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' wi Wq Nr. 5 4 Q uf -'TP 515 W ,K ' Q u .9 -N fm V' nl," at-fp QQ. KO 5 A423 go, is if 45,13 GX XJ . ,H 'f' .' -1,47 ' . - , ,W Q f .1 ,pjxf Q, 5,--' I, f. . - ' ...ff ' A f - Q Z MQ, K j gl I ' 'fijtw ' fw'W'f - , ff' 31:11, , D ' 1 , l , 5 .,',?Tf.f l1 ! t - IK, , 164' ' if jj' J, I, J' l il- 'Q I ,,f ,V if Kfrf- ,i 4, Q fj.-'f fi, Z7 4f?",f-A . 4 if , . 2A ,' ff ,f ,fy if L, 1 V I 1 ,ff . Q62 n " ,ff E3 " .f fdff ' ' A .fQ2?'ff'1?'T'ffA' 12:1 11,-' - ,. ' " il,-. ' , .," fl' V ,:,f' , , Z f " ,--' ,Z f rf ' .1 -I I I 7 ',.' '- . IQX: f ,, 5 ,aff f ff pi? -'ff ,ff ,A .f X, f ,fy-4.-fivf . ff XL...----QI jig .................... Ain ThoTn:s ,Wi X317 1, if e r ......... ........ L I :ein Mus o Vimwnlulvu ' ........ ........ P uity"Capfcepe V !gl.EH2?....i'lQQIIi 'gif Z--ff 1 , . 1, f , P Joy eny, ':'1'u.lllQ,ln1g-- V K .b ' , , ff?,.f4 -' Josephine Pqgliaro ' m'l!5q,,g5!fi- 1.1, N?-ufg,Pr69enzo ' , I :.ig"5Ep,o s E if9I"1i...:.,x .......... ,, ..1. if .,.... lavin ww" K ffl' ' "fl , Jr lgiiditdfil ......... ' ,..... J qrqmfdiine Voiro' " 'm,!g"m'w7'hw 74f2"',f" 'I f 'f -ff' ff5i'?" . t.PfQ52W"!31i K ff- ' ?iu"Q'-'fi-d 'A' . I. -fff? 'X ,-f f .f",' -:I - A , i Al?YERTl9llG ...4...... Egg, , . . .,.. , rx! 'aff In-fx., ..!, , b , I, -,:.. gf . . !,,if,4j- HIL. svfm "" jlsuirqess MANA9I-Rsfi,7gfS1iiley44daqssif,f7ff.j ' Vi- yfL,-.y Soyg,,f,f- ,fl ,Y . f ' .- , f 'A f 124,52 , ' ff' 5 -"' E , "u ,, f pn-norocngirw 1: ...........Q.... - ,ql15. Q W ,Qff,Tf V-ngeg -'Zrte?aI1? i-.--"lf :Tyr '1 ' ff ,.f, 'A ,nf ' 7,31 I .1 mflf V X 13? H, ART ,.......... ....,...4 s adney Humk ' f' 1 vw Aovlsen ....... ......... M cry Ellen Cipolla Nuff' - - in mi ' - I' V ,' I - ,M W1 Wg' w x vm . - A' f' UH 4 'milf 'A- . - rp - IIN' -5 ' 'Ir l f fn xp ,R 111' W - F1 ,'11 n.,rn ww E ff ' . , . K ,, V ',-.- : x -1 : A , .- Nil'-'f '- 1 '.::"' , -F + u ! 'IH ' ' : . 5' Yr 'fl 4 J 1 tx my W hiv. ll, A - N Ai f A V id- ...ij , I x 'xv .. gkffi f' W 1 'Q '- JN W 4 ' H AA J' QI,-'x,4iL": A -!f,' ., V V 71:1 A . f, , T.,1,g5Mfm f fm N " f ' .- 'y f,,,.. ' ff ' 'F' "" 'fu '-"' ' ' , an-h WW Wa - .f" gb, :,.,-.- v,,-- ' -1741: -f-A ,, - ' f gf -:W A-ff-if 1 - A-' '- 4 -- 'L fpizw " fm-L-1 if- -1 '.i QM' 45- ' -1-,,-: :Tj i'TTlf"i - f- ' -P H ' f-EV" .., W4-no ' - 5 715' 'fi-f-L "T" N UTQLQZJA: 1 ' 'A XXX Xfi5X .1New,gKgn.i1 . catch 324--S 'pf XX xy Xtiuis-Goozjmon t QQ- Pontiac Engfuiiihzg-qnd-Elesiroiype. I' - ' , if N N N . - x ,N .gg YN, 'xx . J"-xxg Q ' '- - ' I x ix X e 1951 Arlion PRESENTING A CAVALCADE Represeniing ihe Arnold High School are Richard Smiih, Mary Ellen Tallarico, Lorraine Pekal- ski, and Robert Ficca or PAST EVENTS ,f -v-' ff' 4 tau' DEDICATICDN Television That Brings Both Honor and Thanlcfulness To Miss Mary Ellen Cipolla, our worthy adviser, in deep appreciation and thankfulness for her help in making this the greatest book in the history of our publication. We, the members of the ARLION STAFF dedicate this volume, the 1951 "Arlion." ALMA MATER Alma Mater Benevolent and Great Arnold High School Oh Help Us With Our Fate Alma Mater, Glorious Thou Art Ere Victorious And With Thy Spirit Guide Us To The Truth ond Light Forever More avg I ii L! '31 is if ARNOLD HIGH SCHGOL Table of Contents ADMINISTRATION Boa rd of Education Superintendent Principals Faculty THE 1951 SENIORS THE JUNIORS THE SOPHOMORES JUNIOR HIGH The Freshmen The Eighth Grade The Seventh Grade Administration 9 m.,,,,.,,M....,., w .N Board of Education The Board of Education has been extremely active this year in bettering and extending the activities of Arnold High School. The students are deeply indebted to them for their increasing efforts to raise the standards of the school. Among their huge score of achievements the Board of Education voted upon the addition to our senior high school building. They also permitted the students to have a great number of free days. The Board has tried earnestly to be drawn closer to the students through constant contact with them. They learned what our wants and needs were and endeavored to help us. With honest judgment, patience, and understanding the Board has encouraged the students towards bettering and modernizing our school. As we, the students, go forth into the work- ing world, full of turmoil, we will remember their untiring efforts to make us worthwhile citizens of the community, state, and nation. Anthony P. Bianco, Edmund Humeniuk Dr. Warren V. Mossaro, Nickolas Pallone Anthony Pituch, Andrew S..Romito Louis C. Springer, John Tierney Orest A. Zorena SUPERINTENDENT H. D. BERKEY CLASS OF 1951: It is my sincere belief that you will achieve happiness and success in life if: You will make and put into action a plan to reach a definite goal. You will practice faith in yourself, your fellowmen, and God. You will use the hidden powers within and above you. You will love and befriend people. You will work with all the energies of mind and body. You will have faith that you can achieve genuine happiness and success. l l l l l 9 H H SINGER HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL Great hopes make great men. Even though times are ominous and many believe that mankind's freedom hangs in the balance, today's world presents to young people an unmatched opportunity. Formerly, pioneers extended geographical frontiers or scientists opened intellectual vistas. The frontier that stands before you today as your pioneering opportunity is not geographical or scientific in nature but is one of human relationships. Men have dreamed of a peaceful existence but they have lived a history of war, strife and bitterness. Will you contribute to this long list of wars or will you meet the challenge of our uncrossed frontier? The beginning of the true foundation of everlasting good will lies within your very self. As you, the class of '51, accept this challenge, you have my wish for your happiness and ultimate success. -H. H. Singer Smash! Bang! Crash! What was that? lt's nothing at all. That was iust a secretary to one of the principals trying to find her excuse slips. Did you ever need a permit to get back into class? Did you forget your excuse carcl? Well, you never had to really worry. The pleasant secretaries ot our principals are always willing to oblige you. Being graduates of Arnold, they are well-trained secretaries. Both offices are run on the same system. Various things such as an excuse to remain home or to go to a doctor are brought into the secretaries who in turn have them OK'd by their bosses. When anyone is having trouble with a subject or otherwise, the complaints are made at the ottices. Then a little conference may be held to solve the problems. It anyone should need a phone desperately, the secretaries will permit you to use the ones in the office. Were you ever ill and in need of the nurse? Then you know that all you had to do was rush into the ottice and tell them, and there you got a nurse's card. Even though there is a great deal of work to be done in the ottices, the principals and the secretaries run it on a well-balanced system. ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL .I. J. PALLONE EDWARD F. BORNSCHEUER University of Pittsburgh Auto Mechanics MARGARET 0. CALDWELL Grove City College Senior High Librarian Composition, Literature JEAN CLARK VIRGINIA A. BUSHNELL Pennsylvania College for Women Composition, Literature, Latin, Journalism MARY ELLEN CIPOLLA Westminster College Grammar, Composition, Literature, Public Speaking LAURA W. CORNELL Indiana Smie Teufhefs College Indiana State Teachers College Literature, Grammar RUTH E. CRIBBS Clothing, Modem Living ANNA CZUSZACK Indiana State Teachers College Carnegie Institute of Technology Bookkeeping, Business Correspondence JOSEPH J. DEDA University of Pittsburgh Science, Geography Foods, Household Chemistry JOSEPH B. FARINELLI Carnegie Institute of Technology Music, Choir, Orchestra ROSEMARY FITZGERALD Grove City College Mathematics ELINOR R. KEEFER Muskingum College University of Pittsburgh Library School at Georgia Peabody College for Teachers Arithmetic, Grammar, Reading BROOKS KUHN Slippery Rock State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh General Shop WALTER LESKOWAT University of Pittsburgh Business Mathematics, Shorthand fOn Leave of Absencel GEORGE C. McLAUGHLlN Waynesburg College University of Pittsburgh Physics, Chemistry, Biology, General Science LOUIS GOODMAN Ohio Northern University University of Pittsburgh Machine Shop MILTON KLEIN Duquesne University Government, Problems of Democracy, U. S. History, World History JOSEPHINE B. LECNAR Misericordia College Grammar, Literature, Composition LAWRENCE F. McGUIRE Carnegie Institute of Technology University of Pittsburgh Drafting, Mathematics JEAN MENK Indiana State Teachers College Art MARGARET K. MORRISON Grove City College Typing, Salesmonship, Commercial Law LEONARD F. PALETTA Duquesne University Grammar, History STELLA A. PAPAS Indiana State Teachers College Office Practice, Shorthand, Typing OLIVER J. PHILLIPS University ot Chattanooga Health - RUTH SIPES Slippery Rock State Teachers College Algebra, Science ALBERT G. MOSES Duquesne University Band MARY D. PALLONE Indiana State Teachers College Shorthand, Typewriting, Business Math fSubstitutel MARIO PERETTI University of Pittsburgh Wittenberg College Algebra, Science WALTER SAKALUK Indiana State Teachers College Drivers Education ALEX TANNAS Mercer University World History, Civics, Pennsylvania History ROBERT M. TERLINSKI Indiana State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh Geography INEZ WALLIS Pennsylvania College for Women University of Pittsburgh Reading, Grammar DR. L. C. CERASO Physician Bucknell University Temple University INEZ FANTINI Secretary Junior High School EMMA SRN ISH Secreta ry General Office NICHOLAS A. VENTURA Carnegie Institute of Technology Duquesne University Mathematics, History, Science FRANCES TANNAS, R. N. School Nurse Martin's Ferry, Ohio Nursing School DR. E. J. STEVENS Dentist University of Pittsburgh SUSAN KAPUSTIK Secretary Superintendent DOROTHY B. ZIMMERMAN Secretary Senior High School I 1. Honest l do. 2. Posing. 3. l'll get it yet. 4. Don't bother me or Can't you see l'm relaxing? 5. Who says I need glasses? 6. Fat and Lou dress up. 7. Quick! snap the pictures. 8. Up to old tricks. 9. Will you buy a ticket? 10. Rose Marie. 11. Selling football programs. 12. Miss Morrison's gang. 13. You can't even give them away. 14. Al and Philip. 15. Regular classes. 16. Ronnie and his bike. 17. Is the photographer that funny? 18. In body only. 19. Gabbing. 20. The first bite at the Senior banquet. 21. Oh, Shucks. 22. Gee, he's taking our picture. 23. Waiting for the entertainment. 24. I still can't see anything. 25. Too busy to talk. 26. And I said to him ----- On The Air Seniors Left to right: V. Fiorina, V. Bushnell, adviserg R. Cribbs, advisery F. Dunn. Second row, left to right: J, Champainy, S. M. Adams. Make it look good! ! ! ! ! 'IB SENIORS OFFICERS President .........., ..........,... F rank Dunn Vice President ....,..... Joseph Champainy Secretary .......... ........, V irginia Fiorina Treasurer ..... ...... S hirley Mae Adams Advisers .... Virginia Bushnell RuthCribbs Rowing not drifting This is the climax of our twelve years in school. We drifted into senior high school with our first social activity, a dance, "A Bum's Convention." We gathered more speed as we portrayed our talents in the iunior class play, a comedy entitled "Aunt Cathy's Cat." Also during the year we had our dance the' "Junior Mardi Gras", and last but foremost in impor- tance-the prom which was held at the lovely Schenley Hotel. At last we reached the more swift waters as we entered our senior year. To end our high school career we held our last dance the "Winter Wonder Whirl," the senior class play "Here Comes Charlie" and the cli- max, the senior banquet held at the Skyliner. We started By drifting-now we are row- ing to get in step with the future. Shirley Mae Adams "Shirl" Commercial Pretty blue eyes Hobby is making a patch quilt. One man girl Aim is mar- riage Arlion, Choir, J.C.C., Prom Committee, Broadcaster, Sr. Class Treasurer, Y-Teens, N. H. S., Jr. Class Play, Jr. Red Cross, Sr. Class Play, Banquet Committee, Dance Committee Gloria Antonucci "GIo" Commercial Entertains at T. V. parties . . . Hobby is collecting pictures . . . Never a harsh word Y-Teens, Choir, J.C.C., Prom Committee, Jr. Red Cross, Sr. Dance Committee Robert Baiko "Bob" Vocational Has the road to Natrona chalked out . . . Quite a come- dian . . . Field and stream man Betty Jane Bailey "B. .l." General Friendly to all Blushes easily . . . Wants to be another Florence Nightingale Jr. Class Play Committee, Y- Teens, Jr. Red Cross, Prom Com- mittee, Latin Club, Banquet Committee, Dance Committee, Sr. Class Play Committee Ronald Allcire "Karrs" Vocational Quiet and reserved . .. Fav- orite pastime is eating Lives in his own sports world William Artman "Artie" Vocational A quiet lad . . . Always seen "messing around" with cars . . . A modern Daniel Boone Jean Arlene Bailey "Ar" Commercial Quiet lass . . . Plans to be a beautician Whiz on roller skates Betty's sister Jr. Red Cross Jacqueline Baker "Jackie" Commercial One of our Head Maiorettes Marriage is her aim One of our Kinloch Commuters Red Cross, Prom Committee, Y- Teens, Maiorettes, Sr. Banquet Committee CLASS OF 1951 19 S ENIORS 20 Bett Bea Beaulieu Y "'Betty" Commercial lda's buddy . . . Quiet . .. A Future Homemaker of America Expressive blue eyes Jr. Red Cross, J.C.C., Prom Committee, Y-Teens louise Bertoni "Ba rto" Commercial Tiny lass . . . Blushes easily . . . Attractive wardrobe . . . For a hobby she paints figurines Maiorettes, Y-Teens, Jr. Red Cross, Prom Committee, Choir, Sr. Dance Committee Patricia Cappone "Pat" Academic Good things come in small packages . . . Tans at Wildwood . .. Charl's best pal Jr. Class Treasurer, N. H. S., Choir, Arlion, Jr. Red Cross, Y- Teens, Jr. Class Play Commit- tee, Sr. Class Play Committee, Sr. Dance Committee Valerie Chomyak "Valie" Commercial Friendly smile Sky-blue eyes Winning personality Makes delicious cookies Student Council, Y-Teens, J.C. C., Jr. Red Cross, Prom Commit- tee, Sr. Dance Committee Donna Bertolino "Donna Bert" Commercial Speedy typist Loves an argument Large expressive eyes Ardent football fan J. C. C., Choir, Jr. Red Cross, Majorettes, Prom Committee, Y-Teens, Sr. Dance Committee Doris Jane Best "Doris" Commercial Cute blond lass Pleasant smile Keeps the sewing ma- chine humming . . . Joy's pal J. C.C., Y-Teens, Prom Com- mittee, Sr. Dance Committee Joseph Champaigny "Joe" Commercial Neat dresser . . . Great inter- est in maiorettes . . . Nice hand- writing Winning smile J. C. C., Basketball, Choir, Foot- ball, Class Vice President, Sr. Dance Committee Harry Cornelius "Sonny" Academic Tall and lanky Talkative . . . Mr. Klein's nightmare Always lends a helping hand Band, Broadcaster, Dance Com- mittee Joseph Crytzer "Joe" Academic One of the taller fellows Enioys basketball Has a catchy smile Fun-loving Sr. Banquet Committee ldabelle Davis "Ida" Commercial Everybody's friend . . . 10:30 office girl Spends spare time at the Ches-A-Rena J.C.C., Jr. Red Cross, Prom Committee, Class Play Commit- tee, Sr. Dance Committee Catherine De Luca "Cathy" Academic Full of ideas . . . Future medi- cine mixer . . . Hard worker . . . Shuter-bug . . . Enioys movies Jr. Class Play, Latin Club, Choir, Broadcaster, Arlion, Prom Com- mittee, N.H.S., Jr. Red Cross, Sr. Class Banquet Committee, Sr. Class Play Committee, Y- Teens Vincent Di Carolis "Dagie" Commercial Never a worry in the world Bright smile for opposite sex . . . Loves to loaf Football, J. C. C. Richard Danko "Dania" Commercial Future baker Traveling and sports are his delight Wonderful sense of humor Football, J. C. C. Norma Lee Davis "Rebel" Commercial Southern Belle . . . Collects perfume . . . Looks forward to a very highly paid iob J. C. C., Jr. Red Cross, Prom Committee, Broadcaster, Sr. Dance Committee, Sr. Class Play Committee. Albert De Petro "Duce" Commercial Sparkling blue eyes.. .Wears out shoe leather to the Ter- race . . . Enioys dances Basketball, Jr. Class Play, Presi- dent J. C. C., Prom Committee Frank Dunn "Nose" Commercial Friendly hello for everyone . . . industrious worker . . . Loves home cooking Choir, J.C. C., Football, Jr. Class Play, Class President, Sr. Class Play, Sr. Banquet Com- mittee, Dance Committe CLASS GF 95 l -"' . f g 1- 3 i '7 . i Q 'im i 1 S 21 SENIORS 22 Perry Egelsky "Russian" Commercial No cares to trouble him Bulging muscles Gave the Vagabonds their name Basketball, Choir, J. C. C., Prom Committee, Sr. Banquet Com- mittee Molly Epstein "Mol" Academic Everyone's friend . . . Neat . .. Hard worker . .. Personal- ity plus . .. Enioys reading Choir, Jr. Class Play, Prom Com- mittee, Jr. Red Cross, Y-Teens, Broadcaster, Sr. Class Play Banquet Committee 1 Virginia Fiorina "Jeanne" Commercial Never without Lee Pre- fers dancing and looting at home Looks forward to marriage Cheerleader, Choir, J.C.C., Sr. Class Secretary, Y-Teens, Prom Committee, Dance Committee, Sr. Class Play Committee Roy Hawk "Roy" Academic Determined boy Likes to drive around in his car Congenial Mimeo. Technician Broadcaster, Sr. Banquet Com- mittee, Sr. Class Play Commit- tee Harry Ellcin "Sonny" General Very friendly Gets into mischief Full of fun Happy-go-lucky . . . Sports fan Broadcaster, Football, Dance Committee, Sr. Class Play Com- mittee Charlene Ewing "Cha rl" Academic Smile for everyone Col- lects movie magazines . . . Always with Patty Cappone Jr. Red Cross, Prom Committee, Y-Teens, Sr. Class Play Commit- tee, Sr. Banquet Committee Francis Gentile, Jr. "Junior" Vocational Shy guy .. . Taxies the gang to school Usually has his nose in the engine of a car. James Hess "Jimmy" Commercial Little muscle man . . .Likes parties and eating Dancer deluxe Beautiful blue eyes Basketball Sidney Faye l-lustak "Sid-A-Bid" Commercial Member of the "Vagabonds" . . . Arnold's artist Wants to see a college football game Arlion, Choir, Broadcaster, Prom Committee, J. C. C., Class Treas- urer l0, Jr. Red Cross, Sr. Dance Committee Joy Kelly "Kelly" Commercial Always buuin' around in her car ... Doris' shadow. . .looks toward the future J. C. C., Y-Teens, Cheerleader, Jr. Class Play, Prom Committee, N. H. S., Arlion, Banquet Com- mittee, Dance Committee Hattie Kowalewski "Hattie" Academic Sociable . . . Speedy talker . . . Hard worker . . . Speaks when spoken to . . . Friendly Jr. Red Cross, Jr. Class Play Committee, Broadcaster, Latin Club, Prom Committee William Kuhn "Kuhnie" Commercial Easy to get along with Tall chap. . .Never gets enough to eat . . . Smooth dancer Football, Basketball, Choir, Prom Committee, Tennis, J. C. C., Ban- quet Committee Florence Issac "Flo" Commercial Whiz on roller skates A iokester . . . Always laughing . . . "Hey" is her by-word J. C. C., Prom Committee, Sr. Dance Committee Earl Key "Timmy" Commercial Proud of his Oldsmobile .. . Deep dimples Never is he without Mooney and Sukala Choir, J. C. C., Prom Committee, Arlion, Jr. Class Play Committee Peggie Kress "Peggie" Commercial Mischief Maker . . . Faithful "Vagabond" . . . Special inter- est in W. V. . . . Tells tall stories Prom Committee, J.C. C., Jr. Class Play Committee, Choir, Sr. Dance Committee Neil Laney "Skip" Academic Tall senior Never much to soy . . . Everybody's pal . .. Keen toward all sports Football, Basketball, Broad- caster, Banquet Committee, Sr, Dance Committee CLASS OF 1951 23 SENIGRS x 24 Esther leonardi "Est" Commercial Toils at SiIverman's . . . Plans to take up Interior Decorating . . . Social Butterfly Jr. Red Cross, Y-Teens, J. C. C., Sr. Class Play Committee, Sr. Banquet Committee Milan Liptak "Zip" Academic Always smiling Innocent by-stander in an argument Pals around with Neil Band, Broadcaster, Sr. Class Play, Sr. Dance Committee James Maytan "Bo Bo" Vocational lndustrious . . . Fiddles with cars, planes, and boats . . . Working is a hobby with him - Clara Meco "Clara" Academic Quiet lass . . . Plans to be a nurse Wonderful personal- ity . . . Smile for all Jr. Class Play Committee, Jr. Red Cross, Latin Club, Sr. Dance Committee Rose Licata "Roe" Commercial Smart dresser . . . Friendly. . . A regular Arnold fan . . . Plans a future as a secretary J.C. C., Y-Teens, Prom Commit- tee, Sr. Banquet Committee Edward Marzullo "Eddie" General Ken Hi transfer . . . Bright smile . . . Talkative . . . Teach- ers reason for getting gray hair Football, Basketball, Baseball Shirley McCaslcey "Shirl" Commercial Small fry even in heels Seldom heard .. . Sparkling smile . . . Pals with Dot Sr. Banquet Committee, Y-Teens Margaret Meixelsberger "Margie" Academic One of the "Vagobonds" . . . lots of fun Friendly to all . . . Keen on all sports Band, Jr. Red Cross, Student Council, Prom Committee, Jr. Class Play Committee, Banquet Committee Eugene Miller "Miller" Vocational Huge pennant collection Studious Kiwanis guest at Michigan . .. Basketball lover Basketball, Sr. Dance Committee Richard Mooney "Big Moon" Commercial Delights in sleeping and eat- ing . . . Shortest senior boy . . . Out-giggles any girl Prom Committee, Football, J. C. C. Joseph Oswald "Joe" Academic Deep-voiced fellow . . . Hopes to be another Babe Ruth Always argues with Lil Baseball, Broadcaster, Banquet Committee, Sr. Class Play Josephine Paglloro "Jo-Lee" Commercial Natural curly hair Sew- ing wizard . . . Always excused from class Dislikes being idle Jr. Red Cross, Jr. Class Play, Maiorettes, Arlion, Latin Club, Choir, Y-Teens, J.C. C., Sr. Dance Committee, Prom Com- mittee, Broadcaster Lillian Misko "Lil" Academic Active loss . . . Tallcative . . . Hopes to be another Lily Pons . . . Wrangles with Mr. Klein Choir, N. H. S., Arlion, Latin Club, Jr. Red Cross, Y-Teens, Jr. Class Play, Broadcaster, Prom Committee, Banquet Committee, Dance Committee, Sr. Class Play Committee Walter Murin "Walt" Vocational Studious . . . Always asking questions .. . Inspired by cre- atice work . . . Loves eating Sr. Class Play Dorothy Pacha "Dot" Commercial Looks for trouble .. . Chews gum in Comp. Class Plans to own a car Loafs at Jacob's J.C.C., Prom Committee, Y- Teens, Student Council, Major- ettes, Sr. Banquet Committee Alan Papurello "Gosper" Vocational The "Monkey" in the sixth grade play A question box . . . Center of Commotion CLASS or 1951 c ssc' ii '55, t Q 4 .sk s . 25 SENIORS l - -we it . QE' Z . . if A s X 5 5 26 Wilda Pogolisclci "WiIlie" Commercial Creates her own wardrobe . . . Erie bound .. . Cuts fine capers on ice Aim is lce Copades Jr. Red Cross, J.C. C., Prom Committee, Maiorettes, Banquet Committee Terese Pugliese "Teresa" Commercial Ken Hi's loss . .. Enioys writ- ing to N. C. Talkative Tinkles the ivories Prom Committee, J. C. C., Y- Teens, Choir, Broadcaster, Sr. Class Play, Latin Club, Sr. Ban- quet Committee Joseph Salavtore "Joe" Vocational Double trouble . . . Interested in Class of '52 . . . Friendly . . . Builds model planes Jr. Class Play, Prom Committee, Dance Committee Conrad Schott "Connie" Academic Mad chemist . . . Seen but not heard in school Plays a mean trumpet in the band Band, Sr. Banquet Committee louise Predebon "Lou" Commercial Ardent Sports' fan Ener- getic . . . Always in the thick of things Sewing genius Student Council President, Choir, Maiorettes, Y-Teens, Prom Com- mittee, Arlion Donald Ross "Shorty" Academic Recently came from Canada Proud of his car at- tends all dances . . . Sports fan Jr. Red Cross, Choir, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play Committee, Banquet Committee Lena Santucci "Lea" Commercial One of the "Vogabonds" . . . Jeanne's pal . . . likes Miss Caldwell's classes .. . Witty Choir, J. C. C., Y-Teens, Prom Committee, Sr. Dance Commit- tee Elizabeth Sergi "Paddy" Commercial Odd Nickname . .. lilies to clatter pots and pans in the kitchen Bundle of wit .l. C. C., Jr. Red Cross, Prom Committee, Y-Teens, Banquet Committee Donald Sgrinia "Screw" Commercial Likes school .. . Famous for his "teddy-bear" haircut . .. A natural born pranlcster Prom Committee, J, C. C., Choir, Basketball, Football Ronald Slater "Slots" Vocational Expressive eyes . . . Where there's a basket and a ball, there's Slats Regular guy Baseball, Basketball, Prom Com- mittee, Student Council, Sr. Dance Committee Richard Smith "Smitty" General Enioys school Don's pal .. . Likes to fling big words . . . Hobby is reading Banquet Committee, latin Club Donald Snyder "Don" Vocational Quite a quiet lad . . . The youngest boy in the Senior class . . . Studious Edmund Sieraclxi "Ed" Academic Never on time to class Proud of his Ford Sports fan . . . Active lad Student Council, N. H. S., Ban- quet Committee, Football, Ten- nis, Sr. Class Play Committee Steve Slusar "5tef" Vocational Short . . . Proud of his car. . . Happy-go-lucky fellow Ar- dent sports fan . . . A shorty Baseball, Band Phyllis Snyder "Phyl" Academic Snappy head maiorette . . . Teacher's dream student . . . Pals with Charl and Patty Jr. Red Cross, Student Council, Broadcaster, Maiorettes, Prom Committee, Sr. Banquet Com- mittee, Dance Committee, Sr. Class Play Committee William Sulcala "Willie" Commercial Devilish grin . . . Ladies man .. . Always with Key Life of a party Looks for mis- chief Football, Basketball, Prom Com- mittee, J. C. C., Arlion CLASS OF 1951 P 5 27 SENIORS Q S s 5 i, x i IN MEMORIAM Frederick Anulli 28 Helen Ann Szoch "Scochie" Commercial Tall red-headed lass Aim is to be the perfect secretary . . . Mermaid of the Willows J. C.C., Prom Committee, Sr. Dance Committee Rose Marie Tamburo "Rosie" Commercial Proud of her long hair Sophisticated senior En- joys writing letters to Tenn. Band, Jr. Red Cross, .l.C.C., Broadcaster, Orchestra, Sr. Class Play Committee, Sr. Banquet Committee Richard Welsh "Yogi" General Shy Never has much to say . .. Likes to hunt.. .Always seen with Connie Sr. Choir, Sr. Banquet Commit- tee Mary Ellen Tallarico "Mac" Commercial Quiet and reserved Plans to be a great success some day . . . Shy type I Choir, J. C.C., Jr. Red Cross, Y-Teens, Sr, Class Play, Prom Committee, Broadcaster, Dance Committee Ellen Trimble "Termite" Commercial Jr. size atomic bomb . . . Famous for her amazing iokes . . . lce skates at Valley Camp Choir, J. C. C., Jr. Red Cross, Jr. Class Play, Prom Committee, Sr. Class Play .lay Wessel "Smiley" Academic Seen but not heard . .. Girl shy . . . Pleasant disposition . . . Interest is missionary work Sr. Banquet Committee Un Stage Juniors First row, left to right: G. Rich, Secretory, J. McArdle, Treasurer, M. Morrison, M. Klein, Advisers: Back row: Louis Kress, V. President: J. Clark, President. Ever since their freshmen year this class of '52 has been striving to raise money for the Junior-Senior Prom. As freshmen they sold magazines. The following year this class held their sophomore "Rainbow Whirl". Now, as iuniors, they have had to work twice The Juniors Hot coffee? as hard to reach their goal. Selling at our foot- ball games was their first means of raising money this year. Throughout the year the class sold candy to hungry students. Bake sales also added to their funds. February 2nd was the date of the annual iunior dance which they called "The Starlight Ball". This month the class also staged "The Inner Willie", a three-act play. Although the juniors this year have had more than their share of trouble, they finally acquired enough money to hold their prom at the exclusive Webster Hotel. l 1-2015 First Row, Left to Right: G. Rich A. Zdanowski, G. Stepano, G Szemborslzi, N. Petrone, V. Tal larico, M. Runco, M. Shpakoff D. Montemurro. Second Row: S. Pagliaro, D Frankowski, B. Matisko, D. Sar- tori, L. Kuhn, A. Hudeck, L liput, J. McArdle. Third Row: A. Same, J. Miller, B. Hoover, H. Meco, l. Martin P. Holes. 11 MACHINE SHOP First Row, left to Right: R. Dor- britz, R. Ulizio, V. DeSantis, G Guido, V. Verterramo, J. Coop- ef. Second Row: R. Knox, A. Tirdel, R. Podolski, R. Speer, T. Reedy. 1 '1'l-2005 First Row, left to right: G. Fry- er, J. McLuughlin, J. Lavin, J Kowalik, T. Mock, H. Mugliocco B. Stuyer, J. Fiscus, T. McLaugh- lin, B. Tidd. Second Row, left to right: P Ruyburg, A. Errico, W. Wilcox, W. Johnson, L. Giuncola, M Barry, L. Crivuro, J. Kiley. Third Row, left to right: G. Lin- dermcm, R. White, W. Masmro D. Vinkovich, T. Yobp, D. Ber: key, S. Migliori. 11-2035 First Row, left to right: C. Brun- csuk, E. DeFelices, D. Pokuso, A. Shpcxkoff, J. Klimushko, L. Zie- mcun, J. Mydock, C. Gans, D. Rusnock, J. Sequiti. Second Row, left to right: S. Corey, C. Bertoni, L. DeSocio, P. Clark, G. Cecchetti, C. Hockle M. Wurdoclip, L. Culvuno, cf Swonderski, P. Funtozzi. 'l T-1055 First Row, left to right: J. Flinn, A. Thomas, S. Peltz, D. Hendrix, L. B. Plyler, A. Dickey, B. Kon- chos, L. Pekolski, N. Provenzo, A. Ferguson, A. Berzack. Second Row, left to right: D. Trettel, D. Pogolescki, J. Clark, L. Abel, L. Kress, T. Boker, J. Brokaw, H. Bowser, Third Row, left to right: R. Davis, D. Ezyk, D. Brzok, R. Horn, R. Pasternck, A. Beattie J. Arnone, A. Guida. r Rehearsal Sophomores SOPHOMORE CLASS The up and coming " '54" seniors are now referred to as The Senior High School Orphans. Just getting started, they are planning on hav- ing a new and difterent dance. This will be the first class to enjoy the new, long-needed addition to the school. With the help of their worthy advisers, they expect to accomplish a great deal in the next two years. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: L. Szock, J. Daylida, F. Moses Cstandingl, S. Johnson, S. Papas, adviser, A. Tannas, adviser lstandingl. OFFICERS President ..,.... .. Joseph Daylida Vice President .... ..,...... F red Moses Secretary . .,.. . Treasurer ........... Advisers ...... Mrs. 34 Shirley Johnson Lorraine Szoch S. Papas, Alex Tannas Row I, left to right-T. Capone H. Bailey, R. Yanne, B. Kunish S. Oberhelman, K. Snyder, D Ricchuito, A. Susa, G. McArdle M. Kossick, D. Boye. Row ll-S. Tamburo, S. Sac- camo, C. Simon, M. A. Fisher M. E. Sharick, A. Reedy, J. Bar: rett, R. Costello, S. Vince, M Trzeciak, M. Belot, J. Spisak. Row III-J. Tirdil, C. Valenti M. Lamendola, A. Bellavia, R Shaheen, B. Meyer, W. Miller J. Edwards, L. Marsilio, J. Bur- kett, E. Bollinger. 1 1 First Row, left to right: P. Jab- lonslci, H. Capo, P. Namey, l. Suprano, R. Johnson, S. John- son, G. Bonincontro, M. Overly, D. Bengel, A. Nicostro. Second Row, left to right: R. Sober, S. Costorina, J. Edwards, H. Bilbie, C. Stewart, L. Szock, S. Sexinshy, W. Becohsky, E. Brown, R. Vince. Third Row, left to right: D. Fish- paw, A. Bellavia, S. Sysocz, J. Plasczynski, E. Saska, A. Zim- merman, R. Porchia, A. Vigil- ante, A. Johnson. First Row, left to right: E. Kim- ber, P. Lovin, B. J. Tasick, J. Petrucci, A. Ormesher, L. Lazur, L. Roberts, C. Baiko, P. Keitzer, M. Lebert. Second Row, left to right: K Settlemeyer, D. Zimmerman, G Seman, M. Knosky, T. Clista, M. Elkin, S. Doutt, J. Leah, S. Sten- son, F. Marsico, L. DeFelices, B. Sakulsky. Third Row, left to right-T. Sin- gleton, R. Ficco,'J. Suatoni, J. Powers, R. Sobalc, F. Moses, L Calvonese, P. Torchia, R. Miller, J. Doher, P. Flaherty, C. Short First Row, left to right: M. Li- goon, S. Bilbie, S. Ivy, D. Mar- ello, P. Tomoyho, C. Costanza F. Krason, M, Kuzmick, D. Goss L. Gallo. Second Row, left to right: C Bishop, D. Wagner, C. Lamen- dola, E. Pavetto, D. Smith, E Bortz, R. Fishpow, J. Costanza P. D'Argenzio, R. Campbell. Third Row, left to right: F. Pel uso, R. Healey, R. McNabb, S Alcibiade, J. Schierberl, W, Mel- lon, R. McDonald, J. Daylida, M Stilica, R. Aftanas, R. Miller. i 4 r 1 Casting ' Junior High l Freshman With the opening of the new school term the Freshman Class was much inspired by the maga- zine sales campaign. The students worked hard and found that their reward was not only a growing treasury but also gifts of charm and identification bracelets which marked their indi- vidual sales. As the term quickly went by the class organ- ized and elected omcers: Thomas Saska, presi- dent, John Krnacik, vice president, Joyce Moresi, secretary, Jean Repine, treasurer. The annual freshman dance ended the stu- dents' busy year. The year, all and all, was a happy one with the treasury growing by leaps and bounds. ,.. 38 Left to Right, Seated: J. Moresi, T. Saska, J. Krnacik, J. Repine, Standing: M. Peretti, J. Deda. OFFICERS President .......... .... T homas Saska Vice President .... ...... J ohn Krnacik Secretary ....... ..,,,. J oyce Moresi Treasurer ..............,.,.........,. Jean Repine Advisers ...... Joseph Deda, Mario Peretti Q 5 9-101-V First Row, left to right: R. DeBla sio, P. Berkoben, C. Castorina R, D'Argenzio, L. Berkoben, K Boyer, B. Baird, M. Davis, M Costanza, M. Arabia. Second Row, left to right: C tro, L. Demosky, T. Campbell. cher, D. Bengel, R. Baker, N T. Condrick, C. Bellavia. 1 Bercezk, R. DeValeria, J. Chilia, G. Ciancutti, E. Beister, D. An- tonucci, M. Braglio, F. Bonicon- Third Row, left to right: R. Bou- Cignetti, R. Cipolla, R. Caporali, 9-201V First Row, left to right: D. lvy l. Kominko, J. Lasher, G. Hope R. Kasavuge, S. Hess, T. Hot- kowski, P. Klems, A. Landi, P Echon. Second Row, left to right: R Guida, J. Guercione, M. Johns- ton, C. Kopinski, B. Gigler, E Falco, J. Holland, M. Lanfaloni V. Lepusky, C. Lerner. Third Row, left to right: F. loz zi, R. Flemm, A. Falsetti, R. Getz C. Kuznicki, G. Johnston, D lsaac, R. Dowhower, J. Krnacik 9-202V First Row, left to right: B. Sac riponte, J. Moresi, D. Savage, M. Lucas, D. Liput, L. Pompelio, B. Rozdeck, A. Petrone, D. Ross, B. Ringus. Second Row, left to right: R Phillips, R. Petri, H. Oswald J. Repine, M. Perino, R. Murin A. Lloyd, T. Miller, R. Pelino. Third Row, left to right: F. Pal- lone, D. Ludwiczalz, P. Meco, M Pattison, T. Saska, L. Marchiol, R. Sanotra, R. Paulick. 9-207V First Row, left to right: N. Tos- cano, R. Sgalio, T. Verteramo C. Tutolo, S. Seyvert, V. Vani L. Wardoclip, E. Witmer, A Yesovitch, J. Williams. Second Row, left to right: P Tallarico, R. Terlinski, G. Zawod- niok, P. Watts, V. Singleton, A Torkeo, E. Torcaso, R. Scherer, R. Smith. Third Row, left to right: P. Sca- lese, R. Stuart, S. Williams, R Wyant, D. Stopko, F. Steffan, R Tack, B. Wallace, W. Weisbrod 1 1 1 1 1 8-208 First Row, left to right: M. Valle N. Ulizio, F. Stearmcn, J. Ream R. Salvo, J. Vuiro, S. Zomperini B. J. Stiveson, B. Snow, C. Rus- nock, P. Thimons, J. Stefcnini C. Taylor, A. Singer, B. Seventi Second Row, left to right: J. Su criponte, A. Savage, T. Reichert, P. Tedrow, l. Reber, C. Stiveson R. Varesco, H. Remcley, B Shockly, J. Tedorski, S. Sukala T. Wessinger, R. Tirdil, J. Such V. Timko. ' Eighth ' 40 8-206 First Row, left to right: V. Ma- lee, E. Mazza, T. Pennachio, J Pugliese, B. Lloyd, P. Ogur- chock, G. Posture, M. A. Meix- elsberger, D. Purshook, D. May- tan, F. Mussimini, M. Lopez, C Peters, J. Paglinro, M. A. Pion- tek, J. O'Shelt. Second Row, left to right: G Marsilio, T. Palette, L. McMas- ter, T. Lippert, T. Pryor, T. Peltz L. Pershook, J: Potochnialx, D McNabb, D. McGivern, D. Man- gieri, S. Mctisko, F. Manning R. Monzi, R. McDonnell. 1 lx, 8-204 First Row, left to right: C. Di- Curolis, C. Bibza, D. Berkoben, M. Barcus, P. Anderson, E. Bliss, B. Birch, J. Corrudeon, K. Rey- nolds, P. DeBlosio, V. Cechetti, J. DeFelice. Second Row, left to right: V. Chine, C. Costcnza, J. Collins, V. Backus, T. Berncrdi, C. Cri- voro, T. Dickey, R. Dunko, J. Artuso, E. Bossio, D. Armstrong, J. Corsello, F. Como, P. Demoo, J. Becker, R. Clark, P. Capone, R. Arbuckle. Grade 8-205 First Row, left to right: J. Guzzi, J. Gamble, J. Lebert, E. M. Hub- bard, L. Horn, S. Lichock, A. Guzzi, L. Howell, B. Holes, F. Fallon, E. Griglak, M. Holes, M. J. Giuliani, H. Konchos, B. Ecl-non, J. Jordon, S. Grogno, A. Gulie. Second Row, left to right: B. Hess, M. Kunoon, A. Gruzicno, R. Krnucik, C. Kolin, L. Hunt, D. Forrest, C. Guenther, O. Doutt, R. Hudeck, R. Hurnish, J. Fontana, R. Ficco, T. Fannie. 41 7-214V First Row, left to right: M. Ross, S. Tedrow, A. Baker, P. Paulick, J. Geraci, D. Petite, B. Holste, C. Hubbard, R. DeMao, P. Beigle, A. Davis, E. Longo, D. Kitzer, R. Boucher, R. Fcmtozzi, G. Arabia. Second Row, left to right: J. Thompson, J. Costello, D. Weis- brod, R. Dobritz, K. Stitt, G. Lloyd, J. Martin, J. Monteleone, D. Hartzell, W. Kalwk, T. Rocchi, D. Berltey, R. Abel, J. Petrusse, B. Tusing, L. Ceraso. Seventh 42 7-212V First Row, left to right: D. Dan- iels, R. Suita, H. Bostic, C. McCloskey, D. Bertolino, E. Hol- land, P. Tannas, E. Dominisi, S. Asper, D. Gaudy, M. Kanan, Y. Vaclavik, M. Lamendola, P. Pel- Iigreno, J. Richards, l.. Lisciarelli. Second Row, left to right: G Provenzo, H. Mitteff, G. Blu- baugh, P. Vellomo, R. Mazzei J. Mohr, R. Lopez, F. Pettie, S Moreno, W. Givens, J. Overly D. Stewart, L. Licata, A. Castor- ini, P. Ciancutti, R. DeMap,! H Rocchi. ' 7-209V First Row, left to right: J. Lyons, R. Bartolacci, V. Saow, S. Sten- ger, R. Bielata, A. Tirdel, V. Argento, N. Pavetto, M. A. Gut- neck, V. Lingelbcch, J. Lang- B. Fleeger, K. Abraham, J. Pi- J quird, P, Brunswick, J. Kora- ham, M. Hubbard, A. Barcus wicki, A. DeMaeo. Second Row, left-to right: K. Bonzani, K. Heister, J. Alkire, J. Saccramento, A. Ewing, E. Pol- sinelli, D. Toney, D. Vrudney, H Settlemyer, E. Lobour, D. Mike sell, L. Polli, T. Redclen, J. Slive- non, T. 'Kuhn, J. Czop, A. Chip- poletti. Grade 7-211V , First Row, left to right: P. Ser- gy, P. Kowalewski, L. Tristani, G. Guzzi, J. DelGrosso, S. Spen- cer, M. Mayton, B. Premitico J. Artuso, V. Joseph, Y. Tam: buro, P. Buchanan, D. L. Foust J. Pelino, M. Bellavia. Second Row, left to right: D Brewer, R. Lucerne, H. Rodgers N. Duncan, D. Chomyck, T. Hill F. Maxxei, J. Campbell, H. Ort- man, D. Forrest, R. DeFeIice, J Miller, M. Bellavia, C. Powell W. Shearer, O. Singleton, C Pelino. 43 Student Council National Honor Society Broadcaster Latin Club Jr. Chamber of Commerce Jr. Red Cross Senior Class Play Junior Class Play Arlion Junior and Senior A Cappella Choir Glee Club Orchestra Cheerleaders Maiorettes Band Prom Activities Student Council .. . .. 3 , OFFICERS President ...................... Louise Predebon Vice President ....,..... ...., R onald Slater Secretary-Treasurer ........ Dolores Pokusa Adviser ..........,,....,. Lawrence F. McGuire l 3 Row I, left to right: G. Rich, L. Predebon, P. Snyder, D. Zimmerman, M. lamendola, D. Pokusa, V. Chomyak. Row Il: Mr. McGuire, A. Beattie, J. Kiley, J. Dalida, R. Slater, E. Sieracki, C. Pylasinski, R. Derbritz. The Student Council, an important link between the student body and the faculty, is on the iob throughout the year. The aim of the Council is to teach students the power of self- government. Representatives chosen from each home room make up the Council. The president is elected by the student body, while the other officers are appointed by the members within the group. The Student Council is at the point where it is beginning to expand to the field of extra- curricular activities. The Sock Dance, a yearly 46 favorite, and a mass pep rally were some of the work of this group. If you can remember back before the big snow, you will recall the Student Council members going from class to class selling pencils. That was for the purpose of buying pins for the Student Council and the National Honor Society. Throughout the year the Student Council sponsored different movies. With the constructive guidance from their adviser, Mr. L. F. McGuire, the Student Council is becoming one of the most active and democratic organizations. National Honor Society This year as in past years certain students from the eleventh and twelfth grades have been chosen to become part of a nation-wide honorary society, The National Honor Society. These members are not iust an organization or club, but they represent the American youth. Being a nation-wide organization whose members come into contact to form an indispensable council, the N. H. S., as it is commonly known, can boast of some members achieving great honors in various fields. Perhaps we wonder why certain mem- bers reach such heights of achievements. Well, we must remember they are chosen for scholar- ship, character, leadership, and service. Maybe these four characteristics in these individuals will enable them to secure the peace our weary world has been seeking so earnestly. Raw I: L. Bertani, L. Predebon, J. Kelly, P. Cappone, G. Rich, J. Pagliaro, C. Bertoni, A. Thomas. Row II: S. Adams, C. DeLuca, J. Wessel, E. Sieracki, D. Snyder, T. Mack, L. Misko, N. Petrone. 47 Broadcaster The Broadcaster Staff has worked diligently during the entire school year to produce a com- mendable monthly paper for the students of Arnold High to read. The staff realizing that you must have a "nose for news" adopted the slogan "seek and you shall find". Their aim has been to present to the student body a newspaper that will be of interest to them. With a working body of 20 under the guidance of a competent adviser, Miss V. Bushnell, they worked in pushing the newspaper another step forward. Row I T. Pugliese, L. Misko, M. Epstein, S. Adams, H. Kowalewski, R. M. Tamburo, J. Pagliaro, C. DeLuca, M. E. Tallarico Row II R. Hawk, N. Laney, H. Cornelius, V. A. Bushnell, P. Snyder, S. Hustak, B. Bailey, H. Elkin, M. Liptak, D. Sgrinia, J. Oswald EDITORIAL STAFF PRODUCTION STAFF Editor-in-chief ........ ...........,............,....,,., ,.,........ M o lly Epstein Typists ........,.....,,..,......,.......... Jo-Lee Pagliaro, Mary E. Tallarico News editor ......, ...........,.... M ilan Liptak Proof-readers ..........,, .......,., S hirley Adams, Norma Davis Feature editor ........ ........... S hirley Mae Adams Lay-out managers ........ ...... B etty Bailey, Hattie Kowalewski Sports editors ...,. ,....... N eil Laney, Harry Elkin Proof-readers ............ .......... C uthy DeLuca, Lillian Misko Society editor ...,..... ...................,,.... T erese Pugliese Speed-o-scopists ,......,.....,..,,.,....,. Sidney Hustak, Phyllis Snyder Exchange editor ..,.... ................... R ose Marie Tamburo Mimeograph technicians ..,...,........,........ Roy Hawk, Joe Oswald Art Editors .....,....... ....,. S idney Hustak, Phyllis Snyder Checkers ...........,.,...... Harry Ellxin, Joe Oswald, Harry Cornelius Copy editor ..... ..............,...................... M ary Ellen Tallarico Assembly manager .......,.................,.....,...,,............, Cathy DeLuca Distribution manager ...,. ......... ..,...,... B e tty Bailey BUSINESS STAFF Distributing agents ..... ............,.......... J oseph Oswald, Business manager .............,,......,.........,..... ,.... D onald Sgrinia Milan Liptak, Don Sgrinia 48 7' sf Latin Club Row I: C. Short, R. Miller, F. Marsico, K. Settlemeyer, S. Stinson, C. Bishop, L. Marsilio, G. Fryer, D. Zim- merman, M. Knosky, J. Fiscus. Row ll: P. Cuppone, C. Baiko, J. Flinn, B. Bailey, N. Davis, L. Misko, P. Lavin, L. Roberts, T. Pugliese, J. Pagliaro, S. Peltz, A. Thomas, E. Kimber, M. Elkin, A. Susa. Row III: Miss Bushnell, adviser, P. Keitzer, B. Tassick, C. Ewing, L. Lazur, M. Epstein, D. Henricks, C. Deluca, L. Plyler, A. Orrnesher, S. Doutt, J. Petvucci, A. Dickey, B. Konchos, l.. Pekalski, A. Ferguson, M. Lebert. Row Ill: P. D'Argenzio, R. Smith, R. Ficca, B. Stayer, R. Aftanas, J. Powers, A. Errico, S. Alcibiade, W. Melon, F. Moses, L. Calvanese, J. Doylida, W. Wilcox, T. Mock, J. Daher, F. Turchi, D. Ross, T. Singleton. FHA Row I: A. Nicastro, P. Jablonski, H. Capo, P. Namey, M. Overly, E. DeFelices, G. Bonincontro, J. Sequiti, D. Bengel, C. Brunschak. Row ll: Mrs. Cornell, adviser: D. Pekuscx, C. Gans, A. Shpakoff, L. Zeimcnn, S. Corey, J. Klimashko, J. Mydock, C. Swclnderski, S. Johnson, Miss Czuszack, adviser. Row Ill: D. Rusnock, L. DeSocio, L. Calvano, I. Suprano, G. Cecchetti, L. Szoch, D. Hackl, M. Wurdoclip, C. Stewart, R. Johnson, P. Fantozzi, C. Bertoni. Junior Clwamber Comiinerce SENIORS: Row I: J. Baker, B. Beaulieu, N. L. Davis, M. E. Tallarico, S. Adams, J. Kelly, V. Chomyak, J. Pagliaro, E. Sergi, D. Best, S. McCaskey. Row Il: R. Licata, D. Bertolino, E. Leonardi, 5. Hustak, T. Pugliese, D. Pacha, H. Szoch, P. Kress, L. Santucci, V. Fiornia, L. Predebon, W. Pogoleski, G. Antonucci. Row Ill: R. M. Tamburo, F. Dunn, R. Mooney, E. Key, W. Sakula, W. Kuhn, P. Egelsky, J. Champainy, A. DePetro, F. Isaac. 4 Us -rv.-. ' 'T JUNIORS: Row I: L. Kress, L. Abel, D. Wagner, A. Beattie, J. Clark. Row Il: G. Rich, A. Zdanowski, M. Shpakoff, V. Tallarico, J. Miller, S. Pagliaro, A. Sarne, .l. Sequiti, C. Bruncsak, D. Montemurro. Row III: E. DeFelices, J. McArdle, J. Klimashko, N. Petrone, J. Myclock, S. Corey, P. Holes, A. Shpakoff, P. Fantozzi, M. Runco, C. Gans, D. Pokusa, C. Bertoni, G. Stepano. Row III: L. Zieman, L. Kuhn, L. Calvano, L. DeSocio, G. Cecchetti, H. Meco, D. Hachl, M. Wardoclip, B. Hoover, P. Clark, D. Frankoski, C. Swanderski, L. Liput. The Junior Chamber of Commerce is an active commercial club limited only to iunior and senior commercial students. This club purposes to advance its members in knowledge of com- mercial activities which will aid them in obtain- ing positions after graduation and to create good will among its Commercial members. The annual initiation, making iunior stu- dents members, is one of the main activities of 50 this organization. Each year its members raise funds from the sale of holiday cards and wrappings in order to sponsor some activity beneficial to the entire school and to contribute to some needy organiza- tion. This year the J. C. C. sponsored a dance to aid one of the most important drives of the year, the March of Dimes. Junior Red Cross SENIORS: Row l: P. Cappone, A. Bai- ley, H. Kowalewski, B. Bailey, C. Ewing, M. E. Tallarico, S. Aclams, N. L. Davis. Row ll: J. Baker, C. Meco, L. Misko, C. DeLuca, R. M. Tamburo, E. Leonardi, M. Epstein, P..Snycler, J. Pagliaro, B. Beaulieu. JUNIORS: Row I: A. Zdanowski, M Shpakott, G. Rich, S. Pugliaro, J. Mil- ler, N. Provenzo, M. Runco, A. Sarne, A. Thomas, V. Tallarico, J. Sequiti, C. Bruncsalz, D. Montemurro. Row II: J. Flinn, P. Fantozzi, J. Mydock, C. Gans, J. Klimashko, S. Peltz, L Pekalski, J. McArdle, C. Swanclerski, S Core P Holes N. Petrone, A. Fer- - Y: - 1 guson, G. Stepano. Row Ill: L. DeSocio, D. Frankoski, B Hoover, A. DePrinzio, L. B. Plyler, D. Hackl, A. Dickey, B. Konchos, L. Liput, L. Calvano, G. Cecchetti, L. Kuhn. SOPHOMORES: Row l: A. Nicastro, D Bengal, H. Capo, P. Namey, M. Overly R. Yanne, P. Jablonski. Row ll: C. Simon, l. Soprano, C. Ste- wart, L. Szoch, R. Johnson, S. Vince, S. Johnston. 1 With the modern era of television come modern ways. While turning to the telecast of events sponsored by this organization, we find that an initiation was held for the first time. Feeling that old fashioned ways could produce nothing but general breaking apart, the officers and trustees met with their adviser to plan new activi- ties. When Catherine Deluca and Lillian Misko went to the J. R. C. convention and training college, they learned many things that have helped in this general reorganization. In tact, a point system was used to determine nominations for oftice. Ways of raising money for needy organizations were discovered. The officers were: Cathy DeLuca, president, Jackie Baker, vice- presidentp Ann Thomas, treasurer, Pat Cappone, secretary. Also a maior help to this organization were the trustees: Molly Epstein, Joy Flinn, Catherine Stewart. 51 Here Comes Charlie 1. Relaxing between acts. 5. How dare you! 2. Cue line, please. 6. Some'n ripped! l ! ! 3. Waiting for the Robert E. Lee. 7. Oh, what a beastly bore. 4. Pull the curtain here. 8. My nerves, my nerves! "Here Comes Charlie" by Jay Tobias is a three act comedy under the direction of Miss Vir- ginia Bushnell. When Larry Elliott took charge of a small child, he didn't know what he was getting into. Because the child turns out to be a girl, a hillbillie, Larry's family is battled. To top it all, Charlie brought her uncle with her. Getting Charlie properly dressed and teaching her some manners is everybody's iob. Larry's girl friend and her family are put out about the goings on in the Elliott household. Ted Hartley, a friend of Larry's, has quite a few caddy re- marks to say. Charlie and her uncle leave only to return later when they are rich. Charlie is .beautiful and elegant. Ted and Larry believe they are both in love with Charlie and it ends happily with Charlie and Larry loving each other extremely. 52 CAST Nora Malone, cook at Elliott home .........., .....,. E lleri Trimble Officer Tim McGrill, Nora's sweetheart ....... ,... ..... M i lan Liptak Mrs. Fanny Farnham, Larry's aunt by marriage .. Terese Pugliese Larry Elliott, a young business man ..........,,,............. Harry Elkin Ted Hartley, his old-time college pal ..... ........,.....,, F rank Dunn Vivian Smythe-Kersey, Larry's fiance .... ,.... . Mary Ellen Tallarico Uncle Aleck Twiggs, in charge of Charlie ,,,....... Joseph Oswald Charlie Hopps', Larry's ward ..,,.......,............ Shirley Mae Adams Mrs. Caroline Smythe-Kersey, Vivian's mother .,.. Molly Epstein Mortimer Smythe-Kersey, Vivian's brother .....,...... Walter Murin Business Manager .,............,...,,............ Virginia Fiorina Stage Manager ......,.,,........,...,,........., Patricia Cappone Properties ................ Norma Lee Davis, Elizabeth Sergi, Roy Hawk, William Kuhn, Albert DePetro Sound Effects ..,..,,.......,.............. .,,............ . . Donald Ross X Prompters .....,,..........................,..,.....,,........ Betty Bailey, Catherine Deluca, Charlene Ewing Make-up ..... ..... P hyllis Snyder, Rose Marie Tamburo, Esther leonardi, Lillian Mislro ARNOLD J UNIOR CLASS-Presents: Wlhe lnner Willy" A Comedy in Three Acts by Bettye Knapp THURSDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 22, 1951 at 8:00 O'clock Arnold High School Auditorium C H A R A C T E R S Willoughby Adams, 16, a well-behaved, likable boy ...........,....... ,...... ........ G e orge Linderman I Aunt Hester, 61 .,,..........,,....,.....,......,... Barbara Konchos Aunt Louise, 63 ........,..,.,,,.,.............. Annabelle Ferguson Aunt Olga, 59 ..............,.................,.,... Virginia Tallarico Willoughby's maiden aunts who have given him a "beautiful and sheltered life." Inner Willy, Willoughby's "inner self," visible only to Willoughby ........., ....... B arry Stayer Stanley Clark, 16, inclined to be a little "tough" ................,............... William Wilcox Mike, 16, bashful, but a "regular guy" ..... ,... . ., Jack Fiscus Marybelle Turner, 16, the girl next door, plain and completely unexciting .... Martha Spakoff Trudy Marshall ...............,..................,......,.. Lorene Kuhn Janet Marshall ...........,,,.....,......,................. Amelia Sarne Lively 16 year old twins Carol Martin, 16, the girl whom Willoughby secretly admires .................................... Ann Thomas .lo.i.... Stage Managers-Allen Beattie, James Clark Prompters-Lora Martin, Bernadette Matisko, Dolores Sartori Properties-Norma Petrone Make-up-Catherine Gans, Jean Stepano, Jean Sequite, Dolores Rusnock Publicity-James Kiley, Louis Giancola, Joan Klamasko o S Y N O P S I S Are you comfortable, dear? The entire action of the play takes place in living room of Two une ,wins and G ? ? .the Adams' home. l ACT I-Early evening in spring. They did u great deal. ACT ll--Scene 1: The same. Three days later. ACT II-Scene 2: The same. An hour later. ACT lll-The same. Early evening, three days later. Play directed by Miss Virginia A. Bushnell Orchestra by Mr. Joseph Farinelli Produced by special arrangement with ROW, PETERSON 8- CO. The Arlion This, the Arlion of 1951, is your book of memories. The staff has put forth its best efforts to give you a book of the things you remember most about this school year. Under new supervision, we have tried to bring you the highlights, both formal and informal, taking place around Arnold High School. Any praise or recommendation we receive will be due to the constant efforts of our new adviser, Miss Mary Ellen Cipolla, and our editor, Ann Thomas. With- out them the l95l Arlion could not have been published. We hope you will enjoy this publication as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you. The Arlion Staff left to right: J. Kelly, N. Provenzo, W. Sakala, L. Misko, E. Key, P. Cappone, .I. Pagliaro. Left to right: J. Lovin, C. Deluca, L. Predebon, A, Thomas, V. Verterramo, S. Hustak, S. A. Adams. dn. , . Left to right: L Predebon, A. Thomas, S. A. Adams Left to right: J. Vairo, N. Provenzo In the deep dark recesses of a deserted school one light is burning the midnight oil. As one peeks through the keyhole, boys and girls clutch- ing razor blades are seen and the words "cut", "bleed", and "crop" are heard. They aren't committing a murder, however, these words are used in completing a yearbook. The ianitoress tries to get in, but it is to no avail. She simply shrugs her shoulders and turns away. Cobwebs begin to accumulate in the corners. Finally the warped door is opened and dust flies out. Soon haggard figures come stumbling out of the musty room. Then everyone breathes a sigh of relief. The Arlion is completed. G Junior-Senior Prom One event the seniors of this year will never forget is the prom they attended last year. The annual Junior-Senior Prom, sponsored by the iunior class, was held in the beautiful Crystal Ballroom of the Schenley Hotel in Pittsburgh on the lovely spring evening of May 12, l950. Four buses were chartered to carry the 100 couples to their destina- tion on this gala occasion. Although buses were scheduled to leave at 7:30, horns of the cars carrying the couples could be heard as early as 6 P. M. The couples arrived at the Schen- ley at approximately 9 P. M. and the students were amazed at the grandeur of the hotel. As they entered the huge ballroom, they were greeted by the soft, dreamy strains of Baron Elliot's heavenly music. Vocals for the evening were provided by Jimmy Confer, a local vocalist. Seniors will always remember the highlight of the evening when Jimmy gave sparkling impersonations of several popular singers. Posing for the birdie. Dreamy strains of a hot clarinet. At intermission refreshments were served at long buffet tables. The re- freshments consisted of tiny sand- wiches commonly known as "can- apes", French pastries, and punch. Everyone ate until it looked like Mother Hubbard's cupboard-bare. Also at intermission the advisers Miss Bushnell and Miss Cribbs were presented wardrobe cases for gifts as tokens of the appreciation of the class by Jeanne Fiorina, the class secretary. At the close of the dance a Grand March led by Donna Bertolino and her escort Joe Champainy, the Vice-Presi- dent of the class, ushered the couples from the ballroom. As each person left, they were presented favors by Jo-Lee Pagliaro and her escort Frank Dunn, the president of the iunior class. The favors were tiny gun flashlights for the boys and for the girls miniature glass top hats and canes. The buses arrived back in Arnold at approximately 2 A. M. This was truly a "night to remember." Having a wonderful time! A view from the banclstand. And on through the night-. At the beginning of the school term a group of sleepy-eyed boys and girls rushed to get to choir before eight o'clock. Although they were sleepy, our choir worked hard to learn songs for the Christmas program. As the first months pro- gressed, they held a bake sale whose profits went to their fund for senior sweaters. Also under the new officers, Frank Dunn, President, Joe Cham- painy, Vice-Presidentp Louise Predebon, Secre- tary, Shirley Adams, Treasurer, the choir set up a new system where demerits were given for various reasons, such as being late or chewing gum, by the section leaders who numbered one for each row. The Christmas season came A Capella Choir swiftly, and they went caroling-which also en- larged their fund for sweaters. After Christmas vacation the choir once again returned to work. This time they prepared earnestly for their spring concert. Again they set out to increase their sweater fund by holding a theater party. As the last performance for all, especially the seniors, they sang for the Bac- calaureate Services. All of these activities and well prepared programs would not have been successful had it not been for the guidance of their director, Mr. J. B. Farinelli. Choir Members for T950-1951-Shirley Adams, Gloria Antonucci, Donna Bertolino, Louise Bertoni, Patricia Cappone, Joseph Champainy, Frank Dunn, Charlene Ewing, Virginia Fiorina, Sidney Hustak, Peggy Kress, William Kuhn, Lillian Misko, Josephine Pagliaro, Louise Predebon, Theresa Pugliese, Donald Ross, Lena Santucci, Richard Smith, Mary Ellen Tallarico, Richard Welsh, Catherine DeLuca, Dale Berkey, Christine Bertoni, Gloria Cecchetti, Patricia Clark, Louis Crivaro, Evelyn DeFelices, Anthony Errico, Joann Klimashka, Barbara Konchos, John Kowalik, Laurene Kuhn, Hugo Magliocco, Lora Martin, Jacqueline McArdIe, Helen Meco, Lorraine Pekalski, Sonia Peltz, Nora Provenzo, Geraldine Rich, Mary Runco, Dolores Rusnock, Amelia Same, Genevieve Stepano, Virginia Tallarico, Ann Thomas, Donald Vinkovich, Thomas Yobp, Bernadette Matisko, Scipione Alcibiade, Anthony Bellavia, Louise Calvanese, Helen Capo, Sam Castorina, Joseph Costanza, Peter D'Argenzio, Joseph Daylida, Sandra Doutt, Robert Ficca, Patricia Jablonski, Patricia Keitzer, Elnora Kimber, Michael Knosky, Beverly Kunish, Lawrence Marsilio, William Meyer, Raymond Miller, Marlene Overly, Eileen Pavetto, John Powers, James Schierberl, Catherine Stewart, Stephen Stinson, Irene Suprano, Lorraine Szoch, Betty Jane Tasick, Dale Zimmerman, Wayne Miller. At the beginning of every school year, the Junior High School students are sent notices tell- ing of try-outs for Junior High Choir. Out of the several weeks of try-outs eighty students were selected this year from the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades were ready for the first rehearsals, which started them off on a busy year. The choir held its regular rehearsals on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoons Jr. High Choir during the last period. During the year the choir sang for the school assemblies and in the local surrounding schools. They also sang over WKPA. At the close of the year the choir together with the Junior Band presented their annual Spring Concert which was a success due to the patience and efforts of the choir director, Mr. Joseph B. Farinelli. Row I: O. Singleton, R. DeFelices, V. Backus. Row II: V. Vani, C. Taylor, P. Pellegrino, J. Gamble, E. Mazza A. Singer, P. Sergi, P. Paulick, N. Ulizio, M. Valle, R. Bartolacci. Row III: L. Berkoben, F. Stearman, S. Lichok, H. Konchus, J. Pagliaro, A. Landi, M. Barcus, C. McCloskey, J. Geraci, M. Kanaan, V. Sabow, A. Galie, S. Zam- Eegnhl :ow IV: E. Longo, P. Beigle, J. Vairo, R. Landi, E. Dominici, J. Pugliese, E. Premutico, J. Steffanini . ng a . 1 1 Row I: T. Kuhn, T. Pryor, A. Ewing, G. Alkire. Row II: J. Lyons, D. Berkoben, J. Korowicki, M. Bellavia, M. Piontek, L. Tristani, P. Berkoben, B. Fleeger, P. Buchanan, M. Lamendola. Row Ill: A. Leah, B. Echon, E. Bliss, L. Horn, E. Holland, B. Holste, C. Peters, M. Giuliani, K. Abraham, N. Pavetto. Row IV: J. O'Shell, B. Baird F. Jackson, J. Holland, V. Singleton, R. D'Argenzio, F. Massimini, P. Artuso, D. Bertolino. I ..,...,.,, Ut?-fq,,,t""t m we +.'.':fi,,s PB1ce,s,,od vm I l -'-114 up 4 'Q-"ai-vg. . f F io ' -ilri-g, io 5.-Qt 5 '40 itQQ' n: lm! L 42 5 'Q-is S Sex 'Q' QM fx 0 x N Q Q 0 'F NOR '5 'H ni mm v' fvwfl A Us I "x A - 1 sw - uvl""' . .mu A- miz iiixiwz A -:"'..Z.' ei J h -Lt lg gl W A Wxsa mm uma, thmrgiitl to of - -.-......:ggElS2.':.":--qv. -..-1:-..:-..-.:':-E I ' :rj-g.,-4 :audi 59 Grchestra Diligently three times a week under the aus- pices of Mr. Joseph Farinelli, a group of hard working musicians meet. These musicians are the Arnold High Orchestra. To become a mem- ber of this organization one is selected through try-outs at the beginning of the year. The main function of the orchestra is to play for both the senior class and junior class plays. Among the various selections which they play are classic and present clay pieces. Although the orchestra is small in number, it expects to enlarge in the coming year. We, the Arlion StaH:, -wish you luck so that you may reach your desired goal. Row I: Franklin Marisco, Thomas Campbell, Enrico Torcaso Ronald Licata Anna Mae Guzzi Patsy Tallarico, John Powers. Raw Il: Louis Crivaro, Charles Lepusky, Richard White Raymond Muller Vincent Verteramo Mike Lamen dola, Charles Crivaro, Pete D'Argenzio, Hugo Magllocco Theresa Verteramo 60 ,, W. left to Right: L. Szoch, G. Stepano, V. Fiorina, J. Kelly, N. Provenzo, D. Bengal Cheerleaders left to Right, kneeling: R. D'Argenzio, V. Cecchetti, J. Kownicki, standing: C. Castorino, H. Konchos, P. Paulick. The pep and enthusiasm that is so much a part of Arnold High is the business of these six snappy cheerleaders. On the field or floor they have led the support we give our team. A large number of students attended away games this year, especially during basketball season. This meant that cheerleaders must hastily consume early dinners, ready to board the first bus out of town. No field nor floor, however distant, seemed entirely strange to either team or student body all due to the early appearance of six peppy figures in orange and blue. Although the cheerleaders' record doesn't make the sports page, the iob they do rates very honorable mention from this corner. 61 Louder - LOUDER! Senior Band and Maiorettes Playing for pep meetings and games is only one of the regular portrayals of the senior band. Senior band members, who receive their training by advancing from the elementary and iunior bands, play compositions from classical overtures to iivey be-bop. This year the band made a hit when they presented their arrange- Diligent practice during the month of Aug- ust made perfect all of the performances of the Arnold High Maiorettes. Under the capable leadership of head maiorette, Phyllis Snyder, and the three assistant leads, Jo-Lee Pagliaro, Jackie Baker and Louise Predebon, the group enter- tained the crowds at the games with entirely new dance routines. At the annual Dispatch Festival the major- ettes did two of the public's favorite dance rou- tines, "Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy" and "Simple ment of "The Thing." The highlights in the 1950-51 program in- clude the combined band festival at Herr Sta- dium, the combined valley concert, the annual high school spring concert, and the commence- ment exercises. Melody", for which they received a tremendous ovation. Adding an extra spark of enjoyment to the displays put on by the group were the two acro- bats Marlene Ligoon and Darla Savage. This year our five year-old mascot, Rhelda Snyder, displayed her talents when she twirled for the first time. It is our hope that the maiorettes will con- tinue as always to be a "credit to Arnold High School." Left to right: J. Pagliaro, assistant head maiorette, P. Snyder, head maiorette, M. Lebert, D. Bertolino, L. Bertoni, J. Seguitti, L. De5ocio, L. Zie- man, L. Roberts, C. Swanderski, L. Plyler, M. Sharrick, M. Trezciak, drum maioretteg D. Pacha, 5. Vince, M. Fisher, S. Peltz, J. McArdle, C. Bertoni, A. Sarne, G. McArdIe, S. Pagliaro, J. Rich, L. Predebon, assistant head maiorette, J. Baker, assistant head maiorette. In fronl: M. Ligoon, acro- bat, R. Snyder, mascot, D. Savage, acrobat. Row I: C. Lepusky, P. D'Argenzio, F. Manning, H. Magliocco, R. Fasternak, .l. McLaughlin, T. Mclaughlin, I. Rebar, C. Crivaro, R. Licata, l.. Cri- varo. Row II: B. Stayer, V. Chine, R. Arbuckle, L. McMaster, A. Guzzi, R. Tumburo, B. Tamburo, M. Ross, T. Verteramo, L. Marchial, N. Cig- netti, A. Graziano. Row Ill: R. Miller, B. Ficca, R. Cipolla, P. Tallarico, P. Meco, J. Powers, E. Torcaso, T. Campbell, J. DeFelice, E. Bossia, M. Lamendola, V. Verteramo, S. Slusar, C. Schott. Row IV: M. Liptak, A. Petrone, N. Petrone, M. Lucas, P. Tannas, E. Falco, L. Calvanese, A. Dickey, R. White, P. Ciancutti, R. Demao, T. Dickey, D. Mangerie, H. Remaley, F. Marscio, J. Campbell. 62 Blow man, blow! Sitting pretty! Rat-0-tai-n-io!! High sfeppers! Our girls in whiiel l'm fixing ii. Come on fecm! Cheesecake! Sisier uct! Football Basketball Baseball Tennis K l Sports James Clark louis Abel Philip Rayburg Edmund Sieracki TACKLE BACK BACK GUARD -Milan Filcik, Daily Di Usually in every high school there is a group of boys identified as the "wheels" of the school. In many cases the wheels belong to an athletic organi- zation. We at Arnold High School pride ourselves in the belief that all boys are, in a sense, "wheels." For those who are musically inclined there are the musical organizations with their many parades and concerts. The artists express them- selves in works for the Broadcaster, the Arlion, or special publicity projects for the student publications or activities, and the craftsman uses his talents. in pro- spatch .,.-..-,. .,,. -..W ,,.u4U v Milan Filcik, Daily D That-a-way to go! Better luck next time! The camel-walk? ducing a well-finished piece of woodwork or a cleanly cut screw. The intellect can always show his special ability with a prize-winning essay, a short story, or a poem. On these pages are the boys who have shown their talents athletically. No one boy is a star. All played the game for the team's honor and not for individual glory. These boys are not the leaders or the "big guns" of the football team. They only represent a fraction of the football squad of the T950-1951 school year, which only represents a fraction of Arnold High School. Allan Beattie Louis Giancola Edward Marzullo Joseph Brokaw Neil Laney GUARD END BACK BACK BACK -Milan Filcik, Daily Dispatch 67 Football In the 1950 football season Arnold once again took the field headed by Coach Alex Tan- nas and assisted by Oliver Phillips. The team won four, Mars, West Deer, St. George, and Free- port, while losing to Tarentum, Bridgeville, Springdale, Apollo, Ford City and a strong Leech- burg team. Arnold scored its first victory of the '50 season by defeating Mars T9 to 0. The first tally came early in the first quarter when Laney scored on a pass from Marzullo. The final touchdown was scored by Marzullo from the seven yard stripe. Arnold then visited West Deer. At the half, the score was deadlocked 6 to 6.' The scare stayed the same until the Lions, taking advantage of a West Deer fumble, scored on a pass from Abel to DePetro. Rayburg, after re- covering his own fumble passed to Abel for the extra point to make the final score T3 to 6. The Lions, playing their first home gome, beat a strong St. George team 13 to 6. Jim Clark, the Lions' tackle, scored the first T. D. by scooping up a fumble and racing 30 yards. The deciding goal was scored by Joe Brokaw on a pass from Lou Abel. Denny Wagner pushed the ball across to make the extra point. Tarentum snapped the Lions winning streak 39 to 7 on the opponents field. The hopes of Arnold rose in the second quarter when Joe Brokaw scored the Lions only goal and Ed Mar- zullo converted the extra point. Arnold was dropped from W. P. l. A. L. by a tough Bridgeville squad. The Lions couldn't seem to push the pigskin across the goal line. Row I: J. Salvatore, manager, M. Knosky, J. McLaughlin, G. Fryer, J. Fiscus, A. DePetro, J. Krnacik, R. Camel, F. Torchia, R. Dorbitz, manager. Row ll: J. Clark, A. Beattie, T. Baker, P. Rayburg, H. Bowser, J. Champainy, M. Stelika, E. Marzullo, D. Wagner, A. Errico. R'ow Ill: A. Tannas, coach: P. Torchia, E. Sieracki, R. Danko, P. Gitz, J. Plasynski, L. Giancola, L. Abel, J. Daher, Y. Loehner, O. Phillips, coach, N. Ventura, manager adviser. ' Row IV: R. Santoro, F. Massaro, D. Stopko, R. Sobak, L. Calvanese, N. Laney, W. Kuhn, R. MacDonald, W. Mellon, H. Elkin, J. Daylida, J. Suatoni, J. Brokow. 68 -Milan Filcik, Daily Dispatch Football In the fourth quarter, they got to the four yard mark on a pass from Abel to Stopko but the play was called back by a penalty. The final score read Bridgeville 26, Arnold 0. Arnold lost its third straight ball game to Springdale on the latter's field. The Lions fought hard against the rival squad but to no avail. The score-Springdale 20, Arnold 0. The Lions were again the underdogs to the Tigers of Apollo, 13 to 6. The first half went scoreless. Arnold set up a score on a pass from Rayburg to Giancola, after which Brokaw ad- vanced tothe one yard line. On a quarter back sneak, Rayburg scored for the Lions, but the Apollo lads weren't to be stopped and went on to score the winning T. D. Arnold was downed by Ford City with a narrow margin of 2 points when the opponents scored a safety in the first quarter. Arnold's two tallies were both scored on Rayburg's passes. The first to Laney, the second to Gian- cola who scampered 60 yards to score standing up. ln their last home game Arnold lost to Leech- burg 40 to 0. Leechburg, a very strong squad, scored 6 T. D.'s in the first quarter, while Arnold just couldn't get moving. Freeport gave Arnold its fourth win of the season with Wagner, Brokaw, Abel and Fryer, all crossing the final stripe to beat Freeport 26 to O. This drew the curtain on the 1950 football season. Strategy? May I have this dance?? Step it up!! -Milan Filcik, Daily Dispatch 69 Basketball Row I, left lo right: A. Errico, manager, J. Hess, D. Berkey, J. Brokaw, E. Miller, D. Pogolescki, P. Ray- burg, J. Kiley, manager. Row II: R. M. Terlinski, assistant coachp J. Crytzer, T. Saslua, S. Migliore, N. Laney, R. Slater, L. F. McGuire, coach. The 1950 hardwood season got under way with Arnold playing a number of non-league games. The team, under the masterful handling of Coach McGuire, had a successful season. The first games-the non-league contests-which, although being close, were dropped to the opponents. Luckily for the team, their slump came early in the season. 70 As cl result of the non-league games, the team developed before the start of the W.P.l.A.L. games. The first league game was with Plum Twp., after defeating Plum the team went on to take Zelienople and West Deer. Arnold's first defeat came at the hands of a fast East Deer five. The second by a high scoring Springdale team. The remainder of the games, Arnold won with comparable ease. The only teams giving them a battle were Springdale and Evans City. The team played Springdale on the latter's floor. The first three quarters were dominated by Springdale. In the fourth quarter Arnold got the second windy in the last minute of the game Migliore sunk a shot from half way out. This along with several other shots gave Arnold the needed margin. The score-38 to 37. Evans City High boasted a large list of wins on their home floor until Arnold invaded the braggerts floor. After a close game Arnold fin- ally overcame them. The score was 45 to 42. This win assured Arnold a crack at Spring- dale for the Section 14 title. Arnold defeated Springdale the second time at Wilkinsburg for the section. The score-Arnold 40, Springdale 31. Where'd you go after the game?? Don't let him have it!!! This is how you do itll l -Milan Filcik, Daily Dispatch 71 1950 Basketball Season "ARNOLD "ARNOLD ' 'ARNOLD ....... "ARNOLD "ARNOLD "ARNOLD ......, "ARNOLD ......, 'ARNOLD 'ARNOLD 'ARNOLD 'ARNOLD 'ARNOLD 'ARNOLD 'ARNOLD ' 'ARNOLD 'ARNOLD.l ..... 'ARNOLD ' 'ARNOLD 'ARNOLD 'ARNOLD 'ARNOLD 'ARNOLD "'ARNOLD 42 42 41 26 32 31 37 52 47 44 42 33 57 40 40 50 40 49 47 38 78 45 40 ' League Games HOMESTEAD SCOTT ...,...,.,.... ...... SWISSVALE ..,.., ...... KEN HI ....,.,.... ...... TARENTUM .,.... ...... ETNA .......... ETNA ..,......, PLUM ........,....... ...... ZELIENOPLE WEST DEER EAST DEER SPRINGDALE MARS ,.....,. EVANS CITY KEN HI ...... PLUM ........., ZELIENOPLE WEST DEER EAST DEER .. SPRINGDALE MARS ........ EVANS CITY SPRINGDALE " Non-League Games "' Section I4 Play-OIT Take at easy Sum! Let's do our best. Get it Flakes!! QI Junior Varsity Row I, left to right: T. Clista, P, Flaherty, J. Schierberl, J. Daher, M. Lamendola, L. DeFelices. Row Il: R. Santoro, manager, J. Daylida, E. Saska, F. Moses, S. Alcibiade. The 1950 Junior Varsity basketball team enjoyed a good record for the season. The boys under Coach McGuire won 19, while dropping 3 to their opponents. Playing a good fast brand of basketball, these boys have proved promising varsity material. ' Entering the tournament, they were dropped from the running by astrong Penn Twp. team. Junior High Row 1: R. Pelino, R. Scherer, R. DeValeria, R. Terlinslci, D. Ludweiczak, C. lerner, R. Boucher, R. Guido, R. Petri. Row ll: D. Santora, manager, J. Krnacik, R. Flemn, F. Steffen, R. Dawhower, R. Stuart, J. Guercione, R. M. Terlinski, coach. The Junior High team, consisting of boys from 7th, 8th, and 9th grades, played a number of valley teams. The statistics of these games are unimportant. The real importance of the team is to provide better material for the varsity. The boys get experience and are taught the fundamentals of basketball. From these boys the future Varsity teams are determined. Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold ..,.......,. Arnold Arnold Row I: J. Clark, manager, E. Marzullo, J. Loehner, R. Davis, S. Slusar, R. Slater, R. Horn, manager. Row ll: A. Smith, R. Scanga, L. Abel, E. Kakuk, L. Holizna, H. Loehner, R. Camel, Mr. Phillips, coach. 1950 BASEBALL SEASON East Deer ..... Ken Hi ..,.... Springdale Har-Brock ..... East Deer ...,. Har-Brack ..... Springdale Ken Hi ...... Ta rentum ..... Ta rentum , ..,. Baseball 2 P. ..... . 5 C.. 4 IB. 6 , ....... l l S. S 4 3B. 1 2B. 3 L. F. 4 C. F 7 R. F LINE-UP E.'Kakuk R. Slater E. Marzullo R. Scanga Smith and Slusar R. Campbell L.Abel H. Loehner L. Holizna 75 Mr. McLaughlin, coach, D. Berkey, W. Kuhn, E. Sieracki, W. Kowalik, J. Kowalik Tennis The popular summer sport, Tennis, has in the past few years become one of Arnold's leading sports, under the patient coaching of Mr. McLaughlin. The team played a number of contests and did very well. Seven other schools have ioined the WPIAL section to make tennis one ofthe best liked summer sports. 1. Do you cirink???? 2. B-O-O-M 3. Work, Work, Work ----- 4. .lust pretending 5. Read the last line. 6. We're otf--- 7. Make it straight. 8. Future Rembrundt's 9. Hear anything? 10. Tighten the bolts. 1. Finally ihe new addition! 2. Siill figuring. 3. Keep in line! 4. Yeah! team. 5. If is good? 6. Quit looking at the camero! 7. Do it right. 8. All togeiher now-one, iwo- 9. The facul1y???? 10. How greasy! 11. Alma Mater. 12. Kick 'em higher. 13. Initiation. 14. We two. 15. Jusi posing 'For ar1"s sake. 16. Hold thai line! 17. Machines, machines. 18. With Chip, it happens every spring. 19. Farewell, Miss Cipolla. 20. It's this way, Ann. 21. Could be--- 22. All in a year's work. Our Advertisers CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '51 SUZY'S SODA GRILL "Where the Gang Loves to Meet" 1901 Orchard Avenue Compliments of AL'S RADIO 8m APPLIANCES ADMIRAL - BENDIX MOTOROLA ARNOLD PENNA. 1706 Fifth Avenue BEATRICE HANLON, Prop. Phone 9989 ARNOLD PENNA. A. After the game follow the crowd to ROOFING SIDING INSULATION B'S PERMA-STONE KOOL-VENT AWNINGS ORANGE STORM WINDOWS AND DOORS F. H. A. Veteran Approved Speck Homes at Oakdale Manor 1826-28 FREEPORT RD. Phones: New Kensington 3383-5231 ICE CREAM PARLOR We make our own Ice Cream and is it good!!! 1701 Fifth Avenue ARNOLD PENNA. FEDERATION GF GLASS CERAMIC AND SILICA SAND WORKERS CF AMERICA Local No. 17 'If' Congratulations from WALZER CLEANING CO. The ValIey's Leading Cleaner and Shirt Launderer 408 Eig hfh Street NEW KENSINGTON PENNA. Compliments of GLENN BUICK CO. 710 Fifth Avenue NEW KENSINGTON PENNA. When Better Automobiles Are Built, Buick Will Build Them. We BUY and SELL USED CARS .IEROME MOTOR COMPANY OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC Corner of Fourth Ave. and Eighth Street NEW KENSINGTON PENNA. Phone 2448 BLOSER'S Official Jewelers To Arnold High School 960 Fourth Avenue NEW KENSINGTON PENNA . i 'Q . r il ki, ,gs ffimuioi' THE ARNCDLD LlON'S CODE OF ETHICS To show my faith in the worthiness of my vocation by indus- trious application to the end that I may merit a reputation for quality of service. To seek success and to demand all fair remuneration or profit as my just due, but to accept no profit or success at the price of my own self respect lost because of unfair advantage taken or because of questionable acts on my part. To remember that in building up my business it is not neces- sary to tear down another'sp to be loyal to my clients or customers and true to myself. Whenever a doubt arises as to the right or ethics of my posi- tion or action towards my fellow man, to resolve such doubt against myself. To hold friendship as an end and not a means-To hold that true friendship exists not on account of the service per- formed by one to another, but that true friendship de- mands nothing but accepts service in the spirit in which it is given. Always to bear in mind my obligations as a citizen to my nation, my state, and my community, and to give to them my unswerving loyalty in work, act, and deed. To give them freely of my time, labor, and means. I To aid my fellow man by giving my sympathy to those in distress, my aid to the weak, and my substance to the needy. To be careful with my criticisms and liberal with my praise, to build up and not destroy. l "If it's HARDWARE we have it" H. A. KLINGENSMITH 81 SONS 912 Fifth Ave. NEW KENSINGTON PENNA. Phone 2700 Congratulations from ARNOLD CITY NEWS 1813 Fifth Avenue ARNOLD PENNA. Phone 225-J Compliments of DeFELICE and FRABOTTA'S ARNOLD FLOWER SHOP Fashions in Flowers 1727 Fifth Avenue Telephone 5300 MEADOW GOLD DAIRIES, INC. "Quality Dairy Products" Phone: N. K. 963-964 ,I I Famous Fashion And I A Accessories for Juniors, Misses, Women and THE FASHION-FIRST STORE Children of the FIRST-FOR QUALITY FIRST-FOR STYLE FIRST-FOR VALUE RIGHT PRICES COMPLIMENTS UNITED STEELIWORKERS OF AMERICA, LU No. 302 CIO OFFICERS W. N. Rupp ....,.,A.... ...........,..,,........,,.......,............... P resident W. Johnston ...,...,,....,,. ........,, V ice President W. S. Conley, Jr. .....,.... .,....,......... S ecretary W. Misczak .,.....,.................., ...,.....,......,.....,.. T reasurer J. fBaloeQ Bordonaro ,........,.. .....,. F inancial Secretary P. Beighley ..,..,.....,,.......... ................,......... T rustee R. Shipley ,........... ....,........... T rustee J. Roffol ........... ...,....,........,... T rustee L. Harkins .........., ........... I nside Guard S. Morgante ........... ....... O utside Guard C. H. Wolfe ......,.. ............,...... G uide Congratulations BELLI MOTOR CO. Dealers of DESOTO - PLYMOUTH 1330 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa Congratulations From THE ARNOLD DRUG STORE T707 Fifth Avenue ARNOLD, PA. Established T898 Free Delivery Service Professional Pharmacists ORLANDO MARINI - JOHN GRAYSON, Registered Pharmacists MILLER Bkos. sl-loes AR-KEN PLUMBING at Home SUPPLY 908 Fifth Avenue 'I606 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa NO JOB TOO BIG-- NO JOB TOO SMALL New Kensington's Largest Shoe Store Plumbing, Paint 81 Hardware Quality Shoes for 52 Years phone 491 7-- - COMPLIMENTS OF ITALIAN AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY LODGE II9 FORWARD AMERICA LODGE 127 Compliments of SNYDER BROTHERS HuDsoN Moron CARS 1420 - 22 Fifth Ave. New Kensington, Po. B. P i Soy It With Flowers . . . REO'S FLOWER SHOP BAKER PONTIAC, INC. Everything in Flowers 1542 Constitution Blvd. 1607 Fifth Avenue ARNOLD PENNA. ARNOLD PENNA In Phone 6100-6101 -6102 Phone 5670 Congrotulcntions From W. R. GOTT ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES FURNITURE AND RUGS Fifth Avenue Arnold, Po. It I Q -: sz. 1 5 ER ICAN TR ADITIO With each year of constant progress and faithful adherence to the traditions of "Originality and Distinction", Pontiac remains the Master Engravers to America's Schools. The Pontiac proven technique of modern methods of reproduction by experienced craftsmeng the employment of ? the most modern precision equipmentg the artistic abilities of our art and layout departments are Pontiac helps in publishing a successful yearbook. All of the personnel ofthe Pontiac School Publications Division are proud of their participation in the publication of your yearbook and express their appreciation for the n splendid cooperation by your staff - onhuc P awww Q 812-822 W. VAN BUREN ST.l CHICAGO 7, ILLINOIS Telephone HA ymarket 1-1000 l Congratulations Seniors of 1951 COMMUNITY SUPER MARKET For Better Buys- Be Community Wise , 1703-1705 Fifth Avenue ARNOLD, PA. Open Daily 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. Compliments NU-KEN CANDY AND CIGAR CO. 647 Fifth Avenue Phone 1310 Congratulations Class of 1951 MANZELLA FUNERAL Meet Crown, Wear Diamonds CROWN'S CREDIT .l EW E L E R S H O ME 1509 Fifth Avenue 940 Fomh Avenue ARNOLD PENNA. New KENSINGTON PENNA 90 Congrclfulcaiions Clclss of 1951 SOCIETA OPERAIA UMBRIA 'I714-16 Third Avenue ARNOLD PENNSYLVANIA CONGRATULATIONS LADIES UMBRIA CLUB ED N A H O T E L of 1739 Fifth Avenue ARNOLD, PA. ARNOLD, PA. R. MANGIERI, Proprietor Compliments of TOM TANNAS CITY CLERK CITY OF ARNOLD coNGRATuLATloNs cLAss OF T951 J, C, PEN NEY CO Your Local Department Store C O N T O ' S DREY ST- MARKET WOMENS . MM - INFANTS' c L o T H E s D'eY 5'- 825 5th Ave. NEW KENSINGTON, PA. ARNOLD PENNSYLVANIA Phone N. K. 91 SHOES AND HOSIERY FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY LOUIS' SHOE STORE 1715 Fifth Avenue ARNOLD PENNSYLVANIA Phone 4669 1822 FIFTH Opposite Arnold City Hall LOMBARDO BROTHERS VIRGINIA DARE BEVERAGES The Most Modern Bottling Plant in the District Compliments of EDDY'S MEN'S WEAR "Smart Wear for Men Who Care" 1718 Fifth Avenue ARNOLD, PA. "The Valley's Newest and Finest" HARMONY MUSIC CO. Excelsior and Soprani AmpIiPhonic Accordions EVERYTHING FOR THE MUSICIAN Headquarters for Conn Musical Instruments Headquarters for Baldwin, Acrosonic Hamilton, Howard Pianos 700-704 Fifth Avenue NEW KENSINGTON PENNSYLVANIA Phone 5322 CONGRATULATIONS Complimenig of BELLI MOTCR CO. GI-OCK'S SPORTING GOODS STORE Dealers of DESOTO - PLYMOUTH 706 Fifth Avenue NEW KENSINGTON PENNSYLVANIA 1330 Fifth Avenue ARNOLD, PA. Phone 3241-J The Jzwllu Store i729 5 AVE ARNOLD I I PA. , 7Zffff,ERV 660 of PRESCRIPTION Pa-1ARMAcusTs -I l COMPLIMENTS OF UKRAINIAN CITIZENS CLUB C 4 h A d 14th Street ARNOLD PA COMPLIMENTS ALLEGHENY VALLEY INDUSTRIAL UNION COUNCIL NEW KENSINGTON, PA. CONGRATULATIONS cLAss or 1951 PAPPY'S GRILL 1732 F f I1 A ARNOLD PA Ph NK 9061 OUR COMPLIMENTS STEVE CIPOLLA COAL AND GENERAL HAULING I The Store of Fashions CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '51 JOHN C. DONAHER FUNERAL HOME T369 Fifth Avenue Arnold, P All Makes Typewriters and Adding Machines ARNOLD TYPEWRITER 8i SUPPLY CO. SALES AND SERVICE T611 Fifth Avenue ARNOLD, PA. C. Smith and Corona Authorized Dealer NK 4509-J COMPLIMENTS OF WARRINGTON'S 5 8L I0 Your Friendly Neighborhood NOVELTY STORE 1702-04 Fifth Avenue ARNOLD Open Evenings "Housekeeping Simplified" KELLER ELECTRIC COMPANY Fifth Avenue at Eighth Street Phone 1261 NEW KENSINGTON, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF W. T. GRANT CO. Headquarters for Women's Fashions - Men's and Boys' Weor Home Furnishings 849 Fifth Avenue NEW KENSINGTON, PA. COMPLIMENTS TO THE CLASS OF I95I FRATELLANZA GROTTESE LODGE NO. 208 1905 Leishmon Avenue ARNOLD, PA. CONGRATULATIONS - SENIORS GAETANO PILATI FRATERNAL AID CLUB NO. 176 OF COLUMBIAN FEDERATION 1435 Fifth Avenue ARNOLD, PA. UNITED STEELWORKERS OF AMERICA UNION SPRING 8. MFG. CO. CIO L I1323 NEW KENSINGTON PENNA COMPLIMENTS OF Xlllll XEQRIUQ 4 v 511' ff 'SG :O 'lu IL I xnxx LQ, XX, , Y .f:wxC K EWWM SE 2. 5 Qffwfx ARNOLD AMERICAN LEGION POST 684 1728 Fifth Avenue ARNOLD PENNSYLVANIA MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS and SUPPLIES COOPER BROS. "Music and Art Center" 810 Fifth Avenue NEW KENSINGTON, PA. EDWARD M. NEE TRANSFER AND STORAGE All Loads Insured Phone N. K. 4836 306 MURRAY AVE. ARNOLD, PA. EICH MOTORS DODGE 8. PLYMOUTH DEALERS DODGE "JOB-RATED" TRUCKS NEW KENSINGTON OAKMONT TARENTUM TIERNEY'S CLEANING, PRESSING, REPAIRING Let Us Core for AII Your Clothes MEN'S SUITS MADE TO ORDER 'I539 Fourth Avenue Phone N. K. 5376 ARNOLD, PA HARMONY SHORT LINE Coll New Kensington 1500 CHARTER BUSES ANYTIME - ANYWHERE Terminal - 309 Ninth Street NEW KENSINGTON, PA. SHEHAB MOTOR SALES INC. ,ax- 421 Freeport St. "QM li ,Wa ,Wg NEW KENSINGTON, PA. . CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF 1951 ARNOLD VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPRISING NUMBER ONE AND NUMBER TWO COMPANIES AMERICAN WINDOW GLASS COMPANY 1899 - 1951 Fifty-two 1525 Years of Scientific Progression Dedicated To the Manufacture of Glass Products "The Eye of Science-Carrier of Light" Congrotulates An Equally Progressive School System Dedicated "Through Education and the Building of Character in our Citizens of the Future." AMERICAN WINDOW GLASS CO. PITTSBURGH, PA. CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS FEDERATION FIC-LI DI COLOMBO Council No. 47 'I620 Fourth Avenue Phone NK 94444 BEST WISHES GRADUATING SENIORS ARNOLD LUMBER COMPANY Fourth Avenue and Fourteenth Street ARNOLD PENNSYLVANIA Phone NK 190 SHOES AND HOSIERY FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY LOUIS' SHOE STORE Phone 4669 1715 Fifth Avenue ARNOLD, PA Bongi's Market Guzzi's Shoe Service Mr. Alex Riznick TaIlarico's Shoe Repair City News Nicastro's New Market Dr. E. J. Stevens Mr. S. Lorant Dr. L. C. Ceraso Iozzi's Market Ken Kamera Donati's Service Station Mr. Anthony Bianco Hecker's Service Station Sam's Tavern PATRONS Sam Longo's Market Mr. and Mrs. Alec DeMao William Key and Sons Mr. Leo Sukala Mr. and Mrs. T. Tannas Miss Pearl Sukala Puglisi's Market Edna Hotel Barber Shop Mr. John Mangieri Mr. ancl Mrs. P. Louis DeRose Guilian's Market Falsetti the Tailor North Street Service Station Praha Cafe Tamburo THE KEYSTONE DAIRY CO. QUALITY PRODUCTS DAIRY STORE- 329 Sixth Avenue -Phone 666 Autographs Autographs Autographs Autographs Q 4f,4'I..-4 MM , XA Q Ni Ei Qwmdaog 2"'M Q Q fx W S Q? 1 Q, Q 1 mf'-ii fz ll 15 ' 'N 54' ii vw Jim X, C7 gwqxi X Q5 3 E fsgog W 'LK N, JQPQ X Q Ty if af Q Qmgwfm i ig SP gcdgxv O, ' Q My w5"5+ mm E pd' X

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