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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1969 volume:

■IpiK-: iifliffi«it!ian:s! " ( -;n i( N-- ' nB 4-!t;-i- ;. ' . i::?i ' K«,t-;.n « ■ ;-»Mttti«ttL«» -i«« ?TO«7:•!Hfml;lt titiSM H ' s:(: ;! ' :MifiIt il| {; ' MI:( f!tB■4;■ :;:: ltBilmm»»IiBffim tffi» :lT:! ;:::•i " ■K:■ii: :;i ■::::;-:■:l;.:4- ' i: : ::l! ' i REAR ADMIRAL L. R. VASEY MESSAGE TO MIDSHIPMEN You have successfully completed one of the most demanding and rewarding phases of training leading to commission as a naval officer. In the short space of eight weeks we have participated in nearly every aspect of surface naval operations and shipboard life. The heavy schedule of exercises and the fast pace at which they have been conducted during this cruise have taxed the fullest measure of your abilities and experience. As third classmen, this has been your first meeting with the challenge to be found only at sea. For the first classmen who will shortly join the fleet as commissioned officers, this has been your most productive encounter with the practical responsibilities that will soon be yours. The maritime challenges facing our nation today are creating requirements for a high caliber officer force as never before in the history of our service. Your demonstrated performance throughout this cruise has proved you are ready to meet these requirements. ' ell done. L. R. VASEY Rear Admiral, USN i-.WHai«43:(:f;a-v :! !-::: f;fr:»: ' nT-t: ' :-!-:i:-;i ' :-: i;i-:K : -H-;r;f:- i-:-i(:f:» ■:a-=-ii:ffli fBTlUHU-faftr-Blff RADM LLOYD R. VASEY CHIEF OF STAFF PACMIDTRARON ' 69 Robert E. Mc Cabe enlisted in the Navy in 1943, He later graduated from the Uni- versity of Minnesota under the V-12 pro- gram with a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering and was commissioned Ensign on 20 February 1946. He was advanced to the rank of Captain on 1 July 1967. After serving as Executive Officer on the USS CUSHING and USS TURNER JOY he took command of the USS SAMUEL N. MOORE. CAPT Mc Cabe also served for three years with the Chief of Naval Operations and suc- cessively commanded Escort Squadron THREE. Destroyer Squadron THIRTY- THREE and Destroyer Squadron THIRTY- ONE. Captain Mc Cabe holds the Bronze Star Medal with Combat " V " , Navy Unit Commendation and Korean Presidential Unit Citation. COMMANDER PACMIDTRARON ' 69 Lloyd R. Vasey graduated from the Naval Academy and was commissioned Ensign in June 1939. He attained the rank of Rear Admiral on 1 December 1965. RADM ' asey holds a Masters Degree (Ed.) from Stan- ford University. He also is a graduate of the National War College. Washington, D.C. During World War II he served in sub- marines in successful combat operations against enemy warships and merchant ship- ping, and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for heroic action as Executive Of- ficer. USS GUNNEL. He has commanded the submarine CAPITAINE, and Submarine Division 102. Other commands in addition to present assignment as COMCRUDES- FLOT 7 have included the USS KA SHIWI and the heavy cruiser USS ST. PAUL. In 1963-64 he served as Chief of Staff to Commander SEVENTHFLT, Shore billets have included duty in the WTiite House, the strategic plans division of OPNAV and the staff of CINCPACFLT. From 1966-68 he served as Secretary to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, for which he was awarded the Legion of Merit. CAPT ROBERT E. MC CABE S$iii«»I t TRAINING ELEMENT ALFA On 25 June. 1969, in ceremonies aboard the USS ENGLAND, berthed at the Em- barkadero. San Francisco. CAPT R. J. Hanks relieved CAPT B. D. Gaw as Commander Destroyer Squadron THIRTEEN and Training Element ALFA. CAPT B. D. Gaw COMDESRON 13 Commissioned in 1942, CAPT Gaw served as XO of the USS K. D. BAR- LEY and CO of USS MANSFIELD. He later commanded the Naval Communications Station, Republic of the Philip- pines and the USS KLONDIKE. He took command of Destroyer Squadron THIRTEEN in October. 1968. Commissioned in 1947, CAPT Norman initially served in hydrographic ships. He was assigned to the Office of CNO. served as Assistant. U.S. Naval Attache, Re- public of S. Africa and was Assistant Plans Of- ficer, COMSEVENTH- FLT during the buildup of operations in Viet- nam. CAPT R. J. Hanks COMDESRON 13 Commissioned in 1945, CAPT Hanks completed Naval Air School, Pen- sacola in 1959. He reports to Destroyer Squadron THIRTEEN from duty as Deputy Di- rector for Nuclear Planning Affairs in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense. International Se- curity Affairs. CAPT O. L, Norman, Jr. CO, USS ENGLAND CDR L. R. Lester, Jr. CO, USS JOHN PAUL JONES Commissioned in 1952, CDR Hughes served as CO of USS HUMMING- BIRD, had duty as an instructor and was the Operations Officer on the USS R. A. OWENS. He served as XO of the USS DYESS, and in October, 1968, he as- sumed command of the USS MORTON. CDR Lester was Project Officer for and during the construction of the Polaris Missile Site at Charleston, S.Carolina. He was Flag Lieutenant for Commander ASW Force- Pacific and the first Commander of JOHN PAUL JONES up- on its conversion to Guided Missile De- stroyer in 1967, CDR Bres was commis- sioned in 1951. He served as Flag Lieuten- ant to Commander Cruiser -Destroyer Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet, then as XO of the USS VANDIVER, as CO of the USS TALBOT COUNTY, and in July, 1967 assumed command of the USS PORTER- FIELD. CDR W. P. Hughes CO, USS MORTON CDR J. H. Bres CO, USS PORTERFIELD TRAINING ELEMENT BRAVO Commissioned in 1942, CAPT Smith graduated from the Industrial Col- lege of the Armed Forces in Washington, B.C. in June, 1964, He assumed command of Destroyer Squadron 19 in March, 1968. Commissioned in 1955, CDR Webster has com- manded the USS REX- BURG and served on the Staff of COMCRUDIV FIVE. He reported to USS SOMERS from the Bureau of Naval Per- sonnel. CDR Sudduth served as XO of USS PTARMIGON and USS RUPERTUSand as CO of USS MA HOP AC. He took command of the USS TURNER JOY from the Staff of COM- CRUDESPAC in Octo- ber, 1968, CDR Morris served with the Military Advisory Group. Greece, and as XO of the USS HOOPER and USS PREBLE. He took command of USS PARSONS from the Of- fice of the Sec. of Defense. CDR McAIevy was NET Defense Officer in Pu- san. Koreaand was Har- bor Defense Advisor in Istanbul. Turkey. He took command of the USS PICKING in 1967, after duty in ' ietnam. CAPT J. W. Smith COMDESRON 19 CDR H. L. Webster CO, USS SOMERS CDR R. E. Morris CO, USS PARSONS CDR R. M. Sudduth CO, USS TURNER JOY CDR J. H. McAlevy CO, USS PICKING • . .TiTi in f ui7iTifiTitL i», .ariiiiir»t TjrjTKiTititi ' .T- TRAINING ELEMENT CHARLIE CAPT Hooper enlisted in the Navy in 1942 and was commissioned En- sign in June 1944. Dur- ing his naval career he has commanded the USS NEW and was XO of the SIXTH Fleet Flagship USS SPRINGFIELD. He was on the Staff of Com- mander-in-Chief. U.S. Naval Forces. Europe and in the Office of the Chief of Naval Oper- ations. CAPT J. A. Hooper COMDESDIV 192 Commissioned in 1952, CDR Loggan served on the Staff of Commander Amphibious Force Pa- cific Fleet and on the Staff of Commander Service Squadron THREE. He served as Executive Officer of the USS HENRICO and took command of the USS MC KEAN in December 1967. CDR Dwyer served pre- viously aboard the USS JOHN A. BOLE, USS WORCESTER, and USS HOPEWELL. He also served aboard ships of the Mine Force and Am- phibious Force, com- manding the Coastal Minesweeper ROBIN and the high speed At- tack Transport DIAC- HENKO. CDR Coiner was com- missioned in June, 1952. He served aboard the USS MIDWAY, the USS DIACHENKO. and helped commission the USS CANBERRA. He served as XO of the USS JOHN KING and took command of the USS PRESTON from duty aboard the SEVENTH- FLEET Flagship USS PROVIDENCE, CDR W. J. Loggan CO, USS MC KEAN CDR L. A. Dwyer CO, USS FECHTELER CDR J. A. Coiner CO, USS PRESTON CAPT T. E. Groves COMDESDIV 132 Commissioned in 1945, CAPT Groves was an instructor at the U.S. Naval Academy and XO of USS PERKINS. He was then XO and CO of USS KING. After serving as Commanding Officer of USS HO EL, he took com- mand of Destroyer Divi- sion 132. TRAINING ELEMENT DELTA Commissioned in 1952, CDR Allen was Executive Officer of the USS BORDE- LON and CO of the USS ALCRITY. Prior to taking command of USS DECATUR he was attached to the Of- fice of the Chief of Naval Operations, Logistics Plans Division. Commissioned in 1950, CDR Walker served as As- sistant Naval Attache in the Netherlands in 1964. He also had duty with the Mili- tary Intelligence Agency in Washington. He then took command of USS ARNOLD J. ISBELL in Yokosuka, Japan. CDR J. B. Allen CO, USS DECATUR Commissioned in 1953. CDR Van Wes tender p served as Naval Gunfire Liaison Officer with the First Marine Division and as CIC Officer abo ard the ROC HESTER. He served as XO on USS BLUE and took com- mand of BRINKLEY BASS in August. 1968. CDR G. D. Walker CO, USS ISBELL CDR S. Van Westendorp CO, USS BRINKLEY BASS .»S?wH»Iit:i.;.!if.t! TRAINING ELEMENT ECHO Commissioned in 1944, CAPT Snyder has been di- rectly involved with special weapons. He was XO of USS EVERETT F. LARSON. USS HEERMANN and commanded USS CALCATERRA and USS BROWNSON. He took com- mand of the USS NEW JER- SEY from duty as Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of the Navy. CAPT J. E. Snyder, Jr. CO, USS NEW JERSEY ■mihfi ' ' ' . " i)i!{i-Mti}HitlilJttiii«t.i. TRAINING AT SEA 11 :iMiMiSi{il8!tSli 13 OPERATIONS i:R «i;i3cffiafit{iif(iKaksip; i!?{ siH mi A f ' HS x :K. ' THE BRIDGE » H «l K 17 1 ART OF THE MARINER. . . " I pinpoint us about six miles off the coast of New Guinea... " ' .- p. ,,.p,. r-Tl:i-;w5ii;iliti:i3: ' ftityi!-4! ' !y!feffe 1 - i -•m. 1 ■ mW m nim. FLAG BAG HAUL AWAY! Illlllllllllllllllllillllllb WEAPONS iKtJii«---;:;ifiM;-r-!-%-:-:;:-;::-:; ' ri-i i-:-.-;.i:;:t; .-:awti8ma ' i-%-i-.i.-:vi;-- -;vJ! ' iuii HANDLE WITH CARE . . . 22 • X N ji GOT IT? GOT IT. 23 n i C sr n » T.£..r,r, S -. ' JJvl 1 --,- - J jj f 5 " " - V and WariTif Bo FXGIXEERIXG HOT UNREP t. ' iat!i:;Wfe!t»{:!3: ' ;;!fey::}iik;!M!»:tifePTO ' % ' ii«it iWi»u!i Let ' s see... right over left over, .. no.. . left. .jio... right over. ..right... Just like mom ' s. pr- $ S V: Oh no, not at all,. .it looks very comfortable.. A FEW WORDS FROM THE OLD PROS ■itlSS aiBiaBIMailai-j-- ! ■[.•.■.i-J-:; --.T :uii PORTS OF CALL 29 CJP ) tm-- LONG BEACH PACMIDTRARON ' 69 social activities kicked off at the Long Beach Naval Station Officers Club with an afternoon mixer. Good food and good drink paved the way for things to come... " So I say to the Captain, I say, ' Captain.., ' " 31 «,•--■-.-.;•■■ " :■ ■:-.■ I•r•ti.JitI•;■!:.;l:!•i-i-irl-:-:; lr; l(■l ;.■-■rl;.:;:: .;inlJtl•ktiW i la.• J»»?lUl Ji I(Sli SAN FRANCISCO The " City by the Bay " hosted Mid- shipmen and the young ladies of San Francisco at the annual Mid- shipmen Ball. 33 PUGET SOUND TACOMA SEATTLE EVERETT VANCOUVER, WASH, VANCOUVER, B.C. Karen Brown, Seattle ' s Sea Fair Queen, was on hand to greet DECATUR, BRINKLEY BASS and A. J. ISBELL, Commodore Groves was on hand to greet Miss Brown. ru.-.i[ :. ' . •.•.!.•;•■•:. S-!r•■ I•■•1P» ■ i•i iH• r; r:?:- - LtI -T.•!:.f:-:i■J•- Tl-j .•- :nri ti i PEARL HARBOR 1: 35 1 ¥ C ' 1 ;»...)— 1 L - ■ u m i-ag w .VWv •Je = S r " — ■1 Be a 7t3H :ii 5 Vm. Hku ' -gw Kk £ w B990 . i ' ; -. .; .vV ■ vi TV»— ■ T ,- • T— SAN DIEGO PACMIDTRARON ' 69 joined San Diego ships each night in a dress lights salute to the city ' s year long Centennial Celebration. 3r 3 ;-;;;i%::f-r •spnraj. ' ;!?? : MIDSHIPMEN WOODEN DECKS AND IRON MEN |» « f :;■:•■i ■:■J ■:; v:T;■:-•i •. ::.:ql |:r t: ri ■|:• • w : ;:■ USS NEW JERSEY BB62 The NEW JERSEY is a battleship of the " IOWA " class, commissioned in 1943. Displacing 56.000 tons, she is 887 feet long. 108 feet across the beam. Her pre- sent crew consists of 80 officers and 1556 men. The ship ' s six 16-inch guns can hurl 2700-pound projectiles on targets 20 miles away. Supplemented with twenty 5- inch guns, this is the most massive fire- power of any ship in the world. NEW JER- SEY is the only battleship in modern history to serve in three wars, having just returned from operations in Vietnam. The Navy had 23 battleships left after World War II. All but four of these have been scrapped or made into museums. !■ • •- j R. F. Barnes 1 C W. G. Bozin 1 C M. C. Brown 1 C J. M. De Vane 1 C A. R. Fratzke 1 C J. L. Geb 1 C T. P. Hall 1 C G. L. Herbert 1 C J. A. Johnson 1 C G. Kline 1 C S. Lapkin 1 C D. D. Marquardt 1 C 39 D. J. Martin 1 C D. L. Mattison 1 C D. J. Monroe 1 C R. C, Olson 1 C F. G. Schobert, Jr. 1 C L. S. Silver 1 C R. L. Slowik 1 C D. L. Whitmire 1 C C. B. Williams 1 C L. Antrim 2 C A. W. Lengerich 2 C D. Olson 2 C M. J. O ' Neil 2 C C. F. Welles 2 C J. L. Alexander 3 C J. S. Anderson 3,C 40 f :si:;i t;;ia!;ii!:i:ii;:a;;;y:ii;y-:;;af ;i:rt;:i:-Ti ' R. L. Arfman 3 c W. E. Ary 3 C B. C. Baertsch 3 C W. Baltazar 3 C R. D. Barnes 3 C J. C. Beall 3 C D. A. Beatty 3 C J. C. Berg 3 C M. J. Berns 3 C R. A. Bifford 3 C N. A. Bloom 3 C P. C. Borja 3 C P. E. Bray 3 C T. D. Brooks 3 C K. N. Burns 3 C J. A. Bussiere 3 C 41 A. L. Butt 3 C T. Bybel 3 C J. Caccia 3 C P. R. Cafaro 3 C P. L. Christman 3 C K. E . Condon 3 C K. J. Conway 3 C M. E. Costello 3 c D. P. Crimmins 3 C D. C. Cullison 3 C P. D. Curtis 3 C T. Curtis 3 C M. C. Davis 3 C R. E. Davis 3 C H. Deal, III 3 C W. D. De Golian 3 C D. Delano 3 C 42 A. G. Dennlson 3 C A. L. Detwiler 3 C R. E. Dolan 3 C J. R. Donahue, Jr. 3 C G. J. Fox 3 C E. Galvan 3 C J. F. Gay 3 C R. M. Gibbs 3 C S. A. Guzauskis 3 C R. M. Harris 3 C M. J. Hedin 3 C R. N. Hobbs 3 C J. Jabby 3 C J. W. Jahn 3 c D. R. Jones 3 C B. D. Junsmore 3 c 43 ■i;jtanifiir-m»n G. J. Kline 3 C R. S. Krause 3 C W. P. Larson 3 C M. M. Little 3 C J. B. Love 3 C R. J. Mattedi 3 C J. D. McCloskey 3 C E. G. McGoun 3 C J. B. McKeown 3 C J. A. Meek 3 C J. E. Mulligan 3 C R. P. Myers 3 C R. A. Pickett 3 C J. H. Powers 3 C D. P. Reistetter 3 C P. C. Stanley 3 C W. H. Stapleton, Jr. 3 C C. R. Voyles 3 c I ' 44 1 ' ■y WT miahi miKm ki ' i m ii ' iiiieil a!ilJ !-!tf:n- USS ENGLAND DLG22 The USS ENGLAND is a " LEAHY " class guided-missile frigate commissioned in 1963. She ap- proaches the size of a light cruiser with a length of 533 feet, a beam of 54 feet, and a dis- placement of 7600 tons. She car- ries a crew of 374 officers and men. Her armament consists of 6 torpedo tubes. 2 twin 3 " 50 mounts, 2 twin Terrier missile launchers, and anti-submarine rocket-thrown torpedoes. During search and rescue operations in the Gulf of Tonkin, the ship ' s helicopter rescued more than twenty downedpilots from the sea. J. F. Amos 1 C J. T. Cowan 1 C P. A. Crystal 1 C R. G. Halgren, Jr. 1 C C. E. Haulik l c J. L. McGlothin 1 C R. R. Ries 1 C W. D. Sanders 1 C D. Stockholm l c A. M. Turbeville 1 C R, L. Bernard 3 C L. T. Bruins 3 C 46 l|gijaii.;.,K,:.iij-.-;i;,:(:--.-i. :.-.!.•:■■■••■ A. T. Brent 3 C F. R. Buckner 3 C R. T. Cassidy 3 C B. K. Farwell 3 C S. S. Fitzgerald 3 C J. E. Flanagan, Jr. 3 C J. W. Flemming 3 C S. G. Greene 3 C G. R. Hill 3 C F. D. Hood 3 C J. E. Jackson 3 C R. H. Long 3 C AfL dMm M. K. McEvoy 3 C C. R. McKean 3 C G. J. Murphy 3 C L. C. Murray 3 C IR «W W. R. Netro 3 C J. T. O ' Connell 3 C D. A. Olson 3 C R. T. Rich 3 C C. W. Rubendall 3 C G. T. Shinner 3 C K. W. Tarrant 3 C 4 47 omruRtiTrnTinfl USS DECATUR DDG31 The USS DECATUR was the first post World War II destroyer to be converted to a guided missile destroyer, and is the fifth ship of the fleet to bear this name. Commissioned in 1956, she dis- places 4000 tons and has a crew of 350 officers and men. The DECATUR is 420 feet long and 45 feet at the beam. Her arma- ment includes one 5 " 54 gun, anti-submarine rocket torpedoes, " Terrier " missiles systems, and a drone anti-submarine helicop- ter. She served in support of the attack aircraft carrier HAN- COCK off the coast of ietnam. 48 D. L. Clabaugh 1 C M. W. Delorey 1 C D. E. Francona l C D. A. Gilbert l C E. R. Pacheck 1 C R. W. Palla 1 C J. H. Ross 1 c G. M. Scott 1 C C. A. Grant, Jr. 2 C Mr V h 1- I. I T. W. Bouch 3 C D. S. D aught ry 3 C J. J, Deschauer 3 C W. A. Faust 3 C L. E. Duncan 3 C E. F. Hollins 3 C V. R. Jayne 3 C A. A. Jensen 3 C T. Letzinger 3 C S, J. McNabb 3 C R. J. Meadows 3 C B, A. Nettleton 3 C J. L. Orlando 3 C R. J. Sanders, Jr. 3 C D. C. Tilehman 3 C G. W. Weldon 3 C G. M. Westcott 3 C 49 D. R. Dodd 1 C C. E. Kohout 1 C iii M. L. McQuigg 1 C S. C. Nyland 1 C P. J. Park 1 C L. L. Perch 1 c SSIiilifl J. T. Shields 1 C G. A. Stiles 1 C T. J. Butler 3 C P. C. Chisholm 3 C D. W. Clark 3 C M. J. Clark 3 C C. W. FoUand 3 C J. C. Fuoti 3 C R. P. Hupf 3 C S. E. Ives 3 C ilfe JL 50 ' Si ' L.iLAtm aums ai inmititi Kitii. uss JOHN PAUL JONES DDG32 Commissioned in 1956 the guided- missile destroyer JOHN PAUL JONES is the fourth ship to be named in honor of the famous Naval hero. She displaces 4250 tons, is 418 feet long, 45 abeam. Her armament includes one 5 " 54 gun, " ASROC " and " Terrier " missile systems and " DASH " . She participated in space program re- covery operations and the Cuban crisis blockade. D. C, Lincicum 3 C J. A. MacDonald 3 c J. M. Mc Grail D. A. Olsen 3 C R. H. Parker 3 C J. B. Ryan 3 C E. D. Wilt 3 C G. E, Shepard 3 C D. L. Stacy 3 C B. C. Toilet 3 C M. R, Topalo 3 C MJIM l i 51 52 USS PARSONS DDG32 N. J. Dilloff 1 C R. A. Manekin 1 C W. F. Pain l C P. N. Richter 1 C The USS PARSONS is a " DE- CATUR " Class guided-missile destroyer named after Rear Ad- miral W. S. Parsons. Commis- sioned in 1959 she displaces 4000 tons and has a crew of 320 of- ficers and men. The ship is 418 feet long and 45 feet at the beam. Her armament includes one 5 " 54 gun. anti-submarine rocket- thrown torpedoes . " Terrier " missile systems, and a drone anti-submarine helicopter. The flagship of Destroyer Squadron 31, she was converted to a guided- missile destroyer in 1966, with 90 percent of her original super- structure removed. ' T D. T. Sacco 1 C J. R. Simpson 1 C R. R. Smith 1 C S. E. Springer 1 C W. G. Wagner 1 C R. S. Runnion 2 C D. M. Davis 3 C D. R. Edwards 3 C D. L. Miller 3 C W. C. Wagner 3 C W- w w W. J. Wilkie 3 C R. E. Witkowski 3 C W. A. Young 3 C 53 ■aVMWKPlSHt J, M, Carney 1 C S. M. Chandler 1 C P. O. Dunn 1 C E. J. Fahy 1 C T. C. Macnamara 1 C H. A, Skinner 1 C .f-J iW m ' USS SOMERS DDG34 The USS SOMERS is one of four FORREST SHERMAN class destroyers to be converted to a guided-missile destroyer. She has a medium-range surface-to-air missile, an anti- submarine rocket and a rapid-fire 5 " 54 gun mount. She is 418 feet long, 45 feet across the beam and has a displacement of 4000 tons. The crew consists of 320 officers and men. r iJ _,«- W5_. •- . " V . 54 BT ' i ' V " ' Wr " " F ' -LT ■ m m W €0 .. , R. V. Bode 3 c E. T. Brill 3 C J. T. Crawford 3 c p. J. Mallon 3 C W. D, McLean 3 C W. J. Demmon 3 C R. L. Greene 3 C R. A. Hall 3 C J. M. Kessler 3 C M. D. Kilmartin 3 C , « " ft -. R. E. Kuhn 3 C m9 S j- n_ J. W. Peterson 3 c T. D. Peterson 3 c J. C. Swanson 3 C « l iM 55 USS BRINKLEY BASS DD887 The BRINKLEY BASS is a " GEARING " class gen- eral purpose destroyer that was commissioned in 1946. She underwent the FRAM conversion in mid 1961 and afterward has been in- volved inmany varied tasks and exercises. In August 1968, two days after a change of command cere- mony inthe Philippines, the BRINKLEY BASS rescued a pilot from the carrier HANCOCK. Since that time, BRINKLEY BASS has participated in a variety of duties and tasks off the coast of Vietnam with the U.S. Seventh Fleet. The BRINKLEY BASS has a compliment of 290 men. R. B. Colquhoun l C E. J. Dee l C L. F. Mclntyre 1 C R. B. McPhail 1 C S. E. Rasmussen l C J. T. Shannon 1 C G. W. Cantwell 3 C 56 iiamam tUESmasuMjiiH ::.-it ' ' itiCtTiTfmiaaiWffiTi;;fi 4 L. C. Castleman 3 C G. S. Decker, Jr. 3 C G. W. Graham 3 C J. W. Harrison 3 C G. W. Hickman 3 C R. C. Holmes 3 C R. C. Jungels 3 C D. Kim 3 c M. V. Monkhouse 3 C D. R. Richmond 3 C R. P. Riley 3 C C. D. Robertson 3 C M. J. Sise 3 C W. R. Stevens 3 C S. R. Wenger 3 C 57 mMd f D. E. Ballard 1 C W. T. Bramlett 1 C J. Guarneri 1 C B. R. Harrison 1 c N. J. Nelson 1 c »J ' R. C. Seaman 1 c iiiiii ttudi L. E. Sheller 1 C B. H, Welch 1 c D. R. Zwilling 1 C I. S. Victor 2 C G. D. Cline 3 c T. W. Cooper 3 C W. A. Cornil 3 c H. D. Covert 3 C M. A. Crim 3 C iH jtM S. M. Glover 3 C H. L. Grover 3 C R. F, Hurley 3 c 58 WIITITiir " USS FECHTELER DD870 FECHTELER is a con- verted GEARING class de- stroyer, commissioned in 1946. Her armament con- sists of two 5 " 38 gun mounts, torpedo launchers, an anti-submarine rocket launcher, and a drone anti- submarine helicopter. She served on the gunline in support of two amphibious landings in South Vietnam. Originally named for Rear Admiral Augustus F. Fech- teler, who commanded a battleship division in World War 1. the ship now also honors his son, LT Frank C. Fechteler, a naval avi- ator who was killed in a plane crash in 1922. M. W. Koster 3 c A. F. Loomis 3 C S. D. Monson 3 C D. A. Robles 3 C S. Schreckencast 3 C S. J. Whelan 3 C M. S. Wilus 3 C i tf tMrnh 59 .■nrm iiwitiTiuritp? ' W»Titrt iiTmT(rtritw [Hiw»TiniMmi«WTnmtRT Trirtirii USS ARNOLD J. ISBELL DD869 D. E. Brehm 1 c T, L. Manson 1 C J. W. Muttern 1 C M. T. Terry 1 C C. E. Whitaker 1 C S. W. Baxtar 3 C The ARNOLD J. ISBELL was commissioned in Janu- ary 1946 and is a destroyer that has undergone the modernization program in order to up-grade her fire- power to modern day stand- ards. Since her conversion the ISBELL had made tours to ' ietnam and holds the distinction of the first United States ship to do combat with the North iet- namese shore batteries. In a twenty minute clash, three separate batteries were engaged. The AR- NOLD J. ISBELL has as- sumed the role of a Gun- fire Support ship and as a Search and Rescue ship. f ' ' ' ; H 60 R. E. Blume 3 C B. H. Bruthers 3 C M. J. Defers 3 C J. F. Hill 3 C D. J. Llewellyn 3 C S ita R. J. Malarkey 3 C L. C. Minder 3 C W. H. Ranney 3 C J. P. Robinson 3 C M. J. Sare 3 C T. E. Scarbrough 3 C M. J. Schneider 3 C M. L. Thomas 3 C D. G. Wilfong 3 C 61 »?Si9IB iB}:itmtitnrTn; Mi BM HSffl!m(!!MiHiEJra»TH?ti»- ' : jatM m m J. H. Buescher 1 C P. T. Cahill 1 C R. E. Halderman l C M. A. Hoke 1 C M, V. Knudsen l C M. R. SheUey 1 C iiUHiifflfi MCKEAN is a converted destroyer of the GEARING class, commissioned in 1945. She is 390 feet long, 41 feet abeam and dis- places 3200 tons. Her crew consists of 298 officers and men. Her armament in- cludes two 5 " 38 twin mounts. two torpedo launchers, anti-submarine rockets (ASROC) and a drone anti-submarine heli- copter (DASH). She is named in honor of Com- modore William Wister McKean, Commander of the Federal Gulf Squadron dur- ing the Civil War, She is the second ship to bear the name. She has served in Korea and in Vietnam. USS McKEAN DD784 62 W. A. Wood 1 C R. J. Biederman 3 C A. H. Crooker 3 C J. H. Gillette 3 C W. E. Jennings 3 C J. C. Kosanke 3 C D. E. Martin 3 C M. R. Matzen 3 C R. T. Mayer 3 C S, M. Narjarlan 3 C R. F. Nelson 3 C W. H. Nelson 3 C D. P. Parks 3 C G. R. Rogers 3 C T. W. Rossley 3 C N. W. Schafer 3 C J. W. Sheets 3 C L. R. Smith 3 C R. J. Skewis 3 C C. A. Taylor 3 C D. D. Thaxton 3 C K. A. Tylor 3 C AT € d . mflMJ iArm r " »»■ t aS tM m Miii k 63 »»«!■■■ B. J. Brown 1 C J. K. Brown 1 C J. A. Covotta 1 C T. J. Hayes 1 C R. S. Martini 1 C H. A. Moore 1 C M. Schuman 1 C J. V. Weber 1 C W. J, Grace 2 C P. D. Schultea 2 C J. F. Dalton 3 C C. L. Fremont 3 C D. D. Harvey 3 C J. M. Herzog 3 c ( k R. D. Honey 3 C T. J. Jones 3 C D. H. Kerr 3 C M m ' L. T. McAlpln 3 C J. F. Moran 3 C C. E. Phillips 3 C ! I l l 6 64 USS MORTON DD948 MORTON is a general purpose destroyer of the " HULL " class commissioned in 1959 as a prototype of the guided missile de- stroyers. She is 418 feet long, 45 feet abeam, and displaces 2850 tons. She has a crew of 21 officers and 315 men. Her armament consists of anti-submarine, surface and anti-aircraft weapons. She was involved in action at Quemoy, Matsue, and as a Gunfire Support Ship in Vietnam. W. S. Raidt 3 C L. W. Sanford 3 C M, J. Schnell 3 C S. L. Shalles 3 c W. E. Sundstrom 3 c J. C. White 3 c ■• ' T» 1 65 BBPKHTtsupiati ' : :- ' : ' i;KHira jHr»iBJtir«fm-: USS PICKING DD685 USS PICKING is a later " FLETCHER " class gen- eral purpose destroyer. She was commissioned in 1943. The ship is armed with anti-submarine, sur- face, and anti-aircraft type weapons. During World War II she earned five battlestars for action in the Kurile Island. Leyte, Lu- zon, Manila Bay and Okin- awa. In May 1962, she be- came the first U.S. com- batant ship to be awarded the gold " E " with hash- marks for six consecutive years of engineering ex- cellence. R. E. .A.dams 1 C E. M. Gumkowski 1 C R. B. Hoffman l C J. N. Shaffer 1 C J. L. Spencer 1 C J. H. Thorp 1 C 66 W. M. Desgalier 3 C R. L. Fuller 3 C J. L. Goyer, in 3 C R. L. Hatcher 3 C F. R. Hearty 3 C D. N. Mizell 3 C rs « R. E. Nelson 3 C S. D. Richards 3 C L. E. Thomas 3 C A. Vandevanter 3 C J. J. yanparys 3 C M. C. West 3 C T. F. Weymann 3 C E. H. Worrall 3 C R. C. Wright 3 C S. A. Beckley 1 C T. E. Head 1 C S. J. Krug 1 C . v H. W. Rohles 1 C W. H. Takahashl 1 C D. G. Anderson 2 C » ■ " •- ,1 X R. J. Bordge, Jr. 3 c S. F. Callahan 3 C J. S. Elliker, Jr. 3 C T. T. Jordan 3 C R. A. Schwering 3 C J. W. Sloan 3 C S. R. Tidemann 3 c A. G. Trop 3 C , ■»■-■ «■%. iJ 68 ]. k V I h USS PORTERFIELD DD682 The USS PORTERFIELD is a later " FLETCHER " class gen- eral purpose destroyer com- missioned in 1943, Her anti- submarine capabilities include depth charges, hedgehog rockets and homing torpedoes. She is also armed with surface and anti- aircraft weapons. The ship is 376 1 2 feet long and 39 1 2 feet at her beam. She carries a crew of 17 officers and 250 enlisted men. The ship has served in carrier screening duty at New Guinea, the Marianas, and the Philip- pines. She served gunfire support at Iwo Jima and more recently in the Korean and Vietnamese conflicts. ■ r f( T . ' J. C. Tuttle 3 C J. W. Waddell 3 C D. G. White 3 C S. W. White 3 C 69 mm ll|ll | | i|l| l| l! I J l!l | l l l j| l |ji}P| l |j l | l | | |i! j jy im i ij|Mtfi i i! it:f:;sH!! ' y;. H«rw iMuittiiii ! ij!i | Htiiia| MidiiiiMiiaaiBiiiiiiiaiiii TURNER JOY is a general purpose destroyer of the latest post-war class, named in honor of Admiral C, Turner Joy, She is 418 feet long, 45 feet across the beam and displaces 3900 tons. Her firepower consists of three 5-inch dual purpose guns and one twin 3-inch rapid-fire mount. She also carries modern anti-submarine weapons. In the summer of 1964 in the Gulf of Ton- kin, TURNER JOY was one of two ships attacked by the North ' ietnamese tor- pedo boats while on patrol in International waters off the coast of ' ietnam. USS TURNER JOY DD951 R. K. Chamberlain 1 C J. J. Dibernardo 1 C P. W. Ehmcke 1 C G. C. Koons 1 C J. R. Cakes 1 C T. C. Stente 1 C 70 ■!«■ i | ijiii i i Mmif« i i mn ii|i i i J. G. Ware 1 C T. M. Linamood 3 C R. F. Matsushima 3 C G. R. McHugh 3 C J. B. Morgan 3 C B. R. Phillips 1 C C, J. Remsliak 3 C J. C. Rhyan 3 C J, W. Roberts 3 C J. T, Rodriguez 3 C M. C. Rowson 3 C D. G. Ryan 3 C G. R. Spangrude 3 C W. E. Sprotte 3 C C. E. Smith 3 C G. S. Smith 3 C S. M. Songer 3 C J. A. Stauter 3 C M. F. Uebelherr 3 C N. S. Wingert 3 c gm k KJik m 71 IK ' MiSS P CRUISE BOOK STAFF LTJG W.C. SHATTUCK J02 L.E. CHURILLA DN2 R.A. POOLE GS7 H. SCHROEDER GS5 T. PAUL PHI R. WASSMER PH2 J. GARY PH2 J.H. GREENWOOD PH2 SANSAVERA J03 W.L. RICHARDSON Editor and Layout Copy Editor Artist Photographer Photographer Photographer Photographer Photographer Photographer Photographer We wish to express our appreciation to the 12th, 13th and 14th Naval Districts Public Affairs Offices, Commander Fleet Air Whidbey Public Affairs Office, and Commander Fleet Air Photo Lab, San Diego for their cooperation and photographic assistance. WALS WORTH PUBLISHING COMPANY NUrtrlint-. M lU frulsf Biiok Sales (Hlices " ME Herschel Slrei ' t l.a Jiilla. I ' alilurnia Hior, 72 ■fS- HU lU Mjj ;«lin ' i. Mo ■- " • A

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