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kffifiifd-fl-'LfvZ..ff!J K , . f i,jff-Mijn, fl The Tiger Presefzfcfci by CLASS OF '52 Armstrong High School Armstrong, Iowa To the memory of Mr. Dawson, Whose boundless enthusiasm for his Work, sincere interest in all students, and friendliness toward everyone, were an inspiration to both the students and teachers of the Armstrong school, We, the Class of 19 5 2, dedicate this annual. -2- Board of Education President Cbefore March 17, 19511 B. V. Horswell Qafter March 17, 19S1j J. F. O'Neill Secretary ........ F. S. Manor Treasurer . . . . Martin Rovn Other Members . Dr. W. I. Morsch George W. Peterson Wayne C. Richmond fafter March 10 - replacing B. V. Horswell Arthur Cassem and Wayne C. Richmondj Oscar Solberg For the past 30 years, Mr. Ortmeyer has given his untiring efforts to the service of the Armstrong School. The high standing and prestige which the school now enjoys is due largely to his inspiration and leadership. It is hoped that for many years in the future he will be directing the course of our school. Superintendent W. A. Ortmeyer Faculty MARIAN JARVIS Austin Jr. College Iowa State Teachers College, B.A. Vocal Mnsic, Sociology Business Law Senior Sponsor IVA MAE TONDERUM Waldorf College, 2-Year Elem. Buena Vista College SC'lfF11fl9 Gr. Sponsor English, Spelling, Reading Girls' Phy. Ed. ALAN DAWSON 'i Iowa State Teachers College Buena Vista College junior High Principal Librarian junior High Social Studies Eighth Grade Sponsor WILBUR HARRIS John Fletcher College, B.A. University of Minnesota I nstrnrnental Music LAMAE INGEBRITSEN Waldorf College, 2-Year Elem. Fifth Grade CORINNE C. MORSE Iowa State Teachers College South Dakota State, B.S. Voc. Homemaking, Wo1'ld Histo-ry junior Sponsor iiDeceased-February 18, 1952 GLADYS PARRY Westmar College, 2-Year Elem. Second Grade GERALDINE BILLINGS Graceland College Western Michigan, B.A. English and Dramaiics CARROLL S. BOGARD Oklahoma City University, B.S. University of Iowa Drake University Government, Economics Typing, U.S. History Student Goveririnent RICHARD I-IINKLEY Iowa State College, B.S. Girls' Athletic Coach Girls' Phys. Ed. Mathematics, Latin Chemistry Sophomore Sponsor MARGERY HUSTON University of W'yon1ing Iowa State Teachers College, 2-Year Elem. Fourth Grade ROGER DEKOSTER Iowa State College, M.S. Boys' Athletics Boys' Phys. Ed. Industrial Arts Driver Training junior Sponsor ...4.. W. A. ORTMEYER Cornell College, B.A. State University of Iowa, M.A. Superintendent JOYCE STEARNS Estherville Jr. College Waldorf College, 2-Year Elem. First Grade ROBERT HANSEN State University of Iowa, B.A. Science, Math. Freshman Sponsor Yearbook Sponsor Visual Aids BETTY WEBER Estherville Jr. College, 2-Year Elem Third Grade THOMAS V. NALLY Iowa State Teachers College Marquette University, 2-Year Elem. Sixth Grade Sponsor Arithmetic, History NELLY MALKMUS Briar Cliff College, 2-Year Elem. Kindergarten Student Senate Back Row: W'ayne Hoffmeyer, Jack Richmond, David Smith, jean O'Neill, Bill Peterson, Arlo Jones. Middle Row: Mr. Bogard Csponsorj, Bob Schwartz, Elna Larsen, Janice Thorson, Mary Rasmussen, Dick Krumm. Fra-nt Row: Marilyn Burt, Karen Ques- tad, Betty Davis, Bonita Redhead, Evelyn Burgeson. Officers Pl'FSfIIiC'77f ,,,.,,,,,,,. ..i, ,,,, , ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,... , Bonita Redhead Vicc'-P1'esirle11i ,. ,,..,, Janice Thorson S6'r1'61fr11'y ,..,,,,. . ,.,.., Mary Rasmussen Treas1M'01' r,,, ,,,,,, R obert Schwartz This year's Student Senate started off with a bang-campaigning for thc- office of president. One could see balloons, posters, foot balls, etc., placed as random throughout the High School as- sembly. After the excitement was over, however, the Student Senate went to work. As representa- tives of the student body, one of the duties of all members of this group is to present the different opinions of the students. During the year, this organization sponsored two all-high-school parties, a special Christmas program, and an assembly pro- gram in the form of an old time vaudeville show. This group has become an integral part of high school life, and being a member is an honor. ...g... President . . . . Vice-President . . Secretary . . . Treasurer . . .... . . Senate members . . . Elna Larsen an Sponsor . . . . . . . Motto - "To rise higher, aim higherv Flower - Carnation Colors - Silver and blue -5.. Bonita Redhead Evelyn Burgeson Kathleen Questad . George Hypes d Robert Mitchell . . Miss Jarvis MERLYN ASKELAND "They say I look like Van f0h7lS017.D Birthday-August 18, 1934 Basketball 1,2,3,4 5 Baseba1l,1,2,3,4 5 Glee Club 1,2,3,4 5 Boys' Quartet 4 5Al1 State Chorus,4 5 Mixed Chorus 4 5 Band 1,2,3,45 Pep Band 1,2,3,4 5 Brass Sextet 3,45 Mixed Quartet 3,4 5 Cornet Quartet 3,4 5 Junior Class Play, Senior Class Playg One-Act Play5 Camera Club 1,2. EVELYN BURGESON "Others talk about itg I flo il." Birthday-August 9, 1934 Senate Representative 3 5 Vice President 4 5 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 4 5 Junior Class Play5 Senior Class Playg Camera Class 1,25 Ping Pong Doubles Champion 4. ARNOLD GAARDE "Pm the answer to zz 1naidrn'x jmzye1'." Birthday-January 13, 1935 Basketball 1,2,3,4 5 Baseball 1,2,3,4 5 Glee Club 1,2,3,4 5 Boy's Quartet 4 5 Mixed Quartet 4 5 All State Chorus 4 5 Mixed Chorus 3,4 5 Band 1,2,3,4 5 Pep Band 2,4 5 Cornet Quartet 3 5 Brass Quartet 3,4 5 Sextet 2,3,4 5 Junior Class Playg Senior Class Playg Tiger Tales Staff 2,3,4 5 Camera Club 1,2 5 Ping Pong Doubles Champion 4. ANN GUERDET "I enjoy Might zuoirkf' Birthday-January 30, 1934 Glee Club 1,2 5 Camera Club 1,2. DONNA HANSEN "This is the best school after all? Birthday-November 24, 1935 JANET HEATHMAN "I newr go to a show lo see the picf111'c'.', Birthday-November 18, 1934 Treasurer 3 5 Basketball 1,2,3,4 5 Glee Club 1,2,3,4 5 Mixed Chorus 4 5 Band 1,2,3,4 5 Flute Quartet 2,3,4 5 French Horn Quartet 2,3,4 5 Pep Band 4 5 Senior Class Play 5 Junior Class Playa Ass't Dir. 5 One-Act Play---Ass't Dir. 5 Camera Club 1,2 5 Ping Pong Champion 2. -GEORGE HYPES "The good zlic young, hu! that cloesrft hoiher me." Birthday-March 15, 1934 Vice-President 1 5 Treasurer 4 5 Basketball 3,4 5 Base- ball 2,3,45 Cheerleader 2 5 Glee Club 1,2,4 5 Junior Class Playg Senior Class Playg One-Act Play5 Camera Club 1,2. ELNA LARSEN "Oh, lhese college menlv Birthday-March 31, 1935 Student Senate 4 5 Glee Club 1,2,3,4 5 Band 1,2,3,4 5 Pep Band 3,4 5 Senior Playg Camera 'Club 1,2. ..7... KENNETH LEIDING "Iwi axle. mr'-I know." Birthday-July 13, 1934 President 3 3 V. Pres. Student Senate 3 3 Baseball 1 3 Ping Pong 3 fChampionJ 3 Ping Pong Doubles Champion 4. JEAN MADSEN "OnlsirIe nclivilies ajmprul to mr." Birthday-August l0, 1934 Glee Club 1,2 3 Camera Club 1. MARY JEAN MCKEAN "Va1'irty is the Spice of life." Birthday-April 25, 1934 Glee Club 1,2,3,4 3 Chorus 4 3 Nonette 3 3 Band 1,2,3,4 , Student Director 3 Brass Sextetg Brass Quartet: Pep Bandg Senior Play, Ass't Dir. 5 Camera Club 1. CARLA MILLER "So many men, .vo little lima" Birthday-March 16, 1934 Basketball 1,2,3,4 3 Senior Class Play: Camera Club 1,2. GERALDINE MITCHELL "I set fl new srbool dff6'11dl111C6' record." Birthday-September 1, 1933 Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Camera Club 1,2. ROBERT MITCHELL "I newr miss an c'11gageme11t." Birthday-October 23, 1932 Senate Representative 4 3 Basketball 1,2,3,4 3 Baseball 1,2,3,4 5 Glee Club 2,3,4 5 Camera Club 1,2. LORAINE PLATH "I don't need a claajzeronef' Birthday-May 11, 193 5 Senate Representative 3 :Basketball 1,2,3,4 3 Glee Club 1,4 gMixed Chorus 4 3 Junior Class Play: Senior Class Play 3 One-Act Play 3 Tiger Tales Reporter 2 3 Ass't Editor, Tiger Tales 3 5 Editor, Tiger Tales 4 3 Camera Club 1,2 5 Ping Pong Champion 43 Ping Pong Doubles Champion 4. RUTH QUAM "Tbere's 110 place like home." Birthday-May 12, 1935 Student Senate 1 g Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Chorus 4 Senior Play Q Camera Club 1,2. -3.. KATHLEEN QUESTAD "To know me is to low me- weryborly knows me? Birthday-September 28, 1934 Student Senate Secretary 3 5 Secretary 4 5 Basketball 1,2 5 Glee Club 1,4 5 Mixed Chorus 4 5 Band 2,3,4 5 Flute Quartet 1,2,3,4 5 Pep Band 2,3,4 5 Senior P1ay5 One- Act Play: Tiger Tales Reporter 3,4 5 Camera Club 1,2 5 Ping Pong Champion 3. BONITA REDHEAD "I may have 1111 i1111oee11t look, but so bas the atomic bombf, Birthday-October 2,' 1934 Senate Representative 2 5 Class President 4 5 Student Senate President 4: Basketball 1,2,3,4 5 Glee Club 2,4 5 Mixed Chorus 4 5 Band 1 5 Senior Class Play: Camera Club 1,2. DGROTHY ROVN "Come 0111-a-my house." Birthday-March 4, 1934 Class President 2 5 Student Representative 3 5 Student Council Treasurer 3 5fGlee Club 1,2,3,4 5 Mixed Chorus 4 5 Band 1,2,3,4 5 Sax Quartet 1,2 5 Sax Sextet 3 5 Pep Band 1,2,3,4 5 Junior Class Play 5 Senior Class Playg Camera Club 1,2. DIANE SCHUMACHER "He must be taller than If, Birthday-September 28, 1934 Class President 1 5 Cheerleader 1,2 5 Junior Class Play: Senior Class Play5 One-Act Playg Camera Club 1,2 5 Glee Club 4. DAVID SMITH "I have an eye for curves, oranges and otherwise." Birthday-July 21, 1935 Basketball 3 5 Cheerleader 2 5 Band 1,2,3 5 Pep Band 1,2,3 5 Brass Quintet 3 5 Cornet Quartet 3 5 Junior Class P1ay5 Camera Club 1,2. QDropped after first sernesterj SYLVIA VIGDAL "All that glitters is not gold? Birthday-July 29, 1934 Glee Club 4 5 Camera, Club 1,2. Class I-listory In the graduating class of 1952, you will find twenty-one bright and happy Seniors. Four of these pupils started out together in Kindergarten in 1939. To start their long journey through school, the four, -Katheleen Questad, Merlyn Askeland, Dorothy Rovn, and Jean Madsen-had as their first teacher Miss Lauton. Do you remember that wonderful little concert band this class had? I do!! The first and second grade years marked the addition of two new and shining faces. They were-Carla Miller in first grade, and Arnold Gaarde, Jr., in second grade. Miss Fear, our first grade teacher, took us on one of the most thrilling trips we have ever had. This was our first train ride to Maple Hill. Miss Skov- gaarde was our second grade teacher. In the third grade, Geraldine Mitchell joined us. With Miss Dushinske as our teacher, we learned more and more of the A. B. C.'s In fourth grade we had Miss Ross as a teacher. It was during this year that some present day band members got their start under Mr. Neimeyer. Fifth grade was a rising year for our class. Bonita Redhead, Loraine Plath, Sylvia Vigdal, and Elna Larsen joined our merry group. Our teacher this year was Miss Thompson. Our class was now older because we were in Junior High. In seventh grade Bob Mitchell and Diane Schumacher joined us, and in eighth grade our new members were George Hypes, Laurel Nelson, and Ann Guerdet. During these three years we were honored by Mrs. Slaba, Mrs. Hendricksen, Miss Miller, Miss Harker, Mr. Campbell, Mrs. Haworth, Mr. Powers, Mr. Ortmeyer, and Mr. Minkler for preparing us for High School. Graduation and the 8th grade banquet were the biggest events in Junior High. Green Freshmen! Mean and Green, as they so whimsically called us! Adjusting ourselves to High School was no problem at all to this jolly group, because in no time at all we were ready to start on the last four years of our journey. In the freshmen year we were honored by seven new members to our class. They were-Kenneth Leiding, Donna Hansen, Evelyn Burgeson, Ruth Quam, janet Heathman, Mary Jean McKean, and Geraldine Neilsen. During this year we lost Melvin Olson and Magnus Anderson. During our Sophomore year we lost Geraldine Neilsen, Dorothy Lou Walter, Richard Larsen, and Donna Hansen. Leanne George, Shirley Anderson, Jerald Danielson, Laurel Nelson, and Herbert Moore left in the Junior year and David Smith in the senior year. During these four years we have had as teachers-Miss Sessler, Mrs. Hinkley, Mr. Hansen, Mr. Hinkley, Mr. Harris, Mr. DeKoster, Mr. Stanley, Miss Rachut, Miss Shaw, Miss Jarvis, Miss MacAfee, Mr. Bentz, Mr. Ortmeyer, Mr. Bogard, Miss Billings, Miss Morse, Miss Mac- Donald, Mr. Hall, and Miss Clark. Our High School years have been marked by many memorable occasions and activities. In ninth grade a Camera Club was started and was in existance for two years. The Ji. year was high lighted by the class play, banquet, and getting our class rings. I don't think the public has ever seen and probably never will see another play like "Mountain Justice". We will never forget the fun and hard work we put into the banquet during the two days we decorated the gym. The Senior year is remembered by many more events such as Skip Day, Banquet, Senior Play, and getting our pictures. In May when we leave this school which we have attended for so many years, let our goal be "To Rise Higher, Aim Higher" because "Our Future Lies Within Ourselves". -10.. Way Back Wheefz Shep Was A Pup .... First Row: Kathleen Qucstad, Merlyn Askelzmd, Sylvia Vigdal, Loraine Plath, Robert Mitchell. Second Row: Jean Madsen, Ruth Quam, Dorothy Rovn, George Hypes, Elna Larsen. Third Row: Geraldine Mitchell, Bonita Redhead, Janet Heathman, Kenneth Leiding, Evelyn Burgeson. Fourth Row: Mary Jean McKean, Diane Schumacher, Carla Miller, Donna Hansen. Fifth Row: Ann Guetdet, Arnold Gaarde, Mt. Ortmeyer. Key 'co the Future Listen, my Seniors and you shall hear Of events to come, of coming year. 'Twas tenth of May in '52 When we told the fate of each of you! George in his kerchief and Diane in her cap, Had just settled down for a long winter's nap. When from the nursery there arose such a clatter, George sprang from his bed to see what was .......r,,, the matter. Simple Leiding went to Iowa U. He had so many brains the professors didn't k what to do, So they sent him to Yale And said, "We'll study you!" Bonita Redhead once tops in her class, Now just walks around the schoolyard, Mowing the grass. Now Merlyn Askeland, that handsome sheik, Lets looks at his future, just take a peek. He lives on his farm in the center of the state, An very seldom goes out on a date. Poor Kathleen wound up at Purdue Where she took a stab and worked in the lab Spraying fertilizer with an antomizer. Miss Lorraine Plath of Tiger Tales Staff, Now works for the Times, Writing silly rhymes. Husky Bob Mitchel finally settled down He,s got more money than anyone in town. Evelyn Burgeson, her poor brain does rack For someplace to put chrome On her husband's eight Caddillac's. Mary Jean McKean That rich old maid, Will still be here When most of us in the grave are laid. HOW Ruth Quam is now a mom And just like the lady in the shoe, She has so many children she doesn't know W to do! Ann Guerdet now runs a cafe Where she serves former seniors Anytime of the day! Dorothy Rovn, of much renoun Can now be seen on television screen. Don't turn up your nose and scourn, I-Ier act is not pure corn. Geraldine Mitchel, they say, has nursed Many people away from riding the hearse. Janet I-Ieathman now the owner of a stable, Raises colts by the dozen With a Palomino label. Arnold G-aarde's now an engineer. I-Ie,ll take any job in the hemisphere. He'll build you a bridge or tear down a ridge. Elna Larsen a connoisseur of food is, And at this job, I hear she,s a whizz. Jean Madsen is the owner of a funeral home And in her black hearse all the times does roam. You are always welcome there, But when you visit her, beware. Carla Miller made Iowa's first woman Senator. But an acquaintance of hers the other day Swore she does nothing in Congress but Sit and snore. Donna Hanson became an heir To a manufacturer of long underwear, And is in best health Due to her increased wealth. Sylvia Vigdal who was quite a laugh, The last one in her industrious class, Is now a chief on the telegraph One of the big shot brass. ...12.. hat Senior Class Play HSTREET OF DREAMS9' By John Rand ApH118,19,1951 CAST Cecily Ware . . . Dorothy Rovn Mrs. Stockton . . . . Elna Larsen Bonnie Griffith . . . . Loraine Plath Evelyn Jones . . Janet Heathman Jean Weaver . . . Evelyn Burgeson Linda Eastman . . . .Bonita Redhead Olive Daniels . . . . . Carla Miller Tony Barton . . . Arnold Gaarde Anastasia Gregorski . . . Kathleen Questad Roscoe Myers . . . . George Hypes Ingrid ..... . . . Ruth Quam George D. Justin . . . Merlyn Askeland Virginia Snow . . . Diane Schumacher STAFF Director . . . . . Miss Geraldine Billings Sound Effects . . .... Donna Hansen Student Director . . . Mary Jean McKean . . Mr. Allen Heathman Lighting ........ Robert Mitchell Make-up .... Jean Madsen, Loraine Plath Stage Manager . Diane Schumacher, Janet Heathman Stage Crew . . Kenneth Leiding, George Hypes Merlyn Askeland Musical Bridges ....... Ann Guerdet Stage Properties . . Arnold Gaarde, Ruth Quam Kathleen Questad, Bonita Redhead Publicity . . Sylvia Vigdal, Geraldine Mitchell Elna Larsen, Evelyn Burgeson Dorothy Rovn, Carla Miller STORYCHTTHEITAX' The setting of this new comedy is a living room at the "Proscenium Club" near Times Square, New York. The "Proscenium Clubn is a boarding-house for girls who are trying to gain a foothold on Broadway. Among it denizens are: a shy maiden from the South, a mysterious young woman who has has something to hide, a langorous Russian from the Moscow Art Theater, and a faded star who used to be on intimate terms with the great names of the theater and who Cloesn't mind talking about them. But the two central characters are jean and Linda, friends since girlhood days, they have come from the Middle West to battle Broad- way. Now, after two years, they are still waiting for their big "break,'. Jean, who has the greater share of beauty and talent, has become discouraged, but Linda is holding on, fiercely determined to make her dreams come true. Tony Barton, in love with Jean, has written a play called "Laughing Lady", which is accepted by Sam Parker, one of New York's big producers. Jean, furious when Tony fails to get her the leading part in the play, decides to marry Roscoe Myers, a wealthy young stockbroker who has been courting her. Linda, who secretly adores Tony, takes the job of understudy in his play, but just when it appears she is finally to get her big chance, Sam Parker changes his mind and drops the production of "Laughing Lady". Then, in a thrilling and surprising climax, Linda wins the success that has seemed hopeless. .-13.. Class of I 953 Back Row: Mr. DeKoster Csponsorj, Jon Barber, Jean O,Neill, Richard Matheson, Bill Eisenbacher, Donald Looft, Bob Peter- son. Third Row: Duane Lytle, Mary Ellen Peterson, Janice Thorssn, Leon Nelson, John Cheever. Scconzl Row: Miss Morse fsponsorj, Joe Lytle, Eyvona Jensen, Lawrence Twedt, Earl Johnson. Front Row: Betty Davis, Rhea Horswell, Marilyn Burt, Harry Helgason. Itis been a long hard struggle but we've finally succeeded in earning the title of "upper classmenf' Some of our experiences have been bitter and others sweet, but all in all everyone of us has fond mem- ories of the Armstrong School. The course of the events taking place in this year has been great. Among the outstanding ones is the day when we eagerly slipped our shiny new rings onto our fin- gers. Of course we can't ignore the tedious chore of selling refreshments at the basketball games in order to earn money for the Junior-Senior Prom. Then came the one night none of us will forget, the night of the Prom. lt took lots of hard work and plenty of money but we had fun and enjoyed our- selves a great deal, This has been a swell year, but we are still looking forward to becoming Seniors. The Class of Characters Jon Barber-Mr. Dithers Marilyn Burt-Little Llulu John Cheever-Henry Trembilchin Betty Davis-Little Iodine Bill Eiseribacher-Little Abner Harry Helgason-Humphrey Joe Lytle-Mutt Rhea Horswell-Cookie Bumstead Eyvona Jensen-Maggie Earl Johnson-Pumpkin Harlan Kinnander-Dagwood Bumstead Donald Looft-Popeye Duane Lytle-Joe Palooka Richard Matheson-Jeff Leon Nelson-Alexander Bumstead Jean O'Neill-Rex Morgan Bob Peterson-Steve Canyon Mary Ellen Peterson-Blondie Bumstead Janice Thoreson--Jane Arden Lawrence Twedt-Jiggs Staff Angelia fAngyj Geraldine Cjerryj Cora ..,,,............,. - Gadget ,........ Jim ....,., , Director ...,.......,..... Junior Class Play MACT YOUR AGE" By William Davidson October 26, 1951 Cast ,,,..,-.Marilyn Burt Helga --.--.,,,,Betty Davis Sandra .,..Y7 Eyvona Jensen Messenger Girl ..... ,, ..-..-..Donald Looft .--,.-.--Jean O'Niell Commander Stone ...., ,.... V .,,.....i . Miss Geraldine Billings Student D1f6CCOf,t-.,,,-. -.-...-,Mary Ellen Peterson Stage Manager ....,.... ....., M r. Allen Heachman Off Stage Voices. ....,,. .. ........ Lawrence Twedt Musical Bridges ,,,.,.. Harold Kinnander Advertising ....... -.-.-.-.Bi1l Eisenbacher Joe Lytle Curtain and Lights .....,i . Property Commttee Stage Crew ........ -..majanice Thorson Rhea Horswell Mary Ellen Peterson Earl Johnson .--MI-larry Helgason Bob Peterson Johnnie Cheever Richard Matheson .-,,,---.---.Duane Lytle Jon Barber Leon Nelson -15 Class of l954 Brick Row: Bernard Verbrugge. Roger Larson, Freddy Walters, Dick Johnson, John Fothergill, Delbert Schealler, Wayne Hoff- meyer, Mary Rasmussen. Third Row: Bob Schwartz, Jack Schultz, Doris Verbruge, LaVonne Peterson, Marlene Wadsworth, Jerry Laffrey, Judy Kingston, LaDonna Porter. Secoml Row: Jane Cheever, Phyllis Horral, Janet Thackrey, Karen Questad, Sharon Opsal, Betty Redhead, Eddie Helgason, Mr. Hinkley Qsponsorj.Fr0I1If Row: JoAnn Cornwall, Mildred Prescott, Harvey Schroeder, Serle Mitchell, Marilyn Porter, Marie Sandt. Absmi: Joy Place, Louise Guerdet. Some people may think we sophomores have a colorless year-no initiation, no Junior-Senior Ban- quet, no class plays. What a misconception! As a sophomore, one is just getting into the swing of things. As freshmen we were eager, excited, cur- ious, and confused. Now we are smooth, suave, sophomores with two more exciting years before us. Not that this has been dull! Class parties, as- sembly programs, class movies, single-leader dis- cussions fa product of English classj , driver train- ing, and even a class play, the infamous "Cloud Burst" which was supposed to be a tragedy, and it was-these and countless other items combined to give us a year we'll never forget. Twenty Years Hence Jane Cheever-W'ood Carver Joan Cornwall-Fingerprint Classifier John Fothergill-News Commentator Louise Guerdet-Writer of Weekly Gossip Column Eddie Helgason-Beautician Wayne Hoffmeyer-Gravedigger Phyllis Horral-Toy-designer Dick Johnson-Ballet-Dancer Judith Kingston-Mechanic Jerry Laffey-Telephone operator Roger Larsen-Orator Serle Mitchell-Music Composer Sharon Opsal-Streetcar Conductor LaVonne Peterson-Salesman of Explosives Joy Place-Chiropractor LaDonna Porter-Glassblower Marilyn Porter-Dentist Mildred Prescott-Olympic Skiier Karen Questad-Sound-effect man Betty Redhead-Vocal Soloist ..15.. Marie Sandt-Scrubwoman Delbert Schealler-Comedian Bob Schwartz-Bum Jack Schultz-Minister Janet Thackrey--Building Inspector Mary Rasmussen-Bookkeeper Bernard Verbrugge-Tree Surgeon Doris Verbrugge-Veterinarian Marlene Wadsworth-Harness Maker Freddie Walters-Banker Class of l955 Back Row: Billy Champney, Gayle Peterson, -lack Richmond, David Nvhite, Robert Leach, Billy Peterson, Arlo Jones, Leo Kirk, Roger Lindell, Stanley Horswell. Third Row: Barbara Redhead, Barbara Richmond, Cheryl Gaarde, Helen Williams, Elgene Anderson, Shirley Higley, Marlene Peterson, Doris Quam, Kathryn Rovn, Lavonne Fretty. Secoml Row: Dale Schu- macher, Don Kinnander, Clifford Plath, Joe Eiscnbacher, Arden Sabin, Clifford Larson, Dick Krumm, Jr., Donald Burgeson, Mr. Hansen Csponsorj. Frou! Row: Darlene Dolf, Violet DiXon, Sharon Lund, Joann Cheever, Roberta Hanson. Absclll: Roger Place. On August 27, 1951, we freshmen came to school unaware of all the fun and friends we would have in high school. Since it was our first year in A.H.S. we were rather shy or "green,' as everyone called us. About the time we started to get brave a few of the freshmen were initiated, but from then on we had a lot of fun. We had school parties, sports, and band besides all of the other enter- tainment provided for us, which made us glad that we had come to high school. As this year comes to a close we will never for- get the fun we had as freshmen, and also look forward to another successful year in A.H.S. We freshmen wish the seniors 'lGood Luck" in the future. Elgene Anderson-lankiest girl Donald Burgeson-best future farmer Bill Champney-biggest mouth Joan Chcever-nicest smile Violet Dixon-dizziest Darlene Dolf-calmest Dwight Dolf-shortest Joe Eisenbacher-best loafer LaVonne Pretty--quietest Cheryl Gaarde-best musician Roberta Hanson-stubbornest Shirley Ann Higley-reddest hair 4CDaffyniti0ns,' Stanley Horswell-best teaser Arlo Jones-most energetic Don Knnnander-giggliest Leo Kirk-best arguer Dick Krumrn-most unconcerned Clifford Larsen-most bashful boy Robert Leach--tallest Roger Lindell-most scientific Sharon Lund--friendliest Gail Peterson-smartest remarks Marlene Peterson-most flirtatious Bill Peterson-lady's man Roger Place-newcomer Clifford Plath-cleverest Richard Provencher-newcomer Doris Quam-blondest hair Barbara Redhead-best thinker Barbara Richmond-best singer Jack Richmond-best-dressed boy Kathryn Rovn-best cook Arden Sabin-darkest hair Don Schroeder-best general nuisance David White-solemnest Helen NWilliams-best farmers wife Calendar of Events AUGUST Purchase of books. First day of regular class work and meeting of new teachers. Just getting back into the swing of school life. SEPTEMBER Labor Day and our first vacation of the new school year. Fall Testing Program for High School students. Fall Testing Programg also Baseball with Fenton here. Election of class officers and senate members for grades nine through 12. Desk Workers met with Mr. Ortmeyer to learn the rules. Desk workers began work. First Student Senate meeting was held. The Armstrong Kiwanis entertained school students at Esrherville-Fairmont football game. Speech and Hearing Clinic for Freshmen heldg also Base- ball with Swea City here. Baseball with Fenton there. First P.T.A. Meeting of new school year was heldg began Student Senate presidential campaigns. Marimbist presented first assembly program for all school. Presentation of Student Senate Presidential candidates in assembly program for all school. Voted Bonita Redhead as Student Senate President and David Smith as Vice President. Just an ordinary day. OCTOBER Senior pictures taken all day by Genelli Studios of Sioux City. Received reports and scores on Fall Tests. District Baseball Tournament. "So To School" film by Navy for Jr. High and High School. Mr. Hamilton spoke to High School. Delighted, excited seniors were displaying their proofs. Student Senate decided how to choose cheerleaders and when to begin dancing lessons. Pictures were taken for the annual and everything was upsetg first dancing lesson by R. Hinkley. No School because teachers attended County Institute at Estherville-Note: They must not be able to keep up with Armstrong's brilliant students as they have to learn more. Gus and Cassie Armstrongls Jungle Wonders were pre- sented to entire school. Tryouts for cheerleading by two groups of girls. Election of Cheerleaders. 18 19 20 22 26 27 30 1 2 3 6 9 12 13 16 19 20 22 23 24 27 30 3 4 7 11 12 -13- First snow fall of season. Mr. Ortmeyer went to Des Moines to let Mr. Bogard see how he'd like to be Superintendent. All State Music Tryouts at Spencer with Betty Davis on 'ltopf' Juniors 'lplasteredl' the school building advertising their play. The Juniors made Jr. High and High School curious as to the outcome of their play, in the afternoong in the evening the Juniors displayed exceptionally well their play "Act Your Agef, Juniors again displayed their play to the public. Conference Band Festival at Burt. NOVEMBER No School, the Teachers went to I.S.E.A. Convention at Des Moines. No School, Teachers still at convention. Did it ever snow and blow!! Music concert by Band and Glee Clubsg Arnold Gaarde, Jackie Schultz, and Jack Richmond presented skit to High School to sell Basketball Season Tickets. First of all High School party was huge success-games, dancing, eats. Armistice program at 11:00. First pep meetingg First Basketball game here with Fenton. The boys won by a scant point whereas girls really did the job up right by overwhelming them. Parkinson's Cello Act at 1:00g Basketball with Gruver- there-The boys won by 32 points and the girls for the first time in years, defeated Gruver on their home floor. Girls Basketball Jamboree at Lakota. Boys Basketball Jamboree at Swea City. Thanksgiving vacation. Thanksgiving vacation. All State Music Festival. Basketball with Swea City there-AHS lost both "A" and "B" games to the Swedes. Heartbreak! Basketball with Burt there-AHS won both--Success! DECEMBER Student Senate voted for a replacement cheerleader. Basketball with Titonka-here-Boys came through with flying colors but girls lost. Basketball with Ledyard-there-Girls suffered another defeat but boys won. Basketball with Thompson-here-Boys managed to easily win and girls were defeated. All Bell Program, at 1:00 and 8:00 P.M.-About Latin American Countries. Calendar of Events DECEMBER Basketball with Lakota-there-Another stinging blow for the girls but the boys did O.K. Cole Marionettes presented "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" -very entertaining. Basketball with Ringsted-there-In another heart- breaker the boys lost by 2 points but the girls came through to victory by one point. Christmas programsg Basketball at Hartley-Girls were defeated. 31 Christmas Vacation. JANUARY 3 Christmas vacation. Basketball with Swea City here-AHS boys "B" team lost-AHS boys "A" won, but by only one point. Basketball with Burt-herw-AHS girls lost and the boys won easily. Basketball at Titonka-AHS lost both games. Terribly icy roads and raing buses didn't go out in the morning-school got out at 3:00 P.M. Basketball with Ringsted-here-Armstrong victorious! Study like mad-tests tomorrow. Semester Exams. Semester Exams-No school in afternoon-Fenton- therwboys won but girls lost. Out of school at 2:45 because of snow storm. School out at 12:30 due to snow conditions and bliz- zard: Atomic Demonstration for High School and Junior High-Miss Billings set off mouse trap chain reaction. ' Music program at 3:00 P.M. Girls Sectional Basketball Tournament this week. Ceylon boys here-AHS lost both by quite a large margin: some more pictures were taken for the annual. FEBRUARY Ledyard here and another double victory for Armstrong. Forest City Band Clinic. Thompson there-Boys won but girls lost. Girls, District Basketball Tournament this week. Lakota here-'lUp" for the boys but "down" for the girls. - Gruver here-last home game-Armstrong winner of both. Preliminary Speech Contests this week. Boys' Sectional Basketball Ball Tournament this week at Swea City-Dolliver nosed AHS out of compe- tition. Girl's State Basketball this week. Grade solo music contest-Basketball Girls at State Tournament. MARCH Boys District Basketball Tournament. Music Concert. Boys' Sub-State Basketball Tournaments this week. PTA Benefit Basketball game-real hit-the town team won both. Jr. High School Operetta 'lTom Sawyer". Boys' State Basketball Tournaments this week. Junior one-Act Play cast to Des Moines to present their play, "Grey Bread". Preview of Minstrel Show to the third-twelveth gradesg Irs. still at Des Moines. Basketball Boys went to Iowa City to the Boys' State Tournament. Kiwanis Minstrel Show. Kiwanis Minstrel Show. All High School Party-Seniors ordered their announce- ments. District Speech Contest this week. APRIL Home concert-solos and small groups. Preliminary Music contest-Solos and Ensemble. Baseball Rules Meeting here. State Line Conference Banquet at Ledyard. Good Friday-one half of no school. State Speech contest this week. -19 Senior Class Play-"Street of Dreams". Home Music Concert-large groups. Paul Mix-Larioteerg Parents dinner for Basketball players. Conference Grade Band festival. Eighth grade Banquet. MAY Sectional Baseball Tournaments. Final State Music Contest, large groups. 85 7 Sectional Baseball Tournaments. jr.-Sr. Banquet. District Baseball Tournaments. PTA program and presentation of awards. District Baseball Tournaments. Senior Exams. Skip Day-Veishea. Baccalaureate. -21 Final Exams. Commencement--No classes. Last day of school-picnic. Annual Staff Back Row Elna Larsen, George Hypes, jr., Janet Heathman, Ann Guerdet, Carla Miller Mary ean McKean, Lorraine Plath, Mr. Hansen Qsponsorj, Arnold Gaarde, Jr., Sylvia Vigdal Geraldine Mitchell, Merlyn Askeland. Fuont Row Jean Madsen, Evelyn Burgeson, Diane Schumacher, Ruth Quam, Kathleen Questad Bomta Redhead, Kenneth Leiding, Dorothy Rcvn, David Smith, Donna Hanson, Robert Mitchell Editor ................,.. ,-,-.,,-Bonita Redhead Asszstant Erlztor ..,.............. ....... K athleen Questad Buszness Manager ....,.,.....,,.., , . Assistant Business Manager ....... - .,,,-Kenneth Leiding -.--.--,Dorothy Rovn Advertzszng ,,., ., ...,,...,.,....., ,,,i . ,,,. Mer1ynAskeland Fine Arts ,,.v....,.,.v,v., .... Assistant Fine Arts .,., George Hypes --.njanet Heathman Mary Jean McKean Art Ea'1tor ......... A .,.., ....... . . ..... Carla Miller Girls' S ports ,..... Boys' Sports ...,... Snaps Editor ......,.. .. --,-..Loraine Plath -,.-..Arnold Gaarde ..-----David Smith Assistant Snaps ....... .,.,,,....., J ean Madsen Calendar ,,,..,..,. Typists ........... Sales Manager .,,,.., Sal es Illfill .......... ,,,--.Evelyn Burgeson -.,,,--.,-..Ruth Quam Diane Schumacher ,--.-.,,r,,.-,Elna Larsen .. ..., ,o,Donna Hansen Robert Mitchell Ann Guerdet Sylvia Vigdal Geraldine Mitchell Tiger Tales Staff Bark Row: Rhea Horswell, Janice Tihorson, Kathleen Questad, Joanne Cheever, Cheryl Gaarde Mary Ras mussen, Diane Robinson, Betty Readhead, July Kingston. Sealed: Jean O'Neill, Jerry Laffey, Miss Billings Csponsorj, Loraine Plath, Mary Ellen Peterson Arnold Gaarde, Jr., Jack Schultz. Editor ....,......... .,...,........,. Loraine Plath Assistant Editor ..... ,- .....,, Mary Ellen Peterson Music Editor .,..... ...,....... R hea Horswell Sports Editor ..,..,, ....,.., A rnold Gaarde, Jr. Girls' Sports ,,,t. ,.....,,,,. A -,Jack Schultz Boys' Sports .... .. Feature Writers Senior Reporter . ..,.... Betty Readhead Doris Verbrugge .-.-.--sJudy Kingston Mary Rasmussen Jean O'Neill Kathleen Questad junior Reporter ...,.., ,, ..., ........ J anice Thorsen Sophomore Reporter -.,.... .,.,.. J erry Laffey Fresformm Reporter ...,... .,....... J oann Cheever junior Higlo Reporter ,,,... ....... D iane Robinson Staff Assistant .,........ ..,.,.............,.... C heryl Gaarde Staff Advisor ..,.., .. t,..,,, Miss Geraldine F. Billings Girls' Glee Club Back Row: Barbara Redhead, Lavonne Fretty, Cheryl Gaarde, Janet Thackeray, Marlene Peterson, Elgene Anderson, Lavonnc Peterson, Eyvonna Jensen, Janice Thorson, Mary Ellen Peterson. Loraine Plath, Mary Rasmussen, Elna Larsen, Dorothy Rovn. Third Row: Shirley Higley, Barbara Richmond, Betty Redhead, Marilyn Burt, Jane Cheever, LaDonna Porter, Mary Jean Mc- Kean, Helen Willianis, Sharon Opsal, Kathleen Questad, Ruth Quam, Doris Verburgge. Second Row: Diane Schumacher, Marie Sandt, JoAnn Cornwall, Kathryn Rovn, Phyllis Horral, Miss Jarvis finstructorj, Janet Heathman, Bonita Redhead, Evelyn Burgeson, Roberta Hansen, Joann Cheever, Sharon Lund. Front Row: Doris Quam, Mildred Prescott, Marilyn Porter, Judy Kingston, Rhea Horswell, Geraldine Mitchell, Sylvia Vigdal, Betty Davis. The Girl's Glee Club con- sisted of forty-two members under the direction of Miss Jarvis. The group has given three concerts throughout the year, plus the pre-contest con- cert given on April 21. Music contest was the highlight of the year. The girls' sextet has been an active group, makng many public appearances and par- ticipating in contest work. Girls' Sextet: Sharon Opsal, Judy Kingston, Mary Rasmusson, LaDonna Porter, Rhea Horswell, Barbara Richmond. Boys' Glee Club Back Row: Wayiie Hoffmeyer, Dick Johnson, Bill Eisenbacher, Donald Looft, Arnold Gaarde, Jr., Merlyn Askelancl, Duane Lytle. lvfiddlc Row: Bob Schwartz, Jack Schultz, Bernard Verbrugge, Jerry Laffey, Lawrence Twedt, Harry Helgason, George Hypes. Front Row: Clifford Plath, Don Kinnander, Stanley Horswell, Miss Jarvis Qinstructorj, Bill Champney, Eddie Helgason. The boy,s glee club has been taking a very active part in school this year. They have had three con- certs, being Novem- ber 6, March 4, and April 21, not count- ing the Christmas concert for the school. The boys, quartet has been originated from the glee club. Bob Schwartz and Jack Schultz, sopho- mores, sang at the contest at Emmets- burg this year. The boys' glee club will also appear at Dows, Iowa, for contest on the third of May. Boys' Qmzrlet: Robert Schwartz, Merlyn Askeland, Arnold Gaarde, Jack Schultz, Ban cl Front Row: Karen Theesfield, Delores Richmond, Dorothy Cassem, Vic Horfswell, Marlene Askeland, Karen Homsey, Janet Halvorson, Marilyn Haworth. Second Row: Don Kannander, Bob Schwartz, Louise Guerdet, Betty Redhead, Karen Questad, Rhea Horswell, Barbara Richmond, LaDonna Porter, Diane Grabinowski, Cherie Kingston, Judy Kingston. Tbircl Row: Kath- ryn Rovn, Marilyn Burt, Janice Verbrugge, Carol Halvorson, Norma Anderson, Mary Higley, Don Schwartz, Lyndon Opsal, Ronald Hendricksen, Roberta Hanson, Mildred Prescott. Fourth Row: Mr. Harris, Mary Rasmussen, Diane Robinson, Kathleen Questad, Shirley Higley, Barbara Redhead, Mary McKean, Janet Heathman, Cheryl Gaarde, Jack Schultz, Merlyn Askeland. Fifih :Roux Gaylord Plath, Jimmy Lindell, Harold McElwee, Duane Fleming, Ann Horswell, Barbara Looft, Kay Fitzgerald, Norma Hanson, Maxine Hypes, Judy Davis. Sixib Row: Eyvona Jensen, Doris Verbrugge, Janice Thorson, Dorothy Rovn, Elna Larson, Dick Larson, Dick Johnson, Arnold Gaarde, David Wliite, Harlan Kinnander, Gean Ann Wilson, Abxenf: Mar- lene Wfadsworth, Roger Place, Joy Place, Vernon Corderman, Joe Madden, Kathryn Thiel. The Senior Band consisted of sixty-seven mem- bers from all grades starting at the fourth grade. Some of the activities of the band are playing for programs, assemblies, regular concerts and assist with programs such as P.T.A., and at basketball games. The goals of the band are to be well bal- anced, play all types of music, to be of service to the community, and learn to read easy music at sight. The band program gives to the students training in dependability, self esteem, physical alertness, sportsmanship, cooperation, punctuality, and self control. Our band has been successful at contests. Last year the band got a rating of one at the state con- test playing the numbers "Eroica" and Mexican Overturev. This year the band will play "Bach Bouquet" and 'Symphony in B". Of all the en- sembles and solos going to contest, Armstrong brings back about three-fourths of first ratings. -24- Speech and Dramatics High Window' by Vern Powers Emily Wintlirop- Kathleen Questad Stephen Craig- Merlyn Askeland Judith Wfare-Loraine Plath Walter Hodge- George I-Iypes Linda Norton- Diane Schumacher Gray Bread by Iemz Laflarzm Motke-Marilyn Burt Riga-Mary Ella Peterson Solde-Eyvona Jensen Yolande-Rhea Horswell Cloudburst by 1. Clark Weaver Mrs. Harris-Judy Kingston Ed Harris-Jackie Schultz Joe Harris-Bob Schwartz George Gilman-Jerry Laffey , Mrs. Tabor-Marilyn Porter Millie Tabor-Jane Cheever For the first time in many years, Armstrong high school participated in the state series of speech contests, with entrants in the one-act play, dramatic declamation, and interpretative reading divisions. At the preliminary home contest the senior play "High Window" was selected to enter the state series. It advanced to the pre-district contest at Ruthven where it re- ceived a division II rating. "Gray Breadn, the Junior play, received an Excellent rating at the Drake Play Festival in Des Moines. In individual competition, Loraine Plath was awarded a division II rating in Inter- pretative Reading in the sub-district contest. In dramatic declamation, Mary Rasmussen advanced to the district contest where she received a division II rating. 1 I 1 Sports ChU01'1emle1'x: Sharon Opsal, Marie Sandt, Mary Rasmussen, Mary Kay Krumrn Cmascotj. Twirlcrs: Marlys Wilson, Diane Grabinowski, Delores Richmond, Karen Twedt, Karen Questad, Marilyn Porter, Karen Theesfield. LETTER WINNERS Bufk Row: Duane Lytle, Donald Looft, Roger Larsen, Arnold Gaarde, Merlyn Askeland, Bob Mitchell, Jack Schultz. Frou! Row: Janet Heathman, Janice Thorson, Carla Miller, Bonita Redhead. Baseball Buclz Ro-ws Mr. DeKostcr Qcoachj, Duane Lytle, Merlyn Askeland, Donald Looft, Jean O,Neill, Arnold Gaarde, jr., Arlo Jones, John Fothergill. Middle Row: Arden Sabin, Stanley Horswcll, George Hypes, Jr., jack Schultz, Roger Larson, Bernard Verbrugge, Robert Mitchell, Robert Schwartz. Front Row: Bill Champney, Dick Krumm, Jr., Clifford Larson, Earl Johnson, Eddie Helgason. The baseball team's toughest opponent last fall to round into shape and "cop" the sectional tourna- was "the Weather man". He was quite uncoopera- ment title. This included victories over Grant tive and limited the number of games. 12-0, Ringsted 7-3, and Dolliver 5-4 in the last inning. They were beaten in the district tourna- However, the team did get in enough practice ment by Kanawaha. Season Sectional Tournament District Tournament WE' They We They VW Tlaey 3 .,,, ,,,,, F enton ,,,, 9 12 ,,,. Grant , ,,,,. ..,. 0 0 .. Kanawha 12 4 ,,,,,,,,.. Swea City 1 7 ,,,, ,,.. R ingsted 3 13 .,,, .,,,, F enton ...,, S 5 ,,,, Dolliver ,,.. 4 Spring 1952 Being more co-operative this spring is the weatherman. The team has played and won three games. Sectional tournaments start early in May. Season We They 5 -- .... Dolliver .... 4 S W ,,,,,i Gruver 2 5 --- ..,,,. Fenton ,,.... ---- 4 -271 Girls' Basketball Brick Row: Miss Houston Qchaperonj, Judy Kingston, Loraine Plath, Mary Ellen Peterson, .Ianice Thorson, Mary Rasmussen, janet Heathman, Carla Miller. Middle Row: Sharon Lund, Roberta Hansen, Cheryl Gaarde, Sharon Opsal, Betty Redhead, Shirley Higley, Barbara Redhead, Joann Cheever, Mr. Hinkley Qeoachj. Front1Ro1u: Phyllis Horral, Karen Questad, Kath- leen Questad Cmanagerj, LaDonna Porter, Bonita Redhead. This year's basketball squad enjoyed a fairly good season, considering they had lost five letter winners. They played an entire season of 202 games. From this we determine the win-loss record for the year,-9 wins, 11 losses. Among the wins was the Emmet County Championship. The girls played a good game against Ringstead-beating them by the score of 43 to 20. Also, they were in the finals in which they played Dolliver in a game that finished with the exciting score of 35-32,- our favor. The winning of the county champion- ship Was something that the Armstrong girls hadn't done for many years. They didn,t do as well in the sectional and were removed from tournament play by Superior, who went on to win sectional consola- tion honors. Win-Loss Record We 47 Fenton . . 38 Gruver . . 47 Burt . . . 22 Titonka . . 32 Ledyard . . They 2 6 32 35 43 36 17 Burtfh gamej 20 42 Thompson . 44 Lakota . . 36 Ringsted . . -281 56 64 35 Hartley . . Burt . . . Titonka . . Ringsted . . Fenton . . Ledyard . . Thompson Lakota . . Gruver . . They 53 34 32 35 30 38 46 56 37 Boys' Basketball Burk Row: Mr. DeKostcr, Robert Mitchell, Merlyn Askeland, David Smith, Jean O'Neill, Arnold Gaarde, jr., Arlo Jones Middle Row: Duane Lytlc, Harlan Kinnander, George Hypes, Jr., Jack Schultz, Roger Larsei1,Waync Hoffmeyer. Fm11tRow Dwi ht Dolf, Stanley Horswell, Clifford Larsen. David White, Bernard Verbrugge, john Fothcrgill, Robert Scl The Boys Basketball team this year enjoyed one of its best seasons finishing with 15 wins 6 losses. The season was filled with many "ups', and Ndownsn. The "ups" coming with the victories, over Swea City 32-31 and Ringsted 46-44, in thril- lers. The Titonka game might have been one of their "downs',. In tournament play, they were dethroned as County Champions by Dolliver. Dolliver also eliminated them from sectional play. The Season's Record W'c' They VVC Tbcy 41 Fenton . . 40 56 Burt . . 30 61 Gruver . . 29 42 Titonka . . 44 34 37 72 61 62 46 46 32 ..-.291 Swea City Burt . . Titonka . Ledyard . . Thompson Lakota . . Ringstead Swea City IWZFIZ. Fenton . Ceylon . Ledyard . Thompson Lakota . Gruver . Ringsted . County Tournament Armstrong 32 - Dolliver 43 Sectional T0lll'llEllllCllt Armstrong 29 - Dolliver 31 ' EIGHTH GRADE Back Row: Gean Ann Wilson, Shirley Thackrey, Chester Dunn, Lola Helmick, Marlin Paulson, George Fothergill, Dick Larsen, Robert Helgason, Joe Madden, Carol Rieffer, Robert Kelly. Tbird Row: Duane Fetters, Myrna Niemann, Mary Jane Higley, Cherie Kingston, Diane Robinson, Karen Homsey, Cheryl Torkelson, Dale Schumacher, Barbara Tork- elson, Helen Cheever. Second Row: Carol Halverson, Patty Gochanour, Marilyn Haworth, Marlene Askeland, Marilyn Larsen, Dorothy Cassem, Janice Verburgge, Janet Halverson, Karen Theesfield, Mr. Dawson. Front Row: Judy Davis, Vic Horswell, Lyndon Opsal, Maxine Hypes, Don Schwartz, John Conn, Robert Eisenbacher. Absent: Gary Love. SEVENTH GRADE Back Row: Donna Manor, Richard Paulson, Janice Danielson, Dean Burgess, Douglas Whitesell, Larry Kirk, John Walders, Allan Quinn, Rosemary Quinn, Calvin Porter. Tbircz' Row: Sharon. Larson, Janice Jacobs, Norma Anderson, Norma Hanson, Dixie Hansen, Ronnie Barber, Ronald Henriksen, Dennis Cross, Jerald Dolf. Second Row: LaVonne Eckholm, Kathryn Thiel, David Horswell, Diane Grabinoiski, Kathleen Fitzgerald, Karen Kooker, Judith Hansen, Leslie Cheever, Miss Tonderum. Front Row: Karen Harr, Dawn Roben, Marvin Helmick, Howard Helgason, Judy Hoppus, Vernon Corderman, Harold McElwee, Dwayne Mclntire. Absent: Sharon Cordeman, Gerald Irmiter, and John Vogelpohl. SIXTH GRADE Back Row: Judy Rieffer, Rose Mitchell, Elizabeth Barnard, Maxine Moore, Betty Krebs- bach, Delbert Matheson, Larry Long, Charles Guerdet, Clarence Rezac, Jerry Wegner, Gailord Plath, Dolores Richmond, Sandra Slaba. Middle Row: Tommy Manley, James Rovn, Dennis Burgess, Ruth Guerdet, Mary Valen, Charlotte Long, Joyce Niemann, James Fothergill, Mary Ann McCorkle, Clif- ford Porter, Iris Dunn, Jimmy Lindell. Front Row: Barbara Looft, Herman Helmers, Veldene Tow, Deanna Daries, Larry Vigdal, Junior Paulson, Sheryle Peterson, Ann Horswell, Carl Anderson, Larry Beck, Karen Frederickson, Marlene Cronk, Mr. Nally. Absent: Mary Freis. ..31.. K 5 Q I 1 f g . -.. 4 -. 4 FIFTH GRADE Baek Row: Earl Von Bank, Jimmie Richmond, Jerry Johnson, Jimmie Brandenburg, Julius Irmiter, Larry Reding, Betty Lou Fretty, Robert Henriksen, Roger Larson, Marlys Wilson, Bonnie Barber, Betty Mclntire. Tbinl Row: Sharon Hypes, Joan Irmiter, Harold Schroeder, Dale Rasmussen, Sue An- derson, Karen Larson, Helen Anderson, Harvey Cheever. Second Row: John Sturm, Richard Eisenbacher, Mary Wicks, Alice Burkhead, Ruth Horswell, Betty Ann McCorkle, Stephanie Henriksen, Karolyn Fedderson. First Row: David Lund, Carol Corderman, Beverly McElwee, Chris Fetters, David Krumm, Robert Cheever, Dicky Grabianowski, Miss Ingebritson. Absent: Aileen Paulson, Janice Vigdal, Joan Vogelpohl. FOURTH GRADE Back Row: Miss Huston, Calvin Long, Rose Krebsbach, Sonja Heumen, Robert Eastman, Duane Horral, Emmet Quinn, Carolyn Hovey, Billy Johnson, Patricia Carson. Middle Row: Jerry Daries, Sharon Manley, Marlys Harris, Ronald Grabinoski, Noel Gochanour, Marian Paulson, Judy Strum, Sandra Pedersen, Elsie Schroeder. Front Row: Faye McCorkle, Darrel Berkland, Mary Guerdet, Larry Feddersen, Karen Twedt, Marjorie Eisenbacher, David Vigdal. Absent: Ardis Manzke, Arlo Manzke, Douglas Nutt, Judy Nutt, LuVerne Fries. THIRD GRADE Buck Row: Gary Schumacher, Avis Wadsworth, Jimmy Larson, Dean Halverson, Ann Burkhead, Ronald Heuman, Dolores Anderson, Nancy Harr, Carol Kooker, James Kooker, Joe Verbrugge, Betty Stewart, Jimmy Robinson, Lanny Kinnan- der, Miss Weber. Middle Row: Anna Dixon, Mary Jane Dundas, Tommy Trenary, Judy Lund, Carol Long, Cheryl Olson, Elizabeth Kinnander, Judy Cordeman, Gary Rieffer, David Ped- ersen, Connie Stueve, Ronald Porter, Gary Prescott, Judy Berkland. Front Row: Sylvester Eisenbacher, Donald VonBank, Carol Kresbach, Kenneth Helmick, Madalyn Carlson, Robert Godfredsen, Clarence Cheever, Sharon Sennert, Linda Thackrey, Lowell Cassem, Wayne Kuhlmann. Absent: Ronald Kelly, David Dickinson, James Manzke, Jimmy McLennan. 153- 1-34.- SECOND GRADE Back Row: Sharlene Gram, Robert Vigdal, Billy Looft, Kenneth Madison, Kathleen Matheson, Joe Haisman, Gordon Rippentrop, Donald Carlson, Vera Quinn, Paula Gaarde, Miss Parry. Middle Row: Jane Ellen Corderrnan, Dwight Hanse, Jimmie Cecil, Ellen Larson, Marjory Dunn, Cheryl Schwartz, Jimmy Walters, Edwin Mitchell, Judy Eckholm. Front Row: Janet Harris, David Sandt, Donna Lindell, Beverly Cordeman, Margaret Engessen, Barbara Wegner, Jean Dundas, Jimmy Grabianowski, David Helgason. Absent: Trudence Nutt. FIRST GRADE Back Row: Miss Stearns, Russell Lentz, Carol Henriksen, Donna Long, Dayle Duin, Stephen Reding, Kathleen Kelly, Ronald Harris, Jolene Hansen, Janice Rankin. Middle Row: Betsy Wicks, Pauline Paulson, Richard Trenary, Elna Anderson, Glenda Johnson, Larry Larsen, Kathleen Loftus, Carol Kinnander, Michael Dixon. Front Row: Dorothy Rezac, Betty Wegner, Gary Berkland, Mary Rose Danielson, Leanna Helmers, Madonna Eisenbacher, Mary Engesser. Absent: Karron Anderson, Cheryl Balmer, Larry Bolmer, David Fries. KINDERGARTEN Buck Row: Beryl Kuhlman, James Godfredsen, Ileene Helmich, Morris Danielson, Jimmy Gibbons, Dan Horswell, Janice Haisman, Gary Thackery, Bill Trees, Marlin Fisher, Marilyn McElwee, Miss Malkmus. Middle Row: Darrel Dolf, Arlene Burkhead, Jimmy Blekfeld, Ronnie Stueve, Jimmy Ross, Janet Wegner, Karen Guerdet, Bonnie Gochanour, Donna Kirk, Mike Cecil. Front Row: Ronald Carlson, Victor Clabaugh, Allen Schraeder, Connie Hoppus, Larry Grabianowski, Roger Mart, Sharon Trenary, Jolene Hypes. Absent: Susan Morsch, Judy Riggs, Peggy Blekfeld, Jay Provencher, Michael Dalen, Carol Schriener, Richard Hansen. -ss-f Cuszfodizms Alfred Thiel Allen Heanhman Cooks Mrs. Ted Opsal Mrs. Richard Krumb Mrs. Erha Mclntire Mrs. Ralph Cummins Bus Drivers Alfred Thiel Bob Nicoson Harold Lux Ted Opsal John Kingston Ray Larson Qabsentj Alumni News CLASS OF '50 Bonnie Caboth--Works at home. Evelyn Eisenbacher-Waitress in East Side Cafe. Roman Eisenbacher-Enlisted in Army. Jean Guerdet-Head of X-ray Dept. in Holy Fam- ily Hospital at Estherville. Ronnie Hansen-Enlisted in Air Force. Darlene Hinz-Q Mrs. Merlin Larsonj housewife. Loraine I-Iioen-QMrs. Bob Nichosonj housewife. Donald Kirk-Enlisted in Army and just home from Korea. Raymond Laffey-Enlisted in Navy. Lester Lindell-Farming with his father. Adeline Maurstad-Attending Mankato State Teachers College. Dorothy McKean-Completing second year at Iowa State Teachers College. Warren Nelson-Attending Bethel College. James O'Neill-Attending Notre Dame. Max Questad-Married and farming near Swea City. Pat Quinn-Enlisted in WAVES Richard Rath-Enlisted in Navy Orma Jean Sabin-CMrs. Max Questadj housewife. La Vonne Schealler-QMrs. Jim Minkeyj house- wife. Phyllis Scott-CMrs. Wayne Scheelyj Works in First Trust and Savings Bank in Estherville. Betty Spurling-Stenographer at Dr. Salisbury's Laboratories in Charles City. Laurie Stedman-Enlisted in Navy-married. Joyce Vigdal-QMrs. Lowell Neetj housewife. Glenn Weiby-Works in Estherville. Carol Whitlow-Attending Grinnell College. Wilma Wickland-Attending Morningside College. CLASS OF '51 Donna Burgess-Works in hospital in Des Moines. Verdell Cassem-Attending Waldorf College at Forest City. Donna Rae Cummins--fMrs. Dennis Dressmanj housewife. James Goraczkowski-Attending University of Iowa at Iowa City. Marian Hoffmeyer-Working in Estherville in telephone office. Doraee Johnson-fMrs. Vern Dahmsj housewife. Karen Kingston-QMrs. Ralph Petersonj house- wife. Lawrence Kirk-Enlisted in Navy. Leonard Kirk-Enlisted in Navy. Leo Larsen-Attending Iowa State College in Ames. Lyle Lindell-XVork's on father's farm. Janet Manor-At horne-Works at Quaker Oats. Leonard Matheson-Works at Sieg Wholesale House in Estherville. Paul Morsch-Attending University of Iowa at Iowa City. Marlene Niemann-Works at Railway Motors in Fairmont. Jerry O,Neill-Attending University of Iowa at Iowa City. Janice Prescott-Working in dime store in Man- kato. Jean Richmond-Attending Junior College in Estherville. Darlene Schaeller--At home. Dorothy Slaba-Attending Iowa State College at Ames. Marjorie Solberg-fMrs. Glen Neugentj works in Pheils. Melba Thackrey-Housekeeper. Dorothy Tostenrud-Works in restaurant in Colo- rado. Darlene Von Bank-Works in local grocery store. ...37... Life We come into this world as a helpless creature. We are dependent upon the love, devotion and material resources of our parents for our needs. Our parents save and sacrifice to provide for our ever increasing physical and mental requirements. One of our needs is education, both formal and informal. It may be defined as that vast wealth of knowledge saved and stored by our brain cells. Formal education may end with school days, but informal education continues with each new experience, observation or sensation encoun- tered in our daily lives. As we progress through life, we use the knowledge we have acquired to provide for our daily physical needs. This knowledge, coupled with initiative and industry brings rewards beyond our daily requirements. It is smart to save our excess earnings for emergencies and for use as capital to further our business interests. We invite you to use our Savings Department. First Trust and Savings Bank Member of FDIC '+sta- ,..39... City Food Market Groceries, Meats, and Frozen Foods Phone 54 Armstrong, Iowa Armstrong Farm Service Station We Feature Iowa Farm Service Company Petroleum Products Candy - Gum - Pop - Ice Cream Tank Truck Service Phone 127R3 C. R. Anderson Legion Bowling Alleys Duffy-Knipe Post 459 Armstrong, Iowa Geo. A. Hormel and Co. Good Luck to the Class of 1952 Phone 9 Torn Rogers, Manager Armstrong, Iowa Midwest Service Co. D X Products Tank Wagon Phone 14 Dale Cummins, Agent Dr. A. Whitlow - Dr. J. J. Cecil "Veterinarians" Armstrong, Iowa Best Wishes 150 the Class of 1952 Dr. W. J. Morsh, Dentist For Bigger Poultry Profits Buy SUPERIOR CHICKS Feeds - Poultry Remedies Free Delivery on orders of 200 or more Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Provencher, Mgrs. Phone 40 Armstrong, Iowa .....40.. I ' '-41.. Iowa Electric Light 85 Power Co. Your Electric Service Phone 15 7 Dr. R. J. Dundas Veterimzritm Phone 215 Quaker Oats Co. Grain - Coal Seeds - Fertilizer Ful-O-Pep Feeds Custom Grinding - Hauling - Mixing Rolling Phone 162 W. D. Johnson, Mgr. Armstrong, Iowa Hugo A. Lindholm, M. D. Plbysician and Surgeon Gamble Store - Appliances - - Auto and Farmers Supplies - Hardware - Insulation - Paint Supplies Ray Larson, Owner Phone 34 Armstrong, Iowa Morrall Chevrolet Co. Chevrolet Sales and Service Cooper Tires and Tubes Phone 1 3 8 , Armstrong, Iowa Dr. L. A. Henriksen Optometrist Phone 86 -42...... ..-43... Armstrong Co-op Creamery 86 Lockers We Sell Pasteurized Milk Homogenized Milk Butter Cheese Meat Buttermilk We Rent Lockers We Process, Grind, and Freeze Meat Phone 74 Harlan Askeland, Manager Thompson Yard Building Materials Of A11 Kinds Weyerhauser 4 sq. Lumber Building Hardware Paints, Millwork, and Sundries We Aim to Please L. N. Stafford, Mgr. Phone 32 Armstrong, Iowa Best Wishes To The Class 0f19j2 B 86 M Food Market W. C. Barber W. I. Mangold McIntire's D-X Station Complete D-X Products . Firestone Tires, Tubes, and Batteries Accessories Lubrication Tire Repairing Radiator Flushing A 86 L Cleaners Cleaning and Pressing Dyeing and Laundry Service Pickup and Delivery Service Phone 21 3 Armstrong, Iowa George WY Peterson Frigidaire Appliances Phone 193 Armstrong, Iowa Farmers Co-op Elevator Co. Grain -- Seed - Coal Felco Feed - Fencing Fertilizer Vf7e M amlfacfure and Recommend dig g ob Feeds Armstrong, Iowa Phone 68 and 92 CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 19 S 2 Kingstoifs Kleaners Corner Hardware The Hardware on the Corner Armstrong, Iowa Anderson's Jack Spratt Food Market We Deliver Phone 13 Ben NW. Brown General Building and Concrete Work Armstrong, Iowa Haroldas Standard Service Gas, Oil Sc Accessories AAA Service Phone 16 Armstrong, Iowa Burkhead,s Clothing and Shoes More Value Per Dollar C. M. Robinson, Owner Armstrong, Iowa Johnson Oil Co. Champlin Oil and Grease Tank Truck Service "Call Ted" Phone 138 Joe Johnson - Ted Opsal Armstrong, Iowa Ghost Ley Leghorns and Blue Diamond White Rocks Hy Lines Armstrong Hatchery Com-lzleie Line of Feeds East of D X Cabins - "Red" Obink Phone 1 37 Homsey Furniture and Grocery Dexter - Admiral Wasliers - Refrig. - Electric Stoves "Everything for the homen Armstrong, Iowa Best Wishes to the Class of 1952 Lefty,s Cafe Friendly Tavern Wishing you the Best of Luck Class 19 S 2 Butch 81 Florence Gifts - Toys - Notions Jim Pfeil, Prop. Armstrong, Iowa Snyder's Store General Merchandise Staple and Fancy Groceries "Quality 65 Service" Phone 18 5 Armstrong, Iowa Coiigiwiulcziions Class of 195 2 Roxy Theater .-48i 1 5 l 7 Youngs Photo Shop 700 Central Ave. Estherville, Iowa Portraits - Cameras Weddings - Aerials Phone 74 The Finest Yoii Ceiiz Biiy A wider variety of Styles for your selection Surprisingly Moderate Prices Always Modern Portraiture that sets the Standard of Quality and Service. Voillonn ' X ' Ellullclllildbg L Armstrong Sales Co. "We sell e1fe1'ythi1zg" Lloyd Clark Harold Abel Phone 200 Armstrong, Iowa Pederson Motor Co. Body Repairing - Painting General Repairing on all Makes Phone 102 Armstrong. Iowa Porter's Garage Automotive Repairing Tires - Battery - Gas Standard Oil Bulk Station Truck Tank Service Scotty and Clarence Adams Walder's Produce Best Wishes to the Class of 1952 Phone 192 George Walders Best Wishes 1f0 the Class of 195 2 White House Lunch Boyken Automotive Service All kinds of cars and tractors Dic Boyken Armstrong, Iowa Pape and Son Garage and Electric Service Phone 76 Armstrong, Iowa Besf Wishes to the Class of 1952 Victory Cafe Best Wishes to the Class of 1952 Place Implement Co. Mutual Insurance The best at the least out, a savings of over S on to our policy holders annually for over S8 years. Arnold Gaarde and P. A. Gaarde Phone 5 Phone 71 I-Iuxtable Drug Frank A. I-Iuxtable Registered Pbamzrzciszf Phone 125 - Armstrong, Iowa Engwwing by Repro Arts Engraving Co Fort Dodge, Iowa P1fi1z1fi1ag by Messenger Printing ' Co. Fort Dodge, Iowa

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