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-U ki .Qing if f, ,Z ff i 7"'A3P"Q' A . Ayfdi' A 1 ..,,, ,q L25 ,f4g,4,,,,u, , A ,!wj- , f., I, X 271- V l . I f Q f x fliyfrgilr ,U f 'Ji' F ff? ' f - +7,,Y 1 LVL, X f ,W ,f M. ,511 Y KU , ,ff 4, I, If ,f ' " 177 f 'B '17 ' " f fx jg -ff j ' ,- -A " "-ft Q +fU,?gfQ"' f7, , ' fl! , X' 'gf '!,.f X0 V '7.f'n-aw ,f-in Y' Q I-'5j1aQ P.. I 2 , A .Q 'iz XM' jzgfi f Z1 'J , - J Zifgs Qin p . " k I A I Y I 2 ZWM9 1,5 ., '22 fn U7 1 fn 125. CA, h f7jl'AL U ' R2 ND ffd 15' N 1' ' , A XZ, ' -f QC:- fff H ff A I! A f fl f L " Y Iwi! 35 'll " ,I'?V0.f Mya 1, f 'D vii: AST, ED 1 n ' ' '2 ' ' ,LAX 4 ,QW ' N ggi- fw My , ,W ff' V 32,3 Jwfydlw q M 9 ,fn X 7 . lf, U 233 ' If KE F ,QS 'IL 1, ff f 7' 5 f , ,A 1 -Z,44'f,w f- ff-liz, Q- Q, M wc, 'nf It f if A 2 1 1 H ,4 V, J WA," f ,,,fg Y' ' , 67 H , ?' . fi Qywff af la W ff fin' ' lff7ff'lMfIQ' fy 71145 Published by The Arllon staff for the student bocly of l Arnold Hugh School X THL 9 5 C EDITORS Donna Wilson Arlene McCloslcy Advisor Frank Pallone 1 g o E t' uw X. I fr 'All , , 5 U T l if f s 4, 1 . I X gfgwllll p S 0 X X M A X Q SN "N IS:-'95 l THE 1959 X11 UN Arnold Hugh School Arnold Pennsylvanla vii H0 OR... We the class of 1959 deducate thus Issue of the Arllon to Mr Alex Tannas our prlncupal as a token of our apprecnatuon for the kund ness and understanding that he has glven us durung our years at Arnold Hugh School We cannot f1nd suFf1clent words to thank hum for his guidance and for hls patience which we often dud not deserve Mr Tannas came to Arnold Hugh School IH 1942 as a socsal studles teacher and head football coach He continued nn thls capacuty until 1956 vvnen he became hugh school prnn clpal Thus mcudentally was the same year when we as sophomores entered the sensor hugh school It ns our good fortune to have IH our midst another member of the Tannas family Mrs Frances Tannas the wife of our prnncupal who us mauntalnxng and promotnng a commendable health program as our school nurse With deepest gratntude we who have embarked together take leave of our captann who has so ably and nobly steered us to shore May has course at Arnold Hugh School be smooth and fruntful and may hns life reach :ts hughest fulfllment Sets hugh standards of academlc endeavor 4 VT! Al Promotes the fundamental principles of educahon CONTENTS lamm Young s czenhsts delve mio focts of hfe is Pm 'Mez carry school Athletes ' ' n. into compehho 1' colorsg af.fl!Jlfl.Qd., Gaia offcurs o f school h e dd space to ct www Here ss a story the essence we 1 gif tg ot a year ot student lute in words and pictures . 5 Q S 1-...usb 5 MWW4 X Xxx sr E LASSE The bell rings, and the voice of the instructor is heard . . swsma' 'Ns S Y xx X 1.7" 'QP X i R . , , , . Q. 'sim IN 1vlE1vlr l1A1vl 'Q' MARION LOUISE SALVATI GHGCLIOHS or stlrs the emotlons as does the name of Marlon Salvatl Born ln Arnold on July l5 1942 Marlon was the second daughter of Mr and Mrs Ralph Salvatl For T2 years her llfe was as uneventful or eventful as the llfe of any chllcl However the days weeks months and years followlng her entrance lnto seventh crade palnted a far dlFferent plcture Marlon had deve loped cancer lts slow but relentless march through her body met strong opposltlon ln her fearless flghtlng splrlt Some tlmes IlS ugly progress seemed almost defeated other tlmes lts presence was more than defeatlng untll on January 29 1959 Marlon s frall frame weaned by lts long struggle succumbed to the blast of the enemy Thls page IS dedlcated to her memory Let her determlned splrlt loyal devotlon and charmlng beauty serve as a challenge Let the llvlng sons and daughters of Arnold Hugh School find strength ln tame of weakness courage lrt tame of defeat and loy ln tlme of sorrow Let each assume l1lSlGSlC as the untlnlshecl task of Marlon Salvatl 5 I eff' 15 '75 . 1 -I U x A- f r -1 X wig ,Q ,rf Q, A .f 'fl-, 'Y " Wall A " L,,, Y.: 4 .h his I lu P X No name in the 1959 edition of The Arlion gjglvines round the f l in g ! L I I ' . . u . - 1 N ' 10 x E H. D. BERKEY lndiana State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh Mrs. Sack is recipient of the twenty-five year award. Mr. Berkey and Mr. Hume- niuk make the presentation. I2 K Graduates of 1959: You have acquired a foundation of knowledge and a mastery of certain skills. You have studied men and na- tions, their successes and their failures. lnspired by these dramas of history, mo- tivated by the visions of youth and ac- claimed by your own abilities, how will you approach this new period of your life? Will you be a giver or a taker? Vv'iil you learn to serve your fellow men or will you live only to serve yourself? Will you be confident, ambitious and eager to seize your opportunities or will you spend your talent chasing that will- o'-the-wisp called security? Your answers are important not only to your own future happiness but also to the strength and progress of the world about you. The preparation which you have received during your high school years should help you to meet favorably the stresses, strains and severe shock waves of life. May you move forward with the promise of adventure, of progress and of high accomplishment. .., As principal of our school, I am proud of you young people. I can see where many of you have developed almost miraculously as you have studied, worked and played together through these years. I wish those who were responsible for the school program in the early days of this community could see how much good has come from these small be- ginnings. Everyone who ever had anything to do with youth work acknowledges that there are prob- lems. For young people even acknowledge it, but the answer lies, not in continuous fault finding and belittling their efforts, but in constructive work such as is carried on in our schools. I sincerely believe that education is the corner- stone upon which the future of this nation is built. Where there are good schools we find good citizens. In fact, education is the first requisite of good citi- zenship. ALEX TANNAS Mercer University Duquesne University sets? The most dramatic demonstration of our belief in the worth and dignity of the individual was the creation and development of our plan of public education. Those pioneer leaders of our govern- ment who planned our system of education foresaw the value of "an education for all" in our growing democratic society. At the same time they under- stood, as we also understand today, that the schools are not in business to teach everything to everyone. Actually, the public school course offerings are de- signed to meet the needs of all individuals. As a valued creature of God, you are an indi- vidual endowed with not only the essential and fundamental talents common to all but also the po- tential to develop your latent talents and your re- sources to their maximum heights of perfection. Congratulations and best wishes to the gradu- ates and may you individually find your own tal- ents and develop them toward the most fruitful ends! NICHOLAS A. VENTURA Carnegie Institute of Technology Duquesne University 'I3 Z Mr. Berkey extends a welcoming hand to our new teachers as Mrs. Sack looks on. Prepares students for entrance into chosen vocation Students of driver education are taught that the cur is cu privilege, cu responsibility and a weapon. W Margaret K. Batiste Grove City College Business Education Margaret O. Caldwell Grove City College English Mary Ellen Cipolla Westminster College University of Pittsburgh English, Spanish L. Jean Clark Indiana State Teachers College English Ruth E. Cribbs Indiana State Teachers College Business Education Joseph J. Deda University of Pittsburgh Social Studies, Science Antoinette M. DeRose Grove City College English Louis J. Galli Clarion State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh Librarian Albert P. Garella California State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh Mathematics John H. Gearhart Slippery Rock State Teachers College Physics, Algebra William F. Haiel Edinboro State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh Mathematics Milton Klein Duquesne University Problems of Democracy, Economics Charles H. Laing Geneva College Art Josephine B. Lecnar College Misericordia English James R. Marino Duquesne University Driver Education Dorothy R. Marinucci Seton Hill College General Music, Choir Frank Martin St. Vincent College History Dorothy l. Mastandrea Pennsylvania State University Health, Physical Education Albert G. Moses Duquesne University University of Pittsburgh Band Michael Moskalski Gannon College Auto Shop Leonard F. Paletta Duquesne University University of Pittsburgh Civics, World History qu-.. for 5 9 if lffffff Ai . ...:::' wc 2 3. s t Frank B. Pallone St. Francis College Pennsylvania State University Business Education Mario L. Peretti Wittenberg College University of Pittsburgh General Science Oliver J. Phillips University of Chattanooga Health, Physical Education Richard E. Romito St. Vincent College University of Pittsburgh History Ruth M. Sack University of Pittsburgh English, Health Clara J. Salcaluk Indiana State Teachers College Business Education Marius G. Santicola Thiel College Speech, English, History Robert L. Scalpello Indiana State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh Geography Henry Schimpf University of Pittsburgh Machine Shop Ruth A. Sipes Slippery Rock State Teachers College Mathematics Alice G. Strittmatter Pennsylvania State University Home Economics Virginia A. Ursic Chatham College Latin, Journalism Robert M. Terlinski Indiana State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh Geography, History Robert S. Terlinski Indiana State Teachers College Mathematics Louise S. Ventura Carnegie Institute of Technology Home Economics William P. Walcutt California State Teache lndustrial Arts Inez E. Wallis Chatham College University of Pittsburgh English Bernard E. Wrobleski rs College Clarion State Teachers College Chemistry Frances A. Tannas, R. N. Nursing School Martin's Ferry, Ohio School Nurse Dr. L. C. Ceroso Bucknell University Temple University School Physician Dr. J. A, Soroka University of Pittsburgh School Dentist Counseling aids program Our faculty has promoted an educational program at Arnold High School that is designed to contribute to the individual growth of pupils and the betterment of the community. lt has promulgated the establishment of high standards of scholarship and conduct. The members of the faculty are not just in- structors in the technical sense of the word, but they have also proven to be faithful friends and leaders of the student body. As sponsors and advisors for our organizations, they guide and assemble our extra-curriculum activities. To them, the members of the faculty, we owe an expression of gratitude and debt. Mr. Ventura, Mr. Walcutt inspect T. Koessler exhibit in the industrial arts fair. svnlilnva LAWRENCE F. McGUIRE Carnegie Institute of Technology University of Pittsburgh Guidance Counselor Frances J. Massimini Secretary, General Ottice Joyce A. Pugliese Junior High Secretary Joyce C. Richards Senior High Secretary l7 . S- S, In I X Q: SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Carol Martz treasurer Randy Varesco vice president Pete Juliana president Our alma mater has provided each of us with a well rounded education in a democratic school The efforts of our teachers inspired us to build strong minds, strong bodies, and strong characters Through sports we learned the meaning of fair play while through our classes we prepared for the future However the most rewarding experience of all was making life time friends We will never forget our class play Kind Lady the fun and excitement that were the prom the football games we didnt always win the senior banquet the friends we have made. We know Arnold High School will always occupy a fond place in our hearts. But now our reverie must end. We must turn and look for- ward into the sunrise of a bright future before us. 18 Business Education Judy This blond haired miss will make a hit in any office as a capable Academic Ron Gave his best as an end for A H S His tall good looks have mode him the oblect of many girls affections Aspires to be o teacher The time has come when we must part my friend Business Education "Barb" Uses her soft spoken voice to its fullest advantage Club news editor of the Broadcaster Pictures herself as a future stewordess. H - hu in llEdll H by 'L bt Vocational Ric One of the smaller boys of our class Plans to become a man Business Education Dar Carefree with a lively sense of humor Shares Arthur Mu ray s enthusiasm for dancing Played the clarinet In the band His light hour is the envy of many girls Plans to become a machm Karen Neat as a pm In her fashionable wardrobe Talks herself into un Bo A very quiet lad who claims sports to be his chief hobby Often seen but seldom heard describes him best lncllned to be serious- Hjudyn Her endless chatter compensates for her small stature Plans to devote her future to nursing Yvonnes constant companion. ' cis" Lois is always doing what comes naturally in this case talking Her interests lie In the Tru HI Y and also In becoming a teacher. Academic "Bo ' Mlschlevous In a quiet sort of way His future lies with the United Business Education "Cathy" Always looking for fun and usually successful In finding it . . . Gave an excellent performance In the senior class play Kind Lady." Alberta Arbuckle Baker Bata Becker Belczyk 19 me We each must leave ancl go our separate way GERALDINE L BELDHAM Business Education There s gaiety unlimited when Gerry s around slow to frown Always looking for exciting things to do ARTHUR A BILBIE Academic Gerry Quick to smile but Ar An ardent enthusiast of automobiles and trains Plans to enter the service upon graduation Mad scientist of Arnold High School DONALD C BISHOP Academic Don Causing mischief occupies most of his time Always claims to be lust an innocent bystander Devours food by the tons Will probably launch the first rocket to the moon JUNE L BITNER Business Education June Sweetness is the dominating characteristic of this young lady A secretarial career will claim her future Blushes easily but charm ingly GARRETT M BLUBAUGH General Shads Happy go lucky guy who is bound for business school upon gradua tion Spencls his spare time relaxing Vice president of the band and member of the Key Club BUNITA B BONZANI Business Education Bonnie Whenever Bonnie s around there IS always sure to be fun and laugh ter nearby Plans to enter the business world as a secretary as a winning smile KENNETH L BOWMAN Vocational Kenny A sportsman with an ardent love for fishing You ll usually find this mechanically minded lad tinkering with some car Beware of his shy grin JACK R BOWSER Academic Jack Rugged but quiet The service will claim this senior lad upon graduation Likes sports especially the pigskln game Twinkling blue eyes VIVIAN M BRZAK Business Education Better known as Violent Vi to all band members this quiet miss usually finds herself the victim of the pranks of her many friends Arclent sports participant JANET L BUTLER Academic Jane' A deep desire to become a successful author will occupy her time upon graduation . .. Will always add a bit of philosophy to any conver- sation . . . Also a talented artist. LAWRENCE P. CALABRESE Academic Larry Proved his versatility by his participation in both football and the senior class play . . . Portrayed well the cynical Mr. Edwards. LAWRENCE R. CALLAS Vocationa I Larry Tall blond big blue eyes Fun-loving and carefree Enioys hunting and fishing Can always be found tinkering with Aspires to be a mechanic. .Beldham - Bilbie . Bishop - Blfnef G- Blubt-,ugh .Bonzani K. Bowman J- BOWSSF V. Brick J. Butler L. Calabrese J- Callus 20 CUTS MARY E CAMPBELL Business Educatron Mary Often seen but seldom heard Keeps the sewing machine busy IH her spare tlme Has won many friends because of her sincere Interest rn others NICOLA D CAPONE General Nrck Being very sports minded Nlck spends most of hrs tame hunting and trapping A friendly lad who I5 always found In the thlck of thmgs BONNIE E CARMICHAEL Busmess Education Bonnie Makes an attractlve appearance In her clothes of the latest style Does wonders wlth a pamtbrush Worked dllugently to make our prom a success WYDOLINE l CARTER General Wag Easy come easy go best descrlbes Wag Has proved to be talented with a needle and thread Looks forward to government employment PATRICK R CICIARELLI General Chuck Thus all around sports enthuslast hopes to pursue a career In base a Looks Innocent but oh that devllash grun PAUL F CICIARELLI Academlc Chick One of our several palrs of twms Has an unusual knack for get tlng hnmself unto trouble A perky lnttle ball of tire who aspures to be an attorney CAROLYN M COLLODI Academnc Carolyn A catchy grggle a constant chatter and a caprlcuous nature all add up to thus carefree sensor Has more frlends than a zebra has stripes JOYCE V COMO Busmess Education Joyce Her sparklmg personallty and Interest In others wlll someday make her a successful alrllne hostess lngects humor unto any sutuatnon BERNADETTE M CONDRICK General Boo A real swell gal with a hardy laugh Dlmples are one of her out standing features Undeclded about her future LAURETTA M CONTE Academic Lauretta Wore her malorette unrform and choir robe proudly Always ready wrllmg and able to help Deslres to be a teacher JUDITH F COREY Academic Judy Sparkltng brown eyes that smrle a friendly HI to all patient wall remann ull very long wlth thus vlvaclous lass as hrs nurse JOSEPH COSTA Vocahonal oe Never a dull moment when this lad IS around Hts mlschaevous gran seems to attract trouble Plans to become a radio and televlsnon repair man 21 M Campbell Carmlchael Crclarellu Collodr Condrlck Corey N Capone W Carter P Cuclarelll J Como L Conte J Costa I ' - l u n ' ' ' l ll ' ll - , - , l . , . ,, . ,, 5 b n ' , , " ' . ' . ll ' ll . ,, ,. 1 . . . cr 15 . . . . ' -5 ' ' ll ll l I ll ll ' l ll ll ' . ll ll . . . ,, No . . HJ ,. B. ' . c. ' . B. ' . J, . ...Q W-N... J Coury W Crawford Dangaux DeFazuo DeMao V Do brltz Cralg Crestetto Davis DeFelnce Donatl Emert JUDITH A COURY Business Educatlon Judy A friendly and congenlal person who may someday make a perfect secretary for a busy executive Can usually be seen wlth Conme FRANK M CRAIG Acudemnc Frank A ready answer IS always lurking behind his qunet exterior telllgent and reserved Proud to call hum a frlend Enloys tropucal flshlng WILLIAM D CRAWFORD Academnc , Not a care In the world appears to be the motto of thus sensor boy who IS constantly searching for fun and always Ending It LUCY M CRESTETTO Busmess Educatnon Lucy Can often be found wrth her nose IH a book Capable presldent of FTA Llkes to argue especially In Mr Kleln s class ANDREA J DANGAIX Academlc Dade Possesses all the charm and posse of an experienced model Peaches and cream complexion An actlve member of the Arlnon stag Mr Pallone s gurl Friday CONSTANCE L DAVIS Business Education Con Thus good natured gal IS always ready for a hardy laugh and a good tlme Wlllmg to help anyone anytime ROSE DeFAZIO Academic Rosle This vlvaclous cheerleader can always be found In the midst of any excutement A strong supporter of school spnrlt Deslres to make teaching her llfe s work CHARLOTTE M DeFELICE Academlc Char A palr of dancmg brown eyes a sparkling smlle and a h for everyone are only a few of the many qualltles of thas senlor mlss whnch are sure to lead her to her own Shangrl La NICHOLAS R DeMAO Academic Neck To a pleasing combination of Intellect and wut add an Amplsh grm and a wlnnlng personality The result will be a boy whos tops wlth a LORRAINE C DONATI Busmess Education Lorralne A pleasant smlle lots of vvgor and a keen sense of humor all blend together un the make up of this senlor lass Ge tlng Into mrschlef rs her favornte pastame VERNA L DORBRITZ General Vernd Jovlal and friendly Marriage I5 the ultimate goal In her llfe Always wlllang to lend a helping hand Claims swlmmlng as her favor ate hobby SUSANN K EMERT Business Educa lon 50500 Possesses a very red blush whlch she uses quute often Has a glft of gab and a wnnnlng smlle Her future plans are undecided 5 , I , xg. 555 i n . ll Is ' ' 3. X ' ' . cl: 'Y is . ' .. ., sf- ' A f . W... I "B'II" K S, l I H n A sf , I -.,.,. ' n. ' . F. ' . ' L. A. ' C. ' R. ' C. ' N. L. ' . f ' S. 22 I wonder Will we ever meet again my fnend7" NANCY C FANTUZZO Busmess Educatlon Nancy Her deep set dlmples are an asset to her features Loves to spend her spare time dancmg Destmy perceives for her a lob as a book keeper PATRICIA N FANTUZZO Academuc Patty Ex resslve eyes that do most of her talking Soft spoken wnth a P pleasant dlsposltuon Always a smlle for everyone ANTHONY M FARINELLI General Always ready to lend a helping hand A loyal supporter of th Key Club Wnll someday be a capable radio techmclan LOIS J FERN Business Educatlon Jean An easy golng person with a twnnkle In her eye Enloys talking un study hall Friendly mlss FREDERICK P FRABOTTA Academic Fred The soft notes of a plano blended In wrth a dynamic tenor volc makes this sensor the romantic Idol of many girls MARYANNE M FRICKANISCE Academlc Fnck Attentlon' The meeting ns called to order are the words uttered many times by our own flrst lady of student council Only her oler whelmmg energy surpasses her many achievements JOAN M FRITZSKY Academnc Joanne Appears angellc but look again Her mam ambltlon Iles In becom Ing a successful teacher Has a host of frtends JOHN L GABRIELLI Business Education Gab Dont let hrs silence tool you Goes for sports especially baseball One of many college bound sensors Dependable ROBERTA GALLO Business Education Bobby This petite pretty black haired mlss wlll make an excellent secretary Has a smlle as sweet as her personallty Liked by all DOROTHY P GARDNER Buslness Education Dorothy May someday become a famous planust Blushing comes easlly Frlendly pleasant and neat JOAN C GENTILE Business Educatron .lom An attractive gurl wlth brains galore Llkes to receive those letters Always In the thuck of things Capable MICHAEL l GERHEIM Academic Mlke This freckle faced lad spends most of has spare tume hunturg Beware of hrs quiet exterior for mslde there beats the heart of a genume ml chlef maker Fantuzzo Farmelll Frabotta Frrtzky Gallo Gentile P Fantuzzo L ern M Frlckanlsce .I Gabrlelll D Gardner M Gerhelm 23 l E' I suppose that fate alone can say FRANK J GIUNTA Academlc Frank The blendlng of both bram and brawn In thus sensor lad has proved to be successful on the grldlron as well as In the classroom JAMES S GRACE Academic ,m Foot loose and fancy free ls always ready and able to start some sort of trouble Plans to devote his future to agriculture SUSAN J GREB Buslness Educatlon Joyce Cholr member for four years Her easy going manner and pleasant nature attract many friends Asplres to enter the secretaraal held DONALD L GUENTHER General Gunner Hls mam Interest IS centered around stock car races Plans to vent a non rmgmg alarm clock Humorsome MARLENE A HAJEL Buslness Education Ha A qulet lass with an amncable attltude and a c eerful h for all Her slncerlty makes her everyone s frlend CHARLES T HAMILTON Academic Tom A Ilvely sense of humor which he uses to Its fullest extent Always with a smile Plans to give Uncle Sam a helping hand THOMAS L HAMILTON General Tom Arnold s number one mlschlef maker Fun Iovmg Not a care I1 the world Enloys hunting Future IS undeclded CAROLYN M HANYO Business Educatuon Carolyn Carolyn s favorite pastimes are llstenlng to records and dancing Wall seek employment as a bookkeeper Has great pride rn her drlvmg MICHAEL N HARACZNAK General Mike A congenial lad with a terrnflc sense of humor and a nonchalant outlook on life Hls pet peeve IS getting up In the mornnng Academic GILBERT A HASTINGS Seen but seldom heard A serious mmded student who excels In math Gul plans to enter the field of englneermg ALBERT J HERRINGTON Vocahonal Bo Hls Interests revolve around mechanics A real Held and stream man who takes advantage of the great outdoors PATRICIA M HOLLYOAKE Bu mess Education a Sweetness and trlenclllness excel Pats height Truly shows that nnce thlngs do come In small packages WIII make a flne beautlcnan F Glunta S Greb M Halel T L Hamilton M Horacznak A Herrmgton 24 J Grace Guenther T Hamilton Hanyo Hastings Hollyoake . ll ll . IIJ' ll ' ' ll ll ff ,I . . . . I A . in. ' ' ll ill - - - - h H in . . , . ' ll ll . ll ll , . . . ' ' l ll ll , . . . . . . ll ' ll - . IIGHII Q l ll bl! Sn 1 . HP 'll . . , - , D. , ' C. . ' , , ' C. . G. ' , ' P. FRANCIS S HOLOWECKYJ Academic Frank Once he gets started he can tell many stories about his life In Ger many Proud owner of his own car Can really blush RENA SUE HOUSEHOLDER Academic Rena A quiet mannered miss who hopes to become a model nurse Spends much of her spare time reading Intelligent and reserved MIRIAM R HRIVNAK Business Education Miriam Shorthand whiz kid Will add charm to any office with h r ability and personality Among her likes dancing I5 tops DENNIS E HUET General Denny Denny divides his time between his two favorite pastimes caring for his car and working at Connor s Hobby Haven Dislikes homework WILLIAM l HUFF Academic I An lmplsh grin reveals his fun loving nature Never utters an un kind word a fact that has won him many friends Vice President of Key Club LORETTA M HUSAR Business Education Loretta Peppy as a fire cracker Hopes to become a secretary An end less stream of talk Mr McGuire s reliable helper KENNETH J INGLESE Academic English A personality that makes friends and a loyalty that keeps them Played a mean game of football College will claim his future which is sure to be successful RICHARD P INGLESE Academic Ric Has a cheerful outlook on life that makes him the likable person he I5 A divine dancer who also made quite a hut on the football field A member ofthe band SONDRA M. JACOBS Business Education Sondra Adds life to any situation . . . Aspires to be either a social worker or a bookkeeper . . . Spends her leisure time writing letters. KAREN M. JOHNSON Academic Karen By teaching a Sunday school class Karen is gaining experience for her Future ambition . . . A cordial smile is a greeting for everyone. ARLENE M. JOHNSTONE Academic A disposition as sweet as honey with the faintest blush of an open- ing rose on her cheeks are sure to make this senior a permanent fixture in the hearts as well as in the minds of all. ROBERT E. JOHNSTONE Academic Bo ls he or is he not lust a quiet ad? . . . Those who know Bob will find him sincere, warm-hearted, and not in the least bit quiet . . . Perhaps he is iust hiding his true character. 25 wa F. Holoweckyi M. Hrivnak W. Huft K. lnglese S. Jacobs A. Johnstone L ll R. Householder . Huet Husar R. lnglese K. Johnson . Johnstone PATRICIA A JOHNSTON Busmess Education Band member for many years A burst of laughter heralds the l arrnval of thus lovnal teenager Releases her energy on the dance floor Johnston J Jones Julnano G Karluk Karluk D Kedznersku Ka ona J Katana Kemp B Kestner Kleszek A Klmgensmlth JANICE D JONES Business Educatlon Darlene Friendly when you get to know her Skatlng surts her to a T Hopes to become a secretary after graduation PETER G JULIANO Academic Pete A bundle of dynamnte easuly set off when excited best describes our energetlc class president We grve you our three cheers for the won dertul lob you ve done GERALDINE A KARLUK Business Educahon Gerry Thus mlnlature atomic bomb IS always full of vrm and vlgor Wu ang to help out at any time Lakes to druve MELANIE R KARLUK Business Education Me An athletlcally mcllned lass who adds delught to any gym class Wore her drum malorette uniform proudly Typical unpredictable teen ager DENNIS A KEDZIERSKI Vocational Den Speaks when spoken to Spends all his tree time tlnkerlng wlth cars Plans to become a machmlst JANICE E KATONA Academlc an Her presence can always be felt because of the vlbrant personalrty which she possesses As a nurse she will be a cure for all her patients Well liked JOHN B KATONA Academic Jack Has a shrewd outlook on lefe even though he appears to be talung It easy most of the time Has decided to prepare for a future as a mortlclan CLAUDE E KEMP General p Plans to fly In the wlld blue yonder Seldom makes his presenc known In class Bowling as hrs favorite hobby Kem BEVERLY A KESTNER Business Education Bev An endless stream of chatter and a cheerful h for all best de scribes thus semor mrss Ready and wlllang to lend a helping hand VICTOR J KIESZEK General IC Plans to loun the navy and sall the seven seas Underneath that rugged exterior beats a heart of gold Fasclnated by cars ALSTON R KLINGENSMITH Vocational Appears to be shy but you can t ludge a book by nts cover Claims swrmmnng as hrs hobby Plans to become a draftsman 26 Remember the world we ve known my friend CHARLES KNIZE Vocatuonal Chuck Blond blue eyed and so quxet Huntlng and flshlng are hrs favor rte pastlmes Asplres to be a machlmst ARLENE F KOROWICKI Academlc A gentle dlsposltlon with a heart to match has truly made h r th Kind Lady of the senior class Her efflclency and level headedness will make her a perfect nurse MICHAEL F KOSSICK Vocatlonal Mike One of Mr Kleln s helpers Owns his own car The crystal ball reveals a future as a machine shop teacher DIANE F KUNICKI Academic A fluff of blond halr the constant fluttermg of eyelashes and cloth s of the latest fashion all add to the sparkling personaluty of this senior cheerleader VIRGINIA I. LANDI Academic Glnger This lovlal mlss seems to overflow with energy Glngers hobbies are many among which swlmmlng and boating are tops Member of busmess staff of the yearbook JOYCE L LIPPERT Business Educahon Joyce Can often be found at the skating rlnk Full of vltallty Feels rught at home on a gym floor Enloyed working wuth busnness machm s PAUI. F LIPUT Academlc I Thus tall lanky lad has been a credit to our basketball team Has an unsurpassable gnft of gab Actuve member of the football team and Key Club PETER A LOBUR Academic Pete Strong but definitely not silent Halls a frlendly greeting to all has classmates An ardent sports fan Vlce president of the choir JOHN S MARIENFELD General Sklp A real field and stream man Skips aptitude In workmg wuth machinery may someday help hum to become a top fllght mechanic CAROL M MARTZ Business Education Ca o Overflowrng with happmess she IS often found In the center many school actlvutles Trustworthy treasurer of the semor class Made most of her attractlve wardrobe HENRIETTA L MASSIMINI Academnc Henrietta Cool calm and collected This senlor miss has proved to b great asset to her class Capable of domg a rob well JAMES A MAZZA Academic Maz Hrs many crazy antacs nndlcate a happy go lucky attitude toward llfe A heart af gold that never answers no to a fruend College rs t key word to has future Kmze K0fOWICkI Kosslck KUFIICILI Lands L ppert Llput Lobur J Manenfeld MGH! Massnmmn Mazza 27 1' N S. F . . . all the wonderful ioys, sighs and tears. DONNA I.. McCALL Business Education "Donna" A whirl on the dance floor suits her to a "T." ... Derives much pleas- ure from laughing and talking Will make an excellent beauticlan ARLENE H McCLOSKY Academic This petite miss has a willingness to help and an ability to get things done which will carry her right to the top of the ladder of success Literary editor of the Arlion BONNIE C McKEEVER Business Education Bonnie Drawing comes naturally to this senior miss who plans to become a fashion illustrator Worked ardently making signs for various events throughout the year JOHN S McNAlI.Y Academic John Soaks up knowledge like a sponge does water His ability to lead will carry him Far Aspnres to go to M I T Unsung hero of the class P UY HAROLD M MELE Academic Ha Handsome in face and strong in heart The gridiron played an im portant part m his senior year Will do anything for a friend KENNETH R MELE Academic Mrdget Its a touchdown' Who made it? Who else but our own Kenny Mee Midgets courage will surpass any twice his size a fact he has proved throughout the year RAYMOND J MEYER Academic Ray A whiz in math and chemistry who has many varied interests His clean good looks and interest in sports make him the All American OY JUDITH A MICHAEL Academic Judy Blond bralny and blushes easily A thirst for knowledge which will lead her to many horizons A teacher s delight ARLENE C MOHR Buslne s Education Never seems to have a care in the world Looks forward to those rides to East Liberty Soon to become a beautician DENNIS l MOLLI Academic D211 Competent president of the band His quiet ways have won him many friends Bound for the ivy halls of college Played his part well in senior class play MYRNA E MOORE Business Education Myrna Myrna who is immaculate in her appearance hopes to become a secretary Played the flute in the band for three years BARBARA NAVIGLIA Academic BCIYID Possesses a cooperative and friendly spirit which will help her ful till the rob ot an angel of mercy Secretary of the Tri Hi Y ton s a Montgomery Ward MCCQII McClosky McKeever McNally Mele Mele Meyer J MICl1GeI Mohr MOIII Moore Naviglia 28 MARY ELLEN NEALER Business Education Meow Avld collector of the latest hut tunes More lncllned to llsten than ta Looks forward to the day when she will become a beauttclan BARBARA E NOEL Business Educatnon Barb Seen but seldom heard Spends most of her free time drawing and panntmg Always ready and able to be of some help DAVID V OGURKIS Academic Goolue Always the little boy an trouble An active member of the Broad caster staff Crystal ball reveals a future as a teacher KENNETH W OSHELL Acodemlc Ken A quiet sort of a fellow whose mann Interest I5 centered around archery Hopes to travel and see parts of the country after graduation ALFRED A OTTE Vocational Art Tall strong but not sllent Doesnt have a care In the world Plans to become a machrnlst Tnnkerlng with cars IS has hobby JOH N H OVERLY Vocatuonal John Trouble IS his middle name Usually In the center of everything The servuce wlll clalm hum upon graduation Fun lovung JANICE E PAINTER Academic an Her benevolence and unselflshness has made for her many friends Her mterest an church work IS sure to further her ambltton of becom mg a deaconess ADELLA J PALCZARSKI Busmess Educatlon Adele Her presence hunts that fun I5 brewing A ready smile for cu Plans to pursue a modelung career MARTINA M PAPROCKI Academrc Tuna This petite brunette always has a pleasant dtsposltlon Has a cravung for Italian foods President of the Red Cross CHARLES E PICONE Academtc Chuck Nothnng phases thus easy gonng lad who ns always ready for a good time Anythung that concerns cars appeals to hum JAMES M PICONE Academuc lm One of our taller boys who IS constantly putting has foot In his mouth Ambntlon lles In becoming an aeronautical engineer lntelltgent YVONNE M PlQUARD Academic Vonnle Punt suzed lass wnth a peppy bundle of gab This fall wlll find h headlng for college Plans to teach handicapped children 'Q Aw-. fm nw lbw 1' lie M Nealer Ogurlus Otte J Painter M Paprockl J Plcone Noe O Shell Overly Palczarskl Pncone Puquard M. G. P. L. F. E. Pompellio C. Preisser Reano I, Rebar Ringus R. Romeo Rossi L. Rubinosky Rusnock A. Ryba Saccardi A. Sams MARLENE M POMPELLIO Business Education Mar Tickles the funnybone with her endless chatter A welcome add: tion to any crowd Collects the latest platters as a hobby CAROL 5 PREISSER Academic Cg,-ol A charming miss whose busy schedule finds her actively engaged in the Trl HI Y malorettes and student council Neatness and clothes of h latest fashion are her trademark GAETANO REANO Academic Gqe Always ready and able to relive a funny story Played a hot trombone In our cool band An able and reliable Key Club president ILONA A REEAR Business Education Ilona Although on the serious side she never passes up an opportunity to hare fun Swimming and boating give h r much enloyment PETER C RINGUS General Pete Seldom heard from in class Sports rate hugh on his lust of likes Well known for his henanlgans Undecided about his uture RAYMOND D ROMEO Academic Ray Keeps his friends In a rlotous state with his pokes Graduation is the answer to all his problems Asplres the life of a millionaire LAURENCE C ROSSI Academic Larry Tall dork and hmmmm This lad with a heart of gold doesnt know the meaning of the word enemy Arnolds answer to Tony Perkins LAWRENCE F RUBINOSKY General Ruby Big broad shoulders give hum a football physique B ushlng comes easily when girls are present Plans to enter the armed service FRANCIS I.. RUSNOCK Vocational Frank This rough and ready football player did a fine iob as a guard for th- pigskin eleven . . . The tea leaves predict a future in mechanics. ANDREA S. RYBA General Ange An active choir member who is sure to find the key which will open th- door to a career in modeling and singing ... Has a laugh all her own. EMILY C. SACCARDI Business Education m A natural friendliness and interest in others makes knowing Em worthwhile Her cheerful attitude will no doubt help her to find SUCCCSS. ANTOINETTE SAMS Academic Toni A pretty face a pleasing voice and a pleasant personality are sure to bring success to our own Roberta Peters Its always nice to be around Toni. 30 Goodbye for now and luck to you my friend. Business Education .IO-ANN M. SERGI njon Enjoys life to its fullest extent . . . A iob as a beautician will crystal- lize her future Always well supplied with witty remarks. Business Education .IOSEPHfNE M. SERGI nh., A favorite hobby of Jo's is collecting the latest hit tunes Quiet in the nicest sort of way Looks forward to the work of a bookkeeper. CONSTANCE A. SETTLEMYER Academic "Connie" An endless supply of energy sparked by a witty stream of chatter characterizes Connie Her natural curiosity is an asset in the class- F0001 LEONARD C SIERADSKI Atddemlt Blngg This tall blond lad with clean good looks is apt to create quite a stir on any campus Intelligent nevertheless mischievous HERBERT A SLAUGENHAUPT Vocational Herb Twinking brown eyes reveal his impish nature Laughed at all of Mr Klein s lokes Hopes to become a machinist upon graduation A perfec gentleman MARCELLA T SLOBODN'K Academic Marcy Added an extra special touch to the senior class play A con tagious sense of humor that adds to her attractiveness Nursing has laid a claim to her future PAUL M SOLAR General Pau Quiet steady and good natured This versatile lad enloys base ball football and basketball Will serve Uncle Sam upon graduation RICHARD J SOLAR Academic Chubby Fearlessly aided the orange and blue to the best of his ability Happily engages in innocent pranks when circumstances permit FRANK A SOLOMOND Academic Pqqch Gave all he had for the football team including his two front teeth College looms in his future HELLER R STONECHECK Academic Stoney In his spare time this lad can be found working on pranks Trap ping occupies most of his spare time Arnold s great Impersonator NANCY L STULL Business Education Nancy Happy go lucky attitude about life Plans to utilize her ability and delightful smile by working with the airlines MARY ANN SUATONI Academic Mary Ann Still finds time to maintain her scholastic average even though she participates in many extra curricular activities Wore her malorette uniform proudly J N Sergl Settlemyer Slaugenhaupt Solar Solomond Stull J Sergi L Sieradski M Slobodnik R Solar H Stonecheck M Suatoni 31 YR G- May God bless you through the coming years. ROSE L. SUCH 3 , Academic Rose A. L At first glance, this little gal may seem to be shy, but that friendly smile and twinkle in her eyes suggest quite differently. In the world MICHAEL J. SUCHAR Academic Mme His gift-of-gab surmounts every characteristic of silence .. . A hutch in the air force will keep him busy for a few years Without a worry MELVIN H TEKELY Academic Me Never a blond hair out of place A man of many actions but few words Likes anything connected with art Drives his own car MARY M THOMAS Business Education Mary This Ioquacuous miss IS always ready to relay the latest news Excels In bookkeepang Her plans for the future Include college PRISCILLA M TOMASIK General Percy As sweet as they come with a pleasant disposition that has won her a bevy of friends Dancing is the apple of her eye BARBARA L TRETTEL Acadcmlc Barb Barb who always resembles a page out of Seventeen will make an attractive co ed Fun loving Barb IS happiest when dancing or driving her car VIRGINIA M TRIPODI Business Education Gina A beaming smile IS the trademark of this versatile senior lass Success as a female detective IS Gina s ambition Capable class secre tary for four years ANN M TROMBETTA Academic Annie uQ,g The wheel of fortune sees her employed as a nurse Gave her talents to the band as a clarlnetust An unforgettable gal fiff CON STANCE A TRZECIAK Business Education Conn: An unbea able combination of dark eyes and hair with a personality as effervescent as a champagne bubble Swimming is tops with her JOHN A TULEIB TZ Academic John ,.. Gave an excellent performance as the villain an the senior class pay One of our brightest students with an unusual mind for scuenc and math GERALD A TUTELO Academic Toot X S' Rather quiet but when he ays something its worth listening to gf Never seen alone Gets a bang out of hunting PATRICIA C UNITES Business Education at Pat usually seen wearing a smile lets nothing dampen her spirits A typical female with her constant chattering Loves to dance Such Tekely Tomaslk Tripod: Trzeclak Tutelo 32 M Suchar Thomas Trettel Trombetta Tuleibltz Unites xy . . . . ' ... I . . . . . ' I Q . A - "'-, 2' ir , I . . nzgggi . . . , .. -. ., ! - .,!-, I -' er .. Q Q ,Q 1 . uses. ' ., "tk: 73' . . ' ' ' I V A 4:-X I ' ' ' .br is - ARI' -ee Q g -'-s rt .x i i , , , Ks In ,. ,P g . . 15 . Q W9 ' R. . .I M. M. . ,. if ' ' A f I gt I .. C, J. , ' G. P. ' BERYLE L. UPDEGRAFF Business Education "Lori" Small in stature, but big in heart . .. Finds time to enjoy her hobby of singing . . . Member of the library club. Academic JOSEPHINE C. VALLE nlou A little bit of heaven who landed at Arnold High, and found her way into the hearts of all . ,. A personality twice as large as her stature. RANDALL G. VARESCO Academic "Randy" Only his friendliness to all exceeds his height . . . Faithfully lined oft the field during football season Will make a hit with the coveds on some college campus. MICHAEL VIDA Vocational "Mike" Spends most of his time keeping quiet Toils daily at Fedans Enioys tinkering with cars . .. ls still undecided about his future. PATRICIA A. WARDOCLIP Business Education "Patty" More inclined to listen than talk, a fact that has won Patty many friends . .. Cooking and sewing occupy a great deal of her spare time. Business Education ELSIE L. WEIR Genuine walkie-talkie who lets off steam on the dance floor Wants to pound the typewriter for some busy evecutive. KAREN L. WEST HEIH Academic "Katsy" Because of the stamina she possesses, her dreams of becoming a doctor are sure to materialize Flashes an exciting smile. LINDA J. WHETSEL Business Education "Linda" An animated personality that helped to make her a hne lead mo- iorette . .. Will make a neat white-collar worker . . . Pretty eyes. CAROLE L. WHITLINGER Academic "Carole" Always has her "sunny side up" . . . Carole's natural talent for com- edy has created much fun and excitement among her friends. ROBERT W. WIDMER Vocational "Wid" One of our taller lads He takes a great interest in hunting and fishing . . . Plans on becoming a car doctor . . . Shy around girls. RAYMOND R. WILLIAMS Vocational "Ray" Innocent bystander when trouble is brewing Happy-go-lucky walk Plans to serve Uncle Sam upon graduation Likes to tinker with cars. DONNA C. WILSON Business Education "Donna" This head maiorette always has a smile and a friendly "hi" for all . . . Did a fine iob as editor ofthe Arlion ... Bubbles over with happiness. EUGENE A. YANCOSKY General "Gene" Tall, dark, and handsome . .. Enjoys sports of any kind . . . Belongs to the Gymnastic Club . .. A misty film still covers his future. ROBERT D. YOUNG General "Young" Good-natured and easy to get along with When asked about his future plans, Bob says he's undecided. B. Updegraff R. Varesco P. Wardoclip K. West C. Whitlinger R. Williams E. Yancosky J. Valle M. Vida E. Weir L. Whetsel R. Widmer D Wilson R. Young 33 uf. fxmw qWzffw.w14 ,,,,vz4f,f tl? 4 . 4 f X ex 5 IT, : N T. 'E x 'ifif ,. ' ' ' f' . -V .1 . SS :Lf N Rim ,,2f M , Q XEYR X Q A A Wri v x 'LX aww , , . WS 1 . X i, X +A 523 E wk N: C QA i N 51' X. swf J A SESS , 35 x Q Q, Fil ., 1 Aw, 6 xxx f xg Wx . x, ,Q X iw ai s S1 A + fm -Qi , A xx, Mit, QS'2"gxQ?x x W s. , N X C M XXX Nw ,P X: 1ul"'u QV? ww 15? x Q a. 1 N E SJ . ,S XX X 5 I i E YNY' 5 R ga is 5, s is JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Donna Hanes vlce president Patty Papa treasurer Thayer Forsht presudent Domenuca Trnpodu secretary ADVISORS A DeRose J Gearhart The members of the class of T960 are now aslclng one another Are we ready to take over the role of semors'?" Thus class looks eagerly forward to the day when they wnll proudly take full command Throughout the year the lumors worked hard to ranse Increased but not without effort They proved they had real salesmanshlp when they sold Christmas candles and candy Thanks to the ard and guidance given them rn these prolects by Mrs DeRose and Mr Gearhart they enloyed a thrllllng and delightful prom The Iunlor class play The Thread That Runs So True provided an excellent means for them to prove their versatnluty Wuth the passrng of another successful school year the lunlors look forward with hopeful expectation to the future 35 79 9 ' ' A money for a successful prom. At football games their selling SN . . . Q . - 1 . l'I-3 First Row: G. McCasl-.y, F. McCul- lough, D. House, S. Bahnak, C. Gans, J. Poiochniak, J. Hunger, M. Resick, E. Taraba, P. Morro. Sec- ond Row: C. Roberts, D. Hrivnak, J. Piecka, J. Kustra, J. Bruncsak, E. Morganle, T. Piluch, D. Barkley. Third Row: T. Forshf, J. Echon, G, McLaughlin, R. Frankoski, A. Me- dice, R. Daro, R. Bryar, J. Bruncsak, E. Turner, R, Lloyd, G. Shpakoff. 11-7 First Row: C. Evere?', D. Sfaricek, A. Kulzer, B. Signorella, S. Large, C. Belczyk, J. Flinn, S. Widmer, C. Ciancuffi. Second Row: W. Blair, D. Zawodniak, E. Oliiar, C. Rocchi, D. Postupack, J. Hiaracznak, M. Nee, C. Dahm, M. Dziodyk, H. Jones, N. Caruso. Third Row: H. Schrack, G. Barone, J. Roberlo, T. lisfek, D. Fiorina, J. Klems, R. Milro, R. Scalpello, D. Capo, G. Bollinger. 'I'I-106 Firsi Row: L. Harnczrak, D. Clee, S. Meredith, M. A. Yarkov, E. Potoc- nak, S. Frederick, E. Snyder, C. Neioskie, C. Orkwis. Second Row: C, Overly, J. Buzziuotri, E. Hick- man, B. L Johnston, L. McCollim, R. Rcikvic, D. Choltco, M. Shafler. Third Row: R. Posuii, D. Rywcuk, D. Joseph, R. Fabian F. Vrudny, A. Jefferson, G. Lisciarelli, R. Soulle, J. Rogers. 36 .....--..-1w...---- Class of '60 marches onward toward goal "Hurry and lake our picture," plead These band members allending summer band camp. S Y . x x W. BNI. 5-.f G 1' 'V SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Gary Brodhead vuce presudent Tom Wallace presudent Bernadette Mollu treasurer Mary Ann Mele secretary 79 9Aoplw Chosen by theur classmates to lead the sop homores through theur furst year un senuor hugh are Tom Wallace presudent Gary Broadhead vuce presudent Mary Ann Mele secretary and Bernadette Mollu treasurer The youngsters of senuor hugh began theur year wuth a lot of pep and enthusuasm whuch stayed wuth them throughout the year Theur furst prolect uncluded the sellung of valentune candy They proved to be very good salesmen sunce the prolect was a great success The second prouect was the annual sophomore dance held un the sprung Everyone who attended commended the commuttee for the great success of the dance both socually and funancually Theur last prolect was a novel one Thus was a car wash un whuch they all worked hard and found thus to be a very lucratuve source of uncome All of these pro uects helped to prove thus class abuluty for work Ing toward theur maun goal an outstandung lunuor senuor prom Wuth the help of theur worthy advusors they expect to accomplush a great deal un the next two years 38 On the threshold of a bright tomorrow 10-102 Firsi Row: R. Sfull, A. Tymoczko, M. DeBlosio, R. Rusnock, S. Hess M. Chomyok, S. Edmunds, J. Gels inger, C. Mczlinski. Second Row J. Miller, R. Lipperl, R. Kowullcow ski, J. Spires, N. Girardi, R. wall R. Kovcl, S. Zcgus, J. Richards Third Row: A. Rich, F. DeMuo, R Broslxy, R. Pcxfnychuk, J. Brando lino, S. Fedan, R, Furmery, R Sproull, P. Ludwiczcxk. f f I0-103 First Row: H. Penchick, J. Shukis C. Asper, J. Harrell, M. Bibzcx, J Soulcheck, A. Malee, G. Gentile, K Salvuli. Second Row: D, Gian Colo, J. Freeburger, A, Frederick, J Ryba, J. Faire, M. A. Scosky, E Hcrnichor. Third Row: P. Sollys, G. Miller, F. Koczkowslxi, D. O'Neil A. Pelisczri, R. Phillips, J. Rocco, R RCITGECZYGR. I IO-201 Firsl Row: B. Kosovczge, J. Lange, J. Rczlcoczy, B. Molli, C. Hoggdrt, J. Bianco, L. Berlney, C. Duncan, J. Buzzinoffi, K. Vcnresco. Second Row: S. Buono, A, Ogurchoclc, P. Demoo, M. Bozek, L. Fuge, M. A. Mele, C. Beldhom, D. D'Achille. Third Row: T. Kusavoge, E. Res- kiewicz, L. Hart, T. Adamczyk, M. Tuleibifz, S. Dowhower, P. Slofer, D. Troenlmer, D. Schneider. 39 W' .W. I 0-204 First Row: J. Hrebicik, M. Resick, R. Polsinelli, R. Drzymala, H. Hale, T. Sarnialn, R. Pisegna, G. Brodhead. Second Row: G. Carcbin, D, Pa well, D. Harnish, C. Pcilaikc, U Zonarich, J. Olivo, M. Migliorisi, M. Kuntz, D. Barrett. Third Row D. Nelson, T. Austin, D. Hornan, T. Wallace, D. Santore, J. Berczek, D. Schafer, D. Ewing, T. Lecnar. 10-209 First Row: W. Yancosky, H. Jenson H. Kiley, R. Boclxoras, A. Turack P. Eaton, J. Butler, E. Bulger. Sec ond Row: C. Hunger, S. Farmery, K. Bengel, C. Falco, P. Capo, A Rozey, P. Overley, M. R. Reano. Third Row: R. Ponchel, D. Douit, R Preisendefer, R. Boyer, D. Prokopik, F. Feroce. 10-M. S. First Row: J. Novicki, H. Lyons, R Lemp, J. Vietto, A. Jones, R. Bon zani, R. Rataiczak, A. Corrodene Second Row: P. Dangaix, T. War den, R. Maytan, R. Marflcik, G. Oakes, G. Ballentine, J. Como. Third Row: J. Shearey R. Brooks A. Enciso, H. McAnincl'1, A. Bonko vich, H. Theierl, J. Posteroro, D Kedzierski, R. Sperski. Display lceen interest in scltool activities Juniors with advisor prepare tor the prom sf-5 Q "These ore our neighbors," JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS First Row: S. Solido, C.Signorellc1, D. Mig- iiore, M. Rogers. Second Row: C, Berz, M. Tripodi, D. Men- tecky. Louis cmd Francine ask Joyce for cn Hull pass. in ADVISORS J Cork M Pereth 'rin .ww ""'w'v TRIPODI ""'-u 5 wx, m...M,g,,,Y .,,...-.- ii: No not the San Francisco Cow Palace but Arnold Junior Hugh BH FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS J Donley, president, R Rocchr, Treasurer, C Crawford, vlce presldenf J Abbott, secretory 42 .9 J 5 Y M I C 2, A I I 4 jeff' x Q' nf. -it K ' A P wi!-Ar 5 Qs, X ' J - f C 1 "" as v sf' I gl.. . L :K ix Q is ark Q C - W Q a 3 ' C ' I ,Ak X5 Q .fix 4 C ' . 5? C , t - 2 so , r C 'Y , 3? ' A 5 X 'F , C C x, 5' ' - , M Y 1 . X S, NWWMM V Us , V. Q 'V ,' E K +-il 9-202 First Row: L. M. Crutchrncm, D. Pog- nottcu, K. Timko, P. Zczmperini, D. Cornmesser, H. Gutknecht, M. De- Bornordin. Second Row: F. Abro- hnm, R. Stopinski, R. Orcutt, R. Rhine, D. J. Roberts, D. Rush, M, Torlceo, F. Beattie, Third Row: R, Rupert, P. Gcwosto, J. Gcllie, J, Goins, R. Cribbs, E, Eisemcm, B, Stcur, D. Fishfr, J. Baxter, R. Zilner. 9-203 First Row: P. Hurt, P. Hrelaicilc, M. Kozei, P. Morcontonio, A. Timmer- berg, S. Ogurchock, S. Nee, G. Bliss, V. Devore, M, Reighctrd. Sec- ond Row: R. Leosure, J. Tusing, W. Ream, C. KUZIDiCl1, D. J. Domin, C. Viflci, P. Pozel, R, Ncuviglin, G. Scmtucci, Third Row: R. Pituch, D. Fischer, J, Poscxti, T. Elliott, A, Abel, J. Anzcxlcli, E. Jason, D. lsctoc. 9-207 First Row: A. Meyer, S. J. Vosscxr, M. Cowen, R. Rocchi, K. Mossolo, A. Pozel, J, Abbott, F. Gobrish, J. Cctppello, C, Crawford, Second Row: J. Scncriponte, K. Mentecky, N. Schneider, E. J. Marino, S. Ogur- ids, C. Berz, D. Mohan, B. Bish, J. Lloyd, C. Pontremoli, G. Pugliese, L. Mitchel, K. Greb. Third Row: F. Kcmcscm, R. Borbioux, M. Solvay, C. Cox, D. D'Achille, L. Corchicn, A. Lcunfcxloni, L. Loccmto, D. Show, R, Renock, R. Burkett. 9-211 First Row: E. Koessler, P. Zompog- no, M. Vognozzi, T. Rusnoclc, M. Tripodi, F. Devlin, B. Vokes. Second Row: D. Jones, D, Domct, F. Dun- ccan, E. Berncmrdi, D. Stcmko. Third Row: J. Cercuso, W, Szlcchetkcn, J. Coury, D. Kuchek, R. Liotto, J. Don- ley, L. Wroblewski, R. Joncelc, ummm 2 L.. 'TY U.,-... 'S- .-4 ---Q -.Q- ugh , Gain the respect 8-205 First Row: J. Grayson, .. Lasher, B. Ivy, B. Sfenger, L. Marino, P. Cos- tello, L. Rearick, S. Adams. Sec- ond Row: L, Haggarl, S. Leasure, K. Defassio, B. Pavillion, L. Prager, J. Pleva, S. Haggarl. Third Row' R. Jones, E. Bramini, R. Rusiewicz, K, Slarr, T. Snow, P. Dawson, G. Colaianni, D. Jones. 8-206 Firsf Row: C. Provenzcno, R. Sny- der, D. Champainy, M. A. Shamey, C. Harrell, S. Solida, S. Paul, R. Gallian, E. Klein. Second Row: L. DeRose, D. Leah, R. Prescolf, M. Powell, L. Kirilulc, J. Olle, L. Hixen- baugh, B. Becker, F. Van Horne, T Anzaldi, E. Rubinosky, Q. Smith, G. Cernicky. Third Row: M. Shpa- koff, F. Caruso, R. Frab-alla, S. Kiri- luk, R. Isaac, F. Calvano, D. Grazi- ano, C. Enciso, F. Genlile, J. Alber- ta, C. Mele. 8-212 Firsi Row: B. Barlo, D. Migliore, J Marflak, P. Ficca, J. Whalen, S Karluk, D. Wypiski, C. Naples, B Scosky, S. Berkoben. Second Row: C. Caporoli, T. Humeniuk, J. Chipo- leffi, C. Kaczkowski, S. Clee, C Sams, B. Gardner, G. DiPrinzio, R Sanesi, H. Gabrish, G. DeVore Third Row: J. Palochilc, C. Romilo H. Hill, W. Winder, O. Jensen, R Pefifta, G. Hecker, A. Sinegal, J Borrelli, J. Rocchi. 44 I 'lah L. if-iv J 1 I A -V2 . ...... .C.,, 51.5 -Q QS ' 1 . ...... . . e 'Q K"Y ol the other classes .Bly ... N . Eg sf KF? is EQ u, Sr' K Qin? x , ww .1 K' . A :Wg x .. 'W-'sag ,g 5 ,. ACTIVITIES We trudged up the big hill yelling "sock it To 'em" Arnolcl High Sclwool . . I I. fri-- ' Q .,-Q.. f ll,, . Il 05' Y 1 W . ll , 'Of V' r .ff Mx fl-Gif ' v ff , rg. ,,. 1 X y I 1: . jr D 'Sf MF J up X.- ,ll 'L if U" lllWll'lIlfllW I f I Tx l , Vw , , A Mary Nee and Arlene John- stone dream up ideas for the yearbook. 799 Members iniect talent and initiative in producing a yearbook. 48 I ti -S -it x A Q Associate Editors D. Wilson, V. Tripodi Business Managers L. Crestetto, A. Dangaix, V. Landi, B. Trettel, S. Jacobs, M. Karluk Literary Editors A. McClosky, J. Katona, A. Johnstone, A. Korowicki, M. Nee, J. Picone Sports H. Stonecheck, F. Giunta Art . B. McKeever Advisor Mr. F. Pallone ,pl Y-5 . It doesn't even look like me! Each year the Arlion staff has the exciting but challenging task of publishing a yearbook. Their main endeavor is to create a book that will capture all the cherished memories that each student has of his high school days. Recreating this, however, is no easy task. Early in August the members of the staff cam- paigned throughout the entire community solici- ting for advertisements and patrons. The book was publicized throughout the school and a vig- orous drive for orders was conducted. This was followed by the distribution and collection of senior questionnaires which were then put into write-up form. October was pic- ture-taking time, and then began the collection of information concerning clubs, sports, and other activities. Hours were spent proof-reading, correcting and rewriting material. Lucy Crestetto, chief typist, was kept busy retyping the many write- ups. The Arlion staff worked as a team in meet- ing unexpected crises and all deadlines. Now, as the staff heaves a sigh of relief, we hope this T959 Arlion has achieved its aim--to help you reminisce when you, as alumni, look back upon these pages. ARLION CLUB First Row: S. Jacobs, A. Korowicki, V. Landi, V. Tripodi, D, Wilson, A. McClosky. Second Row: H. Stone' check, A. Dangaix, B. McKeever, F. Guinta, M. Nee, J. Picone, A. Johnstone. Third Row: L. Crestetto, J. Katana, Mr. Pallone, Advisory M. Karluk, B. Trettel. --nl Aorietq, i We view with pride our honor students L. Sieradzki admires M. Suatoni's national honor society pin as J. Michael looks on. Ths year, as in past years, certain out- standing students in the upper third of the class have been selected as national honor society members. Top-ranking students are selected by the faculty on the basis of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. To be selected as a member of the national honor society is the attainment of a goal set by all ambitious iuniors and seniors. Acceptance into this national organization places a student among the "cream of the crop." This certainly is a pinnacle worth the eFfort it entails. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First Row: N. DeMao, F. Frabotta, J. Gentile, M. Thomas, M. Frickanisce, M, A. Suatoni, A. McCloslcy, D. Kunicki, L. Sieradzki, J. Tuleibitz. Second Row: F. Giunta, V. Tripodi, D. Wilson, L. Husar, L. Conte, J. McNally, A. Korowicki, A. Sams, J. Michael, H. Massimini, P. Juliano. ,council One of the busiest and most important or- ganizations in Arnold High School is the ruling body known as student council. Each member carries a duty and responsibility which he must conscientiously execute to be a credit to the fel- low students who elected him. This energetic group has accomplished much for the good of their school by their many suc- cessful proiects. Among these were the purchase of a trophy case, a sock dance which has become an annual affair, the presentation of movies which has added to the enioyment of the stu- dents, and the purchase of records to be used at the school dances. They have also undertaken the task of keeping the school clean. This organiza- tion has truly proven to be outstanding. STUDENT COUNCIL First Row: K. Bengel, M. Zampog na, C. Callas, P. Papa, J. Valle, C Preisser, R. DeFazio, T. Abraham K. Malik, V. Pagano. Second Row L. Berkey, J. Bianco, D. House, T Sams, H. Massimini, A. Dangaix C. Dahm, M. Frickanisce, L. Husar L. McCollim, V. Tripodi. Third Row C. Varesco, M. Nee, A. Rich, T Wallace, T. Tymoczko, J. McNally P. Lobur, F. Giunta, K. Mele, M A. Mele, B. Signorella. -at BROADCASTER First Row: S. Widmer, D. Staricek ----- K. Johnson, Mrs. Ursic, Advisor, J Whalen, B. Antkoviak, C. Hunger Second Row: D. Huet, C. Kemp, C Falco, U. Zonarich, D. Ogurkis, P Solar. l:Jwaalca.4.teJL This year marked the 30th year since the first publication of the "Broadcaster." Through the years this paper has grown from a simple mimeograph sheet to a full-sized pictorial edi- tion. The duplication process has included both hot and cold type methods. This year's staff, composed of sophomore, iunior, and senior members of the iournalism class, took a giant step in accepting the extra burden of expense involved in lithography at its best. As o result the 1958-59 issues boast great- er content, more iournalistic style, and a wider variety of pictures. The class adopted as its motto for a good reporter "Have pencil, will write." . . SENIOR PLAY CAST First Row: A. McCIosky, A. Korowicki, J. Tuleibitz, J. Kcitond, M Sloboclnik L Colabrese Second Row D, Kunicki, D. Mclli, J. Pointer, P. Lobur, Miss Cipollo, Advisorg F Giuntc: K Belczylc N DeMc1o The senior class presents . Kind Lady Because Mory Herries, o lonely old English swinclling the Kind Locly she is rescued by woman, befriends a tramp on Christmas Eve, Mr. Foster she finds herself besieged by unwelcome boord- Arlene Korowicki played the port of Mory ers: Henry Abbott, his inscine wife, ond oi cock- Herries, wnile John Tulelbitz took the port of Mr ney fomily. Just before the crooks succeed in Abbott. The ploy was directed by Miss Cipollo ' 1 4 A w Ant, 1-., at , I Y dnamatllm, L. Culcbrese and A. McClosky take over in this scene. 52 We 5 if Under the direction of Miss Mary Ellen Cipolla, this year's iunior class play cast pre- sented "The Thread That Runs So True" by Jesse Stuart. Jesse's desire to educate the students of Lonesome Valley School presents him with many problems: he must have parental accep- tance of his teaching methods, he needs books, and he must face certain students' rebellion. Intense dislike for all teachers is the motto for Guy Hawkins, a constant rebel. Continuous bickering between Jesse Stuart portrayed by John Klems, Guy Hawkins portrayed by Howard Schrack lends spice to the plot. A helpmate in the form of one Naomi Deane, with whom Jesse later falls in love, aids Jesse in winning over the people of Lonesome Valley. The backwoods of Kentucky sets the scene and Jesse's unyielding determination to teach renders the plot. and lust about this time, guess who walked in? FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA First Row: M. DeBIasio, J. Fritzky, K. Johnson, K. Barkley, Miss Cribbs, Advisory L. Donati, A. Johnstone, V. Brzak. Second Row: H. Jones, F. McCullough, M. Resick, D. Ogurkis, P. Yotz, L. Conte, L. Crestetto. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA First Row: D. Gardner, L. Fern, G. Karluk, J. Bitner, A. Mohr, Miss Strittmatter, Advisor, L. Husar, M. Thomas, B. Noel, K. Malik, M. Sal- vati. Second Row: S. Jones, M. Mascari, V. Berghofer, D. Jones, M. E. Nealer, L. Hart, J. Como, J. Reighard, J. Manni, A. Lanfaloni, M. G. Marino, P. Wardoclip. Third Row: P. Knosky, T. Kasavage, A. Ogurchock, P. DeMao, J. Lange, P. Slater, G. Salandria, C. Hanyo, B. Bonzani, I. Rebar, C. Tinnemeyer, C. Martz, D. Artuso, B. Carmichael. An indispensable part of our education Future Teachers of America To inform and interest young people in teaching as a career is the goal of the F. T. A. students desiring the opportunity to learn about the teaching profession take a part in the affairs about school. During the course of the year, this club has had as its proiects: a session of practice teaching, a part in "open-house," and the presen- tation of a scholarship to one of its members. The participants of this club stimulate their interest in teaching by discussing colleges, col- lege curriculums, and problems of teachers in the past, present, and future. Future Homemakers of America The goal of the Future Homemakers of America is to develop a better homemaker for tomorrow. Those students interested in a homemaking career found the answers to many of the home- maker's problems. They were taught the cook- ing as well as the interior decorating aspect of this field, along with providing wholesome indi- vidual and group recreation. A greater appreciation of the joys and satis- faction of homemaking was created by inviting various speakers to lecture and assigning pro- jects to the group. Miss Strittmatter and Mrs. Ventura ably di- rected the group. Promotes an interest in future vocations and service Home Nursing An opportunity to become acquainted with the qualifications and recommendations of the various schools of nursing is afforded our "future women in white." This organization does not in- clude only prospective nurses, but also those stu- dents interested in increasing their knowledge and skill required in order to give simple home nursing care to the sick or injured person. Mrs. Tannas, our school nurse, with these obiectives in mind has adequately prepared these future nurses and homemakers with a better understanding of nursing. KEY CLUB First Row: P. Ludwiczak, M. Resick, R. Lippert, J. Brandolino, Mr. Ha iel, Advisor, T. Wallace, R. Preisen defer, R. Pisegna, G. Brodhead Second Row: R. Posati, F. Frabotta P. Marra, A. Farinelli, R. Scalpello, D. Capo, D. Santore, G. Reano, J Richards. Third Row: W. Huff, W. Blair, G. Blubaugh, R. Varesco, F. Giunta, P. Liput, L. Sieradzki, J McNally, R. Frankoski, J. Bruncsak P. Juliano, J. Bruncsak. HOME NURSING First Row: D. Schneider, B. Kasa- vage, C. Varesco, M. Tuleibitz Second Row: D. Traenker, D D'Achille, Mrs. Tannas, Advisor, D. Murray, J. Stanley. 55 53511 seg .4 'X 5 s .. ici? 'il' Key Club The Arnold High School Key Club is spon- sored bythe Kiwanis and is affiliated with a num- ber of key clubs in both the United States and Canada. The members of this organization performed services for both the school and the community. They could be seen helping the Salvation Army soliciting funds or cleaning the rubbish after football or basketball games. These and other unselfish services were performed by its mem- bers. An annual event of the club is a luncheon given for the student body and faculty members. Everyone looks forward to this occasion. ,,.A... ,..s Prepare students for future ambitions The Library Club ln our fast growing high school library, this club has become an integral part of our school. You can always find several members of this or- ganization behind the circulation desk during their study periods. The members perform many other varied duties such as "reading the shelves," writing overdue notices, mending books, setting up special library displays, and others. Several new functions being performed by the library club this year is circulating the books during the noon hour and placing library displays in all the rooms. Mr. Galli is the advisor of this club. i Vkxk .-. Junior Historian Club Under the guidance of Mr. Klein, the junior historian has become a better informed citizen. Although the history of the state of Pennsylvania is taught in the classroom, this club provides its members the opportunity to further explore this area. Current events are also discussed to keep the student abreast of our ever-changing world. Our democratic form of government is de- pendent upon the well-informed citizen. The Junior Historian Club of Arnold High School can be proud of its contribution not only to the indi- vidual but aiso to our country. LIBRARY CLUB Wilson, J. Soulcheck. JUNIOR HESTORIANS mich, G. Oakes. 56 First Row: E. Weir, J. Batten K Erb, M. Jernigan, Mr. Galli, Adv: sary S. Frederick, J. McGowan M Taylor, A. Malee, M. J. Kuntz Sec ond Row: R. Fraser, J. Whalen G Albert, D. House, S. Hess, M. Bozek J. Ziemianski, D. Tusing, R s nock, J. Faire, A. Frederick, M Bag getta, J. Rakoczy. Third Row L Whetsel, C. Trzeciak, P. Johnston N. Stull, M. Haiel, J. Flinn, L. Upde graft, J. Shukis, G. Beldham D First Row: S. Buono, G. Hessom B. Kestner, L. McCollim, Mr, Klein Advisor, Y. Piquard, J. Butler C ' Ciancutti, M. Paprocki. Second Row: D. Fiorina, R. Rataiczak J Berczek, T. Listek, D. Bish p Meyers. Third Row: A. DiPalma N. DeMao, J. Tuleibitz, J. Plcone W. Crawford, R. Johnstone, R Re FOOTBALL CLUB Firs? Row: R. lnglese, H. Mele, J Roberto, R. Alberta, L. Calabrese J. Bowser, J. Klems, L. Rossi. Sec- ond Row: T. Sarniak, H. Schraclc N. Girardi, J. Polsinelli, Mr. Mar tin, Advisor, J. Wallers, R. Drzy mala, A. Turack, D. Barrett, R Monfeleone. Third Row: H. Briggs R, Posali, M. Resick, B. Kowalkow ski, S. Feclan, C. Swanclerski, E Hickman, F. Solomond, R, Solar, K Inglese, M. Mele, J. Buzzinotti Fourth Row: C, Overly, J. Spires, P. DeMao, O. Ewing, A. Bonka vich, J. Girardi, J. Shamey, P. Li put, B. Rakoczy, E. Morgante, F. Rusnock, B. Suprano, D. Schafer, R Formery, R. Lloyd. GYMNASTIC CLUB Firsi Row: T. Forshl, R. Young, P Ciciarelli, H. Jensen, Mr. Phillips Advisor, G. Barone, J. Geisinger, H. Hill, P. Ciciarelli. Second Row R. Romeo, E. Yancosky, R. Rakvic, G. McLoughlin, F. Holoweclxyi, T. C Hamilton, D. Huel, M. Vida. PRINT CLUB A. Farinelli, J. Piecka, B. Doro, Mr. Walcutf, Advisor, D. Hrivnak, R. Stull, P. Solar. K J :lub "Will you autograph my yearbook? 'jf K club TRI-HI-Y First Row: R. Gallo, J. Gentile, J Michaels, K. Biss, Miss Cipollo, Ad visor, M. R. Deluca, V. Pagano, M Smith, L. Reese, J. Mondarino Second Row: J. Freeburger, M. A Bibza, C. Preisser, L. Conte, M. A Suatoni, M. A. Frickanisce, D. Pos tupock, C. Rocchi, C. Belczyk, C Belczyk. Third Row: L. Becker, M Hrivnalc, B. Molli, J. Como, J. Bian co, S. Dowhower, L. Berkey, K Barkley, H. Massimini, B. Naviglia TRI-HI-Y 3. f 'sg .av ' J. Olivo, C. Palaika, D. Kuniclxi, J - Haracznak, S. Widmer, J. Hunger, S. Bahnak, C. Collodi, M. R. Reano I S Third Row: J. Potochniak, M. A Yankov, S. Kelly, K. Bengel, K. Sal- vati, C. Dahm, R. M. DeBastiani First Row: C. McCall, E. Snyder, P. Papa, A. Korowicki, A. McClosky, M, B. Bavera, A. Dangaix, M. Dziadyk, T. Sams, G. Gentile. Second Row: R. DeFozio, V. Landi, U. Zonarich, f cola, C. DeFelice. Leadership and service are promoted. In the Tri-Hi-Y, Arnold's very active service organization, sophomore, iunior, and senior girls work together under the able guidance of Miss Mary Ellen Cipolla. The Tri-Hi-Y started its year with its tradi- tional candlelight installation ceremonies in which new members were accepted in a very im- pressive ritual. Each novice was made to realize her duty and obligation to the club. Immediately following the installation ceremonies, the Tri-Hi-Y girls gave a Mother and Daughter Tea. This group of girls accomplished a number of service projects during the year. Food was 58 collected and arranged in attractive baskets to be distributed to the needy families during Thanksgiving time. At Christmas time, a collec- tion of gifts were distributed to orphans. These and other unseltish acts made this organization a truly worthy one. Although their services were many, so were their activities. A tureen dinner is held the latter part of the year. Here awards are given to the girls receiving the largest number of merits for service. Highlight of the year is the Tri-Hi-Y formal, Winter Wonderland, where the annual king and queen are selected. T. Abraham, J. Buzzinotti, D. Gian Open house. Our guests have cz look-around. Refreshments were served to all. Miss Strittmcxtter demonstrates baking techniques, Mr. Pmllone and Mr. Bianco enioy 0 little chat. The P.T.A.c1ssisted in greeting guests at our open house. Mr. Corey, P.T.A. member, and Mr. Berkey. nuuulr, The voices of the many talented boys and girls were combined in one of the most enjoyable events of the year-the annual Christmas holi- day program tothe student body. The program consisted of the many beautiful carols depicting ioy and good cheer. With the beginning of the new year, the choir iourneyed to Har-Brack in an exchange program. Their next performance came in the spring at the annual choir and band concert. Under the capable direction of Mrs. Dorothy Marinucci, the choir has been very successful in developing an appreciation of fine group sing- ing. Those talented students who have unusual musical ability are given many opportunities to perform. Our own Roberta Peters. "A" CHOIR First Row: C. Ciancutti, K. Barkley, R. Such, L. Geraci, l. Hawk, N. Vagnozzi, J. Reighard, J. Painter, S. Bahnak, J. Flinn, J Como, D. Postupak, H. Jones, M. Dziadyk. Second Row: P. Knosky, C. Brzak, J. Greb, B. Naviglia, M. Frickanisce, K. Erb, V. Dorbritz, W Carter, J. Haracznak, M. Slobodnik, A. Ryba, M. Suotoni, H. Massimini, M. Deluca, J. Butler, K. Biss, A. Kutzer. Third Row: D. Tomayko, M. Ressick, D. Murray, J. Giardi, L.Votquenne, F. Holoweckyi, P. Wikert, l.. Conte, A. Dangaix, D. Kunicki, P. Thomey, P. Papa, T. Lothian, P. Santoro, C. Rocchi, M. Zampogna, J. Hunger. Fourth Row: T. Wallace, G. Shpa- kofl, A. Rich, G. Mclaughlin, A. Bilbie, C. Roberts, E. Bozek, B. Suprano, R. Haiel, R. Frankoski, P. Lobur, T. Hamilton, R. Monv teleone, M. Evans, D. Barkley, W. Huff, T. Forsht, R. DeFazio. il Voice an aura of joy and serenity to all A successful financial year was also felt by the choir due to its enthusiasm and cooperative spirit in carrying out its projects. With the profits received from the selling of book covers and peanut brittle, the choir purchased sweaters for its senior members. An evening of enjoyment was also spent by the seniors at the Holiday House. "B" CHOIR The junior high school choir, also under the direction of Mrs. Marinucci, provides a fine be- ginning for those students who are musically in- clined. A successful concert was given by the choir, along with the junior high band, during the school year. The choir members are given not only a fine musical education, but also the enjoyment that comes from singing with others. First Row: C. Hunger, V. Pagano, M. Chomyalc, J. McGowan, E. Varesco, D. House, K. Whalen, M. Taylor, C. Belczyk, J. Potochniak, A. Malee. Second Row: R. DeBastini, L. Reese, K. Bengel, E. Taraba, S. Kelly, M. A. Yankov, L. McCollim, U. Zonarich, S. Farmery, C. Falco, J. Olivo, K. Grant, P. Yotz, M. DeBlasio. Third Row: C. Palaika, M. J. Kuntz, M. Migliorisi, H. Hale, R. Pisegna, G. Carabin, D. Nelson, P. Ludwiczak, D. Prokopik, J. Geisinger, M. Baggetta, C. Baiko, L. Costello. JUNIOR HIGH CHOIR First Row: L. Ansani, P. Pituch, F. Gabrish, M. Scanga, K. Mentecky, B. Scosky, C. Naptes, S. Karluk, M. Derbaum, F. Ventorini, C. Signor- ella, M. Makara, S. Berkoben, T. West. Second Row: L. Chipoletti, J. Cappello, D. Wypiski, M. Cowen, J. Sacripcnte, E. Cox, C. Kack- owski, M. DeMao, C. Sams, G. DiPrinzio, S. Glee .1 Marflak B Barto D Migliore, B. Gardner, R. Sanesi, P. Ficca, J. Whalen. Third Row: J Rocchi R Haracznak C Berveridge G DeVore H Moses C Berz S Ogurkis, L. Mitchell, E. Marino, J. Abbott, A. Pozel, J. Lloyd, B. Bush C Pontremoli S Vassar D Mahan G Pugllese N Schneider K Massola, R. Rocchi, A. Meyer, K. Greb, C. Crawford. Fourth Row: R Burkett J Palochik F Kanaan A Sinegal L Corchia R Barbiaux H Hill R. Petitta, G. Hecker, C. Cox, W. Winder, M. Salvay, R. Re- nock L Locanto A Lanfalom D Shaw T Humeniuk C Caporali J Borrelli,D'Achille. ts. 1 xg Q V Q . ..., Q . I . ,, ...L ir. if V- 5 V , m- X Q K9 jg, I . .. 4 Qi'-ft . is J N? " 3 x wiv V' V - X A-nik.. - .1 AX .Asahi 5 S 3 if if I X T X Band and Muiorettes School spirit soared high as the Arnold High Band and Lionettes marched onto the football field for its tirst performance this year. It took a great deal of planning and effort for them to meet the rigid standards of perfection for the active year they had ahead of them. Through hard work, Arnold has gained recognition as having one of the finest high school marching units in the valley. They deserve much praise in the work they have done. All of this was made possible only through the long hours of practice and the patience of Mr. Moses, our band director. This year's seniors leaving the band and majorettes can be secure in knowing that their places will be filled by competent under- classmen. First Row R Llppert R Rakvlc G Reano P Juliano D lsaac R Prescott R. Pituch, C. DeFelice, C. Collodi, J. Corey, E. Jason. Second Row A Trombetta R Gallo V Brzak J Richards A Korowlclu D Artuso, J. Valle, P. Pozel, P. Marra, M. Moore, P. Johnston f' Settlemeyer Third Row A Razey E Elkin M A Blbza T Van Horne, R. Naviglia, F. Calvano, C. Enciso, T. Anzaldu NA Reams l Hlxenbaugh R Isaac J Stuck L Klrlluk W Blair Fourth Row: D. Santore, J. Bruncsak, D. Capo, J. Brandolina J Posati J Anzaldl J Bruncsak G Brodhead E Bulger T Elliot, T. Pituch, R. Scalpello, D. Molli, G. Blubaugh, PM .. - D9 JUNIOR BAND First Row: W. DeMao, R. Romeo, J. Stanko, H. Johnston, L. Trout- man, D. Cianflone, R. Richards, O. Robinson, D. Boyer, R. Pacha, H. DeMao, E, Bender, R. Smith, D. Olivo. Second Row: D. Duncan, C. Pagano, S. Minnick, L. Dietrich, P. Clark, S. Namey, S. Cline, G Corey, S. A. McCollim, K. Byers, C. Harrell, M. Rogers, N. DeMorco, C. Schrack, J. Caicco, D. Postupack. Third Row: C. Mele, C, Enciso, D. Graziano, R. Fabian, S. Kiriluk, M. Torlxeo, L. Hixenbaugh, F. Calvano, R. Isaac, M. Shpakoft, T. Van Horne, T. Anzaldi, J. Stuck, R. Pres- cott, R. Frabotta, W. Clark, G Greenwald, L. Kiriluk, L. DeRose. Band camp proved to be quite interesting for everyone who attended this year. They worked five and a half hours a day in the se- cluded campus atmosphere with plenty ot time for relaxation and recreation. Finding their way back from Thiel college to Arnold were plenty of "Deor-Mom-having-a-wondertul-time" letters. The last night on the campus the group had an old-fashioned iam session at the student lounge. The routines worked out at camp were a tast- stepping bit entitled "Seventy-Six Trombonesf' a swing routine to "Marching the Blues," a min- strel style performance to "At a Georgia Camp Meeting," and a Broadway routine to a medley of songs. MAJORETTES First Row: M. A. Frickanisce, C, Preisser, M. Karluk, D. Wilson, L. Whetsel. Second Row: B. Signorella, K. Malik, J. Butler, M. A. Suatoni, L. Conte, P. Hollyooke, J. Como, R. Snyder. Third Row: R. DeBastiani, K. Bengel, C. Dahm, M. A. Yankov, L. McCollim, M. Nee, E. Taraba, M. Zampogna. Fourth Row: J. Bianco, B. Molli, M. R. Deluca, C. Beldham, L. Berkey, K. Biss, V. Pagano, T. Abraham. I PILUITL A sunken treas- ure provides glit- tering jewels for "my lady." Colorful aquamarine life, beautiful mermaids, and the glittering iewels of a sunken treasure provided a perfect setting for the Arnold Junior-Senior Prom, "Aqua Fantasy." Gay couples entered this "underwater paradise." Each resplendent in formal attire and filled with presentiments of joy. Their shyness soon evaporated in the simple warmth of the evening activities as they hap- pily danced to the music of Buddy Lee's Orchestra. As the evening neared its end, favors were presented to all and a light snack was served. This was truly an enchanted night. The time passed quickly and soon we regretfully had to leave our paradise. 64 Gciily swingirg along with a song. Time out for refreshments. fd- Q 'Ns' Our prom had come to an end, but an eve- ning of fun and laughter awaited us. On return- sf ali.. Q ing to land, we all headed for the I.A.E.S. Hall where a post-prom party sponsored by the P.T.A. was held. Delicious food and delightful enter- Si tainment provided the climax to a deliriously happy evening. Mrs. Mastandrea and Mr. Deda, advisors, worked diligently to make this prom a success. Our guest of honor, an enchanting mermaid, becomes the center of attraction. Et "" f - - .. P f1"'g?i s... . M... , g. ,,f,, ' -.s 4 . 'f"'1- " '- ' ta ,M ,sm 4 IJ we .-M" Nm!! M W, flaw, . fax G Our players pooled their talents to come up with Q another hit . . . 1 L l 67 VARSITY FOOTBALL First Row: G. Ferguson, Mgr., N. Girardi, J. Girardi, R. Posinelli, D. Ewing, A. Turack, Mgr., J. Buzzinotti, R. lnglese, B. Stull, Mgr., D. Ogurkis, Mgr. Second Row: R. Posati, H. Mele, R. Solar, B. Rakoczy, F. Solomond, R. Alberta, K. lnglese, C. Overly, C. Swanderski, H. Briggs. Third Row: Mr. Martin, Head Coach, Mr. Santicola, Asst. Coach, K. Mele, F. Rusnock, L. Calabrese, J. Roberto, R. Kowal- kowski, R. Farrnery, R. Monteleone, E. Morgante, J. Klems, Mr. Romito, Asst. Coach, Mr. Terlinski, Equip, Mgr., Mr. Peretti, Asst. Coach. Fourth Row: J. Bowser, L. Rossi, J. Shamey, P. Liput, B. Suprano, R. Lloyd, F. Giunta, E. Hickman, J. Spires. foo ball, Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold SCORES Plum West Deer Freeport Tarentum Oakmont Ford City Hampton Leechburg Norwin Springdale For the 1958 Arnold High Lions, who com- piled a record of three wins, six defeats, and one tie, the last few minutes of many of their games proved to be the deciding factor between a win- ning and losing campaign. Before packed stands, playing Freeport at home, and a week later, Tarentum away, the charges of Coach Frank Martin went down to two heartbreaking defeats. After leading both teams for the length of the game, Arnold was toppled by the invading Yellow Jackets, who threw a fourth-down desperation pass to score, while the host Redcats scored on a sustained drive late in the fourth quarter. The finale with bitter rival Springdale could have been decided by Arnold in the last second when a Ken Mele fieldgoal sailed low and wide to left, the Lions having to settle for a tie. Upsetting highly favored Plum, and defeat- ing rivals Hampton and Norwin were bright spots in the 1958 season. Disappointing losses to West Deer, Oakmont, Leechburg, and Ford City rounded out the schedule for Head Coach Martin and his assistants, Mr. Santicola, Mr. Romito, and Mr. Peretti. ...- JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL First Row: C, Overly, H. Schrock, T. Sczrnicxk, N. Girordi, R. Polsinelii, R. Drzymcxlcx, J. Geisinger, J. Klems. Second Row: T. Watters, S. Fedun, R. Kowolkowski, M. Resick, P. DeMoo, D. Schafer, J. Spires, Mr. Peretri, Couch. Third Row: J. Rob- erto, J, Buzzinotfi, E. Morgcznfe, R. Lloyd, R. Inglese, A. Turack, C. Swcmderski, J. Girordi, H. Briggs, D. Ewing. Looks like trouble czheczd! :Wx KK . Couch Martin giving final insirudions, Rf' if A 'A .1 , - vw .., E, will ,- fx 5 5. . s 3 ' .2 1 , Q . E l HQ .fi . f .E g. - E X 4 .gl q W 5. XM.. li a I Q -fs? AQ x 5. we Hx E - ' Wi? W pawn-wr' s E 3 1 5 E i . 3 5 it . sl . if Is if !., l F. Solomond P. Lipuf R. Alberic L. Rossi R. lnglese K. lnglese Mele K. Mele R. Solar F. Giunra F, Rusnock L. Culobrese - f 70 5 Q ff 4 ,,...e. -, .... .1 MW? baAAmE6alL A scramble for a free ball with Daro and Rywak looking on ,f i 34 VARSITY First Row: N. DeMao, R. Ondako, R. Wall, E. Hickman. Second Row: G. Bollinger, F Sokol K. Mele, J. Spires, D. Rywali. Third Row: Mr, McGuire, Coach, F. Giunta, Mgr., P. Llput B Daro, A. Jefferson, E. Posati, Mgr., Mr. Terlinslci, Asst. Coach. A small and inexperienced team with a great amount of spunk, spirit, and fight is an accurate description of our l958-59 cagers who provided the fans with an exciting brand of basketball. The season was opened and closed with wins, but between these, victories were few. Many times, behind at the half by more than l0 points, the Lions staged gallant comebacks only to fall short in the late stages of the game. Highlights of the campaign were the one point double overtime victory of North-Braddock Scott, the upset of a much taller Vandergrift team, and the brilliant display of passing, shoot- ing, and dribbling in the last game of the season against Kittanning. Section champion Har-Brack and runner-up Ken Hi were hard-pressed to defeat the Lions who nearly pulled major upsets. Playing only two seniors, Coach McGuire will have a plentiful stock of seasoned sopho- mores and juniors to battle all comers in future campaigns. 72 Sok ol goes up for two points SEASON'S RECORD Oakmont Tarentum North-Braddock-Scott Springdale Wilkinsburg Freeport New Kensington Homestead Central Catholic Har Brack Ford City Butler Vandergrift New Kensington Kittanning Har Brack Ford City Butler Vandergrift New Kensington Kittanning OPP 45 47 46 65 38 43 58 50 54 53 58 47 57 47 53 55 50 52 eo 64 59 JUNIOR VARSITY SCORES Oakmont Tarentum North Braddock-Scott Springdale Wilkinsburg Freeport Central Catholic Har Brock Ford City Butler Vandergrift New Kensington Kittanning Har Brock . Ford City Butler Vandergrift New Kensington Kittanning ill ........,....s.f .. , A X 599' Opp. 19 33 33 13 56 49 25 31 51 37 60 55 32 55 47 57 57 56 54 A. J. H. S. 34 22 29 14 49 29 26 13 17 21 26 30 17 Q, JUNIOR HIGH SCORES Main Street Freeport Springdale Stewart Tarentum Ridge Avenue Natrona Heights Main Street Springdale Stewart Tarentum Ridge Avenue Natrona Heights Opp. 31 20 17 35 34 43 22 18 22 26 28 35 45 JUNIOR VARSITY First Row T Sarn ak e P na D E ing Second ""T""'J""""'y Row H Kley Mgr i D Barrett D Schaf B oo s 3 Jones JUNIOR HIGH First Row: R. Fra- botta, F. Abraham, R. Isaac, C. Rometo. Second Row: R. Re- nock, G. Cernicky, J. Borrelli, T. Sinegal, W. Szlachetka, C. Mele. Third Row: D. Jones, Managerg E. Eiseman, J. Donley, A, Abel, J. Alberta, J. Posati, Mr, R. Ro- mito, Coach. Spring sports vie for student interest lza.mbalL First Row: C. Overly, R. Ondcx ko, J. Vrudny, R. Preisendefer L. Walkowiak, A. Ansani. Sec- ond Row: E. Morgante, D. Mol li, N. DeMao, J. Runco, A. Shu kis, J. Picone. ADLCQJL First Row: M. Suchar, F, Holo' weckyi, A. Ansani, Mr. Martin, Coach, R. Greco, E. Berkoben. Second Row: D. Ogurkis, L. Calabrese, R. Johnstone, R. Becker, R. Preisendefer, G. Ba- rone, R. Young. Third Row: D. Thomas, F. Rusnock, J. Runco, P. Bengel, J. Tulebitz, B. Ro- koczy. Opponent 0 O 4 1 O 2 Springdale CPlayoFfD l BASEBALL SOCCER Arnold Opponent Arnolci Tarentum Tarentum Ken Hi Oakmont Har Brock Springdale Springdale Tarentum Freeport Oakmont Tarentum Springdale Ken Hi Har Brock Springdale Freeport .. Hamid ' School, 6'lfwL vi CLASS COLORS White and Blue CLASS FLOWER White Orchtd CLASS MOTTO Ambttlon ts the key to all doors We the class of 59 now stand at the crossroads of lute our ledger ns complete and the books are closed Looklng back over the years we see our happy moments and our detected times but most of all we recall the many wonder ful expertences for which we should be thankful who have alded us In solving our prob lems and chaperontng our dances and games and advlslng us To Mrs Mastandrea and Mr Deda our class advisors our profound thanks and utmost appreclatton Your help and guldance to the Class of 1959 has been superlatuve The suggestlons that you made so often were always a great help and the way that you set aside your work to attend our meettngs has been deeply appreciated by all of us Tull we meet agaun 77 7 9 9 t We are very thankful to our teachers f, 3 gc gif 5. xi. 'fklf if? L i 1 A. McCloslcy G. Reano K. Mele R. Williams A. Sams L. Donati D. Wilson J. McNally A. Korowicki M. Friclcanisce pm,-upa, Arlene H. McClosky Publications Gaetano Reano Instrumental Music Kenneth R. Mele Athletics Raymond R. Williams Vocational Antoinette Sams Vocal Music Lorraine C. Donoti Home Economics Donna C. Wilson Business Education John S. McNally Scholarship Arlene F. Korowicki Dramatics Maryanne M. Frickanisce Leadership THE ARNOLD LIONS CODE OF ETHICS To show my fanth In the worthlne s of my vocation by Indus trlous appllcatlon to the end that I may merit a reputatnon for quality of servlce To seek success and to demand all falr remuneratuon or profit as my lust due but to accept no profit or success at the price of my own self respect lost because of unfair advantage taken or because of questionable acts on my part To remember that un building up my busmess It IS not neces sary to tear down another s to be loyal to my clients or customers and true to myself Whenever a doubt arlses as to the rnght or ethics of my pos: tnon or actlon towards my fellow man to resolve such doubt against myself To hold friendship as an end and not a means To hold that true fruendshup exssts not on account of the servuce per formed by one to another but that true frlendshup de mands nothing but accepts service In the splrlt In which It IS glven Always to bear In mind my obllgatuons as a cltlzen to my nation my state and my communnty and to glve to them my unswervung loyalty In work act and deed To gave them freely of my tame labor and means To and my fellow man by glvlng my sympathy to those In dustress my and to the weak and my substance to the needy To be careful wsth my crltlclsms and Ilberal wuth my prause to build up and not destroy ARNOLD LIONS STUDENT LOAN FUND Our club has establlshed a Student Loan Fund to help needy students attend schools of higher Iearnmg Please contact any member of the Fund Commuttee for qualuflcatnons F Corey Chanrman A Tannas W Krupa Commuttee 80 5 . 1 1 ' - 1 1 I . 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1959 Fom JOSEPH E TRETTEL 81 SCN MASONRY CONSTRUCTION 2865 Leechburg Rocld 81 r EDison 5-2651 EDi50n 7-3925 NORTHERN WESTMORELAND COUNTY UNITED LABOR COUNCIL AFL CIO PRESIDENT JOHN HASER VICE PRESIDENT VERN HOUSEHOLDER RECORDING SECRETARY FRANK SPERANZA FINANCIAL SECRETARY PETE LOBUR TREASURER THOMAS HASER TRUSTEES HARVEY CUSTER SERCJEANT AT ARMS JOSEPH DAYLIDA I044 FIFTH AVENUE NEW KENSINGTON PA 82 SAMUEL HILL, JIM HALEY I Congrafulahons Class of 1959 QW 95 SQ 1 5 I. L 1 J' fi PAQ f tfr-an WFTK 'ixkfx 9 Ak gui fm 3' Rfk X4 Q wwf 'Www 3 if A EW s ff' :fo V Q f Jlffxkgw WHERE BAKING IS AN ART SPECIALISTS DEGURATED CAKES FOR ALL UCGASIDNS PUTTER S EDlson 7 4241 1900 Kenneih Ave ARNOLD PA 83 - -- X- . I .1 . g In -4 .. ., Aa 'X I ' a . I . Q' 'y f L ' Rf ws?" :Q r . . L 'Th bw 'I . 45 Eff, ,va .1 1 zffzfx-'gm 1-..s.s:v ,, - 'L ,N U . ' -L A 'I 'AX 4 'X -., 1 - U .P .V- im f, A , 4 .' A ff ' Nw. . .K wp I' A' ISN' -, 7 .ibm lui, :3n?Uq . J l'q g 1 ,S , O T 1 ' L fl A-N, QL , - 'L ilu v E ' -."-- . "'u'Qf"4 U ,,,.? QS' 'gigwxyrj' mt ,NNW :L . ,.,.V.,,nx,,M44 " W '61, j..-.3 ' - L, . I ' f'4'R. f eh ' , -, ' -r, Q .'.-A-,fka l 'S ' J A Q . fir. Er' :!'k,'!i5A? L7t f x my., I 1 A , IN. .. ,Q ,J ,S 0 ,VE 1 ' A' ", ,, in ,iff 5 ffl! L4 ' - "sSff'w3 Q, twl ,7 If Q ...f.w,.-Q-."gw x 'VAQWFQE K , . 1. -, mf. . . . I , ini, ...qi gt w?4'v ' , 1 - -xg. Q M W., H4 N. in I X , .t , .-,ASL an I- ,' . , . , . - - - - EDison GMC 5-7731 Truck - Sales HUGO AUTO SERVICE I6OO Third Ave Arnold P Compliments of UKRAINIAN CITIZENS CLUB Corner of 4il'1 Avenue 8. 14th Sf ARNOLD PA Compliments HECKER S SERVICE STATION Corner of Rxchrnond St and Freeport Road Congratulahons Class of 59 EDDIES SUNOCO SERVICE EDWARD MILISITS Prop Friendly Dependable Service Tn res Batternes Accessorues 2844 Leechburg Rd Pl'!Or1e ED 9 9394 84 ' . , a. 1 Phone: EDison 9-9274 r MARGIES PIZZA 81 SANDWICH SHOP We Serve Orders To Go 1831 Kenneth Ave Phone EDuson 9 9598 Arnold Pc Compliments f SCOTT S BAKERY 727 North St New Kensmgton P PRAHA CAFE GOOD FOOD OF ALL KINDS Catering For Pcxrtues Banquets Weddungs 1724 26 Fifth Ave Arnold P Compllments MANZELLA FUNERAL HOME 1509 Fifth Avenue Arnold P 85 r . 1 .O 1 , ' , cm. EDison 5-3751 - ' . 1 1 I I l , c. of ' , cz. EDWARD M NEE TRANSFER AND STORAGE 306 Murray Ave Pl'1one ARNOLD PA EDlson 5 1761 24 HOUR SERVICE PLUMBING AND HEATING ADOLPH ZAMPOGNA REGISTERED PLUMBER Frozen Waterplpe Thawed Electric Eel 1416 FOURTH AVE ARNOLD PA EDrson 5 1471 Congratulahons Class of 1959 TURNER BOOK STORE COMMERCIAL STATIONERS Off1ce Supplies Stationery Gifts Greehng Cards and Engraving 919 Fnfth Avenue Phone EDlson 7 6711 6 0 I ' ' , . . , . ' r 1 1 8 The JM'--au Store 5 Ave I Anuow EDISON RU "M Wee RV 5 42s HERMAN MARTIN CARL MARTIN ERNEST MARTIN Brocusted Ch cken Sec: Foods and Scndwlches THE BROASTER NEW TASTE SENSATION CATERING AND TAKE OUT SERVICE T630 Fifth Ave EDlson 9 9398 ARNOLD PA A MULTI LIST BROKER ELMO B CECCHETTI AGENCY REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE I7'I5 FIIII1 Avenue EDlson 7 4283 ARNOLD PA 87 I ' I -I DELIV PRESCRIPTION PHARMACISTS COMPLIMENTS OF W EA R EV E R ALUMINUM TNEW KENSINGTON PENNSYLVANIA 3 STAR ARCHERY SHOP CUS O O SA DE S O S 9 3332 ARNOLD THE ARNOLD DRUG STORE TOWN AND COUNTRY PHARMACY R d N K P WElR'KVlR il lb MUUINUH El I9 Yffflfffl TMMADEARR WS N R BW 33 'f In . ED' - PA. Compliments of C7 Fifth Avenue Arnold, P . also our, Freeport oo ew ensingion, ca. UNITED GLASS and CERAMIC of NORTH AMERICA ARNOLD LOCAL NO 'I7 Theodore Settlemyer President James Lemon Recordung Secreiary Howard Bende Vice President Rc1Iph Sherbondy Truste Raymond Fleeger Cha rman Anthony Marcanionlo Truste Joseph Resk ewlcz Vxce Chaurman Anthony Guido Truste Rex Beverldge Flnanclal Secretcl y Emlluo Montemurro Inner Guard Besf Wishes To The Class Of T959 ,W f II C452 tw swi, Q, w COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF ARNOLD 715 EWING STREET ARNOLD PA 89 AFL CIO CCL 5'1 ,Q mabtx S N Ixs I9-A Compllments of ALS TELEVISION RADIO 81 APPLIANCE RCA VICTOR Soles Servlce Color Block ond Whlte Hugh Fndeluty I706 Flfth Ave Arnold P EDlson 5 I96I Compliments of BETTOR S ARMY 81 SPORTS STORE 356 858 FIFTH AVE NEW KENSINGTON PENNA Congrctulcmons DEFELICE ond FRABOTTA S ARNOLD FLOWER SHOP Foshlons ln Flowers ED 5 4661 1727 FIFTH AVE ARNOLD PENNA ARNOLD SUPER CLEANERS WE CLEAN CLOTHES CLEANER All Work Done In Our Own Plant CARL GENTILE FRANK Peggy NELSON Phone EDlson 5 5411 1805 Fufth Avenue Arnold Po 90 1 . I I G I "Sporting Goods for Every Sport" I ll ' ' ll . , . ll ll COMPLIMENTS NU KEN CANDY AND CIGAR CO H O L E 647 Fifth Avenue Phone EDlson 7 8821 Congratulations Class of 59 SUZY S Where the Gang Loves to Meet BEATRICE HANLON Prop Corner of Alcoa Dr 8. Drey St Phone EDuson 9 9439 MILLER BROS O Newest Styles For The Teenagers 908 5th Ave New Kensington H A KLINGENSMITH 81 SONS If nts HARDWARE we have It APPLIANCES PAINTS SPORTING GOODS 912 Fufth Ave New Kensungton Dual EDason 7 4541 91 W S A L E R S r S H E S New Kensington's Largest Shoe Store . ' , Pa. ' . ' , Pa. CONGRATULATIONS The Senlor Class of T959 and the Arnold School System AMERICAN WINDOW GLASS DIVISION AMERICAN SAINT GOBAIN CORPORATION Arnold Plant We are proud of havmg served the community of Arnold Pa for over 50 years and we are also pleased that our present expansion program wlll Our continued progress has been due to the excel lent cooperation and fine workmanship of the members of your commumty General Office AMERICAN WINDOW GLASS DIVISION AMERICAN SAINT GOBAIN CORPORATION Farmers Bank Bulldmg PITTSBURGH 22 PA 92 further enhance the welfare of your community. THE STORE OF FASHIONS 955 Fourth Ave New Kenslngton Po GINO E MAROTTA WATCHMAKER JEWELER Rnngs Watches Jewelry Phoio Supplies Woich cmd Jewelry Repcurlng Engraving 306 'I71h St Arnold Po Compluments of L U NO 302 UNITED STEEL WORKERS OF AMERICA T035 Thnrd Avenue New Kensnngion Po SHOES AND HOSIERY FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY LOUIS' SHOE STORE 1715 Fnfih Avenue EDuson 7 8I5'l Arnold, Pc: 93 Pl , MEYER 81 JOHNSTON COMPANY SHEET METAL WORKS AIR CONDITIONING HEATING ROOFING INDUSTRIAL SHEET METAL WORK T548 50 Conshtuhon Blvd ARNOLD PA MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL SHEET METAL CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION THE KEYSTONE DAIRY CO QUALITY PRODUCTS Dairy Store EDison 7 3568 329 Suxth Avenue MOntrose I 3020 ARNOLD BUILDER S SUPPLY Hardware 8. Paints Plumbing 84 Heahng Steel Sash 81 Glass Office 81 Yard 2032 KIMBALL AVENUE Phone EDison 7 6535 94 Phone: EDison 5-'III7 81 Phone: EDison 5-6206 1 Evinrude Outboard Motors Trolcn Alumo craft ALTMAN S MARINE SERVICE 1815 Ath Ave Arnold P JOHN FEDAN 81 CO ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES HARDWARE FURNITURE l7l2 I6 Fifth Avenue Arnold Po Compluments of GROTTESE MEN S ASSOCIATION 1905 LEISHMAN AVE ARNOLD PA 95 I . , CI. Compliments of - ' I I BART C FAVERO M DOMINIC FAVERO Congratulations Sensor Class of 1959 R FURNITURE COMPANY 2837 Leechburg Road New Kensmgton P Complnrnents of KELLER ELECTRIC COMPANY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR AND DEALER Frfth Avenue at Eighth Street Congratulatlons Seniors GAETANO PILATI FRATERNAL AID Club No 'I76 of Columbian Federation T435 Fnfth Avenue Arnold Pa NEW KENSINGTON TYPEWRITER CO Office Furnlture Business Machines Omce Supplies Gifts Greehng Cards 931 Fufth Avenue NEW KENSINGTON PA Ph EDnson 7 3525 96 F A V E O - - - - ' , a. Phone: EDison 7-3597 New Kensington, Pa. THE NEW HOTEL EDNA Welcomes You Restaurant EDISON 5 0990 1733 Frfth Ave Arnold Penne Where Quality Counts cmd Prices are Low MANGANELLOS FRUIT MARKET open 7 days o week Across from Fomlly Drlve In Theoire Leechburg Rd New Kensmgton P CONGRATULATIONS McMILLEN SPEER COMPANY Age Croft Aluminum Awnings I X fr K 4 eystone Alumlnum Windows Doors JN VMTW T720 FIFTH AVENUE ARNOLD PA VALLEY OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO TYPEWRITERS ADDING MACHINES CASH REGISTERS T226 Fifth Avenue EDlson 5 3651 New Kenslngton Po SALES 8. SERVICE 97 . I I ' r . ' , 0- I"" - I I VCI TT' ' v---- . 1 I I I 2 " Irliz' MILS" 1i"Tl!w1qrwHr ' if . I 1 ' :+A ' ,w,jg2, .f ' I - 735' Season-AII Storm Windows ond Screens ifyf' ' V' Fifi. A . . 1":l X ifflz, '5 A 'fihfdlf . . '3' f1'5---f,:'fI3'j':1f ' I V' :,j2i.E V5' 44 , . Jewelry Engraving Chronograph and Repaurlng Technician ALANN .IEWELERS Certified Watchmaker Ultrasomcally ARNOLD PA Congratulations from W R GOTT ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES FURNITURE AND RUGS FIFTH AVENUE ARNOLD Congratulations Class of T959 FORWARD AMERICA LODGE 127 OF ITALIAN SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF AMERICA ARNOLD PENNSYLVANIA 98 AII Watches Cleaned 'I60'I Fifth Avenue AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION NE KENSINGTON .IOHN C DONAH ER FUNER L HOME 1369 F f h A GLADE NEWS and SPECIALTY SHOPPE f 9 FISCUS REAL ESTATE 81 INSURANCE AGENCY 161 FfI1A C I' f W O Compl' ents of A ' A Id P Compliments of EDison 9-9424 L hb Rd. N K ' P Congrotulotions CIcss o 5 4 i t ve. Arnold, Pc: G 81J AMOCO SERVICE FREE PICKUP 81 DELIVERY MINOR PARTS Good Luck To Graduates 1700 Leechburg Road Proprietors PA GEORGE R FAITH NEW KENSINGTON JAMES F MORGANTE Phone EDnson 9 9248 Compliments of WARRINGTONS 5 8rIOc STORES INC Your Fruendly Self Servuce Va rl ety Store Store Hours I' on Tues F 9 30 o 8 45 1702 O4 Fnfth Ave ARNOLD PENNA When You Thank Of Insurance Thank Of JOHN W HUNGER AGENCY AND DONALD H HUNGER Your Friend And Neughbor v,- FURNACES FRIGIDAIRE AIR CONDITIONING Y-1' Ed IGIDAI AUTOMATIC HEATING 81 SUPPLY CO EDnson 5 8532 ARNOLD PA T708 5th Ave IO0 I , . A ., FI. : I : - ' . VVecI., Thur., Sat. 9:30 to 5:30 , , F I R E ARNCLD VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT h ARNOLD LUMBER C0. JOHNSTON HARDWARE CO. PLUMBING AND HEATING Sales and Service Pittsburgh Plate Glass - Paints 1034 Fifth Avenue New Kensangton Pa Compliments of JACOBS SPORTING GOODS 924 Fourth Ave NEW KENSINGTON EDlson 7 4641 If Its Sports We Have It Compluments of MACS VILLAGE SHOP WOMENS AND CHILDRENS WEAR 2785 Leechburg Road Phone EDnson 7 8102 w Kensington Pa Protection Agalnst Water Dust and Dirt In INDUSTRY un HOME In HOSPITAL Mattress Covers Furniture Covers Appliance Covers Muscellaneous Household Covers 1705 Fifth Ave ARNOLD PA Phone EDlson 7 7641 I02 : ' - Ne ' , . K E N fpfufiz' ju grfrufm! prurAn'f5 JIM ELIAS GARAGE ED 9 9046 ED 5 2451 NOVOTNY AUTO BODY OFFICIAL GARAGE 1385 FIFTH AVE NEW KENSINGTON PA 24 hour Towmg Service IKE MILLER GEORGE ELIAS ED 5 6424 ED 7 6178 CALL Fon Theffonc CONGRATULATIONS Wlfhfhecufl CLASS 1959 U ARNOLD PA VOLAND S PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY A ondL A VOLAND Phclrmcxclsis Leechburg Road Tel ED 5 2661 New Kensington Pc 103 ll ll Cm 'lap IL- M Nlfionally ' l n ldvellixed . ., V v ru ll? 01953. DHI Q uw nur.. nun: . , , . I J. . . . , ' SENIORS OF 1959 ALLEGHENY LUDLUM STEEL CORPORATION CONGRATULATIONS BURRELL CGNSTRUCTICN AND SUPPLY COMPANY ir WE SELL THE BEST FOR LESS Dont Forget Every Day ls Bargam Day Here P PASTURA 81 SONS GROCERIES MEATS AND FRUITS 1617 5111 Ave Arnold Pa E D E L I V E EDlson 5 2781 EDlson 5 2981 DONATIS SERVICE STATION GULF IS YOUR BEST BET 610 Freeport Road Phone EDlson 9 9275 ZANNETTI MENS WEAR DISTINCTIVE FASHIONS 1700 Fufth Ave Arnold Pa Complnments of IDEAL CLEANING CO Boostmg Arnold Hugh School Snnce 1923 LEECHBURG ROAD 106 F R E R Y ' - O ' . Congratulations Class of '59 1 1 Compliments of TONY'S BAR AND GRILL 510 McCc1ndless St. Arnold, Pc. c:0mpI.menIS of JOHN 81 RUSS BAR Eamon 9 9208 1710 5Ih Ave ARNOLD CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF I 9 5 9 ARNOLD AUXILIARY POLICE BUREAU OF POLICE Cyjglgx MUNICIPAL BUILDING ARNOLD PENNSYLVANIA IO7 I V .EI ' if gggigewx Ln . .+45?1aWf , 1 I . ws' 1 IMS 13,6-1-3,-'44 as I ROBERT S RUSIEWICZ FUNERAL HOME ED 5 2841 Fifth Avenue ct Fourteenth Street Arnold Po TABBYS GLASS SHOP AUTO PLATE WINDOW GLASS INSTALLED VALOS HOUSE OF CANDY Dlstmctlve HOME MADE Candy ED 5 5281 ARNOLD PA 1718 Fifth Ave A so New Kensington Plczo CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1959 ARNOLD PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION 108 I 1329 Fourth Avenue Phone: EDison 7-3321 I ASSOCIATION OF ALUMINUM SALARIED EMPLOYEES extends BEST WISHES 'ro The GRADUATING CLASS OF 1959 UNION REPRESENTATIVE FOR SALARIED EMPLOYEES WORKING AT THE NEW KENSINGTON WORKS OF THE ALUMINUM CO OF AMERICA OFF CERS A EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE T E S I1 R k C. .B f d P 'd H. .H IV' P 'd R.F.F b S -T J kM h 2dV' P 'd RIhC ' E M F kL V' S .. F' R.M . ' J .CII AR KEN PLUMBING 81 HOME SUPPLY PLUMBING PAINT 8. HARDWARE NO JOB TOO BIG NO JOB TOO SMALL 1606 Fufth Avenue ARNOLD PA EDlson 7 4311 MEADOW GOLD DAIRIES INC I240 Fourth Avenue New Kensmgton Pa Phone ED:son 7 7635 Compliments of ITALIAN AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY LODGE 119 Amlluted with the ITALIAN SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF AMERICA 18th Street 4th Avenue ARNOLD PENNSYLVANIA 'I10 , . "QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS" Mrs ARNOLD BAND AND LIONETTE BOOSTERS and Mrs Fred Abraham and Mrs John Anzaldl Nellle Beldham and an and and an GD an and and and an Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs George Bengel John Buss Robert Cable Alfonse Como Guno Conte Bruno DeBastuan1 John DeLuca Ray Frabotta James Gallo Joseph Hollyoake Raymond Korowlckn an and and and and on and an Sam and an an an and Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Walter Malik Louls Moll: Joseph Pagano Russell Pntuch Rubello Posatn W C Prelsser Frank Prescott Cosmo Rossa uel Snyder Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mr and Mrs Adolph Zampogna President Vnce President Flnanclal Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Records ng Secretary Frank Suatonu Charles Tomaslk Paul Trombetta Charles Whetsel John Wnlson Mr Sam Corey Mr Joseph Herman Mrs Anthony Blanco Mrs Walter McCollum Walter McCollum Mrs Edward Karluk 'Ill Mr. . Mr. d . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' ' , - Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. d . ' Mr. . ' ' Mr. . Mr. d . . . ' Mr. . MV. - Mr. d . ' MT. Cl . ' Mr. and Mrs. K. O. Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Ken Settlemeyer Mr. d . ' ' Mr. Mr. d . Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. cl . ' Mr. . Mr. d . Mr. . Mr. d . Mr. d . ' ' Mr, . ' Mr. ' PATRONS Arnold Grull Arnold Sport Shop Mr and Mrs Anthony Blanco Bong: s Market Mr and Mrs Louls Bruncsak Mr and Mrs Theodore Cappone Dr Louis C Ceraso Cheres Market Colonlal Flower Shop Costa s Market Attorney P Louus DeRose Attorney Wllluam Donaher Dr Roberts D L O Evans Falsettl Tatlor Glullanls Market Mr and Mrs Stanley Dupell Guzzi s Shoe Store Mayor M F Horne lozzl s Market Kamps Shoe Store Mr and Mrs Orlando Lnsclarellu Dr Nader Attorney Andrew S Romsto Sam s Tavern Sarnlak s Market Fuzzy Snmon Dr John A Soroka Dr E J Stevens Tallarlco Shoe Servuce Dr Harold Thomas Dr Frank A Vngguono Mr and Mrs Rmaldo Zampogno Kleszeks Market . ., . ., 'I 1 1 . . , , . Demao's Inn Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Simone r. . . . . . ., . ' I T12

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