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 - Class of 1957

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,YQ f3'ff7f we RABZA Senior Class of 1957 Armstrong Hugh School Richmond Vlrgmlo 0 I O C I THE RABZA Table of Contents Theme I aculty Senrors Who s Who Mrss Armstrong OI'f"3l'11Z8.IlOIlS Classes Cadets bports Guess Who Ads and Patrons The Staff page Page page Page page Page page Page Page page Edlforlal Board la! leffl 3 5 43 4 5 6 7 Alrce Alexander Edrtor X Andrey Woodson Patrons Edrtor f"h+ J--if-f'2 Myrteen Coleman Faculty Edrtor Leroy Allen Sports Edrtor Edliorlal Staff Loretta Doggett Delores Brunson Dorothy Lewrs Alberta B15hOp Jane Henderson Carole Hundley Gwendolyn Bexerly Otrs Brown V1v1an Davrs Joan Robrnson llelen Johnson Marran Smrth Xndrew Branch Jean Franks Mrlton Nash Joyce Clarke Ernestrne Clark Iulra Stewart Lrnwood Barnes Mary Drckerson and Mattre Hrnes Prcture on oppos1te page Helen Epps leaves for the Intematronal Semor Gul Scout Roundup 1n Me Lford, M1ch1gan v " .............. ......... 1 5 " .... ........... 7 ' O' ' .... ............... 1 A ' ........ .............. 7 5 P ...........,........... 7 '. 3, f .....,............... Page224 5 '4 , .. ................ 85 . lf Y . lsqlprgkp ............. ' I W wk A 1 ......... 'vie f'l was 'eff v up ,r Q cms., 1 I- JJ,-1 7- 5-U S 1 st, :jr a 5- F RL r rf 491 'N Us Y r ffi' x I' of 6 il fl., ri-L r -r 114515 , If-lflff' We the members ofthe Senror Class of 57 are gornv places We have travelled thus far only a small pO1'I101l of our journey but the past we have travelled has been one of Joyous moments and many ad ventures Where are we gOlIlCg7 some of us are plannrnw to enter eollev ome to enter a braneh of the Armed Forces Others are plannrnf t nter the world of work, wrth further edne mon on the agenda later We do not expect an easy road ahead Alonso the road to suceess Je know, there are road blocks We have fonsrht hard to over come obstaeles Our teaehers have constantly helped lla ehallengmg us, urgrng us to take the harder subjects as well as the easrer ones We Fhongh we are graduatrng from hrgh sehool and p rssrng one rnrle stone rn our lrves we do not feel that we have achreved Irnal sue cess We have Just begun to torl sueess means aeeomplrshrng a meanrngful coal Graduatmg from hugh school rs barely seratchrnf' the surface of lrfe and rts Joys and hardshrps Strll we can have the satrsfactron of knowmg that through per severance and hard work, we have reached thrs pornt rn our lrves and that from here we are Going Places 'fu . 421+ 4 .QA TQ, 7 .32 v . ., - , .. ' . . D ' 'alfa ' , ftfflf' s 1 ' .. i v, ' ' V 3 -. s 1 , . 3 1 s f y FQ, , . . , 3 f , ' bw, .D N W '11 - 3 I 3 ' x " x x ' V x x have learned that "success is the reward of toil." x - ' aye f X - f .. I .r , - - Mkt L in , , V , , , , .- o ' r x N o -.TW - ' ' ' , . ' 13,242 . . , ' , S' L .ar . ' Jffii ""f6: L3-sf 5 ' -I . -V gg. Neff, . 2" . K, fig?- - . 'ag- 'SPP I-, ' YZZ' FACULTY The Prmclpal Wrth prrde and pleasure I congratulate you the graduatlng semors of 1957 In earnlng your hrgh school drploma you have reached the goal set thlrteen years ago when you enrolled 1n the Jumor prlmary depar 'nent of our elementary schools Rejorce for you have proved your competence reflect for now you must set new goals Now IS the tune to engage rn serrous rntrospectlon now IS the trme to d to try to achrcvo your ambrtlons Others may offer suggesuons but the frnal decxsrons rest wrth you Remember as you work out your destrny that God created you rn Hrs rmage and that less than your best IS unworthy of you GEORGE PETERSON Jr 6 l I 1, , I ' ' , : . find out who you really are, what you actually want from life, and how vnu infnn ' , v -- - ' ,ou -...-.. . v . , . . , . Assistant Principal From a shipmate who has sailed with you on the good ship "Armstrong High School," congratulations on your graduation. You have completed an important lap of the vo a e f1'f y g o 1 e, and now you set sail towards new and varied ventures. Each of you has written for h , r o work, play, abiding faith in God, and worthy achievements. The sailing has not always been calm, but each experience has privileged us to learn the value of a stalwart keel and the necessity for anchoring ourselves to the elements and forces which enable us to endure. In parting, I salute you and hope that your voyage on the good ship "Armstrong High Schoo1" has given you many pleasant and worthwhile experiences and that you have been imbued with a spirit and the zeal to attain worthy goals in life. imself a log on this voyage a reco d f 7 in ' gxf- Ni 'h Mr BATTLE Mr BEBBS Mrs BETTIS Physzcal Ed Counselor Enghsh Faculty Mrs BINGA Mrs BREAUX Mrs BRINKLEY Mr BRINKLEY Mrs BRITTON Englrsh Soclal Stud1es PhY510a1 Ed 500131 Studies Enghsh riff' N' ,- :W Vx- li' F-suv-P Y Mrs BROWN Mr R L BROWN Mr J M BROWN M15 A J BURRELL MIS BUTLER Mathematrcs Busmess Metal Shop Busmess Counselor 8 Mrs. BYRD Mr. CANNON Mrs. CARTER Mathematics Woodworking English Faculty Mr CARTER Mrs CASE Mrs x..HEATI-IAM Mrs CHRISTIAN Mrs CLAY Aud1o v1sual Scrence Busmess Sc1ence Counselor 1' 'YK Mr COLEMAN Mrs COOKE Mr FRED COOPER Mr H T COOPER Mr H S Auto Mechanxcs Mathematlcs Socxal Studres Pnntmg CRAWFORD Mathematxcs G' so-f A M 'P if X if X R A V-., 9 Ml' F H Mr CROCKER Mrs DAVIDSON CRAWFORD Counselor French Languages Mrs DIAMOND Mrs ELLIS Mass EPPS M1ss FIELDS Mrs FIELDS Mathemaucs School Nurse L1branan Homemakmg Mathematlcs Mrs FULCHER Mrs GADSDEN Mrs GREEN Mrs HALE Mrs O G Mathematlgg Sc1ence Counselor Speech HAWKES Scxence 10 V 4 . . . ' . , u . . Q . . Mr. HOLMES Mr. IVES Mrs. G. W. Science Drafting JACKSON English Faculty Mrs T T JACKSON Mr A F JAMES M1ss JAMES Mrs JAMES Mr R W JAMES Enghsh Physlcal Ed Physrcal Ed Pracncal Nursmg Busmess Mrs JOHNSON Mr JOHNSON Mrs JONES Mrs KENNY Mrs KENT Secretary Head Custodran Vrsmng Teacher Secretary Latxn 11 l WV" Mrs. LEE Mrs. LEWIS Mr. MADDEN Cafeteria History Business Faculty Mlss MATTHEWS Mrs MCDANIEL Mxss MCPHERSON Mrs MURDOCK Mrs PARKER D1str1but1ve Ed Socxal Studres Latrn Scxence Slght savmg IV' "' -'a"""" uv Mrs PAYNE MIS RE-ESE Mr REID Mrss ROBERTS M C ROBINSON English rt Dnvmg Lrbranan Coach 12 if ff- 3' fa W IA.. 1' x 5 C - . A -. . ' . . ' ' 'K if M, SAVAGE Mrs G J SCOTT Mrs E C SHARP MUSIC Homemakmg Enghsh Faculty Mrs SHELTON Nil' TAYLOR Mr TERRY MIS TYSON MIS WASHINGTON Physxcal Ed Electrlclty Sclence Spanxsh SCIEHCC Mrs WHITE Mxss WHITING Mrs WILLIAMS Mr WILLIAMS M1ss WOODSON Soc1a1 Studles Homemakmg Sc1ence Musxc Mathemancs 13 if , r 4'-ff' ,774 v- wa' NSXM I .AA ff Il f -iff Counselors Principal George Peterson, Jr., fback to cameraj confers with counselors and assistant principal. Left to right are J. W. Bebbs, Jr., Miss Woodson, Mr. Swann, Mrs. Green, Mrs. Clay, Mr. Crocker, and Mrs. Butler. X sa. T ALICE MARLE ANTIONETTE ALEXANDER my "Little Bits" -4' Library Club 1,3,45 Latin Club 3,45 Y-Teens 3,45 Stu- dent Council 3,4g Store Committee 45 Homeroom , in , President 3,45 Student Patrol 15 Fine Arts Guild 4- ,V RABZA Editorial Board 4, Mu Alpha Tau Eta 4, Red ' Cross 3,45 Special Pro'ects Committee J 4. V - , - To major in radiology . .V.. THOMAS LEONARD ALEXANDER "Woogie" 4 1 va To join the Air Force N, LEROY WENDELL ALLEN Lee' adets 2,4, SPIRIT Staff 4 Student Council 4 Re orter, Football Team 4, Library Club 3 French Club To attend college HORACE WILBERT BAKER Bubble SPIRIT Representative 1, Homeroom Pr d esi ent 1,2 Stuiident Council 1 2 3 Student Court 4, French Club ath Club 4 Vice President Home Room 3 To attend Hampton Instrtute Seniors LINWOOD BARNES Lin Future Business Club of America 4, RABZA Staff 4 Vice President of Home Room 2 To attend college MARIAN DELORES BASKERVILLE Bootsie President of Home Room 1,3, Secretary of Homeroom 2 Vice President of Homeroom 4 Student Patrol 2 3 Library Club 1, Assistant C1 culation Manager of SPIRIT 4, RABZA Staff 4 To major in elementary education GWENDOLYN ANN BEVERLY pa Gwen Fine Arts Guild 4, Library Club 1,2, President of Homeroom 1 2 SPIRIT Reporter 3, RABZA Staff 4 Miss Armstrong Nominee 4 To attend college ALBERT BISHOP Bert Art Club 3,4, Choir 1,2, Art Club 1 2 To attend college I6 ll u C ' 5 ' 5 - P ' 5 1,2. if . u n . 5 2 sl 1 S ' 1 s A ,4. 0 Wg' u ' u 'P' - 5 4 : I n - u A 5 3 1 3 . l . .I . guy? f, ,rti -r -r Eljigjjy M' . . U . ' . p- li'T??F"'f,-E? 'gk 1 3 A S 4 I: 4 n u H ltr' . ' . , . S RICHARD EARL BIAND R' Student COLLHCII 1, SPIRIT Reporter 1, Aud1o Vrsual Aid Club 2,3,45 Cafeteria Patrol 3, 4. To attend Hampton Institute HELENA LOUISE I..EE BONNER Lee SPIRIT Reporter 1 Offrcer of Homeroom 1 2 3 4 Honorary Member of Student Councrl 4 French Club 1,2, Frne Arts Gulld 3 4, Math Club 4, Red Cros 2 Scrence Club 2 3 RABZA Staff 4 IRMA BOOKER Lrbrary Club 1,2,3, Typlst for SPIRIT 3,4, Art Club 4 Typlst for RABZA 4 Busxness Club 4 ANDREW BRANCH Andy' Charrman of Program Commrttee 4 Latrn Club 4, Captarn of Cafeterra Patrol 4 To attend college Seniors ETHEL LAVERN BRANCH V1ce Pres1dent of Semor Class, Student Patrol 2 3,4 Lrbrary Club 2,3,4, Latxn Club 2 3 4, Floor Deputy of Student Patrol 4, Natlonal Honor Soc1ety 3,4, RABZA Staff 4, Enghsh Club 4, Student Councll 2,3,4, Future Busrness Leaders of Amerxca 4 To attend college ROBERT SHELTON BROOKS Student Councll 1 2 Spamsh Club 1,2,3, Football Team 1,2 Scrence Club 3 Track Team 3, Red Cross 4 Cafetena Patrol 4 To attend West Vrrgrma State Wm 5 ELOIS LaVERNE BROWN I IDIS! Orchestra 1,2,3,4, Student Patrol 2 3, Red Cross 3 Student Councll 4 French Club 2,3, Math Club 2,3,4 Chemlstry Club 3,4, Presldent of Homeroom 1 2 , Natronal Honor Soc1ety 4, RABZA Staff 4 To attend Vlfglnla State College to major rn brology JAMES MORGAN BROWN 'Chess Cat" To Jom Arr Force ll ll ll S 3 1 v I 5 . y . . 5 5 J 2 ' . . 3 5 . 1 ll 1 3 . . o -win W , - 'V-A - - ia.. , ' ' - W' . H J- -5 W '- ' ' ' 5 . , ,L U W., .. . ,, 'Siva -' f paul? ,,,,,., Q- M we f 2 -. lf? f - if f' I I ' I Qghf. ., 'G 1 :I " ' 1 J - . ' . ' ' 1 i f R 1 1 3 me vi ' - v LAWRENCE WESLEY BUCHANAN Snookxe To become a tarlor MILDRED LEE BURCHETT Math Club 4, Latm Club 3 4 SPIRIT Representatxve 3 4, Chemrstry Club 1 2 To attend college OTIS JOHNSON BROWN reeper Latm Club 2,3, Aud1o Vrsual Ard Club 2,3 4, RABZA Commrttee 4 To enlrst 1n Navy MARY LEE BRUNSON Srster Art Club 4 RABZA 4, SPIRIT Reporter 4 To attend college 883' Sensors ELIZEBETH MAE BURFORD Shortre Presrdent of Semor Class, Red Cross Z 3 4 Honor So crety 3 4 Lrbrary Club 3, Latrn Club 3 4, Student Pa trol 2,3 4 Englrsh Club 4, Future Busrness Leaders of Amenca 4 To attend college JOYCE WILNET BURFORD Lrbrary Represgntatrve 4 To attend busmess school GWENDY DELORE5 CARR Gwen Majorette 3 4, Art Club 4, Fme Arts Gurld 4 To major Ln physrcal educatxon NOBLE LEE CARTER Noble Chaxrman of Program Comm1ttee 4 To become an electrrcal engmeer 18 SHIRLEY MAE CARTER "5 1PPY Latln Club 4 Frne Arts Gurld 3 Chemrstry Club 3, Mu Alpha Tau Eta 4 To enroll rn West Vrrgmra State College CORINE CHARLES Presrdent I-lomeroom 1 SPIRIT Reporter 1,2, Secre tary, Homeroom 2,4, GAA 1, RABZA 4 Lrbrary Rep resentatrve 1 SPIRIT Staff 4 To attend St Pluhp School of Nursrng ETHEL MAE CHRISTIAN French Club 2 4, Red Cross 1 2 Cheerrng Squad 3 ,,,,N. Student Councrl 1 2, Mu Alpha Tau Eta 4, RAB Staff 4 To attend college ,IA ERNESTINE CLARK "Red Student Councrl 3, GAA 1 2, Student Patrol 1 3 V1ce Presrdent of Latrn Club 4, Treasurer of Lrbrary Club 3 Presrdent of Llbrary Club 4 Orchestra 2 Clerk of Stu dent Court 4, Mu Alpha Tau Eta 4, Honorary Member of Student Councrl 4, RABZA Staff To attend Howard Umversrty Class of Flfty-Seven JOYCE LAFAN CLARKE Tmy --Q....-f--- Presrdent of Homeroom 2 Student Patrol 4 Latln Club 4 Representatrve Specral Project Cornmrttee 4 Sec retary of D1StIlbUt1Ve Educatron 4 To attend college LORETTA CARRIE COLEMAN HIDH GAA 4 Y Teens 4, Lrbrary Representatrve 4, FBLA Club 4 RABM 4 SPIRIT Staff 4 To attend college pu-Ulf MYRTEEN ELAINE COLEMAN Myrtle SPIRIT Staff 3 4 RABZA Edrtronal Board 4, Lrbrary Club 4, FBLA Club 4 Englrsh Club 4 A ,f,. To attend Vrrgrnra State College 19 DELORES CONSETTA COLLINS To enroll rn Vrrgrma Uruon Uruversrtx, or to enroll rn Vrrgrma State ta 19 I k' ll If 1 - f S 3 ' Y- A 6 I, ,. K. , V Y IIC ll ' O f . L . 5 , - . . 5 , , S - A . A W 1 - '. ' ' 9 '45 N .' 51' .ull ,. -,,. ' ' -iii!-:Q-I. E4 A J' I ' - 1 -- - 'X ' , -V . Q' 0,0 : A f " H W- , 1 : 1 . 3 , V wh 1 S .,., . . ' . V - S X ' " ew ' , - . . S551 . ' . ' v I O ll ' ll r.. 5 9 S 5 " , K l f, ' P' - I I A .tl .: x . V 'A 94.4 . 5 - D . . 1 I . M 1 , , ,... s 5 - 5' Y ll ' ll - 1 I ' ' - ' 3 - 2 an - - - " , ,E M Q t I 9, , b' I W, ,,,, LW- .. , W kr I-LDNA MAE coUsAR or 7-7 ' :Ti vaTimll 7' Bookkeeper of Senior Class 45 Vice President of Horne- room 45 French Club 45 RABZA Staff 4g Student Coun- ,, cil 2,4. ' K to To attend business school I 1 'L W Plll 'rs' ' JOYCE RAE CRENSHAW is , 1 Student Council 1,2,3g French Club 4. ' ' To attend Virginia University ELMER EMORY DANDRIDGE E D" """"'W"'i Football 2,3,4, Band 1 2,3 Science Club 3,4, SPIRIT Representation, Associate Justice of Student Court 4 To attend college and major in mathematics .-at VIVIAN NAOMI DAVIS V1v President of French Club 2,3, Art Club 4 Library Club 2,3,4, Science Club 2,3 N tronal Honor Society 3 4 RABZA Staff 4, Math Club 2 3 4 To attend college Seniors ROSA DEESE V' Red' Choir 1 2 3,4 To attend Cortez Peter's business school MARY MAGALINE JOSEPHINE DICKERSON Mag Junior Red Cross 3,4, Student Council 2 3 4, Student Court 4, National Honor Society 3,4, Latin Club 1 2 4 Math Club 2,3,4, Chemistry Club 3,4, Library Club 1 2 3,4, Fine Arts Guild 2,3,4, RABZA Staff 4 GAA 2 3 4 T,o ,attend college ibn ,M LORETT A ELAINE DOGGETT llloll Vice President of Drstributive Education Club Spe cial Projects Committee 3 4, Basketball 1 2 3 Ma Jorette 1 2 3 4 Spanish Club 1,2,RABZA Staff To attend college LUCILLE DAWSON L ll Band 1 2 3,4 Student Patrol, Cafeteria Patrol Red Cross Representative, Student Council, Latin Club 1,2 To attend busmess school 20 HAZEL DUNGEE "Mouse" ' ' Library Club 15 French Club 1. - 4 To attend nursing school JANICE ELIZABETH EASLEY 'Slrm Spamsh Club 1 2 3, Student Patrol 1 2,3 4, Assistant Deputy on Student Patrol 4, Parlramentarran of Drs ,- tnbutrve Educatron Club 4 Member of Fme Arts Gurld 4 RABZA Staff 4 To contmue my educatxon rn busmess ERNEST RONALD EDWARDS Ernest Football 1 Cadets 1 To enlrst rn Armed Servrce 72' hi INEZ LavERN12: PDWARDS Nez To attend Vrrgrrua Umon Unxverslty Class of Fifty-Seven LAWRENCE SINCLAIR ELLETT Lonme Cadets 1,2 3, Cafeterra Patrol 3 4 HELEN VIRGINIA EPPS Len!! V1ce Presrdent Student Councrl 4, Vrce Presrdent Homeroom 2,3, Presrdent 4, Mu Alpha Tau Eta 3,4 GAA 1 2, Spamsh Club 2,3, Spamsh Club 2, Student Patrol 2,3, Cafeterra Patrol 1 3,4, Natronal Honor So c1ety 3 4 Secretary 4 To major rn commerce BOOKER JUDE FORBES wlln 41-, SPIRIT Reporter 1 Red Cross 1, Baseball 1 To jom the Coast Guard 57' JEAN FRANKS Jearue Latm Club 3,4, Student Councrl 4, RABZA Staff 4 Engllsh Club 4 To major rn SOC10l0gy 21 Student Councrl 4 RABZA Staff 4 Lrbrary Club 3 ,pf ' u - an I' 7 Y I . 2 7 - J . . . S . K V 5 . K ll ll v' . V .- . 1 - .' ,,, n n A n .1 Q S . 5 . o . ll ' N . Q 1 7 ' To join Air Force .. F iii . , , -9 , . . . .. . . , . . - J 5 ' V-Q S -at u - f - 5 ' - N N' . . .. , ll ' u K . ' . V 7' 1 CLARENCE FRANKLIN JI Mechanxcal Drawrng Club 1 2 3 4 FRANK LEON GIBSON Jr T,o ,attend a school of technology GEORGE E FORD To attend Hampton Instrtute FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT FOX Frankre Art Club 4, Cadet Corporal 1 2 3 Homeroom VICE Presldent 3, Scrence Club, RABZA Staff 4 To enlrst rn Au' Force Glp Math Club 4, Scrence Club 3,4, Industrral Arts Club 2 Sensors SHIRLEY GREENE Latin Club 1,2,3,43 Student Council 1,2,3,4 Patrol 1,2,3,45 Art Club 1,23 RABZA Staff 4 To attend college IULIAN HARRIS Band 1,2,3,4g Orchestra 1,2,35 Ang Club 4, To enter the Air Force 22 LOUISE ELIZABETH GILES President of Homeroom 2 3 Spamsh Club 4 Treasurer of Latrn Club 4 To attend business school MYRNA HARRELL "Tom Boy To attend busmess school BESSIE HART "L1l Bessre Red Cross 2 3 Lrbrary 1 2,3 ,ns BLANCHE VIRGINIA HENDERSON Latm Club 2,3 To attend Vrrgrnza State College JANE M HENDERSON RABZA Staff 4, Art Club 3 To attend college Class Of Flfty seven MOIZELLE HORTENSE HENDERSON Mo' Lrbrary Club 1 2, Chou' 1 2,3,4, Latrn Club 2, Student Patrol 3, Horneroom Presrdent 3, "Y" Teen Presrdent 3, "Y" Teen Vrce Presrdent 4, Exchange Edrtor of SPIRIT 4, Math Club 4, Assrstant Secretary Senror Class 4 To major rn mathematrcs ELLA CELESTE HILL Lrbrary Club 1,2, Llbrary Representatrve 1 2,4 Home room Presldent 1 2, SPIRIT Representatrve 1, Math Club 1,2,4 To major rn mathematrcs .Lassm MAE HILL QT Jen 137. "42l . 4, Special Projects committee 4, RABZA Staff 4- T ' Spanish Club 1 .,', A To attend college 23 To attend Lovings School of Tailoring MATTE E. HLN1-Ls 2 ',3'2r2 Junior Red Cross 1 2 3,4- Student Patrol 1,2,35 GAA 3 k' ' , '- CAROL VAUGHN HUNDLEY L11 Bzts Chou 1 2,3,4 Majorettes 1,2,3, French Club 1 Home room Offrcer 1 2,3, Advertxslng Manager of SPIRIT 4 RABZA Staff 4 If To attend college JEAN DIANE HOCKADAY Student Patrol 1, Lrbrary Club 1 2 3, Spanrsh Club 1,2 To study beauty culture ALMA V JACKSON Alma V GAA 1 2,3, Student Councll 1 2 3, Spamsh Club 2,3,4 SPIRIT Staff 4, Secretary of Semor Class 4 Honor So cxety 4, Future Busmess Leaders of Amenca 4, Cand1 ,,,,.. date for Qulll and Scroll 'Ill' HORACE EDWARD JEFFRIES "Coose Football 3 4, Track 2,3,4 To attend college Seniors ANDREW B JOHNSON Andy Treasurer of Industnal Arts Club 4, Typlst for RABZA 4 Cadet 1,2,3,4, Red Cross 2, Student Councrl 1,2 To attend college HELEN MAXINE JOHNSON Student Councll 1 2 Llbrary Club 1, Red Cross 1 2 3 Spamsh Club 1,2,3,4, Pres1dent, DE Club 4, Y Teens 1 To attend college '74 7 I I u - ' u I 1 . 3 . h ' 5 V 3' 3 ' 5 I Y A ' l J I ' I 3 V n . In J ' Q 1 sl ' l S 0 I 0 1 5 Q is I , V 4 Q ,, To attend college , . 5, , . 0 G n I u 5 u u ' . ' , s ' ' , , s CHARLES RUFF IN JEFFERSON To attend Automotxve School ANNIE LAVENIA JOHNSON Senror Chou 2,3, Art Club 3,4, Program Comrmttee 4 'Q' if' .-...QW ' MJLDRED E JOHNSON Marg1e Chaplam of Homeroom 1 Latm Club 2, GAA 2 3 4, Student Patrol 2 3,4 To be a nurse WALTER L JOHNSON Aud1o V1sualA1d Club Math Club To attend college WILLIAM JESSE JOHNSON Plucky Senror Chou 1 4 Basketball 2 3 4, L1brary Club 4, French Club 4 To marry HENRY JONES Jume Red Cross 1, Band 1,2, Program Commlttee 4 To Jom an force Class of Fifty Seven SHIRLEY MAE JONES Y To attend college FLORENCE KELLY EMANUEL CRADDOCK KENT Band 1 2 3 4, Cadets 4, Football 1 2, Track 1 To attend college RITA KIDD "Candy Cheermg Squad 1 2 3 4, Co Captam 4 Jumor Red Cross 1,2,3 4, RABZA Staff 4 To attend Hampton D ll . ' ll l 1 l 31 1 1 ' .1 g, ll U I I ' 5 1 1 ' U ' fl ' ll . I "shine " gg U , E 4 ", aw I 1 1 1 ' ' 1 ' 1 , I ll . A 1 1 1 ' ' l 5 . 1 ' ' . 2' PHILLIP JEROME KIRBY JONAH EARL LAWSON RABZA Staff 4, Art Club 4, Future Buslness Leaders of Amenca 4 W resentatrve 1, Specral Project Comrmttee Hosp1tal1ty EDITH MARTIN A A ' IIIDI-oll Y Teens 1 2 Student Patrol 1,2. K To attend busmess school Joe was S? 'S Sensors ANTHONY EUGENE MANNING Tony Spelcal Projects 4, Student Court 2,3 4, Student Coun c1l 4, Presrdent Homeroom 3, Basketball 1 2,3, Cafe terra Patrol 1 3 To attend college IRA ODGEN MANNING Jet Industnal Arts Club 2,3,4, Audro Vlsual A1d Club 2 3 4 Ch1ef Justlce of Student Court 4, Bus1ness Manager of SPIRIT 4, Scrence Club 3,4, Spamsh Club 1 2 3 4 Semor Chozr 3,4, National Honor Socrety 4, Candldat for Qurll and Scroll To attend college MILTON MARSHALL A I M A? 'I-looks" , Captam of Football Team 45 Captain of Cafeteria Pa- , " fe , A . P 43. Q61 I-ft, 8 so in y. 4,fsQf.g:.,.zr-f5?e1gf,,s- - GRACE DELORES MCARTHUR t ,, .mi GAA 1 2, Dramatic Club 1. I 7 ., ' JEAN MCCULLOUGH f ' ' in I ll P I sister A ' :.. A P fo "spun-fn A A ' To attend New York Institute of Photography COLLEL McLEOD uJune ll Math Club 4. To attend college TYRONE McQUEEN Football 2,3,4g Co-Captain 43 Baseball 2,3 49 Track 2, 3,45 Choir 2,3,4. To attend college Class of Fifty Seven EDWARD MCQUAY 'Benny Chorr 2,3, Industnal Arts Club 1, Football 2, Track 3 To attend college JEAN PARTHENIA MERRITT Parthenra. Homeroom Presldent 1 Choxr 3,4, SPIRIT Staff 2, Red Cross 3 To attend Smrth Madden School of Bus1ness CHARLES EDWARD MILES Charhe To become a br1ckmason ALVIN IAWRENCE MILLER Red Cross 1,2 , Student Counc1l 4, Program Commxttee 4, Store Commrttee 4 To major ln soclology 71 , . fb .za - 3, M1 f. v 1 1 W4, 5 To attend North Carolina College 0 X Eb 1 , f Siifgl QW nf it Q: 7 'S' 1 5' 5 1 fini S 43? K6 5 l 8 fl ll 'P+ Kr, is if ff nu... f . . . A f' 12532471 - ,I Aud1o Vrsual Club 45 Band 2,3,4g Orchestra 45 Typmst A 'V . 'ff M r 3,4. ' 5, LK I 535 is . x W Egg HARRIS MILLER To attend college JAMES MOORE Lrttle Jrmmy Industrral Arts Club To study art m New York JEWEL DIANE MOORE Homeroom Presrdent 1 2, Lmbrary Representatrve 3 Mu Alpha Tau Eta 4, Chou 1,2,3,4, V109 Presrdent of Chorr 3, Y Teens 2,3,4, Presldent 4, Basketball 2 Fme Arts Gurld 3 4, Student Patrol 2 3 4, Assrstant Merrt Offrcer, Student Patrol 4, Cafeterla Patrol 4 To attend college MELVIN LEROY MORTON RABZA Staff 4, Lrbrary Representatrve 4 To enter the Arr Force Seniors To become a prmter Armstrong," 4 To major 1n blology MILTON RUDOLPI-I NASH Jr "John Henry AUd1O Vxsual Club 3,4, Cadets 1 2 3 4 RABZA St Wlde Jumor Chamber of Commerce Essay Contest 3, SPIRIT Staff 3 4 To attend college LEROY QUARLES Jr Football 1 2 Basketball 1,2, Baseball 1,2,3 To attend college '78 Edrtor of the SPIRIT 4, Qurll and Scroll 4, Cho1r 1 2, 3 4, Spanlsh Club 2,3 ALVIN ORIANDO NASH Shortze Cadets 1,2,3,4, Specral Projects Comm1ttee 4, Enghsh Club 4 CAROLYN NASH Presxdent of Homeroom 1, Red Cross 1, Student Coun c1l 2,3,4, Student Patrol 2,3,4, Asslstant Secretary of Sclence Club 4, Math Club 4, Attendant for "M1ss 1 ' ' ' an I n ' - ll . , .. . ' .u 3 . . ' - . I . . ,ag I ' i I t ' D ' ' . ull, I U O ll , . ll . ' 1 ' ' 1 : a 5 I aff 4, Homeroorn Presrdent 45 Second Prize Wmner, City , . , . x 9 ' ' egg' :ff To Jom the Navy To attend college STERLING LOUIS PARKER Band 1,2,3,4, Homeroom Pres1dent 1,2,3, RABZA Staff 4, Student Councrl Representatrve 1, French Club 1 2 WILBUR PARKER Bubb a. KATHLEEN PAIGE PATTERSON Kathy Chorr 1 4, Fme Arts Gulld 3 4, Parhamentarran of Sen 1or Class Cheenng Squad 3, RABZA Staff 4, Assocrate Justrce of Student Court 4, Student Patrol 3 Vrce Pres 1dent Fine Arts Gurld 4 To study at Howard Unlversxty SHIRLEY PATTERSON Pat Y Teens 4, Future Busxness Leaders of Amerrca Stu dent Councrl Representatrve To get a degree rn nursing Class of Fifty Seven ROBERT WINDELL PATTON To become an auto mechamc ROLAND FREDERICK PETTUS 'Bubba Football 3 4, French Club 1 2 To attend V1rg1n1a State College Student Councll 1,2,3 To attend college CLIFTON PLFASANT S Englrsh Club 4, Cadets, SPIRIT Reporter 3 To attend a school of electronrcs MARGARET PURNELL Tony Y. Spanlsh Club 2 3, Student Patrol 1 2 3, CAA I Cafe ter1a Patrol 3, Who's Who Commlttee, Senror Class 4 29 . u u . . y . 11 , n u G I.. I J ' J ' " s, 2 - - - . . . - K A , a A 4 V f w ni- It . . ' 2 - J ' 4 4 A if QL ' -, 3 ' ' .ff ill: ,Lf ' I -, if fx ' 1' ' .- Q f lf! I 4 Y., Q M ll u : ' T 41 ' I . . 0 - I ll I . l ' 4 if : A I 4 I ' n u - Q ' ' J ' 1 1 ' I ' 'W L . ' 5 Y - S 'i ,. , DORIS RALEIGH Raw Dot uture Busmess Leaders of Am enca 4 Englrsh Club 4, 59? tudent Patrol 4, An Club 4, Llbmy Club 3 4 Fme Arts Guild 4 Majorettes 3,4 To attend college ,J JOAN LYNETTE ROBINSON Joame Semor Chou 1,2,3,4, Red Cross 1, French Club 1 2 Student Councrl 1 2 To attend nursmg school MAXIE ROBINSON Jr Coach, Jr Partrclpant, "I Speak for Democracy Contes , T Place Wmner 4, Wmner, Fnst Place Award 1n Chem 15try 3, Sports Ed1tOI of SPIRIT 4, Parhamentanan, Student Councrl 4, Prosecutor, Student Court 4, SCI ence Club 1 2 3,4, l-lomeroom Presrdent 4, Mayor of Clty and State Treasurer, Boys State 4, "All State Dramatrc Festxval 3 To study 1Tl6d1C1D8 i' flv MAXINE ROBINSON Sal Student Patrol 1 2,3 GAA 1 2,3, Red Cross 1,2 SPIRIT Typlst 4 To attend a busrness school Seniors """""'M' CAROL ANN ROGERS Kay Cheermg Squad 2 3,4 Captam 4, L1brary Club 2,3,4, Art Club 4, French Club 3, RABZA Staff 4 Y 'Q To attend Vrrguua State College 5 ,gsm f , EDWARD ROGERS, III 2 ERR 'A' 'M gf "Bubba" Homeroom Presxdent 3, VICE Presrdent 4. To attend Vlfglhla Uruon Umverslty ANTHONY ROSS Tony Student Patrol 3, Student COLU'1C1l Representatrve 2,3 GEORGE JOSEPH ROSS "Pooch1e" Red Cross 1, Scrence Club 3,4, Band 1,2,3,4, Football To attend college 30 GERALDINE RUFFIN A ' Student Patrol P6 If ., , ,ffm 1 JEAN czcusa scorr GAA 1,2,3,4, Library Club 3,45 French Club 1,2,45 ' H-mg Bookkeeper, Student Commcil Store 4. , A ::'-': ,ll'1 ' To attend a business school , f ' " 5 7 .,L., fn JOAN YVONNE SCOTT Assrstant Secretary Student Councxl 4, Y Teens 1 2 3 To attend busrness school LAURA EMMA SCOTT To attend Virgrma State College Class of Fifty Seven MARGRA'I'EEN SCO'I'I' Future Busrness Club of Amenca. 4 To attend college EV ELYN SCRUGGS Epple Student Patrol 2 3, SPIRIT Reporter 1 SHIRLEY CARLYLE SEGAR Lrbrary Club 1,2,3,4, Red Cross 1,2,3,4, Latm Club 1 2,3 4, Presrdent 4, Chemrstry Club 3,4, Mathematrcs Club 4, Fme Arts Gulld 4, Who's Who Cornmrttee 4 SPIRIT Colummst 4, Homeroom Presrdent 2, Student Councll Representatrve 3, Red Cross 3, Wnter of Class Creed 4 To be a pedratncran JESSLE PATRICIA SIMMONS Butch Homeroom Presrdent 1, Red Cross 2, Fme Arts Gurld 1 2,4, Lam Club 1,4 To attend Hampton Instrtute 31 Q ' ' J J ' O 1 ll ' ll , , ' . ' -,,, ' f 5 b- . . 0 . , c l 0 . I I 1 . . 5 ll ll ' ' ' . ,. A . A? LOUIS ALVIN SMITH Football 35 Cadet Corps 1 2,3,4 To enter the Marine Corps MARIAN YVONNE SMITH Spamsh Club 1 Library Club 1 2 3, Cheerlng Squad 2 3,4, Student Council 1,2, Red Cross 1 2 Senior Class Treasurer 4, GAA 1,2, Chou 2,3, RABZA Staff 4 To attend college HATTIE S1M.MS """ Latin .Club 3,4, Student Patrol 3g Orchestra 1,2,35 SPIRIT Staff 4s RABZA Staff 4. To enter a school of Nursing LONNIE L. SMITH, Jr. Homeroom President 1,2,3,4, Band l,2,3g Choir 3,4, President 4. To study music e"f Pudding Seniors .4-1' ROBERT SYLVESTER SPAIN To attend college Ted Student Court 4 To attend Virginia State College ROSA L STEVENS rown Ey GAA 2,3, Choir 1 2,3 4 SPIRIT Representative for Audio Visual Club 4, Cheenng Squad 1 2 Red Cross To attend Vxrgmia Umon Umversity JULIA V STEWART Judy Junior Red Cross 1,2,3,4, V1ce President, Junior Red Cross 3, President 4, Student Councll 3 4, Student Court 4, Natlonal Honor Society 3,4, Latin Club 1 2, 4 Math Club 2 3,4, Chemrstry Club 3,4 L1brary Club 1 2,3, Fine Arts Gu1ld 2,3,4, RABZA Staff 4, SPIRIT Columnist 4, Candidate for Qu1ll and Scroll To major 1n psychology 32 if Art Club 4, Llbrary Club 4, Industnal Arts Club 4 THEODORE LEROY SPURLOCK Football 2,3,4, Baseball 2,3 4 Industnal Arts Club 3 jnwv-we-""""""" , . n ' Il A Q- ,, I 5 ' l I 1 ' ' I 1 1 . 3 A ' ' y 9 O . ll ll , ' L. , - , 3 ' 3 Sw ' NB ess: i A . 7 7 S ,, ' - ' , s , V Representative 3. .5 . . ew . . . . . . f , 1 KC". . f ' V ll . n A Q . f Q . ' . I , 3, ' S I : 9 'H I . l A . . . JEAN LaGORA TAYLOR """' Presrdent of Homeroom 2,3, Homeroom Vrce Pres1 dent 3 4, Industrral Arts Club 1 2 3,4, Student Patrol Cafeterxa Patrol 3,4, SPIRIT Representatrve 3 4 Majorettes 4, Y Teens l,2,3 4 MARY ELIZABETH TAYLOR L11 To attend busmess school MATTIE ELIZABETH TAYLOR Math Club 1,2,3, Spanlsh Club 1 2 3 4 To attend Lovmgs School of Tarlonng HARRY ROS COE THOMAS "Napoleon Homeroom Presrdent 3, Footb Basketball 1 2,3,4, Orchestra To major 1n scrence Class of Fifty Seven SADIE MAXINE THOMAS Sweets Student Councrl 1 2 3 4, Student Court 2,3 4 Feature Edrtor of SPIRIT 1,2,3 4, SPIRIT Campa1gn Manager 3 4 Student Patrol 3, Majorette 1 2 3,4, "M.1ss Arm strong 1956 57 " 4 To attend college VIRGINIA DARE THOMAS Cheermg Squad 2 Spamsh Club Presxdent 1 2, Student Councxl 1 2 Spec1alProJects Commlttee 4, Home room Presrdent 1,2 Student Patrol 2,3 To attend college Creep Student Councrl 3 Chou 2,3,4 To attend college 33 g'592,if aa W-KSYSSIWI we 'f N.: 'lx-'Q' ,rv-aft! EDWARD FREEMAN THOMPSON To attend V1rg1ma Un1on Unrversrty ESTHER GWENDOLYN THOMPSON Cheerrng Squad 1,2, Sexuor Chou 1,2,3,4 all234 Track234 an - ' ,....., ,, , ' v 1 ' ' I Tm 3, ' 1 I . , - I . I S g A u f n , I I 1 ,I I , l 7 ' wr - " ' 1 y 5 J r z ' - 1 0 Q ' Mew' y 1 4- f1+ff:ew3:1:z fi ff'Hfs1wzf1'gf v1 1 rs ,- z -+0 3 if--fa,1'f2ew we - ,, T a- ll n nw .QWQ ' . Quest' - N A . . fr A W Y I ,YQ ' par : v : : 1 ,,.f,,Ag, lv , ' . . I ' l I 2 ' Z :fin A .fixlaz - -Q . V , A . ff' 1 , A , 5 - , x K f ' . bf" 9 - F1 R ' ,,..,,, -...f u u S - 'A' I ' . ELBERT VINCENT WALKER Jr Dee President Student Council 4, President Homeroom 4 President Science Club 3 President Industrial Arts Club 3 4, Mu Alpha Tau Eta 4 National Honor So crety 3 4 Chief Justice of Court 3,4, Track 2 3 4 Football 2 3,4, Audio Visual Club 2,3 4 To attend college SAMUEL WALKER To further my education JAMES CORNELL WALLACE Roscoe Cadets 1 2 3,4 Navy first then college ERVIN DOUGSTOTIOUS WATSON Chaplain of Senior Class 4, Homeroom President 4 chestra 1,2 3, Student Council, Spanish Club 1 Fine Arts Guild 4 To attend Virginia State College Seniors RICHARD HENRY WHITE icky Boy Red Cross Member 1, Math Club 4, RABZA Staff 4 To major in chemistry at VUU RUSSELL BUTLER WHITE Russ ' Band 1 2,3,4, Orchestra 1,2,3,4 To join the Au Force ANNIE WILKERSON 'Anna Bell Library Club 1,2 3, Red Cross 1,2 Orchestra 1,2,3 4, 'hr' Student Patrol 1 2 To major in business NATHAN WTLKERSON, Jr Teddy' To study cabinetry at Hampton 34 r ' - ll ll . . A . 5 S . . . 7 . - u S ' .- 2 3 U I ' 7 J 5 xsf' ll ll 4 , . . . 5 Library Club 1,2,33 Library Representative 1,2,35 Or- , , . Q . 5 . O HD' ll L Q Q - . ll I I ll f .-' 4 . 1 ' S 1 ' Q W . . 2 ' AV ll I ' CARLTON WILLIAMS "Shorty Cho1r 1,2 3,4, Lxbrary Club 3,4 To jom the Navy WAVERLY WILLIAMS Cadets 1 2,3,4, FIISC Captarn 4 Track 2,3,4, Football bfavy flrst then college Class of Fifty Seven AUDREY WOODSON Homeroom Vlce Pres1dent 4, Student Councxl 3, GAA 1 SPIRIT Representatxve 1 Basketball 2 RABZA Edl tonal Board 4, DE Club 4 To attend college ffkw H4352 VX CARRIE BURNETT WOODY Sweets Homeroom President 1' Red Cross 1- Secretary of Stu dent Council 4' CAA 1' Chairman Motto Commrttee J 3 of Senior Class 4 To major in science THOMAS ANTONIO WRIK Il' June Red Cross 1,23 Football 3,43 Basebal Z 3 4 To enter the Marines 069- ETHEL BRANCH V1ce Pres1dent Senior Class Officers vp- WON-1 ELIZABETH BURFORD ALMA JA CKSON PIQSICIEHY Secretary MOIZELLE HENDERSON Ass1stant Secretary IRVlN WATSON Chaplam ffm KATHLEEN PATTERSON Parharnentarxan 36 I MARLAN SMITH Treasurer MILTON NASH Sergeant at Arms gg. G' :V , 1 if T K Our creed . . . an expression of our beliefs . . . a guide by which we shall live. Class Creed By Shirley Segar We the members of the graduating class of Armstrong High School, in this year 1957, do solemnly hold these truths to be our creed. Our creed is an expression of our beliefs and symbolic of our anticipation for the future. It is the guide by which we shall strive to live earnestly and completely. We respect the power of Jesus Christ and shall endeavor to comprehend and practice his principles. We believe in the United States of American as a government of the people, by the people and for the people. We also believe that it is our duty to our country to live it, to support it, to respect and obey its laws, and to re- spect its flag. We believe in our parents and friends who have sacrificed many comforts so that we could achieve the goal of graduation. We believe in our principles and teachers who have helped to make our bodies as well as our minds strong, who have taught us that the better we know ourselves, our fellow men and the world about us, the better we shall be. We believe that we must be physically clean and morally pure. Our minds, our hearts and our bodies must be healthy in order that we can achieve the highest and best of which we are capable. We believe in truth and honesty. We must know what is Une in order to do what is right. We must be honest in all our dealings and in all our thoughts. We believe that we must be brave, brave enough and strong enough to control what we think, say, and do. We believe that we must be unselfish and, that we must abolish small mindedness and undue sensitiveness. We must use our strength to help others who will need help. We must forgive all who seek to hurt us. We believe that all men are brothers, and we shall bear no malice against anyone because of his race, creed, religious or political beliefs. Finally, we believe that by struggling and toiling hard, that we shall achieve all things good and worthwhile. 37 1' QFK 41 J' X Nh M?h KW dawn-P H'-it 446. LEFT to RIGHT SEATED Mrs Tyson Mrs Hale, Mrs F161dS Mrs Sharp, Mrss Matthews, Mrs Button STAND ING Mrs Brnga, Mr Madden Mrs Payne co ordmator Mrs Jackson, Mrs Parker and Mrs Bettrs Sponsors of the Senior Class 38 -E 'r x. 1 X in , X H .K v Y -f' ' N , Q , XXV Y 1 V 2 , C f 5 2 1 X U O 5 x 24 . 1 U H H v t Q A 73 ,ix X f - M ---4 1 4 as F- eee Q A -' Q 5 1 Q 5 '- 5 .- r 417 ' 1 Q 6 .:., c , 1 ' A Q Fl' , -v 7 Q nu F' 11 f' :Q K- o "" u all j ,Q 3. i , XX f' xg i . 5! D i , S rl Q F' Q x xx' e 2, 1957 - Jun Baccalaureate f fff XQW 1' ff ff 1957 1957 I' aim' CD GJ G E1 :S Z3 I-mr-r Day - la ss C ff! X? ff ,iff fl 4-I .CI Cla 1 f ffff ffff, ff fn EP Z June 7, 1957 A Commencement ua L .9 O U on an 2 U O T- O cn ua 2 U and green Pink f ' "Ever striving towards succe X 17 XV! X if Q V V . fl A is ,. .1 J. el' ass Flo CI I A '1 iiii Q r QQ 'X 17' ,if f vw We 'S I v Q P-i ' 1 W., ,Q w 1 x .4 I , Q , i if lf- ' Q 113 :M ', 4-1?2,,, wvifwx V. Q, W., ll X , sf- M15 7 fu . fi 3 V Yf' .,x 12 i E2 5' . :t'?g1'k VS if , J ni L., ge fc. W VIFI V if 5 f-...":g, ... 5 I Ns.. Class Twins Jean and Joan Scott Brothers and Sisters eth and Joyce Burford and Milton d Nash Hu Q xt. 5 y Q 1 -. -me -Of 4 lv .3 ffijwif 1' .E A 5 Air as-if -L. H 'K' Q 4, .. 1 I 4' M' . V i -1: .qv d'3 L-.2 5 A., rf if my y 4' IQ -in , L av I X ff' -,J 4 ,L 'il Gb Riff'-1 . 'Ninn--v Miss Armstrong 1 956-57 Sadie Maxine Thomas "The Big Day" Sadie Thomas, "Miss Armstrong of '57," receives her crown during half-time activities at the Arm- strong-Walker game from Principal George Peterson, Jr. Also shown is Ethel Branch, runner-up, who is escorted by Milton Nash, First Captain Waverly William escorted "Miss Armstrong." vQ .- Q. iss Armstrong," and her attendants walk through an arch formed by Cadets Jamts Wallace, Ivan Johnson Alfred Delaney William Kearney and Leroy Allen Shown are Carolyn Nash runner up and Louis Smith, "M1ss Arm strong ' and First Captain Williams M . Haw Hi 'IM' , . , . , , , , s , , . 1 3 1 - 1 ' I . - 9 1 - 1 1 , . . . . . -- 1 A , M A I 4 us' " , 11.5 . -' 11- 2' '.j.j' 1 ' K j -gl '11 A 1 Q... ' iff , f ' ..-M ' r 'S 'Q' , -Q ,-RQ im f " -, Q' 7.39 ,. -, . , , ,- - . - ,gr -ww ,,f x , ,. Xa, Q ,- . I A . ,vxk , . .5 ., . V , L . A . Y. A . rg , ' . W I . W- 4 .F , ., .. x VJ, . Y Y, Q, I A , " f . A' '. 'Af M . Q '-, ve . ' . -, . . Av 'N y Q, , . f . t h A Y s . H any .A f F 1- . r K 4.-K, . , t . 4 ' 4.2 415 ... s .il K "Contestants for Title of "Miss Armstrong" The seven contestants for the title of "Miss Armstrong" pose with the "Big A". FIRST ROW, Left to right, are: Jean Scott and Kathleen Patterson. SECOND ROW: Gwendolyn Beverly, Ethel Branch and Caro lyn Nash, both attendantsg and Jewel Moore. AT THE TOP is Sadie Thomas, "Miss Armstrong." 4' ' v j X , Senior L . Class Plays lt ' The cast of "I Love You Truly" is as follows: STOOPINC, Leon Gibson, and Moizelle Henderson. STANDING, Julia Stewart, Carole I-lundley, Andrew Branch, Anthony Manning and Kathleen Patterson. rn ht ka Manning NDHQG left to HS A an u d Sk1n Fllnt' WUSEJETED kvlng watson Starrmg k and Jewel Moore esilne Clar ppearmg rn The Jeweled Hand" were James Wallace, Carol Rogers and Horace Baker SEATED Gwendolyn Beverly 50 Fi ' . ,E - . ' ' . , - . . - or ' , 1 A X A - ' ll J I ei I l D V an 'R Q., ' Y ii'-L 1 Helen Epps Elbert Walker Elors Brown Vrce Presrdent Pres1dent Chaplam Student Council Officers Maxie Robinson Parliamentarian CNOT SHOWN are Carrie Woody, Secretaryg and Joan Scott, Assistant Sec retaryj 52 Horace Baker Chauman Specral Projects Comrmttee fu. 'W s .fmfwm-Q4 Offrcers of the Student Coun crl on lnstallatron Day were FRONT ROW Jean Scott Handy Prrester and Jean Franks SECOND ROW Leroy Allen Elorse Brown Gladys Hawkrns Joan Scott and Ethel Branch THIRD ROW Joyce Ford Betty Nrcholas Elbert Walker Helen Epps and Carne Woody two 4? .rf Installation Day Student Patrol members ftop photoj and Student Councrl representatrves were rnstalled en masse J j ' 1 'K-sulfur 0000 on nsmfghf Hip N 1? 'lv,,,r ." v l,,t ---A .. ..L1l--B 1 ' I u x 6 S 'w 5-all and - .' 65 Q.. 904 '24, f f , ' I - - 'r'- .1 5 rm at , ' mi I . ,. ' ff - .' Q' -:fr 1 -r A ,S J , YT r ' ' a e 5 ' Q- '7 ' ' - I - 4 W ' ' ws, , , 7. , as .MMM ,,t,, ,M ,N ' g ., Z If - , ,W,,,,,,,, N Q, 5 - ! .a ,I r ry . N Q, -N 3 A AX 1 . ' It M , Q' , ' . ,A N ' ' "" V5 , I Q V. i . ' rr , i i ' i I , , E K . 5 .Y 3: 1 y ' L N . ' ' 'fi . .. - 8 I . gf! ' ,f - , , , D S, . ' A4 'N .1 I I Fine Arts Guild The Fine Arts Guild producL.on of the Christmas play "The Empty Room" fea- tured, Virginia Thomas, Andrew Haynes, Horace Baker, Fisher Patterson, Edward Moss, Fannie Allyn and Lois White. Science Club The W. Montague Cobb Science Club offi cers are Connie Washington, Juanita Jef- ferson, Frances Snead, presidentg Marian Bey. BACK ROW: Adolphus Williams, Jim my Cooper, and Ernest Davis. Math Club Walter Johnson, George Ross, Mary Chris- tian, Walter Solomon, Marjorie Williams Janith Parks, and Frances Shelton. , 'g Vx we J A4 S,-.1 'm .,- wiv ma, gl Klli i The Rabza Patrons Committee Dorothy Lewis, Alberta Bishop, and Jane Henderson. STAND- ING: Vivian Davis, Joan Robinson, Audrey Woodson, chair- man, and Helen Johnson. More Members of the Patrons Committee are: Lucille Daw- son, Loretta Doggett and Mary Brunson. STANDING: Hazel Dungee, Carole Hundley, Gwendolyn Beverly and Otis Brown Robza Typists Maxine Robinson, Loretta Coleman and Joyce Burford. More typists are: Inez Edwards, Edna Cousar and Gwendolyn Beverly. 56 Qi 5 X 2 'x .. o 'Q N 3' vnu.. 4 Senior Information Committee -' SEATED: Milton Nash, Alice Alexander, Mary Dickerson and Linwood Barnes. STANDING: Joyce Clarke, Ernestinc Clark, and Julia Stewrrt. Myrteen Coleman, Marian Smith, Andrew Branch, and Jean Franks. The Rabza Faculty Committee pe. 1 M. x -. 'H lafioaahn ug115P1gsn,w1a1 i rn Spirit of strong Neg rrsltx w tlr. - . 5,5 ,e I-W-'fi'C'r1 1 1 lunv hrzullmle-s - 1 1.., 1. , 'g ,ig Liilllllllll' HIIIIIIUS 1,1 -, . 'fu f' 1. '- 11111, ,U ff E1-11 111111 .1 111111 111 A11-1 W1 111 1 X '51 111 111141111111-1Q1.11f111:1s1.:1l 1 - 111 1111111 11.111 ..1111,.1.11. 111 ' f e-- ' ,, 11111 .11 111111111 11111111111 .1 I 1 1- 11111 111.111 111 111 111 .11111..1, x tk' ' - s11f1,1l ?111u 1111111-11.11.13 1 U 11.111 Q111114-111-,nk W , , s 1 1 5 ro111111x.11. 1 1 1, 11, 1,.1.1.1Q11., 1, - ' ,'!' 1, ,. 11-1 1: 11: 1- 1 1 1 ,441 I ,si V 1 111 1 1: 1 1 11 f 'R ' ,N . - . K, . ,f , za.-111 1, ,. ,Q ,f... 11, 11,1 ,j. -1 ...: - - 1 1,1 11 ,,,1 1 , 1 Candidates for Quill and Scroll: A ' Mozielle Henderson, Kathleen Pat- MN 'R terson, Mary Dickerson, Julia ' , , Stewart, Helen Epps, Jean Franks, Q 1,5 Harris Miller, Sadie Thomas, Alice - - 1 ' 1 Manning, Leroy Allen, Carolyn . 1- ' Finch, and Elmer Dandridge, E . I 1 5' 5 ' Aftrna 3111611-1121111111 11111111 ' 1- X ' DHU111. fir.-111. D111111-1 Mne1:,1 .11 11, .211 1 - - 1 - , , :F-N1 rf.-111111 11. 12.11.1111 s11.f11 1 11- sf 11 mv V, !ss.11aN1 1s1.11w11 11111111 1 1 :if- ,A 1 3 11 -1 11111. 1-,1 1.11, , , :. , Q5 . 11.1. 11 . 1.11 , 1, 1 , I Q Q Q -1-'11, 511 1 1.:.1w111. 11-nl 11,111 11, li' 1 -. 1 11111. 11 J x1',1 , 1 1 1 :.. ,1 1... . 111.11 1.:11' ,1 . i . - 1 111.s..11 L , ' 111,s,111.,11111-1.111-1 .I ,t ' 1 , 111111,-11111.11 11 .1,, 11.1 1s-.,1. ,.11x,111,11c , t,1'11,,. 1, , . 111.11.111,111.1,111'11 1,,.. ,. 111.1111 11. 11,1111 ,1,,. 1 .,g1 , .11-1.s1.111.11.-1.1 , 1 '- 1 I will ' hw 111111111 111 111111 my A Pst,-111 1.111111 11,1 1-11:11 1 Vw, ,C , W, 1 , 1111111 111111111 M ,,,, , M. R1-..1:,41. ,t .13 f .11 x111:,11. fha, mn, ,-., ,Q,.J,1l,, ,Q A ,11111m111 1, . 1 1, . f1,,1,,,,. 1 M S 1 1111 r11r.1f.W111.1111.1v11111i11.111!, ..xL. J, 5, , 1 5. sl i .1 J, 5.1-ml Nrr 5111111 1 11. B - 111-11,1 11.1111 hm 11.1 1 11111 -f '- ' f' rn. .11 s1.n1.111. r11111,L1: 1 111 1" 1 K ' 1 1 as -E - 1 X. Tru lf. f ini ' ai ff. 2 , . .fe 111f,,11,1 811151 1-1 M1114 sms.-1. X' Q, t, 211.111-1:1 1.. 111.11-1 x1 111-1, 1 " ' K 11-111:-,111 ..1t111'11-11. ju' 11 -1, 11 nf .11 1111 R 11,1111f , 4' '- 1111111-1,11,11'11x111.1 111 11 1-11' " .11 1111111.11 1-,1-1-,1A.11f 1'1:111z111,1l": l',f'f' U , 1 .1111 to-1:1111 1.12 .1111-1 II 11.1 11 ,111 Q ' " 'D 1- 11: 1-1-1 ! I , -1 1'1111.1,1-. K1"f H Ii11x' 1 E ws :A .1111 P1111-,1.-. 11 12 1, 11,-. 1.1.1 1"' 'I " - -111 - uni- n 1 1111 11:11.11 liump ' 1 - 11 11 1 1Furnu'r Spiril R1-porlm-r ' l 11 1' - - 1 l U , , ' , x ., If ' N1-Ile l'r1'us Ronin 11- 1 ' K ickerson Marion Whitehead, Julia Stewart, Kathleen Patterson, Alvin Miller, 1 ' W Branch, Carolyn Finch, Milton Nash, and Mary Christian. ' l' ' ' s rivi 11010 i nwnt xy. .1 1, . V 111 111l N '- N 1' ' ,P111:ir1 1,v 111' l'1!111 N 1: , Alexander, Carole Hundley, Ira of u Trash f.i:L11:::.., l Sllifil Afmglfnnn X , in . in rl.. R.. i.m.u..l, ".s 'nl llrhvnxoxid iw l- U olve minufd. 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Prirc IO Cents Play : Season .mr ...-.r.Q....., flflffmif md .,.r..-.- gmy.. ...-........q v,s........... yr., ...xi ry... ..... y-.i. 0... f...,..-, l:......t.r ls, mn. xi: Kfhxlmllxnn .nurerl in -..s-.......... .p e.....,. :.... ....1...1e.s ... . uf... ami., Y. r.....f.y. T...- arming ., , calm. .U .mx ... .he hufnrrll, inf- Los! Slar if-ls We Hur- Hand on . n.......... , rwxyf Dayx y Ml Nllhllrlllnlrl. . if M.. .. Lv J...x.u. ,-. n......,.y... .mr J...x.u. ,........., 1.....,. j..r....0.., .mums M:-lun. bqrulolxt l Xnmml Kizir .V ,.. .......... .. .... ..........l .5 ..i..,.y. iw.. .-..l0f...fa ..y- .....1..'...-C. i for lhf' lint llme in twtlrt . .....- .x..... wxll have .W im... lm... w.u be bm, 4 mf, win. whual lumen at cl wnl dum. al Recital Datum 20 .-.. ...Ci....f,. .md school ...W . ,f..... or ...We a.. mr ...gmhly f. sn....1... . f , in ru..l.11gr..i..g M Pvliiw .H-hh M . y . be ......,, .a......... of U-Hi-Jf.l1h.ff x gx ' f ,f x. ry .r..- Audirnce. lhry Mm.. -I www. mf-, Jr, X A I by M...f..n w.1l..n.., ml. - 4 X 1' 1- ...,,...,,, , .....1 . hm 55" M' fo p,,,,,,, ph, lhc -'Hr' New ,Xxx ' ...rr .lrprlmnme will pre- mium me udmlr mpxy Roma", the :wry of i rfwvd "1 X H, wi... fm ...amy nm... www-I -ml X xwhzng for gold. he me Khan 'wer lwfw N ....y to have :he Christ paxiems .uc area XX Myer, .. RH. W 0 our , nf f f we X fx www Kmvgsm. me l..l1.m1., cable .e....s., and ...M ...N .,., .. , , , ,. . ,. . leur were Ninn ewrn Members of the editorial staff prepare copy. SEATED, Left to right are: Jean Franks, Harms Miller, editor, Sadie Thomas, associate editor, and Carole Hundley. STANDING: Ira Manning, Moizelle Hen- derson, Elmer Dandridge, and Leroy Allen. .. vmmn ,,,,,.,,,,,m,,,,,,,,,, - 1- - - rl ' WH - A 1 ww vw -1 wl.i.l. .1 frre tn, an rzsmr ,.,,y,.,, .U me cyan,-+ nf' .. "qw .H mm... .M mm I . .. . ., . i . vim Emma, uipm me bead, .......n 4 i........... party ..b .. by the sary. Spirit of Armstrong"-rs... Ifneg .,........., ..... G i Wim... y... Ju... w.. llhmn ...sang me m...s..r inthe z 1600 .1 Sm. T FI-.rida mums number-e' 's V in thc disc. deft:-me l Arxmvronx ind lzaxheu ah freezing .fn rigm Anwar ndranx sumhl. I P rms.: I3 llrkkimiy D, 1.....e. -1 r,.,:..,...f. M.. - v . wen' ...... i1.f...,f..W . wr :hc .lrm wav ml.. ...fl an .,...s.x M... 4-. s . we --m.m,...", the l..... .rr Pmerwn: "Joanna", . ..gz..a.. 1sr.........: "azim- .1..., r......s.- me Axle... ...", A...r.....y nrmninyg s.u.rerh", Lf... Wlilc: .1-.Q Mamie Rcvhiuaong A "Scif N Haynu, .. .aimed by Mn. z. B. rs. M. B. Bettis, prexentcd in me assembly. rrirlsy, December 21. To Give Gita A home mom, taught by Nrlliams, will ma 3 gilt ,nas mother. This is A mb- rsf the nrigirml one of gilu, . px... ... exchange of fu. They will draw .mm m secure exchange partncn. To Have Party Fulmh lhpxix: Girl Swim. all ol whom are Anluirungxlcs, have iiluhd irxvilntmns tu A Chnxmmx dance on Dectmber 26. wmlm www-1,I..ffL.-.......l.,......, ...Mn ..m.,..,, ,me e......,,!s....e ......f......, ym... ...W my WMM ,lm Mm mmm , , I num...-., mmm. vumcxr, Ls..-.... noggu., umm rfmum, Ma.-.f1.,......,..,wm....9.,..N1 i., ri... Wm WWUHWL M me Mm and Facult Pralses Student Pano "Umm Wi' Mu bf. 4 ... me ffrmll rmq-.M , im? 51'ifH,f'1','f',3"fQ'if'i',fx'ii s....l..... v......1 .4..p...x.., Gladys, in ...der recheck me 'm X M U 'K X V "K X W' E fa. ulryk opinion of patrol'-1 MG.-ienry, intcn-lcued several mstructon. .u .1 1 high? ' , F s sr.-.....,....1,..n. principal had 'MN --'- '-'M'-"""" , mum 1 ,APN ma. r.. ...y, sw.. win. .0 fommcnd me .wp ,M ,mme in ,M c,,,,g,,,,, M.-. AY ' - -- r ..m.... ma ...f...x.f-.. of the V S .,, .Y ,, ,,Q,,,,,.,, 1, .0 pn. r, 1... +A H-.ff PIIPUS MHS H' U""fl' .-.,... ..., ...., ......, 1:,:',2g5.,:, ,,,,,, ,...,.., ..,..,. iklim "3"""'1 E' 2 ,mm .ang -'sunef nm. away... in ..y,..... M... ..... 1..,..1c-..-.x.. z.. ,,,,,,.,.,. ,,..,n...., 3. .0 a....e ......m..... rms- " " 0 mm yur I S "Splut" typrsts are Rosa Deese, Seated, and MOlZ9llE M 1 . 5 U... Henderson. Group a vi.. , .. 5 W f iigrfrsy I-"iff2.,tL"d,"'Q1'ff'lf',h"x"'S "'lPP""' , lTaDs 9 Neophytes i V - of .he N...:.m1 .pr- 1 N nd 9 ..w..s.y.e. ercmony ... me mrdsy, mm... ...x ff.. ......u..a. . ...f., 1f...r...r.sp ..q....f.1 lu ham fr fd .... .n.... ..,, .... mu.. mu. nm.-. than 1 c sm . . ' -m .lil ol .:...i..,, .mare- . 1... ...M .Ama Ste num, nw, xy .nw .nm graded l l- rv. .rn all foul U . were 8 M ,,,,,h,,., "' ,,,-, , .A Bmw., nd... A J f .,....,.x3..r1,..nLi W- ms, an x,,x,,m,,.,,,, -.5,,,., J " . , .ul xx..-.1y.. 2" .nw Lum WA! infr- . , , . L 5 N. .U The busmess staff mcludes Ira Mannmg, Elmer Exilim .fn no . , . , 5 7 ...f .,. rf., Dandrrdge, and Ernestrne Clarke. STANDING. Le- ga ., . ,mm and i'i"'n""" r0y Allen and Carole H11ndleY- 7 '.'3fff.fiflJf'flZ f up I-.1..-, f. -.-1.. - v ,. " 3'-1 A12 ....... mugy fr- l,es,.., 1:14.-, 1..w.. - - '- Lg Hx., nfl.. i.......f. .'..: yur... . ., .. .5 .. .... U.. ...-.... .,,.,. saw... .......f.. .....:.-. .hc .npna ...wif ..lf...4 mf .. ..- .. V , N.. .1 .M .. .. uf- .-..w.-.x, r-.-.,...-C... ........ .4 xr.. M J w.n.....t., xl.. E, v of .hr nmfmy r....,1. uf. xl..'...f r..,....'r...... ,........l .H w..,.....r1f.. ..n.l Il 1: Terry v. 1 s,.....l ..-. Nm...-.. v..1l if .....,.. :ul Ihr: um... W.. .-.,.i.....-.4 by Dut- ! the India f. ..u..... r.. .ml . . , , .,., . ..... .s,,,,..,.-....,..s, .. ., , - fn cf 'N-.1 l ,......,.1.-... we... HH. .r.- ...ww mmf afymn...-...ul I . , ...,.. , ...N S ai I 4 1 4 i 1 'L 3 .4 MH rf ,V 1 1 - f 1 1 if E I . I x l w K' The Male Chorus C 'O Vfw Q I I Y I 1- rn N Q - ,a 7 Q and MI. Savage f- ig' L F P 0 'K 1 Q, f, I Q i The A Cap pella Choir 1' diy IN LI ylj 3, x 5 5 f .WN 'Q , i 2 S i W , . 5 Q 2 1 , f 2 5. we Q Q 3 i 3 2 is E 2 g 5 2 3 L g . Q f 2 2 A , 5 E Q f, L 3 5 5 i The Orchestra and Mr. Williams The Armstrong Band under the direction of Mr. Maurice Williams I 2 - E' rx i 5 J ? 1, - z if , K 3 ji , f 2, 4 ,gi Hn Q '2 .ay Z, bf The Jr. Red Cross, through homerooms, an- nually prepares baskets at Christmas and Easter for shut-ins. Shown above checking the Easter baskets are: Elizabeth Burford, Shirley Segar, Mary DiCkerson,and Joyce Stewart, president. "The Flame of Hope," a pageant presented by the Jr. Red Cross, featuerd Elizabeth Bur ford, Joyce Clarke, Claudette Black, Caro- lyn Mitchell, and James Wallace. SECOND ROW: Leon Charles, Jesse Simmons, Annie Wilkerson, Doris Gillespie, Edward Thomp- son, Ethel Branch, and Alfred Delaney. 'K if The Junior Red Cross lan X'?'A'.-mi 2 Latin Club Hortense Dodson, presidentg Ernestine Clarke, Alma Gordon Delores Melvin, Andrew Branch Non-nie Cameron, and Edmund Robinson, NCE ,lx Y-Teens Leona Carter, Sylvia Bullock, Jewell Moore, president, Doris Harris, Alice Alexander, and Moiz- elle Henderson. Library Club Ernestine Clarke, Marian Bey, Rose lyn MeCrae, and Carol Rogers. Future Business Leaders of America Rudolph Cain, Aleatha Brown, Ed- win Scott, Dorothy Walker, Irene Slarkes, and Jean Hall fseatedj, president. iiff 'Q t i i 1 XX ,S sl .. ' f N 3,94 , A. 1 M kgs. I S "Living Art" CA Library Club Presentationj ""' "Mona Lisa" The painter, Irving Watsong "Mona Lisa," 1 Gwendy Carrg and the dancer, Barbara I :.,, J , :vq A ' Baker. "The Angelus" A J Irvin Watson and Gladys Hawkins ff? ,qc e., if if Q, Rx 2 J "How Do I Love Thee?" Judith Williams and Handy Priester 5 . '5 .4-ww i Rn., an s-as 1. +,, QQ 4 fffyi Homemclklng s-'if-lf , - T,,,Q:?. - , is y.- 6 fb 1. I A Business s sxf w K L mf' f if Me- -.X u C. ! Ari 7 5 5, v ,Ms- 5. ,,,,,,, W WY, X -- ,, ws any A. J if mg, f ss- ' ' f' W1 s-'Qf4,z,1f's English Sxs QQ Physlcs Prachcal Nursing A Wooclworkin Physical Educahon Electrlclty Metal Shop Auto Mechanlcs l....... Prlntlng ,Qi In iii is 6 55 W IN THE TOP PHOTO ARE: Mrs. M. Banks, Ivlrs. D. Sydnor, Mrs. R. Jefferson and Mrs. E. Jennings, G. Wingfield, E. Brown, P. Arrington, Robert Johnson, brad custodian, W. Hewlette, and J. Moss. IN THE LOWER PHOTO: Mesdames Maude Scott, Lena Kirver, Edith Robinson, Olivia Thompson, Ocie Lee, cafeteria manager, and Mary Barlow. 74 4 . Inside Armstrong . . . there's almost a mile of corridors, 63 classrooms, a spacious gymnasium, a real-life apartment, a roomy, airy cafeteria, and an auditorium which seats 800. . . . there are special music rooms, a speech lab, photographic darkrooms, a "business wing", and a "science wing." . . . there are boilers capable of buming 160 gallons of oil a day, bookrooms, storage rooms, projection rooms, an in- firmary, offices. Making a real contribution to the smooth functioning of this 2 112 mil- lion-dollar modern, functional building are the custodial and cafeteria staff shown in pictures on this page. . Q mg o O ' 0 I . 'IP Ev N at .nn hun., .Y yan Cadets ' ms Louis Smith Walla and W-11. Waveibland Loretta Doggett I Ialndpurnell n Joan Scott Carol R 08ers Cadets and Sponsors Waverly Williams is congratulated by Captain Alexander Hunt, military instructor at Virginia State College, who spoke on "Sponsors Day." ATHLETICS Bw 'li' 1 . 3XQl"ja-fm.e.D X bla fm 'Q Q A , '7 lx?-r 'if ii' 'V ""' ' 1 it - f X , Q l All o N , T al Zl 'll L WL' T if N ES -ie? V ix V f flu: ll' N ix W :N x N I ,ja Op ' x 1 -1--A - -4.-on . rr' or --avi--' 'I r-Q -rl 14 avgvgva v4v4vAv" AVL. A 'A1'A. .,."AZ'Y4v-.--Z vgw The Football Team The Armgtrong Wildcats of 1956 FIRST ROW, left to right: Elbert Walker, Leroy Quarles, Theodore Spurlock, Tyrone McQueen, Elmer Dandridge, George Ross, I-larry Thomas, and Milton Marshall. SEC- OND ROW: Robert Wilson, Matthew Brooks, William Harris, William Grantham, Ira Washington, Ligar Brazil, Thomas Capers, Lawrence Jeffries, Frank Thornton, and Wil- liam Joyner. THIRD ROW: Monroe Beard, David Carter, Charles Bey, John Davis, John Collins, Thomas Wright, Carl Washington, and Norman Timberlake. FOURTH ROW: Raymond Dandridge, Thomas Tiller, Leon Harris, Wesley Harris, Nick Chenault Willie Collins, Percelle Lowry, and Adolph Powell. The Coaches Maxie Robinson A. F. James Ulis Shelton 78 Intramural Sports George Davis, hlmer Uandridge, Alphonso Scott .lk Basketball An exciting moment in an Armstrong-Walker game. --vu?" Football Milton Marshall, Tyrone McQueen, and Willie Collins Baseball Theodore Spurlock, Leroy Quarles, Thomas Wright, and Tyrone McQueen. Q. 2 Girls Athletic Association Officers are, left to right: Dorothy Walker, presi dent, Janith Parks, vice-president, Jean Hall, secretary, Jean Smith, assistant secretary, Irene Starke, treasurer, and Helen Milliner, chaplain. e""'i , H X I L,,-... iff ,,,. .- . ..- I ' ,, ' 57 M -.,.w ff. A 3 lm 'rf' A 1' The Basketball Team LEFT to RIGHT: James Reynolds, John Hawkins, Jesse Oliver, Wil- liam H. Smith, Randall Robinson, Adolph Powell, Roger Scott, Robert Mayo, Leroy Quarles, George Dorman, John Collins, and James Love. Robert Mayo in action. S v X5 vs U 4' Q r 'T 5' ir- "'i. lf-nn' 'A-A 'X-N ' Z ,x 1 - ,. krf i A I 2 l " . V 4, nj 1 1 H ' A rl ff sfo KNEELING: Sallie Abrams, Alma Matliis, and Doris Rneigh. STANDING: Gwendy Carr, Barbara Baker, Loretta Dog- gett, captain, Marie Johnson, and Sadie Thomas. Cheering Squad Maiorettes FIRST ROW, Carolyn Nash, Joyce Ford, Marian Smith, Carole Friend, and Ethel Christian, SECOND ROW: Helen Epps, Alice Hines. THIRD ROW: Rita Kidd, Carol Rogers, and Joan Scott. Planning Days Helen E and Elbert Walker, vice-president and resident of the Student Council res ctivel and pps P .1 Pe, yy Harris Miller, editor of the "Spirit of Armstrong" started the year off with a planning session. Negro History Week Award The History Department awarded its first achievement medal to School Board Member B.T, Bradshaw during Negro History Week Admirin the award are Dr Herman H Bozeman of Vir mia Un . g . , ' g' ' ion Uni- versity, who spoke on the occasion, Principal George Peterson, Jr., Linwood Blarnes, Jessie Simmons, and Shirley Patterson, all history class members. France M. Franklin, chairman of the history depart- ment, made the award. In the photos below, typing students get in some extra practice, Samuel Cokes prepares an English assignment, and Virginia Thomas and Rosalee Stevens appear in "The Jewelled Hand." Quai 'N - ffl , xx ...r' lvl . E- ' '91 I' Q Q , '. ra , U gl' si u-"Q he H4 2 ,mi U.. . 1 X Carole Hundley Joyce Clarke Jean Franks Ethel Branch if QD ,, 'ff Q2 X , 2:5 4 ' -. iii V ,aff L.. -' an ,JY 44? A af A GD, ' li. gYjg,,1n f.l?'??l' ee H r. K 5.7 Guess Who! Edna Cousar 9, Myrteen Coleman 12. Horace Baker Joyce Buriord 10, Mattie Taylor 13. Milton and Alvin Nash Elizabeth Burford 11. Jane Henderson 14. Gwendolyn Beverly Jewel Moore 84 4 N nf" 'Y ,Fi ' S.- ., ,,,,"'i BAL FOUR COMPANY PRODUCTS Offlclal Jewelers for THE WALTER J MANNING ARMSTRONG HIGH SCHOOL FUNERAL HOME Caps and Gowns 'K Choxr Robes Trophles Commencement Announcements A Beautiful Tribute ls Assured Calllng Cards 27th and R Streets Phones 3 8738 2 6418 WALTER B ANDERSON L G Balfour Company Products 4111 Kensington Avenue Richmond Vrrgunlo Best Wzshes Congratulatzons to zhe to the Class 0 57 SENIOR CLASS ARMSTRONG HIGH SCHOOL S HENDERSON A AND Z FOOD STORE Plumbing and Repalrlng Remodeling and New Construction Work 2110 North 28th Street 3009 East Clay Street phone 7 7956 L. G. k 'fhen You Put Your Trust in Manning's Service 1 wk f, of CORLEY S o Muslc QILI East Grace 733 THE WHEELS SOCIAL CLUB INCORPORATED Route No 2 Mountaln Road Glen Allen Virginia Dlnlng Dancing Nightly q 1 XlgI1I 011 fllflljllflf ns ln fl: f la Q GEORGE W HOWELL Music Studio Phone 2 7447 EPPS 8. CO REAL ESTATE Thompson E s III Ollver Taylor McKnight Epps Phipps Sec Epps Mgr ll 1 9 NED S 1 Nm III L Prompt Attentlon to All 537 North Second Street Everything ln Furniture and Floor Coverings 1'-I SWANSBORO FURNITURE COMPANY Oxf 'S We Deliver Anywhere The Home Store for Home People x Phone 82 0584 RADIO W A N T Bull Gibbon Wllbur Lewns Tom Mitchell E P NAUMANNX F fl t ZIOO Cool Lane Phone 7 0320 Our x I I r o ' I . 7-Lf 5 I ' ' - ' fIr'I10:-alr.1 I'Iv0r'v I"ri Iuy n' If g U .' . X ,x f S. of ,ST H. F. A. C. pp , A. S. ' .I. D. , G. B. ' I"I. V. - - L. M. ' , . A. C. , - III mes fl-1579 . mI T- T19 ll Y YY Sf- ' H Ivan Iwi' your iI'IH'I' fl-ml, IIII mul fl.1sfIo0Iiir1g SIN' 'idlifing in N-:win-v for Inxclilw .xml - Iluxting Nt "Q, etc, ffuspc-r If. Smith, XIHIIQUICI' It Y, C. sh or Ye-rv' I'I.1sv 'I'c-mls - Io 's ' I " l"lUwl-ru Na' lr Ifur lou' fonhratulatmns to the Class 0 SOUTHERN AID LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY INC I1 f Health Icczden! ana' llnspztalz atzon Insurance Richmond Dlstrlct Suite 205 Southern And Bldg 2l4 East Clay Street H X1 Iltllxmson Supertntendent STUART S COSMETICS for those 14110 Ilan! I0 1001 tie V best STUART PRODUCTS COMPANY 2418 East Broad Street P an to meet your trtends at THE SHELF 209 West Brookland Park Blvd I nlargecl for your convenxence Complete Founmtn Servtce Otis H Bradley Proprietor Phone 2 9570 LIGHTFOOT S FUNERAL HOME 730 North 28th Street Colllns M Lughttoot Funeral Director Modern Funeral Service Wtthtn the Prtce of All S AND R FOOD STORE faeltson II ard s Vast Modern Food Store Choice Meats Frozen Foods Fresh Flsh and Poultry frfe Parltm frae DGIIILFI IOOS North Second Street Phone 3 8004 GEORGE W HOWELL MUSIC STUDIO JOHNSON AND ROBB SHELL SERVICE 209 Petersburg puke near Stockton Phone 82 9693 Lubrication Washing Polishing HOLLAND CLEANERS 301 Petersburg Pike Dual 82 2486 Ile Ville care 1th the clothes xou c'1fe for BAKER S DRY CLEANING 206 East l9th Street Dtal 82 8665 A If ,. , . . f'57 , 9 ' ' f 1 1' . , . ffe, , - Z . I ,,. r. . .1 . A , - , . . . I I l . Dolly Madison Ice Cream . . I . - A , pl ti I .l . I I 1' s -' ly 1' 1 'tn f - - , 5, ,, 1 it rr -f , .U- , as I 1 A VKX f We are Unlonltes Now' ,f mmm FIRST ROW, Left to Rrght Patncra Carter, Chemrstry, Jessre Wallace, Chemrstry, Glona Nunn, Mathematrcs, Geraldme Wrllrams, Socrology, Ascrlena Taylor, Elementary Educatron, Slurley Lrghtfoot, Elementary Edu catron SECOND ROW Irene Coles, Socrology Pearl Woodson, Socrology, Wrlnette Jenkrns, Brology, Russell Wrllrams, Mathematrcs, Robert Whrtaker, Hrstory THIRD ROW Ann Burrell, Brology, Edrth Davrs, Busmess Admmrstratron, Yvonne Hrckman, Elementary Educatron, Damel Oglesby, Socrology Walter Nrchols, Chem rstry FOURTH ROW. Raymond Rrchardson, Commerce Educatron, Lours Hmes, Brology, Rrchard Shepphard, Socrology, and Chrrstopher Henderson, Chemrstry For catalog and applrcatron wrrte to TI-IE REGISTRAR Vlrgrma Unlon Umversrty Rmchmond 20, Vrrgrnra 89 . . . ,' 5 Q , f I , . '-'A T .J My L 1 A Q , ' W' ' V., r , Q Pl' . A 5 r . ' i f - ,X N Q ' ,5 -I . X! Q' .sir v 15 K A 41.4 f' , , - . : . 5 . I . . . i . . i . . , . . S . - HARRIS BRENAMAN RICHMOND LAUNDERS Incorporated Athletlc Suppl Ies Sportm g Goods 7I7 East Grace Street DIaI 2 4797 2 4796 AND DRY CLEANERS I90I Hull Street DIaI 82 4547 ""K',!25f!2l'.'l'l79r5-"'5'v" PE R RY S IN N Good Home Cooked Meals Speclallzlng In Bar B Que and Devlled Crabs JamesW Perry Proprletor R F D No 5 Kmgsland Road RIclImond Vnrgmpa Tel Varma 40 9 V 'QQ HILL S BEAUTY SHOP rs Florence HIII Proprletor rs Wrlnet Banks Operator 730 North 28th Street Phones 2-2II9 - 2-2075 6 O twvwhtv 8a9!Qow.n'. RICHMOND DAIRY DIal Ruchmond 7 03II Servlng Rlchmond and VIcInIty For over 64 Years For the Best lh Mnlk and Ice Crea Flowers END xf Corsages Plants Bouquets for all occasions Congratulations The Class 0 57 MICHAEL S FL Jefferson Avenue 25th and 3 2678 Wzshmg eac the years ahead R V Mitchell F D GRIST 3 3532 h o you success Ln Pltchford EAST QN BARBER RW-hmon h East End Salon Come on gang let s go to t e d the best un smart halr styles Here you ll tm and grooming for men women and children Four barbers ln attendance No wanting We have a choice assortment of beauty products here at reduced prlces The hours are from 8 a m to 9 p m XX Shirley Green and Raymond Dandndge ladvertlslng managersl lnvlte you to vlslt best barber shop In town The East End Barber Salon We appreciate your patronage T H Wngfleld Proprietor the C U .. l Q53 2209 A -'Q' l to flf I, Y t Y K.. ' fl l .na . n 'na 1 4 - s Servi ce 01 u Courte0 G STORE :ilu F AIRMOUNT A enue 'ms v F axrmount I Phone 3 839 For the Iatest ln sportswear go to O O HOTEL EGGLESTON Alr Conditioned tor Your Comfort EAGLE PANTS SHOP Second and Leigh Street 1605 Hull Street Adam Phone 82 4119 Hats Van Heusen Shirts A E Dual 2 9679 2 9584 I I S JACKSON Guaranteed Floor Sanding Rehn: shlng CaII for tree estimate 1409 West Catherine Street Phone 6 4147 4 7196 For Fmer Mnlk and Dairy Products CURLES NECK DAIRY INC 5 1745 1600 Roseneath Road 22 Complzments rom HI C GRILL 2600 Q sffeef ri T FUEL OIL Kerosene Dual 2 4171 H R THOMAS IOI East Leigh Street 1 f R I x I 1 , 9 i U C C Q I O I .. . .. . ' x t. V 1 - . N. 0 I . 1 2" C I I Q - - - I 7 ' f I - Automatic Delivery Service Y H H I " i . . Et E: I I .III - ggleston Proprietor K lj o Chicken ROGERS Z Q 5 Auto Seat Cover Company O Steaks ' in , ! We Cover and Clean O Sm' foods Floor Mats 0. B.'S GRILL Rogers Chalmers '300 Nonh 25'h Sree' 703 North 25th sweet Phone 2-9534 Q7 nw Arms, Am sem, Auto Doors, Z 7 Dial 3-3368 , ffAZg hltraas sez:- A- 4 Compliments to the Class 0 57 R S YOUNG NORTHSIDE PHARMACY Seafood wagon Corner Fifth and Baker Streets The Peddler phone 7 3848 l2l5 North 32nd Street Dual 2 5934 lt dd X C S U Congratulatwns P '6 'Yi to the G li ra uates Top quality foods and friendly atmosphere Don t Forget the Future equal Dlnung Pleasure PATSY S GRILL You can have wrth THE RICHMOND BENEFICIAL INSURANCE COMPANY 501 North 30th Street 700 North Second Street Employment Servrce and Protection I Hot Meals Fountain Alr Conditioned ROBERTC SCOTT INC ROBERT F MORTON Funeral Directors General Contractor and Builder 2223 East Mom Street Al W d dD ummum In OWS on mrs Three Neighborhood Chapels 4320 Lawson Street Phone 83 l06O Phone 3 9097 I l I I I f' ' I I - l I I I I. ' - ' I if :cox ,uvv ,s...s-'ax 'H , - - - ft , l It S IA, t asee Y I I "Where it's always a pleasure.' I ' I S - ' I'ff'I'f'I'If'I'I'ff'I'f'I'I'I'f'I'f'llI'I'mgf'I'f'I'I'I'I'I'I'I'I'lf'l'l'l'.'.'.'.'.'l'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. - I - Sales and Installation of Combination x HEWLETT 8. WHITE The best in Plumbing Service Call 2-8661 Dr. GORDON E. AEBERSOLD Optometrist 203 E. Franklin St. Phone 3-9213 HERMAN VAUGHAN AUTO SALES AND SERVICE Cars AIIMaIces Ne 8.Used l lpg Radlo nd Televlslon Ace Dru ng School 1701 Cha berlayne Ave Rschmond Phones 2 666 2 9956 MEDICAL SERVICE STORES INC Prompt Free Dell ery Ser ce Souths de Drug Co p ny I c P Ic Drug Co pany Inc R vers de Drug Co pa y Inc Hnlls de Drug Co pany Inc Southampton D ug Co p y I A pthlll Drug C p ny Inc FULTON POOL PARLOR 502 Loulslana Street Charl s Ang Ilnl Prop Congratulat s to S mor 57 MANCHESTER MILLS Feed nd Flou 2105 Hull Street Richmond Vlrgmla 1 cu EVRCILET MARTIN CHEVROLET SALES CORPORATION 214 Coward I n Avenue N HOCKADAY Coll for Ice Co I and Wood Phone 7 9150 918 Sfafe Street ion the e ' sof' 11123352 f2i3?52?i p ffiii- ,.,. je22g112325fi Congratulations to the Class of '57 VENETIAL BLIND LAUNDRY AND MANUFACTURING COMPANY 4709 Williamsburg Avenue MELVIN C. GIBSON Real Estate 2500 East Leigh Street MORTON S ECONOMY MARKET S M Morton J C Pollard Call Us for Good Things at We Dellver Phone 5 9lll WALTERE BRAUER Jr Home Kllled Beet Pork and Veal Dressed Poultry Flsh and Oysters Phone 3 8698 TAYLOR S CLEANERS Whe e quol ty IS I1 gher tha prlces One Hour Service Dry Cleaning Altering Pressing 2501 N Street A place you ll enloy meetlng your frtends' TOBACCO WORKERS UNION HALL 1212 North 26th Street Arr condnttoned For entertainments and meetings of all lund For information call the manager Joseph Wood Offtce 2 0553 Res 7 4367 'V' Complzments o X522 swANsBoRo FURNITURE Friendly Service Quality Foods Convenient location Home Store for Home People Everything In Furnlture Easy Payments Second and Letgh Streets Your Crosley Dealer Dual 82 0754 2620 22 Hull Street I I . , . I I I . . . 1 To E l 1 u 1 , . ll I 4 4 1 I' f I I n Q . - . . My f 553 xqrw 'X "ii: . ' , -x XT-S. , :se-gg: -. -A I Congratulatzons Senzors BOB AND BILL S LUNCH BOX l906 North Avenue Open All Nught Dual 3 7767 5 For Those Who Want the Best STONE S JEWELERS AND HOUSEFURNISHINGS ll02 North 25th Street Authorlzed Bulova Watch Dealers Furniture Appliances HI Fr Robert J Stone Manager Phone 2 0236 PERKO CLEANERS 4613 Wulllomsburg Avenue J Warren Douglas Manager Best Washes to the Class 0 57 THE KOCEN S Charles Celeste Marcle Charles Jr Alvrn KOCEN S MARKET 70l Denny Street Excellent Service Come Gives Us A Trial RANDOLPH S RESTAURANT C P Randolph Jr Manager lce Cream Soda and Lunches Our Motto ls To Satisfy Dual 82 9838 1822 Hull Street R lchmond V Esso DEALER C HARRIS SERVICE 2500 Nlne Mule Road Road Service Dual 3 9788 All your flower needs GIRL S FLOWER GIRLS FLORIST 403 North l8th Street Day or Nrght Call 3 5509 lt s never too late Mrs. Vnvlan S. Frazler owner Reverend James A. Hacks, Manager Best WLsheS zudenls Class wld 5 Graduating Shop vorlte 5Po"5m'n S 1uLxAN'S t Broad Sweet Your FU 214 Eos XX l ' f L X , Jw , . AV , u fl y I U ' - . I . I .- . ' I I 'I-Hour Service f I I I D I I 'I . a I I I I . ' . n , -, ' ' , 0. , . - I I I ,,.f"'.-"'ldf!-df Qf. - A Ml!!! If I HOME BENEFICIAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY INC Home offme RICHMOND VIRGINIA Jfuurth Baptnst Church W C 5111 I "'3fFI5f lihm Hgfmz- VIRGINIA MUTUAL BENEFIT ,.f"NfXi'E'NIfs V X LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY ,Il T d8.CI Sh' B cLT s ty l o V' g' ' Mutual " here Opportunity A its High School Grad A:-islian 1 our i 6 P 'k 1' 1' i' 'k za- mn Y if mn, if ' ' of fe, to A xg-f r jfplqf : E i , Ill 'I Ii I I I' C: H' I I g Iii I I L l': ' I I I' 'I I I F is 71 ' I I 5 Y ' ' hir o eets V II I 5 I I I Y I ' , ,I Ln 9 .Q Richmond V' g' ' . . . .Il I 'IQ"WJ-..1"ei7!:1r I1:,rwgI I-nw-IIIIII... ...QI -gf-f-I :S ...,...-....-I...-If-31.1" IHIIIIIIIIL IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII,..II.I.:.e'wII Iwwufw .JWIW I L H W' iii" -ff -f --inf ": T 5 B. T. radshow, President Robert L. Tayior Mrs. Evelyn Lowry Mind, ed'y,C,e,k . . ownes, ecre or Mr and Mrs ADGEISOD Mrs Beatrrce Anderson Mrs Bessre Anderson Mr and Mrs C P Anderson Mrs Charlotte Anderson Clarence P Anderson Mrs Constance Anderson Mr and Mrs Curtrs Anderson Mrss Dorothy Anderson Elr Anderson Mrs Emanuel Anderson Jr Mr and Mrs Eugene Anderson Mr and Mrs Frank Anderson Harry Anderson Mrs Ila D Anderson Mrs Irene B Anderson Israh Anderson J ulrus Anderson Lester Anderson Mrs Lorrne Adnerson Mrs Mable Anderson Mrss Mary Anderson Mrs Mattre Anderson Mrss Ora Anderson Mr and Mrs Percy Anderson Peter H. Anderson Mrs Roberta Anderson Mrs Rosa Anderson W T Anderson Alex Andrews Mrs F C Andrews Jake Andrews Willram Andrews Charlre Anthony Mr and Mrs Clarence Anthony Rrchard Anthony Mr and Mrs P Arcaro Mr and Mrs Lawson Archer Archre's Record Shop Charles Armstead Wrllram Armstead Mrs Archre Armstrong Mr and Mrs John L Armstrong Eddie Arrrngton Mr and Mrs James Arrrngton Joe N Arrington Mrs lourse Arrmgton P M Arrrngton Mr and Mrs Woodrow Arrrngton Mrs Ann H. Abraham Mr and Mrs John Abrams Cary Adams Mrss Janet A Adams Mass Rrta C Adams Rev and Mrs W D Adkrns Mr and Mrs Wrllram W Adluns Miss Shrrley Adkmson Walter Davrs Age Mrs Estelle Aikens Wrllre B Aldrrdge Mr and Mrs Joe Lours Alexander Mrs Marran O Alexander Mr and Mrs Maurice Alexander Sr Raymond Alexander Mr and Mrs Reuben Alexander Mrs W Q Alexander Mr and Mrs Allen Mrss Amy Allen Mrs Annette Allen Mr and Mrs Arthur Allen Miss Barbara Allen M'r and Mrs Benjamin Allen C K A'len Mrs Charlotte Allen E Allen Mrs Fannie Allen Mlss Edna Allen Miss Florence Allen Mr and Mrs George Allen Floyd Allen Herbert Allen Miss Jean Allen Miss Joan Allen Mrs Kate Allen Mr and Mrs Leroy A Allen Mr and Mrs lowell Allen Mrs Princess Allen Richard Allen Mr and Mrs Richard H. Allen Patrons Robert Allen Royal Allen Mr and Mrs Thomas Allen Thomas M Allen Jr Mrs Anna Alspaugh Herbert Alston Mrs Elrzabeth Ampay Ralph L Ampey Mrs Carrxe Arcer Mrss Lrllran Artrs Mr and Mrs Pluma Artrs Mrs B Atkrns Mrss Vrrgrnra Atkms Mr and Mrs John Atkmson Austrn Chnstlne Austin Edna Austrn Henry Austrn Mark Austin Paul Austrn Mr and Mrs Walker Austrn Mr and Mrs John Atkrnson Mrs Helen Ayles Wrllram M Backer R E Baedudge Mrs Hilda Bagby Mrs Mary C Bagby Mrss Bertha Barley Mr Carrne R Bailey Catherrne Starke Barley Fannie Barley Carnes Barley Harrret Barley Sherwood L. Barley Mr and Mrs Stephen Barley James Baker James Baker Mr and Mrs Kavanson C Baker Mr and Mrs Luther Ball Mrs M Baker Willram A Ball, Jr Atty a.rrd Mrs R M. Ballard Jr Mrs Annre Banlu Mrss Barbara Banks Mrs Doretha Banks Eugene Banks Mrs Frances Banks Mxss Gwendolyn Banks Hugh Banks James Banks Mrs John Banks Moses L Banks Mrs Nora Banks Mrs Rosa F Banks Mrss Shrrley Banks Mr and Mrs Rxchard Bannister Mr and Mrs Arthur C Barcroft Mrs Renda Barfreld Mrs Ida Barker Mrs Evelyn Barlow Mr and Mrs Joseph T Barlow Mrs Dora M. Bames Mrs Eva Mae Barnes Mrs Gerry Barnes Miss Olivra Bames Mrs Ozebee Barnett Jack L DeBarous Mrs Alma Barrett Benny Barrett Mr and Mrs John Barrett Mrs J A Barron Mrs Lorine Base Cecil E Baskervrlle, Jr Mr and Mrs Cecrl E Baskervrlle P.F C Leroy Baskerville Leroy Baskerville Charles C Baswell Jr Adolphus Battle Mrs Bettre Battle Bob Battle Mr and Mrs D J Battle Mr and Mrs Samuel Baughan Mlss Teretlra D Battle Mrs Leila Baxter Hattre A Bavless Mrs Ethel Beasley Leory Beasley Mrs Carl W Bebbs Mr and Mrs FrankE Bebbs Joseph F Bebbs Mr andMrs J M Bebbs Jr Mrss Marian P Bell Mrs Mary Bell Mr and Mrs Robert Bells Thomas Bell Mrs Edna Benjamrn Mrs Bersenxa Bennett T Bennett Mrs May Bentley Ben Berkley Robert Bent Mrs D Berry John Bervrne Curtrs Best Mrs Julra Best Mrs Willreanna J Best Mr and Mrs Wlllram H. Betts Mr and Mrs James Beverly Muscoe Beverly B A Bey Charles C Bey Wrllram Brllups Wrllram Billups Mr and Mrs Earl Brnford Lrnwood T Binford Mr and Mrs L Binford Mrs Vrolet Binga Lours G Binns Mrs Julie Brrchett Edward Black Miss Estelle Blackwell Mrs C Bland Harry Bland Mr and Mrs H. Bland Mr and Mrs J Bland Mrs Margaret Bland Mr and Mrs Tyalor Blano Walter Bland Mrs Zanderrne M Bland Mr and Mrs TV Blowe Davrd Blount Mr and Mrs James Bloumt Howard Boisseau Mrs Mary Boisseau Claude Boddre Miss Marie E Bolden Willre Bolden Mrss Geraldrne L Bolling Mrs Ida Mae Bolling Mrs Naomr Boltz Dannre Bonoparte Rev Arthur Booker Arthur S Booker s Catherrne Booker s Dorrs Booker s Elrza Booker Geraldrne W Booker James A Booker and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Salis Booker James E Booker Jr Robert Booker Floyd Boone , Joshua H. Bonner Thomas Booker Wrllram Booker Mr and Mrs Lawrence Booker Mr and Mrs James M Bonner Mr and Mrs Irving Bonnett Cassue Bostrc Ida Boston Rev W M Boston Hazel Botts Boulware Parker Bowman Corneliuus Bowman Mr and Mrs Author Boyd Mrs Chrrstlne Boyd Cokeland Boyd Mr and Mrs James Boyd Melvin Boyd U Bovd Dr andMrs HW Bozeman A Brown Algenon L Brown Mr andMrs kown Alonzo kown Arthur kown - - Mrs. ' ' ' Mrs. ' . ' ' Mrs. ' . ' . - B . . . s. ' . ' , . . . Mrs. ' ' , ' Mrs. ' ' Mrs. ' ' ' Mrs. ' ' . , ' ' . . ' Mg' , ' e . . . My , ' . -. i - ' Mrs. ' . ' ' r ' ' MX. . JI'- - - ' - Mrs. - - 1 ' - ' L.H. Mrs. . . Mr. . - . Mrs. . - - - Mr . ' ' S.D. ' ' ' U I 1 Mrs, ' MI. . . . . Mrs. ' Ml' - - - Mn. ' Mr. . ' Mr- - - Mrs. s. ' I Mrs. Mrs. - . - Mrs. Mr . - Mrs. Mr. . ' ' - Dr. and Mrs. Felix T. Brown Mrs. Lynette Broderick Mrs. Mflbl Caffe! . ' . . . Mrs- . . . ' ' , Sr. - on ' . s 1 ' ' ' . ' . ' , Jr. Mrs Bessre L Brown Mr and Mrs Carlton Brown Charles Brown Mrs Joseph Brown Junrus F Rown Mrs Lena Brown Mxss Maggxe Brown M Brown M F Brown Marran M Brown Mary Rown Mary Brown Maurrce Brown Mrs Mxnrce B Brown Moses Rown and Mrs Randolph Brown Mr and Mrs Regmald Rown and Mrs Rueben Brown Mrs Sallle L Brown and Mrs Sam Brown s Sarah Rown and Mrs Shelton Brown Miss Shrrley Brown Mrs Susre C Brown Dr T R Coots Rown Mr and Mrs Charles K Brown Mr and Mrs Charles L Brown Mrss Dons Brown Mr and Mrs Ed Rown M and Mrs Edward E Brown Mr and Mrs Elder Brown Elxjah Rown Elrzabeth Brown Elsle Rown Esther Brown Ethel Brown Ethel Brown Everette Brown Mrs Florence R Brown Grace P Brown Harnson Brown Herman Brown James C Brown Mr and Mrs James F Brown HJ Brown James Brown M and Mrs James Brown James M Rown A 3C Thomas C Brown 'I'homas W Brown Vernon Rown Mrs Vxolet Brown Mr and Mrs Wrllle Brown Mrs Fanme J Bradford Mr and Mrs Benjamrn E Radley Mrs Daxonese Radley Mrs Lorenzo Bradley Mr and Mrs Henry P Radley Mrs Rosezelle Bradley Wlllxe Radley Jr Harry E Rady J K Rady Aubrey Braggs Mrs Vrrgmxa Braggs Thurston Brame Mr and Mrs Alphonso Ranch Mrs Annie Ranch B W Branch Mr and Mrs Curtrs L Ranch Mr and Mrs Elbert Ranch Mrs Eunzce Branch Mrss Fanme Ranch Mrs Hattre Ranch Howard Ranch Howard Ranch Sr James Ranch Mrs Jeanette Ranch Mr and Mrs Kermrt Branch Mr and Mrs Milton Ranch Mr and Mrs lawrence Ranch Mrs Lourse Ranch Mr and Mrs Luther H. Ranch Mr and Mrs Robert R Ranch Robert Branch Mr and Mrs R J Ranch Alonza Rand Mrs S E M. Brand Mrs Lenora Brandon Patrons Mrss Annette Braxton Mr and Mrs A O Brayton Mrs Beatfrce Braxton Mrss Blanche P Braxton Mrss Drmple Braxton H Braxton Mr Mrs Mrs SO Mrs Hezeluah Braxton and Mrs James A Braxton and Mrs James Braxton John Braxton Martha Braxton Nellre L Braxton and Mrs Rrchard Braxton Braxton Sune Braxton Rev and Mrs W H. Braxton Mr and Mrs Wxllxam Braxton Mr and Mrs Vance Braxton Mass Yvonne Braxton Mrs Goldre Breaux J ohm Brewer Mrs Inez H Brewer Mr and Mrs Thuman Bndges Thurnan Bndges Jr S S Mr s s Josephrne Brrggs Right and Mrs France M Brmkley Brrnlrley Audrey Brrtt and Mrs Wrllram Bnttrngham Bertha Bruton and Mrs Clyde Brrtton and Floyd E Brrtton Mable Rrtton Rosa Broady Margaret Broaster and Mrs Alvln Brockrngton Annre M Brockrngton Hudson Bros Chandle I. Brooks Mr Davld Brooks Mrs E F Brooks Mrs Marla Rooks Mrss Erlene Brooks Mrss Estelle Brooks Mr and Mrs Evan Brooks Mrs Ida Brooks Mrss Irene Brooks Mr and Mrs Joseph Brooks Lee Brooks Marlon Brooks Mr and Mrs Robert Brooks Mrs H. A Browdy Mr and Mrs Donnxe Bruce Mrs lourse E Brunette Mrss Delores Brunson Leroy Brunson Mr and Mrs P Runson Sr Mr and Mrs Wrllre Rxmson Mrs Lucille Bryant Mrss Ersell Bryson Mr and Mrs George Bryson Miss Myrtle Brys C R Byrd Mrs Evelyn Byrd Mr and Mrs James Byrd Mr and Mrs Lawrence Buchanan Mrss Bessre Bullock Booker Bullock James Bullock Leroy Bullock Mrs Mable Bullock Mr and Mrs Stanely Bullock Alexander Brmchette Mr and Mrs Mann Burchett C Albert Cam Benjarnxn Came C W Calhoun Mr and Mrs Charles Calhoun Mrss Eluabeth Calhorm Sgt Joe Calloway Mr and Mrs W J Calvin Charles Cambell Shelvre Cameron Mr and Mrs Benj Campbell Martin Campbell Mr and Mrs Joseph Cannon John R Cannon Mr and Mrs Maxle Cannon Mrs Tonetta P Cannon Mrs Harry Carn Mr and Mrs Este Carney Mr and Mrs W1leyD Carney Mrs Lourse C Carolrna Percy Carpente Mrs Annie Carrington Burnell Carrington Mr and Mrs C L Carrrngton Mr and Mrs Carter Mr and Mrs Alex Carter Mrss Anna Carter Mrs Beatrrce Carter Bernard Carter Mrs Clara Carter Mrs D W Carter Mrs Eebel Carter Frank Carter Frank Carter Mrs Geneva A Carter George Carter George B Carter Mr and Mrs Herman Carter James Carter James 'l' Carter Mrss Jaunrta Carter and Mrs John M Carter and Mrs Joseph Carter s L L Carter and Mrs lawrence Cartress and Mrs Leonard O Carter Lrnwood Carter Mr and Mrs Loms Carter Mrs Lourse Carter Mrs Lucille Carter Maurlca Carter Mrs Mrnnle Carter Noble lee Carter Jr Robert Carter Mr and Mrs Robert Carter Samuel Carter Thomas Carter Mrs Emma Cary Mr and Mrs Kenneth Cary Samuel Cary Mrs B V Case Mrss Hattre E Cassrdy John L Cassrdy Robert H Cayne Mary Cephas Mr Vrrgrma Chalmer Annie Chamber and Mrs Joseph B Chambers and Mrs AndrewA Chambles Mrs Man-ue Chamblxs Mr and Mrs Luther Champion Mrs Janie Chandler Samuel Chandler S C Gzandler Mrs Gayrell Chappell H. H Chanty Mr and Mrs Junrus L Charrty Mr and Mrs Benme Charles Mass Delores Charles Mrs Mana Charles Mrss Willa Mae Charles Roger Charmers Henry Chatman Bobby Chavrs Mr and Mrs Boston Chavrs Danrel Chavis Mrs Dorothy Chavis Mrs E Chavrs Edgar Chavis Mr -'France Chavls Henry Chavis Mr and Mrs Horace Chavrs Mr and Mrs Joseph Chavis larry Chavrs Mr and Mrs Lawrence Gmavrs Mrs Lizne Chavis Bobby Chavrs Mr and Mrs Boston Chavrs Jr Mrs Vrrginra Chalmer Mrs Annie Chamber Mr and Mrs JolephB Chambers Mr and Mrs AndrewA Chamblee Mrs Mamre Chamblrcs Mr and Mrs Luther Champron Mrs Janre Chandler Samuel Chandler S C Chandler Mrs Gayzell Chappell H. H.. Charrty Mr and Mrs Jtmrus L Chanty Mr and Mrs Benme Charles Mass Delores Charles Mrs Mana Charles Mrss Wrlla Mae Charles Roger Charmers Henry Chatman Danrel Chavrs Mrs Dorothy Chavrs Mrs E Chavrs Edgar Chavrs Mrs France Chavrs Mr Henry Chavrs Mr and Mrs Horace Chavrs Mr and Mrs Joseph Chavrs larry Chavrs Mr and Mrs lawrence Chavrs Mrs Lame Chavrs Mrs Mary Chavrs Mrss Peggy Chavxs R Chavrs M and Mrs Roland Chavrs Samuel Chavrs Mrs Wrllre Mae Chavrs Mr and Mrs Edward Cheatham Mr and Mrs Fred Cheatham M H Cheatham Mrs M B Cheatham Mrs Madlrne Cheesman A Cherry Mrs Lucrenda Cherry Prrmus Cherry Jr Mrs Ernest Mr Chesson Joseph Chestnut Mr and Mrs A B Chrles Miss Elrzabeth Chxna Andrew Chrocca Frank A Chrocca Mr and Mrs Ralph H. Chorce Alpha Christan Mr and Mrs Chrrstran Mrss Bessre Chnstran Mrss Dorothy Chnstran Mrs Elizabeth Chnstran F N Chnstran Mr and Mrs Harold R Chrrstran Mr and Mrs James Chrxstran James S Chrrstran Mr and Mrs James S Chrrstran Mr and Mrs James S Chrrstran Mrss Janrce Chrrstran John Chnstran Mr and Mrs John Chrrstian Leroy Chrrstran Jr Lyn Chnstran Mrs Mary Clrnstran Mr and Mrs Mose Chrrstran Mrs Nannre th. stran Mass Mozelle Ch. xstrau M and Mrs Rooert A Chrrstran Mass Robinette L Chrrstran Mrs Sarah L. Chrrstran Mrs Susan Chnstran William Chrrstran Chrrstran Youth Club Joseph Clarbome Mrs Vxrgrnxal Clarborne Mr and Mrs Alfred Clark Mr and Ms Clarence A Clark Mrs Ethel Clark J C Clark Mrs AmandaE Clarke Mrs Anna Clarke M and Ms James C Clarke Mrs Nanme Clarke Richard Clark Mr and Mrs Robert N Clarke Mr and Mrs Thos Clarke II Mr and Ms ReubenA Clay Patrons Rrchard B Clay Mrs SelenaA Clay Mr and Mrs James H. Clayton Mrs Annre Clements Mrss Joan Clements Wrllre Clements Krug Coard Mrs Manor Coe Mrss Mmre Cogbrll Lotus W Cole Mr and Mrs Alexander Coleman Clarence Coleman Mr and Mrs Ernest L Coleman Mrss Elrzabeth Coleman Mrs Fsterlme S Coleman J A Coleman James Coleman John Coleman Mr and Mrs John H. Coleman L. Coleman Mrs Iallran M Coleman Mr and Mrs Lorenza L Coleman Paul V Coleman Mrs Ruth Coleman Mr and Mrs Srlas Coleman T T Coleman Mrs Vrola Coleman Beatrrce Coles Charles Coles Mrs Chr1st1eB Coles Mrs Mary Coles M and Ms Lame Collen Mr and Mrs Henry Comer Burno W Consan Mrs Jessre F arson Conway Roger B Conway Mrs Barbara J Cook Mrs Katre Cook Mrs Mary Cook Mrs HelenS Cooke Krrk A Cooke Mr and Mrs W C Cooke Mr and Mrs Charles Cooley Mr and Mrs Jrmrus Cooley Mrs Carrxe Cooly Mrss Annie L Copper Mr and Mrs FredA Cooper Wilham Cooper M and Mrs R L Coots Mrs James Copper Mrs Matoka Cormead A Corry C B Corry Mr and Mrs Charlre Cosby James Cosby Jr Oscar Cosby Mrs Clara Cotman Mrs Lester Cotman Rrchard Cotman Mr and Mrs Lawrence Cottnell Mrs I C Courtney B W Courtney Andrew Cousar Mrss Ella Cousar Mrs Florence Cousar James Cousar Mr and Mrs Revnell Cousar Mr and Mrs Sammxe Cousar Mrs Martha Cousins Mrs Rosa Cousrn Mrs Sarah M. Cousrns Theodore Cousrn Mrs Katre H. Cox Mrs Fdrth Coy James Cozart nr and Mrs Earnest Craddock Wesley Craddock Mrs Carl Crarg Mr Crarge Franklin H. Crawford Mrs Fanme Crawley Mr and Mrs Floyd Crawley Mr and Mrs Leon Crawley Plummu Y Gawley Mr and Mrs Robert D Gawley M and Mrs Corrnthews Crenshaw Mrs Lrtha Crenshaw Norman Crenshaw Jr Mr and Mrs Norman Crenshaw Mr and Mrs Harold E Crew Mrss Prncetta V Crewe Mr and Mrs Curtrs A Crocker Mrs Nannre B Cromwell Mrss Cladys Croornes Mrs Amy Crump Mrss Barbara Crump Mrs Constance Crump Danlel Crump Jr Danrel Crump Sr Davrd R Cross Mrs Edrth Crump Mrs Francrs Crump l-lenrv Crump Mrs Ida Crump Rev J H. Cross Mrs Lrllran Crump and Mrs Rrchard Crossen S5555 and Mrs Charles Crute and Mrs Thomas Cummrngs Jr and Mrs Thomas Cummrngs Sr and Mrs Lmrus B Ctmnrngham Mrs TempyB Crmxngham Mrs Alrce Oranges Cutney Floyd Dabney Mr and Mrs James Dabney Mrs Julxa J Dabney Mrlton Dabney Jr Mrs Vergetta Dabney Mrss Mamie L. Daggett Curtis Dandndge Jr Mr Besre E Dandrrdge Anme Dandndge and Mrs Hayes Dandndg Davrs Dandrldge Hester Dandrrdge Ruth Dandrrdge and Ms A W Dandrrdge Raymond Dandrrdge Mrs Mrs s Ms Mary Dandrrdge and Mrs C E Dandndge and Mrs Wrllxe Daneby Carrre Damels Mary Danrel and Mrs Paul Daniels and Mrs Robert Danrels Bertha Davenport Dr And Mrs Wm Davrdson Mrs Davrs Ms Arlene Davrs Mrs Bertha L Davrs Clarence Davrs Mxss Bdrth Davrs Mrs Elsre Davrs Mr and Mrs Fred Davis Mr and Mrs L Davrs Mxss Mr Leonard Davrs Lucxlle Davxs Lucxlle Davrs Marxan Davxs and Mrs Mathew C Davrs Jr Lora Davxs Mrs Mass Ruth H. Davrs Mrss Sarah Davrs Mrs Smxthre Davrs Mrs Smrthre .Jaws Mrs Tressa Davrs Mr and Mrs Walter Davrs Jr Mr and Mrs Wrllns F Davrs Jr Nmllre Davrs 'Ar and Ms E Dawson Mr Russell Dawson Ms Anna H. Deane Mrss Athra Dean Mrs Ruth De Konn Joseph Dennrs Mrs R L. Drarnond Hoplun Drcks Mrs Olga Drcks Henry M. Dxckerson Warren B Dxckerson Mrs Nannre Drckerson Mr and Mrs John Drckerson Mrss Phenola Dickerson l ' I . . . ' . , Sr. " . . ' . , Sr. ' , I . L.. 1 D . I . l . l' ' Mrs. ' . , : . ' ' . Mr. - . ' e . . ' Mrs. ' ' ' , . . . Mrs. ' . . ' . . . . . ' , Jr. -' - ' ' -' 1 1 - M.: . . . ' Frank Chlorie, Jr. Fred A. Cooper Mr..and Ms. Daniel B. Daniels ' ' , . . . Mrs. ' ' . . Mrs' . . Fuel Oil - Kerosene Automatic Delivery Service H. R. THOMAS Dial 2-4l7l lOl East Leigh Street Flowers . . . . ,rfectivnl added 'ouch of " C HOOPER S FLORIST l90l Chamberlayne Avenue CARROLL S CON FECTIONERY Friendly service 5, : Quality foods ' Convenient location 3lOl East Marshall Street j and Mrs C E Lively Proprietors C'3:2,:i15fr,:33R Z Fourteenth and Cary Streets Wholesale Confectionery and School Supplies Phone 3-2503 FRED N PARRISH LUMBER COMPANY 2030 Lewis Street Phone 2 7844 ln Southside Stop at JOE AND PAGE S BARBER SHOP l9th and Decatur Street Four Barbers BRYANT S PLACE Delicious meals and tasty snacks are waiting for you at 26th and O Streets Soclas and lce Cream Madge and .loseph Bryant Prop Phone 3 9818 For a Depression Proof Business Enroll Now at the APEX SCHCXJL OF BEAUTY CULTURE Tuition arranged on installments it desired . i , . I . . L- ' ,- X n n Z .,,ZL'Y -37.4 ., 1 .WL 01111 I 76.711111 Mr. . . . 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Mrss Alxce Drckerson Mrs Roberta Drckerson Wrllram Drckerson Mr and Mrs James Drckerson J Mrs Joddre Dxgger Dr and Mrs Dxllard Mrs Lessxe Drxon Mrs Lrllre M Dxxon Mr and Mrs Robert Drxon Mrs Salhe Dixon Mrss Sarah Duron W A Dlxon Mrs Rometta Dockery Douglas W Dood Mrss Florence Dodey Mrs Llllre Dodey Rayiord Doggett Mr and Mrs W V Doggett Mrs George Dolly Sam Donavon Mrs Eva Doran Ben Douglas Mrs Fsther C Douglas Sam Douglas Mr and Mrs Forrest Dowden Gilbert H Dowlxng Sam Dowson Horace Drake Jr Mrs Josephme Drake Willram H Dowtan Jr Stanley Drake Mr and Mrs Clarence Drayton Fred Dra Mr and s lsarah Drayton Mrs Mana Drayton Mrs Olrve Drayton Mrs Beatnce Drew Mrss Joyce Duff Rev D D Duff and Mrs Kendrrck Duncan and Mrs Alfred Dungee and Mrs Charles Dungee 55555555555 and Mrs Edgar Dungee and Mrs Floyd Dungee and Mrs Hamlln Dungee and Ms Lennard Dmmgee and Mrs Leon Dungee and Mrs Robert Dungee and Ms Wxnfred Dungee Pearly Dunlap Mr and Mrs leroy Durant Mrs Anna Durham Hazee Deese Mr and Mrs Clarence Dunston Mrs Sadre Dunston Wrlllam Dunston Raymond Dys Att'y and Mrs Roland D Ealey Mrs Anme Easley Mrss Rose Easley Mr and Mrs H East Sr Mr and Mrs Easterly Sr Mrs Dalsy Eaton Mrs Mane Eaton Thomas Paton Mrs Bernice Eddleton Mrss Olrvra Eddleton Raymond Eddleton Mr and Mrs Leonard L Edloe Rufus Edmonds Mrs Thelma Edmondson Mass Louise Edmunds Mus Alma Edward Mrss Alma E Edwards Mrs Agnes Edwards Mrs Bessle Edwards Mass Edna Edwards Mrs Hazel Edwards James H Edwards Mrs laura Edwards Mrs Melba C Edwards Mrs Pearl Edwards Raymond Edwards Jr Mr and Mrs Robert Edwards Jr Mr and Mrs Robert H. Edwards Alben Egrster Mr and Mrs Pompey Egister Patrons Mrs Alease Elan Mrs laura Elan Shedreck Elan Mrs Llllre Eley Wxlllam G Eley Mr and Mrs lrvm Elrgan Mrs Estelle Ellerve Mr and Mrs Azrrah Ellett Mass Dazsy Ellett Mrs Paulxne C Ellett Mr and Mrs Robert Ellett Mr and Mrs Thomas Ellmgton Henry Elllott Joe Ellrott J Fred Ellrs and Mrs Evans Ellis s M E Ellrs and Mrs A C Epps and Mrs A C Epps lll and Mrs Alvrn B Epps Andrew Epps Mrss Grace Epps Mr and Ms Oliver W Epps Walter Epps Mrs Annre Evans J arnes Evans Josephme Evans Maggre Evans Monelle Evans Vzrgxma Evans Jessle Facks Mxss Rebecca F ant Mrs Mary Farson Mrs Susie Farmer James H. Faunrleroy Mr and Mrs Raymond F eatherston Mrs Bessre B Ferguson Wxlliam Ferguson Mrs Emily V Ferns Mrss Helen F essenton Miss Mary F essenton Mr and Mrs Albert Frelds Jr Mrs Benjamin Fields Mr and Mrs Freddxe F relds Wallace Fife Mrs Mrldred Fife Curtrs Frnney Mrs F annre L. F rnney Mrs Jerlrs Leeper Frnney Joseph F rnney Abraham Frsher Mrs Elsie T F rsher Mrs G A Fxsher Mrs Frances Frtzgerald Issac Fltzgerald John F rtzgerald Mr and Mrs Richard Frtzgerald Mr and Ms Waverly Frtgerald Ms Katre Flanagan Joseph C Flanagan Alfred W Fleming Mrs Amta B Flannrgan Mrs Arnetta Flemmxng Mrss Brenda B Flemmg Mr and Mrs Bruce E Flemmg Edward F lemrng George Flemrng and Mrs George Flemxng and Mrs Harnson Fleming and Mrs Horace W Flemrn Mr and Mrs Joseph Flernrng Sr and Ms Wrllram I.. Flemlng, Sr Mrss Madelean Flora Jonathan R Florance Mr and Mrs Kenneth Foot Mrs Mozelle Forbes Mrs Blanche Ford Charles E Ford Davxd Ford Jr Mrs Irene C Ford John Ford Mrs Ollre B Ford Mrs Ruth Ford Wallace Ford Jr Mr and Mrs Wilben. Ford Sr Mrs I.. Forsey Mr and Mrs Charlie Foster Eugene Foster Eugene K Foner R W Foster Mrss Slnrley Foster Srdney Foster Mr and Mrs Wndell Foster S Wrlbert P Fowler Mr and Mrs Percy Fowlkes Mr and Mrs Theodore Fowlkes Mrs S B Fountarn Luke Fracrer Zulrne Frazer Mrs Daisy Franklrn Mrs Elrse Franklin James Franklin Mrs John W Franklin Mrss louise Franklin Mrs Mabel M Franklin Mrs Mary Franlun N F Franklxn Richard A Franklin Mr and Mrs Samuel Frazer Dave Frazier Frnest Frazier Mrs K S Frazrer A M Freeman Mr and Mrs W C Freeman Mrs Iva Lee Fnend Wesley Fnend Jr Mr and Mrs B1llyFryday James Frleson Mrs Sally Frrson Arthur Froster Mrs Julra Fulford Rufus H Fullenwrlder Mrs Trrphenra Fullewzlder Mass Maedell F underburk Ethel Furman and Mrs Joseph Cabin Lucy Gabxn Ann Games Dorothy Garnes s Dorothy Games Mr and Mrs Early Games Mrs Eva Games Mrs Florme Carnes Herbert Gaines Horace Gaines Walter Games Jr Ms Ora Galloway Mr and Mrs Willre Gamble Mr and Mrs Sherman Gardner Lucy Garlard Rosa L Corley Alma Garnett Rev and Mrs S M. Garnett Calvin Garns Mrs C R Garrrson Ms Inez P Gaskrns Houston Gatewood Robert General Edna Gentrv James Gentry Mrs Rosa Gentry Wrlharn P Gregory Mrs Easter Gerst Mr and Mrs William Gibbon John Gibbs Mr Frank Eugene Grbson Mr and Mrs Frank L Grbson Mr and Mrs John Gibson Mrs Rose B Gibson HenryA Giffrn Mass Dorothy Gillespie Miss-'Ins Gillespie Miss Paula Grllespre Mr and Mrs James Gillespie Mrs Dorothy Grllran Mrs Hannah J H. Gilllan Mrs Ma.ry Gillian George W Gillxan Mrs Edmonra Gillrrpie Miss Francis Gillnpie R C Grvens L E Glenn Mr and Mrs Samuel I.. Glenn Juhan Glover . l u J I. . - . .1 I a ' I . ' , r. ' ' . . . . Mr. . . . , Sr. . . , . Mrs. ' , ' . ' Mrs. ' , , ' . , . Mrs. ' ' ' . . ' F . - - Mrs. ' . ' IFF ' . . ' , Jr. , ' . ' . . . I ' G - - ' Mrs. ' - - Mrs. ' . and Mrs. Donald Dungee Mr. and Mrs. Fields Mrs. Arnie Mae Gaines . . . . ' , . Mrs. ' . y . f . . " Mn. ' ' -' . ' Mrs. . ' Mrs. on ' . . . E . . ' ' ' Mr. . ' ' - ' Mr. . . . ' g , , , ' , J -' M.: 1 ' - '- ' . 1 5 M and Ms Comehus Goxns Mrs Mary E Godfrey Ms Ruth T Gomes Mrs Martha Golson Roger Goodall Stuart Goodall Dave Goode M and Mrs Frank Goodman Mrs Salone Goodwyn Mrss Alma Gordon Mrs Beulah Gordon Ms Lourse Gordon Mrs Mary Gordon M and Mrs Sol Gordon Mrs Vivian Gordon Mxldred Gorns Mr and Ms S C Gorns M and Mrs Robert D Grady Mrs Annre Graham M Cecrl E Graham Charlie L Graham Mrs Emma Graham Joyce Graham M and Ms John Graham Mrs Mrldred Graham M and Mrs Moses Qaham A L Grandson Mrs Alice Granyer Charlie Grant Gladys Grant Helen Grant Stone Gant and Ms Wade Grantham Sadre Grave Bertha Granely Mrs Eddxe Bell Graves Frank Graves Glen Graves Walter A Graves Jr Mrs Blanche Gray M and Mrs Johnney Gray Mrs Ruby Gray M and Ms Carroll N Green Miss Emogene Green Mrs George Green Mrs Irene Green Mrs Irene J Green John R Green Joseph H. Green Lynwood Green Mss Ophelra Green Miss Sandra Green Tlmothy Green Dr and Mrs W A Green Willram Geen M and Ms Willie H. Green Ms Barbara Greene Ms Blanche Greene Claude B Greene Mrs Fred C Greene George Greene Herman L. Greene Lafayette Greene Mrs Lillie Green Oswald T Greene Robert A Greene M and Mrs Samuel Greene Mr and Ms Willie Greene Mrs Thelma Greenlee S!Sgt Wallace Ckeenlee Walter M. Greer Jr Mrs Ollle Gregory Mrs Vemia Lee Gregory M and Mrs kandon Greshan Mrs Eva Grey Cheaer Grooms Thomas Gooms Charles Guerrant Mildred E Guerrant Mrs laura Guest M and Ms James Gunter Ms Ruth Gumer Harden E Gwarhney H Miss Lourse T Hacthlson Mrs Bessre Hagins Ms Edna B Hale Miss Alma Hall S Patrons Cyrus Hall E R Hall Mrs Harry Hall M and Mrs John Hall Loyd Hall Robert Hall Mrs Vera Hall M and Mrs Eugene Hamrlton Mrs Thelma Hamllton Eddie Hamm Mrs E J Hamp Thomas Hancock M and Mrs Isac Harmon James Harmon Joseph Harmon Herman Harper Mrs I-brtense H. Harper Mr and Mrs Dick Harrell M and Ms Gibson Harrell Paul Harrell Ms Myrtle G Harrell Ms Brandh Harrie Mrs Serna Hamngton Alfred Harris Mrs Alrce PL Hams Mrs B I-krris Miss Blanch Harns Mrs Blanche E Harris Charles Harris Mr and Ms Charles Harrrs Daniel Harris M and Ms Daniel Harns Mr and Mrs Vanlel Harns Sr Edward Harris Miss Fannre Harris George W Harns Ms Helen Harris Ms Henntta Harrrs Irvrng R Harns James Hams Jr Ms James E Harns James H. Harris J Ms Jessie C Harris Joe Harris John S Harns Mr and Mrs Joseph W Harris Ms Katre Hams Mrs Iarcema Harrrs M Ms M Ms laura Harns Lorrarne B Harrrs Louise Harris Lucrlle Hams Lucllle Harrls M and Ms Major Harns Miss Margaret E Hams Ms Marlene Harris Mrs Minnie Harris M and Ms P B Harns Peter Harris Rayiord L. Harns M and Ms Ruben D Harns Ulyesses Harrrs Dr and Ms V J Harris Rev W A I-hrns Walter Harns W E Harrls Mr and Ms Willram Hams M and Ms William L. Harris Mr and Ms Wlllram T Harris Willre Harris M and Ms James C Phrrrson Lambert Harrison Mrs Lucretia Harrison Ms Grace Ford Harnson James Harrrson Miss Lucille Harrison Mrs Nona Harnson Alphonze l-hrt M and Ms Cleo Hart Sr Cleo Hart Jr Mr and Ms Clyde Hart Mr and Ms Clyde Hart Miss Shirley Hart Welford Hart M and Mrs Edgar Harvey Mr and Ms Samuel Harvey M and Mrs Wesley Harvey Ms qahelia S Hawkes Ms Annie Hawkins Davre Lee Hawkrns Jr Ms Synre Hawkrns Ms Virgre Hawluns Wade Hawluns Mrss Dora l-hwks Oliver Hawks M and Ms W Hawley Mr and Ms George C Hayden Mr and Ms McCl1nton Hayes George T Hayes Mrs Irene Hayes James E Hayes Mrs Lillie Hayes Ms Wrllre Hayes Mrs Dasry Haster M and Ms John Heatley Lmwood Heiskall Mrs Mrs s and Ms George B Herrig Jr and Mrs Ellis Heles and Ms Herman W Hembrick James E Hence andMs A Henderson Sr Dorthy Henderson Dorthy Henderson and Ms E D Henderson and Ms E L Henderson and Ms Ellwood Henderson Miss Ethel Henderson Joe Henderson JosephE Henderson Miss Glorra Ann Henderson Lmwood Harris M1 Louise Henderson M and Ms Loyal E Henderson LoyalE Henderson Jr Mx Mildred Henderson Ms Oral Henderson Ms Pearl C I-knderson M andMrs Z Henderson Sr Mr a.ndMrs Royal E Henderson M and Mrs S Henderson Sylvester Henderson Ill M and Ms Walter Henderson Ms William H. Henderson Sr M and Ms Zebedee Henderson Adam Henry Mass Aretta J Henry M and Ms Lewis W Henry Mus Marforre Henry M M Mr Mr Rev and Ms Rutherford Henrey Elizabeth Hewlett Hattie Hewlett Rosa Hewlett and Ms Chas A Herndon and Ms James Herring Thelma I-Hckmon Ella B Hicks and Ms J Howard Hicks and Mrs James Hlcks M and Ms James L I-Hcks Joseph M. l-lacks, Jr Mrs Maggre Hicks Matthews Hicks Melvin Hicks M and Ms Palmer Hick. Mr and Ms Robert Hicks Ms E Hamilton Higgins Leroy Highsmith Albert lee I-E11 Mr and Ms Alvm D Hrll Mrs Anme Mae H111 Mrss Clara Hill Mrs Constance Hill Mrs Della E l-B11 M and Ms George Hill Miss Gladys I Hill James H111 James Hill Ms I Jeanette Hill M and Ms Joseph M. Hicks Ms Mae Burnetta Hill Ms Mamie Hill Mrss Mary Hill Oliver Hill Rayford Hill Mr and Mrs Robert Hill Mr and Mrs Wxllie J lill Wrlbur L Hlllard, Ill Herman Hines '. . . , r. . . M. . . ' , . Mrs. . . ' - Ms. ' Ms. - - ' ' Ms. ' - - - Ms. ' I - r - . ' , r. M. and Mrs. James W. Gray . . - . - . Mrs. ' ' s. ' . ' . . ' ' s. ' ' Mrs. ' . ' s. ' , ' s. , , ' , Ms. . SESS and Ms Jack Hines Sr and Ms Jack Hines Jr and Ms Leroy Hines, Jr and Mrs Leroy Hmes Sr Mrs Pattre Mae Hines Ms Annre Lrllran Hinton Mss Johnsre l-Enron Miss Ethel Beatrlce Hobbs Mrs Martha Hobbs M and Ms Wrllre J Hobson Ms Shrrley Hobson Charles Hockaday M and Mrs Herman Hockaday John Hodges l-bdgey III M and Mrs James Hogan Mrs Mxldred Hogan CIKLIS Hoke Mrss Jean Holcombe M Lucrlle Holcombe M Lucille Holcombe M Lucrlle Holcombe s Myrteen Holiday Noreen Holrday and Mrs Holland Mrs Davrd L Hallard M and Mrs Lexie Holland Robert Lee Holland H W Hollrns Nathanlel Holloway Mrs Bertha Holman Mxss Avls Holmes Patrons Clyde A 1-lubbnd Mass Evelyn Hubbard Mrss Rosetta Hubbard Albert Hudgms Mrs Leona Hudson Mrs Eva Hugh Charles Hunter M and Mrs Jasper Hxmter Jr M and Mrs Lorenzo Hunter Mrs Mane Goodman Hunter Mrs May Htmter Mass Ocean Hunter Ms Patsy Hunter Haywood Hunter M s Mr s and Mrs John Hundley Jr and Mrs Vemell Hurt and Mrs Eugene Hutchmsor Della Ingram John Ingram Jule Ingrlrn C lrgan Jr M Vertre F Ives Dalsy lrvmg Lelxa lrvmg and Mrs Henry Ivory Agnes Jackson Alma C Jackson Catherine Jackson and Ms Clarence Jackson Clifford Holmes Dorothea Holmes s Etonia Holmes and Mrs George Holmes and Mrs George Holmes and Mrs James A Holmes J John Holmes James Holmes Mr and Mrs John Holmes Mrss Joyce Pblmes Mrs Mary Holmes Mrs Susie Holmes M and Mrs Walter Holmes W R Holmes Willram Holmes M and Mrs William Holmes M and Mrs R A Hood Mrs Sara Hood F Hoover Mrs Hopgood M and Ms Hopluns Mrs Alrce Hopkins Mrs Bemscenra Hopklns Miss Helen Hopkrns Nathamel W Hopkins Herman Hopp Joseph Hopson Frederick l'lortman Mrs Bernice Horton Calvin Horsley Merritt Horsley Ms Ada Horton John Houston Mxss Delore Houston Mrs Emma Houston John Houston Challre Howard M and Mrs Henry l'bward John Howard Mrs LueyV Ms Maggre M and Mrs M and Ms M and Mrs Mrssionary S Howard lbward Oscar F lfbward Percy L Howard Romalee A Howard arah Howard s Dorothy Jackson Edna Jackson Ella Mae Jackson s lllrzabeth Jackson Mss Francrs Jackson Mrs G W Jackson Mrss Geneva Jackson Mrss Hazel Jackson Mrs Henry Jackson Mrss Jackre Jackson James Jackson Jerry Jackson John Jackson Jr Mrs Julra Jackson M and Mrs Krug Jackson Leroy J Jackson, Jr Mr and Mrs M Jackson s Magnolia Jackson Mattle Jackson Mary Jackson Margorel Jackson M and Mrs Norman Jackson R L "Burch"Jackson Jr M and Mrs Raymond Jackson Mr. and Mrs Richard Jackson Mss Ruth Jackson M and Ms Samuel Jackson Mrs Sarah Jackson Mrssxonary Selena Jackson M and Ms Wrlllam H. Jackson Mr and Mrs Wolldndge Jackson Mrs Vrrgrnla D Jackson Mm Doris M. James Mrs Edna Purdre James Mrs Fannxe James M and Ms Horrison James Mrs Helen James Mrs Iona James Mss Judrth James Miss Maggne James Russel James M and Ms Rnchard H James M and Mrs Thomas N James Charels L. Jasper and Mrs Thomas Jasper Selena Jauber Mrs Charles l-bwell George Howell Mrs Hannah Howell Miss Joan A Howell Wrllram Howell Mrs Eloise Pbwne C H Howlett Jr Jannle Howlett M and Mrs Robert L Howlett Miss Alice Hubbard Clarence Hubbard s Ms and Ms Jlmlus Jefferson Della Jefferson Edna Jefferson Rose Jefferson Wrllxe Jefferson M and Ms Dan Jeffries M and Ms James A Jeffrres James Jeffries Mrs Josephrne JeEries Mrs Dora Jenkms Abraham Jennmgs Ms Edxth Jennrngs Mrs Janne Jennxngs Mrs Josephrne Jenluns Jessie Jenluns Jesse Jenkms Leroy Jenluns Mrss Mary Jenning Ms Mary Jennrng Mrs Mary C Jenkxns Mervxn Jenkms Robert R Jennmgs Mss Verna Jenkrns M and Mrs Fred C Jerman Ms Barbara Jeter George Jeter Mrs Luberta A Jeter Ralph Jeter Mss Sylvla Jeter Welton Jeter M and Ms Welton Jeter Rrchard R Jrggetts Adolph Johnson Miss Alberta Johnson Mrs Alberta Johnson Albert Johnson Alford Johnson Mrs Alrene Johnson Mrs Alma Johnson Mrs Annre Johnson Mrs Arlene E Johnson Armatine Johnson Aubrey Johnson Bernard E Johnson M and Ms Bernard Johnson Mrss Bessre E Johnson Ms Bessre Johnson Mrs Betty Johmon Ms Catherme Johnson Mrs Clara L Johnson Ms Cora Johnson Cyrus S Johnson Ms Edrth Johnson Mrss Elxubeth E Johnson Mxss Elizabeth Johnson E S Johnson Ms Eva Johnson Mxss Evelyn Johnson Ms Fannie Jones Floyd Johnson Frederick D Johnson Mss Gaxl Johnson Mrs Gertrude Johnson Mrs Halsey Johnson Mrs Hannah Johnson Ms Hilma Johnson M and Ms lbward Johnson Mr and Ms l-larryJohnson Harvey Johnson Mix Irma Johnson Ms Isabelle Johnson Ms Jacqualine Johnson James A Johnson James Johnson J B Johnson Mass Jeanette Johnson Mrs Jenny Johnson Joel Johnson M and Ms Joseph E Johnson M and Ms John Johnson M and Ms John Johnson, Jr Mrs Joyce Mae Jolmson M and Ms John M Johnson Mrs Joyce Starke Johnson Josphrne Johnson Ms Josephrne Wms Johnson Lemuel Johnson III Leon Johnson Mrs Lrllxan A Johnson Ms Lillie Johnson Mrs Lrly Johnson Mr and Ms Lincoln P Johnson M and Ms Linwood Johnson lloyd Johnson Mxss louise Johnson Ms lourse Johnson Ms Luc Johnson Mr and M Luther P Johnson Ms Mable W Johnson M. . , . . ' I s . , M . s. . . . S- M . ' ' . ' S- ' J. . , . Mr - ' Mrs. ' . - Mi ' Ms. ' ' , . . J ' - Ms. , - - ' Ms. . , ' ' s. ' , , Ms. Ms. , , Ms. Lease Holmes M. and Ms. James E. Jackson ML and M,-5, E, F, Johnson In . Ms. ' l . Ms. ' ' . Ms. , , EI . . ' Ms. . Ms. , ' Mrss Mae Helen Johnson Mrss Margaret A Johnson Mrss Mane Johnson Mss Mane Johnson Mrss Mary Johnson Mrs Mary Johnson Mrss Mavrs W Johnson Mrlton Johnson Mrs Mnnxe E Johnson Mrs L Morns Johnson Miss Mozelle Johnson M and Mrs Nathanxel Johnson Ms Nora Johnson Oliver W Johnson Paul Johnson Mrs Pearlxe Johnson and Mrs Percy E Johnson and Mrs Percy Johnson s Polly Johnson S5555 and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Ms Raymond Johnson Rrchard Johnson Jr Rxchard Johnson Sr Robert l'L Johnson Robert Johnson Mass Rosette Johnson Mrs Sallxe Johnson M and Mrs Sa.muelL Johnson M and Mrs Samuel Johnson Samuel Johnson Mrss Shxrley A Johnson Mxss 'Thelma Johnson M and Mrs Thomas Johnson M and Mrs Thomas Johnson Mrs Vera Johnson Mrs Vernelle Johnson Vlolet M Johnson M and Mrs Walter K Johnson M and Ms Walter Johnson W H Johnson M and Mrs W I Johnson M and Mrs W L Johnson Wrllram Johnson M and Mrs Willre Johnson M and Mrs Wrllns Johnson M and Ms Wrlham Johnson Miss Yolanda J Johnson Mrs Aletha Jones Mrs Alleene Jones Arthur Jones Avery Jones Mrs Bermce Jones Mrs Carrre Jones M and Mrs Charle Jones Chester Jones C L Jones Miss Clara Jones M and Ms Carlton T Jones Davrd Jones Ms Della Jones Earnest Jones M and Mrs Edward F Jones Mrs Ellen Jones Mrss Eumce Jones Mrs Fannre Jones M and Mrs George Jones Horace Jones Miss l-krriet Jones Miss Helen Jones M and Mrs Henry Jones M and Mrs Henry Jones Herman Edward Jones Herman Jones John Henry Jones Mr and Mrs Jacob Jones James Jones Mrs Jeanette Jones M and Mrs J G Jones J Jones M and Mrs James O Jones Jr M and Mrs Joe Jones M and Mrs John Jones Mr Jones Joseph Jones Mrs Lrllran Jones Ms Lonce Jones Mrs Lucxlle Jones M and Ms Maceo Jones Macolm Jones Mrs Margurette M. Jones Patrons Ms Margaret Jones Mrs Martha Jones Mrss Mary Jones Melvm G Jones Mrs Mrldren Jones C Mlton Jones Mrs Naomi Jones M and Mrs Olando Jones Ms Pearlme W Jones Ray Jones Mr and Ms J Robert Jones Ms Rosa Jones Mrs Rosa Jones Sam Jones M and Ms Samuel Jones Mrs S H. Jones Mrs Shlrley A Jones Mrs Sultana Jones Thomas E Jones Thomas Jones Mrs Viola Jones vllglnlus M Jones Mass Vxrgmxa Jones Warren Jones Mr and Mrs Wrllrarn I Jones Ms Wllson A Jones Sr Rev and Mrs W Russell Jones Sylvanus Jordan Jr Mrss Carlxse Joyner M and Ms Cecxl T Joyner Mrs Rosalee Junlus M andMrs Paul Keel M and Mrs PaulB Keel W1111arn Keel M andMs W B Keezell Mrs Lavmra Kerth Mrs Julla Kelly M Theodore Kelly J C Kemp M and Mrs Nelson Kennard Miss Barbara Kennedy James Kennedy M and Mrs Robert Kenny Rev and Mrs Emanuel C Kent Rev and Mrs Israel P Kent Charles Key M and Ms Peter Key Mrs Hyacinth Krdd Mrs Mary Ann Krdd J T Kimble James Krmbrought M and Ms Nathan Krmbrough M and Mrs Wxllxarn Krndle Earl Lrnwood King M and Ms George J Krng, George J Kmg III Ms Lucllle Kmg M Lucrlle Krng Mass Paulme F Kmg M and Mrs Welford Kmg Charlxe Krrby Ms Ialhe Krrby Mrs Lena Kiber M and Ms I1-'erbert H. Krzzie Mrs Mary M. Krzzle C K Klein Mrss Ann Knrght Rev H. G Kmght John Knight Edward Krakow Mrs Ethel Lacks M and Mrs B J Iambert Leonard Iambert Ms Luvenxa Lang Rev and Mrs E W Langon Mrs Emrly la Prade M and Mrs Nat Laskoe Mrs Pearl Latney Ms Mary McLaunn Claude L Lawrence Earl lawrence Harold Lawrence M and Ms Percy Lawrence Robert Lee Lawrence Mrs Rosa Lawrence Claude I.aury James Lawson M and Ms Johnnxe Lawson Mrs Sophie Lawson Mrss Bertha Lee Mrs Beulah S Lee M and Mrs Daniel H. Lee Mrs Gertrude Lee James Lee M and Mrs Jesse Lee Mrs Lrllre Lee Ms Maude J Lee Mrs Ocle lee Wallace Leeper Ms Bell Lester 1131118 M. Lester and Ms Montgomery Lester and Mrs Arthur O Lewrs Ben Lewms Miss Carolyn Lewis M and Ms Charles E Lewis Sr Danxel Lewis Ms Effre W Lewis Mrs Elthel Lewis Ms Florence B Lewrs Mrs Florrne Lewxs Frederick C Lewrs George E Lewls Glena Lewxs Ms Hattxe Lewrs and Ms Jasper Lewrs and Mrs James Iewrs and Mrs James C Lewis s Jean Lewrs and Ms Jessre Lewis Mrs Jessre Lew1s Jr M and Mrs John N Lewis Lynwood Lewls Martxn Lewis Mrs Rosalee Lewrs Rudolph Lewis Ms Sarah Lewrs M and Mrs Sterlmg Lewis Ms Susie B Lewis Mss Thelma Lewrs Ms Thelma E Iewrs Mrs VlVl2.l1 Lewrs Walter Lew1s Mrs Jane Lrght Thomas Light Mrss Alrce Llghtfoot M and Ms Colllns Llghtfoot Ms Juanita Lightfoot Mr and Ms Robert Lightfoot M Lindsay Mrs Una lankous Frank Lrpscomb M and Ms Syluene Lrpscomb Mrs Lella Llttle M and Ms Carroll Iavely Evelyn Lrvely Sarosa Lrvely s Doris Loe M Anme Lockett Harold Lockett M and Ms Harvey lomax Mrss Mattle Lomax M and Ms Wrlham Lomax Wlllre Long D E Longley Ms N M Love Ms Lucrlle Lovmg Ms Evelyn J Lowry Gamrnage A Lowry, Jr M and Ms James Ashby lowry J B Lowry Percelle L Lowry Mrs Eleanor Lucas Mrs Dorothy Lynch Mrs Ethel Lynch Ms Mettran R Lynch Moses Lynch Mc M and Ms Fred McArthur M and Ms George Ni:Call John McCall Ms Charles McCants John H McCauley M andMs McCleary A - - Ms: ' . ' . . Mr. . Mr. . . . ' . Mr. . . ' Mr. . . ' Mr. - . ' . ' Mr. . ' . . ,JL K Mr. . . . . . . Mr. ' uf D .l .' f Ms.'John w. Kemp Miss sms E. Lewis .' . sc. ' ' ' '. ' ' ' . . . . . . ' Jr. D ' I . . . ' Ms. ' . . . . ML L f . Mrs Mary McClellan Ms Janne Nk:Coy Lxeutenant McCullough W J McCullough Jr Wxllram McCullough Jr M andMs W J McCullough Sr Ms Dons McDa.n1el Ms Iallran McDamel M and Mrs Roland McDan1el B111 McDonald M and Mrs Harry McGee Mus June McGhee Manual McGowan Wellford McGowan James McGurre H. L McKinley Ms Chnstrne McLau.ghl Mrs Evelyn Mclaughlxn Mr and Mrs Albert Mcl.auren M and Mrs Collel McLeod M and Ms Marlon lvk:Leod Mrs Ca.rne McMack1e Archxe McMrllan Miss Joan hM:Mr11an M and Ms Wrllne McMillan Wrllxam McMrllan Charlre McMoore Ms Lucxlle McNair Mrs Hazel hk:Neil M and Mrs James McNerl Mrss M. L McPherson M and Mrs B W McQueen Mrs Alverta McRae Morns A McWilliams M and Mrs Hartwell Mace Mrs Elizabeth Mack F leg Mack M1 Frances D Mack George Macklin Susxe Macon s Sumner Madden Mildred Mahoney s Ethel Mallory Mrss Imogene Mallory M and Ms John Mallory Jr Wrlbur Mallory Demas Manes M and Ms R V Mann Mss Joan Manning Kearney C Mannmg Ramon E Manning Mrs Rosa Manning Mrs Rosena Manning M and Mrs Walter W Manning Mmss Francena Mansfield Ms Mozelle F Manuel Miss Verna Manuel M andMs JohnF Mapp, Jr Hurley Marable Ms Vnvnan Marlon M and Mrs Elijah Marshall Mrs Emma Marsh Mrs Shirley Marshall Milton Marrow Samuel Marrow F Martin Clark Gable Martin Mrs Irene C Martin James Martin John Martin Joseph S Martin Jr M and Ms Joseph Martin Jr Mrs Mae Martin Nathaniel Martin Ms Nora Martin Mrs Rebecca Martin William Martin Mrs Evelyn Massey Thomas H. Massinburg Mrs Flora Mason Naverly Mason Ms Mathrs Sgt W T Mathis Dr Wlllxam E Matoty M and Mrs Emmette Matthew Miss Grace Matthews Miss Helen Matthews Patrons Mrs Gladys Melvm James Merchant James E Merchant Edward Meredxth Mrss Parthema Merntt Richard Merntt M and Ms Samuel Merritt M and Mrs Ellhu Meyers Miss Arnetta Mles Mrs Barbara Mlles Mr and Ms Benny Mles Bully Miles Eddie Mrles Miss Ethel M.1les M and Mrs Harry T Mrles James Mrles M and Mrs Robert Mles M and Mrs William H. Mies Miss Alma Maller David Mxller Mrs Iourse Matthews Roger Maxey Mrs Louxse Mayfreld Mrs Josephme Maynard Mus Dorothy Mayo Mr and Mrs Ellis P Mayo Mr and Ms James Mayo Mss Theresa Mayo George W Mayor Roger Maxey Mr and Ms A E Meacham Miss Rosa B Meade Alfred Meadows Jr Miss Helen Mealey Mrs Esther N Medley Robert Medley Mrs Mane Meeluns Jasper Melton Mrs Josephrne Melton Mrs Viola Melton M and Mrs Garnett Mrller M and Ms Gonslao Mxller Mrs Janie C Miller Pearl Mlller Mrs Rosa Miller Samuel A Miller Sr Ivan A Mills Mr and Ms Jesse B Mxlls Mrs Iretha Mnnxs Miss Alberta Mm! Mrs Alice Minor Mrs Beatnce Mnor Ms Edxth Mnor M and Mrs Ralph Minor Mrs Minott Ms Mary B Mmtz Shelly Mina Arthur Mitchell Ms Betty H Mitchell C B Mrtchell Catherrne Mitchell and Ms Earl Mitchell Katie Mitchell Lena Mtchell Mable Mitchell and Ms Forrest R Mlzell Carrie Monroe H K Monroe James E Monroe Miss Josephine V Monroe Mrs Lizzy Monroe Harvey Montgomery Mrs Lilllan I.. Moody Mrs Canelra Moon Ms Alice Moore M and Ms Charles Moore Cleveland T Moore Clifton M. J L Moore James F Moore M andMrs JarnesW Moorelll M and Mrs John H Moore Ms Queen Moore M and Ms Richard Moore M and Mrs Roscoe Moore Sr Savannah J Moore, Jr M and Ms Walt Mode Ms Amanda Moran Eugene Moran Frances Moran Frank Moran M and Ms Harvey Moran Mrs Ioretta Moran M1ss Mary Ann Moran Mrs Nellle Mordecai Ms Anna Morgan Mrs Edna Morgan Major Morgan Wxllxe Morgan G P Moronr Mrs Bessre Moms Ms Doretha Morns Ms Frances Morns M and Ms Ogden D Morns M and Ms Paul Morrxs Mrs Gladys P Mornson Mrs Naomx L Morse M and Mrs Aubrey Morton Sr Mass Edyth Morton Miss Joan Patricxa Morton Oscar A Morton Ms R Morton M and Ms Rudolph Morton Sr Welford Morton M and Ms Welford T Morton Mr and Mrs Alexander Mosby Ms Everett H. Mosby Sr Hugh Mosby Irvin Mosby 'flrs Maggie Mosby Mrs Marlan Mosby M and Ms Wilbur Mosby Ms Azile Moseley M and Mrs Daniel Mosley M and Ms Daniel Mosley Everett Moseley M and Ms Henry Mosk Ms Fleda Moss Dr and Mrs C L Mullin Ms Emily Murdock Mxss Aurella Murphy Miss Alma C Muse M and Ms F A Myers Percy Myles Mrs Connna Myrick Mr and Ms Floyd Nash M and Ms H. Nash Mrs HelenJ Nash M and Mrs Milton R Nash Sr George Neblett M andMs A W Nelson Jr Calvin Nelson M and Ms H. Nelson Marshall Nelson Ms Virginia Nelson Ms SophiaJ Neville Ms Eva Newklrk W A Newlurk Raymond Newman Miss Betty Nichols Clarence F Nichols Mr and Ms Rudo1phL Nichols M and Ms JamesC Oates M and Ms M. Oden Charles Clzree M and Ms Ellett Gxree Ms A S Oliver Bettre Olrver Mrs Mary Oliver J R Olphin M and Ms Ernest O'Rourke Mxss Josephine Osborne D3v1dE Otey Mrs EvelynV Otey Malcolm Otey Mr andMrs WllllamA Gey Wxllxam Overton A Owens M andMs GeorgeA Owens Ms lshttie Owens Mr and Mrs Oscar Owens P M and Ms Albert Page Miss Andrea A Page Miss Bettie Anne Page 4 1 , . l .' . . . . . , . ' . ' ' .. - I in I I 1 . ' I M ' . . .' . xg. R.. T. Madison Miss Jane Miller Dutchie Mm-my MIC ' ' . .' . . .' ' ' ' 1 ' I ' . N . ' ' ' ' Mel . . '- , ' , - . ' ' Mrs. ' . all Mrs, l - Mrs. ' . . . Ms. 0 - Ms. ' , , . , . n Mr and Ms Fxnest Page Jr George Frederick Page Henry Page Herman N Page lawrence S Page Leon Page M and Mrs McKxn1ey Page M and Mrs Morton Page Miss Nina Katherxne Page M and Mrs Thomas J Page Wxllram A Page M and Mrs James Palmer Mrs A B Pantaja Leon W Parham M and Ms Leon W Parham M and Mrs Archxe L Parker Sr Clarence Parker Mrss Ellen Parker Mrs Elnora Parker Mrs Ethel Parker Mrs Helen Parker James A Parker M and Mrs Lawrence E Parker Miss Lucy E Parker Mrs Nellre Parker M and Mrs Rudolph Parker Miss Shrrley Parker Wxlham Parker, Sr and Mrs Wilhe Parker leola Parks Ernest Parnsh Beatrice Patterson Hattxe Patterson Myrtle Patterson Miss Patrrcra Patterson Mrs Rosa Patterson Mrs Sarah Patterson M1ss Sydney Patterson M1ss Beatnce Patton Edward Patton Frank Patton M and Ms Wlllxam Paxton Jr M and Mrs W N Paxton Jr Ms A M Payne Mrs Celestine B Payne Mrs Blanche Penn Jnmxus Percy Clarence Perkins Mass Florence Perk1ns T C Perluns "Toe ' Perkms and Band Thomas Perkrns W C Perkins Mrs Alfra S Perry Albert A Perry Mrs Bessre Perry Calvin R Perry, Sr Mr and Ms Calvrn R Perry Jr John E Perry M and Ms James Perry James Perry Ms Mary Dains Perry M and Mrs Rxchard Perry Alonza Peterson Mass Elrse Peterson Mrs George Peterson Jr M and Mrs Geo Peterson Jr Mis laura Peterson Ms Rosa Peterson Mxss laura Pettis Ms Louise Pettis Mrs Naomi Pettis Ms Sarah Pettus and Mrs Wrllre I.. Peyton and Ms James Philips and Mrs Jesse Phlllrps and Ms Joseph Phrpps Joseph H Phipps Ms Lillran Phipps Mrs Edna M. Pierce Ms Betty Pxersojn Harry Pmcus I-hrry Pmcus Mrs Lillian Pinner Mus Rose Ann Prpkins William Pltchford Aurelius Pleasants Mrs Berenice Pleasants Mrs D M. Pleasant: S555 Patrons Leroy Pleasants louis Pleasants Mrs Mane Pleasants Mr and Ms Rrchard Pleasants Mr and Ms Herman Plotmck Herbert Plummer M and Mrs Sam Plush kady Poe Peter Poll M and Ms L. H Polrte Ms Anna Pollard James E Pollard Mrs Elorse Pollard Mr and Mrs Geo W Pollard Jr Mrs Irene Pollard Ms Julxa Pollard Oscar Pollard Mrs Margaret Porter Willie Porter M and Ms Booker T Poteat Mrs Beatrice Powell M and Mrs Clayton Powell Mrs Pearl Prentxss Ms Richard Prentlss Ms Thelma Prentxss Master Wlllram E Prentrss Mrs HelenaS Preston Mrs Wrlllam Preston M and Ms Pretlow Junius Pretty Mrs Alxce Price Mrs Bessie R Pnce Charles G Price Clifton Pnce Sr Miss Elxse Price Ms Elsre B Pnce Miss Franczel Pnce Ms Geraldrne Price Mrs laura Pnce Mrs Marguente C Price Miss Mane R Price Miss Pearl Pnce Mrs Sarah Price Mrs Vrrginxa Pnce Walter L Price Mrs Mane R Pride Handy Prrester Miss Nancy Pritchett Rev Mary Propst W J Pugh M and Ms W A Pullen James Puller Mrs Clara Pullram Ms Lucy Pullram and Ms J C Purnell Sr and Mrs Jos S Purnell Ms Thelma Puryear and Ms Charles Quarles Sr and Ms Leroy Quarles Allxe Ragxn Miss Mllie Ragin Samuel Ragm Mrs leona Ragland Ms Arnetta Rames Ms Charles Ralexgh Ml Eleanor Ralexgh M and Mrs Peterson Raleigh M and Ms George M. Ramey James W Randall Marion Randall Marlon Kenneth Randall Mis Allce Randell M and Ms Calvin Randolph Miss Christxne Randolph M Kenneth Randolph Sr Miss kenda Randolph Mrs Coller Randolph M and Mrs Eugene Randolph James Randolph Mist Joyce Randolph Kenneth l.. Randolph M and Mrs Milton L Randolph Ms Phyllxs Randolph Miss Rylene Randolph Mr and Ms S l.. Randolph Min A M Rakin Mrs Burtha Ransome M and Mrs Clarance L Ransom Jr M Clarence Ransome Mr and Ms Clarence Ransome Jr M1ss Ruby M. Ransom Dr and Mrs W L Ransome Ms Catherrne Rawlerson Ms Dorothy Raymond James Reaves M1ss Anna Reed Anthony Reed Ms Eliza Reed George H. Reed Gladys M Reed Issac Reed Ms Leon Reed Mrs Ola Reed Percy Reed Perry Reed W St Elmo Reede Juanxta R Reese Dorothy Reevls M Goldie Rerd Leon A Reid Sr M Jeanette levsns Rexter Gllbert Revere M and Mrs Edward Reynolds M and Ms Alfred Rxchardson Ms Berthel Rxchardson Demeatry Richardson Ms Elsie Richardson Ms Fanme Richardson Mr and Ms Joseph Richardson K W Richardson Ms Marlon Richardson Murley Rxchardson Robert Rrchardson M and Ms Randolph Rxcks M and Ms James A Rxddrck M and Ms George Rrdley George Rxley Ms Ophelia Rxley Ms Ethel Rivers Andrew Roane Aubrey H Roane Burnett Roane Eddxe Roane Ms Frances Roane Mr and Ms George H. Roane M1ss Helen E Roane John E Roane Mass Julla E Roane M and Ms R Roane Mr and Ms Rrchard Roane M and Mrs Wlllram Roane Miss Alice Roberts M and Ms Roberts Rev and Ms Benj W Robertson M andMs Marlon Robertson Sr Ms M. R Richardson M and Ms Marion Robertson Jr Joseph Roberson Hubert Robms Mmss Alma Robinson Ms Anita Robinson M1ss Audrey Robinson Mss A D Robinson Charles Robinson Clarence Robxnson M and Ms Clarence Robmson M and Ms Donald Robmson M and Ms Earnest Robinson M and Ms Eddie G Robmson Edxth Roblnson Blouse B Robmson Evelyn E Robxnson Evelyn K Robinson Florine Robinson Mrs Flornxn E Robinson Miss Geneva B Roblmon George Robinson Mr and Ms Gordon B Robinson Mrs lilda Robmson Mrs Hallie Robinson Harry J Robinson Mus laura E Robinson Lawrence Robinson M and Mrs linwood Robinson Mrs Margaut Robinson I '. ' ' MGS. ' ' . . . . Ms. ' . . . . ' S. I . . . ' ' Ms. . , . Mrs. ' - . I ' ' ' I I ' Ms. ' Ms. ' . ' . Ms. ' , , , Ms. ' , , , , ' ' . ' ML' . . . , . I I ' ' . Mr . , . . . ' , . - R ' ' ' .' . ' ' Mrs. ' ' ' ' . . ' ' Ms. ' . ' Come On, Lets get the gang and go to the best grill in town FIRM NAME KITTY'S GRILL 2828 Nine Mile Road Sundaes Sodas Banana Spluts Best Wishes to the "57" Senior Class of Armstrong High JONES FLOOR SERVICE 2404 North Ave. 3'6350 JOE S SNACK BAR Chicken Shrlmp Carolina Barbecue French Frles Dellclous Sandwiches Petersburg Pnke at I9th Street NORMAN WHITE Auto Service Texaco Station Washing and Greaslng Phone 7 3629 50l5 Williamsburg Avenue L 1 WRIGHT onus COMPANY Prescl'lPl'ons d Called for 8. Dellvele Phone 4 ll Best ofLuck to zhe Class of 1957 LENOX SHOE SHINE PARLOR Bernad White Owner 5I2 Lounsana St BARBER SHOP The place you would like 3051 Midlothian Pike Three Barbers No waltlng Open untll 9 00 P M R L Howlett Prop Phone 82 4640 IRVING S FRIEND Contractor ln Brick Masonry Cinder Blocks Glass Blocks Glaze Tlle Speciality 3055 Mldlothnan Pike ISIS Hull St Office I l HOWLETT'S Ms Mlnme Robrnson M and Ms James E Robrnson Junrus Robrnson M and Ms Kenneth Robmson Ira Robinson Miss Irene Robinson J E Robrnson Sr James Robmson M and Ms James Robmson Mrs Oscar D Robinson Mrs R Roblnson M and Mrs Raymond C Robmson Mrss Ruby M. Robinson Ms Thelma Robmson M! Sgt Vemon Robmson Wade Robinson Wxllram Robinson M and Ms Wxllram Robnnson Wrllxs Robinson Allen Rogers Mrs Anme E Rogers Miss Carlease Rogers Farl Rogers M and Mrs Edward Rogers Jr Ginger Rogers Lawrence W Rogers Mrs Rose Roger Thomas Rogers M and Mrs OnealRo1l1ns M and Mrs Clnff Rollinson Elenor Rollxson M and Mrs Wmston Rollinson Mrs Josephme Rooks Miss Norella Rook Mr and Mrs Augustus Roots M and Mrs Augustus Roots Mrs Emrly Roots Ben Ross M and Mrs Benjamrn F Ros M and Mrs George Ross George T Ross Rev Peter W Ross Rev P W Ross Bennie Rouse Wallace Rouse M and Mrs lawrence Rowlette M and Mrs John R03 M and Mrs Royal Mr and Ms Davrd Royal Ms Mattre Royster M and Mrs Arthur Rucker Mrs IndlanaB Rudd M and Ms A J Rufhn Samuel Rufin Odell Russell James Rustxn JamesW Randolph J R Ryan Arthur Sale Mr and Mrs James Salter Ms Maggxe Sampson Ralph Sampson Wrlbert Sampson Elder J S Samuel Joseph S Samuel Mrs Lomse Samuels Leroy Sanders Mrs Marie Santoes Johnny Sanyour Ms Gertrude Satmders Henry Sargent M and Mrs HarrySatmders Earl D Savage M and Ms Johnny Savage Miss Sandra Savage Sames Sawyer Ms Lrllran M Sawyer Mus Elrzabeth Scales M and Ms lames Scales, Jr M and Ms Alger Schools Ms lula Schools Mrss Mary E Schools Mss Mary E Schools Mendel Schrelber Alanza Scott Albert J Scott Jr Ms Alrce Scott Patrons Ms Anna Scott Miss Beulah Scott Earnest P Scott M and Ms Charles Scott Miss Dessaymore Scott M M Ella Scott Eugenra Scott Eugertha Scott Eva Scott Goldre Scott and Ms J R Scott H. B Scott Mrs Helen Scott Horace A Scott Miss Joan Scott Joseph A Scott Mrs Kathleen C Scott Leala Scott Lena Scott Lucxlle Scott Mam1e Scott Maude Scott Melvm Scott Rudolph E Scott Mrs Ruth Scott Mrs Sadie W Scott M and Mrs Samuel C Scott M and Mrs Wrllie Scott Mxss Elsxe Scruggs Miss France Scruggs Mass Mable R Scruggs John E Seabron Mrs Ma.ryB Seabron Ms Marlon Sears Mrs Edna Seay M and Mrs Carlyle Segar Mrss Shrrley Segar R L. Sclph S P Selph Comelrous Senxor Ms Dons P Shackleford Miss Annie V Shaw Mrs Mrs M Jam Mrs s Th Della Shaw Nancy Shaw Ophelxa Shaw and Ms Robert Shaw P M. Shedd es E Sheffreld Barbara Shelton and Ms Bernard L Shelton and Mrs H nry R Shelton Marian Shelton and Mrs Randolph A Shelton as Shelton om M and Ms Ullls Shelton Mrs Vlola Shelton Ms Mamre Sheppard Moses Sherman Rusell Sherman Mrs Paulme Shernll Mass Agnes Dorothy Sherrod Ms Fleeta Shrelds Ms Ella Siddall John G Sill M and Mrs Conrad Simms Ms Eller Srmms Mrss Mannxe Simms M and Ms John Srmmons Mss Patrxcla Srmons Mrs Robert L Simons Arthur Srmmons Mrs Ella Srmpson Ms Rebecca Srmpson M Aldoms Sims Ms Sarah Srms Lours Singer M and Ms l'knry Singleton Ms Lucille Singleton Qto Singleton Ms Qto L Singleton M andMrs W Smgleton WillramA Skmner Ms Rebecca Skipper Ms Evelyn Slaughter James Slaughter Mr and Mrs Slayton Samuel Small W Smeyne Ms Adelle P Smith . . . ' , Jr. , ' ' ' Ms. ' ' ' Ms. - . ' s. ' . . ' ' MIS. ' MY. . ' . . . ' . Ms. ' Ms. ' Ms. . . . , . Henrv Ross . ' M. and Ms. Lonnie Smith . - Ms. . . ' ' . ' M. . e . ' S . ' ' ' ' - ' " Ms. - ' . . ' s. - . . s. ' . ' s. Alrce C Smith Ms Anme Smxth Ms Bermce Smlth Mrs Bulah Smrth Mass Blanche Hope Smith Chrales Smrth Charles C Smxth Charles I. Smith Ms Chnstrne Smith Mr and Ms Curtrs Smzth M and Ms Daniel Smlth Doretha Smzth Edward Smrth M and Ms Edward C Smrth Elrza Smxth Ehzebeth Smith s Elrzabeth H. Smith and Mrs Emmett E Smith F annre Smlth and Mrs Fletcher Smrth Sr Florence Smith M and Ms Frank C Smith Jr Rev George Smrth Ill Ms Glenms Smrth lhrold Smith M and Ms HarrvSm1th Ms Helen Smlth lknry Smith James C Smith James H. Smitb John Smith M and Ms John D Smrth M and Ms Joseph Smlth M and Ms Joseph Smrth Mlss Kathenne Smxth Ms laVerne Byrd Smith Lewis Smrth Jr Mass LrlyMay Smxth Mr and Mrs L L Smith Mass Lols Smxth Mrs Lois Smith Ms Margaret Smith Mrss Maria Antronette Smrth Ms Manan Smxth Mrs Morce Smrth Ms Moamr Smrth Mrss Olrvra C Smith Ms Queenie M Smith Mr and Ms R E Smith Richard Smxth Mss Rosalie C Smith Mi Ruth H. Smith Ms Sallre Smlth M and Ms Solomon H Smrth, Ms Thelma Smxth J Thomas Smith Mass Verjeane Smrth Mr and Ms Willxam Smrth Wrllram Smith Wrllram G Smith Jr M and Ms Wrllis E Smrth Ms Wrlnet Smith Chester Snead and Mrs John Lornell Spam and Ms Watt Spain Amanda Spears M Catherine Speller Charlotte J Spencer M Bdrth Spencer and Mrs George D Spencer Mary Spencer Mr Oaella Spencer s Dorothy Spratley Mrs Martha J Spriggs Charlre Spruwell Ms lawra B Spruwell Mr and Ms Tames Sprvill Charles Spurlock M and Ms Ellerson Spurlock Mr and Mrs Harvery Spurlock Mrs Evelyn G Solomon Mrs Mary Solomon Ms Vxrgrma Sorrell Fred Stafford M and Mrs James Staggers Miss Dons Stanley lawrence Stanley Miss Irene M. Starkes Mrs Elsie Ta lor Robert Statton Ms Matilda Stephens Ms B L Stephens Miss Myrtle Stephens Wrllre Stephens M and Ms R Stephenson Mrs Ethel Stevens M and Ms James Stevens M and Mrs Rrchard C Stevens Mrs Ruth Stevens Ms Verna W Stevens Mrs Vernelle Stevens Mrs Onnxe Stewart Eugene Stewart M and Ms Frank C Stewart M George Steward Mrs I-httxe Stewart Ms Henrretta Stewart Miss Joyce Ann Stewart Mrs Julia E Stewart Dr and Mrs leon C Stewart Miss Jean Stewart M George Stitch M and Mrs Charles St John lslah Sturdrvont Ms Marie Storks Mrs Anne Mae Storkes Helen T Stokes Israh Stokes M and Mrs John Stokes Walter Stokes Ms Mxldred Stone M and Mrs Willie Stone Sr M and Mrs Benjamrn Storrs Ms Cardxa Storrs Leon E Stovall Mi Martha Stovall Samuel Stovall Sr Mrs Theodora B Stovall Mrs Beverly Street M and Mrs Henry Street Sr M Raymond Street Milrn Clara Stringer Ms Ruth Strony Mrs Callre Strother Ms Mary Studgeon Mss Julra Sturduvant Mrs Helen Suitt David Sutton Ms Ollie Sutton Valvm Earl Sulton lV M and Ms Valvin Earl Sutton Mrs Navella Sykes Theodore R Sykes M and Mrs C B Swain Mrs Katie Swan Miss Vrrginxa Sweden Miss Virgrnla Swinson Alonzo P Swinton James H. Swinton M and Mrs George Tabb Mrs Mary Tabb Miss Shelby Tabb Robert Tabron M and Mrs Maurice Talrferro M and Ms Herman Tanner M andMs JC Tate Jr Mrs Ethel Tatnell Mrs Alice Taylor Alvin Taylor Arthur Taylor Miss Berthenla Taylor M and Ms Charles H. Taylor Columbus Taylor Mrs Dorothy S Taylor Mlss Elaine Taylor Mrs Elsie R Taylor Y Mrs Esther Taylor Mrs Frances Taylor Miss Grace Taylor Mr and Ms Harold Taylor lirry L. Taylor, Sr Mrs Hattie Taylor Irvin Taylor James B Taylor James Henry Taylor Jr II Patrons Joseph L Taylor James Taylor Mrss Jeanette Taylor M and Mrs John Taylor M and Mrs Mr and Mrs John Taylor J John Taylor Sr Joseph F Taylor Jlnuous Taylor M and Mrs J Vauyran Taylor Ms lenna Taylor Mrs Ertalle Toler Wrllram McArthur Tollrver M and Mrs O B Tomlrn Jr Henry Toobs Mrs Bemrce Townes C L Townes Jr Ms ViolaF Townes Mrss Esther L Trent Guy S Trent Mrs Mrnme Threat Mass Lenora Taylor M Taylor Mrs M E Taylor Mrss Maggre Taylor M and Mrs Marcellus F Taylor Marcellus Taylor Mrs Mane Taylor Maunce Taylor Mr and Mrs Melvrn L Taylor Mrs Molly Taylor Mss Ocean Taylor Mrs Odessla Taylor Mrss Olrvla Taylor Mrs Ora B Taylor Percy Taylor Rrchard Taylor Mass Rosle Glorra Taylor Robert Taylor Rev Robert L. Taylor M and Mrs Samuel Taylor M and Mrs Thomas Taylor M and Mrs Walter Taylor Wlllram Taylor Wrllre Taylor M and Mrs David L Temple E H. Temphe Mrs James A Terrell Mrs Mary H. Terrell Mrs Dorothy Terry Henry C Terry Mrs Phyllis Thacker Charlie Thomas M and Mrs Danrel Thomas David T Thomas M and Ms E F Thomas M andMs EdwardS Thoma. Mrs Helen Thomas Mr and Mrs James 'Thomas M and Ms James R Thomas Mrs Eluabeth Trrmrew Alfred Tucker Jr M and Mrs Mrs Ellen T and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Earl Tucker Tucker l-lenry A Tucker Lee Andrew Tucker Wllbert C Tucker Tmnage Mrs Catherrne Turner George W Turner Mrs Edythe Wrlson Turner M and Mrs Elrjah Turner Mrss Fssxe Turner James Turner Rev J E Turner Joseph Turner M and Ms lewls Turner Jarvis A Thomas M and Mrs John L Thoma.s Mrs Lrllie 'I'homas and Mrs Maurice Thomas Mrs Mannie Thomas and Mrs Page 'l'hornas and Mrs Robert Thomas Mrs louise H. Thomas M and Mrs Alfonzo Thompson Mr Arnrta Thompson and Ms B H. Thompson Earl 'l'hompson Rev and Ms G M 'I'hompson Sr Deacon George Thompson Mrs Inez Thompson James E Thompson Mrs Janie Thompson M and Ms Johnny Thompson John Thompson, Jr John Thompson M and Ms LeVert Thompson Ms Naomr Thompson Ms Olivia Thompson Mr and Mrs Samuel Thompson Mrs Queen Thompkrns M and Ms Bennie Thomlinson Mr and Mrs Norman Thornton W A Thornton Mrs Pearl Thorp Thomas Thorpe Paul 'l'horr , Jr William C Thrawer Mr andMs Booker T Thmston W S Tlbbs Mrs Althea Tinsley Miss K. R Tinsley Willie Tlsdale Ms Marjorie Toaa Mr and Ms Eldridge E. Toler Mrs Nellre Turner Vemell Turprn M and Ms Tunstall Ms Eunrce Twrtty Albert L. Tylor M and Mrs Clarence Tyler M and Mrs I-loraceA Tyler James Tyler Mr and Ms John Tyler Mrs Kathryne Tyler Ms lavmra C Tyler Ms Nancy Tyler M and Ms Robert Tyler Miss Dons Valentine Ms Dune Lee Valentine James Valentine Ms Maragaret Valentrne Ms Margaret Valentine Theodore Valentine Mn Willranna Valentine Mrs Alme Vann James Madrson Vance lll Frank Vaughan Mrs Gladys Vaughan Ms Isabelle Vaughan M and Ms J A Vaughan J B Vaughan M and Ms lewis Vaughan Miss Rosa M. Vaughan M and Mrs lsiahVenab1e Ms Mable Venable Mertle Venable Wllliam Vellenes Mrs Sam Vrncent Mix Mary Ross Volley M and Ms Thomas A Volley Mrs Barbara Waddey James R Wade M and Ms Major Wade Ms Martha Wade M and Ms Thomas Wade Nathamel Wade Ms Bettie Wade James Wade Elmer Wagstaft lilton Walcott Ms Mrldred T Walden Ms Goldie Wall Ms Gwendolyn Wallace Kenneth Wallace Mrs Florence Waller and Mrs and Mrs and Ms M and Ms M and Ms Marvin Waller Thomas Waller Elbert V Walker James A Walker James Walker Albert Walker Mr and Ms Albert Walke M andMrs Albert R Walker - - ' Q 1. . ' ', ' I . . ' . Sr. l . ' I I . . '. . I Miss Dorthy Street M. and Ms. Jasper Thacker Tyris ' . . ' , I I. ' . . - ' .' . , Sr. . . T . I . W.. U I I an . - Mrs Ella Walker M and Ms George Walker H. Walker Mrs M B Walker Rev P B Walker M and Mrs Rufus H Walker M and Mrs Thomas Walker Wrllram Walker Wrlllam Walker Ill M and Mrs Wxlllam Walker wlllllln lovell Walker M and Ms Wxllxam M Walker Mxss Wilnette J Walker Lorenzo Walhngton Donna Walls M and Mrs Edward Walls Ms Alzce B Walter Frank Ware Mrss E Ward M and Mrs Elmore Ward Ms Emma Ward A G Warden Ms Mary Wardlow Ms Mary Warren Robert Warren Ms Rosa Bell Warren Mrs Rosabell Warren Miss Alxce Washmgton M and Ms Andrew Washington Ms E B Washington Mrs Emma Washxngton Mrs Emma L Washxngton Mxss Bessxe Washington M and Ms Burley Washington M and Ms C L Washrngton Grandvlll Washington Mrs Hazel Washxngton Henry B Washington James L Washington Jerry Washmgton Katie Washington Maydelra Washrngton Name Washington Nellie Washrngton Mss R Washmgton Robert Washington Ms Sarah B Washrngto Mrs Thelma Washington Wrllre Washrngton Vrrgrma Waters M and Ms Charlxe Watkins Ms Daisy Walkins Mrs Edna Watkins M and Ms George T Washington Miss Llllxan A Watkins Mrs Rosa Watkins Ms Dorothy Watson Mrs Edna Watson Ms Elsie Watson M and Ms JamesL Watson Ms Mldred Watson M and Ms Preston Watson Jessre Watts Richard Watts M and Ms Robert Weatherless Wlllle Watherspoon Ms Bernard Webster Keeve Wernberg Ms Wexss Ms Wells Fred Wells R D Wells M and Ms Wrllram 0 Wells Patrons Mr and Ms M West Mss Carolyn West Mr and Ms George N West M and Ms George Nelson West M and Ms Herman West Sr Samuel West M and Ms Leroy Whaley Rev C Wlutaker Mrs K.lZ13h Whrtaker M and Ms Noah Whitaker M and Ms Whxte Bernard Wlnte Ms Bessie White Brodas White Claude Whrte M and Ms Claude Whrte M and Ms Claude Whrte Collxns Whrte Ms D Whzte Eddxe Whrte Mrs Ella Whxte M and Ms Elvrn White Doctor Everett Whrte Mrs Geneva Whxte Mrs Geraldlne Wlnte Mass Gloria Whxte Harry L Whrte Jr Herman Whrte Sr M and Ms Herman Whxte Jr Miss Irma Whrte Ms Ivan Whxte Mr and Ms James Whrte M and Mrs J E Whxte Johnnre White M and Mrs K White Mr and Mrs Lunetta Wlute Mrs M3-Cle Wlute Mrs Mattie Whrte Miss Myrtle Whxte Norman Whxte Jr M and Ms Norman Whrte Ms Phila M. Whxte M and Ms Preston Whrte M and Ms Roy Whxte Rudolph Whxte Mrss Ruth Whxte Thomas Whrte Ms V Whxte M and Ms W W Whrte M and Ms James Whrtehead James Edward Whitehead Ms Lnzzre Wlutehurse Miss Manan Whrtehead Nehemrah Whxtehead Mrss Nancy Whrtxng W C Whitley M and Ms Wxllnarn Whxtted Ms Wrlhe Wrgfall Ms Alelaxde Wiggins Mr and Ms Alexander Wnggms Miss Carolyn Wrggms N R Wxggxns Wlllram R Wilburn M and Ms George Wilder Georgxe Wrlder Jr Ms vory Wrlder Lorry Wilder and Ms Welford Wrlder Jr and Ms Welford Wilder Sr and Ms A L Wilkerson and Ms Edsel C Wilkerson and Ms Coleman E Wrlkers S5555 OD Ms Elma Wllderson Mxss Jeanette Wrlkerson M and Ms Harry D Wrlkms Clyde Wllllams George Wrlllams Sr M and Ms Joseph Wrllrams Mrss Madalme Wrllrams Mxss Nancy Wlllllms M and Ms Robert Wrllrams Ms Vera Wrllrams Wilbur Wlllrams Ms Rosa T Wxlhe M and Ms Wxllram O Wlllre M and Ms L V Wrllrs Edgar Wrllrs Mlss Annie E Wolt Ms Blanche J Wood M and Ms Burrell Wood Cleveland Wood Miss Eleanor Wood Mrs Geneva Wood Ms Gertrude Wood Ms Hattie Wood Mss M. E Wood Ms Minnie Wood Mrs Elizabeth Wooden Eugene Woodndge George W Woodriff Jr Mr and Ms Cleveland Woodson M and Ms Fznest Woodson Mrs Martha Woodson Mxss Mattre Woodson Ms H. Woodxe Charles R Woody Mack M Woody Moses Aaron Woody M and Ms Sarn M Woody Mss Sarah Cle Woody Ms Alxce Wooldridge Mlss Carolyn Wooldndge M and Ms Charlie Wooldridge Mrss Janet Wooldridge M and Ms Sidney Wooldrxdge Mis Barbara Woolfolk M and Ms Purcell Word Ms Isabell Wortham Edgar E Wray Jr Ms Alcxe Wrrght Mrs Charlotte Wright M and Ms Floyd Wright M and Ms Harace Wright Miss Ruth Wrrght Ms Susle M. Wnght M and Mrs Walter Wright Ms A Wynn Ms Norma Wynn George Wynne Y Al Yaffe G M Yancey James J Yancey Casper A Yasper Mrs Berenice Yates Mus Janrce E Yates James T Yates Ill S Elwood York, Sr Ms Elizabeth Byrd York Clifton F Young Ms Margaret Young Mrs Velma H. Young M andMrs R Young K. ' '. ' , Sr. , 1 , George-Washlngton Ms. Louise Whlte Mrs, Fannie Woody Mrs. I n a , I 1 ' . Ms. ' ' . ' ' Ms. ' . . ' . . ' Ms. ' . . ' . . ' n ' l . , . Autographs x K 'X A ku .XX Q -K ..5 -M - .,.. S'-Q, N, ff-2-af N ,Wk . 'E 1 Q ,,,..w2'eN" 3,,.,, will VW, , f ' W fi ' V if 5 " ' 5 ' PM S,,w wg ,. Q5 K '1 K . arg ' A - iw V Y f 9 ,, J- ,. V ,,, f jg! I N'- K My 4 M my QR -5 . w,5,,-ki. W Hs, RNS. M nf ,' , -,Q-if gg, . r . . A , 'sw we P .. 1-gpm x 472726 ,iv-M f H- . - , , 4 Y . H ,Q h W , ,vw Y 5. ' ' " , 9 . 4 ' 7' , -. hx . Hi 'L W 4w'4'. 1-f K ' Www.. 3, rwz, my wwe 5 "'-41

Suggestions in the Armstrong High School - Spirit Yearbook (Richmond, VA) collection:

Armstrong High School - Spirit Yearbook (Richmond, VA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Armstrong High School - Spirit Yearbook (Richmond, VA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 25

1957, pg 25

Armstrong High School - Spirit Yearbook (Richmond, VA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 16

1957, pg 16

Armstrong High School - Spirit Yearbook (Richmond, VA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 29

1957, pg 29

Armstrong High School - Spirit Yearbook (Richmond, VA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 97

1957, pg 97

Armstrong High School - Spirit Yearbook (Richmond, VA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 5

1957, pg 5

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