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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1954 volume:

wi, , ' - ,. ' , W A I 1 ,. toll -B' k OQXSQQM vmijxgdeydy Ao -ff,5fff'L UW WHS M W 3 ,,,,xuWW,vff' 9 wwf Wy if 3 X04 gif 1 ' r. iiixgk wwf ,W , k Ev ja W Q , , Y-O .11 y 1 . , . .yy .. ' ""-N s ? V 1 if f 'Q' K A rlll V' l 'Q S' , V, " GQ Q, ' -f ' '."' Q Ay, . iv I 1 I I ' V x , - .4 .nrtl K - , , - v V A , . ' Q x ' A A ' A A Y ff . D Q ., 'Qi if f 1 '-,- i - 5 A ' 1 4 .1. - if 4 , ' Q 1 ff., 1. ' ' w msd: at A. x 1-W .isa v " ' , ' vw, -4 . P '- , ' ,f , -- fy 12,01-, - sr Sffrfi - Hi: 4. ya, Q :a-9',i'- if-...'3f:'fQf - 5" " " 'H ff -' , ' A 1' ff,:f,.f' ' . 1f:Q.iQ,:L:.f: 'f ' V '4 zgiiffliif 1 HI "' , '- ' , - ' Y ui.. It ,.. -1,151-44 ,gi ,A ,J-5. , ., --,Y 1 -25,--v I , - . ,,f,:5- . ' '. 'j '--, , ' , . ..':v.: ... -J., f 1' -r -2.1 ' ,- Q ' - ' ' Q - fury' '.""1-: , Kizkd ' -WI 'mi-f. ?Sg1c'.'i2!:,,1. A' V -'1' . 4' ""' ' - 4, .h , Q W fi 'W ,A . ,E ,BMI g V av ' i ,xl . WW ii , I' j ,. y D kjiyi 'K -:wal ,TWM WWW? W, , . 6, ri 1 NK 'b7ffZfjf'i My jj nJ ' '24 M21 iff 1 Q :EGF , .. is ig z :QE : rr' '. K: L 'Q ' V - ' - - F3 5' Elia rgxpg h g--.,4-,L ,.-A - ,, 4,.,-, -4-wzaw. . Y '-1 . f rf ' V f - ,f, f QL, 1-"msn :' 9' . , M- 1' '?'1-- -Q .x w ...JLHJ .1-AA. ' 14 " " -mt! 'Y ' J 1 1 1 Mlf Q f14, w2J ' 63700-yn lOl 'Y59 The l954 HRLIDN Arnold High School . . . Arnold, Pennsylvania The 1954 ARLIUN Published by fhe sfudenfs of ARNOLD HIGH 2 Pennsylvania ACKNKJXVLEDCEMENTS Cnlrw Sturlirms' New Kc'n.s-ington Daily Dispafclx TIlI'L'7lf1ll71 Valley Daily News Capitol En,L:ruuing Cfmzpuny Kurlz I-Irvs. 1 This is ours fo hold and fo fruly relish The embossed covers of this book house an important chapter in the story of Arnold High. Here is found a pictorial record of all the color- ful events of the year 1953-54. Participating in these events, students and teachers at Work and play smile out from the following pages. These are the people who have dreamed, planned, and toiled together, each doing his part to make the past year a successful one. Group pictures of the members of each acti- vity. in any of which every student may claim membership, give some idea of the social life of the students at Arnold. In this review is also given an accurate account of all the athletic contests of the year. VVe sincerely hope that in the contents of this book you may Hnd many pleasurable mo- ments recalled to life. Truly, in every aspect, this volume is a treasure of memories meant to live forever. TENTS ffgx 9 gun-W. -4.-..... WW , 1 li! an 1-is ,gy . , 41' u Page by page, we unfold the inferesfing evenfs of fhe pasf A lllilllllC"S rvst. ,M thu Sillllld of ilu- chi 6 f 9' L..! v-fix "Q 'X Lam X011 1'va1cI1 It Cill'lllL'll4 N C'mon boys, lct's go! Between Halves! Our future alumni will be like thistles cast to the wind. Some will venture into college finding a happy and prosperous road to success. Some will enter our forces visiting many strange lands. Others will Work in our many factolies helping to turn the Wheels of progress. Some will become our businessmen While still others Will begin a long contented married life. Al- though they will be scattered in many directions, all will be seeking the path which leads to suc- cess and happiness. Www X .f ,- X as W MN 73 iff I xx Fla 'L , -M W -- iifw , ,D W ,MM E , .fl , yy' ,uf . M x J M Q5 W, A W, 'xl ,X . 1 ,, 'R , ' VW 2' an Q . Q Y ,K 5 ., ,:eE1if5g-bw-E 51 M ' k fa .K K an 1 H 5 ...L, 1 ,. ,SM-irigslfi V W' .4 E . 1 W H Q y Q 'J j E ' M" ,. ' -2-mf K, fl' A Q . mfr. W V Sh., ,, .q,EK,:,'.U wp K Q A ew X ,Q Y be QQ, Va-,. . QM, 451 Q ffm Qiwgsf- ma ,, LM f - ,Q 5, 1, + ?fKf'-A,?F-H 5 LL ',"'1f54s. BOOK ONE These people have filled lwelve chapfers of our life wifll knowledge and memories J BOARD DI' EDUCATION A. Bianco D. Flocker ll. Hollick E. Humeniuk F. Mawr N. Pallouc H. Tierney G. Vairo A. lioniito President ....... Vice President Secretary ....... Treasurer Solicitor ...... 'ICERS Holliclc D. Flocker C. V airo F. Meyer A. Romito fp 2 f f ft fd Behind the scenes in every organization, there are those Who are unsung and unheard. The board of education is just such a group. The civic-minded gentlemen of which it is comprised well realize that in knowledge there is power. To further the educa- tional benefits of the students enrolled at Arnold High School is one of their main interests. The board guides the students with a patience, Wisdom, and judgment that can only come from hours of careful considera- tion. To them falls the task of putting together many working parts into a well-organized machine. Essen- tially, they are to Olll' school as the mechanism is to a fine Watch. It is they who put into the hands of our supervisors the implements to mold us into our future selves. We, the graduating class of Arnold High School wish to express our deep appreciation to the board of education for their helpfulness in making our school one of which We can truly he proud. 10 H. D. BERKEY Indiana State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh Graduates of 1954: For twelve years you have been laying the educational foundation of your life. It is hoped that you have studied much, learned well and developed certain essential skills. You should have mastered some of the principles of worthy living and democratic citizenship. Your graduation is not in celebration of the completion of vour high school daysg rather, it should be the beginning of a new era for you. A dynamic life looks forward, not backward. There are many doors which will lead you to a life worthy of commendation. The knob on each of these doors is on your side-you must do the opening. As you move forward to ever new and widen- ing horizons, I challenge you to 'Kmake this world a bit better and more beautiful because you have lived in itf' TID SUPERINTENDENT We . ll. Il. SINGER Carnegie lll.S'fffIlI'L' of Technology llllllnlllil ll Ui. 1. PALLONE fludiunu Slate Tezlcliers College University of Pitts-I1 'gli University of Pittsburgh A, Pffllll-S'yIUlIlliU State uiucrsily f"xw If f W, . Your cornmcncement marks the end of one I gratulations upon the completion ot this phase of your voyage through life. You are X undoubtedly eager to peer ahead, but no one can see clearly enough. or far enough, or wisely enough to discern the future. Chart your course safely! He not shipwrecked on the shoals of treacher- ous shores by false beacon-lights or by wily pilots whose only ambition is to gain by your loss. but set your compass to the proven ports. Seek those harbors which in brief moments of history have given men, nations, and the world. peace and prosperity. These harbors are Truth, and Honor, and Freedom, and Good- will to all the wide. wide world. My "bon voyagew wish to you is that through you and the rest of your generation. the world may be charted anew to prosperity and peace. 12 'nl rtant phase ottjyour education! Your parents and teachers have heretofore guided most of your thinking and planning and have directed most of your activities. But when you leave Arnold High School with your diploma in your hand and a smile on your face, you will face a different world. You will be more on your own, and will do much more of your own thinking and planning, and you will have to abide by the results. As you make plans, resolve to carry them out so that you may reap the beneiits and rewards that go along with success. You can be whatever you want to be if you will work at it intelligently and long enough and hard enough. f' YA' -ff" 5 5 FACULTY E. F. Burnsclmc-us-r V. A. Bushnvll J. Clark C. bl. Cjillllilllllli D. l?l'I'l'ilIltl' A. f:1ll'CH2l Spliffing fhe lnfinifive rj J M. O. Culdwn-Il L, ,pf M. E. Cipollu R. E. Cfibbs 6 V' J. 1. Dvd.. W. llajcl 6' M. Klein F. Y in NE WJ EDWARD F. RORNSCIIEUER University of Pill-S'lIllI'gl1 Auto Mechanics MARY ELLEN CIPOLLA VVe.vfnzin.s-fer College Uniuersity of Piltslmrgll English RUTII E. CRIBBS Indiana Slate Tea1'l1er.s' College Business Eclucation ALBERT CARELLA California State Teaeliers College Nlatln-niaties, Science They VIRGINIA A. BUSHNELL Pennsylvania College for lVomen Latin, -Iournalisin, Public Speaking LIEAN CLARK Inrliana Stafe T1'lll'l1CfS College English -IOSEPII 1. DEDA I7niuer.s-ity of Pittslmrglz Social Studies XVILLIAM IIAAIEL Eflinlzoro State Teaeliers College Matheniatics MARGARET O. CALDXVELI Crolze Cily College English CLARA 'IO COLAIANNI Indiana Sfafe TU1ll'l1Cl'.S' College llllsiness Flclueation DOROTHY FERRANTE Seton Hill College Music NIILTON KLEIN Duquexne University Social Studies open fhe door fo our adulf life 15 1 H I I .IOSISPIIINE LECNAR I A1l.S'l'l'l1'UIYllIl College English FRANK MARTIN St. Vinrenl College Son-iul Studies -IRAN L. MICNK Imlionrl Slate Tr'uc'l1el'.x' College A rt LEONARD I". l'AI,E'I"l'A Duquexm' Unirensily Social Studies ANNA LISTVVAK Carnegie Institute of Teelznology llomv Economies LAXVRENCE F. Mn-CUIRE Carnegie Institufsf of Technology Unizzersity of PlllSlIlll',Ql1 Related vouxtiomxl Sllbjl'L'tS MARGARET M. MORRISON Grove City College Business Education FRANK PALLONE Sl. Frrmeis' College Perlraxylurlniu State Univervvity Business Eclucntion PETER MARINELLI Crllifornizl Stale Te1lelzr'r.s' Collr IllClllStl'i2ll Arts GEORGE C. Mr,-LAUCI ILIN Vvlllflll'-S'lIllI'gf College lllIll7l'f.S'll!f of l'iIlslmrgl1 Seic-nes' ALBERT C. MOSES Duque.s-ne University Music MARIO L. PERETTI u'lff!'IllIl'I'gf College University of Piffslmrglu Seiellec' Guides of our fhoughfs and adions 16 FACULTY ll I ll Hows fhis for an idea? l I. Lccnar A. Listwak P. Murinclli F. Martin L. F. McGuire G. C. McLaughlin L. Monk M. M. Morrison A. G. Moses L. F. Pnletta F. Pullonc M. L. Peretti A! rj' A122 ff' FACULTY FRANCES TANNAS, R.N. Nursing .vclmol Mnrtiifs Ferry, Ohio School Nurse- gd fm ii rf QL 15. "L, K . 960 xgs ' ,H T9 3- O Phillips N. lic-nd NV. M. Snkaluk ll. Schilnpf R. A. Sipcs 'Ilunms N. NI. Tc-rlinski L. Ventura N. A. Ventura 1. FI. NVallis S. XVvlsh I.. C. Cvrnsu Stevens H. Nvvins Stvpnno 18 OLIVER I. PHILLIPS University of Chattanooga Health, Physical Education HENRY SCHIMPF U nivensi ty of 5 Pittsburgh Machine Shop ROBERT M. TERLINSKI Indiana State -:Teachers College University of Pitlslaurgli Social Studies INEZ E. VVALLIS Pennsylvania College for Women University of Pittsburgh E glish, gstcw I DR. E. Al. STEVENS University of Pittsburgh School Dentist They are th Future "Angels of Mc-rcyi' NANCY REND Inlliana State Teachers College Mathematics, English RUTH A. SIPES Slippery Rock State Teachers College Mathematics LOU ISE VE NTURA Carnegirglnstitute of Technology Home Economics PATRICIA S. WELSH Michigan State College Health, Physical Education ROSE NEVINS junior High School Secretary e formula for a satisfying 19 XVALTER M. SA KALUK Indiana State Teachers College Driver Education ALEX TANNAS Mercer University Social Studies NICHOLAS VENTURA Carnegie Institute of Technology Duquesne University lXIil1fl16111i1tlCS, Related Vocational Subjects DR. L. C. CERASO Bucknell Univensity Temple University School Physician AIEAN STEPANO Senior Iligh School Secretary education. President ....... Vice President Secretary ........ Treasurer ..... Advisors .,..... OFFICERS .. ........,.................... Cuercione R. Scherer Repine R. Petri Mr. G. McLaughlin Miss M. Caldwell The months and years have rolled swiftly by and that all-important date, commencement, has arrived for one hundred fourteen young men and Women. Despite the gaiety of the occasion we are constantly reminded that there is something nostalgic about the whole thing and probably, if each senior were to be abso- lutely honest, he Would admit to acting a senti- mental part. ln our senior year we presented the drama, "Magnificent Obsessionf, which was liked by all. The "Harvest Moon Balll' proved to be one of our best dances. At the last formal gathering as a class We enjoyed the senior banquet im- mensely. As we reminisce, We are reminded that We are about to leave old friends, classmates and teachers-whose friendship We have cause to value. Speaking for all seniors, may we express the Wish that each one can go out into the world and take his place free from prejudice-free to co-operate with all people in an effort to make the world a more peaceful, harmonious, and gracious place in which to live. Cuercione, R. Petri Caldwell. A Seated: R. Scherer, Repinz Stanzling: Mr. McLaughlin Miss THE 1954 SIINIORS D. Antonucci XI. Arabia C. Bcrczck L. Bcrkobcn DOLOHES ANTONUCCI Commercial "Doll,' Poppy chccrlcadcr . . . Quict . . . Lilccs to scw . . . Onc of our tallcr girls. l.C.C., S.O.S., Chccrlcadcr, Prom Committcc, N. II. S. BETTY HIANE BAIBD Acadcniic HB. ff, Quict . . . Ncat drcsscr . . . Ambition is to bc a child psychologist . . . Hobby is rcading. Tri-Ili-Y, -lr. Hcd Cross, Broadcastcr, S.0.S., lr. Historians, Choir. CARL T. BERCZEK Acadmnic uC11rl,, Cars arc his hobby . . . Futurc cnginccr . . . Easy going. Chcf Club. Kcy Club, and Sr. Play Commit- tccs, Sr. Play Cast, Soph. and lr. Dancc Coznmittcc, Prom Comniittcc. PATHIC IA LOUISE BERKOBEN Acazlcmic "Pall, Fricndly . . . Scldom hcard . . . Enjoys swim- ming and hiking . . . Ilopcs to makc a good nursc. Broadcastcr, Typing Club. B. Baird C. Bcllavia P. Bcrkobcn F. Bonincontro MINNIE ARABIA Crmzmvrciul "Minnic,' Nicc things comc in small packagcs . . . Always busy . . . Hobby is dancing. Tri-Hi-Y, 1.C.C., Broadcastcr, S.O.S., Play Committcc, Soph. and Jr. Dancc Committee, Prom Committec. CARMEN D. BELLAVIA Al'flfICl7liC UCKITIIIU Dark-haircd lad . . . Ono of our outstanding artists . . . Swcll scnsc of humor. Arlion, Chef Club, Historians, Choir, Soph. Dancc Connnittcc. LOHETTA 'HELEN BERKOBEN Comnzercial "Lean Quict . . . VVritos Arnold Hi-litcs . . . Smile for cvcrvonc . . . XVants to bc a good Sccrctary. Tri-Hi-Y, S.O.S., .l.C.C., jr. Dancc Cmmnittcc, Sr. Play Cast, Broadcaster, Prom Committcc. FRANK BUNINCONTRO l70L'llfI0lltlI "B0no,' Always smiling . . . Onc of our shop boys . . . Quict . . . Swell dancer. Studcnt Council. THE 1954 SIINIOIIS Firsf we meef, fhen we parf, fhafs 5: . VI, K, lima-1' Xl. li. limgliw T. CTQIIIIPIBUH H. Y. Cupmuli Cf. ff. f:1lSlUl'iIl.l Xl. Clliliu C. Cjiklllblltfi N. l'. Cignvtti li. IU. ffilmllgl Xl. cTUSl1llIZ1l cifl'llll'I'Cl2l H. Xl. If-X1'gn'l1 Xl. I.. UalYiS li, IJl'Hl2lhiU li.lJ1-Ifuxiu L, DvXl:m 22 the sorrow of fhe graduafe's hearf. "Now what do I do?v jANE KATHLEEN BOYER Commercial "Kllyv A smile for everybody . . . Wants to be a writer . . . Likes to dance . . . Amiable. Tri-Hi-Y, j.C.C., S.O.S., Prom Committee, jr. and Sr. Dance Committee, Sr. Play Committee. THOMAS M. CAMPBELL Academic HTOHID Tennis enthusiast . . . Likes to dance . . . En- tertaining . . . Curly hair. Choir, Band, Orchestra, Tennis, jr. Play Cast, Key Club, jr. Dance Committee. CONSTANCE C. CASTORINA Commercial "Connie" Cheerleader . . . Always talking . . . Smile for everyone . . . Nice personality. Tri-Hi-Y. j.C.C., Cheerleader, S.O.S., jr. Dance Committee, Prom Committee. CENEVIEVE CIANCUTTI Academic "Gingcr', Nice personality . . . Hobby is eating . . . Al- ways in the middle of things . . . VVants to lead a happy life. jr. Red Cross, Tri-Hi-Y, Broadcaster, jr. Play Cast, Dramatics, jr. Historians, Prom Committee, S. O.S. RONALD D. CIPOLLA Academic "Chip" Future lawyer . . . One of our taller boys . . . Neat dresser . . . Enjoys a good argument. Arlion, jr. Historians, Chef Club, jr. and Sr. Play Cast, jr. and Sr. Dance Committee, Prom Com- mittee, Choir, N.H.S. IOSEPH J. CZEMERDA Academic "joel, Bough football player . . . Likes to eat . . . Quiet . . . Future machinist. Football. M ILDBED LOU ISE DAVIS Commercial "Mil,' Nice things come in small packages . . . Likes to dance . . . Future secretary . . . Friendly. Tri-Hi-Y, j.C.C., S.O.S., F.ll.A. jOSEPHINE R. DEFAZIO Commercial "lov Likes jazzy music . . . Talkative . . . Short . . . Plans to be a secretary. Tri-Hi-Y, j.C.C., jr. Historians, jr. and Sr. Dance Committee, Home Nursing, jr. and Sr. Play Committee. 23 MARY RITA BBACLIO Academic "MerlJo" Enjoys swimming and dancing . . . Short dark hair . . . Plans to enter college. Tri-Hi-Y, Broadcaster, S.O.S., jr. Play Cast, Dramatic Club, jr. Class Secretary, Soph. and jr. Dance Committee, Latin Club, N.II.S. RONALD V. CAPORALI Academic "C ap" Quiet . . . Future lies in engineering . . . Indus- trious . . . Easy going . . . Friendly. Prom Committee, Football, Key Club, Chef Club, N.H.S. jOSEPH MARIO CHILIA Vocational "Cliiclc', Seen but not heard . . . One of the shop boys . . A smile for everyone . . . Future mechanic. NICOLAS PETER CIGNETTI Academic "Nick,' Arliou Editor . . . Hails from Stewart . . . Tall and lanky . . . Friendly to all . . . Student Council President. Arlion, Student Council, jr. and Sr. Dance Committee, Prom Committee, Basketball, N.H.S. MARIE COSTANZA Commercial "Sl1ortyv Talkative . . . Likes to swim and dance . . . One of our shorter girls. Tri-Hi-Y, jr. Red Cross, S.O.S., jr. Dance Com- mittee. ROSE MARIE D,ARCENZIO Commercial "Hou . Peppy cheerleader . . . Nice smile . . . VVants to be a secretary . . . One of our taller girls. Cheerleader, Tri-Hi-Y, j.C.C., Broadcaster, S.O.S. ROCHELLE DEBLASIO Commercial "Ro" Ilobby is dancing . . . Cute . . . A "Ili" for everyone . . . Centennial Queen. Tri-Hi-Y, jr. Red Cross, j.C.C., Soph. and jr. Dance Committee, Prom Committee, S.O.S. LORETTA DEMAO Academic "LorettaU Future nurse . . . Likes to dance . . . Stewart exchange . . . Ardent sport fan. Tri-Hi-Y, S.O.S., jr. Play Cast, jr. Historians, Prom Committee, jr. Dance Committee. fiff- 1 ij fish. l ROBERT E. DEVALERIA True friends are like Touch-up between acts RICHARD L. DOWHOVVER Academic "Dahl, Academic "Dick" Good man on the stage . . . Plans to enter col- Ambitious . . . Plans to enter the ministry . . . lege . , , Swell dancer . . , NVonderful personality. Nice smile . . . Likes sports and popular nmsic. Key Club, Choir, Baseball, jr. and Sr, Play Latin Club, Dramatic Club, Key Club, Choir, Cast, Prom Committee, Sopli. Class President, N.H.S. PATRICIA ANN ECHON Commercial "Pain Small and dainty . . . Likes to swim . . . En- gaging smile . . . Future secretary. Tri-Hi-Y, j.C.C., F.H.A., S.O.S. ROY E. FLEMM Academic "Ref" Dark hair and brown eyes . . . Good-natured . . . . Talkative . . . Ready grin . . . Nice personality. Key Club, Baseball, Prom Committee. BARBARA ANN CIGLER Commercial 'KGig" Business manager of Arlion . . . Peppy lead ma- jorette . , . Friendly . . . Talkative , . . Nice Smile. Arlion, Majorettes, Tri-Hi-Y, S.O.S., j.C.C., Ir. Play Cast, Sopli., jr., Sr. Dance Committee. RICHARD L. GUIDA Vocational "Rich" Enjovs bowlinf Friendlv Ru fed Vo- . . 5 - - - . - - - gb cational . . . Happy-go-lucky. SUZANNE HESS Commercial "Sue" Tall lass . , . One of the majorette leads . . . Aim is to be a housewife . . . Friendlv. Majorettes, Prom Committee. I CLADYS JEAN HOPE Commercial "Gladys', Always smiling . . . Full of pep . . . Sociable and active . . . Cheerful . . . Tri-Hi-Y, j.C.C., S.O.S. DOROTHY ANN IVY Commercial "Dot" Quiet lass . . . Friendly smile . . . Enjoys skating . . . Plans to be a good secretary. Tri-Hi-Y, S.O.S., J.C.C. jr. and Sr. Play Cast, Prom Committee, jr. Dance Committee. N.H.S. ARTENZO LOUIS FALSETTI Commercial "Aff, Prankster . . . Enjoys sports . . . Neat dresser . . Smooth dancer . . . Hello for everyone. Basketball, Baseball. ROBERT C. CETZ Commercial "Bob" Football center . . . Happy-go-lucky . . . Catch- ing smile . . . Well built . . . Future Marine. Football. jOHN A. GUERCIONE Academic "Gerslf' Smile for everyone . . . Can always be seen in a Buick . . . Enjoys dancing and sleeping. Key Club, Football, Sr. and Jr. Class President, Basketball, N.H.S. FREDERICK LEE HANYO Vocational "Hanyo', Short, nice looking . . . Enjoys dancing . . . Plans to join the service . . . Works with ears. jANET M. HOLLAND Commercial "Ian" Enjoys dancing . . . Always seen with Kay . . . Reserved . . . Nice smile. Tri-Hi-Y, jr. Red Cross, jr. Historians, Choir. DONALD N. ISAAC Academic "Zeke" Quite a wisecracker . . . Liked by everyone . . . Good leader . . . Enjoys playing tennis. Arlion, Latin Club, Student Council, jr. His- torians, Tennis, Jr. and Sr. Dance Committee, jr. Play Cast, N. H. S. DONNA ELAINE JOHNSTON Commercial "Damian Reserved type . . . Tickles the ivories . . . Toils at the Dattola . . . Wants to become a good secretary. Tri-Hi-Y, j.C.C., S.O.S. 24 THE 1954 diamonds, precious buf rare. SENIOBS li. li. lj!'xvl1lI'l'iLl li. L. Dowlnmm' l'. A. liclnm A. l,. l'11lISl'Hi li, li. l'1l4'llIIll ll. C, Cl:-If B. A-X, Ciglvl' JK. c:ll4'l'4'iOIll' li. L. Guida I". L. Hllllyll S. Ilvss Xl. llulliulcl Cl. llupm- U, X. Isuzu' D, A. Ivy D. IC. -IOIIIISUJII qi Tl-Ill 1954 SENIORS and silver ships, Q There are golden W QT y r 'F' Xl. IC. .IUIIIISUIII li. li. K2l5ilY2lQl' I", K4-llvy li. L, Kilgurn- ll. I.. KI.-ms I. D. Klllllilllilb C. A. Kopinski Kl'IlLlC'ik Cf. IC. Kunllivki .-X. I.. llilllili Xl. Lklllfllllllli C, A. Impusky D. X. Lipul Nl. l,uc.1s 17. lf. Llldwivxuk X. Xlulmflnvx 26 bu the besf ship is "Friendship." Itls a womanls world! MARY ELLEN IOHNSTON Commercial "Mary Ellen" Cute and slender . . . High stepping majorette . . . Quiet and friendly . . . Music is her hobby. Tri-Hi-Y, Majorettes, Sr. Dance Committee, Prom Committee. FAY IOANN KELLEY Commercial "Fay,' Lots of fun . . . A good supporter of the team . . . Hails from Stewart . . . Enjoys skating and swimming. Tri-Hi-Y, j.C.C., Broadcaster, S.O.S., jr. His- torians, jr. Dance Committee. PATRICIA L. KLEMS Commercial "Pat', Soft spoken . . . Lots of fun . . . Always in a good humor . . . Aims to be a good secretary. Tri-Hi-Y, j.C.C., S.O.S., Soph. and jr. Dance Committee, jr. and Sr. Play Committee, Prom Com- mittee. CHARLENE ANN KOPINSKI Commercial "Char" Friendly to all . . . Blushes easily . . . Mar- riage is her aim . . . Likeable. Tri-Hi-Y, j.C.C., jr. Red Cross, S.O.S., jr. and Sr. Play Committee, Prom Committee. CHARLES E. KUZNICKI Commercial "Kaz" One of our tall seniors . . . Basketball player . . . A swell kid . . . Friendly to all. Printing Club, Basketball, Ir. Play Cast, jr. Dance Committee. MARLENE LANFALONI Commercial "Mar" Great sense of humor . . . Giggles all day long . . . Snappy majorette . . . Marriage is her aim. Tri-Hi-Y, j.C.C., Majorettes, F.H.A., jr. Red Cross, Prom Committee. DOROTHY ANN LIPUT Academic "Lip,' Friendly . . . Lots of pep . . . Good ball player . . . Never has much to say. S.O.S., jr., Sr., Dance Committee, Prom Com- mittee. DONALD F. LUDXVICZAK 1. . ff 1, Academic Lux Fedan's super delivery boy .. . Terrific person- ality . . . A real swell kid . . . Likes to examine cars. Chef Club, Key Club, Prom Committee. RITA ROBERTA KASAVAGE Commercial "Rita" Always blushing . . . Very neat . . . Enjoys a good time . . . Plans to work in an office. Tri-Hi-Y, j.C.C., F.H.A., Choir, Prom Com- mittee. RICHARD LEE KILGORE Commercial "Rican A smile for everyone . . . Good dancer . . . Full of fun . . . Wants to be a disc jockey. Chef Club, jr. Historians, Prom Committee, Soph. Dance Committee. IRENE D. KOM INKO Commercial "IU Always smiling . . . Dancer deluxe . . . Has the Way to Tarentum all mapped out. Tri-Hi-Y, j.C.C., S.O.S., Jr. Class Play, jr. Dance Committee, Prom Committee. JOHN KRNACIK Academic "Yank" Well built . . . Intelligent . . . Friendly . . . Almost a perfectionist . . . Plans to enter college. Chef Club, Key Club, Football, Sr. Play Cast, jr. and Sr. Dance Committee, Prom Committee, N.H.S. AMELIA LORRAINE LANDI General "Amy" Enjoys dancing . . . Has a smile for everyone . . . Gets all fouled up in chemistry . . . Tri-Hi-Y, F.H.A., S.O.S., Choir, Prom Commit- tee. CHARLES A. LEPUSKY Academic "Chuck" Musically inclined . . . Pleasant . . . Loyal sup- porter of the band . . . Cute smile. Choir, Band, Orchestra, jr. and Sr. Play Cast, Prom Committee. MARTHA JEAN LUCAS Commercial "Martli ' Reserved . . . Very pleasant . . . Speedy typist . . . Will make a good secretary. jr. Red Cross, Band, Orchestra, jr. and Sr. Play Committee. NANCY IANE MAHAFFEY Academic "Nancy" Future lies in missionary work . . . Has a pleas- ant word for everyone . . . Reserved . . . Friendly. Library Club, jr. Play Cast, Sr. Play Commit- tee. .Ji LOUIS MARCHIOL Academic "Bug.s-U Big and husky . . . Cood supporter of the band . . . Lots of fun . . . Nice personality. Rand, Football, Choir, jr, Play Committee, Prom Committee. PAUL MECO i'kl'fIflL'lIIIl' "Pauli, Shy and iluiet . . . Cood student . . . Unde- cided about his career . . . Easy to get along with. Band, Choir. THOMAS H. MILLER Aeurleniie "MiIIer,' Pals around with Kuz . . . Easy going . . . Not a care in the world . . . Proud of his Dodge. Broadcaster, Hobby Club, Choir, Printing Club, jr. Historians, Soph. and -Ir. Dance Committee. ROSE MARIE MURIN CIUIIIIIICITIIII "Rosen Hard worker . . . Quiet type . . . Pleasant dis- position . . . Enjoys all sports. Tri-lli-Y, F. H. A., j.C.C., jr. Red Cross, Sr. Plav Cast. HELEN MARIE OSXVALD Comniereial "HeIenH Lots of sewing ability . . . Very friendly and neat . . . Spends her leisure time dancing. Tri-Hi-Y, F.II.A., Sr. Play Cast, Home Nursing. LOUIS RAYMOND PAULICK Academic "Ruff, True Field and Stream man . . . Sid's buddy . . . Enjoys phvsics and chemistry. Latin Club, Student Council, Key Club, Dra- matics Club, Tennis, Ir. Historians, -lr. Play Coin- mittee. MARLENE PERINO Aearlemie "Murlene,' llard worker . . . NVinning smile . . . Very co- operative . . . Liked by all. Tri-lli-AY, S.O.S.. -Ir. Historians, Prom Connnit- tee. ARLENE PETRONE Commercial "Arn Very pleasant . . . Neat and reserved . . . VVill make a perfect secretary . . . Excellent student. Arlion, Band, Orchestra, -lr. and Sr. Play Cast, slr. and Sr. Dance Committee. N. II. S. In fhe golden chain of Engineers of tomorrow EILEEN ROSE MATHEXVS General "Eileen" Fay and Mary Ann's buddy . . . Firm supporter of the S.O.S. Club . . . Friendly . . . Cood-natiired. S.O,S., 'l'ri4Ili-Y, -l.C.C., Historians, Red Cross, jr. Play Committee, hlr. and Sr, Dance Com- mittee. FLORENCE ANN MICHAEL Acnrlemic "Flow Pleasant . . . Has little to say . . . Seen wlier- ever there is music for dancing. Dramatics Club, Play Committee, lr. Dance Committee. ,IOYCE xioimsi Academic "Joyce" Our neat and Jrettv head maiorctte . . . Al- I . . ways excused from class . . . One of the gang . . . Student Council, Majorettes, Prom Committee. N.II.S. SIDNEY C. NELSON Academic "Sidi, Rayis pal . . . A smile for everyone . . . Fu- ture Naval oiHce1' or millionaire. Chef Club, Key Club, Football, Tennis, and Sr. Play Cast, lr. and Sr. Dance Committee. FRANK .IOSEPH PALLONE General Popular guard of our football team . of any party . . . Swell dancer . . . Happy-go-lucky. Football, Sr. Play Committee. ufjlllllllllv . . Life RONALD PELINO Academic "Rock" Eager sports enthusiast . . . Great sense of hu- mor . . . Art's clium . . . A real swell kid. Choir, Basketball, Baseball. ROBERT PETRI Aerlzlemie "Pet" Nice personality . . . Liked by everyone . . . Swell dancer . . . Interest lies in Ken Hi. Student Council, Basketball, Sr. Treasurer. BARBARA -IANE PEEIL Academic "Barb" Swell smile . . . Enjoys a good time . . . Col- lects popular records. Hails from Stewart. Tri-Hi-Y, S.O.S., jr. Historians, Ir. Dance Com- mittee, Prom Committee. THE 1954 riendship, consider me a link. SENIORS ll 1 L. Nliwclmiol IC. H. Nlutlwvvs P. Mc-co F. A. Xliclmvl T. ll, Nlillcr Klum-si R. NI. Nluriu S. C. Nc-lson II. M. Oswald F. QI. Pnlhnmc I.. R.1'unlick li. Pc-lino Xl. Pc-rino R. Pc-tri A. l'c-tronc H. PH-il 29 THE 1954 SENIORS May fhe hinges of our 1. ,M 1G12 fl' l li. IC. Plnillips Nl. A. Pivcku I.. A. Pmnpm-lin li. L. liuzclm-1'lx W Xl, Ns-1-fly IC. licpim' A. liiclwy li. A. IHIIQIIS ID. lime li. A. Suwipolnta- 'lf SilSkil ID. Saualgm' W li. ll. Sc-In-11-1' D. SL'lll'1'L'kl'llgUSf R. Sgzllio Slnmnvy 30 Friendship never rusf. "With or withoutiln RONALD E. PHILLIPS General "Moon Eyes-l' Friendly to all . . . Carefree . . . Likes to sleep in class . . . Good voice . . . Great sports fan. Choir, Typing Club. - LOUISE ANN POMPELIO Commercial "Lou" Always smiling . . . Nice dark hair . . . Likes to dance . . . Nice personality . . . Loves to talk. Tri-Hi-Y, j.C.C., jr. Red Cross, Choir. MILDRED IOYCE REEDY ' Commercial "Joyce" Hails from Stewart . . . Spends her spare time sewing . . . Quiet and reserved . . , Ambition is to be a filing clerk. JOHN A. RICHEY Vocational "Rich" Enjoys working on cars . . . Nice looking . . . One of our shop boys . . . Nice disposition. DONNA ROSS Commercial "Donna" Pat's buddy . . .jovial and friendly . . . Al- ways ready for a joke . . . Hopes to be a secretary. Tri-Hi-Y, J.C.C., S.O.S., Ir. and Sr. Play Com- mittee, Soph. jr. and Sr. Dance Committee, Prom Committee. ' .f , THOMAS JOHN SASKA t Academic "Tomi, Liked by all . . . One of our taller boys . . . Main interest is sports . . . Technical on all subjects . . . Dark wavy hair. ' A Student Council, Basketball, Jr. Play Cast, Base- ball, Soph., Jr., and Sr. Dance Committee, Fresh- man President, N.H.S. ROBERT D. SCHERER Academic "Muscles, Wonderful personality . . . Liked by all . . . Turk's buddy . . . Loves to dance . . . Wants to be an engineer. Arlion, Latin Club, Dramatics Club, Key Club, Ir. and Sr. Vice President, Student Council, N.H.S. ROSEMARIE SGALIO Commercial "Rosen Loves to listen to records , . . Takes interest in all her work . . . Hopes to be a good secretary. Tri-Hi-Y, 1.C.C., Ir, Red Cross, jr. and Sr. Dance Committee, Prom Committee. MARY ANN PIECKA V Commercial "Mary Anni' Friendly . . . Sparkling personality . . . Neat . . . Fay and Eileen are her constant companions. Tri-Hi-Y, 1.C.C., jr. Red Cross, Broadcaster, S.O.S., Ir. Historians, Ir. Dance Committee, Prom Committee. BETTY, LOU RAZDERK Commercial "BettyU Attractive brunette . . . Steady supporter .of St. Clements . . . Neat dresser . . . Blushes easily. Tri-Hi-Y, j.C.C., jr. Red Cross, S.O.S., jr. Historians. JEAN E. REPINE Commercial "lean" Our senior secretary . . . Cute nose . . . Friend- ly . . . Good worker . . . Ardent sport fan . . . En- joys eating. Tri-Hi-Y, Broadcaster, jr. Play Cast, Soph, and Jr. Dance Committee, Student Council. BARBARA ANN RINGUS Commercial "Barlow Quiet . . . Betty L0u's buddy . . . Wants to be a good housewife . . . Spends her time sewing. Tri-Hi-Y, j.C.C., Home Nursing, F.H.A. BETTY ANN SACRIPONTE Commercial "Betty" Blushes .easily . . . Enjoys popular music . . . Beautiful black hair . . . Pride in everything she does . . . Aims to be a beautician. Tri-Hi-Y, Ir. Red Cross, F.H.A., Choir, Majorettes. A DARLA SAVAGE Academic "Darla,' Nice personality . . . Gig is her inseparable companion . . . Best "Lion" the team ever had. Tri-Hi-Y, Broadcaster, S.O.S., jr. Play Cast, Arlion, Soph., jr., and Sr. Dance Committee, Major- ettes, Prom Committee. DORIS SCHRECKENGOST Commercial "Dorie" Pretty blonde . . . East Deer's loss . . . Toils at Genels . . . Hopes to become a beautician. Tri-Hi-Y, F.H.A., Home Nursing. IENNIE SHAMEY Academic Ujenniev Quiet lass . . . Friendly . . . Enjoys reading and sewing . . . Plans to enter college . . . Bright. Arlion, Broadcaster, Sr. Play Cast, Ir. and Sr. Dance Committee, Prom Committee. L'XVhat a line?" I mef you as a sfrangerg VlVlAN VV. SINCLETON BICHAHD E. SMITH .'lL'llIll'IIIiI' "Vi12v Vocational "Swiftly" Cute freckles . . . Likes to loaf . . . High on Cute . . . Always seen in his ear . , . Hopes her list is traveling. to be a draftsiuan . . . Likes to tinker with motor- Bed Cross, llislorians, S.O.S., Broadcaster, cycles. and Sr. Play Committee. DONALD STOPKO RONALD STUART Vocational 'Hllokici' Aenrlcmie "Stu" A gillld lUlil'SfCf - . - AlW2lyS S0011 ill l1iS '41 Tall lad . . . Cute redhead . . . Active in sports liolll . . . Aiilw to lX'COIlN' il lll0l'll1lI1iL'. . . . Everybody's friend . . . VVants to own a Cad- Football. illac convertible. Football and basketball star. Football, Basketball, lr. Play Cast. Soph. Dance Committee. PATSY TALLABICO ROBERT TEHLINSKI Acurleniirf "Pntsy', Af,-gflgmfg "Tu,-kt' Engaging smile . . . Staunch supporter of the Everyone's pal . . . Smooth dancer . . . Likes baud and orchestra . . . Likable. to eat and dance . . . llopes to he a coach. Choir, Band, Orchestrr . Student Council, Basketball, Soph., lr., and Sr. W Dance Committee, Soph. Treasurer. C9 OV 1 . . ARLENE LOUISE TOBREO EIN lC 'lf 'Oi , Academic "Arn Acdl n ' 'CA' ll il-,.bvxifliL'cr', Excitablc . . . Likes a good joke . . . Good act- Nlusieally uiindud . . Dark wave? liair . . . ing ability . . . Plans to enter college. Quiet , , , Plays 11 cool 5 X, b Tri-Hi-Y, Broadcaster, S.O.S., -lr. and Sr. Play Choir. Band, Orcheslra. Cast, lr. Historians, Sr. Dance Committee, Prom Committee. VICTORIA MAE VANI Commercial "Vicky" NUNMA JEAN 'VOSCANO Quiet . . . Likes to drive . . . Hopes to become Commcrcizzl "N0rmU a good receptionist . . . Reserved. Cood vocalist . . . Expressive brown eyes . . . Tri-Ili-Y, F.Il.A.. Home Nursing. .-Xrlent-'s her buddy . . . Main ambition is to be a good sceretarv. Tri-Iii-Yf ,l.C.C., -lr. Bed Cross, Broadcaster, 'FIIIEREJSAlz.VEl1TEliAxlfJ Play Cast. Sr. Play Committee. Agpgflgmig uTl1l.'I'L'-WIN CQQNCETTA TUTOLQQ Plays the piano . . . Proud of her long hair . , . gjf,,,,,,,CN,-f,,1 "C0,mie" Easy to get along with . . . Nice smile. Beautiful curly hair . . . Nice smile . . . Easy Bimll- Clmlfi Ofclwslfil- to get along with . . . llcr aim is marriage. RONALID VX,VAGNER illfl'lll'Y- S-O-S Comnierciul "Bonn IQAN MARIE UIIRINE Cute smile . . . Beautiful teeth . . . Atlilt-tit-ally Al-,,,1U,,,j,- A "j,,,,,f inclined . . . Humorous . . . Coal is to become mil- Artisticallv inclined . . . One of our taller girls li0I121lfC'- ' I I D Nici. w,iL.Q. D I 'Loads of fun, Chef Club, Football, Basketball, Prom Com- Tri-Ili-Y, Broadcaster, S.O.S., -lr. llistorians, 'NUGG- Choir. lr. Play Cast, Prom Committee. LILIJIAN EILEEN XXILQRDOCLIP Commercial "Clippy" ROBERT C. XVALLACE Always ready for a good time . . . Liked by Clemwril 'WVa1lif' everyone . . . Likes to dance . . Hopes to be- A tall lad . . . Quiet . . . Shy with girls . . . come a housewife. Likes to work with machines . . . Nice looking. Tri-Hi-Y, lr. Bed Cross, -l.C.C., Dramatics Club, J Typing Club. lr. llay Committee. Tl-Ill 1954 SENIORS N' S111 Stupku Stuart lllllll 1 1111 lsn X L, 'l'Ul'kL'U ll 11111 N XI X llll I li. x7l'l'fl'l'2lIllU XX 111111 N 1 L4 I IC, NN'11rrloc-lip THE 1954 SENIDIIS PATRICIA ANN VVATTS Academic "Patil A swell blonde . . . Plans to become a nurse . . . Nice disposition . . . Friendly. jr. Red Cross, Broadcaster, Ir. Ilistorians, Latin Club, Dramatics Club, Typing Club. VVESLEY DOUGLAS NVEISBROD General "Wizy,' Cood voice . . . Likes all sports . . . Nice blond hair . . . Enjoys riding in his Hudson Jet . . . Wlants to become an announcer. -I UDITH VVILLIAMS Commercial ujilzlyv Friendly to ever one . . . Quiet . . . Vicky's buddy . . . Aims to become a bookkeeper. Tri-Hi-Y, J.C.C., Jr. Red Cross. SAM VVILLIAMS Vocational "Sam" -Iudy's brother . . . Likes to work with ma- chines . . . Handsome . . . Easy to get along with. ESTELLA MAE XVITMER C ommercial "Toots l Always hauling the gang around in her car. Likes to skate . . . Aims to become a good book- keeper . . . Loads of fun. AUDREY YESOVITCH Commercial "Azul" Active lass . . . Favorite pastime is dancing . . . Likes mischief . . . Future secretary. Tri-Hi-Y, j.C.C., -Ir. Red Cross, Broadcaster, S.O.S. IOHN ZAMPERINI Academic HZIINUIU Music and sports are tops . . . Collects hats . . . Wants to become a baseball player . . . Lots of fun. Key Club. Band, Orchestra, Baseball. Basket- ball, jr. Dance Committee. ANGELINE MARIE ZANETTI Commercial "Angie" Friendly . . . Good typist . . . Takes interest in sewing . . . VVell liked . . . Excellent typist. j.C.C., jr. Historians, Prom Committee, jr. Play Connnittee, N.H.S. GORDON L. ZAXVODNIAK Academic "Gordon Quiet . . . Intelligent . . . Enjoys reading . . . Always willing to lend a hand . . . College bound. Key Club, Prom Committee. PHYLLIS ZELLERINO Commercial "Flip', A Ken Ili transfer . . . Likes all sports . . . Always ready for action . . . Wants to travel. Tri-Ili-Y, jr. Historians, S.O.S., j.C.C., -Ir. Red Cross. P. Watts I. VVillia1ns E . VVit1ncr I. Zaniperini G. Zawodniak W. VVcisbrod S. VVillia1ns A. Yesovitch A. Zanetti P. Zellerino "N ot done, just begunf, the motto of this junior class is indeed fitting. This motto, along with the class Hower, carnation, and the class colors, blue and white, was chosen this year. But the junior year included plenty of work for this class, too. During football season its members trudged tire- lessly through the stadium bleachers selling re- freshments. Besides selling candy bars through- out the entire year, this group sold the traditional Christmas candy at Christmas time. During the next few months there were regu- lar rehearsals for the junior class play. "The Brain Stormf, a delightful comedy, had two evening performances and a matinee. All the eHorts of the cast were well rewarded. The end of Feb- ruary brought the junior dance, "Mexican Shuf- fle." The gymnasium was completely transformed into a Mexican atmosphere, along with sombre- ros, gaily colored balloons, and Mexicans taking siestas. Seven of these juniors were well rewarded for their diligent work and for their scholastic abil- ity by membership in the 1'National Honor So- cietyfp All this time these juniors had been working toward a successful prom. Their prom theme "Stairway to the Starsv was carried out very ap- propriately as a perfect climax to this action packed year. Everyone had a very enjoyable evening whirling around the floor to the capti- vating rhythm of "Tommy Carlyn and his orches- traf, Sitting: A. Singer, P. Fallon. Standing. Mr. W. Sakaluk, R. Varesco, Mrs j. Leenar, A. Craziano. 35 OFFICERS President ........... ....................... ..... Vice President Secretary ....... Treasurer ....... Advisors . A. Craziano R. Varesco P. Fallon A. Singer Mr. Sakaluk Mrs. Lecnar Tl-IE J UNIORS Hmm: T .. Y 1 J H l'Il'4S'f Huw: N. btonc, C. lc-tm-15, bl. Pilgliill'O, NI. Lupe-x, C. RHSIIUCIC, B. Birch. P. Fallon, M. Ciul- iuuni, C. DiCz1rolis. V SCFIHIII Huw: S. Sllklllil, HL-ssion, 'l'. Pryur, B. Nlc-cucy, R. Vurvs- um. C. SUIIIIUU, li. Clark, C. Cuslzuml. 'l'l1irrl Hour: A. Sum-ltzvr, li. Moorv, I. 'l1llUlll2lS, XV. lhllwnislm, S. Mut- isko. li. lluclvck, L. Paul, M. BQIITIIS. liwmn 103 l"ir.s'l Huw: P. Dmmti, C. 'l'z1ylor, L. Horn, D. Mitclmc-ll, Std'- amini. R. Salvo. Sl'f'UlIl1 lilllfi l'1'0kopik, Vuiro, P. cjQlll'Cl1UL'k, ll. NIL'Cl'ilCkt'll, -I. Xlnssimiui, L. llowc-ll, P. DL-- Blusiu, C. Klc-ms. l'. AIKILTSOII. Third Rami: L. Bllki'l', P. Bvckcr, A. clflllillllll, D. Silvis, T. Frick- guliscv, IJ. Bush, 'l'. Curvy, NI. P4-sk. ll. Soltys. Hmmm 100 Firs! limb: A. Singvr, Nl. Poku- su. X. Ulizio, B. Al. Stivvsou. D. VVLllkl'l', li. Schwa-nk, B. Iloh-s, li, Echml. V. Cc-cclmctti. Scwnrul How: I". Nlzumiug, N. Ku- nzum, lic-ngvl, 'l'4-dorski, I lim-b111', 'lf Pvltz, C. Zilncr. Tlzirzl Row: Isvlwc-1't, O'Slwll H. Al'lmllckl0, R. lXlcDrmnvll, K lfivux, li. Nlcmxi, S. Crugno. lJL'l'wt'lil'K'. 3 G This class can confidenfly sfep info fhe shoes l' 5 HE 2 Q33 QW C! ik 3 f' ' K 5, . ., ' . ' . VA I I 5 1 '-Y V LL - l ff " s at A " 9? , ' 3 ff A 'gf A . P If LA'- y , ' A' " f ' K. X I X Ni , ev M f A L ffaxr V 5 ' J h Q ' M 5 ,. ,QI 2 T L R? , , - ,X i ,2- ' -1 -' .v-rx 5151 5, 4: Q "N Ai. 11 ,, I. , . Q 3, MB m, Q Q s 4 , lf 5 2 i 22 if 1 X 5 I f fig iii 3' f Y zz f- 5' 'sw xv fa' 2. gs jg H 3 ' Q gf: 2 , 1 as f' uf' X N, W' 14 if V ..,. A 'L at Z, 5 7' ax E' ,W ' E- if ' OFF ICERS President ..................................... Vice President Secretary ............. Treasurer Advisors .... D. Toney L. Ceraso M. Laincndola Martin Mr. Hajcl Miss Cipolla This yearis sophomore class, the largest in the history of Arnold High School, has completed many projects in order to achieve their goal, the junior Prom of 1955. Among these projects were a cookie sale, a skate, and their class dance, the "Cinderella Ballfi Held on March 26, it used as its theme, the fairy tale Cinderella. A contest was held to determine who would reign as Cinderella. Votes were determined by the amount of money a girl had collected With- in a certain length of time. Prince Charming was chosen as Cinderellais escort for the eve- ning. Iitterburg and polka contests were held, with Cinderella as judge. Adorning the gym were many artistic decorations including scenes depicting the story of Cinderella, a large castle, and a scene from the fairy tale. The large num- ber of persons present attributed to the fact that the dance was an outstanding success. A marked turnout complicated the soph- omores on their choice of a skate as a class pro- ject. Amidst a whirl of colorful skirts, tranquil music, and numerous spills, the students exper- ienced a delightful evening. The cookie sale held during April featured various varieties of appetizing cookies. These were contributed by members of the sophomore class. Due to the excellent counsel of our Worthy class advisors these plans became successful af- fairs. M. Lamendola, L. Ceraso D. Toney, Martin, Miss Cipolla, Mr. Hajcl -1' H1111111 203 5 l"ir.s-I Huw: Nl. l3mw11. Cl, A1'11l1iz1 l"ir.s'l Hn! D. l71111im-ls. Lvsku. C, lfh-111 mg, C. Guzzi. Sr'r'm11l limit: Lllllglllllll, C Ic111vs, ACl.llllL'Zyk. 131-ck. D IJ411111ti. l'. li1'11111's11k. Kom "ski, A. IJPLIII, li. St'l1XYl'igi'l' Tlzirrl Iimu: K. Russ. 'l'. B1-11111-l 1. li11L'L'l1i, D. cilllilllyilk, Mil 11-11 NIiltflIl'VVS, V. SllCL'ilI'Lli I li11wli11sf111. Slmla L': lf. LUIJIIF, l". l'1'lill11, 'I' XVissi11gc-13 H. Alla-11. L. King C' H1 lx li clllllllll SCH SUI 'c'111z111. . 'fa 1 1 . 11111 How: A. liwing. Stivv- 1, H. rlqlilllilykll, K. Still, li I7r11'l11'itx, R. Alwl. 1111 'lvllifll Iiuw: K. Bc111z1111i, C11-11liI1' L I11b'1111fl1 E X'llt'lI1l I 011'- I . 1 1 L.. 1. 1 ... 1- 11, D. l1111l. 121111111 107 lfirxl limu: S. StK'VV2lI't. N. P11114- tu, liic'l11114cl:4. A. IXXIQ111, M L111111'11cl11l11, Sl'f'f7H!l Huw: Y. Szllmvv. C, C1111- fvr, li. 511511. Cl. H111'cl1111111'11, C xIL'CllJSkl'y', H. l?ll'lxgl'l'. D. Knvc' Muclcl. Thin! Hmc: Y. VVidllll'l', l". 'l'111'k11 D. 'l1m1vv. D. PQIFSOII. M. Bvl- lLlX'ill. ll. Hill, D. l'11'1'k1-y. li Pmrlsillvlli. I"f111rll1 H0111 A. l,llgHl'Sl', L. Cvr- 1s11. V. Cl111ltc411, XV11lkc-1', M C11l1's11r. xl0lllt'lL'Ulll', D Xv4'iSl3l'Oll, D. Kt'SflIC'I'. limmz 207 lL'l'l, D. L. lwmst, Nl. Ilulvs. 2' S1'v'r1111l liuw: D. Kitzvr. Xlulv- wink, C, Scllllltz, B. Stl'VV2ll't, Nl xIl'X'i'l', lf. l,llllliIlil'i, Nl. Hilll clol rllll 1711, NI. L1111g1'. P. BTOXYII. 1 Tl1ir trim. 'l'. Sfllllgll, fl. lDiN2lI'lllJ, I' N011 ll ll Il lx Lk L. D. 1 'nw :1 '. F. SL'I1l'l"' vngosl. 'lf Hill, H. fXIlllSkiL'NVil'l. I S1 1111 L-11111111 . D . . -' ', Y. -' , '. C1111111- Il ROLLIN C 1111110 NN In-ll. 1"ir.s'f Iimv: P. Ih1k1'1', D. l"I'2lZl'l'. ID -1't0li1111, L. IJUIIIP, l'1. B111'l11l- ll Rout l. B1'Hc111111, Cm- rllz How: A, CI1ip11l1-iii, li. L11- -'11v. XV. Kukuk, Nlinivk. H. -ckcr, D. l,I'l'iSSl'I', . Custvllu, Tl-Ill SOPHOMORIIS 111111111 205 1'11'.s'I li1111': Xl. Kklllililll. II. l'111s ' li tic. B, l1'1'11111ti1'11. B. ll11lsl1'. Z1111Q11'i1'l1. XI. K11f11sL11. IA' 1111s. Nl. XV:111g111111111. Y. 71121111 l1111'11. 501111111 1111112 -I. l,11la1ilx.1. D. Sl1-xx' uri. XI. 511111-l1t1-ku, D. Y1'111l11y C. Hilfllllilll. A. XI1'Xl1ll1111. U Si11gl1-t1111. T11ir11 111115: H. B11tt1'11, IC. Davis C. fxlllkllllllll, P. P1'll1'Lf1'11111. Xl E. Nlork. XV. 'l'11si11g. B. Nlzllvl- 111. 5111111 Ifirxl 111111: XY. S11111111111. Xl. D11- ws. J. c1YL'I'lA'. C.. Il1'11l1'l. NX Orr. D. lhx11'i1'k. S1'1'111111 111110: li. Nl11zz1'i. A. Cus- t111'i1111. H. D1-Klum. C. l'11xx'11ll D. liuv, IC, Z1l1lllll'I'IIlLlIl. 151111111 20,1 1"i1'.x't 111115: Xl. Russ. Xl. l,1lXX'l'k'llLl l'. B1'ig11'. H. l'11'1'cZ1'k. S1'1'111111 1111112 ll. l'i1111111'1l. li. Filll- tuxzi. P. Pnllliuk. l', ,1xilIlll1lS. S lxaltulul. Nl. A. c:ll1lll'l'1lf, Nl. H11- 11111111ls. P. A1't11s11. D. l311ws1-1', A A13lfl'l'Q,'1il. T11ir11 1111111-A l'. Ci11111-11111. li. Dv- l'1l'liL'l'. C. I11l111st11111-. U. Nh'- NIQISUTA. Sililllifl S, llz1111ilt1111 Nlurtin, F, S1111l1111i. li. 3411'- niuk. 1'Wlll1l'11l 1111112 L. A1l11111s. Cl. l511l1l EI. TX1llSl'1ll'1. 'lf K111111. R. l,i1'z11z1 Cl, AV2lQ'lll'l'. fl. l'1'11x'1'11z11. Il11p1'. L. R11-11. 111111111 201 111'-Y1 H1111': NI. A12lX'fill1. C. Divk- CV. L. ll11llz111c1. A. l11'1l1l. li. L1111- dl. D. 1'1't1tl11, C. XI11l1'1'k1. c:t'I'llL'i. L. I.is1'111111'lli. S1'1'111111 111110: Y. -I11s1'pl1. A. P1111- 1-us. D. C,1111ly. Nl. -I. 'I'11xx'11- I svml. S, Stx'IlQLK'l'. l. l3111'l111111111 D. f,Q,'llI'L'1lUL'k. NI. Sxx'11111l1-1'ski 'l'11ir11 Huw: R. Siutu. -I. P1-lin11. A Smith. l'. Svrgi. li. l311111'l11'1'. D Lllrlwin-11114. L. Y14l'iSllll1i, CI Br11w11. 40 A large enthusiastic freshman group started this term full of anxiety, looking forward to a suc- cessful year of hard work as well as pleasure. Since the ninth year brings new responsibilities to the students. they quickly organized them- selves. The students' main task is to begin a treasury which will be used in the future for the junior-senior prom. They got off to a good start by surpassing the goal set for their magazine campaign. The Frosh were given small gifts and daily treats for their salesmanship ability. An enjoyable dance marked the close of the campaign. With the aid of the campaign the treasury started to grow and the Frosh eagerly began to make plans for the annual Freshman Class Dance under the direction of their class officers and their able class advisors. Highly successful, the May dance was enjoyed by all. This activity closed the list of activities for the year. The end of a successful year had come and with it memories that would never be forgotten. As sophomores, they will look forward to an- other successful year. Seated: G. Overly, Garbinski, Standing: Mr. O. Phillips, P. Kosky, D. Ter- linski, Mrs. I. Clark. 41 President ....... Vice President Secretary ......... Treasurer .... Advisors ., ..,. OFFICERS I. Garbinski .. G. Overly P. Kosky D. Terlinski Mr. Phillips Mrs. Clark AX mm 3 2 , -sag Www 5 This 152 , Aw 4 . If 231' 9? f. 'Af w bn li kf Q if 'H 1 K 9 . v ia 1. 5 ,1 .nw HY E' AN HY! ff .it,f+- I M. L s? UW - ilvfff ML' f" R., Every football and basketball game is jam- packed with our seventh and eighth graders. Winning or losing, they are always behind the team. Their enthusiastic cheers are heard above all the others. This junior high school group has a fine foot- ball and basketball team of their own. These teams are made up of boys who have passed certain requirements which enable them to par- ticipate in athletics. At the end of the season, the final results showed fine prospects for our future varsity squads. The Christmas season is the time of the year when the individual home rooms show what artistic ability they possess. Every room is gayly decorated with pine trees and Christmas orna- ments. An afternoon is set aside for the party, with gifts for all. Christmas in the grades is truly a time of fun. Any activitv held by senior high is well at- tended by tbese students. The class dances would not be successful without the help and support from these students. They can always be seen buying candy from a iunior class mem- ber to help support the junior-senior prom. A number of dances were held during the year by these young students. We are proud to Rage such a fine group of students in our junior ig 1. just before classes Painting the Christmas Mural 43 ,, ' x11 - L, ..f EIGHTH Eiii'fz:1 .. ,Q 5 an 'LLL I if lirmnz 201 Filwl linrr: Nl. Y11UIll'y, li. 1J0lll1ll1L'1. L. 1111l01llilS. 11. A1ll1'1llCL'1, F. N1Ull1C'1K'lJlll'. C. Sl1yC1C'I'. 11. S1l'2ll'lll1lll, 11. 1 1J1l1lll1l. 'lS1ll'I'. A. 131-- SUVUIIII Huw: Bc1'to11i, 11. N1Ul'L'S1, XX. C12ll'fL'l', D. A1ilg'I1Cttil, 1J1lll1- a-111111, A. Lo1'1111t. R. Ciuilcmc, P. 131lllN'O. Tlzirrl Row: C. 111C1Ikll'C1S, P1. Ar- 1m11ck11-, '1'. Bilwm. Acopixlv, N. 1iu1'1'11i. 13. Crunt, A. 811111142 111111111 202 l"ir.vl lima: 11. S1m1111'11a-Q14 P 1,'lP'l ,.11. Nl. A1111s1ci4'vvicz. P. Rz1tz1ic'Z11k, C. .I2ll'l'ZyllS1'i1. Stuck, D. P1. 1.1l'21l'11, K. L0p11s11i11ski, C. M01- l'1l1ll1, ID. 131111-11s. Sr'r'1n1r1 l'1n11r: T. K11Ill1lSk0, D. C1US12lllZkl. 1C. Si1'111111, L. N111z1-r, 'lf Ko11c11os, S. Lum-i11ski, A. A11- suni, 11. C11111p111-11, P. Pcltz. Tllirrl Huw: E. B111'1cu1w11, D. N111- sum, N1'1Sl1IIl, S. LllL'l'l'11l'. C. '11CL'11lXV, V1'11c111y. L. B1101111, C. 11111'ge11'stock, XI. 17llQ11l'SL'. D. Brown, 11. Hmm: 203 l"ir.vt limb: 11. '111l112lI'1C0, L. Co111i- 111111i, D. 1,il110I1K'. E. K1111a1zu1. Scwnllzl l1U1L'I 15. xvllll '1'i11c'. K. Pvs- sc11111111, P. SAl11lHC1l'1il, Chris- tian. S. C11po1'111i, E. 110VVL'11, P1. Xlmlic-11, IC. Nl. S1l1Q"1l't0Il, B. Susku. 7'l1irr1 111110: 'l'. 1'1l'l'C1l'1L'1i, B. I. 11111- sing. NI. NVypiski, C. Caruso, 1 cl K Mill P P11 11. .-X. Nug-, . CT, . 2 - 111111: D. St1'11f1111i11i. Fllllffll Huw: 1. N1LlI'Zll110, li. S010- 1111111. H. Croco, C. Harris, B. x1L'Nllt1, A. A11s1111i, Main-i, 11. 1 turn I Ahlkilfil. Nl. Sur Tl-III GRADES Sfarf low, climb high, besf of luck 44 1 44' fi , , 0 Q y 354 - . 4z?'f',i X if ,W Q, 3 Z 4 'W' ffm ' ff, Jw wx u 5' if Working and playing fogeiher, caughf in a whirl of a gay social life BOOK TWO Ng 'Q O K Hi. 99 alfa' fo 0 S2-1':""o, 3" 'f O ,,a,o' o 4, A O gg", Q' f Q if 0, " 4" 'W' ...0 O QF . Of, O 'Q ' 9 ,O 1.'9 6 1.15 u ,, N ' 4-Qkvike ' L if Q THE 1954 ARLION The Stull Editor ............,........ Business Xlanagcrs Pcggv Sports Editor .. Litcrary Stafl' .......,............ Darla Savage, Anno Singer, Holme-rt Scliere1', Helen Taylor Tvpists ........ jennic Sliainey. Kenneth Callas, Arlcnv Petrone, Robert Donati Art ....... ......................... C .arinen Bcllavla Sponsor ..... Ny ' Nick Cignetti l5arlJa1'a Cigler. Fallon, Ronald Cipolla, .lacqueline Vairo Donald Isaac Christine Kunicki Mr. Frank Pallone Top: C. Knnicki, Il. M. Taylor, A. Singvr. Cwlfcr: B. Ciglvr, Mr. Pallonv, N. Cignvtti. Bottom: Fi. Donati, -l. Slialnvy, A. Pc-tronv, J. Vairo, K. Callus Arlion Stuff - Srfllfcrl: A. Singcr, ll. M. Taylor, C. Kuniclii, P. Fallon, B. Gigli-r, D. Savagc-. Sflillllfllgi D. Isaac, Al. Vairo, H. Sc-livrcr, N. Cigna-tti, H. Cipolla. C. Bcllavia A, l'ct1'om-, R. Donati, nl. Sl1Llllli'y, K. Callas. STUDENT COUNCIL STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council, composed of nine- teen home room representatives and twelve members at large, constitutes the governing body of our school. In an attempt to minimize school problems the council has set up the "Student Courti' which tries and punishes violators of council laws. Throughout the year this assembly sold pencils, combs and license plates. For Christ- mas it held a dance for the entire student body. BROBDCHSTER Headlines, by-lines, and ad-lines, cry out their messages across the pages of the Broad- caster. In this school paper the members of the ,533-'54 journalism class exhibited their ability to accept responsibility, Work inde- pendently, and produce effectively. Aiming toward a closer student-teacher relationship, they are constantly striving to better their school paper. To test the acceptability of each issue the class adopted the motto, "Live- ly, Legible, and Lovelyf' First Row: J. Dr-Felice, R. Landis, H. Taylor, A. Dr-Mao. Second Row: N. Pavetto, P. Fallon P. Tannas, larczynski, C. Kimicki, B. Bartolaeei, B. Holstc. v Third Row: P. DeMao, B. Terlinski, A. Ewing, D. Chomyak. B, Paul- iek, V. Saceardi, T. Kuhn, VV. Kakuk, J. Saeriponte. Fourlh Row: D. Isaac, A. Graziano R. Varesco, T. Frickanisce, N. Cignetti, T. Saska, F. Turko, ll. Scherer, ll. Petri. u BROADCASTEB First Row: B. J. Baird, D, Ivy, N. Tos- cano, M. A. Piecka, M. Arabia B. DeBlasio, C. Ciancutti. 9 Second Row: A. Yesovitch, A. Zanet- ti, A. Torkeo, L. Berkobcn, P. VVatts, F. Kelley, P. Klems, D. Savage, M. R. Braglio. Third Row: NV. VVQ-isbrod, Hepine ll. D'Argenzio, H. Pelino, D. I Antonueei, Ulirine, T. Miller s l 49 UNIOR CLASS PLAY COMMITTEE Standing: lurczynski, C. Colvin lx-ski, E. M. linlvlmrd, Ted orslci. First Row Sitting: H. Oswald, C. Tay lor. Second Row Sitting: R. Rnuglit, M A. Pjontck, Pnglinro. JUNIOR CLASS PLAY CAST First Row: A. Singer, P. Fallon, Vzliro, V. Chine, V. Cccclivtti D. Berkohen, S. Crogno. Second Row: A. Crnzinno, Dt-Fe lice, C. Kunicki, Barrett, ll Baker, R. English. Third Row: P. D1-Mao, L. Hunt, T Friekunisce, D. Moore, li. Tn- Slflg. JUNIGR CLASS PLAY Willy brings the juniors their firsf sfage H The Bruin Storm" CAST NVillonghhy Adams ..... ....... A nthony Craziuno Inner Willy, XVilloughlJyls inner self ............................. Chuck Martin ...... lohnnv Newton .... Harvey Downs ..... Ralph jones .... ..... Conch Lloyd ...... Hunk johnson Sully Bishop .... Vincent Chine Pete DeMa0 Dave Moore Ron Tusing Tom Fricknnisce Lee Hunt Pmichard English Indy liurrett Aunt Louise ...... Aunt Olga ..... Aunt Hester .......... Marybelle Turner .. Lottie .................... Marion ...... Anna ...... Kay ..... Dorothy .... producfion Diana Berkoben Christine Knnicki Anne Singer ....... Helen Baker Peggy Fallon Iackie Vairo Shirley Crogno Virginia Cecchetti Indy DeFelice SENIOR CLI-ISS PLAY The seniors produce a fheafrical gem "Magnificent Obsession" CAST Martha ............... ....... I ennie Shamey Nancy Ashford .... .......... A rlene Petrone Helen Hudson ........ ....... R ose Marie Murin Dr. Malcolm Pyle ...... ....... C harles Lepusky Monty Brent ........... .,.... R onald Cipollu Joyce Hudson ...... ........ A rlene Torkeo Bobby Merrick .......... ..... R obert DeValeria Dr. Wayne Hudson ..... .......,.. I ohn Krnacik Perry ......................... ........ S idney Nelson Mrs. Wickes . l.,.., . ,.., Loretta Berkoben Marion Dawson .,..,. ,, .... ., Helen Oswald lack Dawson ..... ..... R ichard Dowhowcr A. Petronc, R. Dc-Vnlcriu, R. M. Murin First Row: A. Torkco, II. Oswald, A. Pctrone, L. Bcrkoben, C. Le- pusky. Second Row: R. M. Murin, -I. Sluuncy, M. Lucas, N. Mahaffey, R. Puulick. Third Row: Miss V. Bushnell, direc- torg R. Cipolla, Krnacik, R. Dowhowcr, R. DeValerin. 51 lll'.K'f linzlf: Y. Sun-I-.I1-Ili, II. Klux- Swrwrzfl IIIHU: II, Clark. 'I'. Pry- l'l1irrl Hmu: II. AIII-n, XV. Slwck- 'nurllz lImL': L. NIn1'cI1ioI, Sfllllllfllui I". SIUIIYIIIAIII, N. Mu- fll'.S'l lIuzL': L. Hunt, B. III-ss, Svrmzrl- IIuu': II. XYZIQIICT, NV. I"OO'I'lIALI. CLUB xvi. L. CIl'l'1lSU, II. lIm-I-lui. Y. Chinn-. I". I'nIIm1v, D. Vrl1cI1lI'. ur, D. IIusI1, DI. Cm-111c1'LIa1, II. Iinglish, Nlmmtc-Ivumz I. Nlurtin. Ivy, 'lf Curvy. S. Sllkuln. II. Cglpomli. K1'1mciIQ. IJ. YIIUIIUY. Cmsn-IIcm, II. 'l'usiug, D. Silvis, 'lf I'Il'Il'IiLlllISL'L', II. Cvtz. cIIl1'l'L'IOIlU, II. Stuart. LIISIIAIIY CLUB rwlvfl: 0'SIwII. NVIIIIQ-1', I. Lvons. Il I'c'IiIIzl, A. N I RIICYQIAI. IIQIITI-y, C. CoIv111In-ski, P. III-Ilvgrinu. AI. La-sko. CI IBF CLUB II. Clark. S. Nm-Ison, T. I'1'x'o1'. II111'nisI1, II. Kilgm-I-. C. III-lx-lm-IQ. II. Stuart. CLUBS Co-operahon, key word fo fhe success of clubs HOME NURSING CLUB First Row: II. Oswald, V. Vani D. Schreckcngost, Re- pinc, -I. Delfazin. Second Row: L. Paul, E. M Hubbard, P. Anderson, V Stone. Third Row: B. Ringus, E. Mut- hows. PRINTING CLUB First Row: R. Hndcck, R. Dc- Felicc, L. Hunt, O. Sin- gleton, D. Chomynk. Second Row: Al. Tcdorski, R Varesco, A. Gruzizmo, Mr Marimlli. Third Row: T. Miller, C. Kuz- nicki, lt. VVlll2lSt'k, P. Dc- Mao. F. H. A. First Row: D. Ludwiczak, V, Ioscph, A. Tirdil, S. Ston- gcr. M. Swanderski, C. Malccki. D. Ogurchock. Second Row: P. Andcrson, T Pcnnachio, L. Horn, R. Landi, Pc-lino, P. Oqur- chock. 4 A Tlzircl How: E. Crigluk, B. Snow, N. Ulizio, D. May- tzm, Lclucrt. 53 CLUBS KEY CLUB First Huw: L. Cvxuso, ll. Hoc- ci1i,, D. K1-stm-r, S. Nc-ison, c:llL'l'L'iOll0, A. ixifxlillllll, YV. Kilkllk, T. Hill. S1'1rnr1.c1 Row: R. IJL'VkllL'Tiil, V. Chino, R. English, VV. Kuhn, iX10lltClK'0ll1', Martin, Nliilvr, Zum- pc-fini. Third Row: N. Singleton, T. Lopushinsky. H. Puulick. H. Flcmm, D. Ludwiczuk, H. Cnporuli, Krnaicik, D. Toncv, C. Bc-1'czc-k. Fourth Row: L. Mcfxlnstvr, C. Zuwociniuk, H. Tusing, H. ML-dlcy, 'l'. FfiL'k1il1iSL'C, D. Silvis, Such, 'fodor- ski. GIRLS IZASKETISALL TEAM B. Ilolstc, QI. Korowicki, D. Pctittzl. B. Flvvgvr, D. Li- put, NI. Swauidn-rski, Xlrs. P. NVQ-Ish, coucli, P. Pulllick. D0- Fuzio. H. Burtoluuci, M. Lopcz, D. Ross. TYPING CLUB First Row: l'ic-qlmrd, H. Su- su, V. Ixluluv, P. XVz1tts, Nl. Pjoxitx-k, B. lflm-c'gc1', S. Ku- tonn, R. Zonzlricli, C. Bor- clonuro, Mulvwich, M. Mvycr. Second Huw: L. Fil.lllkl1t'I', D. XV:-islmrocl, C. Puisnock. L. Lcmp, Bc-ck, D. Knvv, E. Nlillcr, liuwlinson, D. McNluste'rs, Sliiplcy. Third Huw: H. Monzi. K. Russ, C. YVagm-r. M. Kzliiaulli. T. P1-ltz, Muscari. M. Szlncliicku, Thomas. Palniku, E. Polsim-Ili. 54 JUNIOR RED CROSS First Row: M. Valle, M. Leslie, V Ceeehetti, M. Brown, M. Lawr- enee, D. Ludwiezak, M. Costanza, C. Kopinski, N. Toseano, I. VVardoelip, L. Liseiarelli, B. I Baird, B. L. Razderk, K. Ahrahain Second Row: B. Holes, B. Birch E. Mazza, J. Lehert, D. Parshook M. Lopez, I. Pugliese, C, Klc-ms R. Murin, J. Holland, V. Single- ton. J. Lyons, P. Pellegrino. Third Row: P. Ogurehoek. R. Sgalio I. NVillin1s. J. Adannezyk, M. A Kozusko, P. Brown, V. Keller V, Sahow, I. Richards, J. Mudd G. Guzzi, M. Laniendola, E IBOIHIIIICI. Fourth Row: A. Y e s o v i t e h , B Eehon, H. MeCraekeu, I. Barrett H. L. Bostie, M. j. Townsend, V joseph, C. Confer, C. Dickey S. Steuger, P. Brunseak. C. Ma- leeki. First Row: I. Koininko, C. Klems G. Mydoek. I. Uhrine, P. Zel- lerino, M. Pieeka, A. Yesoviteh K. Boyer, P. Eehon, D. Ivy, E Longo, D. Candy, C. Schultz, V I. Sallow. Second Row: M. Costanza, J. Vairo M. Lopez, M. Perino, L. Berko- hen, A. Leah, D. Foust. F. Kelley A. Torkeo, R. Sehweiger, M Kanaan, D. L. Daniels, R. Ber- ezek. B. Gans. Third Row: F. Massimini, L. De- Mao, M. Arahia, D. Ross, P KlHl1lS R DcBl1sio N1 Town- .'. . ' 1. , . . send, lNI. A. Randolph, M. L Mock, D. Donati, S. Stewart, D Johnston, M. Davis, D. Kitzer. Fourth Row: P. Delllasio. C. Rus- noek, J. Stelauiui, C. Taylor, P Donati, J. Pagliaro, M. R. Bray:- lio, M. Edmunds, P. Beigle, NI A. Kozusko, Nl. YVaugalnan, E Davis, C. Fleming. SENIOR TRI-HI-Y First Row: E. Mathews, M. A Pieeka, D. Ross, D. Savage, B Cigler, C. Cianentti, B. Pfiel,,l Uhrine, A. Torkeo, K, Boyer, I Kominko, A. Yesoviteh, P. De- Blasio, C. DiCarolis, J. Barrett H. Mc-Craeken, J. Iarezynski, A Landi. Second Row: P. Fallon, B. Sacri- poute, H. Oswald, C. Castorina B. Razderk, I. Holland, M. Lo- pez, M. Periuo. B. J. Baird. I DeFalio, C. Kopinski, M. Cos tanza, P. Eehou, L. Berkoben, R M. Murin, M. Arabia, R. De- Blasio Third Row: M. R. Braglio, J. De- Feliee, M. Bareus, D. Johnston I. VVillimns, M. Davis. R. Kasa- vage, Nl. Lanfaloni. H. Ringns J. Pngliese, H. Soltys, J. Proko- pik, P. Donati, V. Ceeehetti, V Vani, M, E. Johnston, A. Sineltz- er. Fourth Row: B. Eehon, I. Repine D. Maytan, M. A. Meixelsherger F. Massimini. E. Mazza, E Sehwenk, V. Keller, E. Huhhard R. M. Sgalio, L. NVardoelip, N Toseano, D. Sehreekengost, C. Tutolo, R. Salvo. D. Ivy. Fifth Row: B. Holes. B. Sewenti C. Peters, L. Baker, L. Howell: D. VValker, E. Birch, M. Valle, S. Grogno, J. Pagliaro, C. Klenls, M. I. Giuliani, C. Mydoek, M Leslie, H. A. Holly, D. Berkohen Bofh fhe members and fhe school are benefited , , y CLUBS . . . Prime purpose is developemenf of beffer sfudenfs. SOPHOMORE TBI-III-Y ein-41, A. Smith. C. Browu, L Alluu. L. Tristzlui, ll. Siutu, D Bvrhilinu, G. Amhizl, N. Puvvttn i P. Tuuuus, S. Sh-wart, C. Schultz Second Row 7 C. McClosks-y. R , . . uuiuds, M. Kozusko. C. Flcluiiuz NI. VV:u111uuiui1, E. Ilolluud, K Ahruhum, L. Lisciure-lli, C Dickey, A. Mutvrgiiu. Third Row f C. Coulk-r, J. Lyons P. Pclh-grriuo, I. Ls-sko, H. Hu-rczck czyk, P. liruucauk. Fourth Row f G. Guzzi. D. Douuli D. Fmsvr, D. Faust, A. L1-uh. li Fautozzi, B. Camus, D. Kitzvr. M uuitico, P. Artum. Fifth Row - J. Kurowic-ki. Y Snhow. FI. Longo, D. Duuivls, D Cuudy, C, join-S, M. Kauuuxu, B Hoists-. H. Bairtolucci. P. Puulick A. Dvhluo, J. Mudd. JUNIOR HISTORIANS First How: il. lrlolluud. M. Lopez, Y cutti, P. Z1-llcriuu, B. L. Huzdvrk A. Torkco. Second Row: A. Zuuvtti, D. Dmunti A. hlaltvrgizl. M. Pvriuo, B, Ph-il I. Uhriuv, D. Kills-r. Third Row: G, Nlursiliu, XV. Hows. N Dnuko, R. Kilgorv. C. B4-llawizl li. Cipulln, D. Stvwnrt. J. C. C. Firht Row: R. Sixnliu. L. BL-rkuhs-u H. Kusnvalg.!4', J. llolhuld, H. L Holds-rk, J. DvFuvio, M. Davis M. Costuuzai. Second Row: M. Vullc. L. Hukcr, P Evhou, D. Yvallkvr. M. Lvsliv, Y Cccchl-tti. I. Komiuko, H. Giglvr R. DcBIu5io, M. Luufuloui, A clip, K. Buycr, C. Kopiuski. Third Row: L. Howm-ll, B. Birch uati, N. lliziu, E. NIzlttlu'ws. I Valiru, Plxglivw. Siofzuiini P. Dc'Bhlsiu, P, Fiorvlitiium, Il Soltya. sun, Wwllluliis, D. Row, M. A Pim-ku, P. Klvuis. hi. Aruhial, C Hopo, F. Kvllvy. E. Schwc-uk D. Autolulcci. J. Prokopik, A Zum-tti. Ii. Muriu. Fifth Row: V. Stmiv. L. Puul. J Lvhurt, D. Purshuuk, D. Nluymu M. Lopvz, M. A. Ixlvixc-Islwrilvr M. Ciulizuuii, C. Kluuiw, V Kc-llvr, G. lNIydoL'k, N. Tusvuuu li. D'ArgcnZin. 56 First Row 4 II. Hoslic, M. Lawr- Schwvigor, D. In-lltm, M. Ind- P. Bciglc. J- Hu-hurds, M. Laun- vudolu. E. Dominic-i, j. Adzuu- Browu, M. Gutxu-cht, E. Prvl Siiuglvtou. B. 1. Baird. C, Ciuu- Ycsuvitcli. H. Riugus. L. XVnrdo- E. Mazza, F. Txlussimiui. P. Do- I Fourth Rowfl Bzxwils. P. Audvr- First Row: Krnacilc, P. Fallon, Vairo, R. Cipolla, C, Kunicki, N. Cignetti Xlortsi D. Isaac, A. Singer, R. Caporali. SccomIRow: R. Scherer, A. Craziano, A. Zanetti, D. Antonucci, T. Saska, T. Fritkmisu H. Dowliower, H. DcValeria, I. Iarczynski, A. Petronc, M. R. Bragllo Not pictured: Guercionc. Candidates for the National Honor Society are chosen from the standpoint of four basic require- ments. Students are carefully considered on each of these points. Possessing first place on this list is scholarship. While only pupils attaining a scholar- ship rank in the first third of their respective classes are eligible no more than Fifteen per cent of any grad- uating class may be selected for the society. Service holds second place on this list of requisites. Students selected for this honor must be beneficial to the school. The third requirement, leadership, means these students must have the ability to guide the rest of the student body along the right path. Last, but certainly not least, these pupils must be of a sound, clear-cut character. This year the honor of being selected for this society was bestowed upon fourteen seniors and seven juniors. All of these students participate in numer- ous other school activities. These honor students have set up great goals for themselves and only they can make sure these goals are achieved. 57 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY SENIOR CHOIR This year the Senior Choir launched a cam- paign of activities unequaled in previous years. Practicing every morning during the fourth per- iod, under the able direction of Miss D. Fer- rante, they prepared for their first endeavor, a Christmas program which proved to be thor- oughly enjoyable. For the first time, our choral group took part in the county, district, and state choruses. Diane Mitchell, Robert DeValeria, Vincent Chine, and Ted Lopushinsky were del- egates from Arnold. In the future, there is a possibility that one of the concerts may be held at Arnold, and the choir is looking forward to this. In January, the choir sponsored a dance "Rhapsody in Blue," but their greatest achieve- ment was yet to come. The interest of every- one was with the choir when on March I9 they presented their minstrel show. a brand new at- traction. The climax of this active year came with the annual spring concert, held in April, and as customary, the choir sang at baccalaur- eate. We take our hats off to the senior choir for a truly successful year. CHOIR OFFICERS President ............................................ Robert DeValeria Vice President ...... ..... C harles Lepusky Secretary ............ ..... T eresa Verteramo Treasurer .. ........ Carl Berczek MUSIC The choirs I. Uhrine T. Verteranio H. McCracken A. Singer' R. Moore D. Mitchell JUNIOR CHOIR Under the capable direction of Miss Dorothy E. Ferrante, the Junior High School Choir pre- sented an outstanding Christmas program. Many long hours of practice and patient directing were evident in the Choir's beautiful Christmas pa- geant. As the choir sang the traditional carols, small groups of choir members in full costume depicted a scene from each song. Among the selections were such favorites as "While Shep- herds Watched Their Flocks by Nightf, and "O Little Town of Bethlehemf, After tucking this feather in their cap, the choir went on to prepare exchange programs with neighboring schools, a project which proved to be very suc- cessful. In the latter part of the year the choral group became occupied with rehearsals for the annual Spring concert, to be held in April. They practiced their numbers again and again until at last they were perfected. Finally, hav- ing made careful preparation, they gave their concert, thus successfully completing their acti- vities for the year. OFFICERS President ........... ............................... B en Meledandri Vice President ...... ....... C ilbert Overly Secretary ............ ...... D orothy Stefanini Treasurer ....... ........ . . Pat Kosky confribufe fo fhe musical life of school. Dorothy l"errante Senior Choir First Row: Il. Roeehi, L. Ceraso, A. Singer, T. Verteralno, D. Mitchell, D, Donati, T. Campbell P. Tallarieo, J. Uhrine, B. I. Baird, R. Bartolaeei, M. I. Townsend, K. Ross, V. Chine, L. Bieh. Second Row: O. Singleton, D. Kestner, H. M. Taylor, A. DeMao, I. Riehards, E. Preniutieo, L. Hunt, T Lopushinsky, K. Abraham, I. Mulewiek, H. Baker, M. A. Pjontek, M. LLllllCl1ClUl1l, H. Moore, R. Phillips Third Row: C. Lepnslcy, F. Como, E. M. Huhharcl, J. VValker, H. MeC1'aelien, T. Pryor, T. Dickey, J. Mudd P. Pellegrino, C. Maleelci, D. XVL-islurod. H. DeValeria, E. Toreaso. Fourth Row: C. Berezek, C. Crivaro, P. Tannas. V. J. Sahow, T. Friekanisee, L. Marehiol, B. llolste, J. Lyons C. ML-Closky, E. Dominiei, M. Meyer, P. Meeo. Jllllifll'Cl1Ofl'Ffl'.S'f Row: C. Beano, C. Settlemeyer, M. Wlypiski, M. Pallone, K. Miller, D. Magna-tta, P. Salanclria B. M. Bougher, J. Carhinslci, M. Bawlinson, B. Holliek, K. YVallier, P. Pallone, P. Pasternak, T. Frederick J. Papa, H. Massiinini, C. Karluli, E. Berkohen. Second Row: Pi. Campbell, M. Ashe, J. Sergi, I. Sergi, D. Dickie, M. Sloluoclnik, S. Lucerne, B. Holliek, C Overly, M. Calvanese, B. Bargerstocli, D. Stefanini, L. Licata, Salvati, V. L. Dorhritz, L. Buono, H. M Pugliese. F. Frahotta. Third Row: J. Mazza, E. VVagner, H. A. Vogel, J. Morrow, M. Cappone, M. Boeehi, K. Lopushinsky, I. Fritsky D. Tirclel, C. XVood, D. H. Leaeh, N. Ashe, M. Massola, L. Moses, L. Conte, B. Pettovar, I. Rogers, I Kelly. A. Bilhie. Fourth Row: B. Meleclanrlri, R. Ceeehetti. YV. Carter, P. Kosky, li. Buneo, E. M. Singleton, ll. VanTine, I Armstrong, M. ll. Sehweiger, li. Sylalc, L. Marino, R. Monieo, B. Chine, B. Shaw, B. Maliara. I Q ,. ,. ,, ,az ig Q ff M gf wk E we-ze: , f 1 1 HE 'i s, 0 Wig f. pf e if , 1 i, gf Q A 1 ,gn f" ' . f.,,, ' ' Q QE af wwf A . wmww- ,sig 0 s wx A 6 l 555635 3 Eff MQ ' ' fi? f Sa X V if ii ,, ,Sk wswl. ,S - . W- I Q2 f . X J " . . T tx' I E u. 3 'jr o X . n 5 ' . - ,. L A . . if ' I Q V A , fy. , .4 , A I' f -x 9 1-, , 1 . , V ,MW ,w, i... .. Q if 2 5 ' Q o Q, X X 2 - 0 1 , Q f Q O , ff A Az W-. Q ,A M .. dw J S , 'f 7'-1? Y. . f. ,ff ,A f AG J, I 0 ' 'Q A 1 52 , n L f 7 I ,x ' S VA. Q is i F l M l N--' ?' 3,"E1 gf' we ,Y Mm , ffk L . a 25 K . f PM I :X First Row: Paulenda. H. Nliller, P. Cianeutti, T. Verteraino, M. Lucas, C. Crivaro, I. lic-har, I". Manning. I. Ciuffoletti, C. Provenzo, M. lloss, D. NVaterloo, ll. Tutelo, D. Nlangieri, A. Petrone. Sz'r'oi1rfHo1L': P. Capone. H. Licata, D. Mitchell, A. Guzzi, I. Cevario, P. Tallarico, D, Moore. C. Kunish. li. Xrhuckle H Sieiirnislci I Bertoni C Pwprocki li Dominiei A Swulle flzirtfljglyjz lless, P. Bianco, A. DePalma. li. Martucei, E. Migliorisi, Pt. Cianflonc, H. Marznllo, I. jaeohs. 1 ip di ' in AL'01DiuL', B. Sl'UlCIuCy1'Y, L- BOTH. L- Rich, H. Moore, B. Meledandri, A. Pugliese. l"UIll'f1IRUll.'I j. Zaniperini, C. Lepusky, XV. Suprano, C. Snydr-r, M, Hellavia, E. Sclurecliengost, lf. Suatoni, M. Zienianski. E. Bossio. H. Kuntz. L. lXlclXlaster, T. Lopushinsky, E. Toreaso, T. Cainphell, T. YL r ,A J 'I Dickey. o boost school spirif or iusf fine music, fhe band plays on. Dressed in their gay-colored uniforms of orange and hlue, the Arnold High School Band and Xlajorettes have achieved the title of 'itopsu in the valley. No school would he complete without this colorful organization. They have proved popularity hy their out- standing performances at the foothall games this past season. Many haskethall games were also filled with enthusiasm as the hand played marches and popular music. The hand and majorettes are Well-known for their originality. Among their top per- formances due to diligent practice Were, "Mex- ican llat Dance," "Dragnet.,, 'iOrgan-Grinder Swing." and the popular jazz hit. "Crazy Man Crazyf, Adding to the attraction of the routines was our little mascot. Rhelda Synder, display- ing her talents. The head inajorette, loyce Moresi. and the three leads. Sue Hess, Mary Ellen Johnston. and Barbara Cigler. also put on good performances. Mr. Moses, the director of this group, cer- tainly has done an excellent joh in training them. Preparing the group for events as the hand festival and the spring concert is a dif- ficult joh. Along with his fine Work, credit should go to Carolyn Peters. the drum major- ette. Our hand also participated in a combined hand concert of schools in this locality. The concert was climaxed hy a snappy routine hy the lead majorettes of each school. They have always received a hearty welcome and many fine compliments Wherever they have per- formed. X """"i Till I waltz again with you. II. Kilgore, I. Kolninko THE PROM Hard labor reaps For the first time the junior-Senior Prom was held in the beautifully decorated Orchard Ave- nue Gym. A large crowd gathered outside the gym to watch the girls who were attired in long flowing evening gowns being escorted into the dance by the boys in handsome white dinner jackets, The gym was decorated to represent an an- cient Chinese garden, In the center of the floor was a large pagoda which was decorated with multi-colored pom-poms and orchids. A false ceiling was created by Stringing alternating red and yellow streamers from the center of the ceiling to the walls. Cayly colored Chinese lan- terns hung along the Walls and on the corners of the pagoda. At one end of the gym stood a brightly colored blue and White punch stand with the inscription 'iProm of The punch stand was visited frequently by the couples dur- ing the night. The couples shuffled across the floor to the soft and dreamy music of Tommy Paine. At one oiclock a meal consisting of turkey with all the trimmings was served by the members of the Tri-Hi-Y. Thus with a few strokes of the clock the 1933 .Iunior-Senior Prom came to an end. Phe rich rewards of a perfecf evening for all. Iliillli' out fm' l'i'1.l'l'SlIIlN'lIlN Hum 1 XXUIILIKIMII hum Ill ll Cllilli'5L' Q2ll'lll'll Cl1ix'ul1'ulls Mau'clniu CHEERLEADERS The spirif behind our feam. Seven Hashing smiles. gleaming white sweaters above royal blue skirts repre- sent the Arnold High School cheerlead- ers. This group comprised of peppy seniors. juniors, and sophomores is a very vital organization during our athletic season. Theirs is the responsibility of successfully enstilling vigor and vim in- to our home team rooters. Equally staunch supporters of the football and basketball squads, their Winning per- sonalities are welcomed everywhere. They are rarely mentioned on the sports pages, but they deserve an hon- orable mention. Wlietliel' on foreign field or floor, home gridiron or court our cheerleaders are always ready to lead a hearty cheer for the support of our team. Due largely to the presence of these seven energetic girls, no place we visited seemed entirely strange to team or student. To our enthusiastic cheerleaders and their advisor, Miss Margaret Morrison, the entire student body is indebted. SENIOR llICll CIIEERLEADEHS II. Korowicki, R. D'Argenzio, V. Ccechetti. C. Castorina, Barrett, D. Antonueei. P. Paul- icli. AIUNIOR IIICII CIIEERLEADERS D. Magnetta, D. Stefanini, E. Serventi, B. Carmichael, D. Prato, ll. Delfazio. First Row: D. Antonucci, C. Castorina, li. D,ArgenZio, Barrett. Second Row: P. Paulick, V. Ceeehetti, Kor- owieki. 64 CHNDIDLY A glimpse of our social life. "1 V no ' -gh, 'V lcwk-'1 'nm X l'i'fl'l'5lIiIlQ Pklllhl' Hu-rm In IS Hllillff UI' f'l!illl'? llkc- 1 lrliu l lght ur mm nicv. girls 65 USMQQKHG 5 -fo P L. yi av BOOK THREE A healfhy mind and a sfrong body are ihe by-produds of afhlefics Alcx 'llzunms T H E C 1 'l im' FOOTBALL SEHSDN S. VVilliams, Mr. Ventura, A. Craziano Arnold ....... ..... 7 Oakrnont ..... ...... 2 0 Amold ....... ..... 7 West Deer ............ 0 Arnold ....... ..... 6 Frevport ..... ....,. l 8 Arnold ....... ..... 2 5 Tarentuin ............ 6 Arnold ....... ..... 2 5 Brentwood ........... 0 Arnold ....... ..... 1 2. Springdale ............ 27 Arnold ....... ..... 6 Ford City ............ 39 Trouble allcadl l 68 Arnold ....... ..... 6 Plum Twp. ,......... 0 Arnold .......... ..... 1 3 Hampton Twp. .. 21 Head Coach ............. ....... A lex Tannas Assistant Coaches ....... ..... F rank Martin Mario Pcretti FDOTBALI. Good sporfsmanship is fhe fesf of fhe gridiron. The experienced tutoring of Coach Alex Tannas and his assistants, Mario Peretti and Frank Martin, created the scrappy, talented gridiron unit which took the field for Arnold High School in 1953. Working diligently at their camp in Ieunerstown, Pennsylvania, for two weeks, the boys became a fit, determined squad, one which was ready for all corners. This aggressiveness earned for the Tannas- men highly prized victories over West Deer, Tarentum, Brentwood, and Plum Township, while six other Oakinont, Freeport, Spring- dale, Ford City, Hampton, and West View, had to go all out to stop the Lions. The two losses to Springdale and Ford City were discouraging, but the conquering of arch-rival VVest Deer and the crushing of the Tarentum Redcats, another ancient foe, and Brentwood on successive weekends proved to be the high spots of the 1953 gridiron cam- Filst Row: paign. Stinging from a loss to Freeport, the Lions rolled over Tarentumis squad, 25-6, be- forea large home crowd. The following Fri- day, the Tannasmen smothered Brentwood, 25-0, at Brentwood. Late in the season, the Lions journeyed to Plum Twp. to capture a hard fought 6-0 de- cision from the Mustangs. Two more games with Hampton and West View rang down the curtain for the 1953 season, and Arnold followers were delighted to learn that john Guercione, rugged senior guard, had been voted the tearnis most valuable player and that Bon Wagner and Steve Sukala had been chosen for the All-AKV Conference team. Climaxing their high school careers were such outstanding senior stars as R. Wagner, I. Cuercione, R. Stuart, F. Pallone, R. Capor- ali. Czemerda, L. Marchiol, Krnacik, and B. Getz. F. Martin, Assistant Coach, A. Graziano, Mgr., T. liocehi, H. Rocchi, V. Chine, L. Ceraso, D Berkcy, D. Toney, B. Mazzei, S. Vfilliams, Mgr., N. Ventura, Faculty Manager. Seem1cIRow: R. English, R. Tusing, R. Clark, F. Pallone, R. YVagner, T. Pryor, D. Bush, R. Albera, V. Sac- cardi, Miller. Third How: 3 M. lcretti, Coach, S. Sukala, -I. Corsello, D. Silvis, Martin, D. Campbell, N. English, I. Guer- eione, T. Corey, H. Caporali, Alex Tannas, Head Coach. - I Fourfl1Ro1L': j. Czemerda, D. Allen, T. Fiickanisce, L. Marchiol, D. Vrudny, B. Getz, B. Stuart, L, King, B. Hill. ,J i ta . win ."'Ewn,m, .Ns PM .3 H ' 4 o -w'fJWfM, nl' , ,TJ T ' '51 vw KP film. .Q ""'7il'? 'O' v ff-. K Vx' N 1-fWai"Qf "fy 5 , we W fu 4 f ,tw Qvkf - 2 vw! ' ' 'Q 1, 12 , 'Y .WY K J 1 ' L V' 5 ' Q. 1 'gif M r", W4 4 ..n,x'-'n.x1:1. , ,,4. ax , 0, . ,5n.a. Wg? . L x ,M Q, wg un. M, 1 : Af .' X lil k" , v-ugh V - 8 ,j -7,63 ,,,, k Mx..-Un W , KS ,, vw, ,w Hey.. 7 'gif QLQ - 5 if " ' - - : , ,,. N., .Y ,W ,ZA k,.,4,. It M. xx. M ,W .14-,.Q- N,,,' f 5. ' if w 5 .59 hp. g,, K, ' J f v . E H 5 1 V D g,qf4ff.v 9' 9+ avi 4 'w,sz.:M1 KH Q k,.., I , ,, ,Q K, L, ma- 5 f 5 M 14. , u 4 , ,,, A, Yi 1, H, 5' 'ii' 1 g,4.,. . ,.: . ,X .W fx., N fwyw. 1 ... v-s.igf ,V 1 . 1 avg 7 a '1 'if ", , s ,,s,,.,'1 ,Q Uryf Y,'m5,,....,- s 6 "HRA . ', .. - 1 . ,aw 6' -. K,-JL.,' 'L ..,,,,.,. ,. ,f41f,'wvf ,J-s A Fa' T '1",1,, A' 2 ,:3,,,,.iw f, HJ? " . ' 1 .,-. .R,,f1,..f '4 ' fx-vu , .. ,, W. . .gag N1-qi .vm ., f f -ff, fkgfjif ' A' If pr- .f,E'wx"fT:zs-H- M V+- F? is ,-bf ,N.?LglA1I .nga-A M-- ,M gm. M 4 4 JE W 'Q ' '. 1, s-L K . K - . ., 2 , K, :sf iff'-,Q ,f v f YW 'Raw Ai. b Q 4g,,,e,h Q xfy A , g5.a:g 'f V Q, ., am X Q ,, .N . 9 , ,x-gt . 'mfs y , .. ,X .L wg. ,., M , :gy 'LW N-'Q-efw w: ii, MK! . z.:.:.:, ,. -Q-if--,AT 055, ' 4, A.: VMS- 6, v,, ' , 4 2 Y, L- - gryqg. A . fx I 'qw ,,,, .v,1. Q..-Q -my f- f'fHr'inoi ,gf ,lg Z ' ','f1f'i I ,fell-f . ' 7 1 k .. .Q .. q-f gy 4, we f ,MW X 'A F. A leziwsf..-.,nQ,,4, jg Wy, X ,. . , .,, . , , , L A -.. , , .,,. ,nf , H .. f A , H .1 1 , -ig . 4 1 .--V X.- 1 4 1 "2 , Q 7 I? V I "Q u-ly? ..:1n.f 2, fi,-41PL.4w I fme play.. Ju Q.-"M I ,fl 1 ij --L , .,,. ., ,!.VO4tTw.! an 4.fL'u1.f J ,I ,df Fifi! Row: 'Eerlin- ski, Mana Oven-ly, l la' " n, Baikm, . Bef- koben, D. l'reisser,' VV. Kaliuk. Second Row: K. Bon- zani, T. Bengel, Costello, Cuido, E. Posati, H. liieh, H. Sarniak, Nlatt- hews. Third Row: Bl. Monte- leone, H. King, Shipley, E. llosati, Armstrong, AI. Coudriet, M. Bell- avia, D. Tirdel, Mr. Peretti. First How: K. Melee, L. Callas, D. Pul- lone, ll. Mort-si, R. Preisenclefer. Seemul Row: L. Col- aianni, Manager, R. Fisher, L. liubin- oslcy, A. Hetone. Mazzei, ll. Stear- man, Marzullo. Third Row: ll. Nlelee R. Creeo, M. To- ney, ll. Laseinski, AI. Marra, Mr. Peretti. r JUNIOR VARSITY lf Arnoldis future in football can be deter- mined by the performance of this yearis JV squad. the prospects are bright, to say the least. The little Lions, under the experienced coaching of Mario Peretti, rolled to an unde- feated season. displaying unmatched aggress- iveness in their contests. Coach Peretti has done an excellent job in developing Arnold's future gridiron material. Theyire scrappy, de- termined and talented. Keep your eye on them! JUNIOR I-IIGII Our junior High Football team. which has been coached by Mr. Mario Peretti for several seasons, is the foundation to a strong varsity team. Each day of their training consists of a rigid routine of fundamentals. Although these boys didnlt participate in any games this season, the training they received will enable them to become one of our future varsity teams. First Row: Mr. L. F. McGuire, Coach, R. Tcrlinski, R. Stuart, N. Cignetti, T. Saska, Zainperini, Mr. R. M. Terlinski, Assistant Coach. Second Row: E. Posati, Manager, Montelcone, Manager, B. Krnacik, Guercione, D. Camp- bcll, Sacripontc, Krnacik, Manager, T. Fannie, Manager. BASKETBALL llcad Coach, L. McGuire Assistant Coach, li. Tcrlinski The 1953-54 edition of Arnold's basketball squad brought a fourth straight WPIAL sec- tion title to our school. Coach McCuire,s fighting squad engaged in a hot struggle for the Section 12 crown throughout the entire season, the outcome being decided only after Arnold had beaten the Tarentum High Red- cats late in the second half of the league cam- paign. Opening defeats at the hands of Ken Hi and Homestead were followed by four convincing victories. After a second loss to Ken Hi, the Lions settled down to take the coveted section crown. Only Tarentum and West Deer were able to defeat the McGuire- men during league play. Upon capturing the 12-A title, the Lions were pitted against Mo- nessen, Section 6 victor, in a iirst round elim- ination game. However, superior height and speed, along with unfailing accuracy by the Greyhounds, proved too much for the Lions, who dropped the contest 58-45. Our coaches and feam deserve 72 Coming tllfilllgll Scmllllmlc' Bringing it clown 'l'wu points "NYl1y fight it?" much credif for fheir excellenf season Q qv, N XR , B? W E f + 5 4355 ' +L 1 g K ' , ' T' ,mf- ff A 255 f M' ff V ,M , cv 1 fa 4 ' 'Q J' as Q., Q ,, 8 Mx xx -, f' ,, .lg sf? 1 W RW ag ,, Q S k ,S 45 K M 4, My , L w . fy Q55 Q - 44 .Wg My S, f,,L X 5 I , 1 fx sporfsmanship. Fight for it! A.H.S. OPP. 47 .......... ...... 39 ...... 63 ....... 56 ....... 50 ,...... 62 ....... 43 ....... 61 ....... 53 ....... 52 ....... 47 ....... 5:3 ....... Homestead Ken Hi ...... Swissvale .. Oakmout Har Brack WilkillSlJllfg Ken High ...... ...... Vandergrift 7 VN est Deer ..... ...... Plum ............ ...... Springdale Tarentum . ...,.. .... . . A.H.S. 69 63 4....... ..... 63 ...4.... ,.... 59 ,....... ..... 4 1 ........ ..,.4 53 ........ ..... 48 ........ ..... 57 ........ ........ 62 63 ,....... ..... 45 .....,.. ..... Leechburg ...... .. Freeport .............. Central Catholic Vandergrift ........ West Deer Plum ............. Springdale ....... Turentum .. Leechburg ....... ..... Freeport ................... Mouesseu fPlay off 75 JUNIOR BASKETBALL AI UNIOH VARSITY First Huw: R. Abel, Martin, D Allen, R. Vareseo, J. Seanga L. Adams. Second Row: Montelone, Mgr. A. Ewing, A. ML-Millan, E Posati, Mgr., T. Kuhn, D Vrudny, T. Fannie, Mgr. IIUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL First Row: R. Shaw, D. Terlinski T. ZU.lllPQI'1l'l1, R. Baiko, E Kondrad, R. Miller. Second Row: E. Migliorisi, -I. Gar- binski, Armstrong, D. Tir- clel, E. Rosati. Third Row: Il. King, M. Zieman- ski, R. Moses, E. Posati, Mgr ,1 Nui" ,fffffzfa ' Experience is fheir password fo fhe varsify squad. .I UNIOR H IGH 28 Stewart ........................ 42 Tarentuln ....... 42 Main Street ....... 41 VVest Deer ...... 25 Fourth Avenue . 50 Natrona ........... 33 Stewart ....... F34 'l1ilI'l'l1llllll ........ F31 Main Street ....... 45 Fourth Avenue ....... ..... 36 Natrona .................................. CVVOI1 6 - Lost 53 lxen 111 .......... ....,.. Hmnestead Swissvalc Oakmont Har Brack VVi1kinsbnr 55 Ken Hi ........,.... ....... Van clergrift XVest Deer Plum ............ .... Springdale Tarentuin .. ..... .. NIAYVEES 41 35 38 16 31 41 33 35 18 32 38 15 38 40 42 43 28 43 17 38 35 24 Leechburg ........ 33 Freeport .................. ...... 1 4 Central Catholic .... ...... I 34 Vandergrift ......... ...... 2 3 VVest Deer ........ ...... 2 9 Plum ............. ...... 1 I3 Springdale ...,.. ...... 2 9 Tarentum ......, ..,... I 33 Leechlmurg ..... ...... 4 0 Freeport ............................ 21 QXVOn 18 - Lost 43 a Nlr. Oliver Phillips Coach BASEBALL J nacik, Mr. Phillips, J, Zamperini, I Conv The diamond sefs fhe scene for fine playing. Diamonds are a school's liest friend Was the cry through the halls of Arnold High School as the '53 hasehall squad completes another successful season. Highlighting the season were wins over Har Brack, Tarentum and East Deer. Most impressive of their Wins was the 12 to 4 massacre of the Tarentum Hed- cats. The Lions then went on to defeat the championship Har Brack Tiger team in a close hard fought game by a 2 to 1 tally. The fact that all the hall players on the current squad are juniors has to an extent insured Arnold High School and Coach O. Phillips of another stellar hall club. Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold .. 4 East Deer ......... . .. 0 New Kensington .. 2 Har Brack ....... . .. 4 Tarentum .. 1 East Deer ...... .. .. 0 New Kensington .. 1 Har Brack ....... . 12 Tarentum First How: T. Corey, R. Pclino, -I. Martin, Sacriponte, H. Abel. Se1:ondRow: J. Krnacik, Manager, I. Zainperini, T. Saska, R. Flemm, T. liocchi Third Row: H. DeValeria, R. Krnacik, H. Schultz, P. DeMao, Mr. O. Phillips. 1 1 11 2 2 4 tlllil -3 3 Nr. George- NIL'L1n1gl1lin Conclu TENNIS Tom Campbell Donald Isuzu Offers fine opporfunifies fo boys and girls. Arnold ...... .... 1 Shadyside Academy The Limfs Tennis Team under the coach- Arnold ...... .... 5 NVilkinsbnrg ............ ing of George C- McLaughlin farecl xvell dm-- ' 7' ' '. J A . L cc xp, Almllfl --"-' --" 1 klblxl lull "" "" 1 ng the 53 season. Hammered bv the loss Arnold ...... ..4. 2 l,21tI'0lJC ....... .... f ' X nl 1' U Ht rl I qt., Arnold 4 Ken Hi o 6XpL1l6,llC.LC payers 111311231 b1.1c111.1111, Arnold 4 Kiski prep the Arnold team lnanaged to upset a lnglily Arnold ...... .... 2 Tru-entum ....,........... touted Kiski Prep Squad. The MCI111l1gl1li11 Arnold ...... .... 1 Slmdyside Academy men then tlarew 21 scare into the Latrobe Afllolfl ------ "-' 2 Latmllfl '-'-"--'4-'-'-'--- netmen who were previonslv the state clunnp- Arnold ...... .... 3 Ken H1 .,... .... i Om ' Arnold ...... .... 2 Tnrentnm .... .... H ' Firsl Hour: T. Cznnplmm-ll, L. Cernso, P. Pnnlick, ll. Bzlrtolzlcei, B. llolste, D. Toney, lf. Snat- Ulll. Scrum! Row: IJ. Isaac, ll. Pznrlick, T. Kuhn, Powers, P. Tnllurico, F. Mnrsico, S. Nelson, D. Berlin-v. magma Y' OUR STORY ENDS H's all over buf fhe memories Aftvr twc-lu' ye-urs XVc finally lllilfll? it At IQISH AN . iv? S 1.5 3 ia, S "W-ui0 V THE AR OLD LIQNS CODE or ETHICS To show my faith in the worthiness of my vocation by industrious application to the end that I may merit a reputation for quality of service. To seek success and to demand all fair remuneration or profit as my just due, but to accept no profit or success at the price of my own self respect lost because of unfair advantage taken or because of questionable acts on my part. To remember that in building up my business it is not necessary to tear down anotherisg to be loyal to my clients or customers and true to myself. Whenever a doubt arises as to the right or ethics of my position or action towards my fellow man, to resolve such doubt against myself. To hold friendship as an end and not a means-To hold that true friendship exists not on account of the service per- formed by one to another, but that true friendship de- mands nothing but accepts service in the spirit in which it is given. Always to bear in mind my obligations as a citizen to my nation, my state, and my community, and to give to them my unswerving loyalty in work, act, and deed. To give them freely of my time, labor, and means. To aid my fellow man by giving my sympathy to those in distress, my aid to the weak, and my substance to the needy. To be careful with my criticisms and liberal with my praise, to build up and not destroy. 80 COMPLIMENTS OF ARNOLD AMERICAN LECION POST 684 I728 Fifth Avenue A ld Pen yl ' ' Ill Num Q X C 4 V WEYSQQQ W X WY IIIH I' AND LADIES AUXILIARY OF POST 684 G UNTRY WE ASSOCIATE OURSEL H MAY THE MEMBERS OF ARNOLD HIGH SCHOOL,S 1954 CRADUATING CLASS BE REMEMBERED AS CONTRIBUTING LASTINC CREDIT TO THEIR SCHOOL, THEIR COMMUNITY AND THEIR COUNTRY. ASSOCIATION OF ALUMINUM SALARIED EMPLOYEES Affiliated with the NATIONAL FEDERATION OF SALARIED UNIONS C. A. Burford ., . . , ,. President W. C. Volz . , ., , lst Vice President M. A. F rabotta ..... .,.,. S ec'y-Treasurer H. A. Hoover . .. .. 2nd Vice President EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Herbert A. Saska Charles F. Heister Charles D. Myers James W. McFerran Andrew Tymoczko john E. May Robert S. Morgan james A. Cullerton 82 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF 1954 1 . SFSDFWY., .. A -r nw- .uf I gg X'i"':':"'ln:-u- W N L S ARNOLD VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT fmw. EE.E N111-S ind- S Md: W, Mich- SIU S N. Y. N. Car. Ohio Pa. Tenn. Va. W. Va. EDWARD M. NEE TRANSFER AND STORAGE 306 Murray Ave. Phone ARNOLD, Pa- EDison 5-1761 83 KEN KAMERA Top Quality Photo Supplies Sz Equipment 1035 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. Compliments of SINGER SEWING MACHINE COMPANY 949 - 5th Ave. New Kensington, Pa. ARNOLD LUIVIBER CO. Fourth Avenue at The Lumber Number Fourteenth Street EDison 7-4700 84 Congratulations Class of 1954 CIGNETTFS MARKET 2919 Leechburg Road New Kensington, Pa BLOSEITS OFFICIAL IEWELERS TO ARNOLD HIGH SCHOOL 960 Fourth Avenue NEW KENSINGTON PENN A. ACE TELEVISION SERVICE ACE ISAAC, prep. "we Service All Mekees' 1602 Kimball Ave. Arnold, Pe. ED 7-8182 85 ROBERT S. RUSIEWICZ FUNERAL HOME Ed. 5-2841 Fifth Avenue' ut Fou1'tf0iith Strvet Arnold, Pu. Th e M74-,au St o re SUAVE. ARNOLD I .729 n R I n PA. EDISON R U G S WM fbfffe RV 5- I 42 l pil PRESCRIPTION PHARMACISTS HERMAN MARTIN CARL MARTIN ERNEST MARTIN H. A. KLINGENSMITH Sz SONS "lf it's HARDWARE we have itv APPLIANCES - PAINTS - SPORTING GOODS 91:2 Fifth Ave. New Kensington, Pa Dial EDis0n 7-4541 86 Compliments of GLENN BUICK CO. VVlien Better Automobiles Are Built, Buick WVill Build Them 710 Fifth Ave. New Kensington, Pa. Z5 CLEANING SERVICES 408 8951. NEW KENSINGTON PHONE ED. 7-650I i A, YE,-1.1 'ZH-gifpnx Y 5-1. SHOES AND I-IOSIEPIY FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY LUUISQ SHOE STGRE 1715 Fifth Avenue EDison - 7-8151 Arnold, Pa. 'S EICH MOTOR DODGE - PLYMOUTH DEALERS DEPENDABLE USED CARS NEW KENSINGTON At The Bridge OAKMON T TARENTUM NO UNSICHTLY MONUMENTS GREEN WOOD MEMORIAL PARK Route 51, Leechburg Road 322-23 Logan Bank Building New Kensington, Pa. "A Cemetery Yet a Garden Spot of Beauty" Serving The Allegheny-Kiski Valley EDison 7681 After the Game Follow the Crowd to- lACOB'S ICE CREAM PARLOR We make our own ice cream and is it good!! 1701 Fifth Ave 1111 e Arnold, Pa 88 Congratulations Class of ,54 FISCUS INSURANCE AGENCY 1614 Ffth A Amold, Pa. COMPLIMENTS OF FEDERATION OF CLASS CERAMIC AND SILICA CLASS WORKERS OF AMERICA C. I. O. Local No. 17 ARNOLD PENNSYLVANIA ARNOLD TYPEWRITER sf SUPPLY Co. Sales and Services 1611 F'fth A ED56250 89 Compliments of TONYS BAR AND GRILL 510 NlcCandless St. Arnold, Pa Congratulations BELLI MOTOR CO. Dealers of DESOTO 1330 Fifth Avenue PLYMOUTH Arnold Compliments of COMMUNITY SUPER MARKETS SHOP AND SAVE Located at ARNOLD and UNITY Compliments of Fig xi gp RX ycezllgaglfx A U X X . he Ot Good Luck to you Arnold Graduates from the SOCIETA, FEMMINILE UMBRIA Congratulations Class of ,54 NOVOTNY AUTO BODY Phone EDison 5-2451 24-Hour Towing CEORGE ELIAS IKE MILLER IIM ELIAS ED 7-6178 ED 5-6424 ED 5-6125 For Fine Cakes and Pastries Visit POTTER,S BAKERY ARNOLD, PA. Corner Kenneth Avenue and Drey Street Congratulations Class of '54 FRANKQS CLOVER FARM STORE "Thrift Plus Satisfactionv 1425 Fifth Ave. For Free Delivery, Phone EDison 5-8251 91 Congratulations Class of 1954 TURNER BOOK STORE COMMERCIAL STATIONERS Office Supplies, Stationery, Gifts, Greeting Cards and Engraving 919 Fifth Avenue Phone EDis0n 7-6711 Compliments of PENN TRANSIT OO. NEW KENSINGTON, PA Say It With Flowers REO'S FLOWER SHOP Everything in Flowers 1607 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. Phone EDison 7-6461 The Store of Fashions 92 Congratulations from W. R. GOTT ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES FURNITURE AND RUGS Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. JOHNSTON HARDWARE CO. PLUMBING AND HEATING Sales and Service Pittsburgh Plate Glass Paints 1034 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. Congratulations Class of 1954 FORWARD AMERICA LODGE 127 of Italian sans and Daughters of America Arnold Pennsylvania CONGRATULATIONS BEARER ELECTRIC 81 SUPPLY CO. NEW KENSINGTON, PA. 93 CORDON'S WHOLESALE Drugs - Notions - Candies - School Supplies - Cigars - Hosiery Cigarettes - GENERAL MERCHANDISE - Tobaccos 1521 Woodmont Avenue Phone ED 5-6911 ' FAMOUS FOR ITALIAN TOMATO PIE Only Kind in the Valley P. 81 M. PIZZERIA LEFTY AND MOONEY, Props. EDison 9-9177 Arnold, Pa. SHEHAB MOTOR SALES INC. 421 Freeport St. New Kensington, Pa. ARNOLD SUPER CLEANERS WE CLEAN CLOTHES CLEANER All Work Done In Our Own Plant CARL GENTILE FRANK "Peggy" NELSON Phone EDison 5-5411 1805 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. 94 Congratulations Class of 1954 CONTO'S MARKET Drey Street Phone EDis0n 5-3904 Arnold, Pa Compliments of THE ARNOLD DRUG STORE 1707 - 5th Avenue Phone EDison 7-6508 Arnold, Pa MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS and SUPPLIES COOPER BROS. "Music and Art Center" 810 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa Compliments of AL'S TELEVISION RADIO Dumont - Admiral RCA - Stromberg Carlson 1706 Fifth Ave. EDison 5-1961 APPLIANCE Arnold, Pa 95 KELLER ELECTRIC COMPANY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR AND DEALER Fifth Avenue at Eighth Street Phone EDison 7-3597 New Kensington, Pa. Congratulations Class of 1954 SOCIETA OPERAIA UMBRIA 1714-16 Third Avenue Arnold, Pa. YUIII A 'iff 523 1 like- O g ..1t I Jt... O Izkes ga ii i I O if YGU 1510 - 3rd Ave. ED 5-7321 Congratulations Class of '54 DONATIQS SERVICE STATION GULF IS YOUR BEST BET 1610 Freeport Road Phone EDison 9-9275 96 1 i CENTRAL DRUG STORES "Friendly Hometown Service NEW KENSINGTON, PA. 1702-04 F ift Compliments of WARRINCTON'S 5 81 10 Your Friendly Self-Service Variety Store h Avenue Arnold, Pu OPEN EVENINCS When You Think Of Insurance Think Of: JOHN W. HUNGER AND DONALD H. HUNGER "Your Friends And Neighborsy' ARNOLD BUILDER'S SUPPLY Hardware 61 Paints Plumbing CSI Heating Steel Sash Sz Glass Office 61 Yard-2032 KIMBALL AVENUE Phone EDison 7-6586 97 IDEAL CLEANING CO. 1soosT1NG CLASS OF '54 COMPLIMENTS OF ITALIAN AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY LODGE 119 Affiliated With The Italian Sons And Daughters of America 1801-03 Fourth Ave. ARNOLD PENNSYLVANIA MEADOW COLD DAIRIES, INC. 1240 Fourth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. "Quality Dairy Prodnctsi' Phone EDison 7-7635 98 Famous Fashions for - - - - . . . for style Juniors . I I llefmdn A . Mlm . . . for quality The Fashion First Store lvomm' . . . for SCIVICC Chijdrw, at the Right Prices Congratulations Class of '54 SUZY'S SODA GRILL "Where the Gang Loves to Mvetv BEATHICF, HANLON, Prop. Corner of Orchard ISI Drey St. Phone Ellison 9-9439 THE KEYSTONE DAIRY CU. QUALITY PRoDUc:Ts Dairy Store EDison 7-3569 329 Sixth Avenue lY1011f1'fJS6 I-3020 Congratulations - Seniors CAETANO PILATI FRATERNAL AID of Columbian Federation 1435 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. 99 We BUY and SELL USED CARS IEROME MOTOR COMPANY OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC SAFETY TESTED USED CARS Corner of Fourth Ave. and Eighth Street Phone Edison 7-4563 New Kensington, Pa. MEYER 81 IOHNSTON CO. SHEET METAL WORKS AIR CONDITIONING - HEATING - ROOFING INDUSTRIAL SHEET METAL WORK 1901 Kenneth Avenue and 1501 4th Avenue ARNOLD, PA. Phone EDison 5-1117 61 Phone EDison 5-6206 Best Wishes From The DEFELICE and FRABOTTA'S ARNOLD FLOWER SHOP "Fashions in F lowersv 1727 Fifth Avenue . EDison 5-466.1 Arnold, Pa. 160 NAMEY BROTHERS HOME DAIRY DISTRIBUTOR DAIRY VENDING MACHINES We Make Home Made Ice Cream 1001 2nd Avenue New Kensington, Pa. EDison 7-4581 LAWRENCE A. FISOUS CERTIFIED GEMOLOGIST Registered Jeweler American Gem Society Accredited Gem Laboratory 969 Fourth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. EDison 7-3411 Compliments of L U No. 302 UNITED STEELWORKERS OF AMERICA 1049 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. 101 NEW KEN SINCTON TYPEWRITER COMPANY 931 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pennsylvania I. S. DeSIMONE Phones EDison 7-3525 BI 7-3526 Our Compliments STEVE CIPOLLA COAL and GENERAL HAULINC Congratulations Seniors FEDERATION FIGLI DI COLOMBO COUNCIL NO. 47 1620 Fourth Ave. Congratulations Class of 1954 LONCOBS MARKET Corner Orchard Avenue - Drey Street ARNOLD, PA. 1.02 Compliments ALLEOHENY VALLEY INDUSTRIAL UNION COUNCIL NEW KENSINGTON, PA. MILLER BROS. SHOES 908 Fifth Avenue N W Kensingtonls Largest Shoe Store c:oMP1,1MENTs HECKER'S SERVICE STATION Corner of Richmond St. and Freeport Road Congratulations Class of ,54 Phone EDison 9-9274 103 Compliments of NORTH STREET SERVICE STATION A 1111 Penna. R S , RECORD CENTER Nfw www I I in TP R6YCO1SdS YOUI' CTIOICG Y Y Lrii STORET AR-KEN PLUMBING Sz HOME SUPPLY 1606 Fifth Avenue -- Arnold, Pa. NO IOB TOO BIC - NO IOB T00 SMALL Pl mbing, Paint 51 Hardware EDison 7-4311 COMPLIMENTS NU-KEN CANDY AND OICAR CO. 647 Fifth Avenue Phone EDison 7-8821 104 MCMILLEN - SPEER COMPANY Age Craft Aluminum Awnings Keystone Aluminum Windows - Doors Season-All Casement Windows - Doors 1720 5th Aye. Arnold, Pa. EDison 5-1751 Your neighbor bought from us, why don't you? TUM TANNAS CITY CLERK CITY OF ARNOLD Dial EDison 7-3481 LARRY MUDD'S TV and APPLIANCES Hallicrafters Quality 1700 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Penna. 105 ir BURRELL CONSTRUCTION AND SUPPLY COMPANY ir TIERNEY,S CLEANING, PRESSINC, REPAIRINC "lf It Can Be Done, Weill Do It" MEN'S SUITS MADE TO ORDER Free Delivery 1533 5th Ave Arnold, Pa. Phone ED. 5-5861 Compliments of C IT Y N E W S 1730 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. Magazines - Toys - Games -Fishing Tackle W Congratulations Class of 1954 Qullln CARBONATED BEVE AGES Fora Flavorful L Treat I l Tha! Can'l Be sean For Better Men's Wear I H l CITY BOTTLING CO. 954 5th Ave- 1822 5th Ave. SAM LOMBARDO, Mgr. 107 L pl' . f GROTTESE WOMENQS ASSOCIATIGN 1905 L h A ARNOLD PA C pl f GRGTTESE MENQS ASSOCIATION 1905 L h A ARNOLD, PA. 108 TABBYQS CLASS SHOP AUTO, PLATE, WINDOVV CLASS INSTALLED 1329 Fourth Avenue Phone: EDison 7-3321 Compliments of IOHN C. DONAHER FUNERAL HoME 1369 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. PRAHA CAFE GOOD FOOD OF ALL KINDS 1724-26 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. Compliments of MANZELLA FUNERAL HOME 1509 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa 109 BEST WISHES from THE CITY OF R Mayor .A Director Accounts 6: Finances Director Streets 6: Public Improvements ....., Director Parks 61 Public Property ,......, Director Public Safety , City Clerk . City Solicitor .. City Controller , ., City Engineer Chief of Police ., OLD M. F. Horne I Alfred Colaianni Edward Alfonso . ,. Frank Gigler . Louis Bruncsak Torn Tannas Andrew Romito Theodore Cappone P. I. Malick George Seigart A PROGRESSIVE CITY OF PROGRESSIVE PEOPLE. 110 Congratulations to The Senior Class of 1954 and the Arnold School System AMERICAN WINDOW CLASS COMPANY PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Marmfacturers of fine window glass and specialty glass products since 1899 III PATRONS Dr. L. C. Ceraso Dr. F. A. Viggiano Berkevs Clothing Store Dr. D. A. Marini Andrew A. Rolnito Dr. H. YV. Thomas New Kensington Art Memorial Lombardo Kaiser-Frazer Co. Valos P. Louis DeRose Bellomo's Market Guzzfs Shoe Repair Dr. E. F. Stevens Iozziis Market joe Cattois Shoe Repair Helen Kido Pearl Kahacinski Tallarico Shoe Repair Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Bianco Eddie joe Sarniakis Market Bongfs Market Dr, M. Tanner Dr. Soroka Cuilianils Market Haduchis Hat Cleaning Ca1npbell,s Grill Nicastro,s Market Nader's Bar Sanfs Tavern F alsettfs Orlando Lisciarelli Patsy fPatj Rich Milton Klein DeMao,s Inn New Kensington News Service Weisz Shoe Repair T. Cappone Compliments of UKRAINIAN CITIZENS CLUB Corner of 4th Avenue ZS! 14th St. Arnold, Pa. 1 , ,ll . AN A H . S nd overseas., LEONARD F. PALETTA .' A F Me - 0 J on Travel Bureau A you can depen X 1230-5th Ave., New Kensington Pa 4, ,i:,"' D Ammvs ED 9-9604 "Never A smite Charge M 'RMS won AFRICA ' ASM l U.S.A. - EUROPE -l Real Estate - Insurance - Mortgages 2 A N- I - X.: 1' .ue-2 . -'VF 4 - I " ., .. V, 5. 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