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--mr-rmleiI-N'-v'!m:ugo1mv1:-umupmfr'-rvfrzvvlilggp'-.w:,lsrrffi'ffffrl-H!! wa 4f-+5grw.'x-crn"- +'u2em'5-:'ix-51:11 'li2i!!9f??f?'1'?!FNF:'?5??!F!'!"''-f'V"'4'""f3P"!"'.'fz , .., - f - - -- - .1 4312, .I 94.1-F 1 42.2,-! 1.1.1 . , ' 3. JV., --, ,Q , ., u - 3:-,-1Q:'5'g.,:,g5f3i'M THE 1955 TIGER lt ,,,dl'l. ALMA MATER Our faxr Alma Mater O strength her days To send forever true sons to her pra1se O w1den her borders extend her falr fame And let all glory rebound to thy name Presented by Class of 55 Armstrong Hxgh School Armstrong Iowa DEDICATION To one who has guided us in our early school days of the three "R's"--reading, writing, and arithmeticg has bandaged many scratched knees, shared our joys as well as sorrows with ever faithfulness toher duty and now is on the thresh- old of seeing her first second graders graduate. We, the Seniors of 1955, proudly and affection- ately dedicate our yearbook, The Tiger of 1955, to Miss Parry. 2 W. A. Ortmeyer Superintendent MESSAGE TO THE SENIORS Benjamin Franklin said, "If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An in- vestment in knowledge always pays the best interest." I congratulate the members of the Class of 1955 upon their completion of the high school course of study. But this is only the beginning. My hope is that your experiences with teachers and books during your high school years have stimulated you to a love for and pursuit of more knowledge. Continuous quest for truth and func- tional knowledge throughout a life time, c oupl e d with an abiding faith in the best possible insurance for a success- ful, rewarding and happy life." BOARD or EDUCATIOIQI E -G95 r a Left to right: F. S. Manor, Pres., Clarence Hoovey, Sec., Dr. Clair Lindholm, Art Cassem, Oscar Solberg, Evertt Erickson. J FACULTY dr -L-Nh. LN. R ASA Q if ,arg ,aa Q 15 so Y' Hrgh Schobl Faculty Carroll Bogard Htgh School Prtncrpal Rtchard Htnkley Wtlltam ld 1 Ho ren Genn Knapp James Wtgnes Eugenra Mttchell Corrtne Morse Reuben Lutter Chrtstte Kruel Juntor Htgh Faculty Vtrgtl Nally Juntor Htgh Prtncrpal Kenneth Lemke Patrtcta Kennedy Grade Teachers Barbara Telford Ftfth Iva Mae Tonderum Fourth Marjorte Murra Thtrd Gladys Parry Second Ioan Bravrck Frrst Beulah Errtckson Ftrst Joan Shurts Krndergarten 4 i' 'X 3' gf S gn ,N to . ' " f ' wk. X- , i S ,av-'K 1 -Q, - ', p ,. .Lf 'S - N ' X 'f M 6 5 x' I' ' 4' V - HI 'J .- V ' F A ' X .4 v-Q1 n ff SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ...... .... A rlo Jones Vice President . . . . . . Jack Richmond Secretary ..... .... C heryl Gaarde Treasurer . . . .... Barbara Richmond Class Sponsor .... Mr. Knapp Colors . . . . Turquoise and White Flowers . . . . American Beauty Rose Motto . . . . . Launch but not Anchor 6 ROGER GILBERT PLACE Gib How we adnured h1s waves, and then iff? N-I it rained. ROCLR MELVIN LIINDELL Roge Prepare for the worst, hope for the best and take what comes J, . ' 1 . I M CHERYL KAY GAARDE Cha Cheryl, she is quite a lass. She's got a guy in the Junior Class. BARBARA ANN RICHMOND Rhett I cannot check my girlish blushes. if ' if .- get sr- . 4 fs M ARLO JOEL JONES Pones I was a boy scout till Iwas sixteen. Then I became a girl scout. if ARDEN N. SABIN Spib Give me wine, women, and songg especially the first three. I if 1 7 -arty! ' 'Q 'Q ' GAYLIEDEANPETERSQN S -s.-gf We V I Satch Ilove to wind my mouth up, I love to hear it go. WILLIAM RICHARD KRUMM X Dick Witty and clever, he talks on forever. nffn H fa 1 r I I 5 ,fs wx N- Gd' lx She giggles arid wiggles, but oh how nicely, JQANN PAYE CHEEVER Toad BARBARA RAE REDHEAD Barb Study hard and be on time is always this young lady's rhyme. RICHARD WILLIAM CHAMPNEY A A 5 5 So what, Napoleghuwas a small man I . - too. ' qi., sl? 'fT"'7 RONALD WILLIAM PETERSON I i ' 8 i X! Ching 'I'hcy say he's almost six feet tall, and has the broadest shoulders of all, 8 9 ix kr -au. 'in- s,- ,Y' Tv--r b S , Q' I J DAVID EARL WHITE Dave , I like a girl with a good head on my Q R shoulder. 1 ' sp.,-.- IOHN WILLIAM RICHMOND Jack His limbs were cast in manly moldg For hearty sports and contests bold. if 195' LAVONNE RUTH PRETTY Lou For she's the quiet kind whose nature never varies. ARLEEN ANN SCHREIBER Shreibe lt's love that makes the world go 'round, Arleen's helping with a boy she found. DONALD DEAN KROUGH Boy He drives his car to school each day. When people see him, they get out 'sv- qg ' of his way, f gs '1 - DON MERLIN KINNANDER Don Do you suppose 1'l1 ever grow up. f 5 I 1 K H 3 if -ug 1--qua CLIFFORD LEROY LARSEN I Cliff Somewhat quiet, somewhat shy. l-le'll get over it by and by. JOSEPH MICHEAL EISENBACHER Joe He's like a wheelbarrow. He works better when pushed ELGENE MAE ANDERSON Jeanie She'stal1, she'sfa1r, she's prim. You seldom find her nature grim. i' KATHRYN MARIE ROVN Kate A reserved manner becomes one so efficient. Q' I 6 ROBERT KAY LEACH Bob I stand on the brink of a great career. Will someone give me a shove. 10 SENIOR CLASS PLAY, G M A From left to right, seated: Cheryl Gaarde, Barbara Richmond, Barbara Redhead, Bill Champney, and Roger Place. Standing: David White, Elgene Anderson, Arleen Schreiber, Don Kinnander, Jack Richmond, Dick Krumm, Joann Cheever, and Lavonne Fretty. Terror At Black Oaks When Bonnie and Flo arrive at Black Oaks for the reading of Uncle Algernon's will they find Rusty and Hank, who had sought refuge there, just leaving, for they have been attacked by the mentally unbalanced son of the house- keeper. But Rusty's first glance at Bonnie makes him decide to stay awhile. Arrogant Aunt Clarissa is certain she'll be sole heir, and as far as for her nieces -- they'll soon learn who's boss! The group is startled to learn that cousin Ted, convicted of murdering the uncle, has escaped from the penitentiary. Everyone is now a serious case ofthe jitters! Aunt Clarissa is murdered and Bonnie becomes sole heir. Who will be the next one? Well, everything finally ends well, and the truth comes out that Dave, with the assistance of Mildred, had murdered Uncle Algernon and Aunt Clarissa. Cast of Characters Willie Rusty Gates Hank West Elvira Bonnie Blakely Flo Turner Scott Radford Clarissa Blakely Kate Blakely Julie Blakely Ted Blakely Dave Blakely Mildred Blakely Don Kinnander Bill Champney Roger Place Arleen Schreiber Barbara Redhead Barbara Richmond lack Richmond Elgene Anderson LaVonne Fretty Joann Cheever Dick Krumm David White Cheryl Gaarde ll ANNUAL STAFF 1st row left to rrght LaVonne Fretty Barbara Redhead Joann Cheever Kathryn Rovn Cheryl Gaarde Elgene Anderson 2nd row Mr Wrgnes Barbara Rrchmond Arleen Schrerber Cltfford Larson Roger Place Donald Krough Joe Ersenbacher Gayle Peterson Arlo Jones Brll Peterson 3rd row Arden Sabtn Jack Rtchmond Davrd Whrte Roger Lxndell Robert Leach Donald Kmnander B111 Champney and Rtchard Krumm EDITOR LaVonne Pretty ASSOCIATE EDITOR Barbara Rlchmond BUSINESS MANAGER Cheryl Gaarde ADVERTISING MANAGER Gayle Peterson Arleen Schrreber Arden Sabrn B111 Champney SALES MANAGER B111 Peterson Elgene Anderson Barbara Redhead Joe Ersenbacher Drck Krumm Don Krnnander PHOTOGRAPHIC EDITOR Bob Leach SENIOR SECTION AND ORGANIZATIONS Roger Place Roger Lrndell CLASSES AND GRADES Jack Rrchmond Davtd Whrte FACULTY Joann Cheever SPORTS Don Krough Cltfford Larson TYPIST Kathryn Rovn 2 "D . L , V f .ff .ff , . Y . y, - s I 5 It ' at Q I I f V .V 1 ' . 1 . . . . . - 5 - . . . , n 1 . I . . . I - 3 . , . f . V v . - 12 f " ,.'W 47490 DJ.: L24 M X , r -Nl f 'mx' 'Sgt .s JUNIORS First row, left to right: Robert Schreiber, Janet Ho1verson,Char1ene Gangested, Carol l-lolverson, Maxine l-lypes, Karen Theesefield, Loretta Jensen, Marlene Askeland, Marilun Haworth, Robert Eisenbacher. Second row: Mr. Hinkley, Karen I-lomsey, Janice Verbruggee, Patty Gochanour, Myrna Nieman, Diane Robinson, Cherie Kingston, Helen Cheever, Marilyn Larsen, Dorothy Cassem, Miss Morse. Third row: Robert Helgason Duane Fetters Chester Dunn, Joe Madden, Dick Larsen, George Fothergill, Dale Schumaker, Gary Love, Lyndon Opsal, Don Schwartz, and John Conn. Well here we are, one year older and one step farther up on the ladder. At last we have earned that prized title of upper- classmen. Perhaps this, our Junior year, 9 will be long remembered as the most ex- citing and most fun for us. First was the class play, then our rings came, and the mostimportant of all the planning and put- ting on the Jr. Sr. Banquet and prom. We've hadalot of good times and reward- ing experience to make up our school year. See you next year, as Seniors , we hope! gram ... JUNIOR CLASS PLAY -.. ,...........- '7l?'l:w . D . I From left to right: Marlene Askeland, Marilyn Haworth, Charlene Gangested, Joe Madden, Maxine Hypes, Diane Robinson, Helen Cheever,Dale Schumacher, Don Schwartz, Duane Fetters, Loretta Jensen, Janice Verbruggee, and Robert Schreiber. Lying on floor, Dorothy Cassem. Love Is Too Much Trouble A torrent of trouble descended on Joe Burke -- the latest being his restriction from the Junior Promg and all because he gave his botany professor Oggy's neutralization pills thinking they were something like aspirin. His friend, Pinky,hashistroubles -- money for the Junior Prom orchestra. That is -- until Oggy comes in to announce that he is being paid 3200.00 to be a human guinea pig. That fee would solve the problem, except that, Oggy didn't always feel noble. Only a stranger with a special drink prepared at Toasty's drink fountain at the Poison Pot provided "the body" for the suspended animation experiment. All these developments do not go unnoticed by the president and the dean of women. By fast action and a financial donation by Mrs. Bates, everybody's world turns right side up by the final curtain. Cost of Characters "Toasty" Marilyn Haworth Joe Burke Joe Madden "Pinky" Hamilton Don Schwartz Ogdon "Oggy" McClasky Bob Schreiber Connie Ashton Helen Cheever Ebb Dunham Marlene Askeland Flo Dunham Charlene Gangsted Shirley Bradford Sugar Lou Jackson Monica Bates Mrs. J. Worthingto Dr. Pillsy Miss Emily Ross Cliff Hayward n Bates Loretta Jensen Janice Verbrugge Maxine Hypes Diane Robinson Dale Schumaker Dorothy Cassem Duane Fetters 15 SOPHOMORES 1st row: left to right: LaVonne Eckholm, Kathryn Theil, Diane Grabinoski, Kay Fitzgerald, Judy Krough, Dawn Roben, Judy Hansen, Sharon Corderman, Bernice Plath. 2nd row: Bill Hirt, Donna Manor, Dixie Lee Hansen, Judy Hoppus, Norma Hanson, Norma Anderson, Janice Danielson, Rosemary Quinn, Sharon Larson, Janice Jacobs, John Vogelpohl, Dewayne Mclntire. 3rd row: Howard Helgason, Vernon Corderman, Calvin Porter, Ronald Henrickson, Douglas Whitesell, Dennis Croww, Ronnie Barber, David Horswell, Gerald Irmiter, Harold McElwee, and Mr. Holdren, Sponsor. On August 29, 1954, thirty-one "slightly" nervous but "fairly" assured sophomores strolled into the halls of Armstrong Con- solidated School to begin their second year of high school. Some believed the sophomore year would be a dull, lifeless year with nothing special to look forward to, but, as they learned, it was the year in which they seasoned themselves to the two com- ing years of high school. With basketball, band, chorus, etc., it promised to keep them busy. They firmly re solved to catch up on parties, to live up to the example set by the former sophomores Q?J, to learn something in English, and to make it the rip-roarinest year they had had yet. Do you think they did it? FRESHMEN First Row, left to right: Miss Mitchell, Dorothy Burgeson, Marlene Cronk, Iris Dunn, Marceil Fries, Karen Frederick- son, Charlotte Long, Janice Matthiesin, Ruth Gerdet, Sheryl Petersen, Judy Reiffer. Second row: Larry Christensen, James Rovn, Veldene Tow, Carol Wagner, Bemice Hardecopf, Mary Valen, Sandra Carlson, Mary McCorkle, Karen Husted, Dolores Richmond, Deanna Daries, Barbara Looft. Third row: Tommy Manley, James Fothergill, Jimmy Lindell, Charles Guerdet, Clarence Rezac, Gaylord Plath, Larry Vigdal, Leslie Cheever, Clifford Porter, Gary Lawer- ence, Mr. Wignes. Not pictured, Karen Robinson. On August 31, thirty-three students came to enroll in school. All with ideas that it would be terribly frighten- ing, however, we all lived through it and now find our- selves refined "green freshmen." Perhaps we could say English is about our favorite class for every minute brings something different and things are far from dull. Just before Christmas we lost our vice-president, Karen Husted, so we have elected another one--Veldene Tow. We think we are doing very well for our first year. We have students in band, pep band, girls glee club, girl's sextet,boy's quartet,while others are out for speech and "The Tiger Tales" staff. ,... ,,,?,,s .aim vu... Q I H, '-T.. Q ,I log? 4 T Student Council Flrst row left to rlght Dlane Roblnson Sec Cheryl Gaarde Pres Arlo Jones Jack R1Ch mond Second row Mr Bogard Karen Hustad Chfford Porter Drane Grabrnoskl Lyndon Opsal Norma Anderson Q,-ss , Sophomore K a r e n Fredencksen Tre a s Drane Robmson V Pres Lyn Veldene Tow V Pres Mar don Opsal Pres Dale Schu lene C ron k Sec C11 fford macher Treas Helen Cheever Porter Pres Not Plctured Sec Norma Anderson V Pres Sharon Larsen Sec Drane Grablnoskx Pres Calvm Porter Treas Not Prcrured 18 T M x 1 ' Pl E , N T 0 L J S Q X, - X .kk V X - xv V V , 4 ' ie!! K' N f' A A I x 9 L I 'V' . 4 0' X fy -. SENIOR gun. Cheryl Gaarde Mason City Band Queen Left to Right, First row: Janet Halverson, Barbara Richmond, Norma Hansen, Cherie Kingston, Ruth Horswell. Second row: Ann Lutter, Dalories Richmond, Janice Verbruge, Betty Mclntire, Carol Hal- verson, Betty McCork1e, Judy Krough, Karen Jean Twedt, Third row: Deanna Daries, Marlys Wilson, lris Dunn, Janice Jensen, Harold McElwee, Jimmy Lindell, Sandra Slaba, Diane Grabinoski, Marlene Askland, Cheryl Gaarde, Don Schwartz. Standing, Mr. Lutter, Diane Robinson. Girls' Glee Club Left to Right, First row: Judy Krough, Janice Matthiesen, Barbara Looft, Kay Fitzgerald, Judy Hansen, Maxine Hypes, Joann Cheever, Deanna Daries, Kathryn Theil, Diane Grabinoski, Veldene Tow, Karen Husted, Miss Kruel. Second row: Ruth Guerdebt, Dawn Roben, Sheryl Peterson, Patty Gochanour, Loretta Jensen, Charlene Gangsted, Marilyn Larsen, Marlene Askland, La Vonne Fretty, Janet Halverson, Marilyn Haworth, Norma Hanson, Judy l-loppus, Karen Theesfield. Third row: Haren Homsey, Janice Verbruggee, Cheryl Gaarde, Arleen Schrieber, Kathryn Rovn, Elgene Anderson, Myrna Neiman, Sharon Larsen, Norma Anderson, Diane Robinson, Barbara Redhead, Cherie Kingston, Barbara Richmond, Helen Cheever, Delories Richmond, Dorthy Cassem, Donna Manor. 20 BAND Norma Hanson Algona Band Festival Queen First Row, left to right: Beverly Mclilwee, Marlene Cronk, Barbara Looft, Dorothy Cassem, Ronald Henricksen. Second Row: Alice, Burkhead, Barbara Redhead, Lyndon Opsal, Joe Madden, Vernon Corderman, Dennis Cross, Sharon Hypes, Aileen Paulson. Third Row: Gailord Plath, Macine l-lypes, Kay Fitzgerald, Rebecca Johnston, Larry Vigdal, Roger Place, Robert I-lendricksen, David White. Stand- ing: Karen Theesfield, Kathryn Theil, Karon Homsey. Boys' Glee Club First Row, Left to right: Harold McElwee, Bill Hirt, Jimmy Lindell, Larry Vigdal, Howard Helgason, Don Schwartz Dwayne Mclntire, Bill Champney, Don Kinnander, Vernon Corderman, Arden Sabin, Jack Richmond, Dale Schu- macher, Miss Kruel. Second Row: Robert Helgason, Gerald Irmiter, David White, Bill Peterson, Stanley l-lorswell Dick Larson, Joe Madden, Ronald Henricksen, Gailord Plath, Calvin Porter, Lyndon Opsal, Duane Fetters, Arlo Jones Roger Place, Robert Leach. 21 hi... '9 'X S 3. J' fr HK, , . D-'. . '- if - . . .li r. , . .N f- I. F174 1' fn U. ie 424-A I M554 -' ' 6 SMALL GROUPS Girls' Quartet Kay Fitzgerald, LaVonne Fretty, Barbara Rich- mond, Dorothy Cassem. O , I Girls Trio Cherie Kingston, Diane Robinson, Marilyn lla- worth. Brass Sextet Ronny Henrickson, Dorothy Cassem, Gailord Plath, Barbara Redhead, Lyndon Opsal, Bobby Henrickson. Clarinet Quartet Janet Halvorson, Barbara Richmond, Cherie Kingston, Norma Hansen, Saxophone Quartet Cheryl Gaarde, Marlene Askland, Diane Grabi- noski, Diane Robinson. Boys' Quartet Jimmy Lindell, Gailord Plath, Ronny Henrick- son, Lyndon Opsal. Girls' Sextet Janice Mattieson, Kay Fitzgerald, LaVonne Fret- ty, Barbara Richmond, Dolores Richmond, Dor- othy Cassem. , Q r 5' c 7 'Q Us 5 f ' J 4" J Ax' STA 200 5 . BOYS BASKETBALL Frrst row left to right Clxfford Larsen Jack Rrchmond Roger Place Arlo Jones Dav1d Whrte Duane Fetters Don Krough Arden Sabrn Second row Clarence Rezac Leshe Cheever Ronald Hendrlckson Garlord Plath Douglas Whnesell Denms Cross Roger L1nde11 Rrchard Krumn Robert Schrexber Thud row Howard Helgason mgr 1 Hm Dwayne Mclnure Clrfford Porter Mr Holdren coach Calvln Porter Ha old McE1wee James Rovn James Voqelpohl mgr The Boy's Basketball team th1s year enjoyed one of 1ts best seasons wlth e1ghteen wms and seven losses The season was f1l1ed w1th many ups" and downs ' The "Ups' mcluded the two v1ctor1es over Swea C1ty both thr1111ng trmes dur1ng the season We were proud to have Arlo Jones and Bob Schre1ber placed on the county team along wrth Duane Fetters who recerved honorable ment1on Season Record Home e They G ruve r Tltonka Swea C1ty Lakota Thompson Ledyeard Burt T1tonka Graettmer Lakota Thompson Swea Crty Ceylon Ledyard R1ngsted Burt Fenton Away Grant Lone Rock Rlngsted County Tournament Armstrong Gruver Armstrong Estherv1l1e Armstrong R.1ngsted Sect1ona1 Tournament Armstrong T1tonka Armstrong Swea Cxty 7 . u ' I . i. ' . . : ' . I I all ' . : ' ' , ' .S I' .I X ' v . - Q n , 1 p to the very end, and Ringsted, much to our dismay, brought the "downs," three 51 51 W ' 69 ' 68 21 54 ' 63 ' 43 64 77 ' 65 66 71 49 67 ' 53 78 68 80 43 38 ' 51 72 -- 45 42 72 -- ' 83 41 51 -- ' 55 31 69 -- ' 58 65 59 -- ' 45 ' 49 24 GIRLS BASKETBALL Ftrst row left to rrght Max1ne Hypes Dorothy Cassem Karen Theesfleld Joann Cheever Cheryl Gaarde Barbara Redhead Arleen Schrexber Norma Anderson Charlene Gangsted Second row Carol Wagner Veldene Tow Drane Gl'3b1l'lOSkl Dolores Richmond Cher1eK1ngston Dlane Robtnson Judy Krough Donna Manor Thlrd row Deanna Danes Ins Dunn Barbara Looft Norma Hanson Kathryn Therl Sharon Larson Judy Hoppus Manlyn Haworth Dawn Robrn Fourth row Mrs Larson chaperone Marlene Askeland assistant manager Barbara Rrchmond manager and Mr Hmkley coach Completmg the "54 and 55" season the Tlgerettes had a record of 7 w1ns and l4 losses W1th twenty three g1r1s out for basketball the traveltng squad tncludes four semors, four Jun1ors, two sophomores, and two freshman The most exc1t1ng game of the season would perhaps be the overtlme game played at Lone Rock Others are the wm over Grant and Gruver at the begm mng of the season, and the v1ctory over Ledyard where every player shone Players who recelved honorable mentlon on the county team were Arleen Sch re1ber, Barbara Redhead Max1ne Hypes and Cheryl Gaarde Thus endeth another S6aSOTl Season Record e They Gruver Txtonka Lakota Thompson Ledyard R1ngsted Burt Fenton Grant Lone Rock lovert1meJ Rmgsted Ledyard Burt Tttonka Graettxnger Lakota Thompson County Tournament Armstrong Gruver Secttonal Tournament Armstrong Dolhxer Armstrong Rxngsted -Xrmstrong Lone Rock 1 32 ' W 49 43 33 23 43 ' 35 33 ' 28 47 28 ' 22 46 34 47 40 59 35 ' 42 43 53 36 -- 47 22 ' 58 27 30 -- " 32 34 35 . -- ' ' 27 . -- BASE BALL 49,- 4 r X.. X. 'x I S X X I r y t at in N ? 1 'Ng-L' I 5:04 I at ' , bf --Jar' '- ' , N J B X , ' 1 F- . S V t. ll . -iv .Uris . 'sr' .up of Y ' ' 5 x 6 ff, f ,.,. . F8 f at First row, David I-lorswell, Arlo 1ones.2nd row, Don Schwartz, Rich- ard Krumn, Bob Schreiber, Arden Sabin, Bill Champney. 3rd row, Larry Christensen, Robert Helgason, Larry Vigdal, Don Krough, Duane ry! rw X, XX Fetters, Clifford Larsen, Bob Eisen bacher. 4th row, Calvin Porter Douglas Whitesel Mr Holdr 1. . en Coach, Clarence Rezac, and Clif- ford Porter. LETTER WINNERS Frrst row left to right ArleenSchre1ber Barbara Redhead JoannCheever Second row Jack Richmond row DonKrough Clifford Larson Fourth row David White Roger Place Arden Sabin Fifth row Arlo Jones Bob Schreiber Karen Theesefield Sixth row Davrd Horswell Duane Fetters Don Schwartz Char lene Gangsted Maxme Hypes and Dorothy Cassem CHEERLEADERS Left to rrqhtg Marilyn Haworth, Dime Hanson, Sharon Larson, Judy 1-loppus, Donna Manor, and Kathryn 'IM I 1? .. U9 :N - K Bill Charnpney, Dick Iirumm, Cheryl Gaarde. Third 5 lu. x .4 . f A f S J' 33? Q ! HIV ul FQ -. W . nf! 7 Q.. 4, Q 1 V: 1 ' New 'Q-WM Q 5 1 'iffy wx' ,aff -E Q 2,-,:-..---...... fir .A ' in-f 5"".-- .Q 4 pang -L 5 'fi , , 9 iw 58 4 i br 4 y " s Y 0 , ff A1 4 n ,Q . a l', fb M . ws SLI 2' 9. 4. I? if FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA sv W-e-v-2 U1 A fi 'Clit 4-we F1rst row left to rrght Kay Fltzgerald Drane Roblnson Jan1ce Verbruggee Cheryl Gaarde Karen Theesfreld Judy Hoppus Norma Hanson Barbara Redhead Second row M1ss Morse Mar1lyn Larson Dorothy Cassem Loretta Jensen Drane Grabxnoskt Rosemary Qu1nn Marlene Askland Norma Anderson Sharon Larson Donna Manor Kathryn 'lherl Thrrd row Cherte KIHQSIOH Dawn Roben Judy Krough Joann Cheever Sharon Corderman Judy Hanson Bernice Plath Janrce Jacobs THE ARMSTRONG FHA The Armstrong chapter of the Future Homemakers of Amerrca held IIS f1rst meettng of the 1954 55 school year on September 16 The group organized just last year has 26 members Its members elected as officers Cheryl Gaarde presldent Janrce Verbrugge vrce presrdent Barbara Redhead secretary Judy Hoppus treasurer Dlane Th1s year the F H A helped the F F A to grve the Harvest Ball The gtrls sponsored the electton of a F H A Chapter Krng a counter partof the F F A s Chapter Sweetheart The candrdates for ktng were B111 Petersen semor Gary Love jumor Calv1n Porter sophomore and Clrfford Porter freshman Each of the candrdates was gtven an F H A emblem The krng was the Jumor candrdate Gary Love He was presented a Jacket One of the brg events of the year was the tr1p to the d1Sl1'1CI conventton at Sac Cxty on October 30 Stxteen grrls and M1ss Morse attended the conventron There were both mornrng and afternoon sessrons After the mornrng ses sron the conventxon broke up rnto drscussron groups the IOPIC be1ng 'l-low can Famtly Members Lxve Together More Happ11y" Eachof the offtcers met w1th the girls holdrng the same offtce tn other chapters to drscuss the duttes and problems of therr partrcular offtce Durmg the lunch hour sktts were presented by varrous schools tn the gymnastum and the drstrrct chorus met and pract1ced the numbers ll was to s1ng at the afternoon sessxon The grrls came home from the conventxon wlth a much better understandmg of F H A and many rdeas for thrngs to be done rn our own chapter F H A week was held November 28 through December 4 Monday the grrls wore therr offrcral red popltn Jackets rf they had them rf not they wore an emblem of constructton paper Tuesday the grrls all wore DIQIBIIS tred w1th red and whlte rrbbons Wednesday they wore red and whrte rrbbons on wh1te blouses Thursday was Good Deed Day Frxday they wore red roses on whtte blouses Other actrvmes of the year lncluded a bake sale the sendrng of grfts to an orphanage at Chrrstmas and a party for the F F A boys rn January 30 M X arf Q i K L. T I ' 1- ' F .P .5 Q " -0 A' sz s N Q V G , -. , f - 4' Q' A "L ' , A A A .s,,,,t,. I V V Robinson, reporterg Norma Hansen, parliamentariang Karen Theesfield, historiang and Kay Fitzgerald, songleader. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Ftrst row left to rrght Arden Sabrn George Fotherglll Roger Lmdell Robert Helgason Don Schwartz Arlo Jones Mr Knapp Secondrow B111 Hrrt James Fothergrll Jrmmy Ltndell Thomas Manley Howard Helgason Clarence Rezac Leslxe Cheever Gary Love Calvtn Porter John Conn James Rovn Thlrd row Cllfford Larson Cltfford Porter Charles Guerdet Dav1dHorswell StanleyHorsewell Dav1dWh1te Douglas Whttesell Dtck Larson Ronald Henrxksen Gerald lrmrter Vernon Corderman Harold McElwee THE ARMSTRONG FFA The FFA Chapter has already planned and accomplxshed much towards maklng thts year a successful one The flrstdutywas to elect newofftcers Elected were Roger Ltndell Presldent Arlo Jones Vlce Presldent George Fother Our proJects have beennumerous and varred but all enloyable and profltable Probably the most tmportant was agam when the FFA sponsored thelr annual Sweetheart Contest along wlth the FHA who has a Kmg Contest A boy and gtrl were chosen from each class to represent the members At last came the mght when the FHA and FFA gave an All Htgh School party called The Harvest Ball 1n appreclatlon for the support we had recelved The wmners were announced who were the Junlor candldates Marlene Askland Queen and Gary Love Kmg Agatn th1s year plans are bemg made to g1ve the s1x Semor FFA boys an all expense tnp There are also plans to send delegates to the State FFA Convention as has been done ln the past Other projects were when all FFA members recetved an atrplame rlde the showtng of 1nd1v1dual projects at the county fatr sellmgmagazxne sub scrrpttons sponsormg a Chapter Corn Show plus many others BCIIVIIICS 31 gill, Secretary: Arden Sabin, Treasurerg Don Schwartz, Reporyterg and Robert Helgason. Sentinel. '- W E Q! wr 1 Lje' es! 1 eg I fe? 'V 1 1 - , ,QMEQQL . K. ,, . 1 F 3, .--.-....-.v--... N1 A 4 - . 3524. 5 . 5 I . 'I uae. - l 0 ,.,1. Ani" 'J pf- .f , , . -, l 1 ' F x 537 if u YV 1 '11 ,I in 4,qunnmv-- b i" . A 1' 'n.j.:..'-3' 141 ' , V 'Q ll fx EI' U it K 5 af' up' . bv f x n K . - P Y 1 .5 V rj? 'X Q 35 g El , . , E f L, TIGER TALES f .- ,I L1 Left to rrght lst row Barbara Redhead Diane Robinson Joann Cheever Barbara Richmond Karen Theesfleld Martlyn Haworth 2nd row Ins Dunn Veldene Tow Helen Cheever Lherle Krngston Miss Mitchell Loretta Jensen CherylGaarde Myrna Niemann Patty Gochanour Bob Schreiber Kathryn Rovn 3rd row Betty McCorkle Charlotte Long Karen Husted Karen Fredrrckson Marlene Cronk Deanna Danes Marlene Askland Maxlne Hypes 4th row Beverly McElwee Mary Valen Judy Rreffer Mary McCork1e Carol Halvorson Charlene Gangsted Janet Halverson Not pictured Dixie Hansen Kay Fitzgerald Bernice Plath av?" 'ia WIS? Joann Cheever Editor 33 Barbara Ann Richmond Assistant Editor 'One Word Alone" e . . . .............. Diane Robinson He . . ..... ....... . Duane Fetters SPEECH AND DRAMATICS Students participating in speech work. Jennifer . . . Mrs. Blake . Margaret . . Sue ...... Mrs. George Aggie Miller -1 "Magic Along Main Street" ...............DianeGrabinoski ................Janetl-lolverson . . . . Dolores Richmond . . ..... Carol Wagner . . . . Kay Fitzgerald . . . .... Mary Valen , -IL I 24. S ww EIGHTH GRADE naw . z . ' .V , - , 1, - I . J ' I I' ,v ." . , . ' ' l Q 1, H+-.-me , - , M ' 'W . - ,' . r 4 1 nA A ,' W -1 ' ' r A A - - L , - : js , I ' ' ' e . I ' , P K , .. 1 Y si . , 1" ' ffvmw ' ' J' - ' I . . ' ,,-u . V V . Y A ' , V , ' A V U - 1 , H .'I I '. ,L 1121, lr- - " . I- 1 , . -U - 'A "final , .- I. 1 - M f ,X 5 . 1- h ' ' ' I Left to rrght frrst row Alreen Paulson Carol Corderman Sharon Hypes Ruth Horswell Betty Mclntrre Nancy Pehrson Beverly McE1wee Mary Askland Betty McCorkle Bonny Barber Second row Janrce Jensen Betty Lou Fretty Alrce Burkhead Helen Anderson Rose Mrtchell Maryls Wrlson Ann Lutter Karen Larsen Joan Vogepohl Joan lrmrter Joyce Nremann Sue Anderson Sandy Slaba Mr Nally Thrrd row Davrd Krumm Rrchard Ersen bacher Earl Dean Von Bank Robert Cheever Rrchard Schrerber Roger Larsen Rrchard Grabrnaskr John Anderson Harvey Cheever Jack Hrrt John Sturm Fourth row Carl Anderson J1m Rrchmond Robert Henrrksen Larry Red rng Jerry Johnson Julrus lrmrter Dale Rasmussen absent James Brandenburg Elghth Grade Offrcers Leftto rlght Janrce Jensen, Secretary and Treasurer of Stu dent Councrl, Roger Larsen, Presrdent of the class, Jrm Rrchmond, Vrce Presrdent of class, Robert Henrrksen, Sec retary and Treasurer of class, Harvey Cheever, Vrce Presr dent of Student COUHC11, James Brandenburg, Presrdent of Student Councrl 36 SEVENTH GRADE f"'s I 'G' I ff: 'fl-I5 :Z Ht!!! 691 1 A .4 mad M-4' --. Flrst row Ardls Manzke MarJor1eE1senbacher Karen Jean Tweedt Patr1c1a Carson Faye McCorkle Davtd Vlgdal Arlo Manzke LaVerneFr1es Douglas Nutt Jerry Darres Leroy Plath Mary Guerdet Second row Alrce Prcht Chrts Fetters Patrxcta Roalson Maman Paulson Sonja Heuman Janlece Vlgd81 Joyce Lawerence Judlth Sturm Marlys Hams Sharon Manley Rebecca Johnston Mr Lemke Thtrd row Carolyn l-lovey Judrth Nutt Raymond Worden Noel Gochanour Russell Schrelber Gary W1dde1 Calvrn Long Ronald Grabrnoske B11ly Johnson SIXTH GRADE :LN 1 P' '- 'S .ai M R .il IL 1' Frrst row Jrmmy Larson Judy Corderman Jrmmy RODIHSOD Mary Jane Dundas Elward Prcht James watts Joe Verbrugge Duane Carlson Gary Schumacher Gary Rleffer Second row Bonnre Godfrey Delores Anderson Marlys Nelson Cheryl Olsen Ann Burkhead Ellzabeth Ktnnander Joan Anderson Avrs Wadsworth Carol Long Lmda Thackery Madyln Carlson Miss Kennedy Thtrd row Tommy Trenary Robert Godtredsen Ronald Hansen Donald VonBank Lanny Krnnander Emmet Ournn Davld Pedersen Ronald Porter Clarence Cheever Lowell Cassem Syl vester Etsenbacher James Manzke 3 -, -.' ' . , - 3 fx 4 fu ' V A ' if HI V 'I 1 Q -. '. .' V 1 ' ' XV rf J 5 I . . YQ, , -I 2' D .. .. ' S T" n:.,, ' x - - - 5 I. rv N- A 4: f . rm, . n 52155 555: 5 : R' ,. . 51 V 'W-11f::"f t "5 ' J " ' -I ' '. ' . 'J J. I . uf . . +I . -' an , If' , -s . , Q ' - V I Q. ' ' , '4 A ll . I ,,', ,, - , I K-. by ,V K H , g 1 ' ,Ii X A ,I ' ' XXI I' " 7415 . 'J 'I " I 4 .5 l is ' 11 . H . 4 wr- - . J'-1 A -fkl-vii! . J' ' , s , ' Y-, Q I ' -vjflgf.-,,"W I, rg, "-4. if' ' . . I I I . I . I I I I . I I I I I ' , I ' - K L-I, :I., .- . ,, .5A.,,3 z I' of -flfizvi ?3l?"'if'i?a" k 1 . A ' -f ine . I- -I g i ge-:I I L. , I A I f f -., . . 1 ' 'v ' M .'+Q23"ifZ1' -,i r 'I . 1 1, 1 v 1 N, Q I ' I 'D N . - ' 1 4' -12353 I , , 2 Ig N A J- 'A ' . J C .- f IH- ,A . 4' .- - -. ' :I 'za - - - I - --2 - I ' , . . ' F ' 1 Z . I ' L: A - ' Q .- ' H 1.3 . I - W .I I Aziz. 'I T- as V .-si ?" -LJ""3' I ' . , fh'ffffsrr. 11i W' f -.. , I- - I 4 is ' V: A ' ' n - -4, fr? " I A ' ' , .Q , 'f' ' F I- .,A1j'. 5 . .I . , K' x -X ' M' fed 0' A--' Q Q to M 1 . Q i .h I ' M-L. Qfgg E ' " . 'io " ,".f',7Zi S - f I' 'sr l'i . '0 - . f ' D ,, . 'Q W . .... . I , , , 1 . 2 ' . . a , g I D I I V l U , , . : . I I , , , I I I I ' , . T JUNIOR BAND STR BAND sc0 First row lefr to rrqht Ehzabeth Krnnander Niadxln Larlson Carolyn Hovey LuVerne Frres Rebecca Johnston Karen Jean Tweedr Joan Anderson Joan Irmrter Karen Larsen second row C herxl Sclmarta Delores Anderson Xian Lee Askeiand Alrce Burkhcad julxus Irmrrer Calvrn Long, Gary Schumaker Lanny Krnnander Davrd Feder sen Lowe1lCassem Thrrdrow Pau1aGaarde Brllv Loofr Joe Harsman Kennth IVIHCIISOH Ronme Grabrnoskl Arleen Paulson Jear1Lurrer Xnn Burkbead Niarw Guerder and Mr Lurrer JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS From to back, Karen Jean Tweedr, Betty Mclnrire, Berry Iv1cCorkle, and Bonnie Barber. 38 GIRLS' BASKETBALL Left to right First row Berry McCorkle Joan Vogelpohl Joan Irmirer Mary Askland Sue Anderson Maryls Wilson Beverly McElwee Helen Anderson Bonny Barber Ruth l-lorsuell Sharon Hypes Aileen Paulson Second row Ann Lutter Alice Burkhead JBHICC Jensen Sandy Slaba Cheryl Olson Carol Corderrnan Carol Long, Alice Plchr Mary Guerdett Third row Karen Jean Twedr Betty Mclnure Bonny Godfery Dolores Anderson Rebecca Johnston Fae McCork1e Mr Nally BOYS BASKETBALL sen Larry Redmg Jim Richmond Julius Irmuer John Anderson Richard Grabinoski David Krumn Second row Lowell Cassem Jerry Daries Douglas Nut LuVerne Fries Billy Johnson Jimmy Larsen Noel Gochanour Ronald Grabinoski CalvrnLong Tommy Trenary Lanny Kinnander David Vigdal Third row Ronny Porter Joe Verbrugge Jimmy Robinson Gary Schumaker Gary Relffer Mr Lemke 39 1 Left to right, First row: Chris Fetters, Russell Schreiber, Richard Schreiber, Harvey Cheever, Jack Hin, Roger Lar- FIFTH GRADE gy J-sl: IR First row left to right Dwight Hansen Jimmy Grabinoski Ronald Roalson David Helgason Earl Dorr Robert Vrg dal David Sandt Jimmy Walters Alvin Nelson Billy Looft Second row Paula Gaarde Marjory Dunn Carol Lawerence Beverly Corderman Donna Lindell Sharlene Gram Judy Eckholm Trudence Nutt Margaret Engessor Jean Dundas Jane Ellen Corderman Barbara Wegner Ellen Larsen Third row Jean Lutter Paula Worden Cheryl Schwartz Vera Quinn Kenneth Madison Dean Holverson Ronald Heuman Lawerence Jenkins Donald Carlson James Cecil Joe Harsman and Miss Telford FOURTH GRADE fi ' ,V 5 'H jan-F' :, ' 7 e First row left to right. Ronald Harris Larry Balmer, Billy Christensen, Edwin Mitchell Calvin Jongberg Mary Danielson Cheryl Balmer Mary Engesser. Second row: Donna Long Richard Snong Elna Anderson Mathew Car- ney Janice Rankin Pauline Paulson Madonna Eisenbacher Carol Kinnander Dorothy Rezac. Third row, Maxine Jenkins Judy Pedersen Kathleen Kelly Stephen Reding Carol Hendrickson, Kathleen Loftis Glenda Johnson Miss Tonderum and Jolene Hanson. Not pictured, Betsy Askeland. 40 THIRD GRADE i Arflh.. 'TZ' 44 i ll' R J ps-1 Fust row left to right Terrill Watts Dan Horswell Billy Trees Barry Miller Jay Provencher Jimmy Ross Ken , 4 E . . L Q.. . :L :Z g ,-1 - Q - .1 H P ' .15 f , , . L rw , , . L' ' - V V J - 4 S - J 1, I ' Q "gg ' X 3 ,. if A K. 'fx' Q, ,-1 I 4 u 5 ' 4' - 5 f V ' , - f ' 9 . J ' .1 Q 1 , l ' ' 3 , I V. ' . A YI' ' I I X . v p '! ,, , J I U ,, ., t ' I - . 'O - a ' '- , f ' .fs -L . '?lL5.f- ' ,' ' 11,4 ,gg , - . ' 4 neth Schrnidtke, Victor Clabaugh, Dalvid Warden, Larry Grabinoskil. Second row: 'Kathy Husted, Jolene Hypes,' Susan Morsch, Bonnie Gochanour, Karen Guerdet, Janet Wagner, Peggy Blekfeld, Michall Cecil, Marlin Fisher, Roger Mart J 1 1. ' 1 ' 3 ,L ' J 5 5' I 1 ' fa ' . N . 4 t f . I J ' ' ' , A . I x D L , 'ff F. N l . N , - -Ag W , T ,I n . A L V . 4 I 1 ' - Shirley Ann Cronk J1mmyBlekfeld Third row Sherrill Watts Arlene Burkhead Judy Lutter Marilyn McElwee Do lores Jenkins Janice Haisman Larry Larson Jimmy Gibbons Paul Jensen James Godfredson Morris Danielson Miss SECOND GRADE 'BV' -" First row left to right John Clark Gary Thackery Marlys Madison Second row Richard Hansen Kenneth Manley Ronald Carlson Beth Corderman Third row Gloria Taylor Jimmy Danielson Diane Carlson Irene Pehrson Patty Imiter Edward Engesser Fourth row Rrchard Walters Marcia Vandall Vernon Fries Jeanene Teeter Douglas Pfeil Doreen Redmg Standing row Mary Kay Krumm Miss Parry Kathleen Erickson Jeri Lynn Synder Joseph Strum Mary Ann Strong Darleen Schreiber Stephen Brandenburg Susan Drrnan Karen Paulson Cathy Feddersen Patty Peterson Janice Eisenbacher Margaret McKean Billy Leach Linda Anderson and not pictured Max Brower 41 Cooks Lefr rorighr, l.a11raC1ummim, Pearl Iiarrsou, fsubsrirur ing for Iitha Mcglmircj, Ruby KIUIIIIII, and Donnie Up sal. Bus Drivers Left to right,Ray Theesfield, Alfred Theil, Joan King- ston, Ralph Cronk, and Lou Slaba. 43 Janitors Ralph Cronk and Al Hearhmen. 5 xXx 1 X Wi' 54543 Q , I 4? I. . ' fx ' 5 I W 'A ' S 1 ...J .egg - un- ' -4 i '. -n 1155. 2'-fr-'- F1 '21, DMN 4.2 4 75 . ' 1 .- ' , -.1 J , X" Q1. 4 9 ,w, ' I ' " is .. D-'!.,. A x 9 ' . "Lg J vwffd ' ri, sl 1 -4 3 .4 ' .5 , , 4 nwlinug. ! , ' gp, . I' gl 7 1 1' J rv' Y I ' 'd'7J?T L f--., 3 -n'H fF5WWVf I w ifif j' Q ' ifff Q gg 4 ,ff 4 4' A E -ff:-,lf :x .K L 'X , ' 2 . "i 4 ' aw ?QV aNnQ?i, al I- . . ,, , V. S 2 H s 'sv u,,, -U.. ""'I -.-T I if .2 -gnu-5 'fs-ff ., ' 'H Ll ax r 54.1. .. we 'Q .. s, 1 48...sfftA 45. V ..,. 3 1 R IL Al' . 1 me . QA mis' fifpl Q1 .... I f-, i - 3 'Fifi 4 . 5 K 'M .2 , -.- ,Q .D A f-Av' ,Amr ' 1 1? A xi q ,A I.. Y ,bun 1 ,VL J -. Q, CLAIRE V LINDHOLM M PHYSICIAN 81 SURGEON PIERCE ELECTRIC Phone 235 DR C PLATH CHIROPRACTOR B 8- M MARKET W BARBER Bl W MANGOLD DR L A HENDRIKSEN OPTOMETRIST Phone 86 PAPE S GARAGE FRANK PAPE OWNER DR J J CECIL VETERINARIAN PREFERRED RISK CO FOR CAREFUL DRIVERS ERNIE LAURITZEN STATE FARM INSURANCE VETERINARIAN Phone 13 We Deluver DR R J DUNDAS VETERINARIAN RAINBOW ROLLER RINK ARMSTRONG IOWA HUXTABLE DRUG PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY COMPOUNDED PFEIL S VARIETY JIM PFEIL GUCKEEN S STUDIO FAIRMONT MINN WHEN YOU CARE ENOUGH TO GIVE THE VERY BEST PATS BEAUTY SHOP MARY PATTERSON BEN W BROWN GENERAL BUILDING CORN ER HARDWARE ARMSTRONG IOWA FIRST TRUST 8- SAVINGS BANK AN INSURED BANK SERVING THE COMMUNITY FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES GEO W PETERSON HI WAY TRUCK STOP 24 HOUR SERVICE WEHLERS JEWELRY FAIRMONT MINN CHAMPNEY S CAFE 81 BUS DEPOT CECIL CHAMPNEY MANAGER EVERY BLOOMING THING THE BLOSSOM SHOP BOYKEN AUTO SERVICE GENERAL AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRS RINGS AROUND THE WORLD HERFF JONES CO ARMSTRONG TELEPHONE EXCHANGE W V LEACH, MGR FOR LOVELY FLOWERS ROXY THEATER THE ESTHERVILLE GREENHOUSE ARMSTRONG, IOWA . , .D. CO- DR. A. WHILLON ANDERSON'S JACK SPRAT INSURE IN SURE INSURANCE ARNOLD GAARDE INS AGENCY WHITE HOUSE LUNCHEON Armstrong Iowa Phone I05 BOWL AT THE LEGION BOWLING ALLEY FOR HEALTH AND RECREATION OPSAL S STANDARD SERVICE LEROY OPSAL PLACE IMPLEMENT CO YOUR JOHN DEERE DEALER GILBERTR PLACE MGR ARMSTRONG IOWA THOMPSON YARDS ARMSTRONG IOWA EASY PAYMENTS PHONE 32 L N STAFFORD MGR GAMBLE STORE Ray Larson HANSON BROTHERS Re creation Parlor VERN S CLEANERS Free Pickup and Deluvery Phone 213 BUTCH 8- FLORENCES TAVERN THE FRIENDLY TAVERN FARMERS CO OP ELEVATOR Feed Fertlllzer Gram Seed Coal Phone 68 Armstrong Iowa Joe Healy Mgr ROBINSON S CLOTHING Home of Names You Know CITY FOOD MARKET The Best In Meats 8- AII Good Eats IOWA ELECTRIC LIGHT 8- POWER CO COLONIAL IS GOOD BREAD THEESFIELD FARM SERVICE RAY THEESFIELD PHONE ARMSTRONG HATCHERY SUPREME QUALITY CHICKS PHONE 137 ROBERT E OBBINK OWNER L 81 O LOCKERS EFFNER OPSAL 8- LEON LOOFT D X STATION L E Mclnhre ARMSTRONG SALES CO ABEL 8- CLARK TRUCK LINES ABEL 8. CLARK MGRS ARMSTRONG IA PHONE BLEKFIELD STANDARD SERVICE Goodyear Tlres ARMSTRONG JOURNAL Ken MlIIer Editor QUAKER OATS Phone 162 MORRALL S CHEVROLET Bernard MorraII Mgr WAGNER S BODY SHOP Expert Body and Fender Repolr Auto Glass InstaIIed Repamtmg Always a Faur Deal CongratuIatlons and Best Washes to THE CLASS OF I955 Coco-Cola Bottllng Co Spent Lake Iowa I I Your Electric Service Phone I57 240 l I ' - I , . 200 ' CO. pw..14::gnu-yfp-1vgavhrg-ff.v-','H:"1'-'1-vv---- 3---nf---1:-w-'w:.,.,5,L,,, , ,- ,Hi .r,,,r1r,a x x rn 4 I, rp 9 p 1 1 1 . 1 M - ,. H 4 H mp'a,.1-e334:11-,nm:cus-rf-Affv-,vc-f:"1""-wnf-3---IA-V-f-f:-w-Huh,-i5,.,,I-, ,x ,H , 1 1, 4 Av' U W 'wr 1 ' Y K'

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