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-75ii?si,g::::'ffL:?5-31:3Y 3-fir,-Abi'-' ' '- ' -.1 ..-ff-. 1 ,fb-11, f.: .--:4:pL,.fff:f5f-122 " " :i?A,y,3,i,,5f, ,Q.m,, L.A,,: k-k,,.W A..- 7'M?"'W ,ff ff P AX ,M My f W my fY Qf' J XP fp ' Q29 f M5 ,KX in ' ' R7 334 wif' '7 .ffimmy N QW' 55 ' K jqgyvmx 'A b 255596 Qiyyygpvlx A -K ' 'Q J-dj WM by WW, W glmifgs 5 gig SijwgfQiQb'lWW i ., , ,L "W ' r,,,1.,'.,d.-4 ,3 .r , qw ,, 5- - , ' . , ' . 1 ,LQ W, ., U r , X , v f' , . ' .fr .Hf'f'y X- . . , .. , .v ,., A 5, , 4. yx,Q.jy,nNm Kv fvll viq , 1 va: .vw I Q .2 pg T, - , ' ' . wfv:m .f:,,1,'A J.,-J any W M W W MQW W if B. 5 W Q U '51-'5' N 9915 wif asf' be fs 1 V,-Q.. LQNNZS v Vw ff W W3 ::"1 M: AN xi VM V, ,Haw WM SV3"""Q- M ,EWWMWMW W WM b do M mx' BGR 253213 Ei, SSSQEQK gg is, NX ELHLSEQY Qqqgu Lmofw iigjxiff Q, Xirxgu, QXQ5 xmas gnu?-, ,QJ-9., LK-3: Ovxmwx NA Q.g3un1J..Ym Dyk. Lf QM, KQX-Wwfb fb, kg , 51 waoruqq C ifj if U 403' fi, X f A -1- I J 1.1 1.1 Arrowhead High School Hartland, Wisconsin Name yf I-R M l if "' 5 s. ' -. E, ig Q ........-I -..nik- LAUNCHING THE X WARHAWK f" Ni N ? KN -XX., K' x 57X W 1 X W K Vs A I :CQ '." JU x iw-- i:f.,'fg , Q p M 55: xi l:: 4 643.51 ""' W Q 'ffix ,fl - , 5597! X In Memoriam ...... 1 i 1 I i I The death of one of Arrowhead's teachers, Alvin C. Nelson, indeed was a great loss to our school and community. Fondly called "Doc" by his students and friends, his qualities as teacher, counselor, leader and friend marked him as an outstanding person. We, as students, will especially remember his unending enthusiasm and his tireless interest in building school spirit, "Doc" will always hold a special place in our hearts. rs., XxxA,Q , Q,,,x,,,xX r . FIRST ROW: Bob Bonham, Financial Seeretaryg Tim Fredman, Circulation Managerg Kathy Pilgrim, Recording Secre- taryg Barb Buehholz, Co-Editorg Lois Sengstock, Co-Editorg Pat Manne, Picture Editorgl Tom Davy, Photographer, SECOND ROW: Miss Smith, Advisorg Judi Olson, Marie Kovach, Gerry Peterson, Kathy Allen, Karen Schmidt, Phyllis Rhinusmith, Lois Schumarfher, Cheryl Richter, Carol Jochinson, Pat Dern, Kathy Kaiser, Mr. Lemke, Advisor, THIRD ROW: Carl Zeurzius, Sue Hanson, Dieter Heindrich, Kathy Stapleton, Judy Link, Barbara Dunphy, Sandy Won- ders, Kathy Brudung, Shidey Lauterbach, ShiHey Klein, Levan Heinuke, Dave Kerr, Advertking bdanager, Chad Wisneski, Gail Spicuzza and Carl Roloff were absent when the picture was taken. T0 THE SENIORS The Annual Staff proudly presents the i959 Warhawk to the Senior Class. As the first freshman class to enter the new high school, you have spent four years working, studying, and living at A.H .S. May the memories of these yearsloe happy ones. C0-Editors Barb Buchholz Lois Sengstock Page 5 THE CHART I Shlp s Offlcers II Flrst Cabln III Below Decks IV Drllls And Maneuvers V Deck Sports VI Ship s Log 0 87 . " ' .. ....7 .' ' ...19 . ....4-1 . ' .... 5' . .. ....69 i"7G' SHIP'S X: L: 'i OFFICERS WL 1 1:3 Q P Sufi, UMM 0 ,JM Q,yy sf' 9VQ1f3W'5'Qw Qi? '59 -' 6 Www , -4. , L 'ff' 7 CU X x Ewa Em, x.q'+ f if N- BOARD OF EDUCATION, TOP ROW: C, F. Wittenberg, Director, Joseph Brierton. FRONT: William Stark, Willard McCrory, Curtis Gallenbeck, Willard Roloff, Fred Staus. BOARD OF EDUCATION Serving as community representatives ancl the navigators during the yearly voyage of the Warhawk is the Board of Education. The Board sets the courses of study, graduation requirements, educa- tional standards, and is responsible for the provisions needed in the operation of the good ship "Warhawk. " As the navi- gators, their aim has been to establish the program and to see that it is operated efficiently. Any plans for expansion or improvement revolve around the policies of the Board of Education. DMINISTRATIO I in ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL DONALD MATHESON Lawrence College, B.S. , Uni- versity of Michigan, M.A. Office, General Supervision. , A GUIDANCE DIRECTOR COUNSELOR PRINCIPAL WILLIAM HINZE ROBERT REMSTAD RICHARD KOEPKE Lawrence College, B.S,, University of Wisconsin- B-5-' University of Wisconsin, B A Columbia University, MA. M-A- M,A. Plan Your Life, Office. Vocational Survey, Freshman Studies. Page 9 ' :ifilkidk I Q , Ravi? ziwii' WM mem .aigggf xsfhw , 'ggi 5 wg? ,fri - 1 N , .. ESX lwf 3: -if vgfgggila asf Q MQW a pl' if Rim iiffzfii mga? :zfiig P53 ki ss- Q3 ff egg, 42 5613515 2, vu J ii. fl-in .:z,i,,, :nf ,. Aiwzfin 5-wi :mf nw 5 45917 fi , Wa-Hx' -sian fi EEN my ' S, mm ,.LA: 1,5 Qjafmf Q :a,e?yi:. M nga wgqrzaf a aanaan MRLE RT Stevens Coligih, B.Sfg Chorui, E ment, Freshman L, LL12 75'l, - 2 1 L L .4 4 vE'1L1ss'5.5Q. i ,fgge'1z1Lg. z J v GERALD BERGUM JOHN J- BODOH University of Minnesota, B.S. St. Paul Seminary. 51- Paul. Algebra, College Mathematics. Minnesota, B.A. Page 10 Latin, 1-11-111, Engnsh ui JOHN L. BOLD Platteville State College, B.S, Woodworking, Teehg Drawing, General Shop. VERA CERNY University of Wisconsin, B.S Library. GROOMER DAVIS University of Illinois, A.B, U.5. History, World History. Page 11 1 f- --,.. ax. JOHN GESKE Wisconsin State College, Eau Claire, B.S. World Geography. DARYL GORDON lowa State College, University of lowa, B.S. , Colorado State College. M.A, American Problems. State Eau Claire, B.S. Chemistry, Advan. Physics. P' 41N BARBARA HERRMANN Northwestern University, B. A. English I. Page 12 ROBERT C. HUGHES Carroll College, B.S., Univer sity of Wisconsin, Ph. M. Geometry, Advanced Mathe- matics. -Q... R Stout Educa Il0ll Auto s Educa- Liver pool lion, Welding 8: Physical WILLIAM F. JOHNSON DONALD LEMKE Whirewarher Stare College, B.E, Lawrence College' B-5-- Uni' Practical Business, Typing, vcfsify OfCO1Ofad0. M- Ed- Shonhandl Psychology, World History, Page 13 English Ill, MERIDITH Lawrence Clollege, B,S. Spanish I-H-llI,'i English W, l llll,,og mgglwnn L, MEYER l Wiggqhgin Stare College, Eau Claire ,. B. S. English Il. ll 'MQ 'ry iw: g,l,,,5:W1E'lmf'Lr,. , ,. JW liwililf RICHARD MYRHUM SL. Norbert, B.S. , Colorado State College, lvl, A, General Science, General PAGE Point State College. Biology. Biology. Mathematics, Freshman Studies. Biology Lab' Page 14 VINCENT POLLOCK Wisconsin State College, Whiie7 water, B.Ed. ' I Bookkeeping, Seq, Xu C'ldl".' Office Practice. 5 W N PETER ROIDT Wisconsin State College, Uni- ffrsi versity of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, I individual Progress Room. I " 4 I ILGA REKE PATRICIA SHAW University of Stuttgart, Germany, Carroll College, B. A. B,S,, University of Wisconsin, World History, U,S. History. M. S. German I-II-Ill, Art Survey, Art I-Il. Page 15 MARY University of Home Ec onomics Home AL VANDERTIE St, Norbert, B.S. Physical Education. l - I MARVIN SOLOMON isity of Colorado. B.S X,iA' A , Freshman Studies. J we-"'f:': if V- . i . , li -1 i . oe, GILBERT WEIGEL ALFRED ZIETLOW Plattville State College, B.S. Wisconsin State College, Senior Band, Music Instruction, Crosse, B.S. Cadet Band. General Science, Biology. Page 16 Biology Lab. La KITCHEN PERSONNEL Emma Hartlaub, Lillian Holtdorf, Ethel Croft. X "-i 'Y x X X X K Xl," 7 sQgXQXijfXLXl Qfqxx L if XX CUSTODIANS Gust Borchurdt, Edward Dorn, Lillian Holtdorf. Page 17 +5 .J xfg OFFICE PERSONNEL Marion Brandt, Dorothy Jochinsou, Margaret Kehl, Delores Pernerstorfer. I n BUS DRIVERS BACK ROW: Hank Cull, Ken Kerr, Ken Ludwigson, Curt Manke, Don Wells. FRONT ROW: Ed Gromowski, Bob Heise, John Hilger, Jerry Leroy, Dick Mamie. Page 18 CABIN FIRST KATHLEEN ALLEN "Kathy" Chorus 23 G.A.A. 2, 3,4g Art Club 2,3g Annual Staff 4g F.H.A. 4. ROBERT BAEHLER "Bob" Rod and Gun 4, Football 2, 3,43 Baseball 3, F.F.A. 2,3,4, fTreas- urerjg Homecoming King 4, Var- sity Club 3,4. DAVID BALKMAN "Dave" Football 1, 2, 3, 4, fManagerjg Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Baseball 1, 2, 4g German Club 2g Student Senate 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Advisory Council 4, Varsity Club 3, 4g Badger Boys 3, Track 4. JEROME BARCZAK "Jerry" Art Club lg Science Club lg I.A .A. 4. DARLENE BECKER "Mickey" Booster Club lp Dramatics 1, 2, 3, 4- Color Guard 1 2 3 43 G.A.A. 1,2, 3, Art Club 3,4, qPresidentjg German Club 3, Annual Staff 4, Forensics 1, 2, 3,45 Advisory Coun- cil 4, National Honor Society 3, 4. Page 20 EUGENE BECKER "Jake" Rod and Gun Club 1: F.F.A. 2,3,4, 1.A.A. 2. RUTH BECKER F.H.A. 2, 3: National Honor So- ciety 3, 4g Library Club 1, 2, 3,4, fPresidentj . KATHLEEN BLAKE "Kathy" G.A.A. 3,4g Spanish Club 3,4 Student Senate 4. JACQUELYN BECKMAN "Jackie" Chorus 1, 2, 4g Dramatics 3, 4g G.A.A. 25 Spanish Club 3,4g Student Senate 3, Smoke Signal 3g Annual Staff 35 Forensics 25 Modern Club 3. K, WILLIAM BIERMAN "Reid" Rod and Gun Club 3,4, fVice- Presidentjg Football 3,41 Basket- ball lg Baseball 2,3,4. Page 21 ROGB2 BELKE Rod and Gun 4, Spanish Club 3. ROBERT BON HA M "Rob" Band 2: Spanish Club 2, 3, 4: Stu- dent Senate 3g Smoke Signal 35 Annual Staff 3,4, fTreasurerjg Science Club 4. l ANDREA BRAUN "Andy" Booster Club 1,2,3,4g Dramatics Club 2, 35 Golf 43 Art Club 3,45 Latin Club 35 Forensics 2,45 G.A.A.1,2,3,4. RICHARD BROWN "Scott" Football l,2, 3,45 Basketball l, 2, Uvianager 335 German Club 25 Student Senate 35 Forensics 2g Homecoming Court 45 National Honor Society 3,45 fVice-Presi- dentj5 Science Club 45 Varsity Club 3, 4. KATHLEEN BRUSCHNIG "Kathie" Chorus 3,45G.A.A. 1,2,3gAl'1- nual Staff 4. l l BARBARA BUCHHOLZ "Barb" Chorus 1,45 Dramutics 1,25 G.A.A.1,2,3,45Arr Club 35 Spanish Club 3, 45 Annual sraff 4, fEditory5 F.H.A. 45 F.B.L.A. 4, Publication 4. Page 22 MARION BROWNING G.A.A. 1,45F.H.A. 3,45 Library S: C MN!! CluR2,3LM N Q ly by ld n' W Mw"i7yUbp vb at G9 'YQJVSA ,, DONNA COWEN Chorus 25 G.A.A. l,3,45 F.H.A. fPresidentj5 Homecoming Court 45 Modern Dance Club 2, 3. MAMIE D'AMICO Dramatics 25 Band 1,25 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Pep Band 1,25 Forensics 2. JACQUELYN DUNN "Jackie" THOMAS DAVY "Tommy" Football 25 Spanish Club 3, 4, 1Presidentj5 Smoke Signal 35 An- nual Staff 3,45 Forensics 1, 25 Piston Poppers 1 . if BARBARA DUNPHY "Barb" Chorus 15 Booster Club 1, 2, 35 Dramatics 2, 3, 4, fSecretaryj5 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Latin Club 3,4 Student Senate 15 Annual Staff 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Sci ence Club 45 National Thespian 45 Forensics 2, 4. Page 2 3 DENNIS DONOVAN "Dugan" Chorus 1, 45 Booster Club 2, 35 Dramatics 1, 2, 35 Football 1, 2, 35 Basketball l,2,3,45 Baseball l,2, 3,41 Student Senate 15 Smoke Signal 45 Forensics 35 Varsity Club 3, 45 Track 4. JANET EBERT G.A.A. l,2,3,45 F.B.l..A. 3,45 F.H.A. 3,4, fVice-Presidentj5 Booster Clubil. ,gf 33, JEAN EISENMAN "Jeannie" Chorus 1, 2, 35 Booster Club 1, 25 Dramatics 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. 1,2,13, 45 Smoke Signal 35 Annual Staff 35 Forensics 2, 3,45 F.H.A. 1: Na- tional Honor Society 32,4. KAREN Gatow an Club 45 F.H.A. 2,3,41, qsec- retary, Treasurerjg Library Club 4, QSecretary, Treasurerj. MARGARETHA FARING G.A.A. 45 Art Club 45 Student Senate 4, Foreign Exchange Stu dent from Sweden. CECILE GEASON "Cease" Chorus 15 Booster Club 1, 2, 35 Dramatics 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. 1, 2, 35 Cheerleading 25 Orchestra 45 Homecoming Queen 35 National Honor Society 3, 45 Advisory Council 45 Student Senate 15,4 Page 24 TIM FREDMAN "Timmie" Basketball 15 Spanish Club 3, 45 Smoke Signal 35 Annual Staff 3,4 Track 1. JAMES GEISEL ..Jim,. Football 25 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 3,45 Forensics 25 National Honor Society 3, 4. SUSANNE HANSON "Connie" Booster Club 1, 2,3, fVice-Presi- dentj 45 Dramatics 1,2, 3,45 G.A.A. 1,2, 3,45 German Club 2 Latin Club 35 Student Senate 15 Annual Staff45 Forensics 1,25 Na- tional Honor Society 3,45 Science Club 45 Modern Dance Club 3. LEVAN HEIMKE Rod and Gun Club 35 Dramatics 45 Football 25 Art Club l,2,45 Latin Club 3, 45 Smoke Signal 45 Annual sraff 45 Track 4. MARTIN HAVNEN Latin Club 4. HARRIET HARDIMAN "Buzzy" Chorus 1, 25 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatics 25 G.A.A. 1, fTreas- urerj, 2, 3,45 F.B.L.A. 2g Cheer- leading 1, 2, 3, 45 Art Club 3, 4, fVice-Presidentjg German Club 2, 35 Student Senate 2, 3, fSecretaryJ 4, fVice-PresidentJ5 Forensics 25 F.H.A. 25 Homecoming Court 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Modern Dance Club 35 Advisory Council 4. DIETER HEINRICH PHILLIP HELD Baseball 1, 35 F.F.A. 3,4. "Deets" Annual Staff 45 National Honor Society 3, 4. Page 25 ELDON HOLDEN Rod and Gun Club 4g Golf 4. BONNIE JUENEMANN Booster Club lg Art Club lg Smoke Signal 3. PATRICK JAMES "Pat" Dramatics 4, Band 1, 2,3,4, fSec- retaryjg German Club 4, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Dance Band 2, 3, 4. KATHLEEN KAISER "Kathy" Chorus 4, Booster Club 2, 3, G.A.A. 3,4, F.B.L.A. 4, Art Club l,2,3g Student Senate 2, An- nual staff 4, Forensics 1,25 Dra- matics l, 2, 3.4. Page 26 CAROL IOCHINSON Chorus 1, 2, 35 Booster Club 3g Art Club 21 Smoke Signal 4, Annual staff 43 F.H. A. 2, 3. ROBERT KASPRZAK "Bob" Rod and Gun Club 2, 3, Dramatics l,2,3,4g Football l,2,3,4g Base- ball 2, 3,4g Art Club 2, 35 German 35 Forensics 1, Science Club 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 3,4g Track 4. IRENE KEMos G.A.A.1,2,3,45F.B.L.A.45 Art Club 1,2,3,45 F.H.A. 4. DONALD KOHR "Don" Rod and Gun Club 45 Booster Club 25 Football 2, 3,45 Chess Club 25 Varsity Club 3, 4. DIANE KERR " Kerrsy" Dramatics 2, 3, 45 Art Club 15 Stu- dent Senate 2, 3,45 Forensics 2, 3, 45 Homecoming Court 35 Who's Who 3. MARIE KOVACH Booster Club 15 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, fSecretaryj5 F.B.L.A. 45 Art Club 2,45 Smoke Signal 45 Annual Staff 45 Forensics 1. Page 27 BEVERLY KIEPERT "Bev" G.A.A. 15 Art Club 45 F.H.A. 2, 3,45 Library Club 4. MICHAEL KOVACH "Mike" Basketball 15 Art Club 1, 2, 3, 45 German Club 1,25 Student Senate 3,4, fPresidentJ5 Homecoming 45 Science Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Advisory Council 45 Badger Boys State 3. H SHIRLEY KLEIN " Shirl" Booster Club 1, 2, 45 Dramatics 1, 2,35G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Art Club 2, 35 German Club 35 Student Senate 35 Annual Staff 45 F.H.A 45 Forensics '25 Advisory Council 35 F.B.L.A. 4. SANDRA KRAEMER "Sandy" Booster Club 1,25 G.A.A. 1,2,3, 45 Art Club 1,25 F.H.A. 3. EDWIN LAIRD ..Ed., Rod and Gun Club 45 Science Club 3,4. MARILYN LARSON nd 1,2,3,4,G.A.A.1,2,3,4. Page 28 LARRY KRAMBS Chorus 25 Band 1,2, 3, 4, fVice PresidentJ5 Football 45 Dance Band 2.-3.4: Pep Band 1,2,3,4. SHIRLEY LAUTERBACH "Shirl" Booster Club 2,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3, 45 F.B.L.A. 45 Art Club 35 Span- ish Club 3,45 Annual staff 45 F.l-I.A. 45 Modern Dance Club 3. MARY LAY Chorus 2,3,4, Booster Club 1, 2, 3,4, G.A.A. 1,2, Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4, German Club 3, Student Senate 2, 3, Orchestra 3, 4, Home- coming Court 4. IRVING LOEW H Irv.. DAMON LEBLOND Chorus 3. NANCY LOHRY Chorus 1, Booster Club 3, G. 3, fSecretaryj, Art Club 4. Page 29 JUDITH LINK uludy.. Dramatics 2, F.B.L.A. 2, Art Club 1, Student Senate 1, 2, Annual Staff 4, F.H.A. 4, Modern Dance Club 3, Smoke Signal 4, G.A.A . 2, 3, Booster Club 1, Forensics 2, 3. IUDITH LUDWIGSEN ..Judy,. Booster Club 2, 3,4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, F.B.L.A. 3,4, Forensics 3,4, F.H.A. 3,4. LARRY LUND Rod and Gun Club 2, F.F.A. 1,2, 3,4, Science Club 1. KATHLEEN MANLEY HKathyH Chorus 1, 3, 4, Booster Club 3, 4, Student Senate 4, F. H.A. 4. DAVID MALEC "Mal" Rod and Gun Club 3, Booster Club 2, 3, Dramatics 2, Baseball 4, Latin Club 3, fPresidentj, Student Senate 4, Chess Club 1, 2, Foren- sics 2. PATRICIA MANNE a Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 2, 3,4, Golf 3,4, F.B.L.A. 4, span- ish Club 3,4, Student Senate 2, Smoke Signal 3, Annual Staff 3,4, Modern Dance Club 3, G.A.A. 2, 3,4. Page 30 MARGARET MANKE "Marge" G.A.A. 4, Art Club 4, F.H.A. 2,3,4. ROBERT MARSHALL "Bob" Rod and Gun Club 2,3, fTreasurerJ 4, Basketball 2, qManagerJ, Base- ball 3, fManagerj, Chess Club l, 2, Varsity Club 3,4, Piston Pop- pers 1. DOUGLAS MARTZ "Doug" Rod and Gun Club 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 49 Baseball 15 Latin Club 3,4, qPresidentJ5 Science Club 45 Varsity Club 2, 3, 45 Chess Club 2, 35 Art Club 3. MICHAEL MEHLING Rod and Gun Club 15 Baseball 15 Football 15 Forensics lg F.F.A. 1, 2, 3,4. MARIORIE MASSON4 "Marge" Chorus 15 Booster Club 1,2, 3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Art Club 45 Smoke Signal 35 Forensics 25 Na- tional Honor Society 3,45 Library Club 1,25 F.B.1..A. 2.3.4. Q JUDITH MEISSNER ..Judy,, Art Club 45 Library Club 2 - Student Senate 4. .3,4, Page 31 'WS 114 it: Z' BARBARA MATHISEN "Barb" Chorus 15 Booster Club 15 Band 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 15 Art Club 1, 25 Student Senate 15 Orchestra 1 2, 3,45 Science Club -1. LEE MEISSNER Rod and Gun Club 1,2, 3,4, qSec retary, Treasurerj5 Football 25 German Club 25 Student Senate 1 Annual Staff45 F.F.A. 4. f LEE MERKEL "Fergy" Football 2, 3,45 Baseball 1, 25 Ger- man Club 2, 35 Annual Staff 45 Na- tional Honor Society 3, 45 Science Club 45 Varsity Club 45 Piston Poppers lg Track 45 Basketball 1. ROBERT MERTINS "Bob" Rod and Gun Club 45 F.F.A. 1,2, 3, fSecretaryj 4, fPresidentJ. JOYCE MORSE Chorus 3,-15G.!X.A. 2,3,45, F.l-l.A. 4. l ROBERT MUELLER " Bob" Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Homecom- ing Court 45 Varsity Club 2, 3,4. Page 32 SHARON MILLER G.A.A.1,2,3,45F.B.L.A.35 F.H.A. 3. JOAN MULHOLLON Booster Club 1, 2, 3,45 Dramatics 25 G.A.A. l,2,3,45 F,B,L,A, 2 Cheerleading 1, 2, 3,45 Art Club tl, 45 German Club 35 Student Senate 2,45 F.l-l.A. 25 National Honor Society. DAVID OLSON "Dave" Rod and Gun Club 4, F.F.A. 1,2, 3, 4, fVice-Presidentj, Science Club 4. TIMOTHY PADDOCK "Tim" Rod and Gun Club 1, I.A.A. 1,2, F.F.A. l,2,3,4. JUDI OLSON Chorus 1, Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 3, 4, Nice-Presidentjg Band 2,3,G.A.A.1,2,3,4, fTreasurerJ, Cheerleading 1,2, 3, 4, Student Senate 2, 3,4, Home- coming Queen 4, Forensics 1, 2, Annual Staff 4, Smoke Signal 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Mod- ern Dance 3, Advisory Council 4, National Thespian 4. MARY OS WALD Latin Club 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4. DIANE PARDON Chorus l, Dramntics 3, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Smoke Signal 3, Annual staff 3, Forensics 1, 2, 3, 4, Prom Court 3. Page :za ROBERT PARKER "Bob" Spanish Club 3,4, Annual staff 3 Science Club 1. IACQUELINE PETERSON "Peachy" Chorus 15 Booster Club 1,2, 3,4: Dramatics 1,25 Golf 2,35 G.A.A. fPresidentj, 1,2, 3,4: AFI C11-lb: Student Senate 2, 3,4, qTreasurerJ: Forensics 2,3,45 F.H.A. 2,45 Modern Dance 35 Advisory Coun- cil 3,4. VICTOR RAA SCH "Vic" Smoke Signal 4. KATHIE PILGRIM Booster Club 1, 2, 3,4, fPublicity ChairmanJ5 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Art Club 45 Annual Staff 4, fSecre- taryjz National Honor Society 3,45 Modern Dance Club 35 F.B.L.A. 4, Publication 4. PHYLLIS RHINESMITH "Phyl" Chorus 1, 2, 3,45 Booster Club 15 Dramatics 45 G.A .A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Smoke Signal 45 Annual sraff 45 Forensics 25 Library Club 3. Page 34 DAVID PI'1"l nun Rod and Gun Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Foot- ball'15 Science Club 3,4. SA LLY RITENOUR "Joi" Chorus 1, 2, 35 Booster Club 1, 2, 3,45 Dramatics 45 Band 1,2,3,45 G.A.A.1,2,3,45F.B.L.A.3,4 Art Club 3, 45 German Club 2, 35 Smoke Signal 35 Forensics 2, 3,4 F.l-I.A. 45 Science Club 15 Li- brary Club 1,25 Dance Band 3,45 Modern Dance Club 35 Majorette 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4. KATHERINE ROHRER "Kathy" Booster Club l,2, fSecretaryJ, 3, fPresidentJg Dramatics 3, 4g G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 German Club 2, Latin Club 3,4g Student Senate 1, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Prom Court 3. LYDIA SCHLICHER Chorus lg Booster Club lg Art Club 2, Student Senate 35 National Honor Society 3, 4, fSecretaryJg Badger Girls State 3. GERRIANNE ROHS "Gerri" Chorus 3, G.A.A. 3,4g F.B.L.A. 2,3,4: F.H.A. 4. PENELOPE RUNKEL "Penny" Band 1, 2, 3, 4, fPresidentjg Orch- estra 3,4g Pep Band 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 45 Modern Dance Club 3. KAREN SCI-IMIDT "Schmitty" Chorus 1, 3, fSecretary Sc Treas- urerjg Booster Club 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4: Golf 25 G.A.A. 1,2, 3, 4, Cheerleading lg Art Club 1, 2, 3,4, fSecretaryJg German Club 3, Student Senate 4g Annual staff 43 Homecoming Court 3: National Honor Society 3, 45 Modern Dance 35 Badminton Club 4, qSecretaryJ. Page 35 VA LERIE SCHROEDER "Val" Chorus 3,4g Booster Club 1, Band 2: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Art Club 4. DARENE SCHULTZ Art Club 4. LYLE SEABORN Booster Club 1,2, 35 Art Club 1: F.F.A. 1,2,3,45 Science Club 2, ROBERT SCHULZ. "Bob" Rod Sc Gun Club 2, 3, 45 Booster Club 25 Football 45 Annual Staff4. DEAN SEDGWICK Rod and Gun Club 1,45 Football 1, 25 Basketball 15 Baseball 1, 25 Cheerleading 2, 35 Student Senate 2. Page 36 LOIS SCHUMACHER Chorus 1, 25 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatics 2,45 Golf 25 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3,45 Latin Club 45 Annual Staff 45 Forensics 1,25 F.l-LA. 4. LOIS SENGSTOCK Chorus 15 Booster Club 2, 35 G.A.A. 1,2, 3,45 Annual Staff 4, fCo-Editorj5 F.B.L.A. 45 Publica tion 4. SANDRA SMITH "Sandy" Booster Club 45 F.B.L.A. 45 F.H.A. 45 Library Club 4. DIANNE STAPLETON Chorus 1,25 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, 5 gf", , 5 s 5 rrrr -rr. - HELEN SNYDER Booster Club 2, 3,45 Dramatics 1, 2,3,45Band 1,2,3,45G.A.A. 1 3,45 Student Senate 3,4, fSecrc taryjp Forensics 1,35 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3,45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Dance Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Ad- visory Council 45 Pep Band 1,2, 3, 45 Orchestra 35 Thespian Club 3,4, fPresidentJ5 Art Club 1,4. KATHLEEN STAFLETON " Kathy" Chorus 45 Booster Club 1,25 Dra- matics 1,2,3gG.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Art lg Student Senate lg Smoke Signal 45 Annual Staff 45 Prom Court 2, 3. Page 37 ROBERT SPINDLER "Bob" Rod and Gun Club 45 Booster Club 1, 2, 35 Band 15 Baseball l, 25 Art Club 1, 25 Student Senate 35 Sci- ence Club 1,25 I.A.A. 4. PAUL STAPLETON Football 2, 35 Basketball 25 Base- ball 3,45 Spanish Club 35 Student Senate 3. LUCILLE STERN "Lucy" Booster Club 25 G.A.A. l,2,3,45 F.B.L.A. 45 Art Club 45 F.l-LA. .3,4. JAMES THOMPSON ..Jim,. Rod and Gun Club 1,2,3,45 Booster Club 1, 25 Football 25 Base- ball 1, 2, 3,45 Piston Poppers 15 I.A.A. 45 Basketball 2. SUSAN STRUCK "Suzie" Booster Club 3,45 G.A.A. 2,45 Art Club 2, 3,45 German Club 35 Student Senate 45 Library 2, 4, fPresidentj5 F.H.A. 2, fPresidentJ 4. IO ANN VANSELOW HJC.. Band 15 G.A.A. 15 F.B.L.A. 45 Art Club 35F.H.A. 3,4. Page 38 WAYNE THOMAS Football l, 2, 3, 4, fCo-Captainjg Rod and Gun Club 25 Basketball 15 Varsity Club 2, 4. MAUA VEIDENS G.A.A. 1,25 Latin Club 8, QSec- retaryJ5 Student Senate 45 National Honor Society 45 Dance Band 45 Badger Girls State 3. MERCEDES WA LDOCH "Merc" G.A.A.1,2,3,45F.H.A. 3,45 Art Club 2, 35 F.B.L.A. 2,45 Pub- lication 4. JAMES WOLF "Jim" Rod SL Gun Club 1, 45 Football lg Golf 25 Baseball 15 Band 1,35 Sci- ence Club 1, 25 Dance Band 2, 35 Piston Poppers 2. PATRICK WHITE ..Pat,, Rod and Gun Club 1,2,3,45 Sci- ence Club 1. Page 39 THOMAS WILSON "Tom" Rod and Gun Club 1,2, 3,45 Art Club 1,2,3,45 F.F.A. l,2,3,45 Piston Poppers 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 4 I.A.A-Q Golf 3. BARBARA YORK "Ann" Chorus 1,25 Booster Club 1,25 G.A.A. 3,45 Latin Club 3,45 Homecoming Court 4. ,CARL ZEUTZIUS "Zeutz" Booster Club 1,2, 3,45 Dramatics 1,2, 3,4, QTreasurerjg Band 1,2, 3, CVice-Presidentjg Football 1,2 Baseball l,2g Golf 25 Art Club 1, 2, Spanish Club 2, 3,4, qVice- Presidentj, Student Senate 2, An- nual Staff 4, Science Club 1, 21 Varsity Club 2, 3,49 l.A.A. 4. JACK ZWICKY Rod 81 Gun Club 1, 2, 3,43 Art Club 3, 4, German Club 3,45 Student Senate 1, Varsity Club 2,3,4g Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Seniors Not Pictured f . ,X X V, I V' vi ELEFTHERIOS DEMOCOPOULOS X XX W ff I, X ROGER SCHOLL "Lefty" y Rod and Gun Club 2, Smoke Sig Foreign Exchange Student from X nal 2 Greece, Art Club 4, Holnecolningt X X X Court 4. gl V V f X Y V X , ' V , X N X X X X X K 'v -4 ,X ,- 1fQa'F.5i , - 1 . . 1 fy?-1 Q- , ix ix f 4 Anim--7, 1 K, J-J 'i,,X.,.- -N 44 X IX'-f RICHARD OLSON ..,. ee: 41 'e n su' ' r S BARBARA WITTNEBEL ,'Dick" 1 fig, if J ..Barb.. '--'-" ' ' S Chorus 3,4: G.A.A. 2,3. ,,A...,,. HYR-:Tin 1Q,'l ii "'s iff ' fe Y -flffi"'"i"'T-21 - -- Cfe--?.1f4- ' - 9 -+- ' --W -ff- - - Y --,, ..,,,,,, A --M 'HA E'--fl Hip , 11 WN- . ,i.1L.-g.,gl2,13--- 'C' "' 7 W M V C3 - -,, T ,Wm A 1-s -... .1 ,JU-4-f--f -f .-.,. . ,--,..i -iHM UW DECKS 4, W' f " f' ,ff f df ' if ff ,f if ff!! ff! f K ff ' X X fi Q, ff!f f ! ff Q ff X I Page 41 X f W rw f Juniors K 'M"'W-Q-.. fsx-Q-s.. ,aff 5a's65'fC'CZN72YTx If 417 E 7 gf' Y' MR. GORDON'S HOMEROOM BACK ROW: Bruce Brietenbach, Carl Beletsky, Peter Becker, Gary Nampel, Pat Mehling, Bob Bertram, Dick Braun, Howard Kaufman. SECOND ROW: Beverly Anstey, Ann Brooks, Scott Stroud, Jerry Beaumont, Lee Klug, Bob Brouwer. FIRST ROW: Judy Baehler, Nancie Brockmeyer, Nancy Bergman, Judy Molzof, Marie Barker, Celia Carr, Mr. Gordon, NOT PICTURED: John Anderson, John Dunphy. J ,wie 5,2 F H. J MISS JOHNSON'S HOMEROOM BACK ROW: Jean Ney, Gail Spicuzza, Karen Rasmussen, Pat Morris, Sig Svanoe, Joanne Hockmuth, Mary I-Iasslinger, Barbara Schohert. SECOND ROW: Donna Dorman, Miriam Peterson, Gerry Peterson, Beverly Honeyager, Margaret James, Jean Schen- rell, Rosann Router, Nedra Schiller. FIRST ROW: Nancy Kinny, Sue Reukema, Bonnie Seaborn, Marjorie Kienast, Salli Rel- latz, Carol Teeters. NOT PICTLQED1 Cynthia Poweleit, Mary LaPorte, Miss Johnson. o . ,Q k amps MISS MASTERSON'S l-IOMEROOM BACK ROW: Lucio Benavicles, Pat McFadden, Terry Luedtke, Mike Long, Allen McCarey, Dennis Meissner, SECOND ROW: Miss Masterson, Walter Kienast, Judy Laatsch, Sharon Lohry, Vickie Luedtke, Gerry Manley, Tunis Beal. FIRST ROW: ,lane Loucks, Helyn McCombs, Beverly Pope, Carol Manne, Pat Dem. NOT PICTURED: Russel Lembke, Jim McGuire. ff 3 'P IFB MR. ROlDT'S HOMEROOM BACK ROW: ,lack Fredrickson, Wave Burri, Jim lloule, Ken Gehrt, Stan Grunske, John Dalton, Gary Geszvain. SECOND ROW Dick Gromowski, Danny Dumais, Dennis Freischmidt, Mike Evinrude, Cheryl McCellan, Mary Czajczynski, Cheryl Richter, Mr. Roidt. FIRST ROW: Barbara Ebel, Mary Ellsworth, Mary Lynn Gould, Patti Hahn, Donna Grootemaat. fff f f page 44 J fr-R,xr1, . fm MR. VANDERTlE'S HOMEROOM Y 'T BACK ROW: G1 ' ' A - SH TJTOSS. Eric SI0C1I1Ylg, John Olson, Mike Pariza, Charles Hughlett, Ralph Poweleit, Leon Rinke, John Kenealy SECO - ' ' - . . I' Fil ROW- hm Scllmldf, Wayne Staupe, Peter Schoeninger, Richard Smith, Bud Peterson, Keith Sengstock, Mr. Vander- le' T ROW2 Lawfle 015011, Carl Roloff, John Rankin, Joe Schroetter, Don Mueller, Eddie Schultz, L W MR. ziETLow's HOMEROOM BACK ROW: Martin Veidens, Dick Zeutzius, Jim Zimmerman, Chet Wiese, erry e e ig, Chad Wisneski, Dennis Winters, Carol Werderitch, Judy Kopatich, Pat Thacker, Ted Mary Zinda, Mary Weed, Sandy Wonders, Carol Kiper, Betsy Wille, Karen Thompson. T W b r, John Knoff, Dave Kerr. SECOND ROW: Randy Howland, Wcilcs Zwe llardcr, Mr. Zierlow. FIRST ROW: NOT PICTURED: Judy Schmidt, Walte en. X Page 45 A wg? Sw f WV g fl 5 Sophomores 4? ,C 'wx KEN MR. BERGUM'S IIOMEROOM 159 BACK ROWg Gcnc Picllnsch, Dick Bosshzird, Bill Martz, Terry Blasing, Brent Larson, Tim Brandt, lrinny Brown. SECOND ROWg Eleanor Bagstzitl, Junc Antltrrson, Sharon Bierman, Nadine Becker, Sharon Andre, Kathy Bredl. FIRST ROW: Margie Bierman, Rosanne Bierman, Ruth Wilson, Diana Brittig, Roberta Bartlett, Wanda Alstatl, Mr, Bcrgnm. C K N2 MR. BOLD'S HOMEROOM lf e3 5 fjg BACK ROW: James Fredrickson, Perry Edwards, Bill Edwards, Terry Devitt, Larry Dorn, Paul Geisel, Kent Larsen. SECOND ROW: Bill Culver, Rick Delsman, Bob Geszvairi, Warren Mertins, Bob Carr, lim Carothers, Joe Dunn, Mr. Bold. FIRST ROW: Kathy Frost, Mary Gchrt, Nancy Fulmer Penny Fleming, Sue Durr, Mary Gerbenskey, Pam Cooper. NOT PICTURED: William Albert, Dave Nclson. page 47 R MRS . llERRMANN'S HOMEROOM BACK ROW: Ray Unrcin, Jerry Zeutzius, Jeff Trapp, Jim McGrath, Iohn McBroom, Dayton Weed, Phil Baird. SECOND ROW: Mrs. llCl'l'lllElllll, Al Zertuchc, Judy Schemberger, Pricilla Trawick, Bonita Wells, Marilyn Trapp, Pam Wolcott, Alan Outcalt FIRST ROW: Gloria Ward, Rosemary Wilson, Marcia Vrabel, Sally Wille, Sharon Van Lare, Barbara Zwieg. 4 MR. E. IOllNSON'S HOMEROOM BACK ROW: Rohert llaehig, Mike Hanrahan, Mark Green, Dick Grade, Wayne l-lassler, Charles llanson, Gary llielnke, SECOND ROWg David Godgluck, Phil llinderacker, Gary lleinzelman, Bob llanrahan, Ioan Hansen, Sue Hansen, Mr. Johnson. FIRST ROW: Pat Greene, Sharon Hall, Mary Long, Gail llegberg, Sue Haight, Mary Guse, Judy Gilbertson. NOT PICTURED: Warren Faro. of page 48 V , .ar fl MR. LsMKE's Homsizoowi BACK ROW: Charles Kiepert, Steve Ingish, Dick Husting, Dennis Kerr, John Lippert. SECOND ROW: Tom Hoffmann, Christine La Porte, Pat Kehrein, Carol Kuhtz, Melva Jensen, Sandra Johnson, Tom James. FIRST ROW: Mary Keen, Marilyn Koenig, Judy Kafer, Pat Dietrich, Mr. Lemke. NOT PICTURED: Ronnie Miller. .2 K 5. H- :rm MISS SHAW'S HOMEROOM BACK ROW: Wayne Sanger, John Malec, Pete Krueger, Bob Stapleton, Marvin Schlafer, Nels Selho, Bill Spanheimer. SECOND ROW: Paul Toepfer, Victoria Schmidt, Pat Shotla, Karen Siverly, Tony Lombardi. FIRST ROW: Mary McE1hatton, Carolyn Slater, Jean Snyder, Craig Thomas, Roger Seaborn. NOT PICTURED: Miss Shaw. page -19 w-I MISS SMITH'S HOMEROOM BACK ROW: Bonny Nicholas, Jay Morse, Jim Rohs, Bob Pfeiffer, David Rea, Alan Ramin, Jerry Loew, Art Olson, Sue Ander- egg. SECOND ROW: Mary Ann Preisler, Mary Lu Rinke, Mary Reschlein, Kathy Olson, Joan Parker, Barb Riggs, Howard Paul- bicki. FIRST ROW: Peggy Nufer, Donna Skacel, Judy Powleit, Joan Parks, Margaret Rosenberg, Ricki Rossman, Stanley Rumpol Miss Smith. page 50 X ff R f , X X Freshmen w ,J C ,gy X K Q! 2'!"N N MR. DAVIS'S HOMEROOM BACK ROW: Micheal Brierton, Tom Audley, Quenton Clayton, Ilman Andresso, Dennis Brophy, Albert Ebert, Alan Ebel, Louis Birkel, Tod Cowen. SECOND ROW: Nancy Cooper, Marcia Eaves, Sharon Clemans, Lydia Becker, Diane Dettmann, Marie Becker, Warren Brockmeyer, Dennis Barker, Helmer Alstad. FIRST ROW: Roger Ansay, Linda Dorman, George Doleshal, Susan Chapman, Cynthia Becker, Barbara Bierman, Cheryl Becker, Mr. Davis. FN Q X Z Jr V Eg?" 5. ..,. MR. PAGE'S HOMEROOM BACK ROW: Mr. Page, Chuck Winkleman, Jerry Wolfgram, Bob Wiemer, Baldur Werner, Howard Wetzel, Bob Winkleman, Clark Viltcr, Peter Vick. SECOND ROW: Dave Wipple, Paul Stoelting, John Struck, Bruce Tarman, Jack Wildrick, Mike Suchocki, John Vrabel. FIRST ROW: Jean Wegner, Diane Thorkildsen, Nancy Tezlaff, Janice Wildrick, Valeri Wolcott, Loretta Weisc, Betty Wildish, Frederica Wisneski. Page 52 fff I MR. GESKE'S HOMEROOM BACK ROW: Terry Honeyager, Ted Glavin, Mark Hasslinger, Phil Fuchs, George Fejis, Jack Hess, Robert Gottsocker, Lloyd Fetkenhauer, Joe Fredrickson. SECOND ROW: Richard Goranson, Ethel Ellsworth, Penny Hanson, Fred Fetkenhauer, Marjorie Flemin Bonnie Holmes, Terry Fredrickson, Kirk Goranson, Mr. Geske. FIRST ROW: Mary Grabmeier, Barbara Hendrickson, 8. Karen Hahn, Nancy Gromowski, RoxAnne Fleming, Jennifer Fredman, Lynne Galenback. , K I 9 0 NA hiyxyxjwu MR. llUGllES'S HOMEROOM BACK ROW: Gerald Lembke, Gary Kovack, Allen Lund, Tom Kerr, Darwin Lauterback, Richard Jones, lim Liebert, Terry Luehmann. SECOND ROW: Richard Kienast, Donna Kraemer, Dorothy Masson, Lynn La Tour, Carol Kuchler, Martha Kruger, ' ' ' K e ', JoAnn Johnson, JoAnn Lendle, Ruth Ludwig, Nancy lloule, llolly Sharon Lucdtke, Robert Karrow. FIRST ROW. Philllp enn y Howland, Earnest Krumme. NOT PICTURED: Jerry Krause, James Lembke.j ls fp! ' , age 53 7? X ff!! TN N N 1 li MR. MEYER'S HOMEROOM BACK ROW: Mr. Meyer, Jim Molzof, Terry Prust, George McDonald, David Morris, Mike O'Driscoll, Dave Miles, Wade Merryficld. SECOND ROW: Danny Peterson, Robert Manley, Phyllis Meissner, Sandy Paske, Maggie Phillips, Judy Mehling, Mary McBroom, Dave Ollenhoff, John Mueller. FIRST ROW: Mary Olson, Lynn Outcalt, Judy May, Louise Manke, Lorraine Nelson, Karen Radi, Donna Metz, Susie Olson. ,N N Xi I X W 3 ff T WW 'K f Q ff J J MR. MYRHUNVS HOMEROOM BACK ROW: Willard Staupe, Tim Stapleton, Tom Rogers, Gene Reutler, Gary Sorenson, Tony Steiner, Lyman Schultz, Ron Schneider. SECOND ROW: Peggy Maker, Shirley Schumacher, Betty Serres, Jana Seidel, Judy Rasmussen, Paul Roloff, Larry ' ' ' D l Schultz, Joan Schmidt, Kay Schultz, Laurie Stoelting, Stelse, Glenn Rankin. FIRST ROWg Jim Seaborn, Bill Runde, arre Judy Reckheim. NOT PICTURED: Richard Schmitt. Page 54 DRILLS AND MANEUVERS ixxg i K YR- ' " - , 'fr' 1 - VX -xr 2 ' 'f f 'N gzip XJ NN NN C 555 E lf 5555 Q sfe ia? tudent R 1 , I H I ffrlif I -- .I YL , ,M,,,,,,,,,,........... ' ' is 00 ADVISORY COUNCIL U SECOND ROW: Cecile Geason, Judi Olson, Mr. Davis, Dave Balkman, Darlene Becker. FIRST ROW: Jackie Peterson, Harriet X' Hardiman, Mike Kovach, Helen Snyder. Q ff, SUHU' 'Q iii ' -'Q r,rr-r - I I 'MT' STUDENT SENATE OFFICERS ' ' FIRST ROW: Jackie Peterson, Treasurerg Harriet Hardimany, Vice-President, Mike Kovaclr SECOND ROW: Mr. Davis, Advisor. S der, Secretary. President, Helen ny Page 56 N Senate -y-1 HOUSE OF HOMEROOMS BACK ROW: Mark Roloff, Joe Fredrickson, Gary Geszvain, Dave Malec, Jeff Trapp, Dave Balkman, Doug Krueger, Danny Peterson, Mr. Davis. THIRD ROW: Carl Roloff, Sue Durr, Kathy Blake, Judy Kopatich, Marty Krueger, Valerie Wolcott, Pat Af- Dern, Salli Rellatz, Judi Olson. SECOND ROW: Rosanne Bierman, Cheryl Becker, Nancy Brockmeyer, Pat Greene, Jean Snyder, n Maija Veidens, Joan Mulhollon, Donna Skacel. FIRST ROW: Helen Snyder, Harriet Hardiman, Mike Kovach, Jackie Peterson. 4 .. -5' YS' - X3 f J HOUSE OF ORGANIZATIONS THIRD ROW: "Lefty" Demacopoulous, Tim Fredman, Jack Zwicky, Margaretha Fagring, Kathy Rohrer, Darlene Becker. SEC- OND ROW: Cecile Geason, Judy Meissner, Kathy Manley, Susie Struck, Diane Kerr, Karen Schmidt, Mr. Davis. FIRST ROW: Helen Snyder. Mike Kovach, Harriet Hardiman, Jackie Peterson. page 57 Publications PUBLICATIONS BACK ROW: Dorcne Schultz, Jackie Dunn, Judy Ludwigsen, Mercedes Waldoch, Shirley Lauterbach, Shirley Klein, Margie Masson, Ircnc Kcmos, Bev Kiepert, Bonnie Juenemann, Diane Stapleton. THIRD ROW: Gerianne Rohs, Lucy Stern, Judy Link, Lydia Schlichcr, Ruth Becker, Marion Browning, Pat Manne, Nancy Lohry, Harriet I-lardiman, Dieter Heinrich. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Rhincsmith, Kathy Pilgrim, Barh Buchholz, Carol Iochinsen, Val Schroeder, Bernie Kubiak, loan Mulhollon, Kathy Allen, Sandy Smith, Marie Kovach, Mr. Pollock. FIRST ROW: Judi Olson, Janet Ebert, Barb Mathisen, Sharon Miller, Kathy ,.. Stapleton, Kathy Kaiser, Lois Sengstock. i Q I vig ,QQ 0 - F B L 0 o o o i Q . .5 I , I ,Q jf if , if X I'. B. L. A. BACK ROW: Kathy Pilgrim, Irene Kcmos, Barh Buehholz, Merc Waldoch, Sharon Miller, Shirley Lauterbach, Sig Svanoe, Margie Masson, Shirley Klein, Ann Brooks, Judy Ludwigsen, Tunis Beal. SECOND ROW: Chris LaPorte, Beverly Popc, Harriet llardiman, Lucy Stern, Pat Manne, Barb Mathisen, Gerianne Rohs, Kathy Manley, Sandy Smith, Patti Hahn. FIRST ROW: Joan MUHIOHOU, CIICTYI Ricmcf, 5311i RCUHIZ, Janet Ehert, Bonny Nicholas, Kathy Allen, Kathy Kaiser, Lois Sengstock, Phyllis Rhincsmith, Mr. Pollock. page 58 Honor Society 7? HONOR SOCIETY BACK ROW: Joan Eisenmann, Cecile Geason, Helen Snyder, Harriet llardiman, Marg-ie Masson, Susan Hanson, Dieter Heinrich, Dave Balkman. SECOND ROW: Ioan Mulhollon, Kathy Pilgrim, Penny Runkel, Barbara Dunphy, Judi Olson, Ruth Becker, Karen Schmidt, Maija Veidins, Darlene Becker. FIRST ROW: Scott Brown, Lee Merkel, Lydia Schlicher, Kathy Rohrer. OD Z i Smoke Signal 35-4 v SMOKE SIGNAL BACK ROW: Lucio Bcnavidcs, Wayne Staupe, Dennis Winters, Dick Braun, Pat Mehling, Terry Lnedtke, Dennis Donovan, John Olson, Stanley Grnnsku, Dick Zcutzius, Mr. Lemke. SECOND ROW: Keith Sengstock, Dennis Meissncr, Brncc Brcitcnhach, loc Scllrocttrr, Sigrid Svanoc, Gurri Manley, Mary Czajczynslii, Indy lraatsch, Patti llahn, Margaret James, Phyllis Rhincsnnth, Victor Raasch. FIRST ROW: Mary Ellsworth, Pat Dern, Betsy Wille, Karen Thompson, Sharon Lohry, Karen Rasmussen, Sandy Wonders, Carol Tvctcrs, Miriam Peterson, Marie Barker, Salli Relalz, Mary Lynn Gould. page 59 Thespians TIJESPIAN BACK ROW: Pat James, Chad Wisneski, Don Mueller, Dennis Donovan, Bob Kasparzak, Eric Stoelting, Kathy Rohrer. SECOND ROW: Carol Manne, Darlene Becker, Margaret Rosenberg, Jean Snyder, Pam Wolcott, Judi Olson, Barb Dunphy. FIRST ROW: Dianne Pardun, Carl Zeutzius, Helen Snyder, Diane Kerr, Miss Masterson. Dramatics xl, DRAMATICS BACK ROW: Miss Masterson, Chad Wisneski, Don Mueller, Lois Schumacher. FOURTH ROW: Pat Manne, Jackie Beckmen, llelen Snyder, Sue Haight, Dianne Pardun, Sig Svanoe, Kathy Stapleton, Kathy Rohrer, Joan Parker, Bob Kazparzak, Karen Rasmussen, Gail Spicuzza. TIIIRD ROW: Judy Baehler, Darlene Becker, Jean Eisenmann, Diane Kerr, June Anderson, Pam Wolcott, Mary Czajczynski, Sharon Andre, Sue Hansen, Pat Dern, Sue Reukema, Ceclia Carr. SECOND ROW: Margaret Rosen- bcrg, Karen Schmidt, Jcan Snyder, Gerry Peterson, Marty Krueger, Beverly Pope, Bonny Nicholas, Sandy Wonders, Cheryl Richter, Salli Rcllatz, Cheryl Becker. FIRST ROW: Carl Zeutzius, Judi Olson, Pat Manne, Barb Dunphy, Eric Stoelting. page 60 rt Club ART CLUB FOURTH ROW: Mr. Davis, Sally Ritenour, Valerie Wolcott, Mary Reschlein, Marge Masson, Jeff Trapp, "LCfIy" DSIUJCOPOUIOUS Judy Molzof, Dorothy Masson. THIRD ROW: Nancy Houle, Darene Schultz, Susie Struck, Bev Kiepert, Judy Melssner, Donna Grootemaat, Karen Galow, Marge Manke. SECOND ROW: Miss Reke, Joan Mulhollon, Jean Snyder, Peachie Peterson, Marie Kovach, Kathy Pilgrim, Penny Fleming, Nancy Lohry, Judy May, Maija Viedens. FIRST ROW: Harriet Hardiman, llelen Snyd I Darlene Becker, Karen Schmidt, Mike Kovach. Latin Club it at 41' LATIN CLUB FOURTII ROW: Mr. Bodoh, John llcizclman, Bill Martz, Gary Hiemke, Brent Larsen, Levan Heimke, Jim Giesel, Richard llus- tings, Kent Larsen, Leon Rinke, Pat Morris, Mary Oswald, Barb Dunphy. THIRD ROW: Diane Thorkelsen, Valerie Wolcott, Jean Eisenniann, Lois Schumacher, Chad Wisneski, Kathy Olsen, Mary Lu Rinke, Ann Brooks, Judy Schemberger, Judy Laatsch, Tunis Beal, Susie liansen, Kathy Rohrer. SECOND ROW: Joan Johnson, Celia Carr, Pat Thacker, Vicki Luedtke, Pam Wolcott, Susie Olson, Nancy llonlc, Maija Vcidens, Sandy Wonders, Judy Baehler, Mary Weed, Cynthia Becker, FIRST ROW: Miriam Peter- son, Gail Spicuzza, Doug Martz, Ann York, Helen McCombs. page 61 Spanish Club SPANISH CLUB BACK ROW: Miss Masterson, Paul Stoelting, Bob Parker, Stan Grunske, Doug Krueger, Terry Luedtke, Tim Fredmen, Carl Zeutzius, Eric Stoelting, John Malec. SECOND ROW: Margaret James, Cherie McClellan, Pat Manne, Jackie Beckmen, Dianne Pardun, Shirley Lauterbach, Sharon Andre, Karen Rasmussen, Kathy Blake, Judy Kafer, Marie Barker, Nedra Schiller. FIRST Margie Biermeh, Jenny Fredmen, Barb Biermen, Margaret Rosenberg, Joan Parker, Sue Durr, Pat Dern, Jane Loucks, Manne, Sue Reukema, Holly Howland. ,fr 5 B' Lipid Science Club 423' SCIENCE CLUB Barb Mathisen, Bob Bonham, Eddie Laird, Bob Parker, Dave Malec, Barb Dunphy, Sue Hansen, Ann York fpartial picturej, Jim Geisel, Bob Kasparzak, Doug Martz, LeVan Heimke, Lee Merkel, Mike Kovach, Dave Pitterle, Mr. llassemer. page 62 I.A.A. BACK ROW: Jerry Zeutzius, Bruce Breitenhach, Dennis Donovan, John Olson, Dick Zeutzius, Bob Parker. SECOND ROWg Dick GIOIIIOWSRI, Bob Schulz, Carl Zeutzius, Allen McCarey, Richard Smith, Ken Gehrt. FIRST ROW: Mr. Bold, Bob Spiiitllgr, Tim Paddock, Eldon llolden, Stanley Runiphol, Randy Howland, Mr. Johnson. "Lisa f F.F.A. BACK ROW: Dick Braun, Larry Lund, John Z. nkin, Allen McCarey, Dayton Weed, Pat Mehling, Lee Mcissner, Clary Nzuupfl, Jini McGrath, Charles llanson, Don Kohr, Bob Carr. THIRD ROW: Peter Schoeninger, Dennis Winters, Harold Schlisc, Phil Ilcld, Eugene Becker, Ti111 Paddock, Mike llanrahan, Mike Mehliug, Dave Morris, Warren Mertius, Jay Morris, Dave lliles. SECOND ROW: Dennis Meissncr, Terry lloneyager, Jim Molzoff, Louis Birkel, Eddie Schulz, Phil Baird, Russ Schmidt, Robert Winklcuian, Terry Lenipkc, Toni Audley, Glen Rankin. FIRST ROW: Mr. Benrud, Phillip Kinney, Clark Vilter, Bob Baehler, Peter Becker, Bob Mertins, George Birkel, Dave Olson, John Dalton, Allan Ebel, Roger Seaborn. Pie 6:3 1 :- r' Q i 'gi-'cf ' sg f Homemakers Llbrarlans fax ,' E-f l LIBRARY CLUB BACK ROW: Mary Guse, Lydia Becker, Nancy Cooper, Carol Slater, Dottie Masson, Marion Browning, Sandy Smith, Bev Kie- pert, Nadine Becker, Nancy Fulmer, Nancy Iloule, Sandy Johnson, Kathy Frost. FIRST ROW: Ruth Becker, Miss Cerny, Eleanor Bagstad, Karen Galow, Judy Meissner. 0 . 00 'T HOMEMAKERS BACK ROW: Sue Andcregg, J Priscilla Trawick, Jo Ann Vanselow, Joyce Morris, Margarita Fagring, Joan llanson, Bonnie Seahorn. FOURTH ROW: Lucy Stern, Irene Kenios, Marge Manke, Geri Rolls, Sandy Smith, Judy Lndwigsen, Kathy Manley, Karen Rasmussen, Geri Manley, Nancy BCfglllL1ll, Judy Laastch, Carol Tecters, Karen Radi. THIRD ROW: Kathy Stapleton, Mary Guse, Mary Cehrt, Nancy Fnl rner, Marilyn Trapp, Bonnie Nicholas, Sandy Wonders, Beverly Pope, Nadine Becker, Mary Lu Rinke, Pat Greene. SlZCON D ROW: Margie Bicrnicn, Eleanor Bagstad, Kathy Frost, Sandy Johnson, Kathy Allen, Cheryl Richter, Mary Linda, Salli Rellatx Nancy Kinny, Pat Dcrn, Judy Link, Donna Skacel. FIRST ROW: Karen Galow, Janet Ebert, Donna Cowen, Mercides Waldoch, ackie Peterson, Lois Schumacher, Bev Kiepert, Shirley Lauterlvach, Shirley Klein, llelen Snyder, Snsic Struck, Miss Smith. page 64 utdoor Clubs ROD AND GUN CLUB, BACK ROW: Ray Unrein, Mark Greene, Bruce Breitenbach, Randy Howland, Jerry Zeutzius, Eldon Holden, John Olson. SEVENTH ROW: Bob Hanrahan, Peter Krueger, Lanny Brown, Jeff Trapp, Pat White, Dean Sedgwick, Thomas Rogers, Dick Zeutzius, Allen McCarey, Keith Sengstock. SIXTH ROW: Bob Pfeiffer, Dick Delsman, Allen Octcalt, LeonRinke, Russ Lemke, Eddie Laird, David Pitterle, Lee Klug, Jim McGraff. FIFTH ROW: Marty Veidins, Jim McGuire, Chad Wisneske, Eric Stoelting, Carl Beletsky, Paul Geisel, James Houle, John McBroom, Charles Hughlett, Warren Brockmeyer, Jim Zimmermann. FOURTH ROW: Ralph Powleit, Peter Schoen- inger, Jerry Beaumont, Eugene Becker, Craig Thomas, Roger Ansay, Dick Goranson, Bob Mertins, Dave Olson, Tim Paddock. THIRD ROW: John Dalton, Glen Thoss, Bob Baehler, Jim Wolf, Don Mueller, Jim Schmidt, Tom Hoffman, Richard Bosshard, Rick Rossman. SECOND ROW: Mike Hanrahan, Terry Devitt, Ken Gehrt, Terry Weber, Bob Kasperzak, Pat Mehling, Douglas Martz, Don Kohr, Bob Schulz, Art Olson, Advisor, Mr. Hughes. FIRST ROW: Steve Ingish, Scott Stroud, Jim Carothers, Reid Bierman, Carl Roloff, Sue Haight, Lee Meissner, Rosanne Bierman, Jack Zwicky, Bob Spindler, Bob Marshall and Jim Thompson. G,A,A,, FIRST ROW: Members of the G.A.A. Board. Sally Rellatz, Karen Rasmussen, Marie Baker, Karen Schmidt Judi Olson, Gail Spicuzza, Jackie Peterson, Marie Kovach, Pat Thacker, Pat Morris and Mrs. Herrmann. ORCHESTRA, THIRD ROW: Mary Lou McBroom, Barbara Riggs, Penny Runkel, Advisor, Mr. Bart, Russel Lemke, Mike Evinrude, Pat Thacker, Lee Curtis, Nels Selbo, Kathy Olson, Joan Parker Charles Hughlett. SECOND ROW: Miriam Peterson, John McBroom, Mary Lou Rinke, George Risberf' Barb Mathison, Cecile Geason, Linda Gallenbeck, Nancy Brockmeyer, Karen Siverly, Pat Morris Mary Weed, B Orchestra Judy Baehler, Mary Lay. FIRST ROW: Mary Oswald, Penny Fleming, Marjorie Rinke, William Roskopf, Par Greene, Roxanne Fleming. DANCE BAND, ROW ONE: M. Veidins, J. Baehler, S. Reukema, S. Ritenour, P. Runkel, G. Peterson, C. Hughlett, B. Riggs. ROW TWO: R. Lemke, J. McBroom, N. Selbo, M. Evinrude, J. Houle, P. Thacker, P. Morris, H. Snyder, L. Krambs, Mr. Weigel, Director. Dance Band Band BAND, ROW ONE: P. Runkel, B. Riggs, N. Brockmeyer, K. Siverly, M. Jensen, P. Hahn, C. Geason, J. Snyder, B. Mathisen, G. Peter- son. ROW TWO: B. Nicholas, M. McBroom, H. Wetzel, B. Olson, D. Meissner, N. Becker, S. Olson, ROW THREE: K. Bradel, M. Vrabel, B. Kehrein, M. Larsen, C. Werderitch, Walcott, J. Parker, K. Olson, M. Zinda, S. Ritenour. ROW FOUR: R. Bartlett, C. Becker, M. James, J. Anderson, P. Fleming, J. Baehler, M. Weed, P. Morris, Bierman, N. Houle, M. J. May, M. Gerbensky. Serres, M. Krueger, P. C. Hahn, B. Runde, V. C. Hughlett, B. Culver, W. Alstad, V. Luedtke, Cooper, S. VanLare, R. L. Krambs, H. Snyder. ROW FIVE: J. Houle, P. Thacker, B. Spanheimer, K. Sengstock, W. Peterson, A. Outcalt, Q. Clayton, P. Stoelting, J. Parks, J. Vrabel, M. Pariza, P. James, M. Evinrude, S. Chapman, P. Meissner. STANDING: S. Reukema, M. Ellsworth, S. Haight, R. Lemke, C. LaPorte, J. Malec, N. Selbo, J. McBroom, Mr. Weigel, Director. Page 67 Colorguard Nancy Lohry, Sandy Wonders, Darlene Becker, Sharon Lohry, Sharon Andre. aj orettes Barbara Bierman, Sally Ritenour, Mary Zinda, Bonnie Nicholas. Choir maQ,ff-:www Q... .. . BACK ROW: Howard Paulbicki, Barbara Bucholz, Ray Unrein, Kathy Stapleton, Lucio Benavides, Dennis Donovan, Leon Rinke, Wave Burri, Nancy Lohry, Carol Kuhtz, Lefty Democopoulos. THIRD ROW: Joyce Morse, Beverly Anstey, Jackie Beckman, Margaretha Fagring, Helyn McCornbs, Barbara Schobert, Judy Gilbertson, Mary Ann Preisler, Carolyn Slater, Marilyn Koenig. SECOND ROW: Mr. Bart, Nancy Bergmann, Kathy Kaiser, Mary Gould Betsy Wille, Jean Ney, Marjory Kienast, Mary Keen, Valerie Schroeder, Kathie Manley. FIRST ROW: Mary Lay, Gloria Ward, Sue Hansen, Celia Carr, Carole Kiper, Phyllis Rhinesmith, Lynne Outcalt, Barbara Ebel. Page 68 1...-1' L -' l X L DECK SPORTS 'E 'ffm 'Qi Varsity Cheerleaders LEFT TO RIGHT: Judi Olson, Mary Lay, Harriet Hardimen, Jean Snyder, Joan Mulhollon, Gerri Peterson. J V Cheerleaders BACK ROW: Pat Green, Rosanne Bierman, Margaret Rosenberg. LEFT TO RIGHT: Nedra Schiller, Sue Haight, Mary Preisler, Bonnie Nicholas, Sue Olson. Here Come The Warhawks ENDS: Scott Brown ann Terry Weber. LINEMEN: Doug Mttrtz, Wayne Thomas, Carl Roloff, Don Kohr and Dick Braun. BACKSg John Anderson, Bob Baehler, Bob Mueller, Chet Weiss and Bob Haebig. ri fr . l . -1 xc 1 K X f -1 Q ej Us 555455 3" Sl 'CBA fl fffssr 1959 A.H.S. Football Team TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lanny Brown, Bob llaebig, Bob Mueller, Larry Dorn, Ralph Powleit, Don Mueller, Dave Bglllilllflll. THIRD ROW: K1 G ll ,l rn t lrt, C1etWeise, Terry Weber, Doug Martz, Reid Bierman, llivk Braun, John Dunphy. SECOND ROW: Don Kohr, John Anderson, Lee Mer kel, Scott Brown, Bob Krrsprcmk Bob Bgtclllur, Bob Schulz. FRONT ROW: Assistant Coach, Win. Johnson, Ray Unrein, Carl Roloff, Larry Krntnbs, Miha- hvinrndt-, Wayne Thomas, Coach Daryl Gordon. Page 71 The Season The Warhawks started off the sea- son with a non-conference tilt against M.U.S. M.U.S.' passing outweighed the Warhawks ground control. Final Score: A.H.S. l2j M.U.S. 20 Moving to West Bend, the War- hawks encountered the defending conference champions. Warhawk in- iuries and West Bend's variable de- fense decided the game . Final Score: A.H.S. Og W. Bend 25 Playing host to Watertown the following week, the Warhawks were again destined to defeat. Many in- juries seemed to plague the Warhawlcs. Final Score: A.H.S. 65 Watertown 25 Upon going to Oconomowoc, the Warhawks received their worst defeat of the season. Even though the War- hawks held the Coons scoreless for a quarter, the outcome was definite. Final Score: A.H.S. Op Oconomowoc, 38 In Review The game with Horicon, at Horicon, was probably the wettest game of the season. The Warhawks couldn't quite "pull it out of the mud" for their second conference win . Final Score: A.H.S. 135 Horicon I3 Arrowhead's homecoming game arrived and the Warhawks were still searching for their first win in the Little Ten . Not to be disappointed on homecoming the War- hawks won handily. Final Score: A.H.S. l85 ColumbusO l For their final game of the season the Warhawks were hosts to Hartford. Still game after a difficult season, the Warhawks turned in some fine individual and team performances, for a solid win. Final Score: A.H.S. 275 Hartford 7 An away game against a strong Beaver Dam team ended in another loss for the Warhawks. Still hindered by in- iuries, all the efforts of the Warhawks couldn't change the outcome. Final Score: A.H.S.O.5 Beaver Dam 21 Coaches and Captains LEFT TO RIGHT: Lino-coach Wm. Johnson, Co-captains Wayne Thomas and Bob Mueller, Coach Daryl Gordon. Graduating Gridders BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry Krambs, Bob Mueller, Douglas Martz, Reid Bierman, Scott Brown, Lee Merkel, FRONT ROWg Don Kolrr, Bob Schultz, Wayne Thomas, Bob Kasperzak, Robert Baelller. Page 74 Junior Varsity WARHAWKS O 0 6 0 I3 9 6 BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Iohn Mueller, Tom Audley, Mike O'Driscoll, Jerry Fredrickson, Tod Cowen, Terry Prust, Richard Jones, Jim Liebert, Dennis Barker, Al Zertuche, Dave Gongluck, Rick Delsman, Joe Fredrickson. SECOND ROW: Coach Don Lemke, Terry Devitt, Ted Glavin, Howard Wetzel, Dick Schmitt, Jack Underburg, Jack Hess, Jerry Zeutzius, Dick Grade, John Struck, Charles Kiepert, Phil Fuchs, George Fejis, Mr. Remsted. FRONT ROW: Gary Hiemke, Gene Rueteler, Jack Wildrick, Dave Morris, Wayne Sanger, Craig Thomas, Tim Brandt, Mike Hanrahan, Doug Krueger, Dan Peterson, Mark Hasslinger, Larry Stelse, Mark Green. .V. Scoreboard Anchors of a Future Football Team Page 75 OP PO N E N TS West Bend I5 Watertown 7 Oconomowoc 6 Mukwonago 7 Pewaukee 9 Waukesha 6 Hartford 25 The 1959-60 AHS Basketball Team ri BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Al Vandertie, Gary Gezvain, Mike Hanrahan, Pat Mehling, Dennis Donovan, Douglas Martz, Dick Braun, Dave Balkman, Stan Grunske. FRONT ROW: Terry Weber, Jack Zwicky, Terry Luedke, Bob Pfeiffer, Bob Mueller. Coach and Captain Coach Al. Vandertie and Captain Bob Mueller Junior Varsity BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Nels Selbo, Dick Schmitt, John Malec, Terry Devitt, Doug Krueger, DEITITIS Kerr, Bruce Tarman, Tim Brandt, Coach Don Lemke. FRONT ROW: Joe Schroetter, Phil Hinderacker, Tom James, Bob I-Iaebig, John Struck, Larry Stelse, Lanny Brown. Scoreboard VARSITY JUNIOR VARSITY WARHAWKS OPPONENTS WARHAWKS 60 Milwaukee, Tech. 52 28 Milwaukee, Tech. 55 West Bend 5I 29 West Bend 6 I Watertown 63 32 Watertown 68 Hartford 57 4I Hartford 49 Oconomowoc 62 3I Oconomowoc 50 Beaver Dam 72 33 Beaver Dam 42 West Bend 63 25 West Bend 49 Racine Park 53 3I Racine Park 72 Berlin 33 33 Berlin 70 Waupun 54 30 Waupun 89 Horicon 52 39 Horicon 53 Mayville 65 53 Mayville 64 Oconomowoc 67 28 Oconomowoc 62 Hartford 42 22 Hartford 5I Beaver Dam 62 I2 Beaver Dam 56 Watertown 69 25 West Watertown 67 West Milwaukee 62 492 63 Brookfield 55 Record 6-I0 57 Menomonee Falls 70 I I38 I I I0 Record 9-I0 ...- Receiving Instructions. . . MM,,,.- IN Tllli AIR--'Tnrry I,11i-dlxu, jll11iOl xxllivl' fm' tim yuxrx irvilfililwlii, jumps to 1 iulf .l1lUIilL'n. J THE FAST BREAK AT ITS BEST--Buh Mu drivw in fm .umrlwr my-up, .md not .x nw min in sight. Spring SOUTHEASTERN CO-CHAMPIONS BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Steve Preisler, Chet Cusick, Terry Weber, Jim Thompson, Bob Mueller, Florian Borowslci, Coach Don Lemke. FRONT ROW: Bob Marshall, Bob Baehler, Doug Krueger, Dan Schossow, Don Dalton, Pete Gesvain, Gary Gesvain. Missing: Bob Pfeiffer, Reid Rierman. WARHAWKS 2 . . l . 6 . I2 . 5 . I . 20 . l l . 4 . 3. 65 SCOREBOARD OPPONENTS . Mukwonago 3 .Oconomowoc l4 . .Pewaukee 2 . Racine Co. 0 . . Waterford l . Salem Central 3 . . . Palmyra 0 . . .Norris 2 . . .Pewaukee 3 . .Oconomowoc 4 32 Page 80 13 innings 9 innings Sports 1959 BOY'S GOLF TEAM: Phil Hinderacker, Randy Howland, Bob Haebig, John Malec, Pete Schoeninger, Dick Zcutzius, Jerry Zcutzius, Paul Gciscl, Coach Al Vandertie. - is 1959 GIRL'S GOLF TEAM: Jackie Peterson, Carol Mnnnc, Coach Barb Herrmann, Pat Mannc irnd Pat Thacker. Page 81 AND NOW TRACK ,f Coach xc 3 1,1 A ' .r I' Richard Myrhnnr Intramurals Basketball is but one of the intramural activities which are scheduled. Others include volleyball, badminton, football baseball, and ping-pong. Most of the intramural activities are supervised and officiated by students them- selves. Page 82 A keen spirit of com- petition is evident in all intramural events--girls' and boys' . SHIPS LOG x X V -.ERN ZX Q' sR ff I V .,,, A is "'-- ,. ff! V - 5' gfijiijjg Q11f f,ffQQ w Xxx Onward we go " v g,mqfdN. The Gathering" "All This and A HOMECOMING "Beam i ks' Little Bit More" "1959" 5- "Princesses" Her Majesty" Judi Olson IIROYGHYII Page 85 "The Spark LET'S G0 DANCING Surprise Go man Go' Records and More Records Talking If Over Dance With me Page 86 This is Dancing? Time To Leave INTERNATIONAL FAIR .Nirk ,W A ' m""4v .. , f Up A ,, "5 ,AM Q5 e HW .. COWMTTF V- WMS' can Roloff THE ORGA -v - X, 1 N535 wggnesk guexxaux. Daflene BCCKVIZERSH - 'er LW - ,O s eh 'mich ' 8. ' WW . Sch we .9091 X4 . 99,0811 S S Beam - QU- www gllne I Demaco r11at10,,aJFr. Fagmz Poloug G ICIIQIS E1 ORP- 8, Swede! reece- M efzherios S Y 1, argzafcma Q0 INSIDE ARROWHEAD What F Ah-h M orm!! Pg 88 According fo h F I MAY I PRESENT For Ability 8. Effort in Band 8. Choir To Our Safe Drivers ---Outstanding Achievement PROM 1959 Q3 , u w J V a ,- 1 THE ROYAL COUPLE Shirley Reschlein 8. John Lierk NOBILITY HIGHNESS' Page 90 One More Happy Couple This is The Night Y Heavenly Bliss Page 91 Fellows First C L A S S OF "59" Honor We've Made If Page 92 On The March .43 EARLIER YEARS - ww! X 64 ag,9,"Mf ERR RRRLT R R Q X K- , ' 1' 331 v," f , '- E , we v ,il SPONSORS OF LEONA'S BEAUTY SHOP 124 North Avenue Hartland FO 7-6494 MANICKE BLIND 81 SHADE 116 North Avenue Hartland FO 7-6471 CLARENCE KURTH cfo Spartan Realty Company 7721 West Burleigh Milwaukee UP 3-6750 H W BROWN LUMBER COMPANY North Lake WO 6-3641 BANK OF NORTH LAKE North Lake WO 6-3151 ALFRED MAN NE cfo Hystro Products Oconomowoc LO 4517 KRUMENACHER'S JEWELRY SHOP 103 North Avenue Hartland FO 7-2350 DOWNING 8. BOWEN REAL ESTATE 115 Capitol Drive Hartland FO 7-2933 KLlNK'S STANDARD SERVICE STATION 101 East Capitol Drive Hartland FO 7-8886 HARTLAND WOMEN'S CLUB ALLENE'S BEAUTY SHOP 204 North Avenue Hartland FO 7-2981 HARTLAND SAND 8. GRAVEL 701 West Capitol Drive Hartland FO 7-2103 DR. JOHN RIDLEY 105 North Avenue Hartland FO 7-6424 MA JOHNSON'S 104 West Capitol Drive Hartland FO 7-8872 BROCKMEYER INC . 527 North Avenue Hartland FO 7-6206 HARTLAND CONFECTIONARY 152 East Capitol Drive Hartland FO 7-2158 STATE BANK OF HARTLAND 112 East Capitol Drive Hartland FO 7-2202 THE WARHAWK HASELOW COMPANY 122 Cottonwood Avenue Hartland FO 7-6600 EDDIE MARTZ, INC. 210 Cottonwood Avenue Hartland FO 7-2111 JOHN McBROOM RRFI Hartland North Lake - WO 6-2311 LUDWIGSEN SHELL STATION 160 East Capitol Drive Hartland FO 7-8871 DR. CLARENCE SAMUELSON 213 Goodwin Avenue Hartland FO 7-6243 HARTLAND PLASTIC COMPANY 340 Maple Avenue Hartland FO 7-2135 HARTLAND LUMBER COMPANY 301 Cottonwood Avenue Hartland, FO 7-2154 HARTLAND FEED 8. FUEL COMPANY 331 Pawling Avenue Hartland FO 7-6488 DR. ROBERT GAVAHAN 213 Goodwin Avenue Hartland FO 7-2300 ARROWHEAD MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Arrowhead High School DONALD KERR DISTRIBUTING COMPANY North Avenue Hartland FO 7-2639 I JACOBS 8. SONS 102 East Capitol Drive Hartland FO 7-6640 JACKSONS' DEPT. STORE 129 East Capitol Drive Hartland FO 7-2101 MlNNETTE'S BAKERY 111 East Capitol Drive Hartland, FO 7-2510 E. L. MEANEY Beaver Lake Hartland FO 7-6459 HORNBURG MOTOR COMPANY 130 East Capitol Drive Hartland FO 7-2148 MERTON LUMBER COMPANY MERTON Lynwood 7-2201 MERTON BRANCH Pewaukee State Bank Merton Lynwood 7-3732 M AUTOGRAPHS W ,J 1 fl-7 ' vt , ' ' , Y W gif? MVA WM aw vnnooxs MM my My QQ ,KWWQ IV figs ff,,f1??iM1f QB YgwWQjQ9, W , ii wwfiifygf Xl by eisjefl gif 50" 7336" K ifoke X 7 Q1 i J' f- w .- - ' V - wwf., f9w-1awfg.+ ,mg Q Q- owwbk JW Oggsgk fv1vlAJ: 1 mv vglijwxc, ZEGUNI ,ffwVw Ufvqfq ff ff q2fa fQ K V ,, ,-1, ,, , L .. H , ,,,,, iv ,1 flf' f' ff! 0 'E 1 jj! .L , A, i, -v ffl". Q Ef-'-3?4Qf5i1Ei:3i2Tl-l- QESZL.'.flL.5i:Zt711E.32.73-5:J11235-E5li2ii?EL73i35fJ.,a ,f A4 if gl f

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