Arneb (AKA 56) - Naval Cruise Book

 - Class of 1962

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Arneb (AKA 56) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 8 of 122
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Page 8 text:

USS.ARNEB and DEEP FREEZE Before we present any portion of our Op- eration Deep Freeze cruise let's introduce OUI' ship, the USS Arneb, an attack cargo ship at- tached to Commander Aml0hibi0US Force' Atlantic. Arneb-what does it mean? Well, Arneb means "hare." The name was taken from a celestial constellation, like those of her sister ships, the Algol and the Capricornus. Her name, however, was not always Arneb. In 1943, the year of her construction, she was a merchant ship, the S.S. Mischief. During World War II she was turned over to the Navy and became an amphibious attack cargo ship. ' Participating in the assault landing of An- guar on Sept. 9, 1944, Arneb lowered her boats filled with men and machines and helped bring victory for the Allies in the Southern Palaus Islands. She also fought in battles at Tlithi, Hollandia and Manua. For her support and assistance against the enemy she was twice awarded the Battle Star. S After the war Arneb was sent to Philadel- phia and decommissioned until March 1949, when she again became an active member of the sailing fleet as prospective flagship for the late Admiral Byrd's Antarctic expedition. She was completely insulated for cold weath- er operations, her bow was reenforced, and her propeller protected with special shielding. Instead, she entered the Korean conflict. In 1955 the Arneb became the first flag- ship for Operation Deep Freeze I under the direction of Rear Adm. C.J. Dufek. Each year thereafter Arneb has faithfully carried out her assignments by delivering thousands of tons of machinery, fuel, and supplies to the ice continent. During Deep Freeze III in 1957, Arneb sailed around the world recording technical data for the National Academy of Science and the U.S. International Geophysical Year. This year was no exception from previous years, she had a job to do, a big job, and She carried it out successfully with 'efficiency and speed. a wg: XXQRXXQQ Ny, XXSSXMQ, a Nw .X M X f XX ,. . X. X. i , ,X 2- Xsfiflft 1-LX 4. ' 'W W' 4- 53 Ss 2, . FXX',4S.'fAQ11,?S4 X1'rfffz,XXimf.Xir. s -S .1-,fm-.,'-"- fr-FX "-si5"' iS"' w g., 44. ,G .f2"',,p-237 -f-2'ogs.w5:f:Xf.f,',,,' -5 X .XXX X,,. ., xv N. 1 v- , sw .X 4. fc -e -J fm.. .f. 1, fa awe ,- ., fy f ,J V-.X,fQgpj,, 7, H, Xf,y,w,3SfQgz,, ,Q ,L V yq.!,,X,s,,,W.3- f r , , -z N ts. 6 .,, fx Xin." ff f .XX sw' Y - X3 4 -8 XSS XX Ss .yr S we Nm. gy 4. .a4Q,,Qyfg, . W , , .. JN SN. gi-ws ..Xw..a,-. .X X .XX , .ks--i.sXX X Sayles ., , is? 6 Sf . NWS- XXf we .X sf. fr-A X--O, kgs . 4..-M14 .aku s X-X-Y -X. .fXX.g-,QXXX f ..XX SSSS X Aww: New .Sgr X' XX w iv :Qs asa fc M .Q-N.1.,XeX7N N sqyfXw,fxWSX f49,f.s..,w.:..e.lf, ,f' SGS S. 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Page 7 text:

5 f 5 FOREWORD This is the Arneb story, the story of an amphibious ship, her mission, her men, her problems, her good times and bad. Arneb's assignment this year was unique in that she par- ticipated in the history making introduction of atomic power to the Antarctic Continent for Operation Deep Freeze 62. She delivered the first nuclear power plant to McMurdo Sound. Never before in her history with Deep Freeze has she made three trips to the ice continent during one season, delivering more equipment and supplies than in any other year. The characters are average, none heroes yet all heroes, each individual doing his job. The Arneb story begins in Norfolk and takes you through Antarctica and New Zealand, around the World.

Page 9 text:

are .V QW aircraft and tons of supplies and equipment. The success of the science effort carried out in Antarctica by the United States Ant- arctic Research Program CUSARPJ, founded and supported by the National Science Foun- dation, is to a large degree dependent on the N avy's summer support activities. The Foun- dation research is also conducted by colleges and universities, research institutions, and government agencies in the fields of biology, K 1' :Q Y, geology, gravity , glaciology, meteorology, oceanography, upper atmosphere physics and seismology. The rewards from new discoveries through research are not kept secret but are shared for all mankind, and, under the provisions of the Antarctic Treaty among 12 nations, no nation may use its discoveries for military purposes. This is dramatic testimony that na- tions can Work together for the good of all.

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