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■A ' H. ' -t . v ■ l f ■ ' v-- ' ,, QUIVER ' = : Q- %H ' -( f ■ -.V N ' ■!i C «■ 4 ) -c " r v -.- u jsr . vV o V 7 A ' I ' 6-if r 4v J ' f M ' xP J ■ ' . " v 1 ' ' V ERNARDINO Do FOREWORD The theme of the annual this year is symbolized by the mobile. In the same way that a mobile is moveable and flexible, so is our schooling at Arrow - view. Education keeps us mov- ing upward and onward to reach our goals. Our curriculum is flexible to provide something of interest for each member of the school ' s population. A mo- bile in motion is ever changing and fascinating. So is youth a changing part of our lives. ' €t J. X-f, ' -v : ; If ] f } f " Shining Lights That Show The Way " To Mr. Molony and Mi " s. Savoy, we didicate this Quiver for their services over the years, their guidance and advice, and for their dedication in assisting those of us responsible for the production of our publications. As photographer, Mr. Molony has always been on hand to snap a picture of the current dance, sports event, or activity group. Mrs. Savoy ' s efficient leadership, enthusiasm, and loyalty to both the Quiver and the Arrow, has offered many students opportunities to develop interests in jour- nalism. Both have always been willing to " show the way " whenever called upon in any area of our school ' s life. We hope that in knowing their efforts have been appreciated they will continue to work with us at Arrowview for many years to come. TABLE OF CONTENTS ATWLETICS PAGE 41 ACTIVITIES 9 gradeI PA6E 15 7+h GRADE F fc£ 35 8 GRADE PAGE £9 v a " ' t ' ADMINISTRA TION PRINCIPAL ' S SECRETARIES Mrs. Dean standing, Mrs. Wendell sitting. THE PRINCIPAL ' S MESSAGE This is the close of another successful year and it is proper that we reflect upon our accomplishments. Arrowview is rightly proud of this year ' s achievements. Our students have worked diligently in preparing themselves for a successful future. As the artist constructs a " mobile " , having movable parts which can easily be set in motion and pleasing to the observer, so should your educational experiences prepare you to be easily stimulated to successful achievements. I am confident your school experiences have prepared you for meeting the ever changing responsibilities. You will meet the challenge life presents with the balance, action, and versatility of the artist ' s " mobile " , find your place and make your contribution to a future stable American culture. SECRETARIES Mrs. Ensey sitting, Mrs. Haas standing. SCHOOL NURSE M rs . Hole n SCHOOL LIBRARIAN Mr. Calfee X 11 : ' ■,t 1 iset ■epare )1 )U he DEAN OF BOYS Mr. Philbin DEAN OF GIRLS Miss Griffiths STANLEY ALLRED Science B. S . -Eastern Montana M.S. -University of Utah JACK CARVER Science B.A. -M.A. -Whittier College ROBERT STRYKER Science San Diego State PAUL BELL Student Gov. -Science University of Redlands RAY LAYMAN Science-P. E. University of Baker DAVID SPRINGER Science University of Riverside FRED BIGGS Speech-Social Living JUDY SPARKS Social Living University of Iowa GEORGE FINIZIO French-Matli University of the Pacific University of New York ELAINE BOHN Art Eastern Micliigan University PAT KELLY Art Southern Illinois University I :EN MATHERS Math Kent State University W BARBARA EDGETT P.E. B. S. -Tufts University M.S. -Columbia U. DICTA FABER P.E. L.A. State MAYO KUCERA Social Living-counselor B. S. -M. S. -North Dakota University ROBERT BETTY Social Living -P.E. B.A. -Alma College M.A. -M.S.U. VIRGINIA HORWITT Social Living Obeilin College WILLIAM LANGE Math Kansas State College MILTON ROE Woodshop B. A. -Arizona State M. A. -L. A. State O. G. LARSON Metal Shop University of Santa Barbara ROBERT HOWELL Social Living University of Redlands WILLIAM BURUNG Algebra-Gen. Math University of Neb. WILBUR JOHNSON Math Luther College MARGARET HAM Science U. C. Sarita Barbara at MARGARET RANSOM Music WILUAM McCLINTIC Music U.C. Santa Barbara GEORGE HALL P.E Purdue University LORRIE NEDER Homemaking University of New York ELOISE LEACH Homemaking University of Minn. FRANK RUSSELL Social Living Bemidji State College MARY SAVOY Social Living Mundelein College JOHN FRANKS Social Living Misican State University LOUIS WHITE Social Living Michigan College LEO VI SEAL Visually Handicapped Univ. Of Calif. Berkeley GENE WILLIAMS Mechanical Drawing Purdue University MARION DONGOSKE Spanish-Soc. Liv. University of Minn. WALTER KALETKA Math-Algebra Yoimgstown University ANNE MAC KEN Social Living University of Neb. DICK MOLONY Social Living U.C. Santa Barbara WILLL M LEE Social Living Abilene Christian College VIRGINIA LOVE Music-Social Living K.S.T.C. -Kirksvill, Mo. ROBERT JOHNSON Social Living B. A . -College of Great Falls M.A. -University of Redlands CUSTODIANS CAFCTER t fES Jeanne Gillette wills a piggy bank full of pennies to Miss Dongoske for any unfortunate gum-chewer. Elizabeth Vaughn wills Kendal Stone her cat Toby and all of her kittens- Pam Evans wills Mr. Biggs all of the good stu- dents for speech next year Kitty Clancy wills Betty McKenzie her good looks. Irma Balderama wills the bunch of nuts in chorus to Mr. Calfee, not mentioning any names, Robert, Rick, or Duane. Margret Marchioli wills Miss Sparks a year ' s supply of Lady Clairol hair-coloring. Judie Doyle wills Mr. Stryker a stale do-nut to go with his " before-lunch " snack. Mike Shook wills the part in his hair to Mr. Car- ver. Bill Nicholson and Dale Roth will Loretta Cle- ments to an Arrowview trash can. Pat Coriell wills all her strawberries to Mr. Bell. Daffy wills Peter Brain the biggest chiquita ba- nana I can find. John Geiger and Tim Medved will the " certain time " and the " certain place " to Carol Riddle. Don Davidson wills Mr. Stryker one large inhal- ing guffaw. Kathi Yankie wills Mike Long her rollers. Diane Tucker wills Margret Marchioli some " 8th grade " boy. TTie 9th grade basketball team wills Mr, Hall a 250 pound basketball queen, Phil Dedman wills his stage fright to Larry Pat- te rson . Jim Pearce wills Mr. Biggs a straight jacket. Marlyn Kresge wills Mr. Johnson to Linda Murphy. Ken Sullivan wills Melba Caster his last report card. Carole Deering wills her ace bandages to Mrs. Faber in the gym department. Bill Nicholson wills a pair of binoculars to Miss Edgett. Lesa Williams wills her good sense of humor to Terria Hunt. Carol Eaton and Debby Franklin will Margret Marchioli a bag of potato chips, Michelle Costello wills her off-white cheerlead- ing sweater to any future cheerleader who wants to go through the trouble of finding something to match it. English 9SL wills Miss Dongoske a book entitled " 50 easy lessons on how to say good morning in 20 different languages. Rick Clay wills his cheerful smile to Miss Leach. Kent Brown wills his height to anyone not wanting to be on the basketball team. Linda Millsap wills Mr. Kaletka a new watch to keep time by Carl Garrity wills his throwing arm and musical ability to Mr. McClintic. Mikie O ' Brien wills her nickname " Swivel Hips " to anyone who can take it. Gail Glaze wills Sandy O ' Connor to Haily O- wens. Julie Frederick wills Doug Planten to Miss Sparks Kandy Kuechler wills " Brian King " to Liz Brent and Mary Lakow. Debby McDermont wills Mr. Kucera any feathers she can find at home. Tanya Robinson wills Miss Griffiths to Judy Read- inger. Fran Kmse wills her unused brains to Vicki Allred. Kathy Kayrell wills her high bowling handicap to any bowling team who could use it. Jeanne Bennet wills her used braces to Chrissi LeBarre Cathy Davis wills her grades to Demi Sellas. Rochi wills Mr. Carver a plain gray shirt and green hair Karen Orne wills Mr. Stryker a book on " How to Laugh " , Sue Bonfils wills Mary Lakow " A sense of hu- mor " . Cathy Smirl wills Keith Appleton to Janet Lusk. Libby Hernandez wills Stella to Artie because they cannot be separated. Becky Peterson wills her Beatle Bangs to Adell Suttle so her forehead won ' t get cold. Carmen Ortiz wills herself to H. ' C. or R G. Angela Vanden Ekart wills her brother to Donna French. Julia Felix wills her height to Carmen Ortiz or Jess. Vera Rodriguez wills Carmen Ortiz Arthur Gomez for a month Sherry Melton wills James to Rochelle Langjahr. Melba Caster wills Allan to Albie. Sandy O ' Connor wills her figure to anyone who wants it. Darlene Tmjillo wills all her old books to Mr. Biggs to throw at his social living students Dave Hall wills nothing to nobody because he wants to take everything with him. Winifred Clark wills her old gym shoes to Sandra Tmjillo for gym. Susie Hand wills her fun at Arrowview to Carl DeBellis. Maureen Ball wills her Dramatics Club Pin to Mr. Biggs Mike Boyd wills Mr. Stryker a book of good jokes. Sheldon Hodges wills Mr. Biggs his bullwhip and Cata-nine -tails and a subscription to Playboy. Mark Houston wills Mr. Springer an iron to iron his curls. Linda Laymon wills Mr. Kucera her blinking Goldwater button. Jerry Fry wills Mr. Springer a patch for the holes in his coats. Ed Stack wills Mr. Springer a better pay check Suzie Howard leaves her old chewed-up gum to Mr. Kucera. Kathy Ruffato wills Mr. Kucera a cage-cleaner- upper. Dean Chuk wills his math book to Mr. Lange. Lloyd Griffin wills his parakeet seed to Mr. Kucera. Shari Foeste wills her Algebra book to Mr. W. Johnson. Gary Finch wills his " halo " to Kuci Birdfs son, Larry Rank wills " the bird " his bird ' s birdcage. Richard Sanborn wills Mr. Rowe to the ' 65 Olympic mnningteam. Carolyn Lowe wills Mr. Kucera her friendship Ruben and Richard Gutierrez will their hair to Mr, Carver. Dawna Carel and Pam Shaffer will Robert Batti- stone to all the girls in the school. Bill Boyce wills Mr. Burling a $2. 95 meat loaf. Randy Sherwood wills Mr. Kucera a big shiny green and yellow polkadot bow tie and a matching golf hat Sandy Ford wills to Mr. Springer an ironing board for straightening. Steve Collins wills Mr. Kuzz bird to fly high. Ricky Melvin wills Miss Dongoske a fly-catcher. Debbie Cowan wills Miss Dongoske an English book. Mike Clayton wills Kuci Bird a new bird mobile. Helen Hendy wills a Beatle wig to Mr. Calfee. Diane Jenkins wills all her hard times in Mr. Kucera ' s class to any undeserving eighth grader gets him next year- Bobby Jones wills any project he might make in wood shop to any eighth grader who would be dumb enough to take it. Neil Foley wills Mr. Finizio ' s French class to anyone far away. Richard McGowan wills Mr. Kucera to the San Diego strange bird collection. Sue Sweet leaves. Pam Blomberg wills Miss Dongoske the permission to speak English in Spanish class. Susan Grober wills Randy Cothran to any teacher lucky enough to get him, Robert Anderson wills Mr. Kucera 10 easy lessons in African bird calls. Susie Daluiso wills her long bangs to Mr-, Carver. Bonnie Luoe wills her lost spelling book to Mr. Howell . Bobby Cohen wills Mr. McClintic a tape-record- ing of " Brownie " playing the flute, violin, oboe, and ' cello. 14 NINTH GRADE Joyce Blue Jon Bomboy Sue Bonfils 16 Mike Boyd Steve Collins Dan Coburn Bobby Cohen Cynthia Cola 17 Pat Coleman Danny Contreras t Janet Ellena Dave Epperson Jeff Ernst Pam Evans Janice Farkas 18 Robin Farmer Stacia Grande Ben Gonzales Libby Hernandez John Hess Don Hoak Sheldon Hodges 20 John Holcomb Shawnie Holmes Bob Lombardi Frank Leonard Gary Lewis Jan Lazaroni 21 Tara McLaughlin Leon Medrano Tim Medved Sherry Melton 22 Ricky Melvin Faye Me nor Dee Phillips Susan Phillips Doug Planten Joe Phifer Becky Peterson Christie Perryman 23 Larry Samford Richard Sanborn Barbara Sanchez Ruben Sanchez 24 Esther Sandoval Wayne Sandoval Jean Swenson Kenny Sullivan Kendall Stone Ronnie Stoneking Lois Strinati 25 ?5?l Tommy Stringham Robert Whitman Lesa Williams Candy Wilson John Wilson 26 Linda Windegger Danny Winn David Winston D ebbie Yarbrough Dale Woolard Gary Yohn Bettet LdjfeTfuxM N v Libby Hernandez Connie Mischnick Mikie O ' Brien George Martin Chuck How a rd Kathy Ruffato Kathi Yankie Sandra O ' Connor 27 CANVID CA UERA " Why don ' t they build an elevator? " " May we have your autograph, Sir? ' " Does she really wear a squire? " " Meanwhile, back at the campus. Which girl is out of step? " A funny thing happened to me on the way to the bus. f % -K EIGHTH GRADE 1 H .. 5: G. Adair R. Adame J. Aduddell M. Alvarez C. Albertine V. AUred C. Anderson K. Anderson R. Battistone J. Baxter R. Beamon J. Bean D. Betchen L. Bittaer J. Blair J. Bocka L . Burton M. Buthman D. Cadena J. Campbell E . C ano J. Carey R. Carlson S. Carrilo P. Anderson R. Armentrout G. Ayala D. Baker C. Ball S. Ballarb D. Bancroft A. Barnett S. Boles D. Bonner C. Bowdoin L. Brokaw L. Browder P. Brown M. Bocaneara B. Burke J. Carter D. Casillas R. Cheek B. Chipkar D. Clark S. Comfort R. Cortez M. Correia H. Corbett J. Cowan V. Crawford M. Crofutt K. Crowther R, Daniels M. Deal C. DeBellis i S3 J. DeLisa W. Dodsett R. Dodso n N. Doss C. Dowell J. Downs D. Ducate P. Dupertuis A. Ebert R. Edwards G. Edmonds R. Evans J. Erb L. Finch D. Findlay D. Fisher P. Fletcher R. Flores K. Floyd L. Fluter J. Fowles J. Free M. Freitag L. Frisbie • ' W Si N. Frye S. Fuller F. Fuzessery M. Gallegos S. Galvan M. Gemme S. Gentry R. Gesner M. Giebeler B. Gamez M. Gonzalez J. Goodman K. Goodman M. Goodman S. Goritz P. Gorian D. Granath P. Graves A. Grice ]. Guastella R. Guenther P. Haberkorn C. Hall L. Hamilton D. Harvey B. Hashbrook P. Houlette N. Hawkes R. Hembree H. Herrington P. Herron R. Hild R. Hilton A. Hobbs K. Holdaway J. Homer D. Houchens M. Howeth M. Hughes C. Hunt T. Hunt C. James P. Janzen A . Jenkins D. Jimenez J. Johnston J. Johannsen K. Jolxason p. Johnson R. Johnston M. Jones F. Kah J. Keene P. Keller D. Kevorkian S. Kordyak H. Krisle E. Kruse J. Kuechler G. Lehner S. Lett N. Ljunagren C. Locke L. Long C. Lombardi K. Loparco B. Lopez R. Lopez L. Lorimer R. Loring M. Luno C. Lynde J. Lynde K. Mann C. Marchbanks M. Marcy B. Martin K. Marin J. Martindale C. Martinez J. Martinez G. Mason P. Mason N. Massenzo H. Mayo G. McArthur M. McDermont C. McFalls «• ' , R. McFarland L. McGowan B. McKenzie P. McQuatters V. Medrano D. Mercer G. Mike D. Mindiola R. Mordles F. Moore M. Moreno B. Morris G. Mosley C. Moyer T. Moyer D. Mulligan J. Nava A. Nay J. Nelson R. Nielsen T. Newcomer N. Newman R. Newman ■qw wt .- » W P ' m ' tf Xl " % £r Is k • j T R. Paredes A. Partridge P. Patten L. Patterson D. Peace D. Perez D. Pettey D. PhUlips S. Nolan P. O ' Brien M. O ' Connor J. O ' Connor G. Oehl C. Oehler G. Oliver R. Oyer E. Phillips C. Pitt B. Plymesser M. Poe D. Preciado R. Press J. Purcell J. Quiel J. Quiel E. Quiroz S. Randolph K. Rank K. Rash K. Rea J. Readinger J. Readinger C. Riddle R. Roberts J. Robinson K. Robinson D. Rodkey C. Ronan A. Rossi C. Rowinsky L. Reed B. Rehana D. Reider P. Reis L. Reisert M. Reyes L. Rich A. Richardson F. Rubio T. Rutherford C. Ruzzano C. Sanders J. Sanders M. Saverino P. Schakel R. Schmidt T. Schoebel C. Shuld T. Sharp C. Sharpe M. Shook G. Shuey M. Sidders A. Sivel D. Singletary B. Skladany T. Smith J. Scares M. Sowers D. Spratt R. Strauder K. Strand J. Stein D. Stone J. Stone T. Stone W. Stringer P. Stuart A. Suttle R. Thomas 4 K. Todd J. Tossetti B. Turk T. Turner J. Utterback D. Vessey R. Vincent G. Vining K. White J. Williams J. Williams J. Willis C. Wilson R. Wilson T. Wilson J. Winn Vi V ,1 . .v- " BAITER tATE lUAN NeiCR S. Walsh J. Wascom J. Wear P. Weber C. Wendt M. Wesling K. Whittall J. White R. Woolard S. Wood J. Woods M. Yohn J. Zamora S. Zerilla D. Amori M. Barbour D. Evans N. Graham J. Hauck C. Landry J. Mischnick S. Morin W. Sanborn K. Stockton SEVENTH GRADE H J. Adair G. Adamson J. Allred A. Alvarez J. Alvord P. Aucoin M. Barber A. Baeumel K. Bail J. Barandon R. Barnett S. Barnett E. Bauahman G. Beamon M. Bean J. Beck S. Becker D. Beedle W. Benson C. Berg B. Berresford E. Bethers K. Blomberg B. Boggust N. Bohren T. Bond P. Bottini K. Boyd R. Branch L. Bright R. Bronstrud R. Brooks R. Brown T. Brown M. Bruch J. Buzzell J. Byer C. Bywater C. Cano J. Carbajal R. Carol D. Carlisle C. Schoebel B. Carter R. Castor K. Cavalier R. Chacon J. Chg fiis S. Chayton R. Chitty M. Christy B. Cisneros M. Clark R. Coburn J. Collin A. Contreras J. Cooley R. Cothran D. Croom C. Cupp P. Daneke P. Daneke D. Daniel D. Davis C. Dedman D. Denne B. Dethlefs C. Deweert D. Dick C. Dorsett B. Doss K. Doyle f t It f I f 36 I p 9 f R. Doyle J. Dunn M. Eason W. Edderson J. Edwards R. Elder J. Ellis F. Emerson R. Feigh E. Felix W. Fenn D. Figuras P. Fitch A. Flint S. Florkowski R. Floyd S. Floyd R. Fluter P. Ford M. Franko F. Fry L. Fry K. Frye N. Furman S. Fullerton J. Fuzessery D. Gallaher J. Gallion P. Garrity K. Gentry D. Gesner P. Gillette S. Giddings B. Goff N. Goldsborougl S. Gong R. Gonzales A. Goodman M. Gorian B. Graber M. Greene D. Greeson D. Griffin C. Grim S. Grimley S. Gritzmaker B. Guyton L. Haemmerle G. Hall K. Hall J. Hammer P. Harp V. Harmon W. Harmon T. Harris B. Hartgrove R. Henderson J. Hendy C. Hernandez P. Herron R. Herrington G. Higuera J. Hill H. Hillhouse R. Hippem R. Hippenstiel B. Hirschler S. Hoedfner D. Hoffman J. Holcombe S. Holder S. Hosteller 37 ( D. Humiston M. Humiston C. Hunt K. Hunt L . Huntingto: A. Jaramillo C. Johnson L. Johnson J. Kachadorii B. Kayrell J. Keir D. Kelly D. Kempthciel D. Kimbrell S. Kiralla im C. Kirkpatrit ' f D. Knight D. Koch R . Kordyak S. Knudsen C. Lada D. Ladd T. Lamb M. Lanning , L. Lawrence ' C . LeBarre R. Lee S. Lee T. Lee T. Lee T. Lehner P. Leistner , A. Lewis D . Lewis P. Linda J. Linden J. Linhart J Lipscombe | S . Long M . Lorenz ' D. Lowe M. Lowe B. Lucas C . Lucas B. Lundgren L. Lundy | k M. Lyle ' P. MacDonaJ B. MacDouga] C. Manley J . M artindale J. Martinez C. McDonald i R. McMullenI C. Mead i K. Metelak J. Meiuel D. Melvin T. Menor C. Metelak id J. Meyncke M T. MUls ■ R. Miranda R. Montanez L. Morales J. Moses J. Mount T. Moyer D. Mullican L. Murphy L. Murphy C. Nicolls In 38 I fl© c C. Nielsen K. Nolan F. Nava D. Oaken M. Ortega S. Ortiz S. Parker P. Partxige K. Payton ]. Pearson K. Peebles A. Perez D. Petty R. Phifer E. Pickens W. Poggi M. Potter J. Prater C. Pulos H. Pulsifer K. Purcell D. Ramos D. Ramos E. Ramsey L. Randall A. Real R. Rebel J. Reeves P. Raider J. Reisenhofar R. Raitz G. Rayes D. Rhodes S. Rhoades T. Rich P. Richay J. Rife T. Risucci M. Ritter G. Robbins D. Roberg R. Robinson C. Robson M. Roddick 0. Roder B. Roseberry J. Rubino 1. Rubio A . S andford R. Sanchez L. Schwartzkopf K. Schwukhard D. S alias S. Shaw J. Sheridan B. Shook B. Shook T. Shove B. Simmons J. Skladany G. Smith L. Smith M. Smith M. Smith S. Smith D. Smoot L. Snow D. Southard D. Sparkman B. Speck K. Steed D. Sterling 39 . B. Sturgeon S. Styes J Sullivan D. Tarin J. Taylor J, Thrasher G. Torres D Troy S. Trujillo T. Turbin J. Ulery J. Urena S. Utterback C . Vandre V. Vansteenwy H. Vasilakis D. Velzy A. Vigue D. Vincent C. Visbal B. Vroman M Wallenberg B. Walker S. Walker L. Walsh G. Ward P. Watts S. Wfgenner B. Wertenberg E. Wheeler T. Wheelea D. White T. Wiegert D. Williams L. Williams D. Wilson J. Wilson K. Wilson J. Winn D. Woolsey A . Yanovich R. Yates B. Bulger L. Ealy A. Means R. Peck D. Rinawald BMkA Udk lkotM t4 v D. Bulbrin B Edwards J. Gasper M. Glaze K Hall R Irvin H Johnson H. Kinney D. Landry J, Lorber D Moore D. Quiroz J. Rainey R. Roma J. Sanders R. Savage k D. Sharpe vi A Sycks 40 -iS!!W5y ;! ?i5---.T ' ATHLETICS FOOTBALL ' 64 FRONT ROW: Coach Hall, Shook, Parker, Watson, Sherwood, Daniels, Dedman, Gomez, McBride, Kuennen, Coach Betty. 2ND ROW: Finch, Sullivan, Clay, Winn, Hartgrove, Hall, Luttring, Melvin, Nicholson, Sanchez. 3RD ROW: Poulsen, Collins, Chaffee, Contreras, Geiger, Long, Smith, Sautel, Epperson, Manager Oyer. 4TH ROW: Hoak, Stepp, Planten, Brown, Baughman, Daneke, Mallcheck, Shaffer, Larson, Manager Leonard. ►■I " Contreras is snowed under. 42 Gomez evades tacklers. i Walt Kaletka Robert Betty Titey fCefjt Vi ot ig George Hall ARROWVIEW OPPONETS 6 6 WEST 7 HIGHLAND 41 STURGES 19 FRANKLIN 33 GOLDEN VALLEY 18 FREMONT 19 CARNIVAL EAST 39 lis Daniels runs against Highland defense. 43 Arrowview at Golden Valley. SCOREBOARD THEM Sturges . . Fremont Highland Franklin Del Vallejo Golden Valley Richardson Sturges . . Fremont Highland 11 23 38. 38- 23 so- li 29- 29 12 US 2 - 42- 25 31 24- 24 28- 25 33 " 19- TOP ROW: Poulsen, Nicholson, Parker, Sautel, Lombardi, Sandoval, Metelak, Shaffer, Truitt, Luttring, Young, Kuennen, BOTTOM ROW: Manager Shook, Brown, Sprague, Contreras, Shook, Hoak, Chaffee, Manager Yohn. Tim Young fights for basket. 44 Coach Hall. Coach Bell. Basket made by Arrowview. SCOREBOARD ARROWVIEW WAITS FOR REBOUND. THEM Fremont . . Highland . . Franklin . . Del Vallejo . Golden Valley Richardson . Fremont . . Highland . . 28-. 35 ' . 41- . 52- 13 . 33-. 37 . 17-. US .13 .31 .15 .19 .23- .25 .39- .16 II 8th grade basketball team. 45 ' .4: i.j j • J H m " If " ' •? m Ig 1 1 1 ' I mIw 4 F 1 .1 iPlJ Vi A ' J, B ' s, Atui C ' s TRACIbAI DnE A flash of our track activities (UPPER LEFT) T. Young competes in running broad jump. (UPPER RIGHT) B. Fishel clears high jump bar. (LEFT) S. Hodges makes a winning jump. •e, " { «»► i . - I ■ - • t Lj jiinr 1 ' HBS i l L .1 Yi 1 ' L ' " , " » » 1. D ELD D ' s, E ' $, Awt F ' s (UPPER LEFT) D. Winn heaves the shot put. (UPPER RIGHT) Track coaches of ' 65. Mr. Kelly, Mr. Bell, Mr. Hall, Mr. Layman, Mr. Betty. (RIGHT) A. Gomez wins the hundred yard dash. BojMbM D. Winston dribbles in for a basket as otliers look on. immAURAi UomuihcM D. Hoak serves as L. Poul- sen, S. Baughman, B. Nich- olson wait for return of the ball. f o (M Players scrimmage during gym class. 7e uuS TOP ROW, (1 to r): J. Gill- ete, S. Bonfils, D. Tucker, B. Cohen. BOTTOM ROW: R. Wilson, C. Hunt, J. Carter, L. Reed. Ttuubfeag Boys learn the basic funda- mentals of tumbling. S4 Some boys who are members of this year ' s golf team. (L. toR.) M. Jones, S. Baugh- man, R. Teal, B. Fishel. BCAAJUNQ 7th grade teams Teacher ' s and Student ' s game Ift ■ IP ,mii 1 4jbv M( Z Mia ;. „ W if V 1 y Si i LlJv ,»S -ady W liB»L • - :■ ' W " " -• ' ■ r Mm ' ' ' snHi ii :ll ' Mla2 i I iiuli " ! wm 1 i Z - W ■F r fii f 4i.. ' ' - ' Mr " ■ ■— •IT lFf«f Ji J .A w l ». . .i HJPw. r w Iv iif! [ ¥ll.bi1 fK J " a 8th and 9th grade teams 50 Suzie Moore - head : Linda Ohel ( - Head Cheer- leader Michele Costello Mascot Pat Preciado • - •, Debbie Yarbrough Cathy Detrick F- Patty Penwell Melba Caster Cheer Leaders in action omc Ajuv c avB President: Bobby Cohen Advisor: Mrs. Faber Vice-Pres. Dee Phillips Secretary: Stacia Grande Equipment girls: Kyle Strandaand, Roberta Stauder. Treasurer: Diane Stockwell ACTIVITIES The first semester Red Cross officers, from LEFT TO RIGHT, Jane Buzzell Historian Mary Walston President Victor Crawford Councilman Miriam Whiting Secretary Heide Swiggum Vice-President These three girls, like many others, have worked 20 hours in many different areas, to earn their uniforms. They are: Lesa Williams Mary Walston Kristi Seller 54 DR v A cs NINTH GRADE DRAMATICS CLUB THE PRESIDENTS: Gilbert Ayala, grades 7-8; Michele Costello, grade 9. JESTER DIRECTOR: Mr. Calfee mkA SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE JESTERS 55 CaWCBCUB BACK ROW, 1. tor.: P. Leistner, ]. Byer, T. Risucci, C. Nielson, Mr. Springer (advisor), K. Doyle, D. Denne, M. Smith, K. Schweikhard. FRONT ROW: T. Wheeler, K. Cavalier, L. Schwartzkopf, R. Doyle, C. Roper. r -f mpj 1ST SEMESTER OFFICERS Pam Leistner-Secretary Luke Schwartzkopf -V. President Tom Risucci-President Science Club members show how problems are solved through ex- perimentation. 56 Biological 1st Place Winners: Pam Leistner, Bob Dodson, Luke Schwartzkopf, and Danny Spratt. Physical 1st Place Winners: Mary Saverino David Watson Jim Stein Ed Stack Ben Gonzales cawcB . I Mr. Allred judges the Science Fair projects displayed in the school library. 57 PEPOUB Projects Dee Phillips Director Michele Costello Secretary Bobby Cohen Publicity Francine MacKinzie Pep Club cheers Braves to victory. 7th, 8th, 9th, grade Pep Club WONOR soaHv ■ •g ' ' " r u-.. ,. ' twil l ' ! ■» 1965 Honor Society Members 5 semester members: L TO R. (TOP ROW) H. Hendy, S. Bonfils, D. Phillips, D. Franklin, D. McDermont, B. Nicholson. (2ND ROW) S. Grande, J. Gillette, D. Tucker, J. Doyle. (BOTTOM ROW) B. Cohen, F. MacKinzie, K. Brown, J. Lusk, R. Teal. V i Director Mr. Finizio President Diane Tucker V. President Janet Lusk Treasurer Bill Nicholson Secretary Dee Phillips 59 President Bill Nicholson Secretary Vice Pres. hMl Diane Tucker SIUD£N1S( Dr. of Finance Soc. Chrm. Janet Lusk Sue Bonfils Dale Roth First Semester Student Council Advisor J Mr. Bell Student Government Class at Work 60 ( VCRfJ UENT Dr. of Pep i " Soc. Chrm Historian Dr. of Safety %m Welfare Chrm. M Kent Brown Mike Shook Margaret Marchioli Jeanne Gillette Second Semester Student Council Students Work On the Quiver 61 OUIVER Start Quiver Staff-(STANDING L to R) M. Costello, J. Gillette, D. Hoak, S. Baughman, D. Roth, B. Fishel, S. Daneke. (SITTING) B. Cohen, D. Tucker, J. Doyle, D. Phillips, M. Marchioli, J. Lusk. Editor: Bobby Cohen Assis. Editor: Margret Marchioli Advisor: Paul Bell Buss. Managers: Dale Roth and Steve Baughman Sports Editor: Bill Fishel and Don Hoak Staff Workers: Dee Phillips and Steve Daneke Photographer: Mr. Molony 62 Publicity: Jeanne Gillette and Judie Doyle ;puBuamoMS I Editor Don Davidson Sports editor Chuck Howard Secretary Loretta Clement Advisor Mrs. Savoy Photographer Bill Heiser Literary editor Francine MacKinzie News editor Robert Whitman Business manager Jim Harrel Our Publications class works hard to get out our school newspaper, The ARROW, each month. The ARROW is compiled of news stories of the school, interviews, short stories, sports news, many pictures and artwork of the students. 63 The first semester Seventh grade Chorus The Girl ' s Chorus preformed in our Christmas Pageant and did a wonderful job in it. 64 G jOUPC The Arrowview Mixed Chorus Our Director, Mrs. Ransom Our Ensemble participated in the A II- city Honor Chorus. 65 AFTER CCUOOL WN Spending our spare time at skating parties and dances The Paramounts entertain at an after school dance. B H Mir M M Look ma, no heads! Who ' s who at our skating parties? 66 W NHN ' C VANCB Valentine ' s King and Queen Bill Nicholson and Sue Bonfils Prince Mike Shook Three hundred students dance to the music of the Pacific High School Dance Band at the annual Valentine ' s Dance. OmCEASSfSlzVJTS: tSrSE UESTER S. Daluiso C . Eaton P. Martin C . Griffin M. Kresge D. Newman FIRST ROW: L. Windegger D. Roberts M. O ' Brien S. Holmes D. Carel SECOND ROW: D. Bonner J. Carter L. Easter D. Winn FIRST ROW: M. Lakow D. Newman C. Oehler P. Martin D. Jenkins SECOND ROW: T. Medved R. Sosson D. Planten UBR4R ANS 68 2NJD. SEMESTER OFFfCE ASSfSlAMS 1) D. Yarbrough D. Carel S. Howard P. Evans These are our busy cameramen at Arrow- Uy20(M4EU ' S PRXyEOTONfSTS TZllfe: A TURN ATTWE R£Ot 69 l m v AJ ot CR sn ARROWVIEW ' S fifty piece band waits to start rehearsal. Orchestra in Christmas Pageant. Band in action ARROWVIEW ' S orchestra sharpens up for the Festival. 70 CWRiSlTMAS PAGEANT The 7th grade chorus sings the favorite Christmas story " The Littlest Angel. " The 9th grade ensemble changes the mood of the pagent with " Pa Get Out Your Glue Pot " The 7th and 8th grade dramatics club, known as the Jesters, portray a Christmas card scene. 71 o-- y ) C3r ' 0 .2; ( Cy X vP ' , V ■ , X 1 1 TS ' I " ij ll 1 Vv J y . J V . -K ( c i a.v J31 y i Cy- ) V t — j

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