Arroyo High School - Arroyan Yearbook (San Lorenzo, CA)

 - Class of 1959

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Arroyo High School - Arroyan Yearbook (San Lorenzo, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 226 of the 1959 volume:

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Jrhe L i r memories ol . . . our high school days . . . we publish rhis annual . . . We feel +ha'r i+s i pages . . . are filleol wilh aclivilies ol such 1 iinferesl . . . and ioy . . . lhal' 'rhey will grow A , ,clearer lo us . . . as years go on . . . May , :Q Arroyan call us . . . back o'er lime . . . f frhe Arroyo High School . . . and lo Jrhe ffilgelags of '59. Published by lhe Associaled Sfudenl Body of Arroyo High School, Arroyo High School. San Lorenzo, Cali- fornia. Bonnie Todd and Gloria Vanerwegen. edi- iars. Carol Troop, associafe edilor. Marcia Salo. arf edi+or. Laurens Besson. business manager. ,X . , - -f ,-4, Dedicafion Faculfy N pgqg 7 page 9 Lian "f1 Acjfivifies page 25 Clubs page 47 Sporfs page 63 F-Y +V We 'S P -' wq - .4 ff Classes page F07 4 2 Freshmen 'Zu 4 ,. ,GLX 9 J r F . f r rp? 1' QUIK? 5 r V 1 K Q bg H1 ffl xg! C F 0 4 Z! A f Sv K page lO8 f"+ W I Queens fax 1 page Soplwomores J ,N N P696 H7 i s g ' V ,,'zf ' :JF Juniors page IZ6 f . -.,7fS9l ,rf ! Q Seniors T f 1 page l45 .f -ill: page 210 X f I , W I V 11 .ff ' zw E -.. Q." in ' Epilo ue - Sf, y d? Favorifes V K g xiii! page I8O V- .PGQG I88 " Q 5-'if sq f -41. . 2 If x . V-1, M - cvjfkj , - - ff, k 5 .kr - s lf' 1 ,4 ff' Wffgf PRlNClPAL'S MESSAGE Youihful en+husiasm has characlerized ihe de- velopmenf of Arroyo High School. She is well known for her spirif and morale in academics. ac- iivilies, and aihleiics. Her siudenls are Taughl +ha'r success is buili on spirii. self-discipline, and hard work. Each s+uden+ is held responsible for performance according 'ro his abiliiy. The aclrivilies of high school are as serious a mailer as The academics. The close associa+ions wiih sludenis and adulls will always be cherished by you+h for +he learning experiences which +hey provided. A balance of achievemenl' in varied fields is one of 'rhe imporianlr aids +o full and ma- Jrure development To each of our graduaiing seniors. we wish coniinued in+eres+ and success in many fields of endeavor. R at-ad' 4. MR. J. F. OREAR Vice-Principal "The purpose of a high school is 'ro educale yourh. I arn impressed wi+h +he sleadlasl and serious inlenl ol our Arroyo I-Iigh School sl'u- denls in achieving Jrheir goaIs." MRS. VIRGINIA G. ANDERSON Dean ol Girls "This book rellecls a school year filled wilh learning, friendships. and plans. The seniors move on lo iobs, homes, colleges: l'he Sludenlr Body +o a new school year. May all of us +aIce pride in Jrhis year's achievemenls and acceplr fhe chal- lenge lo do an even loeller iob. MR. CARL BOURNE Dean of Boys "I+ has been a genuine pleasure +o worlc wi+h 'rhe class of l959. We wish Them conlinued suc- cess in every endeavor. Come back +o see us." Zffiuvfg X X- wav' In EX 'Yi' X'65f,T5xS-ish W v . 'XX-LF-f1"l 'W fx N"Q'6'v+'!fx' A if-CN X l?J"'fw V rv - XXX 5 'lb 'MY M i? !5!'f X 1 5 X-KW-fM',XXgf,f ff if ,fig If ' 'ffiff M JN ,M-Mx ff ,f 1 -Xwsffff ff ww M .. . , A, Y A-y " fm NX X iffy W! ' gy,sgf5?X7:...W,4 ,f .- ,lf ,f XM Z i,'biiw'f5w-A ffl! y li XM f z f W f l,.5g,ll,'?'!I4I W f, X v I ff ' W lf4'f527fl'-- W W f '3Iif'f 'w- f y ' 'f4 f ZW i f : '.gyW0"4r,"Q', X" 'ff fi I ' if 1 X 2 X 'lglftvdlwlulfzt W X Q ff . ha 1fr'f3i' :'fi 11'f'P-L XW f fh f 'K . .+f75S 1. if I ,1 f f ,,-bm ug9wig!g,fuf5 , . , X ff ,,,'4ffs:gQ w5?ig:f5,'f:fgg- kj ,,:,g.fg:m Q xx u-q:s,u4ig'f ff 4 ., :NX 1 f lglilgfzfxx Xi!Qf'9if55'iiS. ,fg5f , , X 5 s Sin jff: QM,-,U - " gig-jifw 5 H , xx ,XX vi' fy wil f I , M5717 , X A, af f + KM W 0,6 5 if fy Jef- 3'- 6 f , Qfff . . . . IS FOR DEDlCATlON In memory of Leon Erolman . . a friend and fellow sluclenl' . . . we dedicale . . . fhe '59 Arroyan . . . Aclive in school affairs . . . Leon was presiclem' of his Sophomore class . . . lasf year . . . l-lls happy smile . . . and easy manner . Jrhal made him so popular here af Arroyo live yer . . . in 'rhe memorles of his classmales ancl leachers. . . . iS FOR FACULTY There will be a Jresi Friday covering all of . . . siop leaning back on your chair! . . . 'rhe principles involved are very simple. bul' . . . chapiers 6, 7. and 8 . . . if you pour wafer info acid . L . no you may noi gel a drink . . . be ready lo answer any quesiions . . . now, ihis Thing here is a s+eering wheel and . . . up To World War ll, Then . . . i-k-l-semi- colon . . . if-d-s-al . . . nolrebooks are due Monday . . , one of +he mosl common mis- 'rakes in grammar is . . . volunieers are needed fo work on Jrhe cafl . . . use your slide rules . . . have your book reporis in by . . . follow +he recipe and don'+ forge? . . . le+'s have if quieil . . . shorlrhand can be fun! . . . proiecis are due on . . . angle A equals angle B because . . . don'i use class Time 'ro . . . no! . . . you're iardy . . . io be finished by Jrhe end of The period . . . l'm noi' going 'ro warn you again . . . shake hands wi1'h your rackei . . . films +oday . . . l'd advise you +o siudy . . . you're excused! MR. E. ADAMS MR. H. ADAMS Ar+ Mel., Mech. Dr. Social Sfudies Reeclley J. C. Univ. of Calif.. B.A. Fresno Sfale, B.A. MR. ANDERSON Elect. Mech. Dr., Radio Chico S+a+e. B.A. Sfanforcl Univ., M.A. , Y, --.-1 i Q2 ' if ,, f Liar l l "7" l IE'-5 A sl lil:-I , . gl, ll A Vx X :lm J! 1 A -:naw '13':5i. if ,Rl i - 'llll , . 4 lf l 4 fefzr l "gly.'- -'lr ix 1 , lg .llll R f ,Pl lil' 'cv-2i".'m,iY5' sllllkii- .. ' :X , A lllrlifi i u --wi ' llfffl i i iv Xi. ll' glkiililg l ll,li11iF..1.lul.l il ll J . N Rf f fliers N ' flw-il ll . X' ll e ' '.i1.,lllrllie..g..qlrg A ii .fl l. il i i :Dfw ll if .f 9 will l 1 , X l ,lil b X' ,,!x',ll 'if ' 1 my h EU' ll ' . um f i ' ' li. 5. i.-SPX-,rf ., A-'fe llgx l R lil.: Zvxill if ylp ,V xx ref JA xi, ' 4 , f A - ' MR. ANDRADE MR. ANTONS Aulo Shop Mech. Dr., Algebra, Gen. Sci. Univ. of Calif. a+ Sania Barbara. Seallle Univ., B.A. B.A. San Jose Slale San Francisco S+a+e MRS. ARMSTRONG Social Sluclies Univ. of Washinglon, B.A MR ATHOS Gen Sc Plwyscal Sc: San Franc sco Shale M Cornel Un v M , ff lf' Y lf! l llllllll f, A fl I I A Kignff xp Z MR BARBIER Boys Phys cal Ed San Jose Slale BA Slanford U MA ' " x 'ti' ll All gl Ell xx M Aww' X W 'Ba Y- l S .ll 1 W l llll . lp illll MISS BASTIAN Gen. Sci., Life Sci. San Jose Shale, B.A. I4 'Y l PML Elly f llll N? MX l l l'l X Xi-I MR. BATZ Social Sluclles San Jose Sfale. M.A. MR Typ San . BERNARD ., Rel. Mdse., Gen. Bus. Jose S'ra+e, B.A. MR. BOYNTON Social Sludles Cenlral S+a+e College in Okla h BA oma. . . San Jose Slaie, M.A. f sg E f. , -1 sz! Qi . 1. g z mm A., , .fa 454' arm , f N, W df I .W .M W ffwfii, , vw -:, W 1 , 4235 11 M11 f ' 2.1155 MISS EBERT Social Sludies Univ. of Hawaii Vassar Summer School Mills Colle e g Universily of Calif., B.A., AB. MR. FIELD Spanish Univ. of Calif., BA. MR. CALVIN Des.-Col., Slage, Comm. A Draw. San Jose S+a+e. M.A. MR. GASTINEAU P.E. Univ. of San Fran. Univ. of Wash. Fresno S+a+e College rf, Cr. MR. FAULMAN MR. FELDMAN Social Sludies Ef1QliSl1 College of Pacific, MA. Univ. of MiCl1. M-A Univ. of So. Calif. MR. GIORSETTO MR. GREENSPAN Gen. Mel. WOOd Shop San Jose S-lafe, B,A, Univ. of Calif., B.A. San Fran, S+a+e San Fran. Siafe , sf' ,Q . 1 , L. T - ve 0- W , M, . , N 2 .fm 1 L.. N Q f wgy.. .1115-. W I4 A 1 3.01 . M ff V , f Q- . fm E a ,,.1. r wg Q I am" MISS KNAPP MISS KOENIG MRS. LAFLER P.E. Social Sludies English Sfanforcl Univ., BA.. M.A. Univ. of Calif., B.A., MA. Univ. of Calif., B.A. MRS. LALLMAN BONNWELL Commercial Univ. of Nebraska, B.S. Univ, ol: So. Calif., M.S. MR. LARUSSA French Univ. of Calif., BA. San Fran. Slale MRS. LINQUIST MR. LOYE MR. MAC LEAN Geo., Alg., Ma+h Social Siudies English Univ. of Calif.. BA. College of Pacific, B.A., M.A. Cornell College, BA. Univ. of Calif. 453, ,yi mm! Q -if 3 L, 33 2.5 3 V 25 f w MR. PIMENTEL Malh, Spec. Educ. Ore. Sfale San Jose Sfale. M.A. MRS. QUON Homemaking Univ. of Calif., B.S MISS RAHN Geo., Trig., Ma+I1 Univ. of Calif. MRS. RAI-IN Soc. Sfucl. Allendecl Mills Univ. of Calif., A.B. MISS PGWELL MRS. POWELL French. Spanish Jo'urn., Eng., Newsp. Univ. of Calif., B.A. Mills College, B.A. MISS RALPH Soc, Slud. I-Ieacl Counselor Univ. of Calif.. A.B., M.A. DR. ROEKER German, French Univ. of Calif., PILD MISS ROGERS MR. RYAN MISS RYAN Social Sfuclies P.E. Eng. Wash. Slare College, B.S. San Jose S+a+e Briar Cliff College. BA. Univ, of Chicago San Fran. S+a+e MR. SCHWAAR Mech. Draw. San Fran. S'ra+e San Jose S'ra+e Univ. of Ulah U+ah Sfale, B.S. MR. SEARLE MR. SKEEN MR- SMl-l'l'l Bkkpg. Off. Mach. P-E Ore. Sfafe, B.S. Univ, of Wash. Nolfe Dame Univ.. B.S Univ, of Alaska Univ. of Colo.. MA. MR. SMITH MISS THOMPSON MR. TI-IORNOCK Wood Shop P.E. Typ., Rckg. ChIco S'ra+e, BA. San Jose Sfajre, BA. Idaho SI'aIe, BA. Santa Barbara Sfafe I.a. SIaIe, M.S. UnIv. of Idaho, M.S San Jose S+aI'e Ore. Sfafe San Fran. S'raIe MR. TYE Gen. Sci. Univ. of Mfnn., BA. MR. VICKERS MR. WALKER MR. WALTI Bus. Ma+h. Typ. English Mech.'Draw,, Gard. Univ. of No. Dak., BA. San Fran. Sfafe, BA. San Fran. S+a+e, BA. San Jose SIaIe, MA. MRS. WEIDMAN MR. WERGELAND MR- WH-LET Drama, Speech, Eng. Library Me+h., Eng. Drivers ECI- Univ. of Oregon, A.B. Univ. of Wash.. A.B. SGH JOSE Siaie. A-B XX ix i i -O fx iw! i X , -ix 5 V +224- X -ii q i . ii i i . ' , . ' i . , , . . wi-i i iii XX Z Y- , iiuiimei i ,lf Vx XXX ' v yiywxxis ki! Willis J , il L N'- iw!! I n Q mi + EW i iii ':-. L i ii ir ,..-,iw 4 i i ,Wi ix xiii 'fi iiviiii i i i ii W ' ? , ' i 'fi ' i, L W ihixig . 'ii'ibimii ' i L ' K . ,iii imii 'ji1,'i!ii-i"'iy L ii W XXXA iifij yi xe ee iiiwiiii , ...ii . i xg ' X iiifim 'Nat LI" g'2QA"i K Xi ' ' .zf MRS. J. WILSON MR. P. WILSON MRS- DEFFI-EY Des. and Color, Craffs, Mafh Des. and Color, Draw and School Nurse San Jose S+a+e. BA. Comp. Univ. of Calif., A.B. MR. DOOLEY MRS. LYONS MRS. SCHLENKE Librarian Affendance Office Affendance Office Univ. of Calif., A.B. Ma., B.L.S. K, 1 A 4 i f i i L if I I 1? 'f' 1 s al I , I f vi 1 HN ix ' u if i ,W M M R i ' if M M i i ' i R 1 R if i . ' f SR M if f 1 Nr . i N i v 'i i in X O fii i iiiiiiii R ' f M. 'A . .in XX i S ' Q --12 ,lf if' fi! ,Q -NNW? MISS SCI-IULTE MRS. STEINER MRS. WESTON Principal's Sec. Affendance Office Affenolance Office 2 ' V i J, .. ., ' f ' x X X ai il 1 1 , Sega- gb R .ff 'Q , , .1 ' Q 1, I I my e 5' f N :A fax -,, ' fi ff wx:-'J , , .. , . gf' , L. f f a n 1 if-s :lsr I if , IN W .xv vs- . '- 1' 11,241 :W 7: : kg mg ' an ,z 4- LeH' fo right Florence Affleck, Agnes Chaffin, Virginia Jensen, Erma Reese, Kalliy Rolf, Emily Garcia, Realha Lane, Ann Cunningham, Mary Lou Trent LaVern Winder, Grace Kenyon Baclc row, lef'l' +0 rigl1'l': Eugene Degler, Jolin Losaso, Jim Farrell, l-luglwey Bacon, Flor- ence Klanl, Herb Cody. Froni' row: Reginald Brown, Severl Berlilson, Bill Oxenlord, Henry Vancil. Wk X- 5 K Q 'Q ' fr n V ffm ii X' V a a 'fill' n'87l2wr ' uggef , L izblr. - - M- 1 f waz , ' 'niihszz ,- f - 4--fu-hi. X 1 .1 alll Held , ,i ., ,Q M Q Q4 43' Zi? X 1 W -W , i 6125 F ? Sludenl Council will meel 'lirsl period lomorrow in The library. . . supporl your queen . . . we're gonna roclc lhal red and blaclc! . . . salislied, real salislied, Oh, we're from ... buy a yearbook! . . .all represenlaliyes please be pres- enl . . . Harvey is being presenled lonighl . . . Arroyo Hi and we're on lhe ball! . . . by drama . . . commillee re- porls . . . 'rhe Dry Gulch Gazelle will be dislribulecl loday during bolh lunch hours . . , maiorelles and band assem- bled on lhe loolball field . . . I nominale . . . Tryouls lor mascol. . .a cappella and orcheslra . . . held afler school 'roday in . . . Girls' League annual lood drive . . . assem- bly Friday! . . . l second lhe molion . . . Chrislmas dance . . . Boys' League will , . . from 8-I I in lhe gym . . . wella whose The beslesl leam in lhe league? . . . dance band will play . . . come lo 1'he liesla! . . . bring lhis back 'ro your classes . . . free wilh a Sludenl Body Card . . . Wella we're 'lhe beslesl leam in lhe league! . . . 'rhe mee!- ing was adjourned. STUDENT COUNCIL Firsf row, lofi fo right Moxhan, G.: Wickwire. J.: Ta+man. L.: Sfoner, P.: Eich, L.: Lund. S.: Marsh. B.: Hague, A.: Hooper, M. Second row: Harfley. B.: Gurley, P.: McKay, S.: Middlefon. M.: Sweef, D.: Sfuarf, K.: Hoke. P.: Ryan. J.: Judy, C. Third row: Camisa. D.: Hood. K.: Neffle, B: mn C Erickson B McMaines V B'ork L Baker D Freeman G' Pncard J Four+h row Gu'..:',,g ,.:l,.: ..: ,. . Guaisa. D.: Payne, J,: Davisson, D.: Hern, B.: Gabrielson. R.: Sfrom, L.: Reing. J.: Fanger. D CLIFF KEUTER DIANE CAMISA I' JUNE RYAN I I uf JUDY PICARD JIMMY CRAIK SEE: W SWVEEV was pf u as 1 ?W ., 6: , 25: ,.. .,. KING AND QUEEN OF FIESTA Sid Corrie Tina Melville wgfif B ggi ,ff Q Q 'i y' an I Wh K , , 5. ggd A Y. , A kilxiig wg if x K ,, ','. 4 1 iii 1545, A 'ik .gr it Yfevkiff 1. xp' .W in .A K , MQ.: ' 5515-'JYQ i 'F " C' A ,. af , , ,M 1 W - I K '- Q if .iz 5 ' , iw I -1. 4' We I .Q , .r.'eg wi: Eddle Bauer I-GFFY Bodnef P,-egideni' Vice Presidenl' 'BWV' 5' nw Fred Welch Sid Corrie Vice Presiden+ Treasurer Ted Peferson Sleve Plnney Treasurer Treasurer I Q, Hal McCown Jerry Schultz Q Secreiary Secrelary 2 Q 'GMU' r ' 1' ' 2 rs Effie "t,,' fl. l , 5. X 5 , will l S ,sd r X5 K rig- qi 'Q x 1 . 5 '. .fr Duck Loiz John Lorz BOYS' LEAGUE sponsored a successful pencil drlve. Plclured above is lhe flrsl' Sergeanl al Arms Sergeanl al Arms srep in our cargo's journey lo lhe school children of French Morocco. .3 , - M.. . , , W. 1 v J J 4 Mil' 1 Ji f , 2 ,M 1 V ..,W 1-35, 22 "'9'2:- mmm-we ,Fw 1 if l we x 5mQ..1fQ, 1 I 1 F v fa 241 12, N' 2 ,Z ..,f:f" f , Q f I 2 -f .ra 2, an gig 'gi Iii? 9 H 1 if 4452 KA K 33 l fr 3 Q Q , I I V' an K- ' . 5 D W E f 1 Mi ,F Q , '94, 'Q 1, ' 'W avi in 6 3 35 'Q E, , , ,,. ,, . qw' 'SIA -af W. H -T .1 f!,g,,a 4, Ax' W . Q "' 'Z' .3 L 2-A 5 Jiif qi""f,l'5?Ei'?SEZZE'?f53 'A i V N, I. Aw ,W W :Liss-,vii-3:53353 4+ r::..:s1-fees ,I , g , 3 . . Q - vsfszessizsifiifmgglfh , ,,,,,.,m N V .,L,,. " T 31 4 - f , 'f if " 5 f3'i?,3f?rf"' 93332 5 3152 -W 'ly , WSFW H' V -if 'i 7 ' ' ' 'Qs f I" . ' i?ff':Qf-F I 'PQCf"sfigW , , . .ixj t 1: My 5" f 4 Qt swam N :rw H L i. 1 I 37 ,rf fm 4l ' aj A 2-X f. a . vm mum-wmmwkww H 38 H si i' K , E1 S V. - 2 . ' - ii... , I 3, ,. Laurine Besson. Marcia Salo. Mr. Coon Business Manager Ari Edilor Advisor S+anding. lef+ 'lo righf: Fred Welch: Jan Thorpe, promolion: LynneHe McBride: Sid Corrie, sales: Jim Srniih, assisiani boys' sporls: Jackie Sudbury, seniors: Phil Barsiow, boys' sporis. Si'Hing, lefi' fo righh Virginia Freeman, snaps: Kaihy Swim, rypisf: Pai Wrighi, assislanl clubs: Elaine Allen. assisfanf girls' sports: Dolores Bardon, iuniorsg Sally Woodside, faculiy. Noi picfured-Saundra Lund. clubs. if , - W21- - Wgi., L K f ,x 'Xi W H' W , if . fe. U' f ' .5 5" -.- ff A Ax? ' V V if V Vx , in """' 0-W"' V: :if Vzgx ' "' fn , ' K I ,I ,V U .X ,Hi :ggi Q 'yo , Y VV 3,4 H A, n I 1 :K . 'sci . W , N ' Q '- '7' 1' y ' '. 'ii f 3. 'TW C f , t K v A I V: KV. ,,. Q t Q ,J 1 ., .. -f K-'fi i51f"'gi",.:,g 2515 f 3e, .p 2 .un SX. ,ef4 A 111 " X " 2: ' Vf, K H , , if n . 7, . 5 171 K 21 K. 3' 1 II 1 1 Q 'Q Y Vt EN Q17 A ' 5 Q . dm, ,,,g., i 8 gf S f f f L A Q . IH V 15 " g' .Nh g if: ' ' 27, fsf 'jig . 7 J, , . . ',, l w , xi: 5 L' M? QW e ..f- ,ky In -V A .V K V xr ,K 1 5 ,. Q, A ix ,, e R! 1 'gi .A . ' :WA ,N ' r x 4 1 X RY V f Q N u, '- 'ggi fi m ..' , L f - . Q. , gf X- 'st -,Q jp , ' ' J I ' g ' K ' , , f ,-1 w--, W , ' - ' ' - , Q f I li , I g Q K' , ' ? 4 ' 5 , 1 N 1 1 p f Vi 3' 2 ' ' ' - 4 , 1 ilk A. - f 1 f H1 K L In -, ill 4 . 4 . Lf m 3".h.QQ: l 'gf L, P X m , ia l. fv AQ gf . . , p :N , ,W U ii F115-5 f?w,' n ' i ! ' zz' '-, i zqgsp Y x M ,' ' 1' ' ' ,ezr 'fx su f XXX Q? 9 X ff' . 1' Q -f . It fa N 'X U , 15 Tm Q ' ' 5512- ' '.,, S ,H N 1 W,,,,., x ag f'!'bVi1iJ,,. ., V W .1 on-il ' I I j . . 4 Q W ? i . X Q Q fi' ,gb . , .,,. 3,1 A : '4:'f'hf If JA' IA .. l 1 li lflf i1Q' f? Q' X "' 2i li' ' Y W 'Q f' " ' 2 5. ' 3 f g E 1 , -ff, 'ig 24 ,1'ff221:?!:4srr ,.W' A g A 5 . Ai, , 49 42. 1 f 1 1 7 k W. p f QS 5 " 5 -rw '9 ' I f 'W :Kai sw 43' SA la 1 -ek "" 'uf' ,t . Y 5 Q.. X Bl sw 'W - I ful If xg xl Q N f-,W wir , . . .Q , 4 2 31, Hi A A ft , . 'sf fm , 1 W Eg' l 1 Q1 av t ' n, 4 W . . , " W 'zf-, A .- A ,, -f .. M . ' . i V ,, ,ia ' fini' W ,Q . , w xx 5 fb. Q ,E , L 1 . 1' ay' ' Kigfzff .f f .5 V, H -z , vu 'Q Y 'D 'Nu fx w 4 sL , 4 QF mg VF s 5? sf' 2. ' LM? in ,gn gi . . . lS FOR CLUBS There will be an organizaiional meeiing of lhe l.L.D.F. Club aiier school loday in . . . pick up your field 'rrip passes . . . all members please be preseni as imporiani business will be conducied. and eleciions of officers will Jralce place . . . she represenled our club in rhe queen conlesl . . . since one member showed up ai yes+erday's meeiing, he was elecied lo assume all oi- 'lices unlil . . . we worked in ihe booih ai' ihe Fiesia . . . ihere will be a reorganizaiional meeiing of ihe l.L.D.F. Club Wednesday in . . . our club Treasury now conlains nine cenis minus ihe lwo cenis we speni on . . . lei's have a cup calce sale al noon . . . no-a donu'r sale . . . how aboul' auclioning off lhe aihleies? . . . why noi have a blank hall pass sale? . . . or a loclcer com- binaiion auciion? . . . lhere will be a reorganizaiional meeiing oi lhe l.l..D.F. organized group which reor- ganized lasi Wednesday . . . ihe Science Club will hold a sale ol: Brian's old 'resis ai noon ioday on ihe paiio . . . ihe advisor oi ihe -- club has called an urgenf meeiing of all club advisors. because he's 'fired of meeiing alone . . , our club is sponsoring 'rhe dance ihis Friday . . . lasi chance 'lo ioin ihe l.l..D.F. Club! . . . slay and help wiih 'rhe decoraiions . . . we need 'ro raise some MONEY . . . l.l..D.F. Club has been dissolved due 'ro laclc of . . . le+'s adiourn 'rhis meeiing. .. :Q Wf. Q: mm , Z! 5 IXAV L , ., A 4 . 11:- fm f .. ' :iii 1 ff SCIENCE CLUB Firsf row, lefigfo right D. Lacy, C. S+. Denis. Second row: B. Russell, C. Sands, Mr. Tye. MODEL RAILROAD CLUB Firsf row, leff fo righf: G. Taylor. D. Blackman, T. Zizi. Second row: D. Safer, D. Gross. Mr. Adams. f ,, I1 1 g if Y fi 1 1 3 il '74 ia M 1 i gui' . 1 ' . - ' iii,-,Q T.: 't. ig g if . T, W zz i' - f. - ' M ,. ,,lf,f,,Qx Q 232 as ,igz?5:fff X 'vi ,M ISY ff ' if K GERMAN CLUB Fronf row, leff fo righf: J. Normandiior, J. Heilborn. J. Janeizko, S. Kruger, L. Shrewsburg. C. Craven, B. Zeiler. Middle row, leff fo righf: D. Maier, D. Liiiie, T, Summy, J, Marlin, P, Courfwrigiwf, J, Kancller, K. Wilkenson, M. Jacobsen, i Back row, leff' +o righf: B. Pinz, L. Janeiziro, L. Canfreil, J. Lafnrop, B. Hariley, W. Cieaves, J. Bohanna, Mr. Roecker. SPANISH CLUB Fronf row, leff fc righi: B. Cearas. M. Mulsow, S. Keyes. K. Arqenio. S. Johnson. Middle row, left fo righf: Miss Poweii, L. Muiler, M. Brainard, J. Grobi. L. Frese, B. Fash. Back row, lef+ fo righfz R. Oisen. M. Sfripiin, R. Gabrielson, S. Fanger. G. Ferguson, G. Wrighf Q 1 H ,, 1 lg Q Q' Q 5 3 sf 1 E Mali Ei"g 1 Z' f he A, vga, E Q 'A as., ,V. 1154553 9 fg 's... Har,-.......' FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Firsi row: B. Fry, S. York, M. York. Second row: Mrs. Iv1cMeekin, S. Cunningham, K. CoIIins, Mrs. Hooper. SCIENCE HONOR SOCIETY FirsI row: A. Lubow, B. Erickson. J. KoI1Ierneyer. Second row: L. Janefjho, W. Cleaives, B. Horner. VY Pn- ., U, - 0- ff . 'Qs' Us DRAMA CLUB Fits? row, lefi io righfz K. Argenfo. D. Reynolds, B. Broder, W. Morclc, L. Weslon, K. Pelerson. L. Edwards. Second raw, leF+ fo righf: A. Grimes, L. Muller, A. Caires, L. Harfvigson, K, Sfuari, D. Weslon, L. Ellis, C. HiaH, K. Collins. Third row, leif 'lo righf: B. Hudson, lv1.Jacobsen, G. Wriqiii, L. Frese. G. Ferg, P. Jesse, J. Newguisf, S. Draqgee, N. Harnpfon. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA Firs+ row, leff fo rigl'1+: S. Haaqensen, J. Bowers, G. Spencer, D. Fernandez, J. Wickwire, A. Harris Second row, leff io righh E. Townsend, A. Cooper, D. Bachman. L. Splichal. C. Underhill. L. Hufchison Third row, leff io righh B. McKeown, S. Cunningham, C. Hand, J. Heck, J. Becker, D. Fanger. . .wmeaufa .5 ., 2 9 5 , , gg .va , .mf xx Family ' E 'fatmywis :1Z?:z,. .,,, , B' , : , , .. , 1 .1 A A 3 'z :W 'ff - . 'A . It -- U z- 4 4 Q i' . ps!" 2 .sg E2 , tg ,. W 5 Q 4 Y mf' '! 3335! . . rv., 1 .1 -5 my I ,ok z f W-1 1.4. A El 5552 1: mv .wi Q Y? J ffm wr ii: LQ eff " 5' emu 1, ' ' 'if? f-iwffgfif , :-,Q ', 'ww 5vf,,ifx':, A ,Ugg 1 . if if' K ,IM 7535: I- H ,, , M f .,4,+?.L MM 'x- fg g1+w.k,1.-1' fa, W 11- 4.4 . 1 N. QE' avr. 7 1 T Iii ,Q gy fi N ' 1 sa eg ., fi ' if , ' 1 fy -A i 1 may ? cv' HEALERS AND HELPERS Firs+ row, leff +o righi: G. Spencer, A. Suydam, N. Surnmerford, S. Kyes, C. Fisher, E. Dailey, Mrs. Deffley. Second row: M. Londigan. H. Mezenskl. M. Fung, D. Nason. W. Adams, A. Woodard, D. Porter. MUSIC CLUB Firsf row, le'H fo righf: Pal Klopaclm, B. Perezzo, K. Lowe, N. Summerford, M. Berlullef, K. Ressa. C Hiali. J. Parklmursl. Second row: J. Evenson, K. Edwards, J, Escobar, B. Pinz, D. Suppe, F. Gary, F. Nelson. Third row: Mr. Plmllllps, F. Porler, S. Corrie, H. McCown, L. Souza. J. Newquisf, K. Ware, B. Tourfillof 21 'W X az? .meisa ? Q1 E? xi .' W . . . IS FOR SPORTS Hooray for DONSl . . . Hooray for DUNS! . . Arroyo whips 'l'l'16 previously unloeafen Sparians . . . pull 'llwe ball riglwl in The loaslcel . . . we wan? 'rwo poinls more . . . Rah! . . . Rah! . . . Ran! . . . wresiling march againsl' . . . On Arroyo . . . On Arroyo . . . FIGHT! . . . if was apparenl' from flue opening minules of play +l1a+ Casrro Valley was in for a rough evening . . . wlien an Arroyo boy walks down llie s'I'ree'r . . . nil a lwomerun and . . . l'1elool4s a hundred per from lwead To fee+...+l1e bases were loaded . . . "ll was a real Team effori of sneer guls and desire" . . . lie's goi' a smile all 'rlwe while, a winning way . . . everybody's yellin' Hooray lor DONSI . . . Arroyo sliallers C. V. dream! . . . clwaracierized by a rugged defense . . . now +lwere's a boy l'd like 'ro lcnow . . . 26-7 . . . l'ie's gol flue Arroyo spirii, pep. and go . . . swimming Team pracrice . . . and iusl' To loolc ai him is quile a Tre-al' . . . anyone for lennis? . . . you can'+ beal an Arroyo laoyl . . . one, lwo, llwree, four . . . who you gonna yell lor? . . . DONSl . . . +l'ia+'s wlwol 63 i 5 g Z .V i:ZE1:Ei'5: 'swell if f f ' 5 . ,fig ,Q ,.,W ws-:J eff 'uni ,EZ tfzvm Q. ,, E ,Q L55 Bid- 5- wf W f ff? r 1: 5: -. I :Zur ' VARSITY FOOTBALL The win-loss record for 'rhis year's varsily foofball 'leam is deceiving. Allhough we succeeded in beafing only +l'1e league leaders, we came hearfbreakingly close fo winning all o+l1er games excepl our game againsf Hayward. Losses were mosfly by a fouclwdown or less: we losf fhe San Leandro game in Hue lasl' seconds. DAVE LAWRENCE HARRY WARD Coach: SHEETS, SMITH, ODEN ati. .... Ol OO 'Fx El 4 'E' Y 41 .V . v Q pf , 1 A . . V5 . I ' WNW WMF N W wwf, no '. 1' .. wgwal-'Q 1' 'H' 'w l'IOn5f'l Q ew I V- 1 5-fines 'M nm .v A . vfuwtib ,ef"" W., Sw. A-my . Nun FRED WELCH PETERSON 13 JOHN LOTZ EDDIE BOWERS gucnf wmv WALLY SANDS 'if iq ,film gf Y: Q, 1 5 W 9 91 fe 44?-if kt ml J 'ms- av ,avi W 'mg me .rf 5 L11 TJ fi K Q A' "f' : ,m .? 3 '- sq T.D. from Thornock 'ro SfGBd4 ' ITIBFI. ew' Coddingfon carries fhe ball for Arroyo. JERRY VIGIL Mos? Valuable JOHN CODDINGTON Mos? Improved Second quarfer pass from Cun- ningham fo Sfeadman. COACH THORNOCK COACH HU BERT FROSH-SOPH FOOTBALL Winning all Their games is noT The imporTanT parT of a Frosh-Soph TooTball season. The imporTanT Thing is To learn The basic skills so ThaT They may be prepared To make The varsiTy Team in The TuTure. Our Frosh-Soph Team of This year can be proud of a iob well done, CAPTAIN RUSS MILLER JIM LOTZ Mosf Improved Arroyo A rroyo Arroyo Arroyo A rroyo Arroyo Hayward ,.,,,,,. I9 Casfro Valley .. 24 Encinell .,....,... 28 Tennyson ,,..,..... 7 San Lorenzo ., I4 San Leandro .. 2I .4 kiwi, L-R, BraHon for I2 yards and a firsf down Gerlac for 4 yards. 'T I fm'- John Rieniq for 6 yards. MIKE HILTON Mosf Improved 41,07 .0 4M,,..-f Ah' .. 4-f ',,-v' .M"""'s - ..,.-+-""""" -N !.! " .-"AJ ' , :EA Q..m1.: N.. i L r,-1 1 - 4' 'K if ,f V' W E ,,.,f-""rM,. 24 2,15 5 ,,, ,,..,...M- 3 ,4 13640 I gif. .-f-""" ,iff sf L ED WILL. GARY PERHSON Forward Guard JOE MUNOZ, Forward BOB BENTON, Cenfer PHIL BARSTOW, Guard STEVE PINNEY, Guard CLI FF KEUTER Forward COACH THORNOCK The J.V. Baske+ball +eam came up wi+h a 'rerrific sea- son fhis year in fying for firsf place. They are a very young +eam and are expeclring +o be even beHer nexf year. In fhe Two years coach Thornock has been here +he J.V.'s have placed firs+ each year. J.V. BASKETBALL Jack Pnmenfel goes in for a lay-up. f1gh+ for fbe ball as Arroyo gf,aEwwkfw ' li!i'3'W"'S"""' ' Don Kinney block a farmer shof. An unidenfifled Arroyan fighfs for a re bound. W ,wwfzmvn1w -QQWXQRQ -wvmwnw szzrzeziigqh e- -ax se -av lg .2 Q X:,:.f5.,::.,':z ' -is ,, A ,. ,W 1. u Qgmankng is MQ. il 1, 2 1. Hi' mai ,A tu: qwm. 1 HVW Y 71 E s ig X Q e wan: .' ez 3. 'Fm . wa. 1 fgw COACH ODEN In finishing in 'lhe firs+-division This year lhe B's looked excepfionally well. They improved rapidly from +he be- ginning of 'lhe year. and are looking forward lo nexl year's season. B BASKETBALL t A A 44. M Q f iz 1 -,. 4?2i.xi..n'f:: Q ' .Yiftft .,V?f,, if ,iii 1 E ,.f. , .. X. 'I xi, ,W y .gQ. 1 mem? mwziii ,, ., .aww vs Wgjizzfrzzass ,, wi'- ,iggznifi -f1:z::f::mmg3f Q.. ..,, qv - -1 ::w.,f.i fx ws- ,. ,..,-,,. Q:,.M,:,. f 511 4.4mm.3-,.,, e-Q : f f .Q ski? Y Varsily wreslling was one of The year's arhlelic slronq poinls. Un- der 'lhe leadership of Coach l-luberf, Arroyo placed in 'rhe upper division in league play. Ouiside The league, we frounced Cubberly, which won irs San Francisco division championship. The feam was nor lacking in in- dividual honors, eilher. ln Jrhe S.A.C.A.L Tournament Dave Law- rence won a Tirsl place al' I9I, Fred Welch a second af I65 and Jim Oldfield a Third al I33 pounds. VARSITY LETTERMEN Alan Siegel ....,,,,,,,,..,...,-,.-,-f,f-fff l03 Bob Daves ,,,,... ....,,,f l I2 Ron Looney ....,,,, ....ff,, l 20 Fred Marlinez .... ,,.,,.., I 27 John l-lolms .,,,,,,,,,,...YYYY....YYA..... I33 Jim Oldfield lco-caplrainl ,,,..,,, l38 Cliff Olson ,A.,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,----'fffffff- l45 Dave Arnold ,,,.,. YYYY..A. l 54 Fred Welch ...,,,..,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,f,--f, I75 Dave Lawrence Don l-lolliday Brian Barell ,,.,. .,,,,,, lco-caplainl ,... l9I .,,,,,,,,,,.heavyweigh+ heavyweighl F. WELCH an D. LAWRENCE and J. OLDFIELD SIEGAL J. HOLM and B. DAVES--Wresfling D' ARNOLD"'Re+e"e95"'9 VARSITY BASEBALL Arroyo High Varsily wins Iirsl S.A.C,A.L. championship. The Ieam ended up wilh eiqhf wins and Iwo losses. Bolo Benfon had a pilrching record of six wins and no losses. Jim Craik placed firsl' in league balling wilh 5II aver- age, while Bill Sfeadman placed second wilh a 455. The ba++ing average of Ihe Ieam was 32I. COACH PALMER CAPTAIN STEVE PINNEY Frank Muferspaw and John Raffo congraiulafe each ofher on winning S.A,,C.A,L. Jim Craik fields a ho? one. vas, John Lofz made second sfring S.A.C.A.L. Gary lngebrefson behind plawxe. Bill Sieadrnan made second s+ring S.A.C.A.L. 1 L 1, i, 'K ff 1 1, ie, if 1. -f ii 3,1 f--"f Bob Benlon hurls anolher. Sieve Pinney dives for line drive Eddie Bauer celches high fly. Bill Sfeadman al bal. John Loh snags a high one. BASEBALL COACH THORNOCK Arroyo High baseballers capiure J.V. League championship. I+ was a 'ieam effort Af+er Hs firs+ game, +he +eam wenf unde- fealed for 'lhe resi of +he season-faking lhe J.V. championship wilh a IOVO record. Coach Thornock worked +he +eam hard and well during Jrhe season. , ii viii g , a , 1 t 9 , CAPTAIN DICK LOTZ Top row, leff 'ro righi: T. Perry. C. Olson, R. Miller, D. Kinney. B. Cunningham, D. Thornoclc, C. Grant Middle row, leff +o righh Coach Thornoclc, F. Cole, J. Tarnisia, R. Vause, R. Looney. B. Roberls, T. Braafen, D, Gleidf. Front D. Loiz, R. S+afler. G. Aflcinson, J. McEheany. J. Codingion. M. Belhello. T. Wells. J, . Don McEl1eany senf fo showers Dick Lofz Dean Thornock Dean Thornock He's ouf af firsf FROSH-SOPH BASEBALL COACH GASTI NEAU The Arroyo High Frosh-Soph leam had a good season. Slarling off slow, They improved under lhe able direclion of Coach Gaslineau as Jrhe season wenl' on. An ourslanding player on 'rhe feam was cenler- fielder Denny Price, who bailed a 333. Caplalns: GERRY FISHER, DENNIS PRICE ffl. ' I ' .3 ... an Top row, lefi' fo righf: J. Lolz. D. Price, R. Johnson, J. Reposa, R. Lalhman, Coach Gaslineau. Middle row: M. Hillon, P. Apple. E. lv1uller,G, Bolles, J. Anderson. G. Fisher, A. Benavidez, Mgr. Fronl row: E. Sfelnbach. B. Slar. A. Rodriques. D. Malhislad, C. Slraley. J. McMeekin. mga' fffifif N :V fsf 'A ?'1 gem-W 1 3252 The lrack Jream had a fair season This year, as many new records were broken. The records were as follows: John Phillips,--mile: Harry Ward-TOO-yard dash: Gary Marlin-Sho?-pu'r, wilh a heave of Sl' Ilf4". This sel rhe S.A.C.A.l., record. Gary Marlin hurls cllscus. Three Dons in lead in high hurdle race. Dale Sherman winds-up io Throw discus. 93 Arroyo hack sfar clears The bar. fuels iqicqg ffrgi bldtqi Assisfa nf iraclt Coach WaI+i 1' fl . if J l Q Q., a ' K 1. ' ox Q, ,g. F 2 5 A -vf -, . Z A - K f .1 1 ,fr 75.4 . ii 1 ' i Ie-1-12:1 , 1 1. , ...H+ 5,-2 .. 5' ,514 . -15.1.4 .1 ,W . x ri 4, in , ., ,.... ,. Coach Sm+ih This year marlced fhe firsl' year of Varsiry Swimming. Y. f x L iz L Jack Lee and Milce Bardon ser records in rheir ia ' . D - parricular field while Bob Arnold made S.A.C.A.L. The , f K r leam didn'+ have many wins bul' rhey had a lor of 'A W spiril and wirh many 'ream members rerurning They L,, . L-A A y LZZWL WL hope 'ro do much berrer. 3 ,, 45:25 , A , Caprains: Jaclr Lee, Milne Bardon Top row, sfancling, lefr fo righ+: D. Carpenfer. Mgr., T. Tamicsia, R. Sieinbach, D. Winferboure, B. Burrell, G. Ferguson, R. Gabrielson, J. Grobl, B. Corrie, M. Walsh. A. DeZe+ra. Middle row, leff fo righf: H. Orinsby. S. Dragger, J. Kinney, J. Bohannon, J. Nornandin, M. McHugh, D McGuire, S. Fanger, B. Sragner. D. Rice, J. Harley. Fronf row, leff +o righr: C. Henderson, D Finlc, B. Arnold, J. Lee, M. Bardon, G, Bernards, R. Sarariano, D. Nagy, J. Aguiar, G. Jardine F. Jablonski. Member of Swimming +eam doing fancy dive. Beginning of "B" 50-yard Bufferfly. Jim Kinny making fhe racing I W furn on his way back. ' 's"q,-- ' 'A 1, ,f 7' ,. QL , L N , .. . W , wg 2 21 , 1 K , K s 5' va-HL, H 1. l T A ' iii-ww 1. ,F W -' ,q S i s: 3 5 -r'-hr! Yi ii, 3,521 'W , L '- 342 ai!--if A J -1 ' tl? k ,fm we w--gi a N , T ' Y a, 1 ,L g X, Q 51 -Y fy ,, . 5 -Q-L+ H A . mf- W M , .1 fl .ay H .- ' 'A- , , 4, Q ' - A A sz if 't' 5: , 11, Y X W ,A K I my Q , g 4,- . i Ug'QQ'. f ' ' ' ' , nv a. n Q .L L Q, X- :X 3' 55,5 V , 15- ,,v,g5g, 'X E 1 . , . ,, gy A ,--, 1 .. L W 2 g p-Q, 3 'f f KY .:Qg5.'...,f1:ig.5zN+ - Q 1, ,,I'f' t i ',-. 'SFF' ' ' iii-iz M 5?-'1' i Wiizxif' ,ffl A 5 "3 i'i?:if+.w4':L- 1 ---:"'- W. . V 'fl if " V .Lfqyasx--Q X ,f , V , : I 1: V . .A , , " zzmfwa,-r K1 ..' Q. 1 A WufeW'f QW1Eg3g.L2 5. 3 r -- 1 W- , if , . ,. :Qi ' "qi-ei . filly---rw " ef-. ' 35-fig "fl - f wie: ' f 11 12 v My - 5654" ff Z I fy , fi J.: Xa ,. . :WN M' fx-:Ju ,. ,.,.,,,:, when ,- jf , ,,:'1 14'f 5 4, vt 1' 5' J K fm-Aa A 14, " ' x. . ..,: -. W 2 , t -i .6-:kv The sfarf of H1e 400-yard freesiyle. , . N mv, 1- . ., .. H aw Y ., - Nt? . 1. -N -'N V '- V.-V J. - - - f.. 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N21 Q E3 W 'wrfvv H " 2234- . . ,ff A 1'-' J' ff , f ,-W.. nf ji VJ' .. ,J 1' Q jim, ,quuq,-.- V W .1 :FV F - W .f A 529' N 3, ,. ,, g , 140 Q "4 ,Q-'f l' Tiki' 3 i 3i'M.vW+w 25 ,gwi A fjrh .4 - 'wi' qi Q5-M' 33, . 1 -X ,wx , 19. lwall . . . from excileol lips . . . across bursfing slands . . . clown a field . . . To a boy . . . a boy on a feam . . . spirif . . . spirif Hwdl sliallered C.V .... spiril fha? filled a gym The nexl morning . . . fiqlwl . . . fiqlil llial' clwanls . . . win or lose . . . llwe unconquerable-we're from Arroyo . . . coulolr1'+ be prouder. On Arroyo . . . figh+ on for your lame . . . sloiril . . . lhe ring ol a cowbell .. .a dancing porn porn . . . spiril rhair rnacle hirn push a lillle harder . . . run a lirrle lasler . . . viclory . . . vicrory baseball , . . iwo championship baseball learns . . . glory . . . a school's lirsr varsily championship . . . spiril .. . fighr . . . yiclory . . .glory . . . and lhe promise . . . To Alma Marer rise or fall . . . our loyal spirir lives for all. . . . IS FOR CLASSES Class council meeling aller school Jroday . . . whal do you have lirsi period? . . . do we have homework in . . . why can'+ I have lourlh period lunch? . . .see my class ring! . . . I love high school- iI"s The sludy I don'i dig . . . he boughi a car . . . Soph I-lop 'ro- nigh'II . . . do I have Io dress for P.E.? . . . mee? you in fronl ol C hall . . . and he walked me To class and . . . you goin' Io Ihe game aliier school? . . . I wanl To see my counselor . . . I Ieli il in my locker . . . are you going our for Ioolball? . . . can I have a pass 'ro go Io . . . Jreachers don'+ undersland me . . . my parenfs don'Jr undersland me . . . I don'+ undersiand myself . . . so how can I undersland Algebra? . . . o-o-oh he's so cule . . . can I go To 'rhe library? . . . when I'm a Senior l'lI . . . we wen'r io 'I'he Junior Prom . . . do I have 'fo siand up and read? . . . why don"r we gel' a box lunch? . . . he's an ATI-ILETE . . . whal Icind of grades did you gei? . . . we weni' Io The dance Friday nighl . . . why can'+ I change our of his 'rhird period class info his sevenih period and 'rhen change my English Io Ihird and . . . I don"r see why I golf an F when . . . we beiier gel' 'ro class . . . wail for me aI+er school! John Payne Suzy Lehman Tina Melville Presidenf Vice Presideni' Secrefary-Treasurer F RESHMAN CLASS COUNCIL Froni row, leff fo righh A. Madsen. C. Roberfson. G. Pearson, M. Graziano. G. Frye. P. Sweeny. Back row, leff io righh M. Kidolis, T. Melville. S. Lehman, J. Payne, T. Ross. D. Davisson. Firsf row: Gamaza, M.: Geyer, A.: Simmons, J.: WoH'ner: MerriH, N.: Shil+s, L. Second row Tavares, E.: Musselman. S.: Pequero: Gaude++e, D.: Miscione, N.: Cuniiffe, J.: Mr, Pirnen+ei. Firsf row: Wickinq, Hooper, Merrick, Moran, O'Maiiy, Bohn, Jones, Hufchinson, Monioya. Second row: Gary, Appie, Edwards, Cerro, Davisson. Miiier, Blackman, Miiler. Third row: Anderson, Kenneuy Howell, Burinans, Gari, Wadieigh, Davis, Safer, Carier, Price, Ausmus. my 5A'5'Mw :ia 'fiii W 2f?vK MX 2' 2. I J is?,::x.ff MRS. ARMSTRONG 4+h PERIOD Firsf row, leff +o righi: York, S.: Souza, D.: Mansfield, D.: LaPian'r, F.: Toii, A.: Barr, M.: Darnron. K. Veiacquez. J.: Earl, C.: Hanes. N. Second row: Merrih, J.: Parkhursr. J.: Profer, M.: Gibney, G. Taylor. J.: Jacobsen, G.: Sapp, M.: Fisher, D.: Dube. K.: Crouch, B. Third row: Myers, M.: Madsen D.: Rose, D.: Hodge, D.: McMahan, M.: Sieinbach, E.: Murphy, T.: Brown. A.: Ar-msfrong, B.: Cruff J.: Coroo, F.: Kiaas, J.: Hern, B. MRS. ARMSTRONG 7i'h PERIOD Firsf row, leff fo righ+: Lichry, J.: Marco, P.: Sfeyens, F.: Benavidez, J.: Taylor, B.: Perry. G.: McKay V S.: Meyer, M. Second row: Pedro, R.: Seat T.: Rudol h, R.: Sfraub, R.: Hod e, C.: Goodfeiiow M: P Q v ' Olson. S.: Crawford, S.: Pafhbun, K.: Sfrorn, D. Third row: Henderson, A.: Wafrous, H.: Johnsfon, J.: Anderson, F.: Soland, J.: Sfone, D.: Mariin, G.: Bierrum, J.: Peacock, L.: Wiison, A.: Harrs, G.: Wiliiams, B. MISS KOENIG 2nd PERIOD Firsl row, Ie'II Io riglml: Siegel, A.: Chefham, A.: Thayer, P.: Codeglin. C.: Grigg, M.: Trieiillo, L.: Wirlos Sn Calon C: Bo le K.' Wan L. Second row: Haskins, S.: Hill, J.: Godwin, F.: Mr:Adam. B: I I I - Y I I Q- ' Lee, R.: Gissea, K.: Newquisf, R.: Helzleld. G.: Norlh, B.: Herlman, G.: I-Iochler, M.: Mason, B. Third row: MCG:-aw, K.: Sudbury, D.: Allerson. C.: Reinig. J.: Landry, S.: Clerk, R.: Toombes, B.: Sea. R.: Leach, L.: I-linz, R.: King. P. MISS KOENIG 4+h PERIOD Firsf row, Ieff Io righh Bilodean, R.: McGill, M.: Parkins, J.: Landis, M.: Salem, C.: Moore. P.: Thorger- son, K.: Cunha, J.: Howard, G.: Rago, J. Second row: Shaeller, S.:-Ansley, L.: Boflwmann. K.: Ladd. S. Eppergon, S.: Madison, L.: Rose, B.: Herizig. L.: Kleinsasser, L.: Kunze. P.: Pelerson, J.: Barlow, R. Phelps, P. Third row: Garwood. R.: Madsen, J.: Fisher, G.: Aguar, D.: Hill. L.: Dunn, J.: Lane. D. Andersen, D.: McWl'1ir+, P.: Hillon, M.: Caslro. D.: Gross, D. .. 2 I MISS KOENIG 6+h PERIOD Flrsf row leff io rlghf B echfel L Bresbaurner B Land S Ser ard J Suswano P McGrafh B Munoz T Blork M Chrlshan P Second row Zeller P Moore K Wallace L Gray L Powers Anderson J Bardon M Dams J Ma lon J A y J Day J Doughf n K Third row n L Mendro M Ely B Wise T Tacherra D Srnlfh L Loyelock B McCord K Johnson B Pe ers F Courfwrugh+ G Donohue J Kucala J MRS RAHN 2nd PERIOD Firs row leff fo righf: Broder, J.: Bolesworih. R.: Bjork, R.: Moxham, G.: Sweeney, P.: Bryan, K.- Thomas, M.: Perreira, A.: Black, M.: Henderson, G.: Kahn, M.: Baker, P, Second row: Silva, A.: Tlpfon W.: Wallace, C.: Darden, A.: Plckerlll, G.: Koshlyer, J.: Henderson, C.: Esser. J.: Trahan, J.: SCOH, M.: Marlin, D. Third row: Bergen, T.: Moufon, M.: Gliedf. D.: Powell, F.: Mitchell, R.: Tran? ' Fauldner, M.: Simbel, C.: Haflield, J.: Harrop, J.: Gudge. T.: Sandau, J.: Amarel, P. , D.. I5 ar 31,5 , .aff E 4 up lar Pub 'a MR. NOLAN :S+ Pemoo Firsf row, lef+ fo right Rodrigues, A.: Misins, V.: Robinson, J.: Walker, M.: Mably, E.: Greene, S.: Cobieigh, S.: Morris, D. Second row: Zwoiinski, J.: Swasey, S.: Lee, R.: Rose, K.: Uqolini, B.: DuBose, K.: Vaiha, i.: Scoff, J.: Wilson, J.: Irwin, B. Third row: Lufz, C.: Keisier. D.: Forman, B.: Jones. R.: Haagenson, R.: Rich, E.: Hansen, F.: Aiien. T.: Baker D.: Garcia, D.: Gomez, S.: Moore, D. MR. NOLAN 3rd PERIOD Firsf row, leff fo righf: Zizi, T.: Vigil, C.: Worden, S.: Lachey, R.: Neison, C.: Maqqio, J.: Lane, K.: Quaranfe, W.: Tairnan, L. Second row: Freais, D.: Robenson, J.: Woodruff, R.: Griififs, B.: Proffo, J.: Roberfson, C.: Madsen, A.: Srnifh, S.: Tilghman, B.: Kaiecki, N.: Boneffi, B.: Scofi, J. Third row: Chinn, T.: Adams, J.: Hainus, G.: Melin, B.: Chadbourne, B.: Carr, S.: Eiiioif, B.: Haugh, J.: Airnanrode, S.: Bachelder, S.: Siewarf, P. aw 23 uw, in-' , WL? B aw 51522: ia v ,af assi. ., 'mf .. W W. gn 4 4 Qi X , xi, Vi-ir, H6 , HW '-jwp 1.5 .az 1, 1 1 L ' F4 ' me-. 4 14 2 Em A X X John Coclingfon Presiclem' SOPHOMORE CLASS Firs? row, lefi io righh K. Pierce, D. Jimenez. S. Rfffer, S. Elferfy, Second row, leff fo righf: J. Lucas D. Simpson. A. Goodrich. N. Clark, R. Piguerra, Third row, leff fo righf: S. Sfewarf, S, Cabra1 P. Kelly, J. Codinqfon, M. Raqer. B. Andrade. MR. ADAMS lsi PERIOD Firsf row lefi +0 ri hi Scherer S' Amdor B ' Johnson B' S arrs C' Olsiewski J ' Schulh M ' San . g 2 , ., . ., , .. p . .. , .. , ., - ford, B.: Ralhum, J.: Evans, K.: Spann. L. Second row: Weaver. G.: Clark, N.: Bacon, L.: Wolf, D.: lcan- berry, J.: Hialr, C.: Rice, D.: Hurlberl, P.: Silva, F.: O'Dell, G.: Tamisiea, J.: Bell, R. Third row: Ebel. G.: Carmichael, D.: Penllila, L.: Porfer B.: Holmer, J.: Bafes, M.: Bock, D.: Harlvigson, L.: Kinney D.: Adank. J.: Woods, B.: Raymond. J. MR. ADAMS 2nd PERIOD Firsi' row, lefl' fo righf: Forsyfh, S.: Balmer. L.: Avera, K.: Miller, G.: Lambert. S.: Biller, E.: Bahr, D. Maier, D.: Kaminen, G.: Penning. L.: Brainard, P.: Higbee, L. Second row: Zagami, H.: Vielguri, P. Bosfron. D.: LaRose, R.: Fellon. R.: Hammerson, E.: Hempewolf, R.: Harfvigson, K.: Barnes, D. Medeiros, L.: Lynch, M.: Repperl, D. Third row: Bedsworfh. B.: Gerding. G.: Siapf. J.: Vause, Hall. N.: Roons, S.: Mason, D.: Richerson, G.: Johnson B.: Marshall, B.: Anderson, C.: Sfevens, Goodrich, A. R. M. MR. ADAMS 4+h PERIOD Firsf row, Ieff Io righh Bofforlf, D.: Lockhart L.: Capes, K.: Taylor, D.: Davey, L.: Perazzo, B.: Oflin ger, J.: Bravand, S.: Salariano, R.: Sanlos, R. Second row: Marlin, S.: Zoggas, D.: Gallagher, D. Russell. B.: Granl, C.: Crowley, J.: Keisner, C.: Reddiclc, J.: ST. Denis, C.: Guerrera B. Third row Burrell, B.: Birge, I-I.: Oliver, S.: Gibson, K.: Corrie, B.: Furrado, J.: Lynch. R.: Walsh, M.: Earl, L. Manha, N.: Brown, B. MR. ADAMS 7+h PERIOD Firsl row, Ieff fo righh Eich, L.: Sfromge, I.: Langslon, J.: Rudolph, S.: Ragel. S.: Bryan, D.: Olive, J. Mendenhall, C.: Rees, T.: Cornelius, D.: Townsend, L, Second row: Haskins, R.: Bjork. J.: Perersen, N. Wallen, J.: Knop, L.: Lewis, A.: Loykasek, E.: Chappell, J.: Hailcness, N' Schoenberg R ' Gilberf D Gillam, G. Third row: Mafhis, P. McNichol, R.: I-Iiclc, G.: Callaway, D.:IITaylor, G.: Eerreria, D.: 'Will banks, J.: Albery, D.: Londagin, R.: Buffer, S.: Guiney, J.: Brueger, G. MR. FAULMAN, Is+ PERIOD Firsl' row. lefi fo righr: Penningrocli, J.: Speed, M.: Perlc, L.: Sleinwandl, C.: Shrewsbury. L.: Fry, B. Kellog, M.: Jimenez, D.: Moller, N.: Loranio. S.: Glazir, B. Second row: Norflw, L.: Sendes, C.: Slulz R.: Armslrong. R.: Soollw. R.: Buchanan, L.: Libbaclw, D.: Maybury K.: Filler, J.: Gaipe, M.: McGee. L Third row: Olivier, K.: Kyllo, S.: Dezolle. A.: Mosly. S.: Rassorn, G.: Prado, G.: Housley, R.: Simpson D.: Dandau, D. MR. FAULMAN. 3rcl PERIOD Firsl' row, lei? fo rigl'l+: Perelfe, D.: Miller, D.: Troin, L.: Beclwanan, L.: Adams, T.: Soul'l'iworl'l'1, B. Smith, D.: Newlox, C.: York, M.: DeLa. Garza. Second row: Sluarf, K.: Ely, P.: Gulierrez, D.: Alman- rode. M.: Conklin, A.: Brenniclce. C.: Smillw. V.: Rollo, S.: Croyle. J.: Pauley. C.: Manning, C. Third row: Creaser. B.: Biery. B.: Casey E.: Andrade, B.: Summers, J.: Codingfon, J.: Gerlack, K.: Golm, J. Munson. R.: Or-liz. R.: Allen, G.: Linquisl, O.: Wlmifeheacl, J. MR. FAULMAN 6+h PERIOD Firsf row, lef+ io righiz Rollo, J.: Ness, M.: Munday, C.: Mann, N.: Swope, J.: Penningion, B.: Men donsa, C.: Maddux, J.: Silveria, D.: Cabral, S. Second row: McGee, G.: Davilla, J.: Jones. C.: Niel son, B.: Kennedy, E.: Ballard, C.: Barneil, P.: l-loke P.: Eircher, L.: Goodwin, R. Third row: Lolz, D. lngberso, K.: Gibbons, M.: Hudson, B.: Prilchell, J.: Morse, G.: Evelelh, J.: Hayley, K.: Woodzelle. S. Sumr-ny, T.: Lillie, J. MR. FAULMAN 7+h PERIOD Firsi row, lefl' fo righf: Alfonso. M.: l-larlman, S.: Schellenberg, A.: Jensen. M.: Emblem, J.: Lucas, J. Eachon, P.: Welder, S.: Oiis, B. Second row: Lisowslci, C.: Lind, C.: Blaich, S.: Kenny. K.: Churchill, S. Fosfer, D.: Nordsfrom, L.: Perreia, D.: Reynolds, L. Third row: Rieizlce. B.: Samuels, S.: Owens. S. Mifzler, P.: Sfidger. W.: Elliolf, D.: Morle, W.: Gibney, G.: Smifh, R.: Langley, F.: Henderson, J MR. LOYE Is+ PERIOD Firsf row, lefi +o rigl1f:Tl1omas, B.: Lelghfon, L.: Brabeclc, J.: Diamond, D.: Downing, L.: Fernandes, D.: Henderson, D.: Malllef, J.: Andrade. L.: Wurm, G.: Normandln. J. Second row: Ponder, H.: Lowrher, M.: Flynn, B.: Wilson, S.: Evans, T.: Craven, C.: Viele, S.: Outlaw, T.: Nayaqoilia, B.: Cooper, A.: Lawerence, B.: Sclwram, D.: Perry, F.: Dickson, L. Third row: Pleasanfon, J.: Girala, J.: Quebbeman, R.: Carlefon, B.: Alorn, W.: Knox, C.: Rilfler, S.: Mesfadagh, P.: Farwell, J.: Riley, J.: McElhany, J.: Bo+ell1o, M.: Sfagner, B.: Locke, L. MR. LOYE 3rd PERIOD Firsf row, lef+ fo right Shannon. K.: Berflca, A.: Suza, J.: Kelly, P.: Follcerson, J.: Saunders, J.: Bafes S.: Rose. D.: Olson, M.: Benemelis, P. Second row: Correia, K.: Voss, G.: Giblin, B.: Sclwurmen, J. Henriques, R.: Jones, J.: Russell, S.: Bofhmann. R.: Tucker, J. Third row: Rlchey, L.: Whifacre, T. Wooley. T.: Enqellwardt A.: Doss, S.: Bernardini, D.: Siockfon, R.: Jesus, D.: Jolwnsfon, M.: Nan6undy J Garfm S Momz J MR. LOYE 6+h PERIOD Firsf row, lefr +o rigid: Drabilc. B.: Evenson, J.: Siles, J.: Sweel, D.: Ernesfo, J.: Raqer, M.: Wuldensfein, S.: Sowers, S.: Unger, F. Second row: Mendenhall, R.: Vigil, G.: Dowers, D.: Hansen. K.: Baker, M.: Ballwe, V.: Kruger, S.: Lorenlzen, l..: Sanchez, L.: Osgood, D.: Picard, J. Third row: Smillw, G.: Wilson, D.: Esfenes, T.: Hildebrand, D.: Arklnson, G.: Galli, R.: Greenwood. J.: Brown, B.: Wilson, R.: Fowler, D.: Selles, B.: Belcher, W. MR. LOYE 7+h PERIOD Smillw, J.: Curlsinger, J.: Bollwme, M.: Wiley, C.: Holler, P. Second row: Kirkaldie, K.: Gilbert D. Marshall, B.: Rodriques, T.: Freilas, K.: Cornwell, L.: Gakin, T.: Marlin. J.: Sreln. B.: Baker, D.: Hand B. Third row: Myers, G.: Unger, D.: Mcl-luqh. M.: Miller, R.: Hamillon, L.: Huii, R.: Bowen, WJ Jessie P.: lsham. J.: Fonrano, T.: SCOH. B.: Smillw, S.: Wells, T. ll- 5 Q HH X' Firsf row, lefl' +o right Cosla, T.: Marcell, D.: Treanor, A.: Haaqensen, S.: Ringwood, N.: Sfewari, Ss MISS RALPH 4+h PERIOD Firs+ row, leff io righh Basfin. R.: Bagnes, D.: Piva. G.: Jensen. A.: Thorp. M.: DeMeIIo. I.: Croff, S.: Monfes, D.: Guillory, T. Second row: Edwards, L.: McGinnis, S.: Judy. C.: Damgen, D.: Burfde. S.' Woodard. A.: Pierce, K.: Sfensrud, J.: Slwerod, C.: Richards, C.: Decena, F.: Roberfs. B. Third row: Bafes, V.: Borqes. B.:TI'1ornocIc, D.: Spicer, J.: CarroII, T.: Winfield, T.: ArnoId, B.: Morris, D.: Tufscher, M.: Murphy, J.: Afkins, R.: Sfrom, L.: Crawford, J.: Phipps. A. MISS RALPH 2nd PERIOD Firsi row, Ief+ fo right I-Ieilborn. J.: Lent M.: Janefzko, J.: Dickey, D.: Eiferle, S.: DuvaIl, S.: KeIIer B.: ScIwmiI'I', R.: Bishop. S.:WicIcI1arn, J, Second row: Docili, M.: Bruce, C.: Sim. B.: Casfro, L.: Lee. E. Moore, P,: Gunn, P.: Rose, K.: Mars, P.: Baker, D.: Sfapf. B.: Dreisbach. D. Third row: Amderson, D. McGuire. D.: Bofforff, M.: Gerace, A.: Finamore, G.: Meranda, R.: Perry, F.: Ru+herford. B.: Halsied J.: Cunningham, B.: Brugger, P.: Lyngh, C. Jeff Hughes Presidenl JUNIOR CLASS Firsi row, leff io right M. Prior, S. Fanger, D. Mills, J. Smilh. V. Tinli, S. Robinson. Second row, lefl' fc riglnh M. Berluleil. N. Byrd, J. Despinoy. K. Ressa, A. Caires, K. Wilkinson. Third row, lef+ +o rigl1+: G. Miller, S. Slrom, A. Lubow, V. Thorpe, L. Hill. rmr. d Aquiar, J. ? 4' Aguiar, P. N Hi Allen, J. A Allen, K. FQ..-1 ' l gh I , Allen, N. Allen, N. , W K AQ, Allman, l'l. ie: All Anlons, B. is if .7 X D xmk Q". 'Q 3? my ,ff J r, V Archer, C. Argenlo, K. Armkneclwl, J. Armslronq, D . , Arnolcl, D. 9 ft? Aslwloclc, S. ...- "fl Allqlnson, G. ff- A .N""" Aver, D. , AJ.. l ' l-.1 'D Q I . f 4 V A l V 'I' . .5 Ausmus, R. JS'-T5 Q. . Baca- A. gf ' A .. Beckman, D. 1... Q,,Q 5 M ' A Bailey. R- X -lg Elias. , P 5 VA, R A Bale. S. ,W Ballenger, K. ' QR A Barclay, D. ':"'S Barclon, D. Ba rlow, H. Barnard, T. Ba+es, D. Beckman, F. Bell, D. Bellinghausen Berfuleif, M. Blackford, J. Bonham, D. BoH'erf'f, N. Bowers, J. Braeger, G. Brainerd, M. Brecheen, S. Brown, D. Brown, S. Brown, T. Buckerf, R. Bufler, B. Bufler, D, Byrd, N. Cabral, K. Caires, A. Campbell, D 2: Vg ,f '- K.,-,f'gff' ,gl 12: af ,G Z! 'WN Q' ,-1. gf., , , QQ, W xt if f ' 5 V' L, 1- ,- 1' 2' '7 ,, U1 ,. Q51 ,. ., ., . f .. + . A ,f, ,Q ,Q , A ' .Q M' -- if , , A' . 'Q A Q 5 . ,,,b Q is Q , c AN... ,W 'Fw - w....,..f Crans+on, G. Croyle, R. Cummings, A. Daves. B. Davis, C. Davis, C. Dawson, M. Decoi+e, E. Deering, D. Deik, R. Despinoy, J. Dewey, A. DezoHe, I. Dobbs Doudna, E. Dougl'i+en, P. Downer, S. Downing, W. Draggee, S. Eckman, W. Edmundson, J Edwards, L. Elsfer, D. Espin, R. aa ,,. F f T531 Q. Evans, R. fi' Evans, T. 5' F lm B. 5 . hm 1122. N. A 'AQ if . .5 Q . Fellows, J. Fenlon, B. ,. jf' Ferguson, G. , Fernandes. P . rank, D. l, Z Flslw, D. Eiifkrg File, C. . Forsyllw, G. 7 sf' '25 ,, . 5- . r Y ' ff, F ,V , E' ' L 1 Fosdiclc, C. Fowler, C. ,V g A an Pre-Se, I.. s 'Yffii Franklin, R. 'A ir 'i fs 1 33' . Fresquez, D. Friedman, D. if Gabrlelson, R jr sz-mf. ' . 3 f-Aw gg is' Galen, Y. Garrlgan, G. Gaslcill, K. Gibbs, W. Gibeson, C. Gilbert N. Gililland, K. Gillam, B. Glink, A. Goen. J. Goodfellow. Grant B. Grave, D. Gray, D. Grecco, P. Grimes, A. Grobl, J. Groves, R. Gruggll, K. Gwinn, C. Hagerfy, M Hall, J. Hall, V. Harris. A. Harfley, B. Haffield, J. I-la+ley, J. Haynes, P. P l ds - 5, as 1... vi? .5 ..,,.. .f ..e ,f -.Y', 3? A .. fl. g. . 'F '1Q"f'rfl . .4Qivirfs"!'3 Hebert L. Heckman, R. Heffernan, P Heicl. P. Herrw, P. Herriclc, B. Hervey, G. Heywood. R. Higlaee. J. Hilclrelh, S. , . Hill, R. Hlncl, C. Hinlon, P. Hlrsclw, C. Hobbs, J. Hogon, C. Holm, K. Horner, B. Howard, S. Howry, D. Hughes. J. Hunl, T. Hurley, B. I-lufchison, S. lngebrelrson, G Jacobsen, M. Janefzko, L. Johannes, N. Johnson, B. Johnson, J. Johnson, K. Johnson, R. Johnson, S. Johnsfon, J. Johns+on, L. Jones, N. Jones, P. Jurgens, J. Kahn, S. Kruse, M. Kinney, J. Kirkland, J. Kjer, K. Klopich, P. LaBeHa, S. Lacy, L. 1-vim -.a- Mp, 1' ,. 1 . Y' ag. 2.73 , J my ' ek f ag'-121122 YN' - '?,. "' 't ff.. s L 'F' is ri? , fy Nw- ,aw y. .. .wu- .H f 59' Q 6 ,ww 31 .1-1 fav ,W sg ,W m 1. f 1 ,sv-4 " 4 'sam A-'3 L 1-1 f . ,1 A I V 'in . .mf ,Fuf? . s ,ir .41 wi: jfs 53 12- M9 ,,. in , -MW? a n Li ft fl- Av Lacey, M. Landsdowne, L LaBaHisfer, J. Lee, J. Lembke, B. Levine, H. Lewallen. B. Linda, L. Lockwood, D. Looney, R. Lubow, A. Lujan, C. Lux, R. Mabblf, N. Madison, L. Madsen, L. Magee, T. Major, A. Mancebo, S. Mancebo, S. Marfinez, F. Marfin, C. Marsh, B. Massola, C. M4323 ,iii-' K 1 X 1 Q I ' gi ., I .b af l , -1. x Q ,- 'W N .. N Six. , fx WA! as ASM 5ff, Mon+oya. T. Moody, J. Morck, W. Muehsom. B. Muller, L. Mulsow, M. Murphy, B. Myers. B. Myers, S. Nagy, D. Nason. D. Neves, S. Norris, N. OW-fare, B. Oliver, J. Olsen, R. Olson, C. Olson, W. Osburn, F. OSHC, P. Paviac. Parker. M. Pafferson, M Pehrson, G. Pellis, B, Penningfon, T. Perry, T. Phillips. M. Phipps. V. Pinz, B. Poneioni, G. Porfer, F. Prenclergash T Prior, M. PrueH, M. Randall, R. Rakesfrau, E. Ra++o, J. Ray. M. Rebiskie, G. Ressa, K. Reynolds, J. Rike, T. Rinker, C. Robinson, B. Robinson, S. Robinson, S. Rodriques, S. Y.. 'if". W xfg Rodrigues, A. ' Rose, R. Rourke, C. Roy, M. V A M 'L Rucker, D. .Q L? N RQW35 Ryan, M. 5 Saari, S. ' wf""' ' Sargent D. ll ,Q ,gw Schieder, G. A Schieder, R. Schumacher, C Schuck, J. .f"N Sclnurernan, D A W in N Scruggs, E. ' .V Sciorfino, M. 5 K- My ff? ScoH', S. . if . F " W x Ns Rf A Semple, R. Q Q, Shaffer, L. , ,Q Shaw, K. A -fe' ' Sheehan, K. - 'nfl Silva, D. 4 I Siporen, M. 3 -. -lM,,,, Sifnik, R. 3 " R Slcaar, S. I Sloan. Smale Smifh Smifh Smifh, Smi+h, Smiih Smifh Smifh Smifh Soa re Somm Sorens Sousa Sparro S+able Sfead Sfienb Sfernb Sfeve D S+ewa Sfewa Sfriple Sfrom, 5- 1. D. S. B. B. G. J. J. J. K. K. J. s. ers. L en. J D. w, K r. M. man. B eck. eck, s, M rf. C. rf. C. n, M .S. Slraub, L. Slubloerfleld, L b Sullivan, B. A Sullivan, l.. Sullivan. S. Sulfon, J. Swarlz, S. Sweeny, J. ra , V N Synogrounq. S. r 13 N Tachlera. R. 3113. Thomas. E. W Thompson, C. E+ f .5 .L i, ., e W 'lf W Thorp, V. Tinlli, V. 67' Tole. G. ? Townsend, E. Trusheim, D. Underhill, C. Vanelc, J. Verville, J. Veleran, G. Videll, D. Van Provyn, C. Vasconeallas, S, Vigil, J. Wall, D. Ware, K. Wafkins, S. Wafson, J. Wes'ron. D. Whife. D. Whifmore, J. Wickwire. J. Wiess, J. Wilkinson. K. WiH, E. Winger, S. Wirfrerborne. D Worfhinqfon. R Wrighf, G. Ziegler, J. Zoggarf. G. . . . IS FOR SENIORS Hooray for Seniors! . . .-now when I was young . . . piclcle sale Iodayl . . . Those films in Family Living deslroyed all my romanric dreams . . . afrer I graduare . . . save me a Senior picfurel . . .since l'm a Senior I can . . . am I really in love? . . . well, when I look Ihal course . . ,wear your Senior hais . . . dig Ihose crazy socks!-well, say some- Ihingl . . . remember we musl ser an example . . .I blabloed . . . Senior Show Ionighrl . . . she's in Ihe chorus line . . . I sen? gradualion announcemenis Io relalives I didn'+ even Icnow I hacll . . . al' Ihe Senior banguer we . . . I'll never gel married . . . whale day if was-l'haI Senior picnic . . . re- member when we were Freshmen how we used +o . . . I'll never Iorgel Ihe Senior Ball as long as I live . . . can"r re- member whal' lime I gor in . . . Then Ihere were a couple of Senior girls who expressed ir wirh a song- "PicI'ure a Senior all dressed in red . L . Proud of Ihe Senior hal on his head . . . We are Ihe beslr class Iha'r is agreed . . . Red and While we honor 'Ihee . . . Yipeel Boy, we'II soon be free!" I'll miss Arroyo . . . move over world . . . here I come! .1 W Q' - f f ' K ' ' ' " 7 ?f f5i?'l i: .. " z iw ' if 55? if ii. P. .,, , f , . N . 1 -Lygsfqg' ' 1 , 51? g uw- -. sg rf ,f f ' 'f' ' ,Vr V Jack Marfin Ed Carlson Presiden+ Vice Presiden+ nada M.-rw Carol Wilgon Jdflkie Sudbury Secrefary Treasurer Firsi row, left 'ro right K. Debsiinq, J. Kopchok, C. Wilson, J. Boyer, J. Sudbury. Second row, leff io righh N. Summerford, S. Monfel. L. Sham, S. Pike. Third row, leff io righf: J. O'Hare, S. Fisk, L. Besson. D. Felfhousen. Fourfh row, lefi' fo righfz G. Burns. L. Thomas, E. Carlson, M. Middlefon. Fif+h row, leff fo righf: D. Suppe, C. McCabe, ADAMS, WANDA "Observe lhe present reflecf The past" AGUIAR. PATRICK "Try if and see." ALEXANDER, LOUISE "A cheerful grin will gef you in." ALFISI, TONY "Who' loves no+ women, wine, and song remains a fool his whole life long." ALLAN. HARRIET "A liifle Miss, whom ws will miss." ALLEN, ELAINE "Begone, my care. I give you fo Ihe winds." ALTAMORE, RICHARD "Experience is The besi Teacher." ARCHULETA, ALBERT "He proiils moslt who serves bes'I'.' ATKINSON, JAMES "Some are born great" AUTEN. ROBERT "Pu+ all your eggs in one basket and walch fhai baslce'r." BALL, STEVEN "Lillie said is soonesl' mended." BARNES. PATRICIA "And Those Ihal are good shall be happy-" I48 L , w 'UE 54: G5 -or Ffa! 19""f' Q s BARON. BOB "When in doulaf, Tell The frul'h." BARSTOW, PHILLIP "His sfudies were hard. all-flirfin' and baslcefballf' BATES. JUDITH "Why should she worry and fref? Life and she will coqueHe." BATES. TERRY "No one knows whaf he can do fill he fries." BAUER, EDDIE "Love Them all and be happy." BAUER, JEFF "Melhiriks he looks as Though he were in love." BEESLEY, RICHARD "The game is up." BENTON. ROBERT "Whaf, never? Hardly ever. BERGER. ROBERT "A friendly i-nan." BERGMAN. JUDITH "Happy-go-lucky!" BESSON, LAURINE "The nicesl' Thing abou? you is-Thai' you're so nice." BETTS, BENNY "Nothing endures but personal quali- ries." I49 BICKERDYKE, JERRY "IdeaIs are Iilce siarsz you wIII nQI' succeed in Iouching Ihem wifh your hands." BIRK. JAMES "A man shouId be upright no? be Irepf upright" BJORK, SHIRLEY "The IIgh+ Iha+ Iies In a wornan's eyes." BLACK, JAMES "The caufious seldom err." BODNER, LAWRENCE "I-Ie was a genfleman from sole Io crown." BOHANNA. JIM "Live II up." BOTHMANN, WILLIAM "Do all Ihe good you can." BOYER. JULLIE "As merry as The day is long. BRADBURY. JANICE "AIn'I Iove grand." In BRADBURY, ANNICE "II sure is." BRADFORD, STEVE "One of our sfars-ou? all nIgI1I." BRODER, BARBARA "I-Ier smiles are known for mIIes and mIIes." W:-:?' r 1 ,l M V 1 'K Ha. :A " . . QV ' 2? Q fs lf' ,-Q. 1-' f z g N Fir ' U 3 l' -is A , . W ,s hrr'2s.w-Q1 ,:'1t.s'fs2 'W ' z -2' 5' -nw ,U fe 5 W WN, Y is :ix Q K ESV y A 'El ,.,.. .Q . 5 -f 2' L- 1 gi' rf: 3 Er , . . .. ...L .wr .Wm If? .E .,,. N.. -f .Q ns. X -2-seas R . .4 ,. .W 4 rx. iii . .Q .,,, rf' ag T' .12i,a. .. x fix , . , . at .., ."r U v 3 2 ' , .. ss + f Il Q f' . . lf .g I ,. .M x? .,1 ,', 5. 'Q-P Ei fr ffgjjigg ii ' fi! fffrffgfzvrfefiffgs f? 'EAEQE fgf v 9:1 ji3f2QE , s Q.-- .A . ..,,,,1:- is in , A 2 MQ 4 ' gas I Z ff K er 5, N x on M Eh 4 xsl me V A k rw 'I iii., 112' W1,ip.:,,s r rr f 5' mmf, 1 1 E E E , .3 . . , ,Q-sg sv," Q W. a,,.r 1, , ff 'ess xf-+V 1fe.,1f-e E, Q., .M-en, .. y Y f' .249 W: verve inf: 5,.,,,,,.g5,- - K. Jr. Q, ,X . , T --sw . f . .wr 35? ,f' E , . ,,. . ., ., ,. F.. .WJ if W Q 'ff' f K' VER BRUGGER, CLAYTON "A beard creafes lice, no? brains." BRYANT, DOYLE "Men of few words are fhe besr men." BURNS, GLOR1A "Be a sfer In someor1e's sky." BUTLER, RAYMOND "Of'ren a clear conscience resulfs from a bad memory." CAMISA, DIANE "Born for success she seems. wifh grace +0 win a hearl' To holdin CAMPBELL, CAROL "Her voice was like rhe voice The s+ars had when fhey sang fogefherf' CAMPBELL, RON "Every Jack has his Jill." CANNON. TERRY "To be awake is fo be alive." CANTRELL, LOREN "LeT knowledge grow from more To more." CARLSON, ALBERT "No man is happy who does nor Think himself so." CARLSON, EDWARD "H's happy goes as lucky is." CARLTON, BRAD "They win Thai' laugh." CARPENTER, KENNETH "He goes far Ihal never furns. CARTER, DALE "Thou are The man." CASTILLO, ROBERT "Giving requires good sense CAUFIELD. LAMBERT "He Ialces his fun where he finds if." CHENEY. LOIS "Always look al The sunny side of lille." CLARK, JIM "Those who sfay on fhe level rise higher in The end." CLASON. NICHOLAS "We hope he shall have leisure fo make good." CLENNELL, WILLIAM "He was born laughing and full of Ioolin'." CLINE, BARBARA "Success in all awaiis her." COFFIE, PATRICIA "A friendly heart" CORNELIOS. RAY "A laugh is worih a Thousand groans in any market" CORRIE, SIDNEY "The longer he slays The beifer we lilre him." l52 'K COX, ROBERT "Very few Things mailer, and norhing mailers very much." CRAIG, JAMES "Jimmy, Jimmy! I'le's our man. If he can'l do if. no one can!" CRAWFORD, RITA "There be none ol Beauly's daughfers wilh a magic like To l'hee." CREIGHTON. GAILAND "I fell you this for once and all, don'r love one, I love lhem all." CRISS. SHAY "Always laughing, always gay. +ha'r's Shay in every way," CROCKER. SANDRA "A girl wifh a smile is a girl worlh while." CUNNINGHAM, SANDRA "She has a ge-nlle smile and a kindly word lo say," CURTIS, LINDA "I-low lar lhal Iillle candle Throws ils beam." CURTIS. PAULINE "They are only lruly greal who are 'lruly good." CUSICK, PATRICIA "A lair maiden wirh laughing eyes." DOBBS. GUILA "The mildesl' manners and 'the genilesl' heart" DAVES. JESSE "Laugh and The world laughs wiI'h you." DAY, PATRICIA "The world looks brighier from behind a smile." DEBELING, KAREN "Though she be loul lilile, she is gay-" DELFINO. GLORIA "A laugh is worlh more fhan a Ihou- sand fears." DIAL. JOANNE "Happy am I: from care I am free!" EBITSON, JANET "Confenimen'r is beffer Ihan wisdom." EDLUND, ROLLIN "Nobody ever lisfened himself oui of a iob." EDWARDS, BARBARA "No+hing is so popular as kindness." ELLIS, ROBERT "He is qreal who never reminds us of olhersf' ERICKSON. BARBARA "The cares of fhe world res? lighfly upon her." ESCOBAR. JAMES "Born wiih e gill' of laughferf' EVANS, DOUGLAS "Life is foo serious Io lake loo se- riouslyf' EVANS. JON "To be, noi lo seem io be." I54 ' BRN " 'Vx "Pdf-.snr 'F' ' . eg: , EZZO, FLEURETTE "My mind 'Io me a kingdom is.' FAIN, JOHN "He +ha'r's conlenl halh enough, FARGO. SANDRA "Never weary of making friends," FARIA. BARBARA "She has a hearf wilh room for every IOY"I FARIA, FRANK "Modera+ion is basl' in all Ihingsf' FELTHOUSEN, DAVE "A quiel seeker alifer knowledge." FIMREITE, PEGGY "The hand Ihaf halh made you fair, halh made you good." FINK, JACQUELINE 'III if isn"r one Thing if's The +c+her." FERGUSON, VALERIE "Her ways are ways of pleasanlnessf' FIRESTONE, HARVEY "Speak up, Harvey, an' 'spress yo' Self... FISCHER. CONNIE "A quiel and unassuming miss," FIEDLER, HUBERT "I saw, I wanled, I 'I'ook." I55 FISK. SONDRA "So fair fhou arf, my bonnie lass." FITZPATRICK, JUDITH "The cify of happiness is in fhe sfafe of mind." FONG. MOON "Lef him who has enough ask for nofhing more," FORD. JAMES "No man is useless while he has a friend." FREAIS. JOAN "Whaf a mischievous devil love is FREEMAN, VIRGINIA "The wearer of a smile fha? spells friendship."' FRIES. JO ANN "She can because she fhinlrs she can." FROISNESS, VALERIE "So long as we love. we serve FROST, DONNA "Laugh and be merry." FU NG. MARY "Grea+ love from Iiffle friendships grow." GALLETTI, DARLENE "Herself a fairer flower," GARY. FRANK "You will go mosl' safely down fhe middle." I56 sdmxa fl! GEORGE, LYNNETTE "Sine doeih a liffle kindness." GERACE, PHlL "He's a quiet fellow-somei'imes." GIBSON. MAURINE "May you live all lhe days of your life." GIEL, DARYL "He can resisl anyilwing bul' fempla- lion." GIESEA, DENNIS "Any iob looks easy. when somebody else is doing ii." GLAHN. GEORGE "Ask and learn." GLAZIER, WAYNE "He will be heard." G-LOVER, KENNY "Give him somewhere lo sland, and I-ie'II move ilie earlluf' GOODRICH, MARY "Silence never belrays you." GORDON. LYNN "Ad is power." GRAFTON, MAURINE "O Tell me, preify maiden, are 'rlwere any more ai' liorne like you?" GRAHAM, DARRELL "A rolling sfone galhers no moss." I57 GRASHER. BEVERLY "Live lo learn or live +o Iove." GRAY, DONALD "Advice when mos? needed is leasl' heeded." GRAY, THOMAS "Conform and be dull." GRIGG, RONALD "Never worries, never wiII." GUNN. BRUCE "Life is a srruggle, buf no? a war fare." GURLEY. PATRICIA "Dain+y and sweel' are her ways." GUSTAFSON, LINDA "A lime ro laugh. A 'time +o dance!" HAMMER. MICHAEL "Keep rhose headlighfs burning and your hands on Ihe wheel." HAMPTON. NANCY "A merry hear? dolh good like a medicine." HANES, BRUCE "He laughs besl 'rhal laughs IasI'." HANSEN. DANE "Gal a lol of livin' Io do." HARRINGTON. ROY "He Ihal never climbed never fell." I58 19 pf ff'-I we-Q i , HARRIS, JANICE "Life is an eclasyf' HARRIS, WILLIS "In af one ear and oul al llwe o'rl1er." HASKINS, LLOYD "Pracl'lce makes perfect" HASSLER, MICHAEL "Seldom comes a beHer," HATLEY, JESSE "He llves long llwal lives well." HAUSWIRTH, LARRY "All he asks ls a chance lo lallc." HAVERCROFT. WARREN "Am ounce of wil is worfh a pound of sorrow," HAWTREE, DOROTHY "No maller wha? ollwers may be. sl1e wlll always be herself." HAYNES, RONALD "Lel' llwe good limes roll!" HECK, JO NELL "Here sllll a smile fha? no cloud can overcast" HENDERSON. JUDITH "A pair of sparkling eyes." HESS. MICHELE "I+ is nice io be nalural when you are nalurally nice." I59 HIGH, GERALDINE "Rich in good works." HODGKINS. SUE "Your l'1ear+'s desires be wi+h you!" HCLLANDER. KENNETH "His ambiiions are high." HOLMES. JEANNETTE "Grea+ Thoughis come from 'Phe heart" HOLT, LARRY "He does no+hing in parficular. and does if very weiI." HOMEIER. JACQUELINE "As +rue as fhe dial fo ihe sun." HOOD, KATHRINE "Be merry as you are wise.' HOSKINS. KENT "Keep some HH more come." HOWLETT, JACK "He drinks no more ihan a sponge." i HUERTA. VIRGINIA "Wisdom is beffer 'rhan rubiesf' IRVIN, RAYMOND "By sfudy. noi by play are 'rhings acquired." IVEY, MARY "Begone, dull care, ihou and she never shall agree." I60 2 9641 JACKSON, JANICE "Be gay each dey." JACKSON, SANDRA "A voice fhaf charms ah melodies and a maid as sweef as honey bees." JACOBS. JAMES "A rascaffy yea-forsoorh knave." JANCIK. ESTHER "Leer nor your heari' be rroubledf' JANSEN. ROBERTA "She charms us wifh her personaliryf' JENSEN, CLARK "Ain'r misbehevFn'," JESUS, GILBERT "Love your enemies." JOHNSON, EVERETT "Our conrenf is our besr having." JOHNSON, SHARYL "Lei us do or die." JONES. KATHRYN "Smell cheer and qreaf welcome make e merry heart" JUDGE, DONALD "Has+e makes wasief' JUDY, CHARLES "Can'1 help lovin' fhar man." Ibl KANDLER, JANE "All lhings are good fo fhe good. KAYO. GEORGE "Be'r+er +o give than fo lake." KELLY, EDWARD "Life is a iesl and all things show ni. KEUTER, CLIFFORD "Did lhe school burn down?" KIDOLIS, COSETTE "A good hear+'s worlh gold." KING. JOAN "A cerlain smile." KIRBY, GERALD "Thinking when he had a mind l'o.' KIRKES, HARMEN "Come on. baby. le+'s go down iown KOCH, CAROL "SpliHing The air wilh laughlerf' KOHLMEYER, GARY "To be noble we'll be good." KOHLMEYER, JEAN "I fhink so." KOPCHAK, JACQUELINE "Sweef and friendly fowards all." I62 fwg Yam i 'il -re'-M 3 KRESS, RONALD "Laugn1er is ine besf n1edicIne." KYES, SHARYNE "PersonaHfy pNus." LABRIE, RYAN "Winer is worrh doing af aH is worin doing weU." LAMPE, RONALD "Seek honor First and pleasure lies beyond." LAMBTON, BARBARA "GenHen'wen prefer blondes." LANDIS, JACK "The secrer of success is consiancy to purpose." LANL JUDI "Life is +00 shorf fo worry." LASSETER, CAROLYN "A penny for your Hwoughff' LASSLEY, CHARLOTTE "A confenied spirif Is fhe sweefness of exis+ence." LATHROP, JOHN "Mad as a March hare." LAWRENCE, DAVID "Every inch a man-and oh! So many inches." LEE, BARBARA "LiHIe sfrokes fe!! greed' oaks." I63 LEE, JACK "To lliine own sell be Hue." LEWlS. CLINTON "Variely's flue very spice of life." LOGAN, NANCY "Sinceri1y plus enthusiasm means ac complisl'mmenl." LONDAGIN, MARY "A good deed rings clear lhrough lneaven like a bell." LOPEZ, BETTYMAE "Well, maybe so." LORENTZEN, MARY "We're born fo be happy, all of us." LOTZ, JOHN "All greal men are dead, and l don"r feel so good myself." LOWE, KARiS "Gaze inlo her eyes and you will see an angel: gaze a liflle longer and you will see an imp." LUND. KAREN "lf is belief lo live rich, fhan lo die rich." LUND, SAUNDRA "Yama, Yamal" LYONS, JULIA "A girl wilh a smile for everyone." MACK, MELVIN "Whal l'm gonna do is hard io Tell." I64 Ml' X . MAGANN, KEN "lr is beller lo give flwan fo lend." MAGEE, JAMES "He does more rlwan he says." MAITLAND, ANNE "Her kindness of llearl is equalled only by The recl of lwer hair." MANN, RALPH "The qreaiesl' arf in life is To have as many pleasures as possible." MANTINEO. ROSEMARY "She became used fo never being alone." MARR, CARLA "Gladness ol The hearf is The life of her." MARS, ALLEN "No+l1ing recedes like success MARTIN, GARY "l-le's an H.W.W. He wanis women." MARTIN. JACK "Never idle a minufeg never wilhoui a smile." MARTIN, MARY "Merry is her name and fruly+l1a1'sl1e is." MAY, LUCILLE "Lef's have a happy life." MAYFIELD, OLETA "Perf as a schoolgirl well can be." I65 McBRIDE. LYNNETTE "If eyes were made for seeing, lhen beaufy is Hs own excuse for being." MCCABE, CAROL "Of a good beginning comefh a good end." MCCOMB. SHARYN "Wisdom is bold bur goodness never fearful." MCCORD, KENNETH "Who cares?" MCKINNEY, BETTY "Jusl' a llny mile." MCMAINS, VERA "Be of good cheer." MCRAY, RON "All fhaf glIH'ers ls nol gold." MACKRACKEN. JOHN "Wherever +here's John, +here's frou- ble." MELIN, GEORGE "Hifch your wagon lo a sl'ar." MELLO. ROBERT "The old lorgel. lhe young don'1' know." METCALF, CAROLINE "Friends make The world go round." MEZENSKI, HOPE All is noi' losl when 'rhere's Hope. I66 X I W ,QC MICHAELSEN, FRANCES "PaIience and genfleness Is power." MIDDLETON, MARGE "A wII'Iy woman is a Ireasure, a funny one is a power." MILANIK, DAVID "AH gIory comes from daring Io begin." MILLER, MARILYN "Ere we rest we rust" MINNIX, DOROTHY "SI'1e can cuI a caper." MOHR, ETHEL "SIIence gIves grace Io a woman." MONTALBO, LINDA "A merry near? goes all Ine day." MONTEL, STEPHEN "Lei I'Iwe worId sIIde." MOORE, PAT "BeauIy's a IIower." MOREIRA, RON "Weir and see." MORRIS, STAN "Good Iwumor is one of ine besi arfi- cIes oI dress one can wear in socieIy." MORRIS. JANICE "AIways Iry Io be a IIIIIe Idnder II1an's necessary." I67 MOSCHETTI, RON "Oh, yes, you can. Millions have!" MULVANY. ANN "A lair maiden wilh quiel eyes." MUNOZ, JOSEPH "Be good and you will be lonesomef MURPHY, MARCIA "Love is a iewel fhaf wins fhe world.' MYERS. RUSSELL "As sound as a bell." MYERS. SHARI "Friends are born, noi' made." NEEDLES, LINDA "Jus+ To fill fhe hour-Ihaf is happi- ness." NELSON, JOAN "She is a dreamer of dreams." NELSON, FREDRICK "Fare Ihee well." I NETTLE, BILL "By wisdom weallh is won. NEWTON, LESLIE "The fulure is purchased by The present" NEWQUIST, JAMES "Songs wilhouf words are best" Ib8 n s 2 i . s. f . 'vga-ws' . V M- g E I I X NICKERSON. MARQUERITE "Every cloud has a silver lining." NUTTAL, ROY "Hold The fort lor he is coming." O'HARE, JUDITH "The besr lhings come in small pack- ages." OLDFIELD, JAMES "As we grow old. we become more foolish and wise." OLIVAN, FREDDIE "Don'+ wake me unless ir's a woman." OLIVERIA, ALFRED "He's nor afraid of work. He can sleep righr along side of if." OLSEN. RAE JEAN "Learn lo live, and live lo learn." ORNELLAS, FREDRICK "Thou hasr wil al will." ORTEGA, DENNIS "Lel"s have a par+y." PARKHURST, CHARLES "Wha1ever you do, don'+," PERRY. MARILYN "Success rewards labor." PERRY. RICHARD "Perry plclcecl a peck of prellv girls." I69 PETERSON, FRANCES "She has a happy smile." PETERSON, JAMES "Do as you would be done by." PETERSON, NANCY "Thy lair hair my' hear? enchainedf' PETERSON, TED "I+'s love rhal makes The world go round." PHILLIPS. JOHN "Always leave lhem laughing." PHILLIPS, ROBERT "Seek fill you find." PICARD, JUDITH "lf mailers nor how long we live Ioul' how." PIERCE, THOMAS "Mind moves mailer." PIKE, SANDRA "lf a woman have long hair, il' is a glory lo her." PILCHER. KENNETH "Sharing a bil of friendliness wifh olhers does nol impoverish a man." PILLER. LEANN "A rip-lop +ypisl'." PINNEY, STEVE "He sloops +o conquer." I70 , .,. fllimxf . , , I 5 ,A Q we l i is 5 I 1 'LW- 9, M: .E VLW L: ' I 253' , . - 'R PIRIE, LYNN "When work and pleasure clasln, lel' Ilwe work go Io smash." POLASKIE, PHILIP "Be serious." POWELL, JACKIE "Laugh and live only as youlh can." PRICE, SHARYN "Friendsl'iip is lo be purchased only by lriendsliipf' PRITCHETT, JOSEPH "l-le always has and he always will." PROFUMO, EDITH "Fair words never lnurl' 'rlwe Ionguef' Quiei., CAMILLA "Always look on llwe lsrighl' side!" RAINBOLT, LARRY "Go slraighf ahead, you don'l dodge deslinyf' RATHBUN, WILLIAM "Love of money is ine roof of all evil." RAYMOND, JAMES "Always do righl: il will gralily some, aslonisln llwe OII19I'S.Il REPOSA, SANDRA "Where did you gel lhose eyes? RICHARDSON. JOAN "The beffer ol one's life consisls of liis friendships." .- I7l RIGGINS, JOANNA "A liHIe learning is a dangerous 'lhing." RIPKO, KENNETH "Lesl we forge?-les? we forget" RITZ. PAUL "So gol, so gone." ROBERTS, GEORGIA "A merry heart" ROBINSON. JOAN "Be good." ROLLMAN. SHARON "Beau'ry is power, a smile iis sword." ROMERO, FRANCES "There are good Times coming." ROSE. GARY "Having obfained your wish. be con- lent" ROSE, GREG "The sun shines upon all alike." RUDOLPH, SANDRA "Love is wiser ihan ambifion. RUTTER, CAROL "Sunshine resls upon her head." RYAN. JUNE "To be loved, be lovable." I72 fi r p sr! 5, v A . "8" ' if 1. If 519 neg' . ig" , Q, 5 ,f "Y --kgs.. e 5 f. 1 ,vs f . r if as 51 2 1 f Q, V I i g ' I A gf""'-I A -1., v 'sg Sri-P' A X , I i I SAARI. BARBARA "Goodness doesn'l conslsl' in greal- ness. buf grealness in goodness." SALO. MARCIA "How dolln The liffle busy bee, Im- prove eacli slwlning hour?" SANDERSON. PHILIP "Phil and lime make a successful man." SANDS, SHARON "The only way io have a friend is lo be one." SANDS. WALLY "Keep cool and you command every- body." SCHLUSBERG, STEPHEN "Wl1aT's in a name?" SCHNEIDER, MICHAEL "Don'+ be sorry if llme bollle is half emp'ry." SCHROEDER. HAROLD "Wlnafever advice you glve-be slnor+." SCHUBERT. ERNIE "ll isn'I wha? you do, il's wl1aIyou're cauglnl doing." SCHULTZ. GERALD "Don'+ lef our studies inferfere willm Y your school course." SHARP, JESSE "As a man speaks. so is he." SHIELDS, JAMES "Laugh and be well." SHUSTER. GARY "Some sense. and some non sense SIEGEL, JOAN "Sing away sorrow, courl away care." SILVA, ROBERT "He sure does." SKINNER, CAROLYN "She llwal is of a merry hear? hath a conlinual least" SMITH, JAMES "He who loafs lasl, loals basl." SMITH, RALPH "Life's one fool lhing eller anoil1er." SNELLING. HERBERT "Everyone desires 'lo live long, buf no one would be old." SOARES. GILBERT "Love 'em and leave 'em." SORENSON, NEIL "Success rewards labor." SOUZA, LAWRENCE "Music lwalh charms lo soolhe +l1e savage beast" SOUZA, MICHAEL "Done leisurely, done well. SPENCER. GAIL "A lillle lime for laughler, a little lime 'lo sing." I74 , dw WE. X T ky 'N ii" Q . ' if U-N . ' V N M six . sa if wi ' f A I K , . V. , STABLER, JIM "Everybody carmol be firs'r." STEVENS. JOHN "He whislles a happy lunef' STEWART, MARY "Mary, Mary quile conharyf' STEWART. MAY "She smiles all day in her own sweel way." STRACHEN, JOHN "Be yourself!" STRACK, DON "A knighl of The nighf-goocl knight" STRACK. BOB "Early fo bed and early fo rise. and whafa lime you'll miss." STRALEY, LORA LEE "Happiness makes up in heighf 'For whal' if lacks in s'rrenglh." STROM, LORNA "Give, ah give us back our heads." SUDBURY, JILL "Jackie's here-I heard her laugh." SUMMERFORD, NANCY "Hang sorrow! Care'll kill a cal." SUPPE. RICHARD "The world belongs fo fha enfhusiasf who keeps cool." ii F 175 SUYDAM, ANITA "Charms slrike ihe sighl, buf meril wins The soul." SWEENEY, CAROL "Pleasure is lhe chief good." SWIM, KATH RYN "Wil +o persuade and Iaeauly fo de- light" TENNEY. LYNNE "Nice and quiel' fill she slarfs Io giggle-" THAYER, DIANE "The world is lovely and Thai loveli- ness is enough." THOMAS. DONALD "Thal is gold whal is worfh gold." THOME, PATRICK "Win wilhoul boasling, lose wilhoul' excuse." THORNTON. RODNEY " 'Tis deeds musl win Ihe prize." THORPE, JANI "To know her is Io love her." TODD. BONNIE "She has charm, she has abilily. and Iasfly she has grace." TOURTILOTT, WILLIAM "We shall see when' we shall see." TROOP, BARBARA "Make hay while lhe sun shines." I76 32 'IE f..2. . ,, .V 5, ,sg , iv. . ,S f i 15 I i af TROOP, CAROL "She is gen+Ie. she is shy, buf Ihere's mischief in her eye." TRUESDELL, JIM "There is a Iirne for all I'hings." TYRAKOSKI, LINDA "One Iook 'rhen 'fry and spell HI" VANERWEGEN, GLORIA "Even virfue is more fair when II' ap- pears in a beaufiful person." VAUGHN. JOANNE "WhaI' is I::eauI'ifuI is good. and who is good is also beauIifuI." VIELE, MICHAEL "Whoever keepefh 'rhe Iaw is a wise man." VILCHEK, PATRICIA "Happiness 'ro you." WALASEK, JOHN "As good luck would have if." WALTERS, MALCOLM "Seeing is believing." WALTNER, ELAINE "As popular as money. As sweef as honey. We Iove our EIaine." WARD, HARRY "I mean like wowI" WATSON, JAMES "An exceIIenI charader is a forI'une." I77 WAY. GEORGE 'll may be Iall. buf l'm slill reaching for 'rhe moon." WEAVER, DAVID "Progress is Ihe law of life." WELCH, FRED "Like The cheshire cal, he was iusf one big grin." WHITE, SHERRY "Swingin' monI" WILLIAMS, CRAIG "A Iiille nonsense now and Ihen, is relished by Ihe besl of men." WILLIAMS, MICHAEL "His cares are now all ended." WILLIAMS, PATRICIA "A merry smile and a roguish eye." WILLIAMSON, THOMAS "Nothing grea+ was ever achieved wiihoul enlhusiasmf' WILSON. CAROL "ll having fun was a crime, Carol would be serving a life senl'ence." WILSON. DAVID "Happiness is no laughing mailer." WILLIAMS, MONA "Tc know is nolhing ai' all: fo imagine is every'rhing." WI LSON. PEGGY "I-ler behavior is all sense. all sweel- ness loo." I78 9 L 1 'Q ia if .i 5' , A 4 if yg f rjf 'i-'4"l, 5g 7: I , his ' A ' A I 4 WK mi Qt. .6- fs H - ui Q4 W' Q QL fu k wwf , ,guil ty ,,ga,:.i5-,f v WINDHAM, RANDY "Wha+ a We l've led!" WOOD, JAMES "No+lwinq vemxured, noilwing won." WOODSIDE, SALLY "The 'rypewrifer is miqhfier fhan Hme sword." WRIGHT. PATRICIA "A g'r-E' of many smiles and many Fmends. YARNELL, KIRK "A good FoUy Is worflw whaf you pay for If." YOUNG, MARVELLE "Come, sing me a song: make me merry." ZEILER, SARAH "AHlwouglw H19 Nash nof least" RICHARDSON, CHARLENE "LIfe's a ball," I79 . . . IS FOR FAVORITES lniroducing our iavoriie Seniors! . . . we'd like youiomeei... .-, Nancy, wiih her hair so lair: Jim, who compleies 'rhis handsome pair. Charmecl, l'm sure! l Jaclcie, who is always gay: Jaclc, who wears a smile each clay. l-li, everyone! Barb. whose en+husiasm's never gone: Dave, who is so big ancl sirong. l-li! Diane, who's so far in ihe lead: Wiih Jim, who's likely 'lo succeed. l-low do you do? Carol. who can sure enleriaing Ancl anoiher fellow. Wha+'s his name? rl is i We're happy 'ro meer you! . . . oh, yesli .fi. firaigri, 0? 1 14 N' 4 A Wx 2 3 , .5 . N"'if'f1 .wg 3, ,,l1. . B, 6 I ik ,, J y 1? K up 9 4 A Q, gpg. L, 1 'Q T Q W ,gi1j??QaW2 N . .Y Ez 9 we ,yi . A , , nv -, fx .4-E, . gi J: . vga , , Q. iff "Tig ,fag 14.2, A ,.gt,,fg,QL, RV 'M ,an iq 5-'SPH' .Pu -uf.-4M.W.1.,,W4 Wfw53i"fl'f5YQW"+w:wvfHr ,, Q 5 '3?'Q'??f52'ki'9'as1-iwesw Y -um ax? 2,3 F. A ' f-4. aw... .W, ,HM ' BEST LOOKING NANCY PETERSON Qazrhw: ' E My W,W, W - f ' E. 1:5 P7 MOST T CRALG WILLIAMS CAROL ,Ann .Q 44- 2 h L EV V 'V I ,M 8, ""2f5gE,?, N iff, K9 E 'E ' M Q gs- 41'-?:'!!.vf,' '1 ,Q W 'f'v ' gf E Y Q 3 i N pix -- wwf . hpffmfi Q M .R f 4 Wk 'f N 'Y " 3 ik il Q i 1 Q' , ' W H ' xr .. w Ang' 3M3 'W 1 - M if 3 Q " S "K W ' is ' , ' Vg r x ' W1 9 We Q -T Q - f M X. W ' - X Hag W 15,52 xv ..,2':1M 1 if ' Z E' i ,M" AE ' 'limi 11 , ' W 5, it W ...H ig . , 5 ,E xl: 1 , ? '-, R! I5 ,f ' , 'Y Q . - ' F K ig'jg1,hm ' ' l"E:'k,.,,u4.fA' EM i -,A W u i I " .fgff ,V lin- 'N 'f ?f--- 'J YEARBOOK QUEEN: NANCY PETERSON 5 3, CLASS QUEEN CANDIDATES: Top: Norma Johnson, Freshman Cenfer: Seqrid Rifrer, Sophomore BoHom: Sfevie Srrorn, Junior .V X 9 "JW . 1+ I 251 mg' n K -.v,:N.i, .fsf iv Sgiif' Huw mg? r I88 3, , , '- Ms? " f :M , ,. vi 2 X' 4 -2 , 'I . .5 -ivy? Z . .,s sis 1 J '5 f?' Z as ,"'H,4g , f x X xx X1 '-. 4, Q9 L f wr 1 J' T , 'I W 5 'f 1 V V ' 'Y J bf. 5 ' ' E 'V 2 if 3 .4353 H 1 ' E L nf if 3 "4 .Y If ,af 'F ills. 4,,f1.mff.'2 in '92 A .X Nw' , if aj , M3 if k .g -'r -,. ill! rs l 'iv ilff Wfllwifffi, Q 8' wvvnlwiii 5 . 4 -,ff ww ' 4-in 1. 4 .. wi wit K Sw' W A an A :Rf in I QE? gg A KA M A ww if is Nl: 'Gawr X ,. nk 1 i- . .. ff Y il 2 4 1 99 K 1 by ,559 . j TYQQ' .EX A A I -Q A 'QL.g , , ' 1. if 1 R s ' Q e 'fs . ' vu 1 W1 is l . A-s I 1. 1 1 6 ,. z ,, 3 4 5 1 Q.. ,Q Z ELECTIONS Winn:-M P91 Y' -,f--me - r -' xv , ,,.w,..- ,. ,1 s,,.., W, sw-.w rv W .. Q., W ,, X, f, .,. 1-:flee 15' sis fy ten, is ,, 3, 2, , ,, F. 4. ... ,, , W, im ,,f.,A1. fi. ws-lain -- "' 4- 2 1 Q 'nfs-:V 2 ' 'iv 1 i , K P .ww , rp " ,W - b f, M A y V ff fl' 15 ' 53554 A Ni 1L Z y ii A The cast direclred by Mrs. Weidman, was as follows: ti' 'gap Q, ' L A Miio Aicoii, Ken Ri ko: Dais Durdie, Carol Thorn son: Dr. I M .. 5, P Y P +251 ' ,fn I1 .A 'L-44 5,4 Rober+ Dorsey, Jim Newquish Honey Wainwrighr, Linda Lans- f"'y if,7jfE'ii Si' gli. downe: Minnie Tonka Srnallfiower, Doiores Bardon: Jack Dou- ' "9 'FB' I gal, Lonnie Frese7 and Mr. Windgafe, Gary Wrighi. ,, ' Wendy Morcic was s'ruden'r direcior. assisieci by Alecia i A W yy Y if Grimes. fvilfi":1f'5iL3?,:i5 'V il" ' ' 4 w f? 1 ?9iGfa,'3s --5 ':. fish!" Q . r ,sr1,,,5 an 4, ,L , 4 gf ,E w 3,4 Zhu: 3 if . 5 ii 3 1 y 13 552 .sm W 1' 2 ' 1 I . F f :nfs " Y '-:WRX ' L , .2 is 6 Teh JUNIOR PROM STRANGERS IN PARAD!SE was 'rhe Theme of 'rhe annual prom 'this year. Beawriful decorafions and Hue music of Larry Cabral creared Hue se1'+ing for a wonderful eve- ning. v.-4 ya if +L! . . , X 1 if , an ..' .1 -L Q is ' 30. :A- AL me he H- " ge 15,5 gl 174 , K -A 1 W . I L- J' .--1:ic ,' . if ,L i SENIOR SHOW "Hope you liked our show CHANNEL '59l The Seniors had fun bringing if To you." ' 1 as- "When we gradua+e, We'll have memories. Tracli+ion we will pass along +o you! "Now i+'s lime +o go. You have seen our show. The Senior Class of '59!" - .5 ., . . Fig " ..'5tfEiHe1::i. 4 ,Wfw.:E,,11,,m.i,,i, ,W A JW 9 4- 535151 A ,,, -Q 'F' s 5 ,E ff 25 In Kg " I .a.11e'?e'2:?f1a' mszzzsmg . A , 3 Xa J Y f 5, ggi? i 1 f" RX 1 1+ 9 "Q, ' 433 2: -f ' ' 1. .. -, 1' ff 1,,x3,fg, .fu 552 ii my 1 K S 3 x g Qi 4 , ,Q A Q 'sf W u 3 V ., ' .if -af A Q ,al W ' a 54? Q5 5 ' ' 'AY b . ,,f' 5 ii G gt X. yn? H E I x , M a L Q, I gm ga aQmVm,3,, , 1.1. 4' if fwwix K Jlfywiifx QW 'QM 2 .Ju 5 Z2 Finial mx fi E Q ' 1 - ' . 2 3 H., SENIOR be BIT V SBSH BD fQF1?9ihi'i95fSfdfefhe wing infiiudedzv dv' ffamnfic panic- h1i,ri1efkjyQR:A,nne and shaf- 'QQQE g1j.1eq,ua4iiy .franiic hum- bef, ' i Angels"--in ,SQi'6'bpefQsf4f,i'-.en.d a ioveiy 1SGngjf'6radUa+ion' Day"' by Sefi1:ifii.ieCks6n,i'Tired Sen- iofs be iseen sleepin' sfae c1w'fehe nexi day. SENIOR BANQUET The Seniors enjoyed a nigirl' oui of dinner and dancing af Hwe I-loiei Ciaremoni' in Berke- ley. L. The Senior Class of I959 presenfs SOUTHERN SYMPHONY I0 p.m. - 5 a.m.. June 9, l959 Arroyo High School "A+ The Senior Ball ...we danced 'lil Three . . . and lhen you gave your hearl lo me . . . we'll ree member always . . . " A soulhern garden paradise . . a formal . . . walerfalls . . . music of Leo lvlallari and Ray l"lacl4eH , . . a brook wilh goldfish . . . green planls . . . a while dinner iaclqel' . . . a flower . . . a garden swing . . . dancing feel' . a five a.m. brealclasl, , T Ez., W ' K Q , , , X 5 li 1 5-, 58 SY, 7 N! ,W 'w 7 fri,- !"' r r -W ,, ff 1,57 ,. I 7 'M NP md :. hav' 1 x I 1 I F!! 'f 'Q 'F' ,Q ., -1, 0 Wxw N4 O kygkmfue ff' iff in H K ,. ' 1 55' ,,,. EV., ig 'fgtifg A ..zs3? W A' ff M 1 f M , QQ 'V , A 5' I ff , ' . . W - , S L, k 7 ,W L Q ,,, V mx , ,L 4 - ., I ., - if A' if W ' wif ,fm .agp , K, -If 'WJ I M A mg k 1 'Q ff . L, 3 J' I Q - 3, Q , -5' J Q ' ,Ag F? 'Q Q ew gf" m, f 55.5 mg 4-5 5, ' W5 Q 4 A .f '- ' W 1 .W , A"'? K 1 'aw , A W 5 . ' -' .:' :fl . - - M.... .' .sfff4sff"' f -. -' 'V 'Tea . is-,WV -.ffgggwf x -1.,-:f ag WM af. 1 , 206 QW ,fess?'5?i5:' ., ..I-'? F ,.... an 1 x in YN? kyvk ix ' f I KAW, J. A f an 4 A g A 9 - 'fb 1 L lif F ":"A D A f Q 'ZJQ E ing?-'Qi . Wiz :f iii. 1 55 IV h 1 Wmtfw, 2515? f ' ,AAA L . 1, , m.., S I Lffffefa 2, 11"f:-fp: 1, ,Q ,xr ,wifi zs::,saw1..i,-. ., 1 ,, , 'sfs2,':v'w.'rz ,zf":'1ffaf,f?f?z2.zx..f, 4 1' " 'K ' jffv , ,3,g5151Q25fffgsniggggg4zsfieiagh22f:'1f"f4,:1ff "iff ,v ,gm ' b-"' -f zgggiujjgg -xffwxesfzee siwgay -l , -""b'--wr-:L "" ,w ,N.N, ,J , ' W- 4 .QM l gvxtw 1":ff4,..,g,,,,i3gb,r, i ' '- f ,E- KV b, 4 922' , hh ., ll 5 lr A frff 'TW' we 3' :ffl 1 al Q if 555-:Zig .f if s S 5. Adams, Wanda: Meg, 2: 2-H 3, 41 G.A.A. I, 2. Aguiar, Pairich: Transfer 2: Swimming Team 4: Boys League, Alexander, Louise: A Cappella 3. 4: Class Show 3. Alfisi, Tony: Boys League, Allan, Harrief: Class Council 2: Sludenl Council 2, 3: French Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3, 4: C.S,F, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4: G.A.A.: Class Show 4, Allen, Elaine: Meg. 2. 3, 43 Yell Leader 4: Sludenl Council 2: Class Shows 3, 4: Spirit and Moral 4. Alfamore, Richard: Boys League. Archuleia. Alberlz Boys League. Afkinson, Jim: Besl Looking 4: Boys League. Au+en, Roberlz Foolball l: Track 2: Baseball 3: Srudenl Council I: Boys League. Ball, Sfeven: Boys League. Barnes, Pairiciaa 2-I-I 2, 3: A Cappella 3, 4. Baron, Bob: Boys League. Barslow, Phil: V, Baskelball I 2, 3, 4: V. Track 2: Block A Sec. 4: V. Tennis 3: Boys League. Bales, Judy: Class Show 4: Sr. Banquel 4: Sr. Ball Dec. Comm. 4? G.A.A, Bafes, Terry: Cross Counlry 2: German Club 3: Science Club I. Bauer, Eddie: V. Foolball 2. 3, 4: V. Baseball 2, 3, 4: V, Base kelball 3, 4: Block A. Beesley, Richard: Boys League, Benfon, Bob: Foolball 2, 3: V. Baskelball I, 2, 4: V. Baseball 2, 3, 4: C.S,F, I, 2, 3, 4: Block A. Berger, Bob: Baseball 2, 3. 4: Boys League Block A. Bergman, Judiih: Girls League, Besson, Laurine: C.S.F. I, 2, 3, V. P. 3: Drama 2, 3, Sec 3: Class Council 3. 4: Class Shows 3, 4, Belfs, Benny: Track I: Foolball 2: V. Foolball 3, Bickerdyke, Jerry: Boys League. Birk, James: Boys League. Biork, Shirley: Transfer 2: G.A,A. Girls League: Jr. Prom Dec. Comm. 3. Black, James: Boys League. Bodner, Lawrence: Transfer 2: Boys League, Bohanna, Jim: Baskelball I: Boys League: Cross Counlry 3, 4' V. P. German Club 4: V. Swimming 4: J. V, Wreslling 3. Bolhmann, William: Boys Lcfaguc. Boyer, Julie: Sludenl Council 2: 3' Class Council 4: Class Show 4' Sr, Bal' Dec. Comm. 4. Bradbury, Janice: Gifs League. Bradford, Sieve: Boys League, Broder, Barbara: Yel Leader I: Spring Play' Drama 3, 4: These plans 4: Class Show 3: Arl Club I 2. Brugger, Claylonz Boys League, Bryanf, Doyle: 2-I-l V, P. 27 Chess Club 2: C.S.F. 2' Boys League. Burns, Gloria: Girls League, Buller, Raymond: Transfer 3, Boys League: V, Baskelball 4. Camisa, Diane: Class Dance Chrm. 2, 3, 4: Srudenlbocly Sec. 4: Treas. C.S.F. 3: Sfudenl Council I, 2, 3, 4. Campbell, Carol: Mosl Talenled Girl 4- Class Dance Enl. Chrrn. 3, 4: Class Show 3, 4: Exchange Talenl Shows 3, 4: A Cappella 2, 3, 4: Fashion Show I, 2, 3, 4, Campbell, Ron: Foolball 2. 3: Class Show 4: Sludenr Cou I, 2: Block A: Wreslling Sr. Ball Dec, Comm. 4. Cannon, Terry: Block A: E League. Canirell, Loren: Track 3, Block A: German Club 3, Service Club I. Carlson, Alberfz Boys Leagi Carlson, Science League: Carllon, 2, 3, 4: Ed: Sr, Class V, P, Club lg Block A: E Arr Club I: Foolbal Brad: Srudenl Cou Block A: Foolball 2 Carpenler, Kennelhz I League: Baskelball Mgr. Tennis 4. Carrer, Dale: Boys League, Casfillo, Roberl: Boys League Caufield, Lamberlz V. Fool 2: Baskelball 3: Boys Lear Cheney, Lois: Transler 2' cheslra 2, 3 4' Meg. 3: C Show 4: Sr. Ball Pub. Chrm Clark, Jim: Boys League. Clason, Nicholas: Boys Leag German Club 2, 3. Clennell, William: Block Band 2, 3 4: French Club 3 4: Ad Mgr. Paper 3, 4: C Show 4. Cline, Barbara: C.S.F. I, 2 4' G-.A.A.: French Club 2 4: Band cil 3: CI I 2, 3: Sludenl Cr ass Show 4, Coffie, Palriciaz G.A.A. Cornelia 2: Frenc s, Ray: Sluderir Col. h 3 4: Newspaper 3 Class Show 4: Class Councl Corrie, Sid: A Cappella I, I 4: Sludenl Council 3, 4: M Club Pres. 3: Boys Lea Treas. 4: Track I, 2: Dr Club Treas. 3, Cox, Roberlz Track 2, 3. Block A: Foolball 2: l League. Faria, Barbara: Transfer 2: Craik, James: V. Foolball 3, 4: V. Baseball 3, 4: Sfudenlbody V. P. 4: Sluclenl Council I, 2.4: Boys League Sarg. Al Arms 3: Block A. Crawford, Rilaz Sludenf Coun- cil I, 2: Meg. 2, 3: Bid Chrm. Class Dance 3: Sr. Pickle Sale Chrm. 4: Car Queen Cand. 4: Class Shows 3, 4. Creighlon, Gailondz Boys League. Criss, Shay: Meg. V. P. 3, Pres. 4: Sluclenl Council 2, 3, 4: C.S,F. 4: G.A.A.: Class Show 4: Newspaper Slafl 3, 4. Crocker, Sandy: French Club Sec. 3, 4: Sludenf Council 2, 3. 4: Class Show 4: C.S.F. 4: Meg. 2: G.A.A. Cunningham, Sandra: Spanish Club 2: F.I-I.A. I, 4: Class Glalm, George: V. Track I, 2, Show 3, 4: 2-H Club 2, 3: Meg. 2, Curlis, Curlis, Cusick, Dobbs, Daves, Linda: Girls League. Pauline: A Cappella 3.4. Palricia: G.A.A. Guila: Girls League. J esse : Foolball 2, 3: Wrestling 2: CLD Baskelball I: Block A: Boys League. Day, Parricia: Girls League. Debeling, Karen: Class Council 4: G.A.A.: Class Show 4: Girls League. Delfino, Gloria: F.l-l.A. l. 2: G.A.A.: Girls League. Dial, Joanne: Sfudenf Council 2, 3: Meg. I, 2: Sr. Banque: Enl. 4: Class Show 4. Ebilson, Janel: Transfer 2: Slu- denl Council 2: 2-I-I 3. Edlund, Rollin: Marching Band 3, 4. Edwards, Barbara: G.A.A.: F,l'l.A. 3: Sludenl Council ' French Club 3, 4. Ellis, Roberl: Ar: Club 3: Drama Club 4. Erickson, Barbara: Newspaper Ed. 3- C.S.F, I, 2, 3, 4: Sla- lislician 3, 4: Honor Science Soc. I. 2, 3. 4: G.A.A.: French Club 2, 3. Escobar, James: Boys League Evans, Douglas: Boys League Evans, Jon: Track 2, 4: Cross Counlry 4: Foolball 2: Block A. Eno, Fleurelle: Transfer 3: Spanish Club 3, 4: F.T.A. 3, 4: C.S.F. 3, 4. Fain, John: Transfer 2: Boys League. Fargo, Sandra: G,A.A. C.S.F. 3, 4' Sludenl Council 4: G.A.A.: Spirif and Moral 4. Faria, Frank: Boys League. Fellhousen, Dave: Spanish Club 2' Marching Band 3: Class Show 4. Fimreife, Peggy: C.S,F. I, 2. 3, 4- Meg. Club I, 2: Copy Ed. Yrbk. 4: F.T.A. 2: Arr Ed. oi Don Beal 4. Fink, Jacqueline: C.S.F.: G.A.A.: Jr. Prom. Dec. Comm. 3: Sr. Bail Dec. Comm. 4. Ferguson, Valerie: Girls League. Fireslone, Harvey: Service Com m. I. Fischer, Connie: Jr. Class Counc. 3: Meg. 3: G.A.A. Fisk, Sondra: Transfer 3: C.S.F. I. 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: Girls League Sec. 4: Class Rep. 4: Class Show 3. 4: Meg. 3: Spanish Club 2. Filzpalrick, Judy: Girls League. Fong, Moon: Transfer 2: Boys League. Freais, Joan: Sluclenl' Council 2, 3: G.A.A.: Meg. 3. Ford, James: Boys League. Freeman, Virginia: Girls League Pres. 4: Awards Comm. Chrm. 4: Sludenf Council 3, 4: Class Shows 3. 4: Sr. Ball Dec. Comm. 4. Fries, Jn Ann: Transfer 2: Girls League: Class Council 4. Froisness, Valerie: French Club 2, 3. 4: C.S.F. 2: Maiorefle 3. 4: Class Show 3, 4. Frosl, Donna: Girls League. Fung, Mary: Transler 3: C.S.F. 4: French Club 4: Sec. 2-H 4: Class Council 4. Gallelfi, Darlene: Head Maior- elie 2, 3: Song Girl 4: Meg. I, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Class Queen 3: Class Show 4: Ex. Talenf Shows I, 2, 3. Fary, Frank: Boys League. George, Lynnelle: Girls League. Gerace, Phil: Boys League. Gibson, Maurine: Girls League. Giel, Daryl: Boys League. Transfer 3: Giesea, Dennis: Football l: Boys League: La+in Club I, 2: Class Show 4: Slu- denf Council. 3, 4: Block A: Foolball 2: News- paper Slalf 3: German Club 2, 3: C.S.F. 3. Glazier, ,Wayne: Mgr. Foolball 4: Mgr. Baskelball 4: Mgr. Track 4: Sfage Crew 2. 3. Glover, Kenny: Transfer 2: Boys League. Gomes, Mildred: Transfer 2: Girls League. Goodrich, Rosemary: Girls League. Gordon, Lynn: Arl Club 2: Boys League. Sluder Prom Dei Comm. Co-Chrm. 3: Chrisrme Dance Dec, Comm. Chrm. I Sr. Ball Rel. Comm. Chrm. 1 Chrm. I Graflon, Maurine: Council I, 3, 4: Jr. Hello Dance Dec. Soph. ,Hop Dec. Comm. Chrn 2. Graham, Darrell: Boys Leagu: Grasher, Beverly: Girls League G.A.A.: F.T.A. I: Meg. 2: Fasl ion Show 2. Gray, Donald: Boys League. Gray, Thomas: Boys League. Grigg, Ronald: Boys League, Class Show 1 Gunn, Bruce: Boys League. Gurley, Palfy: Sludenl Counc 4: Sr. Ball Rel. Comm. 4: F,T.! 2: A Cappella 4: Sr. Ball Po Comm. 4. Guslafson, Linda: F.I-l.A. Drama 2. 3. 4: Build an Groun. 3: G.A.A. Newspaper Hammer, Michael: Dance Ban 4: Boys League. Hamplon, Nancy: Meg. I, 2, I Sfudenl Council I, 2, 3: Mus Club I, 2: Drama Club 4: Cla Show 4: Band 2, 3, 4. Hanes. Bruce: Boys League. Hansen, Dane: Arr Club I Boys League. Harringfon, Roy: Transfer I Wresfling 2: Track I: Bo: League. Harris, Janice: A Cappella 2, 3: G.A.A.: F.H.A. 3: Tale: Show 2: Girls League: Fashic Show 2. Harris, Willis: Boys League. Haskins, Lloyd: Boys League. Hassler, Michael: Boys Leagul Halley, Jess: Boys League. Hauswirfh, Larry: Boys Leagu Havencroff, Warren: Germs Club 2: Boys League. O Haynes. Ronald: Boys Leagu Heclr, Jo Nell: Girls League Treas. 4: C.S.F. I, 2, 3, 4: Sr. Ball Tick. Chrm. 4: Finance Comm. 4: Meg. I, 2. Henderson, Judifh: F,T.A. I, 2: G.A.A.: Meg. I. Hess, Michele: C.S.F. I, 2, 3, 4. Sec, 3: Sludenf Council 2, 3: Class Council 3, 4: Newspaper Sfaff 2, 3. 4' Class Show 4: Bids Chrm. Class Dance 3, 4. High, Geraldine: Girls League. Hodglrins, Sue: Sfudenf Council 3, 4: Spiril and Moral 3: 6.A.A.: C.S.F. 3, 4, Hollander, Kennelhs Swimming 4: Baseball 2: C.S.F. 4: Siu- denl Council 4: Boys League. Holmes, Jeanneffe: Sfudenf Council I, 2: G.A.A. Holi, Larry: Foofball 2, 3: Bas- kefball 2: Ari' Club I: Boys League: Class Rep, I. 2. Homeier, Jacqueline: Sr. Ball Dec. Comm. 4: C.S,F. 2. 3: A Cappella 3, 4: Class Show 4: Class Council 3: Pres. 2-I-I 2. Kafhleen: Edifor of Hood, News. 2, 3: Town News Ed. 4: C.S.F. 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3: German Club 2, 3: Sluclenf Council 3,4. Hoslcins, Kenf: Boys League. Howlefr, Jaclr: V. Foofball 3.4: V. Wresfling 3: Black A. Huer-Ia, Virginia: Transfer 2: Girls League. Irvin, Raymond: Boys League. Ivey, Mary: Transfer 3: G.A.A.: Girls League: Spanish Club l, 2: 2-H 2, 3, 4. Jaclrson, Janice: Girls League. Jaclrson, Sandra: Sfudenf Coun- cil I: Class Show 4: A Cappella Pres. 4: Fashion Shows I, 3: Fiesfa Comm. 4: Fall Conceri 3, 4. Jacobs, James: Boys League. 2l2 Jancilr, Eslherz G.A.A.: Girls League: Ari Club 2: Phofo Club I. Jansen, Roberla: C.S.F. 2. 3: Sfudenf Council I, 2, 3, 4: Ari Club 2, 3, Sec. 3: Class Show 3: Srage Crew 3. Jensen, Clarlr: Boys League. Jesus, Gilberf: Sfamp Club 2: Sfage Crew 4. Johnson, Everelf: Chess Club 2: Railroad Club 2, 3: C Bas- Icefball 3: Arr Club 2: Boys League. Johnson, Sharyl: G.A.A.: Class Council 4. Jones, Kafhryn: C.S.F. 2, 3: G,A.A,: German Club 2, 3: Class Show 3: Girls League: Sr. Ball Pub, Comm. 4. Judge, Donald: Boys League. Judy, Charles: Boys League. Kandler, Jane: Pres. German Club 4: V. P. Journalism Club 2: C.S.F, 2: G.A.A.: Girls League, Kayo, George: Transfer 2: Foofball 2: Boys League. Kelly, Edward: Boys League. Kerlres, Harmon: Boys League: Dance Band 3: Band 2, 3. Keuler, Clifford: Transfer 3: S.B. Pres. 4: V. Tennis 3, 4: V. Baslrelball 3, 4: F. Ed. Paper 3, 4: Sfudenf Council 3, 4: Block A. Kidolis, Cosefle: F.T. I: Arf Club I: G.A.A. Kibby, Jerald: Transfer I: Sci- ence Club 2, 3: Boys League. King, Joan: Girls League: Meg. 2: F.I-I.A. 3: G.A.A.: Fashion Show 3. Koch, Carol: Sr. Ball Dec. Comm. 4: G.A.A.: Girls League: Sr. Banguef 4: Arf Club I: Service Club I. Kohlmeyer, Gary: Transfer 2: Bays League. Kohlmeyer, Jean: Transfer 4: Honor Science Soc. 4. Kopchalr, Jacqueline: Class Council I, 4: Sfudanl' Council I, 4: Class Show 4. Kress, Ronald: Boys League: Wreslling I, 2: Ari Club I, 2: Spanish Club 2, 3: Sfudenf Council I, 3. Kyes, Sharyne: Drama Club I: G,A.A.: Spanish Club 3. 4. Treas. 4. La Brie, Ryan: Baslcefball 2: Boys League: Sfudenf Coun, 4. Lampe, Ronald: Transfer 2: Boys League, Lamblon, Barbara: Ari Club I: Spanish Club 2: Girls League: Srudenf Council 4. Landis, Jaclrz Boys League. Lani. Judi: Arf Club 2. 3: Drama I. 3: G,A.A.: Girls League: F.I-I.A. I, 2, 3, 4. Lassefer, Carolyn: Arf Club I: Girls League: G.A.A. Lassley, Charlolfe: German Club 2, 3: F.T.A. I: G.A.A. Lalhrop, John: German Club 3, 4. Lawrence, David: Sfudenl' Council 3, 4: Block A Pres. 3, 4: Track 4: Mosl' Afhleric Boy 2, 4: Foofball I, 2, 3, 4: Wres- fling 2, 3, 4, Lee, Barbara: Girls League. Lee, Jaclr, Transfer 4: V. Swim- ming 4. Lewis, Clinfon: Sound Crew 2, 3, 4: Boys League. Logan, Nancy: Girls League. Londagin, Mary: 2-H 2. 3, 4: Service Club I: Spanish Club 3: G.A,A. Lopez, Beffimae: Girls League. Lorenfzen, Mary: Sfudenf Coun- cil 3, 4: Class Show 4: G.A.A.: Girls League. Lofz, John: V. Foofball 3, 4: V. Baseball 2, 3, 4: Boys League: Class Shows 3, 4. Lowe, Karis: C.S.F. I, 3: Class Council 3: Sr. Ball Refr. Chrm. 4: F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4. Lund, Karen: Girls League. Lund, Saundra: Sfudenf Council 2, 3, 4: Meg. 2, 3, 4: Yell Leader 3. 4, Head 4: Chrm, Spiril' and Moral 4: Ex. Board 4. Lynneffe, George: German Club 3, 4: Sfarnp Club I, 2, 3, 4: Music Club I: G.A.A.: Spanish Club 3, 4. Lyons, Julia: Sfudenr Council I, 2, 3.4: Song Girl 2, 3: Meg. I, 2, 3: Class Show 4. Maclr, Melvin: Boys League: Sfudenf Council 4. Magann, Ken: Boys League. McGee, James: Boys League. Maifland, Anne: Newspaper 3, 4: French Club 4. Mann, Ralph: Transfer 2: Base- ball 2, 3, 4: Foofball 3: Block A: Class Council 2, 4: C.S.F.2. Manfineo, Rosemary: F.T.A. I. Marr, Carla: Sfudenf Council 3: Class Council 4: Pub. Chrm. Class Show 4: Meg. 2: Sr. Pic- nic Comm. 4: Journalism Club 4. Mars, Allen: Boys League. Marlin, Gary: V. Traclc 3, 4: V. Foofball 2, 3, 4. Marfin, Jaclr: Class Pres. 4: Fiesfa Chrm. 4: Class Shows 3. 4, Chrm. 3: Sfudenf Council I. 3, 4: Mosl' Popular Boy 4. Marlin, Mary: C,S.F. 2, 3, 4: F.B.L.A. 2, Treas. 2: Meg. I: G.A.A.: Newspaper Sfaff I: Girls League. May, Lucille: Girls League. Mayfield, Olefa: Meg. I, 2: G.A.A. Lynne-He: S+uden+ T: Class Shows 3, 4: irl 2: Class Council 3.4. Carol: C.S.F. l, 2, 3, Club V. P. 4: GAA.: Science Sociefy I, 2. Council 4: Meg. I, Sharyn.: Girls League. Kenneih: Baskelball 42- Boys League: BeHy: Acr. Band 3, 4: G.A.A,: Girls Vera: Srudenr Coun- arrd Grounds 3. Ron: Adv. Band 3, 45 Band 4: Boys League. McCracken. John: Boys League. Melia. George: Boys League. Roberr: Boys League, Carolyn: Sr. Ball Dec. Girls League: G.A.A.: cil 4: Hope: 6.A.A.: 2-H , Frances: Siudenr I: Fall Concerr 4. Marge: Transfer 2: 4: C.S,F, 3, 4: Girl 2: Slaff Arfisr 4: Meg. 2, 4: These David: Boys League. Marilyn: F.B.L.A. 3: Dorofhy: C-5.A.A. Mfohr. Erhel: Sr. Ball Dec. Comm. 4: Class Council 43 Girls League. Monfalbo. Linda: Class Council 31, 4: Sludenl Council 2: Chrm. Sr, Wills 4: C.S.F. l, 2. 3: F.T.A. l: GAA. Moniel, Siephenz Transler 2: Foosball 2: Siamp Club 2, 3. Pres. 3: RR. Cub 2: Boys League' Cass Ccurr' 4. Moore, Pal: Vs Leann' Moreira, Ron: Boys Morris, Sian: Sr.,'im'i Cruricil 2: Drama 4: JnL."5lii:n CMF? Morris, Janice: lransfer 2 Gif? Leanne' ,fX.l'l Smfiewl Siam My. Moschelii, Ron: 77',s LeafgLe. Mulyany, Ann: Class Sroxy 4: Fel Concerl 4' GRN' Qu Ea, Lies, Cofrm, 4 Sr Bri Pcs. Coirry 4: i5 f-va 4, Muoz, Joe: Easvical l 2 3 4: Tennis 3: 3 QL fx- Say: League. Murphy, Marcia: Gir' Leacue. Myers, Russell: 'Crack 2 T: Yrrvh. Sfafi 'Z 3. Myers, Shari: Leagw. Needles. Linda: Girig league. Nelson, Joan: Gris League Nelson, Fredriclrz irarsfer l: Marching Sand 3 4: German Club 3: Bard Council 3, 4. Neille, Bill: Boys League. Newfon, Leslie: Eoys League. Newquisl, Jim: fa Cazmella' Boys League. Nickerson, Marquerire: Girls League. Nuilal, Roy: Boys Leaga O'Hare, Judirh: G.!N,A.: Fash- ion Show 3' 2fl"l 3. Oldfield, Jim: Wrcslling 4' Track 2, 3 4: Elocl- A, 23, Olivan, Fred: A Caopele 4' Bashefball 4: Class Sho:-1 4, Banquel Fri. 4. Oliveria, Alfred: Boys League. Olson, Rae Jean: CSF. 3, 4. Ornellas, Fredriclr: C.S.l3. 3, 4: Boys League: Soind Crew 3, Orfega, Dennis: Class Council 3. 4: Boys League. Parlrhursr, Charles: Boys League. Perry, Marilyn: Transier l: A Cappeia l, 2 3, 4: Siuden? Ccuncu 23 ivusic Club 2. Perry, Richard: liorflaal l 2, 3,4'Trac24'Vfr:s'l'f12'3OyS League' Class Show 3' ROCK fi. Peierson, Frances: A Capceln 4: lyiusf: Club 3 4: Ururr N43 icreile 3: Class Show 3' ivi 1 2, 3: l3.T.!-X. l. Pelerson, James: Cross Ccxrffy ,. , ,, 2,3 4' lrags 4' Nresiirwg l . Peierson, Nancy: Meg. 2, 3: Cass Show 4: Class' Courfl 4' Vick. Queen 4' S. Eel Ed Ccrryrr, 4: flag! Lacing Srl 4. Pelerson, Ted: V. iiscioal 5, 2 3 4' Ecu A' Boyz League Trees. 4. Phillips, John: V, Track l, 3, 4: V, Cross C3.i"ry 3, 4: Vlrezf llrg i 2, 3. Phillips, Roberi: :icy Picard, Juclilh. SE. Trers. 4: Assoc. 5.5. Tins, 3: 'Xlewfzigcir Sieli 2, 3, 4: S1 Pail Doc. Corvrn, Chrm 4: Crrr-, Pharm Cowinn. 4' C.S.l:. 1 3 4. Pierce, Thomas: Boys League. Pike, Sandra: CSF. l, 2, 3 4: GJMA. Cass V. F. 3: Class Cciudi' 3: FTA, 4: 2-l-l V. P. 3. Pres. 2. Piicher, Kennelln: Trensier 2: L, - Moe. Bfrys leaf 'A Piller, LeAnn: SAA. Pinriey, Sieve: Easebali l 2 3. 4' Bashelbaxl 2, 3, 4' C.S.E. l, 2 3 4, Pres. 3: icys S'a'f: Rep, 3: Block A' A Cepoela 3. Pirie, Lynn: Gifs League. Polaslre, Philip: Boys Leagc-. Powell, Jacirie: Transier 2' Slu- den: Council 2 3: Smdenr Gov. Shir. 4' GAA. Price, Sharyn: C:,A.A.' Girls League. Prilcheli. Joseph: Ears Lea 7 Profumo, Fdiih: "-'rl' Lee' Quiel, Camilla: r fr.: We Rainholi, Larry: 'L ry ,, Rerhbun, William: lr l J. . i. . , Raymond, James: Reposa, Sandra: L l-2 Richardson .l-Jan: -f- lf' R,gq:ns. Joanna: l Riplrc, Kennelh: 'C' L 1 ' . l A . r Rirz, Paul' Q- .z if" Roherrs, Georgia' 'Y i Robinson, Joan: ', f' f Rollman, Sharon Romero, Frances Rose, Gary: ft l Rose, Greg: T Rudolph, Sandra: CF , Lf Rurrer, Carol: KE r 1 lf'5c1 Ryan, June' US li 3, 4 dirl 2 3 4' S A 5' lffz fran Ci?" 'T."t:'g 7 3 Sarri, Barloara: fi' , i 771 V 4 pu ij' ft ,x .- if 7- isa 55-, Salo, Marcia: V' ': ,'X": 2 3 T C125 F -' Fd X L:-1 4: ' 2 J Sanderson, Phil: Fry? l a Sands, Sharon: Wi' Clk: 911- C'f'3 4' Frer: 2 3 4. , f , Sands, Wally: Foolball 2, 3. 41 Tennis 3. 4: Wresiling 3, 4: Block A: Siuclenl Council 2. 3: Boys League. Schlusberg, Sieve: V. Swimming 4: Mixed Choir 4. Schneider, Michael: Boys League. Schroeder, Harold: Boys League. Schuberl, Ernie: Boys League: Baskelball 2. 3: Baseball 2: Band I, 2. 3: Sporls Ed. Ga- zelfe. Schulz, Gerald: Foorba'l 2, 3, 4: Baskeiball I, 2: Block Ag Boys League. Sharp, Jesse: Boys League Shields, James: Foc:ba'l 2' Wreslling 2, 3, 4' Track 2: Block A. Shusler, Gary: Band I 2. 3 4' Dance Band 4' German Cllr 3' Raily Band 2, 3 4' Fiesla Comm. 4. Siegel. Joan: Girls League. Silva, Roberl: Boys League. Skinner, Carolyn: F.T A. I' Girls League. Smilh, Jim: Boys League' Track I, 2: Wreslling I. 2, 3. Smilh, Ralph: Sc'enco Cub 3: Class Show 4' Ciass Cosncil 2' Wreslling 3. Snelling. Herbert Boys Leary Snello, Bob: Boys Le-ag Soares, Gil: Track 2' Bbgk Ag Sluclenf Council 4: Boys League. Sorenson, Neil: Band 2' Rally Band 2, 3: Service Club Ip Drum Maior 3, 4: R.R. Club 2. Souza, Lawrence: Rally Band I 2. 3, 4: Music Fed. 3. 4' Dance Band 2, 3. 4. Souza, Michael: Wreslling 2: Boys League. 2l4 Spencer, Gail: C.S.F, 2, 3, 4: 2eH 3: Girls League. Slabler, Jim: Boys League. Sfaph, Deanna: Sludenl Coun- cil I, 3: Girls League. Slevens, John: Rally Band l, 2: Siudenl' Council 3. Slewarl, Mary: G.A.A.: F.T.A. I. Slewarl, John: Boys League. Slewarl, May: Girls League. Sirachen, John: Boys League. Slraclr, Don: Boys League. Slraclc, Bob: Track 3: Boys League. Slraley, Lora Lee: Girls League. Sirorn, Lornie: Class Council 4: A Cappella 4: Class Show 4: Meg. 4. Sudbury, Jill: Transier I: Class Dance Dec. Comm. 3 4: Sr. Class Treas. 4: Meg. I. 2, 3. 4: Sr. Ed. Yrbk.: Mosl Popular Girl 4: Sr. Banque: Comm. 4. Summerliord, Nancy: G.A.A.: Music Ciub Treas. 2 3 42 C,S.F, 2' Sluclenl Council 3: C'ass Council 4. Suppe, Dick: Transler 2: Class Show 4: Tennis 3: Track 2' Slu- denr Council 2, Class Council 4: Chrrn. Sr. Picnic 4. Suydam, Anila: Transfer 2: 2-I'l 4. Swim, Kalhy: Yell Leader 4' Meg. 2, 3, 4. Tenney, Lynne: Class Council 2. 3: Class Sec. and Treas. 2' Slu- deni Council 2, 3, 4: Class Show 3, 4: Meg. 2, 3. Thayer, Diane: Drama I: Sec. Ari Club 3: Journalism I. Thomas, Donald: Boys League. Thomas, Lana: Co-Chrm. Sr. Banquet 4: French Club 2: Newspaper l: Ari Club I, 2: Drama I: Class Council 4, Thome. Pafrick: Transfer 2: Spanish Club 2: Foolball 2: Track 2, Thornton, Rodney: Boys League. Thorpe, Jani: C.S.F. I. 2, 4: Sludeni Council I. 2: Class Council 3: Meg. I, 2: J.V. Song Girl 2: Class Show 3. Todd, Bonnie: Class Show Chrm. 4: Co-Ed. Yrbk. 4: Girls Srale Rep. 3: Siudenl Council I: F.T.A. l. Tourliloil, William: RR. Club I, 2: Spanish Club 3, 4. Troop, Barbara: Meg. 2. Troop, Carol: Meg. 2 3' Class Show 3: Class Counci' 4: Yrbk. 3, 4, Assl. Ed. 4, Truesdall, Jim: Boys League. Tyralroslri, Linda: Exchange As- semblies 3 4. Vanerwegen, Gloria: Sludenr Council 2: Coflio. Yrbk. 4: Class Council 4' Meg, 2. 3: Class Show 3: En+er. Comm. Sr. Ban. 4. Vaughn, JoAnn: C.S.F. 2 3, 4: Girls League: Class Dance Dec. Comm, 3, 4. Viele, Michael: Boys League. Vilchelr, Pafricia: Gifs League. Walasek, John: Boys League. Wallers, Malcolm: Boys League: Baseball I: Block A. Wallner, Elaine: Girls League. Ward, Harry: Foolbal 2 3, 4: Block A: Track 4' Sgi. al' Arms Boys League 2. Walson, Jim: Transler 2: S.B. V.P. 3: C.S.F. I 2 3 4: Base- ball 23 Track 2: French Club 3, 4: Siudenf Council l, 3. 4. Way, George: Baskerball 3, 41 Block A: Sfudenl Council 2, 3: Saieiy Council 3: Boys League. Weaver, Dave: Boys League. Welch, Fred: Football I, 2, 3. 4: Wresfling 2. 3, 4: Baseball 2: Student Council 4: Block A: Class Show 4. While, Sharon: Drama I, 2, f G.A.A.: Meg. 2, 3: Class Sho 4: Sr. Ball Dec. Comm. 4. Williams, Craig: Class Shows 4: Exchange Assemblies 2, 3. Williams, Michael: Boys Leagui Williams, Mona: G.A.A.: Gir League: F.T.A. 2, 3. Williams, Palricia: Sludei Council 2: Class Sec. 3: Cla Council 2: Posler Chrm, J Prom 3: Chrisimas Show I Chrrn. Pro. Class Show 4. Williamson, Thomas: Boi League. Wilson, Carol: Song Girl 2. I C.S.l:. 4: Class Sec. 4: Cla Shows 3. 4: Class Dance De Comm. 3, 4. Wilson, Dave: Class Council 4: Sludenl' Council 2, 3: Ba kelball 2, 33 Tennis 3: Track Wilson, Peggy: Siudenl Coui cil I: A Cappella 4. Windham, Randy: Foolball 4: Track 3: Siudenl Council 2. Wood, James: Chess Club 1 Baskelball 2, 3: R.R. 2, 3. Woodside, Sally: C.S.F. I, 2. I Sfudeni Council 2: Class Cour cil 3: Class Show 4: Don Bea Ed. 4: G.A.A. Wright, Palricia: Class Counc 2. 3: Meg. I, 2, 3, 4: Cla Show 4. Yarnell, Kirlr: Golf 2: Wre fling 3: Boys League: Sluder Council 2. Young, Marvelle: Sludeni Cour cil 4: Drama 3, Zeiler, Sarah: C.S.F. I: .lou nalism Club 2, 3, 4: Gir League: G.A.A. Richardson, Charlene: Gir League. Acarn, D. llb Adair, Debra IIO Adam, Elizabelh Adam, Walfraud Adams, Jerry II5 Adams, rrey 120 Adams, Wanda 57, l48 Adank, James IIB Aenderson, Donna IZ4 Allonso, Myra IZI Aguiar, Donald IIZ Aguiar, Geraldine I27 Aquiar, Jerry 75, I27 Aquiar, Parrick l48 Albury, David II7 Albury, Terry Il3 Alderson, Chuck Alexander, Floyd Alexander, Louise 42, l4B Alsisi, Tony I4B Allan, Harrier 50, 54, l4B Allen, Ca9herine 58, I27 Allen, Gordon Allen, Inger 58,127 Allen, J ohn I27 Allen, Margarer 35, 39, 59, Allen, Nancy 42, 127 Allen renr 59, 115 Allred, Larry IIO Almanrode, Mary Lee 54, 58, l20 Almanrode, Susan II5 Allomar Allman, Allman, e, Rich l4B Harry I27 Tom Alworlh, Elaine Baker, Baker, Baker, Leona 58, IIB Marcia l23 Penny II3 Bale, Shirley I27 Ball, Sieve I4B Ballenger, Karen IZ7 Ballew, Vickie I23 Barclay, Dennis I27 Bardon, Dolores 32, 39, IZ7 Bardon, Mike 74, 95, II3 Barlow, Howard I2B Barlow, Richard IIZ Barnard, Thomas I2B Barnes, Donna IIB Barnes, Pa? 42, l4B Burnell, Pamela IZI Baron, Bob I49 Barr, Margene 56, III Barsfad, Linda II6 Barsiow, Phillip 39, 76, 77, 77, I49 Barfle, Janice Barrie, Janice Bassell, Dave 92 Basvin, Raymond I24 Bafes, Judilh I49 Bares, Kay II4 Bales, Marie IIB Bales, Richard 92, l28 Bafes, Sharon I22 Bales, Terry 42, I4B Bafes, Vivian I24 Bauer, Eddie 3l, 65, 69, 78, 79, B8 I49 Bauer, Jeff I49 Becker, Judy 55, II4 Borhman, Kalhy ll2 Bofhman, Rich I22 Bolloms, Sandy Bolrorff, Diane II7 Boflorlf, Mike 4I, I24 Bofrorff, Nancy IZB Bowers, Janice Bowen, Warren l23 Bowers, Janice 55, l28 Bowers, Mary Bowman, Wickie Il6 Bowser, Kathy IIO Boyer, Julie I47, I50 Boyer, Ruby Boyle, Kalhlene Il2 Braafen, Tim 89 Bravec, Joan I22 Bradbury, Annice l5U Bradbury, Janice I50 Bradford, Steve I50 Brady, Jodi Brady, Pal Braeger, Gene Brainard, Mickey 38, SI, IZB Brainard, Paf IIB Brauch, Dixie Brawand, Sharon II9 Brecheen, Sharon IZB Brechlel, Lynn SB, IIZ Brennan, Palsy ll4 Brennecke, Carol l20 Broder, Barbara 52, 55, ISO Arl' III Arnaral, Pal II3 Amaro, Thomas Arrldor, Bonnie IIB Amdor Mike II4 Anderson, Charles IIB Anderson, Dell Andersen, Don Anderson, Chisline IO7, II4 Anderson, Dudley IIZ Anderson, Fred III Anderson, Jerry 9l, lI3 Anderson, Ralph Anderson, Warner II5 Andrade, Bruce II7, l20 Andrade, Linda I22 Andrade, Ron Ansley, Linda IIZ Anrhony Jerry II4 Anlirien, Roberl I27 Apple Lee 109 Apple, Phil 9I Arener, Chuck IZ7 Arennlese Aleerr 14a Arqenlo Kathleen 43, 51, 55, IZ7 Ariefa Albert Arrn1neenl,Jene11e 127 Arrnalrenq, Bill 92, 111 Arrnslrong, David I27 Annsrrenr, Ron IZO Arnold Drryid 85,91 127 Arnold rzeberv 95, l24 Arnlenr, snaren 127 Arl1ins,Ron I24 Alrnnen Gary 72, 199, I27 Aflrlngen, George 123 Arklnson,Jarr1es 14s, l8l Aner, Den I27 Anernrn, Michael 109 Ausmus, Ren 127 An1en,ne15err 14a Ayers, Kalhryn 58, IIB Avery, Warren 114 Baca, Annabelle 32, 57, I27 Bacheilder, Sharon 57, II5 Bachman, Denise 55, I27 Bacon, Lorraine IIB aeqnes, Diane 54, 124 Bahr, Dixie IIB Bailey, Richard I27 Baker, Darlene 26, SB, I24 Baker, David 72, II5 Baker, Diana I23 Beckman, Bill 72, IZB Bedsworfh, Bob 98, IIB Beesley, Richard 52, I47 Beinecke, Judy llb Belcher, Will IU Bell, David IZB Bell, Russell IIB Bellinghausen, Ann 37, l2B Belframi, Charlofle IIO Benavidel, Joe 7l, Ill Benemalis, Paul I22 Benlon, Roberf 54, 76, 77, 79, as, BB, I47 Berger, Bob Bb, I49 Bergman, Judilh I49 Bergren, Ted I33 Bernardini, Don I22 Berlka, Andrea I22 Berluleir, Marilyn 50, 57, IZ6, IZB Besson, Laurine 38, 39, 50, 54, I47 I49 Besson, Thomas II5 sem, Benny 149 Bickerdyke, Gerald I50 Bierbaumer, Berry Biller, Ernie IIB Bilodeau, Roger ll2 Bircher, Larry I2l alrqe, Hal 119 Birk, Jim ISU Bishop, Sharon l24 Bierrum, James III Biork, Margaret II3 Biork, Richard II3 Bioik, Shirley l50 Black, James ISO Black, Marilyn II3 Blackford, Joe IZB Blackman, David 49, I09 Blaich, Sharon IZI Bock, Dianne IIB Bochme, Marie Bodner, Larry 3l, I50 Bohanna, Denese IIO Bohanna, James SI, l50, 95 Bohn, Karen I09 Bolles, Gary 74, 9l, IIO Bolesworfh, Richard Il3 Bondura, Mike II4 Bondura, Susan II4 Bonelri, Beverly II5 Borges, Bob 40, IZ4 Bosfrom, Dennis IIB Bofelho, Mike' I22 Bofhman, Bill I50 Brown, Brown, Bill Brown, Bruce II9, I23 Brown, Donald I28 Brown, Edward IIA Broder, John Brown, Judy IZ8 Brown, Tom l28 Brown, Henry Bruce, Calole I24 Brugger, Clarion ISI Brugger, Pamela 58, I24 Bryan, Dawn II9 Bryan, Kay IIZ Bryant, Doyle l5l Buchanan, Larry l2U Buchanan, Linda Burhans, Leslie 74, IU9 Burns, Gloria I47, ISI Burrell, Brian 75, II7 Bury, George Buller, Bruce I28 Buller, Doreen I28 Burler, Keren IIA Bufler, Ray 76, l5l Buffer, Sieve II9 Byrd, Joan II6 Byrd, Nancy 54, 57, I26, IZB Carpenter, David 65, 95 Carpenfer, Ken 76, I52, 98 Carr, Sharon 54, SB, II5 Carroll Carroll Carroll Carier, Carfer, Carfer, Carler, Casey, ,Kathleen I27 ,Nancy l29 , Tom IZ4 Dale I52 Pal I09, IIZ Sam 74 Torn 65, 67, 70 Eugene IZO Caslillo, Roberl' I29, I52 Caslro, Dennis IIZ Casfro, Larry I24 Callin, Peggy Cafon, Cliff II2 Caufield, Lamberf l52 Canfield, Norma IZ9 Cerro, Mary I09 Chadborne, William 74, II5 Chancey, Deanna I29 Chapman, James " Chappell, John II9 Cheney, Lois 152 Cherham, Alfred IIZ Chinn, Dorofhy IZ9 Chinn, rea ao, II5 Christian, Pam ll6 Christian, Fanny 56, II3 Chung, Sandie I29 Churchill, Jim' Churchill, Sandra lil cisrr, .nm 152 L L' L LL Clark, Nancy 58, II7, IIB f Clarkogi Riohard T H2 T ' ' L' Clarke,.'Sharon-I H9 5 LL ,. L- ,A , Cleaves, Wallace 51, 53, 54, 129 Clerndns, Lorraine 'I29 ,I fi ' 5 L icimiesi,,siii aa, isa: K L Cline, 'Barbara 50, ISI L ' 'Clui-ie, Tim 54, l29 I K ' Coates, Stan i'98,:I29I Li Cobabi. Susan LH6 Cobleigh,iSandra, HS' W L -Codaran, Haroid' lf? i ' I ' Qod99llF.1Gag:ot 'IIZ L. L: Codington, 'John 73, 82, 89,fll7, Gofiie, Patricia F52 I i I 1 Cole. Frank L72. 89, 429 , - i Coler, Pat Ll29r L L I Camus. Stevie 32, 59, iisf J 1 Cbliiiui K. 5l.55,58: g i Combos, Janet Condlt, Dennis Condo,Cheryi - : 9 i V Qmine.sriiL I L L comin. Kun 'iw Coriklini Norman canngssm its 'L L Cook. Patricia ,l29L , , Cooper,'Ann 555,422 if '- L -Cvsiperfielgd, Percslinia , 2 Cvfbo. Fm-kL ui L K K scam. s. so K g Co-rnellus,iDlane ,It9, L Cornelius, Ray 36, i52 , Cornwall, Lowell' l23,- Correia, Kathleen -il-22' L H Coffin-Biff 95illl9 y L carers. Bonnie L L K ' K i Canis,-siaiisy 29, ai, 39,-43, L isz . L L L L L L. Cory, Annette 56, no 'A Costa,fTosnf H3 ' L: , 5 Courtwright,-Gary HSL L ' Q Cour'Nri9Ilt,LSharon' 5i, Sb, IZ? Oouid, Diane' l29 f K ' W ' " W Cox, Bob L 92LLl53 , L L M 3s,gi2,K5a,LmLL L rzv v K K ci-sri. sim K22.Kz7, '65, ss, 61, es, faa,s7,isa' KK f LL - Cranston. Greqords ,S4Q 92,1 B0 Craven, Carolyn LSQ, l22 , I K Crawford,-Jerry I245 I Crawford,Rlta l53K A , Crawford, Sandy ill I Creaser, Bonnie lid V f Creighton, Gaiiand- 153 LK I Q Cflili Sharon -36,L54Q 53. l53 f Crocker, Sandra ,50,LI53 I 1 L Croft, Susan? 54,124 A r I Crouch, Elizabeth Q ' , Crouse, Gaw' 74, ill Crowley, Jim Il? I ' Croyle, Janet' '54, l20' Croyle, Robert Kl30 Croiidr, George 5 lla i Crufi. Jerry lllK f L1 , -- -Cumririnqs, Anna' l30 L Cummings, Beatrice' 'Cunhagdorane 109,152 ' 5 L- Cunlifieflacki, ' L f KK ,L L Cunningham, ,Barry 67, 72,K'7X, '00 89, IZ4 - gi L L 1 X g ' p9""ll59I'Fmi,5if!dY L51 Sig iS! Curtis, Linda l53 V' L ' 'L Curtis, Orson rss' 5 " K ' Cuirtis,LPaulirie 43. A53 , K eifvftfiiieer- -'vdr l2sK Cusick, Patricia ISS Dailey, Elaine 57 ' - Darnqen, Darlene 59, l24 Dapnrorr, Kathryn lil Dahioli. Wilfiam , I :ie 9 'I Dansky, Dave Danson, Jeff Darden, Arthur II3 Daug, Jess Daves, Bob 40, 85, l30 Daves, Jess 4l, l53 Davey, Linda Il? Davidson, Elizabeth ID? Davilla, Joe IZI Davis, Carol l30 Davis, Carolyn ID9, l30 Davis, James 92 Davis, John Davison, Donald 25, l08 Dawson, Don Dawson, Mike l30 Day, Jan II3 Day, Pat l54 Deasy, Tom ll6 Debeling, Karen I47, l54 Decena, Frank l24 DeCoite, Edward l30 Deering, Dennis 52, l30 DeLagarza, Violet l20 Delfino, Gloria I54 Dellr, Ron l30 DeMello, lrene I24 Dempewolf, John IIB Deshaires, Diane II4 Despinoy, Joan l26, l30 Dewey, Alice l30 Dezotte, Irene l30 Dezotte, Art 74, 95, l20 Dial, JoAnne l54 Diamond, Diane I2Z Dickson, Janet ll4 Dobbs, Guila l30, I53 Docili, Marvin IZ4 Dolan, Ronald Donahue, John II3 Doss, Steven I22 Doudna, Desiree l30 Doughten, Kathryn II3 Doughten, Peggy l30 Downer, Sandra l30 Downing, Louise 58, I22 Doyle, James IID Drabilr, Bonnie l23 Draggee, Steve 55, 95, I30 Dreisbach, Carolyn II4 Dreisbach, Sandra Dube, Kathy 59, Ill Dubose, Kathie ll5 Dunn, Jim ll2 Duvall, Sheryl I24 Eachan, Pat IZI Earl, Christine lll Earl, Lee 74, ll9 Eason, David Ebel, Georgia ll8 Ebitson, Janet l54 Eckman, Walt 65, 66, 67, 85, l30 Edlund, Judith I lb Edlund, Rollin 4l, l54 Edmundson, John l30 Edmundson, Ronald II4 Edwards, Barbara 59, IS4 Edwards, Elizabeth l09 Edwards, Kathy 40, 50, 57 Edwards, Leona 55, l30 Edwards, Loren IZ4 Edwards, Eich, Luc Steve lle 26, ll9 Eiferle, Sue ll7, I24 Elliott, Barbara IIS Elliott, Don IZI Ellis, Bob l54 Ellis, Linda 55, II3 Elster, David 37, l30 Ely, Betty II3 Ely, Patricia 58, I20 Emblem, Jeanne IZI Engberson, Curtis Engelhardt, Arnold IZZ Engelstad, Gary II4 Epperson, Sharon IIZ Erickson, serum za. as, sa, 54, is-1, :ez Ernest , Jeanette I23 0 L Escobar,Jim 50,44,51, in, I5-1 L i Espin, Ruth l30 Esser, Janet H3 Estores, Tom l23 Evans, Douglas IS4 Evans, Jon lf54 Evans, Ken 56, IIB L . Evans, Mika H6 Evans, Richard 65, 79, 86, l3il' Evans, Terry l30 Evans, Thomas l22 Eveleth,Jorry 92, IZ! ' Evanwfl, Joanne- 50, 57, 'IB Evertt. Diane, Eno, Fleurette 56,155 ' Fain, John 'l55 K Fanger, David 26, SS,-18, ll4, Fanger, Henry Sl, 95, 126 Fargo, Richard II4 - Fargo, Sandra I55 Faria, Barbara 54, l55 Faris, Frank ISS ' Faria, Jolm II4 f H Farley, Jim L Farwell, James l22: W Fash, Bonnie' Sl, i3l I FUSE Hobart: ll,0L Faullriver, Mike II3 Fee, Hugh 86, ILBI rsiiows,,iLuay iaLiL Felthousen, Diaye- I47, ISS Felton, Ronald K' l-IS' Fenton, sob is! L L LL Ferguson, Gary Sl, 55, 95, lil Ferquaon,fValarle- 1 Fenandes, Donna l22 Fernandes, Pat 55, l3l Ferreira,'DarrdIlL' 74, ll? Ferro,David 80,93 L L Fiedler, Hubert 65, LB, l55 Filler, Jamesf l20 - Filler, John Lllb f L V, . , Fimreita, Peggy, 38, 54. l55 L Finamofe, Gary IZ61 F Fink. Dan rs, lil L Fink, Jacqueline E55 Finkes,.l'ulia' H4 ' i Firestone, Harvey JISS' - Fischer, Connie I55 Fischer, Doug I ' , Fish, Dennis' 43, 80, l3l Fisher, Dale 56, Ill L Fisher, Gerry' 57, 9l, HZ ' Fisk, Sondra 30, SQ l47, fl56 L Fifa,-lane I3l L, , L L L Fitzpatrick, Judy Lli56 Floviers,iBud' -il4' V I Flynn, Barry I22 Fong, Moon 50, 156 Fbnlano, Ted l23' , Ford,gJarnes 155 , Foreman, aiu us' Fosier,'Donald IZI' Forsyth,iGary 98,'99,-'ISI Fersrfh. Sherry H8 Fowler, Cliff YISI Fowler, Dudleyf 123 Fraley, LaVonna H6 L Franklin, Robin 32, 59 Fratos, Tommy Freais, David ll5 Fraais, Loan l56 I Freeman, eawinen ' K K Fmmr., virginia zs, ao,L3v, 156 Froiths, Ken l23 ' Frese, Lonnie '51, i55,fl3I H ' Frrssqueg, Darlene 59, 'l3l Friedman, Dave l Friedman, Lewid Fries, Joann i56 Frdisnesx, Valerie ISL Frost, Donna 156 Fry, Barbara 53 3l ll0 ' Frye, Bee l0B l20 Fuhr, Pete l3l Fukerson, Jolene Fung, Mary 57, I55 Furtado, James ll9 Futscher, Mike Gabrilson, Rod 26, Sl, 95, l3l Gagann, Ken Gaipa, Micaiel l20 Galrin, Terrence IZ3 Galan, Yvonne l3l Gallagher, Dan ll9 Galletti, Darlene 33, l56 Galli, Ronald l23 Gamaza, Michael l09 Garcia, Donald ll5 Garcia, Yvonne Il0 Gardner, Gary IIS Gardner, Sharon Garriqan, George l3I Gartin, Stephen IZZ Garwood, Roy 74, IIZ Gary, Frank 4I, 44, 50, 57, l56 Gary, Steve 109 Gasill, Karen l3l Gaudette, Donna IO9 Gautreaux, Sidney Gebhard, Sharon ll6 George, Lunette l57 Gerace, Alex I24 Gerace, Phil l57 Gerdinq, Gary I IB Gerlach, Ken l20 Gerrard, Jim II3 Geyer, Alvin l09 Gibbons, Mike l2l Giblin, Barbara Giblin, Bernice l22 Gibbs, William l3l Gibney, Gary l2l Gibney, Gene 58, Ill Gibeson, Carol l32 Gibson, Kenneth II9 Gibson, Maureen l57 oiei, D Giesea, Giesea, Ginter, Gilbert orryl l57 Dennis 26, l57 Kevin lI1 Sue , Dennis II9 Gilbert, Dennis l23 Gilbert , Norma l32 Gilillan, Karen l32 Gillam, Gillam, Gimbel Ginter, Bob I32 Gary II9 ,Charles II3 L. ll0 Giordano, Bernard I I6 ' n Giovan Girata, Glahn, ini, Gene Joe Audrey 58 Glahn, George I57 Glazier, Basil l20 Glalier, Wayne 65, 86, l57 Gliedt, Daniel 80, 89, II3 Glinlr, Alan l32 Glomb, Cheryl ll0 Glower, Kenny l57 Godwin, Floyd ll2 Goen, Jerry l32 Golaszewslri, Lance ll0 Gomes, Mildred Gooch, Sharon Goodfellow, Dean 92, l32 Goodiellow, Marilyn Ill Goodrich, Ann 59, iw, IIB Goodrich, Mary I57 Goodwin, Ron IZI Gomez, Steve ll5 Gordon, Lynn l57 Gove, Gary Grafton, Maurine l57 Graham, Darrell l57 Gramoglin, Vincent ll0 Grant, Bill I32 Grant, Charles 89, II9 Grasher, Beverly l5B Qevqaasg senses, Erie? 1 5nae.5fP2wi1ff 4 9 zguanfefh Dane juss' ' r ,ljefferlxan,',Pa'l'l'ieia 21337 B-an'-2 nz gli-9159?-?llE 355 ii 5 i Bfeiybonhi 132, easy, Lynaaig us fi fi Gray, Thomas EISBQ '- Grica,2Pel'e FISZ: of6al,,2wcnser Y A gamnwaqa, .lean lm, 14, so, 123 Grifllfhsgiiil us 3 - Sins-as Mr-feia fgllfln I I Rider ROP H592 ii - enaseyg nanny Iam, Gijniief. ,Alicia 32, isz, ss, I32 Grelile. 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Patricia lg!! 2, r,l-rarrisam .learn-a, gsr, ,IZ4 Heilman, Gail Heinlein, Joann Henderson, Alan III Henderson, Craig 95, Il3 Henderson, Gayle Henderson, Glenda II3 Henderson, John 82, I2l Hern, Pal' 33, 59, I33 Herlzig, Linda Herrick, Brian I33 Hervey, George I33 Hess, Michele 36, I59 Heywood, Roberl l33 Hiall, Charlene 50, 55, 57, 58, IIB Higbee, Leora II8 Higbee, Judifh I33 High, Geraldine I60 Hildbrand, Don I23 Hildrelh, Sharon I3Z Hill, Dennis I33 Hill, Janel Il2 Hill, Leland Hill, Linda I26, IS3 Hill, Hill Phyllis II6 Rila l33 Jackson, Janice l6l Jackson, Jim Jackson, Sandra 43, I6I Jacobsen, Glenda Ill Jacobsen, Marc Sl, 52, 55, 37 Jacobs, Jim 38, I6I Jahlonski, Frank James, Ron Jancik, Esrher l6l Jancik, J, no Jancik, Melvin Janes, M, ll0 Janelzko, Lolhar Sl, 53, 54. l34 Janehlro, Regina Jansen, Roberlo I6l Jardan, Michael 40 Jardine, Glen IIO, 95 Jensen, Adah 59, IZ4 Jensen, Clark I6l Jensen, Marilyn l2I Jessie, Pan 55, l23 Jesus, David 40, IZ2 Jesus, Gilberl 52, l6I Jimenez, Dolores 58, IZO Jimerson, Chesler Hilliow, Mike Hillon, John 9I, II3 Hind, Carol I33 Hinlon, Phil 92, I33 Hinz, Rod 98, IIZ Hirsch, Carolyn I33 Hiscock, Judy Hilzfeld, Grelchen Hobbs, Joyce I33 Hochler, Maureen II2 Hodge, Carolyn III Hodge, Dave III Hodgkins, Sue I60 Hoflman, Ronald 56, IIO Hogan, Carolyn I33 Holre, Palricia 26, IZ2 Hollawder, Kennelh I60 Holler, Pam I23 Holliday, Don 65 Holm, John 85 Holm, Karen I33 Holmes, Jean l60 Holi, Larry l60 Homeier, Jacqueline 42, I60 Homer, Sherrie Hood, Kalhy 26, 37, 36, 54, I60 Hooper, Marcia 26 Hooper, Marilyn Johannes, Neronic I34 Johnson, Beverly IZ4 Johnson, Bill IIB Johnson, Bill II3 Johnson, Bud Johnson, Everell I6I Johnson, Jan II4, I34 Johnson, Joe 92 Johnson, Karen I34 Johnson, Myron IZ2 Johnson, Norma II6 Johnson, Robela 9l, I34 Johnson, Rodney 82, 83, II6 Johnson, Sandra SI, 59, I34 Johnson, Sharyl I6l Johnsion Jerry Ill Jans+an,'Jam is-1 Johnston, Linda 58, l34 I2l Jones, Carol 56, 58, Jones, Claudia IO9 Jones, Carolyn Jones, Charles IIO Jones, Ernie Jones, Jon l34 Jones, Judy I22 Jones, Kalhryn I6I Jones, Randy II5 Jowes, Palsy l34 Judge, Don l6l Horner, William 53, 54, l33 Hosino, Barbara II4 Hoskins, Kenl l60 Houge, Alice 5B Housley, Roger 120 Howard, Garry lI2 Howard, Sydney 43, I33 Howell, Dennis Howlefl, Jack 7I, l60 Howry, Dave I33 Hubins, Rockland IIO Hudson, Bob 55, I2I Hudson, John IIO Huerfa, Virginia l60 Hughes, Jeffrey 92, I26, I33 Hughey, David 72, 92 Hurlburl, Peggy IIB Hulchison, Lucille 55 Hulchison, Sharon l33 Hulchison, Winnie I09 lcanberry, John 99, IIB lngebrelson, Gary 54, 76, 78, 79, 86, 87, I34 Irvin, Raymond I60 Irwin, Bruce II5 Isham, Loan I23 Ivey, Mary I60 Jabl onski, F. 95, IID Jacchsen, Marc I34 Judge, Sandra Judy, Charles I24, l6l Judy, Cynlhia 26, 58 Judy, Linda II4 Jurgens, Jerilyn I34 Kahn, Marry 59, Il3 Kahn, Sleve I34 Kandler, Ronnie I62 Kaninen, Grela II8 Kayo, George I62 Keeler, Bill 98, IZ4 Keisner, Craig II9 Keisler, Dwight II5 Kellogg, Marcia l20 Kelly, Diane IIO Kelly, Edward I62 Kelly, Palricia II7, IZ2 Kennedy, John IIO Kennedy, Weldon I09 Kenny, Kalhy IZI Keuler, Cliff 26, 27, 76, 79, 99, I62 Kerkes, Harmon Kibby, Jerry Kidolis, Ciseffe I62 Kidolis, Marian I08, II4 King, Don II6 King, Gary King, Joan I62 Kinkade, Linda Kinney, Don 72, 80, Bl, B9, IIB Kirlraldie, Ken 92, IZ! KirkIand,Joyce I34 Kier, Ken I34 Kleinsasser,-Lana lI2 Klapich, Pal 37, 40, so, 57, 134 Knighf, Dianna II4 Knop, Lynn II9 Knox, Carolyn 59, I22 Koch, Carol l63 Kohlmeyer, Gary I62 Kohlmeyer, Jean 53, I62 Konze, Palricia Koons, Slephen Il8 Kopchak, Jackie 147, :sz Koshiver, John II3 Kolecki, Nancy 56, II5 Kress, Leilani Kress, Ronald I63 Kruger, Susan 34, 5I, 54, 58, I23 Kucala, James 74, 92, II3 Kruse, Marlin l34 Kyes, Sharon 57, I63 Kyllo, Sharon I20 Labella, Sam I34 Labrie, Ryan I63 Lacey, Mary Jo l34 Lackey, Rhoda II5 Lacy, David 49, II6 Lacy, Leroy I35 Ladd, Sandra lI2 Lahti, Dianne Il0, 56 Lamberf, Sandy IIS Lampe, Ronnie I63 Lamblon, Barbara I63 Landi, Judi I63 Landis, Jack I63 Landis, Marie ll2 Landis, Sheryl II3a Landry, David Landry, Sieve 82, II2, 92 Lane, Donna Il2 Lane, Kalhy 59, II5 Langley, John Langslon, Jeanne 59, II9 Lani, Judilh Lansdowne, Linda I35 Lansdowne, William IIO LaPlanl, Rose Ann Laranio, Sharon LaRose, Delores LaRose, Ronald IIB Larson, Larry Lasseler, Carolyn I63 Lassley, Charlolfe I63 Lalham, Ernesl' 74, II6 Lalhrop, John SI, I63 Lawrence, David 65, 70, 85, IBZ I63 Lawrence, Rebecca 59, IZ2 Lea, Ronald lI2, 98 Leaman, Suzanne I08, II6 LeBaIlisler, Judie I35 Lee, Barbara I63 Lee, Evan I24 Lee, Jack I64, 95 Lee, Jean I35 Lee, Richard Lee, Roberl II2, II5 Leighlon, Linda IZ2 Lembke, Roberl 72, 95, 99, l35 Lenl, Marie IZ4 Levine, Henry I35 Lewallen, Bradley 42, I35 Lewallen, Ted II6 Lewis, Ann II9 Lewis, Anlhony . Lewis, Clinlon I64 Libbach, Diana I20 Lichly, Jim III Lillie, Dennis 5I, 40 Lind, Caren I2I Linda, Larry 52, l35 Lindguisl, Olli l20 Lisowski, Cheryl IZI Locke, Leroy l22 Lockharl, Lynne II9 Lockwood, Don I35, 40 2I7 .- fs li Files-1 - -. 1, ,. lsfs R E! fi 5 QQ? Sv ,li , 51 MQW neg: Pm? gil? arf. , y jf if is ii wink s .ji Q: cf- 2 ne' sg 11. Mama ' Ie , , r . 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Repoerl, Don II8 Ressa, Karen 30, 50, 57, 40, l3B Reynolds, Donna 54 Reynolds, Jaes I38 Reynolds, Larry I2I Ribeira, Pal Rice, Dave 95, IIB Rich, Ernie Richards, Connie I24 Richardson, Charliene I79 Richardson, Diana II4 Richardson, Gary IIB Richardson, Joan I7I Riche, Larry 44, II4 Richey, Larry 40, I22 Rielzke, Bonnie 59, I2I Riggins, Joanna I72 Rike, Thomas 54, 92, I38 Rike, Trudy Rikey, Bob Riley, John Ringwood, Mike l23 Rinder, Carol 42, l3B Ripko, Kennilh 52, I72 Risinger, Belly llb RiHer, Sigrid 58, II7, I22 Rilz, Louise Rilz, Paul I72 Roach, Carles ll6 Robarqe, Donald lI0 Robbers, Mike Roberts, Barry Roberls, Georgia I72 Roberls, Lynne II5 Roberlson, Carol I08, II5 Robinson, Billy l3B Robinson, Janice ll5 Robinson, Joan I72 Robinson, Jon IIS Robinson, Sally 126, l38 Robinson, Suzie IBB Rodrigues 9l, IIS Rodriqes, Shriley I38 Rodriques, Tom l23 Rodriques, Anna Marie l39 Roilon, Sian Rollo, Shirley l20 Romero, Frances I72 Rosas, Frank II6 Rose, Belly lI2 Rose, Darlene I2Z Rose, David Ill Rose, Gary I72 Rose, Gregory I72 Rose, Karen lI5 Rose, Kalhy I24 Rose, Rosalie I39 Ross, Adam Ross, Harold Ross, Terry 54, l0B, Il6 Rossum, Gene 80 Rourke, Colleen 38, I39 Rowe, Gary Rowe, Pamela Roy, Mary 58, l38 Roy, Rila Il0 Rozunahl, Fred Rudolph, Glenna Rudolph, Leo Rudolph, Sandra I72 Rucker, Dave l3B Rudolph, Shriley II? Russell, Bob 49,40 Russell, Diana Ile Russell, Sherrann l22 Ruller, Carol I71 Ruwch, Linda Ryan, Mike Ryan, June 27, I72, 25 Saari, AI Saari, Barbara I73 Saari, Sandra 4I, I39 Saier, Don 49, I09 Salem, Claudia Il2 Sala, Earl 54, II4 Sale, Marcia 38, I73 Samuels, Sandra Ill Sanche1,Lewis IZ! Sandan, Darrel I20 Sandau, Joyce IIS Sanderson, Phil I73 Sandes, Charles 49, IZO Sands, Sharon 50, 52, IT3 Sands, Waller 65, 7I, 98, I73 Sanford, Bill IIB Sanfios, Reber? II9 SaPP. Mary III Sarqenf, Darrell 65, IS9 Safariano, Rick 95, II9 Saunders, Rosales Sawdey, Kathy IIB Schellenbsrg, Ardelh IZI Schanosky, Therese IIO Scherer, Susan IIB Schiedef, Gayle 54, 59, I39 Sclriosherg, Linda Schlusberg Schlusberg, Slove 92, I73 Schmauch, George Schmilfi, Rodger I24 Schoenberg, Roland II9 Schram, Donna l22 Schreiber, Lillia Schreider, Michael I73 Schroeder, Harold I73 Schubeff, Ernie 36, 44, I73 Schieder, Richieder I39 Schuck, Joan ll? Schulz, Gerald 3I, 55, 7I, l73 Schulix, Mike IIB Schumacher, Carole 50, 44 Schureman, Dale 92. 93, I39 Schureman, Jane? 58, I22 Sciorlino, Mal l39 Scofr, Barabar I23 scan, Jam ns Scoil, Judy Il5 ScoH, Marilyn II3 Scoll, Mary 58 Scolf, Sue I39 Scruggs, Eugene l39 Seat, Thomas Ill ' Selles, Bill I23 Sample. Russell l39 Simpson, Dianna Shaffer, Lloyd I39 Shaofier, Sharon lI2 Shannon, Kaihleen Sha'rp,Joss I73 Shaw, Kay 43, I39 Sheehan, Kathleen l39 Sheffield, Scoif Sherod, Carol I24 Shields, Jim l73 ' Shim, Leroy IU? Shipman, Ray II4 Shrewsbury, Lunn SI, 59, I20 Slsuslsr, Gary 44, I74 - Shuster, Jerry II4 Siegel, Joan I74 Sikes, Sylenera Silva, Alberf II3 Silva, Dennis I39 Siiva, Fred IIB Silva, Jean Silva, Robari I74 Silvdira, Carol Silvoria, Geraldine Sim, Ruberf I24 Simmons, william N9 Siporen, Mark, IS9 Silwllc, Roberl I39 Skelton, Holly -IIO Skaar, Sandra IS9 Skinner, Carolyn I74 Smales, Shirley Smarl, Robert ll6 Smifh, Barbara lll, I49 Srnilh, Barbara I40 Srniih, -Diane I20 Smifh, Gary I40 Smith, Glenn ,l23 , Smith, Jackie Mo Smilh, Jim 39, I74 Smilh, Joann I40 Smilh, Judilh I26, I40 Smilh, Judy l23 Smilh, Kay 58, I40 Smilh, Kenny I40 Smilh, Leon II3 Smiih, Marilyn II4 Smith, Pafrick I74 Smiih, Richard l2I Smiih, Sharon lI5 Smilh, Shelly lZ3 Smifh, Valerie l20 Snelling, Herb I74 Soares, Joan I40 Soari, A. IIO Soaves, Gil I74 Soland, Jim III Som me Sooih, rs, Lynn 58, I40 Rila l20 Sorensen, Judy I40 Sorensen, Neil I74 Souihworih, Brad 98, I20 Souza, Alice 59, II6 Souza, Danny 92, I40 Souza, Joeann I22 Souza, Larry 40, 44, 50, 57, I74 Souza, Mike I74 Souza, Sharon Sowers, Sylvia l23 Spangler, Sharon Spann, Larry IIB Sparrow, Carol 59, IIB Sparrow, Kalhie 56, I40 Speed, Nancy I20 Spencer, Gail 55, 57, I74 Spencer, Mike II4 Spicer, Jeff I24 Spindler, Fred Splichal, Leona 55 Slabler, Jim l75 Slabler, Michael I40 Slapf, Deanna Slagner, Bob Slapf, Beverly I24 Siapf, Jim IIB slaf, Ruben az, es, 91, II6 Slarkey, Marvin Il0 Slaller, Richard 89 Sl. Denis, Charles 49, II9 Sreadman, Bill 65, 73, 80, 86, 87, 88, I40 Siegel, Alan Slein, Bill l23 Sleinbach, Ed 9l, Ill Sieinwandl, Charlene Sleinbach, Raymond 72, 80, 95, I40 Sfensrud,Julie I24 Slerubeck, George I40 Slevens, Frank Ill Slevenes, John 44, l75 Slevens, Mary 58, IIB Sfevens, Mike 44, I40 Slever, Rickey Sfewarl, May l75 Slewarl, Carol I40 Slewarl, Mary H. l75 Siewari, Pal' 37, 55, I40 Sfewarf, Pauline lI5 Sfewarf, Sharon II7, l23 Siidger, Wayne l2l Sfocklon, Richard 82, 92, l22 Slone, Beverly 59, II4 Sioner, Pally II4 Slowe, Dennis Slrachan, John l75 Slrack, Bob l75 Slrack, Don I75 Siraley, Charles 9I, II4 Siraley, Lora 37, l75 Sfraub, Richard lll Sfraub, Sandra 37, l4I Slriplin, Maureen 5I, I40 Strom, Dennis Ill Srrom, Leland 54, 43, I47, l75, 26, I24 Slrom, Slephanie 43, 54, I25, I40 Slronge, Irene lI9 2l9 williams, eraig 4l, 44, ns, m4 Williams, Mona I7B Williams, Pal' Willimason, Tom l78 Wilson, Arlene ill - Wilson, Carol 54, l47, l78 Wilson, David l78 Wilson, Dave 123 Wilson, Jimmy ll5 wilson, Julie us Wilson, Peggy 42, l7B Wilson, Ray l23 Windam, Randy 65, 68, 42, I79 Windleld, Ted 32, 92, IZ4 Winlerborne, Dick MZ, 95 Wlrla, Dandra H2 Wise, Tommy ll3 Wifkovic, Jean Wolfe, Dawn IIB Wollner, Mary Woliner, Wayne IO9 Wood, James I79 Woodard, Ann 57, 58, IZ4 Woodling, Roberl' Woodlruff, Ronald ll5 Woods, Bob 92, IIB Woodside, Dally 39, 54, I79 Wood1elle,Sian l2l Wooley, Tom l22 Worden, Sandy 58, lI5 Worlhingfon, Richard l42 Wrlqhf, Bruce ll4 wfiqhe, Gary sl, 52, 55, l42 wsfgm, Pav 39, I79 Wulfesfein, Sheila Wrurn, Georgina l22 Yarnell, Robery I79 York, Mary 53, l2D York, Shriley Ill, 53 Young, Marvelle 43, I79 Zagami, Harry ll8 Zeller, Pafricia ll3 Zeller, B. Sl Zeiler, Sarah I79 Ziegler, June l42 Zierau, Michael ll0 Zin, Tommy 49, ll5 Zoggas, Deno Zoqqas, Diane ll4, ll? Zoggas, Tommy ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We would lllce 'lo exiend our appreciallon lo lhe Taylor Publishing Co. ancl S. K. Smilh Co. for lhelr help and able assislance in The procluclion ol our yearbook . . . also Kee Coleman Sludlos, Jimmy Fashinell, and Jim Walson lor lhe pholography . . . and finally lo all lhe facully and sludenls for lhelr co-operallon wilh summer delivery. TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The WorId's Besi Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" I y. H- px-'J-wa.:--f-u-4,.z,'-:r,fu.'n -Fur. 537 an "am 1. vya.1i W :rn1'1."t'ydH , c.1'1'Cy?J.1'i' ' A3I'If'lAyaI1 "'H1'I' Cyan V. 33' H HTTCYSH 3frCyaQ, HPTCYHR arrcyan HTTCYSD .arrcyan HFPCYGD arrcyan HTTGYEH arr0yan STTGYBR VHTTCYHH HFPCYER RTTOYHH aTTOyaH 'arrcyan 3 ,BH QTTCYQDQ HPTCYHR HTTUYBH HITCYED BPPOYHH HTTCYBD. 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