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 - Class of 1960

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Armstrong High School - Tiger Yearbook (Armstrong, IA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 92 of the 1960 volume:

1 1 1 The Armstrong High School presents 'TIIE Senior Class 1960 TUIEEEL QE' cbca fion In just indebtrnent for your many years of tireless work on our behalf, we the Seniors of 1960, extend to you, Mr. Bogard, our sincere appreciation. We are indebted to you not only for the counsel and encouragement you gave us, but also for the understanding and trust you so well provided. With grateful hearts, we then co-dedicate to you this 1960 Tiger. 2 L icafion 4 To a 1-nan who has set a wonderful example to all who have been under his leadership or in association with him in any way, we co-dedicate this annual. With deep respect and grateful thanks, we shall always remember you, Mr. Ortmeyer. 3 gi -Qs IH O BI H M S35 eeL 1 ' 1 ffl ffiffk-Hfif I' Q 71. 249315 if 5? 9 J Qi ,F Q' ' 11.41 ki?-' we e As 1? 'Q 1 Q' n I 4.9 v Q ff 1 .99 if-r aah -'s r' .vlf 1 1899 . 5 'eb' ' QA ! rv If vw fe-YA - - - ' I In memory of Leroy Plath who died October 27 3 Lf A Q31 5 , , 3 1956, we dedicate this page in our yearbook. At A , ' ff' f 5 "' Q ' raduation time, Lero raduated alon with the gg xfg. S Y 8 8 Nfl f do ' rest of the seniors in their hearts. f' 4 h ' fir s rf 'Q' ' ' Y' A , iff., 1 V 5 A V I 'X "I ffyf m. 'H It V ! , ' fm"?',Al','fiiby-tr All V' usd' 5' ' 713' L W MQfgm"M'7y Q I :fn "1 A 1 ' A 4, i A I I ,.MJ: - -- K V W., 'L ' ii KV "N L 'u l-.J -gd:-ga Q X .153 QL FACULTY Mr. BOGARD, PRINCIPAL Mr. GRAY Miss I-LAYEK Bookkeeping, Typing, Student English, Speech, Class Plays English, Speech, Library Council Mr. HINKLEY Mr. NOLAN Mr. OLSON Chemistry, Algebra, Trig, Ad- Biology, Shop, Boys' Basketball, Economics, World History, Ameri vanced Math, Geometry Football, PT can History, Social Studies, An- nual Advisor KRAFFT MUSIC COMPANY 5 QUAKER OATS ELEVATOR CO. Estherville, Iowa Mrs BUTTERFIEID Mr HIBBEN Mr STOWELL Home Economlcs, Sclence, FTA, Vocatlonal Agnculture, FHA General Science, Jr. High Sci- FI-IA ' ence, Football, Glrls' Basketball, Mr KRAFFT Mlss KRUEL , , ys Sextet, Quartet, Solo, Grade LEFT TO RIGHT: Clar- ence Hovey, Secretary, Art Cassemg Leon Looftg Everett Erickson 3 Iver Lindellg Claire Lind- holm, President. M semorzs 1 A I CO-EDITOR BECKY JOHNSTON SALES MANAGER JUDY STURM MUSIC EDITOR BOB BANNISTER SPORTS EDITOR MERLIN LEIDING ANNUAL STAFF ADVISOR , MR. OLSON MOTTO: "Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you." EDITOR MARY GUERDET ADVERTISING MANAGERS MARLIN LEIDING RUSSEL SCHREIBER SENIOR EDITOR PATRICIA CARS ON COLORS: Baby Blue and White FLOWER: White Rose CLASS OFFICERS: David Vigdal, Pres.g Becky Johnston, Vice-pres.5 Mary Guerdet, secretaryg Pat Carson, treasurer. - ,ey W , fx P' my :Hs we A ROBERT BANNISTER "Ambitious" PATRICIA CARSON PATRICIA BROWN "Calm" JERRY DARIES "Humerous" "Sensitive" WILLIAM DUITSMAN "Noncha1ant" LUVERN E FRIES "Mischievious" I MARJORIE EISENBACHER "Friendly" NOEL GOCHAN OUR uQuietn 'Yi SEQ? E? MARY GUERDET "St:udious " CAROLYN HOVEY x MARLYS HARRIS REBECCA JOHNSTON "Generous" "Sweet" 5 E z 1 ? 2 E 2 3 2 i 5 1 S X 2 K, 2 Q x 5: 1 Q 2 v r Q H MARLIN LEIDING "Jovia1" CALVIN LONG "Boisterous" J MERLIN LEIDIN G "Athletic" SHARON MAN LEY "Timid" DOUGLAS NUTT Ilslyll PATRICIA ROALSON "Fun Loving" ALICE PICHT "Polite" RUSSELL SCHRIEBER "Determined" SANDRA SIABA "Pleasant" KAREN TWEDT "Neat" JUDY STURM "Easy Going" DAVID VI GDAL "Relaxed" H,,,, A,,,:kWEw,,,,:q:ev ,A 5 ,W -, f In .- :M w ww, 5 m BACK ROW: Marjorie Eisenbacher, Sharon Manley, Mary Guerdet, Noel Gochanour, Marlys Harris. SEATED: Marlin Leiding, Pat Roalson, Pat Carson, Judy Sturm, Calvin Long. ON SOFA BACK: Doug Nutt. E IOR PLAY THE INNER WILLY "Talk about a Babe!" "Such is life." 15 "Punch him hard." "That tender touch." BACCALAUREATE MAY 22, 1.960 Disnified Line CQMMENCEMENT MAY 25, 1960 sramlafmst V CAn 1- vnuriefilv fell. ,MM Pat R. - Becky atC Marlys 4,-sw.. D , , ...rwg-5,ma.fM-e:sw1r.Jf:rf- -. 1.1.1 C arolyn Jerry Allce Merlin 8: Marlin Judy r I' .., 1 ' W ' -friggi n 2. .wp-1-g I er 1 -.1gQ:-sag, ,, gfpSes,i1j,is-it W -mg, , ,Fw- f H ,ll 1 - aar 5s5,5si:.ffis. V 1' 2, . ' 5??il11,: E: ?2,g:f:fiff5i1w Cf . gm:E,'M.gQk,.,, N ..., m r zw,-L.,. 1 A, ' i 1 rf rgaag J if 5 if "'i4a2 , ?4g?e'f,2HfS5 ' 3 25, 7-we K-F-Wssir . , f I Qggigw . K. :K , i i ifggigi-142,453 " s:2:?fazgege1z,5,.z.g',1 3 ' - fQ5Q5?:i?s?7Lz?is?5Ivifx," ' ' 5?'s5if'?5iYSSfilYIfiI!:5.', . rf-tw - Ar4.c2wr.,r5.1s,z,sfr': ' ' S gm Mary V 5 '. 5 Russ Karen Oi Pat B Sharon .S 2 ,,,,L..-'A Noel SKIP DAY 09094 ' 1,0126 ,co too Ib 5, Q94 eo Q12-V?ff XS ,lov "Two cultured f?j young ladies practice indian wrestling." "Babe in arms." "Chow's on." "Pooped" "Thank heavens Mother can't see us "He 's been a busy little boy.' now." SENIOR INDEX ROBERT BANNISTER fDecember 25, 19411 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Football, Basketball, Baseball Man- ager 45 Band 1,2 ,3,45 Small Music Group or Solo 1,2 ,45 Student Council President 45 Class Officer 25 Speech l,2,45 FFA 1,2,3,45 Class Play 35 Tiger Tales 1. PATRICIA BROWN QApril 25, 19421 Glee Club l,2, 3,43 Basketball 1,2 ,35 Basketball Manager 45 Small Music Group or Solo 3,45 Tiger Tales 25 FHA 2,3 ,45 Librarian 2,3 ,45 Class Play 3. PATRICIA CARSON QMarch 2, 19421 Glee Club 3, Class Officer 45 FHA 3,4: Librarian 3. JERRY DARIES fOctober 8, 19421 Glee Club 1,25 Basketball 15 Student Council 15 Class Officer 35 Projector Operator l,2, WILLIAM DUITSMAN Uuly 28,,19421 Football 1,2, 3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Track 3,4. MARIORIE EISENBACHER fAugust 12, 19421 FHA 2,3 ,45 Library 45 Class Play 4. LUVERNE FRIES QAugust 13, 19421 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 45 Basketball Manager 1,2,3,45 Foot- ball Manager 1,2,3 ,45 Baseball Manager 1,2 ,3 ,45 Small Music Group or Solo 25 FFA 15 Class Play 35 Track Manager 2,3 ,45 Speech 3,4. NOEL GOCHANOUR QSeptember 5, 19421 Basketball 1,25 Baseball 45 Glee Club 2,3,45 Class Officer 15 Class Play 3,45 Projector Operator 4. MARY GUERDET QOctober 3, 19421 Glee Club 1,2, 3,45 Mixed Chorus 45 Band, 1f2 sem. of year 15 Small Music Group or Solo 25 Class Officer 45 Speech 1,2 ,3 ,45 Class Play 3,45 Tiger Tales 1,2,3,45 Annual Editor 45 FHA 2,3 ,45 Librarian 2. MARLYS HARRIS QApril 23, 19421 Glee Club 2,35 Li- brarian 25 FHA 2,3 ,45 Class Play 3,4. CAROLYN HOVEY fMarch 9, 19421 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3 ,45 FHA 2,3,45 Cheerleader 2,3,4. REBECCA JOHNSTON CSeptember 27, 19421 Basket- ball 3,45 Band 3,45 Mixed Chorus 45 Glee Club 3,45 Small Music Group or Solo 3,45 Class Officer 45 ROBINSON'S Clothing Sz Shoes Home of Names You Know Class Play 35 Annual Co-Editor 45 FHA 3,4. MARLIN LEIDING Uanuary 1, 19431 Baseball 1,2 ,3,45 Football l,3,45 Basketball 45 Student Council 2,45 Class Officer 25 Track 35 Class Play 4. MERLIN LEIDING Uanuary 1, 19431 Football 3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Student Council 25 Class Officer 2, Track 3 ,4. CALVIN LONG QOctober 30, 19411 Football 2,3,45 Student Council 35 Class Officer 35 FFA 1,2,3,45 Track 3,45 Class Play 4. SHARON MANLEY CApril 4, 19421 Glee Club l,2, 3,45 FHA 2,3 ,45 Librarian 3,45 Class Play 4. DOUGLAS NUTT fMay 19, 19421 Glee Club 1,45 Football l,2,45 Projector Operator 2,45 Tiger Tales 45 Annual Staff 45 Class Play 3,4. ALICE PICHT QDecember 2, 19421 Glee Club l,2, 3,45 Basketball 1,2 ,35 Basketball Manager 45 FHA 2,3 ,45 Librarian 2,3,45 Annual Staff 4. PATRICIA ROALSON fApril 12, 19421 Glee Club 1,2,35 Librarian 2,35 FHA 2,3,45 Tiger Tales 2,3 ,45 Annual staff 45 Class Play 3,4. RUSSELL SCHREIBER fOctober 27, 19421 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Class Play 35 Track 3 ,4. SANDRA SLABA CFebruary 20, 19401 Basketball 15 Band 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Small Music Group or Solo l,2,3,45 FHA 2. JUDY STURM CDecember 4, 19421 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2 ,3 ,45 Small Music Group or Solo 2,3,45 Student Council 45 Class Officer 35 Speech 1,25 FHA 2,3 ,45 FTA 45 Librarian 25 Class Play 3,4. KAREN TWEEDT Uuly 29, 19421 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 45 Band 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2 ,35 Small Music Group or Solo 45 Cheerleader 1, FHA 25 Class Play 3. DAVID VIGDAL CAugust 27, 19421 Football l,2,45 Track 35 Glee Club 15 Basketball Manager 15 Class Officer 3,45 Class Play 35 FFA 1,2,3,4. IOWA ELECTRIC LIGHT Sz POWER CO "Electric Heat is here!" Call 157 f uNoen2cLAssMeN SEATED from Left to Right: Mr. Bogard, Advisorg Judy Sturm, Secretary-Treasurerg Marlin Leiding, Vice-Presidentg Robert Bannister, President. STANDING: Dennis Theesfield, Jim Cecil, Jim Robin- son, Beverely Troff, Carol Henrickson, Charlene Graham. STUDENT COUNCIL JU IOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right: Joe Verbrugge, Presidentg Gary Schumacher, Vice-Presidentg Faye McCork1e, Secre- taryg Carol Long, Treasurer. The bank where the clock flashes the time and temperature FAIRMONT FLOWERS A Home Bank for Home people ERICKSON FURNITURE THE FAIRMONT NATIONAL BANK, Fairmont, Minn. 22 STANDING Left to Right: Sharon Olson, Vice-Presidentg Joe Haisman, Presidentg Starlene Mix, Sec- retary, Cherie Schwartz, Treasurer. SOPHOMGRE CLASS OFFICERS FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS STANDING Left to Right: Carol Henriksen, President, Myrna Pierce, Secretary, Larry Balmer, Treas- urerg Calvin Jongberg, Vice-President. DR. R, J, DUNDAS LARSON'S GAMBLES STORE Veterinarian Plumbing-Heating-Electrical 23 , Phone 34 s .itil 32 ' JU 1oR lv 1 x ii, nvaaim? " ' :g Q 3 521 Zi, ki X grab 4, R 1,5 Q S 2 , K 2 4- X X ,iw lv mall. L . ,,,.s 3 1 J is N W L ff ' + V s WW . , . 'ff Q , Q , 4 , . A, 51, , A u . QQ. fl x2gu.,s5,,: ,V '- -. H " ,, ' ,im - f 1!Ff5Mrsfmi?.s mi ' ffgffiilf 1 ,, 2 ' -'f i' D eg11?'f', vxfisff A .-+1 R my :if K ., f ' se.,-::e-: - xxx. .. na w' .mi ' Q 1 1 1 K f as f 'f'fPi?4E2Ev"Y - -:sv '- ' ' - -2 1 " A In ,. is ,,k .. .A 15 . J fx. ' ,pa W L , n Nr new mzlslaiaffffsWlpyi Q -'fs 15 2, 5 :sta if?ggzsi1gzf.Mf,gr , Ei. ,fir -l fl ' fj 5. L--L ,flgfiif Charlene Anderson Virginia Bannister Ann Burkhead Lowell Cassem Clarence Cheever Judy Corderman Jeff Hanover Mary Dundas Terry Holm Sylvester Eisenbache Elizabeth Kinnander Rpbert Godfredson Lanny Kinnander Sharon Hall Carol Kooker 24 4 ,"' f -a. i3,,5:,1 -gispgm-1 LL L, L rill Q Jim Larson Carol Long Faye McCorkle Marian Paulson David Pedersen Elward Picht Margaret Rezac Gary Rieffer Jim Robinson Gary Schumacher Linda Thackery Beverly Troff Donald VonB ank Avis Wadsworth Sharon Wright Faye McCorkle, Sharon Wright, Ann Burkhead, Jim Robinson, Mary Jane Dundas, Elizabeth Kinnan- der, Sharon Hall, Gary Schumacher, Lanny Kinnander, Bob Godfredson, Beverly Troff, Lowell Cas- sem. JUNIOR CLASS PLAY GRA DAD GOES WILD "What have we here?" "Sleeping Beauty" "Quite the inven1ion!" "Bad cold, eh?" Watches, Diamonds, Silver, China WH-ILEPJS JEWELRY--Distinctive Gifts STORKVILLE CHIIDR.EN'S 8: INFANTS WEAR Fairmont, Minn. 25 FREDSTROM'S SERGE Sz KELVINATOR STORE l.i. S09 59 Mr, 0 ICHICYC1' Speaking s 48 dxtiessz xx01"o2i2W"6 ju 1011- PRQM a HSTORK 1 D eco:-ations 00' nip! ed K X 1 Y-9 WY? SENIOR BANQUET CLUB roam: astel' J. Dbl iqoa Faculvl Table ' es en! 0 Ying the Dane te Hoitesses 100 yxoits sovho wa OPHOMORES I' ' V Z .i :JP Q ll f T Q ri 9. wr " 'Nfl ' JZ 433 2 9 352552, , N if '37 ,Q M was , H , M wb, X Y I1 ,sf 'A N ss. f 1: ,z 'sie 4' 1, I I , 5 K , ' Q w X Q ,qw , is , 4' QF 4 if 2 5 Q, X w, rg ' ae s 92, 4 Hof 'if b 4 'll Ng favs Ulf L3 s si W I nh, Charles Booth Donald Carlson Jim Cecil Jane Corderma Earl Dorr Jean Dundas Marjory Dunn Margaret Engesser n Paula Gaarde Sharlene Gram A X Q , sf: ' fi ' .,"r' 'HEL ' -'.,, - v 11421 EiHfe 5 if' fi ' 'f s 'arf -fffiifi fiy ig L. ,L1, i v.. My 5 e,'. 5' . - 'fm V 45521253215 , : X ' if ,VI nl ivr, ,mai rsh ' .Hull K h i 1: 'zzfsgm , r 's'2ff,wg,'--. L9 a ssi' , , ' wg Manu, - ' ,. f , - 'few -gs: gf L gf .--fz, , 2: if 1 N Zi v .,, ., , 5 en ni 3 41, Q i L . d 'K 4 X 125V 1 ' 'm'57,f:5?'!ixii?fT,.ffi 'QL :i."' We ,,,1,,r fl M . - -,f :., , ,g K I . , V. Joe Haisman David Helgason Ellen Larson Donna Lindell Bill Looft 28 ww' 23" -"' r wiwgwh M. Kenneth Madison Ronald Roalson Sharon Oleson Cherrie Schwartz Starlene Mix Pauline Smith Vera Quinn Jim Walters Irma Recker Barbara Wegner ' -fr , , . S5 3 in 'Q' S If K1 K w , 5 if 7, W:,fggiE5Ygi5Qii,g,3:g.,:a ws, 4,1 .,..,. Pig, kg ,. , ., , A X22 Q Yrs va 1 5 ii X?- .S a I a A X f m ' 1' ' Q fi7Lfzw,1-5X1!"'ll5T:h.z , ,- -" l k X, F RESHME gy H 't i f . I, Q ' I. , , Milk: I H '..-- V 1 so H 5 ,. S, - . fe, A i 51 5 I ' . 1 I gk. ,f-,F -3 V, f, f - ui ,V 1 .KVM U Q ,. 1. -2 w , 'ggi g q 'i " ,, "1 -1 V '- k' " L' V ' W ir: 'ffl 'aft ' .' fn, . f" Shri V an -y . .,,A X. K - :te-f , Q I 1 'J' Tiff? " ' ' ' A-in ' W ' l ,, ' kv' , K :,, s s- K5 1 5 Z, X Qi 555 S '- Fi.. is ...rm sims, 0 1 lu s Z fum 5 A H Q r f-g, s1b,. . My ,W Q. ii 'Wir Q 1 X Q 322555 X , 8, 1 Mkfaik, Q 5 is ,F i s ' , h , x. Ang, A: s .h ir gg A, ' Elna Anderson Richard Duitsm an Elizabeth Askeland Madonna Eisenbacher Cheryl Balmer Mary Engesser Larry Balmer Nancy Hanover Mathew Carney Jolene Hansen Nancy Dalke Ronald Harris Carol Heneman Carol Henriksen Glenda Johnson Calvin Jongberg Carol Kinnander Kathleen Loftis 29 .www Donna Long Richard McKean Edwin Mitchell Sherry Mix Trudy Nutt Pauline Paulson J Myma Pierce Janice Rankin Steve Reding Dorothy Rezac Carol Rowe David Sandt Richard Strong Dennis Theesfield Robert Vi gdal Judy Weisbrod Marlene Cooklin I. . M ,, ., , CLASS SCENES BIOLOGY BOOKKEEPIN G GEOMETRY GENERAL SCIENCE SHOP WALLACE'S Th best place to shop f 11 AMERICAN HISTORY W Musw FRONT ROW: Elizabeth Kinnanderg Glenda Johnsong Marlene Cookling Marilyn McElweeg Peggy Blek- fieldg Kathy Loftisg Carol Henriksen. SECOND ROW: Irene Pehrsong Kathleen Ericksong Jeanne Teeterg Judy Theesfieldg Arlene Burkheadg Earl Dorrg Margaret Engesserg Myrna Pierceg Donna Lindellg Barb Wagnerg Judy Corderman. THIRD ROW: Kathy Halversong Pat Irmiterg Doreen Redingg Darlene Sch- CONCERT MARCHI G BA D ART'S-WAY MANUFACTURING CO. Armstrong, Iowa 'Builders of America's Finest Portable Mixers" 32 rieberg Jim Blekfieldg Susan Drinang Edward Engesserg Janet Wagnerg Janice I-Iaismang Janice Rankin. STANDING: Mr. Krafft, Directorg Karen Twedtg Ken Madison, Trudy Nuttg Elna Andersong Carolyn Hoveyg Becky Johnstong Faye McGork1eg Gary Schumacherg Avis Wadsworthg Danny Tappmeyerg Jeri Snyder. BA D JU IOR BA D BACK ROW: Mr. Krafft, Diane Bonnickson, Karen Paulson, Beth Corderman, Jeri Synder, Mary Engesser, Dennis Theesfield. MIDDLE ROW: Sharon Waldschmidt, Betty Long, Dorthy Rezac, Donna Lindell, Barbara Wagner, Dorothy Trees, Scott Slaba, Jeff Jansen, Donna Looft. FRONT ROW: Kathleen Halverson, Darlene Schrieber, Doreen Reding, Pat Irmiter. PIERCE LOCKER OPSAL'S SERVICE Complete Butchering and Processing Atlas Tires and Batteries For Locker and Home Freezers. 33 Phone 16 Armstrong, Iowa Armstrong, Iowa Authorized AAA Service ,--1 w w SEXTET LEFT TO RIGHT: Becky Johnston, Judy Sturm, Karen Twedt, Carol Henrikson, Elizabeth Kinnander, Sherrie Swartz. INSTRUMENTAL SOLOS RIGHT: STANDING: Carol Henriksen, Margaret En- gesser. SEATED: Becky Johnston, Judy Corderman. VOCAL SOLOS RIGHT: Joe Verbrugge, Karne Twedt, Elizabeth Kin- nander. QUARTET LEFT TO RIGHT: Gary Schumacher, Bob Bannister, Lowell Cassem, Joe Veibrugge. VGCAL A GROUPS LUX'S CAFE HI-WAY TRUCK STOP Armstrong, Iowa 34 24 Hour Service Armstrong, Iowa INSTRUMENTAL A D SOLOS I ESQUIRE BARBER SHOP FARMER'S CO-OP Roger Barg ELEVATOR CO. Armstrong, Iowa Armstrong, Iowa FLUTE TRIO UPPER: Peggy Blek- field, Kathleen Loftis, Carol Henriksen. CLARINET TRIO LEFT: Elizabeth Kin- TRUMPET TRIO nander, Glenda John- son, Marlene Cooklin. LEFT: Bob Bannister, Paula Gaarde, Ann Burkh e ad . SAX QUARTET LEFT: Myma Pierce, Earl Dorr, Donna Lin- dell, Judy Corderman. CLARINET QUARTET LOWER: Kathleen Halverson, Jeanene Teeter, Kathleen Erickson, Irene Pehr- son. BACK ROW: LuVerne Fries, Noel Gochanour, Ken Madison, Steve Reding, Gary Schumacher, Joe Haisman, Dave I-lelgason. MIDDLE ROW: Dave Pederson, Lowell Cassem, Dennis Theesfield, Earl Dorr, Jim Robinson, Bill Looft, Doug Nutt, Ed Mitchell. FRONT ROW: Cal Jongberb, Bob Bannister, Richard Strong, Matt Camey, Elward Picht, Jim Cecil, Don VonBank, Larry Balmer, Mr. Krafft, Director. ACCOMPANIST: Carol Henrick- sen. BACK ROW: Karen Twedt, Liz Kinnander, Cherrie Schwartz, Sharon Hall, Bob Bannister, Joe Verbrugge, Gary Schumacher, Joe Haisman, Bill Looft, Lowell Cassem, Becky Johnston, Mary Guerdet, Paula Gaarde, Carolyn Hovey. MIDDLE ROW: Carol Rowe, Sharon Olesen, Sharon Wright, Judy Corderman, Sharlene Gram, Lu- Verne Fries, Ken Madison, Steve Reding, Earl Dorr, Mary Jane Dundas, Vera Quinn, Donna Lindell, Starlene Mix. FRONT ROW: Glenda Johnson, Jean Dundas, Jolene Hansen, Margaret Engesser, Larry Balmer, Dennis Theesfield, Dave Helgason, Janice Rankin, Kathy Loftis, Nancy Hanover, Cheryl Balmer, Myrna Pierce, Mr. Krafft, Director. ACCOMPANIST: Carol Henriksen. MORRALL CHEVROLET Bernard Morrall Armstrong, Iowa FRONT ROW: Margaret Engesser, Janice Rankin, Dorothy Rezac, Virginia Bannister, Charlene Anderson, Kathleen Loftis, Nancy Dalhke, Carol Heneman, Donna Lindell, Donna Long, Carol Kinnander, Mary Guerdet, Trudy Nutt, Sherry Mix, Mr. Krafft. MIDDLE ROW: Sharon Manley, Irma Recker, Sharlene Gram, Glenda Johnson, Jean Dumdas, Nancy Hanover, Jolene Hansen, Mary Engesser, Cheryl Balmer, Elizabeth Askeland, Sharon Hall, Barbara Wagner, Becky Johnston. BACK ROW: Alice Picht, Sharon Wright, Judy Corderman, Carol Kooker, Carol Rowe, Pat Brown, Carol Long, Elizabeth Kinnander, Cheryl Schwartz, Mary Dundas, Star- lene Mix, Sharon Oleson, Paula Gaarde, Karen Twedt, Myrna Pierce, Judy Sturm, Carolyn Hovey ACCOM- PANIST: Carol Henriksen. ' GIRLS' A D BOYS' GLEE CLUBS A D MIXED CHORUS CULLIGAN WATER CONDITIONING OF FAIRMONT, INC. RONNIE'S RESTAURANT 215 Home Street Fairmont Fairmont, Minnesota Specializing in Home Cooked Complete Water Conditioning--Bulk Water Meals . Steak. Sea Foods . Delivery--Zero Soft Water Pies . Sandwiches FRONT ROW: Trudy Nutt, Danny Tappmeyer, Gary Schumacher, Faye McCorkle, Karen Twedt, Elna Ander- son, Earl Dorr, Margaret Engesser, Donna Lindell, Barbara Wegner, Myrna Pierce, Judy Corderman. SECOND ROW: Jeanne Tetter, Kathy Erickson, Irene Pehrson, Marlene Cooklin, Glenda Johnson, Elizabeth Kinnander, Carol Henrickson, Kathleen Loftis, Peggy Blekfield. THIRD ROW: Judy Theesfield, Arlene Burkhead, Dar- leen Schrieber, Doreen Recling, Pat Irmiter, Kathy Halverson, Marilyn McElwee, Jeri Lyn Snyder. FOURTH ROW: Jim Blekfield, Susan Drinan, Edward Engesser, Janet Wagner, Janice Haisman, Janice Rankin, Bob Bannister, Jim Robinson, Paula Gaarde, Ann Burkhead. FIFTH ROW: Dennis Theesfield, Berry Miller, Mary Engesser, Bill Looft, Kenneth Madison, Jolene Hanson, Dave Pederson, Lowell Cassem. PEP BA D MAJORETTES Karen Twedt, Faye McCorkle, Janice Haisman, Paula Gaarde. ARNOLD C. GAARDE r INSURANCE AGENCY "1NSURE IN SURE INSURANCE" 38 PHONE 5 W ATHLETICS CHEER Bev Avis Carolyn Cheryl Carol Sharon MASCOT CINDY JOHNSTON ,.. A tj ,XL,U,A,,I I MMA , Cheryl Balmer, Carolyn Hovey, Avis Wadsworth, Carol Long, Sharon Wright, Bev Troff. ARMSTRONG HATCHERY Golden Sun Fe eds Dekalb Chicks LEADERS Bev Avis Carolyn Cindy Cheryl C arol Sharon 1, f W 'ISIIM J!" ,M A if ' "iE5',,,a M Y , K as mm I . wg .-wg" sf .ww , . A :sw .. QYQQQ4 1 ' il L gg K ,V M. A. N1 - wQ+v.zQ ff . N .f 'X ', V K' f' 'f'3 mr SV. We K M V V I S 3 ' I .ng ,W K K .K V . V..VYV,Vz ' .4 9 , ., YV ..,fQV' . V QV . ye" I .gqrff mf. E ..A. V - ' 'hr-19 .' 'Ja '. '. . . 'WV W" -V V. ' X . V '-nf' f V W iff. V',,.f.V-'V' 3" V Vf5ff"'VV,VV ' U ' P -VN Vi- .. .VVV V S W' ,,,,, ,, . ..,. V.V,,.. M, VV.. V.. . V V . V . . . , X V V 'V V . M V .. V' U 5 -V fi ' V254 V " fEE?iON '? QRQQO Niyikf' V..., .. N -,iii V vf"'- ' . ' ?5i f V V Eff V. 'V www-. V 1 . Rag: ,Q x ag V Vfwi g 1 - MERT :iff . 4 , , ' - V5 . . VV - ij , V Vv V NDAVEV ,Xzi.'giff'1 . li . Q V ' '.,', fiifffj , ig'i '1V-.KL -V f V. Rv V . " V. 'V" iEQgfVz'.s QM - VVVVV V . V V V . ' V .VV 351,--QV 31 5, 1 'X . 5 if-1 3. ., ""' Rf-2?2'sI2" . 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FRONT ROW: Larry Balmer , Bill McNeary, Chuck Booth, Edwin Mitchel, Bob Bannister, manager. THE OLD PRO AT POLE VAULTING-- BILL DUITSMAN. W. E. TEETER FARM 8a HOME SUPPLIES RCA - -TV - -Appliances Air Conditioners--Hardware Implement Repairs Sales--Oliver Farm Machinery--Service 43 FRONT ROW: Marg Rezac, Donna Lindell, Carol Henriksen, Ann Burkhead, Paula Gaarde, Judy Sturm, Cherrie Schwartz, Becky Johnston, Faye McCorkle. MIDDLE ROW: Coach Stowell, Manager Carol Kooker, Irma Recker, Glenda Johnson, Myrna Pierce, Elna Anderson, Carol Rowe, Sharon Oleson, Pauline Paulson, Managers Pat Brown and Alice Picht. BACK ROW: Margaret Engesser, Carol Heneman, Sharon Hall, Char- lene Anderson, Virginia Bannister, Janice Rankin, Dorothy Rezac, GI RLS' BA KETBALL lnexperience was the major factor in this year 's season. Hit very hard by graduation, many of the girls were playing for the first year. Several individuals improved as they gained experience and some learned the "hard way." Team play progressed as necessary changes were made during the season. The rebuilding job required has a good start as 7 of the 9 letterwinners are returning next season. One of the bright spots of the season was the play of Judy Sturm, forward, who developed a good scoring touch to average 25 points per game. Judy, who graduates along with Becky Johnston, was a 2nd team all conference for- ward and received Hon. mention on the All State Team. Returning are 2nd team all conference guard and Hon. mention all state guard, Cherie Schwartz, 1-lon. Mention all conference guard, Donna Lindell, I-lon. Mention all conference forward, Paula Gaarde, all sophomores. ln addition, Juniors Ann Burkhead, Margaret Rezac, and Faye McCork1e and Freshman, Carol Henriksen. We are looking forward to an improved season next year. "The fight is on" Y, , E "-,, li A 'ya' Q55 A-- 4 fl, 54 ,, :,: , isis' ' if V. A 4 xx 4 i S As: A,,. k xg Q? In M A 514 L vrz, 1. Ann I k ' A A .G1RL5',3CORE5g SSSAG A 7 lg A ARMSTARAONGS Y 755 '5fR!N9?5TiEDa ' ' , ARMSTRONG 7. v f ' ' 8441, 29 v A T1-IfJI?7IP SO N2 gif A AQMSTROANG ,46 61 3 A A 7 f LEDYARD A .A 5 J, A ARMSTRONG 35 eo SENTRAL ' ARMSTRONG 39 55 WEST BEND QARMSTRONG 54 73 TITONKATW' Paula ,Q AAi 57S TVARMSTRONG 42 68 LAROTA S ARMSTRONG 34 42 QEBURT Becky ' ' CONFERENCE TOURNAMENTS , LAKOTA 'A DOLLIVER ARMSTRONG 39 58 ARMSTRONG 47 29 ARMSTRONG Afl QAGAG 4, 47 THOMPSON ARMSTRONG 'S44'144 g 4o' S7 SENTRAEQ' ARMSTRONG 59 71 GRAETTINGEPQ ARMSTRONG 57 55 R1NGSTEDs'f A A qDoub1e Overtimgyg A ESSSSR ARMSTRONG 50 78 GRAETTINGERV m "ARMSTRONG 65 41 DOLLNERW 5 ' A SECTIONAL ,V ARMSI 56 AIAL VVATLWGRUVER 'V ra xx-... K I .5 Q 5 Q fi 3 V, ' 1, il Cherrie gf YJ? ' S ,ff S' 1 4? S L' vjgqv 'f FRONT ROW: Russ Schrieber, Gary Schumacher, Jim Robinson, Bill Duitsman, Terry Holm, Lowell Cassem MIDDLE ROW: Coach Nolan, Manager LuVerne Fries, Lanny Kinnander, Marlin Leiding, Don Carlson, Joe Haisman, Bill Looft, Jim Cecil, Manager Bob Bannister. BACK ROW: Chuck Booth, Denny Theesfield, Ron Roalson, Steve Reding, Richard McKean, Larry Balmer, Earl Dorr. BOYS' BASKETBALL The 1959-1960 Armstrong Basketball squad started off the season in fine style by winning five straight out of their first six games. The team was sparked by tight defensive play and a very well balanced scoring. Playing fine ball at all times, they finished with a very good record winning 18 and losing seven. This included winning a thrilling sectional victory over Sentral who had beaten us three other times. Mitt,-X .Mt N "Jump, maybe?" 46 "Don't take it so hard, Gary." i gk S 5 E 1 2 5 5 Q E L- S Q 5 2 5 5 + 2 s 1 53 5 5 2 K vi 1 it it FL sf 5 9 3 2 5 5? 3 L S' S 2 5 E Q E 5 ri Q 5 E 5 :Q H K S Qf kr -s 3 if i 35 5: Q, fs RK 52 ? 3 M 3 S E3 E T5 2 Q S se E 5 E 3 S! sa Q 'LZ 2 ii 55 'L 5 if .J ' v 7 I J FRONT ROW: Jeff Hannover, Don Carlson, Ron Roalson, Lanny Kinnander, Bill McNeary, Dave Sandt, Larry Balmer. BACK ROW: Bob Godfredson, Coach Stowell, Marlin Leiding, Noel Gochanour, Merlin Leiding, Jim Robinson, Bill Duitsman, Bill McKean, Matt Carney, Russ Schrieber, Manager Bob Bannister, Jim Cecil. BASEBALL LETTER WINNERS FRONT ROW: LuVerne Fries, Dave Vigdal, Bob Bannister, Marlin Leiding. MIDDLE ROW: Merlin Leiding, Bill Duitsman, Noel Gochanour, Russ Schrieber. BACK ROW: Carolyn Hovey, Becky Johnston, Judy Sturm, Pat Brown, Karen Twedt, Alice Picht, Pat Carson. 48 W ACTIVITIES Q0 O0- 'O ee, Q0 H0 F OCJTBALL DR. CANNON, DENTIST, ' Armstrong L m Ca f - . P azns nz the parade T11 e HQMECOMING The Dogpile evening Dan CC1sToN 's PH1-QAM A CY Sophomore Candidates Junior Candidates Sharon Wright Clarence Cheever HARVEST Sharon Oleson Jim Cecil Freshman Candidates Kathleen Loftis ARMSTRONG JOURNAL Calvin Jongberg BALL "A Kiss for a Queen" "The Royal Couple Descend for the dance." "The candidates receive their gifts." Dr. C. V. LINDHOLM Dr. H. A. LINDHOLM SPEECH BACK ROW: Mary Guerdet, Nancy I-Ianover, Mary Jane Dundas, Carol Kooker, Vera Quinn, Judy Corderman, Sharlene Gram. BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Dalke, Kathleen Loftis, LuVerne Fries, Bob Bannister, Bill Looft, Sharon Hall, Margaret Engesser. STATE WINNERS ANDERSEN'S FASHIONS Complete Your Good Appearance With Fashions From Ande1sen's SEATED: Gary Schumacher, Doug Nutt, Mary Guerdet, Pat Brown. STANDING: Earl Dorr, Bill Looft, Pat Roal- son, Pat Carson, Marjory Dunn, Margaret Engesser, Carol Kooker, Mr. Gray, Advisor. TIGER TALE LIBRARIAN S FRONT ROW: Janice Rankin, Virginnia Bannister, Calvin Jongberg, Dorothy Rezac, Kathleen Loftis, Nancy Dalke. MIDDLE ROW: Sharon Manley, Jarjorie Eisenbacher, MaDonna Eisenbacher, Nancy Hanover, Alice Picht, Joellen Hanson, Cheryl Balmer. BACK ROW: Glenda Johnson, Carol Kooker, Myrna Pierce, Dennis Theesfield, Betsy Askland, Elna Anderson, Patricia Brown. SWEETS SHOP RESTAURANT FAIRMONT MUSIC SHOP Natches Room "Everything is Music for the Church, School, and Home.' Banquets--Meetings 105-107--W. lst St. Phone 145 Fairmont, Minn. Fairmont, Minnesota Phone 50 55 V BACK ROW: Ronnie Roalson, Kenneth Madison, Gary Rieffer, Steve Reding, Donald Carlson, David Sandt, Dennis Theesfield. MIDDLE ROW: Jim Walters, Mathew Camey, Richard McKean, Ronnie Harris, David Vigdal, Sentinalg James McGregor, Calvin Jongberg. FRONT ROW: Donald VonBank, Robert Bannister, vice -presidentg Calvin Long, presidentg Robert Godfredson, secretaryg Elward Picht, treasurer. F. F. A. McCLEARY'S Children's, Subteen and Teen Wearing Apparel Dry goods, curtains, drapes. 55 JOE VERBRUGGE: National FFA Chorus EAST SIDE CAFE BACK ROW: Carol Long, Avis Wadsworth, Elna Anderson, Judy Corderman, Starlene Mix, Marlys Harris, Judy Stumx, Sharon Oleson, Pat Brown, Carol Kooker, Paula Gaarde, Elizabeth Kinnander, Karen Twedt, Ann Burk- head, Beverly Troff. MIDDLE ROW: Sharon Wright, Pat Roalson, Marjory Dunn, Carol Kinnander, Carolyn Hovey, Cheryl Schwartz, Glenda Johnson, Donna Lindell, Barbara Wegner, Alice Picht, Margaret Rezac, Marian Paulson, Linda Thackery, Charlene Anderson, Pat Carson. FRONT ROW: Marjorie Eisenbacher, Jolene Han- sen, Sharon Manley, Jean Dundas, Sharlene Gram, Sharon Hall, Virginia Bannister, Dorothy Rezac, Jane Corder- mana Margaret Engesser,,Faye McCorkle, Becky Johnston. SEATED5 Mrs. Butterfield, advisor, Mary Guerdet, presi ent. F. H. A. Left to Right: Jean Dundas, 1960 District Public Relations Officers, Judy Sturm, 1959 District President, Collen Conlon, Aryshire, 1960 District President. Dr. L. A. HENRIKSEN, Optometrist VERN'S CLEANER'S Phone 86, Annstrong, Iowa 57 "Dig In' " fS0ph dlnnerj "Sneak View" "Quiet little get-together." fAnn Burkheadj cpep Rauyy "I'm a born housekeeper." "They lost anyway!" fCarolyn Hoveyj "Get the little men m View white jackets! " Wil' 5 m ff! , ,gg-'y,gwu fiifie ' :- -' was 1 Q. A ,QSEI mi vi Y' t"' f f f? "Miss, PLEASE!" fPat Roalsonj " un! The Martians W' fi ww have landed!" W R "Do we HAVE to eat 1 fSenio1' Dinner, "Junior Nursing Corps." "Pains, Becky?" WI-me Loven QPep Meeting! "Ah, sweet misery of life." fDave V. and Sylvester E., "Beauty Personified! " QMiss F arrowj "Bikini Apron." fPat Roalsonj "Now, gentlemen, in this comer we have . . ." QMarlys H.j "Short pajamas, Pat?" "Pee Keboo! " QMr. Stowellj "Office sitters! " "Lose something?" "Stop squelling and hold still." fMary G. and Pat CJ "Literary Pursuits!" "Thanks, but I'1l sit this "Let's not tell the world just yet. one out." QCherry S.j QSharon Hall and Lannyj PTA SCHOLARSHIP AWARD MARY GUERDET Special GIRLS' STATE REPRESENTATIVES ELIZABETH KINNANDER AND MARY JANE DUNDAS CITIZENSHIP AWARD E ROBERT BANNISTER 60 BETTY CROCKER HOME MAKER AWARD BECKY JOHNSTON Honors NATIONAL CHORUS REPRESENTATIVE JOE VERBRUGGE 5??2f5Q. I gigs ff 's m 1 E i 2 Q E E s 2 2 2 5 5 5 0 5. 5 ? il Q ? E 2. Qs Q1 ga Q 2 ? 9 3 X 2 S E Z 5 'T 5 z Y a f E L v 1 S 2 5 s 5 2 S L 5 i T E it Z' , . -., -f HW, f "'ff'1'W?5f55'fSi ' ""' 5' ' ' 'A'"5'N'W"i:"' R A . 5 WZ ml 2 5 1 ss 9 E 5 5 5 5 3 S 5 3, E 4 2 Q K E Z Q E 5 5 E 5 2 x S S E 5 3 E 3 Q E 2 E i E 3 E 2 ? 5 e Q 3 2 S E 5 5 if E E E E. E 5 S 5 K 2 E 5 iM,I'llLHflTffE-leivfL'?f'fi'?f-' zimgz' ,iw m,,A1m,1m22if5Ui,' ,f-'f,5wi,:,z.,-.1'ww -'T'V'z1'?:1us1vg'-L.Qf,g,, , f' 'K W'-' - ' ' ' ' ' " ' in" JUNIOR HIGH W AND GRADES FRONT ROW: Vick Clabaugh, Jim Blekfield, Ken Knapp, Bill Trees, Roger Mart, Marlin Fisher, Barry Miller. MIDDLE ROW: Shirley Cronk, Karen Guerdet, Jolene Hypes, Estella, Martinez, Peggy Blekfield, Jeanne Duitsman, Judy Theesfield, Bonnie Gochanour, Marilyn McElwee, Arlene Burkhead, Mr. Nally, Advisor. BACK ROW: Vern Recker, Mike, Cecil, Dave Fries, Danny Tappmeyer, Janice Haisman, Sandy Pertl, Larry Larson, Lyman Craig, Ricky Holm. EIGHTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS: Manice Haisman, Pres., Sandy Pertl, Mr. Nally, Advisor Sect., Ken Knapp, Treas.3 Arlene Burkhead, Vice Pres. "For Formals That Look Like a Million, SINGER SEWING MACHINE COMPANY but Not a Million Others." Estherville, Iowa HILDA'S BRIDALS QFORMALS Evening Appointments 68 L 8: O DAIRY Fainnont Armstron, Iowa BAN QUET wif "Mr, Ortmeyer's words of wisdom." "A native relates her tales." "Before the Banquet." "Some pretty singers." MELVIN BROWN, TRUCKING Armstrong, Iowa FREDSTROM'S SURGE Sz KELVINATORE STORE Fairmont, Minn. EVE TH GRADE TOP ROW: Patricia Irmiter, Irene Pehrson, Margaret McKean, Gary Colston, Diane Bonnicksen, James God- fredsen, Doreen Reding, Richard Brown, Marlys Madison, Linda Craig, Mary Ann Strong. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Anderson, Joseph Sturm, Kathleen McGregor, Linda Anderson, Susan Drinan, Kathleen Erickson, Bill Leach, Darleen Schreiber, Jeanene Teeter, Jeri Snyder, Catherine Feddersen, Gary Thackery. FRONT ROW: Ed- ward Engesser, Stephen Brandenburg, Jim Ross, Mary Kay Krumm, Janice Eisenbacher, Beth Corderman, Douglas Pfeil, Vernon Fries, Karen Paulson, Diane Carlson, Patty Peterson. Class Officers: Edward Engesser, Vice President, Kathleen Erick Class Sponsor: Mrs. Mildred Anderson son, Treasurer, Joe Sturm, President, Doreen Reding, Secretary CHRISTENSEN LUMBER 8: MILLWORKS, INC. CASH-WAY LUMBER GAS Sz OIL Everything for Building 24 Hr. Cas 6: Cafe Service Fai1'm0nt, Minn. 70 West on Hi-way 163 Fairmont, Minn STUDENT COUNCIL Jim Blekfield, Doreen Reding, President Judy Theesfield, Janet Wagner, Edward Engesser, and Mr. Nally, Advisor. LIBRARIAN S BACK ROW: Kenneth Knapp, Gary Colston, David Fries, Bill Trees, Edward Engesser. FRONT ROW: Cathe- rine Feddersen, Jeri Snyder, Bonnie Gochauour, Arlene Burkhead, Judy Theesfield, Marilyn McE1wee, Kath- leen McGregor. Q T GDUUWEAR BLEKFEID STANDARD SERVICE, Greasing--Washing--Wheel Complete Line Goodyear Tires Balancing--Brakes Relined, Farm Batteries--Assessories Tire Service, Complete Standard Service l E L BACK ROW: Coach Jack Stowell, David Fries, Richard Brown, Lyman Craig, Ricky Holm, Danny Tappmeyer, Coach Pat Nolan. MIDDLE ROW: Mike Cecil, Gary Colston, Joe Sturm, Bill Trees, Gary Thackery, Vern Recker. FRONT ROW: Vernon Fries, Doug Pfeil, Stephan Brandenburg, Edward Engesser, James Ross, Victor Clabaugh. FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS Mary Kay Krumm, Karen Paulson, Jolene Hypes. DR. J. J. CECIL, Veterinarian Let us help keep you neat Kc clean Armstrong, Iowa, Phone 10 COIN OPERATED LAUNDRY--Open 18 hrs 72 Wash, ZOC, Dry 1062, for 10 minutes FRONT ROW: Darlene Schrieber, Arlene Burkhead, Judy Theesfield, Pat Irmiter, Doreen Reding, Janice Haisman, Bonnie Bonnickson, Bonnie I-Iochanour, Marilyn McElwee, Mary Ann Strong, Kathleen Erickson, JeriLyn Snyder. BACK ROW: Shirley Cronk, Janet Wagner, Margaret McKean, Jean Duitsman, Diane Carl- son, Irene Pehrson, Manager, Coach Stowell. GIRLS' A D BOYS' BASKETBALL FRONT ROW: Steve Brandenburg, Berry Miller, Ken Knapp, Vern Recker, Richard Brown, Clair Nolte, Jim Godfredson, Mike Cecil, Bill Trees, Bill Mart, Jim Blekfield, Edward Engesser. BACK ROW: Coach Nolan, Vernon Fries, Gary Colston, Ricky Holms, Dave Fries, Joe Sturm. ARMSTRONG SALES CO. Sale every Saturday afternoon during the winter and every Monday evening in the summer. Abel Sz Clark, Prop. Phone 187, 255, or 200 GRADE OPERETTA HONEY PIRATES SIXTH GRADE BACK ROW: Allan Lindell, Richard Walters, Ronald Pertl, Earl Fethergill, Glenn Dunn, Delond Pertl, Ronald Carlson, Dennis McManus, Thomas Guerdet, Joseph Trenary, Jeffry Jensen. MIDDLE ROW: Duane Larson, Ronnie Walker, Donna L0oft, Ann Brandenburg, Betty Long, Rachel Quinn, Eilleen McKean, Karyl Knapp, Sharon Waldschmidt, Jane Loftis, Kenneth Manley. FRONT ROW: Donald Leach, Douglas Cronk, Leo Strong, William Mart, Steven Heck, Paulette Lowe, Jean Rooney, Olga Martinez, Elaine Rowe, Debby Nutt, Linda Guerdet. BACK ROW: Mrs. Ernst, Jimmy Rooney, Rodney Richardson, Walter Godfredsen, Charles Davis, Billy Ross, Richard I-Ieneman, Duyane VonBark, Eddie Carson. SECOND ROW: Raymond Anderson, Mary Ann Goodge, Josie Saucedo, Kathleen Halverson, Marjory Irmiter, Ginger Laffey. FRONT ROW: Laurie Sue Clabaugh, Donelda Johnston, Linda Aust, Barbara Miller, Judy Richmond, Shirley Johnson, Janet Richmond. FIFTH GRADE BACK ROW: Scott Slaba, Anita Barg, Cheryll Berggren, Jealeen Reding, Dorothy Trees, Eileen Schreiber, Billy Harris. SECOND ROW: Pamela Marler, Marcia Engesser, Rebecca Tappmeyer, Marleen Johnson, David Love, Bobby Helmers, Jerry Joe I-Iomsey, Miss Farrow. FRONT ROW: Nikki Laffey, Ralph Cronk, Dennie Por- ter, Claudia Cecil, Sandra Stowell, Virginia Grabianowski, Jeffry Bogard, Marilyn Dundas. BREEN IMPLEMENT CO., JOHN DEERE FISHER CLOTHING CO. Quality Farm Equipment, Sales and Service Men's 8: Boys' Clothing 'Fairmont Minnesota 75 Fairmont-Mankato-Minn. BACK ROW: Miss Tonderum, Jerald Vigdal, Roy Dyslin, John Rooney, Marcia Guinn, Nonie Neary, Joleen Recker. MIDDLE ROW: Joyce Waldschmidt, Cosetta Richardson, Ronald Weisbrod, David Brandenburg, Gail Leach, Janna Pfeil. FRONT ROW: Dawn Howard, Melissa Carson, Mary Ann Davies, Eric Erickson, David Calhoun, Marlin Clabaugh. FOURTH GRADE BACK ROW: Danny Laffey, Linda Palm, Sherry I-Iibben, Kathleen Strong, Eunice Blekfeld, Mark Yungeberg, Mrs. Smith. MIDDLE ROW: Gary Barrett, Leroy Strong, Terry Harris, Timothy Lux, Gerald Steinberger, Don Burkhead- FRONT ROW: Patty McConnell, Sara Engesser, Shirley Nelson, Joyce McE1wee, Jennifer Denger, Deanna Picht. PAULSON REXALL MILLER'S FASHIONS PHARMACY 76 WE GIVE S85-I GREEN STAMPS FAIRMONT, MINNESOTA FAIRMONT- MINN.--BLUE EARTH BACK ROW: Mrs. Peterson, Peggy Obbink, Debra Cecil, Cathy Colston, Kenneth Pierce, Linda Rankin, Lana Rankin, Charles McKean. MIDDLE ROW: Allan Johnson, Donna Jongberg, Larry Heck, Mary Jo Fothergill, Diane Graham, Gerald Beck, Debra Clark, Mark Grabinoski. FRONT ROW: Michael Laffey, Roberta Nelson, Beverly Mart, Janet Yungeberg, Connie Helgason, Mary Kay Hanover, Bemadette Morrall, Steven Wegner. THIRD GRADE BACK ROW: Mrs. Hanson, Gary Jensen, Dorothy Kelly, Connie Theesfield, Kathryn Pierce, Beverly Krafft, Bonnie Krafft, Terry Halverson. MIDDLE ROW: Terri Marler, David Smith, Kenneth Recker, Carol Lee Bonnicksen, Tyrone Askeland, Linda Rezac, Rosemary Pederson, Dan Vigdal. FRONT ROW: Barbara Cronk, Niebes Martinez, Darla McManus, Sharon Fedderson, Linda Johnson, David Mitchell, Diana Mart. DEGE'S JEWELRY PEEPLES CAMERA SHOP FAIRMONT Photographic Equipment For Gifts that last. 77 and Supplies BACK ROW: Peggy Davis, Everett Burgeson, Lizabeth Bogard, Bernard Brandenburg, Kathy Irmiter, Broo ks Tappmeyer, Sally Jensen, Billy Guinn, Miss Parry. MIDDLE ROW: Robert Rooney, Kathy Waldschmidt, Dean Barrett, Kathy Ahart, Ervin McKibben, Candace Denger, Randall Holm, Arla Jones. FRONT ROW: Barbara Knapp, Ronald Trenary, Genon Howard, Jerome Hill, Dee Ann Richardson, Roger Weisbrod, Deborah Charnpney, Larry Preston, Arlen Quastad. SECOND GRADE BACK ROW: Mrs. Jacobsen, Mickey Hibben, Wayne Stowell, Gary Leach, Dennis Helgason, Jo Anne Busch, Nancy Neary, Mary Pertl, Debra Walker. MIDDLE ROW: Dean Nicoson, Billy Clay, Kerry Lane, Glen Henrik- sen, Michael I-Ierbranson, Michael Danialson, Steven Rogers, Ricky Clark. FRONT ROW: Dwayne Anderson, Brian Hoien, Margaret Erickson, Kathleen Hovey, Susan Cronk, Margaret Snyder, Dennis Pape, Charles Aske- land. SOVELL JEWELRY HYDE TYPEWRI'IlERS,.INC- for Diamonds and Watches. Complete Statronarles We give SSH Green Stamps. 78 F2iIm0I1f, Mllmesofa Phone 250 BACK ROW: Mrs. Erickson, Heidi Pfeil, Jimmy Morrall, Galen Reding, Linda Kelly, Doran Dahms, Randy Stowell, Peggy McConnell. MIDDLE ROW: Marlyn Teeter, Darwin Quastad, Larry Walders, Paul Grabianow- ski, Roger Carlson, Tommy Looft, Gary Mart, Tommy Strong. FRONT ROW: Connie Hansen, Candace Theesfield, Yvonne Johnston, Diane Harris, Rebecca Hoien, Lea Brandenburg, Bonnie Ahart, Jane Ellen Dav- ies. FIRST GRADE BACK ROW: Mrs. Jensen, Rodger Clay, Dennis Thackery, Tom Guerdet, Lynette Heneman, Mary Ann Weg- ner, Linda Mayne, David Barg, Raymond Neary. MIDDLE ROW: Larry Leach, John Engesser, Donna Rogers, Carla Jo Walders, Inez Pierce, Tommy Mart, Debby Hansen, Steve Opsal. FRONT ROW: Colleen Champney, Tommy Scott, Sandra Ross, Curtis McKean, Lois Verbrugge, Linda Von Bank, Jim Aust, Marcia Gochanour. BSLM FOOD MARKET Armstrong, Iowa 79 CORNER HARDWARE Real Hardware Comes From A Hardware Store Phone 48 Armstrong TOP ROW: MIS. Larson, John Jensen, Patti Rezac, Scott I-Iibben, Mike Guendet, Connie Peterson, Tommy Fedderson. MIDDLE ROW: Scott Turner, Dale Graham, Sheri Heck, Patty I-Iagebock, Darwin Dahms, Larry Morrall. BOTTOM ROW: Mary Lou Marler, Julie Blockhus, Linda Kinnander, Mary Gean Walders, Jean Nelson, Linda Burgeson. KI DERGARTE TOP ROW: Mrs. Larson, Darwin Howard, Ronelva Nelson, Dale Herbranson, Lesley Hill, Scott Obbink, Re- becca Priebe. SECOND ROW: Ginger Johannesen, Jack Jenson, Mark Nicoson, Nancy Kelly, Jim Jenson, Steven Von Bank. BOTTOM ROW: Harold Clay, Barbara Jo Erickson, Douglas Owens, Richard Irmiter, Me- lanie Guinn, Tommy Rooney. PFEIL VARIETY ROY M. TURNER, M.D Where You Get S8:H Green Stamps Armstrong, Iowa Armstrong, Iowa 80 483' it wi COOKS CUSTODIANS Mrs. Cummins, Ralph Cronk Mrs. Krumm, Mrs. Allen Heathman Richmond, Mis. Opsal. Elmer Schaefer LEFT: NURSE Mrs. Wiegman RIGHT: SECRETARY Dorothy Helgason ...lsmff !2si,,g?f?513 BUS DRIVERS . BOTTOML Al Thiel, Leo Walters, Bill ,N Richmond, Don Jensen, John Kingston. FARMER'S CO-OP ELEVATOR CO. Armstrong, Iowa Phone 68 J. P. Waldschmidt, Mgr. Grain, Feed, Seed, Fertilizer, Bulk Feed Week, , 1 - w That was the night we were track men. Conc entration Two heads are better than one. Punch Boys 'I Back a few years. Chuck, the bartender. The hungry look. Don't look so happy! Can't you find the right shoe, Gary? Bill never was a very good player. Cal 's famous address ''s go eat! Nice serve. W i f. , he I , Tired? Mint Girls Sleeping Beauty Great Musician "The Old at work Lamplighter" Time out. Coat checkers Must be good. Just let me sit. King 8: Queen Table Up! Queenly look? Mr. Hinkley's Star Student 'R'f"i'W'i"'f51'vPi" VL" i71'i"1"2'n 'i'f'W "F " Q" ' -'F' '-1--.1-5-.-'-f-Z--s.T3l'm:'.31-iz+e'-3:'-3Wi'-i-:-"?"'- 2593-ga . , 1' 'fr 'Q ' " 1 Q Y "s H' 1'h1'u"'7"4',,, SQ'frifl ?gaQi:sig3iQ.-is-'QAXH-a.g,9f5 8 it n"u"e:S'1.u:!!.u.Hina-.-.s.. -2- n - ' " wp ' sa' ,v BQ-nl" 'A - Y '- K fr V" ljfzlffrt W ' Pr-I SENIOR FAREWELL When the books close, and the last bell rings, And carefree days are lost to mundane things-- When nostalgia strikes, and your memory wanes, And you remember the face but not the names-- Pick up your yearbook and leaf it through, And remember the days so dear to you. 84 Z' 14 E M lt it ,r,ar5. 5,4 Vfr' if A f Eh? V' X .V ". ,v A52 s, fx. .x W 1 1--3 4 Q eil u:,5,..Lf,igRxi - -, - 3 Sink yr 'ws . 1 ,g,Y"tir3jg'ffg www? if' ' 'EL sif t gf - :Xi ew -. fi. A 't V-'UA ' , 4 -1 "-EV" '7 v E . L .xf vw :' fr I fi WJ.-Qf'2,L 'W' S - 5 "5 'ii' 7' " """'5sf. ' ' f 7' - 5512 ' ' , V39 ,QW X ' -A . if Vx, n 4 . 1,3 A -. I QQ? ? Af if

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