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OOOOOOOOOOO0OOOOOO00000OO0OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0000 he CAULDRO 19 3 011 O 0 O O O O O O 0 O 0 O O O 0 O O O 0 O O O 0 O O O 0 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O 0 O O O O O O O O O 0 O O O 0 O O A ld H' h S h ll O 3 THU lg C 00 3 O o 0 O 0 O O O O O 0 O O O O O O O O O O 0 O 3 O O O O X O O 0 O O 0 O O 0 O 0 O O O 0 O O O O O O 0 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O o O O O O O O O 0 O O O VOLUME V 0 O 0 O O O O O O O Q J O' O O O O V P J -7 Q a 9 O O 0 0 O O O O 0 0 0 O Q Q Q O O 000000O00000O00000000000OoO0000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOQOOOOOQ Arnold High Sdlwoll "+5H'!+'4 The Greed Of Afrnold High School BELIEVE IN ARNOLD HIGH SCHOOL AS A MEDIUM FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE 'YOUTH OF THIS TOWN. I BELIEVE MT SCHOOL TO BE THE POWLIR THAT UPHOLDS THE MORAL AND SPIRITUAL IDEALS OF 'YOUTH THAT FOSTERS RESPONSIBILITY, AND THAT BRINGS TOGETHER THE FACTORS THAT MAKE FOR BETTER CITIZENS. I BELIEVE, THERE- FORE, THAT IT IS MY DUTY TO MAINTAIN ITS STANDARDS AND TO BETTER ITS NAME. 1930 THE CAULDRON Pglgg ' FOREWORD XVc are prcxcnling Lu you 111 this volume a Yexlmzv nj' nur ycafx actluitlcx in the Arnold Hzgh Sclmul. Vxfc hope tim! in after years lt will bring lu you happy TcuvHectw11s of the days we Spent lugcllwr, of 'f-7'1C'PldSllIPN formed, dfld NILCCLNXCN won. SQ A If Lhix lmulq Lmll brmg you any Happy nzcmurlcs in juturc years, xl wzll have been J succcms. Page4 A THE CAULDRON 1930 "OUR ARNOLD" Onward to victory we cheer you, Fight for your school so dear, Ever Hghting for Old Arnold Of the game we have no fear. Our teams are always fighting, Our 'foes will be hardfpressed. If you lose, we will not chide you, For we know you've done your best. So it's victory for Old Arnold, Facing toward the foe. It's victory for Old Arnold, As down the fleld you go. It's victory for Old Arnold, We'll always be so true, We're backing you, OUR ARNOLD, We'll do our best for you. --Vxdords by Paul Carson -Music by Abc Laufe ESE? 1930 THE CAULDRON Page'5 DEDICATION me l E, the Class of 1930, dedicate this sixth volume of the Cauldron to our parents. To our parents We owe what success we have have had in life thus far. They have helped us to have the pleasures of social contact with our fellow students, to share with them the ideals and ambitions of youth and right living, and finally to graduate from Arnold High School, the better able to go out into the community to take the places of responsibility devolvling upon us. THE EDITOR Page6 THE CAULDRON 1930 CONTENTS Faculty ......,..... ....,.... ,,.......,, Semors ...................... ...., Underclassmen ........... ............ 4 .... ,.., . . . Organizations ...,. ..... Athletics ...,..,.,.........,,,....................,...... Advertisements and Humor ...... ,... Autographs ..................................,.......AA.A............ www 'f WDW Y iyf Aw? an . SH 'wif' ' 44 .""wvht: 'mn X125 -. fry' X.- ,- fl' C.-' FAC LY 4-iiflaiiwlfa-3 LUIEILGW -191 U' 'U at -1' ig 31555 'ii !5:'l is' i-"' W Qi .1 j? lax F .1244 IK X u jll "PFW 'gg .H 7 Page8 THE CAULDRON 1930 BUILDING A TEMPLE ' A builder builded a temple, He wrought it with grace and skill Pillars and groins and arches All fashioned to work his will. Men said as they saw its beauty "It shall never know decay. Great is thy skill, O builder: Thy fame shall endure for aye." A teacher builded a temple With loving and infinite care, Planning each arch with patience, Laying each stone with prayer. None praised her unceasing efforts, None knew of her wondrous plan, For the temple the teacher builded Was unseen by the eyes of man. Gone is the builder's temple, Crumbled into the dust, Low lies each stately pillar, Food for consuming rust. But the temple the teacher builded Will last while ages roll, For that beautiful unseen temple Is a child's immortal soul. 1930 THE CAULDRON Page9 DONALD P. DAVIS, A. B., M. A. Superintendent of Scluools Edinboro Normal University of Pittsburgh Capital University HILARY L. HOLSTE, B. S. High Scluool Principal 9133 at BOARD OF EDUCATION To the Board of Education, we, the students of Arnold, desire to extend our appreciation for the cooperation and help given to us. We appreciate the sterling qualities, the good judgment and the lforesight of these men. They have labored with us to put more into our school life. They have chosen a hardworking and industrious Superintendent and Faculty. They showed their support of athletics by appropriating more than ever be' fore to their support. They helped to make possible the new stage, and, indeed, many other imf provements. All we can say is: "We thank you." Page 10 THE CAULDRON 1930 JOHN E. BROWN, B. S. Science, Biology Grove City Cnllcgc DOROTHY BOWMER. Litt. B Latin, English Creve City College ELIZABETH E. CRIM, A, B. History, Dramatics University uf Pittsburgh E. ELINOR COOK, Mlls, B. Music Olwcrlin Conservatory tzfML1siC MISS DURBIN Art New York School of Applied Arts PAUL E. CARSON, B. S. Commercial Indiana State Tcacher's College MARGARET CYPHER Commercial Indiana State Tea':her's College 1930 THE CAULDRON Pagcll DOROTHY HANKEY. A, B. Litemtiwe, Librarian Vvlcstminstcr College ABE LAUFE, A, B. English University of Pittsburgh ROBERT T. ELDER, B. S. Physics. Health Penn State EDITH JAY. A. B. Advanced English, French Dramatics Pcnn'a College for Wim-iiicri VERA R. N. Nurse Vvlcst Penn Hospital EDITH M. WILDS, A. B. Mathematics Pemfa College for Women THE SJENIORS Page 14 THE CAULDRON 1930 JACK HUNGER Scientific quire" A very dominant young man, He aspires to things most high, Lo! We see in the future-- He'll be president bye and bye. National Honor Society 3, 4g Class President 4g Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Music Contest 1, 2: Presif dent of Bdoklovers Club 4: Prom Commiltecz "Love Pirates of Hawaii" 21 "Gypsy Rover" 3: Miscellaneous Program 3: "Climbing Roses" 4. CCS SALVATORE MARZULLO Classical "Sal' ' ' lf, from him, A favor you should ask, He would willingly ' Undertake the task. Vice President of Class 4: Vice President of Booklovers Club 4g HifY 2, 3, 41 Athletic As' sociation lg Dramatic Club 3: Boys Glee Club 1, 2g "Love Pirates of Hawaiif 21 "Gypsy Rove er 3. DOROTHY MAI NS ' Classical "Domi" ln studies "Dad" is famous Her grades are always high, So why be so sad folks If she does 'ah' Cy!" National Hionor Society 3, 4, Secretaryg Class Secretary 2, 4g Prom Committee: Dramatic Club 3, President 41 Basketball 33 Girls Reserve 1, 2, 3, 43 Treasurer 2: Music Contest 1,21 Girls Glee Club 1, 2, 43 "Love Pirates of Hawaii" 2: "Tue lip Time" 4g Oratorical Contest 3: Freshmen and Sophomore Editor of Cauldron. ARPAD I-IEUTCIHY Classical "Arp', Very clever in many lines, In music he especially shines. Joke Editor of Cauldron 41 Orchestra 3, 4: Accompanied Violin Contest 3: Class Treasurer 4: Basketball 3, 4: Football 3. 4: HifY 3, 4g Athetic Association 1: Boys Glee Club 3, 4: Literary Cub 34 Miscellaneous Program 3. JCHN ACOPINE Classical "Porky" "Porky" if a student rare. And with none he can compare. He's collegiate in every way The same old "Porky" from day to day. Football 1, 2, 3: HifY 2, 3, 4. Athletic Assof ciation lg Bivys Glee Club 1, 2: Etiquette Club 3. 1930 THE CAULDRON Page is THELMA BECKER Scientific "Sis" 'Thelmals very quiet. She seldom says a word. She must have heard the saying, "Let's be seen and not heard." l Literary Club 3: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2: Or' chestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Music Contest 1, 2. JOHN BECKER General "Becker" "All the great men arc dying, I don't feel so well myself." Football Manager 1, 2: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4: Out' door Club 3: Athletic Association 1: Boys' Glec Club 1, 3, 4: "Love Pirates cf Hawaii" 2. RUTH BENDER Commercial "Rinky" In school she was always happy And always seeking fun, And favors that she did for us, Never stopped at one, Commercial Club 4: Athletic Association I: Hiking Club 4: Etiquette Club 3. ERNESTINE BONGIOVANN I Commercial "Ernie" She does each deed without a pause A nicer girl there never was. Her manners are beyond compare, Indeed her kind is very rare. National Honor Society 4: Literary Editor ol Cauldon 4: Music Caintest l, 2: journalism Club 1, 4: Athletic Association I: Dramatic Club 3: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2: "Love Pirates of Hawaii" 23 Commercial Contest 2. VIRGINIA BUSHNELL Classical "jinney" The wlonclerful things that you can do Are sure to win success for you. National Honor Society 4: Editor'infChief of Cauldron 4: Oratorical Contest 3: Ring Com' mittee 4: Athletic Association 1: Debating Club 4: Literary Club 3: Girls' Glee Club 1. 'li "Love Pirates of Hawaii" 2: "Tulip Time" 4: Second place in Westmoreland County Oratorf cal Contest 4. Page 16 THE CAULDRON 1930 VIOLET CHICKOWWSKI Commercial "Chickie" A jiolly good pal, And fall of fun. She keeps our students, From looking glum. Basketball 3g Music Contest 2, Athletic Assof ciation lg Outdoor Club 31 Dramatic Club 43 Girls' Reserve 1, 21 Girls' Glee Club 1, 23 Hikf ing Club 1, 4g "Am I Intrudingn 4. RUTH COHEIJ Classical "Toots" Lips for kisses, Black sparkling eyes, She's always happy And never cries. Dramatic Club 3g Athletic Association lg Girls' Reserve 1, 29 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 4g Music Contest 1, 2: journalism Club 4g "Apple Blossom Time" 3 OLIVE COX Commercial "Coxy" Always happy, Always gay, She gets her work But yet has her play. Typist of Cauldron 41 journalism Club 41 Girls' Reserve 1, 2, 3, 4g Literary Club 3g Athletic As' sociation lg Ring Committee 4. CAROLINE CYPHER Scientific "Carrol" Always laughing, Always gay, Caref-rec, happy, 'I'hat's her way. Dramatic Club 43 Athlletic Association 1: Literary Club 3: Ring Committee: 4: "Miscellane' ous Program" 3: "Am I Intrudirrg" 4. LAWRENCE DAVIS Commercial "Larry" An awful tease. a peck of fun, A loyal friend, a jolly churn. Good in work. good in piay, How we'll miss him when he's away. Assistant Business Manager of Cauldron 4: Book Lovers Club 4: Literary Club 3g Athletic Association lg "Am I Intruclingn 4, 1930 'THE CA LOUIS DEROSE Scientific "Lou" Louis is a handsome lad-eh? His hair is without a curl. My friends we hate to say this, But he likes most every girl. HifY 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 43 Athletic Associa' tion 1: Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 3g Science Club 43 Publicity Club 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. JOHN DONAHUE General "Donny', To be jolly he always tries, Arid to all with a gay remark replies. Book Lovers Club 4. FRED EDGAR Classical "Cowboy,' First in play, first in mischief, First in the hearts of his classmates, VV'hat in the world shall we do with him And what could we do without him? Basketball 2, 3, 4: Football 2, 3, 4g HifY 3, 4: journalism Club 3, President 4: Boys' Glee Club 1, 23 "Love Pirates of Hawaii" 2g "Am I Intrud- ing" 4. ROBERT EDGAR Commercial "Chick" An awful tease, A peck of fun, A loyal friend A jolly churn. Basketball 41 Hi-Y 3, 4: Dramatic Club 3: President of the Boosters' Club 4: Boys' Clee Club 1, 2, 33 "Love Pirates of Hawaii" 2: "Tulip Time" 4. JEROME FEDERBUSCH Classical "jerry" It's the Spring ye sing and the smiles ye wear, 'l'hat's making sunshine everywhere, Where jerry goes a smile he'll wear- 'I'hat'll make folks happy here and there. Hi-Y 3, 4: Dramatic Club 35 Debating Club "Am I Intrudingu 43 Debating Team 4. 4: ULDRON Page iv Page 18 THE CAULDRON 1930 CHARLES FOTI Commercial "Chuck" They say beauty is u. hindrance. But in this boys case its wrong, He's brilliant in his studies, But his love for the "sax" is strong. Literary Editor of Cauldron 4: Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4: Athletic Associati:-n I: HifY 2, 3, 4: Football 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2. Il: Class Secretary 3: Commercial Contest 2: Music Contest l, 2: Publicity Club 3: 'iApple Blossom Time" 3: "Am I Intrud-ing" 4. RAYMOND FRABOTTO Commercial "Ray" Heres one Senior With a powerful will. To change his miml. Requires much skill. Athletic Editor of Cauldr: n 4: Cirninerci'-l Conf test 2: Vice President of Boosters' Club 4: Boys' Glee Club l, 4: Athletic Association lg Literary Club 3: 'LTulip Time" 4: Debating Team 4. OLGA FRITZKY Classical "Fritz Olga tries hard The highest grades to get. She seems to 'reach their everytime And with a lot of pep. S! Oratorical Contest 3: Music Contest 1, 2: Dru' ma-tic Club 4: Outdoor Club 3: Girls' Reserve 2, 3: Girls' Glee Club l, 2: "Love Pirates of Ha' waii" 2: "Tulip Time" 4: "Apple Blossom Time" 3, . HARRY GARRISON General "Harry" Harry's a leader of high esteem And as an actor he is supreme. Business Manager of Cauldron 4: Hi'Y 4: Literary Club 3: Journalism Club 4: Bays' Glee Club 1, 2: "Gypsy Rover" 3: "Tulip Time" 4: Debating Team 4. MYRON GEHR Scientific "Desperate" Versatileflliatfs "Desperate," He toots ti mean corner, At science he's above the rest, He'll be something-you bet. National Honor Society 4: Circulation Man- ager of Cauldron 4: Ring Committee 4: Football 3, 4: HifY 3, 4: Outdoor Club 4: Athletic As' sociation 1: President of Debating Club 4: Def baring Team 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Music Contest 21 "Am I Intrudingn 4: Miscellaneous Program 3. 1930 THE CAULDRON 'Page CYRUS GEORGE Classical "Cy" ln studies he's on the level, In sports he's great, He sure lqriows his "pigsl'qin," And in basketball he's jirst rate. Basketball l, 2, 3, 43 Fontball 1, 2, 3, 4. Csptain 4: HifY 2, 3, 43 Dramatic Club 4: Athf lctic Association lg Vice President of Debating Club 45 "Gypsy Rover" 33 Class President 1. 2, 31 "Apple Blosscm Time 3: Track 43 Boys' Glcc Club 4. JAMES HARTNETT General "Red" Burning red-ethat's his hair We rall him Arr1old's flame, Marriagefliiefandflove, To him is nothing but a game. Fotball 45 HifY 4: journalism Club 4. MARY MARGARET HERRINGTON Commercial "Mary Peg" Mary is small And very bright To hear her recite- ls a true delight! Hiking Club 4: Girls' Glce Club 1, 2: Music Contest 1, 23 "Apple Blossom Time" 3. MILDRED HILL Commercial "Mid" Try as we may its hard to find A .sweeter miss than she, So we feel sure her way through life Will merry and happy bc. Basketball Z, 3: Girls' Reserve 1, 2: Literary Club 3g Girls' Glee Club 1, 25 Commercial Club 4. HAROLD HOWE General "Node" "Nook" is bright in studies, In athletics he is hard to beat, He certainly can run, Arid shows his "stuH"' at the track meet. Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Hi'Y 3, President 4: Atlu- 'yctic Association 13 Bays' Glee Club 3: journal' X ism 3, 43 "Gypsy Rover" 3. Page 20 THE CAULDRON 1930 ADALINE H. JACOBUS Classical "Ada" Among yqour friends, ' I'm sure you'cl find, That Adaline is one Of the best kind. Basketball 3: Dramatic Club 4: Athletic As' sociation 1: Welfare Club 3: Orchestra 3: "Apf ple Blossom Time" 3: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2. ANNA KALINCJWSKI Commercial "Ann" Here is a tall fair maiden With eyes of blue, She is always ready With n. smile for you. Commercial Club 4: Etiquette Club 3: Girls' Glee Club 1. NELLIE KELLER Commercial "Nell" Happy am I, From care l'm free. Why aren't they all Contented like Me? Commercial Club 4: Etiquette Club 3: Girls' Glee Club 1. 3: Miscellaneous Program 3. SARA KELLY G6 Commercial Sallie" Her eyes are green as emerals. Her hair is black as coal We hope that nothing will daunt her, I. ln reaching her coveted goal. Dramatic Club 3: Hiking Club 4: Athletic Association 1: Journalism Club 4: Circulation Manager of Broadcaster 4: Class Treasurer 1, 2, 3: Prom Committee 3: Girls' Glee Club l, 2: Girls' Reserves 1, 2. 3. RICHARD KOLCUN Scientific "Dick" What's in the future for him We can't say-yet: we've tried, With a carton canvas under arm Thru life he'll gaily ride. , Basketball 3, 4: Publicity Club 35 Athletic As' I sociation 1: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Science Club 4. 1930 THE CAULDRON Page21 JULIA LAITOS Commercial 6'Jule" Gracious, pretty, loveable, Cheerful and sweet , Who? Why jule, of course. Typist of Cauldron 45 Prom Committee 35 Dramatic Club 35 Girls' Reserves 1, 2, 35 Cheer' leader 3, 45 joke Editor of Broadcaster 45 Jour' nulism Club 45 "Apple Blossom Time" 35 "Tulip Time" 45 Basketball 35 Girls' Glee Club 1, 25 Athletic Association lg Hiking Club 45 Oratorif cal Contest 4. VERNA LLOYD Commercial "Vivi" A smile for a care, and a smile for a woe, 'You'll never find Verna's spirit low. Athletic Association 15 Girls' Reserves 1, 25 Commercial Club 45 Etiquette Club 35 Girls' Glee Club 1. BESSIE MICHAEL Classical "Mickey" Bessie is four dreamer Ever fashioning castles in the air We know where dreams are realized Bessie-our authoress-will be there. Dramatic Club 15 Publicity Club 35 Journalism Club 41 Girls' Reserves 1, 2, 35 "Arrival of Kit' ty" 3: Debating Team 4. NETTIE MACFARLANE Commercial "Nettie', No matter what this maiden tries, She's certain to succeed. Success itself within her lies Which nothing can impede. Typist of Cauldron 45 Etiquette Club 35 Com- mercial Clubg Ring Committee 45 Commercial Contest 25 Girls' Reserves 1, 2, 35 Athletic As' scciation 15 Oratorical Contest 4. JOHN NEB Scientific "Jack" Neel Neel Tea! that's his name 'Twas in athletics Wliere he his fame attained. Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Football l, 3, 45 HifY 3. 45 Dramatics Club 4: Track 45 Boys' Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 45 Etiquette Club 3. Page 22 THE CAULDRON 1930 ANNA OWCZYKIJWSKI Commercial "Oatis Here is a girl that is always happy, One so full of fun, Many a one will miss Ann, When her senior year is done. Dramatic Club 3: Hiking Club 41 Girls' Glec Club 23 Orchestra 21 Coimmercial Club 4: Music Contest 2. H IRENE PASTURA Commercial "Rena,' Irene's a jolly person, Very chubby and fat. I doubt if she's reducin' Or trying to at that. Commercial Club 4fSecretaryg Etiquette Club 3g Girls' Glee Club 1. MARY PITUKZH Commercial 'flohnnyn She smiles and smiles From morn till night, And we're all su"e Tlrat's just whats right, Commercial Club 4fTrea5urer1 Girls' Glee Club l, 3: Girls' Welfare Cub 3. EMMA RESH Commercial "Chubby" Emma likes tio talk a lot Whether the subjects are lessons or notg Talk she can and talk she will, She'd not be "Emma" if she'd keep still. National Honor Society 3, 4fVice Presidcntg Commercial Contest 2g Prom Committee 3g Bas' ketball 2. 3g Dramatic Club 3g Athletic Associaf tion lg Class Editor of Broadcaster 4g Cheer' leader 41 Girls' Reserves 1, 2, Q53 Hiking Club 4: Girls' Clee Club 1, 2: Typist of Cauldron 41 "Apple Blossom Time" 3: "Love Pirates of Ha' waiin 2. HARRY SCPIAFFER General "Hud" Harry is small With a parrot's uoice, For wit and humor, Hels our cluoice. Football 3, 4: HifY 3, 41 Dramatic Club 4: Outdoor Club 33 Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: "Love Pirates of Hawaii" 2g "Gypsy Rover" 3: "Tulip Time" 4. 1930 THE CAULDRON Pagcg l RUBY SCHRECONGOST l Classical "Tiny" .Quiet and neat, pretty and sweet A nicer Ruby you'll 'never meet, Good humor in abunarice has slie, A cute little giggle, full ,of glee. Dramatic Club 3, 4'Secretaryg Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 4: "Apple Blossom Time" 3: "Climbing Roses" 45 "Love Pirates of Hawaii" 23 "Tulip Time" 4. HELEN SEKSCIENSKI Commercial "Smiles" This girl is different Eyes of blue-form divine, Some day Prince Charming will say, "Ali, Helen! you are mir1e.' Dramatic Club 41 "Am I Inirudingu 4. JAMES SELL Scientific "jimmy" jimmy, you've got manners, 'You're a good sport too, Life holds mariy great things, Arid we know tl1cre's a share for you. Literary Club 33 journalism Club 4. RHODA SINGLETON Commercial "Billy" Some eyes may sparkle, Some may prance, Some may charm, But Rliodals just fairly dance. Commercial Club 4fPrcsir'cni: llil-:ing Clulw 41 Etiquette Club 3: "Am I lntruding" 4, JACK ZTLOMOFF Scientific "Izzy" Tall, dark, gallant and brave Possessing a lovely, natural wave He always lzas plenty to say But in a most charming way. Football Manevcr 4: Dramatic Club 3: Truck l: Boys' Glee Club l. 2, 3: "Apple Blossom Time" 3: "Love Pirates of Hawaii" 2: "The Gypsy Rover" 3. P1,qe24 THE CAULDRON 1930 MARY STONECHECK Commercial "Blondy" Quiet and so petite, C.'iarmiiig, danty and very neat. Mix tli se wcrl and the Tusiills will lie, The beloved classmate you see. Etiquette Club 3: Girls' Glec Club 1: Com' mercial Club 4fVice President. LENORA THOMPSON Commercial "Noney" Lenora is a quiet girl, Sweat and modest too, Her smile is like the szmsliiue, Whenever you are blue. Girls' Welfare Club 3fPrcsident: Commercial Club 4fReport'er. GEORGE THOMIPSON General "Thompy Happy and free with no cave for the morrow, He scatters dull care and vanquishes somow. loke Editor of Cauldron 4: "Climbing Roses" 4: "Gypsy Rover" 3: i'Love Pirates of Hawaii" 2: "Tulum Time" 4: Boys' Glen: 1, 2: Athletic Association lg Hi-Y 2, 3, Vice President 4: Eti' quette Club 3: Book Lovers Club 4. ANTHONY UHAR Classical "Tony" Some Follqs you love And so-me you do'f1't. 'TheTe's some you will And some you won'tg But we all love Tony. National Honor Society 4: Athletic Editor of Cauldron 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: "Apple Blossom Time" 3: "Am I Intrudingn 4g "Love Pirates of Hawaii" 2: "Gypsy Rover" 3: Etiquette ClubfVice President 31 EditorfinfChief of Broadcaster 4: Athletic Editor of Broadcaster 3: Vice President of Class 3: Cheerleader 1, 2: Ring Committee 4: Prom Committee 3: Foot' ball 3, 4. MARGARET ALICE VICTOR Scientific "Peg" Sl1e's just the type of person 'That everyone admires, Possessing all the qualities An ideal girl requires. National Honor Society 4: Literary Editor of Cauldron 4: Dramatic Club 4: Athletic Associa' tion 1: Literary Club 3. 1930 THE CAULDRON Page zs JAMES WAKEFIELD Scientific "Din" jinznile is lzappyfgoffutky, And never known to be sad, Hes full of mischievous pranks, ' And is also an ambitious lad. Cauldron Staff 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Athletic Associa' tion lg Boys' Glee Club 3: Literary Club 3: Miscellaneous Program 3: "Gypsy Rover" 3: journalism Club 4: Orchestra 1: Cheerleader 3: Prom Co-mmittee 3. HARRY WOLOSYN Classical "Wolsy,' A wheeze, A sneeze, A merry laugh, 'I'hat's Harry. HifY 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Journalism Club Advertising Manager 3: Associate Editor 41 Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Athletic Association 1: Debating Team 3: "Love Pirates of Hawaii" 2: "Climbing Roses" 4: "Apple Blossom Time" 3. LORRAINE WYANT Commercial "Rain" Lorraine is quiet till her work is done. 'Then she's in for all kinds of fun. Typist of Cauldron 4g Athletic Association 1: Music Contest 1, Z: Literary Club 3, 4: Girls' Reserves 1, 2, 3: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2: Book Lovers Club 3: "Love Pirates of Hawaii" 2: "Tir lip Time" 4: "Am I lintrudiingu 4. WILLIAM CONTES Classical "Bill' William is a new boy, He came here rather late. But we know he has manners And is a sport first rate. Football l, 2: Basketball 1. 2, 3: Baseball l: Hi-Y Club. PAULINE MOORE Commercial "Polly" She's a great sport, A great singer too, But slie's been sick a lot, And her days in school were few, Basketball 3: Dramatic Club 3: Debating 3. Page 26 THE CAULDRON 1930 SENIOR CLASS HISTORY l In the ninth month of the year nineteen hundred twentyfsix, a glor' ious sunrise cast its cheerful beams upon our group of Freshmen as we cautiously and wearily entered the portals of Arnold High School. We were welcomed by the faculty and our upper classmen, and, adapting ourselves to the routine of our new adventure, we were soon absorbed in the delightful task of seeking an education. In o-ur second year, worthy of the name of Sophomores, we were now fully launched on the waves which would lead us swiftly to the fulfillment of our ambif tions. Among the outstanding occurrences which broke the monotony of our routine were the contribution of two of our members as recognized cheerleaders for the Alma Mater. We were now past midfstream, "Juniors" Many of our boys were members of our athletic teams. We presented a farce comedy in three acts entitled "Apple Blossom Time," which proved a decided success. The final event which capped the climax of our junior year was the banquet and prom given in honor of the Seniors and could then bear proudly our motto, "We lead, others follow." Our ship steamed slowly into the port and our goal came within reach. The years sped by so quickly that we were unable to comprehend the fact that we were Seniors and could then bear proudly our motto, L'We lead, others follow." The crowning achievement of our high school career was the contribution of our Cauldron to the faculty and lower classmen. "Am I Intrudingf' a thoroughly modern comedy based on a mystery plot that held the attention 'from start to finish was given on April 11. As in the course of High School events, Commencement proved a glorious climax to the spectacular adventure within the realms of Arnold High School. The officers were: President ........,,..i.,,,.,...i,,..,. ,........,...........,.......,. J ack Hunger Vice President ...,.... .......... S alvatore Marzullo Secretary .........,.. i.i.......... D orothy Mains Treasurer ........,, ..i....... A rpad H3UtChS7 Advisor ,i.,.,,,, .....,...... M iss Wilds 35539232 1930 THE CAULDRON Page 27 Senior Class Poem '93 The sun is sinking slowly, A cool wind whispers low, Oh! It's terrible to say this,- But we Seniors have to go. We have reached the crossroads, And soon we'll have to part. The moment is drawing nearer- Ah! A pain shoots through the No one knows the heartaches, No one knows the sorrow. No one can ease the pain That awalits us on the morrow. We have studied hard, And we have had our fun, But life holds more than that After all is said and done. So hide those cowardly tears heart. And greet the world with a smile, Success is for those who laugh Rather than for those who growl. Farewell to you, Faculty, ' Farewell to all the rest. Take a little advice from us And to Arnold High School give I R452-'I 52653 62? your best. -JAMES SELL UNDEERCJLASSMJEN Page 30 THE CAULDRON 1930 HISTORY OF JUNIOR CLASS When we entered Arnold High School in the fall of 1927 as Freshmen, the success or failure of our high school career was something remote, something to be decided as time progressed. We were determined to succeed, and we began build' ing our success by taking part in all school activities and organizations. We dis' tinguished ourselves that first year by winning the prize for selling the greatest number of football tickets, and we continued to take an active part in school affairs. Our studies were not neglected, and the Freshmen claimed many high schof lastic honors. To round out a successful beginning year in high school, our class staged a very enjoyable party at the end of the term in the High School Auditorium. Upon our return as Sophomores the following term, we took up the reins of our school life again. We had the incentive then of working to outstrip the success of our Freshman year. We again won the prize for selling the greatest niumber of football tickets, and we continued to take an active part in school affairs. The high light of our Sophomore year was the presentation of a movie, solely under the direction of the class, the returns from which we generously contributed to the Athletic Association. But we did not have all work and play, because during the year we gave two very successful parties which everyone enjoyed immensely. During our first two years in high school, we worked hard ':o establish a reputation, and on our return as juniors, we were an influential part of the high school, and great things were expected of us. We determined to live up to all ex' pectations and even to exceed some of them. Along with keeping up the good work, that was expected of us, we had the big problem of making enough money to finance the annual affair to be given in honor of the departing Seniors. We did this first of all by selling candy in school and at football and basketball games. We then gave the annual Halloween Dance which was enjoyed by all who attended. This was followed by a skate at the Nu'Ken Gardens which, of course, was also a success. The biggest undertaking of the year was the presentation of the class play, "Hixville to Hollywood." It was very clever and something entirely new in the type of plays presented at Arnold. Another new and novel idea was the introducf tion of specialty numbers into the play, which were greatly enjoyed by the audience. Along with having a new and different play the Juniors had the added distinction of using for the Hrst time the remodelled stage, the new scenery, and new curtain. The play owed its success largely to the expert direction and management of Miss Jay and Mr. Laufe. 1930 THE CAULDRON Pageiil l l ,- The Juniors finished a third successful year in high school by giving the gala annual affair in honor of the Seniors at the end of the term. The brilliant event was the result of the careful planning and foresight of the class officers. The 'uncertainty of the success or failure of our high school career entertain' ed by us when Freshmen has lifted somewhat. We can look back now, at the end of our junior year, and truthfully call our class a success. We look forward to next year as an opportunity to put the finishing touches to a thoroughly successful high school career. Class Mottofff"We build the ladder by which we rise" ColorsfffGreen and White FlowerfffCarnation Class Officers: President .............,., ...,......,,..,,.,, ......,, .,,,.....,., ...,..., L 4 i i iis Ciancutti Vice President .,,,., .,.,. W illiam Ishman Secretary ,.,, ......,. ....,,..... ,,,... , . . Myrtle King Treasurer ,...... ....,. F lorencc Armitage Advisor ...,,., .......,. ............., . , ,,.., , .,,. ...., , , ...,,,....... , ,,.,,..... M r. Laufe JUNIOR CLASS POEM 'Tis long since we were Freshmen, As Freshmen, we built records staunch Freshmen shy and proudg As Sophomores broke them toog 'Tis long since we were Sophomores, As juniors used them well to launch Sophomores green and loud. A footfhold for our records newg But now we are the juniors, The records made by all the rest Ah! Juniors worldly wise, As Seniors we shall do our best And to the rank of Seniors To conquer and surpass We are about to rise. And be the model class. -DOMINIC PERINO Page 32 THE CAULDRON 1930 x -:Z SOPHOMORE CLASS COLQRS-Blue and Gold CLASS FLOWER-Aiiierican Beauty Rose MOTTO-L'Labor conquers all things" Z Officers I President ,,,..........,... ...,..,,.,...................,,,,...... ...,,,, .... .,...,.. L 0 1 s Slocum Vice President ...,... ........,. A lice France Secretary .......,.,. ............,. E lvera Torchia TreaSurer .....,..... ,..,.,.... M arye Jane Evans ' .....,..i......i... ............... M r. Browne Z History Advisor ,......... The Sophomore year of the class of '32 is nearing its close. As we look back over the progress ol the last two years we see that we have been successful. As Freshmen our class was well represented in all athletics. We worked hard and sold a great many tickets for the class plays and the opcretta. Some of the Freshmen showed musical talent by taking part in the operetta. Season tickets for both football and basketball were bought by nearly all of us. The successful party we held at the close of our Freshman year will be treasured as a happy memory by all. In 192829 the Freshmen were recognized as a class of scholars, willing and ready for work. In the fall of 1929 about 70 of us returned as Sophomores. We all de- termined to live up to our class motto "Labor conquers all things." This year our class has been even more prominent in all athletics than in our Freshman year. The snappy little cheerleaders, Richard Seddon and Joseph Yotz, were both members of the Sophomore Class. We all set to work to sell tickets on the season "Activity Plan." The Sophomores again were well represented. A number of Sophomores showed great dramatic talent in the school play and operetta. No one of the Sophomores shirked his studies, and again we were well recognized as scholars. 1930 THE oAuLDRoN Pageg? The Sophomores will not forget the successful parties of the class in the past year. In all we have labored and conquered as we set out to do. The class of '32 will work hard to make their junior and Senior years even more successful than the Hrst two spent in Arnold High School. Z Poem And now that we've reached The half way mark, Let all of us labor, As we have from the start To make our record At the Arnold High One to be proud of And praised to the sky. Let us make victories many And our failures few, So that the school may remember The class of '32. 2155223 Page34 THE CAULDRON 1930 FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY Our Freshman year is over. With justifiable pride we look back over the bright and successful start we made in our Hrst year of High School. From the first we proved to be an orderly class, and ever' since our first organization we have abided by the laws set for us by our persevering officers and advisors. One of our greatest achievements, and one which shows our cooperation, is the prize we won from the ticket sale. The Freshmen sold the greatest number of tickets of the four classes for the operetta "Tulip Time." We won a prize off eight dollars which increased greatly our treasury funds. The Freshmen were well represented in all activities. Many of our number played on the football and basketball teams, while others showed unusual musical talent. There were several members in the orchestra and even more took part in the operetta. We were not entirely lacking in dramatic quality. This year for the first time, the Freshmen were allowed to take part in the play "Climbing Roses." Several Freshmen were at the tryout, and some were in the cast. No one can say we did not have a good time during our Freshman year. We had a lively party after the basketball game on December 13. Everyone surely had a snappy evening. Among the other social events was the picnic. At this outing none complained, and everybody was entirely satisfied. How could we help it? Our officers worked hard, and the results were the best-the kind our officers always have, There was not a, thing to mar the day. ioso THE CAULDRON Wiiagcss A I . i ,. . .. cg., , .1 . t , , Y X b 3. 1 l So our school year conbinued, each day hringing more enthusiasm and genuine enjoyment. And in this same way we reached the end. The memory of this year will help us overcome all obstacles next year. Our Sophomore year will he based on our Freshman year. Since our Freshman year has hcen so successful, and since the victories of this year are increased in our next, we surely look forward to a most successful Sophomore year. FRESHMAN CLASS CLASS MOTTOi"Lift as you Climb" FLOWER-Ainerican Beauty Rose COLORS-Blue and White I Class Officers President ........,...............,........ .... ....,......,....................... A l vin Heutchy Vice President ............................ ......... ...... V irginia Smith Secretary and Treasurer ..,....... ............ . .. Guillimene Guyaux Advisors ...................,..............,........ ....,.... M r. CarsonfMiss Grim 's V ORGANIZATEIUNS Page 38 THE CAULDRON 1930 CLUBS Many new clubs were organized this year, which have proved very beneficial as well as entertaining to everyone. Each club was started on its way to success by the selection of several people to act as leaders for the other members. The re' sponsibility of all activities was placed upon the students, the teacher in charge bef ing only an overseer. Most of the chapel programs and entertainments held in the club meetings were entirely original this year and afforded much enjoyment to the audience. By the organization of these societies all could look forward to at least one and sometimes two entertainments a week. These broke the monotony of work, giving enjoyment as well as educational help. All the clubs proved very sucf cessful. Everyone seemed interested and tried to make his club the best it could possibly be. Many who were backward have overcome this fear by taking part in the club activities. Many have developed great dramatic ability and will probably gain more fin the future. As a whole the clubs have a very good influence on ezveryf one. Many benehts result from them and because of their aid they should stay in existence from nowlon. H-DOROTHY MAINS. Q 1930 EditorfinfCl1ief .,,,,,, Associate Editor Senior Editor ....,,,,, ., Literary Editors A .... , Art Editors ,....,...,,.... joke Editors .. Photo Editor ....,,...,. Athletic Editors ....... junior Editor .....,......... Sophomore Editor .. Freshman Editor ...,, Business Managers ..,....,r Associate Managers Junior Managers .,..... Circulation Manager Associate Manager .....,. Typists .,,........,,........ ..,...,. STAFF Editorial Staff , ,,,. Virginia Bushnell .. ,. .,.i,..., ....,.,,,,,...,, ..,..,.,. T h eresa Astorina , Margaret Victor Ernestine Bongiovanni. Charles Foti Richard Koleun, Harold Howe Arpad Heutchy, George Thompson Jack Hunger Anthony Uhar, Raymond Erahotto . ..,...,,.,,,......,. . ...........,..,.. .. .,,..,,,.... Frances Rome ,, ,.,,.,,. .......... M arye Evans Minnie Klingensmith Business Staff Harry Garrison, John Becker james Wzlkefiield, Lawrence Davis Fred Hamilton, Elmer Donaldson Olive Cox, julia Laitos, Nettie MacFarlane,, Emma Resh, Lorraine Wyaiiit aculty Advisors Miss Dorothy Bowmer Mr. Paul Carson Mr. H. L. Holste THE CAULDRON Page 35 Page 40' THE CAULDRON 1930 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society was founded in 1921, There are over 600 chapters of this society in American High Schools. Our school became a chapter of this society in 1926 through the efforts of Mr. T. V. Kelly, former High School principal. This society is doing much to define and set the standards of the ideal High School students. The Constitution of this organization recognizes four cardinal objectives as fundamental in all educational practiceg Scholarship, Character, Leadership and Service. To exalt these objectives and hold them ever before the school als goals toward which all should strive is the purpose of this society. The emblem of the Society is the keystone and flaming torch. The Key' stone bears at its base the letters S. L. C. E? S. which stand for the four cardinal principles of the organization. As the keystone is placed by the builder to hold the perfect arch in perpetual stability, so the structure of our education must hold firm and true to the purpose of life represented by the virtues in this symbol. The following have become members of this Society in our school: Florence Armitage jack Hunger Theresa Astorina Dorothy Mains Ernestina Bongiovanni Emma Resh Virginia Bushnell Frances Rome Myron Gehr Anthony Uhar Margaret Victor 1930 THE CAULDRON Page 41 THE DLONRA DEBATING CLUB The Dlonra Debating Club, one of the newly organized clubs of 1930, inet with great success. It succeeded in its purpose to train the members for debating and public speaking. Under the capable supervision of Mr. Carson, our sponsor, much was accomplished. During the year, two assembly programs were given by the nieinbers of the club. They were enjoyed very much by the student body. The emblem of the Dlonra Debating Club is the scroll and mallet. In parting we can easily say that we have established a solid foundation for a very successful debating club. The officers were: President ,..,..........., ......, M yron Gehr Vice President ...,. ....,..,.,.. C yrus George Secretaryj ..,,...,,..,,,.. i....,.....,........ L ois Slocum Treasurer ................,..,,.i...,, ........ -I osephine Cappone Cauldron Reporter ........ ........ T hercsa Astorina Sponsor .....,..........,........,,. ..........,.,. M r. Carson Page 42 THE CAULDRONffQ 1930 THE DEBATING TEAM The Debating teams of 1930 enjoyed a successful year under the direction ot Mr. Paul Carson. This is the second time Arnold has participated in high school debates, and the progress the teams have made is commendable. The question for this year's debate vvasf-Resolved, That the county unit system of education should be adopted. Every member in the teams worked hard to win every debate they possibly could win. Although teams of this sort do not attract as much attention as athletic teams, the certainly deserve to be given credit for their work, which was difficult intellectually if not physically. Thus do the debating teams of 1930 deserve the ovation accorded them. 1930 THE CAULDRON Page 43 -7- ----N ----W - 4 Y . , .4 7 , ,L ,...., All THE BOOK LOVERS CLUB The Book Lover's Club was among those formed at the beginning of the school year. The purpose of this club was to better acquaint the members with the best books, plays and authors of the present day. During the club periods many readings. short stories, and plays of interest were read and discussed. The members of the Book Lover's Club presented three chapel programs during the year. These were all very interesting, as Well as amusing. The officers of the year were: President .,,....i............................ ,......,............ J ack Hunger Vice President ........ .r,r..... S alvatore Nlarzullo Secretary ....,..,.,..........,.. ...............,....i F rances Rome Librarian ..........i........,,...... . ................ Florence Armitage Cauldron Reporter .ii,,,, ,,........ M ary Mzirgaret Wells Sponsor ........,..,....,....,,..,.t.. ......,.............,,.,........... M r. Laufe EERE Page 44 THE CAULDRON 1930 DRAMATIC CLUB-A The Dramatic Clubffx is one of the largest clubs in the school. Through the enthusiasm and efforts of its members the club has proved a success. The meet' ings have been interesting. Many amusing programs werc given which revealed the unusual talent of some of its members. In all, the members have been greatly rewarded for their work. They started at the beginning with the determination to make the club a success, and they have succeeded far more than they realized, making it one of the best. The oficers were: President ............ ,....,...., M innie Jane Klingensmith Vice President .......,........,.... ..................... .,.,.,..,.... S t eve Stanko Secretary and Treasurer ..,..... ..,.,.,.. R achel Stowe Cauldron Reporter .........,,.,,.,...............................,,...., Lubow Maduk Sponsors ....................,.......,..,.,.. Miss Hankey and Miss Wilde 1930 THE cAULDRoN Page 45 DRAMATIC CLUB-B This club has accomplished much in the line of dramatics, considering the few times meetings have been held. The best plays, which have been before the public, were studied. This inter' esting Work readily engaged our attention. We discussed the abilities of famed and rising actors and actresses alike. The members of this club took part in numerous club programs through which the meaning of good expression became very clear to us. On Halloween an original sketch written by the members and directed by Miss Crim, our club advisor, was presented in the auditorium and was a success. The oficers were: President ..... .....,..... ......, D o rothy Mains Vice President. ................,..,...,..,.i.................... .,......... C aroline Cypher Secretary and Cauldron Reporter ........ ......... M argaret Victor Club Advisor ........... .......,, .......... M i ss Crim Page 46 THE CAULDRON 1930 BOOSTERS' CLUB This club is looking back on its iirst year, which was a success. The purpose of the Boosters' Club is:-To stand up for its Club, its School, and Standards. The things that were considered important were discussed at the meetings. Three very interesting Assembly programs were given by members of the club. The first was HA Football Review," which was enjoyed by the students. All members were delighted with being in this club. The meetings were enjoyed by all who learned how to boost their Club, School, and Activities. The officers were: President ..,.,...,........., ................ R obert Edgar Vice President .....,..... ....,. . .. Raymond Frabotto Secretary .,,,.,.................. ...................,,.,...... V ictor Huff Cheerleader ................,,... ......... E dward Murhamer Cauldron Reporter .,,..... .......,.,........,..,,,. M arie Vent Sponsor ...........,......,,...,......,, ........,, M r. Elder 3596533 l G JOURNALISM CLUB It is quite evident that this club, in view of merits of its past accomplish- ments, has proven :itself the most valuable and undispensable organization of the high school. It ranks first in being an essentially educational club in which the higher standards of class cooperation and productiveness are maintained to a degree nearing perfection. Its aim is to develop and promote any jo-prnalistic or literary tendencies among the student members and to provide experience in newspaper writing and the like. The most outstanding achievement has been the introduction of a school paper, the Broadcaster-a semifmonthly periodical in which all views and news' events of the school are published in typical newspaper style. This has been a decidedly great success. Several programs held during the year have also been successful. The Oficers were: President ,.......... ............ ..........., F r ed Edgar Vice President ......... ......... J ack Rogers Secretary .,...................,,..... ........ H arold Howe Cauldron Reporter ........ .............. J ames Sell Sponsor ...........................,.. .,....... ............ M i ss Jay eg .2 1930 THE oAULDRoN Page 47- ' "'l""TU'v'V Page 48 THE CAULDRON 1930 COMMERCIAL CLUB Under the supervision of Miss Cypher the newly organized Commercial Club was a great success. The main feature of this club was the banking system which was practiced throughout the year. The members showed their ability as stenographf ers in the play, "Trying Them Out." This being the Commercial Club's Hrst appearance, we are sure that next year it will be a greater success. The officers were: Rhoda Singleton President .......,......... ......,,., . Mary Stonecheck Irene Pastura Mary Pituch Cauldron Reporter ......... ,....,... L enora Thompson Vice President .,...... ........ Secretary ,.......................,.. ,............. Treasurer ,.,......,,.,.,,,,....,, A .,., ................. . Sponsor ......,.,..,..........,.........,. ................... M iss Cypher 1v6'5fC'.'Nl 'NSA-DM' 1930 THE 'CAULDRON 'Page49 THE HIKING CLUB Under the careful guidance of Miss Edith Jay, the Girls' Hiking Club., a newly organized club this year, attained great success. It brought the girls into a more friendly group and did nruch in promoting better health by long, pleasant hikes. The girls also learned many good points on outdoor life such as studying different plants, building fires, cte. It is very much regretted that more hikes were not held, and it is hoped that next year it will meet with still greater success. The ofncers were: President ...i..,. ....... A lustina Toinayko Secretary ....,., , ,,...i Theresa Astorina Treasurer ...... .......,..,,.. I ,earl Zorena Sponsor ,,.... Miss Edith jay KWGCJHZCVNQVI Page so THE CAULDRON 1930 ATHLETIC CLUB One of the finest movements undertaken this year was the organization of the Boys's Athletic Club. Miss Bowmer, who sponsored the undertaking, is given credit for the success of the club. The purpose was "To be a good clean sport at all times." The motto was "Good character shows good sportsmanship." The club accomplished much in the development of the boys, morally, physically, and mental' ly.. Various topics dealing with sportsmanship and athletics were discussed. Inter- esting programs were rendered at its bifmonthly meetings. At times the members engaged in games such as basketball, hockey, and handball. Also several interesting chapel programs were given by the club. The officers were: President .i...................................... ....,.... A urelio Guilioli Vice President ..............................,.... ,........ F rank Suatoni Secretary and Treasurer ......... ............. G eno Bussotti Cauldron Reporter ................... .......... L ouis Ciancutti Sponsor ,..........,.,.......,..... .. ........ ........ M iss Bowmer S252 1930 THE CAULDRON Page 51 - -i 1- - wr" ff SCIENCE CLUB The purpose of the Science Club was to deal with scientihc happenings of every day life. The club had seven major aims: QU To increase the pupil's appreciation of his environment. QD To develop his powers of observation. Q32 To train him in the scientific method. Q41 To stimulate him to organize his common experience for use in the solution of new problems. Qij To develop his desire to practice personal hygiene. Q71 To teach him specific ways in which the principles of science are applied to the work of the world so that he may fully realize the importance of science in the home, community, state, nation, and the world at large. The goal is to give the pupil an overpowering curiosity and desire to know the truth. Many interesting programs were presented. The officers were: President ............,......,......................,...............,,., ..,...... E rnest Howe Vice President .....,.............. ,,..,.,,..........,.......,...., ,.,,,,,......,,,..... J 4 vhn Fuge Secretary and Cauldron Reporter ........ Elizabeth Ramsey Treasurer .......................................,...,........... ,.,,..,... ...., A d olph Bagdon Sponsor ,..... .... r. Browne Page '52 THE CAULDRON 1930 THE MADGEBURG CLUB This year some of the Junior boys felt the need for a club all their own. This need culminated in the Madgeburg Club. The idea back of the club was to develop fellowship, friendship and 'fraternf alism. It has admirably succeeded in carrying out is three major aims. The mem-- bers of the club are all doing their best to carry out the ideals which they have laid down. The boys looked forward to the club being a growing one, which will live on from year to year furthering the ideas and ideals of the organization. The club is just a new one but it is hoped by all the members that it's use' fulness will continue. The officers for 19294930 were: President .................... ....... B en Slomoff Vice President ...........,............ . .... ............,...... J ohn Culp Secretary and Treasurer ,.......,.. .......,.,.. F red Hamilton Constitutional Interpreter ......,. ......... D ominic Perino 1930 THE CAULDRON Page 53 THE HI-Y CLUB The HifY Club was organized here in 1927. Each year marked a large inf crease in membership and in 1928729 a total of twenty new members was added. This year thirty new members were added. That alone denotes the becomf ing popularity of this organization, and we hope that such prosperity will be enjoy' ed in the future. The ur Hose is: "To create, maintain, and extend throufhout the commun' , . p I i . pq S ity, high standards of Christian Character, The slogan is: "Clean Living, Clean Speech, Clean Sports, and Clean Scholarship." The HieY Club is profoundly important to the community. Honest, up' right, young men should belong. It gives opportunity for Christian leadership which is one of the main keystones of the National Honor Society. It challenges every high minded young man to be a member and though man are ralled f p M . ,. k y't' ,eware chosen. Many social activities were sponsored throughout the year, which included banquets, dances, and swimming parties. Club officers were: President .................. ........,..,..... H arold Howe Vice President ........ ......... G eorge Thompson Secretary ...,,.,,,..... ........,,,.... -I ack Hunger Treasurer .............,....,......,.................,..................................... Louis Derose Sponsors for the year 192980 were Mr. Laufe and Mr. Carson. TT l Page 54 THE CAULDRON 1930 GIRL RESERVES The Girl Reserves is a very prominent organization of Arnold High School. Through the aid of Miss Edith jay and Miss Freda Cook, this club was ref organized last year, and had as its motto: "To face life squarely and to Hnd and give the best." The girls certainly did live up to their motto. Fifteen new members were admitted into the organization during this past year. The club's first social event was a Christmas Crab Bag and supper. They also held many other activities, some of which were: Valentine Dance, St. Patriek's Dance, April Fool Party, and a few suppers. Every member greatly enjoyed every activity olf the year. The officers were: President ...,..,.......i......................... ...... D orothy Twyford Vice President ....,,.........,.,................. ...... C aroline Cypher Secretary and Treasurer ......... .......... R ose Shirella Sponsor 192960 .........,............... ..............,.. M iss .lay E559 1930 T QTHE CAULDRON Page 55' GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Owing to the splendid and capable direction of Miss Elinor Cook, the Girl's Glee Club has proved to be a very successful organization. This club has revealed the unusual talent of the high school as shown by the success of all their undertakings. The Glee Club gave a very appropriate demonstration of the ability of its members at their public performances and entertainments. The weekly rehearsals were all very educational and interesting, as well as amusing, and were enjoyed immensely by every member. This club plans to give many more entertainments next year. M'.'3l!?Nl w.:1.',w Page 56 THE CAULDRCN 1930 THE BOYS' GLEE CLUB A club well calculated to develop in the minds of the students an apprecia- on of harmonious classics has so improved since its organization that one may un' lushingly shout, "marvelous" ' The club has a membership of twentyfthree musicfloving fellows. These celef rities, under the knowing baton of the supervisor, Miss Elinor Cook, have fre- uently blended their voices into song to provide entertainment for many programs We cannot forget their participation in the operetta, which was a "howling" success 1930 THE CAULDRON Page 57 ORCHESTRA To say that our school orchestra is indispensahle would he superfluous. Off ganized in 1927, it has long since proven its worth. This year their services have heen immense. The classic entertainment presented in accompaniment with the various dramatic activities ot the year has heen of the highest type. This organization greatly added to the success of the faculty hanquet, and its participation in numerous other activities was considered an ahso' lute necessity. The organization has heen a trihute to the excellent supervision of the sponsor, Miss Elinor Cook, and may such success continue to he theirs in the tuture Violins Wztlter Jarahek Thelma Becker 101511 DYfk5'C-T Louis Derose Saxophones Frank Ducato Charles Foti Frank Suatoni .lack T1lYl0f Frances Petty Trumpets Richard Kolcun Myron Gehr Raymond Pastura Fmllk ASIUUUTH Genevieve Vent Clariners John Duhrowsky Aiurelio Guilioli Harry Wrmlosyii Tulio Lanfaloni Page 58 THE ...... CAUIQTD-RON 1930 UOPERETTA' "Tulip Time" was the operettzl selected for this year, It was a story of love on a village holiday in Holland. The costumes were very elaborate and the stage settings were both colorful and attractive. The orchestra accompanied the op-:rctta from heginning to end. Hans ,.......,.. ....,...................,.,..,,.,....,,,..,........,. , ....,...........A,......,, ,,,.........,...,,,,,,,,,.. T u lio Lanfaloni Aunt Anna .,,......,,.,.......,........ .,.,.,..... C arolyn Kuhlman Hendrick Van Ooster ......... ...,.,,...... H arry Garrison Christina ..e...........,.........,............,.... ...e,... H elen Laughlin Theophilus McSpindle . ......... ,. ...,,.,..,,.. Harry Schaffer Ned Baxter ...,,...,........,,.....,.....,,,,, .......,.. R aymond johnson Dick Warren ........t..........,.... ,.e..,,e.,e...... R oben Edgar Katinka ,..,,,..........,e... .,........ T heresa Astorina 1930 Page 59 HIGH SCHOOL PLAY The High School Play selected this year was "Climbing Roses," a three act farce comedy. It was n story of a family trying to get into society, but unfortunately their daughter fell in love with the hired man. This added much mystery to the play. Through the efforts of Miss Edith jay and Mr. Abe Laufe the production was very successful. Peggy Rose ............... ........... R uby Schrecongost Maggie Rose .,.....,.... ....................,r..... M yra King Hazel Sommers ...........i ............ V irginia Smith Pricilla Prentine .,,.i.... .......,.........,..... A lice Moran Mrs. Warren ,,,,,...........,,..., ,,,..,..... G uillimene Guyaux Joyce Belmont .......w.......................... .. ....4...............,.....,.,,. Lois Slocum Winnie Clarke ................................,..... ........... M innie Klingensmith Jack Archer, alias Watson .,.,...,,...r ...,....,......,,. J oseph Marsalka Ferdie Wimbledon .........,.,........,.,..... ............. G eorge Thompson jim Rose .....,...,........,,,,,.,.....r ............,. H arry Wolosyn Dryden Proonis ............... ..............,...................,... ,.......,.................... G e orge Luke Percy South ......,,.,,.....,.4 .............,.4....,....,...........................................,.. J ack Hunger Three Princes .r............, ............. J ames Sell, John Fuge, Albert Farinelli E3 Page 60 THE CAULDRON 14930 THE BROADCASTER The Broadcaster! That peppy little recorder of all the social activities of Arnold High has come to the end of it's 192930 career. The paper run by an efficient staff headed by the capable EditorfinfChief, Anthony Uhar, and advisor, Miss Jay, has well deserved it's bid for farne The 192980 school term marked the second time Arnold proudly boasted of a school paper. Despite the fact that this is apnly it's second year, the paper has won a niche for itself in our school. We little realize how much news value our Broadcaster published, or how much it would be missed if we did not have it. All year the staff and practically everyone associated with the paper has work' ed hard to make and publish a paper which the students and outsiders would ap' preciate, and it can certainly be said that they have done it. Every bit of news of dances, plays, and athletics was published in the paper, thus has the paper proven invaluable as far as advertising is concerned. And as for humor - little would be said of it for no funny incident escaped the eaglefeyed reporters. In view of all these facts and knowing the popularity of the Broadcaster, it is easy to realize that the Broadcaster has enjoyed its most successful year under "Editor Uhar" and his staff. H Many of the papers most faithful contributors and best writers have written their last article for our paper. -BESSIE MICH.AEL. El 'CAM I INTRUDING?" "Am I Intruding?", a mystery comedy in three acts, was presented by the Senior Class on the evening of Friday, April 11. . "Am I Intruding?" is a thoroughly modern comedy causing laughter galore, based on a mystery plot that holds the attention from start -to finish and comes out quite differently from what anyone in the audience is expecting. The 'action hinges around the efforts of Horace Vare, a wealthy business man, to keep from being frozen out of the Bluebird Motors Corporation in which he is a heavy stockholder. Blair Hoover, an adventurer, acquires some notes of Vare's when the latter is short of cash and threatens to ruin him unless he will sell his Bluebird stock at a low Hgiure. Vare has been forced into a tight corner financially when jerry, eccentric son of his comrade of years ago, appears on the scene. Jerry -is a regular rustic toronado and sets out not only to save the stock for Vare but to win V are's daughf ter for himself. This he does and the dramatization comes to a glorious ending. The play was well enacted and well received. Congratulations Seniors. ' Cast: Mrs- Hastings --'----'-- --------A'--Q-----'------ -............ L o rrafine YVyant Blair Hoover .......,............,. ,,,,,,-,,., J Home Fade,-busch Earnest Rathburn .......... ,,,,,-,-, A -I Lawrence Davis MUJOYY Vare -------"------ ........ C aroline Cypher Peter ................................. ,--...--..,..-...-.--4.. C hal-les Mona ..................... ............ V iolet Chickowski Horace Vare ........ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, M yi-on Gehr Violet Vare ........... ............. R hoda Singleton Dora ................. , ............... ........... H elen Seksczienski Dickie Waldron ......... ........... A nthony Uhar Gerald Mays ............ ...,................. F red Edgar Jane ..... - .... - ................ ........... B essie Michael 1 ----W - ,.- -' 'amgqjr' 1930 THE CAULDRON Page 61 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION The sun is slowly setting in the west. The evening of your high school days is at hand. You, the graduates of Nineteen Hundred Thirty, are now looking back with us on your four years spent at Arnold. But we cannot live on memories, no matter how delighted they are. We, who have graduated and gone out into life, realize that life is made up of tasks to- be performed and duties to be met. - We, The Alumni Association, welcome you into our ranks. We know that you have ambitions and goals-we know that you are teeming with life-we need you to help us carry on to make an organization which will mean something to the Arnold of tomorrow. We know that if we were going back again, there are things that we should do differently, and that we should like to have better possibilities for growth. So let each one of us, as we are banded together, d1:term'nc to do our part and use our influence to help make Arnold Hi better year by year. TMLDMLM. "I-IIXVILLE TO HOLLYWOOD" On February 14, the juniors gave their class play "Hixville to Hollywood" in the High School auditorium. "Hixville to Hollywood" is a comedy in three acts. It is the story of Flossina jersey, a small town girl, who wins a local contest and then heads straight for Holly' wood and fame. V One scene in the play is a faithful representation of a moving picture studio in operation and is the most unusual scene ever done in local production. Another act which was a hit in this outstanding comedy was that which showed the Hixvillc Grange Hall with the Annual Bazaar at its height. The play was one of the most ambitious undertakings ever attempted by a local high school class, but the enthusiasm which was shown at rehearsals warranted it success. . Mrs. Chill ......,...,. Josephine Cappone Mrs. jersey .......... .... ..,............ .... ......... ,..., . . E d n a Ross Mrs. Hix ....,.......,..., ,.......... M ary Margaret Wells Mom" Fish .......,... ...........................,...,. M yra King Pao" Fish .......,...,.. Anthony Prokopik Eliza Sparrow .......... ....,........... F rances Rome Flossina jersey ........ .......... E velyn Brown Henry Chill ..........,.... .......... B en Slomoff Mr. Black ............,.. ........ L ouis Ciancutti Miss White ........... ,.,.... E lizabeth Ramsey Elaine .....,............,.......,. ......,,.. D orothy Raabe Mother Madeline .. ......... Madelyn Bender Whiskerino .........., ................ D ominic Perino Dewark .................. Alfredo Astoria Elmer Donaldson """ffffff ,... Amelia Guilioli Ka-tz .................,,............... .............. F red Hamilton Camera Man ....,...,,,..... .......... F rederick Corey Assistant Director .......... ,... .............. J a mes Ellis Jean Garland .... ........... .............. G 1 adys Reese Musician ...................... .,...... F rank Suatoni Soloist ,........ ............,. ....... . . Helen Laughlin Valentin Sisters .... ....... .... T h eresa Astorina Ermine Cochran Myra King Kidd Sisters ................ ........... . ..Dorothy Raabe Justina Tomayko Arkansas Travelers ,. .....,....... Ermine Cochran Aletha Miller Margaret Hunter Ida Seigart Anna Papik Mildred Gould ATHLETICS Page 64 THE CAULDRON 1930 FOOTBALL RESUME 'LKing Football Reignsln A tackle, an end run, a punt, passfall these gripped them with a desire to iight for their old school. They gave their best. and that's all that is asked. Arnold had a successful seasong however, the season would have been more successful if the team had not been hampered by injuries. But there are two things higher than winning a game, and they are Loyalty and Sportsmanship, Below is a brief record of the games played: Sharpsburg was the iirst to be encountered and proved to be our first victim. The battle was fiercely fought, Late in the game George galloped to a touchdown '-6fO. Then for Leechburgfit certainly was a glorious battle. In the first quarter there were many worried faces, but from then on, the Eldermcn settled down and put 3 brilliant battle. The line functioned well, and with excellence interference, George and Uhar ran the ends for touchdowns--19fO. Students turned out in a mass to see the next game, the yearly tilt with our great rival, Ken Hi. Both teams played great ball, and the game was a tough one to lose. Ken Hii scored in the first half. In the next half Gabrish took the ball over for Arnold's lone touchdown. With victory staring them in the face, Arnold's hopes were blasted when, in the last quarter, Heutchy, Schaffer, Galderini, and Ga' brish were forced to leave the game because of injuries. Ken Hi won, but they had to fight for it-l2f6. The following Saturday, Springdale was met on their own field. The Grange and Blue held the upperhand in the Hrst half on Nee's touchdown. Late in the game, Springdale came back and took the verdictf'7f6. Freeport with her "pack" was next encountered, and our boys were complete- ly submerged. Heavier and more experienced players were too great a handiacp for the Eldermen to overcome. The game ended with a score-200. Playing again on our field, Apollo was our opponent. The Arnold boys clicked beautifully at times but did not have the reserve to cope with the Orange and Black. With the score 6fO against them, the Elderrnan put on a great offensive ate tack, and George finally bucked his way over the goal line, It was a tie-6f6. journeyed to Oakmont, the Arnold lads were victorious-7f0. The team as a whole put up a battle against which the Marshall men were helpless, the line functioned as it had never done before. In the last quarter Nee intercepted a forward pass and made the touchdown. 1930 THE CAULDRON Page 65 Then Arnold bucked up against the justly powerful Parnassus combination. The game was very close, but the playing of Koleva, Parnassus center, could not be stopped, and the Crimson and Gray romped away to afl9fO decision. A great HarfBrac team battered its way to a victory over our boys in the final game. Our boys fought hard, and although they didn't win this game, they made a great showing. The score waS l9fO. Arnold has many more successful football seasons stretching before her. There will be numerous defeats and off years, but the school has climbed to a high standard in football and will rank with the best of its caliber, if THE COACH Coach Robert "Bob" Elder is the man responsible for the high brand of football and basketball played at Arnold. For the past two years he has piloted Arnold's ship into the realm of sports, and he really has made a successful job of it. He is a graduate of Penn State, and previous to his coming here, he coached in the Northwestern part of the state where he earned quite a reputation. During his stay here, it didn't take him long to establish himself as an idol of the athletes. In football, he knows how to make the boys on the line get down and dig away. His system of secondary defense has functioned very well. In basketball, the Elder system is notorious, and to mention Elder is to men- tion Arnold. He instils into his boys that "Arnold Spirit." In appreciation of his great work, the student body and the seniors who graduate and who were under his tutelage, wish him continued success in all his undertakings in years to come. Pagess THE CAULDRON T 1555 RESUME OF THE BASKETBALL SEASON ' Shortly after football season, Coach 'lBob" Elder called the first varsity bas' ketball practice. With Nee, Uhar, George, Heutchy, Edgar, Foti, Kolcun, and Kuznicki eligible from last year's squad, and with Guilioli and Boucher added to the list, Elder built up the most successful quints ever to wear the colors of the Orange and Blue. Stepping out against Leechburg in the opening game, the Eldermenp were defeated by one point. The final score was 27 to 26. Uhar and Foti led the victors writh five and lfour field goals apiece. Aspinwall invaded the Arnold gym and toppled the Arnold quint, as in the previous game, by one point418f17. journeying to Greensburg, the Eldermen defeated the countyfseat passers by a score, 14f12. The players were evenly matched, and our triumph was not def cided until Uhar broke the deadlock with a field goal. Continuing the schedule, the quint journeyed to Aspinwall, il trip which ref sulted in an Aspinwall victory, 2344. Guilioli starred for Arnold. In the second Leechburg encounter, Arnold again broke into the win' ning side of the ledger. Arnold led the whole way. George and Uhar starred wsith three field goals each. The final count was Bl-22. With Kuznicki and Nee "on," Arnold completely submerged the Washiimgtoiw Township team 42f9. Kuznicki scored seven field goals, while Nee dropped three through the loop. Sharpsburg was encountered in the next game. They also were defeated by the Elder quint, 16f12. Guilioli led the scoring with ten points. A big Purple and Yellow team came up from Verona and gave defeat, the Elderllliiil another OH6 point 1918, Guilioli led with three field goals. 1930 THE CAULDRON Page67 Then came the first game of the W. P. I. A. L. season, and we met Ken Hi on their own floor! Captain "Pie" Nee led the Eldermen to a great victory, l9f16. His three field goals and George's and Foti's two were the scoring highlights. A defense set up by Edgar and Heutchy was almost impregnable. Murdock's fifteen points spelled defeat for the Arnold squad-3741. The Burnt Orange and Blue played in good form at times but could not cope with the steady, relentless dnive of HarfBrac. Freeport proved easy for the Arnoldites. The score was 2843. Foti and G+uilioli stood out as the scorers. Arnold led most of the game but in the last few minutes of play were de- feated by six points at the hands of Tarentum, the score was 24f18. An extra period waS necessary for Parnassus to get verdict over our boys in the next game-25-22. George's ten points looked best for the Arnold cause. Springdale was next met. Nee with five field goals played a great part in the 28f20 victory. A week's rest and then came Catholic High of Pittsburgh-another victory of l7f16. Uhar's playing was the highlight of the game. He scored five field goals. In the return game with Ken Hi, Arnold took it on the chin, this time 2lf9. A poor first half enabled HarfBrac again to defeat Arnold 3823. George and Uhar led the Eldermen with three field goals apiece. George, Uhar, and Nee plus an avalanche of field goals spelled defeat for Freeport. George with twelve goals, Uhar with six, and Nee with three led the attack. Heutchy played a great game at defense. A reverse was met at the hands of Tarentum 21f1'7. Avenging a previous setback, Arnold defeated the old rival, Parnassus-1543. Edgar and Heutchy were the stars in this game. The last game of the W. P. I. A. L. season was played at Springdale-an' other Arnold victory-25'2O. Nee and Edgar were the leading scorers. WESTMORELAND COUNTY TOURNAMENT Playing Washington Township, Arnold romped away to an easy victory. Uhar and George with four and three field goals respectively led the scoring column. Vandergrift was encountered in the second game. It was a great game but Arnold was defeated 2049. After the Westmoreland Tourney, Arnold took Oakmont into combat. Kuz- nicki showed great punch in this encounter playing a "heads up" game. He scored five field goals, and the score was 2744. V Journeying to Verona, Arnold won another game 32f28. George and Kuzf nicki led the attack. Catholic High was defeated in the last game on the Arnold floor, again by one point 17-16. ALLEGHENY-KISKI VALLEY 'TOURNAMENT Again, Arnold defeated Parnassus. This time in a game at the AfK tourney- l9f16. Advancing to the first round, Arnold played brilliant basketball and downed a great Kittanning team. Edgar and Kuznicki played one of the best games this season. Arnold ended its court season by taking a beating by Leechburg in the sec' ond round of the tournament-30f1'S. So it goes! Captain Nee, Uhar, George, Edgar, Heutchy, Foti and Kolcun have played their last year of scholastic basketball. A great team and only one of the two teams to beat the W. P. I. A. L. champs! When we remember this vic- tory over Ken Hi and the two over our other rival Parnassus, we cannot help but be proud of our boys, and we are sure that everyone agrees with us that Arnold, under Coach Robert T. Elder, has had its most successful season. Page 68 THE CAULDRON 1930 T R A C K Q Immediately after the close of the basketball season, interest in track became manifest. Although track was not recognized last year by the school officials, the boys organized a track team of their own, having a fairly successful season, con- sidering the material and time spent. This year, for the first time since 1926, track is a recognized sport at Arnold High School. The majority of the boys who were on last year's track team are left to compete another year, so we are looking forward to a great year. Three boys, the point getters of last year, deserve special commendation. They are Har' old Howe, captain of the team and distance runner extraordinaryz, Joe Yotz, the sophomore newsboy milerg and Cy George, who excels in the 100fyard dash and the pole vault. These boys, with the other strong material left from last year, form' ed the nucleus of a great ttrack team. Some on the team will leave this year. We mentioned especially Captain Howe and "Cy" George. We will miss them, but we know they will go on to bigger and better things-earning new honors for our town. Thus, we close the annals of the 1930 track team, which won many honors under the direction of Coach "Bob" Elder. WE? QE E I ADVERTISEMENTS AND HUMOR Fagevo THE CAULDRON 1930 MY OLE STAR QRED HAR'rNEf1'fr's CARJ Of my old car they all make fun, They say it was made in nineteenfone Maybe it was but this I'll bet She's good for many a long mile yet. Her windshield's gone, her radiator leaks, Her fan belt slips, her springs all squeak, She rattles the nuts and screws all loose, But she sure can run on motor juice. If we can't get this, we burn kerosene, And we've driven home on Paris green. She's a rattle in front, a grind in the rear, And a Chinese puzzle for a steering gear. Her coils are dead, her plugs won't fire, Her piston rings are bailing wire, But in spite of this the hills she'll pass, And all she asks is a little gas. With other cars they give you tools, Some extra parts and a book of rules, But a monkey wrench and a pair of shears Is all I've carried for the last four years. lj Jack Hunger-"How did you get that red on your lip?" Salvatore Marzullo-"That's my tag for parking too long in one place." El Early to bed and early to rise, And your girl goes out with the other guys. C1 Mr. Browne-I take great pleasure in giving you 85 in Chemistry. Wakie"1-Make it 95 and thoroughly enjoy yourself. El Ls Mr. Carson--Miss Twyford, you have entered the debit item under credit. Dorothy Twyford-L'Yes, sir,'I'm leftfhanded. D John Acopine-"There's been something on my lip for weeks." Emma Resh-"So I notice. Why don't you shave it oil?" El Charles Foti-"Her niece is rather good looking, eh?" Robert Edgar-"Don't say 'knees is,' say 'knees are.' II A Freshman from the Amazon Put nighties of his gramazong the reason's that He was too fat To get his own pajamazon. Cl Prof.-"This is the third time that you have looked on Smi1:h's paper." Student-h'Yessir, he doesn't write very plainly." 1930 THE CAULDRON 71 OOO O 0 0 O O O O 0 O O O O O O O O O O O O O 0 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O 00000000000000000000000000 GREETINGS! GREETINGS!-TO THE SENIORS OF CLASS 1930 To the Seniors of Class 1930- We want to greet you in the true, neighborly spirit of com' maradene-to take our place side by side with you-in initiaf tive, forethought and faith. From ambitious youngsters you have arrived full grown with ideals high, and with an unsevering aim to supreme attainment --you have achieved your cherished goal. But the end is not yet-for like the far horizon that ever ref cedes, your endeavors, your plans must aim higher with every accomplishment-we hope you will never be satisfied with Hxed standardsethat each tomorrow shall see higher and yet 0000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO We congratulate you-and wish you success in your new undertakings O -,Q WMS uname nuov 10 WEAR svon NJ Jars cano spmafam. sms sfnvlnf 04300 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO USED CA S OO OOOOOOOOOOOOOO O O O O O O O O O O O O C O O O C C C C 0 O O 0 C C C? C C 47 C 4? C O 49 4? 4? 4? C? 47 45 4? C7 4? 4? 4? 4? 43 49 47 4? Cb 43 4? 47 47 C5 C? fx H EBELER AUTOMOBILE CO. TARENTUM - NEW KENSINGTON - VERONA O O 0 O O O Q 5 O O 0 V O A O higher attainments. A K C KN K Q C 0 C C 0 O O C 6 Q Page 72 THE CAULDRON 1930 O0000000000000000 000000000000000000000000 0000000 000000000 3 3 O 3 0 . kia O O I O 5 CREDIT 3 3 Iluulnnls Iluulll. 2 2 CASH lllllllllll llllllllllll' , 3 0 if ""' .tina 0 0 4 R 49151 ' 0 2 3 2 i aj ., 3 Z 5 sv 2 3 Z 0 o 2 DIAMONDS 2 23 2 CRUEN 4 HAMILTON -- OLLENDORFF 3 2 ELGIN AND ILLINOIS VJATCHES o 2 5 3 972 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. 3 0 0 0 0 2 1 3 2 The WILLARD BATTERY MLN g o 3 SERVICE ON ALL MAKES AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRICIANS E 0 O 3 LIPP AUTO ELECTRIC CO., Inc. 2 2 Phone 320 Open Evenings 0 . 0 0 0 Z Professor Holstef"Why were yovu late for school?" 2 2 Izzy-"The sign said, 'School ahead. Co Slowf " 2 2 5 3 2 Waitress Qin Creeiisburggl-"What part of the chicken do you want?" 2 2 john Nee-"Some of the meat, please." 2 0 O 9 L 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 O 2 Invest in good sound education Cneofa 183330 3 0 - 2 The Pioneer Business College in America will equip you with a usxhlc 3 3 knowledge that will serve both yourself and business profitably, Z o 0 O 3 DUFF'S - IRON CITY COLLEGE g 2 Combining 0 Q Curry College with Duffs, Iron City, and Mrmiafs 2 2 424 Duquesne Way-PITTSBURGH-ATlantic 4875-4876 2 3 Every day is Visitors' Day at Duff's Classes in session f'om 9 to 3 0 O 1930 THE CAULDRON Page 73 o 0 A A R- e---- - O 0 O 0 L O 0 ' 0 g- f Spalding for Sport X an g 3 X IE ' . R. 3 o -I I- Qflallfy- the first and cardinal principle J . W I 2 2 of Spalding manufacture- makes Spalding if 0 1 9 2 - Q Athletic Goods synonymous with Service - A ,R l A Q., 2 0 U and Satisfaction. -..- 'TT ' 'Ta' 0 0 ,QS sl - 0 E lf it's Offcial, il'.s Spalding 'sl : V 5 0 0 o A 0 o , ' -Air' O 0 a 0 o 0 o 3 H. A. KLINGENSNIITH 2 0 o 0 o 8: SONS 2 o O 0 o 2 SOLE DISTRIBUTORS 3 o 5 vlf It's Hardware We Have It" 2 0 o 912 Fifth Aven-ue New Kensington, Pa. Phone 35 E 0 o 55 2 O , 0 2 EGGER S AUTO SUPPLY 2 2 1811 Fifth Avenue - Arnold, Pa. 2 0 o o is GASOLINE - OILS - BATTERIES 2 Q33 APEX and STEWART WARNER RADIOS E 0 o 0 ?? o 0 o Q o 2 5 P H 0 N E 9 s 1 s 3 2 0 o 3 E o O T1 0 2 PERR BROTHERS 2 o o Q o Z MANHATTAN SHIRTS 3 o o 2 SAM PECK CLOTHES, CLUB CLOTHES, YOUNG HATS 2 E Interwoven Hose, "Tom Sawyer" Wash Suits E Z Correct Apparel for Men and Boys E o 3 -m- 2: 0 o 2 Ninth Street and Fourth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. 2 0 o O O OOOOO0000OO000000OOO0000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Page 74 THE CAULDRON 1930 , o o 3 COMPLIMENTS or 2 o o o o 5 u Ken Gardens 3 o o o o o o 3 iwstcw g o o 2 Where 'You Roller Skate Witll Pleasure and 0 o o Q 3 Refer To It Witlz Pride Z 0 0 o o o o o o o o o o o 0 o o 3 Franlc L. Hanlcey SL Sons 3 o o Z FUNERAL DIRECTORS 2 0 o O I O I O 3 I 2 0 o 3 Q 2 843 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. 3 0 0 o 0 - o 0 o 2 The world is old but likes to laugh, 2 3 New jokes are hard to find. 2 Q The whole bciv editorial staff O 2 Can't tickle every mind. 2 O So if you meet some ancient 'oke 0 O . l Q 3 Deeked out in modern guise, o Q Don't frown but call the thing a joke. 2 Z just laugh! Don't be too wise. 0 lj- 0 2 Here lies the remains of a radio fan, 2 O Now mourned by man relations, 0 O ' Y 4 l Q 0 He went to a powder null, smokung a p1 e, O 0 . P, Q 3 And was picked up by twentyfone stations. . o 0 O 2 Bell Phone 1471 Mortgages U A I Z O Known jar Quality - Service and O O Lower Prices" 9 0 O 0 O O , 0 U O Q QE. han Qmerm eu 301113111111 Myers Q 2 Q ., Q 3 REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE FURNITURL 3 0 . 0 Q Stoves - Rugs - Linoleum A o 3 - sssfsn Fifth Avenue fi 2 McAllister Building -1 2 0 O 2 NEW KENSINGTON - f PA. NEW KENSINGTON - f PA. 3 0 - A 0 o OOOOOOO0OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO000000000000000000000 1930 THE CAULDRON Pagcvs 00000000OOO0000000000OOOO00000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO The Umlted States x O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O o O O 0 O O O O O O O O O O O O v O O O O O O O O O 0 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O 0 O O O O O O 0 0 O O O O O O O O O O O o l 0 o O O O A UHMIHUIH Q O O O O O O O O O O O O 0 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O IX O O O O O C O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O 0 O O 0 O O O 0 A O O O O O O O O O O Compliments o Page 76 THE CAULDRON 1930 5 Z O O Q o O O O 0 O O O . C O T T Q o o O O O O Z "WSW" 3 2 3 2 THE VALLEY HEADQUARTERS FOR 2 0 o 2 GAINADAY WASHERS 2 3 SIMPLEX IRONERS 2 o 2 HOOVER CLEANERS AND RADIO 2 2? Z o 0 O 0 Q o O O o 0 0 O 0 O 0 O 3 2 2 WESTINGHOUSE REFRIGERATOR 3 X Z Q O Q D O O C Q 5 O O 2 2 2 QUALITY SERVICE PRICE 2 X 2 Q O 2 aner s armacy 2 2 Sh ' Ph Z 3 2 Q 0 0 Sole Distvibutofs of 0 O O 0 2 E Max Factor's Society Makeup 2 2 Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein Beauty Preparation. Z 2 Yardley's Old English Toiletries. Houbigant and Coty's Perfumes 2 3 Everything in the Toilet Goods Line jg o 0 2 CANDY-Whitmans, Norris, Maillards, Synthia Sweets, 2 5 and Mary Lincoln Candies, 70c Pound 2 O O E THE FINEST CHOCOLATE SODA MADE E Z 0 2 Sportolaris Spomone Ice Cream O 2 Penn Cress Ice Cream-Most Delicio-us Meet Me in the Grill Z 0 O O 0 0 O 0 0 O 1930 THE CAULDRON Page 77 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO' 3 3 0 o Z - 3 Quality Meat arket 5 TWO STORES: 2 2 was Fifth Ave.-ARNOLD, PA.-woo Third Ave. ,Q O treaties.. O Z O 2 The Home of Quality Meats 3 O O 2 AT LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES 2 o o 2 OUR Molrfro. E E Service, Quality, and Correct Weight 3 0 O 3 WHXGF' 3 O 0 O 3 E Phone 195031 N. TUTELO BROS., Prop. Free Delivery 2 Z 3 3 5 3 2 0 3 Mr. Brown fin Biologyj-"Where do bugs go in the winter?" 2 3 Margaret Schrack-"Search me!" 2 2 D 3 2 "Two men fell off a tenfstory building, and neither one was injured." Q o "How was that?" ' 3 2 "They were both killed." o o U 0 O 3 2 Mrs. Hartnett-"James, wake up, wake up." 0 2 James-"I can't." 2 2 Mrs. Hartnett-L'Why can't you?" 3 o James-"I ain't asleep." 0 o o o Q 2 2 o 1 o 3 Frank Longo H. W. KLHLMAN 3 2 JUSTICE OF THE PEACE 3 o E Meats - Groceries - Fruits Z 2 Confectionery Z 2 REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE 2 2 1 PHONE 103131 3 O C O O Z 1901 Orchard Avenue Q. 2 2 Telephone 9857 2 2 Arnold, Pa. 1732 Fifth Ave., ARNOLD, PA. 2 o o O O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 000000000 OCOOO.01. 0 Page 78 THE CAULDRON 193D ' , X o fi Accept Our Congratulations 2 3 WO WOOL OO OROOOOOOMOH 2 2 3 2 SENIORS OF ARNOLD HIGH SCHOOL 2 Z CLASS OF 1930 jg 0 O 0 O Z C3670 3 o o o o O Q o o 0 O O o o . o 2 TI-IE TRESS PRINTING SERV ICE z Z o o SCHOOL ANNUALS - BOOKS - JOB PRINTING 2 5 E 2 912 Stanton Ave. Across from P. R. R. Station Our Phone is 1696 2 3 ' 3 o o o . o 3 Chickie-'Tm a kissing fool." 2 Q Nee-"Yes, and I'm kissing a fool." 2 o o 0 Cl o Z GIRLS ii 2 They're fickle, they're foolish, 2 2 They giggle and laugh, 2 2 They paint and they powder 2 - And spend all you have. o 2 You love them, you hate them, 2 It most drives you madg 2 0 But you just try and forget them o 2 And see where you land. 2 5 O ii 5 E COMPLIMENTS OF D O Mn-A E o ' O Arnold Plumblng The Hattcr 3 and Heating Co. Z 3 Jack Avgysal Pfopl RENOVATORS OF LADIES' 2 O AND MEN'S HATS 2 3 We arc fzxpcrzs in Vapor Vacuum Hot 2 3 Water Heating 1016 Fifth Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 2 Q o E Phone 19'R 1614 Fifth Ave. WE CALL FOR AND E g ARNOLD, PA. DELIVER 2 o o o o 0000000OOOOOOO000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO000000000OO0000000000 . Ei o , 0 5 o o I 2 2 - UU ,4 0 aww o W v-hp-Q O Q O: MSU' CZ '11 jj 5,71 1? :ASW 3' 0 : -' v-+3 4 ,1 . was E?-Ucn z Q 0255" F110 I :fs Lx 0 ,I De E' O -12 4 'U 0 '33 VT 0 I-11 o o o o O o O De Z CI Q I" T 2 U E-12 31 ' FU o was 9 0 O Z 'UO D' o Z EH :LF Da 5 rn o gi :cm Z 1 Q 0-02 'Wagga' U: "' O 5' 9Iw"" izw 0 WQEQ .Www Dr 0 gsfmwf :CUB-2 3 0-5-C1g:g :EEN o n -- Mqq -.345 -3 0 E Wm en '11 ' Q wr-,JDM W -as o M2919 ' QU! O O gg 2 :U 20 5, O UQ7 lf: '11 m 0 ft ww- cu O 2 wg-'.-1 Q O mg 1 0 ,U Q Zag 6 o rv O X1 00 01O 000000O0000000000 00 We 'ire here to serve the best to be obtained vantage. Anwar: 1712f1716 Fiftih Ave, Arnold' . George Thompson- Whats a grapefruit? Harry ShatTer'- Its a lemon thats been gix en a chance and took ad' 000000000O0O0000O00O0O Miss Wilds- Whats profltfsharing? Red H.- Marriage. stick over him Ray Frdbotto Where? O C Medley FAMILY BARBER SHOP 00OO00000O00000000 USFS!!! Haw Bobbmg a Speculty for the Most Up to date Women Men and Children 1008210108 433 Tenth Street NEW KENSINGTON Miss Wilds- If Ray Frabotto doesnt keep quiet Ill get the hickory Miss W1lds Some place between here and the meat shop L FA LS ETTI TAILOR CLEANING PRESSING AND REPAIRING flhhkifif All Work Guaranteed :un 1733 Fifth Ave ARNOLD PA 0 9 0 O 0 0 4 0 O o O O 0 0 0 X o , , Pa 0 O 0 O 0 0 h X tt Q H 0 0 3 tt s . V O as 0 O O U o 0 U. Q as O tt -n ts sa 0 o o U O st s a O M Q s O as O ' 0 , , if .sw O . 1 . .. S ,- o .-. s l O 0 ' o O O O e Q ' Q 0 0 A Q 0 0 ' o 0 O . , .' A O 0 . , ' O ' o 0 , O 0 O O O 1 , . - O PA. U, , - O O 0 ' o ' 0 A 0 v 0 0 0 O O O 0 0 O 0 0 O 0 O O 0 0 0 0 O C 0 0 O O O 0 0 0 O 00000000 00 0000 0000000006 0 Page80 THE CAULDRON 1930 0 o E ATWATER KENTA- ZENITH -GREBIE Arnold Hardwvare 3 0 uns ' o o Z ,WE HAVE Ht, ,HEAR W and Furniture Coe Z o , . T-' o E Philco Radlg PREMIER WARM AIR Q? Q FURNACES 0 3 nares: D P I V ' h 2 0 ., upont amts, arms es o LINDSAYS 5 ' "Our Service Inswres Satisfaction" -Q 2 2 736 FIFTH AVENUE 1603 Fifth Avenue Bell Phone 2254 4, 2 NEW KENSINGTON e PA. ARNOLD. PA, Q o X 2 0 o X john Becker-"Story tellers are born they say." 2 Robert Edgar-"Then why is it that mere practice makes such good 2 o liars?" 0 Z C1 Q 2 Bettyf"I'm from Missouri, you'll have to show me." 3 Emma Resh-L'l'm from Elgin, watch me." 2 Ei U 2 2 Miss Cypher-"This machine will take the place of forty girls." 3 2 john Neeg"Yeah, but who wants a date with a mzIchine?l' 2 2 5 Q o 2 Z g Fraternity, College cmd Class jewelry E o 2 COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS o Q AND INVITATIONS 3 000 9 000 000 00' 00 0 JEWELER TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF ARNOLD HIGH SCHOOL ' oo 00 000 089 0000 0 000000 ' 000000 00000 L. G. Balfour Company Manufacturing Jewelers 86 Stationers 0000 000 Attleboro, Mass. 0vOOOO 0, c 0 o 0 o o o o o o o o 0 o o o o o o o o o o 0 0 0 o o o O O 0 o o 0 o o o o O o o 0 o o 0 o o O o o o 0 o o o o 0 o ooo 1930 THE CAULDRON Page8l Oo o o o o 0 o o 0 o o o o o o o 0 o o o o o o o o o o o 0 o o o o o o o o o 0 o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o O o o o 000000000 00 0000000000 For over thirty years JOHNSTON HARDWARE QUALITY, SERVICE AND CO. VALUE And rightly merits the name of This store has led the way in 00000 00000 38388 0000 0 EAI-LEGHENY VALLEYQS Fine Tools - Devoe Paints GREATEST DEPARTMENT STORE" XXth Century Furnaces 00000000 000000000 Roofing - Sheet Metal Work, etc. ooo I I I i oooo ffiil 0000 0000 7 C I I , amwrlg It 5 866 Fifth AVCIQUQ Bell Phone 143031 1054 Fifth Ave 00000 00000 NEW KENSINGTON f PA. NEW KENSINGTON f PA 00000 0000 00 00 ' 000000000 0 0 0000000 Becker-"I clon't know what's the matter with my Ford: it won't run." Johnson-"Did you ever read the directions on the can?" SU . This book is the Seniors' invcntior For the class gets all the fame The printers get all the money, 00000 000 00 oo E I: F? f'f :r FD U2 FY N 1 vc G PP U1 5 l"Y D' 0 Z N E oo ooooo 2 "1 S Q G DJ 3 Hn D Q 5 fi Q H. G L 5 - D 5. c : G 7 5 F m U1 : 'U 0 3 5 D : G : FT 5 E , Q - ooeooo- Q Q - lj MILLER BROS. BEAUTIFUL SHOES FOR THE GRADUATES W 000 00 O 000000000000000000000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 '0 0 0 o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0000 00000000000000000 0 e as E New Kensington's Largest shoe store 3 5 W cos FIFTH AVENUE NEW KENSINGTON, PA. Page 82 THE CAULDRON 1930 I 1 N 1930 THE CAULDRON Page S3 NAME- CHARACTERISTIC HOBBY DESTINY lohn Acopine .....,...... Heartbreaker Cutting hair Barber john Becker ........ . Self-conhdence Arguing Pres. of U. S. Thelma Becker ......... ,... . .. Quietness Violin Home Ruth Bender ......................,. .,.,, M annish "Bob" Chewing gum Matrimony Ernestine Bongiovanni Studiousness Typing Stenographer Virginia Bushnell ,....... ...... D ignity Oratory Latin Teacher Violet Chickowski ...,.. Flippancy Babyftalk Helen Kane's 2nd Ruth Cohen .,.,.....,.......... Seductiveness Eating candy Actress Olive Cox ....,............. Slim curves Studying Clerk Caroline Cypher ....... Blond Calling down 'boys' Divorce court Lawrence Davis ...... Physique Studying Bookkeeper Louis Derose ............ Beard Salesman Sales Manager Fred Edgar .,...........,..... Prowess Girls Basketball star Robert Edgar .................,.. Pep Soda jerker Accountant Ierome Federbusch ........ "Huh?" "Wholesale?" "FederfSuits" Charles Foti ........,,......... Beauty "Sax" Don Bestor's Orchestra Raymond Frabotto ........ Willfpower Selling papers Pres. of the Dispatch Olga Fritzky ............,...... Talkativeness Talking Marriage Myron Gehr ....,.......,...,.. Deductive reasoning Debating Engineer Cyrus George .... ......,......... M anly charm Athletics Actor Iames Hartnett .,.,,.,........... Complexion Literature Executive Mary M. Herrington Laugh Giggling Swimming champ Arpad Heutchy ..,.....,...... Easy going Piano Organist Mildred Hill .....,......,.... Figure Driving Teacher Harold Howe ...,.... Quiet Running Marathon runner Harry Garrison .......... Walk Debating Business Mgr ofthe Sun'Tele Jack 'Hunger ......,...,..... Speech Chemistry Dentist Adaline ,lacobus ,........,. Meekness Stories Teacher Anna Kalinowski ..,..... Inconspicuous Studying Home Nellie Keller ..,,........ Spit Curls Boys Vampire Sara Kelly ..,.............,.,. Red cheeks Dancing Actress Richard Kolcun ........., Actions Violin Basketball star Iulia Laitos .,............. Popularity Dates Secretary Verna Lloyd ..,.... ..,.,,.......... G ood looking Stories Cottage by the Sea Nettie MacFarlane ......,.. Size Commercial Law Nurse Dorothy Mains .,,........,... Fidelity Love Teacher Salvatore Marzullo ...,....... Smile Chemistry Science teacher Bessie Michael .,...,......,..... Dignity Writing Authoress Anna Oatis ...........,,..,,.. Features Dreaming Home Irene Pastura ............ Dangerous curves Eating Dietition Mary Pituch .......... Silence Bookkeeping Stenographer Emma Resh ................... "It" Snug Dresses Adagio dancer Harry Schaffer ...,.........., "Harmony" Singing Metropolitan Opera Ruby Schrecongost ..,....,.. Tandiness Waitress Teacher lames Sell .....,..............,.. Diligence Observation Novelist Rhvda Singleton Gayety Giggling Business woman lack Slomolf .....,...... The latest iaz: "Nonsense" Blue's singer Mary Stonecheck ........ Blond hair Reading Home Helen Sekscienski .,...,.. Petite Studying Married Lenora Thompson ......... Petite Smiling Married George Thompson ..... Walk Mechanics Engineer Anthony Uhar ..,...... Leadership Iournalism Printer Margaret Victor .......... Appeal Dreams Oriental travel lames Wakefield ........ "Snap and Kicki' Soda "jerking" Pharmacist Harry Wolosyn .......,... Perseverance Journalism Editor-in-Chief Pgh. Press l."'raine Wyant ........ "Permanents" Novel Reading Nurse William C-'rntcs ..,... Bashful Radios Engineer lohn Donahue . ....,.. Determined Talking Home Pauline Moore r..... Talking Vamping Home lvhn Nee ................ Flirting Games Basketball Coach 235539322 O Page 84 THE CAULDRCN 1930 OO0006009000OOOO0099000006000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOQOOOQ0000000000 3 3 0 0 O O 3 THE ZAFF STUDIO 2 0 2 817 Fifth Avenue - New Kensington, Pa.. 2 O O 2 SPECIALISTS IN SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHY X ' 0 2 FURNISHED THE PICTURES IN THE CAULDRON 3 3 3 3 3 2 O 2 eg 2 o 4-19 3 O 0 O 0 O O O O O f O O 0 O O 0 O 3 3 0 0 E Our Past Experience in Nlaking School Photographs 2 EE Has Prepared Us To Serve You 3 0 5 O O 0 O 0 0 2 E. E. Daugherty PHONE 1665 2 E Neatness is sur Hobby Telephone 277 New Kensington Tjlpewriter 32 g JOB PRINTING Company 3 New Location--Cor. Ninth Street and Busmfss Nfachmc Repag,-5 Service Q Kcnncth AVC-, IRCHYI Office Supphes and Equipment O Z We Make a Specialty of KU 3 Wedding Invitgatnnns, Annonneements, I ZH Shctuwd Bldg., 2 O Cullmg Cards, Socxal Prmtmg 105' DESIMONE New Kgmingtonl pi 3 2 ofMlMnM 0 Q , O O 0 O 0 3 SPRING TIME - - - SUIT TIIME 3 O O O O 2 YOUR SPRING OUTFIT IS AWAITING YOUR. 2 SELECTION NOW AT Z 0 0 O 0 O 7 7 0 3 ce, L A S T E R S 3 O 0 3 LORD ROTCHESTER SOCIETY CLUB HATS 3 Z STYLING SUITS INTERWOVEN SOCKS 3 3 MANHATTANSHHU3 MANHATTAN UNDERWTAR 2 O O O O oe oooo ooooooooooo - "S Q ooo ooooo oooooooo O O 'gs 2 glrn agmr' :bg 3 O 2 3? 55.7255 Z S1 0 SE- E--1555-4 H125 3 O "' :,"5 O 3+-1 wQ:qQf-1" SCF! Q gl 3 3 I "U5'o'4 1 71 i oy O vi U1 wqa ,N mme 2 -n 3 -vw ,J ,., -1 2 225, N 2 EMC :J 535 3 'LWB' -2 F" 3 Kcfgrv 5. m U CFC 3 0 'U Pm? 'D P1 I -1-131 O Z H2-3,3 -3:2 T Q23 Q ,O Oban 3 3 Bl-E L5 W m T Sam 2: if 52 SL5z3'5'gl mfOc: -H 2 wgii 0 'U 2 me-r xrfN a Z pn un 0 O 3 Q FU Qin 53" fs -1 E3 2-eQm fc: X E .1 Z 0 r-' 3 QPU OSU: gc o Q1 -5 0 PU O S '11 I ET! 3 E CO'-C ' A iid Q 3, co o Q : f: MP5 32 O20 - PU: g o rm 2 O o "1 'Dm H G '71 0, ol' 9 3,-12, mg Cf, g 0532 01 vu 01 31 55 2233- ' EE SF' 3-H1 2+ 2 I-rain? 1 Q5 3,55 52 N' Ego 2 -n.v., ' X 33' 3 'mpeg if-1 50 Z bag 3 O: O 52'ffcH : 45" F wmv fu 0: O Z'.'QQ rn P4 24 25 5 .Vim 5 25 3' 5? Eifgp if SVS 6 0di O O O o 0 O Page so THE CAULDRON mo GQQQPQ OGOGPQ 3 2 23 Winning VllItOTl6S 0 0 3 ME-ET For You! 3 O 0 2 ln war, as Napoleon remarked, it's 3 0 1 : R' 0 heavy artillery that wins the victories. o 2 In merchandising, it's heavy huying 2 2 power. The tremendous huying power 2 0 of the C. Penney Stores hnds ex' O 3 WEAR DIAMONDS pression in the ability of every store 2 2 to give you substantial savings in low 3 3 prices on every purchase you make! Buy- 2 4 ing in great quantities enables us to 0 secure merchandise-in perfect eoneli' 2 2 M tion and in the newest styles--at imf 2 O portant Savings. Let us prove to ycur-- O 3 as we have to millions of othersg that 2 you may benelit by shopping here where 3 ' 91 1 Fourth Ave quality goods. alert service and low 0 2 prices prevail 0 0 3 NEW KENSINGTON, PA. 3 2 1 3 2 EY 0 2 0 ' ' O O O 0 O 0 O 3 0 u- - . Q n 0 3 Mr. Nec- Ill give you fifty cents if you ll go and wash your face. 3 Son-"Just keep it, dad, and get a hair cut." o 3 U - 2 2 Miss Bowmer-"Where did Caesar die?" 2 E George Luke-"On Page SZ." 2 O Q ij 2 0 2 Harry Shaffer-'LHow many times have we kissed tonight darling?" 2 Dorothy Lawrenee4"Twiee. You remember I had to answer the 2 2 phone." 3 0 O O O 0 2 C l' f E 3 omp rments o . A. V. 3 3 Penn Glenn Oil e o 3 0 O 3 Works u g O 1250 Fifth AVC' REAL ESTATE and 0 3 INSURANCE 3 0 0 Distributors S06 S07 L T B .ld 3 , H 5 2 PENN DRAKE PRODUCTS Ogan wsu ul mf' 2 2 and TELEPHON1: 39 3 2 HOOD TIRES New Kensington . Pa. 2 O O 0 0 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO00000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPOOOOOOOOOO 1930 THE CAULDRON Page87 4 WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF john Acopine wasn't a heartbreaker, John Becker did not stand up and fight for his "rights," Thelma Becker became a flapper, Ruth Bender would develop into a "shrinking violet." Ernestine Bongiovanni wasn't mistaken for a teacher by the grade students, Virginia Bushnell wasn't so industrious. Violet Chickowski could not "boofboo'pofdoop," Ruth Cohen loved "chemistry," William Contes "fell hard" for the Senior girls. Olive Cox wasn't an excellent typist. Caroline Cypher wasn't a dashing blonde, Lawrence Davis wasn't a bookkeeping shark. Louis Derose wasn't "Kafrazy over the girls," Fred Edgar would stop reading French for a certain girl in the library. Robert Edgar lost his "pep," Jerome Federbusch would sell his personality "wholesale," Charles Foti wasn't so hot on the "sax," Raymond Frabotto didn't burn teachers up, y Olga Fritzky would "lose her power of speech.' Myron Gehr lacked "proficiency in debating," Cyrus George was not a "star" on the blue field of Arnold Athletics, james Hartnett was suddenly deprived of his "crowning glory" fcatch onlj Mary Margaret Herrington didn't say "oh cow." Arpadl Heutchy battered the strains ofthe school song on a mandolin instead of on the "pianc'r," Mildred Hill "was talkative" Harold Howe couldn't "run" up a flight of stairs. jack Hunger wasn't president of the Senior Class. Adaline Jacobus wasn't so uiet in class. Anna Kalinowski would malke noise, Sara Kelly't so goodlooking, Nellie Keller wore straight hair, Dick Kolcun would cast his violin aside for the more peppy "uke." julia Laftos didn't like "plenty of boy friends." Verna Lloyd didn't crave "male attention." Nettie MacFarlane wasn't so efficient. Dorothy Mains failed to have a "steady," Salvatore Marzullo became a "sheik." Bessie Michael's ideas on love and marriage were put in the Broadcaster, Anna. Oatis wasn't talking of fellows, Irene Pastura's laugh wasn't contagious. Mary Pituch didn't smile. Emma Resh didn't swamp Mr. Carson with questions in Commercial Law. Harry Schalfer didn't harmonize so well with the boys on "Sweet Adeline." iRuby Schrecongost received a certificate for "Perfect Attendance." Helen Sekscienski couldn't lisp so sweetly, James Sell forgot to go to the auditorium for his daily practice on the piano. Rhoda Singleton wasn't eternally laughing, jack Slomoif became serious and "cut the gulf." Mary Stonecheck was caught flirting. Lenora Thompson could manipulate signals with those big, blue .eyes. George Thompson didn't argue so well. Anthony Uhar couldn't delight an audience with his entertainment, Margaret Victor lacked that alluring and mystic something in those dreamy eyes of hers, Iames Wakeheld wasn't a great sport and full of fun, Harry Wolosyn wasn't such an able journalist and writer. Lorraine Wyant would fail to become the "Mistress of Monologues." Miss Wilds would get married Miss Crim couldn't direct plays, Mr. Carson clidn't preach on personality. Mr. Laufe couldn't tickle the ivories, Mr. Elder would joke Miss Bowmer hadn't charming ways. Miss jay couldn't tap dance, Miss Hankey cut her hair. Mr. Brovvne wasn't "pickin' on" the Freshmen, Miss Cypher couldn't teach Shorthand. Page 88 THE CAULDRON 1930 ooooooooo oooooooo ooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooo 0 0 0 0 O 3 3 BEHIND the DISPATCH COMPLIMEN1-S 3 The Whole Crowd is working. o o -OF- o 2 And, consciously or not, 2 2 Is aclhearing to this 2 3 Recipe for Service- New Kensirlgton 2 5 3 Yellow 3 2 'Take one portion of Honest Effort O r - 4 O O Mwc thorrmglily with Intelligenceg 0 3 Add genevous quantity of Cliceffulness g 2 And season with Loyalty. 2 o P . 7 . . K2 o Q our the mixture into the job, , O . . . 0 O Allowing it to Tewnamf O O 0 ALWAYS! Z DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE 2 0 0 0 O 3 TEIJB Phone 961 o , , o if mall? Elgpatflj NEW KENSINGTON 1 PA. 43 3 3 O 0 0 Y 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 O O O 3 3 3 -PHONE-New Kensington 213- 2 3 O 0 3 3 O , O 2 TANNAS SPORTING GOODS, CO. 3 3 O u O IF IT'S SPORTS, WE HAVE IT" 3 O 2 3 3 3 3 O O 0 o 0 0 3 3 0 O is 1605 FIFTH AVENUE ARNCDLD, PA. 2 3 3 0 O O O 0 0 O O 0OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO00000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 1930 THE CAULDRON Pages5 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0 3 iz 3 -FoR QUALITY- 2 2 ThE o 2 3 9 0 3 A RN OLD DR UG Stop at the 3 3 STORE 3 0 0 0 37 Established 1898 CENTRAL 3 5 FRUIT MARKET 2 2 FREEEQEELXEERY A. Castorina, Prop. E 0000000000000000000000 T CE O Z E F-4 A m 3 c '31 -A F? 23" De 4 F0 D C 0 oooooooo 000000000000 1 0000000000000 l707f5th Ave., Arnold, Pa. NTHE BEST PLACE TO BUY" 0 o O o 3 2 0 2 Manganellfs Music 15 o 3 Store 3 0 O o 0 Complete line of 3 Q John W. Hunger 2 O POPULAR AND 3 o 3 BURGESS ARNOLD STANDARD 2 o BOROUGH SHEET MUSIC 2 3 2 0 'W-e o 2 ee 0 o E ll d k ld 3 Let's a try an ma e Arno n E bigger and better town, and pa' SPARTON RADIOS E 2 tronize Arnold merchants. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 2 0 A3 3 0 44 3 2 Q? 2 3 Q 1195 Fifth Ave 3 3 , NEW KENSINGTON - PA. 2 O 1600 F1fth Ave - Arnold, Pa. o 3 3 0 O 0000000000 0000 00000000000000400OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO00000000 Page90 THE CAULDRON. 1930 CLASS PROPHECY A fantastic haze surrounds the crystal globeg it circles and swirls in tiny spirals from the pot. Strange and indistinct forms move in the weird atmosphere. A dim light from nowhere cast a gleaming shaft of pale green through the shadows of darkness. But soon the forms become more distinct, and as the arrows of dawn dart through the eastern sky we can see: Ah! "Porkie" Acopine is clothed in a white satin coat, shaving the tough beard df Mussolini. And lo! The mighty john Becker stands fully recognized as Daniel Webster's duplicate. Miss Bushnell, founder of the Women's College of Elocution, is nationally known as a great orator. "Chick" Chickowski whirls lightly over the stage. She is Florenz Ziegfeld's latest star. Arpad Heutchy is now the leading pianist in the Roxy Recording Orchestra. Salvatore Marzullo has discovered through hris chemical genius a potion guarf anteed to remove wrinkles from old maids. Nettie MacFarlane is the leading instructress on weight reduction for stout women in Bouquet Solarium. George Thompson in collaboration with Myron Gehr has produced a book on Science entitled, "A Safe Journey to Marsfi Raymond Frabatto, through his pursuasive arguing ability, has secured the position as EditorfinfChief of the Sun Telegraph Newspaper. John Nee is now lecturing at Harvard University on basketbal.l. Hvis sub' ject is, "What It Means to be a Center." Dorothy Mains is doubling for Nancy Carrol, and it is rumored that she is a potent rival of the little actress. Lorraine Wyant has become the first woman president of the United States, and her members of the Cabinet are none other than Rhoda Singleton and Bessie Michael. Charles Foti and Emma Resh are the main attractions in Cecil De Mille's new melodramatic production, "Love on the Atlantic." Harold Howe has just completed the crossfcountry run, thereby establ-ishing a new record. Anna Kalinowski, Mary Pitueh, and Adaline Jacobus are rehearsing for their new play, "Pushing Up Daisies." Jimmie Wakefield will sing to Ruth Cohen fin their number at the Liberty Theatre, "Red Lips Kiss My Blues Away." Tony Uhar, graduating from Yale as an outstanding AllfAmerican gridder of unusual prominence, has succeeded in becoming the Chief Editor of Spicy News of the Hearst Papers. "Cy" George, former star end of Pitt U, has just published his new book, "Why I Am Cool and Calm in a Woman's Presence." Olga Fritzky does a "Clog Dance" each night in the Arnold Theatre. Her success is extraordinary. Anna Oatis is knitting in her little room, her kitten is playing with the ball of cotton. She is confirmed in her belief that "men are fools." Margaret Alice Victor, a well known dancer, is visiting the Orient and will dance for the pleasure of the Rajah of Siam. "1 :E U G 'J' C f"' U 7 C Z 'U Lv TQ ra 2 ' 0 0 00 O O 0 o o 1 - 3 l O, , .Z Y, M, :E 2 3 . . 0 H A ' oo 1. Ac 0,1 .i :V 2 2 1 rg ,js sk , N 2 K:-VV:-i.':3::3fig. D , F1 Q 2 E J . 1 Q 9 3. ga? .U . XDA , - , 2 PU Q 1 arg .sow . " O Cf Cb 9 1 1 .f-if 2 g Q ? W ' H-if . 'E I -5 3 - 23355 0 E Q' 3' .3 31 X 0 ggynfg U, O - ":,,, Q v-5 U1 2 1 :Q 57?-1551 'U P 'rl E l rn "' "1 0 N g mg.f,g2 O 2 O :U -of - O Z 1-11 0 5- 'E' .7-2,327 T Z Z Q C kd 0 w E fame? 17 '4 I' F1 W Cn 0 Ui Rafi' -I O m Q O "' H- 0 P' 52223 -1 2 W U, an N Q 0 W 'iigii 4 m U1 m 2 2 . 32522 IP U 5 . A P Z 3 lj Z II D E Q o FU E W W 2 7 rd. Q Z 75 C O U 0 2 2 Q mm rn -I Q 2 5 :ag 5? 3 F Q3 F, Ei Q Ei. 2 1-' O 5 0 Q E52 Z0 m 77 F11 -Q 2 3? '31 2 Q H Q 7-J mr' Q Z rj kd O Z E 7 Q U H 37 'TJ -' 0 H1 1 -4 C UQ rn 4' 'Um 7' 1' FU H 9 2 5 -B 5 -1 'H ow U' H1 W rn 3 O 2 S 2:9 Wa 7' P D' 0 S 2 Q, 5 an 1- A z 2 2 2 Q P 2 E fa ww 1-112 ? " f 2 0 " E F 5 53 I UQ W 0 0 U '4 O 'D Q 2 3 G Z 3 F ' o A 2 R-1 JJ? O 'U 3 39 o I 90000000909OQ0009OO0009009909009009000909OOOOOOQQOQOQQOOQOOOQOOOQOOOQOOOOQQOOQOQQOOOQOQQOOOOOO0 O oo ooooooo ooooo oooooo oooooooooooooooo ooooo Page92 THE CAULDRON 1930 CLASS WILL We, the Seniors of the class of 1930 of Arnold High School being of sound mind, memory, and understanding, do make, publish, and declare the following as, and for our last will and testamentg that is to say, to the following we bequeath these things:- -jerry Federbusch ............ Myron Gehr ................ -Irene Pastura ......., -Harry Schaffer ..,......, Ruth Bender .....,..... -Harry Garrison ..,..,..... -Thelma Becker .......,.. "Red" Hartnett .......,., -jack Slomc-if .......,. .. Sara Kelly ..,..,,.,.., Verna Lloyd ........... -William Contes ....... -jimmie Sell .....,... .........,.his ...........her his ....-.....her ...........'liis ...........her ...........his ........,..his ...........her ...........he1 ...........sleek ...........his arguing talent to Catherine Moran. "slightly damaged" Cornet to joe Yotz, modesty to Doriothy Raabe. passion for Freshman girls to Elmer Donaldsor a mean rival of the lower class. record of chewing gum to Rose Shirella. "Heenglish accent" to Albert Bianco, mathematical ability to james Ellis. flaming red 4'-rnopn to Frances Petty. "It" to Maurice Friedlander. red cheeks and ebon hair to Marcella Koziura. flippancy to Dorothy Lawrence. appearance to Adam Reichert. flashing brown eyes and "Bostonian drawl" to Alvin Heutchy. -Olive Cox .......,...,.,.,,.............,. ...,..,.... h er slenderness to Myra King. -Ernestine Bongiovanni .........,........ her typing speed to Alice France. -Bessie Michael .......,............ .,...,..... h er "dignity" to Thelma Weston. -Carolyn Cypher ........,... .........,. h er adeptness at putting boys "tio," and making them stay "par" to Dorothy Wissingger. -julia Laitos ..,..................... ......,... h er popularity to Michael Grayson. -Ruby Schrecongost .....,,.... ..,,,..... j ob as waitress in the "Edna" to Marie Foti. -Mary M. Herrington ..................... her comic laugh to Mary Margaret Wells. Harry Wolosyn ............... -Nellie Keller ........... Midred Hill .....,..... jack Hunger .,......,.. Louis Derose .,......,,,..... -Mary Stonecheck ......,.. Lawrence Davis ,..,.. .. ..,, ...........his ......her ...........her ...........his ...........his er violin no jack Taylor. "spit curls" to Helen Laughlin. voice to josephine Cappone. dominant personality to Violet Murhamer. nnonchalant gait" to Dom Perirro. blonde hair to Minnie jane Klingensmith. his bookkeeping efficiency to Genevieve Kaczkowski. -Lenora Thompson ........... ........... h er -"Chick" Edgar ...... -Richard Kolcun ....... -"Cowboy" Eidlgar ......... -john Becker ...............,............. .. ........ .. ...,.....,.his "ine" baby face to Laura Kuhlman. pep and vim to john Dubrowsky. artistic talent ao William Calderini. brawny physique to james Stowe. his ability to argue to anyone who wants it. In witness whereof, we have here unto set our hands and seal at this place, being Arnold High School, in the year one thousand nine hundred and thirty. qseay MARGARET VICTOR. qseazy JAMES SELL. A Yak 1930 THE OAULDRON Page93 ooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Q O E --SIXTEEN YEARS OF SUCCESSFUL DRY CLEANING- E 0 0 O 2 United Cleaning Co. O 0 Lowest Prices and Hi hcst ualit Worknianshi Alwa s 0 g Y P Y 2 3 920 Fifth Avenue : : PHONE 315 2 3 2 o 2 COMPLIMENTS OF E o 5 T A G U E ' S 5 2 I: CONFECTIONERY AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES 1 2 o E 206 Rankin street :I ARNOLD, PA. 3 3 5 o 0 O Z svimvffawzm WHEN YOU BUILD NEW OR 2 2 5 6, ,WL Q5 REMODEI. THE OLD 3 o 3 9 - o o 3 all ,nltdwlwc 59 INsIsT ON CERTIFIED MATERIAL 3 o ' 3 o o 0' o 3 LOGAN L.uMBER CO. 2 5 2 o o 2 New Kensington Tarentum Springdale 2 3 2 Z 3 O E 1623-'ith Ave Phone 1959 E E Patent Medicines, Toilet Articles, E o o O W Sick Room Supplies, Candy, Cigars E o g Z f , WATKIN S STORE E g Orena S 1723 Fifth Ave 2 O 3 Q Hardware 3 2 PAINT, VARNISH, sTOvEs, wan-'Sw E 0 -of-1 Q O 3 TINWARE 3 5 5 0 O 5 W 5 E DELIVERY - PHONE 1236 2 3 ARNOLD PENNA. 3 3 3 0 O 9 O 00O00000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Pqew THE CAULDRON 1930 POPULAR HIT S "Ain't That a Grand and Glorious Feeling" ..,.,.,. "Love Me Like You Used To Do" ...................... . "Hes My Man" .........,....,,.......,..,....................... . "You Gotta Know How" ..........,.,.......,.. , is Wl1o'll Drive My Blues Away" ..... Nobody Knows Who's My Beau" l...... . N U sf. "Drifting and Dreaming" .,.......,......,......, .. "If I Had a Girl Like' You" .......,.....l.............. .. Stand Up and Sing for Your Baby "......,.l., "I Ain't Got Nobody" ,..............,................,... I'll See You In My Dreams "......., "Bright Eyes" .................,..................... ..... ,,.,... . . . "My Dying Cowboy ".,4...... ...,...........,..................,.......,.......... . .- Where Is My Wandering Boy Tonight?" ......,.. Come and Kiss Me Baby Darling" ,..,....,,....... is A 1 as ss Amt She Sweet ....,.....................................,..........,. "You Should See My Tootsie" ,............,............ .... I Can't Give You Anything But Love" ,.,,. .... I Wonidler If You Miss Me Tonight" .,.......... is ei si. "Roll 'Em Girls '',...,....,.....,.,,...,. ...,, . .......................... . . "As Long A5 I'm With You '',.,....,.,,..,.....,... ...,................... . You Only Want Me When You're Lonesome ",....,. "Positively No" ............................... ,...........,...,... ......,.....,...... . . , "You Want To Find Love "., ........................ . "Do You Think Of Me?" ..... . ..,.....,,........,..,.. . "When I'm Gone You'll Soon Forget" ......... .. "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now". .... "When We Were Sweethearts "...,....,...... ..,.. . "You'd Never Be Blue "...,....,.,. ., "My Sunday Girl ".....,... ,..,......,.... ,...... . "Are You Lonesome Tonight? ".... . "Thinking Of Me? ''.....,.......,.,...,..... . "Fall In Love Again" ...,.......,.,.. ,.....,.. . . "Whose Who Are Y-ou?" .......,...........,,..,.......... .. "I Want Somebody All My Cwn ",....,........,, , "If Your Love Like the Rose Should Die".... "Somebody Like You" .................,............,,......,,... .. "Show Mc That Kind Of a Girl" .......... "Till We Meet Again" ..... .,...,,. ..............,...,,.,..,.. "Dream Train Please Carry Me Back" ..,.... E3 BT .Jack Nee ............,..Helen Sekscienski Verna Lloyd Wilds .,..,,.,,..,.i.Violet Chicsowski Miss lay Freshmen Garson Mr. Laufe ...,...........Nettie Mac Farla ne .....,...,..,..Rhoda Singleton Iohn Donahue . ,....... Evelyn Brown Bessie Michael ..,,...........Iack SloinoFf Dick Ko-lcun James Hartnett ..,Cy George Mildred Hill .Harry Wolwsyn .,........Nellie Keller ..........Ray johnson , ,..,..., Lenora Thompson ..........Myron Gehr . ...,.... Iulia Laitos Grim Chuck Foti ..........Frank Suatoni Mary Stoneeheck ...,... Fred Hamilton Thelma Becker ....,,.,..Olga Fritzl-Ly .Aurelio Guilioli ........,.Karl Guiney . .,...,. Browne . ,..., ,.Miss Cypher ..........Fred Edgar ..........Arpad Heutchy .......... Seniors John Becker 1930 THE CAULlDRON Pageor o o o o E THE COMMUNITYS Records jg 3 MUSIC HOUSE Plnycr Rolls 3 o o 3 Cooper Brothers 5 2 NDISPENSERS OF HAPPINESS" 3 2 4 3 2 3 Pmnos, RHJIOS 2 0 Victrolns 0 Radio String and Band 3 2 Tubes Instr-umcnts... 2 0 o 3 R 3 E For Fine Candies, Get a Box of PHONE 43441 5 3 R E Y E R , S Kensington 3 o , o 3 Typewrlter Co. 3 O -at thc! commlaxuzmr rzoruzou 1n'u,mNo 2 o o 0 7 'TyprwriLers -All Mrzlws O 2 'N Sold f-Repaircd -Sllelmilt lf' Rented 2 3 RoYA1. ACZENTS 3 o '?' o 0 A, rf. AMRIIIQIN, Mun. 0 o o 3 1732f5th Ave. Phone 151831 O O New Kensington, Pa. 3 3 3 3 3 3 COMPLIMENTS 2 3 3 MQF- 3 COMPLIMENTS if 3 I 0 3 -ora Comm erclal 0 o 0 Lumber Cor 0 5 A. C. Anderson p' 5 o o o o 3 Kenneth Avenue 3 o o 3 3 o o 3 V Ei o o 3 .Wm ch. 3 2 QE? Q 2 3 Q 2 0 o 3 3 o o 3 ARNOLD 3 . PENNA. 3 3 3 o o 0000OOOOOOOOOOO00000000000000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O Page96 THE CAULDRON 1930 0 o "10070 VALUES" O 7 2 2 0 E V I 2 o E Fourth Avenue at 10th Street New Kensington, Pa. Z O ,U 0 Z Z o The "NEWEST"' always in CLOTHES for MEN and YOUNG MEN 0 0 O 2 The "LATEST" in FURNISHINGS-Good Selection 3 Q O 3 Fourth Avenue QNEVINSU at Tenth Street 2 Z is X 0 O 0 0 0 2 Z COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS 2 Q O o ,4 0 3 JACOBUS rof A 5 o 0 1 1 ' 0 BAKING co. FRIPJND 5 Z 3 C . 2 93 2 o o o o o 0 o o 0 o 3 o 1 1 o 3 ARNOLD LUMBER LO., Inc. 3 S -LUMBER AND MILL WORK- E 5 Q 5 0 lijgii-in 3 3 Office and Yard Fourth Avenue and Fourteenth Street 3 New Kensington, Pa. 2 0 PHONE 190 - THE LUMBFR NUMBER 2 3 - e e as 3 0 o O C' 0 g Croyle 81 Beck PEOPLE-2 gg 2 Contractors and Builders 2 0 E Homes - Garages - Churches Fred Broad 2 0 Schools, Cuimmercial Buildings, -l--' 2 3 Bridges and Cement Work lNSL1RANCElREAL ESTATE 0 2 Floor Surfacing , 2 O b H ' MORTGAGES 0 O "Tour Satisfaction om' Aim' 0 Q T o 0 Call -New Kensington 36 N . 2 3 367 Riverview Drive Parnassus Szjfgth St" New Kensmgton' Pa' 2 0 0 0 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O o O O 0 O O O G? O O O 0 0 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O o o l93O THE CAULDRON Page97 O o 0 o E COMMERCIAL ACCOUNTS SAVINGS ACCOUNTS 2 0 X ii CHRISTMAS SAVINGS CLUB 3 0 o O o O 2 Safe Deposit Boxes-Travelers Checks-Foreign and Domestic Drafts E 2 2 0 Q M 2, O 2 o 2 OUR SERVICE IS AS PERSONAL, AS INDIVIDUAL AND AS E E EXPANSIVE AS THE DEPOSITOR PERMITS 2 g Z O ISK 3 O 2 Q 0 3 The National Deposit Bank 2 0 3 Q Arnold, Penna. O 2 Z O 2 2 Mr. Carson-"How did you lose your tooth, Freddy?" o 3 Freddy+"Shifting gears on a lolly pop." 2 o lj O 2 Barber fto Julia Laitosj-"Are you sure you want your halir Shingled 2 2 that far up, little girl?" 2 o julia Laitos-"You're darned right and snap into itg I've got a date at 2 2 eight." 0 II 2 o Mr. Browne-"What is the formula for water?" 2 2 Jack Hunger-"H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O." 3 3 Mr. Browne-"What? Where did you get that idea?" 0 2 jack Hunger-"Why, yesterday you said it was H to O CHZOJ. Z O i O 0 3 Ge0l'ge BIOS, Q CO. DO YSVUTYIPANT A POSITION E FUTURE? 3 FLORISTS -gg 5 37 Bell Phone 23 You can never select a better time to E 3 Next Door to Liberty Theatre begin than in our Summer School 5 2 New Kensington, Pa. T- 3 if NEW KENSINGTON 2 2 FLOWERS AND PLANTS COMMERCIAL COLLEGE 3 3 Fresh From Our Own Greenhouse Corner Ninth Street and Fourth Ave. 2 3 15,000 Feet of Glass phone 43411 2 0 o 0 O 5 OOOOO,vvvOOOvOOOOOOOOOOO0OOOO'00000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Page 98 THE CAULDRON 1910 Emma: "Jerry just told me how he expected to cheat the unclertakerf' Cowboy: "I'll bite." Emma: 'ijust before he dies he's going to bury his face in his hands." , . lj , v Old Man: fWatching a little boy eat an applej - "Sonny, you'll have to watch out for worms." Little Boy: "Mister, when I eat an apple the worms will have to look out for themselves." ll First Party: "Is it right for a married woman to work?" Second Party: "There is no use of her starving to death even though she is married." III Miss Crim: fTo Seniors in Economics A classj-"I don't know what your idea of heaven is, but mine is a place where it's quiet." Cl THE FORD'S 23RD PSALM The Ford is my car, I shall not want another. It maketh me lie down in wet places, It soileth my clothes, It leadeth me into deep waters, It leadeth me in the aths of ridicule for 1it's namesake, It prepareth a breakdlown for me in the presence of mine enemies. Yes, tho I run thru the valleys, I am towed up the hills. I fear great evil when it is with me. It anointeth my face wnith oil, It's radiator boileth over, Surely to goodness if this thing follows me all the days of my life, I shall dwell in the house of the insane forever. III It was evening. Fred Hamilton approached a motorist. 'Sir," said Fred, "your beacon has ceased to function." 795 'Huh. 'Your illuminator, I say, is shrouded in unmitigated oblivion."' 'Beg pardon?" 'The eifulgence of your raditor has effervescedf' 'My dear fellow, I-" 'The trasversal ether oscillation in your incandescer has been disconf tinuedf' just then Ray Johnson walked up and said, "Hey, Mac, your lights are out." . EI Becker-"Why don't you get your trousers pressed?" Johnson-"I can't." Becker-"Why?" Johnson-"Well every place I come to has a sign saying: 'Trousers Pressed Inside." Becker-"We1l?" Johnson-"I want mine pressed on the outside." U John Nee-"A fellow told me the other day that I looked like you." Louis Derose-"Where is he? 1'd like to punch him in the eye." John Nee--"I killed him." .g.g3::3!f-: 1 r'f:2--':- 2191.- l930 THE CAULDRON P:1gc09 :Lk 62 mx ,r f if' ll '-.'- 'Y 5' 'Nr 1 J 1 I 'L I 'Vg 7 'Hi 4 J- ' L'f.7'.ef- 5 ::-5:!1',"- , 43 x 4::':-':-:fx-' - . ,wp 2525255543 - 1' -1'.-2-IFR?" ' f 'Ii'-1 rf.--:ui-:ggf:. -gl--gf .qw w?ft : ' -.,--:'f:.:sb'. ,Lk 1 . . I -':-1-::-'::.-'-- '-Qs-' - f"'-'-"'-zitrzu'-1 HD' -' V - ' 1 -,.5,4-A.g4,,--g..g1,- - my .- 'f .3-22-:5i:i5.'1.', V gi., s2:3e:g'az:1s3g? .'.'.Qi'g' .g,.-.',153::3:::g5?iFf-: ' fzaarcn-S1-2.5 .JQI 1-. .1 r.-.:f-'1'-:fV"- r . Q" 5 ' J '59 ,S'.i12E1::i 3 31 .lf 1, I1'L'f:'4'-'-'-'iii ' , J--' N ,'f!,!4 2E2E':3'1'-'-4-' f '- 12325134-"v FV 'E xg Mr 5.f.2.aEs':Eki3 . 'A If ,: '.iffiiff1!i5.-- .-:AQ -ifafgaqigfiil Pt-'fri f ff 19 ::.:2::1.',gn: 3 4, x ::Ei112S:-:xv ,- aa::5s:5:s.g5fg'i 354-6 aiwgif L Iliiflflii ' 7- wg . ff7f7fZ:i5Sf'5 , , 2fE:'g':?j5'2 l "'r.:f'a"" f .Ezra - -'-if:2E2:Ha Wifi" 'life-:L f " ":::?,2 515 -'-Ze?" 5' '3 sp, P ' ":... 1',:t , I A x 425 lylfyf E fANTON ENGPAVI NG G ELECTIZOTYPE CA N T 0 N O H I O QSRAVERS OF THIS ANNUAL ': '.5,., .',. v2?:"'. W," ' X . : . A ., X L, . 0. AH, n Hg. ,- W5.vh ,H - , Q s Z, 4 A Y- ,. -a!',i . ' Page 1oo THE CAULDRON 1930 53' , ,v,. Q - 1 I . , I 14 .yi-. z M 1., f gb x fi f , , Ju, . ,ML I 4 N x a 1 , p J M Q .,7 ' LQ ,, r 1 x,. ,, r iw 1' - . MJ" . K ., - u R k f V qv, ,,., L., 0 4 ,L 1- ,J ,Y I V, u A v P Q .. A 1 1 n N r I I f 'x-'K U 1 4 . 1 . 31:52, ry vf. L if . 14' 1 1 x 4 7 4 1 v Q a. i o f QI hiv E r A , ..-wp ,X l I . . , -r 1 - : , .. . Nw' , N. 1w' f1:wxi .fxvnx-.:"vf Y 14-+ L, - M -f fUW'W4f

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