulations to our sons. Good f5Ol1 luck and best WlSl1ES for a Uflght and l1aDDY fUtUl'9 fOI' the Entire Class of '86. LOVE to all, ROO Sf. al1O Linda Shinko K l'i5ty KUCil1 I'ITl really glad OUI' fI'ieHdShiD H85 held UD, YOU'l'6 8 Qfeal' ffiend afld WE have had SOME F631 good WE are SO proud of all you've aCCOITIDllSl1Ed and -WE know that YOU will aCCOmDllSl'I SO much mOI'E. LOVE, Dad, lVlOI'l1,aI1Cl Matt Gllfy LCIFIEIII' YOU are a fine YOUI19 man. I KI1OW YOU will OVOTCOITIE all the Qflef in YOUI' llfe and flI'lU SUCCESS and l1aDDll19SS. WE are proud to l'laVE YOU as a friend. ROSE, Hefman, KEVll1, Ken times. I will cherish the memories. DCIYIEIIE sClSCIki Love 'ya foreven Annette 244 Advertising Hl, Sweetie! Thanks fOl' Deiflg a Qfeaf friend GOOU IUCK always Love, Stacy DOUQ Sfilflel' l'IT'l glad that we've been fI'lEI1OS for SO m3HY YE3l'S. YOU and YOUI' f3mllY have helped me lI'l ITIZHY rough UITIES. Tl13l'lllS! T. Fash PCIUI GCIYCIIIEI' I never though I could Iove someone as much as I love you. I'II never let go because l'II never stop Ioving you. Love, Valerie GCIPY I-CIFIEUI' YOU'V9 8lW3YS OEQI1 3 OEFSOO to IOOK UD YO. Good ILICK in CDIIEQE, Gfeg .IUI1iOl' DEHOYOS lt SG6mS like OI1lY YESYE fCl3Y'Ch3t YOU WEYE OOITI and OSTG YOU BFG QFZUUBUIIQ. Wl'IEI'E has all the time gone? Good luck In college ZOO all YOUI' future endeavors. LOVE, NIOITI 84 Dad It SEEITIS like Y9St9l'U3Y YOUI' mOlZl1EI' and I enrolled YOU and GBIY ln tlI1YtOfS. OUT lives have CUSFIQEO 3 lot. ODE thing that h3Sl1'lI'l Wlll 3lW3YS OE UEFE for YOU. LOVE, C3nOllNlOml l.8FlEUI' Advertising 245 N f ,.,N Full Service Eye Care B E N I S X Open weekdays evenings and Saturday l ' ' J CLIFFORD WRIGHT o D BAKERY illii As22fs:f:s::,:2a122:1'eN 1 U , FAMILY HEALTH CENTER 3336 Village Drive 15061 E. 14th STREET Castro Valley CA 94546 538-0823 1 SAN LEANDRO, CA 94575 14151 481-2121 Specializing in Custom Cakes J X 1 W1 1Bec1cwiA n1iDinue 1 11 A TA ,VVV 4LL P. 17 H pe- Bl d 16695E 1d14111s1 COSMETICS, GIFTS PHOTO FINISHING11. A, vt 2759853 . . . - E 1' : f .Pr1a1ri1aE Open 9-7-Daly-Sal 10-2 - V7 , V' ,-'?.,,-sin b lqIyC1osLQ1j1Jnday ,P gf -A fl 11,,,--- i' 0 on 5 278 203702357 576 11 fn 1294 BOCKMAN RD , ' l I I 'i,' Q '.'i Ted 8: Beverly Hoyt L A ",. 20550 ' B 4 3015 Hopy 11131 a 1e jk so e 11152 ooo 9 vioeo new-rms fao S200 3 o AUAY' VHS BETA my VIDEO LASERDISCS Vid 0 Rellblutibll IIAYWAR 20948 lVli5Si0l'l Bllld. 1353 Wdshihgtbh Alle CC reeksiue Center! tsan Leandro Plazuf 4s1 zsso D SAN LEANDRO C . , 41416 149 U"'Qgl' f1 V' i 'El I 1x lea! ll 'R lk4L1X1m5?5 ' 519152 X,'11D'lil1Q' ,.,-. 1 1 0: 195:41 1, -u 111.151-1 - 1 - - 1 1 Q A K 6 'lar -gpg' O ' ' ' . ' 11.3 1 1 , iq 1 1 30 es nan v as 1' San Lorenzo. CA San Lean ro CA - 0 0 VV- 276-9884 4 H Hg 1 4 " swfe 970111, sane-55111110-4 13 ,L 1 ef House CUFFE S nb: , 1 '1 h "ix ' 2 ,. 1-'...e C S rl , un n I if f 5 1 vie. ' Af 1'1' .' ' , 1 ga' 11 K l x Uri sslon lv ar V 'O 'fs' -' ,Q urge ' ' ,, lx HWWHI' CA Pleasanton CA luke' 1 ,Q ", ' , ' ' 41 Y F v 4 'UNL 4 'Y-I 1, A, 7 1 ia' I 3 L s lx . , I U in P I rf, 'wr 'll Lk , 441 Q 1 O C 0 O N -2 O O 4 P Q B 5 9 ' 1- 0 K 1 -., 3- ll 4' 1 1 246 Advertising Dreyer s Grand Ice Cream Af Qi DREYERS GR 5 I 1 I gl K. 3 ' 1 H -2. 1 i A . f + XX I 0 COHQI'EItUl3tIOI1S to the Class Df '85! Advertising 247 Still talking on the WOnd6f' YOU never QOZ' YOUI' nOn'l6WOl'k done. C Ongl' atulations! We love you! Dali Mom, K VftO, Jf. " ' ig 'QM . V ee OOO Q 5i 4 so 4. K 4 5 'X X an Kelly fflpletf It SEEITIS like Y9S'l'6l'd3Y fl' Om then Unl'ilnOW. lam SO proud of YOU. lOnlY WISH YOUI' dad W6l'6 here to S66 YOU. 248 Advertising LOVE, MOITI RHOHCICI ASKGW YOU ha VE been fnefe fl' Om the begin' ning YOU I' eally know the l'Ul' mean- Ing of friendship. OUI' ffi9nClSnl'D ls SOI'n6l'nfng I will always Cn6nSf'I. ROChell6 Kll'Stll1 EPICIKSGI1 OUI' baby KifSfin! LOVE, Mom 8 Dad LCIIII SCIHCIIEZ Thanks for making my high school years the best they could be. Good friends are hard to come by, butl was lucky enough to find the bestl LOG of love, Uzzy .IQ fe 5 rf 'Ci' COI1gl'8l.'Ul3flOHS, P8Ul. We WlSl7 YOU all the best in life. We know YOU'll succeed lf? the fUCUf6. LOVE, Dari MOITI, 8 Cindy 'fllll Nbfdsffblll AS OUI' fll'St Qfaudafe, we 3l'9 VEVY proud of YOU afld YOUI' BCCOITI' DllSl'lm6fIf5. LOV9, Nana, AUl'lfl6, 8 Uf'lCl6 Gal' Y Mlchelle .lbllllette Mlchelle REPOSE RHOIICICI ASKEW 'l'el'eSCl GDIIIBS Chl'l5fll'le Beggs All of YOU afe mY DSSI' fl'l6f7ClS. Good luck ln the fUfUl'6. MEY all YOUI' dI'68mS COIT16 true. LOVE alwa YS, Kirstln wr, f CBCEIKI 16009 Amy 50 Sheree wlllig You fl1l'66 have made mY Y68l'S at AITOYO the greatest. Now W6'l'6 finally going to break 8W3Y afld lOOK fOl' OUI' successful fUl'Uf'6S. Good lUCk, QHITQ. llOV6 YOU all. SIISCEY - . X 1 L L ' LW April cn-Item COl'lgl'8fUl8fl0I'lS, April You've made lf! We love YOU! MOM 8 Dad Advertising 249 Each Rod Carpet Office Is lndependenlly Owned A Operated A 5 f 1 na 'ii are RED CARPET' CINDY AGUIAR REALTORAASSOCIATEQ Red Carpet Realty 21925 Foothill Blvd. Hayward, CA 94541 Bus, 14151881-0400 Res. 14151357-4751 JS Black Hzllr Gold - Pulfar - Caravelle jeweler 483-9411 WA TCH zmdjElVELR Y REPAIRS 933 MANOR BLVD. SAN LEANDRO CA 94579 Ed Brinkman - ' 5 C , , N Dgnjlng 5 Congratulations Class of 86 Plzzu Castro Valley Pet Shop 'T' "5" An old fashioned pet shop che can Us with just about everything ese 5536 5142 ...including customer service! 2520 Castro Valey Blvd. 1 topping ss.11 48'-o114 581-3085 Castro VBIIBY, CA 94546 scopplnss 51.811 510.94 4 """""'9s 5854 5""2 Mary Montgomery 5 toPDIn9S 59.49 513.29 san Lorenzo Richard Montgomery 112 s. 112 56.95 59.11 1269 Beckman Rd. Q Q 0wf1efS l 259 Advertising K . .F -wx 2 s My-F6944 nnqaom-au' 3 " if , e Xu ' by Q an . r A sa ' 5- ,gjwx X. Q , '--uh 3 I .- K i n , O' .ff fm' r , . - r .Q , 'df' eff' at r Q - QA Q' lyk " sb 5. xg-xt. K R.. K xv K t - 5 h .rf lf, - f" .yr X, ' ite . . t it Y . . 1 sf M ,W Y X o QF. Qi 1 X BX? 5, R Thug 92,1 we tug? J I S s risk. Q' N1 fi? QQR CUTIE DICIUTE! I DUt it ih ahd YOU made if. COhQf3tUl3tlOl'lS and QOOU luck with EV6fYthIhQ. lCl'i5fi NiCkel'50l1 We finally made it! CBN YOU belleve it? We've I'88llY made OUf senior YEBI' the OES! if could belwho CHFES how much UOUDIE W9 got iI'lfO7? FHEDOS f0I'EV9I'. D0da MiCl'lCIel VCIIES You've made my senior yearthe bestl love you. FOFEVEL Kl'lStlI'lE 252 Auvertisino SUICEFEIY, RODUE HitChCOCK Ylelidy GOIISIIIIIES COHQFBYUIBUOHS! YOU made lt thl'OU9hf'fOUf YEBFS of high SChO0l. All that 6ffOff for six Y93I'S of COlEQ9.l ZITI proud of YOU. LOVE, Sherry Vicki PCIIIIICI l.i5Cl FfeClefiCk50ll To myu two graduation 'daughtersf you make us laugh at the things you dotespeclally your harm. Make the most of your future and friEl1dShi p MOI11 Bhd DBO PCIUI Sfllflll Ihanks for all the wonderful memories of your childhood. We love you. Nlom and Dad Y O Jeff Spell! It Seems yesterday YUU Wefe 3 and starting 5Cl'l00l and tOmOl'f0W YOU'I'9 Qraduatlng. rm Vefv pfolld ofthe flne man YOU K"i5tY "'Un59n have turned into. l love you, som Mom COl1QI'3tUl3fl0l'IS, 'PUmDKll1.' W8 BFE S0 proud of YOU. LOVE, lVl0m and D30 .IOI1 Blllllgllfliel' 1 Behind are memories of your childhood, ahead are dreams of your future. We share in both wlth you. Love, Nlom, oennig and Shannon Debbie I-limango Sandy Ruse l'm S0 glad that WE'V9 OECOFTIE the best of fl'lEl1OS fl1lS YEBF! I l1ODE OUT fl'lEfIdSl1lD HEVET dies! Good luck to lJ0tl1 of YOU ln all YOU UO. Love 'Y3 lots, Kelley AdVEI'tlSlI1Q 2 5 3 Ndflllle COPPCI If 3 mptllel' WHS to pI'8Y f0l' 3 peffellt, adorable baby girl, G0d COUId DIESS her with 'l'm itl' Just fememllef, lltlfle Une, lt'S DOC QU3l1tllZY, Nafelle, but quality. l.0Ve, Mpm REX Reddick To 3 Vel'Y SpeCl3l peI'SOI'l. YOU'Ve made US pl'0UCl. .lilll Mdl1Clli5Cly C0l'lQf3tUl3lIl0l15l May the fUtLII'e YOU pUI'SUe open 3 W0l'lll of SUCCESS 3l'lCl lI3ppll1eSS. OUT fl'lel1dSl1lp me3l1S 3 l0t to me. Good lUClil Fl'leI'lC.lS always and f0l'eVel', VeI'0IllC8 Pefel Ndfillie COPD!! YOU'Ve been 3 really Ql'e8lZ friend and YUUHQEI' SlSfef fp me. Happy Bll'tl'ICl3V. Have 8 happy P'l'l on Grad Nite. LOVe, Sis, LlSa Kfisfy KUCHI LOVE' Congratulations! I am very proud of you. Mom and Jeffv Continue to strive to be the best you can be. Much love, Colleen 254 Advertising and md JEFF BPCICIY YOU have always been 3 IOY ahh 8 Dle3SUI'e to YOUF f3lTlllY. we BFE VefY proud of YOU. COhQf3tUl3tiOhS! ' LOVE, M0m Bhd D30 GCIYY I-CIFIEUI' It seems like only yesterday we held you in our arms We are and always have been very proud of you. Nlay your future hold for you all you deserve. Love, Mom and Dad MIKE SOIIIIIIEY I fememhef when we were little. We'Ve QI'OWh UD BIFTIOST 85 hf0thefS. A IDI has happened YD l'.l0th of US SihCe theh. IWIII fememhef YOU fOf 8 IDFIQ time. GBTY f YOU l'h3l'l'Y 8 fat Chllik With fl0Ul'eSCeht clothes, you die. Have a tasty life. RYBI1 Ntlftllie COPDCI lt'5 hefep YOUI' l8Sf Ye8l'. SWeel'CheeKS, be 35 bossy ESYDU WeI'e WZY back when. It will QetYDU fhI'OUQh life. YOUTE l'leVeI' alone, dOl'l't f0l'Qet. LOVE YOUI' SeCOhCl mOm, Cher Advertising 2 5 5 Melllliie LOPEZ T0 3 VETY speclal O3UQhtEI'. COHQTZYUIBUOOS. Hope YOUTE 3I'OLInCl forever. where's ITIY tank 1ZOD? LOVE, TOFFY and SUE NOFITISI1 wendy Cdhllell COHQTBTUIBYIOHSUJOIO to YOU and mel! I Want YOU to know that YOU BFE the OESII fflelld BDYOFIE Can h3V9! DOGSHT U15 SBHUMEMBI QBFOBQE QFOSS YOU OUV? LOVE, SOEFEE 2 AdVEI'tiSiI1Q Michelle Sllllth Lisle Fel'l'eil"Cl Gilld SCIIICIIBZ lVIiChele I-ltllfell .IOCIIIIIE Defleg Melllllle LOPEZ Thank YOU fOI' OElI1Q such good frelnds HODE the good tlmes d0l1't end wlth gI'adUal.'i0I1 6000 IUCK ln the future. LOVE, TEH NOfI113l'I 'fefi NOPIIIUII COnQF3fUl3U0l'lS to OUI' flfSf QI'8I1OChlld to QFBOUBYE. To mY f3V0flf9 HIECO WOO WHS mY DBDY and QFEW UD to OE 3 Oeit fl'lEl1U. Bob and Gl'3l'ldm8 Charlotte Auntle Berta Al1l1effB Trlbuzlo Babe, l am so nappy we have shared our love together. The memurles wlll last a llfetlme ln my heart May God bless our love. l love you! Forever always Larr Sally vidlluffi COhQl'afUlaflOhS! YOUI' famllY ls VEFY proud of YOU and YOUF aChl9VEm9I'llIS. AS YOU embark Oh the fESt of YOUI' life, Femembef YOUI' tEaChlhgS and close the thOUQht of all thOSE that-love YOU! lVl0th9f lIelCIlIiE I-Opel Thank YOU fOl' these 17 years WE have Sl1aI'EO with YOU. We aI'E VEFY proud of YOU. Enjoy EVEFY OaY ffOm lZhlS ClaY fOl'Wa TO. LOVE, Grandma and Papa DCIYIEHE SClSClKi Li5ie Fel'l'eiYCl 1'l1el'eSCI Yilll Buffy Kllykelidtlll TO a fabulous foursome WhOI11 I've known for many YEal'S. l WlSh YOU all the SUCCESS and love fOI' the fUtUI'E. LOVE alWaYS, StaCEY - ferr, .- -3, em -, l , . -. .- . ,,:::f. I-Clffy BYEYIICII1 From kindergarten through now as you graduate, we're proud of you and all you've achieved. Mostly we're proud of you being just you. Keep up the good world Love 'ya, Mom, Dad, and Bev MCIYICI P0tESfi0 You are a great friend and always will UG. W9 have had a Qfeaftlme which we'II HEVEF f0I'QEf. Good IUCK in the future. LOVE, Jill I-lOVEl'tlSlhQ 2 5 7 Daniel Pfyfbgle l'm glad l got a chance to become good frl9I1OS with YOU. YOU are SD9Clal to ITIE. Good luck in EVEfYthlrlQ YOU OO. COhQratUlatlOI1Sl Love, Erin You're a StUO..h0, olg later. JON and Jeff Jeff and JOI1 N9V9r change. 0rllY QFOW richer in the fine ClUalltl6S of YOUr hatUr6 YOU have h1al1lfEStEO frOm the bEQlrlI1lI1Q.YOUr father 258 Advertising Stelle Wright l'm glad weve OECOITIE better frl9r1dS Good luck lh college. YOU OCSENE the best COI1' QratUlatlOhS! LOVE, Erirl ThOSE WhO for r8aSOhS of their OWU have rlOt permitted themselves the ODDOrtUhltYtO know YOU will 90 OI1 in life having rl'llSSBO a h'IOSt delightful and faith restoring EXDEHEHCE. A Prlvileged Father RHOIIUCI ASKEW Kelly DEIWCIYCO MClYgCll'efG0l1ZClle2 We h3Ve lots of meITIOI'LeS In OUI' he3ffS and YOUI' fl'Lel'lOShiDS will always be memorable. Life couIdn't have QLVEI1 me better fI'iehOS than the three of YOU! LOVE and frIEndShip, ROCh9llE Rbbeff MOIIYOB We are VeI'Y proud of YOUF 3CCOI'T'lDliShmehtS, SOO. Good LUCK in the fUfUfe BOO femembel' we love YOU. LOVe, Ed, NIOm, Pat, and Diane Kifsfill EPOCKSOI1 Rdchelle Bblllighy YOU'Ve m3Oe ITIY high school Ye3fS SO SDeO3l! YOU'Ve Oeefl the greatest fl'ieI1OS 3I1YOl1e could h0De for. Th3hKS BOO COOQFOLUIBLLOFIS, YOU b0hEmi8nS! LOVe, RhOI103 B0 Youngblood HOW could we have QOL LFILO tI'OUOle without YOU? We COUlOl'l'L'. We OiOl'l'ii have 3 flde! Wake UD BOO Q0 OBCK to sleep. Jeff, Jon, LaffY, Bud, Nlelmah Chl'i5 fB00gie ID BeCEl'l'Cl COOQFBLUIBUOOS YOUF fI'LehOShLD has meant 3 lot to me. l'I'TI going to NUS YOU when YOU Q0 batk E3St. Keep in touch and good Iucld LOVE YOUFLBOOQLE ll, Erin Advertising 2 59 1 A Vihtehf MCNiel C Oflgl' afUial'iOl1S! Good luck in YOUI' fUl'UfE years. We Io V9 YOU VGFY mUCh! LO VE, MOm, Dad, Niclq 8 Af7f1'Mal'i6 Dtlflelle SCl5Clki Llsle FEPPEIYCI SCCICEY 'l'e5l1illlCl Bllffy KUYKEIICICIII UUI' memories will ITEVGI' fade. its DOI' the C1Ual'lfitY we spend tOg9fi'I6Ij but the quality of OUI' friendship. I wish YOU all IUCk in the big WOl'Id ahead LOVE, Theresa AdV9I'tiSiI'lQ The WOI'ld out fhefe is full of adV6l'7' l'Ul'6 and waiting to be taken Chafge of WiShiI'ig YOU the best of lUCk In the fUl'Uf6 and in everything YOU UO. Love, MOm MCll'lCIl1l1e I-CISZIO its been fun. Here's to waxing the driveway and bizarre nightsiusually with a Ki. We both need new expe- riences for us to think we're happ y. Lets hope that never changes. Love, Buffy I can't believe we made it. ThankS for being there all the times I needed you. Good luCk in everything you do in the future. Friends alwa ys, Wendy "1 Shelley Sfilleffn We'Ve watched YOU gfOW fl'On7 infaI1CY to 3 YOUFIQ adult. Delighting US with e3Ch step in time. YOU'l' e beautiful inside and out. We'l'e DFOUCI of you! Thanks fOl' being 8 gfeal' d3Ughtef'. MOl'n 8 Dad 'fl1el'eSCl Yilll COngl'8tUl8tiOnSl You've made iU lt'S hafd to believe that little sister is all gfOWn Up. l'm glad we've always been ClOSe. You have an exciting life ahead of YOU. Good IUCK. LOVe, GI' eg Our friendship will always mean 8 lot to me. Keep on dreaming 8nd I' each- ing fOf those St8l'S. LOVe, BUffen8hgen xiii: e on W W .. in 'Keri g ttt eeevt CCIYOI Partridge Congratulations to our 'Christmas Carol.' We knew you could do it. Love, Mom, Dad, Johnn y, Rob, Janet, D3 vid, Renee, Sophie, and Rachel WS.. l Ddflelie SCISCIKU So YOU'l'e finally out of high school. l'm going to miSS YOU. HaVe fun in COllege and whatever life offers. Th3nkS for being the kind of SiStel' YOU afe' the BeSt. LOVe, Rik Advertising 261 What CaI1 I sav? YOUTE special. I love VOU IOtS. WEDOV wBl1dy lldlllpfbh WEE'I.EE, WOI'CIS could FIEVEI' EXDFESS What OUI' ffiEhUShID mEahS to ITIE. YOU'fE ITIY IJESt fI'IEhU and I'm YOUl'S fOl'EVEI' YOUFS. Faithfullv, I love YOU and I'EmEmDEf, WE'l'E OI'lIV SUODQEI' fOQEfhEf! I.OVE, Usl7-211 262 Advertising TO ITIV ODE and OFIIY child. I wish VOU the DESY of IUCK and haDDiI'1ESS throughout YOUI' IIfE. C0hQI'atUIatI0l1S! I love YOU. NlOm l.i5ClC1-21, WE'VE Shal'EO a lot tOEQhEI' and will continue to OE best ffIEhOS fOl' a IOI19 timE. LOVE, WEl1dYI7"l9I I.i5ie Fel'l'eil'CI Woords could HEVEI' EXDFESS thE fI'IEI1dShID WE'VE ShafEO. You will always hold 3 SDECIBI DIaCE in ITIY hEaf'II and II1 mV IT'lEmOl'IES. LOVE, Giina 5' 3 X .VK is 9 NRS .X 'Kr X 2 welidy l'lCIlllPf0l1 NIY DUITIDKH1E3f6l', its OEEI1 8 IOTIQ time DOliShiHQ, DUI you've tUl'I19d 0Ut to OE the OFIQHTESYIEWEI 3I'OUOd. I love YOU, Dad Nl3Y all YOUI' dfE3ITlS Cdme tru. W9 wlll love YOU always LOVE, MOM, PBDB SDOOI1, MiCh39l, Stephen, and Stephanie Shlllllllil Quigley YOU'V9 C0l'I1E 3 IOHQ WBY, Pooh, Bfld YOU did it YOUI' way! COI1QI'3tUl3ti0nS OO an 0UtSt3I1diI1Q IOU. Just l'9mEmOEf, WE'l'E HIWZYS hEl'E if YOU need US, LOVE, MOITI and Dad ll I1 C I e 'I' 0 Ili FCI5I'lil'lelI Thanks for letting me in this picture. l hope I grow up to be just like you. David TWEIVE YEBTS is an awful l0l1Q tlmE to bEfl'iEl1dS with SOITIEOHE. WE 'VE DEEI1 tlll'OUQl1 S0 mUCl'l t0QEfl1EI'. Th3l1KS for all ofthe 2:00 3.fTl. f8lKS! LOVE and fl'lEl1dSl1lD BMIBYS, .l03I1I'IE Rddlley Shilikd DCIFCGY 5hil1KO A Dall' like YOU COITIES along ONCE in 3 llfEUmE and I feel S0 IUCKY. LOVE, MOITI JOE SOUSCI MICHEIIE lltlffell we have a lot of memories to treasure. Thanks Thanks for always being there wheneverl need for being there for me. You'll remain in my someone. You have and always will be special to heart and soul forever. me. Thanks for all the memories l love you! Love, Steve kimivour sweetheartl 264 Advertising - S' 'X wwe if ' ev' O '- iee . ,g a LCIIICE l'lClfl'i5 COhQf3tUl8tl0l'lS Oh YOUI' SDECi3l d3Y'l WlSh YOUI' fathel' wouId've llVEU to share it with YOU, LOVE, Mlm, Mlthal, King, and Ed JOE SOUSCI Thanks for making the pastfive years so special I hope our future can be iust as good. You're a big part of my life. i love you. Love, YOUF little girl-Kim You WEFE ah angel then, 3l'lO YOU have FIEVET UlS8DDOll'lted US. HODE YOUI' life lJI'ihQS YOU 35 iTlUCh h3DDil'lE5S 35 YOU have QiV6h US. COhQl'3tUl8tlOl1S. LOVE, lVl0m, Dad, and TOdd TOIII GOIIZCIIEZ Thanks for being one of the best friends l've ever had. The memories of the times we've shared will laSt 3 lifetime. Love amays, Clndl BO Yaunghloocl l'lTl really glad we've QOtt9l'l to Kl'l0W each other through the YEZTS. YOU'l'EI'E8lSl'JeCl3l3I1d IwlSh YOU the best iI1 the fUtUI'E. LOVE 3lW3YS, El3ll1ElEI'Z3l Advertising 265 C0l'lQf3tUl3flOl'IS, belle, YOU made It Thanks fOr llelflg 3 Qfeat friend. l.OVe 'Y3, Di -ICISOI1 BYOSIICIII Bl'iCIl1 l'lCll'e We finally made lt. Thanks fOr all the whiffle ball and basketball games. We've had a lot of good times. Congratulations! Frlends always, Steve 2 AUVel'tlSll'lQ You've been 3 great friend OVeI' the Ye3l'S! We've Shared 3 lOt of SDeCl3l n1el'nOl'leS. Best of luck in YOUI' fUlSUl'e, Dall The best is Yet to COl'ne. Love and Frlenshlp ALWAYS, J0aI'll'le MiCl1ellE l'lCll'I'ell -l0Cll1l1e Defieg WE did lt! Thanks f0I' being such good friends The years Wltl'IOUf YOU WOUldn't have been as flln Wlfll0UlI YOU. The best of IUCK 8lW3YS and fake Cafe, CUZ l Cafe. LOVe and fTlel'ldSl1lD, Danica we COUl1t OUT bleSSll'lQS every OBY fOf l13VlI'l9 such 3 l0Vll'lQ SDH. COnQf3tUl3tl0I'lS and ITIBY all YOUl' dfe3mS COlTle tl'Ue. lOVe, llllOn1 and Dad 'filll NOYCl5ff0lll To the gl'E3t6St SOI1 in the whole WOI'lO. WE T9 VETY proud of YOU. WE wish YOU IOY and l18DDll1BSS in YOUI' llfe. LOVE, Ivlom, Dad, and Tom Stelle Wright COI'lgI'3fUl3tlOfISl Thanks fOl' maklng mY S8l'1l0f YEBT One ofthe DESK I WONT forget lf. l wish YOU the best of IUCK in the future. l hope all YOUF OFEBITIS COITIE UUE. lVlY lOV9 always, Michelle .l0Cll1I1e Defieg Th3I1KS fOl' always Oelflg there fOf me. You've glVEl1 me 8 lOt of good advice from the IOWEI' bunld YDUTE V6l'Y Special to mE. COl1gl'3fU8ltlOI'lS BDO love, Jeflnlfef, YOUI' SlS .IOCIIIIIE Defieg C0ngl'3lZUl3tlOI'lS! WE love YOU VEFY lTlUCl1 and BFE SO DI'OUCl Of YDLL LOVE, NlOm, DBO, .lEI'II'IlfEI', AITIY, and GEOl'g9 fa l Stephen Wright WE'l'9 SO glad YOU made It and SO VETY proud Of YOU! Sf3Y 35 sweet 35 YOU BFE, BUD! Love, lVlOm, Dad, and NllCl1Ell9 Advertising 261 Ddlle l'lUtChil150l1 DCII1 Ktlhh 'l'0l'ly AlIiCISCO 'l'0lll Ftlshihell D009 Stdtlel' We had good tlfneS on the squad. ThanKS f0I' all the I'nen10fleS. l.0Ve, Nicole Xl Stacey NICll'iCl NEf0 To my best fflend, thanks fOr helplng me fhI'0UQh the rough tlI'neS. l feallY aDDl'eClateEl the help. Good luck in C0lleQe. I hope YOU get the best because YOU deSeI'Ve the best Pam 5feIlE MOSEI' MCIYK wielfllld C0nQI'atS to YOU, dear Steve and Mana. YOUI' folks do Wl5h YOU well. Good lUCK In the fUfUI'e. Good tln1eS lle ahead. Remember we fhlnk you're both SWell! l.0Ve, The lVl0SeFS and the wielands AClVeFflSlhQ TOIII Young C0nQI'a1ZUla1fl0nS! We are very DTOUU of YOU an we wish YOU eVeI'Y haDlJlneSS always. l.0Ve, lVl0n1, Jel'I'Y, and Dehhle cldig I-elNi5 T0 a wonderful friend Wh0 haS made mY frst three YeaI'S of high school fun and eXClfen1ent. YOUI' fflend, Shannon Mark Ylieltllld NlaY YOUF life D9 filed with the Same haIJDiI1ESS ah love YOU hI'0UQhC iht0 OUT lives. we aI'B S0 proud of YOU. LOVE, lvlom and Dad Steile Moser Thifteeh years of EUUCa'fi0I1 and what do we have? A UlDl0ma. 0hlY four ITIOFE YEal'S, theh success! REFTIEITIUEI' the game of life, hE Wh0 has the l1lOSt toys, willS! IVIal'k Sfeile MOSEI' WE think that you're great and QUUCE a QUY, EVEN th0UQh YOU fuss ahd DOUC Good luck in the future. BE Ch9EI'fUl and haDpY OI' else we'll KICK YOU outl ' YOUI' 'loving' family xl' Cindy BCll'l'05 We Hnally made lt. l wish you all the joy and happiness ln the future. You'lI always be special to me. Love, Tony ...-f"'Y YOU have blessed DUI' UVES. WE al'E S0 VGFY proud of YOU ahd YOUI' aCCOmDliShmEI1fS and WlSh YOU a life full of SUCCESS. Love, Grandma al1U Gfahdpa Auverrising 269 l Danny Kahn COh9f3tUl3tlOnS! You have made me proud 35 always. I love YOU. REm9l'l1OEI', always let YOUI' light Shine and YOU will 90 far. LOVE Mom BYCICI YOUIIQIIIOOU HETE YOU BFE off to Kll'lOGf98I'tEh'YOU'V9 COITIE 2 lOhQ WZY. YOUTE 3fil'IEYOUl1Q ITIBI1 and WE hODE the fUtUI'9 YEBTS hflhg good health, SUCCESS, and I'l1UCh h3DDlhESS, WE IOVE YOU VETY much, MOITI Bhd DSO 270 Advertising .ICISOI1 BI"O5l1lll1 YOU'VE hfOUQht 3 l0t of SUhShlhE lhtO OUI' life. Thanks for llelhg YOU. LOVE, NIOH1 and Dad Bllffy Kllykehdtlll l.isie Ferreira Stacey 'reshima Theresa Vim All OUI' YEBYS lZOQEthEl' have O96 3 predous UOHO filled with l3UQhtEI' and t93I"i OUT bond Wlll h9VEf U9 UFOKBD! LOVE, Darlene Mike Angotti COhQI'3tUl3tlOl1S! WE BFE proud of YOUI' hard work Bhd Wh3t YOU have 3CCOmDHSh90, but ITIOSUY WE are DFOUO of YOU. H3DDil1ESS and love, Nldm, Dad, Ed, and Sadie Naelle Pil1f0 Fl'Om 'ROITIDEI' ROOITI' thl'OUQh hlgh school, you've ITIBOE US VEFY proud of YOU. The fUtUI'E is YOUI'S to COl1QUEI'. NIBY it be 85 flCh Bhd wholesome. C0hQf3tUl3ti0hS! WE IOVE YOU, IVIOITI and DOO Shelley stivers we've been through so much together, from the good times to the bad. You've always been there for me to help in any way or to DYOYGCY me fl'OITl ITIY fears Thank you! LOVE, Julle Advertising 2 71 Al-lil AAA Drapery 251 ADEEVETT, Cindy 166 Abney, Jule 130 Academlcs 98, 99 Il cappella 106, 107 Aceituno, Mynor 154 Achllle Laura 31 Acosta, Marlo 166 Actlvltles 6, 1 ldlllll'llstratl0l1 8 School Board 100, 101 IIUIIIIIIIGX 200, 201 Afonso, Mlke166 Agness, shane 154 Agrela, oonavan 9,166 Agrela, Ryan 9, 190 Aguiar, Carrie 154 Agular, Danny 178 Aguila. Lenette 154 Agullar, Elaine 178 Aguilera, Becky 166 Aguilera, Marlo 178 Aguirre, Robert 166 Alamlllo, Patrick 190 Alamillo, shannon154 Albanco, Khristy 166 Albert Girls 17B Albright, Gregg 166 Album 120, 121 Aidan Peter 107 Aldne,l.aurle 166 Alemelehu, Saba 178 Alexander, Eddie 166 All-Amerlcan cycle 238 Alonzo, Annette 190 Alonzo, Robbie 154 Alsuo, Chlo 154 Alves, Jesse 154 Alves, Teresa 166 Alyea, David 166 Amarai, Amy 19, 106, 166 Amaral, Ramona 130, 232 Amaral,Sheila130 Amaral, Tony 178 Amaro, Shannon 64, 154 Amerlo Drugs 238 Ames, Steve 178 Anderson, Bill 130, 213, 242 1' Anderson, Brent 48, 154 Anderson, Gene 190 Anderson, krlstena 106, 16,6 ,V ,1.,,,,x rr' W ..,, ,M r,, 5 N ' Mir, 1 4 Anderson, larry 17B Anderson, Ron 51, 109, 122 Anderson, Scott 190 Anderson, Sharon 9, 17B Anderson, Tania 19, 154 Andrada,Anthony166 Angotti, Mike 130, 271 Anguiano, Hortenda 156 Aniasco, Tony 9, 11, 23, 25, 52 69,116,117,130, 202, 243, 268. AnnaStaS, Jim 17B Annastas, Mike 166 Annunzld,AloIe111,190 Apartheld 30 Aquino, Marla 104 Aragaon, Tammy 154 Aranda, Marcy 34, 35, 154 Aranda, Vic 178 Archuletta, Jon 166 Armstrong, Nlichelle 154 Armstrong, Sean 42, 68, 69, 130, 224 Arnold, Jay 190 Arnold, Sam166 Arrona, Jullssa 190 Arroyo, Armando 130 Arroyan 104, 105 Askew, Pamela 8, 154 Askew, Rhonda 102, 104,130, 204, 236, 243, 248, 249, 258, 270 Atherton, Jason 106, 190 Attolini, Cindy 165 ALl5lTlllS, BET1 156 Avila, sandra 190 Alliles, Glen 11, 69, 166 Ayub, Fred 116 Ayub, Naim 154 272 index Back -t0-SCh00l Nlght 14, 15 Badlllllltah 94, 95 Baes, Cathy166 Baez, Valerie 154 Bahr, Rene 154 Baker, Dale 178 Balentine, Kevin 166 Ball, Patrlda 190 Ballardo, lisa 154 Ballenger, Dawn 178 Balthasar, Bryan 154 Bambrough, Jim 166 Bankhead, Joy 118 Banks, Johna 130, 202, 229 Baotista, Julie 166 Barajas, Siivla 154 BBTDEIQ Jennifer 190 Bargagliotti, Louise 117 B3TQ8QliDCKl, Maniin 117 Bargag liotti, Vicki 34, 35, 116, 117,154 Bargewel, Chery1 19, 154 Barnard, Aimee 166 Barrelho, Michelle 166 Barros, Cindy 64, 65, 130, 224, 269, 270 Barros, Marylou 13 Barros, stacle 8,190 Baseball 86, 81 Basketbail Boys'JayveelFrosh 82 83 Boys' varsity 12, 13 Donkey 40, 41 GIIIS' 16, 71 Battagia, Robert 178 Battagia, Michelle 154 Bauer, Alida 166 Bauer, Del 154 Baxter, Jim 178 Bean, Annette 154 Beauty TIPS 220 Becerra, Christine 130, 155, 209, 258 Bedcer, kim 178 Beckerlng, Thomas 130 BEQQS Christine 130, 249 Beggs Debbie 166 BElKl13D, Margerie 166 Bell Annette 178 Bellison, Joel 154 Benll's Bakery 246 Beniumea, Seana 107,190 Benson, Chris166 Benl, Stott 154 Berla, Ann 190 Berlau, Jack 178 Bermudel, Vince 154 Berndt, Carl 104, 130, 213, 236 Berry Graphix 219 Berry, karma 166 Berry, Kyle 178 Berry, Robert 74, 104, 114,154 Berryhill, Doug 166 Bertaud, Amy 107,130 Bertaud, Cosette 166 Bertaud, Matt 107,178 Bhattacharya, Jay 178 Billings, Mil 122 simrose, sharon 67, 166 Bird, Dawn 178 Bird, Kim 63,166 Blrdsong, Anthony 190 Bishop, Brian 170 Bisrl0D. Damon 8, 18, 19, 155 Bissell, wctoria 122 Biornson, Mark 166 BIBCK, Dah 155 Blackford, John 166 Biackwell, Kevin 190 Biank, oanny 178 Bias, Lynn 178 Bias, Roman 155 Blasdel, Steve 111, 190 Blea, Jannie 62 130, 244 Blea, Matt 9, 190 Blick Steven 130 Block A 114, 115 Blom, Ed 77,122 Blue Angels 239 Boh's unlon servlce 243 Bockman Drugs 246 Bockman, lnckl 178 Bolinger,Aaron 43, 178 Bolschweiler, Allen 17B Bononcini, Jennifer 178 Bondndni, Kim 155 Boots, Chris 178 Boroes, Chris 155 Borges Shelley1o, 23, 25, 46, 104, 155,165 Bosl, Shelly 155 Bostrom, 0aryle155 Boullngny, Rochelle 130, 243, 258 Bowen, Erlc130 Bowen, Josh 166 Bowen, Julie 69,179 Bowers, Kristen 179 Bowman, Carl 190 Boys'!Glrls' State 46, 47 Bozeman, Chris 190 Brady, Jeff 12, 69, 131,255 Branca, John 166 Branch, Janine 166 Breilein, Brenda 155 Breyhan, Larry 76, 79, 129, 131, 257 Brldes '11 Belles 224 Bfiesch, Robert 155 Brioos, Jeff 111, 190 Briggs, Kevin 74,111, 167 Briggs, Stacey 131, 232 Brlnkman Jewelers 250 Brockman, Theodore 107, 190 Wilillli, Janine 75 Brooks, Holly167 Hose, Deanna 167 Brosnan, Jason 131, 242, 266, 270 Brosnan, Vittoria 179 Brouillette, Mel 122 Bfouillette, Renee 190 Brown, Aaron 155 Brown, Christopher 190 Brown, Elisabeth 190 Brown, Mark 179 Brown, Marla 106,190 Brown, Michelle 106,155 Brown, Ray 190 Brown, Tiffany 25,179 Browhfleld, Todd DDS 250 Brumback, Paula 179 Bryngleson, Jason 190 Brynner, vul 31 Buchanan, Heather 191 Buchanan, Trudle 179 Buckingham, Theresa167 Bueho, Jon 131 Bueno, Michelle 106, 167 Buly, Esperanza 132 Buly, Marco 155 Bumann, Kathy 118, 119 Bumgarner, Jon 132 253 Bunker, Julie 22,179 Bunker, sheley 23, 25, 155, 165 Bunsness, kevin 132 Burnett, Keith 84, 85,122 Buroughs, Dari 179 Bush, Pam 132 Bussell, Dana 179 Bussell, Darlene1,ZB,1B8, 169 i1'4lf2r-J-:Q nit , Butler, Christine 106, 190 Butler, Colleen 116,167, 174, 175 Butler, Shannon 179 Bybee, Tonia 132 Byboth, Norman 133 Cabral, Brenda 191 Cabrai, Dawn 155 Caoral, Paul 133 Cabreias, Catherine 191 Cabreias, Jennifer 191 Cabreana, Don 179 Cabreana, Steve 69, 133 Cadiz, Marla 133 Callfornla cuts 243 Callahan Insurance 222 Calvary Lutheran church 215 Camara, Renee 167 Camnra, Dean 167 Camcam, Valerie 119 Camezon, Mary 122 Camozzl Carpets 221 Campbell, Donald 155 Campos Dora 133 Candy Factory 230 Cannon, sharon 122 Caranta, Cathy 179 camana. Jimmv133 Carlene's Custom shlrts 227 Carli, Darlene 167 Carlson, Bill 155 Carney, John 167 Carpenter, Mara 155 Carrasco, Anthony 167 Carrasco, Jerry 191 Carrasco, Jim 155 Carrasco, Joel 191 Carreira, Mike 179 Carrera, india 67, 179 Carson, Dale 153 Carson, Travis 111 Carter, Dennis 174 Cartmell, Lisa 155 Case, Alan 133 Case, Christine 167 Case, Daryl 191 Casey, Lisa 155 Casson, Frank 122 Castillo, Christina 107, 191 Castro, Derrick 155 Castro, Kim 179 Castro, Stacy 167 Castro Valley Pet Shop 250 Cataho, David 155 Catlow, Chris 179 Caurield Jamie 133 Caughran, kathy 119 Cavaz, llsa 155 Cave, John 155 Century 21 Realty 219 Ceramlc 1'lIe Store 214 o1aide2,0scar191 Chamoless, ken 133 Chambless, Mike 191 Chambless Class 219 Chapin, Charlie 167 Charlebolx, Tony 191 Chaves, sue 167 Chavez.-Arlene 133 Chavel Dana 179 UTBVEZ, Tony 155 Chen, Christina 116,155 Chen, Eugene 179 Che!! Club 110, 111 Cheung, Thomas 116 Cnilianis, Bill 179 Chillan is, Mark 133 Chirnoky, Donald 191 Chin, Andrew 133 Chin, Anthony 179 Chin, Krissy 191 Chin, sabrina 155 Chiovare, Julie 191 Champion, oave155 Chan, Jeanne 191 Chang, Andy 155 Chang, L53 133 Chang, Thomas 16' Chiovare, Todd Chltwood, Brlan133 Cl1o, Bobby 179 Cho, Ricky 74, 133,144,236 3 ref. ciarfagiin, Mike 133, 242, 248 cirimeie, Mary 167 USITSTUS, C3l'rTl9l'l133 Uapp,Laura111, 122 oark,o1ristine 167 dark, Doris 13 dark, James 110, 122 dark, Kim 133, 264, 265 dark, Ron 133, 213, 236 class councils 52, 53 classlfled staff 118, 119 oavereili, cnc 179 ciayson kristen 18, 19, 34, 156 Clegg, Robert 134 oement, Heidi 191 close-out 216, 271 close-up 112, 113 clowser, Michelle 179 Conn, Alpert 179 coca cola 218 cody, Marci 19, 134 Cohen, Danielle 191 coker, ent 156 cole, Andy 167 COIOIIIDO Bakery 234 comps onoy 63,107,100 Combs,Marcus107, 179, 180, 183 combs Ryan 12, 134, 203, 204, 242 C0mD3f3l'l, Jose167 comphel, Paul156 concert los, 107 COHUE, Jocelyn 156 Connell, Patricia 180 Connell, wendy 134, 256 coomns, nan 43, 69, 72,134, 210 CDODQF, Brian 191 Cooper, Jennifer 191 COODET, JEl1l1lfEl'1B0 154, 2 54, 255 Al 122 Christy 180 HOUSE R9Sf8Ul'80t 246 l0rin 122 Burt 156 Dawn 156 Dereek 154 vvonne 180 Barbara 156 Jbnn 191 Jbhn 168 Kathy 168 Laurie 191 DOY 50, 51 Jan 168 Jeff 180 MiCheIle 191 Debbie 191 Rod 156 Jill 25, 24, 2 5, 156, 165 Tlna106,107,156 StaCy 180 lNIl 180 lNln 191 April 154, 249 154, 205, 242 46, 156 Mike 168 AUI'0i'8 168 Cl8l'EOC9 191 Melissa 180 Amy 154, 245 COUIICYY 74, 15 ROChelle 22,25,25,100,116, 117, 156 Dean 156 Mitnelle 67, 156 Monica 67, 180 Jdhn 156 hane 191 5 avld 11, 69, 154, 240, 266 , Christina 55, 180 urler Lyn 156 marry 168 EVEHYS so, 31 Curry, Kristine 9, 168 1: 191 Tdnja 180 CUSCOIII P01020 LCD 214 Gllttefldge, A0991 168 Dabner, sunny se, 1611 oaiey, nm 1ss Denise 156 Debbie 168 177 URN. 3. 1 Dakbsa, Jose 180 DaROU1e, Mike 156 DaR0uZe, Sandy 168 D'Au9elll Mike 122 ughtrey 'S 221 David, 8enlamln 191 David, Ken 168 Davis, DaViS, DaillS, Davis, Davis, Davi S, oavi S. UalllS, Bryan 191 Chris 180 Darrell 180 Diana 154 Dina 180 Faye 118, 119 John 192 Lisa 156 Day, Car0Iyn156 Day, Rdbbie 192 Day, Rbdney 168 DeBEttEOCDUl't, C0llStl0E 158 DeB0ne, Mithelle 154 DeBDne, Mike 168 Deeker, Kim 168 Dedter, David 154 DeHo DeH0 y0s, Bobby 69, 72, 156 YDS, Junlbr 45, 68, 69, 154, 242, 245 oe Jager, Jeitle 156 C011 SCPUCCIOII 2 31 Delatdrre, lav0n180 DelGuidice, Wendy 192 Delia, Shon156 Dell Ivlla 221 DeLima, Dan 134 Delo, Ryan 192 Deluca Dorian 180 Delzer, David 192 DeMarco, Kelty 104, 221, 258 DeMarto, Paul 168 DeMelIo, Eric 168 DeMell0, Kevin 155, 220, 221 Demers, Christine 106, 155 Dennis, Lori 168 oenny, Christian 167 Densmore, Boi: 180 oensmore, Stacy 156 Denton, Cheryl 156 Deo, Sohinla 155 Derieg, Jennifer 180 Derleg, Joanne 9, 52, 155, 240, 256, 265, 266, 267 Desa, Wendy 107, 180 oezotte, Dyan 22 Dezotte, Kathy 22, 25, 180 oezotte, Kathy 118 Dezotte, Kristy22,23,116, 154, 156 Dias, usa 168 Dias, SherrI180 Diaz, Becky 155 Dinh, Mal 116,155 Disther, Jason 168 Dixon, Brett 18, 19, 180 Dohry, Irina 192 Dodson, Leesa 107,192 Dodson, Richard 168 Dolin, Kirk 180 Dollar, 0lane156 Domlno's 250 Domlno's Plzza 242 Dorman, Rebecca 107,192 Dorn, Kathy16B Dorn Ronald 168 Dorsey, Jlm 156 oossantos, Christina 135 Douwes, Carmen 107, 192 Douwes, Scott 168 Dovigi, Glenda 114, 157 Drake, Gail 122 Drake, Shanndn 157 Drled and 'fled 239 Driscoll, Debbie 168 Driscoll, Shelli 192 Druppal, Carrie 105, 155, 221 Duarte, Nldc 192 Duarte, Paul 192 Duarte, stephanie 155 Duffy, Neil 180 oullam, Ken 1130 ounawav, Hugh 192 Dunbar, Susan 157 Dunn, Barbara 122 Dunohy, george 122 Dunster, Kelli 19, 168 Dupree, Billy 192 Durnlng, Brock 157 Diltfa, Mike 168 Dutrleux, Fred 168 Dwyer, Pabl0107, 192 Dyer, Dean 168 Dzura, John 192 Eagles, Margaret 180 Eagles, Peggy 107, 111 Ebner, Gary 136 Ecinnger, onay 249 Ecklnger, Paul 136 Ed Chovanes Ford 221 Edelman, Derrick 136 Edelman, Mark 168 Edwards, Bryan 136 Edwards, Jennifer 43, 65, 157 Edwards, lisa 157 Edwards, Michelle 180 Edwards, Susan 64, 114, 156 Ehmke, Chris 156, 242 Enmke, Stephanie 168 Eghmy, Lisa 192 Elghth Grade 190-199 Elghth Grade SDOYCS 96, 91 EBITI, Jason 181 Elenes,Eli1at1eth 181 Benes, Mario 168 Benes, Saida 157 Ellldff ClIll'0l3l'UCtlC 214 Emery, Brian 192 Emery, William 74, 75, 157 Engel, RiCk168 Eligllsh Depdfflllenf 102, 103 sngirsn, Diane 156 epnerson Cindy sa, ss, 156, zos enpersnn steven 115, 168 Erika, nnrene 168 Ericksen, Kll'5TEO 136, 229, zaa, zse snusen, oenoran 107, 192 Escorcio, M308 156 Etringer, rode 69,157 Evans oary1o9,1sv evans 1on181 evans Julie 181 Evans MiChe1le157 eventt Pat 122 FCICUICY 122-129 FairleS, Mike 157 Full Play 18, 19 Fa0l3lEtt, STEVE 181 Famlly Fltness Center 235 Fullllly Medltul Fan, Tony 116, 192 Fanene, Nabla 181 Fann, Geraldine 168 Farla, Carmen 156 Faria, Faria, Faria, Farla, Fana, ,la0880 1 57 Joe 168 Lisa 181 Manuel 157 Maria 168 Fark! Brothers l1CfdlNGl'e 239 Fari0lN, Jeff 192 Cehfef Fd5hl0I'l Show 42, 43 Fashlnell Photography 242 Fashlnell, TOITI 8, 9, 11, 25, 25, 69, 114, 264, 268 Faulkner, Susan 68 Fearon Steven 136 Fehrman, Lisa 156, 232 Felltiand, Gene 169 Felitiand, Judy 169 Fernandez, Jon 181 Fernandez, Jonathan 181 Fernane, Michelle 192 Ferrantino, Jeff 157 Ferreira, Llsie 55, 116, 209, 256, 257 Ferreira, Mark 192 Ferreira, Melinda 122 Ferreira, Sandy 15 Flalhb, NeIs0n156 Fields, Farrell169 Flghmy, Rltnard 157 Figueroa, Antonia 181 Figueroa, ConslielO169 RgUerda,Kin0181 Figueroa, Severlno 181 Finato, Crystal 169 Flne Arts Department 104, 105 F1nley,Allsa 169 Fl!!! Bdpflsl Cl1Ul'Ch 243 Fisher, Danny 192 Fisher, Gerry 125 Fisher, Kinny192 Fltlqerald, Brlan 107,192 Flanders, Jeanne 118, 168 Floresta Cleaners 238 Fiores Andrea 192 notes Anna 157 Flores David 136 Fl0reZ, Lisa 102, 156 Fl0WerS, Mlthael 102, 156, 215 Flowers For All Seasons 231 F00rDy,D0nna192 Fogelson, Faneicia 157 Fogg, Suzanne 125 Fong, 0aVld157 Football :rash-soph 1o, 11 varsity ss, 69 rorsnerg,oenn1e 9, 29, 25,116,181 roster,Paul7o,111,191 FOWlEl', 'lli0 192 Frates, iwtneile 136 FFBTES, Stafy 181 Fl'80l80l, Shane 181 FI'E09l'lClCS00, U53 252 rrertas, Dwayne 181 rreitas, Renee 192 Freshmen 1 78-189 Fugate,Shelaine169 Full 'rv ass rutkersnn, cnar19s ruimer, Paul 181 FUOC09Cl0, JaCk157 FUl'ldl'Cll5el'S 44, 45 Funke, Jeff 195 Funke, Mike 157 Garibaldi, Al 157 Galas, Sherry 195 Gallardo, Heather Gallardo, veronica 107, 157 Galli, Ann 157 Gabay, Jennifer 157 Garces, Tony 181 Garcia, Catherine 181 Garcia, laiuana 195 Garcia, vincem 193 Gardner, Paul 21, 157, 209, 245 Garland, Mike 195 Garland, Rita 157 Garner, Dennis 181 Garnett, Lee 19, 169 Garnett, Raymond 157 Gaylor, Lasena 169 Galianb, Jbe 109, 125 Gee, Kathy 169 GelCk, Chantelle 157 Gentile, Bridget 169 Gerlnvin, Mithael 181 Gerrity, Melanie 137 Gerrity, Tiffany 157 Ghirardeli, Melissa 181 Cibsdn, Jennifer 107, 169 Cill, Tiffany 169 Gil, Tami 195 Cilligan, Ulerise 181, 185 Gire, Gene 125 Clbsdn, Jullssa 8, 157 Goetzlnger, Diana 158 Gbnlke, Becky 54 Gbld Jennifer 195 Gdldberg, RaCrlel195 comes, Dennis 169 Gomes, Theresa 158, 225, 249 Gonsalves, Sherry 158 G0l'lSalV9S GDOSalES. G001aleS, G0n1aleS, GO0ZaleS. Gdnlalel, Gonzalez, ,Wendy 158, 245, 252 Jason 195 Margaret 158, 258, 245 Mlthelle 54, 126, 158 Tdm 158, 208, 265 Ronald 158 ViCt0r 181 Gorringer, Tammy 1,95 G0rsuCh, Llsa 158 Gbuld, Christine 22, 181 Graf, Chris 181 Graf, Stephen 158 Gragg,Danlelle11, 22, 25, 25, 158 Gragg, oarcella 25, 25, 67, 169 GranadD,Zy1na 195 Green, candy 169 Green, Jennifer 8, 158 Green, Kelly 158, 225 Greenhaum, Jerry 111, 175 Greene, Richard 181 Greenhill, James 195 Gregory, Evelyn 138 6reQ0ry, Jane 45, 116, 195 Gregdry, Jennifer 9,19, 25, 25,116, 154,155,158 Gregory, Tami 182 Grewal, 5UKWOaI1t 158 Grlffen, Jeremy 193 Grlffen, Patricia 100 Griggs, Candate 65, 195 Grove Way Auto Repalr 239 Grbss, Chrlstlna 182 Guardias, Cherie 8, 158 Gunn, Debbie 169 Gunn, Matt 182 Gunn, Mitnelle 169 Gunn, Tammie 182 Gurr,Damen 107,195 Gusman, Shane 158, 204, 212 Gutlerrel, Albert 195 0Utl8l'l'EZ, Elizabeth 105, 182 GUtlEl'l'EZ, EV3 158 Glltierrel, Vblanda 105,107, 116, 195 Harris, Lance 74, 75, 106, 159, 265 Harrison, Gina 182 Harrison, kim 139 Harshrnan, Heidi 182 Hart, ROn 125 Harthway, CnuCk 182 Hartbnd, Sandra 116, 182 Hartwig, Stacy 159 Hartwig, steve 170 Haskins, Jeff 159 Hatther, Rick 158 Hayes, Kellie 170 Hayley, Donna 182 Hayward, Dennis 170 Heath, karen 158 Heath, Monica 170 Hedemark Kari 170 Heitl, Tina 104, 159 Hemenway, Laureana 74, 75 Hemenway, Mltthell 139 Hemenway, Sharon 118 Henares, Denise 193 HendriCkS, Pamela 159, 211, 225 Hendricks, Sherry 107, 158 Hadley, James 182 Hagerty, Cbletta 118 l0d8X 2 1 Haley, Donna 67 Hallerc Steven 170 HallStr0m, Denise 193 KOClleSJefQer, lynn 183 K0lll1Skl, Donald 68, 69, 159 Lilama, l0rl'le 74, 75, 171 Lloyd, Richard 104,125, 201 Hampton, Wendy 13, 104, 138, 263 Handley, Rldlard 182 Hahlllns, Kelly 182 lflanKll'lS, Kim 107, 193 H8llSen, Ben 138 HanSen, leSSlca 193 Hanson, Edde 111,158 Hansen KriStlne 138, 252 Hardy, D3fl'erl 182 Hare, Brian 72, 138, 233, 266 Harlan, Richard 139 HBFDEF, Danny170 Harper, Ernest 10, 107, 158 Harrell, Car0l 13 Harrell, Michelle 84, 139, 240, 256, 254, 265, 266 HarrlS, AlllS0n 158 Harris, Barbara 182 HendrlclG0n, Dalvna 19, 158 Henry, Cathy 182 Hehfy, Heatner182 Henry, LlSa 158 Herhdldt, Randi 18 19, 158 Hermann Natdle 193 Hermann Paul 158 Hernandel, Alffedd 170 HeI'll8l1091, Belinda 170 Hernandel, Bertha 170 Hefnalldel, Karyn 182 Hel'n8n08Z, Rlldy 139 HeIl'lCll,5UZ8l'IllE17U Hickey, Jim 158, 242 HicKS, Eric 158 Jackson Ken 70, 170 Jackson Mlchele194 Jackson Terri 159 Jacobs, Judy 183 Jacobsen, Jeff 170 Jacobsen, Steve 185 Jacoby, Jennifer 182 Jacoby, Jonathan 9, 45, 155, 159 Jacoby, Julie 182 Jaeger Orthodontlcs 231 Janik, Stacey 194 Jaramlllo, Tammy 170 Jarata, Mana 66, 67, 170 Jarata, Oliver 194 Jarman, Rev. Ginger 55 Jarman, Tddd 170 Jarrett, Ron 170 Jasso, Eduardo 182 .lazz Band 106, 101 .IC Vlrlght, OD 246 Jensen Lorl182 Jensen Robert 170 Jeong, cvnrnia 34, 74, 75, 114, 140, 206, 249 Jeong, steven 140 Jess,Brlan194 Jew, Brian 159 Jew, Walter 194 Jiminez, Richard 170 Johanson, cllnt 194 Konter 'Neung195 Kosklnen, Ka 170 Kossback Hermann 105, 195 Kral,iDe Anna 171 Kremer, Kristen 185 Kriksciun, John 159 Kriooena, Michele 159 Krogh, Jeff 141 Kroqh, Scott 171 Kryder, Paul 125 Kucin, KrISty 59, 104, 141, 204, 212, 244, 254 Kurtl christy 159 Kllr1aWSKi, Rhonda 106, 141 KlJrZaWSlll, Tara 18,151,183 Kuschel, Stacey 183 Kuykehdall, Buff 34, 35102, 141, 203, 240, 257, 260, 271 Kuykendall, Jillian 195 Kwak, Susan 195 Kwan, Richard 159 Kwan, Vickie 171 KWDHQ, Jimmy 185 Kwong Thomas 195 LaC0mE, Robert 141 LaC0me, Virginia 159 Ladlatbry, Amanda 183 Loaiza, Alberto 195 Loaiza, Pedro 172 Loaiza, Rudy 160 Loar, Lori 142 Loder, chanes 184 Loder, Tracey 106, 172 Long, Melissa 160 lClnQ, Patty 172 lllntef, EleaZal'195 L00h, Verbhlfa 12, 142 l0Der, . Christina 142 LUDQI, LDDEZ, L0lJeS Char1e5 184 Ulafmahe 172 Melanie 142, 203, 209, LUDGZ, R0n 184 LODPZ, Roxanne 184 LDSEE, lauretta 184 lDV8, Bennie 195 LDVE, C8l'll'l8 55 Love,Lori1o8,195 l0Ve I, Debbie 160 Lovell, Laurie 106, 172 LOWE, Shrlee 184 Loyola, MaryAnn 16, 142, 205 lUCer0, Gene 160 Ludwig, chris 184 Luevano, Andy 160 LLliS, Sam 172 Llllan, James 184 Lum, Daryl 142 lum, Darlene 64, 65, 106,107, Lum, David 184 210. 160 Hilarlo, Ral11lI1S8 Hilder, cancy170 Hllder, Debbie 19, 182 Hilder, Troy 158 Hll, James 170 Hill, Rosa 158 Himango, Debbie 140, 232 Hll'SCh,LDlS125 Hitchcock, Bob 125 HltChCOCK, Robbie 10, 25, 25, 104, 158 Hoag, Mitchell 125 Hobbs, Tami 140 Hobln Kristin 182 Hoeber, Kelley 170 Hoffman, Eddie 182 Hoffman, Matt 158 Hogan, MlchaeI182 Holiday Brldal 222 Holiman David 195 Hollinger, Steve 182 Holmes, Greg 140 Holton, Jeff 195 IIOIIIECOIIIIIIQ 3, 9, 10, 11 Home Economlcs Depart- ment 108, 109 Hdmen, Lance17o Homen, RODH193 Homen, Shauna 158 IIDIIOI' Dlly 31 ll0DDll'lQ, M3l'l2n 125 HOSIan, RI.lth1D7, 193 Hdllg, Cheryl 170 HDUSe, Cindy 23, 24, 25, 158, 165 HUUSIUH, Alldrey 170 H0ve, Erlk104, 140 HUW8l'd, Chl'iS 170 Hdvvd, Paul 69, 140 Howell, 5UZ8l1l'le 158 Hubbard, Tiffany 193, 18 HudS0n,ChrlS170 HudS0n, ROCK 31 Hughey, Randy 107. 193 Huilar, Marcus 10, 23, 25, 158 HUlSelT'l8l'l, JEBH 118 Hulsman, Kathy 182 HUrT1eS, Hilbert 170 Hunt, Jack 16, 23, 100, 125 Hllllt, lehfllfef 159 Hunter, Kevin 182 Huhllller, Chllsdha 194 Hlltthlnson, David 23, 25, 140, 268 Hynes, Patr1dr194 Ialoa, llSa 159 IIIIIQX 272-216 llldlllfflul Aff! Depnff' lllellf IDB, 109 lh9EDl'EfS0n, R00 59, 140, 244 Innocerlll, Jll 194 Il1fel'l1Clfl0l'llll Clllb 114, 115 lsola, LEUYB 159 2 7 index Johanson, Dayna 13, 74, 140,263 Johnson, Alex 182 Johnson, Greg 170 Johnson, Julie 183 Johnson, Marie 118, 119 Johnson, Tina 185 Jollvette, Michelle 50, 141, 249 Jones Cathy 194 Jones David 159 Jones, Jodie 183 Jones Pamela 159 Jones Patrlck159 Jones Susie 67, 183 Jones, Tracy 170 Jordan, Albert 125 Judklns, Terry 170 Jung, Corey 185 Juniors 154-165 Kahn, Daniel 23, 25, 102, 116, 117, 258, 268, 270 Kahn, Tim 70, 183 Kalarna, Clleryle 194 Kang, C-ella 194 Ka0nClhi, Kathy 194 Katauskas, Michael 183 Kelley, Debbie 159 Kellogs llarlety 222 Kellogg, Erik 114, 115, 183 Kellogg, Norman 141 Kelsey, Stacy 170 Kemo, Aaron 170 Kenkel, Lisa 170 Kennedy, Rebecca 107,183 Kennedy, Matt 109, 194 Kenyon, chnstina 194 Keown, Diana 159 Kerr, Laurie 141 Kesten, Stephanie 43, 170 Klhaho, Kristie 183 Kller, Michelle 170 KllDdtl'lCK'5 Blilkefy 238 Klm, Daniel 159 Kimmel,8eth194 klmmlch Martha 125, 127 ldnder, Ed 53,185 Kinder, Sandy 194 ldnsey, Troy 194 Kirby, Donald 183 ldrby, Pat 141 Idrk, Eilabeth 170 Klang, Jason 183 Klang, Shannon 141 Klein, Heidi 159 Klement, Chris 195 Klegman, Shannon 23, 25,104, 159 Klegman, Michelle 195 Klinclr, Karin 183 Kneooers, Jerry 170 ' Knlllht, Deborah 43, 67, 125 KrllDDEl, Nathaie 170 Kllullfer, Heidi 170 Knulllfer, Rick 141, 220, 221 Lafabregue, Jeff 171 Laffargue, vincent 195 LaFleur, Gary 69, 104, 141, 244,255 LaFleur, Greg 171 LaGrace, Janeen 84, 183 Laines, carmen 185 Lam, Socheat 171 Lam, Socheata 183 Lam, Sothy 183 LaMantia, Ed 125 Lamar, carne 171 Lamb, Leslie 183 Lambeth, Jason 183 Lamelra, Lori 185 Landry, Ry 195 Lane, Melissa 159 Langendorf Bakerles 223 Langston, chrisral195 LaPolnt,Robert19,171 LaRoSa, carlita 141 LaRosa, conraoo 185 Larson, Eric 159 Larson, Kim 195 Larson, Troy 159 Laszlo, Marianne 12, 34, 55, 141 Lawrence, James 171 Laxamana, Jennifer 184 Lazaro, olff 184 Lazaro,Jonn184 Le, Le116,159 Leach, LInda159 Leadefihlp 116, 117 Leal, Jeston 195 Leoer, Lance 195 Ledda, Scott 184 Lee, Angela 184 Lee, cathy 171 Lee, Jennifer 184 Lee, John 195 Lee, Judy 171 Lee, Tina 184 Leigh, Jenine 67, 184 Lena, Manuel 171 Leogrande, Annette 184 Leon, Millie 107, 195 Leone, christina 8, 107, 184 Leone, John 184 le0nlS Josle159 Leopoldo, Michelle 142 Leoal, Kyle 20 Leung, GYGQ 159 Levin, Myron 50, 51, 100,125 Levy, chris 177 Lellllelllng Florlsti 243 Lewis, craig 106, 142, 268 Lewis, Diana 102, 142, 213 Lewis, JoAnn 184 Lewis, Karl 195 Lewis, Kevin 195 Lewis Rents 238 Lewis, Rhonda 171, 177 Lewis, Ron 195 Lim, Berta 167,171 Lin, Al 116, 171 lin, Kwan 116.171 Lin, Marcus 195 Llnder, MD 214 Linschoten, Lorin 184 unscnoten, Michael 142 Lisondra, Angell 116 Lisondra, Angelo 159 Liu,Corina 116,171 Liu,Wejo 116,195 Llvesay, Jess 171 Livesay, Tracy 160 Lumley, Julie 23, 25, 160 Lunardi, Stacy 195 256, 257 Lllheh Ralllel 56, 57 Lung, Toby 172 Luir, Pamela 125 LUSSDTU, KeVlI'l172 Lyaa, Alicia 172 Lyncn, lakita 195 lynCh, Tanya isa Lvncn, nary 195 lymn, Michelle 184 Lyon, AllSon184 Lyon, Jann 172 Lytle, scorr 172 Maas, Wendy 160 Macaoee, June 114, 125 Macaoagal, Rey 172 Maceda, Luisa 160 Macedone, Janet 19, 172 Macedone, Jim 184 Mac Cowan, Heather 108, 195 Macciowan Sean 104, 145, 242, 255 Macnaao, Joni 160 MachllteS, T0ny 125 Madei'DS, Collette 143 Mahony, Todd 184 Maln,C11anle 119 Malollnl, Shawna 184 Mallor, Ruth 195 Malandish, cathy16o Malone, Janine 160 Malveda, Michael 195 Mamorrlo, Jackl 85, 165 Manalisay, James 143, 254 Mangin, Shannon 143 Mangin, Tom 172 Manning, James 195 Manor Floral 242 Maramonte, Antonio 21, 172 Maramonte, Lucia 105, 184 Mark, Daniel 45, 160 Marbles, Car0l 145, 225 Marbles, Peter 195 Marques, Lina 195 Marques, Tony 195 Marquez, Angelito 172 Marquez, carmelette 160 Marquez, Mercy 195 Marroquin, David 185 Marroquin, Tina 160 Marshall, Brandon 21 Marshall, caroivn 118 Marshall, Frank 19, 172 Marshall, Kathy 160 Marshall, Kelly 115,160 Marshall, Terry 172 Marshall, rracv 195 Martin, Ricky 172 Martin, Scott 195 Martinez, Leonard 185 Martinez, Lori 160 Martinez, Mike 8, 160 Martinez, Monica 195 Martinez, Tersa 185 Maschal, Brandon 172 Massey, Mike 160 Massey, Todd 143 Matarazza, Laurie 118 Matarazza, RalDh 109, 195 Mateklc, Sandy 54, 35, 62, 63, 143 MUCH Depllfflllellf 110, 111 Mavon, Jeff 20 Maxon, Mark 145 Maxwell, Janet 160 Mayes, Shonna 195 Mayor, Jose 195 Mayor, Sarah 185 Mays, Eflka 195 Mazer, James 1 B5 McAuliffe, Christa 51 McClelland, Sheldon 145 McCollum, Teresa 64, 172 MCDllltt, David 172 McDivitt, David 172 McGill, laura 46, 172 McGuire, Nancy 160 McJunkln, Mikelin 145 McKenna, Scott 185 McKillop,carol115 McMahon, Jeff 185 McMidrIe, Greg 160 McMid1le, Loretta 195 McNamara, Tom 126 Mcllliel, Vince 145, 260 Means, Adrienne 185 Means, Greg 145 Medeiros Bryan 172 Medeiros stacy 25, 25, 55, 104, 116, 160 Medeiros, steve 217 Medina, Bertha 195 Medina, Freddy 185 Medina, Rarluel 185 Meeks, llfichelle 195 Megia, Amy 145, 224, 225 Megia, Ulrlsty172 Merier, Marcel 145, 207 Meinberg, oeanne 64,172 Melnberg, Julie 160 Meitz, Rich 69 Melin, Bonnie 185 Mello, J 172 Melody Cleaners 211 Mendenhall, Brian 185 Mendenhall, Guy 160 Mendenhall, Stacy 145 Mendenhall, Tina 160 Mendez, lisa172 lVlEI109Z, Tresa 185 Nlendlala, Angie 165 M9n00la, ElEna 160 MEn00Za, Kafen 160 Merz, Chas 195 Metcalf, Jerry 74, 75, 126 Metz, cheryl 46, 112 Michaelis, brad 106, 101, 172 Mick, cassady 165 Mlnaias, Karla 195 nvunauy cleaners 222 Miller Miller Miller Miller ,Annie 118 ,Kenneth 126 Matthew 195 Miller, ,Shari 185 Miller, ,Tan'lrTly19,172 Steve 42, 126 Milllllln, casey 195 Milli, Beth 185 Mlhdml FIOWEPS 230 Mlntdn, Gavin 19,161 Mintdn, larry 111, 196 lVllran'l0ntE, T0l1y106, 107 MNitChell, Frank 172 Mitchell, Mike 196 Mitly,LiIlian185 Mitry, Nahedra 161 MIXEU CIIOII' 105, 101 Mdal, Lena 161 Moffat, Fred 196 Moffat, Matt 196 Mohr, Grant 172 ll40l1l', 6l'EQOI'y161 Mohr, Janlce107, 185 M0ld0Van, Ed 161 Mdlelrd, Joey 185 Molina, Mdnlta 161 lVlUl'll1, lVlal'C0 172 M0nlZ, SU5l9 144 M0nr0e, Patrick 69, 144, 258 Mdntalvd, Nitdle 64, 161 Montalvo, Ddrinda 161 M0ntalV0, Jdey 172 lVl0ntEllU, Randy 196 Nl0nt9lTlay0f, Glen 196 M0nter0, Laura 107, 185 Mdntel, Jason 172 MlJntQ0l'n9l'y, Melani? 161 Mdntdya, Brian 196 Montoya, Jayme 185 M0nt0ya, J0e 172 Mdntdyer, Brian 111 M00re,VV9tte196 lVl0fal9S, Manuel 144 Nl0l'9n0, Erika 116 Mdrlien, Petter 99,104, 144 Mdring, Jannette 229, 144 M0l'l'l5, Dandlea 144 Morris, Randy 19, 109, 144, 208, 212 MDHDW, David 126 M059, cathy 8, 21, 161 M05er, Steve 1, 74, 75, 144, 221, 241, 268, 269 Mossa, Vicki 185 Iylother'! Caokles 242 Motta, Greg 161 Moul, Chad 55,144, 207, 211, 252 Moy, Hiram 172 Moyer, Tammy 172 Moyer, Tina 196 Moyers, Jennifer 185 Moyers, Scott 8, 59,161 Moynihan, Kelley 185 Mulgrew, Lellanl 161 Mullane, Charles 74, 161 Murai,Debbi185 Mural, Paul,172 Mural, Tim 172 Murphy, Chester 71, 175 Murphy, Shlney 74, 75, 175 Murphy, Terri 161 Murray, Heidi 19,173 Nadeau, Pam 106, 107,126 Nadolsky, Michelle 8, 161 Nagel, Dana 173 Nagel,J0n18,19,74, 75,114,144 Naiman, Paul 173 Nakashlma, Eric 72, 144 Nelson, Erica 185 Nelson, Janelle 185 Neto, Marla 144, 268 Nevill, Mark 175 Nevill, Tim 196 Newbrn, Chris 175 Newman, Jim 107, 185 Newman, Michelle 144 Ng, Sonia 175 Nguyen, cindy 186 Nguyen, Kathe 161 Nguyen, Tran 175 Nicholson, Craig 186 Nickerson, Kristi 144, 220, 252, 252 Nielsen, Christi 21, 175 Niemoeller, Dlann 107, 164, 257 Niemoeller, David 186 Nigard, Arlene 211 Nitlsche, Perry 106, 107, 186 Noe, Dave 161 Norberg, Daryle 186 Nordhavn, Jennifer 194, 196 Nordhavn, Tina 104, 161 Nordstrom, Tim 144, 249, 267 Nordstrom, Tom 186 Norman, RlCky196 Norman, Sue 15 Norman, Teri 104, 104, 144,205,256 Nuchols, Uaig 175 Nyberg, Roger 144 oeanron neoule19, 186 0Cl10a, VEr0nlEa 186 ocon,Robert186 0'connell, casey 144 oconneli, Sheila 12, 126 Ogalla, Salah 186 0lln5ta0, D0nna 228, 229 oieary, KaSey161 Olivares, Elda118 Oliveira, carrie 161 Ollveria, oawn 144 Oliveira, Gary 196 olivelra, Ratnelle 175 olsen, nonelie 175 Olson, Trish 186 o'Mallev, Kellie 161 omega Rally ds, 11 o'Neal, Cheryl 144, 224 ongrami 65,114,173 orchestra ion, 1os on-lenful Food mare 219 orrwoski, Boo 175 Ortega, chrisrina161 osoorne, mane 100, 126 owens, SfEDll9rl 186 owyoung, steve 175 owyoung, wendy 196 Pacheco, Sam144 Padilla, cory 196 Padilla, victor 186 Paduverls, Bart 19, 175 Page, Kim 175 Paine, Cassandra 144 Palne, Darryl 107 Palma, vlctorra 144, 252 Panasewrcz, Ndan 196 Pandolfo, Robo 9, 52, 116, 117, 146, 211 PanQaSna, Cl1al'l9S 175 Pangellnan, AnnMal'lE 173 Pangelinan, Kamy 186 Pangllnan, Mike 116 Panglllnan, sue 116 Park eddie 116,186 Park rony 116, 174 Parra, Jose 186 Partridge, Carol 15, 54, 102, 106, 146, 220, 242, 261 Pasalls, Angle 174 Pashayan, Joey 19, 45, 196 Pasduale, Debbie 161 Paterson, kevin 161 Patrick Paula 174 Patterson, camille 107,196 Patterson, Greg 186 Patterson, Tom 114, 174 Paul's Shoe Repalrs 224 Paulsen, Becky 174 Paulson, Josh 196 Pavao, James 161 Paxiao, Jay186 Payne, Darryl 186 Peck, Eden 69, 258 Peck, Jonathan 186 PE Department 114, 115 Pedersen, Annette 116 Pedrantl, Beverly 161 Peebles, vanessa 186 Pegasus Proauctlon 239 Pelnad0,Tony174 Pereira, Kelly 196 Pereira, Patricia 62, 65, 161 Pereira, Robert 146 Perez, Jason 186 Perez, Lisa 186 Perez, Theresa 74, 75, 186 Perez, veronica 161 Perry, Glad 196 Perry, Deanna 186 Perry, Erin B,104, 156,162 Perry, Frankie 186 Perry,Jeff146 Perry, Jennifer 174 Perry, Noah 196 Perry, Sue 50,146 Pershing, Stacy 146 Petersen, Lisa B, 67,162 Petersen, Lynn 174 Phanl, Tuan 162 Phillips, Karen 186 Phipps, Jenny 54, 74, 114, 146, 220, 252, 252 Plalla, Naisn 69, 115 Pierce, Kelley 162 Pierce, laura 196 Pierce, Sheri 174 Pina, Dave 162 Plna, Denise 196 nnkler, Scott 69, 162 Plnkney, Donna126 Pll'lI'l8, Athena 196 Pinto, N0elle 146, 271 Pirie, LiSa 174 Pladdd, Jerr196 Plotner, Shelly 174 Plunlee, Eva 174 Pdag, Brandy 196 P0nd, Michelle 186 P0nteS, LlSa 186 P0nl0,Jdey57,162 PlJDUllltS, 8rIan162 P0l'Ky'S P1220 231 POPYCIS, 101111 19' POYSEE, 101111 186 POP1.'el"S Mdfkel 230 Potestlo, Marla 257 Powell DenrliS 126 Pdwell, Mdnita 146, 232 POWEr5, Nathan 162 Powell Sherri 186 P0yatOS, Judy 174 Pratt, Casey 186 Pratt, Jason 162 Pratt, Joey 186 Pratt lJ5a 162 Prett, Beau 74 Prifkett, christina 186 PriStaS, JOSeDh 146 Pll5taS, Randy 186 Pr0Ct0r,Jl7n162 Pl0fUnl0, Karen 174 Pryfdgle, Daniel 147, 258 Puenres Matthew 174 Pllentes 10m 162 Pllett, Beau 186 PVS llelldlllg 239 Pyle, Nanette 107,174 Pyne, Jim 187 0ulgIey, Shawna 9.11, 54, 114, 147, 208, 265 Oulll, John 147 Ouiroz, Nadine 106, 174 Ouizon, Roland 162 Race Team 108, 109 Rally Squad 22, 23 Ramera Eugene 162 Ramirez, Carlos 162 Ramirez, Janice 174 Ramos, Andrea 107, 196 Ramos, Romeo 196 Ramstrom, Llnda126 Rampor'l,Glna187 RanU, Richard 196 Rantz, Tlm 162 Rather, Barbara 187 Raymer, Janelle 174 Ready, Krls 9, 22, 174 Reagan, Nanfy 51 Reagan,Ronald 51 Reals, Gina 162 Reams, John 187 Reberlego, Dina 174 Refhkemrner, David 187 Recking, UrSUla 162 Red Carpet Realty 250 Reddiclc, Rex 69, 147, 254 Reed, Keith 196 Reed, Usa 111, 196 Reed, Usa 187 Reed, Melanie 174 Reed, Rlchard11, 69, 162 Reese, Jolie 147 Regan, Jacob 196 Regan, Jason 174 RegaS,0anr1le 196 Regd, l0rlanne 147 Reia, T000 70 Remington, Earl 126 Rennacker, Jeff 104, 162 Renter, Brian 107, 111, 196 Repose, Michelle 50, 147, 256, 249 Renouist Debbie 147 Restrivera, Ralph 147 Rexelle, Tony 196 Rhodes, Dave 75 Rhodes, Phillip 196 Rhodes, Sam 106, 147 Rice, Benjle 19, 195,196 Rice, KrlStlne 46, 84, 174, 177 Richardson, Jason 196 RiCnardS0n, Jennv 174 Richardson, Ruben 106,107, 162, 201 Rrckert, cvnthia 102,141 Rioehour, Emily 101, 196 Riedel, lda 118, 119 Righton, oave 162 Ritter, Stepahnle 162 Ritz, Michelle 141 lava, rode 187 Rizzo, Neil 162 Rizzo, Patrlda 196 Roach, John 187 RUaCh, lols 126 Rohnlns, Mindy 167 RDDEll0, Sheree 187 Roberts, Al 197 Rooerts, Glna 187 Roberts, Mike 174 Roherts, nm 197 Roberts, wayne 69, 126 Robinson, Diane 174 Roolnson, Kenneth 141 RODinS0n, Linda 162 RUCCO, U99 174 Rocha, David 187 Rocha, Maryllnn 187 Rocxowltz, Eddie 197 ROEKOWitZ, name 25, 25,162 Rocky Auto PGY!! ass Roderidr, Laurie 174 Roderldcm Mary 118 Rodger, Bill 174 Rodrigeuz cindy 174 ROUl'lQUEl, Erlf 174 Rodriguez, Frank 187 Rodriguez, Karen 147 Rodriguez, lllehele 197 index 2 1 Rodrlguel, Mcllele 197 Ndrlguel Rwlelle 174 Rodrlguel, 5alJrlna 174 R0gelS, Steve 162 R0gerS, Cl1rlStll1a 197 Rogers, Lesley 162 Rolo, may 174 Roldff, Mihelle 162 Romano, Rebecca 187 Rornero, CaSSie 174 Romero, oanny 174 Romero, Jose 197 R0nCl1ette, Kelly 187 Ronchette, Mike 147, 212, 241 Ronchette, RlCk165 Rontanl, Bill 187 Rosa, Lou 174 ROSaaert JOShLIa 107, 111, 197 Rose, Angela1o7, 197 Rose, laura 174 Rose, MlCl1ael 187 Rose, Pete 50 ROSE, Sandy 15, 18, 19, 42 148,209,255 ROSE, Shaneen148 262 Rosecrans, casey 197 Rblllld 'fable PIIZCI 259 Rlifll, Connie 126 RUUIIICK, LBOI1 MD 245 Rudddt, Troy 174 Ruil, Ether 165 Runyon, charles 126 Ruth, Jeff 174 Ruth, Jennie 197 Saavedro, Aldaverto 148, 206 Saavedra, Juan 163 Sae Jang, Linda 197 Saitta, Troy 197 Sakamoto, steve 10, 107, 187 SalaS, Jerll 165 Salcedo, Nina 8 165 Salel Servlce 243 Salvato, Aldo 174 Sahlettl, Arthur 17S Samara, Jlries 165 Sanchez, Alfonso 165 Sanchet Gary 70,175 Sanchez, Gina 54, 47, 104, 148, 256, 262, 265, 269 Sanchez, Lani 148 248 Sanchez, LiSa 165 Sanchel. Monica 197 Sanchel Nathan 70, 187 Sanchet Samantha 187 Sanchel Teresa 175 Sanford, D36 148 Sanford, Donard175 San Lorenzo Optometry 224 Sannicholas, Nick 187 Santiago, cindy 187 Santllan, unda 128 Santos, Doug 69, 175 Santos, lisa 197 Sarchett, Diana 54, 128 Sarosy,lna1B7 Sarosy, John 149 SaSakl,Danene 25, 24, 25,104,116 149165, 206, 207, 208, 209, 211, 212, 244, 257, 260, 261 Sasaki, Rik 55,175 Saucedo, Jennifer 197 Saunders, Jenni 67, 187 Sauneof 8lI 175 Say, Sheila 107, 175 Schaffer, Brannon 197 Schardt, Davld11,69, 149, 206, 207, 245 Schardr, Jodie 108, 197 Schellenberg, Christy 20, 84, 187 Schneider, Richard 165 Schule, Andrea 197 Schulte, Jeanine 175 Schultz Becky 149 Schultl, DeeDee 108, 174,187 Schultl. Meda 119 Scrlultl Nike 70, 71, 187 Schultl Pat 107, 128 Schwarz, Susie 19, 54, 55, 165 Selence Department 110, 111 Scott, Darlene 108, 128 Scott, Jennifer 175 Scott, Kathleen 149 Scott, Wayne 197 scotty's class 211 Search, Steve 175 Searle, Raelene 22, 201 Sedano, Alberto 70, 187 SegraveS, craig 197 Segura, Ben 165 Seibold. Derek 149 Seifert, Fred 110, 128 Selki, Deblie 188 Seipel, Kyle 188 Senior: 130-153 Senlor FUVOIICES 58-61 senior Plcnlc 12, 13 2 1 index Senlor Sock 8 Sllence Day 34 Sequeira,oanlca149, 266 Seoueira, Melody 175 Serrato, Monica 175 Seven-Eleven 211 severson, Davld 188 Shaffer, Erin 175 Shama, Jamal 188 Shaw, Jeremy 188 Shaw, Todd 175 Shear, vnliiam 259 Shepherd, Greg 128 Sheoherd, Jennifer 19, 17S Sheridan, carrie 188 Sherwood, cindy 149, 205, 264 Shinko, Darcey 165, 264 Shinko, Rod 6, 69,149 210,264 Shootaw, carrie 62, 65, 165 Short Clrcult 21 Shouts, John 165 Shulte, Maureen 175 Silva Christina 198 Silva, daucia 198 Silva olorla 99 Silva, Jorge 165 Silva, Richard 149 SlNa, Steve 198 SlNerla, Laura 175 Slwerla, Tony 149 Simpson, Karina 198 Simons, aaroara 128 sisneros, Rick 188 Slack, Katrina 165 Sloan, David 107, 198 Sloan, Heather 105, 175 Smart, Ruby 198 Smith, Antoinette 175 Smith, Juli 165 Smith, linda 8,9, 176 Smith, Michelle 47, 55, 149, 205, 210,256 Smith, Ricky 114, 188 Smith, Robert 176 So, Amy 149, 256, 249 So, Betty 64, 165 Sobhanti, Arash 107, 116, 176 Soccer Bayi' 80, 81 Glrls' 84, 85 Social Sclence Department 112, 115 Softball 90, 91 Solis, Anna 188 Sommer, Mike 149, 245, 255 Somsak, David 188 SomSak, Steven 149, 252 Sophomore! 166-111 Sorensen, oretchen165 Sopresa Gram 221 Sotel 0. Setina 198 5ousa,Joe151, 264, 265 Sousa,Reinaido176 50053, SOUZB, Torn 127, 128 John 198 50uZa, Mark 107 Soear, Spear, Jeff 42,151,211,255 Jlm 70, 176 Special Education De- l!Cll'1.'lllel1! 114, 115 Special Studlel Depart- Illellt 116, 111 SDeddwnSf5kI, Karen 188 SDeerS, Lori 172, 175, 176 Slilrlt Week 26-29 Soonsel, Amy 188 Spore, Brian 107, 198 Soore, Karen 105, 176 Sooning, Jack 188 sports olvlslon 64, ss Springer, Mark 176 Springsteen Bruce 50 Squeezer's 214 Souem. Mike 70 Stagnaro, Lisa 151, 211 sraRowsxi,Rosle1o7, 165 Stanford, Don 70 Staoo Kim198 Starr, Lba 176 Statler, Doug 25, 25, 151, 207, 245 Statler, Tani 19, 198 srefanerri, Micnelle So, 67,188 Stefani, Michelle 8, 165 Steger, David 198 Steiner, Lorl 54, 55, 165 Steinert, Frank188 Steingixer, Alethea 176 Steklis, Heidi 176 Stender, Howard 107, 176 Sterling, Julie 176 Stevenson, Lisa 165 Stewart, Aaron 198 Stewart, Jeff 8 Stlce, Angle 188 StlverS, Julie 176 Stivers, Shelley 151, 261,171 Stone, CririS 165 Stone, Christy 165 Stout, Eric 106, 151 Strader, Adele 176 Straw llat Plzza 223 Strom, Brian 176 Strong, Bill 188 Strong, Christine 165 srrugel, Steve 176 Stuart, Conrie 176 Stuart, Jef-f 165 Student Council 32, 33 Sturm, Paul 151, 255 Suan, Klm198 Sullivan, Justin 8, 59, 165 Susan's Flowers 211 Swalls, Catherine 188 Swanson, Nike 188 Sypnlewski, Robby 198 Syonlewskl, Tammy 151 Szeto, Mlkan 165 Szeto, Nancy 198 Taglaoletra, Cory 198 Takeuchl, Corey 198 Takeuciii, Cragl 165 rancreay, Angelo 128 TBDGOWSKY, Richard 128 Tang, Albert 69, 164 Tang, Marina 151, 256 Tang, Ralph 176 rang, Raymond 199 rang, Stanley 164 Tavare, Nakhe 199 Taylor, Gary 151 Taylor, Sherry 199 Tefada, Alloia 116, 199 Telch, LEE 10, 69, 164 Teiano, Joanne 188 rengco, Eodle 176 Tennis 88, 89 rerry, Robert 199 Teshlma, Joey 57, 176 TeShima, Stacey 57, 104, 151, 202, 208, 211, 260, 271 Texelra, Jennifer 199 rexelra, vnndy 176 Tl'laU, Eric 188 Thau, Susie 164 Thayne,Natasha107, 199 Thellle 1-5, 278-230 nriry, AnnMarie 107, 199 Tl10maS, Andrew 106, 176 Thomas, Dawn 67, 188 rhomasson, Shannon 176 Thompson, Michael 151 Thompson, Sandy 199 Thoi'nDSon, Sean 70,188 Thorn Gina 151 Thorne, Jim 114,164 Thorne, krystaI151, 220, 228 1 l l w Thornton, Shelly 188 Tice, Laurie 199 nlotson, Mary164 Todd, Mark 10, 69,164 'rorfutl 242 Tomidcn, carrie 99 Tornioch, Kari 199 romldch, Kurt 19, 51, 164 Tommy 'rs Comedy 231 Tung, Florentino 151 Tong, Lyn 199 Toon, Kevin 151 Top 'ren 62. 63 Torres, Marco 188 Tortorelll, Chris 164 rortorell, Jennifer 188 rortoreli, Joe 164 Town, Mlre 199 TICICK 92, 95 rressler, rooy 70, 176 Tribulio, Annette 42, 102, 104, 151, 210, 229, 244, 256 Tribuzlo, Gaetano 188 Triplett, Kelly 151, 248 Truilllo, JBSOI1 164 TS8, N30 188 Tse, Eileen 105,199 158, K8rl9fOl1 151 TSe, vlrglnia 199 Tsifrin, DOI'll13 183 TU320ll, Ulla 176 Tudlno, Ken 51, 164 Tuttle, Denise 199 Tuttle, Jason 164 Tuttle, Jessie 151 uloa, Greg 152 llloa, Rachel 199 IIIICIB J0e'S P1226 214 unoerwooo, coale 199 urizar, Diana 176 Valente, Debbie 164 valente, John 176 Valente, Kr'lSElne 176 vales Mike 152, 252 Valenluela, DenlSe 199 Valladorl, Karen 176 Vallelos KrlStlna 188 ValleS, oiorla 199 vanoerhelden, Connie 164 vanoerheloen, Trlnette 189 Vandeveer, Erick 69, 104, 164 vandro, Raloh 100,119,128 129 van's Bakery 243 vasconcellos Mark 70, 189 vasconceiloe Paul 199 VaSqUel, Nlchael164 Vaughan, J35Dl'l 19, 69, 164 Vaughan, Mllle 189 Ve9aS, David 107, 199 vegas, Joey 164 Vegai, Robert 152 VIC llllhbtlld Speed Clld Marine 230 Vlttor, Keith 164 Vidal, Rachel 189 vloales, Gary 70, 176 Vldel, Robert 176 Vldeb .IUIICIIOII 214 vlaeo Revolution 246 Vldaurri,Sallle19,152, 257 Vlerra ,Rowdy 168,169 Vlerra, Guy 176 Vlerra, John 152 lnerra, Sabrina 66, 67 Vlerra, Valerie 21, 152 vierra, Vinte 152, 221 vlerra, Jeff 164 Vlgallon, John176 Vlerra, Leilanl 199 Vlerra, Sabrina 189 Vlerra, Steve 242 VllaS, Saly 129 VlQ3rS, Arlene 155, 252 Vigil, Dawn 107, 189 Vlgil, Scott 199 vlllalooos Joe 10, 45, 69, 176 flu V i li we- -Mc, 1 1 its N t x r ca ,Won , Wrmgm 'ii 1' '. nie 'l1?'b5 vlnalonos, Leo 164 villalooos RegIna176 -, vlnamln, zona 10, 64, es, 164 2-- villamln, elaine 199 vrllasenor, earnoa 164 vincent, Ren 152 vlncenzi, Rooert189 VICE! IIIUII GIOCEPY 225 Vogel, Mary 154 vogue, warren 107, 199 VOYCE, warren 199 volleyball 66, 61 waage, Randy 74, 164 Wachtel,8ud199 wachtel,6inger176 wagner, deg 51,164 wagner, water 128 The Ylllldbff 214 waller, Tony 189 walling, Jason 11, 69, 72, 176 WalterS, Hero 69 WalterS, Hope 199 waiton Heather164 Wang, Sheree 54, 152, 249, 260 wang, Tom 176 ward, James 51,176 warr, Shereen164 Illasplngton Manor Chl- IOIIICICCIC CllI1lC 255 watlrlns, Ricnaro 189 watson, Joe 74, 75, 114,152 watson, Karla 164 Waukazoo, Phil 176 Webster, RDbl176 Wee, Jen 65,176 Weidman, Amy 176 Weis, Monica 106 176 Weiss Debra189 Wess Helena 20 22 25 25 116 1611 We ss, Marty 199 welssenborn, Ken 75 128 Wells, Orson 51 Wendell, Darln 20, 70 Wergeland, Jerrold 128 Westergaard, Erik 199 WeSth0US8, B00 170, 171, 176 Wheeler, Paula 152, 232 Whelan, kenny 199 Whltbetk, Charles 19, 64 White, Dana 189 White, Donna 119 White, Kelli 189 White, Paul 152 White, Robert 164 Whitt, Gina 199 Whitt, Steve 189 Whittaker, Jenny 176 Whittaker, Kao 199 Wlegel, Todd 176 Wleland, Mark 104, 152, 268, 269 Wlgarld R00 64 110 129 Wilbur JBCK 129 llillldman Sean 70 71 166 167 176 WIIkErS0l'l MIKE 164 IMIKDSOD Dean189 WHKIHSUD Sue 9 177 lNIlI ams, Cnns 70 177 WlIIlaITl5, LiSa 152 Wlliams, MICE 177 WIIIIamS, Rlhelle 199 WllIlamS, Sl5an 164 Wlllums Insurance 242 lmlliamson, Nancy 189 Willis Darren 164 WlIliS, Daryl 164 WlISOr1, Andy 9, 189 WlISOrl, Larry 129 WII50rl, John 177 WirnDl9, Sue 199 Windell, Darrin 189 llllndsor Square Barber SHOP 230 liillndosr Cerumlcs 243 Yllhtel' Ball 20, 21 WIIICEI' COIICBPC 24, 25 Witherspoon, Stephanie 177 w0l'ldBIll'lO5fe'll 238 WOHQ, Bfi3I1 189 'The greatest Qlfl' of all is life. WODQ, U 309 177 W0r'l9, N ck 164 W0l'l9 ROHBIU177 WUIIQ Th8r6Sa 177 WUDUTIHQ M sty177 WOOUS Darle 25 129 W00dS D0r0Ihy 129 Woor1waro,Erit177 Woodward, Kenneth 169 W0OlEry, Teleah 189 w0l'ley'S llIfePl0l'S 211 woney, Steve 107, 189 Wresfll 18 19 Wright, Stephen 11, 69,102,152 258, 267 ng . Wright, Car1OS177 Wulf Clenn 164 Vaoro rm 189 YBUFOH TOHY 199 Vail LVZGIIE 107 199 Va DE Chr1S107 199 VaSSl'l Jaime 74 164 VBXKTIEIIDEF, Tammy 189 Yee, MBFK 164 vim, Theresa 23, 25, 47 1 VODD, Elilaberh 152, 237 voung, Bernard 177 voung, Debbie 189 young Debby 177 Young Denise 189 vo ng Harry 177 young Larry177 Vo ng, Tereifa 189 young, Torn 45, 152, 268 voung, wendy 189 V0unQOI00d, Bo 45, 69, 10 vuusuf, Hekmat 116, 189 V Suf, VUSUf115,189 nmmer Stacey 8 177 Zoggas NKOIE 23 24 25 Zoggas, Rachelle 199 Z0tti, Mitthel 177 ZUff0, RDSBDB 177 Zunlga, lanya 199 ' 1 ZUIIIQB, Juoy 77 ZUFEKZOHO177 It begins the moment we're born. With life we learn to take a chance and if we fail, at least we kl'lOW we tried. With life welearn to live by the hour and day to day. And in our lifetime, we make friends. And with those friends we Share thoughts and dreams And we spend the hour and the da ys trying to make our dreams come true Some of you may have noticed the flags at Arroyo are at half mast Yesterday morning a terrible tragedy took place A life was lost forever A student of Arroyo passed away Im saying this because I don t want anyone who knew him to forget him And those of you who didnt get the chance to know him missed out because he was A Tfbe Friend He was the type of person that kept his emotions to himself when he was down or upset he d share a smile with his friends because he didn t want He W8S always lOOkIhQ fOr' the best ahd h3DDleSf l'hlhQS lh llfe The l'hlhQS Ih llfe that made hlm ahd hIS ff'lehdS Smile Ahd he Qalhed SOh1efhlhQ fl'Oh1 hlS f3h1llY3hCl 'fI'lehdS that S hard to COh7e by He hOf,' only gave DUI' f'eCelVed love He W3S SehSll'lVe ahd Cafed 8 lOf h1Of'e than Of.'hef'S lvlarco Bully 1968 - 1986 52 257 260 261 271 4 152 258 265 270 116 165 Tom Gonzalez in an address to the Student Body February 1986 his fl'ier'ldS to WOITV about him. ' 1 II1 IVlEm0I'l3m 7 NleanlN hue... riff. - "" 'x fa-5 xf-"5 'N ff EN TURN 9 Nl , M E JJ 0-JQCJ JaCk Hunt and asked anywherej it has been quite a stumper since the beginning, but l've finally found out that the crime wasn't committed by a single person.' 'You mean it was a group effort?' Hunt inquired. 'More like a school effort, lVlr. Hunt.' 'What?' Jack asked dumbfound- eclly. 218 who Dome ir? xtcbio 221' 'fag J CE Qx REG Pl'lClE, JEICK. lt's used by everyone from a varsity football player to an eighth grader and the faculty, too. lt's something that is shared by everyone connected with the campus.' 'So, lt's not actually who DONE it, but it's how many DoNe it?' said Hunt with a feeble attempt at humor. 'But the solution to this whole mystery ended with, 'We know I vvr ARE 'WE vw You DONE ifl' . YES, you-the one who is read- Ing this yEEll'book!' Who DONE it now-You DONE itl' 'YES, you-the one who is read- ing this yearbookl' 'You DONE it every time you did something to benefit Arroyo or by just being a part of it. Even by purchasing a yearbook, you've used Red Pride and helped it to exist, ever since Arroyo began 31 years ago. lt's not a question anymore of Who DONE lf DECZLISE YOU DONE lT!' Photo by cm-lbalul Becerra . . . -Format Hampton ......... Manager n Aquino, Rhonda Carl Berndt Berry, Shelley DeMarco DGFIEQ, Michael H6itZ Erik HOVE, Klegmarl Kucin, Gary LaFleur, Maccowan Medeiros, Petter Morke Nord ' orman, Erin Ren T9I'l N Gina applied and HJ600lbl3ClO. Lamination completed at printing plant. Printing-Herff Jones Yearbooks, inc., Logan, Utah. Stan Wyne, Castro Valley, CA and Rick Rawlinson, Logan, Utah were printer's representatives. 1986 Arroyan was printed on 80 pound Venetian stock. t Type-Olive Family: 36 pOil1t Olive Ita- liCll'I8adlil'leSl, 12, 'IO pOil1t Olivelbody copyl, 8 point Olive ltaliclcaptionsl, 8 point Olive Condensedlmug captionsl, 12 point Olive Nordlemphasis face, caption lead-insl. Typesetting com- pleted on campus on varltyper COlTlp!Edlt 5618 SVSTSGFTI. PhOtOgl'apl'ly-Garibaldi Photogra- phy, San Lorenzo, CAlsenior portraits, candidsl, Portrait World, Fremont, CAlmugsl, Marla Aquino, carl Berndt, LiSie Ferreira, and Erik Hove, staff photographers. Who nolile it? 2 79 Wlelafld -in-Chief CliIIOl'-PHOEO Bradley . . Adviser 0238: N' afwfdl PHUTUGRAPHY 8 VIDEU Gtlrlbtlldl. 5 dh I-OIG ui 'VQYV 1195 I-lesperian Blvd. ,f,. wma weddiI195-POYtl'ClifS-ll15fCll1f l3Cl55POYf5-C0lllllleI"CiQgl ,N Q 280 Who Dome ir? . .f,, . . ,K-ii-kgffm 5 X 'Sw X :fn X. "QW '-f-rufw Q. ,,,,,MW Yigpwwfqwmmwwr, AM. -Www me 3 ' 'EFX L, E -W N- if F 're , ,,....nv'vK-r-' T3 I Wa sf I , 4 A , A , M an u rx"An--Q - ' .Lui J ppc..-.,-:.v ay.-1f.1w-v1.f.'-.ksvfa Y -Av ,...e-was ? A .. S-I Zur H , V W Swag , V. f 25,12 4 5 i A 1 v f 2, f W P ' v E xv " 4' 'Fw Mani'- --1 ,.... f 5.-5, 3 . Q. fl w .1 'QFQQ r 'I . A I u lii- ' V 5 lv' . , ' ,L

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