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-Q 5,,.,.', WWW C?'i fl?7'f A 1 UQ-.bosebj 'fg2o ooU' B ww 'Q W g IWW yfmnoiwf wpf w , V rc 5 Q , w wf WvmfgWgAw 32W 'Mia gg A '- , - ' ' 44 -ax ,Q 1 -3-W 'fri - H '- .i.-'1-.,"wff,:g, - .w , I few 1 . vz--M f,- fv z, 4 .M Uv: - L. My ,NJM 1 'f x J.: ,MVA 4- . Q,-. nv-v,., M,-,N ,v--fy-5,1-fi-,, 4 5, , , , W Wq,: .2 , ,, .,f1,, f i ,WMA J n- ,I 1, , V -Ml. gw,,L,,, W ., X .,.1, W , . , V + 9 Y K' S ,H vf- 1 1 , - ' 5 S sl : 1 if 5 1 S 2 i X 1 WML, M ML jyw, Q S N ,N M,,J9f 7QmM Axgwig IWW XX' MJ , QV W4 My W Y VW? my ARNOLD HIGH SCHOOL P, A lcl P yl 'N-IJJ , W fb 'O 105 , W W ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ' o Studios Kensington Daily Dispatch THE 1955 A R L I o N , ,, ,H ARNUI-D HQ 'M 4- ,424 -MW-nh-...,,,,,.,, THE1955 AFQLICDIXI I 'Qzflr' . A 'V , ima .A SHE' ,Aa 1 K i W' W. if W es' , t af -w..wmwrxmnQ,,aQq"' "'kk ,, , . a-H mmqmmag' " W Mi c A , , .L,A Q The beginning of a wonderful evening F E R A scHooL YEAR In years to come, you may someday open this book and leaf through its pages, recognizing the smiling faces of your classmates. The familiar scenes from activities, the candid snap- shots of the gang and the group shot of your old home-room will afford you many pleasurable memories. You will enjoy remin- iscing about the good old days with this album in your hands. 4 4 CLASSES Page 8 ACTIVITIES Page 48 ATHLETICS Page 68 THAT CAN BE THE APEX OF TEEN-AGE LIFE It is the goal of the Arlion staFf to preserve these mem- ories for you to enjoy as time goes by. We hope you will always treasure this volume and the entertaining recollections it will give you. Our endeavors to make this issue of the Arlion as appeal- ing as possible can be rewarded only through your complete satisfaction. 5 NTS fl SE ,.. I-.1 HX L S I 1 Q I A i nl I I. I ! YW fs I Q Q x Q e sg' 1, P p URYEA OUR ACTIVITIES, OUR PLAY, OUR WORK Pulchritude galore An outdoor pep meeting A pause to refresh Another year has folded itself cmd drifted away. With the memory of that eventful year still in our minds, we, the stu- dents of Arnold High School, readily await the future. Those of us who will not return to our halls next year are preparing our- selves for the responsibilities we will assume. This book is,a collection of lasting memories that will follow us always. 7 L ffzmea. iw, ?2':'ff3lf BOOK ONE XX ,ai -1 'wiv 'S iiw 'E If X 2 -4 1' 'N if vw if -iq Q 5 5 . . was-. . ' 2 3 K 91 Q an , Maggy SM HE Sielf, 4 '25 2- Y .r 7-v7 Q F A. Bianco J. Hollick F. Meyer D. Flocker E. Humeniuk N. Pallone THEY FURNISH US WITH Board of Education As we come to the end of another school year, we look back on the events of this past term. Along with those tak- ing a backward glance is our Board of Education. They might well feel proud for the large part they have played in the suc- cess of the school. For, without the pat- tern laid down for us by these seven in- terested citizens, the students, faculty, and administration would not have been able to cope with the multitude of prob- lems that arose. The weight of many problems was placed squarely on the shoulders of the school board. As always, they met the problems face on and solved them in a manner that must be tempered with careful iudgment and a true interest in the welfare of all of us. President ...,... ..... .....,. A . Bianco Vice President ....... ...... D . Flocker Treasurer ....,......,. ...... F . Meyer Secretary ...,.. ......... G . Vairo Solicitor ....... A. Romito R. Tierney A. Romito G. Vairo ISTRATI ALL THE PROPS VITAL TO OUR ACHIEVEMENT Superintendent Graduates of 1955: Your school has placed in your hands the tools of education and also trained you in the skills necessary to build a successful life. This process has been taking place 'For the last dozen years and the big question now is: What will you do with these skills? The work of the world is not yet com- H. D. BERKEY Indiana State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh ll pleted. Today, in this great atomic age all of us stand on the threshold of a new era. ln- numerable and ever widening horizons await those who have indomitable courage, per- sistence and faith to think, plan, work and climb. Who knows who will do the mountain- top thinking and planning in the days ahead? You have the skills! Why not YOU? THEIR NEVER-ENDING ASPIRATIONS DRIVE ARNOLD HIGH SCHOOL J. J. PALLONE Indiana State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania State University G. C. MCLAUGHLIN Waynesburg College University of Pittsburgh Principal My first year as Principal of the Arnold High School has been most enioyable. Stu- dents and teachers alike have displayed the type ot leadership and cooperation that makes for a good school system. It is my sincere desire that each member of the class of 1955 will live well, look only tor the best in the world, and give only his best to the world-that his lite may be an in- spiration. Then ancl only then will each have achieved success. Assistant Principal Many years ago Emerson said: "Fear always springs from ignorance." Perhaps the fears with which many people are obsessed today are also the result of ignorance. My wish for you is that you gird your- selves with knowledge and with such educa- tional experiences, as will enable you to face the future with confidence, courage, and com- posure. Th Id d w cl E S THIS IS OUR LIFE IN SCHOOL I3 FACULTY M. M. Batiste V. A. Bushnell J. Clark C. J. Colaianni D. Ferrante A. Garella ALL Margaret M. Batiste Grove City College Business Education Virginia A. Bushnell Pennsylvania College Latin, English Jean Clark ARE SOLICITOUS FOR for Women Indiana State Teachers College English Clara Jo Colaianni Indiana State Teachers College Business Education Dorothy Ferrante Seton Hill College Music Albert Garella California State Teachers College Mathematics ln Memoriam E. F. Bornscheuer August, 1954 14 WELFARE AND OUR SUCCESS Margaret O. Caldwell Grove City College English Mary Ellen Cipolla Westminster College University of Pittsburgh English, Spanish Joseph J. Deda University of Pittsburgh Social Studies, Science Ruth E. Cribbs Indiana State Teachers College Business Education William J. Haiel Edinboro State Teachers College Mathematics Milton Klien Duquesne University Social Studies 4 K X 1 faeeaqgx Teachers on parade E. it ix is M. O. Caldwell J. J. Deda W. Haiel M. E. Cipolla R. E. Cribbs M. Klein QR Frances Tannas School Nurse Rose Nevins High School Secretary "A S-D-F space -7-L-K-J space" F A C U L T Y A MAN or LEARNING HAS Rlcl-nas Frances Tannas, R. N. Nursing School Martin's Ferry, Ohio School Nurse Rose Nevins Senior High Secretary Frank Martin St. Vincent College Social Studies Nancy Martin Slippery Rock State Teachers College Health, Physical Education Lawrence F. McGuire Carnegie Institute of Technology University of Pittsburgh Related Vocational Subjects Jean L. Menk Indiana State Teachers College Art Albert G. Moses Duquesne University Music Leonard F. Paletta Duquesne University Social Studies 16 THAT CANNOT BE TAKEN FROM HIM W F. Martin N. Martin L. F. McGuire J. L. Menk A. G. Moses L. F. Poletfu 'fl IN la U L. Gebcuuer E. J. Holtz J. Lecnor P, Marinelli If X, Louis Gebauer Duquesne University University of Pittsburgh Auto Shop Edgar J. Holtz St. Francis College Science Josephine Lecnar Misericordicu College English Peter Murinelli 1.1 California State Teachers College Industrial Arts BETTER IS THI B. Pallone M. L. Peretti R. Sack Frank Pallone Walter M. Sakaluk St. Francis College Indiana State Teachers College X Pennsylvania State University Driver Education O. J. Phillips A. Tannas Business Education Mario Peretti Wittenberg College University of Pittsburgh Science, Mathematics Ruth Sack University of Pittsburgh English Oliver J. Phillips University of Chattanooga Health, Physical Education Nancy Rend Indiana State Teachers College Geography . 3 s heavily No:-qiard N. Rend Y W. M. Sakaluk H. Schimpf R. M. Terlinski Henry Schimpf University of Pittsburgh Machine Shop Ruth A. Sipes Slippery Rock State Teachers College Mathematics Alex Tannas Mercer College Social Studies Robert M. Terlinski Indiana State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh Social Studies R. A. Sipes L. Ventura N. A. Ventura l. E. Wallis '8 495 "f"-Z4 FACULTY PATIENT MAN THAN THE PRESUMPTUGUS B. F. Scherer A. Strittmatter L. C. Ceraso E. J. Stevens Louise Ventura Carnegie Institute of Technology Home Economics Nicholas Ventura Carnegie Institute of Technology Duquesne University Mathematics, Related Vocational Subiects Inez E. Wallis K Pennsylvania College for Women University of Pittsburgh English, History Bernard F. Scherer St. Vincent College English Alice Strittmatter H Pennsylvania State University Home Economics Dr. L. C. Ceraso Bucknell University Temple University School Physician Dr. E. J. Stevens University of Pittsburgh School Dentist Jo Ann Peltz Junior High Secretary Really nice people? J. Peltz ' YV '.I9 h 'I' L 1955 SENIORS AND SO WE START OUR JOURNEY X "Seniors at last!" It seems like only yes- terday that we first uttered that phrase, and here it is-graduation time already. Now, all that remains of our senior year is the mem- ories-and what wonderful memories they are! Who can ever forget "A Garden of Mem- ories," our class dance, which brought back reminiscences of all our high school years? We really proved our thespian talents in the hil- arious production, "Springtime for Patsy." The high spot of our senior year-the last time we would ever meet together as high school students-was a gala banquet, long to be re- membered as the "Bon Voyage" to the class of 1955. Behind us lie these pleasant memories of school life, bright with laughter and filled with pleasant activities. Ahead of us is our future for which we have been prepared. May it be as pleasant as the past. We leave Arnold High School with a deep feeling of loyalty and a wish for a bright future. OFFICERS President .. ..,.,,..,, .....,....,. ...,.. A . Graziano Vice President ..,.. R. VGFGSCO Secretary .,.., .... P- FClll0H Treasurer , ...VV V- Chine Advisors . .,.,,. J. Lecnar W. Sal-caluk TO OUR FINAL GOAL - HAROLD ALBERA Vocational "Ron" Future machinist Shy at times . .. Can usually be seen in his truck. MARGARET ANDERSON Commercial "Pe99Y" Gives her best to every subiect . .. Quiet and reserved Smile for all. CF L VC K D 0 T 5 5 K rg Lf yi 0 ROY ARBUCKLE X7 I4 V Academic Ting Q90 Seen but not heard ., . Enthusiastic Musician . S or the word "l". JOHN DAVID ARMSTRONG Academic "Dave" Photography hound Proud of his Studebaker Happy- go-lucky. HELEN P. BAKER Academic "Helen" Works diligently for the Broadcaster . . . Noted tor monotones in our plays. LORETTA BAKER Commercial "Loretta" One of the "Lionettes" . . . Amateur disc iockey . . . Peppy and cheerful. MARLENE BARCUS Commercial "Mar" Visible but rarely audible Toils at Emrose's Depend- able. JUDITH MAE BARRETT Academic "Judy" Peppy cheerleader Friendly "Hi" for all College bound . . . neat dresser JAMES WILBUR BEATTY Academic Field and stream man Easy going Diligent Tall, slim fellow. JAMES BECKER Commercial "Beetle" worker . . uHerbu Future lzaak Walton Mischievous A iokester at heart . . . Enioys history. 21 H. Albera M. Anderson R. Arbuckle J. D. Armstrong H. P. Baker L. Baker M. Barcus J. M. Barrett J. W. Beatty J. Becker Academic Future lies in . .. Carefree. Vocational Tinkers with sive. SENIORS EACH DOES HIS PART Council in session PAUL BECKER BETTY CHRISTINA BIRCH "Birchell" le with oils Never seen without Mary "Hello" for all. Commercial Likes to dabb "Bishop" the wild-blue-yonder , . . Quiet as a boiler room DONALD BENGEL BETTY ANN BOHY ,tmngou uaenyn Never a care Ardent sports fan .. Seldom seen frowning. Commercial Fun to know cars Nice smile A iolly fellow ,. . Pen- JOHN J. BENGEL EMANUEL BOSSIO Academic "John" Vocational "Mine" Future Rembrandt .. . Bashful nature .. . Sincere . . . Easy Mechanically minded . .. Strong and silent type . . . Outdoors- to please. man. DIANA KATHLEEN BERKOBEN JOSEPH BROSKY Commercial "Di" Vocational "Pinoch" Willoughby's old maid aunt . . . Loves to chatter away .. Builds model airplanes . .. Modest Friendly and congenial Energetic. , , , Neqf, P. Becker D. Bengel J. J. Bengel D. K. Berkoben B. C. BiI'Cl'1 B. A. Bohy E. Bossio J. Brosky i 22 AND THUS COMPLETES THE WHOLE. DONALD F. BUSH Academic "Red" Line-crushing fullback Blushing comes easily A regular fellow. KENNETH CALLAS Commercial "Kenny" Confirmed jitterbug Interested in a Commercial career .. Witty. DONALD CAMPBELL Academic "Ollie" Foot-loose and fancy-free Fast and rugged man on the gridiron. PATSY CAPONE Vocational "Patsy" Soft-spoken machinist . . . Fingers a clarinet in our band . . . Bashful. VIRGINIA M. CECCHETTI Commercial "Virg" Sophisticated senior Keeps the sewing machine busy .. Snappy eyes. VINCENT JOHN CHINE Academic "Vince" The Juniors' "Inner Willy" . . . One of the singing Robins .. Few worries. RICHARD CLARK Commercial "Rich" Sturdy guard on the football squad . . . Jolly . . . Concentrates on having fun. JAMES COLLINS Academic "Jim" An expert at mischief-making Very determined young man .. . Talkative. FRED C. COMO Academic "Fred" Master at the squeeze-box keyboard Capable and friendly . . . Choir. JOSEPH CORSELLO Academic "Champ" Serves on the gridiron A winning smile . . . College looms in the future. CARMEN COSTANZA Commercial "Kutzie" Spends his summers at the swimming pool . . . Plans to take up Bus. Adm. CHARLES CRIVARO Commercial "Chuck" Plays a cool trombone A friend to everyone . . . Smooth dancer. D. F. Bush K. Callas D. Campbell P. Capone V. M. Cecchetti V. J. Chine R. Clark J. Collins F. C. Coma J. Corsello C. Costanza C. Crivaro 23 - if 'img - vez .fmmc . Meg?-ffgg, :s.fff.m.. -ff,g .. R N .. 6 Q ui' 2 We 1 5 3 , ...ff..,'s me. 2. is 1, 3 it i in M f is lil . unix N. Uh " 5 aww' ' .sg ' -.Sri F - 2iPx. .i':i ' ' Commercial Out for a goo '51 Mercury, Commercial You'Il find he flashing smile. IF ONE SHOULD FALL RONALD DANKO d PATRICIA M. DeBLASIO "Dank" time Desires to be a success Sports a :ID B 11 r where there's music Sparkling eyes and JUSTINE DeFELlCE Academic v "-IUCIYH Plans to enter one of the "Halls of Ivy" Keeps things lively. PETER ROBERT DeMAO Academic "Pele" Always in for a good argument Junior Class Play Loves mischief. CARMELLA JEAN DiCAROLIS Commercial "Curm" Cuts a rug on the dance floor . . . Petite and dainty . . . Friend- ly to all. THOMAS DICKEY Commercial "Burp" Really beats those drums .. . Courteous . . . A future soldier .. . All business. Commercial PATRICIA F. DONATI upahyu A high-stepping maiorette . .. Enioys life . . . Likes to argue with Mr. Klein. Commercial ROBERT DONATI unobu Collects rhythm and blues records . . . Always with Kenny . .. Future salesmen Vocational n. OSCAR S. DOUTT Devoted to machines Can always be seen driving a yellow convertible. Commercial BARBARA ANN ECHON upudgyn "Barb" Deep dimples Quiet in class discussions Has short blonde hair. RICHARD ENGLISH Academic "Dick" Deep-throated voice Athletic type lad Grand disposi- tion. PEGGY E. FALLON Academic "Peggy" Always in the one's friend. R. Danko J. DeFelice C. J. DiCarolis P. F. Donati O. S. Doutt R. English 24 thick of things . . . Avid sports 'Fan Every- P. M. DeBlasio P. R. DeMao T. Dickey R. Donati B. A. Echon P. E. Fallon SHALL NOT LOOK BEHINDE Commercial Keeps the hoopsters on their feet ., . Always on the go .. A woodsman. Academic Ambition: army general Rather quiet Nice writing ... Shy. SENIORS Do's and Don'ts JOHN FONTANA Vocational "John" One of our Machine Shop boys Future plans encompass St. Vincent's. THOMAS FANNIE H1-emu THOMAS G. FRICKANISCE LAWRENCE FAULKNER Academic "Frick" nsobou Student Council president Plays papa to his car Matinee idol. hand- REMO WILLIAM FICCA MARY JEAN GIULIANI General "Ray" Commercial "Mary Jean" Slaves at the Arnold Drug Store , . . A friend in need at all Friendly to all . . . Mischievous . . . Brown eyed . . . Neat as times. a pin. PATRICIA LOUISE FIORENTINO CAROL GOLEMBESKI Commercial "Patti" Commercial "Carol" Spark of happiness . . . Captivating smile . . . Keeps things Swimming enthusiast .. . Determined . . . Willing worker ... lively. Always full of spirit. T. Fannie L. Faulkner R. W. Ficca P. L. Fiorentino J. Fontana T. G. Frickanisce M. J. Giuliani C. Golembeski 25 SEN lORS ON WE ADVANCE "Sign mine, foo!" ANTHONY FRANK GRAZIANO RICHARD HARNISH Academic "Ant" Vocational "Rich" Four years U class president . . . Speedo's right hand . . . Good- Tall and lean . . , Man of few words . . . Wayne's cousin natured. ... Happy natured. ELAINE GRlGl.AK WAYNE HARNISH Commercial "Poochie" Academic "Wayne" Wants fo be a secretary Grecli comedienne . .. Dancing A hard worker . .. Expressive eyes and an easy smile feel. Agreeable. SHIRLEY GROGNO WILLIAM HESS Commercial "ShelIy" Commercial "Peanuts" Owns cu pair of itching fee? Always busy ,. . Wilhoui a Hopes for a future full of success Can fell you about worry. anything. ANNA MAE GUZZI BERNICE l'l0lES Commercial "Anna Mae" Commercial "Bern" Spark of music burns bright .. . Winsome .. . Engagingly Friendly "Hello" Never has time io be worried Fun- shy ... Amiable. loving lass. A. F. Groziano E. Griglak S. Grogno A. M. Guzzi R. Harnish W. Hamish W. Hess B. Holes 26 ACCLAIMED BY ALL MANKIND LOIS ANN HORN Commercial "Lois" Often seen in room 104 Whiz at typing and shorthand . . . Neat. LIDA BURLEE HOWELL Commercial "Lido" Future plans include stenography Always seen but sel- dom heard. ELLA MAE HUBBARD Academic "Elli Lou" Faithful prompter of our class plays Enioys singing in the choir. ROBERT HUDECK Commercial "Bob" Seldom seen without his car Never has much to say . .. Pals with Fred. ARNOLD LEE HUNT Academic "Pee Wee" One of our towering lads Interested in all activities Snappy dresser. JOAN JARCZYNSKI Academic "Jo" Arnold's strawberry blonde A bright light in any math class. MITCHELL JAMES KANAAN Academic "Mitch" Engineering offers bright prospects Likes the national pastime. VIRGINIA KELLER Commercial "Gin" Plans to rival Dior as a designer Finds swimming relax- ing and fun. COLETTA Tl-IERESA KLENIS Commercial "Toot" Quite talkative Sparkling eyes and flashing smile High-stepping maiorette. ROBERT KRNACIK Academic Easy going lad Future baseball player Buckles down to his books. CHRISTINA L. KUNICKI Academic "Cris" Always in the middle of everything N. H. S. Pep, vim, and vigor. ROBERT JAMES KUNTZ General "Bob" Another 'Held and stream man Hopes for a bright future ... Prankster. L. A. Horn L. B. Howell E. M. Hubbard R. Hudeck A. L. Hunt J. Jarczynski M. J, Kanaan V. Keller C. T. Klems R. Krnacik C. L. Kunicki R. J. Kuntz 27 usobn WE STRIVE FOR GOOD JACQUELINE LEBERT Commercial "'lGCl4ie" Future beautician Smooth dancer Dark hair and eyes ... Congenial. MARJORIE ANN LESLIE Commercial "Margie" A Home-Ec. Senior Good-natured girl Dancing eyes . . . Always with Pat. DARREL LEWIS Vocational - - Quite a machinist . . . Always willing to lend a helping hand . . . Casual. HD L H MARIE LOPEZ Commercial "UPEI" Agifator of 'Fun . . . Speaks Spanish well . . . Never a worry in the world . . . Amiable. THEODORE LOPUSHINSKY Academic "Ted" Our answer to Benny Goodman Puts his shoulder to the wheel. VIRGINIA MALEE Academic "Gln" Appears quiet to acquaintances Future Florence Nightin- gale. DONALD MANG lERl Commercial "Donnie" Leads his own band Carefree . .. Loved those early dis- missals for band. FRED MANNING Commercial "Fred" Quiet and co-operative . . . Nice wavy hair . . . Faithful mem- ber of the band. GERALD MARSILIO ' Academic "Jerry" Sports a Chevey Bel Aire Charge of dynamite Regu- lar guy. ROSE MARIE MARZULLO Commercial "Rose" All music from the word go Soft spoken "Hi" for all. FRANCES JEAN MASSIMI NI Commercial ".leannie" Handles a needle and thread easily . . . Tall, neat, and soph- isticated. STEPHEN MATISKO Commercial "Sonny" Quiet and reserved Businessman's life is his aim Liked by everyone. J. Lebert M. A. Leslie D. Lewis M. Lopez T. Lopushinsky V. Malee D. Mangieri F. Manning G. Marsilio R. M. Marzullo F. J. Massimini S. Matisko 28 SENIORS ND EVIL is ouR Foe Kitchen capers D0-ROTHY DOLORES MAYTAN Commercial uboiu Glides 'cross the floor Doin' what comes naturally .. . Brown, wavy locks. EILEEN MAZZA Commercial "Herbie" Shyly sociable .. . Tactful . . . Full of pep, vigor, and vim... Attractive. HELEN LOUISE McCRACKEN Academic "Helen" Her attractive smile adds to her pleasant ways Member of the Girls Sextet. ROBERT C. MCDONNELL Academic "Bob" Hopes for a steady position at Greenwalds .. Rather shy toward the opposite sex. D. D. Maytan E. Mazza D. E. McGivern l.. McMaster DEE EDWARD McGIVERN Vocational "Buckey" A huntin' he will go First-rate auto fixer Shy and quiet . . . Easy-going. LOUIS MCMASTER Academic "Lou" Tall, dark, and handsome Handy with a hammer Band . . . Conscientious. DANIEL MCNABB Vocational ' "Pete" Capable and friendly . . . Never has much to say Drives a convertible. ROBERT G. MEDLEY Academic "Bob" One of the Star Market's grocery boys Pleasing personal- ity ... Future Marine. H. L. McCracken R. C. McDonnell D. McNabb R. G. Medley SENIORS we ARE Nor CONQUERED What makes it tick? MARY ANN MEIXELSBERGER DAVID H. MOORE Commercial ' "Mike" Academic "Dave" Enjoys the musical side of life Loves to experiment with Another Harry James Swell actor in our class plays hair styles. Intelligent. EVERETT R. MILLER ROBERTA MOORE Academic "Ebb" Academic "Robie" Senior Class Play Chemistry just comes naturally Co- Famous for her sweet smile Music hath charms Never operative. refuses to help. E. DIANE MITCHELL ROBERT A. MURRAY Commercial "Di" Academic "Bob" Arnold's answer to Roberta Peters Witty Friends un- Ken Hi's lossy our gain Future lies in mechanics Easy- limited . .. Talkative. going lad. RONALD MONZI GEORGINE MYDOCK Academic "Monk" Commercial "George" Never idle when there's work to be done . . . Cruises in his crate . . . Dark, curly hair. M. A. Meixelsberger E. R. Miller With a smile as lasting as her personality Gay disposi- tion Neat. E. D. Mitchell R. Monzi D. H. Moore R. Moore R. A. Murray G. Mydock 30 BY ONE FELLING BLOW PATRICIA ANN OGURCHOCK Commercial "Patty" Clever sewing needle pusher Wonderful sense of humor . . . Sfudious. DOLORES JEAN 0'SHELL Commercial "Jean" Jean and Frances are always seen iogeiher .. . Anoiher Home Ec. girl ... Cheerful. RICHARD JAMES OSWALD Academic "Ozzie" Comedian deluxe Arugmentative Keeps ihe caddys busy . . . Friendly. JEAN ANN PAGLIARO Commercial Youngest senior Provoking smile Trim loving lionefte, LEON PARSHOOK General "Jeanne" . . . Pleasure- ,iweblf Ifchy feet on the dance floor Many surprises await him in the Future. LOIS JEAN PAUL Commercial "l.o" Desires to four England Handy with a needle Ken Hi's loss. MICHAEL PECK Academic "Mick" Likable An engaging smile Poliie and considerate. TERRY M. PELTZ Academic "Tut" Unobtrusive Tall and lanky Works earnestly in fl-me classroom. CAROLYN PETERS Commercial "Carol" Arnold's drum maioreffe . .. Enjoys a good ioke . . . Affends dances regularly. MARY ANN PJONTEK Academic A pert lifile lass Generous with her smile be a nurse. MARY JAYN E POKUSA Commercial H Squeeks" . . . Wanfs to "Jaynie" Clever with a needle . . . Suliry voice Dainfy figure . ,. Always seen with Kay. JOAN PROKOPIK Commercial "Jeanie" Never a harsh word . .. Efficieni . . . Secretary of tomorrow , . . Neat. P. A. Ogurchock R. J. Oswald L. Parshook M. Peck C. Peters M. J. Pokusa D. J. O'SheII J. A. Pagliaro L. J. Paul T. M. Pelfz M. A. Pionfek J. Prokopik 31 Weber . -1- ... -1, . g - :V- :ful- L . WE F M y , ' - '. , A A r .....s. .. ii e ,M A . e xvxf Academic Teddy One of the "Robins Always leaves them laughing Nose for news. Commercial Joyce Responsible .. . Dresses In good taste Pleasant to every one ... Talkative. ROBERTA GAYLE RAUGHT cademic Bobble Capable hands .. Seldom loses her high spirits Never disagreeable. Academic Whistler' Hopes to lead a band Slaves at Al s Television Slides a mean trombone. Vocational Cobra Big noise in Machine Shop Very pleasant at all times Commercial Kay Especially quiet . Attractive dresser Comes from Kin loch. Vocational Tom Proud of his Ford Knows the mysteries of wires and switches Quiet Academic Kqy lntelligent Never leaves anything half done Not an enemy alive. Academic Shumbones Quick with a quip Fleet footed A highlighted hoop ster ... Cute. Vocational The mighty hunter . . . Friendly. Commercial Sincere Cute to lend a hand. Academic Chuck Mischief a-brewing Takes life easy Sparkling eyes ... A cute kid. T. Pryor R. G. Raught H. D. Remaley T. P. Richey J. Sacriponte E. Schwenk 32 SENIORS BEEN REFUSED BY SOME . Ready for the last curtain call BEVERLY JOYCE SERVENTI Commercial "Bev" Petite and popular . . . Arnold's Helena Rubenstein .. . Smile for everyone. I WILLIAM SHOCKLEY Academic "Bill" Strong, silent type . . . Persistent in his ways Keeps pretty much to himself. DAVID HOWARD SILVIS Academic "Dave" Charms them with his ready grin Actively interested in sports. ELIZABETH ANNE SINGER Academic "Annie" Busy as a bee Another lady with a lamp Has a genu- ine sense of humor. B. J. Serventi W. Shockley N. Singleton A. Smeltzer IU'- NORMAN SINGLETON Academic "Norm Seemingly shy ... lnclined to clay dream . .. Big broad shoulders. ARLENE SMELTZER Commercial "Arlene Ready smile . . . worker. General One of our smaller girls Efficient oftice BARBARA SOKOL "Barbara A newcomer to our halls Has a soft slow speech joys school. Commercial A quiet, friendly, Well liked. D. H. Silvis B. Sokol HELEN M. SOLTYS n easy going lass Dependable Miss E. A, Singer H. M. Soltys En He FRANCES MARY STEARMAN Commercial "Fran" Enjoys music and wants her future to include it Always with Jean. JO-ANN STEFANINI Commercial "Jo-Ann" A fine disposition . . . Employed at Potters . . . A high-stepping Lionette. ALBERTA VIOLET STONE Commercial "Vi" A cute, pert little miss . . . A smile for everyone is this girl's motto. JOHN E. SUCH Academic "John" Lean, lanky, loads of fun Works at the Star Market Good student. F. Stearman J. Stefanini S. C. Sukala T. Szoch SENIORS AND OTHERS Bow THEIF What"s for lunch? STEPHEN CHARLES SUKALA Academic "Steve" Can argue sports with anyone Athletic type of lad .. Happy-go-lucky .. . Friendly. THEODORE SZOCH Vocational "Ted" ls undecided about his career A great iokester .. . Bright . red curly hair. l l BARBARA TAMBURO l Commercial "Barb" Aspires to be a model Proud of her long hair .. . Talka- tive and friendly. CAROLE JOYCE TAYLOR Commercial "Carole" Blonde Bombshell Unusual infectious laugh . .. Pert and pretty . . . Friendly. A. V. Stone J. E. Such B. Tamburo C. J. Taylor HEADS AND WHISPER, "DONE". HELEN MARIE TAYLOR Academic "Helen" Takes pride in her studies Subtle Slow, shy smile. JOHN CHESTER TEDORSKI Academic "J, T." Mr. Public Address System A bulwark never failing .. Jokester. VICTOR TIMKO Vocational "Tim" Curly, blond hair Nice personality Grand sense of humor. RAY TIRDIL Vocational "Crow" Reserved . . . A friend in need . . . Teddy's pal Vocational future. RONALD ROY TUSING Academic "Ronnie" Tickles the ivories Hard-working gridder Cute and crazy . .. Polite. ROBERT TUTELO Academic "Toot" "Why worry" is his motto Dark, curly hair Gay but rather quiet. NORMA JEAN ULIZIO Commercial "Norma" Those short locks are naturally curly Peppy as a fire- cracker Gay. JACQUELINE M. VAIRO Commercial "Jackie" Our snappy head maiorette Stylish wardrobe "Miss Pep Appeal" . . . Neat. MARY FRANCES VALLE Commercial "Mary" Good things come in small packages Expressive brown eyes . . . Friendly. RONALD ROBERT VARESCO Academic "Ron" Loafs with Pete and Ant Vice President Tollest sen- ior .. . Nice dresser. H. M. Taylor J. C. Tedorski V. Timko R. Tirdil R. R. Tusing R. Tutelo N. J. Ulizio J. M. Vairo M. F. Valle R. R. Varesco J. S. Waddell R. J. Walosek G. D. Walker D. Waterloo G. J. Zilner SENIORS WE CRY, 'INOT FINISHED ONLY JUST BEGUN' JAMES SHANK WADDELL General "Jim" Newcomer fo Arnold Wants fo be a Game Warden .. Quiet. ROBERT J. WALASEK Academic "Duke" Maih iust comes nafurally io him Jr. Champ of the greens. G. DONNA WALKER Commercial "Don" Interesting eyes Ready with a laugh Knows her machines. DALE WATERLOO Academic "Dale" Ornifhologisi Shocking red hair Drives his own car. GILBERT J. ZILNER Academic "Gibbie" Fascinated by pharmacy . . . Quief 'til you know him . . . Devilish. Thanks for the memories! Front: J. Korowicki, L. Ceraso, Miss Cipolla. Rear: D. Toney, Mr. Haiel, A. McMillan. JUNIGRS READY TO DO "ALMA MATER" PROUD OFFICERS President ........ .. ..,...... D. Toney Secretary .,........,. J. Korowicki Vice President ....,..........,.,..,, L. Ceraso Treasurer ....,.,....... ....... A . McMillan Advisors .... ....... M r. Haiel, Miss Cipolla Juniors now-upperclassmen and ready for the last hurdle. This class looks eagerly forward to the day when they will proudly take full command. Although that day is not too tar distant, that short space of time repre- sents a great deal of endeavor, hard work and earnest e'FFort. The annual junior class play was an out- standing achievement. The three act comedy, "Tonight We Dance," directed by Miss Virginia Bushnell, proved their acting ability to all. Throughout the year the juniors worked hard to raise money for a successful prom. And successful it was! Thanks to those com- mittees who worked diligently to present a prom that would overwhelm the seniors. As seniors they hope to make a mark that will not easily be eclipsed by classes to follow. With the fine work they have dis- played in the past, this seems within their grasp. JUNIORS READY TO TAKE THE LEAD 11-102 Row One: J. Korowicki, M. A. Kozusko, J. Beck, M. Lange, M. Kanaan, M. A. Gufnechi, S. Ka- lona, B. Holste, M. Lamendolci. Row Two: C. Jones, D. Knee, J. Langham, B. Gans, D. Gau- dy, D. Kifzer, G. Guzzi, D. Fra- ser. Row Three: D. Kestner, T. Kuhn, B. Kakuk, S. Hamilton, C. Hartman, D. Haracznak, G. Johnstone, T. Hill, J. Hope. - 11-105 Row One: E. Longo, J. Lesko, M. Lawrence, J. Lyons, C. Mc' Closkey, M. Mock, J. Mulewick, L, Lemp, A. Lech, J. Mudd. Row Two: R. Lucerne, R. Liccxia, J. Minick, J. Moscari, J. Maithews, D. McMcusier, J. Palaika, J. Mor- iin, A. McMillan, J. Monfeleone, J. Miller. 11-106 Row One: P. Baker, R. Barto- lacci, P. Artuso, L. Allen, J. Adamczyk, H. Bostic, G. Bordo- noro, K. Abraham, M. Brown, G, Arabia. Row Two: D. Ber- iolino, R. Berczek, D. Baifen, T, Bengel, R. Becker, M. Bella- via, P. Bellomo, L. Adams, D. Berkey, P. Beigle, D. Bowser. 1 38 11-107 Row One: B. Campbell, C. Fleming, A. DeMao, P. Buchan- an, E. Davis, M. Edmunds, M. Colesar, L. Ceraso. Row Two: P. Bruncsak, C. Confer, V. Cholico, J. Cevario, E. DiNar- do, R, DeFelice, D. Donati, B. Fleeger. Row Three: R. Fan- lozzi, A. Chipoleiii, D. Chom- yak, J. Buhl, P. Cianculli, J. Costello, E. Dominici, B. Sre- wart. 11-113 Row One: H. Rocchi, J. Piquard, B. Schaum, P, Pellegrino, M. Ross, J. Richards, N. Pavello, P. Paulick, A. Pugliese, L, Rich. Row Two: F. Condrick. E. Pol- sinelli, K. Ross, B. Premuiico, E. Schreckengosf, M. Meyer, V. Sabow, J. Rawlinson. Row Three: R. Pelino, V. Saccardi, B. Sarniak, T, Scanga, D. Par- son, D. Preisser, J. Saccomano, T. Rocchi, G. Provenzo. 11-MfS 8. Af5 Row One: F. Pefifla, M. Szlach- efka, J. Overly, R. Callahan. W. Suprano, M. Davis, D. Paul, K. Bonzani. Row Two: R. Tom- ayko, L. Lobaugh, D. Ray, C. Powell, J. Sfiveson, D. Rearick, R. DeMao, T. Wissinger. Row Three: R. Dorlurilz, D. Allen, A. Ewing, J. Carabin, R. Abel, K. Stiff, J. Gentile, A. Casforina. 201 8.111 Row One: D. Ladwiczak, V. Joseph, P. Sergi, R. Landi, M. Swanclerski, J. Pelino, L. Tris- lani. Row Two: Y. Tamburo, R. B. Schweiger, S. Stewarl, J. Walker, J. Geraci, R. Siulo, D. Pelitfa, M. Mayfan, M. J. Town- send, D. Ogurchock. Row Three: L. Lisciarelli, M. Waugaman, A. Smith, E. Holland, S. Stenger, R. Susa, R. Zonarich, C. Dickey, P. Tannas. Row Four: B. Tus- ing, V. Widmer, F. Turco, O. Singleton, J. Shipley, D. Sle- warl, D. Vrudny, D. Toney, F. Suafoni, J. Whalen, D. Weis- brod, G. Wagner. 39 SOPHOMORES THE MORE WE STUDY THE MORE WE DISCOVER OUR IGNORANCE OFFICERS President .,....,,...A .A,.,., G . Overly Vice President A..A.., .,..,. J . Garbinski Advisors ...A.... Any new experience usually presents a frustrated feeling to its participants. So it is with each sophomore group making its initial encounter into high school. In a short time, however, the Class of 1957 was orientated. In the mid-year elections, G. Overly was elected president. Assisting him were J. Gar- binski, vice-president, P. Kosky, secretary, and D. Terlinski, treasurer. Many extra-curricular activities opened their membership roles to the youngest mem- C. Secretary ...... ,,... P . Kosky Treasurer ........... , . D. Terlinski Colaianni, B. Scherer bers of the student body, giving to the sopho- mores an active part in school life over and above their formal education. With the help of the senior high choir, their own contribu- tion, the "Christmas Pageant", was a very suc- cessful play depicting the nativity. This and other activities proved their versatility. The first year of experience has well pre- pared the Class of '57 for their new and im- portant role next year. Miss Colaianni, P. Kosky, D. Terlinski, G. Overly, J. Gcxrbinski, Mr. Scherer I 0-5 Row One: J. Shipley, M. Sil- vis, H. Mailern, D. Prato, D. Troup, l. Reese, J. Reynold, J. Rogers. Row Two: M. Shock- ley, P. Pasternak, K. Reed, E. Rosafi, S. Schreckengosl, R. Runco, D. Pennachio. Row Three: J. Slahiovsky, B. Seille- myer, R. Siemanski, E. Posuii, E. Rusak, R. Rich, M. Rocchi, E. Servenli, R. Shaw. 'I 0-7 Row One: E. Cowen, B, Donley, J. Hazleff, B. Hollick, D. Ger- lorme, J. DeBlasio, J. Fritzky, K. Donahue, M. Hamilton. Row Two: H. Harnicbar, R. Grazi- ano, V. Cosfanza, R. Guido, J. Ciuffoleffi, M. Guzzi, J. Gailo, J. Hall, K. Hilty. Row Three: G. Gamble, N. English, J. Garbin- ski, L. Finnin, J. Doflo, J. Fral- angeli, W, Gigler, J. Esser. 1 0-9 Row One: B. Hollick, D. Lin- ardi, L. Licata, G. Kelly, R. Mal- aspina, P. Kosky, J. Kaczkow- ski, J. Echard. Row Two: S. Malee, G. Kunish, J. Jacobs, E. Konclrad, E. lmm, E. Mahaf- fey, B. Kress, K. Lech. Row Three: J. Kiley, J. Kozuslco, P. Jacobs, K. McNutf, H. King, R. Huiierer, B. J. Keller. 'IO-100 Row One: G. Zampogna, L. Warden, V. Stanley, C. Var- esco, E. Wagner. Row Two: l. Vinkovich, C. Yanne, K. Sylak, V. Zolupsky, K, Walker, C. Wood, E. Vinkovich. Row Three: J. Seminoru, D. Terlinski, T. Zamperini, G. Truiff, B, Blair, M. Ziemianski, J, Yankov, D. Tirdel, P. Warcloclip, G. Zilner. 41 'IO-101 Row One: E. Brokaw, M. Cal vanese, J. Beilota, M. L. Bongio vanni, K. Cepull, J. Watters, G Frampton, R. M. Bougher, R Bossio. Row Two: M. Albercu S. Callahan, B. Asper, C. M Baker, P. Beatty, B. L. Burger stock, V. Argento, S. Austin Row Three: L. Bortz, C. Bello- mo, S. Cevario, J. Armstrong D. Berkoben, J. R. Thomas, L Anthony, R. Cecchetti. 10-103 Row One: B. J, Mangieri, C Nolf, M. Pallone, J. Nicostro, J Papo. Row Two: R. Miller, S. Mohr, M. Massolo, Y. Nee, L V. Moses, F, Rearick, L. Neu- rohr, J. Nolf. Row Three: D. Neasi, B. Meledandri, G. Over- ly, E. Migliorisi, R. Moses, T Nealer, D. Mitchell, E. Nee. 1 0-203 Row One: D. G. Scherf, J. Adams, E. Mangieri, D. Mazzei, B. Guida, M. L. Hanyo, B. Bliss. Row Two: J. Salvati, J. Cola- ianni, J. Bruncsak, L. Baker, L. Marino, M. A. Rawlinson, M, Asper. 'IO-MACHINE SHOP AND AUTO SHOP Row One: R. Skinner, A. Cribbs, F. Meyer, J. Miller, R. Baiko, V. Farinelli, W. Tinnemeyer, A. McCall. Row Two: H. Armour, D. Stewart, J. Coudriet, R. Wczlosek, J. Meyers, C. Hick- man, E. Valenti. Row Three: C. Cochran, K. Vc:nTine, T. Dohmen, J. Glovier, T. Watters, H. Hart, R. Ray, D. Stoltz. SOPHOMORE R. Moresi, Mrs. R. Sipes, J. Nelson, A, Ansani, Mrs. J. Clark, R. Makara. FRESHMEN MIGHTY OAKS FROM LITTLE ACORNS GROW OFFICERS President ,.......... .,...., A . Ansani Secretary . J. Nelson Vice President ......,...,..,...... R. Moresi Treasurer ...,.....,. .. . .. R. Makara Advisors ..,... Mrs. Today's Freshmen Class of Arnold High School will be the Senior Class of 1958. This 'group of energetic students play an indispen- sable part in the school system. They partici- pate in nearly all of the various clubs and organizations of the school. The Freshmen elected officers midway through the school term. They were: Alvin Ansani, president, Robert Moresi, vice presi- dent, Jacqueline Nelson, secretary, Russell R. Sipes, Mrs. J. Clark Makara, treasurer, Mrs. Ruth Sipes and Mrs. Jean Clark, class advisors. Enthusiasm and pep made their annual magazine sales campaign a huge success. Willingness is the outstanding feature of this class. They untiringly support all high school projects, relieving much of the pressure 'From the upperclassmen. With three years ahead of them, we can truly expect great achievements from this group. FRESHMEN 9-202 Row One: M. J. Jones, E. Pro- kopik, A. M. Penchick, R. Mon- ico, B. Chine, P. Salandricx, D. R. Leach, K. Lopushinsky, R. A. Vogel, L. Buono. Row Two: N. Armour, F. Ludwiczok, D. Pol- Ione, T. Klimcxsko, J. Mazzei, C. Harris, J. Vrudny, R. Bengel, R. Tallarico, M. Wypiski, Row Three: C. Szoch, L. Mcazer, J. Grzybek, J. Chickowski, P. Ben- gel, C. Bollman, E. Sirhan, L. Coluicxnni, E. Kunaan. 9-204 Row One: E. Berkoben, D. Sac- cardi, H. Van Tine, K. Miller, L. Evans, S. Lucerne, P. Pallone, J. Nelson, D. Siefanini, T. Fred- erick. Row Two: M. Suchcxr, C. Teclaw, P. Pelfz, T, Polaika, K. Confer, T. Papick, R. Law- rence, M. Sariori, R. Makara, P. Cviklik. Row Three: D. Cos- icnza, A. Allen, R. Campbell, A, Ansani, J. Reo, S. Lclcinski, R. Solomon, L. Wcxlkowiak, R. Greco. 9-207 Row One: A. Difonzo, R. M. Pugliese, C. Molchan, A. Lor- cxnf, J. Paulenda, P. Papa, D. Brown, C. Jarczynski, R. Ar- buckle. Row Two: M. Fiorina, M. J. Schweiger, N. Borelli, E. Grant, J. Acopine, R. Cianfione, P. Bianco, D. Milsom, D. Rob- erto, D. Magnetic. Row Three: A. DePoIma, R. Fischer, J. Hess, R. Finnim, T. Konchos, R. Dom- inici, J. Berfoni, T. Bibza. 9-214 Row One: D. Whalen, P. Rafal- czak, J. Stuck, R. Soulcheck, D. Caporali, F. Howell, J. Chris- fiun, B. Saska. Row Two: G. Caruso, L. Sokol, R. Moresi, C. Paprocki, A. Saulle, M. Toney, G. Richards, B. Tusing. Row Three: R. Marfucci, J. Marru, C. Snyder, F. Monfeleone, R. Stearman, L. Thomas, J. Runco. 44 Touring our country THE GRADES A PREVIEW OF COMING ATTRACTIONS Always doing the work, yet seldom tak- ing the glory are our seventh and eighth grad- ers. Whenever a task is set before them or a request is made of them, these willing work- ers do their best to complete the job. They are the most dependable participants of every activity. Without their support, many of the social proiects undertaken by their upper- classmen would be failures. During the Christmas season, these stu- dents brighten up the Victoria Avenue build- ing with all the traditional season's decora- tions. Christmas parties in all the rooms are an important part of the holiday festivities. When the football season is in full swing, these peppy rooters take their place in the stands to cheer their team on to victory. After football season, their school spirit does not fade, but this spirit is spent in building the morale of our team. Their unlimited energy is the core of our cheering section. In addi- tion to supporting every athletic activity, these youngsters form a large part of the crowd at every dance. Their high-caliber school spirit is certainly to be commended. A ..l...4..a EIGHTH GRADE B-203 Row One: J. Fritzky, V. Tripo- di, M. Thomas, D. Jones, L. Cresfeffo, J. Sergi, V. Dorbrifz, C. Bussotfi, B. Carmichael, C. Belczyk, J. Boffen. Row Two: M. Kossick, F. Paleita, A, Mohr, G. Campana, V. Landi, L. Hu- sar, D. Gardner, R. DeFazio, K. O'SheII, J. Abraham. Row Three: J. Collins, R. Romeo, R. Williams, A. Schrecongost, J. Picone, F. Bafa, M. Haracznak, A. Lerner, J. Overly. 8-205 Row One: T. Sams, M. Slo- bodnik, M. Pompelio, E. Weir, J. Lipperf, A. Dangaix, P. Unifes, B. Naviglia, M. Marino. Row Two: L. Callas, L. Becker, G. Karluk, M. Suaioni, K. West, C. Ross, J. Greb, A. Bilbie. Third Row: N. DeMao, E. Bowser, P. Ringus, A. OHe, K. Bowman, R. Varesco, J. Mazza, D. Po- tochnak. 8-206 Row One: P. Johnsfon, D. Ar- Tuso, C. Trzeciak, J. Valle, J. Michael, D. Kunicki, A. Trom- befta, C. DeFeIice, A. McClosky, R. Gallo, A. Korowicki. Row Two: D. Guenther, C. Picone, C. Collodi, C. Settlemyer, J. Corey, N. Capone, G. Reano. Row Three: R. Inglese, D. Molli, H. Mele, G. Blubaugh, L, Rubin- osky, R. Alberta, L. Rossi, F. Cappone, K. Mele. B-209 Row One: J. Whalen, A. Pelc- zarski, C. Hanyo, B. Bonzani, J. Bitner, Y. Piquard, J. Bowser, C. Marfz, S. Jacobs, H. Massi- mini. Row Two: J. Camp, L. Conie, L. Fiorina, A. Clee, M. Haiel, l. Rebar, J. Como, L. Donafi. Row Three: R. Ar- buckle, D. Ogurkis, M. Tekely, J. Tuleibiiz, A. Farinelli, J. Mar- ienfeld, B. Crawford, K. Ing- lese, H. Stonecheck, C. Kemp, F. Fraboffa. 46 7-103 Row One: E, Gamble, J. Hen- ry, S, Meridith, L. McCollim, D. Tinnemeyer, D. Clee, M. DeLuca, P. Santoro, L. Cosiello. Row Two: G. Shpakoff, G. Bahnak, T. Lothian, P. Papa, R. Pelino, C. Rocchi, B. Buzzard. Row Three: C. Overly, J. Hadda, G. Bowser, G, McLaughlin, D. Ry- wak, J. Echon, J. Roberto, L. Vofquenne, F. Hess. 7-201 Row One: R. Haiel, D. Postu- pack, J. Haracznak, G. Salan- clria, N. Vagnozzi, J. Wilhelm, B. Signorella, L. Geraci, F. Vrud- ney. Row Two: M. Mascari, S. Bahnak, D. House, J. Reighard, D, Painter, M. Marini, B. Cap- ello, K, MCNUH. Row Three: L. Bozek, G. McCasky, S. Luisky, R. Fabian, R. Crusan, D. Doutf, G. Oakes, R. Saulle, J. Rogers. 7-211 Row One: S. Paredes, M. Di- Carolis, K. Grant, M. Dziadyk, S. Ross, G. Smith, J. Renock, A. Lanfaloni, M. Salvaii. Row Two: C. Tinnemeyer, F. McCul- lough, J. Pofochniok, P. Duncan, J. Magnefia, C. Aposiolicles, J. McGowan, M. J. Pallone, V. Pagano. Row Three: T. Forsht, R. Sperski, J. Meniecky, D. Jos- eph, J. Costa, H. Briggs, G. Fer- guson, R. Mitro, L. Helgerf. 7-212 Row One: J. McGivern, C. Ci- ancuifi, C. Belczyk, J. Flinn, J. Shamey, R. DeBastiani, G. Al- bert, J, Manni, G. Glover, L. Haracznok. Row Two: H. El- kin. R. Rakvic, F. Kaczkowski, R. Bryan, R. Duncan, S. Reo, A. Jefferson, O. Casforina, G. Liscicrelli, P. Marra, J. Hunger. Row Three: H. Suczin, D. Capo, A. Enciso, R. Scalpello, T. Pi- iuch, J. Bruncsak, J, Bruncsak, K. Spolnick, R. Posafi, D. Stone- check. SEVENTH GRADE W Q P , fe 'M ivy ,Q Q. V-v Q Q ggi' ,KW if X - as - ,. 'WM gf' . K, fsww .sf V 'K " Lk . A f 1 an . V 75, - , L I N V H A wifi- 'ffsQl95l?1 ,yi ' Y -' ,A L3 . i n wi krgyk 5 " S - V ' . ,. - ' A F ., . . - ,, aff: K M I A AQ qpg.: ' A - 'Q -- A A , is K'Ah X- A' Q Tina: V ii ,, gs' i f ww, ,f 1 -Egg, , , 5,-.ns ,wk s -' ,yn K N A ' f 7 fnf .. , 'z ' . UW ' 5 z5'5i7'Lf' '59 ' ' iii: ' L :.5:: EQ : I' i , ' .. fl' L"- : , M . ACTIVITIES f , LQ Q -Q , A .K Q15 ,sv I www-f"' -- n m, H . fi M X JK. ww V 3 RELISHED BY THE WISEST MEN it ""?5-.Mg 'f '54 'f"i,",Q.0,. "qv W... . L-3.25515 if 333337: . ffg'a.2T'Zwt'k5?'75?2 "'QY',2-.'i-W,L?1fiQ O!'i!2i52iff11f3YSN' emmgm ' f E'Z'5"l"5",.f"','f,f'z.'E .,., W Wx ,y . 3 2 3-vm-nv morn' awww Q fy.. fl 1wQEmEx fum pgmezmtn uqmmpann wiv- sm H wifi.. -W in - '.,,,. x, , , . MWWM ,www - flliiif-'i'flfilff'i -Www WMWW- ,Mmm M Editor .......,..... ...., Business Managers ..., Literary StaFf Mr. F. Pallone K. Callas, R. Donati, ARLION C. Kunicki, P. Fallon, R. Donati, J Vairo, E. Rosati, C. Taylor, A. Sin ger, K. Callas, T. Frickanisce, H. M Taylor, J. Barrett, J. Prokopik, P Tannas. THE STAFF Anne Singer Sports . ..,. Eugene Rosati, Tom Frickanisce ...........,,. ......,.. P eggy Fallon . . . f Typlsts ., .............. ,, ........,.,.. Carole Taylor, Juckle Vulro' Roberl Donal' Joan Prokopik, Kenneth Callas Christina Kunicki, Judy Barrett, Helen Marie Taylor, Patty Tannas Advisor .. .. ..,. Mr, Frank Pallone Anne Singer Peggy Fallon C- Taylor, J. Vairo C, Kunicki, J. Barrett, H. M. Taylor, J. Prokopik ln E. Posati, J. Yankov, L, Adams. STUDENT COUNCIL Row One: M. Kanaan, M. Cal- vanese, J. Kaczkowski, M, Ed- munds, E. Dominici, V. Sabow, R. Bartolacci, N. Ulizio, P. Fal- lon, J. Barrett, M. J. Townsend. Row Two: E. Vinkovich, K. Reed, M. Silvis, M. Massola, H. Taylor, J. DeFelice, D. Ludwic- zak, R. Landi, N. Pavetto, H. Solyts. Row Three: T. Fannie, T. Lopushinsky, A. Graziano, R. Varesco, T. Frickanisce, J. Armstrong, D. English, A. Mc- Millan, J. Monteleone. BROADCASTER Row One: D. Walker, B. Echon, C. Klems, V. Keller, M. J. Town- send, .R. Zonarich. Row Two: H. Baker, Y. Nee, M. Meyer, R. M. Pugliese, P. Paulick, P. Brunc- sak Row Three: J. Korowicki, STUDENT COUNCIL BRGADCASTER The well-known, hard-working, student- governing organization of our school is the. Student Council. The obiective of this organi- zation is to help the students and lighten fac- ulty burdens. Among their many proiects is the pur- chasing of a new trophy case to replace the out-dated one in our new building. The Stu- dent Council sold wallets which contributed greatly to this fund. With the kind consideration of all stu- dents and faculty in the future as has been extended in the past, our Student Council will continue its climb uphill. Out with the old and in with the new! In place of the usual mimeograph paper the Broadcaster, this year, is printed. Under the able direction of Miss Virginia Bushnell, the advisor, students from grades ten, eleven, and twelve along with represen- tatives from the iunior high school comprise the Broadcaster Staff. The by-word of the Broadcaster's Newsy Suzys and Sams is "Get the story!" Why actors get grey! Curtain call Good grief ...... Masking the truth .lunior Class Play . . 'Tonight We Dance" Katie Barker ..,.. Dolores .......,., Pete Barker ..... Mr. Higgins .,.,.. Dan Morley ,....,., Michael Ericson Gracie . ,.,. ......,. , , Frances ..,. Lois .........,, . Miss Ellis ..,.,,.,.,, Thelma Maxwell CAST Barbara Holste ., Joyce Richards Frank Suatoni Dale Weisbrod .. Patricia Paulick Dave McMasters Diane Bertolino Marie Lamendola Dolores Ludwiczak .. Renita Zonarich Marie Swanderski Blakewell ..... Mrs. DuBois Mr. Tibbets Wesley Burton Bunny Cohlll ,...,..... Salvation Arm Kenneth Ross Paulo Brunczak Jerry Buhl Thomas Rocchi Alfred McMillan y Major ......t....,.. John Cevario Mr. Andre ...,....,,..,.... ......,.,..... P aul Ciancutti Anne .,.,,,., Helen ....,.. A court iester Georgene Borclonaro .. . Roberta Bartolacci Louis Ceraso SCRIPTS Janet Holliday ..... Sally ....,,...,.., .,,., Patsy Holliday Taffy Wilson .. Chuck Ramsey .,.... Stubby Parker , Bunny Rice ...A. ., Lucybelle Lea Todd Burke ...... Ginger Holliday Fluffy ..,...., ., , AND REHEARSALS . . APPLAUSE . Senior Class Play l'Springtime for Patsy" CAST Helen McCracken . ...,.,. Anne Singer Virginia Cecchetti Judy Barrett David Moore . ,. Everett Miller Mary Ann Piontek ...i.,.. Patsy Donati Thomas Frickanisce Diane Mitchell Helen Baker Announcer . . ,. David Holliday Mary Austin .. Claire ,..,..,... Barbara .. Muggs .,4,, Bea ...,... Sue ........,,.,..... Doctor Foster .. Rodney Baxter DRAMATICS Vincent Chine ., ,.., Fred Como Christine Kunicki Elmira Schwenk Virginia Keller Joan Jarczynski Jeanne Pagliaro .. Carole Taylor Lee Hunt ., Thomas Dickey First Row: D. Mitchell, M. Piontek, J. Barrett, A. Singer, P. Donati, V. Cecchetti, J. Pagliaro, C. Taylor. Second Row: F. Como, H, Baker, H. McCracken, J. Jarczynski, V. Keller, E. Schwenk, V. Chine. Third Row' E Miller T Dickey T Frickanisce, L. Hunt D. Moore. 1 - 1 -,:w Lnalsawi. filling ORGANIZATIONS THE GREAT DIFFICULTY IN EDUCATION SENIOR TRI-HI-Y Row One: S. Grogno, A. Smelt- zer, C. Peters, M. Valle, G. My- dock, H. Solyts, V. Malee, B. Serventi. Row Two: M. Lopez, M. A. Pionlek, C. DiCarolis, P. DeBlcusio, M. J. Giuliani, V, Cec- chetti, M. Leslie, J. Pagliaro, J. Vuiro, C. Taylor, J. Pugliese. Row Three: K. Reynolds, B. Bo- hy, L. Howell, E. M. Hubbard, M. A. Meixelsberger, P. Fioren- tino, E. Griglak, J. Prokopik, B. Birch, P. Donoti. Row Four: D. Berkoben, C. Rusnock, R. Raught, C. Golembeski, L. Bak- er, F. Massimini, C. Klems, B. Holes, B. Echon, E. Mazza, L. J. Paul. JUNIOR TRI-HI-Y Row One: B. Gans, R. Schwei- ger, J. Langham, A. Lech, C. Jones, M. L. Mock, P. Bruncsak, S. Katona, B. Stewart. Row Two: M. Lawrence, J. Geraci, R. Siutcl, M. Maytan, D. Petittcl, D. Donati, H. Bostic, C. Schulz, E. Premutico, J. Lyons, C. Mc- Closkey, E. Dominici. Row Three: D. Fraser, P. Baker, A. Tirdil, M. Swanderski, S. Sten- ger, P. Paulick, V. J. Sabow, N. Pavetto, J. Adclmczyk, B. Flee- ger, A. DeMao. Row Four: E. Longo, R. Fantozzi, M. Meyer, J. Mulewich, S. Stewart, L. Lis- ciarelli, C. Dickey, J. Pelino, P. Sergi, M. Lange, D. Ogurchock, C. Fleming, M. Edmunds, P. Pel- legrino, P. Artuso. SOPHOMORE TRI-HI-Y Row One: D. Pennachio, L. Warden, C. Nolf, K. Reed, VH. Hclrnichor, E. Serventi, D. Pra- to, R. Runco, V. Zalupsky. Row Two: D. Linardi, C. Vcxresco, J. Rogers, E. Brokaw, M. Cal- vanese, J. Koczkowski, B. Bliss, J. Kiley, M. Pallone, B. Donley, P. Kosky. Row Three: E. Vin- kovich, B. Hollick, J. Beilata, D. Zampogna, B. Guida, M. As- per, E. Mangieri, D, Mazzei, G. Zilner, K. Donahue, B. Hollick, K. Walker. Row Four: G. Kel- ly, M. Bongiovonni, V. Argen- to, R. Malaspina, J. Colaianni, L. Marino, M. Rcwlinson, J. Ec- hard, M. Hamilton, P. Poster- nak, K. Cepull, J. Salvclti, H. Mottern, J. Papa, I. Vinkovich Row Five: E. Wagner, M. Mas- sola, J. DeBlosio, S. Schrecken- gost, M. L. Hanyo, D. Gelorme, J. Fritzky, L. Moses, M. Rocchi R. Bougher, B. J. Keller, E. Co: wen, K. Sylak, S. Mohr, L Licata. 54 IS TO GET EXPERIENCE FROM IDEAS KEY CLUB Row One: E. Posati, D, Berkey, D. Toney, J. Martin, H. Rocchi, D. Tirdel, L. Ceraso, V. Chine, T. Rocchi, Row Two: T. Hill, D. Kestner, A. McMillan, R. Rich, J. Monteleone, W. Kakuk, R. English, F. Como. Row Three: L. McMaster, J. Such, N. Single- ton, C. Hartman, T. Frickanisce, L. Hunt, N. English, D. Silvis, R. Tusing. FOOTBALL CLUB Row One: E. Posati, T. Bengel, V, Saccardi, D. Berkey, G. Ov- erly, L. Ceraso, H. Rocchi, D. Tir- del, T. Rocchi, E. Migliorisi, R. English. Row Two: J. Martin, D. Bush, D. Allen, J. Matthews, R. Rich, T. Watters, J. Palaika, G. Gamble, T. Pryor. Row Three: M. Bellavia, H. King, D. Toney, J. Miller, E. Rosati, E. Schreckengost, T. Frickanisce, N. English, H. Albera, J. Cor- sello, D. Silvis, R. Tusing. TYPING CLUB Row One: M. Albera, J. Nicas- tro, C. Wood, C. Yanne, S, Aus- tin, J. Hazlett, R. Berczek, P. Beigle, M. Colesar, B. L. Bar' gerstock. Row Two: K. Hilty, C. Bellcmo, F. Turco, P. Nolf, D. Stewart, V. Choltco, D. Batten, D. Preisser, A. Gra- ziano, V. Stanley. Row Three: E. Nee, V. Widner, P. Wardo- clip, J. Kozusko, L. Finnin, M. Peck, T. Scanga, J. Saccamano, T. Zamperini, R. Sarniak. 55 ORGANIZATIONS 5.0. S. CLUB Row One: M. Calvanese, M Pallone, J. Kiley, J. Papa, D Prato, K. Reed, A. Leah, C Jones, M. Waugarnan, G. Zil- ner, K. Donahue. Row Two: I Reese, R. Fantozzi, M. Meyer, S Stewart, C, Schultz, D. Fraser M. L. Bongiovanni, J. Lesko, Y Nee, C. Fleming, K. Abraham Row Three: M, Edmunds, L Lemp, E. Davis, M. A. Kozusko B. Gans, B. Mangieri, C. Ver- esco, J. Rogers, M. Hamilton M. Shockley, L. Neurohr, M. L Mock. Row Four: J. Kaczkow- ski, L. Warden, J. Reynolds, A Matergia, J. Piquard, R. Schwei- ger, R. Susa, E. Cowen, S. Mohr S. Schreckengost, J. De Blasio D, L. Daniels, P. Pellegrino. HOME NURSING Row One: F. Rearick, B, Asper, P. Fiorentino, P. Ogurchock. Row Two: G. Bordonaro, C. Rusnock. F. H. A. Row One: M. Leslie, V. Cec- chetti, J. Lebert, D. Maytan, S Mele, J. Townsend. Row Two M. Valle, D. Walker, B. Echon R. Bossio, J. Nolf, P. Brown Row Three: A. Smeltzer, C Klems, D. Ludwiczak, V. Jo seph, E. Holland, C. Abraham WE LIVE IN DEEDS, NOT YEARS I f 1 JUNIOR HISTORIANS Left to right: R, McDonnell, R. Monzi, R. Dcnko, R. Becker, B. Hess, R. Clark, J. Mursilio. PRINT SHOP Left In right: V. Chine, R. Gui- to, J. Tedorski, R. Wcxlcsek, J Palcuikou, R. Varesco, J. Gurbin- ski, A. Groziono, R. DeFeIice, P. DeMcxo. JUNIOR HI-Y Row One: L. Votquenne, J Haddon, J. Bruncsuk, G. Lisciar- elli, R. Posuti, F. Kaczkowski D. Stonecheck, O. Ccsforina, J Roberto, D. Capo. Row Two R. Cruscn, G. Oakes, K. Spol nick, L. Bozek, R. Scalpello, R Rokvic, J. Bruncsok, R. Bryon IN THOUGHTS, NOT BREATHES CHEF CLUB First Row: D. McMaster, B. Comp- bell, S. Matisko, K. Ross, J. Buhl, D Weisbrod. Second Row: G. Johns- tone, J. Moscori, J. Paloikou, R. Beck- er, T. Hill, J. Rcxwlinson. CRGANIZATIONS JR. HIGH BAND First Row: C. Collodi, J. Paulendo, J. Corey, C. DeFelice, G. Reono, R. Rakvic, D. Capo, O. Castorina, H. Mele, E. Grant, D. Guenther, H. Suain, S. Reo, L. Thomas. Second Row: D. Mognetto, P. Johnston, C. Settlemeyer, D. Molli, R. Scolpello, J. Bertoni, J. Acopine, C. Paprocki, R. Dominici, A. Soulle, A. DiFonzo, N. Capone, A. Enciso, G. Lisciorelli. Third Row: R. Fischer, H. Preisendef- er, A. Trombettcn, A. DePaImo, P. Bi- anco, R. Cianflone, T. Cappone, N. Borrelli, J. Runco, R. Firmin, C. Sny- der, R. Alberfu, R. Martucci. Fourth Row: A. Lorant, A. Korowickl, C. Treczak, J. Michael, D. Kunicki, D. Artusc, R. Gallo, A. McClosky, V, Brzak, E. Elkin, P. Marra, F. Kacz- kowski, J. Shamey, L. Rubinosky, F. Monteleone, M. Toney. Fifth Row: W. Carter, J. Bruncsack, T. Bibzcl, L. Rossi, R. Bryan, T. Pituch, K. Spol- nick, C. Picone, J. Bruncsack, G. Blu- baugh, R. Posuti, R. lnglese, A. Jef- ferson, K. Mele, D. Stonecheck, R. Arbuckle, R. Moresi, R. Steormon. JUNIOR HIGH CHOIR First Row: J. Hunger, M. Slobodnik, D. Postupack, J. Greb, l. Conte, P. Solandria, A. Dangoix, M. R. DeLuco, M. J. Pallone, M. Wypiski, C. Cion- cutti, G. Korluk. Second Row: E. M. Singleton, J. Sergi, C. Belczyk, M. Dziaclyk, J. Sergi, D. Kunicki, B. Bon- zani, J. Reighcard, D. Painter, A. Pol- czarski, K. Miller, H. VanTine, T. Frederick, L. Buono. Third Row: R. Monico, K. Lopushinsky, D. R. Leach, R. M. Penchick, V. Pagano, R. A. Vo- gel, S. Lucerne, P. Pallone, D. Ste- fonini, E. Prokopik, H. Massimini, R. DeFazio, R. M. Pugliese. Fourth Row: R. Makara, M. Sartori, C. Martz, L. Husar, V. L. Dorbritz, T. Lothian, S. Bahnak, D. Dickie, R. Pelino, M. Ha- Iel, J. Como, C. Bollman, K. Confer. Fifth Row: K. Bowman, A. Bilbie, T. Papik, C. Teclow, P. Pelfz, J. Cliickowski, J. Grzybek, J. Mozzo, D. Potochnak, W. Crawford, L. Ros- si, P. Morro. Not Shown: J. Reo, J. Mozzei, H. Briggs, E, Berkoben, E. Sirhan. WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY. 58 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY AS THE TWIG is BENT, THE TREE is INCLINED. To be chosen for the National Honor So- ciety a student must meet certain require- ments-the first being scholarship. Although anyone in the top third of his respective class may be selected, only 15? of the graduating class are eligible for membership in the so- ciety. The next requirement for membership is service. The student must be of service to his school, his teachers, and his classmates. The third point a potential member is iudged on is leadership. He must possess the ability to lead his classmates-mainly by setting the right example--in a way beneficial to his school and community. And last, but certain- ly not least, the new member must have a sound, clean-cut character-the kind of per- son any school would be proud to have on its roll. This year, as in previous years, the selection of members was made by a board of teachers. They iudged all the pupils on the above points and chose those students they felt most deserving of this award. The newly chosen members have been presented gold pins by the Student Council at a special assembly in their honor. First Row: D. Mitchell, J. Stefunini, B. Holste, J. Korowicki. Second Row: V. Cecchetti, H. M. Taylor, T. Lopushinsky, T. Frickanisce, R, Varesco, M. Meyer, R. Landi, A. Singer. Third Row: R. Moore, H. McCracken, J. Jarczynski, J. Vairo, R. Susa, C. Kunicki, A. Graziano, D. Moore, D. Toney, D. Berkey, J. Sacriponte, J. Barrett, F. Massimini, L. Horn. Missing from picture: P. Fallon, J, Prokopik. MUSIC Music HATH CHARMS TO SOOTHE THE SOPHOMORE CHOIR Row One: D. Pennachio, G. Zampogna, J. Nolf, M. Calvanese, C. Nolf, J. Beilata, B. Hollick, J. Reynolds, C. Baker, D. Troup, I. Reese, M. Pallone, J. Papa. Row Two: R. M. Bougher, J. Rogers, K. Sylak, L. Licata, K. Cepull, E. Brokaw, P. Pasternak, K, Hilty, C, Kelly, B. J. Keller, R. Malaspina, P. Kosky. Row Three: R. Hutterer, D. Mitchell, L. Moses, V. Zalupsky, D. Gelorme, J. Fritzky, J. Watters, G. Frampton, R. Runco, P. Ludwiczak, B. Mangieri, R. Cecchetti, R. Shaw. Row Four: J. Jacobs, V. Costanza, G. Overly, D. Tirdel, B. Gigler, J. Armstrong, M, Ziemianski, J. Esser, J. Garbinski, R. Rich, B. Meledandri, B. Settle- myer. JUNIOR AND SENIOR CHOIR Row One: P. Pellegrino, M. Lamendola, J. Walker, M. A. Piontek, H. Baker, P. Buchanan, R. Bartolacci, M. J. Townsend, J. Beck, S. Katona, J. Mulewich, C. Schultz, K. Abraham, J. Lyons. Row Two: A. DeMao, R. M. Marzullo, R. Moore, A. Singer, D. Mitchell, B. Stewart, J. Richards, M. L. Mock, D. Donati, D, Knee, B. Fleeger, B. Holste. Row Three: C. Kunicki, H. McCracken, B. Premutico, E. M. Hubbard, E. Dominici, P. Tannas, R. Zonarich, M. Waugaman, M. Meyer, P. Paulick, V. Sabow. Row Four: V. Chine, L. Ceraso, H. Rocchi, D. Kestner, O. Singleton, F. Suatoni, D. Mangieri, D. Weisbrod, K, Ross, L. Rich. Row Five: F. Como, R. Tusing, J. Fontana, T. Dickey, J. Martin, L. Hunt, T. Lopushinsky. 60 SAVAGE BEAST Senior High Choir This year, along with a new room tor practicing, this group seems to have gotten a new-found vitality. The Senior High A Capella Choir got o'FF to a royal start with a thrilling Christ- mas pageant, given iointly by them and the sophomore class. With the added in- centive of a success behind them, the choir, again under the able direction of Miss Dor- othy Ferrante, started rehearsals for their next program, this time an operetta, "Rid- ing Down the Sky." This, along with various assembly pro- grams and participation in a choral festi- val, rounded out the year for the choir. The choir is to be congratulated for the splendid iob they did. .lunior High Choir If you happened to walk into Victoria Avenue building sometime during the sev- enth period this year, you most probably have heard our Junior High Choir practic- ing earnestly for one of their many success- ful programs. Along with the Junior High Band the group enthusiastically tackled their Christ- mas Concert. Besides their regular group arrangement several specialties were fea- tured. The Girls Double Sextet and a solo- ist shared the honors of a successful pro- gram. The choir's next big proiect was their annual spring concert which, everyone agreed, added another star in their crown. A busy year of activities came pleas- antly to an end with an exchange program and a party. R. Moore, D. Mitchell 61 OCTET L. Hunt, .l, Martin, V. Chine, K. Ross, T. Dickey, T. Lopushinsky, F. Como. SENIOR OFFICERS President ....... .,.... l. ee Hunt Vice President . .. Fred Como Secretary .,..... ..... D iane Mitchell Treasurer ...... ..... R onald Tusing Music hath charms 43, E 9 NR 1 2? N if I 1 1 ...IN :Wx 131' id sf :Q x X 1 i 5 1 BLEND IN HARMONY . . TO INSTILL PEP AND ACTION First Row: A. M. Guzzi, D. Mitchell, G, Kunish, J. Ciuffoletti, l. Rebar, C. Crivaro, F. Manning, G. Reano, H. Mele, J, Paulenda, L. Bortz. Second Row: M. Ziemianski, J. Acopine, C. Poprocki, R. Siemanski, J. Dotto, D. Moore, J. Cev- ario, L. McMaster, R. Arbuckle, J. Bertoni, R. Dominici, A. Saulle, M. Guzzi. Third Row: R. Moore, R. Martucci, R. Cianflone, L. Rich, A. Pugliese, T. Lopushinsky, A. DePalma, B. Meledandri, R. M. Marzullo, P. Bianco, M. Ross, D. Magnetta, F. Monteleone. Fourth Row: M. Toney, L, Thomas, E. Grant, G. Provenzo, R. Arbuclcle, J. Jacob, E. Hiner, A. Lorant, J. Runco, N. Borelli, R. Fischer, H. Preisendefer, R. Miller. Fifth Row: P. Ciancutti, R. Kuntz, P. Capone, D. Neasi, S. Cevario, R. Moresi, F. Suatoni. SENIOR BAND This organization began rehearsing in August for the busy season ahead of them. Parades and assemblies were just a part of their strenuous schedule. This troupe faith- fully attended every home performance of the football team and awed the public at half time with their fine playing and precision marching. A very new and original pre-game routine was shown to the public at our first home football game. lt was a military drill performed to the "Gillette" song. V Diligent practice has achieved for our band and "Lionettes" an outstanding name in the valley. Mr. Albert Moses, our capable band director specially arranged the music and dance routines that were ably performed for the audience. Student band directors, the lead majorettes, and our drum maiorette were instrumental in assisting Mr. Moses to carry out his well-organized plans for the half-time performances. The routines done to the hit tunes of the day were, "Sh-Boom," "The Little Shoemaker," and "Hernando's Hideaway," which were done without the stadium lights. To close a fine year of brilliant perform- ances, the group repeated by special request "The Birth of the Blues" which they had done the year before. The public thoroughly enioyed our sen- ior band and maiorettes. '-5' The Ioveliest night of the year! ' 64 ...A "PunCh!" Excited couples entered the Junior- Senior Prom held at the Orchard Avenue Gym on May 15, 1954, through a beautiful archway of silver. Stepping out of the archway and onto the floor, the couples were presented with unique dance programs. To the left of the dance floor were the artistically decorated tables. Ferns, flowers, and candles made up the centerpieces on these tables, which overlooked a background of the New York skyline. The gym was completely transfigured to fit the Juniors theme, "Stairway to the Stars." Indirect lighting was used to give the room a soft touch, while a spotlight shone on the silhouettes of a girl and boy advancing up the "Stairway to the Stars." Paper streamers gave the illusion of a drop- ceiling. A white picket fence enclosed the Tommy Carlyn Orchestra, which provided lilting melodies to the huge crowd. The girls with their flowing gowns and the boys with their tux suits glided smoothly across the floor to the music. At the close of the dance, a delicious turkey dinner was served to the guests. The Junior Class, along with their class advisors Mrs. Josephine Lecnar and Mr. Walter Sakaluk, gave their guests a won- derful night to remember always. Bunny-hopping Dancing in the dark Wish you were here THE PRCM NOTHING GREAT WAS EVER 66 YEA! TEAM! ACHIEVED WITHOUT ENTHUSIASM Roar Lions-Victory! At every game this mighty rhythmic roar throbs through the air, carrying to the fighting Lions the student body's message of encouragement. This con- centrated cheering is the result of the con- stant hard work of six cheerleaders-two seniors, two iuniors, and two sophomores- whose iob is to keep the student body pulling for that Arnold victory. Their job is simple while the team is out in front, but the difficult time comes when the Lions are on the short end of the scoring. Regardless of the weather-on gridiron or basketball court, regardless of the score- these six girls must be out there to inspire that cheering. They contribute much to the suc- cess of the contest. In victory or defeat the cheerleaders must never give up, must never lose heart, must never stop fighting-but con- tinue to play their game-clean and hard- from the sidelines. Much of the success of these trim young ladies in their bright blue skirts and sparkling white sweaters is due to many hours of hard work on the part of their advisor, Miss Nancy Martin. In behalf of the entire student body, the Arlion StaFF extends to the cheerleaders and their advisor a sincere "thank you" for the fine job done by them during the athletic season of 1954 and 1955. SENIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Top: B. J. Keller, J. Korowicki, V, Cecchetti, J, Barrett, P. Paulick, D. Prato. Bottom: D. Prato, P. Paulick, J. Barrett, V. Cecchetti, J. Korowicki, B. J. Keller. JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS B. Signorella, H. Massimini, D. Stefanini, M, Slobodnik, P. Papa. Not pictured: P. Pallone. Right In Step Taking A Breather "Do I Look Okay?" Our Girls In White Posing Pretty Sideline Coaches HIGH STEPPERS THE HAPPY COMBINATION OF TEAM WORK. TiffQESRZBQEYZE-5?Ei1f5:1!5' ,:qmi53fSE'iSi353ilSi?fi. SlLafiiG:- X'-Eff :KES liiwfi-'ffldwif' V Yau f'f'b"+f ,af W. rms nes -1fmmw.Qqm.,w..,wummmnM..w:w,ww. mmmm ma M Q wx. Mwnw, ,,7,,,,,,, ,WW W Y Y Y, Y,,,Y W. -Y-Y V ----V - FOOTBALL .-Q.. sf, A, '." 4135 K I f . Q Mr. Alex Tunnels Couch Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold SEASON'S RECORD H27 6 ,. 7 0 .......18 .. 7 .,...,.13 .. O Millvcnle ,.,. A West Deer A . Freeport .. . . Torenlum Oclkmont ., Springdale Ford Clty ....,... . Plum ...... Hampton IN UNION THERE IS STRENGTH First Row: Mr. N, Ventura, Equipment Manager, A. Graziano, Manager, W. Kakuk, Manager. Second Row: D. Bush, J. Marra, D. Toney, T. Rocchi, H. Rocchi, L. Ceraso, D. Tirdil, D. Berkey, J, Matthews, R. Clark, Mr. F. Martin, Assistant Coach. Third Row: Mr. A. Tannas, Head Coach, E. Posati, R. Rich, G. Gamble, R. English, R. Allen, R. Tusing, N. Eng- lish, D. Silvis, J. Martin, E. Schreckengost, T. Watters, T. Bengel, Mr. M. Peretti, Assistant Coach. Fourth Row: G. Overly, J. Miller, H. King, D. Vrudny, M. Bellavia, R. Varesco, T. Frickanisce, T. Pryor, E. Rosati, H. Albera, D. Campbell, J. Corsello. VARSITY Thanks to the football know-how ot Coach Alex Tannas and his assistants, Mario Peretti and Frank Martin, a relatively green team was able to mold into a tight-knit unit, which made sportsmanship its key word. After having spent three weeks in pre- season training, the team iumpecl ot? to a snappy 27-6 victory over Millvale. The tol- lowing week the Tannasmen brought down the house with a 6-6 tie against a highly rated and much larger West Deer team to continue the 'Famous Arnold-West Deer iinx. Keeping a steady pace, the Lions went on to tie the Yellow Jackets of Freeport and down the Red Cats from Tarentum. The team lost the next tive games only after they had given their all. The season couldn't possibly be meas- ured in wins and losses, since the team play and sportsmanship which the boys learned is indispensable. We are sorry to say that next year we will miss the talents of Rich Clark, Tom Frickanisce, Ron Tusing, Dick English, Ted Pryor, Ron Albera, Joe Corsello, Don Camp- bell, Dave Silvis, Don Bush, Ron Varesco, and J. Miller. 52: il .fr- GRIDMEN HIF THEY CAN'T DO IT, NOBODY CAN! 72 T. Frickunisce J. Miller D. Silvis R. Vuresco D. Campbell J. Corsello D. Bush N. English R, Clark R. Tusing T. Pryor H. Alberu JUNIOR VARSITY Under the tutoring of Mario Peretti, the Little Lions displayed in their games an ag- gressiveness that was hard to beat. Every day they tirelessly and faithfully went through their routine, practicing and drilling in order that they might some day have a chance to represent Arnold on the gridiron. We hon- estly believe that if this scrappy, talented bunch keeps up its determined ways, the fu- ture opponents of Arnold High School had better be on their guard. JUNIOR HIGH If the enthusiasm of our Junior High team is any sign of the future, then Arnold's pros- pects look very bright indeed. During the season these boys, coached by Mario Peretti, carried on a rigid training program, consist- ing of calisthenics and fundamentals. Though they never actually participated in any foot- ball games, the boys never ceased to turn out faithfully at practice. Our hats go off to young athletes who will someday make a fine varsity crew. JUNIOR VARSITY Row One: Managers, L. Colaianni, D. Terlinski. Row Two: L. Thomas, A. Chipoletti, R. Makara, J. Palaika, B. Blair, J. Vrudny, D. Pallone, J. Ciuffoletti, E. Nee, K. McNutt. Row Three: Mr. Peretti, Ass't. Coach, R. Greco, J. Thomas, P. Bengel, E, Migliorisi, A. M. Ansani, D, McMaster, L. Walkowiak, B. Settle- meyer, F. Ludwiczak. JUNIOR HIGH Row One: Manager, R. Varesco. Row Two: K. Mele, C. Ferguson, O. Castorina, R. Bryan, F. Frabotta, H. Stonecheck, D. Stonecheck, J, Hadda, R. Posati, R. Arbuckle, J. Echon, W. Crawford. Row Three: D, Ogurkis, J. Bruncsak, R. Inglese, P. Ringus, J. Tulebitz, L. Schreckengost, L. Rubinosky, S. Reo, K. Inglese, J. Mazza. 11m vl hvfwwIuiv'mfnw R McGuhe Couch D 1 Sc a bl cl legs I se y head 74 BASKETBALL THERE'S A THRILL 5 E 'Z 'I l'O CHEERING FOR THE ARNOLD HIGH LIONS. First Row: Assistant Coach R, Terlinski, D, Campbell, J. Sacriponte, T. Kuhn, J. Garbinski, S. Hamilton, L. Adams, Coach L. McGuire. Second Row: Manager J. Monteleone, R, Krnacik, J. Martin, J. Hession, R. Varesco, T. Scanga, D. Allen, Manager T. Fannie. BASKETBALL Arnold High, under the tutelage of vet- eran Coach Larry McGuire, experienced for the first time in 5 years a season which did not bring the sectional championship to the school. The team also experienced a year in which it competed for sectional honors with its traditional rival, Ken Hi, and a powerful Ford City and Butler team. Having won 9 straight games, the Lions were very impressive in their exhibition cam- paign. Two of these were sectional wins against Vandergrift and Kittanning. In the third sectional encounter they met the strong and highly favored Ken Hi team. The iam- packed crowd witnessed the perennial thrill that these two teams always offer. The out- come of the game was not decided until sec- onds before the game ended with Arnold on the short end by a 44-42 score. The Lions, a surprise team in the section all year, threw the l-A race into a three-way scramble with a whopping 50-48 upset over Ford City in an overtime session. Although pitted against the best, the Lions were very much respected by their op- ponents. In every game, win or lose, they played their hearts out. Above all they dis- played good, clean sportsmanship and gained respect from the fans. The entire squad and coaching staFf deserve congratulations for a iob well done. HOOPSTERS . . . X' J. Hession I J. Sacriponte D. Campbell HOOPMEN BRING GLORY TO OUR ALMA MATER Ronald Varesco: Tall center whose banking board ability has saved many a day for Arnold. James Sacriponte: Snappy playmaker little dynamo can always be counted on in a pinch. John Hession: A latecomer with a surprising amount ot ability has no trouble in dropping them in placed on All-Section one team. Tom Fannie: An excellent manager since his Freshman year . . . ever-present assistant to the team. Robert Krnacik: Has a notorious one hand push shot . .. plays the forward position well. Don Campbell: Fast forward .. . shrewd with the ball . .. dribbles with skill. .. i if 'Q ieiilgwf Me., , , .xx 'fl.'EiW55 5 15 .mfml A 1 " A R Varesco T. Fannie R. Krncacik SEASON'S RECORD A H S Opp. A. H. S. OPP, Bell-Avon . ., 39 46 ..... ........ K ittcnning Freeport .... 33 46 ..,... ......., H or-Brock Swissvcxle ...... 31 48 Ford City Ockmont ...... ,.... 5 8 47 Butler .,.. ....,. Springdale .... ,. .. 38 64 Springdale Wilkinsburg .... ,,... 5 5 62 Vcndergrift .,.... Freeport ...,. ..,, 2 6 46 New Kensington Leechburg ..., . 35 45 Kittcxnning .... Leechburg ,,.. .... . .42 78 .. . .,,.,. .Har-Brock Vcndergrift .. ...,,. ........ 4 1 50 Ford City New Kensington , ....... 46 53 Butler ,. .. Won 14 Lost 8 77 JUNIOR BASKETBALL ACCURATE SHOOTING, SKILLFUL PASSING, A H S Opp. Bell-Avon Freeport .,.,. Swissvale Oakmont ..... Springdale . Wilkinsburg .... Freeport ..... Leechburg Leechburg ..,...... ..,... 3 8 45 Vanderg rift ...... New Kensington West Deer Stewart ,...,.. Springdale .,.. Main Street ...,... ...... Fourth Avenue ' -i .sill . 1. Opp. Kittanning ,,.. ....... 5 2 Har-Brock .... ..,.., 5 0 Ford City .,.... ..,..... 5 7 Butler ..,...... .....,.. 4 3 Springdale .v..... ,...... 4 6 Vandergrift ........ ..,..... 3 I New Kensington ...... ..42 Kittanning ,....., ....... 3 9 Har-Brack ..., ......., 4 6 Ford City ,,..., ....... 3 8 Butler ....,,,,. ......, 6 'I Opp. Har-Brock .... ,......, I 8 Stewart ......,. ..4.... 3 4 Springdale .,.,. ........ 3 8 Fourth Avenue ,. .v..... 31 Har-Brock ..., ........ 3 4 JUNIOR VARSITY D. Chomyak, E. Kondrad, H Anfhony, E. Magliofiss, rxztqm- perini. We JR. HIGH BASKETBALL First' Row: P. Bengel, R. Stear- man, C. Snyder, .I. Vrudny, R. Moresi, A. Ansani. Second Row: E. Posati, Manager, R. Fischer, C. Szoch, L. Colaicxnni, R. Bengel, H. Preisendefer, J. Runco, Manager. Third Row: J. Marra, F. Monteleone, R. Dominici, L. Walkowiak. 78 DRIVING SPEED First Row: E. Posati, Manager, King, G. Gamble, V. Costanza. Second Row: J. Fratangeli, D. Tirdel, D. Terlinski, E. Rosati, L. Row One: E. Rosati, R. English, A. McMillan, B, Tusing, D. Batten, J. Sacriponte, M. Kanaan, R. Abel, C. Sennett. Row Two: J. Zamperini, R. Albera, J. Krnacik, J. Martin, R. Schultz, J. Mathews, T. Saska, R. Krnacik, Mr. O. J. Phillips, Coach. BASEBALL IN THE SPRING - - ON THE DIAMOND Although Arnold's baseball season did not open with the traditional "crack," Coach Phillips' boys were quick to catch the pace and prove their worth among the local high school teams. The enthusiasm of the boys only goes to show why the sport has become the national pastime. Every day, Valley Camp resounded with the crack of bats and the thud of the ball on gloves. Though the departed seniors will be missed, we are sure the boys will come through, as always, tor their Old Alma Mater. Mr. Oliver Phillips Coach lt's a hit! OUR SEASON'S RECORD East Deer Springdale ....,Har-Brack ........Tarentum .....,...Ken Hi ......,.Springdale ..,,.Har-Brack East Deer .......Ken Hi ......Tarentum Opponent 5 8 6 3 5 7 ...,....'I'l 0 5 2 D. Isaac, T. Campbell ARNOLD HIGH TENNIS A.H.S. 0 .......4 1 .....,.. 2.. 2 .,..,,.. 5 .4...4,. 3 ......4. 5 2 ...,... Team . Tarentum . Latrobe Latrobe SCORES 'I954 Opponent ,, .......... .5 .,,..,Tarentum ,.....Ken Hi ,,....Kiski ,, ,... Wilkinsburg ,.. Kiski ...,... .. .....Ken Hi .... .,.3 0 Having started the season slowly, the 'Arnold racquet squad, under the tutoring of Mr. G. McLaughlin, hit its stride about mid-season. With such stalwart seniors as Don lsaac, Patsy Tallerico, and Tom Camp- bell, and a few underclassmen, the team was able to inflict telling blows on its op- ponents, noticeably on Ken Hi, its tradi- tional rival, whom it defeated twice dur- ing the year. Although one ofthe lesser emphasized sports, it is far from unpopular and has clone much in its own way in being recog- nized at Arnold High School. Row One: L. Ceraso, T. Hill, D, Toney, T. Kuhn, T. Campbell, D. lsaac, Row Two: B. Campbell, D. Berkey, J. Palaika, G. Wagner, D. McMasters, F. Suatoni, S. Nelson, P. Tallerico, Mr. G. McLaughlin, Coach. THE SUMMER RACQUET Al.. Mr. George Mclaughlln Coach K. zf if J E, 5. H. Q, sn, xg! X .4 Q-Qrw FL , 3 2 N i K s ws -Qs , 6 sf 1!Qf . ,s -:ef Tlfifieff : T E E N, . ? U11 SEN? . .M 5 'Lift xi OUR FRIENDS The business firms whose adveriisemenis appear on 'rhe foliowing pages have maferially assisfecl in making the Arlion possible . . . Show your appreciafion by pafronizing them whenever possible 82 V 1v1Q"S- 1L, - ,fi N fffiur iof' THE ARNOLD LIONS CODE OF ETHICS To show my faith in the worthiness of my vocation by indus- trious application to the end that I may merit a reputation for quality of service. To seek success and to demand all fair remuneration or profit as my just due, but to accept no profit or success at the price of my own self respect lost because of unfair advantage taken or because of questionable acts on my part. To remember that in building up my business it is not neces- sary to tear down another's, to be loyal to my clients or customers and true to myself. Whenever a doubt arises as to the right or ethics of my posi- tion or action towards my fellow man, to resolve such doubt against myself. To hold friendship as an end and not a means--To hold that true friendship exists not on account of the service per- formed by one to another, but that true friendship de- mands nothing but accepts service in the spirit in which it is given. Always to bear in mind my obligations as a citizen to my nation, my state, and my community, and to give to them my unswerving loyalty in work, act, and deed. To give them freely of my time, labor, and means. To aid my fellow man by giving my sympathy to those in distress, my aid to the weak, and my substance to the needy. To be careful with my criticisms and liberal with my praise, to build up and not destroy. 83 Congrafulafions Class of 1955 ,- if SPECIALISTS DECORATED cms ron ALL OCCASIONS Pqmws EDlson 7-4241 1900 Kenneth Ave. Arnold, Pa. COMPLIMENTS OF ARNOLD AMERICAN LEGION POST 684 1728 F'f I1 A ARNOLD, PENNSYLVANIA Ill' ll QGYQRICIX N I If I , v 6931? I, 5 4I' +'?ff'f?5+95 WN 0 E I0 Winn v X AND LADIES AUXILIARY OF POST 684 AND COUNTRY WE ASSOCIATE OURSELVES The Mu Store SUAVE. H29 n PA. EDISON RU G S WM 9 WE py . 5-I4-2l DEL PRESCRIPTION PHARMACISTS HERMAN MARTIN CARL MARTIN ERNEST MARTIN LUMBER - MILLWORK 1 ROOFING - PAINT Fourth Avenue at The Lumber Number Fourteenth Street EDison 7-4700 86 ir BURRELL CONSTRUCTION AND SUPPLY COMPANY ir 1 8 Congratulations Class of '55 SUZY'S SODA GRILL "Where the Gang Loves to Meet" BEATRICE HANLON, Prop. Corner of Orchard 8K Drey St. Phone: EDison 9-9439 COMPLIMENTS NU-KEN CANDY AND CIGAR CO. 647 Fifth Avenue Phone: EDison 7-8821 Compliments of UKRAINIAN CITIZENS CLUB Corner of 4th Avenue 81 14th St. ARNOLD, PA. MEADOW GOLD DAIRIES, INC. 1240 Fourth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. "QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS" Phone: EDison 7-7635 88 Congratulations to The Senior Class of I955 and the Arnold School System AMERICAN WINDOW GLASS COMPANY PITTSBU RGH, PENNSYLVANIA Manufacturers of fine window glass and specialty glass products since I899 89 Compliments of FIFTH AVENUE HOTEL 1539 - Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. Phone: EDison 9-9328 Congratulations Class of 1955 LONGO'S MARKET Corner Orchard Avenue - Drey Street ARNOLD, PA. NEW KENSINGTON TYPEWRITER CO. v Vlyllvhrzgxllg W Royal - Underwood - Remington Typewriters - Rented - Sold - Repaired , EASY TERMS ,t.t J. s. DesIIvIoNE xltl W II1 931 - 5th Ave. Phone: ED 7-3525 FIRST WITH RECORD THE LATEST THE CENTER Everything Recorded - All Speeds Available CHILDREN - WESTERN - JAZZ - CLASSIC 1019 5th Ave. NEW KENSINGTON, PA. ED 5-6531 90 COMPLIMENTS OF ITALIAN AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY LODGE 119 COMPLIMENTS OF GROTTESE MEN'S ASSOCIATION Compliments HECKER'S SERVICE STATION Corner of Richmond St. and Freeport Road Congratulations Class of '55 Phone: EDison 9-9274 Best Wishes From DEFELICE and FRABOTTA'S ARNOLD FLOWER SHOP "Fashions in Flowers" ARNOLD, PA. 1727 Fifth Avenue EDison 5-4661 ALTMAN'S MARIN E SERVICE EVINRUDE OUTBOARD MOTORS - ALUMA CRAFT BOATS SALES AND SERVICE 1815 Fourth Avenue ARNOLD, PA. Phone: EDison 5-3112 Congratulations Class of '55 DONATI'S SERVICE STATION GULF IS YOUR BEST BET 1610 Freeport Road Phone: EDison 9-9275 92 Congratulations Class of '55 FRANK'S CLOVER FARM STORE "Thrift Plus Satisfaction" 1425 Fifth Ave. For Free Delivery-Phone: EDison 5-8251 MEYER 81 JOHNSTON CO. SHEET METAL WORKS AIR CONDITIONING - HEATING - ROOFING INDUSTRIAL SHEET METAL WORK 1901 Kenneth Avenue and 1501 4th Avenue ARNOLD, PA. Phone: EDison 5-1117 81 Phone: EDison 5-6206 MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL SHEET METAL CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION TIERNEY'S CLEANING, PRESSING, REPAIRING "If It Can Be Done, We'II Do It" MEN'S SUITS MADE TO ORDER Free Delivery 1533 5th Ave. Arnold, Pa Phone: ED 5-5861 93 YOUR FAMILY FRESH-UP You I 1 like , Jt... likes 0 r Yau 1510 - 3rd Ave. ED 5-7321 SHOES AND HOSIERY FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY LOUIS' SHOE STORE 1715 Fifth Avenue EDison 7-8151 Arnold, Po Compliments of JOHN C. DONAHER FUNERAL HOME 1369 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa ROBERT'S FU RN ITU RE CO. FURNITURE - APPLIANCES - BEDDING - RUGS 1627 Fifth Ave, Arnold, Pa 94 Compliments of ggi 1aG' COMMUNITY QUALITY SUPER MARKETS cmsoumo ssvmeis Fora Flavorful SHOP a an pie AND Be Bea!! X, SAVE Located at CITY BOTTLING CO ARNOLD and N. BESSEMER 1822 5th Ave. SAM LOMBARDO, Mgr. H COMPLIMENTS OF WEAR - EVER ALUMINUM NEW KENSINGTON PENNSYLVANIA 95 C pl of MANZELLA FUNERAL HOME 1509FfhAvenue A ld P 25 CLEANING SERVICE! 408 89-Sf. NEW KENSINGTON PHONE ED. 7-65OI WM 4 BIG FLooRs OF VALUES YOU SAVE WHEN YOU SHOP AT GRANTS 849 Flf h A N w K P Compliments of GLENN BUICK CO. When Better Automobiles Are Built, Buick Will Build Them 710 Fifth Ave. New Kensington, Pc. Congratulations from W. R. GOTT ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES FURNITURE AND RUGS Fifth Avenue Arnold CENTRAL DRUG STORES "FriendIy Hometown Service" NEW KENSINGTON, PA. 97 Compliments of WARRINGTON'S 5 81 10 Your Friendly Self-Service Variety Store I702-04 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. OPEN EVENINGS JOHNSTON HARDWARE CO. PLUMBING AND HEATING Sales and Service Pittsburgh Plate Glass Paints T034 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa SHEHAB MOTOR SALES INC. 421 Freeport St. NEW KENSINGTON, PA. Congratulations Class of 1955 CONTO'S MARKET Drey Street Arnold, Pa Phone: EDison 5-3904 98 Our Compliments STEVE CIPOLLA COAL and GENERAL HAULING EDWARD M. NEE 306 Murray Ave. Phone: ARNOLD, PA. EDis0n 5-1761 Good Luck to you Arnold Graduates from the SOCIETA' FEMMINILE UMBRIA 99 TABBY'S GLASS SHOP AUTO, PLATE, WINDOW GLASS INSTALLED 1329 Fourth Avenue Phone: EDison 7-3321 Congratulations Class of 1955 TURNER BOOK STORE COMMERCIAL STATIONERS Office Supplies, Stationery, Gifts, Greeting Cards and Engraving 919 Fifth Avenue Phone: EDison 7-6711 Compliments of C l T Y N E W S 1730 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. Magazines - Toys -- Games - Fishing Tackle ROBERT S. RUSIEWICZ FUNERAL HOME ED. 5-2841 Fifth Avenue at Fourteenth Street Arnold, Pa. 100 Leechburg Rd MENZIE DAIRY PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS Your Home Town Dairy Service ED 5 2621 LU No. 302 UNITED STEEL WORKERS OF AMERICA 1049 Fifth Avenue N ew Kensington, Po. Phone ATIcmtic 1 5914 FRANK ELLISHER Distributors For PEDLER CLARINETS MARTIN BAND INSTRUMENTS INDIANA BAND INSTRUMENTS 631 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh 22 PG 101 ARNOLD SUPER CLEANERS WE CLEAN CLOTHES CLEANER AII Work Done In Our Own Plant CARL GENTILE FRANK "Peggy" NELSON Phone: EDison 5-5411 1805 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Po. Congratulations Dealers of DESOTO - PLYMOUTH 1330 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Po. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS and SUPPLIES COOPER BROS. "Music und Art Center" 810 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. Congrotulotions Class of 1955 SOCIETA OPERAIA UMBRIA 1714-16 Third Avenue Arnold, Po. 102 After the Game Follow the Crowd to - - - JACOBS ICE CREAM PARLOR If it's sports we also have it at our store at 410 Ninth Street Formerly Glock's 1701 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. Compliments of JACOBS SPORTING GOODS STORE 410 Ninth Street New Kensington, Pa. THE KEYSTONE DAIRY CO. QUALITY PRODUCTS Dairy Store EDison 7-3568 329 Sixth Avenue MOntrose 1-3020 Compliments of JOHN FEDAN 81 CO. 1712-16 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES - HARDWARE - FURNITURE 103 We BUY ond SELL USED CARS JEROME MOTOR COMPANY OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC SAFETY TESTED USED CARS Corner of Fourth Ave. and Eighth Street Phone: EDison 7-4563 New Kensington, Po Congratulations Seniors SONS OF COLUMBUS COUNCIL NO. 47 1620 Fourth Ave. Arnold, Penncx KEN KAMERA Top Quality Photo Supplies ond Equipment IO35 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Po CONGRATULATIONS BEARER ELECTRIC 8m SUPPLY CO. NEW KENSINGTON, PA. 104 Soy It With Flowers REO'S FLOWER SHOP Everything in Flowers 1607 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pc: Phone: EDison 7-6461 When You Think Of Insurance Think Of JOHN W. HUNGER AND DONALD H. HUNGER "Your Friends And Neighbors" KELLER ELECTRIC COMPANY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR AND DEALER x ir Fifth Avenue at Eighth Street Phone: EDison 7-3597 New Kensington, Pc. BLOSER'S Official Jewelers To Arnold High School 960 FOURTH AVENUE NEW KENSINGTON PENNSYLVANIA 'IO5 VALOS HOUSE OF CANDY Distinctive HOME MADE Candy ED. 5-5281 ARNOLD, PA. 1718 Fifth Ave. Compliments of SINGER SEWING MACHINE COMPANY 949 - 5th Ave. New Kensington, Pcu. Compliments of TONY'S BAR AND GRILL 510 McCandless St. Arnold, Pa. GORDON'S W H O L E S A L E Drugs - Notions - Candies - School Supplies - Cigars - Hosiery Cigarettes - General Merchandise - Tobaccos 1521 Woodmont Avenue Phone: ED. 5-6911 106 AR-KEN PLUMBING 81 HOME SUPPLY PLUMBING, PAINT 81 HARDWARE NO JOB TOO BIG - NO JOB TOO SMALL I606FfhA ARNOLD P ED 7 4311 DIQI: EDlson 7-348 LARRY MUDD'S TV and APPLIANCES Hollicrczffers Quality 1700 Ff I1 A A Id P Compliments of THE ARNOLD DRUG STORE I707 Ffh Avenue A Id P Ph ED 7 6508 C grcitulotions Class of 55 F I S C U S REAL ESTATE Sm INSURANCE AGENCY I6I4 FIFTH AVE. ARNOLD, PA . . . for style Silverman lf . . . for quality The Fashion First Store . . . tor service Famous Fashions for Juniors Misses Women Children Shop Our Big Downstai at the Right Prices rs Store For Shoe Bargains MILLER BROS. SHOE STORE New K 908 FIFTH AVENUE ensington's Largest Shoe Store The Store of Fashions Compliments of AL'S TELEVISION RADIO 81 APPLIANCE 1706 Fifth Ave. RCA Dumont - Admiral - Stromloerg Carlson EDison 5-1961 Arnold, Pa. T08 Congratulations Class of '55 ' NOVOTNY AUTO BODY Phone: EDison 5-2451 24-Hour Towing GEORGE ELIAS IKE MILLER JIM ELIAS ED. 7-6178 ED. 5-6424 ED. 5-6125 McMILLEN - SPEER COMPANY Age Craft Aluminum Awnings Keystone Aluminum Windows - Doors Season-All Casement Windows - Doors 1720 5th Ave. ARNOLD, PA. EDison 5-1751 Your neighbor bought from us, why don't you? Congratulations - Seniors GAETANO PILATI FRATERNAL AID Club No. 176 of Columbian Federation 1435 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. NAMEY BROTHERS HOME DAIRY DISTRIBUTOR DAIRY VENDING MACHINES We Make Home Made Ice Cream 1001 2nd Avenue New Kensington, Pa. EDison 7-4581 109 Compliments of NORTH STREET SERVICE STATION ARNOLD PENNA "See Us First ond Save" McKEAN'S HARDWARE NEW KENSINGTON, PA. ED. 5-1411 404 - 9th St. Compliments of LORANT'S TAVERN "CHICKEN IN THE RUFF" 1902 Leishmon Ave. Arnold, Po. H. A. KLINGENSMITH 81 SONS "If it's HARDWARE we have it" APPLIANCES - PAINTS - SPORTING GOODS 912 Fifth Ave. New Kensington, Pci. Dial: EDison 7-4541 110 Comp im n s I, .QQ !-X COCA-COLA 'QN X Q I e 1 I of X mn A I Q . NQSA xxmvigx 'x W x CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF 'I955 :V J, yr-, ,,,"-1... ,. fi-,N-.cj 2' 35 ,1 ' fm M- - H- , .-x..:rI. If-'L P- L fi' A 211- 9 :E L Q h r N 12-yn 4 - - 'Q gifs- ILiu'!qIIIIIIInII,4' JEEP L ARNOLD VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT MAY THE MEMBERS OF ARNOID HIGH SCHOOLS 1955 GRADUATING CLASS BE REMEMBERED AS CONTRIBUTING LASTING CREDIT TO THEIR SCHOOL THEIR COMMUNITY AND THEIR COUNTRY ASSOCIATION OF ALUMINUM SALARIED EMPLOYEES Affiliated with the NATIONAL FEDERATION OF SALARIED UNIONS C A Burtord President H. A. Hoover Ist Vice President R F Frabotta Secy Treasurer C. W. Ross .. 2nd Vice President EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Harry R. McArdIe Charles F Heister Charles D. Myers Vincent Sacamano Andrew Tymoczko John E. May William Kotelec James A. Cullerton 112 UNITED GLASS AND CERAMIC WORKERS OF NORTH AMERICA CIO-CCL ARNOLD LOCAL NO. I7 EXECUTIVE BOARD Frank E Lemon Jr President Harry A. Yobp Secretary Treasurer James T Lemon Vice President William W. Johnston Trustee Rex Beveridge Chairman Howard C. Bender Trustee Joseph Resklewlcz Vice Chairman Joseph S. Zalenskx Trustee Leonard E Bird Recording Secretary Joseph Tuslng Inner Guard Congratulations Class of 1955 FORWARD AMERICA LODGE 127 ITALIAN SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF AMERICA A, ..,, ARNOLD PENNSYLVANIA A R N 0 L D TYPEWRITER 81. SUPPLY CO. s A L E s :H A WA qwv I EE: 'V-. s E R v L c E A Li ED'S0n 5 6250 L fi I - Aff 37 ARNOLD PENNA I is .L.. gi "At xv, Compliments ALLEGHENY VALLEY INDUSTRIAL UNION COUNCIL NEW KENSINGTON, PA. PRAHA CAFE GOOD FOOD OF ALL KINDS 'I72426FfhA A Id P ARNOLD BUILDER'S SUPPLY Hardware 81 Paints Plumbing 8g Heating Steel S I1 81 GI OH' 81 Y d-2032 KIMB LL AVENUE Ph ED 7 6536 Compliments of TRIANGLE ENGINEERING 8m STAMPING COMPANY 600 Second Avenue New Kensington, Pa. BEST WISHES from THE CITY OF ARNOLD Mayor ....,,..,..,.,................, ,...,...,..,..,...........,,...,.,...,.......,.,,..............A.. Director Accounts 8. Finances ,..,.....,... ,....... M. F. Horne Alfred Colaianni Director Streets 8K Public Improvements ........ John C. Minnick Director Parks 8k Public Property ....... ,......,.. F rank Gigler Director Public Safety .,,........,.,., ......, Louis Bruncsak City Clerk ....,. City Solicitor City Controller Tom Tannas Andrew S. Romito ....... Theodore Cappone City Engineer ,, ....,.,....,,., P. J. Mallck Chief of Police George Seigart A PROGRESSIVE CITY OF PROGRESSIVE PEOPLE. 'II5 PATRONS Dr. F. A. Viggiano Dr. L. C. Ceraso DeMao's Inn Attorney P. Louis De Rose Dr. D. A. Marini G. C. Murphy 81 Company New Kensington Art Memorial Attorney Andrew A. Romito Dr. E. J. Stevens Dr. H. W. Thomas George Altmeyer Bob Miller's Shoes CampbeII's Grill T. Cappone Oscar Collodi Falsetti's Perr Bros. PugIisi's Market Sam's Fruit Market Fuzzy Simon Tallarico Shoe Repair Vic's Shoe Repair Zinamon's Jeweler Bellomo's Market Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Bongi's Market Di Fonzo's Market Gatto's Shoe Repair Guzzi's Shoe Repair Eddie Joe Huduch's Hat Cleaning lozzi's Market Pearl Kabacinski Helen Kido Bianco Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Lisciarelll Nicastro's Market Mr. and Mrs. Patsy Rich Sam's Tavern Sarniak's Market Weisz Shoe Repair FAMOUS FOR ITALIAN TOMATO PIE Only Kind in the Valley P. 8m M. PIZZERIA LEFTY AND MooNEY, Props. EDison 9-9177 Arnold P0 IDEAL CLEANING CO. BOOSTING CLASS OF '55 ,Mi W v J 'w fix 'fini WJ ff W W 'JIS I KV an m y 1 gm X 4' 513 I X' if 'X mx X f 1 f M' li 1 xy X TA ff ' f , s L f L sl F , V? Az,

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Arnold High School - Arlion Yearbook (Arnold, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Arnold High School - Arlion Yearbook (Arnold, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Arnold High School - Arlion Yearbook (Arnold, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Arnold High School - Arlion Yearbook (Arnold, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Arnold High School - Arlion Yearbook (Arnold, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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