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I ii 2 K s 5 s 2 3 sf li , nnmznm 1 f N. .wgm 1 - gm.- W -,.-...m....w....v..., . 1.37 .4 ,,,,,...,,.,. . - L 7- .12 O 7 A THE-1953 ARLlON 1 I I n ARNOLD HIGH SCHOOL ARNOLD, PA. RLIDN Ak Idg CI Std N K gi DlyDp1h Al C p yfA CP IEQ QC P Y PUBLISHED IN NINETEEN HUNDRED FIFTYA-THREE 2 T , NOLD HIGH SCHOOL, LOCATED AT ARNO 3 M- WM., .. ,A gp lil Q. ,Q .. We Miz-.zf A ,MW S 3 . V. L mx, F 21, K ' ,W 'm"ff'fm.: . W " 'M'-mzwm .... f A X W.. K , ,M,f5wM'5 mvfw .F xy , , wmv' Q X w""'v LIFE AT ARNOLD HIGH SCHOOL HE most important part of our life at Arnold High School is in the classroom, preparing the students for their future life. This year our school system has been benefited by a new addition to the school building. New class rooms and a wonderful gymnasium have made things possible that were only dreams before. An activity per- iod has added a new something to our school life that had been missing in the past years. Our athletic showing this year was one of the best in many years. An inexperienced football squad made a very good showing in B competition. Our basketball squad went into the WPIAL elimination. Life at Arnold High School can be very beneficial to each one of us if we work and cooperate with our teachers to make it so. CLASSES . ACTIVITIES . ATHLETICS Page 8 Page 46 Page 64 5 FOREWORD We, the members ot the Arlion Staff, present to you, the student body, this yearbook as a last- ing record of our school days. A variety of occupations lay ahead for us, but we all want to remember our school days. Some of you will go to college, some will join the service of our coun- try, some will get married, and the rest will enter many other fields of work. To those of you who have years left in school, enioy them and make the most of them. To the seniors we want to say, "Good luck in the future." We hope you will enjoy this book now, as well as in the years to come. What does the future hold for our seniors? I I I A. 4., ,ffffkfrx X, K ,, 'QM Tx X f-A ..':'r'gxny,.QmQ1 z-53 'X Q . ew' f egfwf -,, Q. fm Q-'cfm 1233 1' fi. 5,5 ' L L, S. 32 ,. ,Z 1. ':",r?w'9 "X F3f.f3T'?lZ Milf' C559 f ,iff -C ',.'jf', '. fl, iw.. HE . .M . 5 A U ,-.2174 X551 ,T - .A Q 3i.f-,,:Y?:.,gz: JW- V1 1-.764 f :wif , ' 5-. vs-.,,,fLi,a,y xi ,, . rj CX NJSQJW' """" -1,- 411: N- '.,,,q,-w,,g', ,.,, i,:,. ef ,, -K . :U ,JE yigihggfifu V Q xy? - if iii! ,ig +1 y?i,,g,.., ESL? -pf.- 2?-1 rw 5 f f' une. .,-:.:5 ,1 1g1j',.f.vffg,,. H1 il. O Another of the possibilities for many is i 5 iii 1-Ji? x .v wi 432m fFf4"Yfi' :gi 135 E35 E 1 '11 153 Qi if . P2 ' TF M" 4 Ng si 5 .--.:,T.-..... Hz-.-T-, N 7 L v 4 i . f""ak ABOUT OUR 5 , was A N A Mft Likl., , . -5: CLASSMATES . FRIENDS . TEACHERS 9 Jae Emo! O! gylfaccafiolfz, - "Y iff A. Bianco D. Flocker J. Hollick E. Humeniuk W. Massaro F. Meyer N. Pallone G. Vairo A. Romito OFFICERS PRESIDENT ,......................,..,... EDMUND HUMENIUK VICE-PRESIDENT ...,... SECRETARY .......,....,... TREASURER ........,.... SCHOOL SOLICITOR DOMINICK FLOCKER GERALDINE VAIRO ........ FRANCIS MEYER ANDREW ROMITO THE FOUNDATION OF OUR SCHOOL The School Board is a group com- posed of men all of whom are interested in the welfare and progress of the stu- dents of Arnold High School. They clearly realize the importance of an ade- quate educational system in our com- munity. Theirs is the problem of settling many of the questions that arise in the operations of a school system. With the addition to the new Orchard Avenue building their iob is even larger and more difficult than in previous years. Along with the pleasures that the new addition affords us it also brings to the administration many new problems. The Board guides the students with patience, wisdom, and iudgment that can only come from hours of careful con- sideration. They are doing an important iob in shaping the future of the students enrolled in Arnold High School. The Board of Education is always behind the students in their every move- ment. The Board members are staunch supporters of all student activities. The entire school body is indebted to this group of interested Arnold citizens. Their one aim is to provide the students with the education necessary to mold them into the future leaders of our country. oayoerinlfenafenlf GENTLE IN MANNER, STRONG IN DEED H. D. BERKEY Indiana State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh CLASS OF 1953: You as citizens of the United States have inherited an incredible fortune in the form of a free country for which you must pay the price of eternal vigilance. Yours is the challenge to preserve for future generations and to relinquish eventually to them this nation still bearing its emblem of freedom. May the scribe who pens your story write of the mem- bers of your class that they have lived well, not only true to the principles of right and justice, but also faithful to their country and their fellow men. Always for posterity this world presents a challenge. 'I'I 1 Your commencement in 1953 means the real beginning of your chance in the world. Some young people express the pessimistic opin- ion that i"we are out of luck. We have nothing to look forward to but the war that is not a war. We can't practice our vocations, begin our careers or make plans for the future. It looks as though we are the unfortunate generation." Quite a large number of people seem to agree with this thought. In the Book of Hebrews are the words, "By faith Abraham went out, not knowing whither he went." He could not see the future anymore than we can. Life was uncertain and insecure for him, too. Two and a half centuries ago a handful of colonists on the New England coast managed to dig out a living from a grudging, rocky soil. A man who reached the age of forty- OUR rincryoa H. H. SINGER Carnegie Institute of Technology University of Pittsburgh tive was old. A woman who lived to forty was considered lucky and if half her children did not die before the age of four, the mother was for- tunate. ln contrast to the conditions of living during Abraham's time, or even during the early history of our own thirteen colonies, our lives- even with the cold war in Korea, is pretty good. Take hope in the fact that we are better off today than persons in those times. Be patient- do not plan pessimistically for evil days but have faith that your generation will also have its share of the "good life." In the past, Faith has taught men to live by intangible things. Misty words like honor, love, loyalty, trust and hope give glory and dignity to human existence. Those words can be shining beacons for you in 1953-set your compasses by them that your life may be full and abundant., FRIENDS GUIDES AND HELPERS 'l QE, 9' if 1 x ' gf' x 1 A V" N I . D , u .AX N :B . QW fl J ' ' ji Q' ' L! lf 6554 fcmlf Qfincapa J. J. PALLONE Indiana State Teachers College University of Pifisburgh Pennsylvania State College Proud of the new addition io The school. 'I3 MCMA? Edward F. Bornscheuer University of Pittsburgh Margaret O. Caldwell Grove City College English Clara Jo Colaianni Indiana State Teachers College Shorthand, Office Practice 1' ,N Kg. -1 Q. - .klwfll Joseph J. Deda University of Pittsburgh Science, Geography Rosemary Fitzgerald Grove City College Plane Geometry, Solid Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry I I4 YOU HAVE CROWNED US WIT ii irginia A. Bushnell Pennsylvania College for Women Latin, Journalism, Public Speaking ,AJ pf , K Vdbljg-1,-,L Jean Clark Indiana State Teachers College English Ruth E. Cribbs Indiana State Teachers College Bookkeeping, Tying, Business Correspondence AM Dorothy Ferrante Seton Hill College General Music, Music Appreciation, Junior and Senior High Choir William Hajel Edinboro State Teachers College Mathematics, English l I ML THE GIFT Brooks Kuhn Slippery Rock State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh General Shop, Science Anna listwuk Carnegie Institute of Technology Foods, Household Chemistry lawrence F. McGuire Carnegie Institute of Technology, University of Pittsburgh Mathematics, Drafting, Problems of Democracy I , 1 i Jean l. Menk Indiana State Teachers College Art Albert G. Moses 1 Duquesne University 9 Band F 'Ib J' I . O F K N , , -f?K1fyf?,'l! OWLEDGE Cgddftky Josephine Lecnar Misericordia College English W rank Marlin St. Vincent College World History, Pennsylvania History George C. Mcluughlin Wayneslourg College, University of Pittsburgh Biology, Physics, Chemistry Margaret M. Morrison Grove City College Typing, Salesmanship Milton Klein Duquesne University Government, Problems of Democracy, . S. tor , 0XL X l5 ,W A Q .ig Y YOU HAVE HELPED US IN THE PAST tu, on Zig l f Leonard F. Paletta Frank Pgllone l Duquesne University V2 St. Francis College, English, Commercial Law Pennsylvania State College English, Business Mathematics Bookkeeping Mario L. Peretti University of Pittsburgh, Wittenberg College Algebra, Science alter M. Salcalulc Indiana State Teachers College, University of Pittsburgh Driver Education Alex Tannas Mercer University Civics, Pennsylvania History, World History Doris Thompson - indiana State Teachers College Clothing, Related Art '16 Oliver J. Phillips University of Chattanooga Health, Physical Education i Ruth A. Sipes Slippery Rock State Teachers College Algebra, Senior Mathe Robert M. Terlinski Indiana State Teachers University of Pittsburgh Geography Nicholas A. Ventura Carnegie lnstituate of Technology, Duquesne University Mathematics, History, il matics College Science flf' TO HELP OURSELVES IN INEZ WALLIS Pennsylvania College for Women University of Pittsburgh English, History , BQWQMQLW HENRY SCHIMPF University of Pittsburgh Machine Shop DR. L. C. CERASO Bucknell University Temple University School Physician M ROSE NEVINS Junior High Secretary PATRICIA SCOTT WELSH Michigan State College Health, Physical Education THE FUT X FRANCES TANNAS, R. N. Nursing School Martin's Ferry, Ohio School Nurse DR. E. J. STEVENS University of Pittsburgh School Dentist JEAN STEPANO Senior High Secretary b 1 'I7 I 'ut Y my Y x 0Maw,v -I X, OW Wommfa Q 5 siuimszssa V5 ISIYQS l9?D2l 2532425262729 The S.O.S. Club hard at work. Pc? and Ronnie, our king and queen. Fuiure Lili Duches. This is school? Right ihere on the map. 18 enior OMCWJ PRESIDENT J. Shamey VICE-PRESIDENT J. Daher SECRETARY L. Gallo TREASU RER L. Szoch ADVISERS Mr. A. Tannas Miss C. Colaianni Seated: Mr. A. Tannas, J. Shamey, Miss C. Colaianni. Standing: L. Gallo, J. Daher, L. Szoch Some Real Senior Boosters C4155 0 7 953 A lt has arrived at last, our final year. Twelve years ago we started our journey through school as timid first graders, however, it wasn't until we were freshmen that we elected our first class officers and selected class ad- visers. That was the year during which, as part of our first money-making efforts, we held the "Gypsies' .lam- boree" and sponsored magazine sales. The next year found us sophomores, now oflficially members of Senior High School, with our dance, "Western Roundup" con- tinuing our reputation for unusual themes. The next year, our iunior year, was our big year, this was prom year. Having a prom means raising money. To make money we sold hot dogs and coffee at the football games while the girls and a few boys were never seen without a box of candy to sell. ln addition to this, proceeds from our dance, "The Clod-Hopper Jump" and our first ap- proach tothe arts, "Knee Deep in Trouble," increased our ever-growing treasury. 'A bake sale added more funds and despite all our hardships we took in enough to hold our prom at the lovely Webster Hall, where we danced to the music of Buddy Lee. This year, our senior year, climaxes our twelve years as a class. A second plunge into the theater, "A Stranger in the Night" proved a success while "The Mistletoe Whirl," our last dance, came at the start of the gay holiday season. The Senior Banquet held in March, our last activity as a class before Commencement, took place at Serventi's. Behind us lie our memories of the golden days of our school life, bright with laughter and filled with pleas- ant activities. Ahead of us await Baccalaureate and Commencement, and then, our future. May our future be as happy as our past. 'I9 endow REGIS AFTANAS Academic "Rex" Aspires to be a musician . . . Pals around with Teddy . . . Wonder- ful sense of humor. Latin Club, Jr. Historians, Or- chestra, Jr. Dance Committee. CONNIE IRENE BAIKO General "C. B." Talkative . .. Enioys dancing . . . Wants to be famous. Broadcaster, Dramatics Club, Sr. Dance Committee. JANEANN BARRETT Commercial "Jay" Neat . . . Good worker . . . Pleas- ant Future librarian Runs around with Theresa and Marie Ann. J.C.C., Arlion Staff, Library. RICHARD BECKER Commercial "Rich" Quiet .. . Seen driving a Chevy Likes to work with cars Will loin Marines after graduation. WE'LL F "'.g s-QQ IND A WAY SCIPIONE ALCIBADE Academic "Skip" Wants to be an Electronic En- gineer Belongs to the Scoop- ers . .. Always seen with Cal and Buzzy Good natured. Choir, Jr. Historians, Latin Club, Basketball Manager, Prom Com- mittee, Choir Dance Committee. HAZEL LEE BAILEY Commercial "Hazel" Quiet Friendly . . . Smile for everyone Wants to travel. Tri-Hi-Y, S.O.S., Jr. Historians, Jr. Play Cast, Sr. Play Committee. WILLIAM BECHOSKY Vocational "BiIl" Hails from St. Joseph's Doesn't have much time for girls . . . Future Machinist. ANTHONY BELLAVIA Vocational "Bell" lntends- to be a Mechanic . . . Quiet . . . Shy with girls Rides around in gray car. Choir. ORMAKEONE MARIE ANN BELOT Commercial "Marie Ann" Quiet type Seen but not heard Her hobby is photog- raphy Pals around with Terese and Janeann. Tri-Hi-Y, .l.C.C. HOWARD WARREN BILBIE Vocational "Sonny" Likes to work with cars . .. Aims to be a mechanic Goes steady with Elnora. JAMES CLETUS BISHOP Academic "Jim" Headed for Navy .. . lntends to be a Civil engineer Belongs to the Scoopers Loafs at Jacobs' with Doug and Eddie. Latin, Student Council, Key Club, Jr. Historian. EDWARD ROBERT BOLLINGER Commercial "Boxoh Navy-bound Belongs to the Scoopers . . . Doug and Jimmy are his friends Interest lies in Ken Hi. eniom DOLORES ANN BENGEL Commercial "Doe" Friendly Active Peppy cheerleader . .. Wants to be a sec- retary. J.C. C., Jr. Red Cross, F. H.A., Broadcaster, Cheerleader, S. O. S., Jr. Historian, Jr. Play Cast, Soph., Jr., and Sr. Dance Committees, Sr. Play Committee, Prom Committee. SALLY ELEANORA BILBIE Commercial "Sal" Petite . . . Likes to listen to popu- lar music . . . Will be a secretary. Tri-Hi-Y, J.C. C., Jr. Red Cross. DIANA MAE BOHY Commercial "Di" Giggles Likes to draw Wants to marry and be a commer- cial artist. GILDA BONINCONTRO Commercial "Jill" Laughs a lot Toils at local 5 81 I0 Likes to sew Wants to travel. J.C.C., Broadcaster, F.H.A. eniom EVELYN BORTZ Commercial "Evie" Quiet Likes to read Wants to succeed in 'future plans. J.C.C., Tips for Teens. LOUIS CALVANESE Academic "Cal" Brawny Nice black wavy hair Scooper Fish is his main interest His future plans are college and the service. Student Council, Jr. Historian, Choir, Band, Football, Sophomore, Junior and Senior Dance Commit- lee. HELEN ANN CAPO Commercial "Bebe" Wants to travel Laughs a lot Likes tan Fords Baby-sits a lot . . . Always with Al and Jo. F. H. A., Choir, Prom Committee. SAMUEL CASTORINA Vocational "Sam" Swell personality . . . Wavy hair Friendly . . . Plans to be a ma- chinist. Choir, Football Manager, Prom Committee. 22 EUGENE L. BROWN Vocational "Gunga Din" Small package of dynamite Likes to make tools Wants to be a machinist. ROBERT CHARLES CAMPBELL Academic "Fritz" Joker Proud of his car Scooper . .. Plans to join the Navy. Key Club, Football, Jr. Play Cast. THERESA JEAN CAPONE Commercial "Terese" Funloving . . . Seen with Jane- ann and Marie Ann .. . Likes to eat . .. Wants to be a bank clerk. J.C.C., Jr. Red Cross, Arlion, Library, Prom Committee. THEODORE CLISTA Academic "Ted" Quiet Friendly lntelli- gent . . . His future is in electronics. . CLARA COSTANZA Commercial "Cla" Friendly Likes to dance Would like to be a singer. J. C. C., Senior Dance Commit- tee. V ROSEMARY COSTELLO Academic "Roe" Hails from Stewart Giggles Likes to roller skate Lee's cousin Plans to be a lab-tech- nician. Latin Club, Dramatics Club, Jr. Historian, Sr. Play Committee. PETER A. D'ARGENZIO Academic "Pete" Plays a mean trombone . . . Proud of his Buick . . . Plans to make music his career. Latin Club, Choir, Band, Orches- tra, Soph., Jr., and Sr. Dance Com- mittee. JOSEPH DAYLIDA Academic "Buzzy" Swell personality . . . Scooper Nice build Future with Uncle Sam. Choir, Football, Basketball, Fresh- man, Sophomore, and Junior Presi- dent. .L JOSEPH COSTANZA Commercial "Junior" Lively Collects baseball pic- tures Wants to play baseball. Choir. JAMES DAHER Academic "Jimmy" Active . . . Smart dresser . . . Plans to be an engineer . . Scooper. Latin Club, Student Council, Key Club, Jr. Historianf Football, Bas- ketball, Jr. Play Cast, Sr, Play Committee, Prom Committee, Sr. Class Vice-President. PRISCILLA DAVIS Commercial "Prissy" Sociable . .. Good humored Dreamer Spends leisure time listening to music Future sec- retary. Tri-Hi-Y. LOUIS DeFELlCES Academic "Lou" Nice Smile .. . Friendly . . . Likes to play basketball and dance. Basketball. 23 om of 7 953 50455 of 7953 SANDRA LEE DOUTT Academic "Sandy" One of our taller girls Tal- ented artist Wants to be a nurse. Jr. Red Cross, Latin, Dramatics Club, Jr. Historian, Choir, Jr. Play Committee, Sr. Play Cast, Fresh- man, Sophomore, and Junior Dance Committee. ROBERT JOSEPH FICCA Academic "Ficca" Wonderful trumpet player . . . Likes to dance Wants to be a musician. Latin, Jr. Historian, Choir, Or- chestra, Prom Committee, Band President. PAT FLAHERTY Academic "Trich" Shy . .. Sports-minded Ccl- lects records Would like to be a millionaire. Broadcaster, Basketball. RONALD HEALEY Vocational "Ron" One ot the shop boys .. . Likes to work with hot rods . . . Plans to be an aeronautical engineer. . MARGARET ELKIN Academic "Peggy" One of our Cheerleaders . . . Likes to write letters Wants to be happy. Arlion, Broadcaster, S. O. S. Club, Cheerleader, Jr. Play Cast, Sr. Play Committee, Jr. and Sr. Dance Com- mittee. MARY AGNES FISHER Commercial "Fish" Snappy head maiorette . . . Cal's her man . . . Everyone's friend. J. C. C., Arlion, Maiorettes, Sr. Dance Committee, Prom Commit- tee. LOIS GALLO Commercial "Lo" Quiet . .. Tiny ... Neat . .. Will work as a bookkeeper. Jr. Red Cross, S. O. S. Club, Jr. Play. Committee,-lr. ...Dance Com- mittee, Senior Class Secretary. FRED CLARK HUTTER Academic "Clarkie" Hot Rod Talkative Likes the girls , . . Wants to own a night- club in Paris. Broadcaster, Hobby, Football, Jr. Play Committee. 24 eniom RELDA MAE JOHNSON Commercial-Home Ec. "Ronnie" Wonderful friend .. . Sincere . . . Likes to attempt new things and ideas Hopes for cn happy fu- ture. J. C.C., Broadcaster, Dramatics, Sr. Play Cast. ELNORA KIMBER Academic "El" Never has much to say . . . Wants to be a housewife. Jr. Red Cross, Latin, Choir. MARY CATHERINE KOSSICK Commercial "Mary Kay" Helpful Likes a good time Likes to dance Wants to be a secretary. Tri-Hi-Y, J.C.C., Jr. Red Cross, Broadcaster, Sr. Play Committee. THERESA STELLA KRASON Commercial "Terry" Always talking ... Enioys a good ioke . . . Likes to dance . . . Always seen with Connie, Sha, and Fran. Dramatics Club, Jr. Historian. 25 SHIRLEY MARIE JOHNSTON Commercial-Home Ec. "Shirl" Sociable Nice wardrobe Spends time horseback riding Would like to be an airline hos- tess. J.C.C., Jr. Red Cross, Broad- caster, Student Council, Dramatics Club, Tips for Teens, Jr. Play Cast, Sr. Play Cast, Prom Committee. MICHAEL JOSEPH KNOSKY Academic "Mike" Full of fun . . . Often seen driv- ing his Buick Plans to go to college. Latin, Choir, Football, Jr. Play Cast, Prom Committee. FRANCES LINDA KRASON Commercial "Fran" Talkative .. . Always has a good time . .. Likes to skate Wants to be a beautician. J.C.C., Dramatics Club, Jr. His- torian, Jr. Play Cast, Sr. Dance Committee. BEVERLY JOYCE KUNISH Commercial "Bev" Sociable Speaks when spok- en to Sparkling green eyes . . . Reading takes up her spare time .. . Future is to be a medical sec- retory. Tri-Hi-Y, J. C.C., Tips for Teens, Choir, Sr. Dance Committee. MARLENE KUZMICK Commercial "Mar" Quiet Pals around with Flo Likes to dance Pleosing smile. Tri-Hi-Y, J. C. C., Tips for Teens. MICHAEL LAMENDOLA Commercial "Mike" Real livewire Always seen and heard .. . Likes to dance Will take music in college. Jr. Historians, Choir, Bond, Or- chestra, Basketball, Baseball, Sr. Dance Committee, Prom Commit- tee. JOSEPH E. LEAH Academic "Buddy" lntelligent type Everybody's pal Drives a gray truck Fond of his dog, Rusty Likes to hunt and fish Headed for State Police. Student Council, Key Club, Jr. Historians, Sr. Dance Committee. MARLENE LIGOON Commercial "Mar" Proves good things come in small packages . . . Lionette . . . Pleasant smile . . . Wants to be a good housewife. J. C. C., Jr. Red Cross, S.O.S., Majorettes, Sr. Dance Committee, Prom Committee. i ., Y. endow 26 CHARLES LAMENDOLA Commercial "Chas" Good worker Mike's twin . . . likeable Nice curly hair . lndustrious. Sr. Dance Committee. LORETTA ANN LAZUR Academic "Lettie" Quiet Enioys baking Often seen in her Pontiac .. . De- sires to be a iournailst Nice smile. Tri-Hi-Y, Broadcaster, Latin, Jr. Historians, Jr. and Sr. Play Com- mittees. MARLENE LEBERT Academic "Shortie" Small package of wit Friend- ly . .. A high-stepping head ma- iorette . . . Wants to be a nurse ... Enioys swimming and dancing. Maiorettes, Jr. Play Committee, Sr, Play Committee, Prom Com- mittee, Arlion. DOLORES MARELLO Commercial "DoDo" Genial . . . Seen with Pat . . . Plans to work after graduating. Tri-Hi-Y, J.C. C., Jr. Red Cross. FRANKLIN MARSICO Academic "Mole" Witty . . . Pleasant . . . Interested in sports Future Optometrist. Latin Club, Key Club, Jr. Histor- ians, Choir, Band, Orchestra, Foot- ball, Tennis. GLADYS ILENE McARDLE Commercial "Sissie" Very neat .. . Candid Full of school spirit Loves to eat Goes horseback riding with Shirley. Tri-Hi-Y, J.C. C., Broadcaster, 5.0. S., Maiorettes, Sr. Play Cast, Soph., Jr. and Sr. Dance Commit- tees, Prom Committees. WILLIAM LEWIS MELLON Academic "Woody" Quiet Drives Latona's truck Whiz at Chemistry Likes to loaf Has the ambition to make a lot of money. RAYMOND MILLER Academic "Ray" Fun to be with Very intelli- gent Sincere . . . Photography is his hobby . .. Would like to be a chemical engineer. Latin Club, Key Club, Jr. Histor- ians, Choir, Band, Orchestra, Sr. Play Cast. Cam of 7953 27 LAWRENCE MARSILIO Academic "Larry" Always has something to say . . . Shutter bug Drives a DeSoto Likes to hunt and fish . .. His ambition is to be an electrical en- gineer. Chef Club, Choir, Sr. Dance Com- mittee, Basketball Club, Prom Com- mittee. RICHARD MCDONALD Commercial "Elmo" Soon will be in uniform . . . Nice smile Likes to do mechanical work . . . Loafs with Kuz and Bob. Jr. Historian, Football. WILLIAM LEROY MEYER General "Dumbo" Industrious . . . Capable . . . In- telligent . . . Likes to eat . . . Wants to go to West Point or be a state policeman. Arlion, Key Club, N. H. S., Choir, Sr. Play Cast, Jr. and Sr. Dance Committees. ROBERT W. MILLER Commercial "Duckmouth" Prankster Likes to tish .. Also is a regular swimmer . . Plans to ioin the Navy. Jr. Historian. elfLiO1f':5 DONNA JEAN MITCHELL Commercial "Jean" Amiable Low-pitched voice Good sense of humor En- ioys dancing Has an ambition to be a secretary. Tri-Hi-Y, Choir, Choir Dance Com- mittee. PATRICIA LOUISE NAMEY Commercial "Goldberg" Very friendly . . . Spends leisure time dancing . . . Wants to be air- line hostess. J. C. C., Jr. Red Cross, F. H. A., Soph. and Jr. Dance Committee, Prom Committee. SHIRLEY RAE OBERHELMAN Commercial "Sl1irI" Agreeable . . . Good worker . . . Enioys swimming and dancing. Sr. Dance Committee. MARLENE ANN OVERLY Commercial "Tootsie" Pleasant . . . Talkative . . . Col- lects china dogs Pastime is chewing gum. J. C. C., Jr. Red Cross, F. H.A., Choir, Jr. Play Cast. 28 FRED MOSES Academic "Moose" Enjoys a good joke . . . Star bas- ketball player . . . Argumentative. Key Club, Student Council, Latin Club, Basketball, Jr. and Sr. Dance Committee, Prom Committee. ADELINE NICASTRO Commercial "Ade" Petite .. . Likes a good time .. . Mischievious .. . Collects records . .. Intent on being a secretary. ALICE MARY ORMESHER Academic "Al" Good natured . . . Intelligent . . . Likes to debate . . . Relaxes to music . . . Future iournalist. Arlion, Broadcaster, Latin Club, Jr. Historian, N. H. S., Jr. Play Cast, Sr. Play Committee, Prom Committee, Sr. Dance Committee. EILEEN PAVETTO Commercial V "Eileen" Friendly . . . Plans to be a good housewife Tolls at Martin's. FRED PELUSO Commercial "Freddy n Music lover . . . Likes girls . . Plans to be a bookkeeper. Broadcaster, Jr. Historian, JOHN H. POWERS Academic "Johnny" Genial Plays a cool sax Nice waves . . . Wants to be an en- gineer . . . One of our tennis play- ers. Band, Orchestra, Tennis. DELMA MARIE RICCHUITO Commercial "Del" Talkative .. . Likes to laugh .. Spends leisure time reading . .. Would like to be a world traveler. J. C. C., Jr. Red Cross, Dramatics, Jr. Historians, Jr. Play Committee, Sr. Play Cast, Soph. and Jr. Dance Committee. SONDRA JANE SACCAMANO Commercial "Sandy" Good conversationalist Likes to laugh Spends spare time writing letters . . . Marriage is her ambition. J.C. C., Arlion, Broadcaster, Jr. Play Committee, Sr. Play Cast, Sr. Dance Committee, Student Council. REMO PORCHIA Vocational "Porky" Always has something to say One of the shop boys . . . Fu- ture machinist. Football Manager. AUDREY MAE PEARL REEDY Commercial "Aud" Good natured Loves to eat and watch television One of our taller girls Would like to be a typist. LEONA ROBERTS Academic "lee" Belongs to maiorettes . .. Friend- ly Always laughing Likes to dance. Tri-Hi-Y, Latin Club, Jr. Histor- ians, Maiorettes, Jr. and Sr. Play Committee. 0 EDWARD SASKA Vocational "Eddie" Sociable Whiz in drafting . . . Sports minded. Basketball, Football. 29 ffm. 0 7953 eniom JAMES SCHIERBERI. Commercial "Shih" lntends to be Uncle Sam's nephew . . . Likes to loaf . . . Grow- ing a mustache. GEORGE SEMAN Academic "Billy" Doesn't talk much Likes to hunt left-handed pitcher on our baseball team. Baseball, Baseball Club. RONALD SHAHEEN Commercial "Sha" Life of any party Swell dan- cer Likes Bop lntends to ioin Air Force. Jr. Historian, Jr. Play Cast, Sr. Dance Committee. MARY ELLEN SHARICK Commercial "Dagmar" Adds life to any situation . .. Always on the go Happy-go- lucky Enjoys dancing. J. C. C., Student Council, Ma- iorette, Sr. Play Cast, Jr. Dance Committee, Prom Committee. MARLENE EMILIE SCHIMPF General "Marlene" Newcomer to Arnold . . . Friendly Hails from Stewart . . . Daugh- ter of Arnold Shop Teacher. Tri-Hi-Y, J. C. C. KENNETH T. SETTLEMYER Academic "Kenny" lndustrious . . . A smile for every- body ...Wants to be an electrical engineer. Arlion, Latin Club, Chef Club, Sr. Class Play Cast, Jr. Class Play Committee. JAMES SHAMEY Academic "Jim" Ken-Hi's loss Active Al- ways smiling Sr. Class presi- dent Varsity Basketball Star. Student Council, Basketball, Base- ball, Sr. Dance Committee, Sr. Class President. CHARLES JOHN SHORT Academic "Chuck" Enioys having a good time Navy bait . . . Engineer hopeful .. . Pals around with Mike . . . Has nice brown eyes. Arlion, Jr. Play Cast. aol CZ... of 1953 CONNIE MAE SIMON Commercial "Connie" Lots of fun . .. Collects records Wants to be a singer Always seen with Theresa, Frances, and Ronnie. J.C. C., Broadcaster, Dramatic Club, Jr. Historians, Jr. Play Com- mittee, Jr. and Sr. Dance Commit- tees. KAYE L. SNYDER Commercial "Kaye" Pleasant . .. Neat Cute smile Enioys reading ... Plans to be a secretary. Trl-Hi-Y, J. C. C., S. O. S., Jr. Historians, Sr. Play Committee, Soph. Dance Committee, Jr. Prom. JO-ANN SPISAK Commercial "Jo" Pleasant . . . Expressive eyes . . . Artistic Wants to be a good secretary. J. C. C., Broadcaster, Tips for Teens, Sr. Dance Committee. CATHARlNE STEWART Commercial "Cathy" Pleasant . .. Always writing let- ters . . . Good-hearted . . . Plans to attend college. J. C. C., Jr. Red Cross, F.H. A., Tips for Teens, Choir, Sr. Play Committee, Sr. Dance Committee, Prom Committee. 31 THOMAS C. SINGLETON Academic "Tom" Good disposition . . . Friendly . . . Likes to work with cars Plans to be a mechanical engineer. Latin Club, Key Club, Jr. His- torians, Sr, Play Committee, Sr. Dance Committee. ROBERT S. SOBER Vocational "Bob" Quiet . .. One of the shop boys . .. Future mechanic . . . Industri- ous . . . Likes to sleep. ROBERT ALAN STACH Academic "Bah" Fun to be with ... Likes cars . . . Sense of humor Steve's pal . . . Nice voice. Key Club, Baseball, Sr. Play Cast, Sr. Dance Committee. .A STEPHEN STINSON Academic "Steve" Wonderful sense of humor Lively . . . Always talking . . . Likes to paint and golf . . . Plans to at. tend college. Latin Club, Chef Club, Key Club, Jr. Historians, Choir, Football, Jr. Play Cast, Sr. Play Committee, Sr. Dance Committee. JOSEPH CHARLES SUATONI Academic "Joe" Nice personality . . . Tall .. . Al- ways a gentleman .. . Likes to fish Would enioy owning one of the Florida Keys. Latin Club, Chef Club, Key Club, Jr. Historians, Sr. Play Cast, Soph. and Sr. Dance Committee. AUDREY ANN SUSA Academic "Aud" Industrious Argumentative Wants to be a lab technician Worries over Chemistry. Broadcaster, Latin Club, library, Dramatics Club, Sr. Play Commit- tee. SARA TAMBURO Commercial "Sara" Quiet Pat's loyal friend . .. lndustrious Likes to dance Spends leisure time cooking .. Would like to be a secretary. J.C.C., Broadcaster, Tips for Teens. PATRICIA TOMAYKO Commercial "Pat" Quiet Very friendly Blusl-ues easily Dolores is her best friend .. . Wants to be a pri- vate secretary. Tri-Hi-Y, J. C. C., Jr. Red Cross. x...... ...,. IRENE ELIZABETH SUPRANO Commercial "I" Quiet Friendly type . . . likes to swim . .. Wants to be a beau- tician. J.C. C., Choir, Sr. Dance Com- mittee. LORRAINE T. SZOCH Commercial "Lorraine" Pleasing personality . . . Lively cheerleader . . . Very ambitious . . . Arnold's mermaid. J. C. C., Arlion, Cheerleader, F. H. A., S. O. S., Choir, Jr. Play Cast, Class Treasurer. JOHN ANTHONY TIRDIL Commercial "Flip" Studious Always argues with Bill . . . Quiet . . . Works at one of the local dairy stores Really a good kid.4 J.C. C., Arlion, Freshman Dance Committee. PATSY TORCHIA Academic "Pat" Always talking Future bor- ber Nice wavy hair Lone Wolf . .. Often seen at Suzy's. Football. MARTINA TRZECIAK Commercial "Tina" Sociable Nice wardrobe Likes dancing Marriage is her aim Full of fun and always seen with Kaye. Tri-Hi-Y, J. C. C., S. O. S., Jr. His- torians, Choir, Sr. Play Committee. ANTHONY VIGILANTE Vocational "Bear" Friendly . . . One of Arnold's rug- ged vocationals . .. Wants to be a machinist . . . Girl shy. SALLY VINCE Commercial "Sal" Wonderful sense of humor Enioys swimming One of our snappy head maiorettes Wants to be a private secretary. J.C. C., Jr. Red Crtvss, Arlion, Maiorettes, Prom Committee, Jr. and Sr. Play Committee. ROSEMARIE YANNE Commercial "Rose" Full of 'Fun . . . Lionette . . . Seen driving a Buick . . . Sharp dresser .. . Wants to see the world. Tri-Hi-Y, J. C. C., Jr. Red Cross, Arlion, S.O.S., Jr. Historians, Ma- iorette, Jr. Play Committee, Soph., Jr, and Sr. Dance Committee. Kfcm 0 7 953 33 CLARENCE VALENTI Commercial "Spike" Mischievous . .. Happy-go-lucky l.ois is his girl . .. Hails from St. .loseph's. Jr. Historians, Soph., Jr. and Sr. Dance Committee. ROBERT VINCE Vocational "Bob" Full of mischief Reason for teachers' gray hair .. . Hot rod . . . Future garage owner. HAZEl. WAC HTLER Commercial "Poodles" Very lively . . . Enioys dancing and swimming . .. Talkative . .. Ambition is to be a secretary Tri-Hi-Y. J.C.C.. Jr. Red Cross, Jr. Play Committee, Jr. and Sr. Dance Committees. DALE ZlMMERMAN Academic "Doug" Good humored . . . Nice smile ... Scooper . .. Intelligent .. Nice to talk to. Latin Club, Jr. Historians, Choir, Choir Dance Committee. Qnfennm.. THE QUEEN AND HER co 0 Queen: ROCHELLE DE BLASIO Attendants: KAY BOYER CONNIE CASTORINA PAT KLEMS, MARY ANN PIECKA 34 Mr. B. Kuhn, B. Scherer, B. Petri, J. Guercione, Mr. G. McLaughlin, M. R. Braglio C7055 of f Q54 With the plans of the annual Junior-Senior Prom most prominent in their minds, the Juniors started early in the year to raise money. Trudging through the stands, this hard working class sold candy and refreshments to hungry football fans. Throughout the year, candy was being sold between classes. Their ninth grade magazine campaign started their treas- ury growing. Their first class dance, "The Moonlight Serenade," proved very successful as their ninth grade activity. "April Showers," their Sophomore Class dance was next in the line of activities. A King and Queen were selected at the colorful "Coronation Ball," the first Junior Class dance to be held in our new gym. Last in their efforts for the coming Prom was the hu- morous class play, "Our Miss Brooks," which was suc- cessfully dramatized by the cast. The many hours of practicing for this play were not wasted for the play was enioyed by everyone. As the climax to their profitable years, they were well rewarded for their earnest efforts by having the Junior-Senior Prom a huge success. 35 omior Owcerzf PRESIDENT John Guercione VICE-PRESIDENT Robert Scherer SECRETARY Mary Rita Braglio TREASURER ' Robert Petri ADVISERS Mr. G. McLaughlin Mr. B. Kuhn C The Spirit of '54 lfLlfLf0lf'5 READY TO TAKE OVER i i GRADE Il ROOM 'I11 First row: I. Kominko, B. Solcriponte, J. DeFc1zio, P. Berkoben, V. Vclni, G. Hope, A. Lundi, E, Witmer J. Moresi, D. Ivy. Second row: R. DeVoIeriu, R. Petri, B. L. Rozderk, D. Antonucci, R. D'Argenzio, D. Johnston, G. Rea P. Watts, A. Fcnlsetti, R. Boucher. Third row: D. Ludwiczcuk, E. Torccxso, J. Guercione, N. Cignetti, M. Pattison, R. Cclporuli, R. Fcarneth, C Bellcxvia. GRADE 1'I ROOM 200 First row: M. Arabia, B. J. Bodenhorn, R. Murin, A. Petrone, M. E. Johnston, K. Boyer, T. Verteromo F. Michael, F. Hotkowski, M. Davis. Second row: W. Weisbrod, C. Cclstorincx, J. Shumey, A. Torkeo, V. Singleton, J. Repine, P. Zellerino D. Liput, M. Lonfaioni, C. Kopinski, R. Scherer. Third row: R, Sontorcx, R. Stuart, R. Dowhower, R. Cipollci, F. Stetcfun, L. Mcnrchiol, D. Stopko, J. Zam- perini, R. Pollack, R. Fiemn, R. Guido. 36 UM Of 1954 GRADE 'I'l ROOM 7 Flrsi row: M. Cosianza, C. Tuiolo, P. Klems, R. Terlinski, L. Wardcclip, R. Kilgore, R. Wagner, F. Benin- confro, M. A. Piecka, R. Sgalio. Second row: B. Gigler, R. Tack, F. Pallone, D. Savage, A. Zaneiti, L. Berkoben, S, Williams, F. Hanyo, T. Campbell, T. Miller, D. Ross. M. J. Lucas. Third row: Mr. Kuhn, C. Kuznicki, J. Richey, D. Isaac, C. Lepusky, G. Zawodniak, M. Perino, F. Kelley, E. Falco, E. Malhews, L. Pompelio, J. Reedy, J. Holland. GRADE 'l'I ROOM 100 Fits? row: J. Williams, R. DeBlasio, P. Echon, L. Demao, R. Phillips, R. Smith, R. Pelino, D. Schreckengosf, N. J. Toscano, N. Mahaffey. Second row: P. Tallerico, A. Yesovitch, S. Hess, B. J. Baird, M. R. Braglio, S. Nelson, C. Berczek, B. Ringus, A. Lloyd, J. Chilia. Third row: J. Uhrine, J. Czemerda, R. Wallace, R. Gelz, T. Saslna, B, Pfeil, P. Meco, F. lozzi, J. Krnacik, H. Oswald. 37 CSZIO 0WL0lf'85 Om... PRESIDENT A. Graziano VICE-PRESlDENT T. Szoch SECRETARY P. Fallon TREASURER T. Pryor ADVISERS Mrs. J. Lecnar Mr. W. Sakoluk Mrs. J. Lecnar, T. Szoch, Mr. W. Sakaluk, P. Fallon, T. Pryor, A. Graziano The Sophomores have striven to live up to the reputation they had for themselves in their Freshman year. Starting with a record-break- ing magazine sale, this class got a good start on their savings. A Christmas Party of the combined Sopho- more Class was held in the Fourth Avenue Gym with food and dancing provided. Every mem- ber of the class worked diligently for the success of their three proiects. The first was a bake sale held simultaneously in Arnold, New Kensington, and Stewart. The second proiect, the annual sophomore dance called "April in Paris", was ROOM 201 First row: M. Valle, C. Taylcr, E. Mazza, C. Peters, F. Caruso, J. Prokopik, J. Jarczynski, B. Echon, l.. Horn, C. DiCaroIis. Second row: L. Lobaugh, J. Col- lins, C. Sennett, J. Becker, A. Norris, D. Parshook, B. Birch, D. Moore, C. Costanza, J. Sacri- ponte, V. Timko. Third row: T. Reichert, A. Grazi- ano, J, Johnson, N. Singleton, R. Kuntz, D. McNabb, E. Bossio, F. Manning, D. Armstrong, L. Faulkner, R. Ficca. 38 held on April tenth at the Orchard Avenue Gym. Everyone who attended commended the com- mittee for the great success of the dance both socially and tinanciaily. The last project for this year was a novel one in Arnold. A box picnic was held at the Sokol Camp in May. The male members of the class bid for the lunch boxes packed by the girls. How else can one make money more enioyably? All of these projects helped to prove this class' ability for working toward their main goal, an outstanding Junior and Senior Prom. GRADE 10 ROOM 209 First row: B. Serventi, M. A. Pion- fek, N. Fabrick, P. Fiorentino, J Brosky, V. Cecchetti, G. Marsilio E. Bliss, P. Becker, A. Smeltzer Second row: L. Howell, M. Kcunaon V. Bockus, R. Salvo, H. McCrack en, M. A. Meixelsberger, K. Rey nolds, E. Griglak, R. Tirdil, J Such, P. Ogurchoclc, R, Moore. Third row: W. Harnish, T. Pryor R. Hornish, L. Parshook, R. Krna cik, D. Bush. ROOM 205 First row: R. Arbuckle, A. Singer P. Capone, T. Pennachio, J. Vairo J. Pagliaro, M. Leslie, A. M. Gul zi, M. J. Guiliani, D. Berkoben. Second row: M. Peck, M. Ambrosio R. Clork, J. Barrett, C. Rusnock E. Schwenk, D. Maytcxn, B. Holes R. Monzi, J. Thomas, D, Man gieri. Third row: A. Nicolazzo, G. Zilner L. McMaster, l. Rebor, G. Powell O. Doutt, L. Hunt, J. Corsello, P DeMao, R. Donati. ROOM 102 First row: K. Callas, R. McDonnell R. Walasek, T. Rickey, D, Lewis M. DiMoio. Second row: S. Grogno, C. Golem- beski, F. Stearman, E. Miller, W Hess, M. J. Pokusa, P. DeBlasio E. M. Hubbard, J. O'Shell, V Chine. Third row: L. Baker, V. Keller, P Fallon, C. Kunicki, F. Mossimini J. Pugliese, G. Mydock, M. Lopez Fourth row: J. Fontana, R. Tusing S. Sukala, W. Shockley, J. Ted orski, R. Albera, T. Corey, L Schierberl, D. Bengel. ROOM 107 First row: J. DeFelice, V. Malee, B Bohy, J. Stefcunini, J. Corradene J. Lebert, N. Ulizio, D. Mitchell P. Donati, M. Barcus. Second row: S. Mafisko, C. Criv aro, T. Fannie, P. Sekscinski, R Anderson, C. Klems, B. Snow, R Raught, P. Thimons, D. Waterloo T. Szoch, R. English. Third row: D. Silvis, R. Hudeck, D McGivern, J. Bengel, C. Newell T. Peltz, T. Frickanisce, J. Potoch- niak, C. Gunther, R. Schultz, J Hession, D. Campbell. 39 1 I 1 OFFICERS FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS-Sitting: Mr. M. Peretti, Dean Berkey, Mrs. R. Sipes. Standing: Marie Lamendola, David Toney, John Martin. fl.. mm The ninth year in school is the year the class is really organized. Under the guidance of their advisers and the newly elected officers, the class begins to build their treasury. The Freshmen get a little training in salesmanship when they sell magazines in the annual Magazine Campaign. The Campaign is a contest between the students and they are all rewarded at the close of the ROOM 9 First Row: J. Stiveson, J. Czop G. Allcire, A. Chipoletti, D Kestner, E. Polsinelli, M Szlachetka, T. Kuhn, J. Pa laika. Second Row: K. Bonzani, D Ludwiczak, M. Swanderski S. Stenger, C. Schultz, J. Pi- quard, R. Berczek, C. Abra ham, A. DeMao, D. Batten Third Row: A. Tirdel, R. Barto- lacci, J. Langham, J. Mule- wicz, M. Lange, V. Sabow M. Hubbard, J. Adamczyk, A. Barcus, J. Lyons, N. Pav etto, J. Korowicki. Fourth row: S. Katchoa, B. Flee ger, J. Saccamano, D. Toney R. Hill, E. Lolaur, D. Vrudny E. DiNardo, L. Pauli, M. Gut- necht. campaign for their individual sales. The main activity of the year is the annual Freshman Class Dance, which is held at the close of the year. The year is an exciting year for all and will never be forgotten. It portrays to the students what to look forward to in their next three years of high school. President ........................ Dean Berkey Vice-President .,,............. David Toney Secretary ....... ...., M arie Lamendola Treasurer . ,....... John Martin Advisers ...... ..... M rs. R. Slpes Mr. M. Peretti ROOM 101 First Row: L. Adoms, R. Lucerne, K. Ross, J. Gentile, H. Miteff, M Bellovio, J. Pelino, J. Corcibin T. Bengel, C. Pelino, L. Rich. Second Row: G. Guzzi, M. J Townsend, Y. Tomburo, P. Buch anon, P. Sergi, A. Leoh, D. Foust, M. Holes, P. Artuso, V. Joseph S. Spencer, E. Premutico, M Mcuyton, C. Dickey. Third Row: D. Chomyok, D. Preis ser, L. Hill, T. Hill, R. Anuskievich C. Hartman, R. DeFelice, M. Bel lavio, J. Miller, O, Singleton, D Robinson, J. Rowlinson, C. Po well, J. Buhl. ROOM 202 First Row: J. Costello, R. Abel, T Rocchi, R. Dorbritz. Second Row: G. Arabia, B. Tusing L. Ceroso, T. Neoler, E. Longo A. Smith, V. Soccordi, B. Kokuk A. Pugliese, G. Brown. Third Row: D. Kitzer, M. Ross, D Beigle, R. Boucher, R. Londi, J Geroci, L. Allen, D. Donati, B Holste, A. Davis, D. Petitto, B Gons, R. Fontozzi, D. A. Ogur chock, P. Poulick. Fourth Row: D. Berkey, D. Weis- brcd, K. Stitt, J. Mortin, D. Hort- zell, T. Wissinger, D. Horocznok T. Suofoni, G. Lloyd, R. Sorniok J. Monteleone. ROOM 'I06 First Row: E. Volenti, H. Rocchi, P Pellegrino, J. Lesko, I. Lisciorelli P. Brown, D. Bertolino, D. Don- iels, M. Lomendolo, R. DeMoo A. Costorino. Second Row: C. Confer, E. Dom- inici, R. Suso, M. Meyer, M. Ron- dolph, P. Tonnos, M. Konoon, B Michael, E. Holland, D. Goudy R. Siuto, J. Richards, H. Bostic. Third Row: G. Provsnzo, J. Hope J. Licoto, R. Mozzei, J. Overly W. Supremo, F. Petitto, R. Lopez D. Stewart, P. Bellomo, R. Tom- ciyko, P. Cioncutti. Al 54454 0 7 95 6 THE TIMES ARE CHANGING AND WE ARE CHANGING WITH THEM 8-202 First row: D. Linardi, B. Bliss, E Serventi, D. Mazzei, R. Solornon C. Barker, L. Warden, D. Pen nachio, J. Nicastro, V, Costanza Second row: E. Ream, H. Hcxrni char, P. Innocenzi, J, Rogers, J Bruncsak, J. Colaianni, M. As per, K. Leah. Third row: D. Mitchell, E, Vinko vich, I. Vinkovich, H. Hart, J. Fra- tangeli, H. King, K. Chestnut J. Adams, 8-203 First row: R. Gaito, L. Bortz, G Shoop, B. Mangieri, M. Cappone M. E. Ashe, R. Graziano, B. Set: tlemeyer, J. Jacobs. Second row: M. Pallone, J. Kacz- kowski, T. Konchos, M. Calvan- ese, K. Reed, J. Hazlett, C. Bel- Iomo, A. MikeseII. Third row: S. Austin, M. L. Bongio- vanni, B. Melendandri, J. Coud- riet, R. Cowan, R. Rich, M. Shock- Iey, C. Yanne. 8-204 First row: P. Pasternak, E. Brokaw, G. Zampogna, R. DeMao, T. Zam- perini, L. Liccita, E. Wagner, B. Hollick, J. Salvuti, M. Guzzi. Second row: J. Bielata, V. Argen- to, R. Miller, M. L. Hanyo, L. Moses, B. Asper, M. Mcissola, M. Rocchi. Third row: E. Posati, E. Rosati, J. Ciuftcletti, D. Berkoben, J. Arm- strong, D. Tirdel, B. Gigler, S. Lacinski. 42 9 Our favorite hangout after the game r 43 8-201 First row: J. Guida, R. Cecchetti R. Siemmnski, .l. DeBIcusio, P Knosky, R. Bossio, S. Mohr, S Schreckengosi, J. Papa, D. Ter linski, G. Kunish. Second row: R. Runco, G. Belot D. Shields, D. English, E. Miglior- isi, B. Hollick, K. Sylck, B. Bar gerstock. Third row: G. Overly, V. Zalupsky K. McNuH, A. Schufferf, A. An sani, N. Ashe, J, Fritzky, Wmff, gin Q JUST BEGINNING ROOM 205 First row: R. M. Pugliese, G, Rich arcls, B. Lamendolo, L. Buono, C Hanyo, J. Mczrzullo, B. Chine, C Sfcnko, B. Grunt, R. Arbuckle. Second row: R. Moresi, C. Mol chan, M. Toney, T. Bibza, M Anuskiewicz, P. Salundrio, D Costonzcx, R. Domenici, B. Pei fovar, J. Hess. Third row: J. Paulendcx, D. Borcus A. Loront, J. Stuck, A. Schrecon- gosi, R. Sfearmon, J. Morro, D Leach, E. Singleton, E. Puprocki ROOM 206 Firsf row: N. Borrelli, D. Pollone, T. Frederick, R. Mcnkoru, M. Wy- piski, D. Slefcmini, K. Miller, E Tusing, R. Cicmflone, R. Tcxllerico, E. Kanaon. Second row: P. Pallone, M. Sar- tori, R. Fisher, H. Preisendefer, J. Mozzei, G. Caruso, L. Coloi- onni, R. Greco, F. Howell, A. De- Palma. Third row: J. Chrisfion, D. Mag- nehu, R, Monico, S. Coporali, B. Suskc, W. McNutf, C. Snyder, D. Thomas, A. Anscmi, C. Harris ROOM 207 First row: G. Borgerstock, C. Tec- low, R. Rupert, S. Lucerne, G. Bell, M. Fiorino, J. Nicolucci, P. Bianco, A. Soulle, J. Vrudny, E. Berkoben. Second row: L. Mozur, R. Camp- bell, G. Gregg, P. Roicniczok, J. Nelson, P. Popo, J. Runco, T. Kli- mosko, P. Pelfz, J. Acopine. Third row: L. Reid, R. Bockus, J. Berloni, C. Jarczynski, R. Haen, F. Monteleone, R. Morfucci, E. Sirhon, R. Soulcheck. 44 Pg? S , f Q , ,Q , fi . ,KM Bi 7 j o . 'I , Q , .. , A X wxi 4, xg 35 is xs fs -v yn . 2 ' .X,, s .wwww-1'-'f-.,, ' Q P 5 J 9 1 kr' 3 Af 1 Z Q' 295 if SW , Y N ,NWA .: ,, , 4, , 5 N f - . - Q i fncw , if nuff fir ,Y X dak 5 KA 4' .Qt 'Q 4 2 " ' W f as - 'sl 4' V V' 1 J. , :L4rf,f:, f',,,,. fn, K .. ::-4 Q MW.,-L 'Wm Q-Mmwwmihmw , Mvlfwm we-...N W-, ABOUT OUR CLUBS . MUSIC PLANS 46 f BLICATIO WILLIAM MEYER CHARLES SHORT, MR. F. PALLONE, W. MEYER CHARLES SHORT Editor Business Manager ljfre ,Sion ! EDITOR ,...,......I.,......... ....,....,.....,........,..I..,...,......,................,. W illiam Meyer ASSOCIATE EDITORS ...I..,. ......,,................ A lice Ormesher, Sondra Saccamano BUSINESS MANAGERS ..... ......,..,......,..,...I.I..,.....,.,,..I.. .I..I....,.,,,.,.. C h arles Short, Marlene Leloert, Peggy Fallon, Barbara Gigler, Margaret Elkin, Rochelle DeBIasio SPORTS EDITORS ...... ...,...........,.,.,.......,.,......,.,,...... D on Isaac, John Tirdll LITERARY STAFF .... ....,.,..........................,.. .....,..........,..,, A n ne Singer, Jacqueline Vairo, Kenneth Settlemyer ART . .,,...,,.. .......,..............,....t.A.t,..........,.......... A rlene Petrone TYPISTS ...... ....,...........,.,.....,,.,.t...t...t.....,........,. T heresa Capone, Janeann Barrett, Sally Vince, Rosemarie Yanne, Mary Agnes Fisher, Mary Ellen Sharick SPONSOR ,..,.,.,....,... ,.......,........,..........,..........,.,....,,.. ....,........, M r . Frank Pallone ARLION STAFF Seated: K. Settlemeyer, P, Fallon .l. Vairo, S. Saccamano, W Meyer, S. Vince, A. Ormesher M. Lebert, A. Singer, B. Gigler Standing: M. Elkin, C. Short, M. E Sharick, J. Tirdil, A. Petrone, T Capone, .I. A. Barrett, M. A Fisher, R. M. Yanne, D. Isaac. 48 STUDENT COUNCIL Row one: J. Sacriponte, B. Scherer, F. Bonincontro, T. Pryor, T. Szoch. Row two: A. Graziano, S. Johns- ton, J. Moresi, M. E. Sharick, P. Fallon, J. Repine, J. Leah. Row three: N. Cignetti, R. Varesco, F. Moses, T. Saska, Mr. L. McGuire, J. Shamey, T. Frickan- isce. Row four: J. Daher, B. Petri, D. Zimmerman. Row tive: S. Sukala, J. Bishop. BROADCASTER Standing: S. Johnston, M. Elkin, C. Baiko, G. Bonincontro, Miss V. Bushnell, L. Lazur, A. Susa, A. Ormesher, S. Saccamano. Seated row one: M. C. Kossick, D. Bengel. Seated row two: J. Spisak, R. Johnson, S. Tamburo, C. Simon, F. Peluso. ogillfwfenf QULVLCIJ The student council, a governing body rep- resenting the students, meets once a week to dis- cuss new problems concerning the student body. The chief aim of the council is directed towards the activities and interests of the student. The success of this organization has been due greatly to the guidance of Mr. L. F. McGuire. Four members attended the State conven- tion which was held at Forty Fort, Pennsylvania. This was made possible by such money-making ventures as movies, dances, and the selling of pencils. If the council continues to receive such con- sideration from the students and faculty, the area of student council authority is sure to ex- pand greatly. OFFICERS PRESIDENT .,........ ,...... .............,..,.... F R EDERICK MOSES VICE-PRESIDENT .. ..,.....,.. ,..... M ARY ELLEN SHARICK SECRETARY-TREASURER ..,... ,.........,,. J OYCE MORESI jk g'06L6!C6L:5f8lf' Our school paper, the Broadcaster, is writ- ten and produced by our journalism class who try to live up to their slogan, "Get the news." The iournalism class must labor many hours overtime at the typewriters, speedoscopes, and mimeographs to meet their deadline. The writers, the machinists, the artists, down to the distributing managers strive each day to present those items collected by the reporters in a manner that is new and different yet inter- esting to the student body. Though only a minute division of the broad journalism field, the school paper is a valuable one. Those who are a part of it realize this and work to the best of their ability to make the paper outstanding. EDITOR .....,...,...........,........... ....... A'L ICE ORMESHER MECHANICAL ENGINEER ..... ..... G LADYS McARDLE BUSINESS MANAGER ........, ..... C ONNIE SIMON enior 6456 WL? SENIOR CLASS PLAY CAST First Row: S. Doutt. Second Row: S. Johnston, M. E. Sharick S. Saccamano, R. Miller. Third Row: D. Ricchuito, W. Meyer, J Suatoni. Fourth Row: K. Settlemyer, G. McArdle R. Stach. if 17 ,Sifranger .yn jjfze A Comedy-Mystery in three acts by Paul S. McCoy CHARACTERS Sylvia Lee 5The youthful owners of the ,.... . Mable Crane I hotel gift shop . Grant Terry, a young newspaper columnist ...,. J. T. Rutledge, a retired executive ,..,.,.,...,... . Velda Stevens, his secretary ............ .,,.. Clifford Newkirk, a law student ........ .... Nona Polliard, an elevator operator . ., .. ,, Eddie Beach, a hotel bellhop .....,. ..........,.... .... Rose Jordon, a successful business woman .... Sam Fisk, the hotel detective .....,.,...,....... .........,. . .. .. Marcella Bender, who teaches physical culture .... ..... Sandra King, a lady wrestler ...,.,..,.......... Shirley Johnston Rhelda Johnson Joseph Suatoni Ray Miller Delma Ricchuito Robert Stach Sandra Saccamano Kenneth Settlemyer Gladys McArdle . .... William Meyer Mary Ellen Sharick . ...... Sandra Doutt Play directed by ...,................,....... .... M iss Virginia Bushnell Orchestra by ......... ..... ., Mr. Albert Moses COMMITTEE First Row: C. Simon, D. Bengel, R. M. Costello, A. Ormesher, M. Lebert, M. C, Kossick. Second Row: F. Krason, M. Trzeciak, K. Snyder, R. M. Yanne, H. Bailey, H. Capo. Third Row: L. Lazur, T, Singleton, S. Stin- son, A. Susa, T. Krason. 50 J JUNIOR CLASS PLAY CAST First Row: N. Mahaffey, L. DeMao, I. Ko minko, J. Repine, J. Uhrine, G. Ciancutti, M. R. Braglio. Second Row: R. DeValeria, A. Petrone, A. Torkeo, D. Savage, B. Gigler, N. J Toscano, D. Isaac. Third Row: R. Dowhower, T. Saska, R. Stuart, C, Kuznicki, R. Cipolla, C. Le pusky. lfmior KKEL66 pfay H vw my V300 47, A Comedy in three acts by Christopher Sergel CHARACTERS Miss Brooks, a high school English teacher .,,..... .. Miss Finch, the librarian ......,..,.................,... Hugo Longacre, the athletic coach ..,.. ..., . . Mr. Wadsworth, the high school principal ,.,,.. Miss Audubon, the music teacher ,......,.,...,, Students- Elsie Elaine Jane ...,. Sylvia ,.,. Doris ..,.. Marge .,.,. Faith ,.... Rhonda ..., Ted ...... Stanley .....,... ..., Jean Repine Arlene Petrone ,. Dick Dowhower Ronald Cipolla Joan Uhrine Arlene Torkeo Irene Kominko Loretta DeMao Norma J. Toscano Nancy Mahaffey ,, Barbara Gigler Darla Savage Mary Rita Braglio Bob DeValeria . Charles Lepusky Martin ..,.,...,,..........,..,..... ........,....................,.......,.,,..... D onald Isaac Mrs. Allen, Rhonda's mother ..,. ...........,.,.,............,..., .... G e nevieve Ciancutti Basketball players ,.,............., Ronald Stuart, Charles Kuznicki, Tom Saska Play Directed by ..... ....,.........................,.... M iss Virginia Bushnell Orchestra by ......,....,.,.,......,.,.,..,.........,................,....,...,.,..,...,..... Mr. Albert Moses COMMITTEE First Row: T. Verteramo, D. Ross, P. Klems M. A. Piecka, M. Arabia, R. DeBlasio J. DeFazio. Second Row: A. Zanetti, J. Shamey, V Singleton, M. Lucas, C. Kopinski, E Matthews. Third Row: C. Berczek, R. Paulick, K. Boy er, L. Wardoclip, F. Kelly. 51 Cf.. JJ . . . JUNIOR RED CROSS . . TRI-HI-Y . . J.C.C. JUNIOR RED CROSS First row: R. Yanne, D. Bengel, A Torkeo, J. Uhrine, G. Rhea, E. Wit mer, P. Fallon, F. Massimini, J. Jar czynski, C. Kernicki, E. M. Hubbard C. Rusnock. Second row: R. Sgalio, L. Wardoclip M. J. Lucas, N. Toscano, B. J. Baird L. Berkoben, L. Horn, N. Ulizio, C Peters, D. Savage, J. Stefanini, C Taylor, B. Gigler. Third row: L. Gallo M. Barkus, L Baker, C. Klems, F. Caruso, M. J Giuliani, J. Prokopik, V. Cecchetti M. Perino, B. Pfeil, M. Leslie, P Fiorentino, M. A. Piontek. Fourth row: M. Costanza, A. Yeso- vitch, B. I.. Razderk, J. Williams P. Anderson, P. Sekscinski, P. Ogur: chock, D. Parshook, B. Snow, D Maytan, E. Griglak, D. Ross, P Klems. Fifth row: P. Berkoben, A. Lloyd, D Liput, S. Bilbie, S. Johnston, C. Kop- inslci, J. Holland, K. Boyer, P. De- Blasio, I. Kominko, M. Arabia, R DeBlasio, C. DiCarolis, B. Holes. Sixth raw: P. Namey, P. Tomayko, D. Marello, E. Kimball, M. C. Kossick, B. Echon, J. Vairo, E. Mazza, J. Pag- Iiaro, D. Antonucci, J. Repine. TRI-HI-Y First row: A. Smeltzer, M. Barcus, L. Baker, B. J. Baird, G. Rea, E. Wit- mer, P. Fallon, F. Massimini, J, Jar- czynski, M. A. Piontek, P. Fioren- tino, M. Leslie, R. DeBlasio, M. Ara- bia. Second row: P. Tomayko, D. Marello, B. Razderk, M. Costanza, A. Yeso- vitch, R. Sgalio, P. Sekscinski, V. Cecchetti, C. Peters, D, Savage, J. Stefanini, C. Taylor, B. Serventi, I. Kominko, P. Davis Third row: A. Lloyd, S. Bilbie, M. C. Kossick, M. Guiliani, J. Prokopik, M. Perina, B. Pfeil, J. Vairo, J. Pagliaro, P, DeBlasio, C. DiCarolis, M. J. Pokusa, L. Roberts. Fourth row: M. Schimpf, F. Kelley, M. A. Pieclca, G. Hope, P. Danati, J. Holland, K. Boyer, B. Echon, E. Mazza, E. Griglak, D. Ross, P. Klems, M. Lopez, B. Gigler. Fifth row: R. Rought, H. McCracken, D, Parshook, M. Valle, S. Grogno, R. Berkoben, C. Golembeski, B. Bohy, B. Birch, C. Klems, G. Mydock, M. A. Meixelslaerger, K. Reynolds, G. McArdle. Sixth row: D. Ivy, M. E. Johnston, E. Mathews, C. Tutelo, J. Pugliese, R. A. Salvo, L. J. Paul, J. Mitchell, M. A. Belot, M. Kuzrnick, M. Trze- ciak, K. Snyder, H. Bailey, R. M. Yanne. JUNIOR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE First row: S. Bilbie, M. C. Kassick, J. Williams, D. Bengel, G. Rea, E. Witmer, S. Johnston, B. Razderk, I. Kominko, M. Arabia, R. DeBlasio, G. McArdle. Second row: J. Spisak, P. Tomayko, D. Marello, M. Costanza, R. Sgalio, J. Holland, K. Boyer, B. Gigler, M. A. Belot, M. Kuzmick, P. Namey. Third row: M. Schimpf, F. Kelley, E. Mathews, M, A. Piecka, G. Hope, P. Klems, D. Ross, D. Antonucci, L. Berkoben, L. Wardoclip, N. Tos- cano, A. Zanetti. Fourth row: C. Simon, F. Krason, J. DeFazio, P. Zellerino, B. Kunish, G. Bonincontro. S. Tamburo, E. Bortz, D. Ricchuito, C. Constanza, L. Pom- pelio, R. D'Argenzio. Fifth row: L. Szoch, J. A. Barrett, S. Saccamano, M. Ligoon, R. M. Yanne, H. Bailey, M. A. Fisher, T. Capone, C. Stewart, K. Snyder, M. Trzeciak. 52 1 Jafin First Row: N. Mahaffey, P. Watts, V. Ma- lee, H. Taylor, J. Shamey, M. Perino, B Pfeil, P. Berkoben, M. R. Braglio. Second Row: A. Singer, A. Susa, L. Rob- erts, R. Raught, C. Peters, J. Barrett, H McCracken, D. Liput, S. Doutt. Third Row: E. Kimber, R. Costello, C. Kun- iclci, L. Lazur, M. A. Piontek, E. M, Hub- brad, J, Jarczynski, A. Lloyd, G. Cian- cutti. Fourlh Row: A. Alex, P. DeMao, R. Dow- hower, R, Scherer, D. Isaac, R. Paulick. First Row: E. Miller, J. Potochniak, J. Tedcrski, D. Armstrong. Second Row: R. Walasek, G. Iilner, R. my cf... First Row: J. Kmacik, R. Caporali, J. Ben- gel, M. Kanaan, G. Marsilio, D. Lud' wiczak, P. Becker. Second Row: A. Alex, W. Harnish, T. Peltz, J. Such, R. Cipolla, S. Stinson. Third Row: K. Callas, R. Oswald, J. Tho- mas, R. Monzi, W. Hess, R. Danko, L. Marsilio. Fourth Row: F. Como, T. Clista, C. Bella- via, J. Suatoni, K. Settlemyer, L McMasters. . .5 CM First Row: J. O'Shell, M. A. Piontek, J. Jar- czynski, M. Costanza, J. Barrett, L. De- Mao, I. Kominko, M. Arabia, R. De- Blasio, M. Ligoon. Second Row: A. Lloyd, D. Liput, C. Rus- nock, L. Horne, D, Antonucci, N. Ulizio, G M. R. Braglio, D. Savage, C. Taylor, Ciancutti. Third Row: F. Stearman, V. Cecchetti, M Perino, J, Shcumey, B. Pfiel, F. Kelley, D Ross, M. A. Piecka, E. Matthews, G Hope, P. Klems. Fourth Row: M. Trzeciak, M. A. Meixels- berger, C. Kunicki, J. Stefanini, J. Vairo J. Pagliaro, C. Klems, C. Kopinski. Fifth Row: G. McArdle, K. Snyder, H. Bai- ley, D. Ricchuito, R. M. Yanne, M. Lopez, P. Donati, L. Gallo. 53 1 roamaliiw KM First Row: A. Singer, E. Hubbard, T, Kra son, R. M. Costello, S. Doutt, N. Mahaf fey, P. Berkoben, M. R. Braglio, G, Cian cutti. Second Row: A. Susa, P. Watts, J. Sha- mey, A. Torkeo, V. Singleton, D. Liput J. DeFazio, D. Savage, S. Johnston. Third Row: F. Krason, N. J. Toscano, J Uhrine, L. Warcloclip, A. Zanetti, L. Ber- koben, C. Kunicki, D. Ricchuito, C. Baiko Fourth Row: C. Simon, D. Dowhower, R Scherer, D. Isaac, P. Zellerino. 14 ,A745 Iforivmo First Row: B. Miller, D. Isaac, M. Lamen- dola, T. Miller, R. Paulick, R. McDonald. Second Row: F. Michael, R. M. Costello, M. A. Piecka, L. DeMao, P. Berkoben, J. DeFazio, R. M. Yanne, H. Bailey, I. Ko- minko, K. Snyder, M. Trzeciak. Third Row: D. Savage, M. R. Braglio, E. Matthews, A. Perino, F. Kelley, B, Pfeil, S. Doutt, L. Lazur, A. Ormesher, L. Rob- erts, C. Simon, F. Krason, E. Kimber. M dw! First Row: B. Campbell, T. Campbell, S. Stinson, S. Nelson, R. Miller, T. Szoch, J. Krnacik, B. Scherer, D. Silvis, R. Tus- ing, D. Bush. Second Row: J. Daher, J. Bishop, T. Clista, J. Leah, T. Singleton, A. Graziano, R. Caporali, R. Flemm, J. Guercione, R. Stack. Third Row: J. Tedorski, J. Zamperini, F. Marsico, W. Meyer, F. Moses, T. Frick- anisce, J. Suatoni, R. Dowhower, D. Zimmerman, N. Singleton. JZ . First Row: P. Anderson, L. Horn, N. Uli- zio, D. Maytan, M. Davis, R. Kasavage, D. Bengel, A. Landi. Second Row: F. Caruso, V. Vani, J. O'SI1ell, F. Stearman, D. Parshook, B. Snow, M. Lanfaloni, C. Castorina, H, Oswald. Third Row: P. Echon, G. Bonincontro, F. Hotkowski, B. Ringus, L. Szoch, C. Ste- wart, P. Ogurchock, R. M, Murin, P. Namey. 54 Q05 or eem First row: B. Kunish, J. Spisok, S. Tamburo M. Barcus, G. Mydock, M, J. Giuliani, J O'Shell, F. Stearman, P. Sekscinski. Second row: E. Mazza, M. A. Piontek, C Taylor, P. Donati, J. Stefanini, J. Vairo J. Pagliaro, N. Ulizio, V. Cecchetti, M. Les lie. Third row: F. Massimini, C. Peters, D. Mit chell, L. Horn, J. Jarcyznski, C. Kunicki, P Thimons, S. Johnston, E. Bortz. Fourth row: M. Schimpf, M. Kuzmick, P. An derson, C. Klems, F. Caruso, J. Prokopik M. Lopez, C. Stewart. Fifth row: B. Echon, J. Lebert, B. Snow, N Fabrick, J. Corradene, E. Griglack, D. May tan. gawlelfgaf First row: R. Wagner, J. Socriponte, J. Col- lins, T. Fonnie, M. Lomendola, L. DeFeIices R. Terlinski. Second row: P. Flaherty, N. Cignetti, D Campbell, H. Albera, R. Petri, F. Moses, R. Stuart. Third row: L. Marsilio, C. Kuznicki, R. Var- esco, R, Krnacik, O. Doutt, T. Saska, R Kuntz. joofgaf First row: A. Graziano, J. Krncxcik, S. Nelson, A. Corey, J. Corsello, R. Hudeck, S. Sukalcz. Second row: B. Shockle R. Tusin F. Mar- Yf 9, sico, J. Thomas, J. Guercione, T. Pryor. Third row: J. Czmerdo, D. Bush, T. Frickan- isce, R. Caporali, R. Stuart, R. Wagner. Fourth row: R. Getz, L. Calvonese, J. Doher, R. Campbell, J. Daylido, L. Marchiol. First row: D. Pennachio, J, Nicastro, E. Ser- venfi D Mazzei D Linardi M Shockle , 1 - , - - Y J. Solvoti, P. Pasternok. 1 Second row: J. Rogers, H. Harnichar, M. Asper, M. L. Hanyo, J. Bruncsok, J. Colai- anni, J. Adoms. Third row: L. Warden, l. Vinkovich, E, Vin- kovich, L. Marino, R. M. Bougher, S. Austin, L. V. Moses. 55 First Row: W. Bechosky, A. Ormesher, W. Meyer, M. E. Sharick, R. Miller, S. Johnston, S. Stinson. Second Row: M. C. Kossick, T. Clista, S. Saccamano, T, Singleton, G. McArclle, J. Daher. Not Pictured: L. Szoch. jjfae Wafiolfmf ,Honor ociefg The National Honor Society is composed of fourteen girls cmd boys of the senior class who were selected by teachers. The membership is based on scholarship, service, and character. They must rank scholastically in the first third of the group, but not more than fifteen per cent of any class may be elected to membership in any chapter. Gold pins, purchased by the Student Council, were presented to the students who were selected in their Junior year. The seniors will be presented with similar pins at their last Senior assembly. Those who have attained this position are aware of the honor that has been bestowed upon them. To be a member of the N.H.S. in high school means that you are always eligible for membership in college if you wish to pursue your scholastic career further. This organization is not just a club in the ordinary sense of the word, but it is the founda- tion of American youth. We must not forget that the students of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. To lead one's country, state, city, or children wisely is the iob that many of these students will find themselves faced with in the years to come. Their teachers strongly believe these fourteen boys and girls to be the ones most capable of doing this job efficiently. The four requirements of the N. H. S., schol- arship, service, leadership, and character pre- sent a challenge to the youth of today. Can we face and overcome that challenge? First Row, left to right: Tom Saska, Loretta De- Mao, Connie Castor- ina, Charlene Kopin- ski, Betty Lou Razderk, Victoria Vani, Jennie Shamey, Sue Hess, Barbara Gigler, Jean Repine, Gordon Za- wodniak, Tom Miller, Lou DeFeIices. Second Row: John Krna- cik, Betty Bodenhorn, Marie Costanza, Betty Sacriponte, Flor e n c e Hotkowski,MinnieAra- bia, Rochelle DeBIasio, Helen Capo, Gilda Bo- nincontro, M a r I e n e Overly, Dolores An- tonucci, Gladys Hope, Adeline Nicastro, Irene Suprano. In Front: Mr. Fred Lyle, President, Greenwald Auto Co., Mr. Walter M. Sakaluk, Instruc- tor, Driver Education. First Row: J. Guericone, R. Cipolla, B. J. Baird, Second Row: A. Lloyd, C. Lamendola, I. Kom- inko, J. DeFazio, P. Clems, M. E. Johnston. Third Row: R. Petri, M. Perino, R. Pelino, S. Oberhelman, P. Meco, N. Mahaftey. Fourth Row: R. Sgalio, D. Ross, B. Ringus, G. Rea, L. Pomelio, I.. Wardoclip, T. Verter- amo, E, Torcaso, N. Toscano, P. Tallarico. Fifth Row: F. Krason, T. Krason. Instructor: Mr. W. Saka- Iuk, 57 river giaflfwalfiolfz endow Clair . . . HARMONY IN RHYTHM For the first time in several years this song- minded group of boys cmd girls from tenth through twelfth grade have a period during the school day. They practice Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 11:02 to 'I'I:47. The choir's big goal is to give sweaters to their graduating members. Toward this end the group works all year. The choir's annual bake- sale, as always, was a great success. Their Christmas dance, the "Holly Hop," was enioyed by every one who attended. The A Cappella Christmas program was en- ioyed by both the Jr. and Sr. High School as well as the Parent-Teachers Association. The Spring Concert was praised by all who heard it. All of these events went toward the making of a successful year for the choir under the capa- ble direction of the new choir director Miss Dorothy Ferronte. PRESIDENT ..,.,..,..,.....,..... LOUIS CALVANESE VlCE-PRESIDENT ...., ,,.. J OSEPH DAYLIDA SECRETARY .......,.,.. ......, M ARLENE OVERLY TREASURER ...,. ..,... M ARTlNA TRZECIAK 58 AS WE PICTURE THEM Row One: T. Verteramo, B. Kunish, A. M. Guzzi E. Mazza, M. A. Piontek, A. Singer, N. Toscano A. Landi, R. Kasavage, E. Kimber, B, Echon, J Puglisi, I. Suprano, B. J. Baird, L. Berkoben, H. Konchos. Row Two: J. Mitchell, D. Ross, R. D'Argenzio, M Overly, H, Capo, V. Singleton, J. Holland, D Johnson, F. Massimini, C. Kunicki, J. Uhrine A. Torkeo, C. Stewart, T. Trzeciok, L. Szoch. Row Three: P. D'argenzio, M. Lamendola, S. Cas torina, R. DeValaria, A. Falsetti, P. Tallarico J. Costanza, A. Bellavia, T. Dickey, F, Como C. Berzek, T. Campbell, S. Stinson, R, Phillips K. Callas, Row Four: L. Marsilio, B. Ficca, S. Alcibiade, L Calvanese, D. Mangieri, S. Matisko, F. Manning A. Graziano, F. Marsico, W. Myer, S. Doutt. Row Five: C. Lepusky, R. Miller, R. Cipolla, L Marchiol, T. Frickanisce, D. Zimmerman, M Knosky, J. Potochniak. lfmior Clwir DOUBLE SEXTET First Row: P. Bianco, G. Kunish, R. Cecchetti, E. Shaheen, J. Acopine, J. Bertoni. Second Row: E. Migliorisi, B. Melendandri, D. Tirdel, W. McNutt, J. Armstrong, R. Fisher. AS WE PICTURE THEM First Row: L. Buono, J. Papa, M. Fiorina, M. Cap- pone, M. Pallone, P. Papa, K. Miller, M. Mas- sola, E, Wagner, B. Chine, B. Hollick, G. Arabia, P. Pallone, M. Wypiski, P. Pasternak, R. A. Vogel. Second Row: R. M. Pugliese, A. DeMao, L. Moses, J. Korowicki, J. Colaianni, J. Bielata, M. Anus- kiewicz, P. Sergi, P. Salandrio, P. Kosky, R. Bartolacci, D. Ogerchock, K. Abraham, S. Lu- cerne, L. Tristani. Third Row: E. M. Singleton, S. Caporali, V. Ar- gento, E. Brokaw, J. Rogers, P. Paulick, C. Yanne, J. Adamczyk, A. Lorant, P. Artuso, B. J. Tusing, T. Frederick, B. Gans, D. Kitzer. Fourth Row: J. Lyons, J. Geraci, M. Calvanese, J. Hazlett, B. L. Bargerstock, D. Foust, A. Leah, M. Lange, C. Dickie, L. Marino, V. Zalupsky, N. Ashe, R. Monico, R. Runco. Fifth Row: D. J. Donati, B. Premutico, M. A. Gut- necht, S. A. Katona, B. Fleeger, C. Schultz, R. Landi, B. Holste, V. J. Sabow, J. Fritzky, D. R. Leach, J. Pelino, M. J. Rocchi, D. Ludwiczak. From room 'I00 every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, come the melodic tones of the Junior High Choir. Under the direction of Miss Dorothy Ferrante, the new music teacher and choir director, this All Girls Chorus has been prac- ticing for their various musical programs. Con- tinually they strove to make their music a com- pliment to them. Early in the season this ambitious group of girls elected their officers, which are: PRESIDENT ...............,...,.. BARBARA HOLSTE VICE-PRESIDENT ...... DOLORES LUDWICZAK SECRETARY ..,........ ........,. P ATRICIA KOSKY TREASURER ....... ...... V ALJEAN SABOW LIBRARIANS ,..,..,......... PATRICIA PALLONE ROSE MARIE PUGLIESE Among the selections chosen by the choir for their annual spring concert were "St. Louis Blues," "Follow Me Down to Carlow," "The Three Bells," and Malotte's well known, "The Lord's Prayer." All people who attended agreed that the concert was a great success. 59 Z8 gdlflfj . . . OUR MUSIC MAKERS A busy organization at Arnold High School is the band. The band members devote much of their time to the improvement of their march- ing and playing. One of the most commendable football rou- tines this year was the "Birth of the BIues" which described how some of the well-known blues songs were composed. The Dispatch Band Festival in which Iocal bands participated provided stiff competition for our band. Still the Arnold Band maintained its top rating. After the band has given its performances at both football and basketball games, more time is spent in preparation for concert season during which the band presents concerts for the students and public of Arnold. The band's main activities include, playing at pep meetings, earning money to purchase sweaters for graduating members, and playing for commencement exercises. Arnold is proud of its band! 60 AS WE PICTURE THEM Row One: J. Zamperini, M. Lucas, D. Stewart, F Manning, I, Rebar, C. Crivaro, P. D'Argenzio J. Martin, D. Vrudney, A. Castorina. Row Two: M. Guzzi, J. Miller, M. Ross, G. Pro venzo, D. Mitchell, A. M. Guzzi, R. Licata, L Bortz, T. Rocchi, N. Singleton. Row Three: P. Meco, G. Kunish, B. Settlemyer R, Arbuckle, L. McMasters, R. Miller, R. Ficca V. Chine, D. Moore. Row Four: E. Torcaso, P. Tallarico, J. Powers, T Verteramo, A. Petrone, E. Falco, J. DeFelice E. Bossio. Row Five: R. M. Marzullo, P. Tannas, R. Moore A. Pugliese, L. Rich, M. Bellavia, B. Melendandri Row Six: D. Mangieri, E. Migliorisi, D. Berkey, P Capone, T. Wissinger, T. Dickey, R. Cowen. Row Seven: R. Tutelo, D. Waterloo, L. Ceraso, R DeMao, P. Ciancutti. 1 1 CSQIWIJLQ wo .jfae game! ozforelffw J First row: Leads, S. Vince, G. McArdle, M, Lebert, C. Peters, M. A. Fisher. Kneeling: R. Snyder, mascot. Second row: J. Moresi, L. Roberts, B. Gigler, D. Savage, R. M. Ycmne. Third row: B. Smcriponte, J. Vairo, M. E. Johnson, M. J. Pokuscl, E. Mazza. Fourth row: J. A. Stefcnnini, M. Swan- derski, M, Lonfoloni, J. Pugliese, N. Ulizio. Fifth row: J. Poglioro, C. Klems, C. Tay- lor, S. Hess, P. Donati, B. Serventi. Z?6LlfL6! QMCQM First row: R. Snyder. Second row: R. Ficcou, G. McArdIe, M. A. Fisher, F. Molrsico. GLVLCQ gan! First row: E. Migliorisi, M. Lamendolci, P. Tollcrico, J. Powers, J. Zamperini. Second row: Mr. A. G. Moses, D. Man- gieri, R. Ficco, P. D'Argenzio, I. Rebor, L. McMaster. 61 A8 Mom . A moment to relax A NIGHT TO REMEMBER The Junior-Senior Prom held by the Junior Class in the beautiful Hotel Webster Hall, was a night which will be long remembered by those who attended. Before the four buses, which carried the gay couples to the ballroom, left the Victoria Avenue building, cars, with boys resplendent in dinner iaclcets and girls in flowing gowns, were seen as early as six o'clock. Dance programs, which contained records of dances, the class officers, the committees, and others who contributed to making the prom a success, were given to the couples on the buses. Even a slight rain couldn't dampen our spirits as we arrived at the Hotel Webster Hallan- ticipating our big night. The elegance of the place and the dreamy music of Buddy Lee's orchestra, along with the delicious food made the night all the more magic. Thus, in an incredibly short time, the Junior- Class President, presented Mr. Alex Tannas and Mrs. Stella Papas, the Junior Class Advisers, with luggage and a clock radio respectively. The Junior Class President, Joseph Daylida, and his partner, Mary Ellen Sharick, led the Grand March before the last dance. At this time favors were distributed, a panda for the girls and a bronze horse for the boys. Thus, in an incredibly short time, the Junior- Senior Prom of 1952 became iust a memory. A magic night filled with ioy and laughter, will long be remembered by both the Juniors and the Seniors. if WB lawns? M ,Nw-f4s?'5f"5 l- ll l OUT O 335553 ,ig Vg, .L ,.. av :qi .A . ig' ,.. M , F - . J.. am. ., . ZH if 5 X " gf Maha, I . . . . - W., .. ' '- .ww . fp- , . 25,3 '53, ""' 4 4 ' . , S 3 L D' Q 2 my H as . .. V V ea: K ,. A E ai A . . . ..,. . . .Q . K ' 'Q X f V935-Zag, Y f gm x gg "5 1 A.,,. 1 an ' 215. 'L .4 . - 5. 3 L' ki MV- QI' l 'av QL ws .L 1 A A P...7.ff!,-5' SL .A5-1.51 -il? M 5ZWi??'??9 iiifhxksnwzfsamzi 'ffff MM, , , in H1 Q i .A we . Q., x Q L- ff 1 5 M imma 1 ig My Q2 I gl, W e gg Iwi - 5 M 2? J. X 7 ,Q Wifi xiii 4 5 gi if gts i? ?f si ff' 1 Ks fix' xi. H2 '. Q MR. ALEX TANNAS Coach SIMM . . . GRIDIRON MASTERS THEIR RECORD A.H.S. 6 ....... ....... D erry Twp. . 'I3 .....,, ......., W est Deer 14 ........ 'I9 ..,..... 27 ....,... ........Rankin ...,....Tarenfum Elizabeth 19 ...,... ....... S pringdclle . T8 ......, ..... . Apollo ,s ......., 14 .....,, ...,... F ord City ..,.. T8 ....,.. .....,.......... B essemer .... 6 ....,.4v,..,...., 4........ L eechburg Won ............,........ Lost .. Tied ..... Opp. ...,....13 0 0 ........39 ........'l3 ........l9 ........33 ..... 0 THE TEAM First row: D. Silvis, J. Saccamano, D. Campbell, B Campbell, R. Wagner, S. Nelson, J. Thomas, B Mazzei, F. Pallone. Second row: S. Sukala, R, Tusing, J. Krnacik, D Hartzell, F. Marsico, R. Stuart, J. Gusrcione, T Pryor, R. Caporali, D. Bush. Third row: S. Castorina, Manager, J. Corsello, B Shockley, J. Czmerda, R. Hudek, T. Corey, P. Tor- chia, R. Getz, W. Mellon, R. Albera. Fourth row: Mr. N. Ventura, Equipment Manager, Mr M. Peretti, Assistant Coach, D. Stopko, L. Calvun- ese, L. Marchiol, T. Frickanisce, J. Daylida, J Daher, Mr. F. Martin, Assistant Coach, Mr. A Tannas, Head Coach. 66 A fumble? l l l Arnold-6 Derry Twp.-I3 ln their initial encounter the Tannasmen bowed to a de- termined Derry Twp. team. The game's top honors went to Ron Stuart, Arnold's stellar quarterback, and Don Stopko, our star end, who clicked with pass completions for conside- able gains. Arnold--13 West Deer-0 The Lions traveled to West Deer for their first league game. At the expense of the West Deer Braves the Tannasmen chalked up their first victory of the current campaign. Stopko continued his fine scoring, tallying all 'I3 points. Arnold-'I4 Rankin-0 ln racking up their second straight league victcry the Lions proved they were a team got to be taken lightly. In the sccond quarter Arnold's seasoned Halfback, Joe Daylida, circled right end for the score. A fourth quarter touchdown by Stcpko insured the victory. Arnold-19 Tarentum-6 ln the fourth game of the year, Tarentum played host to the Arnold Lions and came out on the short end of a i9-6 score. Taking advantage of an early lead the Tannas- men's stout defense staved off some late Redcot surges. Arnold--27 Elizabeth-39 Next the Orange and Blue played host to the favored Elizabeth squad. Giving it all they had, the Lions tried des- perately to overcome the early lead racked up by the speedy Elizabeth backs. A late Lion surge fell short and Arnold was knocked from class B competition. Arnold-l9 Springdale-I3 ln their sixth encounter the Tannasmen outlasted the Power City Eleven. Scores were posted by Stuart, Wagner, and Stopko. Wagner's iaunt around right end being the deciding factor. This was Arnold's fourth victory. Arnold-18 Apollo-19 In a grueling contest which was hard fought all the way, the Arnold Lions came out on the short end of a close l9-l8 count. Displaying fine form, the Tannasmen worked as a perfect grid machine, but the Apollo Gods booted one extra point through the uprights giving them their slim victory. Arnold-l4 Ford City-33 After the Apollo setback, Arnold played host to a detere minsd and keyed-up Ford City team. The Glassers' offense clicked for 26 points in the first half, but a stubborn defense held them to only 7 points in the second half. Daylida and Stopko tallied for Arnold. Arnold--18 Bessemer-0 Taking advantage of the muddy turf, the Tannasmen com- pletely outplayed Bessemer. A determined defense held the larger Bessemer team scoreless to chalk up their fifth win of the '52 campaign. Corey and Daylida accounted for the Arnold Lions' T8 points. Arnold-5 Leechburg-37 ln the season finale Arnold played host to the hard-hitting Blue Devils from Leechburg. The Blue Devil surges were too much for the Arnold squad, who fought back till the final guni. Arnold's lone tally came in the final quarter with Ron Stuart throwing a spot pass to wingman Ron Caporali. si" 5 . X 33? ax ak gi 5 an .ig - iz? , af F - M?f Sw K N My sk .H Qi R f ,Q i f .lb 3 3: - A "v r L Q L 1 'Tl .""'d v . , , 1' L. A: i 1' 1 - R fx .jf 1 ve q ga L N . 'Qi Q, 2 -" , ' 1 . L ' my h was , '5 57' Wgw s 1 xi. WY . 5 JIM "KnuckIy" DAHER Our hard-crashing fullback crack linebacker broken shoulder early in season. LOU "Cal" CALVANESE Rugged tackle plays both defen- sively ancl offensively big and rough JOE "Buzzy" DAYLIDA Arnold's fleet halfback . . . fine pun- ter .. . fine broken-field runner FRANKLIN "Mole" MARSICO Reserve end fine defensive ball player . .. season cut short by iniury DON "Mokie" STOPKO Rangy end . . . a big scoring threat . . . plays fine defensive ball . . . Stan- wick's star of the week BOB "Fritz" CAMPBELL Defensive ball player a small package of dynamite alert and in other team's backfield 69 MR. LAWRENCE MCGUIRE Coach The 1952-53 Lions basketball squad under the experienced coaching of Mr, Larry McGuire and Mr. Robert Terlinski continued putting out a large number of wins. With a season record of 'I5 wins and 6 losses, the McGuiremen proved that they deserved watching whether they were class A or B. Starting the exhibition campaign with im- pressive wins over class A schools, the Lions con- tinued showing themselves as a perfect cage machine. The Lions worked their way through ' gcwgelfgaf . HIGH-SCORING CAGERS 6 league games without a blemish on their rec- ord before they met a keyed up West Deer team and lost by 3 points. The Lions were discour- aged but bounded back very well to defeat Oakmont, Verona, and Plum Twp. Completing league play with a nine and one record, the Lions qualified to enter the class A WPIAL elim- inations. The McGuiremen met Glassport and lost to the rangy Gladiator squad by only 6 points. The entire squad and coaching staFF deserve congratulations for a iob well done. First row: R. Terlinski, P. Flaherty, M. Lamendola, R. Wagner, T. Saska, L. DeFelice, R. Stuart, J. Shamey. Second row: Mr. L. F. McGuire, Head Coach, J. Knarcik, Manager, F. Moses, E. Saska, N. Cignetti, C. Kuznicki, L. Marsilio, Manager, Mr. R. M. Terlinski, Assistant Coach. Sim. u!n in f ' . xsss . N s:xsk Fred Moses Pat Flaherty Jim Shamey Ed Saska Lou DeFelices Mike Lumendola FRED "MOOSE" MOSES has been the Lions' stellar 'Forward for 1he past three years. Mioose, showing up very well against all opponents, should have a great college career ahead of him. ED SASKA, the tall, lanky center of our championship team, has helped the Lions to a great extent in the past few years. Eddie always comes through in the pinch. PAT "TRlCH" FLAHERTY, reliable forward of the Lions, has proved his prowess as a good defensive ball player. Pat saw a considerable amount of action this year and did very well in every occasfon. LOU "JUMBO" DeFELlCES, star play maker of the McGuire- men, plays a floor game equal to the best to come out of Arnold. Lou hits from out front when the points are most needed. JlM "Sl"lAME" SHAMEY, high-scoring forward, turned out to be Ken Hi's loss and Arnold's gain. Jim was instrumental in leading the Lions to the Section 13 title. MIKE LAMENDOLA saw a lot of action this year and fared very well on all occasions. Mike's aggressiveness and drive were always an inspiration to the team. 45 14 'ln SECTION THIRTEEN CHAMPIONS OUR SEASON'S RECORD A.H.S. Opp. A.H.S. Opp 45 ,.,..., ..... H omestead . 47 60 ..,. . ..... Oakmont 54 4, ,.. Ken Hi ..,,,.,. .,.,.A. 4 5 61 ,.. ...... Verona 63 ,. ..,. ..,.. L eechburg . .. 31 78 . ,.,., . Plum Twp. 51 .. .,,. ...,. H ar-Brack .,... .. 58 64 . . Freeport 52 ,..,... .. Ford City . 49 71 .,,. ,. ....,. East Deer 48 ....,. ..... K en Hi .,...... . 49 48 .. ..,. .West Deer 58 ...,.. ,..,. S wissvale ,..., 4,,. 4 O 54 .... ,.r... O akmont ...,..,.. 60 ., A .. .Tarentum .,.. 44 39 .... .. .....,. Verona 59 ..,., .,.. E ost Deer ,..,. 31 32 .r... ,...... C entral Catholic 61 , ,West Deer .... .,,.,, , ,.. ,... 36 49 ......... .. Plum Twp. ., .. W. P. I. A. L CLASS A PLAYOFF Arnold .. 37 Glolssport ,. .. 43 Won 15 Lost 6 Q Will at go in? i if I JUNIOR VARSITY First row: R. Krnacik, T. Pryor, R. Petri J. Collins, J. Sacriponte, R. Albera, J Guercione. Second row: R. Tusing, D. Campbell, O Doutt, R. Medley, R. Varesco, B. Kuntz R. Flemm, T, Fannie-Manager. lfmior Mardify lfmior A H s opp. A.H.s. ...Homestead ...,Ken Hi ...Ieechburg ....Har-Brack ...Ford City ..... ...,Ken Hi Swissvale ..... ..,. . .. ...Tarentum ...East Deer ...West Deer ...... ....Oakmont ....Verona ...Plum Twp. ..Freeport East Deer West Deer ...Oakmont ...Verona Central Catholic ..,., ...... .. Plum Twp. OPP- . Plum Twp. .,... ....... 2 5 Plum Twp. .... ..,.... 2 0 Ford City .... ....... 'I 9 Kittanning . .... ...36 Main Street ...... ....... 2 2 Stewart ....,. ....... 4 I Fourth Ave. .. ,.,. . 36 Natrona Hts. .... ....... 4 4 Ford City .... .... . 28 Kittanning .. 31 Main Street ,..... ....... 3 'I Stewart ......... ...... 2 7 Fourth Ave. 37 Natrona Hts. ....... ..... 2 2 Won 'I2 Lost 8 Won 8 l-O57 6 JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM Flrsl' row D Chomyak, R. Lucerne, T. Roccl-n W Kakuk D Batten, J. Lacinski, T Kuhn R Abel R Tomuyko. Second row E Valent K. Stitt, D. Vrud- ney M Szlachetka J Martin, R. Licata, L Adams J Monteleone-Manager. 74 ff?....M T A KE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME MR. OLIVER PHILLIPS - Q ev .L if , . 1 . Coach First row: J. Fiscus, J. Sacriponte, B. Krnacik, D. Sponsler, .l. Krnacik, D. Pogoleski. Second row: Mr. O. Phillips, Coach, A. Errico, Manager, T. Saska, J. Shamey, G. Seman, R. Schultz, R. Guido, Manager. The end of the T952 baseball season found the Lions with a record of four wins and four losses. The Lions, under the skill- ful coaching of Mr. O. Phillips, started spring training in early April. Having lost most of last year's team by graduation, Coach Phillips selected eleven boys to make up his squad. From this eleven he formed his starting nine. The Lions won over East Deer, twice, Tarentum, and Ken High, while losing to Har-Brack, twice, Ken High and Tarentum. With seven veterans return- ing, the optimistic mentor is looking forward to a successful season. Lots of luck, Coach Phillips in the coming season. 75 elfmid . MR. GEORGE McLAUGHLlN Coach ' ARNOLD"S RACKET SQUAD First row: T. Campbell, J. Powers, D. Isaac, D. Berkey. Second row: S. Nelson, F. Morsico, P. Tallarico. The Arnold tennis team, under the excellent coaching of Mr. G. C. McLaughlin, completed the "52" season with a very fine record. Losing only to Kiski Prep, a college preparatory school, and Latrobe, the State Champions, the Lions fared very well. Arnold was placed in the sec- tion with the State Champs and couldn't over- come the host of stars on the Latrobe squad. The Lions racked up a yearly record of 6 wins and 4 losses. Look for Arnold's Racket Squad next year. Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold SCORES 0 Kiski Prep .. 3 Wilkinsburg Central Catholic Ken Hi 0 Kiski Prep Tarentum Latrobe Ken Hi Tarentum Latrobe Won 6 Lost 4 JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Left to Right: J. Nicastro, D. Magnetta, J Korowicki, P. Paulick, E. Serventi, 5 Lucerne. SENIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Row ez C. Castorina, V. Cecchetti, D. Bengel, J. Barrett. Row two: R. D'Argenzio, L. Szoch, M. Elkln D. Antonucci. C QQPLQJQVJ . . YEA! TEAM! Football, basketball, away or at home these eight enthusiastic girls are seen. They enjoy donning their bright blue skirts, white sweaters, and saddle shoes. These eight girls kept the team's spirit up and led the student body in roaring cheers this year. They always found time to send encouraging remarks to the student body in pep meetings. Bubbling with vitality, the girls kept up a never-ending voice battle for the team. This year's squad was very de- pendable and enthusiastic. Their zip and will- to-win gave everyone the pep to cheer loud and long. Lorraine, Peggy, and Dolores were the three seniors. Their iob was keeping order among the girls. The three iuniors were Rose, Connie, and Dolores. They, along with the two sopho- mores, Judy and Virg, help to make the student body yell. The Junior High Cheerleaders were made up of Patty Paulick, Joan Korowicki, Elaine Ser- venti, Joyce Nicastro, Diane Magnetta, Sylvia Lucerne. Let's hope that they will keep up the good work they are now doing. To follow into the seniors' footsteps are the desires of these six peppy girls. l 77 Barbershop quonrief Soy "cheese" Kuz and Osccfr All around ihe Chrisfmous Tree Pals for always A nigh? out The teachers sit one out Time out Jus? posing The 7th graders have ci dance Now what? Ready for the Prom 78 10N X.-x ff!! 'xx-. My V ,5 Q .. - I. . ,i - . 5 x xi 1 . Xffl?N.Ati0ffl'y' THE ARNOLD l.l0N'S come or ETHICS To show my faith in the worthiness of my vocation by indus- trious application to the end that I may merit a reputation for quality of service. To seek success and to demand all fair remuneration or profit as my iust due, but to accept no profit or success at the price of my own self respect lost because of unfair advantage taken or because of questionable acts on my part. To remember that in building up my business it is not neces- sary to tear down another's, to be loyal to my clients or customers and true to myself. Whenever a doubt arises as to the right or ethics of my posi- tion or action towards my fellow man, to resolve such doubt against myself. To hold friendship as an end and not a means-To hold that true friendship exists not on account of the service per- formed by one to another, but that true friendship de- mands nothing but accepts service in the spirit in which it is given. Always to bear in mind my obligations as a citizen to my nation, my state, and my community, and to give to them my unswerving loyalty in work, act, and deed. To give them freely of my time, labor, and means. To aid my fellow man by giving my sympathy to those in distress, my aid to the weak, and my substance to the needy. To be careful with my criticisms and liberal with my praise, to build up and not destroy. 79 For Fine Cakes and Fostries Visit POTTER'S BAKERY ARNOLD, PA. Corner Kenneth Avenue and Drey Street Service for the sick since 1898. THE ARNOLD DRUG STORE T707-5th Avenue Arnold, P01 Phone EDison 7-6508 We BUY ond SELL USED CARS JEROME MOTOR COMPANY OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC SAFETY TESTED USED CARS Corner of Fourth Ave. and Eighth Street Phone Edison 7-4563 New Kensington, Pc. 80 Congratulations Class of 1953 CONTO'S DREY ST. MARKET Drey Street Arnold, Pa Phone EDison 5-3904 COMPLIMENTS HECKER'S SERVICE STATION Corner of Richmond St. and Freeport Road Congratulations Class of '53 Phone EDison 9-9274 ROBERT S. RUSIEWICZ FUNERAL HOME Ed. 5-2841 Fifth Avenue at Fourteenth Street Arnold, Pa. COMPLIMENTS NU-KEN CANDY AND CIGAR CO. 647 Fifth Avenue Phone EDison 7-8821 81 PRAHA CAFE GOOD FOOD OF ALL KINDS 1724-26 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa Congratulations Class of 1953 LONGO'S NEW MARKET Corner Orchard Avenue-Drey Street Arnold, Pa. Our Compliments STEVE CIPOLLA COAL and GENERAL HAULING MARTIN H. NEE PHOTOGRAPHER The Baby Photos That You Treasure Forever 309 Murray Ave. Arnold, Pa. EDison 5-3501 7 fich, fmaiwz, DODGE - PLYMOUTH DEALERS DEPENDABLE USED CARS NEW KENSINGTON At The Bridge OAKMONT TARENTUM CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF 1953 ARNOLD VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPRISING NUMBER ONE AND NUMBER TWO COMPANIES KELLER ELECTRIC COMPANY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR AND DEALER Fifth Avenue cat Eighth Street Phone EDison 7-3597 New Kensington, Pci. 83 LAWRENCE A. FISCUS CERTIFIED GEMOLOGIST Registered Jeweler American Gem Society Accredited Gem Laboratory 969 Fourth Avenue New Kensington, Penna EDison 7-3411 Compliments of GLOCK'S SPORTING GOODS STORE 410 Ninth Street EDison 7-4641 New Kensington, Pa Compliments of AL'S TELEVISION RADIO 81 Dumont - Admiral RCA - Stromberg Carlson 1706 Fifth Ave. EDison 5-1961 APPLIANCE Arnold, Pa Compliments of CITY NEWS 1730 Fifth Avenue Magazines - Toys - Games - Fishing Tackle Arnold, Pa 84 NEW KENSINGTON TYPEWRITER COMPANY QM... 931 Flffh Avenue '22:f1E5E525E5i5E5E5i5E5E5E5E5E5E:E2Er:,:-1. - . . . - ' ' "'A':':'i:'i:?Q1:'1n-'Zi?" ' ' 2 I 'Eff' 22555 . . New Kensington, Pennsvlvcmlv J- 5- De5'M0NE , ' .. " .4 .- 1 . " 'f'-ffw- 5. ""i4'w.24 Phones A r?-1-,..'.i?f?2":1x,,:.: f""ww.r,Z,wfs' ' '-Mfffewv ,V '- .-zizfilif -43511-5-s':r':r-'-P224-'-f EDISON 7-3525 81 7-3526 Good Luck to you Arnold Graduates from the SOCIETA' FEMMINILE UMBRIA SHEHAB MOTOR SALES INC. 421 Freeport St. New Kensington, Pa. 1035 Fifth Avenue KEN KAMERA Top Quality Photo Supplies 84 Equipment New Kensington, P 85 . . . for style Silverman lf . . . The Fashion First Store Famous Fashions For Juniors Misses Women . . . for service Children at the Right Prices M :awp QUMITY CARBONATED BEVERAGES For a Flavorful Treat Tha! Can 'I Be Beat! I.: I I ' CITY BOTTLING CO. 1822 sth Ave. SAM LOMBARDO, Mgr. Compliments of COMMUNITY SUPER MARKETS SHOP AND SAVE Located at ARNOLD and UNITY After the Game Follow the Crowd to- JACOB'S ICE CREAM PARLOR We make our own ice cream and is it good!! I7OI Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa 86 MEADOW GOLD DAIRIES, INC. 1240 Fourth Avenue New Kensington, Pc "Quality Dairy Products" Phone EDison 7-7635 TOM TANNAS CITY CLERK CITY OF ARNOLD Compliments of JOHN C. DONAHER FUNERAL HOME 1369 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Po 87 HARMONY SHORT LINE Coll New Kensington EDison 7-4578 CHARTER BUSES ANYTIME - ANYWHERE Terminal-309 Ninth Street New Kensington Pa BLOSER'S OFFICIAL JEWELERS TO ARNOLD HIGH SCHOOI. 960 Fourth Avenue NEW KENSINGTON PENNA 88 Compliments of GLENN BUICK CO. 710 Fifth Ave New Kensington, Po. When Better Automobiles Are Built, Buick Will Build Them Congratulotions Class of 1953 SOCIETA OPERAIA UMBRIA 1714-16 Third Avenue Arnold, Pa. NAMEY BROTHERS HOME DAIRY DISTRIBUTOR DAIRY VENDING MACHINES We Make Home Made Ice Cream 1001 2nd Avenue New Kensington, Pa EDison 7-4581 Compliments of GLADE LUMBER AND SUPPLY CO. 2734 Leechburg Road New Kensington, Penna 89 M. J. STEINER, The Florist "Say It With Flowers" "We Telegraph Flowers" Reliability and Quality for 26 Years 847 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa Phone New Kensington-EDison 7-4547 Conn. D. C. III. Ind. Md. Mich. N. J. N. Y. N. Car. Ohio Pa. Tenn. Va. W. Va. EDWARD M. NEE TRANSFER AND STORAGE 306 Murray Ave. Phone ARNOLD, PA. EDison 5-1761 H. A. KLINGENSMITH 81 SONS "If it's HARDWARE we have it" APPLIANCES - PAINTS - SPORTING GOODS 912 Fifth Ave. New Kensington, Pa. Dial EDison 7-4541 90 Congratulations to The Senior Class of 1953 and the Arnold School System AMERICAN WINDOW GLASS COMPANY PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Manufacturers of fine window glass and specialty glass products since I899 9'I 5hA FIFTH AVENUE SERVICENTER Gene Zilinski - Nick Peltz, Props. d 'I71I'1 St. Ph ED 9 9278 A IdP ARNOLD COMPLIMENTS OF FEDERATION OF GLASS CERAMIC AND SILICA SAND WORKERS OF AMERICA LocaI No. I7 PENNSYLVANIA I5335I1A TIERNEY'S CLEANING, PRESSING, REPAIRING "If It C Be Done, We'II Do It' MEN'S SUITS MADE TO ORDER FREE DELIVERY Ph ED 5 5861 A IdP Congratulations-Seniors GAETANO PlLATl FRATERNAL AID CLUB NO. 176 Of Columbian Federation T435 Fifth Avenue Arnold, P Congratulations Class of '53 FRANK'S CLOVER FARM STORE "Thrift Plus Satisfaction" 1425 Fifth Ave. For Free Delivery, Phone EDison 5-8251 ARNOLD BUILDER'S SUPPLY Hardware 81 Paints Plumbing 81 Heating Steel Sash 81 Glass Office 81 Yard-Rcl. 2032 Kimball Avenue Phone EDison 7-6536 Compliments of PENN TRANSIT CO. NEW KENSINGTON, PA. 93 Complimenis of WUI Ill owe Pl 4 " X 0 'SG'O x.x 'N W A' Www dfuwlal 0144.011 l IL POST 684 1728 FIFTH AVENUE ARNOLD, PENNSYLVANIA 94 Say It With Flowers REO'S FLOWER SHOP Everything in Flowers I607 Fifth Avenue Arn Phone EDison 7-6461 old, Pa 408 Eighth Street Congratulations from WALZER CLEANING CO. The VaIIey's Leading Cleaner New Kensington, Po. The Store of Fashions Fifth Avenue Congratulations from W. R. GOTT ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES FURNITURE AND RUGS Arnold, Pa. 95 LUMBER - MILLWORK - ROOFING - PAINT ARNOLD LUMBER CO. Fourth Avenue at The Lumber Number Fourteenth Street EDison 7-4700 MEYER 8t JOHNSTON CO. SHEET METAL WORKS AIR CONDITIONING - HEATING - ROOFING INDUSTRIAL SHEET METAL WORK I I 1901 Kenneth Avenue ARNOLD, PA. I Phone EDison 5-I I I7 I I 96 I ARNOLD SUPER CLEANERS WE CLEAN CLOTHES CLEANER AII Work Done In Our Own Plant CARL GENTILE FRANK "Peggy" NELSON Phone EDison 5-5411 1805 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Po. COMPLIMENTS OF ITALIAN AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY LODGE 1 19 Affiliated With The Italian Sons And Daughters of America 1801-03 Fourth Ave. ARNOLD PENNSYLVANIA A. L. SPECK 1826-28 Freeport Rd. Phone EDison 7-4546 ROOFING - SIDING - INSULATION - PERMA-STONE F.H.A.-VETERAN APPROVED HOMES KOOL-VENT AWNINGS - SEASON-ALL STORM WINDOWS 8g DOORS 97 When You Think Of Insurance Think Of: JOHN W. HUNGER AND DONALD H. HUNGER "Your Friends And Neighbors" Congratulations Class of '53 SUZY'S SODA GRILL "Where the Gang Loves to Meet" BEATRICE HANLON, Prop. Corner of Orchard 8. Drey St. Phone EDison 9-9439 Best Wishes From The DEFELICE and FRABOTTA'S ARNOLD FLOWER SHOP "Fashions in Flowers" 1727 Fifth Avenue EDison 5-4661 Arnold, Pa. Congratulations Class of 1953 TURNER BOOK STORE COMMERCIAL STATIONERS Office Supplies, Stationery, Gifts, Greeting Cards and Engraving 919 Fifth Avenue Phone EDison 7-67I'I 98 Compliments of UKRAINIAN CITIZENS CLUB Corner of 4th Avenue 8g 14th St. Arnold, Po. SHOES AND HOSIERY FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY LOUIS' SHOE STORE I7I5 Fifth Avenue EDison - 7-8151 Arnold, Pa MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ond SUPPLIES C O O P E R B R O S . "Music and Art Center" 8I0 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. Compliments of MANZELLA FUNERAL HOME T509 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Po. 99 AR-KEN PLUMBING 81 HOME SUPPLY 1606 Fifth Avenue-Arnold, Pa. NO JOB TOO BIG-NO JOB TOO SMALL Plumbing, Paint 81 Hardware EDison 7-4311 JOHNSTON HARDWARE CO. PLUMBING AND HEATING Sales ancI Service Pittsburgh Plate Glass Paints 1034 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. Congratulations CIass of 1953 ARCHIE MILLER'S For Better Men's Wear 964 5th Ave. Compliments of MICHAEL'S BAKE SHOP Cakes for every occasion 1612 5th Avenue EDison 5-6421 Arnold, Pa E. J. MICHAEL, Prop. 100 Congratulations BELLI MOTOR CO. Dealers of DESOTO - PLYMOUTH 1330 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa Compliments of WARRINGTON'S 5 81 I0 Your Friendly Neighborhood Novelty Store 'I702-04 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. OPEN EVENINGS THE KEYSTONE DAIRY CO. QUALITY PRODUCTS Dairy Store-- EDison 7-3569 329 Sixth Avenue MOntrose I-3020 Compliments of JOHN FEDAN 81 CO. 'I7'I2-'I6 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES HARDWARE FURNITURE 101 CENTRAL DRUG STORES "Famous for Low Prices' NEW KENSINGTON, PA. Congratulations THEODORE CAPPONE CITY CONTROLLER OF ARNOLD Accountant Auditor Real Estate, Mortgages, Insurance 1823 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. EDison 5-7741 MILLER BROS. SHOES 908 Fifth Avenue New Kensington's Largest Shoe Store Headquarters for "The VaIIey's Newest and Finest" Headquarters for BALDWIN CON N HARMONY Music co. ACROSOW MUSICAL Excelsior and Soprani AmpIiPhonic Accordions HAMILTON INSTRUMENTS Everything 'For the Musician HOWARD PIANOS 700-704 Fifth Ave. Phone EDison 5-4961 New Kensington, Pa. 102 3 az, PHOTO ENGRAVING 'A' f?-.. A j g li Zlfgff X If W '2 The Capitol Craftsmen have taken pride and pleasure in producing the fine en- gravings for this Annual. Many thanks for the excellent co-operation ot the Staff. ir BURRELL CONSTRUCTION AND SUPPLY CCDMPANY A' McMILLEN -SPEER COMPANY Age Craft Aluminum Awnings Keystone Aluminum Windows - Doors Season-All Casement Windows - Doors 1720 5th Ave. EDison 5-1751 ARNOLD, PA. Your neighbor bought from us, why don't you? "Dollar for Dollar You Can't Beat a Pontiac" See the Thrilling New 1953 DUAL-STREAK PONTIAC BAKER PONTIAC INC. 1542 Constitution Blvd. Arnold, Pa. JOSEPH H. MONTGOME RY CONTRACTOR and BUILDER ROOFING - SIDING - SPOUTING PLUMBING - HEATING 1516 Fourth Avenue Arnold, Pa. Phone ED. 7-7751 FAMOUS FOR ITALIAN TOMATO PIE Only Kind in the Valley P. 81 M. PIZZERIA LEFTY AND MOONEY, Props. EDison 9-9177 Arnold, Pa. 105 LEONARD F. PALETTA TRAVEL BUREAU 1230 Fifth Avenue New Kensingio P Phone EDison 9-9604 American Express Real Estate - Mortgage Travel Chequesl Notary Public - lnsura Phone ED 5-6531 lg: 9 A S h AVEQB E ii R E ioeiffrf A RECORD CENTER Compliments MOHR 81 BOYD CEMENT CONTRACTORS EDison 7-8506 Rx CREDITJEWELER NW A 106 TH RLf...aUSr RUGSW Q e ore STAVE. mg n R I PA. I Dzwbe EDISON gbffenv . 5-l42l of PRESCRIPTION PHARMACISTS. h E 542 C I ALLEGHENY VALLEY INDUSTRIAL UNION COUNCIL NEW KENSINGTON PA Dial EDison 7-3481 LARRY MUDD'S TV and APPLIANCES HALLICRAFTERS QUALITY 1700 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Penna NO UNSIGHTLY MONUMENTS GREENWCDGD MEMORIAL PARK 322-23 Logan Bank Building New Kensington, Pa. "A Cemetery Yet a Garden Spot of Beauty" Serving The Allegheny-Kiski Valley EDison 7-7631 CONGRATULATIONS BEARER ELECTRIC 8m SUPPLY NEW KENSINGTON, PA. CO. 108 DEBRO ONE HOUR MARTINIZING More Than Dry Cleaning Cleaning To Suit Your Taste In Our Own Plant 958 4th Avenue New Kensington, Pa. EDison 5-5051 Meet Crown Wear Diamonds CROWN'S CREDIT .IEWELERS I 940 Fourth Ave. New Kensington, Pa. I IDEAL CLEANING CO. soosrmc CLASS or '53 Compliments of ARNOLD RADIO AND TELEVISION SERVICE OPEN hoo - 6:00 703 Drey sr. Ed. 5-5141 109 Congratulations Class of '53 NOVOTNY AUTO BODY Phone EDison 5-2451 GEORGE ELIAS and IKE WILLIAMS, Props. Congratulations Class of '53 THE CORNER STORE Corner Rankin 81 Woodmont TRZECIAK, Prop. Phone EDison 5-T355 Congratulations Class of '53 FISCUS INSURANCE AGENCY T614 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Penna. Congratulations Class of '53 DONATI'S SERVICE STATION GULF IS YOUR BEST BET T610 Freeport Road Phone EDison 9-9275 'IIO Compliments of NORTH STREET SERVICE STATION Arnold Penno SOWOL'S GULF SERVICE STATIONS Accessories GULF Gas Tires 81 Tubes Oil GULF Batteries GuIfIex Lubrication Ecist H'iIIs Dr. 8g 7th St. Rd. 'I4th St. 8g 5th Ave. Phone EDison 9-9254 Phone EDison 9-9159 DAN KO'S BAKERY 1032 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. Phone EDison 7-8152 ROMA'S I7I0 Fifth Ave. Phone EDison 9-9208 III Valos Homemade Candies Agnes' Beauty Shoppe Edna Hotel P. Louis DeRose A. Lorant Sam's Tavern Mayor M. F. Horne Herman's Nut Shop Latella's Market L. S. Tidd Monaca's Grocery Store Tom Tannas Dr. H. W. Thomas Dr. D. A. Marini Sarniak's Meats Dr. F. A. Viggiano Orlando Lisciarelli Patsy QPatD Rich V Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Bianco Tony Polsinelli O. Phillips Andrew A. Romito Perr Brothers Pearl Kabacinski Nicastro's Market Weisz Shoe Repair pafrond Eddie Joe Bellomo's Market Arnold Grill Bongi's Market Guzzi's Shoe Repair Quality Meat Market Falsetti's New Kensington Art Memorial Tallerico Shoe Repair Dr. E. J. Stevens Mr. and Mrs. William Clark Campbell's Grill Iozzi's Market Arnold Typewriter Mr. and Mrs. Wm. L. Meyer Cignetti's Market A Friend Ellen's Beauty Salon Joe Gatto's Shoe Rebuilding Joe's Service Station Wile's Atlantic Service Station Helen Kido Giuliani's Market Joe Provenzo B8.G Auto Service Dr. L. C. Ceraso Congratulations Class of 1953 Forward America Lodge 127 Italian Sons Arnold of and Daughters of America Pennsylvania T12

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