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Text from Pages 1 - 124 of the 1956 volume:

' i g N b K ,Z Ps 'Q , x r, . ' N622 L- . I fm V- K fifiig , ,Q ' X " fr f Yfvi'I"? 'R' ft J ' J'xgiyifgsggf.f:SzQ'1wX:g 4. " ' if gf X,,:faQg - . fa, I fz:3vWW:fG.x " siwa-:3f"::fgfif-f as WW -Q- A-Nm W M-sw ffm: ,S A V 3 Qs -img Y tx gi. vga , w , 1 P 3 - ' l, 1 ' -, .- - wma ' - 1 ' Jn. ,. ,, ' -,I 1' , V ., A . ,H -,I gf-1' . , 4 1 .J n ,' jig-."1t.tLvA -, - . A . ,,, 3.3 14 , MMM my M733 FD aw my fdwfwffhi 4 ,W wf rw? wg? Wfsifjwjtplgfggz .W ' 10 W My NPN 0 ff v I' VXWWVEMW L W ' ' L ' . , L? f V 5 ,av i' 1,151 ,1 , gg V., 'fm' "' - Q Lx- A N , L I n M 1 ' 3-'Q :fs 1 - ' ,,' A."1"-1 6 : NSF ':,,lfi+.i Z1-Y "W" Aww .hluuffliug MMT! Q , 3 Dedication Roy A. Hunt Present chairman of the Executive Commit- tee of the Aluminum Company of America and former president of the Aluminum Company of America. to whom our high school was dedicated during this our senior year and for whom we have profound admiration because of his sincere, wholehearted interest in the general welfare of our community and school and because of his gentle, friendly spirit. We the Class of 1956 respectfully dedicate this volume. l l lCdt J K k Bb HI THE 1956 F kPII Presented by of Arnold ool, Arnold, Pa 2 Y l v N- i-,-I.. 'mf 1 sg! "' rr A i .Z A -9.1 Q ,, ii- ffl Lin. 1' ,. ., an , . as -. ' fy 4: 5.-. i was. . A ,, Y? ry' .. ,wxlary f Q7 7 fg, ' , K . 'QW g ,A 53 ,VV 4,I: , 'I . A . P if f'- , iffy .V .:,,, A f A 1 5 2 Q62 ,n ,Mx 66 ag, Q- 1 5 I I N h. ' 5 I X "b x Q Q ' " . 5 V , .', ' nf Y , , tu f x , 4 1, .kg '-- A YT-5 . '41 Q 3,1 .Nw : V , 1 k 'WE k Q . A W A . 5 if f , . Rf 4- we. - 2 f. '- fr ? k f .5 mv n ' r 5, 3 I i Y 'ar, l ww I' Q , 1 , f I- .rm ' f L :JM ,A , L31 , ,V .JW A Q2 H ff' ,Q RM. FV 'i E A YT sr ik if rw. -HF A ' . Wmx.: E ff is gs? l fi A W H .W A , Q- A i WS, Q iw ig . 5 wmxwffif mv!- v Yfi.,., ' , ff ' W ' A A, ,.,'s' fs Q3 3 gk . ..:, IZ, ff 5 ii, iAW, A n, 1: bqzqi 3 A 3 LLV- 5, L 2 W x W I Q 3 5 : T Q1 'u sg 5 JM- --w--- Here it isp hold it-it's yours! The hundreds of hours of intense labor are yours. The hopes, the disappointments of a few students like you now exist visually in the pages of the annual you hold before you. Purpose and interest produced this book, and only the realization of those two forces will make it a success. The sincerity of the editors and their helpers is easily recognizable despite the frivolity and informality which charac- terized the formative days of the book. A Contents ,scsi , , -..:' if , X if,-., ,fax A x V, -,,Q4t.!,k. People Page 8 - 66 tif , i lgtif ,X D. . V V-:Nix-v . - ,, ,...,t. -4-'vi lL,..tY',,,Q',x x ' . , , ,4,.43,, w.:vM..+,-Jf,'p.t ', , '3:5ny. s. -sfs.,,:r:,v A Q, Y, .. .xx Activities Page 50 - 67 1- Ml, 5.K.t,,,.i,1 'i . f. ' ' Q a 1 '-"Q f-,fit ' . . 9 v 5 4 .lf M, AY'-,4 ,. , -- s ,X ., .. -,A V we -I 7A:x:d3i V -v:,,g.,13p:! :N 1.-,g,v3:,'-.f'm"'X :1f'f?tt,.':-,-:.., -. V- ' A , L ,.'i.i'.-,413 exif-fP':'a2s9'e-Lgssf-1 t Athletics Page 68 - 81 . . . 1 ' 'I - f f ,' 2 L ,-A,dicf:5lE,A,1 .JDK-1-2:-,.v il Y. . . L f K if Lf f t 4 5 p X ,I lvlf 5 ,A ,Lf ,Lf f .ff . '17 5 f I " Ur- ' fffff' , ,Q , '7 , 'i?l9ff" , if ff- .f M!! V ,ff ' l ,', School, city and industrial hierarchy The Roy A. Hunf Building W xi '53 S Y f w o ffa . '--' ' X, " M' , 3 . qY7'. .Ia , sw 'K' 30: ii 55, . xf 'gf P. A , iq W fi W , X ?'w'QX1 fm, as QQ ' 4' v Alf if 'f N n , 4 . " .5 ' . , W m fp .b. J 5g'g giqkgih ' xykwxvxrym L K- A Chm.ywhudky6anw4MmMhuIbcowhjbhve -an '3'fQi!ffffig3l-'fl-'inf f Q2QiHf'wf+fH1 Q VW5iY?-P 1 .R ik , 15 9 . ,M S?'f, ' A ggwik, i TF gi! 3 A 1, 5 .4-MXH' , A I 1 Q-Q. , ., ' N Mk 5 3, N?i,,ki.ggg K A A qi k .. A f.. k N f Q at x W xg W A 'Q ' sei fwf- Administration Faculty Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Grades fire - 1 Mi-ei clz yi V X WW ,,-vf' w I . f ' E fav M Q gg? , S A 3 Y, Q 2,5 wa .,,. ,, N, E X g, an 3 'M v '- ,..f1 ,, nu A. wr. Q ,rw- 1 7V .W .41 x. ix k'+-Q G. Vairo, Secretary .X Administration l . e rday A Atuden M . . . day Z leader-A X A. Romito, Solicitor First row: F. Meyer, R. Tierney, A. Bianco, D. Flocker. Second row: J. Hollick, E. Humeniuk, N. Pallone. Board of Education Every institution, in order to survive and accomplish its purpose, must have a strong, dependable foundation. Such is true of education. Our own school board serves as a foundation of our school system. Elected by fellow citizens these seven men strive to complete many tasks placed in their capable hands. Their wise judgments, arrived at only after considerable thought, have molded the philosophy of the Arnold Public Schools. We, the graduating class of 1956, congratulate you at the climax of another successful year. 10 H. D. BERKEY Indiana State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh Superintendent May your generation awaken the world to the fact that construction and not destruction is its better destiny, that victories over disease, fear, ignorance and intolerance won by the beneficial tools of peace are more to be desired than victories won by the cataclysmic tools of war. Live well each day your life of ser- vice and accomplishment for which you have already had an encouraging start. By continuous learning, searching and thinking straight may you find each to- morrow better than today. Each of the past twelve years has been to you a change, a step, a grade. Clad in an academic robe, the symbol of attainment, you now stand at the top of those steps. From this new perspective you have willingly even reioicingly bid farewell to those years of petty struggle. Only faintly do you understand the far greater struggle ahead. Toward this struggle you have been climbing, for it you have been preparing, and by it at this hour you are irresistibly drawn. Step forth! The new strife awaits you. Enter it with wisdom to recognize its truth, with courage to combat its error, and with faith to perceive its ultimate gcal. W. ' is X A 'M 5 0. 31: A -stu A f' t " ' .,. 1, ' 'ti r o - V. . , .Ki.L,?s'3?' U4 x . .'..-v.-ryan. ,Q 5 . ln Qi' as il .Q cfs' ., Qs- 1-'W' . i V- . ' .rv Avirzsp - A 0 'X',x'fH-' ' Qui 'W . tty? V f Hgh:-J J. J. PALLONE Indiana State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania State University Principal 1. G. C. Mcl.AUGHlIN Waynesburg College University of Pittsburgh Titel, provide Assistant Principal A great industrialist tells us that there are two kinds of courage. One is a spontaneous explosion of aroused instincts to meet some sudden emer- gencyp the other is steadfast and en- during ogainst repeated failures and rebufis. All of you will need a great amount of the latter as you plunge into the world of tomorrow. Each time you make a decision for your future, you are girding yourself with that kind of courage. Miss Caldwell's English class I2 the foundation upon which we build learning good 1657 -you ,-fx 559 'SZ Gffvland E J M. K. Bafiste V. A. Bushnell M. E. Cipollc M. O. Caldwell L. J. Clark . J. Dedu R. E. Cribbs A. M. DeRose A. P. Gcrella D. Ferranie D. A. Gcsper W. F. Huiel E. J. Ho P. Mclrinelli F. Mcxriin L. F. McGuire C. O. Gilberi ltz M. Klein A. M. McCormick A. G. Moses I4 L. F. Puletta EE. M. Margaret M. Batiste Grove City College Business Education Virginia A. Bushnell Pennsylvania College for Women Latin, English Margaret O. Caldwell Grove City College English Mary Ellen Cipolla Westminster College University of Pittsburgh English and Spanish Jean l. Clark Indiana State Teachers College English Ruth E. Cril-abs Indiana State Teachers College Business Education Joseph J. Deda University of Pittsburgh Social Studies, Science Mind your angles and degrees! Antoinette M. Dellose Grove City College English Dorothy R. Ferrante Seton Hill College Music Albert P. Garella California State Teachers College Mathematics Dorothy l. Gasper Pennsylvania State University Health, Physical Education Charles O. Gilbert University of Pittsburgh Auto Shop William F. Haiel Edin boro State Teachers College Mathematics Edgar J. Holtz St. Francis College Science eart o co-operation and 0 mana Milton Klein Duquesne University Social Studies Peter Marinelli California State Teachers College Industrial Arts Frank Martin St. Vincent College Social Studies Anno Mae McCormick Carnegie Institute of Technology Art lawrence F. McGuire Carnegie Institute of Technology University of Pittsburgh Vocational Counselor Related Vocational Subiects Albert G. Moses Duquesne University Music Leonard F. Paletta Duquesne University Social Studies Making things easier ement Sf' 'x 5 fllgfi' 'jk iff? Y .1 Using the micrometer Tune-up time Business Education Mario l. Peretti Wittenberg College University of Pittsburgh Science, Mathematics Oliver J. Phillips University of Chattanooga Health, Physical Education Ruth M. Sack University of Pittsburgh English Clara Jo Sakaluk Indiana State Teachers College Business Education Walter M. Sakaluk Indiana State Teachers College Driver Education Robert L. Scalpello Indiana State Teachers College Geography, History State Universit Y on the road to aclaiealemen t. Bernard F. Scherer St. Vincent College English Henry Schimpf University of Pittsburgh Machine Shop Ruth A. Sipes Slippery Rock State Teachers College Mathematics Alice G. Strittmatter . Pennsylvania State University Home Economics Alex Tannas Mercer University Social Studies Robert M. Terlinski Indiana State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh Social Studies Louise S. Ventura Carnegie Institute of Technology Home Economics 'I6 Nicholas A. Ventura Carnegie Institute of Technology Duquesne University Vocational Director Mathematics, Related Vocational Subiects Inez E. Wallis Pennsylvania College for Women University of Pittsburgh English, History Dr. l. C. Ceraso Bucknell University Temple University School Physician Dr. E. J. Stevens University of Pittsburgh School Dentist Frances Tannas, R. N. Nursing School Martin's Ferry, Ohio School Nurse Frances J. Massimini Secretary, General Office Rose Nevins High School Secretary F. B. Pollone R. Suck M. L. Peretii O. J. Phillips C. J. Sakcluk W. M. Sakaluk R. L. Scclpello B. F. Scherer H. Schimpf R. A. Sipes A. Stritlmuffer A. Tunnus R. M. Terlinslti L, S. Venfuru N. A. Ventura I. E. Wallis L. C. Ceruso E. J. Stevens F. Tcmnas F. J. Mcssimini R. Nevins The 1956 Seniors 5el2fff"5ff-- Aclwol 6ellA D. Stewart President J. Korowicki Secretary F. Suntoni Vice President Miss M. E. Cipollu Advisor A. McMillan Treasurer Mr. W. Haiel Advisor DANIEL R. STEWART MARY ELLEN CIPOLLA Academic "Danny" Class Advisor - 1953-1956 Responsible and reliable Senior Class president . .. Always 'Found behind the scene Friendly and sin- cere . . . Vigorous, often argumentative, always absorb- ing . .. Determined. JOAN ELAINE KOROWICKI ALFRED A. McMILLAN Academic "Jeanie" Academic "Al' A lovely and vivacious varsity cheerleader Has Our capable Student Council and Choir president big, beautiful brown eyes Made most of her pretty Energetic and trustworthy Has a wonderful wardrobe Her friendliness has won her many last- voice He ranks as a grand all-around boy. ing companions. FRANK J. SUATONI WILLIAM F. HAJEL Academic "Frank" Class Advisor - 1953-'I956 Always a gentleman Has drive and a vision of achievement ... Arnold's future M. D. ... Handsome . . . Knows his own mind . . . Gives girls a rough time Full of surprises. I8 fa! ing of the autumn lem1eA RONALD E. ABEL Vocational Carefree Will melt any heart with Bright blue eyes. KATHRYN A. ABRAHAM Commercial Always seen with Elaine Quiet Would like to ioin the WAVES. JANE F. ADAMCZYK Commercial Neat Very studious Spends her library Quiet, but very likable and amicable. LOUIS D. ADAMS Academic Rough an the basketball court Like black "Olds" Quite a heartbreaker. RICHARD E. ALLEN Academic Brawny Friendly Good looking A hard-fighting member of our football GLORIA M. ARABIA Commercial A sweet and petite young lady . . . Has fashion Will be an excellent beautician. PATRICIA A. ARTUSO Commercial Soft-spoken young lady with a pleasant Gentle ... Determined. PAULINE V. L. BAKER Commercial Her lively antics are shared by Darla .. . to any crowd. ROBERTA L. BARTOLACCI Academic Someday she may be your nurse Che ffkont, that smile "Kathy" Keeps busy "Janie" evenings at the Hlouu s to ride in his "Dick" in a quiet way team. nsogieu o flair for fine "Toots" disposition . . . "Pauline" Peppy addition "Bert" ery and friendly with a smile for all Always willing to lend a hand. RICHARD N. BATTEN Academic nnickt, Fast man on the baseball field Never a dull moment when this little "Cat" is around. JEAN V. BECK Academic "Jeannie" Nice to know ... Proud of her long hair . . . Likoble personality. RONALD H. BECKER General "Ron" Plans to ioin forces with Uncle Sam . .. Always skimming on the edge of nonsense. Looking for the birdie QQ x 7 Q -. F --1 X .. B qqv-N. Vuln- T110 P. A. Beigle M. D. Bellovicx P. D. Bellomo T. G, Bengel ,I f L - 1 W fl WN ax. .B. Berc ll 3-MTA. Q L' El D. L. Berkey D. L. Berfolino ' ,W--mv' E K. B. Bonzuni . fy ' I l S- . I .U N-Mvrl l R N is Q W Q. ,pc-" f i 3 Hui' r Y i I E I I ..- N .-. law . .' . .,. ,A Vw, J ,. En ..... fs I A T 1. ... . l , . ? : .I X V - if f' f L K. .Qi G, Bordoncro H. L. Bosfic P. Brown P. A. Bruncscxk P. A, Buchanan G. A. Bulwl R. W. Callahan W, M. Campbell J. L. Curabin A. R. Castorinu L. H. Ceruso J, J. Cevorio A. F, Clwipolelli V. N. Choltco D. D, chomyuk P, L. Cionculll 20 Seniors The gridiron tlu-illd arf our pigsllzin lner-veA . . . PATRICIA A. BEIGLE Academic nPa'n lndustrious and dependable lass Her obiective is to travel abroad . . . Gracious individual. MARIO D. BELLAVIA Academic uMuru Good looking gridman Quiet 'til you get to know him lniects humor into any situation. PETER D. BELLOMO Commercial "Pete" Happy-go-lucky Ron's inseparable pal Easy to get along with. THOMAS G. BENGEI. Academic nlerryu A terror to opposing ball carriers . ,. Beneath that rugged exterior, a heart of gold. ROSALIE B. BERCZEK Academic nkoseu Cool and fresh as sherbet A magnet for male atten- tion . .. Ardent sports fan. DEAN L. BERKEY Academic uBerku Our Field and Stream man A tough man on our foot- ball squad Bashful, but oh, that devilish grin. DIANE L. BERTOLINO Commercial Friendly Full of pep Spic and span blonde locks. KENNETH B. BONZANI Vocational Has quite a way with girls Crystal ball future with the Marines . . . Fun loving. GEORGENE BORDONARO Academic "Diane" Has short, "Bonza" reveals a "George" Drives her own car Witty conversationalist Works as a dental assistant. HAZEL L. BOSTIC Academic "Hazel" Likable Best chum is Pat Without a worry Spends her spare time doing what she likes best-dancing. PATRICIA BROWN Commercial upuin Prefers marriage as a career lce cream fiend Spends her spare time horseback riding. PAULA A. BRUNCSAK Academic "Paula" Industrious Spends most of her time reading Has a command of the King's English. The 3:30 special PATRICIA A. BUCHANAN Commercial "PaY' Lively Boys attract her Carefree walk Desires to be an airline hostess. GERALD A. BUHL Academic "Jerry" Always looking for fun Has a pleasant grin which has made many a girl's heart throb. RICHARD W. CALLAHAN Vocational "Dick" Always found with the boys Shuns the fair losses of Arnold . .. Enioys hunting. WILLIAM M. CAMPBELL Academic "Ollie" Devilish His Ford's memoirs could make a best seller list ,.. A little demon. JOHN L. CARABIN Vocational "Cribby" Quiet 'til you know him Likes the national pastime . . . Would like to become a mechanic. ALFRED R. CASTORINA Vocational "Cas" Always ready to live it up . .. Devilish . .. Usually laugh- ing .. . Football's his sport. LOUIS H. CERASO Academic "Lou" Sharp dresser Has eyes that talk Conscientious . .. Drives his own Ford. JOHN J. CEVARIO Academic "Suv" Arnold's Harry James Definitely a lady's man Can't hold him down when he makes up his mind. ANTHONY F. CHIPOLETTI Academic "Chip" Tackles a iob readily Outstanding in Solid and ex- ceptionally well-liked . . . Ambitious. VICTOR N. CHOLTCO Academic "Vic" Quiet and good-natured Swings a mean golf club No time for girls . . . Mannerly. DEMETRI D. CHOMYAK Academic "Yiek" Adds life to any situation Loves to dance Win- ning personality . . . Swell disposition. PAUL L. CIANCUTTI Academic "Cunt" Stately butler of senior class play Likes girls Friendly . . . College plans. Preparing refreshments for the dedication MARIANNE COLESAR Academic usugsn Quiet Spends her time sewing Football ranks first as her favorite sport Future "Angel of Mercy." FRANCIS CONDRICK Commercial "Ears" Carefree Delights in eating hamburgers Often seen behind the eight-ball. CAROL A. CONFER Commercial "Carol" Tall blonde , .. Shy Enioys babysitting Plans to travel the airways. JOHN J. COSTELLO Academic HJ. in Full of mischief Likes to eat spaghetti Wants to join the Marines. DIXIE L. DANIELS Commercial Cheerful Likes to drive lloixll Has a pleasing person- ality Plans to make homemaking her career. ROWENA E. DAVIS Commercial "Elaine" Lancelot's dream Artistically inclined Quiet and reserved. MILLARD R. DAVIS Vocational "Millard" Quiet Friendly type Likes football and swimming . . . Wants to sail the seven seas. RICHARD G. DeFELICE Academic "Dick" Printer's ink in his veins Liked by everyone En- ioys fishing. AMELIA L. DeMAO Commercial "Polky" Sense of humor excells her height Loves to talk Nose for news. RAYMOND L. DeMAO Vocational "Banio" Girls are his hobby .. . Future mechanic Ravioli rates high. CAROLE J. DICKEY Commercial "CaroIe" Good natured Quiet but interested in big things Wants to be a secretary. ELAINE M. DOMINICI Academic "EIaine" Believes it's a woman's prerogative to be late . . . Always in the thick of things .. . Love that laugh. wlll alwalp 6e af DOLORES J. DONATI Commercial Enioys music and plans to include it in Friendly, dependable. RICHARD C. DORBRITZ General Plans to be Uncle Sam's nephew Natural born prankster. MARY C. EDMUNDS Academic Twinkling eyes and entrancing smile lected Desires to be a lab technician. ALFRED E. EWING Vocational Seniors 'Women tA To Remrzmhl-" ailorzte noe... her future "Butch" Fun-loving . . . "Mickey" Cool, calm, col- "Mortar" Has a flare for mischief Drives a mean "tank" Good natured. ROSALIE J. FANTOZZI Commercial ukoeu Dark hair and dark eyes are among this girI's assets . .. Good-hearted Will do a favor for anyone. BARBARA L. FLEEGER Academic Possesses attractive dimples Jolly lass galore Likes to write those long letters. CAROLEE FLEMING Commercial Will make a good-looking stenographer "Bobs" with iokes llleell . . . Cherry-red blush Has the eye appeal of dark hair and o fair com- plexion. DARLA R. FRASER Commercial "Darla" Everyone's friend Great sense of humor Chatter- box a-Ia-mode. BERNADETIE M. GANS Commercial "Bernie" An air of good humor surrounds her One of our short cute brunettes. DONNA L. GAUDY Commercial "Donna" Pizza is her food A wonderful friend to have Works hard on the Broadcaster. JOHN C. GENTILE Vocational "Johnnie" A lad who's popular with the lasses Wants to be Arnold Hi's first millionaire. JEAN A. GERACI Commercial njeanu Good natured Loves French-fried shrimp Always ready for a good laugh and a good time. J. A. Geroci M. Colesor F. Cond rick C. A. Confer J. J. Cosiello D. L. Daniels R. E. Davis M. R. Davis R. G. DeFeIice L A. I.. DeMcio !R. I.. DeMcio , C. J. Dickey X .MJWFL I- i 1 5 MW K' A . J. Donaii R. C. Dorbritz M. C. Edmunds A. E. Ewing l if qw! .. V- WL , Y Q: 23: L f., sw . 5 X .-4-if '55 A ea xx, ' W f .D : 'lx A fi A .T - . ,A ' .1 1' X 1 5 A3 . X W' X il all X S xx Wd' N.. .N ,fr T S E 3 if X .. T J 'Rm NP' W5 Q f Q R. J. Funtozzi W' B. L. Fleeger C. Fleming D. R. Fra ser B. M. Guns D. L. Gciudy J. C. Gentile I ,, N. if A tg? ,ffm tw KIM FF "N 4 . . . " A 1 . 2' .5 ,r ix ew' .W Y. 9 GL? .. 'wr . M-"J 2 'R Gil 'C F .. X , 514 , A U s is 54 ak.. -. , P px . 'R 1 'E' 2. i , 5 .. na a . V V .Iz zy I LVV ij A . . X .. .. .5 2 .iw ,h,2 i EW! X...- M. A. Guinecht G. D. Guzzi S. W. Hamilton J. E. Hanes D. M. Haracznalc C. D. Hartman T. M. Hill R. H. Hoffman E, M. Holland B. V. Holste J. F. Hope G. W. Johnstone C. M. Jones V. R.. Joseph W. l.. Kcilxuk M. J. Kanaczn S. A. Kalona D, W. Kestner D. J. Kitzer D. M. Knee M. A. Kozusko P. A. Kuchek T. C. Kuhn M. M. Kuslra 24 Seniors Ind enjoyed the cafrvlcf of our Cla-i.4 tmaa auenwlq . . MARY ANN GUTNECHT "Mary Ann" Commercial A quiet, friendly, and easy-going person Bright blue eyes. GRACE D. GUZZI Commercial nsracyn Everyone knows her . . . Very likable . . . Lives to eat . . . Future clerical worker. SHILOH W. HAMILTON Academic ushyu Liked by everyone . . . One swell guy Tallest member of the basketball team. JANET E. HAN ES Academic nlunu Casual manner wins friends easily Will wear her nurse's uniform proudly. DENNIS M. HARACZNAK Academic "Menace" College bound Our "mad scientist" Plans to marry the girl of his dreams . .. Full of questions. CHARLES D. HARTMAN Academic "Charlie" Often seen but seldom heard lndustrious Future electrician. THOMAS M. HILL Academic "Tom" A shrewd mind flecked with humor . . . Has big plans in the future for forestry. ROBERT H. HOFFMAN Academic "BOB" A New York transfer . . . Seemingly shy A fine dis- position . . . Marine bait. ELAINE M. HOLLAND Commercial "Lane" Her red hair will be effectively contrasted against the blue of her lady Marine uniform. BARBARA V. HOLSTE Academic nsurbu Tall, slender lass with a quick smile and a twinkle in her eye . . . Her pleasant disposition accounts for her many friends . . . Sincere. JAMES F. HOPE Academic Technical on all subiects Artistically Desires to be a retired businessman. GEORGE W. .IOHNSTONE Academic Intelligent Often find him reading bate . . . Seemingly shy. "Chief" inclined . . . "George" Likes to de- Exchanging autographs CAROLYN M. JONES Commercial "Capel" Short, strawberry blonde hair . . . Jovial and friendly . . . Aims to be a good secretary. VIVIAN R. JOSEPH Commercial "Viv" Tickles the ivories as a hobby Marriage is her goal . . . One of the typing room gang. WILLIAM L. KAKUK Academic "Bill" Football team couldn't have done without him Has a smile and "hi" for everyone. MARTHA J. KANAAN Commercial "Mart" Drawing comes naturally Daring versatility A good friend to all . . . Attractive. SHIRLEY A. KATONA Academic "Shirl" Teacher's dream student ., .Quiet and reserved, but friendly Will always help others. DANIEL W. KESTNER Academic "Danny" Testing I - 2 - 3 Can always be depended upon ... Listens more than he talks. DORIS J. KITZER Commercial "Doris" Catchy giggle An exuberance that bubbles from with- in ... Loads of fun. Academic DORIS M. KNEE Really a swell gal when you get to know her . going Cordial. Commercial MARY ANN KOZUSKO Sweet and sincere An attractive girl with a smile. Commercial PATRICIA A. KUCHEK Newcomer from Ken-Hi An endless stream and exciting talk. Commercial THOMAS C. KUHN Smooth dancer Top man on the tennis court Definitely a ladies' man. MARLENE M. KUSTRA llnesll . . Easy IIBUHII winning IIPCYI of witty "Kuhn" Commercial "Mar" One of our small dark-haired girls Likes to swim . . . Quiet and reserved. "Hey, look! I'm Driving." MARIE M. LAMENDOLA Commercial "Marie" Has a smile as sweet as her personality Will be an excellent secretary. ROSEMARY J. LANDI General "Roe" Member of N.H.S. Never gives up Will enioy teaching, sewing, and cooking. MARGARET G. LANGE Commercial To be a housewife is her aim Never has much to say . . . Unobtrusive. JANET A, LANGHAM Commercial "Jan" Wears up-to-date fashions Hmmmm, that Italian food ... Sophisticated. MARIANNE J. LAWRENCE Commercial "Mar" Never a harsh word Delights in horseback riding Good natured. ANNABELLE LEAH Commercial "Annie" Will add charm to any business firm with her ability and fascinating personality Photogenic blonde. LOIS ANN LEMP Academic "Lump Lump" Likes sports of all kinds Would like to do research work. JOAN M. LESKO Commercial "Jo" Avid basketball fan Always has a gleam of mischief in her eyes. RONALD D. LICATA Commercial "Lick" Always looking for mischief Ready with a laugh Football enthusiast . . . Friendly. LORETTA J. LISCIARELLI Commercial "Lori" Sociable Loves to experiment with hair styles . Pert little lass Skating is her favorite hobby. LOUIS W. LOBAUGH Vocational "Tex" Enioys fishing Wants to make a living tinkering with machines. RONALD A. LUCERNE Academic "Eggie" Cute looking lad Puts matters in a state of confusion ... No cares to trouble him. "Margie" Seniors It waw great an rooting or time lwopsf tel-A .... DOLORES A. LUDWICZAK Commercial "Dolly" Shorthand whiz kid Full of pep and vim Keeps the sewing machines humming. JOYCE A. LYONS Commercial "Joyce" Always leaves them laughing Pleasant disposition "Bunches" of friends. JOHN P. MARTIN Academic "Quincy" Triple-threat man . . . Friendly and athletic co-captain of the football and basketball team. JOSEPH A. MASCARI Academic "Joe" Shuns the girls . . . Likes to talk A swell fellow who is never found without a crowd. ARLENE J. MATERGIA Academic "Arlene" Dramatics is her hobby Naturally curly hair Has artistic ability . . . Webster's niece. JOSEPH T. MATTHEWS Academic "Joe" A superlative blend of rugged good looks and good humor . .. Has a retinue of secret admirers. MAXINE E. MAYTAN Commercial "Max" Always doing what comes naturally Her present am- bition is to become a beautician. CONSTANCE F. McCLOSKEY Commercial "Connie" Pensive Creamy complexion Congenial Will make an excellent bookkeeper. DAVID K. McMASTER Academic "Mic" Physics whiz Tull and lanky Never walks when he has a chance to ride. MARCIA M. MEYER "Marsha" Quiet type Wonderful sense of humor One of our art students lndustrious. JAMES A. MILLER Academic Academic "Eppy" Talkative Takes pride in his iob Interest lies in electronics. JOHN R. MINICK Academic "J. R." Sketches automobiles . .. Happy-go-lucky fellow with a ready smile ... Dark blue eyes. ,A M. G. L d I ' amen ou 6 W R. J. Landi ' , M. G. Lange . J. A. Langham N . ' .'???SEQ SP v. M. J. Lawrence U- ,X A. Leah H A' L. AJ Lamp I J JA M- Lesko A l - ........... R. D. Licuto L. J. Liscicxrelli L. W. Lobough R. A. Lucerne L.. f. fvflf' . .Ay l. V 1 JA. .Q 4 QW x . f If Q ?Kw. 1 ,ga , x. Q, ., Q . . 1 Jr .f S. .... .. . Hy 4, 2 1 ff X . Y F, I J Az! -, X up I Mi .. :.... fm X -ei: HC'- . L W 3' if I .13 lx- ,'1' N,!u 1.4 ' D. A. Ludwiczok J. A. Lyons J. P. Martin J. A. Musccxri R r A. J. Matergiu 'sm J. T. Matthews M. E. Mcnytan C, F. McCloskey fn R Q 'W :. -' ' ' A11 'P '51, 'S +5 fn' 'F J 7 Lu' A. ' f' A ' D. K. McMosYer M. M. Meyer J. A. Miller J. R. Minick .M 'H-'Z 'X iff X 1. Af M. L. Mock J. Monfeleone J. E. Mudd J, P. Mulewich P. J. Nolf D. A. Ogurchock J. R. Overly J. Paluikc :jf 'L' zwbovf I ., I jug. L Parson D. C. Paul . A. Pcxulick . P. Puveilo r:'x 15"-, W, P .X N J .sf- . I AV M 'K 12 x if ,M xx 4 'E .-...xl C. J. Pelino P. L. Pellegrino D. E. Pefiflu F. L. Pefillu J. M. Piqucrd E. Polsinelli C. E. Powell D. C. Prelsser E. A. Premufico G. E. Provenzo A. J. Pugliese J. A. Rcxwlinson 28 Seniors The loaleliesft night of tice year--From Night . . . "Moments to Remember" MARY LOUISE MOCK CHARLES J. PELINO Academic "Mary Lou" Will lend a helping hand always Plans to enter the educational field .. . Always says "hi". JOHN MONTELEONE Academic "Munch" Unbridled, unsaddled, uncorraled Won his letter as devoted manager of the basketball team. JANICE E. MUDD Commercial Has a friendly way with people Athletic kind word for all. JANE P. MULEWICH Academic "Janice" , . . Has a uluneu Future "Angel of Mercy" Operatic voice Loqua- cious ... Blushes easily. PAUL J. NOLF Academic Worked hard to make the prom a success and energetic . . . Johnny-on-the-spot. DOROTHY A. OGURCHOCK Commercial Reserved One of our attractive blondes sweet smile ... Likable ... Lots of fun. JAMES R. OVERLY Vocational uluniorn . . . Sincere nbotu Has a unmu Will be a capable mechanic Rugged vocational Bashful nature. JOHN PALAlKA Academic "Pills" Plans to fly the wild blue yonder Studious ... Worked hard on the Arlion. DONALD L. PARSON Academic "Space Boy" Another one of our future pilots Reads science fic- tion ... Freckles galore. DONALD C. PAUL Vocational npaulu Model planes is his hobby One of our vocationals Quiet . .. Enioys a good hockey game. PATRICIA A. PAULICK Academic npurr Her peppy cheerleading helped lead to our victories . . Beautiful smile. NORMA P. PAVETTO Commercial uNoru A busy girl with time for everyone . . . Among her likes are movies, dancing and weekends. Commercial "Buck" Nonchalant type Always seen with Kuhn Sociable .. . Basketball tops his list. PATRICIA L. PELLEGRINO Commercial "Pat" Ardent baseball fan Good-hearted Belongs to the typing room gang ... Always talking. DOLORES E. PETITTA Commercial "Do" Office work and marriage are her ambitions Constant chatter-box . . . Dark-haired lass. FRANK L. PETITTA Vocational "Spuds" One of our taller boys Laughs easily Easy to get along with . .. Airplanes are his hobby. JACQUELINE M. PIQUARD "Jackie" Deepest desire is to be a lab technician Short, nice looking . .. Pals around with Roberta. EDWARD POLSINELLI Academic Academic "Ed" Friendly ... Firm supporter for any poster making . . . We see a brush and easel in his future. CLIFFORD E. POWELL Vocational "Clifford" Quite a character A regular fellow Cars are tops on his hobby list. DENNIS C. PREISSER Academic "Denny" Cute redhead . . . Success is his aim Nice build . .. Football is his favorite sport. ELIZABETH A. PREMUTICO Commercial "Betty" Future bookkeeper One of our taller lasses Friendly, pleasant and neat. GUY E. PROVENZO Academic "Guy" Shy College bound Pleasant disposition . Never makes his presence known in class. ALBERT J. PUGLIESE Academic "AI" Great sense of humor Engineering's his aim Loyal supporter of the band . .. Friendly. JAMES A. RAWLINSON Academic "Jim" Proud of his "putt-putt" Toils at Central Drug A friendly "hi" for all. i Roses for Mrs. Roy A. Hunt DALE F. RAY Vocaiional "Dale" The silent type No hobby horse for him as long as there are cars to fix and drive. DONALD E. REARICK Vocational "Don" Quiet Leisure time finds him tinkering with cars A tall, slim fellow. LOUIS E. RICH Academic "Sonny" A little man capable of breaking the sound barrier, in choir, that is . . . Swell personality. JOYCE C. RICHARDS Commercial I "Joyce" Little atomic bomb . . . A high stepping lead Lionette . . . Eflervescent smile. HERMAN R. ROCCHI Academic "Hermie" Mischievous Perky little ball of tire with big plans in mind Sincere. THOMAS J. ROCCHI Academic "Toad" Fun loving Full of impish, practical jokes Devours food by the tons . .. Well liked. KENNETH L. ROSS Academic "Kenny" Out-giggles any girl Mischief is his chief occupation . . . Eligible bachelor. MARLENE J. ROSS Commercial "Mar" Has a gift of gab ... Short lass with a winning smile . . . Bab's and Joan's shadow. VLLJEAN R. SABOW Academic "Val" Chit-chat at its gayest Crazy sense of humor Everybody's pal. JAMES V. SACCAMANO Academic "Sacky" Cuts a mean run . Bright catching smile His spark- ling blue eyes are his best feature. RENO V. SACCARDI Academic "Bruno" Has an A-plus personality Always last to catch a joke . . . Bundle of wit. ROBERT N. SARNIAK Academic "Bob" Friendly Speaks before spoken to Enioys riding in his red Ford station wagon. THEODORE P. SCANGA Academic Seniors Suddenly June IA 6414 tiny out all over nllvedu Always a ready answer lurks behind those snappy dark eyes . . . Easy-going disposition. BARBARA A. SCHAUM Commercial Treasure chest of vim, vigor, and vitality porter of the football team. ENOS D. SCHRECKENGOST Academic llsabsll . .. Ardent sup- "Tank" Can really beat it out on those drums Good natured with a "hearty" hello Courteous. CAROL J. SCHULTZ Commercial "Carol" Finds boys interesting . . . Dancing eyes . . . Efficient sec- retary of Tri-Hi-Y. ROSE B. SCHWEIGER Commercial naenyn A soft-spoken miss Collector of movie magazines Has chosen a modeling career. PATSY M. SERGI Commercial "Tootsie" Proud of her sparkler Enioys swimming, cooking, and sewing .. . Fun-loving. JEROME V. SHIPLEY Academic ulerryn Intelligent .. . A future top citizen for any community . . . Will be a brilliant attorney. OLIVER C. SINGLETON Academic Blushes fast and furiously . . . Well-liked . . . minded . . . Good kid. RENATHA J.' SIUTA Commercial Always seen in the halls with Jean hands with the Angels. SHIRLEY M. STENGER "Ollie" Mechanically Hkennyll Almost shook "Shirl" Commercial Seen but seldom heard Plans to enter the secretarial field. BEVERLY L. STEWART Academic naevu Intelligent and reserved Reliable and hard-working member of the senior class. SALLY E. STEWART Commercial usqlu Always ready with the giggles Enjoys a rugged foot- ball game. D. F. Ray D. E. Reorick L. E. Rich J. C. Richards H. R. Rocchi T. J. Rocchi K. L. Ross M. J. Ross V. J. Sobow J. V. Saccomuno R. V. Succurdi R. N, Sorniak T. P, Sccngu B. A. Schuum E. D. Schreckengost C, J. Schultz R. B. Schweiger P. M. Sergi J. V. Shipley O. C. Singleton R. J. Siuto S. M. Stenger B. L. Stewart S. E. Stewart 31 ' K w J 'J if g -V .w.:'5"" w A Eg t , 6 QA s .ygx 'GZ' " SY' L xv N' .yt ' -r T' ie Q 9 e Q T R 'W' Nts- 3 Q.. .as ty A L. Nw.. ,, 3 . 'J ...gif may 9 'K .f 43... I - SQ R Q se 5 gg ,Q J. .Q . ' x.. 13"- in All 1 Q 1 T i T 1 s T E s J .... . W Q w.. :K 1! vu 1 K ,: K V 5 XD, .5 f of L. .. 'N L L ,524 T W . S ak . ,f R stay . -.X- W R K. G. SMH J. H. Stiveson W. A, Supremo R. M. Susc' M. J. Swandersk W. S. Szcinol M. A. Szlucheikcr Y. Tczmburo P. L. Tonnos A. J. Tirdil R. T. Tomcxyko D. M. Toney M. J, Townsend L. L. Trisicxni F, Turco G. W. Tusing D. K. Vrudny G. F. Wagner J. R. Walker F. M. Wcugclmo D. A. Weisbrod V. C. Widmer T. R. Wissinger R. A. Zoncxrich 32 i n Seniors 14 robe, a mortar-6041-4 and final 9 the dqnloma a o o l Getting better all the time KENNETH G. STITT MARY JOYCE TOWNSEND Vocational "Stitt" Academic "Joyce" Takes first prize for mischief making A friendly College bound Seen at all the dances Really "l1eIIo"for all. makes a racket at tennis . . . Pert and pretty. JAMES H. STIVESON LENA L. TRISTANI Vocational "Jim" Commercial "Leg" A humorous, likable guy . . . Lazy disposition . .. Enioys Swimming enthusiast . . . One of our shorter girls , .. eating potato salad . . . Likes to have fun. Shyly sociable . . . Easy going . . . Reserved. WAYNE A. SUPRANO FRANCIS TURCO Vocational "Wayne" Academic "hun" A congenial fellow Dark, wavy hair Owns a pair Tclkutive Can really squeeze that accordion of itching feet. Whatever is said he has a ready reply. ROBERTA M. SUSA GEORGE W. TUSING Academic "Bert" Academic "Iggy" Intelligent Expects to be a good wife to some lucky Has a fast arm and an accurate aim when it comes to man Her name is always seen on the honor roll. baseball An allfaround good kid. MARIE J. SWANDERSKI DAVID K. VRUDNY Commercial "Marie" Academic "V,-gd" Blond ball of fire Has a sprinkle of freckles an her Lean, straight, and a devil-may-care look in his eyes nose .,. Neat and dainty. Dimpled chin. WAYNE S. SZAJNA GEORGE F. WAGNER General "Wiggy" Academic "Gun-95" His mouth waters when he sees a dish of spaghetti A great hunting enthusiast Proud of his naturally Rough and rugged. wavy hair A loyal contributor of the tennis team. MICHAEL A. SZLACHETKA JOANNE R. WALKER Vocational "SIats" Academic "Jo" His deepest desire for the future is to become a machinist She'll ease everyone's pain with her engaging smile . .. Idle talker . .. Forever laughing. Over-flowing with vitality. YOLANDA TAMBURO FLORENCE M. WAUGAMAN Commercial "Landi" Academic "Marilyn" Smiles pleasantly without an effort Hopes to be a Participates in the rare sports of target shooting and successful bookkeeper and housewife. archery Soft-spoken. PATRICIA L. TANNA5 DALE A. WEISBROD Academic "Pat" Academic "Dale" Knows all the scoops . ,. Pert and fun-loving Unde- cided about her future. ALICE J. TIRDIL Commercial Diligent worker Lovely blue eyes . Lives up to the honor of head maiorette. RICHARD T. TOMAYKO Vocational A iob as a machinist looks good to this ball rates high among his favorite sports. DAVID M. TONEY Academic He gave his best as guard for A.H.S. . ality we know will be tops at Carnegie Tech. "Alice" .. Energetic .. llkirhll boy Basket "Dave" .. Has a person Likes to look at girls, but turns red when they look back . . Never makes his presence known. VINCENT C. WIDMER Academic "Vinum" Visible but rarely audible His future lies in agricul- ture . . . Interested in track. THOMAS R. WISSINGER Vocational "Tom" Look under any car and you're sure to find this mechan- ically-minded lad Jovial and unconcerned. RENITA A. ZONARICH Academic "Ronin," Can never say "no" to anyone Loves to chatter Waits for the mailman. Senior Pins Ups ii i ii W 'flue Cream of the crop or the year 0 1956 it J Barbara Holste Leadership Carolee Fleming Business Education Joan Korowicki Publications Rosemary Lancli Home Economics John Cevario Music John Martin Athletics Alfred McMillan Dramatics Ronald Abel Vocational Roberta Susu Scholarship Barbara Holste John Cevario John Martin I if .qi W x-My Nw x 1,..- V J . 'if' ...-.4-51 sr Corolee Fleming Jocm Korowiclxl Rosemary Lundi Alfred McMillan Ronald Abel Roberlu Suse 35 so -tv 5 dxf - - Rf gf " is Q iY6?f JP ut? fiyfjwg Q fi? J' i1 to-if X A orricens President . . , B. Meledandri Vice President , . E. Migliorisi Secretary . , . P. Kosky Treasurer . . , , , D. Terlinski Advisors , Mr. Scherer Mrs. Sakaluk r The Juniors C7444 o i957 Front: E. Migliorisi, P, Kosky, D. Terlinski. Rear: Mr. Scherer, B. Meleclandri, Mrs. Sakaluk. "A whole parade of wonderful experiences" could well be the subtitle to the junior year of the class of fifty-seven. What- ever seemed to meet their touch turned out to be a happy, fev- erish, and spirited success. "Pigskin days" of this year were crowned with the dizzy whirl of manning refreshment stands and selling candy and hot dogs to hungry football crowds. Broadway wasn't to be denied either. Stand-up applause greeted the Juniors' production of the perennial "school marm," "A Dance with Our Miss Brooks." Enchanting evenings we've had them, too. New York Broadway night life all made wonderful memoirs for the Junior dance "Steppin' Out to the Stork Club." But it was the prom that made the year complete. In a glittering exotic setting of Arabian Nights, we danced the iunior year to its close and put joys, hope, and laughter away for an- other year. 36 fp 165 LQ ' , . L P' 1 . fl' J W ' kr fluff WQ0 I J ,jp ,f J. fl Mix My Q f lm 1 f f LJJLJKW ' A l A V kj 11-103 fl' , st Rog E. Vinkoyicih, S. alee Papa, Shockley, K.' MCNUH, S Schrecen , K. Reed L. Warden Vinkovich. Second Row: J. DeBla sio, I. Reese, E, Wagner, G. Zilner, E. Cowen, M. Hamilton, V. Argenio, R. bossio. Third Row: M. Rocchi E. Ma- haffey, J. Jacobs, E. Nee, R. Shaw, E. Rusak, J. Guido, D. Troup. 11-111 First Row: M. Massola, P. Koslxy, P. Ludwiczalc, J. Nolf, D. Pennachio, J. KKiley, B. Donley, J. Reynolds, G. Frarnplon. Second Row: V. Costanza R. Graziano, C. Wood, J. Shipley, R. M. Malaspina, R, Malaspina, B. Kress, E. Kasavage. Third Row: K. Leah, T Zamperini, P. Jacobs, E. Konrad, J Kozusko, M. Ziemianski, J. Thomas G. Truitt, P. Wardoclip, M. Guzzi. 1 1-202 First Row: L. Borfz, K. Walker, M. L. Bongiovanni, J. Nicastro, M. Albera, E. Brokaw, V. Farinelli, J. Valenii, L. Neurohr, C. Bellorno. Second Row: F. Meyer, J. Ciul'ToleHi, R. Ceccl1eHi, E. Posati, B. Blair, E. Migliorisi, G. Over- ly, R. Rich. Third Row: G. Belot, D. Berkoben, J. Armstrong, R. Moses, L. Anthony, D. Terlinski, E. Rosaii, N. English. e mtl: cheer ulneAA 4 xi 1 rv 37 Juniors 11-100 First Row: M. Colvonese, G. Zompog- no, E. Serventi, J. Kaczkowski, J. Fer- guson, M. Silvis, B. Mongieri. Sec- ond Row: J. Rogers, B, Hollick, C. Vo- resco, D. Gelorme, V. Zulupsky, H. Hcxrnichor. Third Row: L. Moses, E. Esser, B. Gigler, J. Frotongeli, G. Gum- ble, J. Watters. LM, K . - A , 'V l f . 'l ." -' Liv: 'X' 'J Y' L l A l ' Pl' 'lv v ' X ' . 1 i . P 100 8- 203 First Row: P. Beatty, L. Boker, E. Mon- gieri, J. Sulvati, D. Muzzei, P. Poster- nok, D. Linordi. Second Row: J. Frit- zky, M. Asper, J. Adams, J. Bruncsuk, M, Rowlinson, G. Kelly, M, L. Hcinyo onni, B, J. Keller, L, Marino, J. Bie l B. Guida. , g Third Row: L. Licotcu, D. Proto, J. Col ' y l 1, JPL , 11-5 First Row: H. Armour, A. Cribbs, J, Miller, R. Boilco, D. Stewart, R. Skin- ner, W. Tinnemeyer. Second Row: J. Coudriet, K. Van Tine, J. Glovier, H. Hurt, T. Watters, E. Valenti. 11-7 First Row: B. Hollick, K, Cepull, C. Ycnne, S, Austin, C. Nolf, J. Hall, J. Hazlett, M. Pcillone. Second Row: R. Gaito, D. Tirdel, R, Runco, F. Reorick, K. Hilty, Y. Nee, B. L. Burgerstock, V. Stanley, E. lmm, R. Siemonski. Third Row: S. Cevorio, B. Meledundri, L. Finnim, J. Garbinski, J. Dotto, H. King, J. Slohtovsky, R. Miller, J. Ycmkov, 38 , f ,fl U The Sophomores aunt IA the goal the Atepzt remain First Row: K. Lopushinsky, C. Szoch, A. Ansani, J. Nelson. Second Row: Miss A. Strittmatter, Mr. E. Holtz. We welcomed the sophomores to the senior high this fall, and they have proven themselves to be outstanding in all ways. Early in the first semester they elected officers who are: Al Ansani, president, Ted Szoch, vice president, Jackie Nelson, Secre- tary, and Katherine Lopushinsky, treasurer. Along with their advisors, Mr. Holtz and Miss Strittmatter, they planned various activities, all of which proved worthwhile. A Valentine candy sale, a new idea, topped the list and appealed to all. Another original idea, the sale of Easter flowers, which was received wholeheartedly, came next on this list. Their an- nual dance, held in the early spring, finished off a successful year. These sophomores can look forward to two fun-filled years. They possess the talent, originality and get-up-and-go necessary for great achievements. We can expect remarkable accomplishments from these sophomores and know that they will leave a host of attainments behind them when they leave Arnold High. 39 OFFICERS President . . , A. Ansani Vice-President ,. C. Szoch Secretary ,.,. J. Nelson Treasurer ,. K. Lopushinsky Advisors Miss A. Strittmatter Mr. E. Holtz The Sophomores With work and time achievement iA gained I0-102 First Row: J. Acopine, D. Patterson, R. Carlson, J. Erb, A. Miller, D. Remaley, E. Berkoben, D. Frayer, R. Cianflone. Second Row: M. Taylor, D. Magnetta, P. Salandria, M. J. Jones, D, Barcus, M. Singleton, C. Trusnovic, J. Miller, S. Tusing. Third Row: R. Mcresi, M.. Tony, J. Lingenfelter, D. Constanza, R. Lawrence, J. Runco, J. Orszulak, J. Bertoni, C. Paprocki, R, Greco, K. Con- fer, J. Hess, L. Colaianni. 'I0-205 First Row: S. Johns, M. Williams, E. Tusing, K. Miller, D. Milsom, S. Kustra, J. B. Paulenda. Second Row: D. Hastings, J. Matthews, C. Davis, F. McCracken, K. Lopushinsky, D. Leach, G. Pfeil, R, Vogel, D. Stefanini, S. J. Smith. Third Row: J. Mazzei, R. Lam- endola, C. Kasavage, J. Marra, H. Priesendefer, F. Monteleone, F. Cog- lio, D. Pallone, R. Martucci, R. Mukara. 10-9 First Row: B. Grant G. Caruso, T. Frederick, M. Wypiski, R. Pugliesi, N. Armour, E. Pugsley, R. Tallarico. Sec- ond Row: P. Dean, M. Glauser, M. E. Haught, G. Jones, H. Van Tine, J. Hanes, E, Prokopik, F. Howell, D. Thimons, J. Imm, T. Kennedy. Third Row: T. Klimashlxo, P. Bianco, A. De- Palma, P. Bengal, A. Allen, J. Grzy- bek, D. Thomas, R. Finnim, R. Dom- inici, B. Davis, R. Fisher, R. Campbell, A. Gladowski, E. Kanaan. l0-SHOP First Row: L. Mazur, J. Greenwald, T. Konchos, R. Stearman, J. Rec, W. Sale- go, R. Laurito, R. Solomon. Second Row: D. Whalen, F. Ludwiczak, J. Sa- lego, P. Guber, D. Bechoras, D. Mat- tern, R. Giuliani, D. Miller. 40 'IO-101 First Row: C. Jcnrczynski, D. Succordi M. Suchor, J. Stuck, M. J. Schweiger J. Singleion, Y. Rompieiti, D. Roberto R. Soulcheck. Second Row: J. Vrud- ny, J. Murzullo, R. Milliron, V. Deres E. Sirhon, C. Szoch, C. Snyder, M. Sar- Qori, L. Turco, T. Bibzo, L. Sokol, R Eengel, G. Richards. dew we I0-201 First Row: J. Christian, W. Car?er, R Monica, B. Saskc. Second Row: T DiFonzo, C. Ebel, S. Cuporeli, C. Mol chan, P. Ratoiczuk, P. Papa. I 0-204 First Row: A. Saulle, R. Arbuckle, G Bcurgersfock, L. Buono, E. Colesar, J Nelson, N. Borelli, J. Reynolds. Sec- ond Row: J. Edmunds, M. Anuskie wicz, J. Applegate, J. Anchors, P Pollone, S. Lucerne, L. Muir, G. Bol- linger, A. M. Penchiclc, M. Fiorinu Third Row: C. Teclow, C. Hcxnyo, P Peltz, T. Pcxpik, L. Walkowiuk, R. Kried ler, R. Forsrnan, A. Ansoni, C. Horris J. Chickowski. They re eager to prove tlaerr worth 1 I Freshmen Printed or the First Row: H. Massimini, R. Varesco, J. Mazza, V, Tripodi. Second Row: Mrs. R. Sipes, Mrs. J. Clark, Mr, M. Peretti. OFFICERS President ., J. Mazza Vice-President , R. Varesco Secretary . , . V. Tripodi Treasurer . H. Massimini Advisors , , Mrs. R. Sipes Mr. M. Peretti Mrs. J. Clark Preparing for their debut into the senior high school this fall, the freshmen have already proved themselves to be energetic and resourceful. In the fall of the year they elected as their officers: Jim Mazza, president, Randy Varesco, vice president, Virginia Tripodi, secre- tary, and Henrietta Massimini, treasurer. They, along with their advisors, Mrs. Sipes, Mr. Peretti and Mrs. Clark, carried off the annual freshmen magazine sale. Immediately following, this untiring group went on to a successful sale of felt letters and lion- head insignias. To complete their commendable record, they held a dance in the spring which was enioyed and appreciated by all. From all indications, we believe that these freshmen will be a most outstanding senior class. They have proved that they have that spark of ingenuity, initiative and pep that makes a class worthy of recognition. Aside from their own activities, they participate in every school proiect. They are indispensable in the extra-curricular programs. We can expect great things from this group within the next three years. The class of '59 is sure to leave a trail of success behind them. 42 utuf-e 9-202 First Row: R. Householder, L. Becker, M. Paprocki, Y. Piquard, J. Batten, L. Donati, K. West. Second Row: M. Pompellio, T. Sams, P. Unites, M. Sua- toni, V. Landi, J, Butler, B. Condrick, l. Rebar, B. Carmichael. Third Row: P. Ciciarelli, F. Frabotta, R. Meyers, F. Holoweckyi, D. Downward, M. Har- acznak, J. Overly, F. Baia, J. Mazza, C. Picone, J. McNally, D. Bishop. 9-204 First Row: A. Palczarski, J. Sergi, G. Karluk, M. Haiel, H. Massimini, A. Dangaix, V. L. Dorbritz, M. Slolaod- nik, C. Belczyk. Second Row: R. Arbuckle, J. Collins, D. Potochniak, M, Tekely, A. Bilbie, K. Bowman, W. Crawford, J. Tulibitz, C. Kemp. Third Row: D. Dickey, J. Sergi, A. Ryba, L. Conte, L. Husar, C. Martz, J. Como, lf. DeFazio, J. Greb. 9-207 First Row: J. Michael, A. Trombetta, D. Kunicki, C. DeFeIice, C. Settlemyer, R. Gallo, A. McClosky, A. Korowicki, P. Johnston. Second Row: T. Cap- pone, C. Collodi, D. Artuso, J. Valle, V. Brzalx, J. Corey, C. Trzecialx, J. Whalen, G. Reano. Third Row: R. Mele, H. Mele, D. Molli, R. Alberta, N. Capone, L. Rubinosky, G. Blubaugh, R. lnglese, L. Rossi, D. Guenther. 9-209 First Row: J. Lippert, A. Mohr, V. Tri- podi, D. Jones, E. M. Ross, E. Wier, M. E. Nealer, D. Gardner, C. Bussotti, M. Thomas. Second Row: A, Otte, M. Kossick, K. O'Shell, B. Noel, C. J. Ross, L. Crestetto, L. Fiorina, R. Hag- gert, J. Abraham, L. G. Ozepy, J. Picone. Third Row: R. Romeo, P. Rin. gus, D. Huet, F. Rusnock, F. Solomond, R. Solar, L. Callas, M. Suchar, K. Ing- lese. 9-214 First Row: P. Ciciarelli, H. Stonecheck, C. Preisser, S. Jacobs, J. Coury, D. Ogurkis, N. DeMao. Second Row: J. Fritzky, J. Camp, C, Hanyo, L. Smith, J. Bitner, M. Marino, P. Wardoclip, M. Karlulc, B. Naviglia, M. Frickanisce. Third Row: M. Vida, R. Williams, B. Suprano, A. Farinelli, J, Marienfeld, A. Schrecongost, P. Liput, A. Lerner, R. Voresco, V, Kieszek, P. Solar. 43 The G rades Small Atepst climb the iadder 0 AucceAA emily Learning the rights of citizenship and duties of citizenship. On September 5, 1955, the doors of Arnold Junior High School swung open to our seventh and eighth graders who were clamoring to begin their iunior high school education. Somewhat frightened by the bells, and decidedly confused by the lengthy assignments, they wondered how long they could survive such an ordeal. However, their difficulties began to smooth out after a few weeks. This group was soon to be seen rooting wildly at all football and basketball games and strongly supporting their class dances and various other programs. High on their list of achievements were their enioyable and educational assembly programs presented by each home room during the year. Also, much praise was bestowed in recognition of this group's highly successful hobby and craft show. As a climax to the year's activities, their artistic ability was displayed to the public when, during the holiday season, they painted downtown store windows. Their immense achievements and their willing efforts are certain to present an excellent senior class in years to come. 44 8-203 First Row: G. McCosky, R, Suulle, J. Hoddod, R. Fabian, J. Rogers, S. Lui- sky, R. Hancock, T. Koessler, G. Oakes. Second Pow: G. Solondrio, B. Cupello, D. House, M. L. Morini, L. Costello, M. Mcxscori, J. McGivern, L. Geroci, B. Signorellu, B. Buzzard. Third Row: D. DouH, F. Vrudny, J. Romsden, D. Tin- nemyer, D. Clee, S. Meredirh, L. Mc- Collim, K. McNu?i, J. A. Wilhelm, R. Hoiel, G. Mclcwghlin. 8-205 Firsf Row: S. Poredes, G. Glover, C. Callus, L. Horocznak, J. Renock, M. Salvuii, C. Belczyk, C. Tinnemyer. Second Row: J. Flinn, G. Smiih, R. Duncan, S. Ross, K. Grant, J. Monni, A. Lnnfculoni, F. McCullough, L. Selel- yo, G. Albert. Third Row: L. Hell gert, C. Overly, R. Mifro, G. Ferguson, D. Rywok, J. Magnetic, J. Cosic, C. Apostolides, H, Schrock, J. Mentecky, J. Roberlo. S. Affcxnos. 8-206 Firsr Row: S. Bohnok, V. Pclgnno, M. J, Pollone, D, Posiupcck, J. Poioch- niolm, P. Papo, M. Dziadylc, C. Rocchi, Second Row: P. Santoro, N. Vagnoz- zi, T. Lothian, J. Hunger, J. Reighord, D, Poinier, M. DeLuco, J. Horncznok, R. DeBos1ioni, Third Row: T. Forshi, A. Boucher, D. Joseph, G. Shpukofi, J. Echon, H. Briggs, G. Bohnuk, L. Vo1quenne, F. Hess. 8-212 First Row: K. Spolnick, R. Rukvic, R. Bryon. Second Row: H. Suoin, O Cosiorino, G. Lisciarelli, P. Morro, R. Scolpello, R. Posuli, D. Sfonecheck, F. Koczkowski. Third Row: J. Bruncsuk, A, Jefferson, A. Encisco, J. Shclmey, T. Pituch, J. Bruncsak, D. Capo. Eighth Grade N, Seventh Grade 14 hard beginning malzeA or af good ending 7-2'l'l First Row: S. Buono, H. McQuaide, B. Carey, M. Chomyak, D. Harnish, D. D'Achille, C. Beldham, L. Jordan, P. Capo, J. Ccpello. Second Row: H. Hale, S. Dowhower, E. Harnichar, .l. Faire, P. Demcxo, L. Hart, J. Freeburg- er, C. Asper, C. Hunger, C. Haggart, R. Boyer. Third Row: A. Jones, H. Lyons, A. Carradene, R. Mayian, R. Marflak, C, Milsom, D. Hornan, K. Baker, R. Crusan, T. Ausiin, A. Pelisari, P. Demao, .l. Goins. 7-208 First Row: P. Tuleilaitz, P. Duncan, L. Berkey, M. Bibza, M. R. Reano, M. Migliorisi, C. Falco. Second Row: R. Farmery, R. Brooks, D. Gicncola, S. Farmery, J. Olivo, J. Bianco, A. Rich, T. Wallace, C. Molinski. Third Row: E. Bulger, P. Dangaix, R. Lippert, G. Brodhead, J. Brandolino, D. Sanfore, J. Richards, D. Nelson. 7-201 First Row: M. Mele, C. Walker, J. Soulcheck, J. Lange, J. Phillips, E. Reskeiwicz, B. Kwiatkowski, M. Scos- ky, A. Wagner, C. Palchinski. Second Row: J. Vieira, R. Raiuiczak, J. Pos- feraro, B. Kasavage, D. Schneider, P. Overly, M. Marcinko, D. Traenkner, B. Molli, R. Rusnock, L. Guzzi, E. Wil- liams. Third Row: F. Warden, R. Siapinski, R. Buco, R. Polsinelli, D. Phillips, R. Phillips, R. Preisendefer, R. Ponchel, J. Rocco, L. Weisbrod, R. Pisegncl, T. Ruperl. 46 mfg rw .IQ fe ,' if We K fi? - Li K,gM,L 'Kia xv x fu E ga 1,54 5 f , M Qs: 1" 3 2 Q., ,Fw - ? li, fx Q? 23' 2 Fix? Q,,fg X 'ww ia fa? Q Y Aki 4 ' .ig 3,1 ' 5, Fpigfii , -L Q, 5, ji it Ks! 1- z 'fa wg' 5 , 2 ' Q Vg, . -gage? 23 155 Swfrz-,lx x x, Y 1. 1 X w. A1 , Q w. N l ax Q wi. 454 25222 ,M 4 f,f,.v JQW N 1 -f-ff ::.-,a-1 K y Q5 . . --5' xx I 11. r x -.f f, Na' M , ,tv V I IZ' .9 lfli . f a , , 9, fuzz: E s !'i1l' g- '11 wr' 54' :V-.. A, . Y' I .,,. x J, u-N, g. S 4 TheAcf " Aw.. MX K X Publications Music Clubs Dramatics Organizations Doing some proof reading Our business managers discuss a problem The 1956 liardworlz, thought Mr. F. Pcllone J. Korowicki, B. Holste iblii and time have accomplulied much Shopping for ads ARLIQN First Row: B. Holste, C. Confer, D. Prato, P. Tannas, M. Lamendola, J. Richards, R. Zonorich. Second Row: J. Korowicki, C. Jones, R. Cecchetti, J. Palaika, M, Kanaan, M. Meyer, P. Paulick, A. Leah. Snapshots . . . senior panels . . . left bleed . . . right bleed . . . reconciliations . . . billing . . . lingo of the Arlion Staff . . . Conferences and discussions with Mr. Pallone . . . No action pictures? . . . check with the Daily Dispatch, Valley Daily News until you get them . . . typing and retyping for J. Richards, C. Jones, A. Leah, C. Confer . . . deadline March fifteenth . . . turmoil . . . confusion . . . material disposed . . . typesetter's worry now . . . temporary relief . . . proof reading and endless rechecking by M. Lamendola and P. Tannas . . . Illustrations by J. Korowicki and B. Holste . . . May . . . books delivered by Business Managers, J. Palaika and R. Cec- chetti and their solicitors . . . autographs . . . and an inky ending. 51 STAFF Co-editors . J. Korowicki B. Holste Business Mgrs. J. Palaika R. Cecchetti A. Leah C. Jones Typists . J. Richards C. Confer M. Lamendola Literary Staff M. Meyer M. L. Mock, P. Tannas P. Kosky, D. Prato AFT M. Kanaan Advisor Mr. F. Pallone Honor Society Ready to take the lead National learning with a smile To be selected as a member of the National Honor Society is the attainment ofa goal set by all ambitious juniors and sen- iors. Those who have achieved this position are aware of the honor that has been bestowed upon them. These few who have gained this honor were cl' Jsen on the basis of these four require- ments: scholarship, service, leadership and character. The mem- bers must rank scholastically in the first third of the group, but not more than fifteen per cent of the senior class may be selected to membership in the chapter. The aim of this scciety has been to promote enthusiasm among the students for the development of future members of the society. First Row: C. Fleming, M. Kanaan, J. Richards, M. Lamendola, R. Landi, B. Holste, J. Korowicki, R. Barto- lacci, M. Massola, M, Pallone, P, Kosky. Second Row: J. Polaika, D. Stewart, M. Edmunds, J. Piquard, M. Meyer, P. Bruncsak, J. Hazlett, J, Rogers, D. Toney, F, Turco. Third Row: F. Suatoni, D. Kestner, T. Hill, W. Kakuk, D. Berkey, A. McMillan, E. Migliorisi, B. Meledandri, D, Haracznak, D, McMaster, R. Graziano. Not present: R. Susa. 52 STUDENT COUNCIL First Row: J. Kiley, J. Kaczkowski D. Ludwiczak, F. Dominici, R. Bar- tolacci, V. Sabow, J. Korowicki, R M. Landi, M. Swanderski, M. Lam endola. Second Row: I. Vinko vich, L. Marino, C. Woods, M. Col vanese, B. J, Tusing, J. Papa, A Lorant, D. Stefanini, P. Pallone, J Nelson, T. Frederick, M. Silvis, S Johns. Third Row: R. Laurito, R Dominici, D. Tirdel, J. Armstrong V. Saccardi, B. Holste, A, McMil lan, D. Terlinski, J. Vrudny, C Szoch, F. Suatoni. BROADCASTER First Row: K. Reed, S. Katana, K. Donahue, J. Applegate, D. Gaudy, J. Kiley. Second Row: L, Worden, M. Edmunds, M. Colesar, B. Don- ley, S. Austin, A. DeM::o. Third Row: E. Vinkovich, E. Nee, R. Moses, J. Hope, R. Zonarich. . . fi? Student Council Under the capable leadership of their president, Alfred McMillan and the faculty advisor, Mr. L. F. McGuire, the student governing body of Arnold was able to accomplish many projects this year. Among some of these projects included the annual sock dance-"Levi Leap," the purchasing of a new hi-fidelity microphone, the annual Christmas dance, and highlighting the year's activities-the final purchasing of the badly needed trophy case. ln the activities of the Student Council are to be seen the excellent results of student cooperation and healthy pupil-teacher relationships. Broadcaster The Broadcaster, voicing the scholastic and social activities of Arnold High School, is presented to the student body by a staff which includes sophomores, juniors, and seniors of the journalism class. These enthusiastic journalists work together striving to provide the students with information about themselves and their school. Responsibility, exactness, and timeliness play an important part in their everyday activities. Under the advisorship of Miss Virginia A. Bushnell, seven issues of the Broad- caster are printed yearly including a special senior issue for the graduating class. 53 Dramatics Two theatrical productiom First Row: A. Matergia, D. Donati, M. Meyer, B. Stewart, M. Kozusko. Second Row: M. Edmunds, C. Fleming, M. Colesar, P. Paulick, N. Pavetto, E. Dominici, M. Swanderski, R. Bartolacci, P. Tannas, C. Schultz. Third Row: J. Adamczyk, J. Mulewich, M. Waugaman, B. Fleeger, A. Leah, K. Abraham, J. Karo- wicki, R. Zonarich, A. Tirdil, P. Beigle. Fourth Row: E. Polsinelli, D. Stewart, J. Rawlinson, D. Vrudny, J. Palaika, B. Kakuk, J. Buhl, F. Suatoni, K. Ross. Jeeves ,.,. .,.. Corky Pirbright . Silversmith ,. . Sir Esmond's Aunts- Aunt Harriet Aunt Myrtle Queenie . . . Constable Dobbs Senior Class Play Junior Class Play "TOO MUCH SPRlNGTlME" "A DANCE WITH OUR MISS BROOKS" C a st C a s t Bertie Wooster . .. . . ,. . F. Suatoni Miss Brooks . ,. , . . . . , . , C. Wood P Cicmcum Miss Marlowe . M. L. Bongiovanni , , V' ' ' Hugo Longacre . , , .... J. Thomas Catsmeat Plrbrlght , . . ,. . G. Buhl Mr. Wadsworth y M' Ziemicmski Mr. Augustus Fink Mottle . .. . .. , K. Ross Miss Audubon , 1 D, Prqfo Madeline Basset . . . , J:.Korowicki MVS- lewis - l-- M0565 A Lech Mrs. Smith ,. .. . D. Gelorme ' D V' d Mrs. Bently , . . . K. Hilty A - - VU 'WY Karen . B. Hollick Sir Esmond Haddock . . W. Kakuk Audrey .. .. l.. MC1rir10 Diane J. Hazlett Aunt Daphne . S. Stenger Eggme ' COLYOIQITZS Aunt Emmeline D. Donati Sally H HADE Q K. Reed M. Meyer Milly . ,, . D. Linarcli J. Adamczyk Sue ,. ,. M. Pallone Aunt Charlotte J. Mulewich Woody A " A ' ' E' M'gI'or'S' , Bob . ,. B. Settlemyer A' Malergm Freedy , , . . E. Posati J- Pvlcfikv Charles . , B. Meledandri Poppy Kegley Bassington B. Fleeger J. Yankov Selling The sfcxge A little more JUNIOR PLAY CAST First Row: M. Ccslvcmese, C Wood, J. Kiley, K. Reed, M, Pal lone, K. Hiliy, Second Row: B Hollick, M, L. Bongiovcmni, L Marino, B. Hollick, D, Gelorme D. Proto. Third Rowi D. Lincir di, E. Migliorisi, B. Settlemeyer J. Thomas, B, Meledcmdri, L Moses. Fourth Row: E. Poscfi E. Nee, M. Ziemicmski, R, Rich The book sclys slap if on. "On stage in two minufes" 55 Clubs Select and dialemified a cvlor al part KEY CLUB First Row: G. Richards, L. Ceraso, A. Ansani, T. Rocchi, H. Rocchi, D. Tirdel, E, Posafi, D. Berkey, D. To- ney. Second Row: D. Stewart, K. Leah, J. Hess, M. Toney, J. Monteleone, R. Rich, E. Kon- rad, A. McMillan, A. Chipolefti, D. Kestner. Third Row: T. Kuhn, L, Turco, J. Chickowski, H. Preisen- defer, M. Ziemianski, L. Finnim, C. Hartman, B. Kakuk, F. Suatoni, T. Hill. J. C. C. First Row: E. Brokaw, G. Zampog- na, G. Bielata, J. Kaczkowski, N. Povetto, G. Fritzky, D. Ludwiczak, V. Joseph, C. Varesco. Second Row: S. Schrecengost, P. Pelle- grino, M. Kustra, P. Brown, M. Sil- vis, D. Gelorme, G. Frampton, E. Cowan, J, Watters, J. Colaianni, P. Pasternak, D. Mazzei. Third Row: J. De Blasio, L. Licata, M. Calvanese, A. Tirdil, J. Lyons, L, Marino, D. Donati, J. Mudd, B. J. Keller, B. Hollick, G. Zilner. FOOTBALL CLUB First Row: T. Rocchi, J. Reynolds, N. Borelli, J. Marra, D. Tirdel, T. Bengel, D. Berkey, E. Migliorisi, E. Posati, H. Rocchi. Second Row: A. Ansani, R. Rich, B. Blair, D. Pal- lone, M. Toney, J. Hess, E. Rosati, V. Saccardi, L. Walkowiak, N. Eng- lish, M. Bellavia, G, Overly, Third Row: P. Bengel, D, Allen, J. Run- co, F. Monteleone, J. Thomas, J. Matthews, J. Garbinski, H. King, J. Martin, E. Nee. 56 o Aclwvl li e COLLEGE CLUB First Row: D. Stewart, J. Rawlin son, F. Suatoni, T. Rocchi, D. Ber key, D. DeFelice, A, Pugliese, E Ceroso. Second Row: R. Zonarich B. Holste, P. Puulick, R. Lclndi, E Dominici, P. Tannas, V. Sabow, J Townsend, M. Meyer, J. Piquard Third Row: H. Rocchi, D. Preisser A. Matergici, M. Colesar, J. Koro- wicki, 5. Katana, M, Edmunds, R Burtolacci, G. Wagner, V. Sciccardi A. McMillan. Fourth Row: P. Ci ancutti, J. Saccamano, M. Bellavia D. McMaster, J. Palaika, G. Ship- ley, G. Johnstone, J. Cevario, J Martin, D. Toney. JR. HISTORIANS First Row: J. Minick, M. Edmunds A. Matergicl, J. Kiley, J. Piquard, R. Susa, E. Polsinelli. Second Row L. Mazur, J. Fratangeli, J. Ship- ley, G. Johnstone, J. Rawlinson J. Hope, T. Neeler, D. Parson, C Kasavage. HOME NURSING First Row: A. Miller, L. Baker, M Taylor, D. Remaley, B. Fleeger, J Adams, M. Asper, J. Bruncsak, Mrs. A. Tannas. l 1 ,... F. H. A. - RED CROSS First Row: J. Geraci, R. Siuta, P Sergi, M. Maytan, L. Lisciarelli, R Pugliese, R. Landi, D. Roberto Second Row: M. J. Townsend, J Nolf, L, Baker, J. Adams, M. Asper E. Holland, C. Dickey, R. Monica Third Row: M. J. Janes, P. Dean M. E. Haught, L. Jones, J, Chris- tian, D. Remaley, M. Shockley, Y Rompietti. SOPHOMORE TRI-HI-Y First Row: D, Hastings, J. Imm, K. McCracken, D. Timmons, J. Hanes, J. Nelson, T. Frederick, M. Williams, A. Prokopik, J. Apple- gate. Second Row: D. Barcus, B. Saska, C. Jarczynski, H. VanTine, B. Tusing, S. Tusing, E. Colesar, J Paulenda, D, Milsom. Third Row J. Caruso, P. Papa, P. Rataiczcak, S. Cclporeli, J. Stuck, D. Leach, K. Lopushinsky, C. Molchan, J. Single- ton. HI-Y First Row: R. Batten, R. Solomon, D. Patterson, E. Imm, B. Meledan- dri, S. Cevario, A. DePalma, L Ray. Second Row: J. Saccamcmo W. Davis, D. Weisbrod, C. Hanyo R. Graziano, L. Anthony, D. Ter- linski, L. Rich. Third Row: R. Kriedler, D. Chomyak, O. Singel- ton, J. Cevario, S. Hamilton, E. Di- Nardo, T. Scanga, J. Buhl, R. Miller. PRINT CLUB First Row: L. Colaianni, J. Palaika M. Schweiger, H, Bostic, P. Buchan an, E. Berkoben. Second Row: F. Meyer, R. Guido, R. DeFelice, J. Yankov, B. Samiak, P. Nolf, R Greco. 58 1 1 A arlzling actialitiest P T A baby sitters Tri-Hi-Y is an organization which tends to build strong Christian character in the home, school, and community. Various duties of charity were done by the club during the year. They adopted an orphan girl as a sister and honorary member of the club. Attractive baskets of food were packed for unfortunate families for their Thanksgiving dinner. Ready and able were these girls to undertake the task of baby-sitting for children of members of the P.T.A. during their meetings. A bowling league along with numerous programs pre- sented by the club proved to be enioyable to all. The annual prom-style dance headed their list of activities. TRI-HI-Y CLUB First Row: D. Bertolino, M. Massola, P. Kosky, M, Rocchi, K. Hilty, K Reed M Pal lone, J. Salvati. Second Row: R. Runco, E. Dominici, R. Berczek, D. Petntta B P e mutico, J. Papa, J. Mulewich, J. Richards, B. Hollick, K, Cepull. Third Row S Stewart, L. Warden, M. Rawlinson, M. Bongiovanni, J. Rodgers, C. Yanne S Aus tin, V. Argento, A. Matergia, L. Moses. Fourth Row: K. Donahue, J Adamczyk I Vinkovich, B. Fleeger, V. Zalupsky, C. Schultz, E. Vinkovich, C. Confer B Stewart D. Ogurchock, M. Swanderski. Tri-Hi-Y Sprinkle calendar with BOY'S OCTET GlRL'S ENSEMBLE An abundance of good music, radiant enthusiasm and in- dustrious workers spelled success for the senior high choir again this past school year. The choral group, under the able direction of Miss Dorothy Ferrante, brought more acclaim to Arnold, a school long noted for its fine musical organizations. ln one of the year's biggest events, the choir performed ex- cellently with Springdale, Tarentum, New Kensington, and Har Brock in the Allegheny Valley Choral Festival, which was held at Arnold early in December. The choir's second annual oper- etta, a musical comedy entitled "In Old Vienna," successfully cap- tured and reflected the light-heartedness of the group amid the ever-enchanting Viennese setting. The choir members also expressed their enthusiasm and co- operative spirit in other spheres as they etticiently planned and carried out their annual bake sale and dance. Profits from these events were used to purchase sweaters for senior choir members. This, then, is the story cf the choir-corridors of learning filled with ioyful sound that truly expressed the spirit of Arnold High. 60 MU SIC The clwir lm SOPHOMORE AND ALL GIRLS CHOIR First Row: C. Nolf, L. Lisciarelli, M. Swanderski, J. Colaianni, D. Mazzei, D. Zampogna, S. Callahan, P. Paster- nak, M. Wypiski, L. Kennedy, L. Cole- sar, T. Frederick. Second Row: B. J. Tusing, J. Fritsky, W. Carter, J. Hanes, Y. Rompietti, P. Papa, C. Molchan, J. Edmunds, J. Erb, P. Dean, J. Reynolds, D. Thimons, S. Smith. Third Row: P, Fiorina, J. Anchors, P. Artuso, R. M. Malaspina, P. Beatty, R. Malaspina, M. J. Jones, A. Prokopik, P. Pallone, D. Stetanini, S. Lucerne. Fourth Row: R. Makara, C. Bollman, G. Ballinger, K. McCracken, S. Johns, S. Tusing, C. Trusnovic, L. Evans, L. Muir, M. Schwie- ger, K. Confer. Fifth Row: J. Chick- owski, A. Ansani, L. Walkowiak, C. Szoch, C. Tecluw, T. Papik, R. Law- rence, P. Peltz, M. Sartori, T. Klimash- ko, D. Costanza, J. Mazzei. JR. HIGH CHOIR First Row: D. Painter, P, Santoro, L. Husar, P. Duncan, K. Belczyk, M. Slo- bodnik, C. Ciancutti, J. Hungar, M. R. Deluca, A. Palczarski, G. Karluk, V. L. Dorbritz, J. Potochnik. Second Row: J. Sergi, M. Haiel, C. Martz, H. Mos- simini, A. Dangaix, J. Greb, R. DeBas- tiani, S. Bahnak, J. Haraznak, L. Con- to, J. Bianco, J. Tuleibitz. Third Row: J. Sergi, M. J. Pallone, V. Pagano, D. Postapak, C. Rocchi, J. Reighard, M. Migliorisi, G. Reano, J. Olivo, M. Dziadyk, J. Como, P. Papa. Fourth Row: T. Wallis, H. Briggs, A. Ryba, D. Dickey, N. Vagnozzi, T. Lothian, D. Giancola, C, Falco, L. Berkey, R. De- Fazio, J. Echon, D. Rotochniak. Fifth Row: T. Forsht, C. Kemp, M. Tekely, W. Crawford, A. Bilbie, R. Arbuckle, D. Nelson, A. Rich, J. Collins, L. Vol- quenne, G, Shpakoff, D. Joseph, G. Bahnak, J. Tuleibitz. SENIOR CHOIR First Row: D. Troup, P. Pellegrino, G. Frampton, J. Walker, B. Mangieri, C. Schultz, J. Watters, D. Donati, M. L. Mock, B. Fleeger, R. Bartolacci, P. Kos- ky, M. Pallone, K. Hilty, J. Papa. Sec- ond Row: E. Brokaw, B. Hollick, M. Calvanese, P. Tannas, M. Lamendola, K. Abraham, J. Mulewich, B. Premu- tico, M. J. Townsend, B. Stewart, J. Lyons, P. Ludwiczak, M. Meyer. Third Row: B. Meledandri, V. Zalupsky, J. Mudd, R. Runco, B. Hollick, M. Wauga- man, P. Paulick, V. Sabow, B. Holste, E. Dominici, J. Hanes, J. Korowicki, R. Shaw. Fourth Row: G. Overly, K. Ross, D, Chomyak, N. English, G. Buhl, J. Martin, J. Monteleone, F. Suatoni, R. Cecchetti, J. Jacobs, L. Rich. Fifth Row: D. Tirdel, K. Leah, R. Hutterer, B. Kress, J. Garbinski, D. Vrudny, M. Ziemianski, D. Kestner, A. McMillan, D. Berkey. 'ulfilled many a moment of relaxation f ,706 l-f'fLfL X. i J C, if 'ifieo-V 0 ' 4 'I gl, ZZ QL fc 4762 Binds 4410 Pff ,9'Zf Their muAic weaaJeA a melodivzw note First Row: A. DiFonzo, O. Cosforina, R. Arbuckle, R. Rakvic, Pugliese, A. McClosky, J. Valli, R. Gallo, J. Michciel. Second C. Trecziak, J. Corey, B. Groni, A. Korowicki, P. Johnson, C. Third Row: T. Coppone, D. Guenther, H. Mele, J. Acopine, Berioni, L. Borfz, J. Lingenfelter, A. DePolmo, P. Bianco, R. Borelli. Fourth Row: R. Siemonski, B. Seiilemeyer, R. Miller onski, P. Cioncutti, R. Steormcxn, E. Schreckengosi, J. Doito, C. J. Miller, S. Cevorio. l J SA 1 Mr. M. A. Moses D. Capo, K. Mele, G. Recxno, D. Fryer, A Row: C. DeFelice, A. Trombeltcw, D. Artuso Collodi, D. Kunicki, J. Paulendou, F. Suculoni A. Scxulle, J. Ciuffolelfi, B. Meledandri, J Cianflone, D. Molli, J, Hess, R. Moresi, N R. Fischer, J. Runco, J. Cevcirio, M, Ziemi Pcuprocki, B. Finnim, R. Dominici, L. Thomas MAJORETTES R. Bartolacci, D. Ludwiczak, J. Kaczkowski, E. Dominici, P. Kosky, A. DeMao. Third Row: E. Brokaw, B, Hollick, B. Hol- lick, J. Bielatu, P. Beigle. Fourth Row: M. Wypiski, D. Mazzei, G. Kelley, C. Wood, P. Poster- nak, L. Licata. Fifth Row: J. Salvati, K. Cepull, S. Lucerne, V. Zalupsky, M. J. Townsend, G. Zilner, J. Colaianni, V. Stan- ley. -.f .. .... - Senior High Band With a fanfare of thirty maiorettes the Arnold High School Band was led through its maneuvers on the football field last fall. This versatile group displayed originality, pep and enthusiasm in its unique and clever routines. Of special note was their precision marching and dancing to the "Jackie Gleason Show," "Twelfth Street Rag," "Rock A-round the Clock," and many others. A concert given in the spring also proved to be a great suc- cess. This fast stepping outfit performed not only at football and basketball games, but also at the Pittsburgh Steeler and Washington Redskin football game and in many local parades. Directed by Mr. Albert Moses, the band and maiorettes deserve much praise in the fine work they have done. JR. HIGH BAND iv A First Row: J. Richards, H. Svain, Q ' -3 ! D. Stonecheck, P. Marra, O. 1 Castorina. G. Brodhead, D. San i ir, tore, J. Brandolino, G. Lisciar .jg elli, E. Bugler. Second Row: K. . Spolnick, R. Lippert, D. Capo, R. Scalpello, S. Farmery, E, Elkin QEA M. A. Bibza, P. Dangaix, R Brooks, R. Posati, R. Rakvic Third Row: F. Kaczkowski, A. Jefferson, A. Pituch, J. Shamey J. Brunscak, A. Enciso, R. Bry an, J. Brunscak. Front: R. Snyder. First Row: A. Tirdil, M. Swanderski, V. Sa- bow, J. Richards. Second Row: The Prom The Climax 0 Once again the spacious gym of the Roy A. Hunt Building was turned into a ballroom for the Junior-Senior Prom on May 13, 1955. The theme "Younger Than Spring- time" was carried out by various set- tings depicting the out-of-doors. One entered the gym by crossing over a rustic bridge under which flowed an artificial mountain stream. The orchestra of Lee Kelton was seated against a mural of mountains and rustic scenery. A surrey with the fringe-on-top was one of the high- lights of the deccraticns. To the left of the gym were the beautifully decor- ated tables. A stone wall covered with vines and roses overlooked the skyline of Anytown, U. S. A. A garden of birdbaths, ferns, and flowers was artistically arranged in a circle at the center of the floor. Silver stars suspended from mc- biles dotted the ceiling giving the effect of a starry night. A buffet lunch was served to everyone present and each person re- ceived a favor-the girls received compacts and the boys received tie clasps. Miss Cipolla, Mr. Haiel, and every- one who helped with the Pram were successful in making everyone feel "Younger Than Springtime." l wish I may I wish I might . . 64 1 W ,m. .P K 3 q ' Qi . wdlwx -1 X .f::,Q' X, is -. - f Li x, 'Li ' X 'I ' 6. S -gist - ? 'A .1 X A35 Y it f. . V . . A 5 Q .,,: ,K Q K. Q1 Q , .Sf Q 1' me ,. Q-Nils. 'Rf 1 if 'nf K f 5? ft . ixgp- vsE ex l Q i'i ,'l7" ff? 2 Q , gag, fi 2 ze ,, w A A -:,, , 9 ,. 12- 3 4 tw 4, X38 a' X "kk ' QQ 'fe U W lj? ,. . lieked uA tv achieve victory JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS First Row: B. Signorella, L. Geraci, M. Mele, J. Soulcheck. Second Row: R. DeFazio, H. Massi- mini. Roar Lions Victory . . . This is the cry of the six lovely misses who lead the cheers for old A.H.S .... Fight Lions Fight . . . Joan and Pat, the two head seniors, were always ready and willing to do their best. They were proud of their new royal blue iumpers and beanies forthe basketball games. They had shared many friendly arguments and the sadness of their last game at Arnold . . . Yea Orange, Yea Blue . . . B. J. and Dot, the two iuniors, showed their capabilities when the seniors were unable to be there. They always had a bright and cheery smile to keep up the spirits of everyone . . . We've Got A T.E.A.M. . . . Patty and Dorothy, the two sprite sophomores, had so much pep that it was hard to hold them down . . . We've Got The Pep . . . Yes, these six girls did have the pep to lead their team to many victories. No matter where, when, or haw, they were always ready and willing. Thanks for a swell iob . . . We're from Arnold and we couldn't be prouder. SR. HIGH CHEERLEADERS First Row: P. Pallone, D. Prato, D. Stefanini. Second Row: P. Paulick, B. J. Keller, J. Korowicki. k 1 w f 'iff- 2954? 1 f mf , ,, ..,L . M. K 'FRF ' N ' 1. ' rf. m'x?m. Q S ,xi Q 'W 1 Z , . wx E i ix 'Whimsy , , -FV ' f' , .hm --1 . .- .R E K ' ' gs-1,1 X ug, . if! I 65.1 ,aiu sw - K , z A NA. A we V2 AI: fre'- 4, f .gi 5 5 1' fgffl 1, 4 Y vi 1 Q30 iE:v,,,, Q1 .ns " , xx. ay ' MN .. W W , ' it R A-Ml lx 5 Q + v:,.,..-,gm . W 2 , . ,.. 1 .,, gi Football 77me cannot wither talentA First Row: Mr, F. Martin, Assistant Coachg W. Kakuk, Manager, K. Mele, H. Rocchi, L. Ceraso, D. Berkey, F. Monteleone, J. Thomas, Mr. M. Peretti, Assistant Coach, D. Terlinski, Manager, J. Palaika, Manager. Second Row: Mr. N. Ventura, Equipment Manager, P. Bengel, V. Saccardi, T. Rocchi, E. Posati, B. Blair, l.. Walkowiak, D. Tirdel, M. Bellavia, G. Overly, Mr. A. Tannas, Head Coach. Third Row: V. Deres, J. Runco, T. Bengel, E. Migliorisi, R. Rich, D. Toney, E. Rosati, J. Matthews. Fourth Row: J. Marra, E. Nee, H. King, J. Garbinski, J. Martin, D. Allen, N. English, A. Ansani. The leadership of Coach Alex Tannas and his assistants, Mario Peretti and Frank Martin, produced the scrappy, green gridiron unit which took the field for Arnold in 1955. Working diligently at their camp in the Laurel Mountains for one week, THE RECORD the boys became a fit, determined squad, one which was ready for all comers. Arnold OPP' This aggressiveness earned for the Tannasmen highly- West Deer ,,,,, V, 6 26 prized victories over Tarentum, Oakmont and Millvale, while Freeport -lulh 6 26 :TatuDecergtggepypeogbipringdale, Plum and Hampton had to go TGFGHTUM ----. -.v- 7 0 Stinging from the losses of the hard-fought West Deer and Oakmont llllh 4 IAIV 13 0 Freeport gdames,hthi lions sprung 'baik tgdconnujr archgvpl Tar- , entum an ont e o owing wee rno ro e over a mont. sprmgdale "" 0 7 After losing to Springdale by one touchdown, they went on to Millvale ,... .,... 2 4 7 smother Millvale in a wild scoring spree. On the following Fri- Plum 12 14 day, the Lions met an undefeated Plurn team and, only after a hard fought battle, lost by two points. The Lions brought down Hampion --'-' '----- l 9 27 the curtain with a thrilling see-saw battle with Hampton in which Arnold lost only after they had given their best. You cannot measure success in football by wins or losses. The yardstick is sportsmanship, teamwork and spirit. This goal has been accomplished to the utmost here at Arnold. 70 ' 4 .A ' Q 1 - I s. K Q, ,W ' f '! . :Q N- X WQM -Q ' Q ' W. . n Q!-Q M . po sw X L. . .,.. I . xv' ' . ti I, Qi" i ,H 3 ' 1 . . . x f 5 5 ' R V-Lr g 5 , b Q , F -S VA' K gif uv' , x ,ff 'W ' .Q ,Q ' . ik 5 A. a 'X 4 . i iv Seniom line up for the lat time Gricl Heroes .NF M we D. Toney R. Scxccurdi J. Moriin R. Allen H. Rocchi T. Rocchi L. Ceroso M. Bellovia T. Bengal D. Berkey Noi Pictured: J. Matthews 72 JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL First Row: Managers L. Colaianni, R. Varesco. Second Row: T. Papik, J. Tulebitz, R. Farmery, N. Bor elli, R. Solar, J. Abraham, M. Suchar, C. Szoch, K. Bowman, Mr. M. Peretti, Coach. Third Row: I.. Rub inosky, J. Overly, F. Solomond, B. Suprano, H. Melee, D. Pallone, M. Toney, J, Hess, G. Blubaugh. JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL First Row: D. Joseph, Manager, R. Buco, R. Polsinelli, H. Schraclx, D. Stonecheck, E. Williams, R. Posati B. Forsht. Second Row: J. Palaika, Manager, J. Richards, O. Castorina, T. Wallace, J. Goins, P. DeMao R. Pcnchel, H. Briggs, Mr. M. Peretti, Coach. Junior Varsity The success of the future varsity is dependent upon the de- velopment of a strong junior varsity squad. Each day this eager group could be seen practicing the fundamentals of the game. Occasional scrimmages with the varsity enabled them to gain valuable experience. Coach Peretti formed a fine team from this inexperienced material. Junior High Our iunior high school football team is the foundation of the football program. Under the coaching of Mr. Mario Peretti, the boys practiced faithfully their rigid routine of fundamentals. Coach Peretti has done an excellent iob in developing Arnold's future gridiron material. Hats off to these aggressive, rugged and talented gridmen. Keep your eye on them. 73 .7 Mr. L. F. McGuire Coach U41 gwudlf sv J - p 'fgjscclfjvlmjyzf 'ln-v 4,-wg ,E A Basketball TWWCQZZQU' The T955-56 basketball season at Arnold, which marked the 19th year of coaching for Mr. Lawrence McGuire, the dean of valley basket- ball coaches, brought many thrills to the faithful Lion fans. The hoopsters completed a successful exhibition season which was highlighted by an impressive win over Plum Township that carved for them the Holiday Tournament championship. The usual stiff competition prevailed in Section l with Ken Hi proving the strongest. Arnold, with its spirit and aggressiveness, was one of the main factors contributing to this competition. They started the ball rolling by trouncing Vandergrift. They were then defeated by their arch-rival, Ken Hi, who gave the Lions a stiff battle. Arnold came back to beat a highly favored Ford City team, but then lost to Butler. In the second half of the league season, Arnold did not fare too well The Lions were once again defeated by Ken Hi and ended -bL"C"WJV'-1A-their last week of games with two heartbreaking losses to Ford City and Butler. Both these games were lost by two points. Although five seniors will be graduating this year, there will be three regulars and some strong Junior Varsity material returning next year. VARSITY BASKETBALL First Row: B. Lamendola, T. Kuhn, L. Adams, T, Zamperini, E, Rosati, D. Terlinski. Second Row: L. McGuire, Coach, J. Monteleone, Mgr., J. Martin, T. Scanga, S, Hamilton, J. Dotto, J. Garbinski, E. Posati, Assistant Mgr., R. Terlinski, Assistant Coach. Quick thinking and action needed 69 6aAlfe team Ball of fire Wl'1ere'd it go? Come cnd get it Hawaiian dribble I A. H. S. Opp. 43 . Bell Avon , 51 Freeport . 48 , Swissvale , 53 Oakmont .. 56 Springdale 42 Wilkinsburg 49 ,. , Freeport . 42 Leechburg 60 , . Verona . 89 ., Plum .. .. 58 Vandergrift Y""""""F'-'f"' Varsity Scores 42 69 . , 51 56 38 58 44 44 55 A 44 , 45 75 New Kensington Kittanning , Har Brock Ford City A Butler . A Springdale Vandergrift . New Kensington Kittanning Har Brock Ford City 59 51 61 44 68 29 31 63 60 61 47 .. .4 Tcl Our Cagers Their Apirit waA an exciting paragraph or Nrnold Shiloh Hamilton: Tall center who swishes his one handed set-shot . . . cool-headed and smooth working cager. John Monteleone: Has kept up the spirit of the team even at the lowest point . . . reliable and trustworthy. Ted Scanga: Can always be counted on in a pinch. His outside shooting and ball handling were sensational. Tom Kuhn: Crack man on offense and defense. Seldom misses his long set-shot. John Martin: His floor generalship was that of college skill . . . chosen for Section One's first team. Lou Adams: Drives with force . . . dribbles like a demon . . known for his notorious push-shot. 76 5. Hamilton J. Monteleone T. Scanga T. Kuhn J. Martin L. Adam JR. VARSITY BASKETBALL First Row: E. Konrad, J. Marzulla, H. Priesendefer, C. Szoch, J. Marra. Sec- ond Row: E. Posati, Manager: P. Ben- gel, C. Snyder, l.. Walkowialr, A. An- sani, L. Anthony, F. Stearman, J. Runco. JR. HIGH BASKETBALL First Row: J. Mazza, D. Huet, K. Mele, N. DeMao, P. Ringus. Second Row: H. Stonecheck, Manager, H. Mele, L. Ozepy, R. Varesco, J. Picone, P. Liput, K. Ingliese, T. Forsht, Manager, Junior Basketball biqelayed true team work and A ortAmanAlnqe JUNIOR VARSITY Arnold Opp. 28 ,. . ,,..,.. Bell Avon ...,, .,.. . ....25 34 , . ,. .Freeport ., ., ..,,..36 48 .. .. Swissvale .....36 26 .., ., .,,., Oalcmont ,.,,. .. ,.,.28 29. . ,. ,...,.. Springdale ,. 22 40 , ,. ..,. Wilkinsburg ..,. , .... ,,4'l 33 , ..,..,, Freeport .. . ,.,...36 36 . ...,.... Leechburg ..... ., ..,.43 34 .,.... . ........ Vandergrift .,.....,., ,...,... 'I 8 49 , .,...... New Kensington ...... .. .... , 46 38 ,..,.. . ..,...., Kittanning ..,....,. . ,..,, 40 38 .. ,. ,..,,.., Har Brock 35 47 ,. , ...,.. Ford City .. ,..,..51 58 . .,.,... Butler ,. ...., , 6'l 28 , . ...., Springdale .. ,. 24 58 . . ,,..,, Vandergrift .. 39 32 . ,..,. New Kensington ..,, 27 50. ,. , . ...,.. Kittanning .. ., ,......,49 41 . . ,..,. Har Braclc ,. .36 49 ,, . ..,, Ford City .. , .46 45 . , Butler ,,,,.. 46 Arnold 22 ,... .. 29.. 30 ,.,, I5 ,. 26 ,, 18 22 ,. 12. 42 26... JUNIOR HIGH Stewart .. Springdale ., .. Main Street Fourth Avenue . Natrona Heights Stewart Springdale ,,.., Main Street . ...... Fourth Avenue , Natrona Heights OPP . 37 31 43 17 , 42 37 36 27 27 36 Baseball Spring ---- I7 ay 641 ! Safe! S C O Arnold ...,,.. ...... l Arnold .,,..,..,.. .. l Arnold . .. .. 6 Arnold 4..., .. .,.., . 0 Arnold ...,...44,... 5 Arnold ,.... ,..,.. . . 3 Arnold .,......,...,.. 9 Arnold ......,.. ..,.. I 5 Arnold. ,..,..,,., .. 8 Arnold Won 5 RES Ken Hi .. Freeport . East Deer Har Brack Ken Hi Tarentum Freeport . East Deer Tarentum Har Brack Lost5 Mr. Oliver Phillips Coach The familiar shout, "Play ball" echoed again in 1955 at Herr Stadium, the home field of the Arnold baseball team. The Lions under the skillful coaching of Mr. Oliver Phillips started spring training in early April. The boys practiced long and hard at their Valley Camp practice field to be ready for their first game. ln the opening game, the Lions lost a thriller to Ken High by one run. The first indication of Arnold's scoring threat came in the East Deer game, with the victorious Lions crossing the plate six times. After this game the Lions received their only shut-out of the season from Har Brack, but this loss did not hamper their aggressiveness and the Lions went on to whip highly-favored Ken High. Following the heartbreaking loss to Tarentum the Lions began to click, winning their next three games. The peak of the Arnold scoring punch came in the Freeport game in which Arnold crossed the plate T5 times. The season ended with the Lions holding a record of 5 wins and 5 losses. lt is surprising to note that the Lions chalked up 53 runs during the season while the opposition scored 34 times. Coach Phillips is optimistic about the coming season since all but three seniors are returning to his squad. Front: R. Shaw. First Row: D. Batten, J. Sacriponte, A, McMillan, J. Martin, R. Becker, D. Tirdel, J. Gar- binski, T, Zamperini. Second Row: Mr. O. J. Phillips, Coach, M. Kanaan, J. Matthews, C. Sennett, J. Hessian, R. Abel, R. Krnacik. '7'f""' First Row: L. Ceraso, B. Campbell, F. Suatoni, Second Row J Palaika D McMasters D Berlcey T Kuhn, E. Konrad, T. Hill, G. Wagner, M. Ziemianski, Mr. G. McLaughlin Coach Te n n is biAplayA individual ability The Arnold racquet squad under the able tutelage of Mr. George McLaughlin just about broke even in the won and lost column. With less than two weeks of practice and hampered by the constant spring showers, the team met Wilkinsburg on its home court. After a nip and tuck game the Lions emerged victorious by a score of 3 to 2. The Lions were again successful against a strong Kiski Prep team. After bowing to Wilkinsburg on a re- turn match and also to Central Catholic the Lions won two games from their neighborhood rivals, New Kensington. The Lions couldn't quite cope with Latrobe and Tarentum and finished the season with four wins and five losses. The i955 and 1956 team will have all its members back and will again be headed by its number one ace, Tom Kuhn. Their experience should carry them far in future encounters. SCORES Arnold Wilkinsburg , Arnold Kiski .. ,. .. Arnold Wilkinsburg Arnold Central Catholic Arnold New Kensington Arnold Latrobe .. . Arnold Tarentum Arnold New Kensington Arnold Latrobe , , First Row: E. Posati, R. Gaito, R, Walasek, V Choltco Second Row C Hickman J. Glovier, P. Jacobs, R. Qswald, G. Zilner, Mr W Hagel Coach Golf Maw ten, of the 6411 Under the tutelage of Mr. Haiel, the newly- formed golf team got a late start in the spring. At the Hill Crest Country Club, the opening ses- sion found many hopeful candidates aspiring to permanent berths on the squad. Those selected to represent the team were Victor Choltco, Paul Jacobs, John Glovier, Robert Walasek, Richard Oswald, C. Hickman, Eugene Posati, Ronald Gai- to and Gilbert Zilner. Although the team's record was not impres- sive they acquired certain basic skills fundamen- tal to this game which they will find helpful in future years. Returning to the lineup this year will be the Lions number one, two, and three players: Vic Choltco, Paul Jacobs, John Glovier. Reckless driver Fore! ! ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Colao Studios New Kensington Dispatch Q 0 Q Tarentum Valley Daily News Capitol Engraving Company Kurtz Bros. Gi? Om Jf'NfK E fri I K 'bf Geometric Projects A hit Concentrated study On stage Our new Junior High secretary Candlelight installations "Yippee! We won!" "Now what?" Music makers 81 I cle time clock, I we could turn 64 " entA to remember" we would lea :Ie time mom Oh look! See Puff run . . . Belonging to the grown-up world of iunior high . . . Our first class dance "Spring Carnival" . . . The exuberance of the pep rallies and the games we at- d for our big moment "The Junior- tended . . . Selling can y " Last but not least our graduation. Senior Prom . . . h' s we've all shared. They're the unforgettables. The t ing Arnold will leave with them. When the seniors leave, a part of emory . . . of twelve wonderful For us There will always be a m yea rs. 6 ho e that the remaining classes will We the CLASS OF 'I95 p have the same kind of legacy. 82 CXQNS ff? TX at S, ' 4. x THE ARNOLD LIONS CODE OF ETHICS To show my faith in the worthiness of my vocation by indus- trious application to the end that I may merit a reputation for quality of service. To seek success and to demand all fair remuneration or profit as my iust due, but to accept no profit or success at the price of my own self respect lost because of unfair advantage taken or because of questionable acts on my part. To remember that in building up my business it is not neces- sary to tear down another's, to be loyal to my clients or customers and true to myself. Whenever a doubt arises as to the right or ethics of my posi- tion or action towards my fellow man, to resolve such doubt against myself. To hold friendship as an end and not a means-To hold that true friendship exists not on account of the service per- formed by one to another, but that true friendship de- mands nothing but accepts service in the spirit in which it is given. Always to bear in mind my obligations as a citizen to my nation, my state, and my community, and to give to them my unswerving loyalty in work, act, and deed. To give them freely of my time, labor, and means. To aid my fellow man by giving my sympathy to those in distress, my aid to the weak, and my substance to the needy. To be careful with my criticisms and liberal with my praise, to build up and not destroy. ARNOLD LIONS STUDENT LOAN FUND Our club has established a Student Loan Fund to help needy students attend schools of higher learning. Please contact any member of the Fund Committee for qualifications. F. Corey, Chairman A. Tannas W. Krupa Committee 83 LUMBER - MILLWORK - ROOFING - PAINT ARNCJLD LUMBER CC. Fourth Avenue at The Lumber Number Fourteenth Street EDison 7-4700 Congratulations Class of 1956 SOCIETA OPERAIA UMBRIA 1714-16 Third Avenue Arnold, Pa. Good Luck to you Arnold Graduates from the SOCIETA' FEMMINILE UMBRIA 84 Congratulations - Seniors GAETANO PILATI FRATERNAL AID Club No. 176 of Columbian Federation 1435FfhA A Id P WEAR-EVER I ALUMINUM NEW KENSINGTON PENNSYLVANIA Congratulations Class of 1956 FORWARD AMERICA LODGE 127 OF ITALIAN SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF AMERICA ARNOLD PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of UKRAINIAN CITIZENS CLUB Corner of 4th Avenue 8g 14th St. ARNOLD, PA. MEADOW GOLD DAIRIES, INC. 1240 Fourth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. "QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS" Phone: EDison 7-7635 THE KEYSTONE DAIRY CO. QUALITY PRODUCTS Dairy Store EDison 7-3568 329 Sixth Avenue MOntrose I-3020 Congratulations Closs of '56 SUZY'S SODA GRILL "Where the Gang Loves to Meet" BEATRICE HANLON, Prop. Corner of Orchard 81 Drey St. Phone: EDison 9-9439 86 Congratulations Class of 1956 LONGO'S MARKET G. NACCARATO, Proprietor Corner Orchard Avenue - Drey Street Arnold, P Compliments of JOHN FEDAN 8m CO. 1712-16 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES - HARDWARE - FURNITURE After the Game Follow the Crowd to - - - JACOBS ICE CREAM PARLOR If it's sports we also have it at our store at 410 Ninth Street Formerly GIock's 1701 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa Congratulations Class of 1956 CONTO'S MARKET Drey Street Arnold, Pa Phone: EDison 5-3904 87 ALTMAN'S MARINE SERVICE EVINRUDE OUTBOARD MOTORS - ALUMA CRAFT BOATS SALES AND SERVICE T815 Fourth Avenue ARNOLD, PA. Phone: EDison 5-3112 COMPLIMENTS OF GROTTESE MEN'S ASSOCIATION 1905 Leishman Avenue ARNOLD, PA. Congratulations Class of 'I956 WALZER CLEANING CO. 408 - 410 Eighth St. New Kensington, Pa When You Think Of Insurance Think Of JOHN W. HUNGER AND DONALD H. HUNGER "Your Friends And Neighbors" COMPLIMENTS OF ITALIAN AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY LODGE 119 Affiliated With The Italian Sons And Daughters Of America 1801 03 Fourth Ave ARNOLD PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of CITY NEWS 'I730 Fifth Avenue Arnold Pa Magazines - Toys - Games -Fishing Tackle 89 CONGRATULATIONS BEARER ELECTRIC 81 SUPPLY CO. NEW KENSINGTON, PA. Congratulations from W. R. GOTT ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES FURNITURE AND RUGS FIFTH AVENUE ARNOLD Compliments of KELLER ELECTRIC COMPANY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR AND DEALER Fifth Avenue at Eighth Street Phone: EDison 7-3597 New Kensington, Pc. 90 ARNOLD BUILDER'S SUPPLY Hardware 81 Paints Plumbing 81 Heating Steel Sash 8. Glass Office 81 Yard-2032 KIMBALL AVENUE Phone EDison 7-6536 MEYER Sn JOHNSTON COMPANY SHEET METAL WORKS AIR CONDITIONING - HEATING - ROOFING INDUSTRIAL SHEET METAL WORK T548-50 Constitution Blvd. ARNOLD, PA. Phone: EDison 5-'l1'l7 81 Phone: EDison 5-6206 MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL SHEET METAL CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION BLOSER'S Official Jewelers To Arnold High School 960 FOURTH AVENUE NEW KENSINGTON PENNSYLVANIA 91 Congratulations Class of '56 FRANK MOLLI'S CLOVER FARM STCJRE "Thrift Plus Satisfaction" 1425 Fifth Ave. F F ee Delivery--Phone: ED 5 8251 Best Wishes To The Class Of 1956 Q Skill Gegvyvfti A yet? Q11 X fix N ui X Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Arnold 715 Ewmc smear ARNOLD, PA CENTRAL DRUG STORES "Friendly Hometown Service" NEW KENSINGTON PA Compliments of WARRlNGTON'S 5 81 IOC STORES INC. Your Friendly Variety Store 1702-O4 Fifth Avenue AFHOICI, PG- OPEN EVENINGS KEN KAMERA Top Quality Photo Supplies and Equipment 1035 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. Congratulations Class of '56 DONATI'S SERVICE STATION GULF IS YOUR BEST BET 1610 Freeport Road Phone: EDison 9-9275 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS and SUPPLIES COOPER BROS. "Music and Art Center" 810 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. 93 COMPLIMENTS NU-KEN CANDY AND CIGAR CO. 647 Fifth Avenue Phone: EDison 7-8821 JOHNSTON HARDWARE CO. PLUMBING AND HEATING Sales ond Service Pittsburgh Plate Glass - Paints 1034 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. Dial: EDison 7-3481 LARRY MUDD'S TV ancl APPLIANCES Hallicrafters Quality 1700 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Penna. Congratulations BELLI MCJTOR CO. Dealers of DESOTO - PLYMOUTH 1330 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. 94 Congratulations Class of 1956 SERENE'S MARKET FINE FRUITS AND GROCERIES 1801 Freeport Rd. ED, 9-9464 Congratulations Class of 1956 RIDGE AVENUE MARKET Foods You Will Enioy Eating 800 North St. New Kensington, Pa. CALL FOR CONGRATULATIONS ,,Qffi,,202,1f1,1 CLASS stone ADDRESS 1956 0 un, null nunn nut.. nun: Ann., mc. 1729 Freeport Road ARNOLD, PA. 95 Compliments of LORANT'S TAVERN "CHlCKEN IN THE RUFF" 1902L h A A Id P C ngratulcxtions Class of 56 FIS C U S REAL ESTATE 8m INSURANCE AGENCY 1614 FIFTH AVE. ARNOLD, PA Compliments of THE ARNOLD DRUG STORE 1707 F fth Avenue A Id P Ph ED 7 6508 Compliments of TONY'S BAR AND GRILL 510MC dl S A IdP Cpl of MANZELLA FUNERAL HOME 1509FfhAvenue A ld P YOUR FAMILY FRESH-UP - Yay A lake. 5. .jf Il... O sg likes O Q You 1510 3dA ED57321 Best Wishes From DEFELICE and FRABOTTA'S ARNOLD FLOWER SHOP "Fashions in Flowers" ARNOLD PA 1727 Ffh A ED 5 4661 Compliments HECKER'S SERVICE STATION Corner of Richmond St. ond Freeport Road c 9 I CI f56 Ph so 99274 1 l I 1 l l 1 i The M Store 5'l'AVE. mg n R I PA. EDISON RUG S We WE RV 5'l42l DEL PRESCRIPTION PHARMACISTS HERMAN MARTIN CARL MARTIN ERNEST MARTIN Compliments of SCOTT'S BAKERY 727 North St. New Kensington, Po. EDison 5-3751 Compliments of JOHN C. DONAHER FUNERAL HOME 1369 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pc. 98 'lr BURRELL CONSTRUCTION AND SUPPLY COMPANY d b h if THE STORE OF FASHIONS 955 Fou rth Ave. New Kensington Pc: L. U. No. 302 UNITED STEEL WORKERS OF AMERICA 'I035 Third Avenue New Kensington, Po. Fomous Fashions for . . for style , O I Juniors Szlalerman A f , . . . or qua ny Women The Fashion Firsi Siore f Children or servlce at the Right Prices 100 Say It With Flowers REO'S FLOWER SHOP Everything in Flowers 1607 Fifth Avenue Arnold Pa Phone: EDison 7 6461 UNITED GLASS AND CERAMIC WORKERS OF NORTH AMERICA CIO-CCL ARNOLD LOCAL NO. 17 EXECUTIVE BOARD Frank E Lemon Jr President Harry A. Yobp Secretary Treasurer James T Lemon Vice President William W. Johnston Trustee Rex Beveridge Chairman Howard C. Bender Trustee William D. Barnes , Vice Chairman Ralph Salvati Trustee Leonard E. Bird Recording Secretary Emilio Montemurro Inner Guard AR-KEN PLUMBING 81 HOME SUPPLY PLUMBING, PAINT 8. HARDWARE NO JOB TOO BIG - NO JOB TOO SMALL 1606 Fifth Avenue ARNOLD PA EDlson 7 4311 Compliments of COMMUNITY SUPER MARKETS Located at ARNOLD N BESSEMER Compliments of AL'S TELEVISION RADIO 81 APPLIANCE RCA VICTOR Soles Service 1706 Ffh A A Id P ED 51961 TYPEWRITERS ADDING MACHINES ARNOLD TYPEWRITER 8m SUPPLY CO. SALES SERVICE 1611 Ffh A . EDison 5-6250 ARNOLD PENNA TABBY'S GLASS SHOP AUTO, PLATE, WINDOW GLASS INSTALLED 1329 F h A Ph : EDi 7-3321 DODGE PLYMOUTH ffm-M410 C5 Formerly Eich Motors AT THE BRIDGE NEW KENSINGTON PA Furnaces IIIGIDAIII AUTOMATIC HEATING 8m SUPPLY CO. EDison 5-9458 938 Drey St NK'9P Compliments of NORTH STREET SERVICE STATION ARNOLD PENNA C I Class of 'I956 SULLIVAN CHEVROLET eos 7-3566 NewK g P SHEHAB MOTOR SALES INC. 421 Freeport St. NEW KENSINGTON, PA. We BUY and SELL USED CARS .IEROME MOTOR COMPANY OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC SAFETY TESTED USED CARS Corner of Fourth Ave. and Eighth Street Phone: EDison 7-4563 New Kensington, Pa. Compliments of GLENN BUICK CO. When Better Automobiles Are Built, Buick Will Build Them 710 Fifth Ave. New Kensington, Po. NEW AND USED CARS ALL MAKES HERMAN MOTOR, INC. 851 - 3rd Ave. EDison 7-3563 New Kensington, Po. 104 Congratulations Class of 1956 TURNER BOOK STORE COMMERCIAL STATIONERS OFfice Supplies, Stationery, Gifts, Greeting Cards and Engraving 919 Fifth Avenue Phone: EDison 7-6711 EDWARD M. NEE TRANSFER AND STORAGE 306 Murray Ave. Phone: ARNOLD, PA. EDison 5-1761 MENZIE DAIRY Your Home Town Dairy Service Leechburg Rd. ED. 5-2621 105 ROBERT'S FURNITURE CO. FURNITURE - APPLIANCES - BEDDING - RUGS 1627 Fifth Ave. Arnold, Pa. PRAHA CAFE GOOD FOOD OF ALL KIND5 1724-26 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. IDEAL CLEANING CO. 32nd Year of Business BOOSTING CLASS OF '56 GORDCN'S WHOLESALE Drugs - Notions - Candies - School Supplies - Cigars - Hosiery Cigarettes - General Merchandise - Tobaccos 1521 Woodmont Avenue Phone: ED. 5-6911 106 McMILLEN -SPEER COMPANY AGE CRAFT ALUMINUM AWNINGS AND RAILINGS KEYSTONE ALUMINUM WINDOWS - DOORS AND SIDING SEASON-ALL ALUMINUM CASEMENT WINDOWS - DOORS SIEGLER WARM FLOOR HEATERS STERLING ALUMINUM GRILLES FOR DOORS 1720 5th Ave. EDison 5-1751 ARNOLD, PA. Your neighbors bought from us, why don't you? Everything we sell is sold with satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded. FAMOUS FOR ITALIAN TOMATO PIE Only Kind in the Valley P. 8m M. PIZZERIA LEFTY AND MOONEY, Props. EDison 9-9177 Arnold, Pa. FIRST WITH RECORD THE LATEST CENTER Everything Recorded - All Speeds Available CHILDREN - WESTERN - JAZZ - CLASSIC 1019 5th Ave. NEW KENSINGTON, PA. ED. 5-6531 107 Shop Our Big Downtown Store For Shoe Bargains MILLER BROS. SHOE STORE 908 FIFTH AVENUE New Kensington's Largest Shoe Store "See Us First and Save" McKEANS HARDWARE NEW KENSINGTON, PA. ED. 5-1411 ' 404 - 9th St CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF 1956 , 3 1 . I 1 , - ls 5, 9 kg , 4Q5,f.'?e. f f'-" ARNOLD VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT 108 SHOES AND HOSIERY FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY LOUIS' SHOE STORE 1715 Fifth Avenue EDison 7-8151 Arnold, Pa. ARNOLD SUPER CLEANERS WE CLEAN CLOTHES CLEANER AII Work Done In Our Own Plant CARL GENTILE FRANK "Peggy" NELSON Phone: EDison 5-5411 1805 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. H. A. KLINGENSMITH 8: SONS "If it's HARDWARE we have it" APPLIANCES - PAINTS - SPORTING GOODS 912 Fifth Ave. New Kensington, Pa. Dial: EDison 7-4541 Compliments to the Class of 1956 SPARTACO SPORTING CLUB 109 Congratulations to The Senior Class of 1956 and the Arnold School System AMERICAN WINDOW GLASS COMPANY 9 West Park Way PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA gy ,Kf"i"is """ I II' " , iiiziaaa :-. 1 .. ,:1: E1EEEEE3ZE1EfE,j: " i' wk i' Manufacturers of fine window glass and specialty glass products since 1899 I I 110 COMPLIMENTS OF ARNOLD AMERICAN LEGION POST 684 1728 Fifth Avenue ARNOLD, PENNSYLVANIA Wm III' llll SQQRXIQQQ Sqgfkg-emi? E 9 I Wim A "K AND LADIES AUXILIARY OF POST 684 OR GOD AND COUNTRY WE ASSOCIATE OURSELVES T Compliments of FIFTH AVENUE HOTEL 1539 - Fifth Avenue Arnold, Po. Phone: EDison 9-9328 Fifth Avenu ROBERT S. RUSIEWICZ FUNERAL HOME ED. 5-2841 e ot Fourteenth Street Arnold, Po. JIM ELlAS GARAGE ED. 9-9046 ED. 5-2451 NOVOTNY AUTO BODY OFFICIAL ' GARAGE 1385 FIFTH AVE., NEW KENSINGTON, PA. 24 hour Towing Service IKE MILLER GEORGE ELIAS ED. 5-6424 ED. 7-6178 Our Compliments STEVE CIPOLLA COAL and GENERAL HAULING 112 Congrafulahons Class of 1956 4? wg, 0 W 1 -' SPECIALISTS IN nsconmn CAKES Fon ALL occnslous POTTER'S EDison 7-4241 1900 Kenneth Ave. Arnold, Pu. NEW KENSINGTON TYPEWRITER COMPANY 931 Fifth Avenue NEW KENSINGTON PENNSYLVANIA Terms S1 25 Weekly All MU kes Pofloble TYPeW""e"5 ,aizk-'ir-1 T A n gf ..'J.251f:f:yggislzigigggigiii' .Est 5 ' .ifi P il if fi , EDison 7 3525 81 7 3526 VALOS HOUSE OF CANDY Distinctive HOME MADE Candy ED. 5-5281 ARNOLD, PA. 'I718 Fifth Ave. Compliments of DAN HEATON SUPER-CUSHION TIRES BY GOODYEAR Complete Tire Service EDison 7-7656 WEST NEW KENSINGTON, PA. 114 BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1956 WITH THE HOPE AND EXPECTATION WE WILL WELCOME MANY AS MEMBERS OF THE ASSOCIATION OF ALUMINUM SALARIED EMPLOYEES Affiliated with The NATIONAL FEDERATION OF SALARIED UNIONS C A Burford . .. . President H. A. Hoover Ist Vice Presndent R F Fraboita Secy Treasurer Wm. Kotelec 2nd Vlce President EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Herbert A. Scsko John T Foley W. D. Woomer Vnncent Sacczmclno Andrew Tymoczko John E. Moy William Koielec James A. Cullerton 'II5 Compliments ALLEGHENY VALLEY INDUSTRIAL UNION COUNCIL NEW KENSINGTON, PA. Patrvnzf Dr. F. A. Viggiano Dr. L. C. Ceraso Dr. R. Culp Attorney P. Louis De Rose Dr. L. O. Evans Dr. D. A. Marini New Kensington Dr. J. A. Soroka Dr. E. J. Stevens Dr. H. W. Thomas CampbeII's Grill Oscar Collodi DeMao's Inn Falsetti's Giuliani's Market Iozzi's Market Art Memorial A Friend 'I'I6 Pagano's Fuzzy Simon George Altmeyer Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Bianco Di Fonzo's Market Guzzi's Shoe Repair Helen Kido Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Lisciarelli Nicastro's Market Puglisi's Market Mr. and Mrs. Patsy Rich Riznick's Tavern Sarniak's Market Dr. Scheid Tallarico Shoe Repair Weisz Shoe Repair lg Y A-nl-ui I f . -14"-f-fl ' ---- A'l w 7 ,441 ,iff-aff., . ,. V G I, ,ij fd- F . ,fuma A 7-wffy 4'H'f I I K , , HW: .1

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