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 - Class of 1965

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4 6 6 V 4 --an . W , W, .. ..Y-, Y- -4 lu , lulul 1 1 l L mwnmw- 99 HR u M A WQWFM-bu X HTL wx, L Mllw 4. ' 'in w W , ,hmgimw Wm WM N Aim' . A. vi X xl 5.53 X X Q, 1 .Qs x x MNA X il .QR M31 X , K E512-l-Q51 . 222715 Q ,225 V ' A E. , A ' :fQ2:gjQ,w 5, , ,Ii " L ' " f ' . mg, , 'f A ' 3sq,2w:a,f , 'iff , 'fu' ' '- ,A ,-4, , ff J ff 'ff-c, L . a W 'G' xlzzzfk f A ,lf A Q s -91 X5 2 ff .-Q: - 6 , 7? , ., ,,:,,,...: M L N Q -sw. T5 ff -1-rfQ:1:::?s, 'ax Qu. ,.t . .xx 55 gg Zi gui :Six .-fl L :-i s, Y"lfii'xQ: " - ...X ,,.. X my ,M ,Q X i1'+Qf7:'X 5 1- Q. ,Q W KY. "fx,-f ::-5,.- , W X -xx 8 ' K x . 553' S ww 'N , nw' rwwwiwhmwf T+Vk Q Y Q ' . A' , X ' 5 .X . Ah . ..,.,, 'k ' 1fz.1,f A W " A , W - X ""' - 'S ,. V om , -.V g,:,.v,-. ,, x Y - J X xx -a. ' .-,Lfws -. A .ff ' ,fl ,x,., X X '31-:-gf ' -' K w w -' 'I -- ' ,.,,, 2 f .N 1 f- H 'ff .,.. If l yk 11 ' pb 1 2:15. .- I Q. ix 'X .- -' ..,.. I -. - h. S X fi w - QA gf iv L' :s' , ' N WFS? . x - S A . gf ' Vt .. -, .,-. Y A N if Qii- N .:. , .2-A .- - , vx N .. .. , :N -,:,. , 4 ,. ' ? - Iqhn A Q L qx W A m x mm.. N J h Q , 1 N Q S b l ,wi x A - - '-'X sw V " arf. . ' vb ' QA. S X' s ,. .X Y , X . Q S3 .ig RY Q: Q., X, X 5 Sw .X . H k ' . -if A- . X I: --.- V ' X 'I ' X N Q W .V Q " h ' Q K Q QM EI N, sig ' f A, 3 A, X H U N- X .3 T, .' .- 8 X - - X 2 f, , K X , Kb A . 5 3 X X ,Q x Y in A X we K Rx v . f 'I A N' R X - Xue K ' Z.. V l X Y - ,i, N. fmf Q K ag , if S if . S 3 3' I ws. W M X xx w Tfswif 1 R 2 x Y +A. x. Mf, :ZA ,Q 'N K in tx xxx .:iS'iNm,NFT. Qs' Kr A m-AA 'iz K N mws -wi-JE, 11 -' 5NN-X57-5 1: f X mx . 1- Tin KJ: ix v .. 9 H N A 1 .. N X, x Q f X x X 1 U W Y Xa K ' X if xx , WW . .-5 Q.. S b . QNWB 6 xg 'Q S . g ' "il ' Q ff. N " ' v X 5- ' s :ana ' X- ,:.'555E.-af -Q . X N .E SSW E , . .N xqxgx 1 2. f. W: .... , 4 Am, my , Q ff ,QX Q wi Q0 i , 9 . . wg' 2 V N X . . .. .. . - QQ " 'N SAR-5 , '- up ww: QQ ' X QM' U A .S , 1. x xXw.,f ag ' X . .s,. A 3 , 'X Q 5 . ' i . X. Q., , In 5 . IK, ,QQ 4' wm M Q. ,adm iv J. WET . + xv V P 155 - -:sp Y A ix X fi' ' 1 w f mg. Y L' L A W S 1 Q- --f. 1 -.' ' X X A . 'rw we-f'm fm 1 f 11' wM3H1 Dfw - H I 1 M WWW ww u. .., A .X , 1 L., -, . A A Wi- XFX 'fi "i1'FfI"'T N ' xg -:W Q31 Mig, 4 1 f 1 ,lf X231 Qillyjhfzkl ,lla -.X l K f' f -" Y Qfmwf' my LWJM rf' - 'M . - H . fSm5z2aM y zum fm A ny , mm ' u 'f,.v7l .... 'ifjf F iwxwem Mis: . . . . . . ff :P . . ,,,,.4. . qmpiavnras . .L Y ,, , M A 5' G, M- f- -e 1 e 5 mwgwrwmluiez fflp -V.-. - 9 na-1 K yin! .EMP Sp , lf, 1 e if iii. MM Ev ewaaU,e,wMv. ,H Jwhsl laux. y' f Arroyans rake an active part in student govern- ment while at student councH. ., .,.,f nr. 204 .L .u ,J r 1 1 4 1 Q vx , A 1' - ..v+x..m . H X -.K ' -ac., fu - M K-fx R. - Q A... A. .V M fx h M .. W U V V xg. -A ' X ,xr ,wh .. X sm, -. ' ' - '- TE:-'lviif . "55?x'A'm'1f k 1.-M' ' h X J .Ckg.,lj' Nqr- 5 rc, Q' . N A 'X X . ' K -. Y . . A . .. . my I 5'. . MN . 'X Xt' gms - K .W X . mm. ' :A IYYYX ' Q .. 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'1'0"Wfffvl'EN.w1w .W X ,.,, xx HW- M xr w . . ,,,,, ,MA .ww - v MH. ,. w Q vm .Q .1 v swf Q, web MR. OREAR One of Mr. Orear's many duties is to help students around campus. E PRINCIP L Arroyo's principal Mr. Franklin Orear is a former high school teacher who taught social studies and English. Born in Sioux County, Iowa, Mr. Orear attended Pipestone High School in Minnesota. He later attended the University of California at Berkeley to obtain his MA degree in administration. Mr. Orear, the founder of the drivers' education program at Hayward High, feels that Arroyo "provides an educational pro- gram that is intended curricular-wise to meet the needs of the students. We provide in- struction so that the students may acquire success." Not only is Mr. Orear the principal of Arroyo but the president of the local Rotary Club. He finished his term as president of the Hayward Area Athletic League this year and now spends a lot of his spare time read- ing and at his cabin at Clear Lake building a boat. To Mr. Orear, "being the principal of Arroyo has many rewards. I enjoy this teen- age level of students." Mr. Orear works many hours in his ofiice during the day. :::. ""' 5 x 'i-. 1 T x J' zzz I .:.. r Vice-principal Mr. Bergmann files away important papers in his office cabinet. VICE-PRINCIP L Working diligently with Mr. Orear and the administration and faculty is what Mr. Bergmann, vice-principal of Arroyo, does. Hiring substitutes and handling the schoo1's general budget are a few of the extra duties assigned to the vice-principal. Mr. Bergmann, an active member of ad- ministrative council, tries to guide and ad- vise the students of Arroyo along with being a friend. He also serves as the chairman of the Curriculum Committee where important decisions concerning the courses of study at Arroyo are made. Mr. Bergmann pauses from his work for a moment's rest. MR. BERGMANN Mrs. Jo Worlunan DEA GF GIRLS Mrs. Workman, Dean of Girls, works to help solve many of the problems which arise during the school year at Arroyo. The wel- fare of the girls is Mrs. Work- man's main interest. Heading the Scholarship Com- mittee, being the advisor to Girls' League, acting as a member on Administrative Council and ad- vising Executive Council are a few of the many duties Mrs. Workman is involved in. Al- though Mrs. Workman is ex- tremely busy she finds time to at- tend all the school events and add her personal glow. Mrs. Workman and Mr. DeLorenzo work harmoniously together in many areas.- This year Arroyo was fortu- nate to have with them a new Dean of Boys, Mr. DeLorenzo, a former Arroyan counselor. Work- ing diligently with the adminis- tration and student body Mr. De- Lorenzo found his job quite inter- esting. Serving as the advisor to Boys' League and being on Ad- ministrative and Executive Coun- cils kept Mr. DeLorenzo quite busy, along with trying to .solve the many problems involved in a school year. Mr. DeLorenzo took upon him- self the responsibility of seeing to the welfare of every boy at Arroyo and also registering all the student cars. I4 Mr. Frank DeLorenzo PRIVATE CITIZENS WHO WORK FOR ARROYO Working industriously along with Arroyo's administration and the other administrations of the San Lorenzo Unified School District, the Board of Trustees tries to maintain a supreme quality of excellency in our educational system. Headed by Mr. Paul Ehret, the board works hard at hiring new teachers, improving textbooks and supplies, and controlling the budget. The board is composed of six private citizens who work at our disposal to offer us the best avail- able education possible to each and every indi- vidual student, either through the classroom or extracurricular activities. They are concerned with our welfare. Mr. Paul D. Ehret Standing: Mr. Ralph Van Norlwick, Mr. Henry Lienhardg seated: Mr. Robert Amrine, Mrs Corine Aitken and Mrs. George Henderson. As trustees, they conduct the affairs concerning the school district. l , FACULTY-THE EDUCATED AND THE EDUcAToRs l l Teachers are the educated and the educators. They are very dedicated people who hold the key to success. Without them we, the students, could not learn of the achievements of our ancestors or how to enlighten our lives, our country, and the world. l The teachers at Arroyo High School consider teaching the pupils of Arroyo High their sole purpose. They teach us subjects from English to I l l music theory and from world history to chemistry. They try to guide us and give us valuable knowl- edge which will help us in our future years. They encourage us to form opinions and ideas and to follow them out. They encourage us to be young adults. The students of Arroyo High, along with our parents and the community, trust in these dedi- cated people to prepare us for the future. Mr. Eldred Adams AB-Fresno State Industrial Arts Mr. Alf Antons BS-Seattle University Math Mr. Nickolas Athos BA-University of California MA--San Francisco State Biology Mr. Don Bachaus San Francisco State College University of California Language Arts Mr. Richard Barbier AB-San jose State Physical Education Miss Lois Bastian BA-San Jose State General Science Mrs. Ramona Bennett BA-Briar Cliff College English Mr. james Boynto BA-Central State MA-San Jose Sta Social Studies-Counselor Mr. Frank Casson AB-University of Math-Science l i 1 , Mrs. Roberta Bennett Mrs. Elaine Berman Miss Victoria Bissell BS-Emporia State College AB-Queens College BA-University of Calif Art French-Spanish Social Studies Counselor Mr. Bates Brian Mrs. Maxine Carey Mr. Ted Carl AB-University of Calif. BS-Northwest Missouri St. AB-University of Calif MA-San Francisco State MA-University of Calif. English Chemistry-Dir. of Student Social Studies-Counselor Activities Il IC Michigan Girls are shown how to knit in needlecraft, taught by Miss Doring. TEACHERS HOLD THE KEY T0 SUCCESS Robert Collins Jose State r. Bill Field A-University of Calif. vanish r. Philip Gastineau S--University of San Francisco A-San jose State hysical Education Mrs. Helen Deffley RN-Norwald General BA 8: PHN-University of California Mr. John Finch BA-Knox College MS-University of Oregon Social Studies-Counselor Mr. Michael Giorsetto AB--San jose State Industrial Arts Miss Joyee Dormg Mr Benjamin Faulman BS Un1vers1ty of New AB-University of Hampshire Southern California Home Economics Social Studies Counselor ,ez C 'S' ..r 1' . P L V Mr. McCasIin helps a student with an Algebra problem 18 Mr. Mitchell Hoag, Jr. BS-Northwestern State MA-Colorado State Industrial Arts Mrs. Laura Hooper AB-University of New Hampshire MA-Boston University Homemaking-English Mr. George Hubert, jr. BS-Washington MA-San Francisco State Business Math-Boy's Physical Education Mrs. Quentin Hunter BA-Brigham Young University Language Arts Mrs. Sharon Jack BA-San Jose State Business Education Mr. Louis jackson BA-San Jose State Fine Arts-Spanish Mr. joe Golenor BA 8: MA-College of Pacific Boys' Physical Education Mr. Stanley Greenspan AB-University at Santa Barbara MA-San Francisco State Special Education Miss Thelma Hansen AB-San Francisco State Girl's Physical Education Mr. Norman Hanson BA-Minot State College MA-University of Oregon Social Studies-Counselor Mr. Thomas Hart AB 8: MA--San Francisco State Choral Music-Publications-English Mrs. Edythe Heald BA-University of Puget Sound Special Education-Language Arts ,bm fmnmmmm, .i 1 ,,- XSS Many coaches and teachers found the Mt. Eden basketball game held in the gym very interesting and exciting. TEACHERS - Q Qfax' Q , .f X s-i. THOSE WHO GUIDE AND INSTRUCT Miss Joyce Jeffers BS-Oregon State University Home Economics Mr. Lawrence Kimmich BA 8: BS-Oregon State College Mathematics-Science Miss Joanne Knowles AB-San Francisco State Girl's Physical Education Miss Marjorie Koenig BA 8: MA-University of California Social Studies-Counselor Mrs. Anna Konstantopoulos BA-San Jose State Business Mrs. Mary Koundajkian BA-Washington University Social Studies- Counselor .,,.. X 2 me-Nm 1 x mmm,-at I Mr. Richard Kraft AB-University of Munich MA-University of California Business Education- Language Arts Mrs. Betty Lindquist AB-University of California Math-Science Mr. Jack Loye BA 8: MA-College of the Pacific Social Studies- Counselor Miss June Macabee BS-State University of Iowa MS-University of Illinois Girl's Physical Education Mr. Boyd McCaslin BA 8z MA-University of Michigan Math-Boy's Physical Education Mr. Robert McKim AB-Chicago State Industrial Arts Mrs. Margaret McMeekin BA-Cornell College Homemaking Mr. Thomas McNamara AB-City College of San Francisco Business Education--Director of Student Finance Mrs. F. Jo Mohrbach BA-Pennsylvania State University Social Studies-Counselor Mr. Maynard Moser BA 81 MA-University of California, Santa Barbara Social Studies--Counselor Mrs. Wendy Dority BA-Stanford University English Mr. Walter Oden BA-Wasliington State Boy's Physical Education Mrs. Josephine Orem AA-Diablo Valley College AB-Chico State College Business Mr. john Orognen AB-San Jose State Driver Training--Coach Miss Joan Parker AB--University of California Girl's Physical Education Miss Martha Parkes BS-Skidmore College MA-University of Colorado Girl's Physical Education Mr. Thomas Phillips Jr. BS-Lewis and Clark College Fine Arts Miss Helene Powell AB-University of California Spanish Mrs. Joyce Powell BA-Mills College Language Arts ,Wx , . Miss Edris Rahn AB 8: MA-University of California Mathematics Miss Marcia Rambo AB-Stanford University Language Arts THEY ARE COGS IN THE WHEEL OF PROGRESS Mrs. Eloise Rivera BA--Smith College English Mr. Charles Runyon BA-California College of Arts and Crafts Art-Photography Mr. John C. Ryan Art-Math--Boy's Physical Education Miss Erika Salditt AB-Saint Mary's College MA-University of California Language Arts Mr. Harold Schulmeyer Biology-General Science Industrial Arts Mr. Walter Schwaar BS-Utah State MA-San Francisco State Industrial Arts Miss Kirstin Shafer BA-Oberlin College MA J-Harvard University Social Studies- . Counselor Mr. DeWand Skeen AB 8: MA--University of Washington Mr. Robert Sloan Business Education BA-College of Idaho Language Arts Mrs. Beverly Smith BA-University of California Social Studies-Counselor Mr. Glenn Smith AB-Chico State College Industrial Arts. Mr. Orear speaks to teachers at a meeting at the end of the first semester. 23 FACULTY Mr. William Vickers BS-University of North Dakota MA-San Jose State Business Education Mrs. Sally Vilas BA--San jose State Librarian Mr. Wayne Ward BA-San Francisco State Drama-Stagecraft Mr. Harold Weiner BA-Keene State Social Studies--Counselor Mr. Jerrold Wergeland BA-University of Washington Language Arts Miss Susan Woodin AB--University of Redlands Social Studies-Counselor Mr. Stephen Sperber BA-College of the City of New York Social Studies-Counselor Mrs, Lois Summersett AB-Fresno State College Business Education Mr. Richard Tandowsky AA 8: BA-University of California Language Arts Mr. Verl Thornock BA-Idaho State University MS-University of Idaho Business Education- Boy's Physical Education Mr. Ross Tye BS-University of Minnesota Science Mr. Marvin Vanous BS 8: MS-Iowa State University Science Not Pictured Mr. Angelo La Russa BA-University of California French and Spanish Mr. Gerald Martin Spanish Mr. Rolyn Willet AA-Modesto Junior College AB-San jose State Driver Training CLERICAL STAFF S 5 Q s Q X S A N. r Y 1 X 11" . s .J Mrs. Della Hinkley Mr. Alex Kozlowski r Q I Mrs. Helen Lyons Mrs. Mary Mrs. Pauline Schwoyer Mrs. Laura Mrs. Ann Strohm Mrs. Roberta Mrs. Schlenke checks in a student before school. 25 tQmwiNtwmsx n MAINTENANCE STAFF The maintenance crew at Arroyo works hard every day to keep up the fine face of the school. They clean out the halls, the rooms, and the patio, take care of the field, and meet the many needs of the students. These people help to make Arroyo one of the best schools around. Mr. Carl Akins Mr. Severt Bertilson Mr. Herbert Cody Mr. Carl Cuddihy Mr. Eugene Degler Mr. Nugan Hill Mr. James Marvin Mrs. Sue Mosher Mr. George Pitts .C K , .. X ,Q +,.:.s::,., vo yxyx-ex 5 5 .,..... : C i N 'Q Q .. , age.. . S X Q "-'- ,I . " X X Aw IXNNNE-F t ......... r .,: i.5:Sx .XNQQE N 'e" ii .,.. ' X , - S 53532 K sf Six 'LYS ,.-X SN . - x' .X-A. s ., S -N l..- N Sk wi: . S - V H F..-,s usmgy .. ,... . . ,A ., . t. ., N , ,. ,,:.Jg. A 4 , i, ix. 5 ffm. is:-.: ' , . . -. ?xt...,,,....a W. , - XX .....,.... N ,. . , T www' Mr. John Agradviador Mr. Budord Cornish Mr. Laverne Lamkin Not Pictured, Mr. Frank Mack Mrs. Clarice Adams Mrs. Marie janvier Mrs. Dolores Nordman Mrs. Erma Reese CAFETERIA Preparing food, selling lunches, and washing dishes are among the many duties of the day for the women in the cafeteria. Under Mrs. Rupe's leadership, the cafe- teria staff prepares nutritionally balanced meals of many varieties. Mrs. Larsen serves box lunches to students. Mrs Mrs Mrs Virginia Jensen Bonnie Roper Velvia Spivey Rx ' - X Mrs. Reatha Lane Mrs. Peggy Rupe, Supervisor Mrs. Marv Lou Trent Mrs. LaVerne Winder .fi -N FYR- 11.1 H VN wx X mvxw . Qmafkixs 3 i VX Q - 'X ifgxssx. . .1 . .. XS. is ff X. fav . . ..:x-.-m,fxv,,fx.xe.. WY S A-..-grim -5 X.,.N-bxf:-:'4:Q1.:x:. - . ,Q w -S-15 frvlf M. 'xr .wx , V--5 . wx fwf .., A X-1 -ww .Y . X X .ff N.. ., X Q N - X w QQ. X . x, f Q M xx X x N- fa. .a X ix K -gm' f - X gs. - ,N - r::5:a.f,::..--Q " , ., ' '- fy 5 Nx f. . Eg,.:gsgfsAs::,2u Q- wx ' . .1.. RQWW - .::::-.a2:2:'ef:2:i:ss:. .:. .Mil '- 1 M " wif" :YQ sax, . .. .Q x - X :N bi-agg:g,....,,., M 1, my Sgr. . . . f -S 'is542525:-:2..fw:i:2:. j'l?::I -N''Is2-,.-af. Xlfiiwkeixl, ,Q N Nb .mis-.L5f::5:-rj.: ASAXNNSQ X . ,, asf- 5:5:1:'-Q'- .1 ,f:1'e:2a3,,1g.,: xxwxs-5 . A - T 'ifiux . . . 5' YN ... -ig :w w is X A 'X 1 .QW 'ix x S! ,ME xx .. 6.3. fi' , X Q Q f -sg X y.. ,. .eww NA x' ,SQ -.A X Xw - -Q3 ,FQ .M - XN V W Q ,.,. x X 8:1-izfgg wy I N. W - "' b . X Cx ., 'N -, ' - XSFS5'i.gQ3i9 Q. . Xwpx x 1 QNNN. v yfxww .NX ab, MX. X . QQ-I, ,. ga QQ X. sq ve.. X XXX Nm .4 Xi .5 F51 - :WN wx-N 4 ww-1 Q x A 'S' ' ' N My : 57 - A -.FS XYAQQX tw! S t X A 'fix E. -Nw Y 1 Rf...-Q, QR. xg, 1 g..a,i Yr- . ,. 1 X X ' -X . . - Q . X is S nmquf .5591-SS .Q ' TSN.. S ' f?1jE.:- Q f Y X X X 1 ,X xx Q 1 S 1 WX Xkx 3,1 -14.-1 , wx S 1 RF 11-.N Q .,.-.. 1 , Nf- ::.g:.:,'4, 51 'Nfl X 11 N , , wi ' 14422 -iv xf... X "N " digg. 13...-.15-... wp Ng, 1 51.5 XQVX1Si X W A.. ,M XXX ...Q EQNQN GQ . gvxgx 59 , 111 sg wx ' w ,wx mq 'LQ is x g awww Q X AB xg In X Q ' XXX1, 1 1 s.:1:-.T1-Sai.: 11 11111151111-i'-,x-121:1:1119 1- XF X15 XQ - 11 N 1 FNFEQQ .1 115 N X ' X x V 1 " Rv-1g1,g X X 1:1 11-11 iw, 2:1 .::i5fsE:s5,' x ,, ., 1111 5 - 1, Qzgliiw X13-V x X Q 'r Sk 5. s "" X FN1, A NX' Q4 is x , YN -1 1 A " "Hx 1 23511 1 .. 111, Q51 -r SK 1-1!1g 15311 X 11 155-'-1-sg: 111, A is Q 513 m V XX K -2151 21515 1 Q 1111111 ,gif 1 1 N il 3111 1611 '1511 111 32 111 1 1 ig' fl --,,2E331 fi,f1g'V 51 ' 1' ' 3' '3?1gf1s2i3 1 1 ...1., 111 ' f ,. ' 11 '1 1 111 111.. 111: 11,1 21. -Y , ' . , 31 , 1 1 M , , 3,wg3g,, A - W 1 16 11 1 11 - ,Q X11 1 f :sts 111 1, 1.. 'f EFS '122.' ff11, i, 2- 'Sf-Sze' A 1 11:1 1,,q .. aQga:g1 .. -1 1' -, 1.1121 W' N. Q- - Y '51 11515: .. X101 is Ag X ':-':2'gs::2-SX. . F 1 X '-1-'kgs '- ' "" 1.-1:15 ' f' 11 Nswzsw-S1 11,152-x Qs. S 1 3 1 XQFEHPS ' Y " ' -1 125 1 1 21 1. N xii ! .... , .1:, 1 saw' Sw 1 'N 11 K X? S 1 S X 1 L . 1 X 1:-1 ei? ' 1 'x.55:E?EEE5:iS,fIb Y W X Yi 1 W x 5 5 L N 11 x X Y X X x.kAk N 1:.:.z:.:.' X 1 1 h M x if R is 1 Swv 1 NN 1 M N S N S S - S A I ' ig X' X ips:- N X-,sk S wg , SK S 0 X S 4 N 'fu in :A Ss I Y Q CURRICUL M CFFERS THB 4Mr. Weiner offers help to the students in his freshman social studies class. SOCIAL STUDIES . . . THE K OWLEDGE or oUR SOCIETY Randy Shuman, Judy Wilson, Connie Ornellas and Mark Thompson lead their junior class in a panel discussion on American history N .X . Niwxwswwxxqgsvs Y ' . .. .wma NEEDS OF THE STUDENTS Modern education calls for a mod- ern curriculum-one that fills the needs of the student. Whether he is planning for future education or a post-graduate job, a student needs a c o m p le t e core of appropriate classes. Arroyo offers an appropriate curriculum for the modern student. College prep, business, fine arts, manual arts or a combination of courses for the specific needs of each individual are offered. nal . A ss? .,T,:,Q2,.5,tsi::yNNwN i f Karrell Leal and Paul Andrade use a United States map for their studies in American government. In today's society, a knowledge of social studies is especially im- portant. Through social studies, we learn about the past problems of a world when we stud ancient and medieval, world and, .Ameri- can history, but more important, we learn how our predecessors met and solved these problems. 31 In this way, we, as future lead- ers, can benefit by knowing not only solutions but also remedies to present-day problems. In addi- tion to studying history, Arroyo's students study the Constitution, the national, state, and local gov- ernments, and family living. X :sig ss 515 SY W9 si ' is A bdgfiffyfin ,Q E N, 5 iispxisifq ,fs is is 2 5 ' F13 X , q, e . D A3 s i f .ar f 5- ? q Q ,gs lf! 'AVS MATHEMATICS ACADEMIC AND CCMMERCIAL COURSES Students at Arroyo have the oppor- tunity to choose a math course for their own needs. Those not majoring in mathe- matics or taking math as a review course usually take Math 1-2 in their freshman year. Students who favor a strong math course as preparation for college or for a specialized job choose a four year course in mathematics. This includes algebra, geometry, intermediate and advanced math. The basic and advanced math courses at Arroyo cover a wide range of mathe- matical and verbal skills. The student who majors in the mathematics area has a chance to increase his word vocabulary as well as his mathematical knowledge. Co- efficients, rational expressions, and theo- rems are common words used throughout the progressive math courses. These students are working on problems in their algebra class. SCIENCE . . . STEPS TGWARD PROGRESS Cheryl Lema and joan Normandin study the anatomy of a crayfish before dissecting it. Ricky Baptist and Bob Bordeaux wait patiently as their chemistry experiment progresses. 33 During the last century, scientific advance- ments have made this a modernized world with a promising future. Fantasies have be- come realities, yet science still advances for- ward. With this in mind, Arroyo strives to keep up with the scientific world by offering many diversified courses in which the students may learn the beauty and the necessity of science. Freshmen must take general science, the preparatory course which deals with the basics of science. Sophomores may take biology or life science, both the study of life and its forms. Chemistry, the study of matter and physiology, where one deals with the functions of the life organs, are classes taken by juniors. Physics, the behavior of matter, is offered to seniors.' While teaching these courses, the teachers hope that the beauty of the course will shine through and the students will obtain full appreciation of the science involved. 'rr 'aw .z3ofv"rf .Ness .M axes gm mm. uncuasss , - r waxes!-srnuxl wkwwsm Swim :wah N Ns ws snesiw-f i ' J .x Arms Lmgwge Reimer ' A-, fs Xwmsxsm r A 2356 - IlZRliIXlQlxQi. ACABEQY SESS!! S r r xxx N. ..., X ,,..,-of-M-""" Steve Banghart operates the language lab in first year French. NGUAGE ARTS . . A COMM Nancy Hagen, Tom Hunt and Kay McPhee read from a play in their sopho- more English class. X . Language Arts, the only means of com- munication for man throughout the world, has gained in importance because of de- mand. Communication on all s c a l e s, whether local or international, depends upon a good command of the English or a foreign language. The modern world of today opens the door to opportunity for those that show and express a thorough knowledge of the art of language. Emphasis in the language arts is stressed on understanding and expressing the as- pects of the area involved. Freshmen and sophomores take English courses which seek to teach the overall correct usage of the English language. College preparatory courses such as American Literature and senior literature and composition offer a wide expansion of knowledge in the field of world literature, along with foreign language courses in French, German and Spanish. FG 4423-3,38 Nancy Perryyand Lolly Lizotte follow along with the tape recorder in Spanish 1-2. SYSTEM OF COMMUNICATION Charles Hill and jim Houghton ponder over a question while in their English class. 35 FINE ARTS . . . THE DEVELOPMENT Kris Goehner and Karan Brugge work on lettering in first-year art. Mr. Phillips teaches the first elements of playing an instrument to his students in Beginning Instruments. 36 GF SKILL AND TALENT E 5 Q . rss N! 'S-, Mr. Hart stresses the importance of a thorough warm-up to the beginning Girls' Chorus Creating imagination and perfecting quality are the two basic themes for Arroyo High's Fine Arts department. The use of imagination and quality in the fine arts helps develop the skill and talent of future artists or actors. Students who take a fine arts course have an opportunity to demonstrate their ability in many fields such as acting, painting, and singing. They may take the courses as preparation for similar work in the future or they may just want to be able to appreciate the enjoyable aspects which the courses offer them. The classes in the fine arts are widely varied to meet the interests and needs of every student. A Cappella, drama, orchestra and art are only a few of the many courses in the fine arts program. 37 BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . A i XS . ,L w K Patricia Fry and Charlene Gonsalves work industriously on an assignment in business machines. xglw WIDENING FIELD OF INTEREST l Lela Colyer concentrates on a math problem in her business math class. Correct grammar for modern business is practiced in business English. 39 Business is the backbone of industry. The in- creasing industrial field of today is demanding more business leaders to fulfill the need. The ex- perience needed for these jobs starts by a well- rounded business education course in high school. Arroyo High offers complete and interesting classes in this area. For the business major business classes begin in the freshmen year with general business. This class teaches the fundamental skills of business. Typing and business math are emphasized in the sopho- more year. Among the many business requisites for the junior year are record keeping, shorthand, retail, office machines and clerical ofiice practice. The choice depends on the area of business a stu- dent wants to major in. Applied office practice, transcription, bookkeeping and economics and business law are preparatory subjects for the senior year. is i i MQW x yqnxr, . ,:::NxQ.::k . we 1 J mx 11 k 3252159 x X - Y " - W "S w AfwNMy:' ,:aS.-M f-iqgvinnvs -. .. w, X- K- s Ns Q 1- , - . -qrg.. Q. Q: . 5-xg , . .. .X -:gf gg., H-Y k -X . Xqjhx X ffsmwfx- X . . s -Nwwwzmxmf ' x W t L Ai ' NYT K x N X. if Q- b O fxfws N1 x ' , X . x L W ' ' A - :Q 1 " , A ww X 'NX V 5254, w . 'V .. L x 4- X Q .sy , 3 2 . VNS self - ,. Y . . Maw. 1. Q Q R Q ,xx . A N X Q , gk ,rx X L 5 -.: 1 +P- XS 5. ..,,,,.,. A ,. . W. - N3 , HSN W ,, X X, X v X X xx X 4 5 i X X N X X X x X X X X X X S N N .wwwuxmss ww m Q x ' Q HCMEMAKING . . . EXPERIENCE FOR FUTURE NEEDS Sandra Zitterkopf and Vicky Middlekauff concen trate on their knitting in needlecraft. Mrs. McMeekin and Delora Barker display Christmas deco- One of the basic courses in homemaking is cooking-pen rations made in first year homemaking. formed here by Valree Benton and Donna Barker. The Homemaking department at Ar- royo offers an interesting varsity of sub- jects at each class level. For girls major- ing in this department there is a regular four year program offered. For senior girls who have had no previous homemak- ing classes, there is the beneficial and in- teresting senior homemaking. The many subjects involved in all the home arts classes vary from cooking and sewing to child care, nutrition and home furnish- ings. Beside the regular homemaking courses there are needlecraft classes offered to juniors and seniors. In here girls learn the skills of Crocheting, knitting and em- broidering. These skills in turn are used to produce intricate handiworks such as wreaths, pillows and sweaters. 41 GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION . . A DIVERSIFIED PROGRAM I An exciting game of softball is being played by the Senior girls during their physical education period. ww The basic skills of tennis are being taught to this junior class in beginning tennis. A complete physical educational program is offered for all girls at Arroyo High. Every girl participates actively in all the sports offered to them. If they have exceptional skill and leader- ship potential they may be chosen to participate in the student assistant program. The Arroyo High Girls' Physical Educational Program offers each participant an interesting and versatile sport at every class level. In the Freshman and Sophomore year, emphasis in Phy- sical Education is placed on group sports such as hockey, flag football, and softball. At the junior and Senior levels, individuality is emphasized by activities such as modern dance, recreational games, and tennis. BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION . . . Physical fitness for everyone has now become a national goal. In compliance with this goal, Arroyo High School offers a thorough Boys' Physical Education pro- gram. The sports offered combine fitness with variety, therefore providing a healthy and interesting athletic program for each boy. To develop the individual strength and endurance, each boy partici- pates in warm-ups comprised of such feats as lifting weights, doing body build- ing exercises and "running the loop." After the warm-up period, the classes start their various sports, which may range from speedball to swimming to wrestling. EMPHASIS ON FITNESS Jim Ferguson attempts to escape with the ball while Rick Burrus and Lewis Grace pursue him, Gerald Finney watches expectantly Brian Swim wrestles with jere York as Robert in the background. Nelson and Clark Brooks look on. To develop strength and endurance the boys in this physical education class are lifting weights before starting .their daily activity. -Q mas... i uffimwsmm: m CALL IT WHAT YOU WISH Arroyo Don's show spirit for their team at the Arroyo-Tennyson football game. Student life is Arroyo. It's not only classes and studies but activities and organizations. Student Life is Arroyo during class periods, after school, at night and on weekends. It's happiness, sadness and memories . . . These activities and organizations consist of meetings, shows, sales, dances, sports, newspapers, queens, elections and rallies. Being the drummer in the band, president of F.H.A., Homecoming Queen and song girl are all a part of Student Life. Student Life is all this- the main factor in making Arroyo the school that it is. 44 On September 2, the 1964 Arroyan was issued WE CALL IT SPIRIT Yell Leader, time rally. Gayla Gaylord, promotes spirit at a lunch Between five minute breaks, students chat with friends and pick up the books their next class. Don .Campion and Steve Collins relax after their morning-classes while eating lunch. needed for 45 .:Q:..:.3E:,,:5:'- 'I 3, -:3:::J:1:::r-:Q 4 lx ip W """' ' ' F gw v x : Q i Jim Lockard President Kathy Halverson Vice President Tammy Rosecrans Treasurer Student body oHicers Tammy Rose- crans, jan Djubur, and jim Lockard, re-design the new display case located by the Bull Pen. 46 smmms mmswmesxwrmwxwwwzw ww,-Q we ,, at aww-www, www. svwxfsx sw..wmwwaxwv1s:wrar. .zsfw - xmxsmv ,, , STUDENT BCDY OFFICERS ARE THE BACKBONE OF ARROYO Leslie Farwell Jerry Hammer Secretary Campus Commissioner Jan Dzubur Historian Student government makes Arroyo. Without stu- dent council, class council, and executive council, Arroyo Dons would not be represented. It is through these bodies of legislature that class and club sales are organized and plannedg elections, and contests held, money appropriated and spentg opinions voiced and acted upong ideas used and worked upon. Without student government repre- sentation would not exist. Officers would not make decisions and students would not vote. This year student government played the major role at Arroyo. Sales and dances and activities galore were held. A display case was built and put between LA and commerce halls. A school flag will ily for the first time. Why? Because you, the student body of Arroyo elected capable officers and representatives to represent you. They served you by trying to better Arroyo through student govern- ment. Lengthy discussions, debates, arguments, and even filibusters describes the fall and spring semesters of student council. Headed by vice president Kathy Halver- son the council met on Wednesdays in the library. Throughout the year student council worked on such activities as the school flag, fiesta, display case, and the student body elections. Committees, such as calen- dar, campus, spirit and moral, and finance, worked diligently to improve the student government of Arroyo and represent the students. STUDENT GCVERNMENT MAKES Bob O'lari and Tammy Rosecrans discuss a motion, while Mr. Brian listens to Debate. Leslie Farwell and Kathy Halverson conduct a student council meeting. THE SPIRIT OF ARROYO FALL CGUNCIL Top row, L-R: K. Sethacken, D. Vournas, S. Odell, D. Argyres, P. Lloyd, E. Heeszel, N. Dutcher, L. Trumbo, S. Stamatis, J. Dzuber, P. Evans, L. Luckenbach, P. Hart, T. Rosecrans, B. Olari, G. Sawyer. Second row: S. Hart H. Hunsucker, S. Darden, M. Scott, C. Ornellas, B. Talbot: C. Werk, P. Steele, B. Britton, L. Farwell, N. Taylar, L Savage, S. Yool, R, Schuerman, M. Robertson, R. Yool: Third row: B. Richardson, E. Weagant, C. Anthony, P Arnold, D. Ghigerre, K. Souza, N. Skinner, M. McCarthy K. Halverson, A. Jamison, L. Roberts, E. Stevenson, L Bond, S. Robinson. Front row: J, Halbach Jr., J. Carlton, C. Hill, J. Allen, P. Sanders, J. Hammer, S. Fanger, T Kish, P. Dias, D. Atkinson, B. Coletti, B. Coletti. SPRING COUNCIL Top row, L-R: N. Worden, K. Setbacken, N. Perry, K. Souza, M. Bridges, N. Nicholas, E. Heeszel, N. Dutcher, P. Steele, S. Fanger, J. Dzuber, T. Rosecrans, T. Dailey, L. Luckenback, P. Hart, C. Emmons, B. Coletti, C. Nelson, K. Johnson, G. Sawyer. Second row: L, Manger, D. Knight, P. Ostroff, M. Corcorran, D. Vournas, S. Darden, M. Scott, J. Allen, P. Sanders, C. Werk, G. Engles, N. Taylor, R. Schuerman, S. Yool, M. Field, V. Shofner, R, Yool, M. Robertson, S. Kernodle. Third row: A. Lucero, E Weagent, S. O'Dell, C. Anthony, D. Ghiggere, K. Halver- son, L. Farwell, L. Bradshaw, V. Bailey, A. Jamison, L Roberts, E. Stevenson, D. Bigaman, C. Sorenson. Front row: J. Halbach Jr., T. Kish, R. Yoder, D. Silva, M. Hushour, C. Hill, D. Atkinson, P. Besson, B. Coletti, P. Reckas, T. Balk. 9 - I "' SS 'F 5 or . U . . , I ga 5 we 1 Jfx w at V 1? S L 1 .Lx k CQEQ 1 ,, A. L Q' ff ag :SAB Q X! , I x I 5 Commissioner of Clubs Janine Grundel nn....,......-,, "IQ"""""W!lll Inter Club Council helped the clubs and classes prepare for the Fiesta. INTER CLUB COUNCIL COGRDINATES THE ACTIVITIES OF CLUBS Inter Club Council members are Cfront row left to rightj Sherry Kernodle, Peggy Peters, Roberta Swanburg, Norma Gonsalves, Janine Grundel and Ricke Whaley. fSecond rowj jerry Lillie, Dino Vournas and Doug Field. 50 ' I.C.C. stands for Inter Club Council. Inter Club Council is a club in itself uniting all the clubs on campus into one organization. Under the leader- ship and guidance of the Commissioner of Clubs, Janine Grundel, I.C.C. helps coordinate clubs activities. I.C.C. aids in getting clubs started in school. The council offers the club presidents the opportunity to learn more about their role in student government and gives them a chance to express their opin- ions. This year Inter Club Council or- ganized the Fiesta and got a bulletin board for club news. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL IS COMPOSED OF STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Executive Council is a main part of the student government at Arroyo. Ex- ecutive Council is composed of all stu- dent body oificers, class presidents, Megaphone president and Block A president. The council meets every Thursday bringing up business dis- cussed the previous day in student council. The members approve request forms, discuss budgets and plan school activities. Executive Council organized Freshman Orientation 'Day and the Welcome Dance. They also sponsored the Fiesta and distributed the money collected from the Fiesta last year. Council meetin Tammy Rosecrans and Mr. Brian smile as they listen to an Executive g. While Kathy Halverson relaxes, Janine Grundel asks a question. 5l Male members of Executive Council listen to the various business discussed. '65 'S FIESTA 1 Juniors Star Nordstrom, pLynn Gundlach, Gayla Gaylord and Connie Hansen tug strenuously against the freshmen to win the title of "Tug of War Champs." This year the students of Arroyo High School broke tradition by having the annual Fiesta on a school day. On May 14 the students were dismissed at 1:50 to participate in the fun. The event, sponsored by Executive Council, grossed nearly 35425.00 Booths such as the cake walk, the dunking booth, the "Marrying Sam" booth and the car smash, proved to be highly successful. Each class vied for the spirit jug by competing in such events as the orange pass and the tug of war. The event was highlighted by the Fiesta Dance from 7:00 to 9:00 in the gym where freshman Kris Goeh- ner was named the 1965 "Blue jeans Queen" and the class of '65 was awarded the spirit jug. WAS F UNF ILLED Senior Bill La Plante tries his luck at the dunking booth. Seniors Fred Gerace and Terrie Foss shiver before taking a big splash in the dunking booth. ' Mark Valenzuela, Connie Hansen and Monica Ortiz buy a piece of gingerbread at the Fiesta. GIRLS' LEAGUE President: Peggy Peters Cinda Olesen models a coat with matching hat while Ilo S R , Gassoway looks on at the Girls' League Fashion Show. Girls, tate epfesemanve Marvalee Wagner Girls' League members are fkneelingj Sharon Quinta, Wagner, Elain Heezel, Lisa Linn, Vickky Micldlekauff, Suzanne Chappelle, Ann Guzman, Chris Carlson, Norma Gonsalves, Karen Sand, Pat Ponce, Nancy Wendy jigour, Kathy- Erretta, Terry Bergren. CStand- Dutcher, and Peggy Peters. ingJCorinne Harwin, Kathy Linn, Patt Chiaffala, Mary PROMGTES SISTERLY RELATIONSHIPS For the first time the Annual Girls' League Fashion Show was held in the gym. Femininity is the key to Girls' League. Girls' League was created for the purpose of promoting interest in activities, maintaining a standard of friendship and understanding, and providing an opportunity for leadership to all female students. Girls' League is composed of a cabinet which is made up of one girl from each social studies class. Besides these representatives there are club ofiicers, headed by president Peggy Peters. In continuing their idea of promoting activi- ties, Girls' League sponsored many this year. At the beginning of the year the annual Freshman Tea was held in order to maintain the standard of friendship. Together with Boys' League the Club planned the Christmas Dance held December 18. They also held their annual Girls' League Fashion Show which was held for the first time in the gym. Every year a 3100 Girls' League scholarship is awarded to a senior girl. Bobbie Lou Rowe re- ceived the honored award this year. Marvalee Wagner was chosen as Girls' State Representative, by Girls' League, to represent Arroyo at the Uni- versity of California, Davis Campus, in the week long exposure of government. Freshman girls enjoy the refreshments served to them at the Freshman Tea. 55 President: Rob Dailey BOYS Dave Dzubur tries out the Boys' League Car Smash at the Fiesta. I Nancy Rogers was escorted by joe Lopez, Boys' League BOYS' State Repfesemafive member, at the Girls' League Fashion Show. Doug Field LEAGUE WORKS TO SERVE THE CGMMUNITY Exclusively for boys is Boys' League. Every male student of Arroyo is a member. Boys' League is composed of a cabinet which is made up of the officers and representatives from each social studies class. This cabinet organizes and plans Boys' League's activities. Under the leadership of president Rob Dailey, Boys' League sponsored quite a few activities. The Thanksgiving Food Drive was held this year dur- ing second period to collect food for needy fam- ilies in the area. Along with Girls' League they planned the annual Christmas Dance. For one week in January the Club aided in the crusade for the March of Dimes and in the spring participated in the Fiesta. To sum up a busy year Boys' League presented two scholarships-one to jerry Hammer for showing outstanding leadership and one to Rolf Unternaehrer for service. Boys' League candidate, Star Nordstrom, became Home coming Queen. Boys' League members are Cfront row left to rightj Ken house, Rich Hartley and Tim Vinson. CSecond rowj Jeff Lunders, Phil Besson, Rob Sater, Ron Anderson, Steve Close, Ilo Gassoway, Rob Dailey, Brian Swim, Rick Sar Yool, Russ Callenberg, Ronald Johnson, John Shannon- gent, Roger Yoder, and Tim Whitheld. wa iw' R Q. 1-.t aww X' as is ..... ,. - A . -' , nw ur . . ., fr. 57 Miss Jeanne Hormell Yearbook Queen YEARBOCK QUEEN AND COURT 'C Each class vied in the traditional year- book sales campaign to make their class queen the 1965 yearbook queen. Senior class queen Jeanne Hormell took the honor of queen, with the sophomore, freshman and junior class queens coming in second, third and fourth, respectively. This announcement highlighted the C.S.F. Victory Dance on April 23. Miss Lonnie Mellberg Junior Class Queen Miss Anita Lucero Miss Debbie Ciampa Sophomore Class Queen Freshman Class Queen 59 ELECTION SEEKERS VIE "Oh my gosh, you've re-elected me!" exclaimed Tammy Rosecrans before she announced Val Baker as next year's student body treasurer. Newly elected officers for 1965-66 are: Jeff Close CBoys' League Presidentj, Roberta Acheson CGirls' League Presidentj, Dianne Baker CStudent Body Presidentj, Hillary Jigour fHead Song Girly, Paul Steele CStudent Body Vice-Presidentj, Gayla Gaylord CHead Yell Leaderj, Penny Pappas CI-Iistorianj and Eladia Laines fCampus Commissionerj. mm ,guns-x..1mss z-eases- ,: -m xinu 1m1-url FOR OFFICES Junior Paul Steele gives a winning speech at the campaign assembly on April 22. All those attending the C.S.F. Victory Dance had a very enjoyable evening. 61 Election week, April 19 to April 23, brought a lot of excitement to Arroyo's campus. Students running for the various student body offices worked feverishly preparing speeches and distributing cam- paign buttons in hopes of winning over their opponents. Unique and colorful posters were seen on campus which stimu- lated enthusiasm and helped the students make their choice for next year's officers. The campaigning came to an end on Thursday, April 22, wh en campaign speeches were presented at a student body assembly. The victors were announced at the C.S.F. Victory Dance on Friday, April 23. l l Senior ileanne Hormell graciously accepted the title o yearbook queen with Anita Lucero Cleftj and Lonnie Mellberg as her court CSF MAINTAINS THEIR "SCHOLARSHIP FOR SERVICE" SLOGAN Seated left to right: Elizabeth Cook, Diane Baker, Susan vey, Nancy Pierce, Sue jefferis, Nancy Kyle, Vicky Shof- Richardson, Susan Poletti, Florence Cochran, Rhoda Green- ner, Tom Balk. Row three: Pam Hart, Linda Eberle, field, Terrie Dailey, Linda Manger, Amy Fontan, Georgia Claudia Andrew, Suzanne Chappelle, Roberta Acheson, Fernandez. Row two: Sandy Kaufman, Waleen Latham, Susan Setterberg, Karon Thorp, Elaine Heeszel, Nancy Debbie Spence, Jerry Eggett, Bruce Fischer, Nancy Har- Dutcher, Pat Schumpelt, and Sherry Kernodle. Discussing plans for the Annual CSF Convention to be held May 8, 1965, in Seaside, California, are officers Georgia Fernandez, Roberta Acheson, Sherry Kernodle and Diane Baker. Arroyo's CSF, Chapter 536c, maintained a busy year and put their slogan, "Scholarship for Service," to work. Participating in the Fiesta and running concessions at the basket- ball games kept them busy along with sponsoring the class pin sale and the victory dance. They went to San Francisco State College on a field trip and some members were honored by attending the Annual CSF Convention held in Seaside, California. At the end of the year a Life Membership Tea was held to honor those receiving life member- ship and for those earning a scho- lastic block and star. ART CLUB IS FOR THE ARTISTICALLY INCLINED Art Club started the year off with a bang by drawing caricatures of the stu- dents and teachers who attended the Beaux Arts Ball and soon afterwards sponsoring a car wash. Both activities were to raise funds to support their new and big project of the year, their coloring book. The book contained c 0 m i c al sketches of situations occurring at Arroyo throughout the school year. Although the membership was small, Art Club, under the direction of Mr. jack- son, was quite active. Art Club members sketched caricatures of' those who at tended the Beaux Arts Ball in the cafetorium Seated left to right: Bill La Plant, Kathy Linn, Jan Small, John Rodrigues, Phil Besson. Standing: Sheila McDonough, Carol Urgolites, Kathy Nelson, and Lisa Linn. . xvgzzgr .TQ R'-51.53. ' . ,Q ,Sky-Lb. . A - A-s ., K ' X K X, Ai, -Gil VM its .. . wt 1 X2 ' 'L X an N A? X . . Y Q Vx . 'W xi ' S :Q 'Si'-A N H Xxx t ss ' X' . - tsstsbiw A XL xi at i g.-LU' x Wvgiij AFS BUILDS INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP President Roberta Swanburg talks to Club members while Anne Roland observes. Arroyo's American Field Service consists of Tom Mingus, Jeff Close, Roberta Swanburg, Karon Thorp, Pat Dias, Anne Roland, Peggy Peters and Phil Besson. Anne Roland and Karon Thorp discuss various types of plaques for foreign exchange students while Jeff Close and Phil Besson listen. For the past three years Arroyo has been privileged to have foreign exchange students. To take care of these students around the school, Arroyo developed it's own American Field Service. This club in- troduces our foreign ambassador to other students, and helps her become acquainted with various activities throughout the year. This fall when Anne Roland arrived in the Bay Area she was greeted by A.F.S. Since then, together, they have held meet- ings for otherustudents and people of the community to hear Anne speak. One week throughout the year the for- eign exchange students change schools with another person. A.F.S. hosted this event and Tipawadee Amawattana from Thailand visited Arroyo. Anne Francoise Roland, Arroyo's for- eign exchange student, was Clermont Fer- rand, France. While staying in San Loren- zo, Anne lived with Carol Bodine and her family. While at Arroyo she took public speaking, French, Senior Literature, G.P.E., and social studies 5, 6, 7, and 8. Anne was very impressed with Arroyo and the American way of life. Upon grad- uation Anne toured the United States with other foreign exchange students and then returned to her home in France. 5 3 S S E Q X S se . Q S S N x Q Q 5 3 S X 5 5 w S 5 3 5 3 5 S S Q s 3 E S Anne Roland ARROYO BIDS A FUND FAREWELL TO ANNE Anne Roland studies hard to maintain her high grade average. Anne sits on a rock overlooking the Pacific Ocean at Pacific Grove in Monterey. 65 French Club members enjoy listening to the foreign exchange student Anne Roland discuss her experiences while living in France. This year French Club was for- tunate to have with them Arro- yo's foreign exchange student from France, Anne Roland. She related to them all aspects of her homeland on many enjoyable occasions. The activities of French Club were many, including the Lan- guage Arts Dance and the Fiesta. They also went to San Francisco on field trips to see and enjoy French movies. j j FRENCH CLUB - THE FRENCH STUDENTS' DELIGHT Standing left to right: Janine Grundel, Linda Irvine, Karin Haskell, Marcia Talbott, Annette Giachino, Mary Wagner, Anne Roland, Judy Peters, Nancy Dutcher, and Karen Rademacher. 66 SPANISH CLUB ADDS COLOR TO ARROY0 Standing left to right: Alec Castellano, Carol Styversten, Nancy Harvey, Sue Buchholz, Elaine Harvey. Seated: Sharon Prior and Audrey jaramillo. Spanish Club President Doug Field, gives a resume of his trip to Spain to Spanish Club members. 67 Enjoying dinner at the Tamale Parlor, writing letters to Spanish-speaking pen-pals, hearing lec- tures, and seeing slides of Spain were a few of the many things Spanish Club enjoyed this year. Be- sides actively participating in the Fiesta, Spanish Club also joined in with the other language clubs to present a dance. Spanish Club is open to any student who has obtained at least one or more semesters of Spanish and who is truly interested in learning about Span- ish-speaking countries and their customs. GERMAN CLUB IS A WORLD GF ITS OWN Claudia Wright, Sandi Rothacker, Linda Lee, Marcia Moreira and Ilo Gassoway follow along while the President reads a German story aloud. X n N X Q Xa, s a sa 3 Y' :,.:-.rqgmx XXX? Promoting interest in German is the purpose of German Club which is the largest language club on campus. Under the direction of Mr. Kraft the club planned an exciting year. During the year, German Club visited a Ger- man restaurant and saw many films. They had a guest speaker from the' International House and heard many tapes. They also participated in the foreign language club's dance and heard quite a bit about the life and customs in Germany. A President Ricke Whaley planned and conducted club meet- ings throughout the year. Mrs. Rena Fisher, the Medical Auxiliary Chair- man from St. Rose Hospital, discusses the "Candy Striper" program with club members. HEALERS AND HELPERS Healers and Helpers had a busy year in trying to assist those who were interested in a medical career. They started off the year by electing officers and planning the year's program. During the year, Mrs. Rena Fisher, a rep- resentative from St. Rose Hospital, came and spoke to the 2H members about the "Candy Striper Program." The club went to the San Francisco Medical Center and visited the Highland Hospital Seminar. To help finance their activities 2H sponsored a doughnut sale before school on four consecutive Mon- days. They also made vocational folders for the counselors. These activities helped to in- form the members more about medical ca- reer opportunities and requirements. President Jan Hummel Listening to a lecture by a guest speaker are club members: Cfront row left to rightj Cecil Copper, Marian Madden, Margaret Krause, Jan Hummel, Csecond row left to rightj Susan Amundsen, Linda May Garcia, Sharon Charlston, Elaine Lee, Mrs. Deflley, Cthird row left to rightj Bruce Fischer, Louis Osofsky. Megaphone officers are Cleft to rightj Cynthia Hill, vice presidentg Penny Pappas, recording secretary, Monica Ortiz, president, Susan Philips, correspond- ing secretaryg and Margie Salinas, treasurer. Megaphone Club is especially designed for the spirited. The main purpose of the club is to prepare qualified girls for the rally squad for the coming year. Every Monday after school meetings are held where inter- ested girls practice song gi-rl and yell leader routines. In the spring fifteen girls are chosen by a board of teachers and students to rep- resent Arroyo as the rally squad-this includes the yell leaders, song girls, matador and bull. Megaphone sponsored Homecoming this year and planned the halftime activities at the football game and the dance at night. They also participated in selling spirit rib- bons to help carry on the traditional Don spirit at extra curricular events. RALLY SQUAD ORIGINATES Long hours of practicing and patience is the key to a position on the rally squad. 70 Yvonne Gutierrez, Cinda Olesen, Marsha Downer, Mary Baird, joan Ostrom and Connie McBride do the routine "Rock'em" ar a game. FRGM MEGAPHONE CLUB 35 3 C ' me Arlene Wiley practices "Coach Team" while at Mega phone Club. On a Monday after school prospective song girls practice various routines. llhQqQqm HOMECOMING Bourne Memorial Field was the scene of a memorable Homecom- ing held on October 23, 1964. Ex-rally squad members, former schoolmates, spirited spectators, an exciting varsity football game in which Arroyo defeated Sunset 15-7, and a dance composed' the event. Half time was highlighted by the crowning of Star Nord- strom, a junior, by last year's queen, Linda Fox. It was indeed a wonderful event sponsored by Megaphone Club. Miss Star Nordstrom HOMECOMING QUEEN AND CQURT Miss Lolly Lizotte Miss Celia Strom Miss Pam Thomas Miss Marcia Alameida 72 IS A DAY OF MEMORIES Celia Strom, Star Nordstrom, Pam Thomas, Lolly Lizotte, and Marcia Alameida anxiously await the announcement of the 1964 Homecoming Queen, Past and present song girls do a routine to arouse spirit at the 1964 Homecoming game. 73 5 Star Nordstrom reigns as queen over the Homecoming festivities for 1964-1965. QXX XX YELL LEADERS , xx: vb., is iw M x 5532.3 ml' :Q xi. I've3e-rw if GN f '-gm Yell Leaders, Gayla Gaylord Arlene Wlley, Cmda McBr1de, create and promote school enthuslasm STRIVED FOR UNITY Connie McBride Olesen, Mary Baird, and Connie throughout the year. For basketball season yell leaders received new outfits Gayla Gaylord Yelling their hearts out to promote school spirit and enthusiasm is exactly what 1964-65's squad of yell leaders did. Not only did they represent Arroyo at every athletic event, such as the football and basketball games, but at extra curricular activities like the Omega Banquet. Head yell leader Cinda Olesen led the student body through victories and losses and left instilled in our minds to "Go-Go-go, go, gog Fight-Fight-fight, fight, fightg G0- Go-Gog Fight-Fight-Fightg G03 Fightg Win!" 75 In basketball season outfits, song girls Cfront row left to rightj Jenny Mocek, Hillary jigour Marsha Downer, Connie Hanson, Csecond row left to rightj Judy Hendricks, Yvonne Gutierrez and joan Ostrom made up a colorful and spirited squad for sports activities. Judy Hendricks Connie Hanson Hillary jigour Promoting school spirit is the paramount goal of the song girls. They work hard throughout the year to gain uniformity and exhibit vibrant spirit. Each song girl represents Arroyo at various occasions such as football and basketball games, sports assemblies and noon rallies. At the Omega Banquet, a Bay Area pep rally, Arroyo song girls displayed traditional Don spirit by performing an outstanding routine. The 1964-65 song girls helped lead Arroyo through victories and losses while maintaining school pride and sincerity. Head : Y G SUNG GIRLS STRIVED FOR PERFECTION Marsha Downer Joan Ostrom 77 Cathy Grohs and Diane Franson form the posi- tion they use when acting as the Bull. Diane Franson, Vikki Eschmann and Cathy Grohs are Arroyo's bull and matador. Arroyo's Bull and Matador stand as the symbol of Arroyo Dons. Performing at football a n d basketball games, the colorful pair add spirit and drive to the ath- letic events. The Bull, composed of Diane Franson in the front and Cathy Grohs bringing up the rear, had a splendid time this year being chased by the other mascots from the high schools in the H.A.A.L. Senior Vikki Eschmann, matador, protected her "El Toro" and even entered it in a real Spanish bullfight at the Arroyo vs. Canyon football game. The Bull and Matador work harmoniously with the rally squad and the band to show the other schools through their actions howy wonderful it is to be an Arroyo Don. Matador Vikki Eschmann shows off her cape which she uses with much grace and vigour. MATADQR AND BULL SYMBOLIZE ARROYQ DONS Seated on the back of her "El Toro" Vikki Eschmann seems to have much control over her pet which she leads around. . max-r Wanganui in-n-:un MAJORETTES ARE THE HIGH- STEPPING THREESOME Marching ahead of the band at football games and performing at half-time at basketball games are Arroyo's majorettes. Each marching-step and twirl of the baton adds a sort of air to the event. The majorettes of Arroyo are outstanding and proficient in their routines. Heading the threesome is Chris Doran, a state champion. Behind' her comes Vicki -Kinkade, a sophomore and Sandra Kaufman, a junior. Their routines are made up during "A" period where they strive for perfection. Vicki Kinkade 79 Vicki Kinkade, Chris Doran and San- dy Kaufman are the leaders of the band. Head: Chris Doran Sandra Kaufman 1 RALLIES, ASSEMBLIES AND ,IFF lin' soggy? eggs xt- xt X QS "On Arroyo" was heard as the song girls did a spirited routine at the noon rally preceding the Castro Valley football game. Quite a variety of facial expressions were observed during the Sports Awards Assembly held on March 2, 1965, in the gym. 80 GAMES PROMOTE SCHOOL SPIRIT Rallies, assemblies and games are all a part of Arroyo. Through these events spirit and interest is pro- moted. At rallies class and school spirit is awakened. The rally squad pulls this spirit together to give the teams strength to win and the students the desire. At assemblies, whether awards, elections or musical, those students who have determination, that have achieved, are honored by the pres- ence of their fellow students. And at games, the athletes who maintain this spirit of wanting to achieve play the key role in main- taining it. It is here the students yell their lungs out, the players play their hearts out. For a change of pace, Mary Baird, along with the other yell leaders, changed places with the song girls for a day. Arroyo's Rally Band, new this year, set the perfect mood of spirit at every football and basketball 2211116- 81 .-Q -its N Block "A" members are, left to right: row one-Tim Maginnis, Steve Gen- go, Bruce Colletti, John Sheline, Mike Corloran, jerry Bunin, Paul Tavares, Breg Sawyer, Raymond Trujillo, Rich Wilson, Pat Dixon, Bill Hatteroth, Joe Hoffar, Dave Silva, jim Perry, Tom Hudson, Frank Angelo, john Rodriques, john Foss, Jeff Fern, Bruce Fischer, Bob Bordeaux, Ed Torres, Rick Mellen, jim McAlister, Richard Hartley, Bruce Martin, Steve Cervone, David Hans, Rich Wilson. Row two- Bill Rusk, Steve Maine, Dick Bastin, Carey Jones, Tom jackson, Rocky Lumley, Roger Yoder, Bill Kawalew- ski, Harold Spear, Steve Desimone, jim Wales, Chris Ward, Dennis Brill, Doug Bishop, Rolf Unternaehrer, Steve jones, jim Byrd, jim Carey, . Bill Stone. to Block "A" is an honor society for out- standing boys in various phases of ath- letics at Arroyo. At the end of the fall, winter and spring sports, those boys who have earned the number of points re- quired receive a block letter. In order to retain this letter the boys must show good citizenship throughout the year. Members of Block "A" strive to serve the school and show examples of good citizenship and campus conduct. Lead by president Larry Trumbo Block "A's" ac- tivities included the annual Donkey Bas- ketball game, and working the refresh- ment booth at the basketball games where the Club received part of the money earned. Towards the end of the year there was a Sports AwardpAssembly for Block "A" members. i ARRoYo,s ATHLETIC HONOR m""""" President Vice-President Larry Trumbo Jerry Glenn Secretary-Treasurer: Sgt,at,Arms: Dave Silva Archie Hinahosa 8: Bill Blazak 82 i SCCIETY . . . BLOCK A jim Hall, Lewis Grace, Greg Shippie, George Mangrum, Greg Ellinger, Paul Steele, Dennis Argyres, Ernie Martin- ez, Bill Britoton, Steven Fanger, Randy McGregor, Lewis Osofsky, Larry Trumbo. Row three+Rick Sar- gent, Les Pappas, Lou Pagni, Jerry Glenn, Bill Currier, Gary Fulton, Rod Knowlden, Gene Cardoza, Bob Katen, Blaine Mortimer, Bruce Ralston, Bob Dailey, Charles Halpern, Bill Perry, Steve Fanger, Bob joblonski, Gene Engles, Dennis Scott, Jerry Stevenson, Larry Steger, Charles Schuerman, jim Lockard, Bob Tella, jerry Hardy, David Dzuber, Pat Desimone, Mike Lisowski, Bill Blazek, Rod Knowlden, Jim Bryant, Paul Klass, Ron Lusareta, Craig Brotherton, Mike Garello, Larry Sees, Steve Matthews, Martin Kral. Bill Blazak struggles in vain against Coach Gastineau as Coach Barbier comes in from the rear at the annual donkey basketball game. THB DONKEY BASKETBALL GAME Larry Steger tries to persuade his unco-operative donkey to turn around by coaxing it but fails at his attempt. 84 On January 16, 1965, Block "A" society sponsored the annual Donkey Basketball Game held in the gymna- sium. Senior boys with block "A's,' challenged the male teachers and donkeys were provided as means of transportation. At first the object of the affair was to play basketball but it soon changed into seeing who could convince the donkeys to moveg some even tried carrots. It seems the donkeys were victorious in this aspect. Although the final score was 40-38, the teachers favor, a complete night of hilarious entertainment was provided for the spectators. WAS A STOMPING "HOOFAIR" jerry Hardy takes a graceful leap from his donkey at the Donkey Basketball Game. Paul Klass dismounts himself from his donkey with the assistance of Coach Golenor. Larry Trumbo finds himself tangled in the ropes of his donkey and it seems that he is about to be eaten. CRCHESTRA RECEIVES SUPERIOR Mr. Phillips directs the orchestra at the Spring Concert. 86 RATING AT FESTIVAL Members of the orchestra are Cback row, left to rightj: lerry Voss, Glen Davis, Bob Glocksen, Don Deacon, jim Loc ard, Charles Halpern, Laren Fox, Ricky Baptist, Bob Smith, Stan- ley Lusk, and Richard Cufiieg Cmiddle row, left to rightj Mr. Phillips, Pat Jacobs, Karen Sand, Julie Beauregard, Dor- othy Grasher, Grace Cochran, Sam Romero, Ernie Martinez, Arroyo's thirty-five membered Orchestra re- ceived a superior rating in performance and sight- reading at the State Music Festival. This accom- plishment entitled the orchestra to attend a com- mand performance at the University of Pacific in Stockton, California. Only one other orchestra in Alameda county received such an honor. During the year, Orchestra also performed at the Fall and Spring Concerts at Arroyo. Several members of the Orchestra displayed such exceptional talent on their instrument that they were invited to participate in honor groups. Among these were Ricky Baptist and Terri Green in the California Youth Symphony, Jim Lockard in the Northern California Honor Bandg and Rhoda Greenfield, concert-mistress, in the South- ern Alameda Honor Orchestra. Allan Dutch, joe Russell, and Richard Schnagelg and Cfront row, left to rightj Rhoda Greenfield, Terri Green, Ellen Van Kerrebroeck, Cathy Deacon, Marcia jordan, Roberta Ache- son, Jane McGrogan, Bruce Fischer, Valerie Baker, Karen Kattenhorn, Hillary jigour, and Jane Cufiie. Members of the Orchestra practice before a concert. W LS N m X X X, X XS 4' "' X- K . cbt-wig . Sv K 2 i XX X W X . x 'E PX X X X X55 ? 1 Y N T T XX N, M X f ri X J ,. 3 X I X NX.. f X5 .. I X . -X SSX? X-S15 A ' ' I -X , .. X - A ' V XJ rwxig 'Q A R . XXX Q-X , 1 , E-T X, X , X X - Q -h . +6 . X58 , . X . XX , , ww Q X , v 1 ' '4 9 ' 6 Q . . il U- . 1 f gf 4 .- , ' . X 9 ' ' , I . ' . gf .' 1 'I ' : x X X ' X . R , 5 f 1 1 A .N ' ' W' . X 54 X' ' 5 A X ' X X ' 9' 5 X. ' ' 6 x Q XX, X N . ' X-C 'X X X L A 'X .Q-sz. A A - . Q X A Q A x k D I , X ii: .5 KG X H A i , Q b A ' A, 5 E Q 1 A :gig s S . , , f SSX I ' Q 1- X . ' A ,W 2 1 K 1 Q -A . V o , X . 1 M - 5 ' ' . ' X v 1. , . , ' 93' ' 'Si' A ' x Q s ' 1 X mb X .Xe mfs X Y qw, - ' X v . f.1:."1 'Xyg 'Q 1 X -' - 2 15 ' Q X. if 1. , J X 2 ' QA ' f I gg .E , Y ' , X i ' , .x 9 1 , 1 - , 5 - nhl' ' if 3 . X ' K ' is - .1 s - hh H ', Nw- is 5 Q 5: qsx 4 9 xi au XXX g, ,X ' S XY N . Y X0 1 ' XXX f A A '- ' X .X ' 'X A " f Q ' S 'K' 5 Q Q! , QS X: X A 5 X .fr - Q - S M, Ng 5 9 X X, X X Q XX rw, .. X X st f X Y X ' f X .,., . -Q X X 1 5 X V. -Q P EL' X Q F! 5 i 1 X XX 5 5 S K E ' . X . 'K XX X 'X 0 In + X 1 ,X ' Q ' Sw X' X X X Q Q X "" , ' K' X X S f X ' ,..,.' f X. XXXL X fs' - 3 . A -X -, XXX ,, X ' L K 5 ti 3 X Q XX kk- - MXXSXXQQ. A X , XXX X ,. A V XX XXX X X, ww-+X. XXXXXXXN NW R - A WXXXXXX, X X X N., X MX Qww . X. x W MX. . .. . Www GATEWAY T0 HARMONY Advanced Band plays a dual role at Arroyo-they are the Marching and Con- cert Bands. Under the direction of Mr. Thomas Phillips, the Band participated in many activities. As the Marching Band, lead by jerry Voss, the drum major, the group attended football games and rep- resented Arroyo by performing during half time festivities. The many activities presented by the Concert Band include the Christmas and Spring Concerts, concerts at the junior highs during the year and at graduation. At the Music Festival held at Arroyo on May 1, 1965, the group rated excellent in performance and superior in sight reading. Besides the Band's many ac- tivities, it meets every morn- ing for rehearsal. X77,m317,77777, VVVV 7777777 7 7 --N is ,,r a', mm-N11 Nagy 1:11 Nw., x X DANCE BAND Excellent music is not only appreciated by adults but by teen-agers. And the music played by the Arroyo High Dance Band is appreciated by both. This group works hard behind the scenes in order that they may represent Arroyo at their very best at school functions and while at other schools and activities. This year's band attended the Music Educatorsi Music Festival and rated Superior. Out of the twenty four band participating, only four received superiors, Arroyo being one of them. They presented the first jazz Concert at Arroyo in March and played at the Fall and Spring Concerts and at the Senior Show. The outstanding event of the year was the Band's trip to Reno, Nevada, where they participated in the Stage Band Jazz Festival at the University of Nevada. A comment made by a judge at this was that our high school group was "outstanding" and a "dance band which would make any high school proud." jerry Voss practices for Reno band trip. Front row, L-R: Sam Romero, Ricky Baptist, Bob Smith, Jerry Lillie, Mr., Phillips, jim Lockard. Middle row: Bob Glocksen, Stanley Lusk, joe 'Russell, Ken Marshall, Jerry Voss. Back row: Loren Fox, Donl Deacon, Richard Cufile, Charles Halpern. lp l 90 A Under the direction of Mr. T. Hart, the Arroyo A Cappella Choir practices before receiving a "superior" rating at the state choral music festival on April 3, 1965. A CAPPELLA CHOIR RECEIVES Members of the A Cappella Choir descend from the risers after performing at the Fall Concert. v i X S S . X XWMXX .XXX AK We M Q X X X XXSXX S Xxx X XX X, W X XX XNXX XX XX X XQXNXXQ Q X . . 4.14: M ,NM H "'- X XX X X X W N X -. xxkxx 1 X N X XXXXX, X XX X X X X ' 5' X XX k .. 50 XX HXXX X, SS XXX. - ?? J X X X X " .,,. .. :, 'Q fx Q X NXXNK X X N ' .X k S ' xx X K NX X .: X X , X X XF X uk X X X 1. ' - ikixcfl' X XX 2 N Y X X X X M' M Q 1 X X N X X AX N:1qrE55':'E:: X XX' -XXXX X XXX X XX www X X r S X X Q .... 1 wif X, X XL -X X I X XX X .X . :iff wx X XC X X X 'X X . 5 X MwfWW"' X X l Taking a bow at the Christmas Concert is Mr. Phillips and members of the Concert Band. CONCERTS PLAY A PART IN Concerts are a special feature at Arroyo. Throughout the year the fine arts area presents a variety of concerts to meet the enjoyment of the students. At the Fall Concert the Orchestra, Dance Band, and A Cappella Choir presented a night of enjoyable music. The traditional candle light pro- cession highlighted the Christmas Concert in which the Concert Band and A Cappella performed a night of Christmas music. On March 25, 1965, the Dance Band, in order to raise money to go to Reno, Nevada, presented the Jazz Concert, a first at Arroyo. Guest soloists were Marcia Alameida and Vikki Eschmann. During the spring the Spring Instrumental and Spring Choral Concerts were pre- sented, both presenting unusual and unfamiliar music. Mr. Harti directs the A Cappella Choir as they sing at the Christmas Concert. 5 5 1 1 E X x . 1 2 'S 4. , , Q .i S' sq ml 1 Y S V K xx ,Q W Ex xf . Ag qgmww 5 i S wi iff E Q X YS fxsx my Q A A Q X X 2 X Xlf XX 3 wwwf gggh VNEE Q3 qs' .gi- gazgii ' X Q 5 X x X X W K 1 1 1199 - N. 1 'NN S Y X Y N, .8 Q ,f' n . NQOW' "L52"xm Aww Yam , s 5. K M?.....- S Aged L u QPf'1?+f kai DANCES WERE P x Homecoming queen Star Nordstrom and her escort enjoy dancing at the Homecoming Dance. Arroyo's year of dances started with the Welcome Dance held on September 25 in the gym. The senior class was awarded the spirit jug for having the most outstanding 'Welcome '68" poster. On October 23 the annual Homecoming Dance took place. Star Nordstrom was crowned Homecom- ing queen and awarded the football from the Home- coming game. Arroyo's only masquerade dance was the Beaux Arts Ball on November 13. Couples attended the dance attired in costumes and had their picture taken by Photography Club or painted by Art Club. The Christmas Dance, "Northpole," highlighted the Christmas season. Held on December 18, the dance was a semi-formal affair. On April 23, the Victory Dance, sponsored by C.S.F., was held. As a climax to the evening, the new student body officers for 1965-66 were announced along with the yearbook queen, Jeanne Hormell. As a climax to the Fiesta on May 14, the language clubs presented a dance. The winners of the class elections were announced along with the Fiesta queen, Kris Goenner. The senior class was awarded the spirit jug for being the winning class of the Fiesta. The dances ranged from casual to formal affairs. Whatever type they were they truly played a large part in the spirit of Arroyo. l i Barbara Dennis and Tim Hart enter the Christmas Dance. ENJOYABLE AFFAIRS Pam Thomas and Denny Barron have their pictures taken by David Barker, a member of Photography Club, at the Beaux Arts Ball. Dancers Lonnie Mellberg, Tom Hudson, and Glenn Schmudde enjoy the C.S.F. Victory Dance. 97 J, Q . I T' 5 X i 22El5E1:::u xl 2 1 MXXXXN X - X M x xg. i":1' 4 X X F . ww x .:.-.5 T THE ACTORS OF TOMORROW Drama Club members "take five" between- scenes. Drama Club gives any interested stu- dent a better insight into the field of dra- matic arts and enables them to display their individual acting talents. The club works diligently at perfecting their plays. The fall play, "Stardust,,' and the spring play, "The Egg and I" were both ex- tremely successful. Other activities include several field trips to San Francisco to observe various acting techniques at different theaters. Sitting from left to right: Mary Greene, Mary Baird, Bernadette Girata, Mr, Ward CAdvisorj, Linda Saunders, Nancy Howard, Mary Wagner. Standing: Don Campion, Pete Reckas, Dave Sacrison,.Frank West, George Mangrum, Bruce Stern, Al Gerbaud, Gene Engles, Bud Eckart, Roger Foust, and Bob Munoz. Mary Baird CClaire Carterj gives her interpretation of C1eopatra's role to Mr. Bach's crazy method actors during "Stardust." DRAMATIC TALENT IS Dave Sacrison is trying to reason with Lolly Lizotte in this scene from "Stardust," This year, second year drama students presented two highly successful plays under the direction of Mr. Ward. "Stardust," presented on November 19 and 20, 1964, was about a school of crazy method actors and their overly zealous teacher, Mr. Bach. Complications arose when a broadway actress, Prudence Mason, and her best friend Claire Carter arrived on the scene. The highly successful spring play of 1965 was "The Egg and I" which was presented on March 4 and 5. It was the story of a city couple and their two teen- age daughters who tried to make a suc- cess of chicken farming. Complicating matters were a local Indian, a "manic- depressiven farmer, and a rich sophisticate with a teenage hiking group. In this comical scene from "The Egg and I," Al Gerbaud Cfhadj is trying to comfort Linda Saunders CAnnej who is clad only in a blanket. EXPRESSED THROUGH PLAYS i 1 Mr. Ward Ccenterj displays his unique gift from the cast of "The Egg and I" during curtain cull. 'lOl Sound Crew members are left to right: Mr. Hoag, J. Castle, R. Mendoca, N. Madole, R. Unternaehrer. Sound Crew is one of the most active organizations on campus. They provide sound for the ath- letic events, school dances, as- semblies, and plays. Their trade- mark is the soundcart. Stage Crew spent the year plan- ning, designing, and executing the drama 3 and 4 productions. They also worked on "Cinderella and Tizzy Twinkle," a play to be presented to elementary school children. STAGE AND SOUND CREW WORK BEHIND THE SCENES Stage Crew members are left to right: A. Wagner, M. Wilson, P. Christiansen, J. Castle, B. Munoz, S. Roe, D. Sacrison, M. Baird, B. Girate, B. Mar, B. Eckart, B. Stern. sm . f . X . t-sl. .,,, ..... s -.-. s . it t H... V Front row left to right R Baker R Cedarstrom, D. Vournas, D. Barker, K. Lumley. Back row K Luecke L Parkes J Munson J Castle. Under the guidance of Mr. Charles Runyon, members of Photography Club learned the skills of an old art. Aspects such as printing and toning of pictures, photo layout and composition, along with the functions of a camera, were covered. Throughout the year displays and con- tests were held to allow members to dis- play their finished products. PHGTOGRAPHY CLUB Club members are Cfront row, left to rightjz Nancy Foster, S heila Schneider, Chris Hildebrand, Valree Benton, Donna Barker, Dorothy Horn. fSecond rowjs Joanne Cazone, Linda Eatmon, Karen Johnson, Rita Kiger, Chris Tausheck, and Judy Souza. srtmrwunmsmsmsxwa:fs-msn sw . s m-ms mm swwmwmum svm GIRLS LEARN THE ART OF HOMEMAKING Organized ifor the purpose of bringing girls together who are interested in homemaking is the goal of the Future Homemakers of America Club The members work together to learn more about the various situations in the home. F.H.A. started a scholarship this year which was to be given to a girl who was embarking upon a Homemaking career. To earn money for the scholarship F.H.A. had cupcake sales and the ring toss booth at the Fiesta. At different meetings the girls made bird cages for decoration and popcorn balls for fun. Treasurer I.inda'Vance, secretary Sheila Schneider and president Dorothy Horn preside over an F.H.A. meeting. Linda Eatmon, Dorothy Horn and Sheila Schneider read a magazine on dress designing. 104 FBLA ENCOURAGES BUSINESS OCCUPATIGNS President Karon Thorp leads an election of officers while Mrs. Orem, advisor, writes down the order of business. Collecting and repairing toys for the toy drive, selling football programs at the games, and sponsoring a booth at the Fiesta were some of F.B.L.A.'s activities this year. Each of the projects gave the members a chance to work with others and learn basic business requirements. Future Business Leaders of America help its members in choosing occupations, learn- ing about the business world, and in gain- ing confidence for interviews. Through the meetings the club strives to develop the arts and leadership of the business world. Those interested in business occupations are: Mrs. Orem, advisor, Chris Henry, Penny Pappas, Karon Thorp, Norma Gonsalves, Karen Sands, Barbara Dennis, and Pam Lindquist. 105 l KATHY HALVERSON REPRESENTS Senior Kathy Halverson tells the student body how thrilled she is to have been chosen to participate in the William Randolph Hearst Foundation's Senate Youth Program. Kathleen Halverson, a senior at Arroyo, represented the state of California at the William Randolph Hearst Foundation's Senate Youth Program in Washington D. C. Kathy was selected on the basis of heri high school activities and scholastic record, and by a personal interview and a test on Civics. While staying at the Mayflower Hotel with the other delegates, Kathy visited Senator Kuchel and Senator Murphy's of- fices, the Pentagon and Supreme Court, the State and justice Departments, plus thel Lincoln Memorial and the Smith- sonian Institute. During the week of january 31 to February 6, the delegates held a mock joint session of Congress in the House of Representatives Chambers, and had a red carpet tour of the White House and met the President in the Diplomatic Reception Room. At the end of the week each delegate was presented with a flag, which had flown over the Capitol to give to his school. J Another memorable event of Kathy's trip was meeting Margaret Chase Smith from Maine. CALIFORNIA AT WHITE HOUSE Senator Murphy of California was one of the many distinguished speakers who the delegates were introduced to On February 5, 1965, the members of the Senate Youth Program toured the White House where they were graciously received by President johnson. 107 SLCGAN FOR SPIRIT WEEK: "HAPPINESS Seniors Steve Fanger, Gene Engles, and Jim Wales boost spirit at the noon rally. The Beachnutsg john Rodriguez, Kathy Deacon, Stan Lusk, and Don Deacon provide entertainment for the Sock Hop on January 8, 1965. 108 Eric Jacobsen, sophomore class yell lead- er, displays his enthusiasm at the Spirit Week noon rally. IS A SPIRITED SCHOOL" Star Nordstrom and her partner, Mark Valenzuela, dance to the music provided by the Beach nuts at the Spirit Week Sock Hop. This year Arroyo experienced a brand new activity-Spirit Week. The purpose of the activity was to promote school spirit, along with inter- class competition. The week began on January 4, 1965, and ended Friday, January 8 with a Sock Hop after school being the final event. During the week each class wore their respective colors: freshmen wore green on Monday, sophomores, blue on Tuesday, jun- iors, black on Wednesday and seniors wore red on Thursday. On Friday each class had a chance to promote school spirit at the noon rallies and at the Sock Hop by performing skits. 109 Freshmen Pat Quigby and Barbara Desimone pre pare to lead a yell at the noon rally held on January 8, 1965. Members of the Dry-Gulch Gazette staff are ffront row, left to rightj Sue Barker, Glenyce Hanson, Pat Davies, Terrie Foss, Bonnie Richardson, Nancy Dutcher, Sue Baumback, Kathy Halverson, Linda Hoos. CSecond rowj Dino Vournas, Sandi Swindell, Nita Worden, Yvonne Gutierrez and Paul Klass. Not pictured, Charlette Heath. DRY-GULCH GAZETTE STAFF STRIVES FUR ACCURACY Arroyo's newspaper, the Dry-Gulch Gazette, is written and edited by second year journalism students. Under the super- vision of Mrs. Powell, the staff collects the latest news on campus and proceeds to create a newspaper, though tears, head- aches and moments of frustration occur. These editions, whether the April Fools issue or the memory iilled Senior edition, are presented to the student body as ac- curately as possible every two weeks. Each issue presented represents a lot of re- search, proofreading, pasting up and time. ll0 I Fall Editor: Kathy Halverson Spring Editor: Nancy Dutcher Mrs. Powell, advisor, helps Sue Barker plan page two of the newspaper. -, - - - v,,.. .--x - M rs.srls.t tx - srt.e,r r-tttX V ewes - . , ,Y - .. , .N..,m1..,ww, MN, .AWNX X. as PUBLICATIONS STAFF 5 35 ""'Q-...,.wt..,.x ,-w""' yy h www Vikki Eschmann, senior class editor, consults with Tamara crans, copy editor, on information concerning her section. Staff members work diligently to meet their deadlines. Rose- Photographers jim Clough and Bob De Longe are amused at the results of one of their pictures. ix its six 'Q 112 PRESERVES MEMGRIES Seated left to r1ht: Carol Gloske CCurriculum Editorj, Cheri Hein CPhotography Editorj, Nancy Foster fOrga- nizations Editorj, Lynn Gundlach CBusiness Managerj, julie Fiske Cjunior Class Editorj, Debbie Lowen CSports Editorj, Sue Buchholz CActivities Editorj. Standing: Kar- rol Smith CSports Editorj, Pauline Stafne CSophomore Trying to portray the events and activi- ties of the 1964-65 school year as truth- fully as possible was the main goal of the ARROYAN staff. Working under the fine direction of Mr. T. Hart, the advisor, the staff tried to capture in one book the mind and heart and spirit of all those who made the year successful and mean- ingful. Although the staff worked under great pressure and strain in meeting the set deadlines and upholding the fine reputa- tion of producing an excellent piece of literature, they managed to bring forth new ideas and present them in th i s ARROYAN. Because of this selected group, Arroyo will remain forever deep in the hearts of those that parted, yet meet once again while reminiscing in their ARROYAN. Class Editorl, Susan Setterberg fFacu1ty Editorj, Tammy Rosecrans CCopy Editorj, Phil Besson CSports Editorj, Bob De Long CPhotographerj, Jim Clough fPhotogra- pherj, Suzellen Darden Clireshman Class Editorj, Marilyn Gates CEditor-In-Chiefj, Mr. Hart CAdvisorJ, and not pictured Vikki Eschmann CSenior Class Editorj. Editor-In-Chief Marilyn Gates confers with Mr. Hart about the pro- gress of the yearbook. m sw -f I - , wi awww-mmvmvwm --W. fwmmm x N- N .-ff aku Qs' -' - 'Pg 5, 1 ' X3 ff X' x, fi NN. W. x .xx 5.9 , ga L, S N wa x-e 'i A .w .,., .,.4 , x Q.,, . g , N,,-.E X , Q x W fi? N N 24 s " SQ Q- , 5 5 A w:M.r"., K .-ww-W M - 1 if" Q H -- X' f .NW -x Ayxw 'wry A s til Xen: G I "'- X ' tt "ji Wi" Q Qggig 5. .s , X X xx Qn., , ,Z 'N X,fs-i4- T . , -" f y . -A ' -. lf ' -, www ,x N . .X iv - W ' WAN: -J ' Y Q 'fwwv gr fx ix-xg --W ' X A 'NN QR .MNWE ' KA QF kwa, 'M I Xx- 75' N ,AFV MQW 4 . Q X -Qwrs x MA, V. xx X iw X Q A X N if G H5 Ssv f- a XO k s, as X, X Yi X ,f,, . -,:'Ski?" N my H' m,,,,.u.w'-w...,,, ,- n,,,..m4..wm,. " Mm X X X 3 X x X X QQ Q, X if 233 M- ':.,,f., X 1 3393 "H -9255:--, B- -Vx., ni , W5 x k - XXX: 'ffl 55-53535 A N A ' X, E L, f 2 -fbi in -v im' Efgsszx x 'fa V bi i xv X ax .K wi -Q -. NN if . u i-x.., . X N 5 'lg 'W , J -x f - iw.. '32 Ax? X K Qxfjii- xg - 1 W4 QA. A ww Q- . W S E WA ' .sggxw Y :H Sis s wx mi xx ex x 1. ' W 4 M87 45 I N i J 5 VARSITY PLACES N l i 1 5 l i V i i i i I J N l i N l l J Front, left to right: Mgr. R. Sargent, D. Scott, B. Currier, J. Bryant, B. Blazek, Mgr. L. Steger l Back: L. Pappas, J. Glenn, H. Spear, J. Lockard, M. Kral, C. Jones, D. Silva, J. Perry, J. Davis J Football is undoubtedly a sport for the rough and rugged. It not only involves great skill and strength but af great deal of good sportsmanship and respect for fellow players. It is a game that makes the men of tomorrow. l In football, casualties do occur. This year our team suffered a great loss due to severe injuries of Archie Hino- josa and Harold Spear which caused them both to be out fpr the remainder of the season. This season proved to be one of outstanding skill and teamwork. Arroyo lost an exciting game to Mt. Eden because of a fourth quarter punt by Mt. Eden EE make score 13-14. But in the game with Tennyson 1 e Don's spirit was brightened with the final score of 21-6, our favor and for the first time ever we played a televised game with San Lorenzo, to win 6-0. Although we lost 6-14 to our rival Castro Valley, we outplayed fhem in every respect, which means more to anyone than really winning. J This year our team was one to be proud of, and proud we were! Although we tied third with San Lorenzo in the Hayward Area Athletic League, with 4 wins and 3 losses, but boys showed the. strength, skill, speed and good tim- ing that make them an excellent football team, the team that represented us, Arroyo High. Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo SCORES . . . ..... Vallejo 0 ...Hayward20 . . . ..... Mt. Eden 14 . . . ...... Tennyson 7 . . . . . . . Canyon Valley 0 . . . ......... Sunset 6 . . . .... San Lorenzo 0 6 .... Castro Valley 14 THIRD IN H. A. A. L. G. Cardoza, I.. Trumbo, T. jackson, D. Dzubur, L. Sees, D. Brill, G. Bobo, E. Martinez, J. Wales, B. Karen, G. Ellinger, R. Dailey, M. Whittley, J. Hardy, R. Knowlden. H.A.A.L. STANDINGS W Castro Valley . . . . . . 7 Mt. Eden ..... .... 6 Arroyo ....... .... 4 San Lorenzo 4 Tennyson 5 Sunset ..... .... 2 Hayward . . . . . . 2 Canyon .... ,... 2 Coach Oden Coach Gastineau 117 Gene Cardoza Honorable Mention Defense Cendj Greg Ellinger Honorable Mention Defense Ctacklej jerry Glenn Honorable Mention Offense Cquarterbackj Captain Dave Dzubur Defensive Player of the Year 1st Team Offense Cguardj lst Team Defense Ctacklej jerry Hardy Honorable Mention Defense Clinebackerj jim Lockard Honorable Mention Offense Chalfbackj VARSITY DoNs WIN HONORS Captain Bill Blazek Most Valuable l Offensive Player of the Year 2nd Team Defense Clinebackerj lst Team Offense Cfullbackj Les Pappas Most Improved 118 jim Perry lst Team Defense Chalfbackj 2nd Team Offense Cendj Larry Trumbo 2nd Team Offense Ctacklej George Bobo Honorable Mention Offense Ccen terj Tom Jackson, Mike Whittley and Dave Dzubur get last min- ute instructions before going on the fleld. GRIDIRON ACTION Rob Daily C841 reaches for a pass t hrown by jerry Glenn as a Sunset tackler closes in. v 119 VARSITY FGOTBALL IN ACr1oN i i Jim Lockard C401 powers his way through tacklers in the game against Hayward High. Bill Blazek C331 cuts to the outside behind a crushing Jerry Glenn hands off to Mike Whittley C101 as Sunset tacklerus close in. block on Sunset by Mike Whittley. jerry Glenn C115 skirts the right end on a rollout and goes all the way to Canyon's five yard line. 'ww 'E INN win? jim Lockard blocks our a Monarch player as Mike Whittley CIOJ, the ball carrier, charges upfield. jim Perry f80J skirtsj Jerry Glenn C111 carries the ball for a gain in the game against Tennyson High. ' X X S N xx 1' 'Q Ns WN Nw! if ,, ,L 1- X f 3 E Q S r S 8 4 Sag . ix ,.,. , if waxy .,., N Q vbi' Nw , N- M K 5 N, WK QR x 'Nr' Q SR ,X- ,N X dk - S. xx X NX, X s X E ' x i w X Mfg X w Av XM .J,,: Q X QS- x , .x N xww WK Nw X ' QS X 3 m Q ---'- ww 1 Q X X ? N X :,,,. ,': wb h X xx B X Q Coach Golenor Coach Hubert ss Castro Valley M Te Ar Su 21' Ina .... nnyson royo . IISCY . Mt. Eden . Ha Sa Ca ard .. Lorenzo . myon . . 5. .1::'7:' 5 1 . Nfl.. 1032: . Q Q Q vaaa ,, L '- a N .Q ' Nm .vs- N . ' .x ,,,. . .. .p,. U 52... IOR VARSITY - 66 . X.. . wr. :' - W L T . . . . 7 0 1 . . . . 6 1 1 4 1 3 4 3 0 3 2 2 3 5 2 2 6 0 . . . 1 6 1 0 8 0 zgzl ..:: -I ' ,::. s aa a . .A .4 , - E F zi- i I - , Q ' Row 1: T. Lewis, G. Know, C. Leffler, P. Brown, S. Agli- B. Vo cks, S. Spear, L. Oftedahl, F. Freitas, D ano, L. Bobo, C. Oliver, C. Marsh, J. Dailey, C. Ward. M. Fer eira, M. Curlett, R. Taylor, K. Metzler. Back Row 2: Coach Hubert, C. Acuff, M. Rowe, T. Gerton, Coach Golenor, G. Jordon, P. Collins, B. Linda, R. l 124 FOURTH PLACE H. A. A. L. w Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Hayward 6 Tennyson 26 Marina 26 Mt. Eden 7 San Lorenzo 0 Canyon 0 Castro Valley 19 Cancelled. .Sunset .Q- S ta r' -. s A-- 5 QNX Y NN N23 N X ,X t B, . N I Q. .. ' . we X ss sf. X A 5 mf. E N . .N . --ss: 5. J -. s , w N N x X xx -X--E., ,Q 1..g-- xi - .1 - ..-.- ,, ...Q swat, . X N t D n unn, D. Scott, M. Garello, P. Barry, P. Croyle, A. 2.5. Arroyo's junior Varsity Football team proved them- selves to be a hard-fighting team this year by placing fourth in the Hayward Area Athletic League. Under the fine coaching of Coaches Golenor and Hubert the team finished the season with 4 wins and 5 losses in league play. After whipping Hayward High 19-6, the J. V. team played Marina High for the first time. They were defeated 26-0. But with a fine show of drive and determination, the Dons then defeated San Lorenzo and Canyon, 27-0 and 6-0, respectively. Phil Croyle and Bob Linda shared the honor of captain, Pat Barry was elected' most improved, and Chris Ward was chosen most valuable. Phil Croyle Bob Linda Captain Captain Chris Ward Pat Barry Most Valuable MOS! ImP1'0Ved 'I25 FROSH PH FOOTBALL TAKES Ty Smith Phil Weston T Captain Most aluable Dan Chedester Jerry Phillips Most Valuable Most Improved W L T Castro Valley . . . . . 8 0 0 Canyon .... . . . 4 2 2 Mt.Eden... ...S 3 0 Tennyson . . . . . 4 3 1 Marina .... p . . . 3 4 1 Arroyo . . . . . 3 4 0 Sunset . . . . . 3 4 0 Hayward ..... . . . 3 5 0 San Lorenzo . . . . . . 0 8 0 Frosh-Soph Football is sometimes not thought of as important as the other teams, but since it furnishes most of the junior Varsity and Varsity players it plays a very important part in the sports program. Coaches Barbier and Orognen coached the team this year to take a sixtli place in the Hayward Area Athletic League. Captains Were Joe August and Ty Smith. Phil Weston and Dan Chedester were elected most valuable and Larry Phillips yvas chosen most improved. 126 Top Row: G. Phillips, M. Benz, D. M. Reece, J. Mann, S. Bailey, D. Second row: C. Dithomas, Coach D. Chedester, B. Connroy, C. Dutton, P son, T. Smith, L. McDonald, C. Hill, A. SIXTH Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo PLACE IN H. A. A. L. 7. .. ...Hayward 0 19. . . . . .Tennyson 7 14 ........ Marina 0 7... ...Mt. Eden 13 , 14. . . . .San Lorenzo 7 Coach Barbler 6... ...Canyon 7 6. . . . . .Castro Valley 23 . . . Cancel1ed+Sunset Coach Orognen B. Ston row: S. Lewis, S. Owen, K. Sardaro, M. Crefser, R. P. Weston, M. Hunsucker, R. Stone, M. Souza, e, J. August, Coach Barbier, J. R. Kernodle, S. Rodriques, D. Habib, L. Ben- dex, P. Miller, J. Halverson, R. Rinna, D. Til- Jones, A. Halversen, J. Thorne, ley, G. Bender, M. Jaramello. 127 VARSITY CROSS CCUNTRY Coach Ryan After placing fifth in the Hayward Area Ath- letic League, this year's Varsity Cross Country team went on only four days later to be the sec- ond highest finisher from the H.A.A.L. at the North Coast Section meet? Tennyson, the league champion, placed higher. During the season Mike Lisowski, the most outstanding and valuable runner of the team, placed third in the League meet and was an all- league selection. Paul Klass was elected captain and Steve Garner most improved. Top Row: D. Bishop, S. Reeves, L. Ybarra, J. MacAlister, L. Gundell, J. Hall, Front Row: R Hartley, M. Lisowski, B. Bale, T. Maginnis, S. Garner, R. Garcia, Not Pictured: R. Leamen, J Allison, P. Klass, B. Mortimer, R. Yoder, M. Corcoran. 128 Arroyo and Mt. Eden Varsity Cross Country runners line up at the starting line. Paul Klass Mike Lisowski Captain Most Valuable 129 Steve Garner Most Improved xx' x, X - - fi -in I. K E 1 . K . ' ' N , 1 . e Mike Lisowski runs hard on his heels to finish 2nd place at the H.A.A.L. meet. Members of Varsity Cross Country practice f9r perfection . 130 J. V. CROSSCCOUNTRY FRONT ROW: Gary French,-Bob Riva, Rich Hartley, John Hosino, Mike Hensley, Lou Gun- dell, Chris Addison, Randy Hughey, Bob Glocksen. BACK ROW: Randy Knowles, Rich Beale, Al Borgo, Mike McFunk, Tim Maginnis, Jim Hall, Keith Moore, Ed Damgen, Rich Struempf. FROSH-SOPH CROSS COUNTRY FRONT ROW: Chuck Gerton, Tom Contreras, Chris Priddis, Bob MacLean, Russ Hepworth, Ken Lisowski, Ralph Leaman. BACK ROW: Mike Pelley, Gary Hoos, John Taylor, Larry Ferguson. 131 VARSITY BASKETS Left to right: Mgr. J. Clapper, D. Bastin, M. Whittley, S. Desimone, G. Bobo R Dailey J. Stevenson, B. Ralston, C. Halpern, T. Hudson, B. Karen, j. Glenn, P. Tavares Coach McCaslin. Coach McCaslin ARROYO ARROYO ARROYO ARROYO ARROYO ARROYO ARROYO ARROYO ARROYO ARROYO ARROYO ARROYO ARROYO ARROYO 132 SCORES CANYON MT. EDEN HAYWARD CASTRO VALLEY SUNSET SAN LORENZO TENNYSON CANYON MT. EDEN HAYWARD CASTRO VALLEY SUNSET SAN LORENZO TENNYSON THIRD IN H. A. A. L. This was the year of setting records for the Varsity Basketball Team. The team proved to be the highest scoring team in the history of Arroyo. They broke the H.A.A.L. record of 86 points made in one game to 94 points in the Sunset game. It was at this game that Bruce Ralston broke his school record of 50 points made in one game to 32. Throughout the year the games were played with skill and determination and the team placed 3rd in H.A.A.L. Bruce Ralston averaged 17 9f23 points per game for the full season while Rob Dailey made a total of 273 rebounds. Jerry Stevenson and Rob Dailey made 2nd Team All League and Bruce Ralston and Steve Desimone acquired honorable mentions. The team elected Rob Dailey captain and most improved and jerry Stevenson most valuable. Four out of the five start- ing men will return next year. Rob Dailey jerry Stevenson Captain and Most Improved Most Valuable 133 DONS BREAK H. A. A. L. RECORD WITH A 94 PQINT GAME Paul Tavares 4312 goes in for a lay-up with Bruce Ralston 324, Rob Dailey 9551 and Steve Desimone 313 ready to re-bound. Steve Desimone if13 dribbles around an opponent as jerry Stevenson tries to screen. Qsw IV. CAGERS CAPTURE SECGND IN H A A L Left to right: J. Gideon, T. Elliott, T. Dunn, R Hood M LlSOWSkl S Bossr W Johnson R. Butler, L. Pagani, G. Carlson, D. Scott, B. Linda J Darley S C O R E S Arroyo 57 ................ Marina Arroyo 58 ................ Canyon Arroyo 43 ................ Mt. Eden Arroyo 40 ................ Hayward Arroyo 45 .... ........... C astro Valley Arroyo 57 ................ Sunset Arroyo 78 .... . . . . .... San Lorenzo Arroyo 72 ................ Marina Arroyo 53 ................ Tennyson Arroyo 5 1 .... ..... ..... C a nyon Arroyo 66 ................ Mt. Eden Arroyo 62 .... ........ H ayward Arroyo 64 .......... ..... C astro Valley Arroyo 73 ........... .... S unset Arroyo 65 ........... .... S an Lorenzo Arroyo 45 ...... ..... . . .Tennyson 13 6 1 if NN x X . X X X X x s T ,A XX Q X :V X X X Qt X N WN if 5 Q H Na+ XXX XX X gr N X xx ix X S X X X X -X , Q x X i 1' XX? 2 Nl N I 5, 1 . SS xx Q X .. Y Q13 F Q X N, If i . """"'-W--.f., Nwmwwww NQQ. N x , XX w .Q 1 S x X x 5 S X Q S H is QW Y if 1' Q 1 5 Q ,.: , .,i-k, ...:, 1 .-.. Q ew ' we-... s ' """ My , S X S XSQX IR 'X 5 5 X Q SX X , 'wr' x X NX if ' ,LQ X551 xx- - W l Eg fx A N Nw: 1: Rimes E Q X N331 Q XXX? 't-Q FS 1- ssf: ' me X1 ix 2 N ps. 5 Q. X fa 3.M..N .kb . ""' ...Q-. N -. , 5:3 ig- .- ..: .-... ., www k gum "B" TEAM BUILDS SKILL Bottom row, left to right: C. DiThomas, D. Liotta, S. Clark, M. Hunsucker. Top row: Mr. Sloan, Mr. Mueller, R. Ralston, P. Bono. Arroyo's Frosh-Soph Basketball Team compiled a record of 3 wins and ,-13 losses. Although the team came out on the bottom this year, all of the boys put forth a great deal of effort. , This year the team had a height disadvantage in compar- ison to most of the squads from other schools. Some of the boys who showed promise as future varsity players were Ron Ralston, Craig DiThomas and Phil Weston. Leading the team as captain this year was Phil Bono, with Ron Ralston, as most valuable, and Scott Clark, most improved. Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Marina Canyon Mt Eden Hayward Castro Valley San Lorenzo Marina Tennyson Canyon Mt Eden Hayward Castro Valley Sunset San Lorenzo Tennyson S C O R E S 36 ............ ' 42 39 ............ 29 32 ............ . 39 37 ............ 45 31 ............ 41 Arroyo 34 ............ Sunset 53 . 40 ......... , . . 41 . 45 ............ ' 46 46 ............ 39 57 39 38 . 51 35 59 45 66 48 60 58 62 35 65 AND SPORTSMANSHIP Phil Weston attempts a shot over the hand of a Tennyson player. , Mike Mueller attempts to get the ball away from a Sunset player. Scott Henderson scores two points against San Lorenzo with Phil Weston and Ron Ralston ready to follow up. Craig DiThomas shoots against San Lorenzo. "C" BASKETBALL TIED FOR FIFTH IN H. A. A. L. Coach McCaslin S C O R E S Arroyo 16 ...... Hayward 25 Arroyo 45 ...... Canyon 41 Arroyo 53 ...... Marina 21 Arroyo 31 ...... San Lorenzo 26 Arroyo 27 ...... Mt. Eden 28 Arroyo 36 ...... Tennyson 43 Arroyo 51 ...... Castro Valley 33 Arroyo 26 ...... Sunset 44 joe Russell Captain Tom Elliott Most Valuable Mike Ross Most Improved Bob Tella Most Improved Front row, left to right: V. Castellano, M. Ross, T. Elliott. Back row: J. Russell, B. Tella, T. Whitheld, R. Ralston, 1. Sewell. 140 "D" BASKETBALL PLACES SEVENTH IN H. A. A. L First row, left to right: S. Englebretson, B. Harry, M. Murphy, B. Heckman, P. Bono, J. Allen, D Granum Saunders, B. Ullom, T. Contreras, J. Talbott, M. Carr, P. Third row: J. Clapper, P. Sanders, T. Teigen, T Vmson Gilbert. Second row: J. Fern, M. Altieri, J. Thompson, L. D. Branaugh, J. Carey, J. Allen, T. McKone. Coach McCaslin Steve Englebretson Most Valuable Most Improved Jeff Fern Captain Dan Branaugh Most Valuable Most Improved Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo SCORES .........4.Hayward ....Canyon . . . .Marina . . . . . . .San Lorenzo ....Mt.Eden ....Tennyson ....Castro Valley ....Sunset VARSITY MATMEN COMPETEA IN MANY ToURNAMENTs Varsity wrestling maintained a dual rec- ord of 3 wins, 6 losses, and 1 tie this year. The team took sixth place in H.A. A.L.g sixth in N.C.S.g fourth in the N.C.I. state tournament and second in the San Lorenzo Area Tournament. Ray Trujillo finished second this year in the state -. su championship and ended his fourth year of wrestlingjwith a grand total of 87 wins and 16 losses. Ray and Jeff Fern both placed second at the N.C.I. state tourna- ment. Jeff will return next year to lead the team. M - Front left to right: M. Saunders, E. Torres, R. Trujillo, J. B. Mardar, C. Schuerman, R. Wilson, B. Martin, M G R Fern B Forsyth, B. Tella, G. Shippie, W. Bishop, J. S. Jones. Third row: Coach Barbier, B. Perry, G Engles Rodrigues. Second row: J. Lillie, J. Carothers, R. Lumley, R. McGregor, S. Matthews, B. Rusk, L. Trumbo Coach Barbier S C O R E S Arroyo 17 Fremont Arroyo 14 College Park Arroyo 29 Clayton Valley Arroyo 23 Canyon Arroyo 8 Mt. Eden Arroyo 15 Castro Valley Arroyo 26 Hayward Arroyo 16 San Lorenzo Arroyo 27 A Sunset Arroyo 24 Tennyson 142 31 35 20 26 44 38 23 34 21 24 . , - . L ,X gr , w, jerry Lillie Jeff Fern Ray Trujillo Co-captain Co-captain Most Valuable Smsef W Bob Tella Most Improved Bruce Martin Most Improved Larry Trumbo of Arroyo does a dou- ble leg take-down on Bob Leland of Hayward. Larry went on to win and help insure a iirst-ever-victory over Hayward. 143 Q 5 5 N :ss-Qssw S1 iff-15 sw Vx vw , QFSgxSwS3Rv X X V XX ww X 1-X.jXS'f X X E 'NNQQFSSX AX, - 6 .' RE S SEQ , X :-16 awww. , S Q X X ' 'S A 3 X Tx N. , E? N 9 K' N fir gilswx 4? ws hw X ' N23 X NIM gwfmgxwmw vxgx 9 X Q A S S X X W ,. N ' x 5 x . X .WW QR gy. wswxswfm W X..xXA Y X X , .,..l:. N -. N i wx Q.-w.m..X.m Mmm wwmxx wmmmwgmun-mmwrxfw JUNIOR VARSITY WRESTLING Arroyo 22 Fremont 27 Arroyo 27 Clayton Valley 25 Arroyo 24 College Park 27 Arroyo 26 Canyon 22 Arroyo 26 Mt. Eden 50 Arroyo 11 Castro Valley 59 Arroyo 18 Hayward 33 Arroyo 26 Marina 17 Arroyo 33 Sunset 16 Arroyo 17 San Lorenzo 26 junior Varsity wrestling is designed to provide the novice wrestler with the necessary experience to participate on the Varsity level. This year Arroyo started out with a strong sophomore J.V. team but many of the boys had to move up to the varsity Coach Barbier level to fill vacancies. Consequently the J.V. team suffered the losses. The team finished the season with four wins and six losses. Mike Whitehead was elected captaing Bill Currier, most valuable, and Vic Castellano, most improved. Top row: D. Thompson, J. Talbett, L. Murphy, R. Hughey, Stone, M. Whitehead, B. Currier, K. Metzler, D. Vincent, C. Addison, S. Agliano, D. Tilley, E. Williams, C. Jones, J. Wilcox, Front row: M. Carr, M. Curlett, L. Bobo, T. Coach Barbier, Middle row: M. White, H. DePoe, B. Lewis, V. Castellano, R. Lewis 7 First row: left to right: Frank Angelo, Bard Madsen, Paul Tavares, Lew Grace, Bruce Mardor, Robert Dithomas. Second row: Manager George Mangrum, Greg Shippie, Chris Ward, Dave Silva, jim Perry, Steve Cervone, Rick Sargent. Third row: Coach Thornock, Carey Jones, Tom Hudson, Steve Desimone, Gary Fulton, Jerry Stevenson. Coach Thornock VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM CAPTURES BATTING CROWN Dons have captured the batting crown for the fourth straight year with a 252 average. The season was quite poor, but mainly due to the fact that the ball club was young. According to Coach Thornock, plenty of hard work and drive will win the championship next year. Seniors on the team were Tom Hudson, Carey Jones, Bard Madsen, jim Perry, Rick Sargent, Greg Shippie and George Mangrum, manager. The team elected Jim Perry as Captain, Carey jones, Most Valuable, and Chris Ward as Most Improved. Coach Thornock revealed that captain jim Perry played every position except pitcher in the last two years, and played them well. 146 Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo 2 .... 3 .... O .... 10 ..... 6 ..... 1 ..... 4 ..... Mt. Eden Castro Valley Sunset Canyon Tennyson Hayward San Lorenzo SCORES 3 2 6 5 4 2 2 Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Arroyo Mt. Eden Castro Valley Sunset Canyon Tennyson Hayward San Lorenzo James Perry Captain Jerry Stevenson pitches a fast practice ball. Chris Ward Most Improved 14 Carey Jones Most Valuable VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM S S Sw Dave Silva C583 slides home to make the score 6-1 at the Arroyo-Canyon game. 148 A WAS YOUNG AND HARDWORKING Carey jones C640 takes a hard swing to put a man on second in the Sunset game. Paul Tavares gets ready to fire a pitch to a Falcon batter. , Jim Perry slams a base hit to bring in a run for Arroyo at the Sunset game. 149 VARSITY MEN IN ACTION Another run comes in for Arroyo as Bob Katen crosses the plate. plate. Determination is shown as Steve Desimone swings the bat for Arroyo. Paul Tavares delivers another pitch across the l Frank Angelo makes it to first for a single. Bard Madsen gets a hit for Arroyo at the Sequoia game. 151 W........,-I N ,W l X 1 l 1 J.V. BASEBALL TEAM LOOKS PRCMISING 1 r t ' s 1 , l : Q 1 1 5 1 M new 1.37. baseball players standing in back row are: Coach Schulmeyer, Tim Whiti ld, John Ger- ra ' Messlback, Steven Bossi, Richard Burrus, Randy Hughey, Mark Row , and Michael Wiliiamsg sitting in front row are: Joe August, Dave Bailey, Carl Marsh, To Elliot, Mike Ferreira, Tom Tiegen, Jim Sewell, Tom Dunn, and Dan Henderson. Mr. Schulmeyer served as the baseball coach for the J.V. boys during the 1964-65 season. Together the team accumulated a 7 win-9 loss record in H.A.A.L. baseball league competition. The boys voted Tom Elliot as Captain, and awarded the "Most Valuable" title to Don Dunn. The "Most Improved" title was awarded to Tom Tiegen. . S C O R E S S . Arroyo Opponent 1 7 ..... .... M t. Eden 6 0 ..... .... C astro Valley 2 3 ..... .... S unset 6 t 9 ..... ..,. C anyon 8 1 ..... .... C astro Valley 2 l 1 ..... .... S unset 2 y 8 ..... .... T ennyson 3 2 ..... .... 5 0 ..... .... lil Zllllfd 2 Coach schulmevef p 6 ..... .... S an Lorenzo 2 3 ..... .... M t. Eden 4 p 10 ..... .... C anyon 4 1 2 ..... .... T ennyson 1 l 0 ..... .... H ayward 4 l 4 ..... .... S an Lorenzo 3 l 1. . . .... Marina 6 I 52 l ,,xx X A A rl .wiki-w.f . N- . N' Arroyo man Tom Dunn waits patiently at first base for the return of the ball while a Marina runner nears the base. Jim Sewell hustles safely to flrst base. Arroyo's first baseman makes an easy out on a Marina runner durixx the Marina-Arroyo game. . g ri 153 ARROYO'S FRGSH-SOPH TEAM BUILDS Arroyo's Frosh-Soph team includes: standing, back row, left left to right: Steven Alworth, Craig D1Thomas Shawn to right: Coach Sloan, Gary Lopez, Rich Lewis, Wayne Owen, Ron Rinna, Jack.Wilcox, Gordy Nickle Scott Clark Baumback, Mark Winnas, Pat Loushin, Robin Hood, Rick Larry Ferguson, and Mike Hunsucker Kernodle, Dan Liotta, and jim Thorne, seated, front row, Mr. Sloan, the Frosh-Soph Baseball coach, led the Don ball players through the 1964-65 season. The team ended up with a record of 7 wins--9 losses which put them in 6th place in H.A.A.L. league standings. Mark Winnas pitched a no- hitter and jack Wilcox proved' to be an excellent hitter. The team honored Phil Bono by electing him the team captain and most valuable player. Scott Clark was elected the most improved player. Coach Sloan TOWARD VARSITY LEVEL Arroyo 3.. 3.. 5.. 1.. O.. 2.. 0... 3.. 7 .... .... 6.. 6 .... 15 .... 5.. 1 .... .... 4.. 4.. SCORES Opponent Mt. Eden Castro Valley Sunset Canyon Tennyson Hayward Marina San Lorenzo Mt. Eden Castro Valley Sunset Canyon Tennyson Hayward San Lorenzo Marina . OSX - M ,, fs xx wr ,Me- W ' 2191 sv , N, First baseman stands ready for the ball Arroyo men ready themselves for action at the Arroyo-Marina game. 1 .. ,runs-s ww.-X. - V- -Y. .Jw l - . s ft if rr. C a,,.s1t,s .r., M . .Q Q-vs .mxwmzr .. x, A..r1-as .,,. at ,ssh mm-Y nw. N W. tr 4.-:.s.yN:,m,,ragrsvrsf-1-.meluzwgrfsmvfxseef-cvcmfwfxgsw Y.-rswssfgs'fwgemmm VARSITY TRACK Arroyo's 1965 Varsity Track team ended the season on a high note by successfully defending their H.A.A.L. Varsity Track crown. This was the third Varsity Track title in five years for Arroyo. In league competition the Dons won nine games and lost two. Only one of the losses was within the league, this was Arroyo's second loss within the league since the foundation of the Hayward Area Athletic League five years ago. Jim Lockard and Dave Dzubur honored Arroyo by going to the state meet this year at Bakersfield. Seniors Dave Dzubur, Jerry Glenn, Gary Hughes, Jim Lockard, and junior Mike Lisowski set school records. Coach Ryan Back Row, left to right: D. Brill, W. Arnold, G. Carlson, J. Allison, D. Bastian, G. Know, D. Susoeff, J. Davis, B. Rusk, M. Hensley,-J. Maginnis. Fourth Row, left to right: M. Curett, M. Garello, LW Gundell, J. Souza, J. Glenn, B. Bloxham, P. Klass, J. Cerini, R. Leamen. Third Row, left to right: P. Barry, S. Acheson, C. Helpern, R. Lange, G. Car- doza, D. Dzubur, J. Hardy, T. Lewis, M. Lisowski, J. Clap- ,.....Q,,. Q as is Q .. E.,'. : 3 5 ','v Q K Z S R per, N. Madole. Second Row, left to right: D. Edwards, L. Pagni, R. Butler, M. Corcoran, M. Kral, B. Currier, H. Spear, B. Thompson, B. MacLean, D. Bogue. Front Row, left to right: J. Lockard, R. Taylor, J. Wales, P. Desimone, R Dailey, B. Bale, S. Reeves, S. Scott, S. Spear, G. Hughes, L. Westcott, R. Wadsworth. DEFENDS CHAMPIGNSHIP jim Lockard Dave Dzubur Jerry Glenn Track Captain Field Captain Most Improved Most Valuable r jerry Glenn practices before a track meet. 157 DETERMI ATIQ MAKES CHAMPIGNS N Sophomore Dan Bogue warms up for a long put. swxw Y 2' -5: :s. 3 ' , X qwli- 3 . M .NQNM i IWQQYWWWMXWMX wi , . A Q W mm og vw Q mu X.. Q . xo X Xxx? .o.k H A N -X.. W. ' fwxwiwmww Pat Desimone goes high to execute a successful vault. jim Lockard literally flies over the hurdles at the Alameda meet 159 "B" TRACK TEAM TAKES FCURTH PLACE IN H A A L Front row, left to right: A. Acker, R. Hartley, A. Halverson, L. Grundell, L. Bobo, P. Brown, J. MacAlister, L. O'Banion, R. Garcia. Middle row: G. Carrello, P. Weston, R. Taylor, J. Knobles, J. Maresch, J. Agleano, E. Damgen, R. Ralston. Back row: A. Borgo, M. Reese. M. Robertson, S. Grebbs, P. Levakis, M. White, D. Russo, M. Anderson. Arroyo's 1965 "B" Track team took fourth place in H.A.A.L. In meet competition the team won seven games and lost four. Bob Tella was elected captain and most val- uable. Bob set a low hurdle record and won the league title in the high hurdle and low hurdles. Other important team members were Louie Bobo, at the shot put, Jeff Fern, hurdles and pole vault, Phil Wes- ton, pole vault and broad jumpg and Phil Brown, hurdles and discus. This year the team was young but productive. In rough competition they demonstrated great skill and sportsman- ship. 160 Coach Ryan FRGSH-SOPH TRACK TEAM ACQUIRES SKILL Coach Orognen Under the guidance of Coach Orognen the Frosh-Soph Track team learned the skills needed to become a Varsity track man. The team was young but the boys showed great ambition and the sportsmanship necessary for fair play. The boys matched their skill to the other Frosh-Soph teams in the district and came out on top to help support the good standing of Arroyo High School. Front Row, left to right: Russ Hepworth, Mike Cretser, Dave Hans, Mike Siedell, Gary Hoos, Steve Pelley. Back Row: Rick Harischou, Chuck Gerton, Chris Preddis, Don Haberman, Mel Benz, Jim Mann. 161 VARSITY SWIMMERS tw iQE5.3iti is attest ., Top row, left to right: Coach Oden, L. Steger, B. Bordeaux, B. Colletti, B. Hatteroth. G. Ellinger, R. Lusareta, J. Hall, B. Kowalewski, B. Dunn, S. Fanger, G. Bobo, D. Field, C. Oliver, B. Riva, B. Colletti, B. jablonski. Bottom row, left to right: R. Beal, B. Martin, j. Casey, K. Moore, J. Shiline, C. Brotherton, G. Walters, D. Extine, D. Bishop, J. Foss, G. Sheline. l Arroyo's Varsity Swim Team showed remarkable improvement this year by plac- ing fifth in competition with o t h e r schools. The team this year was led by captain Steve Fanger, who was also most valuable. Voted most improved was fresh- man Bill Stone. 162 E PLU GE TO FIFTH PLACE E 1 X X X Q Coach Oden 1 X Steve Fanger Bill Stone Captain Most Improved Most Valuable Varsity swimmers compete in a meet against Canyon. 1 wwxwwQxs'eQ-w ,- am vwmmmmwwm-xv Maw.: A-mwwmm A-xxiwvaawwaix wmwwmwwwwam af -as C- . - xw:.imw,aw X fXm..V- :Q W .N-awwwwawwmw i w-in I I I 1 I I I I john Foss is far ahead in a league meet as he executes the butterfly stroke. VARSITY SWIMMERS IN ACTION 164 l Steve Fanger practices for the H.A.A.L. meet. "Bw SWIMMING PLACES SECOND IN H.A.A.L. Keith Moore Captain Don Field Most Valuable Coach Oden "B" Swimming team, trained by Coach Oden, ended the season with a record of flve wins and two losses to place second in the Hayward Area Athletic League. Keith Moore was elected Captain, Don Field, Most Valuableg and Bob Heckman, Most Improved. Bob Heckman Most Improved nf-e Q39 li C QQSQ. SQ . I . ivgj reggi E Li WP? 1 i t s t tt C r C , rt i N if X 5 as f liste? I QSSFFQ so 'lr ig I ., I 5 D Qi Q I , . wggigr r E Front Row, left to right: J. Hummel, Mr. Carr, D. Cuthill, R. McAnulty, D. Taylor, B. Heck man, J. Griffith. Back Row, left to right: Coach Oden, J. Kunze, J. Allen, H. Johnston, E Jacobsen, J. Sadowski, G. Hammerson, R. Cederstrom, J. Allen, D. Wforcester, D. Horner. 165 l A TENNIS TEAM PLACES THIRDIN H.A.A.L. First Round Arroyo 6. . . . .V ...... Mt. Eden 1 Arroyo 3. . . ..... Castro Valley 4 Arroyo 2. . . ..... Sunset 5 Arroyo 6. . . ..... Canyon 1 Arroyo 6. . . ..... Tennyson 1 Arroyo 3. . . ..... Hayward 4 Arroyo 6 ............. San Lorenzo 1 Second Round Arroyo 6 ....... y ...... Mt. Eden 1 Arroyo 5 .... ..... C astro Valley 2 Arroyo 4 .... ..... S unset 3 1 Arroyo 6 .... ..... C anyon 1 . Arro o 6 .... ..... T enn son 1 Coach Comms' Arroyo 5 .... .... H ayvglard 2 Arroyo 0 .... .... S an Lorenzo 7 Although the Varsity Tennis Team started out the Hayward Area Athletic League. Paul Steele the season slow, at the end of the first round of proved to be the most consistant winner with a 12 play their record was 3 wins and 4 losses. However, win, 2 loss record. jim Byrd was elected captain, the team received thel competitive experience they Dennis Argyres most valuable, and Steve Maine were lacking and came back to win six straight most improved. matches in the second round, ending up third in Top row, left to right: Mr. Collins, P. Steele, R. Bingamin, Ef Kandler, T. Kish, L. Baker, B. Britton, V. Castellano, G. Davis, L. Fox. Front row: L. Osfsky, B. Fischer, P. Dixon, J. Bunin, D. Argyres, J. Byrd, S. Taylor, S. Maine, R. Munson. 166 Dennis Argyres returns the last serve to win the match against a Hayward player. jim Byrd Captain Dennis Argyres Steve Maine Most Valuable Most Improved l67 .www ., Q. '1'.iz'i. Q55 '5 Xfvff.. . 3'?'EYJ1M5Q- - . .gg 11. ,. fr-,'FxQm . .. . 1, .'.'2?1"J.-v'Au.v R .. X X .X -A-q6.Q3QiQ1X4':-x,s.S5x.'A. N .- ,ig-:.gxx..x,3.x N gy 4- -f , A ' .X 111111 ' . .-.xgx - X X X ' . X- X-5115 b. QNSEES-. 1 , x P Q11 . - N , 6 K - 5, .T Q XS::iQ45v:::K , K ,. mx. , X Vx MQEXZEQ : X V R -3-aw-QW - .W . MIG- Y Aff.-iazifi KQK3gf,fN3?+5gw'g. 1. gf, as :ga-' 2 . X A Wx M X 4112" Yvtb, J . . 1-,cw-W Q -JN iqx-wgm mg. wigs. X' Q N .'I riiirl ' QN'1x:.i.fi3T gal-X yr.,--'f :Q 91343 - 't , X .. X A 3"','-'YNLw, - X .,.,. X ,.x,. X., .. Uxgw.-.iY'v. . -p,e:Q,Q3g,Km QM, . ,... .HWX W. .J Mk.:iQ.kx,g .X X.-xg .s , xx . , . wr Ma . X E2 A :mmap VC- x ' xg-www '- 4 .5.,g5,, Q- ,-XR., .wx XX X X Q' .X N Y Q X 5 KQV ,.,. xx 335. if 5 iw, Rf? W at QW Q W -. ,A x Q Q , J.-: eg . Gsgay mfrlkgq. . ipgvriiz-'.,ff:.T -hgfqi vkxefhi f" 9' 'V - 1-:XT-WQQ . :H X ,N-mx: Q L A gi. X xi' ggi: X . M vw. X., L. l k Svfa, 1 AXA 'X 1 gg KX " X - ww " ' X + G' EA-Fil' , K .Q-.5 Q .. . w-ff: Q img --Q-we gym 'rt 3135.3 .gp gi 15,9 A: . Q.- - 5.N...f.Q . . . . X . . fx NN..-hx X X X X X '5.,M.,...w . . - - -ASX EQSXQZ wx X ,N-,x."W b , W .Www 21165 vw, ..Q2?f?'X M . 2 ' -'K X-2 5,wv'vve--'M-2-' - . ' . V, 13 ,N . V w Q v WK 4 NN, S635 Y SS XS N wax Mi NNW mmm R wxW+Q?GvX 3 3 N Q FRESHMEN f 1 F Fall President - Robin Hood Vice President and Spring President - Phil Sanders Secretary - Susan Poletti Treasurer - John Tailor Vice President Phil Sanders cleans Arroyo's seal during the first annual freshman officers initiation. OFFICERS AND COUNCIL On September 11, 1965, the Class of '68 viewed Arroyo while at Orientation Day. Soon afterwards class council elected temporary ofiicers and on November 12 an assembly was held for the fresh- men so they could hear the speeches of those seek- ing class offices. The first oliicial duty of the newly elected freshman ofiicers was that of polishing of school seal, a new tradition. Throughout the year class council worked end- lessly on Spirit Week, the freshman booth for the fiesta, and on 068,000 Leagues Under the Sea," the freshman dance. On March 11, 1965, Robin Hood, freshman class president, submitted a letter of resignation to Ex- ecutive Council. The resignation was accepted be- cause Robin Hood himself felt he couldn't perform the duties in the manner he had promised to do when elected. The freshman class then decided that Phil Sanders, Vice President, would take over the presidency. Secretary Susan Poletti presides over a freshman class council meeting during the spring semester. Freshman class council representatives Pat Schumpelt, Linda Marshall, and Colin Ferguson work hard to help the class progress during the fall semester. LEAD THE FRESHMAN CLASS Advisors Mrs. Summersett and Mrs. Bennett attentively oversee a freshman class council meeting. Acker, Albert Adams, Karen Adams, Pat Addison, Bill Allen, Dee Allen, Jeff Allen, john Altieri, Mike Alworth, Steve Anderson, Larry Arbeeny, Carol Arbeeny, Pam Arieta, Kathy Armstrong, Mike Arnold, Pat Bachelder, Glenn Bailey, Steve Baker, Randy Balk, Tom Baptist, Randy Barker, Casey Barker, Delora Baumback, Wayne i Beaudrow, Rickie Beauregard, Julie Beckner, Dorraine Bell, Judy 1 . Bendix, Garry-Q FRESHME .. XX.a-an-X Xwa- Xa X , -.,. it :ws - Q . -- X , 'X . s,,g..1Xg,.. Q :, 5 R sz, 1 QX 'Q 9 is B Q Y r A Q X .... - ,,.,. ,, ' Xsv x g t T ,Q T QX EX , .. X xxx Q x 1 wx x XX N X B ,rw X it A S X X Qt s x x f l l X xxiq , Xx Q ., 5 f,' mx 'Q F Q. ,X - Xerx 'Q NH - X A X Xin H rfastgb 1-2 X X NN s. 1- F' ' 'X X X QQ 1 ff' X, 1. . X Q X B X X XX X1 tag- -B .. X .. .Nix E X if . X Q 4, JA x X A' I, X X K Ye ...,, , ill "" :Q - X ,,,. , .. sv XXX S X I is Xt, fx x N S X Q x X Q XXX XXX X Q X f ,X rg xX ' B S X N XX fx Nair bww:-1' S: ,sedg r X xk X xxXg X Xi gx l X X XM 5 N Q wx NSN E X X X Bendix, Larry Bennett, James Benton, Terry Benz, Melvin Bergren, Terry Berry, Stan Bertolotti, Claire Bevins, Laurie Beyer, Anne Bierbaumer, Nancy Bingaman, Dee Ann Bishop, Barbara Blake, Debbie Boatwright, Richard Bolt, Robin Bond, Donna Bono, Phil Bormann, Barbara Boulton, Cherie Bowers, Gary Bowles, Marie Braga, Gary Branaugh, Dan Brennan, Kathy Bretschneider, Karla Brewer, Ron Brown, Daryl Brown, Mary Brown, Patricia Brugge, Karan Burchfield, Cheryl Burk, Mike Burklund, Shelley Burton, Linda Burton, Ruth Callaway, Sally Student assistants show the Freshmen girls the skills involved in track Callenberg, Merrilyn Cambra, Ron Campbell, Mary Campbell, Peggy Canadian, Nancy Carlton, Jay Carothers, Janet Carpenter, Linda Carr, Mark Carrillo, Gary Caswen Jean Cavanaugh, Bob Cederstrom, Richard Chandler, Huston Chapel, Charles Charley, Sally Ann Chauvin, Peggy Chedester, Dan Cheschi, jean Chetham, Gail Christensen, Cheryl Christensen, David Ciampa, Debbie Ciampa, Donna Cinollo, Mary Clark, Diane Clark, Scott Clinkenbeard, Nancy N x X s, ,M .N , N Xwxszz ' Q X X XXXNN X X Nix x F FRESHME X x xg Q gr, , Y 5, x 9 :' Q RQSSR X Xxx SRE R55 N xx s b R X Six x X QQ xx M ii' VV fi- i. 'NF ' S 4 2 n l Cochran, Florence Coelho, Linda Colson, Dennis Conahan, Mike Conroy, Bill Contreras, Tom Cooper, Cecil Cooper, Susan Corce, Victor Corso, Susan Cox, Michael Craig, Cynthia Cretser, Michael Cross, Shelly Cuffle, Mike Curl, David Curtis, Joan Curtis, Larry Cuthill, Don Dailey, Eugene Dailey, Pam Dailey, Terrie Dart, Kit Davidson, Linda Davis, Charles Davis, Marston Davis, Timothy Delatorre, Peggy Temporary officers Cheryl Burchfield, Susan Richardson amd Carol Voecks, start the 174 rf A ., A pr , Q , , si .. S S A .,,, rf ,f f '-': .. Q A, :qv-X-L 3 fX,XSXgi33Qf X F Y --,- -2 .v i .X F SF X' X i f , .fwx A 'turf arf 1 5 x ,Q -, .L as x Q .. K , vi ..,,' W' srlsrfwr .' ..: ' vN X X X 2 x X X N X X Y X N X s X N X X K EFX iQ , X A QFQF s X X R N N X X X s X X Q Q X X X Q X QX X N ,X S Xi, Engel, Linda Ernesto, Cynthia Ervin, Dennis Evans, Pat Ferguson, Colin Ferguson, Larry Fern, Chris Fernandes, Mike Fernandez, Kathy Fernandez, Laura Ferraro, Jim Field, Don Field, Margaret Finney, Ann Fiordaliso, Margaret Fitzgerald, Marsha Floyd, joy Fontan, Amy Fox, Anna Frere, Troy Friel, Barbara Galia, John Garcia, Ron Garrett, Paula George, Dan George, Dennis Gerace, joe Gerado, Tirso Gerton, Chuck Ghinazzi, jim Vik .-4 4 S S l fi X was X .' bi :X I 3. ' -,Ya . ,Qi s .Q 9? . ..., z r M . 'RW XX-X5 -sm ,X Y -XXX QXXM mx XX r'e3Xqf'X. ' -Irfaifars. is Q 3 X ftrxx E Depolo, Dorene Desimone, Barbara Desoto, Al Deusebio, joel Devries, Laurel Dias, Michael Dithomas, Anthony Dolan, Mary Dorthick, Sandra Dowling, Debbie Douwes, Arthur Driscoll, Dave Dunlop, Jan Dunton, Mark Dutch, Allan Eaton, Pat Ebeling, Christine Edwards, Lynn QCW x 'N 2 X t 0, X X SX X ix fx XX , tt X X X95 mis X 5 U as A.. 4 .M-Xe r"'?1YifeXX X -5-Shilo .x'S1'E:I .:A'5' x X X Xi, , 175 X 'Q' 'rf x S if :Xa it ':.r . ass, 2 X 5 X N: X '4-:.,,X,:fs J X Q S 3 ax ,B A X :sv-QXYXX Ql5.,Q at at g at .H ' 'Q ' ' If X X X X NX X MSX N xx XX NY X X D3 N QSSNX Q A8 wax' x .Xu N. Ji, .XX4mWXYSNei " 5X X X-X' X 1' e . ' 'ts XY , ' r '-'NSS223:afa::sl cm X a X N XX ' X, 55, X .QS XX I . or T11 53 Heckman, Bob Heffernan, Mikel Henderson, Scott Hepworth, Russ Hibbs, Benita Hieb, Linda Hill, Charlie Hill, Marlin Hoigaard, Penny Holmes, Jackie Homer, Gregory Hood, Robin Hoos, Gary Horner, Dennis Horrocks, Christine Houghton, Jim Howard, Margaret Hughes, Mickie Hume, Doug Hunsucker, Mike Hunt, Della Ivey, Bonnie Jacob, David Jamison, David Jaramillo, Mel Jigour, Wendy Johansen, Dennis Johnson, Joyce ' Wx X Q x 4 Q ,sais g X , X X -X X ,. A -X -E 5 1 F :. 'QQ .XQ X " EXW -if'-' f 'e" in if in X L R X A Xi . . ' 2- -Xin ' 2 X L X Z,-t x F r Xt ..,. 5 -.S- s' si Q X , 4, --:' 1 tJ MXQXK ,, '--'--' X? 1 KX K E WS RF 5 ig X . s x v by X NX XQQK 5- X ,XRS ,, . .. --N5 -X X ., , X, s X33 N xg X .X Q X QU' QQ X SX X A X X NX X S ,Xf 'QR QRS Xt 5 as .X g X- X I N ' xg? X 39 ENN we X X X X F X X S X X Q X X QQ X s X S NX X X Se Q 5 X Q X x Q Q X K XXX 1 1 XX 5 E s X Q S lag A xx 3 W X: Xx x X X X X5 3 f Giachino, Chris Gianelli, Ron Gibbs, Stan Gilbert, Nancy Gilbert, Paul Ginn, Bob Girata, Judy Goehner, Kris Goelz, Toni Golee, Holland Gomez, Terri Graham, Joyce Gramaglia, Joe Grasher, Dorothy Greer, Margo Griffin, Walt Griffith, Bill Gumpel, Kathy Guptill, Ray Guzman, Martha Habib, Dany Hagen, Carl Hahn, Dieter Halbach, John Hallin, Pat Halverson, Jim Hammerson, Geof Hans, Dave Hansen, Colleen Harreschou, Rick Harris, Jim Harrison, Shirley Harry, Bill Harwin, Corrine Hawkins, Linda f r .sf N X 5 X XX X X 2 X X Q X X S xx X S . X Q . X, . . 5, . A N Xv Xxx ,, X ' N11 XS? X X s X gf V A Q :X YQ a y e? ' - -. X -Q X XSSFJ ' i 1 Q va, -5:-S.: 1- -, -- Q. Q E-Bb. 1- y, , N 'EN ..,,. if ,,.,: if tg, X X X , Ng , X5 r S Q X Qc N X xN X XS Q X X X X WX 51' 76 to J.. RAS: WN sQ Johnson, Judie Johnson, Robert Johnson, Ron Jones, Bill Jones, Steve Jordan, Debbie Kanewske, Ken Kast, Val Kattenhorn, Bonnie Kaufman, Joanna Kearns, John Keene, Karen Kernodle, Rich Kerns, Sharon Knecht, Rhea Knobles, Jeff Kowalewski, Kitty Krause, Margaret Krill, Donna Kruley, Kate Laakso, Colleen Lambert, Judy Lange, Kathy Lange, Mary Laughlin, Judy Lawrence, Bettye Layne, Marlene Leaman, Nancy ' 'S K ., x EX l N s R me R x Y .. X .Q X X ws sa:- Q Q K , . he 1 - 1 vt" J v Q Q N- gs N . ifgif- 'V ff' L - . L , .. X - L tg 1 ,- ,ral S.. Q K qo s? L ,, A K A 9 - 7 X MSR, ERN 1 5. . X Tai, 'Six - f Q Q ,' Q - " X Q XX , , .,,. Q .. We 1 1, W 'QNX tw :X Q. , at x iv Q X Q iwix J N X b X Leaman, Ralph :'- . 1 at 1 X .-Nr Xie: W X , Leathers, Jlm K S, ,R sf f- 4.r'-P . f g it ::' - Q , Lement, David - Ke"t L Lenhardt, Colleen Q N xt: 1 J h QQQQ - H -QJ Q s . Leonard, Susan X 5 my e ma y A - -s,,, , S X.. X N ,..,r L . X3 , Q Q K a..,. 5 J r XS xi 4 X e X K X Lewis, Rick Linn, Kathy Liotta, Dan Lisowski, Ken Lockard, Anita Lopez, Guy I :same X - , X x 'TN x sis ' X Regis? Xwxffxi 2 XX t N ,X X5 X X QQ f. ea S x SN N R S X S ' X S ag, Q is X x if at X Sz if -1 33 5 lm X-fsrz . xxx: we ' ww : ' Msieffzfi wt wx Lopez, Sue Lorusso, Bob FRESHME Freshman girls enjoy the refreshments served to them by Girls League at the Freshman Tea. 177 Judy Young, Shelley Burkland, Barbara Desimone, Pat Quiby, and Vicky Shofner served as spirit boosters for the freshmen class. Love, Patricia Lowrie, Barbara Lucas, Rae Lucero, Rita Luckenbach, Linda Luque, Charlotte Maclean, Bob Madden, Marian Magdaleno, Ephraim Mann, jim Mardirosian, Marty Marques, Marie Marshall, Andrea Marshall, Linda Martin, Gilbert Martin, Pat Martinez, Kris Mathews, Bill Matthews, john McAnuity, Rick McBride, Rick McBride, Scott McDonald, Ron McDonough, jim McGrogan, Jayne McKone, Timothy McNamee, Diane McNichol, Nikki Medeiros, Linda Medieros, Martie gr-sixty-gf:-A V 5.5-sscggx , vs X? K NSFXXEC '59 Q WX SRXX X , , , VR X N X wx? t N c , X X v ,t YWY. . KMSX www SQ? ,s,.x.. . .,.l i l QNX . ' :SN ! x X Exit X X X QS X Q x X X ox X X X X x R X it X xx " ' x 4 N' Kg Na bw Neem, ex ix xygggp T, N' .- 'SN:Cf'i'1k.Xf,aGS2 . 1 Hi K -is -5- SNR NXQSNQ.- 5 XXSYSQNX X "' ' N - X, -P I gikf gsi ' x 4 X :L -ifillgli. H Tac, X Qgiw, ,QS sewer Mettier, Tim 1 :X 'ass aw. :. XY - :ki F X-x-- ,Ex X N Miller, Candy Miller, Paul ,XXX ',:,, . . . 5 'oXSeg,g:tj.i-iz Mills, Sherxe v :. I. ee., 2' x Moniz, Paula X ' X P- -. ,fl N . 1 - Montalvo, Richard Morelli, Linda Morrison, Donald Moynihan, Katie Mulder, John Mullesch, Donna Munson, Jim Murphy, Larry Murphy, Mickey Murray, Diane Navarro, Sherry Neall, Tim Nelson, Candi Ness, Dennis Nethercott, Randy Nettles, Joyce Newberry, Suzanne Newcomer, Carol Nickle, Gordy - rsfxs-, ,xxx X S N- N sl X ww E 15 ' X -1 M' 5. .r,, X ..:.. X .X .- X ,. .?:'s5g,,.T' K , iW'ife ' 'Yi' , ww , A 3 ' FRESHME ee XX X YS is Xe Q X Q S iss, mX -- f or X- . 'K ' N X s Q si N xx S s XX ix E X ' i oi X X x XX XX N x s Ny x XA Q X. A Q ' 1 .n ff- - am, - -wssirq I E' 3:21 ..-:rr Q TY". NYT . ai:-11. P .S2:i...f:'i:1f if Xi Q N xx HE Sh X X ga, X S XX . xx-sw-. 1 gs . X 1 -:X . r-:gk yrfvils -sw f, X s , :sf fx f- ,iii ' My XXX x N X xi S Q ewes S' xxNs:ss:s,. . 11 -'if -' X P .5-Q -Y g J Q. Q :sax X s X Em 179 WxE?,,,,,,E rrrr,. 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A . xy.-Q1 Q1 '-5 .... :-- 1 r s X Xx X , KXX, S J 9' fini., 2 , s X Savage, Nancy Scherbarth, Wendy Schnagl, Richard Schneider, Cathy Schroeder, Linda Schumpelt, Pat Scott, Kathy Scott, Robynne Scott, Shirley Seidell, Mike Selvey, Ron Serrao, Michael Setbacken, Kathy Sewell, Kathy Shannonhouse, john Shearburn, Barbara 1 8 0 Rosenheim, jim Ross, Sara Rowe, Butch Rowe, Mike Rucker, Vikki , Rushin, Dave Rutherford, Tom Ryder, Sue Sadowski, Jon Salinas, Nancy Sanders, Phil Sanford, Linda Sardaro, Chris Sardaro, Ken PRES Freshmen yell leaders Shelley Burk- land, Barbara Desimone, Pat Quiby, and Vicky Shofner promote school spirit by leading yells on the patio at lunch. Nab . Qi Ir, S V- . :A- XXX.a:x,X, rg- - . , Xgkey X., , ,wX-- 5.,xQh:.XXg . X Niki X x XXX X 5 N Xi, X X N X XX an Ry X N gXX x X X xg X, s X X at + ,xx XX X QQ S .X , .... . w5,3ii't X 1 Q xx is ' W " NNN-U X5 1, .,,, . . I -1--X'- if X , Q X Q X X x X Q , X X T R x WX k N X so St X G 8 s X N . .X.. .. 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X s 5, it i s 5 X 2 if an Y Si Q X E el X 'xx - X - Ss X WX X XX S X X2 X Q X X S- XS i Z e x X' I 3" S '1i"'.41i'iN H1-if Q f S 'Cl , . 1 ,, 4 is Ng., X, . X ,N X t: '55 2 5, X , X e ,sb ' Xxx-X ' .CX E ye' '. . vs - 5 3 Q .X 5 K if it 1 . J f X. .. -"S . S NNN H 0 -t ' in 6 X X? f' ' Y- XX EX er X 'X sk X .- 5 -'X... 5 .ff'QfiEQfX' XX -. X XX, -X... , ,X .XY X , . N 181 Shofner, Vicky Shrader, Dave Shumate, Carol Simpson, Sherry Sinclair, Don Sklinchar, jena Smith, Carl Cathy Cathy Dena Diane Eileen J udy Sharon Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Solomon, Sally Sommerville, Craig Sorensen, Christine Souza, Cheryl Spehar, Kitty Spence, Debbie Stamatis, Sharon Steele, Connie Stevens, Kathy Stone, Ron Swindell, Ron Talbot, Barbara Talbott, Jon Tavares, Barbara f.. "N :FEQFX i gas: XSFFX SQ as -cysts, " Mr X s XX A Q X M 'Q Sag Xe - X T X Q kk , , A X XXX S Xi!! w 5 ' - X, .XL . ' 3X EfifX:X T - ----, X :tier ' -X .X -- -x X .... ' .... . . 4 f r -- ...., XSS:-. 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' 1, ibn 'Sid l- ' a N X 2 Freshmen Pictures Not Available Ancona, Greg Baggie, Adele Bivens, Mike Brown, Richard Castro, Manuel Castro, Ralph Chapline, Gene Clark, Graylan Colson, Dennis Dell, Sharon Glover, Peggy Irish, Mike Jacobs, Brenda Jenkins, Georgette Loushin, Patrick McClinton, James McGuHee, Barbara McGuffee, William Mueller, Tom Noguchi, Milton Ohliger, Joe Reardon, Pat Rinna, Ron Sonmenfelt, Mike Souza, Patrick Stice, Barbara Studebaker, Terry Turpyn, Lydia Vargas, Richard Wilson, Charles Wilson, Karen 182 N five A, -..,, R :gag T A x f Westford, Connie Weston, Phil Weyant, Wayne Whalley, Jerry White, Joyce Widener, Earl Wilcove, Rory Wilcox, Jack Wilde, Dennis Wiles, Gloria Wiley, Lynette Wilkinson, Gregg Williams, Cheryl Williams, David Williams, Tom Winans, Mark Winn, Kevin Winterbourne, Ste Wood, Bob Wood, Jerry Worcester, David Wren, Vicky Wright, Linda Yeoman, Bill Yeoman, Jack Yool, Ron Young, Judy Ybarra, Sandra Zoggas, Darryl Jenkins, Nancy VC Queen t Debbie Ciampa poses prettily after the crowning. Miss Sue Lopez Miss Cathee Pells From each freshman social studies class one girl was elected to run for class queen. The names were then com- piled and the class voted for the top five girls. At the Freshman Frolic on February 19, Debbie Ciampa was an- nounced queen with her court compos- ing of Cathee' Pells, Betty Lawrence, Sue Lopez and Kris Goehner. F RESHMEN CLASS QUEEN AND coURT Miss Betty Lawrence 1 83 Miss Kris Goehner Debbie Ciampa, freshman queen, is crowned at the dance by freshman vice president Phil Sanders. Using authentic decorations to carry out the underwater theme and having live music by "The Legends," made "68,000 Leagues Under the Sea," the Freshman Frolic, a huge success. Vice President Phil Sanders served as general chairman and the crowning of the queen, Debbie Ciampa, accented the eve- ning. There was also a surprise visit by King Neptune, alias Mr. Athos, the general sci- ence teacher. "68,000 LEAGUES UNDER WAS A SPLASHY Debbie Ciampa was announced freshman queen while her court, CL to RJ Kris Goehner, Sue Lopez, Betty Lawrence, S . serif- . -: fvvss X - ' - - .3651 K 1 t '-Nev .. - ' aff RX E x ii 5 ii' s ff-. -Fi: V S cif. if I X Q ,..c X .Q , S isizii--K L . xwgg e. , f -i K 5 S. r was X 2. Ng rg ,nie 2 gn: , t S as -E Q 5 J-,Xe i :SQA .2 i 'X S' -rss s Q.. .c "68,000 Leagues Under the Sea" was enjoyed by all those who participated in the gay affair. THE SEA" APFAIR Cathee Pells, looks on. Mr. Athos reigns as King Neptune over "68,000 Leagues Under the Sea". 33 Q5 .S , sf? X I " ,wmsksf ,Sv K , " tw' 1, kg Q X xxx 'X .X,,x ... Nw 1 NWMN www . . - vw- 2 wy'mwwww.m aww ,.,... , E Ami mWwQwg:Ngq ,N 1 - I ' V' qw, x wywwmw Iv EN- -V FH ' W .X -f -' f 1 ,E X6 N I A , M WTF ? w A Q, M? 51 X SX X 3 Mi lf! . -gli X 1? :,., .. , X ji-QX . RX 15' X :g.3, x-I gf-ffif-.X , -JSP" '- 1' Q 1: , ', N w" -ml -X K .X X .X X X 5 X1 Q.--5? , SQ-w'1e3:fXfX?1'Sxv.g., , X4 - 'Q A X "5 x:Xxjv--- - Awww 'N i' w-5 gkkg sw ikwiwski X X. "-we lik W' X .1 fy ms- X XX 36 A V1 x 'vp-XX-X 1- 1.::X..,f:-Xx'.-'-13-:..X N' XX vkx. 1 Y: Xu - Q R ' -' ix :lg Q ll M XX X X sex X X ls -X X-5? u w X K 4 X-I X X XXX up ,LX fx , X X1 QN X : X ' X X EX X 2 'X 1 X X i Q1 KFC X :XG-, A:-ESXPX 3 Et ,,'VbZ A .X .y.,wn - ,wx K Q X:Xk54::Xxg1wXgz - M I I X X A W 1 x X X X:X55f?,:f3.3 iw, . 11:9 X-X X X X :X X3 A ' 5' X V x X X K- h X .k ra- - ,X X X X , MX X HaX,,X.i'q,w.aN"' X QX N . V , WX E Y ,. S xx f S 511 Xb 61,3 uxw X, JM - R 'fi ,X ,, .V X N 3 N .S X SX . XQ X , Q WX, K W 31. X... N 1 , , ' -My " ff wqqxg ' , ' W A X ,W ,,, 'W?99? 1 N ' x 'A ' XXQXX wt f. LH. X4 W XR 5Rf'.wXX 'ikbfxksgyh WMM. X W 'vw X, , ,ig Y . :K A I X Wx W5- fi- 7: ff' uw QM X K X . v ww, W I 'E ' " . X'Ng:- 'Q' ,1- XX- A Xgj - XX-Wt. K X- . i '-X XX, Q' Y 2 X X X . A na! J gf X we K-WmfN.xNif.N 'M " X W: , V' .' lx , - .,.. gf,- X fi ,SX XXXX X X X X 1 'gre-m. X UQ, NX X XX THE CLASS OF '6 ' . .. Mike Mcliunk and his Social Studies classmates are reading under the direction of Mrs Koundakjian. Accardo, Phil D. Acheson, Steve A. Acuff, Clifford Adams, Don A. Adank, john M. Addison, Chris L. Agliano, Salvatore Alaniz, Linda M. Allen, james R. Alworth, Linda L. Anderson, Lyle Andrew, Claudia J. Anselmo, Karen Appiano, Glenn Archer, Peggy D. Argento, Sue Arnold,,Denise M. Arnold, Ed ' . QS sm. SS? 4' 5 X X X x Xi ix NN as X XX 2 X is ex Arnold, Tari J. August, john J. Bailey, Dave L. Baker, Steve P. Baker, Terri D. Banghart, Steve U. Barclay, Sherl H. Barovera, Patricia Barker, Pat Barry, Pat M. Bates, Cecilia L. Bazo, Jeanne E. Beale, Richard Beardsley, Mike Bee, Gladys G. Bell, Milon E. Beltran, julia Mary Benetti, Bob Berg, Ray W. lkxwfx ' th vp . Z? , ef fx 3" XX .Iii t xiii it 1 Bingaman, Ronald H. Bishop, Douglas Bishop, jack W. Bly, Ed Bobo, Louis A. Bodenhamer, Janis E. Bogue, Danny Lee Bonnetti, John Botosh, Elva A. Branco, Hal D. Branaugh, Sam R. LEADERSHIP SHINES ...N Mies - - Fir' x' . ' we. - i , , .... . Q qnq... 3-Nag. . AX iv-'w NX X , . X ,sm ,se -. 1, A ' ii it o . - . . :X T 5' . f. 9 it X. . P 1: if N5 1-qw ws 5 . -,er A5 A X E ' ,, . ga .. .Q HK X M 1 if gtg. , ,.x.,!,5. , H., gig, .n ,t . --,----.. we i X 2 L T l .. . .,.. ... . wi . X E S s X., N.. NS A 'N X N x X X 3 is X V N. 'Ax ,S its O ,, Ng it . F AQ XX X Q A , ,,.,. . . Y N 'X .X N Q' " QA .. .,.., . , . ...- . - . , - ff rf .3 5, .s x X s-Qs :Sf Q XX x XX x Xx Q XX NS Xe, ' R .. . . Q- X P ..,.,.,, .... .,,., .,.. Q , . we K Ns X X X X X .SX ,, , -s..f- -.g5.q,5.ea5 ,.,.,., . x . X X QS i X X X X X Sal X QX X X 5 NX Rr "-::1: 2 -f': - . . ..,.,., ig, 2 ff: 2.5 r ,. X swxxgs, s X xx XQXQN A 0 . 1 ,,.., . A , Nifty , xii-Q aw ..,4..,,,,. X562 .Q ws ' we sgseeu X x .. sg,.s1s.g . SX Ns S X Nx X R 395 189 I Bremner, Lynn Bridges, Bonnie Bridges, Mary J. Briggs, Robert Brockway, Donna C. Brown, Elena Brown, Patrica A. Brown, Phil Brown, Regina Brown, Robert C. Buchmiller, Steve L. Bunin, jerry Burchard, Edd A. Burruss, Richard S. Butler, Rhett T. Butler, Susan T. Caisse, Gary G. Campbell, Terri Ss L K -1 . '- 'X X ' xv X Xbv s Q X X XX X' xi K Q X X x V t ,X Camuffo, Carol Carey, jim D. Cline, Charlene Clouch, Sue K. Cochran, Grace C. Codeglia, Chris E. Collins, Norman P. Coyler, Lela Conklin, Pat Conahan, Connie M. Coons, Bob Cooper, Curtis J. Cooper, Kathie Cooper, Steven D. Corcoran, Mike J. Craven, Sharon L. Crommelin, Randy IS. Croyle, Philip G. Cuneo, Gail Curlett, Kris M. Curlett, Marty Currier, Bill A. Curtis, Kathy L. Cutright, Julie Dailey, John G. Dalke, Vicki Damgen, Ed Darooze, Bob P. Davis, Jeffery L. Davis, Rhonda Deacon, Donald H. Delgado, Louise F. X .X-sw -. t l 'zi-5-5:51 M' i ' - v 'S ,X X : - . X S 5 X9 gs X N X X 3 X X ,.., ,X , z . XX NN:-X N, ..... -' . , X 1. wr, 1. r NN .wk XE. X 1 Ts XT 5 X X . walk X X X X NX -, i'-' 13.i's ' s .,.,. -' SOPHOMORES Carlson, Morris Carlson, Sandy Carmack, Karen L. Carrillo, Glen E. Carter, Nick W. Castellano, Vic Cirini, John J. Clabaugh, Sally L, Clapper, Jason W. Chappelle, Suzanne Chastain, Dave Clark, Candy 225 X. xr Af se' 1 -2 Z. Izizu Izigzluvu .., ,.., c , i..,fX, 'N X RX... ., X a - ..,' Xie X or Q sp QS: S X D' ,E gl: X X GX. E ,' lx es S -sw ,sf-XX w...:..., , ,yr rg: jj K wi . S r .gg . X X K 5 Y S N - .XXX 3Xs N X XXX QX X Ei: XX X X X '-'- 54 XX .Xen f X Q iX' Nye S xg l X 2 X D X 5 X 2 E X X Q Q wx We .. . - ll. A . XNX X x N ww.. X W- ., .Q . SCPHISTICATED? !! Dias, Patrick james DiI.allo, Michael J. Dittmar, Devvy Doran, Christine M. Dotson, Deborah Dowell, Bob R. Dubin, Sheila Dunn, Tom F. Dutton, Charles A. Dzubur, Delaree M. Eckstein, David T. Edington, Stan B. Edwards, Barbara J. Eldridge, Cathy Ellinger, Lindanne Elliott, Tom E. Emerson, Barbara J. Emmons, Cathy England, Chris Engle, Tim G. Englebretson, Steve C. Thoughts of the future bring on concentration. xifsii ' I .,., --5, ff, .5 6 Yiye xx ' : NY X K .- Sqft.: Q X X S Dell, Bob J. Demello, Gloria M. Densmore, Kathie F. DeRosia, Patricia C. Dent, Dave W. Deutsch, Margie , - :ii 'E si it X - -Q f. XS X V ft ,:, . , ,415 QX t .. . X X ...,Q is Q K X X WE, X W si fx X SX Q zr, 3 .. Y, as Xx 'D S ,X X x 5 s N ..- X Nw Q Q XX NLM' sis - - . is ' : " up .gg A 9 z.: er I 9 jr, ,gym L... Nh Q' ' 5' 2 C :- QW- 31 -fi , . sat 1 F, ful ., 1 i f e Se'fs?.1"f 191 'are-fwxzi rs S Y - at Xxtssrir X ,N .Ne.:.:.f.:,1: ,- Q. as , . X' S A X S tix X X N xx x A Q Q 'tx X igxft X Q D .Ei ii is X ix K is 5-" 3' 'K 'E 1 5 visit,- e.YfmS--.Sv .va 'Ks .EN-' se xes 135.0 1 X I , Q Q Q , ,lf V X si X N ,, 1,x ,M S. . mm s if - X X X xx Q55 Xe is 5 Q X s X Q .. . X X , Q x E EN . sw: 'S E S -5. .... i bs. xr sn . X 2 . .T . XX XX x x SRX XX X Sk s 3 X X ,N Ak NX X J' if E NS X '. .Q A pa ge 3 . - :SwSXxiX,,,a X x Q.. Qww r " - :5..E..5s5. 55251, sr-1-....f s::-fat: "fffw .:-- Ya 3 Q 5 1 r xx :fr 1' -s X SQ X X x . X . .iv Q A X N X N X. . 1 .- - . X.. 5 E .. X X 5, X X x is X . -gs + A, ' ,Maxi 'Q ..... .. .. X X H 1.6: S x isx srsi ry' s: sg MS SQ. ' .. ,,.s,..s . 2555 33 i . , X XX X VX a i: ggi kg? ,X X ,, - X, , , X QS K . E' , - jeg ,s X .. "" fu '- E5 ytxixq ........-.A .,..X,.5E5 ,, fy 5, 3 ,4 rg.: -.X.::.-ma: N - , f, . . Q2-s. X ,Xf '- ' - ,. J " 5 S E lf .,h, .fsA3X.f. S, X ' Q " . 3 F .. 2 . K1-L I ' 2X3 -..X 'K .5'- .M lx ,gh ,av . fini, X EST' 1 l , , f ,aye X as SX X Q 5 . .. It +:,2s5:a-X K .gXb.. ,. - 2 ! sXx ov af' ' A .N - . A W. . asset: NXXXX X e g if 3 X Q sf Q 1 w 4 Fox, Loren Fraga, Carolyn Franson, Diane L. Fredrickson, Chuck Freitas, Frank C. French, Gary A. Gage, Helen Galecki, Shirley A. I .reg - 1. 9 . W - s XXX- .. . X Q5 xx X X X x E V X sfsxvmgjf A ,... Q.. W ' X ,.. , . .... .. , X QQ X Q We Xe Xe X Q SX X S Q X i? X is X g MXQ. - ex X H. Gallagher, Mike G. Galli, William R. Garcia, Rodrigo B. Garello, Mike Geisinger, Pat Gengo, Steve A. Genovesio, Katheri ne M. Genovesio, Kathleen M. Gernert, Chris Gerton, Tom Gibbs, Linda J. Gilliam, Kathaleen V. Glocksen, Robert A. Gonzalez, Xavier Gordon, Kathy Goringer, Steve J. Granum, Dave L. Greene, Danfiel Greer, Peggy Griffen, Jerry B. 192 Eppenberger, Bruce Escamilla, Roma Evans, Mike L. Fanning, Sue M. Ferguson, jim Fernandes, Janet C. Fernandez, Eva Ferrira, Mike K. Finney, Gerald E. Foltz, Bob L. Foss, John O. Foster, Mark R. Vicki Rodriquez finds a cipient for the football passes a spiral to her r .N . Lana. t,,i,..rS,X..,Q5 x...x . js fbs Q SECO D YEAR STUDENTS ARE STIRRING . . . SEEKING . . . FI DING Griffin, Pennie J. Grohs, Cathy Gundell, Louis D. Gunn, Tom Guzman, Gilbert Guzman, Joe Haberman, Donald R. Hagen, Nancy R. Haglund, Kristal Hall, Kit Halverson, Leo Alan Hammer, Martha K. Hardy, Carolyn J. Harris, Ed J. Harrison, Kathy L. Hart, Pam Hart, Sherry L. Hart-ley, Richard M, Hayes, Linda Heilman, Jeanne Annette Hein, Kenneth A. Henry, Kris S. Herrera, Gloria M. Hicks, Jim Hillman, Carol Ann Hinds, Christine E. Hoeffer, Sharon K. Holladay, Sandy Holmes, Steve R. Hosier, Linda Hosino, John. R. Howard, Clarence LoCo Howard, Janis Howry, john Huard, Cheryl J. .Jews x 5. Qww X A X X . ... r . ..., - -5.155 552:-IW. . , p S M . ' Q' - - ll - 3 xx we 15: , Q - , if X, .. ,- -9 X X X SSN We NX x g if 25.5.1 3 N x - ' ' luzu , . , ez., .... Nast,-,. 5 . ,h ,.,. f X S- . X -55. E X . ..:e1f-tf- xy. , X ' ..... Xi X X 1 ' 5-is was , , , ' . J 'Q' . X - .iigrw s- ig i. X' .QW as ' 1' 2 ' ig X R ss- E Q Q iff l ' X N K . X. .,., - W xx S ik? ,... 193 x ,,,,, as E ' ,., 5 .:,- ll A., l XXX X N' X XX X X Q' M w X K 5 X 1 . , X ' . ,.-t ' X H ., X 'E X . 2' . X .. , ,tm 'Q -Xe? , is -Lwefs . x -aaa: 2 ef.: X is Ns . W -1.-531,355 yi 2' s x is . ,,.. .Q X i s 4 X x X . -Q ' ff: .1 A .,.. ,Q x f - ' ' Nam 'xx' C 'Y , b- ie .j.-Tar' "r Q fxt g Q9 3 S X1 X. is . X . S ist. XX ws s Qian... .. Q Q R - V ..,- : ss- Q S: .Y :I .t ':':' 'aka N ,-...rx -...eww Q ...kgx .gzyx ...Q "" 1, we :skis-'feesa:-:fN' :Iss ,r 5 . A s t A XIQNE .X 53-. X Q ' SKY? . .c X ' X 1.0 Y- Q. ' .X . .... X, x as ' q Nm S rss . SNS? " ' -. 3. Se - -. c Qs S x S . X i E . . X 2 xXx X 1- -X .,,. . . , ANN ...SQ '53, , .... A :X .-.-: fs - X , -5, A R ... K its . A iii . if 3 A I'--O x ' 5 1, X S E XXX X S if'-1S? W'fV,, ZWULWE ' 1 W f , .,,, ' ' .7-w ' ,z -.,, V . ' .-'W ., F.'j:'.. xx ' ' " Z f " -- 1' C111 , ' . L ai ,V ,f fw ., K, ffm' .:.,.,,...: . . fly' 57 aww - N...,E5,,, 24 3.1. M 1 , .:.15:,':0'f: sy " .W 4. ,2i:' . ...... N NW.. ws , X N as X R ss ss J SOPHOMORE STYLE IS .,,.bi, :,., , ,W ,W X 9 X X X X Nx X X X N NO Ny 1 S Rss xx N is Nw X X X .swags X X X .Ni :. -as ' Exxr.sixs :Ng' N- , - ,- Ngsrwr .Ns A- .X S .sr N T we X5 R xx X X Stax 2 s X . X. . as . lg .X X N 4 S x S t R N wx SS Q 3 gs X rss ff? ::5STif'5e.1Ev':v'f E' 'fi t 'aj ,J . V W N, J ..t..X. '- wig? X if . wf- Xi .L 5 ' '. ' S Elf! X N ss Wi Q ' Vix xri Fi Q lx' f s M E fx 5' if K as A Hummel Jeff J. Hunt, Tom Hutchison, Mike P. Ingrebrigtsen, Linnea Jacks-on, Chris M. Jackson, Joyce C. Jacob, Nancy V. Jacobs, Patricia G. Jacobsen, Eric W. Jacobsen, Kristi A. Jager, Vicki James, Janet A. Jefferis, Sue L. Johannes, Jean L. Johnson, Jacki Johnson, Julian C. Johnson, Mike P. Johnson, Pam Johnson, Sharon M. Johnston, Harry D. Jones, Chet A. Jones, Kathleen P. Jones-, Marilyn Jordan, Marcia Kahn, Mike Kandler, Ed R. Kearn, Kirk E. Kelly, Alana L. Kemp, Leslie Kennedy, Joyce A. Kevorkian, Randall C. Kinerman, Eddie J. Kinkade, Vicki M. Kirby, Donna Know, Gary R. Knowles, Randy Kraft, Roni L. Konze, Jim F. Kyle, Nancy J. Laines, Eladia M. Lassegves, Rene M. Lawrence, Joaquin Leimbach, Shawn Lema, Cheryl Levakis, Charann M. Levey, Linda Lewin, Rich B. Lewis, Jeanett Lewis, Lynn Lewis, Tom Linda, Bob T. Lindevalo, Peggy Lindquist, Pam J. Lizotte, Diane M. Lloyd, Patricia A. Lois, Regina A. Lohitehem, Mike Lovell, Kathleen M. Lowe, Darrell T. Lucas, Paul Lucero, Anita D. Lumley, Kerry R. Lunders, Ken Macfadden, Terry Magario, Michele Maginnis, Tim J. Manifesto, Donna M. Marruio, Dave G. Marsh, Carl Martin, Bruce W. Martin, Florence A. Martin, Jackie PIRIT ALL THE WAY Martinez, Ernie D. Martinez, Gloria Marvin, Ruth E. Martinez, Robert Mason, Glenda S. Mason, Joe A. Matthews, Bobbie D. McCarthy, Mollie M. McClure, George M. McDonald, Ora McFunk, Mike W. McGreevy, Peggy L. McKe1ler, Elinor C. McMahon, Lawrence McNally, Dennis W. McPhee, Kay McPherson, Cleve R. McWilliams, Rick L. Meadows, Shugie D. Medeiros, Mel A. Meints, Marilyn Mello, Marilyn Mermod, Michele Messelbeck, Jim R. Mettier, Theodore W. Metzler, Kevin Mingus, Tom C. Mocek, Jenny L. Montgomery, Sue D. Moore, Keith M. Moren, Charles Mueller, Michael K. Muinos, Kris A. Murray, Kathy A. Muti, Lucy Neall, Margaet Nelson, Karen Nelson, Marilyn Jean Nelson, Steve J. Nicholas, Nita Nobre, Sandi M. Normandin, Joan M. O'Banion, Bruce O'Connor, Janice Odell, Sally Oftedahl, Alf L. Ohliger, Linda M. Osofsky, Lewis A. A. xx Y X X X tx Eric Jacobsen, Cheryl Werk, Elena Brown, and Kathy Lovell radiate the sophomore style. xxxgx'-gr'-sxrtzat' "" "" ' ..,, . Q Six' :' " . Sf ..- . 5 ,151 D X . I . Z Q? - . , .. . ti Z .Ek K . .: i Ss , I . -. . ..., Qggx spSxSxeSS . .,,. A- ,neges .. x 1 'Q n .cee ' 'A ssx 'X 59 X X Q X X Sx N X R Xxx X x . - -,xxx -K ' iii . -xx Sift iff ' K 1. xt WEE . A x .1 - xr, El 'ES' Fyasg' XS n -ix. xg 1- Xxvexla -ge x X 5X ' E iigxx ..,,., XX XSS xx XX xx ex , Xxx bXNSliYx ' rx- cc.-ni:-L x : - rxsxfx ft. xxx XRS SPY Gif Q- . P' ,NN ,...,,... X N. ' is .Lf few ,s tv s gq ix Q : xnxx. Ark X N.rS s xx-x x,'s x - xsxxrx ,x , e -fixiit. x- ,.. ' ESE? Ti. Rise' N x N xr Xxs S x N X xx XX v, 5 rx xt SX - .sz x 11 .k-k -ks: - X fit f f': f N 'xx K FN x Xgxv ... s .Wx . , Si xii 2 Xi a x , A E, V1 ii 5' Ex ist- . , z itil, Y X . x X . SXXS QMM N ' xx xx . X x X 5 I Nw xr. Q55 . .LE xRmNX S wwwh Cx ski xx QR S M xW . x x N X 5QQs X fxg ,XT X X -5 xx ! S S Ostroff, Paul M. Paiva, john Patterson, Dan R. Patton, Lynn C. Paulo, Nancy J. Pavlakis, Tom A. Peck, Gene T. Pelley, Steve Perry, Nancy L. Petersen, Dale N. Peterson, Arlene M. Petrash, Randal' J. Pfefferle, Robert I. Pfeifer, Shirlee G. Philips, Patty Phillips, Lorne S. Pierce, Nancy Pickerrell, Deborah Pickett, Brenda Pina, Teresa L. Pollock, Gloria Pond, Linda H. Ponder, Kathy Pray, Jeanne Prior, Barbara A. Pugh, Barbara J. Pugh, Lois S. Quinta, Sharon L. SOPHOMGRES f' H ' X qs if 1 f- K .: f'- , N. I x ------ we -X X. - - i--s . - 'XXX - . hX- X, J - je X, . X X X X- xx -' st w , A X ' X j X' rm, .k 5 - s --Res: X s .. Q i we . g N X gg ff ..X.,,,,sS ' . - X X- . X- . ' . N. NX I . N 1" We if g 9.7 - kv . -H' V' 1? I P: ,Fai 5 gf , ,.. 5 i X b , - is ' X U X X S 3 if r f ..iXa.,X,,.. X X - s .+ " , , xi QXXRY ' - . .... - Wx X Q XX - . , - ax l' 9 .L Q, - 3' y 1 .R X Se Xx. ,... ,X 3X ,XX E X, XXX Xx KX x X XXX Rv Xi X - X af X Sk NW , if :X .Z , ,t ,,.,.. 'Q S Xi X S , X XX X X X X K M N' X , X S XX X XXX '- -- x.,XX., Ng X . X XXXV ir X W Y he we S SR L L fi Q mi Si S Q an ix x -F .1 FT""' 5. N. gg-X..::::51gN " """ ..,, X N ,, X XO S x Sx XX X Q ... x X B ' :fu N. 5' g if . S Xs X S N X ' 'iY5QI:"ff9i:I- vibe 1If:'Z .X H X. Y "" N X, . -1g,.,.x N N X . , .f.X59:iQv ' Sw? 1 'Q ,XB ..r - F15 . I I wg , .L EY, Xa- gif .- .. Ri. i Qwii .., . Y, X Quintana, Lillie M. Ralston, Mike Ralston, Ronald K. Rapp, Cathleen P. Raridon, Michael R. Rasmussen, Pam Ratti, Marie A. Ray, Trudy M. Real, Steve M. Reece, Myron G. Reed, Neva Reel, Arlene D. Reeves, Skip Renkens, Gary S. Renkens, Mike B. Rice, Kathy M. Richmond, Nancy L Riva, Bob A. Roach, Dennis C. Robertson, Shari Rodgers, Dave Rodrigues, John P. Rodriguez, Vicky A Rogers, Jackie Rogers, Phil L. Ross, john Ross, Mike Rounds, Dann E. Rowe, Bob Earl Rowe, Mark A. Rowley, Pat J. Sa-laz, Janet Ruth Salazar, Linda M. Salazar, Manuel Salinas, Frank M. Sanchez, Sandy L. Sanford, Bruce H. Santen, Dave G. Sater, Deanna J. Saunders, Mark C. STRESS SUCCESS S!! -,4""'Qs M Q .,., . Mr'-'ir' N . is VH jg ' X-:Q 5 S . , .E M ,ss SX 1 3 X F 5 ms S N X . Q Q x 5. x .HG t x x A X x .S it . .9 - v:.i?EE s ' - . ...:.: X XX,,.,.,,xX,' , X MQ? X SKK tx f ,tx XXNQ SM , s XRS' - . ffffi 2 gifs?-jfs QSM: ,, W t ..,f e 22 " lla X N Q' 'N X D- -. K, -Q -Q " X' fffmh A,.:.. . 1 9 .s:5.1 wg , "1' S ss? , . ' em i . Q N- N5 ,gn- , t . s 'Vg - + t 1 - xg "xii xx i - tt. .3 , -,."qwS'- feasts if Savage, Linda C. Sawyer, Gregory D. Schneider, Don A. Schramm, Kenneth J Schuerman, Rose Schureman, Margie Scott, Donald C. Sees, Larry J. Segale, jane Sewell, jim Shaffer, Cathy Sheets, Dean C. Sheline, Gary Shepherd, Greg S. Shields, Sandy L. Shilts, Pat Silva, Barbara J. Silva, Dave A. Simpson, J. C. Sisney, Sue E. Skinner, Nancy L. Skrable, Linda D. Small, Jan Smalley, Gayle Smith, Bob Smith, Gail Smith, Jim J. Smith, Linda M. ff? "Us Arroyans would rather fight than switch" was the spirit boosting slogan of the sophomore class for Spirit Week. 197 SCPHOMORES STRIVE Y Chris Doran poses after her half-time routine at the Pam Hart and Linda Alaniz were among the many sophomores Canyon-Arroyo varsity basketball game in the gym. who supported the varsity basketball team at the Canyon Arroyo game. T A 9 we is-.. New S33 3 gi . ' Q. Qs XTX SPSS? ,. J I - scsi. wb' St XX ' . . 5 iz .- es X f x -s '-Sl A A X: . as "fee:-2. X Nx N,..,A. C , Q ,P-fm. X ts,s 2 Q W weak Sw XXX X NKXX t as X' is x 6 st x NS S x X X t N ,X I X6 fs.. .saws t. .,,,,,,,,, i Y,,..., .t:.t. ,.....,, es., D pxp, I Ap,, wgfqi ip . .- A' X :af f -' .S 'S S ' 1 an . Q: 1 M Si' K 2. .:- .. JT, 1 . n i, -.Rv-f 3 ' . xfQ X A XXX X xx xx xx x X ,S x X ax 1-Lfielf WF . .VQFQF 1: '::: S15- 29 5155? f i.-'Sk ' W' -DQS si' 944 ' S , , Q iffy i 'fs 111 '::: N-I . iig fs. - 1 ' 2,5 . D s SX Smith, Mike Smith, Pat Smith, Sandy Smith, Scott Smith, Ty Smithson, Sandy J. Sonnenfelt, Dann R. Souza, Mike Spear, Steve W. Spicer, Susanne L. Spoor, Sharon E. Steffens, Camellia Steinbrink, Mark Stevens, James Stevenson, Eileen G. Stone, William Mr Sullivan, Terry Susoeff, Phil Swartz, Mike Sweet, Pete Swift, Cathy A. Sylvia, Rosemary Taylor, Cathy Taylor, Nancy E. Taylor, Rich A. Taylor, Steve Paul Teigen, Tom L. Terpak, Peanuts Titsworth, Dennis C Thompson, Don Throolin, Hal G. Tiernan, Patricia Toll, Tom W. Tollick, Arthur Tooley, Linda A. FOR CLASS UNITY 1-SX ' . 2 X1 ,., . ,.,.. . . ,Q f '- s X XE X X X X XX 5 XE N X X X X XX X X Q X XX .X . Size-' .. . Q ,,... .. .Nw HX F XX. X'11 :2-1X H . l i is E., X , ss. igsrgzg. 1 . .wo X .neg-,i?',.5,f51, l.,1"f"E:- K Q :XX ig gl. X 9 jg! A XX Xtx E X NX I. if . f X xgt -s .. A , , X, WX R E .. S' ' : WN 4 xiif EI .xi ix . - 5:13 X 5. '. X K i' 5 gi'g.',..e K ::X.-R .E X Si? RK ' " M A I Vi ,X X -5 1 E Torres, jan E. Trimble, Mike Trumpe, Kath Ullom, Danny R. Utt, Carol Vening, Nick Voris, john ,. 1, . yX XX .., , .,., ,RN - '- "" is ' Q-Q 1 g a -'Xr .. 3 :3 z we ww 1 ' A ,.. ,git N ,X QW. SS R tl f:::: , .5 6 , xx, : x 3 X. l XFX Si Wi X QQ 3? XXX s. X . S 2+ MX 4 X 1131: SYS? XX X g s' l QNX X-ss r: 'l"X Q ff ' N .X X M S x. ,,.,1- X Z., '1'f . . -:X S. X E2 ': , in IQ'- l , I I PICTURES NOT AVAILABLE Alonzo, Isabel B. Baptista, Vence A. Birinclelli, Steve Bonetti, Ed Cichon, Eleanor May Coburn, Donald O. Costa, James W. Fagundes, jerry Heath, Dale E. Hensley, Michael R. Hughey, Randy R. jones, Gayle L. Kalama, Steven M. Lamson, Karen M. Liborio, Kari L. Martin, Mary McQuain, Suzanne Regalmuto, jim Roberts, Rich Scott, Steve W. Stranahan, Mike Strangio, Lena M. Stubbins, Marcia Sullivan, Lollo C. Ventura, Irene M. ,Von Rothstein, Howard G. Wales, Mary A. Walters, George Walton, Ronald A. Ward, Chris G. Watson, Bob L. Weagant, Eileen C. Welton, Dwight W Werk, Cheryl A. Whalley, Lile R. Wharton, Donald White, Mike Whittaker, Mike G. Williams, Mike Wilson, Eileen Wold, Marvetta Woods, Jim L. Yoder, Dena M. Yonan, Sharon Young, Roberta Zambik, Mary L. Ziegler, Lola L. Zoggas, Mary Barker, David Weatherby, Ardyth G. Whaley, Randy C. Wtmlfs, Kat A. Zona, Bill President Patricia Vice President Tiernan Rosemary Schuerman From the time of elections of sophomore officers to the last day of their sophomore year, the class of '67' proved themselves to be a most competent class. Throughout the year they were united and spir- ited-from the football games, to Spirit Weekg from Emperor's A-Go-Go, to the class ring sale, and finally the Fiesta. Besides a proven success, the year was also a most rewarding one. Class Council organized and executed the plans for the year. The obstacles incurred only added to the reward of the goal reached. This year, well marked by the fine leadership of the sophomore class, ended with the final reali- zation that they were now lower-upperclassmen. Secretary Eladia Treasurer Anita Lames T Lucero SOPHOMCRE STRENGTH CGMES 200 Vice President Rosie Schuerman listens to Eladia Laines, secretary, read the minutes at a class council meeting. FROM CLASS COUNCIL Sue Fanning and Roberta Young listen as a topic is reviewed in class council. gf 2 3 5 Q ws 23 S 2? 1 ,N X E 's 201 Miss Anita Lucero Balloons, pizzas, people snapping pic- tures, music by The Legends, Emperor Gene Nelson, the Coronation, a packed house, all this added to the excitement of "Emperor's A-Go-Go", held on March 12, 1965. The main highlights of the evening were when KYA disc jockey Gene Nelson arrived and passed out his 351,000,000 bills, and when he later announced Anita Lucero as class queen. "Emperor's A-Go-Go" ended with a dance contest and prizes for the winners and runners-up. Miss Kathy Densmore Miss Sally Odell Miss Jenni Mocek Miss Peggy McGreevy wb 3 af' NXNQ - wx NX NX xwfxf-Nw: X XX R X N Lx K A x H .gk X x Q --is W 31 - N U J -k - K Sk wx V A Q 9 Q A i X -Q . . X 5 f . QS ' 8 31, ' X, , x 1. v, 1.333 ' X Q - . S , 1 ' W - A S' 5 yew Q 4 -, x. X ,www 5 X . X '-" ,fee-M x, N 4 X 3 XY , X. x s Nr 1 A is X .. 9 H Xa N N J' + 5 .ffi-RLY ky - x x .Q mn, ws N- 1 x X N sf 1 . ' ' ' Yr .. ,..' .kxtf vxf . , x N v E A s s wx -' P 3 . w ,..: X i .y si As Q s X S M ...N , -X ...-.-,, ' A -:,::a:a1:rx 3 iz. ,. 1' X 1-was-'.-:::ear:-ff -x v, ' if-eizf' 5 1553 sig XQ X X x X Rx fx 'BX X X X NA x S X K X E N w S 5 s w s' S xx X Q Q l' S:s ix - xi sr Q 2 :K Q W f 'v X S X 4 X Qx X X X X S Q X 3 XX x 4 S N X Q X x Class Council was the nucleus of junior class action. The oliicers and the representatives worked together to promote the activities of the year. Class rings were received with much excitement and pride. Their arrival distinguished the classmen of '66' as upperclassmen. Much spirit and unity prevailed during both the traditional Carna- tion Sale and the original Don Pin Sale. During Spirit Week the junior class competed with other classes in demonstrating their school spirit and unity by exhibiting banners, yelling cheers, and attending the dance. "Badge '66"', the junior show, displayed talent and cooperation by all participants who helped to make it a most delightful production. "Chantilly"-their spring prom-was another accomplishment the juniors will always have as their own to remember. The activities of the Fiesta marked the final major event for the junior class of '66'. juniors can truly say their experience as juniors was worth- while and most beneficial in preparing them for the role of seniors. r .- -fe it t, ,511 51'-: is 1 0 Secretary Linda Chalifoux Treasurer Sue Burbank Diane Baker gives a progress report on the prom to the junior class council. A f . is X . . . . t . t :E as i Q53-uyg..xr:'-iwexfgfiiwxi . sex X I. . T... X 1 . V e . E 5 Members serving the juniors on spring council are, left to right: bottom row-Lynn Gunlach, Margaret Vickers, Judy Peters, Linda Vance, and Sharon Kimballg top row-Sue Calloway, Reita Kiger, Linda Eatmon, Pam Russell, and Karen Johnston. CLASS COUNCIL INSTIOATBS ACTION IN THE JUNIOR CLASS Eager fall council members of the class of '66 are, left to right: bottom row-Linda Vance, Karen Johnston, Linda Eatmon, Chris Tausheck, and Penny Pappas, top row-Faye Week Elaine Lee, Judy Peters, and Sue Setterberg. E 5' 207 i Aal, Michael Abbott, Howard Abshier, Lawrence Acheson, Roberta Ackley, Linda Q ' Agraz, Jeanette 1 Q . Aguilare, Sarah SS Allen, Cassandra 'X' Allen, David Allen, Mark Y . A 1'I'- . : Allison, Jim Amadio, Renee Amato, Micheal Anderson, Carole Anderson, Frances Anderson, Michael Anderson, Patricia Anderson, Ron Angelo, Art Angelo, Frank 208 5 UNIORS Connie Hanson, an elated junior and song girl, supports her class by wearing a carnation on the day of the Castro Valley-Arroyo football game on November 6. xewgg X W N... Arimborbo, Barbara Armstrong, Sue Arnold, Kathy Arnold, Wesley Atkinson, Dennis, Atkinson, Edward Baker, Diane Baker, Val Baptist, Ricky Barber, Denette Barker, Suzanne Bauer, Jerry Buamback, Sue Belcher, Peggy Bell, jack Bell, James L. Benetti, Carol Benz, Bill Berry, Noelle Besson, Phil G. Betts, Margaret K. Biehn, Mike R. Billings, Gail Blair, Bill Bivens, Renee Blumenthal, Lynn Bodine, Carol L. Borchardt, Bob W. Bordeaux, Bob M. Borgo, Alan Bossi, Steven J. Botosh, Alta J. Bradford, Kathy Bravo, Joe Brokaw, Christine Brown, Catherine Brown, Dennis K. Brown, Ed Brown, Jim P. Brown, JoAnn Brown, Marilyn K. Bryant, Bob ::i xi, X, X M, 5,3 L" ' L Q ww-W , n ,, , . , A ,.... ' --e' A aata ',.. , we X X x XXx xx We ., ,, S -':t ,,,', ii' 1 5 X Srl N X . Kes: 20 9 ,.. 1, N e w- W wc we it -a X Exif, ,.'f:-r iiiaiaii "'5 if SQXQX' . - , ' "R fir.-Simifnkm . : sxwsif-Y ' "" '- - If m E: Q x X g xxx N, NR x xx Ns 5 Q .s ts B lwmggwg www ras - rkk- r 1- 1- , . -. 1f,QNf5?15Pel T -1 x W , zzz F r.., , g . ,,.., .L x .:. a' , ' X e-i' 5 . , , 9 N K - :QSM .1 312 X . ' .. . 2 1 f R . ' E Q B S . if Ir . Q .Milli-N Iunior class yell leaders Janice Sylvia, Sue Baumback, Lynda Chalifoux, Celia Strom and Star Nordstrom prepare to lead a yell at the noon rally on january 8, 1965. elel 5 Q, . 1 Nik . . A its w . 3 gi wax . X Q Q WX X 'V 5 Qi' if 2 233? s X 210 CLASS Buchmiller, Margene Buckert, Jan L. Burbank, Dan Burbank, Sue Burchfield, Dibbie K. Burlingame, Carol D. Cadwell, Bob Callaway, Susan Callengerg, Russ J. Campbell, Carolyn R. Carlson, Christine M. Carlson, Garry L. Carpenter, Karen Carpenter, Sue OF '66 Carrera IV, Vincent James Benidict Carter, Barry L. Castellano, Alec Castleman, Randy Cava, Greg Cazone, Joanne Cervone, Steve M. Chalifoux, Lynda Charlson, Sharon E. Clabaugh, Linda Close, jeff L. Colletti, Barry A. Colletti, Bruce S. Colson, Cheryl A, Connelly, Pat Conrad, jim 5. ' , . Y X . ,U Qs X M Cook, Elizabeth L. Cook, Susan C. Cooper, Ron Craney, Kathleen S. Craven, Bruce E. Crommelin, Stanley R Cross, Suanne K. Cuffle, jane L. Cunningham, jim Daily, Rob D'Agmunzio, Sue J. Darden, Suzellen Davis, Glen W. Davis, Dale Sue Davis, Lynn L. Deacon, Cathy S. Decena, Glenn W. De Cruz, Robert C. Dehne, Connie M. Dell, Donna M. - if 'X is ff . 4, , .,,w if 5 N l '. sw ' is f'x?'. 9 15' XX N N 'X N Yiiim XXWSQ 55:1 XNX 5, X XSXX ' f XX SX XX X 2 X s XQX 5 5 XX X ,XXX XX ' "" E? ss X. '1'2 -fif N1'x: l I X N X x 'R X X XXX X ,Q QX X X XXXRRXX MX X X X X 2 X X we X .S X X ss... X . XRXXL ,YX N Q.. N X w XX Eg Q X X S XX SSS X X X S. X xx X X X S if Q X K XX Xx X Nm Ns ' T95 ' X N ' 5-,X fafxf H , X ' x YR ' '-'-' :iff-S if 'XT . r A 'tn' X i X . . 5 X X X ' if Arroyo's first co-ed chorus line gets ready to practice Evans, Tom go,-ium, Fassler, Ellen Federoff, Steven Dennis, Barbara J. Desimone, Rich D, Desimone, Steve Deutsch, Barbara J. Dias, John Dickson, Greg G. Di Palo, Tony J. DiThomas, Robert L Dixon, Linda Dolan, Tom R. Dornsife, Terry D'oro, Marie L. Downer, Marsha A. Dreher, Martha Dumas, Phil L. Dunbar, Rich L. Dunlop, Fred G. Dunn, Robert Dyer, Gary Lee Eatmon, Linda S. Eberle, Linda A. Edwards, Don Edwards, Drake F. Eggett, Jerry M. Enderlin-, Sallie Engel, Sharon A. Ernesto, Marlene M Eskridge, jack D. Evans, Craig Evans, john J. Freguson, Stephen J. Fern, Jeffery E. Fetterman, Laurie Fiedler, Carol Field, Doug Fischer, Richard B. Fisher, Jan E. Fisk, Bobbie Fiske, Julie Ford, Sid L. Fox, Judi Froman, Roland Fulton, Gary S. Furtado, Linda M. Gamboa, Sharron Garcia, Gregg Gard, Pamela Gardener, Ron W. Gassoway,,Ilo B. Gaylord, Gayla L. Geach, James W. Genovesio, Margaret C. Gerding, Vieda Gernert, Cheryl A. Geyer, jack D. Gideon, Jeff G. Girard, john D. Gloske, Carol Glocksen, Eugene R Gomez, Paul Gonsalves, Norma D. Gootard, Maureen Grace, Lewis Granse, Fred Granzow, J. R. Green, Terri L. mmaxmamw. ,, mm-asf ,, , first night rehearsal in the cafe- Gutdoni, Susan D Guidry, Herb J. Gunderson, Suzie Gundlach, Lynn ' - 3 ' mf ' Q .SN Er' 5 Q 1 . 2 2 Gustafson, Kevin Hagebusch, john H. Halpern, Charles D. JUNIORS Hamm, Gloria L. Hanson, Connie A. Harenda, Martin S. 3 'H Sa I 3 59 ' . YW? -,J s .- - . 3, 'Iffx '- X ll? i f , F - ' N 5 WX f S 'sf . Tires sr 1. f R - q. , R, f 1252. '.-::II: ': 'EEE N. 1iNi12'S:x .. as t 'mf Q S is 'fsixf-Qwrsges rr X. NX Q- A N3 s X ,tr X x ., A U .9 X Rx SX x XX if X ? s, " -z . , Q " m x if agar ,-1 :, :-f:.3,sa:as5- ' Q - X 1 is ., .S 1, -B 4' X V Harris, Kenny B. Harwm, Sharon J. Harvey, Elaine Hatteroth, B111 H. .K 3 X ,VX V Heckman, Garry D. Hector, Herb A. Hein, Cheri L. Mother Mitchell's "High Stepping Cuties Show. Henderson, Dan W. Hernandez, George Hernon, Linda Hills, Aleta Lou Hinds, Kathleen Hineline, Kathy Hineline, Mark R. Hodgen, Jim E. .Xt Holland, Mike L. Holmes, Carol A. Howard, Kathy Huie, Barba-ra Hull, Karen Hummel, Jandyne E Hunsucker, Hunt, Rick Jacobs, Jaramillo, Jennings, Bill Jensen, Dave Jensen, Ron K. Harma J. Suzanne Audrey 4 practice at the dress rehearsal for the Junior Kemp, Marion G. Kennelly, Lymm I. Kiger, Reita J. Kimball, Sharon Kevitt, Susan A, Kneeland, Mike L. jory, Mike W. Kahn, Steven E. Katen jr., Robert Leonard Kattenhorn, Karen K. Kaufman, Sandy Kearn, Martie Keating, Tom Kelly, Karin Kelly, Susan X Eze . Y -- .. i-.P mi M xx X X Y X S . i 3 g X X wx is 'XX ,Qian . s , . S . X. in t si iliaiflitis y JU IORSI ACTIO Johnson I, Wayne Richard Johnston, Karen jordan, Gary X . . ,:. gb . as if '-Y x jigour, Hillary johnson, Paulette Jewell, Rebecca Q ' Q r.... . L . . XX ,,,, N ' Q 5 . 5 35 S F sa. . 3 .ss X X X X X X .tk X ll ,N I at 's" gs , ,Lv X X t X Q S 5 X i W MQ X .. G S X X Q is . Xa. . . S. X X Sf sk . fs it X S 'H fb ECI. 5 ,SS as e ee, .Q tasks N wx We N X E X Q X x K X W Q ee 4 ES as . Qs. X w f ZX., T NYS -, EI EFL? Q4 . .X K 'NX x N hi 5 Q. - ea. taxa X-Q X gsysef . ga. Y 1 ..,:, x N X. A NY xygzx Q2 x s X S 4 xx X Q Q 5 S Knowlden, Rod Kouts, Gloria Kral, Martin Kucala, Tom E. Lackey, jack A. Lange, Ron A. Langston, Candy C 215 Latham, Waleen Lawrence, Barbara S. Lawrence, Doug Lee, Elaine R. Leffler, Craig L-enhardt, Arleen F. Lependorf, Barry Levakis, Peter J. Lewandoski, Anita Lindevald, Kitty Liotta, Vincent F. Lisowski, Michael Love, Bob B. Lowen, Debbie Jean Lowther, Robert E. Lucas, Scott Luecke, Keith R. Lusk, Sandy J. MacCaskie, Dennis R. Madura, Nancy L. Mahaney, Susan Maine, Steve M. Mantineo, Rick O. Marcum, Mark L. Mardar, Bruce Maresh, Joseph A. Maria, Linda A. Marshall, Bob A. Marshall, Greg Marshall, Ken Marziano, Mike Matthews, Bill S. McAlister, Jim McBride, Connie McKean, Ferol McNeal, Wanda J. McNie, Barbara Medeiros, Lynda D. Meeske, George H. Meeske, Marie E. Mellberg, Lonnie K. Mellen, Rick J. WITS A D KICKS WITH '66 by .rs-:es .X V "X t ,I ,.,,, , ,'.-' , .,,.,., .X in - vet' -1 4 .... ,-:,,, Q... , if .5 - '- -, ..... e :.-is X 1 .. Qt X f -se,-. at X 1 ::...x. ,-,, .six -X, .. . N '. X Q.. Y . MX , 5? - X N mai -rs mi- . me -."Nr:ss.""1ss:, 2 Y , fa - Qc ' E fg " c 'X XS P X N 'S' Q X X ia X Wi 2 YS- X. .1 .3 fe ,X -we Q: ini?-E Q 216 Mendonsa, Ron D. Metcalf II, John W. Michael, Keith J. Michel, Suzanne M. Miller, Steve A. Miller, Timm Mohr, Rickard A. Morte, Greg A. Mortimer, Blane Mulder, Anne-Mar ie Mr, Langaas, substitute for junior counselor Mr Weiner, instructs his seventh period class Murphy, Rick A. Nobrega, Joel Nordstrom, Star K. Norman, Ron Nuzaman, Claudia Oberhart, Craig Olari, Bob Oliver, Charles D. Ornellas, Connie J Ortega, Estelle M. Ortwein, Bob Ortwein, Pat Ottersretter, Susan IORS .II EI ,65 Q. . , . .. N QS.: see.,-We . .. ss an-ysbg rn-if 5. .Q X X a , ' RX we , JES f - FIR Xa X s iii EX X Q Xx X a X X X . X N5 gg X s .S ex sg., X X X xg X we Er? xxx xx X QP as we .Xe lx, Q is N X X i y X SENSE X V .Q sw.. - Egg. We . .t .i .X X 3. N. X .1 Egret . sa iw, 5-'ms t 3. 218 . . . Q gs- 1 'X Pagni, Louis Pappas, Penny Pavao, Rod Payton, Jack A. Peacock, Mary M. Perry, Kathy L. Peters, Judy A. Petersen, Allen Petersen, Bob Petersen, Jim Petrash, Paula F. Philips, Susie Pinto, Jane Pippen, Tom C. Poindexter, Judy Read, Leonard L. Rebiske, Tom G. Rice, Nancy jo Rien, John H. Robbins, Diane M. Roberts, Linda Lou Rodriquez, Pam Rogers, Rick Russell, Pam G. Russo, David J. Ryan, Maureen L. Salinas, Margie M. Sater, Robert Scheid, David A. Schmid, Sandy Schnagl, Jean S. Schneider, Joe A. Schoppert, Teresa Schuerman, Charles Sconyers, Connie Scott, Howard Seaman, Kathy Searle, Pam f f Zz W., , Swann: .N X X w...w..e - -i Seibold, jeff H. Seideman, Elliott Setterberg, Susan Silva, Dave M. Smith, Alan M. Smith, Brad Smith, Elaine Smith, Nancy J. vm . . , ,.,.,. N -Ng sesame any sw. ... ,. Reading attentively in his mechanical drawing class is Blane Mortimer. Speas, Cathi Dee Stayrook, Evie M. Steele, Paul Stein, Sydney L. Stevenson, Jerry Strom, Celia Struempf, Richard Stubbins, Marcia Suffner, Ann Susoeff, David B. Sylvia, Janice Talbott, Marcia Smith, Susan Smith, Terry W. Souza, Judy Souza, Kathy Spann, Carol M. Spear, Harold R. X - .Z'i4f1si:t N5 X X. . ., Ng NN xv XS Shadduck, Ross A. Shumway, Richard R. Y . , -- PQ., j 5 . X ew X N at Rx , R . x g X x vi, 1 e X Q . ei Q in K 'iw' ix Q XS, f it an A Q 'QR at SX tm! I X . , Q 51+-. ic. is rs' ' 5 Q.. ' X ' . RX X X th W' K S., mm. ...IS-. X X - . fre 2 My - 'S , EQ Izwsswi- '515 Y '19 is ,h . '- 'X , 1 X. if I XXX N X EQ dh is X xx RSX X QQ ex Q X it xf Q X Nga XSS X X x X Xxxx X xX xxx XXX XXX gi xg x X NX x N xx ,xxx E g' x N we XS xt . ,xx Xgx X .Sw 9 x N X SN 'PN- Nm. x. xx Q x X . Q .T .....,. Q .S-YN ' sf' .sg '- - x w x X xx x Q A J x sc X New xg xx x x xx x , Ns x Ax xi fi ex Q QP X X x x s Q X X X x X X N Xie: A 1 XX ' X ?fX X X X X X x xx X X 5 X X Q QEQX x xx xgx Q N xxx, s X X X X xx xx, X X., .- N.9.grz, 'x,g.v- :,x:: .m : xQ X Q xii ,v,s,,Q,xasf. -: 5252: NQWSQ X X xi xx X S N Q x x Q X s VKX Tarasuk, julian Tausheck, Chris Tavares, Paul A. Taylor, Jim M. Tella, Bob G. Thomas, Alan B. Thomas, Loyd E. Thompson, Bill P. Thomas, Pam L. Thompsen, Mark E. Thompson, Monty Thornell, Alton 1?IiZ.iT5f"iiul'Qdy '66 PROGRESSES Torres, Bill Torres, Eddie J. Trujillo, Gloria xx Utt, Linda i X ...g.sf,., TN 1:a:, as Silvwx .. xtxx ,rt X . if'x.5-evyfg fx we -fxssk. x s rx - -fNJfP.SfN .- W- ilszif 5 .N x x X X XQ s XX 'x X X x X xx X X x " X551 Y 5 'fsxx Vaiens, Qob Libifg Miss Hansen's fourth period physical education class strains VH enzue at Mar - energetically during the body improvement unit. X 3 Van Kerrebroeck, Ellen Velasquez, Gerri Vickers, Margaret Vierra, Steve Vigil, Anita L. Vincent, Sherri Viti, jane M. Voecks, Bill J. Volz, Vicki Vournas, Dino Wagner, Marvalee Wfalker, Cheryl Walker, Don H. Wallace, Dixie L. Warner, Joanne Week, Faye West, Bobbe Westcott, Leonard WM. ui Westergard, Dan Whitacre, Linda A. White, Mildred Whitfield, Tim Wilder, Johnny Wiley, Arlene H. WITH TI E PICTURES OT AVAILABLE Allen, Colleen Anderson, Patricia Badgett, Linda L. Bailey, Vicki L. Belt, Lauralea Bennett, Margaret Bowers, Mel D. Bronstein, Ron Brown, Kitty Dietz, Ronald Eggers, Joan Eld-er, James Engel, Richard S. Evins, Karol S. Garcia, Mark Francisco Guzman, Joe Hansen, Phil Harmon, Linda L. Hefner, Kenneth Howard, Scott Jordan, Rob Keeler, Susan Lambrechts, Rick Lumley, Ken R. Lyons, Bob E. Matson, Jim Monahan, Mike A. Peterson, Susan L. Richmond, Victor F. Rosenheim, Sue E. Smith, Andy I.. Stewart, Pamela A. Vance, Linda L. Wallace, Roberta R. Whysong, Marjory A. Williams, Robert L. Zimmermann, Maria E. Zelonis, Robert Williams, Ed F. Williams, Randy James Willson, Dave Wilson, Judi D. Wilson, Linda S. Windbigler, Diana J. Winn, Burt Woodard, John Woodruff, Lance Woolcock, John E. Wright, Claudia Wyne, J. Mark Yoder, Mike L. Yutzy, Jack W. Zukoski, Joy , .W ..,.,,..,..,.,. , , QXXX X ya. X ,XV R X iw .. iiz . 'JS .... . xx XX -by X " ig . . Q it x 5 A . llil " 'iz' x X XX X XX X X xx as MQ X X Qs X XX 1 . , ....., ...W ,..,.. ,M .,...,,...,,.. ,.,, , , X " :eg-5, r g,-.,s.:. bsasg X.'X'f J' 'I I ' 'iw X 1 ' ,El.1 s'fQ'.fi:2-2' . I 322 I 1 " 1- if 'i ' 1 Q :w if . - .fi -Y ,,., RCF. 1 s..:s.-- ..- 3 -I .,,- 5 ,2 I ,,., i-'i ,........ . .. ..... X x . ,, X i s 'EE X, . . . N5 . If' I7 s: " -15: 2-.. RQ, SQ 2.5! Ng XX N 5' , ' is i .ss X . Rig X 1 X35 A X Xxx X Xgx Q 2 A E X 'xi .Q 5 if if , asf. . 'uk Qem: www- . 1+ in S: X KX X X X Q A S X X w A 'Q QS .S x NN .gy 1 -. SN Q. S855 .. Q My-ff x - Yrs ' xl 46, , x .x X . . .why . x N 4. ,. Q , SY x X gg L S3 v x asv 5 Xi mi wx .avg 323 5 . xx . X 5 Y U v Q XS Q x?lQ QNX x Ri XX E5 5221 I , si' , Q W X QS wx NN X x w . A X X X X E. X Q N fx ' yy Q5 X4 X X X X X X Ax. :sz S Sxxx-mmm x .s X5 gi Aw x 3 is x X X X X v X x xv V V 2. fi - -Q S X ww... Smiling pretty before doing a dance routine to "Steam Heat" is Star Nordstrom. During the finale the girl's chorus line shows the audience they're from the Class of '66. 4 RBADGE 66,9 PROVED TO Girls donned in chorus outfits, a movie filmed in San Lorenzo, live music, a co-ed chorus line, "I Left My Heart in San Lorenzo," and the surprise appearance of Mr. iWerge1and's son made the Junior Show, "Badge 66," a huge success. Charles Schuerman starred as the nit- witted police oflicer named Inspector Hornpod and Linda Vance as the sexy red hot mama known as Mother Mitchell. The llnspector tried in vain to solve'the murder committed at the beginning of the show and went from park benches to Mother Mitche1l's Mission trying to find the murderer. All the long hours spent in. producing the show reflected brightly when the cur- tain opened on the nights of january 20 and 21. BE A MYSTERY CGMEDY 1 W u Members of the mixed chorus line wait eagerly for instructions from their gym instructor. agfiww ,l , M gl A, M .- "':. v i 2 Miss Vicki Bailey Miss jane Pinto Miss Faye Week Miss Marsha Downer Miss Lonnie Mellberg 6 junior class queen and her court with their escorts. R u I YT ? A 2 S CHANTILLY - - - AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER Queen Lonnie Mellberg and her escort Tom Hudson smile rapturously at each other as they dance to a dreamy tune. Enchantment from' the 1890's pre- vailed at this year's junior Prom with the other moods of anxiety, excitement and fascination. As the guests entered "Chantilly" a new world opened before their eyes. Park scenes with running water and real trees were placed around the gym, along with a "Sweet Shop" and a swing to sit on while posing for pictures. The Arroyo High Dance Band provided entertainment as they played in a band pavilion. The highlight of the evening was the crowning of Lon- nie Mellberg, class queen, by last year's queen Pam Thomas. m v x . . N if' ww ww. :.- "ws .AP QQ Nw A ws .Wx Y ,,-,g X ,wk A kg , W WWW? QA Q.. 'Nw A N A ' A X -X ' YN' . Qu- .Q ,. mv- ' v N LN 1 XS rkiix. K -W K wx , . X x N S ,. NNW N.Q"Ww N A ' ,Qs X RK NSR . x k . avrgk X' . f. N Rick Sargent and Penny Pappas rel p k b h hl h P ADDED EVENING REFRESHMENTS .X GAY NINETIES SET MOOD FOR CHANTILLY L d F d d her escort sign the guest register as they enter Chantilly. 230 Gene Engles and Karen Hull smile as they enter the Prom. Former class queen Pam Thomas crowns Lonnie Mellberg, junior class queen. Jeanne Heilman and Mark Hineline radiate the happiness of Chantilly. l. . tm . w 1-vs, s. sw. W ws:mmivw iww-. ww-sam wswwx nu-vas-' mwmmtwmsw wumamswmmsuz 3 is Q55 Q M K ,.., Xml XS R XX QQ ' X W wx , A ww as x , X X it xx wx ,. XR ,. X ix Ng 5 N NX X xx X X x N Q3 X X K 44 k 'N Q55 WNBAQQV: wx .211 " ' ' Q ' ,54 Eg V fflxx- X 2 , X.. K N x, M, ai Sxikiwx XX W xx L X A N M451 w xx N as if QS W RX X 7 x H5 Wm ,X Rm. ' xx.. G., . X sg-. x XM- as K x X, X we , 5 .QQ xmwmmwmxmwms . A CLASS COUNCIL . . . THE VOICE President Paul Klass Senior class council brought forth many new ideas, voiced many opinions, and faced various trying situations during the 1964-65 school year. Council was formed by having each social studies class elect one representative who would, in turn, attend each meeting, jot down important news, and take it back to his class the next day for discussion. Class council, like any other democratic form of government, was headed by its officers, and represented the students of the senior class, in that it served as a forum to keep the class in- formed on important developments, and to settle disputed arguments and disagreements. This year council dealt with such matters as Senior Privilege Day, Senior Dress Up Day, stu- dent conduct, Senior show, Alumni Association, the class treasury, Senior Ball, Powder Puff Foot- ball, senior sales, senior announcements, senior favorites, and the senior gift, which are only to name a few of council's numberless responsibilities. Senior class council strived to fulfill the needs and desires of each student of the class, and made "65 the Best Alive!" 234 Vice President Ann Jamison Treasurer Terrie Foss Secretary Vikki Eschmann OF THE SENIOR CLASS Spring Council Gene Engles Georgia Fernandez Sharon Fischer Kay Gettman Janet Grasher Mary Greene Ann Guzman Chris Hildebrand Lisa Linn Kathy Nelson Pat Ponce Jennie Poteet Gabriella Remenyik Terry Rife Fall Council Sue Barker Nancy Bessen Melanie Brix Kathy Cretser Georgia Fernandez Sharon Fischer Kay Gettman Ann Guzman Karin Haskell Chris Hildebrand Cherie Leonard Linda Manger Par Ponce Karen Rademacher Carol Syvertsen Mary Zickefoose 2 Accardo, Bob Alameida, Marcia Mary Alaniz, Kathryn Irene Alaniz, Robert Roland Almeda, Carolyn Amundsen, Susan Anderson, Robert Andrade, Paul SENIOR R LE IN SPIRIT In the battle for the spirit jug, seniors gave the underclassmen tough com petition, and proved that "65 is the best alive." F :RMA . We - for Qs- N X . X SS -x K- X V W? Nw N, NG x x, 5 S ES, X . N-'SL cvz. X Q 3 fx ss w NS? Xxx. if QW 5' 1 X ES X ES Wa' Z, X 2 X 1353 :Egg Xx Yi S53 Beck, Judy Bellew, Denise Bellinger, Penny Bennett, jack Benton, Valree Besson, Nancy A Bice, Richard Biehn, Lynda nfl SENIOR PRIVILEGE DAY WAS A NEW LOCK EOR THE FUTURE i 4 5 I 1 i r L 9 238 Blazek, William Bliss, Kathleen Bobo, George Bond, Linda Bradshaw, Lynda Lanell Brill, Dennis Britton, William Brix, Melanie Rose Brooks, Clark Brotherton, Craig Bryant, James Buchholz, Susan Seniors, Larry Carriger, Gary Hughes, and Dave Dzubur "ham it up" for a photo on Borne Memorial Field during Senior Privilege Day. Bunio, Tom Butler, Timothy Byrd, Jim Cabral, Mary Calvert, Ginger Camper, Sue r Campion, Don Cardana, Mike Chaves, Teresa Chiaffala, Pat Chitwood, Robert Christensen, Paul Ron David Pat SENIORS SURVEY THE SCENE Cardoza, Gene Carlson, Pat Carothers, Jim Pierre Carothers, Karon Carriger, Larry Carter, Karen Castle, Jim Castro, Jim Cazone, Dean Chance, Donna Chartier, Kathleen Chaulklin, Linda A jerry Hardy and Bill Blazek find the patio a perfect place to survey the after-school campus scene. le-ZW ".xXX Clough, Jim Codde, Gerald Collier, Patricia Collins, Stephen Colloran, Rich Connor, Chris Corron, Bill Conroy, John Cox, Steve Crapa, Ron Craven, Eugene Cretser, Kathleen Machelle Cromwell, Chris Crumpacker, Charlotte N N NX-ef C . . -awww l S S Q X x W S s x S N Q x S s X S X s 3 A 1 is X. 65's SENIORS 0 0 0 INFORMED GAZETTE FANS? Cuffle, Richard Curtis, Lee Davies, Patricia DeLong, Bill DeLong, Bob DeMattei, Gary Densmore, Chris Densmore, Gale tine .Ji in., Gazette fans Marcia Alameida, Phil Kaplan, john Gideon, Gene Cardoza, Tom Jackson and Jim Wales gather on the patio after school to get the latest scoop on campus news. l 242 Si S. 3 Dent, john DePoe, Jerry Desimone, Pat Deutsch, Lester DeVol1, Donavon DeVore, jim Diehl, Barbara Dixon, Pat Wx qarewwrv' Dobrunick, Kare Donnelly, Sue Dornsife, Sybil Dunning, Robin Dutcher, Nancy Dutra, Marlene Dzubur, David Dzubur, jan Eades, Mark Eckart, Bud n Diane Edwards, Marvin Ellinger, Greg England, Russ Engles, Gene Erlmann, David Eschmann, Vikki Espeleta, Maree Evans, Patricia Ann Everitt, Rory Falk, Nancy Fanger, Stephen John Farquhar, Sandra Kay Farwell, Leslie Ann Fernandez, Georgia Field, Lynda Fineman, Martin Fink, Barry Fischer, Sharon Fisher, Tim Foltz, Bonnie Fontan, Douglas Forsyth, Rocky Foss, Terrie Foster, Nancy Foust, Roger Friel, Mary Frances Fry, Patricia Gage, Marcia Gahl, Darian Gainous, Tonis BIG MEN ON CAMPUS SPECIALTY OF 65 Left to right: Bruce Mardar, Dave Dzubur, Tom jackson, Gene Cardoza, Larry Trumbo, Jim Lockard, and Ron Lusareta use the patlo to dxscuss grades, football and girls. ,Q 0 - as X xv WN .cz ': y ? 1 SENIORS Gaipa, Toby Gallegas, Robert Gamez, Susie Garcia, Linda Garcia, Linda Garner, Steve Garrison, Warren Gates, Marilyn Annie Guzman and Joanne Lujan grin and bear it for a pose on the patio after school. 246 Gaudette, Paula Geisinger, Linda Gerace, Fred Geraldo, Robert Gerbaud, Alan Gettman, Kay Ghiggeri, Diane Giachino, Annette Gibbs, jimmy Gideon, john Girata, Bernadette Glazis, Gary Glenn, Jerome Gonsalves, Charlene M Gordon, Shyerl Grant, Randy Grasher, Janet Grecco, Nat Greene, Mary Greenefield, Rhoda Griego, Karen Grimmel, Gail Elizabeth Grundel, Janine Guthrie, Gail Guzman, Ann Louise Hale, Stephani Hall, James Halliday, Diane '65 FINDS KEY TO After two successful noon rallies, senior yell leaders Dennis Argyres and jim Wales take a quick breather in the "Bullpen," L SPIRIT JUG-SENIOR PRIDE Halverson, Kathy Hamby, Barbara Hammer, Charles Hammond, Sharon Hanson, Glenyce Hardy, Jerry Harris, Joyce Hart, Tim Harvey, Nancy Haskell, Karin Hasson, Christine .Haynes, Richard Heath, Charlotte Hector, Linda Hedrick, Linda Heeszle, Elaine Virginia Hendricks, Judy Henry, Paula Hess, Gary Higbee, Dennis L.. Hildebrand, Christine Hill, Cynthia - Hinojosa, Richard Hiscock, Gail Hoenninger, john Hoffar, joe Holladay, Karen Holmes, Ken M WNWVF HAPPINESS IS Holmes, Mike Honda, Allen Hoover, Madelyne Anne Hoos, Linda Cheryl Hormell, Jeanne Horn, Dorothy Horner, Kerry Howard, Carole Howard, Nancy Howard, Shirley Ann Howe, Patricia I-Iubins, Gary A SPIRITED SENIOR SUCCESS Q- Huclson, Tom Hughes, Gary Hushour, Michael Hytopoulos, Eleni Immekus, Edward Irvine, Linda Ivans, Barbara jablonski, Bob "Beat em' Bust em' " was the spirited yell of senior yell leader Bob jablonski at the noon rally on the patio. Jackson, Bob Jackson, Tom Jacobs, Sharon Jamison, Ann jones, Carey Jones, Robert Josaitis, Linda Kaplan, Phil Kernodle, Sherry Kinder, Gerry Kish, Terry Klass, Paul Kleinsasser, Ron Knight, Dorothy Knobles, Robert Knupfer, Margaret Komensky, Linda jean Kowalewski, Bill Krahnke, Steven Lache, Karl A HUMCROUS PERFORMANCE - FINALE TO A TRIUMPH Lance, Sherri La Plante, William Latham, Ron Leafe, Edith Leal, Karrell Leal, Ron Lee, Linda Leffler, Steven Rocky Lumley and his friends Anne Roland, Bill Britton, and Dave Dzubur perform in the gym as hinchmen for the Spirit Week senior skit. EI AL EXAMS - EACH SENIOR,S BEGINNING OF THE E D N i , xt , . Q 5 3 '2 Leonard, Cherie Lenchanko, Darlene Lewright, Judy Lillie, jerry Linn, Alison Lizotte, Lillian Margaret Lockard, jim Lopez, Joe ' F K X M fs, ' ff ---- 3 isa: Q ll N F N X - U f N M .- .,..1 Q - Q e Sig .,.,,... s . ........ tr ..., . ...... .. ., f 2- f gg 5 S 1- , - X ' .. J t ' in ..,,...,,::-,-,,,,...:r - S N X S N Xi Si A V -. -5 1.5-:' .s's.: is S' ax f X 'fl-2521 . - as s 'ak , X at Y NNW ix 2' SN X S X.. Q X NE if 4, z z l 2 l 'W 4 , , " ,711 ' Aff .... 4, ,gy Za af, ' 4 'f5?J.'-'VA' ' ' K" ,, l ,,,,,,,.,,, wt f,,, .f V W X ., V, J Q-'J' ' ' f- If ' rgf 'fix' AJ ff' 4,454 ,W 'YV ,..n,T, ,, fw','.', . , ,M 4 ,fa M' , , ,, ffffwf 5" x QQ, ,gy ic", M," 74,21 wg," -,f,f,f,f, ,QM Qww, 4 I ' I 5, 1404 5 l G Q , , I m I W ' 4 1 .fe Q f fwzzi , ,M f X I ,, .4 , ff al- - V A A ,, 1 QV 7 f 2, 4 4 WW, , ,,, f '5 ff., Z ' ff y ,ga f 1 7 7 ff, I During the week of semester finals, Brian Swim, Kathy Halvorsen, Vikki Eschmann and Tammy Rosecrans find time to humor themselves during lunch by the "Bullpen," Lopez, Norma Luehman-n, Pam Luisotti, Linda Lujan, Joanne Lumley, Rocky Lusareta, Ron Lusk, Stan Lyons, Patsy Madole, Nathan Madsen, Bard Manger, Linda Mangrum, George Manifesto, Frank Mariam, Stephanie Mars, Bob Martin, Linda Matthews, Steve McCormick, Janice McCoy, An-na Patrici McDonough, Sheila xx Q3 xxxgg S XX xx. X X, XE xigxxx x N X-:::-:,',-f 1- :..: 53, A Nx MXN N x X x x x xxxx xxx xx Xxx X Wx ii, X x xx xx. N xi X vwx xk wxxx fx X X xxx XX Nw xS x x xxx x X ea XYX at XX - xx xx .. x X X x N xXxQ xx 215222- x . N Xxxx N xx Q. x i 1 - x- ....., W.:.:.:..,,::aQ:':.-,.:w.::::...:1. 1 xx 'Q Q fr-. ,r':?gg, YR xx Nr , Z S Y T A x X X . x- X x X N x Q . . - HN my Q x X .x xx W ,xx FN .: ' W x x X .:, 1 e N NSS x Epi. xx ,x g NM, ' S6 if 4 ::::,. N 'AjjQj'3':F xx' x X X x k ls, .s ww 1 x FX X- SN W. XX X X Q x x. X45 . I wk NN Y. f X it ..:., K Nw x X Naiman, Frank Neill, Gerry Ann Nelson, Kathy Nelson, Robert Nelson, Sandi Newcombe, Vada Nickle, Sue Nobriga, Ray I 5 E 4 I SENIOR TIME BoMB EXPLODED ON JUNE 17, 1965 Senior time bomb, senior yell leaders, senior turnout! At the Canyon basketball game Steve Fanger and Bob Jablonski hoisted the time bomb to show '6S's seniors were on the ball. Ojeda, Dennis Olesen, Cinda Olson, Gail Olson, Glenn Ornellas, Fay Ortiz, Monica Ostrom, Joan Pappas, Lesley SENIORS MONOPOLIZE STUDENT Tammy Rosecrans, Student Body Treasurer, finds the "Bullpen" the perfect place to do her official duties. 258 Q Sm E NC -1X.N.,c Y: 1, Qi vw 1 :JM gms fb' Wm W Price, Steven Priest, Allison Prior, Sharon Proctor, Ferol Ann Quinn, James Lee Quirk, Rene William Rademacher, Karen Ragle, Patrick Lee Raimondi, Rita Ralston, Bruce Ray, Ada Reckas, Peter Reed, Raleigh Remenyik, Gabriella Richardson, Bob Richardson, Bonnie Rife, Terry Ritter, Linda Robinson, Sandy Rocha, Ron Rodrigues, Annette Tarcia Roe, Sharon Rogers, Nancy Roland, Anne Romero, Sam Ronald, Bob Rosecrans, Tamara Diane Rothacker, Sandi A SENIOR'S SPARE TIME IS HIS OWN ' Bob DeLong doesn't usually spend his time in garbage cans, but since he should be in his 7th period class he's bound to get "can- ned" anyway. V Scheid, Randy Schmuddee, Glenn Schneider, Sheila Scott, Dennis Scott, Meredith Anne Sharp, Larry Shelin, John Shetterly, Nancy AND LITTLE DREAMS i .T i X . mwww Shields, Sue Shilts, Karen Shippie, Greg Silva, Rich Silver, joye Sita, Toni Smith, Ellen Smith, Karrol Souza, john Phillip Suza, John Spicer, Kathi Starchman, Pam , . SENIORS GRIN AND BEAR IT Starnes, Ellen Irene Starr, Michael Steffens, Stephanie Steger, Larry Stern, Bruce Stevens, William Stillings, Janice Stokes, Carolyn Terrie Foss cast a friendly smile when she discovered her picture was being "snapped" during her lunch. 264 Strozyk, Betty Strozyk, Eva Joana Sullivan, Georgiann Swanburg, Roberta Swim, Brian Swindell, Sandi Syvertsen, Carole Tarrant, Robert maa'.amm:-: m Taylor, Michael Thomas, Roy Thorp, Karon Triplett, David Truiillo, Raymond Trumbo, Larry Tumelson, Anita Sue Turpyn, Melanie Tuttle, Mike Unternaehrer, Rolf Urgolites, Carol Valens, Becky 66 VandenBos, Jan Vanderpool, june Ventresco, Barbara Ann Vermilyea, julie Vigars, K. Lee Vilchek, Steve Voss, Jerome Wadsworth, Richard Wagner, Aldyne Wagner, Mary Margaret Wales, James Wallis, Steve Walters, Ed Walton, Vicki Warren, Roger Watson, jackie Way, Candi West, Frank Whaley, Ricke Whalleyf, Cheryl Wheeler, Jeary Whittley, Mike Wiles, Marvin Dave Will, Betty Williams, Margo Wilson, Bobbye Wilson, Marilyn Wilson, Mike SENIORS DRESSED UP l l THE CAMPUS jan Vanden Boss, Gene Engles and Bob jablonski could be classified as "Very Important People" as they march across the patio on Senior Dress-Up Day. i i LATE SENIOR PICTURES PICTURES NOT AVAILABLE Clauson, Steve Dolin, Janice Maxey, Iris Prestige, Bob Renkins, Bill Thomas, Chris Ullom, Anne Van Ingen, Ron Zelonis, Mike Wilson, Rich Woolery, Don Worden, Nita Wurm, Gregory Ybarra, Larry Yoder, Roger Yool, Steve York, jere Zickefoose, Mary Yvonne Zierau, Eldora Zitterkopf, Sandy Crommelin, Stan Gutierrez, Yvonne Madeiros, Dennis Stafne, Pauline 65,8 SENIGRS WERE UNITED, STUDIGUS, AND FULL CF FUN At the end of a day the patio was an ideal place for seniors to spread a little humor while mobbing a bench. 269 gk lava E X S' Q. xg X yu: V' Y t M , ge sa -'T X 'Cm - 'X -sw-X-Sxfxf 3f+WY?s"l?Y S355 Sol YVAXSQQXIX-'SX 'X ' -v 'fsww 'N V X ': ,R US E . We Jim Perry crosses the finish line of the nose-to- walnut race to become "King For The Day." Senior Privilege Day had seniors on the football field in three- legged races. Mr. Moser's counselees pose grim expressions in the tug-of-war held on the football field. SENIOR PRI ILEGE DAY . . . SOMETHING N EW - s- ww S- msswvx xiii w I . I , .at.t, ' - tie' , . .ts, C . I Wwe' - iii: -we yt .. ,.h..-.n-a---vm-'-'-'- Senior Privilege Day, November 17, 1964, was one of the first new senior traditions set by the Class of "65". The day began with some seniors feasting at an early breakfast, and with others who mobbed the patio before school. Later in the day the seniors gathered on Bourne Memorial Field in high spirits and shouting gay choruses of "Seniors Rule!" The activity period began by determining the "King For The Day," who was to be the victor of a twenty-foot walnut race+-with his nose! The King ruled over the activi- ties the whole senior class participated in, which were volleyball, three-legged races, shoe relays, touch football, lemon passes, and the finale of the day's activities-the tug-of-war between counselee groups. The day was made complete when Mr. Orear commended the Class of "65" on a job well done. 3 Before the Senior Privilege Day activities began, seniors gathered in the bleachers, and ate lunch while speculating the scenes on the football field. General Chairman Director Janine Grundel Bonnie Richardson On April 1 and 2 "Plenty of Money" was presented by the class of ,65 under the direction of Bonnie Richardson. The plot evolved around a "little ol' " grandma who got bored with painting childhood scenes and took up the hobby of making home-made money- counterfeiting. l This humorous plot, combined with a live band, formed a "cops and robbers" musical comedy. The comic cops were loyal J. Edgar Hoover FBI agents and the robbers nutty gangsters. To add to the amusing excitement was a unique singing chorus, tiller and jazz lines, a rollicking boy's chorus line, a breathtaking tumbling act, and two entertaining solo jazz dances. "Plenty of Money" represented months of preparation, and hours of memorizing lines and songs. The nervousness backstage, calling cues, lighting changes, and the anxiety of waiting for one's entrance, were all part of the excitement that accompanied the Show. This was all broughtlto an end with the finale as "Curtain Up, Light the Lights!" echoed through the cafetorium from seniors with stirring emotion-relief for some, tears for others. As the curtain closed with seniors singing the Alma Mater, a symbolical meaning was felt "so memories will never die." Portraying old ladies who want to dance "wild" is the boys' chorus line. 65's tiller line displays outstanding precision as they dance to "St, Louis Blues March." 272 i 1 il 5 S E s s S E R Q 5 3 s Ginger Clavert, base, and Ann Guzman, top, thrill the audience , with their tumbling act. L "Which way did they go, Killer?" Dennis Argyres, Gene Engles, Steve Fanger, and jerry Hammer capture the role of the comical gangsters. "PLENTY OF MONEY" LEFT PLENTY OF MEMORIES "Senior Citizens Mafia", alias granny's friends, put their hearts into "Charity" and their hobbies into counterfeiting. .9043 6, f Q -11 M N. A ,N W x w. S M- P N. -i '-Qui-r . .QS Q-4 X: A ASQ . s w X XX X , . '2f,WfWfWW" , My f ff , ,fm , ,,,,,,,. , , I ,,,,,, ,f ,w,,q1w,, , ,, , ,,, 5: V f sz - -, fw 4 My . . V , W 3Ljjjzwff1WW-ff' ' 4 yyhfffqy,"",'j,ff,jfvA ,, AJ , ' N 'f 'z ' - ' A 7 W , ,, 1fa,,,WwWWffww WmW,,W ,Mp f' H 32 7 2 , f Wg:ff..,,71 -,,, n 4W RPN Q ' ,Q N :X Q if Ni - 2 fwsamwl 1 A- Y me J AQ . 4 "' " S 'sf ? Nw" vw Q X w 5 3 5 -xr 'isx wx aww ,. X i' . S S 5 KX N ef fc' 22: ,Q ,MMM X X X Q X X s 5 :Xi Q X X X N N 9 x Q X N 'X N Ms - 4, , wif' ' wl?W x t ,nw 1 -K S X A e XX it :ra --fp . X1 gs WAS Q 4 x NX .1542 efg -,,iq,fX,5g 'SSJA-wYs fel X X R x 4:15, N X X N xg? is xkgia 5 S 2 3 vi fs S Qxxxx S x .: b, .,.. K X ,.' 1 Q .Q i. Q K gb r' C I S x K K X if v H. : gg , Y E? 11 - M 1 SN X ,W 5 X Q X S L 1- ms K.. Sax N ' Q Si SS N W www mauve X Q SENIOR DRESS UP DAY WAS STRICTLY FDR '65 During lunch seniors are asked to pose in a campus-dress-up shot. Senior Dress Up Day was set aside on February 17, 1965, for seniors to dress up as future young adults. As seniors walked on campus attired in smart, fall fashions, they not only added sophistication to the class, but added a smart look to the cam- pus, It should be remembered that these young adults met the day by challenging their regular daily schedule. Smart looking seniors are caught in a moment of laughter. 276 SENIOR CLASS QUEEN Miss Jeanne Hormell Miss Marcia Alameida Miss Georgia Fernandez SENIOR CLASS QUEEN AND COURT As the time drew near for the election of senior class queen, each social studies class nominated their candidate for the traditional honor. Senior class council, in turn, screened the sixteen nervous queen candidates on the basis of poise, composure, appearance, and intelligence of response. Among these candidates were chosen five semi-finalists who were voted upon by the class. Before the student body at a campaign assem- bly on April 22, 1965, President Paul Klass brought the suspense to an end by announcing Miss Jeanne Hormell as reigning senior class queen. The Queen's court was composed of Marcia Alameida, Karen Dobrunick, Georgia Fernandez, and Lolly Lizotte. Miss Karen Dobrunick Miss Lolly Lizotte C sas. W ,,,fMwxN,QZsfmWf--- --,-' 'f X 'SW Mummy Mm Marne Mai N 4 3, ' Nm QX X X x Sig K ' X XX is Nlge ik! . .ft , x Q 3 Senior Class Queen Jeanne Hormell and her lovely court of Georgia Fernandez, Lolly Lizotte, Marcia Alameida, and Karen Dobrunick with their escorts. y SENIOR BALL CCRONATION On the evening of May 21, 1965, seniors were seen at their very best as they entered "Some- where," the Senior Ball. Couples were formally an- nounced as they walked down a ramp which over- looked a miniature city. Murals of storybook fantasies and fairytale dreams artistically conveyed "Somewhere's" theme as they were accented colorfully by'twisted pink and blue crepe paper. While the couples danced to the music of the Ray Hackett Combo they may have passed a wish between them as they waltzed by the wishing well in the ballroom's center. At the turn of midnight, the senior class queen was crowned with her court on a platform sur- rounded by billowing clouds of angel hair. At 2:00 a.m. the magic of "Somewhere,' was brought to an end as the enchanting music died into the quiet of the morning hours. 278 Senior Class Queen Jeanne Hormell poses proudly with her court moments after the crowning. General chairman Elaine Heeszel was caught decorating for the big event. Jerry De Poe and his date are formally greeted and given a bid at the Ball. Seniors and their dates dressed lavishly to attend the long-awaited Senior Ball. 279 I Sw K Y QI' w N mwww X x wi x-Q. , W . www Q, ww, , va X 52 vs- I N x X W S w . M-N-N K Wwn 5? s V 'mwwmv ,,. .sa 5 ,gs ww W N m'vx Nvf XS' ww' ,, ww Xxx, M www, -w-Hem-N xxxxi Y xx QANNM if if J Xvww W" Ki N, 5 ,x - fp A fb Q Q X S. - 'EQ 4? . K 'S il im ef: N XX Y-WA Ny M x'3 NM.- ,X Ns K w mmmkywx mnggx -1 Nm .Www aw V . ' Q ws NX X , Q Y dawg wx gk LM! Steve Clauson and his date radiate their happiness as they walk down the ramp STORYBOOK FANTASIES Cynthia Hill and her date stop for a moment by the wishing well. 1 Vikki Eschmann and her escort jim Lockard proudly l make their entrance to the Ball. i i i S E Q S S 2 S 2 3 E . - 5, .A - . ' 'W X K X Q Y qw . x ' 6 S W :xx Aj, rv X ' ,M sian i Q Y N . , 'V .Nw K x st N Y K, 'N W N X... ' A 5 1: W- -. if Mfwsx. ' x. , N. M wx by? ' Qs.. QQ Q Q his . ... . , .nys . GN K Q ,XA u X ,www X Q.. VfN1e2axfX,.. A fi Xw wJ 'x . Wx - nf Q i . ,RN A Q, x.. . R Q . , . A .X -.5 k ex K ' . , . ivy , 2 in N - Q.. QX X KX., Q V, 5 we sm 'K Q A .Q X W W X 'S' A N A 5 'WK .rr 5' 'ir qzsx W X X X wwjfarssfx-f-m'1 "' V ' 'W' A ,,... ,....WW....,....w-W.---- x W.W..,.W.. .Xx.. ..-we ,W -M -v Y k . . J 1. QA N Y a SYN w Q- X . x ' . a Q' MASQ , I n : .M x ,Xu . X X. in X is N1 - X 'ff 2 V. , - ' D. , , ,, , X N ' Q kink 3 ., - A HS xx RSX s .mx X N S' RVN A WN- www sv-X -wx . -. xx A gwxwixg ixffifi U X .3 ' ' - iw? W A Hifi -- , fx f ' 1- .X Q5 X fi 3 X " ' 5' 95 v N X' 1' is ' WNXTQYS.39?xQmwi5QZf'3J N 1 Q ' QX A X . .xx Q .s.Q.wXW .N-0. ci " . NU -xy 1 Q-WN? xox rx- X . Nvnvnunhiwwf 5 V ,X K .T 'i . - X x Y ' ,mwwxg .. . .. 3 JK ' ,g - 1 ,,.. . ., X it .X RN" A.. - . .-. - 1. KARQ Q Sw K . .. X. N -W , ,. ,gn-N. ,W X 3 Aww. a A i N Q. wx ms. A X it g N5 W . N W Y. X 'x wm- "wx, ' Q QYN A N, .. A-A N.. fzfnsvxx y Q X X MNA? ,. my is X 5 as x ix w, .. M Q. mx M A ,,L 1 AN , px A ,AQ Q M HQ savww-mv .XP A is .NSY 5 vs . , .-: - . x . FC' 1- I. , ...l ,XRS .,,. E5 X - as ml L .4., Q .i .X ,gi - X.v,5Qxf3Z1-X,-,KVM Q, YQ ' X xx H e f , Q Q 3' . ,. was v.-fQ5Qf.NX J XM N , N . E, N? 3. X X GX x X Q X N X W X f X r M 5 .Q X. +' X N 4 X gf 1 E . gw . v Lv' '. fa iiamtzqgs 1 X ' ' W Q. S AW-:MQ Ax., vw if' Sr , x if rx 5 lx '.I:5E'g-X. 5 Q59 P E.i:5E'?':"' ' b "" 1 I' , Q TQ 'r yi' 'X K' W 5 Q F951 N L N A Y NW wwmwx bm NS ' ' 1 K Fm wgexfcw . - Y 1, QP, vQ3fNEGgfi 4 X Q A ti x . RN N- XX A gg -is se ,, ' .. A L X ww -5 .. . X N Q, H X335 M f"5f"X"'V"' Y 1 X x . x W-wif ww- 1 Q ,ww N s + H my am , . L 'Q-ff---.-.QX,,.? Ax A ww in f w i v 1.-Q.- '.1,,.::,w1: im! t gl Ns Nw- W - QA X. , 2 fl .ff-:sq , A A XX-W M A M .X-f :fr ie, fm :QS M -24 Q' , N Qs fi X N X A ,N 0 w ix Q1 .3-N. k gl, '- ,X -ww :N N Q W t bv. gm MA b X. X M3 abgsg-,fyxsf-g., x x w K K V R I W X' Q- "Q TQ 'Z -ff. X? 'ways W N ,. xx WA x e w QNM ITN- ws- ' N-X R ,Q X ,wx . X .si f Q - 'F 5. 5? ,mr - ww R wmv v N . mv IA X 'x 'Ex , A X X .X L. . 3 fig X xxx X1 X, yi New M ws - N' A . wx' xx ix A x Q Ss A' .E w as ef Si mi is X N :RSS Ziffiri fri -A W W Q wiv, BM '65'S SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVERS Kathy Halverson: California Savings and Loan Associa- tion Scholarshipg George Washingttvn University Scholar- shipg University of 'California Scholarship: Daughters of American Revolution Scholarship: john Fitzgerald Ken- nedy Plaque Award. 4 Membersof the senior class contributed many fine and outstanding leaders in a wide and varied range of fields. At scho- lastic assemblies and at the traditional Senior Recognition Tea the class of '65 exhibited its proud achievers. jim Lockard: Lions Club Clancy Boyer Scholar shipg john Fitzgerald Kennedy Plaque Award Bank of America Certificate Winners: Janine Grundel, Annette Giachino, Judy Hendricks, Roberta Swanburg, and Elaine Heeszel, Cnot pictured John Hoenningerj Parent-Teachers' Association Scholarship: Annette Giachino, Rhoda Greenield, Darian Gahl, and Karen Shilts. Bank of America Trophy Winners: Karon Thorp, Vocational Artsg jim Lockard, Fine Artsg Kathy Halverson, Liberal Artsg Cnot pictured is Gerry Codde, Math-Sciencej 5 555455 5555555 5 5515255 5515. ' 5 5 :li 5555 55555' 5553 Q Ng Sf' 5 5 l 5 5 5? 5 5 1 5 55 f 55 5 1 5 Q55 5 5, 5 3 5 5 ll N 5 5 5 5 X 5 f 5 5 525 5 zigiu, i 5 l Y 5 5-55 5 5 Y , 5 5 3:5 5:5 5 5 55 5 " 1 5 5 Q 3 l 5 5 5 5 5 5 Y . 55 I S ff W W H gl.: IX. , : , Henry H. Arnold Education Fund: 5 Darian Gahl 286 SENIOR ACHIEVEMENTS National Merit Letter of Commendation Winners: Nancy Harvey, Kathy Halverson, Nathan Madole, Jerry Voss, and Brian Swim. Crisco Homemaking Award Winner: Judy Hendricks 287 Home Economics Award Winner Donna Barker SENIOR ACHIEVEMENTS Valparaiso University Scholarship: Elaine Heeszel Y ,, ,,,wwm,,.,..,,,g,mX,,,,,3txW MYWH .. ,M aw--yYNNswmwsmgsfmwgggr,44,-,,r-...,gy:ss National Merit Scholarship Finalist Raymond College Scholarship: Bonnie Richardson San Lorenzo Foundation Scholarship: Kathy Halverson, Karon Thorp, and Bill Kowalewski We-v California State Scholarship Semi-Finalists: Bonnie Richardson, Kathy Halverson, john Hoenninger, and Sherry Kernodle. X8 Boys' League Scholarship: Rolf Unternaehrer, and Jerry Hammer. ggi Y, 'www-m-............,,,, Student Body Scholarships: Georgia Fernandez, Sharon Fischer, Sherry Kernodle, Mary Phillips, Nancy Dutcher, and Ka thy Halverson. Kiwanis Nursing Scholarship Winner: Alison Linn .M Arroyo High Teachers' Association Scholarship: Georgia Fernandez Girls' League Scholarship Winner: Bobbie Lou Rowe SENIOR ACHIEVEMENTS .,,, . - -. by .Qmsxmmwxmwmm A SENIOR ACHIEVEMENTS American Legion Citizenship Award: jerry Hammer and Janine Grundel Alameda County Sheriffs' Citizenship Award Steve Yool State Finalist in "Homemaker of Tomorrow" Mary Wagner i HEALERS AND HELPERS AWARD Bard Madsen CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION LIFE MEMBERS Janine Grundel Elaine Heeszel Sherry Kernodle Mary Phillips Nancy Dutcher Rhoda Greenfield Darian Gahl Kathy Halverson Roberta Swanburg fnot picturedl Georgia Fernandez Gerry Codde Knot pictured, 293 OAKLAND AIRPORT SETS SCENE FOR FAVORITE PICTURES i BEST LOOKING Gabriella Remenyik and Ron Lusareta ,N ,L ,. :N : rx .,M, A I C x, .X 4. ,S W ,Aww , ,S . ,W l, ,. C . I. wr, .C an 5.3 ,NorMaw.Wwwwwxwzwxfssi Nfwmq w,rf,.rW,N,i,N.,,,s,.,, rwqitit MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED 294 Kathy Halverson and jim Lockard E 'ax - 11: This year the class of '65 chose one girl and one boy in six specific categories from their class as Senior Favorites. These categories are: Most Likely to Succeed, Most Talented, Most Athletic, Best Personality, Best Looking and Cutest Couple. During intermission of the Senior Show the Senior Favorites were announced. Pictures were taken at the Oak- land Airport to provide a new and interesting atmosphere for the 65's Favorites. MOST ATHLETIC jan Dzubur and Dave Dzubur MOST TALENTED Vikki Eschmann and Jerry Lillie CUTEST COUPLE Nancy Pavlakis and Fred Gerace X X ..'X : X 'ty SFX X X X. gh- 1- if X 5 X , X X NX. X XXL X X XXX S XXQ X X X1 X X Xb? . i is XXX N x X .5 X X Q - X .X XXXXXXX S X X., - - ' X X X 1 . X X XQX- -XX X X , X ' X54 XN ,..XX.Zf .- X --1 1 XX 1 1 ss X 'X -1 XX X .X . X' 3.-X my X ,, Q XS S X 5 L Xa X S, ,N x X - X X CX 55 X X X X ' XXX agxw X jx, : . Xw-.AAWXS XX s-XX ' XFN aw -X 1 X X 1 ' ' 1 - f -XX X X -Nw iw -41 M- X . . 1 ff X X XXXXXXX-XX XX- mv -XXXNXXXXXXX 1-1 XXX.X..- . X X ...XX-XXX5 , v. XX X X QXN N wg N S .. X --XXX-Xz.-.X1X 4' SX: - .XX ' 'ffwglf-F -Q .f,Z'QxXgfX.-. -XX 1 IQ- SX XX I-QXXXY -SXQX XX - Xxiw. .X ...XXX XXXX- XX X -X-M N- -X Xwl- EXP NX x X Sa X sa S W X .X. X XX... - 1 S X X XXX M Z 55 W gwig .X XX S NX Q N x X X X 115 -.X Q- Y Sv QSX QNX -sy X 1 1 -XXX M sf 1 S . X .N S A S 1 W .1 - ...SX Q. 1 X XXX XX 5 -X XXX . AX 1 Si XXX X , R X A . w - X XXXXX X X XX -XX X-XX X S1 X i 'X ' .S X X . X X XX X X EK 3 f 'I 1 Y-1 ,. X -X X A -XX XX-,XXX - XXXX X X A.. .XXX2 s ,X X- Q1 X -:X ---Ms? - XX XXQEXXE 5- is . . xi YTXXXX gif X5 5.5 Y SX-gs' 35.5 -X-X vw' X X X X wa 15 Q. .X gs XIX, :XX XS, X- X X - 1 gi ,N ki 3 if 1 X M . QNX X X I X " divx ' XX 'V :Q X M -X -'X A X111 - X . 111 - SX .S m XX X , X- X X ' S X , X W X5 X X .L VS S X X 'X 1 - X X X X - 1 1 X XX' X 1- N ,.. ' .. 1 .X ' if 5 . - X . XA . . XX we is 1 X ' -XX X 5 XX X XXXXS- X S - . X- ' 1 X N:- N S . V S X ks XX X Xxx x 5 N is A - ,V S .l XX .X R N X 1 K Sm..-X - W 5 xii SS ' S 121- ' 1 -A gp 9-s XS 3 Tv 5 nf X XIX? .M S . S 11 ,X v 'N n X. ...... X gk W y S 11. 1 W X 1 . X- ..X.. X. X -'-',- W Q X X . - X - X -,-X X . X 1. X X "'-"- . X . XX. -XX-X QXQQQES-155 'Q .X 15. si - ,NX - 'X X X -1 QX A . 2 i 1 -. 5 5 X 1 1 X 1... ..X. - 6- X 2- 1 1 X1 X XXX 1 1 XXXXX X 230: 5-1 g 31111 1,1 -:-1. Q 5 .5 X -- XX -.. I -.HXfXX- . X1 1.2 X X . .. X X -- 1 X XX -1 - Q S X Q X - X X X S X - X . X j X X X . X X X Q X S X X X. XXXA XXX X- X .ar-XXXXX' 1 X Q, X QNX' X - X- . X. . 'X W Wx 'N 'W' 'ff-fx-AX :1 12-1--11-gsgsgszvs WXX X .. ' .. X-f1s.wXNwXN SN. X -sm?--V . . - . , - .wi fins...-'-.1-sS1I ...,. ..-. ......... - . :.:.-s-1-f-s-.W X 'X"' M. -1 1, M--M ..,, . X.-W... - "-X. -X 5 X 1 1 S - XXX-.1-X1-XXX X- 5--.wr 1' 2- 'XXQX -1.1 - ,f.XX,:,sg5.5a-':s:- ' X 51:1 11111.: 33 -:as 11. 11 , - ...X . . Xg. 1. 12-12. -X 1.1.XXX . X "Q: '11:...cif':1:'-Xi' X- . f- . 1 X ""' X f X11 if -X X1 X 1f..1.1..Xfff--X -1..:9v X. 1 - X . I Q51 1 X X - - -- X . - - X 1 "' 1 - X X - XXX. 1 1 X ...X X X 1.1-.RX-X X1 XX 1 X ' 11 1 1 ..,,, 1 ' X- X1 XS- X i--fl X ' - . WN QNX XXX- NSS- XXX ' 1 -C-1 35111: 1. 1 11 -: 1 .. .':..:. Ns-.f-:.:..:ffs:g..'.. -X-..1-::..:.. ,. 'XXX X X-X XX 1? X- few X-X-S Nm-X--1 . 1 ' 1' .X.. - X- V 1-'-. X 1"'- X X... X EX N X' -X .X 11 ,X,, s 1. 133 ' 5 "" 111, gp . VX XX QXQX . X' ,,,, X 1 1- X 5 1 1 X- " ' 5 X X1 X X - A - . ' ' - I X "" -. . - '. H 'T X XX .X11 - ffl S- L1 X. X XXXXXX.. , W.-mu N-MX--,X ....,.,.. -.... ... ---- .1-.:1 ,1,11 1 . . - X X, . -ww m..f............-A Xa- gk Xlfk 1 . XX.X.XsX.x . X - XXX- X -Xa NXIXN WX ' iI..'If'I'fi.XX' X1:1iXX5!- '- - X 1 x.-1 -.-1 X.. 1. " K' X i - X . :SWS X X Q ,.,. 5,1 wN:::.:.,5-X,f...:.,XXg...,.:. ..X.-.X-..:,...,.:.... . BX-X ,X ,A-- .X -X X N1 X-, , -X.. .X ,XM . .,., 5- X. X XX. 91 www 1 . X X -- - - S X X XX XX.-N... ' XX X X X . 1 X' X X X XX X XX 1 - ws'XsX.::.i:s:-:s:z.1+r:- 1 . - . 3 - .X X ,.X -xX -:X .v,, rf..-ts----.,:5. 3551 4,1 -X x v wigs- ,u.:.,i.,..v:. - .S A X K 5 -- 1-xy- A-.K XX X- "'X X 'X' -ww hm-, -1.11. .:,:..X3 -MX - +- 11 X X .X ....1-.. ,,-. X -1 -- XXX.. XXX At the Baccalaureate services the A Cappella Choir made its final performance of the year. INSPIRATION ON A JUNE AFTERNOON Under a clear blue sky on the breezy atternoon of Sunday, june 13, 1965, the senior class appeared in cap and gown to attend the non-denominational religious service known as Baccalaureate. Before the class, parents and teachers, the invocation was deliv- ered in bowed head by Bishop Richard Shumway of the Church of Latter Day Saints. The voices of the E5 a .r A Catppella Choir were heard across the patio as they joine together for the final time in stirring, spiritual song. A powerfully spoken sermon was presented by Reverend james Walker of the Halcyon Baptist Church, and Reverend jobs of the First Christian Church closed the Baccalaureate service with an inspi- rational benediction. s r rfrt Moments before the service, a line of red and black was seen filing out of the gym. X 1 525 X X.iX,geiQ QQ . " " ff SXT SQ X TY . Q GX x i X . X 1 X S. R X. X XXX r -. A N' X . X5 .X-5 :-. X ' ' XX .gk . . X S XX. M1111--..Q . - X XSS ksgr IWQXX Q X is 9. - X X XS S . X . M 5 fit Xsixjf A 5 :252 2 QQ A X- Xp ' ...AA XX Y S. i A k X3gwNx..: :. - XX 1 k X Q kxik a X XX X X X X QX XX X .XS X XXX X WEN . aw :,.,. X ,,,, . 1.'XX -. 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X Q5 XX X X A XS N X 9' XXX? - ' A X X' -- QM 35- - X N X X- S. , Xf - X A - X5 5 X QA A X X , V -X X -K X -X XX 3 -QXXXXX X - 3 Y X XX -X-:ff-M -W X K X X A K ' XF -'xl X- X- X Q- - A M' 1' - XX X ' --X i::eX::::-sail: X :XX gX-XX X- X X X X X - f ' X X . k W: k X ' ' ' X ' ' : XX ff X - Afkx A x XX' X XXX .XXX 'X y A X XXX KX X XX X X M - X X X X- - ,Xi-x.X - s X N NX-X - - ,X X -- N N1 ' X X X- - Sir - -Q. X3 X - N X 9 SXXX x A X XX LL A Q xx K X X F X X X XX- L.A,X Q ,- , X -X XX X- X X X 'Q A X X ' W-. 1 XX WXXXXXXXXXXXXXWXX X -XXX XX - .X - ew W X XXX - AX- X, . X - - SENIOR ACHIEVE i Accardo, Robert Cross Clountry 1,2 Boys' League Alameida, Marcia Queen's Court 1,4 Homecoming Court 4 A Cappella 4 Junior Show 3 Senior Show 4 Alaniz. Katy Girls' League Amundsen, Susan Marching Band 2,3,4 French Club 2,3 Healers and Helpers 4 Anderson, Robert Frosh Football 1 Andrade, ,Paul German Club 2 Honor Roll 2,3,4 Anthony, Carol Student, Council 2 Girls' Hiigue 4 Captain, Tennis Team 2,3 Argyres, 1Dennis Varsity Tennis 2,3,4 T Captain- ennis Team 2,3 Student Council Honor Roll Senior Show 4 Arnold. Jgck Junior how 3 Senior Snow 4 Arnold, Raul A Cappella 4 Advanced Band 2,3,4 Spanish! Club 3.4 Music ,lub 1.2,3,4 Fiesta Committee 4 Asp, Larry Honor Roll 4 Snack Bar 3 Bachmann, Karen G.R.A. i3,4 Prom Decorations 3 Senior Ball Decorations 4 Bailey, Tom J. V. Baseball 3 Honor 0114 Baird, M ry Yell Le der 4 Junior how 3 Senior how 4 Drama Club 4 Class Council 2 Baker, Lee Varsity 'Tennis 4 Bale, RobLert Track 1l,2,3,4 Block Spanish Club Cross C untry 4 Boys' L ague Barker, Donna Fuztuiri omemakers of America Senior how Ticket Committee 4 Barker, S san Junior ,rom 3 Senior gall 4 Senior rivilege Day Chairman 4 Honor Roll Class Council Barnes, Fred Honor Roll 1,2,3,4 Barnum, anice Girls' eague Future eachers of America Barstad, ris Rally B ,nd 3 Art Cluti 2,3 Band Le ter 2,3,4 Sophomore Hop 2 Basinger, Kathy Future Teachers of America 1 Junior Show Make-up 3 Spanish Club 1 Girls' League Bastin, Dick Varsity Basketball 3,4 Block A 3,4 Honor Roll 3 Bellinger, Penny Bennett, Jack Boys' League Benton, Valree Fu4ture Homemakers of America Class Council 3 Junior Show 3 Senior Show 4 Girls' League Besson, Nancy Student Council 2 Class Council 3 Girls' League Board 1,2,3 Junior Show 3 French Club 2,3 Bice, Richard Cross Country 1 Blazek, Bill Football-Most Valuable 2 Football-Most Valuable 3 Baseball 3 Block A 2,3,4 Sergeant-at-Arms 4 Bliss. Kathleen Class Council 2,3 Junior Show 3 Girls' League Representative 1,2 Bobo, George Varsity Football 3,4 Varsity Swimming 3,4 Varsity Basketball 4 Fiesta 1,2,3.4 Junior and Senior Shows Bond, Linda Student Council 4 Senior Show 4 Wills Committee 4 Publicity Committee 4 Girls' League Bradshaw, Linda Class Council 1 Future Homemakers of America Student Council 2,3,4 Fiesta Committee 2 Brill. Dennis Varsity Football 4 Varsity Track 3,4 Junior Show 3 Block A Boys' League Britton, William Student Council 4 Boys' League Cabinet 4 Honor Roll 1,2,3,4 Block A Junior and Senior Shows Tennis Brix. Melanie Senior Show 4 Junior Show 3 Student Council Class Council Girls' League Board Brotherton, Craig Varsity Swimming 3,4 Junior Show Fall and Spring Play 4 Block A 3.4 Photography Club 2,3 Bryant, Jim Varsity Football 4 Senior Show 4 Block A Student Council 2 Boys' League Cabinet 2 Buchholz, Sue Junior Show 3 Senior Show 4 S anish Club 4 M D Yearbook Staff 4 Honor Roll Bunio, Tom Honor Roll 1,2,3 Boys' League Byrd, Jim Honor Roll 1.3 Block "A" Senior Show Varsity Tennis Cabral, Mary Girls' League Calvert, Virginia Senior Show Junior Show Campion, Donald Boys' League Cardoza, Gene Varsity Football Freshman Track Block A Carlson, Pat Girls' League Carothers, Jim Varsity Wrestling J .V. Wrestling Carothers, Karon Junior Show Megaphone Club Fashion Show Carriger, Larry Fiesta 3 Carter, Karen Megaphone Club Castle, Jim Junior Show Photography Clm Sound Crew Student Store Castro, Jim C and D Basketh Chance, Donna Student Council b all Honor Roll 1,2,3,4 Senior Show Chartier, Kathy Honor Roll 1,2,3, Senior Show Junior Show Chaulklin, Linda Girls' League Chiaffala, Pat Senior Show Junior Show Drama Club 4 Megaphone Club Fashion Show 3 Chitwood, Robert Boys' League Christensen, Paul 4 3 Student Council 1 Drama Club Fall Play 3 Spring Play 4 Christensen, Ron Class Council 3,4 Block A Ciglar, Frank Honor Roll Clarke, Patricia Student Council 1,2 Honor Roll 3,4 Megaphone Club Junior Show Music Club Clauson, Steve Boys' League 1,2 S Clough, James Yearbook Staff 4 Codde, Gerald CSF Scholastic Block Collier, Pat Senior Ball Collaran, Ron Spanish Club 2 Cross Country 1,2,3 Corron, William Boys' League Conroy, John Boys' League Cox, Steve Varsity Track Craven, Eugene Boys' League Cretser, Kathy Senior Ball Junior Prom Senior Show Cromwell, Christine Spanish Club 1,2 French Club 3 Future Teachers of America Crumpacker, Charlotte Senior Ball Cuffle, Richard Advanced Band Dance Band Curtis, Lee Senior Show Art Club 4 Cross Country 1,2,4 Davies, Patricia Senior Show Gazette Staff Junior Prom Megaphone Club 1,2 DeLong, Bob Wrestling Manager 1 Demattei, Gary Freshman Football Densmore, Christine Class Council 1,2 Student Council 3 Junior Queen Junior Show Megaphone Club Densmore, Gale Megaphone Club 1,2 DePoe, Jerry J.V. Track 2.3 J.V. Wrestling 3,4 Desimone, Patrick Block A Varsity Track 3.4 J.V. Track 1,2 J.V. Basketball 2 Deutsch, Lester Boys' League DeVoll, Donavon Freshman Baseball Dixon, Patrick Block A Junior Show Varsity Tennis J.V. Wrestling Dobrunick, Karen Student Council 2,3 Junior Show Dornsife, Sybil Junior Show Dolln, Janice Student Council 2,3 Spanish Club 2 Latin Club 3 Girls' Athletic Association 3 Dunning, Robin CSF 1 Honor Roll 2,3,4 Student Council 1.2,3,4 Freshman Frolic Megaphone Club 2,3 SENIOR ACHIEVEME T Dutra, Marlene Gilrs' League Dutcher, Nancy CSF Life Member Student Council 4 Gazette Staff-Editor Girls' League Board 1,2,3,4 French Club Dzubur, David Varsity Football 2,3,4 Wrestling 2 Track 2,3,4 Dzubur, Jan Student Body Historian 4 Student Council 1,2,3,4 Honor Roll 3 Junior Show Senior Show Eades, Mark Boys' League Eastmon, Mike N.F.L. Speech Organization Eckert, Bud Freshman, Football Class Council 2 Drama Club England, Russell Boys' League Engles, Gene Student Council 1,4 Class Council 4 Block A Senior Show Senior Ball Drama Club Erlmann, David Boys' League Eschmann, Vikki Honor Roll Senior Class Secretary Matador Junior Class Secretary Senior Show Yearbook Staff 4 Espeleta, Maree Girls' League Evans, Pat Student Council 4 A Cappella 4 Senior Show Junior Show Megaphone Club 1,2 Everitt, Rory D Basketball Falk, Nancy Girls' League Fanger, Stephen Varsity Swimming 4 Swim Team Captain 4 Block A Drama Club Senior Show Junior Show Farquhar, Sandra Megaphone Club 1 Senior Show Fashion Show 4 Fernandez, Georgia CSF 1.2,3,4 Class Council 1,2,3,4 Sophomore Class Queen Sophomore Class Treasurer Megaphone Club 1,2 Junior Show Field, Lynda Girls' League Fineman, Martin Student Store Fink, Barry Junior Show Fischer, Sharon CSF 1,4 Class Council 4 Chemistry Club 3 Fisher, Tim Boys' League Foltz, Connie Girls' League Fontan, Douglas CSF 1,2,3 Honor Roll 1,4 Forsyth, Rocky Varsity Wrestling J.V. Wrestling Foss, Terrie Class Council 1,2,3 Senior Class Treasurer Gazette Staff 3,4 Senior Show Junior Show Senior Dress-up Day Chairman Foster, Nancy Future Teachers of America 3,4 Yearbook Staff 4 French Club 3 Senior Show Junior Show Megaphone Club 2,3,4 Foust, Roger Drama Club 4 Speech Arts Festival 4 Friel, Mary Class Council 1,2,3 Megaphone Club 1,2,3,4 Senior Show Junior Show Fry, Patricia Honor Roll 2,4 Future Business Leaders of America Senior Ball Senior Show Junior Prom Sophomore Hop Gage, Marcia Girls' League Gahl, Darian - CSF 2,3,4 Megaphone Club 2,3 Senior Show Junior Prom Junior Show Gainous, Tonis Girls' League Gaipa, Toby Boys' League Garcia, Linda Megaphone Club 2,3 Garcia, Linda Healers and Helpers Club 3,4 Fufugg Homemakers of America Fiesta committee Garner, Steven Block A Cross Country Track 1.2,3 Garrison, Warren Varsity Swimming Gates, Marilyn CSF 1,2 Honor Roll 3,4 Yearbook Staff-Editor-in-Chief Senior Ball Junior Prom Gaudette, Paula Class Council 1 Student Council 2 Art Club 2 Photography Club 2 Junior Show Sophomore Hop Geisinger, Linda Megaphone Club Drama Club Senior Ball Gerace, Fred Boys' League Geraldo, Robert Wrestling 1 Gerbaud, Al Honor Roll 3,4 Fall and Spring Play Drama Club Baseball 1 Gettman, Kay Student Council 2 Class Council 4 Honor Roll 1,2,4 Finance Committee 2 Senior Show Junior Show Giachino, Annette Honor Roll 1,2,3,4 French Club 2,3,4 Senior Show Senior Ball Gibbs, Jim Boys' League Gideon, John Varsity Basketball 3 Varsity Baseball 1,2,3 Freshman Football Freshman Frolic Girata, Bernadette Senior Show Drama Club 4 Fall Play Spring Play Glazis, Gary Spanish Club 2,3 Glenn, Jerry CSF 2 Honor Roll 1,2,3,4 Varsity Football 3,4 Varsity Basketball 4 Varsity Track 3,4 Block A Gonsalves, Charlene Student Council 1 Class Council 1 Gordon, Shyerl Senior Ball Junior Prom Junior Show Grant, Randy Girls' League Grasher, Janet Class Council 1 Future Teachers of America Art Club Senior Show Senior Wills Committee Grecco, Nat Boys' League Greene, Mary Class Council 2,4 Girls' League Cabinet 4 Spanish Club 4 Drama Club 4 Senior Wills Committee Senior Gift Committee Greenfield, Rhoda C.S.F. Life Member Student Council 1 Art Club 3 French Club Treasurer 4 Music Club Senior Show Grimmel, Gail Class Council 3 Art Club President 3 Junior Prom Grundel, Janine C.S.F. Life Member Student Council 1,2 Commissioner of Clubs Girls' State Model U.N. French Club President 3 Guthrie, Gail Student Council 2,3,4 Photography Club 4 Megaphone Club 3,4 Senior Show Junior Show Gutierrez, Yvonne Student Council 1 Vice-President 2 Secretary 1 Megaphone Club 1,2,3,4 Head Song Girl 4 Junior Show Guzman, Ann Student Council 1,2 Class Council 2,3,4 Girls' League Treasurer 3,4 Drama Club 1,2 Senior Show Junior Show Hale, Stephani Senior Show Girls' League Booard Hall. James Honor Roll 1,2,3 Dance Band 2,3 Varsity Swimming 3,4 Block A Spanish Club 2 Cross Country 3 Halliday, Diane Honor Roll 3,4 Halverson, Kathy C.S.F. Life Member Student Council 1,2 Vice-President 4 Freshman Class Treasurer Gazette Staff--Editor Junior Show Hamby, Barbara A Cappella 3,4 Hammer, Jerry Executive Council 4 Student Council 2,4 Campus Commissioner 4 Boys' State Senior Show Swimming 1,2,3 Hammond, Sharon Honor Roll 3,4 Hanson, Glenyce Student Council 2 Gazette Staff 4 Spanish Club 3 Senior Show Junior Show Hardy, Jerry Varsity Football 3,4 Varsity Track 3,4 Block A J.V. Basketball 2 Harvey. Nancy C.S.F. Spanish Club Senior Show Hashell, Karin Student Council Class Council French Club President Megaphone Club 1,2,3 Senior Show Junior Show Hasson, Christine Class Council 3 Senior Ball Junior Prom Junior Show Senior Privilege Day Haynes, Richard Art Award Heath. Charlette Class Council 3 Gazette Staff 4 Megaphone Club 1,2,3,4 Junior Show l l l l I l i Hedrick, Linda Don Beat 3,4 Heeszel, Elaine C.S.F. l Student Council 4 Class Council 3 American Field Service Senior Ball Senior Show Hendricks, lJudy Student Souncil 1 Class Co ,neil 2,3 Song Giri4 Megapho N e Club 1,2,3,4 Junior Pnom Senior Show Henry, Paula Girls' League Hess, Garyl Boys' League Higbee, Dergiis Boys' Lea ue Hildebrand, LChristine Class Council 4 Future Hornemakers Senior Ball Junior Show Senior Show Senior Privilege Day Hin, Cynthia Class Cou 'cil 3 of America Megaphon Club Vice-President 4 Yearbook 'taff 3 Senior Shdw Junior Shdw Homecoming 4 Hinojosa, Richard Block A-Klee-President Varsity Foxtball 3,4 Varsity Baseball 2,3 Freshman Baseball J.V. Football Hoenninger, John C.S.F l German Club Student Council Hoffar, Joe l Block A , Drama Club 4 Fall Play l Spring Play Frosh-Soph lBaseball-Manager Holmes, Mikel Junior Show Honda, Allenk Honor Roll A Cappella' Music Clubl Senior Show J.V. Football Hoover, Madelyne Student Council 1,2 Class Council 1,2 Megaphone Club Junior Proml Junior Shovw Hoos, Linda L Class Council 3 Senior Show, Junior Show Hormell, Jeanne Senior Class ,Queen Yearbook Queen Megaphone Club 3 Horn, Dorothy, Fugulre Homernakers Megaphone Club 3 Fiesta 3,4 Horner, Kerry c.s.1-'. l Honor Roll Y Rally Band l B Swimming Team l of America IOR ACHIE M NTS Howard, Nancy Class Council 1 Honor Roll 3,4 Drama Club-Secretary, Treasurer Senior Ball Senior Show Spring and Fall Play Howard, Shirley Girls' League Hudson, Tom Student Council 2,3 Varsity Basketball Block A Hushour, Michael Class Council 2 Student Council 3,4 Chess Club Senior Show Junior Show Hytopoulos, Eleni Student Council 1 Class Council 2,3,4 A Cappella 3,4 Music Club-Treasurer Junior Show Senior Show Immilkus, Edward Boys' League Irvine, Linda C.S.F. 3,4 Senior Show French Club Scholastic Block Jablonski, Bob Block A A Cappella Senior Show Junior Show Swimming Jackson, Tom Student Council 3 A Cappella Varsity Football 3,4 J.V. Baseball Freshman Baseball Jacobs, Sharon Student Council 2 Honor Roll 4 Fashion Show 1,2 Jamison, Ann Senior Vice-President Honor Roll 1,2,3,4 Student Council 3,4 Class Council 2,3,4 A Cappella Megaphone Club 1,2,3 Jones, Carey Block A Varsity Football J.V. Wrestling Varsity Baseball Fiesta Committee 3 J.V. Football Jones, Robert A Cappella Jozaitis, Linda Music Club 3 Kaplan, Phil Cross Country 3 Track 3 C and D Basketball Kernodle, Sherry C.S.F. Life Member President-C.S.F. Student Council 1,4 Class Council 2,3 Freshman Class Vice-President Senior Show Kinder, Gerry Class Council 2 A Cappella Kish, Terry Student Council 3 Honor Roll Varsity Tennis 4 Student Council 4 Senior Show Boys' League Cabinet Klass, Paul Senior Class Preside Junior Class ViceuPr Honor Roll 1 Gazette Staff 3,4 Block A Senior Show Kleinsasser, Ronald Wrestling 1,2,3 Knight, Dorothy Girls' League Knobles, Robert J.V. Baseball Freshman Baseball D Basketball Knupfer, Margaret Class Council 4 Senior Ball Senior Show Junior Prom nt esident Senior Privilege Day Christmas Dance Komensky, Linda Girls' League Kowalewski, Bill Varsity Swimming 3 J.V. Swimming 2 Krahnke, Steven J.V. Swimming 3 C and D Basketball Frosh-Soph Baseball Lache, Karl Varsity Track J.V. Football B Track Frosh-Soph Footbal. Lance, Sheryld Honor Roll 4 Megaphone Club La Plante, Bill Art Club Latham, Ron J.V. Football Freshman Football Leal, Karrell Honor Roll 2,3,4 Healers and Helpers Senior Show Leal, Ronald Class Council 4 Drama Club 3,4 Track-Manager Junior Show Leffler, Steven Boys' League Lenchanko, Darlene Megaphone Club 2,3 Fashion Show 3 ,4 Club Powder Puff Football Leonard, Cherie Student Council 1,2,3 Class Council 4 Honor Roll Megaphone Club 1,2 Junior Prom Senior Show Lewright, Judy Girls' League Lillie, Jerry German Club 2,3 Music Club 1,2,3,4 Varsity Wrestling Dance Band 1,2,3,4 Junior Show Senior Favorite ,3,4 Linn, Lisa C.S.F. Class Council 2 Honor Roll 3 Junior Show Art Club Vice-President Senior Show Lizotte, Lolly A Cappella Honor Roll Drama Club 4 Music Club 4 Fall and Spring Play Lockard, Jim President Junior Class President Block A Senior Show Varsity Track 2,3,4 Dance Band Lopes, Norma Student Council 1 Honor Roll Junior Show Megaphone Club Lopez, Joseph Senior Ball Varsity Swimming Cross Country 1,2 J.V. Cross Country Luehmann, Pamela Student Council 2 Class Council 2 Megaphone Club 3 G.R.A. Lujan, Joanne A Cappella Megaphone Club 2,3 Senior Show Junior Show Lumley, Rocky Class Council 1 Block A Varsity Wrestling Senior Show Boys' League Representative Lusareta, Ron Block A Senior Show Varsity Swimming Cross Country 3,4 Lusk, Stan Dance Band Madole, Nathan Varsity Track Cross Country 2,3 Madsen, Bard C.S.F. Block A Varsity Baseball Mangrum, George Drama Club 2,3,4 Music Club 3 Varsity Baseball Boys' League Representative Manger, Linda Class Council 4 Student Council C.S.F. Future Teachers of America French Club Senior Show Manifesto, Frank Boys' League Mars, Bob Boys' League Martin, Linda Girls' League Matthews, Steve Block A Varsity Wrestling J.V. Wrestling McCormick, Janice Class Council 3 Senior Show Junior Show SENIOR ACHIEVEME TS McCoy, Anna A Cappella 3,4 McDonough, Sheila Honor Roll 3 Art Club-President Photography Club 2,3,4 Modern Dance Club 2 Sophomore Publicity Chairman McGee, Curt Photography Club McGregor, Randy Block A Varsity Wrestling Junior Show J.V. Wrestling J.V. Football McKaskle, Carolyn Don Beat Healers and Helpers Club 3,4 Senior Ball Junior Show McKnight, Sharon Megaphone Club 1 Senior Ball Junior Show McKone, Mary Jane Honor Roll 1,2,3,4 Student Council 2 Future Homemakers of America Senior Show Junior Show Finance Committee 2,3 Medeiros, Dennis Block A Varsity Football J.V. Football Frosh-Soph Football Meljome, Danny Spanish Club J.V. Wrestling Mendenhall, Barney Frosh-Soph Football Merritt, Cynthia Class Council 2 Megaphone Club 2,3,4 Junior Prom Powder Puff Football Homecoming-Decorations Miller, Judy Future Homemakers of America Freshman Frolic Sophomore Hop Middlekauff, Vlkky Student Council 1 Don Beat-Secretary Junior Show Girls' League Board Monroe, Linda Junior Prom Montoya, Mike C-D Basketball Moore, Carolyn Girls' League Moreland, Carol Music Club 1 Morris, Cheryl Girls' League Munoz, Bob Boys' League Representative C Basketball Nalman, Frank Honor R011 4 Nelson, Kathy Future Homemakers of America Dons Club 2 Junior Show Art Club 4 Nelson, Robert Boys' League Nelson, Sandi Class Council 3,4 Girls' League Board Junior Show Senior Show Megaphone Club 3,4 Powder Puff Football Newcombe, Vada Honor Roll 3,4 Class Council 3 Student Council 2 Megaphone Club 1 Nobrlga, Ray Student Council 2 Track 2,3 Senior Show Junior Show Football 1,2 Olesen, Cinda Head Yell Leader 4 Yell Leader 3 Class Council 1 Megaphone Club 1,2,3,4 Art Club 2 Senior Show Olson, Gail Girls' League Olson, Glenn Senior Show Ornellas, Fay Future Homemakers of America Ortiz, Monica Student Council 1,2 Class Council 1,2 Megaphone Club-President Junior Show Junior Prom Senior Show Ostrom, Joan Class Council 2 Student Council 3 Song Girl Junior Show Senior Ball Senior Show Pappas, Lesley Block A A Cappella Varsity Football J.V. Football Parker, Cathy Class Council 2,3 Megaphone Club 1.2,3 Sophomore Hop Pavlakls. Nancy Class Council 1 Senior Favorite Honor Roll 4 Drama Club 3,4 Fall and Spring Play Sophomore Hop Perkins, Kathleen Girls' League Perreira, Linda Megaphone Club 3 Perry, Bill Block A Varsity Wrestling 3,4 Varsity Track 3,4 J.V. Football J. V. Wrestling Perry, James Student Council 4 Varsity Football 3,4 Varsity Baseball 3,4 J.V. Basketball J.V. Baseball 3 J.V. Football Pershing. Charles Freshman Football Peters, Margaret Class Council 4 American Field Service Girls' League President Senior Ball French Club 3,4 Senior Show Peterson, Janie Girls' League Phillips, Mary C.S.F. Life Member Spanish Club 1,2,3-Treasurer Healers and Helpers Club Future Teachers Club G.R.A. Pickerrel, Pam French Club 2 Junior Prom Senior Ball Sophomore Hop Piper, Sue A Cappella Ponce, Patricia Student Council 3 Class Council 4 Spanish Club-Secretary Senior Show Girls' League Board 3,4 Powder Puff Football Porritt, Frank J.V. Football 3 B Track 2 Cross Country 1,2 Poteet. Jennie C.S.F. 1,2 Music Club 1,2 Senior Ball Senior Show Junior Show Freshman Frolic Poznanovich. Linda Class Council 3 Student Council 3 Honor Roll 3,4 Megaphone Club 3 Fashion Show 3 Senior Ball Price, Steve Auto Club 3,4 Prestidge. Robert Boys' League Priest, Allison Junior Show Megaphone Club 1 Prior, Sharon Fashion Show 1 Spanish Club 4 Proctor, Ferol Girls' League Rademacher, Karen Class Council Honor Roll 1,2,3,4 French Club 3 Girls' League-Vlce-President Senior Show Junior Prom Raglo, Patrick Dons Club 4 Chemistry Club 4 Chess Club 4 Wrestling Club 4 Senior Show 4 Track 4 Ralmondi, Rita Girls' League Ralston, Bruce Honor Roll 4 Block A Music Club 2 Varsity Basketball 4 J.V. Basketball All-Tourney Team Ray, Ada Senior Show Reckas, Pete Student Council 4 Drama Club Reed, Raleigh Swimming 1 Remenylk, Gabriella Class Council 4 Megaphone Club 3 Future Homemakers of America 3 Senior Favorite Richardson, Bonnie C.S.F American Field Service Senior Show Student Council Richardson, Robert Sound Crew Ritter, Linda Student Council 4 Robinson, Sandy Student Council 4 Senior Ball Senior Show Rocha, Ronald Track 2,3,4 Rodrigues, Annette Class Council 3 Healers and Helpers Club 1 A Cappella Megaphone Club 1,2.3 Roe, Sharon Class Council 1,3 Future Teachers of America Student Council 4 Spanish Club 1,2,3 Senior Ball Junior Show Rogers, Nancy Future Homemakers of America Megaphone Club 2,4 Fashion Show 3,4 Senior Show Junior Show Powder Puff Football Roland, Anne Foreign Exchange Student American Field Service French Club 4 Romero, Sam Dance Band Rosecrans, Tammy A Cappella Student Body Treasurer Junior Class Treasurer Yearbook Staff 4 Student Council 1,4 Honor Roll 4 Rothacker, Sandi German Club 2,3,4 Folk Singing Club 4 Speech Festival 4 Rowe, Bobbie C.S.F. 1 Class Council 2,3 Freshman Class President Dons Club-Secretary Senior Show Junior Show Rusk, William Varsity Wrestling Varsity Track Russell, Joe Senior Show Music Club 4 Dance Band 4 C and D Basketball Jazz Concert Sacrlson, Dave Drama Club 4 Fall Play Spring Play Sand, Karen Student Council 1 Senior Show Future Business Leaders of America Future Teachers of America Future Homemakers of America Sargent, Richard Varsity Baseball Block A Senior Show J.V. Football Boys' League Cabinet J.V. Baseball Saunders, Linda Honor Roll 3 Drama Club 3,4 Junior Show Fall Play Spring Play 1 1 1 Scheid, Randy Boys' League Schmudde,1 Glenn A Cappella Junior Show B TI'ack1 Schneider, 1Sheila SENIOR ACHIE EME TS Future Hbmemakers of America -Vice-fresident Megapho e Club Scott, Denriis Senior Show Block AF1 Varsity ,ootball J.V. Baseball J.V. Basketball Scott, Meredith Student Council 4 C.S.F. 4 1 Honor Roll 1,4 Future Teachers of Senior Ball Sharp, Larry Boys' League Sheline. John Block A 1- Varsity Swimming J.V. Cross Country Shields, Sue1 America Future Homemakers of America 1 Senior Show Megaphone Club 1,2,3 Shilts, Kareni C.S.F. , Class Council 2 Honor Roll 1,2.3,4 Senior Privilege Day snippie, Gregu Block A 1 Varsity Baseball J.V. Baseball Varsity wrestling J.V. Wrestling Silva, Rlchardi Boys' League Silver, Joyelyrt, Student Council 2 Class Council 1,2 Honor Roll 11 Senior Showf Future Homemakers of America Senior Show 1 Sita, Tonic 2 Student Counbil 4 Megaphone Club Junior Show Q smith, Ellen 1 Art Club 1,2 1 Spanish Club 1,2 Senior Show 1 Smith, Karrol 1 Honor Roll 4 1 Future Homernakers of America Yearbook Staff 4 Souza, John 1 Varsity Tracki Block A 1 J.V. Track , C and D Basketball Souza, John P. 1 Sound Crew Stafne, Pauline H Class Council 112 Honor Roll 1 Yearbook Staff 14 Senior Show 1 Junior Show Homecoming Chairman Starnes, Ellen 1 Fashion Show 1 Starr, Michael 1 A Cappella , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Steffens, Stephanie Future Business Leaders of America Senior Ball Powder Puff Football Steges, Larry Block A Varsity Football Swimming-Manager Junior Show J.V. Wrestling Stern, Bruce Drama Club Spring Play Fall Play Senior Ball Wrestling Swimming Stevens, William Boys' League Stillings, Janice Senior Show Stokes, Carolyn Class Council 1 Strozyk, Eva Drama Club 4 Spanish Club 4 Sullivann, Georgeann Future Homemakers of America Swanburg, Roberta C.S.F. Life Member American Field Service German Club 2,3,4 Executive Council 4 Senior Ball Megaphone Club 1,2 Swim, Brian C.S.F. Senior Show German Club Junior Show Swindell, Sandi Healers and Helpers Club 3 Spanish Club 3 Don Beat 3 Syvertsen, Carole Class Council 4 Healers and Helpers Club 3 Honor Roll 1,2.3,4 Spanish Club 4 Pep Club 1,2 Senior Activities Tarrant, Robert Track 1 Freshman Football J.V. Football Taylor, Michael Block A Junior Show Dance Band Thomas, Roy Track 2,3 Thorp, Karon Honor Roll C.S.F. Senior Show Class Council 1 Future Business Leaders of America Future Homemakers of America Trujillo, Raymond Block A Varsity Wrestling Honor Roll 3 Track Trumbo, Larry Student Council 3,4 Block A-President Fxecutive Council Varsity Wrestling Varsity Football J.V. Track Tumelson, Anita Girls' League Tuttle, Mike Boys' League Unternaehrer, Rglf German Club ,3 Cross Country Boys' League tgabinet Track-Manag r Chess Club 3 Senior Show Urgolites, Carol American Field Ser Art Club President Senior Ball Valens, Becky Girls' League Vandenbos, Janet Honor Roll 3,4 Senior Show vice Girls' League Board Megaphone Club 3,4 Junior Prom Senior Ball Vanderpool, Leslie A Cappella Van Ingen, Ron Boys' League Ventresco, Barbara Honor Roll Senior Show Girls' League Bo A rd French Club 2.3, Senior Privilege ay Vermilyea., Julie Honor Roll 1,2,3 Vigars, Karen A Cappella Senior Ball Junior Prom Vilchek, Steve Freshman Football Voss, Jerome Class Council 1 Music Club President Drum Major Boys' League Cabin Senior Show et Dance Band President Wagner, Aldyne Honor Roll 1.4 Class Council 3 Fashion Show 2 Fall Play Spring Play Wagner, Mary French Club 3,4 Dons Club Senior Show Drama Club 2,3,4 Girls' League Board, Junior Prom Wales, Jim Varsity Baseball Block A J.V. Baseball Varsity Football Freshman Baseball J.V. Football Walters, Ed Boys' League Walton, Vicki Girls' League Warren, Roger Boys' League Watson, Jackie Megaphone Club 1,2,Iil Junior Show West, Frank Student Council 1 Drama Club 4 Wrestling 3,4 Senior Show Chess Club 2,3 Senior Ball Whaley, Ricke Student Council 3 German Club President J.V. Wrestling J.V. Track J.V. Cross Country Senior Show Whalley, Cheryl Megaphone Club 1 Wheeler, Jerry Senior Show Frosh-Soph Football Wiles, Dave Boys' League Will, Betty Honor Roll 1,2,3,4 A Cappella President Senior Show French Club 1 Drama Club 3,4 Junior Show Williams, Margo Healers and Helpers Club- Secretary, Treasurer Senior Show Wilson, Barbara Music Club 2,3,4 Wilson, Marilyn A Cappella Future Homemakers of America Senior Show Megaphone Club 1,2 Music Club 1,2,3,4 Junior Show Wilson, Mike Boys' League Wilson, Richard Honor Roll 3,4 Block A 1 Varsity Wrestling Senior Show Woolery, Don Track 1,2 Cross Country 2 Drama Club J.V. Football 2 Worden, Nita Gazette Staff French Club Student Council Senior Show Junior Show Wurm, Greg Honor Roll German Club 3 Ybarra, Larry A Cappella Cross Country 1,2.3,4 Block A Track Frosh-Soph Football Yoder, Roger Student Council 4 Boys' League Cabinet Senior Ball J.V. Track Varsity Cross Country Junior Prom Yool, Steve German Club President Student Council 4 Boys' League Cabinet J.V. Wrestling Language Dance Chairman Spirit Week Chairman Zickefoose, Mary Class Council 4 Student Council 1.2.3 Megaphone Club 1 Senior Show Junior Show Sophomore Hop Zierau, Eldora Class Council 1,2,3 Zitterkopf, Sandra Girls' League S Susan E. Rosenheim IN . . This year-'s Arroyan staff wishes to leave this book as a memorial to Susan E. Rosenheim. For those who knew Susan her quiet and sincere ways shall remain in their hearts forever. To Susan E. Rosenheimf this 1965 Arroyan stands in memoriam. 307 Aa Ab Ab Ab A , Michael G. 208 ott, Howard 208 ott, Jim J. Ehier, Lawrence 208 A Cappella 92,93 Accardo, Bob 236 Accardo, Phil 188 Aclmeson, Roberta L. 60,87,62,208 Acheson, Steve 188,156 Arlter, Albert 172,127,160 Ackley, Linda 208 Aciiff, Clifford 88,95,l88,124 I DEX Anselmo, Karen 188 Anthony, Carol 49,237 Antons, Mr. Alf 16 Appiano, Diana 237 Appiano, Glenn 188 Arbeeny, Carol 172 Arbeeny, Pam 172 Archer, Peggy 188 Argento, Sue 188 Argyres, Dennis 49,166,167 Arieta, Kathy 172 Arimborgo, Barbara J. 209 Armstrong, Mike 172 Aitken, Mrs. Corinne K, 15 Adkms , Mrs. Clarice 27 Ad ms, Don 188 Ad ms, Mr. Eldred 16 Aclams, Karen 172 Adhms, Pat 172 Adlank, John iss Adkiison, Bill 172 Addison, Chris 131,145,188 Agliano, Salvatore 124,145,188 Agladviador, Mr. John 26 Agraz, Aguila Jeanette 208 r, Sarah 208 Armstrong, Sue 209 Arnold, Denise 188 Arnold, Ed 188 Arnold, Jack 237 Arnold, Kathy 209 Arnold, Pat 172 Arnold, Paul 49,88,93,237 Arnold, Tari 189 Arnold, Wesley T. 209,156 Art Club 63 Asp, Larry 237 Athos, Mr. Nikolas 16,85 Atkinson, Dennis 49,209 Alcins, Mr. Carl 25 Alameida, Marcia 72,73,93,236,242, 277,278 Alaniz, Kathryn Irene 236 Alaniz, Linda 188 Alaniz, Robert Roland 236 Allen, Cassandra A. 208 Allen, Collen Allen, David 93,208 Allen, Dee 172 Allen, James 172,88,142,188,163 Allen, Jeff 88,141,165 Atkinson, Edward 209 August, John 127,188 B Baccalaureate 296 Bachaus, Don CMr.J 16 Bachelder, Glenn 172 Bachmann, Karen 237 Badgett, Linda L. Baggie, Adele Bailey, Dave 189 Bailey, Steve 126,172 Bailey, Tom 237 Allen, John 172,49,88 Allen, Mark 208 Allison, James 208,157 Allneda, Carolyn 236 Altieri, Mike 192,141 Alworth, Linda 188 Alworth, Steve 172 Arrladio, Renee Janene 208 Amato, Michael 208 Anirine, Robert G. CMr.J 15 Aniundsen, Susan 69,88,236 Anbona, Greg Anllerson, Carole G. 208 Anderson Frances 208 Anderson, Larry 172 Anderson Lyle 188 Anllerson, Michael R. 208,160 Anizlerson, Partricia 208 Anderson, Robert 236 Aniierson, Ron 57,208 Andrade, Paul 31,236 Andrew, Claudia 62,188 Angelo, Art 93,208 Anlgelo, Frank D. 82,151,208,146 l l Bailey, Baird, 2 37 Baker, Baker, Vicki L. 49,931,226 Mary 21,74,75,81,99,100,102 Diane 60,62,206,209 Lee 237,166 Baker, Randy 103,172 Baker, Steve 88,189 Baker, Terri 189 Baker, Val 87,88,209 Bale, Robert 128,237,162,156 Balk, Tom 49,172 Band 88,89 Banghart, Steve 34,93,189 Baptist, Randy 72 Baptist, Ricky J. 53,88,90,209 Barber, Denette A. 209 Barbier, Mr. Richard 16,83,12 145 Barclay, Sherl 189 Bardin , Judy 237 Barker, Casey 172 Barker, David 99,103,199 Barker, Delora 41,172 Barker, Donna 41,104,237,287 ,223,8 7,142, Barker, Kent 237 Barker, Pat 189 Barker, Susan 110,111,235,237 Barker, Barnes, Suzanne 209 Fred 237 Barnum, Janice 237 Barovero, Patricia 189 Barry, Pat 125,189,156 Barstad, Kris 88,237 Basinger, Kathy 237 Bastian, Miss Lois 16 Bastin, Dick 82,132,237,157 Bates, Cecilia 189 Bauer, Jerry 209 Baumback, Sue 1 10,209,210 Baumback, Wayne 172 Bazo, Jeanne 93,189 Beale, Richard 131,189 Beardsley, Mike 189 Beaudrow, Rickie 172 Beauregard, Julie 87,172 Beck, Judy 238 Beckner, Dorraine 172 Bee, Gladys 189 Belcher, Peggy L. 209 Bell, Jack 209 Bell, 209 Bell, Judy 172 Bell, Milon 189 Bellew, Denise 238 Bellinger, Penny 238 Belt, Lauralea Beltran, Julia 189 Bendix, Garry 172 Bendix, Larry 127,172 Bennett, Jack 238 Bennett, James 172 Bennett, Mrs. Ramona 9,17 Bennett, Mrs. Roberta 17,171 Bennetti, Bob 189 Bennetti, Carol 209 Benton, Terry 172 Benton, Valree 41,104,238 Benz, Bill 209 Benz, Melvin 126,172,161 Berg, Ray 189 Bergmann, Mr. Rosevelt 13 Bergren, Terry 54,172 Berman, Mrs. Elaine 17 Berry, Noelle 93,209 Berry, Stan 172 Bertilson, Mr. Severt 26 Bertolotti, Claire 172 Besson, Nancy Ann 235,238 Besson, Phil G. 46,57,63,113,209 Betts, Margaret K. 209 Bevins, Laurie 172 Beyer, Anne 172 Bice, Richard 238 Biehn, Mike 209,238 Bierbaumer, Nancy 172 Billings, Gail 209 Carpente Bingaman, Dee .Ann 49 Bingaman, Ronald 172,166 Bishop, Barbara 172 Bishop, Douglas 82,128,189,162 Bishop, Jack 189 Bissell, Mrs. Victoria 17 Bivens, Mike Bivens, Renee 209 Blair, Bill 209 Blake, Debbie 172 Blazek, William 82,83,117,1l8,120, 238,241 Bliss, Kathleen 238 Block "A" 82,83 Blumenthal, Lynn 93,209 Bly, Ed 189 Boatwright, Richard 172 Bobo, George 117,118,132,238,162 Bobo, Louis 124,145,189,160 Bodenhamer, Janis 189 Bodine, Carol 93,209,222 Bogue, Danny 124,189,158,156 Bolt, Robin 172 Bond, Donna 172 Bond, Linda 49,238 Bonnetti, John 189 Bono, Phil 172,141,138 Borchardt, Bob 209 Bordeaux, Bob 33,93,209,82,162 Borgo, Allan 131,209,160 Bormann, Barbara 172 Bossi, Steven 136,209 Botosh, Alta 209 Botash, Elva 189 Boulton, Cherie 172 Bowers, Gary 172 Bowers, Mel Bowles, Marie 172 Boynton, Mr. james 17 Boys' League 56,57 Bradford, Kathy 209 Bradshaw, Lynda 49,238 Braga, Gary 172 Branaugh, Dan 141 Branaugh, Sam 172,189 Brance, Hal 189 Bravo, joe 209 Bremner, Lynn 189 Brennan, Kathy 172 Bretschneider, Karla 172 Brewer, Ron 172 Brian, Mr. Bates 17,51 Bridges, Bonnie 189 Bridges, Mary 49,189 Briggs, Robert 189 Brill, Dennis 117,82,238,157 Britton, William 49,83,238,253,166 Brix, Melanie Rose 235,238 Brockway, Donna 189 Brokaw, Christine 93,209 Bronstein, Ron Brooks, Clark 43,239 DEX Brotherton, Criag 239,83,162 Brown, Catherine 209 Brown, Daryl 172 Brown Dennis 209 Brown Ed 209 Brown, Elena 189,195 Brown, jim 209 Brown, Jo Ann 209 Brown, Kitty Brown, Marilyn 209 Brown, Mary 173 Brown Patricia 189 Brown, Patricia 189 Brown Phil 124,189,160 Brown, Regina 189 Brown Richard Brown, Robert 189 Cardoza, 83, 1 56 Gene 1 17,118,240,242,245 Carey, jim 141,190,82 Carey, Mrs. Maxine 17 Carl, Mr. Ted 17 Carlson, Christine 210,54 Carlson, Garry 136,210,157 Carlson, Morris 190 Carlson, Pat 240 Carlson, Sandy 190 Carlton, Jay 49,173 Carmack, Karen 190 Carothers, Janet 173 Carothers, Jim 142,240 Carothers, Karon 240 Carpenter, Karen 210 r, Linda 173 Brugge, Karan 36,172 Bryant, Bob 209 Bryant, James 117,239,83 Buchholz, Susan 67,113,239 Buchmiller, Margene 93,210 Buchmiller, Steve 189 Buckert, jan 210 Bunin, Jerry 189,82,166 Bunio, Tom Burbank, Dan 210 Burbank, Sue 206,210 Burchard, Ed 189 Burchfield, Cheryl 173,174 Burchfield, Debbie 210 Burk, Mike 173 Burklund, Shelley 173,178 Burlingame, Carol 210 Burruss, Richard 43,125,189 Burton, Linda 173 Burton, Ruth 173 Butler, Rhett 189,136,156 Butler, Susan 189 Butler, Timothy 239 Byrd, jim 239,82,167,166 C Cabral, Mary 239 Cadwell, Bob 210 Caisse, Gary 189 California Scholarship Federation 62 Callaway, Sally 173 Callaway, Susan 207,210 Callenberg, Merrilyn 173 Callenberg, Russ 210,57 Calvert, Ginger 239 Cambra, Ron 173 Campbell, Carolyn 210 Campbell, Mary 173 Campbell, Peggy 173 Campbell, Terry 189 Camper, Sue 239 Campion, Don 45,99,239 Camuffo, Carol 190 Canadian, Nancy 173 Cardana, Mike 239 Carpenter, Sue 210 Carr, Mark 141,145,173,165 Carrera IV, Vincent james 210 Carriger, Larry 240,239,173 Carrillo, Gary 173 Carrillo, Glen 190 Carter, Barry 211 Carter, Karen 240 Carter, Nick 190 Casson, Mr. Frank 17 Castellano, Vic 140,145,190,166 Castellano, Alec 67,211 Castle, jim 102,103,240 Castleman, Randy 211 Castro, Jim 240 Castro, Manuel Castro, Ralph Caswen, Jean 173 Cava, Greg 211 Cavanaugh, Bob 173 Cazone, Dean 240 Cazone, Joanne 104,211 Cederstrom, Richard 103,173,165 Cervone, Steve 82,211,146 Chalifoux, Lynda 210,211 Chance Donna 240 Chandler, Huston 173 Chapel, Charles 173 Chappelle, Suzanne 190,62,54 Chapline, Gene Charley, Sally Ann 173 Charlson, Sharon 69,211 Chartier, Kathleen 240 Chastain, Dave 190 Chaulklin, Linda 240 Chauvin, Peggy 173 Chaves, Teresa 240 Chedester, Dan 126,127,173 Cheschi, jean 173 Chetham, Gail 173 Chiaffla, Pat 240,54 Chitwood, Robert 240 Christensen, Cheryl 173 Christensen, Da.vid 173 Christensen, Paul 102,240 l 1 l Christensen, Ron .240 Christie, David 240 Ciampa, Debbie 182,183,184,59,173 Ciampi-1, Donna 173 Ciglar, Frank 240 Cinollo, Mary 173 Cirini, John 190 Clabaugh, Linda 211 Clabaugh, Sally 190 Clapper, Jason 132,141,156 Clark,lCandy 190 Clark, Diane 173 Clark, Graylan Clark, Scott 138,173 Clarke, Pat 240 Claustin, Steve 281 Claverl, Ginger 273 Cline, 1Charlene 190 Clinkelbeard, Nancy 88,173 Close, Jeff 57,211,60 Clouch, Sue 190 Clbugh, Jim 112,113,241 Cochran, Florence 62,174 Cochran, Grace 190,87 C9ddeL Gerald 241,286,293 Codeglia, Chris 190 Cody, Mr. Herbert 26 Coelho, Linda 174 Collletii, Barry 49,211,162 Qdlletti, Bruce 49,211,82,162 cesiuei, Patricia 241 Collins, Norman 190 Collini, Mr. Robert 18,166 Collinv Stephen 45,241 Colloran, Rich 241 Colso , Cheryl 211 Colson, Dennis 174 Colyeri, Lela 39 Conahan, Connie 190,174 Conahfan, Mike Concerts 94,95 Conklin, Pat 190 Connelly, Pat 211 Connor, Chris 241 Conrad, Jim 211 Conroy, Bill 127,174 Conroy, John 241 Contreras, Tom 131,141,174 Cook, Elizabeth 62,211 Cook,,Susan 211 Cooley, Mrs. Mary 9 Coonsl Bob 190 Coopefr, Cecil 69,174 Cooper, Curtis 190 Cooper, Kathie 190 Cpopfir, Ron 211 Coop lr, Steven 190 Cpop r, Susan 174 Corce, Victor 174 Corcoi:an, Mike 49,19o,s2,156 Cornish, Mr. Buford 26 Corron, Bill 241 l Corso, Susan 174 Deacon, Donald 88,90,108,190,187 Cox, Michael 174 Cox, Steve 241 Coyler, Lela 190 Craig, Cynthia 174 Craney, Kathleen 211 Crapa, Ron 241 Craven, Bruce 211 Craven, Eugene 241 Craven, Sharon 190 Cretser, Kathleen 235,241 , Michael 127,174, 161 Cretser Decena, Glenn 211 De Cruz, Robert 211 Deffley, Mrs. Helen 18,69 Degler, Mr. Eugene 26 Dehne, Connie 211 Delatorre, Peggy 174 Delgado, Louise 190 Dell, Bob 191 Dell, Donna 211 Dell, Sharon Delong, Bill 242 Crommelin, Randy 190 Crommelin, Stan 268 Crommelin, Stanley 211 Cromwell, Chris 241 Cross, Shelly 174 Cross, Suanne 211 Croyle, Philip 125,190 Crumpacker, Charlotte 241 Cuddihy, Mr. Carl 26 Cuffle, Jane 88,211,87 Delong, Bob 112,113,242,261 De Lorenzo, Mr. Frank 14 De Mattei, Gary 242 Demello, Gloria 191 Dennis, Barbara 105,212,96 Densmore, Christine 242 Densmore, Gale 242 Densmore, Kathie 191,202 Dent, Dave 191 Dent, John 243 Cuffle, Cuffle, Cuneo, Mike 174 Richard ss,9o,242,s7 Gail 190 Cunningham, Jim 211 Curl, David 174 Curlett, Kris 190 Curlett, Marty 124,145,190,156 Currier, Bill 116,145,190,83,156 Curtis, Joan 174 Curtis, Kathy 190 Curtis, Larry 174 Curtis, Lee 242 Cuthill, Don 88,174,165 Cutright, Julie 190 D Dailey, Eugene 174 Dailey, John 124,190,136 Dailey, Pam 174 Dailey, Rob 117,119,132,133,135,217, 56,57,83,156 Dailey Terrie 49,62,174 Dalke, Vicki 190 Damgen, Ed 131,190,160 Dance Band 90,91 Dances 96,97 D'Annunzio, Sue 2 1 1 Darden, Suzellen 49, 1 1 3,2 1 1 Darooz e, Bob 190 Dart, Kit 174 Davidson, Linda 88,174 Davies, Patricia 110,242 Davis, Charles 174 Davis, Dale 211 Davis, Glen 88,211,87,166 Davis, Jeffery 116,190,157 Davis, Lynn 211 Davis, Marston 174 Davis, Rhonda 190 Davis, Timothy 1.74 Deacon, Cathy 88,l08,211,187 Depoe, Jerry 145,243 Depolo, Dorene 175 De Rosia, Patricia 191 Desimone, Barbara 109,175,178,180 Desimone, Pat 243,83,159,156 Desimone, Rich 212 Desimone, Steve 1 32, 1 35,2 12, 1 50 82,146 Desoto, Al 175 Deuaebio, Joel 175 Deutsch, Barbara 212 Deutsch, Lester 243 Deutsch, Margie 191 Devaney, Tim De Voll, Don 243 De Vore, Jim 243 Devries, Laurel 175 Dias, John 212 Dias, Michael 175 Dias, Patrick 49,191 Dickson, Greg 212 Diehl, Barbara 243 Dietz, Ronald Dilallo, Michael 191 Di Paolo, Tony 212 Di Thomas, Anthony 127,175 Di Thomas, Craig 138,139 Di Thomas, Robert 212,146 Dittmar, Devvy 191 Dixon, Linda 93,212 Dixon, Pat 243,82,166 Dobrunick, Karen 243,277,278 Dolan, Mary 175 Dolan, Tom 212 Dolin, Janice Donnelly, Sue 243 Doran, Christine 79,88,191 Doring, Miss Joyce 17,18 Dority, Mrs. Wendy 21 Donkey Basketball Game 84,85 '- - Y Dornsife, Sybil 243 Dornsife, Terry 212 D'oro, Marie 212 Dotthick, Sandy 175 Dotson, Deborah 191 Dowell, Bob 191 Dowling, Debbie 175 Downer, Marsha 71,76,77,212,226 Douwes, Arthur 175 Drama Club 98,99 Dreher, Martha 212,223 Dry Gulch Gazette 110,111 Driscoll, Dave 175 Dubin, Shiela 191 Dumas, Phil 212 I DEX Engle, Tim 191 Englebretson, Steve 141,191 Engles, Gene 49,99,108,142,235,244, 267,273,295,83,231 Eppenberger, Bruce 192 Erlmann, David 244 Ernesto, Cynthia 175 Ernesto, Marlene 212 Erretta, Kathy 54 Ervin, Dennis 175 Escamilla, Roma 192 Eschmann, Vikki 78,112,113,234,244, 254,295,281 Eskridge, jack 212 Espeleta, Maree 244 Dunbar, Rich 212 Dunlop, Fred 212 Dunlop, jan 175 Dunn, Robert 212,162 Dunn, Tom 125,191,136 Dunning, Robin 243 Dunton, Mark 175 Dutch, Allan 87,88,175 Dutcher, Nancy 49,66, 1 10,11 1,243, Evans, Craig 212 Evans, John 212 Evans, Mike 192 Evans, Pat 175 Evans, Patricia 49,93,244 Evans, Tom 212 Everitt, Rory 244 Evins, Karol Executive Council 51 62,54,290,293 Dutra, Marlene 243 Dutton, Charles 127,191 Dyer, Gary 212 Dzubur, Dalaree 191 F Falk, Nancy 244 Fanger, Stephen 49,108,244,257,273, Dzubur, David 56, 117,118,119,239 243,245,253,156,294,85,157 Dzubur, Jan 46,47,49,243,294,283 E Eades, Mark 243 Eatmon, Linda 104,207,212,62 Eaton, Pat 175 Eberle, Linda 212 Ebeling, Christine 175 Eckert, Bud 99,102,243 Eckstein, David 191,162 278,290,291,293 Edington, Stan 88,191 Edwards, Barbara 191 Edwards, Don 212,156 Edwards, Drake 212,156 Edwards, Lynn 175 Edwards, Marvin 243 Ehret, Mr. Paul D. 15 Eggers, joan Eggett, Jerry 212,62 Elder, james Eldridge, Cathy 191 Ellinger, Greg 117,1l8,243,83,162 Ellinger, Lindanne 191 Elliot, Tom 140,191,136 Emerson, Barbara 93,191 Emmons, Cathy 49,191 Enderlin, Sallie 212 Engel, Linda 175 Engel, Richard Engel, Sharon 212 England, Chris 191 England, Russ 244 83,162,164 Fanning, Sue 192,200,201 Farquhar, Sandra 244 Farwell, Leslie 47,48,49,93,244 Fassler, Ellen 212 Faulman, Mr. Ben 18 Federoff, Steven 212 Ferguson, Ferguson, Ferguson, Ferguson, Colin 171,175 jim 43,192 Larry 131,175 Stephen 212 Fern, Chris 175 Fern, jefferey 141,142,143,144,212, 82 Fernandes, janet 192 Fernandes, Mike 175 Fernandez, Eva 192 Fernandez, Georgia 235,244,62,277, Fernandez, Kathy 175 Fernandez, Laura 175 Ferraro, Jim 175 Ferreira, Mike 124,192 Fetterman, Laurie 93,212 Fiedler, Carol 212 Field, Mr. Bill 18 Field, Don 175 Field, Doug 67,212,56,50,162 Field, Lynda 244 Field, Margaret 49,175 Finch, Mr. John 18 Finemann, Martin 244 Fink, Barry 244 Finney, Ann 175 Finney, Gerald 43,192 Fiordaliso, Margaret 175 Fischer, Bruce 69,88,212,62,87,82,166 Fischer, Sharon 235,244,290 Fisher, jan 213 Fisher, Tim 244 Fisk, Bobbie 213 Fiske, julie 113,213,223 Fitzgerald, Marsha 175 Floyd, joy 175 Foltz, Bob 192 Foltz, Bonnie 244 Foltz, Connie Fontan, Amy 62 Fontan, Douglas 244 Ford, Sid 213 Forsyth, Rocky 142,244 Foss, John 93,192,s2,162,164 Foss, Terrie 1l0,234,245,264,275 Foster, Mark 192 Foster, Nancy 104,113,245 Foster, Roger Foust, Roger 99,245 Fox, Anna 175 Fox, Judi 213 Fox, Loren 88,90,192,87,166 Fraga, Carolyn 192 Franson, Diane 78,192 Fredrickson, Chuck 192 Freitas, Frank 124,192 French Club 66 French, Gary 131,192 Frere, Troy 175 Freshman Class Council 171 Freshman Dance 184,185 Friel, Barbara 175 Friel, Mary 245 Froman, Roland 213 Fry, Patricia 38,245 Fulton, Gary 83,213,146 Furtado, Linda 213,230 Future Business Leaders of America 105 Future Homemakers of America 104 G Gage, Helen 192 Gage, Marcia 245 Gahl, Darian 245,285,286,293 Gainous, Tonis 245 Gaipa, Toby 246 I Galecki, Shirley 192 Galia, john 175 Gallagher, Mike 192 Gallegos, Robert 88,246 Galli, William 192 Gamboa, Sharron 213 Gamez, Susie 246 Garcia, Gregg 213 Garcia, Linda 69,246 Garcia, Linda 69,246 Garcia, Mark Garcia, Rodrigo 128,192,160 Garcia, Ron 128,175,160 l l Gaird, Pamela 213 Gdrdener, Ron 213 Gairdnew, Ron Garello, Mike 125,195,83,156 Gai ner, Steve 128,129,246 Gairett, Paula 175 Gal-rison, Warren 246 Gassoway, Ilo 68,213,57 Gastineau, Mr. Philip 18,117,831 Gates, Marilyn 113,246 Gavlldette, Paula 247 Gaylor, Gayla 45,74,75,93,213,60 Getich, James 88,213 Geikingef, Linda 247 Geisinger, Pat 93,192 Getigo, Steve 192,82 Genovesio, Katherine 192 Getiovesio, Kathleen 192 Getiovesio, Margaret 213 Gedrge, Dan 175 George, Dennis 175 Gerace, Fred 247,295 Gerice, Joe 175 Ger,clo, Tirso 175 Geraldo, Robert 247 Gerbaud, Alan 99,101,247 Gercling, Vieda 213 German Club 68 Gertiert, Cheryl 213 Gertiert, Chris 192 Gertbn, Chuck 131,175,161 Gerton, Tom 124,192 Gettman, Kay 235,247 Geyer, Jack 213 Ghigigeri, Diane 49,247 Ghinazzi, Jim 175 Giachino, Annette 66,247,176,285 Giachino, Chris Gianelli, Ron 176 Gibbs, Jim 147 Gibbi, Linda 192 Gibbs, sian 176 Gideon, Jeff 88,213,136 Gidecin, John ss,242,247,136 Gilbert, Nancy 176 Gilbeit, Paul 141,176 Gilliain, Kaihaleen 192 Ginn,iBob 176 Giorsetto, Michael qMf.p is Girard, John 213 Giratai, Bernadette 99,102,247 Girataf, Judy 176 Girls' League 54,55 Glazis, Gary 247 Glenn, Jermone s2,83,117,11s,121, 122,d23,l32,247,157,156 Glocksen, Eugene 2 13 Glocksen, Robert 87,88,90,13l,192, 156 3 Gloske, Carol 113,213 Glover, Peggy Goehner, Kris 36,176 I DEX Goelz, Toni 176 Golee, Holland 176 Golenor, Mr. Joe 19,85,125 Gomez, Paul 213 Gomez, Terri 176 Gonsalves, Charlene 247 Gonsalves, Norma 50,54,105,213 Gonzalez, Xavier 192 Gootrad, Maureen 213 Gordon, Kathy 192 Gordon, Shyerl 247 Goringer, Steve 192 Grace, Lewis 43,83,146,213 Graduation 299'301 Graham, Joyce 176 Gramaglia, Joe 176 Granse, Fred 213 Grant, Randy 247 Granum, Dave 141,192 Granzow, Jack 213 Grasher, Dorothy 176,87 Grahser, Janet 235,247 Grecco, Nat 40,247 Green, Terri 87,213 Greene, Daniel 192 Greene, Mary 99,235,247 Greenfield, Rhoda 247,62,87,285,293 Greenspan, Mr. Stan 19 Greer, Margo 176 Greer, Peggy 192 Griego, Karen 248 Griffen, Jerry 192,165 Griffin, Petinie 193 Griffin, Walt 176 Griffith, Bill 176 Grimmel, Gail 248 Grohs, Cathy 78,193 Grundel, Janine 66,248,50,51,285, 292,293 Guidoni, Susan 213 Guidry, Herb 213 Gumpel, Kathy 176 Gundell, Louis 128,131,193,160,156 Gunderson, Suzie 213 Gundlach, Lynn 113,209,213 Gunn, Tom 193 Guptill, Ray 176 Gustafson, Kevin 213 Guthrie, Gail 248 Gutierrez, Yvonne 70,76,77,110,268 Ann 235,246,248,273,54 Guzman Guzman Gilbert 193 Guzman, Joe 193 Guzman, Joe 193 Guzman, Martha 176 H Haberrnan, Donald 126,193,161 Habib, Dany 127,176 Hagebusch, John 213 Hagen, Carl 176 . Hagen, Nancy 34,193 Haglund, Kristal 193 Hahn, Dieter 176 Halbach, John 49,176 Hale, Stephani 248 Hall, James 88,128,131,248,83,162 Hall, Kit 193 Halliday, Diane 248 Hallin, Pat 176 Halpern, Charles 88,90,132,213,87, 83,156 Halverson, Jim 127,176 Halverson, Kathy 46,48,49,106,107, 110,111,249,254,294,51,284,286, 2s7,2ss,289,29o,299,293 Halverson, Leo 193 Hamby, Barbara 93,249 Hamm, Gloria 213 Hammer, Charles 249 Hammer, Jerry 47,49,273,289,292 Hammer, Martha 193 Hammerson, Geoffrey 176,165 Hammond, Sharon 249 Hans, Dave 176,82,161 Hansen, Colleen 176 Hansen, Phil Hansen, Miss Thelma 19 Hanson, Connie 76,208,213 Hanson, Glenyce 110,249 Hanson, Norman CMr.J 19 Hardy, Carolyn 193 Hardgf, Jerry 38,85,1 17,118,241,249 15 Harmon, Linda Harenda, Martin 213 Marreschou, Rich 176,161 Harris, Ed 88,193 Harris, Jim 176 Harris, Joyce 249 Harris, Ken-ny 214 Harrison, Kathy 193 Harrison, Shirley 176 Harry, Bill 176,141 Hart, Jim 249 Hart, Pam 49,62,193 Hart, Sherry 49,193 Hart, Mr. Tom 19,36,92,94,113 Hartley, Richard 57,82, 128, 13 1,193, 160 Harvey, Elaine 67,214 Harvey, Nancy 62,67,249,287 Harwin, Corrine 176,54 Harwin, Sharon 214 Haskell, Karin 66,235,249 Hasson, Christine 249 Hatteroth, Bill 82,214,162 Hawkins, Linda 176 Hayes, Linda 193 Haynes, Richard 249 Heald, Mrs. Edythe 19 Healers and Helpers Club 69 Heath, Charlette 249 Heckman, Bob 176,141,165 Heckman, Garry 214 Hector, Herb 214 Jordan Hector, Linda 249 Hedrick, Linda 249 Heeszel, Elaine 49,54,62,249,296,288, 293,285,279 Heffernan, Mike 176 Hefnes, Kenneth Heilman, Jeanne 193,231 Hein, Cheri 113,214 Hein, Kenneth 193 Henderson, Don 214 Henderson, Mrs. Georgia 15 Henderson, Scott 176,139 Hendricks, Judy 76,249,285 Henry, Kris 105,193 Henry, Paula 249 Hensley, Mike 131,156 Hepworth, Russ 131,176,161 Hernandez, George 214 Hernon, Linda 214 Herrera, Gloria 193 Hess, Gary 249 Hibbs, Benita 176 Hicks, Jim 193 Hieb, Mae 176 Higbee, Dennis 249 Hildebrand, Christine 104,235,250 Hill, Charles 35,49,127 Hill, Cynthia 70,250,281 Hill, Marlin 126 Hill, Mr. Nugan 26 Hillman, Carol 193 Hills, Aleta 214 Hinds, Christine 193 Hinds, Kathleen 214 Hineline, Kathy 214 Hineline, Mark 214,231 Hinkley, Mrs. Della 25 Hinoiosa, Richard 250,83 Hiscock, Gail 250 Hoag, Mr. Mitchell 19,102 Hodgen, Jim 214 Hoeffer, Sharon 193 Hoenninger, John 250,285,289 Hoffar, Joe 82,250 Hoigaard, Penny 176 Holladay, Karen 250 Holladay, Sandy 193 Holland, Mike 214 Holmes, Carol 214 Jack, Mrs. Sharon 19 Holmes Jackie 176 Holmes, Ken 250 Holmes, Mike 250 Holmes, Steve 193 Homecoming 72,73 Homecoming Queen and Court 72 Homer, Gregory 176 Honda, Allen 93,250 Hood, Robin 170,136,137 Hooper, Mrs. Laura 19 Hoos, Gary 131,176,161 Hoover, Madelyne 250 Hoos, Linda 110,250 DEX Hormell, Jeanne 61,250,58,277,278 Horn, Dorothy 104,250 Horner, Dennis 176,165 Horner, Kerry 250 Horrocks, Christine 176 Hosier, Linda 193 Hosine, John 131,193 Houghton, Jim 35,88,176 Howard, Carole 250 Howard, Clarence 193 Howard, Janis 193 Howard, Kathy 214 Howard, Margaret 176 Howard, Nancy 98,99,25O Howard, Scott Howard, Shirley 250 Howe, Patricia 250 Howry, John 193 Huard, Cheryl 193 Hubert, George CMr.J 19,124 Hubins, Gary 250 Hudson, Tom 82,97,132,146,227,251 Hughes, Gary 239,251 Hughes, Mickie 176 Hughey, Randy 131,145 Huie, Barbara 214 Hull, Karen 93,214,231 Hume, Doug 176 Hummel, Jandyn-e 69,214 Hummel, Jeff 194,165 Hunsucke, Harma 49,214 Hunsucker, Mike 176,127,138 Hunt, Della 176 Hunt, Rick 214 Hunt, Tom 34,194 Hunter, Mr. Quentin 19 Hushous, Michael 49,251 Hutchison, Mike 194 Hytopoulos, Eleni 93,251 I Immekos, Edward 251 Ingebrigtsen, Linnea 194 Inter Club Council 50 Irish, Mike Irivine, Linda 66,251 Ivans, Barbara 251 Ivey, Bonnie 176 J Jablonski, Bob 83,97,25 l,257,267, 162 Jackson, Bob 252 Jackson, Chris 194 Jackson, Joyce 194 Jackson, Mr. Louis 19 Jackson, Tom 82,93,117,1l9,242,245, 252 Jacob, David 176 Jacob, Nancy 194 Jacobs, Brenda Jacobs, Patricia 87,194 Jacobs, Sharon 252 Jacobs, Suzanne 214 Jacobsen, Eric 108,194,195,165 Jacobsen, Kristi 194 Jager, Vicki 194 James, Janet 194 Jamison, Ann 49,93,234,254 Jamison, David 176,127 Janvier, Mrs. Marie 27 Jaramillo, Audrey 67,214 Jaramillo, Mel 176,127 Jefferis, Sue 62,194 Jeffers, Miss Joyce 20 Jenkins, Georgette Jenkins, Nancy 182 Jennings, Bill 214 Jensen, Dave 214 Jensen, Ron 214 Jensen, Mrs. Virginia 27 Jewell, Rebecca 215 Jigour, Hillary 76,215,87,60 Jigour, Wendy 54,176 Johannes, Jean 194 Johansen, Dennis 176 Johnson, Jack 194 Johnson, Joyce 176 Johnson, Judie 177 Johnson, Julian 194 Johnson Mike 194 Johnson, Pam 194 Johnson, Paulette 93,215 Johnson, Robert 177 Johnson, Ron 57,177 Johnson, Sharon 194 Johnson, Wayne 214,136 Johnston, Harry 194,165 Johnston, Karen 49,104,206,214 Jones, Bill 177 Jonis, Carey 116,145,252,149,82 146 1 7 Jones, Chet 194 Jones, Kathleen 194 Jones, Marilyn 194 Jones, Robert 93,252 Jones, Steve 127,142,82,177 Jordan, Bob Jordan, Debbie 177 Jordan, Gary 125,215 Marcia 87,194 3 Jory, Mike 215 Jozaitis, Linda 252 Junior Class Council 206,207 Junior Prom 227-231 Junior, Show 222-225 K Kahn, Mike 88,194 Kahn, Steven 93,215 Kandler, Ed 194,166 Kanewski, Ken 177 Kaplan, Phil 242,252 Kast, Val 177 l l l 1 i 1 Karen, Robert 116,132,2l5,150,83 Kattdnhorn, Bonnie 177 Kattdnhorn, Karen 88,215,87 Kaufman, Joanna 88,177 Kaufman, Sandy 79,88,215,62 Kearn, Kirk 194 Kearri, Martie 215 Kearns, Joan 177 Keating, Tom 215 Keeler, Susan Keene, Karen 177 Kelly,l Alana 194 Kelly,l Karin 215 Kelly, Susan 215 Kemp Leslie 194 Kempl Marion 215 Kennekly, Joyce 194 Kennelly, Lynn 215 Kernoille, Rich 176,127 Kernodle, Sherry 49,5O,62,25,252,289, 290,293,299 Kerns, Sharon 176 Kevorian, Randall 194 Kiger, lReita 104,207,215 Kimba l, Sharon 207,215 Kimmi h, Mr. Lawrence 20 Kinderl Gerry 93,252 Kinerrrian, Eddie 194 Kinkade, Vicki 77,88,194 Kirby, Donna 194 Kish, 'Iferry 49,166 Kivett, ,Sue 215 Klass, Paul 83, 84,110,129,234,252, 156 E Kleinsasser, Ron 252 Knecht, Rhea 176 Kneeland, Mike 215 Knight,lDorothy 49,252 Knobles, Jeff 176 Knobles, Robert 252,160 Know, Gary 124,194,157 Knowlden, Rod s3,93,1 17,2 15,245 Knowles, Miss Joanne 8,20 Knowles, Randy 131,194 Knupfer, Margaret 252 Koenig, Miss Mariorie 20,8 Komensky, Linda 252 Konsantopoulos, Mrs. Anna 20 Koundalijian, Mrs. Mary 20,188 Kouts, Gloria 215 Kowalerbvski, Bill 82,252,l62,288 Kowalewski, Kitty 176 Kozlowski, Mr. Alex 25 Kraft, Roni 194 Kraft, Mr. Richard 20 Krahnke,i Steven 252 Kral, Martin 83,116,215,156 Krause, Margaret 176,69 Krill, Donna 176 Kruley, Kate 176 Kucala, 'Ifom 215 Kunze, Jiln 194,165 1 1 l l I DEX Kyle, Nancy 62,194 L Laakso, Colleen 176 Lache, Karl 252 Lackey, Jack 215 Laines, Eladia 60,194,200,201 Lambert, Judy 177 Lambrechts, Rick Lamkin, Mr. Laverne 26 Lance, Sherri 253 Lane, Mrs. Reatha 27 Lange, Kathy 177 Lange, Mary 177 Lange, Ron 215,156 Langston, Candy 215 La Plante, William 63,253 La Russa, Mr. Angleo Lassegves, Rene 194 Latham, Ron 253 Latham, Walleen 62,216 Laughlin, Judy 177 Lawrence, Barbara 216 Lawrence, Bettye 177,183,184 Lawrence, Doug 216 Lawrence, Joaquin 194 Layne, Marlene 177 Leafe, Edith 253 Leal, Karrell 31,253 Leal, Ron 253 Leaman, Nancy 177 Leaman, Ralph 177,131,156 Leathers, Jim 177 Lee, Elaine 69,207,216 Lee, Linda 68,253 Leffler, Craig 124,216 Leffler, Steven 253 Leimback, Shawn 194 Lema, Cheryl 33,194 Lement, David 177 Lenchanko, Darlene 254 Lenhardt, Arlene 216 Lenhardt, Colleen 177 Leonard, Cheri 235,254 Leonard, Susan 177 Lependorf, Barry 216 Levakis, Clarann 194 Levakis, Peter 216,160 Levey, Linda 194 Lewandowski, Anita 216 Lewin, Rich 194 Lewis, Jeanette 194 Lewis, Lynn 194 Lewis, Rick 177,127,145 Lewis, Tom 124,145, 194,156 Lewright, Judy 254 Lienhard, Mr. Henry 15 Lillie, Jerry 88,50,90,142,143,254,295 Linda, Bob 125,136,137,194 Lindevald, Kitty 216 Lindevald, Peggy 194 Lindquist, Mrs. Betty 20 Lindquist, Pam 105,194 Linn, Alison 54,63,235,254,290 Linn, Kathy 177,54,63 Liotta, Dan 177,138 Liotta, Vincent 216 Lisowski, Ken 177,151 Lisowski, Mike 83,128,129,130,136, 2 16, 1 56 Lizotte, Diane 194 Lizotte, Lillian 35,72,73,93, 100,254 277,278 Lloyd, Patricia 49,194 Lockard, Anita 177,88 Lockard, Jim 46,83,88,90,116,1 18, 120,122,281,156,157,159,24S,254, 294,284,286,299 Lohitehem, Mike 194 Lois, Regina 194 Lopes, Norma 255 Lopez, Guy 177 Lopez, Joe 56,254 Lopez, Sue 177,183,184 Lorusso, Bob 177 Love, Bob 216 Love, Patricia 178 Lovell, Kathleen 194 Lowe, Darrell 88,194 Lowrie, Barbara 178 Lowen, Debbie 113,216,223 Lowther, Robert 216 Loye, Mr. Jack 20 Lucas, Paul 194 Lucas, Rae 178 Lucas, Scott 88,216 Lucero, Anita 49,59,61,94,200,202 Lucero, Rita 178 Luckenbach, Linda 178,49 Luecke, Keith 103,216 Luehmann, Pam 255 Luisotti, Linda 255 Lujan, Joanne 93,246,255 Lumley, Ken 103 Lumley, Kerry 194 Lumley, Rocky 82,142,253,255 Lunders, Ken 57,194 Luque, Charlotte 178 Lusarete, Ron 83,245,255,294,162 Lusk, Sandy 216 Lusk, Stan 87,88,90,108,255 Lyons, Bob Lyons, Mrs. Helen 25 Lyons, Patsy 255 M Macabee, Miss June 21 MacCaskie, Dennis 216 Macfadden, Terry 194 Mack, Mr. Frank Maclean, Bob 131,178 Madden, Marian 69,178 Madole, Nathan 102,255,156,287 Madsen, Bard 255,151,146,292 Madura, Nancy 216 Magario, Michele 194 Magdaleno, Ephraim 178 Maginnis, Tim 128,131,194,82,156 Mahaney, Susan 93,216 Maine, Steve 82,216,166,167 Majorettes 79 Manger, Linda 49,235,255,62 Mangrum, George 98,99,255,83,146 Manifesto, Donna 194 Manifesto, Frank 255 Mann, Jim 126,178,163 Mantineo, Rick 216 Marcum, Mark 216 Mardar, Bruce 142,216,245,146 Mardirosian, Marty 178 Maresh, Joseph 216,160 Maria, Linda 216 Mariam, Stephanie 255 Marques, Marie 178 Marriyo, Dave 194 Mars, Bob 102,255 Marsh, Carl 124,194 Marshall, Andrea 178 Marshall, Bob 216 Marshall, Greg 216 Marshall, Ken 88,9O,216 Marshall, Linda 171,178 Martin, Bruce 142,143,194,82,162 Martin, Florence 194 Martin, Mr. Gerald Martin, Gilbert 178 Martin, Jackie 194 Martin, Linda 255 Martin, Pat 178 Martinez, Ernie 116,194,87,83 Martinez, Gloria 195 Martinez, Kris 178 Martinez, Robert 195 Marvin, Mr. James 26 Marvin, Ruth 195 Marziano, Mike 216 Mason, Glenda 195 Mason, Joe 195 Matador and Bull 78 Mathews, Bill 178 Mathews, John 178 Matthews, Bill 216 Matthews, Bobbie 195 Matthews, Steve 142,255,85 Matson, Jim Maxey, Iris McAlister, Jim 128,216,82,160 McAnulty, Rick 178,165 McBride, Connie 71,75,216 McBride, Rich 178 McBride, Scott 178 McCarthy, Mollie 49,195 Mcglaslin, Mr. Boyd 18,21,132,140, 1 1 McClure, George 195 McCormick, Janice 255 McCoy, Anna 95,255 McDonald, Ora 195 I DEX McDonald, Ron 178 McDonough, Jim 178 McDonough, Sheila 63,255 Mcliunk, Mike 131,181,195 McGee, Curt 256 McGrath, Bruce 256 McGreevy, Peggy 195,202 McGregor, Randy 142,256,83 McGrogan, Jayne 87,178 McGuffee, Barbara McGuffee, William McKaskle, Carolyn 256 McKean, Ferol 216 McKellar, Elinor 195 McKim, Robert 21 McKnight, Sharon 257 McKone, Mary 257 McKone, Tim 141,178 McMahon, Lawrence 195 McMeekin, Mrs. Margaret 21,41 McNally, Dennis 195 McNamara, Mr. Tom 21 McNamee, Diane 178 McNeal, Wanda 216 McNichol, Nikki 178 McNie, Barbara 216 McPhee, Kay 34,195 McPherson, Clive 195 McWilliams, Rich 195 Meadows, Shogie 195 Medeiros, Dennis 268 Medeiros, Linda 178 Medeiros, Lynda 216 Medeiros, Martie 178 Medeiros, Mel 195 Meeske, George 216 Meeske, Marie 216 Megaphone Club 70,71 Meijome, Danny 256 Meints, Marilyn 195 Mellberg, Lonnie 2 16,226,227,67,97, 59,231 Mellen, Rick 216,82 Mello, Marilyn 195 Mendenhall, Barney 256 Mendonsa, Ron 102,217 Mermod, Michele 195 Merritt, Cynthia 256 Messecbeck, Jim 195 Mestas, Ken 256 Metcalf, John 217 Mettier, Ted 195 Mettier, Tim 179 Metzler, Kevin 124,145,195 Michel, Keith 217 Michel, Suzanne 217 Middlekauff, Vikky 41,54,256 Miller, Candy 179 Miller, Judy 256 Miller, Paul 179,127 Miller, Steve 217 Miller, Timm 88,217 Mills, Sherie 179 Mingus, Tom 195 Mocek, Jenny 76,77,195,202 Mohr, Richard 217 Mohrbach, Mrs. Jo 21 Monahan, Mike Moniz, Paula 179 Monroe, Linda 256 Montalvo, Richard 179 Montgomery, Sue 195 Montoya, Mike 256 Moore, Carolyn 256 Moore, Keith 131,195,162 Moreira, Marcia 68,256 Moreland, Carol 256 Morelli, Linda 179 Moren, Charles 195 Morris, Cheryl 256 Morris, Robert 256 Morrison, Donald 179 Morte, Greg 217 Mortimer, Blane 40,83,217,219 Moser, Mr. Maynard 9,21 Mosher, Mrs. Sue 26 Moynihan, Katie 179 Mueller, Michael 138,139,195 Mueller, Tom Muinos, Kris 195 Mulder, Anne 217 Mulder, John 179 Mullesch, Donna 179 Munson, Jim 179,103 Munoz, Bob 99,102,166,256 Murphy, Larry 179,141,145 Murphy, Mickey 174 Murphy, Rick 217 Murray, Diane 179 Murray, Kathy 195 Muni, Lucy 195 N Naiman, Frank 257 Navarro, Sherry 179 Neall, Margaret 195 Neall, Tim 179 Neill, Gerry 257 Nelson Nelson Candi 49,179 Karen 195 Nelson Kathy 63,235,257 Nelson Marilyn 195 Nelson Robert 43,257 Nelson, Sandi 257 Nelson Steve 195 Ness, Dennis 179 Nethercott, Randy 179 Nettles, Joyce 179 Newberry, Suzanne 179 Newcombe, Vada 257 Newcomer, Carol 179 Nicholas, Nita 49,195 Nickle, Gordy 179 Nickle, Sue 257 Nobre, Sandi 195 Quackernbush, Tom 180 Phillips, l l l Nobrega, Joel 217 Nobriga, Ray 257 Nordman, Mrs. Dolores 27 Nortlistrom, Star 72,73,88,109,210, 21 ,224,57,96 Norman, Ron 217 NOIIILLHII-dill, Joan 33,195 Norton, Valerie 88,179 Nugchi, Milton Nuz an, Dee O O'Bar1ion, Bruce 195 O'Banion, Larry 179,160 Oberhart, Craig 217 OC0nnor, Janice 195 Odelli Sally 49,195,202 Oden, Mr. Walt 21,117,162,165 Oftedahl, Alf 124,195 Ohliffer, Joe ohligsi, Linda 195 Ojedj, Dennis 88,258 Olari, Bob 48,49,217 Olesen, Cinda 71,74,258,54 Oliver, Charles 124,217,162 Olson, Gail 258 Olsong Glenn 258 O'Malley, Ellen 179 Orchestra 86,87 Orearl Mr. Franklin 12,22,23,297 Oreml Mrs. Josephine 21,105 Ormsby, Cheryl 179 Ornellas, Connie 30,119,217 Ornellas, Fay 258 Orognen, Mr. John 21,126,161 Orteg?, Estelle 217 Ortiz, rMonica 70,258,295 Ortwerin, Bob 217 Ortwein, Pat 217 J Osofsky, Lewis 69,83,166,195 Ostrollf, Paul 196,49 Ostrom, Joan 71,76,77,258 Otterstetter, Susan 217 Owen, Shawn 179,127 P Pagni, Louis 83,136,218,156 Paiva, nJohn 196 Pappas, Lesley 83,93,117,118,258, 283 r Pappas, Penny 60,70,105,218,229 Pardoe, Kathy 179 Parke,lJerry 179 Parker, Catherine 259 Parkerl Diane 179 Parker, Miss Joan 21 Parkes, Larry 103 Parkesl Miss Martha 22 Patonai, Richard A259 Patterson, Dan 196 Pattonf Bonnie 179 Patton, Lynn 196 Paulo, Nancy 196 Pavao, Rod 218 Pavlakis, Nancy 259,295 I DEX Pavlakis, Tom 196 Porritt, Frank 259 Payton, Jack 218 Peacock, Mary 218 Peck, Gene 196 Pedersen, Cheryl 259 Pehrson, Mike 179 Pell, John 179 Pelley, Steve 196 Pells, Cathee 179 Pelly, Michael 179 Perkins, Kathy 259 Perreira, Linda 259 Perry, Bill 83,142,259 Perry, Jim 82,1l6,l18,122,123,146, 147,149,259,270 Perry, Kathy 218 Perry, Nancy 35,49,196 Pershing, Sonny 259 Pesicka, Doug 179 Peters, Judy 66,207,218 Peters, Peggy 50,54,259 Petersen, Allen 218 Petersen, Arlene 196 Petersen, Bob 218 Petersen, Dale 196 Petersen, Janet 259 Petersen, Jim 218 Peterson, Susan Petrash, Petrash, Paula 218 Randal 196 Pfefferle, Robert 196 Pfeifer, Shirlee 196 Philips, Patty 196 Philips, Susie 70,218 Phillips, Jerry 179,126 Phillips, Joyce 179 Phillips, Lorne 196 Phillips, Mary 259,290,293 Phillips, Robert 179 Mr. Thomas 22,36,37,87, 90,94,95 Photography Club 103 Pica, Lauretta 179 Pickerill, Leonard 259 Pickerrell, Deborah 196 Pickerrell, Pamela 259 Pickett, Brenda 196 Pickett, Michael 259 Pierce, Nancy 62,196 Pina, Teresa 196 Pinto, Jane 218,226 Piper, Sue 93,259 Pippen, Tom 218 Pitts, Mr. George 26 Plaughen, Jim 179 Plays 100,101 Plimmer, Mike 179 Poindexter, Judy 218 Poletti, Susan 171,179,62,170 Pollock, Gloria 196 Ponce, Pat 2,54,235,259 Pond, Linda 196 Ponder, Kathy 196 Poole, Bob 179 Poteet, Jennie 88,235,259 Poteet, Susan 179,88 Powell, Miss Helene 22 Powell, John 179 Powell, Mrs. Joyce 22,110 Poznanovich, Linda 259 Pray, Jeanne 196 Price, Steven 260 Priddis, Christopher 180,131,161 Prestidge, Robert Priest, Allison 260 Prior, Barbara 196 Prior, Sharon 67,260 Proctor, Ferol 260 Publications 112,113 Pugh, Barbara 196 Pugh, Lois 196 Q Quinby, Pat 178,180,109 Quinn, James 260 Quinta, Sharon 196,54 Quintana, Elena 180 Quintana, Lillie 196 Quirk, Rene 260 R Rademacker, Karen 66,235,260 Ragle, Patrick 260 Rahn, Miss Edris 22 Raimondi, Rita 260 Rallies, Assemblies 8: Games 80,81 Ralston, Bruce 132,134,135,260,83 Ralston, Mike 196 Ralston, Ronald 140,196,138,139,160 Rambo, Miss Marcia 22 Ramos, Andy 180 Randall, Pamella 180 Rapp, Cathleen 196 Raridon, Michael 196 Rasmussen, Pam 196 Ratti, Marie 196 Ray, Ada 260 Ray, Trudy 196 Read, Leonard 218 Real, Steve 196 Reardon, Pat Rebiskie, Tom 218 Reckas, Connie 180 Reckas, Peter 49,99,260 Reddick, Debbie 180 Reece, Myron 88,126,196,160 Reed, Neva 196 Reed, Raleigh 260 Reel, Arlene 196 Reese, Mrs. Erma 27 Reeves, Skip 128,196,156 Regalmento, Sandy Remenyik, Gabriella 235,260,294 Renkens, Bill Renkens, Gary 196 Renkens, Mike 196 Reynolds, john 180 Rice, Kathy 196 Rice, Nancy 218 Richardson, Bob 260 Richardson, Bonnie 49,110,260,288, 289 Richardson, Susan 62,174,180 Richmond, Nancy 196 Richmond, Victor Rien, John 218 Rife, Terry 235,260 Rinna, Ron 127 Ritter, Linda Riva, Bob 131,196,162 Rivera, Mrs. Eloise 23 Roach, Dennis 196 Robbins, Diane 218 Roberts, Linda 49,93,206,218 Roberts, Peggy 180 Robertson, Michael 49,88,180,160 Robertson, Shari 196 Robinson, Sandy 49,93,260 Rocha, Ron 88,260 Roderick, Diane 180 Rodgers, Dave 31,196 Rodrigues, Annette 93,261 Rodrigues, Gerry 180 Rodrigues, John 63,108,127,142,82, 180,196 Rodrigues, john 63,108,127,142,82, 180,196 Rodrigues, Marlena 180 Rodrigues, Steve 127,180 I DEX Rowe, Butch 180 Rowe, Mark 124 Rowe, Mike 124,180 Rowley, Pat 196 Rucker, Vikki 180 Runyon, Mr. Charles 23 Rupe, Mrs. Peggy 27 Schuerman, Rose 49,197,200,201 Schulmeyer, Mr, Harold 23 Schumpelt, Pat 171,180,62 Schuremon, Margie 197 Schwaar, Walter 23 Schwoyer, Mrs. Pauline 25 Schonyers, Connie 218 Rushin, Dave 180 Rusk, William 82,142,262 Russell, Joe 87,88,90,142,262 Russell, Pam 207,218 Russo, David 218,160 Ruth, Ron 262 Rutherford, jon 180 Ruxton, Ross Ryan, Mr. John 23,128,160,156 Ryan, Maureen 218 Ryder, Sue 180 S Sacrison, Dave 98,99,100,102,262 Sadowski, jon 180,165 Salez, jenet 196 Salazar, Linda 196 Salazar, Manuel 196 Salditt, Miss Erika 23 Salinas, Frank 196 Salinas, Margie 70,218 Salinas, Nancy 180 Sanchez, Sandy 196 Sand, Karen 87,105,262,54 Scott, Dennis 83,116,125,263 Scott, Donald 116,125,137,197 Scott, Howard 218 Scott, Kathy 180 Scott, Meredith 49,263 Scott S Scott, Robynne 180 Shirley 180 Seaman, Kathy 219 Searle, Pam 219 Sees, Larry 83,117,197 Segale, jane 197 Seibold, Jeff 219. Seidell, Mike 180,161 Seideman, Elliott 219 Selvey, Ron 180 Selvidge, Mrs. Laura 25 Senior Ball 278-281 Senior Breakfast 298 Senior Class Council 234,235 Senior Dress Up Day 276 Senior Favorites 294,295 Senior Picnic 282,283 Senior Privilege Day 270,271 Senior Show 272-275 Sanders, Phil 180,49,170,141 Sanford, Bruce 196 Sanford, Linda 180 Santen, Dave 196 Rodrigues, Alice 180 Rodriguez, Pam 218 Rodriguez, Vicky 192,193,196 Roe, John 180 Roe, Sharon 102,261 Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Rogers Rogers, Jackie 196 Sharon Nancy 56,261 Phil 196 Rick 218 Roland, Anne 66,253,261 Romero, Sam 87,88,90,261 Ronald, Dennis 180 Ronald, Bob 261 Ropecka, Cathy 180 Roper, Mrs. Bonnie 27 Rose, Sara Rosecrans, Tamara 46,48,51,49,60, 142,113,254,258,261,262 Rosenheim, Jim 180 Rosenheim, Sue Ross, John 196 Ross, Mike 140,196 Ross, Sara 180 Rothacker, Sandi 68,261 Rounds, Dann 196 Rowe, Bob 196 Rowe, Bobbie Lou 262,291 Sardaro, Chris 180 Sardaro, Ken 180,127 Sargent, Richard 57,83,116,229,262, 146,285 Sater, Deanna 196 Sater, Robert 57,218 Saunders, Linda 99,101,262 Saunders, Mark 141,142,196 Savage, Linda 49,197 Savage, Nancy 180 Sawyer, Gregory 49,82,93,197 Scheid, David 218 Scheid, Randy 263 Scherbarth, Wendy 180 Schlenke, Mrs. Mary 25 Schmid, Sandy 218 Schmudde, Glenn 93,97,263 Serrao, Michael 180 Setbacken, Kathy 49,180 Setterberg, Susan 62,1 13,207,219 Sewell, Jim 140,197 Sewell, Kathy. 180 Shadduck, Ross 219 Shafer, Miss Kristin 23 Shaffer, Cathy 197 Shannonhouse, John 57,180 Sharp, Larry 263 Shearbum, Barbara 180 Sheets, Dean 197 Shelin, john 263,162 Sheline, Gary 82,197,162 Shepherd, Greg 197 Shetterly, Nancy 263 Shields, Sandy 197 Shields, Sue 263 Shilts, Karen 263,285 Shilts, Pat 197 Schnagl, Jean 93,218 Schnagl, Richard 180,87 Schneider, Cathy 180,88 Schneider, Dona 197 Schneider, Joe 218 Schneider, Sheila 104,263 Scheppert, Teresa 218 Schramm, Kenneth 88,197 Schroeder, Linda 180 Schuerman, Charles 83,142,206,218, 223 Shippie, Greg 146,83,142,263 Shofner, Vicky 62,49,178,181 Shrader, Dave 181 Shumate, Carol 181 Shumway, Richard 30,219 Silva, Barbara 197 Silva, Dave 146,49,82,116,148,197 219 Silva, Rich 263 Silver, joye 263 Simpson, J. C. 197 t l Simpson, Sherry 181 Sinclair, Don 181 Sisney, Sue 197 Sita, Toni 263 Skeen, Mr. DeWand 23 Skinner, Nancy 49,197 Sklinchar, Jena 181 Skrable, Linda 197 Sloan, Mr. Robert 23,138 Small, Jan 63,197 Smalley, Gayle 197 Smith, Alan 219 Smith, Andy Smith, Mrs. Beverly 23 Smilh, Bob 87,90,197 Smi h, Brad 219 Smith, Carl 181 Smilh, Cathy 181 Smiih, Cathy 181 Smiih, Dena 181 Smiih, Diane 181 Smiih, Eileen 181 Smiih, Elaine 219 Smiih, Ellen 263 Smith, Gail 197 Smith, Mr. Glenn 23 Smith, Jim 197 Smith, Judy 181 Smith, Karrol 88,113,263 Smith, Linda 197 Smi h, Nancy 219 Smi h, Mike 198 Smi h, Pat 198 Smith, Sandy 198 Smi h, Scott 198 Smi h, Sharon 181 Smith, Sue 219 Smith Terry 219 Smith, Ty 126,127,198 Smithson, Sandy 198 Sololnon, Sally 181 Somlnerville, Craig 181 Song Girls 76,77 Sonnenfelt, Dan 198 Sonnenfelt, Mike Sophomore Class Council 200,201 Sophomore Hop 203 Sorehsen, Christine 219,181 Souza, Sou la, Sou a, Souza, Cheryl 181 John 263,156 John Phillip 263,156 Judy 104,219 Souza, Kathy 49,219 Souza, Mike 198 Souza Patricia Spanish Club 67 Spann, Carol 219 Spear, Harold 82,1 17,2 19,156 Spear, Steve 124,198,156 Speas, Cathi 93,219,222 Spehar, Kitty 181 Spence, Debbie 62,181 l I DEX Sperber, Mr. Stephen 24 Spicer, Kathi 263 Spicer, Suzanne 198 Spirit Week 108,109 Spivey, Mrs. Velvia 27 Spoon, Sharon 198 Stafne, Pauline 113,262,268 Tandowsky, Mr. Richard 24 Tarasuk, Julian 104,220 Tarrant, Robert 265 Tavares, Barbara 181 Tavares, Paul 82,132,135,146,149, Stamatis, Sharon 49,181 Starchman, Pam 263 Starnes, Ellen 264 Starr, Michael 93,264 Stayrook, Evie 219 Steele, Connie 181 Steele, Paul 49,60,61,83,219,166 Steffens, Camellia 198 Steffens, Stephanie 264 Steger, Larry 83,84,117,264,162 Stein, Sydney 219 Steinbrink, Mark 198 Stern, Bruce 99,102,264 Stevens, James 198 Stevens, Kathy 181 150,220 Tausheck, Chris 93,207,220 Taylor, Cathy 198 Taylor, Dennis 181,165 Taylor, Jim 220 Taylor, John 131,170,181 Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Tei gen, Michael 265 Nancy 49,198 Rich 124,198,160,156 Steve 166,198 Tom Tom 141,198 Tella, Bob 83,140,142,143,220 Terpak, Joyce Thomas, Alan 125,220 Thomas Chris Thomas: Jeff 181 Thomas, Loyd 220 Stevens, William 264 Stevenson, Eileen 49,198 Stevenson, Jerry 83,132,133,135,219, 146,147 Stewart, Pamela Stice, Barbara Stillings, Janice 264 Stokes, Carolyn 264 Stone, Ron 127,181 Stone, William 82,127,145,198,163 Strohm, Mrs. Ann 25 Strom, Celia 72,73,210,219 Strom, Mrs. Roberta Strozyk, Betty 265 Strozyk, Eva 265 Struempf, Richard 131,219 Thomas, Pam 72,73,97,220,231 Thomas, Roy 265 Thompson, Barbara 181 Thompson, Bill 220,156 Thompson, Catherine 181 Thompson, Don 145,198 Thompson, Jeanne 181 Thompson, Mark 30,220 Thompson, Monty 220 Thompson, Patricia 181 Thorne, Jim 127,181 Thornell, Alton 220 Thornell, Joseph 181 Thornock, Mr. Verl 24,146 Thornton, Judy 220 Thorp, Karon 62,105,265,286,288 Stubbins, Marcia 219 Studebaker, Terry Student Body Officers 46,47 Student Government 48,49 Suffner, Ann 219 Sullivan, Giorgiann 265 Sullivan, Terry 198 Summersett, Mrs. Lois 24,171 Susoeff, David 219,157 Susoeff, Phil 198 Swanburg, Roberta 5o,265,285,295 Swartz, Mike 198 Sweet, Pete 198 Swift, Cathy 198 Swim, Brian 43,57,254,265 Swindell, Ron 181 Swindell, Sandi 110,265 Syvertsen, Carole 67,235,265 Sylvia, Janice 210,219 Sylvia, Rosemary 198 T Talbot, Barbara 49,181 Talbott, Jon 141,145,181 Talbott, Marcia 66,219 Throolin, Hal 198 Tiernon, Bob 181 Tiernon, Patricia 198,200 Tilghman, Bruce 181 Tilley, Dave 181,127,145 Tindall, Janet 181 Titsworth, Dennis 198 Todd, Christine 181 Toland, Buzz 220 Toll, Lon 198 Tollick, Tooley, Arthur 198 Linda 198 Torres, Bill 220 Torres, Eddie 82,142,220 Torres, Jan 199 Trent, Mrs. Mary 27 Trimble, Mike 199 Trimelo ni, Bobbie 181 Triplett, David 265 Trujillo, Gloria 220 Trujillo, Raymond 82,142,143,144, ,265 Trumbo, Larry 49,82,83,85,117,118 142,143,245,265 Trumpe, Kathy 199 Tullys, Chris 181 Tumelson, Anita 265 Turpyn, Lydia Turpyn, Melanie 265 Tuttle, Mike 265 Tye, Mr. Ross 24 U Ullom, Anne Ullom, Bruce 141,181 Ullom, Danny 199 Unternaeher, Rolf 82,102,265,289 Urgolites, Carol 63,265 Utt, Carol 199 Utt, Linda 220 V Valencia, David 181 Valens, Becky 265 Valens, Bob 220 Valenzuela, Mark 109,220 Vadenbos, Jan 266,267 Vance, Linda 93,207 Vanderpool, June 93,267 Vandiver, Rick 181 Van Ingen, Ron Vankerrebroeck, Ellen 87,220 Van Nortwick, Mr. Ralph 15 Vanous, Mr. Marvin 29 Vargas, Richard Vegas, Jackie 181 Veges, Ray 127,181 Velasquez, Gerri 220 Vening, Nick 199 Ventresco, Barbara 266 Ventresco, Tom 181 Ventura, Irene 199 Vermilyea, Julie 266 Vickers, Margaret 207,220 Vickers, Mr. William 24 Vierra, Steve 220 Vigars, Karen 93,266 Vigil, Anita 220 Vigil, Rolanda 181 Vilas, Mr. Sally 24 Vilchek, Steve 266 Vincent, Sherry 220 Vinson, Tim 57,141,181 Viti, Jane 220 Voecks, Bill 124,220 Voecks, Carol 174,181 Volz, Vicki 220 Vonrothstein, Howard 199 Voris, John 199 Voss, Jerome 88,90,87,266,287 Vournas, Dino 49,50,103,110,220 W Wachtel, George 181 Wachtler, Susan 181 Wadsworth, Richard 88,95,156,266 Wagner, Aldyne 102,266 Wagner, Mary 54,66,98,99,266,292 Wagner, Marvalee 54,220 Wales, James 82,108,116,242,156, 248,266 I DEX Wales, Mary 199 Walker, Cheryl 220 Walker, Don 221 Wallace, Dixie 220 Wallace, Roberta Wallis, Steve 266 Walters, Ed 266 Walters, George 199,162 Walton, Ronald 199 Walton, Vicki 266 Ward, Annette 181 Ward, Chris 124,125,82,199,146,147 Ward, Mike 181 Ward, Mr. Wayne 24,98,99,101 Warmer, Joanne 221 Warren, Roger 266 Watson, Bob 199 Watson, Jaclie 266 Way, Candi 266 Weagant, Eileen 49,199 Week, Faye 207,221,226 Weiner, Mr. Harold 24,30 Welton, Dwight 199 Wergeland, Mr. Jerrold 24 Werk, Cheryl 49,195,199 Wescott, Leonard 221,156 Wessels, Dona 181 West, Bobbe 221 West, Frank 99,266 Westergard, Dan 221 Westford, Connie 182 Weston, Phil 126,127,139,1s2,160 Weyant, Wayne 182 Whaley, Ricke 68,266,50 Whalley, Cheryl 266 Whalley, Jerry 182 Whalley, Lile 199 Wharton, Donald 199 Wheeler, Jeary 267 Whitacre, Linda 221 White, Joyce 182 White, Mike 145,199,160 White, Mildred 88,221 Whitfield, Tim 57,140,221 Whittaker, Mike 199,267 Whitney, Mike 117,119,120,121,132 Whysong, Marjory Widener, Earl 182 Wilcove, Rory 182 Wilcox, Jack 145,182 Wilde, Dennis 182 Wilder, Johnny 221 Wiles, Gloria 182 Wiles, Marvin 267 Wiley, Arlene 71,74,221 Wiley, Lynette 182 Wilkinson, Gregg 182 Will, Betty 93,267 Willet, Mr. Rolyn Williams, Cheryl 182 Williams, David 182,221 Williams, Ed 145,221 Williams, Margo 267 Williams, Mike 199 Williams, Randy 221 Williams, Robert Williams, Tom 181 Willson, Dave Wilson, Bobbye 88,267 Wilson, Charles Wilson, Eileen 199 Wilson, Judi 30,221 Wilson, Karen Wilson, Linda 221 Wilson, Marilyn 102,93,267 Wilson, Mike 102,267 Wilson, Rich 82,142,268 Winans, Mark 182 Windbi gler, Diane 221 Winder, Mrs. La Verne 27 Winn, Burt 221 Winn, Kevin 182 Winterbourne, Steve 182 Wold, Marvetta 199 Wood, Wood, Bob 182 Jerry 182 Wood, Jim 199 Woodard, John 221 Woodin, Mrs. Sue 24 Woodroff, Lance 221 Woolcock, John 221 Wooler Worces y, Don 268 ter, David 165 Worden, Nita 49,110,268 Workman, Mrs. Jo 14 Wren, Vicky 181 Wright, Claudia 68,221 Wright, Linda 182 Wurm, Gregory 268 Wyne, Joshua Mark 221 Y Ybarra, Larry 128,268 Ybarra, Sandra 182 Yearbook Queen and Court 58 59 Yell Leaders 74,75 Yeoman, Bill 182 Yeoman, Jack 182 Yoder, Yoder, Yoder, Yonan, Dean 199 Mike Roger 57,82,268 Sharon 199 Yool, Ron 49,182 Yool, S York, J Young, Young, Yutzy, teve 49,57,268,292 ere 43,268 Judy 178,182 Roberta 199,200,201 Jack Z Zambik, Mary 199 Zelonis, Robert Zickefoose, Mary 235,268 Ziegler, Lola 199 Zierau, Eldora 268 Zimmermann, Maria Zitterkopf, Sandy 41,268 Zoggas, Darryl 126,182 Zoggas, Mary 199 Zukoski, ,Toy

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