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 - Class of 1964

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xxkx MTX, 1 s 1 x Wmfuf j , I X -F QLJ b FE X ,fab flkdllggf Xa N JJ f " ff A .X . .1 A ' , 1 ., -f- if N J 9 ' 4 f U04 f Q , JQH ,Aww f f , ,K k Q W62,4,fg,0C, x 3 fi AX-QLAN En , ,ff I, .-, ,f x V' A UU Q QA ,,g,f,417k..5L6ff C..-f-'ifwf if ' 'Cf A x x f X f ' ,L, ' . , ,f X N i 'L 2 x x A 'kr' if Mfg? 127 L K 1 fflf if Y K 5 ,L 5 ' ' f gif! J X I A x" A i 4' 5 iL 'i Ui 4 x T , xi.jf. f"ff 5 Vi ,fr Z 3 W , KMILC I l QV ff 1 i 41 L' fl 1: 1 Ax A I iff, fp ' "ff Q r if ,gfQU'LfxS,,, X f 1 Q " 1 MV nw 0-' , QU f 6U, M Q 1+ W iff M Q Offs j ? J J' K 'Q . qv '71 I Jfl ' 3 IU 0 K4 !'J . X lv li , LJ : ' H . T fo, , ,+,.. rv , 9 7' , .. fwf.-F. ' - " "U -.1 C4 jif ' , . ay' , ., .ff .. . . V js A . 4.. if- 1. 41- . V2.4 . ,I itil, Au ' " t. ' f 5, A '.x ,sw . .4 ' v .6 1 :K 1 -f Ni 2:5 QM WWWWM ww WW R W f + My JAL77?,cwx.e, WWW MM Xfpmwm, M Nj Wym kffme 3 '7 ,Www ,, ,f mqm f f' .f I f ' K - V0 ,. ' ff' WWW ' f ' L Mf M f K fad Q Jfwwg Q 1 W y , y Vyww 49 wiv wwf Mm M J. l'x . .ky - J.. 1 , 'I W ""WW' I. M A Q if i 7 WL jlyylg W w ff , Q ff W Q. , U ' W 4 , 4 ,ffl ,Qfwvlfwf M 4,04 Y! ' 65,0 4 A ff, -V+ , NJ NS W , - - 1- A-I -- H. ., lv PY Aw' A .A Qi rf gy? 4 MW M E535 Mgxggjfgfn ,.,, . , LV 4- fx W mf! W1 "v-X ,wfax x Q if l "W i :- K 3 X Ui KQX , Q' :H X fi ff ! L 1' YCSQ NV 3 'fa 4 Ma LK W Km U dx rf' 3 H ff THE 1964 AHLION v 'wwf ARNOLD HIGH SCHOOL ff ARNULD, PENNS YL VANL4 1- W V I ff 14, , A "- 1 D K ' s ' ' 'MV . N 7 , Z, 4 H ' 1 l , U H 1 Q,0 ,OO N N WWW 2 O I .H ,N H ' XX X W 2' ' fa xx H' MQW DOOR WA Y TO CHERISHED MEMORIES H XX, fy. TU. .1 I X5 N Ly! K dw A 1 K N f TJHJ X QOJ L A UW A L ,Q 0 QL J A MU Q, MJ X ' P f , v K V WMO H, X Y X7 V K if 'Lil' . fylf X WP ' I LL J Mwwf 1 Jf3 7 M W, C V I ' Jw' C J Xanzlf ' If jfyuffwilff 1 JL X ' . M, Af i LQ M kQMHIXX if, , N A NU W ' , H' fb' ,W I ,c, f rw ,IVV ZXJV I sf J , if ,MH LVJ ,ff W ' W +L fr 'ffiffh fy' W ,,' ,ry V' VL, ' nf y f1Zf,M Mm 1 'if f Z iff ' Wyif fbcmmy Am, Aff f f . V ,,, 1 L 7 uf VW! VR N 4 AX , R N 3 N N NY .K x If wi Q Q X, X f f E X ,YQ 1" F ORE WORD J The paThways Through high school are memorable ones. We hope ThaT Through This book, we have porTrayed a span of These pafhways To The TuTure upon which each of us Travels. EducaTion is in iTselT a wide and heavily Traveled paThway. There are many forks in This paThway-each leading To some goal seT by - - ,4 ' Those who are Traveling upon IT. T F3 clwlml , , , -+ f'fXT . ., . X Yi.-'L2?l"J.l'lfAfw':3j'x.x h T T fiigf' ."' T' T: llsrl as Fai. will MW llllv. . ll me ' ., .sf 4' ',.4-. 7 A,,.--f ' , If V? f,,AiLJX,q f 'f,. fr, I 5 ' H ,--. X, -ff I 3 ' Sgt C . c, V A,,, ijf5zu,3,fJ L,x.,fgA' l ' Q T 4 L lllf T l in iii" , T , T,os,igLafo,fff4s cj .--I-fwze-. I ' W " V ,' V, ii li Tfgfll "icf,3ae4M ali", I .vig E fi ' V ' ' g T, T T l Levy B sf T El 1 JusT as some roads are unpaved, so are some aT success 'MAC-D unpaved. There are many rough and Thre e ' ecTions. How- , ever, if The goal is kepT in view, all difficul ie n surmounT , H TX and The paThway will have served iTs pur ,g e o T nishing a ye s TQ of guidance. N6-F ' f We are proud of our TaculTy who are The guideposTs a n xr 'T paThway Through high school. WiThouT Them our Tre oul be 'l:UTl G: T . V . I With all These Things in mind we presenT To i9 cg ARUON. I A K as XX, , 'DN 'xx' 4, ' 3 'ks Wi, in it wwf sl .15 Board of Educatign President ......... .... J . M. Koziura Vice-President .... .... J . H. DeLuca Treasurer .......... ...... R . Tierney Secretary .... ......... G . Vairo Solicitor .... ..... P . L. DeRose M-v-f---s-"' I -5 A V -N 1 , . ,N Ii . D, it JOHN M. KOZIURA JOHN H. DeLUCA ROBERT TIERNEY NICHOLAS H. PALLONE EDMUND HUMENIUK GERALDINE VAIRO ELMO B. CECCHETTI FRANCIS RICHARDS LOUIS DeROSE uperintendent HARRY D. BERKEY Indiana State College University of Pittsburgh GRADUATES OF 1964: Youth of today stands upon the Threshold of an amaz- ing era. Events are happening so fast that it is impossible to find a label to describe the beckoning horizons. The world is moving so rapidly that yesterday's accomplishments are obsolete today and today's successes are likely to be outmoded tomorrow. The air age had become the space age, the jet age has become the missile age. Always there is a struggle to unlock closed doors. Man's inquisitive mind is ever seeking the key to the universe. Areas of knowledge are being opened that would make an Archi- medes, a Newton, or an Einstein gasp. An American whirls in orbit around the earth, the moon has become an actual target, a Nautilus charts new paths in the watery depths of the world, iet aircraft has reduced the size of the world. The mad race carries man on to new achievements before he has digested the old. Today's youth will witness spectacular devel- opments. You, the graduates, must keep on learning and preparing for tomorrow. You cannot rest upon the fact that you did learn something yesterday. This world, which so suddenly has nar- rowed into a neighborhood, presents to you the task of broad- ening it into a brotherhood. Principal ALEX TANNAS Mercer University Duquesne University li High School is only one hurdle, and having cleared this, no doubt you feel there will be no more, but in that you ane mistaken. Life is a succession of hurdles, and anyone who settles back, satisfied with having cleared the hurdles in his path so far, is headed for failure. Each hurdle cleared makes the next one easier, and the ability to accomplish more as time goes on gives the individual more confidence, more abil- ity. Hurdles is a fascinating subiectl The more you study it, the more fascinating it becomes. Thinking of life's experience as hurdles to be cleared may simplify some of your problems. Remembering hurdles you have cleared in the past may give you courage, too, to tackle others. Looking back, realizing that you have been able to clear others, you may be fired with ambitions you had not thought possible. As you go out into the world beyond High School, may you have the ability and the courage to clear whatever hurdles life puts in your way. Assistant Principal To the Graduates of 1964: Learn to work! Try to recognize very soon "the dignity of work." The iob that you perform should represent you at your very best. Be generous with the amount of time you allocate to your tasks rather than watch the clock and tear approaching "dead lines." Learn to start your iob in plenty of time - learn to glorify your work and even to put a halo around your iolo! The past has proven that doing your present work well will help to open'doors to new opportunities. Make your work reflect your faith, your ideals, and your integrity. And remember - Nothing happens until you go to work! JOSEPH M' ARNONE MARGARET K. BATISTE Grove City College Business Education Business Education Duquesne University Grove City College Indiana State College English 1,5 MARGARET o. CALDWELL ,W VJ L, l t , , LOIS JEAN CLARK Indiana State College English RUTH E. CRlBBS lndiana State College English, Business Education JOSEPH J. DEDA ALBERT A' CURUO University of Pittsburgh Indiana State College World Culture Mathematics, Business Education EUGENE B. BRUNNER T diana State College thematics LOUIS F. BUTERA University of Pittsburgh English, Spanish Fa Guilty - Guide ANTOINETTE M. DeROSE Grove City College English, French VINCENT J. DELDUCA University of Pittsburgh Mathematics, Science LOUIS J. GALLI ALBERT P. GARELLA Clarion State College California State College University of Pittsburgh University of Pittsburgh Librarian Mathematics SUZANNE FRYER Penn State Home Economics posts to Our Future PAUL A. LIVRONE University of Pittsburgh Auto Shop FRANKLIN A. LORENCE JAMES R. MARINO Indiana State College Duquesne University Band Driver Education, History JOHN H. GEARHARD Slippery Rock State College Mathematics, Physics FRANCIS L. GRESSLY University of Pittsburgh Machine Shop MILTON KLEIN Duquesne University Problems of Democracy, Economics Faculty Manager of Athletics DOROTHY L. KRESS Oberlin College University ot Pittsburgh Art FRANK MARTIN St. Vincent College History LEONARD F. PALETTA MARIO L. PERETTI Duquesne University Wittenberg University History, Civics University of Pittsburgh Science, Mathematics WARREN V. MASSARO Grove City College English, Reading OLIVER J. PHILLIPS LORETTA -l- RAVQTTI University ot, Chattanooga Duquesne University Health' physicai General Music, Choir Education ANDREW S. ROMITO University of Pittsburgh English RICHARD E. ROMITO St. Vincent College DONALD P- SMITH University of Pittsburgh Indiana Siafe College History Ge0meffY, Trigonometry RUTH M. SACK THOMAS C. SELLARI RUTH A. SIPES University of Pittsburgh Lenolf Rlwne College Slippery Rock Slale College English, Reading Health, Physical Mathematics Education ROBERT M. TERLINSKI LORRAINE B. TROIANO Indiana State College Slippery Rock State College University of Pittsburgh Health, Physical Geography, History RONALD D. SWAB Thiel College Biology LOUISE E. VENTURA Carnegie Institute of Technology Home Economics CECELIA E. LEACH Junior High Secretary Education JO-ANN J. PAULENDA Senior High Secretary VIRGINIA A. URSIC Chatham College Latin, Journalism Speech WILLIAM F. WALCUTT California State College' Industrial Arts INEZ E. WALLIS Chatham College University of Pittsburgh English, History BERNARD E. WROBLESKI Clarion State College Chemistry DELLA M. MEYERS General Office Secretary 'miie-y wer? LAWRENCE F. MCGUIRE Carnegie Institute of Technology University of Pittsburgh Guidance Counselor DR. J. A. SOROKA DONALD A. MCLAIN University of Pittsburgh West Virginia University School Dentist Guidance Counselor Guidance-A Key Service DR. L. C. CERASO JOSEPHINE O. LECNAR FRANCES A. TANNAS Bucknell University College Misericordia Nursing School Temple University University of Pittsburgh Martins Ferry, Ohio School Physician Guidance Counselor, School Nurse English CD X f f ' x I .X m M' , Z, 4 f ' X 7.1 vu yr, ,. 1 ,XJ KQJ Y A kfN, 1 X! k v MJV ' kv ! 7, K I ff, kg! -q 1 5 0' YL DUOR WA Y TO KNO WLEDGE N I W i' PRESIDENT , ,. James Ludwiczak VICE-PRESIDENT ,,,, William Clark SECRETARY ,E.A,.......E,EE Lee Dietrich TREASURER .....A.......,,, Anita Molli , "uw-',,,,,j,,"1 ,jg A1 we as-f,,"i. ut' it . T R " F", 71 'F -Www' .rv when HAM- ii. Graduation is upon us, the prescribed courses are finished, and we're about to accomplish the task for which we have been trained. Many detours may lie in the road ahead, but using the guidance and instruction which we have accumulated thus far, we are sure to find the "pathway to peace." The nostalgia with which we look back to our younger days will always be a precious feeling to be treasured, and the acquaintances we have made will never be forgotten. We are grateful to our teachers, faculty and principal for the fine opportunity they have given us to become intelligent and outstanding citizens. 4 O S DIANE M. ACONE Academic Holanen Diane has attracted many friends with her big brown eyes and million-dollar smile . . . Official Arlion typist . . . This cute little lass kicked high for the Lionettes . . . Devotes most of her time and friendliness to a certain some- one. LAURENE ANSANI Business Education "Laurie" Adds sparkle to every gathering . . . Pretty features . . . Will study at Robert Morris . Always well dressed . . . This girl is tops. DENNIS AFTANAS Academic "Dennis" Mischievous in a quiet sort of way . . . Has a fancy for eating . . . Penn- sylvania Military College will claim hir'- upon graduation. HAROLD EUGENE ARTMAN JR. Academic "Gene" Field and stream man . . . A perfect gentleman . . . Attracts girls with those big dimples . . . The photographic field fascinates him, KATHERINE F. ALCIBIADE Business Education "Kathy" Kathy hopes to open a beauty shop after graduation . . . Occupies most of her spare time designing hairstyles for her classmates . . . Enioyed singing in Senior Choir , . . Likes sports, es- pecially volleyball. BETTY BARANSKI Business Education "Betty" A quiet, soft-spoken lass who never causes any fuss or commotion . . . Will make an efficient secretary for some lucky employer. DONNA BARBIAUX Business Education "Donna" Something special wrapped up in a blue-eyed, blonde haired package, tied with an angelic smile, and intended for the happiness of her friends . . . Loves to talk . . . "Donna" will add a touch of heaven to any office. GARY BARBIAUX Academic "Gary" A keen and enthusiastic participant of photography . . . Speaks when spoken to . . . Enioys the outdoor life. CHERYL BELLI Academic "Cheryl" A friendly, talkative girl . . . Loves to dance . . . "Cheryl" will undoubtedly make a fine teacher . . . U.C.L.A. a- waits her. THOMAS BENAMATI Business Education "Tom" A quiet lad who loves sports, partic- ularly baseball . . . Favorite subject is bookkeeping and would love to coach. Air Force also looms in the future. ALICE BEJSTER Business Education "Alice" Soft-spoken young lady with a pleas- ant disposition . . . Has a friend at every turn . . . The arrow of her future points toward a bookkeeping career. EDWARD BENDER Academic "Eddie" Eddie hopes to become an engineer . . . Supplied his chemistry class with "all the answers" . . . Pointed toward the halls of lvy . . . Philatelist. GEORGE F. BENTZ Academic "Pudgy" George can usually be found playing basketball . . . His smile is offset by deep dimples . . . Smile for everyone . . . Plans to attend barber school. DONNA BILICKI Academic "Donna" Has an unusual talent for getting into things . . . Feels it's a woman's prerog- ative to be late . . . Has hopes to become a lawyer. RONALD F. BERNARDI Academic "Ron" Appears angelic, but look Don't let those bashful looks disarm you . . . A friendly lad who has no definite plans after graduation. again! "'-s. GLENN BITNER Academic "GIenn" Another star hoopster for the Lions . . . Also participates on the baseball diamond . . . Well liked . . . Neat dresser . . . Ardent member of Student Council . . . Hopes to become a teach- er. CRAIG M. BEVERIDGE Academic "Duke" Those ice blue eyes . . . Blushes easily . . . Soft spoken?? . . . A ioke- ster at heart . . . Engineering claims his future . . . Worked hard for the Key Club and the Student Council WILLIAM J. BOSTIC Vocational "Bill" Quiet lad . . . Good-natured and easy to get along with . . . Usually found tinkering with cars . . . Plans '1 enter the Navy upon graduation. th-2 LYNN BRADLEY Business Education "Lynn" Has a smile as sweet as her person- ality . . . Soft-spoken . . . Plans to enter Robert Morris Business College upon graduation. JOSEPH C. CAICCO Academic "Chico" Who will ever forget the antics of "Chico"?! Captivating brown eyes . . . Happy-Go-Lucky . . . Contemplating a future in the Navy. LAWRENCE BROWN Academic "Larry" Freckles galore . . . His witty com- ments and devilish grin make him a pleasant and humorous companion . . . One ot our top men on the basketball court . . , Plans to travel the airways. ROLAND BUTLER Vocational "Roland" Takes life in stride . . . Cars are his tirst love . . . Plans to be Uncle Sam's nephew. SCOTT E. CAMPBELL Academic "Scott" Blushes fast and furiously . . . Shy, yet manages to set the feminine hearts a' flutterin' . . . Crystal ball is cloudy. PAMELA CHODOWSKI Academia "Pam" As pretty as a picture and twice as nice, this competent young lady per- sonifies closely the role of the model nurse that she hopes to be . . . Bore the title of President of Future Nurses with pride. DANIEL CIANFLONE Academic "Danny" Gabriel, blow your horn! Last minute man . . . Willing and able . . . One of the eagerer beavers . . . The Junior Prom kept Danny ever busy, never still. SUSAN CLINE Academic "Suzie" A pretty lass who has a heart large enough for everyone . . . "Suzie" has a laugh all her own . . . Wore her maiorette uniform proudly. PAMELA JOYCE CLARK Academic "Pam" Chitechat at its gayest . . . Has a friendly way with people . . . Enioys dancing and acting . . . One of the short cute 'maiorettes . . . Plans to enter college in the fall. JOHN COGLIO Vocational "John" Good looking gridman . . . Bashful, but oh, that devilish grin . . . Spends many an evening relaxing to the sound of his old records . . . The Air Force will claim his future. WILLIAM CLARK Academic "Bill" "Bill" has held the position of Vice- President of his class for two years . . . Should prove to be successful in enter- ing college . . . An active member of the Band and Key Club . . . Competent baseball and basketball player. JAMES W. COLLODI Academic "Jim" Character . . . Future Madison Avenue adman...orisitmadman?... Baseball star . . . Enioyed history class and everything else he did. KATHLEEN JANE CONFER Academic "Kathy" Pleasant . . . Peaches and cream complexion . . . Laughing is Kathy's favorite game . . . Gym is her pet allergy . . . Spends her leisure time babysitting and joking around. MARLENE CORSl Academic "Marlene" "Real-much comical" . . . Unpredictably daring . . . Lite holds no worries for her except-big words . . . One of the nicest . . . Her ambition-teaching. GENIE COREY Academic "Genie" Companionable . . . Good hearted . . . Likes to help when there's work to be done . . . Arduous worker in Future Teachers . . . Shelters high hopes of becoming a speech therapist. SHIRLEY MAE CORRADENE Business Education "Shirl" Her gleaming smile and considerate ways will add charm to any office . . . A rollicking gal who really enjoys "cut- ting the rug" . . . Shirley's artistic ways will add a touch to any beauty school. SONDRA LYNN COWEN Business Education "Red" A pretty redhead whose easy blushes often cause her to be the center of friendly merry-making . . . A true home-ec. girl who delights in sewing and experimenting with foods . . . Member of Leaders Club and Home Ec. Club. MADONNA COWARD Business Education "Midge" "Midge" has a twinkle in her eyes that attracts everyone to her . . , Shy until you get to know her . . . Will try her hand at modeling EDITH COX Academic "Edie" Leads a relaxed, social, cosmopolitan life . . . Brains galore . . . Her out- standing feature is her flowing blonde hair . . . Dresses like a college coed, JAMES DAVIS Academic "Jacko" A quiet lad . . . "Jocko" enioys camp- ing and coin collecting in his spare time . . . College is beckoning to him. RICHARD COYLE Academic "Dick" Freckle faced darling with striking blue eyes . . . Corny Jokester . . . En- ioys the country air . . . A capable president of the Student Council. KENNETH CRUMLEY Academic "Butch" His bright blue eyes glimmer with mischief . . . Enioys hunting, golf, and swimming . . . Plans to enter college upon graduation . . . Provides many laughs in class. THOMAS W. DAVIS Academic "Bomber" Give "Bomber" a'car and he's happy . . . Enioys baseball as much as steak . . . Tom would some day like to be a teacher . . . Plans to enter college, even though he would like to spend all seven periods in a study hall. LORRAINE DeFELlCE Business Education "Lorraine" Always a ready answer lurks behind those snappy dark eyes . . . This easy-to-get along with lass takes life easy and her hearty chuckle hints that she enjoys every moment of it . . . Will make an attractive beautician. HERMAN C. DeMAO Academic "Crip" Smile full of friendliness and a laugh that is genuine . . . Swoonderful dancer . . . Center of attraction on the foot- ball field and off . , . Enioys the come pany of a special someone. MARY CATHERINE DERBAUM Business Education "Mimi" It isn't iust her light hair that seems to radiate the sunshine around her . . . Shows her sewingfability in her fashion- able wardrobe . . . Will surely become a top-notch secretary. MERRY CAROL DeMAO Academic "Mitzi" Has a very sunny disposition . . . Chemistry tops her list of studies - . . Dreams of wearing the white uniform of a registered nurse. LEE ANNETTE DIETRICH Academic "Lee" Effervescent as a glass of champagne . . . Nice to know . . . Will perfectly fill the iob of an "Angel of Mercy" . . . Snappy lead maiorette who added zip to the bancl. WILLIAM DeMAO Academic "Bill" Has very masculine good looks and a bright smile . . . Active president of band and Key Club . . . Will surely be successful as a Spanish teacher. DENNIS PETER DONATI Academic "Denny" lmpressed with the possibilities of a career as an engineer . . . Displays his talents on the tennis courts . . . 'ook for him at Conti's Market. ,LINDA ANN DOWHOWER Academic "Linn" You say you like lavender? Pet peeves - shoes and people who make her wear them . . . Favorite dish - spaghetti . . . A friend in need . . . What a driver! J. RICHARD FABIAN Academic "Fabe" Always popping in and out of trou- ble . . . Definitely a lady's man . . . Fun-loving . . . Tall and singular . . . Nonchalant . . . Hard working member of the football team. DAVID DUNCAN Academic "Bull" A natural "whiz" at math . . . Will always be remembered for his friendly smile and helping hand . . . Bound for college . . . Dream ambition is to travel to the moon. THOMAS FORREST Vocational "Little Italy" "Why worry!" is his motto . . . Has the eye appeal of curly hair . . . His future is centered around his plans to view the world via the Navy. JOHN M. EASLEY Academic H-l3Ck" Being a member of Student Council and an ever-faithful football manager kept his schedule full . . . Loves noth- ing better than a nice, friendly argu- ment . . . Will attend Indiana. CYNTHIA MARIE FRANCZAK Business Education "Cindy" Favorite pastime-dancing . . . Never a dull moment with Cindy . . . Twink- ling eyes with a smile to match . . . Elegantly daring . . . A whiz at styling hair JUDITH l. FRICK Business Education "Judy" A quiet, friendly, easy-going person . . . Visible, but rarely audible . . . Hopes to be a successful housewife. MICHAEL EDWARD HADDAD Academic "Dewey" Polite and impassive' . . . Easy to get along with . . . Swings a mean tennis racket . . . "Dewey's" ambi- tion is to succeed in life. DEANNA FUGE Academic "Fuclgie" Has a pleasant gift of gab and uses it often . . . "A smile for everyone" is Fudgie's motto . . . Sense of humor excels her height . . . Future "Angel of Mercy." 1 'E' MARILYN HALL Business Education "Marilyn" A friend to all . . . Often seen but seldom heard . . . Enioys all sports . . . Hopes to become a nurse. JAMES T. GALIE Vocational ".lim" Very friendly . . . Aspires to become a mechanic . . . Member of Auto Shop Club . . . Plans to further his educa- tion upon graduation. LINDA HANES Business Education "Linda" A tall slender lass with a quick smile and a twinkle in her eye . . . Chat- terbox a-la-mode . . . Expects to be a good wife to some lucky man. 11"-E STEPHEN RICHARD HARACZNAK Academic ' "Rich" A brisk and compelling young man . . . Ardent sports fan . . . Always a gentleman . . . Adds life to any situa- tion , . . Dedicated member of the Key Club CARL DENNIS HARNISH Academic "Carl" A congenial person who enioys ex- perimenting in Chemistry class . . . Blushes fast and furiously in French class . . . Capable manager of the football team. HARRY H. HARRIS Academic "Hat" Math seems to be second nature to him . . . Small in stature, but big in heart . . . Dreams of becoming an IBM operator . . . Livens up any class. PAUL T. HARTMAN Academic "Paul" Electronical engineering monopolizes his thoughts . . . Seems to fit the part of a quiet, serious-minded student . . . Bashful when it comes to females. LOUIS HARNISH Academic "Lou" "Lou" is -indispensable in the chem- istry lab . . . Future science maior at West Virginia University . . . Relaxes by playing pool . . . Card shark. CHARLES T. HEBERLING Vocational "Tom" His interests revolve around mechan- ics . . . Hunting and fishing are his favorite pastimes . . . His miSCl1leV0US grin attracts trouble. CHARLES F. HERBECK Academic "Herky" Always finding ways to avoid doing work . . . A light hearted kind of fun- loving and out-going guy . . . Enioys math. HARRY JOHNSON Academic "Harry" His record collection is vast and selec- tive . . . An advocate of push-button living . . . Happy-go-lucky tempera- ment. Enioys ioking with friends. DIANE HOPKINS Business Education "Di" Di has an unforgettable laugh which she uses often . . . Never a hair out of place . . . Spent most her spare time in the Athletic Office . . . Plans to teach business subiects . . . Nice to be around. ROCHELLE INGLESE Business Education "RO" A pretty smile, lots of pep, and a sense of humor all go together in the make-up of this little lady . . . Blessed with the gift of gab . . . Will be a suc- cess at Robert Morris Junior College. GARY JONES General "Gary" Gary plans to wear the Air Force blue after graduation . . . All-American appetite for hamburgers and french fries . . . Enioys math . . . Equestrian, ROBERT A. KELLER Vocational "Bob" This quiet lad is seldom heard . . . Enioys working on cars . . . Member of the Auto Shop Club . . . Uncle Sam will claim this lad's future. PATRICA KELLY Business Education "Patty Short and sweet . . . Talkative Vim, vigor, and vitality . . . High jumping J.V. Cheerleader . . . Aim in life is to be happy and successful GLADYS KITZER Academic "Gladys" This friendly lass has a smile for everyone . . . Gladys hopes to become a registered nurse . . . Bowling takes up a good bit of her time. SANDRA KERNEN Business Education Kernal Would like to ioin the Waves . . . "Kemal" seems to enioy reading dur- ing her spare hours . . . Always hun- gry for shrimp . . . Peaches and cream complexion. ROSALIND KOROWICKI Academic "Roz" Beautiful black hair and pleasant fea- tures . . . Has ,an original opinion about almost everything . . . Vice- President of Studerit Council . . . Dis- played her many talents in the Junior Miss Contest . . . Efficient drum maior- ette. RICHARD F. KILEY Academic "Bird" Dreams of being a millionaire . . . Would probably spend most of his money buying raviolis . . . Enioys the art of billiards . . . Plans to enter the armed forces. JO RENE KOWAL Business Education "Jo Rene" Jo Rene leads a graceful and pur- poseful life . . . Fashion's pet . . . Uses her personality to charm everyone . . . Will make a very neat and at- tractive secretary. Y- PATRICK J LIPPERT Vocational "Pat" 'Q DONNA LANFALONI Business Education "Donna" A tingle of excitement, a catchy gig- gle, and an endless stream of lively chit-chat best describe "Donna" . . . Spends her spare time doing what she likes best-dancing . . . Dark hair and dark eyes are among this girl's assets. JAMES LUDWICZAK Academic "Lud" Superlative blend of rugged good looks and good humor . . . Sentimental gentleman . . . Football, females, and fun . . . Fine co-captain of the foot- ball team . . . Efficient student. Loves tinkering around with cars . . . Future lies in the field of mechanics Friendly and likable . Plans to ioin the United States Armed Forces upon graduation. ALPHONSUS MAIURE Vocational "FunzY" This big, rugged lad was active in many football games . . . One of those deceivingly quiet fellows . . . Plans to enter the Navy upon graduation. A RICHARD LOVELACE Academic "Cassius" A humorous, lileable guy . . . Gave his best as center for our basketball team . . . Loves popular music . . . Has a personality we know will be tops at Penn State. RONALD MAIURE Vocational "Ron" Mechanical-minded . . . President of the Machine Shop . . . Speaks only when spoken to . . . Enioys fishing during his spare time. MICHAEL MARLETTI Vocational Chick Quiet till you get to know him Usually found around cars . . . as many friends . . . Enioys riding his motor scooter . . . Plans to ioin the Marines after graduation. SUZANNE MINNICK Academic "Sue" A quiet-minded miss who will de- light her patients . . . An ardent mem- ber of the Future Nurses! . . . Always a cheerful "hi" for all . . . Enioys sew- ing and swimming. DOROTHY MATTERN Business Education "Dorothy" A newcomer to the halls of Arnold . . . Dorothy's dream is to become a commercial artist . . . Enioys watching the Lions in action, LESLIE MISIK Academic "Les" Always found in the middle of ex- citement . . . Twinkle in his eye denotes trouble . . . Blonde hair and blue eyes attract all to him . . . Vice- President of the Band and an active member of the Key Club. NEDRA L. MCGINNIS Business Education "Mikki" Friendly and talkative . . . "Mikki" enioys roller skating and dancing . . . Aspires to become a script writer or a set designer . . . Enthusiastic follower of modern fiction and poetry. ANITA M. MOLLI Academic "Anita" One of the more quiet lead major- ettes . . . So calm, so cool, so bright . . . At a snail's pace . . . Keeps the sewing machine humming . . . Another irley Temple u KATHLEEN ANN MON DALE Business Education "Kathy" A friendly lass with a sparkling per- sonality . . . Has a wholesome and natural look about her . . . Member of F.H.A. and Play Cast. DENNIS MUNSHOVVER Vocational "Munch" Quiet and shy best describes Munch . . . Weight lifting takes up much of his free time . . . Vice-President of the Machine Shop Club . . . The Navy will claim this lad's future. EUGENE MONTEMURRO Academic "Gene" Short of stature . . . Full of fight . . . Needles others by cracking his knuckles . . . Man of moods . . , Foot- ball team couldn't have done without him. SUE NAMEY Academic "Sue" High-iumping cheerleader who charmed the football players into win- ning . . . As popular as she is pretty . . . Has an attractive sparkle in her eyes . . . Blessed with beautiful blonde hair and a knack for hairstyles. sry' 4- EDWARD MORRELL Academic "Ed" Class iester . . . What's a class with- out "Ed"? . . . Answer . . . Safe! . . . Unforgettable dancer DOREEN NEASI Business Education "Dor" Her quiet approach is deceptive . . . Has a soft singing voice which she puts to good use in choir . . . Un- quenchable desire for steak. PAMELA JEAN NEE Academic "Pam" Sparkling green eyes . . . What would the Arlion staff do without her efficient co-editing? . . . injects. en- ioyment and humor into any conversa- tion . . . inseparable from the cause of the Student Council . . . Will make a fine college co-ed. DAVID J. OLIVO Academic "Cheeks" "Have l not a lordly air that makes me free from every care?" . . . Casae nova . . . Three year letterman . . . Cheek's ambition lies in coaching . . . Handsome co-captain of the football team. KAREN NOEL Business Education Karen A pretty smile, lots of pep, and a sense of humor all together . . . Never at a loss for words . . . Airline school will be her next step. ,uw CAROL ANN NORRIS Business Education "Caroline" Quiet in the very nicest way . . . plans to attend business school . . . Enjoys sketching . . . Favorite subfect: English . . . Carol's whole face lights up when she smiles. ROBERT W. PACHA Academic "Bob" Shy grin . . . Everyone's buddy . . . Mortar and pestal of a pharmacist fig- ure prominently in his future . . . Has the characteristics of a clean-cut lad... Fondness for Italian food. CARMEN PAGANO Academic "Carm" Strong but definitely not silent . . . Lives in a world of his own . . . "Carm" was a potent member of our football team . . . Full of impish, practical iokes . . . College looms in the future. ALEX PAGNOTTA Academic "Chip" Likes good gags . . . Sly grin . . . Allergic to nightwork . . . Keeps pace with the latest fads . , . His arrow of success is pointed to becoming a pro- fessional football player. DIANNE MARIE PANTUSO Business Education "Dee" Sparkling brown eyes and a friendly smile have won for "Dee" many friends . . . Never at a loss for words . . . Hopes to become a iournalist . . . A terrific dancer. LAWRENCE E. PALOCHIK Academic "Larry" Where there s trouble lurking, you will find "Larry" Always seen surrounded by friends . , , Will be come a fine pharmacist . . . Loves to tease DIANE PANFIL Academic "Diane" An informed fan of popular music . . . Likes to dance . . . Smiles often . . . Concentrates on having a good time . . . Hunger is never delicate . . . "Diane" would like to be an interior decorator. SUZANNE PELLISH Business Education "Suzie" Always has a friendly smile and "hello" for everybody . . . Member of the Arlion staff . . . Her helping hand reaches out to all who search for STANLEY PHILLIPS Vocational "Stush" Gave his best as linebacker for A.H.S .... Rough and rugged . . . Member of the Football Club and Machine Shop . . . A iob as a machin- ist looks good to this boy. PATRICIA ANNE PITUCI-I DENNIS S. POSTUPACK Academic "Denny" Technical in all subiects . . . Always leaves them laughing . . . Loyal sup- porter of the band , . . His sparkling' blue eyes are his best feature. Academic "Patty" There is a song on her lips as well as her finger tips . . . Her magnetic personality draws many friends . . . Good humor and a gift of gab. JULIANNE RAKVIC Business Education "Julie" A frown never darkens this attrace tive senior . . . Her neat appearance is more expressive than words . . . She excels in sewing . . . Member of the Arlion and F.H,A. QQ!- R. JAMES PUGLISI - Academic "Jim" Jim is never at 3 loss for the right answer . . . His talents lie in the scientific field . . . Hopes to continue his education at Penn State . . . Future occupation: design engineer. LORRAINE REIGHARD Business Education Reggie EILEEN MARIE RHINE Business Education "Eileen" Adds gaiety to any situation . . . Always ready to lend a helping hand . . . Will be an asset to any office as an attractive and efficient secretary. Puts humor into any situation . . . The sound of music sets her heart and feet a-dancing . , . Full of mischief . . . Would like to attend a commercial school. ROBERT JOHN RICHARDS Awdemfc "Maverick" Comedian de luxe . . . Little Mr. Mischief . . . Member of the football team . . . Fine college material. REBECCA RIESER Academic "Becky" "Becky's" dream is to travel . . . Seemingly shy, "Becky" can be found in the midst of organization . . . Enioys playing volleyball, OLIVER ROBINSON Business Education Q "Jimmy" ,rms Accident prone . . . Enioys office practice . . . Arduous worker of band . Would like to become an account- GDI. NICHOLAS G. RODITES Academic "Hot Dog" "Hot Dog's" ambition is to become a millionaire . . . Master of the bil- liards . . . Is always ready with a quick reply . . . Plans to attend col- lege. CYNTHIA JEAN Academic ROBERTS ncindyu "Cindy's" smile and sense of humor brighten up any class . . . Has a knack for making friends . , . Plans to use her talents as a speech therapist. MALVENE ROGERS Business Education "MaI" A cute, petite lass . . . Amiable, able, and ambitious . . . A most senti- mental sentimentalist . . . Outstand- ing in the secretarial field , . . Was an efficient head maiorette and co-editor of the Arlion. MARLENE ROGERS Business Education "Mar" Smiles pleasantly without an effort . . . Has the eye appeal of dark hair and a fair complexion, which should make her an attractive beautician . . . Good humor surrounds her. RICHARD ROMEO Academic "Rich" Rich can make anyone perk up in time of distress . . . Enjoys all sports . . . Aspires the life of a mil- lionaire. ANITA T. RUSHNOCK Business Education "Anita" Casual manner wins friends easily . Her obiective is to travel abroad . Hopes to enter the secretarial field upon graduation. ROSEMARY BRIDGET RYBA Business Education "Bridget" Talkative . . . Fun loving . . . Would like to tour California . . . An active choir and F.H.A. member CAROL SALANDRIA Business Education "Carol" Unpredictable and creative with hair. styles . . . Always has something to say . . . Dancing feet. SHERRY LYNN SAVAGE Academic "Sherry" Charm in her hair . . . Likes to "sew a fine seam" . . . Spic and span One of our small, attractive maior- elles. MARIE SCANGA Academic "Marie" Future special education teacher . . . Summer time finds her on the golf course or somewhere around a swim- ming pool . . . Talented dancer . . . Enioys driving anywhere . . . spent her spare time at Arlion. JOSEPH C. SERGI Vocational "Joe" The innocent bystander full of pranks and teasing fun . . . Will look hand- some in his Army uniform . . . Easy to get along with. LOWELL SCHANTZ Academic "Lowell" An active member in the Mathematics Club . . . A great asset on the base- ball diamond . . . Aspires to become an engineer. LORRAINE H. SHARICK Business Education "Lori" Overflowing with happiness, she is often found in the center of many school activities . . . Her sincerity makes her a friend of everyone . . . Eyes that twinkle when that special fellow is mentioned. CONNIE R. SCHRACK Academic "Connie" Hails from Wisconsin . . . Dislikes getting up in the morning . . . Music holds a fascination for her . . . Ac- tively connected with Leaders Club. ROSALIND KATHLEEN SHARICK Business Education "Pinky" Petite and fragile attractiveness . . . Will make a fine secretary with her kind and thoughtful ways . . . Unkind words are not found in her vocabulary. JAMES H. SHERRON ARTHUR NELSON SHEARER Academic "Art" Seldom voices his thoughts , . . Someday he'll soar over our heads as an Air Force pilot . . . Basketball is his favorite sport. CATHY SILVIS Academic "Cathy" Possesses a special formula that keeps her friendly and cheerful . . . Indus- trious and dependable . . . Will at- tend Bible School in Grand Rapids, Michigan . . . Member of Library and Future Nurses Club. Hia Academic "Sherlock" lt seems "Sherlock" never gets enough to eat . . . He considers hunt- ing tops . . . Has his own meat wagon . . . Plans on becoming a mortician. JAMES A SINEGAL CAROLE SIGNORELLA Academic "Carole" Our head cheerleader worked hard to lead our boys on to victory . , . This petite senior is noted for her poise and neat appearance . . . Leisure 'ime spent sleeping. MARCELLA ANN SINEGAL Academic "Marcy" A small trickle of laughter is heard through the halls - it's Marcy! Dancer de luxe. lniects humor into any situa- tion . . . College looms in the future. Academic J,m Seen but seldom heard . . . Good- tempered and patient . . . Enioys baseball and Chemistry. ts. JOSEPH SMITH JR. Academic "Smitty" He'll buy a yacht with his first mil- lion . . . Drives his own car . . . En- ioyed Chemistry class . . . Did his trig problems diligently. SARA SPIRES Academic "SEVEN Full of pep . . . Can argue sports with anyone . . . Right in the middle of fun and trouble . . . Sara plans to utilize her ability and winning smile by working with the airline. SANDRA MARIE SNIZASKI Business Education "Sandy" Sandy, being a newcomer, has ad- iusted very well to her surroundings . . . Mischief is her chief occupation . . . Steak is her idea of a delicious meal. JOHN STAN KO Academic "John" Overflows with vitality and friend- liness . . . Always ready to help in any situation . . . Active member of the Band and Key Club . . . Liked by everyone. DENNIS SOROKA Vocational "Denny" Lean and straight with dark brown hair . . . Shy, but friendly, with an attractive smile . . . Nice to know . . Enioys a good chicken dinner. RONALD STANKO Academic "Ron" Quiet till he gets out ot school . . . Worked hard as a manager of the mighty Lions . . . Never a dull moment in P.O.D. NANCY EILEEN STEWART Academic "Nanette" A quiet miss who hopes to become a model nurse . , . Plans to let the Navy train her for this occupation . , . A smile is a greeting for everyone. SHARREN KAY SZAJNA "Sharren" Low in height, high in spirit . . . A magnet for male attention , . . Cheer- leading takes up most of her time . . . cute as a button . . . Gymnastics head her list of activities. Academic QQ" RICHARD A. STIVESON Vocational "Rich" An easy-going lad . . . Enioys fish- ing . . . A loyal member of the Auto Shop Club . . . Plans to ioin "Uncle Sam". JEFFREY PAUL STUCK Academic "J.P." Sparkling blue eyes . . . All of him "happy-go-lucky" . . . Girl shy? . . . One swell of a guy . . . Success on the gridiron. CHARLES TABACCHI Academic "C.T." A "double-ton" of fun . . . Plans to spread his humor with his travels around the world . . . Enioys hunting and fishing. DENNIS THOMAS Academic "Denny" Electronics wizard . . . famous for his ham radio activities .... "Mike man" at assembly . f. Plans to study electrical engineering at college. DALE TlNNEMEYER Academic "Dale" Anchors Aweigh . . . Shy guy . . . Find him on a baseball diamond on a summer afternoon . . . Likes to go fish- ing. PETER VALENTE Academic "Pete" Tall and lanky . . . Shows his athletic ability on the baseball diamond . . . Enioys chemistry . . . Has high hopes for Carnegie Tech. LESTER TOASO Academic "Buz" No time for girls . . .Quiet and rather shy . . . "Buz" has iust the right amount of everything good to make him a friend of all . . . Will be a valuable ad- dition to Penn State. LARRY TROUTMAN Business Education "Troutman" Happy-go-lucky , . . Very adept at handling a car . . . The mechanics of cars fascinate him . . . Fond of mis- chief, as DENNIS VAWERCHAK Vocational "Den"' Quiet and reserved best describes Den . . . Usually found working on cars . . . Dreams of becoming a mechan- ic or entering some type of technical school upon graduation. FRANCINE VENTORINI Academic "Frani" A future top citizen for any com- munity . . . Will ease everyone's pain with her engaging smile . . . A fine lead maiorette. DOLORES JEAN VIGILANTE Business Education "Dee" A member of the Arlion staff . . . This short lass is always on the go . . . Loves all sports . . . Will make an ideal secretary. GEORGE WELSH Vocational "George" George has been a vital asset to Arnold's football team . . . An active member of Student Council . . . En- ioys tinkering with cars. ANDREA WASYLIK Business Education "Ange" Keeps up with the latest styles . . . Pirate fan . . . Hopes to wear the wings of an airline stewardess . . . Enioyed Mr. Klein's jokes. MARY ANNE WATTERS Business Education "Mary Anne" Spends her spare time doing what she likes best - dancing . . , Always ready for a good time and a good laugh . . . Her present ambition is to become a beautician. THOMASINA LOUlSE WEST Academic "Tommilou" Heedless of worries or cares, she greets the world with a grin . . . Truly shows that good things do come in small packages . . . Plans to be- come a medical technologist. GARY WILLIAMS Academic "Gary" A lad of leisure . . . Full of fun . . . Evades homework . . . Likes to go hunting and fishing . . . Plans to enter the Navy. 'HQ ALBERT WINDSOR Academic "AI" Has oodles of friends . . . Known for his constant iolcing . . . Leaves his worries on the doorstep . . . Quite active in football and basketball. JOANNE ZIGLINSKI Business Education "Jo" Sophisticated . . , A smile as en- gaging as her personality, only one of the assets with which this charming girl has been endowed . . . Boys at- tract her . . . Desires to be a travel agent. RAYMOND J. VVOODALL Business Education "Woodie" Finds pleasure in iournalism class . . . All smiles in P.O.D. class . . . Used car salesman . . . "Woodie's" favorite hobby is metalworking ANTHONY E. ZITO Academic "Zeet" This quiet lad is a member of our football team . . . Plans to attend col- lege after graduation . . . Enjoys base- ball and football , . . Quiet and gentle- manly in all respects. LINDA DARLENE YOST Academic "Lynn" As fresh and cool as a cucumber . . . A radiant personality which at- tracts many friends , . . The crystal ball reveals the white uniform of a DUFSS. i Morro: Mans Flight through life is sustained by the Power of his Knowl- edge. COLORS: Silver and Blue FLOWER: cymbiaium X 6 TY KU tx I I ,-. -Z' --Q 4 ' E e 'A r - -f fa GEORGE WELSH SUSAN CLINE Vocational Dramafics Ewa X E mi 4 Q H PAMELA NEE DAXLEI QUVO Publications e ms I X W 'SNL HFPTIRT EDITH COX JAMES LUDWICZAK ff MALVENE ROGERS Scholarship Leadership Business Education ll M - i 3 e 6 II i 1 4-J . ,tr- CONNIE SCHRACK ANITA MOI-LI MUSiC Home Economics STANDING: R. Meledandri, L. DeSimone, R. Resick, F. Phaturos. As the year progresses, the members of the iunior class, having experienced more learning and confidence, look eagerly forward to the day when they will proudly become seniors. Besides being intelligent, cooperative students, the iuniors have proven to be responsible in their many proiects. Their ingenuity was put to work to make the prom an enchanting evening. The day of graduation is not far distant, but that short space of time represents a great deal of endeavor and hard work. Realizing the rewards ot their efforts, the Junior class will strive to make their senior year a most prosperous one. 1. JUNlOR CLASS OFFICERS R. Meledandri ,,,,....,,,,,,,,,,,,,s,,s,,, President F. Phaturos ,,,,,, Vice-President L. DeSimone . ,,,,,A.,,,,. Secretary R. Resick ....,,.... ,,...,,.. T reasurer II-3 FIRST ROW: D. Latkey, F. Mandarino, H. Gazdo, B Nawotka, A. M. Cimino, R. Mazur, T. Audo. SECOND ROW: L. Sautoni M. Machara, N. Stone, C Milton, J. Pavlick, P. Wrable, J. Havely, I. Franzi S. Guida, J. Elwood, L. Johnson, R. Resick. THIRD ROW: E. Aftanas, R. Belli, D. Coyle, W. Baker S. Black, P. Gavasto, D. Marin, F. Naccarato, R Artuso. II-IOO FIRST ROW: J. Miller, B. A. Enciso, B. Gallo, L. Monte- murro, K. lnglese, A. Walp, B. M. Enciso. SECOND ROW: S. Brem, C. Edwards, C. Chipoletti, D. Broad, D, Reskiewicz, P. Martin, V. Cepko, L. Picone, L. Longo, D. Morrell. THIRD ROW: F. Vagnozzi, J. Butler, P. Calderini, P. Manganelli, M. Chizar, C. Sleigh, J. Meyer, J. Hale, J. Bryan, D. Trzeciak, F. Galie. ll-IOI FIRST ROW: B. Bongiovanni, S. Fiorina, J. Bertoni, C. Yankov, S. Powell, C. Mentecky, M. A. Muller. SECOND ROW: P. Dziadyk, W. Bedell, J. Scaries, D. Cowen, D. Feroce, R. Dayoub, K. Holes, G. Shaffer, W. Verdini, L. Onesi, H. Shaw. THIRD ROVV: R. Sampson, R. Brown, F, Phaturos, W Quigley, D. Olszewski, J. Meyer, B. Baehl, R. Shaf- fer, R. Vendig, F. Salvay, A. Berkey. 'II-'IO6 FIRST ROW: L. Posteraro, D. Resh, S. Snow, K. John! son, L. Marika, L. Demma, F. Toscano. SECOND ROW: W. Devlin, K. Masnick, J. Deluca, J. Kido, M. Lewandolwski, H. Bollinger, G. Daher, R. Meledandri, J. Morabito. THIRD ROW: W. Tiger, A. Kregiel, G. Harris, B. Dan- anay, P. Liska, D. Beister, J. Leonardl, A. Baggetta, J. Matviko. II-II3 FIRST ROW: J. Ciciarelli, W. Chaltco, N. O'SheII, D Orcutt, J. Perry, L. Siegel. SECOND ROW: R. Hunt, M. Furyk, M. Pastura, C Brooks, E. Pelchar, R. Buono, E. Porco, W. Bartol ovich, Cornwell. THIRD ROW: C. Johnson, W. Acre, J. Haddad, B Hanyo, E. Pituch, C. Napierkowski, J. Favors, A Silvestrin, S. Solar, T. Cerniclcy. H4201 FIRST ROW: M. Santucci, E. Danko, G. Ankeny, M DeStefano, D. Sarniak, J. Andring, K. Collodi. SECOND ROW: D. Spisak, S. Lucci, C. Furioli, L. De Simone, C. Kordalski, P. Killian, C. Cameron, V Artuso, M. Pituch, L. Soulcheck. THIRD ROW: K. Posafi, B. Macleia, B. RushnOCk, E McAnich, M. Scott, L. Cashell, M. Clark, L. Vg: lante, C. Lloyd, P. Vassar, J. Carmichael. I I-202 FIRST ROW: L. Woodall, E. Painter, R. Bulger, Vasilopus, J. Mohney, W. Brunetti. SECOND ROW: R. Brown, T. Mazer, E. Karluk, Pavetto, L. Misconis, P. Meredith, G. Kemp, Holetich, J. Mercurio, N. Graff. THIRD ROW: J. Molchan, D. Baker, K. Grimes Kearley, J. Stearman, J. McKlllop, G. Poulakis Muirrin, A. Ringus, P. Mangone. I I-205 FIRST ROW: S. Smith, V. Manni, S. Smith, P. Nee E Martin, V. Lapinski, P. McNally. SECOND ROW: C. McKee, W. Black, L. White, C Ostrowski, M. Bump, L. Lehman, B. Halwa, M. A Fiscus, V. Grego, G.,Crissman, M. Farinelli. THIRD ROW: J. Mazur, D. Allen, J. Edgar, R. Listwak J. Bellavia, W. Ivy, C. McMeans, V. Fantuzzo, A Holsing, P. Hershberger, G. Hustak, D. Marra. The sophomores are The yeariings of The high school and now for The TirsT Time are experiencing Their first TasTe of acTuaI independence. In This capaciTy, They may aT Times Try Too much or become TrighTened and dis- couraged, buT never will They "give up The ship." AI- Though The sophomore year is one never To be TorgoT- Ten, They may view The road ahead wiTh anTicipaTion. The sopohmores have a sTrong spiriT To succeed and They will carry on in The spiriT in which They began. STANDING: G. Joseph and F. Lombardo. SEATED: B. Tusing and D. Zilinski. O O, m . O S T soPHoMoRE cLAss OFFICERS Joseph ...,,,, ,,,..,,,,,,,,,, P resident Lombrado ,,,,,,, Vice-President Tusing ...,., ..,,v,,,,,., T reasurer Zilinski ,,,...., Secrefary 5I IO-5 FIRST ROW: B. Tusing, K. Lanfaloni, M. Potochnak, S. Lanfaloni, C. Cianflone, P. Polsinelli, D. Zilinski. SECOND ROW: T. Rushnock, D. Carabin, F. Phillip, E. Manley, E. Cresretto, L. Corchia, S. Albanese, L. George, G. Smith, C. Conwell, T. Saulle, D. Batten. THIRD ROW: R. Soroka, R. Palochik, R. Nlalecki, J. Sarniak, J. Makuto, R. Jefferson, A. Encisoi, T. Pivarski, W. Mallough, J. Schmidt, P. Capo. 'IO-203 FIRST ROW: C. Mohney, K. Mercurio, C. Nicasfro, L. Pugliese, P. Marcanfonio, M. Martz, J. Arabia. SECOND ROW: P. Vrudny, D. Tufelo, M. Mafisko, L. Szoch, L. Baranski, M. Vetovich, B. Ansilio, S Torchia. THIRD ROW: S. Cani, K. Yotz, B. Minnick, C. Mac- Donald, T. Crusan, T. Maufino, F. Deluca, K. Allen. IO-204 FIRST ROW: R. Cernicky, K. Warden, J. Galie, J. UePefro, R. Falcon, L. Glover, M. Sanrucci, J. Mon- dale, C. Guzzi, R. Deyarmin. SECOND ROW: J. George, S. Spisak, M. Zamperini, E. Scosky, J. Roberts, D. Morella, E. Williams, E. Delladonne, K. Malgotf, W. Heasley. THIRD ROW: E. Frazier, J. Bondra, T. Arfowsky, D. Gourley, J. Dayoub, J. Bua, A. Baroni, J. Cimino, R. Colella, T. Tuielo, D. Abboti, M. Brandolino, D. Cieslinski, T. Grabowski, G. DePaIma. 52 3 i 2 ..,J. Lf IO-209 FIRST ROW: J. Brern, M. Allen, J, EIweII, M. Doutt D. Hecker, D. Mazur, N. Chodkowski, M. Berczek D. Laporte. SECOND ROW: T. Soltys, T. Ricchuito, F. Lombardo E. Rataiczak, M. Bindas, V. DuPont, O. Licata B. Lutsky, W. Richards, F. Cecchetti. THIRD ROW: J. Tymoczko, E. Rataiczak, D. Hanna, D Kunicki, D. Barbiaux, G. Leonard, G. Bahnak, G Joseph, D. Choltco, D. Hornan, K. Kowal, R. Dunbar K. Yotz, G. Peconi, D. Singleton. AUTO SHOP FIRST ROW: R. Calcagno, M. Brown, A. Painter, G. Calbert, P. Pesce, R. McFaII, D. Gentile. SECOND ROW: J. Manclwini, L. Barbieri, R. Herschl, R. Andring, R. Bellini, G. Adams, D. Higgins, R. Sperski, B. Fiorina. THIRD ROW: R. Stiveson, K. Cowen, R. Kuzak, K. Stenger, W. McKibbin, W. Smith, D. Jordan, R Haggart, E. Palchinski, G. Geisinger, J. DeVore. Ready to crow! 53 igzwff FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS SEATED K Stanko treasurer D Graziano, presidentg E. Solomon, vicepresidentg S. Clineg secretary. STANDING Mrs Sipes Mr Peretti advisors. The Freshman year at Arnold is both an ending and a beginning. lt is an end to the irresponsibility and freedom of junior high, to the days of having all of our decisions made for us. But more important it is a beginning. It is the year when courses are chosen for the formative years of high school, when the first class officers are elected. It is the year when the first money for the still far-off prom is raised. And it is the year when our freshmen begin to form the personalities and character they will possess at graduation. 9-202 FIRST ROW: C. Crawford, S. Bliss, R. Robinson, K. Elias, B. Monieleone, R. Cameron, H. Gufnecht. SECOND ROW: P. Pagliaro, V. Martz, S. Cimino, R. Kunicki, G. Briggs, N. Marika, C. Cali, C. Clark Rizzo. THIRD ROW: M, Kido, W. Bostic, F. Sproull, J. Gard- ner, D. Kowal, D. Restori, W. Bump, K. Renock, E. Solomon. 9-206 FIRST ROW: A. Guzzo, P, Gentile, R. DeS1'efano, G. Adamosky, K. Bielek, M. Toscano, P. Forsha. SECOND ROW: M. Windsor, R. Adams, M. Dayoub, P. Young, D. McEIheny, B. Timmerberg, B. Pulcini, L. Wolfe, D. Wolfe. THIRD ROW: T. Johnson, J. Garto, K. Taylor, F. Manni, G. Rees, J. Blissell, W. Sabo. 9-207 FIRST ROW: C. Enciso, V. Scoff, S. Novick, K. Schmaley, R. Wroblewski, J. Pesce, M. Gentile, SECOND ROW: C. Malecki, K. Barr, D. Tarhay, M. Cowen, C. Sopcak, A. DeMao, L. Stiveson, G. Montemurro. THIRD ROW: M. Bryan, W. Speck, J. Pryzrnenski, C. Henry, J: Ryba, J. Householder, P. Campbell. Ixli r' i Q . '- ...ig Aha - if JI 1' A 9-208 nizsr ROWFTA. Afbuckie, D. smoke, L. scan, c: O'Shell, S. Ha'nii5j"Mf-Mangone, J. Ansani. SECOND ROW: C. Bernardi, E. McNally, L. Cascone F. Martin, E. Eiseman, W. Conwell, L. Masarik, G Plate, D. Gigler, S. Baksis, R. Paul, THIRD ROW: M. Peconi, J. Mishlal, J. Shanahan, A Roberts, J. Wardoclip, J. Briffingham, A. Fiscus R. Hopkins, B. Claypoole. 9-209 FIRST ROW: N. Turco, J. Miglorisi, D. Guido, K. Sianko, D. DeMao, J. Bellomo, J. Tallarico. SECOND ROW: S. Cline, N. Zambanini, S. Teclaw, T. Reigharcl, H. Allen, F. Mangieri, K. Jones, F. Adams, R. Audo, T. Licafa, H. Stanko, P. Bender, J. A. Carfer. THIRD ROW: K. Whalen, D. Graziano, M. Wolfson, G. Traenkner, T, Sekelsky, D. Manley, J. Elliott, D. Lousche, F. Kordalski, T. Shields, G. Pellish, D. Anral, W. Texier. "Busy as beavers!" 8-20l FIRST ROW: W. Elwell, K. Gump, A. Marcantonio, A. Cecchetti, J. Enciso, D. Biricocchi, W. Kerr. SECOND ROW: C. Zambanini, D. Kearley, B. Walker, C. Capo, C. Arbuckle, M. Myers, M. L. Forsha, C. Ross, B. Berardone, V. J. Birty, B. Walker, R. Salvati. THIRD ROW: P. Novick, D. Melson, P. Sharick, M. Marra, D. Janicik, P. Carter, R. Fisher, J. Defassio, V. Corsi, H. Johnston. 8-205 FIRST ROW: J. Mazary, G. McNally, B. Krason, F. Sharrock, R. Kemp, H. MacDonald, A. D'Evadio, C. Windsor. SECOND ROW: C. Torchia, S. Rumbaugh, M. Elwood, D. Larussa, P. Smith, R. Jefferson, L. Snow, D. Solomon, D. Moskus, L. Ward, J. Polito, A. Gustaf- son. THIRD ROW: B. Gamerro, C. Drolz, L. Holes, J. McCoy, S. Meso, P. Briggs, L. Johnson, D. Bigenho R. Snow, D. Dumont, C. Enciso. 8-2Il FIRST ROW: T. Puffini, P. Callahan, J. Mercurio, D. Trecziak, P. McHenry, W. Wenzel, J. Arabia, D. Zilinski, F. Arabia. SECOND ROW: R. McEIheny, J. Graham, P. Tuttle, L. J. Dunn, A. Conner, L. Haracznak, M. Halwa, F. Bongiovanni, S. Bostic, D. Stuck, R, Collodi, A. Saritucci. THIRD ROW: C. Stanko, J. Naccarato, S. Guido, M. Soulcheck, L. Hilovsky, P. Beiester, C. Jenkins, C. Conwell, D. D'Achille, P. Cirigliano, C. Vasil. 8-214 FIRST ROW: K. Mondale, K. Stanko, L. Mele, D. Falco, P. Mangotne, S. DeMao, M. Rizzo, J. Luloresky, S. Turco. SECOND ROW: D. Gatto, L. Gabrish, A. Timko, M Provenzano, M. Rodites, J. Chodkowski, M. Mautino R. Domanski, B. Beveridge, T. Pagano, G. Szmyd R. Stewart, R. Heasley, L. Greb, C. Fischer. THIRD ROW: L. Rushnock, M. Matviko, B. Joseph, J Timko, D. Baroni, C. Ogurkis, J. Holsing, K. Halwa M. F. Ozdany, C. Matisko, G. Salati. I 7-lOl FIRST ROW: J. Dananay, P. Speck, B. Bump, W Golembiewski, M. Elwood, R. Armstrong, B. Temp est, R. Helgert, J. Powell, D. DeFeIices. SECOND ROW: M. Papa, D. Taylor, Toni Trofnoff, K Kelly, D. Clark, F. Wolfe, V. Torchia, B. Black, D Berfolino, L. Carlisle, N. Shearer, E. Morgan. THIRD ROW: J. Albert, J. Drolz, G. Black, B. Pryor D. Lippert, A. Snow, L. Sexton, P. Frederinko, W Harris, E. Zilinski. 7-203 FIRST ROW: G. Bliss, C. Cernicky, E. Cecchetti, J. Chiappetta, B. Troutman, M. Soroka, W. Mohney, S. Guido, C. Crawford, D. Calcagno. SECOND ROW: J. Koziura, D. Buhl, D. Gentile, L. Greco, D. Grego, H. Dietrich, J. Schwetz, S. Adams, S. Trempus, S, Chizar. THIRD ROW: W. Peffer, S. Phillip, C. Heighes, N. Mahan, T. Tarhay, K. Peconi, R. Buchanan, L. Cian- flone, R. Mazur. 7-204 FIRST ROW: W. Wolosyn, P. Simak, R. Holes, S, Valchar, D. Onesi, D. Adamosky, T. Moses, M. Fazio, D. Householder. SECOND ROW: R. Kozora, P. Krason, T. Fazio, S. Seft, J. Johnson, C. Taliani, D. Norris, D. Cherkes, N. Eavlick, S. Bindas. THIRD ROW: P. Glover, D. Holsing, J. Tinnemeyer, S. Procopio, S. Healey, S. Saellam, G. MacDonald C. Gatto, L. Sieracki. I 7-212 FIRST ROW: P. Manni, J. Baterak, D. Acohe, M. Tier- ney, T. Martin, R. Pryzmenski, D. Sendyhar, P. Lomondo, R, Bulceni. SECOND ROW: D. Licata, G. Solomon, D. Pugliese, J. Doutt, S. Dupell, P. Sagalio, D. DeRose, D. Licata, L. Weber, P. Tallarico, A. Wicks. THIRD ROW: D. Enciso, A. Tusing, M. S, Dumont, D, Kudlock, M. Trebec, R. Planchak, J. Leonardi, S. Collodi, D. Verdini. ni .vi- U L L 0 T DEMAREE MANLEY Outstanding Ninth Grader DAVID HOUSEHOLDER Outstanding Seventh Grader L CUTS TL ' " S F" . I 'Z , lsr 31 LINDA GABRISH PAULA NOVICKA Outstanding Eighth Graders . ' ,Q it if .QQ ' V .sf ' kt X K .V i .S .1 1 ,gf tl' K ii? . S 352 2 f 7 Over Our Studies, Weave Shed No Tears E . i .. i -ismum-1-ii , - Avid cooperation . . . "Wha1's so interesting back there!" was-W Working hard, boys? Deep concemrafion . . . 1 l L 5 T 1 1 1 . X O . CD A O0 V V w Y ' All DOOR WA Y T 0 OR GANIZA TIONS AND A CTI VI TIES CO-Editors 7 7 ,,..,,,,, 7,, ,,, ,, 7,, ,,7 7,, ,.,, 7 7 7 7 7 P. Nee, M. Rogers Business ManagerseM. Scanga, S. Pellish, M. Clark, P. Calderini Literary Editors 77777 7 S. Namey, R. Korowicki, E. Cox, D. Hopkins, J. Rakvic, K. Noel, N. McGinnis, D. Vigilante, L. Hanes, D. Morrell TYPISLS .777 7777. 7777 7 77777777777.7777777 77 77777777 77777 D . Acone, L. Ansani Sports Editor 7 7777 777777 7 M. Farinelli Photographer 777777 .,,,e77, H . Artman Advisor 77 77 7.777 777 Mr, Curcio I2 if 9 V gliliff I 0 FN- " 0 .- ' ' Qui 'iillllnf .Vi iff "NV , Gi a 'M f Cf-7 s 77 ' Arlion Each year our yearbook has broadened and improved. Each one is a record of all our school memories. They are links between the future andthe past - a reminder of the best years of our lives. From the first plans of the book to the finished product, revisions and new ideas are constantly being used to improve the book. Identifying pictures, composing senior write-ups, choosing colors, and typing dummy sheets only begin the work of the Arlion staff. This year the Arlion has a new advisor, Mr. Curcio. Along with him, the Arlion staff sincerely hopes that this book will be the best yet. ff? gifs Al.. mm ffl 151 1964 Arlwn FIRST ROW: J. Rakvic, D. Vigilante, D. Morrell, M. Clark, M. Farinelli, R. Korowcki, D. Acone, M Rogers L Ansam SECOND ROW: Mr. Curcio, Advisor, D. Hopkins, N. McGinnis, K. Noel, P. Nee, G. Artman, C. Cameron E Cox S Pellish P Caldermi M Scanga, S. Namey. Student Council The Arnold Student Council has been the most democratic body in the school. Under the supervision of Mr. McGuire, the Student Council interprets the ideas of students, makes needed improvements, and is the voice of all those who wish to be heard. The Student Council handles many functions, such as: Christmas Card Sale, dances, elections, hall monitors, in- specting lockers, and schedul- ing sales for other clubs. The Council consists of these students most capable of rep- resenting their fellow students. This year's Council has done many favorable things to im- prove our school. Leaders Club This marks the third success- ful year of the G.L.C. with Miss Troiano as advisor. The club has a closed mem- bership for girls in the ninth through twelfth grades, and each member must maintain a "C" average. The purpose of this organi- zation is " . . . to stimulate in- terest and growth in athletic activities, to promote good fel- lowship, and to foster a spirit of genuine sportsmanship among the girls of this school." Through her many experi- ences and tasks, each girl learns leadership and good sportsmanship. You can readily agree that the G.L.C. has lived up to its standards. We hope that this fine organization will continue to keep the good record it has obtained. FIRST ROW: B. Tusing, T. Audo, C. Chipoletti, M. Chizar, B. Minnick, C. Signorella, D. Zilinski. SECOND ROW: Mr. McGuire, Advisor, W. Verdini, A. Molli, B. Halwa, R. Korowicki, P. Nee, M. Bindas, L. DeSimone, C. Mentecky, B. Bongiovanni, L. Marika, J. Dayoub, G. DePalma, R. Coyle. THIRD ROW: G. Hustak, G. Picone, A. Ringus, F. Phaturos, A. Silvestrin, C. Beveridge, G. Bitner, G. Joseph, C. Pagano, W. Clark, H. Bollinger, R. Richards, R. Romeo, G. Welsh. FIRST ROW: B. Tusing, C. Schrack, L. Suatoni, M. K. Clark, R. Korowicki, S. Namey, R. Resick. SECOND ROW: Miss Troiano, Advisor, S. Spires, B. Halwa, L. Corchia, S. Albanese, P. Nee, P. Wrable, L. Sharick, C. Cameron, G. Corey, D. Hecker, S. Cowen. FIRST ROW: D. Fuge, M. Santucci, S. Smith, J. Arabia. SECOND ROW: F. DeLuca, J. Ziglinski, C. Guzzi, M. DeStephans, E. Cani, K. Posati, K. Allen, M. Rogers, R. Sharick, J. Mondale. THIRD ROW: Miss Fryer, Advisor: K. Yotz, M. Derbaum, C. Lloyd, L. Glover, M. Matisko, B. Madeia, V. Artuso, B. Halwa, S. Lucci, M. Scott, D. Spisak, E. Williams, J. Rakvic, R. Falcon, B. Rush- nock, R, lnglese. FOURTH ROW: M. A. Watters, R. Ryba, N. McGinnis, T. Crusan, S. Cowen, S Spires, C. Cameron, C. Kordalski, L. Baranski, P. Killian, L. Szoch, A. Molli, D. Fantuso, L. Hanes, M. Zamperini, S. Corradene. FIRST ROW: S. Savage, C. Franzak, S. Cline, S. Namey, S. Szaina. SECOND ROW: J. Andring, E. Danko, J. Balie, E. Martin, P. Vassar, E. McAnnich, J. DePetro, C. Nicastro, C. Collodi, D. Samiak. THIRD ROW: M. Santucci, D. Barbiaux, M. K. Clark, K. Malgott, T. Mautino, M. Fiscus, C. Furioli, M. Pituch, C. Ostroski, L. Cashell, V. Lapinski, K. Mondale, M. Martz, P. Nee, L. Vigilante. FOURTH ROW: P. Vrudney, L. DeFelice, D. Bilicki, A. Beister, B. Baranski, E. Rhine, M. Vetovich, L. Sharick, J. Roberts, L. Lehman, D. Marello, E. Scosky, J. Kowal, K. Noel, S. Spisak, L. Sbulcheck, L. Reighard. Future H omemalcers of America Under the guidance of Miss Fryer and Mrs. Wrobleski, the F.H.A. strives for bettering themselves as future home- makers. Working in proiects tied in with their home economic classes, the girls learned to appreciate the ioys and satis- factions of such a career. Their many activities included serv- ing for the prom, selling cook- books and making gifts for the hospital patients. 65 Librar Club The Library Club is an or- ganization which devotes much of its Time and energy to keep- ing up our efficient library. Un- der the supervision of Mr. Galli, our librarian, the girls enjoy doing such duties as typing and filing cards, writing over- due notices, mending books, and preparing new books for circulation. An expression of appreciation should be con- veyed to this deserving staff. Future Nurses Club The Future Nurses Club of America supplies the necessary experience for girls entering the nursing field. Under the capable instruction of Mrs. Tannas, our school nurse, the girls are prepared for a better understanding of nursing. All members are required to serve a certain amount of time at the hospital as candy- stripers in order to learn and appreciate the career of nurs- ing. 66 FIRST ROW: P. Kelly, K. Lanfaloni, F. Toscano, C. Roberts, C. Silvis, S. Brem, D. Zilinski SECOND ROW: Mr. Galli, M. Hall, P. Polsinelli, J. Hale, K. Johnson, K. Confer, J. Meyer, L Corchia, M. Zamperini, L. Dowhower. FIRST ROW: D. Latkey, T. Audo, V. Manni, M. Berczek, F. Mandarino, L. Pugliese, K. Mercurio. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Tannas, Advisor, S. Minnick, L. White, P. Marcantonio, C. Mentecky, E. Manley, D. Tutelo, S. Torchia, F. Phillip, B. Nawatka, B. Minnick, C. Mohney. THIRD ROW: G. Ankeny, B. Bongiovanni, B. Ansilio, L. DeSimone, P. Chodkowski, P. Wrable, M. Demao, N. Stewart, G. MacDonald, L. Dietrich, J. Carmichael, P. McNally. FIRST ROW: B. Clark, G. Shaffer, B. DeMao, R. Vendig, D. Cianflone. SECOND ROW: G. De- Palma, J. Makuta, J. DeLuca, D. Laporte, R. J. Molchan, D. Olszewski, G. Leonardi, D. R. Haracznak, J. Stanko, C. Beveridge, D. L. Misik, R. Shaffer, J. Peconi, A. Berkey, Brown, J. Collodi, L. Brown, B. Pacha, D. Postupack, Kunicki, Key Club Advisor, Mr. Smith. THIRD ROW: Marra, H. Harris, F. Naccarato, V. Grego, B. Bedell, B. Palochik, F. Cecchetti. "id FIRST ROW: W. Richards, F. Lombardo, J. ROW: S. Vasilopus, E. Rataiczak, J. Mazur, R. Sampson, P. Meredith, R. D. Gentile. THIRD ROW: A. Zito, G. Hustak, E. Pelchar, D. Duncan, R. Aftanas, D. Allen, J. Perry, E. Monternurro. FOURTH ROW: C. Hamish, R. Stuck, V. Fantuzzo, J. Coglio, H. Demao, C. Johnson, F. Phaturos, W. Maiure, A. Windsor, Mr. F. Martin, Advisor. FIFTH ROW: L. Kearley, R. Silvestrin, D. Olivo, D. Beister, C. Napierkowski, G. Joseph, J. Favors, C. Pagnotta, C. McMeans, J. Ludwiczak. Ciciarelli, G. Welsh, M. Farinelli, D. Batten. SECOND Andring, J. Morabito, Stanko, C. Brooks, E. Richards, S. Phillips, J. Baker, J. Bellavia, A. Colella, R. Fabian, A. Pagano, J. Easley, A. ey Club The Arnold Key Club is a ser- vice organization sponsored by the New Kensington Kiwanis. Mr. Smith, the advisor of the group, works with the boys to establish unselfish attitudes a rn o n g its members. Members may be found clean- ing the stadium, holding dances, sponsoring the annual tureen din- ner, and performing a number of small but still important tasks in the school and on the campus. They also help in various Kiwanis fund-raising activities. Football Club The Football Club gives the boys of the football team and Mr. Martin a chance to meet and dis- cuss informally the team's plays and weaknesses. Each member of the team has a chance to express his opinion throughout the con- versations. Movies are shown to find trouble spots on the line as well as in the backfield. Mr. Mar- tin, the sponsor, also points out the strong points and the weak- nesses of the opposing team. The Football Club, besides its weekly meeting, has a physical fitness program in which the boys meet throughout the wee k to lift weights. 67 Future Teachers of America The career of Teaching in- volves many rewarding mo- ments, as well as a lot of hard work. It is the purpose of the Future Teachers of America to bring both facets of teaching to the attention of its mem- bers. Advised by Mrs. Ursic and Miss Cribbs, the club carries on many activities. Long-term projects include assisting teach- ers with paperwork and read- ing to children at the library during the summer. Members also serve as ushers during open house. An annual candy sale provides funds used for a scholarship to be given to the most deserving senior. Mathematics Club The Mathematics Club un- der the direction of Mr. Gear- hard is well represented by its members. The club meets to study and discuss mathemat- ical problems not covered in daily classes. Members are able to discuss these problems with open minds and bring forth their opinions of the various prob- lems. The Club's goal is to stim- ulate clear thinking and better understanding of mathematics. 68 ROW l: L. Monternurro, C. Schrack, M. Scanga, C. Chipoletti, R. Mazur, K. Lanfaloni, P. Pituch, M. Allen, F. Ventorini. ROW 2: P. Clark, D. Broad, C. Edwards, V. Cepko, M. Corsi, M Doutt, E. Crestetto, J. Elwell, M. Machara, L. Demma, R. Re-sick, L. Sautoni. ROW 3: Miss Cribbs, N. Chodkowski, G. Corey, S. Albanese, V. Dupont, M. Lewandowski, P. Nee, J. Pavlick, J. Havely, C. Yankov, M. Bindas, l. Franzi, K. Johnson, L. Yost, D. Hecker, D. Mazur, S. Fiorina, Mrs. Ursic. ROW 4: J. Bryan, L. Dowhower, R. Deyarmin, W. Heasley, B. Lutsky, E. Rataiczak, J. Cimino, T. Pivarski, P. Liska, D. Donati, D. Licata, J. Kido, E. Frazier, A. Ricchuito, D. Resch, C. Roberts. ROW l: K. Edgar, E. Frazier, G. Chrissman, J. Mercurio, K. Masnick, H. Shaw, S. McKee, E. Bender, J. Kuchta. ROW 2: Mr. J. Gearhard, H. Bollinger, L. Schantz, F. Salvay, W. Tyger, A. Kregiel, L. Misconis, J. Pavetto, J. Matviko, A. Holsing, P. Hershberger, K. Yotz. FIRST ROW: F. Ventorini, M. Rogers, P. Pituch, D. Vigilante, M. Derbaum. SECOND ROW: L. Ansani, N. McGinnis, L. Dowhower, D. Hopkins, A. Molli, Miss Caldwell, Advisor. THIRD ROW: E. Cox, D. Duncan, D. Postupack, L. Schantz, J. Ludwiczak, D. Cianflone, R. Korowicki. FIRST ROW: K. Mercurio, C. Chipoletti, B. Minnick, P. Calderini, L, Suatoni, F. Ventorini, R Mazur, P. Clark, T. West. SECOND ROW: F. Mandarino, L. Dowhower, M. Matisko, M. Lewan- clowski, L. Johnson, P. Chodkowski, K. Johnson, G. Corey, C, Milton, E. Cox, S. Albanese, A Molli, R. Rieser, M. Doutt, Mrs. Ursic, Advisor. THIRD ROW: D. Marra, J. Kuchta, F. Salvay, J. Sarniak, D. Donati, T. Pivarski, P. Dananay, J. Easley, J. Ludwiczak, E. Rataiczak, R. Dunbar, R. Bell, J. Mercurio. ational Honor ooiet Character, service, leader- ship, and scholarship are the four characteristics which a member of The National Honor Society must possess. Member- ship does not single out the members from the rest of the students, it merely commends those who excel so they may become leaders. Character is one's high moral fiber, service is one's dedica- tion to serve mankind, leader- ship is one's willingness to lead his classmates, and scholar- ship is one's hard work pre- paring for his future. The sev- enteen members of the 1964 class all strive for these charac- teristics. The members of this society will leave high school prepared to conquer any difficult situa- tions. Latin C lub Thirty-six charter members of the newly formed Latin Club of A.H.S. ratified their consti- tution on Nov. 5, 1963. Under this constitution the members worked on various committees which planned and execuwd the regularly scheduled bi- weekly meetings. Meeting early in the morn- ing, the group endeavored through active participation to enrich its knowledge and un- derstandings of the Latin lan- guage. Among other things they sought to demonstrate that Latin is not a dead lan- guage but a foundation on which we have built many facets of our modern life. 69 Auto hop The Auto Shop, under the guidance of Mr. Livrone, con- sists of students taking the vocational auto course. The members meet once a week to discuss any problems they may have relating to the automotive field. Their obiective is to promote fellowship and unity within the groups and to exchange any ideas they may have con- cerning their goals. Machine hop The Arnold High School Ma- chine Shop Club is under the supervision and direction of Mr. Gressly, and is open to any student belonging to the voca- tional machine shop. The main purpose of the or- ganization is to help these fu-' ture machinists, gather and study the valuable information confronting our machinists of today. The highlights of this club are the projects and sur- veys they make during the school term. 70 W K .. .L k . f -I FIRST ROW: G. Welsh, W. Brunetti, G. Calbert, P. Pesce, S. Vasilopus, J. Manchini, J. Sergi, M. Brown, R. Bulger, J. McFaII, J. Mohney. SECOND ROW: Mr, Livrone, Advisory O. Higgins, L Barbieri, R. Butler, T. Mazer, G. Adams, J. Devore, R. Stivenson, E. Palchinski, P. Mangone R. Sperski, G. Kemp, N. Graff, J. Galie, W. Brown, B. Fiorina. THIRD ROW: A. Ringus, K Grimes, F. Murrin, R. Keller, D. Jordan, P. Lippert, R. Stiveson, W. Smith, M. Marletti, T Forrest, C. Heberling, G. Geisinger, R. Kuzak, G, Paulakis, D. Baker, D. Vawerchak. FIRST ROW: K. Stenger, J. McKillop, R. Maiure, W. Bostic, V. Stearman, F. Paul, R. Painter. SECOND ROW: Mr. Gressly, Advisor, A. Painter, E. Karluk, L. Woodall, J. Haggart, T. Tutelo, D. Gentile, R. Calcagno. THIRD ROW: A. Maiure, D. Munshower, S. Phillips, L. Kearley, W. McKibbin, J. Coglio, K. Cowen, P. Meredith, R. Bellini, R. Andring. FIRST ROW: Trudy Audo, Carol Chipoletti, Marlene Corsi, Susan Cline. SECOND ROW: Barbara Bongiovanni, Rosalind Korowicki, Ronald Meledanclri, Kathy Confer, Danny Cowen, Bill Verdini. THIRD ROW: John Leonardi, Dennis Olszewski, Glenn Bitner, Alan Berkey, Richard Dayoub. You clon't say! Places everybody! Senior Class Play "Strange Boarders" "Is everybody ready? Places! Lights!" That was the director, Mr. Massaro, reciting the words that made the hearts of all the students associated with "Strange Boarders" sound like anti-aircraft guns. One last look at the director and all the actors were ready. To the audience out front a play may be only an evening's entertainment, but to the cast it means weeks of hard work, drill galore, and many sleep- less nights. There was a real live audience out there waiting to be entertained and it was up to the cast to entertain them. The play, "Strange Boarders," took place in a small New England town in the boarding house owned by Cordelia Tuttle. To the already mixed-up house came two "strange boarders," Amity and Priscilla Haines. The plot develops around them and a gang of bank robbers. How Cordelia and the Captain finally capture the entire gang proved to be very interesting. 7I Tonight's Yhe night. X N Arnold High Dramaiics Club C Presents X "STRANGE BOARDERS - Empty now, but not for long. Lights! Action! Camera! I i I V Our director, Mr. W. Massaro I KW , , 1 . W ,WU ff xy ,'4' WFf"W if my N fi Q WKVTNV 72' X 47' K"'Vm Ma x X-QW gjmgfff J, '.2wfff I' Wy fu re m!'fil' frflvmx U9 t VM OW 'nf if t ! 'M.4'J 'lf It 107 e -ff.. "'M 11 ffm' .,, 'J 1 S y ,ff SN gs , 5 I vj 1 V B1 'La 3 x lid W Rx g by F' X JW ee W7 fif l MMN rLe rf P xx F ,I I A xxx! , ff, 'VC' 'X igiff Q X 6' 4 , 'l 'f .z ,x V 6 'i51 ,V A ' ff Ewihglxv X W V x' W XX Nils 'M X 'QNILE ' Q W d w f, Snoil" KNEELING: G. Montemurro, D. Olivo, A. Pagnoha. STANDING: Senior Cheerleaders-C. Signorella, S. Namey, S. Szaina S I 1, FRONT: C. Signorella. KNEELING L. Moniemurro, S. Szaina STANDING: B. Halwa, C. Cameron, S. Namey 9 9 T 8 Carole Signorella, Captain Cl JUNIOR VARSITY BOTTOM: B. Tusing, J. Carmichael, B. Bongiovanni, P. Kelly. TOP: L. Marika, R. Resick. CAPTAINS . BOTTOM: K. Sfanko, S. Cline. TOP: B. Bongio-vanni. qw., A very co-operaTive and peppy group are The cheerleaders. These girls have succeeded in keeping up The schooI's spiriT and morale. Regardless of The disfance of The Type of weaTher, The cheerleaders never failed To be There cheering for The Team, Under The fine supervision of Miss Troiano, These girls have proven To be a viTal asseT To The aThIeTic program. - JUNIOR HIGH BOTTOM: S. CaIcagno,, M. Meyers, MIDDLE: L. Mele, S. Phillips, S. Collodi, K. Stanko. TOP: P. Cirigliano, S. Cline. P. Kelly 5 Ni 1' , 9 . M' N- . 4 ,- ... , N . W. , f .sgf-W . ' ' 4 f'f5"1s . . f Law in my .- . 1 My .wefiayixv-'45 K 1, H M- 5 if W" '-'ffmNsLfx.1'f1f.,--Q , 2' e. ' ,, 5 W' D- I-aTkeY. P. Marcanronio R. Falcon L, Suaioni P, Vfudney J- AndV'nQ M. Derbaum S. Savage A. Molli C, Memeqky D- Safmak F. Veniorini L. Ansani M. Pifuch C, Yankov I A . K ' Y IN f 112141 ' X QF ,ff ' ' 5 F J 0 'Kula F v iielnll' ROW 1: E. Bender, G. DePalma, R. Palochik, J. Migliorisi, D. Guida, F. Mangieri, D. Laporte, F. Adams, D. Anfal. ROW 2: L, Onesi, G Pellish, W. Richards, R. Romeo, R. Pacha, D. Cianflone, D. Gourly, J. Bua, D. Duncan, T. Shields, J. Picone, G. Daher. ROW 3 J. Collodi, F. Nacarrato, J. Molchan, W. Clark, J. Leon-ard, R. Brown, J. Makufa, W. Acre, P. Gavasto, D. Olszewski, J. Ellioit, E. Pituch J. Shockley. ,gm W ,. .. VM... A. K Za.. ...Jn . . ,-4 ...W , .M W .., 3 M P- Wrable L. oaemch M. K. clark D, Ame p Crafk C- Kofdalski C. OSTYOWSH P. Nee M. Rogers P, MgNally R. Korowicki S. Lucci L. White E. McAninch 5. Cline ,- l qaggiies ROW 1: W. DeMao, R, Audo, A, Licata, N. Turko, M. Wolfson, D. DeMao, J. Bellamo, G. Corey, M. Corsi, C. Schrack, S. Minnick, H. Sfanko, M. M. Martz. ROW 2: H. DeMao, R' RiChaI'dS, R. Meledandri, G. Schaffer, D. Licata, T. Reighard, D. Abbott, J. Havely, K. Johnson, O. Robinson W. Bedell. 5- MCKE5 C- Milfofb 5- Mif1"1iCk, W. Texfef, C. Jones, ROW 3: P. Liska, D. Manley, W. Andrews, G. Leonardi, D., Hornan, b.'Louche, D. Cholto, T. Sekelsky, G. Barbiaux, R. Vendig, F. Kordalski, J. DeLuca, D. Postppack, J, Sianko, L. Musik, H Johnson, E. Frazer. "Before ...,.f ---- A fre r" "Think I could learn To play if?" l l Adults need three glasses daily. Our inslrucfors Band Festival 78 my A 1 y I M ta HQ T to 1 1 946' '1 .sq F ' rg WF R-J 1 1 . if jA Malvene Rogers Rosalind Korowicki Head Maiorette Drum Maiorette W Q 1 J' . . .Ma 9 w ,.-fs f' .2 'r QA -Q he-f Q Mr. Franklin A. Lorence Director Anita Molli Lead Maiorette Junior Hi h Band It Q 2. fi if if . vu.. Lee Dietrich Lead Maiorette M Z ,Q lx :ree 4 fiwf 5. 'AR , xl X A Francine Ventorlni Lead Maiorette FIRST ROW: S. Turco, W. Kerr, M. Ciuffoletti, C. Crawford, L. Greco, S. Guido, D. Bender, R. Pryzmenski, L. Buhl, D. Sendykar J S wetz D. Buhl, D. Calcagno. SECOND ROW: J. Chiapetta, J. Koziura, W. Elwell, R. Mazur, D. Biricocchi, A. Cecchetti, R. Stewart, B. Walker C Ross N Mahan, P. Sharick, B. Berardone, D. Grego, M. Myers, J. Enciso, K. Stanko, H. Dietrich, S. Chizar, W. Peffer, D. Artosky. THIRD ROW W Mohney, C. Heighes, K. Gump, R. Buchanan, M. Rodites, M. Provenzano, V. Corsi, L. Rusnock, P. Carter, M. Marra, D. Janicik, G Salah R Fisher, J. DeFassio, H. Johnston, R. Pagano, G- Szmyd, A. Tusing, A. Marcantonio, E. Cecchetti. FIRST ROW: E. Manley, J. Elvvell, L. Corchia, D. Hecker, P. Polsinelli, M. Doutf. SECOND ROW: L. Revotti, Director, C. Guzzi M. Berczek, L. Pugliese, K. Yotz, K. Lanfalotni, K. Allen, J. Arabia. THIRD ROW: P. Vrudny, C. MacDonald, M. Mafisko, V. Dupont, J. Roberts, B. Ansilio, E. Scosky, K. Malgott. hair FIRST ROW: D. Latkey, K. Alcibiade, L. DeFelice, D. Donati, C. Salandria, T. West. SECOND ROW: L. Ravotti, Director, D. Neasi, A. Cimino, D. Mattern, B. Rushnoclc, H. Gazdo, R. Ryba, G. Kitzer, P. Wrable, J. Bertotni, N. Stewart, R. Resick, A. Rushnock, C Roberts, C. Lloyd. THIRD ROW: M. A. Watters, K. Johnson, F. Cecchetti, R. Buono, T. Cernicky, A. Kregiel, J. Sherron, B. Bell, P. Hartman, W. Bartolovich, O. Robinson, L. Reigljnard, S. Powell. FIRST ROW: P. Manni, D. Acone, J. Lubresky, M. Tierney, D. Pugliese, J. Douit, L. Weber. SECOND ROW: L. Gabrish, D. Gallo, C. Belli, G. Solomon, K. Elias, R. Domanski, J, Leonardi, D. Licafa, B. Monteleone, D. Enciso, J. Tallarico, K. Mondale. THIRD ROW: M. Mautino, N. Zambanini, K. Whalen, C. Ogurkis, K. Halwa, C. Cali, M. Trebac, G. Briggs, C. Clark, V. Marfz, M. Ozdany, B. Joseph, J. Rizzo, P. Tallarico, S. Collodi. Junior Hi h Choir FIRST ROW: C. Crawford, D. DeRose, T. Martin, D. Verdini, P. Pagliaro, D. Falcon, J. Paterak. SECOND ROW: L. Ravotfi, Director R. Heasley, A. Wicks, P. Mangone, A. Timko, S. DeMao, R. Planchak, R. Robinson, D. Verdini, S. Dupell, L. Mele, P. Lomando, M Rizzo. THIRD ROW: P. Sgalio, S. Bliss, C. Fischer, L. Greb, R. Beveridge, J. Holsing, M. S. Dupont, J. Chodkowski, C. Maiisko S. Cimino, R. Kunicki, N. Marika, D. Baroni, J. Timko, S, Teclaw, M. Mafviko. 1 Our thanks to Miss Kengor. Prom There comes a time every spring when the students' hearts turn To thoughts of the Junior-Senior Prom. Palm trees, igloos, windmills and rocket ships-all these refer to May 24, i963, when the Juniors and Seniors took a trip around the world. It was hard to believe that these same boys and girls are the ones you see at school each day. lt's a never- to-be-forgotten experience, the Junior-Senior Prom. Ah, work done at last! V Now, Pam, don't pick those flowers. Prom Z5 J Fancy meeting you here! W 'V up , - X X, W ka .f. , '1- X' V1 Q, X , 'AA ' .?- t . V I x ir Theme Should we or shouIdn'f we? , . ik f 84 Smiie, you're on candid camera. Y - 'ff'- When do we eat? Oh, good, here comes the food! My G , HM, ..,,h , f ,-.'1 VK We v ,K ,Q-wwfzffg Airnim 4 fw'4Y'.Sf Mfmehieg gwi:5ss'f ST, M ,isgfftiff rr r Aw, Carole, why switch sets? Ns.. Looks like someone's having a good time Mr. Pallone and friend. Looks like everyone's having fun. Scenes Around School . . n n National Honor Society Tea PEOPLE 53 Q Working: 1 On yearbook . . . At typing , - ' 6'fii'Zfv Breaking: AW , ,' I V5 'Vit 1lX 'f Q Yi, -- WWSX - - n v 55,1 'Qilxix N ' x Q., Mvxgggwfg -f For lunch . . . 1' 1 f ' x X A1 half-time . . . For "study" . . . E .... I 'UKENEQL To run a library, you need three hands 88 Sophomore symbols of study and sobriety Vocational Wonders m, : s-1+ 'M W' My Mkwhfww K 'I S , 5 ax g 2 And they say girls Take a long time to get dressed! 5 +5 ,,'-4 A E574 Q,4,,k , s is i A A e, ,, Now do it my way, see! LCVS 90, Alex! Let's go, pull! 89 Relax! and enioy . . . the thrill of if all Brotherly love Quarterback sneak Diamond heroes cl 9 T NEWS N ieacher N w look ". . . Let The word go forth from This time and place, to friend and foe alike, that The Torch has been passed To a new generation of Americans-born in This cen- tury, Tempered by vvar, disciplined by a hard and bitter peace, proud of our ancient heritage . , ." John F. Kennedy, Inaugural Address January 20, 1961 I n Memoriam John F. Kennedy 1917-1963 The following pages are dedicated to our late President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, a happy, healthy symbol of The might and invulnerability of his nation. Mr. Kennedy's desire To develop The body as well as The mind has greatly increased The stability of youth. He strove by This means to help The youth of today become the leaders of tomorrow. Even though his sudden death has curtailed his im- pprtant role in promoting physical fitness, his efforts and attainments shall forever be cherished by a . By Pamela J. Nee W x is-1ta1m2ifiwQEmrb1i:'V919e.?,-V,,gfivfiiliagAw"liQQ,. , . , ,. ,.z'1Hv:1 -,szgaw,,w,'sr,f.a'1ssmw,1:fQiief3'.fvmifsLJ Q w2v.sse:1wf fig-Z - i ' '- ' ..asn-www' 1, ,-19 4,25 4. s 5 93x 'Q "Give me The old emhusiasms back And Take away The biTTer, barren TruTh L L ,vil- DOOR WA Y TO ATHLETICS 96 fnm, mm. ,mmk VLKVVA I. v ,- - ,, L I .I . i NNNI .I 'ff "' W' W I , . C... consk' j 7kL'A, f ,,1 'Zf- k,fW" , IQ , Q? 'texts Iast nf"'n" 'D 1+-+"-M- l Qf'h"'-'IWIC'-'ffhii in Leshe Memanffiw I f if . IfWSI451'- 'fsfwklilwi 5 1: fgf :wg 12:15, - as 1. ,,,,, K' . -. , , ,MM D - 7 1, . Q . I C Gncl-Iron Heroes , ,,,'.l V, L,L. I, U ue , ,. , . , If nf :g .W 3 I ,.Vi I ri., V1 ,,.7 :V , I .h.N K . I I. Q K K :V rf-..-.. . . , 0YQ13",'Q' '1 . Q I ,1sIiSf20f D , I I .quurm ,Qf cappi Q gf D 'I . I .1 en opl . is K: ff ' I A A ', fn I if 1 j 5 e ,G CI . . C 2. -. . I I .C .C gi , ffl HBT35- mba. ei. was 15311-435 , - Q1. I , I D I I I I IWW? Ii ,gy , I ICC. 112. player: si .A kv.,, 2 5 K., . v iw R N T? ,X Z , JA4, , In 1 , , G 'Lion t wiivkiiy .iivgikiwjk k hir ,1 D , Async I .,.- K, ,sf .K ,Af Z, I. I . I V,Tx ta. the air.. Q , 'D 1 - ir 'ii' Ak jac Aw-wx -3 Q '-- -'nes' th1'0l:W6959VW -"' - 'C ' 'I ' zyban-' ' 5 ' lrg .I L 5 fvalld kk 8 . N.., r , V , - .kL,, K.. Vk.k v,kL 0 K - ,. . V. I ,k1, F JVAQ3-1 5 . , 1 ties droppad aanky. on the Mania 'IW I 1gir2Igamid2?wiI t amslghigxi Mara Sm 1? mich kwa? ' ,f 5, . iA.: . - I I f I I DQ f f I f I ..SPfi1l8,. I fiC0BSi.,, ' Gio D Q9 wwf- I wmv, had ably-me Sf W , My g:,:. , 5. ,EE , V 3, ,. h,,g, ,. K A V ny . , - if , Ch T . ,iii 19" at Jasxg sau 1 . P2 1 C . I , I D plum. 4 . -C i'3l?'!w, -ggi - .ffthef . ,.zf- - -1 M T 55788 ,K Y . X4-315. - . -AL F15 5 IIN .C -'MW f . i 415 iextef' 1'-"?: ' . , , 1. in 1,5 Dgzzf 4L,- rg A LF. .k,.- ' Y., fa. . m,..f' . Q ' Q A 5 CD I ,I WI I I1F!,+C I IH, I- 'D , . If I C. I I , -bf , . , x Q I fam W Ig, ' , 1v'+-Dwgixff . C., Q. I wire N l-I D , rs M EW , , ,,,, S In Nm W - .IIIIIOWM ' D' 5 5223? 4 fL ' ,, Q If Q. 5053522202 F KVV: . . , i J .,... LV . in I I W7 Q! Wada-less znyar 'KX - Ab X, f m I I- . C M 6.1, Xl rl k N41 sounded. . H,, I 1 I- 3 I I I I 5 I Arnolgws ff Olivo, Pag I I I M Q 0 f'f3ano, Smffc1 es "iso, Fabiaq gpaskgigi 31 , c 1 , 4S,, ,C ,,, Y a .Qi me Bob Ric? .la Logue, me . C W -AQ f I the third,evizak, Mdgje, Pagane 'I 5 ' sf 5 ' ' X nf , I4Sai11stITony Zitofberrxao, Alex Pagnu 5: rr h , ,,-. ,f fx W f'vW-W Y ' 1 Win' V ' 3 v G W vhs M t . :sing of my A 5 A b . 73 .teamgta eorgg es, W fJg1g?!11L11'I . ,, , Ms, ,. ins N gand A1 Wxndsqr. VV L ... k K 4 .Ci ., 6 . dylt was Sprinma, V1 W I , . ,,g"ffi: ,X ,. I .du nf ends R1 . 1 ff--1' I I 521185 I I l , ,,,Sm,5,5',,,a ,C i,,.,,,gX . I-f'Be11aYia, tangles' , nm --I. , V1 '- ,r V Tay, Siff iik Ir, 40ug. Dave Du1""' sf- , 1 .,,,K, , AM, . 3:1 C C 1 guE1tMfgfg rv f W . h ff ,Mg M 0 Am l :I ,rome Basra .YQ 7 JM, vl , Q I ,Bai A338221 K ,..,, ,running U10 y L 'W ' ' ' V12 0 . runs lmifwgviyfer . 1 W ' h ima and Ted Pysh . , .C 'was wwf' - ' ',"'-..m1-ed thev v ta., ' , A .. ms points in its last? W fllIl8 sys. N ,fi ,-"I -S I .mee wins. Arnold had mei 0-D-3 V k cemgnmf' ly g sd gi ,ff X.. A M-'vxgan jszingigst defense, allowing onlysgxky I C2,SQffF:Q2f,,,f' .udw1cgg4,ganI N C 4 ' Q Sgalgffd 56501?o?nts all sciascm, b kggljigmk. ,i1. xI, Nxdwiczak. xold ' I I 3 1 f . I e omW ensiwgey, quarter ac! 'gg' I ,wa-as any N I N . 3903125 I ,pissed Dave 01ivo,ha1fback Gene1B'1-5-517 wvggif' 'Jem'f"" P Af-I ,,,, 0315113 "413SSe'S '15?QHIHQ'3ff0 3115 EIIIIDGQK 401111:WififZ,?.iE'5?tf2:1.lXi2fiZ3'Igl'.'I.ili3.l A. MAIURE D. DUNCAN J. LUDWICZAK A- ZITO R. FABIAN A. PAGNOTTA J. STUCK D. ouvo E4 MONTENIURPO C. PHILLIPS C. PAGANO A. WINDSOR G- WELSH R. RICHARDS H. DQMAO J. Cosmo 97 Varsity J ,,.- 1-1-1, N. . ,fa Z- W - RT F, 4ii!fi'1'F'5'3'?Eis C J, K- 1 , Q , .,, n-.- . A Q A. f ,.gEI"L " -ft - .f if 7 F32 " A ,mp Ns. .x'l . Q -K ' . , ' ,ry ' Q , L i t T7 ,f44,ifff,.V V V 1 N. Ng , .x..,Q.-S.,,f '-'02?4::.7.g....s1 ' 'Ya --.-e'1 Football Co-captains D. Olivo, J. Luclwiczak and coaches R. Romito and F. Martin. FIRST RQW: J. Perry, J. Ciciarelli, A. Zito, S. Vasilopus, F. Lombardo, G. Welsh. SECOND ROW: Mr. O. Phillips, Assistant Coach, E. Monte murro, J. Coglio, G. Hustak, V. Fantuzzo, E. Aftanas, C. Brooks, A. Windsor, D. Olivo, Mr. M. Peretti, Assistant Coach. THIRD ROW: Mr F. Martin, Coach, J. Ludwiczak, D. Duncan, A. Pagnotta, J. Stuck, A. Maiure, F. Phaturos, R. Richards, S. Phillips, C. Johnson, J. Bellavia Mr. R. Romifo, Assistant Coach. FOURTH ROW: L. Toaso, G. Joseph, W. Baker, C. Napierkowski, A. Silvestrin, C. Pagano, J. Fabian, D Beiester, L. Kearley, H. DeMao. 1 C. Young of Freeport snowed under by host of Lions. What's orange and blue and can't be stopped? -"Chick" Coach Martin shows fighting spirit. A. Windsor makes desperate attempt to . snag aerial. tn Action Under the fiery leadership of Coach Frank Martin, the Lions completed a highly successful grid campaign with only one blemish on their record. The heartbreaking loss to Freeport, who went on to capture the A.l.C. crown, gave our gridders a record of nine wins and one loss, and runner-up honors in the Allegheny interscholastic Conference. Highlighting the grid season was the victory over Leech- burg, i8-6, which knocked the Blue Devils out of the running for the W.P.I.A.L. Class A and A.l.C. titles. lronically, the Lions, in capturing runner-up honors, amassed a higher point rating in the conference than the previous year when they clinched the championship. We extend our congratulations and praise to our excellent coaching staff and rugged athletes. 99 'Q . ,X , ilii , " f W. 7 arta "'?"Zf f . Mi ' 1' Ha . Zyi L . Coach Martin instructs staunch interior linemen J. Ludwiczak and C. Pagano. .A' . - ' -. 'ff 7 5 -'1': .7 , itil:-ff, if 1, Stellar signal caller - D, Olivo Varsity Scores Arnold ,,,, A,.,, 2 O Plum .. .- O Arnold 26 West Deer . i3 Arnold i3 Freeport 7,,do . 20 Arnold i3 Arnold ., 27 Arnold 34 Arnold 13 Arnold i8 Arnold 31 Arnold 12 Tarentum , ,,., , 7 Penn Claridge -, 6 Ford City .,7,,,, 7 Oakrnont o,,7 6 Leechburg .,,.o7,, 6 Hampton O Springdale . ., .- O G. Montemurro, the Lions speedy scatback. SENIOR HEADLINERS-FRONT: R. Richards, A. Maiure, G. Montemurro, A. Zito, G. Welsh, J. Stuck. BACK: J. Ludwiczak, H. DeMao, A. Pagnotta, R. Fabian, C. Pagano, D. Olivo, L. Toaso, J. Coglio, D. Duncan, S. Phillips. E Klang Junior Varsity FIRST ROW: D. Gentile, G. Joseph, G. Hustak, J. Perry, S. Vasilopus, F. Lombardo, E. Aftanas, D. Batten. SECOND ROW: Mr. Swab, Asst. Coach: Mr. Rocchi, Asst. Coach, J. Morabito, D. Hanna, J. Scaries, D. Allen, E. Pelchar, E. Rataiczak, M. Farinelli, R. Andring, Mr. Peretti, Coach. THIRD ROW: W. Richards, A. Baroni, P. Meredith, R. Colella, C. Brooks, A. Silvestrin, D. Beiester, L. Kearley, R. Sampson, V. Fantuzzo. P' 2? f .. M'.,i Y- vw.- . A L L I V A .1 Junior High. Footbalrl FIRST ROW: C. Windsor, D. Sedykar, E. Cecchetti, T. Martin, C. Crawford, J. Doutt, Mgr. R. Cameron, D. DeRose, Mgr., A. Wicks, H. Deitrich. SECOND ROW: J. Chiapetta, G. Harris, A. Marcantonio, G. Salati, H. Johnson, M. Rodites, K. Renock, D. Stuck, F. Adams, R. Audo, G. Solomon, R. Pagano, V. Corsi, G. McNally, S. Dupell, R. Mazur, J. Gatto, Mgr. THIRD ROW: Mr. Rocchi, Coach, W. Kido, F. Mangieri, F. Martin, W. Conwell, R. Fisher, F. Sproul, J. Priezmenslci, R. Planshak, L. Johnson, F. Manni, D. Manley, C. Henry, D. Restori, A. Roberts, E. Solomon, G. Pellish, G. Plate, S. Baksis, J. Brittingham, M. Marra, Mr. Swab, Coach. JUNIOR VARSITY SCORES A.H.S. OPP I3 Freeport -. .... ..,. - O I2 Har Brack ..,. ,,... 7 I9 Springdale ..... ...... 6 I9 Ken Hi e,... .e,,, O I4 Tarentum e,,.. ,,., I 2 I9 Plum ,.e...... ...... O 20 East Deer 6 JUNIOR HIGH SCORES A.J.H.S. OPP 6 Plum ,.a..., ,,..,, 2 8 O Freeport .... ..,.. 4 O O Tarentum .... ...,. I 4 2 Verona .,,,,, .,c,, 2 8 I2 Leechburg ..,. J... 3 2 IOI VY- --WY -- 7 - - ' Basketball The season of 1963-64 found our cagers entered into the tough Section 1 division. The transition from Section 1 1-A was too difficult for our team to overcome. As a result, Arnold High School fans did not witness a winning season. However, what the team lacked in victories was more than made up in desire, sportsmanship and fair play. Although the Lions will lose seven senior lettermen through graduation, the future appears very bright. With sophomore star, Dan Barbiaux, returning and a promising junior varsity in the background, Arnold High School will be looking for better things in 1964-65. Grab that Rebound! KNEELING: W. DeMao, Manager, Mr. McGuire, Coach, Mr. Sellari, Assistant Coach. STANDING: A. Windsor, D. Barbiaux, W. Clark, R. Coyle, D. Olivo, R. Jefferson, R. Lovelace, G. Bitner, G. Joseph, C. Johnson, F. Phaturos, L Brown, V. Fantuzzo. Allis Well That Ends Well Jubilanf Arnold team and Coach L. McGuire celebraiing final season victory over Leechburg. . V M54 "Look, the ball went through the ceiling!" L, li ' ' 3 Z 5 if . ,- Wm:-Zvi' Lovelace and Olivo apply pressure against Kenmen SWY wifh him, Glenn- Who's got the ball?! Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold William DeMao Manager Missing: Lowell Schantz Seasonls Record Hampton ., ..o, ,v,- I 9 Arnold .,..... West Deer .....A e.... . .- 55 Arnold ...,.. - Wilkinsburg ,,.,.. 43 Arnold Tarentum .ee,.. ee.,e... 3 8 Arnold ..,..,, Monroeville ...., ..,.,.. 5 4 Arnold ...,... Oakmont ...... ..,.... 6 l Arnold ..,.,.. Klski Area,,..v....... 52 Arnold ..,.,,e Kittanning .....A..,e,,ee,e 49 Arnold ...,.e. New Kensington .,ee.... 62 Arnold .eo-,e, Har Brack ,e,,,..,....,e.,e,,. 49 Arnold ......, Freeport ...,... .,,e,e. 7 3 Ford City .,..,,e Leechburg ,,,.. Plum ,,e,,,, Kiski Area ....,,e Kittanning ..,,..e. New Kensington Har Brack ...,.,eo, Freeport ....,,e.... Ford City ,,,,,. Leechbu rg ..... William Clark Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Junior Varsity Scores Hampton ..v,.,, West Deer ..,oo Wilkinsburg .,..,,, ee,... Ta rentum ,,,,, Monroeville ,...., o,.,. Oakmont ,,,, Kiski Area ,,..eeee .fV,- Kittannlng ....eeee...-,f,, New Kensington Har-Brack .Y,,.v.e,e....,... Freeport ,,,,....V Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold ,lunior Varsity KNEELING: G. De Palma, Mgr., Mr. Sellari, Coach, G. Sh affer, Mgr. STANDING: C. Johnson, J. Cimino, R. Brown, D. Coyle, J. DeLuca, R. Jet- ferson, E. Pituch, G. Joseph, A. Baroni, E. Karluk, F. Lombardo. Ford City ..... .... 3 4 Leechburg oo... ..... 4 5 Plum .. ........ .... 4 0 Kiski Area ........ ..... 6 4 Kittanning ................ 61 New Kensington ......,. 26 Har-Brack .,..,.....,......,.. 35 Freeport .................... 56 Ford City ..,.. - ....... 42 Leechburg ..,.. ...,. 4 O Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold junior High Scores Plum ....,...... Franklin ,,,.,, Franklin ,,.... Plum ...,,.,.. East Deer ..... Natrona ....,....,... .... Tarentum ....,.......,..... New Kensington Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold JUNIOR HIGH KNEELING: C. llI'1dSOf, M. Rodites, T. Reighard A. Arbuck e, G. Solomon, D. DeMao. S AND : G. Pellish, E. Solomon, D. Graziano, W. Sabo, L Johnson, D. Manley, D. Lousche, A Roberts, W. Conwell, F. Martin, R Cameron, Mr. Curcio, Coach. Stewart ......... .... 2 3 Springdale ..... ..... 3 3 Natrona ............ ..... 2 7 Tarentum .................. 38 New Kensington ....,. 52 Stewart ............. - ....... 34 Springdale ..... ---- 34 Scores A.H.S. OPP. 5 Plurn ,., , 12 Gateway ,7,,, 5 Fox Chapel ,a7a,a,a,. 3 New Kensington ,,,,, 7 West Deer - ee..w 4 Springdale 8 Freeport .,,e7 2 Har Brack ..,.,,,e.,, 7 New Kensington o,,o 12 West Deer ..,oe.,..oo O Springdale ,o,,, 3 Freeport ,,,..., 4 Har Brack e.., , f fl , ef C Qffff fv 09,9 S Coach Marino demonstrates proper batting techniques. ,ff If 'l ,J QQ' ,QV . . . Baseball if FIRST ROW: S. Hanz, G. Cernicky, G. Bitner, C. Napierkowski, L. Schantz. SECOND ROW: N. Roclites, J. Collodi, V. Fantuzzo, J. Mazur J. Ciciarelli, D. Fiorentino, R. Shaffer. THIRD ROW: Mr. Marino, Coach, T. Van Home, Manager, C. Johnson, A. Silvestrin, P. Timblin, J Stuck, R. Coyle, D. Olivo, W. Clark, J. Stearman. ,fm-., ' . , W' f-if yas' it RN' 5 Q i Q ge 5, F, . Vgugullo as .realy we S' Dx ' 2 l . as-'S-if Q l -..:k:gXg. i ii gq.. , ,gk X. -C as il 'violin ll FRONT TO BACK: J. Kuchta, K. Masnick, J. Stanko, R. Isaac, M. Haddad, D. Postupack, R. Stanko, R. Frabotta,'D. Donati, Mr. Gallig Coach Tennis . . . Coach Galli aids K. Masnick in proper positioning of tennis racket. .iw Q f X K Y' O Q W llllllllllIlllllllIl Wlllllill 'v. llIllllllllllllllllll lL!Illlllll Ill I lllllk lllllllll Illlllll U ...- gigg. tw: -' . 19 L. . 5- .. L," lllllllll ilkwlllllllln llllllll:::!::::::::llQdICIIIIIIII- Scores A.H.S. OPP. 3 Franklin ..... ..... 2 4 Franklin ,.,.... l l Fox Chapel ......... .,..., 4 4 Tarentum .,.......,, . .... ,.,,,, 1 O New Kensington .... . ...... 5 l Oakmont ...,........ ,.,,, 4 O Kiski Prep .,.... ,,,,. 5 4 Springdale ., .. l 3 Tarentum ., ......,...., ,,,,. 2 O New Kensington 5 1 Oakmont .... . 4 l Kiski ...., W V 4 3 Springdale ...... ..,., 2 O Shadyside ..... ,. .,,,,, 5 JOSEPH S. PATI AND SONS Formal Rentals and Tailoring ESTABLISHED me LATEST STYLES For Renl' or Sale ' Tuxedos and ' Summer Formals ' Culaways - Slrollers - Tails ' Cl1ildren's Tuxedos Complele Renlal Service from Ring Bearer 'lo Groom APPOINTMENTS ANYTIME One of The Valley's Finesl' and Mosl' Com- plele Slocks of Formal Wear Avail- able for All Occasions. Dial 337-475l 857 3rd Ave. New Kensinglon, Pa. , I I Ui, 1 W7 , NIV X 'vi . V+ f I A yAfw5ymIJ , I f ? 514 U if meef' VQEpkI?LUUfJ X7 7 IW' Vw 5 MINOR HEQEIIW STMORELAND IW CQ Y f LINITI,iQILLKI3OR couNcu. UF n i V AFL-CIO 1 , I I Y Presic.IenI' I CHARLES KELLER Vice-Presidenf I I I VERN HOUSEHOLDER I WILLIAM SNYDER I I LJULIE SUCHAR Recording SecreI'ary LLLL I Financial Secrefary L L I Treasurer L I L NENO CALCAGNO Trusfees L I HARVEY CUSTER, WALLACE TERRY FELIX SUZIO I I LTHOMAS SMITH Sergeanf-af-Arms I L. I044 Fif+I-1 Avenue NEW KENSINGTON, PA. - A H L f V mf I Congratgldtiongl 4, if Classiif 1964 1 , ' fx fb' L 2 ,ff 0 . aa 5154A T Q71 , 1, LLQ x IA 2 A 1 , x f I .Lf x , T If ,I I K ,J if 4 V ,PI V V TQ L ,XJ Q ash L 1 1 D WHERE BAKING IS AN ART SPECIALISTS DECORATED CAKES FOR ALL OCCASIONS POTTER'S 337-424I I900 KENNETH AVE. ARNOLD, PA IIO l J For Comfort-For Durability For Style Congralulalions From W. R. GOTT Beauliful Jameslown Furnilure Floor Coverings-Appliances "Wk WW UIA' """ ' 'f"f'- ,W FIFTH AVENUE ARNOLD IGGY'S SHOE STORE I720 Fifflm Avenue PHONE 339-l l4l ARNOLD. PENNA. Complimenls of TONY'S BAR AND GRILL 5lO McCanclless S+. Arnold, Penna. GOLDIE and TONY POLSINELLI, Prop. Wffjw W L mwiifw WE bM.'.,Q1E E G R if M N R R395 Q EW M M15 s E TS , M X-we s e E -fh fmesf of Jrop qualify meafs HOEI M NEW KEN PLAZA K f N LEECHBURG RD. . v ou Tried Hue Res+? Now T y Ha B + - K , x X DL me Sel + X cn + + R e Bes+ for ess X W2 R o on' orqe ery Day Is Bargai y Here 99 ASTQJQA 81 .S E y Groc I , + v " nj' XX l6I7 + VE. R ,PA. R 1 R FREE DELIVERY lon 5-278l 0 EDison 5-298I JW w x W' mb My 'fx V - Y R , Q - L MUN f Jkt .X i X ' V YJ IFJ 1 f U J U 5 ' , WKQLSQ W XJU UQ N U V lk U SLQJLSQJ Q by I gif - nl CU 55 O i gui' pf XM W MLB V SJ C03 llmcfilglgj f if Q bu AJ 'f' f ALS' vi YQ' W V Q5 , ,, PL Q Q , QM fL,.U OLjJ741jQ M QL V ffm fi wb My ff Mk JLMMN A kk? MM J Q52 I ,L if XUL Q kb LJ A - 5 JL L55 N SP5 sf M0 ,f ' M 6 Q Rb M f Z' AlXXX X 03.55 x Q TIL JPE SYLVMJASQ , 1 K 1 T . A UL nfwfwbkgglim Q M Lf!!! fm UML ' ob Q, JJ qf! IVIINUIVYK f 4 1 J , ,1- X 1 . PD 7 Xxx xbxj 'J J X, H3 KEN KAMERA Photo and Hobby Supplies THREE STORES Fiflh Avenue E E E E E I New Kensingfon, Pa Heighfs Plaza E oooo so Nafrona Heighls, Pa Hillcresl' Shopping Cenler E E E Lower Burrell, Pa WPAWA Phone 339-986I 24-Hour Towing Service LUCCHETTI AUTO PARTS VINCENT LUCCHETTI Prop. P 2- S 2 '+,Q""':'u eo: Junlz Cars Boughl O Q E We Sell Useful Paris, Noi Used Paris 2300 CONSTITUTION BLVD. NEW KENSINGTON, PA. IKE MILLER 335-6429 JIM ELIAS GARAGE 339-9046 335-245' NOVOTNY AUTO BODY OFFICIAL O GARAGE I385 Eourlh Ave., New Kensinglon, Pa. '24-Hour Towing Service GEORGE ELIAS 337-6l 78 Shoes and Hosiery for fhe Enlire LOUIS' SHOE STORE ms FIFTH AVENUE 337-8I5I ARNOLD, PA. lRF.J V2 QEE ENTIRE STORE Excepl Newer Sloclc Family N l f, lfgukt-I camo E. MAROTTA flfA - WATCHMAKER JEWELER Aullmorized Agency for Bulova Wa'l'cl1es Rings - Walches - Jewelry - Pl1ol'o Supplies Wa'l'cl1 and Jewelry Repairing -- Engraving l722 5+l1 AVE. ARNOLD, PA. EDis0n 5-5530 Compliments of SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT NORTH STREET Af SERVICE STATION fc A' I l DONALD lDONl BENGEL ARNOLD PENNA. Congrafulafions, Class of '64 SUZY'S BEATRICE HANLON, Prop. Corner of Alcoa Dr. and Drey S+. Phone EDison 9-9439 JL 5 -2 .4 A 5, s V Xll! XF' K -7 X f A -"Ao 1 c jd if ongralulafions, Seniors GAETANO PILATI FRATERNAL AID Club No. l76 OF COLUMBIAN FEDERATION 1435 FIFTH AVENUE ARNOLD, PA. Congratulations, Class of '64 MAISON FELIX BEAUTY SCHOOL 4lI 9+h S+ree+ 335-626I NEW KENSINGTON, PA. Complimen+s NU-KEN CANDY AND CIGAR CO. Wholesalers 647 Faf+h Avenue Phone: 337-sez: 337-66I8 Ml ,W lf lp V' gf l l A f f W alll l ,lj Ml C l GW ll X XX 'ij' M4 M XQQ? 1 J N ,WDC W 5 ZMJL L.. ffl lfulv Vgxx ll jBcist Wishes to the Class of I964 X I, el' Q N QA A COCA-COLA BOTTLING 1 aCOMPANY OF ARNOLD ky 7l5 EWING STREET ARNOLD, PA. CN Congratulations Class of I964 ARNOLD, CALL FOR 'Hue Cone with U15 Curl STORE ADDRESS PA. l73l Freeporl' Road 4 ' ,-13 . Adv K,vglIlfiicA!-:Ill UI!! NAYL. YIADK l!'N., ARNOLD SUPER CLEANERS We Clean Clorhes Cleaner All Work Done in Our Own PIan+ CARL GENTILE FRANK "Peggy" NELSON Phone: 335-54II I805 FIFTH AVENUE ARNOLD, PA. Think of HUNGER INSURANCE AGENCY DONALD H. HUNGER, Agenf "Your Friend and Neighbor" When Yeu Think of Insurance EE CompIimen+s of GROTTESE MEN'S ASSOCIATION I905 LEISHMAN AVE. ARNOLD, PA. VALLEY OFFICE Sm ree as , EQUIPMENT, INC. I IIII W Typewri'rers - Adding Machines Cash Regisfers I II24 Fif+h Avenue 335-365: NEW KENSINGTON, PA. I f IMD T I ff fi I 7 W I U fa xed f X 7 IC I I X 4' ' ,f A ' , f I . G MARINE mes ,W . nd --N I err.-'F I P' I . f::.f' ,H S ' T V "II , A . 4 KK I ,iff-' I- 14 per+ Ins+aIIahon If , 1, W X ' .4 f N A ZOTTA I 6 +11 Ave. ' 337-3563 NE NSINGTON, PA ' X 1 Y ff J S' f ' If 2- ff, :.wHEN IN THE 'E , fy a+uIa+ions .5 X7 ff M I eniors of I964 'F I I' if fd f V , A.,L-ull.. LE NA HOTEL I ' ff! I739 FIFTH AVE. ARNOLD, PENNA M X 'f H57 RJ fl IIIII X p,f fy X ' YV . Qwnnflh, Qgennsglimnia ,,,,,.',ln?UrM25'rI1 Yea ' Complimenfs j M14 Q C ECONOMY AUTO REPAIR, INC Friendly, Dependable Service TIRES BATTERIES ACCESSORIES 20I5 Freepori' Road X Z J A , N X L 1 - X f , I! K,x I' ' N x xy XT Q 1 gy , N, sf , :J iv fb Qw- ff QI yy! JJ X A 5, jj Nx ' 'J fljx if X Q Fuxxacegx FlEI'DAQIg Wfr-Co dyjoningp XV QQ! JG ff ,W A9139 53vTICg+EATLN yy Sk N K ",'l,, f O 3' h Jw, x .2 A r f J Q WN ff 35. SUFPLYWQ: MjgA?NY M of if is L X501 X A5g MX, ' 335-853af75J A pf I7 s Avdfpi N 35, J kxiwpcyr X15 , N 5' ISV 121,31 I XD' yy QE!! Zgvjxjj 55,1 5? T' KEN k jj -.E J J B! QU, Tr W X v 9.9 yy! P 3-S Y, K' V . f X' J' -X 1 ' N95-P F-Ng fa Ln' u,??N5un,3fJ JQDJ Qfbfson 7-88595 ff , , fl 1 IUQQJJJZX , U JQJX if Rf , V J Jciur Cagjjp Our Spijgalfy W QAM. ' 'J 'Q ,if l7Q5UIS v. fA N V sl QV iw A fl JN yy O W ,Q CP if Rf Q X ' rv 'ns+i+ +' d J X f f v X, , X u lon v . an E S+. Wil ' Rf f 5 19 W N1 WCG' AQNIQDLD, Piwmf 5' , W wb! BJ DI W r !'+' XJ Dr jf ' J tg!-! J7 Mp Q V A ,QQ L 6 9 f. Ewfgfflig Ouf o r Meg? - f3g1jFiG.5j?f oa+s . Km W Wlfyj, if N xkjixvx 5 L . B-BP D jf X BCA bw M A 3jeiLTrg15AN'5J8f,JJ 'N W - J' 4- 5 ARINE SE J 'E ff" + , X J' Q Hx rx, gh AVE? B Slgrjptgbgswd X mf' - ' Y " f .2 , Ni v J ,QL JD., V nf f Ml JP! MV if-f M ' ,W J , X ff ff' mx, K My 'E X 1 E STQLBQW D Lj QM ff J Dy? ,yd ,J 5 F FA,sFHo Nsv W JD M, J 'JJ MJ! J f ,Q JJ' 's Eff 51 , Q' 1 Q' jgfbm JV' u UVQM ykprk JL. NF! .ff XX-dj! 1 PIU JJ QQNJJ ! PM X 3 0 J x GX rfvfxfl 15 Ave. 5, New Klsgslmeromj VR J m J - gy' X AM K 4, f Dygzz X x Elma! 'lf 'Q JJQJXX 8 FIV? lr' Il I rx My 5 T LL K. if 5 X SIX ppm is 1 CNE 51-012 Sslzvncs vghbni. go 1' Congra+uIaI'ions, Class of '64 R EX? DONATI'S SERVICE STATION Gulf is Your Bes'I Be'I' I6IO Freepori' Road Phone: EDison 9-9275 Complimenfs of BETTOR'S DEPT. STORE 849-853 FIFTH AVE. NEW KENSINGTON, PA "SporI'ing Goods 'for Every Spor+" Besi' Wishes ARNOLD FLOWER SHOP Defelice and FraboH'a's "Fashions in Flowers" 335-466I I727 FIFTH AVE. ARNOLD, PENNA. MILLER BROS. SHOES vos FIFTH Ave. "Newes+ sI'yIes for I'he Teen-agers" "Shoes 'For I'he Enfire Family" Shop Our Big Basemen+ for Bargains 4 Q XX I X 1" I X QXX . M X Q R52 X XX S5 AL OA N X I X X J XJ X X 943 5+h Av u I DIs+incI'ive New Kensin Io Penna. Meg-H5 Wear IX I , V New X xx I X XI 337-375: xx N b z hop l ., X ws FOIIRTI-I AVEN New KE sms , PA ER 84 JO o O I COMPANY I X SHEET METAE AEEE WQBKSI Air-Conc.Ii+ioning - Heafing - Roofing IncIusI'riaI SI1eeI' Mefal Work I548-50 Cons'Iifu+ion Blvd. ARNOLD, PA. Phone: EDison 5-I I I7 and Phone: EDison 5-6206 MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL SHEET METAL CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION W1 Ponriac - Besi' Wishes JO-DUKE PONTIAC, INC. Tempesf Sales and Service I 542 ConsI'iI'uIion Blvd. Arnold, Pa. DUKE GEORGE JOE PROVENZO Owners 5, I-EHR RRG .v" I"2Q,','w lifxrih L? SINE HERE 337-43I I or 337-4337 AR-KEN PLUMBING AND HOME SUPPLY Plumbing Supplies, Fixfures, Painr, Hardware. Garden and Lawn Supplies I6 I 2 FIHI1 Avenue R ARNOLD, PA. VXA? Plunnma J' ' ,Qgamhnt . we x. -9 CompIimen'I's of G. C. MURPHY CO. The Complere Variefy SI'ore 875 FIFTH AVENUE NEW KENSINGTON, PA. Sf X V if "ll 1 Y ll PlZ NDW W P W I A AR 0 i dP,iTi andNSun-day gig H Serv rders +0 H Y . 2 5-I2 V e gheH'i nd a ' I l IQ3j9Kenne+?yAX1e. P one: EDis 9-9598 LF j-gg? f AR P S. 1 . . . 'FOI' Famous .ln F 5 'ma . . . lo Q lily Vmin llxl , . . SerViQ6, l' fhecllgiglj' Pice 5 Q ' fillliq P' BE u SALON M9 S eci ' ng in 5 Individual Pres +ion o R es , Creafive S+ n - Shaping - in g l425 51'l1 Ave., Arnold 3 7 I0 If Q 6 1 ' JJJQ1 f' , T37 m lim 'I's if do THE NOL G T RE W PRO ESSIONA HAR STS S l707 Fif'rl'1 Avenue 08 - Arnold, Pa. and o 69 TowN AND couN RY PHARMACY 2209 Freepori' Road ED 5-2330 - New Kensingion P l24 if UQ W Fr he W hools TON, PEN iw I vanced 1' g in hair- n an air co .fu f MMM i K a ' f Q X Q3 l X 'N 4 Q a CEM f i QQ i ,X f xxx it I ed Hai 'I' d High iff 'All Three Franco F n Hair +yl N +raffG Beaui' c ols Air C n fi n d h g 'F iudeni. i Modern q pma J Ri c an S AM GE. PA. HECKERS SERVICE ,V-E, 1 D ++ G - O' - L ' +' Qualier S a e 0 as :I ubrjca noni AUT REPAIRS Tire Recapplng - Ba'Hery Servlce A lf won FREEPORT RD. ARNOLD, PA. af" 'lff' Phone ED 9-9274 Z . V N fDOJMf if A R l,f Complimen+s of Q CEM! R FUNER L HOME ' CV T VENUE J ARNOLD, PA. My A ' my 5 PRAHA BOWLING ALLEY FIFTH AVENUE ARNOLD I26 X f Ujjjygf X v .'., ng 1, ' . fi- : fk A N 1 l 1 5, "" E V' , x if V "N N , fx ,LJ 1 Qi "" fu ' "K 4" , N: M I at N45 ,NW f .Ke LA fx, LYH 1 C Q x N L, 1 'U f H 1 . Q, f, .5- j L 'A 053 0 LY, f11vf ' if r X U MF! if AT I row ,lryq if ff! njygff vim All kings oQ!gev a e's QMLJ7 Vf J if J is ,JUW AFM' 6 Off WF QW f' - lf' .. 04 6 J UQ V D 3 bl A XD V- A ,, !,xg f If if 3 , 1 If K fy A N i , N ' I ' X, Ly ,X Q8 A 'N Ju 8 1 IJ Qvlxlf l.Ax Vg M A L XI N V' L 'fl fm! ,J My A iv ,W if U f fl , f y ,ff DQ vo? W Q A ,rw , 1, V Sf' N, ' X v ,v ,f 1' 5 X, II- Av, A xv!! fr fix VIIV V fd 1651, My ff .JZ lri fjjflofl Ill JJ i i fjf l A , X I X 3 N , I B XUM lfw 'Nj' 7 Aw l JY '7 JAX TMA f 14 f f 7, H17 I J I r ., ,W YJ f 7,7 fnyyf I I fm' J f N4, 6 U , M l? 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Fqqrbj ,IV .K 1 ,J x I I'-' I' I N Ref, I ARRNOLD PLANT of the Qxsj I- Au pl, ,. xd AMERICAN SAINT GOBAIN CORPORATION Congra+uIa+es +I1e Senior Class of I964 and I'I'1e Arnold School Sys'I'em The company as weII asII1e employees are proud of Inav- ing been a pad oIII1Is communny for over IiIIy years. Col- Iedively we exIend our besIwIsI1es+oII'1e qradueding cIass of '64 for comkinued success In Iheir respedive fields of endeavor. N . E' I JIM! sf lk ff I II ff MW - A I VUII hw md of Insurance Do You Need? IN Piufom i W .Life 3 Fi . LET HELP You SAVE MONEY!!! HOSP'+a"1-if W I For Informa+ion CaII , AL V, J -4283 3 37-6 I 89 MI M5 QEccHETTl AGENCY L A F 7 I eaI Esfafe CCOUH 'ng I ,f S .h I I5 Ave.,QA old, Pa. ff Bookkeeping f Q ' . di J ME? g l il Tax IfI':p::aI'ion 1 If f I ,A ' 'I I L' f A , Ifffik v' if-Qqigif WREA? I JI 'dm' W gra+uIa'I'i n ,,,CIass of I9 , I i NKMALST HOP 7 r jo O e W NEW KENSINGTON AR LOWER BURRELL ' 953 Foul-fh Aye. '7 I7 H1 Ave. . New Ken Plaza ED pglyy ED 7-36 ED s-loao X Esfafe 'I glnsurance f iffy ori'gagf5f'fProperI'y M gemeni' 7LWV7 I X A in MM W ja ,Wu ANo A A N K ' 35-2420 - ,ffwwj ,A 1 J I AAQAL 505 Tenfh Sfreei' , L DMV X ,ffljg WM P I 4- I I MW I TI ' 3 ICE .,,5Nf.fxQ'4 w K 4 I , f QI, IC, VIN 7d I X21 ' QE W' V' J JG JII I T'r Tu s afieries Z4c ' I X I IW ' as ou XJ J, Minor' I s if AQ M Uigsgm W 8H Gre I, S+ s I I ,fig f f Q XZ Road fy Q X7 gf ' AMI ED 9-4592 VM A 'If f' Mi 4+h Ave. and la+h s+. ARNOLD, PA. I3 fi M ff I W f I ,f Standing, from left to right, Mrs. Molli, Mrs. Sualoni, Mr. Demac, Mrs. Culp, Mrs. Korowicki, Mr Clark BAND AND MAJORETTE BOOSTERS Mr. and Mrs. Anlhony Acone Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Corey Mr. and Mrs F. W. Derbaum Mr. and Mrs. Harley Dielrich Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kordalski Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Korowicki Mr. and Mrs. John Migliorisi Mr. and Mrs Elias Namey Mr. and Mrs. Chesler Oslrowski Mr. Russell M. Piluch Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Sarniak Mr. and Mrs. Frank Suaroni Mr. and Mrs. E. Wiable Mr. and Mrs. John P. Yankov Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Lucci Mr. ancl Mrs J. W. Clark Mr. and Mrs. F. Molli Mr. and Mrs. Dom Ansani Mr. and Mrs. Wal+er Vendig Mr. and Mrs. George Daher Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rogers Mrs. Norma Brown PATRONS Al's Cifies Service Arnold Typewriler Bellomo's Marker Mr. and Mrs. Anlhony Bianco Dr. Blcok Bol-Mor Lanes Bongi's Marker Mr. and Mrs. Breglio Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Calderini Dr. and Mrs. Frank Cox Mr. and Mrs. Howard Y. Dowhower FalseHi +he Tailor Green Acres Golf Range Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hanes Dr. lozzi J. C. Penney Co. Kamp's Shoe Slore Kurren's Casuals Dr. Marini Mr. and Mrs. George McGinnis Melody Reslauranl Mr. and Mrs. John T. Moses Music Box Mr. and Mrs. Gus Naccaralo Nader's Bar and Grill New Ken Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs. Joseph James Noel PhiI's Barber Shop Dr. and Mrs. John Rucki Sherron's Marker Dr. Soroka Tallarico Thelma's Dr. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Pal' Torchia Mr. and Mrs. Valenline Torkeo Vendig's Children Slore ZanneH'i Men's Wear M W ,W 2Wfij2jjW O0 wjjmf W M W W MM W . O Md M-MW Xggwfw I xffw-WW Www? s 1 X , J ummm 05,022 Mmg wwf Utmacea -X-J-7? QS' f ,X 6542 ,f40 WCC 'Af af , WCW? Xffi si! r D WOW Wx ff , H MM Vw' 4' wwf Q EMI WU JM! YW Xfifj' gffwww f jf kZ1?3g2 ffW9U f ' ff-gifif fi X Awyi . WAM mug ,A , , -. -,Y,v,.-.v...-.,.,,,1vv-fv.--... .WY ...vV, . wiv' . VV., 40 Wzfiiiif JM, gjiww EW' Qf lil? Q ., . X 4 fx I N u W JXAPQ XM TAYLOR PU LIS ING COM ANY "The WorId's SJ K M WQSQMW XN5 tp 'a .3 'iqwmgwg www

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