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 - Class of 1950

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Text from Pages 1 - 116 of the 1950 volume:

S A .45 'i X : F4 is x A, f E :H QL 5 f? X ,A 5: 5,7 ,xv I ,I .. 5 45 an F 5: 'fr '. QE 4 , if 55 5 as 3? if If 2330 xx vw . .,.,.. , .,., :5:A -W 40 .,. -sf fx m , ,.s?'e ' h"V a..:' -, W if 1 N N F X W EI. 'if u i 1 , A. 1 v Y .f. , i I 5 V V I , ? r 1 v Q ' 1 , I y r 1 w w D , , P I f A I . I If fix m 'NE Acknowledgements Pontiac Engraving 8: Electrotype Co. Colao Studios Kurtz Bros. New Kensington Daily Dispatch , ., awk -4 - -'A-"W" le 1950 Eftrlifila Editor BERNARD SCHERER Business Managers ALVIN BOWSER ROBERT MARTINO 1 1, ,-- -1 'n.'.wwww-ryqvyyk,7vvwqw: ?V- . 1, vt PRESENTED BY THE ARLION STAFF OF ARNOLD HIGH SCHOOL ARNOLD, PENNSYLVANIA W H '77 rewnfing a gmpA,on,y N7 R'-"ifH V' in V Q., ' ff' QA fi -H.j',L ,Q 11,, gA, :gg,5iii ' 'x ' , 1 au, , 5,315 23" 4 ii! i A qw. Ii WW.:-1--uf -W 7, Jgf ,SV, Elf ELJ Q35 Mkalf -LNSQA! MP- YYXHYAYY -f ,,,,,- N737 llt, -Qui, , ..., f.-,.,..?-S,,.Y1Qi..ii X 1 fx, N 4 .-F QQ: J 1 V 'Nf?"N,, lux 4- kv-P. 0 QUZVLL5 ad dwg OCCDLPQJ LLZLZA powf year . 3?34,ig, F if Q iggxx K ' W ' UGA :jf T 55 0 f lofi" V -.Q,sw,aW TV, P-l . ' I 9 5,-'53-,V V J X, i 1 i s J to thc 'niory of HAROLD W. THOMAS, jli. 3 BEDICATTQN Q C owic Lllwgf exloreddw Lada Jgonor an ,ghrrow A Bypicui Alncrican schoolhoy, Whosc cvcry effort, during his lust inonti ' 1 schoc l, was directed toward plans for making this, the 1950 Arlion ' h hc,Cod-willing, would huvc hccn cditor-the he-st in thc history its publication, thc Arlion Stuff dcdicutcs this vohnnc with the sinccrc hopc that thcy have prodnccd sonn-thing of which Tommy would have hecn vcry proud. 4 IWLOKC! BZAOOK E AALMA M4-WEB ALMA MATER BENEVOLENT AND GREAT ARNOLD HIGH SCHOOL OH HELP US IN OUR FATE ALMA MATER, CLORIOUS THOU ART ERE VICTORIOUS AND XVITH THY SPIRIT GUIDE US TO THE TRUTH AND LICIIT FOREVER MORE. 7 Have you ever wondered how many people and how much time it takes to complete a year- book? Five short years ago a group of students joined forces with their shorthand teacher to compile the present "Arlion". After much thought, the name "Arlion" was derived from the two words, Arnold and Lions. This publication por- trays yearly the life of Arnold High School. At the beginning of each year, the staff decides the theme to be used in the book and it is they who select and prepare the best literary efforts Bernard Scherer, Editor submitted by the students for publication. The purpose of this book is to strengthen the students' interest in the activities, both formal and infor- mal, of our school. NVe owe the publication of this book and the preceding four books to Mr. joseph Pallone who now is on a leave of absence. NVithout his assistance the content of this book would be nothing. ln his place Mrs. Pallone has capably taken over. Row One: P. Cappone, A. Thomas, L. Poxel, L. Misko, A. Guzzi, NV. liusalc. Row Two: G. Yannulzi, ll. Young, NV. Morrison, B. Scherer. A. Bowser, F. llutter, S. llustalt, ll. Paulick. l -AP' M? , ,pv- M-f . . 1-than ,Q 1 4 X.- 1 f .al SQA , Top Lett: Ii. Scln'r4'1', P. CYQIDDUIIP, A. 'lql101l1a1s. Top Right: H. Paullick, lf. llllttlxf, A. Buwsvr, YY. HIISZIIQ, Bottom Insist: I Xlisku. A, Cuxyi, S, llusmk. Bottom Right: L. Pun-I, C, Yunnuzzi, NY. NtUl'I'iSUlI. ll. Ytllllljl THE STAFF Editor .-Xssociutv liditms: BOl'llil1'it SL'll0l't"l' Gloria Yllllllllllt. Wllltvl' HllSllk. llvlvn Young Typists Busim-ss xll1llklQUl'Sl liolwrt Nlzwtino, Alvin Bowser Siclnvy llustuk. .-Xnnu Guzzi ww!! .Mt Lillian Pom-l Plmtogmplmx' Cilttllxlillt' Dclnlczl Sports xvillilllll Xlorrison juniors ltiltillll Nlisko, Pzltriciu CIZIPPUIIU S01?tl0ll10l'l' Ann 'fhomus FIPSIIIIIZIII Actvisvl' . Fwd Hutton' Mrs. just-ph .I. Pullout' ltulmmi Nlllftillll, :Xlxin limvsvl' liusim-ss Ximnaxgt-rs Board of Education Administration Faculty The 1950 Seniors Commencement 1949 The juniors The Sophomores The Freshmen The Eighth Grade The Seventh Grade BSO NALITIES 3 . .vig :'l 'X 5 Us in I' Y, ,, 5- 51,4 if fa' -N , JE. 'Q - 1, 5 5 4. if ,git ti l S1 QE X 'i rem! of gyncafion Education is a process of developing har- mony between the mind and body of the student. Youth is taught to blend knowledge with skill to comprise a melody of wisdom. Each note of learning is instilled in the mind of the student hy skilled instructors. Our School Board has compounded a system of education that makes us proud to he a tone on the scale of learning. They have selected a high standard of education which we feel is one of the more superior in the state. Patience, honest judgment, and wisdom are a few of the many noted characteristics of our School Board. The molded relations hetween the School Board and teacher, and the School Boa1'd and student show clearly the sense of cooperation instilled in us. As we the students and graduating class of 1950 advance toward higher education, we must realize that the standards of our school system are among the highest in the state. The work of our School Board is to be credited for the gigantic accomplishment worthy of the greatest glory, and will remain in the memory of the student and citizen. Your re- ward, as always, will he the satisfaction that your work was well done. Anthony l'. Bianco Edmund llumuuk Dr. NVarrcn V. Massaro Nickolas Pallont Anthony Pitueh john Tiernu Orest A. Zorena Andrew S. llllllllltl Louis C. Springer zfaloerinlfenofenf 0 524004 H. L. HOLSTE My sincere congratulations and good Wishes to the class of 1950. Do not he proud because you have learned much, he humhle hecause you have not learned more. ll for sw rincqoa ll. D. BERKEY CLASS UF 1950: IltDllllI1L'llCK'lllt'llt marks tht- encl of your high school days and the beginning of a new adventure. B1-fore you is a life to he livecl. You face the future in the challenge of coinmeuceincnt. The question is, "Y'Vhat will you clo with your preparation?" Will you waste it or will you use it to the hest advantage? It is our hope that you will have an ahun- clant life hy being sincere and earnestly doing your hest in whatever you undertake. Here you are today, with your future in your hands. You are at the crossroads of your life and the direction you take is ex- tremely important. VVill you merely exist or will you really live? Which it shall he is your problem and you alone will solve it because you are the architect of your own fortune and the cleterminer of your own clestinv. 12 A WORD FROM THE VVISE . . . H. H. SINGER PALLONE unior High School Principal Sulmjvct Sllpcrvisol' Vocational Director llvucl of c:0ll1Il1Ul'Ci1lI Dvpaartmc gon lvawj 13 Xj6'LC1fLAy Edward F. Bnrnscheuer Univcrsity of Pittsburgh Auto lhlt'L'l1kl!llL'S "A cur should purr liki- il lcittcnf' Margaret 0. Caldwell Crow' City Collcgc Scuior High Lll1l'2ll'l1lIl Composition, Litcruturc uc:I'O1lt cull of lift- is action Ruth E. Crihhs llltlllllltl Stats- T4-uclicrs Collt-gc lioolclu-cpiug, Busincss CIorrcsponclcucc "All that glittcrs is not gold." joseph J. Declan Univcrsity of Pittslmurgli Scicncc, Gm-ogruphv "Beginning of clouht is licgiuning ot wisdom. Stella A. Frangoulis lucliuuai Stutc 'Putt-lit-rs Collcgc Ollicc l'raicticc. Shortlmml, Typing 'tl5cttcr to livc rich, than to clic richf, Virginia A. Bushnell Pcnnsylvauiizl Collm-gc for YVoincn Composition, Litcraturc Latin, journalism "To thinc own st-If hc trucf Laura W. Comell Incliunu Staitv Tcuclicrs Collcgc Clothing, Moclcrn Living "A ncccllc uncl thrcucl nt-vcr hurt zuiyoncf, Anna Czuszuck Curncgzic Institutc ol' Tcclinology Foods, Houscholcl Chcmistry "Homo Economics for all laoys and girls. joseph B. Farinelli Curncgic Institutc of Tet-Imology Music, Choir, Orchcstru "Music is thc foocl of the s0ul.v Louis Goodman Ohio Northcrn Univcrsity Univcrsity of Pittsburgh Nlacliinc Shop "It's lvcttcr to hc on timcf' 14 jean Menk Indiana State Teachers College Art "You eanlt take it with yonf, Selma Karsten Valparaiso University Universitv of Pittsburgh junior High Librarian Grammar, Reading "Speak true, live true, , he true. ' Milton Klein Duquesne University Government, Prohlems of Democracy, U. S. History VVorld Historv "Seek and ve shall finclf' l Josephine B. Lecnar Miserieortlia College Graniniar, Literature, Composition "All the worltl's a stage." Lawrence F. McGuire Carnegie Institute of Technology University of Pittsburgh Drafting, Mathematics "The figures never lie , . . ' Peggy Ann Hall Grove City College Composition, Grammar, Literature, Public Speaking "Speak the speech . . . trippingly on the tongue. Elinor R. Keefer Muskingum College University of Pittsburgh Spanish, Arithmetic "Por que' no sahe'?" fon leayei Brooks Kuhn Slippery Rock State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh General Shop "Do it nowiv' Rosemary Fitzgerald Grove City College Mathematics "Math is a frienclg treat it well." George C. McLaughlin XVayneshurg College University of Pittsburgh Physics, Chemistry, Biology "llc can who thinks he can 10 Margaret K. Morrison Grove City College Typing, Salcsnianship Commercial Law "Nothing succeeds like , success. Leonard F. Paletta Duquesne University Grammar, History "Success is thc reward of hard Workf, Oliver I. Phillips University of Chattanooga Health "Health is wealth." Alex Tannas Mercer Univcrsitv World History, Civics Pennsylvania History "Know thyself . . . " Nicholas A. Ventura Carnegie Institute of Technology Duquesne University Mathematics, History Science "Honesty is the best policy." 6lClflfZfg Alhert G. Moses Duquesne University Band 'i s a L o 'ec 'ou' fritle niik- ri tl , perfection is no trifle. ' Mario Peretti University of Pittsburgh Wittenberg College Algebra, Science "Science is the fundamental of lifef, Ruth Sipes Slippery Rock State Teachers Collegc Algebra, Science "Mathematics is the root of all sciences. Robert M. Terlinski Indiana State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh Geography "To stop learning is to stop livingf' Inez Wallis Pennsylvania College for NVomen University of Pittsburgh Reading, Grammar "Do it toduyf, 16 MARY E. CIPOLLA vVCStIllillStl'1' College Arithmetic, Grammar "Somebody said it coulchft he done." FACULTY MARY D. PALLONE Indiana State Teachers College Shorthand, Tvpcwriting, Business Mathematics "True friendship is di- vincfi DOCTORS DR. L. C. CERASO DR. E. 1. STEVENS Physician Bucknell Universitv Temple University FRANC Martiifs Fe Dentist University of Pittsburgh NURSE ES TANNAS, R. N. School Nurse rry. Ohio Nursing School SECRETARIES INEZ FANTINI Secretary junior High School EMMA SRNISH Secretary General Ofticc SUSAN KAPUSTIK Secretary Superintendent DOROTHY B. ZIINHWERINIAN Sccretary Scnior High School SQCLCDLA? Ae 1950 lhm xx 114 iii GVLLOV5 ng lruugli. Row One: Ii. Si-In-rf-r, A, iluni. ll, -I. Spi-ixninfan, li. Sgflllll um! l.lmM.Ql Row Two: Xliss XI. Cigilflm-II, Xliss X, illllNfilL'li, .Mlxis filling ml ul ilu lmul. SPH OFFICERS l'rc'si4lc-nt lll'I'IlLll'll Sc-lic-11-il Vice l'i'csiclc-iit limliial Sgriiiiai Sc'ci'm'ta1l'v Bully' -lam' SPUIYIIIIR1 rl1l't'2lSlll'l'l' :xllll Clufvi Aclvisci's Xliss Xl. Chililxu-ll Xliss .'X. Cfxusyau-lx "NVc Finish To Begin." :Xml so our high scliuol claws vcmu- lo am vmll In l'm'ti'0sp0ct. thosm' lun-puclwcl x'm'zu's llvw lwl Ks soplicmiiinivs, wa- wmv lillvcl with thc- womlvr ol am viltilw-lx' iww Q-mlm-zitiuiml Iilk-. NYill wi- ,,,. uni loiwfct our lirst hw social llll'lII'-ftlll' Bw Top l rw ' .- - ' ' rs lopl Vllllvll our iuiiim' x'm'a1i'f-ilu' clalss plan-. ulfur Pctcfs Suki-f' thx' liluiwwx' Shim' llop. mul thi- long-ziwuitccl c'limz1x-- our l'rom, wlivii tha- iors wc-rv our gum-sts ut thai liclgvxxmul Collin- trv Chili. Tlwn callin' that luiig-zmuitmml f'l'1ll'-- that ycur that lor mum' ul' us woulcl liirzuu thc- mid of fornml 4-cliicaitioii. tlmt clan' wliuu cuicli ul' IIS would go his own wmv. This Muir sam' i'Ul'I' thc Ti 'nn-lf' us our class pluxp thc' lust ol our sa-liuul ililllCl'S,1lIICll0L'llIIlilX an mijmnlwli-um! imI'orgct- talhlc ycai'-tlic' class lmiiqlwt ut tlw Slxx'lim'i'. Anil so wi' ll1lYl' lillisllc-ill ll is mm uliim' lu lx-giiinl IS LEE ABEL "Lee" Academic Always has a smile on his face. Has a friendly "Hello" for everyone. Lou's twin. Pet expression is, "All right!" Outstanding lineman of Ar- nold . . . Football and Base- hall. GEORGE ANDERSON "George" Academic Puts Broadcaster together. Nice wavy hair. Winning smile. Honor roll student. Don's inseparable pal. Penn State is his aim. Neat dress- er . . . Broadcaster Staff. junior Red Cross. FREDERICK BECKER "Fritz" Academic The hrains of the football team. Well-liked by all. Likes to hunt and fish. Stu- dious. Fritz and his 1950 Dodge would be a good catch for some lucky girl . . . Football. ALVIN BOWS ER "Bezzer" Commercial Arnold's version of Will R o g e r s. Happy-go-lucky. One of Suzy's gang. One of our tall boys. Likes to hunt and fish . . . Band, Arlion, Junior and Senior Class Plays, Choir. JOHN ADAMS "Sonny" General Always ready to lend a helping hand. An outstand- ing athlete. Tall, blond and muscular. A flash on the gridiron. Loves to travel. Anybodyis "dream mann . . . Football. ANDREW BECKEB "Andy" Academic Always looking for fun. Likes to forecast the future. Fomier Stewart student. In- telligent. Seen but not heard. Has a great interest in all sports . . . junior and Senior Class Plays. BERNARD BILICKI "Chickie" General Our future conservation- ist. Quiet at times. Enjoys going hunting. Enjoys a friendly argument. Likes to read. Full of fun. Happy- go-lucky. Takes life easy. . . . Band. FRANCIS BUCHANAN "Buch" Commercial Knows his own mind. Bi- cycle enthusiast. Peppy and active. Never makes his presence known in class. Red's constant companion and buddy. Carries papers faithfully. Enjoys playing softball. 19 DOROTHY ALBANESE "Dot" Commercial Socially inclined. Added to success of the junior- Senior Prom. Likes dancing and skating . . . junior Red Cross, J. C. C., Y-Teens, junior Class Plav, Prom Committee, Dance Commit- tee, Choir. ELIZABETH BOLLINGER "Betty" Academic Always very helpful. Boh Meanor's fiancee in the Se- nior Class Play. Collects perfume hotties for a holihy . . . Y-Teens, Latin Clulm Vice President, Prom Coin- mittee, Banquet Committee. CONCETTA CASTORINA "Connie" Commercial Neyer seen without Dolly. Iniects humor into any situ- ation. Hobby is dancing. Choir, Student Council Sec- retary, j. C. C., Y-Teens Secretary, junior and Senior Class Plays, Maiorettes, Ban- quet Committee. JOAN CIZINIA "Chiz" Commercial Petite lilonde. Always seen with Elaine. Responsi- hle for the success of our class plays . . . I. C. C., Y- Teens, Maiorettes, Choir, -lnnior and Senior Class Plays, Banquet Committee, junior Red Cross. enior Cfdfiid IRENE BAGINSKI "Irene" Commercial llas a beautiful wardrohe. A Sophisticated senior. ller hobby is dancing. Proud of her Chrysler . . . I. C. C., Y- Teens, Drum Major, Choir, Broadcaster Staff, ju- nior and Senior Class Plays. NORMA BROWN "Norma" Commercial llas a gift of gah. Always getting into mischief. Ar- dent sports fan, -lean is her inseparable e o nl p a n i o n. Quite a matlu-matician. On- ly New Year's lmahy . . , 1. C. C. DORIS CICERCHI "Blondie" Commercial XVhiz on roller skates. Al- ways seen at Melwood Skat- ing Rink. Quite a character actress. Always the last one to get a ioke! . . . Broadcast- er Staff, junior Class Play. MARGARET COMBA "Margie" Commercial Quiet and reserved. Blush- ing comes naturally. Takes great pride in her collection of screen stars, llates to walk any great distance. Very conscientious . . . J. C. C., Y-Teens. 20 0 1950 ROBERT CAMEL "Bob" General Rugged all-around athlete. NVell liked. Short and good looking. Shv at times. Nice personality. Always alert, especially in composition class! Likes to dance , . . Football, Basketball, Base- ball. RONALD CAMPBELL "Camel" Vocational Quiet and shuns the fairer sex. Likes to fish. Takes the prize for being bashful. One of the machine shop mus- keteers. One of the most industrious shop boys. CHARLES CAPONE "Chuck" Vocational "Mr. Fixitu himself. En- joys a good laugh. Likes working with wood. Rugged outdoor tvpe. Generally at odds with Cropcho. A smart boy when he wants to be. VICTOR CLARK "Zeke" Vocational Outstanding captain of football team. Grand guy with a wonderful personali- ty. Rugged man, but just a little boy when it comes to getting Cropcho in trouble . . . Football, Basketball, Stu- dent Council. AUGUST CAMPANA "Augie" General Practical ioker. Easy to get along with. Likes to whistle. Bushy, black hair. One of his favorite pastimes is haunting Iacobis. His fa- vorite subject fwe've heardj is literature. FRANCIS CAPO "Sonny' Academic Nice wavv hair. Has a pleasant smile. Efficient co- py editor and distribution manager on Broadcaster. Never seen without Bernie. Enjoys all sports. Spends leisure time bowling . . . Broadcaster Staff. VINCENT CHILIA "Chick" Vocational Our hot-dog salesman. Is a good worker. Hobbies are women and automobiles. Ready grin. Looks pretty neat when slicked llp. Liked by all. STEPHEN CROPCHO "Blast" Vocational Surplus of bulging biceps. One-woman man. Enjoys making friends. Mischief is his chief occupation. St. Vlad grad. From 3:10 on you always found him read- ing in the library. 21 eniom HINND COREY "Hinndy" Commercial Rigid observer of the Golden Rule. Toils at Her- manvs. Never has a moment to sparc . . . Iunior Bed Cross, 1. C. C., Y-Teens, Prom Committee, Banquet Committee, Dance Commit- tee. IDALE DIPASQUALE "I" Commercial Neat dresser. A friendly girl with an even disposi- tion. Toils at Hart's. Hobby is dancing. One of our tal- ler girls . . . I. C. C., Y- Teens, Choir, Prom Com- mittee, Banquet Committee. JEANNE EWINC "Jeanne" Commercial Typical Hollywood smile. Earns her spending money at Murphyis. Twinkling eycs. A friend of Ellen and Irene. Hobby is dancing . . . I. C. C., Y-Teens, Major- cttes, Broadcaster Staff, NORMA FITZGERALD "NoNo" Commercial Teacher's dream student. Former Stewart School stu- dent. Photogenic lass. Fun to be with. Excels in all classes . . . I. C. C. presi- dent, Y-Teens, Prom Com- mittee, Banquet Commit- tee. ANCELINE IYARGENZIO "Angie" Commercial Plavs sweet notes on her clarinet. Comes from a mu- sical family, Hobbies are dancing and skating. Li- brarian in the band . . . I. C. C., Band, Innior Red Cross. LOTS JEAN EBEL "LoLo" Commercial One of the "Three Insepa- rable Musketeers." Enjoys a good ioke. Hides the Leech- burg bus to and from school. llails from Stewart wav . . . Prom Committee, Y-Teens, I. C. C., Banquet Commit- tee. LARUE FABINEAU "Rue" Commercial Always looking for mis- chief. llas a pleasant smile for everyone. Cute dimples. Marilyn is her constant com- panion. llobby is dancing . . . J. C. C.. Majorcttes, Y- Teens, Choir. RUTH FLEMNI "Ruthie" Academic Head maiorette. Very proud of her long, blonde hair. Usually seen where Peggv is . . . Latin Club, Y-Teens, Junior Bed Cross, junior and Senior Class Plays, Majorettes. 72 Kfddfi of 7950 EUGENE D'ISABELLA "Toto" Commercial A friendly fellow who is always laughing at Marsico's iokes. Has a mysterious laugh. Mischievous, Puts his brain to good use. Avid reader. Girl shy . . . Foot- ball. HAROLD EGELSKY "Russian" General Earns his salt as bone crusher for Springdale Vets semi-pro football te a m . Charles Atlas of Arnold High. Athletics rate first in his thinking . . . Football, Baseball. GEORGE FORREST "For-Rest" General Soft-spoken. Likes to sleep. Shy around girls. His philosophy of life is taking it easy. Quiet as a mouse. Has a winning smile. Al- ways willing to oblige. DONALD GIGLER "Gus" Academic A quiet boy who is liked by everyone. Likes to tickle the iyories. Often blushes. Blond haired, blue-eyed lad with no time for girls . . . Latin Club. LAWRENCE DEBAY "Red" General A quiet fellow. One of Arnold's taller boys. Blushes easily. Holds rank of cor- poral in Civil Air Patrol. Big interest in aeronautics. Con- stantly shadowed by Smitty. . . . Choir. EDWARD FERRICH "Ed" Commercial Our friendly pin-hoy. In class, P. C. tries to use him for a pillow. Always, a ready answer lurks behind those snapping dark eyes. One of Seherf's passengers. ALFRED GIANCOLA "Chico" Commercial D i s a rm i n g personali- ty. Hot master of licorice stick. Always looking for fun. Music is his first love. One of our shorter boys . . . Dance band, Choir, Orches- tra. NORMAN GREEN "Nate" General Teacheris reason for gray hair. Part of the Becker, Green, and Dunn Co. Beau- tiful teeth. Possesses a good speaking voice . . . Football. Football manager, Choir. 2:3 MARILYN FRANCART DOROTHY CANS "Lyn" Commercial +-Dm" Academic i l'3Hif'.v5 'll5r"l'ti"l-5 clilsfm' llus an pla-using pa-1'smu1lity l"'lI "l 'Fl"f'5' HM 2' lllnlu' an-on-lite-cl liy lwr shiny, lilaclc snplny' Ol lil", ill' 'rjf "lu" lmir. llulmliics url- I'l'illllIljl Alw1n'Sf""1'f15HS- li'lI'Il'55' :incl Vlllllljl. fllllllllS willi DU?-5 l"V"r- - - M"'l4"'l c"""" Marx' Ann , , . Latin Clnli, Nl' M1'l"'i"U"5- .l' cf- L' Y-'l'1-4-ns, ,llllllllf R4-ml Cross, S4-niur Class Play, JUAN CARBINSKI ANNA CUZZI "loam" Commercial uH0'WVu Commercial l":lsc-inzllillg lilrnlrllv :mtl small ,lily 1'W1',iH llll-ill 5lilllIli'll snppnrtc-r nl ull uv- l'f'4fl5- Llulf' iflmlm' llflmll- lixitivs. lloliliivs aura' singing lf1'll'4'Y5 '-'l""9'lWtl"?l- .l- L-,cl-x :mal 1lamc'in1.5 . . . bl. C. C., ff'l'N'V fflw . Plily, C:l1l5S Denim- Ccunnlittm-1-, Clmir, l""1l5"l'f'f- .llllllflf H4-cl Lrnss Prom Cmnlnittx-4-, Nutimml 54'l"'4'Ull'Y- Alfllfll! Siflff, Hmlm. Smwty' 5l.,m,l.HClMs llrmmclc-ustm-r Stuff, Nnhmml Pluv, Iliwuulcanstl-I' Stull, ll""Ur 5"l""l5'- BETTY HAEN MARGARET IIROSKO ..Bcny.. Commercial lioscm: Commercial - . .. V ' I l, Om- wlm is sw-n wlicrl' I H I ,Q .L f u I, I. I lu-Alrt is lllftllljlll llis slullialvll. lun ls nmsll U' l'mfml"' V l to l'u1fli Axncl flfflv l'nluys mllvr Sli'llllljl 'incl 'mm ' 7" ' . l"l"l' ' . ' 7 ' . . I. C. C. Clmir Prom cunlung. lialkvs pizza all tlu- V' 4 H ' . I ' R X I l,l771'l'lAl Lilu-s to tullx Z0HH'mul'. -lmllm 1 C cqllkiir 1. cl Lruss, 'IIIIIIUI' g:lllSS Plakv, ' A' " llI'1l1lCl1'klStK'l' Slalii. MAnc:Am':'l' jAc:KsoN LOHHTTA JANOSKY --Peggy" Academic "Larry" Commercial l,m'1's lu llilllii' illlll im' NVVVV WMF Wltlfqut U slculv. VVunls to ln- an nnrsv. Smlll' "H IW' liluf- l'rl"'ldl5' Clrvnl sports 4-ntllnsinst . . . U' ull' llulllly 'S dilflclnl-5' liutin Clulw, Prmn Cunnnit- llU5w'lill"ll'1ll,lY Ullflf' llillf - ' - lm-, -lllllllil' R1-fl Cross, -lllllltll' -l- cf- ch- lrflm c'U"'l"lttl"'v mul gtmim. Clams lwluw- -lllllllil' ll:-ml flross, lhnzlclcalst- vi' Stzlfi, llunqm-i cillllllllll- tl'1'1 enior 6 6455 24 0 7950 FRANCIS CUNIBERT "Gumbo" Academic Quite a mischievous lad. Always enioys a good joke. Likes to loaf. What would happen if Culnbo would get a hair cut? Michael's chief listener . . . Hand. LEONARD HOLIZNA "Len" Vocational Never worries. Smooth dancer. Enjoys all sports. llas blond hair and blue eyes. Cav smile. Attracts all girls . . . Basketball, Baseball, Football, Dance Connnittee, Class President for two years, GEORGE KEY "Buster" Vocational Famous words - "Will Rogers be president?" llunt- ing and riding are his hob- bies. Sgrinia's pal. Nice smile. Life holds no wor- ries for him except - big words! Football. JOHN KOMINKO "johnny" Vocational A good-looking prankster. Toils at Fedan's. Always stirs up mischief. Dancer deluxe. Life of any partv . . . junior and Senior Class Plays, Orchestra, Band, Prom Committee. PATSY CUZZI HP. Cf, Commercial A humorous, likeable guy. Pleasant to everyone. Chico's right-hand man. Dance band's ace truinpeter. Has a mania for disturbing study halls. Band President . . . Hand, Orchestra, Choir. EDWARD KAKUK "Ed" Vocational Very quiet lad. Good sport. Tall and lanky. Easy- going disposition. Lover of all sports. Everyone likes his company. The vocational "brain', . . . Football Man- ager, Baseball, Basketball. JOSEPH KLEMS A'Nose" Vocational Silent type. Shy around girls. One of the shop boys. Friendly to everyone. At- tends all social affairs. Only one who knows how to run the Klemsmobile. WALTER KOWALIK "Walt" Academic A little man but capable of handling a big job. A swell lad with an A-l per- sonality. Future physicist. Never without Sonny or Ber- nie. Chess Player. 25 eniom ANIELIA KALITA "Dolly" Commercial Always svvn with Claricv. lialws tht- inost cln-licions cakes ot Arnold lligli. Quin-t lint lnnnorous. NVill nialw a line svcn-tai'y . . . Al. C. C.. Prom Connnittvm-, llanqiu-t Coininittr-v. NADIA NIALICK "Nadia" Academic Can inakv a piano talli. I las a lwautiful soprano xoicv. lntvlligt-nt. Mc-nilmvr of tliv Ofqtvttv. St-nior Class Play proinptvr . , . Clioir. Latin Cluli, junior livcl Cross. LUCILLE MABSILIO "Lou" Commercial A soft-voice-cl lass. Slit- is l3lIllOllS for livr gum ulww- ing. 'l'lic kincl of pc-rson wlios always rvarly to lc-ntl ai lu-lping lianrl. Iinioys sowing . . . Al. C. C., Clnoir, Y-'l'vr'ns. IRAN INIESTON "Jeanie" Commercial NVill "Dol1lmins" cu-1' gr-t lu-r to scliool on tiinv? lin- ioys liorsvliacli riding. Ar- tistic lianrls. Intc-rm-st livs on Lt-vt-lilmrg Roacl. Nvat anal wvll dr:-ss:-cl. Noi'ina's fri:-nal . . . Clioir. DOROTHY KARSON "Kit" Commercial Oftvn found cutting fignrv 8's at Valley Canip. A fu- ture- winrlou' display artist . . , il. C. C., junior Rc-cl Cross, Clioir, Y-Toons, Prom Coininittvv, Dano.-0 Connnit- tvv. lltllll1llt'l Connnittvv. DOLORES MA NZELLA "Dolly" Commercial Connit-'s lwst pal. Slu' is tlu- only i'c-cl-livaulucl girl in tlw svnior class. llvr liolilxy is clant-ing. Nlalws frit-iicls 1-asily. . . Y-Tm-r-ns, -I. C. C., Maiorvttvs, Clioir, Banqnvt Connnittvv. RACHEL NIARTIN "Rach" Academic Music low-r. Yotccl most popular st-nior. Nlvinlmvr of tlic Oct:-ttv ...Q I unior Rr-tl Cross l'rc-sidviit, Y-Tv:-ns, Clioir, Stnrlc-nt Council, Na- tional llonor Socicty, Latin C l u lm, Prom Connnittvv, lianquvt Connnittvv. PATRICIA NOEL "Pat" Commercial Anotlu-r tfltlu-t Barryinorc. lfnioys listt-ning and collvct- ing worrls to wt-stern inusit-. Slit- also likr-s to saw pvn- nivs . . . -I. C. C.. Clioir, ,Iunior anal Svnior Class Plays. liroarlcasts-r Staff. li M4 O! 1950 HENRY LOEHNER "Red" General Inclined to be a little lazy in shop. An ace baseball player. Knows his sports. Shaw's pal. One of our red- heads. Shuns the fairer sex . . . Baseball. DONALD MARINI "Don" General F a i t h fu l mimeograph technician. Neat dresser. Winning smile. Nice eyes. Proud of his new Buick. En- iovs dancing, hunting, and riding horses . . . Editor-iw chief of the Broadcaster, Banquet Committee. ROBERT MARTINO "Hub', Commercial A husky, rugged youth, Always loads of fun. ln- jects humor into any situa- tion. Likes all sports. Hard working co-business mana- ger of the Arlion . . . Stu- dent Council. ROBERT MEANOR ..B0b,, Academic Tall slim fellow. Very capable of handling a trom- bone. Stewart commuter. Member of the Octette . . . Junior and Senior Class Plays, Band, Choir, Dance Band, Banquet Committee. CHARLES LICOON "Chuck" Commercial Can out-giggle any girl in the world. The spark-plug' of every joke. Generally in- to mischief. Has a keen in- terest in Ken-Hi . . . Band. DAVID MARSICO "Dave" Commercial Appears to be an innocent bvstander when trouble is around. Loafs around with Toto. Toils at Penny's. Very nice frame. Thick, brown, curly hair . . . Band, Orches- tra. LEROY MCCLINTOCK "Leroy" General Easy going. Happy-go- lucky. School doesnlt make much of an impression on him. Possesses jet black hair and bushy eyebrows. Leaves outside world alone. Baseball fan. WILLIAM MORRISON "Moe" Academic NVinning smile. Verv fine personality. Diligent hard worker. Capable Student Council President . . . Band, Orchestra, Arlion, Student Council, Senior Class Play, Latin Club, Prom Commit- tee. -1 I DONNA NOLF "Don" Commercial Peppy. lfrieuclly smile. Nexer a clull moment with her. llails from Stewart. l'Iveryone's frieurl. Lilies to clauee , , . j. C. C., Y-Teens. l'roui Couuniltee, junior llecl Cross, Banquet Cour- mittee. l.ll.l,lAN POZEI. "Poz" Academic Eu-els in art work. ls Ar- nolrl's lleuihranrlt. Likes to sew. Lively ...4 junior aucl Senior Class Plays, llroacl- easter Staff, Arlion, junior llecl Cross, Prom Conuuil- lee, Maiorelles, Banquet Couuuillee. Danee Couuuil- lee. CONSTANCE RUSS "Connie" Commercial Neat ilresser. Short, pe- tite lass with a winning smile. Loves to clanee . . , Y-Teens, Choir, junior anal Senior Class Plays, Prom Conuuitlee, junior llecl Cross, Banquet Conunitfee, NlARCARET SASKA "Margie" Commercial Active lIli'llllll'l' of the senior elass. Always slieleh- ing a clifferenl profile. lleaclv to leuml a helping hauml to anyone . . . j. C. C., l'roni flUlllIllllll'l', Dance Couuuillee. Senior Class Play. DOLORES POTOCNAK "Dolly" Academic Quiet, attractive, aucl very neat. Nursing is her aim. Enjoys listening to the radio. Lilies to clauee . , . Y-Teens, junior liecl Cross, Dance Colnlnitlee, l'roiu Connnil- lee. ELAINE REED "Elaine" Academic Frienrllv girl with a spark- ling personality. Always iu a goocl humor. Possesses a cute pug nose. ls our 10:30 office girl. 'l'alkatix'e. En- ioys collecting records . . . Y-Teens, llroacleaster Staff. ELAIN E SA ELLAM "Salema" Commercial Neyer seeu without joan, Nlischievous anal full of pep, ller hohlw is sewing . . . Y-Teens, j. C. C., Choir, junior Real Cross, junior anal Senior Class Plays, Prom Couunittee. ELLEN SLATEB "Ellen" Commercial Enioys all types of inoclern claueing. llas expressive ha- zel eyes. She follows in her lllLlfllC'flS footsteps as a seamstress . . . Y-Teens, j, C. C., Choir, Prom Committee, llroacleasler Staff. enior Cfddd 28 7950 RAYBIOND PRESSICK "Ray" Academic Whiz on ice skates. Fu- ture engineer. Has a great interest in photography. Pi- lots '38 Ford. Man about town. Headed for college. Spends his time at the "Gar- dens" viewing li o c k e y games. ROBERT PRYOR "Bob" General Polite. Neat dr e s s e r. Pleasing smile. Drawing is his hobby. Expert theolo- gist. Deep bass voice. Has that distinguished look. En- ioys composing poetry and writing short stories. WILLIAM RHEA "Drum" General Always knows an answer. Peppy. Mr. Klein's "no" man, Likes to hunt. Iiails from out Melwood way. Possesses unruly hair. Never gives in without an argu- ment. WALTEB BUSAK "Vudge" Vocational A quiet lad. Friendly to all. Energetic. Likes to read. Good baritone voice. Drafting is his pet subject. Layout editor on the Arlion Staff . . . Junior Class Play. JOSEPH PROVENZO "Joe" Academic Very friendly and 1nis- ehievous. Liked by all. Impish grin. Hobby is woodworking. Pet saying is, "VVhen you see it, you know it." . . . Football, Choir, Basketball Manager. RAYMOND RESKIEWICZ "Rav" Academic Always willing to help. Efficient Broadcaster work- cr, Crossword puzzle ex- pert. Stamp collecting is his hobbv. Seen but not heard. llockey is his favor- ite sport. Broadcaster Staff. FRANCIS ROPERTI "Tuba,' Academic Accordion specialist. Tov trains occupy his time. Very outspoken. Safety Squad. Constantly working to im- prove Broadcaster . . . Broadcaster, Football, junior and Senior Class Plays. WEIDO SACRIPONTE "Skinny,' Vocational Co-captain of the football team, Has a smile for every- one. Easy to get along with. One of Suzy's gang. Liked bv all . . . Football, Student Council, Vice president. 29 eniom DOLORES SLIWKA "Dolly" Commercial .loans cousin. Loyal Ar- nolcl fan. Quiet antl neat. "Good things come in small packagesf' Enjoys dancing . . . Y-Teens, I. C. C., Choir, Prom Committee, Dance C o m m i t t e e, Broadcaster Staff. PEGGY LEE TROUTMAN "Fishy" Academic llarcl worker on our Broadcaster. Has cleep clim- ples and a cute giggle. Ilcr eyes sparkle at the mention of utllatn certain hov. Likes to dance . . . Y-Teens, Prom Committee. LILLIAN WALCUTT "Sissy" General Tall, sedate senior. Sticks to her beliefs. Always has a clever remark. Loves to dance, Enjoys Mr. Kleinis classes . . . Y-Teens, Major- ettes, il. C. C., Choir. CLARICE WETTER "Clarice" Commercial Always seen where Dolly is. Perfection is her aim. VVitty. Nice friendly smile. Movies are her favorite way of losing currency . . . I. C. C., Prom Committee. BETTY JANE SPERANZA "BJ" Commercial Spar k l i n g personali- ty. Proud of licr long, clark hrown hair. Likes to sew. . . l. C. C., -lnnior Red Cross, lnnior ancl Senior Class Plays, Choir, Cheerleader, Secretary of Senior Class. VIVI,-ANN VICCIANI "Vig" Academic l las expressive lmrown eyes. Peppy. llas the gift ot yah. Likes to draw . . . lnnior llecl Cross. Y-Teens, Majorettes, junior and Sen- ior Class Plays. National llonor Society. MARY ANN WARDOCLIP "Wardo" Reserved. Master of the ivories. Lively. Believes in heing a humanitarian. Earns her spending money at KllIlgl'IlSIllltll,S. Enjoys read- ing. Typing just comes na- Commercial turally . . . -I. C. C. DOLORES WOLFE "Do-Do" Academic llas beautiful, big brown eves. Bluslies easily. One of our tallest girls, Still thinks a lot of Washington Township. Likes to dance . . . Latin Clnh Secretary, Y-Teens. 30 CM 0 1950 EDWARD SARNIAK "Eddy" General Has a flashy smile for the opposite sex. Enjoys work- ing Mr. McGuire,s math problems. Friendly to all. Takes life easy. Fun to be with. Drives family grocery truck. BERNARD SCHERER "Bemie" Academic Seldom s e e n without Francis, A well-spoken ora- tor. Has blue eyes . . . Se- nior class president, Arlion Editor, Latin Club, Broad- caster. junior and Senior Class Plavs, National Honor Society, Student Council. JOHN SCIBILIA "john" Commercial Scrubbie's shadow. Shy. Always ready to help. One of the gang. Pleasing smile. Has neat, wavy hair. Likes to sleep and talk. Pet sub- iect is Commercial Law. JOHN SHAW "Iocko" General Nothing ever bothers him. Has a catchy laugh. One of the Iacob's set. All-around sportsman. Likes to have fun. Expert with the cue stick . . . Basketball. ROBERT SCANCA "Bob" Academic Personality plus. Friendly to all. Hails from Stewart. Enioys all sports . . . Bas- ketball, Baseball, Football, Junior and Senior Class Plavs, President of Latin Club, National Honor Soci- ety. ARTHUR SCHEHF "Art" General Dark-haired lad with a swell personality. Fun to be with. Smooth dancer. Out- door type. Has an impish grin. Hails from out Kinloch wav . . . Football, Basket- ball. EHMAN SGRINIA "Bill" Academic Always seen with Adams. A good athlete. Likes to go hunting. Tall and hand- some. Tarzan type. Vice president of his class for three years . . . Football, Basketball. WILLIAM SKRABUT "Scrubbie" General Ed's right hand man. Seen but not heard. Mis- chievous smile. Takes things as they are and never wor- ries about the future, or for that matter, the present. 31 eniom GLORIA YAN NUZZI "Glor" Commercial A whiz at typing and shorthand. Makes her own clothes, Likes to play the piauo. VVilling to help any- one in need of aid . . . C. C., Arlion Staff, Banquet Committee, Dance Commit- tee. HELEN YOUNG "Wcczie" Academic Engaging smile accented lm v dimples. Allegheny 'l'ownshin's loss is our gain. linioys dancing. Mr. Klein's sparring partner . . . Prom Committee, Arlion, Dance Committee. National llonor Society, Choir. DONALD TIIIMONS "Tim" Academic Georgcis pal. Studious. Alwavs working on some- thing. Puts Broadcaster to- gether. Likes to play golf. Scarlet hue of modesty . . . junior Red Cross, National Honor Society, Broadcaster Staff. ROBERT VEITCII "Vcitchie" Academic Spirit of any conversation. Interest lies in photography. VVe don't know what's in the hack of Bolfs mind, hut we wonder if he'll ever notice there are girls in school. DOUGLAS VRUDNY "Doug" Academic Precision athlete. Every- hody's friend. Colgate smile. One of the warhlers in our choir. Always ready for a good time. Likes all good dance nmsic . . . Foothall, Choir. NOKAII YOBP "Nolcah Bean" Commercial Life of any party. Ilas hloude hair and blue eyes. Keeps the sewing machine humming. Always full of iolces, Nice wardrohe . . . Maiorettes, Y-Teens, I. C. C., Choir, Senior Class Play. ALFRED SMITH "Herk" General Une of our red-headed seniors. Natural horn artist. Nice personality. Shy and quiet. llohhies are swim- ming and drawing. First love is baseball. Iocko's cousin, Loyal Pirate fan. GILBERT TIDD "Red" General Likes to drive his family's little red wagon around school. Quiet and shy around girls. Likes to loaf. Enjoys ice skating. Slides his trom- hone tor the hand . . . Band. IOSEPII VIGILANTE "Pills" General jolly nature. llandy at anvthing. Catchy laugh. One of Suzy's jltlllg. Spends his extra time clerking at Longo's. Sings for a half credit , . . Choir, ,lunior Red Cross. WILLIAM WALCUTT "Bill" Vocational llas a nice smile. Lillianis hrother. Likes to hunt. Strong, silent type. Member of the rough vocational class. Drives to school every morn- ing from out Greensburg wav. NUT PI! ITUHED RICHARD SOBAK "Dick" General 32 RICHARD LUBINETZKY lin Memoriam N XL ,F i .mfg ' " 2 'fa-. f 0 a 1 , 4 'xl ,A -,7 4- A my-.-f An- Af. -S 'A - iv A-, P",-'-f M, ",ff ff Aurf, ' -N'-v ,f-' A 44' mj""-1N- , rs.-, V A 'Am fu, ,,j...,q4"-,V-3-v,, Pu ff' :lv d4!i'rft3.f2 MVN- 5 f ' A1 Af ' 3, e -y ' ' ' .Al ,sax - N 3 f If 'fl 'vp'-1 , 0+ . D, fnvxltfygvad 3 -'81,-fwfw If M1 A P 4 -V ,AiA,.,'WAr-aAF:fv- fi 'QALAI' 3, If P J .E .S HA B 1. .. -,FJ gfAl if V ,, A, A, "QR: .A4'1f'A ' -ww. A-y-wwf' ' .,, x N in M1 - 5 ..- , M ..fqf... qf,-M rf, 3' pn," fli'?.lrN'!Wy',w,- 5 g ' 'W I W "Km .. 1 L Q ,1P'b 'Y ' I . ' n . . 4x ' ' xii... - , fi ..,,,..,, 'lu ' ef V I 5 I Q az, fs , xf -3, w, , , Q v ,V I 'K K ,L f , I 1 I -if xr , f 1 ,Q x 4 i fy, 5 V. X "N?1Q51iN W Q le lfl,l'Llf0l"ff l Row One: P. Cappone, F. Dunn, J. Champainy, V. Fiorina. Row Two: Miss R. Crihhs, Miss V. Bushnell, Advisers. OFFICERS Presldeut . . ,,., ..,... ,,.,.... F . Dunn Vice President .. ., . ,. Champainy Secretary . , . ,, , UV. Fiorina Treasurer .,,..,....i.,,. .i,,., ..,, . . P. Cappone A ' . , .. - . . i - - ClVlSilh Miss H. Cribbs, Miss V. Bushnell Row One: NV. Snkala. Row Two: J. Champainy, B. Kuhn, P. Egclsli A. V, DePetro, F. Dunn. I integral part of the Arnold Senior High School. During this initial VGHI' the eager and very n 1948 this class hegan to function as an determined members of this young class spon- sored a well-liked and well-attended dance. This dance, known as The Bumis Convention had' " ' ' ' ' ' as 1tS mam dttlaCt10l1 a couple disguised as Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andv When their identities were revealed, Mr. Joseph Deda and Miss Hilda Avey received great applause for their good sportsmanship. As Juniors these workers found the task of ra' " lblllg money for the prom a long, ceaseless effort. At the football creased their coffers, but not wihout stre nuous effort. So determined to succeed in this sel- ling venture they tirelessly trud ed f , g rom kit- Chen to stand night after night, never knowin games the selling in- g JU ,7!Le Joalfaiomf . when the final gun had sounded. who had won the gkllllv. Their first venture in clrannaties wus the pluy entitled Aunt Clatliit-'s Cat. The success of this venture moved them ai step nearer their goail-enough money for u prom. By their candy sales, huke sales, and play ticket sales, this class finally had enough mon- ey to hold, at the Hotel Schenley Bull Room. ai very fashionable prom. MACHINE SHOP Row One: NV. Artnmn, D. Sny- der, A. Pupurello, R, Slater. Row Two: NV. Nlurin, 1. Salva- tore, R. Bzlilco, Muytzin. Row Three: F. Gentile, H. Al- kire, E. Miller, S. SlllSill'. ROOM 105-S Row One: P. Cuppone. B. J Bailey, D, Haizenslti. ll. Kowal- ewski, L. Misko. Row Two: F. Dunn, A. De Petro, j. Chzunpainy, V. DiC:xr- olis. Row Three: C. Meeo, M. Ep- stein, M. Mm-ixelsherger, P. Sny- der, C. lJt'LllCkl. 36 ROOM 200-S Row One: P. ligelslxy. l, f,SNVlllLl, ll Xlumwy, D. Russ, R. llnwli, R. Smith Row Two: IC. Kev, ll. NVm-lsh, XV Kuhn, N. l,:nn'y, N. Sivmelii, Cry! mr. Row Three: NV. Sukulu, C. S1-Imtt Xl. Liptali. Il. lfurm-lius. D. Sgrinial. ROOM 20 1 lion One: S. NIL-Clnskuy, NI. E. 'Fallu- riun, .I. l'a1gli:1l'u, L, Bertmmi, S. Aclauns Y, c:l1lllllYAlk. liuw Two: C. Antunueei, E. Leun- urcli, ll, Nl. 'l':unhum, V. Fiorinu, L SilIllllL'L'i, S, lhlstuli. Row Three: N. L, Davis, T, Pugliese P. Kress. F. lsaule. L. Preclehun. ROOM 203-S Row One: NI. llulier. E. Sergi, ,I Kelly, I. Davis, I. Baker. Row Two: NV. Pugoleselii, II, Smuh U. l':u-Im, ll, Snow, llurnish. Row Three: B. B1'illllik'll, li. I,ie:1lzl 11. 1:1-sn, fx. mil.-y. E 5 s l 2 ex 1 M Row One: A. Slipakoff, I., Alu-l. B. Stuyer. Row Two: Mr. Ni. Klein, Nliss Xl, Niorrisun, adx isers. The "youngsters" of Senior High began their year with a lot of pep and enthusiasm which stayed with them throughout the vear. Ma- roon and white will he the hanner under which the Class of ,52 will serve Arnold High School. Under the leadership of the presi- dent, l.ou Ahel. the class had a "get acquaint- ed" party one evening at Senior High. Also homeroom representatives were chosen to act as a part ofthe cahinet for the president. The class is about to plan for its annual Spring Dance and eager Sophoinores are working for a fine dance. Ulm 52,9 0l'VL0lf'85 President , Vice President Secretary Tleasurer .,,. Adviser , Adviser OFFICERS Louis Abel Barry Stayer Geraldine Rich Anita Shpakoft Mr. M. Klein Miss M. Morrison 4-l if P. Rayhurg, VV. Massaro, I. Clark, T. Moglt U. Linderinin. I I, omored ROOM 105-V Row One: -I. Arnonc, C. Lindvrnmn, XY. Bntlvr, li. Horn, H. Palstvrmxk, L, Kr:-ss, A. Cnichl. How Two: C. Cnido, -I. llvSS. .l- l"iS- rns, li. S-my:-r, 1. l,lll'lllll'l', R. wDor- hrntz, -I. knwahk, D, Brznk, C.. l'1'yu1'. Y. Y:-rtvranno. Row Three: j. Coopvr, Y. Dc-Suntis, ll. Bowsvr, T. Rvvcly, D. Pogohlscki, ll. lilkin, li. Knox, j. Clark. T. Baker. T. Mock, NV. W'ilcox, H. Spvvr, H. Davis. Row Four: A. Crix':n'o, li. Smith, F. llownrd, li. Novak. A. Tirdcl, R. Po- dolski, -I, Smith, IJ. 'l'r4:ttm-I, L. Alu-I. AI. Brokaw, H. Ulilio. ROOM 203-V Row One: ll. lflinn, A. Thomas. A. Zchnxowski, L, Lipnt, I". llroskn, D. Surtori, .I, Nlillvr. B. Mutisko, A. Fm'- guson, L. IR-kulski, NI. Shpukoff. Row Two: B. Tidd. H. hIilf2,'liUL'L'0, D. Ezyk, B. Kong-hos, L. B. Plylvr, ll. Mn-co. D, llvnclriuks, S. Pc-ltz. I. Kilev, bl. McLaughlin, T. McLaughlin. Row Three: L. Cinm-ohl, VV. johnson, H, xVllitl', D. Bvrkvy. NV0lfL', D. hYTllk0YiL'll, T. Yohp, L. Crixnro, Nl. Hurry, A. lirrico, P. Hnyhnrg. ROOM 208-V Row One: C. Brllncsuk. A. SAlI'llK', E. D1'FvliL'1's, L. Nlllftill, D. Husnock, Klinmshko, C. Cans, A. llndock. S. Puglinrn, C. Rich, D. Ninntvnmrro. Row Two: M. Hunco, N. P1-tronv, A. D1-Prinzio, L. Czllvalno, P. Fantozzi, L. DcSocio. l'. Clark, D. Frnnkoski, C. cz.-QL-lu-ani, S, Corvv, V. Tnllaxrico, L. Kuhn, -I. Svgniti. Row Three: N. Prow:nzo, P. llolvs, I. NlcArdlc'. C. Swrulclvrski, L. Zin-mun D. Hnckl, M. xVilI'd0L'lilJ, B. Hoon-r -I. Nlydock, C. B1-rtoni, A. Shpakoff C. Stn-puno. Q . 1 Q 5 s 1 Xliss I'. IInII nnci XIV. :XIi'x IlllIIIll5--JIKIXISKTS. Jie . gl"85Al'VL8lfL OFFICERS Prvsicicnt joscph Duylidu Vicv Prvsiciviit Nlicimcl Launmicinlu SI'Cl'l'Illl'y Shirlvv .Iohnston rIIl'l'1lSlll'l'l' Lmrainv Szoc-I1 irim' -Iniinslun, -Insi-pin Dnviimizl, IAll'l'ilIIN' Smwii , I"z1II Iiunnci tin- I'Il'OSIl I'nII ui' unxic-tv. annimi- tinn, spnnk and IIIISCIIIUI. :Maxim-ty and znnimi- tinn soon Ialclvci uwau' Init tin- VVQU' Iius not gum- IW 4-mnpivtviy llIll'l'NVill'CIQ'lI-. Tin- first niujm' prnjm-ct wus tin- lllilgillilll sale-s cannpuign which pnciclvci tlu- tI'l'2lSllI'y mum-xviiut. fiIl1ll'lIl Imlcvivts nncl Ims:-IJa1IIs. prim-s for QIIIIIDIIIOIIS suivsinvn, wvrv soon tin' i only signs of tin' grvalt czunpuign gona' past. .'xQIVIS1'l'S Nliss I. IIz1II, AI1-x Tzmnas As fall driftc-ml into wintvr. the class organiz- 0cI und I-lc-cu-cl officers: joseph Daylidu, pres- ide-ntg Miciuwl I4lllll1'lliIOIil. vice preside-ntg SI1irIc-y jolmston. Sl'Cl'i't1lI'VQ and Lorraim' Sion-Il, t1'vuslm-r. XVitI1 spring Cilllll' tho unnuui frcslnnaui dance und thc 1-nd of tlic ya-a1"s activities. Our growing trcusury and happy mvin'ries saw. Iimvcw-i'. ".A X II is not lost and forgottc-n." I' ROOM l0l-V pnnv, C. Simon, I.. Iiuln-ds, I K4-itlvr, D. Ilicclluitu, M. Bviut Innski, NI. Knssim-Ii. Row Two: K. Sl'IIIl'llN'yt'l', XY lim-cniisky, C. I.un1vmInIa, S Vim-U. .I. Barn-It. S. Duutt, NI ln, If. Nlnrsico. sun, I". Pvlnsu, A. Vigilaultv, I' 'I'urcI1iu, I.. Snimk, I". Ilnttvr S. Sipm-Z. J. Suailoni. 'I'. Ciistal -I0 Row One: II. Iiaiilvy, 'I'. Cu- I S. Iannlmnrn, AI. SDISQIIQ, P. juli- 'I'l'Zc'L'i:iIi, G. SUIIILIII, Cushin- Row Three: I". 'I'nrcIli, S. Stin- ROOM 201 -V How One: M. Luhvrt, D. B1-iigc-I, P N3lllll'5', C. Haiku, B. 1. Tnisick, Nl Paiskey, P, 'I'mimyk0, C. Custuiiza, M Ou-rly, M. Kuzmick, S. Ivv. Row Two: C, Yah-nti, P. D'Arg1-nzin j. Burkm-ti, D. Mare-llo, R. Fishpuw, E Burtz, C. Bmiiiicuiitim, M. Elkiii, E Kimhvr, XV. Ste-wart, P. SL-ailisv, C Bishop. Row Three: Nl. l,iiim-iiv.luln, C, Ed- wards, H. Sliaihm-ii, NV. Miller, 1. Maiz- zu, j. Schivrhvrl, J. Dnylidzl. L. Mui'- Il Hilhu 1 llh siliu, . ' f. Sairifa '. Roohl 202-V How One: Nl. Ligmm, L. Calllu, D floss, F. Krusun, M. A. Fishor, T Kmsun, D. Smith, E. Pain-ttu, S. Bil- hiv. Row Two: H. Afhimis, A. lh-Ilan-iii, M L. Smith, E. Mziytam, C. Knpinski, I Siiprmm, A, Fnlsvtti, R. Milli-r. Row Three: li. Vina.-e, D. Fishpuw, S Alcihiaidv, H. McDomilci, N. johnson E. SRISIGI, A, Ziiiiiiivriiiaiii, li. Hwilvy li. Brown. ROOM 207-V How One: ll. Capo, B. Kimish, C Mc-Ardlv. S, Olx-rhvlimui, L. Lalzur M. E, Sliairick, J. Pvtrilcci, L. Szoch ll. Yann:-, A, Susan Row Two: I. Tirclil, E. Bullingc-r, B Szikiilslw, S. jnlmstam, A. Orim-shi-r S. Saxon-uiiiuiiu, li, Alolinsmi, T. Cc-orgv C. Sivwairt. H. Knusky, L. DOFc'lig-vs How Three: -I, La-nh, C. Short, 'I' Singlvton, H. Milli-r, 1. PllXVUl'S, F Muses, L. Cailvaiiu-sv, B. Mvyvr, 'I Dah:-r, R. Pim-Ilia, R. l"iL-cal, D. Zim- im-rmam, S. Custoriim. a UAQ CWA Q.. Q an lv: l,-I Q,,L, . , , ' 0.1.-.H ,-.-r .wg .. I 1 l5"'J If ROOM 209-V How Une: I'. ISI-rImIu'n. A. I'vlrum' NI. I. I,uq-us, N. I. 'I'usL-sum, ID, Iioss I. Nluwsi, I.. I34-rkuln-n, I". IIuIIum'sI4i A. 'I'urIu-u, II. Sguliu, IJ. Suxugv. How Two: II, 'I'vrIinxIxi. I'. 'I'uIIuricu XV. YV1'isImrmI, C. fuwocIlli1xIx, NI, II Iiralglin, D, Anlunun-ci, I. IIvpim'. I IIuIIa1mI. U. Cizlrlclliii, K. Iiuycr, C I.m'pusIiy. II. IDc'YalIvl'iu. II. I'L'Iri. II III-Iinu. Row Thrce: If. 'I'ul'c'aIsu, VI. cIIll'l'l'IUllK' II. IJowImw1-l', II, FII-mm, I". XII'- Killup. II. Culmmli. Il. Isaac, NI. I'a1I- tismm. N, Cigm-Hi. II. C4-tl, C. Alulms- 7 1, II. CipnII:n, I. XII-cu, I. Krnau'iII ROOM 211-V ow One: D. Ixy, NI. Cfnstnnzn, A Hs, C., C.g1stm'llun. C-. Ilnpv, AI. I,nsIn-r I', ICCIIOII. Ilow Two: C, IA-rm-r. AI. CI1iIin. II Kusauugc-, Y. Yami. NI. I.. I,inurcIi, NI Ijl'l'IIlU, II. Uiglm-r, II. I.. IInzcIvrIx, I" IIllIIIllL'UllIl'0, II, Smith. Row Thrcc: I.. IJvllmsIQy, F. Iulli I'. limp-Ia, DI. Arluso, ID. SInpIm. IJ I.nmIy, 'I'. Snsku. I". Stvff-nn, L. Nlnr I-IliuI, II. Wlxglla-1', ll. NIamrsiIin. ROOM 212-V Huw One: II, I. I3nirmI. AI. NK'iIIi.uns, If XVIIIIIUT, IJ. I,ipul, II. IDI-lilnsiu, I Kuminku. A. I,IuynI, H. ID'ArgL-nzio, A YL-suvitm-Il, Ii. San-ripuntr, NI. Arabia. Row Two: II. I'I1iIIips, 'I'. C1m1pIwII Cf. 'I'utuIu, 'If Ya-rtvrnlmr, I'. 'I-IIIIIIUIIS Y. Sillglm-lull. IC. I"zlIc'u, NI. IC. .InImI sun. I.. I'mnpcIIio, II. Bunn-In-l', 'I' NI iII0l'. Row Three: I". I'axIIom-, II, I'uuIicIi II. I3a1Iu'r, II, Suuturu. D. Monico. C Kulnin-Iii, S. XViIIi4uns, II. NI':nII:u'4' C. I3cII:1x'i:1. I.amcI1, NI. IAIIIIAIIUIII. 5. Ilcss, NI, Du- ROOM 104-V Row One: Nl. I. Cuilizmi, -I, Ha-aim, C. IJiCi1rolis. I. Iordzui, S. Zauiipvrini l.. Allen, A. Norris, D, Nluytaui, B, I Stivvsoii, II. l,c'Iwrt, How Two: D. Nlruigim-ri, -I. Camp In-ll, T. Lippvrl, Xl. A. NIk'iXl'ISIX'I'Q,'l'I' C. I'ilSllll'll, B. Snow, A. Nieustro, E Iloxsiu, F, Mazza-i. Row Three: QI, lioiiturm, li. lluc eek. D. Ariiistrong, S. Nlzxtisko, A, lutm C. cIlli'lltil4'l', ll. NK'lllRlll'Y, L. Pair Shook, ll. Settleiiiew'i', C. Baker, A l7iC1iroIis, li. lluriiisli, l'. Teulrow. ROOM 206-V Row One: N. I. Ulizio, NI. Valle, T Peliliaicliio. I. Cuzzi, F, Stixklflllilll, ll Salvo, A. Cuzzi, A. Balrcus, C. Peters, Nl. lizireus, B. Serventi. Row Two: I. Costzuizu, 'lf l"uiinie, R Clark, -I, Corx'a1Liem', S. YVeiiclt, X I.ii1gn-iliueli, D, P2ll'SilOOii, A. Szuitucci, B. Birch, R. Nluzzvi, NV. Hess, P. Cai puma Row Three: li. Tirclil, -I. Corsello, F Como, O, Doutt. D. MeNalIiIi, C. Sti- veson, II. Bossio, T, Pvltz, U. Nie- Civerii, T. XVissiiiger, C. Kzlliii. ROOINI 205-V Row One: li. Bron-ions, NI. A. Pjontek ll, Koiielios, I, lugliuro. E. Muzzai, S. Crogiio, -I. Stefainini, L, Ilorn, V Cefxlwfti, P. .AlllI0l'SUll, AI. Dvlseiiec' How Two: Y, Chine, I. Sm-Ii, R. Krn- neik, P. Fallon, AI. Yaiiro, P. Ogur- eiiock, C. Rusiioek, B. EL-lion, I. Col lins, A. Salvage. H. Arbuekle. Row Three: A. Crzizizmo, -I. Becker, l'. IJUNIRIO, R. Dolmfi, I.. N1L'xTklStl'l'S, R, Dauiko, H. AVQIFUSCO, AI. Potoeimialk, T. Dickey, L. Hunt, S. Sllkilhl, l Beriiurdi. 0 o mJ:::.:,- - 9l!8lfLfA gm 8 'fy .49 N'--.we Q EQ is 3 ,gas .ao Q. 'il -1:1 r. I Student Council National Honor Society Latin Club The Broadcaster Band Orchestra Choir Senior Class Play ' Ir. Class Play Chamber of Commerce Ir. Red Cross Kennywood Day unior 81 Senior Prom T IVIT IES . gf Q 1 4 ' 4 . -S. Q ww . . ,A 32' 1 W9 vt.:-, I P KJ, a ,, . 5 N J ' 'www N' . 1 i n D Qmfw vm Vi ' i f, s lwvnw wg w a 'Jam ,, , , . K ,VL O N , J' ' ' 67751 X.: . ,fav-.,'!,. 'P' fiQ,'l' -.. WVAM. ' Q 4 aff , 'jim S -Qi L-,+ ,Ln-v 4 5 W WE 1 rf 11 Q v Row One: ll. Murtiu, M. Mcixclslmergcr, C. Castorinu, W. Morrison, W. Sacripontc, A. Beat- li1',Nl. llulwr. Row Two: I.. Predclmon, li. Sicrnclci, L. F. McGuire, ll. D. Bcrkcy, li. Slater, M. Barry. egfoacfenf Gonna! OFFICERS President NVilliam Morrison Weido Sacripoute Concetta Castorina Mr. H. D. Berkey, Mr. L. F. McGuire Vice President Sec.-Treasurer Adviser Adviser . The Student Council, an important link be- tween student body and faculty, is on the job all through the year. Having drawn up a strong constitution and having devised a sys- tem for electing school officers, the student council has encouraged every student to ac- quire the habits of self-government. The Council has devoted two years to its organization and is now at the point wheie it is beginning to expand into the field of extra- curricular activities. Dances held following basketball games were sponsored by the Council. The Sock Dance, a yearly favorite among Arnold stu- dents, was the creation of this same group. With continued constructive guidance from their faculty adviser, Mr. L. F. McGuire, and the student representation, the Student Coun- cil has great possibilities in formulating future policies concerning student activities in Ar- nold High School. The National Honor Society of Arnold High School is comprised of sound young men and women. Every year new members are chosen on the basis of scholarship, courage, service, and leadership. High school students of the eleventh and twelfth grades are mingled to- gether across the nation to form a strong. sen- sible council of American youth. This society is firmer in its belief of good leadership than any club, fraternity, or sorori- ty in the nation. VVho else but the National Honor Society could boast of representatives Wczfionaf ,ygonor aggcaelfy in the fields of engineering, medicine, nursing, education, industry, and business? Any or- ganization that has done as much in determin- ing the goal of our next generation, as has the National Honor Society, should be proud of its good work. WVe, the staff of the "Arlion," extend our best wishes to both present and future unem- bers of the National Honor Society. XVe know that you will become the pacemakers of Am- ericais future. Row One: E. Kirkuk, li. Scherer, D. Thimons, ll. Nleanor. Row Two: V. Viggiani, N. Maliek, A. Guzzi, N. Fitzgerald, P. Cappone, L. Misko. Row Three: L. llolizua, H. Scauga, B. Bollinger, C. Delsuea, H. Martin, QI. Car-binski, ll. Young. 342 O-Zhfin CM Ulflflt IICHS l'l'csidcni Yicc Prcsirlciit Secretary Treasurer liobcri Scanga llctty Bollinger Dolores W'olfc Nlichacl Barry Adviser Niiss Virginia Bushnell The Latin Club of Arnold lligh School, or- ganized in October, 19-19, has done a great deal toward the promotion of the study of La- tin. These people have sacrificed after-school pleasures to develop their interest in classical languages. particularly Latin. The members have sold various household devices to secure funds for silver keys which will be distributed to high ranking Latin students. This club was organized with a second pur- pose in mind, that of developing leadership. During this, the cluh's first year. the members have met every other Tuesday with their capa- ble advisor, Miss Virginia A. Bushnell. The group successfully staged an auditori- um program including a play "Latin is Fun". which set forth the usefulness of Latin in the present day. Three of the members entertain- ed with musical selections. The Latin Club is well on its way to being one of the most valuable and interesting clubs in our school. Row Une: ll. K1m'alcwsl4i, li. Iiaiicy. lv. Xlisko, ll. Marlin, D. Cans, NI. jackson, C. lJcLuca, Cf. x1l't'U,H.llIYillI!Hl'l',N.xlkllll'lx. How Two: D, fliglcr, rl. l,l'HY1'IllU, li, St-anga, D. XVoli'c, Nl. lXlL'lXL'lSlll'l'gl'l', Miss Virginia A. Bushnell, adx iscrg T. Stewart, NY. Nlorrison, NI. Barry, li. Scherer. Seated: P. Troutman, B. Scherer, F. Becker, N. Green, D. Thimons, C. Anderson, L. Abel. Standing: F, Fioperti, D. Marini, F. Capo, A. Becker, B. Bilicki, R. Rcskiewicz, Miss Virginia Bushnell, adviser. All year the members of this class Worked dili- gently to produce a school paper worthy of com- mendation. They published one edition in which they used a dual color effect, the first publication of its type in Broadcaster history. The 1949-50 is- sues of the Broadcaster have proved the outstand- ing work which can be produced by a capable newspaper staff. In selecting material for publica- tion, the staff members kept before them one idea-those items which are of interest to Arnold studentsg they worked hard to attain that goal. The creative efforts of a large number of the student body and the editorial work of the staff membe1's, supervised by a very competent ad- viser and critic, Miss Bushnell, combined to pro- duce a worthwhile school newspaper. A8 M'06L6llC6L:5f8l" THE STAFF Editor-in-chief ....... ........ I Donald Marini News Editor ..,,.., ........ B ernard Scherer Feature Editor .,,.... Margaret Hrosko Sports Editor ...... .. . Andrew Becker Society Editor ........ ,..,..,.. I rene Baginski Exchange Editor .,... ..,...,.,. P atty Noel Art Editor ,,,,...,,.,.,. ....,.. L illian Pozel Business Manager .,,... Francis Roperti Mimcograph Technician .,..... Don Marini Mimcograph Technician Francis Roperti Assembly Manager ....,.... Bernard Bilicki Distribution Manager .....,..... Elaine Reed Distribution Manager . ....., Francis Capo Adviser .....,... .. ,, Miss Virginia Bushnell 49 ARNO czfore flfed .-X total ol twunty-Iollr glrls-Ilntll I'I4'nnn tlnw- assistants. Yivi-:Xnn Ylggllllll. .Ioan Ciznm uncl Concvttal CIZISIOTIIIQL uncl twvntx' otln-1' girls- clvvotc-cl tlu- month of .Xngnst in pl'1'pill'ilII0ll for tlu-ir ccnltrilnltion to tlu- footlmll svuson. Tlu- UIIIIIIISIUSIIL' ZIPPIUIISL' ol thx- spvctzltors at tlu- first ganna: I-OIIONVIIIQ' tln- Inillialnt p0l'I0l'll1lllIL'l' of thc' "IIncIiIc Bllclxf' wus alll tlwsc- girls conlcl ask. At tllv unnnul Dispatch Festival, tln- briskly stcpping tronpv I'Upl'21Il'iI tln' "IlncI4Iv IIIICIKII uncl zlclclvcl "St0l'lnx' xVl'i1I'Il0I'II to the-ir c-xllilmition. Hll'Ii'Ix. YY, I'nguIm'sm'I1i, .I. lining. I lhm-I, I.. IIl'1'CI4'INlll, II lrxw' I Ilnw 2 ll flxx ' II Row AI Row .1 Hou fi: , . .K..I IQQICII gaum- saw sonn- nm-w routine- pcrl'ornn'cI. To aulcl to tlu- tIn'iII nl' tlwsc vxlnlaitiuns was tln- winsmnq- nmscot. Illn-Iclu Sm'cIm'. uncl tln' alv- Iiglltlknl p1'rIm'nn1nc0s of tln- tlnw' QICTOIIQIIS- NI1n'Ivnc- Iigoon. Iwnnu Ilolwrts. alncl Putty' 'I unnus. pXrnnInI is justly pmncl of its lIl2lI0l'l'Itl'SI . .. ,. , , , . , .l'I7llSIxX. T.. f.I'lXfll'H, I. XICIAIIIQIIIIII, II. Nlnglluu-n, II. IilSIi'l'llilIi. K., Ilmlcl I I IIIIIRIS, l,. Ihmln-rls, X x4'I'II'I4ilIIl1l, Ii. Sillllllfll, I.. Xlzlrvlnul, X. KAIQIIPIII, II. XI. IannInn'n. C.. lin-I1 XI1lIIl4'II1l. I IJ IX X IIIII ' " NB n- vy. ' 'nm-, -I. IJ4'I'l-In-sz NI. -I. I,ln'als, I. Nm-rl:-rannu, I,. XIm'XIalslm't SIRIQVV. I.. I'IQll'Illl'illI, S. I':1gIinr4m. II llc-lllzllm, ll. .IUIIIISUIL N. I'c'lr4nn', II. fiipnlln, IC, Ilussimm, Il. NIM-lm. IC. 'I'urc'also I Ilzllwr. I, I'nL5Iian'u. I Xln nn I Igtlllllll I' Snx lu I N', ,. " , .. -'C". XI Inplulx, I'.5Ik'II1l!I,'I.c.lZlll1l.X.xl1gliIlll, I,, Irc4I1'Imn,II. I'Im-nnn. 30 L D H I Row llow Row Row Row Row Row GH SCHOOL BAND The Band in the last year rose to a high standard. They achieved this high standard through the untiring efforts of their director, Mr. Albert Moses. Mr. Moses injected his own ideas into the formation of the band. This originality stamped the Arnold High Band as one of the most colorful marching bands in the valley. The band's excellent performances did not stop at the football games. They continued to entertain the pub- lic at the basketball games. The band put on an outstanding performance at the Dispatch Festival in which all the bands of the valley Albert C. Moses participated. All of this combined with thc OFFICLRS hard Work of the members, the drum major 1,l'tiSiclQi1lt Patsy Guzzi Irene Baginski, and the director made it a Vice- P1-Qsidf-nf 191-ancig Cumby!-t successful season for the band. S4-Cu-fm-V Qjom-L-tm Cugfm-ina Treasurer Nokali Yobp ll. Snyder, M. Ligoon, H. Xlcanor, tl. McLaughlin, P. D'Argenxio, I. llebar, F. Turchi, L. Crivaro. S. Pm-ltz, A. Sarnc, M. Lanicndolu, B. Tznnburo, R. Ficca, ll. Miller, C. Schott. l'. Guzzi. N. Yobp, L. NValcutt. A. Craziano, V. Chine, lt. Arbucklc, F. Cunlbert, P. Tallarico. NV. Pogolt-st-ki, -I. McArcllc, ul. Powers. XV. Morrison, IJ. Marsico, A. D'ArgenZio, 1. lfiscns. M. Sharick, D. Pat-ha. U. Bcrtolino, li. xVl'lSll, lt. lVhitc, L. Calvalicsc. l. Baginski, C. Castorina, A. Bowser, D. Mangieri. 51 Q4-1 .. MQ, ...H ,. , ...n...,..,. 1. 4'1msl,g,,w i""""v- How l: F. Mursico, D. Mursico, A. D'Argcuzio, C. Ligoon, A. Ciuucolu. How 2: NV. Morrison, L. Crivuro, N, Pctrouc, vl. Powcrs, T. Vcrtcruuio, flI'lXilI'0, T, Camp 1 ll. Nlcuuor, H, Mugliocco. Row 3: ll. Wliito, Y. Vcrtcrauuo, P. Guzzi. Orcirw fm UC IT ICT l ow Uno: li. Xlurliu, Nl. llrosko, ll. Clau'hiusl4i, X, Nluligk W Row Two: P, lCgc-lslxy, Al. Cluuupnimg Ii. Nicamor, F. D1 At thc hcgiuuing of thc school yL'Zll'. Rl group. although small in uumhcr, hut cucrgctic. form- ccl thc Aruolcl High School Orchcstru. Thc hurcl-Workiug orchcstru consists mostlv of .lu- uior High School stuclcuts who huvc the cx- pcricucc of DTZIVTIIQ' for thc first timc this ycar. Mccting oulv thrcc claws Ll wcck for rchcursnl in our beautiful modcrn music room. this cagcr group is taught hoth classical and iuoclcru mu- sic. Tlw group pcrformccl for hoth thc Scuior and junior Class plays, plaviug u grcut uuuiy cujoyahlc uumhcrs. Uuclcr thcir cupahlc ali- rcctor, Mr. Joscph B. Fnriuclli. who hopcs to culurgc the group Rl littlc cuch ycur. the Arnold High School Orchcstru has hccomc an uuit worthy of our pruisc. I r -v Row One: P. Ca-lppone, G. Rich, A. Same, N. Malick, C. Bertoni, N. Provenzo, L. Bertoni, L. Marsilio, E. Trimble, I. Pagliaro, D. Bertolino, S. Adams, D. Rusnock, E. DeFelices, C. Stepano, L. Kuhn, A. Thomas, V. Tallarico, M. E. Tallarico, D. Sliwl-cn. Row Two: G. Antonucci. B. Matisko, C. Ewing, P. Noel, R. Martin, L. Misko, A. Hudeck, F. Hrosko, P. Guzzi, I. McArdle, D. Vrudny, C. Ross, E. Slater, B. J. Speranza, G. Cecchetti, S. Peltz, I. Meston. M. Runco, B. Hoe-n. Row Three: M. Epstein. P. Clark, I. Baginski, M. Hrosko, J. Garbinski, P. Kress, D. Karson, T. Pugliese, L. Walcutt, L. Santueci, V. Fiorina, H. Maglioeco, S. Hustak, L. Predehon, L. DeSocio, L, Martin, C. DeLuca. Row Four: E. Ferrich, D. Ross, R. Smith, A. Giancola, L. D'fBny, A. Errico, R. Welsh, A. Crivam, T. Yohp, D. Berkey, H. Egelsky, N. Green, VV. Kuhn, W. Morrison, R. MFZIITKIT, A. BllWSi'1', J- Prwvvnzrv. J- Chilmlmil'lY, P- Ellf'l5ky, F- DUNN, Vigilante, L. Crivuro, A. Becker, E. Sacllam. It's early-about 8 o'clock in the morning- but from Room 100 in the Victoria Avenue Building comes a gay, sparkling melody. The Arnold Senior High School Choir is at work! Students look forward each year to the Christ- mas Assembly at which the choir entertains with a program of carols. People of surround- ing communities, as Well as our own, have learned to watch for the day that this same group sings from Station WKPA. They have earned for themselves a reputation that might he envied by any such group. A great deal of credit goes to the director, Mr. joseph B. F arinelli, Whose unfailing efforts have produc- ed a musical organization of which both school and community can Well be proud! Uwir OFFICERS President . . .. ,. ,..,...... ...,.,.... F rank Dunn Vice President .,,.. ...,, I oseph Champainy Secretary . ,,.,,, ....,..,,. R achel Martin Treasurer ...,.. Harold Egelsky Joseph B. Farinclli Director no PKTSE' fx I' ltlllll NlUl'l.f1lIl,llNl.lllIlll ff' ' Hil enior C7055 pfay Sll llll Ill Lrmlml sllllllllltl Xmv, XX ll ligunlmmu ' 'lwlll' .'Xl'll0lLl Sl'IllUl' Class p1'1'svl1tc'Ll am lm- .1,m nl livmgml 5t'lll'l't'I' U U I i N V ns lJnIwl1im,lIu-Ntnlim. iaunilur .Xlxin limmxvm-1' llSllill Plilll fill llll' llllflv UH D4'l'i'llll7l'l' 5 Ililbkiv Nvlwn NUM!! Yum, in tllm- :Xrlmlcl lligll S1-lmol .'xllllllUl'llllll. 'l'lw l51'UY Vllilliw 'l'lII'1'1'f3Hll+'uv uirlx I,illm1.l'.m-I plan' was Rl L-mm-clx' in tlm-m' up-ts ln' l"vliL-in 4 l, . . I. . '. - I F I lm" l"'lM' 'llmll luulllmlxl Xlvtn-ull, wllic-ll wus anlmly mliwc-lul luv Nliss Xll's.il1m1'i1m,1u1 llllllilll XKIHIIJHI lffmuim- ff1lxlul'ill'1 Ill-QLD' Xntnnian flumrimmx Nlrx, llu.u'im1X ' ' ' ll-51-au' ulsl mlamglnlc-r Sxllllll Gunn lilll l.imlSuy', lam' sl-luml 5llIll1'lIl llmmlmvrl Sfklllgfll 'I-'HQ S'l-,XCR fjluqyy Xlr,0s4-gu' l,lllI'IIl3X,lll'1Il ulcl mam Xxllllllllll Xlurriwn A xx I'iflgi1- Nl1ll'lJtlllll2ll, l'l'mllptm-rw lfmnuic- limes, Nlllllil Nlaxlivll am ulrl muiml Yixi-.Xml Yiggizmi Slum' XILIIIRIQUVN I'll'iIlll'l9 Ilupvrti, -Iulm Kmninlw l xzllinu I'm1wn,mlmnimw-ring Slbllllll ldlll-L-is .'xIIlll'l'XN lim-lu'l', Nl:ll'g1ll'4'i Saxslm ymxung girl lla-lly Bolling:-r Xlulu--up: llulll lflc-mm, Ullilllllllillll Xl lllil- XY11umlwln, l'lX1lllIlLl.N xIlll'g1lI'l'l ,Inu-lwun, livlly -llllll' Spvraullzl. ln-mp4-vlwml lianxu-v llulwrl Xllumm' In-uw liaugillslxi Xllx. Ilvliixmlrl X'1lIlll1'l4X4'Illl'l', l'1'upm'l'ly Xlmlzlgm-rw: -Imam Cfixnm, rlmuirlnallmg llznlglnlx' Nlllllllll ul -'35 l':nll'iui:l Yu:-l l'll2lllll'S1lt'llllllI. Ummmllnx Clams, Ibnlun-s Slim lm Suspense, mystery. and laughsg that's the ju- nion Class Play. a three-act mystery-comedy call- ed 'iAunt Cathiels Cat." WVlien a young realtor rents an old mansion to his clients. two old maids and their two nieces. things immediately began to happen. Books are heing found lying open everywhere. VVeird noises are heard. Searching for money a foreign couple are forever seen stealthily entering from different parts of the house. A body is carried off. NVhen an aunt goes into the cellar in search of her cat, she's knocked out. Peering in the kitchen window at her. a ghastly face is seen by the maid. The youngest niece is nearly murdered. Burgulars are captured. At the height of terror. the mystery is cleared. A romance develops between the young realtor and most surprising of all is an unforeseen romance omior 670455 pfa? Bill Pryor . .... Miss jane Trimhle ., Miss Cathie Trimble . . Margaret Triinlmle , . Dorothy Trimlile Maria Garcia . jose Garcia .. . A Cas Man , An Officer . ,. Mr. David Brent , Elizabeth Prvor 'l'illv Pitts . One Extra ,. Miss NValker . , ., CAST ,. .. Alliert Del'etro Lillian Misko XVilda Pogolescki J Josephine l agliaro , .. Ellen Trimlile Catherine Dc-Luca joseph Salvatore . , . Frank Dunn Perry Egelsky Richard Smith . , . . joy Kelly ,. , Shirley Adams ..Douald lloss Molly Epstein for the youngest aunt at the end. Ijirpg-mr , , ,Spf-my Ann 11811 Seated: P. Egelsky. Row 1: bl. Pagliaro, A. Dt-Petro, L. Misko, Miss P. Hall, Adviser, Standing: j. Kelly. D. Ross, -I. Salvatore, M. Epstein. Row 2: R. Smith, S. Adams, C. Del.uea, I". Dunn. WV. Pogoleseki. NVasting time hefore practice. Drilling on lines. P- .- D-'J omior President Vice Prcsidc-nt SK'l'l'K'Iill'y IIll't'ilNlll'l'l KAQWQAQV QlfVLl'IfL9lf'C8 Ol-'FICICIRS Nllflllil l"itzi.fer:ilcl Shirley Adznns IlIi'l'K'N'l I' lflaiinr' Suellann ugliest- The junior Clmrnber of Conimerce is ll coin- inercial club composed of bois and girls. Its purpose is to enhance the coinlnerciul minded- ncss of its members. to create il congenial alt- inosphere in which they ll1ilV work toiI,:'ther. and to sponsor some activities that will prove beneficial to the entire school. Through the sale of Christmas cards, evervduv cards, wrap- pings. and baked goods, funds were raised to finance the rental of fihns that were shown in assemblv progruins. Initiutions were the clnbls highlights of the veur, und these proved to be more hilarious and better than ever before. The C. C. has been doing excellent work for munv years. and we are sure that their work this year will be the best they have ever done. LL ,Q , m A I slcnlons Albunese, D. Munzcllu. nld. JUN1oRs nncci. I I Iicse. puinv, II, Dunko. 56 Row One: L. jnnosky, A C nz li, D, Sliwlsal. G. Yunnn Slater, L, NV:1lcutt, I. Iwu -I. Ciznm, B. -I. Speralnli Row Two: L. Mnrsilio M A NVardoclip, A. Kulitax, 1 oss M. cllllllliil, B. llzlen. is ION ko. I. Bnginslci, -I. Carbins Nolf, C. XVcttcr. II. Corn Row Three: I. DiP:1squ nh A D'Argt-nzio. M. Saskn. D Ix son. E, Suellann. C. Cxstormx N. Yolmp. L, libel, N. I'Itl7 Row One: L. Bertoni, j l xgh uro, Ii. Trirnble, D. Best e Iv, j. Baker, ll. Sxoch, l cha. II. Liczltal, YV. Ilogolts E. Sergi, N. L. Davis, C Anto How Two: M. Ilubcr, I Duns B, Hcnnlicn. j. llurnish, I Isl uc, S. llnstuk. Lf Saxntncu Fiorinn, H. M. Tznnburo Leonurdi. I. Snow, I lxress i M. E. Tallairico. D. Bcrtolno V, Choinyuk, S. Adzuns, T Pug., Row Three: D. Sgrinia V Di Cnrolis, A. D1-Petro, P. Egzlslvv F. Dunn, H. Mooney, 1 NV. Sllkillll. NV. Kuhn, .I Finn SENIORS Row 1: C. Ross, A. Guzzi, B. J. Sper- anza, J. Cizina, D. Cans, H. Martin, L. Pozel, B. Haen, C. Castorina, L. NValc-utt, N. Malin-k, D. Alhanese. Row Two: L. janosky, L. Marsilio, D. Karson, M. jackson, H. Flt'H1I1l, V. A. Viggiani, D. Potocnak, A. D'Argenzio, M, lirosko, E. Saellain, D. Nolf, II. Corey, D, Manzella. Row Three: F. Roperti, D. Thiinons, R, Scanga. J. Provenzo, B. Scherer, H. Pryor, D. Cigler, H. Reskiewicz, C. Anderson, J. Vigilante. JUN1oRs Row I: J. Baker, L. Misko, P. Cap- pone, T. Pugliese, M. lluhler, -I. Pag- liaro, D. Bertolino, L. Bertoni, V. Chomvak, S. Adams, S. Hustak, NV. Pogoleseki. Row Two: ll. Kowalewski, D. Hazen- ski, M. Epstein, M. Meixelsherger. C, Meeo, B. Beaulieu, P, Snyder. SOPHOMORES Bow One: C. Swanderski, I. Mvdock, A. Sarne, E. DeFelices, S. Pagliaro C. Bertoni, L. DeSocio, L. Calvano, P. Fantozzi, C. Brunesak. A. Zdanow- ski, D. Rusnock, Seguiti. Row Two: M. Hunco, N. Petrone, N. Provenzo, C. Stepano, A. Thomas, L. Kuhn, D. Frankoski, D. Haekl, L. B. Plylcr, A. DePrinzio. Row 3: V. Tallarieo, A, Ferguson, L. Pekalski, G. Ceechetti, AI. Miller. v The junior Fred Cross Council is a group composed of sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are interested in helping others. These students act as leaders in conducting such Red Cross activities as packing gift boxes for over- seas children and sponsoring a teenage dance to benefit the polio drive. Each year a delegate is elected to attend the National Convention in Atlantic City. lfmior Q C0055 OFFICERS President . . ,, . . Rachel Martin Vice President John Adams Secretary , Ann Cnzzi Treasurer . . . Patricia Cappone Adviser , Mrs. H. Fitzgerald A rc-sl In-twm-mn rich-s. Lookillg ovvl' ilu' crmvtl. Smile- pn-ttv! lic-mlv for an guml tillu-. 'l'l1c-galllgfs alll In-ru. hvniur gals pose' 1-Ul'tlll'I5il'Clil' XIV sisivr :md I. our pals. XII A14 SVI lu gn JQVLVLVIUOOC ,ff Gif? x4"f.f gg WT? . Q sl5"" Q3-+3 -vit. Q at , 9599 'Quin Ifni . Ill! , . , W' I sy A M 'll gg Vx -6 ,1- OOM 8 , walk Hai I , i ,us 'K p , , 1 f' fm 101, -9 'QP Ba rl' W' www! 1 A Y! , a 54.3 fly, ii! 'MRM an Cgznior rom -I The lunior-Senior Proln, spoil-- sorecl by the lunior Cluss, was Mavil3, 1949, at th.- helcl on I Edgewood Country Club in Pittsburgh. Everyone enjoyed ll wonderful evening, dancing to lliott and the music of Baron E his orchestra with vocals by jim- my Confer. It was a night for ull to remember! A View iil'Ulll the lmull stancl. ,linnny Confer sings. Still going strong! Corning or going? ln il clreanny inoocl. A pause that ra-fn-slu-s. Slightly crowtlecll The way l In-an-tl lt- XYish you www In-rv! Football Cheerleaders Basketball Baseball THLE TICS i 'IT x .MA A T9 vlmyxiv fix' llcad Coach, Alcx 'lanuas Arnold 14 Mars 7 The Lions were quick to notch thc first win of the season. Their opponent, Mars High School. held them to a 7-T deadlock until the closing minutes. Lou Abel intercepted a Mars pass and raced for thc score. NVL-ido Sacripoutc attempted and made both extra points. The game ended with Arnold winning. H-T. Arnold 0 WVest Deer 0 lu the most evenly matched grid battle of the vcar, Arnold and NVQ-st Dccr fought to a score- less tic. The puntiug of Lou Abel kept XVcst llccr out of Arnold territory most of the evening. The Lions began to show strength in the second half. They drove all the way to the NVQ-st Deer tcn vard line, but time ran out on them. Arnold 0 St. George 6 The Lions suffered thcir first defeat at the hauds of a lighting St. George eleven. An Arnold fumble sct up tht- St. George touchdown. Un thc next play a line plunge provided the victorv ww S-700fM! margin. The extra point attempt was blocked. At one time Arnold carried the hall to the three- vard line, but was unable to score. The game ended with Arnold trailing St. George 6-0. Amold 27 Tarentum 0 The Lions really poured it on an undefeated Tarentum team to the tune of 27-0. Throughout the entire game, the Lions held the master hand in both the offense and defense. The Lions scored often and early, and before the startled lledcats could recover. the scoreboard read, Ar- nold 27, 'l'arentum 0. This was the first Taren- tum loss in 2:2 games. Arnold 0 Bridgeville 28 The Bridgevillc lndiaus showed their cham- pion form in handing the Lions their second set- back. ln addition, the Lions lost the services of their star back, Lou Abel, for the remainder of the season. Two Lion fumbles kept them from scoring a touchdown. Bridgeville won the W. P. l. A. L. Class B championship. lion One: N. Crccu, Xlanagcrz ul. Clark, l'. llayburg, D. XVagncr, V. lJiCarolis, A. Dcl'ctro, -I. Brokaw, T. . .. , , .. - -ur- ll.ik11,,l.S.llx.iton,Hana mr. Rowffwo: Mr. O, Al. ,l'hillips, .-ksisistant Coach: G. Fryer, ll. Bowser, I". Becker, ll. Champainv. A. Iirrico, l.. c:IllllL'Ulil. A, llc-attic, Nlr. A, lauuas, Coach. llow Three: Nlr, ll. Stuart. Traiucrg ll. Camel, D. Vrndnv, ll. lilkin, ll. llorn, XV. Nlassaro, XV. Sacri- poulc, A, Schcrl, Nlr. X. A. Ventura. l'l4llll1Jllll'lIl NI lll2lQl'f. How Four: li, Sqriuia, Lou Abel, Lcc Abel. NV. Kuhn, N. Laney, Y. Clark, -I. Adams. ll, Danko. .4 1 ,Linh . - Row One: H. Tcrlinski, Managerg B Clark, P. DeMayo, I. Corsello, R. Har- nish, I. Sacripontc, R. Coury, WV. Hess, S. Sakula. R. Vresco, R. Prior, E. Bol- linger, R. Krnacik. Row Two: R. Porchia, B. Healey, -I Sautoni, E. Brown, L. DeFelices, M Knosky, R. Flemm, J. Krnacik, C Valenti, D. Isaac, C. Edwards, C Short. Row Three: Mr. li. M. Terlinski Coach: L. Sohak, E. Mc-Donald, I Dahcr, -I. Daylida, F. llnttcr, R Getz, P. Torchia, ll. Shaheen, F Moses, A. Vigilante, ll, Santora, Mr Bl. Perctti, Coach. Arnold 6 Springdale 7 In one of the closest gridiron battles of the year the Lions came out on the short end of a 7-6 score. The Lions drew first blood when john Adams picked up a fumbled punt, and Victor Clark carried it over. The Lions missed the extra point after a fifteen-yard holding penalty. The Springdalers quickly retaliated by a forty- five yard run and the extra point. Arnold 12 Ford City 7 Smarting from two consecutive defeats, the Lions roared back to nip the Ford City Classers 12-7. Brilliant line play on the part of the Lions kept the Classers scoreless until the final quarter. A pass and an interception gave the Lions their margin of victory. lfmior My agifaoof Arnold 0 Leechburg 27 The Leechburg Blue Devils proved too much for the Lions. After holding the Devils to 7 points in the first half, they gave wav to a 20 point rampage in the third and fourth stanzas. Expert passing on the part of the Devils did most of the damage. Arnold 7 Freeport 0 On a seventeen yard end-around play the Lions scored the lone and deciding margin of victory. The Lions made it seven with Sacri- ponte converting. From then on, both teams threatened often but never were able to get near enough. The victory put the Lions in the .500 bracket. 65 'I 'P Top Row: Y. lliflgmwlis. l". livvlwr. Nlidcllc Row: A. SL'l1l'l'l.. Bottom Row: ll. ffamwl. 1,1111 Alu-I. li, Sgriniax. Jgrnofal NJQQMOQJ Arthur Sclncrl'-llruclx mam on lll'l.C'IlSl' Ermun Sgfilliil-ffllt' ol' tlllx Lion "lu-au uml 0l'l1'llSl'. lull aural VLIIIQY. Yin-s'. .-Xnclmrs flu' lorwzu'cl wall. linlmcrt Camel-'I'lxis small rlnggm-cl lmll! Fred Becker-Q1u11'tv1'lmc-lwcl tlu- Lions lmvls Ill1llxl'S up lm- luis sixv in llis spvccl. in ll sllcccfssllll svzlsml. lwlrl vxiru points. Lou Alu-l-llns lmotm-nl tlu- Lions out ul' Yinccnl IDiCau'0lis-livspmnsilmlc for tlu- claungvr ummm' timvs. luilurm- ol lll2lIlY1'IlK'lllf' clriw-s. Lili i Top Row: Lu- Alum-l, .-X. lJC'lll'tl'1l, Nlicldle How: il. Aclanns, XV. Sin-riponlc-, Bottom Row: D. Yrnclny. Y, fllllx Ljfze Qi iron john ACl1ll1lS-l'l2lSt0Sf thing on clcats. chosen an All-State cnfl. Douglas Vruclny-Coos ull out, one of the tc-znn's hoosteirs. Victor Clark--l'zu't of 21 scoring comhilni- tion that llCC0lllll'lxil for inum' T.D.'s. NVeiclo Szlcriponte-.'Xi1toniutic 0 x t r ai point nnln. also responsible- for long gains. Albert lJCP6tl'0-AlXV2lVS found his wax into eneiny lmckficlclsf rough. Lee Abel-.-Xnother line "lieuvy". Chosen on A. K. all-stan' tc-um. joseph Chumpainy-CJutstuncling lim-- maui. cliscourugvcl Illillly' eneniy scoring att:-mpts. ll. Al. Spernnli N. Prom ufo C. Slepano KABZPLCL 8l"5 COME ON TEAM . . .Five enthusiastic cheerleaders kept the teanfs courage up and led the student body in roaring cheers this year . . . OUT TO WIN . . . Betty jane, the head cheerleader always found time to send encouraging remarks to the student body in pep meetings. Her winning smile and pleasant personality were gratifying additions to our squad . . . YOUR PEP . . . Ioy, that "bubbling with vitality" Junior, kept up ai never-ending voice battle for the team. joys friendliness and charm has lifted up our spirit many times ll. Kelly, V. Fiorina when it was down . . . LIONS . . . Jeanie. the other junior, usually lost her voice after a stimulating football gzlllilh Ieanie's agreeable- ness and determination added much to the "Arnold Spiritn . . . YEA ORANGE, YEA BLUE . . . Nora and lean, the two new Sopho- mores, were very dependable and enthusiastic cheerleaders. Their pep and will-to-win gave everyone the zip that was needed to cheer loud and long . . . VVERE FROM ARNOLD AND VVE COUl,DN'T RE PROUDER! C. Sli-pano, J. Kelly, R. Al, Speranln, V. Fiorina, N. Provenzo Row One: D. Pogolescki, R. Scanga, R. Knox, L. Holizna, E. Kakuk, A. Scherf, N. Laney, V. Clark R Slater Row Two: YI, Kiley, A. Errico, R, Camel, L. F. Mc-Cnire, Coach: S. Migliore, R. Terlinski, Assist int Colch P Ray lnlrg, I. Provenzo. 51,546 ARNOLD 43 SCOTT 39 The Arnold High Lions flashed good forni in defeat- ing Scott in the season's inaugural game. Rich Knox, a hold-over from last year led the Lion attack with four fouls and three field goals for 10 points. Bob Camel was next with 8 points. ARNOLD 39 SWISSVALE 45 .Arnold .Iliglfs Lions,.trailing 33-11 at the end of the first half, made a terrific coineliack to ontscore their opponents liv a 28-12 margin. The rally fell short by six points, however and the Lions went down to their Q first defeat of the y -ar lay a 45-39 score. ARNOLD 35 WILKINSBURC 49 Xvilliilwllllfg lligh defeated the Lions in a non-league encounter in the Lions' third game of the year. The Lions did not seein to he able to get started. They held their own in the first half, but XVilkinslmurg pnlled away rapidly in the second half. It was Arnoldls second loss against one win in its first three games. ARNOLD 57 SPRINCDALE 45 After losing two in a row to Swissvale and NVilkins- llllfg, the Lions found the hoop against a strong Spring- dale qnintet. Dick Drennen, tall pivotman and sharp- shooting Roh Rolam gave the most resistance to the sions. ARNOLD 36 MUNHALL 47 Losing to Munliall gave the Lions a two and three record, The Lions never gave up the fight, but had lmreaks sent them to their third defeat of the season. L. F. McGuire Head Coach G9 ooloem loecia -KllNUl,lJ Illl ll0Nll'lS'l'lfAD 70 ARNOLD 47 HAR BRACK 5l 'l'rnxm'ling lu llmmnu-mtwul, .'xl'llIJlll-S lmnslwln-1'x's nlmnrlv- lli'lllilllllllQ,' lllll ln'u-fly' in first plau-4-, ilu' l.iuns tzlstml ml llu'ir wursl loss in ymznrs as n rm-cl lumt Stvvlvr wnnlmixu- Ll ll1'1lI'llJI'l'illillljl clvli-nl nl ilu- lunuls of tlu- Tigvrs nl' llan' l'1llDll2lll!l'llHllllll' l,iunw nuistnlws. lmsinglay' 4131 puint llnn-lc nt tlu- K1-n Iligll XXIII, Alu-zul llnungluvnt numsl Illilllglll, tlu- l,iunx luwvr Imnul llu- l':llljLl'. ul tlu-1-unt1'st,tlu' l,lUIlSlillll'l'K'lllllllll'l1l9l qlnn'lc'1'lusillg lmy n -1 point lllilfglll. . H P' J Y 2' 2 WMHAD 4" -l"ANN"rT" 52 ARNOLD 29 ll-U'l'l.liR :zz I ll'l' .l'Hl"5' Q" ll". mful' lml llgll"",ll'l'llA l""4f' lll ll Alllvr n ln'ia-ll l11ynlI', ilu- .'Xrnulcl qnintvt Slll-ll'l'l'll nm. llns lnnu- ll nn.yIm'.ll11u'lln' tlun clul tln' umlm. llu- I V - A Q ,. . V , , V - 3 . . V. v 4 . , illlUlllC'l clmm- df-ll-ut all llu' iwlllllll llllllt'l Ullllll. llu' Cumlclvn lumix xxx-lm' num lullllllg .,-Bfw xxltln hum nuns in sa-xvn ,, 1 . I . . l 4 lsnnznlu cupxuul llu' lll'L'lhlUll nn tlu' xunnng nnnntvs lu L1.nlu'slnmlnl4-, - . l V., . all-lvnl ilu- l,u1nalmy .5 llUllIl5. MKNOLD 31 ALIQUIPPA 45 ARNOLD 34 mmm CITY 48 lffwl F"fl"'5 Slim' ll'l'1l".'ll5- Alllff Allfllllllllil lllfllllllfi 'l'lu' lfurcl City illnssl-rs rvnulixu-cl in tlu' Si'CllUll l slu-nw-rl xufllnng ixnmrvwlv' Ill Wllllllll! UWT lllll llfll illlfl lc-aul ns tlu- Nlcllnirvnu-n Hlllll.l'1't'll tlu-ir tlnrcl lvngnv loss. Hffl lllllm ill flll'l"ll'l'4l l'Y ill' ll ll."l'll 1"4l"5ll"- il:l"' 'I'lu- Clnssf-rs luul no trunlmlm- will: ilu' lrving l.i'nns. alis- l.urnm nc-rm' III ilu- sgnnu' lllllll ilu' L-lusnug nuvnu'nls. llu- Imsillg uf MINI, with ww.. ' luv mm ilu' sixllu anul l'llQlK'Ll prm--lvnglu' nasignnu-nts. ARNOLD 43 KEN IIICII 56 ."KllN0l,ll 46 Kl'l'TANNlNC 43 , , . , lnspm-cl lnuns wnnglxt clvspl-mu-lx' in mle-in-ut ilu' lan- Hluming n 11-xc-1's1ll nl lUl'IlI an ilu' Kitlnnning lunul- vznw-tl lim-nl ll1lllll'l'S. Ai lllll'l'llllSSlUll, ilu' KUIIIIIUII lu'lcll1nl lun. ilu' liglntinnl Linus won an clusm- xvlxlict me-r tlu- 1llXYU-pllllll nungin mm'rmll'l,im1s, L24-1225. llznl lm-uks Killivs lu lllll lllK'lll in llu- S4-4-lima l will: mu- win znul in llu' llulrnl qnnrlvl' gnu' tlu- zulxnntngv tu Kvn lliglm, no lmm-5, wluw Llulnl I'i'llllfllllSll ilu' lvzul ngnin, flrvumlrl - Smringmlulf- Aflllllil-vVlll'illlSlllll'jl .'xl'llUlll - SL-ull l "ll 1 5,3 Q -,NAV 'QPSK ,, 9'G-11:51 Q Wm' .. M 11 , ' S TSE: ..,, f 'ff QM fe ff 4 1 X Li , AQ X W 1 ga A. II. S. 43 39 35 57 36 39 45 .34 46 Scott Swissvzllv NVilkinshm'g Springclulv Nlunlmll I lmlwstcucl IK'illlIl0ttl' .-Xliquippu Kithulning S E ASON'S RECORD Opp. .1 09 45 49 45 47 70 52 45 43 JUNIOR VARSITY Row l: lJ1lXl'PUg.IOll'Sk'ki lu gc-nv Xlillcr. Riclmrc l Snlw lk Ium B1lkl'l', mlm- Brukzuv, Nliqliuri. Row 2: -lamws Kilvy, mann mu l'1u1 Phillip Cla-1 ' ' Rau Dah- l51'1'Lm-y, AIIUIOIH' EIULO llIl1llil2'K'l'. JUNIOR lllCll SCIIOOI Row I: Louis D1-Fm lt Clm:'h-s l1illll1'llilOlil, jun p1 Dnvlimlzl, Dun Stupkn, IIN Sclxim-rln-rl, -Iaum-ra lJ2lllL'l', flu udurm- Clistu. Row 2: Mr. R. M. 'll-rlm coup-lm, 'llnn Susku, licldin- S IN 1 l"u-cl Musvs, -Iaum-s Kilvy. nl m ga-r, NVillium l3m-ulnskxg gn. llur Brac-k Blltll'I' F0111 Citv Km-n lliglu xvillldl'l4fJ,'l'ift Kittklllllilljl llur Brac-k liutlcr Ford City Kcn High Vunclcrgrift 51 32 48 56 29 330 42 40 31 52 5:2 '11I'1'1l1i 111' 11l'1'4'll11IlQ 1111- Y1111111-1'g1'i1'1 C1lQ'1'l'S-111 1111- K1-11 gddlefgdf AICNOIJJ 41 VANDERCRIFT 29 ARNOLD 31 FORD CITY -ll 1-111111111 111111111 1111111-11 11111 111 111l'11' 111111 121311110 111511111 TRU ding tu Fm-d Cin., UW Lions won, dd-lxmml by . 11 1 il 11-11 11111111 11l1lI'g1ll 111' 1111- 11'1l11ll1' 11-1111i11g c11k1SSl'1'S. 1111- F11111 City 111l11l1, by 111-1'1-11111111 A11111111, 1-11111-111-11 1111- 81-1-- 111111 1 111g11. Y11111' 11111115 1'11111J,111 Ql1111l'1j' 11l1'1lllg1l11ll1 1111- 1-111111-51 11111 1111- c1111SSl'1' 11-11111 111111' L'111J13l'11 1111- g111111- 1,1114 lI1g11 gym. 111l' 11111115 1-111111111111111-11 ll 1-111111111'1111111- 11-1111 11111111Q1111111 1111- 1-111111-51. 1111511111 411 111TTANN1Nc :111 Hwm v1v1l1' l,i11115 11g11111 SllCL'1'SS1.l111X' 111-111 111l' Ki11i1-5 l'1lI1g'j' 1-1-1111-1, C111111111g1111111, 111 1-ig111 l7111l11S. 11111 111-5111-1-1111-11-11 1 , , , 11111-51.1-11 51-111'1-11 153 111111115 11212111151 1111-111. '11111' 11111115 -WNW-D '15 kl4'N'Hl 52' 111-1'1- 111-11-1' 111 11'11111111- 115 1111-1 111-111 1111- K111il1ll11lIg 1111- 1 Y 1 1111- 51-1-111111 111111-. 1,11ly1I1Q' 1111- 111-11 111l1l11'1'H 111 1X1'll 1111111 1111 1111- 1Xl'1l 1111511 1-111111, 1111- A11111111 14117118 111511-11 111-11-111 11111-1- 1111111-. ARNOLD 3:1 HAR BRACK 42 KKTI1 111g11'5 111l1'llL'1' 11111-115 111111 122111 F11-1115 11151 1-111111111'1 111155, 1111111111 211 111111 11 111111115 1-1-5111-1-1111-11' 111 11-1111 1111- 1111- 11111115 1-11111111111 g1-1 5111111-11 111 1111- 11Lll' B1'1lL'1i K1'11111g1lS11ll1l11. 1131-115 L'11111'1,111111 111111111 il 19-3 51-11r1- 11511111151 1111-111. T11111 111-x1151111111g 1i1'51 111111111-1' 111'111'1-11 111 111- 1111- g111111-. :x111I1JIl1.f11 I W 1111- l,i11115 11111111111-11 11-1111 1-111-11 111111111-1', 1111- 1-111151- W115 ARNULD 51 WAND!-.RCIKIFT 52 11151. 1J1lly'1Ilg 111 1111- 11151 Q111111' 111. 1111- 51-1151111, 1111- ,'xl'll1l1i1 ,XRNULD 41 BUTLER 40 1111.111 L111115 w1-1'1- 111-11-1111-11 111 il 1115111111-11 111111 g111111- 111 4 A 1 I XVL1llC11'1'1.ff111 115' 11111- 1111i111. '1'l11- g111111- W115 il 1ll'l'111.' 1-1111- -M""Q'l'Q 5'1" "1"4l""' 1"""'l7f'mt Svflfilfk 111 1111- Blltlm 1t'S1 111 xx-1111-11 1111- 11-1111 51-1--511111-11 11111-11 111111 11111111 11-1111 il 1-1111l111l11X. 1111- 11111118 1l1111i 11l11' 11111111-111 111111111111 121111 111111 11111411-1-g1'11t 111111-1-1', N11151r11r1i11111,1 11,551,111 1,1 1111. wimmlg 11111 11111- 11111111 'I-1111112111 111 1111 1X1'Il-111g1 931. 1 115 11111 Imskvt with 3 SN,mu1S rmlmining' 11111111- 1111- 11111115 11'1lLf111' 11-1-11111 4 111118111111 .1 111551-5. A1'11111l1 - N11II111L111 A1'1111111 - S111'i11g111111- 'A 111 AA O. I. Phillips firm!! Row One: C. Mazza, E. Ka- knk, Lee Abel, L. Holizna, H. Egelsky. Row Two: J. Oswald, R. Scan- ga, A. Rizniek, H. Loehner, R. Camel, I. Filcik. Row Three: Mr. O. J. Phillips, Coach, J. Finnin, S. Karrs, R. Slater, I. Brokaw, Manager, I. Loehner, Manager. After a year's layoff, baseball was again revived at Arnold in 1948. As expected, the season ended dismally showing a chart of no wins in nine attempts. Last year, however, there was a noticeable improvement. Out of ten league encounters the Lions managed to emerge victorious in four of them, thus giving Arnold one of its best baseball seasons on record. Attributing his ,49ers success to good hitting, Coach Phillips plans this year to work a little more on the team's fielding and pitching. "For," savs the optimistic mentor, "if the boys came through in those departments perhaps we can win 'em allf' ROSTER Harold Egelsky Ronald Slater . Edward Kakuk Jules Filcik , Carl Mazza ,. ,. Robert Scanga . Alex Riznick , . Robert Camel .... Lee Abel ,. . Henry Loehner Leonard Holizna joe Oswald . ,.,. . Steve Karrs . , . Catcher , Catcher .. .. Pitcher A Third Base First Base Second Base Second Base . . .... Short Stop Left Field Center Field ,Right Field .. M, .... Right Field Center Field 74 66LlfLJi6! ggmlwea Xu, it wmfl 1-xplmlf-, Ku-pyml1'vym'smu ilu- L-upxy Pin, lmslv, svw. ml ,Um If 'mil Q 5, xllltll NVIIIZYUS. Dvlnts un tlw I1-H Hu' Iwst-Iiud SL'll0lllL'S H ' I V F I , C, l.t, tl .rlt mm min' zu: mmm lm" 1' NV "um lt' 'ru I 5 on H ru'-' Chung alt ugh-y. Always pn-ss ll fimx sm-mn. Cluml L-mnp, slylv. A I QQNS f ix 1, 4. For Thc Fu1'tIici'zu1cc of Public Education I I THE ARNOLD LION'S CLUB I Dcdicutc This Space To The-sc Objectives I To promote' the theory and pralcticc of thc Pi'ii1cipIcs of Good Covcriinicnt and Cond Citizenship. I To take- an aictivc intern-st in thc Civic, Commercial, S0ciz1I and Moral Welfare I of thc Community. 76 Congratulations From WALZER CLEANING CO. THE vALLEY's LEADING CLEANER 408 Eighth Street New Kensington, Pa Compliments of CLOCKS SPORTING GOODS STORE 706 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pu. Phone 3241-I MEADOW GOLD DAIRIES, INC. "Quality Dairy Productsn Phone N. K. 963-964 H. A. KLINGENSMITH 8z SONS "If it's HARDWARE we have it" 912 Fifth Ave. New Kensington, Pa. Phone 2700 I Congrzltulzltions BELLI MOTOR CO. lDc-ale-1's of DESOTO - PLYN'lOU'l'll 1330 Fifth Avcnuv Arnold, Pu Compliments of UKRAINIAN CITIZENS CLUB Corm-1' 4th Avenuv and 14th Stn-vt ARNOLD, PA. BLOSER'S OFFICIAL 'IEWELERS To Arnold High School 960 Fourth .AYPIIIIK Nvw Kensington, Pa - - - T5 CONGRATULATIONS - SENIORS GAETANO PILATI FRATERNAL AID CLUB NO. 176 OF COLUMBIAN FEDERATION 1435 Fifth Avcnuv ARNOLD, PA. The JIQJXCII Store ARLIELD I flwne mffienv seo of PRESCRIPTION PHARMAcnsTs J c:Olll1Jiillll'lltS of DEF ELICE and FRABOTTA,S ARNOLD FLOWER SHOP Fashions in Flowers 1600V2 Fifth Avenue Tele-phoxiv 5300 'vrminul - 309 HARMONY SHORT LI ' V ' A - - 'H - . ,mi fi fr Us it it if if ' JYZ fr- A 19- - wq gif , v ' ' ,Nwv X ' Call Nvw Kensington 1500 CHARTER BUSES ANYTINIE - ANYWHERE Nintll Strvct NE New Kensington, Pa 1901 Orcllurcl Congratulzltions Class of '50 SUZY,S SODA GRILL uNVi1t'l't' the Gang Loves to Meetn BEATRICE IIANLON, Prop. Aw-11111 Phono 9989 80 I The Fashion F F h. I -First Stow .unous .Is 10115 .Inc Accessories for Juniors, ' 7 Q Misses, Women and Children at the RIGHT PRICES l JAMES BUoNo AUGUST FIIEDA NEW KENSINGTON ART MEMORIAL CO. Granite, Marble, Bronze Approprizlte, Artistic, Appealing Memorials 1903 l"rceport Road New Kensington, Pu. Marble Wfindow Sills 61 Fireplaces MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS and SUPPLIES COOPER BROS. "Music and Art Centerl' SIU Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. Congratulations BONIDY,S REFRICERATED LOCKER SERVICE Phone 5326 I600 Third Avenue Arnold, Pa. 81 After the Came Follow tlu' Crowd to- jACOB'S ICE CREAM PARLOR NVc make our own icc cream and is it good!! 1701 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa LADIES UMBRIA CLUB Of ARNOLD, PA. Congratulations Class of 1950 SOCIETA CPERAIA UMBBIA 1714-16 Third Avenue 'J' ARNOLD, PA. 82 COMPLI MENTS OF XXHIUI XXQpl6lf W S if 49-f'A'52Xx, is ' Y A 2. 'H A : 0,15 CTC X9 ,fill mv ARNOLD AMERICAN LEGION Post 684 1728 FIFTH AVENUE ARNOLD, PENNSYLVANIA 83 cl0llgI'1llflll2ltl0llS Class of H150 LONCO'S NEW MARKET I Corm-r O1'cl1zu'cl Avenue-Drev Street I Arnold, Pa. I Our Compliments ' STEVE CIPOLLA I com, uml I GENERAL HAULINCZ ARNOLD SUPER CLEANERS NVE CLEAN CLOTHES CLEANER-'I'UXEDUS FOR RENT Curl Cvntilc Frank "Peggy" Nelson Phono 241 I 1805 Fifth Avvnuc Arnold, Pa. I SHOES AND HOSIERY FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY LOUIS' SHOE STORE 1715 Fifth Avenue I Phono 4669 Arnold. Pa. S4 w - ' Cmnwummmrd 'I' FEDERATION OF GLASS, CERAMIC AND SILICA SAND WORKERS OF AMERICA Local No. 17 5? ARNOLD,PA 7 l 1 1 1 8 For the be-st in Arnold lCN'l'lCR'I'AlNM ENT "THE TIIEATRES OF TOMORRONV-TODAY" CIRCLE NVilliznn Svrrun. New Kensington f:i'Ill'l'kll Nlunuger LUMBER - MILLWOHK - 11ooF1NC - PAINT ARNOLD LUMBER CO. Fourth Avvnne- at The Lumber Number Fnnrtvvnth Strvvt N. K. 190 86 Meet Crown Wear Diamonds CROWN,S CREDIT IEWELERS 940 Fourth Ave. New Kensington, Pa. SHEHAB MOTOR SALES INC. 421 Freeport St. I6 4. l gl I l New Kensington, Pa. M. J. STEINEP., The Florist "Say It With Flowers" "We Telegraph Flowers' Reliability and Quality for 23 Years 847 Fifth Avenue Phone N. K. 70-I New Kensington, Pa COLD CREST DAIRY Call 3738 PASTEURIZER -- HOMOGENIZED - "VITAMIN D" Leechburg Road New Kensington, Pa Ice Cream Butter Cream Cheese S7 UNITED STEELWORKERS OFFICERS: OF AMERICA ALUMINUM CITE LOCAL NO. 302 NEW KENSINGTON, PA. Sincere Best WVishes to the Graduates of 1950 W. N. RUPP, PRESIDENT Wm. Johnston, Vice President W. S. Conley, Ir., Secretary Joseph Bordonaro, Financial Sec. Walter Misczak, Treasurer C. II. YVolfe, Guide john Roffol, Inside Guard S. Morgnnte, Outside Guard Wm. Bowser, Trustee R. Shipley, Trustee P. F. Beighley. Trustee C. I. O. ACHIEVEMENT THROUGH UNITY 88 AR-KEN PLUMBING 81 HOME SUPPLY 1606 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. NO JOB TOO BIC-NO JOB TOO SMALL Plumbing, Paint 81 Hardware Phone 491 Compliments ALLEGHEN Y VALLEY INDUSTRIAL UNION COUNCIL NEW KENSINGTON, PA. ROBERT S. RUSIEWICZ FUNERAL HOME Phone N. K. 26:26 Fifth Avenue at Fourteenth Street Arnold, Pa. 89 Cmnplimc-nts of JOHN FEDAN az Co. 1712-16 Fifth Ava-iiiu' Al'l101Q1, Pu. ELECTIUCAL APPLIANCES HARDWVARE FURNITURE 1822 Fifth Opposite Arnold City H1111 LOMBARDO BROTHERS Eqjgk A IIIIIWATO HI VIRGINIA DARE 6, U, In -5,5 'G 1 I JL" IW 2 1 - ""v'1' 11 5 All E94 X ' I 1 0556 Thv Most M0L1ern Botthlig, Phmt in the District MEYER 61 JOHNSTON CO. SHEET METAL XVUHKS A111 CONDITIONING -11EAT1NG-11UUF1NC 1901 Km-mu-th AYCIIIIC P1IOIw 28 Coligmtlllatioiis From W. R. GOTT ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES FURNITURE AND PIUCS Fifth Avenue Arnold. Pa. 911 COMPLIMENTS OF ITALIAN AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY Lodge 119 Affiliated VVitl1 The ITALIAN SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF AMERICA 1801-03 Fourth Ave. ARNOLD, PENNSYLVANIA FORWARD AMERICA LODGE 127 91 cIOIl117lilI1l'IltS ARNOLD VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT Comprising Numln-r Om' auul Nnmbvr Two Compunics N0 Unsightly Monumvnts GREENWOOD MEMORIAL PARK Route 51, Leechburg Road 322-23 Logan Bank Building Now Kensington, 1 "A Cemetery Yet a Carden Spot of Beautvn Serving The Allvghvny-Kiski Valley Phone-s N. K. 6040--Vanclc1'grift 703 92 '1 When You Think of Insurance Think of: JOHN W. HUNGER "Your Friend and Neighboru PRAHA CAFE oooo Fooo OF ALL K1NDs 1724-26 Fifth Avenum Arnold, Pa Compliments of EDDY'S MEN 'S WEAR "Smart VVear for Men Who Carey 1718 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa TIERNEYS CLEANING, PRESSING, REPAIRING Let Us Care for All Your Clothes MENS SUITS MADE TO ORDER 1539 Fourth Avenue Phone N. K. 5376 Arnold, Pa. 93 if BURRELL CONSTRUCTION AND SUPPLY COMPANY YARDS: NEW KENSINGTON - CREENSBUHC - DONORA Telephom- New Kensington 2 ir 94 For Fine Cakes and Pastries Visit POTTER,S BAKERY ARNOLD. PA. Corner Kenneth Avenue ancl D rey Street OI VVE BUY AND SELL USED CARS JEROME MOTOR COMPANY ,DS - CADILLAC - G. M. C. TRU y 1 LKS Corner of Fonrth Ave. P and Eighth Street hone 2448 New Kensington, Pa The Store of Fashions 1607 Fifth Avenue Say It NVith Flowers I 3 REOS FLOWER SHOP Everything in Flowers Phone 5670 Arnold, Pa. 95 c:m1Pi.iMENTs NU-KEN CANDY 6: CIGAR CO. Phone 1310 647 Fifth Ave. 11l'2lL1llllill'tCl'S for "The-Vul1ey's Newest and Finestu IIeadquan'ters for BALDVVIN c:oNN HARMONY M I . Us C ACROSONIC MUSICAL Excelsior und Sopruni AmpliPhonic Aceordiuns HAMILTON Q 1 ' IIOWARD lN5Tl1UM1"NTS Everything for the Musician PIANQQS 700- 704 Fifth Ave Phone 5322 New Kensington, Pennu. Compliments of SNYDER BROTHERS IIUDSON MOTOR CARS 1420-22 Fifth Ave. New Kensington. Pu. Compliments of ARNOLD RADIO SERVICE Home - Auto - Sound - Repair Open 1:00 - 7:00 703 Drev sf. Phone 2810 96 Congratulations Class of '50 CELIA - ANN SHOP 1727 Fifth Avenue Phone 53464 Arnold, Pa Compliments of TOM TAN NAS CITY CLERK CITY OF ARNOLD JOHNSTON HARDWARE CO. Complete Line of Hardware 61 Householclware ELECTRICAL Sz PLUMBING SUPPLIES PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS PAINTS 1034 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa 97 A. L. SPECK noovmcz - sln1Nc: - lNsU1.AT1oN - PEnMA-sToNE Speck Homes at Oakdale Manor F. ll. A. Veteran Approved 18:26-28 Freeport lld. Phones: New Kensington 3383-5231 cl!!!lg'l'iltll18110115-St'll10l'S of 1950 COMMUNITY SUPER MARKET Fon BETTER BUYS-BE COMMUNITY WISE 1703-1705 Fifth Avenue Arnold. Pa Open Daily 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. Congratulations Class of 1950 CONTO'S DREY ST. MARKET Drey St., Arnold, Pa. Compliments To The Class 1050 YE PICKET SODA GRILL IIOME MADE ICE CREAM Arnold, Pa. 08 Congratulations-Seniors of 1950 GEORGE BROS. FLORIST FLOWERS For Every Occasion 813 5th Ave. New Kensington, Pa. EDWARD M. NEE TRANSFER AND STORAGE All Loads Insured 306 Murray Ave. Phone Arnold, Pa. N. K. 4836 J. C. PENNY Co. Your Local Department Store WVomen,s - MCll,S - Infants, CLOTHES 825 5th Ave. Phone New Kensington, Pu. N. K. 91 99 EICH MOTORS DODGE dz PLYMOUTH DEALERS DODGE "JOB-RATEDM TRUCKS Nc-W Kc-nsington Oukmont Turentum CENTRAL DRUG STORES "famous for Low Prices NEXV KENSINGTON, PA. THE KEYSTONE DAIRY CO. QUALITY PRODUCTS Dairy Store-329 Sixth Avenue Phone 666 MILLER BROS. SHOES 908 Fifth Avenue New Kensingtmfs Largest Shoe Store 100 Compliments of JOHN C. DONAHER FUNERAL HOME 1369 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. Congratulations EDNA HOTEL 1739 Fifth Avenue R. MANGIERI, Proprietor Arnold, Pa. Compliments of AL'S RADIO 8: APPLIANCES ADMIRAL - BENDIX - MOTOROLA 1706 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. ARNOLD BUILDERS' SUPPLY HARDWARE :Sz PAINTS PLUMBING 61 HEATING STEEL SASH 61 CLASS Office Bl Yard Rr. 2032 Kimball Avenue Telephone 1543-I l0l Compliments of I GLENN BUICK CO. 710 Fifth Ave. New Kensington, Pu. When Better Automobiles Are Built, Buick Will Build Them Compliments of WARRINGTON,S 5 81 10 Your Friendly Neighborhood NOVELTY STORE 1702-1704 Fifth Avenue Arnold Open Evenings 'Housekeeping Simplified" I KELLER ELECTRIC COMPANY Fifth Avenue at Eighth Street I Phone 1261 New Kensington, Pu. I 102 MARTIN H. NEE PI IOTOGEAPH ER The Baby Photos That You Treasure Forever 309 Murray Ave. Phone 5134 Arnold, Pa Compliments of PENN TRANSIT CO. NEW KENSINGTON, PA. JOSEPH H. MONTGOMERY CONTRACTOR and BUILDER ROOFING - SIDING - SPOUTINC PLUMBING - HEATING 1516 Fourth Avenue Arnold, Pa M. 61 F. CLEANERS lleliuhle Cleaning Pressing and Repairing Suits Made to Order 428 - 17th Street fNext to Post Officel Mario Caicco Frecl Catto 103 Arnold, Pa -Make This Your Home At Your Time of Sorrow- MANZELLA FUNERAL HOME 1509 Fifth Aveuum Arnold, Pai. Congrntuhtions From THE ARNOLD DRUG STORE 1707 Fifth Avenue ARNOLD, PA. Estn171ished 1898 Free Delivery Service "Prescriptions Our Specialty" 1. CRAYSON-O. MARINI, Registered P1izu'inucists Catering To Parties and Banquets-Phone 98622 CAMPBELUS GRILL PLATE LUNCHES, soUPs and SANDWICHES 1609 Fifth Avenua Arnold, Pu. 1011 Compliments of FRATELLANZA GHOTTESE LODGE No. 208 1905 Leishmun Ave. Arnold, Pu Congratulations Class of '50 FRANK,S CLOVER FARM STORE "Thrift Plus Satisfaction" 14:25 Fifth Ave. For Free Delivery, Phone 4202 THE TOWNE SHOP Gifts for Every Occasion Greeting Cards - Costume Jewelry 849 Fourth Ave. Phone 2107-J New Kensington, Pa 105 Compliments of W . T. GRANT CO. I1catlq1iu1'ters for SIIIONS - MENS AND BOYS NVEAII HOME FURNISHINGS NVOMEN'S FA 849 Fifth Avcnna New Kensington, Pu. UNITED STEELWORKERS OF AMERICA UNION SPRINC Bl IVIFC. CO. C. 1. O. LOCAL 1323 Nc-W Kensington, Pu. ALL MAKES TYPEXVIIITEHS 61 ADDING MACHINES ARNOLD TYPEWRITER 81 SUPPLY CO. SALES AND SERVICE 1611 Fifth Ave-init' Arnold, Pu. L C SMITII 61 COIIONA NK 4509-I Anthorizcd Dculer "Dollar for Dollar Yon Can't Beat ii Pontiac" See the Thrilling New 1950 PONTIAC STREAMLINER SD. CPE. S1734 Delivered in Arnold BAKER PONTIAC INC. 1542 Constitution Blvd. Arnold, Pu 106 AMERICAN WINDOW CLASS COMPANY 1899 - 1950 Fifty-one C51j Years of Scientific Progression Dedicated To the Manufacture of Class Products "The Eye of Science - Carrier of Light" Congratnlates An Equally Progressive School System Dedicated Through Education and the Building of Character in our Citizens of the F uturef' AMERICAN WINDOW CLASS CO. Pittsburgh, Pa. 107 Melis Ice Cream Dairy Bongi's Market Sarniak's Meat Service Premutico's Sunoco Service Gnzzi's Shoe Service A. Weisz Shoe Repair Shop Flotta's Market Mr. Alex Riznick Tallarico's Shoe Repair City News Sammy's Barber Shop Quality Market Nicastro's New Ma1'ket Dr. E. Stevens Mr. A. Lorant Dr. L. C. Ceraso Iozzi's Market Ken Kamera Nader's Grill Donati's Service Station Mr, Anthony Bianco Mr. Orlando Lisciarelli Mr. Patsy "Pat', Rich Hecker's Service Station Pontremoli's Market Dr. ll. W. Thomas Tri-Borough Bakery Culligan Soft Water Sam's Tavern Sam Longo's Market Mr. 61 Mrs. Alec DeMao Mr. 61 Mrs. Torkeo Mr. 61 Mrs. Frank Chipoletti Dr. A. C. Bonatti Dr. F. A. Viggiano Pasty's Market Elsie's Beauty Parlor Haduch's Hat Cleaning Underwood Corporation pafrond Office Equipment 61 Supply Co Mayor and Mrs. M. F. Horne Mr. 61 Mrs. Tom Tannas Mr. 61 Mrs. Alfred Colaianni Mr. 61 Mrs. Thomas Haser Mr. 61 Mrs. Frank Gigler Mr. 61 Mrs. Theodore Cappone Mr. 61 Mrs. Robert Zamperini Miss Pearl Sukala Novotny Auto Body Repair Mr. Tony Polsinelli Puglisi's Market Pappy's Grill Mr. Edward Guin Edna Hotel Barber Shop Mr, John Mangieri Dr. D. A. Marini Mr. Andrew Danko Oscar's Shoe Service Mr. 61 Mrs. Albert Cerutti, Sr. Mr. 61 Mrs. George F rickanisce Mr. 61 Mrs. Ernest Iohnston A friend A friend Protective Covers Inc. Lundo's Auto Service Bellomo's New Market Johnson's Mobile Service Station Mr. 61 Mrs. P. Louis DeRose Mr. Aspro Bussotti Gatto's Shoe Repair Valley Mirror 61 Glass Works New Kensington Typewriter Co. Guiliani's Market Falsetti the Tailor Apter Bros. 61 Co. North St. Service Station Gordon's Market Arnold Auto Service 108 wif' 1' f?ff gig Q , 5 X ,wi x QQ, ,,

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