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 - Class of 1957

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Arnett High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Arnett, OK) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 60 of the 1957 volume:

r . - f f 1 jf, f" Jfgfgp f' 77 f-' ff' W "' , I ,I if 5 J, 7 E A if . Apff7LdAv941f -- 1 QQ A CMH lbw ' F fr ,.,"' Eywlfgff 'i J fr! J A, 1 N - - if,fld,,x V7 5 fr ':L is 5-1.53 A - '7'iiV'Q9fQizi Cy.. . xf' ' f .f V1 -1 V ' CUv'rzjc9 . I ' ' -- if ff M If .4 I F , ,, ll J! Q I ff A Y ,ff ff , f fr .- f fjff ' ' fail. ff EJ 'A I 1 ., 144, , .1 , 4. 1" In f , 8 w N -1 X R ,P ,Q ,. V' .5 1 ' in ,Q ' i f .,.. 4 .- ' . ,,- .,. ., .: , , , J' ,A , ,. , , V , ff f Q f QXLJW, MW , N J 4 1 1. 1 g ,H sf. 5 ' 1 K X NV z'P-ff, : 'aT'.' f , N. ,li-lm, 'Zig"fh- iwfwi- Avaiy" ' ,prix ', xl 9' W W, N , N . 4-,pm , g fy- ,.-.n '.f1' ' 1'- 5.53 ' 1 2-47 ,52- 2-. ,, vig? 1:.iff 'ig -4,2 . A ,J gli ,, 1 L4 . . -.3 - . 925' -V ' ':'Zf,:-,1- . .,-.,:, ,,, .ggi- f Lg.-5, 1,31 I ...f .. N ,.- -:rf V' -2 we 5 2' Q fri? THE Med? To our parents who provided us with the opportunity to at- tend schoolg to the faculty who has worked tirelessly for our benefitg and to the businessmen of Arnett who have been so co- operative. the Seniors of Arnett High School dedicate the 1957 Wildcat. imma: 5:45 Editor-in-Chief - - - - - JIM BILL SUTHERS Assistant Editor - - - - - LEONA ROWLAND Photographer ---- - - WALTER RUPPRECHT Advertising Manager - - - - -CAROLYN DEARING An-ru-J Z LQWZN3 4f,QbL Co-valedictorians CAROLYN DEARING - ZELMA YOUNG STATE HONOR ROLL Owen Lentz, Elvin Meller, Beverly New, Marcia Holland, Zelma Young, Linda Roper, Clarita Gillilan, Wanda Sheleton, Wilda Sheleton c i if 6 5 :abb- Q ADMINI RA HON ' a Dear Seniors: l believe that-you, the Seniors of 1957. have had the best educa- tional opportunity of any Senior Class that has ever graduated from the Amett High School. I hope that you have taken advantage of every op- portunity to learn and that you will continue to recognize and take ad- vantage of opportunities which come your way. We want to continue to build the Amett school until it provides the maximum opportunities possible. We will need your help through the years ahead as methods and procedures change. Stay close to the schools and always be a volunteer to help carry the load that someone has carried for you. My best wishes to all of you. Yours truly. D. D. CREECH 4 Q Z Deal' SCIll0l'S2 I, and all of the faculty of the Arnett School, are sure that each time you open this book you think only of the good things and the good times you were associated with while at this level in your educational career. We would like you to think too, that in this association, you were contributing something. The greatest reward your faculty could receive is in the assurance that our guidance has played a part in di- recting those contributions, that we all may have a better America for those whose' pictures will appear in school annuals for years to come. Yours truly, A. H. Woods Sponsored by CHESNU1' QD LODGE MR. CREECH MR. WOODS Superintendent Principal gawwiafg ' Charles Word, Virgil Roper, Kenneth Davis, R. J. Schneider, Frank Mann. This page is sponsored by A. V. CHESTNUT 85 SON COOKS Mrs. Gilbreath, Mrs. Hicks, Mrs. Clem, Mrs. Killion. SUPERINTENDENT'S SECRETARY MRS , GERA LD CHAFFIN This page is sponsored by ELLIS COUNTY ABSTRACT CO. Back row Portor Shahan, Don Patterson Marvm M1tche11 Cecil West. Front row Sam Carey, Buck Boughan John Boughan, Rtchatd F1e1der. Lee Wieden ' ,wi K 'fi . Ss xii, J ' -1 ff V mlAl , za " it V5mw4iu09Q2,l,h ,,,.. Q ,V, "':E.- XJ TJDY 5 'FUD 'TNG ? QWQG. FACULTY MR. CREECH MR. WOODS MR. CHAFFIN MR. MADDOX Superintendent Principal Jr . Sponsored by KIWANIS MRS. SHAFFER Sixth Grade MRS. FREEMAN Fifth Grade MRS. THOMASON Fourth Grade MISS BOWLES Third Grade MRS. ORR Second Grade MRS, INFIELD First Grade Hi Principal Shop MRS. HUFFMAN Music MISS LEAGUE Horne Economics MRS. FITZ English MISS DELAMARTER Commerce MR. BRAWLEY Coach MR. BAYLESS Mathematics SE NIORS MR. WOODS MRS . HUFFMAN Sponsor Sponsor MILTON SMITH Senior President 4-H Junior Play Driving Team BOBBY HANAN 4-H Junior Play Senior Vice President BEVERLY NEW Basketball Softball Junior Play Girls' State ZELMA YOUNG Band Senior Reporter State Honor Society Speech Play This page is sponsored by, ARNETT DRUGS' VIVIAN STEFFEN Glee Club Band . Trio Junior Play DONALD JACKS Baseball 4-H Club Speech Play 'Track Team MARCIA HOLLAND Band Glee Club Prmcxpal s Honor Roll State Honor Socrety HENRY THOMPSON Baseball 4-H Club Sophomore Play Sponsored by Junior Play ANDINGS CONOCO STATION ELLEN HUNTER Softball Basketball Speech Play Principal's Honor Roll I, B. FLOYD Basketball Baseball Junior Play LEONA ROWLAND Basketball Glee Club Annual Staff Junior Play JIM BILL SUTHERS Basketball 4-H Club Annual Staff Boys' State CAROLYN DEARING Basketball Annual Staff Softball 5 LARRY BRANSTETTER Baseball Basketball Junior Play 4-H Club SANDRA PRICE Glee Club Junior Play Speech Play Ir. Hi. Basketball DON PATTERSON Baseball Basketball Track Team Bus Driver SANDRA SUE STUCKER Glee Club Basketball FHA ANDY MOLLOY Junior Play TAWANDA HABEKOTT Softball Speech Play Principal's Secretary WALTER RUPPRECHT Band Junior Play Annual Staff Boys ' State Sponsored by E. C. RUPPRECHT and FAMILY TWILLA COLLAR Basketball Softball Junior Play Speech Play WILMA JEAN BULLARD Softball Speech Play Principal's Honor Roll VESTA FORESTER Basketball Glee Club Junior Play Driving Team VIRGINIA ROPER Glee Club Junior Play Principa1's Honor Roll Speech Play LEVITA ALLARD Glee Club LULA MAE THOMPSON Driving Team Office Secretary Honor Roll Teacher 's Secretary Sponsored by BUCKLES GROCERY, Meats, Dry Goods, Frozen Food Lockers ..fgf'z,v ' hf'iif5ij? ,wg 5 Q 41 MQEW if Y, X.,A Q 'Sf fav S: Jumons Sponsors MRS . FITZ and MR. BAY LESS MILDRED DON GAYLE DEAN C AREY WOODWORTH VINCENT BU LLARD MARY JO DALE A N INA EDDIE LINDA JIM MATTHEWS -DYKE CLARK SMITH ROPER WOODS AULOUISE ROY MARILOU CLIFFORD CLARITA JACK SUTHERS CHAMBERLAIN LEWRIGHT TOWN GILLILAN BARTON ANITA HASKELL IOCELYN LARRY WANDA GROVER BALDWIN BULLARD HAMRE HOWE SHELTON WOODS sponsored by - FARMERS an MERCHANTS BANK DEANN GA RY C OLONEL DEN NIS KENNETH BOBBY LEWRIGHT COMPTON PEACOCK SCHNEIDER NORTHRUP BROWN 1 MAC SUTHERS ZK6b40 A 4 I Sponsored by SEALTEST - PLAINS CREAMERY in ln. 1 SOPHUMORES Sponsors MISS DELMARTER and MR. BRAWLEY First row: Mr. Brawley, Miss Delrnarter, Lola Mae Shreve, Donald Whittenberg, Letha Faye Tefertiller, Gary Carpenter, Colleen McClung, Johnny Patterson. Second row: Donna Rowland, Bucky Sibley, Margaret Heinsohn. Johnny Brown, Marilyn Davis, Robert Wells, Wilda Shelton, Owen Lentz. Third row: Mary Hosier, Gary Collar, Vir- ginia Vincent, Richard Patterson, Buena Bonsor, Jerry Knowles, Judy Branstetter. Thur- man Mercer. Fourth row: Carol Joyce Harrell, Bernard Bonsor, Elenita Thirnling, Jessie Gilbreath, Kay Sims, Brewster Fitz, Brenda Krout, Elvin Meller. Fifth row: Anna Mae Folks, Ira Jr. Northrup, Carol Jean Stout, Robert Jennings. Leota Tolle, Carla Bullard, Eleanor Town. Sponsored by DEARING MAGNOLIA STATION - ELLIS COUNTY CAPITAL JUNIOR HIGH V, wi-fn fe -- T Sponsor MR. CHAFFIN Carole Jones, Roger Habekott, Darlene Thompson, Buck Cadwell, Johnny Molloy, Jim Morgan. Bonnie New, Gerald Bowman, Rose Anna States, Dale Woods, Joyce Stevens, Theron McGuigg Carole Howe. 4 William Hosier, Oleta Mathis, Jimmie Truitt, Dayon Sherrill, Theron Compton, Bertha Vlfeelcs Milton Suthers. Marilyn Forester, Cecil Davison, Patsy Barton, Sammy West., Mervin Bowman, Jerry Cross, Leo Tolle. Sponsored by DAVISON RANCH Jerry M111 David and DS Clark Fielder Stuckey BOND BREAD KCHIL J ' 1 S ponsor MISS LEAGUE Donna Boyd, Donnie Caruthers, Patsy Bullard, Richard Brown, Connie Mackey, Joe Longhofer, Gwendolyn Thompson. Larry Jacks, Margaret Baldwin, Johnny Stepp, Glennis Collar, Ronnie Littau, Rita Smith, Johnny Carey, Vonna Wieden. Ronald Branstetter, Patricia Compton, Eddie Beam, Lois Branstetter, Rodney Wilson, Carolyn Ashpaugx, Rodney Davis, Wanda Gillilan. Buddy Sutton, Bernice Clearwater, Dean Northrup, Sharon Bullard, Eddie Carpenter, Janice Grice Linden Wilson, Anita Woods. Sponsored by WOODWORTH SERVICE STATION - REEVES GRO. 8z, MKT. , I Sponsor Dean Whittenberg, Gerald Weeks, Betty Buckles, Harlan Appel, Ellen Forester. MR- Terry Harrell, Carolyn Fitz. MADDOX Larry Huen, Bessie Hosier. Francis Shreve, Bernice Stevens. Gerry Wells. Linda Daniels, Buddy Suthers, Euleta Grice. Dale Bonsor, Marilyn Town. Jimmy Orr, Leatta Ashpaugh, Richard Truitt, Barbara New, Neal Suthers, Annabelle Brown. Kenneth Tolle, Charlotte Clifft, Charles Ereman, Terry Schneider, Willis Johnson, Wayne Shahan, Billy Porter, Terry Chamberlain. Duke Morgan CLELL BOWLES County Commissioner WARDS CLEANERS E MW 3' f 1 Sixth Grade T eacher MRS . SHAFFER Dennis Patricia Bill Sharon Stucker SICPP Word Toile Gregg Chestnut Donnie Harvey Beverly Dwight Dickson I acks Hanan Daniels Patrioia Davis Bill Karen Donald Loydetta Chisum Longhofer Stuckey Collar Rollin West Edward Wanda Delbert Jan Wildmgn Stevens Barker Roper Dudley . Max Elden A J ack Patsy B1ay10ck Whittenber g Branstetter Stout Patterson Sponsored by ARNETT STYLE SHOP - SHAHAN SNACK-BAR Fifrh Grade Teacher MRS. FREEMAN Sharon Arleen Dolores I6SSiC Bal-ton Dighen Shields Schweighauser Nelson Bryan Lyndon Roger Jerry Don Barnes Bonsor Craven .Underwood Webb Claude Larimore Ray Dennie Kenneth Oliver Meier Wilson Boyd Hi-X011 Mike Bradshaw Rodney Haskell Ronnie Ga-'Y Hicks Wilson Wayland Bayless yy i Grady, Kenny Billy Suthers She an Sllthers Sponsored by RED SEWARD'S TRADING POST - A. C. NICKALSON x Mrs. Thomason, Gary Truitt, Daisy McQuigg, Clifton Collar, Louise Shahan, Dix Roper, Addie Porter, Wayne Appel, Patty Dearing, E. F. Stuckey, Doreen Gettle, Monte Compton, Judy Buckles, Roger Price, Darlene Patton, Lewis Collar, Marie Dowler, Mike Craven, Linda Barnes, Larry Dickson, Judy Hanan. Jack Woods, Evelyn Hosier, Freddie New, Linda Bullard, James Rutledge, Cheryl Care, Jimmy Maddox, Evelyn Shelton, Roy Sibley, Virnita McC1ung, Jacky Branstetter, DeAnn Johnson, Don West, Terry Gilbreath, Darwin Flock, Donald Clearwater. Sponsored by PRATT REPAIR SHOP - BOB'S I.G.A. Third Grade Teacher MISS BOWLES Leila Kibbe fn any xl S ra, ,.. ,,.g rr 5 a, 'f ,gy s x '1' rj 71 15856 r " 'fi' 2: ws A Q 1' was-'4 ,, .rf M., 1,552 k B gi? f' 4:3 f i Janette Barbara Quinita Linda Cheryl Kay Holt Bonsor Beagle Beam Parker xz.5 S f,,- '- . ts,,,,,, me ff, ,- fr Zsggrwasb, fp 1 -. Mgsiisit f f,s,.,,,s r . -I ' ,m,,-fly , ,- . 44555336 ima Y XLf'v"'l4 V 2f3sifeSgssZQQ'Lf he Ula QV . f , - 2 fy gfjgwi' ,yr 4-pf X 1 ' -. L,',?,r:eww-reazmfmfJ,fff1E1fJ" A ,xr Epgry .A,- X Qissw Q14 f rio XA X 'Y , M A , ag 2,8 g r Y A J 3 fl! , NV 5 we 'K ' . ' Q Q fre, ,Jr r 3 1 is l , lg Sherry Steven Word Chesnut . .-f. M, Henry Gary Pat Morgan Nuttall Craven L 5 2 r X 2 ls ML S 'I 816 if S H 5 A 4 f ' B mlasii' k 'L ,,., ' - Kr a ,,,V Z if - '- "'i"" Qr':f.w5r' ' Milt 9 -r'-- 21519: 1. Q wi .1 , g r 1 , W, W if sr, 1. .mm my ire., r 151:25- fs s-,f A , .sf ., any 8 . ,, -- , ws '. 'f 'sl wa ang: 4s .W ?s?5 i23' Sknlfffii','?f!ie'iEf5"ifi,i I S 5 l, lQli3fwf'f1 'B flflffilflilfi'ri5+l2i32l?it3isfi ,.., Z W' f f Mui ,gli vW 2iQ,,i nzgr 935,291 'qgxspggafigq we 2- :Ji Nuff-' flzkfiiiifii ww" iff E SQ! rxgiw fl,:zgwgef1i, -3- erik I, 5 A H 51 'il' Elf W' 'Ui fy! , imygggriv M f.:i,,i,kr,g,51yi1 j55sffMiLf,5jgi ,Ng Bgikglft Ks f J flelw an-.... 'n.,ff,.w miiw,-Ms K wr 2 V ng , . ng, ,,,, ..,L . 4. 1' Mr, ffm ff, S, J Ka ,gn-:fu-E A 1 Q , 1 ,W ,EQHJQE :ig-me fr , at Ji . t . , L ffilgsigij' "': ilralfwfef H ..., ,wgir1l'?1fL 'f aw if E 2 H J M1255 il ir E +- ff' 7 2 Jimi' Mg K wf25Q'S',1:lmleQ:i re 5 sa, S' Qld? , KAL 9 5J 9 HEEFIQ H f iwfb A ,, 7 .rwkrz V QQAW, J5i,i75irr -e Merlin Leon Terry Littau Wildrnan Bullard Leon Cecil Randy Hunter Wilson Sherrill -in qfgzgggafszgxgeerza w1wafw+ff-1 xwvgls-g':-e2f,anasf!rf'f:.Mqf5fasawgwsgrs7 xg . .. . ...,, , ..., .,.,,.. .. .. , . ,. . , ,, Ir A g.. if ,: 511:25 : ' Qls'!:4'.'efzRf',fts,, 33fvlQ4Mya:-L,.fnm 4' A' 2 is V' QW, with 5,i.M,M,,3qM, 2 , Xiirgggga, M '?? l' ,'i3??Ei3lw'f'L V - 'gt ,rg sll"z4l1'T1'W . W xii . - r ,rr, ,S .,.: , rr nrrnr ,Q ,W rrtyn K , A Q QPF . ., 2.-az a,1rfff5" !5i'l:iUi,'-3'tiL.i: f' WTI' I " Vnter at ,S ,, "QW" 'S .. i M5539 fYQi"2f55?25f -1: 1 fam. .frfm I k . A A by f'fts"f .G we-, Q .ap K ' ' ' ' "" , If . ying if '43 if , ix . P V . gilt? . ,r-I x, 1, , f Sm Q, ., .. , iz rimtp 8 WX r in 25,264 A X 4 n Eig a! gg ffe N 54' fx V M U K ri. mix r 1,4 X M H- , VF 4 H '91 TEE is as as Q Q, K 5 in ,, Hg? 'Wi' si' A g ar at 'S . if S I A ", "H C ... Lyndel Donald Barker Branstetter McC1ung Terry , g ir l n egqaiiirt hfix"5lJ2Mli2 'ri 3'E,x.iF ,glff ISEW . 'Wlw'SfYi,' A ,. ,..,, Wir szgiffihily 5 -:'.,f:, "ri",f'if B rr. , lgingwfy, ,rslizf 1 s,7sWfl, eg"3 K 1 -K sqm Eff zf' www' my 51 , wg- 22:f?,3rgr4gw , , SM? wg 9' Mag fig 7fy5Hft',S"V,'I1 W" ffgiW1,ig5Z 1gfff:,2f , Wir 5334175 - like 524129815 f'Lf""V 1 7? -,'5'g' "J5il5if1N fl?lEif -Mess . tlglyxzv- fl S5i!5?llix34:'. g.: WgJi'L',m Y , -- rar .. 2, 4,11:'f,'g,:,, f41.,2f'r wg-frwik :!igm5glf2g!si34.g Seri, z1.'fl+yl,,5l'f1i fr il ' X4 :q2.fsr,-if Srzriwrii .MES wstw, ,5r,s'7i'53WsfnSQr,gigggrgzsgv ,j4:E1i3f2fff4:ilifg, 19247: 1 sif-35132 V, -we my Q4 X' r.rK.'5f+2 ' HI 'U fl Q X L e f 1 . , ,. , , .. V ,. aL?'fEi'i:zfl4YI Irvin Tolle Steven John Care Kenney Milburn Gary Eugene Bobby Mark Dale Barton Wilson Karnes Willyard Bradshaw Fitz Sponsored by - O. E. NULL 8a SON. INC. x ry 4 r ip: K T K X .. .. N, ,H - f-arf 'a m 4, sr . 1 H Second Grade Teacher MRS. ORR C ar-la Donnie Dolly Myron Karen Mercer Bullard Morgan C oykendall Underwood Russell Karen Roberr Verna Stevie Connie Tefertiller Mitchell Calkins Chestnut I 2.0118 H01l0Way Larry Loretta Larry Marilyn Clyde Linda Tolle Peacock Longhofer McClung Boyd Freeman Rickey Charlott Darrell Leona Garry John Word Booth Clifft Meller M Vincent Shelton Jimmy Phil Ronald Maddox Cotten CTOSS Sponsored by "C" Cafe WHITE WAY CAFE First Grade Teacher MRS . INFIELD Keith Lola Jimmy Yvonne Johnnie Wilson Miller Willyard Kliewer Merilatt Sharon Walter Donna Roy K1'iSIY JCIFY Coykendall Wa gnon Wayland Bullard DaI1iB1S Matthews Idelma Bruce Patricia Glenn Susie Larry McQuigg Kenney Mitchell Meller Suthers Beam . , r N ancy Deon Joyce Lula Berlene Ellen Bowles Hunter Sibley Hosier Beagle Shields Verna Ian Price Creech DYKES LAUNDRY COLES 8a BARKER'S i Twill Jerks Prestone Sue . L, i, SE M rr l 2 Sam Pig Paulina Bob AV'g I . ' i: no M i W S C eerr l S Al . 5 M S 9 do C A w' f Lu Lu Slim Viv Waldo ,, 'S -'.,' -1 01 IF' 1 4' . 1- Q. a,.1'." Q 4 an if S ff A i 94 sa N A I E lg- .vii Q wt' If 1 1 va - f si , 'J' F .," va qi , X K V Mig , , V rm, . E M, I 4 A 5: 0 , sq ' iff: Q7 y ' H: 3 '23 F if f 4 1 ff ' S riff f. ff' ,-z.y:,.' 5'f-fvgwf '1 , 1. mv X 4 ifyilf lr Bev Mid Zel Marcia VM A " .1 in ' I 'A 4- aa x .M , Snookie Jenner Bull Frog Cricket Sponsored by County Superintendent of Schools S. J. KNOWLES McNEELYS PLUMBING and ELECTRIC Dearing Rowland ORGA NIZA TIONS Sedan! Ewen! QuadeSc4aaZ Zend 1 V myasmaegewgw i X 21,94 seem 4-21 2m my same 4-:ff gm 9,444 same 4-741 qua Qaeda 564006 4-W gage i v u Y, , ff., , VA, .qw ---' wg-. ,. , fu 5 f Aff-- . 5. -. . x , , ff ' -3.143112 '-Lf fi-wm'1fA-Q-rfly,-LQjm A Tl-n.Encs 24,4 scam emma em zfqascaoazewedzaezgm feauhfz 7-Q94 Zawezdale' Em I p mm WW Z qua Em my suede emma qaawcyascadsqaw FA VORI TES 3444655456 ZW? and 2-wean V l MOST CHIEF WANTS ENJOYABLE USUALLY NAME ATTRACTION TO BE PASTIME FOUND Larry Brown eyes Left alone Drinking Back Streets Olive Juice Levita Slow talk Mrs. Sullivan Writing Phone Office Love letters J. B. Good Looks Prize Shooting Pool Pool Hall fighter Wilma Jean Bow Legs Mrs. Kennedy Dancing With Ellen Bobby His Grin Bachelor Telling With a Coon Jokes Twilla Blond Hair Mother Hunting Left at Home Donald Broad Hooked Holding Drug Store Shoulders Hands Carolyn Wriggly Play Girl Running Mac's Car Walk Around Andy Height Moonshiner Chewing Coon Hunting Tobacco Vesta Long Hair Engaged Daydreaming With a Shelton Don Blond Married Sandra In Sandra's Yard Curly Hair Twanda Voice Single Studying With a Book Walter Sideburns Play Boy Chasing Behind the Green Girls Door Marcia Quietness College Student Studying Sitting Milton Wavy Hair Goat Herder Beverly Taking care of Kids Ellen Tight Jeans A Jockey Browning With Scaly Jim Bill Walk Loved Talking to In Carolyn's Locker Carolyn Beverly Engagement Mrs. Smith Reading Behind the Dance Ring Henry Build Cowboy Sleeping With Ed Sandra Big Eyes A wife Cooking ln a little School Bus Virginia Slim Figure Beautiful Bossing Dragging Main Leona Black Hair Old Maid Acting Silly Chaffin's Office Sandra Sue Height Social Looking for With the Boys Worker boys Lule Mae Glasses On KP Duty Sewing Home Zelma Rosy Lips Straight "A" Loafing School House Student Acy Mouth Coon Hunter Lecturing Walking On Hands Kids Blondell Figure Marilyn Talking Band Room Monroe 2 476 Coykendalls Creamery Pat Clover Towns Courts Carpenters Garage Webbs Shoe Shop Cecie West Infield 8a Mackey Barber Shop Horace Gillilan Vernon Price Calvin Vincent Matt Cromwell John Boughan Cleota Brown Sam Carey Raymond Abbot J. Willis Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Woods Ida and Edwin Wagnon Marshall Word and Family Lee Wieden Richard Fielder Porter Shahan Bill Habekott and Family Woodrowe Barber and Family C. R. Sibley Walter F. Martin Sheriff . Perry Towns O. E. Infield Gerald W. Thomas MIS. Fitz Mr. Honeywell and Family We, the Senior Class. wish to thank Mr. Vernon Price for the time he gave, for his patience, and the wonderful job he did in taking group and organization pictures for our annual. 144:45 So Our school career fades away. . . graduation over. . . a new life. . . college. work. marriage. . .cherished old friendships. . . plans made and broken. . .Into the future. . .a world to be conquered. . .for some, fame - fortune. others disappointment. . . all striving for success. . . remembering the class motto. . ."We'11 take the world as we find it and leave it better." 24nd Sa on 5444 afl?57 ' N A fly gg b LITHOGRAPHED BY A LOR PUBLISHING CO. WMM, ' ., 4 AV . mW'w':' DALLAS o TEXAS The Best Yearbooks are TAYLORAMADE 2 - H . -- Vw. v 1 1 w . -1 lil' A . 1 Mziwfl X .,,. .. f,1w5Mi1':f1EfH K. ..., un-4,1 - . M ., H-' -Q, .ii ' ' pa- ga: 1':5.g?1- 3 1 zz- - ,,.. . yn "rd-.1v. -f-- Vw, r , ,mf-1.5 ,.. 4 A .'f4 'ref ,W . ..-:,f " .f'ffi".I ' 2.-fl-4?f: :".,.":'f ggi JV. , I ' FIW51 ,fig 1 Gif - fir-? '. f - :1a,'.r . T fail?-91? ...wx-V , Ari:-fi, f . -1 EE?-3 .V JL V I ff iz Q-'4 1 ffl' 'L-:"1' Xarzi? Q Q. 312, " .. :wiv -2 ., A ,M U., Ta Y-55.412 f -1:32 14.3" fi' -- -- --f- -. Q f . -. 04, , 1' 2 S., 1 f. -v. -...1...v.w:1f-1f7',i.'., " . . nsij'-j '.FmmK-H1-11.,'.J.F,,?.L5wffs5LP!91"-"'f'51W " Q' 4

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