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Arroyo Grande High School - Aerie Yearbook (Arroyo Grande, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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'5v"'.,fN ui YEARBOOK 1955 EWU FRAUD? HIGH SCENT LYRWEU ABBOYO GRANDE, CAL1FUE.N1f: ARROYO GRANDE UNION HIGH SCHOOL AERIE '55 DEDICATIO The laurel branch symbolazlng successful achueve menf IH all flelds of endeavor IS'l'l19 'theme of lhns l954 55 Aerle Since fhe hme of Apollo +hose who have reached oufsfandmg goals have been decora+ed wr+h fhus slgmflcanf symbol The Aerue represen+s a culmmahon of 'rhe year s achvuhes a+ Arroyo Grande Umor- Hugh School Wr+h prrde we deduca+e I+, wn+h +hns anclenf symbol fo 'fhe vueals of hlghes+ a++ammen+ W6 if 44 2 I .Ln 1 :W axlao f 'iff xg 'f 1 I I I V I ,ul I -x.. .' 1 'V f '- K f A X 'K 7 4 XX X ,X , 16' lla CLAIR A HOPKINS Prmclpal TO THE AERIE The school year I954 I955 was an aus pncrous one un lhe hzsfory of Arroyo Grande Umon Hugh The progressive spurnl' of 'I'he vofers of fhe area resulfed In approval of a long +erm bunldmg program desugned io provide modern school 'facullhes on 'l'he Valley Road campus for all four hugh school classes Members of +he Class of l955 were +he firsf +o occupy bulldlngs on 'Phe Valley Road srle Thus was an ihelr freshman year The admunusfrahon feels +ha+ +hns group has played a leading role an 'lhe successful 'rransuhon from fradlhons of fhe pasf +o lhose of fhe fufure lf IS evudenf fha? +he KENNETH OGAN Vuce Prmcupal qualrly of 'lhe class merl'I's lhls honor CLAIR HOPKINS BOARD OF TRUSTEES 5 .lf TOP ROW Leff fo Righf: Edwin Taylor Maynard Murray. BOTTOM ROW Left io Right Walfer T. Baxier Clerk' Pefer Mehlschau Pres'den+. Nof picfured: Dan Phelan. In Memoriam 1954 George Voile, Member of Board of Trusfees Ed Pearl. Member of Cusfodial Sfaff CLIFFORD BOSWELL Guidance Direcior CHARLES COOK Sophomore Counselor Social Sfudies. Sporis JAMES PU RCELL Seniors' 8: Junior Boys' Counselor Senior Problems World Hisiory SERVICE OLIVE RAUCH Freshmen Counselor Social Sfudies GRACE LIERLY Dean of Girls English III. IV 663 RUTH PAULDING sue-ENE Roomeuzs RUBY SALTERS Lapin ll H United Sfaies' Hisiory English I Spanish li, Ill, IV English HI h SAM SWONS AL SPIERUNG SARA STEIGERWALT C WS- E'e"'eC"t"Y Woodshop I. H. III, IV english in, speech, Business Tramm g Drama. Librarian LENA STEWART RUTH TEAQUE. VERNON WIZEMANN Girls' Physical Educaiion Joumahgm' ,P:bI'c'l'ons' Cfdfff. Gwefbl Milli Social Sfudies hgh: H f FRANCIS ZANITSCH Meinl Shop I. ll General Mails SPECIAL SERVICES FLORENCE McNEIL Assisfanf Libreria n HENRY WACHTMAN Business Manager BETTY GREGORY Clerk Sl 'Q ELEANOR SHUMWAY Assvsfa nf Affendance Clerk ,'5""Q-.Q MARY ALICE DAVIS Cafoferia ETHEL GARRISON Cafeferua Ma nager EVA HU EBNER Cofoferie LELLIE MAY WOOD Cefderna CUSTODIAL STAFF I I K7 JJ I - 4:- LEO MCNEIL J Q FRANK MARTIN Superinfendenf of Buildings. Grounds, Transporiaiion 6 I 6 fv- EUGENE BAGGETT CHARLES BELL EARL GREGORY WILLIAM GUITON AL HUEBNER GEORGE KITCHEL SAM McCORD JACK PEARL BRYSON VORHEES Bus Driver 2,5 ,, ,,4',,lMlf:l,, CALENDAR or 20 212 13 EVENTS AT AG 14 27 21 271301 P il X? Freshmen slarf high school by Themselves on special admission day AUGUST 30-S+ar+ of School SEPTEMBER I0-Levi-Soclc Hop I6-Teachers' Recepfion 24-Foofball begins OCTOBER I-Freshmen Recepfion 8-Journalism Open-House I3-Firsl' Hi-Chaffer l Sock Hop s asf D essecl 'i ers Slarf of Foolba ll 9 Mr. Hopkins and Mrs. Fernamberg welcome guesh In XX Enlerfainmanl al' Freshman Recepfion Journalism OpenfHouse Sludenfs enroule fo Foolball Carnival at Paso Furs? Hi-ChaNer 7051? 7 5677 ld! 1.2 X3 If IJ X7 fl 1? 20 .Zi 22 .7-42 Zflf A llwfif Shaila lrios har hand af fhe Oypawrifor, Liboraco sfylo IKM! aan MUN Models prachcmg for Sprung Fasluon Sho Ono ad play prosonlocl by Thospuans Open House for Publoc Schools Wool MARCH 3-4-Band Show 4-Alascadero Band Show I6-Band Fesiival 25-Spring Fashion Show 26-CSF Trip 'lo U.C.L.A. APRIL 22-Two One-Aci Plays 27-Public Schools Weel: 29-Senior Career Day Tlwospsans prachc ng for l o one-acl plays Tale your pici! lor Sonior Career Day, fha? is 3 if 11 I3 I Voflnq al fbe polls Sludenls receive +l1eir annuals ,9 za 11 21 24 1 c .22 xr .17 av 123-Y J' 5 7Y9l0l' I2 I3 fy If 16 If 12' 13 I MAY 4-Tlwespians Banquei' I I-FFA Banquef I3-Campaign Assembly I5-Annuals Delivered I9-LeH'erman Barbecue 20-Junior Prom 20-Awards Assembly 24-Caps and Gowns Given ouf 25-Senior Barbecue 29-Baccalaureafe 28-Senior Nighf JUNE I-Commencemenf Block AG's Received ai Awards Asnmbly Perfeci GO? rf . Bacceleureefe Services 'X Semor Barbecue 56 7' fo ll zz IJ li I7 20 21 .2 2.3 lily' 31 I I x -x V13 1' Su-nov Qkvi x? A699 P+? 0 oe 1 9 xQX5pP9- C Yoga -gs QS Q , YN 6 I II I I I 3 CDB Q eww. NT AVVATE: 0 1 X' VLBQ VQSBQGR 'NMS xS1'o N AT V009 F1 'HMA 'Ya PI??Ax.xtPu'Uo1-I H95 BEEN P4c,cevT2o . ?x.'6.Ase R Y -f SE IDR Bank of America Award Winners-TOP ROW, lelr fo righr: Lonnie Mc- Clanahan, Science: Don Feliciano, Agricullure: Jael Hobbs, lndusirial Arrs. SECOND ROW: Marie Arcano, Language: Belva Mehlschau, Music: Kalhleen McCoy, Social Science. THIRD ROW: Belly Pease, Mafhemalicsg Pafricia Baier, English: Par Teague, Homemalzingg Diana Pascua, Business. The Chrisfmas formal dance, a senior class lradifion, was dec- oraled This year in fhe lherne of Candy Cane Lane. The decoralion comrniflee worked busily, blowing up balloons and Treasurer ROLAND WILSON Vice-Fresidenf FRED FERNAMBERG 54 building gienl paper candy canes, coniribuling fo one of fha mos? alfraclive dances of lhe year. Sgl. al Arms ROLAND MALLORY This years senior class was lhe firsl lo parhclpale an Senior Career Day a modern replacemenf for fhe cusfomary Sensor Dutch Day Sensors used fhis day fo mveshgafe employmenr opporrunlhes as fhe seniors shown above are doing or fo vusul lhe colleges of their choice IN ACTIO Presidenl THOMAS NELSON 55 Scribe PAT TEAG U E The senior barbecue, always an occasion for good food and fun, was no exceplion lhis year, when fhe whole class spenf an affernoon al lha Counly Park. th, ,V 1 an if 2 l if. ' f 'fs , fx' 4 S 1 MARETZ :LINE Praclicing was fun, more -fhan work, in preparefion for Senior Nughf, enolher firsf m lhe hasfory of Arroyo Hugh. A program of varied falenfs was oflerecl for parenls and guesls. To usher in ihe solemn feshvnhes of greduahon lhe Baccalaureaie ceremony was held In fhe hugh school gym Floy Yafes: Basketball l, 33 Track 1, 2, 3: Track I, 2, 3' Foofball 2, 3, A CJ '- X x SENIORS ' V NOT PICTURED W 'fsy 5 I Charles Bowman 6? K W Don Doeckle f 'l Lawrence Fosler fir Lance Furness f Larry Goularie fr- . Q4 Jack Missamore if if' : ',, l . " " 5' I' Roberi T. Rermal f IQ ' Ill, John Richards 4, Dale Wade ' Larry Weber L. '- Jam Wesfiall , ' k ig k , g OUR SCHOOL IN 'OUR TIME' We gradua+e as s+uden+s of Arroyo high, Our par+ in 'lhe fulure plan a symbol of which, for all preceding grad- ua+es, is fhe Branch Sfreef Campus. Our class, which has bridged ihe gap, feels fhal' +he fradifion of affecfion and loyaliy does noi' belong +o one building or one area. Consfrucfion begins for our new school ln spirif and in sfone We share in 'rhe pleasure of fhe presenr classes +ha+ are able +o confinue longer fhan we have in enioying facilifies of fhe beaufiful new campus. While in 'our fime' com- ple'I'e realizafion of fhe uni- fica+ion on +he new campus has noi' been possible, ihis year, dreams and plans be- gun when we were fresh- men have become +he hoped- for realiiies of succeeding classes. Our wish +o fhemz "May ihey pass ihrough +he same doorway, no+ one of bricll or s'rone, bul' of +he same spiri+." A.G.U.H.S. fi. , X O X sit QM X f ' I1 ML Sv-f EL! if B AD S' Q, 'Pfnsuqy CLASS ACTIVITES Candy sale at games Ham Raffle Junior-Senior Prom BOB BA OUTSTANDING Spanish Club l.eHerman CIub Varsif FooIbaII InIer-scI'1ooI Cou nc I C. S. F. fi ,U V., Q i W L-it DER I AI'I1Ief'cs Boys' and GirIs' Sine Rep cnIaIives BILL MARTINEZ RITA MARTIN BOB BAUER ,I-5 u -Q xr- 6 1 ,wx .n y, ji T gs ' Il P' I I 4 Iii II M IIE""" I -S f I I ff V I IOBS QU 'rv N.- -lx iv tr' ,zix dl' fi lb 'T 1 1- Ol X for' ROW 5 Reber? Brown Rrclward Bunch Ray Burks Jam Cabales Names of class members readvng from lefl Irene Acosfa Loss Adams lo ruglul ROW I Delberi Bace Bob Bader ROW 6 Mary Ellen Caperfon Ellns Casiner ROW 2 Tom Barley Mnchael Bandurrege Eleanor Clnacon Sue Chambers Frank Barnes Tom Barula ROW 7 Marrlee Culley Ann Click Beverly ROW 3 Jean Baller Slurley Becker Ernesf Corelle Davnd Cunmngham B B H' B erg e Y emmg ROW 8 Don Curlen, Gary Darly, Benme ROW 4 Shurley Bermng Ross Bewley Eve Davis, Jolwn Davus lyn Bond Loydene Bond 911 Bur' 'Nh V? X 1 54 ,EX E A 1' x a ..- 9, - U.. " 'sz A if - x EB 7. 1 . . l 1 ,V I 1 V, ,fx l V ,, 3' , ' '-JY f vu . iw ,y i H , V 1 . .,, ,rQ,,'Sw E ,,,,, 4 L A f Q of -Q J ff J, .M in ' v. .-,, ',1 L' J i Z5 5 T 3' 2 , My ,Q M ,sg '- of ,, . -.V I V ff 1,2311 5' . V a ll -:QU ,KL 4 ,, , J 'w Mt l V ,ff Ag . 3 77 - 'vii Q, ' ,,,,p- Q 'O "' V ,gg ' A- J QL- X 2 ago, 5? .,q, 5 R A v-A. s . 1 V ? L-1, M 'f Names of class members, reading from lofi' fo righfz ROW I: Hugh Hailey, Dallas Hawkins. Jerry Henderson, Maynard Hendricks. ROW 2: Lupe Hernandez, Laura Lee Horner, Peggy Hubble, Ray Huss. ROW 3: Joyca Jeffers, LoreHa Jessee, Bar- bara Johnson, AnneH'a Jones. ROW 4: Frances Kiichel, Gary LaThorpe, Carihel Lewis, Rance Lewis. ROW 5: Ray Lindholm, Jim Linh, Floyd Lokoen, David Loomis. ROW 6: Gerry Lynch, Roberi Lyons, Ger- aldine Machado, Rife Mariin. ROW 7: Bill Marfinez, Audrey Massera, Judy McConaha, Edifh McCullough. ROW 8: Charles McDaniel, Richard Medina, Howard Mehlschau, Mae Mehlschau. 1 u Cf? L. qiigi 'r X 429 Ian ,, 'V 1 We ., il K - R 'I tv' , , at V 1 ,ine if ,L -1 fx qu' 1 in .Nr W f I -X x 'X .fi ' s cv N' is 1:5 5 ,, X fs:-'il V Wgifrl' S in , , "fj',A ,ans x 1 ,- t fa is I 'L P ' X KV 'Vi c -tj, f um, siwfi' N' ax ' n ,- . 'D' ..-, .ein rr: S' C1 ,,'-fe Names of class members, reading from leff lo righfz ROW I: Ronnie Menqes, Carol Miura, Toby Morales, Eddie Morfon. ROW 2: Dickie Munar, Lonnie Muncy, Marilyn Newmann, Will Nichols. ROW 3: Merle Norick, Louella Ormonde. Josephine Orliz, Dean Padgeff. ROW 4: Bob Parker, Pafli Pefchelf, Joe Perry, Annelle Price. ROW 5: Fred Ransom, Muriel Reilhinger, Charles Richards, Romeo Rivera. ROW 6: Abelia Ruiz, Richard Rush, Sammy Russ. Nadine Saruwalari. ROW 7: Manuel Sebasfian, Lois Segrue, Pai Shaclrleford, John Silva. ROW 8: Bernice Simas, Sherril Simpson, Charles Sims, Don Smilh. ,. yn . -vs Xe, . -iv ,ll 'za .1 . x , O .Q - new " " y 'Z-To 0' 54? J I k ' NIV' I" 1 , n i 1 T 3, f '- .MW 4-Q ,ak so Q -4 :EQ x , r S. 1' 1 ma .,, ,,,, 2 A tj I A' QW I 43.75. fl- J' 6:4 ,nf .1 -no 'AN 4 lx J gy, a. V. .' xx int Names of class members, reading from lefr io right ROW I: Trecy Snow, Rennie Slarkey, Roger S+. Dennis, Carolyn Sfewarl. ROW 2: Gordon Sfewarf, Kay Sfoie, Bob Sfowe, Gilberf Sausillo. ROW 3: Beverly Sulherland, Janef Throop, Norma Towle, Arfhur Tucker. Gas' ,ix 4' 'fe 5 . r"H Q 'Q , Q., . er' -7 W ia ROW 4: Dolores Valdez, Doroilxy Vogel, George Voile, Harker Wade. ROW 5: Pal Ward, Peggy Ward. Vera Weafherly, Jim Websfer. ROW 6: Neal Whife, Thalia While, LeRoy Whifrner, Kenneflw Whiifaker. ROW 7: June Winninghem, Larry Wrighf, Nancy Yeager, La Rae Zeyen. 'Z 5- A - .1 XA HALfB is 5 MIUP FWS "I HAQ V C RES ww SECRETARY WM Ok QI ff 5? KJDPRESID N 0 F Aff A 1 'N fx ,vSlLv,q 1ff XZSCQI 11 L my M SUI-LIL, SGT AT ARMS 190 O J Q01 SOPHOMORE CLASS ACTIVITIES Fresh R pt Boxing T Popcorn and P f C T DIGSO OMOE QQ:- T SURER I vw 4 ov .S Q10 O 6 2 u 7 C3 I ' Q9 I I7 I if I WY' Vjxx- H UW -in :S ' NV" 2 I . ' K I C E T K 7 1 f 1 ' X ' f 'W I P U ' QL 1' W 3 CNN - fx ' .Y g It Km A ,fed N 'x Q O ffm 41 AI S 5 S V IN' gA , , LD CCE A I, 43 Q 31 N C7 xx 62 H 64 we CQQC W O SEICEISZD TEAEAJE ' I V 'D a b '5 " x rg f- -ve' N. i e7 1"-vw 1-4-7 .ref 1 ff' A? S TN -.., -177 111-4', K7 Mo! f Q 1, g..JL 'N 5 ,W -r""7 Names of class members readung from lei? Oo nglwi ROW I Joe Cosfa Loulse Dague Joyce Daubenspeck Tom Dan-els ROW 2 Tommy Dana Barbara Dennus George Depew Ruby Depew ROW 3 Ivan DeW1H Judy Dunofon Duana Dunlop Leland Edmundson ROW 4 Olnver Erwm Bully Esfes red Evans Ray Evans ROW 5 Davnd Farren Duanna Fquenredo Alomagene Fmley Ronnne Fmucane ROW 6 Rufh Fousf Allen Fosfer Larry Fosfer Lyneanne For ROW 7 Sue Ann Franer George Fredrnck Denms Furness Don Gubbons ROW 8 Charlene Gllden Belly Jo Gllland Juduih Gnlluland Mlke Gomez ,Q -K. 1 y l 5, .A N L'-3 5- A 'N 'V - , ' N , 5 , my .'- ru ., , l -e D Vxifyyf ' A yi "tix, O yx 1 ,ga A l N q 4' .' vt Q' tl 1 h Y r" 1- ' ' ' W ug 4' 4 l . .X - I 1 D Al' - X' xx l'lt":l R all -fgn Aa G , 1' an f Q 1 l ' x V af X ML' . X 157 I y l O R e R X y -x Q v A 4. X le If .fr Q .. 1 ff -, . , ., :Ax-'73 . . A 'R 'Q , J' Q i l , ' f' ' ' I1 R' ff 1' ff " " 2 - A if nd, , V V -. A 8-, tit' , I VL , 6. y K tc I 1- U' Q1 . .ff Q if kg N yyyd M r 4, M- t Rx.: lr f . A wx, Q: V, -A my J y , A 'sr y xx an it 1 si W9 "" " 1,4 ' 1 'Y , A Q 'R V I .wh . I D I . l . I I I ' . Z . .I - I F . -.1 A , I. ' f-'g-'rl A :-.W Cnr' r. g lf' .9 -.,., N .1 l 1 n In 'n".1'I as .V -a , -- ' ff-Q J' W -.. . 5 'qua 'QI MA. .4 if 'M l Q' W' .- f 'Q ' iw i , R' 15 i 5 K ima., A P- lr, k 'RT ' ff :E 3 rf rl' 4 in X 4 .im M -1 .JUL 2, R so mcg' Cb' .1 . -I 'kiln' Names of class members, reading from lofi ROW 4: Norris Hollon, Nina Holloway, fo righl: ROW I: Barbara Green, Louise Grif- Bell! Howell, Kennefh HuHon. fm' Joel Gruwell' Joan Hahbunon' ROW 5: Lois Hunler, Roberl Hunfer, Joyce ROW 2: Monly Harlow, Barbara Harp, Je"H"'iCl""'ll9 Jol"""o"- R0bvffH-1fP.l--Iffv Hifi- ROW 6: Margaref Jones, Thomas Jones, ROW :3 Norman Holler, Sylvia Henderson, Mlyoko Kewoeka' Reber, Kemp' Frank Hil+on,Luann Hilfon. ROW 7: Roger King, Terry Killer, Palfi Klause, Juoy KnoHs. 24 ,"f if W, fi Z 4 , Af 71 r L-1 4, .. vi' in . W-, ,,. 1 ra A Q15 5 iirgf 43 ,- 'QV' . A f . ' 'gl' 6, aw. ds P ., W , Q 'QQ' if R is . new V W , ' Ye-s 5 m . 'Ui . 3 Mag 'F' ,r fl- ' 4 Q . f 3 A., A ,Z-1, Q fy , 1- 2 , 'f Mlm "' 'Xl M 41 2 A Q.. , ,,, Rllr ...fe g self R Q I I 1 is 5 2 " L L A ' W y i f.1. 4- V ,,.,,...- I I la' A 'W - 'M 'ia vine ""' I K., U NP' H Ylkl ,, 5 A ! - 1 E 54 E41 fr 'ix 4 ' l ,, L ' A sie 'L , 'fl' I Namerof class members, reading from leff fo righf: ROW I: John Leamos. Celeclonia Liscoscos, Pricilla Linsfrum, Palricia Madison. ROW 2: Harvey Mallory, Lorelha Manuiel, Marie Marlinez, Shirley Masferx. ROW 3: James McCormac. Bill McCu+cheon, Deanna McDonald, Shirley McNeelly. ROW 4: Ronnie McKernon, Bob Mickey, Deanna Miller, Jerry Missamore. ROW 5: Joan Miura, Anna Morales, Paul Morales. Bob Murphy. ROW 6: Edwin Naylor, Billy Nelfo, Roy Newman. ROW 7: Larry Ocliorne, Linda Owens, Shar- lene Perry, Roberf Phillips. ROW 8: Manuel Pino, Adele Preslon, Con- nie Quinones. Charlolle Ramsey. Q' ' 4 v ., V , A 4 1 4' , I' "' -S. I n - l A, A13 l 4 ch X' ' . 4,1 ' .Q - x - -.e' Q .r S77 V X A fi x . X 4 , C rs. l ifg " 'ci .1 5 y ,si 1 x r f ,V , X A A ' ? L 6 f 1 , , 1 . l . 'T . 5.x N Qu' Z L1 , il M .T 4, A - - 5 , ' , -23-xv ' 3 , 'N fav R F ,Q-Q 0-I I i uv ui- . -snr 'MR -mb, Q VV Y if l . R Y L 41 ' ""' lf .-,Q di ' X 'ny' V T77 1 1 ii l 4 r ii ul V A.-. , nb , , 5 ' 'Q R fz X N i'g'fif' ' at 3' ' r .I In l V- nm A fra qu 'V Q ' 4 L. . .. ta fa L f l 5' 'iii' 1 I ..,g:,, y , ' J .1 "R: . Q., L .L 1 ' , V -.: :fb - s. S , S an X 'ZA - I . Names of class members, reading from lei? lo righi: ROW I: Alix Gay Ransom, Bob Rela- jack, Alphamaa Ream, Marvin Relyea. ROW 2: Sandra Rhine, Paul Rhineharf, Pauline Rhineharf, Ray Risler. ROW 3: Richard Robles, Margie Rocha, Laurence Rodgers, Gary Rus? ROW 4: Jack Rusf, Hale Ryan, Myrna Sanford, Ed Sapien. ROW 5: Don Schlais, Gene Shields, Joyce Shields, Charles Shrode. ROW 6: Roberf Shurnway, Paul Silva Shirley Silva, Daniel Silveira. ROW 7: Don Skaggs, Bill Skinner, Carol Smilh, Lauren Smifh. ROW 8: Lloyd Sfallcup. Arloa Slilwell, Judy Slonesifer, Jo Sform. tvv 540 -.- L, . . we 1 -9'1" ,-M , UW?" xi ' .gi x Q. X.. .ni fi 5 'GQ' -L3 ' r-Y ' Q M? Names of class members, reading from leff +o righi: ROW I: Jim Sullivan, Sarah Taylor, Richard Teague, Thelma Thomas. ROW 2: Alberf Townsend, BeHy Fay Turner, W LL 41' 'Wi 4 fan.. c"" ' . i I - vi.-in az ff. 1-..., k ! , Frank Valenfe, Beify Van Afia. ROW 3: Roberi Vogel, Carol Wallace, Merle Washburn, Bradford Wheeler. ROW 4: Pai Williams, Gay Wilson. ,-. 1.-s va wg, ag his wff I . 2' V Ns T' Y Lasi minuie review R ."' Siudysng under pleasani circumsiances .fi 4 A ' 1 , V glslnfwr l ,Dam 7214 me 4 X 'S gg la .gl-'CfE7,4,p 1 IDAlfEgllLl Ser AT A,p,.,S 5 X X .Dofv fiwf 7-A'EAS0,fe-,Q 541. 55753 FRESH SAL REYES oursrmome FRESHMAN CSF F? J Ib CLASS ACTIVITIES Sandwich sales ut Lompoc games Bean guess at lower campus Tncket sale for faculty game Sophomore return dance QQ., Mo, gf ffifzvfyffx 4' Sc IFI5 x ffirzfr I IMAF13 k SX XXX 1 X X X I, B ' N xx 5 I v' ll l x X I f U 5 x x I N A lx l I 2 I ' I N IX X x I N , - X X Q x I lr 45 ' Senafor Class Treasurer JQ .oo ball V Basie all A Varslly Baseball qi, 3 A+ . fm 0 1, , . A 3 in ,sa l 'Q ,, IW -i , ,,, ' I z ., s .. cy, f if ' 'A , A 1-ev . x I ' ' ig 2 e A' u f' . J ' i , "f' dia .Amy y , yi 2 -ma ' ww I fa' J A 'Z' "B 5-1 ' A Q1 0 'I' 1, feffx 'S lb' ' QL.. , ,H Q gl l Q 'f' l uf - l I :Gs-4 - y, ml .,-5 ' W lixgp y ., A X'u-"' l Q ix A B V ?': M -Nr - Names of class members, reading from leff ro righi: ROW I: Ronnie Adkins, James An- derson, William Apodoca, Harry Arnold. ROW 2: Kennfh Arnold, Thomas Afkins, Tony Azevedo, Bruce Bader. ROW 3: Joanne Banks, Haffi Bafes, Marine Berning, Eleanor Beffencourf. ROW 4: Frank Blanchard, Ellen Boswell, Glen Boyd, Joanne Brown. ROW 5: Carmen Bunch, Lellia Burks, Sandra Burks, George Burr. ROW 6: Elizabefh Cabales, David Canby, Linda Carlson, Janice Carr. ROW 7: Wanda Cassell, Laurence Casrillo, Carolyn Chadd, Lillie Mae Cofield. ROW B: Joy Cook, Billy Cool, James Cooper, Del Corelle. 'S I, se., 4 k - is xjjj-78, ff rw'-fifr P9- Q74 ,fy -.Q ii J 1' if' , , J 4- 17' I 1' "'g 7 e V,-e,.:e-ia , o fn. , ' ,,e.', ' . 95' e ' - x ' rx W e i'.' . ,Q 14? C ' . . , , , -W, H, ,, fy, ,qs i rw XM ii, ' . -" x'?2,fa.z ' M 'wriglif 1-' 411+ C I "9 Names of class members, reading from left io rigid: ROW I: Grace Cornelison, Gary Cosfa, Alan Co'Hle, Marie Crabfree. ROW 2: Willard Cummings, Janice Dague. Gaylen Daily, Amos Dana. ROW 3: George Dana, David Davis, Amehla Davis, Dewey Davis. ROW 4: Denise Deal, Juanifa DeLoxier, James Depew, Hazel Diedrickson. fl 1 'if A- , 1 ' . I vw 6 , Q ii, A '33 ,,V. .1 'J F , i . i il .., IA -q ' li 4? ai ' l" ' is R ,4 Z A , Q P F fi rf Rf" X ROW 5:, Douglas Dobell, Tommy Doll, Clif- ford Dudley, Earl Dyer. ROW 6: Manuel Echavavia. Silviano Espanola Bruce Enell, Marflwa Fagerbourg. ROW 7: Peggy Farren, Roberf Fernamlberg, Dianna Flynn, Jaclie Fox. ROW 8: Raymond Gallagher, Arlene Gam- boa, Belly Garcia, Jimmie Garcia. -mv eff? i. nb' 7 15 V l 1' 2 5 5 Q", wig 1Y"f 3 1 3-x , 6 at-Q U' , t""' X 1' Sa , Q, -ef eg' 2 ,fre Q, ,. -A ,mit-fjffi 1 I fe .1 .A 'K . T vs L0 5 4 2. awe- X - 'ff' ,Z .X r ,qi JN, if ik., , xx: , , A in , 3- A "f ' fr ' cz, : 'T' . . ff '2 .. x ,N 1 V , S x ,xy ff br' an 4. ,Quay A-K. EL... ., 9 ff ,Q 3 i,.: - i, Awww K s 'J' ,. 54 ix f' 4. Yv- ,, 'vi 9 J f gf I Qt ' I ' 'W!n,t.N,S'7 ' Q , , I ' 'J 1 , Q , I 'ei gf ., l J TC. H 1. 2? .-vw F vi A F 1 F ' '11, . Q " Q' if ' R 3":3"n C' W rf me iff ,. ,', af? 3i:E?T1z:'X if..--:::'..:m Y, - ' - , , l 3 R ,.'h i Ae.. A 7, 4 at , qw 4 . - 4 4 1' 'J , 1 'Vx J J Y Nr 'f V a. fi-R2 41 Names of class members, reading from leff ROW 5: Lila Heidaker, Norma Hernandez, lo righl: ROW I: Ignacio Gaxiola, Frederick Esflmer Herra, Glenda Hickey. 6 , M d' G'bb . M'll d G'bb . eorge au le I ons I an I om ROW 6: Peggy Hicln, Nancy Hill, Jerry ROW 2: Wilma Gibson, Fransisco Gonzales, Hilton, Dorollwy Holi. ' h d d' , B'll . RIC M Goo In I Go"l"i' ROW 7: Jimmie Haney, Linda Hooper, ROW 3: Clwesler Haase, Eli Hale, Lucille James Hunler, Anila Huss. H ll. Hale' Bren a ROW 8: Leona Jensen, Raymond Jensen ROW 4: Judy Hall, Margaref Hall, Mary Raymond Johns, Onda Johnson. Harlley, Billy Hawn. at -aw' . S 'X'---fr L ,, ,, 1- Q - A 4 -v J, .4-l air i s V J D 55 1 ' 7 ff VM Ni' ax ,,,, V .: A . . ,T 'ir A 4 H fy I Q 4-D f , . ' wk? 'Z' 1 f if X ,s A 'rv lan. Us xxx J 1 . .. I. , . A , 75 l, s " K 5 ,5 , . P, '5i"T"s i iw 'JVQ-lp' av xr- I fx K lx --1 3 6 " N' If Y- Q ,f .L f X .fi X f Q A ' , r 3 , . x. -- ' 'Fw ' ' ,A .X A Li 'c-7 ..'-'f"f' i k X it' . six , i ' 4 al A I Names of class members, reading from lei? to righr: ROW I: Kay Johnson, Jeanine John- son, Samuel Johnson, Judy Johnson. ROW 2: Fred Jones, Wanda Jones, Eva Keen. Edna Kelsey. ROW 3: Leonard Kelsey, Sharon Kelly, Den- nis Kemper, Kay Kirlrpalrick. ROW 4: Barbara Kilasoko, Arlene Kifchel. Nancy Klause, Dolores Lambefh. ROW 5: Pafricia Lalharn, Ronald Laihorpe, Leona Lehman, Don Levins. ROW 6: Derrel Levy, Melvin Long, Ronnie Longley, Sandra Loomis. ROW 7: David Loosey, Cecila Mallory, Dianna Mallory, Mary Marin. ROW 8: John Maness. Arr Maniquenz, Wal, ler Mason, Raymond McAdams. s....1-A3 "N...,,,x 'Q' gn. 'air i'---Q, X -g N 3 xkqvwr " , l J Y' . if N I 4 , "' 52' L I 'Q . 'A , "" gik "'.. 5-150- . -G- -VQW' 1 .H b ,J Q if ' 8 agar-fig, ,IJ , , - .QXY Ka. X ' 4 . 5 jf, ' I il : 15 ii .. f J 1 H' U' . L ak V X -E. W y r . , Q in 2 MQ". H 'A 3 "3-"' 5' V an if .if:g.f : i 1 If '15 0 2 1 er ' , l ' 9 , 'vi 45 OQVCQS -of Q -. Q 17' 'X ,, W ,A , f-. . i, 'f"7 R.. Ya yi, 5 W' :fs pr 'rl fw M 4 . Q . ki m ll was R fha. 'C' s. , -we-'y l I M 4-QM I ' ,fy . J, in w,. ' vr if ' uv 1 . 'Q xx K 'zxlhqv x M .. . Names of class members, reading from lefi io righf: ROW I: Bob McBride. Marilyn Mc- Bride, Bobby McBroon, Edward McChesney. ROW 2: Philip McChesney, Pai McCoy, Pafiy McDaniel, Linda McElhany. ROW 3: Mike McElroy, Earnesf McKinley, Wanda McKinney, McNeally James. ROW 4: Kenny Meyers, Sharon Miller, Helen Mills, Gene Minh. :I ROW 5: Ted Mifchell, Earl Paffi Monrgomery. Pere Moreno. ROW 6: Don Morfon, Ellen Moss, Harold Murray. ROW 7: Ronald Murray, Pliny lene Myriclr, Roy Neighbors. ROW 8: Troy Neighbors, Joyce Nibali. Jerry Nichols. Monfgomery, Moss. Jimmy Murphy, Dar- Neiss, Robert fa M...-ff fra-q-14 are 1 , fs G' N. nr . , 2- fa. 3 N", 4.5 .ao ,. - N-. -.!'-. ... - Jim-- 54.1 x H, as v 9 s tl . R 4 . ,- rg g . Zi V. xr. f .. C' mf ---pr 7' i,,'. xx .r 5' 1- 6 .. xsfX 5- 9 r-.. V f 1. , , 1 .ge . Kgs ' I' Nfl - --A b T ff' ,... . i il! ?3 K H , 4 . ..-.1 Q, , . I W .J ' ,ir 5 K f RTT! A g -an ST!! ref" 1. X. X Names of class members, reading from lefl +o righl: ROW I: Larry Nunes, Roberf Odona, Marianne Olivera, Bob Osborne. ROW 2: Erma Osburn, Belly Owens, Corine Padayhag, Bob PadgeH. ROW 3: Happy Pafchelf, Dohna Pease, Lana Perry, Michael Phelan. ROW 4: Idalee Phillips, Max Pimenfal, Mor- ris Rames, Pairicia Ream, ROW 5: Muriel Reiveli, Salvador Reyes, Ray Richardson, Roy Richardson. ROW 6: Irene Rocha, Leonard Rocha, Judirh Rodgers, Belly Rodrigues. ROW 7: Daniel Rodrigues, Roderick Ross, Don Rowe, Tommy Runels. ROW 8: James Rysner, Charlie Mae Sanders. Bob Sylvesler, Kaihleen Silva. , is A '45 Q' "' ve- AM V e.. Pi. ' L 1, ' V I - -M5 W W2 ' I .2 -5 u 9' '47 is fel 'Y - tu? if L' A"' . i 'W' x , ,fy 4 ,, A 5. GE 1 .. i 5: .l y ,qs fr H ic. M ff' ' ,. ' Y 1 ' A 'fn " WM' , fa .au , -V .A W' ri' ff., -V ' ii' K -, 'mf Q 9 S3 g L ft: W exif lf., 'N ji if :MAX Q' is E S , iii . . ,i M 1 "'A-A ' X 1: ., , f:-.ff f .4f:? - i e mm y.. ? :.v I as 'ah ,pi '1 , V 3 N:" ' ,,.'j , in E Y :Z , , ' if i 4 1 . g ,- '1 1, ' "" ', ,:t-'g Q 1'i.Z:r ' , . ff: " J X , ' ,,, 'W 4' , 1 - :isa 1? 3 Names of class members, reading from lei? lo rigid: ROW l: Larry Shipman, Jimmie Siaggs, Louise Smilh, Pal Smiflw. ROW 2: Sally Smilh, Palsy Snow, Judy Sogard, Gerildine Spohn. ROW 3: Danny Slanley, Griffin Sfarlrie, Warren Sf. Dennis, Don Tally. ROW 4: Don Taylor, Donald Tilley, Randall Tognauini, Tim Toomey. ROW 5: Emily Tosfa, Paulina Towle, Roy Troul, Gary Trowbridge. ROW 6:LaVone Tucker, Carol Ann Turner Melvin Van Roni, Teofilo Valdez. ROW 7: Pafricia Vauphn, JeaneHe Wallace, Carol Walfon, Richard Ward. ROW 8: Barbara Wea+l'1erly, Laurie Webb Roy Wlweaf, Claudia Wheeler. 53 4'-v, Q ' A ' x I , 'ev rf I 4' l T' K f .E I! I Mlfifv 'ZR Ta' "5 . Af. I V 5, S . j J A L I X.: 5 ' " - 1' , , K , 13 'f?...,,Al Q Names of class members, reading from leff ROW 2: Coy Wilcox, Susan Willholf, Curhy Io righfz ROW I: Peggie Whisnan, Roberf Wlll"m5' Reba VVl"""'9l"m' While, Donald Whifiield, Belly Whifmer. ROW 3: Deanna Winsfon, Keifh Wolfe, Carl Wolford. Shamrock Shuffle FRESHMEN ACTIVITIES ls 'ig 1 ' 4 SALLY SMITH Mr. Sandman soloish BEN MILLER S T P hCIb A GAA Clb I I S u T 3 C. . F. 7 'I H hes ions B d G TA Chorus Student Councnl FHA Lotm Club Lettermen Club nIlt Quill and Scroll Society fmpjg I ff ' I Drama Club Spring SENIORS Fall TOP ROW: Lefl lo righl, Jim Schneid- er, Jim Yamaguchi. BOTTOM ROW: Carlen Fagerbourg, Anna Figuerido, Dol Fuller. TOP ROW: Lefl lo righl, Richard Teague, Sue Ann Frazier, Thomas Jones. BOTTOM ROW: Dolores Becerra, Pris- cilla Linslrum, Shirley Maslers. Spring soPHoMoREs Fall v TOP ROW: Leli io righl, Jim Webxfer, Kingo Saruwalari. BOTTOM ROW: Jo- selle Nichols, Vernon Neuman, Joan Haddox. X TOP ROW: Leif lo righl, Nurene Clarlr, Richard Teague, Margarel Jones. BOTTOM ROW: Shirley Silva, Barbara Harp, Thelma Thomas, Shirley Maslers. 3 S .A 'MQXA ,0 TOP ROW: Leif fo right Gordon Sfewarl, Beverly Corella. Carol Miura, Tom Bafula. BOTTOM ROW: Geraldine Machado, Bernice Simas, Sherril Simp- son. xI9"fs,.A i 34' '52 5 fl, 1, Q ,, I I , ' , Q ' Ji fb VI -s' 3 ' L, L- 31: ,Aff .QQ - I 97: f 9 ff 'X K Q fx ak :NU , TOP ROW: Leff fo right Laurie Webb. Carol Turner, Sandra Loomis. BOTTOM ROW: Teofilo Valdez, Edna Kelsey, Sandra Burkes, lda Lee Phillips, Sal Reyes. N4 'rf -Lal 9 4' 5.4: Spring .IUNIORS Fall TOP ROW: Lefl fo righf, Maynard Hendricks, Jim Cabales, Delberl Bace, David Loomis. BOTTOM ROW: Romeo Rivera, Lorella Jessee, Don Curfin. 'T TOP ROW: Leff fo riglnl, Sal Reyes. Ken Myers,Amos Dana. BOTTOM ROW: Palsy Snow, Barbara Kilasako, Linda Carlson. Spring FRESHMEN Fall x ,Q .1- - 4 TUDENT , FI IJ 5 DICK ST RO M Vice-Presidenf BOB BADER Commissioner of Afhlefics f f RITA MARTIN Secrsfary ,I l BILL MILLER Sfudenf Body Presidenf NE WS' , ,X f , . I 1 . PAT WARD Commissioner of Publicify TOM NELSON MARTIN DE LEON Senior Junior 9 WMC, 9 RODDEE KEEN Commissioner of Aihiefics or I , ,J " I I' , SUE ROWE Commissioner of Finance X- 3831 2 af" I I 2254-.I-Sf! -f'- . F' 5, xi. N Q X i . -zl' ROBERT PHILLIPS Commissioner of Defense LARRY HART DON TAYLOR Sophomore Freshman ,ve W.. .,,MsN' 4 x J, or PHMINI xi A M Lt C lA DH X 260199 Lim r.- Pit ShacKeW a I Sue Chamber 'PAULL Patched f CHQFXP4 V 5400? Of 5 GNG4 S 533 0 840 QQ QD Q 0 Liv P. - Thaha White, 84 Dallas Haw kins, 'Peggy Ward SKS EQ 44 4 3-V1 C MC gn NA Fall Semesler, Upper Carn- pus: FIRST ROW, Iefl ro righrz Sue Rowe, Belva Mehlschau. Joan Miura, Laura Lee Horner, Carlen Fagerbourg, Frances Kil- chel, Rira Marlin, Pal Teague. Vera June Wearh- erly. SECOND ROW: Sheila Varian, Dolores Sfoul, Diana Pascua, BeHy Pease, Karen While, Edna Levins, Carol Miura, Pal Baker. THIRD ROW: Lorerfa Jessee, Lois Adams, FIRST ROW: Sherril Simpson, Vice-Presidenf: Pa? Teague, Presi- deni. SECOND ROW: Laura Lee Horner, Treasurer: Lonnie McCIan- ahan, Scribe: Vera June Wearher- ly, Secrelary. Joan Haddox, Molly Dixson, Affie Jo Gruwell, Sherril Simpson, Maryline Gilden: FOURTH ROW: Will Nichols, Kingo Saruwarari, Fred Fernamberg, Lonnie McCIanahan, Torn Nelson, Bob Bader, Bob Slowe, Romeo Rivera. NOT SHOWN: Kafhleen McCoy, Gene Marlin. Spring Semesler, Upper Campus: FIRST ROW, Ieir Io righlz Annefle Jones, Sue. Rowe, Laura Lee Horn- er, Sherril Simpson, Par Teague, Karen While, Rira Marlin. SECOND ROW: Joyce Shields, Marie Ar- cano. Belly Pease, Diana Pascua, Carlen Fagerbourg, Frances Kilchell, Edna Levins, Carol Miura.THIRD ROW: Lois Adams, Joyce JefTers, Sonia Jean Callen- der, Rhea Calvert, Molly Dixson, FIRST ROW: Edna Levins, Presi- denig Jim Yamaguchi, Vice-Presi- denf. SECOND ROW: Laura Lee Horner, Treasurer: Carol Miura, Scribe: Rira Marlin, Secrelary. Joan Haddox, Maryline Gilden, Dolores Slouf. FOURTH ROW: Will Nichols, Kingo Saruwalari, Fred Fernamberg, Lonnie Muncy, Lonnie McClanahan, Bob Siowe, Bob Bader, Salvador Reyes, Jim Yamaguchi. NOT SHOWN: Ross Roderick, Joan Miura, Kafhleen McCoy. An honor sociefy lor rhose who rneei specific requiremenls for high scholaslic achievemenis. Conlribulions of service Io fhe school in oiher oulrside acriviries also helps Io qualify siudenrs for membership. ' v RUTH PAULDIN6 Advisor T3 p- 'r I FIRST ROW, Ieff lo righl: Fall Semesfer, Lower Campus: Rulh Fausr, Joan Haliburlon, Shirley Silva. SECOND ROW: Edwin Naylor, Fred Boyce, Richard Teague. Spring Semesrer, Lower Campus: FIRST ROW, leff lo righf: Janice Carr, Barbara Kifasalo, Kay Kirlpalriclr, Carol Wal- lers, Shirley Silva. SECOND ROW: Peggy Farren, Kay Johnson, Ellen Boswell, Lila Heidker, Hazel Marie Diedricksen, Sandra Loomis, THIRD ROW: Fred Jones, Edwin Naylor, Fred Boyce, Richard Teague. NOT SHOWN: Brel? Hall. .iz I A, I DOLORES STOUT President x 3' D 'Q - Q 1 I2 Infernaiional I1onor sociefy of siudenf iournalisis. Firsf Clmarfer for Arroyo Grande I955. XZ' sua, THALIA WHITE Secrefary 'T A QUILL and SCROLL RUTH TEAGUE Advisor ROLAND WILSON Vice-Presideni I Q , u s M25 Vs 15327 1" 1. DALLAS HAWKINS Treasurer Mr. Hopkins congralu- lates Dolores Sfouf as he hands her flue official cherfer of One Quill and Scroll. C7 CHARTER MEMBERS TOP ROW, Reading from Leif Io Righf: Dallas Hawkins, Judy Haddox. LoreHa Jesse. SECOND ROW: Ans neHe Jones, Joyce Jefiers, Laura Lee Horner. THIRD ROW: Pafricia Baker. Dolores Sfoui, Roland Wilson, Edna Levini, Karen While. N. Members of Ilia Quill and Scroll are preparing for a cake walk fo raise money foward Ilneir mem- bership pins. PERIOD I GIRLS' CHORUS, UPPER CAMPUS: FIRST ROW, Lei? lo Righf: Carol Harf, Sharon Grieb, irginia Davis Irene Acosla Josephine Orfiz Vivian avos SECOND ROW Joanne Eagers Audrey Mas GIRLS' CHORUS OFFICERS: ,, '- FIRST ROW, Leff fo Righl: Carol Hari, Presidenf and Accompan- islg Eleanor Chacon, Sgf. al Arms: Sue Chambers, Secrelary-Treasur- Qi er. SECOND ROW: Joanne Eagers, A Scribe: Bernice Simas, Librarian: D ' . I : I I - - . sera, Bernice Simas, Eleanor Chacon, Sue Chambers. A ff j i ,Q I ,. I 9 Sharon Grieb, Vice-President ADVANCED MIXED CHORUS OF- FICERS: FIRST ROW, Leff fo Righf: Barbara Hance, Librarian: Lois Adams, Accompanisf: Pa? Ward, Secrelary-Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Roland Mallory. Vice-Presidenl: Gary Daily, Presidenl. Noi shown: Merle Anne Norich, Comm. of Publicily. SAM J. SIMONS DIVUCIUV Vocal sludenfs are banded Iogelher in an aclive group which provides much musical enioymenf for lhe enfire school. MIXED CHORUS, UPPER CAMPUS: FIRST ROW, Leif Io Righf: Peggy Ward, Beverly Corelle, Joyce Shields, Virginia Farris, Charlofle Bray, Shirley Bacher, Darlene Chauran, Rennie Slarley, Belly Parvin, Ellen Moss, Vera June Weafherly. SECOND ROW: Barbara Hence, Joanne Ryan, Sandra Rhine, Lois Adams, Ann Click, Louise Grillen, Pa? Madison, Helen Marlin, Marguerile Clymer, Pal Ward. THIRD ROW: Roland Mallory, Jim Linh, Bob Fowler, Ross Bewley, Hugh Halley, Charles Mcbaniels, Choral Feslival under lhe direcfion of Mr. Roberl Swan of Occidenlal College. RIGHT, Preparalion lor Choral Feslival. John Silva, Willard Cummins, Harold Funsion, Doyle Gib- bons, Gary Daily, Charles Sims. Nor Shown: Jim Avila, Dixie Johnson, Phyllis Morlon, Merle Noricl. PERIOD IV, GIRLS' CHORUS: FIRST ROW, Left Io Righf: Palricia Ream, Pa? Vaughan, Onda Johnson, Barbara Dennis, Eva Kenna, Charlie Mae Sanders, Zane Ferris, Shirley Maslers, Thelma Thomas, Amalda Davies, BeHy Boyd. Joyce Neiss: SECOND ROW: Helen Mills, Belh Howe, Peggy Hicks, Cecelia Mallory, Pal' McDaniel, Linda Hooper, Judy Gilliland, Connie Qui- nones, Linda McEIhany, ldalee Phillips, Amelie Carranza. THIRD ROW: Sylvia Henderson, Pauline Towle, Reba Winningham, Belly Jo Gilland, Belly Turner, Marie Marlinez. Mercell Gillespie, Jo Sform, Palrie Klause, Cherloffe Ramsey, Juanifa Delosier. MIXED CHORUS, LOWER CAMPUS: FIRST ROW, Lefr Io Righ+: Pal Sform, Judy Rodgers, Juanifa Berrie, Sharon Chervo, Mariha Fagerbourg. Leona Jensen,4ShirIey Silva, Beffy Rodriquez. Luanne Hilron, Judy Sogard, Lois Hunler, Jeanine Johnson, Louise Smifh, SECOND ROW: Susan Willhoil, Peggy Farren, Linda Owens, Diana Mallory. Gay Ransom, LaNelI Chadd, Sally Smifh, Diana Dunlop, Joan Haliburlon, Dororhy Holi, Adele Presfon, Pal Smifh, Lila Heidker, Hazel Deidrichson. THIRD ROW: Edvard McChes- ney, Richard Ward, Bill Esfes John Richards, Glen Boyd, Gippy Sfarkey, Billy Golarfe, Ben Miller, Ray Richardson, AI Reifhinger, Roy Richardson, Coy Wilcox, James McNealIy, Thomas Aflins, Roy Newbury, Bob Mc- Bride, Roy McAdams, Raymond McAdams, George Frederich, Frank Hillon, Roy Wheaf, Lauren Smirh. BEN MILLER Soloisf fl U- x . ,, XA BETTY PA RVI N Soloisf GIRLS' INTERMEDIATE CHORUS: FIRST ROW, Leff fo Right: Cecelia Mallory, Accompanisl: Charlie Mae Sanders, Treasurer: Thelma Thomas. Presidenfg Onda Johnson, Sgr. a+ Arms. SECOND ROW: Marie Marlinez, Assisfanf Sec.: Jo Sform, Vice-Presidenlg Connie Quinones, Secrelaryj Idalee Phillips, Librarian. LOWER CAMPUS MIXED CHORUS: Hazel Marie Deidrichson, Accompanisfg Lelf fo Righf: Richard Ward, Sgr. al' Arms: John Richards, Librarian: Gippy Sfarly, Treasurer: Pal Slorm, Presidenh Joan Haliburlon, Secrelary. No? shown: William McCuIcheon, Vice-Presidenl. ,. Q- PAT BAKER DOLORES STOUT Edioor, Hi-Chafhr, Edifor.. Hi-Chefhr. Fall 'farm Sprms Term JOYCE JEFFERS Reporfer, Typisf ff., 4 K . , . Try' R Q , T f' Y , V Xl? 2 .E ?,2HW MARY ELLEN CAPERTON Reporhr, Typisf, Exchange Edifor, Hi-Chafhr, Spring Term BETTY JO DUNKLIN Reporfer, Typisf KAREN WHITE JIM weasrzn 535 Carfoonisr Reporfer Sporh Ed., Hi-Ch-:Her Spring Term ' pf ' . R .L . ,, W l -- X ligf ,-3 fire I B 'T - at 'Q f' as .A P YP M M., Thesplans Aerle ef' , s M, A 'vu' .LE Mens Norucx Y Reporter, Typisf 1 J rd, t LOUEQLA ORMIANDE 4. an , 'V ffYwafx ir.. I i SUE CHAMBERS ROY MILLS BGROHUY. TYPIS9 Business Manager, Dusfnb Fall Term Disfribuiion Spring PHOTOGRAPHY KAREN WHITE Organization Ediror ,,f kg' K f' SQ ,T LOYDENE BOND Ar? Editor Hi-Chaflar and Aerie 12. EDNA LEVINS Edivor Senior ROBERT LYONS Adverfisinq Edllor Secfion 3' DONNA DEIBERT PAT TEAGUE .L Advertising Assixlan? Arl Correspondence Edifor, Aerie 1-.f X ANNETTE JONES Co-Edifors Aclivivies Reporfers 419 JUDY HADDOX .95 EP . 9. DOLORES KLAUSE Co-Edilors Classes Reporlers 1 V L DALLAS HAWKINS PAT BAKER Copy Edilor, Ediror ol Senior Handbook GORDON STEWART if Band Acfiviries A "1 4. :i',??i PAT WARD Sludenl Council .om is ,-.5 if Sf, vm-nr 'YN ANNA FIGUEIREDO Bookkeeper Asrie, Reporter, Edilor ol Faculty f '- Seclicn LORETTA JESSEE . Sales Manager, . Reporler ' CO-EDITORS -- BOYS' SPORTS 1 . 4 Qi ., 1- , .M gg 'Q , . 'X WP . Q. , SON NY WILSON Aerie, Hi-Challer, Fall Tum TOM BATULA Reporfer ' EDITH KAY McCULLOUGH Editor Girls' Sporh, L ,- ,. Hi-Chalhr and Aerie THALIA WHITE Exchan e Edilor HnChaHer Fel Term Reporler Calender of Aerie LINDA CARLSON UPPER CAMPUS OFFICERS, lefl Io righl: EDNA LEVINS, Vice Presidenl LAURA LEE HORNER. President BOBBI CHITWOOD Thespian Rep. JOYCE JENKINS, Secreiary, Trees. Nwwwmsew, 3 ,, ,N Ja, ,el-"' - y CARLEN FAGERBOURG NANCY McELHANY Oiher Models: Bobbi Clwilwood, Virginia Farris, Barbara Hance, Dallas Hawkins, Joyce Jenkins, Ri'Ia Marlin, JoseHe Nichols, Diane Pearl, Margie Rocha, Pa+ Shackleford, Sherril Simpson, Pai Ward, Peggy Ward, and Tlualia While. UPPER CAMPUS: Lefi Io Rigbf, TOP ROW: Frances Kilchel, Pai Ward, Rila Marlin, Vera Weafherly, Ame Jo Gruwell, Bobbi Cliifwood. Carolyn Auli. SECOND ROW: Carol Miure, Cora Ann Hari, Barbara Johnson, Edna Levins, Dalles Hewiins, LaRae Zeyen, Joyce Jenkins. FIRST ROW: Judy Haddox, Lorefia Jessee, Laura Lee Horner, Jim Shields, Tlialia While, Slierril Simpson. 'YYY LOWER CAMPUS OFFICERS. lei? lo righiz fl' GAYLE WILSON, .L Secreiary DOLORES BECERRA, Vice-President PATTY BURNETT, Presidenl NOT SHOWN: Claarla Buclherl, Treasurer LOWER CAMPUS: Leif Io Riqhf, TOP ROW: Carol Campedonico, Barbara Green, Sue Ann Frazier, Sylvia Henderson, Belly Jo Gilland. FRONT ROW: Gayle Wilson, LaNeIl Clwadd, Paliy BurneH, Dolores Becer- ra, Gay Ransom. Noi Picfuredz Charla Buclweri, Jim Sullivan, Connie Ouinones, Judy Gilliland, Belly Reran. "Q SUSAN ROWE iw I1 UPPER CAMPUS: FIRST ROW, Leff lo Righl: Marcia Rhine, Carolyn Davies, Alfie Jo Gruwell, Pal' Shackelford, Nancy McElhany, Judy Haddox, Carlen Fagerbourg, Sue Rowe, Vera June Weafherly. SECOND ROW: Joanne Ryan, PaHi Palcheff, Doris Osborne, Shirley Dana, Ann Tognanini, Sherril Simpson, Rifa Marlin, Francea Kilchel, Carol Miura, Pal Ward. THIRD ROW: Joyce Jeffers, Rodde Keen, Carol Ann Doll, Edna Levins, Marie Arcano Laura Lea Horner, Lorelfa Jessee, Evelyn Bond, Loydene Bond. FOURTH ROW: Bob Brown, Gilberl Suasillo, Jim Websfer, Tommy Balula, Alberf Tipay, Bob Gibbons, Bob Slow, Manuel Sebaslian, Fred Fernamburg, Gene Marlin. NOT SHOWN: David Loomis, Roger Sl. Dennis, Neal While, Maryline Gilden, Dixie Johnson, Maxine Scully, Donna Daiberf, Dolores Valdez. PANISH CLUB UPPER CAMPUS OFFICERS: FIRST ROW, Leif fo Right: Vera June Wealherly, Secre- Iary: Laura Lee Horner, Presi- denf: Sherril Simpson, Vice Presidenl. SECOND ROW: Pal Ward, Scribe: Carlen Fagerbourg, Treasurer. A combinafion social and academic organizalion which enables successful language sludenls Io observe cer+ain cusfoms and celebralions in a 'Irue Spanish slyle. SOCIAL ACTIVITY 1 A 3 i RUTH PAULDING Q i , A, if Advisor LOWER CAMPUS: FIRST ROW, Leif lo Right Arloa Slilwell, Shirley Silva. Pai BurneH', Marie Marlinez, Rulh Fousl, Miyoio Kawaoka. SECOND ROW: Carol Campodonico, Judy Knofls, Nina Holloway, Paf Teague, Barbara Harp, Sarah Taylor, Joan Haliburlon, Louise Dague. THIRD ROW: Larry Hari, Shar- Iene Perry, Marie Arcano, Barbara Green, Sue Ann Frazier. FOURTH ROW: Edwin Naylor, Fred Boyce, Naylor Perry, Bill Cochshol, Edward Chrislopher. NOT SHOWN: Carol Smilh, Priscilla Linsfrum, Charla Bucherl, Don Gibbons. I Mi Novio Espanoll LOWER CAMPUS OFFICERS: FIRST ROW, Lefl lo Righl: Marie Marlinez, Scribe: Joan Haliburlon, Presidenl: Shirley Silva, Secreiary. SECOND ROW: Fred Boyce. Treasurer: Edward Chrislopher, Vice-Presidenl. UPPER CAMPUS: FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Joel Gruwell, Sue Rowe, Molly Dixson, Pat Baker,ABelva Mehlschau, Deanna McDonald, Janet Throop, Joyce Shields, Jim Yamaguchi. SECOND ROW: Joyce Daubenspeclr, Anna Fen+, Kay Kirkpatrick, Leona Lehman, Sheila Varian, Peggy Farren, Lila Heidlrer, Judith Hollinger. THIRD ROW: Joan Miura, Rhea Calvert, Pal Davis, Kay Sfote, Gordon Stewart, George Rust, Rodney Murray, Roderick Ross. FOURTH ROW: Carl Wolford, Coy Wilcox, Will Nichols, Barry Klewin, Richard Dyer, David Davis, Ronnie Finucane, Paul Belveal. LATHI Roman culture is introduced to Latin students in this organi- lation which celebrates various historical events in an authentic CLUB RUTH PAULDING Advisor - Q Q B u 71 LOWER CAMPUS: FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Joyce DCUINMPGCK, Joan Miura, Deanna McDonald, Kay Kirk- patrick, David Davis. SECOND ROW: Earl Dyer, Joyce Shields, Peggy Farren, Lila Heidler, Joel Gruwell, Coy Wilcox. THIRD ROW: Bradford Wheeler, Norris Hollon, Ronnie Flnucane, Paul Belveal, Carl Wolford, Donald tif 5 OFFICERS FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Joan Miura Aedilgg JOyce DduberlSDeCh, Quaggforeg Pat Davis, Fraelor. SECOND ROW: Jim Yamaguchi, Consule: Kay Stole, Quaesfore Coy Wilcox, Consule. King. Hearts and Flowers The Latin Club held their an- nual celebration, the "Luper- ca11a." on Monday, February 14. This observation of Samt Valen- tine's Day was celebrated by the Romans earlier than the eleven- th century. Each year men were permitted to draw names for their mates at the "Lupercalla," which co- incided with the birds' mating time. Although the boys in Latin Club did not draw for mates, they did draw names for cookies which the girls baked, and they also gave the girls flowers. BAND ROSTER '55 BACK ROW, Lefl Io Righl: Ronnie Finucane. Lyneanne Fox, Joselle Nichols, Denise Deal, Joyce Shields, Paul Belveal. FRONT ROW: Lora Bewley. Alan Deal, Laura Lee Horner, Ray Lindholm, Roland Wilson. ACTIVITIES Pioneer Day Parade Foofball Games Rallies Pismo Clam Fesfival Parade Harvesl' Fesfival Parade Chrisfmas Assembly Pismo Chrisfmas Program Clinic Band Band Show Dislricf Band Fesfival K , BACK ROW, Lefl fo Righl Danny Silva, Gene Shields, Lloyd Slallcup. FRONT ROW: Larry Wrighl, Belva Mehlschau, Jerry Nichols. ,ilie .I , ,Q Mig Q ' MXPX if? ' - if -K. l f 'ff ' 'Q , "WY Q L. V- -", lggsfm, 1 A ,gi :V R, igfftagn, - , GEORGE BEATI E Direclor Eas+er Assembly Spring Concerl' ' Sfafe Band Fesfival BACK ROW, Lafl' Io Righf: Sheila Varian, Tommy BACK ROW, Leff fo Right Judy Nelson, Robert Phillips, Ellis Casfner. James Adams, Knohs, Caihy Williams, Kay Kirk. Celedonio Liscoscos. FRONT ROW: Don Rowe, Eliza- pafricl, Keilh Wolfe. FRONT ROW: befh Cabales, Gary La Thorpe. Nancy McElhany, Carlen Fagerbourg, Molly Dixson. lnsirumenfal music abilify and a willingness fo work qualify sfudenf musicians for fhis aciive school orgamzahon. BACK ROW, Lai? fo Righf: Doi Fuller, Roberf Shumway,Jim Websfer. 1 CENTER ROW: Toby Morales, Gil- ' ber? Sausillo, Paf Baker. FRONT ROW: Frances Kifchel. if 5 Fr, -r. T 1 i A gy Tiff I fd mf if, X, iii .Q BOARD OF DIRECTORS SHIRLEY BERNING BACK ROW, Lei? fo Righi: Belva Mehlschau. Joseffe Nichols, Sue Rowe, Sheila Varian. CENTER ROW: Carol Ann Doll, Nancy McElhany, Doi Fuller, Roland Wilson. FRONT ROW: Carlen Fagerbourg, Shirley Berning, Pai Baker. Drum Maior BACK ROW, Leff fo Righf: Ben Miller. LoreHa Jessea, Jim Cabeles, James Mc- Cormac. CENTER ROW: Rober? Os- borne, Fred Fernamberg. Tom Jones. FRONT ROW: Gary Daily, Gordon Sfewari. BACK ROW, Leff fo Righf: Carol Bader, Joyce BACK ROW. L09 ft? Riqhfr Jllwl Gfdff0Y. SUD ROVO. Jenkins. Gene Minh, Nina Hallaway. FRONT ROW: Shirley Berning. Will NICl'I0l!. BQVYY Kl""'f- FRONT Row: Edwin Naylor, Fred Evans, Bob Shel, Carol Ann Doll. Luz Villadore, Kay Johnson, Jim Schneider, Don Fuller. Bradford Wheeler, Bill Marfinez. fa 1 'sf NIAN MILDRED FISCHER ROSE BlDl Refiring Advisor New Advisor Popcorn Making Proiecl BACK ROW, Lell lo Right Reba Winningham, Parliamenfari- fp X . I The fufure homemalcers have fheir own organizaiion which un- L derialzes many relaiecl service and educalional proiecfs. i- .. af' ' an: Joyce Jeffers, President Sylvia Henderson, Song Leader: Margie Jones, Treasurer: Rennie Slarkey, Reporier. FRONT ROW: Mary Ellen Caperfon, Vice-Presidenl Nadine Saruwalari, Hisforian. Rose Bush planfing ceremony N FIRST ROW, Lefr lo Righl: Eva Keene. Parricia Ream, Parricia Vaughn, Cecelia Mallory, Diana Mallory, Anira Huss. Alphamae Ream, Lina Perry, Jo Ann Banhs. Carol Wallers, Janice Carr. SECOND ROW: Reba Winning- ham, Ellen Moss, Helen Mills, Carol Baxrer, Dianna Dunlop, Nurene Clark, Margie Jones, Lerha Burks, Carol Wallace, Jeannerla Wallace. THIRD ROW: Priscella Lindsfrurn, Sylvia Henderson, Adele Presfon, Pa? Lafham, Judy Hall, Louise Smilh. NOT SHOWN: Eleanor Hellen- courf, Rufh Fausf, Palricia McDaniel. UPPER CAMPUS: FIRST ROW, Leif lo Righf: Donna Deiberl, Palli Palchell, Pal Shacielford, Barbara Hance, Nancy McEIhany, Carol Ann Doll, Virginia Farris, Marcia Rhine, Thalia While, Bar- bara Johnson, Bernice Simas. SECOND ROW: Edna Levins, Par Ward, Peggy Ward, Berfy Fowler, Norma Shields, Sherril Simpson, Rila Mariin, Doris Osborne, Palsy Minor, Frances Kilchel. THIRD ROW: Helen Marlin, Marion Gallin, Diana Pascua, Josephine Orliz, June Winningharn, Nancy Yager, Laura Lee Horner, Judy Haddox. FOURTH ROW: Mae Mehlschau, Beverly Soulherland, Belly Pease, Ann Tognauini, Belva Mehlschau, Shirley Dana, Mary- line Gilden. FIFTH ROW: Alberl Tipay, Jim is 19' PEP CLUB A group designed lo lieep up fhe old school spirit An organized roofing seclion af lhe games is one of ils major funclions. Weslfall, Dean Padgell, Charles McDaniel, Hugh Halley, Bing Gin. NOT SHOWN: Maxine Scully, La Rae Zeyen, Dallas Hawkins, Louella Ormonde. UPPER CAMPUS OFFICERS: FIRST ROW, Leif Io Righf: Diana Pascua, Secrefary: Dallas Hawkins, Vice-President SECOND ROW: Marcia Rhine, Presidenlz Thalia While, Treasurer. fgg 4" I s 'naw' 71 'Hn e.. A. ,I--X' 1 Q' 0 ,,. PUT, mwah, ,,,,' ,':. 1, f U'l-r. 1 'TJ COLE RUTH ANDREWS Advisors .., LOWER CAMPUS: FIRST ROW, Lefl' fo Righl: Palli Burneil, Judy Slonesifar, Dolores Becerra, Carole Wallers, Shirley Silva, Marlha Fagerbourg, Myrna Sfanford, Barbara Dannis, Linda McEIhany, Sandra Burkes. SECOND ROW: Palsy Snow, Maria Marlinel. Miyolo Kawaoka, Joan Hali- burfon, Richard Teague, Diana Dunlop, Gayle Wilson, Pris- cilla Linslrum. THIRD ROW: Jeanine Johnson, Carole Turn- er, Laurie Webb, Carol Baxler, Lorelha Manuiel. Carole Compodonico, Peggy Farran, Charla Buclreri. 1 "1 , 1 1 vu 2 I ., Q Nj e f V V " 'fi' ' 4,1 555 ' ', 'X J I s'i,'l'.1'lI.' .-,h LOWER CAMPUS OFFICERS: FIRST ROW, Lefl lo Righf: Joan Haliburlon, Sgl. af Arms: Gayle Wilson, Presidenlg Carole Campodonico, Vice-President Shirley Silva, Treasurer: Diana Dunlop, Secrelary. Q6 P '9..s.iv525 ' Ford Thunderbird donared by Maury Brennan, owner of Yhe Ford Garage in Arroyo Grande. Sealed in ihe car are Joyce Jenkins, and Roy Mills. FALL OFFICERS FJ Leif lo Righlz ROY MILLS, Presidenl DON FULLER, Vice-Presideni ALAN DEAL, Secrefary-Treasurer Don's Liflle Gem Leff lo Righl: Dean Gregory, Jim McCormac Edith Key McCullough, Trecy Snow, Maryline Gilden Jim Shields, Alan Deal, Richard Bunch. Joe Perry Don Bishop. NOT SHOWN: Don Johnslon, Ray- mond Huss, Hugh Benlon, Paul Frary, TAPPETEERS A hol' rod club which en- ables boys and girls +o meer 'logelher and work on lheir cars in Their own garage. SPRING OFFICERS ff G i :,,,. H 4-ga -1, P . - lk Lelf lo Righlz ALAN DEAL, Secrelary-Treasurer ROY MILLS, Presidenl JIM SHIELDS, Vice-Presidenf CARS AROUND THE CAMPUS Whose ls This? ' 5151'- Granl Frazier's Winner 4 ",4"-Gffvhi zz, , Y aff a f 0 Q XT' ,V T p., ' ' " Ox -n '71 fi x xefl' -x 3 . Kg ii' f--A, ,r 4 fn I 7K Y Z 1 ' Leiler Foosball Trophy winner.: Bill Miller, left Jack Missamore. riglnf. fl Gene Shields and Gene Merlin, high poinf winners ol flue Baslnelball season and second slring All-Conference. Ken Myers and Jimmy Skaggs. Oulslending in wreslling. Sonny Wilson end Fred Fer- namberg, lops on flue Tennis Ladder. 1 l -. i Qi L Dick Slrom, calcher, and Vernon Neuman, All-Conference cenler- fielder , lx' -4-A-...M Bill Miller, oulslanding A sprinler, and Fred Evans, B lop runner g 6' Rance Lewis, winner of flwe Boxing fropliy, and Eddie Marlon, anolher lop boxer. Sonny Wilson, Bill Marfinez, iumpers on flue Trampoline. Agfy uLl4fYff H640 040 ff CIM 17666 wr fl!! ', V' JY lnvl' imp VARSITY f , Q-,gag 1 , 2' ,E M bhaxigi. w-' 'P M. Q- rt' pi v,f .fH jf A.,.,,g' Q fp ffhxrancm K .f "' 1 'O ,Vy1, . 1. Q + if .5 Z l 1 , , , E X , ,K gg . .QQ x . k 1 K VXSUDIYIYY Z500' U 51555 .S V 5 ff ffbmm v 19 3 ,M iff r .. .' ,V V li if . av 535 g UWM, 2,3 ff?z4A5'4cAf ' , A 3' vw 1--1 "' "4f' Q 0, ggi. .vw Q a 'v -, if A , Y va' sf Y- ,' A 6 ,K in '54 I Yr-fa" axe 3, z ski 5 3 LM Ng,fi,eS"', .qsavwr if ,tgjd " , .. 'W' 4 , 'J , Q. if 9 .. K is . 1. 1 , 41 -'LE- X ' 5-Al-15' Kfysrfvfrf Gump .Skim Q HCA' 1 550070195 ECWIRD 620010 WCIFLE 3-Q Q 0010 DHI!! 411110 XA? E Wynn 7lIl7A"0 Q45 pummfnwm 676,,z,, anew 79CkLE ,pf 1511! I .2 5 fZllrSf0fv ,. E 0 M., t5f,W,f,,,, Y N 67522 60710 WVIRO AA!!-GHC? Effvfwl pa vu Ahcrafvck X fyfrfrmeo AIVFKK4'-" Qameezeavff N x ,fb fiom 525 59125: zfnzrfzafal x i' f f" 1-. S H 1 X 'Q' M 21 X Q . ! . ! ' 'mfv I ii I . 1 MV n M , Q 1 5 1 if , fi kf 8 Z ' as , is f W If A M NA 1 M 5"'f'1 1- "' 11 5 ' , nf . u F- I 's A .Q -ow., f""m l UNIDR VARSITY STANDING Laff lo Rnghf Assusfanf Coach Charles Hardy Cel Lncosces, Sal Reyes, Leonard Kelsey Don Whlfelleld Clifford Dudley Ron Mclfernon Jam Websler Roger King, Ronald Newman KNEELING Mlke Phelan Mgr Ken Myers Pai Wnllnams Huloerl Pafchefl, Bob Ralaiaclr, Jerry Mnssamore Jerry Henderson Bull Marhnez SITTING Bull Cocishof Jerry Gage, Paul Silva, Amos Opp Mission ...,.,,,,. 26 Lompoc ,,,, ,. I3 S. L. O .,,, .,.... I 9 San+a Maria. I3 A+ascadero ,, 0 l FoorBAu. Q ,, ,, -. 4 .. QV "I l CHARLES COOK Head Coach STANDING, Leif Io Righi: Jim Skaggs, Buich Phillips, Lawrence Rodgers, Don Tally, Manuel Pino. Pliny Murphy, Garreif Clark, Ray Risier, Don Gibbons, Ronnie Lafhorpe. Head Coach: Charles Cook, Gippy Sfarkey, Mgr. KNEELING: Kenneih Whiffaker, Richard Rush, Richard Ward, Bobby Hernandez, Bill McCufcheon, Frank Barnes. SITTING: Leslie Browning, Bob Mickey, Bob Murphy, Dennis'Furness Ray Richardson. Opp. AG Lompoc ,,i. I3 0 Paso Robles , ,, I3 6 FROSH San+a Maria . 26 7 Sania Maria 24 0 Sanfa Maria A 6 7 ' 5 :' .':.'f": ' -- -' V ' N, ' so ,mf I sqm. lv 65 '. 5 D I' B -' .y 1 - f 5 I 'i yr' , .,, ., ,, ' , 2' . I 3 W 3 '49 . . 1' V,-.. f fp, V . .w f --- J- I - . f,'-N mwvw ,qnnlr , 1 1 . , , ,I I , ,ls . , A-f-br The Arroyo Grande J.V. opened fheir season againsf San Luis Mission, and were defeafed by a score of 26 'ro I3. They gained valuable experience in 'Ihis game and showed a Iof of promise +hroughou+ ihe season. Jim Skaggs and Cel Licosces chosen season capfains. v Va .,, , 5 ff ix . WM. . 4. f, 'fm 3 ,, , 'Y' 'S' 4' Le- 3--,L -'M 2 hgh' ' M 'hi ls. 6'-4 if In .Tr -lawn my Q "ivwe': 881- . KN 1 .4 .1 is 24 24 27 49 I0 7I 50 53 57 39 40 ll I5 27 3l 20 30 I6 43 23 30 57 27 42 G BEES Opp. Cambria Templefon Mission Sa nfa Maria Sanla Ynez Tourn. Los Prielos Sanfa Ynez S. B. Calholic Lompoc Afascadero S. L. O. Paso Robles CEES Opp. Cambria Templelon OrcuH' Sa nla Maria San'l'a Ynez Tourn. Sanla Ynez OrcuH' Mission Afascadero S. L. O. Paso Robles Lompoc Mission ,A THIRD ROW, Lefl lo Righl: Coach Mullaney, Richard Ward, Dickie Munar Ronnie France Pliny Murphy, Manuel Pino. SECOND ROW: Broil Hall, Gary Lalhorpe, Manuel Sebaslian. Bulch Phillips, Jerry Henderson. FIRST ROW: Hugh BEE'S Halley, Sal Reyes, Jim Yamaguchi, Marlin DeLeon. Bill Nello. GLENN MULLANEY Coach GRANT GAUNCE Coach THIRD ROW, Lell lo Righl: Tommy Runnels, Jim Rylner, Coach Gaunce, Tommy Doll, Carroll Benlon. SECOND ROW: Bob Fernamberg, Darrell Levy, Rodney Ormond, Ed Chrislopher, Larry Hari, Don Rowe, Earl Dyer. FIRST ROW: Tim Toomey, Gary Rusl, Bobby Hernandez, Larry Odiorne, David Davis. CEE'S VARSITY BASEBALL fifffzffnv Of if afv A fflfffl. D ,, A A ole.: Zhu A I xfrffaz 0 fp 1 Zoieourfi Aldfl S IDP Q21 W MM M MN .fffr fx 1111440 IA fin fff Li CZIYL gffffl' 7 Ifaxl S100 504 ff ! I I VI fwfr fhff 'hflhvfvof ff 1 5 Hifi 'Mr Qs xff IM gfvmfaenvrf g2if'0fYl! I J ,wnefmffr lfflffp js 4 5 77 A4211 fyffp bfvsf fwnfvrffx if 6195 nan' Hn-1 nc If 1. 0 01511977 ff ff Qyff flh -If-I DK' 35 H15 69 0619 fl. fn A3456 A357 fD2A.S! 'Wx Q64 Cf LAW!!! U-UV 7171144 Afvg-V 3 UOHM ,., fri J M 775711 A 1 Q 1 15,4-5 0010 ffoafnu f'f7f.c'xfffe ffyyp HEAD , fx vw-4-"""' lmney 001 offvf f'76f g n - 1 ' 1 cv, . 4, j : Z A Q 9, , .. , '- fi 1 A x , fp A ' ' V, I fl , N 7, Q A x . M , J 0 I A I- 4 'V f i ' Q19 ff S A ! V x -ai .UM sf 3 A X , - l X X "jj 'I' . 1 G g , ' A 'V .Q . i - Mw , s V 1, -1-1. A V ' 5 ' I rv in Q A I ..- W rj ,' x A 4' 32:31 , X , 2 '--Q ' 44' Q., . ai ' I fl f I J f 7 ,ff , A., .1 X N. gQrf ' 4. - X .As , N . I j K . ,f 1 f r 1 1 Q 'f 4'-' xx fl, ,. ,IA I Ar' 6 7 I X Iv Q ,Q N M N .- A xr 1 , I A f A f A I 2' 4-fvv . . V 0 T ' I N ff' X b. V th.. - lyk, 5 - x fl , -f I 'A U fwfr 5 9 A A I I fx ,. if-,S K". l ' flu., . ff Q ', QQ" X ,!'f,f,2, . f? , H K IV BASEBALL fi L "" THIRD ROW, Leif 'lo Righf: Ignacio Gaxiola, Larry Shipman, Pal' Williams, Richard Rush, Tim Toomey, Richard Ward, Coach Hardy. SECOND ROW: Dal Corelle, Darrell Levy, Amos Dana, Jim Websfer, Don Whifefield, Ronnie France, Jim Anderson. FIRST ROW: Ed Corona, Lawrence Rodgers, Tommy Doll, Jim Ryzner, Gena Shields, Roy Newburg, Mgr. Dennis Furness. 1 Q COACH CHARLES HARDY 1. 4: ff' ld Y 'Wbf-x xQ I Q:-5 C ACH fgfefvefvyaafo 'V lfff OVCF F174 fnv DIEAL 6,4 ,Q LiaJ!lV ' 'T 'lg V V'- Q4 - ix 'B 1 - wg " 5, I". .1 fl 3 H1 K W f 1, " 1-, u +191 M53-' 'I ,T Q .... "iff M. '41 4,,,,-"1 CN 2-...wx Cfvgo 6:56 H01 wv E105 new am . ., .-,.. , 'J TRACK x POLE VAULT K Ed Chrisiopher, Jerry Cilley, Rance Lewis. Sonny Wilson , H I W - F i 40. si. f ',"q 'F' ' "wry y , G ' . N B an 'j 5 ' v ! ja 4 Q .,. L . 4' .. ' L fi fi f 2 4 if I an K , ' -' 1 -K .WW WI w 'S 'Rf HURDLES SPRINTS Romeo Rivera, Dickie Muner, Don Tally - Sonn Wilson Flo d Yafes Ro Richardson . tm- GRANT GAUNCE Coach X, Y - Y Y Bobby Parlor This year's iraclx feam was one of +he besi' in receni' years. On +he varsify 'team was Bill Miller who holds 'ihe school records in 'l'he 'follow- ing even+s: IO0 yd. dash in l0.3, 220 yd. dash in 23., and broad lump al' 20' Z". He is a member of 'lhe record holding 880 yd. relay ieam in l.37. Roland Mallory, also on 'lhe varsi'I'y, smashed 'lhe school record in +he I2 lb. sho+pu+ a+ SI H. Anofher member of 'lhe iearn was Sonny Wilson who holds lhe Bee's 70 yd. high hurdle marlx in l0.3. The Bee +eam feafured Romeo Rivera, who fied his bro'rher's record in +he l20 yd. low hurdles in l4.5: Leonard Rocha, fhe holder of The Bee broad iump record af I8' 9"g and Rance Lewis, holder of fhe Cee pole vaulf record ai 9' 3". . an ,, DISTANCE Fred Evans, John Richards HIGH JUMP Ted Milchell, George Depew. Manuel Pino t l Manuel Pino, Ray Lindholm, A. L. Townsend BROAD JUMP Bill Miller, Sonny Wilson, Manuel Pino A. l... Townsend, Leonard Rocha, Jim Sullivan, Not pic- lu ed? John Silva. uv' if I Aa fi v. Fx tl - if ' av 4 . - ' ' Z V , . ' 1 y AH yd, ,V 'ix , - SPRlN'lS Douglas Dobell. Leonard Roclwa Cel Licosce' Dolce" Base A' Romeo Rivera Bill Milf-r Two oflwer valuable members were Fred Evans and Delberl Bace wlwo ran llwe lO0 yd. dash in lO.8. Teddy Mi+cl1ell was +l1e lweaclliner on llwe Cee feam. A+ fhe Lompoc Relays lwe sef a new relay record as well as a school record in flue lwiglw jump af 5' 7", and was awarded llwe Don Ray froplwy for llie mosl oufslanding performance of flue meel. Oflwer Cee record holders are Jolwn Silva in +l1e broad iump al l7' l0lf2" and members of llie 440 yd. relay learn who sef flue record lasl year. The leam consisled of Jolnn Silva, Fred Evans, Fred Ransom, and Romeo Rivera. 1 A ii, ff.: iq -we fQ A'-jf ' . ' L' X- A .F . X . KPX5' Xi y 2'1" '. ' N Y W: :il :xii f-fe' ' v 3. ...Q rZ,Q.g.fT' ' Q ,lxoi ni' il- ' K A 1' s ,K f .195 .7, , x-1,-., ' .. -'A .2 fs. 4 ls DISTANCE ,, y 54, - ' " l-ewes Ed Cllflslophef Jim Uni' -I ...T . . FL ' 1 - SHOTPUT F' 'M' Y I 4 J Roland Mallory ' X David Cunningham 'I X 1 David Davis . I Ron Finurane 7,1 Earl Dyer fl F , fr I 4.1 K WRESTLI G BACK ROW, Leff fo Righfz Don Whi+e4ield, Huberi Pafcheff, Jim Skaggs, Haroid Funsfon, Don Skaggs. SECOND ROW: Bob Mickey, Pliny Murphy, Dick Teague, Ken Myers. FRONT ROW: Roy Richardson, Biliy Goularfe, Ellis Cashier, Jim Cabaies. COACH CHUCK HARDY TOP ROW, Leif io Righi: Hugh Halley, Dick Muner, Harold Funsfon, Jim Cabales, Duane Dumas, George Voile. THIRD ROW: John Silva, Sonny Wilson, Jim Link, Delberi Base, Benny Davis, Jerry Henderson. SEC- OND ROW: David Loomis, Fred Ransom, Marlin DeLeon, Roberf Brown, Roland Mal- lory, David Dana, Kingo Saruwafari. FIRST ROW: Howard Melschau, Manuel Sebasiian, Bob Bader, Vernon Neuman, Jim Yamaguchi, Dick Sirom, Bob Siow, Tommy Baiula. GLENN MULLANEY LETTERMAN CLUB OFFICERS Secrefary: FRED RANSOM Vice-Presideni: VERNON NEU MAN President DICK STROM Treasurer: JIM YAMAGUCHI TOP ROW, Lei? lo Righiz Don Smifh, Gene Shields, Manuel Pino, Richard Teague. Fred Evans. SECOND ROW: Cel Licoscos, Bill Cocksholi, Dave Cunningham, Hale Ryan, Buich Phillips. FIRST ROW: Gary Laihorpe, Larry Hari, Romeo Rivera, Vernon Neuman, Bill Miller, Paul Rhineharf. ,.,y . Ax 4' v I SHEILA VARIAN Presidenf AF' "'MJ'N ' 1 4- K be f Q. ne.-sm ' 'iii TOP ROW, Leif fo Right Marcia Rhine, Helen Klause, Audrey Massera, Marie Arcano, Edi+h Kay McCuIIough. SECOND ROW: Pai Davis, Paffi Pefcheff, Joanne Ryan, Pafsy Minor, Cora Ann Hari. THIRD ROW: Rosa Lee Rader, La Rae Zeyen, Joyce Boyd, Barbara Lovern. FOURTH ROW: Carol Miura, Maryline Gilden, Dolores S+ou+. FIFTH ROW: Vere June Weafherly, Rifa Marfin, Joyce Jeffers, Karen Whiie, Edna Levins. SIXTH ROW: Pai Shackleford, Laura Lee Horner, Eleanor Goularf, Frances KiIcI1eI, Lorefia Jessee. SEVENTH ROW: Pa? Ward, Beffy FowIer, Virginia Farris, Roddee Keen, CarIen Fagerbourg. X , Is It Wm X ' ' I i 5 MOLLY DIXSON 's g J Secrefary JOAN HADDOX Vice-Prasidenf ,T..,.-- Lunch Time X00 ve 5 sk 8 1 3 S 5, -' 'Z' I ....: nil: te ah: TOP ROW, Leff io Righf: Dol Fuller, Jean Baxier, Barbara Hance, Carol Ann Doll, Bobbie Chifwood, Tracy Snow. SECOND ROW: Rhea Calverf, Charloffe Bray, LoreHa Flefcher, Annefie Price. THIRD ROW: Ann Figueiredo, Shirley Berning, Janel' Godfrey. FOURTH ROW: Pa? Sform, Pal Marfignoni, Peggy Ward, Belva Mehlschau. FIFTH ROW: Sharon Grieb, Vivian Davis, Shirley Dana, Thalia Whife, Sue Rowe. SIXTH ROW: Sheila Varian, Joan Haddox, Nancy McElhany, Molly Dixson, Joseife Nichols. SEVENTH ROW: Mae Mehlschau, Kay Sfo+e, Beverly Sufhorland, Marion Garlin, Sherril Simpson, Judy Haddox. , uf M 9 is M NL RH EA CALVERT Treasure: KAREN WHITE iyg Scribe ink L., MRS. MARYALICE MANKINS Advisor Here If Comes Real Fun! f TOP ROW, Leff fo Righf: Bar- bara Lovern, Carol Ann Doll, Berry Fowler, Marion Gallin. BOT- TOM ROW: Dolores S+ou+, Joseife Nichols, Virginia Farris, Barbara Hence. TOP ROW, Lefr fo Righf: Belva DeWiH, Mae Mehlschau. Joan Haddox, Kay Sfofe. BOTTOM ROW: Rhea Celveri, Vivian Davis, Beverly Sufherlend. TOP ROW, Leff fo Righfz Sherril Simpson, Barbara Lovern, Pu Davis, Belly Fowler, Marion Gaflin. BOTTOM ROW: Dolores Sioui, Joseffe Nichols, Carol Ann Doll, Barbara Hance. LOWER CAMPUS G.A.A. MEMBERS TOP ROW, Leff +o Righ+: Susan Willhoif, Carol Bax'ler, Judy KnoHs, Charlofie BeHige, Cherle Buckeri, Sue Ann Frazier, Dianna Figueiredo. CENTER ROW: Sarah Taylor, Judy Sionesifer, Shirley McNealley, Lois Askew, Barbara Harp, Diana Dunlop, Adele Pres- fon. BOTTOM ROW: Diane Mal- lory, Thelma Thomas, Shirley Masrers, Sharon Chervo, Ruby Depaw. Lower Campus G.A.A. Advisor MRS. LENA STEWART LOWER CAMPUS G.A.A. OFFICERS TOP ROW, Lefi +o Righfz Sue Ann Frazier, Carol Bader, Diane Dunlop. BOTTOM ROW: Judy Sfonesifer, Shirley Masfers. When buslness Is good If pays fo adverflsef when business ls bad vou've gof fo advertise. -Anonymous SPONSORS ALL-AMERICAN SPORTING GOODS COMPANY Santa Barbara, Callfornla GEORGE FINUCANE Arroyo Grande, Callfornla STANDARD AUTO PARTS, Inc. San Luis Oblspo, Callfornla AGATE JEWELRY 81 SEA SHELLS Pismo leach, Callfornla PEERLESS BAKING CO. San Lula Oblspo, Callfornla J. B. DEWAR San Lula Oblspo, Callfornla H. S. CROCKER CO., Inc. San Franclsco 1, Callfornla NELSON OFFICE EQUIPMENT SAN JOAQUIN PAPER 81 JANITOR SUPPLY, Inc. Fresno, Callfornla RAND-HALPIN-HIBLER, Inc. Santa Marla, Callfornla MICKEY'S TAXI Arroyo Grande, Callfornla A. A. LA GRANDEUR Sanfa Barbara, Callfornla EARL WOOD Arroyo Grande, Callfornla BRANDT'S MEAT MARKET Plsmo leach, Callfornla C. C. SHARPS Arroyo Grande, Callfornla OCEANO PACKING CO. San Luis Obispo, Callfornla Oceono, Callfornla ROTARY CLUB WOMAN'S CLUB Arroyo Grande, Callfornla Arroyo Grande, Callfornla WOMEN OF THE MOOSE LOYAL ORDER OF THE MOOSE Pismo leach, California Pismo Beach, Callfornla HIGMH 'WMS' '33'-.1:'- ' argument: 'Z'-' ' FIEE' O COAST CENTER REALTY We Handle the Best Listings Between Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz . . . . Let Us Help You Locate or Sell. EVE COFFIE, Broker - Phone: POplar 6-2105 950 Highway 101 smo ea: , ALLSTATE INSURANCE COMPANY Jesse Y. Jacobs and A. M. Walker, Agents B79 Hlg era Sears and R buck lulldlng San Lui Oblsp C llf la , . Sl 67 11 .T, , O . ' ' X L K 1-,, LUCKSINGER MOTORS De Soto-Plymouth Dealer 1255 Monterey San Luls Obl p C llf l COAST Gmwmm lil 'T . 5 il 5 l ' H! 1 4 , I E-:ki I I I' V' 2- A I it 'Nha ' M Q 'V 50' -Q " ' Q L 'Y ,J , H., ' xx gr J ' . Vwvifffn X I W A 'FW' wins, ,anf F hyw I ,I-B we mv SHG ,.gnCIS"' Fi! P I1 , i wr-f 5:1 V- JP. is ART MESQUIT Bridge and Branch Street Arroyo Grande, California 'W HILDA HARKNESS 126 Branch Street Arroyo Grande, California LONG'S PHARMACY 71 1 Dolliver Street, Phone PO 6-4463 Pismo Beach, Calif w.,.,....q,.w-ff 'PG X, X 1.1- Life f, ,.,. , :ri V VV: I ilv ,, st CARL'S SPANISH SEAS Oceana Beach Phone A. G. 5680 for Reservations Specializing in Spanish and Sea Foods . . . Chicken . . . Steaks WiIkinson's'Meat Market 120 Branch Street Arroyo Grande, California Z Q16 N Y he VARIAN'S ELECTRIC Cypress Street Halcyon, California RAYMOND L. TOLLE Pismo loach, California Ph. PO 6-9978 U. S. Royal Tires-Presfolite Batferios Wilco Accessories J IDA .lAY'S DRESS SHOP 731 Dolliver Pismo Beach, California - ,li A x Sllvruss al. . k. GROVER CITY FEED STORE 1 10th 8. Grand Avenue Grover City, California ZEYEN'S MEN'S STORE Mews s. sovs' wma 203 East Branch Arroyo Grande, California Arden ics cm: I in-if-I 5-"' ' rx Frozen Food: -TT .5-' ARDEN'S ICE CREAM 1 16 West Branch Arroyo Grande, California dL.fLt,ff5'fi?,5 , A 1? ,, g -1 A4752 SHELL SERVICE 84 GROCERY Paso Robles 8. Front Oceano, California INS 3 GAIL COVERT Realtor 203 Bridge g.,,,i W7 Arroyo Grande, California , A Fi DAVIS ELECTRIC 930 Price Street Pismo Beach, California Complete Llne of Electrical Appliances K And Hardware W. ?ECAPPlN5-EDMPLEWL TWC SERV-X - L I Tl RYEL5 Q 'wk .1 A . J-- , gg, -.SKK .,,, Q - M' QLZQ ., If , 233315, Uluk LIVYMM i iwllai RQHIIDS p, 'O Ls - . M ' 'mwffm pf sf' 'f f 5" X1 gl-6715 3 ' gf '1' 'S-43 ww 'fy , FT? f- Hz. 5'-fn. ,' -X H Wvw' 1 ,TX X '---,XX ' iT, gl2 . .Q V 4j 7- A 'I A t fr f Q H 21.14 F45 -i'-,gf --f sl ' ' A-an-nnnll'u 3? "NX - gm xff 'Y 32? BARR'S DRIVE IN Santa Rosa, San Luis Obispo, California HOWARD 81 BATES Branch Street Arroyo Grande, California BREUKLANDER'S MOBIL SERVICE 1481 Price Street Phone P0 6-2127 Pismo Beach, Callfornla U24 Hour Service" HARLEY BREUKLANDER, Proprietor. Tune Up . . . Repairs . . . Oil . . . Lubrication Batteries . . . Speed Equipment GIN SEN CAFE Front Street Oceano, California FAIR OAKS MILK CO. 1023 Grand Avenue Fair Oaks, California THE GRAND APPAREL 951 Grand Avenue Fair Oaks, California Hats . . . Women's 8. ChiIdren's Apparel TEAGUE'S MACHINE SHOP 3048 Higuera Street San luis Obispo, Callf. "lf lt's been made, it can be fixed: if it l1asn't been made, we'll make it." 1, J ,Jn lq3l L 'I fz leg' rp 3' .lERRY'S MARKET 1050 Price Street Pismo leach, Callfo S 8. H Green Stamps rnla i Ax Si PISMO FURNITURE 661 Dolllver Street Pusmo Beach Calif FRANK JANOWICZ Owner Manager All Maier Appliances . . . Television Q . , 14. V, U Q .b zfyifli -I H T 'l pn .'.'l f' ' . 9,,.fW1wQm4 ,- -,Q QJA ' ff'-'5'1'M?' QTf - 'mains ' 3-swf' f 15:44, E , ?. ,, Q Q N? 9 ami Wa' .NA ' 4 M ,, WE: A' -5 s .1 . X 1 Y. 44 ff j -wi WL in '?'T,ZI'2. f -S' -if 'Q' 4. iii wo- M ' Q 2, HH! um-04 rf, we - mg, .W I ILJIIIAZ 40 Off -avi f"'ia 6 X . Km ,x REED'S JEWELRY 238 Pomeroy Pismo Beach, California PICTURE SHOP 1371 Monterey San Luis Obispo, California 491' -X rar Ei 5, 4 PETE'S NORWALK 781 Dolliver Pismo Beach, California FAIR OAKS SUNDRIES 900 Grand Avenue Fair Oaks, California ' a 511 -Fi" w-'ii .-,Q ji RENEE 84 LEMAR SCHOOL OF DANCING 1368 Marsh Street San Luis Obispo, California 23 i7 ,fa f, v 1 'gli f . IES ilfteqg ag--., :4 y 1 f'44 1 ,wk CAl.HOUN'S MOHAWK SERVICE 440 Price Street Pismo Beach, California my.. V s I GROVER cn Q Q in ' 0 Y M ' 'gr 5 up n : : ' - ,V s I, f0I'Ih0go0d W. ILRAY a f A See 1119" f' N, . GROVER CITY SHOE SHOP Grand Avenue Grover City, California v FOUNTAIN LUNCH 172 Pomeroy Pismo Beach, California MARTHA'S CLEANERS 875 Grand Avef Grover Cify, Calll. S 81 H Green Stamps Laundry, Dry Cleaning 8. Alterations , fly ' Xx -ff Jiil' X T3 X 4 f Mifillfll - 1 A125111 - lllsll f 1111111 ARROYO GRANDE DRUG 130 East Branch Arroyo Grande, California mlb: 1 'T 5. Z' .X4-J' PISMO TIMES 530 Cypress Pismo Beach, California 'X is CAL PHOTO 899 Higuera San Luis Obispo, California ozzlfS TV OZZIE'S RADIO 81 250 Wadsworth Z ,Xxx IAM Sllr Cl Wi? 3 3 Ai "fe .--. Ti , T. V. Pismo Beach, California X X S EMA, M. HlLL'S HOME APPLIANCE HI-WAY CLEANERS 1009 Grand Avenue 640 Price Street Fair Oaks, California Pismo Beach, California T I-I E A 1' R E ARROYG GRANDE - PHONE 2364 'L SPL ix Rf Aix I if 1. ' ,J H Goss soov sl-lop ' ff . 154 West Branch Street 5 Arroyo Grande, California fl J "" snzu. GROVER CITY MARKET 850 Grand Grover City, California Q . 'W M- , . A M1,'H-f'?'B'Linrfg. RO0KER'S TEXACO STATION 501 Price ,E Pismo Beach, California sf! ij! lilll 'U ek, MINEAU 8. LOOMIS 405 East Branch Arroyo Grande, California I M -I GROVER CITY DEVELOPMENT Grand Avenue Grover City, California 5. ZZ E L XS , ' Kfiifli' VAUGHN'S JEWELRY ' A xv V MA 7, 115 East Branch H idx Arroyo Grande, California so P ef 101 CAFE Price Street Pismo Beach, California Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner-Short Orders CHRISTIANSON CHEVROLET 303 Traffic Way, Arroyo Grande, California " -. if - gl wg. A -..Q -9 'WM-r. 'L A J GAINSBOROUGH STUDIO 864 Higuera, San Luis Obispo, California -I." qv .M l. SHAFFER'S RICHFIELD 139 Traffic Way, Arroyo Grande, California 'WM' A "f" -,A Q-, x 'K Y . n ' ' , N .I nt nf - HTS Lal WN , u ., 3 affff 'ln W f.. ,Q ff V fi 1, , . WM' ,512 :gi M3 4' JF ' ,,,--W'----E ""+g M nm' 11" i5'.. ff' 4 'ws 4. zf 1-. ffiw ht, INP- K A B .B 3 1 1 F' D Qxy ,,' F' l AL V .'. ,L A L, 4 Nlkifiy. V -Q S Q wc . 4,81 fx ' avlium-- 5 X A fs I 'A XE M? M . S tzzm , ' 4 'D' I . v at I - W UNM lnjov LT H ' Qi -131.1 1 ' I'-C359 "Q-M", Y Q:L an "' 1' Q V ,E ,-.: rt , ' l Y L A '1 4, f ff f ""u"1 N .QJIELW " l I 1 ' :Q I I E 4, f I. . s 11 ' 'ww , 4 ik LORD'S VARIETY 103 East Branch Street Arroyo Grande, California LOUISE RALPH 131 East Branch Street Arroyo Grande, California ii K , 1 . r Cv . n Thespians model for fashion show C7 4' r, .en ,iv .V 1, ei' 1, Q" F. L. ', 5-v w Q2 .9 x ,. I J. Q 1 ' Z v- N 5' '-'- -1 1 L ., I T7 X , . ., ,X I ...Q X. 'X-..... , x R , . ' 4 ' 1 . q,A ,K BAXTER LUMBER 8. BUILDING MATERIALS 1015 Grand Avenue Fair Oaks, California Q I! vi R PARFITT'S ,I I 741 Dolliver Street W Pismo Beach, California ul... "!2""' E. C. LOOMIS 415 East Branch Arroyo Grande, California 4? ANDERSON'S COFFEE SHOP Arroyo Grande, California HEARN'S MARKET 201 East Branch Arroyo Grande, California cuergfuulg fnjoyd THE AR ROYO GRANDE VALLEY HERALD - REUURDMR R Z Y f ,ag THE HUB 125 East Branch Arroyo Grande, California Order your sweafers early. NIPOMO GROCERY 101 Highway Nipomo, California CO0KE'S VARIETY Grand Avenue Grover City, California ARELI. Grand Avenue, Grover City, California re r, . 3' A fWi',V 1 A 1-ff M . L' Y I A gi fl 4, I ' ifyw V .f,,"4fg g 5 f 'Q Q L ' 4 -. ' , Y.. ,gm f Q , - 14, -V VA" 'f WY BOB EMG AS TIRES BAT Y 9'l . 'N- . Sv ,M .Ao D ., . 1, T . .,1. ,X MHCW Q MA "' 'N QQ.:- inns +5-3,4 i pllnl f fofll 12,021 wg Km' W, , V , MUFFLER C 5NGlNsm......... 'Y Farmers' Insurance Group PAUL I. IOUTZAHN, Agent 960 Grand Avenue Fair Oaks, California KUSTOM KORN ER Higuera Street San Luis Obispo, California DOKO'S VARIETY STORE 880 Price Street Pismo Beach, California MAURY BRENNEN,S FORD GARAGE 330 Traffic Way, Arroyo Grande, California CAPS '11-' 'S Maury Brennan ' R TRUELOVE'S PAINT, GARDEN 6' SEED STORE 655 Dolliver, Pismo Beach, California iiiiimi Q W- - -' .1-I..'!f' A. G. TRUCKING co. 201 Wes! Branch, Arroyo Grande, California W' 'Q-If I 'WW ' f . , "7" YV , ,,, ,,,, . ,W es ,Ir W ,-, W, ,.,,, Bob s. Charlie's Mobaloil Viflir-eg Mobiloil 99 Traffic Way V ,Nw ff' ' , , A,h r V ' 3' an 3 1 A' fii A A Arroyo Grande, California r . hw X' VH slkllfi l an U-SAVE GROCERY 8. MARKET I T r ,' 1 ,..,u,-'rgist 5 ,MWF ' Q 951 Grand Avenue A fA' Grover City, California L... 5---W-J ..V' 71 ,Z , i ,. -x s .........4 3 ITY i ?f3'iioina, ms "q7f""N GROVER CITY Q 1 me G 'Hi 4. f I R cLo1HlNG W Q Q A Q, all .W M will if Grand Avenue In ," A ' i "1jg . i f ' ' A Arroyo Grande, Calif. 5'?"2 'lf 'Pm' Y ' A-KABA ' NX A """' X if' 1,-..-F' dd-2 ' ,. . " ' f"'ls G' '-'ui - " -.. . ...M ' YT " .- .e..w- ' . . J 9 I A DAY FOI LII! ESQUIRE 600 Cypress Pismo Beach, California Magazines . . . Candies . . . Sundries Film . . . Newspapers Poplar o--was COMMERCIAL CO. 303 East Branch Street Arroyo Grande, California As we ge to press the Commercial ls in the process of rennovation due to loss by fire. WILSON'S DRY GOODS Corner of Bridge and Branch Street Arroyo Grande, California "Your Family Store" ff: ,. f KIRK'S SPORTING GOODS 106 Branch Street Arroyo Grande, California WHITE'S MALT SHOP South Fifth Grover City, California MJIIHH ..,,!i, iw TOWLE'S REAL ESTATE 1035 Grand Avenue Fair Oaks, California , ' ' 'kdSf' VUL I rs ' K . A A uve cg K- -W W. A. BAXTER 84 SONS Price Street Pismo Beach, California SPUDNUT SHOP 790 Price Street Pismo Beach, California 51 H X QI? f wi .4-if Montgomery's Store Front Street Oceano, California .U-fb, 's r 4 ' 'V' . M ,-5 . ,: . . s .' 'Q XL- ,WW .Q .5 - . - ... 1 ., . ,. S, -- J, 4- . . Q' - x ,- , no - v , . . -4 . , f . n. . s - n Q. ,H Nga be 1 .A A Q . 1 ' ' s -1- - f -V v..'x t ' - r - - -' s 3 5 uf. 5 Q 1. :' ' 4k's 5' as ' H. -- .-.'-.'-gr, C . S 'ln 'r' : . ' W'Y'f ' " no . in ' ' 0. I ' r - 0 l t' ' .. 'f-, SV ? . l r , A , if fy ' 2 ' . I .S WF' 1 A . , 5, .,,L ,,:, , A, ,, I Q Alf-m Mvk' ,""'ir" ---W , , 5-my , f , of .se B ' ' ' L-8 ' - w 'Rfb .3f21.f.,,ff 1 MURRAY'S MEN STORE 781 Dolliver Street Pismo Beach, California ARROYO FLOWER SHOP 402 East Branch Arroyo Grande, Calif E -E wsasuw . HHMBURGER5 CLHM CHUWUER FRENCH Fmss-3 2 I- A i ,. WILLY'S Q A PomeroY z gill., ll," Pismo Beach, California C e -AKA v ' l 't h i l BURKHARDT'S SHOES Grand Avenue Fair Oaks, California 'ag JEANINE'S FLOWER SHOP 301 Cypress Pismo Beach, California ATKINSON MOTOR PARTS 133 East Branch Arroyo Grande, California HARDW RE 'diousgwares M MW ' SPOV H119 FAIR OAKS SUPPLY THE KEEN AGENCY Complete Real Estate and Insurance Service 995 Grand Avenue Fair Oaks, California 968 Grand Avenue Grover Cify, California -Ci lwfiiill . sig -.. .3 is YM N LIGHTFOOT UNION OIL SERVICE s1AnoN 931 Grand Avenue Fair Oaks, California uh. JANE THOMPSON, Realtor 1010 Grand Avenue Fair Oaks, California h""'?'Z"'.1"vg nv-. M nh 5 LOG CABIN MARKET 400 Traffic Way Arroyo Grande, California W ffizwladufe-ev-? 'fs',-a,.wamA..: .41-1,4 H . V SANITARY LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS Santa Maria, California Z,- LAUNDRY CLEANERS -253l 4 -Y ,-1. , M: N 2 all FARM and HOME SUPPLY 1200 Grand Avenue Fair Oaks, California "The use of Fair Oaks in all above addresses indicates the area of firms so llsfed, bu! postal addresses would be Arroyo Grande." Through the lnferesf and patronage of our advertisers we have been able fo produce the largesf annual ever offered af AGUHS. We enioyed maklng iff we hope you enioyed reading if. -THE STAFF - .QXXG1 ATA - is e -J bi-Y Affairs - Y-E2-A Ie izgi QQL-5, ff ? -i'5fff-- - -::-z:5-Ef- Z- 30 AUTOGRAPHS fil

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