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-o w f :..,. 'E FHEPESERYZHHHY E53 H! Eiillifiiiififiiiliikh m E m E... E 35 E EE ii'EEEiifli5i3E5?ElfiEifiiiiiFl!ZiifilE5l1iEiiEE if' 3 25 :am if mi 2.1 :es BDI VHHUFI' H W. :zz . WWW! N. 5. Mf' ef mf fp .wgf N ',f' 4. "fx " , if wflizgffw MU J Wi . - xg ,W W Www ,. ,l W wg QW xii ky Q 1 Sfgigiiiz W? ,Wg QQNQJVPXQQQ 1' - ."' aw' 8 fu - . I aff! f , , ggwlpffw' MW fd wwf f jjj f' ,7fM fQf,jf M55 ' A , , 'Q 3 E fimij w i?lWf ff w PM ,MQWVW QQ IP xy NJ' ov Q5 Q 'fffffy vw A W 'QM nw WW mxisgiw wifi my The 1 M1 L ARNOLD HIGH SCHOOL WW, Sw 31 N 15.5. M xi 3 , age! Kyiv? 'BWJW ,,, 5? wgav Q ii if 13 4-1 f The 1958 4 1 M1110 ARNOLD HIGH SCHOOL ' ARNOLD, PENNSYLVANIA 3 Living, learning, and playing at Arnolcl High School Wmpla, 25. .E. dthleticn, C0 TE TS I H525 2' Sw il i x wg s ., , ff ,V K . 17' Q Abi . Q Q M 7' - vw 5 ' xv .A sign ar? X .vim- Q s iii ,. Wd V 1 D ali A . X X8 Q Q 12' W wg 5: Xa X kk? 5 V X . SN 'Z . -.,,. Af L 31, in 4 x .N 4? :K Q 5 . . q sf 6 ' X X K HS- - F. --+ www Q S Q -5 ,,:Q xy 1 51: ..,. - 1- t 'X , ,.., N 55, Q . A X -Q62 2: Q R . xfc " ' K we , 1 X 11. X A g 5. , fx A , f x A if X. K X45 ,MILS E W ww 5 we q i -Fv.5if- Www. a E Q 3: TWA - TB 'Mf A r ' X 5 xv -' , ix 1 3 i J 35 as S 4 5' W3 Y aff f Q ks- V. wi f gh. . . .M , Eg - Wifi gs 1 is li ix X W EHO 0R and Mrs. Sip Mrs. Mc au A few of th Honoree a longin E, Q to fOl'6V6I' Femembef OUI' 7 'WE' school Www.-A YE .gif e walk between building sure way to keep Trim. BIJLQ, Jawlflf W. W jophomoma, M J nada, ..nm-v M.. -. K 9 BEN M is The reason for this? See for yourself in the classrooms. An ambitious art group. The Arlion is a pictorial record of the classes, activities, and othletic events at Arnold High School. We ofthe Arlion staff have endeavored to photograph and record some of the more memorable of these mo- ments. It hos been our sincere desire to pre- serve these memories for you to enioy as time goes by. May you never open these pages without remembering something pleasant about our school. Finding yourself through worlc, study, and play K Determine the school policies - me is it Q 4. fig ?Q:2. "'- T i is A Ex, ?x,?.gH 4 . --mei ' Q 59' ine-in by-it-A T K Board member R. Tierney exchanges Anthony Bianco Stanley Dupell Edmund Humeniuk words with members of the faculty M Qu. Y' Francis Meyer Nickolas Pallone Robert Tierney Dom Saulle The Board of Education of Arnold High School consists of seven men elected by the people and empowered by the State to pro- vide educational facilities for the citizens of Arnold. lt is the job of each community to pro- vide the opportunity for each boy and girl to develop to their fullest capacity. For only through an enlightened citizenry can a democratic form of government function in any community, state, or nation. Our School Board, School Solicitor, and Superintendent give unselfishly of their time and talents to successfully administer all the necessary details required to make our edu- cational facilities one of the best in Penn- sylvania. The success of the 25-year dinner is displayed by Mr. Saulle, Mr. Pallone, and Mr. Tierney Andrew Romito, Solicitor TO in 5 H. D. BERKEY lndiana State Teachers College University at Pittsburgh He's been supervising our school since 1936 The efficiency of Miss Massimini and Miss Vairo is a great aid to Mr. Berkey. Graduates of 1958: To you belong sincere congratulations! By your determination in the pursuit of a free public education you have reached an essential goal. Ahead of you stretches the future into whose uncertainties you must enter by the love of adventure which moves men from the comfortable security of the known into the insecurities of the unknown. For successfully solving the mysteries of the future you must be self-reliant and inquisi- tive. You will need imagination and cour- age. Above all you must have faith in God and yourselves. Taking advice from the pen of a great philanthropist, may you always remember: "The value of time. The success of persevering. The pleasure of working. The dignity of simplicity. The worth of character. The power of kindness. The obligation of duty. The wisdom of economy. The virtue ot patience. The improvement of talent." You have a significant start toward a lite of service and accomplishment. Live it well! Geraldine Vairo Secretary 'Wu A TO THE GRADUATES: Congratulations! You have succeeded in the attainment of a very significant educational goal. May the many paths of learning which you have pursued to attain that goal be rich in experi- ences. And may the educational level which you have reached thus far be truly commen- surate with your natural abilities and your best efforts. TO THE UNDERGRADUATES: Courage and faith! May you have the firmness of spirit to follow only the best examples ofthe graduates. NICHOLAS A. VENTURA Carnegie Institute of Technology Duquesne University I Education cannot be measured wholly by the number of diplomas the individual possessesp but earning a diploma indicates a certain amount of stick-to-it-iveness which is commendable. Many of our greatest men and women were not privileged to attend school or acquire much formal edu- cation, but they had the urge to learn and made the most of their opportunities. Edu- cation is not a matter of book learning aloneg so l urge each of you to make your way in the world regardless of your en- deavors. ALEX TANNAS Mercer University Duquesne University c 1450 M Mr. Ventura and Joyce Pugliese puuse u moment for the pho- Mr. Berkey is congrmulcted by Mr. Tcxnnos of the "Teocher's mg'-qpher, 25-Year Dinner." Senior high secretory Joyce Richards faking dicioiion from Mr. Tunnas. Cnr admimsn-aio'-5 Set lnglw standards of education 13 Jflflllflf Aside from parents and clergymen, pos- sibly no one has a greater influence on our lives than teachers. They have helped mold our mind, morals, and personality. A teach- er can never tell where his influence stops. He creates a desire for learning that lasts as long as life itself. We, the students of Arnold High School, are indeed fortunate to have as our faculty a group of men and women dedicated to the cause of education and its benefits. 1 is ,Iii -A , , 2 ' i i 1 K -ss t:2-tPf .t,., . if A -se a ,gg 1 wi QF X ' 'wx it N hi' Stk 'avi' X X Y. . - ...Q ig- M t xi as E A555 ss Mr. Ventura, Mr. Paletta, and Miss Cipolla enioy a lively con versation. Margaret K. Batiste Grove City College Business Education Margaret O. Caldwell Grove City College English Mary Ellen Cipolla Westminster College University of Pittsburgh English, Spanish L. Jean Clark lndiana State Teachers College English Ruth E. Cribbs Indiana State Teachers College Business Education Antoinette M. DeRose Grove City College English Louis J. Galli Clarion State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh Librarian Albert P. Garella California State Teachers College Mathematics Dorothy I. Gasper Pennsylvania State University Health, Physical Education John H. Gearhart Slippery Rock State Teachers College Physics, Algebra William F. Haiel Edinboro State Teachers Joseph J. Deda College University of Pittsburgh University of Pittsburgh Social Stuclies, Science Mqthemqfics M. K. Batiste M. O. Caldwell M. E. Cipolla L. J. Clark R. E. Cribbs J, J, Deda A. M. DeRose L. J. Galli A. P. Garella D. l. Gasper J. H. Gearhart W. F. Haiel 14 Milton Klein Duquesne University Problems of Democracy Economics Charles H. Laing Geneva College Art Josephine B. Lecnar College Misericordia English Dorothy R. Marinucci Seton Hill College General Music, Choir Frank Martin St. Vincent College History Lawrence F. McGuire Carnegie Institute of Technology University of Pittsburgh Guidance Counselor r Albert G. Moses Duquesne University University of Pittsburgh Band Michael Moskalski Gannon College Auto Shop Leonard F. Paletta Duquesne University University of Pittsburgh Civics, World History Frank B. Pallone St. Francis College Pennsylvania State University Business Education Mario L. Peretti Wittenberg College University of Pittsburgh General Science Oliver .I. Phillips University of Chattanooga Health, Physical Education M. Klein C. H. Laing J. B, Lemm- D. R. Marinucci F. Martin L. F. McGuire A. G. Moses M. Moskalski L. F. Paletta F. B. Pallone M. L. Peretti 0.1, Phillipg Our faculty inspires students to high ideals The girls in home making classes carry an various prolects Mrs Ritter instructs a few m a complex on exacting iob. 15 sam' 3 ESE 353 ,Q v ::.. -rw..-f" , M A W 1, W X 1, mi ,,,.,..5 5 iww. Q X mlm ,x x x X is f F, c, K W l 25 ? V Q23 Ei 'Z Vw K I s K Q . M gk, X,., . 4 . ,,,K , ,X f Q? wwf-wwmma-ww..M, ' A WW" M W 1 www hmm. 2 5k E They give advice, facts, ancl grades Richard E. Romito St. Vincent College University of Pittsburgh History Clara J. Sakaluk Indiana State Teachers College Business Education Walter M. Sakaluk Indiana State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh Driver Education Ruth M. Sack University of Pittsburgh English, Health Robert L. Scalpello Indiana State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh Geography Bernard F. Scherer St. Vincent College Duquesne University History, Speech Henry Schimpf University of Pittsburgh Machine Shop Ruth A. Sipes Slippery Rock State Teachers College Mathematics Alice G. Strittmatter Pennsylvania State University Home Economics J. A. Pugliese Robert M. Terlinski Indiana State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh Geography, History me Chatham College Latin, Journalism Louise S. Ventura Carnegie Institute of Technology Home Economics William P. Walcutt California State Teachers College Industrial Arts Inez E. Wallis Chatham College University of Pittsburgh English Frances A. Tannas, R. N. Nursing School Martin's Ferry, Ohio School Nurse Dr. L. C. Ceraso Bucknell University Temple University School Physician Dr. J. A. Soroka University of Pittsburgh School Dentist Frances J. Massimini Secretary, General Office Joyce A. Pugliese Junior High Secretary Joyce C. Richards Senior High Secretary J. C. Richards bg. 1 QF re., .-fV,'. 53,5 .. . I ww W. ft R. E. Romito C. J. Sakaluk W. M. Sakolulc R. M. Sack R. L. Scalpello B. F. Scherer - . . H. Schimpf R. A. Sipes A. G. Strittmatter 7 -'35 ' I R. M. Terlinski V. A. Ursic L. S. Ventura , kg W. P. Walcutt I. E. Wallis F. A. Tannas, R. N fs- 'i-i Dr. L. C. Ceraso Dr. J. A. Soroka F. J. Massimini fs X. if 5 I7 , ',,i, LLC i I' C. Szoch President S. Johns Secretary Strittmatter Advisor Jim 79 8 Seated: A. Strittmatter, W. Sakaluk, B. Tusing. Standing: J. Marra, S. Johns C. Szoch. Take time to work - -it is the price of success. J. Marra Vice President B. Tusing Treasurer W. Sakaluk Advisor CHARLES J. SZOCH Academic "Archie" Leads a busy lite as big man about the campus ... Takes an active interest in hunting and fishing . . . President of choir and vice president of student council. JOHN A. MARRA Academic "Mar" College will claim his future Proves himself to be a real terror to the opposing forces on the gridiron His per- sonality and natural kindness have drawn many to him. SUE J. JOHNS Academic "Sue" An attractive miss who is often found to be the keystone in many school activities Her interest is especially attracted by horses and photography .. , Loves the West. ELIZABETH J. TUSING Academic "Betty" It isn't iust her blond hair that seems to radiate the sun- shine around her . .. Served as co-chairman of the iunior prom Always willing to help Future teacher. ALICE G. STRITTMATTER Class Advisor 1955-1958 WALTER M. SAKALUK Class Advisor 1957-1958 18 JOHN ACOPINE Academic "Pines" A regular with the band, Pines has played many solos . .. Played his part as the "admiral" in the senior class play ad- mirably Has time for all his many friends. ANDREW V. ALLEN Academic "Ham" This blushing fellow may seem shy, but he has many friends who would say differently Would go to almost any extreme to do a good turn Enioys baseball and soccer. JANICE L. ANCHORS Academic "Janice" To some she seems quite shyp they iust don't know her that's why . .. Talented with the keyboard and paint brush ... Willing and able with a smile for everyone. ALVIN M. ANSANI Academic "Animal" The stadium rocks with cheers when he comes on to the football field . .. Has a wide range of interests including hunt- ing and fishing ... Heart as big as his shoulders. MARLENE H. ANUSKIEWICZ General "Mal" Through her beautician's training, Mar has learned to fix her hair in a becoming style This amiable lass will ioin in a hearty laugh anytime. JUDITH RAE APPLEGATE Academic "Judy" Pastime includes many such interesting things as stamp collecting, swimming, and sports, but her pet is dramatics Has o soft but distinctive voice. NORMA J. ARMOUR Business Education "Nor" This pert, blond lass is seldom found sad Carefree is a by-word with her Future Homemakers claim her as a member of their club. GERALDINE F. BARGERSTOCK Academic "Jerry" A pretty smile, lots of pep, and a sense of humor all go together in the make-up of this little lady She'll ease all pain with her smile. PAUL R. BENGEL Academic "Paul" This tall, handsome football center has been active in all sports With his boundless energy and winning personality, Paul will climb the ladder of success. ROBERT P. BENGEL Academic "Bob" Handsome in face and strong in heart A personality that makes friends and a loyalty that keeps them Enioys swimming and working with cars . . . Member of Football Club. EDWARD J. BERKOBEN Academic "Eddy" Mathematically inclined The innocent bystander full of pranks and teasing fun Sharp dresser , .. An enthusiastic iitterbug Interested in fishing and swimming, JACQUES J. BERTONI Academic ffjockff Young man with a horn Laughs at the craziest things Even his walk indicates his happy-go-lucky attitude toward life in general College is the big word in his future. Take time to think- - it is the source of power. 19 Acopine Allen Anchors Ansqni Anuskiewicz Applegqfe Armour Bargerstock Bengel Bengel Berkoben Bgrfoni Bianco Bockoras Bollman Buono Caporali Chickowski Bibza Bollinger Borrelli Campbell Caruso Ciantlone PHILLIP A. BIANCO Academic "Phil" This future music major plays a hot saxophone and has made the most of this talent in his playing with the "Wire Wheels" and Artie Arnell ... Enioys art work. THEODORE BIBZA Academic "Ted" Has a great store of scientific knowledge Bowling and photography are tops as his other interests Wonderful sense of humor. DAVID J. BOCKORAS Vocational "Dave" Dave flies high with his hobby which is model airplanes Would be right at home wherever machines might be found Seemingly shy, this fellow is a swell guy. GAII. A. BOLLINGER Academic "Gail" This serious-minded senior may be your nurse someday Her appealing manner makes her known to all her friends Knows the Arnold sport scene well. CHARLES D. BOLLMAN Academic "Bones" Quiet and well-mannered, Bones is known to all His inquisitiveness, especially in matters pertaining to chemistry, brings him out of his reserved way. NICHOLAS R. BORRELLI Business Education "Mole" Mole made himself known by his roles in the iunior and senior class plays This lad, with a heart of gold, doesn't know the meaning of the word enemy. LYDIA D. BUON0 Academic "Lydia" Although Lydia is quiet and serious-minded, fun and laugh- ter are almost synonymous with her name ... Popular on com- mittees because of her willing heart and helping hand. RAYMOND T. CAMPBELL Business Education "Ray" Ray has made many friends through his pleasing way . .. If he seems to shine a little brighter this year, possibly it is because his heart has returned to Arnold. SYLVIA L. CAPORALI Business Education "Syl" Her interest in F. H.A. will aid greatly in her future Ice skating, swimming, and art round out Syl's activities and interests. GERALDINE T. CARUSO Business Education "Gerry" Those big, brown eyes of hers are attractive no matter what feeling they express Enioys the finer things in life through her interest in books and painting. JAMES E. CHICKOWSKI Academic "Chick" Has an interest in many clubs and sports, but it is football to which Chick really gives his all Harmonizes well in any singing group. RALPH CIANFLONE Academic "Ralph" Our confused steward in the senior class play Will give the girls the eye, but when they look back he blushes .. . Member of the band and dance band. Take time to play - -it is the secret of perpetual youth. 20 Back to the classroom! FRANK P. COGLIO Vocational "Frenchie" Not everyone has his unusual knack for getting into things Always ready to live it up . . . The country air must have had something to do with his friendly way. LOUIS J. COLAIANNI Academic "LOU" Appears angelic, but lock again Being a member of the Key Club and an ever-faithful football manager kept his schedule full Did a wonderful iob as co-chairman of the prom. ELOISE COLESAR Academic "Squeak" Serious, but has a streak of devilishness that shows in her pretty smile . . . Her membership in the F. T. A. is an indication of her future. KENNETH J. CONFER Academic "Ken" The sort of fellow that anyone would be proud to call a friend . . . Attends all sports events, and can be heard above the multitude His opinions are valued. ARTHUR G. COREY Academic "Tex" Came to Arnold from down Texas way Has a host of friends due to his part in the band and play but chiefly because of his winning personality. DOMENICK P. COSTANZA Business Education "Dom" Lcves nothing better than a nice friendly argument .. . The gridiron kept him busy during the early part of the year Nothing seems to bother this guy. ARTHUR E. DePALMA Academic "Artie" Mischief-maker under a mask describes this well-mannered lad ... A faithful member of the band and also the Arlion staff. ANTOINETTE l.. DiFONZO Business Education "Toni" Has a personality that exceeds her height ... Always will- ing to lend a hand . .. Amazing that such a little person could be so full of vim. 21 Jim, 79 8 o Coglio Colaianni Colesar Confer Corey Costanza DePalma DiFonzo jha, 79 Dominici Edmunds Fiorina Frederick X Ebel Evans Fischer Glauser Learning to be outstanding students in Art. RONALD E. DOMINICI Academic "Ron" Has proved himself to be a very versatile master of cere- monies May appear to be taking it easy, but he has a shrewd outlook on life. CAROLE G. EBEL Business Education "Car" This soft-spoken miss aspires to be a housewife Has a smile for one and all . . . Skating is a 'Favorite pastime with her. JANE C. EDMUNDS Academic "Janie" Always iovial, this lass enioys a good time Given the opportunity, Janie proves herself to be a very reliable gal Faithful homeroom representative. LYNN M. EVANS Academic "lynn" Lynn adds to her attractiveness by making many of her pretty and original clothes . . . Wore her lead maiorette uniform proudly . .. Greets her friends with a pretty smile. MARGARET P. FIORINA Business Education "Margie" Margie may be recognized by her long, lovely tresses . ., Seems to have a sweet tooth, and as the old saying goes, "Sweets for the sweet." ROGER A. FISCHER Academic "Fish" Teddy's accomplice in crime This wise-cracker is known to all as the "Mad Scientist" His sparkling eyes indicate that he is ci lot of fun. TONI FREDERICK Academic "T" This short and sweet lass adds lite to any situation Member of the Student Council and the Tri-Hi-Y Has a good habit of getting things done. MARGARET A. GLAUSER Business Education "Marg" This short, attractive miss will claim beautiful Switzerland as her home shortly after graduation Has a good sense of humor. 22 ERROL R. GRANT Academic "BU'l'lY" This fun-loving lad is a band member of good standing Responsibilities fall on his shoulders not as a burden but as an exciting challenge. RICHARD B. GRECO Academic "Rich" Rich is one of those deceivingly quiet fellows Would probably be lost without that black and white car , .. Friends with everyone. JOHN C. GRZYBEK Academic "Wire" Wire's wishful future plans include being Arnold's first millionaire Has a winning way that makes him liked by all. PAUL E. GUBER Vocational "Gubes" lt must have been the country air that put that gleam of mischief in Gubes' eye Ambition lies in becoming a top- flight auto mechanic. JAYNE L. HANES Academic "Jayne" This friendly little lady brings true that old adage, "Good things come in small packages" ... That infectious laugh brings out her impish nature. CHARLES F. HARRIS Academic "Chuch" "Always seen but seldom heard" describes this boy . . . He is often seen in his father's convertible Dependable and cooperative. DARLENE D. HASTINGS Academic "Darlene" One of those persons who forms the backbone of any organization through her reliability and encouragement .. . Her pleasant way has won many friends for her. MARY ELLEN HAUGHT Business Education "Mary Ellen" This petite, pretty, black-haired miss will make an excellent secretary . .. Always willing to lend a hand Efficient office helper. JOHN W. MESS Business Education "Jack" This good-looking fellow shows a remarkable streak of hu- mor and good sense ... Jack is a dancer's delight ... Enioyed being a member of the gridiron. PAUL D. HESS Academic "Prawl" Words were never formed that could describe this young man's abilities ... Will do all within his power to lend a helping hand to any of his many friends . .. Class valedictorian. JEANNIE E. IMM Academic "Jeannie" Has an infectious gaiety which has claimed for her many friends Her fellow Tri-Hi-Y members have found her to be faithful and hard-working .. . Editor of Broadcaster. CHARLEEN M. JARCZYNSKI Academic "Char" Gaiety unlimited when she's around . ,. As the French lady in the class play, she was tops ... For the answer of how to win friends, check Char's personality. Take time to read - -it is the foundation of wisdom. 23 ' sv . wh- ,Q .E s t'S:'."' sz Grant Grzybek Hanes Hastings Hess Imm Greco Guber Harris Haught Hess .larczynski Jones Kanaan Kasavage Kennedy Klimashko Kriedler Kustra Lamendola Laurito Lawrence Leach lingenfelter MARY JANE JONES Business Education "Jonsie" Her friends tind her an excellent audience for their jokes, because her sense of humor is boundless ... Her willingness to help will take her far. EUGENE G. KANAAN Academic HEUSGH This dancer deluxe claims as his hobbies swimming and basketball His friends detine him as a happy-go-lucky guy with a ready "Hi" for all. CHESTER KASAVAGE General "Ch9Tf9Y5" His friends find him to be a lot of fun Chet doesn't have a care in the world Appears to be bashful. LOIS K. KENNEDY Academic "Lois" Has the natural capacity for acquiring knowledge Shows good judgment and foresight in practical affairs Dependable in any undertaking. THEODORE KLIMASHKO General "Teddy" A demon on the run, Ted is proud of owning his own car His perpetual laugh and pleasant disposition are his out- standing characteristics. DAVID R. KRlEDl.ER Academic "Rex" Has more than just one interest at Slippery Rock State Teachers College His theme won the "Voice of Democ- racy" contest. SOPHIE M. KUSTRA Business Education "Sophie" Hails all with a lovely smile and a "Hi" . . . Her industri- ousness and energy constantly keep her on the go. ROBERT S. l.AMENDOlA Academic "Bob" Although bright in all subjects, Bob shines as a mathe- matical whiz-kid ls the possessor of a very winning per- sonality Enjoys basketball. RAYMOND G. LAURITO Vocational "Ray" Speaks when spoken to The crystal ball shows many mistreated cars coming to this capable car doctor Selected as the outstanding vocational student. RICHARD W. LAWRENCE Academic "Rach" This genuine jokster adds humor to any situation . . . Rach will make an excellent chemist . . . ls working on a second Sput- nik. DONNA RAE LEACH Academic "Donna Rae" A combination of a pleasant disposition, patience, intelli- gence, and a way with children that will make her a perfect teacher. JOHN D. LINGENFELTER General "Jack" Mischief and lots of laughter are never far away when this good-looking fellow is near Dislikes conceited people. Take time to be friendly - - it is the road to happiness. 24 Business Education "Kotak" ted con- Always "Abbie" its most .. Easy- nsylu As a future Florence Nightingale her smile will ease, If not cure everyone s paln A smlle IS also this head ma- Vocatlonal "Fran" Thus short black haired fellow us Arnold Hugh s number one mischief mcllcer In dlsgulse Nothing In the world worries Academic "Kay" This lovely soft spoken lass will always be remembered by her friends Recipient of the Good Cmzen award. Business Education Maggi" All Maggl s friends were very happy to have her return to her Alma Mater to be graduated Brmgs true the saying "Russ" Our proficient cheerleader who IS usually found speechless after each vlctory The choir couldnt do without this tere GeI18I'Ul "Marg" A good natured lad who rs always found In the middle of any excitement When not slavlng at Star Market, he is 25 Lopushinsky Lucerne McCracken Makara My-ss 4 w-A if . jim 79 8 Lorant Ludwiczok Magnetta Marzullo 1' Mattern Mazzei Miller Miller Jim 8 Matthews Miller Miller Milliron Mr. Moses and his student conductors get together to discuss the band's progress DALE E. MATTERN Vocational "Dale" Has the pep of a firecracker and his interests spread in iust as many directions Life to him presents no worries. GERALDINE L. MATTHEWS Business Education "Gerry" Often seen at the wheel of an automotive antique Her rare humor accentuates her appealing nature and makes her company a pleasure. JOSEPH L. MAZZEI Business Education "Joe" Beneath that masculine frame is a heart of gold . . . Likes girls in general, but wary to any one in particular Capable cheerleader. ALICE l. MILLER Business Education "Alice" Possesses a special formula that keeps her friendly and cheerful Always has a bright word when the going gets rough. DONALD A. MILLER Vocational "Don" Desires to be a J. P. Morgan .. . A congenial lad whose boyish good looks and debonair manner make him conspicuous. JUDITH A. MILLER Business Education "Judy" Business manager of the Arlion who is always in the thick of things ... Faces the future with optimism . .. Selected as the outstanding business student. KATHLEEN L. MILLER Academic "Kathy" Enioys the roller skating rink and hayrides Has had many experiences that make knowing her very interesting. ROGER C. MILLIRON Academic "Rog" A handsome redhead whose easy blushes often cause him to be the center of friendly merry-making Holds the key to SUCCESS. 26 DOLORES J. MILSOM Academic "-NCD" As pretty as a picture and twice as nice, this competent young lady personifies closely the roll of the model nurse that she hopes to be. SARA MAE MOHNEY Business Education "Sara" Has a certain refreshing quality that peppers her conver- sation Certainly those large, expressive eyes account for part of her charm. CAROL A. MOLCHAN Business Education "Carol" A soft-spoken young lady with o pleasant disposition and a smile to match Spends many an evening relaxing to the music of her hi-fi. ROSALIN MONICO Business Education "Rosie" This easy-to-get-along with lass takes life easy, and her hearty chuckle hints that she enioys every moment of it. FRANK R. MONTELEONE Business Education "Munch" One of our sturdy gridmen who is iust as entrancing on the dance floor as on the football field ... Never walks alone. ROBERT MORESI Academic "Mo" A carefree lad with a friendly disposition Selected on the Dispatch all-star team Expresses himself through his singing with the "Wire Wheels". LINDA D. MUIR Academic "Lyn" Something special wrapped up in a blue-eyed, blond-haired package, tied with an angelic smile, and intended for the hap- piness of her friends. JACQUELINE M. NELSON Academic ".lackie" A touch of that quaint southern charm is the important in- gredient here . .. This belle returned to her Alma Mater and proved herself a competent actress. JOSEPH L. ORSZULAK Academic "Joe" Fishing and hunting occupy a great deal of the spare time of this tall, handsome lad An outdoor man all the way, Joe plans to devote his future to agriculture. THOMAS PALAIKA Academic "Pills" The interests of this versatile fellow include a broad knowl- edge of sports plus an aptitude for math and chemistry which he intends to pursue in college. G 8 E ' . Milsom Molchan Monteleone Muir Orszulak X -'in P i . f ie, QF Mohney Monico Moresi Nelson Palaika Take time to look around - - it is too short a day to be selfish Pallone Papa Paprocki Peltz Powell Pallone Papik Paulenda Pfeil Preisendefer DOMINICK R. PALLONE Academic "Dom" Arnold's boy with the golden toe This sharp dresser always resembles a page from "Esquire" His daring deeds and extensive achievements are known by all. PATRICIA A. PALLONE Academic "Pat" This calm, cool, and collected lass presents a pretty picture in her cheerleading outfit as well as in her clothes of the latest fashions Aspires to be a social worker. PHYLLIS L. PAPA Business Education "Phil" A mixture of black, wavy hair, a distinctive taste in clothes, and an ever sparkling spirit A level-headed "Cor- nelia" off as well as on the stage. THOMAS A. PAPIK Academic "Pampers" This college bound lad has given four years of service to the choir Active in sports, he also enioys reading or ioin- ing in a friendly argument. CHRISTOPHER C. PAPROCKI Academic "Chris" A quiet lad whose friendly disposition and seriousness of purpose makes him a welcome asset to any group Great supporter of the band. .IO-ANN J. PAULENDA Business Education "Jo" A meticulous miss who places special emphasis on her school work while not neglecting other activities A friend in need, a friend in deed-this girl is tops. PHILIP M. PEITZ Academic "Phil" Phil looks forward to a future in engineering ... His humor infects everyone around him . . . Resourceful and energetic, he takes an active interest in all activities. GERALDINE C. PFEII. Business Education ".leri" Many will remember her as the sirenic stage dancer of the Charleston Her pleasantness makes her presence a pleasurable experience. WILLIAM R. POWEU. Academic "Bill" Quiet but interested in big things . . . This ham operator spends his spare moments at his short-wave and two-way radios . . . Fascinated by the new iet aircraft. HAROLD A. PREISENDEFER Academic "Rusty" This well-informed lad is known for his convincing opinions on any controversial matters His tall good looks make him the obiect of many girls' attentions. Take time to dream - -it is hitching your wagon to a star. It's "one together, two together" as the maiorettes perfect their snappy routines. EMELLIA A. PROKOPIK Business Education "ANY" Her gleaming smile and considerate ways will add charm to any oltice Possesses a sense of tasteful distinction that causes her to stand out in any crowd. ROSE MARIE PUGLIESE Business Education "ROSS" Sweetness is a dominating characteristic of this petite young lady Her shy smile and winning ways accentuate her personal charm. EDWARD J. PUGSLEY Academic "Ed" Always looking for fun and usually finding it Aside from building model planes, he finds time for golf, baseball, and swimming. PATRICIA A. RATAJCZAK Business Education "Pat" A true home-ec girl who delights in drawing, sewing, and experimenting with food Possesses an animated personality which never ceases to astound her many friends. JAMES S. REO Vocational "Rea" This good-natured prankster always contributes his ser- vices, ideas, and artistic talent when needed . .. His iaunty walk helps to display his nonchalant attitude. GERALD I.. REYNOLDS General "Jerry" His good looks and general attitude cause him to be re- ferred to by the fairer sex as the "Jimmy Dean of Arnold" . .. Can be serious when he wants to be. GEORGE C. RICHARDS Academic "Thomas E" Lively humor plus outstanding ability and willingness earns for this electrical wizard the admiration he receives No situation remains dull when T. E. is added. DOLORES ROBERTO Business Education "Dolores" The gleam of mischief in her eyes supplies its subtle hint that excitement and fun are in store when this iovial lass ap- proaches Her interests are varied. 29 Prokopik Pugsley Reo Richards Ihr, 8 Pugliese Rataiczak Reynolds Roberto Rompietti Saccardi Salego Saska jim 79 8 Runco Salandria Sartori Saulle is L '-v- : 'ififtfi H K ,ff i H' :it N -r H we is :za swag? Q 5 Mrs. Koh teaches matter and laws which govern their relations YVONNE M. ROMPIETTI Business Education "Yvonne" Her angel-like face will add a touch of heaven to any office ... The sound of music sets her heart and feet a-dancing. JOHN A. RUNCO Academic "Runc" All it takes for anything good that should happen .. . High scoring end who is athletic-minded with a vivid future in store. DONNA I.. SACCARDI Business Education "Donna" This lovely lass has no trouble winning friends or keeping them Her wide scope of interests includes swimming, pho- tography, and designing. PATRICIA J. SALANDRIA Business Education "SaI" A hard working Lionette who loves to chatter and can always relay the latest scoop on the newest story ,.. She owns a pair of dancing feet. JAMES l. SALEGO Vocational "SaIego" Unkind words are not found in his vocabulary Swim- ming, hunting, and baseball occupy most of his leisure time .. . Quiet till you know him. MARTIN M. SARTORI Academic "Marty" This fun-loving, easy-going lad feels quite at home on the dance floor, but also distinguishes himself with his earnestness in more serious matters BARBARA L. SASKA Business Education "Barbara" A quiet-mannered miss whose artistic talent may help to account for her excellence in shorthand , . . Much of her ward- robe is self-made. ANTHONY F. SAULE Business Education "Sid" His witty comments and devilish grin make him a pleasant and humorous companion . . . His future is centered around his plans to view the world via the navy. 30 LOUIS F. SENNEIT Academic "I-Ov" A congenial person who enioys experimenting in chemistry class His many friends at Arnold feel he was Ken Hi's loss Friendly word to one and all. ALVIN G. SHUKIS General "Al" This rough and rugged lad ioined us from Ken Hi's ranks His happy-go-lucky attitude and handsome appearance make him a carefree companion. EI.l.A MARY SINGLETON Academic "Vickie" A pretty lass who has a heart large enough for everyone Her chatter and excitement set the mood for a rollicking good time Serious about her future. JANE A. SINGLETON Business Education "Jane" Intelligent and reserved Will do her best to make any oltice in which she may work the most pleasant and efficient. EUGENE A. SIRHAN General "Gene" Tickly feet on the dance floor . . . Smortly dressed no mat- ter what the occasion, and o perpetual comedian who is always "l1ep to the live." SARA JANE SMITH Business Education "Snutfy" Snuffy is neat and trim as the stewardess she played in the senior class play Her innumerable efforts did much to make a successful prom. CHARLES J. SNYDER Business Education "Som" "Why worry?" is his motto Always in the middle of things, he is a loyal member of the hoopsters Has his own Cadillac convertible. ROSALIE SOULCHECK Business Education "Rose" An ardent fan at all of the sports events, her happy smile and friendly chatter are never left behind A rollicking gal who really enjoys "cutting the rug." ROY B. STEARMAN Vocational "Sfgqmbgq9" Our unsung hero in football and basketball Feeling unable to exercise temperance, he will take refuge in absti- nence. DOROTHY M. STEFANINI Business Education "Dog" Always full of vigor and vim, Dot is never without a smile Although cheerleading is her specialty, the choir is also tops with her. Sennett Singleton Sirhon Snyder Stearman Takethneto beloved--itisthe pnvHege Shukis Singleton Smith Soulcheck Stefanini ofthe gods. : fa ..,', A , t'i,:: 2 A . A . ,ge 3 . 4. ,N :,: . fjg 5 . ' 4 if ,+L ,ig Stuck Stull Tallarico Taylor Teclaw Thimons Thomas Toney Trusnovic Turco JACQUELINE .l. STUCK Business Education "Jackie" Quiet and rather shy, Jackie has just the right amount of everything good to make her a friend of all A secretarial career is her future. CAROLYN R. STULL General "Carol" Expressive brown eyes and an effortless smile which adds to the becoming appearance of her quiet manner Always willing to lend a hand. RICHARD B. TALLARICO Academic "Rich" Lively and clever, Rich takes a prize for mischief-making although he has his quiet moments also . . . Spends much time working with his trains. MARY E. TAYLOR Business Education "Mary" Her presence hints that mischief is a-brewing Has a ready smile that is accentuated by her coilfure. CHESTER A. TECLAW Academic "Chester" His unique sense of humor seems to be contagious ... One. sixth of the tenor section in the choir . .. A strong supporter of our team. DONNA L. THIMONS Academic "Don" A tingle of excitement, a catchy giggle, and an endless stream of lively chit-chat best describes Don A lead ma- iorette. LOUIS D. THOMAS Academic "Goose" This visible but rarely audible lad chooses football as his favorite sport Our absent-minded professor. MITCHELL S. TONEY Academic "Mickey" The strong, dark, and silent type Mickey gave his best to our football team Reputation is based on his sincerity. CAROLE A. TRUSNOVIC Academic "Carole" Her infectious laugh brightens life around her A capable and willing class helper . .. Plans to make teaching a career. LORETO TURCO Academic "Turk" Possesses a superior ability in math A friendly and very likeable guy who is always ready with a iolly quip. Take time to laugh - -it is the music ol the soul. "Can I order six of these with three of those?" SAUNDRA A. TUSING Academic "5GUl1" Saun plans to utilize her ability and winning smile by working with the airlines . . , Interested in photography, sew- ing, and singing. HELEN E. VAN TINE Business Education "Helen" A smile as engaging as her personality is only one of the assets with which this charming girl has been endowed. ROSE ANN VOGEL Academic "Rose Ann" Inclustrious and dependable, Rose Ann enjoys a little iest and is always ready with a laugh Preparing for a career in teaching. JOSEPH H. VRUDNY Academic "Red" Rash and redheaded, this lad has friends unlimited An ardent sportsman who has proved himself on the gridiron and the hardwood. LEONARD S. WALKOWIAK Academic "Lenny" Our romantic 'Football and basketball extraordinaire who carries a busy schedule Quick with a quip College bound. DANIEL J. WHALEN Vocational "Danny" Mischievous in a quiet way Tackles a iob readily Can't hold him down when he makes up his mind. MERCEDES M. WILLIAMS Academic "Mercedes" A pleasure-loving Lionette who is always full of vim, vigor, and go Her ever-generous smile will be an asset in her nursing career. MARTINA WYPISKI Academic "Tina" A reliable and hardworking supporter of the class ,.. This little "Miss Pep Appeal" is a iitterbug ace Wore her ma- jorette uniform proudly. JOYCE A. YANCOSKY ACCd8I't'llC ",I9yqe" A newcomer to our halls who won everyone's heart as the little French girl in "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" Commercial art appeals to her. Not Pictured BERNARD F. GALLAGHER General "Bernie" C... 'K' 'F f , gg, f ,nl A -aff? .414-if f fs f ffm, it 74" li xx K' ff 'did VanTine Vrudny Whalen Wypiski 33 Jim Tusing Vogel Walkowiak Williams Yancosky 8 OFFICERS President ...., ..,...,... ....., 4,..,.. . . . .. P. Juliano Vice President ....,.,. ..,,.. R . Varesco Secretary .,..,,..,... ,...,.. ............. V . Tripodi Treasurer .. ...,..,,.........,...,.... C. Martz Advisors . ,... Miss Gasper, Mr. Deda 111.1798 ' Through the experience that the iunior class has gained by their varied activities throughout the year, they have proven themselves capable of becoming the pilots of the senior class. They have eagerly looked forward to the day when they will proudly claim their "wings" and take full command of the ship. That day is not far dis- tant although that short space of time represents a great deal of endeavor and hard work and earnest effort to "come through" on the final test. With the helpful guidance of their sponsors, Miss Gasper and Mr. Joseph Deda, and the jun- ior class officers, Virginia Tripodi, Peter Juliano, Carol Martz, and Randy Varesco, the accomplish- ments of this class were numerous. This class can be very proud of its presenta- tion of the iunior class play, "The People vs. Max- ine Lowe," with an all-star cast. The play was successfully directed by Miss Mary Ellen Cipolla. A goal is something you work toward-an aim that you set for yourself. The junior class goal was to raise the necessary funds to assure V. Tripodi, P. Juliana, C. Martz, R. Varesco, Mr. Deda, Miss Gasper the seniors of an outstanding prom. With the beginning of football season, once again we wit- nessed the spirit and enthusiasm of the junior class students as they worked faithfully during all of our home games by selling refreshments. Something new was added as a means of raising funds. This was the innovation of selling peanuts during "Peanut Week." This, of course, was heartily accepted by all. With the advent of spring, we found the iun- iors busily preparing for their class dance. Their efforts were by no means in vain. This was evi- denced by the large number of students who at- tended the dance. May slowly came and the iuniors finally re- alized the efforts of three years in preparing for their first real prom. It was a night of mysticism and sheer delight. With work completed for the year and the prom now only a favored memory, the iuniors an- ticipations are only to await their senior year and the expectations it will hold. He who is determined has half his work done 'l'l-7 First Row: V. Tripodi, E. Saccardi, M. Hrivnok, R. Mohney, B. Kestner, S. Jacobs, C. Davis, M. Moore, M. Haiel, J. Greb. Second Row: V. Brzak, J. Corey, V. Dorbritz, P. Johnston, M. Karluk, C. Collodi, D. McCall, D. Wilson. Third Row: R. Solar, C. Picone, D. Guenther, F. Giunta, R. Alberta, V. Kieszek, L. Ozepy, P. Solar. Collecting books at the end of the school term is always a pleasant task. 'll-103 First Row: R. Gallo, A. McClosky, J. Whalen, J. Coury, N. Stull, N. Fan- tuzzo, M. Campbell, P. Hollyoake, G. Beldham. Second Row: J. Gen- tile, M. Pompellio, B. Antkoviak, C. Belczyk, J. Lippert, C. Trzeciak, L. Whetsel. Third Row: J. Acre, B. McKeever, R. Young, G. Blubaugh, P. Liput, J. Bowser, B. Condrick, P. Unites, A. Dangaix. 'I'l-106 First Row: J. Grace, R. DeFazio, K. Barkley, A. Trombetta, L. Crestetto, P. Baker, L. Becker, J. Batten, F. Solomond. Second Row: K. Inglese, F. Craig, R. Croghan, J. Katana, K. Johnson, L. Conte, N. Capone, M. Gerheim, A. Bilbie. Third Row: P. Ciciarelli, F. Rusnock, F. Bata, R. Becker, M. Tekely, P. Ringus, L. Ru- binosky, A. Farinelli, L. Calabrese, D. Ogurkis. 35 1' ,, N 'a O Q. wr D wi 1 l x.. 12' .-Ck k l ska I 1 ' v Y 13143. rf II-T11 First Row: C. Knize, H. Slaugen- haupl, D. Kedzierski, L, Callas, J. Abraham, R. Arbuckle. Second Row: M. Kossick, R. Williams, M. Vida, J. Overly, R. Pritts, K. Bowman. Third Row: L. Mazur, W. Widmer, A. Klingensmifh, A. Olte, J. Costa, E. Baker. 'I 'I-202 First Row: J. Michael, R. Household- er, R. Such, C. Setllemeyer, H. Mos- simini, P. Fanfuzzo, C. DeFelice, J. Painter, M. Slobodnik, J. Butler. Second Row: F. Frabolfa, T. Ham- ilton, A. Sams, A. Korowicki, D. Kunicki, M. Frickanisce, M. A. Sua- loni, J. Frifzky, W. Huff, P. Juliano. Third Row: W. Crawford, L. Sier- adslxi, R. Johnstone, R. Varesco, P. Lobur, J. McNally, J. Tuleibitz, G. Haslings, J. Mazza, R. Meyer, N. DeMao, D. Bishop, G. Reano. 'I'l-203 First Row: B. Noel, K. Salyers, G. Korluk, L, Donali, B. Carmichael, A. Mohr, J. Como. Second Row: M. Nealer, B. Bonzani, C, Hanyo, J. Sergi, A. Palczarski, P. Wardoclip, J. Bitner, M. Thomas. Third Row: M. Marino, l. Rebor, L. Fiorina, D. Gardner, L. Husar, D. Artuso, C. Marlz. 'll-205 First Row: Y. Piquard, A. Ryba, A. Johnslone, V. Londi, K. West, M. Paprocki, B. Tretlel, P. Tomasik, C. Preisser, J. Valle. Second Row: P. Ciciarelli, K. Mele, H. Mele, R. Ro- meo, D. Huel, B. Naviglia, M. Su- chor, J. Tutelo, T. Hamilton, K. O'Shell, H. Slonecheck. Third Row: J. Marienfeld, F. Holoweckyi, J. Kafona, D. Molli, J. Picone, M. Har- acznak, L. Rossi, J. Gabrielli, R. ln- glese. 36 Pres. T. Forsht gives his fellow ofticers a lecture on the work that lies ahead. The girls are D. Hanes, D. Tripodi, and P. Papa. The curtain opened as the scphomores came on stage to begin the first of three exciting yet hard-working years. The results of their eFForts were clearly evi- dent by the number of tenth graders who made the honor roll and the number that effectively participated in athletics and extracurricular ac- tivities. The junior-senior prom which is the high- light of their junior year has begun to be real- ized by the success of the Valentine Day candy sale, the major project of the year. The annual sophomore dance closed the cur- tain on a year of varying experiences that pre- pared the class of T960 for their new and impor- tant role next year. OFFICERS President ., . . . T. Forsht Vice President .. D. Hanes Secretary , . . D. Tripodi Treasurer .. .. .. , P. Papa Advisors Mrs. DeRose, Mr. Gearhart Getting the debits to equal the credits sometimes calls for additional help. We entered senior high with mixed emotions 37 111.1798 Svpfw Home economics students try some of their own cooking. , Q x Ex 10-100 First Row: K. Whalen, J. McGowan, C. Everett, E. Varesco, K. Nuttall, J. Stanley, M. Fantuzzo, V. Pagano, G. Glover, S. Paredes. Second Row: L. Geraci, R. Gentile, A. Reese, P. Thomey, G. Filak, E. Snyder, D. Painter, D. Hanes, K. Erb, J. Wilhelm, B. Cappello, G. Al- bert, C. Brzak, C. Orkwis, B. Signor- ella. Third Row: J. Piecka, D. Po- well, R. Monteleone, E. Yancosky, G. Bollinger, T. Pituch, H. Schrack, R. Bryan, R. Fabian, J. Girardi. 10-101 First Row: .l. Uptegraph, L. Hawk, P. Santoro, G. Hessom, J, Gaydosik, E, McCoy, P. Such, R. Fraser, C. Callas, M. Taylor. Second Row: J. Hunger, M. Zampogna, N. Vagnoz- zi, P. Papa, L. Watters, P. Wikert, C. McCall, T. Lothian, R. Debastiani, J. Mandarino. Third Row: L. Ogur- chock, P. Kress, D. Tripodi, L. Selel- yo, D. Tinnemeyer, L. McCollim, R. Duncan, B. Kitzer, D. Tusing, K. Grant. 10-102 First Row: T. Forsl-nt, J. Ziemianski, C. Baiko, S. Kelley, D. Clee, K. McNuH, M. Jernigan, S. Frederick, G. McCaskey. Second Row: J. Kus- lru, W. Rusiewicz, F. Sokal, C. Swanderski, G. Shpakoft, S. Lutsky, J. Haddad, J. Buzzinotti. Third Row: B. Suprano, L. Votguenne, L. Bagclon, J. Shcumey, R. Daro, R. Lloyd, A. Medice, K. Rhodes, C. Roberts. 38 'IO-201 First Row: B. Bavera, S. Jones, M, Salvati, K, Malik, K. Biss, M. Mas- cari, Haracznak, A. Lonfoloni, D. Murray. Second Row: C. Vivola, M. Baggetta, P. Knosky, D. Tomay- ko, J. Reighard, J. Como, V. Berg- hofer, S. Ross. Third Row: J. Ren- ock, C. Tinnemeyer, P. Yotz, G. Smith, G. Salandria, J. Manni, M. R. DeLuca. 'I 0-204 First Row: B. Ponsart, J. McGivem, C. Gans, S. Bahnak, B. Johnston, S, Wiclmer, J. Flinn, C. Belczyk, T. Abraham, L. Helgert. Second Row: D. Barkley, W, Blair, R. Poscnti, 5. Reo, F. Vrudny, J. Bruncsak, R. Ha- jel, E. Turner, J. Rogers, E. Mor- gante, C. Overly, P. Marra. Third Row: D. Choltco, D, Stonecheck, D. Capo, R. Mitra, D. Joseph, R. Law- rence, G. Mclcuughlin, F. Johns. C. Rusnok, E. Hickman, J. Roberto, D. Hrivnak, A. Jefferson, R. Saulle. 10-209 First Row: M. Dziadyk, D. Postu- pack, C. Rocchi, S. Large, E. Tar- aba, A. Kutzer, E. Oliiar, J. Potoch- niak, C. Ciancutti, D. Parkhill. Sec- ond Row: D. House, D. Zawodniak, F. McCullough, S. Meredith, C. Dahm, M, Nee, M. Yankov, J. Har- acznak, C. Netoskie, D. Staricek, Third Row: G. Lisciarelli, G. Bar- oni, H. Briggs, R. Ondako, R. Rokvic, D, Rywak, T. Listek, G. Bahnak, D. Fiorina, R. Frankoski, J. Echon, R. Scalpello, J. Klems, 'I0-MS First Row: F. Hess, J. Kamenski, C. Hawk, G. Ferguson, D, Cox, L. Tal- mage. Second Row: R. Zimmer' man, W Blair, J. Mentecky, H. Brown, B. Rakoczy, R. Luclwiczak, S. Affanas. Third Row: O. Castor- ina, C, Apostolides, P. Bobik, A, De- Palma, J. Garvin, D. Doutt, E. Bozek. 39 Seated: G. Brodheud, R. Polsinelli, M. Mele. Sfunding: Mrs, Sipes, J. Olivo, Mr. Gorelia. OFFICERS President . ,..,. , . R. Polsineili Vice President . , G. Brodhead Treasurer .. ., .... , ., . J. Olivo Secretary , . . M. A. Mele Advisors Mrs. Sipes, Mr. Gczrellcu ll ll Frosh say, Clear the way, here we come T . 51.11 "' A f viii? ll 9-202 First Row: B. Molli, M. A. Bibzo, C. Beldham, E. Hcrnichclr, T. Adam czyk, S. Buono, J. Rakoczy. Sec ond Row: G. Brodhecd, L. Hart, S. Fcrmery, J. Freeburger, J. Brando lino. Third Row: F. Kuczkowski, T. Koessler, R. Fonrmery, A. Enciso, R Lipperi, J. Richards. 40 9-203 First Row: L. McHenry, C. Asper, E. Reskewicz, P. DeMao, K. Varesco, J. Lange. Second Row: A. Jones, R. Maytan, J. Berczek, A. Corradene, J. Como, H. Kiley, R. Rataiczak. Third Row: R. Phillips, G. Oakes, R. Lemp, W. Yancosky, T. Austin, J. Rocco. 9-207 First Row: J. Shulxis, C. Hunger, M. Marcinko, S. Hess, U. Zonarich, D. Schneider, M. Mele, D. Harnish. Second Row: R. Drzymalu, J. Viet- to, S. Fedan, P. DeMao, T. Warden, T. Surniuk. Third Row: R. Boyer, R. Brosky, P. Ludwiczak, R. Ponchel, P. Dangax, R. Marflak, R. Stull. 9-209 First Row: J. Cappello, M. R. Recno, J. Soulcheck, K. Bengel, J. Faire, D. D'Achille, M. Tuleibitz, J. Bianco L. Berkey, P. Overly. Second Row C. Malinski, D. Giancola, R. Rus nock, B. Carey, B. K a s a v o g e M. A. Scosky, J. Olivo, C. Falco, M Migliorisi, S. Dowhower, P. Capo D. Nelson. Third Row: J. Geising er, R. Pisegno, H. Lyons, G. Carabin R. Preisendefer, T. Tymoczko, H Hale, T. Wallace, A. Rich, T. Rupert. 9-2l'l First Row: C, Paluika, M. DeBlasio D. Trcaenkner, J, Ryba, M. Bozek, C Haggart. Second Row: D. Proko pik, E. Williams, A. Pelisari, R. Pol sinelli, R. Rataiczalc, R. Stapinslci. Third Row: J. Butler, C. Milsom, D. Hornan, J. Watters, J. Posteraro, R. Sperski. 41 s , . t E Z 1 E s I -my jim, Hnadm The globe as well as the text book is used in geography class Patience is a necessary ingredient ot genius Looking forward to senior high school with high hopes, these students endeavor to accom- plish iust a little more than the class ahead of them. This could well be the goal set by these boys and girls. When school began we found them ever- ready to begin the new year. They accepted criticisms graciously and were always striving for self-improvement. The decorations in the halls and on the win- dows each year at Christmas are just one ex- ample of the spirit they display. This spirit is also shown at all of our athletic events. They are the first to come and the loudest to cheer. We have great hopes and aspirations for these seniors of tomorrow. Budding scientists learn eternal truths from Mr. M. Peretti. 42 Worlc, and success will come 8-205 First Row: H. Gutknecht, D. Domat, R. Ramsey, V. DeVore, G. Bliss, E Koessler. Second Row: D. lsaac, E. Jason, D. Fischer, D. Cornmesser, P. Hart, M. Kozer, J. Posati, W Ream, R. Pituch. Third Row: G Santucci, R. Shimek, T. Elliott, J Anzaldi, A. Abel, J. Tusing, R. Na viglia, P. Pozel. 8-206 First Row: N. Schneider, F. Gabrish G. Pugliese, J. Lloyd, J. Sacriponte, S. Vassar, B. Bish, D. Mahan, C Pontremoli. Second Row: M. Co wen, C. Berz, K. Massola, R. Rocchi S. Ogurkis, J. Abbott, A. Pozel, K Greb, C. Crawford, K. Mentecky Third Row: L. Corchia, D. Shaw, M. Salvay, R. Barbiaux, L. Licanto, A Lanfaloni, R. Renock, R. Burkett. 8-212 First Row: M. Reighard, K. Timko P. Marcantonio, L. Mitchell, D. Rob erts, C. Stewart, M. Vagnozzi, S Ogurchock. Second Row: D. Stan ko, J, Galie, D. Jones, A. Timmer berg, D. Fisher, F. Kanaan, R. Jan cek, D. D'Achille. Third Row: J Ceraso, J. Thomas, P. Gavasto, B. Starr, A. Brink, J. Goins, K. Baker A. Marsh, F. Beattie. 43 L4flffL5!t.tldQ. iwmfh, Banda There are no gains without pains 7-201 First Row: L. Chipoletii, E. Fiorina, R. Sanesi, D. Migliore, G. DiPrinzio, D. Wypiski, C. Sams, B. Barfo, C. Harrell, S.Karluk, S. Berkoben. Second Row: C. Naples, T. Hume- niuk, E. Rubinosky, C. Enciso, F. Culvono, J. Alberia, R. Petitto, J. Mohan, J. Hessom, T. Anzaldi, S. Kiriluk, L. Hixenbaugh, L. Kiriluk. Third Row: R. Smith, R. Frabotta, M. Sl-ipakoff, D. Groziono, T. Van Horne, C. Mele, R. Isaac, H. Klin- gensmilh, L. DeRose, J. Pulocl-nik, R. Prescott, G. Colaianni. 7-208 First Row: D. Jones, S. Solids, K. Sfcpinski, P. Dawson, K. Defassio, L. Marino, G. Cernicky, R. Jones. Second Row: B. Scosky, B. Stenger, P. Costello, S. Clee, R. Rusiewicz, L. Rearick, J. Grayson, S. Haggarl. Third Row: R. Landis, F. Gentile, J. Bielufa, R. Parry, K. Starr, E. Bra- mini, G. Devore. 7-214 Firsi Row: J. Borrelli, R. Snyder, J. Whalen, M. O'Shell, S. Paul, D. Champainy, L. Haggarl, B. Gardner, E. Klein, J. Rocchi. Second Row: M. Powell, J. Pleva, J. Marflak, C. Koczkowski, P. Ficca, C. Provenzano, M. Shamey, C. Romifo. Third Row: C. Caporali, F. Caruso, A. Sinegal, B. Becker, H. Hill, J. Olle, G. Heck- er, D. Leah, H. Galarish. 44 ft-v 1, ff 15,55 M A wg 9 . N5 W .six I , ,li F Wu w sl 'yi' .4 ,a aff. ' Q :" -.., 1 ,I ., M . 5 ..' ,, g,.: up , tw -eww Q," . , ,, Q A -V ,xv J , CTIVIT Publlkafiona, 97'luAic, am, Qzmmatica, Ulzqamfgahbmi, A .ggi uw 1X 5: , , -1-: XXX, .X v 'RSX f' U- A XY K , - 51 A55 Q sg m Q ff' g,f Q, ?XE3,g ,A s war' 4'w,5w f ,ff ." ,X X,.5 A - ,X +55-f, fyf'-F? vf-'S 4a,,U,f,f, xv, ,my v"1,X 'za X M k ww 9 X 1 3 5 HA sz-I. 5 y ff - 9 ,X R X X, ,, , , N . ,ff X .Q gxmlli 43' x 1 - , J' V x X- 'ARS X ..., 11' Hg .L , it X SW X, ,mg X X. 955555 wi?ggifX f' .X Ii i 2 1 : 'iff xyx- A ' 1 1-f ra-a:::b-::ss:-was:r.:::5::.x,XX-:'f- , K--Xzw . X X ' b Q' 43 . Wt . , X 1 X .L b Q - K X ' X SE ' .. .Q XX ' ,x . " .. 1' X - - X U.. X, 33' ' ' f:. , l . Q' V - 1 1 I X " ' K Xff- HQ is,-. A 'ra K NX X X ' , ,, X X ' 1' . A it iwgw Z Q- I f 1 V- .www ww is . X A . 1--N X 6 1' X - W. sg wkwv ,332 ' K 5 N ' X, W I . , 'E X4. X., X RX S XI H? 1' L . 5,1 5 ,i V A 5 . A f' f mf ,5j,,,x, . xi L X. ,ff , g H R, I Tix- MXH, 'gg XX x' J, HQ, A 'Q 'Q fiigwi 9. A ' V Q' X4 SKA ' bi sf' ,jfs 1 X sg Ji.q"f jf' . . 1 xii X. V ax Q .S :gig ljkkx kim 5 X 'L X 4 U XX ., - P e., X g A ,R 3. XA , N X ..., X Z rmsyty Rx A is xx 4. xXfAWRvrXxQR XX ,L AA, - ft Xi X .X ,Nj if X 2 ,X x k xy X , x 53 V 'ig . A XF , X K V -X K Q X. an W , 1 X AVv.fifX-Xk 'Qi"f5SX. vi Kneeling: S. Lucerne, L. Evans, D. Wilson, M. Karluk, M. Nee. Sewing: V. Tripodi, S. Jacobs, M. Wypiski J. Hanes, M. Anuskiewicz, Back Row: J. Miller, S. Johns, Mr. F. Pallone, Advisory K. McCracken, A. DePclmc The 1958 The Arlion, the story of our happy high school days 48 Conference among the chiefs and advisor, STAFF Associate Editors . . L. Evans, S. Lucerne Literary Staff , .. , ,. . S. Johns, K. McCracken, J. Hanes Business Managers , , J. Miller, M. Karluk, D. Wilson, M. Nee, S. Jacobs, A. DePalma Typists . .. M. Wypiski, V. Tripodi, M. Anuskiewicz Advisor . , Mr. F. Pallone "Here's what we'lI do . . ." Each year the choosing of a theme and the development of that idea into a finished book becomes a more exciting and exacting project than it was the year before. The 1958 Arlion Staff has found this year to be no exception. Aside from the choosing of a theme and a color for the Arlion, many other factors must be taken into considera- tion. First comes the task of soliciting for ads and patrons which is done early in the school year. Another important factor needed to produce an excellent yearbook is good pictures. From the many pictures that were taken this year, the best quality pictures were chosen with the intent to fea- ture as many ditiferent students as possible. This year the Arlion Staff has written an in- dividual write-up for each of the many clubs and organizations in addition to many carefully prepared senior write-ups. They are proud of the fact that the number of subscribers to the Arlion this year far sur- passed those of any other year. The Arlion Staff has vividly portrayed many treasured memories of our high school years in hopes that it will help you to relive these memories many, many times. Stretching the dollar to meet the budget. ,of 4 ill 'iii ilw is ,,fs First Row: P. Papa, M. Wypiski, P. Pallone, D. Stefanini, K. Lopushinsky, C. Jarczynski, J. Anchors. Second Row: R Dominici, B. Tusing, K. McCracken, J. Miller, S. Johns, C. Teclciw. Third Row: P. Bengel, A, DePalma, G. Rich- ards P. Hess, C. Szoch, l.. Colaianni, P. Peltz, B. lamendola. . dab! Success lies in personal achievement The members of the National Honor So- ciety are looked upon as the "cream of the crop." These students must possess leader- ship, tine character, service, and most of all, scholarship. Although anyone in the upper third of his respective class may be selected, only T5 per cent of the graduating class are eligible for membership. A member ofthe National Honor Society not only gains the honor and recognition of being a member but also has the eligibility for pursuing his education to college. The aim of the so- ciety is to create a desire among the stu- dents in becoming better persons by setting their ideals high. Chick discusses campus events with Judy and Sue. 50 STUDENT COUNCIL First Row: V. Tripodi, S. Johns, B. Tusing, K. Malick, P. Papa, P. Papa, J. Valle, T. Frederick, C. Preisser. Second Row: J. Mil- ler, M. Frickanisce, H. Massimini, A. Dangaix, L. Conte, J. Ser- gi, T. Sams, D. House. Third Row: J. Mazzei, M. Kossick, T. Nealer, C. Szoch, H. Preissen- er J Marra E rant JJ:jep,h 'JM 1' AW V 2 wp r 1 M,9f"J,.iJ fdfi . V . it fi? Tilijjgg l 4 C! The ability to rule oneself is essential for dent Council members shareagreat responsibility good citizenship in America. This experience of in upholding this loyalty and respect, working to government sharing is given to us in school attain a proper attitude between faculty and stu- "Discipline," as Abraham Lincoln said, "is a re- dents. spect for a loyalty to constituted authority." Stu- BROADCASTER5 First Row: J. Bargerstock, M. Williams, J. Imm, J. Whalen Mrs. Ursic, Advisor, C. Molchan M. Wypiski, J. Wilhelm, C. Cian cutti. Second Row: S. Widmer C. Belczyk, D. Postupack, A Kutzer, P. Unites, C. Netoskie, J Stuck, D. Tripodi, J. Gaydosik Third Row: J. Katona, R. Lloyd A. Shukis, L. Walkowiak, R. Tal larico, D. Ogurkis, F. Sokol. 481m The Broadcaster is our official school organ. lt is rnade possible through the efforts of the jour- nalism class and the able supervision of Mrs. Ursic, The aim of this publication is to facilitate and foster the interest of the students in all mat- ters pertinent to school life as existing at Arnold High School. The members of the staff, realizing that this publication represents only a small segment of the journalism field, work very hard to make the paper an outstanding one. SENIOR PLAY CAST First Row: Miss Cipolla, Advisor, N, Borrelli, D. Pallone, J. Yancosky, R. Makara, R. Cianflone. Second Row: E. Tusing, P. Papa, P. Pallone, D. Stefanini, J. Nelson, D. Leach, C. Jarczynski, S. Smith. Third Row: P. Bianco, J. Mazzei, J. Acopine, A. Corey. "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" is a story of Cornelia and Emily who wanted to be completely independent during their trip to Eur- ope. They become involved with measles, a stow-away, an exploding gas meter, and a French actor during the voyage and tour abroad. Cornelia was portrayed by Phyllis Papa, and Emily, by Jacqueline Nelson. Mr. and Mrs. Skinner were played by Arthur Corey and Donna Rae Leach. The medical students were Nick Bor- elli and Philip Bianco. The play was under the direction of Miss Mary Ellen Cipolla. 52 I still can't see an thin . Y 9 The seniors present "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" 0 . First Row: T. Sams, A. Korowicki, C. DeFelice, B. Trettel, C. Preisser, M, Slobodnik. Second Row: R. DeFazio F Gulnta D Molli R. Alberta, J. Tuleibitz, J. Corey. Third Row: L. Rossi, M. Suchar, N. DeMao, L. Calabrese, F. Craig, J Picone "The People. . .versus CAST Ed Brushett, Evening Tab Reporter Frances Marston, Daily Log Reporter Will Bond, Court Clerk The Honorable John Weston, Judge Jessalyn Meredith, Assistant to State Attorney Warren Cass, State's Attorney James Hathaway, Attorney for the Defense Maxine Lowe, the Defendant Alice Jackson, the Prison Matron Carl Leslie, Court Reporter Dr. Frederick Milgrim, Medical Examiner Thomas Quinn, Police Captain Vincent Barclay, Hotel Manager Minnie Strausson, a Maid Eve Viionne, Entertainer Irene Holt, a Policewoman Rose Malone, Waitress Sarah Lorrison, Surprise Witness Jury Foreman Court Attendant James Picone Barbara Trettel Frank Craig William Crawford Rose De Fazio Ronald Alberta Frank Giunta Arlene Korowicki Vivian Bryzak Nick DeMao Dennis Molli John Tuleibitz Lawrence Calabrese Marcella Slobodnik Carol Preisser Judith Corey Toni Sams Charlotte DeFelice Michael Suchar Larry Rossi Members of the Jury Lois Becker, Gary Blubaugh, Donald Bishop, Joyce Como, Lorraine Donati, Anthony Farinelli, Geral Landi, Henrietta Massa Karen West Spectators dine Karluk, Virginia mini, Myrna Moore, Karen Barkley, Mary Ann Suatoni, Beverley Kestner, Joyce Greb, Carolyn Collodi, Karen Johnson, Janice Katana Reporters, Non-speaking Miriam Hri Lauretta Conte, vnak, Ann Trombetta A scene from "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." 53 Maxine Lowe t is s . f C . 2 s Q K at Q Klum. They gather together for experience and recreation FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The Future Teachers of America were organ- ized in 1956. The two main purposes are to learn about the teaching profession, its opportuni- ties, and its responsibilities, and to explore our own interests and abilities in the various fields of teaching. The members helped in the elementary school by taking over classes and assisting teach- ers in the preparation of school programs. This year they have oFfered more help to the teachers and raised enough money to offer a scholarship to a deserving student who intends to enter the teaching profession. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Under the direction of Miss Strittmatter and Mrs. Ventura, the Future Homemakers of America aimed at developing a better homemaker for to- morrow. By inviting various speakers to come and lecture, the organization promoted a grow- ing appreciation of the ioys and satisfactions of homemaking. To work for good home and fam- ily life for all, to provide wholesome individual and group recreation, and to further the interest of home economics are the purposes of the Fu- ture Homemakers of America. "Toward New Horizons", the motto adopted by the club, is tit- ting and appropriate. FUTURE TEACHERS FUTURE HOMEMAKERS Rebur, M. Thomas. First Row: B. Kestner, R. House X' holder, L. Donati, B, Tusing, R A Vogel, K. Barkley, J. McGivern B Signorella. Second Row: J. An chars, E. Colesar, L. Conte, D Thi mons, Miss Cribbs, Advisor M Nee, C. Dahm, F. McCullough J Fritzky. Third Row: D. Ogurlus K Johnson, L. McCollim, J. Acre B Saslca, L. Crestetto, A. Johnstone First Row: L. Haracznak, G Bar gerstock, B. Carmichael, A. Mohr J Bitner, K. Salyers, G. Korluk P Wardoclip. Second Row: B. Noel R. Such, H. VanTine, G. Smith L Evans, A. Trombetta, S. Caporali J Valli, C. Tinnemeyer, D. Artuso M Nealer. Third Row: V. Berghopher P. Yotz, P. Knosky, J. Manni, Miss Alice Strittmatter, Advisor, G Sal andria, J. Fritzky, M. Turner M Glauser, R. Householder. Fourth Row: L. Donati, M. Marino, L Flor ina, D. Gardner, B. Bonzani, J Ser gi, C. Hanyo, C. Martz, L. Husar I They work, plan, experiment, and travel in groups KEY CLUB Contrary to the thought of some, the Key Club is not organized to build future Kiwanians. The real reason for the Key Club is service. Only incidentally is the Key Club an honorary society, although it is an honor to belong. Only inci- dentally is it a luncheon club or a social organi- zation, although meals are eaten at meetings and good fellowship always reigns. Through unselfish service to the school and community, the Key Club provides experience for young men in living and working together and prepares them for the useful, aggressive type of citizenship so necessary to the health of our grow- ing nation. HOME NURSING Nearly every family experiences an illness or injury at sometime. Much of the worry and con- fusion that often results can be reduced if some member of the family has the knowledge and skill required to give simple home nursing care to the sick or injured person. Mrs. Tannas, our school nurse, has this thought in mind each year as she prepares a home nursing course for our students. This course not only provides a better understanding of the special care of the sick but also prepares the student for the time when she will be a homemaker. KEY CLUB First Row: P. Juliano, F. Frabotta, N. Borrelli, G. Reano, D. Capo, P. Marra, W. Huff, R. Posati. Second Row: J. Chickowski, R. Frankoski, R. Cianflone, F. Giunta, Mr. Haiel, advisor, J. Mazza, L. Turco, G. Richards, A. Farinelli. Third Row: P, Peltz, A. Ansani, L. Sieradski, C. Szcch, P. Hess, R. Preissendefer, P. Liput, J. Runco, J. Murra, L. Colai- anni, R. Varesco. HOME NURSING Front Row: P. Such, P. Wikert, S. Jones, K. Miller. Buck Row: D. Milsom, C. Rocchi, Mrs. Tannas, Advisor, C. Vivola, P. Rataiczak, K. Grant. 55 LIBRARY CLUB First Row: R. M. Pugliese, P. Toma- sik, M. Jernigan, V. Tripodi, M. Haiel, J. Whalen, D. Wilson, R. Fra- ser, G. Belclham. Second Row: R. M. Gentile, K. Erb, K. McNutt, P. Hollyoake, M. Karluk, Mr. Galli, Ad- visor, C. Trzeciak, D. McCall, B. Condrick, S. Frederick. Third Row: N. Stull, L. Whetsel, P. Unites, G. Filak, J. Flinn, B. Trettel, J. Ziemian. ski, J. Yancosky. JUNIOR HISTORIANS First Row: D. Parkhill, P. Fantuzzo D. Staricek, C. Ciancutti, J. Butler D. Saccardi. Second Row: D. Bis hop, R. Meyer, P. Lobur, Mr. Klein Advisor: P. Guber, F. Craig, N DeMao. Third Row: W. Crawford J. Picone, J. McNally, T. Listek, J Reo, A. DePalma. ..and together they render service to others LIBRARY CLUB Under the guidance of Mr. Louis Galli, the library club endeavors to create a curiosity in books and to work individually with students to help provide them with the necessary materials for classwork. They are taught the skills of filing and typing cards and preparing books for circulation. Inter- est and enthusiasm are created by these young librarians in their artistic bulletin board displays. "There is no frigate like a book to take us lands away, nor any coursers like a page of prancing poetry" can well be the motto of this organization. Klum. J UNIOR HISTORIANS The Junior Historians is an organization de- voted to the purpose of better acquainting those members belonging to it with the history of the state of Pennsylvania. This organization has been sponsored by Mr. Milton Klein since its inception. They met each week during the activity period at which time panel discussions were held relating to Pennsylvania history. Nick DeMao was elected president, Pete Lobur, Vice-President, Bill Craw- ford, Secretary and Treasurer. J. C. C. First Row: S. Jacobs, J. Coury, M Pompellio, M. Hrivnak, B. McKeever N. Fantuzzo. Second Row: M. Zampogna, M. Taylor, G. Albert, K. Whalen, J. Renock, J. Stanley, G Hessom, J. Gaydosik, D. Parkhill, L. Haracznak. Third Row: B. Antko- viok, J. Reighard, A. Lanfaloni, P. Santoro, D. Tripodi, D. Tomayko, Mrs. Batiste, Advisor, M. Fantuzzo R. Deluca, P. Such, N. Vagnozzi M. Salvati, V. Brzok. Fourth Row A. Reese, E. Snyder, C. McCall, V, Berghofer, P. Knosky, J. Mandarino, J. Wilhelm, D. Tusing, L. Selelyo, J Manni, L. Watters, P. Wikert, N Stull. J. C. C. First Row: G. Karluk, J. Whalen, B. Kestner, B. Carmichael, A. Mohr, J Lippert, V. Dorbritz, J. Bitner, D. Ar- tuso, E. Saccardi. Second Row: C Belczyk, D. Wilson, A. Palczarski, J. Gentile, P. Unites, P. Johnston, D. Stefanini, A. Prokopik, R. Mohney, R. Pugliese, J. Greb. Third Row: G Beldl-iam, L. Whetsel, P. Hollyoake, P. Wardoclip, D. McColl, C. Trze ciak, D. Saccardi, Mrs. liatiste, Ad visor, M. Taylor, M. Jones, Y. Rom pietti, P. Papa, S. Mohney, J. Sin gleton. Fourth Row: M. Moore, C. Davis, C. Hanyo, B. Bonzani, M. Marino, S. Caporali, P. Rataiczak, D. Gardner, L. Husar, C. Martz, M. Thomas, R. Soulcheck, H. VanTine, M. Fiorina. 'L' M0560 The Junior Chamber of Commerce is an or- ganization that fosters on interest in business. The membership is composed of senior high school girls in the commercial course. Under the leader- ship of Mrs. John Batiste, the club met every third Monday evening of the month. The primary pur- pose for having the evening meetings was to en- able the program committees to provide the girls with speakers. These guests were usually prom- inent businessmen or women whose interest in young people permitted them to give helpful ad- vice to future secretaries. Among the speakers contacted for the year were: Personnel directors from the Aluminum Research Laboratory and the Alcoa Plant, members of the New Kensington Chamber of Commerce, National Secretaries As- sociation, and the Arnold Businessmen's Associa- tion, a banker, and a credit association president. They also held a form discussion with a few com- mercial graduates answering questions which would be helpful to the girls in their future jobs. The Junior Chamber of Commerce gives an an- nual award tothe outstanding commercial senior at the awards assembly at commencement time. Also, the Junior Chamber of Commerce in co- operation with the student council purchased the typing award pins. The T957-58 J. C. C. is under the guidance of Phyllis Papa, President, Darlene Artuso, Vice-President, Edythe Synder, Secretary, and Yvonne Rompetti, Treasurer. Better to do it than wish it done FOOTBALL CLUB Klum, No one knows what he can do till he tries. FOOTBALL CLUB The Football Club, sponsored by Mr. Martin, is comprised of the members of the football team. This club endeavors to supplement training on the field by classroom instruction. They met once a week at which time they were taught the necessary fundamentals and nomenclature of the game. Movies taken of the team in action were also shown. All these aided the team in its per- formance and taught each player how to protect himself against possible injury. The club also manned the refreshment stands at all home basketball games in order to raise money to provide them with iackets, and other necessary incidentals. J UNIOR TRI-HI-Y The Junior Tri-Hi-Y, which has been organ- ized for only three years, has been under the sponsorship of Miss Inez Wallis and Mrs. Ruth Sipes. The club's two most important projects to date have been food collections for needy fam- ilies and a very sizeable pecuniary contribution toward the purchase of a lighted bulletin board for the Junior High School. The girls looked forward this spring to hon- oring their mothers at an afternoon tea and to the exciting prospect of attending the Officer's Training Conference at Grove City College for three days in June. First Row: H. Mele, M. Toney, F. Solomond, R. Moresi, R. Solar, H. Schrack, R. Inglese, D. Powell, J. ond Row: B. Rakoczy, B. Suprano, O. Castorina, L. Calabrese, T. Palai- ka, J. Hess, T. Papik, Mr. Martin, Advisor, E. Morgante, D. Costanza, J. Chickowski, C. Swanderski, H. Briggs, J. Mazza, S. Reo. Third Row: T. Pituch, F. Monteleone, K. Bowman, K. lnglese, D. Pallone, A. Ansani, L. Walkowiak, J. Runco, J. Tuleibitz, R. Lloyd, R. Alberta, J. Marra, L. Rubinosky. JUNIOR TRI-HI-Y First Row: B. Molli, M. R. Reano, M. A. Mele, C. Beldham, M. Bozek, J. Faire, L. Hart, D. Harnish, L. Ber- key. Second Row: J. Olivo, S. Bu- ono, B. Kasavage, D. Giancola, P. Capo, M. Migliorisi, K. Bengel, J. Bianco, S. Dowhower. Third Row: S. Farmery, P. DeMao, R. Rusnock, C. Hunger. Buzzinotti, J. Klems, K. Mele. Sec- C. Falco, M. Marcinko, C. Palaika, M. A. Scosky, K. Varesco, P. Overly, TRI-HI-Y First Row: J. Nelson, P. Salandria V. Fagano, K. Biss, J. Michael, J Caruso, T. Frederick, A. McClosky, K R. DeFazio, R. Gallo. Second Row: D, Postupack, P. Papa, C. McCall J. Manderino, P. Papa, H. Massi mini, M. Hrivnak, J. Como, B. Tus ing, B. Bavera. Third Row: S. Tus ing, S. Lucerne, D. Stefanini, J. Mil ler, J. lmm, P. Pallone, A. Prokopik, L. Muir, J. Potochniak, J. Hunger. Jai- '- Service, key word to success of this club "To build a better world, Ready and willing I must be, In the place, where life doth find me, Holding fast-Yet pushing on into glorious ad- venture, You-and I--and God." The Tri-Hi-Y's Motto is one which should not only be recognized by its members but also by every high school stu- dent in the country. The Tri-Hi-Y has accomplished many service proiects throughout the year. A few of these were preparing attractive Thanksgiving baskets of food for needy families and baby-sitting for the mothers who attended the parent-teachers meeting. Students filled the gym for an unusual event held by the Tri-Hi-Y called Basketbrawl. This was a game of basketball played between the Tri-Hi-Y girls and the boys. Half of the game, girls' rules were used, and half was played with boys' rules. The girl players had telephone numbers on the backs of their ierseys while the boys wore boxing gloves to even the handicap. Their biggest money-making activity was the annual Tri-Hi-Y formal, "Rhapsody ln Blue." In honoring the Mothers, the Tri-Hi-Y girls gave a Mother and Daughter Tea. The guest speaker, Miss Dawson, gave an interesting talk on Europe with the aid of slides. TRI-HI-Y B. Naviglia, C. Preisser, M. Wi liams, D. Hastings. Third Row: K. Lopushinsky. 59 First Row: S, Widmer, B, L. Johns ton, J. Gentile, M. Deluca, R. Debas tiani, S. Bahnak, C. DeFelice, D. Ku nicki, K. Belczyk, C. Belczyk. Sec ond Row: L. Becker, D. Thimons, M Dziadyk, J, Haracznak, A, Dangaix Miss Cipolla, Advisory K. Barkley Pfeil, M. Yankov, D. R. Leach, A Korowicki, T. Sams, C. Jarczynski J. Applegate, J. Paulenda, V. Land: M. Suatoni, M. Frickanisce, L. Conte SENIOR AND JUNIOR CHOIR First Row: C. Ciancutti, T. Frederick, M. Wypiski, B. Tusing, R. DeFazio, J. Hanes, R. Such, J. Greb. Second Row: S. Tusing, L. Evans, S. Lucerne, S. Johns, H. Massimini, V. Dorbritz, M. Slobodnik, L. Conte, A. Dangaix, D. Kunicki, D. Stefanini, P. Pallone, E. Prokopik, M. Haiel. Third Row: L. Muir, K. Barclay, J. Butler, B. Naviglia, M, A. Suatoni, D. Thimons, E. M. Singleton, A. Ryba, D. R. Leach, K. Lopushinsky, M. A. Frickanisce, J. Painter, M. Campbell Fourth Row: W. Huff, A. Bilbie, J. Chickowski, J. Mazza, P. Peltz, P. Lobur, R. Kriedler, K. Confer, B. Crawford, C. Szoch, J. Grzybek, R. Fisher, M. Sartori, C. Teclaw, T. Ham- ilton, R. Makora, T. Klimashko. o The voices of this combined group of boys and girls were joined in one ofthe most enioyable events of the year "The Allegheny Valley Choral Festival." The festival is a grouping ofthe choral groups of the various schools in the immediate area, and each year the affair is rotated to one ofthe participating schools. Another highlight of the choir is their annual Christmas program. Their voices echoed through- out the halls ofthe school in a program of Christ- mas carols. Under the direction of Mrs. Dorothy Marin- ucci this group has been very successful in devel- oping an appreciation of fine group singing. Those having unusual musical ability are given many opportunities to perform. Mrs. Marinucci is at the keyboard as she rehearses choir Our male song birds await their cue. members. To sing in a choir is to enioy living among others The Junior High Glee Club is also under the direction of Mrs. Marinucci. They can be heard practicing diligently any day of the week. Their efforts have not gone unrewarded, however, for when we heard them entertain at the Western District Chorus we were extremely proud to claim them as our own. This group along with the Junior High Band also gave a successful concert during the year. Upon the conclusion of another school year, we hope that the forthcoming season will pro- duce members of equal talents, cooperativeness, and initiative. SOPHOMORE CHOIR First Row: L. Hawk, T. Lothian, K. Biss, L. Haracznak, L. Geraci, M. Zampogna, M. R. DeLucu, J. Hunger, J. Flinn, J. Como, V. Pagano Second Row: S. Paredes, R. M. DeBastiani, B. Cappella, A. Kutzer, D. Postupack, D. House, S. Bahnak, M. Dziadyk. E. Taraba, J. Potoch nick, N. Vagnozzi, P. Papa, C. Belczyk. Third Row: P. Santoro, P. Knosky, J. Haracznak, C. Brzak, M. A. Yankov, D. Hanes, P. Wikert, B Kitzer, D. Painter, J. Reighard, M. Baggetta, J. McGowan. Fourth Row: T. Forsht, G. McLaughlin, D. Joseph, C. Swanderski, H. Briggs, R Hajel, G. Bahnak, R. Frankoski, G. Shpako , R. Fabian, C. Roberts, L. Votquenne, R. Monteleone. JUNIOR HIGH CHOIR First Row: P. Capo, P. Overley, R. Rocchi, D. Giancola, C. Sams, R. Sanesi, J. Palochik, T. Humeniuck, J. Soulcheck, D. Wypiski, S. Kar Iuk, C. Naptes, L. Chipoletti, N. Schneider, M. R .Reano, J. Cappello, S. Berkoben. Second Row: B. Bish, J. Bianco, J. Lloyd, J. Sacri ponte, M. Cowen, B. Barto, D. Migliore, S. J. Vassar, K. Mentecky, C. Berz, S. Ogurkis, B. Carey, A. Pozel, J. Abbot, D. Shaw, F. Gabrish Third Row: R. Burkett, M. Salvay, D. Mahan, G. Pugliese, K. Massola, C. Crawford, M. Migliorisi, M. A. Scosky, P. Tuleibitz, S. Dow hower, J. Faire, L. Bengel, R. Rusnak, C. Falco, J. Olivo, D. D'AchilIe, B. Kasavage, K. Greb, L. Berkey. Fourth Row: R. Barbiaux, T. Ru pert, C. Malinski, A. Lanfaloni, L. Locanto, L. Corchia, G. Carabin, H. Hale, D. Nelson, T. Tymoczko, R. Preisendefer, T. Wallace, A. Rich R Pisigna, J. Geisinger, G. DiPrenzio. Q E 5 S Sf E-Wi' fs,-ff 4 t . t sd, - ' Q - lk : .E: M i, g I 1 if f if wg . , if ' ,. Il. ' ' V Y Q S . 6 1 A' ' K in me 1 - me K 1 b s 53 ff W2 wf E E my , KW 'Q' ... Hgl 'Q 6 MAJORETTES First Row: M. Wypiski, L. Evans, R, Snyder, S. Lucerne, M. Karluk, D. Thimons. Second Row: A. Mohr, J. Como, C. Preisser M- A- Fl'iCl4C1niSCS, -l. Butler, M. A. Yankov, S. Kelly, M. Williams, P. Salandria, P. Hollyoake, J. Hanes, B. Signorella. Third Row R. DeBastioni, M. A. Suatoni, L. Conte, C. Dahm, M. Nee, P. Unites, C. Hanyo, L. McCollim, E. Turaba, L. Whetsel, D. Wilson K. Malili. Our leads conduct a dress inspection. The maestro bears down. A gridiron has all the glamour of Broad- way. Of course, the fans bear little resem- blance to the theater first-nighters. But when a brightly-dressed high school band appears on the field at half-time, there will be a show. And if it's the Arnold High School band of musicians led by 30 pert ma- iorettes, its bound to be ci production. Our maiorettes performed with near- protessional ability. This, however, was accomplished with long hours of training which had its beginning at Mt. Union Col- lege in Alliance, Ohio. The band and maior- ettes had the entire facilities of the school at their disposal for one week. Needless to say the week ended only too soon. The student body of Arnold is proud of the maiorettes and hopes they continue to enjoy success. 63 jluz. Pham The illusion was perfect for Arnold's Junior-Senior Prom. Decorations in the gymnasium trans- ported the dancers to Hawaii where palm trees, exotic flowers, grass huts and beach scenes created a tropical atmosphere. The evening began as the cruise ship docked at the Hawaiian Islands. As the pretty girls and their escorts stepped from the gangplank, they entered a canopy of blue streamers, entry way to a fascinating "Blue Hawaii." Everybody agreed, as a typical Ha- waiian feast was served later and as sou- venir leis were placed about the guests' necks, that this was a prom to remember forever. There was a grand promenade ancl the "outbound ship" left at 2 A. M. to cries of "Aloa, Aloa." Chairmen for the event were L. Cola- ianni and B. Tusing and decorating com- mittee chairmen were P. Hess and C. Jar- czynski. Miss A. Strittmatter and Mr. R. Bender were faculty sponsors. Voyagers are greeted as they disembark from the "Queen of Hawaii." "Remember when the thought of visiting Hawaii was just a dream . . ." 64 Mr. Hollick, Mr. Saulle, Mrs. Saulle, Mrs, Tannas, Mrs. Hollick enioy a little chat. 65 Papaya and beautiful girls attract ca throng to this native hut. This was the night we went overboard as-f--M 1 r i ,r,aa MW.. 5 ' S 2 sw-A P M- , M r r I ssh THIET Even the trees in the b ackground seem io agree with the oufsiretched arms of The officials that this is c touchdown. 66 football, Baalmfball c6'mmbnlL Al Ansani churns past teammates who ofter resistance. "Reach for that ball' This section of our book deals with the sturdy athletes of our football, basketball and baseball teams. It attempts to pay due honor to their Herculean accomplishments and the yeomen service which they have rendered in attaining such enviable ath- letic records. Our Orange and Blue have continued and enhanced the outstanding records set by their predecessors. Jnnfbal The Lions of 1957 were a history-making grid machine. This year marked the first time our squad has ever captured the Allegheny Val- ley Football Conference Championship, not to mention its outstanding won-lost record. Besides winning the conference title, the Lions accumulated eight wins in one season, a feat never before accomplished. Only a loss to Freeport marred a perfect season. It was the first full year as head mentor for Coach Frank Martin, who was assisted by Mr. Ro- mito, Mr. Peretti, and Mr. Haiel. Mr. Martin was the unanimous choice of the Dispatch sports staff as Class A "Coach ofthe Year." John Runco, John Marra, Al Ansani, and Bob Moresi were selected on the Dispatch all-star team. This year graduation will clean the bench of T6 senior gridders. Leaving Arnold will be Al Ansani, Dom Pallone, Jim Chickowski, John Run- co, John Marra, Bob Moresi, Paul Bengel, Mitchell Toney, Jack Hess, Roy Stearman, Len Walkowiak, Joe Vrudny, Richard Greco, Dom Costanza, Frank Monteleone, and Bob Bengel. We take our hats of? to the T957 edition of the Arnold Lions, the coaching staH, and its loyal fans for an outstanding season. COACHES Mr. Martin, Mr. Romito, Mr. Peretti, Mr. Haiel SCORES Arnold... .. .... 19 Plum . .. . Arnold... . . ..,.. 13 West Deer . . . .. .. Arnold 7 Freeport. . . . ....3i Arnold... .. . .... T4 Tarentum , . Arnold .. .. ..... 20 Hampton . . Arnold .. .23 Leechburg .,... ...., . ..,.'I4 Arnold ..... . .... 33 North Huntington .. M12 Arnold ...... ......, 1 9 Springdale , . .. , , Arnold.. . .. . 16 Oakmont . . . Bob Moresi was on the spot to scoop up Al Ansani's fumble in the end zone for ArnoId's first touchdown of the year. es +4 VARSITY FOOTBALL First Row: R. Varesco, Mgr.p R. Moresi, J. Mazza, H. Mele, J. Vrudny, D. Costanza, R. Solar, R. Bengel, L. Colaianni, Mgr. Sec- ond Row: Coach F. Martin, J. Chickowski, J. Hess, M. Toney, D, Pallone, J. Marra, R. Stearman, F. Giunta, F. Solomond, K. Mele, Mr. W. Sakaluk, Equip. Mgr. Third Row: R. Greco, R. Alberta, L. Rubinosky, P. Bengel, J. Runco, L. Walkowiak, A. An- sani, K. Inglese, K. Bowman, R. Romito, Asst. Coach. Our Lions make history with an eight and one record. The geom was iusfly rewarded for its "Stubbs" Toney ties Ken Inglese's shoulder pad strings as they outstanding accomplishments. Our School Pfepofe fo' on C'l'e"'oo" of d'lll5' Board saw fit to honor the "gridders" with a time dinner. The Quarterback Club spon- sored a huge presentation banquet in which the players were teted, and each player received a football jacket. The most out- standing honor, however, was the presen- tation of a trophy which designated Arnold as the winner ofthe Allegheny Valley Con- ference. This award was presented by the Valley Daily News. 5 Mr. Frank Martin Coach 69 1 . ' K4 ,Y- 8 'TF f W. ip, w .P-. ,,.., I F. Mon1elecne P. Bengel Moresi M. Toney R. Sieorman R. Greco L. Wulkowick D. Pollone Ansani D. COSfCf1ZG J. Vrudny J. Morro Bengel J. Runco J. Hess J. Chickowski 70 wwltq, Vrudny and Inglese team up to bring a Plum Twp. player to earth. Marra and Walkowiak arrive to give additional assistance. Knowledge gained by practice proves to be invaluable. The future of the Arnold High School football team is dependent upon the development of a strong iunior varsity squad. Our junior varsity team is handicapped by the absence of a iunior high football team here at Arnold. The job of training this group there- fore becomes much more difficult. Each day this eager group could be seen practicing the fundamentals of the game. Occa- sional scrimmages with the varsity enabled them to gain valuable experience. The team played Springdale and Freeport and although they were not successful, they cer- tainly showed great improvement. Mr. Peretti and Mr. Haiel have done an ex- cellent iob in developing Arnold's future gridiron material. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL First Row: R. Stull, Mgr., R. Burkett, T, Forsht. Second Row: J. Girardi, P. DeMao, R. Polsinelli, E. Morgante, R. Monteleone, C. Picone, J. Klems, C. Overly, J. Buzzinotti, R. Posati. Third Row: J. Vietto, T. Warden, E. Williams, E. Hickman, B. Rakoczy, C. Swanderski, F. Kaczkowski, H. Briggs, O. Castorina, C. Rusnock, L. Calabrese. Fourth Row: Mr. W. Haiel, Coach, R. Inglese, J. Posteraro, B. Suprano, R. Farmery, R. Lloyd, L. Thomas, S. Reo, J. Tuleibitz, T, Pituch, H. Schrack, Mr. M. Peretti, Coach. -T 4 .5 Qu?-v i Sw A1 1,35 i f XZ' IIII Don't let him have it!! ch for that ba .. SEASON'S RECORD A H S Opp. Tcirentum Swissvale . . North Braddock Wilkinsburg Freeport Springdale Oakmont Central Catholic Vandergrift New Kensington Kittanning Har Brock Ford City . Butler ., Beaver Falls Springdale Vandergrift New Kensington Kittanning Har Brack Ford City Butler Mr. l. F. McGuire Coach Our cagers displayed true teamwork and sportsmanship .K s I ' M. K J. Vrudny R. Sfeormon 5. .V Q N f s f A C. Snyder C. Szoch L. Wcxlkowiuk R. Lamendolo A. Ansoni J. Runco, Mgr. 74 46'a4lmtbalL Basketball program highlights year's sports activities JUNIOR vARslrY scones Jumon HIGH scones A H s OPP- A.H.s. Opp 36 I9 Tarentum . ., . . . .. Swissvale ........... ....s, . , North Braddock ., Wilkinslourg ...... ,.,.... . .. Freeport ...... ,...,.. . ,. Springdale Oakmont Central Catholic . ......,.. . Vandergrift .....,.,. . ,.s. . New Kensington .. ,..... .. .. . Kittanning .. ,. ..,.Har Brackn... . .. Ford City ,..... ...... . . Butler ........... .,..,, . , . Beaver Falls .,... . ,, , .. Springdale ..,. ....... . ., Vandergrift . New Kensington .. .. .. . ., Kittanning .,..... . ..... ...Har Brack ,..,,. ..,.. , . Ford City . . . Butler JUNIOR VARSITY First Row: E. Hickman, N. De- Mao, E. Yancasky, D. Rywak Second Row: R. Posati, Mgr. A, Jelterson, F. Vrudny, B. Daro, G. Bollinger, D. Joseph, Mr. Ter- linski, Coach. JUNIOR HIGH First Row: J. Como, T. Sarniak J. Berzcek, R. Polsinelli, R. Pi- segna, D. Prokopik. Second Row H. Kiely, Mgr., S. Fedan, E. Wil- liams, R. Farmery, D. Hornan F. Kaczkowski, P. Ludwiczak Mr. R. Romito, Coach. 75 1 ., Main Street ,. Springdale ,, Stewart Tarentum Ridge Avenue Natrona Heights .. Main Street .. ., Springdale ., ... Stewart ,. Tarentum . , Ridge Avenue Natrona Heights UQNB30 Firsi Row: R. Shaw, K. Mele, N. DeMao, D. Molli, J. Runco, l.. Wolkowiak Second Row C Kuros E Rosafi, A. Ansani, E. Kondrad, J. Marrn, Mr. O. J, Phillips, Coach. Third Row D Coslanza Mgr T Zam perini, J. Picone, P. liput, J. Gurbinski, R. Moses, Mgr. a6'aA.e6alL Spring lever and baseball go hand in hand SEASON'S Arnold., ,. 6 Arnold . . , l Arnold . . . . 2 Arnold . . . ., 0 Arnold . .. 4 Arnold , .. ,'lO Arnold.. ., ,. O Arnold.. ,. 14 Arnold ,... . 0 Arnold .. . 5 RECORD Tarentum . ll Freeport . . 2 Har Brack . . 7 Springdale , 'IO Ken Hi ,. . , 6 Tarentum 9 Freeport . , 1 Springdale , . . 8 KenHi. ..,. 5 Har Brock . , 3 Runcc and Marra display lheir lalenls 76 i dllllbld, Sclwnl As we the class of '58 prepare to leave our high school in this age of H-bombs, rockets, guided missiles and the Sputnik, and as education is being re-evaluated in terms of the advances in science and technology, we pause to refiect not only upon our immediate future, but also upon the efforts of the teachers who have brought us to this stage of our development. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all our teachers, and especially to those faithful and patient students they have taught in their many years of service. CLASS COLORS S' W H' Blue and White ?'m"m"c ' CLASS FLOWER -+W- Carnation ll f CLASS MOTTO Knowledge is the key to life's door, we have but stepped inside the door. 77 Sue Johns Kay McCracken Phyllis Papa Paul Hess Q, 3 Judy Miller Alvin Ansani Phillip Bianco Ray Laurito Barbara Saska Kay McCracken Leadership Sue Johns Publicaiions Paul Hess Scholarship Phyllis Papa Dramaiics Judy Miller Business Education Alvin Ansani Athleiics Ray Laurifo Vocational Phillip Bianco Music Barbara Saska Home Economics and and and and and and and and and and and and and and HIULDM Band ' Bonmtelut, Mrs Joseph Hollyoake Mr. and Mrs. Charles Whetzel Mrs Harold Kelley Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson Mrs. Cy Lucerne Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Artuso Mrs. W. C. Preisser Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bruncsak Mrs Patsy Salandria Mrs. Joseph Bruncsak Mrs Samuel Snyder Mr. and Mrs Raymond Korowicki Mrs John Thimons Mr. and Mrs Joseph Moresi Mrs Charles Tomasik Mr. and Mrs Kenneth Settlemeyer Mrs Alfonso Como Mr. and Mrs Samuel Toney Mrs. Walter Malik Mr. and Mrs Paul Trombetta Mrs. John Butler Mr. and Mrs Samuel Corey Mrs Walter McCollim Mr. and Mrs Frank Suatoni Mrs Bruno DeBastiani Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Frabotta Mrs Gino Conte Mr. and Mrs Louis Molli President ..... . Vice President , . Financial Secretary , ,.,. . Corresponding Secretary ,,.,.,. Treasurer , . Mr. Russell Pituch Mr. Frank Prescott Mrs. Robert Cable Mrs. Boyd Allen Mr. Cosmos Rossi Recording Secretary . ,.,.... Mrs. Edward Karluk 80 QONS ff: Tx It THE ARNOLD LIONS CODE OF ETHICS To show my faith in the worthiness of my vocation by indus- trious application to the end that I may merit a reputation for quality of service. To seek success and to demand all fair remuneration or profit as my iust due, but to accept no profit or success at the price of my own self respect lost because of unfair advantage taken or because of questionable acts on my part. To remember that in building up my business it is not neces- sary to tear down another's, to be loyal to my clients or customers and true to myself. Whenever a doubt arises as to the right or ethics of my posi- tion or action towards my fellow man, to resolve such doubt against myself. To hold friendship as an end and not a means-To hold that true friendship exists not on account of the service per- formed by one to another, but that true friendship de- mands nothing but accepts service in the spirit in which it is given. Always to bear in mind my obligations as a citizen to my nation, my state and my community, and to give to them my unswerving loyalty in work, act, and deed. To give them freely of my time, labor, and means. To aid my fellow man by giving my sympathy to those in distress, my aid to the weak, and my substance to the needy. To be careful with my criticisms and liberal with my praise, to build up and not destroy. ARNOLD LIONS STUDENT LOAN FUND Our club has established a Student Loan Fund to help needy students attend schools of higher learning. Please contact any member of the Fund Committee for qualifications. F. Corey, Chairman A. Tannas W. Krupa Committee 81 Congratulations from W. R. GOTT ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES FURNITURE AND RUGS FIFTH AVENUE ARNOLD H. A. KLINGENSMITH Si SONS "if it's HARDWARE we have it" APPLIANCES - PAINTS - SPORTING GOODS 912 Fifth Ave. New Kensington, Pa. Dial: EDison 7-4541 Compliments of AL'S TELEVISION RADIO 81 APPLIANCE RCA VICTOR Sales Service Color Black and White High Fidelity 1706 Fifth Ave. Arnold, PG- EDison 5-1961 82 Compliments of NEW KENSINGTON ARMY AND SPORTING GOODS STORE Painting Supplies - Work Clothes - Sporting Goods 412 Tenth St. Phone ED. 5-5261 NEW KENSINGTON, PA. BLOSER'S Official Jewelers To Arnold High School 960 Fourth Avenue New Kensington Pennsylvania Compliments of MANZELLA FUNERAL HOME 1509 Fifth Avenue Arnold, PQ, Congratulations DEFELICE ond FRABOTTA'S ARNOLD FLOWER SHOP "Fashions in Flowers" ED 5-4661 1727 FIFTH AVE. ARNOLD, PENNA. 83 ARNOLD SUPER CLEANERS WE CLEAN CLOTHES CLEANER AII Work Done In Our Own Plont CARL GENTILE FRANK "Peggy" NELSON Phone: EDison 5-5411 1805 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Po. THE STORE OF FASHIONS 955 Fourth Ave. New Kensington, Po. CONGRATULATIONS BEARER ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. NEW KENSINGTON, PA. We BUY ond SELL USED CARS .IEROME MOTOR COMPANY OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC SAFETY TESTED USED CARS SPORTS CAR CENTER Phone: EDison 7-4563 New Kensington, Po. 84 CONGRATULATIONS The Senior Class of 1958 and the Arnold School System AMERICAN WINDOW GLASS COMPANY Arnold Plant We are proud of having served the community of Arnold, Pa. for over 50 years, and we are also pleased that our present expansion program will further enhance the welfare of your community. Our continued progress has been due to the excel- lent cooperation and fine workmanship of the mem- bers of your community. General Office AMERICAN WINDOW GLASS COMPANY Farmers Bank Building PITTSBURGH 22, PA. 85 FURNACES FRIGIDAIRE AIR-CONDITIONING F I I 6 I D A I I I AUTOMATIC HEATING 81 SUPPLY CO. EDison 5-8532 938 Drey St. NEW KENSINGTON, PA. Compliments of SCOTT'S BAKERY 727 North St. New Kensington, Pa. EDison 5-375I ARNOLD BUlLDER'S SUPPLY Hardware 81 Paints Plumbing 8. Heating Steel Sash 8K Glass Office 81 Yord-2032 KIMBALL AVENUE Phone EDison 7-6536 Congratulations Class of '58 DONATI'S SERVICE STATION GULF IS YOUR BEST BET 1610 Freeport Road Phone: EDison 9-9275 86 Compliments of JOHN C. DONAHER FUNERAL HOME 'I369 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Po. LUMBER - MILLWORK - ROOFING - PAINT ARNOLD LUMBER CO. Fourth Avenue ct The Lumber Number Fourteenth Street EDison 7-4700 CENTRAL DRUG STORES "Friendly Hometown Service NEW KENSINGTON, PA. 87 Compliments of SUNOCO SERVICE STATION Pick-up ond Delivery - Creclit Cords Honored Freeport Rd. and Murray Ave. ARNOLD, PA. Phone ED. 9-9196 JOHNNY DAVIS, Proprietor WA tul IIOEIS loss of '58 ' ,I f I I c s Nfl t I RANCE AGENCY 1 Fltt veg! I If A ' I ., Arnold, Po. W , Ji W LL ' 5, BES LESS J t Vt0DonL f ge V ry EDC: s orgoin Day Here y 71 . ' in ,Al . - A' T A 8. soNs W" .U A E , MEATS AND FRulTs lf 161 5 I1 ve Arnold, Pc. my .I FREE DEI.IVERYd!67 lllll fll'l:KQf'll.j is n5-2781 0 if EDison 5-2981 W l WI A ,lf I ,kill r Compliments of fb wARRlNGToN's 5 a. 10 I I Your Friendly Self-Service Variety Store 1702-O4 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Po. OPEN EVENINGS 88 THE KEYSTONE DAIRY CO. QUALITY PRODUCTS Dairy Store EDison 7-3568 329 Sixth Avenue MOntrose 1-3020 Congratulations Class of 1958 TURNER BOOK STORE COMMERCIAL STATIONERS Office Supplies, Stationery, Gifts, Greeting Cards and Engraving 919 Fifth Avenue Phone: EDison 7-6711 AR-KEN PLUMBING 8m HOME SUPPLY PLUMBING, PAINT 81 HARDWARE NO JOB TOO BIG - NO JOB TOO SMALL 1606 Fifth Avenue ARNOLD, PA. EDison 7-4311 Congratulations - Seniors GAETANO PILATI FRATERNAL AID Club No. 176 of Columbian Federation 1435 Fifth Avenue Arnold, PQ, 89 MEYER 8m JOHNSTON COMPANY SHEET METAL WORKS AIR CONDITIONING - HEATING - ROOFING INDUSTRIAL SHEET METAL WORK 'I548-50 Constitution Blvd ARNOLD, PA. Phone EDuson 5 I'l'I7 8K Phone EDison 5 6206 MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL SHEET METAL CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION EDWARD M. NEE TRANSFER AND STORAGE 306 Murray Ave. Phone: ARNOLD, PA. EDison 5-1761 90 Compliments of GLENN BUICK CO. When Better Automobiles Are Built Buick Will Build Them 710 Fifth Ave New Kensington Pa When You Think Of Insurance Think Of JOHN W. HUNGER AND DONALD H. HUNGER "Your Friends And Neighbors" UNITED GLASS AND CERAMIC WORKERS OF NORTH AMERICA CIO-CCL ARNOLD LOCAL NO. 17 EXECUTIVE BOARD Theodore Settlemyer President Harry A. Yobp Secretary Treasurer Frank E. Lemon Jr Vice President Ralph L. Sherbondy Trustee John J. Geisinger Chairman Anthony Marcantonio Trustee Victor Mangieri Vice Chairman Ralph Salvati . , Trustee Emilio Montemurro Inner Guard 91 Compliments of DAN H EATON 8 Hour Tread Service Easy Pay Plan open Friday Till 9 P. M. EDison 7-7656 WEST NEW KENSINGTON, PA Congratulations Class of 'I958 S K Y L I N E R 2134 Freeport Road New Kensington, Pa Compliments of IDEAL CLEANING CO. Boosting Arnold High School Since 1923 92 SHEHAB MOTOR SALES INC. Lincoln - Mercury - Safe Buy Used Cars 421 Freeport St. NEW KENSINGTON, PA. COMPLIMENTS NU-KEN CANDY AND CIGAR CO. W H O L E S A I. E R S 647 Fifth Avenue Phone: EDison 7-8821 Congratulations Class of 1958 SULLIVAN CH EVROLET EDison 7-3566 New Kensington, Pa. Congratulations Class of '58 SUZY'S "Where the Gang Loves to Meet" BEATRICE HANLON, Prop. Corner of Alcoa Dr. 8. Drey St. Phone: EDison 9-9439 93 Compliments of TRIANGLE ENGINEERING 81 STAMPING COMPANY 600 Second Avenu N w Kensingf P ROBERT S. RUSIEWICZ FUNERAL HOME ED 5 2841 FfhA F hS A IdP ED 99159 PROVENZO GULF SERVICE GASOLINE - BATTERIES - TIRES LUBRICATION - WASHING I4 h S 81 5 h A GUY PROVENZO P p ARNOLD PA Compliments of NORTH STREET SERVICE STATION DONALD A. BENGEL, Prop. ARNOLD, PA. Congratulations Seniors SONS OF COLUMBUS COUNCIL NO. 47 I620 Fourth Ave. Arnold, Pa. Evinrude Outboard Motors - Trojan - Aluma-craft ALTMAN'S MARINE SERVICE T815 4th Ave. Arnold, Pa. Jewelry Engraving and Repairing ALANN JEWELERS All Repair Work Tested Electronically On A Watch Master Certified Watchmaker 95 Chronograph Technician 'l60I Fifth Avenue ARNOLD, PA. GINO E. MAROTTA WATCHMAKER JEWELER Watch and Jewelry Repairing 306 - 17th St. Arnold, Pa. Gladly Serves Both Young and Old LOGAN LUMBER CO. Three Convenient Locations 845 Barnes St. 300 Fifth Street N. K., Pa. N. K., Pa. ED. 7-3527 415 Fourth Ave. Tar., Pa. AC. 4-2400 Remodeling and Repairs New Floors Installed of All Kinds Old Floors Sanded Kitchens Modernized Roofing - Siding HARRY B. BARNES General Contractor Builder of Fine Homes - Estimates Furnished Mortgages - Financing Phone EDison 7-3210 1058 Edgewood Road New Kensington, Pa. MEADOW GOLD DAIRIES, INC. "QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS" 1240 Fourth Avenue Phone: EDison 7-7635 New Kensington, Pa. 96 Compliments of L. U. NO. 302 UNITED STEEL WORKERS OF AMERICA 'I035 Th d Avenue New K g P MILLER BROS. S H O E S N w Kensing1on's Largest Shoe S N Syl F Th T 908 5 h A N K P Manffuf C2LfAe5 Ar C3157 caving K U R R E N C A S U A L S I0 h S N K P Compliments of GLADE NEWS and SPECIALTY SHOPPE EDison 9-9424 Leechburg Rd. New Kens'ngton, P VOLAND'S PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY J. A. and L. A. VOLAND, Pharmacists Leechburg Road Tel. ED. 5-2661 New Kensington, Pa MENZIE DAIRY Your Home Town Dairy Service Leechburg Rd. ED. 5-2621 Congratulations Class of 1958 SOCIETA OPERAIA UMBRIA 1714-16 Third Avenue Arnold, Pa. SHOES AND HOSIERY FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY LOUIS' SHOE STORE 1715 Fifth Avenue EDison 7-8151 Arnold, Pa. 98 THE NEW HOTEL EDNA Welcomes You Restaurant EDison 5-0990 1733 Fifth Ave. Arnold, Pennc. Compliments of KELLER ELECTRIC COMPANY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR AND DEALER Fifth Avenue cnt Eighth Street Phone: EDison 7-3597 New Kensington, Pa. Compliments of UKRAINIAN CITIZENS CLUB Corner of 4th Avenue 8. 14th St. ARNOLD, PA. Compliments of .lACOB'S SPORTING GOODS 4I0 Ninth Street NEW KENSINGTON EDison 7-4641 "If lt's Sports We Hove It" 99 9 9 ' M' y 9 9 9 ,I '4 4 W v U . ' ' " FAH , s ICFCQ RLM r gy 5 I v K .Q cy I1 fy., of-AB by ,X+hf55l5,f9LowEy5,5HoP N J' MP: J My Ever i ' Qwers ffm 713' 'W th jp ihone: EDison 7 I ,WM mi WP M T I . Ko K JV. M. DOMINIC FAVE O my sz W'5URA: V E MEAE ggieechburg Road NewK P K EDDlE's NQCO SERVICE I TS, Pro. G T -6 2844 Leechb Rd Phone ED. 9-9394 Where Qualii y Counts and Prices are Low MANGANELLO'S FRUIT MARKET open 7 days a week A f F Iy D -an Th 1 Leechburg Rd. N w Kensingt P Congratulations Class of 1958 FORWARD AMERICA LODGE 127 OF ITALIAN SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF AMERICA ARNOLD PENNSYLVANIA CALL FOR CONGRATULATIONS vII?hmtheCoCI5cur1 CLASS or STORE ADDRESS 1958 ARNOLD, PA. 0 ING STREET ARN Best Wishes To Th wi '05 QT ax cw 'QM COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF ARNOLD JOHN FEDAN 81 CO. fn O JZ WEQMQMM Jw A ky X J 0,1511 Z l'gj'l.HB1'.WB JJ W Jjwwwffif KW W x 6,71 spE"EiX'iQi2rs nsconmn CAKES ron ALL occnslous POTTER'S EDison 7-4241 1900 Kenneih Ave. ARNOLD, PA. W L M2691 WW ,M WMM COMPLIMENTS OF WEAR-EVER ALUMINUM NEW KENSINGTON PENNSYLVANIA NEW KENSINGTON TYPEWRITER COMPANY 931 Fifth Avenue NEW KENSINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA All Makes Portable Typewriters Terms-51.25 Weekly EDison 7-3525 8. 7-3526 JOHNSTON HARDWARE CO. PLUMBING AND HEATING Soles cmd Service Pittsburgh Plate Gloss - Pclints T034 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Po. 104 Compliments of CONNER'S HOBBY HAVEN 404 Tenth Street Phone ED. 5-4241 New Kensington, Pa. Compliments of JOHN 81 RUSS' BAR EDison 9-9208 1710 5th Ave. ARNOLD Compliments HECKER'S SERVICE STATION Corner of Richmond St. and Freeport Road Congratulations Class of '58 Phone: EDison 9-9274 Compliments of LORANT'S TAVERN "CHICKEN IN THE RUFF" 1902 Leishman Ave. Arnold, Pa. 105 PRAHA CAFE GOOD FOOD OF ALL KINDS 1724 26 Fifth Avenue Arnold Po Compliments of THE ARNOLD DRUG STORE 1707 Fifth Avenue Arnold Po Phone EDlson 7 6508 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF 1958 1111? Nil A I I ARNOLD VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT 106 The :Lu Store 5 AVE I LIVEQV 5 42l PA. I EDISON L59 . -I RUG S Wi DE PRESCRIPTION PHARMACISTS HERMAN MARTIN CARL MARTIN ERNEST MARTIN Compliments of TONY'S BAR AND GRILL 510 McCandless St. Arnold, Pct. ROBERT'S FU RN ITU RE CO. Custom Living Rooms - Wall to Wall Carpeting Bedrooms - Contemporary and Modern Interior Decorating Service Free 'I627 - 5th Ave. Arnold, Pa. T07 VALOS HOUSE OF CANDY Distinctive HOME MADE Candy ED. 5-5281 X! A om, PA. 1718 Fifth Ave. Also f, N ensington Plaza I 1 i.. 1 A S GLASS SHOP f + I MQ AU , PLATE, WINDOW W ss INSTALLED wg F M Avenue Phone: EDison 7-3321 JIM ELIAS GARAGE ED. 9-9046 ED. 5-2451 NOVOTNY AUTO BODY OFFICIAL ' GARAGE 1385 FIFTH AVE., NEW KENSINGTON, PA. 24 hour Towing Service IKE MILLER GEORGE ELIAS ED. 5-6424 ED. 7-6178 Compliments of GROTTESE MEN'S ASSOCIATION 1905 LEISHMAN AVE. ARNOLD, PA. 108 KIM? AW!! l Wy f ,lv 'lf , cofo Lmons , iff A J, 'gsAsiWZ9a MAJ IQDPAQRENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION A Lf M M c:oM L EN s ALLEGHENY VALLEY INDUSTRIAL UNION COUNCIL NEW KENSING O Compliments of THE ARNOLD DRUG STORE 707 Ff h Avenue Ar Id also our, TOWN AND COUNTRY PHARMACY Freeport Road New Kensington, P . MIIIIIWUII JIM WI, It M PM i ,J . IL. I NQWNS IQIATION or pkpyiflglifwimil M SALARIED V OYEES UNION REPRESENTATIVE FOR SALARIED EMPLOYEES WORKING AT THE NEW KENSINGTON WORKS OF THE ALUMINUM CO. OF AMERICA OFFICERS C. A. Burford ,. , . . ,. . .. President H. A. Hoover . , , , , Ist Vice President R. F. Frubottci . Sec'y-Treasurer Harry Sproull . . 2nd Vice President EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Ralph Cunning Harry SprouII Frank Lecnor Vincent Sacomono T. E. Scheftic R. Mozzotta R. Hopkins James A. CuIIerton -in I l I 'I'I0 Compliments of ARNOLD AMERICAN LEGION and LADIES AUXILIARY of POST 684 1728 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pennsylvania "For God cmd Country We Associate Ourselves Together." Compliments of ITALIAN AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY LODGE 119 ' nm.. Affiliated with the ITALIAN SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF AMERICA I8tl'1 Street 4th Avenue I ARNOLD PENNSYLVANIA 'l'I1 ..u. an 'AA .....r im - . w I ".. ' ,. . , . I,l,,,, 1.1.3 P.. , . h W E , W F .L W V V- . ,W A , '- - ... ' m .W 15075 W d ony ar arluk MMM Q' D A. M rini am 'H' G ' My gf Mr. . do Lisciurelli 4 v P no's et Mr a d Mrs. Patsy Rich Harney Andrew S. Romifo Sam's Tavern Sarniak's . et iffy Simpvifbpj, QTaIlarico's Shm Ge rmes ervlce Stahon DW. Soroka DP W. Thomas The Jeno' Shop Walfer's Bar B-Q Mr and Mrs Peter Jullano Sr Guzzi's Shoe Repair L 4 . I K at A ? . i 1 14. I , Q 3' Q 1, R x 2 . 4 v if I YE ,QW Y 'T . 4' A -V , . 15. 1 , 1 I . A Q gtg. K Mm n ., 'S s - ' gf, Q ., ,. 'Q w' 1 , . , V . , 1- 4 l 5 I r 1 f i 4 4 9 I J y I ' 'Mr A l s I in-L 'n!, A 's ,N 4 .nyf fu-f 1 - v- -..--w -4. ...rlnf -sl 1-.. ,4.-,,,,,,1,,v4,,:v,Qrf,....-1v1v5.f., .. -'fwfm-1 x V V , and In W at if nbvu X A M, V ., ,VN 1, ,,.,,., A., 2:4-5 . -Q . .WK .-J- ' . m., ., ...Q-. .0 J .' V f " ' 5' ' '. 1 , "T -'-YR?-JP3'-'f?i'T f,,7i.-,- k.::,:1:.3:ii::1'..IL?tC:z.x. w 'wk , - 1 -. 1 'if-f: " " " "" " " '- 'T ' ' "Y ' ""' rn -Q--1 X X -.-.- fy. -5

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