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a VL 'T ,ln :v 3 Pi., lf' mul T - f x . V I 2-P 1 H32 5' r if f , if fi . . sg - F-Q , iff 2' Q 5 if , ., 9' ,Q 1' . X .- , . w, 4 Q-. 'gpm I. wt' 5 1 -' A.' A 4 f 5 .f 1 -. 1 Q- f' a J an -. v- r Q A .4 x r J., 1 Y Y f 2' 3, "Que- -w M 4 rr ' n.. .,,.n- l -. J., 1 3 -1 -w J Y '1 w Q w w .W ." ,J W I l 11 ffl N. IJHIIQDI 1 EX LIBRIS 'H Q x gig? xv,b 1 Q K J "' r ff fkff - - 1 K . LA 5 N - ,L x A ' wg fsfglx-g no , -x by - X . J 4 W Rilrm . vxi,3,.5 K k V ya K .L swf-N C . K W X 7355. SS L: '-Q if .Q Y f. 'K 1151. :fill f 31 - . - . ,Q .-.Q . xr + N 4.--,X Qwfmw. E V Q -1- x. s S-Q3 '-K. Yfw X l ' if -fi??f'N3.apwfw5-M ' K ,5i.ig.l,Ng,j-11 Xf' ' - -- X .. I L XS, M.. , Armstrong Technical High School r E V r N , E 'ta ' ml I 1-F. , r REFLECTOR W V1 I I '1 .VN A , 1 1 i ng - 1 M H it! W Published By The Seniors ,lg ARMSTRONG HIGHSCHOOL Washington I District Of 1 Columbia if ni ' P N 'li ' 'W F mi W xl 1946 M Ht Iii E11 HA A , UL' . ,,,, ghunw W ,.gA,.,.-,,,,-, ..--,M ---AISI' ---14: -- K, T1 WET! di c?JM:a is 'U A A 1 AX L f""' Y I f U f,1N.f'WH3L411f ,LN' 'fx W i?'P,K.N1 '11 Elin !Vj,3f : 1 I 3: MEI: IV! 3 sad W p ' IS 5 I2 ' I ,v-I EL Q- A. Jih E4 . 53: X re 433 N rs 31 Qi- ,A f N Li Pig: H3 553' 5? BEE oo 1.15K ' ' if ' i- li . i Q3 oo ' lm Li, 1 5:53 X 'lx Qs gig X , EA' Y., "fix DR. GARNET C. WILKINSON 'fig First Assistant Superintendeni : g" Public Schools H 5 VVUShiI'1QTO1'I,D. C X 7 Divisions 10-13 - Qi EQ. ff 9 magtix K "N w W. 'Sv' 59:19, vm If .1w, q ' if Ng- ' P1 'FF ,EV mv uv' sw qv-ip" H ax av 1.1 K - Q Evhimtinn -.I A .!?,..., .s Q E, the Class of 1946, respectfully ded- 't?M""' 5 icate this book to our First Assistant - n Superintendent, Dr. Garnet C. Wilkinson, with the thought that it may convey'to him some of our profound admiration for his un- failing guidance and untiring efforts in be- half of Negro education in the District of Columbia for the past twenty-five years. Q 68.2 GXJLIDGXJ GXJQID Qf5c'X9Qf'3CAX9Q!'M'x9Qf'X'X9QI3CY9 CSSQZS Foreword , , , E, The Class of 1946, hope that you will enjoy this issue of the RE- FLECTOR, as much as those of years before. We reflect through the pages of this volume those days of responsibility in the service of the school we love. We have tried to describe the significant events of our school days at Armstrong, to picture the students, the spirit and life of our class, and to awaken, perhaps, the wistful tenderness of cherished memories. If in time to come, the review of these pages will serve as inspiration and bring to mind rernembrances of our school days, if this record of our efforts will be the background of a picture of memories, then our goal will be achieved, and we shall be content. WILLIAM C. BROWNE, Editor-in-Chief Acknowledgements , , ln the years to come, when the REFLECTOR is brought back to life, and we glance thru these history making days at Armstrong--we can never thank enough, all whose services helped to publish this book. ' We are greatly indebted to the following: To Mr. Thomas E. Batson, our sponsor, under whose supervision this book was published. We are grateful for his excellent advice, guidance and organization. To Mr- Nathaniel Dixon for his superb photography. To Mrs. O. D. Wells, Mrs. M. W. Davis, Mrs. I. W. Miles and Mrs. I. C. Hill for proof reading. To Mrs. Harriett B. Allen for her suggestions. To Mrs. Seldon, Mr. Alexander and Mr. Dodson and the students of the Art Department for their splendid work. To Mr. A. A. Burgess and the students of the printing classes for the ex- ceptionally fine job in the printing, assembling and binding of the yearbook. To Mrs. M. R. Aveille, Mrs. C. D. A. Brown, Mrs. M. J. Matthews and Mr. T. R. Holmes for their highly successful financial efforts which made possible the 1946 REFLECTOR, And all others whohave made possible the publication of this book we again express our appreciation and thanks. WILLIAM C. BROWNE, Editor-in-Chief GIA:c'x90fbc'x9Q1':c'x9Q1A:c'x9QI'bc"x9G1'uc'x9Q1'5c'x9Q1'm iGI3CX9Q!1C'X9Q!'3C'X9QI3f'X9QI'5fX9QI3C'X9QI3fX9Q,I3 , . rwfii---TH - - , . 1 V i .- , 1 Qfbc'x9Ql'bc"x9G1':cAx9Ql'bcAx9QI'Bc"'x9QfbC'x9Ql'bc'x9Qfu QI'bfX9C!Z3CX9Q!3CX9QZ3C'X9G!1CX9Q!3CX9Q!3fX9QITn REFLECTOR STAFF l I First Row Editor-in-Chief .......... .,,.,.,..,., W illiam Browne Secretary .,.,,AA,..,A.,A,.... v ,.,.. Gwendolyn Beasley Associate Editor ...,,,, , ,.,. ,... . ,..G1oria Hawkins Associate Editor ,......,. . .. ..William Hutchinson SECOND ROW Associate Editor. Y,,,,.. ......,.. L ouise Gray Associate Editors, ..,, ..,...i S tewart Hoban Associate Editor .,.. , . ........ Leonard Ray Associate Editor ..,.,,,., ......., C laude Ford THIRD ROW Associate Editor ,.,,.,,, ,,,,,,.,. R uth E, Brooks Art Editor ................,.,...... ..w..,. C alvin Banks Assistant Art Editor .....,... ...,.,.... I ames Bowles Photography Editor ,Y....,.,. .......,... I une Nortord FOURTH ROW Humor Editor .,.,....,....,.,.. ...,..... W illiam Stromann Advertising Manager .............. .......,.... A lbert Dickson Business Manager .,.,........,.,..,.,... ,,,..., I ames Bradford Assistant Business Manager .,......,...,,..,..,..,....,.......w. ............,......... M amie Wade LIQGS2LIB6279.106X.3C.Ie36S9CvID6X3C.IOGi7C.I0f3.9C.1D QvlgGxvzQ-19GxvnQ-gygxvocvgygxvocvlggxvpgfyggjqfgggjcle fa , . ,wg 3 31 -,Y , . l .i l 1 '1 1 1 1 1 1 4 vi 1 4 J 'E i -.4 .3411 A. 'i i ' I ' 1 4 1 I l 1' fe :W K Aff-"vw 'vi-M -1 -Y f rims: ,115--.s-asf -f'4r'-- - - -+0 fuels-1-agp, LZQGLQQZQGQ-JQ23G22CribGi-JCQQGS-JC'-ZQGEYDCYZQGS-JC-ID Qi bc'X9Ql'uc'X9Ql':c'x9Qf uc'x9Qfnc'x9Q1'nc"x9Ql'uc'x9Qf 5 Class flicers , , , FEBRUARY CLASS OFFICERS William Browne ........ ............. P resident Iuanita Brown ...... ................ V ice-President Frances Tinsley .......... .............. R ecording Secretary William Iohnson, Ir ......... ......... C orresponding Secretary Delma Barnes ........... ............................... T reasurer Howard Miller ....... ......... S ergeant-At-Arms 9 . I UNE CLASS OFFICERS Clement Wells .,.,,..,......... ........,,.., P resident Gwendolyn Beaseley .....,, ................ V ice-President Wilbert Knight .,.,.,.....,.. ...,......,.... R ecordi-ng Secretary Nathaniel Daves ,,.,.. ...,.,... C orresponding Secretary Carlene Greene .,..... ......................,.,.,.,.. T reasurer Francis Iohnson ...... ...... S ergeant-At-Arms 'QI3fX9Ql3C'X9Q!5CX9Qz'3fY9QZ5CY9Q'Z'5CiJQZWfY9QZ3 'l'5I'3CXQ9GZ5C'X9QZ5CY9QZ5C'X9Q1'3C'TX9Q!'BC-X'7Ql"DC'X9QI3 a,-H CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION . . THE FACULTY . . . SENIORS ' . . I . LITERARY .... TECHNICAL . . . mcmmnmc . . . MILITARY . ATHLETICS . ., . . CLUBS 6 ORGANIZATIONS I-IUMCRL . . L . . r ' 'FS'-J-'u:." --J hr .fvin . A S,- -W Q- x ,, 1 ., i, VN, X L .,v1.,a P Y' F L .Q-4,7 ,. m p xx DR- HOBART M. CORNING Superintendent of Shools Washington, D. C. 3 5 MR. ROBERT L. HAYCOCK Former Superintendent of Schools Washington, D. C. Qf:c'x9Ql'bc'X9Ql'bC'x9Ql"Jc'x9Qfbc"x9Qfuc'x9Ql"Jc'QQZ3 QIWCAXSGibc'x9Ql'3c'X9Gfsc'x9Ql':c'x9QI36X9QI3C'X9QZH Administrative Uflieers . , Public Schools of the District of Columbia Divisions Ten-Thirteen - Dr. Hobart M. Corning .,....... .... ...... .....,,..... S u pe rintendent Mr. Robert L. Haycock. .,.,..... .................. F ormer Superintendent' Dr. G. C. Wilkinson ........ ........ F irst Assistant Superintendent Mr.. A. K. Savoy ....... .......... A Associate Superintendent Dr. H. H. Long ........ .......... A ssociate Superintendent Heads of Departments and Directors M. L. Strong ................,...............................................................................,........... English W, N. Brewer ....... ............... H istory E. H. Grubbs ........... ........ M athematics Dr. Irene Hypps ......... ............. B usiness C. C. McDutfie ......... .......... L anguage P. I. Rayford ......... .......... S cience A- H. Iohnson ........,.. .,.............................. M usic E. B. Henderson .......... .......... P hysical Education M. W. K1rkland ........ ....... H ome Economics R. I. Vaughn ............. ......... M anual Arts H. O. Atwood .......... .............. M ilitary R. N. Hampton ....,...... .. ............................... .,.Art E. P. Westmoreland ....... .......... V ocational Education T. C. Alexander .......... ......................... G uidance 9.15GX.JQ!D6X.9C,lD6QDCv!-D6X.9C!D6X.9C.I0GX.7lI0GXJLlJ Qgggxvncvlggxvxvlggxvocvlgggnviggxvscggggacvlggxvuc-19 ara- ' 4...-Vw I 'f ri - . . iw lf c IHC? I ADMINISTRATIVE S1 AFF ' Armstrong TechmcalH1gh School I V, I I I I f 1' I mmmm j onummmmurmmmznmulm mmmnmnllm p jmwQUlU' mmmunmm w, no M 1 mgmnmmmmmnmmmn ln? , Wav I E x . ' W'ashington, D C s ' , , ., . Kg, ii- gi, If: . ,Eg I Y?' FRANCIS A. GREGORY ' Principcll Z ORRA W. SPIVEY Y? Asssitcmt Principal 5 Q I o L I NE '4 CATO W. ADAMS Assistcn! Principal , .... .,-.,- L -'IEQS llllll 'lllllllllIlllllllllIHl'IMMIlIIlIIiIIIUlHlIlIfIMIlIIlIlIIlIIlIlHII!IIlIIllIII WWWWWWIIMIMMNNWKHWIIII IWIIHIIYIIIIIIIIIIIHIHIIIIHIVI r ."' ' D U xml - 'Q l 5 Armstrong s Administrative Sta 1.01.1-:Lau.p-.f-.:a.:..f..,-.fu1- -fnfnfn .yn .1-.11.4..yupufn4u.1-.yufv..:u.1u.p--euynpnpnneue-..fu 41-4u,n4u,.,,.-1. ,,,,,...,. -ful. .,. .,. ,,. .,,.,..,u,..,..,..,. ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF OF ARMSTRONG HIGH SCHOOL Top Row-Principal Francis A. Gregory and Assistant Principal Cato W. Adams Middle RoWHPrincipal Gregory and Assistant Principal Orra W. Spivey Bottom Row-Mr. Roscoe l. Vaughn, Head of Department oi Manual Arts Divisions 10-13 V .' il . - . - Advisory Services at Armstrong .4-nfupnf-me puyunfnfuew AUTHORITY FOR PASSPORT QKTH BIRTH CERTIFICATION BIRTH CERTIFICATE CHURCH RECORD HOSPITAL RECORD . STANDARDIZED TESYS 9 LOCAL PERCENTILES Q m vo If "" 8 D 0 T Us 0 + m W + r-In-1 Ava-Qiw GUIDANCE TECHNIQUES in 'SON-N156 V 1 NW' jv - HiASURlN6 PLANNI TRANS 185 srM0'Q: Annu 5o4Of3'aA9x1 ,CHWVL 'mmgs KC 'UPU AND Ml,n.J.l,l.!.1.l. L. -:Q if .ER :- if i .E .E ,... it.. .31 5 .nel LLQX i "' E .ix :: E3 i -- r- - gr.:- 1 wr .- i my ' im llilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllWllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllmlQlII HHIIYWERIlllllllllllllHillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllmlllllllllllllllllullllllllllllllllllll lllllllll wtgzsr ' ' ' 'KEJEQ .A f ,jf ij Armstrong Technical High School Faculty, 194-5-4-6 ENGLISH SCIENCE METAL CRAFT R 5 I-l. B. Allen aswell c. B. Taylor .E . . . . o t .23 E g Ewa' A. D. Iev:1e!llY woonwonx E 2 ' ' umby T W McIntyre - E Hgwqrd ROblllSO11 B- A- IVY B B. Scott P' A' ROY Eg' V132 HOME ECONOMICS SHOE REPAIR fit' W. Smith M. R. Aveille I. H. Sheldon ggckilon Lee ' E . . att ews Z E C. Df A. Brown E- M- WQUF E C. 1.-I Brown A. N. Wllllams B. F. Coleman T. R. l'lOlmeS PHYSICAL EDUCATION NHUTARY E 1 E. N. L ' ecesne 21:15 Major P. L. Robinson egg SOCIAL STUDIES D. B. Evans uRRARy E It M. Davis H. C. Graves . QE iq I. H. Roblnson M- W- DCWIS Eg 2 E- M- Holland Y.W.Sta1lworth ENGMHNG E l- B- Hllnier C. R. Stewart 3 ,F Ifgjrzon MECHANICAL DRAWING I' C' Websw' W El H. C. Robinson F' glgtgggore AERSVNTEUTICS 2 W' T' Robinson Lt. Col. GA. Ferguson I' ' reene fi LANGUAGE PRINTING GWDANCE .E L. c. Hill A- A- Burgess C' S' Loffml ,E A S Iohnson I. T. McDuffle YI T. G. Miles APPLIED BI.EC'l'RICI'l'Y REGISTRAR - H. B. Wallace B- F- I-10Yd G, 1, Brooks I l . MUSIC BUSINESS. 1 C'-mx 1 52 R W E. R- Amos B. K. W1lllQI'l'lS E. M. Newmmvi 4 . I. L. Hunter . - l S M. F. S ld -5 FINE ARTS AUTO' a SIGN e on .E E B, C. Dodson PAINTING NU'l'lU'l'IOli I. H. Seldon R. M. Alexander I. L. Marsh . I . -. - a . llllllmlllllllllllllllm l lllllwllllmlllllllllllllllllll llg gg I I igail lllllllllllllll :llllUllllll illlllRR lllllllmkg , . . P 1 - X l --T-' - ' T' X G. 9 Geg,,m.3ZfaW I Gil WI' I,',. ' ,, , ,W .E Lg' 1 tr V, V! x A ' my 7 Y Y Y, H W y , ,, v,rv.,,v X,-illll a..,,,,.,.,,.,,. ..-... W- ..- V -I-11-17119- sENl0n CLASS F, rs v:::::::::::e::-f::::i::f is:::::2:::sJc1i:r:::cv'::.'1e:sz.'1:2r+-':a- MAUREEN ETHEL ADAMS, "Buttercup" College-Physical EducationpVice-President, Girls' Excelsior Circle: President, Good Con- duct Club, Secretary, Student Councilp Vice- President, Girls' Officers Corpsg President, Section F7. WYMAN ADAMS, "Big Y" College-Engineering Drafting. CORA REBECCA ALLSBROOKS, "Becky" Lincoln Hospital, New York-Nursingg Busi- ness Manager, Girls' Advisory Council, Vice- President, Mozacs Social Club: Member, Good Conduct Club, Student Council, Press Club, Excelsior Circle. ELINOR IOSEPHINE AMIS College-Nursing, Member, Girl Scouts, De- fense Stamp Club STEPHEN NORBA ANDERSON, 'iAndy" Miner Teachers College-General Science Teacher: Member, Book Club, Personality Club, Red Cross Clubg Sergeant, Boys' Cadet Corps. MARIORIE IUANITA BAILEY College-Member, E7-ccelsior Circle. HORACE WILNER BALL, "Iiggs" Mechanic. IOHN WARNER BANKETT, "Bankato" Army and College-Member, Mixed Chorus, Football Team, Basketball Teamg Lieutenant, Boys' Cadet Corps- CALVIN ELLIS BANKS ' Co11egGfA.rt and Musicg Vice-President and Sergeant-at-Arms, Art Club. DELAWARE SaCONDORE BARBOUR, "Delly" Businessp Member, Football Team, Basketball Team, Track Team, Swimming Team. --. ,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,......,..,..,..,..,..,..,....,...,..,- S E N I 0 R C H A ii! neaseeufuef-kv-sy-.1-my-.yu..'uyu:e:::sf-fumes.:-s::::::::::: 4 i li' f x l f 1. . Q --1 A+ U, A A A-,..4,--. ' 'A -494 -fi--55?-6lllnh.'41-'fue A eau--"-L -'fi' 34 eu:::::sa:::::ze:::e:a::::z::::::af:g:e::::n.':2a:::e:::::s:1:f z...,,-,, . L.. - - - if-ge' ,, -..,.,.-zsf .Ll .-,,, Jr .,- .,, .,. .:. .,, .,. .,, .., ... ... ... ... 5. ... L, .., ..,:.,,,g:,,,...., u71:::srv:::e::p:aa::::eaf:a:::::p::a::oe1neu.fwslqv.:u.:v ELIZABETH BARBOUR EVELYN MILDRED BARBOUR, l'Dirnples" Howard University - Medicine, Sergeant, Girls' Cadet Corps, DELMA BARNES College-President, Mathematics Club, Mem- ber, Football Team, Baseball Team, "Mr. Personality ol l945". EVELYN RUTH BARNES, "Sweets" College-Teaching, Secretary, Home Eco- nomics Club, Member, Health Club, Athletic Club. GWENDOLYN URSULA BEASLEY, "Gwen" Music School-Concert Singer, Vice-Presi- dent, Senior Class Uunel, Secretary, Girls' Advisory Council, Member, Cheer Leaders' Club, Glee Club, Personality Club. BERNICE BEAUFORT Martha Washington Vocational School- Dressmaking. GLORIA RAY BELL Freedmen's Hospital-Nurse, Member, Press Club, Excelsior Circle, Cheer Leaders' Club, Swimming Club, Girl Scouts. IAMES WILLIAM BELTON, "lake" College, Member, Honor Society. ARCHIE BLAIR College, Vice-President, Library Club ARCELLA CELESTINE BOSWELL, "Celia" College-Nursing, Member, Req Cross Club, Library Club, Excelsior Circle. ' .4-.Juan SENIIDB CLASS 1 l w I Z 4 is llbiiuqflbqflliinillliliiAllnflullnllnllullbiilfililnltklimlhliilild -..,.,, --.,..,,f' -V ,A-.,..L . SENIUB CLASS SENIIIR CLASS +,F,-ZA, ' ..,. S' z:e::::::::::::..' -::41..- nv- -:sv-:fray -1:::..- -:..- 2.4 -1 -- -' A- -- -- A rae:e::::g::::::::::s:::z::::z::::i:::::e-.:::::-.- Azevmt- -:..- -:aan JAMES CARROLL BOWLES, "Jimmie" Art School: Vice-President, Sign Design Club, Member, Red Cross Club, Biology Club, Ten- nis Clubz Sergeant, Boys' Cadet Corps. MARGUERITE I-IARRIETT BOXLEY, "Lug" College-Dieteticsg Secretary, Good Conduct Club, Member, Library Club, Excelsior Circle. JAMES ALLISON BORDEN, "Huss" College, Member, Rifle Team, Track Team, Junior Cornmandoes, Lieutenant, Company G, Cadet Corps, Member, Officers' Corps. JAMES EDWARD BRADFORD, "Ajax" College--Music and Physical Education, In- structor, Wrestling IY-M.C.A.Jg Assistant ln- structor, Weight Lifting, Sergeant, Boys' Cadet Corpsg Manager, Four Penguins. WILLIAM HAROLD BRANSON, JR., "Jack" Hampton Institute-Interior Decorating: Bus- iness Manager, Cavaliers Football Team, Captain, Basketball Team: Member, Golden Keys Baseball Club. MARION ALVERTA BRAXTON Howard University-Home Economics: Mem- ber, Nurses' Aides, Red Cross Club, Athletic Club. LILLIAN FRANCES BRENT, "Sugar" Freedmen's Hospital-Nursing, Member, Red Cross Club, "Torch" Representative: Chap- lain, Section B8. JEROME RAWLES BROADUS, "Jerry" College, Member, Football Team. ANGELO NEWMAN BROOKS Electricity: Member, Student Council. RUTH ELIZABETH BROOKS, "Sis" Hampton Institute-Nursing, Member, Stu- dent Council, Excelsior Circle, Girls' Advisory Council. 7cafs::ea:::::::e::e:fc::e::esrv:l::ec:e3an!amflAJeJaAJNo4anllJ e-iee::::a::s: ::ei:sre::::::::::::c::ot::ar1oJuJooJcn4'u4anf'4al'40 ,-,..- -.. ---4 L-f-f ---H ff---Q-f' fs- l l . Y .fam ! - -,,,.- .- - 5. - , . A- ,,,t...,-.,. ,, Q. ,,rL,iA-,L , - if 17,e.fv--..- Av . . . C .,',, VY g ,. 3, .. .. ... .. ... " . ---.. --- crlczgcgci1::i:i:g:i2fi:33:1:ggcz S E N I 0 ll C L A S S RUTH MARIAN BROOKS, "Bright Eyes" College-Nursing, Member, Defense Stamp Club, Press Club, Nurses' Aides. I I I BERNELL BROWN, "Happy" I Army and College, Vice-President, Section D7. FRANCES LOUISE BROWN, "Rosebud" Commercial Art and Dress Design. IUANITA MAE BROWN, "Nita" Howard University-Dress Designer, Vice- President, Girls' Advisory Council, Vice- President, Graduating Class, Member, Ex- celsior Circle. LAURETTA DIANE BROWN, "Rett" Virginia State Colleg?Spanish Interpreta- tion, Member, Excelsior Circle. WILLIAM LLOYD BROWN College-Medicine. WILLIAM CLINTON BROWNE, 'iSlats" College - Physical Education, President, Graduating Class IFebruaryl, Member, Per- fect Attendance Club, Captain, Baseball Team- IOHN WESLEY BURNO. "Champ" College--Electrical Engineering, President, English Vl Club, Electrician's Mate l,"c, U. S. Naval Reserve. ' FRANCIS BURRELL, "Frankie" College-Mechanical Engineering, Member, Golf Team, Athletic Association. ROSA PAULINE BURRUSS, "Sweets" College-Elementary School Teacher, Mem- ber, Excelsior Circle, Glee Club, Red Cross Club, Torch Representative, Member, Ath- letic Association. O 1 S E N I 0 B4 C I A S S -..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,- .,...,..,..,..,...,..,..,..,-..,..,..,..,..,..,..,-.,..,..,..,..,-.,... M Y 4.-fi,-L -,1----., - Af ..... '-fn H ' " . 4 v - SENIGBLCLASSE3Z3fTiiTiTiFmMww nempufu au' nawnpuauy .v ... --Y -1 ... W. --:nv W- -e. .:. .:f:::::::5::::v-.:: MAURICE BUSH, "Frenchy" College - Research Chemistry: President C1942-19453 N.F,A. lPhelpSl: Reporter, Torch: Member, Horticultural Club, Student Council. MARY VERONICA BUTLER, "Sugar" Business-Typing, Member, Girls' Advisory Council, Perfect Attendance Club, Good Con- duct Club, Student Council. GERALDINE ALEXANDER CALLAHAN, "Ierry" College-Social Work, Member, Library Club, Red Cross Club. OLIVER HAYES CAMPBELL, "Playas" , RUFUS RUDOLPH CANNON, "Bobby" BERNICE LURENIA CLARK Hampton Institute-Dressmaking. FREEMAN ERVEN COBLE, "Elboc" College+-Architectural Engineering. ODELL GRIFFIN COFFEY, "Slick" Miner Teachers College--Teaching, Member, Defense Stamp Club, Good Conduct Club. JAMES STEWART COLEMAN, "Iimmy" College-Physical Education, Member, Bas- ketball Team- WILLIAM COLLINS, "Bootsie" College-Member, Track Team. SENIOB CLASS F.-5-Wv Juli. ' .P ' ' - .V -1 '-Q--2 4 ,.-, 34,-94'r-A-,. ' . 1 - . .. .r.,..r,.,. V 4 'an Aeaesciaregesi :::::::::::::::::::::si:5:::s:esis1 .:a:::e?:ga-::e:::::e:::::::::::::::::::::s:::::::::?c IULIUS ALEXANDER COOK, "Alex" Howard University-Engineering Drafting, Member, French Club, Red Cross Club. RUTH BETTE COOK, "Little Ice" College-Aviation, Member, Biology Club, Swimming Club, Excelsior Circle. WILBUR EDWARD COOK Ice Skating, Member, Defense Stamp Club. LIONEL GAYLORD COOKE College-Mechanical Engineering. VIRGINIA LUCILLE COOMBS, "Gin" Miner Teachers College-Teaching, Secre- tary, Zavanettes, Member, Excelsior Circle. CLIFTON COOPER, "Cliff" Music School-Musician, Treasurer, Senior Royals, Member, Book Club, Boxing Club. WILLIAM CORBIN, "lim" College-Member, Football Team, Baseball Team. IAMES RICHARD COUSINS III, "Big Couze" College-Electrical Engineering, Member, Engineering Class, Lieutenant IStafll Boys' Cadet Corps, Sergeant-at-Arms, Olticers' Club, Member, Rifle Team, Football Team, Varsity Club. MARCEI.. WILLIAM COUZE, "Pete" College-Architectural Engineering, Secre- tary, Honor Roll Club, Member, National Honor Society, French Club, Reporter, Schol- astic Sports. BLANCI-IE LORRAINE CRAWLEY, "Baby Sis" College-Dietetics, Member, Excelsior Circle, Library Club. SENIIJB CLASS 'itil' SEIWIO n c LASS n.pwn4na::::e..ecuye::e::enru.fs::en.pv:fp.:u:::y.fw:?u?::a .1-..,u,-.f-.inf-.0-.0-.,..,-..,-...p ..,...,-..,-L1-.0--.1-.ana S 8- 'ff is SL - SENIIIB CLASS 7 F.. -L ,1Qu!f vfi ,po . .. -. . . ,V " .V ' I4 4--sf---A-.... T, . f- 'f """ f""""""' . Y ug ., , . . J ., , , , . " 'Q 55'y 5' ""'1 " , .A Y E?L??f2:l'-iftfitififfffif-Cllliibliifiliilf'-Sff 3lfv-2V ' ' rv -asv ev -sl. NL I I I I 2 I 4 ,,, , SENIIIR CLASS HAROLD LEE CROCKETT, "Slick" Hampton Institute-Architecture and Ma- sonryg Vice-President, Good Conduct Club: Manager, Basketball Team: Captain, Military Organization. LOUISE HAZEL DANIEL, "Rags" Colleg?Social Worker, Secretary, Defense Stamp Club. NATHANIEL LEONARD DAVES, "Nat" College-Drafting, Section Representative, Student Council, Corresponding Secretary, Iunior Class, lst Lieutenant and Adjutant, Boys' Cadet Corps. HARRY LeROY DAVIS "Roy" Howard University School of Pharmacy- LeROY ELDRIDGE DAVIS, "Weasel" College-Mechanic Arts Teacher: Member. Good Conduct Club, Glee Club, Football Team, Basketball Team. ODELL DAVIS Member, Football Team. RALPH MELVIN DAVIS, Q-" President, Ivy City Pigeoneers. IRVING BERLIN DEAN, "Big Dean" College-Artist and Designer, President, Art Clubg Member, Good Conduct Club, Football Team, Track Team. ALBERT MICHAEL DICKSON, "Dick" Hampton Institute-Printing, Instructor, Com- mandoesg President, Officers Club, Captain, Co. I, Cadet Corps. IAMES DILL, "Buck" Howard University-Drafting, Business Man- ager, Red Cross Club- Member, Tennis Team. :::::e:e::::fgsg:e:e:.?ee:-ee:e::uJe2u:ei4-u.Aa.0tge::2 e::g:::::::::::f:A1c:::?:::10ic 31J! I' 'E 5" 47 " """"" 3 "TS-S434-.7,,Ll ,ff'4,cr:,Q-fQ,Mf1,,k,"",,....,' Q ' ' v J -1-..-::.1T' -:L A:..- -:..- -:..- -::::.v- -e-..esf.- Ae..- -es:::::ges::ge!s::-can ::::::s::::::.Q:::fsfa::sfneu:iaJua::::::::::gesf ARTHUR L. DIXON, "Ace" CollegeMusic, Member, Good Conduct Club, Press Club, Student Council. ERNEST DENT DIXON, "Dick" College - Medicine: Vice-President, Royal Dukes, Reporter, Newspaper Stall. GEORGE EDWARD DORSEY College-Mathematics Teacher. GILDA MAE DORSEY, "Gil" Member, Girls Excelsior Club, Library Club. SYLVESTER LENARD DORY, "Mouse" College-Secretary, Red Cross Club, Mem- ber, Football Team, Basketball Team, Swim- ming Team, Platoon Sergeant, Boys' Cadet Corps. IOSEPH HOWELL DUTCH. "lee" Howard University - Physical Education Teacher, President, Marquis, Captain, Bas- ketball Team, Member, Football Team. CHARLOTTE AUGUSTINE DYER, "Gus" College-Sewing Teacher, Member. Home Economics Club, Student Council, Excelsior Circle, Lieutenant, Girls' Cadet Corps. TALIAFERRO CLARKE ELDRIDGE, "Duke" Musician. IOSEPH FREDERICK EDWARDS, "Ragges" College - Mechanical Drawing Teacher: Member, Good Conduct Club, President, Hall Walkers. DORIS EARLY nfasfepfu 'A " x -4 -rf..-An. b- t. v,,f,, .fl SENIDR CLAS S I , .,..,...,. ..,...p-..,...4-..,u'u4..'a.,..,..4.-1-...,..4-.'..4n4n..pu.:n4- N L ',. ,, YY iv'-V Y . SENl0ll CLASS .-.afnpaneusfe-leaf: -pvsreupnereefnpwnpufauyu 7:1sf:::s::::::::g:L-:4':a5:::?:::s:f::e::::::::t:-::? 5 4'-1 ff: W nf1:g.::s :::::e::::i::::.-:ai::::::::zc2::s:z::::::c.- ROSS COLUMBUS EVERETT, IR.. "Boy" D College+Chemica1, Member, Engineering Class. MARIE ANNE FEELY, "Cherry" College - Cosmetologist, Member, Cheer Leaders, President, Girl Reserves, Captain, Girls' Cadet Corps. CHARLES LEE FERRELL, "Carlos" Hampton Institute-Agriculture, Member, Track Team. GEORGE FISHER DAVID EDWARD FLEMING, "Pluke" CLAUDE ARNOLD FORD, "Sonny Gump" College-Engineering, Member. Basketball Team, Rifle Club, Varsity Club, Vice-Presi- dent, Officers' Club, Captain Co. F, Boys' Cadet Corps. EUGENIA LORRAINE FORD, "Bill" College-Home Economics Teacher, Secre- tary, Y.W.C.A. Club, Girl Reserves, Treas- urer, Teenerettesi LeROY NELSON FOSTER, "Bootsy" College-Medicine, Member, Library Club, Press Club, Rifle Team, Commandos, Major, Boys' Cadet Corps. MARION FOWLER GEORGE DANIEL FRISBY, IR., "Baby George" Army, Vice-President, Defense Stamp Club, Good Conduct Club, Vice-President, Coman- che Football Team, Secretary, Trojans Ath- letic Club, Assistant Coach, Comanche's Football Team. :dennys-.pappnyufa-anasa:-enaosfenaanpcneusfe-.,4e-..Ap -1. .,. .,. -. .2 Wi SENIOIl, CLASS .euafasfsafafenp-sl: - -.v W. .--.. ... -ev qv --Y :::a::n41::::::s:a::::f::::::::::::e:ea::a SETH ELIND GAINES, "Thin Man" College-Member, Library Club, Captain, Cheerleaders. LAURA IANALER GAMBRELL Miner Teachers College-Scienceg President, Girls Guild: Member, Excelsior Circle, Art Club, Girl Scouts. Q IOSEPH ALEXANDER GANT, "Bubby" Musician, Salesman, Torch. ALICE BEATRICE GILLING, "Duckie" College-Social Worker, Member, Excelsior Circle, Red Cross, Girl Reserves, Cheer Leader. MATTIE LEE GLYMPI-I, "Mat" College-Architectural Engineeringg Scribe, Girl Scoutsg Member French Club, Excelsior Circle, Honor Roll Club, Cheer Leaders, Swimming Clubg Assistant Secretary, Rifle Club. WILLIAM DONALD GRAY, "Foots" CollegeMember, Officers Club, lst Lieuten- ant, Boys' Cadet Corps. MELVIN ALOYSIUS GRAHAM, "Great" College-Physical Education Teacher, Mem ber, Good Conduct Club, Football Team CARLENE VIRGINIA GREENE, "Shugg" College-Medicine, President, Girls' Advis ory Council, Excelsior Circle, Member, Honor Roll Club French Club Good Conduct Club LOUISE GRAY RUDOLPH P HALL C aw Cabmet maker SENIOR CLASS X SENIOB.CLASS 1 1 - . ju I A it 1 I ' I . , . . E reef'-.fnpn.1n4a..1n."..,n.,-..'..4-.., .en.pupu4w.e1s'upu.,- .puff-1' .puff .f..p..,..4-.4-sfqsfvnlwulvuo . l ' - ..ii:i::::e:.'f:::z:-t::a,-:aJcs:04ic::sJwe.'- SENIIIR CLASS 5322212 " nfnfpw- -::.::.Y- '-:::::.,- -:eip ':..' Lev- -:-1-:.v' -:.v- A-if l WILLIAM JOHN HALL I College-Physical Education Teacher, Cap- tain, Baseball Team, Football Team: Mem- ber, Track Team. RAYMOND WARDELL HAMMOND, "Tiger" Captain, Football Team. RAYMOND HAMMOND BEATRICE ALBERTA HARPER, College-Physical Education Teacher, Presi- dent La Estrella Club, Member, Excelsior Circle, Girl Reserves, Lieutenant, Girls' Vic- tory Corps. KATIE LOUISE HARRIS, "Sugar Lump" Cortez Peters' Business School and Institu- tion of Dietetics, Member, French Club, Good Conduct Club, Glee Club. GREGORY HARRISON, "Wo1fingharrL" i College-Drafting: Treasure, Esquires. KATHRYN HARRISON MELVIN HARRISON, "Shorty" Dramatic School-Acting, Member, Excelsior Circle, Library Club, Girls' Advisory Coun- ' cil, Biology Club. STANLEY ANDREW HARRISON, "Bucky" College-Dentistry, Member, 'hack Team. ALFRED HAWKINS, "Tucker" CollegzPArchitectura1 Engineering, Mem- ber, National Honor Society. I I I .f-.,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,...,..,..,-.,-..,...'..,..' S N I 0 ll C I A S u.enyu.p-.,--e-.4-.4-.4...'-.1-eg.ny-e:e-eQ::::::s::s:::s::::-:zviw s . It Y X p Q ,A , ,,:,:4i-i,.,,,1 -1 ggf-A-r ' 1 Y -n-na' :e::::::::::infu:::e::s::::eu.lvafof1::e::ea:e:fn.f1 Samoa CLASS :zz wmmwm -MM-'--M-N- mmwmm W .:e::ee:ei::ef:a.0n:::::enevn::::e:::::::::S.1a::::::::::::::zn4 GLORIA DOREACE HAWKINS Dressmaking and Dress Designing, President, Library Club, Member, Excelsior Club. NORMAN EDWARD HAWKINS, "Hawk" Army. VERNON WEBSTER HAWKINS, "Hawk" College-Mechanical Draftsman, President, Caballeros, Member, Class Club, Officers Club, Rifle Team, Captain, Boys' Cadet Corps. RICHARD ANDREW HENDERSON, "Rick" Iulliard School of Music-Musician, Member, Good Conduct Club, Perfect Attendance Club, Biology Club, Captain, Tennis Team. WINFREY G. HILL, l'Wir1ney" Army, Secretary, Student Council, Sergeant- at-Arms, Red Cross, Member, Defense Stamp Club. STEWART DANIEL HOBAN, 'xBobbie'.' College-Civil Engineering, Vice-President, Engineering Class, Treasurer, Officers' Club: Manager, Baseball Team, Member, Rifle Team, Captain, Boys' Cadet Corps. ROBERT IAMES HOLLEY, "lake" Howard University-Lawyer, Member, Red Cross, Good Conduct Club, Chaplain, Home Room, Manager, Baseball Team. SAMUEL MILLER HOLLOMAND, "Sonny" College--Music, President, Good Conduct Club, Member, Student Council, Mr. Adams' Committee, School Band, 2nd Lieutenant, Boys Corps. IESSE IAMES HOLMAN, "junior" College-Music, Member, Good Conduct Club, Defense Stamp Club. ALICE B. HOLMES, "Shorty" Dressmaker, Member, Red Cross Club, Treas- urer, Twentieth Century Misses, Member, Rifle Club. S:e:::nln ,- ,- . . J-...9,,iq I - U . A- 'rmffff yff.'f,l,"'.,-5 Slsivlon CLASS,..4-.f-.,u.:n4v.,,-.fufu-,:wsp.Sau.pu.p1sJ 4u.:vufen:u11.4u4n:u.f-n.4n4uea-4u.a1seu4q ufn.fepenn:ueu1e..a-u4w.fu4u4.s::.:n.yn::: SENIGB CLASS l l 1 4 l I . 5.11.41-J-A-esnJen.eosl syn.:-s::s::e.::-:sara -FJ 5' .Flavia--' ' v::c:2::::i:ie:ea:ue:::::::::::a:::a1a:a:::::-::5:::::as::::- ev::e::::f:a::a?new:::seo:::::e:z:::a::u4'e:::::s::a oen:::::e WILLIAM H. HOLMES, "Skippy" Cortez Peters' Business School, Secretary, Golden Key A. C., Member, Book Collection Club, Red Cross Club, Boys' Cadet Corps. DONALD RANDOLPH HOWARD, "Donald Duck" College-Dentistry, Member, Good Conduct Club, THOMAS EDWARD HOWARD, "Tommy" College-Electrical Engineering. ELLSWORTH W. HUTCHINSON, "Trash" College - Agricultural Instructor, Member Good Conduct Club, Press Club. WILLIAM RILEY HUTCHINSON, "Doc" Chaplain, Iunior Choirg Secretary, Marquisg Member, Athletic Club. ALBERT GRAFTON IACKSON, "Sonny" Military Aviation, Member, Rifle Team,.Basf ketball Team. DONALD BERNARD IACKSON, "lack" Morgan State Colleqe, President, French Club, Member, Red Cross, Boys' Glee Club. EARL LeCOUNT IACKSON, "Mike" Morgan State College-Physical Education, Member, Athletic Club, Football Team, Track Team, Baseball Team. IEREMIAH ANDRE JACKSON, "Ierry" College-Electrical Engineering and Draft- ing, Vice-President, Sphinx Social Club: Member, Y. M. C. A., American Legion. MARGIE IACKSON, "Marg" Freeclmen's Nurses Training School, Mem- ber, Girls' Advisory Council, Good Conduct Club, Excelsior Circle, Adjustment Club, Per- sonality Club. SENIO B C LAS S flax:-rv-szv'-.::::.-e:v':::::.-ecv-::.r:?z?:.A:'e?b::::i::e: :L:-.aa X T ' WALTER ELIAS JACKSON, l'Ran" I College-Electrical Engineering, Member, I Glee Club. I LILLIAN IAMIESON College-Mathematics Teacher, Member, Li- brary Club. DORA ABIGAIL IAMISON, "Dee -Bee" Millinery, Member, Personality Club. RUTH ANNIE IAMES, 'Ruthie" Seamstress, Member, Student Council, French Club. CATHERINE LEE IOHNSON, "Cathy" College-Physical Education Teacher, Rec- ording Secretary, Good Conduct Club, Re- porter, Library Club, Member, Girls' Advis- ory Council, Excelsior Circle. CLEOPHAS IOHNSON, "Eggylong" Cornell University - Social Relationship, Chairman, Youth Council, Red Cross Club, Member, Good Conduct Club, Sports Editor, Torch, Captain, Cross Country Team, Track Team. ' DAISY ODELL IOHNSON, "Bright Eyes" ' Trained Nurse, Member, Red Cross. - DOROTHY BELL IOHNSON, "Dot" Bellevue School of Nursing, Member, Honor Society, Excelsior Circle. ELINOR ELIZABETH IOHNSON College-Latin Teacher, Member, Girls' Ad- visory Council, Excelsior Circle, Perfect At- tendance Club, Art Club. FRANCIS EDWARD IOHNSON, "Frog" School of Music-Singing, Sergeant-at-Arms, Iunior Class, Member, Boys' Cadet Corps, Chaplain, Section A-7. S E N I 0 B' C I A S S ...,-..,..,...,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,. .,..,..,.....,..,..,. ,..,...,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,... Agg.- ,nl - . A,,,Y A . v'f'7's:-ri iqrgafje-1. - - 'ha Sl' 'if-gf., ff- . "'-V ' '..'- s -,, ' -a 4' ' .': 1 I U -1 ,css I Q '-'....m 1 I E K' 'Q A I . 'lb 1, , .rigid T... . :Luis 'vs l 4 . - I I - I V ' mf! -J s ' I SENIUR CLASS . i I i 3 5 an 5 Q I -- -::.::::::5:::e::a:::g::: e:::::::oe1:::::::::::::b:::e::: , A x t ' t OTIS IOHNSON, "Beethoven" Training School-Boys' Director, Member Ed- itorial Staff, Torch, Member, Red Cross Club, Latin American Club. WILLIAM SAMUEL IOI-INSON, IR., "Yen" College-Lawyer, Vice-President, Pupil Ad- justment, Member, Student Council, Honor Society, Good Conduct Club, Lieutenant, Boys' Cadet Corps. DOROTHY CRISTINE IONES College-Medicine, Vice-President, Honor Societyg Member, Excelsior Circle, Torch Club. MARY LOUISE JONES, "Loveless" College-Dietetics: Member, Good Conduct Club, Library Club, Press Club, Excelsior Club, Girl Scouts, Treasurer, Rifle Club. RUDOLPH IONES, IR., 'Rudy" College-Radio Technician, Member, Good Conduct Club, Personality Club, Honey Drip- persz MANASSEH IOSEY DOROTHY MARIE KEITH, "Dot" College-Ioumalistg Member, Student Coun- ' cil, Excelsior Circle, Girl Reserves Cheer Leader. ROBERT KELLEY IOSEPH EDWARD KENNEDY Member, Book Committee. WILLIAM KENNEDY .eupuena .4-.Jug-1-ennrueufu aus.:-nan.:-nfueufneufa .,.,..,..,.,.,. SENIO B C LAS S .y , -..R-gHs,,,,,-be :::e:::::::::::::::f:::::a::::::::: :::e::a:::.':-::s:e:::l::::::::- A S N I 0 R C L A S S AMELIA KING College-Member, Girls' Advisory Council, Excelsior Circle, Press Club, Girl Scouts. ROLANDO EDWARD KING, "Dodo" New York University, Platoon Sergeant, Boys' Cadet Corps. HENRY LEE KINGWOOD, "Hank" College-Engineering Drafting: Member, En- gineering Class. WILBERT SPENCER KNIGHT, "Blue" College - Engineering Drafting, Member, Good Conduct Club, Perfect Attendance Club, Y. M. C. A., Lieutenant-Adjutant, Boys' Cadet Corps. ANNIE LAWRENCE I ESTHER LEIGH MARY PORTIA LEAKE ' College-Iournalistg Member, Honor Society, Student Council, Biology Club, Girl Scouts. RICHARD EDWARD LEE "Eddie" College-Captain, Track Team, Member, A Glee Club, Varsity Club. WILLIAM H. LEE, Ir., "Billy" Army and College: 2nd Lieutenant, Boys Cadet Corpsg Member, Track Team. A 1 LUCY ALFREDA LEWIS, ."Lou" I Tailor and Milliner, President, Home Eco- nomics Club, Member, Excelsior Circle, Cor- 5 poral, Girls' Cadet Corps S E N I 0 R C IA A S S .,..,..,...,...,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..- '..,.,.,...,...,..,..,..,..,..,..,...,-..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,. LJ 1- --l -Y -J SENIDR CLASS ! V s:::2s::::::::5a:::::i::z::::::::::::::::::s::::':: :cf:. rugs:-.:::aic.-:s:aen:.n:.-nazi::feg-::::af::::::l?:::::aJ1 l-IELEN MARGARET LIGGINS Member, Excelsior Circle, Girl Scouts. WILBUR LITTLE Art School-Painting, Member, Football Team, Golf Club ROSEMARIE LILLY, "Sister" Howard University--Dental Hygiene, Mem- ber, Defense Stamp Club. NANCY EDNA LOVING Dressrnaking, Treasurer, Excelsior Circle, Member, Girls' Advisory Council, 2nd Lieu- tenant, Girls' Cadet Corps. EMMETT WARRICK LUCAS, "Luke" Army and College, Member, Boys' Chorus, 2nd Lieutenant, Boys' Cadet Corps. FRANCES ROZELLA LUCAS, "Pee Wee" Member, Excelsior Circle, Library Club. RALPH THEODORE LUCAS College-Engineering. MARSHALL HOWARD MASON, "Sonny Boy" College and Army-Member, Red Cross, Junior Commandos, Y. M. C. A., Iunior As- sistant Scout Master, Boy Scouts, 2nd Lieu- tenant, Cadet Corps. PALMER KELLY MATHEWS, "Porky" ALPHEUS LOGAN MATHIS, "Slim" Tuskegee Institute-Electrician, Member, Red Cross, Defense Stamp Club, Sergeant, Cadet Corps, Member, Track Team. warn.:--.pup-.1 panes-fnaeeneanfasfunpvuevc - --Y ... -ev --1 -.. -c2e::::-:::::::::::::::::::L::::::::za::::a 'n2s:e: ::z REBECCA MCLIN . Member, Excelsior Circle. RICHARD F. MCDANIEL, "Buddy" College - Mechanical Engineer: Member, Perfect Attendance Club, Red Cross Club, Glee Club. IAMES MCPHAIL, "Mac" College-President, Honor Societyg Member, Glee Club, Football Team, Track Team, Lieu- tenant, Cadet Corps. JAMES TYRONE MELBOURNE, "Iimmy" CollegwMember, Student Council, Library Clubp Business Manager, Good Conduct Club: Treasurer, Personality Club, Sports Reporter, Press Club. HOWARD MILLER, "lim Trout" Tuskegee Institute-Draltingp Representative, Torch: Veteran, U. S. Army. MARIAN MILLER, 'llohnny" Tailor: Member, Girls' Advisory Council, Red Cross Club. CURLEY MOSLEY, "Rico" College-Electrical Engineering, Member, Engineering Classg Perfect Attendance Club. GLADYS MAPLES STANLEY MILES g WARREN MORRIS ::::::sf1::-::::ei:::::::?:::-.::::a::::::::e:-:::::n Q SENl0B CLASS 5 I I i S E N I 0 R C L A S S 3,'l,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,. , ,W ,,,,p, ,,,,..fv..v-up-nf'-pu.,-.4-U.:-up n.,-sau,-spurs.. I f SENIOIl CLAS S u.p0.aeu.p-.farmLpnnenupeneenea-ferr:-:unease-naw ueosfmzoufvnfvnikpuninlnlumaunfnlvzsnfanfcsecsrunpulwsfnnfla 5 " SENIOR CLASS ::::::..- Ae--Ae-.v-earn? -e neufagpugpa IUNE ELIZABETH NORFORD, "Kitty" Singer, Recording Secretary, Excelsior Cir- cle, President, Glee Club, Co-Captain, Cheer Leaders, Member, Operetta Co., Athletic Club. RICHARD SIMPSON NERO, "Baby Brother" Howard University: Member, Student Coun- cil, French Club, Biology Club, Red Cross Club. CHARLES ABNER NEWMAN. "Charlie" College. AULETTE LINORA NORVELL, "Boots" Seamstressp Member, Library Club, Red Cross Club. Q REGINALD PAIGE THOMAS WILLIE PARHAMS, "Tommy" College-Social Worker, Treasurer, Defense Stamp Club, Member, Red Cross Club. EVELYN VIRGINIA PARKER, "Butch" Howard University-Home Economics, Edi- tor, Press Club, Member, Honor Society, Perfect Attendance Club, lst Lieutenant-Ad- jutant, Girls' Cadet Corps. LOIS MURITA PATTERSON, "Duchess" College+Home Economics: President, Red Cross Club, Member, Girl Reserves, Excel- sior Circle, Glee Club, Captain, Victory Corps. ' ENNIS PELHAM BERNICE VIOLA PETERSON, "Pat" College-Dietetics. :::alw:::e::u.rfuJns::e::a?a:eu1u.ausf::: 6352. .ng .agp .,. .,. Q- .:- Q. .3 .:. .:. Q. .:- .:, .:. .:. ,.,. .af sv--::::::::ecf1:::::::::n:wp.1ue::e::e:::2::::::::::::- IANICE IOSEPHINE PRYDE College-Art Instructor: Member, Honor Roll Society, Excelsior Circle, Girls' Advisory Council, Art Club. MARY ELIZABETH QUANDER, "Sweetheart" Cortez Peters' Business College-Secretary: Secretary, Art Club: Treasurer, Sewing Club: Health Representative, Excelsior Circle: Ath- letic Representative: Representative, Torch: Member, Latin-American Club. MARY OCTAVIA RABY, "Rabbit" College-Pediatrician: Member, Honor So- ciety, Girls' Advisory Council, Student Coun- cil, Excelsior Circle, Good Conduct Club, Perfect Attendance Club. HENRY HUGO RANDOLPH. "Little Brother Hugo" Art School--Cartoonist: Member, Defense Club, Red Cross Club. LEONARD SHERMONT RAY, "Chester Turt1e" College-Engineering Drafting: Member, En- gineering Class, Riile Team: Secretary, Offi- cers' Club: Captain, Cadet Corps. FANNIE REED HAROLD REED, "Hal" Collegw-Electrical Engineering: Member, Engineering Class. RAMONA REEDER, "Shorty" Sergeant-at-Arms, Excelsior Circle: Member, Library Club, Good Conduct Club, MINNIE PERKINS REYNOLDS, "Skinny Minnee" Member, Library Club, Excelsior Circle: Athletic Representative: Sergeant, Girls' Cadet Corps. AURELIA CECELIA RICHARDSON, "Rita" SENIOB,CLASS3tT SENIOR,CLASS l E Q 3 l u:npap:u.pny1-:urn a -.yur-eye.,-.f..4nfwn:wAeu.fwneu ,,,.fw.4-.,,,.,.-y-sfunfnf-Q.:-.4e.fu.4. -fvufw-pwsfunfaufuaq ix' uf eff-ry.v1Hf'l .pf H ss W? i I E i I 5 ,. - --" I' Y , V-Y ----v-ef - '---- EDITH GENEVA RICHARDSON I College, Member, Girls' Advisory Council Perfect Attendance Club, Lieutenant, Girls: Cadet Corps. EARL THOMAS ROBINSON Hampton Institute-Tayloring. GEORGE LEE ROBINSON College-Electrical Engineering- Me b , m er, Student Council, Camera Club, Red Cross Club. HARVEY GEORGE ROBINSON College-Radio Technician- Member Good Conduct Club, French Club, Lieutenant, Boys' Cadet Corps. LA VINIA ROBINSON, "Sister" College-School Teacher, Member, Girls' Rifle Team. AUDREY LOUISE ROGERS C ll - o ege-Nurse, Member, Excelsior Circle, Athletic Association, Major, Girls' Cadet Corps. LESTER IAMES ROOTS, "Doodle" College-Draftsman' Member R d C , , e ross, Glee Club, Boys' Club, Representative, Bond Dri B ve, reast-stroke Champion, Swimming Team. MILDRED LOUISE RUFF CollegzPNurse, Member, Advisory Council, Vice-President, Section D6. WILLIE MAE RUSSELL, "Blossom" Howard University-Home Economics' Mem- ber, Glee Club, Adjustment Group, ,Repre- sentative, Press Club. WILLIAM ANDREW SANDERS Howard University-Architectural Engineer- ing, Member, Student Council, Mathematics Club, Press Club, Good Conduct Club, Red Cross Club. 4e:::.::.4e:::::e:: ,.,..,..,..,.,.,:ti33i1: S E N I 0 ll C L A S S .IA -4 Jr. 'Q-. .f:::e:e:f:::::::::oe1:-::::::::o.lw::en4vs.f::::fs:f::: ARTHUR DIXON SELBY, "Ir." Collegeg Master Sergeant, Cadet Corps DONALD WILBUR SHAW, "Duke" College-Printer, Member, Football Team. IOHN ALOYSIUS SHAW, "Romeo" College-Medicine, Member, Personality Club. GEORGE WILLIAM SIMMONS, 'lGeorgie" College - Physical Education Instructor: Member, Student Council, Treasurer, Good Conduct Club: Member, Officers' Club. CHARLES SIMMS, "Reds" College-Architectural Draftsman. SYLVIA THERESA SIMMS Beauticianp Member, Red Cross Club, Good Conduct Club, Stamp Collecting Club. BENIAMIN A. SKYLES, "Garcon" College-Architectural Draftsman. CURTIS IESSE SMITH, IR., "Clipper" College-Iournalism, Member, S.A.H.S.A.C. HELEN CHARMAINE SMITH, "Snotty" College-Home Economics: lst Lieutenant, Girls' Cadet Corps. HERBERT MAURICE SMITH, "Buddy" feszalwu n.pu:::::n sENl0n CLASS I I I . t I i College - Physical Education Instructor: Member, Football Team, Basketball Team. , S E N I 0 B C L A S S i:g3ii33i::.:ii:?:':.t:i:ii'1::.:' SENIUR CLASS ewa::neu::::::,.- Aneufnv- -:ner -- -- -nav -ev-M -- A-- -- A- A- WILLIAM ARTHUR SMITH, "Smitty" College - Physical Education Instructor: Member, Perfect Attendance Club, Football Team, Track Team. DANIEL MORRIS SPEARMAN, "Butch" College-Architect. BERNARD THOMAS STEELE, "Pickle" College-Master Sergeant, Boys' Cadet Corps. GRADY STEVENSON LORRAINE STEVENSON BEATRICE STEWART, "Candy" Howard University-Dental Hygienist, Mem- ber, Excelsior Circle, Choral Club, Perfect Attendance Clubg Representative, Torch. WILLIAM BOYD STROMAN, "Bill" Hampton Institute: Member, Track Team. EARL TALIFERRO IOHN HUBERT TAYLOR, "Little Iohnny" Howard University-Architectural Designer, Secretary, Student Council, Member, N.A.A. CP., Veteran, U. S. Army. NORVAIN HERBERT TAYLOR, "Gloomy" Member, Red Cross Club. n-4 -.fueqsp-.1-.1-. 1-. ,...:e..,--'...'-.,--f-..p--f0euen.en4snlnevu .,-.,1,.,, Y .--W -.,,, ,WY 'Q vf. . , f fr f--f -.. Y new.-rf v -.. -.v .v -.v --:ac. -.. ..5:::::e:::e,-eszs.-Lees.-:'-.Y-sa Qc.-:Q -3- , , ::ae:::::::::::af:::o.pes:::::::::f:::e:es:::::- -e:::.v- -:.,- -Q- ... .1 CHARLES EDWIN THOMAS, "Big Thomas" Musician, Member, Football Team. FREDERICK HENRY THOMAS, "Freddie Foo" College-Architecture, President, Student Council, Vice-President, Student Adjustment Board: Member, Good Conduct Club, Per- fect Attendance Club, Personality Club. NANNIE MAE THOMAS, "Plunk" Howard University - Home Economics Teacher, Member, Home Economics Club, Representative, Red Cross. ROSCOE AUGUSTUS THOMAS, "Mickey" Lincoln University-Pharmacist, President, French Club, Member, National Honor So- ciety, Swimming Team, Lieutenant, Boys' Cadet Corps. ELNORA THERESA THOMPSON, "Boots" College-Dietetics, Member, Good Conduct Club, Excelsior Circle, Rifle Team, Captain, Girls' Cadet Corps. ROBERT BRYCIE THOMPSON, "Bab" Member, Student Advisory Committee, Rifle Team, Tennie Team, 2nd Lieutenant, Boys' Cadet Corps. IAMES LEO THORNTON, "Iimmy" College - Pharmacist: Member. Student Council, Financial Secretary, Counts, Cap- tain, Trojan's Basketball Team, Boys' Cadet Corps. MALCOLM MARCELLUS LILLETT M. M. Zfc, U. S. Naval Reserve. FRANCIS AMANDA TINSLEY Cortez Peters' Business School, Treasurer, Girls' Advisory Council, Member, Student Council, Good Conduct Club, Girls' Cadet Corps. HENRIETTA CLAUDINE TOLIVER, "Hen" College-Social Work, Treasurer, Girls' Ad- visory Council, Excelsior Circle, Member, Art Club, Choral Club, Corporal, Girls' Cadet Corps. SENIIIR CLASS S E N I 0 R C I A S S '..,..,...'..,-.,...,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,-.J-v .,..,-.,. Y Je. . nrnslupnrnfekfvafv-f..fn,up-.,n.'- fn". fneupusfuo 'PF' h '- SENIIIR CLASS ..- -::.':Qi..' -ea -:.-' 4:..- -:cv-:Q Q::::.v..' QT- 1.4 -::::::-...- Qt- -:cv-::v'r:5::rGa r:a::6:i::?:::::::::::::::fe-:a?s?:::::::::e:-::?Aee::::.'::vt ROBERT WILLIAM TOWLES, "Bobby" College: Member, Track Team. CHARLES FLETCHER TROWELL, "Slim" Member, Boys' Cadet Corps BLONDINE DORIS TURNER, "Sister" Business College-Typing, Platoon Sergeant, Girls' Cadet Corps. ANNA RUTH TWYMAN, "Gypsy" Martha Washington Vocational School- Beautician, Member, Excelsior Circle. SHERMAN PHILIP TYNES JEROME ANTHONY TYRE, "Ierry" Howard University. RAYMOND LEON VALENTINE, "Mickey" Colleg?Commercial Artist, Member, Art Club, Perfect Attendance Club. MAMIE VIRGINIA WADE, "Flame" College--Architecture, Secretary, Student Council, Member, Excelsior Circle, Cheer Leaders, Vice-president, Rifle Team. ELOIS HORTENSE WARE Freedmen's School of Nursing, President, Ex- celsior Circle. ALONZO WASHINGTON, "Wash" ..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,.. I4 fl in .-.he -f-- H X WLC. SENIUBQ CLAS EARL REUBEN WASHINGTON, "Stumpy" College-Engineeringg Member, Engineering Class, Off' ' ' icers Club, Rifle Team, Football A Team, lst Lieutenant, Boys' Cadet Cor ps S ROSETTA WASHINGTON, "Polly" Freedmen's School f N I o ursing, Member, 7 Girls' Cadet Corps. Q SAMUEL LEWIS WASHINGTON, "Lewis" College - Medicine, Representative, R d e Cross, Lieutenant, Boys' Cadet Corps. CELESTINE MARY WATSON, "Teena" Hampton Institute, Member, Honor Roll Club, Girls' Advisory Council Excelsior Cirl I C el Mathematics Club, Girls' Cadet Corps. VIVIAN LOUISE WEAVER "Ve " e Miner Teachers Collegeg Secretary, Section B85 Member, French Club, Captain, Girls' Cadet Corps. ELAINE IUANITA WEEKS, "Bo Peep" Howard University-Dentistry Vice-Presi de t G l n , ir Scouts, Reporter, Red' Cross, Mem- b . er, Good Conduct Club, Biology Club, Rifle Team. CLEMENT ALEXANDER WELLS, IR., "Shot " T Y Howard University-Music, President, Grad- uating Class, Member, Book Club: Business Manager Officers' Club lst L' ' , 1 ieutenant, Boys Cadet Corps. HAROLD WHITE, "Billy" Howard University-Engineering, Member, Student Council, Engineering Class. Track Team. V IAMES HASKER WHITMYER, "lerry" College-Teaching, Member, Football Team, Basketball Team. EVELYN WILLIAMS, "Ev" Business College-Secretary. E -, . ""' A", A.-M KW Hemi V . .,T..V---v--w-231, S r , V,-7..?tYffv. .- . , , S E N I 0 ll C L A SS 1:33311zirliiiliiziilil:112111213 GEORGIA M. WILLIAMS, "Sugar" College-Nursing, Reporter, Red Cross, Press Club, Member, Student Council, Girl Scouts, Girl Reserves. HELEN VIRGINIA WILLIAMS, "Kid from Spain" College-Nursing, Member, Excelsior Circle, I Press Club, Good Conduct Club, Girl Scouts, Vice-President, Rifle Club. IRA EDWARD WILLIAMS, "Tinyman" College-Mechanical Engineering, Chaplain- Engineering Class. JOSEPH LEWIS WILLIAMS, "Little Ioe" College - Medicine, Secretary, Teen-Age Council. LULA BELLE WILLIAMS, "Nicki" College-Social Worker. NORWOOD CLARK WILLIAMS, "Turk" Art Schoolp Member, The Barons. RAYMOND MASFIELD WILLIAMS, "Skeezix" Army and College, Member, Track Team. ROSCOE WILLIAMS BENIAMIN FRANKLIN WIMS, "B. F." College-Mechanical Engineering, Member, Engineering Class. OTIS LEVI WINDER, "Smoky" Hampton Institute-Printing, Secretary, Sec- tion D7. I I .. ,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,.., S E N I 0 R C I, A S S n-an-pagan.:--.pnfufnen rwn.fu4-s::::::::e::e::n.1-usf:::e:::::ai:n - ,L. -4.13615--A. I . .LAL .. ---r- -'-vias-4-iii-' '54"? Hi-..-Y..-I 5 Q- f :5:e5::?::5::!l:!e -nfvv -.. -nlws:egea:-n.4a:::g:n:::::g::::e:ee::::..- -::::..- -ea -:..- an I I I I I I ::::::e:es:::::::e:::nfn:::::::::::e:::e:eg:..- - SENIIIR CLASS ALICE ELIZABETH WOODS ' Hampton Institute - Teaching, Member, I Honor Society, Excelsior Circle, Good Con- I duct Club, Scribe, Girl Scouts. , BEATRICE NANNIE WOOLFOLK, "Bea" College-Nursing, Member, Excelsior Circle. DORIS ELAINE YEWELL Designer, Member, Press Club, Glee Club, Girl Reserves. JAMES OLIVER YOUNG, "Iimrny" College-Law, Representative, Red Cross. IOSEPH RICHARD YOUNG, "Dick" Howard University. NORMAN WELLINGTON ROSS, "Don Wel1ington" College-Pharmacy, Treasurer, Iunior Class, Member, Personality Club, Cheer Leaders' 1 Club, Track Team. I MURIEL IACOUELINE DOUGLASS, "Kitty" College-Home Economics Teacher, Treas- urer, Defense Stamp Club, Member, Good Conduct Club, Glee Club. WILLIAM PRESTON GARDNER, "Bill" Army and College, Vice-President, Student Council. - WILLIAM L. GASTON College-Engineering, Member, French Club, Swimming Team. MARY LUVENIA GLENN, "Tootee" Milliner, Chaplain, Girls' Advisory Council, Member, Red Cross Club, Perfect Attend- ance Club. GEORGE WALTER IONES, "Iunior" College-Pharmacist, Member, Good Con- duct Club. LORRAINE MARY MEADE, "Rainy" GLADYS OTHELIA NAYLES, "Benny" Hampton Institute-Nursing: Member, Ex- celsior Circle. illlI?illlA?lllliQlJlnlLll.lllQll1h!lAliliilfNlliglillil4vllNb!Q by s Mn. AAAYVALA M, -..4,,,,,,,.L, -... SE NIOIl CLA SS Ziliiilifllilflfllili23132221212 n u lr WALTER RANDOLPH OWENS, "Stinky"' O Hampton Institute-Machinist. S IAMES L. PALMER, "Jay" S S S S College-Veteran, U. S. Army. S S S S KATIE ODEAL RICHARDSON, "Duck" S l S 2 Seamstress. S 2 S S JAMES HENRY RoBERsoN, "Iimmie" 5 S 2 - College-Radio Technician. I : S . Q WILLIAM DONZEL SCOTT, "Bill" l S S ix College-Member, Pg Lieutenant, Boys' Cadet S S Sl Corps. S 2 S S LAWRENCE MCPHERSON SCRANGE S S S College-Mechanical Drawing. S S l .l : .. . . ,, S S ANNA KATHERYN SMITH, Licorice ' SS College-Architectureg Member, Girls' Ad- S S S' visory Council, Excelsior Circle, Good Con- S SQ duct Club, Red Cross Club, Girl Scouts. S S S - S S IAMES SUMBY, "Jim" S S 5 Howard Universityg Member, American Le- . Ol Qion. S S s' J? I I S 5 S' S LESTER EARLE TYLER, "Fatman" 5 6 Si S S' College-Business: Member, Three V Letters, S S Athletic Association, Football Team. S 5. 5 RUBY ANN WEST l S S, 3 S. Lincoln Hospital-nursingg Member, Red S 4 Q Cross Club. . S S f I 5 RoscoE SUMNER w1LL1A-Ms, "seo Boy" S S S College-Electrician. Q S LEONARD EUGENE WOOD, "Tank" Q Army and Collegep Member, Chorus, P. A. SQ Club, Football Teamg Major, Boys' Cadet . S 2 5 Corps. S I S S 1-JERMAN VALENTINE CAMPBELL, "Sonny" S S S Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute-Electrical S S S Engineering. 9 S Q I I S g - I 5 2 Q S 5 S .J-F ,v A ff AL In-rcs: agar-Ynkcnx 5559 BX. 'GIBCXSQIBCSSQIBFXQCYBFXSQIB KXEJQIE Gf5c'X9QI"uc'x9Q1'uc'X9Q1'5c'QQ1A:c'X9 CN.9C'Z'B History of the Class of '46 , , I want to draw a picture of the class of '46, but I am not an artist. I might paint the picture, but I am not a painter-except when it comes to my own face. Nevertheless, the canvas, oils, brush, and all the facilities for doing the job are at my disposal. Hence, I shall attempt not one but three portraits of the class. My first canvas begins with September 1943. We see five hundred and seventy-nine bright-eyed students enrolling in high school for the first time. How eager cmd happy their faces are! But if one is a deep observer he can see that something overshadows that almost complete enthusiasm. Yes-a war! Even though young-not more than fifteen or sixteen-still they feel the effects of the war. Many are participating in the various war time activi- ties. They go "all-out" for the bond drives. Some are doing outstanding work in the various school clubs. Carlene Greene represents the Advisory? Councilg Leroy Foster, the Cadet Corps, Iames McPhail, Choral Club, Marian Fowler, the Honor Society, Helen Williams, Louise lones, Rosa Means, Girl Scout Organization. There are so many outstanding students in the other clubs that the canvas cannot quite hold them all. Merry faces are peeping out of the comers. They reflect the fun they are having at the new girls' party given by the Excelsior Circle. Yes, in spite of a war, these young spirits can not be kept down. Thus, the first portrait is completed all too soon. The time may have been fleeting, but the impressions and fun the class of '46 had their sophomore year are indelibly imprinted on their minds. The second portrait presents the same class as juniors. The spotlight in the portrait is thrown on Marcel Couze and Marian Fowler, winners of the Howard award. After having spent one complete year at high school, the Class of '46 is better able to understand the true significance of a high school education. They have a new purpose and a new outlook on school life. So ends the junior year and the second portrait. The final portrait of the same boys and girls who saw the complete war years in high school is a touching one. The portrait has a number of new' faces. These faces are a little older than the average senior's, but the differ- ence is not too apparent. These are veterans who have come back to com- plete their high school education. Some of the veterans are George Taylor, the Third, Frank Cozzens, Claude B. Allen, Iohn W. Burns, Malcolm Tillett and Charles Hooper. George Taylor did splendid work in the music field while in the Army. In the foreground are the members of the Honor Society. They are Roscoe Thomas, Marcel Couze and Mary Leake. Looking closely we see Gwendolyn Beasley and Laura Gambrell, the stars of "Katinka." Near them are other outstanding members of the cast. These are Iames Bradford, Iune Norford, and Iames McPhail. Beatrice Woolfork also has a prominent position, for she was "Miss Armstrong." If this final portrait could speak, it would tell you- Chains are not always formed by materials, Sometimes they are formed in the abstract, This is the chain built of learning, That time keeps forever intact. This chain has culminated between the years, Growing both steadfast and true, For the most important years of our life, We spent them in leaming from you. Each little link stands for something, Every day being encouraged anew, Is it no wonder that we feel blessed: When, Armstrong, we had you. -Mary Portia Leake. 6X.9C!0GX.7C 9C.1D6X.3 GXJLG QI3Ci9QIWC'S9QZ3Ci9?3fi9 . . 4 .' ' T 1 .. -- Li... -L L. 4.,... - nL'1..n-1 - - rf-1-A " - A- H .- I WF, T: X - C29 QZYX9 CSD QZYSQQIZ Prophecy of the Class of '46 , . Graduation was over, school was closed, and the vacation had just started. I had decided to enter the Armed Service for a few years. I enlisted and likedg it very well, so after my first 3 years were over, I enlisted for three more. After those three were over, I soon enlisted for three more. I thought after those three were over, that I had enough of Army life and would become a civilian. I was discharged and returned to Washington. ' As soon as I had retumed, I tried to look up my school chums. This was a hard job. Most of them had started businesses of their own. So I though I would read the daily paper. To my surprise, I saw many articles concerning my school mates. The headlines read "United Nations Gets New Headquarters." Under this I saw the names of Claude Ford and Leonard Ray, architects, who had drawn the plans for this new establishment. I also noticed that they had drawn plans for many other prominent monuments and buildings. After I read this lengthy article conceming these two young men, my curiosity was aroused to find out what others of my old school mates were doing. I then noticed an article headed "Professor Marcel Couze's College of Mathematical Knowledge Has Open House." I noticed that it was necessary to have an I. O. of 199 to enter this college and that many graduates of the New Technical Armstrong High School led the registration. Reading on, I soon saw the names of the people who had been appointed to teach in the District for the year of 1956. There were many familiar names on the list. Maureen Adams, Delmar Barnes and William Brown were named to teach in the Physical Education Department: Stephen Anderson, who had received his Master's Degree in General Science, was named to teach Gen- eral Science at a local junior high school. Next, m,y eyes fell upon an article that read: "First Negro Becomes Navy Commander. Steward I-loban, who had gone to Navv Radar School and had passed with flying colors, was now a radar specialist. Then I spied the article "Francis Iohnson's Client Acquittedf' Later I read that he had become one of the best criminal lawyers in the city and ranked high with the nation's top lawyers. In the comer of the front page, I saw that Mary Leake, a Professor of English, was touring Europe. As an avocational interest, she was doing joumalistic research. Turning to the next page I noticed a column headed: "New York Symphony in Concert at Constitution Hall." Making their debuts were Gwendolyn Beaseley and lune Norford. The author commented that these young ladies had climbed the ladder to success in less than l0 years, a marvelous record for any singer. Miss Beaseley had just finished her tour' of England and Canada as guest of the King and Queen and the Canadian Prime Minister. A few days later I read in "Downbeat" that Clement Wells had just suc- ceeded Lionel Hampton as "King of the Vibes." His orchestra was driving the country mad with his groovy music: and it was still being debated whether this band or Billy Lee's band was the best. Billy's band had just run a record engagement at the Apollo. His piano arrangements were giving Eddie Hay- wood a hard push. The next article astounded me. It read: "Color Ban Lifted at Navy Yard's Drafting Department." The first draftsmen who entered this department were Iames Cousins, Earl Washington, Benjamin Skyles, Wilbert Knight, Henry Kingwood and Thomas Howard. Mr. Cousins, the article stated, was to be ct consultant on Electronics. QIBGYJRZOGSJ GXJLZDGXJLIDGXJLZOCSSJLID GXJ'LlDGX.JL66LJllD6X.2'LIDGXJLZD6X2L1eJ saw-s .sf i Q?'3C'S9Q!3CS9GZ3C'S9QZ'3C'X9 Qli QIBFRQQZBFXQ fX9QZ'3CT9QI3 Prophecy of the Class of '46 , , Another news item stated that there was to be a new hospital to alleviate Freedmen's crowded rooms. Leroy Foster, one ol the surgeons at Freedmen's, was to be placed in charge. His assistant was to be Emest Dixon who had just finished his internship. Nancy Loving, Elinor Amis, Helen Williams and Cora Allsbrook were to be the nursing staff. Louise Iones, a dietitian of high standing and long government experience, was to head the dietetics de- partment. While running through the advertisements, I saw many establishments whose proprietors I knew. Iames Thomton, who ran one of the most highly rated pharmacies in Washington, was branching out by building another store in Northeast. Rudolph Iones was running a very thriving shoe repairing business. Robert Kelly had a chain of ten imported-liquor and beverages stores. Donald Iackson was running one ol the largest Negro music stores in Washington. As a side line he rented public address systems. Benjamin Wims and Ioseph Young were the proprietors of the Ben and Ioe Drafting' Supplies Store. Harold Reed and Henry Kingwood had opened a radio repair and parts store. After glancing through these advertisements, I tumed to the next page, where I saw the picture of Lula Williams, prominent Social Worker. She had been chosen over many other workers by the N.A.A.C.P. to tour the South and study social conditions. She had picked Louise Daniels as her assistant. Turning to the next page, I had the surprise of my life when I saw the 1956 Redskin Football Team. Playing end was Ioe Dutch. And at the guard posi- tion was William Hall. Both boys had torn down the color line and in the six exhibition games, both made excellent showings for themselves. Ioe caught four touchdown passes. Hall tore up the opponents' forward wall. They were coaching Howard's mighty eleven on the side. Reading on, I saw that Iames Bradford had been named head of the Physical Education Program at the 12th Street Y.M.C.A. Then an incredible article stared me in the lace. William Collins and Harold White, local traclc stars, were making a tour of Switzerland. The last paragraph said that Harold Crocket had just been voted the city's best diver, Finally, I settled down to enjoy the comics. Emmett Lucas, famous car- toonist and comic strip artist, had two strips: Wagwood and Little Orphan' Fannie. Artist Lucas had won the National Tuberculosis Poster Afward for 1956. Having gleaned so much news of my former classmates, I decided to visit these old friends and plan a reunion. They had all kept the old Armstrong tradition by making the best of their abilities. ' -Vemon Webster Hawkins. F LIDGLDLGGXJ GSJL6 GXJL6 0 ' GSJQZDGXJ ' CEJLZDGXJ 9 ' Q.Z06E.JLIDGX.9ClJ6X,.3C.lDGX..9'5.IDGY.7C.l0GX.3LlDGX2QZD "LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF THE CLASS OF '46" Friends and heirs of the Class of 1946, I have called you together on this occasion to listen to the formal reading of the last will and testament of the Class of 1946. It was my sad duty when the deceased in question, because her life flame was slowly dimming, called me to her side, to act as a duly authorized at- torney of the Bar of Armstrong, Washington, in the District of Columbia, and I am here to inform you that this will was properly signed and witnessed in my presence, and that this statement is unalterably perfect and impeccable. Although she suffered for three years to the greatest degree, in her last hours she wrote with phenomenal wisdom, therefore, whatever bequests she makes, although they may not be the happiest selections to her beneficiaries, were made to the best of her judgment and discretion. I, Miss Class of '46, feeling the flame of my life slowly but surely extin- guishing, take time out to bequeath and devise all of my worldly goods with- out council or advice from any one. I must write fast for if the flame goes com- pletely out, I shall not be able to see and my sister, Mrs. l. M. Greedie, would, against my will, take over everything. Item 1: To Principal Gregory, all the success in the world, as leader-in- chief, in the new Armstrong Technical High Schoolg also, to the school, a strong set of struggling, scholastic, students to enter in September. Item 2: To Mrs. Iewell, 25 inductees for the National Honor Society next term and not less than l5 for every succeeding induction. Item 3: To all the tutors in the portables, there have been ample funds left to have their "chicken coops" renovated, or better still, torn down: and for Mrs. C. D. A. Brown, Section A-8 has rented for her a permanent room on the Sun Terrace in the new building. Item 4: Attention! ! Anyone in the audience who is interested in a pair of winged track shoes, size 17, will kindly contact Mr. Harold White, the owner, immediately after the program. ltem 5: S7,000 has been deposited in the school bank for travel to the other technical high schools in the country, henceforth making Armstrong one of the best with the acquired information. Item 6: To the cafeteria, we bequeath a staff of workers to do the neces- sary choses instead of borrowing members of the schools for K. P. duty. CP. S.-A few of the members of the student body are complaining of dishpan hands.l Item 7: To Mr. I. O. Adams and the other gym teachers, as far as the boys are concerned, an ,entirely new equipped "gym" with abundance of facilities. Item 8: For any member of the school who lives in the N. E. vicinity, but still in the city, we have bought two or three 30-passenger stations wagons to pick up the corner gang whose pass-words are "Going out Florida Avenue?" Item 9: To the entire sports association, many "go-get-'em knock-me-down and drag-me-out participants" to fill the gaps of the many now leaving. Item IU: Next year, the detention hall will be entirely redecorated with cushioned chairs, velvet foot rugs, snack bar and movies. This is being done for the so very many who seem to be there more times than they're in school. Item ll: To Mme. L. C. Hill, 50 enthusiastic tres bonnes eleves to carry on with le francais and likewise for Mr. Miles and his young German Herrs and Frauleins. Item 12: For the new annex of the school, a few of our architects and engi- neers, Robert Holley, Alfred Hawkins, Maurice Bush, and Stewart Hoban have gotten together to plan a most up-to-date school for those coming in. Here are some of the features-revolving doors, escalators and elevators, a roof swimming pool, a lobby for the students to study in, banquet hall and 75 mod- emizecl classrooms. I Item 13: The Cadet Corps bequeaths all its military knowledge to be used wisely next year, so that instead of bringing home the bacon you will bring home the hog, incidently, Captain Vernon Hawkins, acting as chairman, has succeeded in collecting S70U.00 through the "Better-Your-Feet Work Benefits" and this money is going to be left to better the cadets! Anyone in the audi- LZDGY-KZDGXJ1.10GQ!C.IBGi3C.,IDGX79.10GX3C.I8GX.3C.ID C-ZQGQDQQGS-DC-IQGX-QC-IQGRWDC-1565-JQQQGR-JC-IQGE-9Q29 ---1.. , RIQGSJQIDGXJLIDGXJLIDGXJKIDGSJLZDGXJQIDGXJQZB Q-IQGX-DQYIQGXJC.IQC3,.7C!DGX.9C,IDGX.9L6GSJLID6R.9Q.ZD "LAST WII.L AND TESTAMENT OF THE CLASS OF '46" ence who wishes to sign up for the corps next year kindly contact Captain Hawkins in his office next Monday between the hours of 9 and 3. Item 14: To Mrs. Iefferson, another good group of historians to defeat our neighbors in the various quizes. However, were there any seniors partici- pating in the last event? Item 15: To the Torch, our beloved school paper, we bequeath a great number of new features, around seven more pages and some salesmen to boost the sale, thus making it better for everybody all around. Item 16: To Mr. Batson, sponsor of The Reflector, a new saying. In place of the old "How are you this time?" we suggest "How are you sticking?" Item l7: Since most of our students are speaking their English with an accent, meaning slang, these days and completely revising the language, we've left ample money for Mrs. Mary Leake and Doctor Odell "Daddy O" Coifey to volumnize the old tongue before it becomes extinct. ' Item 18: The boys in Mr. Websters section have constructed a new pro- gram lor him and along with this goes a 3500.00 token, too. l have the exact copy as handed to me by representative Claud Ford and it is as follows: lst period-newspaper, magazine, and funny book. 2nd period-study. 3rd period-hall duty. 4th period-Iimmie's Corner. 5th period-trig., heat, drawing, English, math. and lang. Sth period-clinic for mental check-up after 5th period. 7th period-home! The senior class voted unanimously for this program and feels that the quicker it's put into effect, the less class-cutting there'll be. Item 19: To the succeeding graduating class, God's help during the next term, and good luck. You'll surely need it. Item 20: To the new technical school, we will all the love, pride, and honor that has been part of her in by-gone years. Item 21: To the juniors, we give and bequeath all of our castles in Spain to be inhabited by them free of charge as long as these castles exist in Q: livable condition. Item 22: To the sophomores, we devise all the mistakes ever made by us. This is a most important bequest because by our own mistakes we learn more than ever comes to us any other way, and if our own. mistakes are so benefi- cient, how much more so must be those of others when they become our property! Item 23: To the freshmen, the ability to say the right thing in the right place, and a sure, concrete start to be ever strengthened through their stay at Armstrong. Item 24: To the entire faculty, who have so faithfully struggled to put in our heads what sledge hammers would fail to do, our deepest appreciation for their untiring efforts, and in the future, when we attain our heights of suc- cess, we will always look back and say Mrs. X, or Mr. X made this possible. God bless them! Item 25: And last, but not least, to Mrs. H. B. Allen, sponsor of the Senior Activities, a profound and special, "Thank you," for the work that she has done to make this, the last graduating night of the old Armstrong, one of the most memorable and cherished evenings for years to come. So sadly, but gladly, hereunto, have I set my hand and seal knowing that all provisions herein proclaimed are as unalterable as the famous laws of the Medes and Persians! Signed: CLASS OF 1946 Witnesses: MARCEI. COUZE CARLENE GREENE ' 4.196-IX7'i.IOGX9C.1DGS.9C?0Gi9lZDGE. GSJLZE3 L!BGi.2QZBGS.Jl.IDGS.JQZD6S..2 ' LIB fi -J ' Gi9llDGX.9C,lDGY.99lDGX..9C.66X,9C.Z8GX3ll0 GS! GS.JLZ06X.9lJ'e3GX.JLfD- CLASS WILL 7,t'5Zfi,iZf.f'f.f'.1.'Ii7I ':""' . . My friends, I have called you to assemble here as a solemn duty, that you, the heirs and assigns of my respected and beloved client, the Class of February 1946, may hear her last will and testament, which as her legal advisor, I drew as directed by her, immediately prior to her passing from our presence. May I, as well as my client, entreat that you receive your respective legacies in the spirit ot unseltish friendship with which they were given. I shall appreciate your courteous attention while I read this duty attested will. We, the Class of February 1946, in the City of Washington, District of Columbia, being in as good mental condition as usual, and in much better temper than usual, do hereby make this our last will and testament, rendering void and of no avail any former will or wills that may have been previously made by us during a period of temporary optimism. We have no specific directions to leave concerning our funeral, but we do hope you will come prepared to praise as well as to bury us, forgetting. the trifling faults that may have been ours and remembering only our manifold and remarkable virtues. We feel that our brilliant record and our unusual achievements will live long alter us, but we wish to take no chances. So we suggest that a tablet, on which shall be inscribed our several names and a few of our most remarkable deeds, be purchased from our estate and placed in the auditorium of the school in a position where it will strike the eye ot all who enter. And in this manner do we dispose of our possessions: Item l. We give freely and without reservations to the Iunior Class, our rightful heirs, our good luck. It made us what we are today, and it should satisfy them. In addition to this, all our privileges and rights, as well as any' notebooks, pencils, fountain pens, unfinished lollypops, and also any boys or girls whom we may have left behind in our haste. Item 2. To our good friends, the Sophomore Class, we leave our patience. It will be found useful as the only means by which they can endure the Iuniors. Item 3. To the Freshmen, we leave our little book entitled "I-low to Tell the Teachers." This book is not what to tell the teachers but how. It contains specific information as to which teachers can be blufted, which are easy and which are hard to please. . Item 4. To our dear old school building itself, we leave the peaceful quiet caused by our absence, and any apple cores, pieces of gum or crumpled notes we may have left about. Item 5. To our principal we give and bequeath a sense of relief that we have at last been graduated, pleasant memories of our two and one-half years, and a feeling of pride in any great deed or noteworthy achievements that our future may contain, realizing that such glories-if any-will owe much to his example and counsel. Item 6. To our teachers we bequeath our valuable sense of humor, without which we should have found school life painful indeed and which will do much to make it endurable for them. We also give our very kindest regards and our sincere gratitude for their untailing kindness and aid. Item 7. To the history of the Armstrong High School we bequeath our illustrious deeds and our names as candidates for the Hall ol Fame. 1l66Y.99!DGY.9LlDGX.9C.I3GY.9CvlDGEJLID6SJ CE9 QZ'3CY9Ql'Tl 1lBGS9'LIB GRJQZDGXJ 0 LZDGSPLIBGXJLIDGSJLIDGRJ CLASS WILL 2'5.f.9if..i"i1'.1.'1Z'iI CW' . Q The smaller individual bequests are as follows: Item 1. To the undergraduate needing it most we give Iames Whitemyes supply of language, which will enable the recipient to talk more and say less than any other human being. Also, to the undergraduate who is most in danger of not passing next year, we bequeath the class' store of information. along with their old notebooks and test papers which will make it easy for him to pass any test in any subject at any time. Item 2. Francis Burrell leaves some nice comfortable cushions for the seats in the auditorium. To Armstrong, some clocks that do not need to be set every morning are left by William Iohnson. To Armstrong, Winfrey Hill leaves a portable to be erected on the corner for the convenience of the Armstrong and Dunbar boys who congregate there. To the over-ambitious undergraduate, if such there be, we leave the perfect indolence of some of our class mates. Some people sit and waste time-they just sit. Item 3. To the Music Department, Rosa Burress leaves a well-equipped studio where it can practice without disturbing people who study in the auditorium. To the French Department, Iulius Cook leaves a locker full of brilliant, energetic French students. To one of the beloved teachers of Physical Education, Randolph leaves the corner store full of doughnuts. ,Otis Iohnson leaves to Armstrong his tennis shoes accompanied by a pair of nose stopples. To Earl Telfair, Berlin Dean leaves his paint brushes hoping that the hair will be renewed. To the laziest member of the Senior Class-to-be, we bequeath Lillian Brent's ambition. If it is combined with the laziness previously mentioned, the result will be normal activity. To Alice Wood and Ruth Cook, Willie Mae Russell leaves her ability. To the new section B8, Beatrice Stewart leaves her contagious giggles. To his Brother Eugene, Arthur Smith leaves his position on the football team. Item 4. To the Iunior Class we give reluctantly, but of necessity, our mantle of dignity. We realize that the class can never fill it but, since it is expected of them, our advice is, grin and wear it. Beside these bequests, we leave our best wishes to any and all who may desire them. Any property or personal possessions of ours that may remain, in addition to the items specified, we give and bequeath to the Board of Education to use as it sees fit. Finally, we do hereby name and appoint as the sole executor of this, our last will and testament, our class advisor, Mrs. H. B. Allen. ln witness whereof we, the Class of 1946, the testator, have set our hand and seal on this 29th day of lanuary in the Year of l945. c-Lggx-oc-Qgx-ocvzggx-:vc-135x-scvlaggocvlaggxggggacvfb FXQQZBCX9 A 'Q 3' X 4-It r Q6GX.7l.IbGS.JQID6X.?l!8GX,9CvIDGX..3C.lD6Y.9C,1DGX.9C!0 Ll66R2l.IDC5Y.Jl.6GX.2lfJ6LJ'L?DGXJQ.ZD VALEDICTQRY gymgggggggaf ffm' , , Mr. Gregory, Members of the 'Faculty, Parents cmd Friends, it is an honor as a representative of the February graduating class to bring to you a parting message from them. The class is happy to beegraduating at a period of reconversion rather than actual war. We are glad to leave Arm- strong at a time when there are so many new opportunities open for our young men and women in spite of the many problems that are seemingly ahead. Many of the students who have gone before us and some of these that are graduating with us never stop to think what a wealth of resources and opportunities this school offers-nor have they considered seriously these questions. What has Armstrong done for us in the way of intellectual develop- ment? How many more practical problems can we solve? ln other words, has Armstrong prepared us for the real needs of life or are we still lacking in those fundamental qualities that make for success? If we had thought about these questions long enough this is what might have been revealed. The courses Armstrong offer are very useful in themselves. They teach you to be familiar with the everyday tools of life. The tools that will enable you to move about in society without too much friction or conflicts with your fellowmen. This is what you learn in Armstrong shops. We learn to follow' instructions, read directions and interpret them. We learn to be exact, definite, thrifty, and to observe carefully. We learn how to evaluate material, choose wisely and, too, how to use our own judgment. In the classes in science we learn to apply ourselves diligently in the search for truth. We have gotten pleasure out of experimentation and we can appreciate a little more than others countless secrets of the atomic boom. Our study in Sociology has developed a better understanding of humanity. We have leamed not to blame people for all their reactions to situations, but rather to consider the conditions under which they live and their outlook on life. The world war has caused school authorities to stress more than ever the value of physical education as it has to do with nutrition, cleanliness, proper care of body and frequent medical examination and supervision. Sports have always held an important place in Armstrong's extra activities. They have taught us to appreciate fine performances on the field by our school. The careful training that our athletes have received has enabled them to secure positions and win for themselves recognition in the world of sports. The extra-curricular activities, which include all the various clubs, have been most valuable, for without them many of us would have had little opportunity to meet so large a number of the teachers and undereclassmates. Clubs have developed in us proper social attitude, initiative and the desire to become leaders. They have taken us out of our narrow group of friends and made us enjoy without discrimination the student body. F rom the faculty we learned that education and its enriched background of culture and study are essential to a successful career. From the faculty, too, we have learned dignity and value of punctuality. We cannot begin to tell of all the things we have learned in the different classes, but this we can say-from every class has come valuable experiences which will help us in our future struggles. l gyggggcggyGx-Jcvlggx-ocvfggxvoc-19Qxvocviggm-acvigggx-19 5 QIBCXQQZBCXQ I i' Cv-iQ6519C2965-DC-1565-JCvlaggbivfakvbivlaGEYDC-565-JC-Ib Q13cX9Q1Aoc'x9Ql':C"x9Qfuc'x9Q!'bC'x9Ql':c'x9Qi':c'x9Ql'l VALEDICTORY f.',1'i,,1,fj'f,,1'f,2,fQf"'i'1""' , , You see then if we stop to think seriously about the questions, how greatly indebted we are to Armstrong for an awakened consciousness of the world of thinking and doing. And now, teachers and principal, we appreciate your sympathetic inter- est, understanding attitude and the urge to go on. To you, parents, we are grateful for your leadership, guidance and sacrifice. The sacrifices were great and many, but we shall try never to let you regret having made them. In saying farewell to our undergraduates may we say that it is an honor to be a member of a senior class. For they possess dignity, poise and a higher level of mental achievement. Be sure you possess these qualities before attempting to occupy our responsible places. May you be our worthy successors. Our best advice to you is-don't try to bluff, don't waste time, but get all the knowledge you can. And now, members of the graduating class, we too must part. Although we must go separate ways after tonight, may we always be joined in heart and in spirit and in memories of our days at Armstrong. May good fortune attend us. As we are about to graduate from Armstrong, let us determine always to find time to learn something good. Again let us determine to make our future reflect credit upon the school, home and our country and may we never forget that it is our responsibility to so fashion our lives and conduct that with deepest appreciation we will be able to say that Armstrong did do much in preparing us for the real needs of life. Mr. Gregory, Members of the Faculty, Parents and Friends, the members of the February graduating class joyfully and sorrowfully say, Good-bye. 'Y T QfiC3961-3CAX9QI-DC'X9Q!'DCAX9Gl"3C-X9Ql'DC'X9QI'3CAX9QI-I 0I'EsCX9QI5f'X9QI5C'X9QIBCX9QI'3C'X9QIBCX995C'X9Q13 I , A 4 Ji- 'r'1i'in "' f Class Activities A lllyfibliilhlillillilliblilllllihllllblil lb.JNb.l1ZIiDl1bf1l4'1lJlllIOl!ll10lll-lIbf1 Q Library 'Ari The Armstrong High School library makes available to all students every possible source ot information, particularly, books, magazines, pamphlets, newspapers and maps. New and outstanding books in all fields have been ordered for the library collection, par- ticularly the Negro books. Scientific, technical, musical, and historical magazines are housed in the reading room where pupils have easy access to them, One of the main objectives ol art instruction at Arm- strong is to develop good taste and discriminating judg- ment in the pupil os a pro- ducer and as a consumer. The scope ot instruction in- cludes art crafts using various media: paintings in oil, water- color and pastelg scratch board compositiong mural painting, and greeting-card design. Q Auto and Sign Painting The course in painting cam- prises work in three broad areas - auto painting, sign painting and house painting. Students are encouraged to specialize in the particular area lor which they have the greatest aptitude. Auto-painting includes work in spray-painting, lacquering and enameling. House painting covers ex- terior and interior painting, decorating, color mixing and wood finishing, Class Activities A was nea..:vuJu.puf1a.fvn4u:n.pu.fe-fun.: .impure Juneau.:-u4n.pu.:c..fn.puyu.yu4 Aviation appeals to many boys. At Armstrong, the pupil will he trained in aircraft and engine mechanics under in- dividual attention of the in- structor, He also receives in- struction in mathematics, draw- ing, and science as related to the trade and Civics, English, safety and physical education. Q Shoe Repairing The course in Shoe Repair- ing gives instruction in the construction and repair oi shoes and a thorough working knowledge oi the care ani operation of modern shoe- repairing machinery. A stu- dent finishing this course is prepared to engage in the repair oi shoes in any modern shoe-repair shop. Q Sheet Metal Work The increasing use of sheet metal is one ot the character- istic developments of the ma- chine age. Sheet metal work' ers make and install hundreds oi articles fabricated from thin sheets or plates of metal. The boy considering sheet metal as a career must have an inclination to do mechanin cal work and have the ability to do neat, accurate mechani cal drawing. Good health and eyesight are also necessary. Class Activities A nav Gufeavleafea-2a:5. :s?:-heirs:-:lo Q Sign Painting Sign painting offers instruc- tion in show-card lettering, poster design, window letter- ing and general commercial sign and display Work. Q Mechanical Drawing Mechanical drawing is one of the basic courses at Arm- strong. lt covers the use ol tools and materials lor the performance of drafting funda- mentalsg the use and reading of mechanical drawings: in- formation about drafting occu- pationsg machine drafting: sheet-metal draltingg electrical drafting: and architectural drafting. Q Machine Shop The course in Machine Shop is designed to acquaint the pupil with materials, tools, and processes used in modern me- chanical industries, The ele- mentary parts of the course furnish opportunity to acquire some knowledge of materials and a moderate amount of skill in the use and core cf the more lrequently used hand tools. , ,, .1-i4L..l Class Activities I I Utdillinery The hat has played a varied role in the history ot dress. Women's hats are unique in that they may be draped, re- novated, or tailored out ot all types ot material, includ- ing discarded garments and household articles. The reno- vated hat takes on a new appearance, because the girls learn designing as well as copying. A number oi Arm- strong girls have served as apprentices in millinery shops in Washington, D. C. Q Automotive Maintenance The widespread use of au- tomobiles and trucks has re- sulted in the development oi the automotive maintenance industry. It is the job of the auto-mechanic to repair, ad- just, and replace damaged parts on cars and trucks and to keep the cars in good run- ning order so that they may be operated safely and ec- onomically, In the larger garages and service stations auto-mechanics may specialize in one or more phases ot the work. The purpose of the automo- tive-maintenance course is to train all-around mechanics who can make repairs or adjustments to any part of an automobile. Q Related Drawing and Blueprint Reading The ability to read draw- ings, blueprints and sketches quickly, accurately, and eas- ily is the tirst ability that the technician must acquire, no matter what phase ot indus- trial life he hopes to take part in. A , Familiar Scenes at Armstrong S A - -spain.. .ufnv -uanv ..:enl1.. .seueu' Second Floor Right on P Street Cafeteria on a Rainy Day Armstrong Savings Bank Familiar Folks at Armstrong g g g MISS ELOISE NEWMAN Clerk MRS. G. I. BROOKS Registrar MR. JONES Head Custodian afigg if LT. hgh fx' fu 1 . ,ne.,, .4-usawofunf-nyunpanfcofun Engineering Class iililigflig..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,.,..,.,..,..,.,... t l ENGINEERS IN SECOND YEAR To give the boys of Armstrong a stronger trend toward the field of engineering, Mr. Iarries C. Webster, a physics teacher, began a course in engineering lor seniors in Sep- tember l94-4. lt was a splendid idea, for it gave our school the distinction ot saying that it was the first senior high school in the District to oiler such a course. ln the course are tive subjects making a coordinated program. They are trigonome try, applied mechanics heat engines, indus trial processes and mechanical drawing, each ol which is related to the other. For the boys of the first class the course proved most effective. With the exception ot two boys who are in the Armed Services, all ol them are attending colleges that offer courses in engineering. Most ol them advise the boys of this years class that those taking the course should avail themselves ol every opportunity as the graduates have all lound the courses most beneiicial. rua-.401UI--1..1-.fuznfu.,-'na-nfmzuluzu-fur..yuanhz.lf-.anna-nys.:--:murmur ruff.:-.:u1..,-.. ,uae-1--.fur-.1 04. .4--. ,Hanf- .4--.yu 9101- .,- .fa .4---Ju-loan:-1.4 The present class began their work very enthusiastically. They were amazed at the unbelievably short time that it took them to master the fundamentals ot mathematics and. mechanics. They are also developing accu- racy in writing and the ability to interpret the skills of engineering. ln addition there is opportunity for abstract thinking and ion the development ot the mind. The members of the engineering class are as follows: Maurice Bush, Freeman Coble, Iames Cousins, Ross Everett, Claude Ford, Ver- non Hawkins, Stewart Hoban, Thomas How- ard, Henry Kingwood, Curley Mosley, Regi- nald Page Also Leonard Ray, Harold Reed, Lee Robinson, William Sanders, Benjamin Skyles, Earl Washington, Harold White, Ira Wil- liams, Bentamin Winis, and Ioseph Young. Armstrong, 1946 . , , . --hLhl- f---ee- swf- - - ere 41 isa-ar-ini r hir W - , MILITARY -xia- Military Activities f:TZTI3iiTjlTZiif:1Z',. 1fTL5Tlli.f'LffL'ei The Stat! ol the 4th Battalion Passes in Review ' Military instruction at Armstrong is based on the U. S. Iunior R. O. T. C. plan and is conducted by military reserve otiicers who have been approved by the War Department. Besides the intra-school competition of the individual cadet, the squad, and the platoon, inter-school competitions are held each year for the company and the battalion. A division ot the Girls' Cadet Corps has been organized to prepare Arm- strong girls ior essential community service. The Stall of the 2nd Battalion Stands at Attention .1-.'..,..,..,..,..,..,-.,..,..,01..,..,-.,..,-.,-..,-..,...,'.,-.'-.,..,-..,...,..,--. A ..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,. ,..,..,..,..,. ,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,.. gg s -- ,ii M'l' ry I ' t t t aueulufuvufunaaunpenynnfcmpsueanesneanauppanfrtelnfvnavuyanfusertaaaecaa- E l a snfcnluofuaa-cnyayfvnyukfunfunaaneuoz-omfvpfcnfnppepfwnyvnlcn-flsfculauruufunfcn' Map Reading Class HW l Major Robinson Explains the Operation of the Automatic Rifle .41.4-.ynyuf-'I'.1-.10,-.I-.4--ul-.,...,..,..1U,-.1--.Inf-.1-.f-.1-.1-.,..ful--- A 1 . ,..,..,..,n,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,.,,-,..,..,,..,.. g, .'1."---H-mir--vflf--' ""' ' ' ' P V 4' K' 'Q 'W N' ' " ..1"-Q, , M X ' ' . k - - gif?-fl. c ' ' , X , ta 0 ce rs .,..,..:p..a..2..,..,..,..4..a..b..9..,..,..:-..a..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,-..,..a's': I y rnyear1.eueueuyn..pu:u:e..pu.0uenaeu::machine:pfwnfnvyunfcnfwqa-uyaufwafvuew rx N 1 Nw X T, X , X, X, 1 1 .V 1 ii 1 1 " 1 1 1 X 1 -1 , . ...,..... 1 1 X-' Officers of the Girls' Code! Corps ' E 1 r v L, 4 I 1 X 1 T' 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 F - Officers of Boys' Cadet Corps rckfuyufnau 'A ' l'lTI,Stl'O71g, ,..,..,..,..,..,.., .. ,..,..,..,..,..,. ,,..,..,..,..,..,..,,.,..,..,..,..,.h,.,,..,.., ,N 1 l . X X ,fi , X X 1 A-A Y - ni-Y V A, LA,,,A- 4, . L-4- ,...Q.... -.4..4.........k...-,... M4 M, 4-44 A --A-A - - --- ufwurupanfuufvpyvervcaunrnpfqgpwnfunpaupaupapfuuyapfwopcsawullmlvnavufuuawulvuq .p-., I Upper-Major Peter L, Robinson Lower-Captain I. O. Adams -..cuff.puff.4-U.,-..v..:o.,..,..,nf-.1-.1-.p...'..,-.,.M,-.1-.,..1f.,-.1-.0..:-.1-.Q A - 9 6 ,.,.,.,.N..,..,.,..,,.,,,,.,..,..,..,.,..,.,.,..,.....,..,..,..,.,.,., g, 1 1 I euro-ufu Physical Education and Athletzcs At Armstrong every boy and girl is given an opportunity to participate in a program of physical activities appro- priate to his or her interests and abili- ties, and geared to national needs. The development of general skills can be achieved through: formal calis- thenics and body building exercises, running, jumping and climbingg corn- petitive team sportsg hiking, swim- ming, tumbling and wrestling, Q .,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,. Q .femines.:-a.:upuJ-u4-n4-ufn:- I fuse-:al.n:'un.r fuzz any-neu.,-041.4-v-.,. .4-u.,-:f:..p- fy, We X X Q if Xxx .S lf' e Q5 3. , . Q , xs 3 9 Q, S S- K S .f SSNQ X. Ssfry' SS X X sg sm? A 5 X :Sy SX Qswxgis S .0 Q cvs X v A. Ssx '39 L-4-A Physical Education and Athl8tiC8 IfIfIlIIIIIIIIIIII'.I'If.ZfIfI'I'I1fZ'I'.L.'f E ,gsfaraefora - :Snot run .Aon- 2 - Blok St Y'01f0 AQef ' I X Bryant cz-essex ,.,,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,,.,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..- A rms! ron 1946 .,..,..,..,..,..,..,.,,.....,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,...-..,..,..,......,..,..,..,..,..,..,.. gg Physical Education and Athletics 1345-48 Bxslietbgll ai E I 1 v-.0-.Q-.f.u,.-anpnfnauani-nan.,u,..aa.p..l-n1:-lui--1-.,..:nJ..,r...1...11..,--4-..J..4-..4... A -l .J-U4-nf..4-n.zu4-u.r--.fufw..f-n.f...'1..4-..'...r-..,-4...ff..r-..f-...'-..f--.a-0.1-Q..f-U..-...,....-.., U g, -U QE' so i SE E S. 3. S 9- Er E 2. 50 32 is ss 55 22 .S fs 22 Q: S? 55 55 gs gi .S F" '." L TEAM A. H. S. Q. Y A BA ..1 Eg Q E. D Q O O U1 M 5 bf E UQ I-' E 8 5 LL. LO 2 1 E 3 U1 ... E- U! E L14 CQ 7' LID YT' O7 W x W fn- 1 i sa 11' N . HSI 1 A SL I 5 ,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,.,,..,..,-.,..,..,..,..,..,..,..- A r"lSlr0n,g, uae.,-up-'fain'--.,..,..1-.pup-.rv.,-.,..ff.Q-1-.Q-a--ff.:-.'.n,-.Q..,-v.4'.fv-f-.1--.rua--In V 254 L - -- --ng! f--- '-1-a-4- -- - - ur--4 unh-"'i5nin- Ej?Tmif"-3f..jTi 1 Tvf E 'Physical Education and Achleuw,-s 7:.i:f:g:3::t3:i"""'g,.L :'f,..,.,2' TECH YELLS 1. lSlowlyl Rah-Rah-Rah-Rah 2. RAH! RAH! RAH! RAHI T-E-C-H h . , of-ester, Rah-Rah-Roh-Rah Conipany KE, F, G, or HT whichever T,E,C,H on held l- lStill i faster! Rah--Rah-Rah-Rah T-E-C-H "" Drill boys T DRILL!!! D 4. COLOR YELL: --- Yea, Orange! Yea, Blue! Yea, ARMSTRONG! FIGHT! FIGHT! I 3. Ceherleader Say Resp. Group Say what? Cheerleader: That's what! Resp. Group: What's what? Cheerleader: That's what they all say! 6' 131-Icggficglciigizgu starts slowly and in, ARMSTRONG- creases until it reaches a peak, then ARMSTRONG. A decreases to the starting point. K3 timesl RAH, J Clap, clap' Clap . Clap, clap, clap H Clap, clap -1 - Clap, clap ' Clap, clap, clap f rlwith hands! 5. Come on ORANGE! Come on BLUE! , I ARMSTRONG come on ARMSTRONG- A 13919901 rhwe mes! Set them THROUGH! , V 7. Four stomps of the feet :' 3- Wash Mem out Four claps of the hand RAI-l-RAI-I-RAH-RAH - ARMSTRONG 9. Leader: Are we downhearted? Crowd: NO! Leader: Are we going to win? Crowd: YES! Leader: Who says? Crowd: Leader: Crowd 6. We ALL say so Let's tell 'em WHO we are Leader: ARMSTRONG! ARMSTRONG! RAH-RAH-RAH! 1 vvo7u.:u.fnA4woJueemluluJn0vn.e1.7ouJuJ1 10. Wring 'em out Hang 'em out to dry We can beat !Cardoza or Dunbar!! Any ald yes, -any old timeb We're the ORANGE We're the BLUE We're with YOU boys LET'S GO THROUGH! Armstrong, 194-6 otufnv fuer.. uv -.v-.v W. -tv ww -.1 --1 W- --1 uv -:::s:::::s:::::a::aia::::o::s+-:s::s::sJ-.:n . -L , - - . .y ,, . , . . x ,A in-1lkf'l-fPi.14--w..L4.n-if-'J -4.-e.Le -' fp-2 -Vee A - - A . :V -.-............... A -L . LE 4' Sponsor' Organizations A spear:-peszwslvnfcsfaseanp-sen.:--4 ufuyv feneauawlyqhrvnynuenafwep-sy-n, Q Latin American History Club Sponsor: Mrs. E. M. Holland The Latin-American Historv Club is a cultural club having a two-fold purpose: to acquaint pupils with the lite and cus- toms, and outstafidiwq perk sons al the Spanish and Por- tuguese speaking countrres ol America, and to create a de- sire to become familiar with the Spanish language, Q Iunior Red Cross Club Sponsor: Mrs. M. I. Matthews The lunior Red Cross at Armstrong High School is a service and charactervbuilclinq organization. It is open to all students who are interested lrom the humanistic point oi view, The members pledge themselves to "service for oth- ers," Each member strives to do some good deed each month. Q El Circulo Castellano Mrs. A. S. Iohnson This group is corrrposed of students ot Spanish who de- sire to sup lenient classroom P . work with club activlties -- songs, dances, conversation, and dramatics. Organizations A ra 4en4vefve4wnJqeJu.4Q.yu!n.a1u.01p4uJ1 n. ul: .-:career-:::ee:as:a: 2a:ezinfsa: Q The National Honor Society Sponsor: Mrs. E. H. Iewell The object of this society is to develop an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a do- sire to render service, to pro- mote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in the students. Q The Steering Committee of the Inter High Council Sponsor: Mr. Adams, Assistant Principal This council of boys meets once an advisory at one of the senior high schools and has for its objectives: to im- prove inter-school relations: to promote better attitudes and conduct amonq high school studentsg and to formulate a definite code of conduct. Q Art Club Sponsor: Mrs I. H. Seldon The Art Club serves as a medium for vocational quid- ance. Promising fields of art are studied including all forms of illustrdiinq for books and magazines, advertising of all types, cartoons, sculpture, various types of paintings, metalcraft and jewelry. ,Qur- ing the Year periodic trips are made to museums, exhibitions and other places of art inter- est. 1 14. , 4' l.3u-r I Fc 1 N i l l LA li: F E.'1n.fN4 A Y.. , , ' Organizations A osannausawueusewupusynqycofwneesluuauseasywnq Q Americana Quiz Team Sponsor: E. T. Ieiterson W. T. Robinson The 1946 Americana Quiz Team ot Armstrong won this yea:-'s radio contest in com- petition with Dunbar's team. Members: Andrew Harris Levinia Robinson Edward Taborn Donald Walker Walter Wilson Q Girl Scouts Sponsor: Mrs. E. T. Honesty Q The Band The Girl Scouts is the larg- est organization in the world for girls and provides training in many program fields namely, home making, inter- national iriendship, sports and games, dramatics, nature study, citizenship, health and safety. Sponsor: Lt. B. C. Smith The Armstrong High School Band is Composed of several members. It has given impetus to instrumental study and has fostered an interest in civic programs. The objectives of this musical unit are to serve the community and encourage mastery oi musical instru- ments, Organizations A fenfseyaaynsfqplunrwnyuufuuewnyunfcsfunenufn slwurwpfwsyvufuofuvauplvalzaeuuywsfwoeuefupa- Q Mathematics Club Sponsor: Mrs. C. D. A. Browne The purpose ol the Arm- strong Mathematics Club is to bring together interested per- sons, bound by an apprecia- tion of the beauties and sig- nificance of mathematics: to afford an opportunity for dis- cussing the interesting features of the science and inspiring pupils with the nobler phases of the subject. Q Music Study Club Sponsor: Mrs. E. P. Webster The purpose of the Music Study Club is to afford an op- portunity tor pupils to pursue many interesting phases of music in an informal atmos- phere such as part singing, instrumental duets, quartets and simple composition. Q The Biology Club Sponsor: Mrs E. T. Honesty The aims of the Armstrong Biology Club are to increase our knowledge of scienceg to aive opportunity for service in our community and Nation and to understand the im- portance of science in our lives. Organizations . The Good Conduct Club Sponsor: Mrs. E. M. Holland The Good Conduct Club has for its purpose improving the behavior of pupils both in school and in public Members of the club are elected by the students of their respective homerooms and each Candi date must qualify in accord ance with the requirements made by the club There are now over sixty members who are attempting in every way to cooperate with school and outside agencies as a means of raising the tone of pupil conduct Q The Press Club Sponsor: Mrs. E. C. Butler The Press Club publisnes the Armstrong Torch at regular intervals during the school year. It has entertained is readers lor many years with interesting news articles sports accounts, book reviews social news, fashions ques tionnaires and cartoons The Press Club does not stop at publishing the paper but members enjoy weekly meet ings where they study certain features of journalism in an effort to produce a better paper. Q The Rifle Club Sponsor: Major P. L. Robinson The proqram of the Boys Rifle Club is designed to de velop those qualities of sports manship, lair play selfcon trol, and cooperation so es sential to success in life Rifle shooting with the caliber ZZ rifle is available to all cadets through rifle clubs affiliated with the National Rifle Assoc: ation Organizations Q The Personality Club Sponsor: Mrs. E. M. Wells The Personality Club com- posed ot selected boys and girls from each homeroom seeks to improve the person- ality and conduct ot each member of the student body both in school and in public. This is attempted through as- semblies, drives, contests, pos- ters, etc. Q The Student Council Sponsor: Mr. T. G. Miles The Armstrong High School Student Council is composed ot the various classroom presi- dents and devotes its atten- tion to debating and recom- mending the adoption ot poli- cies regarding questions of real importance to the school. A Q Hospital Service Club Sponsor: Mrs. M. R. Aveille The purpose ot the Hospital Service Club is to cooperate with Freedmen's Hospital in training the girls to care tor the aged, the convalescent and those patients who are not seriously ill. Instruction is also given in the care ol well in- lants and children. instruction is given on home- nursing procedures: general care of the sick room, general care of the bed patientpetc. ' .Jr .A :LBA 1 D t ' M ' u4-..'ueu.:ueu-.'--ea.4-pp.up-'fur'.11.fu.fn-au...ruffu.',.p.nfuyu..rnxur-.:u.au4'.4-uyu.fwn. C ' ' U IC rama 'l -..,..,..,..,..,...,..,...,...,..,..,..,..,..,...,...,..,..,..,.,.....,......,..,..,...,...,..,..,..,..,. 1' P 4 f..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..- A rrnslron l 9 16 .,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,,.,..,..,..,..,...,..,..,...,..,..,..,...,..,..,.. gy 1 1 i I 1 Q f ,f i i b 5 Q ap A' O in A N K k I f T44 4,1 Q2 1 Q . o qA , inyo J ob 0 vf O 0 . 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F' B . fr L., sv. g' H , K . , , x , -' , , 4" Qi' .1-' '-1 P , 4' LI- nz B ' .v ' . L -'wk - ' 0- " A ' xv-' x,,'., 5 "' DO OU WANT 70 LEAR Ez 2: 1 5' gf ORDNANCE RADIO ,. 4:5 1 MOTOR MECHANICS ELECTRONICS K -' AMPHIBIOUS WARFARE RADAR .. ARTILLERY ,.- . This is in addition to pay increases due to 3 All you need is the AMBITION and the promotion- . 3 ABILITY The Army has never before offered better 1, Unele Sem will supply the KNQWLEDGE preparation for a fine career. And, most im- 'fvf' And SUCCESS is Cure portant of all, every man who enlists has his Y " E own opportunity oi helping to guard the' ." THESE and scores of other branches of peace 'haf has been RO hGrd'wOn' training and education are now offered to -AI the end OfIh1S.en11Sfrnent Cm h0f10F0b1Y' T the young men of America in Uncle Sem-l'e discharged soldier 1S entitled, under the GI ' new Voluntary peacetime A,-my, Bill of Rights, to a period ot educationgor ? Men 18 to 34 may now take advantage of training based on the length of his service ' the opportunities they offer by enlisting ion ' ' ' at Govemfnemfexpense' , a 3-year period in the Army. Enlistments For exsmp e' alter Q 3'Year enhstment 7- for IVZ years and 2 years me also open' he can have 48 ful months ot education at 1 but it is only on the 3-year enlistment that the College or umverslw' blflslrless or trade gb' choice of branch of service and theatre is school he Sfalects' Dunrlg this mme the Gov' : Offered. ergrnent will pay his tiiution sig? to SSE? per " . . . t - Eff In Gddlfwn. You good mv, Q Ewillfil iiroiviliqlipiiies-Shalt Q21 Q broader opportunity than ever before for married i-V. advancement to a technical rating, and a ' " 30-day vacation with pay each year. Also, Get the facts at your nearest U. S. Army it you pay is increased 52 every three years. Recruiting Station. ef' 3 ENLIST UPON COIVIPLETION OF SCHOOL AT YOUR NEAREST U. S. ARMY RECRUITING STATION A E A GOOD OB FOR YOU :I U. S. ARMY RECRUITING STATION U SI ARMY ' 403 10th sf., N. W. ' ' , . '- W ht t D C - choose this 1 as mg on' ' ' FINE PROFESSION NOW x. 3 J ...-4.4. -A.-.-n- ....,s., -...-..-,..-, - . 1 , fi if VTE n .A I . ' X e'r A , c. i. ang H1 LfBGL9C!D6X..3C.I06i9ClDGX,3C.IBGYv9QIDGi.JQZDGSJLIB 1ZBGS2Ll06S.9'LIDGS.?Q.IDGS.2QlDGSJQ.lDGS.JL66R9kID FAREWELL T0 ARMSTRONG Out into the world we go, This class of forty-six, To fulfill all our dreams And keep fond memories live. Farewell dear Armstrong Senior High We are leaving you, it's true: 1 But as the coming years go by Our hearts will pine for you. Our dream boat will carry us. How far? Who only knows? In your teachings is our trust How bright our candles glow! 4' if-v xgj f LZDGXJLIvD6S.9Q.66XJLZOGiJlZ'DGSJLIDGXJl.ZD6XJQ.ID RIDGE! GS.9LlDGX.JQZDGXJLZe36X.JQ.!e36RJlZD ,t y .... .. , y I w'J...g:4- V . 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Suggestions in the Armstrong Technical High School - Reflector Yearbook (Washington, DC) collection:

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Armstrong Technical High School - Reflector Yearbook (Washington, DC) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 45

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