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rs-rw - ru ff-M3 fum. 1- K N.. qw. .... .,..,.. V ,,.1.--. w wus, . a nw. f ---' fu.:-r PAGE MISSING PAGE MISSING suPT W A oRTMEYER BOARD OF EDUCATION Left to rlght F S Manor Presldent George W Peterson Larry S Stafford Art Cassem Oscar Solberg Agilgfss """" S rx MIIEHM Q---""'f . . . on ' ' M" r A . ,. .. . A. I - 1 1 ! ,, 31 :N ' 3 xv I 1 '5' , . ' am, L , , . U W A N J J 4 4 gr , A- X :7'519""g: I f '252i1715293l ' I 5' . - TL., A ,Q '- :L .-1 I'- Q . f 0 w I 1 Q . W r 1 'Eh r Q. A- ,' 'A 'S ACU LTY 'PNK 3 Carroll Bogard Hrgh School Prrnclpal Rrchard Hrnkley Science 8a Math Grrl Wrllram Holdren 4- T fav, gx Coach Drrvers Trarnmg Shop Boys Coach Christre Kruel Vocal Musrc Glenn Knapp Vocational Agrrculture Corrrne Morse Home Economrcs la M Erleen Mantz Scrence 85 Math Eugema Mrtchell Englxsh 8L Dramatrcs Reuben Lutter Instrumental Muslc Vrrgrl Nally Jr Hrgh Pnnclpal Kenneth Lemke Jr I-hgh Patrrcra Kennedy Jr Hrgh English 4 Anola Chapman 5th Grade Iva Mae Tonderum 4th Grade Betty Weber 3rd Grade Gladys Parry 2nd Grade Helen Sand lst Grade Joan Shurts Kmdergarten St' . . ,-:j 5 bt . . F V ,X . .A 1 -'I IK 'vi ' M" -' gs -2 T, U I E rl 1 yy l as. - , - ' ' -S ft L 4, G" C A e,r,i2l's"i - all th X N ,S A- 1 4 - -6 V F X' ,' t ' .I S S , ' 2 br ., 's' ' ' 'X 'ww C00 KS Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Ruby Krumm Laura Cummins D ' O l onnxe psa Etha Mclntire CLI STODIAN S Allen Heathman Moms Dunkelberger BUS DRIVERS Moms Dunkelberger Ray Larsen Alfred Thlel Ray Theesfleld John Klngston THE TIGER STAFF ef- ' r xkb' mpg! Ftrst Row LaDonna Porter Roger Larsen Judlth Ktngston Jerry Laffey Mlss Mantz Robert Petersen Second Row Lou1seGuerdet Joy Place LaVonne Pedersen Jane Cheever Janet Thackrey Karen Questad Mane Sandt Marllyne Porter JoAnn Cornwell Jack Schultz Thlrd Row Janrce Hudson Dorls Verbrugge Eddle Hel gason Robert Schwartz Bernard Verbrugge Rtchard Johnson Freddle Walters Wayne Hoffmeyer Edxtor Busmess Manager Advertrsmq Manager Asslstants Sales Manager Asslstants Arttsts Photographlc Ed ltors Senror Sectton 86 Orgamcatxons Classes Faculty Grades Sports Typrsts Judlth Kmgston Roger Larsen Robert Petersen Serlc Mltchell MQIIL Sandt John Fothergtll LaDonna Porter Freddy Walters Eddle Helgason Karen Questad Marllyne Porter Judrth Kmgston Robert Schwartz Rtchard Johnson Bernard Verbrugge Joy Place Janet Thackrey Janrce Hudson LaVonne Pedersen JoAnn Cornwell Jack Schultz Doris Verbrugge Wayne Hoffmeyer Jane Cheever Loutse Guerdet Y Fit . X H O I. .lf A M 9? . 4 - , ag itat gk H U X- R Q ' ',,5f,A in 'P' N g4 ,lrlr f X '17 A - ' T T I U lr ' 'K' X rg fp I t N .ff 5 0 ,L 1 we y 3. , 0 R X Associate . .Jerry Laffey 6 . as? L- 1 Seniors to The door to success IS labeled 'push' Flower Amerxcan Beauty rose Colors royal blue and sllver . . 1' n' x 0 A jk 4 4 ' Wav. -' '15 P' s N I I gl ' . Mot - - - " ' . x" 'C' A Marie Ann Sandt Sept. 13, 1936 "Small--but so is astick of dynamite." Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Junior Play, Student Senate lg Cheerleader 1,2,3,4. Freddy Joe Walters fFritzj Dec. 14, 1936 "Eat,drink and be merry, for tomorrow there may be a law against it." Bas- ketball 4g Glee Club 3,4g Student Sen- ate 4g Vice -President 4 Bernard Allen Verbrugge fBemiej .Q oct. 13, 1935 "I am thinking of propounding Ein stein's theory to the intellectual." 'Q Basketball l,2,3,4g Glee Club 1,2 7.9 3,4, Junior Play, Student Senate 1 , T. 43 Boys' Quartet 3,4g Tiger Tale 'J ff 2,3,4g Senior Class President. f ,tk ,L aw N 5 f Doris Elaine Verbrugge QDode Nov. 29, 1936 "She does her task from day to day, and meets whatever comes her way." Basketball 3, Manager 4, Glee Club 2,3,4g Band l,2,3,4g Pep Band l,2,3p Student SenaYe 3, Tiger Tales 3,45 Clarinet Trio 8.1 Quartet l,2,3,4g Wood- wind Quintet 84 Sextette 3. Elma Jane Cheever Uaney Nov. 25, 1936 "How bri ht, how beaming, how pol- ished anc? gleaming!" Glee Club 1.2, 3,4g Junior Play: One-Act Plays 2, Tiger Tales 1,35 FFA Sweetheart 4. A 'nav' if 8 f -. S Judith Ann Kingston Uudyj NOV. 22, l936 "Beware, when the great God lets loose athinker on this planet." Bas- ketball l,2,3,4g Glee Club l,2,3,4g Pep Band 2,33 One-Act Plays 2,3g Girls' Sextette 2,3,4g Tiger Tales l,4p Instrumental Groups l,2,3,4g Class Sec., State Speech Contest 3. F1 .310 i . A 5 1 ketball 3,4g Baseball 3,43 Glee Club 3,4g Band 3,45 Pep Band 3: Junior Play. JoAnn Cornwell J July 31, 1935 "As noisy as a mouse." Glee Club l,2, l 3 4 Jerry Lee Laffey July 6, 1936 "Armstrong's gift to women." Glee Club l,2,3g Junior Playp One-Act Plays 2g Student Senate l, Pres. 3: Tiger Tales ff 2. T if 4 s Robert Peter Petersen QPeteJ March 23, l93'7 "---the baby of the class." Bas- La Donna Jean Porter Der. 20, 1936 "Her face is her fortune--it runs into a nice figure." Basketball l,2,3,4g Glee - Club l,2,3,4g Band l,2,3,4g Pep Band l, 2,3g One -Act Plays 3g Student Senate 31 Girls' Sextette 2,3,4g Instrumental Groups 1.2.3. t I it R Janetl.1l11au Thackrey June 37, its-s Va R "True beauty dwells in deep retreats." Basketball lg thee Club 11.23,-13 Chere- leader 4. 'PPP' Roger Lee Larsen Ian. 253, H34 "Calmness is always a great advantage." Basketball l,Q,33: Baseball l,3,.l,4. Q 6 t 5 l , , 0 N it ' 4' . net quartet. Ellen Louise Guerdet fLouiseJ March 13, 19:36 "A merry heart maketh a cheerful coun- tenance." Glee Club l,2,3,4g Band l,2, 3,45 Pep band lg One-Act plays 2: Clari- TI? Richard LeRoy Johnson August l, 1936 "Very smalland sweet and loved by all." 4 s ' Jackie Lee Schultz Nov. tl, 1.336 "Why take life seriously: we never get out alive." Basketball 1.2.3,-13 Baseball l,2,3.4g Glee Club 1.2,3,4g Band 1.2.33 Pep band 1.2gJunior Playg One-Act plays 2pl30yS'Qt13rtet1,2,-3.4. f T.: E Q-kg5..:i',,:llj:,5 gf , , A 1 'Jia I ll ,gr-rv Basketball 53,49 Glce Club l,:2,3,4g Band l,2,23,4g Pep band 2,3,4g Trombone quar- tet 2.3.4. .3-. John Leo Fothergill Sept. 17. 1935 "World's no setter if we worry. Life 's no better ifwe hurry." Basketball 2.34 Base- ball 2,3. if ii Nr Marilyne Yvonne Porter Nov. 4, 1936 "Men! I can't get along with them: I can'tgetalongwithoutthemf' GleeClub l,2,3,4g One-Act plays 2,335 Majorctte l,2. .x . ' ' it A5 Serle Charles Mitchell ilvlitchj Nov. 8, 1936 "Never let studies interfere with your education." Janice Paulina Hudson June 23. 1934 fGraduated after first semesterj "A good heart is better than all the heads I. .7 I Robert Kenneth Schwartz QBobJ Jan. 14. 1937 "Fullof fun and liked by everyone." Basketball 1,2,3,4p Baseball 1.2.3. 4g Band 1,2,3,4g Pep band 1,2,3g Junior Play: One-Act plays 23 Stu- dent Senate 1.2g Boys' Quartet 2.3, 4g Instrumental groups 1.2.3,4g Ti- ger Tales 1,2.3.4g National FFA Band 4. in the world." Glee Club 35 Basketball manager 3. W 'KI'-7 Joy Arlene Place March 9, 1936 "Joy rises in me like a summer's morn." Glee Club 2,3,4g Pep Band 2,4g Junior Play, Brass Sextette 2, Tiger Tales 3,4. Wayne Errol Hoffmeyer '-H' July 17, 1936 "You'd neverguess I'm naturally bash ful." Basketball l,2,3,4g Baseball 35 Glee Club l,2,3,-lg Student Senate 1,25 Boys' Quartet 3,4. f 2 r LaVonne May Pedersen QTootieJ Ian. 6, 1936 'Prefers the Navy for a good rea- son." Glee Club l,2,3,4g Junior Play, Student Director, One-Act Plays 1. J 1 I' f, Eddie Orrin Helgason QBearJ Nov. 3, 1936 "He doesn't care to be seen, as lon as he 's heard." Baseball l,2g Glee Clui l, 2,4. Karen Regina Questad April 1, 1936 "When she 's anurse, her patient's pulse will skip." Basketball l,2,3,4g Glee Clubl,4, Bandl,2,3g Pep Band 1,23 Jun- ior Playg Student Senate 33 Cheerlead- er lg Sax Quartet and Sextette 1.2.3. 12 SENIOR CLASS HISTORY One br1ght day 1n September of 1941 twelve of the present sen1or class Jane John Wayne Edd1e D1ck Judy Jerry LaVonne La Donna Karen Mar1e and Freddy were launched on the b1ggest venture of the1r 11ves w1th M1ss Lawton helpmg them adjust to the Kmdergarten They sa11ed through f1rst grade w1th M1ss Fear at the helm In second grade Wayne left but Serle Jomed them M1ss Skovgaard was teacher then Bob Marxlyne and Roger arr1ved mn the th1rd grade then under M1ss Du shmske s d1rect1on They had fourth grade w1th Mrs Saul ga1n1ng 1n the meantmme Joann and Janet M1ss Johnson taught them the1r f1fth grade currxcula ln s1xth grade Lou1se Bernard and Dor1s Jo1ned them m seventh Jack The1r Jun1or h1ghteachers 1nc1uded Mr Campbell Mr Powers Mrs Haworth M1ss Clark Mr Dawson and Mr Jacobs After a br1ef 7 year sojourn at Halfa Wayne returned 1n the n1nth grade makmg a total of ZZ of the present class wh1ch entered h1gh school together Durlng the sprmg of the1r sophomore year Joy sparkled 1nto the group and Bob Petersen began h1s Junlor year here at AHS Jan1ce was w1th them ers were Mr Bentz Mr Bogard Mr H1nk1ey M1ss Morse Mr DeKoster Mr Holdren M1ss MacDonald Mrs H1nk1ey M1ss B1ll1ngs MISS M1tchell MISS Mantz Mr Hanson Mr W11lard and Mr Knapp FOR SENIORS ONLY Maybe on some ra1ny day you'll read th1s and 1t'11 br1ng back pleasant memor1es Remember the 1mpr1nts we made of our hands 1n11tt1e clay c1rc1es to present to our parents? Th1s was one of the h1gh pomts of K1ndergarten as was our Rhythm Band Everybody fought to get the clapper or tambourmes rather than the less favored drum st1cks ln f1rst grade we churned butter and ate some on crackers Somebody presented a 11tt1e to Mr Ortmeyer Other memor1es of the lower grades our v1s1t to the creamery how every class before us got to take a tram r1de to Maple H111 and we got gypped out of lt all the sweet 11tt1e mnocent notes that used to be passed the Chr1stmas and Easter greetmg cards and presents that we'd make out of paper and proudly present to our parents and the luncheon cloths we pamted p1nkflam1ngoes on In e1ghth grade the v1s1t of Welp's Hatchery at Bancroft and the graduat1on exerc1ses 1n Esthervmlle were the b1g thlngs Certam classes extra curr1cu1ar act1v1t1es assembly programs the Jun 1or semor banquets and Sk1p Day are the h1gh school events best remem bered It's been a comb1nat1on of work and fun We've hked lt There were some we lost along the way But I don't care We turned out okay' 13 I 1 l ' I . f Y I J I f . ', - . I , - . g 3 . . . . , . . y , . . . z . , I ' Y ' I ' I for only half a semester, taking the total bacK to 2.4. Their senior high teach- ' Y ' , ' . I l Y ' Y ' Y ! ' 7 l l . U . . 5 . 3 . . 3 . . . . , . X ECW 'lwas nineteen hundred and frlty-rlfour--j A lrttle ipast erght but not mueh more When tw may frye senrors marched up the arsle Wrth long gray garb and a lrttle proud srnrle But frfty years hence and what do you know The 54 senrors have stolen the show lt seems as rf lane Karen s a nurse Works a lrttle hrt fast 'fy No qurck and so smart She s the prryate secretary Ol the p rdenyflast ut now wefffnd Roger Braggrnn rrp hrs hr re d From s org pa fcorn rfty acr reld ernemhyet loannl Sos o and so r eet She ns the t n s market Rrfr tdowrr n marn street ob Sc rr arrz keeps so busy rootr g hrs sax B rt f on the srdelrnes lle lays wrth toy racks 'l'rren there rs lanet Sn s strrl gorng strong She yells for the Yankees Amrdst the great throng l-lere s Dorrs Verhrugge ln the herght of lrer glory She s round her a man arrd has nurte a story Pete s or the farm Tho durek as a wnrstle lle employs all hrs men To hoe down the thrstles rhat wee lrttle nr te h e rnueh pep She wrn every frght Lallonna s household rS eheaper hy the dozen There s a tamrly of twelve Jnreh keeps her htraz rlyne as famous sro n e She s rr a great rare On her t wheeled hrke Lourse rs lrke The old woman rn shoe She has o many chrldr She nurses the srek And eheckvssyour heart loy praetrces All th lrye long d Sh sr s for the cone ts wr? is re can you say? ludy s rn the orchestra Wrtlh the Boston Pops She plays her prceolo and really rs topsl Eddre s the play hoy And collects antrdues l-le s got an old ear That really squeaks lerry the manager A handler of change A warter of tahles Whreh rsn t so strange lohn s the proud owner Ol a new Cadrllac just wart trl you see hrm He ll grye you the facts Freddy s the t aeher And what do x v know lle has all h kr ls Srt rn the l st row Bernard he genrus lie e r t keep up J 1 rrs rrtle V Sl ack he nrmhle ek he orurek H ll doctor you up W en you are sr l.,o real rr o an you s all see Ser famrly On two and three Wayne keeps ht Trnkerrng He ma aetures hohhy prns rrr hrs w ayes She doesrr t know what o do rrne Corps S e fl s e arrp e d o r does r Dtek rs so smart hels at last found a gr h lrle polrces the krds l.,aVo n rs the general To keep them from ohs Good hye and good luek lo the days ot rs rmsnro rg lirgh Wehopeybhvh notlorger Of the years that have gone hy ' V V u Q. - -A , -If lg ll F I C ,a , . . U iq-tl . . U 4 V v . 1 D ,f""" x T ' ' :X , Z' .xr . Q V. 1 Q Z ' ' ln ' ., at .- , x N ,ix W Y V M ' fl 'X ll . I J' , R I , tr: r U W ' ' ' N lr " ' N U r ' . a if - V r , , gpg A ' V Vg , . Vi .Q . 0 D e .rs Q rv 5 r ' f fr H ' ' V V klf 1 egg rc 3 ' L, g V . ,. . . W D . rr' 1' an ' . U r. 1 M r D U - V U is e ng N - 3 L ,, . , V. D . V ,U N 1 f C u Y V Marlevs the ehampv l-las h r durte a later, X mer. K ' , .5 X I v rug lff' l' LL' C' . l ' .9 5 S w r .. D 3 U ' G V. v Mil . eo r V. xc X ' 'rl 4 9 X , r , we as a e, V 't ide t lk O l- r his f 'l , . . ,y M D . . yo 5 s fr 1 ' to ok' 4. V h ' 'O P S ' 'B X l ' rlan ,, ' ' A ' oarr rr K , and VU 1 . - ' if V Q. lr 'Q h H USTRANGER I THE NIGHT" M , l Left to right: Bernard Verbrugge, Karen Questad. Marilyne Porter, Jerry Laffey, Bob Schwartz, Judith Kingston. Joy Place, Janet Thackrey, Miss Mitchell, director, Freddie Walters, Doris Verbrugge, Bob Petersen, LaVonne Pederson. The senior class presented "Stranger In The Night" on Apriloand 7. The Boulevard Hotel is very capably owned and operated by a couple ofattractive young ladies, Sylvia Lee and Mable Crane, who seem very good natured, fun loving, and not at all deserving ofthe events that fall upon their shapely shoul- ders. Unknown tothe girls, someone in this townis to be murdered, and the murderer is to get his instructions via a gift to be purchased at the shop. Grant Terry, a young news reporter, has followed the scent this far, and he stops in to warn the girls of the impending danger. It appears, however, that Grant is thinking just a little slower than the murderer, because a stranger in the night slips in, pushes around among the gifts, focuses his light on one, then grabs it and glides into the shadows. There he will read the name of the victim, and there he will plot his final steps. SENIOR CLASS WILL We the Senior Class of 1954 being of sound mind do solemnly bequeath our gum paperwads spit balls tire marks on the road to Fairmont speeding and parking tickets received during the year slumber parties our days and nights in Fairmont crazy ideas Skip Day memories fincluding playing hookyl fun in economics class our books all our teachers except Mr Hinkley fwe want to keep himl our brilliant answers in class and the love for work which we never had to the on coming seniors We also wish to bequeath the following Eddie Helgason wills his car to Dicky Krumm so he can take Joann around more easily Jane Cheever wills her pug nose to Arlo Jones who certainly needs lt' La Donna Porter wishes to will her quiet and reserved way to Arden Sabin Bernard Verbrugge wills his high tenor voice to Robert Leach Mar1lyne Porter wills her quiet and reserved way to Arden Sabin Freddy Nalters wills his beautiful hands including his mangled finger to Arlene Schreiber Louise Cuuerdet wills her l1sp and quietness to Marlene Peterson Dick Johnson wills his weight and build to Joe Eisenbacher Doris Verbrugge w1lls her glasses and mystery personalities to David White to Don Krough Bob Schwartz wills his personality and musical ability to Elgene Anderson JoAnn Cornwell wills her glasses and dancing ability to Clifford Larsen Roger Larsen wills his quietness to Barbara Redhead Wayne Hoffmeyer wills his car to Don Burgeson in trade for his more stream lined Job Janice Hudson wills her many knock knock Jokes to LaVonne Fretty Jerry Laffey wills his teasing ability to Cheryl Gaarde Bob Peterson wills all his height to Bill Champney to help him get a girl friend LaVonne Pedersen wills her short hair to Doris Quam Marie Sandt wills her height to Roger Place and her build to Jack Richmond Joy Place wills her decisive rnannerisms to Roger L1ndell Serle Mitchell w1lls his patience in school to Gayle Peterson Judy Kingston wills her positions in band glee club basketball plays her many speeches her position as editor of TIGER TALES and ofthe annual to Stanley Horswell to see how he can do Janet Thackrey wills her build to Don Kinnander Karen Questad wills her slenderness to Barbara Richmond Jack Schultz wills nearly all his little jokes and his willingness to sing to Bill Peterson In closing we would also like to will them our political machines and many mischievous ideas 16 John Fothergill wills his streamlined car and many out-of-state girl friends ' . ' ll - H ' . "X vm ' 1 Llnderclassmen in CLASS OF I955 xi 5' Au Ili. 38? fb. f ,wa F1rst Row Joann Cheever B111 Champney Barbara Ann Rlchmond pres1dent LaVonne Fretty Don Km nander Donald Burgeson Cheryl Gaarde v1ce pres1dent Rlchard Krumm Marlene Peterson secretary Second Row Mrss Kreul sponsor Don Krough Jack Rlchmond B111 Peterson Roger Place Arlo Jones Davtd Whlte Robert Leach Mr Knapp sponsor Thlrd row Arden Sabrn Ioe Elsenbacher Dor1s Quam Arleen Schrelber Roger Lmdell Barbara Redhead treasurer Clxfford Larsen Kathryn Rovn Gayle Peter son Elgene Anderson Thejourney up the h1l1 to se re the t1t1e of"upper classmen" has beenatreacherous one. There 1or Sen1or banquet probably ranks next 1n our m1nds, as lt was the largest honored event of our Jun have been many obstacles to over come, but at last we have reached the top and ga1ned the t1tle of "up per classmen." The former years have been full of excltmg events, but perhaps th1s year has held the most chenshed ones. The one that holds f1rst place 1n our memory was the day we rece1ved our class rmgs. We all enjoyed them very much, although some of us kept them onlya short ttme. The Jun- 1or year. To meet the needs of th1s gala affa1r we sold refresh ments at the basketball games and presented the annual Jumor class play. It took plenty of hard work and t1me,but It helped to close the year wxth many treasured mo ments. Here's hopmg that our Jun 1or year w11l set an example for the on com1ngJun1ors. We are all lookmg forward to a Just as ex c1t1ng sen1or year. "JUST DLICKYH 'f-mul I The Armstrong high school juniors presented their class play "Just Ducky" on Oct. Z3 and 24. The cast included: Roger Place as Mr. Maxwell, Barbara Ann Richmond as Mrs. Maxwellg Joann Cheever as their 14-year- old daughter, Betty Lou, Cheryl Gaarde as Bernadine Smith, her best friend, Dick Krumm, l3- year-old son, Wilbur Maxwell, Bill Petersonas Hercules, his bo- som palg LaVonne Fretty as Con- nie Maxwell, another teen-age daughter, Arlo Jones as Craig Moore , her boyfriend, David White, Mr. Mooreg Arden Sabin, Mr. Marshall, Marlene Peterson, Aunt Mary, Arleen Schreiber as Miss Blayne. The story of this three-act comedy revolves around the Max- well family. Papa Maxwell had just been chosen as the new head of the citizens' committe because he had one of the finest and most up- standing families in the entire community. But, girls will be girls, and the mischief done by Betty Lou and Bernadine is enough to upset any peaceful family. CLASS OF I956 Flrst Row Dorothy Cassem Marlene Askeland Marrlyn Haworth Janet Halverson Loretta Jensen Karen Thees fleld Maxrne Hypes Judlth Davts Carol Halverson Second Row Miss Mrtchell Sponsor Drane Robinson Patrrcla Gochanour Myma Neimann Marrlyn Larsen Karon Homsey Helen Cheever Janrce Verbrug e Char lene Gangstead Mrss Morse Sponsor Thrrd Row Duane Fetters Dale Schumacher Chester Dunn Rrc ard Lar sen George Fothergrll Cherre Krngston JoAnn Stefanskl Sec 81 Treas Fourth Row Robert Ersenbacher Robert Schrerber John Conn Gary Love Lyndon Opsal Vrce Pres Vtc Horswell Pres Robert Helgason Carol Rerffer Donald Schwartz Some people th1nk we sophomores have a colorless year no 1n1t1at1on, no Jun1or Sen1or Banquet, no class plays What a m1sconcept1on' As a sophomore, one rs just gettmg 1nto the swmg of thmgs As freshmen we were eager, 6XC1t6d, cur1ous, and confused Now we are smooth, suave sophomores wrth two more excrtlng years before us Not that th1s has been dull' Class partres, assembly programs, class mov1es, and drrver tramrng these and countless other 1tems combmed to g1V6 us a year we'l1 never forget . . . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . . . . . 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' . . . . D 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . - . 1 1 1 1 I 0 0 1 . . - . . . . 1 1 1 1 11 1 '1 1 1 . - , . , 1 0 , 1 CLASS CF l957 'C 5-upq Ftrst Row Vemon Corderman Dtane Grabmoskr Judy Hoppus Sharon Larson Norma Hanson Donna Manor Harold McElwee John Vogelpohl Judrth Krough Second Row Dawn Roben Kathryn Thtel Bermce Plath Judrth Hansen Sharon Corderman Kathleen Fttzgerald LaVonne Eckholm Mtss Mantz Sponsor Thtrd Row Davrd Horswell Denms Cross Pres Gerald Irmrter Ronald Henrrksen Ronald Barber Sec 81 Treas Jamce Dantelson Douglas Whttesell Fourth Row Dwayne Mclnttre Vtce Pres Howard Helgason Calvm Porter Jamce Jacobs DIXIE Hansen Norma Anderson Rosemary Qutnn Larry Hudson Brll Htrt On August 31 1953 th1rty two green freshmen entered A H S We were unaware of all the fun we would have 1n the months that followed Along wrth school parttes, mustc, sports,and studles our ttme was well occup1ed. We are sure that none of us w111 ever forget all the excrtement of our f1rst year of htgh school, and are look 1ng forward to three more wonderful years of 1t The Freshman Class w1shes the best of luck rn the future to the Sen1or Class of '54. . , ' T , H v . -Q ' - " K 1 ,.. , - , 7 Z , III, ' K V : , , J: Y - , - 1 . '- , l - 1, ' W V ' " ' s N , I - D KJ U ' . 4 : 1 , 1 , " nigilvf. ' ' ' ' ' ' Aj wig 45332 I . ' ' " 5 Q, .1: ,L :AQ v f wk, 'fx 0 Q . 1 , . a -1 Q r 'K t 'N Q", tm X N , y l .. . ,, ,. , 7 L 1 Y 1 x ' ' Y ' 'li , 6, 1 A X l , I ' 3 1 D I .1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 3 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 -I 1 1 1 1 -5 1 0 : 1 ' 'I 1 1 Y I I I l 5 9 1 ' ll ll ' ' - 1 1 . . . - . . . . - 1, - ' ' ll ' 21 295 31M 98r10 W CALE DAR AUGUST Teacher conference Cheh hehj sale of books regrstratron Classes began SEPTEMBER Labor Day no classes Two nrghtmarrsh days of State Tests Teachers rush to County Instrtute FFA Team went to Clay County Farr Coke Day' FFA Team to Austrn Mlnn Bernre V 5th hrgh rndlvrdual Judge Class electrons held Baseball boys beat Bur 13 9 Frrst band concert of the year Flrst round of Secttonal Baseball Tour nament Ledyard defeated '7 2 Next round of Sectlonal Burt downed 6 4 Llbrary opened Students set new record of 1 mrn 20 sec for clearrng bulldlng tn f1re drtll Baseball boys lost only game of season to powerful St John s 4 0 Semors voted to have Amerrcan Book Co CJos ten sl prrnt annual OCTOBER Band Paraded at Algona Band Festrval Barb Rrchmond was our chorce for queen Amerrca QFHAJ started here Joann Cheeverfpartly by v1rtue of Jel ly bean polmcsl elected pres of stu dent councrl over Dons V B Schwartz left for Kansas Crty to play rn Natronal FFA Band End of frrst srx weeks Semors had plctures taken at Farrmont Vrc Cheryl and Joann attended State student COUDC11 conventron at Ames Semors got horrlble shock recelved proofs ln mall Jr hrgh operetta Krng Puddln Head The Frrst presented to a large crowd FFA Sweetheartcontestopened candr dates were lane Cheever srs Joann Cheever jrs Helen Cheever sophs Norma Hanson frosh The best program presented here fora long ume The lndrgoes a novelty trxo from Holland Jrs gave Just Ducky to a large audxence Fverythrng was Just Ducky for the M 58r6 M 10 Tu lTu juntors agarn B Schwartz L Porter and J Krngston made State Band and Orchestra after try outs at Spencer A couple of the grades prcked up corn for thelr Sweetheart candrdates Prctures for annual taken Mass band of 321 from seven towns at tended Conference Band l-estrval at Led yard All Hrgh School Party sponsored by FFA Sweetheart Jane Cheever crowned NOVEMBER Frrst basketball game of season Grant here Boys glrded to 53 30 v1ctory G1rls lost by a measly three potnts 35 Vacatronl' Teachers at ISEA Conven tlon ln Des Mornes Pep club organrzed about now Gruver there Boys won 57 31 G1rls won by a thrrllrng 3 pts 42 39 Mr Ortmeyer spoke to hrgh school showing us plans for a new school bulldrng Armrstrce Day assembly program Among other thrngs semors presented one act plays fThe Jukesl Grrls Jamboree at Ledyard Boys Jamboree at Trtonka Democracy speeches Rlngsted s no1sy crowd came here grrls 43 36 boys 53 35 Vorce of Democracy banquet Joy won 2nd prrze a S25 bond Ledyard here G1rls lost Boys won easlly 62 44 Thanksgrvlng assembly program End of second srx weeks Thanksglvrng Day holrday I-lolrday Boys played at Swea Crty 1 team won 2nd lost Bob and Judy played rn All State Band and Orchestra at Des Molnes The Parklnsons presented assembly pro gram on muslcal rnstruments DECEMBER Lakota there Boys won rn a walk 71 28 g1rls lost 53 41 Frre dr1ll cut to 1 mm 17 sec Burt here Boys 73 46 G1rls lost to a blgger team 50 26 - ' , ' 25-su ' ' 7-N1 -- . 26-N1 ' , ' ' ' , 27-Tu I I - ll-F ' . - 12-s '. 3 15-Tu . I I 'I , ' . 30'F - 17-Th ' ' . ' I - ' 2- . '. 18-F ' . I . - I - 19-s ' ' - - - -- - I 38. 21-M ' -- I I' -- I ' 23-M ' I ' ' f ' . '- '. . ' ' . ' 11-W ' ' A . 3-s ' . - ' , ' ' 16-M ' ' , , . 17-Tu ' ' . 5'M Ch3PI?l' of FUI'-IFC HOITICITIHRCIS of 20-F Joy P. and Judy K. recorded Voice of 3' ' 1 ' : 'I '. - 9 '. ' I ' .I. ' I 23-ra ' ' -- - ' ' . 24-Tu ' . ' ' . 12-nl ' ' ' . ' , - , '- .I I 24-W' ' ' , 16-F ' I I ' I -- 'I 26-Th ' ' -l ' . II - - I I " 27-F ' . ' . Q . 28-s ' ' ' - 19-hd -- '- - I I . 1 -I , ' 23-F ' ' - I I - I - " f 4-F f . ' , - . ' 24-s , ' H H ' , - , 22 8Tu OF EVENTS Thompson there Boys suffered therr frrst defeat 58 49 In a thrrllrng frnlsh the grrls won 41 37 Trtonka here Boys 57 48 Grrls 30 Ledyard there Grrls won a close one 42 36 Boys made rt 58 49 Lakota here Boys won agaln 69 '25 glrls unfortunately lost 31 51 Seneca here Grrls won f1rst home game 48 36 Boys 68 28 Chrlstmas programs held Ian 4 VACATION' JANUARY Classesactuallyresumed Dor1s V Joy P Bob S and Judy K appornted to reactivated Quxll and Scroll Basketball wrth Rrngsted rn thelr new gym Grrls 39 38 boys 41 52 Boys won from Burt 59 30 Glrls ahead 15 pts 1nf1rst quarter lost 38 54 Local FFA team won 1st place 1n Graet trnger rnvxtatronal gram Judgrng con vrdual judge Thompson here lnared hot screamer the boys won 71 68 and the grrls lost 28 33 Semester exams ugh' Tltonka there Boys lost 1n an over t1me 42 44 Gxrls got beat 32 51 EmmetCounty Tourney Boys defeated Gruver 78 30 G1r1s got revenge on R1I'1gSI6d3g81I1 46 43 Pmg pong noon tourneys started In second round of county tourney the boys defeated Esthervrlle B Vote on new school burldrng k1lled F1nal round of county tourney g1rls lost by 1 pornt to Dollrver rn an overtlme and boys lost by 2 to Rrngsted Band concert featurxng F1nale by Dvorak gxven at PTA meetrng Fenton there Ceylon here boys only One act plays No Greater Love Blue Beads Prom Date FEBRUARY Grrls Sectronals thrs week at Rrngsted fArmstrong vs Rxngstedl Swea Crty here M M Tu 68r7 357 4Tu 108512 18 Tu 21 F 258z26 27 Th 28 F Boys Sectlonals at Swea Crry fArm strong vs Senecaj Grrls Drstrrct thxs week Prel1m1nary Speech contest th1s week at Armstrong Boys Drstrrct th1s week Forest Crty Band Clrnrc End of 4th s1x weeks MARCH Junrorsgetclass rrngs thrs month prng pong tournaments start week of Glrls State tournament Boys Sub State th1s week Pre Drstrrct Speech th1s week Boys State th1s week Sub D1str1ctFFA Contest Musrc Contest DISIIICI Speech Contest and D1str1ct FFA Contest APRIL Home musrc contest solos and ensem b es Semor class play Prelxmxnary Musrc Contest solos and ensembles Holrday Good Frrday Easter Vacatronl A1lH1gh School Party FFA sends dele gate to State Con State Speech Contest Home Musrc Concert large groups State Musrc Contest solos and ensem bles MAY Sectlonal Baseball Tournament Erghth Grade Dmner State Musxc Contest band and glee clubs Senror Skrp Day Ice Follres at Mrnn eapolls Drstnct Baseball Tournament THE event of the year Junror Senror Banquet PTA Awards Night A let down senror exams Baccalaureate Sunday Semester exams Commencement no classes P1cn1c end of 6tr s1x weeks - . ' . . . .. 8- ' 1 D ' - U . U Q U U HUM . , , . .- U 11-F , , ,. - . . - 20-5 - - ' 57. , l5'Tll , . ' , 22-M ' ' ' ' ' , - . '. - . 23-Tu ' ' ' . 18-F U . . ' , - 1 ze-F ' . 22-Tu , . ' ' " PM . . . t . U 23-W ' ' ' ' . ' 5 24 I0 . "-""""' . 8- v , I' U N , 13-S - ' ' ' . 4'M - , -- 15-M ' ' . .1 U .1 U . - ' ' U . . . ' . 23' ' 5-Tu U . . . . 8-F ' U' ,' - '. ' ' ' . . . U - . 2-5: ' U - 9'S . . . , ' 1 . test. G. Fothergill was 2nd high indi- 9-1: End of 5th six weeki - 10-S ' ' ' , 12-Tu . - " " U ' ' 1 - 16-F ' -- ' . ' ' 18-s . 14-Th -- . 19,Nf' . U 15'F , f -, ' 23-F ' . - 19'TU ' l , " ' f 24-S ' . , 1 1 - , 27-Tu ' . . - - - ' so-F ' -- - 21-Th ' . ' 22-F ' ' ' ' , 1 ' - - U ' 23's ' . . . . 8-s ' . 25UM .I ,, .' ,, nz ' -- ' ' - n . ' ,, '. , ' 27-W , -- U 29-F - - - U , , , , 23-Su . ' 1-M ' U . U 2-Tu ' . . - ' ' : .. ' .. 23 TIGER TALES STAFF 54" Frrst Row Cherre Krngston Joy Place Judlth Kmgston Edrtor Cheryl Gaarde Karen Thessfreld Dorothy Cas sem Second Row Bob Schwartz Bernard Verbrugge Drane Roblnson Kathleen Frtzgerald Dorrs Verbrugge Joann Cheever JoAnn Stefanskl Marllyn Haworth Maxrne Hypes Thlrd Row Jr Hrgh Reporters Marcerl Frles Iud1thR1effer Dolores Rrchmond Mlss Mltchell Advlsor Veldene Tow Larry Vrgdal Ann Horswell STUDENT SENATE Crm Frrst Row Cheryl Gaarde Sec. 8LTreas Joann Cheever Pres Second Row V1cHorswe1l Barbara Richmond Dale Schumacher Freddy Walters Bernard Verbrugge Vrce Pres Denms Cross Dwayne Mclntrre Mr Bogard Advrsor 24 ,Y N4 '15 '1'-Y. ' " h - . .vs n'nl u, ' ' ,n.,,,-- . l r' I 1lng.,, . 'A -llnul S Ili I J: , .. I1 ' va. . , u I-, 1 ' ' ' ' y 'A X , X ,J fl ff - f 1 I 2 t ' , , ' I , T I b 1 I I ,I ' - I , , . 1 , vx - ' - ' Sa T b ? .s ' ' 1' ' A fi' he -- Xin' 4 11 ' fs V ' K av, . Z , . x Q ,-. "' x. ' 'Q-.JN x X HJ l wwe f 1 I C l T 9 , l - 0 I . A 2 ' : . '. .: 3 . ' : ' , I , . 9 I Y - 'E I I ' I 'N W' Activities hier' ' 'R c SENIOR ,fa- First Row: Janice Verbrugge. Janet Halverson. Marilyn Haworth. Dolores Richmond. Ann Horswell, Deanna Daries, Sandra Pederson. Marlys Willson. Diane Grabinoski, Kathryn Thiel, Maxine Hypes, Karen Theesfield. Karon Homsey. Beverly McElwee. Judith Kingston, Vernon Corderman. Barbara Looft. Sharon Hypes, Marlene Cronk, Mary Guerdet. Second Row: Iris Dunn, Betty Ann McCorkle, Ann Lutter, Norma Hanson, Barbara Ann Rich- mond. Gailord Plath. Harold McElwee. Dick Larsen. Joy Place, Doris Ver- brugge, Norma Anderson. Cherie Kingston, Vic Horswell. Ronnie Henriksen, BCDYS' GLEE CLUB 1 J 3, fi "S .J - FQ - J ,J .. 'W' LQ '..' H l.."'.T"" 09, 99 fS Q0 5Qsa! meyer, Duane Fetters. First Row: Robert Eisenbacher, Howard Helgason, Larry Hudson, Eddie Helgason, Roger Place, Jack Schultz, Bob Schwartz. Don Kinnander, Miss Kreul. Second Row: Bill Hirt. Calvin Porter, David Horswell, Bernard Ver- brugge, Dick Larsen. Dale Schumacher, Vic Horswell, Lyndon Opsal, Don Schwartz. Third Row: Jack Rich- mond, Bill Peterson, Freddy Walters. David White, Robert Leach, Dick Johnson, Robert Petersen, Wayne Hoff- 26 BAD -cms Dorothy Cassem. Calvin Porter. Third Row: Mr. Lutter, Betty Mc- Intire, Carol Halverson, Marceil Fries, Judy Davis, Barbara Redhead, Don Schwartz, Lyndon Opsal, Cheryl Gaarde. Marlene Askeland, Di- ane Robinson, James Lindell, Ruth Horswell. Fourth Row: Kay Fitz- gerald. Louise Guerdet. LaDonna Porter, Sandra Slaba, Bob Schwartz. Robert Petersen, Dick Johnson, David White, Roger Place, Don Kin- nander, Bobby Henriksen, Larry Vigdal, Billy Johnson. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB ru ,, .'-.-.45 ff L x it 'Q L. If ' ' M 'B 0 -X " ' Q, I' V iz 'J A - LJ -5' '31 N 1 . ' 4 'wr ,S K 1' First Row: Miss Kreul. Judith Krough, Patricia Gochanour, Myrna Niemann, Marilyn Larsen, Carol Halverson, Maxine Hypes, Joann Cheever, Marlene Askeland, Marie Sandt, JoAnn Cornwell, Kathryn Thiel, Karen Thees- field, Diane Grabinoski, Norma Hanson, Dorothy Cassem. Second Row: Dawn Roben. Marilyne Porter, Cheryl Gaarde, Janice Verbrugge, LaDonna Porter, Joy Place, Jane Cheever, Karon Homsey, Karen Questad, Janet Thackrey.Char1ene Gangstead.JanetHalverson, Barbara Redhead, Barbara Ann Richmond, LaVonne Fretty, Mar- ilyn Haworth, Judy Hoppus. Helen Cheever. Third Row: Kathleen Fitzgerald. Loretta Jensen, JoAnn Stefanski, Arleen Schreiber, Norma Anderson, Janice Hudson, LaVonne Pedersen, Elgene Anderson, Doris Quam, Kathryn Rovn, Doris Verbrugge, Judith Kingston. Diane Robinson, Cherie Kingston, Sharon Larson, Donna Manor. Louise Guerdet. 27 PEP BA D -vw A X .Q 3? , :Y , , X 'f Eng HIE! First Row: Robert Henriksen, Janet Halverson, Karon Homsey, Kathryn Thiel, James Lindell. Second Row: Joe Madden, Roger Place, Cherie Kingston, Richard Johnson, Sandra Slaba, Diane Robinson. Third Row: Donald Schwartz, Lyndon Opsal, Joy Place, Richard Larsen, Vic Horswell, Ronald Henriksen. CHEERLE DERS Janet Thackrey, Patricia Gochanour, Myrna Niemann, Marie Sandt. I GIRL BASKETB LL FIISI Row Cheryl Gaarde Manlyn Haworth Maxrne Hypes Joann Cheever LaDonna Porter Karen Questad Judrth Klngston Arleen Schrelber Barbara Redhead Second Row Dor1s Verbrugge mgr Marlene Askeland D1ane Robinson JoAnne Stefanskl Cherle Kmgston Dorothy Cassem Charlene Gangstead Mr Hrnkley Thrrd Row Karen Theesfxeld Norma Anderson DraneGrab1nosk1 Sharon Larson Norma Hanson Kathryn Threl Judy Hoppus Dawn Roben Judrth Krough W9 Judy 13 LaDonna 9 W1th only half of last year's f1rst team return1ng, the T1ger ettes had a faxr season th1s year Twenty three g1rls were out for basketball and of the total num ber three were sen1ors, four Jun 1ors, erght sophomores, and eight freshmen L Durmg our season of game C 3 playlng we totaled s1x w1ns, 1n Karen 11 cludrng several close ones, and twelve defeats We won the flrst round of the County Tournament, defeatmg R1ngsted, and were beaten by one pomt m the fmals 1n an overt1me by Doll1ver LaDonna Porter and Cheryle Gaarde made the All County team, w1th Karen Questad 1'CCe1V1f1g honorable ment1on I r "Toad" "5" Bar "7" ' 30 9 ' . - - ' - If I yr 1 . .. Q. 4 .. , ' - J 1-L ' Q., ' . if 4 I 1 ' r an . J - i 2 . I :rw fin., - . ' 1 f L f . . - Q f -' A - ' ffl 'P 4 X ,. I o 1 n - I ,- . J I L . X X . ' , 'I .- -JK . . . . gl . nv f J ly ll BOYS BASKETB 4 fr tlfeq ' -- L in l N M 4? 'Q FIISIROW BobSchwartz Wayne Hoffmeyer Arlo Jones Robert Petersen Davld Whlte Jack Schultz Duane Fet ters Arden Sabrn Second Row Mr Holdren John Vogelpohl B11lH1rt Robert Schrerber JackR1chmond Ber nard Verbrugge D1ck Krumm Don Schwartz Dwayne Mclnure D1Ck Johnson mgr Thtrd Row Ronald Hen rxksen Chfford Larsen Roger Place Freddy Walters Douglas Whxtesell Don Krough Calvm Porter Vxc Horswell The Armstrong Ttgers had a successful season I-I1ghl1ghts were the 61 44 trounc1ng of Swea C1ty and the vlctory over Thompson at Armstrong The T1gers are co champ1ons of the Statehne Conference thms year The team was bolstered by veterans and was ex xv cept1onally well balanced The T1gers had a 17 w1ns, 4 losses record up to the Sectlonal Tournament Jack Schultz, sen1or guard, and Duane Fetters, sophomore forward, were named to the All County team Honorable Jack ment1onwas glven Arlo Jones, center and Pere Bob Petersen, forward gh! Wayne 25 Fuzz 12 ' ., gf 1 Sn J o Ionesy "21" 1 1 X "' .r x 31 X ' LL . O ' A Q I 'I 0 ' Q A ' I 3 'O , ff' .1 ' ' . I 'D Q . . K 241 x ' ' ' ' . T ' I' - ,J X U' Y Y ' . .1 It N ., . l I 'lt l'. En . . X' 1' , '. ' ' x ' ' W - .. x 'f e t l. MQ ,T ' 1 ' tv . -' A - " Q 4 ' Ax 'V - I S 1 , ' ,Y -.qx X A , Kpf M dvi, 1 fl --D, sy-I I Y Q tw .1 Q' f lf' fav 'I- Q ay' ' , r Y.-h U 14 ' It 1. - I 21 If x " ' 1 ' 1 4 - " 4 - A .4 i G41 ld :ipaq I A ,- AT' A . . ' v X A - L I Y ' y t - , I gg, I ,Q X 'f X -1 W .I -' on - by by . ., ' ' J A I f I o 5 V if I . I . - o . H45 .I . g - . ' x nay. . 1 1 rf' Q - - ' y 1' JL - . ' "15" ' ' , "14 , . . D 1 5 Q I' I' f I' N n H I K' , , If I . , fi 1 7? BASEBALL Y-iw V60 W V A T170 A16 M57-R01 Frrst Row Calvm Porter V1c Horswell Duane Fetters Donald Krough Jack Schultz Robert Helgason Robert Schrerber Second Row Rtchard Krumm Davrd Horswell Donald Schwartz Robert Petersen Arlo Jones M Holdren Coach Bernard Verbrugge Robert Schwartz Roger Larsen Arden Sabm The Trgers had a very successful season th1s year They suffered only one defeat and that was to the state tournament bound team Bancroft The Trgers were a veteran team headed by letter wrnners Bob Sch wartz Jack Schultz Bob Petersen Bernard Verbrugge Arden Sab1n Arlo Jones, and Roger Larsen The l1ne up was as follows P1t chers Jack Schultz and Arlo Jones Catcher Bob Schwartz F1rst base Bob Petersen Second base Bernard Verbrugge Thrrdbase Bob Schre1ber and Dav1d Horswell Short stop Arden Sab1nand JackSchultz Left f1eld Arlo Jones Centerfxeld Roger Larsen and Rrght fleld D1ck Krumm lb I ' i 1 - . f f f . J K 1' A S V4 4 I , ' TA' ' " T XY? -A Z 4l'lul-1 Qffaq' -X ' 1' "f T j r 5 ' . - , he t ? ' . V w 4 . S 0 - 9 F 4 .1 KVTIPJ my 4 I, ' 1 1 1 N .f 1 S A 'Q ff-1 S 1 , A f j ' - , 1 S 1 ' I Q 1 ' 1 ' 2 1 ' Q , ' l ' Q ' 1 s 1 1 2 s 3 7 Q 7 2 . , . 32 Pl l I' ,., wg! NM, f x W First Row: Clifford Larsen,Bernard Verbrugge,Roger Lindell, Robert Petersen, Roier Larsen, Mr. Knapp. Advisor. Second Row: Bill Hirt, Howard Helgason, Robert Schwartz, Pres., Donald Sc wartz, John Conn. Third Row: Dennis Cross, Gary Love, Robert Helgason, Calvin Porter, Ronald Henriksen Larry Hudson Harold McElwee Vemon Corderman. Fourth Row: Douglas Whitesell, Arlo Jones, George Fothergill, Arden Sabin, Chester Dunn, Gerald Irmiter, David Horswell. Members Meet Gov. Beardsly Farm Improvement Chapter Sweetheart Contest The Future I-lornemakers of Amerrca was orgamzed thrs year for any g1r1WhO has had or IS now taklnga Home Economlcs course rn h1gh school The FHA works 1nco ord1nat1on w1th the FFA and d1rect1y w1th the Home Economws department m the school We have twenty e1ght act1ve members, w1th M1ss Morse as sponsor Mrs Warren Barber and Mrs Adolph Questad are Chapter Mothers The Forest C1ty Chapter f FHA v1s1ted us and conducted our 1nsta11at1onofoff1cers We had a Chr1stmas party w1th a g1ft ex change and games van vw 4 1497 First Row LaVonne Fretty song leader Joann Cheever vrce presrdent Jane Cheever pres1dent Mxss Morse sponsor LaVonne Pedersen treasurer Joy Place secretary Cherle Kxngston hrstonan Second Row Kathleen Fltzgerald Marilyn Larsen Dorothy Cassem reporter Karen Theesfxeld D1aneRob1nson Helen Cheever par llamentarran Sharon Larson Norma Hanson Donna Manor Thxrd Row Loretta Jensen Jamce Verbrugge Dor1s Quam Dxane Grablnoskr Barbara Redhead Kathryn Thiel Judy Hoppus Dawn Roben Jamce Jacobs Rosemary Quinn Judy Hansen Sharon Corderman 34 Fo I lf Q . . . . O ' , ,J H , V, 'fgf Q pls' Q ,- H1 5 .P ' I ,QL uunrnnxrn 'UP4 U f Q . .v I ,I v, J Q is .vw H ' : . : ' . ' - ' : . ' : ' . I Q v I v P I . I I ln 1 r I o 1 . 9 ' I : . ' 1 1 . I 9 9 - I I I I I Y I I Y I SPEECH AND ONE ACT PLAYS , No Greater Love X 1 me X L if j Q 3 , 4 Blue Beads Prom Da te The following people are taking 2' part in the local speech contest to be held at Armstrong, Iowa, in Feb- YT! ruary: Jerry Laffey, Cherie Kings- ton, Judith Kingston, Diane Robinson, Kathryn Thiel, Marilyn Haworth, and LaVonne Fretty. A picture was not available at this time. Joy Place. second place in Voice of Democracy Contest 35 -5 I TIGER SHOTS uae' "' W3CZ:.:"!g..- I Junior High And Grades 1 4 X ,- fjf- Q 0 s-A, X I ' ' . , ' f,. ' 'w ' "" ' Q ' lqf. , t .., A I . -. D L P, , A,.'. 1 , Q, . 7- . 4 41: ,..s Q ' 2. -'T 'A nl- . gm sr mug , of: -' . 'QW ., 5' ' ' eg r I EIGHTH GRADE 'erm A f il- I -vt First Row Marlene Cronk Dorothy Burgeson Karen Fredericksen Larry Christiansen Tommy Manley James Rovn Marce1lFr1es Iris Dunn Shirley Boicourt Judy Rieffer Second Row Ruth Guerdet Jimmy Lindell James Fothergill CarlAnderson Mary Valen Rose Mltchell Elizabeth Barnard Larry Vigdal Dolores Richmond Mr Nally Third Row Gailord Plath Clifford Porter Sandra Slaba Clarence Rezac Leslie Cheever Sandra Carl son Charles Guerdet Fourth Row Charlotte Long Ann I-lorswell Barbara Looft Gary Lawrence Veldene Tow Deanna Danes Karen Hustad Mary Ann McCorkle Sheryle Peterson Joyce Ntemann JU IOR BAN First Row: Marlene Carlson, Karen Twedt, Karen Larsen, Joan lrmiter, Marlys Willson. LuVerne Fries. Gailord Plath, Jimmy Robinson, Ruth Horswell. Beverly McE1wee, Janice Jensen, Sandra Pedersen. Second Row: Paula Gaarde. Kenneth Madison, Joe Haisman, Ronald Grabinoski. Aileen Paulson, Sharon Hypes, Marceil Fries. Jerry Johnson, Dolores Anderson, Mary Askeland, Cheryl Schwartz. Third Row: Rebecca Johnston, Gary Schumacher, Billy Johnson. Calvin Long, Julius Irmiter. David Pedersen. Lanny Kinnander. Lowell Cassem, Mr. Lutter. 38 .IU ICR HIGH BASKETB LL Flrst Row Veldene Tow Marlys Wlllson Ann Lutter Joan Vogelpohl Ioan Irm1rer Ellzabeth Barnard Dolores Rlchmond Sue Anderson Sandra Slaba Mary Ann McCork1e Second Row Marlene Cronk Bonnre Barber Bet ty McInt1re Carol Corderman Judlth Rleffer Ruth Guerdet lr1s Dunn Deanna Danes Barbara Looft Helen An derson Thlrd Row Mr Hmkley Ruth Horswell Alleen Paulson Mary Lee Askeland Beverly McElwee Sharon Hypes Ann Horswell Marcexl Frres Betty Ann McCorkle 01 I if 'N-s Frrst Row Dale Rasmussen Roger Larson Jimmy Brandenburg Gallord Plath Clarence Rezac Lesl1e Cheever Cllfford Porter James Rovn Second Row Warren Stefanski David Vlgdal David Krumm Jack Hrrt Rlchard Grablanowskr Jlmmle Rlchmond Ronald Grablnoskx Gary Wlddel Thxrd Row Chns Fetters Noel Gochanour Russell Schrelber John Sturm, Harvey Cheever Robert Henrlksen Julxus Irmlter Larry Redmg Mr Lemke 39 v I I . I - , ' ' I . . I U ' I ' S . I Q O n I . 1 I s , . 'year 1 5 'W , f 7 1 , 45 Q 5. f 2 3 L I T ' f a Q L7 , W ' . 1 1 sl I 9 9 I ,Q I .- ,iv 4 ling' B 4 .,-an X QQ , A - - '9g,.. ' 7. I -.. , In x , an X I ' k fx . I a 1 . 1 . r 9 A v SEVE TH GRADE 1 AXA. First Row David Krumm Robert Cheever Richard Eisenbacher Aileen Paulson Carol Corderman Ruth Hors well Richard Schreiber Sharon Hypes Helen Anderson Harvey Cheever Betty Mclntire Second Row Bonnie Barber Richard Grabianowskr Earl Dean VonBank Karen Larsen Betty Ann McCorkle Beverly McElwee Mary Lee Askeland Joyce Lawrence Nancy Pehrson Third Row Joan Irmiter Ann Lutter Julius Irmiter Jerry Johnson Betty Lou Fretty Sue Anderson Larry Reding Jimmy Brandenburg Mr Lemke Fourth Row Jack Hirt John Sturm Jimmie Richmond Janice Jensen Roger Larson Dale Rasmussen Marlys Willson Robert Henriksen Alice Burkhead SIXTH GRADE First Row: Karen Twedt, Mary Guerdet, Alice Picht, Patricia Carson, Leroy Plath, Arlo Manzke, LuVerne Fries David Vigdal, Ardis Manzke, Douglas Nutt, Jerry Daries, Faye Ann McCorkle. Second Row: Sandra Pederson, Sonja Heuman, Marian Paulson, Patricia Brown, Judith Nutt, Sharon Manley, Janiece Vigdal, Raymond Worden, Judy Sturm,Carolyn Hovey, Delilah Jandl, Marjorie Eisenbacher, Miss Kennedy. Third Row: Russell Schreiber, Billy Johnson, Calvin Long, Gary Widdel, Warren Stefanski, Noel Gochanour, Chris Fetters, Ronald Grablnoski, Rebecca Johnston, Marlys Harris, Patricia Roalson, Ronald Hansen. 40 FIFTH GRADE A vi" Frrst Row James Manzke Sylvester Ersenbacher LowellCassem Sharon Sennert Carol Long Ronald Porter Gary Rreffer Donald VonBank Clarence Cheever Madalyn Carlson Larry Krnnander Second Row Lmda Thackery Robert Godfredson Duane Carlson Tommy Trenary Davrd Pedersen Mary Jane Dundas Elward Prcht Joe Verbrugge Judy Corderman Mrss Chapman Thrrd Row Ann Burkhead Gary Schumacher James Robrnson Avrs Wadsworth Jrmmy Larson Ellzabeth Klnnander Cheryl Olson Emmet Qumn Dolores Anderson FOURTH GRADE Frrst Row Jane Ellen Corderman Margaret Engesser Davrd I-lelgason Donna Lrndell Davxd Sandt Jean Dun das Beverly Corderman Rose Mary Stefanskr Carol Lawrence Ronald Roalson Barbara We ner Second Row Trudence Nutt Judy Eckholm Sharlene Gram Bxlly Looft Cheryl Schwartz Paula Gaar e Dwrght Hansen James Walter Robert Vrgdal Earl Dorr James Cecrl Mrss Tonderum Thrrd Row Paula Worden Joe Harsman Ronald Kelly Vera Qurnn Donald Carlson Ronald Huemen Dean Halverson Kenneth Madrson James Grabmo skr Maryory Dunn Jean Lutter Ellen Larson 41 THIRD GRADE 177 MW ' Ml 'ti 'MII A " 5' llll ll. 'Ill' -'ll Nunn-lf' .512 ELEM. FIISIROW Cheryl Balmer Madonna Exsenbacher Dorothy Rezac Carol Krnnander Calv1nJongberg Mary Leah Engesser Edwin Mitchell Jolene Hansen Second Row Larry Balmer Pauline Paulson Elna Anderson Betsy Askeland Glenda Johnson Kathleen Lofus Janice Rankin Miss Weber Third Row Mary Rose Danielson Donna Long Judy Pedersen Mathew Carney Kathleen Kelly Ronald Harris Carol Henriksen Stephen Reding Inez Hudson SECOND GRADE First Row: Judith Lutter, Richard Hansen, Victor Clabough, James Blekfeld, Karen Guerdet, Roger Mart. Bonnie Gochanour.James Ross. Jolene Hypes, Ronald Carlson. Second Rovq: Larry Grabianowski. Michael Cecil. Mari- lyn Mc Elwee.Bary Miller, Peggy Blekfeld, David Fries, Janet Wegner, Susan Morsch, Marlin Fisher. 'Third Row: David Worden, Janice Haisman, James Gibbons, Paul Jensen, James Godfredson. William Trees, Morris Daniel- son. Gary Thackery, Dan Horswell, Arlene Burkhead, Miss Parry. 42 FIRST GRADE Q. a5,x,1h xi if 1 4131: FirstRow: Bonnie Sennert, Susan Drinan, Darleen Schreiber. Beth Corderman, Gloria Taylor. Janice Eisenbacher, Marlys Madison,Irene Pehrson, Doreen Reding. Cathy Feddersen, Patricia Irmiter. Second Row: Kenny Manley, Karen Paulson. Arnita Ross, Kathleen Erickson. Jeanene Teeter, Patty Peterson. Mary Kay Krumm, Linda Ander- son, JeriLynn Snyder, Diane Carlson. Third Row: Donny Manwarren. Arthur Ross, Vernon Fries. Dougie Pfeil. Jimmy Danielson. Glenn Dunn. Richard Brown, Billy Leach. Joseph Sturm. Richard Walters. Edward Engesser. KI DERGARTE ix 1' Vi ' flmfw- asv. FirstRowz Miss Shurts,JeffryJensen, Judy Schultz. Debby Nutt. Jane Loftis. Sandra Bishop. Jean Rooney. Paulette Lowe. Donna Looft. Second Row: Billy Ross. Dennis McManus. Terry Garteski. Joey Trenary, Jerry Joe Homsey. Billy Harris. David Love. First Row: Miss Shurts, Patty Guinn. Duyane VonBank. Anna Brandenburg. Donald Leach. Linda Guerdet. Donna Worden, Betty Long. Second Row: Tommy Guerdet. Allan Lindell. Cris Berkness. Steven Heck. Rachel Quinn. Cheryll Berggren. Linda Sathoff, Earl Fothergill. wr .I im: Txred'7 Smxle 5' Meh YN .M Ln Famxly Affaxr fl NT' H1 Charlxe 44 Back to school Huddle S11ent She 5 1OVff1Y She S The wheen engaged er Father useg Remxngton Leav1ng'7 Super X Q Lhl Crx N1 rror arm. Sphool lun I Donna L 1 Qhdrh ton UTIly K Max U"l What? A truck" Eddme and Dxmples Blg Dxrk - Gone fxshmg 1 Ixorl dry Sed up and nowhere to g 'Vo kuidxn PL1777 44 'iv Schrexb nu. AKJJYBI- One of the young uns Coy Charlene 'Pete Southern exposure Our edltor m a lxghter moment D1x1e I ,-.-A fix PM . Li H ,M Y 'QI . er It lu u .V V -N. 3 . J h 42:-G 1 ' - I - vv ' I , 7 , ' , 'N ' , -I H -, - 1. , " ' --. ' V O f . ,-.2 " f 1: uv - vu .. U R " " 'VH . t H ,I . " ' h f f X W x I . r X-1 '- H X 5. . ' If X . F ' 3. , . 4 AP 2, , f ' 4 5 ' h , e V J Q I ' h , I IV ' ' ' 3 Q L s ' - "' , , 4 V " xl? 'V 1 . r -1 e . vi I , 4' ' w - ' , H , I, -vii . I " ' 'f A " ' H H "Dug ft Q .xy A 1 H "H1t1?1o-- ' 'es" 1 ' , - T -"f '- " ' FH' 1 I WM 3 ,fb . 1 2 - if A - -' A , : - I f. e r 55 'fi ' , - - o V , iy by A A, H- ' 1 1 -- ' , 4 I 3 l A fx I - , . , 4 -5- v , .h , . ' rl I , e -I 2 V. ,gi ., ,. A Mc: V in ah- A 4' 1 1 su:xu11v:'ti:nf.-" 5 H "He - - 0" - " '.-X11 -S 1 ' 0" H YI ll H e - H ,V - , 4 , -' Yin' 3 -- ax , "f - 5 , ca ' Q, Y N 1 f N f A -1 1 ' F 'in " me Surpr15Ld'7 AFS' 9 ull! Conference HOW NNUY Ldrsv Junk lt How S the water? f 'WL 'G ww 'X cmr We looked llke that 7 'I he mlghty Charhc Mattrc s s ,,,,..--4 Tennessee Ernle Just want the facts ma'am Thundermng hooves the W1111am Tell Overture ,iv 'i 1n the background I maman Idrwe Gotta concentrate a tractor Contxnenfal K111'emAr1o The State shouldprovxde ,latin .qu gn D1gthatcx-azy ball Lnqf H ii Ja Subtle non chal Say somethmg Sabe In the Toad an etc xne fr1end' Max I have the next strugg1e'7 One way to get up world A H S Harvest Ball more these 41 1 ,. W. . w A- F A , rf ' I I Ami-LEX' ,. C- 4 . 11' .. eil! 1 M ' 'N-"9-' it e M Qi- -Q F 1 I f ,li . sy: I ' 'J' V -' I I w. A e- A i A ,. .. , ,Q D .I I vu ' , , uv I , '5 V . 1 W , . . . u l ...Q ' ' ' 4. ' ,ci 5 .L ' .4 .uma 4'... , " 1 A- 1 1 4 I . f " " .r gilsuf. '1 . t v' f jx- ' ' 1" '75 , ,- - ' 1 v 'A . ' A ' . - H - , .. . A it U Q Q Ix1.rr'1lyn 11 UM' -V Y . 'I , F. j .Z ll .W Q ' af ' 'e 'F - I n A V ' Q. 1 - 1 kf"J - 'f, W? ff' :W , f ., I H V , , ' . , Q Q " 's V , , V . M ' - - -.:Af- H i Hgvfi. V .1 t H s . ,e ffl fel' 0, ' 1 Q , , - N: . A ' 1 , - . . 3- 32 , . js. 3 f n 'naca I ' ' ' " 4 . ' cl V T V A dp ll if 1 . Ds to ',. ' V - 1- : 3' P" 5 3 i n . .y ' ... Mi. x . .. ' m f .J " 'A . ' ' nl vw u ' - ' 11 H H 1 V - -Q t-,I ., ., - A ., . ul ' vu ' ,I , ,, ' , ' YY Il ' ' ' ,, V y O I J 5 I TIGER BCDOSTERS Cnty Food Market Leon Looft Phone 54 D X Statlon L E Mclntlre B SM Market Barber 8. W Mangold Gamble Store Ray Larsen Dr A Whltlow Vetermarnan Dr Roy M Turner Physucnan St Surgeon Champney s Cafe C Champney Manager Butch and Florence s The Friendly Tavern Armstrong Iowa Huxtable Drug Frank A Huxtable A 8.L Cleaners Vern Dahms Pfell Varrety Jlm Pfell Roxy Theatre Henry Wegner Robinson s Clothnng C M. Robmson Anderson s Jack Sprat Grocery Bertle Anderson Blekfeld Standard Service Howard Blekfeld Iowa Electrlc Llght 8. Power C W Calhoun Manager Physrclan 8. Surgeon Dr W J Morsch Dentist Armstrong Telephone Exchange W V Leach Manager Opsal s Standard Service LeRoy Opsal L St O Lockers Effner Opsal and Leon Looft Dr R J Dundas Vetermarlan J 8- H Implement Your Oliver Dealer Wendell Jensen Oran Hudson Place Implement Company Your John Deere Dealer Gllbert R Place Manager W 81 K Motor Compan Plymouth 8. DeSoto Cars Phone l7'I Thompson Yards Phone 32 Larry Stafford Manager Armstrong Sales Co Phone 200 J D Kingston Manager Armstrong Hatchery Phone I37 Robert E Obbmk Owner Farmers Co operatuve Elevator Feed Gram Coal Seed Phone 68 Farst Trust 8- Savings Bank Phone 3I Armstrong Iowa Member F D I C Arnold C. Gaarde Insurance Corner Hardware The Hardware on The Corner Phone 48 George W Peterson Frlgldalre Appliances Wayne s Body Shop Wayne Sheely Morrall s Chevrolet Company Bernard Morrall Manager Dr J J Cecil Vetermarran Km ston s Cleaners john Krngston Benny Brown Carpentry Armstrong Journal Ken Muller Editor Pape s Garage Frank Pape Manager Dr C Plath Chiropractor Hansen s Recreation Parlor Hansen Bros Plerce Electric Company W Pierce Manager Quaker Oats Phone I62 . . . , W. . v ll . II I l e . l I l . . y . 1 . I I I I l . l . . , . Claire V. Lindholm, M. D. ' ' I . . . . , I 0 I ll I I I a I . . 0 I I . I . g I I n O l I -r-...H In s ip ,:, r--..-was vsp 'r QL fauna -1- In uv -v-4., p Q, nf-1+ 4 ru'-vv , f

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