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Text from Pages 1 - 110 of the 1952 volume:

5 3 5 s E i P Q 3 3 E s 2 E A 1 Y Q f S 5 2 3 2 2 2 5 , .... ..... ,- - . Ei27Z4331i??'3'?f3iW'.!I5E?:' 6 W K Q W, X mswizi, , -2 QL, W .f . ' 4 M, 5 I ALL CU TU MAKE A BETTIZR ARNULD HIGH SCIIOUI 1 l BO RD OF ED CATIO Jim Wallin, pg dfuwldl sau,-DL swim Seated: Nickolas Pallone, Edmund Humeniuk, Anthony Bianco, John Hollick. Standing: Andrew S. Rornito, H. D. Berlcey, Dominick Flocker, Francis Meyer. Not pictured: Dr. VVarren Massaro, Louis Springer. President .. V. President ,... .. Secretary .,.... Treasurer ...,........ School Solicitor 1 OFFICERS , ..........,...,......., ..,.....,... N , Pallone E. Humenink I. Fantini ..L. Springer A. Romito The Board of Education is composed of citi- zens who realize the importance of education in our community. The members meet to decide the many questions that arise in the operation of a public school system. They must plan for months, sometimes years ahead to insure an efli- cient and well-balanced educational program. It is their responsibility to supervise the welfare and all activities of the students. Our School Board has selected a high standard of education which We feel is one of the most superior in the state. They are doing a serious and important Work in shaping the futures of our students. We Wish to welcome as new members of the board: Dominick Flocker, john Hollick, and Francis Meyer. SUPERI TE DENT H. D. BERKEY Indiana State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh CLASS OF 1952: Co forth from your school and live the life for which you are best fitted. Find a place in which to work and serve others. Through worthwhile service you will lift the race to a higher plane. Because of eternal faith in youth there is still hope in the world. Through proper use of your talents you will achieve with hands and minds, and freedom for mankind will he pre- served. I challenge you to unfaltering loyalty, truth, honesty, justice and "whatsoever things are of good reportf' As you cross the threshold to new experiences may you ever keep in mind: "These things shall be,-a loftier race Than eier the world hath known shall rise With flame of freedom in their souls, And light of knowledge in their eyes." 9 AD INISTRATIO . . . mam, Plan. Jim, 71.2 rkig, PRI CIPAL H. H. SINGER Carnegie Institute of Technology University of Pittsburgh To the Class of 1952: It has been said that man has the capacity not only to build a better world but also to completely destroy what world now exists. I am confident that a better World is further on. Part of that confidence I have because of you. Your world can be better- Not because of differences but despite them, your realization that individuals are important-that friends are preciousg Not by selfishness but by service, your serviceg Not by indolence but by production, your laborg Not by regimentation but by freedom, your strengtbg Not by false security but by democratic government, your participationg Not by domination but by cooperation, your use of the Golden Rule. Best Wishes for success. 10 Ctfnll 69.014, UL QZL Hamid ASSISTA T PRI CIPAI I. PALLONE Indiulm Stklil' 'I'c-zu-114-x's C0111-gv LYlliYL'l'Sity of lJittSlll1l'g1l University of Indiamu ' l'v1111sylx'u11in Stalin' Cfullvgv Left to Right: I. I. Pullnne H. D. Berks-y ll. H. Singer ll U. r x.. 1. 3. A EDWARD F. BERNSCHEUER VIRGINIA A. BUSHNELL University of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania College for VVomen Auto Mechanics Composition, Literature, Latin, MARGARET 0. CALDWELL Grove City College Composition, Literature RUTH E. CRIBBS Indiana State Teachers College Bookkeeping, Business Correspondence VIRGINIA M. DEREK Seton Hill Sewing, Related Art ROSEMARY FITZGERALD Grove City College Mathematics if 12 Journalism JEAN CLARK Indiana State Teachers College Literature, Grammar JOSEPH J. DEDA University of Pittsburgh Science, Geography JOSEPH B. FARINE LLI Carnegie Institute of Technology Music, Choir, Orchestra CAROLYN HUTCHISON Grove City College Arithmetic, Grammar, Reading MILTON KLEIN Duquesne University Govemment, Problems of Democracy, U. S. History, W'orld History JOSEPHINE B. LECNAR Misericordia College Grammar, Literature, Composition FRANK MARTIN St. Vincent College Composition, Literature, Public Speaking GEORGE C. MCLAUGHLIN XVayueslmrg College University of Pittshurgh Physics, Chemistry, Biology, General Science MARGARET K. MORRISON Grove City College Typing, Salesmanship, Commercial Law BROOKS KUHN Slippery Rock State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh General Shop ANNA LISTWAK Camegie Institute of Technology Foods, Household Chemistry LAWRENCE F. MCGUIRE Camegie Institute of Technology University of Pittsburgh Drafting, Mathematics JEAN MENK Indiana State Teachers College Art ALBERT G. MOSES Duquesne University Band 13 lf i X , 9541 LEONARD F. PALETTA Duquesne University Grammar, History MARIO PERETTI University of Pittsburgh Wittenberg College Algebra, Science WALTER SAKULUK Indiana State Teachers College Drivers Education ALEX TANNAS Mercer University World History, Civics, Pennsylvania History NICHOLAS A. VENTURA Camegie Institute of Technology Duquesne University Mathematics, History, Science STELLA A. PAPAS Indiana State Teachers College Office Practice, Typing, Shorthand OLIVER I. PHILLIPS University of Chattanooga Health RUTH SIPES Slippery Rock State Teachers College Algebra, Science ROBERT M. TERLINSKI Indiana State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh Geography INEZ WALLIS Pennsylvana College for University of Pittsburgh Reading, History I Women - 14 GUIDE OUR FUTURE . HENRY SCHIMPF University of Pittsburgh Machine Shop DR. L. C. CERASO Physician Bucknell University Temple University INEZ FANTINI Secretary Superintendent School Board DOROTHY B. ZIMMERMAN Secretary Senior High School DR. E. I. STEVENS Dentist University of Pittsburgh FRANCES TAN NAS, R.N School Nurse Martin's Ferry, Ohio Nursing School GERALDINE VAIRO Secretary Junior High School qszzfigfb 3 figxli' E W ?5M , . TT FT" , eg 18:9 'E Av -. af! W'f?Q""i fl KW jfmbm. "CLIMB THOUGH THE ROCKS BE RUCCED" XVL-'ve finallv reached the first ledge in our great climb of life, graduation. As We pause to catch our breath and look back over our years at Arnold We seem to remember only the good things that happened and the fun we've had. VVe started as freshmen to Work for our prom. Selling magazines and sponsoring the Knight and Cal Ball gave us a good start. As sopho- mores, We held the Rainbow Whirl. And who will ever forget our struggles as juniors. Pro- ceeds from our play, "The Inner Williefi bake sales, candy sales, and our well-attended Star- light Ball gave us enough for a Wonderful time at the prom. And now we are finally seniors. XVe sponsored our last dance. the Snowflake VVhirl. YVe presented "Meet The Middletonsfi our last theatrical attempt in high school. Our banquet at the Elks will be long remembered. Not onlv will we remember the formal social, and sport activities but also our teachers, friends, and the funny little things that happened in class or around school. Before we realize, class day. baccalaureate, and commencement are upon us. It seems that it's all over too soon. At times the going has been steep but there are still greater obstacles ahead. If we live by our motto as our class has in the past we should not fail to reach the top of our climb. Ufficmm, President , , . .. , Al. Clark Vice President .. , A. Beattie Secretary . ......, . . .. C. llich Treasurer . . j. Mt-Ardle Advisers ..., . .Miss NI. Morrison Mr. Nl. Klein 9 A day of funl ' XVaiting forthe bell. 1 1,5"...f, Q 'flier Scmbm ,... L, Abel J. Ar11one T. Baker S. Barr A. Beattie A. Berczek D. Berkey C. Bertoni LOUIS ABEL 'il-Ou" Commercial Brawny fellow . . . Mischief maker . . . Ready to lend a helping hand . . . Football, J.C.C., Senior Banquet Committee. JOSEPH ARNONE "joe" Commercial Seen but not heard . . . Ardent baseball fan . . . Looks forward to a highly paid job . . . ROY THOMAS BAKER "Tom" Commercial Winning personality . . . Doe's better half . . . Future truck driver . . . An all right guy . . . Football. SARAH BARR "Tootie,' Commercial Punxsutawney transfer . . . Toils at the Five and Ten . . . Good sense of humor . . . 'I.C.C., Scnior Class Play Connnittce, Junior Historian Club. ALLAN BEATTIE "Bootie" Commercial Man about town . . . Mr. Klein's renorter . . . Impish grin . . . Dancer deluxe . . . Senior Class Vice-President, Student Council, Football. ALICE JEAN BERCZEK "Al" Academic Baby-doll face . . . C. C. A .... Easy to get along with . . . Neat dresser . . . Senior Dance Committee, Senior Banquet Committee. DALE BERKEY "Jake" Academic Tall and lanky . . . Field and stream man . . . Tennis whiz . . . Sparkling blue eyes . . . Basketball, Tennis, Choir, Prom Committee. CHRISTINE BERTONI "Kitty" Commercial Friendly to all . . . Efficient . . . Always laughing . . . Blushes easily. . Majorette, -I.C.C., Choir, Prom Committee, National Hon- or Society, Senior Dance Committee, Senior Banquet Committee. ...gfm ugh 1952 H. Bowser Brokaw L. Calvano C. Cecchetti C. Bruncsak D. Brzak J. Clark P. Clark 611241.11 Jhvuqli, jim 0'inrl1A, 1312, HAROLD BOVVSER "Bezzer" Commercial Tall lad . . . Pals with Bernard . . . XVai'y hair . . . Cruises around in his truclc . . . Footlmall. JOSEPH BROKAW "joe" Commercial Handsome and rugged . . . Easy to get along with . . . Ace halfhack . . . Football, Baslietliall, Baseball, Prom Committee, I.C.C., Senior Banqu-et Committee. CAROL BRUNCSAK "Carol" Commercial jovial lass . . . Ice skates in her spare time . . . Pals with jean . . , j.C.C., Broadcaster, Senior Banquet Committee. DONALD BRZAK "Droopy" Commercial Ardent sports fan . . . Very friendly . . . Knows all scoops . . . Always at Suzy's . . . Prom Committee, Senior Dance Connnittee. LORRAINE CALVANO "Lot" Commercial Lou's girl . . . Friendly to all . . . Neat . . . Never a harsh word . . . Prom Counnittee, .l.C.C., Broadcaster, junior Fred Cross, Senior Banquet Connnittee. GLORIA CECCHETTI "Glo" Commercial Talltative . . . Creates h-er own wardrohe . . . llohhy is dancing . . . l".ll.A., .l.C.C., junior Red Cross, Senior Banquet Colu- inittee, Choir, Senior Dance Committee. JAlW1ES CLARK "Fai" Commercial Ilearty laugh . . . XVinning personality . . . Excels in footliall , . . Pranlister . . . Senior Class President, Foothall, Prom Committee, Senior Dance Committee. PATRICIA CLARK "Pat" Commercial Ardent sports fan . . . Sparkling smile . . . Neat . . . Bundle of wit . . . -l.C.C., Choir, Student Council, Senior Class Play, Broad- caster. Senior Banquet Committee. ...51w,1,,e1952 J. Cooper S. Corey A. DePrinzio V. DeSantis L. Crivaro L. DeSocio R, Dorbritz E. DeFeliees gm Jhwlt Jim, wma, we manga JACK COOPER "Scott" Vocational Smooth dancer . . . Amhition, jockey . . . Neat dresser . . . Likes "hot" musie. SELMA COREY "Sally" Commercial Quiet lass . . . Pals with Donn and Tillie . . . Looks toward the future . . . J.c.c., F.H.A. ' LOUIS CBIVARO "Lou" Academic Teacher's 'dream student . . . Fricndlv . . . Faithful hand member . . . Soft-spoken . . . 1 Band, Choir, Orchestra, Senior Dance Committee. EVELYN DeFELICES "Eve" Commercial Nice smile . . . Crand sense of humor . . . Enjoys dancing Har uv is Flikes . . . . - g n . z J . . . Choir, J.C.C., Prom Committee, Broadcaster, Senior Dance Committee, Senior Banquet Committee. ANNA DePRINZIO "Annan Commercial Humorous . . . llarcl worker . . . llohhy is sewing and embroidering . . . Toils at the P. Sz M. . . . Junior Red Cross, j.C.C., Senior Class Play Committee. VICTOR DeSANTIS "Vic', Vocational "Grease monkey" . . . Likes to loaf . . . Speaks when spoken to. LOUISE DeSOCIO "Lou" Commercial Talkativc f... VVears smart clothes . . . Toils at Silvermanis . . . J.C.C., junior Red Cross, Broadcaster. ROBERT DORBRITZ ..Tex,, Vocational Bundle of wit . . . Loafs at Jacohis . . . Expert drafts- man . . . Regular guy . . . Football Manager, Senior Class Play, Prom Committee, Student Council, Senior Dance Committee, Senior Ban- quet Committee. ANTHONY ERRICO "Fat" Academic jolly fellow . . . Catchy smile . . . Winning per- sonality . . . "Hello,' for everyone . . . Basketball Manager, Football, Choir, Latin Club, Senior Dance Committee. DONALD EZYK "Don" Commercial Plans to be Uncle Sam's nephew . . . Enjoys eating . . . Ardent sports ian . . . PASQUA FANTOZZI "Pas" Commercial Witty . . . Good VVorker . . . Keeps the sewing ma- chine humming . . . Nice Smile . . . j.C.C., junior Red Cross, Broadcaster, Senior Play Com- mittee, Prom Committee, F.H.A., Senior Banquet Com- mittee. ANNABELLE FERGUSON "Annie" Academic Sociable . . . Member of C.G.A .... Bookworm . . . Expressive Eyes . . . Choir, Junior Bed Cross, Junior Historian Club, Senior Banquet Committee. JOHN FISCUS "Fuzzy" Academic Blushes easily . . . College bound . . . Hails from Stewart . . . Squirt's best pal . . . Ladies' man . . . Football, Baseball, junior Class Play, Prom Committee. Latin Club, Senior Class Play Committee. JOY FLINN "Sharkey" Academic C.C.A. Club . . . Short and sweet . . . Full of mis- chief . . . Always giggling . . . junior Red Cross, Latin Club, Senior Class Play, Broad- caster, Senior Dance Committee, Prom Committee, Senior Banquet Committee. DOLORES FRANKOSKI "Do" Commercial Shy . . . Blushing comes naturally . . . Likes nice clothes an-d dancing . . . Hard Worker . . . j.C.C., junior Red Cross, Broadcaster, Prom Committee. GLENN FRYER "Squirt" Academic Little demon . . . Happy-Co-Lucky . . . Big grin . . . Cood things come in small packages . . . Football, Latin Club, Prom Committee, Basketball. A. Errico D. Ezyk P. Fantozzi A. Ferguson -I. Fiseus I. Flinn D. Frankoski C. Fryer l C. Cans A. Cuida C. Guido D. Hackl D. Hendricks P. lloles R. Horn A. Hudeck CATHERINE GANS "Cathy" Commercial Amiahle . . . Looks forward to a secretarial joh . . . Loves 'eating . . . junior Red Cross, I.C.C., F.H.A., junior Class Play Com- mittee, junior Ilistorian Club. ANTHONY CUIDA "Tony" Commercial Curly hair . . . Blushes easily . . . Collects old coins and stamps . . . Nice smile. GEORGE CUIDO "Joe" General Friendly "Hello" for everyone . . . Loves to loaf . . . Happy-go-lucky . . . Talkative . . . Senior Banquet Committee. DONNA HACKL "Donn" Commercial Soft-spoken . . . Enjoys a good laugh . . . Always seen with Tilly and Sally . . . I.C.C., Junior Red Cross, F.H.A., Senior Banquet Com- mittee. DOLORES HENDRICKS "Doreen Academic Likes skating . . . Keeps the sewing machine going . . . Sunset Diner VVaitress . . . C.C.A .... Latin Cluh. PATRICIA HOLES "Pat" Commercial Collects records for a holmhy . . . Quite a jokester . , . Toils at Emrose Drug Store . . . j.C.C., junior Red Cross, Broadcaster. RICHARD HORN "Rich" Commercial Quiet hut humorous . . . Shuns the fairer sex . . . Possesses jet hlacli hair., AUDREY NIAE HUDECK "Audrey,' Commercial Pretty blue eyes . . . Natural curly locks . . . Paints figurines . . . Future secretary . . . J.C.C., Arlion Staff, Broadcaster, Senior Banquet Com- mittee, Senior Dance Committee. ...g1M.M,,e1952 W. Johnson J. Kliinasliko j, Kowalik L. Krcss B. Konclios J. Lavin R. Knox L. Kuhn gm Jlwuqh Jim fam. 489, WAYNE JOHNSON "Frag" Academic Tall and lanky . . . Fir-ld and strc-am man . . . Collc-gc bound . . . Witty . . . Senior Banquet Conunittcc. JOANN KLIMASHKO "Henya" Commercial Plcasant sinilc . . . Sinootli wardrolic . . . Enioys dancing and skating . . . Lots ot lun . . . Prom Connnittvc, -l.C.C., junior Rr-d Cross, Clioir, F.ll. A., junior Class Play Coinniittcc, junior Historian Club, Scnior Banquct Committcc. RICHARD KNOX "Box" Vocational Fiddle-s with cars . . . Industrious . . . Futurc lics in tlic ficld of incclianics . . . Likcs to loaf. BARBARA KONCHOS "Babs" Academic Injccts luunor into any situation . . . Sky lvluc cycs En'ovs dancing C' C A Futurc uursc 1,..' Studcnt Council, Junior Rcd Cross, Latin Club, Choir, junior Class Play, Senior Class Play cjOIHl'l1lffL'L', Arlion Stafl, Scnior Banquct Conunittcc. JOHN KOWALIK "J0hll', Academic N1-vcr a liarsli word . . . Slllltt0l'-llllg . . . Bound for collcgc . . , Studious . . . Choir, Tcnnis. LOUIS KRESS "L0ui6" Commercial Industrious . . . Sparkle assistant . . . NVisc crackcr . . Miscliicyous . . . Knows liis cuc. LARENE KUHN "Reine" Commercial Fricnrdly to all . . . Idcal sccrctary . . . Takcs an addcd intcrcst in the band . . . j.C.C., junior Rcd Cross, Choir, junior Class Play, Scnior Class Play Connnittcc, Broadcaster. JAMES LAVIN "Jim" General Likes to travcl . . . Quitc a cliaraclcr . . . Plans to follow in llis fatlicr's footstcps . . . Arlion Staff . . . Broadcastcr Editor, Scnior Class Play. aww 7952 . . J. Loelmer Matislio H. lNlaglioeeo L. Martin J. MeArdle S. McLaughlin fllfrrzlz Jhouqh, jim, Hnrlm. ML Huqqnd L. Liput XV. Massaro B. LUCILLE LIPUT 'tLucy" Nt'X'Lxl' llilS tOO I1lLlCll to SUV . . Commercial Plans to go to eom- mercial seluool . . . Collects dog pictures . . . junior Red Cross, Broadcaster. JOHN LOEHNER "Yunko,' Commercial All-American boy . . . Blushing eomes naturally . . . Only red-lieaded senior lad . . . Football, Baseball. HUGO MACLIOCCO "Icl1ab0d" Academic Longifs friendly delivery boy . . . lilusie-minded . . . Student eonduetor . . . Band, Clioir, Oreliestra. LORA PAULINE MARTIN "Lora" Commercial NVondertul personality . . . Ready smile for all . . . Enjoys reading . , . Future secretary . . . Senior Dance Committee, Prom Committee, J.C.C., lun- ior Red Cross, Clioir, Junior Class Play Committee, Senior Class Play Committee, Broadcaster, Senior Ban- quet Committee. WILLIAM MASSARO "Moe" Academic Master of tlle keyboard . . . Weiglitlitter . . . Out- door type , . . Future dentist . . . Football, Senior Class Play, Historian Cluln, Senior Ban- quet Committee. BERNADETTE NIATISKO "Bemie Commercial Lots of fun . . . Hard Worker . . . Speed typist . . . Personality plus . . . Prom committee, j.C.C., Clioir, Broadcaster, Junior Class Play Committee. IACQUELINE MAE McARDLE "jackie" Commercial Easy to get along with . . . Smart dresser . . . Coocl listener . . . Industrious . . . Clioir, Senior Banquet Committee, Broadcaster, Major- ettes, -l.C.C., Senior Class Treasurer, Prom Committee. JAMES BICLAUCHLIN "jim" Academic Bound for college . . . Slides tlie tromluone . . . Tom's twin . . . Swell to liave around . . . Football, Band. THOMAS MCLAUCHLIN "Tom" Academic Jim's twin . . . Electric wizard . . . One of the Stewart gang . . . Handyman . . . - Band, Senior Banquet Committee. HELEN MECO "Helen" Commercial Industrious . . . Toils at Warringtonls . . . Speaks when spoken to . . . Nice handwriting . . . Senior Dance Committee, j.C.C., Choir, Broadcaster, Senior Banquet Committee. SAMUEL MICLIORE "Sammy" Academic Future lawyer . . . Argumentatire . . . Smart dresser Smile tor everyone . . . Basketball, Broadcaster, Latin Club. JEAN MILLER "jean" Commercial Quiet lass . . . Spare time-ice skater . . . Sparkling blue cycs . . . .l.C.C., junior Red Cross, Broadcaster. THOMAS MOCK "T. D." Academic Mechanical minded . . . Belongs to the Stewart gang . . . Studious . . . Talkative . . . Latin Club, National Honor Society, Senior Banquet Committee. DOLORES MONTEMURRO "Mutzie" Commercial Seen but not beard . . . A real shorty . . . Seeks an office job . . . Enjoys working at tlle Kent . . . j.C.C., junior Red Cross, Broadcaster, Senior Banquet Committee. JOAN MYDOCK "Io" Commercial whiz on roller skates . . . Marriage is her aim . . . Enjoys art work . . . F.H.A., j.C.C., junior Red Cross, Junior Prom Com- mittee, Senior Banquet Committee. SYLVIA PAGLIABO "Syl" Commercial 1 Talkative . . . Aim is marriage . , . Friendly "Hi" for all . . . Catching smile . . . Majorette, Iunior Red Cross, j.C.C., Prom Committee, Broadcaster, Junior Dance Committee. T. MeLaugl1lin S. Migliore T. Mock J. Mytlock ll. Meeo J. Miller D. Montemurro S. Pagliaro R. Pasternak L. Pekelski S. Peltz N. Petrone L. B. Plyler R. Podolski D. Pogolcski D. Pokusa RUSSELL PASTERNAK "Russ', Commercial Can out-giggle any girl . . . Handles trombone well . . . Hurls a fast ball . . . Band, Baseball. LORRAINE PEKALSKI "Renie" Academic Proud of her long, dark hair . . . Loves to sing . . . Has a laugh of her own . . . Choir, junior Red Cross, Latin Club, Senior Banquet Committee. SONIA PELTZ "So" Academic Full of fun . . . Future nurse . . . One of the C.C.A. gang . . . One swell gal . . . Majorettes, Choir, Junior Red Cross, Prom Committee, Senior Banquet Committee. NORMA PETRONE "Norma" Commercial Sophisticated senior . . . Sewing genius . . . Quiet and reserved . . . Will make the perfect secretary . . . National Honor Society, Band, J.C.C., junior Class Play Committee, Senior Class Play, Prom Committee, Junior Red Cross, Arlion Stafl, Senior Danee Committee, Senior Banquet Committee. LAURA BELLE PLYLER "Belle" Academic Quiet . . . Lots of fun . . . Florida vaeationist . . . Pretty green eyes . . . C.C.A. . . . Prom Committee, Majorettes, Junior Red Cross, Latin Club, Senior Class Play . . . Senior Banquet Committee. RAYMOND PODOLSKI 'iPoodles" Vocational Wide grin . . . Future servieeman . . . Hobby is building planes . . . Silent type. DAVID POCOLESKI "Dave,' Commercial VVinning Smile . . . Curly hair . . . Adds humor to any situation . . . A real "He-many' . . . Basketball, Baseball. DOLORES POKUSA "Doe,' Commercial Soft-spoken . . . Everybody's pal . . . Expressive eyes . . . Tomis better half . . . Student Council President, ,I.C.C., Prom Committee, Majorettes, Senior Banquet Committee. K I ...g1M,,,,e192 P. Rayburg T. Reedy D. Rusnock A. Sarne gm Jam Jim mar at mama N. Provenzo V. Puglisi C. Rich M. Runco NORA PROVENZO "Gabby" Commercial Witty . . . Law debator . . . Always on the go . . . Likes to argue . . . "Hello" for everyone . . . Choir, Cheerleader, Junior Red Cross, I.C.C., Arlion Start. Senior Banquet Committee, Prom Connnittee, Sen- ior Class Play Committee. VIRGINIA PUGLISI "Ginger" Commercial llails from California . . . Deep hlue eyes . . . Neat dresser . . . Broadcaster, Senior Class Play Committee, Choir, Senior Banquet Committee. PHILIP RAYBURG "Flakes" Academic Personality plus . . . All-around athlete . . . Has his eye on a certain blonde . . . Football, Basketball, Prom Committee. THEODORE REEDY "Ted" Vocational Shuns from the fairer sex . . . Always fixing his ear . . . Future mechanic. GERALDINE RICH "Jeri" Commercial Snappy head majorette . . . Always in the thick of things . . . Enjoys dancing . . . Majorettes, Choir, Senior Dance Committee, Senior Ban- quet Cummittee, Prom Committee, I.C.C., Senior Class Play Committee, Senior Class Secretary, Broadcaster. MARY RUNCO ..Mary,, Unusual laugh . . . Proud of her naturally curly hair . . . NVhips up a delicious meal . . . -I.C.C., Choir, junior Red Cross, Broadcaster, junior Class Play Committee, Senior Class Play, Senior Banquet Committee. Commercial DOLORES RUSNOCK "DoD0" Commercial Sparkling personality . . . Whiz at sewing . . . Fu- ture plans include marriage . . . I.C.C., junior Red Cross, F.ll.A., Choir, Senior Class Play, junior Class Play Committee, Historian Cluh, Prom Committee, Senior Dance Connnittee. AMELIA SARNE "Amy" Commercial Happy-go-lucky . . . Artistic hands . . . Outstanding alto . . . jinfs her man . . . Prom Committee, Senior Dance Committee, Majorettes, I.C.C., Choir, Junior Red Cross, junior Class Play, Sen- ior Class Play Committee, Broadcaster, Senior Banquet Committee. g1m.0g,1952... D. Sartori J. Sequiti M Shpakoif R S . . . peer D. Sponsler R. Stayer ' 1 C. Stepano C. Swanderski flbnb Jlwuqh, jim, Horlm, 532, DOLORES SARTORI "Dolly" Commercial Smile for everyone . . . Future heautieian . . . Don- niels steady . . . Sews for herself . . . I.C.C., junior Red Cross, Junior Class Play Committee, Senior Class Play Committee, Broadcaster, Senior Ban- quet Committee. JEAN SEQUITI "Jean" Commercial Tennis enthusiast . . . Dislikes shy hoys . . . Easy to get along with . . . Sports fan . . ., Historian Club, J.C.C., Majorettes, Iunior Red Cross, Junior Class Play Committee, Senior Class Play Committee, Senior Banquet Committee. MARTHA SHPAKOFF "Fa Fan Commercial Friendly to all . . . Pint-size . . . Ardent sports fan . . . Always giggling . . . junior Class Play, Senior Class Play Committee. I.C.C., junior Red Cross, Broadcaster, Senior Banquet Commit- tee. RICHARD SPEER "Sputz" Vocational Loafs 'lt Suvvis Pl ins to uorlt it Bell Tele .... 1.' f 'a ' lphone . . . A regular jokester . . . Senior Banquet Committee. DOUGLAS SPONSLER "Doug" General Short and rugged . . . York transfer . . . Fun loving . . . Outdoor man . . . Senior Class Play, Senior Dance Committee. ROBERT STAYER "Barry" Academic Devilish grin . . . Easy going . . . Witty . . . College hound , . . Meehanieally minded . . . Prom Committee, Senior Banquet Committee, Latin Club, Band, junior Class Play, Senior Class Play. CENEVIEVE STEPANO "Jeanne" Commercial Peppy cheerleader . . . Art enthusiast . . . Friendly to all . . . Cute and neat . . . Prom Committee, J.C.C., junior Red Cross, Choir, Cheer- leader, Junior Class Play Committee, Senior Class Play, Broadcaster, Senior Banquet Committee. CLARA SWANDERSKI "Clara" Commercial Freekled-face lass . . . Usually in mischief . . . Makes friends easily . . . Senior Dance Committee, Majorettes, F.H.A., Senior Class Play Committee, junior Historian Club, Senior Banquet Committee. GERTRUDE SZEMBORSKI "Gert" Commercial Pretty blond hair . . . Dancer deluxe . . . Adds sparkle to any situation . . . Senior Dance Committee, Senior Banquet Committee. VIRGINIA TALLARICO "Reels" Commercial Arnol1cl's Rembrandt . . . Cute and poppy . . . Gift of gah . . . Enjoys dancing . . . Student Council, Senior Dance Committee, Prom Com- mittee, j.C.C., Junior Red Cross, Choir, junior Class Play. Senior Class Play Committee, Broadcaster, Arlion Staff. ' ANN THOMAS "Ann" Academic Poppy little freckled redhead . . . Record hug . . . C. G. A .... Hotrod . . . One swell girl . . . Future nurse . . . National Honor Society, Senior Dance Committee, Prom Committee, junior Red Cross. Latin Club. Choir, junior Class Play, Arlion Staff, Senior Banquet Committee. BERNARD TIDD "Bemie" General Mischievous . . . Good things come in small pack- ages . . .Giggles . . . Tennis. ANTHONY TIBDIL "Tony" Vocational One of our taller seniors . . . Interest lies out of town . . . Proud of his Chevy. DONALD TBETTLE "Donnie" Commercial Friendly smile . . . Proud of his Cadillac . . . One girl man . . . Future contractor . . . Baseball, Broadcaster. RICHARD ULIZIO "Rich" Vocational Black curly hair . . . Nice smile . . . Master of the billiards . . .Rugged vocational. VINCENT VERTEHAMO "Vince" Vocational Regular shutter-hug . . . Quiet and friendly . . . One of the shop boys . . . Band, Orchestra. G. Szemhorski V, Tallarico . Thomas B. Tidd . Tirdil D. Trettle . Ulizio V. Verteramo D. Vinkovich D. VVagner M. Wardoclip R. WVl1ife 'W. Wilcox T. Yobp A. Zdanowski L. Zieman DONALD VINKOVICH "Stretch', Academic Tallest senior 16' 4"J . . . Speed demon . . . Wise cracker . . . Good artist . . . Senior Dance Committee, Choir, Senior Class Play Com- mittee. DENNIS WACNER "Denny" Commercial Dashing smile . . . Quite a sense of humor . . . Lady's man . . . Crooner . . . Football, Baseball. NIATILDA WARDOCLIP i'Tillie" Commercial Pleasant to all . . . Rather shy . . . Pals with Sally and Donn . . . Dreams of far away places . . . F.H.A., J.C.C. RICHARD WHITE "RichU Academic Quiet . . . Reallv heats those 'drums . . . Likeahle person . . . Friendly smile . . . Band. WILLIAM WILCOX "Waxy" Academic Our "Mad Scientistu . . . Makes his own radios . . . Industrious student . , . Good natured . . . Latin Club, Tennis, junior Class Play, Senior Class Play Committee. THOMAS YOBP "Yobpn Academic Good-looking . . . Nice smile . . . Likes working on cars . . . Looks toward the future . . . Senior Dance Committee, Banquet Committee, Choir, Senior Class Play. ADELIA ZDANOWSKI "Adee" Commercial Quiet and reserved . . . Listens to classical records . . . College is her aim . . . J.C.C., junior Red Cross, Broadcaster. LORRAINE ZIEMAN "L0l"' Commercial Enjoys a good laugh . . . Quiet and neat . . . Good natured . . . Senior Dance Committee, J.C.C., F.H.A., Majorettcs Ufficma. President , . . joseph Daylida V. President ,.... , james Daher Secretary .. ., Shirley Johnston Treasurer . ,. , Lorraine Szoch Advisers .... Mr. Alex Tannas Mrs. Stella Papas 0 Let's Dance! ' ,... gm, 0,4 7953 The chief goal of this junior class since their freshman year has been to acquire fnnds for the 'lunior-Senior prom. Beginning this quest as freshman, they sold magazines ending this initial year with the colorful "Cvpsies Alambore:'." "A XVestern Round-up" was the main event of their sophomore vear as this energetic class put forth all their efforts into making the annual dance a success. This vear as juniors their money- making efforts have reallv taken hold. Amidst great difficulties thev sold refreshments at our football games and have been selling candy throughout the year. Confirming their policy for unusual dance themes, the juniors held the "Claud- Hopper Iumpf, a Saturdav night in Dog-patch. on February 2. The closing monetarial efforts on the part of the junior class has been the class plav "Knee Deep in Trouble." perhaps svmbolic of their troubles, followed closely by a successful bake sale. This enterprising class has however overcome all obstacles and have climaxed their efforts by holding their prom at the W'ebster Ilall. aflumbm ,... ,i 1 1 ,N- Rx. 1. .-at f ' If Sh ' .f':'. .-" ...X A 105 Row I: L. Smch, P. Lzuin. E. liurtz, D. Hic1'l1111t11, F. Krason, P. 'l'o11111yk0, D. Bmlgel. D. Murcllo. Row II KI. I'IISI1L'l'. C. C11st1111la1, Nl. VIII'Z'I'l'IklIi, II. QIOIIIISOII, Ying-1-, C. Simrm, Spisuk, A. Ofl116'SIICLT, I. Sllpfilllti, C 7 Haiku. Row III: A.Vigil1111t1-.If. FI1lI1Cl'ty,-I. Dulwr, A.Zimm1-rm1m, W. Mcyvr, J. Powc-rs, T. Single-tcm. R Stu1'l1, M. Kmmsky. Row IV: F. IJCIIISU, G. S111111111, A. Bclluvial, C. CIZISIUTIIIZI, H. Aftzlnus, Tirdil, F. Marsicu II. S11IJ1'1', li. BYUNYII. 200 Row I: Il. Bzlilx-y. II. YIIIIIIU. P. Denis, S. OI11'1'I11'I1111111, S. Bilbic, M. Ovcrly. Row II: L. Roberts. C. Mc-Ardlv S. JOIIIISIUII, T. K1'11s1m11, D. S111itl1. S. YIQQIIIIIYIITO, R. Fishpuw, C. Stn-wart, L. Lazur. Row III: II. Iiealvv, R Miller, T. Clista, D. Zi111111vr1111x11. P. IJ,ATgl'IlZIU, Sipocz, S. Alcibizldc, P. Torchia. Row IV: R. Vinckx, K SC'IIIl'lllt'yl'l'. S. Sti11su11, C. X71IIl'IIII, IQ. Susku, KI. SIIQIIOIII. L. Mzlrsilio. II. Bilbic. A. Zmijewski, J. Burkvtt, C L:11111-llclulzl. 32 ...g1.m,,,e1953 xx ,ff f ' . I ,A 201 Row I: P. Naunvy, B. Kunish, T. Capone, D. Bohy, M. Lvlmmt, L. Gallo. Row II: E. Kimlwr, A. SIISSI, li. Pal vvtto, S. Doutt, J. Bzlrrvtt. SQICCIIIIIQIIIO, H. Wzlchtlvr, P. Sclulfvr. Row III: F. lhlttvlg R. Millcr. L. Calvax nvsv, I. Duylidzl, J. Schivrhcrl, H. Ficczl. Row IV: M. Lznlm-mlolu, li. Slmlmsvlm, H. McDo1mlcl, C. Bishop. 203 Row I: D. Goss, M. Ligoon, M. Kossick, A. Nicastro. Row II: M. Kuzmick, C. Bonincontro, M. Elkin. K. Sny dvr, M. E. Shurick, A. Rvvcly, H. M. Costello, M. A. Bvlot. I. Mitclwll. Row III: F. Moscs, VV. Mvllon. II. l'orq-lmigl QI. Lvull, C. Short, -I. Costnuzu, D. Fishpuw, L. llc-l"'vlip-vs. Row IV: XV. BL-cohsky. A. Johnston, R. Cmnplmvll, IC Bollinger. 3:3 x w A QQ .z -fffx ' N OFFICERS l1I'l'SIil1'llf ,.4...,. . ..,.., H. DeVa1lerial V. President .. ,,.. . , ,, J. Cuerciouc Secretary ..,,.. ,,,.,.... I . Mora-si 'l'rca1surer ..,,., .........., R . Terlinski Advisers ., ,. . ..,. Miss M. Caldwell Mr. C. McLaughlin ,japhnnwfum ...flamsog 79 4 his A .41 The sophomore class started this year with the same enthusiasm as they did in previous years. Striving to lmve a successful prom next year, thcv realized the importance of their work- ing diligently. The sophomores reached their aim this year hv having 21 prosperous class dance. Much of the success of the dance was due to the expert planning and arranging by the advisers, Miss Mzirgzuet Caldwell and Mr. George MC- Laughlin. As the vearis records show, good for- tune is sure to follow this group. I 102 Row I: bl. More-si, I. Koininko, A Args-nzio, D. Antonucci. P. NVz1tts B. L. lluzclcrk. C. llope, V. Vani B. A. Sucripoutc, E. VVitn1er, P 1-nik, A. Fulsetti, J. Cuercione. M l'z1ttisun. N. Cignetti, R. Burr, R Cauvornli. T. Couclrick. Row IV C. Lerner, ll. B0llL'lIi'I', C. B1-lluviu P. Scnlisc, R. P:-tri. E. 'I10I'L'ilS0, R lDl'Xv1lll'l'Iil. I..llllCll. D. Ixy. Row II: R. D'- B0l'liUlJl'lI. Row III: D. Ludwi- 104 Row l: M. E. Johnston. K. Boyvii T. x7l'l'tf'l'1lIIl0, M. Arabia, M. Davis. F. llotkowski, B. I. Boflcnliorn. Row II: A. Pctronv, nl. lk-pinv. M. Lanfal- Oni. C. Castorina, V. Singlvton. E. Bcjcstvr. A. Torlcvo, C. Kopinski. D. Liput, R. M. Murin. Row III: Ii. Dow- liowcr, L. Marcliiol, R, Cipolla, II. Santoro, D. Stopko. F. Stcfl-an. li. I Stuart. Row IW: R. Pauliclc, II. Flvnnn, VV. VVQ-islvrocl, R. Cuicla, H. Sclivrvr. 105 Row I: H. lJvBlasio, A. Yvsovitcli, N. I. Toscano, R. Kasavagv. S. llc-ss, A. Lloycl. Row II: P. EL-lion. J. NVilli- anis. N. Maliaffvy. M. R. Braglio. -I. Ulirinv, B. Pfe-il, B. Ringns. L. Di'- Mao, Il. Oswald. B. Al. Baird. Row III: C. Bvrczvk, bl. Krnacili, B. Vllal- law, R. Getz. C. Biliza. T. Saslxa, VI. Cz:-mvrcla, P. Meco. Row IV: R. Pclino, R. Smitli. J. Cliilia, F. Iozzi. S. Nelson, P. Tallarico, H. Pliillips. 203 Row I: L. Pompvllio. Falco, M. A. Pivclca. I. Holland, L. Bcrlcolwn, A. Zanvtti, C. Tutolo, M. Costanza. D. Savagv. Row II: M. Pvrino. F. Kcllvy. J. Rvvcly, C. Ciancutti, B. Ciglvr. E. Mathews, L. Warcloclip, R. Sgalio, M. J. Lucas. Row III: P. Klc-ms, R. Kil- gore-, D. Isaac, J. lliclwy, H. Baker. C. Kuzniclii. F. Pallonv. XVillianis. R. Tack, G. Zawodniak. D. Ross. Row IV: T. CIRIIHPIJCII, T. Miller, R. Tor- linski, C. Lvpusky, R. XVagnm-r, F. Bonincontro, F. Hanyo. 9-101 Row I: P. Alll1l'I'S0ll, I". Caruso, C xml...-k, B. Birch. Row II: J. D1-L Fvlicc, C. DiCurn1is. M. Barons, D. Bvrko1wn, A. Sincltzcr, E. Bliss, V CE'l'L'1Il'1t1, -I. Corrudvmy P. DcBlusiu C. Klr-ms. Row III: D. Bc-nga-1, F Cuuiu, C. Crivuro, T. Dickvy. 1. Curl 511110. H. Arlmcklv, T. Corey. R. Dun- ku, V. Chine. Row IV: -I. B4-ckvr, -I Collins. P. DvMuo, V. Backus. E Y Bussin, D. Armstrong, H. Clark, 1: Capone, C. Costiuizu. 9-201 Row I: -I. Lvlmvrt, Crogno, L. Ilnru, Row II: E. M. 1Il1111mPc1, B. EL-hon, A. Guzzi, L. Huwvll, H. Kuuchos, E. Criglzik, B. Holes, P. Fallon, C. Ku- uicki. Row III: C. Cllmitlwr. D. Por- M. -I. Ciuliuni, D. Mitmrhm-11. -I. Guzzi rust. H. 11211111511 I. Ilvssicm, L. lluut VI. Bvngc-1, I. Fimutzinu, O. Doutt, 'IP F1'IL'1iillIISCC'. Row IV: T. Fannie, W 111-ss, R. Kruucik. A. Cruziunn, H. Hu- df-ck. II. Ficcu, R. Oswald, M. Kun- 211111, lx. Callus. 202 How I: J. Prokopik, E. Manu, -I. Pag- liurn, M. A. Pjontck, V. x1il1l'l', -I. O'- Slic-11, Row II: D. Purslimrk. A. Nor- ris. F. Mzissimini, M. A. Meixvlslwr- gm-r, D. Muytun, -I. Puglia-sv, P. Ogur chock, T. Pmiinaicliiu, M. Lopvz. C ljvtms. Row III: I,OIOC11Il12l1i, L Purslwok. T. Pc-Itz, T. Pryor, D. Mc- Civcrn, T. Lipport, L. McMaster, F Manning, T. Sznch. Row IV: D. Mc Nzlblu, J. Tlimnzis, H. MQ-Donnell, S Mzitisko, D. Mangivri, L. Sn-hicrlwrl R. Muuzi. C. Zilucr, C. Mzlrsilio, M PM-k. a Row I: A. Singer, nl. lleann, C. Taxylor, F. Steairinzln. N. Ulizio. li. Serventi, Xi. Valle. Bow ll: S. Zrnnperini. B. 7 llhiinons, ll. ll. Stiveson, li. Salvo, Il. larrexynslci. AI. Vniro, Al. Stefnnini. Row Ill: S. Slllilllil. C. Newell, li. Sehultv, I. Rehur, 'l'. Keiellert. NI. Dikluio. tl. letlorski. ll. Slioelqley, li. Vnreseo, ll. Hvelnalley. How IV: H. 'l'irtlil. ,l. Bros- lsy, li, Miller. V. Tiinko, -I. Sueriponte. J The encl of the year eznne swiftly for the ambitious and energetic Freshmen. The sehool term was not sufficient time enough for their hard work in every projeet thev undertook. To hegin their full seheclule of uetivities, the Freshinen surpassed their goal in the selling of Ill2lgi1ZillCS for 11 wiclely-known pnhlishing eom- pany. For the hurcl work in their imlivicliiul 207 ' l 1 now, li. Tannhnro. K. llusnoelc, l. OFFICERS D gm 0,4 1955 sales, thev were zlwurclecl small gifts us tokens for their initiative in inuking the eunipuign il sneeessful one. To finish the profituhle Freslnnen term. the ainnnnl elziss clunee was held in May. This group. along with their eupuhle zulvisers, Mrs. ll. Sipes and Mr. 1. ljllllil, inzitle it ll sueeessinl year. lfg. lresiclent ,. Anthony clfillllllltl Yiee llresimlent -lannes Suu-riponln SCCI'l'tlll'y -laierpieline Xllllfll Trealsllrel' llieotlore Pryor Aclxisvrs Nlrs. li. Sipes. Nlr. -I. IM-flu 204 Row I: J. Stive-son, A. DeMuo, Lyons, Piquurcl, I. Korowiclci, K. Abrulunn, S. Stenger, R. Burtolacci, P. Bruncsak, A. Barn-us, A. Ewing. Row II: D. Miki-sc-ll, M. A. Cutneclit, B. Fleegcr, V. Subow, M. Hubbard, A. Tirdil, J. Langluuu, N. Pavctto, E. Lobur. Row III: I. Czop, A. Cliipoletti, T. Kuhn, D. Toney, D. Vrucliwy, J. Succunluno, li. Polsinclli, F. llvister, K. Bonzuni. 205 Row I: D. L. Faust, A. Le-ali, J. Pelino, I. Townsend, P. Bucluuuui, Y. Tzunburo, L. Tristuni, P. Scrgi, M. Bellavia, G. Guzzi. Row II: J. Campbell, B. Premutico, M. Maytam, S. Spencer, P. Artuso, M. Holes, I. DelGrosso, V. joseph, C. Dickey, D. Forrest. Row III: O. Singleton, C, Powell, D. Cbomyuk, J. Miller, R. DeFelice, T. Hill, M. Bellavia, C. Pclino, R. Lucerne, L. llicli. 38 Banda ,... Row I: C. P1'm'c-1110, R. Licuta, M. Luuwmlulu, P. P4-llcgrinu, D. Bc-rtulilm, D. Dania-ls. li Silltu, L. Lisa-iu1'.'lli, A. Czlstmiml. ll. Rm-clmi. Row Il: E. lJ0llliIliCi. S. Aspvr. P. VINKIIIIILIS. C M4-Cluskcv, E. llcmllamd, Il. Bostic, P. Brown. D. Candy. M. Killlllilll, j. RiL'll1ll'llS. Row Ill I. Ilupv, 'll Stx-wart, AI. Ovvrly, H. Lopez, F. Pvlittzl. A. SL'hllH.l'I't, j. A101111 li. Nlawm-i. B4-llmuo. T. lludscm, li. lla-IXIzm, 208 Row I: P. Bviglm-. D. Plfittil, R. Lamdi, -I. Cvruci. F. -Iucksmn B. Ilulstc, L. Alla-ll. Row II: C Amhin, M. Ross. li. Bolle-l1n'1'. A. Smith, A. Baku-r, P. Puulick, li. Fmltuzzi, IC. l.ongu. D. Kitnx A. Davis. Row III: I. Costcllu. Pm. Durlmritz. K. Stitt, D. Bc-rkcy. T. VVissingm'r, D. llzlrlfm-ll I 7 7 Martin. -I. 'I'ho111psuu,- Row IW: D. XM-islurml, B. Tusing. A. Puglivsv, L. Cvrnsu. C. l.lo Pa. Abel, XV. Kzlkuk. I. Nlontvlwmc, T. lim-clmi. ,AQNS-. X by 3 9 ....S2v2nih. Lk N' 5' .. 7554 :I 209 Row I: P. Ilmlmcvnzi, J. Brum-Suk, Adzlms, D. Muzzci, H. II2ll'lliCI1llI'. Row II: M. Aspvr. E. Sclwellti. DI. Hwgcrs, I. XIIIIIQOYICII, E. Vi11kux'icI1, II. Nicalstro, B. Bliss, L. xVEU'd'Cll. D, Linz11'cIi, D. PUIIIHICIIIO, J. Coluiunni. Row III: V. Custuuzu, K. La-uh, D. Mitchell, E. Rlllllll, Il. Hurt, R. Muses, I. FI'iltlIllg'i'Ii, Il. King, C. Burkvr, R. Solomon. 211 Row I: J. Dm-Blusio, R. Bussio, H. Cm-cclmctti, I. Cnllizm, G. Kuuish, I. Guido, P. Kosky, I. Papa. Row II: N. Ash-Q-, H. RIIIICO, I. Fritzky, D. Cerutti, K. Syluk, V. Zallupsky S. Mohr, B. Burger- stuck, B. Hullick. Row III: R. Buync, D. Torlinski, C. Bvlot, P. Jacobs, AI. Dotto, ll. Ortmun, .-X. Ansuni, G. Ove-rly, E. Migliorisi, H. Sicmunski. 40 212 Row l: R, Rich, J. .lm-ulms, -I. Km-fkuwski, NI. fjklplllllllk NI. IILIHUIIU, Ii. Nlungim-ri. S. Nlulvx- I'. Kmlclms, L. Burtz. Row ll: S. Austin, C. Yzuum: NI. Slmcklvy. Nl. I.. Ilnxngimaunni, .I Iluzlvtt, NI. Cnlvalm-sv, A. Nlikvsm-ll, K. lk-cd, M. IC. Aslu-. Row Ill: B. Svtlls-1111-ye-l', C. B1-lhmm wl , - . . I 1. . , . 1. H, Cmlzlulw, R. CADXYUII, S. Nl1u'1llu. XX. cvlYl'l1S, B. NIL'lL'Cllllllll'l, W. lzxauls, li. C-Quin. 214 Row I: L. Lin-alia, B. Ilollirk, xl. Sulxamti. bl. Hiclutzl, li. lirukuw. li. XxYLlf.flN'l', Row ll: I.. Musa-S Nl. L. Ilunyo, V. Argunto. P. llama Nl. Rm-Llli, li, Dn'IXlzum, Nl. Nlaxssulu, li. .-Xspvr, G. Zalnlpogml P. PilStl'l'Ililk, Row III: E. Hosnti, J. .'Xl'IllSfl'0I1g, D, Sq-lmlllfm-1'i. D. l'wrkulwn, UI. -Iormlun, XV Ciglor, -I. Ciufolvtti. Row IV: li. Nlillvr, 'I'. Zzunpvrini. IC. SIIUNY, lC.'l'usnti. Ni. Guzzi. ll l'i11Lh'l. -ll ACTIVITIES . mm Siu!! . Student fnumd . 9'Za11bnaL Mmm, jnabiq. . Bfwndcmim . Jutufuz, Jfnmnmalazfm, dmxzzuka, . flzalnluzn, of, fnmmmwz, . fied 611044, . flaw, play, . sm aw. ww, . Qw1i0'1,-5Qmb'z, Mmm . Band and . and, Swim Jlllgh, . Ulzcluwifza, + X 4, 0 2 i :M-. Q E ,.., Ko ' Vw E R N ' I f ,, yay. . 55 3212. 35 - 5 ' : 5 is, 5' I Nz, rf , 'F 122 w jim, Siam Editor .. Ann Tlionuis Associate Editor . , Nora Provenzo Business Managers A Bill Meyer. Charles Short Sports Editor . , . Jim Lavin Literary Staff Audrey Iludeck, Alice Orineslier, Barlmrzi Konchos. Jean Hepine. Lorraine Szoch, Iuequeline Vairo Tvpists ., -Hose Marie Yanne, Norma Petrone, Virginia Tullzxrieo Adviser , , Mrs. C. Hutchison lionjfaff, xi f Q I lf gfin, 'HIP A Q Ms. fin: Q.,-i xv- 44 Ann Tliomus, Editor Seated: J. Rc-pine, V. Tallurieo UI. Vuiro, B. Konelios, A. flu- dt-ek, L. Szoeli, H. Yunne, S Saleeuinaino, A. Tliomus. Stand- ing: J. Laxvin, N. Petrone, C Short, VV. Meyer, Mrs. Hutelii- son, Adviserg N. Provenzo. bw ,1- N5 Y YKEH .X 'SN NM-ww ? , M' mx ,X K wwf" 'Nw I--u-. li: ,6'nunaI... Row I: B. Konchos, J. Repine, S. Saccaniano, V. Tallarico, D. Polcusa, P. Clark, I. Moresi, L. Gallo. Row II: Mr. MeQuire, adviser: R. Scherer, D. Zilnmerman, F. Moses, N. Cignetti, 'lf Sasha, H. Petri, Mr. Singer. Row III: .D. Isaac, A. Beattie, bl. Daylida, L. Calvaur-se, -I. Kiley, -I. Daher, H. Dorbritz. The student council represents an excellent device tlirough which important knowledges of democracy can bc made meaningful, colorful, and vital. not only because it is based upon dem- ocratic principles and procedures, but just as important because its interests and activities are those of student lite. Under the capable direction of its adviser, Mr. L. McQuire, the council had a verv active and profitable year. Our football victory over the formidable Leechburg Blue Devils and the winning of the Section 13 title in basketball gave the organiza- tion cause to sponsor victory dances. The sale of pencils. a sock dance, and two movies Went toward the building up of the treasury. This money was used to send three persons in the organization to the State conven- tion in the fall and the WR-stern Pennsylvania convention in the spring. In the activities of the Student Council are to be seen the excellent results of student co- operation and hcalthv pupil-teacher relationship. OFFICERS President .. ., ,.... Dolores Pokusa Vice President ,Virginia Tallarico Secretary-Treasurer ,. Joyce Moresi Jlonofz, rid To ht- svlcctvcl as a inc'nihvr ol' tlw National Ilonor Society is thc attainincnt of a goal sct hy all ainhitions juniors and seniors. As this socivty is comprised of a comparativt-ly small and st-lc-ct group, sow-ntcvii in nnnihcr. thc few chosen stud:-nts must qnaliiv in tour rigid liactorsg nanni- ly, lcadvrship, sc1'x'icc'. character. and scholar- ship. Each student is prvsented with thv standard pin of this organization whcn hc- hvcoincs a invin- hvr. It is tashioncd aftcr thosv pins pl'csc'i1tvcl to students thronghont thc' nation hvlonging to this organization. Prondlv it is wornl More- iinportancv. vach vvar. is hcing placvd on this soc-ivtv. lt is. of conrsv, rightlv sog for is it not that thvsc studcnts who comprise' this group now will soon he tlw lvadvrs of our conn- txy? Make it vour goal, studentsg it is well worth the effort! . , . , , , How I: I.. Cfrixaro, ll. Stayvr, j. Fiscns. Row Il: C.. Bvrtonl. 5. Johnston. ll. loknsa. C-. llivh. IC. l7s'l7n-lit-vs, D. lllISllUL'li. How III: N. llutroiiv, P. Clark. 'lf Mock, NV. Mc'yn'i', l'. llilyllllfg. A. Thoinas, A. 0rnn'shc'r. ls 3 1 .a,.fS 611.0 EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-chief ,,., ,. ,. ..,, ..,. ,... h I . Lavin News Editor . . . . .. , B. Matisko Feature Editor .,,., .. E. DeFelices Sports Editor. ,. ,. . .. . D. Trettle Society Editor . ,. . . .. , .. P. Clark Art Editors .. . ,. A. Sarne, V. Tallarico, Al. Stfepano Exchange Editor . . . .. . ,. . L. Kuhn Reporters . ,.,. . J. Mt-Ardle, D. Pokusa, S. Pagliaro BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager ,,,. . . . .. .,..,..,. A. Ferguson PRODUCTION STAFF Typists . . . . ,.., ,. .. .. .. H. Meco. L. Calvano, C. Bruncsali, L. Martin, D. Frankoski Proof-readers ..... ..,.. .,.. ,.... C . R ich, A. Hudr-ck Lay-out Manager . . ,. ..... .. ..,. A. Ferguson Speed-o-scopists . ,........ A. Sarne. Al. Stcpano, V. Tallarico Minieograpli technicians , ,, , . ,. M. Runeo, M. Shpakofli. D. Sartori Cliecleers ..,..,,. .. D. Montexnurro. L. Liput, S. Migliore Assembly Manager . .. . ,. . .,.., , P. Fantozzi Distribution Manager . ,.,, . .V. Puglisi Assistant Distributors ,..,.. P. Holes. L. DeSocio, J. Miller, D. Montcmurro, A. Zdanowslci Adviser . ,, ..,.. ,. ,. . . . ,Miss V. Bushnell jim Behind the doors of room 102v, the monthlv Arnold High School Broadcaster begins its jour- ney of production from the reporters to the Broadcaster staff and its final step, the distribut- ing agents. From the beginning until the end of each month, each staff member has his particular job to do. Throughout the many davs of produc- tion, the senior staff collects items of interest to the students. These journalists strive for newer, better ways to make their news articles interest- ing and meaningful. With the ever-constant help and untiring efforts of their director. Miss V. Bushnell, the senior stall, take with them the knowledge of having taken one step into the unequaled experience of being a journalist for their school paper. Row I: IJ. linsnot-lx. S. Stinson, N. l'rox'c'nzo, D. Bt-ngol. .l. IDill1i'l', C. fli2lllL'llIII, bl. IJ:1ylid:i. Row II: ll. Ifislipuw. D. Fislipnw. lf. Kruson, XV. N11-llon, ql. Lcuh, I.. Nlnrsilio. S. Alri- Orins-slwr, I.. Holi:-rts. C, Swaniclvrski, I. Svguiti, l'. Nailnvy. Cl. Bonincontro. Row IV: ll. Campo, l'. Tonnlyko. Al. llolluncl, K. Boyvr, Xl. 1.4-ln-rt, II. Shu- livvn. S. Dontt. Row V: l'. lilliin, P. Lzwin, I.. Bl'l'I'iKllDl'Il, A. Lunctti. I.. Luzur. li. Kilnlwr. How VI: M. Kos- slcli, l. C.upom'. ,l. A. linrrvtt, S. Bil- hic-, S. Burr, T. Kruson. Row VII: N. l'4-lronv, D. Iiicrhuilo. II. NI. YilllIll'. Il. lixlilnw. I,. ZIUIINIII. ninth-. Row III: I. Snpruno. A. 'lhv l'ntnrv IIOIl1t'lllillil'l'S ol .'XllIl'l'IC2l is il nntionwiclc' organization compost-ml of girls in thc- llonu- ICCOIIOIIIICS c-oursv. The nuinlwr of incin- hvrs is constalntlx' growing clue to thc grcut intvr- vst in thc OYQZIIIIXLIIIOII throughout the Homm- Economics girls. At the lx-ginning of the vcur an initiation was hclcl for ull new IUi'lUIll'l'S fol- lowing un vlvction of officers. Tho oliicvrs c-lvctccl wore-z Lorraine- Szoch. prvsidc-lit: Czltluwiiiv Sta-wart. vicc prcsidcnt: Dolorcs Bc-ngvl, secrv- talryg lic-Ida johnson, t1'va1s111'ci'. Tho worthx' :ulvisc-1's of this group arc Miss V. Dcrck :incl Xlrs. .-X. Listwak. Jmmm -pg Thai .-Xrnolcl llistorical Socictx' is ll nuwlx forlnvcl clnh in Arnold lligh School this Html". lt is u part of thv stutc-wich' Pc-inisylvzxniii lft-ala-1' ation of junior Historiauis. Unclvr tlw lvaiclwsliip of Mr. Klein. the cluh has uttviiclvcl thu NVvst- inorvluncl Countv Confc1'ciic'c- in Dm-rry Iligh School with the thoinc- of Early Svttlvlilvlits in XVm-stinorclauicl County. This cluh has nmny' plans for thc future inclucling fic-lcl trips, ll his- torical liln'au'v. and othvrs in lwvping with thu' thcinc of hringing mort' historical int1'rL'sts into the high schools. -19 Row I: S. Johnston, ll. S. Sau'i'iiiontm', If ICQ-hon, M. Dan is. li. linsguaigv, lf. this tornni. Row ll: Nl. Ou-rly, A. Ni vustro, ll. Capo, D. llvngs-l. l.. Slot-I1 III: C, I5onim'ontro, S. Coi'vy, D. llqn-Ll C. Cot-t-Iwtti. C. Clans. ml. Klinnislilxo. NI Lalnfzlloni, V, Vzuii, Row IV: KT, Sh-xx' url, I. Supranio. l'. Nznm-pg ll. llingns ll. Oswulcl, I". llotlxowslxi, A. l.:nucli. It M. Nlurin. ll. johnson. ,l. Myaloclx. D. linsnot-lx. Ron SICNIORS - - . , . C. Cans. ll. Nlartin. J UNIURS M. Kossiek. C. Stewart. Row Sharick. 'ghanwanggn A well-known group organization at Arnold High School is the junior Chamber of Com- merce. better known as the C. C. This group consists of both commercial boys and girls in the junior and senior grades. Each year, after the officers have been elected by the members of the j. C. C., an initiation, one of the main events of this organization, is held for all new junior mem- bers. NVith their purpose of creating cooperation and good-will among their fellow students, this group held several activities throughout the school vear in which all students took an active part. VVorking together, the members sold vari- ous items before the Christmas vacation to the student body as Well as to the public. The funds raised in the selling of these articles. along with baked goods, were used to sponsor some activitv held during our assemhlv programs or to th:- sliowing of films. The closing event of the jun- ior Chamber of Commerce was a worthv project. The members held a March of Dimes Ball with the proceeds aimed in helping against the dread- ed polio. The dance proved sueeesstnl with the cooperation of the new and old members ot the l. C. C. President . ., C. Stepano Vice President ,. K. Snyder Secretary , C. Bertoni Treasurer . D. liicehuito Advisers Miss H. Cribhs. Klrs. Papas Row l: N. l'elrone. l'. Clark. I.. Calxano lt. Del'elic'cs. U. loknsa. A. Sarne, D Rusnoek. Row Il: P. Fantozli. S. Pag liaro. Al. Klimashko. C. llieh. I. Stepano FI. Miller. A. Zdannxvski. C. llrunesak, D Montemurro. Row III: C. Bertoni. bl. Mc Ardle, N. Provenxo, B. Nlatiskn, V 'l'1lI arleo. D. lfrankoski, I.. Kuhn. ll. Sartori Nl. IIIIIICO. Row IV: Nlycloek, S. Corey D. llackl. S. Barr. ll. Kleen, C. Ceeehettl 1 Row I: ll. Bailey, C. NIeArdle, M. Kuz mick, A. Nic-astro. Nl. lagoon, lt. M Yanne. C. Simon. S. Saeeamano. Row II: NI. Overlv, S. IlIlllll', B. lxumsh. Al A. Barrett. M. lielot. ll. Capo, T. Capone III D llieehuito, ll. XYai-lrtler, S. 'l'amIumr, C Bonineontro, I. Snprano, D. Smith, I Krason, l'. Tomavko. ll. Spisak, K. Snyder li. liortv. Row IV: ll. ,lm lnzson. l,.Sxoeh S. Yinee. D. Bengel, P. Namq, S, Il olms ton. Xl. A. l'1slu'r. Nl. Il'Zt'i'l1lli. M. li 4 om l A. I"c'rguson, S. Pvlil, I.. B. Plylvr, 1. Iflinn. uthos. A. YI4lNlIllilS. NI. Sllpukoll, D. Husnocli. on II A. Zdzmowski. N. Pc-ti'ouc'. P. Funtozzi. L. ISI-xl L. Kuhn. V. Talllurico. D. Sill'IOI'I. C. Stv- viio Y Provvnzo. Row III: I.. Martin, J. Millvr, L Input D. Ilawltl. Al. Klilnaishlqo, C. Cot-L-In-tti, C. s A I7t'I,I'llllIU. iovs I S. Doutt, M. Ox'-vrly. R. lohuson, S. Viucv. A. Nu ISIIO D. Pwiigvl, T. Caipouv. NI. Kossiuli. Row II: li.,UOH, E. Kilnluvr, S. Billiiv. II. Capo, I. Suprnno, 1 L. Gallo, D. Iticchuito. Row III: H. M. 1 C Simon. Ii. Bortz, C. Stvwzlrt, S. johustou. 1 o P. Nzuncy, L. Szfwh. ow I L. Dvhluo. IC. XVitnivr. II. Dvlilasio. I. NVil- is B -I. Baird. B. Ph-il. B. I.. Rzizclvrk. S. llcss. vw II M. Arahiai, VI. Rvniiic, A. Luudi. I. Koininko. ix fc, B. A. Sain-ripoiilv. KI. clilSIOI'Ill2l, M. ui rom AI. Ilollauid. Row III: V. Siuglt-tou, oss P. Klvms. ll. Sgzllio. D. Liput, A. t M -I. Lucas. K. Boyvr, N. Toscauio. B. Ciglvr. low IV A. Torkco, H. D'Argt-nzio. D. Autonucci, C. lllllllfll L. Pompvllio. L. Bt-rkohcu, M. R. Hruglio, I Patron: , C. Kopinski. . . . gmxfraeigfwrf. The junior Red Cross is an 0l'fI,21llIZklII0ll to which sophoinorcs, juniors, and seniors hcloug. A mccting is hold on the third VV0dn0sdz1v of each month. Besides sending L1 delegate to camp. rcpresvntzitivcs visited tho Bloodmohilv. The lied Cross he-Ipod thc student body to pack gift hoxvs. which were sent to the children ovvr- svas. rg.. President V. President Secretary T1'6'2lSll1't'1' . Reporter . . Adviser . The Cast-Row I: F. Krason, P. Lavin, P. Elkin, D. Bengcl, H. Bailey. A. Or- meshcr. Row II: R. Shaheen, M. Over- ly, R. Campbell, M. Knosky, S. Johnston, C. Short. The Committees-Row I: L. Gallo. Row II: D. Ricchuito, R. M. Yanne, C. Simon. Row III: L. Roberts, H. Capo, L. Szoch, M. Lebert. Klau. Play, . . . fr. N 3 'arm mmf. in Jmzfze " THE CAST Tim Burton, the harassed father ,. . . . R. Campbell Ruth Burton, the over-anxious mother .. . H. Bailey Violet Burton, dreamy-eyed daughter .. ., S. Iohnston jerry Burton, typical teenager . .. . .. . ,, , . , . . M. Knosky Andy Burton, unemployed college graduate . . C. Short Myrna Duffield, Ruthis efficient cousin , . P. Elkin Annabelle jones, tealeaf reading neighbor , ,. M. Oyerly Carmen Lester, shy girl next door . .. .... . .,.. H P. Lavin Eugene Parsons, Violets admirer . . . . . . . Daher Mrs. Lester, helpful neighbor . ., D. Bengel Mrs. Clark, talkative saleslady ,. A. Ormesher Peggy, Andyas sharp-tongued fiance . . F. Krason Dr. Marshall, young, unmarried doctor ....,.. . R. Shaheen Mr. Creenmore, temperamental boss .. ,, ...,, . S. Stinson What happens to the Burton family when Ruth Burton is hurt in an accident shouldn't happen to a dog, but it happens to Tim Burton. While trying to preserve the health of the family, he loses his job, his car, and becomes the victim of his daughteris missionary efforts. Tim is plagued by salesmen and almost loses his sanity. These circumstances, of course, lead to complications as the Burton family at last learns to Walk by itself. The play was under the direction of Miss Virginia Bushnell. 52 . ...slew-..g1aM. Play, Under the competent direction of Miss Virginia Bush- nell, the senior cast performed on the evening of December 6, at 8:00 in the play, "Meet the Middletonsf' Little did the Middletons suspect the surprise in store when their rich aunt Cynthia sent a wedding gift. an old antique lamp. to the newlyweds, Gladvs and Edwin VVestrate. Thinking the lamp worthless, Allen fcollected junk as a hobbyl traded the lamp to a junk man. Aunt Cynthia, arriving unexpect- edly, explained the hidden fortune of 551,000 in a secret compartment of the lamp. Thus begins the upset for this once peaceful household. With Teddy having her share of troubles in the modeling showg the constant bickering of Elinor and Merle Potter, the Middletons are faced with their share of problems. They immediately begin the search for the missing lamp. As usually does, all ends well. Teddyis modeling career is saved by her bovfriendg Elinor and Merle peacefully settle down and the lost fortune is restored to its rightful owners, The Cast-Row I: ll. Dorbritz. L. Ply- ler, D. Sponsler, T. Yobp, D. liusnock, C. Sta-pano. Row Il: j. Laurin, -I. lflinn, N. Petrmnu-, B. Stayer. P. Clault, XY. Mas- saro. The Committees-Row I: C. Swanderski, N. Provenzo. Row Il: S, Barr, j. Sequiti. Row Ill: L. Pclcalski, NV. NVilt-ox, A. Del'rinzio. 53 Jim 4914 mmm ,... 9 llms out for ll pusu. 9 'l'l1s'gu11g's alll IIL'l'l'. ,Q fur tha' band tu strikv up. 0 Tlw Bl'l'kl'j"SIl1lXl'll night 1 54 Tlie junior-Senior' Prom, sponsored luv the luuior Class. was lu-lcl on Nlav ll, l95l at the Wnlmster llall in Pittsliurgli. Entering tlic recl- carpetecl liall. tlie couples were led into a large room witli a lilac-lx and wliitv marlmle dance floor. rl1l!L'l'l' was clam-ing to tlic music of lolinnv Costa. The President of tlie Junior Class. James Clark ancl liis partner lecl tlie Crancl Nlarcli wliili unique favors were clistrilmutecl among tlu couples at the dance. Tlius ended tlu- long- awaitecl formal of tlie year. ix ? ' 'l'lu- liours rollscl lwy. 0 llllllk'l'2lllll'I'il.St'Y1'. 0 'Ulilus is a lou-ly way to spi-ucl an ew-iiiiigf' ' lfujoying ll eool, l'K'lil'K'Slllllg clrinlx. - N. gf' f ...Af ... - - Row I: N. Petrone, ll. XVhite, C. Lepusky, I. Rebar, ll. Maglioceo, P. D'Argenzio, T. Mt-Lan fl in P M inning . Martin, A. Castorino, lt. D-einao, P. Ciancntti, E. Migliorise, B. Settlemeyer. Row II: R R L 1 imc 7 J I . f J lioceln, T. lxnhn, A. Guzzi, l. VVatts. B. Stayer, V. X l'l'tl'l'Llll10,H.lxlillL'l',l4.blL'iX1tlSfl'I',A lm 1 mo, j. Dotto, -I. Miller, ll. Arbuckle. Row III: D. Berkey, H. Miller, M. Bellayia, B. bll'l0illlltlll 'I VVIHNIII f l.. Marchiol, N. Cignetti, S. Marino, P. Meeo, Fl, Falco, C. Provenzo, M. Ross, M. Lucas. Row C nnp it D. Tirdel, P. Talllarico, P. Capone, D. Choinyala, A. Pugliese, P. Tannas. T. Campbell. 1. Del c Stewart, D. Mangieri. 'iNot to be outdonef, "originality plus," "ont- standing performance.H Yes, itys phrases like these and many similar ones that have been used during the past several years to describe our widely-known fifty-piece, marching and concert band. Our band, having reached the top rung of the "ladder of successw after its first performance six years ago under the capable direction of Mr. Albert G. Moses, has managed the very difficult feat of staying up there despite stiff competition from many other high school bands. The originator of the "lights-outb routine in this valley, The Arnold High School Band has won acclaim both tar and wide for its originality. pep, and enthusiasm. Not stopping with its unique routines, the band proceeded to introduce a new trend of marching in the valley which was soon to be seen that the fast cadence required not only constant practices, but the inspiration and untiring eiforts Which could be given onlv by Mr. Moses. The Arnold High School Band has truly given its students something about which to be proud. Keep up the Wonderful work! Band Mr. Albert Moses 56 Row I: R. Snyder Olaiseotj, D. Savage C A c r o lm ni t D. Row II: C. Rich, C. Bertoni. -I. Nh-Ardle, S. Peltz. M Trzeciak. Row III: S. Pag- liaro, C. Swanderslfi, L. B. Plyler, A. Sarue, I. Sequiti. Row IV: C. NIeArdie, M. X. Fisher, S. Vince, -I. Mor esi, J. Stefanini. Row V: M. Ligoon, M. Lehert. ll. M. Yanne. D. Pokusa. B. Cligler. H. johnson, L. llolmerts, L. Ziemau. Ul. Vaiiro, j. Pugli- aro. ' .WHL 3ff21fwi'2P BAND CLUB OFFICERS Kneeling: C. Bertoni, C, Rich. S. Peltf. il ML-Ardle. Standing: L, B. Plyler, R. NVhite, N. Petrone. The Arnold High School Majorettes. a total of 24 girls, devoted the nionth of August preparing for their oncoming performances. XVith Qleri Ilich. the hcad majorette. and the three leads, Sonia Peltx, jackie NlcArdle, and Kitty Bertoni, the iuaiorettes perforniecl splendiclly. Added to the uuinlmer was the Winsome 6 year-old mascot, Rhelda Snvder, who displaved her talents. Darla Savage, the acrohat. also added an extra spark of enjoyment to the perforniallces. Diligent practice made perfect all the perform- ances ofthe Arnold High Majorettes. 'l'hree new hril- liant performances of the season were: "Come on-a my Housef' "The Travelogue," and "The Svucopated Clockf for which they received an enthusiastic ap- plause. The pulJlic's response was tremendous. Fverv- one will certaiulv agree that the majorettes together with the acrohat, and the mascot enlivened each game. Arnold is very proud of its majorettesl 57 ? . x 6 lim-eo. Row I: A. 5llI'Ill', A. Ihonu1s,C. B4-rloni, Cl. Ilia-In. Row ll: 'I'. Yohn, IJ. lierlsey. I.. ifrixarro, II. NI.1g- ff gfwm. .Iunior High Choir as they hegin to rehearse their songs. These seventh, eighth. llllll ninth graders rehearse every Moncluv. Tuesday. :incl XfVetInescInv at 2:15. SENIOR OCTET gether with the Junior Band. Along with their ite. "Lo11isi:u1z1 IIz1y1'ide.I' Repeat perform- ances of the concert were given to school us- seinhlies. Much credit is given these Villlllg- sters and also to their director, Mr. B. Furi- nelli. Row I: IJ. Pennzlehio, II. Bielutal, UI. SRIIXLIII. P. IJLISILTIIZIIQ. L. Lieutal. C. Zlllllllllglltl, L. rIII'ISIilI1I. Row II: Lyons, K. Almrlmin. II. llolliek, II. Ilurtolrleei, A. IJUXIHU, P. Ilure. -I. Coluiznini, M. Cuppone. Row III: II. Boucher, P. I,llIIIIL'Ii, -I. Korowielii. XI. Callxaniese, -I. Ilalzlett. AI. OISIN-II, A. Singer, A. BllI'L'llS, NI. Pzrllone. Row IV: P. Kosky, Y. Ceeelietti, IC. Bliss, -I. Pelino, NI. A. Pjontek. A. Nlikesell. j. Ilicliurcls. KI. Lannentloln, P. Pellegrino P. Ilirclnunni. How V: IS. IIoIIic-It. VI. Delflrosso, A. Leah. P. Sergi, K. Syhrk, I.. Nloses. IJ. Ilertolino. NI. Kllllililll, I.. Nluzxn, II. Iinneo, C. Ynnne. Row YI: V. Suhow, B. Fleeger, P. Beigle. B. Ilolste, E. Doniinici, T. Pennuehio. I". Nlarsrziinini, -I. Pngliese, IC. Yinkox'ieIi, I. Yinkoxieh, M. Lopez. C. P.-ters. Row VII: S. Zannperini, B. Prennitieo, P. Artnso, IC. Alneloon, IC. Longo, C. Dickey, -I. Ilollnncl. P. Anclerson. F. Caruso, A. Norris. 58 Do-re-ine-fu-sol-Iu-ti-do sing ont the For their annual concert the choir gave the znulience u very enjovzihle evening to- singing they also acted out the ull time favor- Row I: T. Verteramo, E. Delfelices, V. Tallarieo. A. Thomas, Stepano, A. Ferguson, B. A. Sacriponte. Row II: L. Kuhn. P. Tallarico, A. Landi, S. Stinson, -I. NVilliams, C. Lepusky, H. Kasavage, C. Rich. Row III: M. Launendola, P. Clark, D. liusnock, ll. Capo. V. Puglisi. N. Proveuzo, 'l'. Camphell, C. Berzcek, B. DeValerio, S. Castorina. Huw IV: H. Baker. L. Nlarsilio, F. Marsieo. D. Zinnnerman, M. Hunco, IS. Kimher, Pt. D'Argenzio, M. Ou-rly, B. Knnish. B. Matisko, A. Sarne. Row V: L. Martin. C. Cecchetti, J. McArdle, C. Stewart, L. Pom- pellio, QI. Holland, A. 'I'orl4eo, L. I'-elialslxi, ll. Mt-co, L. Szoch, S. Peltz, B. Konchos. Row VI: C. Short, M. Knos- ky, R. Aftanas. P. D'Argenxio, ll. Maglioeco. J. Costanxo. E. Falco, V. Singleton, I. Suprano, I. Klimashko, M. Trzeeiak, C. Bertoni. Row VII: H. Santoro. R. Dowhower, H. Miller. S. Doutt. NV. Meyer, Kowalik, A. Bellavia. A. Errico. li. Fieea. L. Calvanese. Alcihiade. -I. Daylida. How VIII: D. Vinkovich, L. Marchiol, N. Cignetti, ll. Cipolla, 'l'. Yohp. D. Berlxey. In a section of the auditorium rehearses Arnold's A Cappella Choir. These musical-minded students hegin singing dailv at S o'elock in the morning. The main project of the choir, along with their singing. is to present each senior memher a sweater in reward for their manv hours ot hard work. They worked earnestlv under the super- vision of their oflicers to get monev for their sweater fund. Among their manv acts to raise monev was a halxe sale which helped to increase their fund. A heautiful Christmas program. with many favorite selections, was enjoved hy hoth junior and senior high assemhlies. Their Annual Spring Concert was also enjoved hy all. Of course, no Baccalaureate Service is complete W i th o ut the singing of the choir. This event ended the successful term enjoved hy the choir under the leadership of their ahle director. Mr. B. Farinelli. OFFICERS President ,.., . . .. A. Errico V. President . D. Berkey Secretary . . , .. P. Clark Treasurer , . . A. Thomas Sir. bl. B. Farinelli 59 Ufzdmwza ,... Row I: M. J. Lucas, T. Verteramo, A. Petrone, T. Campbell, P. Tallarico, M. Lamendola, Pm. Miller, L. Marcliiol. Row II: C. Lepusky, H. Magliocco. P. lTArgenxio, R, NVliite, F. Marsico. Seldom seen but often heard-This phrase provides a rather accurate description of one :mf Arnold Highs most important vet least rec- ognized organizations. The orchestra provides a musical background for junior and Senior Class Plavs and adds to the enjoyment of play- goers. In addition to this traditional duty, the orchestra engages in the study of numerous classic, semi-classic. and popular works of mu- sic. Despite limited practice sessions. notable progress has been made in the development of a full scale orchestra. The 17 members, under the capable direction of Mr. Albert Moses, has begun in earnest to re-establish an interest and appreciation for the classics. WVith ambition and initiative as their guide. the orchestra is Working steadily to- ward their goal, so that soon thev may be often seen and more often heard! 'This is how it luuksf' flrvalsr'-1nm1km-ys. You lmvv to know ymu' thvurvlns. fnturm- Ilmnc-nmkcrs. Xn hour of axlgvbru. K senior 4-In-L-ks hor wviglmt. 61 nm, flnuupa fxxv' ,fy . c I 'h ' "N s-1 -mmf Mamma ATHLETICS o jnnfbad 0 BaAlm,tlzalL o - fhmuzieadpfus. M, ' S wx. 5? X nv 5 Q 1 ,M Q 1 ,gg-f- -A-:flew X . V .1:. iii' Q. Q W, 725555 wif? ws Vx . Y 1533 .. . JST 'qffzrq a -1 .-fn I' . ,.a,?j?5gr . . '55 ' f" f'1 W-A . fm, -lla? ,., ik, Y K av V 5 1: ,gg ,"v'Wi'L w -A,,X .W .iv " i-inf F3158 " 'S'-in ju Mall, . . . Unavgdfzfwldi, javdula , Uwmdq, Squad Row 1: R. VVagner, S. Stinson, J. McLaughlin, R. Campbell, P. Scalise, C. Fryer, F. Pallone S. Nelson, R. Poreliia, Manager. Row II: F. Martin, Assistant coacli, -I. Krnaeik, F. Mar- sieo, H. Stuart, NV. Massaro, D. Wagner, J. Fist-us, H. Bowser, L. Ciancola, T. Pryor. S. Cas- torina, Manager. Row III: A. Tannas, Coach, AI. Clark, R. Caporali, T. Corey, T. Baker. A. Errico, P. Raylinrg, J. Lot-liner, C. Iolinston. Al. Cuercione, Mr. Ventura. Manager aclx'is'v1'. Row IV: R. Santoro, D. Stopko, J. Dalier, W. Mellon, E. Saska, L. Calvamse, J. Daylicla, R. Cc-tz, P. Toreliia, I. Brokaw. s SEASON'S RESULTS A.H.S. OPP. A.H.S. OPP 6 . Bessemer ,.,. 6 0 .,... . Springdale .. . . . 6 7 ..,. .. .West Deer .. 6 14 . .. .Apollo .. .. ... 7 21. . . St. George ,.,. 7 7... .. Ford City . . . . 7 7 . . .... .. Tarentum .. .. 19 20 ..... .. ..... Leeclibnrg . . 7 9 .. Elizabeth ...... 28 20. . ..... Freeport .. .. 6 64 Row I: J. Fratangeli, R. Ilu- deck, R. Abel, R. Monzi, G. Lloyd, D. Ilartzell, E. Posati. D. Terlinski, manager. Row II: R. Oswald, R. Harnish, G. Belot, T. Fannie, W. Hess, Thomas, R. Mazzei, J. Martin, G. Overly, M. Kanaan, man- ager. Row III: Mr. Pcretti, coaehg J. Corsello, W. Shock- ley, J. Overly, D. Vrudney, F. Petitta, D. Toney, S. Sukala, Mr. Ventura. 5 .1 gm .1 Jafar .1 yum .1 The 1951 gridiron season of Arnold High School got under way with Coach Alex Tannas at the helm. Coach Tannas was assisted hy Oliver Phillips and a former graduate of Arnold, Frank Martin. The team made a good showing for the season hy winning five, losing three and tying two games. Arnold's Hrst game proved a tough starter for the Tannasmen. N-either team threat- ened during the Hrst quarter. It was Arnold who finally scored. Taking the hall on a punt in the second quarter, the Lions managed to work their way to a touchdown. Bessemer, in the opening of thc final quarter, tied the score. The contest ended with an even 6-6. The Lions were more successful in their second encounter with a strong West Deer team, upsetting them 7 to 6. It was a blocked punt that led to the lone Arnold score. After a few unsuccessful trys, the team pushed the ball over and the point after the touchdown was kicked. The Braves only score came in the second quarter, hut the try for the extra point was smothered hy a charging Arnold line. Arnold's second win of the season came at the ex- pense of St. George. It was St. George that scored lirst marching 68 yards to score their only tally of the game. The Lions first score came in the second quarter tying the score 7-7 ending the half. Neither team scored or threatened in the third quarter. In the fourth quarter, Arnold chalked up its second marker on a beautiful pass interception. The third and final score came in a march Mr. Alex Tannas Coach from the St. George 33 yard line. The game ended, Arnold 21, St. George 7. The fourth game, with the Redcats of Tarentum, was an unhappy one for the charges of Coach Tannas. The Arnold Lions, after holding the upper hand for three quarters, were the victims of several costly fumbles, two of these set up touchdowns that were margins in the loss. The score at the final gun was Tarentum 19, Arnold 7. In the next contest, Arnold was again on the short end of the score. This time to an underrated Elizabeth High Team. A series of had breaks and a team that took advantage of those breaks spelled defeat for Arnold. The game ended with Elizabeth scoring 28 points and Arnold, 9 points. Springdale traveled to Leslie Field for one of the most exciting and heartbreaking games of the season. It was tough going for both teams. The Power City team scored once, but could not make the extra point. Arnold got close a few times, but didn't score. The game circled Springdale 6, Arnold 0. Playing one of their best games of the season, Arnold upset a highly favored Apollo team on the latter's field, 14 to 7. Both teams failed to score during the first quar- ter. Later in the second quarter, Arnold obtained a safety and a touchdown, but missed the extra point. Again in the third quarter, the Lions scored on a march from their own twenty. Apollo got its only touchdown in the fourth quarter. Arnold rolled up 17 first downs to Apollois 6. The Tannasmen traveled to Ford City's field where the two teams battled to a tie. The Ford City eleven scored the first tally in the second quarter to take the lead which they held until the final quarter. In the opening minutes of the last quarter, Arnold drove to the one foot line where they pushed the ball over for the last touchdown of the game. The score, 7-7. The Arnold Lions pulled the upset of the season in the district school grid ranks by whipping the highly regarded Leechburg Blue Devils. Leechburg took an early 7-0 lead which were the only points they made all night. The Lions came right back to tie the game up 7-7. Neither team tallied in the second quarter. At the outset of the third quarter Leechburg fumbled and an Arnold end raced 75 yards to put the Lions ahead to stay. Arnold scored once more in the fourth quarter to make the score 20 to 7. It was an impressive upset for Leechburg was an undefeated Class A entry and Arnold is Class B. ffhe last game of the season was played on our home Held. An inspired Arnold team defeated Freeport, 20 to 7, to complete a successful 1951 football season. GRID HEROE vm-yiyfmna jim Clark Dennis Wagner lack Fiscus Philip Rayhurg William Massaro Anthony Errico jim Clark-Hefty tackle. Kicks off. Good blocker and Philip Rayburg-The "brains,' behind the team. Ex- leader. Served as co-captain. ceptional passer and ball handler. Dennis Wagner-Our swift halfback who was always William Massaro-Fast end. Good pass receiver. Ready a scoring threat. for a hard game. jack Fiscus-One of Arnold's rough and ready linemen. Anthony Errico-Another heavy lineman. Goes all out Good defensive guard. for the team. 66 spwzpgjfmmmumzm Louis Giancola-Arnoldis fast all-start end. Outstanding blocker. Served as co-captain. john Loehner-Fighting fullback. Exceptional on de- fense. Will and determination to win. Harold Bowser-Centers the ball. A fine blocker and good snapper-back. l 5 i l l Louis Giancola John Loehner Harold Bowser Joe Brokaw Tom Baker Glenn Fryer joe Brokaw-Power runner. The other end of the Wag- ner-Brokaw team. Tom Baker-Guard. Exceptionally fast for a lineman. Best on defense. Glenn F ryer-Makes up for his size in spirit. Very good defensively. Not pictured James McLaughlin-Short but fast end. Fine substitute. fnach, fha, 'Umm . . . Lawrence F. McGuire joined the faculty of the Arnold High School in 1932 and four years later began his coaching career establishing an enviable record. During sixteen years, McGuire squads have brought to Arnold High School one County Championship, Four Section Championships, and one W.P.I.A.LQ title-a.record to be coveted by any school. Added testimony to McCuire,s ability came in 1942 in the naming of two Arnold players to the All-State teams: Bob Holste, All-State Center, first team, Joe Guido, All-State Guard, second team. The Arlion Staff and entire student body offer congratulations to you, Mr. McGuire, for your excellent past record and sincere Wishes for many future successful years in basketball at Arnold High School, above all, our deep appre- ciation for all you have done for us both in and outside the realm of basketball- in short, for being the kind of person we like to have around! 68 . . . Jima, Jluz, Jlonp, sara' 9 D. Pogolescki J. Shamey Dave Pogolescki-Aggressive guard whose good form is sliown in rebound ability. James Shamey-Ken-Hi transfvr. Good matcrial for the coming basketball season. Edward Saska-Tall substitute. Will be playing sidc by side with Tom. Dale Berkey-Tall and lanky. Ono of ML-Cuirt-'s Willing and ready resvrvvs. P. Rayburg E. Saska S, Migliore D. Berkey 69 Philip Rayburg-Remains calm and composed through- out the- game. Sets the pace. Reliable- guard. Sam Migliore-Fast forward. -lump sliot is liis be-st. Keen and alert. Not Pictured Fred Moses--Towering cc-ntcr. Favors tlu- corner sliot. Big asset to the tcam. Thomas Saska-Good passing ability. Will sec- two inoro basketball seasons at Arnold. ,margin Kharnpxs SEASON'S RESULTS A H S OPP Homestead Swissvale A Ken Hi ...,,. Tarentum .. Harbrack . Ford City .. Leechburg Ken Hi .,..H. East Deer .. West Deer Oakmont .. Verona ..,. Springdale Plum ,. ..... ,. East Deer .. West Deer Oakmont .. Verona ...,., Springdale Plum ........ . Bell Twp. .. Wilmerding Centerville Avalon ..... The 1951 non-league basketball season opened with two losses for the Lions: the first to Homestead and the second to Swissvale. Then came the always exciting match with Ken-Hi which Arnold won by four points. This win seemed to be a springboard for the next two games. the Lions taking both Tarentum and Har- brack in close contests. 1n the following game, Arnold bowed to a strong Ford City Five and then wt nt on to take the next game fl'0ll1 Leech- burg. Once more excitement ran high as the Lions again met their top rival, Ken-Hi. This contest concluded the non-league games with another loss for Arnold. The final tally in pre-season games showed Arnold with a record of four wins against four losses. To the keen observer, Arnold began earlv to displav championship calibre. The Lions opened the Section 13 contest of the regular 1951 season with a victory over East Deer-Frazer Township. In their second straight triumph, they downed the NVest Deer iloormen never falling behind after the first quar- ter. The McCuiremen progressed steadilv in their victories by overtaking Oakmont. This victorv left them atop in the Section 13. Their fourth win, in which they took Verona bv a wide margin, made them the only unbeaten team in the section. The following rival contest between the Springdale High Cagers and the Lions re- sulted in a rough and exciting fray leaving the Arnold team the proud holders of their fifth straight league trimnph. In a 70 to 52 battle with Plum Township, the McCuire crew once again came out on top in a game involving a ter- rific final period rallv during which the Lions scored 23 of their total points. This winning streak of the Lions continued through the two following contests with East Deer-Frazer Town- ship and VVest Deer. It was Arnold's second meeting with the two schools and the second VARSITY TEAM Row I: M. Lalncndola key, P. Flaherty, P Hayburg, D. Pogolcscki linski, Assistant Coaehg -I ka. 15. Saska, I". Moses J. Shamcy, A. lirrico Mauagerg ll. I". Mclluirc Coach. time in league play for the Lions to romp over both the Bucks and the Braves with wide margin scores. Arno1d's ninth straight win took place on Oakmont Highis floor where the Lions rolled past the Oakmont Hoormen by a margin of 14 points. The Arnold mainstavs and their replace- ments clinched the Section 13 pennant race be- fore a huge crowd at Verona where they copped their tenth straight win in an exciting exhibition of speedv ball handling. In the following con- test with the Power Citv Cagers, Arnold came from behind to chalk up another victorv bv a -16-43 tally. The Lions with eleven straight wins, disposed of Plum High in a game in which they led in scoring throughout making it twelve wins to their credit. Coach McGuire, Assistant Coach Terlinski and their team succeeded in wrapping up the section game making it the second time in the schoo1's historv in which an Arnold team has won its wav into the annual WVPIAL tourna- ment. In the first round of the NVPIAL playoffs, Arnold chalked up their first victorv in a game against Bell Township before a more than capa- citv crowd on the Wilkinsburg Hoor. The Lions again proved their championship mettle by add- ing one more victory to an already impressive record. Bv defeating Centerville at the Pitt Field House, Arnold oualified to meet Avalon High Colden Panthers. the defending champions, for the WPIAL championship. This was the contest that snapped the Lions' 15 game winning streak and gave the Panthers the VVPIAL crown. In compiling its fine record during the 20-game program, Arnold amassed 970 points to its oppo- nents' 815. That's an average of 48 to -10 points each game. This was the sixteenth season popular Coach McGuire has directed the Arnold Floor Squad. The record speaks for itself. Congratula- tions to the coaches and team! A. F a 1 s c 1 t i , D. Ber- S. Nligliore, L. Delfeli- ees. Row Il: H. M. Ter- Kilcy. Manager: T. Sas- JUNIOR VARSITY ROW I: R. Pclino, J. Krnacik, T. Clista D, Ludwiczak, R. Terlinski, R. Petri, R. Wagner. Row II: Mr. Terlinski, Coach: L. Marsilio, Manager, R. Flemm, J. Sua- toni, N. Cignetti, R. Stuart, J. Guercione, T. Fannie, Manager, Mr. McGuire, Coach. a JUNIOR HIGH Row I: T. Reichert, T. Szoch, J. Collins, 1. Sacriponte, J. Pecker, R. Clark. Row II: R. Krnacik, A. Graziano, T. Pryor, S. Sukala, J. Hession. Row III: L. Mar- silio, Managerg J. Potochniak, R. Vares- co, Mr. Terlinski, Coach, T. Frickanisce, O. Doutt, T. Fannie, Manager. .U .Wy . . The Arnold Iayvees, coached by Larrv Mc- Guire and Robert Terlinski, had a successful sea- son resulting in a record of eleven wins and one loss. The Lions had difHculty in starting the season and lost a number of non-league games. Not letting the first losses stand in their way, they defeated East Deer in the first league game. The Iayvees boasted victories over close scored games between West Deer and Oakmont. In the following game, the Arnold Lions were edged with a score of 37 to 34 by the Verona Iayvees. Entering the A. K. V. league, the Jays beat Turtle Creek's senior high team. They then lost a tough game to Apollo owing 32 of their points to Ron Stuart thus ending the league games. f The Iunior High team this year was com- paratively small but promises to be a profitable team in the future. The regular players for the team were: R. Varesco, B. Krnacik, O. Doutt, Sacriponte and T. Pryor. In the first league game at Main Street, Arnold won a hard fought game, 27-24. The following two games proved to be tough and were lost to a strong Fourth Avenue team and a fast Ford City team. Having lost these first two games, the Lions came back to winning victories over Kittanning and a towering Stewart team, Main Street, after losing the first game to Arnold, defeated the Lions on our home court by a wide margin. Arnold again dropped behind in the next two games but came back to a second victory over Kittanning. The team lost a heartbreaking game to the tall Stewart five. Coached by Robert Terlinski, the team set a record of four wins and six losses. ...J rzmuh, Row I: E. Sieracki, H. Elkin, W. Kuhn, D. Berkey. Row II: T. Campbell, F. Marsico, B. Tidal, Mr. McLaughlin, Coachg J. Kiley, J. Kowalilc. The Arnold High School Tennis Team, under the fine coaching of Mr. McLaughlin, made a good showing in their 50-51 season by winning Section 1 and entering the playoffs with Latrobe. Their record for the season is as follows: WARNOLD MARNOLD MARNOLD 'ARNOLD 'ARNOLD MARNOLD MARNOLD QARNOLD 'ARNOLD 'MARNOLD O ..........,...,.., .. 1, 2 0 1 4 3 0 4 4 1 "League games " 'Non-League games ' " " Semi-final Playoffs Latrobe Wilkinsburg Kiski Ken Hi Tarentum Central Catholic Latrobe Ken Hi Tarentum Latrobe 6' , na, jmm Left to right: D. .'Xllt1lllllL'L'i, C. ff11sto1'ina1, li. ID'Al'gK'lllilJ. Szocll, Cl. Si.-pauio. N. l,l'lVYL'Il7U, P. lfikiii, D. Bc'ugc'l Swirliiig bloc skirts, whiter swcatvrs, and il promim-nt spot on fic-ld amd Hoor arc thc only bits of glamour uttuclied to thv job of ciicwlcaxclillgf A poor rvspoilsw from thc' student body is ili2lIl1CLl on this group of vight faithful girisg il good rcsponsc- brings no word of praise- to the sauna- group. lt's il tiiullkivss ioli. but 1'vga11'cllc-ss of distance' or wvutlicn eve-rv ganna- oi' tlw vvuix wlwtlu-r footlmll or lmskvtbull, our L'ilt'l1l'll'llKil'l'S are on the spot amd l'l'illiY to go! -I. Nia-astro. T l Left to right: li. Svru-nti, N. Pau N C mullrttl ll lxomiios I' ' lilll Q M In ' 4v Y 7 I fg. n .LF . "E-'E 1 is Hg Y .ro . .puny I " A Q. , , .', pl 1.l's9l'.: -'V .' N--"H -V.. 552' H ,, 1' l.:"! .". WE! L N Aw. 3 Bw kts.. -a 5' lm' tlu- prmn. -4-pinco11x'1-rsutimn. Xmy :mil Jllll. llux ing ll guy time-. "K nlilllvsn lwlll ax party. 1- aural Nly Cul. PILIXIIIQ' lllltIl'5l. ll' sg-ninr sm-x'1't:xl'y. fng Ihr ills' lwil'dis'. . " 'IlllillQ. xvilftllillg1lQilllll'lbfl1'Il mi ll lmuilcl! l'iL'1nici1lg nt KK'llIly'XN'llllll Uwz, jawn, dlma.971af,QA, ALMA MATER BENEVOLENT AND GREAT ARNOLD HIGH SCHOOL OH HELP US IN OUR FATE ALMA MATER, GLORIOUS TIIOU ART ERE VIGTORIOUS AND WITH THY SPIRIT GUIDE US TO THE TRUTH AND LIGHT FOREVER MORE. ll like 3,1 QQNS-W fp, Q, 'lv it THE AR oLD LIONQS ' CODE OF ETHICS To show my faith in the worthiness of my vocation by indus- trious application to the end that I may merit a reputation for quality of service. To seek success and to demand all fair remuneration or profit as my just due, but to accept no profit or success at the price of my own self respect lost because of unfair advantage taken or because of questionable acts on my part. To remember that in building up my business it is not neces- sary to tear down another'sg to be loyal to my clients or customers and true to myself. Whenever a doubt arises as to the right or ethics of my posi- tion or action towards my fellow man, to resolve such doubt against myself. To hold friendship as an end and not a means-To hold that true friendship exists not on account of the service per- formed by one to another, but that true friendship de- mands nothing but accepts service in the spirit in which it is given. Always to bear in mind my obligations as a citizen to my nation, my state, and my community, and to give to them my unswerving loyalty in work, act, and deed. To give them freely of my time, labor, and means. To aid my fellow man by giving my sympathy 'to those in distress, my aid to the weak, and my substance to the needy. 7 To be careful with my criticisms and liberal with my praise, to build up and not destroy. 78 is Congratulations From WALZER CLEANING CO. 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Congratulations Class of ,52 SUZYS SODA GRILL "Where the Gang Loves to Meetv BEATRICE HANLON, Prop. 1901 Orchard Avenue Ph01l6 9989 87 I1 Wlth each year of constant progress and faithful adherence to the tradltlons of Orxgmahty and D1st1nct1on Pontxac remains the Master Engravers to Amerxca s Schools The Pontlac proven technlque of modern methods of reproductlon by experlenced craftsmen the employment of the most modern prec1s1on eqmpment the arustxc abxlmes of our art and layout departments are Pontlac helps ln publrshmg a successful yearbook All of the personnel of the Pontlac School Publlcatlons Dnvxslon are proud of thelr paruclpatlon 1n the publxcatlon of your yearbook and express the1r appreclatxon for the splendld cooperatlon hy your staff fm , irq 2 2 pl 9 . ,. . 9 . . 4 I IIIICIC Pu ' ar Q 812-822 W. VAN BUREN ST.0 CHICAGO 7, ILLINOIS Telephone HA ymarket 1-1000 88 ,I I I ARNOLD SUPER CLEANERS NVE CLEAN CLOTHES CLEANER-TU Curl Centile 1805 Fifth Avenue Phone 241 XEDOS FOR RENT Frank "Peggy, Nelson Arnold, Pa. HARMONY SHORT LINE Call New Kensington 1500 CHARTER BUSES ANYTUNIE - ANYXVHERE Terininul-4309 Nintli Street New Kensington, Pal. Compliments of DEFELICE and FRABOTTA,S ARNOLD FLOWER SHOP "Fasliions in Flowersv lT27 Filth Avenue Arnold, Pa. Phone N. K. 5300 89 l 1 1 1 - I l l COLD CREST DAIRY Call 3738 PASTEURIZED-HOMOGENIZED-"VITAMIN D' Leechburg Road New Kensington, Pa. Ice Cream Butter Cream Cheese Moor C1-own Woof Diamonds CROWN'S CREDIT JEWELERS 940 Fourth Avo. New Kensington, Pn. ROBERT S. RUSIEWICZ FUNERAL HOME Ed. 5-2841 Fifth Avenue at Fourteenth Street Arnold, Pa. AR-KEN PLUMBING 81 HOME SUPPLY 1606 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. NO JOB TOO BIG-NO IOB TOO SMALL Plumbing, Paint 8: Hardware Phone 491 90 MEYER sz JOHNSTON Co. SHEET METAL XVORKS A111 CONDITIONING - HEATING - ROOFING 1901 Kenneth Avenue Phone Eel. 5-1117 THQ Store ., 72 I ARSOLD A. Mfigpv seo R GSW ' of PRESCRIPTION pi-oAnMAcisTs Phone Edison 5-1421 M. I. STEINER, The Florist uSuy It NVit11 Flowers" "YVe Telegraph Flowers" Helizlbility and Quality for 25 Years 847 Fifth Avenue New Kensington. P21 Phone N.K. 70-I 91 TIERNEYS CLEANING, PRESSING, REPAIRING Let Us Care for All Your Clothes MEN'S SUITS MADE TO ORDER 1539 Fourth Avenue ARNOLD, PA Phone N. K. 5376 The Store of Fashions BLOSER'S Official Jewelers To Arnold High School 960 Fourth Avenue NEW KENSINGTON PENNA For Fine Cakes and Pastries Visit POTTEPCS BAKERY ARNOLD, PA. Corner Kenneth Avenue and Drev Street 92 Headquarters for "The Valleyis Newest and F inest" Headquarters for BALDWIN CONN HARMONY MUSIC CO. ACROSONIC MUSICAL Excelsior and Soprani AmpliPhonic Accordions HAMILTON , . HOWARD INSTRUMENTS Everythlng tor the Musician PIANOS 700-704 Fifth Ave. Phone 5322 New Kensington, Penna. BEST WISHES GRADUATING SENIORS ARNOLD LUMBER COMPANY Fourth Avenue and Fourteenth Street Arnold Pennsylvania Say It With Flowers REO,S FLOWER SHOP Everything in Flowers 1607 Fifth Avenue Phone 5670 Arnold, Pa. 93 LEONARD F. PALETTA TRAVEL BUREAU 1230 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. Phone EDison 9-9604 jktyl Also American Express N, 'A f' r Real Estate - Mortgages Travel Checques f ,Pi ,, A Notary Public R ,W L worsimx General Insurance iiis kiigg dx ,- Q A Q-X 1 M4 ,. ,,.,. fi- lX f i71iX TRIPS - TOURS - CRUISES Our Services Attractive Are Free ANYWHERE Rates For Business or Pleasure Information And Reservation on Air, Rail, Bus, Ship Lines And Hotels Consult Us On Your Honeymoon Compliments of Italian American Educational Society LODGE 119 Affiliated With The Italian Sons And Daughters of America 1801-03 Fourth Ave. ARNOLD PENNSYLVANIA FORWARD AMERICA LODGE 127 94 Compliments of SNYDER BROTHERS Hudson And Willys Dealer Station WVagons, Jeeps, And Passenger Cars 1420-22 Fifth Ave. New Kensington, Pa. sK , RE I E E E NW A 940 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa MILLER BROS. SHOES 908 Fifth Avenue New Kensingtoifs Largest Shoe Store MARTIN H. NEE PHoToG1zAPHEn The Baby Photos That You Treasure Forever 309 Murray Ave. Arnold, Pa Phone 5134 95 Compliments of CITY NEWS 1780 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pu Magazines, Sports Equipment, Tovs Service for the sick since 1898. THE ARNOLD DRUG STORE 1707-5th Avenue Arnold, Pa PHONE ED 7-6508 Compliments of MAN ZELLA FUNERAL HOME 1509 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. 96 Congratulations Class of '52 F RANK,S CLOVER FARM STORE 'Thrift Plus Satisfaction" 1425 Fifth Ave. For Free Delivery, Phone 4202 "Dollar for Dollar You Can,t Beat aPontiac', See the Thrilling New 1952 PONTIAC STREAMLINER SD. CPE. S1734 Delivered in Arnold BAKER PONTIAC INC. 1542 Constitution Blvd. Arnold, Pa NEW KENSINGTON TYPEWRITER COMPANY 931 F1ffh Avenue :f-::- 'l-, I .1,: i' -- '11Efi1fflE1E52552:555555553252155525525225s55s2sf5EaizEiI111E25gv-55:s5f5i5EQEi" . . giligfiiaiisessiafaig..3g:L:.: New Kf111Sm8f011, Pellllsylvanla C' ' 12. """'-Y:-.a "E'5E35Zi5'5lZ'E1S?-552525553BH.-5232555255ZFESEEEEEEEEEEEEEE55555555355 - ,Vin 'vvfafw S. DGSIIUOIIC . f"'fw 41.554 - ' ,,.. Phone 3745 Congratulations-Seniors of 1952 GEORGE BROS. FLORIST FLOWERS For Every Occasion 813 5th Ave. New Kensington, Pa 97 IOSEPH H. MONTGOMERY CONTRACTOR and BUILDER ROOFING - SIDING - SPOUTING PLUMBING - HEATING 1516 Fourth Avenue Arnold, Pa. Phone ED. 7-7751 Conn. D. C. Ill. Ind. Md. Mich. N. . . 111.1 11 1 ODD 1..-11.1D.1l1.-1. EDWARD M. N EE TRANSFER AND STORAGE 306 Murray Ave. Phone Arnold, Pa. N. K. 4836 When You Think Of Insurance Think Of: JOHN W. HUNGER "Your Friend And Neighborv 98 Compliments of JOHN FEDAN 61 CO. 1712-16 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES HARDVVARE FURNITURE I We BUY and SELL USED CARS f JEROME MOTOR ' COMPANY ' OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC SAFETY TESTED USED CARS I Corner of Fourth Ave. and Eighth Street I Phone 2448 New Kensington, Pa, I I Compliments I I Allegheny Valley Industrial - I Union COUHCII I I NEW KENSINGTON, PA. I - - - - - 99 Congratulations Class of 1952 CONTO'S DREY ST. MARKET Drey St., Arnold, Pa. Phone 1804-I COMPLIMENTS OF WARRINGTON'S 5 6: 10 Your Friendly Neighborhood Novelty Store 1702-04 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa OPEN EVENINCS Good Luck to you Arnold Graduates from the SOCIETA, FEMMINILE UMBRIA KEN KAMERA Top Quality Photo Supplies 61 Equipment 1035 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. 100 COMPLIMENTS UNITED STEEL WORKERS OF AMERICA, LU No. 302 CIO ' OFFICERS W. N. Rupp ,..,.,, ...,.II I,,I,..,.. . ............,..,. P 1 'esident W. Johnston ...,,..,.. ., ,... Vice President W. S. Conley, Ir. ....... ...,......,. , ., .Secretary W. Misczak ,...,. .......... ..,...... . ........ T r easurer I J. fBabel Bordonaro ......,... ..,. , , Financial Secretary P. Beighley ..,,..,..,...,.,,. ......... ,.......,.,.... T r ustee - R. Shipley ...,.. ....... . Trustee I. Roffol ....... ..,.,.,. ,.,.. T r ustee I L. Harkins ...,... ,...,..,.. I nside Guard S. Morgante ....,.. .. ..... Outside Guard C C. H. Wolfe ,....,., .,.... .....,..,. C 1 lide , I Compliments of AL CELORME,S SUNOCO SERVICE STATION I Corner of 4th Ave. 6: 18th Street Phone ED 5-2351 Arnold, Pu. FAMOUS FOR ITALIAN TOMATO PIE ONLY KIND IN THE VALLEY I P. 81 M. PIZZARIA Lefty and Mooney, Props. I Phone N . K. 9849 Arnold, Pu. I 101 COMPLIMENTS OF XWIII xxxxg Pl I' 4vx9,llt7-gjvg f fs ' l!l3!4!z1 5AWfwi-434116 if W ' we 7 Q, , "Lf 2 ff? LA fr 2:16 9 fflmqmmx AR OLD A ERICA LEGIO PO T 684 1728 Fifth Avenue ARNOLD PENNSYLVANIA 102 Congratulations Class of 1952 LONCO,S NEW MARKET Corner Orchard Ave llll e-Drey Street Arnold, Pa. Our Compliments STEVE CIPOLLA COAL and GENERAL HAULINC SHEHAB MOTOR SALES INC. 421 Freeport St. New Kensington, Pa. IUHNSTON HARDWARE CO. Plumbing And Heating SALES AND SERVICE PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS PAINTS 1034 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa 103 ARNOLD BUILDER'S SUPPLY Hardware 61 Paints Plumbing 51 Heating Steel Sash 61 Class Office 81 Yarcl-Rd. 2032 Kimball Avenue Phone ED. 7-6536 S i CIT IfI,,, ,, All I "'l PHONEI756 EW 'MMU RECORD CENTER Records Of Your Choice ALL MAKES OF TYPEWIIITERS AND ADDING MACHINES ARNOLD TYPEWRITER 81 SUPPLY CO. Sales and Service 1611 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. N. K. 4509-I L. C. SMITH AND CDIIONA AUTHORIZED DEALER 4 BIC FLOORS NOXNNI vmzs Of' X ALUES VS YOU SAVE WHEN YOU SHOP AT GRANTS 849 Fifth Ave, New Kensington, Pal. 104 A. L. SPECK 1826-28 Freeport Rd. Phone ED. 7-4546 ROOFING - SIDING - INSULATION - PERMA-STONE F.H.A. VETERAN APPROVED KOOL-VENT AWNINCS - ORANGE STORM WINDOWS Speck Hoines At Oakdale Manor COMPLIMENTS NU-KEN CANDY AND CICAR CO. 647 Fifth Avenue Phone ED. 7-8821 "Housekeeping Simplifiedn KELLER ELECTRIC COMPANY Fifth Avenue at Eighth Street Phone 1261 New Kensington, Pa. COMPLIMENTS OF ARNOLD RADIO AND TELEVISION SERVICE OPEN 1:00-6:00 703 Dff-y sr. Ed. 5-5141 105 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF 1952 ARNOLD VOLUNTEER FIRE NUMBER DEPARTMENT COMPRISINC ONE AND NUMBER TWO COMPANIES Congratulations BELLI MOTOR CO. Dealers of Desoto - Plymouth 1330 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. 1789 Fifth Avenue , Congratulations EDN A HOTEL R. M angieri, Proprietor 106 Arnold, P EEDERATICN CE CLASS CERAMIC AND SILICA SAND WORKERS OF AMERICA Local No. 17 'C' Compliments of UKRAIN IAN CITIZENS CLUB Corner 4th Avenue and 14th Street ARNOLD, PA. CENTRAL DRUG STORES "Famous for Low Pricesv NEW KENSINGTON, PA. Compliments of PENN TRANSIT CO. NEW KENSINGTON, PA. 1 108 1 i I 1 1 1 - iT Compliments of AL,S TELEVISION RADIO 6: APPLIANCE Dumont - Admiral RCA - Stromberg Carlson 1706 Fifth Ave. Arnold, Pa Phone ED 5-1961 Congratulations Class of 1952 SOCIETA OPERAIA UMBRIA 1714-16 Third Avenue 'D' ARNOLD, PA. Congratulations-Seniors GAETANO PILATI F RATERNAL AID Club No. 176 Of Columbian Federation 1435 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa 109 AMERICAN WINDOW GLASS COMPANY 1899 - 1952 Fifty-two C521 Years of Scientific Progression Dedicated To the Manufacture of Class Products "The Eye of Science-Carrier of Lightv Congratulates An Equally Progressive School System Dedicated "Through Education and the Building of Character in our Citizens of the Futuref, AMERICAN WINDOW CLASS CO. Pittsburgh, Pa. 110 ir BURRELL CONSTRUCTION AND SUPPLY COMPANY ir 1 li Z ms, , -xi 'g .Q :G ililgig ' P s ,X E tx. , L " K A . ,.4 12. . .V f . . X 5 TFP 1 .Lf -, ,R - A ,Vw . W , .Q 5, We V 7 3 1 x 'f J , -V .W .mfcwwgvq -. K ,ig ww-QSQ -:W eg-1 ff'flf:2fQiG :ff . f N . f , X vi - W - ' -VQSQS 'Vs-'7 ,?'f"f W im," Ag Q55 I 5- fa: jg.f if ' " .ZW lfw M , ' 15 gi ' 512' . 2 . -1 P"' . L " . - A , -, N -irgim. LQ 1. ,kugizvigx 2 5 sv W X .,2n1-,Su,wznwfibzws ,,.s,p- - -H .-ug 'ff A ' .. - - W' 'Sh Sig "WSJ H2 -' vw V ki ' gqgzg-.gxgsg-. Q-if.. .:x :if ,'f",,,,f' 5 . 2 , 8 ,E A A .AY kQf:'3f.5sVf'55f25g i Lgiifui? 'lik iQ' 65'-gli? 'F V-if ig X X 3' I .-.1 ' A K, 6 ' f . ' . , I 1 fi ' f H . W 5 f . .,s49?Qw'ifxey,f' ii 'f2f1.,:Q.E, ,- 1 M .GQ .. . ik . Q . K g 1 - - f' 1 ' - gig 2 5 Sys? .4532 , V ,. .5 ass, amz . 5 I , ' .X ' 1 f . -H Q 1 " 53, sg.. S , A f' -5125 fflif K K"wg""54'El.3,5P?5'i.. fi k55?QiliEvxf?,,,g,fw 5 , "if : Q ff bmw iwfL,,,:-fviL4:?Q- K' f .1:vzs'QL,5b ywmt fizfrwfm 1 A5 IA. Q' w ,, 1 .. gg 1 Y - . .s gmwQ.,,. ws, r , wif Q 35.-S5355 520 1,512 f A ' 16 uf-15 1- X ::tTv1Lg.55.1-?V,2Ss: ws Ef- f - AM 1 .. ' 1 2- .K VG .f,5fg:g3,f2'-fggg:y,:1ev.

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