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THE SENIOR CLASS OF I956 RMSTRONG CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL ARMSTRONG, IOWA PRESENTS - 0 . . 0 - . . we jiger ,l" E! DEDICATION We. the Llass of l9'36 dedicate this yearbook to our parents who have guided us through our school days and who wlll be helplng us In the future whatever road we take 'vlom and Dad words can t express our appreciation for all the love and devotion you have glven us and In later years we hope you wlll be proud or us your sons and daughters A . . Q -v v v Q . 9 . . Q I v 3 1 Q v Q5-ns' W. A. ORTMEYER Superintendent ADMINISTRATIO Message To The Seniors In baseball a runner is not safe at first unless he arrives there before the ball arrives, in football a touchdown is not scored until the ball is over the goal line, and in basketball points are not counted until the ball passes through the goal. This situa- tion is sometimes expressed with the phrase,,"You have to make it." Life is like that, "We have to make it" to be successful. We seldom, if ever, get something for nothing. Success is achieved by persistent endeavor, hard work, and continuous effort to achieve a worthy goal. It is satisfying to be called safe at first base, to win an athletic or any other type of contest, to sing a song well or to be rated superior in any endeavor. But it is much more gratifying to win in the experience we call life. If we would win we must prepare so that we can "make it." lt is my sincere desire and wish that the members of the Class of 1956 all con- tinue to prepare for the life that is before them and have the success that they will then deserve. SCHOOL BOARD: F.S. Manor, Pres., Clarence Hovey, Sec., Claire V. Lindholmg Art Cassem, Oscar Solberg Everett Erickson. . , 'H A YP' - T-. 72345 evaeiouiz 2314 FIRST ROW: Lyndon Opsal, Maxine Hypes, Marilyn Haworth, Diane Robinson, George Fothergill, Mr. Lemke. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Cassem, Janice Verbrugge, Bob Schreiber, Joe Madden, Cherie Kingston, Helen Cheever, Janet Halver- son. THIRD ROW: Loretta Jensen, Marlene Askeland, Karen 1, tr Theestield, Janice Countryman, Robert Helgason, Robert Eisenbacher, Gary Love, Charlene Gongestad, Marilyn Lar- sen, Don Schwartz.FOURTH ROW: Karon Homsey, Duane Fetters, Dick Larsen, Dale Schumacher, Chester Dunn, John Conn, Myrna Niemann, Pat Gochanour, Carol Halverson. 4 KENNETH LEMKE NNUAL STAFF Co-Editor- - Co-Editor ...... Business Manager Sales Manager ..... - - - Marilyn Haworth - Diane Robinson George Fothergill - - -Lyndon Opsal Advertising Manager ..........,,. Maxine Hypes Seniors and Underclassmen Editor- Music Editor .... -Janice Verbrugge -Janet Halversi. n Sports Editor -------- ---- B ob Schreiber Other Activities Editor .-... - - Jr. High and Grades Editor- - - Snapshot Editor -------- Advisor ------ - Dorothy Cassem - - Helen Cheever - - - -Joe Madden - - Kenneth Leml-.e rg., -ir-2 4 V ,1 ff .. A Fv . . 4 ASZQQ ., in ' ,A- , - ff -'3A.1"f, IJJ L 3,. . . ,, X. ,Q ml. uw' x- fx X 'Y en iam AA Cf CLASS OFFICERS President ...... - - -George Fothergill Vice-President-- - ---Janice Verbrugge Secretary ---- - - -Janet Halverson Treasurer- - - - - Karon Homsey 'P' FF George Fothergill, Janice Verbrugge, Karon Homsey, Janet Halverson. CARROLL S. BOGARD Principal Motto- - - - -"The way is hard, but the prize is great." Colors - - - ------ - - - Lavender and Silver Flower - - - - - -Orchid ,nf 6 MARLENE ASKELAND HELEN CHEEVER "Mor" "Punky', Qo- DORCVTHY CASSEM HDOUHEH "She may look like an angel and act like one loop but you never can tell what an angel will do!" lcon luve wnthoul poetry, musvc, or l have a pocket lull of drecrns. walking, but who ln The world can llvewlVl1oU1Talklngl" Lt' 7- JOHN CONN "Heaven sent me down, Heaven knows why." ROBERT EISENBACHER "l.lNle" Glfls ore so unnecessary!" JANICE COUNTRYMAN CHESTER DUNN "Bug" "Chet" "She's quuef unhl you get to know "Woke me up when the bell rings." her." X M 3' Q , 3 4 ' 33.1. . C ' P723 A K , 3, Z 7 if 'ffl' . ' DUANE FETTERS 0 i "Fuzz" "Play and l'lI ploy wvth youg study and you study clone!" CAROL HALVERSON "She never rauses a dust storm, but she gets there just the same." CHARLENE GANGESTAD ' Char" "You can manufacture blondes, but redheads come naturally. PATRICIA GOCHANOUR GEORGE FOTHERGILL Pat Change me, oh change me, tume an "I was born with the guggIes and thy flughtg make me a wnld man gust giggling wrII I die." fortonughtf' :fi 1. all JANET HALVERSON MARILYN HAWORTH V 'Jon' "Mure' Q "My one wwsh rs to be oione to, "I hate mem bu? the Buble soys love gevher " your enemres!" ROBERT HELGASON "Bob" I may do somevhmg sensohor1oIyef!" Jx, Qu Q 'Q-nn' l l KARON HOMSEY "HomeIy" "The oniy reoson I won? to be o secre tory is that I con sat on Ihe boss's lopf MAXINE HYFES "Max" "After going steody for four yeors it becomes o habit." ' an-+ "ju, LORETTA JENSEN "Babe" 'Gentlemen prefer blondes! 7 DlCK LARSEN CHERIE KINGSTON The grectest undeveloped terrutory Cher rn the world Ines under my hot," "Vou must share rt to have rt." JOE MADDEN "Nor o lodaes' mon, bu? o lcdy's mon." MARILYN LARSEN GARY LOVE "Love is Yoo sumple for o broiny gal "Russ I-ke me," "Girls, how would you survnve wnhout greol bug lrreslsloble me? fe w. - , . W' X'-nv? f mf- 'X MYRNA NIEMANN "Mem" "She looks sludious, buf looks are deceiving." I LYNDON OPSAL "George" A quiet mon, but quite 0 mon!" if-,1-,N', 3, ,ei Q -I ull' " 2 -fir l DIANE ROBINSON DALE SCHUMACHER "Diane, what would our class do "Maker" wi?houtyou?" "Silence is more eloquent than words," BOB SCHREIBER "Schrerb" "l'rn jus? like c broken mrrror-full of brnghf cracks." 'ui gulf ex' DON SCHWARTZ KAREN THEESFIELD ..Ob,. JANICE VERBRUGGE iwheesyii "Give me my women, my pipe, my 'ijcnieii "Once I thought nights were mode carl ond I will live ,. "A miie u minute is 0 good speed for studyg but now I know better," ' but o smile ci minute gets more cc tion." QI? nv Abner Eskeson Uohn Connl rd, Alben' iildlglie, Marian, Gelry' l .., a lx r PT A E fd r. l 3 S ---1 runny: silk? ,. l 2' L N u K . 12-A Kin.. W I ' - .5-': '-4' I' ,J X Edward E -sgwg A 4 , dna, Julio, Alben' Gfond 'NA mC, Gerryk STANDING: Phil Evans llyndon Opsalj, Edward Scarf lGeorge Forhergill, Geraldune Scot? lMaxine Hypesl, Julia Scor1lLorer1aJensenj, Albert Scarf lDuane Feftersl, Grandma Scor1lMarilyn Hawodhj, Edna Scoff lMarlene Askelandj, SEATED1 Nafalie Scott lDoro1hy Cassemj, Marian Scarf lDiane Robinsonj, Darrell Woods lBob Schreiberl. Mr. Hawor1hlDirecforj, Marrlyn Haworth, Maxine Hypes, Duane Ferfers, Doro1l1y Cas- sem, Janice Countryman, Lyndon Opsal. I ,' A- X' ir Claire Roberfs lHelen Cheeverj, Natalie, Phil, Marian. 'in-Q. FIRST ROW: John Conn, Janice Counntryman, Janet Halver- son, Maxine Hypes, Lyndon Opsal, Marilyn Larsen, Robert Helgason, Carol Halverson, Bob Schreiber. SECOND ROW: Joe Madden, Loretta Jensnen, Duane Fetters, Karen Thees- field, Patty Gochanour, Gary Love, Dorothy Cassem, Cherie S? Kingston, Marilyn Haworth, Marlene Askeland, Dick Larsen. THIRD ROW1 Myrna Niemann, Janice Verbrugge, Don Schwartz, Charlene Gangestad, George Fothergill, Karon Homsey, Diane Robinson, Dale Schumacher, Helen Cheever. NOT PICTURED: Chester Dunn. 2 MIXED QUARTET: Gailord Plath, Diane Robinson, Janet Halverson, Lyndon Opsal. -16 GRADUATIQ BACCALAUREATE May 20 'H COMMENCEMENT May 24 GIRLS' TRIO: Marilyn Haworth, Diane Robinson, Seniors greet Commencement Speaker, former Gov' Janet Halverson. ernor Robert D, Blue. KI Seniors make last-minute preparations 50-AS .rl s L STUDENT COUNCIL: FIRST ROW. Bill Hirt, Donna Manor lSec,l, George Foihergill, Janice Verbrugge, Maxine JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS1Donno Manor, Pres., Bill Hirt, V. Pres., Judy Hansen Hypes lPres.l. SECOND ROW- Jim Lindell, Carol Wagner, Jim Richmond, Dale Rasmussen, Mr. Bogard. Sec., Ronny Henriksen, Treas SOPHOMORE OFFICERS ING Jim'dell V Pres Carol Wagner Pres Veldene Tow Sec Clarence Rezac Treas STAND FRESHMEN OFFICERS Jim Richmond vt -qc. 'Q BACK Bob Henriksen Sec 4 nu Pres Dole Rasmussen V Pres Jimmy Brandenburg Treas fn if f DETA6U R IELJQPCKGJJHQQH T7 :S or 5- I3 v U iii 'Q 1 xv MARVIN HIBBEN 1 ii' FIRST ROW. I.aVonne Eckholm, Kathy Thiel, Sharon Corderman, Dwayne Mclnlire, Howard Helgoson, Bill Hurt, Kay Filz erald Di n G b' k f mary Quinn, Vernon Corderman, Harold McElwe g , a e ra :nos i. SECOND ROW: Karen Kooker, Donna Manor, Judy Hoppus, Rose- e, Sharon Larson, Judy Hansen, Bernice Plath. THIRD ROW: Norma Anderson, Janice Danielson, Ronny Henriksen, Jerr I 'I R B Dave Horswell, Dennis Cross, Cal Porrer, Judy Krough. y rmi er, on arber, Douglas Whilesell, 20 LOUISE HASBROOK 'Z ,A-f1'. 5 fff? 'I ,Q yi fl Ernest Nelson lRon Barberl Edwma Cllflon Evelyn Dlckson Taylor Bull Hlrlj Archl W l e U Tnllue Tl'1lsbylKay Fltzgeraldl Ernest lSharon Larsonl lace Aunt Kale ALO G CAME PEGGY Evelyn Archle Wallace Madge tvelyn Kent lDlane Grabmoskll Archie Ward lDwayne Mclnhrel Madge Beverly Uudy Hansenl Lola Law lDonno Manorl Wal lace Black lRonny Henrlksenl Kale Stafford lSl1aron Corder manl Mrs Claude Beverly lNorma Andersonl NOT PICTURED Natalie Wheeler Uudy Hoppusj Carter Marlowe fCal Porlerl Wallace Mrs Beverly Aunt Kale Peggy Arbuckle lKathy Thnell :QE Z1 U Junior-Senior Banquet And Prom SUBIVIERGED 1. 4--L K ,Jn-" He dt bl I I S R ponse. G gfh I h HH-4, fif- Couples enloy do g f R S P21315 RUSS swf If I sf' 5. Nw- R Y SINE P hbl ppl ll GT Tl luv 4 . X ,J J 0-1, , N 3' FIRST ROW: Ing Dunn Carol Wagner Deon,-,Q Danes Valen Sheryle Peterson Bermce Hardecopf THIRD ROW Veldene Tow, Barbara Loofl Karen Frederlcksen Marcell l-95l'e Cheevef LUVVY V'9d0l Cllflofd Poflef Jlm l-'Udall Fries, Dorolhy Burgegon Marlene Cfonk SEQQND RQW Charles Guerdet Ganlord Plath James Fofhergull Clarence Judy Rieffer, Jlm Rgvn Tommy Mgnley jgmce Mgmeson Rezoc Sandra Carlson Charlotte Long Mary Arn McCorkle Karen Robinson Ruth Guerde? Dolores Rlchmond Mary ,f ' 1 . , D I- ,. NDA, s 'Tl A WJ 4 Q I . , s X .,,, .- V ,. Q Vo' in P 4" 1, aw y S FIRST ROW: Carol Corderman, Betty Mclntire, David Krumm, Dick Eisenbacher, Harvey Cheever, Sharon Hypes, Aileen Paulson. SECOND ROW: Mary Askeland, Ruthie Horswell, Bonnie Barber, Betty McCorkIe, Betty Lou Fretty, Barbara Booth, Alice Burkhead, Janice Jensen, Nancy Pehrson. THIRD ROW1 Earl VonBank, Helen Anderson, Sue Anderson, Karen Larsen, John Sturm, Joan Irmiter, Joyce Niemann, John Anderson, Jack Hirt, Carl Anderson, Marlys Wilson, Ann Lutter, Louis Gaedke. FOURTH ROW: Robert Cheever, Jim Richmond, Larry Anderson, Dale Rasmussen, Bob Henriksen, Larry Reding, Roger Lingbeck, Jerry Johnson, Julius Irmiter, Jim Brandenburg, Roger Larson, Sandy Slcba, Dick Schreiber. NOT PICTURED: Beverly McEIwee, Milton Smith, Bob Troff. FRESHME 24 it , RICHARD HINKLEY Sgejkwfggf - ,. ff . , gg-Q, , , Mgr, 4 A fwE?'?vf f -,. W: A -1 W -ffm ,ff L. -QQ V, , "1-,-4.34, 4- 'V -filed.. X gaff'-' ':, :. f1 fm 'Quai X , urilc' 1 Q' . 7 'R 5 FIRST ROW- Louns Gaedke, Reber! Cheever, James Rovn, Brll Hun, Dwayne Mclnflre, Howard Helgason, John Sturm, Jack Hirf, Larry Vrgdal, SECOND POW Harold McElwee, Vernon Corderman, Jim Rrchmond, Larry Anderson, Jnmmy Lundell, Lyndon Opsal, Don Schwartz, Gerald lrmufer, Ronny ,aff-fd Y X4 F 44" Muss CHRISTIE KREUL Henrrlrsen. THlR1j POW Calvin Porter, Clarence Rezac, Bob Henrnksen, David Horswell, Gaulord Plalh, Ronnre Barber, Jerry Johnson, Joe Madden, Duck Larsen. Accompanisl: Alice Burkhead. BOYS' QUARTET: Larry Vrgdal, Gallord Plath, Ronny Henriksen, Lyndon , se. ., -'ara Q1 -- . Q-9 ff' ' U Y - Q5 1 V if H + H A is W ff 1 Opsal. O 4 MIXED QUARTET: Goilord Plath, Dionne Robinson, Jane? Halverson, Lyndon Opsal. Elf x V, Xl, A rv , i Fw-4 GIRLS' TRIO: Marilyn Haworth, Diane Robinson, Cherie Kingston. V' " ,"' X , ,. 1. v .I 4, . ' , I Y ' x . 4, ' I sl E' Q n 's E95 A I I GIRLS' GLEE CLUB: FIRST ROW: Ann Lutter, Janice Country- man, Kay Fitzgerald, Ruthie Horswell, Karen Theesfield, Carol Halverson, Diane Grabinoski, Betty McCorkle, Maxine Hypes, Deanna Daries, Mary Askeland, Barbara Looft, Nancy Engesser, Betty Mclntire, Sharon Hypes. SECOND ROW: Myrna Niernann, Janice Mattieson, Patty Gochanour, Sharon Corderman, Marlys Wilson, Sheryle Paterson, Karon Homsey, Janice Verbrugge, Betty Lou Fretty, Marilyn Larsen, Judy Hansen, Loretta Jensen, Karen Koaker, Karen Larsen, Tl-HRD ROW Cherie Kingston, Judy Krough, Norma Anderson, Sandra Slaba, Bernice Hardecopf, Dolores Richmond. Joan lrmiter, Donna Manor, Judy Hoppus, Janet Halverson, Sharon Larson, Marilyn Haworth, Diane Robinson, Kathryn Thiel, Veldene Tow, Alice Burkhead, Ruth Guerdet, Helen Cheever, Dorothy Cassem, Charlene Gangestad, Marlene Askeland. 1. .--Q GIRLS' QUARTET: Miss Kreul, Marilyn Haworth, Janet Halverson, Cherie Kingston, Diane Robinson. GIRLS' SEXTET: Miss Kreul, Jani Halverson, Dolores Richmond, Dorothy Cassem. ,ne 27 ce Mottieson, Kay Fitzfierald, Marilyn Haworth, Janet . 1151- 5, - gf 5 '74 . f-'45 1 sem, Ronny Henriksen, CORNET TRIO: Barbara Looft, Dorothy Cas- 'f"' ' BRASS SEXTET: Dorothy Cassem, Ronny Henriksen, Bob Henriksen, Alice Burkhead Opsal, Gailord Plath. FIRST ROW- Janet Halverson, Cherie Kingston, Ann Lutter, Dolores Richmond. SECOND ROW, Deanna Daries, Janice Verbrugge, .loan Anderson, Madalyn Carlson, Betty McCorkle, Kay Fitzaerald, Marlys Wilson. THIRD ROW. Carol Halverson, fn., Betty Mclntire, Harold McElwee, lris Dunn, Janice Jensen, Sandra Slaba, Dolores Anderson, Cheryl Schwartz, Marlene Askeland, Diane Grabinoski, Maxine Hypes, FOURTH ROW: Mr. Lutter, Diane Robinson, Dennis Cross, CONCERT A 1. y ,r , -I SAX QUARTET: Diane Grobinoski, Marlene Askeland, Diane Robinson, Jimmy Lindell. FIRST ROW: Ruthie Horswell, Barbara Looft, Dorothy Cossem Ronny Henriksen. SECOND ROW: Judy Krough, Karen Twedt, Alice Burkhead, Jean Lutter, Sharon Hypes, Aileen Paulson Marlene Cronk, Karen Robinson, Ann Burkhead. THIRD ROW Bernice Hardecopf, Mary Askeland, Jimmy Lindell, Lyndon Opsal, Carol Wagner, Joe Madden, Jerry Johnson, Lowell Cas- sem, Larry Vigdal, Bob Henriksen. FOURTH ROW1Gailord Plath, Karen Theesfield, Karon Homsey, Kathryn Thiel, Reuben C. Lutter CLARINET QUARTET: Janet Halverson, Cherie Kingston Dolores Richmond, Ann Lutter. S Ffsi A sw 'qs..rwvgg Wd'-' N n 1 ' l I 6 P BAND moo 'mf' DRUM MAJORETTE Maxine Hypes TWIRLERS Marlys Wilson Karen Theesfield Kathyrn Thiel Karon Homsey Diane Grabinoski FIRST ROW Lyndon Opsal Joe Madden Jerry Johnson Lowell Cassem, Larry Vigdal Bob Henrrcksen SECOND ROW Diane Robinson Jommy Lindell Cheryl Schwartz, Dolores Anderson Sandra Slaba Carol Wagner THIRD ROW Marlene Askeland Sharon Hypes, Marlene Cronk Mary Aslceland Aileen Paulson Barbara Loaf? FOURTH ROW: Gailord Plath Cherie C5 Kingston, Janet Halverson, Karen Twedt, Ruth Horswell, Deanna Daries. FIFTH ROW Ronny Henriksen Karen Robinson, Ann Burkhead, Jean Lutter, Dorothy Cassem, Kay Fitzgerald SlXTH ROW Dennis Cross, Judy Krough, Alice Burkhead, Carol Halverson, Ann Lutter, Dolores Richmond SEVENTH ROW Janice Verbrugge, Joan Anderson, Madalyn Carlson, Betty McCorkle, Harold McElwee Iris Dunn EIGHTH ROW: Bernice Hardecopf, Betty Mclntire, Beverly McEIwee, g-1 2- - ... - Queen Karon Homsey Algona'Band Festival ASCENDING1 Maxine Hypes, Karen Theestleld, Kathryn Thiel. ' - , . , ga- ' F 'A ' .. A Q' I 09, Q of 0... 1, Egg , , 4' F Qi: ',,' - r it i S , ' 'fi fl lo, N' r A C x J -X I i U Y M V gb, V . 1- N , I g 4 .Ay l id- 1 f' F , , 1 A F . , 5i4f'f'15f - A i 2 7 f fi ' . 2632? L-L , , W 1' 1. sr , -tw." Q . 1' K A 1 4 4 FY if l Ji g I Grabinoski. D BAN 6, ' 0 in 'J' Queen Do?bthy Cassem A Mason City Band Festival DESCENDING Karan Homsey Diane fl in-, -Q. Q1 1 M-Harte o Def if zu -J ' x'l ,x, ' vi 'l ' 9 ' f' 7 ., l 1 . ' S .i ,. ,. . ,Q wf?"llQ,","E'?f' A rf FGDTB LL in-J N' lf -. . .hi ' 1 so-ti lr. LQ, ,A W., A fi 1 'J H fbi., 'I FIRST ROW Richard Scheiber, Clifford Porter, Douglas Cheever, Charles Guerdet, Lorry Anderson, Roger Larson. Whitesell Joe Madden, Robert Helgason, Duane Fetters, THIRD ROW: Manager Carl Anderson, Mr. Hinkley, David George Fothergill, John Conn, Ronny Henriksen, Gerald Krumm, Tommy Manley, Jimmy Lindell, James Fothergill, lrmnter SECOND ROW Jimmy Richmond, Chester Dunn, Dennis Cross, Clarence Rezac, Jack Hirt, Howard Helgason, Ronnie Barber Leslie Cheever, Bill Hirt, Calvin Porter, Robert Harvey Cheever, Manager Dale Rasmussen, Mr. South, Football, a newly organized sport this year, aroused much interest from both spectators and players. Playing four games, the team had one win and three losses. They lost to West Bend in a close contest, 7 to O, that was a muddy mess! Against a rugged ond obviously experienced squad at Ruthven, they were downed, 18 to O. Thenat Milford the Armstrong squad literally ran away with the game, winning 26 to O. In the last game of the season, played at Swea City, the squad was stopped cold, losing 25 to O. The experi- ence gained this year will be of much help to the I7 letter-winners COACHES: Richard Hinkley and Tom South .V-W, 1 YK.. 4 xi, ' 1 lx .A 1. L 5. W. r Xxlix who will be back next tall. George Fothergill Chef' ann Robert Helgason Joe Madden John Conn Duane Fetters U' Kafhy Thiel, D PBA HRST ROW: Befiy Mclnlire, Karen Tweedl, Madalyn Dolores Anderson, Karen Robinson, Ann Burkhead. THIRD Carlson, Ann Lutfer, Janet Halverson, Cherie Kingston, ROW:Larry Vigdul, Bob Hendriksen, Lowell Cassem, Alice Deanna Daries, Ruth Horswell, Diane Robinson. SECOND Burkhead, Lyndon Opsal, Carol Wagner, Ronny Henrik- ROW: Jim Lindell, Bernice Hordecopf, Sandra Slaba, sen. onna Manor, Sharon Larson, Judy Hoppus, Karon Homsey, Marilyn Haworth. f CHEERLEADER Nov. 8 11' 18 22" 29 GI RLS' BASKETB LL Dec' 2+ FIRST ROVV: Karen Theestield, Barbara Looft, Maxine Hypes, Sue Anderson, Dolores Richmond, Charlene Gongestod, Diane Grabinoski, Betty McCorkle, Dorothy Cassem. SECOND ROW: Iris Dunn, Karen Kooker, Veldene Tow, Joan Irmiter, Janice Danielson, Norma Anderson, Diane Robinson, Bonnie Barber, Mary Askeland, Sharon Hypes, THIRD ROW:MarIeneAske- land IManager1, Deanna Daries, Sharon Larson, Beverly McElwee, .ludy Krough, Marlys Wilson, Sandra Slaba, Judy Hoppus, Helen Anderson, Karen Robinson, Barbara Booth, Mr. Hinkle y. 6 94 13 16" 20" Jan. 3' 9: 6 10' 13 16 24 27 30 We Gruver 35 Lone Rock 47 Ringsted 46 Thompson 48 Titonka 30 Ledyard 35 Lakota 35 Burt 51 Thompson 40 Titonka 38 Graettinger 32 Ringsted 28 Ledyard 43 Lakota 41 Burt 31 County Tournament Dolliver 37 Mallard 41 West Bend 48 Sectional Tournament Fenton 50 Home Games They 34 45 58 64 51 48 55 23 71 62 40 45 48 71 30 48 75 34 57 RICHARD HINKLEY 1 s 1,2 ,:"'-is. Maxine Hypes, Barbara Looff, Dolores Richmond, Janice Danielson, Joan lrmifer, Sue Anderson, Norma Anderson, Dorothy Cassem, Charlene Gangesiad, Beify McCorkle, Diane Grabinoski, Karen Theesfield. Total Points Free Th rows Barbara Looff 312 Barbara Looft 49"I Maxine Hypes 161 Maxine Hypes 4006 28"5 Diane Grabinoski 90 Diane Grabinoski V FIRST ROW Jack H r Bull H rt Dway e Mclnh e Dlck Calvn Porter .llm Rlchmo d Mr South THIRD ROW Dav1d Schre ber Harvey Cheever John Sturm SECOND ROW Jlm K umm Carl Ande son CManagerJ Cla ence Rezac Mllton Rovn Lesl e Cheever Ga1lo d Plath Douglas Whltesell Smlth Dale Rasmussen Bob Henrlksen Duck E senbacher BCDYS BASKETB LL Nov Dec e Ho 'k me Gruver Lone Rock Rmgsted Thompson Swea C1ty Tutonka Ledyard Lakota urt Thompson Tntonka Graethnger Rmgsted Ledyard Lakota County Tournament Doll1ver Mallard West Bend Swea Cnty Bancroft Sectnonal Tournament Emmetsburg Games They We . 3 49 41 11' 44 57 T8 ' 32 54 223 55 42 25 ' 57 50 29 ' 52 70 . 25 55 58 5 63 39 9 B 51 67 13 74 71 15+ ' 52 53 203 ' 71 52 Jan. 3+ ' 53 67 5 55 42 105 54 41 T3 Burt 53 69 I I af,' 1, n ri ,'r' n,. .r 1,' 19 ,H Q -, , . ' 38 60 24 37 62 27 35 45 31 ' 45 55 L Pb. 3 36 5a 21 ' 33 69 , 94 36 Total Points Free Throws Duane Fetters Bob Schrerber Ganlord Plath Duck Schrenber Leslue Cheever Don Schwartz Bob Schreuber Duck Schreiber Don Schwartz Duane Fetters Gallord Plath Leslie Cheever Harvey Chee er Dck Schre be J R D ay e Mcl t c H t Co n Po ter lesle Cheever John Stum Jlm Rchmo d G lod Plath Douglas Whltesell Q l 322 ' . 28 . . ' 90 ' ' 82 . 80 . 69 ' v , i a r, im ovn, W n mire, Ja k af, Bill Hut BASEB FIRST ROW: David Horswell, Bob Schreiber, Larry Vigdal, Carl Anderson fManagerJ. THIRD ROW: Earl VonBank, B05 El59nbUCl'19f- SECOND ROW1 -l0l"l'l SfUfl1'l, Jim l-ifwlell, Dick Eisenbacher, Larry Anderson, Dale Rasmussen, Bill Jack Hirt, Cliltord Porter, Roger Larson, Calvin Porter, Hirt, Jghn Conn, Mr. South. 3 Q' 'x David Horswell . Roger Larson .. Jack Hirt ...... Gordon Duitsman Don Schwartz .. Positions Bob Schreiber Dale Rasmussen . Bob Eisenbacher Duane Fetters .. Calvin Porter . . . Larry Vigdal ... . . . Pitcher . , . Pitcher ...... Catcher . . First baseman Second baseman . . . . . . Shortstop . . . . Third baseman Raymond Duitsman . . Dick Schreiber . . . John Sturm .. Earl VonBank . . . . . . Outfielder . . . Outfielder .. . Outfielder . . . Outtielder . . . Intielder . . . Intielder . . . Intielder . . . lnfielder I nf "9 xg Xxx , K'XQ 4, 15.Q fQ n'ff f 'N V. V . 'X W: v,n2-V 'fx s 1-Lv F Q. -' 6 E 6 iff' Q. I Q, mn v 8 V ., wx fx ar , 'O .Q 2 Pt 9 - , ff. r 075 o 5:87 X' "Q, +1 Q0 gx 11 'f 1 , Q.. w Vx S Q,-, al' FIRST ROIN1 Judy Hansen, Joe Madden, George Foflwer- THIRD ROW: Iris Dunn, Judy Rieffer, Mary Valen, Kalhy gill, Jim Brandenburg, Kay Fiizgerald. SECOND ROIA-': Thiel, Cherie Kingston, Judy Hoppus, Donna Manor, Deanna Daries, Alice Burkhead, Mary Askeland, Marlene Marilyn Haworth, Mrs, Fafka. Askeland, Marceil Fries, Veldene Tow, Diane Robinson. PEECH TUBERCULOSIS RADIO SPEAKING: Veldene Tow, Iris Dunn, Marceil Fries. 10 VOICE OF DEMOCRACY: Deanna Daries, Diane Robinson, Marilyn Haworih. Tiger Editor .....,,. Associate Editor . . Feature Editor . . . Boy's Sports Editor Girl's Sports Editor Grade Editor .... Tales Staff ., Diane Robinson . . Kay Fitzgerald .. Lyndon Opsal . . . , Bob Schreiber . . . . Maxine Hypes ,. Helen Cheever NATIONAL NEWSPAPER WEEK: Helen Cheever, Maxine Hypes, Deanna Marciel Fries, Kay Fitzgerald, Diane Robinson. FIRST ROVV: Janet Halverson, Helen Cheever, Maxine Hypes, Bob Schreiber, Lyndon Opsal, Kay Fitzgerald, Diane Robinson. SlCOND ROW: Billy Looft, Iris Dunn, Marlene Cronk, Joan Anderson, Bill Johnson, Deanna Daries, Veldene Tow, Marceil Fries, Judy Riefter, Ann Burkhead, Carol Wagner, Carol Corderman, Ardis Man- zke, Mrs. Fatka. THIRD ROVV: Karen Fredericlcsen, Barb- ara Booth, Karen Theesfield, Bernice Hardecopf, Diane Grabinoski, Marilyn Larsen, Marilyn Haworth, Myrna Daries, Marlene Askeland, YW -tl Niemann, Judy Hansen, Charlene Gangestad, Marlene Aslxeland, Mary Valen, Loretta Jensen, Carol Halverson, Betty McCorkle. FOURTH ROW: Dolores Richmond, Sharon Corderman, Janice Countryman, Helen Anderson, Janice Verbrugge, Charlotte Long, Sandra Carlson, Cherie Kingston, Gailord Plath, Don Schwartz, Rosemary Quinn, Sue Anderson, Mary McCorkle, Bernice Plath, Karen Kooker, Patty Gochanour, Ann Lutter. TIGER T LE f Retiring Sweetheart and King, Marlene Askeland and Gary Love, and newly crown- heart. Retiring Sweetheart, Marlene Askeland, crowns Dorothy Cassem new Chapter Sweet- ed Sweetheart and King, Dorothy Cassem and Ronny Henriksen, enioy the dance. Students enioy Harvest Ball. The Horswell Orchestra entertains while Mrs. Hasbrook and Mr. Hibben look on. . ,vw Retiring King Gary Love crowns Ronny Henriksen new Chapter King ,Dann L3 y 1 'Ts 1 '-A J ' U ,LW P! FIRST ROW: Harvey Cheever, Earl Dean VonBanl:, Tommy Manley, Pack Hiri, Johnny Siurm, Roberf Cheever, Richard Schreiber. SECOND RO'W: Bill Hiri, Trees., Howard Helgason, Reporter, Gerald lrmiler, Seniinelg Mr. Hibbeng George Foiher- gill, Pres., Roberf Helgason, Sec., John Conn, V.-Pres. THIRD ROW: Charles Guerdel, Bob Henriksen, Gary love, Dick Larsen, lm 1? MQ., y ia " yIvL4gL : -I mx ix-'i:.E.. ' Douglas Whiiesell, Chesler Dunn, David Horswell, Don Schwartz, Jimmy Brandenburg. FOURTH ROW: John Anderson, Julius Irmifer, Clarence Rezac, Dale Rasmussen, Larry Reding, James Fofhergill, Larry Anderson, Calvin Porter, Vernon Corderman, Harold McElwee. aa' FN ive 'fn FIRST ROW: Diane Grabinoski, V.-Pres., Bernice Plath, Reporter, Karen Theesfield, Historian, Sharon Larsen, Sec., Judy Hoppus, Trea., Loretta Jensen, Parliamentarian, Kathryn Thiel, Photogra- pherp Janice Verbrugge, Pres. SECOND ROW: Sheryle Peterson, Dolores Richmond, Sharon Corderman, Ruth Guerdet, Helen Cheever, Diane Robinson, Rosemary Quinn, Judy Krough, Norma Anderson, Sandra Carlson, Charlotte Long, Mary Ann McCorkle, Dorothy Cassem, Project Chairman, Kay Fitzgerald, Song Leader, Karen Robinson, Karon Homsey, Mary Valen, Mrs. Hasbrook. THIRD ROW: Iris Dunn, Carol Wagner, Dorothy Burgeson, Karen Fredricksen, Judy Rieffer, Marceil Fries, Barbara Looft, Marlene Askeland, Marilyn Haworth, Janice Mattieson, Bernice Hardecopf, Donna Manor, Judy Hansen, Valdene Tow, Karen Kooker, Marilyn Larsen, Deanna Daries, Maxine Hypes, Marlene Crank. FHA CHRISTMAS ACTIVITIE Sfudenis enioy Chrisimas dance Grades sing carols in ihe hall. ixed quuriet sings for Chrisfmcs concert. Juniors dramufize Chrisvmas Sfory for high school ,D ,,r ' .. fu,-, vxyv L", iv , 'wq W, I 4' ,, fxx f--,K 'lin in 1 3 gf 'U BBB s i Q' . ,:.vf, s f I :Y "9 XX 5' C 1 ' -'ab -. 'r 'ev ,, .J 4-y . - 1 Q X l -' - J' 1 , ' lil Il A AN -lk I Y n STUDENT COUNCIL SEATED: Russell schfeabef, WG'1S:GQfv Schumacher, Sec--Tfw.: Joe Heisman: Lowell Cassem, Pres.y Noel Gochanour, V.-Pres. Cl19'Yl5ChW0f'Z- STANDlNG: Sharon Manleyg Mr. Nallyg James EIGHTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS: David Vigclal, Sec.- SEVENTH GRADE CLASS OFHCERS: Tommy Trenary, Sec,-Treas.g Lanny SlXTl'l GRADE CLASS OFFICERS Bill l-009, V-'PVGS Treas,g Calvin Long, V. Pres.g Noel Gochanour, Pres. Kinnander, V. Pres.g Gary Schumacher, Pres, Paula Gaarde, Sec,-Treas.g Cheryl Schwartz, Pres. 4 'Q l 5.4 fl Q 'sy ,Z-.gfx i xbfi? -' Q i +9 ,mb , " f-:gif Q., 4 ' ' , K Tr, V' N 2' rx- frfr. 'I 4 65:9 V... 'LQ,5f-f rs-1 'X xf 4 lx. 'Q 5.1 N 1 L '-ss..,.,, i VIRGIL NALLY Principal Eighth grade began the year with 29 students. The officers selected were Noel Gochanour, Pres., Calvin Long, V. Pres., and David Vigdal, Sec.-Treas. Sharon Manley, Russell Schreiber, and Noel Gochan- our were selected to serve on Student Council. Ardis Manzke and Billy Johnson were chosen Tiger Tales reporters. The class had an Old Time Dance Party the first semester. Mr. and Mrs. Hollis Beagle, who have ap- peared on Mason City T.V., called for the dance. The Eighth Grade Banquet was held May 'l. The theme selected was "Starlight," with decorations in blue and silver. The motto was "If we rest, we rust", and flower, the carnation. EIGHTH GRADE FlRST ROW: David Vigdal, LuVerne Fries, Douglas Nutt, Jerry Daries, Ardis Manzke, Patricia Roalson, leroy Plath, Mary Guerdet, Arlo Manzke. SECOND ROW: Patricia Carson, Russell Schreiber, Judy Nutt, Carolyn Hovey, Noel Gochanour, Chris Fetters, Calvin Long, Sonia Hue- men, Marjorie Eisenbacher, Alice Picht, THIRD RCW Sharon Manley, Marlys Harris, Judy Sturm, Patricia Brown Raymond Worden, Janiece Vigdal, Ronald Grabinoski Billy Johnson, Gordon Lingbeck, Karen Twedt. nfl. F ' "fi M Y i 'sl 41 xx Z7 1 1 at e, i 1 in fa- g , c ' 1 O Ip a A . E 3 FIRST ROW: Godfredsen, sem, James lyn Carlson, Elward Picht 5 XJ -ww V L Sylvester Eisenbacher, Clarence Cheever, Robert Corderman, Joan Anderson, Ann Burkhead, Carol Kooker, Ronald Hansen, Lanny Kinnander, Lowell Cas- Manzke. SECOND ROW: Faye McCorkle, Mada- Emmet Quinn, Dolores Anderson, Elizabeth Kinnander, Avis Wadsworth. FOURTH ROW: Duane Anderson, Gary Schu- David Pedersen, Ronnie Porter, Gary Rieffer, , linda Thackery, Carol Long. THIRD ROW: Judy macher, Joe Verbrugge, Jimmy Larson, Mary Dundas, Jimmy Kooker, James Watts, Jim Robinson, Donald VonBank. SEVENTH GR DE JAMES WIGNES 50 Seventh grade had 20 boys and T3 girls. The officers selected were: Gary Schumacher, Pres., Lanny Kinnander, V. Pres., and Tommy Trenary, Sec.-Treas. Student Council members from the class were Lowell Cassem, Pres., Gary Schu- macher, Sec.-Treas., and James Watts, re- placed by James Kooker. Ann Burkhead was the Tiger Tales reporter. The class had a skating party the first semes- ter, under the supervision of Mr. Wignes, their sponsor. Afterwards, they had lunch together. The seventh grade girls had a rope-iumping team under the supervision of Mr. Nally. The iumpers were: Dolores Anderson, Madalyn Carl- son, Avis Wadsworth, C a r ol Lo n g , Faye McCorkle, Mary Jane Dundas, Linda Thackery, Beverly Troff, Judy Corderman, and Ann Burk- head. The twirlers were: Carol Kooker, Marian Paulson, and Elizabeth Kinnander. Sixth grade began the year with 30 students, but lost Paula Worden. The officers selected were: Cheryl Schwartz, Pres., Bill Looft, V. Pres., Paula Gaarde, Sec.-Treas. Joe Haisman, Donna Lindell, and Cheryl Schwartz were se- lected to serve on Student Council. Bill Looft was chosen Tiger Tales reporter. Junior High was found to be quite different from fifth grade. Among the outstanding changes were: no recess, study periods, classes in different rooms, more than one teacher, the honor roll, the operetta, and the book club. ROW Beverly Corderman Ronald Heumen Paula Worden l i Snl"' 2 Q' JL Jig. .- 15 X' 14X FIRST Rovvf l'unnY Klnnonden David Vigdvll Lowell Cas' Calvin long, bill Johnson, Chris Fetlers, Russell Schreiber, sem' MV- W'9ne5- SECOND ROVV1 Je""Y Dulles' Noel Ronald Grabinoski, LuVerne Fries, manager. Gochanour, Gary Schumacher, Jim Robinson. THIRD ROW: JAMES WIGNES The Junior High boys, after losing their first five games, came back strong to win three of the last four, reaching their peak in on easy 40 to 23 victory over Ledyard at the end of the season. Ronald Grabinoski led the scoring, and Russell Schrieber and Lowell Cassem were out- standing at defense. The team will lose eight boys, but there are several promising prospects for next year's team. I2 Nr- - a if The Junior High girls were hampered by lack of experience and height, along with an early-season iniury to post forward Marian Paulson. Although the team was without a win, no game was lost for lack of enthusiasm and fight. Karen Twedt and Faye McCorkle led the scoring, while Patty Brown and Alice Picht played well at guard. Eight of the girls will return for the next season, while five girls will graduate into high school. Jimmy Larson as lem Behind the Scenes Miss K fnale 'Sul a d Entire cost on stage for the ' n Mm Kennedy a PPIY make up THE GALLOPI G GHOST Cast Lem lJim Larson a scraggly bent over man about 60 with an evil look, a vivid imagination, and a heart of gold. Freckles ,Joan Anderson , a normal, vivacious girl of about 13 or 14. George Geoffrey Lowell Ccssem , host to a group of friends at his family's ranch, about 14. Dorothy Mary Guefdet, Freckles' particular girl-friendl about her own age, whose special boy-friend is Messy. Messy Clarence Cneever , a round-faced young boy, who helps solve the mystery. Johnny Gary Schumoche' , an impossibly mischievous boy, 12, 13, or 14, who wears tortoise-shell glasses and whose general demean- or is that of a "dig," or "sissy," but whose chief, and almost only, interest is a short-wave radio. Betty lArdis Manzkef, a scrawny youngster, 12, 13, or 14, whos iust a friend of them all. Theme An imaginative old man amuses a group of children in a gloomy room on a windy night by telling them a ghost story. An ingenious radio-enthusiast brings the ghost to life, but is discovered before children become hysterical. JLI IOR BA D FIRST ROW- Joan lrmiler, Karen Larson, Elizabeth Kinnonder, Glenda Johnson, Elna Anderson, Carolyn Hovey, Karen Twedi, Judy Lufter, Kathleen Loffis, Carol Henriksen. SLCOND ROW: Mr. Lutter, Mary Rose Danielson, Bill Looft, Jean Luher, Kennefh Madison, Ronald Grabionoski, Judy Corderman, Paula Gaorde, fx '-Q I FiRST ROVV: Dorothy Rezac, Calvin Jongberg, Larry Balmer, Janice Rankin, Madonna Eisenbacher, Edwin Mitchell, Cheryl Balmer, Carol Kinnander, Mary Leah Engesser. SECOND ROW: Kathleen Loftis, Donna Long, Kathleen FIFTH GRADE Fifth grade began the year with a pleasant surprise-new desks. There were 30 students, but by February the class had been reduced to 23. Those who had moved were: Joe Sauceds, Maxine Jenkins, Billy Christenson, Judy Pedersen, Marcheen Lingbeck, Delmar Lingbeck, and Mary Rose Danielson. The class had TOO per cent membership in Junior Red Cross. A new proiect was undertaken-sending napkins, centerpieces, and wall decorations to veterans' hospitals for Thanksgiving, St. Patrick's Day, and Easter. Jolene Hansen, Elna Anderson, Mary Rose Danielson Kelly, Carol Kae Henriksen, Judy Pedersen, Pauline Paulsen- llltp ' ' Q i-vi ,I .1 A lit Marcheen Lingbeck, Steven Reding, Delmar Lingbeck Richard Strong. THIRD ROXN1 Betsy Askeland Glenda Johnson, Mathewfarney, Robert Vigdal, Ronnie Harris i FX' gi? g ,XE 1, ms! X FOURTH GRADE Fourth grade prepared Red Cross boxes and made holiday decor- ations for veterans' hospitals in South Dakota. Grades tour and five presented a cutting from Charles Dickens "Christmas Carol," relating the true spirit of Christmas. A choir from the two grades furnished the musical background. The fourth graders made scribble drawings, illustrated stories, and did tree-hand drawings of themselves. FIRST ROW: Jolene Hypes, Susan Morsch, James Blek- Danielson, William Trees, David Fries Tl-l'RD RON Janet feld, Barry Miller, Bonnie Gochonour, Karen Guerdet, Wegner, Roger Mart, Sherrill Watts Marilyn Mcflwee James Ross, Victor Clabaugh, Shirley Crank. SECOND Arlene Burkhead, Judy Lutter, Michael Cecil Marlin ROVJ: Jay Provencher, David Worden, James Gibbons, Fisher, Peggy Blekteld. Janice Hoismon, Paul Jensen, Larry Larson, Morris 'A- I l..l,l ld N..-J I ri.. x r? .J 3 FIRST ROW: Edward Hansen, Dick Walters Fries, Kenny Manley, ROVV: Patty Peterson, bacher, Diane Carlson, Kathy Erickson, Beth THIRD ROIN- Billy lea Engesser, Ronald Carlson, Ricky Joe Sturm, Dougie Pfeil, Vernon Stephen Brandenburg. SECOND Mary Kay Krumm, Janice Eisen- Kathy McGregor, linda Anderson, Corderman, Karen Ann Paulson. Schreiber. ch, Gary Thaclcery, Irene Pehrson THIRD GRADE Third grade won second prize in the Halloween window painting contest. At Christmas the class made decorations for their tall tree. Working together they made a red and green paper chain, which was longer than the classroom, and each person made at least one other decoration for the tree. The class had TOO per cent membership in Junior Red Cross. They sent holiday decorations to veterans' hospitals. Richard Brown, Diane Bonnicksen, Jimmy Godfredson Marlys Madison, Doreen Reding, Margaret McKean FOURTH ROW: Jimmy Danielson, Susan Drinan, Jeri Lynn Snyder, Cathy Feddersen, Terrill Watts, Mary Ann Strong Gloria Taylor, Jeanene Teeter, Patricia lrmiter, Darleen gl MISS GLADYS PARRY C K 1 'K I - f Q: f - . , is .' ia gm L, A . 75' FIRST ROW: Patricia Guinn, Anna Brandenburg, Jane Garteski, Dennis McManus, Eilleen McKean, Donna locft. Loftis, Linda Guerdet, Donna Worden, Duane Lqrggn, THIRD ROW: William Mart, Christine Berlmess, Thomas Douglas Cronlx, Donald Leach. SECOND ROW: Betty long, Guerdet, Robert Helmers, Jean Rooney, Paulette Lowe, Joseph Trenary, Rachel Quinn, Linda Sathoff, Terry Susan Watts, Steven Heck. ABSENT: Allan Lindell. SECOND GRADE For the P.T.A. Christmas Program the class sang "Christmas Lullaby." Birthdays were celebrated by lighting the red birthday candles and singing "Happy Birthday." The class had a Valentine Party and a mailbox for valentines. Before school was out the second graders learned the writing that "grown-up" people use. FIRTA D SECO D GRADE Combination first and second grade painted a window downtown at Halloween. They sang "Rudolph, the Rednosed Reindeer" at the P.T.A. Christ- ITIGS PYOQFGFD. On Valentine's Day they had a party and a valentine box. The first graders learned to count and to read many words. The second graders learned number combinations and read about Dick and Jane. FlRST ROW' Raymond Anderson ill, Jimmy Rooney lll, Mary Ann Goodge .ll, Pamela Marler lll, Duyane Von Bank ,2l, Leo Strong l2', Leroy Strong l2l, Laurie Cla- baugh gll. SECCND ROMV: Mary Schreiber ill, Cheryll Berggren t2', Bill Harris t2l, David Love L2l, Glenn Dunn Q2l, Earl Fothergill g2l, Jerry Homsey L2l, Dorothy Trees lll. THIRD ROXN: Marcia Engesser ill, Deborah Nutt Q2l, Marilyn Dundas ill, Scott Slaba lll, Renee Hinkley Qll, Billy Ross lll, Jeffrey Bogard lll, Linda Aust lll. 1 J we ef I. "im, !"lx. YT S MRS. LAURENCE JENSEN fn... 3 MRS. HARRY BENSON 5 FIRST GRADE First grade began the year by reviewing old words and learning new ones. By the end of the year they had mastered four readers. Highlights of the fall were a pet show, a circus, and a Halloween Party, with Miss Parry's room and Mrs. Jensen's room. Thanksgiving and Christmas were celebrated, and the class operated a grocery store. On Valentine's Day there was a party and the valentine box was opened. FIRST ROVV1 Randy Corderman, Nikki Laffey, Dennis Williams, Allen Sathoff, Walter Godfredson THlRJ RON Porter, Janet Richmond, Judy Richmond, Joan Zufall, Patricia Taylor, Tommas Peterson Barbara Miller Mar Virginia Grabianowski, Ralph Crank. SECOND ROW- leen Johnson, Clifton Beck, Bobbie Danielson Claudio Gary Carlson, Ginger Laffey, Mike Mitchell, Jealeen Cecil, Gail Leach, Eddie Carsor' Reding, Kathleen Halverson, Margery lrmiter, Mariorie 'Q dk L 5 Q Unix: 1 y lin.-13: COUNTERCLOCKWlSE FROM MISS SHURTS: Mary Youngberg, linda Palm, Gloria Garteski, Marcia Ann Daries, Cheryle McKean, Sara Engesser, Jennifer Guinn, Jerald Vigdal, Janna Pfeil, linda Johnson, Danger, Eric Erickson, Shirley Nelson, Joyce McElwee, David Brandenburg. ABSENT: Marlin Manzke. Sherry Hibben, Kathleen Strong, Nonie Neary, Mark KI DERGARTE Kindergarten spent the first six weeks getting acquainted and learning to fol- low directions. They learned to get along with 15 or 20 playmates instead of iust one or two. The children played money games and enjoyed educational toys in their free play time. Dramatizing fairy tales was fun, because they liked to pretend. In music the class had fun with rhythm Q' l' if ' i f 'Q X Q ii 5 . t Mas. LUCILE WIEGMAN A County School Nurse ' 'L instruments and singing games. ln art they learned to color, cut, paste, and paint. Stories, poems, telling time, and finger plays helped them learn to listen and to share things with others. The kindergarteners l e a r n e d many things to prepare them for first grade. The kindergarten room is really a readi- ness room-readiness for the long journey through school. 1-ff s,." 1 S V N-5 AT BENCH: Gary Barrett. AT TABLE: Terry Harris, Eunice Blekfeld, Charlie McKean, Danny Laftey, Melissa Carson. AT BOOKCASE: Deanna Picht, .loe Stein- burger, Alice Beck. ON FLOOR: Jerry Boland, Don ,YQA N Burkheacl, Dean Claubaugh, Dawn Howard, Jack Rooney, Roger Berdahl, David Caulhoun, Kathy Peder- son, Patty McConnell. A 3. . RAW' 'B .- at---P EQ. Gr x I 1 M X . get 4 Y vi X in l ' MISS JOAN SHURTS 63 f ERVICE STAFF 'T Lx' xx Z., ,f- -- CUSTODIANS: Ralph Cronk, Alan Heafhman. an + M is ,flaw RJCFL' PSE' .SSX 1. ' A8 ' " N 'a , -U ,4 J .Q ks .IQ ,V 11- -, ' J sry p' - - " --'-'f ' "ww 1- ' .722 A s , f-.1"- Q ss I - L t 1 n ' ,ff I X ' s +f:'5,:ff ' ' ' Q ' Q' M- 7' I 'ff A-'nl 'ff' . " : COOKS: Mrs. Ted Opsal, Mrs. Dick Krumm, Mrs. Etha Mclntire, Mrs. Ralph Cumminss K .4 I sql, in .U RK fl ':'t:'.f"k ' " . H V , J 1 Pri- 1' Igflcgv V, Ja? 567051 BUS DRIVERS: Ralph Cronk, Leo Walters fsubsfifuting for Ray Sandersj, Ray Theesfield, lou Slaba, John Kingsion. L. 8. O. DAIRY CITY FOOD MARKET V LINDHOLM MD II I1 mm X II 1 mn HI WAY TRUCK STOP VERN S CLEANERS Im 5 r ION! HXII I All NN II N111 In he SI NIHHS ut 1' IIIN 1 IOWA ELECTRIC LIGHT 8. POWER CO ARMSTRONG SALES COMPANY 111 IN f I XFIII tmn mm XBPI null Rh It WAYNE S BODY SHOP BUTCH 8. FLORENCE 11: Rf 11111 I I'r1f11dIx 1414111 I I' Illlllt 11 11 W HIIHI 1 X1111 mmr 0. Nrm mm, IOM C. . , . . I'I1n11f- I-I IYIIIIIIQ' :3-I AH F .img I . Q I'l sl 'UIIQI I 1 1 2414-I II' fr' xin' Frie- cII1 .I ' ivv ' ' Y 3 'A UA ' Qui I' n I9 NNIS W I I 11111111-1110111 I,ovz1lim1 ' 'A ' M6 Yu ' II'1'I1'i4' 1e'aIe'1' I S g.I " ,- .- f . I A ' I'I1o1 ' 1.1. 1 F4-1 I-1' Hv11ai1'. ' 1' ting , , A ,A V Class I11s1alIc'mI. Frv- is ' at-s ' 11.7 g ' s 11,1111 I 5 " V' l TGI? KFITIWD S O C-f rs I Tblanq Chances 5 Nu X Z S 0 ll 'Nlllilllil Clothing and Shoes W 1 THOMPSON YARDS ARMSTRONG HATCHERY Supreme Quahty Chmks Lumber and Building Supplies Phone 13. R l Illl,I Nldlldglll' X 1 Imm i l -fl, 411- S A M X l :Q 7 A ' x??iiXT A llvl X,-XHHS Ylll' KNUXK H' l'l1um- lTl Q F R -. C I' ' ' Sale-s and Svrviw 4K N I A S e 'l L ' d , I 1 +I xXvlSlll'S to S R flllllgfilllllillt' Ilia' St'IllUI'S uf' 1956 and X-HXN I XHUK YIUHW DUNK'S LOCKER Pl IU-Q ,Xrm I I Q l'hom-T1- wm- DUNW5 DNR' BAR DR. c. PLATH, cHlRoPRAcToR FARMERS CO OP ELEVATOR Feed Fertlluzer Gram Seed Coal Joe Healy Manager Armstrong owa BPSI XXISHI B 8. M MARKET XX c Bmsfk x xv I to the W are CLASS uf '30 MORRALI. CHEVROLET COMPANY 1 1. .A I 1 W 1. rx. y Lmn Ph""" 138 ,'sAI'IllSll'0I I GOLDEN SUN MILLING COMPANY 'Nlanui is turn rs oi I I Inu e ll nur I Il I ll 1 INN III IN Nl RI IXNI IIXN1 I ARNOLD GAARDE INSURANCE AGENCY DR J J CECIL x FTE mx XRIAN Ihune I0 Xrm tmn UNI. from DICK BOYKEN MECHANIC Home r or WuItI1llg., Xnmur arlc FAIRMONT FLOWERS Plume 17 Falrrnont PIERCE ELECTRIC COMPANY hm ITOII UNI XTIIIIN om Phone Zh ARMSTRONG JOURNAL X In New pd er nn X I nw I ummunltx OPSAL S SERVICE STANDARD Xrmwtro Phone If ng Imm Ifl' 'I I "III ' Ik-I-II Thu Pays I ' 'IW Is" Y .mill IIVQIIH' 'Lrr s rung IIQI 'I vry - - - Ilorlgrutlllatiurms 1 , Q U I L ' T Z' ' - S . . . f .x , rs q ' 'f SL Vs f ' s g I 1 .' A A .5 . 'U- sa. 'I Il . - X E 1,1-.'s'p' I X nt: HUXTABLE DRUG Nix X I' urrnunt UN l WEHLER S JEWELRY STORE IIIN HYDE TYPEWRITER CO 1 lt 1 W B MORSCH 4 tbllgfillll 1te f a of fm HERFF JONES CO Incorporated w lu lllll qi mon Fl hm S HOMSEY S 1 lothln 51 Remix to Vicar Whmrm llothm 81 Prnw both ht xour nerd Xrmslrong McINTIRE D X Plrcstom 81 D X Prodmt Phone 11 Iowa 1 on r 1tul.1t1onQ from DIX BOTTLING COMPANY E thcrulle Iowa 1 . lfli.-X1 ' .A . lll'X'I',XI3l.lf K1-gist:-re-nl l'l1111'111111'isl flifts fur All qywdsi H Illllllll' 125 Xa' N11 ' rr s 'mug I 4 PIIUIIQ' 259 I Y 1 1 'S thi ll-14W1-it First St. I-ll N -1,-6 FLl'I'lIl0I , Nii1111's11Ia1 1 ' ' U , ,, 4- l ' ,. J X. i , jf' " "1 - 1 A vrx' .. , f. . . ' ' 1 1 11 ' ' '1 , F ' , G. A. "G .1 RCI-In ' J 5:11171 - I ,' x ' f ga ' ' - M 1 s ' " . 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VARIETY Xrm Iron mm on rliu 1 IIN bulmr of 16 IENIRXI 'NIH IIXNIIS TIJ011 Q nr 1 Ix ldmbln Stu: Dr Ix I Dunda udkex Oat I Ir ISIIIIII III phmm IL1rI in Ier mn A I'mn1I ui tht rm Fxr t Truft SL baunr MINI RITI LXIIONS Irum, N Ilo0I Bank I I' Hdlur m Dr Whltlms I 1 I .1 Blf kfelni Nhuuiard SIJIIUII Burt 8 If n on L F Hfmrn I1 I 1IIn rt P141 W ur md Q Fflylddlft -Xpplndnu .R I s g.I 1 " , , , , , I . E- Ro I 1.1" 4 ' gr -- 'lhlirg Wulf-' I,inm's - - .Iv - 11 . . Sw-1 Iity I ' Gus. Oil. flu-qlsv. 'IM 'vs MRS. M' 'I' :1s'ri1.n .- - s g. I '- A S I 1 . .J . U ,. .., Q Iso! A' A ' -4- "'Sf Kingstgn Klgxangfrg I.. -I.LlUI'lIZOI'I L. .-I. II ' i"sf'n - ' ' R 3- , '. 4 . II hu f , iff,"-'F 33 . . . . . 'S " 5 - ' ' - ' -I-'SIIQT Q 'rw .0. V Y .wn.,' g w- 1' 4- ' ' IIE.-,.II.'.II. a.1xS1 1 ' "" . I 'A :4 ff- 'uII's'I" uv- .S x - -. '. 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