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J F J J Q n wr 9 ,, 79 7 ARRO Y ARROYO HIGH SCHOOL AN LORENZ CALIFORNIA VOLUME 16 N I Staff Cites Smith and Hart for Loyalty After dedicating thirty three years of his life to teaching Mr. Glenn Smith, Woodshop teacher at Arroyo is ready to retire. The contributions made by Mr. Smith's Industrial Art classes can easily be seen throughout the school. They in- clude the patio picnic tables, bookcases and magazine racks for the library, con- cession booths for the games, and the gymnasium award plaques. After retirement he plans to set up a repair shop to refinish furniture and do antique work. The 1971 Arroyan Yearbook staff dedicates this book to Mr. Glenn Smith for his willingness in helping Arroyo and its students. Mr Smith makes a list of needed materials for his woodshop Mr. Smith picks up the woodbench after a busy day ends Mr. Glenn Smith helps Charles Aranda and Joe Arcia with their Woodshop project. 2 V' Wi'- ww , ,M . .Al ,wi Pa! MA - r WL . xx 'SCH nw K Q5 ffm: :iii A -efk ,be Rl? S mm , ,X 'T' N X xvx xx S W dll?" x able of Contents The e Acti 'ties . . Spor s Facu ty Fres men ....... . Soph mores .... . juni rs Seni rs Ads nd Index ....... . ...6-77 . . 18-97 . 98-755 756-187 788-199 200-209 210-225 226-255 256-264 jani e Conkel, Editor-Fn-Chief Mr. ichard Lloyd, Advisor 4 5:53, 2 Km 'Q-' .Ax ' Us- ' 5 xA ' r.:,-f f i 6 is 'ss f .v gf 1 k is r 2 is A """"Ii, A I x . L of r ' f- , ,T w 5 1 A VM , A rx s'. Q -'Q s., 1-., 1 Q f .34 . . A I 4 I , ri ws. msd' ' W . we gwmg ' 0- ' .',?f fl QYff'ivg'5!!.' F ' 'gf Q " .4 A ., 5 ta t .4- , 4 ft '-Thi. 1 3, V Q U of ' icq A20 . . -..' 'Q ' .V QQ' A C p 4 L 25' . P X 13 f" fag Aff E' ...f--1 ima 5 A cloud is like your mind. . i Transparent, carefree, full of hopes and dreams A mass of confusiong An inexpressable fortress blocking your feelings. WlFf ? ww a I,. 5 wi nl' ' I ,Ls fx ' 's F F Qfo lq!...,QP 3, vi 'S La ,lag X?vN9 1 Sf sv 4 gg S or deceiving, betrayingj draining you of freedom bringing pain and heartache to replace its illusions. -me pm 4 1 1 e f. ,Ni an 'i Kms M549 H., 'xi an xx N L 2, ww ffzqfgii ' Y 1. QXQQL? ffwfi K fi -i i 3+ ' f V?35-25555 Q-1 - M Sw ki. if N .M ,A 4 EM? 'ku 3.9, ? Q C gr 5 R- fa A x'f mf vis W was'3"f 144 QQ Q Xwpylx ,Q 422' its Q Q.. Loving lifeg making friends and losing them facing triumph and defeat. was W3 . 'L 5 Q',if'kf.4, L ..X: ig UNH I'1' 011 QiS+4fg,.Q i . ,Eiga Living to your fullestg fighting for an uiltimatengoalg sharing fears ofjoy and grief. 14 X wg Ag Y, - f A X fe Q' Q sw ' bbw: ,M E -f vii..--.. - ri ' -t " - .V , Q, ig zf iizi M 1 -2 M -- fi' ,.a'22,e:, 15 N' it W S . V xg if " X 2 QXWQ as N X 3 J Qi ff .,, .V ., , Q fi 13 tg, ii X' i i i ' '-"f if 2 'X if igggg Q Q , s fn Q- ., W.. X Q QW,-iw 1 'Y . ,R X -s 53 N535 V338 :wg i P W s: ,. . , 6 is 1 x ., . i ., ., 4 J JQQ, -f R .... Q, 3 If 5545 , 6 5 ,S-' s Y K 5 ii: i x A 2 ,Q f :gb , A TQ. 5 fi W Aff ws .iw 2 .f-gg Q 5 4. Q pk 5: E.-1 :"fg',Q fr ,f . 1 1 gf Q 33' if X Q sw. Q K ,L X E fp ,Q Solving problems, ' f' "3 -' 71' e , .5 or runmng from them, , - MQW..-,.-, ...,..,. His Living! if-lafisswmin 'F '31 'lr E my ' fkygs, sw, Q Q ' N5 , - -. ,f -...Mr VI' 'R P f u y S r 55.5 is 1 cb :Q 4 E K Y i .agdf ' -. ,wav ,ww-xx fur XS 'frdv we if-1L"'f' ,nw V? V ITIES o V I X , f ef' f 3 . 5 , ,E -"-L! L -U . " 1. -uf-'-.:4,....,.' 'Q'- ' 'hx 'glilis ,-, . . L ' 1 l I X f 'Li , - 1 Z if D I 1 f. Song and Dance Comes t Arroyo As "Smile". The first school wide production of any kind was presented at Arroyo this year in the form of "Smile. " The October show provided for a burlesque atmos- phere, With song, dance, and short skits. The master of ceremonies, Brad Taus- heck, introduced the acts as they came on. Karen Anderson sang "Birth of the Blues," "People," and "As the Parade Pa s s e s By. " Marcy LaField, Debbie Hughey, Carol Jacobs, and Debbie Flether footed it to the Pink Panther. Skits about the songs Were performed as achoreog- raphy effect. The hour long production brought "Smiles" to all. 'i Far Left-Chuck Cadwell sings "In the Ghetto". Center Left-Junior, Karen Anderson, gives a dy- namic performance. Left-Two southerners discuss "Summertime". Top -D e bb i e Hughey, Celeste Faccion, and Marcy LaFie1d, "Enjoy Being a Girl". ' . M X I z 3' 4. l Fl ' W Q MF' , Qty, , .K new Ss is 3' " V in 9' my I 3 X1 I-K' Arroyo s Music Earns Superior Ratings On March 19th the Arroyo Stage Band boardeda bus taking them to the llth An- nual Stage Band Jazz Festival held at the University of Nevada in Reno. Out of 150 schools, Arroyo placed 17th, receiving an overall rating of superior. The band returned with their awards on March 2lst. Band members also put together the first ever brass choir. At Arroyo The Choir first debuted at "Jazz 71", a con- cert held to raise money for the Reno trip. Featured at this concert was the Cal-State Jazz Quartet. With the great wave of enthusiasm demonstrated by these young musicians, Arroyo Stage Band surely deserved all honors bestowed upon them this year. Bob Williams plays an improvisational solo on tenor sax 23 5 2 I . . I S I S 3 I I 1 A Yankee Visits Arthur's Court Atrip back into time was taken by all who attended the Drama 3-4 production of "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. " The story takes place in 528 A.D. during the reign of King Arthur. Hank Bennett, a 20th century genius, takes a trip back into time Where he convinced everyone that he is a great magician. Merlin, the castle's fulltime magician, resents his presence and it turns into competition for the castle. Hank fright- ens the King and Queen into giving him control of the castle, and turns it into a 20th century business office. But Queen Morgan Lee and Merlin match wits to- gether against Hank and regain the castle. Far Left Ev1l Queen Morgan Lee fKathy Kallasj entices innocent Hank fDoug Grovesj. Left Hank makes h1S last plead to Sandy QRobyn Goeltzj. Top Left Merlin QR1ck Rodgers, captivates his audience. Top Castle guards fDave Porter and Larry Souzaj forcefully subdue Hank for removal to the dungeon Concert Was a Beautiful Experience "All hail to Alma Mater dear, . . . " filled the Arroyo High School auditorium at the close of the Spring Choral Concert held on May 27, 1971. A beautiful experience in s e r io u s choral music was created by Girls Cho- rus, and the A cappella C hoir . A new addition this year, Concert Choir, was the A cappella and Mixed Choir com- bined. Concert Choir started off the con- cert with such selections as "Honor and Glory, " and "Gonna Build A Mountain. " Girls Chorus made a big hit with "Little Wheel a-Turnin', " and "I Say A Little Prayer. " The "Ballad of Green Broom," "Exul- tate Deo, " "The Eyes Of All Wait Upon Thee, "and "To Everything There ls A Season" were among A cappella's excel- lent selections for the evening. Pat Mc- Caughin had a beautiful solo in "Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier, " while Larry DeSeguirant belted out "Lord, If I Got My Ticket, Can I ride?" The performance of the Alma Mater by the three groups combined put awarm end to a delightful concert. 26 A Cappella waits patiently for Mr. Tom Hart to direct them in their next piece. All eyes are on Mr. Tom Hart as he directs Exultate Deo. Left: Larry DeSeguirant performs a lively solo in "lf I Got My Ticket, Can I ride?" Above: The Alto and Tenor sections of A Cappella choir sing with expression. 'Little Wheel a-Turnin" was performed cheerfully by Girls Chorus. Mr. Hart accepts flowers for Mrs. Blanchard, pianist for the concert. 27 Right-Maggie Cutler fKathy Kallasj explodes at Sheridan Whiteside fRick Rodgersj for his interference in her love affair with Bert jefferson. Below-Whiteside creates several reactions from Miss Preenini fSheri I-Iughesj and Dr. Bradley fDave Porter. I 28 "The Man Who Came to Dinner On March 4 and 5, Drama 3-4 pre- sented the extremely funny play, "The Man Who Came To Dinner. " The curtain opens and S h e r i d a n Whiteside goes to the Sta.nley's house to interview the family for his T. V. show. On arriving he slips on the stairs and hurts his back. But long after he is healed, he remains at the household, dictating orders from his wheelchair. A love triangle begins between Whiteside, Maggie Cutler, and Bert jefferson. The star tries his best to move in on Maggie, but her heart belongs to jefferson. Visi- tors such as ex-convicts, Hollyw o o d Starlets, and book authors pay him fre- quent calls. Amidst all this confusion, he is discovered and evacuated from the house. On the way out, you guessed it, our star falls again! Top-Bert Jefferson fDoug Grovesy and Maggie Cutler exchange glares. Bottom-Insane Harriet Stanley fliathy Hernonj makes frequent visits from her upstairs dwelling to present Mr. Whiteside with presents. ll Officers Work for Student I nvolvement Larry De Seguirant headed Arroyo's Student Body as president. Presiding over Executive Council and leading assemblies were some of his responsibilities. Brian Cambra acted as vice-presi- dent. Brian led Student Council meetings and was a member of all Student Council committees. Brian was also in charge of the San Leandro Student Exchange which was to provide new ideas to better Ar- royo. Raylan Chu and Pat McCaughin di- vided the secretary's duties this year. Raylan took notes for Executive Council and Student Councilwas taken care of by Pat. Paul Warmerdam took care of the fi- nancial records. One of his main respon- sibilities as treasurer was to head the Finance Committee. Commissioner of Communications, Janine Conkel, had the job of aiding com- munication between the students and ac- tivities around Arroyo. Planning Spirit Week was one of her tasks, along with the purchase of a new marquee to be used next year. The job of parliamentarian was held by Greg Bonn. Greg offered his knowledge of ROBERT'S RULES OF ORDER at all Student and Executive Council meetings. 30 ' ,YM ..,........vsz,,- Top: Greg Bonn and Janine Conkel listen to Student Council business as Pat McCaughin takes notes. Raylan Chu takes notes at Executive Council. Xctivities udent Body Officers, left-right: Brian Cambra, Paul Warmerdam, nine Conkel, Larry DeSeguirant, Raylan Chu, Greg Bonn, and Lt McCaugh1in. Q, Larry DeSeguirant speaks in front Student Council. 4. . X M, mr- gr- md'-or' im" X if 5 s i E :1 Hx :ov-af-K 9 QM .N , " Freshmen Have Only just Begun. The Freshmen stated that they had "Only just begun," at their dance on Jan- uary 15, the highlight of Spirit Week. Music was provided by "Mainland Ex- press, "and the decorations were pro- vided by all four classes in the form of their Spirit Week floats. The attendance for the dance was large as the Friday Spirit Week game against Hayward was before it, and peo- ple from the game came to the dance to relax. At 10 o'clock all music was stopped and Janine Conkel, chairman of S pirit Week, announced the Sophomores had won. General chairman for "We've only just begun, " was Laurie Zollinger. Above-Linda. Vasquez is quite surprised over being queen Below -Classmen react diierently to the announcement of the Spirit Week winner Freshman Queen-Linda Vasquez julie Ballew N Sue Fitzgerald Dester Hughey Peggy Silva Sophomores Bootleg Way to lug Chicka-Chicka boom was the cry of the Sophomore class as their "Roaring with Spirit" slipped into first place at Spirit Week. The Sophomore daywas Wednesday, and from that day on the blue and white waved banners of Arroyo spirit and dressed in the style of roaring twenty gangsters. The class of '73 won in one of the three categories, best float, for their mobster car. Landing surely into second place were the Yankee Doodle followers. "Stars and Stripes for Spirit" was the theme of the very spirited Senior Class. From Monday to Friday the Seniors portrayed a time when our country was first beginning with cries of "I regretl have but one life to give for spirit," and "Yankee Doodle went to town looking for some spirit." The re- maining two categories of best rally squad and best skit were awarded to the class of '71, It was an outstanding week of spirit. Spirit Week squad explodes over two points Below -A11 classes umte for Alma Mate Sophomores prepare for their turn. 34 Great Amounts of Spirit by All Sounding more like pirates than Blackbeard himself with "Yo ho ho and a bottle of Rum, we got spirit now you get some," the Class of '72 came on once again, with a strong e nt ran c e . Eye- patched and producing their noted show- ing of spirit, the juniors displayed to this school how a bunch of pirates can be- come as involved in spirit as in their search for gold. Although they did not land a first place, the Class of '72 showed how spirited you can be. Robin Hood and his Merry Men made way into their first Spirit Week atlAr- royo. Displaying an outray of Freshmen spirit, this class shot their way into the week. Green and white clothed people topped with Robin Hood hats, decorated the campus. The support from the class was large, that the bleachers could not hold them all. If the Class of '74 keeps up this trend, they will become a great contributor to future Spirit Weeks. Above -Class song girls do their version of "Nobody But Me. " Below Sailors try to land on Crooks Island. Below-Juniors sing "Yo Ho Ho. " R S! . Sf' 1 5 fr ik Q-5. .Q R A is Q :: 2 ' if 'We , aw , 3 ig 'Z' "' Q wi' , , if x l '--'-f f fm. "Ax 5- WJQJ5' Y , S5421 v.Yi!b,1,- t '.SVg"'34 lm :f Sophomores Feature "American Canyon" "Love the One You're With, "the Sophomore Dance, was held on Friday, February 26th, in the gymnasium. At 10 o'clock all eyes and ears were focused on Jim Bridges, class president, as he announced Liz Litov as Sophomore Queen. Her court consisted of Andrea Fike, Dehlia LaCasse, Pat Sasser, and Jan Vallejo. Over all Chairman of the dance was Kim Humburg, and decorations were by Debbie Fletcher. Providing the night's entertainment was "American Canyon, " who have performed at Fillmore West. Above-Dave Waite, Rich Tapia, Elliot Bonn, and Debbie Stefani "Love the One They're With. " Below-Liz Litov expresses happiness after being crowned queen by Mike McCa1'ney. Queen- Liz Litov Andrea Fyke Dehlia LaCasse Pat Sasser Jan Vallejo X x Clubs Enjoy Foreign Cultures Under the advisorship of Miss Helene Powell, Spanish and French clubs spon- sored many activities this year. Both clubs held a field trip to DeYoung Museum, where students visited the Van Gogh art exhibit. The foreign language dance, "Taco Ball" featured the announcement of next year's class officers. ln San Francisco, French Club mem- bers dined at the Tricolor, famous for its French delicacies. Spanish Club held their dinner at Tito's Restaurant in San Leandro. Top-Spanish Club officers, Sec. I Treas. Nancy Hurd, President Rick Rodgers, advisor Miss Helene Powell and Vice President Kathy Kallas look at LIFE in Spanish. Middle-Freshman President Laurie Zollinger with new officers, Ann Hawkins, Cindy Beebe and John I-Iardester, watch as Jim Bridges announces Sophomore winners. Bottom-French Club officers, Treasurer Leslie Johanson, Vice President, Nanda Dutmieux, Secretary Mary Hoopes and President Nancy Lindevald. Left-Mike Evans enjoys the Foreign Language Dance. 9 Q 6 S 35361 ' 4+ S355 Chfleans Become Americanized Through the aid of the "Youth for Understanding" Program, A r ro yo was given the opportunity to a c qu i r e eight foreign exchange students. Both Oscar Zaror and Aldo Cermenati originated from Chile. Aldo Cermenati comes from a small city south of Santiago, Comquimbo. B. P. E. and Algebra are his favorite classes and Aldo hopes to become an en- gineer. Aldo is making his home with Fresh- man Andrew Silva. Oscar lived in Valca where his fa- ther is a retail clothes salesman. He is living with relatives during his stay here. Oscar is interested in law books, and would like to go to the University of Law in Chile to become a lawyer. Left: Aldo gets instructions in mixed choir. Below: Oscar rigorously studies his English. Brazil and France Meet at Arroyo From Brazil, Lia Ferreira and Vir- ginia Andrads are making their stay in San Lorenzo. Virginia arrived in February to live with Freshman Peggy Poteet. In Brazil, Virginia lived in Bahia, which used to be the capital of Brazil when the Portuguese first settled there. Lia Ferreia is living with Mr. and Mrs. William Hummel and their two sons. Her favorite class here at Arroyo is French. After graduation Lia hopes to go for five years to the University to be- come an Agronomist, dealing with field- crop production and soil management. Livingat the home of Lita Clapper is Chris Raspillere. Chris is from Lyon, 3 France. Chris' favorite place has been V San Francisco. Chris enjoys such out-door sports as tennis and water-skiing and enjoys the music made by the Beatles. 3 Right: Virginia studies her piano music. Bottom: Lia molds a head in sculpturing. Bottom R. : Chris practices her script in drama. Top: Left to Right: Harold Brede, exchange student Ernie Martinez, Miko Gill, and Chuck Cadewell, sit together during their A Cappella choir class. Below: Anna Waern, the exchange student from Sweden, relaxes with friend, Claudia Dias. Second Home for Foreigners From the Philippines, Ernie Mar- tinez has come to the United States be- cause he wanted to have an experience with an American family to find out their way of life. One of the big differences between a Filipino school and Arroyo is in the area of Physical Education. Instead of P. E. the boys in their Junior and Senior years of high school receive military training. Anna Waern feels that s tu dent s at Arroyo are more open on their views and are more friendlier on the whole than at other schools she has gone to. Anna wished to be an exchange stu- dent because she wanted to meet differ- ent people and develop her own self also. Inger Eklund left her home in Sweden to live here with Senior Terry Goehner. Inger, who is interested in politics, belongs to a Liberal PoliticalAssociation in her native country. It is a youth or- ganization to support one of Sweden's big political parties. Inger, the exchange student from Sweden, poses for cameraman. ffl. N i as 12523. Y if 'Je fini' 3 12" iffy' e,,37.ls2EW5 will 1? . at ww " Lawn, ,L If 225' . ,Lo ' Aboveg Ron Hart is apprehensive about the out- come of the meet. Topg Joyce Yee screams "urges" to her SW1I'l'lIT161'. Rightg Debbie Schroeder clocks Mike Fernandez' time. 44 I. b kk iv, I ,.,- 4. ., Nm ' A , SGD ,, A ez. 4 5 .ffm A Swim Club Goes Gverboard With Help "They're great. They're out there at every meet, clocking and taking down times. They are really fantastic. " These were the words used by Coach Tom Sheridan describing Swim Club mem- bers. Swim Club gave a breakfast to the team on the morning of the H.A.A.L. swim relays in March. Other activities included a car wash. Officers for Swim Club were Debbie Schroeder, Presidentg Liz Litov, Vice Presidentg Jill Stavosky, Secretaryg and Sue Ichiana, Treasurer. President Debbie Schroeder feels that the main purpose of Swim Club is to give the swim team support at all Arroyo's swim meets. Jill Stavosky, secretary, remarked that the boys on the team made all the club member's time and energy worth- while. "The entire club got along just great with all the members of the team, " Jill also mentioned. Right: Rooters for Arroyo's swim club, Nancy l-lalbach, Sue Speas, janet Stavosky, Lisa Fernandez, Kathy Burntt, Janaan Stager, Dorothy Dutch, and Cathy Lowrie, cheer for their team Girls Run Track Meets This years track club, under the di- rection of Mr. Tony Machutes, helped run all the home track meets. The girls did the timing, measuring, were runners, and score keepers. With their help, the meets went along with greater speed and efficiency. They were unable to hold meetings as a regu- lar club, but were able to keep them- selves well organized. Right: Mary Lou Voecks has her scores checked. Left: Coach Tony Machutes reads the time for Lisa. Com-oy. Bottom Right: Mary Lou Voecks and Marcia Vigil show Mike Emery the results of his events. Xa 4' Sound Crew Takes Care of Microphones At all assemblies, dances, and games, members of Sound Crew could be seen setting up amplifiers, working with microphones, and dealing with the sound equipment. The members alternated the duty of Sound Crew Chief every month. The Chief had the responsibility of scheduling mem - bers to attend various activities and work the sound equipment. Advisor to Sound Crew was Arroyo's electronics teacher, Mr. Mitch Hoag. Left: Gary Harris puts in the record player for Mega- phone. Lower Left: Sound Crew members: Terry Taylor, Terry Allen, Bob Gunn, Larkin Whinn, and Gary Harris. Below: Setting up the microphone is Gary Harris and Larkin Whinn. 47 l Pinkie Uim Saferj and Ravell Ravelli fGary Shiltsj and Pinky Uim Saferj steal a famous painting as Hives fDermis Scotty watches behind the couch. 48 Capt. Spaulding fVince Monzc Marx Bros. Debut in "Animal Crackers" ry Shiltsj take Hives fDennis Scotty as a prisoner. Laughter and confusion were the main ingredients of the junior Show, "Animal Crackers. " Junior Vince Monzo c o m pile d the script, composed of many stunts used by the Marx Brothers in their films. Presented on April 29 and 30, the show centered around the guests at an elaborate social party. The cast featured Roscoe W. Chand- ler fKieth Englandj, Captain Jeffery T. Spaulding Wince Monzoj, Pinkie Qim Saferl, Emanuel Ravelli CGary ShiltsJ, Mrs. Rittenhouse Uill Stavo skY5. and Hives, the able butler CDennis Scottb. Mary Lou Everhart directed the show with the help of Carol Hawkins as stage manager. Y' :mpts to enchant Grace Carpenter QPam joaquinj, but only insults her. He decides on Mrs. Rittenhouse Uill Stavoskyj 49 3 5 .v s Mai Fe - 4 x x 'Q .ifi il r 9 : fl ,.i . 'il' .t --.eww V K Ei.: H. 1 sg? ., ,. ,,, , L 'I 4. , . 4--' Q "Q-'. 4 'Y'?1'.i ., Q, in 2 5, X. Vila' " V '- 'I ,M !?'E-,JN , 1 : ' S ,Y yi' xg ' gm. .vii ' 4 W S W- 25: S M' i a N 1 N x4 S , . A i ,gk 41 0 K 1 W.,:3-nhl I 'A I K " , l 4 Jia ek e IL -D, Q , ' px -1, J' Y ,. Q, , lkjiszsmua ,L ,J-new - W f A -V ' '.,.X E i 5 K L s if . 2, A ' 3721 .L-:K N ' 42 4 1 E55 rv I K X , .. ff? pi LA .' if ' .W,, .1 ' , L .- A,L, if S 9 W f 5 X af i fe' Q' 5 N il X 'Lf +G? J .1 K gi. 1 f Q . 5 -0 ' 'SSNLXU Q, X ,Qllw-H Wx" .QL M ' W., ,. SX, Ma . 7 k ..,., 1, if gxiw -,,... Y, ii v 1535" Sem S r af f i - :Ni - vias K 1'1- L X f 3. f , 4 . s X J Miss Tami Antolick Michelle Bognot Queen Jill Fox Carol Hawkins Maria-'fl Miller Arroyan Staff Devotes Time The Arroyan staff made many changes in the '71 yearbook, Working effectively under Editor, Janine Conkel and new Ad- visor, Mr. Richard Lloyd. Among the changes werea larger and more colorful theme section, a dedication section, an enlarged activities section, and an ad section. Within the staff, the class was divid- ed into groups, with each one working on a different section of the book. The staff"s four photographers worked with Kee Coleman Studios. They developed photos to be used in the book. The Ads staff brought in extra money by selling ads to interested dealerships in the area. Top: Dennis Scott thinks out his copy. Above: Dennis Geach listens to instructions Left: Carol Hawkins states her opinion. Yearbook Requires Much Concentration Right: Marty Hughes looks disgustingly at her layouts. Below: Jeanette Costa inquires about head- 1. mes. Lower Left: Kathy Gallagher gives friendly advice. 54 i ' Above: Linda Tiernan evaluates copy for Dennis Scott. Upper Right: Checking through her pictures is jennifer Greenwood Lower Right: Kim Zollinger answers an inquisitive question. The 1970-71 Gazette Staff Tried to Get More The newspaper staff started off the year successfully with Tom Peters as Fall Edito r of the 1970-71 Dry Gulch Gazette. Midway through the year the position of E d i t o r was taken over by Linda Tiernan. The staff this year tried to get more student interest and involvement in the paper. They did this with more pictures, topical in-depth articles, interviews with the faculty and students, and stories cov- ering crucial problems relating to the school and its students. With the coaxing of Mr. Richard Lloyd, the journalism advisor, the staff tried something new and put out a magazine type paper, with a picture instead of stories on the front page. For the first time in many years, the Dry Gulch Gazette was financially stable. Sam Fassler, business manager led a spirited ad campaign at the beginning of the year that led to a good financial posi- tion during the rest of the year. The newspaper photographers, John Vournas and Kurt Kleinschmidt, helped to enhance the paper with their photo- graphic ability. Far Right: Sam Fassler tries to find more cash for a better Gazette. Middle Right: Peggy Howard uses locator cards to find a fellow student on campus. Below Right: Tom Peters, first semester editor, Mr. Richard Lloyd, advisor, and Gary I-lenninger dis- cuss the success of the last edition. Top Left: linda Tiernan, second semester editor of the Dry Gulch Gazette, corrects copy for the next edition. Bottom Left: Dave Bono rechecks a story going into the paper. 56 Student I nterest 55 -rzs, at .2 '- all 'iw' x e V 41455 Aff? ggfibi ' i gf ,, V . fi Vg . 'x f 1 e .,, '-15, J - fp . 31 XX--N If sl Ev, fm f 3? - .... - It f2'x,?E1g:""- WT, 113' ' Egg ,, 1 , , . M. , .W ,, . sw 5, .QQ Q, gf,,,,Sz,- ,,, Eb M R Q W 5 im gk M if' ' ' ., , M .131 eLif151, ki- -'zz' ,saw A - Qwffgfw W . ,, , I , 1 ?ii?k5'ff'5 Az " 111.35 ' 1' Mg, Q ' Ng it . ,,, A .4 A A .,.5, , ,K A .,, .WMD 1 .5 ,. 3 s XQ,Qhii,,:Agg Sl, 5:5 . iffy 44' A K' .. fd 1 f ,-4 MN' a- J . - -, 1 , 4 'W A . f Q N 's Fi 2. WK GH F , Q 4 B' N. -Sf , lx -ii E Q 5 ,:L.iZaf '?'1Q?Q 'fig : - '52 M: 535 :L--4 vw ,-f 95' xv .2 '1'-',,:::-- A U. . ---- fx ,54,-45,11-1 , ' -1 :ek V -AW 5 -my E T22 f ' 25 15: 5 ' 2:5 if R, f f I A gg .,,X , 5 X A ww -A .QV Qgfgwx X 'V . 3+ 'L . ' W ' l U Y J X 5552 1 P Q , i. -x Q v f ' Al mf a, E. . Q Folk Group Performs With the students' cry for "better assemblies", November 18 was the date set for an enjoyable one featuring the "YoungCalifornians", a folk group, com- posed mainly of Hayward High Alumni. The songs that were featured in the "Young Californians" hour long perform - ance were "White Bird", "Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head" and "By the Time I Get to Phoenix". Above: Myron Blackmond, a member of the Young Californians, steps to sign autographs. Left Bottom: The Young Californians' van waits out- side the gym as the group packs up. Left top: Noreen Wilson, Monty King, Kathy Mar- shall, Myron Blackmond, Gin g er Gormly, Mike Lewis, Cheryl Royce and Cliff Demante, enter- tain Arroyo's students. 58 Art Club Enjoys Visit to U. C. Museum This years Art Club planned a very active year. Trying to enhance their ar- tistic talents, the club visited many art museums in the area including the Uni- versity Art Museum in Berkeley. They also attended several art festivals. The Art Clubs main money making activity was their annual Art Sale. The main purpose of the Art Club was to keep up with the world of art. Ad- vising the club was Mrs. Doris Knight. xQ ' Debbie Hill, left, Nancy Lindevald, rightg create different lettering designs for advertising. 59 '- 'i1143'5Q-5ZL?Nw50'f' Student Council Helped Community Meeting every o t he r Wednesday in the library, Student Council proposed many new ideas. One representative from each social studies class made up student council, along with student body officers and the vice-presidents of each class. Student Council dealt this year with such projects as obtaining anew marquee to announce Arroyo's coming events and participated in a fund to purchase a kid- ney machine for Mrs. Diane Fernadez. In addition to many other committees, a committee was appointed to investigate the problems of using the Public Address System. Right: Student Council Representatives review pro- posals. Below: Margaret Davis suggests a new idea with Pat McCaughin, Larry DeSeguirant, and Tom Henry. Below R. : Becky Tracy daydreams. Executive Council Organizes Activities Mr. Sloan briefs the new officers for the 1972 year. Executive Council was made up of the class presidents and student body offi- cers. Under the guidance of Mr. Robert Sloan, E x e c u t iv e Council met every Thursday in the conference room. It was here where they c o n s i de r e d club and class requests for activities, looked over all proposals from Student Council, and organized activities to take place at Ar- royo. Some of the activities that involved Executive Council were student exchange with San Leandro High S chool and the Western Association of Schools and Col- leges survey. Left to Right: Pat McCaughin, Larry DeSeguirant, Brian Cambra, Raylan Chu, jim Bridges, Ron Hart, jeff Lucia, Janine Conkel, Laurie Zollinger, Sitting: Greg Bonn, Paul Warmerdam. 61 his 3 QQ XX K 'Y HP fx x , if -' :hx if A f W .f - f E I A X . ig? M ' fl 'Q X 5 K ix R N sz ww... KL A huh X 1 Hifi- 'E f xi s Myra-frf-fy,-A gf: -' ' nw qw X531 w...l"'--- gm., N 'ick Student Body Candidates Vermont Delegates advertise their states recreation facilities. Arroyo's own p o l i t i c al convention came again this spring. Amid the hoopla of spontaneous demonstrations, balloon launches, and cheers for different can- didates, the delegates from social stud- ies classes met in the gym to nominate students for next year's student govern- ment. The convention itself is patterned af- ter both the Republican and Democratic conventions. Each class prepares nom- inating speeches, ye l l s , and campaign slogans for their candidates. Like the major political conventions, social stud- ies classes are able to put favorite son candidates up for nomination for any stu- dent body office. Highlighting this year's convention was the "Convention Crackdown" put out hourly by the Dry Gulch Gazette staff. The school newspaper staff felt that there was a need for an information sheet to let both delegates and candidates know what was happening. Caucus period is held during the convention. g., - fan' X "Nr M., . -was J Mk 63 gk. Backpackers Make the Scene New to Arroyo this year was the Backpacker's Club. The advisor was Mr. Fred Hanson. The club's purpose was to reacquaint it's members to the outdoor life and stress the physical and mental situations of being isolated from modern conven- iences. Members of the backpacker's Club Went on excursions to Sunol Valley Re- gional Park and to Pt. Reyes National Seashore. Ann Yanagi presided over the Back- packers' meetings as president. Other officers were Kieth England, Vice-pres- ident, and Janice Corcoran, secretary. Mr. Fred Hanson goes over plans for a back-packing trip I Backpackers pose for group shot, from left to right, Mr. Fred Hanson, Mary Scott, Amy Yanagi, Janice Corcoran, Ann Yan.1g1, Laura Weber, Gino Sattui, Dan Engelage. 64 Top: Mr. Wells cringes at the thought of having to go through another German :lub meeting. Bottom: Felix Volk and Larry Newton discuss activities planned by the German club. German Dinner Was a Success Arroyo's German students partici- pated in many activities as members of German Club. The club sponsored such activities as dinners at the Bavarian Inn in San Mateo. As advisor to German Club Mr. Peter Wells, has tried to incorporate the club into all his German classes and introduce to them Germanic history and culture. German c1ub's officers were Barbara Moore, president: Don Bell, vice-presi- dent: and C a r ol Zwolinski, secretary- treasurer. ' 65 E s -w t if w i-if Model U. . Dealt With World Problems The Model U.N. club may not be one of the most popular clubs around campus but it is the most educational. The club, which concerns itself with world problems, had two main activi- ties which club members attended dur- ing the school year. Along with approximately 109 other schools, Arroyo participated in the 19th annual Model United Nations held on the U n iv e r s it y of California campus at Berkeley, February 18, 19, and 20, 1971. Each school that attended the event represented one of the countries of the real United Nations in New York. Ar- royo represented the UkrainianS. S. R. On April 17, Arroyo's U.N. club also attended the Model U. N. Conven- tion held at Sacramento State College. There Arroyo represented the Ukrai- nian S. S. R. and Yeman. Club members are: Marsha Bedell, Alice Newell, Debbie Mattson, Dehlia LaCasse, Janice Corcoran, Chris Fos- ter, Larry E s pe dol, Marty Acuff, Debbie Horton, Gary I-Ienninger, and Larry Beck, club president. Mr. Earl Remington is the club's advisor. 66 Top: Jay Todd, Dehlia LaCasse, Janice Corcoran, Chris Foster, Larry Espedol, Larry Beck, Marty Acuff, and Debbie Horton all represented Arroyo at the Model U.N. Convention at Berkeley. Above: Arroyan delegates representing the Ukrainian S.S. R. work on their countries problems. Flea Market-C.S. F. Extravaganza -.,...,mhsM Under the advisorship of Mr. Bill Field, the California Scholarship Feder- ation had a successful year. With C.S.F. president Ron Hart in command, the club again held its Flea Market, which they hope to make an an- nual event. Members sold stalls for 53. 50 each, and on Saturday, March 6th, stall owners set up their booths and ex- changed their wares to roving shoppers. The Flea Market proved to be the club's biggest money-making activity. Another of the club's fund raising drives was the sale of class pins. In this endeavor the club gained a small profit. All profits from money-raising ac- tivities went towards building scholar- ships for the three most d e s e r v i n g C. S. F. members who were in their sen- ior year. The main C.S.F. excursion was to visit the campus of the University of Cal- ifornia at Berkeley. Here club members toured the campus in three groups, en- joying such interesting sights as the new under-graduate library, the Campinile, and the Campus Art Museum.. The three- hour trip was climaxed by a stop in front of the StudentUnion Building, where stu- dents bought refreshments such as lem- onade and German pretzels. Above: janet Stavosky, a C.S.F. member, tries her skill as a merchant. Bottom: People eager to find a bargain flood around a. stall at C.S.F. '5 annual Flea Market. MGELE img ai I Music Club Sponsored Music Groups The Music Club worked to organize the activities of all it's music groups, such as, girls chorus, mixed choir, A cappella choir, sta ge band, marching band, and orchestra. The club backed all these groups ac- tivities and held fund raising events to buy supplies for the music groups. The Music Club's major moneymak- ing p r oj e c t s Were, selling Christmas cards and Arroyo High School cushions. They also sponsored the S tudent Body Victory Dance. ' Music Club officers were, Jerry Glenn, president, Lita Clapper, vice- president: Marty Acuff, s e c re ta r y 3 Marty Hughes, treasurer. Top Right: Mr. Tom Hart introduces the choir dur- ing A Cappella. concert. Bottom: Pat McCaughin and Jerry Glenn practice their routine for the Senior Show. . Left Bottom: Rat Lucas and Jerry Glenn get ready to play at a night basketball game. Left Top: Band performs at the Marina football game. 68 X ,pdl F. H.A. Prepares for the Future Raising money to buy 2 gifts for the Homemaking Department was the goal of Future Home- makers of America club members this year. Money m a k i ng projects in- cluded cupcake, brownie, cookie, and sucker sales. Under the leadership of Jane Hill, President: A nita Iglesias, Vice-president: and Karen Sko- rup, Secretary -Treasurerg Fu- ture Homemakers of America be- came a very profitable club at Ar- royo. Above: Karen Skorup stirs the necesary ingredients for the frosting, while Jane H111 and Anita Iglesias mix the cake batter Below: Karen Skorup, Vicky Kneelen, Renee Johnason, Jane Hill and Anita Iglesias, practice their baking skills dunng an F.H.A. meeting. Red Cross Raises Funds, Aids Community Red Cross Club led a very active and productive year. Alex Posada served as i President and oversaw many of the clubs activities. During the year, the club sent volun- teers to Oak Creek Ranch, a home for mentally retarded boys, and held an Eas- ter egg hunt there. By selling candy, pens, and collecting aluminum cans, the club raised money to donate to worth- while organizations. Other club officers includedg Eileen Pepper, vice-president, Janice Corcoran, secretary, and Colleen Pepper, treas- urer. Alex gave his definition of the Red Cross when he remarked, "lt's people who like to help other people. People who like to do fun things because that's what we do-fun stuff. " Above: Alex Posada, Red Corss President conducts an election for next year's officers. Below: Oakland Raider star, Ben Davidson signs an autograph for Sharon Gilgore after addressing a student body assembly in the gym. in 71 Returning Faces Mark Homecoming Horses, queens, old rally squads, alumni, dancing, and the end of another football season characterized the 1970 Homecoming at Arroyo. The fo otball team took on the Sunset Falcons and roared to another victory of 21-0. The returning squads of 1970, 1969, and 1968 were represented and on hand to perform . The Song girls performed the traditional "Hey Look Me Over" routine, and the Yell leaders led the crowd in "Yama- Yama. " Last year's Song girls also per- formed their "HaWaii Five-O" routine from the previous year. Megaphone sponsored the "Express Yourself" dance with the group "Liberty. " Many return- ing faces could be seen on the Arroyo campus that day. 1 f lll e o n , Above-The 1969 Homecoming Queen, Gwen Eastin and candidates are driven around the track at halftime. Below-Old and new Song girls demonstrate ability in "Hey Look Me Over. " 72 wig' " Q 'XXV wiv 1. ? X Q. Q W Q Q X X sv W X X ik 5 S5 Q P6 R X3 N i " 3 X as Q 1 is A x . X Q UN Q . if 'f Q' X Q S Q if Q Y K 1 vi! sq, M swf-M:,3AE,, ax sw' add., -- if I git, Q5 5 M g is W R N 4 3: , , 3' 1125121 -Si K ' f . f KS: as si L f , .1 Q- , . A I k 'Wag V fx 3 X X- ,A ES .Q X... , K W QW i,1 A A q fi "Eff, XP? : A .. L- f',Q?5Sl ful Ski if Kathy Honored As Queen Half time at Arroyo's Homecoming game greeted Kathy Kallas with the title of Homecoming Queen for 1970. Along with Kathy and her escort Jeff Jensen, the court consisting of Diane Burbank, Kathy Gallagher, Linda Giambastiani, Nancy Lindevald, and escorts were in- troduced and walked to the queen's plat- form through a band formation on the field. The Queen was crowned by the 1969 queen, Gwen Eastin. Kathy and court reigned over the remainder of the game. At the dance that night, all five candi- dates received flowers and Kathy was awarded a football from the team by co- captain Randy Barker. WS'! Above- Touchdown creates reactions from Rally Squad. Top Right- Song girls and band perform "Strip- per" at halftime. Right- Betty jo Conrad runs to take part in the Castro Valley win. 76 ,,,, M I 5 I 5 5 R' L, , . ,r Q I 'PY xy- R :L xg i S 1 . , 'it Girls Prepare fo Becky Lupher, Debbie Seidscher, Kathy Gallagher, Donna Grecco, and Sue Stoner, winners of the third place trophy at San jose State competition, do their thing at the Homecoming Game. r Year Amidst water fights, sunshine, mountains, and swimming the Rally Squad found time to go to their practices while attending Cheerleader and Song girl camp at Squaw Valley du ring the summer. For four days and three nights the girls were taught new routines daily, competed with other squads, and rested their weary bones. Lectures on crowd control and exchanges of ideas between the schools took place in the afternoon. At competition the Yell leaders and Song girls received two Outstanding ribbons apiece. On the final day each Song girl received an Honorable mention ribbon. Tired and tanned the Rally Squad re- turned home ready to go. Matador Judi Donnelly, and bull, stage :1 fight during halftime. M. 1" Diane Burbank and other Song girls get the crowd ready for the kick-off. 77 Football, an Exciting Beginning The excitement and tenseness of a football or basketball game is a feeling that cannot be expressed in words by anyone, especially for a Rally Squad member. This is increased also by noise produced from a crowd, and leading the crowd were five Yell leaders. First year members were Seniors Donna Grecco, Becky Lupher, Debbie Deidscher, Sue Stoner, Junior, a second year was Kathy Gallagher, head. Adding flair to music with routines and pom-poms were the skilled seven Song girls. Monica Baca, Denise Cald- well, Sue Clark, Shelley Greenwood, and Laurie Rhoades were first year Song girls. Diane Burbank and Kathy Van Sickle, head, returned to spark Arroyo spirit for a second year. Arroyo's original mascot teams con- sisted of Matador, Judi Donnelly, and Bull, Betty Io Conrad and Marian Bridges, lst semester, with Mary Lou Voeks, 2nd semester, who staged bull fights and the like. These fifteen girls worked together for a common cause, Arroyo Spirit. Top: Shelley Greenwood and Denise Caldwell show their Red Pride. Middle: Rally Squad does their original opening rou- tine to "Your a Good Man Charlie Brown. " Bottom: Sue Stoner smiles after a ten yard gain. 78 Top: Marian Bridges, Judi Donnelly, and Laurie Rhoades watch the team warm-up before the Sunset game. Above: Crowd explodes with Kathy Gallagher at the sight of a touch- down. Right: Monica Baca and Laurie Rhoades cheer the team onto victory. Rally Squad Pursues Spirit Supporting a team is a lot more than just yelling. There are posters to be made, practices, disappointments, and fulfillments, the most rewarding being that of a schoolwho supports their teams and Rally Squad. A big game with a big, excited crowd can make a tingling, glow- ing feeling that would explode if it could inside a cheerleader. Arroyo had these ingredients, and the Rally Squad brought them to real life this year. The feeling of spirit and pride for our school's teams was so tremendous that it made it a great honor to be in the group. Above: Happiness is shown on the faces of Betty Jo Conrad and Mary Lou Voecks. Top: Yell leaders lead crowd in "Go-Go. " Right: Debbie Seidscher and Becky Lupher maintain that, "Go, Fight, Win" is the way. 80 Left: Last four seconds of San Lorenzo game show victory on Kathy VanSick1e's face. Bottom Left: Denise Caldwell and Laurie Rhodes clown before cameraman while Shelley Green- wood concentrates on the game. Bottom Right: Donna Grecco anticipates Arroyo's next move along with other members ofthe Rally Squad. Below: Squeals of glee come from Sue Clark, Monica. Baca, and Shelley Greenwood over two points at the San Lorenzo Game. 81 Megaphone Club Selects New A lot of participation, enthusiasm, and concern were the factors that made Megaphone one of the leading clubs on campus this year. With an attendance of over fifty girls each meeting, the club was able to achieve much success in their endeavors. Starting off the year with planning Homecoming, the club managed to carry it off with little confusion. The Home- coming dance proved to be very prosper- ous for the c1ub's treasury. All other money raising events also proved to be advantageous for the club, these includ- ed, spirit ribbon and spirit button sales, a spirit cookie sale, and a paper drive. Supporting the rally squad also in- volved the club in tryouts. Megaphone members only were able to compete for positions on Varsity and J. V. squads. All girls who wished to try-out had to go through semifinals. Here theywere judged on poise, personality, attendance at Megaphone meetings, and their ability to do a routine. The girls who made semifinals went on to finals on March 31, and April first and second. A dime admission was charged for all students who Watched. The club ran under the advisorship of Mrs. Liz Trussel and Mrs. Marilyn Christensen. Club officers were: Linda Tiernan, presidentg Pennie Downer, vice-presidentg Sue Scott, secretary, and Diane Blanchard, treasurer. Right: Jackie Knop expells a big smile with her yell. 5 Q 2 2 The judges were Mrs. Elizabeth Trussel, Mr. Richard Lloyd, Mrs. Marilyn Christensen, Linda Tiernan, Rally Squad I Qathy Van Sickle, Mr. Robert Sloan, and Kathy Qallagher. Mary Ann Kotler displays a jump in her routine during yell leader tryouts 83 Captains Dan Fanning and Randy Barker present Coach Machutes with a trophy form the football team. Senior Block "A" members: Top Row, G. LeCheminant, E. Miller, S. Gilmour, J. Jensen, C. Leipelt, R. Wilson. Middle Row, D. Bickerdyke, T. Krause, T. Gardner, M. Diedrick, I. Edwards. Bottom Row, S. Anderson, S. Torricelli, S. Siroy, J. Metcalf, T. Linda. Block "A" members: Top Row, D. Halbach, G. Rodgers, I. Lucia, I. Miller, D. August, T. Larris, P. Lema, P. Hurd, F. Edwards, R. Tapia, T. Tully, M. Gerton, J. Brakavich, D. Bell, S. Anderson, S. Gilmour. Second Row, A. Garcia, L. Cloutier, B. Flynn, G. Lakis, J. Plant, R. Crawford, I. Hardester, A. Stathis, K. Laverty, S. Renshaw, J. Zander, D. Koch, M. Tsuneishi, J. Gallagher, E. Seimens, B. Kuhns. Third Row, D. Hampton, I. Jensen, G. Koch, G. Hadley, D. Bickerdyke, D. Agliano, R. Wilson, F. Brecht, B. johnson, E. Miller, D. Lee, J. Edwards, T. Gardner, G. LeCheminant, M. Diedrick. Bottom Row, S. Siroy, C. Leipelt, T. Krause, K. Coleman, R. Hart, T. Linda, I. Metcalf, S. Torricelli. i We i ? Hia y 5 ' 4 If C5- fi , A -wb -s A fi 1 i 159' ,grg I v is .-322 Q. ,. - 3 .. -2 5 fi Fi lv A gm: FJ N' fim wifQ ?KHfLu3?fJEH A '.1:,.,x,, Q - fmwffff - A L . E1 f 0 5 -51 V JJ Qw+6H?wmw W - f -an Hz- W 1 fi f XSW X .1 ,, ,g v . 1" :,y3rs, ew fy . T V - 55 5' 1 . -2 x 1 . I W 51" ' 'W NZ' . fl-K ' . . if ffvf Q' A K fe 1f.Q, ff Qffqaf i!!hwWQ 6 S We iik q 8 -! g. 711 M. SE af 1 AM ?t.,F,, AWNB ,Ni ,V 3' rf, Q A Nl, my X: V Ja 14, gQJifw? A x. 4, .... 3 f we E I V , .1 , if 'F as ff P R X Q S i . . Pg!! RR X Q Q 1. AF.-Nh. '4 ...gk S X xl E fu- .-.-4 ,1 Seniors Made Sure "Everything Went" ll Top: Emily Stringer fDiane Pagnij entices Ra.phaelThumb QRob Wil- sony. Above: Thomas T. Trouble fRon Hartj pursues Penelope fl-Ieidi Ste- vensonj. For their second attempt at enter- tainment, the S e n i o r Class presented "Everything Went" on M a r c h 25th and 26th, in the school cafetorium. Under the direction of Doug Groves, the show consisted of two one act plays with indi- vidual performances between. "The More the Merrier" directed by Frances Brown, starred Diane Pagni, Rob Wilson, Tom Henry, Lita Clapper, Bill D'Anjou, and Sue Perry. The play dealt with the romantic involvements of all the characters, who once again meet. "Cast Up By the Sea", a melodrama featuring all the bad and good guys im- aginable was directed by Diane Burbank. The cast consisted of Mike Fernandez, Nora McGonigle, Terry Huckabee, Heidi Stevenson, Ron Hart, Doug Groves, Greg Bonn, and Clint Kellner. The plot unfolds with the landlord demanding the mortgage of the daughter's hand in m a r r ia ge . Everyone is saved from the villain as the hero rushes in. Vesta Frimpole fLita. Clapperj tells her tale of woe B7 Yellow Roses Set Barb Aglow Capturing the attention of the couples at the Senior Ball, Ron Hart, class pres- ident announced that the Senior Queen for 1971 was Barbara Vallejo. The Queen's court consisted of Linda Giambastiani, escort Steve Chappelle, Clara Laines, escort Bill Willis, Linda Tiernan, es- cort Steve Anerson and Kathy Vigil, es- cort Doug Thompson, each received a bouquet of pink carnations. Barbara sur- prisingly accepted the Queen's crown and a bouquet of yellow roses. Turning the floor over to Barbara and her escort Pat Dailey, the couple danced to Henry Man- cini's "Love Theme", from "Romeo and Juliet", played by Walt Tolleson's Or- chestra. Barbara Vallejo and her escort Pat Dailey, await the music to begin for the Queen's dance. Queens for the class of 71 are: Kim Zollinger Freshmen Queen, Penni Downer Sophomore Queen, Laurie Rhoades Junior Queen, and Barbara Vallejo Senior Queen. at A :,....,mW-1..i3-t ,t an.,-M,,,Wi,. me ,-ff -ara.. W . ff Y , Miss Barbara Vallej o-Senior Queen Linda Giambastiani Clara Laines Linda Tiernan Kathy' Vigil "Long Time Comm', Long Tim To the Senior Class of '71, who did- n't have a junior Prom, the Senior Ball was definitely a "Long Time Coming". Formals bought, hair appointments made, tuxedos rented, and flowers bought, the Seniors waited for the day to end so that preparation could begin. Escorts arrived at their dates' houses and the cameras were drug out and the flashes began. The couples then got in their cars and had dinner at vari- ous BayArea restaurants. After they had wined and dined they arrived at the Edge- water Hyatt House. Couples ascended a runway laiden with roses and white rib- bon. Then came signing the guest book- let and another picture taken. Proceed- ing was a beautiful night, dancing to the Walt Tolleson Orchestra. The Ball carried on until one o'clock in the morning, and the night of dream- like dates and dancing was over. For those who attended the affair it will never be forgotten, but always be thought of as a "Long Time Gone. " Above-Ron Hart, Kevin Coleman, and Celia Brown sign the guest book as they arrive at the Senior Ball Below- Couples dance to the theme from 'Love Story 90 -5 ---...,,,,,, V ....,..,g e ' Q 6545 -ww., x -5. .. ,,-,'v,,,,,. . , . v 1-QQ. ,vw . 4 4 I I ' ti! 'Y 4 . Q' x ,- . .5..,,R,Y9x u ' ' , Q omni p iiivb N QNUIL l xg NOx X 5 , ,I , E , , ln Q qvif 'k"' 'Q 5 I l . ' , ' v " 3 o Q ... ,lxo 5 Y , .g:g- 3 ,I W I f ' L . ,4 E J l , A, lu, . ii S ? 6- qi ' ' Q12 -ff Jil' 'S' -2:-1 .fr ' 7 ,F 1,1 ix " zi"f Qi vf 4 1 k,.gtQ.1 ' -4. 4' p ..- ! Y A 1 f' a I :..r1,.". ,lv- x 1 1 Q. ,N-Q. ,- . W. ,vw . ,Q X o-n iw' ,-4 f, ,, gX.","'1 6 -'Q E f vie 44" ".g: 1 wifi, x ' ,RW Lg .L , .1 . 2 :ja A ' X ' i I X " Y - g1"""!'7' - 6 -. I J 1 1 -'Q . 1- . I s --l-'M-. A -,I . .- '51 a. E 5 W E 5 xf'-'I '41 Q nv- ' 11 'I . ' "'f1-9.31 u .2 I ,vga s .' , . I I Qgq xii .',. "N,Q,"5 fx 'Q p glyx :FM , Q-is " - ' L 1-x 2 fi' f-ra, ff' -1. sv A 'X I 5 -,ggi ' ,Nt 5 'I' I? si gl NE, 4 5 S i ' Q SQ xr , A. :ig ' -asm - x .,.sLii::i.5w it 3? . K Q Y gi V gy I Seniors Are Honored The Recognition Tea, honoring Sen- iors who have been active in their class, was held in the Cafeteria on June 10. Seniors and their parents arrived at 3: 15 to a beautifully decorated Cafeteria, provided by the P. T. A. members. After cookies, punch, and coffee, Miss Jeanne Knowles began the ceremonies. All Sen- iors invited were asked to stand and be recognized when their names were called. Those receiving scholarships and awards came forward to the podium to accept their honors. The S enio r s and their parents left the Tea with a feeling of Graduation approaching soon. Right- Mr. Paul Ehret, Superintendent ofS.L.U. S.D. , presents Liz Taylor and Maureen Higgs with San Lorenzo School District Scholarships. Bottom Right- Marian Bridges receives various awards for her nursing career. Below- Dr. Leo Jaeger awards Ron Hart with the San Lorenzo Rotary Club Scholarship. 92 9 . e . 0 Q ,E . 2-1 K if . . 4 ' , Q - ,. fkk, , ,ar-Maas:-1 I Seniors Munch in the Morning The last day at Arroyo for the Seniors began with the breakfast served in the Cafeteria by the junior girls. While eat- ing the food prepared by the cafeteria ladies, the Senior Wills and last news- paper was passed out. Students thumbed through the wills, laughing at them, and read the Senior edition of the paper which told of the graduates past and their future plans. After everyone had finished eat- ing, Ron Hart thanked the fac ulty and class for coming, also making a special note about the guest of honor, Mr. Smith. Janine Conkel presented gavels to Brian Cambra and Larry DeSeguirant:. Upper Left- Breakfast is forgotten after the wills are passed out. Left- Terry Goehner draws her attention to Ron Hart. Above- john Shockley is amused over an item in the Senior Will. 93 41 W I I Hg W ,, , 5 ,ik 35: 7., . 5 9 S 5 W ,.. Wi ' lailif, nz!! sfaiwii. .K f 1, ,M Se- X ,Mtv . .,1.1.Qf, 3 .,j1' ' 5 f K Frances Brown gets the okay from Joan Barry. '71 Makes lt's Last Appearance Bourne Memorial Field was the scene for the 1971 graduation exercises on June 17. Promptly at 6:30 the graduates, led by CSF members, took their seats. The theme for the commencement was 'Open Doors'. Ron Hart, 1971 class president, spoke of the past four years and how world events have affected their class. 'The Threshold of a Dream' was the title of Johnny Vournas' speech. He spoke about Why We need a new revolu- tion and consciousness. The final speech given by Larry DeSeguirant was entitled 'New Dawn' in which he emphasized the thought to look to tomorrow and not dwell- ing on the past. Mrs. Corinne K. Aitken, President of the Board of Education accepted the graduates. Diplomas were given out by the board and the counselors. The school song was sung and Bene- diction was led by Larry DeSeguirant. After lining up, the students wait to march in. 95 Randy Barker, 'Diane Blanchard, Barry Balk, Lorraine Bell, 'Steve Anderson, Charlotte Bartlett, Mike Alaniz, and Jeanne Alexander sing the "Alma Mater" at the end of graduation. ,X john Vournas states, "We will have Woodstocks instead of Viet Nams. " 96 Seniors Leave Arroyo for "Open Doors." K 3 Upper Left- Gary Henninger, assisted by Kathy Gallagher, receives his diploma from Mr. Orear. Upper Right- Diane Parlos wants a peek at Tom Douglas' diploma. Left- Janine Conkel and jeff Curl smile as a new future opens to them. Above- Larry De Seguirant and john Vournas show different emotions as they approach to give their speeches. 97 I! 1 1 :iw 5 -- 5 1 Qi-f, f 6 f- , 'Y ' ,. ..:: Q Y - ' S33 7-Q ,. Q 'f:Ti5i.. 1 '21-sw , .X All 47 V - g.5L 5,,.,,x 44." ,.'- M' A-1: 3f f ' ' f 'Q 3 ' 452'5'1?g'fZ3iT'El:"'i' ' ' ' , . f ,-4, fa-,gm , A" -72" ,F ! , . W5 wr... 1. , , K KJ ,f , 2 I E' E 1 ' Y Q11 r - 'T 'ws rW1w H fr" , ik 'Fw '55 J 5' E3 , git' , w?f'23 L-if f,,g'g 1 fir ff ' LW? . 'X 'x XE is f- 5 . X 99 Varsity Places 3rd in H.A.A.L. With hard Work and determination, Arroyo's Varsity Football Team placed third in H.A.A. L. Standings. as With the help of coaches Tony Ma- i 1 A chutes and Mike Tompkins , the team showed how teamwork helps. The team members selected Randy Barker and Dan Fanning as team cap- most im p ro v e d , Steve Andersong and most valuable, Mike Chalifoux. H. A. A. L. STANDINGS Wins Losses Ties San Lorenzo 7 1 Tennyson 7 1 Arroyo 5 2 1 Marina 4 3 1 Mt. Eden 3 5 Canyon 3 5 Sunset 2 6 Hayward 2 6 Castro Valley 2 6 Kevin Coleman attempts to aid Tom Linda in bring- ing down a Sunset Ball carrier. Varsity Defense, First Row: Tom Gaxiner, Kevin Coleman, Dan Fnning, Mike Chalifoux, John Gallagher, Carl Borges. Row Two: Mark Knop, Dennis Graber, Tom Linda, Paul Bossi, Paul Lema, Coach Tony Machutes. 'IO0 tainsg most inspirational, Ron Stoney Varsity Offense, First Row: Tom Linda, Tom Gaidner, Steve Anderson, Tom Coler, Ken Shofner, Ed Siemens, Mark Knop. Second Row Kevin Coleman, Dave August, Dan Fanning, Mike Chalifoux, Coach Mike Tompkins. Coaches Machutes and Tompkins eagerly await the outcome of the game. Mike Chalifoux hurdles a Marina player to gain needed yard- age. 101 Mike Chalifoux dodges a Rebel tackle with aid from slot back, Paul Lema. In a vain attempt, a Cougar tries to stop Mike Chalifoux. 102 Dons Defeated In the first league game of the year Arroyo went down under, 16-7 to the arch rival San Lorenzo Rebels. The Dons scored first late in the first quarter on a 25 yard pass from Rick Poling to Tom Linda. i That was the end of Arroyo scoring for the rest of the game as San Lorenzo compiled a 16-7 edge in the second half to win the game. By Cross Town Rivals Arroyo once again showed their glory as they swept Canyon 34-20. Arroyo started the game off as Den- nis Graber picked off a Canyon pass on the second play of the game and returned it to the Canyon 17-yard line. The next play Mike Chalifoux went through a gap- ing hole to score. Mike Chalifoux scored both of Ar- royo's second half to u c h dow ns as he upped his ground total to 177 yards for the game. Arroyo's Dons were barrelled under when they lost to Tennyson 27-26. The Dons brought in the first touch- down on a 26 yard play from Rick Poling to Mark Knop. In the second quarter, when Ken Shofner recovered a fumble, he took it in from the 35 yard line for the score. The Lancers scored on a 15 yard pass play just before half-time and again in the third and fourth quarters. Above: Mike Chalifoux sprints through a Tennyson opening made by the Arroyo front line to score a touchdown Left: TheArroyo Don's ask for divine help before the Marina game TQ' 7553269 M- 5 gy, Top KSVID Coleman 1S fmally brought down after a galn agamst Hayward Bottom Ivhke Chahfoux evades pursumg Sunset players durmg the Homecommg game at Arroyo R1ght Kev1n Coleman ass1sted by Tom Coler chves over for an Arroyo touchdown agamst Sunset . . - . . Q . 1 ' - . 4 . . - 4 104 Arroyo Stomps Sunset During Homecoming Mike Chalifoux broke the H. A.A. L. rushing record when the Dons overcame Sunset 21-0. Arroyo's initial score came in the third period as Dave August directed the Dons 60 yards in 15 plays. Randy Barker ran the ball over from two yards out. Coach Tony Machutes felt that the team was of championship caliber but the teams that beat us, San Lorenzo and Tennyson, deserved to be right where they ended. ' With Dave August in his first game of the season, the Dons whipped ahead of the Hayward Farmers with a score of 42-6. During the same game, Bob Bucheli used his leg to make six consecutive points after t o u c h d ow n s on Chabot's Field. In the first quarter, the Dons went ahead with three touchdowns, two scored by Mike Chalifoux. 'I05 Dons Beat Monarchs, Tie Titans The A rroyo Don's won their third game in a row agains t a spirited Mt. Eden team. In a game that was played in the mud at Mt. Eden's field, the Don's came from a 12-7 halftime deficit to win 20-12. Mike Chalifoux was the star of the game as he gained 220 yards rushing. Arroyo scored first in the first quar- ter with 42 yards run by Chalifoux. Then the Monarchs scored a couple of quick touchdowns in the second quarter to lead at halftime 12-7. Chalifoux scored from the 3 to give the Don's a 14-12 edge. Dan Fanning caught a Monarch pass and ran it 41 yards for the final score of 20-12. 106 Left: Rick Poling fights through Mt. Eden resistance for needed yardage. Above: Mark Knop receives pass against defending Mt. Eden player. Top right: Tom Linda dives for a pass. Bottom right: Mark Knop tackles Marina ball carrier as Dennis Graber looks on ,1- , ' ,g, , ' .. ,lt ,J V 4 XSM Sf' Q N fx, '- , Q Wm Wi ,, E' , A J 1f,y Ma'i J,Ig? , , Ni .s- 1 H. .inmii 4 .1 .. Q junior Varsity QLeft to Rightjg Top Row: L. Espidol, S. Guyett, R. Kastons, T. Otterstetter, D. Linda, I. Stowers, M. Pearson. 3rd Row Ed Farris, G. Rampone, K. Barker, A. Vallejo, S. Renshaw, P. Wright, B. Frietas, T. Laris. 2nd Row: j. Latya, D. Swindell, B. Perreria, J. Pegis, J. Shimberg, M. Franson, J. Todd. Front Row: J. Nunes, K. Jensen, B. johnson, D. Agliano, H. Rasmussen. john Pegis tackles Castro Va11ey's halfback. 1 08 Hayward Loss Downs Dons The 1970 J. V. Football Team landed in fourth place with a 5 win 2 loss and one tie record. Coach Bowers c 0 m m e n t e d , "Our most crucial game was our loss to Hay- ward. If we had won we could have played Marina and would have had a chance for the title. " Both Coach Bowers and B a s a c ke r thought that the game against Tennyson was the best of the year. The Dons came out ahead by a score of 42-38. Brad johnson and Dennis Linda combined for a total of 328 yards rushing. A Castro Valley man tackles Arroyo's Jay Todd. it funk mtl The Castro Valley Coach sees the impending defeat Arr0yo's Mike Franson stops a charge by Castro Valley Quarterback Dennis Linda calls the signals at the scrimmage line. Quarterback jake Shimberg releases a pass against Castro Valley. Coach Bill Basackcr talks with the team during a game 1 10 I. V. Cridders End in 4th Place During the 1970 J. V. football season there were many outstanding players and only a very few are rec- ognized. Among them are Brad John- son, Most Valuable, who rushed for 980 yardsgjohn Pegis, Most Inspira- tional: Most Improved, Glen Ram- pone. FINAL STANDINGS H. A. A. L. I. V. FOOTBALL Win Loss Tie 0 Marina 7 1 Hayward 7 1 0 Tennyson 6 2 0 ARROYO 5 2 1 Castro Valley 4 4 O Mt. Eden 2 5 1 San Lorenzo 2 5 1 Sunset 1 6 1 Canyon O 8 0 Top: Dave Agliano races down the field to six points. Above: Castro Valley Linemen tackle the Arroyo ball carrier. Ill Frosh Ends Best Season in 3 Years The Frosh-Soph Football team opened the season with their first Win in three years. The victory Was against cross town rival San Lorenzo. The Don Frosh-Soph, headed by coaches Verl Thornock and Paul Weston, ended the season witha 3 win 5 loss rec- ord. Honors voted by the team were most valuable, Milton Chu: most inspirational lineman, Rob Castlemang and most im- proved, john Hardester. 1 Right: John Haidester receives a pass during the Spar- tan game. Below: Frank Hull pulls down a Spartan opponent. 2 W qw? 1 T W, Q2 ' K l ' L xx 6 ,, KFSSLA... A . .. Wm , " "'L, fk- fwvfffl if My V 3 at Q w15f227 Q30 QR SWG' X357 J ' , , 2 f g W 'mx if , .1 , ggi M- Wg: . , 1? X ff . , if . fx , jx Q -K ! Qi , AE 4 , af'f Q Q ,1 " .,fl'71 fa, S ' 'A WE' UW' ' ff X if Q Q 4' . n. vapw its 3:24 :'. s j 5 -5: .. 'Q in iq - X - :1 at I . ,qi E K ff 5 Cross Country Tours Scenic Under the guidance of Coach Charles Foster, Cross Country had another good year as Varsity took third, J. V. came in second, and Frosh-Soph came in fifth in the league standings in their division. H.A. A. L. Cross Country Champion- ships held at Hayward High School, Jerry Metcalf came home with second place and a time of 16:17 in the three mile run. Al- together Varsity finished third. Glen Hadley led Arroyo's J. V. in the two mile run with his time of 11:41 plac- ing seventh While Carl Camancho in fif- teenth for Frosh-Soph with 11:58. The team m e m b e r s selected jerry Metcalf as team captain and most valu- able: Brian Flynn, most inspirational: and John Peters, most improved. Right: An exhausted Dave Agliano crosses the finish line. Below: Arroyo's runners warm up before the meet. 114 Top Row: Jeff Lindevald, Carl Warmerdam, Clint Kellner, Terry Tully. Second Row: Mark Tsuneishi, Glen Hadley, Ken Butler, John Peters. Bottom Row: Mike Emery, Dave Vorous, Carl Camancho, Rich. Tapia.. ' Above: Steve Renshaw breezes along on the last lap. Left: Jerry Metcalf sprints toward the finish. Top Row: Coach Charles Foster, John Emery, Jerry Metcalf, Greg Rodgers. Bottom Row: Stan Taylor, jim Sasser, Brian Flynn, Terry Taylor. 115 Matmen Place 3rd in HAAL With an outstanding team, the Var sity matmen took third place with a total of five wins - three losses in league standing. Coaches Mike Bowers and Paul Weston provided the team with a basis for improving their skills. 'This years team captains were Steve Siroy and Brad Johnson, most inspirational, Mike Diedrick: most improved, Randy White: and most valuable, Steve Siroy. . s Ri i itt Varsity matmen are, Back Row fleft to righty: Coach Mike Bowers, A1 Garcia, Jolm Hardester, Len Cloutier, Steve Siroy, Randy White, Dave Agliano, Mike Gerton, and Coach Paul Weston. ,I ezk Front Row: Brad Johnson, Bob Lucas, John Plant, Phil Moose, Mike Diedrick, and jeff Lucia. H6 if l we , ,..,. ,. ...,, A I-if 3, ., :we -:, ,,.,.x. .., -. , , .. swf-H fb--:vb-iii 'kd Far Left: john Plant has control of his varsity challenger. Left: J. V. members are Back Row, L to R: Coach Bruce Hanson, Ray Fimby, Dennis Bufkin, Brian Thornton, Brian Roussel, John Kvam, and Mark Angelo. Middle Row: Hilton Lynch, Bill Freitas, John Pryor, Vince Monzo, Charlie Schimberg, Rick Dietrick. Bottom Rowzjake Schimberg, Larry Cranford, Tim Freitas, Scott Hanson, Kevin Stapp, Mike Dieuick and Rick Labrie. Above: Mike Gerton reverses his opponent. 117 Matmen-Learn New Skills This year, the H.A.A. L. Champion- ship Tournament was held at Tennyson High School. In their own separate weight clas ses, matmen who placed were Steve Siroy, first: Brad Johnson and John Plant, sec- ondg Mike Gerton and Jeff Lucia, third. In Novice, A1 Garcia placed first in the 123 pound weight class. Rich Labrie finished second, with Brian Thornton and K e v i n S t ap p each placing third in their own separate weight class. W ww N K .- ' 5 Iii if 3 Q EN ,,,. ' fx' ff" . 41? 0 Q: H 5 Sl X 5-iff ' Lf 5 4 , 4' , V17 ff? XM W I Y Q ...M , MQ Q 7 . Qx K ' iw M wr vw , if fy 2 Q. 'JV Lwigal M 5 V ab S 521 Q 1 Q if Sb .7 .,,,. ,, :Mk . . i 5 if . MQ x ' ,7 V -5 C' wat, ir K ,, , ,, Q., -- . .Q 5 -K ,K X ,.,, 2 fix K hx ,, x I f .fl .1 ,U if ,, . TR , , I 4 " X ilk N 52 . .gf 1 xi Q W ,, .. mt S Wax? i Lf 4' , if NM .M E gf s ki- 'f 3? M If an ma . ff ga. fx 1 ls pan f nv" 15 Varsity Cagers Enjoy Successful Season FINAL HAAL BASKETBALL STANDINGS Wins Losses Hayward 15 1 San Lorenzo 1 4 2 ARROYO 12 4 Mt. Eden 9 7 Marina 7 9 Castro Valley 6 10 Tennyson 4 1 2 Sunset 3 1 3 Canyon 2 14 John Edwards dribbles down couxt against Canyon. Brad Tausclxcck struggles for control of the ball over a Monarch player. LBA igigggi M? 312 if W . , K- fi K 5 ii X L IB if 1 ii? Q iH?? Q5 Q w3'Wg' L Q, .kf,,W gm 1 N 51 md, , 4 , X sg LW fw fr -Q a. 3 Q L .. . X f Y as -3' ks? .1 1 'U - 5.1" MQW 1? X. " X 1 ,f A .X hw '. A FH. .f ' ' j ii: 5122! -5, g .1 ' F , 'F is . K -L6 V QM' 1 .: f kgs- 27 .... f . g . it ,, iil My I . M ,V .1 ,.g...,..,. z. ..., sJ .K Xe ,V "K xp 'K '?' ii' X' M 5:1 1 , , 7. .HW ' wif ifl A N 5. . Q W . M, C X X , QQ Ex sg, 5 . 0 ,Q -1' . X. R - Q., .5 . W ,. P .- W W +1 lyn . 3 5 TN X if 1 J. , z +. X Q 'Q 5+ K x . 5 '5 4 'X Rr 'Z S Q s .. H. ,Jw x,... ' ggi E.,fja,. g gi., H :S 1, .S , . V . 31 N LJ+z ,'.,i.g:1 fig: :iii .,g: ' ?'zQ.:. ,Eg wi-if gg apgf. w f ' ' . 'E - . --mg. Q. 1 .. m.,,,QgA A W-'f""" Slow Start Hurts Cagers Arroyo lost its third game to Hay- ward 78-63. It was HayWard's fifth straight triumph without defeat. With the fantastic shooting of Mike Soto, the Dons were able to roll over Marina, 62-54. Mike Soto alone collect- ed 29 points. Starting off with a 14-10 lead in the first quarter against Canyon, Arroyo's team pulled through 78-65. Center Brad Tausheck led the game with 17 rebounds. The Red Tide came through again against Sunset 92-46. Guard John Shock- ley brought in 18 points. Right: Brad Tausheck flies in for a shot against San Lorenzo. Below: Ball released from his hands, Soto shows the strain of his efforts for the Dons over the Rebels. 4 124 -7 ZZ ,WEE -kv wwf' v 5 4, 4 Varsity Basketball Team, Coach Boyd Mc Caslin, Frank Edwards, Paul Hurd, Dave Lee, Rick Smith, Brad Tauscheck, Paul Warmerdam Mike Soto, jolm Edwards, Kevin Coleman, John Shockley. Spectators cheer as Arroyo's Varsity scores two points. 125 Mel w Q is E ,gm MWA 4? X""'-new E 15 'Q fl N v K X 1, 73 .fr 5 Q . in ,f ff? ifvif L 5? Q Xti?gJx? . F ' fi X f EW.. gr x A-""-.51 .K f X F! x s kr! Wgfi W xi, u in 5 -usa ,M-1-"""'v Mk N.. Q :rf B n, V- xx If Y w 'If ii H ti mv -,-,-4 Y- QQ kg. ,f 1 mv, A , 1. f j. V. Team Had Leading Defense The Arroyo Junior Varsity basketball team had a very successful season with a 12 win 4 loss league record and a 14 win 7 loss record overall. The Dons were the league leading defensive team. The team had two capable captains in Don Bell and Bob Buchelli. Gther honors voted by the team were most valuable, Bob Buchelligmost improved, Russ Man- ginig and most inspirational, Kevin de la Torre. Left: Rich Lum shoots over the efforts of the Rebel defender Above: Rich Lum grabs a rebound against the Mt. Eden Monarchs I. V. Dumps Sunset, 61-34 The J. V. Basketball team put out the effort and determination to do their best in their outstanding season. Arroyo's J. V. team made its debut with a 71-53 victory over San Lorenzo. Dave Shockley was the high scorer for the Dons with 14 points. Against Castro Valley, the Dons Won 60-37. Chuck Salmonson picked up 14 points and Russ Mangini managed 12 points. Rich Lum scored 14 points and Don Bell and Frank Ficken 11 each as Ar- royo dumped Sunset 61-34. Arroyo's J. V. team came through again with a 53-37 triumph over Tenny- son. Ted Otterstetter contributed a total of 16 points to lead Arroyo to victory. Dave School-dey grabs for the ball against Tennyson Top Row: Coach Tom Sheridan, Dennis Linda, Chuck Salmonson, Don Bell, Gary Purdum, Frank Ficken, Dave Shocklcy. Bottom Row Rich Lum, Mark Mangini, John Zukowski, Bob Buchelli, Bill Creese. 130 2 g SPN A.. A W:NPWffllv-SJW: M fm rv-ff-3-'M ' Nw Q + A 51? M M N31 if- sf? psqx, 5 -gill ' if iii, I , 26,546 ilwwf-Ugg? "A Memorable Year With Frosh-Basketball" John Stowers struggles g Determination was on the minds of all the members of the Frosh-Soph bas- ketball team as they finished second with 14 wins and 2 losses. "My most memorable game, " Coach Ken Wiessenborn remarked, was against Hayward. We had to go overtime with a score of 33-33. John Stowers made six baskets during the overtime making Hay- ward lose its first game. " The team selected Ted Otterstetter as most valuableg Del Thornock, most improvedg John Stowers, most inspira- tional: and Stan Taylor and John Stowers, co-captains. for the ball as Dave Shockley anxiously looks on. Q Gene Greer leaps in the air to add to Arroyo's score . 1 32 for Front Row: Tim Loncarich, Mark I-Iodson, Mike Deusebio, Kris Jensen, jim Stavosky. Second Row: John Freitas, Alan Brecht, Derek Fross, Stan Taylor, Randy McKellar, Del Thomock, Mike MCCLHIICY. Back Row: Coach Ken Weissenborn, john Stowers, Ron Rounds, Ted Ottcrsetter, Den- ms Lyons, Gene Greer, Jim Bridges. C's End Season With 4-4 Record During football seas on, potential bas - ketball players were participating in C and D basketball. "The C and D teams were originally set up for the boys who might not be able to make frosh-soph or any of the other teams," Coach Boyd McCaslin explained. Arroyo's C team had many obstacles which led to a four win, four loss record. Starters for the team were such out- standing playe r s as Stan Taylor, Jeff Carsley, and Gene Greer. Stan Taylor 1315 goes up to add two more points to the Don's score. DEREK FROSS SCORES25 LEADS D S AGAINST CANYON To make either the C or D teams, the participants had to have a score of 84 points or less. The number of points the athletes received depended on their age, height, and weight. With such players as Derek Fross, Lee Lamp, Cliff DeCosta, and Tim Lon- carich, Arroyo's D team had an unhappy season with eight losses and no wins. "One of our best games, " Coach McCaslin recalled, " was our loss to Canyon during overtime. The final score of the game was 35-30. Derek Fross alone scored 25 out of our 30 points. " Jeff Carsley goes up for a basket at a home game. 133 Golfers Swing First Place Below: Mr. McNamara seems pleased at another golf win. Below right: Dennis Geach putts the ball in the hole. Coach Tom McNamara's Golf Team placed first in the Hayward Area Athletic League this year. Sporting a 12 - 2 won-loss record the Dons ended the season in a tie with Cas- tro Valley. The two losses came from Castro Valley, and spoiler San Lorenzo. The competition was stiff all year, coming mostly from Castro Valley. Ar- royo won the first match, between the school, but dropped the second. Team members voted Most Valuable, Berny Vilkinsg Most Improved, Barry Balk. Left: Loren Struess tees off at the start of a match. Below: Barry Balk lines up a putt. Elm. The 1971 Golf Teamg Front row QL to RQ, Loren Struess, Gerg jackson, Bernie Vilkins, Back row: Coach Tom McNamara, jeff Curl, Dennis Geach, Barry Balk, and Bill Sherwood. Second Place Taken by Don's Trackmen The team selected Dennis Graber and jerry Metcalf as team captains 5 Jerry Metcalf, most valuable 5 Tom Linda, most inspirational: Mike Emery, most improved: and Jeff Jensen was honored with the Cinderflake award. "Dave Agliano ran the 220, 440 re- lay and the mile relay on the B team." Coach Machutes said, "He was the most versatile on the team and has great po- tential. " Coach Mike Thompkins assisted Coach Machutes. jeff Jensen contemplates his next feat. Back Rowg fl. to RQ: Coach Machutes, john Plant, john Bohanna, Jeff Zander, Dennis Graber, Gary Campbell, Brad Tausheck, David Lee, Clint Kellner, Mark Knop, Jerry Metcalf, Tom Linda, and Larry Beck. Front Row QL to RQ: Jeff Jensen, Rick Poling, Dan Fanning, Frank Costello, Doug Braasch, Paul Lema, Dennis McKaskle, Jim Sasser, and Carl Warmerdam. 136 Paul Lema. makes his last jump as the sun sets on the Tennyson meet. HW Left: With great grace, Tom Linda completes his vic- torious jump. Above: Frank Taylor gets a running start for the broad jump. Cindermen Have Great Season Sweat, determination, ho no r , and pride. All these things were on theminds of Arroyo's track men. The team ended the season in second place. Outstanding efforts at the I-I. A. A. L. Track and Field Championships included a first by Jerry Metcalf in the two mile with a time of 9:38. 2. Dave Lee cleared the 180 low hurdles with a good time of 20. 5. "They were an outstanding team," commented Coach Tony Machutes. "lt's difficult to run track. It takes hard work and dedication to make a good track team. This year's team c e r ta i n ly had these things. " Top Row: Stuart Gould, Kevin Briggs, Glen Rampone, Randy Silberman, Ken Wilkins, Keith Laverty, Paul Wr1ght, Greg Rodgers, Gene Koch, Dale Swindell, Kris Jensen, Andy I-lernandes, Bill Jordan, Mike Emery, Les Fohl, Coach M1ke Tompkins Middle Row Andy Stathis, Carl Camancho, Tim Humphreys, john Peters, GaryCub1llo, Kelth Barker, jake Schlmberg, Mike Franson, B111 Frietas Stan Taylor, Tim Freitas, jeff Eckert, Mark Pearson. Bottom Row Aldo Cermanti, Ken Butler, Gary Stanley, Dave Lizotte Dave Agliano Larry Newton, Steve Renshaw, Mark Tsuneishi, Brian Flynn, Russ Kastanos 3. nd. a S-34. ,. Top Left: Senior Tom Linda finishes a grueling race ag ai ust Hayward. Top Right: Paul Lema takes a high but un- successful vault . Be low: Jeff Zander strains as hc hurls his discus. 'I39 i 5 i 1 Tennis Team Gets T Tangled in Net Varsity Tennis finished fourth in the league with a season record of six wins and eight losses. "They did a fine job, " Coach Ken Weissenborn commented, "They W e r e relatively inexperienced in the beginning of the season, but in the second half they really came on. " The Tennis team members selected Gary LeCheminant as team captain and most valuable player. L e C h e m in a n t brought in 9 wins and 5 losses. Most Inspirational was given to Jim Stavosky and most improved was Rob Wilson. Other Varsity netmen included Rick Lum and Paul LeCheminant. Dave Shock- ley and Mark Dulle made a great pair in doubles. The J. V. Tennis team had such fine starters as Bill D'Anjou, Tom Eppenber- gel' and Frank FlCk6I1. Jim Stravosky takes a back court swing. Back Row: fleft to rightj, Tom Eppenberger, Tom Wheeler, joe Sanchez, Frank Ficken, Coach Ken Wissenborn. Front Row: Larry Roberts, George DeCosta, Dan Grebe, Bill Miller. 140 A-W N B c i 4 5 i f X .if if 'Q 33' ,iffy . , kQK,,.,,i..- m v4-9.A.ffm-, .. i n A u We he ' qi unip c vwi p c c i mmwwlsmi i ii ,f A ,N . Q .-., - ff-31 J c X ff' ' x HUHUWWWQUQHFQ? ei .AL ,.,?,,A Jr y i P - -x b 1 i ff c annmwssxu Q f c ma m mals A -i.... 4,-i,4.ww+wi V- e fnl --e e Gary LeCheminant swings at a league meet. Rich Lum serves his opponent. Back Row: Lcft to Right, Jim Stravosky, Rob Wilson, Dean Koch, Gary LeCheminant, Paul LeCheminant, Dave Shockley, Coach Ken Wisscnborn. Front Row: Bill D'Anjou, Mark Dulle, Rich Lum, Jeff Griffen, Evan Field. 141 Swim Team Was Soaked With Talent Coach Tom Sheridan was the coach of the swim team for two years in a row. In the past four years, the team had not had the same coach for more than ayear. The team had a number one man in each event. Mike Fernandez swam the 200 yard free-style and the 100 yards breast stroke. Ron Hart competed in such events as the 100 yards backstroke and the 50 yard freestyle. Dan Halbach swam the 100 yard free-style. The 200 individual med- ley was left up to Eric Miller. One of the most difficult events in swimming is the 100 yard butterfly. Jun- ior Nick Grant did his best in this event. Back Row: Mike Craney, Nick Grant, Eric Miller, The energetic Swim Club made up most of the spectators at the swim meets. Tom He nry, Scott Torce Ili . Front Row: Mike Murphy, Ray Reel, Kevin Stapp, Rich Tapia. Left to Right: Rich Raymond, Bob Nailer, John Kurz, Willy Oliver, Dennis Bufkin, Floyd Oliver, Mike Lewis, jesse Miller, A1 Vallejo, Guy Greenwood, Mark Gonsalves, Rich Labrie, Tim Murphy. "Th -0. ei ' ,, M., -.5 ,z ig' H ' wx 11, 2- 'fhifvyat ,H ,M ,. Y X A H A 1 'kip in KS ai 'E C v 3 wa S2351 i f 2 ,Q vg ,gg - hifi S? we ig: .l...,,..:e, ,,, :'2YG1U"fwJ'3s5 V .iii I -, , , 2.5222 V 1: , f- 'ef , fix .- gf:: K, HSV" gsg E 44 , ,zixifblf fl 5 fy 'Q-Qi. ' . f2Q:Qfi.Fl.ifT'3k' 'QI 0 fi 751 T' F "'f,ll?'x.' :-ig--X". .yi , R. JE' ' V ' , X' we f . . .f f t rf 5 if -' f r at geiyguii H if n at f .- fit 39 ,K 91 rw:-fin: f K 12- Qazvflc I'5'V1if 'YE Q 532 , 455113 'feifflfff 4' 142 'gf 22. 1- ri is--gap ea Q T sais fits if f . Z i ' -X5 fi 3 W , -i qq w .,4. 5 , . L Q U, I K - A , f fi Ay e , .brig L5 ' X, X- .ggziig A 5 , 535215 ' -L-1W 1 I az 451. e s K as G Y fs S s I I ,W s . Q it 1 fs ,aux 4 ir .. , ,Q Mx we ,Lx gy A W ., - s - it Q ,,,.., - 10-gs-.fs - M wifi? L i N , Q Top Left: Weary swimmers are encouraged by their team members. Bottom Left: A determined Ray Reel pushes ahead with a speedy backstroke. Above: Gasping for breath Ray Reel forges ahead in the breastroke. 143 Q ii I av , I I ,M Q .5 4 f ff 1-nv , .. ,,,...-y. i Q X rf, ll vw. N 10' "7 ' 54 3 13+ ...- fi . w. ff 2 My - 5, ii.. . gpg Q 11,3 ., iw, S Vg:-gig' K ak, .. x rv, , I .. ..L, ,, f fy-1 M , . ,fx , f,'F,.,,,, V, ,SA .Lf , Y. R' kr ' , ' A -.' " 2 71 , ...?wg, g gf - :Q QQ. .5 A ,mt e' K f' 1- Q, i 5 A - ' ,, fsffff . 5 Q .. .. vs 3. i. , ,, g . . ig 31: ' 2. A .i , F ' f v S . ii .II,g:g'1 , L .. 11 .yyfyq i as . g . Q :Avg 1. . A Laygm.. , f ' fe, 1 Q, 1, 1 ' A , , I .AE N , 5 X .4 if lx ' . 5 Q is WNQQ. . if' Xi? W ag . Oqwffli WM 'XJ 1 ' L 53? . Q N My ,, , 2 X 1, .A g.55.:sa. , . :5 1-4x .,a5g? ' Q 1: 42,55 11 ' s ' El: -If A1 A , Yi 3-vff"1.fg w fb.. 1 -bf, f K H. Q . 1 Sak, , X, Q 5... 4 -,Q,.,: , N 'X 3 3 22 -,,.':X,' V: . 5 vw.. sm, .5 Y. ,- 5, .,,,-...xii-, --.5 ma A? ' L' 5554? sg ' ,1 iz wi. k,f...w.., QQ, -. 'Pm 'G T K7 M... pw.. N .Q ,.,Q 4 if if. W aigif fpgfi -2 Q2 g g 5. ,ff , , .x..x,,:M f is: ' Y. , 4 an mf N, Q. , t 3..- .. . K, ,. k 11:1 .Sw in 1 F, .Amw--f1s.,,2o1'w H1 ,... ,NW ,V "bi kiliilzzzzfff :,..3..:1a: 'A - 1 -,ff K 2. '1- . , .W . .....,, W, ..i,.,, W 5' kim Q, in M. ff,..1',x.4fw, A SNL.. - if me., 1. gg, I, .5 5. R55 5 5 gg fp-W. 1 ..,f , fl .. .env X .3 ... 2 , ., Q-, .l,.,,, wf I , . .4 N. . 4.4 .--. 38:5 x. ES .1 Vg. Q, xg. .QL A I us K-if Above: Bill Creese barely makes it back to first base. Rpm K, R., one ' . Below: Ken Melberg Slams a base hit. 1' ,.A ie X Tony Krause makes sure of the put out at first base Dons Have Weak Season At the end of the season Randy Barker was chosen team captain. This is the way the Hayward Area Athletic League stand- ings stacked up at the end of the season: 4 Sunset 14-2 . 875 Marina 12-4 . 750 San Lorenzo 10-6 . 625 Mt. Eden 8-8 . 500 Termyson 7-9 . 438 Hayward 7-9 . 438 im 7' i""""""7"' Canyon 6-10 . 375 Castro Valley 4-12 . 250 M. 4' , . ARROYO 4-12 . 250 . 'M -7 7 8 4'e' ' '524'0 Aa. fy it Top Row: Mike Alaniz, Craig Leipelt, Tony Krause, Bill Kuhns, john Edwards, Randy Barker, Carl Borges. Third Row: Dave August, Allen Corce, Mike Chalifoux, Larry Gonsalves, Steve Gilmour, Ken Melberg, Coach Verl Thornock. Second Row: John Zukoski, Fred Brecht, Randy Baumback, Rick Crawford, John Torres, Bill Crese, Front Row: Larry Leal, jim Cruff, Tom Laris, Bob Grover, John Reis. 147 Gonsalves' One Hitter Lashes C. V. The varsity baseball team hada dis- mal first half of the league season. The Dons finished with a one win seven loss record. Castro Valley was the only team to be defeated by Arroyo, 1-0. When the second half of the league started the Spartans and Dons were tied for last in the I-I.A.A. L. The team proceeded to lose the next two games by one run Cthey did this seven times during the seasonl. Against Mt. Eden Larry Gonsalves pitched aone hit- ter as Arroyo beat Castro Valley 3-0. In the next three games Arroyo won one bringing in a 4-12 record and a tie for last place. V . .X V V VT if Ken Melberg barely escapes being put out at third base Below: Senior Randy Barker connects with the ball for an extra base hit. Above: Randy Barker is called out on a. close call at first base. Be- low: Pitcher Steve Gilmour makes a determined effort to strike out another batman. i 149 Arroyo's john Edwards stops an attempted steal with Bob Grover backing him up. ,,, Tony Krause puts the tag on a Canyon baserunner. 1 so fx.-aw EQ' , MY' ' 1 Dons Roar, Take Lions Game Trophy This year the Arroyo Don Baseball team captured the title to the sixth an- nual Lions Baseball Tournament held at Arroyo. The first game the Dons came out ahead by a 3 to 2 score. The second contest was harder fought Arroyo com- ing out on top by a score of 6 to 8. The third and final game of the tour- nament pitted the St. Elizabeth's Mus- tangs against our own home town nine. The final score of the game was Arroyo 10 and St. Elizabeths 2. Above The Arroyo bench watches the game with great interest. Below: A Canyon player eludes Arroyo's Ken Melberg and Carl Borges. IQ Q I W5 fs , ., . ., x N Dennis Linda anticipates a throw to first base in the game against Sunset. Coach Bill Basacker discusses fielding plays with right fielder Rich Pope. 152 Mike McCarncy prepares himself for his turn at bat while talking to Dennis Cordova. Defense Was I. V. 's Biggest Asset This year's J.V. baseball team was in contention for the league crown. They ended up in second place two games be- hind Sunset. "The team's attitude during the sea- son was very good," stated Coach Bill Basacker. "We were always in contention for the championship, and this kept the team morale high. The team always felt they would win and so they never gave up. At the end of the year team mates voted Ed Farris, most valuablei .lay Todd, m o s t inspirational: and Charlie Salmonson, most improved. Coach Basacker also attributes the J. V. 's success this year to dedication and all around good performances. He added that the defense is the team's big- gest asset. A main contributor for the Junior Varsity team this year was Ed Farris, who led the team with a .447 batting average towards the end of the season. Farris also came through with two home runs. Five men on the team batted . 300 or more, helping to keep the Don's going all year long and helped the team come through. 1 N N Buck Row: john Stowcrs, Mark Mangini, Kevin Heuer, Tcd Otterstetter, Charlie Salmonson, Coach Bill Basacker. Third Row: Mike McCairney, Von Grow, Dave Holland, Larry Espcdal, Dennis Linda. Second Row: Ed Farris, Steve Vclaisquez, Milton Chu, Rich Pope, Dan Spahn, Manager Dennis Cordova. Front Row: Dave Quinby, jay Todd, Dave Partridge, Kevin Wright, jeff Curslcy. Mangini Average of .444 Lead Frosh An energetic team made up the Frosh-soph baseball team this year. With an emphasis on teamwork, the team placed first in the final H. A. A. L. stand- ings with fifteen wins and one loss. Sun- set was right behind with twelve wins and three losses. "It has been a pleasure, from a coaching standpoint, to work with boys of their caliber," Coach Frank Wright com- mented, "who, for the most part, have good baseball sense. " The team attributes its success to their sound offense and defense. Stand- outs with the bats were Russ Mangini with a . 444 average and Alan Brecht with a batting average of . 340. Mangini also managed 24 RBl's in thirteen games. Strong factors such as Derek Fross, Russ Mangini, and Ron Rounds made the pitching outstanding. Pitcher John Freitas came through with five wins and no loss- es, including an ERA under 1.5 helped the team greatly. Russ Mangini eyes the ball before completing his trip around the bases .iii 4. lk Back Row: Cliff DeCosta, Buddy Williams, Ken Beaver, Derek Frox, Del Thornock, Steve Clem, Mike Deusebio, Frank Rebijo, Alan Brecht, john Shilts, Randy McDanie1s, Kevin August, Jody Cardoza, Glenn Jones, Terry Ferguson, Sam Carsley. Front Row: Coach Frank Wright, Russ Mangini, Elliot Bonn, Dennis Lyons, Bob Castleman, John Freitas, Casey Jones, Ron Rounds. 154 Elhot Bonn rears back and wants for the right pztch to come along. Loft: Coach Frank Wright and team manager Jim Cum- mings look on approvingly as Mark Mangini above raps a. single against the Sunset Falcons. 155 1 1 I 4 v , I 4,1- Board of Education 35 158 Dual Role During the 1970-71 school year the Board of Education, headed by Superin- tendent Paul D. Ehret, was kept busy with the tasks that c o nf r o nt e d them. These tasks included selecting textbooks, setting instructional standards, and busi - ness management. "The Board of Education has a dual role, " stated Mrs. Corinne Aitken, "We bring the publics views before the Ad- ministration, and try to inte rp ret the Administrations actions to the public. " Members of the Board for the 1970- 71 school year were Mrs . Corinne Aitken, Mrs. Georgia Henderson, Mr. Henry Lienhard, Mr. Robert Amrine, and Mr. E. Wesley I-Iousman. B i Q . 'J Top Superintendent, Paul D. Ehret, questions a proposal at Board Meeting. Above Mrs. Corinne Aitken gives her opinion on the proposed District Budget. Mr. Orear ponders over the possibility of another student activity. Mr. Orear Enjoys Youth of Arroyo "Arroyo's got a great bunch of kids. It is so refreshing to be around kids be- cause they have so much of the pep and energy of the young. I wouldn't trade schools with anyone. " This is how Mr. Frank Orear feels about his job as prin- cipal here at Arroyo. As a principal, few students ever get to see the other side of Mr. Orear, the side away from school. Mr. Orear is a man with many ho bbie s , a few being reading, gardening, s t a m p collecting, and poetry reading. The reading mainly includes current history as he did major in history in college. But much time is also spent reading his t o r i c al fiction, Current Magazine, U.S. News and World Report. In his poetry reading he favors the poets Edna St. Vincent Millay, Robert Burns, and William Shakespeare. Mr. Orear likes to use his hands which is evident by the fact that he built and land- scaped his own summer cabin. As a principal, Mr. Orear belongs to many professional organizations, a few being the National Association of School Principals, California Association of Sec - ondary Schools Administrators, Alameda County Administrators, San Lorenzo Ed- ucators Association, and California A- lumni Association. 159 Mr. Marvin Observes Students "I would say Arroyo students are in- terested in bettering the people around them", said Mr. Donald Marvin, Vice- Principal of Arroyo High. The jobs of the Vice- Principal include helping the principal a d m in is t e r the s c h o o 1 , directing the curriculum, and assists in planning the annual budget. When away from Arroyo, Mr. Marvin enjoys his favorite hobby of coin collect- ing. He also takes an avid interest in sports, golf being a favorite of his. Mr. Donald Marvin and his secretry Mrs. Gloria Bray go over his daily schedule. 1 Ke , .. , f . , - ' Mr. Marvin takes a moment from his work to collect his thoughts. Mr. Marvin supports basketball team at the game against San Lorenzo. 160 Mr. Phillip Gastineau pleasantly undertakes his lunch period stroll around Arroyo. While on the run, Miss Joanne Knowles reviews school calendar. Deans Work on Personal Level As dean of girls, Miss Joanne Knowles feels her job is challenging and exciting. "Watching s o me o ne mature from their freshman to their senior year," is enough to give her satisfaction in the work that she is required to do. The favorite part of her job is getting to know girls on amore personal level. As a P. E. teacher, she said she got to know all the girls, but not on the personal level which she experiences as dean. A big part of her job is just understanding each girl and dealing with her problem as an indi-Q vidual. However, Miss Knowles' office is not just a place of problems. She acts as an advisor to school activities, attends ad- ministrative council, and works on the school calendar. "The job of dean and the job of a P. E. coach are similar in that each tries to help the boy achieve his maximumpotential, whether it's in the dean's office or out on the playing field," said Mr. Phillip Gasti- neau, Dean of Boys. ' ' He feels that, "being able to assist in- dividual boys in any capacity is personally gratifying. and rewarding. " As a dean Mr. Gastineau works very closely with the general student body. He registers student vehicles, makes security arrangements for the many activities here at Arroyo, and holds conferences. He feels, "Arroyo High School will continue to be interested in any new ideas and proposals that might improve the edu- cational opportunity as well as the general function, and interest of all students. " 161 Counselors Dealt With Students Needs "Arroyo is progressing with the time and is an excellent school. " These are the feelings of Mr. Ben Faulman, head counselor at Arroyo. Mr. Norman Han- sen, Mrs. Beverly Smith, and Mrs. Jo Workman conclude the structure of the counseling system. A counselors job is not a easy one. They deal directly with students in help- ing them arrange and rearrange their schedules. The S.A.T. and A.C.T. tests, taken every year by seniors are arranged for them by the counselors. Scholarship information can also be ac- quired, along with scholarship applica- tions the counselors are also the ones responsible for the I. B. M. report cards being handed out. Mrs. Beverly Smith Mrs jo Workman Mr Ben Faulman B.A. , U. C. Berkeley M S Cal State Hayward M A College of the PaC1f1C 162 Clerical Staff Functions Efficiently I1 "Do you wanta list three yards long? This is how Mrs. Strohm jokingly re- plied when asked what is done in the at- tendance office. Mrs. Ann Strohm, head of the at- tendance staff, along with the other sec- retaries keeps records of school attend- ance. The clerical staff does daily at- tendance book Work to keep the records fattendance and medicalj legal and ac- curate. They make home calls, and keep in touch with the deans on cuts and other student records. The main gripe of the attendance staff is that students forget their note from home. Others lose their admit slips and have to have duplicates made. This is verytime consuming. The majority of the students are co-operative, and give the ladies very little trouble. The responsibility of typing daily bul- letins, checking in teachers, and ar- ranging for substitutes, belongs to Mrs. LauraSelvidge, the principal' s secretary. Mrs. Selvidge informs Mr. Orear of meetings, and makes sure that all mes- sages from the district office are brought to his attention. Left to Rlght lStandingj Mrs. Helen Lyons, Mrs. laura Selvidge, Mrs. Ann Stromg lSittingj Mrs. Gloria Bray, Mrs. Roberta Strohm Mrs Jean Christian, Mrs. Addie Richardson. Social Studies Teaches Cbjectivity 'V .Mug in , eee, eee s ,e eeeeee Ee are Mr. Paul Weston B.A. Southern Illinois Driver's Education, Physical Education Miss Vicki Bissell B.A. University of Berkeley Social Studies Mr. james Boynton M.A. San Jose State Senior Social Studies Mario Paredes and Mike Diedrick enjoy a newspaper in one of Mr. Boynton's U.S. Govemment classes. Mr. Ross Tye B.S . , University of Minnesota Family Living, U.S. History Mr. Millard Billings B.A . , Chico State University American Government, U.S. History Mr. Charles Foster B.A. , University of San Francisco U.S. History, B.P,E. 165 History Opens Door to New Cultures Mr. Billings 7th period American Government class uses class time to do test research. Front Row: Pat Lucas, Clara Laines, Jack Ford, Dennis Gately, Peter Ziza. Back Row: Dan Johnson, Tony Littman, Jim Mettier, john Ochoa, Leopoldo Perez. , , X Mr. Thomas Sheridan B.A., St. Mary's College Social Studies, Boy's P.E. 166 Mr. Earl Remington M.A. , Cal State Hayward Black History, U.S. History 12 vying :: V V Mr. Robert Sloan B.A., College of Idaho -Y - f- H1St01'Y ' Mrs. Elizabeth Trussell B.A., U.C. Berkeley Black History, African History, z-1 Q Mr. Gregg Shepherd Mr. john Shanteau B.A, , Sonoma State B.A. , San Jose State Soviet History, Social Studies Earth Science, History 167 ,figwgfskltif q 1 , , Mrs. Joyce Blume B.A. , M.A. , University of Tulsa English 1-2, Shakespeare Man G His Gods Mr. Richard Lloyd B.A., U.C. Berkeley glrii Angel? Lgllussfl ur alism 1-2 3-4 . . . . erke ey klbgcatigns 1.11, , English 3-4, Communications English 3-4 Workshop 168 1 e 2 ' ssss we 4' 'ig .,,...-Q l. Miss Marilyn Osberg B.S. , Oregon State University English 1-2, Life Science 1-2 Semester Courses Offer More Flexible English Curriculum Mr. Ted Carl B.A., U.C. Berkeley Area Chairman Reading Lab. , Composition Workshop, English 3-4, Science Fiction Mrs. Joyce McKay B.A., Mills College English 1-2, Communications Workshop, Composition Workshop Mr. Richard Tandowsky aids JudyScott in com- pleting an in-class worksheet as Kathy Lowrie adds her approval of the answer. English Area Ventures into New Aspects of Literature 170 Mr. Richard Tandowsky B.A., U.C. Berkeley Reading Lab, English 3-4, American Authors, Poetry Workshop Mr. Quentin Hunter B.A. , Brigham Young University English 3-4, English Review, Business ,English Mr. Jerrold Wergeland B.A. , University of Washington Public Speaking, English 1-2, Argumentation and Persuasion Homemaking Undergoes New Additiong Boys Rob Cutshall and jeff Jensen sample muffins they've pre- pared in Bachelor Living. 172 Mrs. Laura Hooper M.A. , Boston University Homemaking, Needlecraft Mrs. Margaret McMeekin B.A, , Cornell Homemaking, Bachelor Living, Advanced Clothing Exif Field Trips Arouse I nterest in Foreign Language Miss Helene Powell B.A., U.C. Berkeley French and Spanish -x U X 5 H fig, :iE , i " i"" 'i': N 5' ""' " " 'W' Mr. Peter Wells B.A., U.C. Berkeley ML Louis Jackson German 1-8 English 3-4 B.A. , San Jose State 2118112111 fPamShv Mr. Bill Field ff' CU Pwfe M.A . , University of Madrid Spanish 1-8, Latin 1-8 Science and Math Work Together 1 w Mr. Alf Antons B.S. , Seattle University Geometry, Math 1-2 Mr. Boyd McCas1in M.A., U. of Minnesota Algebra, Math 1-2, Math 3-4 Boy's P.E. Mrs. Betty Kozlowski B,A., U. of California Algebra, Geometry, General Math Mr. George Hubert M.A. , San Francisco State General Math, Business Ma Record Keeping, Algebra 174 th, Mr. Larry Kimmich NLS. , Cal State Hayward Math and Physics Mr. Frank Casson M.A. , San Jose State Intermediate Math, Algebra General Math ? Mr. Marvin Vanous B.S., and M.S., Iowa State University Biology 2 if r .. . Top left Mike Franson and Loren Struss take notes in Mr. Hanson's third period chemistry class. Top Right Mrs. Lois Roach B.A., San jose State College Human Biology and Earth Science Middle Left Mr. Nickolas Athos M.A., San Francisco State Physiology, Human Biology, Earth Science Middle Right Mr. Fred Hansen B.S. , and M.S. , Brigham Young University Chemistry and Physics 175'- sffzsm-K -f -- f gi .L,.:. , .- m i- s , xii, K- A ' Mr. William Vickers M.A. , San Jose State Typing 1-2, 3-4 Mr. Thomas McNamara B.A . , San Francisco State Economics and Business Law, Typing and Accounting Mr. DeWand Skeen M.A. , San Francisco State Office Machines, Clerk Typist 5-6 176 . Business Trains for Careers Mr. Ver1Thornock B.S . , University of Idaho Typing, General Business, Boys P.E. I, W 3 . 5 Mrs. Marian Bonwell M . S . , U . S . C . Typing, Shorthand Mrs. Lois Summerset B.A . , Fresno State Business Education Miss Laura Clapp B.A. , Central Washington State College ' P E Girl s P.E. Builds Minds and Bodies Mr. Michael Tompkins B.A. , San Jose State I Boy's P.E. L Mr. Anthony Machutes B.A., San jose State Boy's P.E. Mr. William Basacker B.A. , Cal State Hayward Boy's P.E. Miss Martha Parkes M.A. , University of Colorado Girl's P.E. Miss June Macabee M.S. , University of Illinois Girl's P.E. Miss Thelma Hansen B.A., San Francisco State College Girl's P.E. 179 Arroyo Provides for Handicapped Mrs. Thea Swan B.A. , University of Washington V, Special Education, English, , Social Studies, Typing, Math, Art Mrs. Maria Frenczy V R.N., in Hungary ' Physically Handicapped Mr. Micheal Bowers B-A-, Chico State Mrs. Viola Gibiin Special Education M.A. , Boston University 1 80 Physical Handicapped Fine Arts Develops Individual Talents Mrs. Doris Knight M. S . , Kennedy University English, Art, Crafts Mr. Thomas Phillips Nh-. Charles Runyon B.S. , Cal State B.A., Calif. College of Arts and Crafts Instrumental Music, History 7-8 Art, Photography Mr. Wayne Ward Mr. Thomas Hart B.A. , San Francisco State M.A . , San Francisco State Drama, Stagecraft Choral Music, English I ndustrial Arts Encourages Creativity Mr. Glen Smith B.A. , Chico State College LL'k :N ,K k"' 5 1 ....., , S , , X T c t L s Q 1-awed ' , .1 as UA, .K W? fmswfia ri 1535 i' M, if R i i 1 53 Wood Shop, Mechanical Drawing Mr. Michael Giorsetto B.A . , San jose State Drafting Mr. George McGue B.V.E. , San Francisco State ROP Metals, Basic Metals, Technical Mathematics 182 ff , - tif? K, 35 ' 1 Mr. Robert McKim M.A. , Chico State College Auto Mechanics 1-6, Basic Metals, Basic Electronics ZTIX f i ' V K V ,sri - 1' ' ,iii i 1, - . QW? l Mr. Eldred Adams B.A, , Fresno State College Applied Metals and Plastics Laminating, Social Studies Mr. Mitchell Hoag M.A. , University of Northern Colorado Basic Electronics I-S, Electronics IA-2A, Math 1-2, ROP Electronics 1-4 A.H.S. T.A. Betters Arroyo The Arroyo High Sc h o ol Teachers Association is an organization whose membership includes all the teachers at Arroyo. They are affiliated with the Cal- ifornia Teachers Association. The teachers work together to better school life and education on the Arroyo campus, reduce class size, work on the school calendar, and provide scholar- ships for deserving students. But their Work does not stop here. Many are involved in the political matters of the community and state, busing laws, sex education, and other current issues. jerry Wergeland, Louis Jackson, Thomas Phillips, john Shanteau, George McGue, Mitch Hoag, Richard Lloyd, Louis Jackson, and check over the rules of the A.H.S.T.A. consti- Thomas Phillips, discuss the reorganization of the S.L.E.A. constitution. tution. W, M,,,,,,..ww-v-"""" 184 P. T.A. Raises Money for Scholarships "As Parents, Teachers, Students work to ge th e r on common concerns, communication gaps narrow and better understanding develops, " s tate d Mrs. lMargarette Conroy, P. T.A. President. The theme this year, "P.T.A. Pro- wides the Action, " prompted Mrs. Con- roy to say, "Your P. T.A. accepts the challenge to provide the "ACTION" nec- essary to p rom ote quality living and quality learning for all Americans. " P. T. A. is involved in providing stu- dent scholarships, in supporting stu- dents' extra-curricular programs, and in attending monthly evening programs held in the schools' cafetorium. r T1 r Lt. Johanson, Mrs. William Curl and Mrs. Barbara Johanson made up part of the P.T.A. panel. . it ...,.. iss ,V 1'p . P.T.A. President, Mrs. Marguerite Conroy runs the meeting. Lt. Johanson from the Highway Patrol speaks at P. T.A. meeting on the widening of Grant Avenue. 185 Custodians Keep Campus Cleaner "Whenever I feel discouraged with the conditions of the campus, I go visit- ing other schools," commented Mr. Carl Cuddihey, head custodian here at Arroyo. As a result of his visits to other schools, he has found that the conditions at Ar- royo are not as bad as they might seem. According to Mr. Cuddihey, the Ar- royo campus has been kept cleaner and neater than most other schools in the area. 'The most difficult and busiest time of the year for the custodians is during the summer. Their many jobs include scrubbing andwaxing all of the furniture and floors, cleaning the walls, lockers, and making sure that all repair work is done before the opening of school in Sep- tember. Cafeteria Makes Own Food "I think this is the greatest bunch of kids l've seen since l've been here. ", commented Mrs. Audrey Hill, cafeteria manager here at Arroyo. The cafeteria's main problem is the fact that the s tu d e nt s who buy their lunches never seem to have their money out when it comes time to pay the cash- ier. Not known to many people is the fact that sandwiches and pies sold at lunch are made by our own lunchroom staff and not bought in a company. Mrs. Hill added that the students that have helped in the kitchen have been a tremendous aid in preparing food to be served. 186 Left to Right: Mr. Clarence Dubbs, Mrs. Sue Mosher, Mr. Eugene Degler, Mr. Nugan Hill, Mr. Laverne Lamkin, Mr. George Pitts, Mr. Verle Ritts, Mr. Herbert Cody, Mr. Bill White, Mr. Carl Cuddihy fheadj. Left to Right: Mrs. Meda Schultz, Mrs. Romona London, Mrs. Laverne Winder, Mrs. Myrtle Morse, Mrs. Erma Reese, Mrs. Mary Lou Trent, Mrs. Geneva Pool, Mrs. Helen Peterson, Mrs. Virginia Jensen. Mrs. Pat Kintz checks new bool-croom slips for errors made by stu- dents. Mrs. Sally Vilas, much to the amusement of Mrs. Roberta Strom, goes over library paper work yet to be completed. Books Are Their Business "They just disappear from the shelves," said Mrs. Sally Vilas with concern. Ar- royo's Head Librarian feels that the loss of over 250 books a year could be cut down with greater student cooperation. The loss of these books limits the available reading material for the students. Mrs. Vilas and her assistant Mrs. Roberta Strom enjoy working closely with the students. Included in their job is training I. W. E. students to run things at the desk, and selecting books that the library will buy. Mrs. Pat Kintz joined the faculty staff this year as she became the new supply clerk. The main portion of her job deals with the checking in and out of textbooks and visual aids. Mrs. Kintz enjoys her new position but, students make her job harder when they transfer classes and don't bring in their old books. 'wfltvr 4-' x Fx X XKXQ Y . .x x .N X I 189 a x fn If I ...W W ,. it W . X a 532: N..-.N umm. 1. X x ' ll -- 1 L Q, +R .1 Q. lk , 3135 ,W M A Hawk. . W A W .iv gap janet Stavosky Vice Prgsident ,E 1 X N .. 1.-X, . Many Projects Keep Freshmen Active Under the guidance of their advisor ,AN Mr. john Shanteau, the Freshmen class En s had a very successful first year. During the year, Freshman spon- sored sales including Fortune Cookies, Mistletoe, and Old Vienna Chocolate, along with the annual Freshmen Dance. During the school year, Freshmen President Lori Castillo and her family moved from San Lorenzo. Laurie Zol- linger was selected at a class council meeting to take over as president. Other Freshmen Class officers were to Janet Stavosky, vice-presidentgjan Kaya- F tani, tre as ur e r and Michele Painter, secretary. is-W-""""' Mr. John Shanteau, Freshman advisor, discusses upcoming activities. Freshmen activities sales including, Fortune Cookies, Mistletoe, and Old Vienna Chocolate keep Freshmen interested in Class Council. fmsi Wi mi 191 Freshmen Found Anderson, Ryan Anguiano, Gloria Anthony, Cheryl Albers, Leslie Alexander, Janie Arnold, Denise Amold, Rolene Atkison, Loree Atkinson, Loree August, Kevin Austin, Greta Austin, Robin Austin, Susan Baker, james Ballew, julie Bapbuscia, Diana Baptista, Mike Barker, Donna Barovere, Dan Barros, Donna Barrows, Cindy Bartholomew, Mark Bauer, james Beaver, Kenneth Bcckher, Daryl Bedell, Donna Beebe, Cindy Beggs, Fiona Bennett, Patty Berg, Barbara Bernard, Kevin Bernard, Renee Berny, Ron sm-tex, Make Bertolotti, Mario Bertz, David Bcssette, Curtis Bessette, jack Bevard, jay Bcvilacqua, Tom Bickelhaupt, Heinz Birdsall, Gary Bohac, Steve Bold, Dave Bold, Michael Bond, Eugene Bonn, Elliott Bonjorno, Debbie Bowen, Barbara Braga, Dave Brandt, Dave Brasficld, Bev Brccht, Alan Bridges, Paul Brookins, Wayne Brown, Denise Brown, Larry Buchmiller, Greg Buck, Ricky Bufkin, Dennis Burklund, Chris Burnett, Denise Burns, Fat Busch, Richard Bush, Terrie Cabrai, Rose Cach, Mike Cadwell, Theresa Campbell, Deborah Canciamilla, Charlene ' 4' if- 534 Class Work Frustrating 1 XE K Sl 1 s t Si? , V X 57 XR sie gimme,-, .s.. ., as Q, sf - ,V .M .--- 5 1 S it ggi? ee , fe R Hex S F, Y 1 ft ffii f ilie " wr , Ms- fi- . ,I E Q . X as,t s .sn ik f an .f - -. if x-r if A er 5- .. if., C lb.. 5 1, , '- V 1 V . in .t V 'I , K X -fe - a ..,. psi-1 1 5 'fs 'Q ' rg, e Q to ' V- ,. , V r ., . .... Q , ' - -: 115 , . .s "' 'V L as H-'E 1- ,fa fi- I .. L 11:13 ,, f ef V ' ,ss , ..... at A . , X.. , K .... X .st ft. ,sr .. - ex ,... , as X ,W ,K t , K . L. E,,,-,. ts , A ff , V' iz . 1- I -f V i"- - , X- - , f , it ' : I . -' s -vs .4 A it 2 V-Q V VVV -J, 1 .. -. Q 7 VV 9 I A Q A ' I ' , fr Q ' I ,, " Y me . - , ,f"f.1-:J-, : ' ' I a n VT' .. "'- .,,, H '1 ' 'V ! X" "fc VE? ' Z.. I , . 'QQ l gt K ,V M, " f -f i 'fe K V. - we f - W e--- 91 "Sli-' ' ' - ' -J-fix f' X it .. " ' Q Qi' ff: H kk.. x A Q V t ., F. - .. A N is - ,T , "" , ' - " .3 ' is iv z ' - 1. . , om -----,., e 0 'J V ' is ... . - -.we ,V + S - f -.,. fr, -- -- Vs M I, -Iv. N mea." V K - - fm t. . V , ,,,,5.,,,, 5 'uri F 1, T. .v M if A Z: , x I it 43 K' , L ' ff 5: se y u -- . V ' s-,, 3' Q V Q, , ,gs ' , . '-t-' r 14, , fr 4 2 1-3 we 5 - .QM ,ff 1 '- A . if :riff - V- as 1 V i ' V ' ' 1 VA f"i' 5 'Q f ,V s 'rw ., K- . : V3 '39 B fr , h , H if -V s my f , ..., 3232 fs ..,. V 1 1 V- .. V "1 " s .. V J. s s ... VV n his T. . ,V V i 5 W ,553 ,L --ss, ,, ...t. Y ,Et -M X N. . ,tx ,.,, l ,. sk ,lg 1, 1" 6 1 , 2 Yaifikfgifss, st 'S if . ' t 1 1 : ,V.-- . s ,V i issi , ' Y iiii it " 5 : - -S ' if f if 4 f 1 . if sa R 1" ii 5 ' M242 42' : ,. ' ' 1.3-'ff ' ' -1' ii", TF: , ' 1 li: 2 74 14 ' ' I :Z '-134-X31 P '. 1111.1 sg? ' a -A X ' sf ' y , . sg- V , . Q, -SW' V715 , . . N s A 1 i .12 1 if " ' , is " 'f f r .. il V ,. ' A fe Ss' - ' -' i -"f , gf V. f r . 4, if , i t - ,V , ' f X 4' f - .- 4 - . B Denise Brown and Patty Bennett look puzzled at their homework assignment. 192 , M... 1 s. XA s t N r flu' 3 if it , sv Canciamilla, Charlene Cardoza, Jody Cardrino, Richard Carlson, Don Carlson, Elizabeth Carminath, Vickie Carpenter, Denise Carpenter, Diana Carsley, jay Castillo, Lori Castleman, Rob Chambers, Karen Christian, Terry Ciampa, Joe Clem, Steve Clifford, Linda Colburn, Kathy Coleman, Matt Conkel, Nanette Cordova, Dennis Cosgrove, Marla Couch, Joe Crawford, Ron Creese, Cheryl Cubillo, Gary Cudiamat, Debbie Cummings, Jimmy Dalencia, Linda Danjou, Robert DaSilva, Suzie Davis, Pam Davis, Wayne DeCosta, Cliff Dees, Viki Delahoussaye, Ken Dell, Mary DeNijs, Irene Deusebio, Mike Devine, Sharon Dick, Debbie Dickson, Doug Diesclike, john Dietsch, Karen Digirolamo, Diana Donnelly, Bruce Downing, Richard Drmsby, Debbie Duchaine, Renee Dulle, Debbie Eckhart, Gary Ellis, jon Elms, Brian Elsbury, Deborah Emery, Mike Federline, Cheryl Ferguson, Don Ferguson, Kathleen Fernandez, Lisa Fiedler, Dara Field, Evan Fike, Scott Fimby, Ray Fischer, Carol Fitzgerald, Sue Fivaz, Brad Foley, Kathy Ford, Mike Fowler, Joyce Fraga, Catherine Freais, Rachelle Freitas, john Freitas, Tim Frese, Debra Frizado, Robert Fross, Derek Gallaher, Ed Garcia, Dianne George, Brian Gerton, Debbie Gilmour, Lori l93 Freshmen Try Hard, but to 0 Avail Godfrey, Pat Colman, Michele C-onsalres, Sandy Gooch, Debbie Gordon, jeff Gose, Craig Craher, Leslie Gmnger, Phillip Greenwood, Cathy Greer, Gone Grivois, Margie Grow, NoiLn1.1n Cnyeli, Sue Ilagcn, Paul Hague, jack llalbach, Nancy Ilannnerson, Steve Ilausen, john llnuieslcr, john llargraves, Greg llarris, Nlaly llarrison, leonurd Hart, Karen llawkins, Ann llauck, Christine Ilenuings, Brad llenry, Rick Henry, Russ Hester, Felicia Iloffnian, Charles llogne, jeff llollerson, Pam llolmoe, lziurie Hooper, Diane llooper, Pamela llorton, David Horton, Debi llunrd, Cathy linghey, Desler llnniphrey, john llnniplireys, Tiniolhy lnlanle, hirry lrvinc, Susan lzurd, Gary Ivey, Patricia jackson, Cnrlh jncobs, Cary jnger, Danny jenniugs, Casey jennings, Stephan joaqnin, Mike johanscn, Leslie johansen, Lindsy Dennis Paul Anita Casey Glenn julie lien johnson, Julnison, jones, jones, jones, jones, jones, Darrell Kim lizlufmrlu, Vickie liayatnni, jan Keeling, Karen Kellner, Chris Kelly, Franny Kelly, Dave Kcsterson, jay Kinkade, Kristi jorilau, Knrgnl , liilnins, Debbie linecloncl, Vicki Knight, Denise linolilc, Donna lirantz, Viki to-earlier, Cm Kuta, jan Labrie, Gregory kikis, David Lukis, jefl' Lamson, Betty lsingliaid, Sandy Lavcngood, Cindy Lawrence, Cnijiy lawrence, Dnvid Lennon, Diane Lencioni, Gloria Levitt, Fred Levy, Martin Lewan, Craig Lewis, Brian LeuLis, Mike Liborio, Kelvin Lien, Deanna Linn, Kurt Linnekin, Bruce Loefller, julie Lousarich, Tim Lord, Cindy Lucas, Mary jane Lnjan, Melinda Lupe, Rick Lusk, Fmuk Lutje, laura Lyle, Doug Lyons, Dennis Maclierta, Ronnie MacLean, Alun MacLean, liaLhy lxlnlnn. ix-lurk 194 ,. .. A .Ai-.L-is -..-. ss .. A.-.f . -l .igsss ssl. .-M L .s. . .,.. A TS- fffif .e 2 M-., ls, ,,,.. . serie-:.i-,U .":- -qw ,iss ,L Ly HHEFLL, L n uf ,,, 5? t o-,, r M 255, : M LSEELS' " L ,L fi -Fi, - E" -, -112 T T' LL lf' ,L . f -"' - , L L' T lik. ' . - ' L L 'L ,. ll ii? L W f - , i ' i K , ' N' L' s 1' ' 4-'Ik 2 . . s . -ffm. ""' -ri L i . . L' . . L L L L . rr L Q, ,iii . -3' L L L 1 D' L LL L LL L LL Lt - fL i Le LL i L, . sez, li 'fig . 1 . J so 1 'L . LL L . ,A so .is - M, Q M fm ,-. . .. ,h r Q .W 5. I .-- , . Lf--ii .1 - ..,,,.., .lg . 1, . ss. .. M . , eo, .. . .. .. ,sg . , , . . , -f i -. :.' 1 jj L :LL , L- L ii 15 .fir -.k .H 5,-, . -ii ..,, .QL W -L L Iss. . . L - -.--: j - .. " L L L L X . .,i , Q Q., . T-,ti td 3, 2 1 4 X I, 1 . iiii LL L , s ., , i- 'L . , .L ' , ' '. i L .. s .. . L . LL - L' :sara -L w . .. Liz, L. -. L i' 5 LL L f. ,L-sf LL L L - . L-. L L , X L 9 L ,-. , 'W LL , ' e m' L 2 X L L L on f.. .L ss 2 L , f -is iLarfL.-:.1L,- LL ws, wwf. 'L 4 .is Lis - . QL LQQEY -- W I if -Lf'.Q. Ll. ii' . .T " Lf 'L L,.i I 1 ie K L 1- Lg' .L Li . L r . . L fig Q L L. L LL . s---V ,mon X -ii., -we-sm L -s Q ie X L i ig . 32: L ' X X lf 5 3. X- i Q L L - ' L . ,. L55-235555 7 ' Ai -2 in L QF" R B 1 N' 23? X . ir K is X L 5 it is , Ns. K ,, M., e L xg . Lgwf k ffL.fwL 5 ss is i V 1 . 1 .V D X -.-'Z Zifll I5':f 5.72 L? if ' Lle- L- F7751 5 L -- ,sz .. Z if-,162-LL .rf -REE - ,1 I . ,., x If- L ' ,fixings , , '31, .Q jig fffxf Z3. 1'? 'H L hifi iff? A ij .:'Z,: WL -L T e- ' L- .L L 1 Ls L xl.. Q 1 - . QU' I f1Q 'ii1 ' N-X A L., --V-ms A, .1 .. 1- .L ., 1. , .fam in-.5 . . .A A - ig so L gals: -ii I ir . JL t FS. ua, Q, ,rg H ., Ll L -L .. i 5 .,f-- X .Q LL L L L LL L L L - LL Lt L L 'L ,V . 4 A 'M L - .,.. . if L X Ly- .5 L Q L-riff 2 . L ii 1- . - . LL L - ii r ,gs ,ws 'Ev' ' FISHER i ' fi A Z ' - -I . ' 'L f ri 5 .-I :vig 2 .f f 114 . ""L 'fL 1 1- 2 is i ii f ' 1: sf Q f , . L LL L i fekf' Li' , ' L ' -. viii iw L s L ELL ' , - L'.?'sQ R ' VT Lf-5 LL X L . s .. if - .LL , 4 - .- . ,. . . --.ig L .SE lv , L . L X ws-lil- -V. r fs L . H .. V - -V. -si, i : . ,gs sk, , ,- .. - .W L 'T E-2 sv ,..LLL ., , ' L ,.. ,E -'ive --56? 1-L swf 1fL'1 LLLL L iL - L 1- E v L, rg ' L ifQfI.,:i is his 531 . rf .- ,.... ii M as , KL i ,ykf LL , .. if ' . 3 f, 3f,.gi2.i , L fs! Q . ig. Q' A L K -sg sf Q sr SQ is M3 si? if lr sf Q W, fr is 121352 i . . Freshmen show their enthusiasm in a spirit week game. My 6 f 5. 0,5 lc Freshmen Make New Friend Manary, Steve Mangini, Russ Marlin, Ken Martinez, Anna Martinez, joey Marzetta, Wendy Mason, Linda Matheson, Alberta Mathia, jan McCarney, Michele McCarthy, Dennis McDaniel, Randy McNair, Bill Meacham, Fred Medeiros, Venise Mendia, john Mettler, Curtis Metzher, Eric Miller, Linda Miller, William Mlaker, Gale Moniz, Walt Morgan, Judy McNie, jennifer Murphy, Sabrina Murphy, Sharon Nan-on, janet Naylor, Bob Nelipowitz, Dianne Nicholson, jean Nuzman, Edward Nunes, Cindy Nyemaster, Sandy Olesen, Caron Oliver, Leona Olsen, Shirley or-nz, Debbie Ortiz, Phyllis Owens, Suzy Pagni, Laura Palamldes, jim Palmer, Rick Parios, Diane Peoples, Karen Perez, Roberta Perry, Edward Pinheiro, Odilia Pinkler, Harry Pointer, Michele Pointesol, Mike Poteet, Peggy Potter, Susan Powell, Jeri Pt-ies, Barry Pryor, john Raab, Debi Ragasa, Brian Rallston, john Rebiejo, Frank Reel, Ray Rego, Steve Reiber, Mike Reyes, Sandy Ritter, Deborah Robertson, Steven Roderick, Dave Rodrigues, ludy Rodriguez, Roberta Rogers, Steve Rondi, Randy Ross, Candy Rounds, Ron Roussel, Veronica Sala, Mark Salel, Joyce Sanchez, Emily Schimberg, Charles Schroeder, Margaret Schultz, Robert Scott, Craig Scott, Lorene Scott, Steve Seideman, Ken Serrao, Doug Sevlgny, Laureen Shaffer, Brian Shaw, Dawn Sheets, Donald Shields, Carol Shields, Sharon 196 4 f 1 4 Shills, Iohn Snidcmnn, Steve Slcvemon, Roxdnc Temniing, William Shelli, Debbie Solari, Nlikc Stewzin, jim Tcsconi, yoxnn Shui' , Donna Souza, Gcnc Slokcsherry, Teresa Tum, loc Si Iva, Drew soma, M i chell c Strehl, Steve Thomas, Sandy Si lv.l, Pfssv Slmlin, D.w id Stronde , Pam 'l' hom as, frank si.a,m-or-iii, Terri Spain , Iohn Stubherfiel Debbie Thornoc lx, Dcl Leslie Graber expresses her ideas on the Middle-East L to R Chris Killner, Charlie Schimberg, Mark Seller, Ray Fimby, and Dave Selner discuss Freshman Day. rl. Small, Scot Speas, Sue Stubberlield, Donald Toflt, Deborah fs? asain" -,X :L sig., '1 SEWER was E :Y 3. ri Smith, jeff Spinosi, Greg Studebaker, Diane Tolr.-non, Suns Smith, Michelle Suwosky, jane! Sutton, Greg Toll, Rick Smith, Mike Stcgcr, j.inn.m Sx'cndsgn.ird, Karen Tc-llick, llenry Smith, Richard Swklnchick Cindy 'l' avarcs , Fernando Tooley, Diane l97 Freshmen Are Right on Target Robin Arroyo, Maid Marian at his side, prepares to meet Challengers in the Fresh- man Spirit Week skit. Tmntlmm, Kathy Trl ly, Roger Trujillo, Alum Trulillo, Kathy Tsuncislui, Lmi Turpyn, PM Vnlcncin, Linda Valenzuela, Sue VnnSiclslc, Cheryl Vqsqucz, Linda Vicn, Indy Vicrm, Dolores Vicrrn, Mitchell Villalobos, Debbie Vincent, Dorothy Walker, Inc Walsh, Der-:cn Wnlsh, Mike wmc, Del-me wg-nl, Kelly 198 Asa--:1 WSF :xref Z: , - . WS' X e Nfgiv vom img, Zee.. mfr- 2 155. frfiiii L -egg x Q N K Q, or W be A if.-'Kun 3 grief F4-frszf' it ll if 5- .l L X' N W N , X Wfile, .11 .7 Hfiz. ' .t . X vs 3 e 3- f- . - Leles I - so I 5 Kkkk 9 Q F g 'gin , ," 1 . . " -S 13 r' ' . ..-ig jf av' 2 + or g - fr Ev 5555 iik ' V 5: I U1 fs? ' ff o A Y is .. if A ima-Q' -T 3.-+ Q-I i L 3 x f a as +5 9 - Q, Q. 'f Q ' f W fn H 3 Ai X 'B' , i qq, ,f X . f J ei 'fi 55? J- A Y . X F Qi? 1 Q? " . fy W. . W' I fa, an .. irq ii L9 .. ff., n Ries ,, I -jf' Q 3 1. 4' T hge , 1 i f H E1 if fu 1 , X " fx Q s 5 'A 5 s I 31? 1 Zollingcr, Laurie Zncca, Pete Warren, Ioan Hans, Martha Wcisc, Britt Wcstcrbcck, Christine Westlake, Diane Westlake, Danna whim, Debbie Wiescnmnn, Mary Willicnns, jim wolfu, Sylvia Wood, Dave Wright, David wrigm, Earl Wright, Paul Vi', Steve Young, Carol Young, john Young, Rlioiida Zappctlini, Terry Zinn, Steve New Arroyans take a break during the hectic moments of Freshman Day, September 9, 1970 Representing the Freshman, song girl Rocky Stevenson is one of the many faces of Splut Week 4 SOPHOMGRES ' ' ju.,-,s Q. Q I O . I Qu' 1 TJ '92 .775 ' '47 -.75 5 If 5' ' 'IVY' M11 hx ' Q :Q 'Qi 33 N5f"'?'Y s A- lfxnltyyfvg it I0 1-x 9 v6 J 1 ??i w2 M 3 .I J A' 1 P A L' gf K -Z x I ff ix - .A -W K W f 5 V I X , -f"L-" 'z f' -R , sw A fv f ,Q zz- it' V in , V fix' A fr Q' ' ' W -' f ! If fx x XX 2, xY Y t L I , V X f . . W 4 X N g' Dehlia LaCasse 5 N, Vice-President J f .1 , r gx v 4 3' -I wsu -:,.w..LQ,,4 , 'L " 11 ,we 4 . .. . A. ,,-- 'K Effkiffgfgifrg 1 , B ., yin' , 'If 55? ' , .xih ,M In 2 A '--LL: 5 5? 56, '- '1 L3 1 -M3 Izilff .f . H255 wi T? S ,7'75ET"'Y:L!Qlv ': i '21 , if pie, psig" my Q1 3: wr-w-A f - Mxffmfn : 1 5 K S i 5 , ! 40 3 L ,Jig 5555" Q, 254 3 A Xb X 'fs M, 3, Af fi: . A .nk ,uf I - 141, 1 - f -fi, i , Av- wx- Qfg,...l:1. 5 :A 32 a, :. Q K , .T 'Vw Q M ff'- fm wrt? Z4 . "xii, fiff Q wfzff . . J, -' f I 515 1, I ? . 5 X 1 .X 5 f "'1 ,Q i,. ff -Q qi , A 9,5 T it .N QB-QQ -. yr , . ff", is ' at-ww, -X l gi 7 ' f 'f wifi L L mlmv, Hai 3 - iff ww 4 , bm 1. X Acuff, Marty Agliano, Dave Albright, Diane Allen, Patricia Allen, Terry Alvarado, Felix Alward, Sandra Alwcxth, Carol Amann, Debbie Ambrose, Rick Anderson, Dart Anderson, Party Anderson, Terri Aranda, Esther Askew, james Bacheldcr, Alan Bacon, Linda Barber, Jolrri Barker, Keith Banos, Laura Barstad, Sue Bartlett, David Bauinback, Randy Beck, David Beck, Deborah Bedell, Marsha Bcebe, Darien Bell, Pam Berger, Steven Bergmann, Rachelle Bevard, jay Bickford, Nancy Blanchard, Debbie Boice, Nancy Bokanich, Teresa Boots, Yvonne Bossi, Mary Bowen, Kathie Boyd, Antonelte Brandt, Greg Brcde, Harold lkidges, jim Briggs, Kevin Briscoe, linda Brcolunan, Deidre Brcncek, Kallry Brown, Caroline Brown, Celia Brown, Philip Broun, Wanda Brunson, Sherry Buche, Kim Budd, Delsa Burgess, Sandra Burnett, Cathy Btu-ritl, Kathleen Busch, Carol Butts, Kathy Callaway, Nancy Caniacho, Carl Canrbra, Darryl Cameron, Cathy Campbell, Debbie Carlsen, liirstin Carlson, George Carlson, Sandy Carpenter, jim Carsley, jeff Clrrislcruen, Ron Christensen, Tina Chu, Milton Clawson, Rayanu as 1 we Q -352 Q ii e X ,Qi S . 5, no V , we- Qggprf gi 'W X 5 1 rg . , -.1 ,P 5 J' 32 , . is we gr-x x Nix " i N, We X 5 S V rg H Q ei l :L xc 1 as X Ex X N rr 1 9 wi X2 . 1 an-Q"' xx xx r S t t,,, r. r ,N i - :Ti rs. if if f r 1: Q . X S SE 1 X L N Larry Espedal and Jay Todd scheme at the dance, 'Love The One You're With'. 5 X QX X 'X ers' x 'sr Q X gem, Q I S1 X. 5 Yr ,lj H ,E l 1: ., , . W3 K X at X Qs Q . all x gg f l 1 sf , S 'S Q r g T .,., A ,. ' 19 I ai ,, f- 2-Q F a 'SSS' R ra 5 .-1::f 5 W f A 3 xii .:.-'r t 2 -f A ,Q - t iQ ,V .... ,, .. rg - so C S' .iw- f I -V Sophomores Participate Actively vw Ee 1 w -e iylxlixx Tx were , S Sa s s H a 1 Vw' wi A. ,ea ,, 1131- 'Q - t .-N...,- 5 V L I K A V 7 iifiit ti S . X . X K ASE I ttti . 'iff 'i ":' 3 S , X R X kia X s x s ,,,,,e 2-1 ig ig KX i 'YE .v in ex d o 1 M, t X -a ' We sxsx itii ii E . s. s i Q ' ' gi. Q- 5' xt K' ..,,,,,. E VU f ,ti 2? S X K 'ts t ef S . NNN - iz: S 1, -'-- N A . Ss it F 'H We , wa' in f U if i X X Q ld' X Xx 2 .ict " t K S,- lx X like Z M vi: , .- i 'ff' if ffgfl v ' 1 . ,M ti., it iz iw .9 in it Qi fr t tu- ' '-fs' - : , Qs- - - ta., as -it ,K .- Si -. 'B i ' .. ,E i ,iv Cobarubia, Edna Collins, Pat Compton, Pam Coons, Gregory Cooper, Greg Cope, john Cranford, Larry Criger, Wayne Crowton, Martha Cunningham, Paul Cwick, Carol Dailey, Kathleen Davis, Cathy Decker, Michael DeCosta, Debra DeCosta, George Degraw, Allyn Demello, Louie Denon, Debbie Devine, Doreen Dewaal, Hank Diaz, Theresa Dickey, Karen Dolynink, Mike Dotson, Doreen Drew, l.arry Dudley, Debra Dulle, john Dumas, Mark Dunham, Chris Dutch, Dorothy Dutricux, Nanda Eatnion, Craig Eberle, Shelley Eckert, Bill Edwards, Sam Eichler, Sue Eiras, Mary Elms, Teresa Emmons, llclen England, Philip Espedal, Larry Spinoza, Richard Ester, john Evans, Deborah Evans, Marilyn Evans, Michael Evans, Michael Evans, Michael Facchin, Celeste Fairclougli, Steve Farris, Ed Farris, Stephanie Fennel, Debbie Ferdinand, Carol Fernandes, Gail Ferraris, Rhonda Eglesias, Anita Ficken, Frank Fike, Andrea Findlay, Amit Finney, Bob Fiordaliso, Anna Flagler, Elaine Fletcher, Debbie Fohl, les Foley, Yvonne Foster, Chris Franz, Gary Frederick, Stacy Frcins, Bill Funchean, Dan Garcia, .Xl Gurelle, Diane Garris, Mary Gauthier, Scott Girard, julie Cialis, Tom Gobar, Robert ct-bei, Kurt Golec, Gary Gonsalves, Mark Goiwlwin, Dave Gniher, Denise Grainaglia, George Grehe, Donald Green, Rich Greenwood, Guy Griffin, Nancy cram, Ralph llarnniond, 'im-rie lland, lyn llaney, Steve llardester, Cindy llardie, Brad Hardy, Mike llargreavcs, Ken llarris, Michal llarry, janet llaycs, Carol llenderson, Coral Hernandez, julio llill, lane llodson, Mark llolgate, Steven llolland, Dave Hopper, jack llnsit-r, Gary llowc, lim llox, Doug 205 Rally Rouses Sophomore Spirit C arolyn Huggins, lluniburg, Kim ichn rd l lunt, R lchihann, Susan ldengren, Iglesias, Iacobs, Jensen, George Anim Carol Kris jigour, Wes John nsen, Renee Debbie johnson, Johnston, Pat Debra Doug Linda Trish KLxLhy William lose ph jones, jones, Jones, jones, jorcln n, Iordan , Iuricli, nruiewske, Terry Knstauos, Russ Kari, Sari Richard Kiltie Ann Cary jnmes Knlhy hiurie Kilgore, Shnron Keating, Keeth, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kent, Krause, wine Kronenbcrger, Nancy Kucalzi, Cheryl Kurz, john Kvam, Riul Kyelberg, Marsha L4iBrie, Richard L:iCasse, Dehila Lamp, Lee Lapre, Richard Large, janet lnssnlle, Denise Luvu, jerry lsivengood, Lori Liverty, Keith Laurence, Bob laureuce, Srcve Leclicniiiruit, Paul Leiloux, Gerald Levy, Cynthia. Linzirez, Pnul Linda, Dennis Linrlevald, Susan Linton, Sharon Lilov, Lie Lizottc, Dave Lockwood, Marla Lowrance, Tony Lowrie, Cathy Lucero, Lennie Lyons, Nancy Mngallnnes, Mary Mnngini, Mark Mann, Chris Mansfield, Linda Murcliese, Therese Marines, George Marshal, Brnl Martin, Charlie Martinel, Deborah Martinez, Srnu Marliano, Darlene Mason, Victoria imheson, :humane Matson, Roger Mattson, Debie McC:iruey, Mike X1cChaughin, Mille McClain, Robert Mclicllnr, Randy Meier, lw1nrg.iret lvlexulom, Sharon Mettler, Toni Metzicr, Kris Miller, Debra Miller, Teresa Montijo, Mike Monty, Sue Moore, Steve Moreland, jan Linda Tim Nagy, julie Nancy Susanne Kalhy Murphy, Mu rphy , Nakano, Nnnler, Nnugle, Nelipowitz, Icunne Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Amy Dnvial Lee Newsome, Corey Alice Karla Newell, Nisley, Nolting, Mary Norris, Thomas Nunes, John Okada, Gayle Oliveira, Chryl Oliver, Floyd Oliver, William 206 L L ' y LL L. 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Working under the leadership of President, Jeff Lucia and Vice-president, Dennis Scott, Juni o r s carefully planned for their Senior year. Fund raising seemed to be no prob- lem forthe Juniors this year. Along with a successful Junior Show and Dance, the class secured a large treasury. Marla Lencioni acted as the class secretary, with Donna Johanson perform - ing as Treasurer. Right: Harry Rasmussen and Leslie Golman seen in- terested in the information Carol Hawkins is pre- senting at a junior class council meeting. Below: Bruce Carlson and Ed Butzbach laugh at a com- ment made during class council, as Brad johnson, Gary Shilts, and Gino Sattui listen attentively. ' 19213: f' f' 5. -: ew 29 .4 1.- 1 yu -. , , N rf Barr? 6 fr J we X V r J .gdegif 3932? A ' " fir- Y .M :snr-:fin mg rzmm... Ng fm X X N .N 1 x A ' we ee II1. 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MMG 'Es sn! 6 f R H L of Q, s s if AS ,ga ii ,:: , - 2 W... s he if E 2 s ii 5 W, wx X3 -is if E3 Bognot, Michele Bolla, Wayne Bossi, Paul Branco, Woletta Brasfield, Mark Bravkovich , Joseph Brecht, Fred Bryden, Susan Broughton, Terry Brown, Cherie Brown, Gary Bucheli, Bob Buchmiller, Phil Bufkin, Virginia Burns, Ray Butler, Ken Butzbach, Ed Byars, Mary Cach, Robert Cadwell, Charles Caldwell, Debra Campbell, Gary Carlson, Bruce Carlson, Cathy Carlson, Jim Carlson, Ioan Carmack, Diane Carson, John Carter, Kathy Cedersuom, Ken Chalifoux, Mike Chidester, Floyd Ciampa, Sue Ciotti, Mario Clark, Debbie Clark, Susan Cleary, Nola Cloutier, Len Clune, Megan Coburn, Tony 215 Paul Hurd looks puzzled as he attempts his history assignment. Codinha, Mark Cole, Susan Coler, Larry Colla, Kathy Colyer, Jana Compartore, Joe Comphel, Denise Conroy! Lisa Cooper, David Corce, A1 Corcoran, Janice Cosgrove, Dennis Costa, Jeanette Costello, Frank 216 Sharee Smi th and Ed Keeling discuss matters in front of the SYm X I lumor Candy Sale Was Profitable M, Y 3 QE as 55 fx 2, , 'X rf H ee ai , Q REX Q91 li KSN ,ma ,gs lk- '51 rg ae? 'S W 5, Q ll Craney, Mike Crawford, Rick Creese, Bill Cross, Diane Cruff, jim Cunningham, Mary Davis, Margaret Delatorre, Kevin De Nijs, Max Desimone, Carolyn Diaz, Mary Doan, Cynthia Dowell, Judy Dowling, Ron Driscoll, Sue Dulle, Mark Dunham, Gary Dunn, Vicki Edwards, Debbie Edwards, Frank Edwards, Mary Ehmke, Diane Eiben, Vickie Ellis, Susan Emery, John Engel, Tom Engelage, Dan England, Keith Eppenberger, Tom Espinoza, Dwight Estep, Diana Everhart, Mary Fahlman, Kurt Ferdinand, Kathy Fernandes, Leslie Fernandez, George Ferretti, Cindy Fiordaliso, joe Fitzgerald, Colleen Flores, Veronica Flynn, Brian Fontan, Liz Fowler, Bud Fox, Jill ' Franson, Mike Frantz, Pat Gallagher, john Garcia, Jose Gardner, Vickie George, John Gerton, Mike Giachino, Gail Ginn, Bev Gloske, john Goff, Janet Goguen, Dan 217 Gohl, Connie Golman, Leslie Gonsalves, Leslie Granger, Connie Grant, Nicky Grebe, Phil Greenwood, jennifer Griffen, jeff Grivois, Denise Grover, Bob Grow, Von Guest, Tom Gunn, Robert Guyett, Mike Guyett, Steven Hadley, Glenn Hagebusch, Sandie Hague, jim Hague, Pam Halbach, Dan Hall, Terry Hamilton, Debbie Hammond, Lou Hampton, Dave 218 junior Spirit Was Enthusiastic Q-af . :. Vi? zgsizif . " ' QI ,ss -M ., Us V L, ..s H iii! X if- Q A Q A r X R X , H 1 e K x 3 n- X Y SEQ Qi x Li ' Q 3 s A' 1 WY? 1, l is ,,, A k Tf 5 5 ?'Qw ,f Q X X . if? an r 2' ,K L -Q. X Q l ,L X ,L . at . Y u a- 1 ,. A X L, ,,--, , Anna..-X Ek- 'R K " ' :, 51751 :Q ,, 75, I , . .- 3 1. -Q :wg me it k - ll 1 k'f?"i5k --, v---- -:xr V -f 'f::-w as X qw -5 if YC Q 'N F Q' Yi ft if M l 'if N X ff W ix . ,.,,,M . :k is Q is . 'Q 5 L ,Q 6 'aSa'i,.f.:.:f , 'G' Eg , rg? s 4 im, W 3, X 5 3 1-if X i Q i A ts.. X R is - " J iff a . X ' 'ss 2 1 B E i ja al X ,, Y ,ffss sfseawmseeia -was Me:- if' .1 A " S K , s iii .- ,fs H are f yum ss in K W ,ww -gm ,.., kg .Ji x 5,5 tene-Q Wi? X ws X is X l Sys, rs Q iii- fiziisr' - 5 'FRQIE l...f-i,. te ss. .3 .s S- in . ,, ff, wi 1, -.Q . fi arg ,,. 11 2 pqrefzg 1 , -, tr : -- ' K John Plant seems amused with his mechanical drawing project. Juniors Nancy Werk, Marcy LaFie1d, and Carolyn Desimone watch Varsity Yell Leader try-outs with much interest. SN 'ii' V--pls It Ni, we 35955, :Q 1, ix V , --11:1 ga if 11:g:ff: , .. 'S' Hand, Denise Hanestad, Sheryl Hansen, Scott Harrison, Sue Hart, Kathy Hawk, Sherry Hawkins, Carol Heuer, Kevin Hildrath, Ronald Himenes, Laurie Homer, Gary Hoopes, Mary Huggins, Sue Hughey, Debbie Humburg, Kurt Humphrey, Debbie Hurd, Paul Idengren, Linda Ingamells, Doug Ironside, Nick Irvine, Kathy Isaksen, Ken Jacobs, Mary Jacobs, Tom Jeffries, Mike Joaquin, Pam Johansen, Donna Johnson, Brad Johnson, Pati Jones, Bev Jones, Chris Jones, Tom Jorgensen, Eric Kargul, Mark Keeling, Edward Kelly, Tim 9 g x ms 'SF 5.4. .fi 55 95.2 . .. ,. .. A Gif Kiwi' mf 'Y x SN guru w X 'EW an S ff wg 4 A rw A nil? fi , yd.:-f:5, 1 fi 'Ein u :Q Q A Riga' a I ag 5 ,sb K P5 A A :iff 4.-, Lf,. . 'X v-922553 A H! , 'flew av f QQ 1 5 juniors Attended Sports Events jackie Knop, Lisa Conroy, and jill Fox look happy with the outcome of the basketball game. ,. - rsh? 4,g-wa ., .,,..NM.,,.,,K2f2ha H M WEQTIM -- i"iEi'3?' -: :af-: , fffY5f,g,.-1 .. , y ., Q. 'ii if 15? 1 Y is . . V r .- 'F ' .wlxitwaws .1,.11,1 Y --fv- Q , "'- 111, ' we - . H , m s"' - fs -- .--ss P t V -.-- -f-,s - ' V-fa -,ww . 3 "AW .aas.i:., ,I, T- saws- ' Q, - S5 , t.,, 5' , i ., A. 13" ' "Hoff 5 '55, ml V .Ms - W Ywarssemmnf - f - -sf f- an W , .m?E,, , 2 C P .s , 2 . 2 I V. Y, .. id k, " il ' ' f ' -. ' .49 55 'Q a. 'S -ffgizg f f' ,H 1 tk . so NWQW Vi' xxx no , ., t,,, ,, " , Q P swiss' ' fs'1i:,:L,jAl4 'bZ,Q,w ,s-efrgrfns ...... M.. f' Sfwzsfcfzsfzmuz ' lE"M'k'm.,"'a 5 srl? -ADF xff t 'G , is X, 2 5? es X 2 Vt- ' I ' -- E---5 re"-:. .f " all H, gg. Q, kg! I? Q A 2 81 , sg ve, A -as X is X t X A sa' 5 t,,.t Q .. ..t. ,IFC ., ,W Lx' NTT . 5 3 '- . 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L -5- ,,b : , ,XP A Q, A . :M g 1 xg if N wg? if 1 X S , tv X Y fat fs 35 i Q 5. at Q 2 I E51 if 13 ,Qi John Carson, and Roger Rayhbuck discuss their history assignment as Ken Isaksen looks on. .L ' -- , J'- Rogers, Terry Rose, Debbie Roussel, Brian Ruff, Dan Runyon, Carl Ruskofsky, Don Ryder, Shirley Sadowski, Kay Safer, jim Sanders, Larry Sasser, james Sattui, Gino Schapplein, Gary Schimberg, Jacob Schroeder, Virginia Scott, Dennis Scott, Iodene Scott, Mary Seigell-coff, Mabel Serrgo, john Serrao, Stephanie Shilts, Gary Shurnway, Debbie Siemens, Ed Celeste Debbie Steve Silva, Silva, Silva, Silver, Ted Debbie Nancy Skewis, Diana Smalley, Roberta Smith, Fred Smith, Greg Smith, John Sims, Siroy, 223 V Smith, Sandra Smith, Sharee Smith, 'Tom Sommerville, Vicki Standley, Gary Stavosky, jill Steinhauer, Debbie Stevens, Bessie Stokesberry, Barbara Stoner, Sue Stroude, Karen Struss, Loren Stuart, Maureen Sutton, Mark Sutton, Susan Taylor, Kathy Taylor, Terence Teixeira, Melinda Temporal, Tanya Tiernan, Kathy Torres, John Tracy, Becky Travers, Cathy Tsuneishi, Mark Tulley, Terry Turkett, Cathy Valentine, Robert Valenzuela, Lisa Vallejo, A1 Vening, Chris Veth, Jeanne Vierra, Marlene 224 1, S Fw W N T ' M355 in ,gs Y A X 5 , X a S X x ,Mfg .af V, S is 5 E ax.. 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Vilkins, Berny Voecks, Mary Lou Voss, David Waite, Dave Waller, Steve Wallin, Rose Walls, Bruce Walters, Debbie Ward, Cherie Warmerdam, Carl Watrous, Cathy Weagant, Cindy Weise, Rick Welch, Suzanne Werk, Nancy White, john White, Sharon Williams, Diane Williams, Robert Willis, Pat Wilson, Steve Winn, Larkin Wright, Stephen Wyant, Mike Yanagi, Amy Yanagi, Ann Young, Brenda Young, Charis 225 f a I . . rx ,.h I a A A. - f 1: -is A-rm .- - -fda-. rw-is 0 '4 ., , ..,, , ' , . W, .321-4, i ' '3f','S3WfzfAh3..-s.S" 'L "1 f ,M - . ,r , .sl at v-.hir .Q 1 5. - moo,- .. --+4 1 x . .Q ' --'5'fe- 226 K x w- Q l' l, ,ar il' - 1.0,-n A AWKFSPU ,yu ...-,-..... . 1 4 X . 4 ' o . x I , Y' I R t' is 'K 'I 1 . ' 1 Q O 4 Q . , QNX Q N H - A ' x J Y . , x I 5 2. ,1. x , 'f f f 4 n. v. lt. Us ri ff., 5,755 Ml Q96 Q?- '!'U'!"l6- Q, W al A ' I-we! o X 1 a ' 1' 'tn Es ii HG? me M MT Tv lu... , f un- we . " ' 'W' funn ui ' " "W -ww -J ., 3 frfiui- L YS, 5 35 .4 I-fi W-... E N fi --an ns 1 sa 5 'WCG Q34 -...V -.Q ---vq ..- -.-M 1-.- -Q as ...- wg 9. .--v on -...- an-9 -.4-. -...fa - an --p .0- .... 3-:E can Z' C' .ci ,u , W QQ 9 ,f wg ' f ' ff wg. E J Qi '-1 'ep E 'ul- E Li A," 'Xi. 1:1 Vi Linda Tiernan Treasurer W , Ron Hart ,,,Q,, W jan S peas I Secretary Tom Henry 229' President J ew Vice President Senior Class Council Faced With Bigger Responsibilities Sreg Bonn and Ron Hart issue Disneyland plane tickets as Steve Benetti, Randy Barker and Diane Blanchard look on. The 1971 Senior Class Council brought forth many new ideas, voiced many opinions, and faced various trying situations during the 1970-71 school year. This years council dealt with such activities as the Almond Roca Sale, can- dy cane sale, Senior Show, Senior Ball, Spirit Week, Old-time Film Festival, and the Disneyland trip. To improve the face of the campus, the senior class painted the tables, benches, trash cans and trophy case around the campus. Ron Hart, the Senior class president stated, "l feel that it would be safe to say that, in general, the class of '71 has made an impressive showing and that we have really distinguished ourselves here at Arroyo. l feel that this last year has installed the most memories out of the four years, since We became older, as- sociated more, and became more aware as individuals. " Senior girls have mixed emotions about upcoming Grad-nite Party. Class advisor, Miss Vicki Bissell, listens to speaker intently. 229 Cynthia Adams Mike Alaniz Jeanne Alexander Joe Alves Charles Alworth Steve A nderson john A ntolik Barry Balk Donald Baptista Randy Barker Joan Barry Charlotte Bartlett Roger Bass Judy Bell Lorraine Bell Steve Benetti David Bergmann Dave Bickendyke Debbie Bishop Diane Blanchard john Bohanna Chris Bokanich K aren Bold Greg Bonn David Bono 230 rf' X 1 MN fri-5 'WT Seniors Honored by Class The class of 71 has chosen Randy Barker and Penny Downer as Most Attractive. Clint Kellner and. Greg Bonn starred in the Senior Show. Frank Boots David Borba Kathryn Borchart Carl Borges Laura Borgo 231 V fx!! Qin Seniors Worked Hard lf! Q? HJ Y' WM Biggest Flirts, Mike Fernandez ane Diane Burbank catch their plane to Walla Walla. Mr. Millard Billings answers question asked by one of his students. 5 Susan Boughton Douglas Braasch Janice Bryant Paula Budd Jeff Cabral Dennis Caisse Denise Cavanaugh Peggy Christensen Tom Coler Janine Conkel Vicki Brandt Marian Bridges Cindy Brooks Connie Brown Frances Brown Diane Burbank Andy Burgess George Burritt Bill Burton Pat Butts Denise Caldwell Mike Callaway Brian Cambra Dale Carlson joe Carvalho Raylan Chu Lita Clapper Jeanette Cloutier Cliff Coelho Kevin Coleman Betty jo Conrad John Costa Mike Cramer jeff Curl Teresa Cusimano 233 Marilyn Cuthill Fran Dailey Steven Dalcin Becki Dalke Gwenn Dalton William D 'A njou John Davis james DeFord Robert DeNijs Paul DeSimone Larry DeSequirant Dinorah Diamond Claudia Dias Mike Diedrick Kathy Dietsch Cynthia Doane Judi Donnelly Cynthia Dornsife Pamela Dorsey Tom Douglas Pennie Downer Terry Dunbar Gary Eberle john Edwards Fred Ehrhart 234 Spirit Rallied Among Seniors L -l fi- Greg Bonn hangs Mike Fernandez for Senior Spirit. Inger Eklund William Elliot David Elliot Franke Estey Eric Fahlman . . 1 W 2 k .... X S n 'L 235 Many New Courses Offered Danny Fanning Gerald Farrow Sam Fassler A-'1 Michael Fernandez Carole Fern K aren Findley 4- - VY-Q. , Mike Fitzgerald Daniel Fletcher jack Ford Ramona Fierro Pat Frizado Diane Fulkerson Paula Furlough Kathy Gallagher Rebecca Gamboa Robert Gardner Tom Gardner Lynda Garrot 236 With Reno trip in mind, stage band rehearses long, hard hours. Gourmets Tony Krause, Ken Shofner, and john Edwards discuss cooking techniques while eating food they prepared in bachelor living. , if sssh G G ' Karen Gavello Dennis Geach Karla Gerlach Donna Getts Terry Giachino Linda Giambastiani iteve Gilmour jerry Glenn Larry Gonsalves Patricia Gonsalves Dennis Graber Jocelyn Granger 237 Donna Grecco Randy Green Shelley Greenwood Don Grivois Revae Grow Michael Grover Douglas Groves Kurt Grundel Claudia Gundell Carol Hallin james Hamm Gary Harris jim Harrison Robert Harry Ronald Hart Stephen Hedges Gary Henninger Carol Henry Thomas Henry Denise Hensley 238 Senior Girls Aided at St. Rose ,iw My Kathi Hernon Janet Hiatt Maureen Higgs Debra Hill Nancy Hoffman Terry Hoffman Donna Holland Cheryl Holmoe Barbara Holochuck C arol Hopper 239 Spirit week yell leader, Ron Stone, demonstrates new yell. Cutest couple, Jerry Metcalf and Nancy Lindevald swing out at Kennedy Park. 240 N ancy Housley Peggy How ard Nancy Howe Seniors Set High Standards Ferry Huckaby Nancy Hurd Marty Hughes Sheri Hughes Nancy Hurd Chris jackson Greg Jackson Jeff Jenson Barry Johnson Daniel Johnson ?atty Jones Charles journey Kathy Kadas Donald Kattenhorn Mindell Katz Vlartin Keller Clint Kellner Linda Kelly Pamela Kempin Kurt K16iI1SChmidf Pam jacklich Doyle Johnson Merielyn Kayatani Mark Knop 241 Tim Knudson Marla Kotler Marvin Kotler Tony Krause Willian Kuhns Hal Kyle Clara Laines Jane Laris Sally Law Beverly Lawrence Gary LeCheminant David Lee Lennie Levitt Thomas linda Nancy Lindevald Rich Litov Tony Littman Robin Lloyd Robert Lucas Patrick Lucas David LukenS Becky Lupher Michael Lupo joan Lynch Donna Mansfield Senior, Virginia Andrade practices the piano during Orchestra. Rick Rodgers and Pat McCaughin were voted Most Talented by the Senior Class. 4 janet Marchese Cathy Marchetti Laura Maria Betty Ann Martell Antoinette Martinez Carmen Martinez Ernie Martinez Pat McBride Patricia McCaughin Cathy McClain 244 Ron Hart and linda Tiernan, Most Likely to Succeed, stay late at the office Toni Tullys goes all out for Sprit Week. Best personalities, Linda Tiernan and Ron Stone laugh as they play at Kennedy Park. Lela McConnell Nora McGonig1e D ennis MCK askle Judy McMurray Ken Mellberg Karen Mendenhall Jerry Metcalf Therriea Mettier Kris Metzler Molly Mifsud 245 Mike Militello Eric Miller Janet Miller I Stan Mocek Gloria Moreno Mike Morris Karen Nisley Lynn Murtey Barbara Moore Mary Moroney Ronald Moss Ed Nunes Debi Naylor Kathryn Moore Carol Morris Patricia Murphy Fabia Orselli Deanna Newton 246 rr In vw Michael Pacheco Diane Pagni Harry Palmer Mario Paredes Kathy Parker Chris Parodi Sam Fassler pedals around campus on his 10-speed. Larry Desigurant, Lynn Murtey, Tony Krause, Bill D'Anjou, Tom Henry, Janine Conkel and Margaret Davis help supervise this year's student body officer elec- tion. 247 Susan Parry Michael Pells Mark Perales Leopold Perez Thomas Peters Alane Petrash Jacqueline Phillips Marilyn Pimental Richard Plath Stephen Poerink Dave Poxter Carolyn Pottorff , Excitement was high among seniors during Trombomst Gary Purdum and Marty Hughes rehearse for a concert. split Week. 248 Jesslyn Prestidge Rebecca Prestidge Julie Pritchett' Donald Prior Susan Quaid Vicki Quebbeman 3ha1'011 Rub Christine Raspellere linda Reck Cynthia Reyes Laurie Rhoades D0ug Rien Richard Rodgers Nancy Rodriguez Lisa Rodriguez Dena Rogers 249 Spirit and Fun Typify Senior Year Vicki Schroeder Cheryl Scully Debbie Seidscher Bruce Sharlow William Sherwood john Shockley Ken Shofner Rebecca Shrewsbury Linda Skewis George Silva Steven Siroy Katherine Smith Patrick Smith Shauna Smith Barry Soland Mark Sorensen Mike Soto Dean Souza Larry Souza Stella Spain 251 Darlene Stauffer Ron Stone jim Stuart Laurie Syvertsen Janie Tatro Brad Tauscheck Elizebeth Taylor Frank Taylor Mary Temming Carole Thompson 252 jan Speas Cutest couple, Kim Zollinger and Mike Soto spend free time on swings at Kennedy Park. BXSQRBF' U ii? "F: 2 S n ,, U i: 1 X my ,E ,LL.,. MQ' Xkk. ?kQ3.w k .V 1 ,X my Q- .sk kwa. -WA Teresa Thorlakson Linda Tiernan Scott Torricelli Gail Trantham Kathy Trembly Mary Trujillo Toni Tullys Salli Valenzuela Barbara Vallejo Debra Vandiver Kathy Van Sickle Cathy Varner A1 Vasquez Glenn Vierra Kathryn Vigil Marcia Vigil Ed Vilkins Theresa Vincent John Vournas Mark Wagner Rick Walters Sandra Ward Paul Warmerdam Kenneth Welton Barbara Wharton 253 Don Wheeler Ernie White Michael White Margie Whitley A couple of swingin' chicks, Cynthia Dornsife and Peggy Chrysensen dig that crazy beat. Elizabeth Williams Robert Wilson Brian Woodard William Willis Janet Winters Keith Worcester Most athletic seniors, Liz Taylor and Kevin Coleman, play a little catch. Senior members of the Arroyan Staff, Linda Tiernan, Tom Peters, Kim Zollinger, and junior Carol Hawkins discuss captions and headlines. -'bw of ig da f yt, st eeeit 1 if -' " Emu: Carolyn Wyant Craig Youngx Peter Zisa Kim Zollinger 255 Terry 204 ndexlndexlndexIndexlndexlndexln dexIndexlndexlndexlndexlndexlnd exlndexlndexlndexlndexlndexInde xlndexlndexlndexlndexlndexlndex Indexlndexlndexlndexlndexlndexl ndexlndexlndexlndexlndexlndexIn dexlndexlndexlndexlndexIndexlnd exlndexlndexIndexlndexlndexlnde xIndexlndexlndexlndexlndexlndex Indexlndexlndexlndexlndexlndexl ndexlndexIndexlndexlndexlndexln dexIndexlndexlndexlndexlndexlnd exlndexlndexlndexlndexlndexlnde xlndexIndexlndexlndexlndexlndex IndexlndexlndexlndexIndexlndexl ndexlndexlndexlndexlndexlndexln dexlndexlndexlndexlndexlndexlnd exlndexIndexlndexlndexlndexlnde xIndexlndexlndexlndexlndexlndex IndexlndexIndexlndexlndexlndexl ndexlndexlndexlndexlndexIndexln dexlndexIndexlndexlndexlndexlnd exlndexlndexIndexlndexlndexlnde xlndexlndexlndexlndexlndexlndex Indexlndexlndexlndexlndexlndexl ndexlndexIndexlndexlndexlndexln dexlndexlndexlndexlndexlndexlnd exlndexlndexIndexlndexlndexlnde xIndexlndexlndexlndexlndexIndex IndexlndexlndexIndexlndexlndexl ndexlndexIndexlndexlndexlndexln dexlndexlndexlndexIndexlndexlnd exlndexIndexlndexlndexlndexlnde DEX exlndexIndexlndexlndexlndexlnde xlndexIndexlndexlndexlndexlndex IndexlndexIndexlndexlndexlndexl ndexlndexlndexlndexlndexIndexln dexlndexlndexlndexlndexIndexlnd exlndexlndexIndexlndexlndexlnde xlndexlndexlndexlndexlndexlndex IndexlndexIndexlndexlndexlndexl ndexlndexIndexlndexlndexlndexln dexlndexlndexlndexlndexIndexlnd Abrcn, james Acuff, Mmm 66,204 Adams, Cynthia 230 Ada M Eid 'd 183 rms, r. - rr Agliano, David 84,108,111, 114,116,138 Aitken, Mrs. Corrine 158 Alnniz, Michael 147, 230 Albers, Leslie 192 Albright, Diane 204 Alexander, Janie 192,230 Alexander, Jeanne Allen, Patricia 204 Allen, Richard Allen, Robert Allen, Tony 47, 204,214 Allcn, Terry M. 214 Alvarado, Felix 204 Alvarado, Rick 214 Al I 1 230 ves, oscpi Alvidrez, Christine Alward, Sandra 204 Alwofrth, Carrol 204 Alworth, Charles 230 Amann, Debra 204 Aranda, Charlie 2 Aranda, Ester 204 Aranda, Mary 214 Arcia, Joe 2 Arnold, Denise 192 Arnold, Rolcne 192 Arrioln, Daniel 214 Arriola, Patricia Ashworth, Arlctta 214 Askew, james 204 Atkinson, Lorne 192 August, Dave 84, 101, 147, 214 August, Kevin 113,154,192 Austin, Carolyn Austin, Greta 192 Austin, Robin 192 Austin, Susan 192 Baca, Monica 79,81,214 Bachelder, Alan 204 Bacon, Linda 204 Baker, James 192 Bulk, Bm-y 135,230 Bfnlcw, June 33,192 Bancker, Donna 214 Ambrose, Anderson Anderson l Anderson, Anderson Anderson D Anderson, Anderson 230 Anderson, 1 .1 Ricky 204 Bart 204 Dean 214 Karon 20, 214 Patricia 204 Paul 214 Ryan 192 Stephen 84, 101, Baptism, Chcrylc 214 Bnptimr, Donald 230 Baptisa, Michael 192 Barber, jonathan 204 Barbuscia, Diane 192 Barker, Donna 192 Barker, Keith 108,138 ,204 Barker, Randy 84, 147, 148, 229, 230, 231 B. Andrade, Virginia 42, 243 Angelo, Marc 117,214 Angle, Glenn Angnizlno, Gloria 192 Anthony, Cheryl 192 Antolik, John 230 Antolik, T:1ma1r:1 50,51, 214 Antons, Mr. Alf 174 1331 B Street, Hayward 357-0723 Cooper and Cook Insurance Shamrock Realtors 153 E Lewelling Blvd San Lorenzo 357-8243 irovcro, Dan Barrett, Charles 214 Barros, Dolma 192 Barros, Laura 204 Burros, Cynthia 192 Barry, joan 230 Barry, Ronald B d S 204 arsta , nsan Bnrteli, Michael 192 Team Lucas Porsche Aud1 Hayward 278-6400 19100 Mission Blvd. Buy Your 1972 ARROYANI .44 San I .sf X ? 1 5 E I ,A ll, a 3 5 y 5,3 2 'NW 'Nwwr Uu,,,,.m,S 5,-s KEE CGLEMA STUDIOS 22128 Mission Blvd. Hayward 537-4667 Bartholomew, Mark 192 Bartlett, Charlotte 230 Bartlett, David 204 Basacker, Mr. Bill 102,179 Bass, Dchra 214 Bass, Roger 230 Bauer, James 192 Bauinback, Randall 1-17,20-1 Beaver, Kenneth 154, 192 Beck, David 204 Beck, Dehorah 204 Beck, Douglas 21-1 Beck, Larry 66,136,214 Beck, Laura Beckner, Daryl Bcctlier, Daryl 192 Bcdell, Donna 192 Bedell, Marsha 204 Beche, Darien 192, 204 Beebe, Lucinda 192 Boggs, Fiona Beilin, Kathleen 214 Bell, Donald S4,12S, 130, 214 Bell, Judy 230 Bell, Lorraine 230 Bell, Pamela 204 Bcnctti, Steven 229,230 Bennett, Eltricia 192 Berg, Barbara 192 Berg, Teri 2141 Berg, Trude Berger, Berger, Sandra 214 Steven 204 Bergmann, David 230 Bergmaxui, Rachelle 204 Bernard, Kevin 192 Bernard, Renee 192 Bcrky, Ron 192 Bertolotti, Mario 192 Bertolotti, Marlyn 214 Bern, David 192 Bessette, Curtis 192 Bessette, Jack 192 Butcher, Karen Bcvard, Bevard, Gregory Jay 192, 204 Bevilacqua, Thomas 192 Bickolhaupt, Heinrich 192 Bickcrdykc, David 59, S-1, 230 Bickford, Nancy 2041 Bieschke, John Billings, Mr. Millard 165, 203,232 Birdsall, Gary 192 Bisholi, Bissell , Debra 230 Mix Vicki 164, 229 Blanchard, Debra 20-1 Blanchard, Diane 229, 230 Blanchard, Marie 214 Blasquez, Donna 214 Blinn, Gregory Blume, Bognot, Bolrac, Mrs. Joyce 168 Michelle 50,5l, 215 Stephen 192 Bohanna, John 136,230 Boice, Nancy 204 Bokanich, Christine 230 Bokanich, Teresa 204 Bold, David 192 Bold, Karen 230 Bold, Michael 192 Bolla, Wayne 215 Bond, Eugene 192 Bonjorno, Debbie 192 Bonjorno, Lynda Bonn, Elliott 113,154,192 Bonn, Gregory 30,31,3S,61, S6,229,230, 231,235 Bonnet, Mark Bono, David 56,230 Bonwell, Mrs. Marian 177 Boots, Frank 231 Boots, Yvonne 204 Borba, David 231 Borchardt, Kathryn 231 Borges, can 100,147, 151, 231 Borgo, Laura 231 Borma, Fred Bossi, Mary 20-1 Bossi, Paul 100,215 Botelho, Kathy Boughton, Susan 232 Bowen, Bowen, Barbara 192 Kathleen 204 Bowers, Mr. Mike 1l6,119, ISO Boyd, :Xntonette 204 Boynton, Mr. Ianies164 Braasch, Douglas 136, 232 Bradshaw, Paul Braga, David 192 Brajkovich, Joseph 84,215 Branco, Brandt, Brandt, Brandt, Woletta 215 David 113,192 Gregory 204 Vicki 233 Brasficld, Beverlce 192 1 . Brasficl , Mark 215 . 1 Bray, Mis. Gloria 160,163 Breeht, Bre cht , Alan 113,154,192 Frederick 8'-1,132, 147, 215 Bredc, llarold 43, 204 Bridges, 204 James 61,132, 202, Bridges, Marian 79, 94,233 Bridges, Bfises, Paul 192 Kevin 138, 204 Briseole, Linda 204 Brool-tins, Wayne 192 Brooknian, Deidre 204 Brooks , Cynthia 233 Broncek, Kathy 204 Broughton, Terence 215 Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Caroline 204 Celia 90, 204 Cherie 215, 225 Connie 233 Denise 192 Frances 233 Gary 215 Karen I ndex Brown, Larry 192 Brown, Philip 204 Brown, Wanda 204 Bnrnson, Sharon 204 Bryant, Janice 232, 257 Bryden, Susan 215 Buche, Kimberlee 204 Bucheli, Robert 130,215 Buchrnillcr, Gregory 192 Buchmiller, Philip 215 Buck, Ricky 192 Budd, Delsa 204 Budd, Paula 232 Bufkin, Dennis 117,142, 192 Bufkin, Virginia 215 Burbank, Diane 77,232,233 Burgess, Andy 233 Burgess, Sandra 204 Burklund, Christopher 192 Burnett, Catherine 204 Burnett, Denise 192 Burns, Rttricia 192 Burns, Raymond 215 Burritt, George 233 Burritt, Kathleen 45, 204 Burton, William 233 Busch, Carol 204 Busch, Renard 192 Bush, Terri 192 Butler, Kenneth 115, 138,215 Butts, Kathy 204 Butts, Patricia 233 Butzbach, Edward 213, 215 Byars, Mary 215 Cabral, Jeffrey 232 Cabral, Rosa 192 Cach, Michael 192 Cach, Robert 215 Cadwell, Charles 20,43,215 Cadwell, Theresa 192 Caisse, Dennis 232 Caldwell, Debra 215 Caldwell, Denise 78,8l,233 Callaway, Michael 233 Callaway, Nancy 204 Camacho, Carl 138,204 Cambra, Brian 31,61,233 Cambra, Darryl 204 Cameron, Catherine 204 Campbell, Deborah 192,204 Campbell, Deborah A. Campbell, Gary 136,215 Camciamilla, Charlene 192, 193 Cardoza, Joseph 113,154, 193 Cardrino, Richard 193 Carl, Mr. Ted 169 Carlsen, Kirstin 204 Carlson, Bruce 213,215 Carlson, Catherine 215 Carlson, Dale 233 Carlson, Daniel Carlson, Donald 193 Carlson, Edwin 204 Carlson, Elizabeth 193 Carlson, James 215 Carlson, Joan 214 Carlson, Sandra 204 Carmack, Diane 215 Carniinati, Victoria 193 Carpenter, Denise 193 Carpenter, Diana 193 Carpenter, James 204 Carsley, Jay 193 Carsley, Jeffrey 133,153, 204 Carson, John 215, 223 Carter, Kathryn 215 Carvalho, Joseph 233 Casson, Mr. Frank 174 Castillo, Lori 193 Castleman, Robert 113,15-1, 193 Cavanaugh, Denice 232 Cederstrom, Kenneth 215 Cermenati, Aldo 41 1 Chalifoux, Michael 100,101, 102,103,104,147, 215 Chambers, Karen 193 Christian, Mrs. Jean 163 Christensen, Peggy 232, 254 Christensen, Ronald 204 Christensen, Tina 204 Christian, Terry 193 Chu, Milton 113,153,204 Chu, Raylan 30, 31,60, 233, 250 Ciampa, Joseph 193 Ciampa, Susan 215 Ciotti, Mario 215 Clapp, Miss Laura 178 Clapper, Lita 87,233 Clark, Debra 215 Clark, Susan 81,218 Clawson, Rayann 202, 204 Cleary, Nola 215 Clem, Steven 154,193 Clifford, Linda 193 Clontier, Jeannette 233 Cloutier, Leonard 84, 116, 215 Clune, Megan 215 Cobarrubia, Edna 205 Coburn, Tony 215 Codinha, Mark 216 Coelho, Clifford 233 Colburn, Kathy 193 Colburn, Michael Cole, Susan 216 Coleman, Kevin S4,90,100, 101,104, 122,125, 126 Coleman, Matthew 193 Coler, Lawrence 216 Coler, Thomas 101,104,232 Colla, Kathleen 216 ' Collett, Mark Collins, Patrick 205 Colycr, Jana 216 Compartore, Joseph 216 Comphel, Denise 216 Compton, Pam 205 Conkcl, Janine 30, 31,53, 61, 232, 247, 257 Conkel, Nanette 193 Conrad, Betty Jo 76,130,233 Conroy, Lisa 46, 216, 222 Coons, Gregory 205 Cooper, David 216 Cooper, Gregory 205 Cope, John 205 Corce, Allen 147,216 Corcoran, Janice 64,66, 216 Cordova, Dennis 153, 193 Cortti, Evette Cortti, Jose Cortti, Maria Cosgrove, Dennis 216 Cosgrove, Marla 193 Costa, Jeanette 216 Costa, Jolm 233 Costello, Frank 136,216 Couch, Joseph 193 Crabber, Dennis 100 Craigg, Terry Cramer, Michael 233 Craney, Michael 142,217 Cranford, Larry 117, 205 Crawford, Rick 84, 147, 217 Crawford, Ron 193 Crecsc, Billy 130,147,217 Creesc, Cheryl 193 Criger, Wayne 205 Crocker, Edra Cross, Diane 217 Crowton, Martha 205 Cruff, James 147,217 Cruse, Gary Crubillo, Gary 138,193 Cudiamat, Debbie 193 Cummings, James 155,193 Cunningham, Mary 217 Cunningham, Paul 205 Curl, Jeffrey 135,233 Cusimano, Theresa 233 Cuthill, Marilyn 234 Cutshall, Robert 172 Cwick, Carol 205 Dailey, Kaduline 205 Daily, Fran 234 Dalcin, Steven 234 DalEncia Linda Dalke, Rebecca 234 Dalton, Gwen 234 D'Anjou, Robert 62 Dasilva, Suzanne 193 Davis, Cathy 205 Davis, John 234 Davis, Margaret 60, 217, 247 Davis, Davis Pamela 193 Wa ne 193 1 'Y Decker, Michael 205 DeCosta, George 140,205 Deeosta, Clifford 154,193 Decosta, Debra 205 Dees, Vicki 193 Deford, James 234 Degraw, Allyn 205 Delahoussayc, Ken 193 Delatorre, Kevin 217 Dell, Mary 193 Demello, Louie 205 Denijs, Irene 193 Denijs, Max 217 Denijs, Robert 234 Deseguirant, Lawrence 27, 31,60,61,234,247 Desimone, Carolyn 217,219 Desinione, Paul 234 Detton, Deborah 205 Deusebio, Michael 113,132, 134, 155, 193 Devine, Doreen 205 Devine, Sharon 193 Dewaal, Henclrikus 205 Diamond, Dinorah 234 Dias, Claudia 43, 234 Diaz, Mary 217 Diaz, Theresa 205 Dick, Debbie 193 Dickey, Karen 205 Dickson, Doug 193 Dickerson, Diann Diedrick, Michael 84,116, 117,118,16S, 234 Diedrick, Richard 117 Deschke, John 193 Dietsch, Karen 193 Dietsch, Kathleen 234 Digirolamo, Diana 193 Dilallo, Richard Doan, Cynthia 217 Doane, Cynthia 234 Doherty, Jerry Dolin, Kevin Dolyniuk, Michael 205 Donnelly, Bruce 193 Donnelly, Judith 77, 79,234 Dornsife, Cynthia 234, 254 Dorsey, Pamela 234 Dotson, Doreen 205 Douglass, Thomas 234 Dowell, Judy 217 Dowling, Ronnie 217 Downer, Pennie SS, 231, 234 Downing, Joe Downing, Richard 193 Drew, Larry 205 Driscoll, Sue 217 Duchaine, Renee 193 Dudley, Debra 205 Dujardin, Jay Dulle, Debra 193 Dull e , Joh n 205 Dane, Mark 141,217 Dumas, Mark 205 Best Wishes Dunbar, Terry 23-1 Dunham, Christopher 205 Dunham, Gary 217 Dunn, Vicki 217 Dutch, Dorothy 45, 205 Dutrieux, Fernanda 205 Eatmon, Craig 43, 205 Eberle, Gary 234 Eberle, Shelley 205 Eckert, William 138,205 Eckhart, Gary 193 Edwall, Gregory Edwards, Debbie 217 Edwards, Frank 84, 125,217 Edwards, John 84, 120, 121, 123,125,126,147,150, 234 237 Edwards, Mary 217 Edwards, Samrnie, 205 Ehmke, Diane 217 Ehret, Mr. Paul 94, 158 Ehrhart, Fred 234 Eiben, Vickie 217 Eichler, Susan 205 Eiras, Mary 205 El-Qlund, lnger 43, 235 Elliott, David 235 Elliott, William 235 Ellis, Jonathan 193 Ellis, Susan 217 Elms, Brian 193 Elms, Theresa 205 Elsbury, Deborah 193 Elward, Steven Emery, John 217 Emery, Michael 46, 115, 138, 193 Emmons, Helen 205 Engel, Tom 217 Engelage, Daniel 64, 217 England, Keith 217 England, Philip 205 Eppenberger, Tom 140,217 Espedal, Lawrence 66, 108, 153, 204,205 Espinoza, Dwight, 217 Espinoza, Richard 205 Estep, Diana 217 Estcy, Franke 235 Estey, John 205 Evans, Deborah 205 Evans, Marilyn 205 Evans, Michael 205 Everhart, Mary 217 Faccin, Celeste 21,76, 205 Fahlman, Eric 235 Fahlman, Kurt 217 Fairclough, Steven 205 .v Fanning, Danny 84, 100, 101, 136,236 Farris, Edward 10S,20S Farris, Stephanie 205 Farrow, Gerald 236 Fassler, Samuel 56, 236, 247 Faulmau, Mr. Ben 162 Federlinc, Cheryl 193 Felix, Robert Fennel, Debbie 205 Ferdinand, Carol 205 Ferdinand, Kathy 217 Ferenzey, Mrs. Maria ISO To the Class of '71 BLACK AND WHITE PASTRY SHOP 21120 Mission Blvd Hayward Cherry, Paula D'Anjou, William 141,234 WOLF BUICK 81 OPEL Sales and SSIVICS 770 E. 14th St. , San Leandro 569 3533 581 0363 Commerclal ational Bank OF SAN LEANDRO 17833 Hespernan Blvd San Lorenzo Callfornla 94580 Phone 2785000 , as , 193 ,193 , Chiderester, Floyd 215 247 ' Ferguson, Donald 193 Ferguson, Kathleen 193 Fern, Carol 236 Fernandes, Gail 205 Fernandes, Leslie 217 Fernandez, Lisa 45, 193 Fcrnrmdez, Ccorgc 217 Fernandez, Michael 44,S6, 1-42,1-i4,232,235,236 Fcrmris, Rhonda 205 Fcrrctti, Cindy 217 Fcrrctti, Dean Fglesias, Anita 205 Fickcn, Frank 130, I-10, 205 Fcidlcr, Dura 193 Field, Mr. Bill Ficfd, Evan 141,193 Ficnfo, Ramona 236 Fike, Andrea 39,205 Fimby, Raymond ll3,ll7, 193, 197 Findley, Karen 236 Findlay, Mark 205 Finney, Robert 205 Findlcy, Mark 205 Finney, Robert 205 Fiordaliso, Anna 205 Fiordaliso, Joseph 217 Fischer, Carol l93 Fiugcrnld, Colleen 217 Fitvgcrald, Michael 236 Fival, Bradley 193 Flagler, Elaine 205 Fletcher, Daniel 236 Fletcher, Dcbm 205 Flores, Veronica 217 Flynn, Brian 84, 115, 138, 217 Fohl, Lcslic ll3, 138,205 Foley, Kathleen 193 Foley, Yvonne 205 Fonseca, Sinuhc Fontan, Elizabctlx 217 Ford, jack 193,236 Ford, Mike 193 Ford, john Foster, Mr. Charles 165, ll Foster, Christine 66,205 Fowler, Bud 217 Fowler, Joyce 193 Fox, ji115l,217,222 Fx-nga, Catherine 193 Franco, Ruth Fmnson, Michael 108, 109, 138, 175, 217 Fmntz, Pnuicia 217 Franz, Gary 205 Frenis, Rzxcclle 193 Frederick, Stacy 205 Freitns, john 113,154,193 Frcitns, Timothy 113, 117, 138, 193 Frcitns, Wiilinm 103, IIT, 132, 138, 205 Frusc, Debra 193 Friraulc, P.xtrin:in 236 Frizado, Robert 193 Fross, Derek 132,15-J, l93 Fulkcrscn, Diane 236 Funcheon, Daniel 205 Fmlough, Rmln 236 5 Gallaglxcr, Edward L93 Gallagher, John 84, 100, 217 Gnllalghcr, Iizltllryn 54,77, 79, 236 Gnlli, Lorri 236 Gumboa, Rebecca 236 Garcia, Al 116,205 Garcia, Dianne 193 Garcia, Idulmiro Garcia, jose 84, 217 Gardner, Robert 236 Gardner, Thomas S4, 100, 236 Gardner, Vicki 217 Garcllo, Diane 203,205 Cami, Lynda 236 Gnrris, Maw 205 Gzxstinuzm, Mr. Phillip 161 Cntcly, Dennis 166 Gauthier, Mcilnh Gnutlmicr, Scott 205 Gnvello, Karen 237 Geach, Dennis S2,134, 135, 237 George, Brian 193 Geox-ge, john 217 Ccrlnch, Karla 237 Gerton, Dcbom 193 Gex-ton, Michael 116,ll7, 2l7 Gctts, Donna 237 Ginchino, Gail 217 Ginchino, Terry 237 Ginmbnstiani, Linda 237,89 Giblin, Mrs. Viola 180 Gilgorc, Sharon 71 cm, Michael 41,54 Gilmour, Lori 193 Gilmour, Steven S4, 147, 149,237 Ginn, Bevcrlce 217 Ciorsctto, Mr. Michael 182 Girard, julie 205 Girsch, Dcnnelle Ghzis, Tllcmzls 205 Glenn, jerry 68,690,237 Gloskc, john 217 Colur, Robert 205 Cobol, Kurt 205 Godfrey, Patricia Gohner, Tcres1 Goelz, Robin 24 Goff, janet 2l7 Cogar, Bob 113 Gogucn, Danny 217 Golll, Connie 218 Colnc, Gary 205 Colman, Leslie 213,218 Colman, Michelle Gomez, Russell Goxxsnlvcs, Alvin Gonsnlvcs, Lawrence 147, 237 Consallvcs, Leslie 218 Consu!vcs, Mark I-12,205 Gonsalvcs, Patricia 237 Gousnlvcs, Sandra Gooch, Debra Goodman, Vicki Goodwin, David 205 Gordon, Icffx-ey Gordon, Sue Courtesy of Gosc, Craig Gould, Stewart 138 Graber, Denise 205 Grahcr, Dennis 106, 136,237 Graber, Leslie 197 Grumaglia, George 205 Granger, Connie 218 Granger, Connie 218 Granger, Ion:-:lyn 237 Granger, Phillip Grant, Nicholas 142,218 Grebe, Donald 140,205 Grebe, Phillip 218 Grccco, Donna 77,S1,2S3 Green, Riclumi 205 Greene, Randall 23S Greenwood, Cathy Greenwood, Guy 142,205 Greenwood, jennifer 55,218 Greenwood, Shelley 78,81, 238 Greer, Gene 132 Griffon, jeffrey 141,218 Griffin, Nancy 205 Grivois, Denise 218 Grivcis, Don 238 Crivois, Margie Groks, Ralph 205 Grover, Michael 23S Glover, Robert 147, 150, 218 Groves, Douglas 24, 25, 28, 29, 238 Grow, Norman 113 Grow, Revae 238 Grow, Von 153,215 Gmmiel, Km ass, zss, 260 Guest, Thomas 218 Gundell, Claudia 238 Gunn, Robert 47, 218 Guyctt, Michael 218 Cuyelt, Steven 108,218 Cuyctt, Susan mdlcy, Glenn 84,11-1,l1S, 218 Hgxgcbusch, Sandra 218 Hagen, Paul Hague, jack Hague, james 218 Hague, Pamela 21S Hallmclx, Daniel 84, 142, 21S Hnlbnch, Nancy 45 Hall, Teresa 218 Halliu, Carol 238 Hamilton, Debbie 218 Hamm, James 23S Hammclson, Stcvcn Hammond, Louis 218 Hammond, Turn 205 Hampton, David 218 Hand, Denise 219 Hand, Lynn 205 Ilalncstnd, Sheryl 219 I-Iamry, Steven 113,205 Hanson, Mr. Bruce 117 Hanson, Miss Thohna 179 Hansen, john Hansen, Mr. Fred 64, 175 Hansen, Scott 117,219 Hnrdcstcr, Cynthia 205 Hardestcr, Iclm 84, 112, 113, 116 Hardie, Bradford 205 Hardy, Miclmel 205 Hargreaves, Gregory H11-grcn.n.s, lxumgtlx 113 205 Hwrlcy, Mxks. Hmrns, Gu-5 47 238 Harms, Vhry H mms, Michal 20: Harrxscn, hrncs 238 Hamscn, Inwnnce Harrison, Lcomrd Harrxsou, Susm 219 219,255 Hayes, Carol 205 Hodges, Steve 23S Henderson, Coral 205 Heffernan, Barbara Henningcr, Gary 57,238 Hcnnings, Bmd Henry, Carol 238 Henry, Richard Henry, Russ Henry, Thomas 60, 142, 223,238,247 Hensley, Denise 238 Hensley, Karon llcnmndcz, Andrew 138 Ilcrnandcz, Arthur Hernandez, julie 205 Hcrnon, Kathryn 29,239 Hester, Felicia Heuer, Kevin 153,219 Hiatt, Janet 239 Higgs, Maureen 94, 239 Ilildmtlx, Ronald 219 Hill, Debra 59,239 Hill, june 70,205 Himcnes, Laurie 219 Hong, Mr. Mitchell lS3,184 Hodson, Mawk 132,205 Hoffman, Charles Hoffman, Nancy 239 I-Ioffmnn, Terry 239 Hoguc, jeffrey Holgatc, Steven 205 Holland, David 113, 153, 205 Holland, Donna 91, 239 Hollersou, Pamela Holman, Cheryl 239 Ilolmoc, Laurie 37 Holochuck, Barbara 239 Homer, Gary 219 Hooper, Diane Hooper, Mrs. Laura 172 Hooper, Pamela Hooper, Carol 239 Hooper, jackson 205 Hoopes, Mary 219 Horton, David Horton, Debra 66 Hosier, Gary 205 Housley, Nancy 240 Howard, Peggy 57,240 Howe, james 205 Howe, Nancy 240 Howell, Rebecca Hoy, Douglas 205 Huard, Cathryn Hubbard, jack Hubert, Mr. George 174 Huckaby, Terry 241 Huggins, Carolyn 206 Hughes, Katherine 241 Hughes, Marita 54, 241, 248 Hughes, Sherilyn 28,219, 241 Hughey, Debbie 21,219 Hughey, Dester 33 Hull, Frank 112,113 Humburg, Kim 205 Humburg, Kurt 219 Humphrey, Deborah 219 Humphrey, John Humphreys, Timothy 113, 138 Hunt, Richard 206 Hunter, Mr. Quentin 171 Hunzxker, Anthony Hurd, Nancy 241 I-nu-d, Pau1a4,12s,216 lchxttana, Susan 206 Idengren, George 206 Idengren, Linda 219 Iglesxas, Amta 70, 06 lnfante, Lam' lngamells, Douglas 219 DAVID D BOHANNON REALTOR Complete Real Estate Servlce 15803 Hesperman Blvd San Lorenzo 276 3770 BELLA VILLA ITALIAN DINNERS also PIZZA STEAKS RIBS open 5 p m daily closed Sundays f+1 16892 EAST 14th STREET SAN LEANDRO, PHONE 278 1521 H mg, Ima 205 Han, lxwnn Ihrt, lnthlcen 219 H xrt, Ronald 44,61, 85, 90, 9-1, 142, 228, 238, 244 lhrt, Mr Tom 3,26,27,69, Hauvk, Cllnstlm Hmwk, Shun-5 219 Hawkxns, Ann Hlwkms C1rol Sl, 52, 213, Ironsxde , Nicholas 219 Irvme, Susan Isaksen, Kenneth 219 Ivey, Patncxa Izard, Gary jacklich, Pamela 241 jackson, Canh jackson, Chnime 241 Jackson, Gregory 135 jackson, M: louis 173,184 Jacobs, Carol 206 UNITED STATES ARMY RECRUITING STATION 799 Fletcher Lane Hayward 537 1944 537 2244 I 'I 1 - , ,219 ' HQH-ry, liobcrt ass Irvine, Kamleen 219 . -, 'f ,223 . A Q u ' . Q U 4 . . ,241 . . . . 'wil' 16520 East 14th St San 37422 Fremont Blvd Fremont 37418 Fremont Blvd Fremont 2310 First St rmore ' MF 3 ,,q, 3 . .N-:',:JulM1 , at t 1 1 .fries-it - ' 9 1, .riser , ,. ', i'ir'1"i.i1f:" ii' 'Q-wifes " ' ' 7 -Q 1 ' rett .1 'F 'JMMW A-We-'H' "l"S1"2'2--1' 'U' iq-J' ""3"1 'ff' 1 1 ,N li'-,figafx ,fri -.r,,wi,, ,,,g , it , 1 1 139' f' - it on-a te 1 1' 'J 1 7 ., " -if 1 : Qgms-1 in To Jacobs, Gary Jacobs, Mary 219 Jacobs, Thomas 219 Jager, Daniel Jeffries, Mike 219 Jennings, Robert Jennings, Stephan Jensen, Jeffrey 84, 91, 132, 136, 172, 241 Jensen, Kris 108, 138, 206 Jensen, Steven Jigour, Wesley 206 Joaquin, Michael Joaquin, Pamela 49, 219 Johansen, Donna 212, 219 Johansen, Lindsy Johansen, Renee 70,206 Johansen, Leslie Johnson, Barry 108,241 Johnson, Bradley 116, 213, 219 Johnson, Danny 166,241 Johnson, Deborah 206 Johnson, Dennis Johnson, Doyle 241 Johnson, Pattian 219 Johnson, Paul Johnston, Kathy Johnston, Patricia 206 Jones, Anita Jones, Beverly 219 Jones, Casey 1.54 Jones, Christopher 219 Jones, Debra 206 Jones, Douglas 206 Jones, Glenn 154 Jones, Julie Jones, Kenneth Jones, Linda 206 Jones, Patricia 206 Jones, Patty 241 Jones, Scott Jones, Thomas 219 Jordan, Darrell Jordan, Katherine 206 Jordan, William 138,206 Jorgensen, Eric 214,219 Journey, Charles 241 Jurich, Joseph 206 Kallas, Katherine 24,28, 29 68,241 Kanewske, Teresa 206 Kargul, Kimberly Kargul, Mark 219 Kastanos, Russell 206,209, 108, 138 Kattenhorn, Donald 241 Kan, Mindell 241 Katz, Sari 206 Kaufman, Vickie Kayatani, Jan 190 Kayatani, Merrilyn 241 Keane, Delia Keating, Richard 206 Keeler, Martin 241 Keenng, Ed 216,219 Keeling, Karen Keeth, Kittie 206 Kellner, Christopher 197 Kellner, Clinton 115,136, 231,241 Kelly, Ann 62,206 Kelly, Cecilia Kelly, David Kelly, Gary 206 Kelly, James 206 Kelly, Kathleen 206 Kelly, Linda 241 Kelly, Michael Kelly, Robert Kelly, Timothy 219 Kempin, Pamela 241 Kenna, Lee 220 Kenney, Debbie 220 Kent, Donald 220 Kent, Laurie 206 Kesterson, Jay Kilgore, Sharon 206 Kimmick, Mr. Larry 174 Kinkade, Kristi Kirby , Debra 220 Kleinschmidt, Kurt 241 Klimas, Deborah Klixnas, John Kneeland, Vicki Knight, Denise Knight, Mis. Doris 181 Knippel, Lynda 220 Knoble, Donna Knop, Jacqueline, 220,222 Knop, Mark 100,101, 106, 136,241 Know, Michael 220 Knowles, Miss Joanne 161 Knudson, Timothy 242 Koch, Dean 84, 141, 220 Koch, Gene 138,220 Kotler, Marla 22,242 Kotler, Marvin 242 Kotler, Mary Ann 220 Kozlowski, Mrs. Betty 174 Kranlz, Victoria Krause, Anthony 84, 91,146, 147,150, 237, 242, 247 Krause, William 206 Kreidler, Carl Kronenberger, Nancy 206 Kruger, Robert 220 Kucala, Cheryl 206 Kuhns, William 85, 147, 242 Kun, John 142, 206, 209 Kuta, Janice Kvam, Kvam, John 117, 220 Paul 206 Kyelberg, Marsha 206 Kyle, Douglas Kyle, Harold 242 Labrie, Gregory Labrie, Michael Labrie, Richard 117, 142, 206 LaCasse, Dellia 39,66, 202, 206 LaField, Marcellet, 21,214, 219,220 Lallussa, Mr. Angelo 168 Laines, Clara 89, 166, 242 Laines, Dianna 220 Lexis, David Lakis, Gregory 84, 220 Lakis, Jeffrey Lamp, Jenette 220 Lamp, Leland 206 Lamson, Betty Lange, Eddy Lange, Kenneth 220 Lan,gmaid, Sandra Lanious, Marilyn 220 Lapre, Barbara 220 Lapre, Hendrick Lapre, Richard 206 Large, Janet 206 Laris, Jane 242 Laris, Thomas 84, 108,147, 220 Lassalle, Denise 206 Latva, Gerald 108, 206 Lavengood, Cynthia Lavengood, Lorinda 206 Laverty, Keith 84,138,206 Law, Sally 242 Lawrence, Jo 22, 220, 242 Lawrence, Catherine Lawrence, David Lawrence, Mike Lawrence, Robert 206 Lawrence, Stephen 206 Lawrence, Sue Leal, Lan'y 220 Lecheminant, Gary 84, 141, 242 Lecheminant, Paul 84, 141, 206 Ledoux, Gerald 206 Lee, David 84, 123,12S, 136, 242 Lee, Randell 220 Leipelt, Craig 84, 147 Lema, Paul 84,100,102,136 137,139,220 Lemon, Debra 220 Lemon, Diane Lencioni, Gloria Lencioni, Marla 220 Leonard, Debra 220 Lependorf, Brian 220 Leviti, Fred Levitt, Lemiie 242 Levy, Cynthia 206 1 Levy, Martin Lewan, Craig 113 Lewis, Brian Lewis, Michael 142 Liborio, Kelvino Lien, Deanna Lile, Linda 220 Linarez, Paul 206 Linda, Dennis 108, 110, 130, 152, 153, 206 Linda, Thomas 84, 100, 101, 106,136,137,139, 242 Lindevald, Jeffrey 115, 220 Lindevald, Nancy 57, 240, 242 Lindevald, Susan 206 Lingor, Steven Linn, Kurt Linnekin, Bruce Linton, Sharon 206 Litov, Elizabeth 38, 39,206 Litov, Richard 220,242 Littman, Tony 242 Liu, Richard Lizotte, David 138, 206 Lloyd, Mr. Richard P. 53, 57,168,184 Lloyd, Robin 242 Lockwood, Claire 220 Lockwood, Marla 206 Loeffler, Julie Loncarich, Timothy 132 Lopez, Nancy 220 Lord, Cindy Lovelock, Mark Lawrence, Tony 206 Lowrio, Cathy 45, 73, 206 Lucas, Mary Lucas, Patrick 68, 166, 242 Lucas, Robert 116,242 Lucero, Lennie 206 Lucero, Louie 220 Lucia, Jeffrey 61,84, 116, 212,220 Luckenbach, Deborah 220 Lujan, Melinda Lukens, David 242 Lum, Richard 128,129,130, 141,220 Lupher, Becky 77,80,247 Lupo, Michael 242 Lupo, Ricky Lusk, Frank Lusk, Katherine 220 Lutje, Laura Lynch, Hilton 117 Lynch, Joan 242 Lyons, Dennis 132,154 Lyons, Mrs. Helen 163 Lyons, Nancy 206 Macabee, Miss June 179 Machetta, Ronald 194 Machutes, Mr. Tony 46, Meier M-1 aret 206 151,245 100,101,136, 178 Maclean, lan 194 Maclean, Katherine 194 Madding, Charles Magallanes, Mary 206 Malan, Mark 194 Mzurary, Steven 196 Mangini, Mark 130, 131, 153,155,206 Marrgini, Russell 113,154, 196 Manifesto, Helen 220 Mann, Chris 206 Mansfield, Donna 242 Mansfield, Linda 206 Marchcse, Janet 244 Marchese, Theresa 206 Marchetti, Catherine 244 Marcotte, Virgil 220 Maria, Iawra 244 Marinos, George 206 Marlin, Kenneth 113,196 Marshall, Brad 206 Marshall, Terry 220 Martell, Betty Ann 244 Martell, Marlene 220 Martin, Charles 206 Martin, Michael Martinelli, James 220 Martinez Anna 196 Pearson, Mark 207, 108, 138 I Martinez, Antoinette 244 Martinez, Carmen 244 Martinez, Deborah 206 Martinez, Elizabeth 220 Martinez, Ernie 43 Martinez, Joseph 196 Martinet, Mike Martinez, Sa muel 206 Ohliger, Mary 221 Phillips, Jacquelin 248 Marvin, Mr. Donald 160 Mar-zetta, Suzzarure 220 Marzetta, Wendy 196 Marziano, Darlene 205 Mason, Linda 196 Mason, Victoria 206 Matejcic, Zeljko 221 Matheson, Alberta 196 Matheson, Nadine 206 Mathia, Jan 196 Matson, Roger 206 Mattson, Debra 206 McBride, Patrick 244 McCamey, Michael 38,13 152,153,196, 206 McCamey, Michele McCarthy, Dennis 196 McCarthy, Susan 221 McCaslin, Mr. Boyd 125 McCaughin, Michael 206 McCaughin, Patricia 30,3 60,61,69, 243, 244 McClain, Cathy 244 McClain, Richard 206 McClain, Robert McCollum, Michael 221 McConnell, Leia 245 McDaniel, Linda 221 McDaniel, Randy 196 McDaniel, Robert McDaniels, Debra 221 McDonald, Arthur McEnr-oc, Linda McFadden, Susan McGonile, Nora 245 The Flower Pot 17945 1-lesperian Blvd. San Lorenzo, Ca. 276 6016 Kellog Variets Stores 1800 Hesperran Blvd 2, lf McCue, Mr. George 182,184 Mclrlardie, Michael Mcliaskle, Dennis 136,245 McKay, Mrs. Joyce 169 McKellar, Randy 132, 206 McKirn, Robert 183 M45Meekin, Mrs. Margaret 1 2 Morgan, Judy 196 Morgan, Linda 221 Moroney, Mary 24-6 Morris, Carol 246 Morris, Michael 246 Mortimer, Barbara Moss, Ronald 246 Munoz, Loretta 221 Index Owens, Suzanna 196 Pacheco, Michael 247 Pagan, Albert 207 McMurray, Judith 245 Murphy, Linda 206 McNair, oebomn 221 Murphy, Michael 142,221 Eiga? 52123820247 Mensa, vvnmm 196 Murphy, Patricia 246 P325 ,Am ,gg McNamara, Mr. Thomas Murphy, Sabrina 196 Pagntgr Michele 190 134,135, 176 Murphy, Sharon 196 Palamiaes Dominic 207 McNie, Jennifer196 Murphy, Stella Palamides' James 196 McPhee, Robert Murphy, Timothy 142,206 p,,lme,. Hgrry 247 Meacham, Fred 196 Murtey, Lynn 246,247 Palmer' Rick 196 Meadows, Michael Musch, Janet 221 Panian ' Jan Medeiros, Venice 196 Nagy, Julie 206 Panian' John Mederios, Rosemary 221 Nakao, Nancy 206 Paredeg Mario 165 247 Meidell, Carolyn Nanzer, Susanne 206 Puedez' Debra 221' Meidell, Susan Narron, Janet 196 Paredez: Lynda 221 i - PS Mella, Derek Mellberg, Kenneth 146,147, Naugle, Kathy 206 Navarro, Eric 221 Naylor, Debra 246 Naylor, Robert 196 Mendenhall, Karen 245 Mendia, John 196 Nelipowin, Dianne 196 Nelipowitz, Jeanne 206 Parker, Katherine 247 Parkes, Miss Martha, Area Chairman 179 Parlos, Diane 196 Parodi, Christopher 247 Parry, Susan 248 Mendoza Sha,-0 205 Nelson Amy 206 P -d D -d 207 Mendoza, Sylvi: Nelson, David 206 P:,r3r,:k?S'h,:: Metcalf,,Jerry 84, as, 115, Nelsoni Debra 221 136. 240, 245 Mettier, Jim 166 Mettier, Therrien 245 Nelson, Lee 206 Newcome, Corey 206 Newell, Alice 206 Pegis, John 108 Pelley, Cheryl 207 Pells, Michael 248 Mettier Toni 206 Newton, Deanna 246 ' Mmierf cmis196 Newton, Lawrence 65,138, E2g:if.f'Cifif22,,1gg, Menler, Myla 221 221 ,,ePpe,' Eneen 22, Metzler, Eric 113,196 Nicholson, Jean 196 Penne, Mark 243 Metzler, Kris 206,245 Nigro, Michael 221 Perez iieopoldo 165 Meyer, Fred Nisley, Karen 246 Perez: Roberta 196, Mifsud, Mary 245 Nisley, Karla 206 248 Ferreira, Robert 108,207 Mifsud, Roy 221 Nolting, Mary 206 , Militello, Mike 246 Nordman, Denise 221 Miller, Debra 206 Nordman, Kathaleen 221 Pe,-ry Ma,-y 222 Miller, Eric 84,142,246 Norris, Raymond 221 pe,-,-Y: M,,,,,ee,, Miller, Janet 246 Norris, Thomas 113,206 pm.,-Y' Ronald 222 Miller, Jese 84, 142, 221 Miller, Katherine 221 Nunes, Cynthia 196 Nunes, Edward 246 Peters, John 222, 115, 138 Peters, Thomas 53, 57, 248 255 Miller, Kim 221 Nunes, John 108,206 Miller, Linda 196 Nuzman, Edward 196 Petersen, l.inda 222 Miller, Marion 51,221 Nyernaster, Sandra 196 Peterson, Carl Miller, Sharon 221 Ochoa, Herman Peterson, David 207 Miller, Teresa 206 Ochoa, John 166 Petrash, Alane 248 Miller, William 140,196 O'Connor, Sherri 221 Petrash, Jeffrey 207 M'I.aker, Gale 196 M'l.aker, Kenneth 221 Mocek, Stanley 246 Moniz, Walter 196 Montalvo, Edward Okada, Gayle 206 Olesen, Caron 196 Oliveira, Cheryl 206 Oliver, Floyd 206 Phillips, Paul 207 0 Phillips, Mr. 'rom 22,1s1, 184 Pimental, Jeanne 222 Montalvo, Joseph 221 Oliver, Leona 196 Pimental, Marilyn 248 Montijo, Joseph Oliver, William 142, 206 Pinheiro, Odilia 196 Montijo, Mike 206 Olsen, Shirley 196 Pinkler, Harry 196 Monty, James 221 Orear, Mr. J. Franklin 159 Pinto, James 207 Monty, Susan 206 Ornrsby, Debbie 193 Piper, Thomas San Lorenzo, Calif 94580 Grissom s SAX LOREN Z0 Chapel 267 E Leuellmg Boulevard San Lorenzo, Calif 94680 Baylmarr Stationers Prmters 24-1 Terrace Lex el BavFa1r Shopping Center San Leandro, Cz 94518 BaVFa1r Lanes 304 Mall Level San Leandro, Calif 'lvl 2482 1 . . 1 v 1 . s Q 1- . . .. v . . . . - F , -M k . . Il. A 1 ... . 1 . '. v ' .3 .' . , . 1 r x -rx '- C' s ., , Y ,... 2. . ... "' ,,. . 1 . Monzo, Vincent 49, 117, 221 Orselli, Fabia 246 Pitta, Kathleen 207 Moore, Barbara 246 0512, Deboflll 196 Plant, John 116,117,218, Moore, Kathryn 246 Ortiz, Phyllis 196 222 Moore, Richard 221 Ortweim Richard zzl Plath, Richard 248 Moore, Sheryl 221 Osberg, Miss Mlfilin 169 Plon, Mike 207 Moore, Steven 206 Olisllkih Eiko Poerink, Stephen 248 Moose, Philip 116 Offefsfeffeff Theodore 1031 Pointer, Michele 196 Morales, Sam 221 132,153,207 Pointer, Michael 196 Moreland, Janice 206 Owen, Rinrcla 207 Polaski, James 207 MOWUO1 C1053 246 Owen, Dorothea 221 Polaski, Janet 222 Village Building Supply H . H 15715 Hesper-ian Blvd. a nice place to do business San Lorenzo, Calif. 94580 976 5205 ED CHOVANES FGRD, INC. Fred s Flouers and Gifts 19250 I-iesperran Blvd Havuard, Calif 215 1919 13889 E. 14th Street San Leandro 352-2000 lung kustom Kovers, I c 723-if Xhssron Bhd Harward, Calif U81 -law-1 Q1 6 Hohdql more mvmmm m co un' w 16785 li l-1th Street t i t I A U 'R t San Leandro, Calif 716 66-16 116 West Winton Hayward United States Marine Corps. Rec rurtrng 199 Fletcher Lane Hansard, Calif 783-6111 -131 H526 141, Stavosky, Jill 49,224 I ndex Poling, Rickie 106, 222,135 Pollock, Russell Pontes, Norman 207 Silberman, Randy 138,208 or J Poole, Dawn 207 Pope, Deborah 222 Pope, Richard 113,152,207 Porter, Porter, Chris 207 Dave 25, 28, 248 Posada, Alexander 71, 222 Poteet, Peggy 196 Potter Susan 196 Pottorlf, Caroline 248 Potts, Donna 222 Povey, Powell, Powell, Powell, Powell, Powell, Prestidg Prestidg Priddis, Michael 207 Bruce 207 Daniel Miss Helene 173 Jeri 196 P3887 e, Jesslynn 249 e, Rebecca 249 Ronald 222 Pries, Barry 196 Prier, Donald 117, 249 Pnrehen, June 249 ohn 196 Standley, Gary 138, 224 PW , Pugh, Denice 207 Pulido, Nancy 222 Pullman, Loree Purdum, Gary 222, 248, 130, 131 Purdum, Gregory 207 Purvis, Stacey 207 Quaid, Susan 249 Quebbeman, Vicki 249 Quest, Tom 222 Quimby, David 153,222 Raab, Deborah 196 Raab, Sharon Ragusa, Brian 196 Ralston, John 196 Ramos, David Rampone, Glenn 108, 138, 207 Randolphi, Patricia 207 Rap, Debrah 222 Rapp Cynthia 222 Rand-lean, Han-y 108,213, 222 Rasmussen, Jane 207 Rasmussen, Ron 207 Raspillere, Christine 42, 249 Ratti, Anthony Ray, Debra D. Ray, Debra L. 207 Ray, Jerry E. 207 Rayhbuck, Roger 222,233 Raymond, Richard 142,207 Rebeijo, Francis 113,196 Reck, l.inda 249 Redman, Mark 222 Reel, John 222 Reel, Raymond 143, 196 Reggio, Donald Rego, Steven 196 Reichenberg, Joel 222 Reis, John 147 Remenyik, lmre 222 Remington, Mr. Earl 166 Renshaw, Steven 84, 208, 115 , 138, 207 Resico, Lori 207 Reyes, Cynthia 249 Reyes, Sandra 196 Reynolds, Susan 222 Rhoades, Laurie 79,81,88, 249 Rich, Daniel 207 Richards, James Richards, Kathleen 207 Richardson, Mrs. Addie 163 Richardson, Clifford 207 Ricketts, Gregory 207 Ricketts, Ronald 222 Riele, Julie 207 Rien, Douglas 249 Riley, Colleen 222 Ritter, Deborah 196 Roach, Mrs. Lois 175 Robbins, Terry 207 Roberts, Debbie Roberts, Larry 113,140,207 Roberts, Shelley 222 Robertson, Mark 222 Robertson, Steven 196 Robertson, Vicki 222 Robinett, Tim 207 Roderick, David 196 Rodgers, Gregory 115,138, 207 Rodgers, Madeleine 207 Rodgers, Richard 24, 28, 29, 91, 243, 249 Rodrigues, George 84, 207 Rodrigues, Judy 196 Rodrigues, Lisa 249 Rodrigues, Frank 222 Rodriguez, Nancy 249 Rodriguez, Roberta 196 Rogers, Dena 249 Rogers, Steven 196 Rogers, Terry 223 Rondi, Randy 196 Rooney, Dennis 250 Rose, Deborah 223 Ross, Candice 196 Rounds, Ronald 113,132, 154,196 Rousel, Brian 117,223 Roussel, Veronica 196 Rowley, Thomas 250 Ruff, Dan 223 Ruffell, Scott 207 Ruiz, Debra 250 Runyon, Carol 223 Runyon, Mr. Charles 181 Ruskofsky, Donald 223 Ryan, Frankie 250 Ryden, Tama 250 Ryder, Margaret Ryder, Peggy 250 Ryder, Shirley 223 Sacks, Doreen 207 Sadowski, Kathryn 223 Safer, James 48,49, 223 Salai, Mark 196 Salel, Joyce 196 Salmonson, Charles 130,153, 207 Samsel, Gina 207 Samsel, Janet 250 Sanchez, Emily 196 Sanchez, Joseph 140, 207, 208 Sanchez, Victoria 208 Sanders, Larry 184,223 Sannebeck, Katherine 208 Sasser, James 115, 136, 223 Sasser, Patricia 39,208 sawn, Gino 64,213,223 Savage, Thomas 208 Scanlon, Deborah 250 Schapplein, Gary 223 Schinberg, Charles 117, 196, 197 Schinberg, Jacob 117, 138, 223 Schnagl, Michael 208 Schnieder, Elizabeth 250 Schroeder, Debra 44,208 Schroeder, Linda 208 Schroeder, Margaret 196 Schroeder, Virginia 223, 251 Schuerruan, Don 208 Schultz, David 250 Schultz, Robert 196 Schwoyer, Kirk 208 Scott, Craig 196 Shanteou, Mr. John 167, 184,191 Stathis, Andrew 84, 138, 208 Stauffer, Darlene 252 Sharlow, Bruce 251 Shaw, Dawn 196 Sheets, Donald 196 Stavosky, James 132, 140, 208 Shelvy, Lisa 208 She hard Mr. Gre 167 P 1 SE Sheridan, Mr. Tom 85,130, 166 Sherwood, William 135 Sherrell, Michael Shields, Carol 196 Shields, Sharon 196 shim, Gary 48,49, 213, 223 Shilts, John 154, 197 Shimberg, Jake 108,110 Shockley, David 130, 141, 208 Shockely, John 125, 130, 251 Shofner, Kenneth 101,237, 251 Shold, Deborah 197 Shrader, Larry 208 Shrewsbury, Allan 208 Shrewsbury, Rebecca 251 Shue, Donna 197 Shumway, Deborah 223 Siemens, Edward 62, 84,101, 223 Silva, Andrew Silva, Celeste 223 Silva, Debra 223 Silva, Dennis Silva, Drew 197 Silva, George 251 Silva, Linda 208 Silva, Peggy 33,197 Silva, Steven 223 Silveira, James 208 Silver, Teddy 223 Sims, Deborah 223 Siroy, Nancy 223 Siroy, Steven 84, 116, 251 Skeen, Mr. DeWand 176 Skewis, Diana 223 Dkewis, Linda 251 Skipworth, Terri 197 Skolficld, limcry Skorup, Karen 70, 208 Skorup, Sharon 208 Slincy, Susan 203 Sloan, Mr. Robert 61,167 Small, Scott 197 Smalley, Roberta 223 Smith, Beverly Smith, Mrs. Beverly 162 Smith, Fredrick 223 Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Sm ith, Smith, Mr. Glenn 2,182 Gregory 223 jcifrey 197 John 223 Katherine 251 Michael 197 Michelle 197 Pamela 208 Patrick 122,125,251 Smith, Richard 197 Smith, Sandra 224, 251 Smith, Sharee 216,224 Smith, Shauna Smith, Thomas 224 Snideman, Steven 197 Scott, Dennis 48,49,52,55, 212,223 Scott, Jordene 223 Scott, Judith 170, 208 Scott, Lorene 196 Scott, Mary 64 Scott, Steven 176 Scott, Susan 208 Scully, Cheryl 251 Scully, Michael 208 Seaman, Peggy Soffiotto, Susan 208 Soland, Barry 251 Solari, Michael 197 Sommcrville, Vicki 224 Sorensen, Mark 251,2S6, 260 Soto, Michael 122,124,125, 126,127, 251, 252 Soto, Roxanne 228 Souza, Dean 251 Souza, Cone 113,197 Seidman, Kenneth Seidscher, Debra 77, 80, 251 Seigelkoff, Mabel 223 Sejoeman, Ken 196 Seller, Mark 197 Selner, Dave 197 Selvidge, Mrs. Laura 163 Sena, Roxann 208 Serrao, Douglas 196 Serrao, Johnny 223 Serrao, Stephanie 223 Serrao, Steven Seviany, Laureen 196 Souza, Souza, Sow ell Spahn, Spahn, Spain, Spai n, Speas, Spcas, Larry 25,251 Michelle 197 c, Becky 208 Danny 153, 208 David 197 John 197 Stella 251 Janet 228, 252 Susan 45, 197 Spencer, Dan Spinosi, Gregory 197 Sprousc, Karon 208 Stafncy, Trudy 208 Shaffer, Brian 196 Robertson, Kenneth Shanley, Michael 208 1 'Q Q all B O fi . 3 vial ' QQ!! 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'N QQ 5435- - ' ' , Q CQ, an Q1 ,ya ' ' U ' ' T H 1' X . 1 . , ' G W 'R 7 wr" H , U ,tx Tompkins, Mr. Mike 101, 138,178 Tooley, Diane 197 Torres Torres Torres , John 147,224 , Linda , Minda 208 Torricelli, Scott 84, 142, 253 Tracey, Rebecca 60,224 Trantham, Gail 253 Tra nth am, Kathy 198 Travers, Cathleen 224 Trembly, Katherine 253 Trujill Trujill Tnijill Trujill o, Adrian 208 o, Anna 198 o, Kathleen 198 o, Mary 253 Trussell, Mrs. Elizabeth 167 Tsuneishi, Lani 198 Tsuneishi, Mark 84,115, 138 224 1 Tulley, Terry 84, 115, 224 Tullys, Toni 239, 245, 253 Turkett, Cathy Tnrpyn, Patricia 198 Tye, Mr. Ross 165 Valdez, Catherine 47, 202, 208 Valencia, Linda 198 Valentine, Robert Valenzuela, Lisa Valenzuela, Nancy 208 Valenzuela, Sally 253 Valenzuela, Susan 198 Vallejo, Albert 108,142 Vallejo, Barbara 88,89,253 Vallejo, Jan 39,208 Vandiver, Debra 253 Vanons, Mr. Marvin 175 VanSickle, Cheryl 198 VanSick1e, Kathleen 53,Sl, 91, 253 Varner, Cathy 253 Vasquez, Al 253 Vasquez, Diane 208 Vasquez, Linda 32, 33, 198 Vega, Alan 20S Velasquez, Steve 153, 208 Vening, Christine 224 Ventura, Frank 208 Veth, Jeannie 224 Vickers, Mr. William 176 Vien, Judith 198 V ierm Vierra V ierra , Dolores 198 , Glenn 253 , Lawrence 208 Vierra, Marlene 224 Vierra Vi erra V ierra Vigil, Vigil, , Melissa 208 , Mitchell 198 , Ron 208 Eugene 208 lsidore 208 Vigil, Kathryn 89,253 Vigil, Marcia 46, 253 Vilas, Mrs. Sally 187 Vilkins, Bernhard 135,225 Vilkin 5, Edgar 253 Villalobos, Deborah 19S Vincent, Dennis Vincent, Dorothy 198 Vincent, Herbert 208 Vincent, Kathleen 208 Vincent, Theresa 253 Voecks, Mary Lou 46, 80, 225 Volk, Felix 65 Vorons, David 208, 115 Voss, David 225 Voumas, Johnny 253 Vowell, Lennie Vukmirovich, Cheryl 208 Wagner, Mark 89,253 Waite, David 38,225 Waite, Deborah 198 Walden, Thomas Wales, Michele 208 Wales, Squirt 208 Walker, Lee 198 Walker, Steven 208 Wallace, Robert 208 Waller, Steven 225 Walling, Rose 225 Walls, Bruce 225 Walsh, Brian Walsh, David 20S Walsh, Doreen 198 Walsh, Mike 198 Walters, Deborah 225 Walters, Ricky 225 Ward, Cherie 225 Ward, Diane 208 Ward, Kelly 198 Ward, Sandra 253 Ward, Mr. Wayne 181 Warmerdani, Carl l1S,136, 225 Warmerdani, Paul 31, 61, 125, 253 Warren, Jean 199 Warren, Terri 208 Watrons, Cathy 225 Watts, Martha 199 Weagant, Cynthia 225 Weber, Cathlenc 208 Weber, Laura 64, 208 Webster, Richard Weise, Britt 199 Weisc, Ricky 225 Welch, Suzanne 225 Wells, Mr. Peter 65,173 Welton, Kenneth 253 Wergeland, Mr. Jerold 171, 184 Work, Nancy 219, 225 Wcsterheck, Christine 199 Westlake, Diane 199 Westlake, Donna 199 Weston, Mr. Paul 113,116, 119, 164 Wharton, Barbara 253 Wheeler, Donald 254 Wheeler, Thomas 140,208 Whinn, Larkin 47 White, Deborah 199 White, Ernest 254 While, John 255 Army ROTC EXERCISE YOUR RIGHTS' GET THE TRUE FACTS ON ARMY ROTC CONTACT Telephone 642 3374 Professor of Mrhtary Sclence University of Californla, Berkeley 100 YEARS OF MILITARY EDUCATION ON BERKE LE Y CAMPUS White, Leora 208 White, Michael White, Randolph 116,119 208 White, Sharon 225 1N'hiLley, David 208 Whitley, Margie 254 Widerstrand, Betty 208 Wiescmann, Mary 199 Wiesmann, Nancy 208 Wilde, Kevin 209 wvnkins, Kent 138,209 Wilkinson, Linda 209 Williams, Connie 209 Williams, Diane 225 Williams, Elizabeth 254 Williams, Gary 209 Williams, James 199 Williams, Mary 209 Williams, Robert 23,1S4, 225 Willis, Patricia 225 Willis, William 254 Wilson, Robert 84,87,141 254 Wilson, Steven 225 Wilson, Terri 209 Wilson, Donna 209 Winn, Larkin 225 Winters, Daniel 209 Winters, Janet 254 Wissenborn, Mr. Ken 132, 140, 141 Wold, A1-della 209 Wolfe, David 209 Wolfe, Sylvia 199 Wood, David 199 Woodard, Brian 254 Woodard, Janet 209 Worcester, Keith 254 Workman, Mrs. Jo 162 Wright, David 199 Wright, Earl 199 Wright, Gail 209 Wright, Ken Wright, Kevin 209 Wright, Rlnl 10S,13S, 199 Wright, Stephen 225 Wnlfenstein, Sandra Wyant, Carolyn 255 Wyant, Michael 225 Wyant, Steven 113,199 Yanagi, Amy 64, 225 Yanagi, Ann 64, 225 Yee, Greta 209 Yee, Joyce 44 Young, Brenda 225 Young, Bruce 209 Young, Carol 199 Young, Charis 225 Young, Craig 255 Young, John 199 Young, Rhonda 199 Zammito, Henry Zander, Jeff 136,139 Zapalac, Cay Zappettini, Terry 199 Zearfoss, Elizabeth SA VE WITH SECURITY 1 Zimmerman, Ruth Zinn, Steven 199 Zirkle, Elaine Zisa, Anna 209 Zisa, Peter 166,255 Zlatkovich, Philip Zoeller, John Zogheib, Ann Zollingcr, Kim 55,S8,252, 255 Zollinger, Laurie 61,190, 199 Zubek, Stan Zubowski, Helene Zucca, Peter 199 Zukoski, John 130, 147 Zuniga, Flores Zvanut, James Zwiegel, Joe Zwolinski, Carol 209 Zwolmer, Horatio 209 Zznore, Rupert 41, 209 2: dateing Your A Blg 52, per Annum Compounded Da11y 81 Paid Quarterly Accounts insured up to S20 000 by the Federal Savings 81 Loan Insurance Corporat1on Room 149 Harmon Gymnasium Immediate Da11y Interest SECURITY SA VINCS and Loan Assoc1at1on Corner Hesperian and Paseo Grande, San Lorenzo 351 2822 278 3131 Thomas M Smrth, Manager fMa1n Office San Francrscol sa Fo E is or in E - - o More Hots! Thank you: To the buyers for your money. Mr. Howell and the American Yearbook Company. Kee Coleman- for putting up with all the hassle. The classes, clubs and organizations for buying pages. Our ad- vertiser's help to put in little extras. Of course Mr. Lloyd, our advisor. Last but not least, My Staff. You guys have really put up with a lot this year. Staying after school, working on weekends, and putting up with Mr. Lloyd and me. I'm sure times got a little trying, but we stuck it out, and I hope that when you look through this book you will see the friendships made and lost, the mistakes, the triumphs, deadlines on time, beautiful pictures, proportional layouts, and a little of yourself, and feel pride and glory inside for producing some- thing so beautifully worthwhile. Good luck next year! lt's the real thing. Cglge COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA, HAYWARD, CALIFORNIA i 2 1 I I i n r 1 r I P 51 D 4 Q I

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