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Text from Pages 1 - 104 of the 1929 volume:

I : I . 5 1 1 5 s 1 ,, K.,-af.. -1-7,-Q-11.1-w m-.Y-,rf .Q...1-H -51.41 , -.:..-nv-vm1f.1.J,-m M. --f --hc-'n.:. . -1.-Aw., , me..-,., V .f.,4..... 1 .v .V v.. g --1-,-, : .f-uv.-g...v1f Xu-V -w. 4. ww 'iff T H - ff-Digi '4 U O . . ETIVWDUDDDDCJEDDDEDDECED UUDUElIIDEDEUEUEDEDEDUDDDEIDCDDEDUDEDDDDEDDUEDEEDIJCDUEDUDDFJDEDDEIfUEDEEECEDEDCDDEUUUDUUDUDUDPDQ ' ' 9 e . , . 3321 14+ W "+L 14' . E T,UAJUUD.:.JJ.:.1JDDIlDIJL13IDCILJCJDULATJClDIlDLIL12DUJIJLIIIUJZIDDJDUDJCIUJCIUI323DUDEUDDDUUUDUDEDUDEDLlLIJUDUUMDDJJUDDDUDDUDUDUUUUDUUDU' D D B ' S g 3 2 ' Q . 5 5 , E 1 'H u H U31 S s FQ H H 'Fw S H 3 2 lf no , , . fd 'X' 3 , Lu : n ,,, , S 1 F1 V.: + u .gn f ,, 'I E fn - u n , E ' E LJ U . a Q , 'd F3 - Of S 1 P1 5 J-sq . W H F2 Y "1 3 ' 'Z ARNOLD HIGH SCHOOL E Q - ' ff H E 4 523- A E ' E 1 H rx E P, U 4 H U m , U V1 I" H 1 65 5 N ' U 4-11 - F4432 D Lfy 1 H an 1 E H I 2 Q 2' 3 1 L- if L1 7 Ll V1 Q 2 A Cl 'I E 11 a Lguuud U V1 Bair? U - V1 H 3 Q E 3 'S 2 ' U 1 5 a ? Q g B 11 F1 H'41'2 ' + HWVQ U H 4 P1 EW 1 1 V1 6 u U 1 E155 U : n S I1 9, LQU-M1 Ewwg U U 11 n H 6 D ' V1 H 3 ' WE 7 EJ S 11 P, E333 D . S U x D g u 1 , U D U ' U og S f E 5 3 - U 5 D ' 'Q 1 Q H Li. S 'HE VOLUME V C H .1 H D H S 0 2 L ' U TJ E U ' H E, , HTS 1 E 1 'H u MQ g 'Viv D m 1 R D - q D 0 U '1 B 3 u 5 6 5 'Q U T U U 1 D E 1 H IE -AJnCCEEV""'f""'DUCC""E1CEDDFDFFVEEEEHUECUQUVIDD1"1'JEEECEEDCDDECDCf''TDDEE'TTDCEJDCVJUC'V'V1EDDDDV!UEEUDECDUEEEECEVJDCDEDCUDVECDDDDI r f 9 ' a. Q "'+ N' ++' "'+ +' . EuanunaununannnaamunnaaJmmanmunnumnnunnDUunuuuznumnumnnuounnuuauuusunnumunaaunauouunnuauuounnuuuuunumuumuuuuuumuuununuu.4 Zi 4 if 12 25 Y FoREWoRD .Q . 1 .Xu GT imc 'T' RX H N presenting to you this volume of literary gi-4 , work, we are submitting a record of happy gi' friendships, work, and play to be cherished in future years, and, if upon leafing through its pages, it brings back to you memories of our friendly associations, rekindles the spirit of mutual xi assistance, and inspires you to eminent achieve' Qi ments, its purpose shall have been accomplished and our efforts will not have been in vain. jd sz fi q A 4 is Q. A air f if J W W 'T 1 , i 'K ? I A C O N T E N T S -I SL .. 45 N I 5? ECREWCRD DEDICATION FACULTY if. E SENICRS IUNICRS i i ' SGPHOMCRES M I T9 ii ERESHMEN 5 ATHLETICS gi QL GENERAL ACTIVITIES -Q. ALUMNI 5 4? SY I I HUMOR AND ADVERTISEMENTS I" L Zig AUTGGRAPI-IS SI? T. .. 5 'T . as QS 25 gig LS if if in DEDICATION gig We, the members of the Class of 1929 hereby dedicate this fifth volume of the Cauldron to our gg sincere friend, instructor, and advisor, V 1. o cr? S29 'Q Il ues Miss EDITH JAY , ll gs' 5 in apreciation of her faithful services and N N U-N altruistic help. 1--1-1 ri-1 f J L 2 Pr- 'n t t.. 4 -fm i Zi! L T HE CAULDRON 1 ARNOLD HIGH SCHOOL iii THE CREED OF ARNOLD HIGH SCHOOL H BELIEVE in Arnold High School as a medium for the development of the youth of this town. I believe my school to be the power that upholds the moral and spiritual ideals of youth, that fosters responsibility, and that brings together the factors that make for better citizens. I believe, therefore, that it is my duty to maintain its standards and to better its name. Six THE CAULDRON 47 Z fjfk FACULTU THE CAULDRON DONALD P. DAVIS, A.B. Superintendent of School Edinboro Normal University of Pittsburgh EDITH JAY, A.B. Advanced English, French, Dramatics Pennsylvania College for Women "All right" lin study hallj ROBERT T. ELDER, B.S. Physics, Health, Civics, Arithmetic Penn State "Theres someone talking in the back of the room." I-IILARY L. HOLSTE. B.S. High School Principal Capital University ELIZABETH E. CRIM, A.B. History, Literature, Dramatics University of Pittsburgh "I don't like that talking" THE CAULDRON L EDITH M. Mathematics PCIIDQLI. College for Woriieii NXLVVZIS that you?" ABE LAUFE, A.B. English University of Pittsburgh "Wei'e you talking?" ADA M. RYAN Commercial Beckley College "Get Quiet!" MARGARET CYPHER Commercial Indiana State Teachefs College it - . -1 Bfglll UVCI' i'lflIlll1 LOUIS P. REEI-IER, A.B. English, Latin Westiiiiiister College "Please keep quiet" MISS DURBIN Art New York School of Applied Art DOROTHY HANKEY, A.B. Literature, Librarian Vs'estminstci' College " all :ict like :1 hallnyn .IOHN ELMORE BROWN, B.S. History, Science, Biology Grove City College "All right. get quiet hack there - VERA HILEMAN, R.N. Nurse West Penn Hospital 1' + 1 gs it if I pp Y 6 V at ig THE TEACHER Q U- N P, Us it . if N s. ls 4, Thefeyes of the ages are toward him, A The love of the race is his own. fy .The heart of the world will reward him -'ffl With a name that is more than a throne. The life that he lives is unending 5 For he is the servant of youth. Ui, 22 Earth is lit by the flame he is tending Ng .3 -This priest of the altar of truth. gl -CLARENCE E. FLYNN 3 Z2 5 lf 'kid WH 5 I js bl 'lla C1 i is Ti X , .kb Sf- . if 3255-'++ ++-we Q5 G++--at--+-+ .... 2 ....... ,O 2 THE CAULDRON F. pp fi E3 "'g1ai1mliX"" 6 nr X tp X - it L 'J l j if XXX' Q' an :if ' I QM mf Q XXX ,I X Xi X ' XX-XX XXX 'lx A. A U U 5 A1141 g C-The Seniors The last milestone in our high school career has at last been reached. It is with a mingled feeling of sadness and happy anticipation that we leave the portals of our high school. We experience a feeling of sadness because the many happy hours which we have spent have come to an end. We feel that the work and play which we have done has prepared us for the work and enjoyment of later life. 'Tis a time for memories and for tears because within the still deep chambers of our hearts there points a cold and solemn finger to the beautiful and inspiring visions which have gone and left but a shadow of their passing. The years have gone and with them a glorious throng of happy dreamsg their mark is on each browg their shadows in each heart. They came and faded like a wreath of mist at eveg which, ere it melted in the air, heralded us to life's purpose. The human instinct to hear and see new things leads us to think of the future. For the future, we hold bright dreams which encourage us on to achievement. Were it not for these dreams, we would have nothing to live for. They uphold and inspire our ambitions. All life is made of preparation and realization. Most of us have prepared conscientiously and are now about to realize fame, love, and fortune which our foot-steps await. ' CLASS OFFICERS President - ffff James Puglisi Vice'Preside.nt f Frank Healy Secretary f Muriel Johnston Treasurer f - Louise Tannas Eleven ...... ...... Twelve LOUIS ALMASY-N. H. S. "I-Ollie" "Now, it's this way-" Jack of all trades, Master of none, ls sometimes true, But Louis, you are jack of all trades, And master of them, too. Radio1Science Club l. Glue Club 1. Orchestra 21314. Orchestra Contest 21314. Prom Committee 3. "Arrival of Kitty" 3. Art Editor of Cauldron 3. Phil Delta Rho 4. Miseellancoiis Program 4. "Clarence" 4. Editor1in1 Chief of Cauldron 4. Violin Contest 4. National Honor Society 4. HAROLD BARRETT "Sonny" "You burn me up" If things burn up as Sonny does, I fear Fire Insurance would no longer be, For they would go bankrupt you see. So bear this in mind and, Some day Sonny you will no longer bashful be. Commercial Travel Club l, Clee Club 2131-6. Football 11213. Basketball 11213, Class President 11213. Hi1Y 21 314. Vice President Publicity Club 4. lvlanaging Editor of Broadcaster 4, Opcretta 3, Athletic Association 11213. FAYE BOYER ffaitmaye Hoge Kid-" Fay is always seeking pleasure, This to her is one grand treasure, She likes to dance, sing, and walk, Especially with the fellows likes best of all to talk. Glee Club 1121314. Cirl Reserves 112131-4. Vice Pri-si1 dent Girl Reserves. Basketball 213. jr. Sr. Literary Club 4. "Love Pirates of Hawaii" 3. Sewing Club 1. Athletic Association 11213. MAYNARD BUSHNELL "Bushy" "Bring your fifty cents" Maynard preaches from morn to night, If he isn't a preacher it won't be right, This he likes and this he will be, For what you like you should be, don't you see. jr. Dramatic Club l. Publicity Club 4. Glce Club l121314. Hi1Y 21314. i'Lovc Pirates of Hawaii" 3, Circulation Manager of Cauldron 4. President of Phi Delta Rho 4. Miscellaneotis Program 4, Oratorical Con' test. P -N. H. S.-National Honor Society. ,..... THE CAULDRON ...... up ALFONCE CARROLL-N. H. S. HAL!! UAW Heck!!! For service Alfoncc deserves a crown, At hard work he never does frown, He is the type we call true blue, For Al we say, "We depend on you." Art Club l. Athletic Association lf!-3. Publicity Club 4. Arr Editor of Cauldron 3. Typist of Cauldron 4, Commercial Contest 3. EditorfinfChief Broadcaster. Uperetta 3'-l. Phi Delta Rho 4. Publishing Editor of Broadcaster 4. National Honor Society 4. MATILDA CASTORINA "Tillie" "Da you know your Economics?" Here is a girl who is always working, Either at the show or their store, In these we nnd she is never shirking, And that attitude is what we like her for. Clei' Club l'Z'3'-4. Mrisic Club l. Welfare Club 4. Music Contest 3. Sewing Club l. Treasurer of YVelfure Club 4. Athletic Association l'2'3. FRANK DE FELICES "Frank" "What d'yea mean?" Frank is always sassing back, Arguing, fretting, or something like that, We will let him alone in all his miscliievousness, For you see the world needs him To carry on its business. RadiofSciencc Club l. Athletic Association ?.'3-4. "AP rival ol' Kitty" 3. Dramatic Club 4. 'AClarence" 4. Assistant Circulation Manager of Cauldron 4. DOROTHY DODDS "Dot" "What say?" Dorothy hopes perhaps to be, A Stenog, or something, like that maybe, We hope she gets her heart's desire, Then, perhapsg someday she may retire. Sewing Club l. jr. Dramatic Club l. Glee Club 112-I-4. Athletic Association l-213. Etiquette Club 4. "Gypsy Rover" 4. -N. H. SL-National Honor Society. Thirteen 5E...n.y5 ,l::.. ggnkp tu ,..... ya qfmggg Fourteen LAVENIA ELDER "Beans" "I don't know." Lavenia has just come this year, By our class she is held so very dear, She is bright and sweet, But we must say-not at all petite. Etiquette Club 4. Basketball 4. ANN FRITZKY "Ann" "You know what-" Ann is the most perfect lass, A teacher need never say, "Now, Anna, don's sassf' It is nice to be good, but, oh gee, I guess it is just her nature, you see. Glee Club 112-3. Dramatic Club l. Secretary of Welfare Club 4. Music Contest 3. Sewing Club 1. Athletic Association 2. FRANK HEALY-N. H. S. "Jean" "I want each one-" Frank is such a studious lad, In classes he is never bad. He cares not for girls as other boys do, But some day his heart may flutter too. National Honor Society 4. Vice President of Class 4. Debating Team 4. Football Z-34. Athletic Association 112. Business Manager of Cauldron 4. Reporter of Broadcaster 4. "Love Pirates of Hawaii" 3. "Gypsy Rover" 4. President of Etiquette Cluh 4. Glce Club 24. Radio'Science Club 1. "Clarence" 4. Ring Committee 4. Drawing Club l. Ass't Cheer Leader l. Secretary of Phi Delta Rho 4, jr, Sr. Prom Committee SA. WILLIAM HIGGINS "Tiny" "I got the best Record" Here is one who does not go in for the orange juice fad, But outside of that he is not at all bad. Among the girls he shines bright as the sun, For Tiny is ready for any kind of fun. Radio-Science Club I. Football 24-4. Baseball 2. Vice President of Class 3. "Arriva of Kitty" 3. Presi- dent of Puhieity Cub 4. Hi'Y 4. Jr. Sr. Prom Com' mittee 3. Broadcaster Reporter 4. Athletic Associ' ation l-2. -N. H. S.-National Honor Society. ...... THE C I ...A yy LIBBYE HORWITZ-N. H. S. "Lib" "Do I talk too much?" Libbye likes to talk all day, She always finds so much to say, As a debater she may some day win fame, For she is quite a talkative dame. Girl Reserves P213-4. jr. Dramatic Club 1. Athletic Association l. Dramatic Club 4. "Arrival of Kitty" 3. National Honor Society 3-4. jr. Editor of Cauldron 3. Treasurer uf Class 3. Debatlng Team 4. Oratorical Contest 4. 'iClarence" 4. MURIEL JOHNSTON "Monie" "And How!" Muriel is such an athletic girl, She seems to be always in a whirl, She came to us in our Sophomore year, And left behind her a school so very dear. Glu: Cluh 213. "Clarence" 4. Girl Reserves -I. Basketball 4. Secretary of Class 4. jr. Sr. Literary Club 4. Literary Editor of Cauldron 4. ANTHONY KUTYLO "Hony" "Stuck up!" Tony works with all his might, On the school paper till it's night: He must believe in "XVork while you can?" For he displays the zest of a man. Athletic Association lf2. Oratorieal Contest 4. Com' mercial Contest 3. Operetta 314. Senior Class Play 4. Assistant Business Manager of Cauldron 4. Art Editor of Cauldron 4. News Editor of Broadcaster 4. Art Club l. Secretary of jr. Sr. Literary Club 4. Phi Delta Rho 4. Typist of Cauldron 4. FRANK LANFALONI "Frank" "What?" Argue if you want, Argue with all your might, But I am convinced that I am right. I RadiofScicnee Club l. Basketball 2-3-4. HifY 3'-1. Glee Club Z. Outdoor Club 4. Football lvlanagcr 4. Athletic Editor of Cauldron 4. W-N. H. S.-National Honor Society. Fifteen ...... up ,wegi THE CAULDRON ...... Sixteen AVA LUKE "Curly" "Oh heck-" Ava is a quiet girl with pretty, curly hair, To Hnd a girl like her is very, very rare. Sewing Club 1. jr. Dramatic Club 1, Glce Club 1f2'3. Athletic Association l-Z, Etiquette Club 4. MITCHELL MOXON "Irish" "Hey you!" Mitch, everyone this chap does call, He plays football or any other kind of ball, Our hero in athletics is this lad, And even in studies he isn't so bad. RadiofScience Club l. Football 2-314. Baseball Z. Basketball 4. Outdoor Club 4. RILLA MULLICA "RIL" "Everett and me-" Leechburg is the fairest town of all, Especially if in love you fall, Rilla likes Leechburg very well, Because there a certain someone does dwell. Mlisic Club l. Girl Reserves 4. Glee Club 314. Jr. Sr, Literary Club 4. "Clarence" 4, Athletic Associ' ation 112. EDEL PFEIFFER "Red" "You know, kid-" Eclcl is the only one in our class who has red hair, The only one who hasn't a careg Here's hoping she will no taller grow, Or eventually she will surpass her beau. Girl Reserves l'Zf3f4. Milsic Club l. Etiquette Club 4. Basketball 4. Athletic Association 112. Sewing Club 1. ,E ...... yy ,E ...... wa ANTHONY PITUCH "Tony" "I heard that before" Anthony is so very shy, Especially when the girls go by, Although he seldom makes a sound. His marks show that he is around. Travel Club l. Athletic Association 2. Glce Club 2. Football 4. Etiquette Club 4, IANE POTTS "Gegen "I got a letter" Jane is the demurest of all girls, Her hair you'll find is always in curls: When she looks into Steiner's flower shop, She Ends it very hard not to stop. jr. Dramatic Club I, Athletic Association 112. jr. Sr. Literary Club 4. Girl Reserves 1-Z-3f4. President of Girl Reserves 4. Basketball Manager 4. Senior Editor of Cauldron 4. ERNESTINE RESH "Ernie" "Are you gonna-" Ernie talks fast, she walks just the same, Some day as a runner she may win fame, She is never sad nor has she a care, You will find her ready for any dare. Girl Reserves 4. "Arrival of Kitty" 3. Photo Editor of Cauldron 4. jr. Sr. Literary Club 4, Cvlce Club 213. ELEANOR ROGERS "Ed" "I had a marvelous time" Talent galore our Eleanor has it seems, Much luck to you in this music line, And may your name forever famous gleam. Athletic Association 112. Music Club l. Glue Club lf2f3f4. Literary Club 4. "Gypsy Rover" 4. Seventeen THE CAULDRON Q., ......., , Q Eighteen ANTOINETTE SALVATORE-N. H. S. "Tony" "Know your Latin, Lib?', Small in stature, Bright in mind, In high school she did shine. Girl Reserves lf2f3-4. jr. Dramatic Cluh 1. President of Dramatic Club 4. National Honor Society 3-4, "Av rival of Kitty" 3. Secretary uf Class fr. "Clarence" 4. Oratorical Contest 4. Debating Team 4. Athletic Associf atinn 1. EMMA SCARIES "Emma" "Down at the Liberty-" Quiet as a mouse, Busy as a bee, You are going some If you beat me. Athletic Association I-1. Travel Club 1. Jr. Sr. Literary Club 4, Typist uf Cauldron -4. Reporter of Broadcaster 4. ROBERT STACH uBobn GAMY car-91 Why be sad, Why have a care, Why not be like me, In this life so fair? 'sClarence" 4. "Arrival of Kitty" 3. Radio'Scii:ncc Club l. Hi-Y 2f3-4. Treasurer of Hi'Y 4. LOUISE TANNAS "Louise" 'ADO YOU k!i0W?,, Louise is such a tiny girl. Her hair is long but has a curl, She tries her best to do what you ask, And never gives up 'till done is her task, Athletic Association 1. Dramatic Club 1. Ir. Sr. Literary Club 4. Treasurer of class 4. Assistant Literary Editor of Cauldron 4. Reporter of Broadzaster 4. -N. H. S.-National Honor Society. ..... . ., .....-. 3 as E., ...Q ...... wi HELEN TARABA "Helen" "I don't want to" Here is a little motto, I am going to express, "Be seen and not heard" Is Helen's request. Athletic Association lfZ. Trnxcl Club 1. Sewing Club 1. Etiquette Club 4. FRANCES THOMPSON "Shorty" "Did you see that show?" When with a pleasant smile she greets you, Personality manifests itself very true. Vice Prelident of Girls' XVelfare Club 4. ELMER TUSING "Buzzy" "Paper!" Life to this lad is something worth while, For he greets and meets everyone with a smile. French Club 1. Hi-Y 4. Etiquette Club 4. Publicity Club 4. EMMA GRACE TWYFORD "Emmy" "Come on-" Emma Grace has a winning smile, A personality like hers is something worth while. Athletic Association 112. Glue Club 1'2f3f4. Jr. Dramatic Club 1. Sewing Club l. "Love Pirates of HIawaii" 3. "Gypsy Rover" 4. "Clarence" 4. Publicity Cub 4. Nineteen ...... THE CAULDRON ...... Twenty HARRY WEIMER "Shiek" A "You know, my girl-" Harry, for a boy, is ever so vain, He is so afraid of his hair when it rains, New clothes and girls are his delight, Theylplease him as much as a small boy with a kite. Football 2'3f4. Dramatic Club 4. Radio-Science Club l. "Arrival of Kitty" 3. Miscellaneous Program 4. Glee Club 3. Etiquette Club 4. ALPHONSE WELSHON CKPeanutS9! SKMary, Ing, A little black haired girl has entered his life, To him, We hope, she never brings strife, If he treats her later as he treats her now, He will be keeping up to the marriage vow. Class Secretary 1. Football 21314. Basketball 2-314. Baseban 2. Secretary of Etiquette Club 4. Captain of Football 3f4. HifY 3-4. JAMES PUGLISI "Pug" "Didn't I tell you?" Good natured and ever full of joy, Is he, our little Senior boy, Jimmy has so much pep, As president he gave our class its rep. Glee Club 2f3. President of Class 4. President of Outdoor Club 4. Secretary of HifY 4. "Arrival of Kitty" 3. "Love Pirates of Hawaii" 3. 'AClarcnce" 3. Football 3'4. joke Editor of Cauldron 4. g2...,.E THE CAULDRQN ....... ., Q Senior Class Historq Iii Four short years ago our high school course loomed before us. We, a group of one hundred twenty, entered the portals of the Arnold High School temple of knowledge as green as any class could ever be. But as days went on, we advanced from our green stage to a more dignified position. As Freshmen, nothing very important happened, except that we had the honor of receiving the beautiful orange and blue pennant presented by Miss Smith. Our class was well represented in football and basketball. In the spring of 1926, we took the examinations that were necessary. Thus--the end of our Freshman year. We returned the next year as Sophomores. This year our number was dimin- ished considerably. The Sophomores had the honor of being the first class to use our new stage. . After many more embarrassing moments we found that we were called Juniors. The first important event was the selection of our motto, "To Be Rather Than To Seem." We believe that we have carried out this motto to its greatest ex' tent. We were in financial distress. That meant that we had to do something to make money so that we might give our Seniors a banquet. We sold candy, held a Hallowe'en party and several roller skating parties. Then came the matter of a class play. The farce comedy "The Arrival of Kitty" was presented the night of Decem' ber 9. This play went off with a bang. In the latter part of our Junior year class fights started. The juniors painted the town, and the junior colors waved from the tops of the flag pole. The last important event of our Junior year was a banquet held in honor of the Seniors. After the banquet and speeches the happy throng went to the Elk's Home where dancing was the special feature. Before we were aware of the fact we were called "Dignified Seniors." We tried our best to live up to this word "Digniiied." In fact, we had to act thus-for wasn't this the year that we were to issue the Cauldron. VVe saw a difficult task ahead of us, yet, if other classes did it, why shouldn't we. We not only decided to issue a year book, but in addition to make this year book the best ever known in the history of the "Cauldron," The staff was selected to carry on the necessary work. This seems to have been our busiest year. We held skates, dances, hot dog roasts, selected our rings fOh, what excitementj, chose our invitations, and gave our Senior Play entitled "Clarence," May 7 we were true honored guests at the banquet held by the juniors. Then commencement came, -ever too soon. We left the portals of our old Alma Mater to battle with the world. This departure was very sad, yet glorious. Sad because we left the school we loved so dearly. Glorious be' cause we had revealed our goal. 'l".v'-xitx'-rmr 3'7" E THE CAULDRON tZ5ks'S""kA Class Prophecq lit It was a June day, twelve years after graduation from high school. I awakened reminding myself that I was to meet a friend of mine at a hotel. I decided that since it was such a nice day, I would walk. I started out and soon came to a group of people standing in front of a large building. Vklhen I asked someone what the trouble was, I was told that everyone was viewing the new Cathedral of Learning put up by Frank Healy in which he was to teach all science teachers a thing or two. Since I was in a hurry I could not stop. On my way to the hotel I passed a large news stand. When I stopped to buy a magazine, who do you think sold it to me? The proprietor-Mr. Elmer Tusing. I came to the hotel, and since my friend wasn't quite ready, I sat down in the lobby and read the magazine I had bought. It was entitled L'Who's who." These are some of the things I read: Mr. Louis Almasy, staff physician of Sleepy Hollow Hospital, is trying to entice the public by his big cuts in prices and otherwise. Miss Jane Potts, a nurse of the above mentioned hospital, fainted at the sight of a drop of blood. Mr. Alfonce Carroll has acquired the position of Editor of the New York Times. Miss Antoinette Salvator is at last married because she thinks it is better than being single. This is despite her protests against marriage while in high school. Miss Libbye Horwitz, the acrobat of the day, rolled down a winding stairway without getting a scratch. She learned this in A. H. S. Some people have rotten luck. Miss Ava Luke was going to obtain a job acting as Miss Mary Pickford's double, but Miss Pickford bobbed her hair. Miss Faye Boyer has opened a beauty shop in which she will take care of blond hair. She knows how. Mr. James Puglisi is running for the presidency of the U. S. His experience dates back as far as 1929. Miss Muriel Johnston has edited a book on "How to Play Basketball." Mr. Harold Barrett has become manager of the Central Drug Company after all these years of strenuous work. Mr. Anthony Kutylo has at last become famous in the line of art. He draws for all high school annuals. Miss Ernestine Resh is now known as "Somebody's Stenogf' Mr. Harry Weimer is opening an office in which he will each everyone how to waste time. Mr. William Higgins announces his new profession-he is an undertaker. Twenty-two THE CAULDRON Miss Matilda Castorina is still in the movies--that is-she is still selling tickets. Mr. Frank Lanfaloni has been taking lessons from Mr. Alphone Welshon on how to keep quiet. Miss Anne Fritzky has consented to show some of her art to the public. Miss Eleanor Rogers has gained fame in Europe as an opera singer. Misses Helen Taraba and Emma Scaries have been offered positions as stenof graphers by the President of the U. S. but are too timid to accept them. Miss Louise Tannas is now able to sell ice cream without giving good measures. Miss Edel Pfeiffer acquired a job as school teacher in her Alma Mater. Mr. Holste always gave her plenty of experience. Mr. Anthony Pituch is a private tutor in bookkeeping. Miss Rilla Mullica has written a book dedicated to Mr. Holste in which she tells him everything she said when she was caught talking in Economics. Messrs. Mitchell Moxon and Robert Stach have gone in partnership in making automobiles that will run no matter how battered up they are. Miss Emma Grace Twyford still eats peanuts. Miss Dorothy Dodds is by this time a well known accompanist. Mr. Maynard Bushnell has become the world's best oratorl At this moment I was interrupted by a bellfboy who told me my friend was ready to see me. I looked up from the magazine and recognized the bell boy as Frank De Felices. His experience in the Junior play had certainly come in handy. ATU rs Twenty-three THE CAULDRON The Class lDill iii We, the Class of 1929, Arnold High School, city of Arnold, county of West' moreland, state of Pennsylvania, Western Hemisphere, being of sound mind and memory fwe think we are-of course there are exceptions to all rulesj do hereby make, publish and declare this our last will and testament which shall take precedure over any other wills before made by us fwe didn't make any but what's the difference?j. FIRST- To our parents who made it possible for us to attend High School, we be- queath our everlasting gratitude, fond reverence and also our appreciation for their altruistic aid in times of need. SECOND- To the other classes, we bequeath the high school building and all the rights and privileges that go with it. Also, we wish to will to the juniors our high example as a class and give them our best wishes and high hopes that they may profit by having associated with us. THIRD- To our teachers we leave the hope that we will be worthy of their efforts. FOURTH- The staff leaves the Cauldron to its many friends, the student body, and the faculty. FIFTH- Of our personal and individual belongings, we bequeath the following: Harold Barrett-His blushing countenance to John Nee. Louis Almasy-His way with women to Jack Slomoff. Faye Boyer-Her secret of getting blonde hair to Dorothy Mains. Maynard Bushnell-His speaking ability to Olga Fritzky. Alfonce Carroll-His place on the Broadcaster to someone with much ability. Catilda Castorina-Her heart and hand to Louis Ciancutti. Frank De Felices-His cute remarks to James Wakefield. Dorothy Dodds-She must be Scotch!!!!!! Lavenia Elder-A little height to Serena McArdle. Anna Fritzky-Her innocent stare to Frances Rome. Frank Healy-His ability to debate to Harry VV'olosyn. Twenty-four ,li .... ry, THE CAULDRON ...... William Higgins-His excess weight to Bessie Michael. Libbye Horwitz-Her wads of gum to Carolyn Kuhlman. Muriel Johnston-Her ability to play basketball to Gildred Steffane. Anthony Kutylo-Some advice on art to William Ishman. Frank Lanfaloni-His booklet "How to elect class officers" to the members of the Freshman Class. Ava Luke-Her curls fshe'll cut them off in timej to Ruby Schreckengost. Rilla Mullica-Her slang expressions to Virginia Bushnell. Mitchell Moxon-His instructions on how to play football to John Acopine. Edel Pfeiffer-wAdvice on how to keep red hair glowing, to James Hartnett. Anthony Pituch-His bookkeeping to Chuck Foti. Jane Potts-Her newsboy to Sara Kelly. james Puglisi-His presidency of the Senior Class to Cy George. Ernestine Resh-Her curly locks to Ruth Cohen. Eleanor Rogers-Her ability to sing to Myra King. Antoinette Salvator-Her latin vocabularly to Arpad Heutchy. Emma Scaries-Her good marks to john Becker. Robert Stach-His old Ford and everything that goes with it to Jack Scott. Louise Tannas-Advice on how to bundle money to the treasurer of any class. Helen Taraba-A little of her shyness to Susan Mclntee. Elmer Tusing-His job as newsboy to Raymond Frabatto. Emma Grace Twyford-A decidedly used shorthand notebook to Verna Lloyd. Harry Wiemer-His stacomb, curling iron and everything else that makes him shiek' ish to Frank Suatoni. Alfonce Welshon-His darling nickname, "Peanuts" to anyone who would have it. QSEALJ LIBBYE HORWITZ QSEALQ LOUIS ALMASY 5 Twenty-five THE CAULDRON ......, , -2 School Calendar 1 928-29 Iii August 27-First day of school. Senior fellows fight for seats beside their best girls. August 29-Senior class oflicers are elected. Competition keen. September 3-Labor Day. Our first holiday and Fay's heart is broken, for she won't get to see the B. F. for another day. September 20-Enthusiasm runs high. Not much wonder-our first football game is approaching. September 21-Fatal day, not so bad after all. October 2-Senior "Hot Dog" roast. Miss Crim, and Mr. Laufe, and several others got lost in the wilderness. October 26-Junior Hallowe'en party. October 3' November November November December December 31-Senior girls crash the Ritz. ' 6-Election day. Sentiment runs high between classmates. 28-Senior Hop. 29-Thanksgiving day. Good eats and everything. 5-New rules on school etiquette are propounded-Shhhh! 25-Tony Kutylo receives hobby horse from Santa. january 1-New resolutions are made and kept with difficulty. January 8-Robert Stach forgets to fall asleep in economics class. January 14-junior Class skate. February February February February February 1-Publicity Club skate-Myron Gehr gives fancy skating exhibition. 4-Libbye chews gum all day. fNot a novelty by any meansj 8-Junior Class Play-even the Seniors admit it was a genuine success. 13-The fellows have to watch their step. It is the thirteenth and QWednesdayj . 21-Shaky knees, squeaky voices--Operetta tryouts. March 4-Everybody is nearly starved-Inauguration proceedings. Fine talent dis' played in miscellaneous program. March 28-Work ends for Easter vacation. April April April May May May May May May 3--Mitch Moxon takes an evening off to see his girl. 5-Another feather in our bat-a successful Operetta. 9-Our cast for Senior Class play is picked. 2-Violin contest-it was the cat's meow. A 7-Jr.fSr. Prom-The boys try out the dance steps they have been practicing for the last month or so. 10-Senior Class Play-Clarence. 19-Baccalaureate. 21-Class Night. 22-Commencement. Twenty-six - ' "Yi V 'i il X ltc s ' GJ li 1 S 2 'ff f 'ijw K V , W l y N iz, 1 k Lt, ' lf 4, ll, in it i C A We are the Juniors of our school The very hest that there is as a rule, We do a great many things each That make our class better in every way. T day When scaling a mountain or scaling a wall The Juniors reach the top first of all, We must lead and others follow That is the way we keep up our motto. we stand, Together we work and together We are a happy and successful ba We always try to be the best that can be, Because we are the class of thirty. President f Vice-President Secretary f Treasurer f Class Advisor imc CLASS OFFICERS nd, Bessie Michael f Cyrus George f Tony Uhar Dorothy Mains f Sara Kelly Miss Edith Jay Twenty-seven THE CAULDRON ASS CL JUNIOR l'wm-nly -m-igh! gina. ,...... , .2 THE CAULDRON JUNIOR CLASS iii Class Motto-"We lead, others follow" Colors-Blue and Gold Flower-American Beauty Rose Ji! Class Roll Acopine, John George, Glenna Papik, Frank Alessio, john George, Cy Pastura, Irene Becker, john Becker, Thelma Bender, Ruth Bongiovanni, Ernestine Bushnell, Virginia Chickowski, Violet Cohen, Ruth Cox, Olive Cypher, Caroline Davis, Lawrence Derose, Louis Edgar, Fred Edgar, Robert Federbusch, Jerry Foti, Charles Frabotto, Raymond Fritsky, Olga Gehr, Myron Hartnett, James Herrington, Mary M. Heutchy, Arpad Hill, Mildred Howe, Harold Hunger, Jack Jacobus, Adaline Kalinowski, Anna Keller, Nellie Kelly, Sara Kolcun, Richard Laitos, julia Lloyd, Verna Macfarlane, Nettie Mains, Dorothy Marzullo, Salvatore Michaels, Bessie Moore, Pauline Oatis, Anna Pituch, Mary Resh, Emma Rossi, James Schafer, Harry Schrecongost, Ruby Scott, Jack Sell, James Singleton, Rhoda Slomolf, Jack Stonecheck, Mary Thompson, Lenora Thompson, George Uhar, Anthony Victor, Margaret Wakefield, james Wolosynovitz, Harry Wyant, Lorraine Zuber, Helen Twenty-nine 'THE CAULDRON Historu of the Junior Class lif One fall day in the year 1926, the doors leading into that domicile of learning, called Arnold High School, burst open. On the steps without was a group of a hundred or so very noisy and very much frightened boys and girls, who stood peering into the building wondering what they would accomplish there in the four years to come. Little did they dream how much they would findand do there during their careers. Yes, this was the Freshman Class of the year and the future graduating class of 1930. As Freshmen there is little to relate concerning the class for they were very quiet and studious, being as yet very green. The main thing they did was to elect Cyrus George president of the classg for three years he has headed their numerous exploits. The following year found the group back in school again, but this time they were hard boiled Sophomores. The class was diminished in size but this did not stop them from taking part in school affairs, for they had really become a part of their school. It was their third year that was a busy one for the now dignified upper classmen. The class's first first aim was to make money, as money plays an important part in the success of a. class. They of course continued the old custom of keeping the candy hungry high school -pupils well supplied. Then,.too, energetic members of the class sold magazines as a second source for making money. The juniors cerf tainly lived up to their motto in the winning of the numerous prizes offered for selling tickets for plays and athletic events. The class really scored its greatest success, however, when they gave their junior play. Produced under the direction of Miss jay and Miss Crim, the play was a huge SUCCESS. As a result of spending so much time and effort in making money, the Juniors were able to give the well planned junior Prom, which was a credit to the class, and showed their good will towards the departing Seniors. Close on the heels of this last triumph, came the end of a happy and a successful year. - Bessie Michael Thirty THE CAULDRON 4, yi X A ? 4 lr'l'l 2 A F -- it 1 4 urlrfniluiyji Z SGPHOMORES "il and Its Green and W'hite" We've built our ladder and now we'll climb Up the ladder of life, And as we climb we'll help the rest- Help them in their strife. Two sets of books we've studied through! These sets are put away, And with the books that remain to do, We'll make each sentence pay. Ours is a class that'll never quit, Never bow in shame, For we have the needed grit, And we'll use it in the game. In class we always study, In the game we always iight, So we can set records sturdy, For "lvl" and its Green and White. Dom Perino SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President --f--f- Louis Ciancutti Vice-Presidentt f - Myra King Secretary and Treasurer - William Ishman Class Advisor f f Mr. Laufe Thirty-one THE CAULDRON SOPI-IOMORE CLASS lllil'ly-Iwu r THE, CAULDRON ,. SOPHOMORE CLASS iii Class Motto-We build the ladder by which we rise. Colors--Green and White Flower-Iris fif Class Roll Armitage, Florence Astorina, Theresa Baker, Elsie Bartlick, Helen Becker, Kathryn Bender, Madeline Brown, Evelyn Cappone, Josephine Chiano, Mary Ciancutti, Louis Cochran, Ermin Corey, Frederick Corrie, Grace Culp, john Donaldson, Elmer Ellis, James Flocker, Mary Garrison, Harry Gould, Mildred Grayson, Michael Guilioli, Aurelio Haferland, Fred Hamilton, Fred Healy, Sarah Hill, Dorothy Howe, Ernest Hunter, Margaret Ishman, William jarabek, Walter jarosek, Stella Johnson, Raymond King, Myra Kuhlman, Carolyn Lanfaloni, Tulio Laughlin, Helen Lowry, Addison Machen, jack McArdle, Serena McLaughlin, Elma Meredith, James Miller, Aletha Miller, Elizabeth Murhamer, Violet Nee, John O'Connor, Virginia Papik, Anna Papik, Josephine Paulick, Marian Perino, Dominic Petor, Mary Prokopik, Anthony Raabe, Dorothy Ramsey, Elizabeth Reichert, Adam Rhodes, Ruth N Rhodes, Virginia Rich, Alferd Rome, Frances Ross, Edna Rossi, Cosmos Samaha, Edna Siegart, Ida Sinchalk, Ann Skryspeck, Anna Slomoff, Benjamin s Stennett, Ralph Stow, James Suatoni, Frank Taraba, joseph t Tomasik, Helen Tomayko, ,Iustina Tymozko, Jennie Weiss, Elsie Wells, Margaret Mary Williams, Irene Wissinger, Dorothy VVojiechowski, Helen Zorena, Pearl Thirty-three THE CAULDRON Sophomore Class Hlstorq Iii We build the ladder by which we rise. To the one hundred students who entered Arnold High School as Freshmen in the fall of 1927, this ladder had then no definite form. We looked toward the building and formation of it as the one great feat to be accomplished. Building the ladder by which we have risen was no easy matter, but, as time progressed the first run formed, rather slowly, under the heading, scholarship As Freshmen, we worked hard to gain recognition as a class of scholars, and we were rewarded, for during the term of 1927 '28 some of the highest scholastic honors were claimed by Freshmen. Assured of a place in the scholastic field, we turned about to add a new rung to our ladder. We went about building this new rung by selling the greatest amount of football tickets, and by supporting loyally every school activity. The second rung of our ladder was headed, "Service" To cap the beginning of a successful high school career, we gave a party at the end of the term in the High School Auditorium. In the fall of 1928 this same class, diminished in number, returned as Sophof mores to strengthen and resume building the ladder. We, as Sophomores, strength- ened the run, Scholarship, and made it firm. The Sophomores continued their hard work and gained further recognition scholastically. The second rung, Service, just begun in our Freshman year, was definitely made a part of our ladder. We again sold the greatest number of football tickets, and worked hard selling tickets for other entertainments and activities. Our next great achievement was the presentation of a movie, the returns from which were given to the Athletic Association. The football team and the girls' and boys' basketball teams had as members, Sophomores, who carried the "Spirit of the Class of 31" into the games and fought to a victorious finish. Sophomores also played prominent parts in various other organif zations. Our ability was especially conspicuous on the newspaper staif. For these accomplishments we gained a leading place among the classes and a new rung was formed-Leadership. As Juniors and Seniors we wish to further strengthen the rungs of our ladder already formed, and to add an entirely new one-Success. Thirty-four gg 4-M5353 84? Uber 'qi ,fi '54 ' 'im .lilly THES CAULDRON - sa I , .555 2 ' T ' 'iw l J, , M L, I 1 'f " S Ga f 55-ff! ,vigr YV 4, 17, f --- -- .f-,if ,4 ? , ,L ,4 1 , L.L:,J- 17 , ,ig S ,f' 7' WX FRESHIHEH We are now to take into consideration The value of life and start choosing our vocation, Everyone of us is going to work, Not a one is allowed to shirk, So to the vine of desperate struggles we'll cling For our motto is, "Labor Conquers all Things." When Retrospection bears its part, Let them say, "The class of thirtyftwo has President f VicefPresident Secretary f Treasurer 1 Class Advisor reached its mark." Iii CLASS OFFICERS Ruth Seigart f Albert Bianco William Calderini f Lois Slocum f Charles Sevati Miss Lois Reeher Thi rty-five THE CAULDRON I FRESI-IMAN CLASS l'llil'fy-six TTT!! .,v 53,3-' i"' 3-15. I Q.-Maisie Fla 9 Class Colors-Blue Baczinski, Mary Bagdon, William Baginski, Harley Bianco, Albert Bishop, -Walter Bowser, Charles Calderini, Willia m Carroll, Anna Castorina, Orlando Chiodini, Silvio Chronik, Alex Dangaix, Andrew Danko, Andy Davis, James Dnbrowsky- John Duncan, James Evans, Marye jane Ewing, Arnold Ferguson, George Flotta, Roseanne France, Alice Graziano, Mary Guidice. Jeanne Hamilton, Thomas Heighes, Clarence Hereda, Elsie HOgan, Marie Johnson, Ellanora Kaczkowski, Genev Kaminski, Stanley Karluk, Adolph F RESHMAN CLASS ROLL Ji! Class Motto-Amnia vencit labor and Gold Class Flower-American Beauty Jif ieve Kuznicki, Joseph Kozura, Marcella Kuplecheck, Fannie Lipski, Frank Luke, George Lukehart, Edward Mclntee, Susan McNally, Susan Miller, Elizabeth Mocarska, Bertha Moran, Alice Moskus, Anna Maxon, Hazel Murhamer, Edward Murphy, Howard Natchie. Anna Ostrowski, Edward Pangallo, Marv Papaila, Mary Pasternak, Mary Petty, Frances Predebon, Norma Polsinelli, Tony Ream, Mildred Reilly, Martha Rec, Dorothy Rogers, Jack Saccardy, Reno Sevatti, Charles Sanders, Ralph Santore, Edith Marie Schiffhauer, Walter Seddon, Richard Shirella, Rose Siegart, Ruth Skeels, Helen Signorella, Mary Skyzpek, Margaret Slocum, Lois Sopko, George Soroko, Alexander Steffey, Charles Steffane, Gildred Stevenson, Olive Szymd, Stella Tannas, Alex Tirone, Joseph Tomasik, Charles Torchia, Elvera Twyford, Dorothy Tyson, James Votero, Charles Vent, Marie Williams, Frances Wiles, Gage Wilson, Martha Wrobleuski, Laura Yotz, Joseph Zilinski, Johanna Zuber, Margaret Laitos, john Lafevre, Elvire Lingenfetter, Allan Thirty seven 'THE CAULDRON Freshman Class Historq The Freshman school year draws toward its close, and thoughtful pupils take account of their progress, reviewing the year that is past and all those that have gone before it. Many a heart is unecessarily saddened by the thought of the meager hoard of goods and gear laid aside. Always edging the shadows is the underlying light. It is our duty to do our share in carrying forward the promise of life, and in the performance of that duty we must struggle and acquire and save and spend. Perhaps that is the answer toqour class motto which we had chosen last year, "Labor conquers all things." We have tried to acquire a precious stone. It is called "Knowledge" Some have attained it, others have let it slip through idle fingers. It is true that mere ownership of this precious stone does not make it thoroughly our own. Only when we love and understand it can we possess it. And that love and understanding must be bought with a price-the price of study and cooperation with our teachers. Men have fought and died in battle to win the treasures of the earth, and rarely has the victor enjoyed his spoils. Only when his spirit held something in common with that of the prize he grasped could he hold it. Only when had paid for it with travail of spirit could he possess it. So is it with us. We strive to win the treasure, "Knowledge" We must pay and suffer the same consequences. Along with this precious achievement, we have been gaining another imporf tant attribute, which is-experience. Our class was well represented in several clubs, and also furnished talent for the Miscellaneous Program and Operetta. Some of the most promising lads on the football squad were our own boys. The talents and possibilities of our class were just glimpsed this year, but in the future we will aim to assert our complete strength. This year we have been laboring under cover, so to speak, but it must not be forgotten that this sort of effort helps to win the bigger battles later on--we have been preparing. Whether we have succeeded thus far, remains to be seen. Thirty-eight THE CAULDRON 1,1 .Zig Jlthlc-:tics CJ 4 SQU LL OTBA FO 1 l n Forty ..., g, THE CAULDRON gyms 2, ,......, g FOOTBALL RESUME Ji! The Burnt Orange and Blue warriors opened the home season with the Alumni. The game ended in a 6'6 tie after a hard fought battle. The second game was played with Ken Ki, our traditional rivals, on our own back yard. Without the service of our center, Frank Healy, our forward wall lacked a great deal of punch. When the final whistle blew, the scoreboard read Ken Hi 14, Arnold 0. The following week end Arnold invaded Apollo. In this game the Arnold team was minus the service of our Captain, Alphonse Welshon. Though our boys put up a good battle, they were beaten to the tune of 25 to O. When the Burnt Orange and Blue played Springdale on our own rectangle, they registered their first victory. The score was 12f7, Arnold's favor. For the next game Ford City invaded Arnold, and the boys marched on to their second consecutive victory. The Arnold lads went over the goal line twice and Ford City but once. The results were Arnold 12, Ford City 7. On a warm Friday afternoon Arnold journeyed to Freeport and lost an exciting battle 7 to 6 after having held the lead for three cantos. The Arnold lads won their third victory when we guarded against Leechburg at Leechburg. Edgar dashed 60 yards for a touchdown after he had blocked a punt. The tally at the final whistle stood 6fO. Another sad story to tell. After Arnold had made a very good showing in the first quarter, Oakmont dashed off to an easy victory. The score was 19'6 Oakmont. On a muddy field, Arnold met Parnassus, our friendly rivals, and played to a scorelessitie. Though Arnold threatened their goal line several times, we were unable to put the ball over. Arnold played one of the most thrilling games ever played by any local team, when they met the strong Midland team. Although we came out on the short end, Forty-one 'THE CAULDRON our boys played a splendid game against a very much heavier team. The game was full of spectacular dashes, Rossi and George each making a 70 yard run. The score at the end read: Midland 21, Arnold 17. Arnold tried their very best to redeem themselves against Verona in the last game of the season, but were defeated 12f2. Our boys displayed much zeal and fortitude this last term, and we are justified in believing that our team for the next term will be the best in the history of our school. 'f-cw., 4 ffl, 7 .y. il ??r ' S 22,-" 5. ,4- - ..,,-7 I V .K ' ' .P -JL I J, I an 'Fi' 1- 'Pig Forty-two THE CAULDRON BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM Ji! BOYS' BASKETBALL Although the boys' basketball team lost three regulars, George and Lanfaloni being ill, and Welshori being ineligible, we consider the past season, under the coaching of Mr. Elder, as very successful. We won six and lost ten league games, and won two out of four nonfleague games. The Arnold boys entered the Westniorelaiid County, the Vandergrift, and the Alleghenyfliiski Valley tournaments. Forty-three THE CAULDRON GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM Iii GIRLS' BASKETBALL Our girls' haskethall team did not meet with much success this last year, hut we must give them their just dues. They played the game and played it well. They fought hard, and played with much ahility. This year has been a losing and un' fortunate year. A prohahle reason for their losing is that the squad was entirely new, the regulars of last year having been lost through graduation. l'l1Il'ty'fl We are looking forward to a very successful year this next term. HH' THE GIRLS' COACH With the experience the girls able to produce a winning aggregation Miss Ruth McAllister, the girls' basketball coach, is a graduate of the Physical Educaf tion Department of Slippery Rock State Teachers' College. Through the loss of her whole last year's squad by graduation she was greatly handicapped in arranging a win' ning combination. Last year she piloted the girls through a successful season, but this year the girls failed to win any of their games. In spite of all reverses, she kept up the Hghting spirit and hope. After all it is I1Ot the outcome of the battle that counts so much as the manner in which the battle was fought. gathered this year, we are sure she will be next season. fi! THE BOYS' COACH Mr. Robert T. Elder, athletic director at Arnold High School for the season 192829, is a graduate of Penn State College. Mr. Elder arrived in Arnold with a Hne record of teams which have thrived under his coaching. Throughout the year, he labored early and late, trying to pass his knowledge to our boys. His gridiron ability was materially shown in several trick plays and in the fact that this has been one of the best seasons in the history of the school. We wish him continued success as mentor of athletics when he takes up his work again next fall. Forty-five Forty-six TH E CAULDRON ,..... 15, - .mxcxxsiy ,aim hhmswwk X, x ,f if fix? W3 Z 0' W' W ' Q ffffgfe i-aw . x f 7f'7iii""'gi Wav K WW 'f 5 I Q if f ' K ,- i f. D L Miimw ix A 'xx W 'e ' ,-'55 i W wi. i ,li ,,!,f1"' ff E Wifi' f if N 'vI:f,w.,.a-XRFV mf. ii mf 0 X .91 00' X WNV MW 12 x ' G, D7 , l Ilgih ,"' ' X, uxxvyf QSESNQN ,lxxi , , - ' 5f e wwe? Z X W -J 'z.g,l General Activities Ifo ty CAUI1JRc5JT1 iZ5iii2'a:1Q 1QfZ l"urlj-viglll THE CAULDRON STAFF THE CAULDRON EditorfinfChief Associate Editor Art Editor f Senior Editor Associate Editor Literary Editors joke Editor f Photo Editor Athletic Editor Junior Editor Sophomore Editor Freshman Editor Business Manager f f Assistant Business Manager f Circulation Manager f f Assistant Circulation Manager STAFF Lit Editorial Staff 1 Iii Business Staff f LOUIS ALMASY f 1 JANE POTTS f f ANTHONY KUTYLO A f f JANE POTTs ANTIONETTE SALVATOR MURIEL JOHNSTON LOUISE TANNAS f JAMES PUGLISI f ERNESTINE RESH A FRANK LANFALONI f BESSIE MICHAEL FRANCES ROME f RUTH SEIGART f FRANK HEALEY f ANTHONY KUTYLO MAYNARD BUSHNELL I FRANK DE FELICES ALFONCE CARROLL EMMA SCARIES Typists L' ' LOUISE TANNAS ANTHONY KUTYLO JY-f , Faculty Advisors Miss EDITH JAY MR. H. L. HOLSTE MISS DOROTHY HANKEY Forty-nine I" i ff 3' THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 2m'lf"mU'4m'l'f"'bZQ 'THE CAULDRON THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY lit The National Honor Society was founded in 1921. There are over six hundred chapters of this society in American high schools. Our school became a chapter of this society in 1926 through the efforts of Mr. T. V. Kelly, High School Principal. This society is doing much to define and set the standards of the ideal High School student. The Constitution of this national organization recognizes four cardinal objectives as fundamental in all educational practice, Scholarship, Character, Leader' ship, and Service. To exalt these objectives and hold them ever before the school as goals toward which all should strive is the purpose of this Society. The emblem of this Society is the keystone and flaming torch. The keystone bears it its base the letters S. L. C. and S., which stand for the four cardinal principles of its organization: Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service. As the key' stone is placed by the builder to hold the perfect arch in perpetual stability, so the structure of our education must hold firm and trust to the purpose of life by the virtues represented in this symbol. The following have become members of this Society in our school: Emma Resh Frank Healy Libbye Horwitz Louis Almasy Antionette Salvator Jack Hunger Alfonce Carroll Dorothy Mains Fifty-one THE CAULDRQN ...... THE GIRL RESERVE CLUB Jil The purpose of this cluh is to help to give the hest and to face life squarely. There were only eleven new memhers added during the year, They were generously initiated hy the use of oysters, garlic, and mercurichrome. They did not sponsor many social events this year, hut the ones that were held were enjoyed hy all who attended. The most memorahle event was the Halloween party, held in the high school auditorium. Dancing and games were the chief amusements. 1 President f Jane Potts VieefPres'dent f f f Faye Boyer Secretary f Mary Margaret Vv7ells Treasurer f Elma McLaughlin Sponsors for the years are: Miss Edith jay, Miss Eleanor Cooke, Miss Dorothy Hankey. Fifty-two THE CAULDRON ....... , Q THE DRAMATIC CLUB The Dramatic Club, organized this year, has accomplished much in so short a time. Miss Crim, our advisor, has done much in helping us attain success. We assemble every two weeks, at which time, various plays art read us, and dialogues, monologues, and other speeches are given by certain pupils. Two plays were staged by this organization in our High School assembly period, one of which was entitled "Flitten Mouse." This play was enjoyed by all, and we are justified in believing that it was a great success. The other program was a Thanksgiving miscellaneous entertainment. It also was well received. Considering that this is the first year of the Club's existence, we feel that we have gained a good standing in the High School, but we hope, with the coming of next year, to better organize this Social Circle and make it one of the out' standing organizations of our Alma Mater. The officers for the year are: President f f f Antoinette Salvator Vice'President f Elmer Donaldson Secretary f Ruby Schrecongost Treasurer f Albert Bianco Iii THE HI-Y CLUB Purpose-"To create, maintain, and extend, throughout the community, high stan' dards of Christian Character." Slogan-J'Clean living, Clean Speech, Clean Sports, and Clean Scholarship." Sponsors for the year '28f'29 are: Abe Laufe, john Browne. Officers for the year are: . President f f Alphonse Welshon VicefPresident ff-ffff Harold Barrett Secretary and Treasurer f-fff james Puglisi The HifY Club was organized in Arnold High School in 1924. Twenty new members were added this year. just how they were initiated is a secret with the members of the club, but we can well imagine that they did not miss their share. The HifY has been more active this year than any previous year. Undoubtedly this is because the new members have been doing some fast stepping from the very beginning. The sponsors, officers, and members were truly interested in the welfare of the club, and tried their best to make it one of the outstanding clubs of the High School. Several social activities were sponsored throughout the year. The swimming parties were especially enjoyed by all-even though they were stag parties. The members tried hard to carry out the purpose and slogan of the club. We hope that in the future it will be even better than this past year. Fifty-three T HE CAULDRON THE ORCHESTRA lit The orchestra played an important part in the school activities this year. It played for the Health Program, the Junior Class play, the Senior Class play, the Miscellaneous Program, and the Cperetta. For these services, we wish to express to the orchestra members our sincere appreciation. judging hy outside comments, the orchestra is much improved. We commend them on their success and hope that it may continue in the future. The orchestra consists of the following: Violins: Saxophone: Louis Almasy Charles Foti Frances Petty Drums: Frank Suatoni Mark Shetter Louis Derose Cornets: Richard Kolcun William Almasy Harry Wolosyn Clarinets: Myron Gehr Thelma Becker Adaline Jacobus Charles Steffy jack Hunger Fifty-four Aurulio Guilioli Tulio Lanfaloni Director+Miss Elin Pianist: or Cooke Arpad Heutchy fi-HE CAULDRON BOYS' GLEE CLUB D26 Quality not quantity applies to this organization. It seems that the sm iceess of this eluh tloes not depend upon numhers, for there are only sixteen memhers. That these hoys worked hard was evident in the hoe program of Soi preseiiteel for the miscellaneous program, This eluh also produced most of the talent for the High School Oper igs they ctta. It is the earnest desire of Miss Cooke that more hoys take an interest in the Glee Club. Fifty-five THE CAULDRON GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Dil Under the capable direction of Miss Cooke, the Girls' Clee Club has proven successful, The thirtyfsix girls were picked on the basis of tryouts. Thus only the best ones gained membership. The time spent in reahearsing for the various parts that they have played in the high school entertainments and in the regular club meetings has been enjoyed by every member. The Girls' Glee Club participated in the miscellaneous program, operetta, and the glee club contest in music week. iviffy-six THE CAULDRON THE PUBLICITY CLUB iii Despite the fact that the Puhlicity Cluh is in its prime, it has well accom' plished its work, and has won the recognition ol. the students as lweing one ol the hest cluhs in our high school. One of the higgest accomplishments of the Puhlicity Clulw was the pulwlishing of our schoolls first paper, The Broadcaster. The puhlicity cluh also held several socials during 1929. A skate on Fehruary 1, and a Valentine Party and Dance on Fehruary 14. Both of these allairs were very well attended and a good time was had hy all. Our cluh presented some very interesting and amusing chapel programs throughout the year. There has heen discovered among the ineinhers of our cluh much artistic talent. These talents were used in making artistic signs and posters for the various entertainments that our school presented. Fifty-seva-ii THE CAULDRON THE JUNIOR-SENIOR LITERARY CLUB In keeping with the purpose of the Junior-Senior Literary Cluh, many novels and plays have heen read and discussed during this year. Two ofthe novels were: "The Old Ladies," and "Show Boat." Plays that were read and discussed during the meetings were: l'Penrod," "The Show Ori," "The Goose Hangs High," and "Mama's Affair." Throughout the year three assemhly programs were given hy the memhers of this cluh. The first one consisted of two short plays: "Green Vin de Fleur," a mystery play, and "Slackers," a short sketch that boosted athletics. Both of these were written hy our sponsor. The second program had an outstanding featurefa ehalkftalk hy the secretary of the cluh. The third program was in the form of a play. Two girls went to the theater. A naughty young girl sat behind them. Between the talking of the two girls and the annoyance of the youngster--well, the audience found much amuse' ment. The ofheers for the year: President f Edith Tipton Vice-President f Olive Cox Secretary f Anthony Kutylo Sponsor f Mr. Laufe Fifty-eight THE CAULDRON ,br ...... E, THE BROADCASTER Ji! A new page has been added to our high school curriculum-the publishing of a school paper, The Broadcaster. This new accomplishment has earned a name for our school among the other schools and in our community. We have long wished for and long realized the necessity and vital ipmortance of a school paper to both the student and the school, this year, our dreams, hopes, and aspirations were made to come true. At the first meeting of the Publicity Club, the proposition of editing and publishing a mimeographed school paper was brought up. The students were all very much enthused over the idea and the paper was definitely agreed and decided upon, and the name, The Broadcaster, was chosen. Then the staff was chosen and work immediately commenced. It was decided upon to dedicate The Broadcaster to our advisor, Miss Edith Jay. The staff worked hard, very hard in fact, to make their first paper a success, and they succeeded. Most of the Staff stayed in after school and worked until very late in the evening. We are mentioning this fact because we believe that it is only fair that we give them the credit that they are so worthy of. We feel, too, that it is only fair to give special mention to those who have worked especially hard to make our paper the success that it is. We wish to express our sincere appreciation to Miss Edith Jay, our advisor, for her splendid advice and altruistic help, and for her many efforts which have been a vital asset in helping us to achieve our goal successfully. We also wish to express our appreciation to Alfonce Carroll, the Editorfinf Chief of The Broadcaster, who has through his efforts and ableness, guided and led his staff to success in the publishing of our new school paper. We also wish to extend our appreciation to Elvera Torchia, Harry Wolosyn, and Benjamin Slomoff, the Advertising Managers of the Broadcaster. Others deserving special mention for their splendid work on the paper are: Jack Scott, Anthony Uhar, Anthony Kutylo, Jack Slomoff, Myra King, Evelyn Brown, Frances Petty, Emma Scaries, Louise Tannas, Raymond johnson, Bessie Michael, Frances Rome, and john Laitos. We hope that we have served our school to advantage the purposes of a school paper which we believe are: To publish news and articles by and about the school and students, to more closely connect the students with the school, to make known the students and their abilities, to honor worthy students, to encourage our talented students and artists, to enable students to express their sentiments, and to bring about a more thorough and better understanding between the teachers and the students. We hope that the Staff of next year will take up the work of the present staff and continue to lead this innovation on the road of success. Fifty-nine THE CAULDRON THE ETIQUETTE CLUB li! The formation of the Etiquette Club introduced into our school various social characteristics which aimed to teach the students the value and use of manners, politeness, introductions, accepting invitations, etc. The membership of the Etiquette Club has had for its first year an exceedf ingly large numher of members, in fact, it had nearly the largest membership than did any of the other clubs. During the year of 192829, the Etiquette Club presented four chapel prof grams. These chapel programs were all very interesting, and some of these presentaf tions were among the best to be presented. The members of the Etiquette Club very enthusiastically supported the various other social functions of the high school. President f Frank Healy VicefPresident f Anthony Uhar Secretary f Alphonse Welshon Treasurer f f f Sara Healy Sixty THE CAULDRGN ...... BOYS' OUTDOOR CLUB The Boys' Outdoor Club was organized about a month after school reopened in 1928. The purpose of this club is to learn about plants, insects, and animals, their habits, their modes of life, and where they are most prevalent, The sponsor did much to aid the members, by telling, and explaining many things to them, and taking them on hikes. Three assembly programs were given by the members of the club. The first one was very amusing, keeping the audience in an uproar the majority of the time. But then, who wouldn't laugh when hfteen boys crawled out ot a two-byfliour tcntf' General hiking experiences were shown and aid was given immediately. The program was a great success. The second program consisted mainly ol' dialogue given by two outstanding members of the club. The third program was quite an assortment, indeed. lt consisted of songs, dialogues, and monologues. The Boys' Outdoor Club has enjoyed a happy year of many interesting meet' ings which were beneficial to all. The officers for the year: President f f James Puglisi VicefPresident Addison Lowry Secretary f f john Becker Sixty-one THE CAULDRON GIRLS' WELFARE CLUB Iii This was one of the new cluhs organized this year. The purpose of the Girls' Welfzire Cluh is: Study and discuss those problems of the greatest importance to girls, which seems to have it place in the regular high school course. Important topics were discussed at meetings. They were: Principles of friendships, personal attractions, social customs, the woman citizen, occupations open to women and perf sistcnt qualities required for each. During the last semester, two onefaet plays, "Sing a Song of Seniors" and "Meri Not WElllfCd,l! were presented in assemhly. President f Lenorzi Thompson Viceflyresident Frances Thompson Secretary f f Anna Fritzky Treasurer Matilda Castorina Sponsor f Miss Wilds Sixty-two 'THE CAULDRON THE FRESHMAN SOPHOMORE LITERARY CLUB Dif The FTCSllI11ilI1'St1IWllUll10l'L' Literary Cluh was UI'gjLlI1l.ICLl shortly alter sehool opened in 1978. The purpose of this eluh is to realel, tliseuss :intl Lll'llIDLllil',L' re.ulings, plays, dialogues, and impersonate various ehalrzleteristie persongiges. Short stories hy Vxfnshineton Irving, and plays, chiefly those hy Booth T.irkington, have heen read .intl diseussed. The memhers were highly heneiited hy their memhership in this eluh, and lezlrneul to appear in public progriuns without fiilteringl. Three zissenihly programs were given hy the inenihers ol this eluh, .ill eli4u'aieLers heing Freshmen .intl Sophomores. The three prograuns were: The Armisf tiee Progrinn, Station YYYY, and Eli:Q1heth's Young Mun. These were all found to he very interesting. President f Violet lvlurhruner Vieeflyresitlent. Aurelio Guilioli Secretary f Ruth Rhodes Sponsors Miss Reeher Mr. -I. E. Browne Sixty-three ....... DEBATING TEAMS Jif For the first time in the history of the school, Arnold has organized dehating teams. Only juniors and Seniors were given a chance to try for positions, Eliminaf tions were made until one team was picked from each class, Then in Chapel, these two teams dehatcd and the most promising individuals were picked for the varsity. The results were: the ailirmative team was composed of Lihhye Horwitz and Harry Vifolosyn, with Pauline Moore as alternateg and the negative team consisted of Antoinette Salvatore and Frank Healy, with Myron Gehr as alternate. Miss Reeher had charge of the affirmative team and Miss -lay had the negative, The teams dehated with Norwin, Sewickley, Jeanette, and Parnassus High Schools, respectively. Although the Arnold teams were somewhat handicapped hecause of the newness of the venture, they made a very good showing against each of the teams with which they debated. Wheii the dehates were over, each memher of the teams was presented with a scholastic letter which was well deserved. qf.l'f4lf-flllfl' THE CAULDRUN i 4 JUNIOR CLASS PLAY On February 8 the juniors gave their class play, "Apple Blcssom Time," in the high school auditorium. "Apple Blossom Time" is a comedy in three acts, the setting of which is in the small village of Benton. The usual small town characters and small town cat- tiness are present. Betty Ann Steward, the heroine of the play, is a little whirlwind straight from Sunshine Alley. She is placed under the guardianship of a Mr. Clark, but incidently, Bob Matthews, the dashing hero, is introduced as Mr. Clark by his very good friend Charlie Lawrence in order to save Bob from the clutches of the town constable, Cal Pickens. Bob has become so very much excited at the thought of marrying a society girl who was very distasteful that quite by mistake he had taken her father's car instead of his own and is in fear of being arrested any minute. Being guardian of Betty Ann is anything but an easy job, and, to spite her, Bob pretends to play up to Loretta Harris, a very pretty girl. It all turns out well in the end-from the vanquishing of thc villainess of thc play, who happens to be Mrs. Forrest, to the engagement of Bob and Betty Ann, and the engagement of Charlie Lawrence and Nancy Prescott. The comedy of the play is furnished by the onefsided lovc affair of Polly Biddle and the town constable, the simpering of Annabell Spriggins, the village old maid, and the activities of Mickey Maguire and his friend Spud McClosky who both love Malvina Kurtz, the girl who thinks she has HIT." The play was well acted and well received. Everyone admitted that the juniors were to be congratulated on their play, "Apple Blossom Time." CAST Bob Matthews f f f Charles Foti Charlie Lawrence f f - jack Slomoff Spud McClosky ffff jack Scott Mickey Maguire f f Anthony Uhar Cal Pickens f f Harry Vxfolosynovitz Betty Ann Stewart f f Emma Resh Nancy Prescott ffff julia Laitos Loretta Harris f Ruby Schrecongost Polly Biddle fff-f Ruth Cohen Malvina Kurtz f f M. M. Herrington Mrs. Forrest f f Adeline Jacobus Annabell Spriggins f f Olga Fritzky Sixty-five MISCELLANEOUS PROGRAM Various types of high school talent were displayed in the Miscellaneous Program of March 4. This program should be established as an annual activity, for this year's effort shows that it ranks well with the other entertainments. The program consisted of the following: Three selections by the orchestra. Three songs by the boys' glee club. ' A dialogue by girls. Three songs by the Girls' Glee Club. Two violin solos. A dialogue by boys. A selection by the Girls' Glee Club and the Orchestra. Spanish Dance. The program was capped by a spooky, one'act play, L'The Ghost Story." Jif OPERETTA The operetta selected this year was, "The Gypsy Rover." It was given on Friday evening April 5, 1929 by the Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs. It was a story of love in a gypsy camp between a gypsy lad and a society woman of London. The orchestra accompanied the operetta this year for the Hrst time. It was a success in all respects. Rob ffffff- Jack Slomoff Lord Craven -fff Cyrus George Sir George f f John Dubrosky Marto f f f f Maynard Bushnell Meg - f f f f Myra King Zara f f f f f Edith Santore Sinfo f f f Fred Hamilton Sir Toby Lyon f f Ben Slomoff Nina ffffff Theresa Astorina Captain Jerome f f Anthony Uhar Sir Francis f f f George Thompson Valet ffff f f jack Hunger Lady Constance f f Helen Laughlin lit SENIOR CLASS PLAY "Clarence," a comedy in four acts, by Booth Tarkinton was selected as the Senior Class Play. After the war, a soldier applies for a position in the Wheeler home. While in the ollice he learns much of the intimate affairs of the Wheeler home. He is taken into the home as an assistant secretary to Mr. Wheeler. While there, four love plots develop between Clarence and the different women of the household. This makes the men folk jealous and the fun begins. However, every' thing ends well, when the lovers find their mates. Clarence Smith Bobby Wheeler Mr. Wheeler - Mr. Hubert Stem Dinwiddie f f Sixty-six CAST f f f Louise Almasy Frank De Felices f Frank Healy f f f Robert Stach f james Puglisi Violet Pinney f f f Libbye Horwitz Cora Wheeler f-ff Rilla Mullica Mrs. Wheeler f Antoinette Salvato: Mrs. Martyn f Emma Grace Twyford Della fffff Murial Johnston THE CAULDRQN 1 Sixty-seven THE CAULDRON Sgikciicisf' WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF: lit Alphonse Welshcn wasn't talking to Mary Chiano. Harold Barrett wasn't late for school. Ernestine Resh had straight hair. Louise Tannas wasn't friendly. William Higgins reduced. Frank Lafaloni didn't talk so loud. Louis Almasy didn't play a violin. Helen Taraba didn't study commercial law. Edel Pfeiffer didn't have red hair. Eleanor Rogers didn't chew gum. Frank De Felices behaved himself. Jane Potts was loud. Antoinette Salvatore didn't study Latin. Faye Boyer didn't have a "date" Libbye Horwitz would quit talking. Ava Luke cut off her curls. Alfonce Carroll wouldnlt kid the girls. Lavenia Elder couldn't read French. Frances Thompson was tall. Muriel Johnston wasn't smiling. Emma Scaries became a flapper. Matilda Castorina didn't work at the Arnold Star. Tony Kutylo couldn't draw cartoons. Anna Fritzky wasn't quiet. Maynard Bushnell didn't take things so seriously. Dorothy Dodds didn't wear glases. Rilla Mullica didn't talk in study halls. Frank Healy wasn't in a hurry. Emma Grace Twyford quit saying, "Hey, Kiddo!" Harry Weimer didn't think himself important. Anthony Pituch would talk to the girls. Elmer Tusing didn't sell papers. Robert Stach wasn't ambitious. james Puglisi didn't disagree in Economics class. Mitchell Moxon wasn't manager of the boys' bask Miss Wilds would quit posing. I Mr. Laufe wasn't scolding someone. Mr. Browne didn't look important. Miss Jay was in a hurry. Miss Cypher didn't dictate fast. Miss Hankey wouldn't be forgiving. Miss Crim didn't make a hit with the Miss Reeher forgot her Latin rules. boys. Sixty-eight etball team GQ .... ., 2 Gu ...-.. ya ,u ya M .....-. .. E ,Eng A.M. P.M. S 8: :00 15 8:30 9:00 10:00 10: 15 10:30 11:00 11:45 11:46 11. 55 11:59 12:10 12:20 12:40 2:00 240 3:00 3:30 4:00 4:45 5.30 6:30 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:30 11:00 11: 12 30 :00 A SCHOOL DAY iii That distant call, "Time to get up." Piling out. Everyone rushing except Harold Barrett, who has just arisen. All present? Let's begin. Cy George and William Calderini begin work. Almost everyone is awake. All is well-everybody has settled down to earnest work. Seniors wish Economics class was over. Work is abandoned. james Hartnett combs his flaming locks. Grand rush to cloak room begins. Everybody in line. One, two, one, two. Umfmfm-everybody filling up. Shieks applying Hair Groom and Stacomb. Girls peep in their mirrors. Journey back to school. Mr. Laufe bawls out the whole study hall. Rush to fountains. Getting tired? It won't be long now! Plans being made for the evening. Free again. Alfonce still in school working on the Broadcaster. Depleting the family funds. Weimer starts to get ready for 8 o'clock date. The rest of us prepare. The Liberty does a great business. Freshies are nova in Dreamland. Homeward bound. Everybody studying. QBelieve it??j Study is given up. Another day ended. Sixty-nine THE CAUT-DRON Destiny Hobby Characteristic 6 Nam fl: eb 4 ra D H' 'fl A. S I -'Q p,s..x-21-g,,x.. Il .- svmsax C'-544+-'+A SE I' I-.2 U CI' 81' 4.2 vwfii W 22-.ons-2x-E,':',,cuw In H555E25-235252555-3-552222Uwe'3ifrEe+325eE SzUzuhdevmwfddsfnwsw-safe.sfwwzoasw QQSUQQS imggqgujEQZAEEESQQHEQBOQEQE : -. "' 2 5: 5 :f... : fn: -:: . E1EE0Q5gEEE 25EQ2552o2iS2me2O25:-ga fgisimiivf25525U2a22222222E29222522 502- 2mn.QD12?252O2252g22g52O222222:22 :Q:E:5:o::'g:g:V?::2'g'::gg:':gug: 222' E15 Q3QE5E'EE' - 55025 EEUEE '2 55552 2.2 g-Lf.. 'EE' Qffiz: 2 .2 LI g'Q52 55555 .5. 522 ,22, 2-555 EEUEJI 2125. 'EE'g5E:2 25:.:,5:.5:-55EZE.225d5E 5---:'5I., ::3"'El:52",:I::C2:1 QE,-Q55:ga2z.22ggE2s15gsjje2 52.3.3222 --+-:.0uo2:2E2rEE,v.'522E.1..E1ErE'-'5:5 ''c:DD2:--::--""'2:-w"':4-'-:2:2':--:- '-2 'g":5'l" :-5 :B"'::"V"::bD Lingo:-ww-EbgD:?:02DEDcowgD .goal-gD?:DEoDbbw,E 2,55-5'SEE33-gbzlg5..E.E'E20.2533-5.,s.E3,E2'2.'3.E2"S?g5.5.5.5-c 3g::'a'-E'5,27,,-533-3'gZ0?Qc:'5J22w3.ZE35 i'i,5'5'U225Q,:v2n.,EQD mga 9 ,U--.,...u,,w:sg -DQS-MH wommogvxgrmd QQQQ5QQ3QQQwQ4Mw3Q5iQQEHEQHSQQWMHHQ 235 .2 EEE 25 53231 55532 22525225224 5U21i552.5E2.25iJ55i5.5.55i55EE5EE3 555 32222E255223E5EiJ525J5ifi5g55iE '2dm5d555wi5!5532mOH2U2HEB5E2 655 gsaeoigcagsiggggopcogsiumeauiysggig -.o,4,,,..::0 ::..c:: ,Q-,:evg,,5..,-,O5::O...::.2u.E:1oaoU.:: 2. A-Q, QHQQHQSQQZQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQHQSQSQSZQQ H155 ,22 5 EE A505 , 2 22555 ,222, 252 5555 5fiQ55i55..52iE2E555Z2E5 2252552252 E52 555515552 5 5555O5E5522f:C25Am5 2625555525255 256952522 2152-22252521 55"Z5 gE.,l.,1:IE2 :O IU5 11230 5 : 2 Ig 2f",.n5OOO39' 2 501:15 2 ...u:f1J:Cl2p..qjqg"2P'-'Z 2-wwf 2.-: 'Aww 942.1-5 I-1: adm 2w3 mmg ,U mOOmwmM:wmQM,mQq4E3wQm3U 5452425504522 5a:55gmS52gv553g5iCgE25?-WMQ 55125 F'-7 L!-lu.. LI-I ,.1 E-'LU Q H034 .U-I 9.. E V? ,,,QOl-z...,.Ml-Dftq -I-,Dwmm 3.44m wuz,-I Q3 OHMQ-Quad PH5gff2EOmZFQ2 QQQZZIQEMP mm Q QEAH H Z M m PH H P wDgHzmM, ADQmfP zzmm A H Q2 frm 2 Z O 2 Lu 43 Z -1043-HC Z 2-If E525fc5in'C222E92mE'?E'f22mfc'i'ifc22:m3::EEE"2fcE92fc22T'2 THE CAULDRON WALKING DRUG STORE ADVERTISEMENTS DOROTHY DODDS FRANK HEALY - LIBBYE HORWITZ FAYE BOYER f f RILLA MULLICA f MATILDA CASTORINA f AVA LUKE f f HARRY XVEIMER f MAYNARD BUSHNELL f MITCHELL MOXON ANTHONY KUTYLO HELEN TARABA 1 EMMA SCARIES f ELEANOR ROGERS FRANCIS THOMPSON EMMA GRACE TWYFORD f f f Lip Stick Shaving Cream f Tooth Paste - Peroxide f Rouge f Nail Polish f Curling Liquid - Page's Beauty Clay f f Vick's Salve f Hair Tonic f Stacomb f Face Powder f Palmolive Soap f Compact Eyebrow Pencil f f Cutex FAMOUS BOOKS BY FAMOUS AUTHORS OnefArm Driver f Witty Sayings f f The Silent Youth f f BOB STACH ERNESTINE RESH ANTHONY PITUCH How To Speak Before An Audience HAROLD BARRETT The Man Hater ffff f ANNA FRITZKY The Woman Hater f f ELMER TUSING Mistress of the House - LOUISE TANNAS How to Become an Editor f ALFONCE CARROLL Increasing Your Height f LOUIS ALMASY Naughty Little Boy f FRANK DE FELICES Mortician's Handbook WILLIAM HIGGINS Smiling Through f MURIEL JOHNSTON Football First Aid f FRANK LANFALONI Cultivating Red Hair f EDEL PFEIFFER The Interested Guest f f LAVINIA ELDER How to Attract the Boys f f JANE POTTS The Work of the President f f f f JAMES PUGLISI Latin Simpliied f - f f ANTOINETTE SALVATOR Athletic Al f f f - ALPHONSE WELSHON Seventy-one THE CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY SIX The class of nineteen hundred and twentyfsix presented to Arnold High School the second volume of the Cauldron dedicated to the retiring supervising principal, Mr. D. F. Detter, with Alyce Machen as editorfin-chief. The Girl Reserve Club was continued very successfully under the president, Annabelle Wakefield. Under the leadership of this class many helpful clubs were organized, The Science Club, the Art Club, the Dramatic Clubs, the Travel Club and many cthers. The class play entitled "Little Miss jack" was staged. lit THE CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY-SEVEN The class of nineteen hundred and twentyfseven presented to Arnold High School the third volume of the Cauldron, dedicated to Ivlr. Hugh H. Rogers under the eclitorship of Herman Marini. They also presented a very delightful football banquet to the stars of the year. Under the leadership of this class the first orchestra was produced, a distinguished organization of Arnold High School. The class of nineteen hundred and twenty-seven presented "Cyclone Sally" as their class play. Di! THE CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY-EIGHT The class of nineteen hundred and twentyfeight presented to Arnold High School the fourth volume of the Cauldron, dedicated to Mr. Hilary L. Holste, under the editorship of Mildred Wilds. Through their efforts they obtained a great im- provement in the cover, style, arrangement, and general appearance of the book. Several scholarships were awarded through the efforts of Mr. Thomas V. Kelly. The class presented the threefact comedy, "Anne, What's Her Name" on April 27. Seventy-two THE CAULDRON INSTRUCTIONS FOR A FIRE DRILL When the bell for a ire drill rings each one must sit in his seat until told to get up. If you are a Senior, form quickly in line, march to the stairs, and if you are a boy, run down at full speed, if a girl, go slowly and scream on every step. If you are a Junior, do the same. On reaching the ground do not keep in line, and if you desire, go down town and spend the rest of the day. If you are a Sophomore, make a grand rush for the door and push everyone before you. If you are a Freshie just sit still for you are too green to burn. ADVICE TO THE NEEDY Note: Please enclose a twofcent stamp to cover cost of handling, postage, bookkeep' ing, typing, paper, ink, pencils, freight, express, war tax, advice, etc. In this department, Mr. Bairfax will attempt to solve and help you with all your problems. State your problem clearly and explicitly. Dear Mr. Bairfax: I am a young girl, sixty inches in height, and I weight one hundred and twenty pounds, and wear size seven slippers and have brown eyes with hair and shoes to match. My problem is as follows: Every time I pass someone they stop. look and then giggle at me. I'm goodflooking fmy own sentimentsj and this happened so often that it is annoying me and it is making me selffconscious. Please advise me what to do. Sincerely, Venice Deemilo Dear Miss for Mrs.j Deemi-lo: I read' your problem over carefully and am offering you the following advice: When you get up in the morning the first thing to do is to get a regular sized basing fill it with water, get a cake of soap, a brush, and a towel. Then place the brush and soap in the waterg rub the soap on the brush and gently apply to the neck. Gently rub the neck for five minutes and rince thoroughly. Next take the towel and dry your neck. Do this every morning and every time you go out, and you will not be troubled by this any more. To the Right Honorable and Very Dear Mr. Bairfax: I am a young fellow and am very much in love with a girl of my own age. My trouble is this: The other day when I visited her home we had a quarrel and now she won't even speak to me.' What shall I do? I'm so worried. Blue Boy Dear Little Boy Blue: Worried? Over what? You shouldn't feel worriedg you should congratulate youself. Don't you know when a young couple quarrel it's a sign that they're in love? Send her a box of candy, or, better yet, buy her a limousine. Dear Mr. Bairfaxo: Recently I heerd, QI tink I read it in your departmentoj that fish was brain food. Please advise me how much fish to eat. Breinz Seventy-three THE CAULDRON QCorrespondent will please note the spelling of my name in future letters, and use the dictionary for better purposes, Dear Mr. Breinz: No, you didn't read it in my department. As for advice, I'd advise you to eat a couple of whales today. iii A LUDICROUS EXPLANATION A clergyman, anxious to introduce some new hymn books, directed the clerk to give out notice in church in regard to them immediately after the sermon. The clerk, however, had a notice of his own to give with reference to the baptism of infants. Accordingly, at the close of the sermon, he announced: "All those who have children they wish baptised, please send in their names at once." The clergy' man, who was deaf, supposing that the clerk was giving out the hymnfbook notice, immediately arose and said: "And I want to say for the benefit of those who haven't any, that they may be obtained from me any day between three and four o'clockg the ordinary little ones at fifteen cents, and special ones with red backs at twentyffive cents each." Ji! THE THREE DUDES Three dudes were walking along the street one morning, and met an aged, decrepit minister, with long white hair and beard. Desiring to poke fun at the old man, the first called out, "Hello, Father Abraham." The second said, L'Hello, Father Isaac," and the third chimed in, "Hello, Father Jacob." The minister seeing the situation, and likewise using' Scripture, quietly replied. "I am neither Abraham, nor Isaac, nor jacob, but Saul, the son of Kish, who went forth to hunt his father's asses, and behold I have found them." iii LITERAL OBEDIENCE A young teacher who graduated from a normal school last June, was asked one day last week to substitute in a higher grade than her own. She was a little nervous over the temporary promotion, and was anxious that everything should go off in the usual good order. While instructing the class in composition, she said: "Now, children, don't attempt any flights of fancy. Don't try to imitate the things you have heard, but just be yourselves and write what is really in you." As ia result of this advice, one little boy turned in the following composition: "I ain't goin' to attempt no flite of fancy, I'm just goin' to write what's in me, and I got -a hart, a liver, two lungs, and some other things like thatg then I got a stummick, and it's got a pickle, a piece of pie, two sticks of peppermint candy, and my dinner." ,Seventy-four THE CAULDRON P"',-QX fnnn V lj! xxrkmv Advertisements -- 'THE CAULDRON IZZY-Where have I seen your face before? Ruth Cohen-The same place you see it now. JTC Holste fto Higginsj-Your work is falling down, and if you want to pick it up, you had better step on it. lit A Senior stood on the railroad track, The train was coming fast, The train got off the railroad track, To let the Senior pass. Ji! A certain teacher in Arnold High School had a great deal of trouble making one of the fellows understand his lesson. Finally he succeeded, and, drawing a long breath, remarked, "If it wasn't for me, you'd be the biggest donkey in school." lit Muriel-I wonder if it is true that the length of a boy's arm is equal to the circumference of a girl's waist? Tony K. ffuriously redj-Let's get a string and measure. lit Miss Reeher fin English class,-Give me a sence containing two clauses illustrating - cause and effect. Promising Young FreshiegA fellow kissed a girl and she slapped him. Ji! Found in a newspaper advertisement: "I used your soap forty years ago and haven't used any other since." Iii Miss Wilds fin arithmetic classl-The two boys in the front seats had all the problems correct. - Ji! "Cossie"-Good teamwork. Faye-Do you -think ignorance is bliss? Tiny-Well, you look happy. Dif ALL SETTLED Tramp-Please, ma'am, have you any dinner for a hungry man? Lady-Yes f f and he'll be home at twelve to eat it. fif , SIMPLE SOLUTION Query-How can I avoid falling hair? Answer-Jump out from under it. Ji! Lois Slocum-Where were you last night? Albert Bianco-Visiting a mind reader. Lois-He must have enjoyed his vacation. Seven ty-Six ' THE CAULDRON 'l"-IH-w:-u:-uu-..-E.-..- .... -.m-......,..-.....- .......-...-1.-.,.-.I.-..-..--n----u--un-u- - -Il-'li' ! T 1 V 1 ! P OR OVER IHIRTY YEARS I I This store has led the Way in ! QUALITY, SERVICE AND VALUE And rightly merits the name of '34 LLEGHENT VALLETS GREATEST DEPARTMENT STORE" i 1 1 WAINWRIGHT'S 2 i I 940-950 FOURTH AVE. NEW KENSINGTON, PA. i dm.,,M,-,,-,,-,,-,,-,,-.,-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-,,,1 1 - G R E E T I N G S! i GREETINGS!--T0 THE SENIORS OF CLASS 1929 T0 THE SENIORS OF CLASS 1929 i Wie want to greet you in the true, neighborly spirit of Com- maraderie-to take our place side by side with you-in initiative, forethought and faith. From ambitious youngsters you have arrived full grown with ideals high, and with an unsevering aim to supreme attainment--you have achieved your cherished goal. But the end is not yet-for like the far horizon that ever re- - cedes, your endeavors, your plans must aim higher with every accom- plishnlent-we hope you will never be satisfied with fixed standards- I that each tomorrow shall see higher and yet higher attainments. I We congratulate you--and wish you sucrvss in your new undertakings I i . . . THE, . . . SU WL ' I ' LEADING READY-JTO-WEAR sToR ,,..-..-..q.-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-,.-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-., .... ..-E 'THE CAULDRON 'f"-"'-''-''-"'-"-"'-"-"'-"'-"'-""-"-"'-"-""-""-"'-"-"-"-"-"-"-"-"-"""'-"' l Q Metropolltau Llfe Insurance Co. GEORGE L. KATZ, Manager S GXDIXQZO l i SEEOURRATES l BEFQREINSURING ! l g QIWIXCX9 Q LOGAN TRUST BANK BUILDING l 5 Room 611 Phone 766 i E 1nninlllu1ulllil1nil-llrllvllvlllrlIilIinxllliIlllI1lllllll-1lIll1lllTll1'lll"-lll"ll'1ll'TlllllTIITIITUI Try-JOHNSTON'S HARDWARE CO.--For I Fine Tools, XX Century Furnaces, Roofing l -and- s Devoe Paints, Sheet Metal Work, Repair Work I JOHNSTONQS HARDWARE COMPANY 2 Phone 1430 NEW KENSINGTON, PA. -Hn-M-W-,,-,,-,,,,,-,,-,,-,,-,.,...-..-....,...n...-..-..............-........-..-......-..- 1 l ! WEST PENN MIRROR j GEORGE BROS- 34 C0- ! AND Gl.AssCo. 1 FLORISTS 2 334 11TH STREET 1 Bell Phone 23 i Pham, 2232 5 Next Door to Liberty Theatre 1 PLATE GLASS AUTo GLASS 1 New Kensington, PH- L MIRRORS FLOWERS and PLANTS e Beveling, Grinding and Polishing I Fresh from our Own Greenhouse 2 Old Mirrors Made New 15.000 Feet of Glass ! . .9 ,.-..-...-..-...-......-...-......-.........-...............u.-...-..-..-...-...-........-..-..-..-..-..- el. '5v--uu--n-.--u--..--.--u-.m-n--ln-vm-u--.1-nl------u-nu---1--1-----nn-un-an-uu--u----nn----llT I GIVE YOUR CAR A TREAT! I I That Car of yours will Run Better and Last Much Longer if it is Properly Lubricated and the Oil Changed Every 'SOO Miles. I We Use Only the Best of Materials and Will Guarantee the I Finest Kind of Work. : : : : : : z I I I WE KNOW Hovv 3 I Let Us Do Your I WASHING, GREASING AND SIMONIZING, AND SURPRisE THE CAR! 2 I I I I 5 KR I EG E RS 1 I i i i BARNES ST., Next to Post Office New Kensington 760 ! . -: QUALITY SERVICE PRICE i I I ! I Shaners Pharmacy i 1 I Sous Disriuisuroias or I : Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein Beauty Preparation Yardley's Old English Toiletries. Houbigant and Coty's Perfumes Everything in the Toilet Goods Line I : CANDY-Whitmans, Norris, Maillards, Synthia Sweets, and Mary Lincoln Candies, 702 Pound I : I THE FINEST CHOCOLATE SODA MADE I : I Penn Cress Ice Cream--Most Delicious Meet Me in the Grill ! . .fm--an----un-u-un1nn1nn1-w1n--n-1uu1uu1un1'n-.n1nu1u.1 1.11.-1-1.1-iii-.ii1-U11-n--nina-un1nn-aol: THE CAULDRONTiE76 Qi i'TiElT1lZQ?iQ'2EfEQS'Q1QY"""""""T"W"""'f2IQE'Il5ilf'F77"'2' 5 E.E.DAUG-I-IERTY 5 5 J o B P R 1 N T 1 N G 3 i New Location-Cor. Ninth St. and Kenneth Ave., 4Rearl i i We Make A Specialty of i I i Wedding Invitations, Announcements, Calling Cards, Social Printing of all kinds i ! i E.Vl-XNAMERIGAN 3 I REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE I I AND MORTGAGES i McAllister Building Phone 1471 3014wifn1uiu1n1u1oi41101111111011 Cm 1 ini: 1 11 11 wiuiuiuiuiariuixriuiq ' 2 TIN AND COPPER ROOFING, SPOUTING, REPAIRING, HOT AIR HEATING i TANKS, STACKS, BUILPUP ROOFING Q Q COPPER and GALVANIZED IRON EAVETROUGH ! E CORNICE CONDUCTGRS VENTILATORS g I SKYLIGHT STEEL CEILING I E 3 g S. H. MEYER COMPANY ' I i 428 SEVENTEENTH STREET E Phone 28 ARNOLD, PA. . I I Q -IU11,1D4DCMIlQOQ0,0QllQllQll-UQ! al QIl,0QllQOQllQUQllQOQ1DUQUQUQ ' Q Alfonce-"Ain't wimmin awful?,' I i Tony-'lYeah, just when I had my sister's new shiek broken into giving I i me half dollars, she up and marries him!" i GXJIXQZD ' I Alfonce wants to know if they never have snow in California, where does ! I the Pacific Coast? I A GXJIILI3 I Barrett wants to know the difference betwieen a son of il gun and the pop Q I of a pistol. ! I c-sxmxafa I i wfhere is the guy I am laying for," remarked the hen as the farmer crossed i the road. i 0:010111101:mini:i:o1o1u1o1o1ni1o1 xiuioioioioiui 130111 ii I1 ni 114119-aio 9:01011vioio1n1o:o1an1n14 114vi:111xioinxioininiaxioioiwxioixriozoiuioiah """"""""""""""""""""' Q N5 ! Q 2 2 Q O : Q 2 2 5 Z Z 1-1 Q AQ' 'U I' m i Q X Z 55 V Q Q 5 5 E Z D E O J: C 3 5 3' t Z U3 pu C c 0 rn I H1 ! Z VU l W' H Q E2 i cn 3 '4 'L' ! Q ..,. --.,.. ...... - .!. E55 21011 1107011 101011 3 HOOVER CLEANERS AND RADIO I ihoioivisiriri 1:2101 1 :ini iris: irixiuiririririlirioiod 'U D' O 'J W Q - A 5 Q, A 33' fC F 'Q CEI 5 S P1 T 3' 5 gg: no ' H5 aa H his Z Q 526 .-F E3 50 in I K4 -1 QC 3110 25? Q 2 PU? 'fi zo Z O QQZQ OCD U21 30 cn HH CD 71 Smjg QS .UE QD 3 Q0 i3r4 'QW ""' 3-Q 22" H154 Z 5 3, 54 3 ' is S 2 S mm 5 r-I ,Tj R. E Q.. VW 5 5 cn 2' CD :J Y" "" W E' "0 Q THE CAULDRON I'-"--'----11----------f--I------MH-'-----n-n----------n---------M-M-H--'T' T THE COLUMBUS AMUSEMENT CO. L : OF NEW KENSINGTON ! T fThe Allegheny-Kiski Valley Amusement Centre! T -OPERATING-+- Q THE LIBERTY THE RITZ I The Home of Vitaphone Superior Stage Presentations I And Talking Movies And Star Screen Plays THE STATE I THE STRAND . Greatest Pictures-At Lowest Price St Run Action P13-YS E : -....-..-....-..-..-..-..-...-...-..-....-....-...- .- - -..-...-..........-..-..-..-..-...-........-..-...-I 4 I l . T MILLER BROTHERS l I ! : 4 BEAUTIFUL SHOES FOR THE GRADUATES l Q New Kensington's Largest Shoe Store ! I I i i 908 FIFTH AVE. NEW KENSINGTON, PA. gl "'1'"'W'1"1IVY"1ll1l'1ll1ll--Ili!!--ull--uuddnnd-annn-u:inpigIn1-1-g.....ypig.i.,,i.,1,,1,,,i,,,,,,,i E T Frank Lanfaloni-'GSay, stop spitting on the floor." , l Mitchell Moxon-"Why? Does it leak?" I T Mr. Holste-'6Y0ur recitation rtglggngf Quebec." I T ,lohn Becker-HHOW is tIl3t?I, T Ll Mr. Holste-alt is built on a blulff' T I Antoinette-'gIt's awful to he OPEITIQIIITJQT' T T Robert-HIt's worse to be young and broke." 1 i Weimer-"I love you." GXJIILZIB T T Jane-"Is this a proposal, promise, insinuation, threat, command, hint, T E exp.ostulatipn,? Enquiry, or just the first line to another of those ll , antique Jo es.' L -II-10-I'11I-II-II-II-In-un-rn-nu-nn-sun-wi-un-nn-.m-..-..-.......-.,..1..-.,.-,....,,,..,..,,,,,- i T Best Wi.shes to Seniors of 1929 Phone 1696 2 l l . 3 Q THE ERWIN PRINTING COMPANY E ' : I i "PRINTING WITI-I SERVICEM I i Printers of Catalogues, T 5 School Annuals Booklet , Fold rs, I and all kinds of 912 Colors Work,e T I School Printing Stationery, Etc. i 1 NEW KENSINGTON, PA. l t OiIl1ll1ll1n-uni:I:-uIininn-an1nn1ln1ln1nu-nlinnzln-':n+:lW-:l- 7: ': Yisfxn--In-al4:ln-sane-anis THE CAULDRON Q'vnioioioioinioinin10301011Iiuxoioiozoioioioimrioiuiuioxuininiwp I BUSINESS DEIVIANDS TRAINING I Q The well-trained young man or young woman enjoys many advantages, g T over those who lack s ecific training, in salary increases and romotions i P U P i I DUFFS-IRON CITY COLLEGE T Over a eriod of 89 ears has been contributing to the realization : P Y ! I of that dream of success by ambitious and energetic youths - I For catalo or in ormntion, address: ! : 5 ! g THE REGISTRAR, 424 DUQUESNE WAY, PITTSBURGH S .1IQUQUQ1lQ4i20QllQllQUQUQfVQOD1YQUQ1'QCQiQ17.1YQ-1'all,0Q0a0a0DUQUQllQ g 1 - s sv,,m,M,.aV WHEN YOU BUILD NEW - OR REMODEL THE OLD i 59 G -' g ! i 'Q B' IN IST ON CERTIFIED MATERIAL . - . Vat 3 5 2 2 is as 3 I LOGAN LUMBER co. 5 NEW KENSINGTON TARENTUNI SPRINGDALE - I '14-UQUQUQC W M 1-13- QUQUQUDUQUQUQ IQ -0- QUQUQUQUQUQQY- i I Q g I ! Phone Atlantic 6335 Q i 'iii Iig I , .-A.-. : f' P ,-.- i 'fi'.2:,.f5.g:gg-mgf' .j. Q i I f- a ea aava I ! I i V.:1 uqu, s I Ap .1153 ! Q ' 'ii r '2" '11' f "" I.f.4 2 ' T T' ":i'. it McKowN-CARNES E ,J 'I - f , gi gf-gg Q COMPANY, INC. i . -L I u - i E' if XB : Q Q I LD 009 Q. ! j sgltexf fan ,f I g WHOLESALE I ! ,I cw' ,suv .ii ! STATIONERS I H NY I ucv ' : ' W A KWH. B35 Ck' ' . ! ' g av EOM 935,16 , N ' 1 A . ' I blwtcn whaccvf E 9' Q Q ,.I. 5 b'I' 5 V Goxgimc ' '15 SCHOOL SUPPLY DISTRIBUTOR Q ' I ,pq-H 1 the 5 - mC9t , ' ' 2 5' our equi? 95' T i Ysvhww -W I i V I A ,UI ma it 5 Q S , to - 3 I ! , M 5,. 909 Penn Avenue E ! LL - f,0zgsy,urSb Q D g 2 ,.,,, I X A g Pittsburgh, PB.. Q 5 I i I 0:01 Pl 1010201011 101 ri ri 11 1101010101 ri ri ri 1-I1 Ii 11111: 1 101010 Q' THE CAULDRON 0:001014xg.11.,gi1.t-wg.,-.1,103.-,..101.,.,.,103,-,,,103,1,,,,,,,,,,,1,,-,,,g.,g.,gw:Q Q ! Q Q 2 FRATERNITY, COLLEGE AND CLASS IEWELRT 2 CQMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS 5 AND INVITATIONS g Q - 3 CX9IIQ!'5 5 l lewelev to the Senior Class of E Arnold High School g CXNEQIB 2 Q Q g I.. G. BA1-FOUR COMPANY g 2 MANUFACTURING JEWELERS AND STATIONERS 5 2 ATTEBORO, MASS. - l 5 i i'Ei:1h,:::,m-lm, give me a sentence using the word 'Diademlf' -L-0.0-Q g Acopine-"People who drink booze diadem sight quicker than those Q S who don't." i ! Tony-"I don't get time to do aiihtpuliltfigw 5 g Cy-'LI can't he bothered either." Q GXJIILIB ' Reason Enough ! Q ! "I see the doctor's altending him again-what's he got ?" Q ! '4Money." Q GS,9IXl?D g Fred-L4What's that 'lectrician doin' overat the school?" Q i Ray-"Puttin' in a 'lectric switch." Q i' Fred-'fGreat schott! are they goin' to do the licking by 'lectricity now?" E 2 Compliments i COMPLIMENTS 3 ! ' i g SIMON SERVICE '-OF- - A Q STATION Q ' 2 Q Joi-IN C. DONAHER ! i l ' Q 4th Avenue 19th Street Q 1 ' 0:01 111rioioioilxioioioilrioioi 110111 7101 ri ri ri ri :ini ri 9101 xiuiovpzq 0.0 02010101011 14 101 xi 11 14 1 rioiuioioioi 1o101011v1o1ui4rioi0i 1102052 THE CAULDRON i i i Q ' Q C 0 m p lim e n t s l 2 1 E 0 f 5 5 Q Q The llmted States i - 4 5 Alummum Co. 5 5 5 5 2 Q Q 3 5 Q I Q Q g ! f 2 1111nic11Iicvimrioixuimricnioioioioioic vie viisirvimr1ar11v11u14ni1r11v1nx11r11v:e0:0 THE CAULDRON Oil 4131111 1 xoxox:nzozoioioioiozm111111111131111134111xg111o1031+1o1ogar3gv:4o:p Q MRS. JOSEPHINE BARNES RUSSELL ! TEACHER OF g i g PIANO AND ORGAN Q i ! Q STUDIQ:-1247 TAYLOR AVENUE S I - Q Phone 1232'R. NEW KENSINGTON, PA. l Q l Ray Johnson--ujoolie, l'll bet you just ten dollars l'll never marry you.', l i Julia Laitos-"ls that so! lvll take that bet and raise you five." Q i GXJIILIB I - Leffitoff took his wife and baby daughter to the Liberty one night. In a i Q while, the babyis howls raised some comment in the show, until the 3 usherette informed them that they must exit and have their money refunded. i Next night they attended the same theatre. After having seen the whole ! i show, Leffitolf muttered: i "Rosie, did you like the show?" i "No,,' she replied. Q - 6'Rosie, steek de in in de babyf, i P 1 111010: is 1101 11 i 3 FOR FINE CANDIES GET A BOX OF Q 11EYMER's-ATTHE g l 5 A R N o L D N E W S g i 1732 FIFTH AVENUE Phone 1518, . iWPMQ1DIPQI721PDUQUQ4VQUQUQUHUQUQUQOQUQUQ1lQUQCPQiPQilQOQl7QOQOC S ' How Careless , S An Englishman was showin an American around London, and each time l va g , i an interesting building was pointed out, the visitor said they had a i building in America much larger. Eventually they came to the 2 London Bridge. ' ! "What brid e is this?5' asked the American. g l "Well, I'l1 be hanged!" exclaimed the Englishman. 4'My boy has left Q his mecanno set out again!" g ! -0IFQ!.4PmlaUQO.1lQllQOQ1VQUQOQ:,l Q13-1YQPQOQ1li1PQOQOQllQUQOQOQOQ - c i 5 IDEAL CLEANING 5 STAR CREAMERY 5 Q COMPANY i COMPANY. INC. j ... ' x i 2 1730 FIFTH AVE. fV11L1fCEAPg?lEi1S3AM i 5 ARNOLD, PA. 5 Q ! Phone 1165 Q Phone 964 Q g 1240 FOURTH AVE. . I -WE CALL AND DELIVER- NEW KENSINGTON, PA. 2 i -x Qzoxxoiuioioiuioioitaioinioioicsinioi 1111101o10ioiu141ioi1xlnaicx1u1mu 4 .... 52-E-Y ....... , .2' ..... , 2 lI0l-nu-u:-uu-n--u--u--.m-un-m-----.m-...-.,.1....-..-..-, -un- i COMPLIMENTS OF I , i NEW KENSINGTON YELLOW CAB l : GSJUQZFJ i DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE i GXJXILID E PHONE 961 NEW KENSINGTON, PA. 2' 'AEQ"-515551EES!'H'if1EiQ2"E'1liQQ'2i-iQQE2liQfQ3'- - E A. C.ANDERSON I NEW KENSINGTON PA I , ' Distributor for the Celebrated--APEX CHOCOLATES I"'13"?'E"'5HE3?51If,IfTiiZ"'2LT"SHIPTi"'T'M''3""Z11"""""""' l. Hiigngillgl-"lElfhew, my hefiad achiiei tei',ribly."0l ery r one Q Dentist labsentlyj-'gYes, yes, I'l1 fill it in just a moment." GLDULID Tightwad-"See here, boy, what's all this you're yelling about--,bif swindle 160 victims? I don't see anything about it in this paper." Tusing--"Hey, read all about the big swinflleg 161 iyictimslw l,,:,,-,,..E.,:.-.,.,E.-..,:.- PITTSBURGH Sci-lool. OF AccouN1'ANcY NEW CLASSES NOW BEING FORMED Call, Write or Phone for Details Law and Finance Building 429 Fourth Avenue Atlantic 0923 , 'I' .-.Z .....::.,,....-.:E..-.i- - -E:.....4 . ! . 5 .lol-IN w. HUNGER i I JUSTICE OF THE PEACE 1 I REAL ESTATE I fl AND INSURANCE I E Prompt Adjustments 5 On All Losses l 5 Be a Booster for Arnold, Pa. I l Phone 245-J. NEW KENSINGTON, PA. 'I',..........-.,..............-..-..-..............- THE CAULDRON E V PQUQUDUQUDOQUYKPQDQ4IfPMlQOQOQ0a0,1l,0QOQOQl0E Q THE ROWAN SHOPPE Compliments of the ' fL'nexc'elled for Quality and Servicej Q i Plate Dinn S d ' h D ' k i Q Sodas afiiii S3:ci:lcSie1Siidaeign S Q A R N O L' D e 2 When-Hungry, Thirsty or g S H O E S T O R E 5 i Need Refreshed- i 6 i Try our appetizing Sundays e i i 964 FQURTH AVE. 1736 FIFTH AVENUE 2 ARNoLD, f f f PA. g NEW KENSINGTON, PA. 1 i ' i Q Mary-"You beastli' Alphonse-4'You animal trainer!" ' g Notice-"Haircuts-M off." g A oxnlorafo , i Adam-G'Honestly, honey, you're the first girl I've ever loved." l i Eve-"Gosh, you must think I don't realize it.', Q - C-Xjlllfb Q Employer-"I hope you don't sit and twiddle your thumbs when I'm not i in the office. - ' oxpuafo I E Frank De Felices had just fallen down the school stairs: i E Mr. Laufe-"Did you get hurt?" i K Ff3Dk-AGNO-'-is i Q Mr. Laufe-G'Too bad." i l 0i1vio1o3lxioioi1riuiln1 iniriuioioiluilxioilrioioif14201 11101011 V Q Phone, N. K. 1959. Phone 9859 l 2 2 - ! I ZoRENA's Q SAM MARINO Q - HARDWARE STORE SHOE REBUILDER Q g PETE ZORENA, PROP. ' g ! The Only Model Shoe Rebuilding Q Q HARDWARE, sTovEs ! Shop in the Valley ! G l AND TINWARE Work Done While You Wait Q 2 1623 Fifth Avenue 5 986 Sth Ave., New Kensington, Pa. g E 'UQUQC QIPDUQUDUGUQDHOQUQQIQUQI5,021lQOQUQOaUQOQ0,U,UQlDUQUQ1PQUQI 5 I I I THIRTT 'YEARS OE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Q g THE ARNOLD DRUG STORE 5 2 Established 1898 A i 2 1707 FIFTH AVENUE ARNOLD, PA. j arm:uil114mil111linioioinioinioi was ri nic io: li 11 liuioiuiuioiwvioinxm 0:0 05,14 o rioinggi 11111 I Q4 D 111 1 I 14 3 10101 01 ,1 PQ 11 11 1 ,14 fini, Q1 PM 'gn b nj' .b1n1"I"3"1'vi1x14x:o1o14r:c W E: V ! xioinjgxt ,191 5 2 V' G ! ! U1o1o1cv11s1z,jq,1014,j4,I4 ' 5 W C 0 g H 2 H ! he ' F11 g i 3 2 ' S '11 I Q Z FU 2 Q C N L I vz 7 ' X z D' W - I C "I O 3 O Z O : F W '11 D ' rn D m I S g 1 r H P rv Q ,P P-I 'V ITI O 'U - -1 71 ' ' 'TJ 1 ,jj v1 :U :U T I F11 ' E1 2 Z X 5, O EY ! D' F3 H I ! ,Q 2 2 5 4 O - 5? I C ' 2 Q 5' '11 P 7:3 : "U Q JP ' z rn 5 ' 4 U1 rv Q ,P Pm -1- 5s5ff1s?!m2 Q bf Q ' 'Q 5 U' U3 E 01010101 110111101014 I E Q- i m PU 1 8 ! hq 1010101 : x Q 0 E U o1ni4x:4,j4,g0tujm M Q us U Q :AJ ! m 3, f:sfpgQ gwrkqw I Q' CF Q QQWQJ! .. 2 sm Q '1 E :ff1Q'4 ! O . Q Q. s- M CJ :rg I ! f - 3, r' r - rv- F UQ 1 -5 m 3 E wi is Q 5 2 1 2' Q Q - I 111 P? I 2 - Q ... N p-1 Q - :Q cn -. .. 5 fr :K Q --. 'I 0 :- 2' I" ' Q --P' : 5 E : Q Z- 3 ' I Z I U-1 0 Q . V' -- : "1 1 " 'A C U FU Q - U 35 an 2 'N 3 ?' U7 rn 2 l U "I 1 5. .21 Q, .. Q' 5- l Q Z N I Ln ' Po -I I 5 2 Eli 4 5' 1 Q : EP Q j 3' Q ' Q Q m 'J ... 5 5 " S vs ii O : W Q 'Q' l 5 111 s- 5-Y s E g DP rn P ': Q 41 0 ! Z 1 -1- Q TC: Q M' 3 Q., Q3 E 5 Z 3 i U1 Q 'eg' 1: 1 , E v W Q 2 i af ,.. O g -5 Wa: Q E Q I Z rn l vw -ri U - 'I 3 QE: P S, m Q 2 i Z : m Q 'A 5:3 2 E gf I Q P Q O l 1'-:nf C - - l" Q' ! 59 g .U O Qorxopqiuz 3 U PU O n101mrg4,j,,11,:.,1n:4 " :: . E Q n1f:101+lIv:c114,1,,1,,i1,11,g',1 5 P Q zrj4x11:1f111rCn1cx11rI1rj4xg,,Lt ,101 g 4 r1c,1f,1,,1h..i' THE oAULDRoN A Qio"'i0ioiuiom4 me icuii114121xi:111xicxmnmiaicbivifnixvlicicmqrianifvlvixloi i Compliments of I . Q V. A. PUGISI 8: SONS 2 MEATS, GROCERIES, EGGS AND PRODUCE i 2 MY0111' Satisfaction is Our Successn 2 Q Two STORES: Q 1203 Victoria Avenue 1750 Freeport Road l Q Phone 764 Phone 1593fR. 2 i 9"34'i0i1vi1rio1:1immi:nio1oi4ri41:4vimri:111111rinwilrioioioioinioillillilfi Y l Wakeheld-L'Let's all give a big cheer. What do you want?" Q i Five Seniors-s'Wimminl Wimminl Wimmin! Q I 4Note-Names of Seniorzggrgglgla on request.-Editorj. Q Q Ernie-"I just bought a nickel eraser." Q Rill-1-"Oh, I should think a rubber one would be much betterfl l GX,.9lI .fb i Faye-L4Well, how did you find the orchestra?" l Q Pug-'4Louis Almasy stepped aside and thegg it was." F-Xjll' L ' Q Izzy-4'Papa, vat is science?" 3 knife l Papa-"My, how could you be so dumb? Science is dosextings vat says, Q g 'No Smoking'." g E ! l IQQIQDQYIQYH i Q Bell Phone 1240-R g i . . l EUWER BROS l Q 85 CQMPANY 2 Joi-IN FEDAN 8: CO. 3 I - 1 Q 2 g CQMPLETE E HARDWARE Q 5 HOME PURNISHERS Q AND FURNITURE i 1 1 I i Our SP1-ing Line of Q Stoves, Cas Ranges, Furnaces 3 I FURNITURE RUG Q Linoleum, Rugs, Beds, - i 9 S, 1 Springs and Mattresses l 1 STOVES, Etc. 1 Paint, Glass S Q Are At Their Best Q i i Plumbing and Heating Q Q M aytng Electric Washers Q Q Visitors Welcome - g l l - 3 739745 FIFTH AVE' 1712-1716 FIFTH AVENUE Q NEW KENs1NGToN, PA. 5 ARNOLD , , , PA, E i '1 . iflafu.1.1.1,QC-0,1Dl,,lfi,,lf,l-ll,1l,1lglQ1.1Y,l!f. HDCQQCQDIYUY ? Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q ! Q Q Q Q Q l Q Q Q Q 'HZ' Qfvioioioioioimrioi it isri::Quizx3oioi4vi1r11l?o1ario1o11vi1rioiIxi rioio- 0:0 HE CAULDRON """' Q Q Q I J. c. PENNY co. I IvIANGANELI.I's Q Q , Q MUSIC STORE Q 4 OUR SILK HOSE Q 5 Q Q . ' ltl'I:Xl'I'IES P.IXlt'l' YVQXY T0 ' E THE l'tlI,E 3 Complete Line of E E lust ' a we roll ov ", , xzi .' i 1 i of QVoIhI-,nas Fu!l g':Isl1QQIQne1Q,0gIIQI011165: i Q i Plhicp woulrn measure more than 82,0005 i Q JU ect. 'I' ' Ili: ' tl- C ' I Q Byrd travels-II lIeQFcI1I:QIee rI-QQQheIQu'IQII'dIlg1IIe Q Q i was-ronghlyvjover 4-7,000,006 feet-so i Q oIIrVSIlk Hose IS about IVVU-IIIIFKIS of the H S H E E T M U S I C E Q may there. Q Q g NYY? dithft count hMen's Hose either, or E i ncrens, or Ir'ms ll-h" - U been over half Ihfe wiIsQy lIIISk II?unQmIw!dw I E Q I - - , ! g 411 Tenth Street Q 2 New Kensington - - Pa. Q 2 UI010Z0i0I01o: it134134103014ri0L1x34r3o3010foi11ioi4nZoim ini viii?" 5 H I 2 K E Y s T o N E I Q Q SAFE MILK FOR BABIES 2 S Is Less THAN 24 HOURS FROM THE FARM TO YOU 3 I Q Q Call 666 for z : FRESH, CLEAN HOME MILK i 1visvia11:viuioioiozmsteric1:1n1o1o:o?o14xioioimxioxoioiurimxiaxioiarixxsnI i Q Compliments 2 Q WILDS GROCERY i Q - 2 FOR BEST IN EATS 2 1-AGUEQS 2 i Q Q g PROMPT DELIVERY CONFECTIGNERY A Call t or Phone Q AND Q 2 1744 Kimneth Ave. 1723 i SCHUUL SUPPLIES Q Q Q THE CAULDRON 0- - --- -- -----------'--lg---I--I--f-I-0-I--I--1-1 --------E 3 -EoR QUALITY- i ' 5 5 5 You ARE NEXT Q i Q ! i Stop at the I Q . I ARNOLD 5 i CENTRAL ! BARBER sl-IOP I i FRUITMARKET i 9 ! I vos DRET STREET 9 I I 9 g A. Castorinia, Prop. If It IS A 2 I j HAIR CUT or SHAVE g S IHQIUFTH AVENUE Q Q l l i We are here to serve the best 5 ' 4, ,, ' b b ' d - S - The Best Place To Buy - to B 0 tame i .0QlPa0,0,0Q0,linQi3,1DilllmQ1,LlPQIDDID1PQ030:0a15,15,4l,0QU,U:ll. E I Prof. Holste-"How many times have I told you to come to class in time?" i I Frank L.-HI don't know. I thought you were keeping score." i Q GKJIIKID Matilda-'Tm a little hoarse." I Frank Lanfaloni-MI thought you wasn't a lady!" Q I chqmqm Q I MORERN PSALM XXIII 5 g I-"My wife is my boss, I shall not deny it." i - 2-6'She maketh me to lie down behind the bed when swell company i I cometh, and she leadeth me behind her up Main Street." S I 3-HS-he restoreth my pocketbook after she hath spent all its contents for ! l hobble skirts and movie tickets. She leadeth me up the main isle of ! Q the church for her new hat's sake." ! i 4-'GYea, though I walk more than half the night through dark rooms with ! i a crying baby, I will get no rest, for sfhe is behind meg her broom- i - stick and hat pin do anything but com ort me." ' ! 5-"She prepareth a cold snack for me, then maketh a bee line for the g ! Mother's Domestic Club. She anointeth my head with a rolling pin : I occasionally. My arms runneth over with bundles before she is half g through with her shopping." : g 6-uSurely her dressmakers and her millinery bills shall follow me all the Q days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of my wife forever." i I GXJIIQZB i ! N o T I C E I i ! I will not be responsible for any injuries received by the fellow or fellows - ! that have a date with my girl while I am out of town. ! I Signed-Frank Healy ! o 0.0 I TO TOPQUEEKGWOOTT T TT T TELEPHONE, FAIRFAX 3955 JRIHDGBAQEWSQIIQ RINTING 1800 WEST STOCKTON AVENUE N. S., PITTSBURGH, PA. Engraved Vifedding Invitations and Announcements Commencement Invitations and Programs Engraved and Printed Name Cards Dance Programs and Pencils SCHOOL ANNUALS ONE OF OUR SPECIALTIES Printer of the Cauldron BON VOYAGE AND GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1929 fnEQ7KEa-.A A if AAA ...... THE CAULDRON ...... ... one shaft ther K ' O sllrrrnl own' IIIIIY of luck. Bn! when one f' . ami surrrsxful Allllllxll "by Cau- fuzf' IA follrzlvml inlllmliulvly lily ulmflrrrg aml nrmllzrr mzlil llwy rvjvrrsmt 11 mu- Iirmoux nwml of m'lvi4'1'rm1'l1l, llruu if runxt umm "good marksnmuxlyipf' Drtuilx of llfe xzzrrmvflfl Crmfon plan will glmlly bu ,gin-11 zrillmut obligulion lo any Annual fulilor, or manager, who is izzirrvxled. aww-oo-c-o THE CAN ,gjmgzzm GRAXHNG D COMPA . + ' in THE CAULDBON AUTUGRAPHS KN? 'D 2,5 ' ' A MY THE CAULDRQN AUTCOGRAIPHS mf ww K ww Q1 Hb' - .Q V- Vg. . - N:-, .v w ww -...Q ww .2"..tv4-way' -1---YI., "" '. 'f?E""" U ' fa .- V"W1 'iv " 1' V ' V4'?"'b"x' H V F J' 'VY' ik if 'H 2 ' 1- if if -f'l"f17a" - V ' 'Q -'-'ff' .. .ui-"'3."--.,.:,.f . --P 1' a.-""B,, , ' , I ' ' - 'rf - .TL . V - .I -' "Q:-- ' 'fl .' If I ' . V- -V:V1V.V5,! gLE5'1--'gif' -u " ?r'?f.'--1.-f-"2,:',. 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Suggestions in the Arnold High School - Arlion Yearbook (Arnold, PA) collection:

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