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Text from Pages 1 - 108 of the 1948 volume:

g - Vf........ -Y,....N...,,,.H. WW... . T x ,v -- 1 ww- - Q I-,ii f if 1, Q 1 SL ' Ji- iw! L .M k 1 'avi gf 721 3 3 - K' - fi R :ag , Q V, - A U gk ' A' U f-wr f - h 55 iid QU Q i ky! 1 5'- e 5 K A 5 ,,, 5 if 4" - ..:,,, , K Ry f 1 R iw -Sv Q Q ' ,K 'S -fl A 'fb 'zu Y w r , I ? 2 Ag, 7 :HE . 1 3 A ,,.q., 6 ng, 2 1? XPP ae S 533 Q F a 5: 1 Rf 1 - ,. gw 1 in .uv . 2 V A ,ix A ll fi. fx, t 6? S ,' .L I. 1,-F?-.. 37 I m VJ iff xi ,ir A K- ,g 'Sa Lf S1 . K 2,5 QP , Hr, ,gf Q , -il 5 x 5 , X K V 53 I 1 v Q Q 3 4 1 1 1 S 71eQ ,x! If l FJ QQJM ',f xv Q Hin puezfgnea zu, 06 3 H gcnool Q now, pennsylvania ff rf W7 i948 eniofz Glass ,,I'k, K 1 l 1 1 ' 4 ,l ,yt 1. Q ll: in 1. Q , I 1 fr: I. if - . l" 3 . :J I' 1 if X. ofzewoab The purpose of this book is to bring together, by picture and story, the student life of Arnold High School during the past year. Many things mean "school" to the students . . . hours of classes with their accompanying successes and failures . . . pupil-teacher relationships . . . life-long friendships . . . the long- remembered social events. But to all, school means those happy years spent in the preparation of a life of usefulness as a citizen of a great democracy. For the success of this volume, the 1948 Arlion Staff is grateful to the following for their cooperation and kind help: New Kensington Daily Dispatch, Mr. Dorn Cordera, Colao Studios, Miss Virginia A. Bushnell, Miss Margaret O. Caldwell, our Advertisers and Patrons. Un WZMGQIGM IOHN R FOWLEH IAMES M RAUGHT died died Ianuary 24 1948 Ianuary 30 l948 School Director Attendance Officer I e icafion . . . 5 5 3 5 2 a 5 i I I E gosepl: Danone We, the class ot 1948, dedicate this issue of the Ariion to you, Mr. Pallone, for your Willingness to accept the responsi- bility ot this publication. X Your cooperativeness, patience, encouragement, and en- thusiasm inspire confidence in those with whom you work. Qi' Qfznolb gclwols aculfxl Liuatod: S. Kapustlk, A. Pituuh, A. P. Bianco, lt. Burger. ijtuudrnfjz W, V, Muasgsuro, O. Zoiena, ll. L. llolste, G. R. Bussolti, A. S. l-tcnnto. oafzd of gbucafion Tho group that we seldom hear about and that is probably the rnost irn- portant part oi our school is the Board of Education. The Board is composed ot citizens who realize the importance ot education in our community. The hours of effort put forth by this group are rewarded only with the satisfac- tion that their job is well done. VVe, the graduating class of 1948, deeply appreciate the untiring eitort this group has expended to make our school days happy ones. We wish to welcome as new members oi the Board, Dr. Warren V. Massaro, Mr. Iohn Tierney, and Mr. Orest Zorena. The members are: I Anthony Pituch, Presidentg Anthony P. Bianco, Vice Presidentg 'Susan Kapustik, Secretary: 'Louis C. Springer, Treasurery 'Andrew S. Romito, Solicitor, Mrs. Rose Baiger, Geno R. Bussotti, Dr. Warren V. Massaro, lohn Tierney, Orest Zorena. ' Not a member. 6 H. L. HOLSTE Superintendent of Schools Gongfzafulafions fo flue Glass of I948 You are going into a world faced with the problems of liv- ing in an atomic age. lt is a challenge new to all of us. To meet it requires every resource of training and educa- tion, the greatest spiritual and mental stability. I hope that the background you have acquired in your years in the Arnold Schools will be helpful in making you fear- less and confident that you can help solve the problems that confront us. H. L. Holste Superintendent of Schools 7 H. D. BERKEY High School Principal Glass of I948: As you are graduated you embark upon a new adventure The inipene trable mists of the future hide from you the realities of the years that are to be. However, relying upon the training which has been yours, you should move forward fearlessly and courageously to meet the problems which life will bring you. Confidence, courage, and knowledge should carry you far along the road to worthy achievement. You must have sustained enthusiasm in whatever work you may pur- sue. lf you keep faithfully busy each hour of the day you are quite certain of waking up some sunny morning to find yourself one of the competent peo- ple of this generation. lt is your duty to set a high goal in life and to strive unceasingly to attain it. A pleasant journey and the attainment of your aim will be more assured if you heed the song of Longfellow: "The heights by great men reached and kept, Were not attained by sudden flight: But they, while their companions slept, Were toiling upward in the night." 8 H. H. SINGER Carnegie lnstitute ot Technology University ot Pittsburgh Iunior High School Principal Vocational Director I. I. PALLONE indiana State Teachers College University ot Pittsburgh Subject Supervisor Head ot Commercial Department EDWARD F. BORNSCHEUER University of Pittsburqh Auto Mechanics "Solves all automotive problems" MARGARET O. CALDWELL Grove City College Librarian Composition, Literature "Diliqent keeper of the archives' ANNA CZUSZACK Carnegie Institute of Technoloqy Foods, Household Chemistry "Exhibits qood taste" EDWARD EWING University ot Pittsburgh Machine Shop "Precision is his motto" VIRGINIA A. BUSHNELL Pennsylvania Colleqe for Women Composition, Literature, Journalism, Latin "Displays much patience and cooperation" RUTH E. CRIBBS Indiana State Teachers College Commercial "a s cl t space 5 1 lc j space" IOSEPH I. DEDA University of Pittsburgh Science "Genial instructor ot scientific theory" I I-I B. FARINELLI qie Institute oi Technology Music Theory, Orchestra, A Cappella Choir "Harmony is his lite work" Z f STELLA A. FRANGOULIS Indiana State Teachers College Commercial "Cen5cientious adviser of the Junior Class" ELINOR R. KEEPER Muskingum Colleqe University of Pittsburqh Spanish, Arithmetic es bastante" "Unix palabra al sabio 6 1 IOSEPHINE B. LECNA Misericordia Colleqe Composition, Literafur "Literary t ' LAWRENCE F. MCGUIRE Carnegie Institute of Technology University of Pittsburgh Mathematics, Drafting, Basketball Coach "Our genial basketball coach" ulfmf OLGA HUBIAK Eolinboro State Teachers College Art Supervisor "Artistic in every sense of the word" , 'fkx ii ,gtg MILTON KLEIN Duquesne University ! if Ceovegrlment, U. S. History f qivinq qcod advice" X at I. ROSEMARY LUCAS Grove City College Mathematics "Theoretically precise and reserved" GEORGE C. MCLAUGHLIN Waynesburq College University of Pittsburgh Physics, Chemistry, Biology if Patiently teaches the theory of chemistry" 11 ' 17" ' 46 I ,rs , I ,Z MARGAR . MORRISON Grove City College Commercial "Finger tip control at all tunes .f A A 1 ouvsn 1. PHILLIPS University ot Chattanoogcfl V Health, Salesmanship, 'Qf Baseball Coach, xr i Assistant Football Coachi , "Firm believer in good health" S,'f DOROTHY M. RUDOLPH Gettysburg College Composition, Literature "Most expressive and composed" ROBERT M. TERLINSKI Indiana State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh Geography, Assistant Football and Basketball Coach "Sports Enthusiast" ulf ALBERT G. MOSES Duquesne University Band "He's the leader of the band!" ALICE FAYE RITTER indiana State Teachers College Clothing, Modern Living "A stitch in time saves nine" ALEX TANNAS Mercer University History, Football Coach "Our master on the field" NICHOLAS A. VENTURA Carnegie Institute of Technology Duquesne University Mathematics, History "Understanding and patience are his virtues" OHM e an eaica i i HILDA AVEY Secretory Superintendent INEZ FANTINO Secretory Iunior Hiqh School ANNA VALIGURSKY Secretory General Office DR. E. I. STEVENS Dentist - DR. L. C. CERASO Physician SUSAN KAPUSTIK Secretary School Board HELEN E. HRABOVSKY Nurse DOROTHY B. ZIMMERMAN Secretory Senior High School ...Q 13 Reciiation in Mrs. Lecnafs Comp Class. Miss Rudolph postinq H10 examination on the blackboard. DOf1It make that test too hard, Miss Lucas. Mr. Kls-ir1's qavermummt cslass posind far Miss Keefm improviuq our Spanish the birdie, didlsfsf. 14 eniofzs vu , Lb t k t v 5 'ul' 'ill Aflixvllkq l7:- V 77? Q" 214 Fiont Row: Geraldine Kustei, Stwrotary lohn Biss, Pmsitlentg Lillian llaser, Tieastirer. Bark Row: Mr. M. Klr-in, Advisory Mis M. K. Morrison, Atlvisf-Ig Frlwarrl Sliarifk, Vive Preslrlent. 4 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS IOHN BISS ........... "lack" good-looking, blond-haired fellowg Woncloitul personalityg Arn9ld's outstanding athleteg co-captain ot football teaiug Class President lU, ll, l?g Basketball tO, ll, l2g Football l0, ll, 125 Prom Coniniitteoy Banquet Corniiiitteeg Arlion, EDWARD SHARICK ..,..... "Eddie" qootl-looking six-loolorg outstanding captain and liiali scorer of basketball teaing Honor roll studentg very well liked by allf Basketball lU, ll, Up Class Vivo President IU, ll, l27 National lloitor Sovit-tyg llioin lfoiiitiiittmig Stinltlnt tlwiiii-'il President. GERALDINE KUSTER ........ "Gerry " cute and livelyp winning smiley always joking arounolp out for iung hard workerg Cheerleader lU, ll, 127 Class Secre- tary 10, ll, l2g lunior and Senior Class Playsg National Honor Societyg Arliony Broaduasterg Prom Cornniitteep Ban- quet Committee. LILLIAN HASER ......... "Sissy" just loves to joke aroundg personality plusg always liappyy best "Lion" the team ever liady preppy as a tirevrarkery lunior and Senior Class Playsq Prom Cotnrnitteey Banquet Comniitteeg Broadcasterg Ailiony Class 'Vreasurer ll, l2. 'Q'-""4. iofzs ICjL,lS I6 eni LORBAINE ALBANESE ....... "Lorie" pretty, slim, lovely smiley sweet and cheeriulg lonq wavy hairg enjoys a qocd laugh, likes dancing: l. C. C, 125 Choir 10, ll, Dramatics ll, Banquet Committee, Prom Committee. BETTY ALBERT ......... "Betts" smiling, dark-haired qiilg pleasanty has little to say, enjoys going to Blairsville, always a spark of happiness, is friend- ly to all, Dramatics ll. ANN ANTONUCCI ......,. "Ann" enjoys discussions with Mr. Kleing full of pep: always ilit- tinq about, l.orie's chumg enjoys dancinqg I. C. C, ll, 125 Girl Reserves 107' Choir l0, ll, Banquet Committeep Stu- dent Council. . 1 , . , ' RAYMOND BAGINSKI ....... "Buqs" tall, handsome ladg star tackle on football team, Carrots' buddyg quite a wise-cracker, his hobby is women: enjoys swimming, works out at the Falcon'sg Football 10, 11, 12. ANTOINETTE BAGLIERI ....... "Anite" neat collection of sweaters, small and friskyg eaqer to qrow tall, artistically incltnedg lots of tung junior and Senior Class Plays, 1. C. C. llg broadcaster, Girl Reserves 107 Prom Comfmlttee. V I 1 l , M I L4 1 ! Q fu, It RITA BARONI .......... "Rit'f smiling, dark-haired qirlg loves to talk: nice personality, has the "deepest dimple in the chin", Senior Class Playg Dramatics lU, 117 Choir 10, llg Banquet Committee. DOROTHY BARR .......,. "Dot" favorite pastime is jitterbuqqinqp one of our lively head rnajorettesg carefree, knows everyone: usually see with Iackieg Girl Reserves 107 Maiorettes 10, ll, 12, Dramatics llg Aeronautics 10. LOIS BARTHOLF ......... "Lois" tall and slender: attractive blonde, thinks a lot of Billy quite a linquistg spends her leisure time reading best sellers: has a nice personalityy Choir 10, ll, I. C. C. llg Major- ettes 10, ll. 0 17 FLORA BARTOLI ........ "Flora" tall, attractive blondeg neatg cjood studentg spends most of her spare time with Gerryg sure to succeed in the business woildg likes pretty clothesg Senior Class PlaYi l. C. C. ll. 125 Commercial Club lOg National Honor Society. mcminn snrmrzn ...... . . 'fatchyu winninq smiley won his letter as devoted manager of the basketball tearng enjoys playing softball and football: liked by everyone: quiet lad with an easy dispositiong Basket- ball Manaqer lO, ll, 12. CAROL BEVERIDGE ........ "Carol" hiqhrsteppinq head majoretteg popularp keeps up with the latest fadsg cute puq noseg knows what she wantsg usually seen with Glertng Majorettes 10, ll, 125 Dromatics ily junior Class Playg Girl Reserves 10. IOHN BIRTY .......... "Birdie" star quard on the qridirong cjood lookinqg qoes with Mikeg reqular quyg never worriesg loves to teaseg ruqaed voca- tionalp quick with the fistsg Football lO, ll, l2. I . I ALFRED BORDELL ........ "Cubby" whiz on roller skates: easy qoiriqg tall, lean, and blond- hairedg nice fellow: enjoys playina softball and footballg Chauffeurs the "struggle buqqyf' BETT ' BOUCHAT ......... "Betts" one oi our taller qirlsg friendly as they romeg nice com- plexiong has found her one and only: qood-naturedy always lookina for funy Anna Mae's chumg j. C. C. ll. CHARLES BOWSER ..,..., "Chuck" biq noise at machine shopg works by niqhtg attends school by doyg comical fellowg laughs at all jokes: makes hard work easy: enjoys Chewirtq "Beechnut" in shopg ever- present smile. ROBERT BUSS ......... "Bussie" short as the word "l"g always tiansporlinq the qanq in his rarg pleasant qrinp pet peeve is flat tires: has a sense of humor all his owny very friendlyg favorite pastime eeatinq. '2 its 4. io I8 eniofzs 1 r' I' My fl xl it A V It by 161 VJ-I PATSY CAPONE'Clll ...... . "Homer" very argumentativey only boy in Class named Patsyy likes to sleepy no time for girlsitheir tough lucky shy at timesy doesn't care for dancingy wants to be an expert machinist. IEAN CAPPELLO ......... "lean" everyones paly quiet and friendlyy good naturedy ener- geticy makes her own clothesy shy but talkativey likes to play tenniey Dramatics lUy Camera Club ll. EMIL CARRAI ........ "Handsome" goodflooking prankstery engaging smiley well-likedy witlyy devours food by the tony one swell guyy on the sure road to successp member of the Sports Cluby Basketball 10, 11, 12. ALFIO CASTORINA ......... "Al" favorite pastime is sleepingy one of our future businessmeny enjoys taking picturesy likes dancingy has black wavy hairy pleasant and courteousy Arllony l. C. C. ll. RICHARD CAVALIERE ....... "Dick" short, shy, and likeabley practical iokery makes the girls sighy true Comediany one of the "Suzy's Gang"y likes rais- ing a rumpusy enjcys chemistry above any other class. EUGENE CECCHETTI ..... ,. . "Cl.LQken" loves to talky willing helpery easygoing lady tall and lankyy a wee bit shyy "lives to eat"y liked by ally hasn't ci worry in the worldy a faithful paper carriery Science Club ll. LAWRENCE CERNICKY ....... "Larry" photoqenicy looks quiet, but once he gets qoinq he's really quite a fellowy bashful as they comey one swell guyy likes to cut figure 8'Sy lean, blond-haired lady Bowser's shadow. BETTY CHAMPAINY ........ "Betts" cute, brown-haired lassy big brown eyesy can be found be- hind lacob's lce Cream Bar faithfully serving the publicy carft make up her mincly always has a broad grin for everyoney Band lD, ll, 12. i 'Amr fc- ywiflf X .1422 N qi eniofzs . GLORIA CIMINO ........ "Cim" marriage is her aim: shorthand wizard: very excitable: al- ways finds something to laugh about: mischievous: likes fun: always talking: Girl Reserves 10: I. C. C. 12: Banquet Committee. ARTHUR CIUFFOLETTI .,,.... "C ufi " a dancer "deluxe" and a football player "detough": ro' mantic: grand guy with a great personality: popular fel- low: makes the girls sigh: lucky in love: good-natured: dark, wavy hair: Football 9, 12. RAYMOND CIZMA ,....... "Ray" his hobby is looking at girls, but turns red when they look back: toils at Fedan's: dances at Uke's: blond, shy. and likeable: seldom seen without Iimmy: pool shark: fre- quents ,lacob's. FLOYD CLARK ......... "Toge" works at Star Market: blond, wavy-haired lad: nice per- sonality: likes small girls: sports lover: always ready for a good time: new addition to Suzy's Gang: endowed by nature with a nice physical frame., . . I- ' .: J- s 1 , tl- 1 v - 1 , , Hoff" . A 'V -'-- -""' .n' . ' .A .' . 1 X CLARA COLAIANNI ........ ' "Clare" lovely blue eyes: secretory to Mr. Pallone: speedy typist: always smiling: ever dependable: small and pleasant: Broadcaster: I. C. C. ll, 12: Girls Reserves 10: lunior and Senior Class Plays: Arlion ll, 12: National Honor Society. PETE CONTE ......... "Pete" "Mad Chemist": typical Colgate smile: injects humor into any situation: iriendly: toils at Arnold Drug: slides the trombone: lohn's photography partner. FLORENCE CONTO ......... "Flo" snappy majorette: DiCk's her man: has a laugh all her own: pleasing perscrality: big brown eyes: favorite pastime- just sleeping: Majorettes ll, 12: I. C. C. ll, 12: Broad, caster: Girl Reserves lfl: Dramatics lO. ALEX COSTANZA ........ "Mizza" loyal supporter of the band and orchestra: wishes he could grow taller: blond, wavy hair: liked by everyone: prac- tical joker: wants to be a businessman. 4 BETTY CROCCO ..,...... "Betts" expressive brown eyesy likes Major League basebally con- stantly chewing gumy always enjoys a good laughy gocd Commercial studentg Broadcastery Arliony I. C. C. 11, 12g National Honor Societyy junior Class Playy Girl Reserves 10. HANNAH DAHER ......... "Hann" long, wavy, black hairy guiety always ready with a smiley enjoys humory good workery nice dispositicny works steady at l-lerman'sy cute dimples. SHIRLEY DAVIS ......... "Sis" typical outdoor girly efficient office girly cute giggley happy- go-luckyy likes French friesy wishes alarm clocks had never been invented: another one of our quiet lassesy I. C. C. ll. l2y Girl Reserves 10. DAVID DECKER . .,...... "Dave" shorty dark hairy always ready for a gocd timey forever getting into mischiefy has a smile for everyoney mascot of government classy Choir 10, ll, 12. RAYMOND DeMARIA ........ "Bo" curly-haired Romeoy tall and handsomey always in a rushy can usually find something to laugh abouty puts his brain to good usey has a bright iuturey l-li'Y Club lly Choir 12. ANNA DiMUZlO ......... "Shorty" has a smile for everyoney loves to talky enjoys cracking her gumy a sports enthusiasty ardent Sinatra iany a small fry even in high heels: Girl Reserves 105 I. C. C. ll, l2y Ban- quet Committee. FLORA EDWARDS ........ "lean" long blonde hairy pretty blue eyes are this gal's specialtyy talkative and sociabley easy to get along withy tails over solid and chemistryy blushing just comes naturallyy Dra- matics 10. IUSTINE FEDAN ......... "lay" has a pleasant word for everyoney iriendlyy always ready to help out in a tough spoty neaty a contented and felicitous persony enjoys driving to Pittsburghy spent many hours on yearbook writing of facultyy Broadcastery Arliony Orchestra 10, 11, 12. 0 RICHARD FLAHERTY ....,.,. "Dick" dark hair and blue eyes, talkative, can really beat it out on the ivories, nice personality, Cheerleader 10, 11, 12, Broadcaster, Junior and Senior Class Plays, Arlion, Choir 10, 11. LOIS FLINN .......... "Lois" happy-ao-luc-ky, always manages to have a qood time, qoes for pretty clothes, attractive, long wavy hair, a shining personality, one of our snappy cheerleaders, Broadcaster, Senior Class Play, Cheerleader 10, 11, 12, LOUIS GHIA ,..,...... "Louie" ready grin, a rnrstrlrrevous lad, short and good looking, humorous, shy at times, can usually be seen teasing, ath- letic type, nice personality, a rugged Vocational, Football 10, 11, 12. WILLIAM GUENTHER . . .4 ..... "Bill" tall, brown-haired lad, fun loving, enjoys disrupting classes, likeable, a future sax expert, we wcnder who she can be? pet sayinq, "Oh, I'm so ashamed!" Band 11, 12. HAROLD HARACZNAK ......, "String " likes to sleep in government class, makes his pin money by clerkina at Fedan's, quiet as a mouse, except when the teachers back is turned, tall, blond-haired lad, shy, is pleasant to all, younqest member ot our class, Aero- nautics 11. MARS!-IA HARNISH ........ "Marsh" enjoys eatina chocolate frosts, always has a ready answer, seen but not heard, tall and 2 ernder, finds boys interesting, future is uncertain, enjoys,a sports, 1. C. C. 11, 12. N . Y NIJ ,.1r' , if' If' IAMES HILL ......, ' . . . "lim" tall and quiet, cnc ot our reserved boys, triendly to every- one, hails trorrr Stewart, blond hair and blue eyes, liked by all, studious, teachers' ideal student, Sports Club 11, Football 11, 12. RITA HOLES ......,... "Hit" pretty blue eyes, everybody's pal, plans to qc into nursing, mischievous and full of pep, slaves at Herman's Nut Shop, her main interest lies at Ken Hi, could eat candy any time, Broadcaster. 7 J N .' .7 ' K .1 x . r i 3 ,5 ,Q . F ' . , L, N h 5 it g J v x jx' 1 'tv V' , 1 in T I x yy' KJ ,T ' io Z2 'LS O25 HILARY HOLSTE ......... "Hilary" one of our taller boysg sharp dresserg mannerly and con- siderateg enjoys dating girlsg quite a wisecrackerg loves to tease teachersg wonderful personalityp Arliong Basketball lO, ll, 125 National l-lcnor Society. GLORIA IANOTTA .......... "I" quiet and reservedg steady supporter of the Tarentum Yg cute pug noseg well-liked: easy dispositiony blushing iust comes naturallyg lovely, large, brown eyes and long lashesg l. C. C. llg Commercial Club l0. LILLIAN IANICIK ......... "Lil" hopes to attend Penn State: quiet and studiousg enjoys musical side of liieg loves going on lcng walksy chief mirneographer for the school paperg constant Honor Roller: National I-lonof S ietyp Broadcaster. ui and sincere: l' all sportsy energeticg friendly: good turedg a swell s g a future bookkeeperg always good or a laughg liked everyoney I. C. C. ll. DOB H ARCZY V ....... "Dot" IAMES IOHNSON ........ "limmo" well-likedp has a friendly greeting for allg active member of the clang one of our outstanding artists: has a talent for music, especially boogie woogiep very neat dresser: Science Club llg Choir 12. , VIRGINIA IOHNSTON ....... "Ginnie" Arnold's loss is Ca1iiornia's gaing often found cutting figure 8'sp Smokey's her many long, black, natural wavy hairy tall and shapelyp smiling lass: Choir llg I. C. C. ll, 12. ANTHONY KASAVAGE . .... "Untook" husky football playery athletic: pops up with some really lunny remarksg usually seen with a crowd of iellowsg one ol the reasons for Arnold's successful football team this yearp never a worry in the worldg Football 10, ll, 12. ROBERT KILGOHE ......... "Bob" can really beat it out on the ivoriesg neat, wavy hairy they had him in mind when they coined the phrase "Ladies' man"p one of the shop boysg good natured and courteous. enaofzs DOROTHY KNEPSHIELD ...... "Deity Lou " "dimple in the chin, devil within": lun loving: nickname might easily be shorty: vivacious: hailed from Leechburg: likes sports: has a smile for all: Arlion: Broadcaster: I. C. C. ll, 12: Senior Class Play: Banquet Committee. KATHERINE KOMINKO . . . . . . . "Kay" dancing is her hobby: a very neat dresser: attractive blcnde: photogenic lass: has a ready answer for everyone: blushes easily: interest lies out of school: I. C. C. ll, 12. THERESA KOWAI. ........ "Terry" brown-haired, greeneeyed lass: sociable: loves eating candy and ice cream: plans to enter nursing at St. Fran- cis Hospital: has ideas all her own: Broadcaster: Arlion: lunior Class Play: National Honor Society: Banquet Com- mittee. GEORGE KOWALYK . ...... "Carrots" shy around girls: Bugs' companion: blond curly hair: tall and lean: soft blue eyes: active in all sports: quiet as a mouse: pleasant to all: Football 10, ll, 12: Basketball IU, ll. IOHN KRASINSKY ........ "ludqe" our "mad scientist": will enter Penn State to study engineer' ing: amateur photographer: likes to waste film on all kinds of pictures: iournalistically inclined: Broadcaster. RICHARD KUHN ......... "Dick" tall and lanky: seen whizzing around in his "wolf wagon": talkative: wisecracker: sharp dresser: smooth dancer: ar- dent meniber of The Saturday Nite Club: possesses a win- ning smile. IEAN LANDIS .......... "lean" reserved and likeable: sweet smile: winning personality: neat dresser: wellliked by all: seldom seen without 0 cold: Broadcaster: Girl Reserves l0: Y-Teens ll. LENA LANFALONI ..... . . . . "Lee" enjoys going to Tarentum: Barbara's pal: quiet, cheerful brunette: always on the go: likes to dance: literally laughs till the tears roll: Dramatics ll. IOHN LAWRENCE ........ "1 ack" quiet chap: can really beat it out on the drums: plans on studying music: favorite sport is swimming: excels in government: knows how to dress well: Band 10, 11, 12. LILLIAN LEPUSKY ......... "Lil" thinks Ieannette is a keen city: foils for the nurse: has charming dimples: Carmella's pal: will make a very effi- cient office worker: likes to play the piano: I. C. C. 11, 12: Choir 10, ll. ANDREW LINABDI .....,. "Coke" happy-qo-lucky: sharp eye with a cue stick: school dcesn't make much of an impression on him: never gets to school on time: likes to play hill-billy music on his violin: sharp dresser. EUGENE LOBUR ......... "Lobo" St. V1ad's basketball team's high scorer: loves to loaf: us- ually seen with the "Mum's Ganq": silent type: neat dress- er: avoids all kinds of work: eats a lot. ELVXHA LONGO . . . pretty, long black hair: works in her dad's store: large, blue eyes: always willing to help: could eat loads of potato chips: carefree: Girl Reserves 10: Y-Teens 11: I. C. C. 11, 12: National Honor Society. . . . . . . "Vera" IOHN MALECKI ........ "Meleck" quiet lad: favorite pastime is staying in for Mr. Ewing: Chuck's pal: hails from Braeburn: always into some mis- chief: either tardy or absent. THOMAS MCMILLAN ........ "Tom" wellrmarinered lad: qood natured: amiable: liked by every- one: hopes to make chemistry his future: studious: hails from Stewart: Science Club 11. GRACE MOHNEY ........ "Gracie" attractive blonde: pleasant to all: she sports a "sparkler": hopes to become a happy housewife: has a beautiful voice: Choir 10, 11: Dramatics 10. ZW. io 25 CQIQJL Vydfdfd' EDWARD NAIEWICZ ..,..... "Edda" A-l personality: qood-looking blond fellow: charms all girls: can always flash you that contagious qrin: ace bas- ketball star: lots ol fun: would be lost without Steve and Tory: Arlion: Basketball 11, 12: Baseball 10, 12: Prom Committee. MICHAEL NICASTRO ..., .... ' 'Miken ready grin: mischievous: short and good lookinq: swell guy: liked by everyone: humorous: shy at times: excellent football player: co-captain ot football team: Sports Club 11: Football 10, 11, 12. JAMES NOEL ......,., "liinniy" courteous and reserved: tall and lanky: will make an elli- cient bookkeeper: always neatly dressed: bashiul: always willinq to help: l. C. C. 11, 12. 'MARY IANE OVERLY ....... "Janie" blonde-haired lass: toils at the Citizens General Hospital as a nurses' aide: auiet: likeable: can usually be found with Rita: keeps her eye on a certain Oldsmobile: has a winninq smile. BARBARA PAREDES ...,... "Barb" an attractive brownette: large, qreen eyes: stylish ward- robe: active member ol Tarentum Y:'s playmate: iriend- ly smile: pleasing personality: Dramatics 11. LaVERNE PARKHILL ....... "LaVerne" mechanically-minded: has a flashy smile for the opposite sex: can outftalk almost anyone: can ride a bicycle back- wards: always ridinq in his Buick. IULIA PASSEWITZ ..... . . "lulie" cute, blue eyed blonde: has chosen a secretarial career: enjoys eatinq banana splits: aood Commercial student: favorite pastime is roller skating: qoes tor anythinq blue: Arlion ll, 12: National Honor Society: I. C. C. ll, 12: Girl Reserves 10. GLORIA PETRI ........ . "Peaches" a quiet and reserved qirl: shows qreat talent in art: works at local 5 5. 10: short and petite: lovely, natural, black curly hair: has a iriendly word for everyone: Broadcaster. 5 it io Z6 2 tufffltkx W, 1 0 fz slffivty, Ury? ' i CARMELLA PILATO . ..... "cum" quiet cmd reserved: twinkling brown eyes: everyone's pal: always neatly dressed: has a smile for everyone: nice dis- position: I. C. C. ll, IZ: Girl Reserves 10. GEORGE PLASCZYNSKI ...... "George" peppy and cheerful: mischievous: argumentative: alvggys has a wisecrack ready: smooth dancer: friendly to.srIi: active senior: "Mr. Foster": Arlion: Choir 10, 11: Prom Committee: Banquet Committee: lunior and Senior Class Plays. BASIL PONCHEL . . . . .,... "Bas" tall blond: shy around girls: well mannered: friendly smile: liked by all: studious: always knows the right answers: hard worker: neat dresser: Senior Class Play: Broadcaster Editor. DONALD PULCINI . . . ..... "Don" true comedian: usually wears that broad grin: life of any party: snappy dresser: delights in teasing: really justified the role of Randolph in "A Date with Iudy": Iunior and Senior Class Plays. IOANNE RAYBURG ......... "lo" pretty brown locks: big brown eyes: studious: energetic: cooperative: can be found with the gang: everybody's pal: popular: lunior Class Play: Broadcaster: Prom Committee: Aeronautics 10, ll. ELLSWORTH RODE ...... . . . "El" never has much to say: proud of his black Chevrolet: bash- tul nature: prefers short girls: always seen with Andy: easy-going lad: congenial: willing to help anyone: Hi-Y ll. GLORIA RICH ......... "Glor" expert pianist: aspires to be a dress designer: charming personality: attractive lass: honor student: has a fine sing- ing voice: Perry Como ranks high on her list of vocalists: Orchestra 10, ll, 12: I. C. C. 12. IACQUELINE RICH ....... "Iackie" Senior class's ace iitterbug: easy-going: cuts a neat figure: pleasing disposition: smooth dancer: gracious personality: Dot's partner: interest lies in Ken I-li: Dramatics ll. 'X O 'LS PATRICIA ROBSON ..,..... "Pot" always keeps her hair nice: tall: gains business knowledge at Gimbels: has a friendly word for all: would like to wear a white cap: big brown eyes: likes to road: 1. C. C. ll. ANDREW ROMITO ....... "Speedo" typical Colgate smile: his ideas are a great help to the class: grand guy with a swell personality: never misses a chance to sing: very mannerly and polite: has a nice word for everyone: Choir ll, 12. RICHARD ROMITO ........ "Dick" tall ard well-built: blue eyes: one of our star football play- ers: very friendly: finds a certain girl interesting: mischiev- ous: usually seen with a crowd of fellows: dislikes teachers who enjoy giving homework: Football 10, ll, 12: Choir 12. MAUREEN RUSNOCK .... . . . "Reenie" personality plus: likeable: sociable and active: great movie enthusiast: plans to be a nurse: one of the gang: Broadcast- er: Iunior and Senior Class Plays: Banquet Committee: Dramatics ll. IAMES SAELLAM ........ "Sunny" dark, tall, and friendly: capable basketball manager: smooth on the dance floor: popular guy: neat dresser: dark eyes: dependable: loafs with Ray and Eddie: Basketball Manager 10, ll, 12. STEPHEN SAKALUK ....... "Steve" blond, curly hair: well groomed: welleliked by everyone: efficient Editor of Arlion: enjoys dancing: inseparable friend of Tony, Edda, and Sparky: popular: star of St. Vlad's Bas- ketball eam: Arlion ll, 12: Basketball l0. Prom Committee. ANTHONY SANTUCCI ....... "Tony" tall, dark and hmmm: fun to be with: one-woman man: nice personality: loafs with Steve and Edda: enjoys all sports: popular: a rugged Vocational: Baseball 10, 12: Prom Committee. RALPH SHERBONDY ....... "Ralph" good-looking prankster: star guard on basketball team: has a pleasant grin which has made many a girl's heart throb: finds girls interesting: one cf Suzy's gang: witty: Football Manager 10, ll, 12: Basketball 10, ll, 12. V m ee ANDREW SIMON . ........ "Andy" can often be found throwing things: broad grin: works hard at Arnold Drug: shy around girls: one swell guy: enjoys basketball games. MARY SKOK .......... "Mary" beautiful, long blonde hair: wisecracker: "Tarentum Y, here l come"y Emma's buddy: can't help blushing: enjoys a good laugh: talkative. CHARLES SLATER ........ "Sparky" girls like his eyes: Untcok, Steve, Tony, and Edda's buddy: good-looking, reddish blond-haired fellow: St. loe's star basketball player: no time for girls-their tough luck: avoids all kinds of work. IOSEPH SLUSER . . .' ...... "foe" takes prize for being most bashful: hobby is women: would much rather sleep mcrnings than come to school: crazy about cars: takes pride in his work at auto shop: a regu- lar guy. IOHN SOPKO ......... "Soup" always singing: likes to fool around: favorite pastime is eating in shop: loafs with Ellsworth: dark-haired lad with a swell personality: ambition is to get a "B" in shop: his best friend is a "one-armed bandit." EMMA SRNISH .,........ "Em" rather short: nice figure: goes for anything blue: always pleasant: nice Clothes: full of pep: wellvliked by all: pretty golden hair: typical school girl: ardent movie fan. IUNE STENNETT ......... "lime" reserved: sweet smile: especially quiet: loafs with Dot: sparkling blue eyes: hopes to become a nurse: lunior Class Play: Broadcaster. DOROTHY STRATHEN ....... "Butch" typical outdoor girl: always carries a load in her car: tall, attractive dark-haired lass: friendly disposition: sports en- thusiast: nice smile: I. C. C. ll. io 29 CATHERINE SUKALA ....... "Cathy" usually seen smiling: loves long hair-- wishes hers would grow: often seen with Pat: pet peeve is girls who swoon: future work lies in modeling: loves to talk: Broadcaster: I. C. C. ll, 12: Girl Reserves 10. ANNA MAE THOMAS ...... "Anna Mae" could talk a leg off anyone: tall and lively: everyones friend: active and ambitious: an eager beaver: loafs with Betty: I. C, C. ll: Student Council. DOLORES TIRDEL . . . . . . . , . "Do" quiet and friendly: cute lass with a sunny smile: good na, lured: big brown eyes: a willing helper: dependable: many friends: I. C. C. ll.. I K, :pi 'I LVR RITA TOMRYKO ' .... . . . "RH" witty: has a gift of gab: nurses' aide at loral hospital: en- joys dancing: tlighlyp Carefree: likes to meet people: al- ways lookiiiq for fun: I. C. C. ll, 12. ROBERT TRIMBLE ........ "Gus" injects humor into any situation: works in the Glass House after school: winning smile: has many friends: all-star on St. Ioe's Basketball Team: nice-looking lad: neat dresser: good dancer. GERALDINE VAIRO ....... "Gerry" possesses a nice personality: hard to convince: business- like- will make an efficient accountant: gains practical experience at l'lart's- National Honor Society: Girl Reserves lU: Y'l'eens ll: I. C. C. ll, l2. PATRICIA VEITCH ........ "Pat" one of our taller girls: a friendly girl with an even dispo- sition: pet saying, "That's the way to go!": likes to dance and ice skate: Band l0, ll: I. C. C. l2: Girl Reserves 10: Prom Committee: Banquet Committee. IOSEPH VERDINI ......... "Ioe" tall, dark-haired lad: nicelooking: smooth on the danoe floor: always whizzing around in his yellow ialopy: sharp dresser: another of our outstanding artists: Vocational stu' dent: Arlion.q 4 t ,Ke x !' bd . U it I 2 ' QQ' L vt f 'S J . .mfs '- N .- Q.. I ..' I ffl' i t X'--xx M X XDR 8 niofz 30 vt 4 I . ZVll0'LS - Za d,d,pLL,aL M4'fZxbdI, DOROTHY WALKOWIAK ...... "Dotz" a sweet blonde: loats with Aritie: plans to become a nurse: easy disposition: keeps mail route to the Air Corps busy: cute smile: Girl Reserves l0: Broadcaster: Prom Committee. DOROTHY WISSINGER ....... "Dot" blue-eyed miss: generally quiet: always ready for a good time: friendly toward everyone: toils at local 5 6' 10: pleasant: Broadcaster. To 0 THOMASWEAKLAN ....... "Squeak" tall: blondlourly hav - r ther quiet: swell sense ol humor: pleasant tg' eve-ryan : hails from Stewart way: likes to have a good time: Sports Club ll: Basketball 10, ll, 12. WILLIAM WESOLOSKI ....... "Willy" expert machinist: honorary member of Boy Scouts: short and daring: doesn't have very much to say: likes to roller skate: hails trom Braeburn: drops everything and anything to go hunting. WILLIAM WOLOSYN ....... "Bill" quiet and bashful: always with the gang: intelligent: photography is his hobby: one ot the few boys with a crew cut: enticing grin: friendly to all: Hi-Y ll: Basket- ball l0, 12. EDWARD YOUNG ........ "Ed" one ot Arnold's farm boys from out Melwood way: lanky chap: brown hair and brown eyes: enjoys tearing things apart and singing in the bathtub: cute grin: always en- joys g good laugh. GLORIA ZAMPERINI ....... "Zamp" tall, clark-haired lass: dance ian: likes to joke around: loquacious: attractive: would like to be a model: Arlion: Broadcaster: Dramatirvs 10, ll: Prom Committee: Choir l0, feweggfif oi Home 004445 MACHINE SHOP Row Ono: W. Wesoloski, L. Cerniclcy, C Slcaier, A. Simon, I. Mcllecki, R. Ccrvo livre, H. Cizmo, CY Bowser. Row Two: G. Kowolyk, F. Clark, R. Bon inski, l. Verdini, A. Scmtucri, S. Sirlm luk, P. Capone, l. Suollom. How Three: l'. Sopko, R. Kuhn, E. Shorick E. Ncxjowivz, X3 A . f, X K,f.i. F1 J' AUTO SHOP How Ono: l. Sliiser, L. Porlchill, R. Buss, A Kosavcxqo, R, Kilgore. Row Two: l. Billy, l.. Gliic, A. Ciuflolfllli, F1 Slierbondy, A. Bordefll, H. Bondffr. N 1 ' ' . f, 100-S How One: I. lolirison, A. Cosicmzc, D Pulcini, M. Nicostro, E. Rode, T. Mu Millcxri, W, Wolosyri, R, ll'l'lI1llDlE', A. Rom iio, l. Lawrence. Row Two: T, Woulclimd, ll. llurcrwtncxk H. Corroi, H, Romiio, P. Conlcf, I. Biss W. Gue-ritliei, ll. Dvlvluiicr, R. Flolierty B. Poriclie-l. llow Tliieez A. Ciugtmiriil, I. Noel, lf. Younq I. Krosinslcy, H, Holsie, G. Plusczynslci E. Covchelti, A. Linordi, l. Hill. 32 eniot Home cams x . 'x l .- ' Q- . ' .ff A. L 2 lf?" 103-S A ' Row One: A. Baqlieri, A. DiMuzio, D. Knepshield, B. Crorro, C. Colaiarmi, I. Passewitz, L. Burtlloll, L, Albanese, D. Walkowiak, E. Srnlsh. Row Two: L. Lanialoni, G. lanotta, M. Skolc, A. Antonucci. P. Veilvh, L. Lepusky, E. Lanqo M. Hamish, F. Canto, B. Albert. Row Three: C. Sulcala, G. Cimino, G. Zamperini, G. Mohney, P. Robscn, C. Pllaio, V. Iolmston S. Davis. 101-S Row One: G. Pelri, K, Kominko, l. Cappella, l, Stennelt, L. lanicik, T. Kowal, R. Holes, L Flinn, D. Barr, M. I. Overly. Row Two: B. Parecles, B. Champainy, D. Wissinqer, F. Edwards, H. Daher, I. Landis, R Tomayko, D. Tirdel, I. Fedan, G. Kuster, L. Haser. Row Three: G, Vairo, F. Bartoli, C. Beveridqe, R. Harmful, D. larciynski, Pm. Pmucllai, A. M Thomas, I. Raybura, M. Rusnock, D. Straihen. 33 t i The "hunt" for the iosst ietter iii tiiiriq. "Be Czccurctten is the Cry in bookkeepiriq. Fixing C1 "itat" in uuto shop. Cur cirtist ut work on the school paper. Musterim U19 EIQCIFOIHCIHC iu Office? Putting the finishing touches on ci iob in prqciice' ciuto shop. Future riicichiriists at work. i.0GTiIliTlLj the fZ9C'T9i5Z of bevttpr rookinq. HPVCICUC9 111611495 DGT'f9C'i" is H10 INCJHO in typiiiq. 34 Ljv mf' ' ov ww '1 4r, J' '-P x 2 f"A-f -foovld fp: :X x' XY' S 35491 .Q . N . 55,.1J,lL.,,. x .7 ' ' sf Q l Gnx- Q .1 I 1' K K 3 XJ P' I N! , , , 4 1 X 'M y L .. 4 Q Vw V X N fx ' X I ' v lx X - :-: unfofzswylp A MP' KX 'A Y IUNIOR cLAss OFFICERS A ' ffhxnciinqz T. P1'cfv0nf'w, S0414-tolyq A. Corulti, Vivw Pm:-sidvniy I. Ivlossws, Pwfzxclwntg I. Fxifxk lNfl'r"Pnf:L11'Q.g. Sf-fiifldi Mr. CT. lf. IVlk'I.Gl1KIh1lIl, Miss S. A. FIQDLIKJUHS, Advisrlrss, zoa-s Huw Om 3 T. Cluxk, H. Furmcuu, D. Dmm, M. Drzymclc, L. Kczsulcxs, M. HQ-ndlxcks, M. Evhon, D. Duslu, M. Gcmeuvlli, ID. Hotkowski. Huw 'Vwwz D, Swcmdm-rskx, II. Tussiol, C, Bowser, I. Bunk, B. Hvmuley, R. Hcxnyo, L. Davis, I., I'l'GftII'lf.j4'l1, H, C:1llf7Ol9H1, Huw 'Vlln-O: I.. VIHIIUI, iff. Allman, F, Uliiio, R, DIIDIHOYP, I.. Fitzpczuick. 26 xy' 'Xliyvfflr .0 I!lI.'W fl I WW,Qff'.: ll f .. Ur" Pj zo1.s WU How One: D, Pjonlck, G. Tidd, E, Grosso, D, Proielli. ,yl Q' Row Two: D. Posah, L. l-lazelclt, G. Cebula, M. Raylnurq, S. Daylida, M. Lacinslcl, C. Longo, K' I-l. Slennetl. 5 ' Row Three: I. Guido, T. Fuqe, M. L. Cooper, D. Groqno, G. Monzi, S. l-lajel, M. l. Miller, A. M. nl ' Marlin, M. Zimmerman. ROW Four: P. Ponsart, M. L. Saska, S. Birch, S. Repine, E. Monteleone, D. Singleton, I. ll Remaley, L. L. Yobp. AUTO SHOP l Flow One: l, Valenti, G, DeSan1is, I. Guido, V. Noel, I. Adams, D. Davis, E. Anulli. I Row Two: S. Torchia, P. Parecles, I. Kuba, L, Vivola, R. Falco, R. Keller. ' Row Three: L. Miller, A. Ullzio, I. Wardoclip, R. Rode, Glass of '49 Jw A bb ,MQW gl Zf?N ,. View g gi M YV if. I I. - 4 - 2 N ' YK ff U' 4 , , ' If x 41 A -, x . ' K If rl ' Lf 'izlfwg A " x V' B' ' oi V m lx I jx Y 'K .rf x .Af 7 V l' sf . i 'V . Q ' olyyf' , ll X 'I 105-S . 4 J, llfww Unfw 'lf Prrvvvrfw G. Swilullcl, C. Schenk, J. Cornelius, P. Hydol, D. Zulu-r, D. Billwlv, F. flvlv uk, G. l.OOllNOI, A, Powell, 1 Huw 'l'wu: ll. M. Stuart, C. Sunluccl, D, Czomordcx, D. Hosnli, l', Mono, L. Plylcx, B. Mcltislw ll. Ccxppcumlli, l, Dumol, Fl. Kloms, F. GL191'CIlOUC, C. Clxomyuk, K. ll111'lC1GT, P. Healey. .f,, lluw Thr'-Q: C. l1llZIJlIlYll'lC, F. Dum, H, Mooney, I. Coslunzcx, L. Burlbuuqh, M. Mcrrtmo, l. 'l'osm-uno, N. Borkm, M, Zollinqm-r. - 200-S 'xx lww Om-1 L. Culll, W. Mussum, C. Shuliz, H, Fochl, A. Fleeqer, I. Polocncxk, L. Bobon, l. ,cy D'Evc1diu E. Zdcmowski, W. Iohnson. ' Huw Two: A. RlZY'l1r'li, D. Mole, S. Kcxrrs, I. Dewey, I. Fllclk, I. Childs, T. Powers, C. Arqonto, 1 D. Mrnrcqon, K. Tcfkoly. llww 'l'l11wwg H. Svolpwllrw, R. Cljlkllltl, H. Slovvcul, ll. Mmcllo, IX. CClUlll, l. Moses, ll. Scllwclz, ' W. liulcul, E. Cvpull. 4 Q, a s s o Lf 9 C3 l ' K' as ' I 4 Sr' E U I ' sl Q1 if :-:gopluomofzes :-: SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS ijputvfl: Miss A. Llzusmnrl-1, Advisory L. llolizncx. Piosidctntg Miss lvl. O. Coldwell, Advisor. Stundinq: A. Guzzi, Troosurerg E. Sqrinio, Vicro Presidentg B, l, Spercmzo, Secretory. We Welcome the Sophomore Closs into the Senior High School. lt is o Gloss thot is well supplied with totleni, totct, brains, Gnd qood looks. lt seems to be o closs omozinqly full of purpose. We hope thot they will live up to our expectations. Good luck in the future! 59 1 1 N -ax- Wu . ,I W, ,f if I AUTO SHOP How UTIUI I. 'l'fm1C1yko. M. Gallo, W. Rusclk, A. Smilll, C, Capone, A. C:GI1l1lC11'll1, I, Show R. Bmmini, R. Ccxnmplwf-ll, L. Nivustro. Hww TWO: G. FOHOSV, S. lkoprho, S, Tumiuuro, E, Muxkiowurz, W. SCICIIIJOIIIC, I. Slpocz, H LOCWDIIQY, Fl. Kurdlbirl, I. Kloms, H. Eqolsky. How Thru-ez L, Holizmx, G. Key, V. Chilic, W. Walcult, V. Clark, E. Kukuk, E. Surniuk, I Kominko, 208-V Row Om.: A. Liuzicl, D. Mcmzc-vllcx, M. A. Wurdoulip, D. Cicxzrchi, I. Ewing, B. I. Sperunzcr L. Mursiliw, G. Ycmnuzzi, I. TiI'11'lO!I'19YClX, H. Corey. How Two: Z. fx. Cowen, C. Ross, R. Michecxu, D. Albonese, B. Hoon, A. D'Arqenzio, D. Kar son, L. Fcrxne-cm, I. Clzmcx. Huw Thr'-Q: E. Scxcwllqm, N. Yolap, I. Dlpusqucllo, M. SOSkC1, M. Frcmccrt, M. Hrosko, C Cillbffllifld. Glass of 'SO f ,D454-Gcafkt 'Q J ! 3. ' ' LQ' -'.L 'ff1- A LLLL'E A K A ll 'l K+ M5 A LLLIZ A Qdffcfci .mv . w 72" 1 , x-. gy l or N 'x IX J 47 Q.. 11....r..4 xy? zoa-v R, J How One: N. Green, E. Reed, P. Troulmcln, H. Young, M. lockson, B. Bolhnqer, D. Smcllzcr, V. 4 , A. Viqqiuni, R. Plornm, L. Pozol, N. Mczlivk, W. Morrison. llow Two: H. Thomas, W. Skrohul, W. Kowolik, F. Ropertl, G. Anderson, D, Poicrnok, ll. Mur- tin, I. Viqilonte, F. Gumborl, R. Reskiewicz, R. Luhinetzlcy, B. Scherer. Row Three: G. Tlcd, D. Thlrnons, D. Vruclny, R. Berger, F. Becker. E. Sqrrnlo, L. Alucl, I. Prove-nzo, R. Ludwiczuk, R. Pryor, R. Presslck, D. Giqler, F, Capo. Row One: D. Shwku, L. Iongsky, I. Meston, M. Cornllcx, H. Lunstord, C. Weller, A. Kolito, P. XX Noel, C. Noble, E. Sloler. Row Two: R. Borr, E. D'lsubello, A. Gloncolo, I. Scibilicr, E. Ferrich, I. Gcrrbinski, L. Worlcu11, N. Brown, A. Krclson, I. Bcrqirxski, P. Guzzi, C. Liqoon, D. Mcirsico, T. Sleworl. Qu Qfsv Q How Three: A. Liccllu, A. Mcllillop, l. Resh, l. Remoley, R. Murlrno, L. Debuy, A. Bowser, N Goldlgcm, T. Kuzmlglz. C. Rrtcnour, T. Buuhonun. Q X ez f fp 0 a s o 5 O s . M XY Test duy in otticfe puxqtige. Assseiiibliriq our School pcxper. I..C-lI'Il1ll'j tlifi guiiruciipios Ui good Eng Our duplicating iiiuutiiiies at work. Reference Work in our library. Putting those qeometric figures to work. 4.1 ' cfivifies ' - J 'Vu I Yr . I I W - tt' al Seated: D, Dim, A. Thomas, Mr. ll. D. Berkcy, Principal, Mr. L. F. McGuire, Advisor, M. Fraiicait, C. Choinyalc. Standing: A. Antonucci, D. Davis, B. Scherer, G. Green, E. Sharick, R. Martino, V. Clark, A. Horruto, T. Fuqce. 7-lie gfuaenf Gounci The Student Council, which has been revived after many years, has as its aim to teach the students the power ot sell government. The students from each report room selected their own representative to this council. A group ot stu- dents selected by the council to form a safety squad exercised certain duties throughout this school year. This year the group has laid the foundation for the council in years to come. ln the future, the council will be selected during the first month of the school term, so that it may be able to undertake its duties immediately. OFFICERS President ................. ............. E dward Sharick Vice President .................... ..,................ A ndrew Romito Secretary-Treasurer .,........ .......,.... A nna Mae Thomas 44 . QV, Row Ono' C. Chomyak, I. Passewitz, F. Bartoli, G. Vairo, E. Longo, L. Icmicik, T. Provenzo. Row Two: G. Kuster, T. Kowal, T. Fuqe, ll. Holste, E. Sharick, I. Filcik, C. Colaianni, B. Crocro fnafional Hanoi oclefxf The National Honor Society, an honorary organization, was established in the Arnold High School on May l4, 1927. An appointed committee ot teach- ers selects members by ballot from the eleventh and twelfth grades. There may be l5CXJ of the Senior Class and 5? ot the Iunior Class chosen each year. Their election is determined by tour qualities: namely, leadership, service, character, and scholarship. Each member of the chapter is entitled to Wear the emblem, a pin, adopted by the National Honor Society ot Secondary Schools. This year eleven Seniors and tour Iuniors were selected. Since its inception in Arnold, the organization boasts a membership of one hundred sixteen girls and ninety- seven boys. Out ot this number many have entered into various fields of en- deavor. We have representatives in the fields of medicine, nursing, education, engineering, industry, and business. 45 Bow Ono: I. Stennett, B. Ciocco, C. Sukala, L. Flinn, D. Knepshield, G. Petri, D. Walkowiak, A. Baglie-ri. Row Two: Miss V, A, Bushnell, Adviseig G. Kuster, L. Haser, D. 'Nissingen I. Fedan, F. Conto, C. Clolaianni, L, Ianicwk, I. Krasinsky. itow Thief-: B. Ponvhcl, H. Baroni, M. ltusnovk, G. Zamperini, I. Bayiiuiti, I. Landis, ll. Daher, T. Ltimal, lt. Vinh fzoaacasfefz Elticiency, neatness, and cooperation are qualities characteristic of this year's Broadcaster Start. The art of this production provides work for each and every member of the paper. These future journalists have gone a long way in publishing papers tar above the regular standards. The Broadcaster progressed rapidly this term under the wise supervision ot Miss Virginia A. Bushnell. Editor-in-chief ..... Associate Editors ..... Feature Editor .....,.. News Editor .......... Art Editor ............. Sports Editor .......,..................... Advertising Manager Assembly Manager ..,..,.,. STAFF . ....... Basil Ponchel .........,Clara Colaianni, Iustine Fedan ...Richard Flaherty Baroni Antoinette Baglieri .........Iohn Krasinsky ...........Lillian Haser ....,.....Iune Stennett Distributors .................. Iean Landis, Hannah Daher, Rita Holes, Gloria Petri Typists ........................ Clara Colaianni, Betty Crocco, Florence Conto, Dorothy Walkowiak, Gloria Zarnperini Layout Managers ........................... Maureen Busnock, Geraldine Kuster, Lois Flinn Mirneographers .......................................... Iohn Krasinsky, Lillian Ianicik, Theresa Kowal Prooireaders .................................... Dorothy Knepshield, Ioanne Rayburg, Catherine Sukala Adviser ................,................... Miss Virginia A. Bushnell J I ti-Sit xg! X Row Ore: L. Haser, I, Fedan, I. Passewitz, B. Crocco, D. Knepshield, P. Ponsart, C. Colaianni. G. Zarnperini. Ftow Twoq I. Biss, H, Thomas, T. Kowal, G. Kuster, F, Meco, D. Davis, Ft. Flaherty, 'fowlThYee: Fl.3fl.folste, G. Flasvzynski, S. Sakaluk, l. Verdini, IX. Castorina. QU' V 'L Qfzfion , 'The busy little students, who Worked as hard as beavers this year, were the members of the Arlion Staff. Writing stories, taking pictures, and getting subscriptions were but a few of the many tasks of these students. Although many melmbers of the staff were novices at this type of work, they soon learned the alrt of it. The staff, which has willingly given up considerable time and effort, should be congratulated upon making the book a noteworthy publication. Thanks should be extended to Mr. Pallone, for with his guidance i and supervision the Arlion has been published. ' The staff extends best wishes to the future Arlion- F ites in making other publications successful. STAFF Editor ................................... ...................................................... S teve Sakaluk F Associate Editors ............ Richard Flaherty, lustine Fedan, Theresa Kowal Business Managers ............................................ ...Gloria Zamperini, George Plasczynski, Geraldine Kuster, Lillian l-laser, Patricia Ponsart, Alfio Castorina - Typists .......... ...................... C lara Colaianni, Betty Crocco, Dorothy Knepshield, lulia Passewitz Art ......,....................... ............................................................................. I oe Verdini Photography ........... ............................................. H arold Thomas, lr. Sports ............................................................ Hilary Holste, Ir., lohn Biss luniors .................. Mary Echon, Flora Meco, Douglas Davis Adviser ....... ......................................................... M r. Ioseph I. Pallone TITVTI SAKAIUK Editor Row Un'-: lf. Plfrsczynslci, A. Mcliillop, I. Lawrence, T. Crivaro, C. Ligoon, P. Conte, G, Tidd, H. Mafrliowco H. pl15l'5lTIOlC, A. Tirdel, B. Bilicki, l... Crivaro, H, Cipolla, ll. Gagliardi, C, Araento. Flow Two: A. Costanza. W. Ovferly, W. Sakai, R. Tamburo, W. Guenther, I. Costanza, D. Marsivo, ll. Cornelius, H. Dorbritz, C, George. titfw rlllii-'Fi W, Morrison, lf. Torcaso, R. Berger, L. Burlbaugh, F. Gumbnrt, A. Sluser, A. D'Araonzio, lvl. Mc-ixrflslut-ratfr, A. Livata, B, Clhamyiainy. '?.v'.v Vanin: l.. tfrilvariesw, R. Fovht, P. Guzzi, H. Ficwa, V. Ve-rtoranio, H. Miller, I, Dewey, ff Schutt, lt. flinritorti, 53. Filtisrli, l", Svtrlrsi., l... Galli, R. Wliitc-, D. Foyer, GV! Under the direction of Mr. Moses, The Arnold High School Band has come to be recognized as one ot the most outstanding musical organizations. ljarly last tall our band was increased by the number ot thirty-tive, bringing the total to titty members. The Arnold High School Band participated along with six other bands in the Marching Band Festival sponsored by the Daily Dispatch. Betore an esti- mated crowd of 10,500 spectators they depicted the Cavalcade of Dances. First the "Minuet in G," which took place back in the l790'sg next "Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom- DerAe" rang out portraying the early eighteenth century days with the "Can- I'Ian" dancey finally, in a darkened stadium the band members, distinguished by small lights on their head pieces, formed a haltmoon playing, the modern, "Shine On Harvest Moon." Also under the dimmed stadium lights, they formed a violin playing "l'll See You in My Dreams." ' A combined Choir and Band Concert was presented in May before a large crowd. This organization participated in community-sponsored parades and patr iotirr programs. b 5. 4 8 .x.x- ,. A VD .29 , S ' Nl .YN X VW .1 ' S' .ii Xxx K fs t it ll 4 ' ' v . I NN P I t T ' MJ' ' 0 Q F' 3 . Kneeling: P. Tonnus, L. Roberts, M. Ligoon, D. Roland. 'J gf W ,rw Standing: D. Singleton, C. Castorina, M. Lacinski, Wlvgole c ' V. . ' gi . EW' , I. Baker, P. Snyder, L. Farineau, I. Pagliaro, I. Ciz . Ba . gin k . C , C, Bev dqe, P. Ponsart, L. Predebon, L. Pozel, L. Davis, R. Flemm. imrnerm , N. o , L. Walcutt, M, Franvart. t , 1 ff ,iff . I ' ,aff . - -Q14 Q W 1, pf Y L 'J t ' ' 'J L Zkd' W y, 7' 'Cf J 4 V2 ' t t Mfg 7 J 1 ., a I o fz e e 5 f My ,f t ,f ,- 'IJ I - " V-W 7 7.3 1 ' Because the majorettes began this year with only to e 1 ' . Q I bers, twenty new majorettes and four acrobats were a d to fe J . eir pf summer training was intermittent until August, during whiglfgfiont , t ygrp-G' X Q , ticed untiringly aring for the football season. They took gre r e in their f I f work and o rated to the utmost with their able directgffltflr. Moses.fTheC' J' V, , amaz' g ornqance ol the Cavalcade of Dances at the first game was a start- MXDJ-' li g s ise to nbelieving spectators. At the Festival they reviewed theirjfy it te -f he avalcade ot Dances and the Violin. Mr. Moses, as e Arrlol igh School, m justly be proud ot this organization's accomplish- f me ts is year e are king forward to their impressive pertormahe at the oro Ba r d Pa nsart. Their excellent work was also res onsible for Ou apa e l Beveridge, was assisted by Florence Conto, c st this September. a 6' , fi t A ln D ctivitieslin heY partic 5 U! 49 lmtt to Right: CI. Prvpnsky, F. Marsivo, l, Korninko, Mr. I. B. Farinelli, Directory W, Sakal, G. Rich. lt. l't-'vcr A, ffrvstanirl, ll. lVluII5l1'O, l'l. Gfrulialfli, V. V4-ttelcuno, A. C'luant'r:ltr, l,. Hath l, ifftl-mn l'. Guzzi. Ofzclmesffza The Arnold High Orchestra welcomed into its organization any students who were interested. The orchestra which was composed ot only fifteen mein- bers sultered a loss oi tive oi them at graduation. A supreme sacrifice oi these students was to give up their time from classes to be able to attend rehearsals. They studied the works ot the classic, romantic, and contemporary composers. The two main events for which the orchestra played were the lunior and Senior Class Plays. The student body was also fortunate enough to hear them play for a special assembly which presented a Snake Show. Although the orchestra was small, Mr. Farinelli has hopes oi enlarging it. Private lessons were given to those students who were interested in participatf ing in it. ln the near future it is believed that the orchestra will become a large rn11sic'al organization which will be the pride ot the school. 50 xx? XJ . V9 if 4 .L iiy fyti .Fifa ll ' an , . fig if .tits at ' 2, O., Q.,c5.j', .ft-QZMAI-" ft ' . tl ,125 i' M tibxkrq ff ,if jf A vga . :jp7A50dAlml5v" 1 - We--i. - ... .. .fr . - f Row One: L. Plyler, M. Zimmerman, H. Stennett, L. Marsilio, D. Posati, M. Rayburg, P. Noel, D. Manzolla, Mr. I. B. Farinelli, Director, N. Maliclc, I. Garbtnski, I. Cizma, E. Slater, D. Slifka, lt. Botibttt, cfschenk, D. Atbfmese. It w Two: C. Castorina, Z. A. Cowen, P. Ponsart, D. Hotkowcki, P. Ryder, I. Ewtrg, G. Cebula, B. I. Speranza, M. Hr ko, D. Karson, M. Francart, L. Farinoau, H. Young, B. Haon, D. Singleton, - B. Matisko, C. ntucci. Row'Three: A. Killop, R. Micheau, M, I. Miller, N. Yobp, F. Dunn, I. Vigilante, M. L. Saska, t , ' F. Meco . Mdrtin, P. Healey, T. Bayne, R. Romito, M. Nicastro, D. Mele. M 15 Row Four: . Argento, I. Provenzo, D, Decker, K. Hunger, R. M. Stuart, C. Ross, E. Saellani, A. I 1 ' - fc L ' Bo r, L. Fitzpatrick, I. Iohrson, M. Martino, R. Smith, R. Welsh, R. Deltflaria, A. Romito, S. J' 4 ' Ifarrs. X. Xi' 9 . P 1, - IDL' - n L ips! G Gapeiia 6l4Ol7L it . iL'MIThe A C ppella Choir, consisting of 61 students, selected its members by ty-outs. C ir rehearsals were held every day during the last period. ,tv tc Du ' g the Christmas season, the choir was busy singing at many events. Ff st its schedule was the entertaining of the New Kensington Women's Club. .Ai-"V ,fbvho had heard, praised the choir's Christmas program in the auditorium. outstanding feature of this season was the musical broadcast which was V , ven over WKPA. The party, provided by the proceeds from caroling, made 'Ly this event both profitable and enjoyable. The joint concert, which was given tx, 'J kj A wi by the band and choir on May 6 in the High School auditorium, was thoroughly I V appreciated. , I it Nadia Malick was the soloist for all events which the choir held. She and gl' Rachel Martin were the accompanists for rehearsals as well as concerts. . fi The members chosen to be representatives at the county choir were: Car- men Argento, Frank Dunn, Lorraine Fitzpatrick, Ioan Garbinski, Iarnes Iohnson, Nadia Maliclc, and Andrew Romito. , 1 The choir was under the direction of Mr. Ioseph B. Farinelli and under the leadership of the following officers: President ........................................,................ Andrew Romito Secretary ...... ..... ........ C F oncetta Castorina Vice Piesident .. ....... . ....... Raymond DeMaria Treasurer .. .......... ..... . .. ..... Patty Healey 51 x7 o Q A, gets-f. 1. 1 Lf' in X' v K4 4 , i 5 t i s E How Ont-' G. Krista-r, F. Bartoli, C Colaianni, D. Knepshield, L, Flinn, R, Baroni, L. Haser, A. itaqlieri. How Two: Miss V. A. Bushnell, Directory M. Busnock, B. Ponvhel, I. Krasinsky, G, Plasczynski, B. Vlaht ity, I. Biss, L, lanicik. eniofz Glass ax, EVE ON A RAMPAGE A Comedy in Three Acts by Paul S. McCoy Characters Amy Streeter, maid at the Noel home ................ .............. L illian Haser lessie Noel, a dictating mother ..........................................,.....,............ ........................ R ita Baroni Gail Higgs, lessie's married daughter .,....,..........,,............................................ Geraldine Kuster Clarence Higgs, dominated by Gail and her mother .................. George Plasczynski May Brooks, meek wife ot Stephen .................................................. ............ A ntoinette Baglierl Stephen Brooks, makes the decisions tor his family .,............................... Donald Pulcini Boger Brooks, their son whom Eve gets into a jam .......,................,.........,.......... Basil Ponchel Eve Noel, Iessie's daughter whose ideas get her into trouble .................. Flora Bartoli lanet Paige, EVe's college friend .........,,.........................................................................,..,,.......... Lois Flinn Dennis Wayne, Rogers classmate .............................................................,...,...... Richard Flaherty Prompters: Clara Colaianni, Dorothy Knepshield. Stage Managers: lohn Biss, Iohn Krasinsky. Property Managers: Lillian Ianicik, Maureen Rusnock. Make-up Artists: Lorraine Albanese, Elvira Longo, Rita Tomayko. Publicity: Gloria Petri, lournalism Class. Play directed by Miss Virginia A. Bushnell. Orchestra directed by Mr. loseph B. Farinelli. 52 Air? Ponsart, I, Filcik. -ebfw,f-ug,-M fly , !- 1 f 'Ja-if-if a."'4',l, , K, wg-al Z3-7.4 P-1 "HV" Row One: C. Argento, E. Monteleone, E. Anulli, F. Guercione, A. Cerutti, l. D'Evadio. Row Two: Miss V. A. Bushnell, Directory F. Meco, T. Fuge, S. Birch, W. lohnston, V. Noel, L. Vivola, I, Dumot. ' Row Three: B. Cipolla, C. Bowser, S. Daylida, L. Fiatangeli, D. Pjontek, A. Powell, T. Provenzo u n I o fa G l a s s LEAVE IT TO GRANDMA plat, A Comedy in Three Acts by Paul S. McCoy U x J,-LQ lift iftfgfiff 0 1 l 6 Characters Victor Hayes, a young businessman ..................... ........................ A lbert Cerutti Martha Hayes, his sister ........................................ ............................. P atty Ponsart Grandma Norfleet, their grandmother ...,,,.... ..........,. E lizabeth Monteleone Carol Hayes, Victor's wife ................................. ..................... F lora G-uercione Herman Knox, a rich old bachelor ................. ...................... I ohn D'Evadio Larry Tucker, a young newspaper man ....... ............ R obert Cipolla Dolly, the Hayes' hired girl .................................,... ................ A udrey Powell Abe Swift, Herman's gardener ........................... ........... C armen Argento Nancy Foster, a young society matron ........... Steve Dawson, an advertising man ............. Beverly O'Day, Grandma's young girl .......... .... Prompters: Laura Fratangeli, Sarah Birch. Stage Managers: Vincent Noel, William Iohnson. Property Managers: lane Dumot, Theresa Provenzo Make-up Artists: Constance Bowser, Dolores Piontek, Publicity: Charles Ewing, Ettore Anulli, Leo Vivola. Play directed by Miss Virginia A. Bushnell. Orchestra directed by Mr. loseph B. Farinelii. 53 lora Meco ..............lulius Filcik ......,....Thelma Fuge Shirley Daylida. SENIOR MEMBERS How One: ll, SUICGICI. D. Knop- sliieltl, S. Davis, D. Tirdcil, I Pcissvwitz, K. Kcminko, L, AI hcinese, F. Conte, G. h1Ch, H Tomciyko. TWO: D, Burl, lf. lbriqo, C' Colciicxrini, l.. Loptisky, B Crovvo. F. Bcitoli, G. Vciiirv D, Strdtlien, I. Rivli, A DiMt12io. Row Three: C. Pilate, P. VtXllC'll D. lcrrvzynslci A. M. Thomas B, BOLll'I'lCll, I. Noel, P. Hobson G. Cimino, M. llornisli, A, An lf'l'lLlt'Cl, G. Mohnoy. IUNIOR MEMBERS llow Ono: D. Ilosclti. S. Dcxylidu M, Rctybnrg, G. Cebulc, P. Pon sdrt, L. Hcizelett, lfl. Stennett, I5 Dirt, M. Drzymfilo, H. Fun neun. Row 'l'x-.'u: I.. lliwpfitrivlc l7. Pin rilti, CT. Bowser, D. Swmiderskt l.. l.. Yobp I. Guido, M, I. Cooper, L. l:IGllH'li1Cll, M. lleiid licks, D. Pjonlek, ll. Mooney Hcw Three: M. Zimriiernictn, M I Milltr G Tidd, S. Birvli, L Fitzpdtrivk, I. I:tCYllC1lGY, E Ulimo, E. Moriteleoiie, M. L iidslcd S. litrpiiio D. lictliciwslzx uniofz Glmamlvefz of ommefzce The Junior Clictniber oi Commerce started the yefir oil Witli tlie initidtion ol new niernbers. Meetings were scheduled once ci niontli tit which time G brief business meeting was held, iollowed by C1 lunch and some type oi entertain- ment. Prrrties were held tit Thanksgiving Gnd Edster tinie. At the end ol the yectr, this orftdnizdtion cwdrded the outstanding Commercial student ci znedcil lor her outstanding work. luniors dnd seniors alike were eligible for fJC1I'llCIpCIllOI'l in this orgcrnizcition il they mdintdined dn ctverdge oi C or Ctbove. OFFICERS President ...... ......... Elizabeth Moriteleone Secretory ..... ........ .....................................................,....,...................... F l ord Bctrtoli Treasurer ......,.. ..........,...,..............................,.......................,.................................... S Grd Birch Advitierzs ..,..... , ....... Miss Hutli H, Cribbs, Miss Stellct A. Ificirigoulis 54 funded. ana! Seniaa fl-mm May 9, 1947 'Wolff Room" of flaadeaell' Jlalfel pill!!-144-qfr-, pa. fbancing. la Ewa! Jfunl Kennxlwoob Dax, X Hel? on 7-Lmufzsbaxi, may QQ, I Lf 41.1.4 . 4 X ll ti ,XJR YEA TEAM!! in ii. rim- in 152 it r,4:. tg.. r L. Pl 1,111 rx lneaifyzll 3. 51- lsr Q J A. . I, X , . Yf Xl" Qf My oofluzllw ARNOLDH 18 MARS-0 ln Ile tirst qfxrne el tlie secrson tlie Lions looked rrrirrresrzive, :alrowinq plenty ot power rind ri qood r-cissinq cittr.1c'l4 to stop Mcrrs l8-U. Mors never seriously tlrrerrtened tlie Lion qoel, qettinq only cis c'lo:'e cis tlie twenty. Teucli- downs were scored by lctfflc Biss, Cdrl Mdzzd und luck Moses. ARNOLD--25 WEST DEER-0 Arnold rerrerrted tlreir tirsi win by beotinq U Iierd-trying West Deer teorn 25-U in C1 non- lecrque Genie. lt writ: tlre :second qdnie ei the yedr rind cigciin the Lions sltewed Q qood of- fense ond defense. Arnold was never in den- qer und proved tliernselves to be tlie better tecirrr fron: tlie openinrr wliistle. Touclidowns were scored lay Bern 'l'orc'liic:, lock Biss, luck Moses, find Victor Cfldrk. ARNOLD-0 TARENTUM-26 'lilie second leoqiie qcinie proved diseas- trous to tlie Lions, losinq to Terenturn Hiqli School. The Lions storrted well, holdinq Teren- tuni to one touchdown et tlie end et tlie first hell. The Lions seemed to cerne eport in tlie second hell es Terentum scored tliree times in tlie closinq inonients to detecrt tlie llLT!ClfllQl1llI1'j Lions, 26-U. ARNOLD-26 EAST DEER-0 ln o non-ledque genie, Arnold recorded tlieir tliird win by trouncinq Ecrst Deer 2640. lt wds one sided ond the Lions completely out- clossed East Deer. Tlie genie wars iedtured by e seventyssix ycrrd drive tlie Lions put on to score tlieir first touchdown. Touclidowns were scored by Sdrn Torcliici, Victor Clerk, end lock Moses. ARNOLD-13 SPRINGDALE-12 The Lions displayed their best form of the year by beating Springdale in a hard-fought ball game, l3-12. Arnold scored first on a blocked kick by Dick Romito, who scooped up the ball and scored. The second Lion touch- down was made on a seventy-yard pass play from Carl Mazza to lack Moses. ARNOLD-18 LEQECHBURG-20 The second set ag, of the football season camelirf the han of Leechburg, 20-18. Fum- iies' wap cotsgl .tot-Y rnold as Leechburg capi- lized or th eelkoutgh owns. The Lions were X ungge t -Ara point and lost as fjzfiel ui? co? ted twice after a touchdown. lf Arigdld' o c downs were scored on a line glflinge y, m Torchia for the first score and a Onpass ff 'Paul Paredes to Dick Romito. A long ' li .. .- pass from Carl Mazza to lack Moses gave Arn- old their final touchdown. ARNOLD-25 FORD CITY-0 The Orange and Blue chalked up their fifth win of the season by beating Ford City, 25-0. The winless Glassers didn't make it an inter- esting game and lost their eighth straight game. Two of Arnold's scores were made on passes to Moses and Kowalyk. The other two Arnold scores were made by Carl Mazza. ARNOLD-13 SHALER-14 ln the last game, the Lions lost a heart- breaker to Shaler by a score of l4-13. Only after trying their hardest did Arnold finally lose out. Arnold's first score was made on a long pass from Carl Mazza to Dick Bomito. The second touchdown came on a line plunge by Sam Torchia. 1947 FOOTBALL SQUAD Row One: K. Tekely, F. Roperti, F. Becker, E. D'lsabella, I. Birty, V. DoCarlo, D. Vrudny, M. Gallo, W. Sacriponte. Row Two: S. Torchia, D. Morgan, L. l-iolizna, A. Ciuffoletti, L. Nicastro, M. Nicastro, R. Knox, Lxjlbo 5. Resh, l. Prove-nzo. Sk Row Three: Mr. A. Tannas, Head Coach, I. Moses, M. Martino, C. Mazza, V. Clark, A. Cerutti, Wo, 3 H. Egelsky, L. Abel, A. Kasavage, L. Ghia, Mr. O. I. Phillips, Assistant Coach. 3 How Four: Mr. R. Stuart, Trainer, R. Sherbondy, Mgr., R. Baginski, G. Kowalyk, R. Romito, P. - Paredes, E. Sgrinia, S. Cropcho, T. Powers, I. Biss, A. Santucci, Mgr., Mr. N. A. Ventura, Equip. Mgr. . M 59 I fp P. Paredes, Quarterback A. Ciuffoletti, Guard R. Baqinski, Tackle C. Mazza, Halfback I. Biss, M. Nicastro, Co-captains I. Biss, Halfback L. Nicastro, Center A. Kasavaqe, Guard I. Birty, Guard I. Moses, End S. Torchia, Fullback M. Nicastro, Tackle III Q G. Kowalyk, End R. Romito, End ki 'N-as O u in-If .1 Q, i 443 4 34 ?f if xg ,, 6 SEK 6 s X , Q rg V, 35 X ., 1 EL S 598' ln! QQ it A iw, 'M 5463 M Q -f Vx, ., WZ 5 2 fa . gwi-W 1 +1 ,if fi . ' I if 'Q gawk 6 r 3? is H, ,- . Fi W' v Q f V 1 .TQ-a X , .Q 'V :" f fi it? s . . , ss.: - - .. mu .e , is SQ RMA ' 'I 4 fn G Sk . U . 5 an ,W Xi az x ww gf K' L A . -Q 4 A W . i' I 9+ ,, y 'um .- ,. 1 C . in A L R Q SQ' . I .I S L i wp '- 1 oofluall Gam After CI lorrq, herd dey Resi time ut lust Scrimmclqinq Lel's all diq in The coach Ffcmkf H19 Chef, GT fest Long, lcmq trmil cr-winding Beautiful scene from Clear The Old Swlmmmq hole Cl t, Creek' Sigel' pa. Wlrere we caught our lcrrqest f IOW IIIIQ A I fish K- P- Not Gqgm' Getting prepared for ihe flqhi Wish I lmcl Imp! in swhcrrre Mcrswterinq the "T" More prcrviice 62 lQL,l7-48 gasfzeffmff gquaa A ... . ., fs, 1 Row One: T. We-crkldnd, W. Wolosyn, I. Biss, E. Carrcli, A. Cerutti, P. Poredes, E. Ncrjewicz, R. Sherbondy. Bow Two: Mr. B. M. Terlinski, Assistant Coochq B. Bender, Mctncxgerq I. Filcik, H. flolste, E. Shcrrivk. I, Moses, I. Sorellom, Manager, Mr. I., F. McGuire, Head Cocrch. ARNOLD-40 WILKINSBURG-37 Arnold defeated Wilkinsburg in or thrilling overtime gome for their first victory of the yegr. The Lions come bcick strong in the overtime per- iod to clinch the verdict. Ed Shorick led the Lion's orttoclc with l4 points. ARNOLD-32 MUNHALL-50 The Lions received their first defeolt from Munholl in o hgrd-fought goime. Troiling most of the gcrrne, the Lions fciltered in the second hglf to lose the decision to the lndions. ARNOLD-48 WILKINSBURG-62 ln the second game with the Holy City cdgers, Arnold lost the decision ofter putting up g futile fight. Coming botck strong in the third qudrter, the Lions crept to within three points of Wilkinsburg only to lose out in the fourth quorter. ARNOLD-39 SPRINGDALE-37 The Lions defeoted Springdole in d close gdme offer corning from behind in the fourth quorter. Bill Wolosyn dropped in CI field gocxl in the lost minute to put the Lions dheod by two points. ARNOLD--22 TARENTUM-19 Arnold defeated Tgrentum High School in onother close gome to rnork up the third win of the seoson. Bill Wolosyn crgoin dropped in what proved to be the winning field gool in the lost few seconds. ARNOLD-49 TARENTUM-31 ln the return gotrne with Tdrenturn, the Lions reolly disployed power by trouncing the Red- cgts. Arnold led throughout the entire gdrne clnd was never in dotnger. Shdrick, Moses, ond Sher- bondy led the crttdck. ARNOLD-36 MUNHALL-49 Munhdll swept Arnold gside in the return engogeinent to rnoke cr cleon sweep of the two- goirne series. The Lions led only in the first qudrter ond trotiled the lndidns the rest of the ggme. ARNOLD--34 SPRINGDALE-28 ln the second gorne of the series with Springdale, the Lions ogoin defedted them. Leoding throughout the gdrne, Arnold went ohecrd in the fourth guorter to hold CI six-point leod ot the end. ARNOLD-41 SWISSVALE-35 Arnold chalked up their sixth win of the year by beating Swissvale on their home court. he Lions stifled a fourth quarter drive by the Swissvaleers to win the last non-league tilt. lack Moses paced the Lions with l5 points. ARNOLD--39 KITTANNING-42 In the first league game, the Lions lost after a questionable decision by the referee which threw the game into an overtime period. Shar- ick and Moses led the Lion's attack. ARNOLD-54 HAR BRACK--31 Arnold' 'trounced the Big Green from Har Brack to chalk up their first league win. Every- one figured in the scoring with Filcik and Shar- ick leading all. ' ARNOLD-44 LEECHBURG-35 The Lions outplayed the Blue Waves from Leechburg in a non-league game to record their eighth win. Arnold led the whole way with lack Moses spearheading the attack. ARNOLD-32 BUTLER-49 Playing Butler on their home court, Arnold suffered a second league defeat. Trailing by eleven points in the first quarter, the Lions were unable to catch up to the Golden Tornado. Holste paced the Lions with eleven points. ARNOLD-37 FORD CITY-35 In an important game, the Lions upset Ford City to break the Glassers' jinx. Trailing .at the end of the first quarter by eight points, Arnold came back strong to hold Ford City to sixteen points the remaining three quarters. Sharick and Najewicz led the Lion attack. ARNOLD-as NEW KENSINGTON-30 The Lions subdued their rivals from the lower city by taking the first rivalry game. Arnold led the whole game to mark up the fifth win in a row over the Kenmen.. Sharick and Holste starred on the offense. I ARNOLD-28 VANDERGRIFT-23 The Arnold Lions won their fourth league game by defeating Vandergrift in a close, rough game. Coming back strong in the sec- ond half, the Lions led by six points at the end. Ed Sharick set the pace for the Lions with 14 points. ARNOLD-44 KITTANNING--42 1 In a return game, Arnold obtained revenge for an earlier setback at the hands of the Kit- tanning Wildcats. The lead alternated through- out the game with the Lions going strong in the overtime period. Holste, Sharick, and Naiewicz led the Lions. ARNOLD--2 1 HAR BRACK-31 The Lions lost a tough one to 'Har Brack on their home court. Unable to make any shots, the Lions trailed the Big Green the whole game. Arnold was off-stride and was unable to make a good game of it. ARNOLD-29 BUTLER--23 Arnold dropped Butler to gain sole posses- sion of second place. Trailing by 2 points at the half, the Lions came back to defeat the Golden Tornado 'by 6 points. Ed Sharick starred for the Lions with 17 points. ARNOLD-30 FORD CITY-48 The Lions lost all chance for winning the Section I title by dropping a tough game to Ford City. The wild, rough game, which ended in a riot, was close up to the fourth quarter when the Glassers started dropping them in. Ed Sharick again paced the Lions with 16 points. ARNOLD-36 NEW KENSINGTON-32 Arnold again defeated Ken Hi in the sec- ond rivalry game of the year. The Lions led the whole game and ended up on the long end of the score. Sharick again provided the most trouble for the Kenmen 'with 17 points. 'ARNOLD-46 VANDERGRIFT-41 In the last regularly scheduled game of the year, Arnold took second place with a victory over Vandergrift. Coming from behind in the fourth quarter of a very rough game, the Lions went ahead to win by 5 points. Ed Naiewicz sparked the Lion attack with 18 points. ARNOLD-47 NORTH HUNTINGDON-36 In the first game of the Greensburg tourna- ment, the Lions defeated North Huntingdon. Arnold led the whole game to move into the semi-finals. lack Moses starred for the Lions with 20 points. ARNOLD-51 l scorrDA1.r:-av Arnold defeated the Section XI champs in the semi-final game at Greensburg. The Lions were really on and handed Scottdale one of their worst setbacks. Moses, Sharick, and Na- jewicz led the Lions' attack. ARNOLD-45 IEANNETTE-63 Inthe final game of the Greensburg tour- nament, the Lions lost to a good Ieannette out- fit. It was a hard loss for the Lions after coming so far. Ieannette had a good night while Arnold had a bad one. lack Moses was the only play- er for Arnold that was able to show any of- fensive power. He led the Lions with 19 points. 64 . S 0 1 A Il 2 N !h,.,,.0'1-ew? r ,lt Il Edward Najewiczf -Senior Guard Ralph Sherbond y f -Sen ior Guard Paul Paredes flunior Fr irwr zrrl M, .I - al. I ff I 'Q , 'v if 4 ,WA , ,x Willicxin Wolosyri Senior Guard Hilary Holste Senior Center Edward Sliarick f Senior Forward, Captclin lack Moses- lunior Forward Tliornas Werxklcundr f Senior Forward lolm Biss e Senior Guard lulius Filcilc 'Iunior Guard Albert Cerutti- -elunior Center Ernil Carraif Senior Guard Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold ' Leorque Gomes. ZGSOVIV VRZCOQA 1947-48 Wilkirislnurq .,,..... .............. 3 7 Arnold Leeclibnrq ......, ....,. Munhdll ........,... ...,.......... 5 U Arnold 'Butler ..,...,,.............,.,... ...... Wilkirisburq ........ ...........,.. 6 2 Arnold Ford City ...........,............,..... Sprinqdole ........... ...,.......... 3 7 Arnold 'New Kensington ......... Torenlnm .......,. ...,.......... l 9 Arnold Vcrnderqritt ......,,.... .....,. Tdrentuni ....,.... .............. 3 l Arnold 'Kittctnninq .,..... ...,.. lvlunlioll .........., .........- 4 9 Arnold 'l-lor Brock .......... ....... Springdale ........... ...,.......... 2 8 Arnold 'Butler ,,......,... ..... ...,... Swissvcxle ........ .............. 3 5 Arnold Ford City .........,..,...,,. ,...... Kittdnninq .....,... ..,........... 4 2 Arnold 'New Kensington ......... I-lcir Brock ......... .........,.... 3 l Arnold Vcrnderqrill ............ ....... GREENSBURG RNA Arnold 47 N rtli tinqdon ....,....... 36 lf, Arnol 051 ltd ..................... .........,.. 3 7 c 45 er e A Arn 0, l inn f V B3 I ,JJ w Won -fl7 "kl,0St- 8 F' ,Cond no In Kontron .5 ,- ,h X - 'T f av l ,J J' if W ,ff E How O Mundi nfl: B. Border, Monuqrlr g M. Cmllo, A. Brznick D V i y l H lr ni E Scrrnmlc l. Scxellcnn it l ,. Mr, lt. M, I-lC?FllIlSlCI, Assistant Com-hg lt K , UVV W! S K 1 s lvl: l.. F. Mrfniire, Head Comfh. , . rucn nox, E. EJJTITIIKI, l.. Alwcl, V, 4 lurk Lu. Slznzlfy, Y fions an acfion! 67 A Miss Kapusiik and Miss Vaiiaursky Miss Avey busy about her Work. keepinq time refiords iri Order. Check that heartbeat, Doc. Miss Famine checking' the absentees. Miss Zimmerman qaiiy qreeiinq iier daily duties. 68 rf ' 'W Q f For The Furtherance of Public Education THE ARNOLD LION'S CLUB Dedicate This Space To These Objectives To promote the theory and practice of the Principles of Good Government and Good Citizenship. To take an active interest in the Civic, Commercial, Social, and Moral Welfare of the Community. 69 HARMONY SHORT LINE Call New Kensington 1500 CHARTER BUSES ANYTIME -- ANYWHERE Terminal - 309 Ninth Street New Kensington, Pg COMPLIMENTS Arnold Volunteer Fire Department Comprising Number One and Number Two Companies 70 WHEN YOU THINK OF INSURANCE THINK OF: JOHN W. HUNGER "Your Friend and Neiqhbor" ROBERT S. RUSIEWICZ FUNERAL HOME Phone: N. K. 2626 Fifth Avenue at Fourteenth Street Arnold. Pa. BLOSER'S ' OFFICIAL IEWELERS TO ARNOLD HIGH SCHOOL 960 Fourth Avenue New Kensington. Pa PRAHA CAFE GOOD FOOD OF ALL KINDS 17h24-26 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa 71 M. J. STEINER, The Florist "Say It With Flowers" "We Telegraph F1owers" Reliability and Quality for 21 Years 847 F ifth Avenue Phone N. K. 70-I New Kensington. Pa. Congratulations From THE ARNOLD DRUG STORE 1707 FIFTH AVENUE ARNOLD. PA. Established 1898 Free Delivery Service , ee Q Prescriptions Our S pecialty' I. GRAYSON - O. MARINI, Registered Pharmacists IAMES BUONO AUGUST FREDA New Kensington Art Memorial Co. Appropriate, Artistic, Appealing Memorials 1903 Freeport Road New Kensington. PG. 72 YARDS : HN C pliments of BURRELL CONSTRUCTION AND SUPPLY COMPANY New Kensing - G b g - D Ill For Fine Cakes and Pastries Visit POTTER'S BAKERY ARNOLD, PA. CORNER KENNETH AVENUE AND DREY STREET ARNOLD STAR MARKETS F resh Fruits, Meats, and Groceries 1708 Fifth Avenue For Free Delivery Phone N. K. 1478 ffolafq fB?H The Store of Fashions OUR COMPLIMENTS STEVE CIPOLLA C O A L J and GENERAL HAULING 74 Z Jang.. CONGRATULATIONS - SENIORS Gaetclno Pilati Fraternal Aid Club No. 176 OF COLUMBIAN FEDERATION 1435 FIFTH AVENUE ,Z SHEHAB MOTOR SALES, INC. New Kensington, Pa. MEYER 8. JOHNSTON CO. SHEET METAL WORKS AIR CONDITIONING - HEATING - ROOFING 1901 Kenneth Avenue Phone 28 JOHNSTON HARDWARE CO. Complete Line of Hardware :S Householdware ELECTRICAL 6 PLUMBING SUPPLIES PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS PAINTS 1034 Fifth Avenue New Kensington. Pa. COMPLIMENTS OF SPRING 8. FOUNDRY WORKERS Local Union 1323 New Kensington. Pa. A C. I. O. Affiliate CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1948 LONGO'S NEW MARKET Corner Orchard Avenue - Drey Street Arnold. Pa. 76 HH Compliments of Ukrainian Citizens Club CORNER 4th AVENUE and 14th STREET IGI THE KEYSTONE DAIRY CO. QUALITY PRODUCTS Dairy Store-329 Sixth Avenue Phone 666 MILLER BROS. SHOES 908 FIFTH AVENUE New Kensington? Largest Shoe Store A. L. SPECK Roofing Siding Insulation Perma-Stone When you buy screens now, look ahead to next winter. An 'Orange' Aluminum All-Weather Window combines summer screens and winter storm panes you can interchange in seconds. Saves storage space, repairs, painting, replacement, Iuel. Can be bought out ot earnings. Write for iolder today or come in. 1826-28 Freeport Road Phones: New Kensington 3383 - 5231 COMPLIMENTS or VIRGINIA DARE BEVERAGES 1822 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. "It Pleases Us to Please Youv LOMBARDO BROS. - SAM AND IOE 78 AMERICAN WINIJUW GLASS COMPANY'S PRUIJUCTS Lustra-qlass, ultra-violet ray sheet glassy Lustra Slides and Lustra Cover Glass for microscope workg Supratest, the safer safety glassy Lami- nated Lenses for qas rnasksg Flat Drawn Ameri- can Croolces Dawn for sunqlassesg Lustrawhite, highest quality picture glass in the Worldg Photographic Glass for X-ray platesp Lustrablu and Lustraqold for mirrors, table tops and other ornamental purposesg Crystal Sheet Glass, Bulb Edge Glass and Special Glass for industrial, scientific purposes. American Window Glass Company PITTSBURGH, PA 70 COMPLIMENTS OF Italian-American Educational Society Lodge 1 19 AFFILIATED WITH THE ITALIAN SONS AND DAUGI-ITERS OF AMERICA Martin's Drug Store "The Rexall Store" PRESCRIPTION PHARNIACISTS Phone 660 'I' - Free Delivery - 1729 FIFTH AVENUE Herman F. Martin-Ernest D. Martin ARNOLD, PA 80 COMPLIMENTS or Al.'S RADIO 8r APPLIANCES Admiral Bendix Motorola 1706 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pct. CONGRATULATIONS BELLI MOTOR CO. DEALERS OF DeSoto - Plymouth 1330 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS and SUPPLIES COOPER BROS. "Music and Art Center" 810 Fifth Avenue New Kensington. Pa. Congratulations Class oi '48 S suzY's soDA GRILL 1 X 3 N ' "Where the Gang Loves to lileetuxjx . - xr , BEATRICE HANLON, Prop. ,J . 5 1901 Orchard Avenue I I Phone I-9989 81 . The Fa5hi0n Famous Fashions and -'First Store Accessories for Juniors, f., . 5591 ' Misses, Women and Children at the .H I ' RIGHT PRICES Compliments of TOM TANNAS CITY CLERK CITY OF ARNOLD COMPLIMENTS OF W. T. GRANT CO. HEADQUARTERS FOR WOMEN'S FASHIONS MEN'S AND BOYS' WEAR -- HOME FURNISHINGS 849 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa 82 CONGRATULATIONS FROM WALZER CLEANING CO. THE VALLEY'S LEADING CLEANER 408 Eighth Street New Kensington, Pa. Congratulations and Best Wishes Aurora cli Prog resso Council No. 47 Sons of Columbus of America 1416 Fourth Avenue Arnold, Pa. Arnold Builders' Supply HARDWARE 6: PAINTS PLUMBING 6. HEATING STEEL SASH 6 GLASS Office 61 Yard V Rr. 2032 Kimball Avenue Telephone 1543-I 83 COMPLIMENTS OF LOGAN LUMBER COMPANY WOODWORK AND BUILDING SUPPLIES Phones: New Kensington 640-Tarentum 24 COMPLIMENTS or JOHN FEDAN 81 CO 1712-16 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES HARDWARE FURNITURE CONGRATULATIONS 1739 Fifth Avenue R. MANGIERI, Proprietor Arnold, Pa. SHOES AND HOSIERY Fon THE ENTIRE FAMILY LOUIS' SHOE STORE 1715 Fifth Avenue Phone 4669 Arnold. Pa. 84 ALUMINUM United Steelworkers of America L. U. No. 302 OFFICERS: FRANK HILL, President SAM ANTHONY, Vice President WILLIAM GREENWALD, Treasurer J. PATTERSON, JR., Financial Secretary SAM CHIN E, Secretary T. W. DAVIS, Trustee WILLIAM GRAFF, Trustee WILLIAM CARSON, Trustee J. ELLIS, Guard LLOYD ADAMS, Guide ALBERT GIRARDI, Plant Chairman NEW KENSINGTON, PA. 85 Congratulations From W. R. GOTT ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES FURNITURE AND RUGS Fifth Avenue Arnold. Pa. AR-KEN PLUMBING 8. HOME SUPPLY 1606 Fifth Avenue Arnold. Pa. No Job Too Big - No Job Too Small Plumbing. Paint 6. Hardware Phone 491 Our Compliments KENNY'S FLOWER SHOP 642 Fourth Avenue NEW KENSINGTON. PA. WEDDING BOUQUETS Phone 2603 POTTED PLANTS FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS 86 Compliments Allegheny Valley Industrial Union Council NEW KENSINGTON, PA. Our Compliments P. PASTURA 8. SONS GROCERIES, MEATS, and FRUITS Phone N. K. 2032 1615 Fifth Ave. Arnold, Pa DODGE-PLYMOUTH Dealer COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE EICH MOTOR SALES Since 1929 New Kensington at the Bridge 225 Freeport Si. Phone 444 Phone 5519 87 Compliments of xg EPIC bXxXxgxlll1f,!,! SxYIX.g,x".r. 'Vg x A'-' V'- - 4 :vif Z I ful- x r : : Xxsg IM' X 2 0053 1000 UIIIHXN fqfmalcf 14 .B . POST 684 1728 FIFTH AVENUE ARNOLD, PENNSYLVANIA 88 MEET CROWN WEAR DIAMONDS CREDIT IEWELERS 940 Fourth Avenue New Kensington, Pa MEADOW GOLD DAIRIES. INC. "Quality Dairy Products" PHONE N. K. 963 - 964 CENTRAL DRUG STORES "famous for Low Prices" NEW KENSINGTON, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF EDDY'S MEN'S WEAR "Smart Wear for Men Who Care" 1718 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. 89 ARNOLD SUPER CLEANERS WE CLEAN CLOTHES CLEANER - TUXEDOS Fon RENT Carl Gentile Frank "Peggy" Nelson Phone 241 1805 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. K E N For the best in ENTERTAINMENT Arnold "'7fze 7!zeahu of +1 ---we,f' CIRCLE William Serrao, New Kensington General Manager COMPLIMENTS OF CAPUTO SCHOOL OF DANCING FOR BETTER DANCING Phone l780-I 977 Filth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. 90 -- MAKE THIS YOUR HOME AT YOUR TIME OF SORROW - MANZELLA FUNERAL HOME 1509 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. GOLD CREST DAIRY PASTEURIZED - HOMOGENIZED - "VITAMIN D" Ice Cream Butter Cream Cheese And other dairy products All Gold Crest Products Will be in double sealed paper containers. "No bottles to wash-Nothing to return." Preserves Natural Flavor G Vitamins. Call 3738 Leechburg Road New Kensington. Pa. Sales 6. Service ' Office Supplies ARNOLD TYPEWRITER 81 SUPPLY CO. Phone 4509-I 161 1 Filth Avenue Arnold, Pa. 91 FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION ARNOLD FLOWER SHOP 1600V2 Fifth Avenue Te1ePh0I1e 5300 LUMBER - MILLWORK - ROOFING - PAINT ARNOLD LUMBER CO. Fourth Avenue at The Lumber Number Fourteenth Street N. K. 190 CATERING TO PARTIES and BANQUETS - PHONE 9862 FRANK'S GRILL PLATE LUNCHES. SOUPS and SANDWICHES 1609 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. 92 C pliments of Ill FEDERATION OF GLASS, CERAMIC AND SILICA SAND WORKERS OF AMERICA LoCCIl No. 17 Ill ARNOLD PA AFTER THE GAME FOLLOW THE CROWD TO- JACOB'S ICE CREAM PARLOR We make our own ice cream and is it good!! 1701 Fifth Avenue Arnold, Pa. CLEANING -- PRESSING - REPAIRING JOE PROVENZO CUSTOM TAILOR 428 Seventeenth Street Phone 5247 Arnold, Pa. CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '48 CELIA - ANN SHOP 1727 Fifth Avenue Phone 3464 Arnold, Pa. CONGRATULATIONS BONIDY'S REFRIGERATED LOCKER SERVICE Phone 5326 1600 Third Avenue Arnold, Pa 94 COMPLIMENTS OF JOHN C. DONAHER FUNERAL HOME 1369 Fifth Avenue Arnold. Pcx. N0 Unsightly Monuments GREENWOOD MEMORIAL PARK Route 51. Leechburg Road 322-23 Logan Bank Building New Kensington, Pa "A Cemetery Yet a Garden Spot of Beauty" SERVING THE ALLEGHENY-KISKI VALLEY Phones N. K. 539 - Vcmderqriit 703 TIERNEY'S C leanin g, Pressing, Repairing Let Us Care for All Your Clothes MEN'S SUITS MADE TO ORDER 1539 Fourth Avenue Phone N. K. 5376 Arnold. Pa. 95 WE BUY AND SELL USED CARS JEROME MOTOR COMPANY OLDS - CADILLAC - G. M. C. TRUCKS Corner ot Fourth Ave. Phone 2448 cmd Eighth Street New Kensington, Pa. COMPLIMENTS OF GLOCK'S SPORTING GOODS STORE 706 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. Phone 3241-I JOS. RENEE JEWELERS 303 Tenth St. Phone 3443 Diamonds Watches Silverware and Mountings THE STORE OF DIGNIFIED CREDIT H. A. KLINGENSMITH 8. SONS "It it's HARDWARE we have it" 912 Fifth Ave. New Kensington, Pa. Phone 2700 96 ' . sau mx n-Annu . . 1 v 1 Q ".' A L IH 7 fi , It , f l H Xyvt I conrlf nw V Key AT, i ca fqoli 5 -, 1 1 1-H " , -. J E A PHO f l' 1 SERVICE AA LV' Q W , it S, k -... ., " -' V 9 A Il C, N dllx , p ,Q 1 QYXX-X :A : 4 , f CL X' ma 536 599 1' 5 if ' "J HN S OLLIER AC-EAI " The slogan that's haclzecl hy genuine gooclness in quality and service, the result of 43 years successful experience in the yearhoolz fielcl. We final real satisfaction in pleasing you, the year- hoolz puhiisher, as well as your photographer ancl your printer. JAHN S OLLIER ENGRAVING Makers of Fine Printing Plates for Black or Color Commercial Artists - Photographers SI7 W. WASHINGTON BLVD., CHICAGO 7, ILL, fzf of Trina pfzinfinq IS INDEED IMPORTANT IN THE ATTRACTIVE CREATION OF Tfzeasufzeb eafz goolzs Through the medium of modern typography, pleasingly and accur- ately arranged by skilled craftsmen, this annual was produced in an establishment Where fine printing is a tradition. '7fze saw pmfw, fm. . EAGLE BUILDING BUTLER, PA. 08 P Beattie's Sc to 1.00 Store Serafine's Market Mr. Alec Demao Edna Hotel Barber Shop F rank's Clover Farm Store Bonqi's Market Sarniak's Meat Market Permutico's Sunoco Service Griuliar1i's Market F alsetti the Tailor Moses Serv-U-Market Bloom's Drug Store Guzzi's Shoe Hospital A. Weisz Shoe Repair Flotta's Market Mr. Alex Riznick Pau1's Cleaners Drey St. Market Caliqiuri's Market Ta11arico's Shoe Shop Bellomo's Market City News Arnold Grill Tommy's Barber Shop Quality Market Nicastro's Market Ianicik's Market Dr. E. I. Stevens Mr. Andrew Tenzar Mr. A. Lorant Dr. L. C. Ceraso Agnes' Beauty Salon Mr. Iohn Mangieri Dr. D. A. Marini Shop ations uk . Dr. Frank A. Vigqiano Marino Fruit Market lozzi's Market Paqano's Market Ken Kamera Fuzzy Simon A Donati's Service Station Mr. Anthony Bianco Mr. Orlando Lisciarelli Mr. Patsy "Pat" Rich Hecker's Service Station Mr. Andrew Danko Albert's Shoe Service Pontremoli's Market Gordon's Triangle Food Market Frank Mastroianni Shoe Repair Shop Dr. I. A. Zahorchak Steve's Market Frederick's-Ieweler-Watchrnaker Dr. H. W. Thomas L. Dupell Market Onorina's Beauty Salon Reo's Flower Shop Mayor and Mrs. M. F. Horne Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Torn Tannas Iohn R. Baxter . Alfred Colaianni Ted Settlemeyer Thomas Haser Frank Gigler Andrew Romito Louis DeRose George Seiqart Miss Pearl Sukala Mr. and Mrs. Robert Zamperini 99 I n'I Cjf'l'1'llV'1li wwrkinry hlililvlk' A ffIVOT11C? pcislimv. .-N:'v11'1 Hwy KI ixuyyvy 111111411 I 11111111 1 f, cjlmkw U lm!! S:f1'1111111'10:2: A K1lrfvy hus nothmq rm GIXOIKYIV XW Uddmfm 'O Um S"""1 Gv111r111 111 shmw for 1110 Pm df'I'umm'm' I. C. C initifxtvs now 111O1111w:'s. ,R , Q I 1 H1 cnlim! fur CINUTIYOOYI wlfissf-5 tw ' 'Hmm' U 111 m 5 N 'mm start. Thu! hill IS surely stoop. Tmxd UNM G hmd dmv' Mr. Holshfs vcr qffitinsg C1 flow poliszh Job, S'l1cml is hm! Uno 111 0111 qrxnqs IIN! Q ,Q V is ibm Q M54-7 Ski-ZX g mg, 'w ,y . .fs 'Lf n,,..',, . . M k,5!I".',', -, I ' +fd:':1:' 'T ' . .2 , fn VW! .K f ,Q if wp- TML 1- A 'I 1 f v iv 8, 'bf' Tb, 'Ax Y 1, '75 f 'I' lf' . 4 I 1' 5 1 fx I ,Q 'K ' I " 9!fz'.!"' M4 x . 35.2442 viii' EN 1f,,."3.F- , AUQWQML ' ' -v'Rp'gv w." :iffy A . .r'iT,,.,1 , . x"!x1W.'l 4 1: V ,,:5qx , .:- .f ag-wg -E5 NR Q, . K l l 4 1 If ik H TH we ,F si 'w M 1, "'m... Q 4 3,51 ,gg g,Q an-' ' V ' s X E35 's-54 V 1 ' J ' k Q,-A R.: . -' -, , 'wa - X. . .Jw . - . . .mhwfw , .1 ' e "X: 2 'xl , A ,Q-. . -www. QL iiffwe, 5' ' ' my-., W wr. N A M, X. . N wh? e -,Q-e' fi' . xxx .jQiai.1,1.?,3 '. fb .QQ H. f 4, 3 . , .1 l 1 wil .Q ai. vs -ru ,- ,M 1, 4 jf, Q it -.,: B wir wif, x L 6 iff, "0 Ep 1,3 'M K L ffjigf ., 4 . Psi .. V 15 . gl lg 5, ff Q' 44 K if 'X ,Q X i H 2 Em aw Y xy? vm , 'gif W? S .MN -X fn, I" QA 41 x YQ' iv' A '44 ,x W 9' -, 45, fmfw 5 ..',.". 3 1 f v . :QQ 0 pg '. any 0 ,, jf- -if Q fi 1 1 ft ' . - , 1Q.5,gi"r:.f1g'N- ifzvea-'f Fw? fl 2 . S xg 1 1 - M , , ' Swv' 25. ,, Q.. . .W , .3 . ,, 5, f rf 5 . 4. 'W H, 'F v .Q 1 'it 1..- .v. PW , wg 5 , ,,'f 1 .,hV,r,s, ,,' , M M K gf- ,. V pq.,-, .Y , f 1 . . ,lg - 1, V, Z 9, , R", ,xv . '- v ' y ' - . ' ' . ' 5 ' Y- v ' f 1 i ' I Q X131 x. L V fl , Y ,. K ' x I ',q k . V -5 -1- - u. ' f ' 'k.1"f"5' . x Y, MKK K K QI' .. p- ? Y ' , .1. xff M - si N X - Exif? ' .. ' l ,,. ,,f ,,A L I, vu gn '14 - "B-,112 AJ.. H , .Ja A VA , , 3' F ' . , at-' .- Y i. ' ..Q.,lz - A' , ' f, , ' s '. ,t qgw' 4 '. N ' Lf . ., fl if 24 K J ,. Q V I ,- .' . ' MMR? V A r V Q. 11 Tv, ' A J" ' . J X . I .nf . ', .,. ,o V. AA' A, Qi, nt-.N ,ge V J 1. 1 1 . x"'. QV, f' , 4 -.- . x L, w w... 44 -. . ' ' , wh- Q 6.1.4 4- . M.. 5.11 .+ve f my ., . he A 0. ,iff 4, S N Fx ge .1 , Q 1 5 5 Q AESFYQ nv ' n 4 1 ,M w Q, f 1 h A : waz K ,S Y . ' 1, - ,nk 2, 1 Av . Q "' if w 5 ak EW" yi pref' if 9 A W K6 m i n, av F. 1 ki- 1 Ya 449 'B A-Q 'Q V x.ikN R3 mm had b nwqtiy ' W N'5"53QYw.,: 1ilOvl!Y"A 'Q:l will 51 Wr- ef- K. ,, 45 Q -. 551.21 L 3 4 K ' , .. . 4. , ig Q-V ,,, ,. -, WM f.: - S Lg as S Kg vi' A y w 55. W J ,H .4 91 2,5 W Q e Q i W A E x r 441 S. 4--i, ..f,m .2-,,q.,-Ax., - I rf za:-fri -mu , W1,f:,.- .gm Q 2 w 9 A+ - f.g' - is 'dr ov ,, wwf, J., Q 41 AQ., f

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