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1 fbuhfgwjw im W 'QQ E 5119- 'ik CME? QQw 41412 LW Ufsww W Wm EXW W WMM www 5 Qfwggb Gigs? 19 cf Wall QM Awww, We WCWQW 2 of pf Vw HM 423135 KQWQQZZZCZQQ ' 'Yr fa, flmfgfjww MWBEQMMQ 2 Q1 Q41 'yV.5cff:'Z-Q,Wj'U- ' Q CQ 3,5 fg6M4.AQ0wwC0J- Q fw. cLa,LUwAv,Nm'K"' ,Q 3551 40,11 fag mi R 2 ml if 'f 'V il . Q . 9, 1 V .r I I , " 'Z -I , .' f ff? sa Z 2 ' 9 Z 72'-J 7 V v I I - N ,,, , -7 5: . - 33, ' f 5? f 1 4 , y . il, fy 3 11195 I, ' ' . X xv f J -I 'V ' fzi Q I I!! Q! Z , Q A ff ,! f ff , 454 5 f , Q K' Z :L -A Y V PPCSCNTQQI by f7ze class of '53 G R oeolcatlon X We the Seniors of 1953 do sincerely dedicate this edition of the Tiger to Mr. Ortmeyer whose untiring efforts and unfailing loyalty to his students has endeared him to all those who have come in con- tact with him. Sincerely Senior Class of 1953 Q 1 Iv Q Aj, ix 1 y 'K f fc XX 52261, ' X Q K mm Ek , a ' 7 ' 'pf ff fu w W V? fs X N f 9,9 g l My 51 Ik , I MZ A:V , f ,Eff X I X f 76 , W N if 'S' 67 M BOARD of eoucatlon Left to right: John O'Nei11, Pres. Clarence Hovey, Sec. Oscar Solberg, Treas. Dr. J. Morsch, George Peterson, Arthur Cassuem. AUDA mA1T6l2 Jz gbf T , g facult Richard G. Hinkley Mathematics 1 Virgil Nally, Jr. High Principal i+ ' zatfw in sig 22" i W Y 5 41,3 :gf , , "Z??i?5 ' A Miss Damon lst Carrol S. Bogard Principal W. Holdren Boys Athletics Miss Tonderum 4th Miss Kruel Music Miss Chapman Mlss Malkmus Kindergarten V ,him .. ,.,:E it Miss Morse M Vp, M :A" Miss Billings Home Economics , f-f?j--f QQ Qi K English i "i' 15 3 2 : ' frf5fEQ2fs3ii2Q5if 'iisi Glenn Knapp Agriculture Miss Parry 2nd -exsv is S s-,2s,f:'f I ,S - ,. me KW 1 Mask-if . fl ,rs .-',.' is ., ,. , iifiwmi ' fiwsezgwf ff , .,,s1,, fi Wilber Harris Music Kenneth Lemke Ir. High Mrs. Hanson -I. Mn,i,,,,, , ,,., . A , ,,,,, A ' ' sgqgihgay ggvpzwgiiag 3 sei Roland Willard Science , A ' - :Hai " 'fi 1 t g iefgeif-sr r Wi- - - 'zzggfjvafifl ,, m,, -U ' 2gfff4sailil57s W 1 lu, 2 j sly : ffjfi, V- '-55:1 sw is ,ki 7 .::,ILIeg,1flg5 t 1 ,ttt,,r1 V. . , F . .. ,,lq s, , ,, - 1fs,,,sg-f,,.MsgfsWL ,lf ,di g-2 " fl Q-1-www : . -qs'-sf, ff,:v'gq1'1ifl Q z"'3isiWsis3A3fflg i g 'fs . -'g52ig5gi35li 2iq : 'i ,,wv!iv 4' ,.,. Nz.--!x,f4,,nv2 rl, .1 f-Mm! un:- , ,,t, is irsl ,t fi 2 ' 1 is wx, f-ws w,+7':r,',-sz - :msgs A, . lfiw ff l A fiiiiigialimg sig ,L s is grim X ' " - 3.i5W,m-if Miss Weber 3rd Jr. High Left to Riglht: LaDonna Porter, Doris Verbrugge, Jack Richmond, Jerry Laffey, Mr. Bogard, Jon Barber, C eryl Gaarde, Mary Ellen Peterson, Lyndon Opsal, Vic Horswell. Officers President --- --------- Jerry Laffey Vice President --- ---- Mary Ellen Peterson Sect-n'eas. ---- ---- I on Barber Faculty Advisor --- ---- Mr. Bogard The student senate has been kept this year with many tasks facing them. There were sev- eral changes in the student senate, especially noticeable was the decrease in number. After the election of officers, the group began to work earnestly for the welfare and betterment of the high school. One of the first decisions this organizations made was the selection of cheerlead- ers to support the basketball teams. Along with the student senate sponsored the advanced sales of athletic tickets and held a contest between the four grades in highschool with a refund given to the winning class. The Student Senate has taken an active part in community affairs this year by helping the Kiawanis and the Farm Bureau with a voting booth and directing a tour through the school building during American EducationWeek. The group also planned and spon- sored two all high school parties, several assembly programs with student participation, and the annual ping pong tournaments, featuring mixed doubles for the first time. Special holidays have been remembered by the student senate in the form of assembly programs with outside guests as speakers and by decorating the high school assembly. The Student Senate is an organ- ization that any member can be proud of and is recommended highly by this years members. OF' THE J vb 1' .4130 'L " Q . I X 7 5 IJ f x x!! N U N "' Q I ,ff X I i I f Z f ' 1 f 3 + 5 via 775 if XX f 4, 1 X X ,Q U K X tl , is C f X , I .ff X Q f m. I XY V' Xiw X , fx ff M x If I I .L X V iq s I .XR , x . V, Q A A1 "N ' 1 Iflfllfijl H 3 274 I If Th 2 if ff f W V f h 4 , I V. 555 fl',,, X IIAVA - I -Im 'i w 1 fl., Lit Ki M 5 1, 51 ji 'V 1 N 'f M U fi: NW gf N j X 1 if f fl fl1 1'q'1'U K1 k f' J 1, W, i I ' 77 . wht 5 'Z ,W Wf f.'i! W lx X 76 1yffjI M" f' 534 ' Q If ' I I : N ' f J 'L M L f ? 9 5' N 'fn ff f,ff!!:47' Q 1' 'ff Officers- Mary Ellen Peterson ---------------------- President Jon Barber ---------- -- Vice President Marilyn Burt -- - -- Secretary Eyvona Jensen --- -- Treasurer Miss Morse ---- -- Sponsor Motto: "We climb tho' the rocks be rugged. " Flower: Red Rose Colors: Green and White Compliments of Dr. Lindholm M. D. A. L. Cleaners Pierce Electric Co. Huxtable Drugs Marilyn Mildred Burt: fBirdiej "What a dull world this would be if there weren't any men!" Birthday: Feb- ruary 21, 1935. Activities: AnnualStaff1 . Glee Club 4, Girls Trio 1 . Mixed Chorus 2. Band4. Pep Band 4. Class Officer 2. Student Senate 1 , Drama Play 2. Junior Class Play 1. Assistant Student Director 2. Basketball 1. ' l 4 Qin Jean Thomas O'Neill: fOatmealj "I'm so dainty! " Birthday: April 16. 1935. Activities: Basketball 4. Baseball 4 . Class Officerl . Student Senate 2. Annual Staff 1. Paper Staff 3. Jun- ior Class 1. Drama Play 1. Harry Lorenzo Helgason: qHelgiey 'School life is sure boring , but the outside activ - ities ---- Wow!" Birthday: March 30. 1934. Activities: Annual Staff 1. Boy's glee club 3. Mixed Chorus 1. Dona ld Loren Looft: fDonniej 'Speaking of the girls running around the school ---- I've seen them all!" Birthday: March 6. 1933. Activities: Annual Staff 1. Basketball 2. Base- ball 4, ClassOfficer 2, Glee Club 4, Mixed Chorus 2, FFA Officer 1. Junior Play 1, Drama Play 1. Leon Lauren Nelson: qLeej "Quiet. reserved and also shy .... there's more to this than meets the eye!" Birthday: February 2, 1936. Activities: Basketball 1 Baseball 2, Annual Sraffl Eyvona Rae Jensen: gif? lf? :gas fi K Uennyj "I like that .... with a southern drawl! " Birthday: December 18. 1935. Act- ivities: Annual Staff 1 .Glee Club 4, Mixed Chorus 1, Band 4. Pep Band 4, Class Officer 2. Drama Play 2. Junior Class Play 1. Paper Staff 1. Brass Ensemble 1, Basketball 1. Mary Ellen Peterson: fPetej "Quiet? You should know her better!" Birthday: January 18. 1936. Activi- ties: Glee Club 2, Annual Staff 1, Paper Staff 3, Class Officer 2, StudentSenate 1, Basketball 4, Junior Play 1, Drama Play 2. Jon Edwin Barber: Uony "He shifted his brain into neutral and let his ton- gue rattle on!" Birthday: January 10, 1935. Activi- ties: AnnualStaff1 . Student Senate 1. Class Officer 2. Johnnie Fred Cheever: Uohnniey "Women, I can take them or leave them.. But mostly take!" Birthday: June 3. 1935. Annual Staff 1.1 Baseball 1. W1ll1amEdwardE1senbacher: fBillyj "I like work, I can sit and look at it for hours!" Birthday: March 1. 1934. Activities: Annual Staffl. Glee Club 4. Base- ball 1. Har1anHenryK1nnanderg QHarLiej ".I'm not lazy, I'm just not in a hurry!" Birthday: Au ust 7. 1935. Activities: Basietball 3, An- nual staff 1. Band 3, FFA Officer 1. Pep Band 2, Sax Quartet. Janice Marilyn Thorson: Uany " Always there to lend a helping hand!" Birthday: November 11, 1935. Acti- vities: Basketball 4. Annual staff 1. ClassOfficer 1, Stu- dent Senate 1. Glee Club 2. Band 4. Pep Band 4, Brass Sextet 4. Quintet 1, Paper Staff 2-, Girls Trio 1, Junior Play 1. RheaIeann1neHorswell fllorsetaily "She lives in the country and from what I hear she really gets around! " Birthday: November 19. 1935. Activities: Annual staff 1. Glee Club 4. Band 4, Pep Band 2, Student Di- rector 2, Flute Quartet 3, Flute Solo 4, Class Officer 1,IuniorClassP1ay1, Drama Plays 2. Sextet 2, PHPCT Staff 4, Mixed Chorus 2- Nancy Muriel Hudson: Janice Paulina Hudson: QNany "I'm not bashful, l'm just quiet." Birthday: July 28,1935. Activities: Glee Club 1, Annual Staff 1. QMangery "Lead me not in- to temptation, but show me where it is!" Birthday: June 23, 1934. Activities: Annual Staff 1. Girls Glee Club 1, Vocal Solo 1, Bas- ketball Manager. 1. calenoan of August Text Book Sale, Registration September Classes Begin Fall Testing Program Fall Testing Program F. F. A. Judging Team to Clay County Fair Band Concert .Tudcging Team to Dairy attle Congress Senior Pictures Taken October Marching Band Contest Mr. Hamilton Spoke to Students Assembly Program Auditions for All State Music Festival Mass Band Festival at Lakota Junior Class Play Junior Class Play November All High School Party Music Concert Band Talent Program All State Music Festival December Al Bell Program Russ Charles, Magician Christmas Program January Semester Examination Terry Golden, Ballad Annual Sunday Concert February One Act Plays Musical 'I'rio 'Popular Music" Program Preliminary Speech Contest At Buffalo Center Rev. Polovina S ke to Students Forest City BanJxClinic Grade Solo Contest At Estherville events March 3. Vocal Concert 7. Sub District Speech Contest 13. Junior High Operetta "Kathleen" March 16. District F. F. A. Contest 23. District Speech Contest 24. Music Concert 27. Preliminary Music Contest 28. Preliminary Music Contest F. F. A. District Contest and Convention at Eagle Grove April '7. All High School Party 10. SENIO SKIP DAY 16. F. F. A. State, Des Moines 17. E. F. A. State, Des Moines Senior Class Play 18. F. F. A. State, Des Moines Senior Class Play 20. State Speech Contest 21. Music Concert 25. Final State Music Contest May 2. Final State Music Contest 8. Eighth Grade Dinner 16. Junior and Senior Banquet 19. P. T. A. Awards Night 22. Senior Examinations 24. Baccalaureate Sunday 26. Semester Examinations 27. Semester Examinations 28. Commencement 29. Picnic End of 1952-1953 School Year. QIOKSS Song 'Seniors Qu Paracleu ?QfrBf-lff7TDJJliL1jg jul TWO P1 Twq "WC 30 march-59.7 -lhmujk-The Sen--favs. Qff fnggw :J re? my .5 on -PCL-"Y'acJQ,"" We QMMP 5.31,-as we 5a,y5.,.,44, L5144nJ4n4JuO1J17411ffffu Hfffio Lf Hfrffiffr,f1Q1 'H1oujH'in oil me our mfdhdj hd-5f,'H we will re- Canourjmd plc! Sclwl 4,1iJfr?7J.dlJ5fg in JI 'Hmc3-- we have rfflieci,-on all Arm-5547 hglg-The Sen-hors clljo l i . . on FO. ..,:3:f..... SGHIGR alas NISIGIQY GY 195 As Seniors of 1953, we are a happy group of 15 members. We will try and take you on a tour of the lives of our jungle friends through our school years. In the fall of 1940 ,Jon Barber, MarilynBurt, Harry Heligason , Rhea Horswell, Janice Thorson, andlean O'Neill started Kindergarten as scared little pupils. We all enjoye our teacher, Miss Lawton. In first grade, 1941, we were happy to add to our group Eyvona Rae Jensen, and Mary Ellen Peterson. We were all thrilled on our first train ride to Maple Hill, whic our teacher, Miss Fear took us on. That was one of the big highlights of that year. Durin our second grade year, we added another pupil to our class. This boy is known as Leon Nelson. We had as our teacher this year Miss Skogard. We were getting pretty used to school now and really thought we were progressing. We had the same class in third grade with Miss Dushinski as our teacher. Harlan Kinnander was the new addition to our class in fourth grade, with Mrs. Haworth as our teacher. Miss Johnson was our teacher in fifth grade. During this year we added another new member. This boy had the name of Johnnie Cheever. Sixth grade marked a new experience for us. This was our first year in Jr. High. We were all scared as could be but got a ong pretty well guided by Mrs. Slaba, our principal along with Mrs. Haworth and Miss Miller. In seventh grade we added another new member. This tall boy is known to us as Billy Eisenbacker. We also obtained two new teachers, Mr. Powers and Mr. Campbell. Eighth Grade marked an important year in our Jr. High life. Donald Looft was a new member this year. We had many important events, one of which was our Eighth Grade banquet. But the most important one that will always remain in our mind is the Ei hth Grade Graduation. For graduation we went to Estherville and received our diploma from Mr. Berryhill, Supt. og Schools. G High School was next. We entered as green and mean freshman. The High School principal this year was Miss Sessler. We were so scared we didn't no which way to turn. It seemed to us the upper classmen was shoving us all over. In our freshman year we were able to enter into more activities such as glee club. mixed chorus, Student Senate etc. We finally made the year and entered into 10th grade or better known as the Sophomore class. We had Mr. Bentz as principal this year. Our Junior Year was a very exciting one. We got our graduation rings during this year. This was our first ex- perience in Dramatlcs also. We had a lot of fun putting on the Jr. play entitled "Act Your Age." We also had the greatprivilege of putting on a dramatic play of 'Gray Bread' . This play included four of us Junior :girls and a prom- ptor. We got to take 'Grey Bread" to Drake University at Des Moines to a play festival. We ha a lot of fun and received a Excellent rating on it. Another important event of ourJunior Year was the Junior and Senior Prom. Our theme for this banquet was 'A Garden of Friendship." We worked very hard on this and made it a great success. Mt. Bogard was our principal this year. Our graduation pictures were the first important event. Shortly after we had these taken we started on our annual. T e next event was the one act drama plays. These plays included "Lily," 'Broken Rehearsal," and 'Bal- cony Scene." 'Balcony Scene' was chosen to go to contest which was held at Bufflo Center. They were very fort- unate to get a second rating. Skip day, which was April 10th, took us to the Ice Follies at Minneapolis, Minnesota. This was the most entertaining event in the lives of the Seniors. Our Class play which was "Drums of Death," This play was presented April 1"lth and 18th. Our Junior and Senior Prom was also a very memorable event in our lives. The theme of this was 'Rose Festival." This was also a very successful banquet and we enjoyed it very much. We sincerely want to thank the Juniors for the very nice banquet. Baccalareate and Commencement concluded thirteen years of happy school life for the Seniors of 1953. class pnophecy Ion Barber: Jon delivered, After school, He's still-at it, Silly fool! Marilyn Burt: Marilyn's a success. A movie star. She's getting sick, On caviar. John Cheeverg This young marx's future, Really sends. As you see--- "It all dependsn' Billy Eisenbacherg Billy is famous. This is no laugh. As head of--- The army K. P. Staff. Harry He lgasong Harry is working, Not on the side. He digs ditches, Extra wide. Rhea Horswell: Rhea as a girl Was never seen, On a corner Selling gasoline. Nancy Hudson: Studious Nancy Has taken the cue. As assistant to Einstein At Princeton U. One for the money Two for the show Get ready Seniors Here we go! The end of the story Is sad as can be, They're taking us off To cherokee! Eyv onna Jensen: Eyvonna's a champ, She's got the stuff. As a lady wrestler, She's really tough. Harlin Kinnanderg Musical Harlin, Has faced the facts. He's become a solist With his sax. Dona ld Looft: Donald Looft Had this sad fate. He's a busy man, With a family of eight. Leon Nelson: With a squeel and a howl At a very fast rate. Leon and his taxi cab Plow through the Golden Gate Jean O'Neill: Jean made a fortune In his own way, As manufacturer of--- Ladies Lingerie. Mary Ellen Petersen: Where's the murder? What's the clue? Mary Ellen's a detective, Her nose is too! Janice Thorsen: Once a fan, Then star on the team. Now coach of Minn. Lakers-- She's really on the beam. theclass will oll 1953 We, the Seniors of 1953, of the city of Armstrongl, of the county of Emmet, of the State of Iowa, the Tall Corn State, being of unsound mind, of weak heart and aving but a few short hours to dwell among the horrors of the trials and tribulations of our high school days, and being on the verge of departing for realms unknown, do make. publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament. I. I. I. I, Jon Barber, will my long curly hair to Eddie Helgason. Marilyn Burt, will my sense of humor and my excess men to Karon Questad to help add to her collection. Billy Eisenbacher, will my heighth to Marie Sandt. whom I think could use it. Rhea Horswell, will my musical ability to Louise Guerdet. .singing mostly. We, Johnnie Cheever and Donald Looft, will our ability to handle women to John Fothergill and Bob Peterson. I I I I I I I I I Harry Helgason, will my masculine build to Janet Thackery. Nancy Hudson, will my quietness to PistolPete, better known as Jack Schultz. Janice Hudson, will my black hair to LaDonna Porter to make a beautiful color. Eyvona Jensen, will my big earrings to Marilyn Porter to add to her collection. Jean O'Neill, will my tiny feet to all the Junior Class because there is plenty to go around. Leon Nelson, will my wandering around the school house Qand else wherej to Jerry Laffey. Mary Ellen Peterson, will my cute freckles and long nose to Judy Kingston. Harlan Kinnander, will my straight A's and my excess weight to Dick Johnson. Janice Thorson, will my ability to play basketball to I.aVonne Pederson. We, Eyvona Jensen and Marilyn Burt, will our sense of humor together and our inseperable I I I I I I I I I I Mitchell and Betty Redhead. Billy Eisenbacher, will my singing ability to Joy Place to help her out. Jon Barber, will all my rings to Jane Cheever to add to her collection. Johnnie Cheever, will my dancing ability to long Jon, Better known as Wayne Hoffmeyer. Rhea Horswell, will my back swing to Bernard Verbrugge to help out. Mary Ellen Peterson, will my long legs and ability to get around fast to Joan Cornwell. Leon Nelson, will my ability to talk my way out of trouble to Roger Larson. Janice Thorson, will my collision insurance to Pretty Walters. . .just in case he needs it. Harlan Kinnander, will my fast talking and reading to Doris Verbrugge. Donald Looft, willmy interests in Ceylon and Blue Earth to Harvey Schroeder. Jean 0'Neill, will my corny wise cracks to Bob Schwartz to use in the show and in study hall. friendship to Serle As we leave, we desire to will in addition to the above, our seats by the dark west wall of the assembly to all the Juniors. To the Sophomores and Freshman, we leave our old papers to copy and the secrets of our success. --Seniors of 1953-- -1 ff - ' 1' 4. 1, QV- x ff flf-'f 59111. " ff., . 1 S0 lf., . m ores f I ff' 4 P " WO 4 1 QQ, , NSCEE. 5-f lf, A i f f , f f f Xliifigf I f fy I H , 115 40 ' - fi J 2' IN. f , Fr e. S I1 E-'L N Qfflf Q Eff, 6 , 5,4 if 'ff' ,V I ,I I 'Q ff? , ,Q r l la! l, I X V 4' f if 2 ,X K af' I x L ,A 'I AV M J 6 ,,., 0 ' ff Q' PQ 'ww f Q2 M f 1476 I , - pa W! x .- ,Z 65 I. I +143 J ll xxx, ' 9 I1 J I ! . -I 1 Y E C LA -. ' SN! E A class Olf 1954 Junior Class Officers Treas., Bob Schwartz, Vice President, LaDonna Porter, President, Doris Verbrugge, Secretary, Betty Redhead. Junior Class BACK ROW: Bernard Verbr Roger Larsen, Wayne Hoffmeyer, Jack Schultz, Bob Schwartz. SECOND ROW: Louise Guerdet, Karen Questad, Doris Verburgie, Janet Thackery, Lavonne Pedersen, Judy KinFston, Joy Place, LaDonna Porter, Betty Re ead Jane Cheever. FRONT ROW: S er e Mitchell, Marilyn Porter, Eddie Helegason, MilssBil1ings, Harvey Schroeder, Joan Corn- well. Marie Sandt. ugge, Jerry Laffey, Pretty Walters. Bob Petersen, Dick Johnson, John Fothergill, class of 1955 A Jack Richmond President, Barbara Richmond Secretary, Billy Peterson Treasurer, Cheryl Gaarde Vice -President Gayle Peterson, Marlene Peterson, Stanley Horswell, David White, Billy Peterson, Mr. BACK ROW: Knapp, Miss Kruel, Robert Leach, Arlo Jones, Jack Richmond, Roger Place, Don Schroeder. SECOND ROW: Roger Lindell, Clifford Larsen, Cheryl Gaarde, Arden Sabin, Helen Williams, Barbara Red- head, Elgean Anderson, LaVonne Fretty, Richard Krumm, Barbara Richmond, Kathryn Rovn. FIRST ROW: Dwight Dolf, Joan Cheever, Roberta Hansen, Don Kinnander, Joe Eisenbacher, Doris Quam Donald Bergeson, Bill Champney. 1 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS J STANDING: Vic Horswell--President SEATED: Cherie Kingston, Secretary Lyndon Opsal, Vice-Pres. , Jean Rockne, Treas. J 1 3 BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: Carol Rieffer, Dale Schumacher, Cherie Kingston, Chester Dunn, Dick Larson, George Fother- gill. Mr. Holdren, Diane Robinson, Karon Homsey, Joe Madden, Jerry Jacobs, Duane Fetters, Robert Helgason. John Conn, Don Jean Ann Wilson, Lyndon Opsal, Marilyn Hayworth, Vic Horswell, Helen Cheever, Marilyn Larson. Bob Eisenbacher Halverson, Karen,Thiesfield, Marlene Askeland, Charlene Gangstead, Patty Gouchanour, Judy Davis. Schwartz, Jean Rockne, Janice Verbrugge, Merna Nieman, Garry Love, Carol Halverson, Maxine Hypes, Dorthy Cassem, Loretta Jensen, Janet :CEP ,Z 4i1 ".Ar ' , 1 ,J I - h . 114175626 l ata X! I 1 I I 3 ' ' , 1 i 1- ,v X F Z I 4 , ' ' ' 'Y Y ,' vs! 1 -I 'A ' I in i - ' fir? "' 'vga' 4 4Aii-6411, 1 W , X 'W ' 1 " -'S 'Q N193 1 Q z' NN s Aka Vik: QKV f L1 6 -X .K xivkmv I 1 K N' K X' 'QZAY X l M , f I V fr ' I '--nl' 1 g ll, rf x 4 ' 'ff ,WI ' ' X ,174 A 4 r 4, fldzl , tix an ll Sssfffv -137 -Q W 'S G : 311' i 1 JA f dd A K. , ' v N 'ff-' fQJ Hf5"w:f' '-. ' Mx aa . ffsnfgf v' ,zg,1f:z4, ' ' "QQ:-QfQ,.l'gK 'xx , Date 14. 17. 18 2 5. 9. 13. 16. 19. 23 9. 20. 26. 29. 31. 5. 6. 10. 13. 28. spomts calenoan BASKETBALL SPORTS CALENDAR OF EVENTS Girls Gruver There Girls Jamboree, Lakota Hartley Here Burt Here Titonka There Ledyard Here Thompson There Lakota Here Cylinder There Gruver Here November Boys They Date 4'7 14, Gruver There 48 18. Boys Jamboree, Swea 28. Swea City Here December 44 52. Burt Here 61 5. Titonka There 35 9. Ledyard Here 28 13. Thompson There 63 16, Lakota Here 58 19, Cylinder There 48 23. Gruver Here January Burt There 45 6. Swea City There County Tour. Ringsted 54 9, Burt There Sectional Tour. Doll, 42 13. Titonka Here Sectional Tour. Grant 59 22. County Tour. Est. B. Consolation Ringsted 52 25. County Tour. Doll. 30, Ceylon There February Titonka Here 52 6. Cylinder Here Cylinder Here 56 10. Thompson Here Thompson Here 38 13. Lakota There Lakota There 48 21. Sectional, Buffalo C Ledyard There 28. Ledyard There BASEBALL SPORTS CALENDAR OF EVENTS We They Sept. Bancroft 5 8 Sept. Burr 2 '7 Sept. Sectional Tournament, Dolliver 11 4 Sept, Sectional Tournament, Grant 11 1 Sept. Sectional Tournament, Ledyard 6 5 Sept. District Tournament, Arnolds Park 9 lg OCL Ledyard , 5 They 46 42 42 47 49 62 48 29 43 54 53 58 51 55 58 36 53 45 47 65 l61T1I6l2 IDHGRS BACK ROW: Bernard Verbrugge, Arlo Jones, Don Looft, Jean O'Neill, William Eisenbacher, Bob Peterson, Roger Larsen, Wayne Hoffmeyer, Jack Schultz. FRONT ROW: Leon Nelson, Betty Redhead, Karen Qxested, Mary Ellen Petersen, Janice Thorson, La Donna Porter, Bob Schwartz. Cheerleadersg Left to Right, Helen Williams, Roberta Hansen, Karen Theisfield, Marie Sandt. BOYS BASSBAll BACK ROW: Bob Peterson, Arlo Jones, Jean O'Neill, Billy Eisenbacher, Bernard Verbrugge, Don Looft, Roger Larsen, Coach Holdren. MIDDLE ROW, Duane Fetters, Leon Nelson, Bob Swartz, Jack Schultz, Joe Madden. BOTTOM ROWg Vic Horswell, Clifford Larsen, Bill Champney, John Conn, Dick Krumm. Left to Right, Jean O'Neill, Bob Schwartz, Jack Schultz. Harold Lux ---- ----- ----- S ta ndard Station B0 BASKGTSBAH FRONT ROW-Carol Riefer, Roger Lindell, Vic Horswell, Roger Place. MIDDLE ROW-Bob Schwartz, Arden Sabin, Dwayne Fetters, Jack Richmond, Clifford Larsen, Dick Johnson, Bernard Verbrugge, Leon Nelson, Wayne Hoffrneyer, Jack Schultz. BACK ROW-Bo Peterson, David White, Harlan Kinnander, Jean O'Neill, Mr. Holdren, Arlo Jones, Roger Larsen, Joe Madden, John Fothergill. Left to Right: Arden Sabin, Harlan Kinnander, Arlo Jones, Dwayne Fetters, Bernard Verbrugge, Mr. Holdren, Leon Ne1son,I ean O' Neill, Roger Larsen, Wayne Hoffmeyer, Bo Schwartz, Jack Richmond, Jack Schultz. 3+ Gll2lS BASk61IBAll BACK ROW--Janice Hudson, Cheryl Gaarde, Barbara Redhead, Judy Kingston, Cherie Kingston, Mary Ellen Peterson, Janice Thorson, Doris Verbrugge, Diane Robinson, Karen Questad, LaDonna Porter, Miss Chapman. FRONT ROW--Karen Thesfield, Roberta Hanson, Maxine Hypes, Marlene Askland, Joann Cheever, Mr. Hinkley, Dorthy Cassem, Betty Redhead, Charlene Gangstead, Marilyn Haworth. l 1 Mr. Hinkley, Mary Ellen Peterson, Janice Thorson, LaDonna Porter, Karen Questad, Betty Redhead, Joann Cheever. tloen shots It became a bouncing ball and gaily bounced away. " - oo,. 1 14- 11,1 L . fa I f I L 71 ,-f'7":-ff'lff Y ' d r: ' I L ' rf vi ' If . ' Q . ..,, .. ':s.,1f:g: "F, . f...,.., f: ' : ::::" : 'SYM-e W "Two shot "I' learned Pete with if from a kp seat. " Mikan. " "And there they go. " "Take my picture. " ,- gr , - . - z:-'1.sw:-.- zz, aw e- ..,f,gf-1.5.-V 5. van,--,, ,..,,:, ..J-W,-1 " I I -- V- vuawkww. A... V..- ---r,:S-:.'- ,,,,-5 "' .513 -- - .',:-:V lf- "U-rah rah, I don't feel like it. " "To play ball, or not to play ball, that is the question. " "I know there is a basket up there some place. " "I throw the ball up in the air, it comes down, I know not where. " zz -' ' f ffzffc:ff5E5?Q 1595 1 . rsfralfifa . 'fiiislwff ' , 251 as- - - ,. - -f I L r .--e 1' ' ' ' ' .. ff. ' '- 'r- :- V' ff ii' 1, r +1 "' .. ..:. 14150 K., .true k agp, ' -'jyj W: ,fu-1'f'.,:55?-EQ", s . , ...W eva- -gr YE- if iffizsmffwagfgs z , . ' , ,,,. ,k.y, :f--'j'fg'Qgz.f- fr - ., .,., ' ' ..r,..r ,,,.. -- I A f , . . , ,. V- .. "I've got a ball--what will I do with it?" "Well--it's all in fun. " Ready- Aim- Fire. " "I'll smile you take my picture. sponts heaolm BA SEBALL HEADLINES With only four lettermen returning this year, the baseball team performed better than expected. We were very fortunate to win the Sectional Tournaments over Ledyard. We were very unfortunate, however, to lose out in the District to Arnolds Park. O'Neill and Scultz shared the mound duties. Schwartz completed the battery behind the plate. Bill Eisenbacher was the surprise of the year for his excellent hittings. Jean O'Neill led the pitching staff with a 3-3 record. The batting averages were as follows: Donald Looft . 352, Jean O'Neill . 333, Bill Eisenbacher . 321, Bernard Verbrugge . 394, The total games won during the season were 3 and the losses were 4. BA SKETBALL HEADLINES The Armstrong Tigers had a mediocre season. It was a young team with only four letterrnen returning. Sickness plagued the team throughout the year. They were only full strength for about six games. They were lost to Buffalo Center in the finals of the Sectional Tournaments by three points. The players receiving honors during the season were Jack Schultz and Arlo Jones. Both were named to the first all County Team. Wayne Hoffmeyer was given honorable mention. Of the squad, only two will be graduating this year, so we will have a good start for the next year. The Arrnsuong girls had what seemed to some people a poor season but when you take into consideration the competition it is self explanatory. The girls worked hard all season and played good ball but just couldn't come out on the right end of the score very often. They showed great improvement during the last part of the season by winning their first game in their sectional, although they lost to Grant in the Semifinals., To wind up the season the girls lost a close one to Lakota, the Conference Champions. During the season the girls were out scored, but were never out fought. JUN 5 X P , I I . Z N A f -f - Z' 31 :ffl - r -. - l jf if ' 4 I W ff7"'-if :LQ I, T - g I Fi: "fi 5 1, 5 7 K A '-f, fGx+ Q K.N. ' izfj' PSD BANG BACK ROW-- 5TH ROW--- 4TH ROW--- 3RD ROW--- 2ND ROW--- Bob Peterson, Janice Thorson, Cherie Kingston, Judy Kingston, Gean Ann Wilson, Joy Place, Eyvona Jensen, Joe Madden, Roger Place, David White, Dick Johnson. Calvin Porter, Don Kinnander, Vic Horswell, Don Schwartz, Roger Lindell, Betty Ann MacCorkle, Betty Mclntire, Ann Horswell, Duane Fleming, Robert Henrickson, Vernon Cordeman, Gaylord Plath. LaDonna Porter, Jack Schultz, Bob Schwartz, Dinae Robinson, Cheryle Gaarde, Barbara Redhead, Doris Verbrugge, Norma Hanson, Roberta Hanson. B Dinana Daris, Maxine Hypes, Harold MeElwee, Carol Harlverson, Jeanne Rockney, Betty Redhead, Janet Halverson, Kay Fitzgerald, Judy Davis, Barbara Looft, Mr. Harris, Director. ' Marilyn Haworth, Dorothy Cassem, Janice Verbrugge, Kathryn Rovn, Ronald Henrickson, Norma Anderson, Marilyn Burt, Rhea Horswell, Karen Homsey, Sandra Slaba, Barbara Richmond, Marlene Askland, Louise Guerdet. BOTTOM ROW--Karen Thesfield, Diane Grabinoski, Kathryn Thiel, Karen Tweedt, Marlys Wilson, Dolores Richmond, Karen Questad. pep Bano L to R 4TH ROW-- BRD ROW-- 2ND ROW 1ST ROW BAND 0 4' sado Cherie Kingston, Janice Thorson, Bob Peterson, Gean Ann Wilson, Eyvona Jensen, David White, Dic Johnson, Joe Madden Ronald Henrickson, LaDonna Porter, Jack Schultz, Bob Schwartz, Don Kinnander, Don Schwartz, Judy Davis Maxine Hypes, Vic Horswell, Kathryn Rovn, Janice Verbrugge, Dorothy Cassem, Cheryl Gaarde, Barbara Redhead, Judy Kingston, Louise Guerdet Diane Robinson, Janet Halverson, Betty Redhead, Marilyn Burt, Rhea Horswell, Director, Karen Homsey, Doris Verbrugge, Barbara Richmond Compliments of Armstrong Telephone Ex. Frigidaire Appliances Armstrong Journal Pfiester Hybred Seed Corn amass ano pencusslon L to R 4TH ROW-- 3RD ROW-- 2ND ROW 1ST ROW Janice Thorson, Bob Peterson, Gean Ann Wilson, Joy Place, Eyvona Jensen, Dick Johnson, Joe Madden Ronald Henrickson, Vic Horswell, Dorothy Cassem, Don Kinnander, Bobby Henrickson, Vernon Cordeman, Duane Flemming Marciel Fries, Karon Kooker, Jack Schultz, Calvin Porter, Don Schwartz, Jeanne Rockne, Barbra Looft, Judy Davis Marilyn Burt, Kathryn Thiel, Karon Theesfield, Roberta Hanson, Barbra Redhead, Karon Homesy, Roger Place, David White, Compliments of B SL M Food Market Gamble Store Pfeil Variety Store Burkhead's ooo mos ww L to R 4TH ROW-- BRD ROW EZND ROW 1ST ROW E LaDonna Porter, Diane Robinson, Cherie Kingston, Cheryl Gaarde, Kathryn Rovn, Doris Verbrugge, Louise Guerdet, Karon Questad, Bob Schwartz. Carol Halvorson, Jimmy Lindell, Maxine Hypes, Betty Mclntire, Deanna Daries, Ann Horswell, Betty Ann McCorkle. Sandra Slaba, Harold McElwee, Delores Richmond, Gailord Plath, Marlene Askeland, Kay Fitzgerald, Norma Hanson, Norma Anderson. Betty Redhead, Janice Verbrugge, Janet Halverson, Rhea Horswell, Judy Kingston, Barbra Richmond, Marilyn Haworth, Diane Grabinoski. Compliments of City Beauty Shop Kingston Kleaners Jack Sprat Roxy Theater Qmls glee cluB 3RD ROW-- 2ND ROW-- 1ST ROW-- Mary Ellen Peterson, LaVonne Pedersen, Elgene Anderson, Diane Robinson, Janice Verbrugge, Kathryn Rovn, LaDonna Porter, Joy Place, Marlene Peterson, Janet Thackery, Betty Redhead, Judy Kingston, Doris Verbrugge, Eyvona Jensen, Janice Thorson, Gean Ann Wilson, Louise Guerdet. Rhea Horswell fpianistJ, Janice Hudson, Karen Homsey, Doris Quam, Barbara Redhead, Cheryl Gaarde, Myrna Neiman, Barbara Richmond, Cherie Kingston, Lavonne Fretty, Helen Williams, Marilyn Burt, Helen Cheever, Dorothy Cassern, Marlene Askeland. Jeanne Rockney, Roberta Hanson, Marilyn Porter, Jane Cheever, Carol Halverson, Maxine Hypes, Loretta Jensen, Marilyn Larsen, Nancy Hudson, Charlene Gangsted, Marilyn Haworth, Janet Halverson, JoAnn Cornwall, Marie Sandt, Joan Cheever, Karen Theesfield, Miss Kruel, Director. --1 1' cunt? LRHJ L to R Diane Robinson, Cherie Kingston Marilyn Haworth cunt sextet L to R Rhea Horswell, Dorothy Cassem Judy Kingston, Lavonne Pretty LaDonna Porter, Barbara Richmond nnxeo qu RISK L to R Bob Schwartz, Joy Place LaDonna Porter, Jack Schultz BUYS Gl6E ClUB Ang A LtoR . 3RD ROW--Donald Looft, Arlo Jones, Freddy Walters, Billy Eisenbacher, Jack Richmond, Dick Johnson, Bob Peterson, Robert Leach. 2ND ROW--Joe Madden, Dale Schumacher, Bernard Verbrugge, Roger Place, Jerry Laffey, Wayne Hoffmeyer, Arden Sabin, Harry Helgason. 1ST ROW--Don Schwartz, Vic Horswell, Lyndon Opsal, Bob Schwartz, Jack Schultz, Don Kinnander, Billy Champney, Miss Kruel, Director. Rhea Horswel1fPianistJ, not shown. Boy's quantet L to R Wayne Hoffmeyer Jack Schultz Bob Schwartz Bernard Verbrugge l JU NGI. I 317 1 S +:s.1A' W H ARM 511129116 ,K M1111 I ly 1 I' SG GC ' 11 1 1' "f,z'q:4 sff' 1 'U' F 1 i y 1 J - ' 4 Q1 f 1 11' 717 1- 1 - 1 1 1 1w 1 1 ' X ffl ML.. Liwisfggxxby X I 1 H1 11mi f 1 1 11 1 1 11 1 " .1 i - ,if pf lf I, 1 1 1 1 1 " f 11. 4 1 V Q 1 1M9M 1 ?WE WWW' 'ff 1 , iff, 1 +1MMUz1 Achl X! t VW!! , X 'YW NRM 1 N W X fgk U 1 X I 1 X XRNXX X Q M' -'vy wr- Q 4w 11 iw QXQX Q lI IlI1! V. f . Q01 9 +b-1-1-2111 bl 92321 Qufzsqa 11111111111111111111111111f 1111 IN 1 1 1 11111 11 1111111111 W f f 'X f mp JU! lv ff, - q 1 X "1 X! f Q my 1 N 'ix f f- 1 ,X W ,v X SENIOR PLAY "DRUMS OF DEAT H" Throbbing drums caught up the heightened heartbeat of the breathless audience, and provided a sinister background for the shrieks and laughter of the outstanding mystery-comedy, "Drums of Death, " presented by the Seniors Friday, April 17th and Saturday 18th. Paula fRhea Horswelll and Amelia fMarilyn Burtj, attrac- tive modern girls of contrasting typesg the gushing Eugenia Oviary Ellen Petersonjg and Mrs. Gillette f'Eyvonna Jensenj arrived at midnight at the half-ruined mansion in the desolate lagoon. They had been summoned by a telegram which they quickly discovered was false, the discovery came too late for them to escape from the place where weird forces and malign people threatened their very lives. Bailey, the relative of most of them, had disappeared. They questioned the others, the half-mad housekeeper Uanice Hudsonj, the octoroon girl Uanice Thorsonl, whose strange trances frightened them half out of their wits, the surly Haitian Negro CHarry Helgasonj and Harley fDonald Looftl, whom they scarcely knew whether to trust or fear the most of all. A prosperous medical specialist CHarlan Kinnanderj arrived on the scene and further complicated the mystery. They struggled to solve the mystery of the place, the cabinet that was death to open, the hooded figure that appeared from time to time, the ghost that creeped from the shadows, the monster that lurked and threaten- ed-- and back of all the insistent, dull, throbbing signal of the mysterious drums. Yet always, to break the tension, there was the crackle of laughter at the absurdities of the sheriff Uean O'NeillJ and the saucy Amelia, and there was the warmth and glow of the romance that developed in spite of the sunless terror of the place. Malmo It ummel2" October 24th and 25th was "Almost Summer" this year, according to the Junior class. This three act comedy starred the Jones family, Paul fBob Schwartzj, Mrs. Jones Uoy Placej, MI. Jones CBob Petersonj, Junior Uack Schultzj, and Mary CBetty Redheadj, and Jane Uane Cheeverj, Jack Uerry Laffeyy, Mr. Smudgely CBernard Verbruggej, Anna fKaron Questadj, and Lilah fMarie Sandty. Paul is a senior in high school, who is having troubles with his semester exams. He needs a ninety-five in history to bring his average up to passing. If he fails to get a ninety-five, his grades will be too low to permit him to enter the university in the fall. Jack, who is Paul's friend, plans to steal the answers to the exam with Kramer, an enemy of Paul's. Paul's girl friend, Jane, and his parents urged Paul to study for the exam. Mary, who is Jack's girl friend, and Junior help to complicate matters for Paul. Mr. Smudgely, the stern school principal, doesn't make life easier for Paul. During the play Anna, the maid, keeps house for the Jones's. Junior, although he hates to admit it, has a heart throb in the person of Lilah Johnson. After much difficulty and many heartbreaks, Paul passes the test with a ninety-five, thus making everyone Very happy. DGGCH CGDIGSTIAHTSS Scene from "Li1y. " Scene from "Broken Rehearsal Marilyn Haworth- Radio Speaking Judy Kingston--- Humorous Declamation Rhea Horsewe11-- Interpretative Reading Scene from "Balcony Scene' t, 1 i , S , 1'--I u ,fi M .U J .-L? -ff' PM Q. 1 4 G' lf! 4 9 X' ZW " 101' we ,f In AX, tg ! 'zu X ff 94,5 Q fm '4 M 75? E f 1 4. cw fr f- -K' 3 .. ,lk gap . -'Q- im "Q 2 AL Hap-,, ,4 .' ,. 'w-.," 1'7 2.2 3, .. , aTWQ5?1i.2Q'915Y?W v I W f m ' 1 Q ,ff -' L fs ,- 'H' - .f ,N 3. W . .M I -1 fu Sf sf L L 1 H 1 , wg X Q ug 5 3' 1 My A, x , M is ,f ., 4 f ic, H an xy xx 5 v ,I I Q A , ,Q Yi is 5 2 ', L f' ,Q if: 2332 7 A xl VV- 5' ,,,, - , V. 'wi-3-11542-wasfge -- i fx I y .. ,v,, L, nm, f M1 RJ S Q is, , LL R ! ggkvgp' ,,,- im, I Qi ,. ' W .4 'J '45 H f? If iff, Q! im J J ,.f. Q' 'K- -' if wx : .mek f 7 .X :J If M xnxx A N - X A ,W 2 -W., , - , kg., :W 'H af .,.. A , -- ww , W 5 Q -rv Su ,Q it s 'K N ff w lf' My mf, 2, ff.W?,E. , ., I. um. , k . .. zgiyg. . - :FW f ww, ww fffjlfw f .f S, 1 . F, 1 , rv ',f2.15,ggg5..zj f I K I ky f, ,Km 'rm " Mr ' A 5 .igigg L39 ,, 7 wr. MSW X., A ,, ., gf, M . ww .... .. . ,, ..Q,,,. iff' ' K - ff" W- L -M -- ' "s,-1YL,,a.z.- - I f H 2 1 V ' ' 5 ' , V 1 , . ' W "iff Sw, ag: f, f . r-.l..,.w.ffQ,1, ,,f:-f - V A . 5 3. , M . . J lkll . 3 . , , . K Li H ry V. 'L , 5 L' T ' - , 753 - ff ,, - 1 Lf 45 A 3 -5. 4, , . f - N ' Q- f - - ,..... - ' L' , , 1. . .. ,yay 2. :g-q v '-:Mg S , V. - b M -A V ,- K Q ., : gg-',':: fffi "'E.,.Q,1ffL,fHif"'5u',-'f 1" il , - if '- fi, f -- X - .- -f,. .1 - H, ::. ' W wffgm ,. , , at ,,..m.L..w.-:-,f if.. , , ix J' .Q z ' , f .... k ig ' - K I - , 'aww 5 ia-ff-W -A , L 'fi krrk : 11 W - 7 2: . 4, f 1 i , , ' 1 -A ' H" W V ' ' ' 1 " J Q, is V Z Q 1 wh , V 1 - -., , -1 W' La ' W' ' ' . Y f SI "" .' QS' ' -, .. f , 1 , , 'A ' ' IIGER TZAIG BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: Janice Thorson, Rhea Horswell, JoAnn Cheever, Diane Robinson, Marilyn Burt, Diane Grabinoski, Donald Looft, Karen Theesfield, Jean O'Neill, Doris Verbrugge, Bernard Verbrugge, Betty Redhead, Lavonne Fretty, Maxine Hypes, Joy Place, Jane Cheever Jack Richmond, Miss Billings qStaff Advisory Eyvona Jenson, Mary Ellen Peterson, Cheryl Gaarde, Bob Schwartz Editor ------- - Ass. Editor------ Senior Reporter ---- Mary Ellen Peterson --------- Cheryl Gaarde --------Eyvona Jenson Jean O'Neill Junior Reporter ------ ---------- J oy Place Sophomore Reporter Bernard Verbrugge ----- -----Lavonne Fretty Jack Richmond FICSIHHHII Reporter ----- ---- K aren Theesfield Girls Sports ------- Boys Sports --------- Junior High Reporter Music----------------- Maxine Hypes -----Bob Schwartz ---- Betty Redhead Doris Verbrugie ---- ---Diane Grabinos - ---- Diane Robinson Feature Writers ------ ---- - -- JoAnn Cheever F. F. A. Reporter-- Typist ------------ Proof Reader ----- - ---- Bernard Verbrugge -------Marilyn Burt Rhea Horswell Donald Looft ----Janice Thorson A Jane Cheever Business Mana er annual staff J BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: Donald Looft, John Cheever, Leon Nelson, Bill Eisenbacker, Jean O'Neill, Mr. Willard fAn- nual Sponsorj Jon Barber, Harlin Kinnarder, Janice Thorson, Marilyn Burt, Eyvona Jenson, Mary Ellen Peterson, Nancy Hudson, Harry Helgason, Rhea Horswell Editor ----------- ----- M ary Ellen Peterson ASS. Editor ----------- ------- J anice Thorson - - ---- Jon Barber g unnuussn un-- Advertisement Manager ---- Snaps Editor ---------- ----Jean O'Neill ---- --- Harry Helgason Ass. Editor ------------ ---- R hea Horswell Fine Arts Editor ---- Boys Sports ------- Girls Sports ----- Typisrs ------- Salesmen ---- - Sales Manager ---- ---Eyvona Jenson - -- -Marilyn Burt ----Harlin Kinnarder ----Eyvona Jenson Rhea Horswell Marilyn Burt Jon Barber Leon Nelson Donald Looft Billy Eisenbacker John Cheever ------- Leon Nelson , W ' 1-vw Q A f " f' - Iwi M 'Q ,,,. gg? V R . L , Kmm'A il M Jan, , .igiiifi "k" " V :.: ' A fn - 1 Aff fm ,Q .. A li at if 5 E K " Q gif: ' 5552535 MIM? ,Q-lj . A X i:ff255X541L:f?fR5Y!5Yizf I f 752, W: -feta --1 M L5m?2w2a5?e?gf' x- , :fa 2- ?2'E"liW'2, ,z1 J f 5-i i 1 Fil 1' rlfl5Z':S?7 ' ' A vi 1 QL V 1 a Q K 2 :Q . gf 4 ' .,M,,ewf:sf1 3. f"'.2!z 254294 5:5 ' if ff V- 12 , A S-eff Fniiigiiii, F , fss- 52. l in 5 :?'fEfW,7 3 9 ,::--:fgsg "XM: ,' f 1'-- . .-51, vmg . wg sf ,wg f , Lx, .,A.. '?2g, .-K K '7 2 ,, W g , 3. I ,.,. 1, f- L- , 1 1 1 xi: I A. , K 5K 1119571 35" A ,-m y - ' ,. , N ' R Y.-,Q y girv: .J-. f . , , A.,, " k"'1'i ,. . 5 E 5 ' K , ..-wif f -NL. , wg5g1gi,.Zg, L'.k'k ,. W , 12 . M ' ,Q 5-jg-H4 -Lf, '1' , gflgf-A EWSMW ! ' ,fi gms? sk.. -'tm'f'wwLf ,zw1ssb.s ,NM , M-,L P ,,, ' Na.. 1 Q' we 3 I 3. X' -r ? Q r 64 'F 4 P . M, ljmua MW U" K 1 'QA ' ' ' 1 ' 'S' 7 " . ' ,, 'sea ei-'ff'swi11.. iv . x xg wp. I :24tifUs:.,ifQ1-wrisf fist? ' M ., ' QE, f ass smu - ' -, , A mviiwke l. 'A1H2,1Q21f in J A 1 X f ,A fm M-Q 7:.,,.,,,.Q,, W 2, , , if , , ., LQ,. ,M,,.,,w We ,ssvagwf'32s??W1wf-wffsus f- ff,gfff41,..M :Q zhewiifiiin ,---,,:, , . GU 8 ,S Q K N K T N Q L alg i a y- :N ' " , w ,, S H .,,gfiL:'ff gif A 1 Q g ' Wir A A ,, ' " ?"f, , '53 ' .. sw . ' , f ' f. - -V ,Vik N! w, :E ,,11:fff',sf'ig-MF: -12 1 ,492 , gr-, . . .IM A , y : fi- gpg. , ,:,,, .,,e,,.,fpm ., ' wg iw, 1 .. . 5 -2 W K 1 ' 'A 1 I , ,. , ,, .V : my A, ,A yygr .. .. . W . '91 ' 'Q ,W ,, , an ,' J-, , : gy -' ,g e-,i ff M UA' Wx .V : fff w:l,,z1 we S tai ' - ?'W1.,x 4 mr, Lge ' 7117125 'x .' :'f5:'g fpgfff ' J 13 x, " f ifiww 3.4 jg g i yi- 452 3- A 5 K fi ' Fi ' 1, ' ' E .3 sw 'gf 5 1 Z? mg ,L 5' ev., lf.. rmmyg M A 4 1 ' V H , . ' 3 Eiflfii x . ii M E 8 ik E' ' ' 1. ' lisfilj " ' . I' 5 7 V? 5 if as 5, 1 . - G- ,L 'ws W g 5,15 4wzffS5'1?i:A af ,K S? . V352 -I2 - K A ', ls' Y 5 -g i. , U:1, l 'w.:2'. .x hiv ' QF 4' ' :j 7i: I A . X ywf, L V L Q. . ,, ,M - -K,-..,,.f1 .5 ,T A , J .mm , A I W, K k 2 . , ,5 k Af W . :g,gfggeigg.jz,, MS , M-Mmwf -' f S S1 i 993 x ww U , '11 afif?I.s1zf7 "5fEf'1 zigf ' ,1 ,Z ' K' V, H I M Q51 I wk f " ' ' af: ', I 5' 5" W N K "i H M2 sf 555235213 r 1 3, my , ,, K ,ra 41, Egg? S G ' 4 " A T, 94 . M2 1 W , w e , , .. , , W , , -l 5 gt.-i Qi., v' 'J ' 'sig .' 1. I , ' ,, JL www - - ' L ,'.,.." 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Uf 4 J if , fffiff. ff IQ-rn I-4 I'r'IUP7UGW President ........ ....... I udy Hoppus Vice President ..... ..... D wayne Mclntire Secretary and Treas. . . ..... Dixie Hansen Colors .... Blue 8a Silver Flowers. . .Red Rose Motto .... Ifoday We Sail, Where Shall We Anchor! - f W First Trust 8a Savings Bank eighth qnaoe Mu BACK ROW: Diane Grabinoski, Norma Anderson, Dennis Cross, Ronnie Barber, Calvin Porter, Gerald Irmiter, Douglas Whitesell, Allan Quinn, Janice Danielson, Dixie Hansen, Donna Manor. MIDDLE ROW: Kay Fitzgerald, Sharon Corderman, Ronald Henriksen, David Horswell, Judy Hansen, .Karen Kooker Norma Hanson, Janice Jacobs, LaVonne Eckholm, Kathryn Thiel, Shirley Borcourt. FRONT ROW: Howard,Helgason. William Hirt, Vernon Corderman, Harold McElwee, Leslie Cheever, John Vogelpohl, Sharon Larson, Judy Hoppus, Dwayne Mclntire, Dawn Roben. We are very happy to be going into High School next year but we are sad about leaving Junior High. We will never for et the first day we came into Junior High. We were all scared. We will all pro ably be just as scarce? next year when we go into Hi h School. Everyone ishoping we will like High School and it will like us. We have had a swell time year. and will always remember our good old Junior High School days. Compliments of Quaker Oats seventh qnaoe BACK ROW: Veldene Tow, Elizabeth Barnard, Delores Richmond, Sandra Slaba, Charles Guerdet, Larry Long, Clarence Rezac, Richard Paulson, Joyce Niemann, Mary Ann McCorkle, Mary Valen. MIDDLE ROW: Barbra Looft, Carl Anderson, James Fother '11, Charlotte Long, Maxine Moore, Larry Vigdal, Gaylord Plath, Ruth Guerdet, Karen Hustagi Deanne Daries, Sheryle Peterson. FRONT ROW: Tommy Manely, Ann Horswell, Judith Rieffer, Clifford Porter, Rose Mitchell, Iris Dunn, James ROUII. Jimmy Lindell, Karen Fredericksen, Marceil Fries. Pres. --Larry Vigdal Vice Pres. --Maxine Moore L Sec. Treas. --Dolores Richmond S IX13h GRACE President--Betty Mclmire Vice Pres. --Janice Jensen Secretary Treas. --Junior Paulson BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: Mary Lee Wicks, Earl Dean VonBank, Jimmy Richmond, John Sturm, Joan Vogelpohl, Marlys Wilson, Janiece Vigdal, Jimrhy Brandenburg, Betty Lou Pretty, Joan Irmiter, Junior Paulson, Sue Anderson, LaDonna Mittliner, Jerry Johnson. Sharon Hypes, Ruth Horswell, Karen Larson, Janice Jensen, Larry Reding, Robert Henriksen, Julius Jrmiter , Harold Schroeder , Roger Larson, Bonnie Barber, Dale Rasmussen, Aileen Paulson, B etty Arm McCorkle, Helen Anderson. Harvey Cheever, Beverly McElwee, Nancy Pehrson, John Hirt, Alice Burkhead, Richard Eisenbacher, Richard Grabianowski, Robert Cheever, Betty Mclntire, CorolCorderman, David Krumm. tuoent SENATE qmls' Basketuall FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: Lavorme Eckholrn, Kathryn Thiel, Dawn Roben, Sharon Larson, Judy Hoppus, Donna Manor, Karen Kooker. Diane Grabinoski, Norma Hanson, Dixie Hansen, Rosemary Quinn, Norma Anderson, Janice Jacobs. Ruth Horswell, Aileen Paulson, Marceil Fries, Judith Rieffer, Iris Dunn, Ioan Irmiter, Sharon Hypes, Ann Horswell. Barbara Looft, Mary Lee Wicks, Carol Corderman, Mary Ann McCorkle, Helen Anderson, Beverly McElwee. Deanne Daries, Ioan Vogelpohl, Marlys Wilson, Maxine Moore, Sue Anderson, Betty Ann McCorkle, Sandra Slaba, Dolores Richmond, Elizabeth Barnard, Veldene Tow, Betty Lou Fretty, Bonnie Barber. CHEEIHSAOSIQS Dolores Richmond, Norma Hanson, Diane Grabinoski. 5113100 HYDGS Boy s ' BAS ketsall BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: Clifford Porter, Clarence Rezac, David Horswell, Richard Paulson, Douglas Whitesell, Calvin Porter, Dennis Cross, Ronald Henriksen, Ronnie Barber. David Krumm, Richard Grabianowski, John Strum, Jimmy Richmond , Harold Schroeder, Harvey Cheevgr, John Hirt, Julius Lrmiter, Dale Rasmussen, Jimmy Brandenburg, Larry Reding, Robert Henri en. Larry Hudson, Bill Hirt, Dwayne Mclmire, Jimmy Roun, Harold McElwee, Gailord Plath, John Vogelpohl. N GRADES FII: T H GRAD E BACK ROW: Judy Nutt, Calvin Long, Ronald Grabinoski, Judy Sturm, Sonja Heumen, Sharon Manley, Marian Paulson, Marlys Harris, Billy Johnson SECOND ROW: Miss Chapman, Mary Guerdet, Karen Twedt, Sandra Pederson, Chris Fetters, Noel Gochanour, Carolyn Hovey, Rebecca Johnston, Elsie Schroeder, LaVerne Fries FRONT ROW: Faye McCorkle, Ardis Manzke, Douglas Nutt, Patricia Carson, Marjorie Eisenbacher, Jerry Daries, David Vigdal FOURTH GRADE I BACK ROW: Joe Verbrugge, Jimmy Kooker, James Larson, Carol Kooker, Emmet Zuinn, Miss Tonderum, Dolores Anderson, Ann Burkhead, Elizabeth Kinnander, Cheryl Olson, Judy Corderman. SECOND ROW: Linda Thackery, Gary Rieffer, Thomas Trenary, Carol Long, Gary Schumacher, Jimmy Robinson, Avis Wadsworth, David Pederson, Donald Von Bank, Robert Godfredsen. THIRD ROW: Sylvester Eisenbacher, Madelyn Carlson, Sharon Sennert, Ronald Porter, Lanny Kinnander, Gail Martin, Mary Jane Dundas, Clarence Cheever, Lowell Cassem, James Manzke. THIRD GRADE Left to Right BACK ROW ' Marjory Dunn. Ronald Kelly, Vera Quinn, Ronald Heumen, Kenneth Madison, Dean Halverson Donald Carlson, Paula Gaarde, Miss Weber. MIDDLE ROW MargaretEngesser ,Jean Dundas ,Jimmie Cecil, Barbara Wegner ,Jimmy Grabianowski , Cheryl Schwartz Billy Looft, Ellen Larson, Dwight Hansen, Sharlene Gram. FRONT ROW Trudy Nutt, David Helgason, Judy Eckholm, Beverly Corderman, Robert Vigdal, Jimmy Walters, b Donna Lindell, Edwin Mitchell, David Sandt, Jane Ellen Corderman, Janet Harris. A sent Carol Lawrence SECOND GRADE Left to Right BACK ROW Madonna Eisenbacher, Mathew Carney, Carol Kae l-Ienricksen, Stephen Reading, Gladys Parry, Inez Hudson, Doyle Duin, Kathleen Kelly, Ronald Harris. MIDDLE ROW Kathleen Loftis, Glenda Johnson, Donna Long, Russell Lentz, Mary Rose Danielson, Jolene Hansen, Elna Anderson, Larry Balmer. FRONT ROW CarolKinnander, CalvinJongberg, Pauline Paulson, Betsy Wicks, CherylBalmer, Mary Leah Engesser, Dorothy Rezac. Absent Cherie Franker Janice Rankin Ernst qnaoe J i, Left to Right BACK ROW Marilyn McElwee, Gary Thackery, David Fries, Jay Provencher, Paul Jensen, Miss Dayman, Janice Haisman, Jimmy Gibbons, Marrie Danielson, Allen Schroeder, James Godfredson. MIDDLE ROW V Arlene Burkhead, Danny Horswell, Bonnie Gochanour, Roger Mart, Bill Trees, Kathy Hustad, Connie Hoppus, Janet Wegner, Jolene Hypes, Peggy Blekfeld, Ricky Hanson, Mike Cecil. FRONT ROW Victor Clabaugh, Karen Guerdet, Marlin Fisher, Ronald Carlson, Susan Morsch, Larry Grabianowski, Jimmy Ross, Dean Mittluder, Jimmy Blekfeld. u Il X ff'Q SUCC.E-93 Compliments of Dr. Morsch D. D. S. I. 8z l-L Imp. Dr. I. J. Cecil D. V. M. Dr. R. I. Dundas D. V. M. yy klnoenqanten BACK ROW: Glenn Martin, Joseph Sturm, Doreen Reding, Miss Malkmus, Bonnie Lee Sennert, Irene Penrson, Eillen Schroeder. MIDDLE ROW: Ieanene Teeter Gloria Taylor Douglas Pfeil Billy Leach Richard Walters Jeri L nn S d , 1 a 1 , Y , FRONT ROW: Patty Peterson, Karen Paulson I cki Pr ny er , a e att, Kenny Manley, Donny Man Warren, Marlys Madison absent. BACK ROW: Cathy Fedderson, Glenn Dunn, Dennis Corderman, Miss Malkrnus, Keylon Duin, Jimmy Danielson, Patricia Irmiter. MIDDLE ROW: Susan Driman, Diane Carlson, Janice Eisenbacker, Vernon Fries, Beth Corderman, . Stephen Brandenburg. ' P FRONT ROW: Richard Harris, Barbara Burns, Kathleen Erickson, Linda Anderson, Mary Kay Krumm, Edward Engesser. Ne 16' .W 10. ?K w ,Z V-iw Q K g -Ugg.. , we ' .W 45 K ,V V S' 5: W' V 93,5 V , .V ASQ' V 1 4 kg . A. W 91 l X S4 his W i F - Q . S-if '4 ' 5 ' V.-VP, Q ff' ' i, ' 4.1, V, -. 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Suggestions in the Armstrong High School - Tiger Yearbook (Armstrong, IA) collection:

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