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Arroyo Grande High School - Aerie Yearbook (Arroyo Grande, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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vxx V 'N Hfvj ff . PM X257 xg, ki? Q9 1, 'FS 1 J .. ,Ax C2 gfw-lr T" Rf A A ' v3 --S fx ' Q xl Kel.. x fall - '. xfjv W 'X J xxx? ij- xii- TT: V W7 I My J xx yc r JG? T 1'fr 'm'x if . - W ,Q J R V ' 1, fins' ,Q k A . X, - I -QD., -fb Z7 -V at xx Ix- MNW ff i 3 X131-Ee , Qi S? J' f K ' i ' xv 7 Jf' .,. Ye ' wif ' jd 1 CN in wifi' xA x git,-P Q' fr MW 1 7 Q XR' X51 "L+-ff , W Wm -9' X109 Xxvxx I' ' KE-- W Qu A i fn V910 5 P757 4 fx ' K L1 I L-J .A fqfw x, + 115 ELT 'YP -3 Q W ' fi X iB fL X J? r Uv... gc, C50 W YA I QR Al KW Xu 'Ev,i'9fXx'L' U ' , 4 35' A. R , M! f if . fi elf is . 'Ti' X 4-.L ,rf rx ,K if NX FX NX faq C, Q X rv 13' ' X , , 1 , . fx . - H M Y R 5 " ,lg Y 3.1.4, ,W L ,V . my xg if T3 IJ' MEFAEV A fi 1 Q C4 fd, jj. ,V My 1 Ji XX :X if W fi My ,ff J, A K X , .r J 1. ,f , X .X , X , mv .QV f' Y. WJ' J f I U ML N X I 'Q H' N IXSXF i, Ixyv j ,UN J ,LA j Xvf J , X N i - ,N - xx " 19 ' M' W!! 'N 1-Q EN f+ -T, J 2 ivy, MEL ,rj fo N A Q ,R , K N X5 iff? w l -N A w gg NL Y U :U-'J' QQ 'X is NJ N KI Q - ' QR X1 YK X 57 ff M X xx ff' 0' fl. shi' N J Rial ' 'V If , 1 ' 'f v Kg, lk M, N X ' Q! if 1, ll. t QS I fa" UN ' , " 4155, ' "' - 'L jx H Y XV jx!! 5 A 1 X Y . f F" -'L 'vl ' 7 W 'g '- ' H LAY' fl! lvrijfpxv ,FV WL' b .-X H X, XX' x ig ky, JV 5,1 ,. " V N IJ J X fxxfj Q. QQJ, flix 'fx' Xuj: 39112, AVR' ' Lf N Q 3 xx mv K f , , gn . X ' . F' w' K . f yi I 9 Y!! Lx CA uexciiwfcfxfd Qi' 33,9 'SJW A-'V 5 1 H V NL JL if if Lf Gy Q! , S A- -5 J W.. 4 3 , Q-W '2-S 2 f' f ff 44 f' If . , , -52 ff' Q p N L x X , V x , I H ,V f i V 5 ,V In V fa! J ! ' f - Y Q' f 1, ' 1 2' ff J 1 f Q " A ff' . , fl f P' 1 f ' , -pf 7, fu A , If N .f ji ,f A . , d 'fp ,I fy H' A 'V 7 f' I 1 I f' " 1 1 3 Q I 5 ff' A Z 5, r , ,1 . N 5 f N X X . .Lf j .f X' X r Z1 1 1 N 2 - - Aon 1959 X AERIE JP 4 Kr' Publishedb me wwf, mf of ASSOCIATED STUSIENT B6rJYLj:,! ffm f f 0 fic- Sim-rg! 9lm5,14f,,4 A Arroyo Grande UQ,lQ!1',Jf 0 , L,,lf,4, J.- Hugh School X JA ,V f1.N.- ,.,',, Lf J. ARROYO GRANDE, cAL1FoR1A1Af2I"'J J' X 'Ig' I .A Wim 'X NANCY DAVIDSON, Editor BEATRICE SIMAS, Business Manager 2 S 1 1 , x r Q0 A' I 0 2 A ,W W WMMM 1 ' A , I E , fziQiJ ' in , .1 . I 6 ' ,v ' f , , 1 1 iqvfzjf FNKX 6 ' 7 u J V Kai 'X X 1 ,fu Y Af! :xx d'f f r" 0 V L 1 M 1 Qi I 4' 1, f ff! x ' 1' 'N X N 1 fl' x A 'X I XX X 'J V D .- W 1 , 5? x J ,nf X! X N ,. 1 1 ' x C J! I x J X pf j fl? w r r xr X xx lj 1' All r X X J dxf I 1 X , ' If 'X X N' I fy V 1 ff ' f f X ,1 1 U 3 X - X Vx? I N X I f Kxf. I. , -, . fx . i.. I x x J ' rx ri K' V NX K Y ul fx t X N X' N ! X X X .X x- x rx X REX 'x -Q .XJ .!' 'V 1 ' ix xi' NX r 'XY X1 ri, 2 ' N N .414 Foreword ln the l959 edition of the Aerle the staffwlll endeavor to present a pictorial view of the school year In the introductory and division pages we are displaying our school as the students see it every day Both the traditional cmd the modern are depicted through the architecture on our campuses Our Branch Street cam pus , now devoted only to the Frosh has many memorable experiences connected with it The gree n slopmg hulls, trees, and shrubbery are only a small part of utssngmfxcance The old brick school, the scene of learning for several generations, has the mellowed charm and character few schools can surpass. Our Valley Road campusis an excellent example of the latest and most modern type of school. We are constantly improving and enlarg- ing this campus. Our most recent additions are the library, gymnas- ium, and swimming pool. In four years we have amassed a breadth of knowledge, experi- ences, and acquaintances. After commencement each graduate will go on his own way but he will remember, by way of these pictures and stories, the hours spent in classes and activities in these buildings. ll So please pause with us now to have a look at "Our School. Nancy Davidson, Editor 4 A," 4 evplbr 4, s.4. 4 guy ng' A hi' 'z sl WM , , S 4. , , , .- ,. .. - ., f- , 'P N 3, f5,f,,.,, 1' 1 .. 1 .-z-,. Q Q' '5:L3.",'- -QQ' -,. 52 ,A-' -x'-' 1.4"-' ' ff' '. s. 4,x 'W' , f,, " 5 Q- "Q, A fy, X -, A-L... -, 4-.. -Q 2.-14' ag.. . . ,. f . . -',. 1 ,, w pls- ,,. ry. gm' 1. 4 , ly ,Urn , 2 w.A'-fw.s..-g-,r-.-,,- , a r- ' ' . V. ,fine . 2 v-1,-1 - ,p K 041 - .M ,v '. sg, -X .HQ , .A -,-.,4.,, Wg, N -v,..' . 1 .. . -, U .5 ,fx U, A. ,, 4. ., N-za film 2 'W' - V"-4 EW- 'N Xa Y '-: ' H 44' r,-,' ' CE- '-'R' J ' A-ff: .52-fi -w. - .rv -, --f I V r X . 1 10 -' nf .. , ,yi -.1. 9, ,w,. ,,. 1. f..-at - J.,-iv ,gv.y.-A-3' ' A t , 1 . , l ... W ' - '... - ' .""' .i'r.,f..:" . .4 -: J-' -7'-Si.-J.F5": ".i:. . Eur., A " VA. ' 0 3-:Pg 3:31,--jg-4.Ai, :. v if Air, - ' F , - ,.- , X . , , A , f - 1 1 A-,' ,., f f ,X , 1- JAP' f.,A 'W - -Yr' . , fl I5 1 Q 'uh , s i 4, . ,,.f'ff,1ff- ,. ,N 1- - --fp. 73", fi. ' 1- 'I'-5 NZ-. , - H fuel '.,A,ri ?..'vS:p ' ,--. nk 53 ' -,. - : - .L 1, v - - up -' . 1' ,x . f .nl . 47131 ,jf , ff mn .1 vs, - ,: iff, gg 3 A ' -, 'N : .X , fy -- Nix' 1 i .1 Q Q 'x -' " f, .. ,- 1 '- .' aA,I,:x . .- E ' I . 0,'-V I X In .g..,-Lg? .-,.,. ., . , A 4 1, 'Q r i . Al ,gif-x nf LIL.. N A JV 4 7 l J-.f,y,N,: ,T ., A, Vx . 'Q-w Sbvi- 'Q ' 1 Q .1 ag. YJ- qLN ,.A' '. Q A -' 'iv s v -. '. V, -A ' - . 0 0 U ,-,L k pi,.,i'1.,:'f,,. ,,41.,fx.u x. .I- s, . X J -.-wwf t. .A-.. X.-A KU, . .I- N,,r- '-- ,gn . x fn- , h . - -, , 1. y..g,Q':',v', ,eQl,:j- KL' .v-'-,f,Lf'x,,.' Q.3f,,L Y ' ' ,lifsgg :" ' '.,,s5,,' fi-9 V -" L " ,-'s"",'. ,XE Sfaf ' " 'f ' ,Q QEJ' 3 Y .Vt - ,1'f' F.. 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Qi - A V - . , M ,cw V- gf V -v N N , . 4. . 1,3 - X X , l .' 5 ,ggi 5' , .gvv 'V' Z ',,,',f,:- , Q xx 3, . , V . ,L f ,,U, ,. ,N M. ,Q , . 4 b 4 . ,,- ,M , Ay Q--, V .M , .I x , -f , Q . A , C f, ,. .. . . , J, . . W 1 ..-,A "- - '.,, . 4 - '. ' . " Q' 12543. ' ' ft, .1-, 4V,7'f' A-. ,Lx V " I 1, 1 L , K 5 V, .- . 2' ' c-, .',,g:- 'gp' - x Q. Q 'V .ff F'-,V .I , . , , Sw. 1 J f Vw - 5 'X ' -Ax., kim? 1984 I ...j . .- L , I, .' -ae, ' , ' . Aj-f rf-' f-fr", . ,- I , vvgev uvgyg it fy X 4 A ' "J -.X ' - . ,Gr , '7's.v..."'... l",j ' -s., 1-' 4 rgly 1 ., yr -. . ,YQ--ldfk W W, ,fy "1 ,-ff - g1v.gfxfix,' , 2 T- - -. .-.V - 4 + .ff-fs f , , '-. ' --,' I EFQT5' if , ,- A 0 B.. my QA, ,fj S:-in nl, -- ' f'.,,-. .5 . 3 ,' ,!5g'f.f,c"l " - Viv 5,15 'ala f"'A---A-.... , A - .LQ , was ,F ,,, .. ' 1.4. , s L X , Z . 5. , " . 14+ .. ,wi l -xfm:3Tf,pqQ'E ,g 'paging Dedication To Mr. George C. Beatie, who has served Arroyo Grande Union High School as student body activities advisor ' , instructor of student government and instrumental music, and director of our highly recognized bl ue and gold clad band, we dedicate this l959 edition ofthe AERIE. His sincere interest in st d I u ent ite has made our years in h i gh school more en ioyable. 6 .K M ,vhfgeaz A f. ff. V, .fx , A, nf.. , , 74 ,wx ,. F- VY vvvvi. f,-V ,,,f n - lf. 'Ta V - mf! f 'V' N - sa. ' mf- :A L-vm ':fwf'ie4'VV1. .vw ' an-'T V "C ' -' -rf' M ' .. V f4 2 -- flf -.. ' "' ' ' . 5 V'9Vx - - ' ' ' 'MA fr 2,4 7" ' Y ' 5 'N 'V W ,fv ,, fl ,tg VN, C 4 , .1 r ., 1 . J I . V. 1 , -f - 1.J'-gy' . V f f ...I 7 .Qu . r, li' My f' ? 4 , V. v .I . ,I QINHDIQLIJWQ - . 'V N54 In v , ... svn ',f. ffl 4 N Lg 1 'A 'Y H 'Z 'gf' :"' "mf A .M V A' ' , ,. "' V"'t " Md" , . .-.gffm 8 ,. .1 ff ' L 'Q-.r,-h ,' A , 1 ' V . ew f.. FS' " f" - ' .VF ' T2 'V 75'f' 'jf:.V ' .1 '25 A f ! , -W V V -My ' . V V V- .,--QW N. 2 ns- at-6.9! if ,-,h Q, , . ,yn . .4,Yh . ,, V-gl' . Ju. 1. 4,,,44!, 'R 1 V v ' 7 1 ' ' 1' ' , , 5 , I 1.35: sw T1 4. I- 54 i,..1 'fg'1'f. fx' I fu.. 5 - 4, 'ana-if-. 4 .-H"-,'V - "' 4 A ' ,,' rv , ' "' L 9 .1-L '1 A' In , 4 Jar w uv, .4 If Q. V, 1,24 wr 1 f wr V ,X .- dry, Vt.- A QQ fg,-ff N, ,A-,. -- ' ' ' ' ' 0. ,' -, "ll ' " - V . A ' f' v-W .l'f'a'f ' . M 1 - - :Jr ,V 2 wg, X '- V, Dfw 714' fJ,- , ,, L -, 45 M. f , V ', V "' 11.2 -' ' oy ' 'vi xy. .- A ' " .fx 'if-12 r- f' 'A Q?' 'W 15,1 'P ' A 'V 3-kiwi" 'ff' 0- t 0' i 5,2 ' 'W :Q 'I V , L . 'f ' P -f .Q ,V v ,. , 461.1 ,. wwwf V 6,-. ,,.,,.,M,,., .. , .Ja - .- . A. , ,. V- , A ,K . L . - ' ., VL-.,,V9 I -V V yka, ,, 'fi' VV"..:1-:rw V V 4' .' 5,,. ' x , V".5l ' ,5i , X ,g A Vf' A 334, A.."-..'j.k V ,f I :-,',V- 1 - .,fQ. 'xg 51,--., . " -Q. f J r lf , f s. Qyfv - w A ..4., J ..1.-'V 1 VV - , f.. .s..-W. - 'V ,V if J "y y . ' TY 'fr V1' rs.. . A ' 2 - 'V H f: 1 4, ' - J Q 4' -fx ' 4-14 JV ' vi.. 1' W4 -- .affz .. if ,g.g2S?'1.l...','N:8-A ,nw V,"f'ff' f.5,5svw'4V .- " V , 2 'Iv Q - - V 'Q fi' - , ' Vs ' ' Vfn - "' -ef' 41+ .,.,4f5f,,9r1e. ,f'7" Z- --., ' -a Va' . v it ..U K, mg? --iv -pw, ,I .N , Vf ' -55.1.2 V, .W ff: Y' V , "vii-f V1 K , 5-:QPF Vw. ' ' -M ,. " "if-WS!" '31 15203 'Q wx! ' , V J-E isa-1-.' if " Q, A A . Int, :X kg , h gag., .viva N I 'J 6 M, V, fa. Qyjwrnl, R .l - ': ." '23, 3. . A . '! fun- . i if K : L, X ,- + Z Tyr, iff 3 ' --. T5 . 3, ,MQ I M- cv' gt. - X , WM-, i 1-1 01 G4,,. nv-: l N. levi V , - .-mf .34 ,JV i,-L,-ff.. .. qi, ' , . Q vw, ' ,E ., ' A 7rz,,,fNr, 4, 1 Vvniwf' VV ,Q-if . . 5: -' ',1,, V -F-,M fx . K' ,y 3. ' ' M' k 1750? J n N, , -' , ',."L4,.44,L ,. sh ' 2'l'f.J " 6 P 80 Q ,I A ,"5f'-?- ,g . Q V V-VV-V as X ,W Iuf"" ...uw- BUDDY SLOAN In Memoriam Valley Bond Campus Q .. 1- NJ ,gl x.. , ' 064' V JV!vX'v'Vxj lark buf Lbwtuigicil f L' ixbfgl GJVQKA ,r i ,, ' Q AV' V! U ,I 1 K D ,LQJ-f pn ci pf!! .MV , , vu "Eff i ' 1 , lJ, cyl, JI 6' 4 V 1 fix V ,, ff' , ll, if . f 4 This is the northern view of the 'most up to date high school in the Central Coast region. The beautiful structure isa fine tribute to all who help make this campus possible. l The, student body is proud to attend classes in an atmosphere embellished with such modern architec- ture. Schoofl work seems easier when you can rest your eyes on such a striking example of contemporary structuralhdesign. XLIL ,I ft' , i ' ,, ,1 ,V Ilf' ,lf ,D 9 'l1J ,lib L L fll' if if l 1 . , L- ,lf If I v i .lf Ala! is r x yli il ,I I li, ,,.,-m,, , i, .if oo Branch Sfreet Campus --3 -1' 1 fx "9 "Q "' Avkf gif' ' ' X...f"+.Q ia' zz" R! .f' i .x , X' - ' -o. ,H ...v-gi K-gk! 8 Q x L :adj 'f X S-'gr uw, f - f .J Qx ""f k V ' ,Y. is ' Y' x L YA,-' s , - Q. , I 2 Lil Old Administration Building Frosh Classroom Wing I XS' '54 ,-V 7 sr, i i 'J ff I V , , I ,' . ' 4' ' f 1 . ,. ff s f 1 1 - ,f . 'f 1 if viii DNV N L N Ain :mx L Ni' is if K, Q W ii Viv xv vi , , i K SL v 'SV V i f-' J i L il L 5 f' TV C ga, L 1 fl X Q J XJ I X' 'J-1 ' Frosiw Gymnasium Traditional Sfairways Spacious Campus A fain, rf"'- Q1 - 5 Kd'-Ne 7 o I f ,' ' N 1' J . . , f N e ,. , l 1 ff 7 fl' 4 I v , i of W -'J ' IMAX' L X 'J ' of ,J fifllif W ' F ,L Milf' fly fi! Wg!! Mir 'W' l ff fn" fi W A M if ff awww WW Qeffw ,gp f W E xl Yl j.J'2 Uxq'f'ffndijJs,B1!Agfff M W if AM i J North entrance to Valley Road campus and Administration Building. A , xi -x v ' V . 1 ,' ,1 v ,,. r' 1 Q1 Y v ' 1 I v , .1 . 1 . 1 V 1 ' 4 'iv i . 2. .f U 7 . u f V 2 3 4 ' I I If 6 L ' J L 1' 7' ' V V -1 XJ' 0 J N L !' v ,xxf A ' T f L .1 J 4 V L' uf I' . . J IJ v L! J VL , Ll-1 .J K 'V lflv Q7 'L J b L l f -1 JJ L R' cf 7 4 X LJ F 'Y 1 ,JJ L X J v fury I A! IV M i . . ,, f " f ,1 UP , . x NA, f V "J .N V ,L Wk L, xjfg Q C V , V V' ' ' , 1 f vv J .1 . . I , ' ' 'x :Z A Il , ,, V. . a A ' V 1 1 . . 4 , A 1 l Y 'J , H! L up is Lvug 4 If 'Tlx ,Ji If M! V S5 x vdrq xx XIUVLI fl! Y 3 XL 'ilu J X VN X S 1 f JJ 4 4 V r Q - ,- .1 r 1 L .1 , fi 1 avg, by .Y vt LI V L "J af ' ! x . w ' x. Gfd LN A Aix in 'V L, ' ,J 5 1 ' 5 A , Q., 1 7 , 1 'tl K If R :Spf i ,ix f Y J Y 7 v T JI: 3 1 Cf Lk I . - P' X af ff sssnm 'A 5 4 A?" wb-an fx-Q15 V W 'Zf'.Qgb'El-if Qindez-,lx 'Kirk H- ,l:,-JL.. A' vs w - "::f"1"f - A T' rikku: .,, . 3.,..f,..- - - Kgs-:fe MR. EARL W. DENTON District Superintendent Principal A,B. , M.A, , Whittier College "' There are moments when the mantle of despair threatens to fall on our shoulders, particu- larly when we contemplate how much in the world is left to be done and how little any of us has accomplished. Yet, each Spring as the seniors ease their way out of the trials of p ubl ic school life, we see in their eyes a glint, sometimes just beginning to glow, which almost al- ways betrays an e nth usiasm and optimism which they are planning to use in se cur i n g for themselves a place on this sphere. And our own plans are brightened, for we believe that our young people actually possess the Forces ne cessary in their personalities and capabilities to have their hopes turn to dreams and their dreams become accomplishments. In our own surroundings we have attempted to provide an atmosphere for learning, a setting which will make the development of the conditions of drive, enthusiasm, and knowledge which must antecede productive accomplishment. To the Class of i959 go our congratulations and best w i sh e s, with the hope that you will apply your energies to develop for yourselves happy and worthwhile lives which will have been of value and service to others as well. Good luck! Earl W. Denton, District Superintendent Board of Trustees Seated MAYNARD MURRAY PETER MEHLSCHAU Chalrman EDWIN TAYLOR Standlng WALTERT BAXTER EARL WOOD JR The governmg body of our school dlstrlct IS composed of fave publ IC splrlted and forward looking businessmen who extend much of thelrvaluabletnme and energy to glve the studentsa very complete hugh school education and the area a wonderful hugh school Mr Peter Mehlschau board chanrman and Nlpomo rancher, has v I ewed vast changes In our school s offerings and physlcal plant during has 24 years of school board servuce Mr Edwin Taylor a partner In the Phelan and Taylor Paclclng Co and the Arroyo Grande Trucking Co funds tame In hrs busy day for numerous actlvutles Rotary Club and the Arroyo Grande Unron Elementary School board Mr Earl Wood Jr dnrector of the Wood Funeral Chapel IS presndent of the Arroyo Grande Rotary Club Bemg on the school board runs nn the family as Mr Wood s father served the drstruct for many years Mr Walter R Baxter Pnsmo Beach Chevron dealer follows has alma mater s numerous actnvutnes an addltnon to serving on the Pismo Beach Elementary School board Mr Maynard Murray Oceano lce Com pany owner IS a member of the Oceana Elementary School board and several cnvlc orgamzatlons as well as the Arroyo Valley Camera Club whlch often recogmzes has outstandsng work : . . ' 1 . 2 - . .. . ' I , . . . . . . . , . 'I I I . . ' I 'I I . . . , . . 0 I . . . , ' ' 1- I . . ' I I . Vice Prmclpcll MR. GEORGE PAPE Branch Street Campus Track Coach B.S. , M .S. , Bradley University MR KENNETH OGAN Valley Road Campus Drrector of A thle ucs A B Fresno State Colle ge Faculfy Our sincere thanks fo you our faculty for all fhe fhnngs you have done for us Noi' only do you spend elghf hours a day broadenung our knowledge and umpresslng upon us good clhzenshlp, buf you are always on hand fo help us when we need you the mosf Te a c h I ng IS a wonderful profession, and we are all glad fhaf you chose If for you have helped us fo realize our goals ms. MR GEORGE BEATIE A B Santa Barbara College M A Callfornra State Polyteehnlc College Muslc Lessons StudentGovernment Advanued Band Orehestra lntermedrate Band Student Counctl Advtsor 'Nu-J' MR CLIFFORD BOSWELL Santa Barbara College B S M Oregon State College Dtrector of Gutdance MR JAMES BOWER B S UHIVEFSIIN of North Dakota Engltsh ll Future Teachers Club Advtsor MR JAMES BRASHER B S Unlversltw of Maryland Drlver Tratnlng Noon Acttvmes VSISIIQ Foot ball Coath B Basketball Coach I7 . I . . ' - 1 ' S 1 Ve., B. , Q . . , . A. , f ' '.' D l 'V . :R 1 . y Q Faculty MR HERBERT BROWNLEE B S M A CalrfornlaStatePo1ytechn1cCollege Vocauonal Agrrculture General Shop F F A Advrsor MR LYNDON BURTON B A Oberlrn College M A TeachersCollege Columbra Unlversrty Physrcs General Scrence Plane Geometry MRS MINNIE BYERS A B Unrversrty of Georgla Soclal Studres Freshman Counselor MRS FRANCES CAMPBELL B S Unlverslty of Southern Calrfornra Englrsh I II Socral Studres MR HORACE CAMPBELL Polytechmc College M A Unrverstty of Red lands Crvlcs World Hrstory Brology MR RAYMOND CLARK A B Illtnors State NormalCo1lege M S Unr verslty of llhnols Senror Problems U S Hrstory Asslstant Junror Varslty Football Coach Varstty BasketballCoach MR WILLARD COLE A B Calrforma College of A ts and Crafts A I II III V MR JOHN COLLINS B S Cahfornra State Polytechntc College U S Hlstory A.B. , Chapman Collegeg M.A. , California State II. . . .I Faculty N1lSS SHIRLEY CRAWFORD B S Oregon State College l-lomemaktng Grrls Phybreal Edutatton Grrlb League Advtsor MRS HELEIX. DELL 'vlount t 'vlar sCo ege Vl San Franttseo State College Spet1alTra1n1ng MR DOIN ALD DEVITT B S Ixorth Dakota State Normal College Vl A Colorado State College Woodshop GeneralShop lVlCCll8Dle8lD1'3lVlHg Crafts 'VIRS 'NIELLIE DEVITT B S North Dakota State Normal College Typrng Shorthand Clerltal Pratttte Stenog raphy Commertral Club Advrsor MR EUGENE FRASER Boys Physrtal EdllL3I1Oll Sentor Nlath Basketball Coaeh Varslty Baseball Coath VlR EDWARD GIBBONS B S Unrverstty of Scranton PlaneGeometrj. Algebra ll Solxd Geometry Trrgonometry WR DOUGLAS HITCHEIN -X B Santa Barbara College N1ethanrtalDraw1ng GeneralShop J nrorXar rtx Football Coath NlR DELNIAR l-IOLLOWAY B S Santa Barbara College Xl S Lmverbrtx of Oregon GeneralXlath Algebra Chemtbtrx I-robhleoot ballCoath B,s,,. S.. y' ll g..A.,'l V . L . L B.S., California State Polytechnic College 1 '. . ' ' ' A I 'ICH L . E Faculty MRS THELMA KOGA B Ed Untversrty of l-Iawau SpecralTra1n1ng Crafts MR ARNOLD LANKOW A B M A Untversrty of New Mexlco laun General Math Freshman Latrn Club vtsor RS GLADYS LOOMIS Umverstty of Calrfornta Counselor Englrsh ll Glrls League Advrsor Sophomore Class Advlsor S A G E S Advtsor MR ERNEST LYNCH of Southern Calrfornra Metal Shop General Shop MRS MARYALICE MANKINS B S Northern Mtchrgan College Grrls Phys1calEducat1on G A A Advtsor MR JAMES MILLER B S M A Calrforrua State Polytechmc Col le e Boys Physrcal Educatron Wrestltng Assrstant Varsrty Football Coach MRS ERMIN OGAN B S Unrversrty of Southern Cahforma Spamsh I Conversatronal Spamsh MRS GLADYS OTSUII A B Unrversrty of l-lawau Algebra I Elementary Bustness Trarntng . 1 1 . Ad' M . A.B. l . . . . A.B. . Santa Barbara Collegeg M.S. , University 8 MISS GREGORITA PENA B.A., New Mexico Highlands Universityg A.M. . University of Wyoming Homemaking, F.H.A. Advisor MISS ROSITA PENA A.B. M.A. New Mexico Highlands University Spanish Bookkeeping Nurses Club Advisor Spanish Club Advisor MRS OLIVE RAUCH A B Hastings College M University of Southern California Counselor World History MR EDWARD ROBERTS B S M S University of California World History English I ll Ill MISS RUBY SALTERS A B Hendrix College M A George Peabody College English I MR JAMES SCRIVANI A B University of Southern California English III IV Freshman C S F Advisor MR SAM SIMONS A B Santa Barbara College Advanced Girls Chorus Advanced Boys Chorus Typing I Music Lessons Freshman Girls Chorus Sophomore Girls Chorus MR ALBERT SPIERLING A B Santa Barbara College Auto Shop I II General Shop fl, 21 ,wr .5 Wa Faculty MISS SARA STEIGERWALT B S Pennsylvama StateCo11ege M A College of Pacrfrc Engllsh III Speech Drama Lrbrary Thesplan Advlsor MRS RUTH TEAGUE A B San Jose State College Journallsm l II Englrsh Ill IV Creanve Wrmng H1 Chatter Advlsor C S F Advrsor Qurll and Scroll Advlsor MR JOHN TEIXEIRA B S Unrverslty ofCal1forn1a A B Fresno State College M A Calrfonua State Polytechnrc College Typmgl II Bookkeepmgl Yearbook Aer1eAd vlsor Junror Varsrty Baseball Coach MR JAMES WHITE B S Umverslty of North Dakota Radro E16CII'lC'lIy General Shop MR VERNON WIZEMANN A B San Jose State College Crafts MRS CAROLINE WOODBURN U C Soc1a1Stud1es Grrls Phys1calEducat1on Fresh man Teachers Club Advlsor Freshman G A A Advlsor ?Q '41 MR HENRY WACHTMANN Buslness Manager MRS OLIVE HOFF Attendance Clerk Cfflce Staff These very busy people make our school ferms more enloyable, organlzed, and complete by supplylng us with admui' slaps, absence notes, lnbrary cards, requlslhons, purchase orders, and general odmmlsfrahve lnformahon 'vlRb N ILDRED GIBBONS be rerarx Branch street YT' MRS EDNA ROWE Assrstant Llbrarlan 'Y 1 MRS BETTY GREGORY DCLICIHI' 0 n o ...X os' 11520, 23 C ' lvvl X r' 2' ' r Q 'ms I ' l N X., S " . , 9 I I , a x ,ah x ,,.,4nw-W"""""" Y. I. Fourth year students relax between h classes on The Senior benches. k,u wat. .. .wi P --Y---'M'm Y px ,M A ..,,s .M X 2' . QL? " ' fr. ,,"f' 1, 0-xv,H-n.W-.,-v,.QAv-. ,,.. . -,,,' H W- - W,-.M..,,,,,. , . --,,. We-..., A. .:' V I 'qv' uv. N -Eel, Aw,-,, ff .Xlv ,, ,.,,. Q X' ,,.r" , ,ma-2 I gk'.Q,epahnf ..4' .,. 'pn A s .v ..,, X 9 "CA Ai 7 el'll0I' 18- -4 gp--f 1 .Q N Q , 1 -1 x,,! Senior Class Cfflcers "'1tg, 1-..-., JOHN KITASAKO President College Preparatorx asketball T tk C S F 1 Quill and ScrollClub SpanrshClub Letter men Club H1 Chatter Art Editor Student Body Treasurer sri NOT PICTURED The Class of 59 cllmaxed four eventful years of study fun and growth wlth the commencement exercises of June 5 With the completion of the school and state sublect re qurrements,the class members are ready to seek employment or continue their studies sn higher education To help stu dents rn making these important declsuons, the seniors vas :ted colleges, listened to college counselors, and vusrted places of buslness A large number of students took the Scholastrc Aptltude test ln preparation for college entrance Christmas Fantasy, senior formal, took place I beautlful settmg at the Plsmo Beach Veterans Memorial Bulldung one rainy December evening Career day, all night party, class night bermuda day, dress up day, final examlnatuons and a dellclous barbeque took much of the seniors' trme during the fmal month of school VINCENT ANTONIO Vice President College Preparatory Sophomore Class President Junior Class Vice President Senator Varsity Football 3 4 Junior Varsity Football Basketball Track Tennis Boxing Lettermen Club Band Swing Band Boys State ra' 'V BEATRICE SIMAS Secretary Commercial Senator- G. A. A.- Girls League' Pep Club- Aerie Staff Business Manager. PATRICIA LENITZ Treasurer College Preparatory C,S.F. l 2 3 4- G.A.A.- Commercial C ub- Future Iwurses Club Treasurer- Spanish Club- Band. MR. RAYMOND B. CLARK Faculty Advisor. 26 MICHAEL ADAMS College Preparatory Senator Band Frosh Football H1 Chatter News Ed nor and Assrstant News Bureau Reporter w--jf WILMA AGUEDA Com merctal MILTON ANDREWS Agrtculture Varstty Football 3 Junror Varslty Football Varsrty Baseball Juntor Varstty Basketball F F A Club Prestdent Delegate for F F A Lettermen Club 3-'1 ROSALEE ANGELLO General vtlle Hrgh School ANNA ARELLANES Cornmercral Senator G A A Future NursesC1ub Grrls League Aerte Staff '43 NORMAN AUSTIN College Preparatory C S F 3 4 Spanrsh Club Latm Club EVELYN BACAYLAN Commerctal Transferred from Galt Unron I-hgh School BARBARA BANDURRAGA General Pep Club Chorus 27 i' 'f""'O' A . . I X gk X, 1. V I T 11 T . la h G.A. A.: Spanish Clubg Transferred from Porter- L Qs . ' . my V ! - ' ' , Q I 1 ' I ' I 9 it' I 'ET' Seniors WILLIAM BA RELLANO Commerctal THOMAS BARNETT College Preparatory Transferred from Orem l-hgh School Track BYRON BERG General Band Chorus JOE BEWLEY College Preparatory Student Body Commtsstoner of Ftnance Senator Student Councrl Inter School Counctl C S F 2 3 4 Spantsh Club Sctence Semtnar Chorus VERNON BLAKELY Industrtal Arts Varstty Football 3 4 Juntor Varstty Football Frosh Football Iuntor Varstty Basketball C Basketball Track Wrestltng Lettermen Club Sentor Class Sergeant at Arms SHARON BLAKEMORE Commerctal Commercta1Club Band BONNIE BOWER Commerctal MARIORIE BRITTAIN General F H A Lattn Club Band PATRICK BRITTON General Transferred from Redwood High Schoolg Chorusg Hi Chatter Reporter. ROBERT BRITTAIN Industrial Arts Transferred from Taft High Schoolg Junior Var- sity Football Frosh Football Varsity Baseball Track F F A Club Band Chorus ANTHONY BROWIN SILVA General LAWRENCE BRYANT General Senator Sophomore Class Sergeant at Arms Track Pro Serlptortbus Club HiChatter Report er and Feature Editor DAVID CABALES Arts and Crafts Varsity Football 3 4 Junior Varsity Football Let termen Club Band ROBERT CABANISS College Preparatory Boxing C S F 3 4 LARRY CABRAL Industrial Arts LUPE CALTABIAINO Arts 8a Crafts Pep Club Aerie Staff Q"--r' tx ...V Seniors CLEMENTINA CARRANZA General Chorus VALENTINA CARRANZA General Pep Club PATRICIA CASTNER Commercxal Senator F H A G A A Commerc1alClub I- ture Nurses Club Grrls League Band Aerxe Sraff Pep Club WANDA CAUDLE General coran Hlgh School RUBEN CAVANILLAS Indusmal Arts bpanlsh Club if RAUL CEJA Indusrnal Arts Track Manager Spamsh Club BRENT COX General BONNIE CUMlw lNb Comrnerclal Senator Scrlbe Future Nurses Club Spanlsh Club Pep Club 30 I 3 . . .5 . . .3 ' g 'U- F.H.A. Clubg Chorusg Transferred from Cor- COLLEEIX. C URTIS Commerctal NANCY DAVIDbO'N Commerttal C S F 3 F H A Commerttal Club Band Pep Club Thesptans Gtrls League Aerre Staff Edrtor Future Ixurses Club SI-IERRY DAVIS College Preparatory nator Scr1beCSF 1234 GAA Tr urer Spanlsh Club Band Swtng Band Treasurer Cltntc Band Gtrls State Grrls League ARLEIND DePEW Industrral Arts Track BA RBA RA De WITT General Future Ho me ma kers GERALD DIAS College Preparatory Pro Scr1ptor1busClub Chorus Lattn Club Qutll and bcroll Transferred from Longfellow Jr Hrglr bchool l-resno RAYNAOIND DIAZ lndustrral Arts Junror Varstty Football Varsttx Football 3 4 Jun tor Varsrty Baseball Wrestlrng Lettermen Club Commtssroner ofDefense sergeant at Arms Inter School Counctl LEON DOBBS lndustrtal Arts L 3 xyw M! 1-'av """P V Y ' AV L . . . 1 . . .4 " 9 1 AL, 9 ' Q ' 5 ' F 'lj . , I .I Se 3 ' 5 . . . , ,f , 3 . . . Gas- wr. 4' Y . . V ' .I Q - . . A 1- - - 5 - 3 P ff'-'Z QW-. ff 96? V7 Sensors MARY DOVE Commercial Chorus Spanish Club Transferred from Gardena High School DEAIxNA DUNCAN Genera Chorus DANNY EVANS Industrial Arts Junior Varsity Football Track Lettermen Club H1 Cha tter Cartoonrst BETTIE FIANT Commercial CommercialC1ub Future NursesC1ub PepClub Girls League Aerie Staff HOMER FOX General MARY JANE FOUST Commercial F H.A. Club Secretary- Quill and Scroll' Span ish Club- Hi Chatter News Bureau Editor. BA RBA RA FREDERICK Commercial Thespiansg Chorus. PEGGY FRITH Commercial Transferred from Bakersfield High School. MAUREEN GALYEIN General F H A Y Teens Club RONA LD GODFREY General HELEN GOULART Commerclal F H A Commercral Club Future Nurses Club Pep Club LINDA GREEN Commerual F H A Commerelal Club Transferred from Marlcopa I-hgh School JEFFREY GREEN General Freshman Class Presrdent Senator Varsrty Football 4 Junror Varsrty Football Baseball Tratk Letter men Club wwf? ROGER GREENE .J General Varslty Football 3 4 Junror Varstty Football Varslty Baseball Junror Varsrty Baseball Jumor Varsrty Basketball Wrestltng Lettermen Club DEA IN G RIEB Agrrtulture V rsrty Football 3 C S F 3 F F A Secre art ,lunlor Varsrty Football nk w-..-1 IAINADEAN HALEY I' G A A Spanlsh Club Chorus F H A Vrce Pres rdent 33 V1 i,,.ovY 46 -:J Seniors DONNA HARWICK College Preparatory F 4 G A A Future lxurses Club Spantst Club Chorus JAMES HEIDKER College Preparatory S F 3 Pro ScrtptortbusClub Lat1nClub Ht Chatter Photographer Aerte Staff LINDA HENDRICKS Commeretal Senator Gtrls League lashton Show F H A Club G A A Cornmerctal Club Future Nurses Club Pep Club Aerte Staff MARY HILTON College Preparatory Student Government Commtsstoner ofPub1te1ty Senator C S F l 2 3 4 F H A Future Nurses Club Lattn Vtce Prestdentl S C DARRl:L HOLT Industrtal Arts Senator F F A Club Chorus JOAN JENKINS General F I-I A C orus CARL JOHNSON Industrtal Arts H1 Chatter Staff LA RRY JONES College Preparatorx Traek Pro Strtptortbus Club Lattn Club SHERMAIN JONES lndustrtal Arts VBISIIX Pootball4 Junror Varslty Football DONALD JOPLHN College Preparatory Spanrsh Club JAMES JOSEPH General Transferred from Bakersfreld l-hgh School Junror Varstty Football CLAUDIA KELLEY Arts SL Crafts S lator F l-I A Club G A A Commeretal Club Secretarx Pep Club Glrls League Aerre Staff Assrstant Edrtor Commercral Transferred from El Dorado bprrngs l-hgh bchool F H A Chorus JAINET KNOTTS College Preparatory Future Nurses Club Senator Pro Scrrptorlbus Qullland Scroll Span1shClub Krck OffPl'lllC,eSS H1 Chatter Copx Edrtor JERRY LAMBETH General Band bwtng Band DMN A LAWRENCE COIUIDEFLISJ Cl 5 . . . 5 . . .3 " CHA RLENE KIDD Nc-ss' C7 uv 'gf' 4s"" A-u Senior LEONA RD LEVY General Senator Varsrty Baseball B Basketball Varsrty Basketball JAMES LINDHOLM College Preparatory Student Body Commrssroner ofAthlet1cs Varstty Basketball Juntor Varsrty Basketball C Bas ketball Spanrsh Club Qutll 8rScroll Lettermen Club Treasurer Aerte Staff H1 Chatter Staff DONNA LINSTRUM Commercral Senator Future Nurses Club Secretary F H A Comrnercral Club Pep Club Grrls League Cheer leader G A A Fashron Show Lattn Club SEROFIN LOPEZ General JUDITH MASTRO College Preparatory Senator C S F 1 2 3 4 G A A Commerctal Club Future Nurses Club Spanrsh Club Pep Club F F A Princess 2 CAROLINE MATSUMOTO Commercral Commercral Club Chorus RICHARD MATSUMOTO lndustrral Arts Track F F A Lettermen Club HA ROLD MCCHESNEY Industrtal Arts Chorus LINDA MCKIM Commerctal F H A Commerc1a1Club Band Chorus LORETTA McCLURE Arts and Crafts Future Homemakers LARRY MCCORD College Preparatory Future Teachers Club Pro Scrtptortbus Qulll and Scroll Latm Club H1 Chatter Sports Reporter RICHARD MCCULLOUGH General Varsrty Football 3 4 Jumor Varstty Football Iumor Varslty Baseball Iuruor Varsrty Basket ball bettermen Club Thesplans Band HELEN MOORE Commercral F H A G A A Commerclal Club Pep Club Chorus Aerle Staff GERA LD MUETING Agrrculture Future Farmers GERALDINE MELLO Commercial Senatorg F.H.A.g G.A.A.g Chorusg Commercial Club. NEVERT NEIGHBORS Com mercial Sl Yi? ' 1 A p Seniors MARIORIE NEWMAN Commercial F.H.A.g Thespians Clubg Glee Clubg Transferred from Santa Barbara. JOYCE INIX Commercial Chorus CHRISTINE NORTFIAMER College Preparatory Senator C S F 3 4 Commercta Club Spantsh Club Pep Club LOUIS NUINES Industrtal Arts LeROY OLIVEIRA General Varstty Football 3 4 Juntor Varstty Football GARY OWENS Varstty Juntor Varstty and C Basketball Track Senator Transferred from Oxnard I-hgh School ROBERT PADILLA General Aerre Staff and Track ELLEIN FAY PALMATIER Commercral Student Body Vtce Prestdent Senator F H A G A A Vtce Presldent Future Nurses Club Commerctal Vrce Presldent Pep Club Band Gtrls League , . '7 :....Q 1 . , . . 1, ' ' ' ' Ili! . , , , , , ' Q Q... ... ' Q - , , 1 CHARLES PEW Agrtculture Frosh Football Wrestlrng Tenms F F A Letter men Club THOMAS Pl-IELAIX. College Preparatory .,,.., Student Body Presrdent Junror Class Presrdent Varsrty Football 4 Junror Varsrty Football Jun tor Varsrty Baseball Varsrtj. Junror Varstty and C Basketball Track F F A l,ettermenClub Spantsh Club Band I S C JACK PROSSER Arts and Crafts F F A Camera Club Transferred from Denver Colorado -141-M' '7l"""9 ELAINE PROUTY Commercral Chorus F l-I A THEODORE PUESCHEL lndustnal Arts F F A DONNA QUINONES Commercral Comrmssroner of Actrvrues Senator Jumor Class Secretary Song Leader Cheerleader G A A Spamsh Club Pep Club Chorus I-Iomecomrng Prmcess Inter School Councrl DON RODGERS 5. Arts and Crafts X Wrestlrng 'Gi TONY ROMERO General Senator, Junror Varsrty Football, Frosh Football, Jumor Varsuy Baseball, Track, Band, Wrestltng, Lettermen Club, Swrng Band 39 Y XXX? 2 'QQ X 2 5' , Y .h J I D . ,... 3 A if . 1 Q I . 1 . I . 4 A I Xxx . 4 , L S EQ. Ere 'VN ' - L. IWW' QQ' xl L 9.4 QGQ Sensors ARTHUR ROMERO General Varsrtx Football 3 Jumor Varstty Football Frosb Football Tratk Wrestltng Lettermen Club Band ELIZABETH ROSE Commerctal Senator G A A VERINON RULISON General Transferred from Central I-hgh Sthool Band ALAN RYZNER lndustrral Arts 1Lllll.OfV3fSlIy Football Frosh Football Track Wrestltng Lettermen Club WARREN SANDERS Industrtal Arts Transferred from Coaltnga Unton 1-hgh School Var stty Football Tratk Band ENEDINA SAPIEN Commerctal Commerclal Club Spantsh Club LARRY SC ARBROUGH College Preparatory Chorus Presrdent Spanlsb Club RONALD SCHAFFER General Frosb Football Track Band PAMELA SCHEFFLER General Transferred from Los Angeles l-hgh School Senator ROINALD SCHENICK College Preparatory C S F Z 3 4 Pro Scrtptortbus Sp8lllSll Club LYNNE SCOFIELD Commeretal Senator Lattn Club TED SELVESTER Commerctal Senator ALICEEN SHACKELFORD Cornmeretal Transferred from Los Angeles I-hgh School THOMAS Sl-IEEHAIN General Varstty Basketball GIRARD SHEFFER General Spantsh Club WILLIAM SHETLEY Commerctal Transferred from Paso Robles l-hgh School Var stty Football Manager 'VT 'Tn E .1 JP'-3, YUM' v Wx Semors BOBBY LEE SHIPLEY Arts and Crafts Transfe red from San Luts Obtspo Htgh Sehool G A A RALPH SIMS lndustrtal Arts F F A JERRY SLOAIx General JuntorVarsrty Football Frosh Football C Basket ball Wrcstltug LettermeuClub MIC HAEL SLO AIN College Pre para tory ELEANOR SOUZ A A' Commeretal 'VS I Commere1alC1ub Chorus AWD' E DONALD STEWART College Preparatory Frosh Football Track Juntor Varsrty Football Manager C S F l Lattn Club Chorus INORMAN1 STEPHENS ' , Q ' A General 1'-4"? C" Basketball- Band. MARY SUE STONESIFER Commercial G- A.A. ELIZABETH STROM College Preparatory Student Body Secretary Sophomore Class Secretary C S F l 2 4 G A A Span1shClub G1rlsLeague Band Swtng Band I-Iomecormng and Ktck off Prtntess Student Government Inter School Coun c ALAMED A TATE Comrnertral Aerle Staff JOAIN TAYLOR College Preparatory SeatorCSlr 1234 CSF V1cePres1ent G A A Pro Sertptorlbus Qurll and Scroll Presl dent Lattn Club Band I-I1 Chatter Edttor I S C MARIORIE TEAGUE College Preparatory Senator Sophomore Class Vtce Presrdent C S F l 2 3 4 G A A Future NursesClubPres1dent Spantsh Club Treasurer Lattn Club Band Swrng Band BARBARA THATCHER General Transferred from San Luts Oblspo I-hgh School RITA TUCKER Cornmeretal Chorus LARRY TURNER College Preparatory C S F 2 Spamsh Club Tennts Quai ABRAHAM VALDEZ. """ Industrtal Arts Band Track 43 L AL Seniors FRANK VALESQUEZ Agrtculture F F A Secretary ERNEST VISSER College Preparatory C S F l 2 3 4 Span1shCub C orus WILLIAM VOGEL Arts 8a Crafts Chorus SHARON WALLACE General F H A Chorus THOMAS WARD College Preparatory Transferred from Lompoc Htgh School Varstty men Club VELMA WARREN Commerctal Senator Football Cheerleader G A A Secre tary F F A Prrncess Pep Club Chorus Vrce Prestdent and Secretary MARY WATANABE Commerctal Cornmerctal Club GERALD WAY General Juntor Varsrty Baseball C Basketball Chorus . . . .'. . 1 ' 1 z h . Football 4, Junior Varsity Footballg Trackg Letter- JUPITH WAY General F H A Thespians PepClub Girls LeagueCounc11 Chorus Aerie Staff GERALDINE WEBSTER College Preparatory nator C S F G A A C merctal Club Future Nurses Club Pep Club Band .., f.""7 JEAN WEBSTER Commercial F H A G A A Commercia1Club FutureNurses Club Pep Club Band Q T5 General f Pep Club President Song Leader BARBARA WILSON DONALD WINSLOW Commercial Spanish Club Chorus 'E' KENNIE LEE WRIGHT s f-v Commercial Transferred from Compton High Seliool Aerie Staff. LARRY YAMAGUCI-ll Industrial Arts Varsity Football 3,4, Junior Varsity Footballg Var- ' sity Baseball, Junior Varsity Baseballg Junior Varsity 4 Q A" Basketball, "C" Basketballg Lettermen Club Presi- A dent. ? ANITA YARBER Commercial K' wr-jf 'ad' sb- C7 'Y 0ut funding FOREIGIN LANGUAGE Joan Taylor pr,,...,-- xxo' AGRICULTURE Dean Grleb 'sz' ART John Kuasako F1117 Nr Seniors 'ur' fxkg SOCIAL SCIENCE Marx I-hlton f ENGLISH egm Teagu n- in 'X IX HONIE ECONOMICS C Beatripe Simag 47 Outstanding MATHEMATICS Joe Bewley Y" SCIENCE Ernest Vlsser VIUSIC Sherry DHVIS Wm I 3-..,.f"w'QQ """"""s--f 'Q' nf' U ff 'Q . g?..: , 43 i f A r Akr ' Q QW M M P I - K ' A ,ii E' sf-J 4'lillum WIN -sf E' iw "9-Wada: qulluiuv g nm: V4RLZ MSRP E lleatl IUGY Senior ATHLETICS Vmge Antomo COMMERCIAL Carolme Nlatsumoto 49 INDLSTRIAL ARTb Homer Fox 3 sl' '. af QR' it f ts: . iff iN Q.. s .111 L I lzwrwr M x"n v t S xx x N. 1 git? 13- ' ff iibzgzn 'rf' ruw , ai-zum nizfffl Newly completed Library Buildingg scene of sfudy, research, and pleasure reading. 4 ,F ." ,, ,A 1. w .v ' ef' La, , WW' 1 5 ' , M0211 1, Q +4 gag-M. , A fa -. .- ,, nv x . as i 4? 4 A N Jkwci.,-.-f vig, I U' ' ..,'w,! ,uv y 2 ' - . w, '-an .1 fn fy ,wr ,ff 'A Juni Zi a "T 536. wr , , AEK 1 L-..,5Qq'xx . - . mf.: 1 2 V ' . 4,. ,: 1wfmwQ1w. Tom Phelan Nm, v .3 .amos X -4 M Student Body Officers MR GEORGE BEATIE I-agultx Advlsor JOE BEWLEY Commlssloner of Hname ...Z A , 1 1 ,X 1. ff'- .f-'41 ,incl ..-at L JUDY MASTRO Vue Presldent -1 Q- fb J' RAYMOND DIAZ COITIITIISSIOIISI' of Dgfum, BETTY bTROM Seuetarx ""Yl"' MARY HILTON Commrssloner of Pubhcuy DONNA QUINONES Co mm lssroner of Acuvmes CLASS PRESIDENTS John Krtasako Semor Tom Lovern Jumor Jrm Redlck, Sophomore Don Castro, Freshman I R. I , ,Ji V -f 5 If . SENIORS Sherry Davrs Gary Owenb Jeffery Green Gerry 'viello Lynne Seofreld Anna Arellanes Full Senator JUNIORS Ph1111pNaVar1z John Nrshr Sharo11Spuh ler Beverly Abartr Susan Lentz Joyce Hopkrns A1111 Baxter IMRESHMEIN Con111e Rerd Mar Dunlap Joanne, Bet reneonrt 1Jar1e11LLawre11ee Drane Golden bherrx Balko Ga11EzLe11 DannyAn11ed11111 SOPHONJORES John Be e ra Patamrth Gary I-rerre Norma Thompbon Trno Ealrone Joanne X-15111 Hobhr Ixayxaoka Dorothy b11ye1a Sprung Senator SENIORS RonSehenek LynneScof1eld Nell Pew Lupe Caltabtano Ernest Vtsser Larry Y3I'Il3gllC.h1 SOPHOMORES Elorente Rexroad Jun Wl1113lllS Dtana Smtth 'wltke MeCnnt Andy Rtvers Dave Troxell Pat Areano Marta Castro Pat Smtth V.-aw, iw I JUNIORS Mtke Kawaoka JoyeeHopk1ns J1mWar tonto Sharon Gtlbert ERESHMEN AllIllS'N3g3 htma Sherr1Ba1ko Sharon Edmond Leo Palmauer Connte Rerd 'vlat Dun lap GarlEzzell Cathx Brownlee Etletn Tabata Ed Evangelma I 3 .I tw' ' ' v P 1 ' - ' . 1 K v , ' L ' " KK? J: ' F I J r y W ln . . . 1 -Mr - A 1 'U ' ig Sak ' rj , 1 73" . . . fi' 3 1 1 ' - E ren, Betty Silva, Hector Camacho, Jo Ann An 113: . 1 I - .RL K, il , N W 1 I 1 . o n n V E 4- 2 x 1 n I ' 1 I . Y A I x Al V I 1 I i I I Q ' At' S I , 9 ' , 'ie . , g , Y . I S p W5 'r I ' ,, 9, A Y. . V N . Q l . . S , , y . l . . y A V - 1 v ,V n D A 1 56 - Ai MR. EDWARD ROBERTS Advisor Pro Scriptoribus is an organization which encourages creative writing. Membership is composed of stude n ts with high grades in English who con- tribute to Flight, the publication of the literary magazine. The group presents a scholarship to the outstanding member at graduation. I-ROBT ROW Wardeen Phelp Ann Rrchardson Margie Lexus Henricrre Durniar, Susanne Halter, 5tc1laSarr.warari, BACK ROW Larrx XlcCord Jim Heidkcr Larrx ,lollcs Romain. bcllsillfli, Judy Mitchell, Nlcr1c1ieThorne, Claudia Leil- Gurls League Reorganized thus year, after more than a decade of unactuvuty the Gurls League rose to a place of promunence among the campus organuzatuons The purpose of the Gurls League us to develop hugh udeals of womanhood among the gurls of the school, to encourage a greater spurut of helpfulness and fruendshup, and to promote the true spurut of democracy and loyalty to those thungs whuch are true and noble To open uts lust of events, the group held a formal tea un conlunctuon wuth the deducatuon of the new lubrary Several hundred members and guests helped make thus unutual affcuur cu success Under the very able guudance of uts advusor, Mrs Loomus, the group progressed very rapudly throughout the year wuth numerous actuvutues studued and performed The most noteworthy recreatuonal actuvuty was the Sprung Semu Formal Dance, Aprul un Parus, held un Aprul Offucers of the league attended varuous conferences uncludung one at Beverly Hulls Hugh School A' GEINOVEBA REYES Second Vuce Presudent -1 BEVERLEY BROWN Treasurer :N-,fn rs ANN ANTONIO Secretary T... JUDY WAY Waus 8: Means Chaurman 58 ' 7 I . , . . . . 3 O ,L l 48 fi X ,N ' U -cz, .' ,a , , ' f X . Q'5,f"f-91, 0 use 1' f sf., llil 4 gn 1" Jo ' L 2.551 Q fi! g Q H X2 , ZS, MRS G LA DY 5 LOOMIS Advlsor 15 va. I lf' ll' lllll SUSANINE HART Prendeur BETTY b1'ROM Fxrst Vue Presldem , Ulllllni :nnnpg JI" I o ll you BO -RD Or DIQECTGRJ FRONT ROW ballx Oqa N lim. '16 QX N an Bela mort ECOND HZOXX Janet Meath Barbara T Jwal Tax 5 1' 59 x sk. C.S.F. California Scholarship Federation is the honor society of the school. The purpose of this or- ganization is to foster high standards of scholarship, service, and citizenship among the students. Under the guidance of Mrs. Ruth Teague, chapter advisor, C. S. F. is the most active organ- ization on campus, with its many worthwhile activities ranging from concessions and banquets to projects and trips. Genoveba Reyes, torresponding secretary, Ixlerlene Henri Durniat, treasurer, Genoveba Reyes, regarding Thorne, treasnrer. Karll-lartwig, president. Linda Red- seeretary Joan Taylor, vice-president, Sherry Davis, Jell, vice-presiaentg Stella Sartlwatari, recording corresponding seuretaryg Peggy Teague, president. secretary. Q, FRONT ROW: Jim Lindholln, Geron Thornquist, Gary Freite, Norman Austin, Bill Baxter, Norman Sendek, Don Senf deli. SECOND ROW: Kaye Moore, Frances Mares, Margaret Spoo, Dorothy John, Janet Sleath, Betsy Scott, Andy Rivers, Judy Johnson. BACK ROW: Penny Dvorak, Linda Redilell, Judy Mitchell, Merlene Thorne, Becky McConnen, Barbara Shuniway, Barbara Turner, Barbara Fernambnrg. it: lk r- S 4 , 4 ,I 'bw Quill and Scroll The Quill and Scroll is an international society of high school journalists. The organization encourages the continued production of high quality-iournalistic material. Members are selected from among iournalism students who participate in publications. The group co-sponsors the magazine Flight. A scholarship is awarded annually to the student with the highest service record. FALL OFFICERS: Larry McCord, treasurer,Janet Knotts, SPRING OFFICERS: Margie Luis, Mike Adams, Judy secretary, Jim I-leidker, vice-president. Mitchell, president, Diann Swigert. 'r"""""M'-n-.-. ,-L. 'W-r 3 'J f N Y ia I . 4 .,. 9 , . , ., Ali Q ,ff r LJEMJ FRONT ROW: Mary Jane Foust, Judy Mitchell, Tom Murray, Sharon Gilbert, Diane Pursell, Jerry Dias. BACK ROW: John Kitasako, Jim Lindholm, Diane Zinger, Margie Luis, Diann Swigert. 9 1 . -31, p 1.5 5,1 F - arf,- xvlvndll i 1 , XC, Future Homemakers The purposes of the Future Homemakers of America are to promote better family living, to help members understand the opportunities open to them in the field of home economics, and to understand our neighbors both home and abroad. The club also provides training of each chapter for participation in home, school, and community life. During the year the F. H.A. sewed clothes for the Christmas needy family project, con- ducted several activities with the F.F.A., and sold shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day as well as other concessions. ln May the group held its annual Mother-Daughter Potluck dinner. At one of the meetings, the club viewed slides of Miss Rebecca Olson's European tour. MEMBERS, FRONT ROW: Anne Nagas- hirna, Kay Brirrain, Mary Jane Foust, Linda Green , Nora Belle Faust. BACK ROW: Betty Hero, Margaret Cavanillas, Alameda Tate, Mar- jorie Brittain, Linda MCKi1'n. I Q 1' OFFICERS, SITTING AT MACHINE: Kay 'Brittain, Secretaryg Mary Jane Faust, President. STAND- ING: Miss Gregorita Pena, Miss Shirley Crawford, Advisors. ,gf vw AC' Future Nurses Club The Future Nurses Club is one of the most active organizations on campus. The club's primary function is to acquaint students in- terested in nursing with the qualities, preparation, advantages and other important information about the profession. The club toured nursing schools in San Francisco last November, staying two nights at the Olympic Hotel. For its Christmas project the group gathered clothing to outfit the new baby of the C. S. F. needy family project. ln the spring, trips through the S. L. O. General Hospitals and Knapps Nursing School and Hillside House were made. Beverly Abatti, vice-presidentg Donna Linstrnni, sec- retaryg Patty Lentz, treasurer. ,... Uv 1. President PEGGY TEAGUE MISS ROSITA Advisor FRONT ROW: Sharon Shaffer, Judy Mitchell, Sally Ogan, Jo Ann Antonio. MIDDLE ROW: Beverly Abatti Helen Goulart, Linda Hendricks, Patty Castner, Peggy Teague, Bettie Fiant. BACK ROW: Billie Jo Dean, Donna Lin trnni Patty Lentz, Mary Hilton, Marty Nelson, Nancy Davidson, Donna Harwick, .Xnna Arellanes, Janet Knotts, QQ, L .V The A.G.U.H.S. branch ofthe National Thespian Society is an ed- ucational honor and service organi- zation established for the advancement of dramatic arts. The group seeks to create an active and intelligent interest as well as to advance the excellence in all phases of dramatic arts. Members are selected from those students who have l0O hours of work in the Drama field. The Thespians presented three one- act plays as well as a Fashion Show during the year. Thespian Barbara Lindsay, Judy Way, Treasurer: Janis Carter, Secretary Betty Fletcher, President: Harriet Stratton, Vice-President: Miss Steigerwalt, Sponsor. FRONT ROW: Diane Yager, Jacque Ward, Marty Nelson, Barbara Lindsay, Betty Fletcher, Anita Lou Bloss, KayZ.eyen SECOND ROW: Ann Richardson, Nancy Davidson, Barbara Fredrick, Judy Roy, Rhonda Dorff, Linda Allen, Judy John son. BACK ROW: Robert Goulart, Jeanette Spenny, Harriet Stratton, Linda Reddell, Janis Carter, Judy Way, Mer lene Thorne, Don Simonet. X! S.A.G.E.S. The Society of Arroyo Grande Education Students is a com- paratively new organization on campus. Its purpose is to unite stu- dents interested in the teaching profession and to investigate the possibilities and rewards in the education field. During the year the group visited California State Polytechnic College to become better acquainted with collegiate life. BECKY MCCONNEN President Claudia Lehman . . Publicity Margaret Spoo . . Treasurer Joy Churchward . . .Activities is Andy Rivers . . . . . Secretary ,QE Barbara Turner . . . Vice-President 0 X FRONT ROW: Sally Montgomery, Sharon Miura, Joan Burrier, Judy Stinson, Lois Tilley, Susan Boswell, Norma White field, Janet Sleath, Jim Williams. BACK ROW: Don Sendek, Larry McCord, David White, Jim Reed, Mike Madsen Felix Camacho, lim Redick, Louis Visser, George Stewart, Jim Long, Yoshi Kawaoka, Bernard Norman. Spanish Club lx The Spanish Club is composed of students who are study- ing Spanish. The club was organized to promote a better un- derstanding ot Latin-America. This is brought about by the applied study of the Spanish language and customs, traditions, and culture of Latin countries. MERLENE THORNE ' President Jo Ann Antonio. .Zi K .Vice -President Genoveba Reyes . Secretary Norma Whitefield . Scribe Peggy Teague . , Treasurer Miss Pena . . . Sponsor FRONT ROW: Barbara Lindsay, Ina Ray Barton, Sally Montgomery, Sliaron Miura, Joan Nishi, Stella Satuwatari Ruth Matsumoto, Sally Ogan, Margie Luis. BACK ROW: Karl Hartwig, Gordon Churchward, Kaye Moore, Judy Mitchell Barbara Shumway, Betsy Scott, Joan Burrier, Andy Rivers, Barbara Turner, Don Sendek, Ruben Cavauillas. Bob Boster Stare Presrdent speaks at one Future Farmers FRMERSOF The motto Learning to Do Dolng To Learn Earnung to Llve Llvnng to Serve reflecfsthesplrlfand smcerlty of the or ganlzahon CHAPTER OFFICERb Shrg Nagasluma secretary Dean Grreb presrdent TornW11l1ams BUTCH HOPKINS vue presrdent 11m Dodd reporter Paul Brrght sentmel ,hm Chalnef Sweefheaffand F F A Queen 68 may I 'f gran? The main goal of the Future Farmers of America is to de- velop agricultural leadership, cooperation, and citizenship -, among boys studying vocational agriculture. It encourages the members in the development of their individual farm- ing programs and helps them get established in agricultural careers. During the year the farm boys staged a barn dance and I a field day. A father and son banquet and a judging com- petition were among the many activities. Qjgff 5 t , ' , s , 'ei wg MR. HERB BROWNLEE i rt Chapter Advisor Qtf W' Toni and Jim Williams show prize winning Hereford Steers. FRONT ROW: Mike Kawaoka, James Bettiga, Frank Valesques, Jack Adams, Kenny Davis, Ji1nHaley, Riehard Mat- sumoto, Thomas Ferrer. SECOND ROW: Andy Davis, Frank Oliver, David Dennis, Walter Rush, Clarence Nash, Dale Fisher, ArniondoCamaeho, Joe Camara, Shig Nagashima, Mike Velasquey. BACK ROW: Jim Ritterbrush, Tom Phe- lan, Dan Tomlin, Roy Tucker, Richard Reis, Richard Harp, Richard Perry, Ronnie Westbrook. A 'T xl gtifiiif' Commercial Club at MRS. NELLlE DEVITT Advisor Helen Moore, Presidentg Gerry Webster, secretary, STANDING: Ruth Matsumoto, vice-president, Susanne Hart, treasurer. A The purposes of the Commercial Club are to promote interest in the business world and in the study of commercial subiects, to encourage a social spirit by offering opportunities for whole- some social contact, and to become familiar with modern, progressive business methods and sys- tems. Activities of the club included a bowling party, cookie sales, "eat out" night, swimming party and weiner roast, skating party and the awards banquet. l'ROlNT ROW Billie Jo Dean Darlene Gratla Susie Lentz Bewe lex Brown Sharon Shalfer Linda 'Nll.Kllll MIDDU: ROW Christine Northhamer Marion Dalbx Nlarx Watanabe Enedrna Sapien Frances Mares Linda Gre n BACK ROW Eleanor Souza Sharon Blakemore Justine Toomey Sharon Gilbert Jean Webster Judx Ryan Karen Jordan Mary Jane McCullough l ,1 4 IN! li YJ -f"1 ssociate C.S.F. VIR JAMES SCRIVANI Advrsor rm Wrllrams Treasurer Betsy Scott Presrdeut Yosh1Kawaoka Vree Presrdem Barbara Shumway Secretary FrohGAA 5 .fwf"'+ 0 W3 MRS CAROLINE WOODBURIN Amr 0 rRONT ROW Borrue Bebmrer Berretarx Bern Zexen Prerdeur Nlarler e 50.1 a Nr e Prebrdem BACK ROW Judx Srrureham Trea ure Xrb Woodburr Adw15orSuePhe1a11 Scrrbe ' 1 J, " . 1 . ' Q ' . I I bl iw ,. u 'A , j rr X .151 - -if v N r ! 4 B 5' vu hr thi' - A 315 -sf'-2 71 J Girls Athletic Association v-'fl -P- ilm y 1 Velma Warren, Secretary, Norma Whitefield, Treas- urer, Linda Sheldon, President. FRONT ROW: Genoveba Reyes, JoAnn Antonio, Linda Sheldon, Bobbi Chatterton, Sherry Davis, Patty Lentz, Patty Castner, Gerry Mello, Betty Rose, Betty Strom, Judy Mastro. CENTER ROW: Ruth Matsumato, lvlarylane lvlcCu11ough Vlarion Dalbe Carol lxlaehado Dorine Colli Reiko Kawaoka Stella Saruwatari Velma Warren Donna Quinones r y. f r , , . , . , Sally Ogan, Beverly Abatti, Susan Lentz, Peggy Teague. BACK ROW: Sharon Shaffer, Beatrice Simas, Norma New- man, Lorraine Bogle, Ann Baxter, Justine Toomey, Joan Taylor. , members form a pyramid at a playnightf 1. - 6? ff 1 xg ' " Q i 1 , 4 L Q r ' i' s ,ig Wk x , 1 '.v i, " 1' gt 3 TV ' B. I' 4 eg, - A , '75 23' 1.13- The Girls Athletic Association is an organization the pur- pose of which is to assemble interested girls who want to de- velop their athletic ability, to further their knowledge of sports, and have a good time. The G.A.A. promotes higher mental and physical effi- ciency among girls through purposeful play and wholesome recreation. Girls who participate in the various activities receive points toward a blockA.G. and sweater. An honor roll plaque is awarded to the senior girl earning the most points cluring her high school career. Members must maintain a "B" average in Physical Educa- tion and display sportsmanship at all times. The girls opened a calendar packed with activities with the Sock Hop. Yuletide gifts were exchanged during the Christmas party. The playday at Santa Barbara provided a number of thrills, including a long bus ride. Various teams engaged in competition. Numerous play nights were held throughout the year with wide participation. Swimming in the new pool proved a wonderful diversion from the routine of school work. The yearly camping trip to Camp Talaki gave many girls an extraordinary sample of outdoor life. The annual awards dinner, where successful members re- ceived letters, pins, and sweaters, ended an active season. D5 MRS. MARY ALICE MANKINS Advisor FRONT ROW: Sharon Sphuler, Barbara Lindsay, Yvonne Sebastian, Helen Rocha, Pat Arcana, Ji1dyRoy, MartyNelson Karen Benzon, Elaine Grieb, Florence Rexroad. BACK ROW: Kathy Grabil, Kaye lvloore, Diane Agueda, Beverly Simas, Jean Webster, Donna Linstrum, Anna Arellanes, Susanne Hart, Darlene Gragia, S I 4 " '37 Lffrilf...-.J rl is imxqms Leffermen Club ,,,,,.. ... ..- Vw 'Y LARRY YAMAGUCHI President ,f OFFICERS: Vernon Blakeley, sergeant-at-armsg Jim Lindholm, treasnrerg Vince Antonio, vice-president, Jack Reed, secretary, FRONT ROW: Howard Davis, Vernon Blakeley, David Dennis, Jim Lindholm, Gary York, Jerry Sloan, Art Romero, Bill Moss. BACK ROW: Leonard Levy, Q Tom Lovern, Roger Greene, Larry Yamaguchi, Leroy Oliveira, Jeff Green, "" "" R85 Diaz, A1311 RyZll6l', Dan EV3llS. COACH JIM BRASHER, Advisor N 7 The Lettermen Club is one of A.G.U.H.S.'s largest organizations. lt is composed of boys who Q- have earned a letter in any sport. Q7 The objectives ot the group are to promote high moral ideals, a feeling of good sportsman- ship, and high scholastic standards. This year the club sponsored the sale of foot- ball game ribbons, the Novice Wrestling Tourna- ment, and the "Kick-Off" queen. Vying for the Kick-Off queen for the first home football game were: Kennie Lee Wright, senior, Virginia Wood, iunior, Betsy Scott, soph- omore, and Cathy Brownlee, freshman. Virginia Wood emerged the winner. The year ended with a delicious barbeque held at the county park. VIRGINIA WOOD l958 Football Queen FRONT ROW: Mike Kawaoka, Phillip Navariz, Jim Williams, Yoshi Kawaoka, Steve Robinson, Bill Lawrence, Jim Azevedo. BACK ROW:RandyCul1en, Robert Goulart, Tom Williams, Hector Camacho, Jerrol Dana, Bob Jones, John Nishi, Jim Zepeda. ' ' .ani 4 il SP0I'1'5 Varsity Football 'B l 5 U 4. V V. "Q -. if ff" 5,23 "-n fu. sf 'V Y' - - -v' "' 1 ' mn 46' ol ' . H ffl IN K MANAGERS: Yoshi Kawaoka, Bill Shetley, Mike COACHES: Jim Brasher and Jim Miller Kawaoka. Arroyo Grande's T958 gridiron aggregation wound up the year in a blaze of glory by finish- ing in second place in the San Luis Obispo League behind the perennial champions, Santa Marla Saints. fte a rather disasterous but ins irational, practice schedule with several formidable op- A r , p ponents, the Eagles found the range and crashed out stunning league victories over Atascadero, San Luis Obispo, and Paso Robles. For the memorable fete of converting a green and inexperienced team into a pennant con- tender, Coach Jim Brasher was named Coach of the Year by the Black and Gold Booster Club. The varsity lads also won the league's Sportsmanship award. Tom Lovern and Vince Antonio were selected for All-Conference first team honors. Ver- non Blakeley made the second team. Lovern also made the third team of the Helms Foundation All-Southern California small school selection. Vince Antonio and Dave Cabales received the coveted Leiter Trophy for their outstanding season performances. The Eagles climaxed the season by traveling to Newhall for a C. l.F., Class A.A. quarter final game with the William S. Hart Redskins on a windswept, frost covered field. Coach Brasher will have a large number of returning lettermen with which to form the nucleus of another fine grid squad next fall . TOM LOVERN DAVE CABALES VINCE ANTONIO VERNON BLAKELEY End Guard Fullback Halfback Varsity Football Verl ou Blakelex fume All opeullrg for a rzeable Pau Flu: IS a eheerful vrux ol ouruew larer btages of the Pafo Robles game The Arroxo GramleVallex Boomer: Club made tlus dream a gy realm RONNIE BETTENCOURT TOVI PHELAN DICK MANSFIELD LEROY OLIVEIRA Baek Guard H Tackle O fl f, r V!- ,SJ lr ! ' ""e ""' ' '2 eleerrie seoreboard during the 7 - 1 I a - , A , M H, ' -- I A. A l l 1' e- E d .W A A , ,. 1 . vi A il Q , I N1e1R0 ha sklrtb the end as Jauk Regd gem su to Hard ruumug Vmgq Automo the bnght spot m the blon k an 011 Lommg would by tanklu Eagh baukfleld 15 otf on another long gamer B lx Lmru JOHN N1bHI XIELINO N.-XVMUZ TOM WILLIAMS ROGER GREENE av' " H Cents: ak ' 1 Q Q' R , J X Q E, ' ' Eu , . B lx Varsity Football R IERRY DAN A Bar, k TERRY IJIAZ Enu c9'.o'7 lx. ww, ' is ,V s 77 RIC HARD MQCULLOUGH Tackle TOM WARD Halfbaek 1 1' BlLL SKAGGS breaks up a pass play. In a stellar defensive nranenver, Ronnie Bettenvourt Taekle BOB ALLEY BOB JONES Center Guard 4- - R ' it V, Z fr ! , V- X 3 - fr ,Y r 3 ' g ' 'Mfg BOB PORTER End A 1 , Q 7- 4' 6' Frosh Football Under the tutorage ot Coach Del Holloway the Eaglets learned the basic fundamentals of footbal l. The year was quite an experience for thefreshmen lads who had never donned grid togs and felt the hardhitting pressures of the rough and tough contact sport. BACKS: N. Bergstrom, B. Sheldon, H. White- field, R. Becerra. SCORES A.G . O Santa Maria O ff if A.G. 6 Paso Robles 26 A.G. 0 Santa Maria 26 A.G. 0 Paso Robles 6 Eaglets stopping a Paso drive FRONT ROW: L. Davis, J. Linstrom, J. Rosa, L. Martinez, B. Costa, A, Kenny, R. Be- eerra, H. Gareia, G. Kizler, C. Duncan, D. Cabales. SECOND ROW: J. Hopkins, Manager, M. Harper, R. Walker, P. Kawa- guchi, F. Wilson, F. Evangelista, B. Winter, B. Nichol, B. O'Conner, B. Vincent, J. Lenz, C, Pino, J. Stanley, BACK ROW: Coat:hHol1oway, B. Foust, L. Hendrieks, D. Castro, B. Sheldon, N. Bergstrom, D. Annecehini, H. Whitefield, T. Camera, I. Leighton, R. Shiffrar, K, Walker, L. Pal- matier, T. Loomis, E. Evangelista. Ca- Qfqu ffl if 2 L X aW3r'i3'. 3' f ,salsa f' ' Mgr' l nl' :Zigi .f J.V. Football Arroyo Grande s Junior Varsity eleven garnered a wealth of experience and football under- standlng In a season packed with thrulls heartaches, and charley horses. Coach Doug Hltchen s grsdders started the season with four decisive vlctortes before tasting defeat The J.V s reached the greatest height In the season fnnale with Paso Robles which ended In a tle Dave Troxell won the Lester trophy award Steve Robinson was named team captain Al thou g h the season cannot be regarded as very successful In the won and lost column plgskln knowledge and teamwork can only be measured In the play of future varsity elevens 'vl1ckBoughton Tackle Bob Rowe End ,lllll Reed Back Jtm Azevedo Back Jtm Zepeda End Ttno Falcone Back ' -I B111 Haley Guard Gerald Wught Tackle Feltx Carnacho End B111 F1ant Tackle Eugene Gaxrola Back John Becerra Back Steve Robtnson Back B111 Romero Center Steve Tomlrn Tackle Dennts Bryant Center Pablo Calsada Guard 1' Randy Sllefwlll End Ken Bosch Back Harry Smtth Center Ph1l1p Navartz Back Daryl Watson End Dave Troxell Guard Charles Zepeda Back Davrd Denn1s Center 84 , . . . . . . . I . , 1 1 .1 , 4 A " ' ', . ' , , K I I Y Y p 5 . . ' ,, ' , E nf ll 1 1 N 3' 1 ' ' , , nv . I I T., - , I .. ll si. L r N , V -c Q, .Q , v ' , . V I , I f . I I 'f Rh V Y, ,. L. . Y . - , 3 .f ' . Q . .0 . -fl 1 .. K V ' K 3 4 I 4 K 1 A5 X I s r P if 5 3 A YZ! .ik IQ A V fi I 5 ff' -L - . rr if Y. . s 5 fl g L . ,- f W? .ef-y.,,' 'f, f L .CH f N ,Q 4. less .QV 1 W' H 6 +C' S QSM 2, Q: O ? Sr' fx , , ' ', ' ,Q -, 3 2 3-f" - .Zu 1 . EN- F N VL L il? H D ,M m Q f l I l nw A X N" Ex iv -7 gs . " If .9 W- ', aj, 'I V X51 5 W 15 ?5?WQ5Qi'QgQAM? 329 'ff " Ad K , A N 5 f Q2 9 -J 4 ' -ji? VX u N , Offs - 534215 ' '-f' I V N? if 4?f "g 5 ,ff Q L 41 9,2 W i Q QA4 T I', 2 5 H- it Larry Hendrrcks jumps to tank another bucket for two pO1IlIb Basketball Coach Eugene Frazers C squad posted the frnest record of all Arroyo Grande hoopsters The llttle Eagles chalked up l9 vuctorles whale losung only two games, both to Santa Marla During the Christmas vacatlon the Eaglets won theChamp1onsh1p trophy an the Santa Barbara tourn ament Top scorers for the C s an their successful season were Calas, l44 points, Whltefleld, l63 polnts, Hendricks, l5O pounts, Steele, 53 polnts, and Becerra, 61 ponnts Look for these boys rn future Arroyo Grande hardwood courts srifxsox RECORD Nhsslon Paso Robles 'X1llS5lOll Santa Ynez U E Templeton Arascadero S L O Ataseadero Lompoc 'NllSalOll Templeton Carpmte 13 S L O Santa Mama Lompoc Paso Robles "5 l-ROINI' ROW John Hop kms Chr1s Cagas lax Becerra Hank Garua SECOIND ROW Eugene 1 run o 111 Bece Nl3l'llll Harper Bennle brecle BACK ROW En gene G3X1Ol3 Nlanagper La 1 l-lendrlcks Heshel Wnreheld Par Ka 4 g1Lh1 Coa h r aze VN1g 89 1 1 if 77 I ll ll , . . Ac, 257 1 'Q' 4 A.G. :15 1 'H' 19 A.G. S16 26 Ac. 37 28 Ao :1:1 A.G. . .s. 6 4.6. 38 25 Ac. :15 - 31 A.o. 42 -- 15 Ac. :16 - 19 4.6. 3:1 . . . 28 v Q 4.6. 42 . 16 4.6. 31 l8 N V' , , 4.61 :16 S.L.O. 26 4.6. 37 samaxxana 42 ' 4.6. 37 ' f' 24 4.6. 25 - 24 A.G. 32 . . . 31 4.6. 35 15 Ac. 29 ' 31 t 1 1 I 7 ' V' . - ,Q Nla ' , J l ' - rra, f! 5, 'Q A X ' 1 , y 301 le . - . yy R V' It , Q I' DT. Nc 1' Wrestling ROGER GREENE ,.,..-1 NEIL PEW it-1 1. .- ,, VINCE ANTONIO is-0 YOSHI KA WAOKA S.L.O. League Champions Arroyo Grande's wrestling team culminated o highly successful mat campaign by finishing sixth in the C.l.F. Southern section meet in San Diego this spring. The four man team chalked up 20 points by garnering three third places. Yoshi Kawaoka, Neil Pew, and Steve Robinson were the point winners. Vince Antonio, while making a very good showing in the l75 pound class, failed to place. Coach Jim Miller's grapplers finished fifth in the Col Poly tournament and won the San Luis Obispo league championship. SEASON RECORD 55 Carpinteria 31 Santa Maria 24 Atascadero 46 Santa Maria 34 San Luis Obispo 53 Carpinteria 24 Atascadero 35 San Luis Obispo FRONT ROW: Yoshi Kawaoka, George Reed, Hardy Estes, David St. Denis, John Stiede, Tony Romero, Bill Romero Ted Selvester. SECOND ROW: Jim Wilmore, Joe Smith, Robert Reeves, Neil Pew, Roger Greene, Bill Lackey Steve Robinson, Ronnie Warwick, Jerrol Dana. BACK ROW: Bob Cronin, Bob Collier, Louis Visser, Vernon Blakeley Jim Corbit, Howard Davis, Vincent Antonio, Mike McCune, Coach Jim Miller. Track Coach George Pape's Eagle cindermen showed a great deal of overall team power in the various track meets and relay events. With only a few hold-over regulars to form a team nucleus, coaches Pape and Miller de- veloped anumberof boys to become track stand- outs. With a little more seasoning, Arroyo lads have a great future ahead of them. Pole vaulter, Randy Cullen, clears the bartoadda few more points to the score. Steve Tomlin is out in front at the lastflightof barriers in the high hurdles. VARSITY FRONT ROW: Randy Cullen, Toni Lovern, Jim Zepeda, Larry Bryant, Vernon Blakeley. MIDDLE ROW: Terry Dias, Charles Zepeda, Stanley Hill, Phillip Navariz, Richard Matsumoto. BACK ROW: John Leighton, Mike Sloan, Tio Calsada, I-IectorCamacho, Bob Allen, Max Padilla. 1 Ll I .m l--1 'sn-.. f "P", ylil .D lax A 1 , 32 . :l,:'-im Al ,.,. f-B Ji 1'2" ff '75 4 2, ' V April March To m Wa 7 i4 2l 4 ll I8 24 May 2 23 30 rd wins lOO yard dasn. Schedule Santa Maria San Luis Obispo Santa Maria Invitational San Luis Obispo King City Invitational Atascadero Atascaclero Memorial Paso Robles, Santa Maria League Meet C.I.F. Finals State Meet Lon: Lovern is sliown vlearing the bar it: lngli nnnp. 1+ fix I ts Y 1 B SOLAD FRONT ROW: Denni' B13 it Dennis Gm 'ne Steve Tomlin Jol1n5o'ia'm. MIDDLE ROW: David Dennis Tino Falcone RayVillac.lor Pablo Calsada. BACK ROW: DickCronin Den- nis C nisiopliuf Bill O Connor Bill Winre.s. C soufxn f Nl' ROW: Ri llard 1 bio ess Je la Luz Lyle Davi Roy Colli 'r, Lli ROW: Alfred Kenny 're Evanpe is l Sncrnz , 'lgele Ria? 'n. ..- 4 11,4 ,T NQA Ark N -3 1 M it 4 5 l ' L : iw x M-rr 7.4 l XML 4112 , 'Ns in Varsity Baseball Faced with a rebuilding task after losing most of last year's squad via the diploma route, Coach Eugene "Pee Wee" Fraser fielded a rather inexperienced but hustling band of horsehiders. Early rains curtailed the number of practice sessions and games. Local baseball fans are looking to the future for highly touted teams as the l959 nine was composed of mainly iuniors and sophomores. Sophomore keystone comhrnauon shortstop Jlm Wtllrams and s e c on d h a s e m a n Chris Cajas prepares to chalk up another double play 'gg 94 John Soto, sophomore catcher, gets set to throw a runner out at second hase. -nu.. E, .V 4-WJ'-' .' s E .-1 -, ..f ., s. Q 1 X ppm! v. 5. ,4 I can . b? r . 1: 45. sc in 1- . a,,,v,. 5.3: ,- ,r t ff U M, Ja , j1"ft,-it ' -" 3'--M -- -runnin, 'W VW, X ugfyaib Jun Azevedo centerftelder leaps htgh to brtng down a fly ball to rob the batter of an extra base blow Don Srmonet Juruor southpaw hurler un corks a fast breaklng curve hall ...--v-1 fl X Jw, , if X V! . s '57 Q H 9' - Y. ' ti ' V N M' if ll' . y 4. ig VA Wad M . V 1 v A , Irx, V1.3 ow -5 -lu- A " ' M J" iff, , 35,1 r D sm.. ' st V r g ,yt A g v --I I Q V' ' J, I V .t .,.. - ,-,, , W L' ' ' 4- , V, Q 'i2.,Ql" A, F v Cotton Levy, only senior onthe Eagle fwaseoall squad, strerrhes our ro make a putout at first base. gf. 1. -f ' ,.-iiegipeiasgifb " 'Gia R. N Q fix' ag, ' ' Q. rluwwww fx N h W4 I hfj Nu., - 5 ' FRONT ROW: Paul Bright, Managerg Howard Dams hm Reed Chrrs Cajas John Soto Jrm Xxrlllams Bennre Qreele BACK ROW: Coach Eugene Fraser, Jack Reed, Don Srmonet Drck Wanblreld Be nard Norman hm M arren Milton Andrews, Managerg Leonard Levy, Jim Azevedo , 44 , Junior Varsity Baseball The hard hitting Eaglets of Coach John Teixeira displayed a lot of enthusiasm and hustle while playing a tough junior varsity schedule. Several of the baseball men will be welcome additions to future A.G. nines. The boys absorbed a lot of fundamentals and baseball know how. .,. 'ilk BLAIR SHELDON Cateher 7,1 MIKE MADSEN RANDY snrsrzwrx Fifsf B356 Center Field FIRST ROW: Randx' Sherwin, John Becerra, Danny Anneuhini, Yoshi Kawaoka, Larry Hendriuks, Jim l-loyal, Ray Becerra, Arlin Levy, Mike Madsen, Bill Fiant. BACK ROW: Robert Ceja, managerg Hardy Estes, Felix Camacho, Blair Sheldon, Hershel Whitefield, John Steinfelt, Terry Moreland, Roy Alexander. .1 'L 2 J .XL 4 5,1441 's fb .L I " L". 112,242 nf' vw -f':,,. " ' f. W ,,,,L,, ff N w . .. . ,Em ,W ,Jw -. ,- ' -'-5 13-bf !?L-,L"T , A N ., v r ' ' N- ' ., VXNCE ANITONIO JOHN KITASAKO and ROBERT GOULART Tennis 1" FROINT ROW Robert Davre Ted Gregory Bob Porter Mrke Schilling, John Kitasako. BACK ROW: Coach Ed. Roberts Jrm Heldker Vrnee Amomo Dwrd Troxell Robert Goulart. I J 5, 0 'Q 75' 1 - qs. 1 rl -1 ms, B Q ' r Hu.: 1 'Q S . , 's-, ,emxaa ,ffz ?i5f ,Q f'!E v if 1 W,...e , ,...... y ' v. v----. 1' gun- -., , hc., Qdauzuvg 4' ,,,..-1 -f-' Music Building: Scene ot Music Ac- tivities, Student Government, and Committee Meetings. "' .f ,'L1f M H ,Ln ,, .M XX Concert Bond Arroyo Grande's very fine band received a Superior rating in the county band festival. This well schooled group of musicians is a credit to its director, Mr. George Beatie. CLARINETS: Sherry Davis, Jim Redick, Marjorie Luster, Kent Larsen, Patty Lentz, Diane Agueda, JudyStinson, Gor- don Churclinard, Alberta Vieira, Gerald Wright, Jim Reed, William Romero, Patty Castner, Cathy Brownlee, Mar- gie Brittian, Jere Logan, Louise Williamson. OBOE: Henriette Dumiat. HORNS: Estlier Cabales, Glenn Brown. TRUM- PETS: Jim Wilmore, Ronald Devitt, Art Romero, Ronald Godfrey, Pliil Steck. BASSES: Jim Lenz, Ted Gregory STRING BASSES: Barbara Fernambnrg, JanetS1eatli. BELLS: Sharon Blakemore. TYMPANI: Betty Strom. X The musical memories of "59" can be largely contributed to the many activities of the Arroyo Grande High School Band. They have enioyed an exceptionally active year under the expert direction of George C. Beatie. Providing a musical background to the cheers of Arroyo Football fans, the band was a major tool in the shaping of school spirit. As they marched onto the field during half-time, the rooters would rise to their feet and pay verbal tribute to the spirited musicians. Even without football games, the band was still active, performing in five parades, pre- senting their Ninth Annual Band Show, and with the participation of various members of the band, plus members from other schools, a Clinic Band was held at the Valley Road Gym. Their concert music rates high honors and is truly the best for listening. As a rating for this organization, it may be stated as "tops. " BASSOON: Patricia De Leon. FLUTES: Genoveba Reyes, Vera Wilson, Peggy Willhoit, Jeannine Durniat, Claudia Lehman. HORNS: Melvin Friday, Mike Simerljq. ALTO SAX: Peggy Teague, Ronald Spenny, Stella Saruwatari, Tony Romero, Richard Rubio. TENOR SAX: Joan Taylor, Budd Retzlof , Jim Allen. BARITONE SAX: Judy Johnson. TRUM- PETS: Don Masters, Norman Stephens, Don Castro. TROMBONES: Mike Adams, Fred Spohn, Wayne Kithcart, Bill Nichols, Willis Vestal, Ronnie Warwick, BARlTONES: Gerald Fox, Mickey Bougliton. BASSES: Dave Cabales, Frank Russell. PERCUSSION: Rudy Moreno, Kay Niehols, Ray Becerra, Bgb Rgwe, jim Warren, Steve Tomlin, V -. Q . .. ,, I . . K 2, f " ,2?V,!f. Q Q, ans., .X as-fi X X Qiffw Q7 Ss g 'IES - ff Band Activities BAND OFFICERS Bettx Strom Scrrbe Genoxeoa DRUM VIAJORS Barbara Fernamburg Jrm Reyes Secretarx Treasurer Sherrx Davrs Presr Redrek Strung Band Mr Sam Srmons Sandra Awalt SusanBarbe Char lotte Olson Joan Grbnons Sharon Mrura Laura An alt Joy Churehuard Margaret Spoo Raymond Vrllador STANDIING Mr George gxil -xxx Beatle Conductor Arroyo Grande's blue clad marching band splays one of its many intricate formations. This fast stepping musical unit stimulates a high degree of spirit in Eagle teams and the student body. Z I BAND BOARD OF DIRECTORS Stella Saru watari Arthur Romero Fred Spohn Patty Lentz Arroxo s Swing Band furnishes many melodtousstrams for school dantes xl f , f 6 7' X2 n je A xg I I ff' L 103 The Curious Savag 19" Sa -i-.Q , lim! , ' ,-I I Y,N , lit I , 4 . M 1 A IO4 ramen lcs ,, . ,, D t. f -,F 7 , 1 Q5 A r- x.. ' E 9 , I 1 . yn -Y xv-j I n ' i 5' . ' V' 1 up ,F ' Nm TJ . l 1 . . n- I l 1 W . U H, . One Act Plays The Ins and Outs Gerald Fox Eleanor Souza I saw thrs rn a mght club The Happy Journey Nancy Davrdson Robert Goulart Gary Owens Betty Fletcher Well we re oft qw-T.. Evenlng Star SUSIE Lentz Judy Johnson Gus Sherwood Here s the manuscrlpt Mrs M1tche11 The Four of Us Meet Agam Judy Roy Llnda Allen Th1s IS the mxsslng scrrpt HI Chatter Staff The Hr Chatter staff has admirably fulfrlled nts tradrtronal functron of properly Informing the students of Arroyo Grande Hugh durrng the year It has ac compllshed thus rn a llvely, varied, and truly spur rted lournalrstnc manner Sparked by the advrsorshrp of Mrs Teague and the edrtorshrps of Joan Taylor and Tom Murray this year s paper has been a tellrng force rn the campus lrfe of all school unhabntants 1' Vid! than SPRING STAFF FRONT ROW Joxce Hopkrns Crrculatron Manager Janet Knotts Copx Edrtor Jeanette Spenny Exchange Eduor Larrx Bryant Fea ture Ed1tor J1mL1nclho1m Sports Edrtor fl Mrke Adams News Edltor Jerry Dlas Fea ture Edrtor 106 O - . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I I . . . . . 'b : -5 fit , - L V ' - 'fi A I Q T ' I . rs. lr 1' ' A. T r 3 I I' A I , . '. ' : ,' ' , ' 1 - . : . , I . 3 I . . , V . I V . - I A Y I MRS RUTH TEAGUE Advlsor , SPRING STAFF FRONIT ROW Marron Dalhey D1str1but1on Manager Mary jane foubt Assouate Edrtor Marg1e Lu1s Copx Reader BACK ROW Drana Pursell News Bureau Drann Sw1gert Xexts Edltor JudyM1tche11 Sports Ed1tor Sharon G11bert Feature Edltor Ixora Foust Column ISI Ray Wettleson Arust Eugene Blanchard C1rcu1at1on RohertDav1s Exchange Edrtor - , - A--4 '.1 -ft I 4 ' ' I. ' lx 'V R , , .. Pf 'E x. , ' , ,. , ' 2345 ' .- ft-,. ,.4 .. , . -- 7 ui n ' fy - L . , .. 1 1. I y , 2 ' ' ' , ' 1 , 4 . . v . ' ' V v Y I Y L 2 , I p I 1 ' I , S , 3 . - Aerie Staff Q Q X f Z 2 U NANCY DAVIDSON, Editor-in-Chief BEATRICE SIMAS, Business Manager The Yearbook Staff ofl959is proud to present the Aerie to Arroyo Grande Union High School. A lot of work goes into putting out a yearbook, to take and print pictures, to plan layouts, make write-ups, meet deadlines, and finally presenting the finished books to the students. We hope that our work will be of service to you and our efforts will be understood. In making the yearbook we attempt to record the year's events accurately in picture form with the hope that in years to come you will be able to look back on this book and recall many happy experiences. CLAUDIA KELLEY BETTIE FIANT ANNA ARELLANES LUPE CALTABIANO PATTY CASTNER DONNA LINSTRUM Assistant Editor Activity Editor Copy Editor Freshmen Faculty Editor Seniors 4-'f ,.A, +L, 3 3 92 Z L S 4 F I JIM HEIDKER, Plmrogmpher JUDY MITCHELL JUDY WAY Organizations if 1 4 A BILLY DUNCAN, Photographer lf! -., JOHN TEIXEIRA, Advisor 9 ALAMEDA TATE LINDA HENDRICKS MAX PADILLA HELEN MOORE Juniors Seniors Sophnmnres Ads Sports Editor ' 5 fi r i 109 JUDY ROY 'Q fight team fight .hdvfrh BEVERLY ABATTI Cheerleaders WWE With an E, With an E, With an E, A, G, With an L, With an L, With an L, E, S. YVOIN NE SEBASTIANJ Varsity V V VAR S S Varsity 110 Eagles, Eagles, GO EAGLES Give Give Give a Give m Give Give What does that spell? EAGLES QQ .r,N.aQ1h. n. BARBARA LINDSAY el 1 ff 3 . ' me an E ' L if E ' me an A A ' me G 2 1 G 4 ' e an L Q N Lf' L W 4- in , ' ' me an E E , ' me an S S EAGLES ' f 1 Y 1 - E 'x Egg? ,ffm f. 1 - E V L, .1 I T . E 'SA S, , ITY , . . V-A-R- -I-T-Y ' On Arroyo On Arroyo On Arroyo Breok rnght through thot lane Send the boll rlght down the fueld A touchdown sure thus txme roh, roh roh On Arroyo On Arroyo Fnght with might and tome Flght fellows fught tight Frght And wan this game A' NANCY MURRAY LINDA ALLEN Touchdown wont o touchdown That s the thang We wont cz touchdown, heor us sung We wont o great bug brulser, husky ond toll To corry the ball In no time ot all wont cz touchdown ond when It s over Songleclders W ..ll'9""" MARGIE LUIS I Ann wont to heor you moke some nonse C T O We wont o touchdown boys DIANA SMITH . . 1 ' . h . I . I . I ,ff 'fffq , ft 'if' 1 . . . a' I . . I .',tj'?,il A 3 ,' wi' A922 rf L N A? We .1 5 . - . Y A I We . I , A vt V I I We ' 1. A it ' v-l- - - -R-Y Frosh Cheerleaders 9 f , JUDY STRINGHAM ,f CAROL DEIBERT 112 ,L 1 1' PAT THOMPSOIN VIKI QUINONES BA SKETBA LL CHEERLEA DERS Sue Phelan Sherue Balko Frances Carlson H11da ADIOHIO w , T ig Af ' fl gi ' S -J 1 -9 ' X W - - N ' x-1 3 - L '. , Qu", . We L N , , - "p.'.a'i,,?L ,A A V V - ,.,Qf4i :sri "3 1i'm Y 4 N ' 7-ji -V T. n 0 1' ,I 1 '51 Ya rsul' xl'- 'un 1 .I lf Y"'f Mfr ,JM ' FR N-Y' b-' X . " fr , 1 v , , . , 'A -ry., 1 ' , , I Q- . , ,L . f X' f uri 'v-Owrrggu.--neg-Lu-V. .P 'il . 3, . A ' JIU' 4 r 4 7. . 'i +2 fy, A A - A ' fy K ' " .yn , 'f ,, fbi -- N J, ' .X .A - v w L -+,+.x f had ., wp:-,C " 2 i :Y ,, " ' f -U i"rf '. - ig? if ,q W ff 1 fi: a ' 'Q W' 5.rv' f ' ff TM M I 'V , . V 4. ilytf '5,gA1fMQ!mA xk 'Q f 'f'z 'f"i?fb.fl""ff 4 b 'R f fe'-vi. "'7wf3 ff. 'fi'-. ff"i , V KB -M Y A ' - nw A ' . -1 .b uh' A 3.5 f., aivs-.:f'- ' -5 , . V, I gl m!xi,L..',Hx Q., ,wwf ,f 4 .1 A 13, V V- 1 ff.. , ag W, NJ' ,-- ,., -N., , vu Q Q . 1 , r V 111. 1 h S J vs xx- ' f Q ,. . my . 1 KX 'N 1 ww 'N 4 4 Rl: fv X , uf? K ..""N .-' 93 . x.. 1 4 0 di! ax ' 'K L. ' lv fi! -4 xi ' ' 'gm ,, -ws -L ,pf 5: 4 ld P14154 ae, ' A. . 1 7123 'i 1. 4. x L Q 4 :"',.D..-.-K-5162443 XM-N., .. H . -... cw- WW, ..... A... aff' M -Que . fxlllz - vb' -X' ' 'rm . , ,vm 4-uw: Q-.r Choru T MR. SAM SlMONS Advisor Gerry Mello, Viee-president: Donna Oninones, presidentg Nancy Murray, sei-retary-treasurer, jerry Dias, business nian- ager. FRONT ROW: Sally Fahey, Norma Hollen, Danine Sherwin, Caroline Matsumoto, Gerry Mello, Sharon Hayes, Lois Townsend, Donna Ouinones, Velnia Warren, Sharon Wallace, lfranues Meauhani, SECOND ROW: Dottie Farr, Therese Johnson, loan Jenkins, Deanna Duncan, lanadean Haley. BACK ROW: Mary Dove, Donna Harwiek, joye Slflllglliilll, Norinetta Hunsaker, Ann Baxter, Norma Whitefield, Kay Moore, Clernen na Carranza, Barbara Bandnrraga, Bar- bara Fredricks, Judy Elliorr, Wanda Candle. J 5 A .1 I.: fr 4- 8 1 Q.. X E 34, ,, at id sf' Y 4 fy warg Nfl: --V t Y X, 1, 0 U FRONT ROW: Eileen Talnata, Henrietta Garnett, Carelyn Rowe, F-.iargaret Lalidlni, Patriyia lltolnpson, Marlene Souza, Ahgelina Alanns, Sandra Lewii, Allna fylanriqnez, Carnl lllezvert, Gail Ezzel. f,1llJlJLli,ROW: Sasarx liaflve, jnnyStringl1a1n, Rnse1t,a:y'l3alaisu, Lnuille S1 llaler, Rnlny Hale, Carol joneb, Beverly Llalrn, lntiy Hytta, Yltlay Oninonef, Nanny Watt, l'a..lerta Kell. BACK ROW: Birnte Nlnbtalkis, Celef! I.lan..lng, lilrna a lJnrl1an,, liarvara Reen, Mary lhfta, lDlnrt.ll. Gnllart, Indy llaptley., Roeengarl. Ortix, 51.:al: Slneltlx, blrerri liallw, Betty'r, liranees Alelilnr, FRONT ROW: Slrerry Ayres. Mil-lrele Walker, Ellen Clladtl, Cheryl Lanrgaatcr, llarlene Gnlarte, Pat bnritlr, Llartj, Nelson, Rita Cain, Pat Arvano, Helen Roelra, Marta Castro. MIDDLE ROW: Pat Bnrkes, :ure Hnrtvn, lbnnna Bt-arnan, DO11113 U6A111111111l, 531163 Lfiligl, Wardeen Phelps, Peggy Knight, Mildred l-lanley., Iyiary Lfflllly' lDeSonza, lpay Onl- son, Beverly Ritlzargs. BACK ROW: Pat Staigef, Yvonne Selwaftiaa, Barbara Xlarbnall, jtlpy Roy. Dlana Mengeg, lltana Nephew, Slnrlcy Swisher, Rnt.r lDePe'.1,, Carol Tyiartln, loanTl1vle'.,Katl1leensilya,GeriyAgwpe'5.11.,larr1eg'-'w'lllia1r.. iw' 'O f - ' is . 4 L, f. , X t . I -v , Q 4' Q Y is v P Y 'Y - - U a 'P - if 4 L 'X rv 5 ' -. CQ 1 W 14. V , A V. ' if! 4 5. bg' E-1 cf N w Boys Glee Club X FRONT ROW: James Lieoseos, David Prouty. Jerry Way, Armando Man- riqnez, Danny Evererr, Lee Frisk, John Sriede, Gary Freire, Dewey Walls. SECOND ROW: Gary York, Nick Nnnes, Thomas Ferrer, Jim Ha- ley, Glen Kisler, Ray Collier, Charles Silva, Bill Vincent, Leon Dobbs, Larry Scarbrough. BACK ROW: Bryon Berg, Jerry Dias, lNlelinoNavariz, William Hornaday, Dan Moreland, Freddie Wilson, PanlFiler, Troy Wil- coz, Jiles Bogess, Glenn Andrews, Harold McChesney. Snack time 5 tf"' 1--7 R-.K ?..-gl V--.-.W ,,,...... 4 ,N , , V, t 'Xi' V, 591- .""'!' .Jig B. mf' .JJ ,ra .Q Y K T74 v ,. h 6 Q l iii "X r 4,, , W ir, it , 3-V Q W' , ! , 'S-" 3. 1 .f .1 ,' .M ' 1: J-1..,:,..... ,.-W G as - we f M , . mv "' 'ziq-MT- ' f , . . . "Wa , ,. 4 A -' are .t',,4,fr,:..?:i'L-I. I AV' ...,. if! Mm, N, iid. u,:,,,,,S:5 ?T,,,,,,,,'. f ,, - W - We--:Masai-ml'4,"w,fsg- is ,fsf,5f4z'MaL,'Rixv1"Z:,znzw.u.Kaiea1i'dl219r""'2 ' '14 QL We want a tourlidown - effing. , ., f 7. ruff f I lg! ff 116 Valentlne Day dance one of the many student body dances held throughout the year ..fv""' Dances Vern Blakelew and Donna Qurnones were the wrnners of the dame eontest trophy Scenes from the semor formal Chrrstrnas Fantasx held at Prsmo Beach 'H7 Library Dedication Girls' League Tea Mrs. T.1j.1or,1n rbarge of one of the refresbmerzr tables, chars rogirls' league l members V v , The reeeprion line, beaded bv Mrs. vu f ' 1 I , '- Looniiggreersguests' --if . as they enrer. 118 I V area " 1 V f . L -?h- . Mrs. Brownlee pours punebrogirls' league members. Miss Steigerwalt, li- brarian, enjoys pour- ing tea for many of the guests at the li- brary dedication. an-?"' i web 7' , , I2 N' ,V ,J 2. .nfv . ,- XV? fxfmfw CHGE TIG rgfw J nsvlfli WWF ,N Football team makes long mp back home after Atascadero XICIOIX Footlnll Dads wtltome Eagles watk for st Loud half durmg Dads Dax gimt 3 'II9 l--t Snap Rallx Cemmlttee gr ets team durmg San luls Omspo game au, fi bharou Blake mort aut. Bettx Hetthe llOuE1lOl' f'3SlllOll Nhow Mr DeNol za p ot ts fallat of mmd readmg at ge tral assem l provtam School Shot Miss Salters' Freshman English class learns to make book reports. K. 7 Kwai i.i.d"",r .K Rope jumping helps build coordination. ' Miss Pena's second year General Motors lecturer presents a Previews of Progress assembly to the student body. 12 M-, ...nw . 5 1 S panish students conjugate verbs Girls PXE, Classes try out new pool. O sq' l -, J' Sharon Blakemore and Ann Baxter participate in Lions Club speaking contests. Both were winners N r. Gibbons' Solid Geometry tlags proves a propmition. Xin Otbuii bhowb a btudeut hom to olxe '5fObiglll5 Miss Byers' Social Studies class studies chapter in ilgebral Kour- i.,,'Y W l Class Scenes Y. -of D- Freshmen crafts students learn leather work from- Mrs. Koga. Mr. Collins points out hattle grounds of Civil War to U, S, History students. Mr. I-lo1loway's Chemistry class set up an experiment General Mathematics glass members talk over problems with Mr, Lankow. Typing students take ten minute timed writings to increase speed. 'N Q '07 , , Cralts students tarve valuable leather purses, Electricity students display class projects. Leon Dobbs ents Z1 hoard for his woodshop project. Art instrnt- how to ble Nw. 123 tor, Mr. Cole, shows Linda Hendricks I id paints. K, Mr. Kvliitc watches Vernon Rulison test a tune in radio lab. Shop Scenes Mr Sprerlxng pornts out major mearrng areas on a V 8 to Raul Ceja reams out a hole on h1S Model A Rrchard McCullough rn Auto Shop block rn Auto Shop Art Romero operates a lathe rn Metal Shop Ernest Vrsser Cl6S1gllS a floor plan rn Mechanlcal Dramng whrle Ruben Cavan1ll1s and Mr Hrtchen look on his A Q 124 xleiie tort h in Nletal 5 lop Robert Divis operites 1 milling mwehme in Metal Shop Keimx Lee Wrrght gtuge ie work on 1 Crift la mood lathe -wfi 125 5 if I ' V sm o 'tr . , I " ' ' 1 " " r ', U i e ,",,'o-, f,:o-'l ' J , , ln' ' , - ' - 'nw t - 'at X . , Q l .' ' il., f ' 1 ' u ' ' I fn N W f Q I . ,f 7 ' . ' I ,X X 0 S1 , ' . a gl Danny johnson learns to weld with Hll oxyauet- Radio Shop students solder resistors on their radio circuit. 1' ' w tl ' C 4 s v ss I. I X , I J H I if 4 I K :If fi, xg N 1 AQ, 4 P M I z Khz ' '1 Aggies Danny Tomlin IS showing two of his prize winning hereforcls hm Ritterbrush IS shown working on his F F A field crops project School Staff x 'if- ,,,A. ,. n LEO I, MCNEIL Superintendent of Buses and Maintenance x, X - Q GLENN ROWLEY Sc BRYSON VORHEES GEORGE KITCHEL St AL HUEBNER Bus Drivers Branch Street Custodians 126 Cofeferlo Ethel Girrlson Evi Huelu ner Elame Roxal Marx Alme DIXIS Bermce Cox Jay ne qdlllllllg Bulldmgs and Grounds FRONT ROM A erlll Joh nsl ll Earl Gre orx Sam Ml Cord BACK ROW Eums Kx1ll1Q Chwrles Bell Jaok Pewrl Frmk Nlirtm Ollxer Nui es School Staff 7 JV will with Y! A xo 41 '- awas- 123-ba.-,AF 5 P :fi jg i QL Q A -' F , me-, ,,,,3"1' ,f ' . , QAVQWQV, , , : 5 , 1 . ,A us ,..f .M -1 vs 7 . 1' 'M ' .fl X - , .- ,, , A 'A . .x ,H .4 A ' 4 - ,f. .4 .X .lt . . i . . 5 K A s I ' - .gl wanuwvv., .," . 'f1'r,,.xN .. M, UQ! .....i,.. .A 6? H151 2' MA 1? - V tr, ffpn ' Ea sk ,wc 'lf if 1 ' M if, Am .. if . 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Nfilu' "Riff '19 113 I-1-,, Mun--- -M G 4 Junlor Class Wuth three years of hugh school tramung and actuvutues behlnd them, the lunlors are looklng forward to next year when they wall be bold and mrghty sensors The school year began In an excltang way with the arrlval of the beautlfully desngned Class of 60 rungs Combining work wuth pleasure, the group conducted the hotdog con cesslon at the home football games Thus helped to provlde a source of Income for later events Durlng the sprung, colorful desert tan and blue sweaters were dns played by many lunlors on the campus The always spectacular Junior Senior Prom, the hlghlught of the year s actlvutles, took place In May This gala event was held ln a very decorative setting which IS symbolic of the affcur Beverly Abattl Ron Adams Bob Allen Llnda Allen -..,,,, hm All1e Jo Ann Antonlo Don Apple Dessle Arnold Marty Bagdons Ann Baxter Johnny Baze L1l11an Becerra -vm Ronnre Bettencourt f" Eugene Blanchard La Lorraine Bogle Roy Bolen Larry Bolton v Dean Bonjour Kenny Bosch M .nl l3l I ' ' II II ' , . . . . . . x l' ' M . Q ' :M T I 1- 5. :K , ' ff Glenn Andrews ' A - 2 Zi 'B 6 A rx m' y y I 2 v V Y,- - xx 'X r. A ' V11 tl I 1' 7 f 4? - r ' 4' r . Q ' X Aviv 4 lx , . X ff" :rm , H t x J. x h in x X, lf' AT :M X- V ' ,, A Y , ""7 '51 Judy Boyce B111 Brittam Shelra Brough Beverly Brown Joan Burrier Ester Cabales Chris Ceja Hector Ca macho Colin Carlberg Janis Carter Bobbi Chatterton Doris Cherry Gordon Churchward Doreen Colli Bonnie Combs Sue Cook Carol Cooksey Judy Crabtree Randy Cullen John Dale Jerry Dana Linda Daniels Howard Davis Kenny Davis Linda Davis Lucille Davis Robert Davis Russell Davis Billie Jo Dean David Dennis Penny Dvorak Terry Diaz Rudeen Dobbs Mary Dorff Juniors , ,Xi , I Q Marion Dalbey - 1 3 rr 2 w f 1 x Ronda Dorff Henriette Durniat Judy Elliot Sally Faghe Merrell Fankhauser Paul Filer Betty Fletcher Marty Forsythe Nora Belle Foust Gerald I-ox Emalte Galattes Btlly George Ltnda Gerlack Sharon Grlbert Robert Goulart Kathy Gra btl Darlene Gracra Pamela Gregg Roberta Gregory Carol Hartnell Susan Hart Jlm Herskrll Mrckey Hernandez larry H111 Norma Hollon Joyce Hopkms Btll Hornaday Joyce Hubble Cecll Inman Chutk Jeffers Russell Johns Danny Johnson Pat Johnson Bobby Jones Karen Jordan ,6 ,Q ' 4? -, .nv- fh . ,iff -'sa "-17 ll K9 ,N Hub. 1, 'oi Y TT 'Z 133 7,6 'V .gf 1' if 1-.7 at if g-no Q' Q- -'xl is 4--Q xxx- ' Y , 1 ' 1' L 6.2 T S X r -I el 140 'Q' .L l l 449 Ns' nt -'Uk 459- .QA- i Q '-is 'Y is I 4.1- 4? LQ! 'C if 'T' .IN -nv T -QM, 1-7 4 Juniors Mike Kawaoka Rerko Kawaoka Candie Kitchen Effie Langford susan Lentz Margie Luis Jim Licoscos Barbara Lindsay Levi Little bandra Longley Tom Lovern Carol Machado Dick Mansfield Dan Masters Frances Mares Shirley Marin Jesse Martinez Ruth Matsumoto Frances Meacham Mary Jane McCullough Leona McKinley Tim McMurtry Judy Mitchell Monte Montgomery Joe Moreno Rudy Moreno Rosemary Moreno Donna Moody Larry Mooney Kay Moore Bill Moss Nancy Murray Clarence Nash Melino Navariz Philip Navariz Charles Naylor Jams Nelson Nltcola Newby Norma Newman Leona Nlbarger John Ntshl bally Ogan Josre Padrlla Evelyn Pennoek Stella Ptno Bob Porter Davtd Prouty Dtane Pursell Ltnda Reddell Betty Redden Jack Reed Genoveba Rey s Melvrn Rocha Rlchard Rubro Judy Ryan sandra balyer Stella SSFUVLHIBFI Drane St hlrtz Norman bendek Myrlene bervrn Glenn Shaeffer sharon bhaffer Lrnda :heldon Danrne Sherwrn Barbara bhrffrar Betty mrlva Don brmonet Kenneth brmons Pat blllllll John bOl'l3llO ,pur- "1 'E IN '64 ir-nl Ui -of iq' 'i .4q ia ig 135 od .447 of' E 1 :Al 1:1 f-4 Q l Ll 1 'Su -1 K! L ff -ik 'F am 6 A Q-3 qv-4 C- C Q4 ,,, ,I-F rl! -y' ,,-4 Q at ,4 'V- .JJ 'hx Yi J NV 1 Sa' 4:--w i '47 'sf ai' I 1 'N-F' 136 K' -'81 QI if!! XX Q2 :lk 'X ,111 rj" Juniors Jeanette Spenny Fred Sphon Sharon Spuhler Bennre Steele Judy Stewart Bob Stevens Joy ee SICIIQUISI Harrtet Stratton Walter btrrenland Joyce Strtngham Drann Swtgert Wendy Taylor Charles Terry Marjorte Thurman Merlene Thorne Steve Tomlrn Lots Thompson Iusune Toomey Loulse Townsend Roy Tucker Mrke Valesquez Janlce Vandenburg Fred Van Sly ke Besste Wade Jlm Warren Davrd Welch Norma Whttefreld Troy Wrlcox Tommy Wtlllams Jtm Wrlmore Vlfglllla Wood Drane Yager Gary York Kay Zeyen Drane Zrnger f 'Y Y - 'aa ' - K ,. fe r f - ,, ' be -I rv ' . -, 4 V W , K M S 'ffm 'S r, , - x Y, ' ' N 3 . - 1. A Y , ' , , I ' A N V I Ya. 6 I s ' ,V v ri r - 1, , , . J ,P 4, , 9 . , K l A 5 A if' kw a 5 , Q' 1 ni la ' ' I V: S --T , Wg iv 5 T 9 ,k A . v ' . rw ' L - ' X 'X 4, AA .7 nw, Q I T, dr ' 1' Q 2: I , 1 " ' In , rt U D ' ' xl A Q . 4 . " V L f V un, .. f 4 A . l I U ' ' X , , - P. -L . . Q ' A yy' yr ' , 48,7 , ' 'Q L, kr V I 'ff ' . . I x, w V up X f A - - 1 x " A ' Q WLWYF A , W a t T 'Lf -:" 7.-fr Q S 1 so r,,r W NL V ,"' Z, , 1' . . r ' f an l at 41. .R Sophomore Class Officers ELAINE GRIEB MARTA CASTRO YVONNE SEBASTL-XX ,TIM REDICK Treasurer Vice-President S6I'gC3HI'3f':XI1'1'1S Presidr-ut l 2 ---- --n 4 S 1 5 If 4 ,..,,,..., MARTY NELSON BARBARA TURNER Scrr We Secretary' ....... ,.,..... - .. ...,...- --N -. gf -V .iv o is Q! - ii 3 u I. X Sophomore Class With the completuon of thus term, the Sophomore classmen have reached the halfway point an their hugh school careers There are only two years left un whlch to accumulate knowledge and skulls to earn a llvellhood or to go on to further traunnng The sophomores started the year wuth the Freshman Receptlon an the Branch Street Gym The hall was colorfully decorated un a Swlss Alpine motif The highlight of the year was the selecting and purchasung of class of 6l rlngs Concesslons at varuous events helped fall the treasury with funds for subsequent actlvntues he Qv' "er IT 'ar sf ...7 ? 15 W6 138 Drane Agueda James Allen John Allen Larry Allen Eugene Andrada Geraldrne Apperson Patrlcra Arcane Sherry Ayres J1m Azevedo Jack Baldwrn Drckre Bandurraga Ina Ray Barton B111 Baxter Georgla Baze John Becerra J1m Beck Murry Bennett Donna Beaman Karen Benzon Lucy Bettencourt n u ' ' .1 ,K '- ,- 1. ' xl V Y. ,k.. 'L f Xxrlsllse K .Q ' ' 1, "', A . , s lv r ' A A ' U ,J 4 A y 4. Q 3 Q J y S , 1 .N . Q I I . . 1 A ', V I' , Ur f .ai 4-I 'S Y I -, If 1 :' s f' -V 4 SC X iw ' -et: '27 '- , r sf ' . F ' J' V Q lk, V,,. A 'V 'nba g V, an ' h 'Q V t , ,' A V -f 5 A 1 - J 4 , V Q- - - T I f-V ,. A, , X IL S' f ,7 " 22, 'A' . ' a lp I J' A Thomas Betteneourt James Bettiga Phyllis Bick Carolyn Bonsell Anita Bloss Suban Bosvtell Vltckey Bougbton Wynona Boyd Robert Brennan Paul Brrgbt Glenda Kay Brtttarn Harold Brown Jack Brown Walter Brown SIIVH 'ylarvrn Brumley Brenda Brummett Dennts Bryant Jean Burrler Rua Catn Pablo Calsada Fellx Camacbo Niarltyn Carver Eltas Castllas Nlarta Cabtro 'vlargartta Cavanrllas Robe tCe1a Ruben Cega lered Cbadd Terry Cha ty Ottlta Chatz Pat rcta Chtldc Don Chrtbttanbor Denntb Cbrrbtopher Jane Chrrbtopher Bob C ontn . 1a':5 eS., ,Qui KV'-an 'Bd 'bf' iv?" nude ,-Q 'Q X .4 1" B-.1 ang if '-3 YN W nf:-v V L04 1 Gov, I "5 ,A C C1T"9 311: 5 li fun ,yx S X 139 K 'sr X .3 -..,,, 4-F16 1-f If K' M-or-g ,aww Q' QW? Q., 'tl WWW V if 463' Q 11 Q 415 gal' E lin 4' fi 'Y -'si ""' Q, 11 i 'S' ? -6 I, nil' 1' 49 Q 'QI 4-gf 4... 'I4 lui -r 4.7 Aki? I0 i GQ' ,--sv I' KK 4' Soph Joy Churchward Joy Cokley Ben Conyers Mary Cooper jrm Corbtt Ronnre Costa Raymond Cuellar B111 Davrs Sally Davrs Donna DeArmond Shlrley Dees Ruth Depew Mary Lynne DeSousa Ronald Devrtt Eleanor Dtaz Sheryl Downey Dan Everett Hardy Estes Angel Echavarrra Trno Falcone Barbara Fernamburg B111 Frant Gary Frerre Trm Furness Lots Gable Angle Gallegos hm Galyen Katy Gamboa Illyne Garrett Marlon Garrett Eugene Gaxlola Elvma Goulart Fred Gray Elatn Grelb Darlene Gularte Kay Gumm Jerold Haley James Haley Suzanne Halter Martrn Harp Mlldred Hawley Sharon Hays Rrchard Helzer Tom I-hlton Dan Hoff Walter Holt Erna Howell Judy Huebner Rose Hunt Sue Hutton Larry Iness Drane Jones Dorothy John Judy Johnson Yoshr Kawaoka James Keen Wayne Krthcart Peggy Knrght B111 Lackey Cheryll Lancaster ww "" 'Z7' ' if 'Z .., .3 -325-"" A 'cali 4? Sandra Lang u- n Ken Larsen B111 Lawrence .-Q Claudra Lehman 7 Mavls Lewrs Ethel Luster Margre Luster Jxm Long Tom Longest F1 sr Ears-sh 141 Dir" .f-dv ZS 4' 'f N... 'Q 11' 'if SJ , f is 7 K , 5 V Q J , - Q yy-E A K I I. . A I ,, V A v Q I I V Q 41 b 4' - v S 6 . ,I V, J V, vm V 7 -gig, Q'-jd I. ,LZ .4 Q ' f V ' 1' I 1 . 5' V. Q N K A I W ' x ' '5 . . - hx - 4, 1. ' A' 1 JF -J Joe Krissell L ,,"" J ' "' J ' :Lg J.- . 'I . - '+ sf 5 as ,, f .. .Q ' K ' ' J M. 'sv 1 A , f X 1 X 'L h - J' 1 -Q. ,Q IV: 4 e ,IJ - N If , 1 T x K Q- 3 ' . nv- -qs , .' , ' 1' K M .J T' ' S-vf' 1 , U' 'X '. .1 "W" ri f XT fuk" J X x H - .f .,. P 'er 9 V l - P - y ' N L - X L. 1 . . 1 Q f - a -...f --4 .in ' , ,Y - Qt wi, A L 5 Q Q 4 - h ki. n ' 4 xx L ' X XY 'ss XX 1. ln...-H 229' V51 I 90' lad 'QS-3' UL' 5.-'JN flu 0+ ""'J' 142 ig I 1--v f x ,an N41 3' Soph lere Logan Barbara Marshall sharon Xrarahall Vlrke Xladsen Vrnce Nraqurnalez Eugene Nrarrrn Rrehard Nlartrnez Cheryl McAdams Herbert McCasl1n Becky McConnen Selma NleCord 'xltke 'xrLCune Kathleen McGee Walter Mdirm Shrrlet 'NlCK11l19fv Pam McM1llan Susan Meador Drana Menges Jack Metz Larry Meyer Barbara Mrlner Earl Mrtchell Lours Nirtchell Roger Mrtchell Douglas 'wlulkey Sharon Miura Sally Montgomery Betty Moore Shigeru Nagashima Ken Nelson Nlartx' Nelson Judy Neufeld Sally Nielsen Joanne Yishi William Nolan Bernard Norman Denny Norwood Nlrck Nunes Samuel Nunes Ted Padgett Ron Parker bue Parker Charles Pearson James Pearson Wardeen Phelps Larry Preston Jrm Redrck George Reed Jrm Reed Roy Reed Rtcbard Rers Florence Rexroad Dennls Rhule Beverly Rtehards Jtm Rlchej. Andree Rrvers Bob Robby Steve Robrnson Helen Rotha Wtllta m Romero Bob Rowe Judy Roy Jesse Rurz Tom Rutz Ketth Ruhson Frank Russell Garx Sakamoto Estella Sa pten Nltke Sehtllrng il: 'ow T !""'Y' b,..4 -1- 3' XA !d fir Nr ""' '-r .-4 1 ll' 5 143 'O' tr' 'Z 'Y 'T CN "-v 1 K . , 5 ,A I I I bi? . N ff ' ' ' V X V M 5 - J A , J .' KL f X N . ' 7 N f V' . ' A ' K ,, I 1 I X, ' S Y 1 ya! X V tk ' 1 K m 1 - n J - r ' ', V, " I , I ,A If J. I ' . I an J L A A A 4 Y j ' ' D Ann Richardson 'M U Y ' . J r L B ' A tc A . ' A w K A 1 , X - ,. 5 -t X - . U . 5 Y y V .- .1 1 P, '21 .J K ' ,J . t fi A x - , A: Q ,K it ,F , ,J 'fra K fr fl? - A A ' N 1, , - if - . - B ' -I gt 0 5. V 'sr -f -- R' A5522 I -, ' ...ff 'EES-'Y its 'T I N I Q X B 144 fb -r-Vx I B.-nd ""f. 'S wg-4' Soph James Schaffer Betsy Seott Joy ee Schumaker Yvonne Sebasttan Joyce Segrue Donald Sendek Sharleen Shaffer Randy Sherxxtn Gus Sherwood Sandy Shelley Barbara Shumway Charles Stlya Kathleen Srlva Lucrlle Srlva Dorothy Srlvetra Beverly Srnras Shrrley Suns Janet Sleath Drana Srntth Bob Snuth Harry Smrth Joe Smrth John Soto 'ylaryann Sousa Ron Spennx Margaret Spoo Alfred Stallcup Davtd St Denrs Karen Stevens George Stew art Johnny Suede Judy Sttnson Patrrcla Sturges Shrrley Swtsher Eugene Ter a Charles Terry Norma Thompson Geron Thornqurst Lors Trlly Danny Tomlrn JoAnn Tooley Rosemarre Tosta Davrd Troxell Kenneth Tutker Ruth Tucker Barbara Turner Cheryl Tyler Sarah Valdez Mrke Velasquez Alberta Vrerra Ray Vrllador Lours Vrsser Raymond Vogel Mrchele Walker Dewey Walls Jacque Ward Jean Watanobe Daryl Watson Davrd Weedon Wayne Wetherrngton Betty Wharton Davrd Whrte Janet Wrlson Pat Wrlson Roy Wrlson Jrmmy Wrllrams Gerald Wrrght Molly Yracheta Natalre Yacheta James Zepeda l of 'Nu Sv T? A-RX. IU' 'W nm., Cao .,,,w ""7' v7 fam Ti N41 fra? Jr Li "7 '17 in-WN. Q9--47 if Q, Q 1 4: va' 14 1' l IQ ""7' tif 'sv r--.7 in shox 1:7 X ... ,,..- -----"-1 Y A x Freshman Class Officers DON CASTRO JIM HOYAL BILL O'CONNER President Yize-President Sergeant-at-Arrris DIANE GOLDEN PEGGY WLLHOIT ROSEMARIE BALAI5 Secretary Ssrife Treasurer 5110-3 ,,,.,.,- ,I-nv' 7- . ,Af ,.,.q-0-v't?4x ,..,.,..-P' . ,....4--.,..--at ,,,,-- .H-,,,,,..-Q--' ..-1-r-"""-'-4 ,,,,q.....-. ,,,.,.--v'-""'g ,. -v .-ff ,,.,.....--' ...fu-1 x -"""""'4'.- 5 .....,.-- ' .41-s-Q-f""'K R X -..--0-" f Ac l fb My X x ,, .sr -iw - x m 1 2 ......- X 5 :KX Y .vil f V. k - , Y 'F' is ,- f s,! ls " X-, , ,, . In Ly Iva.. Q A-'Mi -D I 5 4- Nil ' II 4-' "' Charles Acree Be tty Alexander hi -gr-v if--4' 'Sv' Q'--ff 1 1' 'V 3' g 0? J .a Freshman Class Advisor Mrs Mtnnre Byers 41' 'V ,..-gg 'W Alf' ui if-4 I47 'Ag 5' sl Nur GPU 'Z -,.--1 Mrke Allred Carol Ames Robert Ames Danny Annechrm Hrlda Antonro Dorrs Apple Carolyn Archulera Wanda Austtn Laura Awalt Rosemary Ba lars Sherrre Balko Patsy Ballagh Susan Barbe Pat Barnett Sharon Barr Alma Bassett Josre Becerra Ray Becerra Marrlee Beeker Bonnte Bessemer Jo Anne Betteneourt Leslre BlggS Tommy Bonsell Julre Bowden Ivan Brough Glen Brown Kathy Brownlee Dan1e1Cabales Terry Cam Dennrs Cajas T ,I 1' , 1 V -E s ' vitwf y n 0 . . "' 3 H A , A A A L' Y 4 H .' 2 I . If . f i V A A " 4. A: yu' L' my V r ,Ja ' M x Va, I Y f, i I A' igrr gg 5 V .F 5 V5 f 'md vs V V5 . my my , K I I4 , A R X I I ly I In IZHL ' X A ,'ff rf , , . VM Q rx, v K 4 kill ts 9' . . -jf' .1 1 I Y QX AQ' X . . B J ' " Q , 3 A B A 1 1- fam ' W' -, 1 'A 7-Q lv Y Q , K X x . Q , '- ' B "7 e t 1 . Fro h Lucrlle Caltabrano Armando Camaeho Tommy Camara Frames Carlson Carol Carnes Beverlx Carver Don Castro Dranne Cole Roy Collrer Bob Costa Albert Costa Nrek Cronrn Duane Crosby Carol Cumrmns Judy Dana Andy Davrs Lyle Davls Carol Delbert Patrmra DeLeon Janna Dobbs B111 Dodd Sandra Downey Vretor Downs Ben Duggrns B111 Duncan Co111er Duncan Mag Dunlap Ronnxe Dunlap Barbara Durham Jeannrne Durnrat Freddre Evangellsta Gall Ezzell Tara Farr Prnnmvo Fer err 41 is Y 'au Q--r -any an .1 'Ti' "'-'IJ' lr Nl! and to 'ol an-2 f'-'T I4 C mb Q 453s ...a' if 1-N, qc er-0' 'Wx 1 5 'rs- ,-Q3 an lf' uv YI'f 'P 'Q li , l 1 VV 1 1 A ... V f 'Q .llf . Y 1 3 3. f ,gf ' I . 4, , ' ' Y W- 1 'V' 19' - J, ,wg f-f. 1 A A f l? A K qw , ' ' 5 V ' if for Linda DeRosa 5 Si ? In ' fr g ' N' ff I 4 we VE .. , S I . .ssy,, ' V ' b"'f sw? fa Q' - f I V Law? .nh Z .l N I I . ,. 4 - 1 V' Q i g Ns I , W.. , - ' , A , 4 "4 ' - qi h I! 4- y S' I' y rm 'Wu A 1 Q in 4 .irekiz X ' SN A L 1 io . ' . . . - , " A X4 "- A , ' W V SL' le -I 7 x ' . Q K 1 Y' Ad x fr 2.5 lv: X . 8 or-I5 4? QP ff ai A 4.351 i gm Z if C7 AC av 1'7 1 40' pn 'i W.-'ia "' 1 I AVN 'buf' X an D if Y 'hs TS ,Jvf 4' 1 9 'wif at ' fin' ?'7 r-1 5' N-f 3 gf l an -'L aw 7 .1 f 149 Q' 'Y x Maureen Frnch Mrke Flsher Robm Ftsher Bobby Foust Gary Frank Margret Fredrrcks Sandra Fredrtcks Frank Frertas Drxre Lee Frrday Lee Frtsk Judy Fukunaga Btlly Fulmer Lottre Furness Eugene Galartes Frances Galyen Henry Garcla Henrletta Garnett Joe Gateley Joan Gtbbons June Glbbons Bobby Gtbson Ruby Glass Dlane Golden Carole Good Arvel Goodwln Dorothy Goulart Francrs Goulart Gordon Gracxa Alfredo Granado Dan Gregory Ted Gregory Edrth Grreb Connre Grlgsby John Gusner Ruby Hale Frosh Rlchard Hamrlton Bonme Harp Marlln Harper Don Hart Verna Hawthorne Carolyn Hebert Larry Hendrlcks Rachel Hernandez Betty Hero Llnda Hewut Jess Holloway Gene Holt Johnny Hopklns Bob Hubble Donna Huklll Par Hunt Juduh Hytla Ken Jacobsen B111 Johnson Carol Jones Pat Kawaguchr Mary Kell Paulette Kell Alfred Kenny DeWayne Kldd Glen Klzler LeRoy Kubel 'vlargaret Landrnr Don Laughlln Darlene Lawrence John Lelghton Jun Lenz Arlrn Levy Sandra Lewrs John Llnstrum 'Y it in an -af" J? ,fl 'si 1' 'Y 'Q-I 40' 'il i Viv 1 mar' 'L .."2'-if ,,,,,1 'ear K' ff ,vw '2 'iii 1.-4 150 I LL. 1'-'Y .49 Shu.. -Q 'i ,nh- 'Gag 5' fi 1? ' ' 1 11 'X KJ .rf 111 .qv-K 1-5 4 ,-e2 ir 'I51 voir" 'P-C 41 Mi' ns- ,aa T-4' Terry Loomrs Clrnt Long Kathy Lovell Phrlhp Lowe Drana Lynch Jon Macom Celeste Manmng Anglf na Manos A1ma Manrrquez Armando Manrrquez Larry Martmez Nlck Martrnez Rebecca Masters Steve McCas11n Wanda McCas11n B111 McCo11een Xflrke McCombs Mrke McConnen Vrrgrnra McCoy Sharon 1wlcCrary Frames 1V1LK1IT1 Mrldred 1v1cK1nley Rrchard Mehlsehau Ralph 1v1111er Gary Muchell Jo Ann Mrtchell Ruth Mltehell Shrrley Nioore Wanda Morrrson Douglas Niurray Brrute Mustarlus Annre Nagashlrna Gary Nakano Don Nelson B111 Nuhols Frosh Stanley Normer Paula Northamer Jlm Nyback B111 O Conner Leshe Odom Charlotte Olson Rosemarre Ortez Kenneth Osteen Carolyn Padgett Lours Padllla Patrrcta Parge Leo Pa lmatrer Drane Pearl Gerald Pelofske Harvey Pennock Rrchard Perry Mary Pharr Sue Phelan Charles Prno Robert Proffrtt Matess Puentas V1ck1e Qulnones Mary Rea Barbara Reed Robert Reeves Gall Reeves Connre Reed Gary Rernecke Ivann Rees Jean Ruth Budd Retzloff Sharolyn Rodrequez Carolyn Rouse Rrchard Rowley Vrrglnla Rurz id an -7' 41" N- A-1 an lk Ili 6 'S 1. if 77 1' X -vf IA te-V wi l' rf' ,fr I gl -.1 -:vw if r-Q 'll -1 W6 3 -1 I l .f' 'D' t7 at Q-wa? ai CU! YV N 1- ,4- Vi 1 '11 fr' 'X Sv fb? K- 3 VC' X "Of, KA 5 34 nd SX 433 x3"w 5 'D s 11'-"' 1 N... 'Ti 41 Llnda Ryzner Bonme Searcy Rlchard Sato Lucrlle Schaefer Donna Schnelder Sandra Schnurstem Larry Sepulveda Ronnre Sepulveda Blatr Sheldon Dranne Sherwood Susan Shrelds Rrchard Shrffar Jack Shutt Mlke Stmerly Eddle Slmmer Betty Stmmons John Slater Jackle Smtth Marlene Souza eggy Spen e Donna Stahlnecker Jrm Stanley Phlllrp Steck Davrd Strckler Dan Stone Sandra Stong Judy Strrngham Ltnda Stout Mary Swrnt Eddre Sylvester Erleen Tabata Lupe Tenrente Ken Terra Jtmmy Thtessen Karen Thompson Frosh Pat Thompson John Tomasuu Jrm Tooley Mary Tosta Barbara Tucker Jrmrny Tucker Pat Turner Vrrgrnla Urras Dan Vandenburg Tommy Van Wagoner Wrllrs Vestal Vrctor Vrets Brll Vrncent Margaret Vuua Bob Walker Jack Walker Ken Walker Ron Walker Judy Wallace Nancy Watt Calvm Weaver Ann Welch Ron Westbrook Hershel Whrtefreld Joe Whrtten Peggy Wrllhort Gary Wrllrams Freddre Wrlson LaHoma Wrlson Vera Wrlson John Wrnnrngham Brll Wrnters Frankre Wornell Betty Zeyeu John Zrnger 'S N.. , 'bv ,U-4' 34 .,.-Q 'ind 'WD' ff-as LJ 'MI K.,-s xx! a.v1-0'- "W Lv fx -f-md' ......-H QW '35 sf-"9 As. 154 'sf 1' sf! if N-v' Q-f 151C 'T -4--lf' VX 'Z ag wig, Wa- f My hrs. L., -tl YW 'YY Pb., Am ,I 1 K Auf09"UPh ' Q 4 TlL , X b - , , I, .x fm, I -W V I A it I I l 1 H 1 ! C' f .x . , , KR jp K g W " .fm !f I W 2 L , --, L. W A fi. ,f X ff!" 'fn MQY Vf-A Mvx fy Q H' f ' 'Q -W 'w W . V I 'vii' V , ,' , 1 . , All 'LJ i VL K Q! ' 4- .ff ,Q -7 ' " f ' N .. V -'i A , L A, V W 7 4 f a - , : R r ' .' Q, ' Q , , . , if f I V' V t 1 fn' V, ' I, . , l 7--A V if A XL' ' " K' g' D V. Y Q4 - .1 .' , K, x I I Index Acknowledgments Advertising Aerle Staff Band Baseball, Junlor Varslty Baseball, Varsuty Basketball B team Basketball C team Basketball Varsuty Board of Trustees Boys Glee Club Branch Street Campus Classes Classroom Scenes Cheerleaders Chorus Commercual Club Dedrcatnon Denton Earl W Dramatlcs Faculty F F A F H A Football Freshman Football Jumor Varsrty Football Varsuty Foreword Freshman Class Freshman Class Offucers G A A Valley Road G A A Freshman Glrls League HI Chatter Staff Introduction Jumor Class Jumor Class Officers Lettermen Club Memoriam Nurses Club Offlce Staff Ogan Kenneth Orgamzatlons Outstanding Sensors Pape George Pro Scrlptorlbus Quill and Scroll Sages School Life School Staff Scrapbook Senators Fall Senators Sprung Sensor Class Songleaders Sophomore Class Sophomore Class Officers Spanish Club Sports Student Body Offrcers Student Body Presldent Summer Supplement Superintendent Table of Contents Tennus Thespuans Tntle Page Track Valley Road Campus Vice Principals Wrestling 6 T84 " l57 ' ' lO8 TOO ' ' ' 96 , . 94 . . I ,, ,, 88 . . I H H I I . 86 . . l5 ' ll6 lO ' 128 l22 ll0 , ll4 , ' . 70 . C.S. F. 60 Senior Class Officers . . 6 , . 14 ' llO ' l7 ' . . . 68 . . . 63 ' ' , 83 ' , ' ' 84 I . 78 . 4 l47 ' . 146 . . . ., 72 ' . . ., 71 ' 58 .- 106 . . . . I . ' l3l ' ' l3O , Advertising The Aerie staff wish es to express its ap- preciation to the following businessmen whose interest in Arroyo Grande High School and its student body made the publication of the i959 Aerie possible. Please thank these Friendly local merchants by your patronage. BEATRICE SIMAS Business Manager GREENE'S GROCERY Service Station and Trailer Court Auto Parts - Hardware - Fishing Tackle lOl Highway Nipomo, California N IPOMO GROCERY Everything for the home Dom M' Porter Highway I On the Mesa Nlpomo HOME MOTORS Chevrolet Oldsmobile BETTER Ok USED CARS 200 No Broadway Santa Maria There s no place like home Daniel, Mann, Johnson, 8. Mendenhall Architects 8g Engineers Los Angeles shui!!- -J er ffm? My f-T29 we . . . . I . W H ,w,-,, nl -gust: .,. Ti, 'k'V'k"wlrs.,,,S" -. - , H 3' -- -- -rflif'fiisifzi-'uint'-' K - ' :.,4 'ri-1:2-f zQ"',-hfwwf -44,4 f -. , A ., - - --, . -.. - .,-nv, -3 ' f- :-s.'sQiq.. , 11- ge ,. mi., , I, -- ' - -.-.f. 3- f '- Xxx. 5 - -- 'Hx - . Maury Brennan Farm Sz Home Supply Complete lme of Bulldmg Maferuals There 5 C' FORD ln Your fulure U BILD Headquarters Gpen Sundays 330 Trclfhc Way Arroyo Grande l200 Grand at Brlsco Arroyo Grande 'Rae A Beauty Salon A1bMe5quIt 200 E Branch Arroyo Grande Bridge and Branch Arroyo Grande VAN S AUTO PARTS BRISCO MILL 8 LUMBER CO l07 Nelson Sf. Arroyo Grande l005 S. Hwy lOl Arroyo Grande RALPH BAILEY REAL ESTATE E. C. LOOMIS 81 SON, INSURANCE 203 Bridge Sf. Arroyo Grande 405 E. Branch Sr. Arroyo Grande rl ' , L ' In I 1 .4 N, ww .'r,. - A. W, , . " I . . l I . I . un-nl 'ix' i BUIZKJHAPJDT Q QF-IOEQ 955 Grand Avenue Arroyo Grande .U W, lllllES DIPE UP1 is x..! Ba4dwvBu4Mu1gMate1unl5 -ai. MILLIE S CAFE 1524 Grand Ave Arroyo Grande Branch Street Arroyo Grande my L' .X 'Vg Jolww Edmonds Real, Esfam Walaon a 'lamrlq Stone 930 Grand Avenue Arroyo Grande TOT E Branch Street Arroyo Grande Best of Luck Sensors Good Luck Class of 59 ELVIN A WICAL M D J O PENCE O D Arroyo Grande Arroyo Grande TONY'S FOOD CENTER MULKEY'S TEXACO STATION H0 E. Branch Street Arroyo Grande 999 Hwy TOT Arroyo Grande V I ..s,-- -V A 5 44" 5 1. - ffl ..-4 as do f T T. r ff ' ,Q I vs'-.5 11. .f 1 V W . WB . Q. ff I ' 'ww -... -' ' I ' 4,1 A I I A 7 l fm.. x A V SQ in ' ' L ' ' ' ' - A - V,...,s, 4 M , . A . , . . 4 ,M I . , ' 1 .. 'T X . f A an , Q Q 3 1 rx . 6 for , ...,,.5,,,, , sc:-ar-'sn . I ' ml: I 1 'B o o 0 :Wd 1 - 479 SL, ral 1 . ' " f JI- . V. ' A I + . ' Ti 5 . .k K I f ' ,NX gh 1 yi' ,r " -Q: A V I' " -T . , . ' 1 . - I . , . . . . , . . WIN NIE Q CAFE 161 Traffrc Way Arroyo Grande BOB S VELTEX Serv lce Statlon Q9 You Can t Buy Better Why Pay More ICMIM Q wt S Q Q P PM MP 610 Grand Avenue Arroyo Grande 106 E Branch St Arroyo Grande EALE 551 1 g-nu-1 Qkaf-ps Coa5f1w1iiowCa GAIL COVEIZT I2w!f 306 E Branch St Arroyo Grande 203 Brndge St Arroyo Grande ATKINSON S AUTO PARTS WILKINSON S MEAT MARKET 133 E Branch Street Arroyo Grande 120 Branch Street Arroyo Grande JOHANSON S DRIVE IN ANDERSON S COFFEE SHOP Sandwnches and Soft Serve Greyhound Bus Depot Hu 9 2289 1013 Grand Avenue Arroyo Grande Branch Street Arroyo Grande B ,..r. Sf:3."W'..'l2'1.. I I . . WY - ffn 'I - f . I um, B , ' 4 Q P ' . .. I ' ,,,.- I 'a 1 .i 9 I ,. - . . . Z.. V X 'BSU' W' I -2.1 , . 5 . '4 ' -1 K - 5 1 1- 2 5 CP? ,Q na., .95 I , pg' " MCE NC if I c . ' WA, i i Covgp' ,3A,F. S. I I " I , im' :i ,I QZiii,..Q . . I I . I - I . . - Best wishes to the graduates Congratulations to the seniors Donald A. Rowe Accountant Clifford H Clark Arroyo Gmnde George F Fmucane THE Hl B Andrew Davld Leading Lines of Men s Wear Nunn Bush Shoes Samsonite Luggage Levus Letterman s Sweaters Attorneys 125 E Branch Street Arroyo Grande Madsen Haxdwaw S Plumbing llearn Q Nlarket 116 W Branch Arroyo Grande 201 E Branch Street Arroyo Grande LOMA VISTA MOTEL LAMBERT S FAIR OAKS 1399 Hwy 101 Arroyo Grande 109 South Halcyon Rd Arroyo Grande EDGAR L BATES A 1 SHOE REPAIRING Licensed Plumbing Contractor 106 N. Halcyon Rd Arroyo Grande Grand Ave Arroyo Grande I I I I T , . . , . . I . ' . , 9 . . I , . . . . . . Li LouIsefP.alp1v Daess Qlwp Shaffer's Richfield Station 131 E. Branch Street Arroyo Grande 139 Traffic Way Arroyo Grande 1- "' 1 Dimmu Chrlstlanson Chevrolet E C Loomis 8. Son 303 Traffic Way Arroyo Grande 415 E Branch Street Arroyo Grande BOB BEVILEY N 'im Ili .H Loq Cabin manket B0b's Chew ron Statlon 400 Traffic Way Arroyo Grande 155 Traffic Way Arroyo Grande fir? ,. . 1 A 'T 1 I -W , 1 . .y r V 1 J 6 'L , ,V Q - A ' , I f 1 'A X fffnf' 1 X I QA! Q U . . . El as ,en 5 1 4 , L, . I ,. l I I . I ka -"1 , AQ: ., as ,, ,x I -. F M V 'sms N 3 T I T, " A 31 " y , ri ' 5- A I I sf 1 F if' 4 A s 9 .- I 1 X ymm.-aw "- ' -r - M ...L - ,W f.-.,-,,- 1-15 1. J - 3 f'W'i-1 I Q 'AHHOIQO Electfuc Electrlcal Contractors Residential Commercial 4.,.......- Q 9' Industrial Highway l Arroyo Grande Rouabzws Molmwlagofiow wqfvzoqo Qnande 'Jnuck Co lO0 Traffic Way Arroyo Grande 2Ol W Branch St Arroyo Grande C 8. S Service Zegeufs Mu-JS Bags' Stow 4l4 Traffic Way Arroyo Grande 203 E. Branch St. Arroyo Grande C . A H z . Q . . . . 8 . 1 . ,S V ' I , Q uv' 34 A q , Yr ,, . -V .A nl, , I . . l I ,M Q 4...--Q K I --'- 4 --A 2 . 1 1 I .-- - 411' if eg , I I . 0 I 6 . I lllilll E gg?-41.5 lsr .41HF:S9 Lightfoot Unlon Oll ADDISON B WOOD 823 Grand Avenue Arroyo Grande H33 Maple Street Arroyo Grande HAWK fra iigl all in QM!!! Afvwgov G-wade Fbaww Qkop ARDEN FARMS CO IO2 North Halcyon Arroyo Grande II6 W Branch Street Arroyo Grande Chnia' Beauty Shop Bob S CLDAIHUS Mobi!eQwwiw 1394 Grand Avenue Arroyo Grande 99 Traffic Way Arroyo Grande r . . if. A ' n G 'fi' A , V . W- -H1 " ' Q - ' ,' ' . -,y mfg, Q .-gg q Re,-AW. Af WTLESBJK2- illijlr, -, .VM Am- 1. : W j '-,.g., l I L. :..,f.-'lj'-'5A1,, hxlifumh 1,1 ' Q 125- . - ' -J ' 'L' ' " 1 1 f,LQIfof.f ' '-3La,:,s-fa '2z73f"" ' - A - - ...1.4'f.'1'.'-ji '.s.'3.::y. aw" ,,. or -r-f-A t Q A ff 1 ' -1 -' ' K 9,.,. ,-,,. J K . Y ld,- ,,.....,-. , Q O O O ' , ta I ' r va " 1. 1' L an-'A -1... Q i KU n.,mM h w V, XX, 'NN-..4 fr! 5 'x ,mf A' i 1 f' -A A 1- , -- , ,-. 2 V . I . -.. . H -4 1 1 I - Q V: , Y . 3' ' ,jg 's 7 I, T ,, - llfrllme U ,,,.,.na , Wg.-uv , Herald Recorder 309 E Branch Sf Arroyo Grande Arroyo Drug Co Your REXALL Sfore Prescrlphons Cameras Cards We Gave S 8. H GREEN STAMPS 130 E Branch Sf Arroyo Grande Vaughn 5 qewelena 119 E Branch Sf Arroyo Grande Mags Commerclal Compans ROYAL MOTEL 303 E Branch S1' Arroyo Grande Hwy 101 Arroyo Grande FOLKERT S FAIR OAKS SUPPLIES BUZZ BARBER 8. BEAUTY SHOP 995 Grand Ave Arroyo Grande 108 E Branch Sf Arroyo Grande JANE R THOMPSON REAL ESTATE KROVIOUS MOTEL 1010 Grand Ave Arroyo Grande 1401 N 101 Hwy Arroyo Grande n . I I 0 . ,ff 4 s ' ' E' . . . . I 0 n 0 . y . I' 1 1, I 1 ' I ' ' l7fl! ,, , M 'fr' -. , A V-,. W - , at 4 ' -., -. . ,f,,,.,g,,.. ,Q U Y M S V ,, . 1 v.2':. , . , , ,. 1 in . X 'PY "Tr W" f . - . gin fAxf1fe".mvEM .. ' . A a - I . . . . . . 1 GROVER CITY PHARNIACN I ""'! IIN IIII Macs Mah! Shop Il 502 Grand Ave Grover Cnty Grover Cnty Pharmacy X Fbflhc fum: 9th and Grand Grover Cnty F P ofymlr UI' JOE ANGELLO f' iff' JDQIJ 'SPCIIH u R I W4'.,-.-,------- 49" -J' Grover Cnty Shoes GENERAL BUILDING CONTRACTOR Grand Ave Grover CIW For Better Bunlt Homes Phone HU 9 3894 IO3O Rltchle Rd Grover Cnty Fam Oaks Baabwu Q IO37 Grand Ave. Fair Oaks "For The Best In Barber Service" fe?" .qi U SAVE MARKET MP 95I Grand Ave. Grover City . , ,...,,,,..,,.. -' 3 1571! .1 I 1 : . .:. ' -.- - . li, U ,. I Q A J I . O W L, -A - A . .. V V -.,,,,,,,.,:,:,1:,, A . , f 'lg ' , . ,L A I ' , .Q ' 9:17 2 j "' it lf ' ...J 4 1 4' jf ' I Q 1 xx . ,x X .--M-We f ., 1 W.'W'41sb'J1Qwu 'vQ-S H '. A. I' V, ,. -"" f-AUM E mrtf , W f 1 "V' ' -ee E A in n 0 I y 1 rp, ' I . .,. rf . ' Q ' s I 1 L 7 ,, If 'N f . 2 I I ' If - I' . G F I is Q 4 I ty C e 'I 1 I I - 1 Y' 1 J r YVQ ? 5 ' ' A 'K V-I WllEEll llGEllC'n' IREDL ESTQTE 6 INSURFINCE Ywckws Qlwas and, Cloflswg Keen flqencq 850 Grand Avenue Grover Cnty 9l9 Grand Avenue Grover Cnty T G MARKET nun crnennu OnPnfB'5ll'B'l'i?,S DAIRY F99 Wausau nr E umri T 81 G Grocery Les BaabwvaulBeaut5 Qlwp Grand Ave Grover Cnty 926 Grand Avenue Grover Cnty Nuslws Mafdwt Grocernes 8. Meats We Gnve Unnted Tradnng Stamps H50 Grand Ave Grover Cnty Cleaners Grove, Cn, 874 Grand Avenue Grover Cnty JACK A LANCASTER WH lTEY S Real Estate Lncensed Broker Repanrnng of all Knnds Busnness 8. Resndentnal Snxth Street and Grand Avenue T435 Grand Avenue Grover Cnty Grover Cnty RUBY S APPAREL Dnamonds Watches GLEN LEWIS We Give 5 3- H Green 5l'0mPS Skillful Watch Repairing 9ll Grand Avenue Grover City 923 Grand Ave. Grover City ,ms I o . Q 1. ..,.lf - . - - ,W ' ' we , ' A . 1-I' . ,JN in 'U ' ' W " V ,W ,,.--e,h.fqfnW"W'W"'5"" . , 7 '57 ff f ' ,Q " ' ,ns ' fl' ' - Q ' ' . 5 'A ' , , ra iz w 1 . 1-Q: .A . ' ,L 'uf -iw' P- H grimy as Jw ' ,, ,- .. , , W, 7 an -,,-V, we w fly, Q ,n 1 4,15 A, h-'ref-,:.5jj,..22: qs, -fy ,, ,,,y. ,H ' A G A ' ,gu y t"f j9mli,n,yi, 4 , Q f , ' K ."n"2Qe fi: ,qw 4 ' ,,f. ' sng n:'r ,mv2n,:f:f.y 'W ' I , , n , M, f ,-,.,.,,w-Q..-qu 'aff f' ' V , , r Q Q . o o 1 . . . . . o . . I Q . - . . Q I 9 ' . . I . !' Wesfem Autwlssoomate Stow 924 Grand Ave Phone Hu 9 3857 Grover Cnty McGowan Nofuvalbgntiw Grand Ave Grover Cnty Lewm Sewmq Center: 943 Grand Avenue Grover City Gggvg mantha a Cleaner: A DEVEL0 Grand Ave Grover Cnty PORTER S FROZEN FOOD INC Wholesale Frozen Foods 302 South 13th Sr Grover Cnty tip: Best of Luck to the Sensors Dmjegoppuentco, R R BURTON D V M Burton s Veferanary Hospxfal 211 Grand Ave Grover Cary 1435 Grand Ave Grover Cnty 1 'T' I 1 1 I r. . "-r f . ef, J lr M , I , .5 v fi ' -.. 5 P? .511 S.-1 'Z j- -.-.4 R: if :rr r my .1 , 'V 1,71 . I ' 1 '1 Xa 5 " - nf ' , , , - ,1 ,yr , '1 ' . It ui .L Q . . 1-M .1 l 1 . ' . I I f 'n 1 - :' as , I . . ,Q , 5 I Atl , A, b ..-s , - . It O O . L, ' qv .- V 1 ' . " E- ..l.'ska A ' ' I I 'v ?14 0 a 1 U 5 A ' A -Q ' . ., i. . I . I 3 - f ,Q . C , . . , . . . , . . 11111 1 a 'v E 4 E ' I F ,if h s nw. I Qi ' . 0 Q Y ff' sm ' , f V , a . , M , 1 - Qu . if . was J f Q 4 I f 4' Y' M - . T " N ' -., U , , Q , r J ' 5 I U l Q F ' - . 1 ' ' so F ' T . 9 'ff1li':gi,oZgil , F I ' f, f ggigfgsis 'F- Coast C1-zum! Raalfg 950 Price Sfreei' Pismo Beach Cmu1umu15C0uMfIv5Qfow 591 Cypress Sf Plsmo Beach Lee 5 Barber Shop Shell Beach Rd Shell Beach MATTIE'S famous for flne food WORLD FAMOUS FRIED CHICKEN BARBEQUE STEAKS SEAFOOD DINNERS Overlooking Shell Beach and the Pocnflc Wzllq A Cabe Idovxjwj s Qlwp 173 Pomeroy Ave Plsmo Beach 761 Dollrver Ave Pismo Beach All? Valley Court Promo Spudnut Shop 188 Stlmson Ave Pismo Beach 790 Prlce Street Plsmo Beach Piamo Beach Realty Lloyd E. Gummere, Realtor Three offices to serve you Shell Beach, Arroyo Grande 246 Pomeroy Ave. Pismo Beach Q 4 .x fr 1- 1 fi .V 'lvl J 1 1'. Y r 0 I y xl! V of 1 A i 1 1 lftygv' I l"i,'l4 !',,,fy ? L....4 I LDT MLQ LONG S PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS Photo Supplies Greeting Cards Cosmetics Sundries We Give S 8g H Green Stamps 7II DoIIlver Ave Plsmo Beach I-lefuriagtows Voaiehj Qtow .1 Brad? Restaurant 209 Pomeroy Ave. Pismo Beach CALHOUN'S MOHAWK SERVICE IOI Hwy Pismo Beach 77I DoIIiver Ave. Pismo Beach PLESSAIS -I-AVERN 89I Price Street Pismo Beach 55 . I I V , r,,.-r, , ' 1 7 7 -E ,. I ' .nf ,V .E 'gl 77:72 -'- I flw ,,""' r, ' 'If 'ILi"ys3 Q Mi, u 151, rl I .7 8 C U if rf S I V . it V, Y, , Q . My Ss! f ' ' I . in ' y 1 if Y ' fwfj 1 'HI Wag Cleanena IOI Hi Way Pismo Beach BROWN 81 ROY 3I4 Pomeroy Ave Pismo Beach Paullws EIfPai'wl4lntdv Modern Apartments One Block from Beach Free Television Sleeping Units Where Friendliness Counts Phone Prospect 3 4744 NX! Dm W. A. Baxter 81 Sons 69I Price St. Pismo Beach mu you um mu 5151516 mms Pismo Theatre 250 Pomeroy Ave Pismo Beach P. I. MARKET INC. 238 Ocean View Ave. Pismo Beach GENE'S MOBIL SERVICE DoIIiver 8. Price Pismo Beach .4 by gf' I 2 , QI' E ' -LA' ix - , x . W' M, ' ' 1 . 350 Pismo Street Pismo Beach I Il ' ' II I '- Q 'X ,,,c....,- . 1 . I Q ' Ns., I Z A I W P lq ' UL 1 IQ 5' 'I A S ,aff I MURRAY'S MEN sroke Headquarters for Campus Togs SPORTSWEAR -- DRESS CLOTHES SHOES FOR ALL OCCASIONS ACCESSORIES GIFT ITEMS 78I DoIIrver Ave Prsmo Beach FRESH IIIERTS GROCERIES FORD S MARKET 8OI DoIInver Ave Plsmo Beach PIQMO BOWL 277 Pomeroy Ave Prsmo Beach Aufomahc Pmspoffers Eight Alleys Phone PR 3 2482 fl. af' Kmqht'a Reat motel Posse Shell Service IOI h HI Way Plsmo Becc 57I Prlce Sf Plsmo Beach Phone PRospecf 3 46I7 , --.. ,fl of .. I ' 25 I . , LMC. I N V P EZ: v ' v ' Q- ---ne""'fimM , --,I - n I V21 115' H - -:tw Panorama Coffee Shop Specializing in BAR-B-Q Chicken - Steaks BROILED LOBSTER -- ABALONE CLAM CHOWDER GULF SERVICE Overlooking the blue Pacific Hwy lOl Pismo Beach Qwvw 'wlmfa so Esoume The Best In Steaks and Sea Food 172 Pomeroy Ave Pismo Beach 600 CYP"e55 Si Plsmo Be'-'CP 53-.-.. BAKER'S MOTEL Doko'a Vafuetq Stone l22l Price Sf Pismo Beach 880 Price Sr Pismo Beach 5 2 -iw me sire 4 f 3 5 A v bv X so 1 l . B XPP" ,,,,l-,, f- X: D 255 it 1' Y Hp. 13' K - A x I ii D, Q l Y I - m 51 , A r M A ' .4 . 'l 1? l ' . - ' W ...'-"H ' -'-P+ - P or Q Tami 13 e , I , , .lr ,Jig DavIsEledxwSi-londwaw 930 Price Sf. Pismo Beach r .QL mg. ii, SHRNGRQ-Lg MOTEL ii-iii?-12 'N --at 1231 Reed's Jewelry Shaman' La motel 751 Dolllver Ave Pismo Beach HH Price St Pismo Beach Playland Roller Drome 175 Pomeroy Ave Pismo Beach Private Parties Monday 8x Tuesday Phone PR 3 2072 SundayiOO 40OP M 700 IOOOPM Wednesday Thursday 7:00-10:00 P.M, Friday Saturday 1:00-4:00 P.M. 81 7:00-12:00 T T S' S S FORNEY'S the coost's biggest little store If we hcven't got it, we'H get it. eodquorters for Sporting Goods and lucenses MEN S WEAR GROCERIES CARDS TOYS SUNDRIES EVERYTHING FOR PARTIES Hwy I Oceono mil. Canl'a Spamah Sean Oceano Packmg Co Oceano Beach Spamsh and Sec, Foods PACKERS OF FINE VEGETABLES Chickens Steaks Ocecmo OCEANO HARDWARE GIN SEN CAFE 921 Front Street Oceano 1773 Pocufuc Block Oceono H . I x 5 I .7 ,, 'X T" Q L , . ' ' I 'QC' 'fr ann-vu ' , n P'uSmoPOoeanov Vegetable PACKERS AND SHIPPERS OF HIGH QUALITY ARROYO VALLEY PRODUCTS Rau lroad Avenue Oceano MSS W We nl . Phelan 8. Taylor I R be ill montqomenafa Stone PRODUCE COMPANY Oceano Oceano Oceano Ice C0 Our :ce helps keep Arroyo Valley hugh grade vegetables cool and fresh on nfs way fo nationwide markets Marv S Hobby Shop 735 Marsh Street San Luls Obispo K.wubaUfT'vwf Ca 252 Hlguerc Street Son Luns Obnspo aff H+ we -Qi" , QNQQ 'vfixlvf-2' Smart Shop Bdlas Qpoatmg Goods H12 Chorro Street Son Luls Obispo 886 Monterey Street San Lurs Oblspo X Zigi Q-.g..,,,,,,,:zN Nelson Office Equipment Bafvz'a Dfuue Jn 690 Hlguercl Street Son Luls Obrspo Highway I San Lurs Obispo 1 , 9 o . 1- , " f yx ' ' S , Q, S 4 'I' 5" Q' L: N ' 3' , ' K: I ,K ,F - A , I ' 15:13 . NJ xxf' frr V ' M' f l ' ,, ' , 1 X , ' x . S . yi . , f "1 . S fl !0 55----V'-A-1f..go 5' ' ' . 'un-.-4 - fl I -. La ,,,' .U . ' '35 f 1 Y Q YL u' S A N ta Q I Q . ' . Q, .x 5 1 ' gp t , .ff 1 M S O I ' IX ilu Teague s Mncluw Qiwp If it s been made It can be fixed Madonna Constructlon If it hasn t been made We il make it d b 304 Hlguera St San Luis Obispo Hlguera an Freeway San Luis O rspo Fauwfs Hoadwow S Equip 581 Hlguera Street San Luis Obispo 'lg 'Jheda A Salon of Beauty H12 Garden Street San Luis Obispo WESTWAY MARKET "Biggest Little Market in Town" 447 Higuera Street San Luis Obispo LACTERMANS' "Where You'll Find National Lines You Favor" H 728 Higuera Street 4 San Luis Obispo YOUNG 'S BEAUTY SALON Just A Good, Honest Beauty Service" 783 Marsh St. San Luis Obispo LEON'S TOY SHOP 659 Higuera St. San Luis Obispo ps . , Q ' K Q x , ' , l ,, , I I 4 . I :Y S i 1 1 , - I ! I ., it 1 o I Il ' I ' ' , . - I I ' II I ' . 1 . . . . . . i- ' K-0 4 l . , .U 4' -sm A' T Y ' t 1' 1 , ' Q K, f . A '. uhh X A 1 A. .. . K 1' . ,I lf- . . 1 I . . . . . . - Central Savlngs Sz Qamabonouqh Studio LOEIII ASSOCIHIIOH Photography by Wagers i235 Chorro St Son Luls Obispo 864 Hlguera St San Luis Obispo RILEYS DEPARTMENT STORE E 9-if Men s Bo s Girls ! gl P Women's - Infants' Wearing Apparel -. Gifts Jewelry Notions ' Cosmetics Furniture Chorro at Marsh San Luis Obispo MODEL LINEN HILLS STATIONERY 34 South St. San Luis Obispo H27 Chorro St. Son Luis Obispo GEORGE G' ROSS CAMPBELL'S REFRIGERATION Real Estate , , , III8 Chorro St. San Luis Obispo 532 Hlguem Sf' San Luls Oblspo " , ' W in fi x . E I bfi I f - :int ' Q 2 E L 1 .. , fl , 'M-N-I E Q , ,M E I ffiffl' I IP I , is E Nl IU I - 1 . 0 o I O 1? I My ff W' I I - I- - I . E Y H1 WH J F Davlclson, Rentals Apartments Duplexes Courts and Houses 629 East Church St Santa Marla Phone Wa nut 5 1917 iw 505' Has the best in style So if its the latest you want Stop in for a whiIe" 737 Higuera St. San Luis Obispo Phone Llberty 3-7218 We Don t Sell You Buy : EBY Suits - Sportswear Van Heusen Shirts - Lee Hats 851 Higuera Street San Luis Obispo SAN LUIS FARM SUPPLY A Complete Farm Service Higuera Street San Luis Obispo Best Wishes Seniors DR. DEXTER E. GUERNSEY 737 Garden San Luis Obispo TODD'S BEAR SERVICE Wheel Aligning, Balancing, and Straightening 306 Higuera St. San Luis Obispo PADENS PAINTS 423 West Main Santa Maria I LyDa7,fy The Party Shop 440 S Broadway Sanfa Marla Womlda S Omuuunglxom 107 South Broadway Santa Marua Store for CTJen nd 'Bags ' 182 H gue a St 104 106 VVest Mam St 0 WA H 2 San L s Ob spo Santa Mar1a Telephone Llberty 3 7148 Telephone Wal 5 3561 RING 4 HASLAM 81 CO A qewelena 124 West Mann Santa Marla 109 Wes? 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Suggestions in the Arroyo Grande High School - Aerie Yearbook (Arroyo Grande, CA) collection:

Arroyo Grande High School - Aerie Yearbook (Arroyo Grande, CA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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Arroyo Grande High School - Aerie Yearbook (Arroyo Grande, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 134

1959, pg 134

Arroyo Grande High School - Aerie Yearbook (Arroyo Grande, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 127

1959, pg 127

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