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' , 5 v Y W 1 , , N Y Y w 1 w 1 N P ' 1 , . . .Yr - .-v-.. -1 .w-..,,, ,- . . ll THE FALL-IN I948 A C g C ,, 'A "A, 1- ,--. ,-.. - . ' . f -.sill 1r:1'f THE STAFF PRESENTS THE FALL-IN IN HONOR OF THE CLASS OF I948 Richard Lynch Pasquale Pisciielli Joseph Dolan ..... Be'Hy Shields ..,... Paul Wagner .. Joseph Mellillo ..,.... STAFF MEMBERS Edifor Managing Edifor Sporfs Edifor Girls' Sporis .. Feaiure Ediior Social Ediior Alexander Marinelli .a.,a. ,a,.,.., P hoiography Ediior Thomas Doohan ,,,,, ,,a,,, A dveriising Ediior Eleanor Webb ,.,.,a .,..a... A r+ Edilor Achilles Berfrand, John Donahue, George Esposifo aaaa.a,a Associafe Ediiors William Fislcio, William Ressler, Sky Slciera Mr. J. Howard Smi+h, Mr. Charles S+ernberg Faculfy Advisers MR. EDWARD FORTNEY We, fhe class of I948, wish fo express in our humble way our deepesf fhanlcs and greafesf admirafion fo Mr. Edward Forfney for fhe mosf significanf parf he has played in our college life. We feel sure fhaf he has confribufed immeasurably 'ro our own educafion and fufure as well as fo fhe fufure of Arnold College. His fireless efforfs on behalf of our class have given us fhe needed impefus fo achieve fhaf long awaifed goal foward which we have worked. We feel fhaf fhe enfire Arnold College sfudenf body will join us in fhanlcing him for his splendid worlc. H. LEON SHEPPHARD Presiclenf MISS MARTHA GILBERT Dean of Women Regisfrar ADMINISTRATION EMILY ROSS EDWARD EORTNEY Assis'I'an'I' Dean of'Women Assis'ran'I Dean of Men DAVID GLASSER Dean of Men ADMINISTRATION 'WN HILDA GRILLO EDWARD COADY Assis'ranI' Regis+rar Business Manager SecreI'ary BOARD OF TRUSTEES EUGENE ELLIS GEORGE WHITE S. MINERVA HAUPT BARBARA WELCH JOHN DILLON EMMONS BOWEN FRED BACKSTROM FACULTY I I L L r ELIZABETH BALDWIN KARL BRETZFELDER A. B. M. D. I LAURA BARBER RAYMOND BURTON B. S- B.S., M.S. I I LAI I I , i I ji I s2'f.IY I , +I?" 'I N-I . , , . JA 'E .I '-:fri Q V, FENTQNE DOOLEY JEANETTE FELLHEIMER B.S., L.L.D. A-B-. FIND- FACULTY ROBERT FIELD Ph.D. ' PAUL KRAUSE B.A. ALBERT PILVELIS B.S., M.A. DONALD RICE B.A., M.A. TUFFIE MAROON A.B., M.A. . A , f H fp - -' f' ' .4 .. ua, 1 ,, wer' iffy: 2 13 N 54 I V gjjg.,5'f?j , 'Qs-'WJL4 2 fi 'Z'i,i,?j:g1 x I P? E516 ,fr ff' ' Y' s -f'-mf H , ' T ,,.. , 1 X ' . V gg: w e -. B.S. CHARLES STERNBERG B.S.. M.A. RAYMOND STOVIAK B.S. CARL VEITH B.S., M.A. FACULTY DWIGHT BURR B.S. FACU LTY CHARLES KENADY WILLIAM DAWSON J. HOWARD SMITH STAFF R ,,. , , , 1 MRS. HILDEBRAND MRS. WHITE MRS. GENERA I , S2 M S! S ffisfzrry 0f,4r14rfld Eollcgc Arnold College, formerly +he New Haven Normal School of Gym- nas+ics, is one of +he oldesl schools for physical educa+ion in 'rhe Unifed Sfales. In I886 'I'he Brooklyn Normal School of Gymnas+ics was organized under +he direc'l'ion of Dr. W. C. Anderson, one of +he grea+ leaders in physical educaiion in America. Six years la+er 'rhe school was fransferred +o New Haven. Soon afler lhe beginning of his work in New Haven, Dr. Anderson called +o his assislance Dr. E. Herman Arnold, physician, educalor, and pioneer in l'he field of physical educalion. Dr. Arnold assumed 'lhe direc- forship of 'rhe ins+i+u1'ion, which in I90O adopled lhe name, New Haven Normal School of Gymnaslics. ln I92l a Three-year curriculum, leading 'ro lhedegree of Bachelor of Science in Physical Educalion, supplanfed lhe l'wo-year normal course, and Arnold College for Hygiene and Physical Educalion was incorpor- aled under rhe laws of fhe S+al'e of Conneclicuf. ln I929 by Special Acf of The Legislalure of lhe S+al'e of Conneclicul, a char'rer was granled +0 lhe College, aulhorizing +he organizalion of a four-year curriculum leading fo lhe degree of Bachelor of Science in Physical Educalion and Healfh. FORMER CAMP SITE OF ARNOLD COLLEGE SENIOR CLASS ,, E , -1 BERTHA BARBEAU llBer+lI Lyman Hall High School, Varsily Baslcelball I, 2, 3, 4: Varsily Volleyball I, 2, 3: Secre- Iary Fall In 35 Eclilor Collegian 4: Gym Team I, 2, Caplain RED Team 4: Archery 2, 3, 43 Archery Manager 3. 9: JENNIE AMATO En+erec.l from Universily of Conneclicul' 2, House CommiH'ee 2, Varsily Soffball 3, 4 Varsily Volleyball 3, Junior Class Commil- Iee 3, Sludenl' Council 4, Dormilory Presi- clenl' 3. DOROTHY CORBETT "Do'Hie" Sargenl' I, 2: lransfer 'Io Arnolclg Soflball 3: Social CommiH'ee 3: Glee Club 3, 4: Sludenl Council 41 Sword Sociely 4. FRANK CRISAFI Easi' Haven High School graduale. Basker- ball I, 2, Baseball I, 2: Sword 2, 3, 4, Presicleni' 33 Phin 23 Junior Prom Chair- man 3: S+uden'I' Body Presidenh Royal A. President SIMON GOOGEL HSV. New Bri'Iain Senior High School graduafe. Handball I, 25 InI'ramuraI Baskerball I, 2: Collegian 33 Fall In S+aFF 33 Class Treasurer 3, 4: Pen 4, BasIce'I'baII Manager 3. ROSEMARY DE PALMA llDeeIl S+. Mary's Academy gradua'Ie. Varsi'Iy Bas- IceI'baII I, 2, 3: Varsily Volleyball I, 2, 31 Varsi'I'y Sofiball 2, 3, 4: Fall In I, 2, 3, Social Commi'H'ee I, 2, 3, -Class Officer 4g Prom Commi'Hee 33 Na+ionaI Baskerball RaI'ing 2, 3, 41 Gym Team I, 2, Tennis 2g Collegian 2, 33 A.R.C. I, 2, 3, 4. ALBERT JUSTICE ' IIA!!! F I'I'haca College Iransfer Io Arnold. SI'udenI' Council 3: Royal A 4: Judicial Board 33 Sludenl' Represenlafive E.S.P.A. 3: Tennis 3: Varsify Foo+baII 4: Pen Sociely 43 Phin 45 Sword 43 Fall In Sfaffg Senior Class Vice- Presidenh Alpha Phi Alpha - ZeI'a Chap- Ier, Yale: Ou'I'sIanding Ci'I'izenship Award 3. WILLIAM IRONS "BiII" New York Universify Iransfer fo Arnold. Assisfanf Edi+or of Fall In 3: Royal A 3, 4. WALTER PETERS llPe+en I Universify of New Hampshire '42, Hhaca College 45-46. FooI'baII I, 2: Track I, 2: Transfer Io Arnold. WILLIAM RESSLER "Moose" SI'udenI' Council 3, 4: Phin I, 2, 3, Presidenl' 4: Foofball Ig Baslcelball Ig Tennis 2, 3, Sword 2, 3, 4: Pen 3, 4. NATALIE SMOLEN llNa+II New Haven S'I'a+e Teachers College '43 '44, '45, Universi'I'y of Oklahoma '45, '46, Iransfer Io Arnold, Sfudenl' Council 3 Judicial Board 3: Volleyball 3: Social Com mi'Hee 4, Baskefball 4. ALEX SEMENKOVICH Hilhouse High School graduaI'e. Baskelball I, 2, Baseball I, 2: Sword 2, 31 Presidenl' 4, Pen 2, 3, 4, Royal A 3, 4, Phin 2. ' JOHN VETS Jack Class Presiclen'I', I-2 Collegian Sfalif, I-2-3 Social Commi'H'ee, I-2 Fall-In, 2 - Edilor, 3 Pen Sociely, 3 - Pres., 4 ! . WINIFRED VATH "Babe" Graduale of Wes'I' Haven High School. Baslcefball I, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball I, 2, 3, A.R.C. Life Saving Ig Sword 2, 3, 4: Class Secrelary I, 2, 31 Fall in Sfalilig Prom Com- miH'eeg Class Represenlaiive A.A. 2: Gym Team I, 2, 3: Camp.Honors I, 2. JOSEPH VITALE "Beaver" Verona High School I943, Selon Hall Prep I944. Transfer from Dulce Universify I946. Baseball 2, 3: Class Represenlafive A.A. 2: A.R.C.g Baslce'I'ball 2. WILLIAM INNES Bristol High School graduaie. JOSEPH WISER Newfown IConn.l High School graduafe. Foo+baII Ig Baslcefball I, 2, Gym Team 2: Social CommiH'ee Ig Sword Socie'Iy 2, 3, 4, Class Presicleni 3, 4, Fall Ing Pho'I'ography Eclilor 3. ACHILLE BERTRAND Sword 4, Royal A 4, Pen Sociefy I, 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. AA. 3, Pres. 4, Prom Chairman 4, Gym Team Capi. 2, 3, 4. SENIOR CLASS HISTORY When we enfered Arnold in I944, we became parf of a sfudenf body which was small in numbers buf mighfy in spirif. If seemed our Iof fo have heaped upon us more hazing, inifiafions, Icifchen dufies, camp consfrucfion, and final exams fhan any ofher class in ArnoId's hisfory. Our "sigma" Iala Dr. Fieldl was high as proven by fhe way in which we came fhrough such advenfures as cake parfies for deparfing servicemen and we endured all successfully fo become sophomores. Our number which was fourfeen af fhe beginning had now declined fo four, Jaclc Vefs, Winnie Vafh, Rosemary DePaIma and Berf Barbeau. Fall of '45 saw us welcoming a new freshman class and fwo new members of our own, Joe Vifale and Bill Ressler. We aroused fhe envy of fhe freshmen and seniors by profifing fo fhe fune of SI.65 on our "Shamrock Swing." Our financial wizardry was fo sfand us in good sfead on several more occasions fhroughouf fhe year and came May we were divided befween accepfing an offer by fhe Sfoclc Exchange fo hire us enmasse or fo sfay on of fair A.C.I-I.P.E. We waifed longer fhan usual for our summer vacafion fo end in I946. The reason was fhaf Minerva had oufgrown her quarfers on Whif- ney Avenue and was casfing abouf for new diggings. When school finally commenced in November, we arrived af Pond Poinf pleasanfly impressed by a glorious seffing and a group of buildings fhaf definifely could be remodeled info a firsf class college. Having survived many losses during our freshman and sophomore years, we began fo grow during our junior fenure. New members were Dorofhy Corbeff from Sargenf, William Irons from N.Y.U., Nafalie Smolen from Universify of Oklahoma, Alberf Jusfice and Walfers Pefers from Ifhaca College. Arnold had an amazingly large sfudenf body, a sifuafion broughf abouf by fhe addifion of a huge freshman class which followed a Iarge sophomore class. During our iunior year we were faced by many conflicfs buf our dear friends Dr. Brefzfelder, Mr. Glasser, and Miss Gilberf were very helpful. Lafer in fhe fall ferm we gave a cabaref dance which was a big success. The spring ferm found us rarin' fo go on our iunior pracfice feach- ing. We found ourselves fo be smaller cogs in fhe wheel of educafion fhan we had expecfed fo be buf realized fhaf observafion was a neces- sary parf of our fraining. The Junior-Senior Prom af fhe New Haven Lawn Club was brighf- ened by 'rhe gowns of various colors on fhe Arnold girls and was indeed fhe gala affair of fhe school year. The fall of I947 found all of us excepf Bill Granfield and Dominick DiVifo back in fhe now familiar environs of Arnold. The place had been improved wifh fhe addifion of a pracfice foofball field, several new insfrucfors including fwo foofball coaches and, lesf we forgef, one wafer cooler. Ground was soon fo be broken for fhe new gym. One fradifion had been mainfained, however, fhaf was fhe fime honored conflicfing schedule buf iusf when if looked as if we musf do wifhouf one or more imporfanf subiecfs, Miss Gilberf, bless her, came fo our rescue. The Senior Prom was given for us by fhe iunior class af fhe Hofel Taff. Everyone enjoyed fhis affair which we 48'ers probably will remem- ber always. May is nearly over now and we are abouf fo receive our Bachelor's degrees in bridge, conflicfs, coffee consuming and classroom locafing. We furn over fhe leadership of Arnold fo a spirifed if unconvenfional iunior class. T SENIOR PRolPHEcY Time - I960 Locafion - Beaver Club, New Jersey Occasion - Depression The feaching field is af a low ebb - The moneyed class has gafhered in fhe cenfer of fhe universe - Verona, New Jer- sey. The one hope of fhe class of I948 is fo seek jobs from an influenfial characfer in New Jersey. This is fhe oufcome: The club is owned by Joe Vifale Who keeps Bill Ressler on his salary. ln shiny brass buffons and green uniform Jack Vefs, fhe doorman, slays girls, 'rrue fo form. Miss Rosemary De Palma, renowned for her quips, Takes in fwice her haf check salary in fips. The cigareffe girl, Jennie Amafo, knows The favorife brands of fhe fown's beffer beaux. Miss Winnie Vafh sings wifh fhe band She's known as fhe forchiesf fhrush in fhe land. The band leader, Joe Wiser ls oufclassing Kay Kyser. Nafalie Smolen, fhe chef, is fhe falk of fhe nafion The chowder she prepares gives quife a sensafion. Bill Innes, fhe waifer, is known as fhe besf He never spills soup on anyone's vesf. Barfender Bill Irons is peaceful and quief Buf fhe drinks he mixes sure sfarf a riof. Doffy Corbeff, fhe hosfess of world wide renown Pleases fhe guesfs from all over fown. Cashier Walf Pefers hums and hollers Cause some of fhe waifers pockef fhe dollars. The dancer, Al Jusfice, has a musical beaf He's all grace and ryfhm from his head fo his feef. Enferfainer Ace Berfrand makes wifh fhe fhrills Doing difficulf gymnasfics wifhouf any spills. Si Googel, comedian and M.C. Tells his iokes for a nominal fee. Crisafi and Semenko, fhose men abouf fown, Drop in wifh girls in fhe new look gown. Cusfomers on Nursey's nighf in Berf Barbeau and Paf escape from fhe fwins. LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We fhe graduafing class of I948 being of sound mind and body, and anficipafing our deparfure from fhe insfifufion which has provided cause for fhe bulk of our nafural frials and fribulafions do willingly, buf somewhaf fimidly, hereby will fo you Arnold College, Faculfy and under classmen, 'rhe following bequesf: To fhe Junior Class - - - we leave you an applause mefer. To fhe Sophomore Class - - - we leave you fhe hope of geffing a non-cuf sysfem. To fhe Freshmen Class - - - we leave you wifh fhe royalfies fo "Oh Promise Me." Berl' Barbeau leaves her hearl' behind. Rosemarie DePalma leaves 'rhis lime wi+hou1' worrying aboul' having an excuse for Dr. Brefzfelder. Al Semenkovifch leaves his abili+y 'ro gel along wi+hou+ "pecunia" lmoneyl. Joe Wiser leaves a pe+i+ion +o be signed. Joe Vilale leaves a "man made law." Jennie Ama'ro leaves her fasl' lalk and polilical chaHer. Si Googel leaves his palernal manner. DoHie CorbeH leaves 1'he answer unknown +o +he ques'I'ion: "Are you s'l'ill going lo be a horse doc'ror?" Winnie Valh leaves 'rhe secrel of her success in praclice 'reach- ing lchild psychologyl. Na+ Smolen leaves her giff +o gab behind. AI Juslice leaves his fai+h in humanily. Bill Innes leaves his quie'r and unassuming manner lo 1'he Junior Class. Wall Pelers leaves his slrong will +o +hose who need il. Frank Crisafi leaves his honors +o po+en'rial coaches. Bill Irons leaves his "fallen Arch" lcarl +0 +he ardenl drivers of Arnold. Jack Vels was waifing for a senior of lasl' year's class +o leave him gym credils +o graduale. Bill Ressler leaves his everlasling sense of humor. To Miss Baldwin - - - we leave you wilh a new cour+ of lrials. To Mr. For+ney - - - we leave a man who +akes up liH'le space and never slays in iusl' one place. To Miss Ross - - - we leave you wilh our respec'I' and admiralion. To "Doc" Glasser - - - we leave you +he problem of progressive educa+ion. To Mr. Sheppard - - - we leave you 'rhe spiri+ of song. To "Doc" Brelzy - - - we leave you "overworked and so - - - underpayed" ll-la-Hal. To Miss Gilberl' - - - we leave you a Dick Tracy +0 find 88 keys. DOROTHY R. CORBETT JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS R. Whifney B. Shields R. Carmody J. Blake Vice Pres. Secrefary Pres. Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS DIARY Sepf. I947 -- Dear Diary: ' Having had an enioyable summer vacafion, I am now enfering my Junior Year af Arnold College, which is permanenfly Iocafed af fhe pic- furesque sife of Pond Poinf, Milford, on fhe shores of Long Island Sound. Everyone spenf fhe -firsf few days greefing oId friends, discussing fheir pasf summer acfivifies and frying fo sfraighfen ouf fhe I947-48 courses. Whaf do you fhink I found running around on fhe adioining grounds? A fuII-fIedged foofbaII feam, ArnoId's firsf since ifs ferminafion during World War II, under fhe direcfion of Coach Ray Sfovialc. JUNIOR CLASS Ocl. I947 -- Dear Diary: I have 'Finally procured all of my 'lexl' books and am now deeply engrossed in my sludies. This is +he year when l begin my preparalion in educafional and physical subiecfs. Mrs. Barber's dancing class is proving +o be very popular wi'l'h mosf of +he lighl-'fooled fufure coaches. Somefhing lells me everyone's mind is no'r on l'he dancing sleps buf a demons'rra+ion by 'rhe ins'l'ruc+or is always welcome. ln a spiriled vo'I'ing session lhe class officers and various commil- fees were elecled. By popular vole lhe Sophomore officers were re- elecledz Pres., Bob Carmodyg Vice-Pres., Dick Whi'l'neyg Sec'y., Belly Shields, Treas., Jack Blake. Sfudenl' Council: R. Tricarico, P. Wagner, T. Doohan. Social Comm.: Headed by A. Berlrand and assisled by T. Leary, G. Esposi+o, M. Papa, J. Donahue. The all impor+an+ posifion as Edifor of l'he College Year Book was awarded +o Dick Lynch, who accep+ed fhe responsibilify of choosing his own s'l'a'Ff. Anolher miles+one in +he rehabililalion of Arnold was +he breaking of ground for lhe new gymnasium. Nov. I947 -- Dear Diary: Aufumn, as only can be found in New England, has seffled upon fhe campus and fime fo fake fhe old racoon coaf ouf of mofhs has arrived. Revival of fhe school's oufsfanding Gym Team under Coach Carl Veifh and Capfain Ace Berfrand has caused a flood of requesfs for fhe feam's personal appearance fhroughouf fhe sfafe. AI Chasnov and George Maddocks are fwo of Ace's sfar performers. Acfing on fhe suggesfion of Sam Volo, Miss Baldwin, my favorife insfrucfor and mosf ardenf roofer, arranged a visif fo wifness a session of fhe Unifed Nafions. Affer elaborafe plans were made fhe unpredicf- able diplomafs had a change of plans and relucfanfly, fhe frip was called off. For fhose inferesfed in domesfic subiecfs, "Chef" Earl Bellia, one of my versafile members spoke on fhe arf of preparing spagheffi. Bellia was immediafely exfended and accepfed an invifafion from Miss Baldwin fo prepare fhis dish for a selecfed group of connoisseurs of food. The four walls of fhe new gymnasium are now sfanding buf if is very doubfful whefher Arnold will be able fo play any of ifs home baskefball games in if fhis season. Have my bags packed and all ready for fhe Thanksgiving recess. Dec. I947 -- Dear Diary: Brrrrr! Winfer is wifh us. Snowshoes, mufflers, miffens and ear muffs are fhe vogue of fhe day. The "new look" is more pracfical fhan fash- ionable for fhe girls during fhis weafher. The spirif of Chrisfmas is beginning fo fake effecf and if is geffing more difficulf fo concenfrafe on sfudies. Speaking of sfudies, a new insfrucfor Tuffie Maroon has faken over a couple of Mr. Glasser's classes. A gala Chrisfmas parfy was given af fhe Milford Town Hall before a capacify crowd. Affer many monfhs of dickering, fhe sensafional dancing group "The Gruesome Eighf" lBlake, Bufcher, Chop, Falcigno, Kul, Leary, Garrify, and Crisafil consenfed fo appear. They came direcf from fhe basemenf of fhe fown hall fo score a smash hif. On fhe serious side of fhe ledger, fhe Class of '49' sponsored a drive fhaf neffed bofh food and money for fhe purpose of disfribufing baskefs of food fo unforfunafe families who mighf ofherwise have been forgoffen during fhe Chrisfmas Season. Off for fhe Chrisfmas vacafion and a dafe wifh Sainf Nick and fhe New Year. Jan. I94-8 -- Dear Diary: Back on fhe snow-covered campus once again and from all appear- ances fhe boys are nof afraid fo wear fheir Xmas fies and socks when away from home. H Social acfivifies are cuf fo a minimum and fhe midnighf oil is burn- ing long afferward, for fhe dark and sinisfer shadow of examinafions has spread over Arnold. Beffy Shields, queen of Sfamford, was elecfed leader of fhe girls' dancing group. The pressure is off, examinafions are over and everyone has been issued "weekend passes". lncidenfally, as a class l did all righf in achiev- ing scholasfic honors. No vacafion befween semesfers fhis year. The gymnasium is coming along in fine sfyle- Unusual weafher is nof helping maffers any, however. Feb. l948 -- Dear Diary: Sfarfing down fhe homesfrefch of fhe Junior Year. If if gefs any colder blankefs will have fo be boughf for fhe horses in 'rhe gym. The fronf office dropped a curriculum bombshell and everyone was radio-acfive for days. ln going over fhe books if was discovered fhaf fhere was a shorfage of poinfs for all in fhe "gym" course. This prob- lem, so-called, was debafable and our forces were musfered and by a series of discussions we had fhe office iusf where 'rhey wanfed us. The new gym classes can be seen in session any day befween fhe hours of I P.M. fo 3 P.M. Thanks fo Frank Bufcher, Frank "Spec" Shea, ace New York Yankee pifcher, paid Coach Sfoviak's coaching class a visif and conducfed a clinic on mefhods of pifching. Mar. I948 -- Dear Diary: . Don"I' look now buf l fhink fhe snow is beginning fo disappear and fhe sooner 'rhe beffer. When fhe fide is righf fhe mud in fhe parking area is up around fhe ankles. Pres. Bob Carmody-represenfafive, wifhouf porffolio, frekked fo New York Cify fo have a looksee info a meefing of Easfern Educafors. Bob was appoinfed Secrefary of one of fhe panels discussing fhe sub- iecf of "Sfudenf Council". When Bob refurned fo Arnold he gave an inferesfing reporf of his learning and in some insfances enlighfenmenf. Everyone is in sympafhy wifh him because fhere is a fhree fhousand word reporf he musf wrife and submif fo fhe heads of fhe convenfion wifhin fhe week. A new course, faughf by Mr. E. Forfney enfifled "Marriage and fhe Family", is proving fo be a very popular one. Mosf of fhe boys are now finding ouf whaf fhey should have known before "popping" fhe quesfion. Before I forgef, four of my mosf eligible men joined fhe ranks of fhe benedicfs during fhe year. They are J. Donahue, G. Esposifo, D. Mulcahy and E. Jeremiah. Oh well, one can'f learn everyfhing in fhe classroom. lf's off fo hunf Easfer eggs now unfil April Sfh. April l948 -- Dear Diary: A Spring! And a young man's fancy furns fo baseball-Here af Arnold, fhaf is. The big black headlines in fhe daily newspapers are keeping fhe boys from discarding fheir Khakis and Blues. Some coun- fries sfrive foward peace while ofhers wanf "piece". A piece of anyone else's land fhey can grab. Through fhe efforfs of Miss Baldwin and Charlie Byron, a very dis- finguished visifor appeared during fhe American Liferafure class. He is one of Life Magazine's senior wrifers, John Chamberlin. Mr. Chamber- lin conducfed a period of quesfions and answers. He did all fhe answer- ing and capfured fhe inferesf and respecf of all fhose who affended. The Prom Commiffee announced fhe dafe and place of fhe forfh- coming annual "Junior Prom" Dafe: May 7fh Locafion: Hofel Taff, New Haven Dress: Formal Looking forward fo a wonderful fime! May l948 -- Dear Diary: Whaf fo do fhis summer is fhe "Sixfy-four dollar quesfion" fhese days, for everyone is ready fo head norfh, easf, soufh and wesf. The Junior Prom is now a fond memory, fhe five-dollar corsage has been filed befween fhe pages of fhe largesf book, and if will probably be anofher year before fhe soup and fish is donned again. The Prom, as expecfed, provided fhe highlighf social evenf of fhe season and lef's hope if sef a precedenf for all fufure proms. Thanks, once again, fo fhe Prom Commiffee. If doesn'f seem possible fhere is buf one more year fo go and fhen ouf info fhe cruel, cruel world. Yes, diary, when l refurn fo Arnold in Sepfember l will be a senior and l fully infend fo conducf myself as one. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS W. Kelley B. Jaspers J. Avril J. Dolan Pres. Secrefary Vice Pres. Treasurer SOPHOMORE 'CLASS HISTORY On November 22, I946, regisfrafion clay for a new Arnold College on a new campus, we gafhered for fhe firsf fime, fwo hundred sfrong. We were a liffle apprehensive for fhis was fhe firsf day of four years which we musf employ fo gain our degrees. During fhe firsf few days we became acquainfed, and fhe nominal appellafions of "Hey Mac" or "Bud" became a friendly call of Joe or Bill. Soon friends and buddies which will las+ fhe lifefime of each individual were made, and fhe Fresh- man secfion evolved info a unified, friendly group which quickly asserfed ifself in campus affairs. The baslcefball feam was composed wholly of Freshmen, and fhe baseball feam was well represenfed by mem- bers of our class. SOPHOMORE CLASS The women in our class also gained prominence in 'ihe a'rhle+ic deparrmenl' by winning varsiry posirions on 'rhe girls' baskerball ream. We conducfed class eleclions appoinring able officers who helped form our eliiicienl' sfudenr governmen'I'. On March 22, I947 we com- plered one semesfer as college men and women, ihough some of us wondered how long we would remain as such in view of rhe impending exams. Exam week was a heciic 'rime. Sfudenfs seemed almosl' dazed by l'he firsi' exposure fo college mid-ierms, buf by hard work, some even said prayers, we acquiH'ed ourselves nobly for several of our class of 'rwo hundred made 'rhe dean's lis+. The second semesfer afforded even closer relafions and friendliness. The soffball field was fhe scene of our greafesf friumph as an all-sfar feam of Freshmen defeafed 'rhe inframural champions of fhe Sophomore Class. On May 8fh we accumulafed a winning number of poinfs in fhe fraclr and field evenfs even if mosf of us were a dusfy and bedraggled lof af fhe end of fhe day. Thaf evening fhe fownies and dorm men gof fogefher af a picnic supper for fhe firsf fime, followed by informal cro- quef mafches, and finally a social during which fhe day's champions were given Arnold lceys. On July 3rd we bid "goodbies," "see you nexf year," and ofher such idioms, going our own way for a summer of relaxafion and recupera- fion. As fhe vacafion days dwindled, leffers of insfrucfion arrived, and we began 'ro gef anxious for fhe renewal of old friendships and fhe famil- iar campus of old A.C.H.P.E. By Sepfember 22nd we were ready and waifing for regisfrafion day. lmmediafely affer exchanging greefings and quiffing fhe rigors of regisfrafion we were anxious fo learn whom our secfion mafes would be, and learn if we had fhe "easy" or "'rough" profs, wifh whom we were acquainfed from 'rhe previous ferms. Amazingly soon we wenf back fo worlc on fhe books in earnesfg and fhough we foolc fime off fo cheer on fhe foofball feam and go 'ro fwo or fhree dances, fhe necessify for sfudy was culminafed by an avalanche of ferm papers which, if seemed, we pondered over for efernifies. A Chrisfmas recess helped, buf fhen-exams again. lf seemed as if some invisible force had placed a silencer over fhe school for fwo weelcs. The Library sfaff was lcepf busy and all available Library space occupied. H' seems, however, fhaf each day brings our class closer fogefher and sfrengfhens fhe bonds of friendship and spirif. As each day passes fhe fhoughf of fhe acfivify in fhe nexf is an elixir which expands our com- pafabilify as a class and fills our hearfs wifh gladness because we are members of 'rhe Sophomore class of Arnold College. FRESHMAN OFFICERS D. Evans J. Campbell J. Basinel' Presidenl Secre+ary Treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY "The besl' laid plans of mice and men offen go as'rray," wro're Roberl' Burns. Bu+ our plans, for l'his year, and for our fuiure years, are 1'en+a+ively arranged, and seem +o be proceeding according +o schedule. Because of +he relalively small number of Juniors and Seniors, we found ourselves accorded a grealer place in 'lhe acl'ivil'ies of +he college lhan is cusfomarily allofed fo Freshmen. Since il' is impossible +0 record herein all fhe individual accomplish- menls, 'rhis hisfory will review briefly several of +he achievemenls of fhe class of 5l. FALL -- H' was in +his season 'rhal' we made our debul al' Arnold College and an impressive one if was when sixfeen of our men were named +o fhe varsily 'foolball squad. As cenfers we had: Elk and San- derson: Guards: Evans, Pel'i+, Cusano and PaoleH'ig Taclcles: Thomas and Scinlog Ends: Robuslelli, Je+mar, Balboni and Bunnan, in fhe baclcfield: Tosches, Swanson, Papp and Ryll. Nexl' on 'rhe agenda was our Freshman elecfion wi+h "Dippy" Evans receiving +he maiorify of 'rhe vo+es for presidenf. The resf of 'rhe officers elecfed were: John Biclcel, vice presi- denh Jeanne Campbell, Secrelary, and Joe Basinel, Treasurer. Doris Dennison and Jack Smifh were elecfed fo fhe Sfudenf Council and John Bassef was elecfed Judicial Represenfafive. A social commiffee was also appoinfed wifh Marilyn Swanson as chairman. A number of our fellows are nof fo be forgoffen for fheir wonderful work wifh fhe gym feam. As a climax fo fhe fall season we had mid-ferm exams. Need we say morel? WINTER - Our firsf social acfivify was fhe Frosh-Sophomore Formal Dance af Baybroolc. Abouf fhis fime bofh fhe women's and men's varsify baslcefball feams were chosen. Ed Brown, "Buddy" Amafo, Joe Keefe and Rog Griffin fool: honors for fhe men. The women who placed were Jeanne Campbell, Audrey Thompson, Helene Russ, Sylvia Powell and Dof Sachs. The social commiffee again worlced hard fo arrange a very successful Valenfine social. We happily?? "shoveled" our way fhrough exams af fhe end of February. SPRING - Four of our men placed on fhe varsify baseball feam: Robusfelli, Tosches, Shambreslcis and Reardon. An award, we all agree, should be given fo Maffy Jogo for falcing fhe firsf swim of fhe season in fhe Sound. Many ofher members of our class have parficipafed in fhe acfivifies of fhe following clubs: Dance Club, Glee Club, Phin Sociefy, Tennis, Track, Golf and even fhe Ball and Chain Club! "We're on our way" fo become fhe new Sophomore Class and our class advisors, Mr. Sfovialc and Mrs. Barber, have gazed info fhe crysfal ball and predicfed fhaf fhe class of I95l will be unsurpassed. ARNOLD, DEAR ARNOLD Oh! Arnold dear Arnold we are singing fo fhee, To our classmafes and life here so happy and free. We'll love fhee forever, our hearfs will ne'er sever, e'er frue fo A.C.H.P.E. ln fhe years fhaf may come when our pasf life aparf, The same song will ring frue in each loyal hearf. We'll love fhee forever, our hearfs will ne'er sever, e'er frue fo A.C.H.P.E. ACTIVITIES 2 SCCIETIES Fron+: A. Chasnov, W. Chop, J. Wiser, J. Collello, A. Berfrand, F. Bu+cher, D. Sawyer Rear: G. Maddocks, D. Borgnine, R. Carmody, A. Semenko, F. Crisafi, A. Marinelli, A. Jusfice .ROYAL A SOCIETY The Royal A was organized in I946 by +he 'few men who had fwo or more maior le++ers in one spor'r. H' was decided af ihal' 'rime +ha+ mem- bership would be confined fo men. All men who have ever won ihe required number of leHers are eligible for membership. Due 'ro +he new emphasis on sl'uden+ parficipaiion in sporfs ai' Arnold and due +o +he fad ihal she now has fhe largesi' s+uden+ body in her hisforyg fhe Royal A anficipaies a greai' increase in membership. Fronfz lgrich, J. Avril, A. Chasnov, D.'Dicello, J. Geselc, A. Berrrand, J. Collello, . u Rear: T. Doohan, D. Prince, G. Esposilo, W. Fiskio, C. Branchini, P. Wagner, J. Whi'I'e, L. Benger, S. Googel, J. Dolan, A. Marinelli PI SIGMA Pi Sigma, one of l'he oldesl' socielies al' Arnold College, honors by membership on Hs rolls 'lhose who achieve high scholaslic slandards. Pi Sigma, or Pen Sociery as il is familiarly known, was organized in l909. Al' +ha+ lime "Pen" was for fhose who disringuished fhemselves in gymnaslics. ln I9I3 a new consl'i1'ul'ion was drawn up and rules were made such 'rhal' only rhose producing a cerrain amouni' of lirerary work, eirher for "news," or aHaining a cerlain srandard in school or class sfanding, could be eligible for membership. ln lhe years l'ha+ followed, more changes were made, un'ril +he pres- enl cons'ri+u+ion was drawn up. l'r was alrered in order +o meel +he changes lhe "new Arnold College" has broughr about Afler a 1'wo year lapse on January I3+h, l948, "Pen" held i'rs firsl' organizalional dinner. A+ This lime new members were iniliafed info +he sociery. Firsl' Row: F. Bu'I'cher, A. Chaznov, D. Sawyer, P. Scharf, D. Corbe'H', W. Chop, J. Colello, A. Ber+rand Second Row: J. Wiser, F. Shaugnessy, Jerebek, V. Cesareo, J. Roman, G. Maddocks, D. Borgnine, R. Carmody, G. Esposifo Third Row: A. Marinelli, L. Siein, F. Coperine, T. Morosky, F. Richieclei, F. Colon, F. Asquino, G. Springsteen, A. Semenko, F. Crisafi, A. Jusfice SWORD SOCIETY Sigma Sigma Purpose: To acl' as an incenfive for +he en'l'ire s1'uden'l' body in all-around afhlefic par+icipa+ion. The membership is comprised of 'rhose s'ruden+s who have excelled in a given sporl' while undergraduale sfudenls of Arnold College. Such s+uden'rs are honored each year by +heir admiHance in+o +his sociery. From 'rhis group spring some of our foremosi' leaders in 'rhe field of Physical Educalion. Officers Presidenf, J. Wiser Vice-President A. Semenkovifch Secreiary, W. Va'rh Fron+: D. Dennison, D. CorbeH', K. Flanagan Rear: P. Wagner, T. Doohan, J. Smifh, H. Fugere, V. Cesareo, F. Crisafi THE STUDENT COUNCIL The ralher inaclive Sludenl' Council was revived lhis year by Pres. Shepard, Dean Glasser, and Sludenl' Ac'rivi+ies coordina'l'or, Mr. Tuffie Maroon. Afler i'rs revival l'he council, under l'he guidance of Vice-Presidenl Vincenl' Cesareo, and Secrelary Ka'I'herine Flanagan made definile prog- ress loward Hs proper posilion as 'rhe voice of 'rhe Arnold sl'udenl'. The Residenl' council, made up of dormilory sludenls, has organ- ized and has been working under l'he regular law making body. Our legislalure is in charge of all college organizalions and plans +0 issue a social calendar for l'he coming school year. They also have drawn up an alhlelic consl'i+u+ion. Sludenl' Council officers are: Franlc Crisafi - Presidenl' Vincenl' Cesareo - Vice-Presidenl Kalherine Flanagan - Secrelary John An+ul - Presidenl, Resideni' Assembly John Avril- Secrefary -...-. ---..3.,.-...--.... . 1 1...-.Rf--ew .......-. ...,..--... -. --.1 ---Q on-1 K - V 'Q I if . - X, , w N . i Fix .sl . ' X Row I - R. Hill, J. Ciszek, B. Kelley, H. Baroudi, F. Fugere, S. Slciera, F. Asquino, J. Lynch, T. Moroslcy, J. Ruelf, W. Ogle Row 2 - K. Paul, R. Hull, L. Dorsey, D. Bonyai, C. Phillips, C. Branchini, F. Kelley In Rear - Mr. R. Sroviak, faculry advisor BALL AND CHAIN The Ball and Chain, Arnolcl's youngesl' club, was founded lasl' Oc- 'lober in rhe hope of bringing lhe married sludenls of Arnold College rogefher in a well lcnil' group wi1'h lhe purpose of providing "recrea1'ional and culrural advanrages 'ro rhe married sfudenls of A. C. and rheir wives." The high cosl' of living, nafurally, is fheir biggesr problem and fhe sociely will endeavor +o lower lhe cosl' of renlals and leases in 'rhe viciniry. Sa+isfac+ory solulions +o ofher problems will also be arrempled by 'rhe group. Plans for nexl' year are numerous and a "live" sociefy is expecled, wirh 'rhe membership nearly cloubled by lhose planning 'lo en'rer inlo a parlnership soon afler +he end of rhe school year. The Ball and Chain was founded by Sky Slciera wi+h fhe aid of Harold Fugere, Caesar Branchini, James Lynch, Frank Baldoni, Roberl Carney, and Frank Asquino. .Xi Row I - D. Sawyer, B. Jaspers, J. Van RaaI+e, E. Webb, J. CoIiIIo Row 2 - P. Miller, A. Marinelli, F. Coperine, P. Pisci'I'eIIi, B. Barbeau, S. Skiera, W. Fiskio, R. Naylor, C. Byron THE COLLEGIAN EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ,.,,.,,,,,,,, ,, , ,,,,,- BERTHA BARBEAU MANAGING EDITOR .,,,., ,.,,,..,,...,. S KY SKIERA NEWS EDITOR ........... ......,, B ILL FISKIO ALUMNI EDITOR ,,,..., ,,,,, D ICK NAYLOR CO-ED SPORTS ..... ,,...., B ETTY JASPERS PHOTOGRAPHER .,......,,...,,,......,.,,, ,,,, ,.,,......... A L MARINELLI BUSINESS MANAGER ,,...,,.,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,.,,,,.,,,,,,, PAT PISCITELLI REPORTERS ............ FRANK COPERINE, JEAN VAN RAALTE, JOE COLELLO, TONY CAESAR, DON BONYAI, CHARLIE BYRON, PETE MILLER This year I'he Collegian has Iaid I'he founda+ion for Ihe fufure. Though some issues were Ia'I'e and o+hers brief, +he sraff as a whole has worked hard and The way has been cleared for a much larger and beHer organized newspaper. Nexf year I'he Collegian is expecfed Io consisf of eighi' pages which wiII make for even more compIe+e coverage of school news and a grea+er varieI'y of fearures. FALL-IN STAFF Fron+: J. Mellillo, B. Shields, E. Webb, P. Pisciielli Rear: R. Lynch, W. Fiskio, S. Skiera, P. Wagner, A. Marinelli, T. Doohan, J. Dolan J. Donahue SPCDRTS BASEBALL Af fhe fime fhe Yearbook wenf fo press fhe Terrier diamond array was enjoying a fine six and fwo record. According fo Coach Ray Sfoviak a "preffy good season" is expecfed and his prophecy seems fo be well founded in fhaf fhe feam's hiffing is improving and fhe excepfionally fine mound sfaff can hold ifs own againsf mosf comers. In fhe eighf games fo dafe only fwo of fhe sfarfing fwirlers have been removed which indicafes fhaf Arnold is "forfunafe in having a good mound sfaff." Claude Phillipps, Mike Hannigan, Ted Scribner, Bob Shambreskis, and Bill Kelley form fhe backbone of fhe mound corps. Phillipps and Kelley fhrow from fhe porfside while fhe remaining frio foss from fhe fhird base side of fhe diamond. Af fhe plafe Harry Falcigno and Andy Robusfelli lead fhe fhumpers wifh fimely hifs and occasional exfra-base knocks. Harry's average is up in fhe sfrafospheric four-hundreds while Andy's big hunk of lumber has broken up several ball games. Mosf nofable was his firsf of fhe ninfh home run wifh fwo mafes on fhaf spelled defeaf for Wesleyan in fhe opener. Chunky Eddie Mariano behind fhe plafe, wifh Reardon on 'rhe inifial sack, and Ernie Lindner af shorf have provided fhe much needed de- fensive spark for fhe Red and Whife. Lindner is "as good a college shorfsfop as you will see all season and when his hiffing sfarfs fo improve fhen wafch ou'I'." Coach Sfoviak's biggesf problem has been fo find a capable pivof man fo hold down second base. Five candidafes have been baffling for fhe posifion all season wifh Joe Silva, lasf season's incumbenf, leading wifh fhe sfick and Carmine Tosches' playing well afield. GOLF The golf feam was organized in I947 fhrough fhe efforfs of William Fleming. This season Vicfor Raponi has guided if info ifs righfful place on our varsify sporfs program. Many experienced players have ioined fhe squad fhis year insuring fhe feam a successful season. Mr. Tamashu- nas, fhe feam's advisor, has arranged a schedule of mafches. Team mem- bers are V. Raponi, J. Raponi, Fleming, Wagner, Virgilio, Cedio, Parks, Donahue, Jerebek, McNulfy, Dunn and Flahive. Firsf Row, L. fo R. - Alex Kul, Buddy Amafo, Wall' Gosfylag Captain, Darrell Sawyer, Pefer DeLuca, Ed Mariano, Ed Brown Second Row - Manager, Jack "Lover" Dailey, Joe Keefe, Bob Morrow, Roger Griffin, Paul Sapko, Mike Hannigan, Bob Korzbyslcig Coach, Dwighf Burr BASKETBALL The opening of fhe baskefball season I947-48 was greefed wifh enfhusiasm by fhe sfudenfs of Arnold College. Approximafely one hun- dred eager baskefball players were on hand for fhe screening fesfs. H' was fhe difficulf faslc of our new coach, Mr. Dwighf Burr, fo decide who were 'I'he oufsfanding afhlefes and who were nof. Affer fhe smoke had cleared, we found fhe following boys compos- ing fhe feam for dear old Arnold: Sawyer, Capfaing Brown, Ryan, Korszybslci, Amafo, Keefe, Sfafhis, Morrow, Saplco, Richiedei, Gosfyla, Hannigan, Kul, DeLuca, Mariano, Griffin, Dolan. Wifh fhe excepfion of Kul and DeLuca, who are iuniors, fhe re- mainder of fhe squad was composed of freshmen and sophomores. Thus, affer pracfice and more pracfice, fhe Arnold squad mer fheir firsf opponenf, Siena College. This feam was rafed as one of fhe beffer quinfefs in fhe nafion. The Terriers surprised fhe Albany crowd by giving favored Siena a genuine scare. The Arnold courfmen Iosf fheir nex'I' fwo games fo Iona and fhe Universify of Connecficuf. The Arnold boys played spirifed I ball againsf a sfrong, aggressive and experienced Connecficuf club.. Con- necficuf, an offensive feam, was forced fo play fhis confesf according +o Coach Burr's sfrafegy. Alfhough fhe final score was 45 fo 35 in favor of Connecficuf, if was a moral vicfory for Arnold in Iighf of fhe facf fhaf Connecficuf was fhe more experienced of fhe fwo feams. Arnold defeafed R.I.C.E., in fheir firsf Teachers Conference Game, wifh ease and precision. The final fally was 65 fo 52. Eddie Brown, fhe playmaker, was again oufsfanding in his floor work and ball handling. In an excifing game wifh Bridgeporf Universify, fhe Terriers were defeafed by a 72 fo 67 score. Eddie Brown was high scorer for Arnold wifh I8 poinfs followed by Ryan wifh I2 poinfs. Arnold wenf on fo win ifs nexf fwo confesfs, and if was in one of fhese fhaf a sfar was born in Iiffle Buddy Amafo. He hooped I2 poinfs againsf Willimanfic Sfafe Teachers College. The Arnold courfmen Iosf fheir nexf game fo W.P.I., buf more fhan 'rhaf fhey Iosf fhe services of Red Ryan, fhe capable cenfer, for fhe remainder of fhe season due fo an ankle iniury. The Terriers suffered fheir firsf defeaf in fhe Teachers College Con- ference af fhe hands of fheir neighbors, The N. H. Sfafe Teachers Col- lege. If was a fhriller from fhe opening whisfle fo 'rhe closing second of play. The score seesawed back and forfh fhroughouf 'rhe confesf wifh Arnold closing on fhe shorf end of a 75 fo 73 fally. Eddie Brown was fhe big-gun wifh I7 poinfs followed by Richiedei and Gosfyla wifh I3 poinfs. The Burrman frounced fheir nexf fhree opponenfs decisively. Those suffering defeaf were Trenfon Sfafe Teachers College, Becker and Earmingfon Sfafe Teachers College. The vicfories over Trenfon and Farmingfon were confidenfly expecfed. However, fhe win over Beck- er was a major upsef. The hoopsfers of Arnold ran up one of fhe high- esf collegiafe scores of fhe year when fhey dusfed Farmingfon I08 fo 72. In fhis confesf, Korszybski led fhe parade wifh 25 markers, followed by Sapko wifh 2l, Kul I6 and Amafo I5. If was Arnold from fhe very beginning againsf Becker College of Worcesfer, Mass. The home fown boys were behind buf once, and fhaf was early in 'rhe confesf. When fhey did jump info a lead fhey were never headed fhereaffer. Buddy Amafo puf on a show of sfealing fhe ball from fhe Becker hoopsfers. Richiedei, Korszybski and Sapko played superbly. Korszybski dropped in I7 poinfs in fhe 65 fo 50 vicfory. The shoremen Iosf fheir nexf four games fo an array of power- houses which included Monfclair, Siena, New Brifain and Upsula. New Brifain, fhe big boy of fhe New England Teachers College Conference and biffer rival of Arnold, overwhelmed our boys 68 fo 49 in a league game. Once fhe sfafe boys were ahead, fhere was no sfop- ping fhem. Brown fossed in I2 poinfs for Arnold. The Pond Poinfers Iosf a hearfbreaker fo Pafferson 56 fo 54, buf regained fheir form and finesse when fhey subdued fheir Elm Cify rivals, New Haven Sfafe Teachers College, 60 fo 49. This was anofher fhriller all fhe way wifh fhe Terriers avenging an earlier loss. Sapko, Brown and Amafo were oufsfanding in fhe vicfory. R. Griffin, who saw Iiffle service unfil fhis game, fhrew in I0 poinfs for Arnold. The refurn game wifh N. B. Sfafe Teachers College, afforded fhe fans a much more excifing and well balanced confesf. The Physical Educafors gave fhe Brass Cify boys a run for fheir money, alfhough fhe score resulfed in a 59 fo 5I vicfory for New Brifain. The final five games were all vicfories for fhe Terriers. If was nofed by many fhaf fhe squad had profifed from fhe season's experience as dis- played in fhese final games. They showed marked improvemenf in bofh skill and drive. As a climax fo fhe season, fhey had a smashing 9I fo 5I vicfory over R.I.C.E. which encourages opfimism for fhe coming baskef- ball year of I948-49. Iona 56 39 Siena 39 Conn. 45 35 N.B.S.T. 49" R.I.C.E. 52 65" Upsula 54 Bpf. Univ. 72 67 Pafferson 54 Willimanfic S.T.C. 52 623' N.H.S.T. 60" N.H. Boys' Club 49 56 N.B.S.T.C. 5I"' W.P.I. 50 44 Salem S.T. 65" N.H.S.T. 75 73" Bpf. Univ. 62 T.S.T. 72 85 Will. S.T.C. 53" Becker 50 65 Salem S.T. 59" Farm. S.T. 72 I083' R.I.C.E. EI 9I"' Monfclair I 59 55 'I' New England Teachers College Conference Game. JUNIOR VARSITY AND FRESHMEN TEAMS If is impossible wifh fhe Iimifed space available fo go info defail regarding fhe Junior Varsify feam and fhe Freshmen feam. However, if should be nofed fhaf fhese feams had a very successful season againsf nofable and worfhy opposifion. If is anficipafed fhaf fhey will furniSl'1 capable maferial for 'I'he Arnold Varsify for fhe coming season. FOOTBALL SQUAD FOOTBALL The refurn of foofball fo Arnold College was greefed wifh iusfifi- able enfhusiasm as was proven by fhe fine showing of Coach Sfoviak's club. Wifh lifflo fime for preparafion, Coaches Sfoviak, Burr and Walsh assembled a feam which was more fhan a mafch for mosf ofher schools of Arnold's enrollmenf. In fhe season's opener, Coach Sfoviak opened fhe kennel and fhe enfire Terrier squad chewed New Haven Teachers in a 49-0 rouf. The second game saw fhe Red and Whife fravel fo Teaneck, New Jersey, fo spoil fhe nighf for favored Bergen, upseffing fhe home club I4-0. The following week saw fhe Sfoviak forces finish a seven hour bus frip in fime fo clon fheir suifs and play Harfwick off fheir feef before dropping fhe confesf 7-0. Numerous fumbles kepf Arnold from running up a big score. Coming back from fhe Harfwick hearfbreaker, fhe Milfordifes flew fo Lowell and sfayed long enough fo beaf Lowell Texfile 20-6. A large furnouf wafched Arnold and New Brifain fangle in whaf proved fo be fhe game of fhe year for bofh clubs. The feafure of fhe fhrill a minufe game came when Arnold fook over iusf in fronf of fheir own goal line and moved down field only fo have fime run ouf when fhey were fwo yards from making hisfory. Final score 0-0. The final game saw Arnold fake a 6-0 lead over undefeafed Monf- clair Teachers and oufplay fhe Jerseyifes fill fhe closing minufes when fhe Skeefer Sfafe club uncovered a Rover Boy passing affack fo fie if up 6-6. Af fhaf poinf, and if reads like "Jack Armsfrong," a Monfclair manager in uniform came on fo kick fhe exfra poinf and cause each feam's parfisans fo swap facial expressions. An Arnold drive was halfed by fhe whisfle ending fhe season for our feam. We were proud of fhe I947 feam. They were in fhere fo win every minufe and fhe fwo clubs fhaf did beaf fhem lby a fofal margin of eighf poinfsl cerfainly knew fhey'd been in a foofball game. All leffer men excepf senior Al Jusfice will be back nexf year. Who can blame Harfwick for nof rescheduling our ouffif? ilu, E4,e-! A 'li we-3, GYM TEAM A. Bertrand, A. Chaznov, D. Sawyer, A. Eriso'l'y, W. Chop, A. Torosian, R. Casavan+, A. Boucher, W. Ogle, A. Marinelli, E. Bogda, G. Maddocks, J. Roman, R. Moore M GYM TEAM The GymnasTic Club began The year wiTh Tremendous enThusiasm. TwenTy-six candidaTes reporTed To Mr. Carl VeiTh aT The TirsT pracTice session. Former leTTer men elecTed Ace BerTrandPresidenT and CapTain oT The exhibiTion Team, George Maddocks Vice-PresidenT, and Allan Chasnov Treasurer. Joe Colello was renamed manager. ln view oT The abundanT TalenT, plans were made Tor an elaboraTe season. LeTTers were mailed To The alumni oTFering The services oT The Team. Various organizaTions in New Haven clamored Tor exhibiTions. Regular members were: Carmen Polo, Roger CasavanT, AI Boucher, Bob Moore, Alex ErisoTy, Wes Ogle, Joe Roman, Squirrel Sawyer, WalT Chap, George Maddocks and Ace BerTrand. ln February The exhibiTion Team emerged again wiTh renewed spiriT. Many bookings were lined up by Manager Colello: Troup Jr. Hfgh, Hillhouse High, FooTe and NorTh Haven High were schools which cheered The eTforTs oT The group. The New Haven and BridgeporT Boys' Clubs were enTerTained aT lengTh. Also Trips were made To New London, WesT Haven, Milford and Cheshire. All gymnasTs are eagerly looking Torward To The compleTion oT The new gym. The TuTure looks brighT indeed! TRACK VarsiTy Track is rapidly assuming iTs proper role as one oT The Tour leading varsiTy sporTs aT Arnold lperhaps soccer will be added nexT Talll. Under Coaches Burr and Tamashunas The TracksTers have com- pleTed an acTive season wiTh a Team ThaT has deTiniTely sTamped iTselT as one To waTch among The smaller colleges. WiTh every member ex- pecTed To be back nexT year, Track prospecTs are mosT assuredly on The brighT side Tor The Terriers. lT is wiTh sincere regreT ThaT we go To press Too early To give a deTailed record of This Tine Team's performance. Fron+: E. Di Blasi, l. Perdrizei, R. Buonocore, S. Powell, H. Russ, A. Thompson Rear: K. Flanagan, W. Vafh, B. Jaspers, B. Merriam, Miss Emily Ross, Coach: B. Barrie, D. Sachs. J. Campbell GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL Wilh +he arrival of winl'er, 'l'ryou'rs were scheduled 'For fhe Arnold Girls' baslceiball +eam. AHer looking over fhe candidafes, Coach Ross accomplished +he 'raslc of seleciing +he very good performers from among fhose who were merely good. Varsily members were Berfha Barbeau, Barbara Barrie, Resiy Buonocore, Jean Campbell, Eleanor Di Blasi, Calherine Flanagan, Belly Jaspers, Ida Perdrize+, Sylvia Powell, Helene Russ, Dorolhy Sachs, Nafalie Smolen, Audrey Thompson, and Winifred Valh. Manager Jennie Amafo was ably assisled by Barbara Merriam. Arnold's Record Arnold 28 The Posse School Arnold 22 Hun+er College Arnold 37 S+. Raphael Nurses Arnold 33 The Posse School Arnold 27 Sierling House Arnold 39 S+. Raphael Nurses FOV I86 Againsf Fronl' Row: Be'H'y Shields, Nancy Porier, Eleanor Capella, Eleanor Webb Second Row: Winifred Fladd, Be'r'l'y Jaspers, Jane Schultz, Jackie Blackwood, Beverly Seaverns Absen+: Helene Russ THE DANCE CLUB The Dance Club enioyed an aciive season, giving several well received exhibiiions, appearing a+ various high schools on 'rhe same pro- gram wifh +he gym feam. The officers for +he year iusl' ended were Belly Shields, Presidenig Eleanor Webb, Vice-Presidenfp BeHy Jaspers, Secreiary, and Helene Russ, Business Manager. Faculiy advisors were Mrs. Laura Barber and Miss Hazel Travers. SiH'ing: R. Buonocore, B. Merriam, J. Van Raal+e, W. Fladd, D. Dennison, J. Blackwood, B. Seaverns Kneeling: R. Sanderson, P. Sheriden, R. Naylor, F. Coperine, B. Barrie, B. Barrie, J. Schuliz, E. Webb, B. Spiegel Slandingz A. Marinelli, L. Slien, F. Colon, W. Fiskio, E. Tucker, A. Torosian, L. Colucci, L. Sena, A. Chaznov PHIN SOCIETY This year Phin Sociely renewed il's funclion as one of 'rhe olclesl socielies a+ Arnold. During 'lhe war years Phin ceased l'o be an aclive membership club, bu'r under 'rhe leadership of several relurning members fhe sociely has been reorganized. Plans have been made for nexl' year, however, when 'rhe 'lradilional Wafer Carnival and Clinic will be presenied, and classes in life saving and firsl' aid will be conducled. During +he pas'r year lhose members noi working 'For American Red Cross Life Saving Cerlificaies were allowed +0 do whafever lhey wished in ihe pool. Many games of wafer baskelball, wafer lag, and aH'emp+s al' rhyihmical swimming formafions were enioyed. Officers elecied were: Ellioi Ressler, presidenlg AI Marinelli, vice-presidenh Dode Dennison, secrelaryg Bill Fiskio, business manager. Membership was +he largesl' of all Arnold socieiies amounling +0 l'hir1'y- five ac'rive parficipanfs in ihe weekly "splash par+ies." 2356 I . 1 I rn. .4 . M4.. .J,. 12155 My fnwwilmi ,vw 3 Y! W e af mf 1 44222 -' WM , ,-ww,-vm, , ,. QV ' ' Az 5-.MM QW 4 Q15 EN 4 ifwg W In A! I lL xi I 1 4 if " 9 2 ,px lx fl -S' jf? f A Q55 17f'f""'PK"v""?"" 4 My ,X f va? f , ff? 1 we Af 1 ff,-4 bww M 1 W - W E uri?" ' if V: ,,9,,.,.f,u,1 Q Q V, ww? , . ,,,,, , ,ax 5:45, 'L ,, I ,QW ' , f ,, 1.1512-33 A gl , . -1-ang V76 s ....,-.1 L.,- , ACKNCDWLEDGMENTS We greafly acknowledge 'rhe help of our advedisers and recommend fhem for your considerafion and compensahon Your Protection is My Business . . . . .. T. HAROLD FITZSIMMONS 205 CHURCH STREET ---- NEW HAVEN Telephone 7 4251 9 INSURANCE All Forms - Complete Service C AUTOMOBILE FINANCING Cars or Trucks - New or Used Private Personal Deals Telephone 5-5112 THE HARTY PRESS, Inc. PRINTERS "ki Court and Artizan Streets I New Haven, Conn. Connecticut Distributors for Hanovia Lamps and all leading makes of PHYSICAL THERAPY EQUIPMENT 5 Everything for A Hospitals, Nurses and Doctors The Professional i ww Equipment Company Q WM it 36 Howe St. - New Haven, Conn. Telephone 7-2138 Students ot Arnold College are invited to browse around in a unique shop specializing in rare, out of print and new books on sports, games gymnastics and physical education. SPORTBOOKS 42 Church St. New Haven 10, - - COHII WILLCOX PHOTO ENGRAVING CO., INC. ir 'A' Modern High Speed Phofo Engraving Service if ul' 364 ORANGE STREET NEW HAVEN. CONN. Black Horse Inn I The Ulfimafe in Dining ici? PRINTERS GF Boston Post Rd., Orange, Conn. n L L H I N n Phone New Hclven 7-9594 Cfalufubizz Printing COMPANY ,, DAVID G LILLIAN TRAUB NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT EDWARD GRANPIJELD, Ima STATIONERY AND GEEICE EQUIPMENT 'ir 'A' 184 Crown Street NEW HAVEN 10, CONNECTICUT Compliments Hummel Brothers of , T. McDermott I-Ilgh Grade E rcmkfurters Ready to Eat Meorts 708 Congress Ave. 255 State St' Phone 7-4646 New HCIVGII, Conn. OIL BURNERS FUEL OIL COAL COKE MZQODXJ SEABOARD COAL CO. 124 CROWN STREET NEW HAVEN. CONN The Buckingham Routh Co. Contractors Heating Sheet Metal Work Plumbing 64 Grove St. New Haven, Conn. Compliments of Grand Light 6? Supply Co. 833 State Street New Haven, Conn. Congratulations to the Class of 1948 We will long remember you as swell friends DOT H OMER ARNOLD CAFETERIA Co Compliments of Phin Society Arnold College mpliments of I. johnson 6? Sonsj I nc. 85 Church St. o The store where you gef the Johnson Look"

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