Armstrong High School - Comet Yearbook (Armstrong, MO)

 - Class of 1958

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Armstrong High School - Comet Yearbook (Armstrong, MO) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 76 of the 1958 volume:

Jw: Xf DLP COL 1 QA 'Seb- 'QJQXGN KWH? QAJQJ - Q X :GLF ,I av' PAULI NE BANNI NG Home Economics ELIZABETH SCOTT Special Education DONNY WILLIAMS Practice Teacher CARL STALLARD, Superintendent MARY OLDAKER, Principal Physical Education English American History Biology ,Q WALTER TABOR Shop MARVIN BEACH 6th and 7th Physical Education Math. and physics MARY LOU BROWN Commerce Cltl zenship ELIZABETH KEEL lst, 2nd, and 3rd MARY PAXTON 3rd, 4th, and Sth Basketball Baseoall Track Baskttb ll Co captan Good cr lzer award Free tnrow awarc. Homccomrng Ca dldato Annual Staff Senior Play News Flash Class Vlcc esxae t DALLAS PHILI.IPb D P VICC presldent Basketball Baseball Track Class Presxdent Council Presrdent Band Cnorus News Flasn Speecn Play Homecoming Candidate Semor Play Editor of Annual Marshall Musrc Contest WAYNE- wzuar I-Windy,- President TOM MY ADAMS Doc Treasurer Basketball Speecn Play Semor Play Class Treasurer Annual Staff News Flasr Hor' ecorrxng Candidate Chorus Homecoming Queen Typing Contest Sophomore Good Citizen Cheerleader Basketball Softball Good Citizen Award Senior Play Annual Staff News Flash Class Secretary Basketball Captaln IE ANETTE MCCULLY Mac Secretary 3 - -- ....--.-------- ----------- 3 ,4 , ....------ ---------------- - 2 ----------------------------4 --------------------------4 '. --------------- ------------' 4 r 'x- ------------------- -------- 3 JEAN STRODTMAN Red Basketball Cheerleader Annual Staff Serro Play Horrecofrmg Candldate Softball News Flash Class Treasurer Coll cll Secretary Crorus Ar ual Staff Band Basketball Softball Senior Play Typing Contest Marshall Mus c Contest Homecoming Candidate D A R Good Citi zen News Flash Homemaklng Award CAROLYN IOH NSON Pee Wee ,r - -------------------------1.2,3.4 Basketball Co-captaln ...................... 4 --------..------..-..----------4 ff ,,,-,,,,,-,,,--,,,,- --.---,- 4 jr ---------. - ..-.............. 4 . .. ...-............. ..... 4 -----------------------------5,3 ,wt --,. ........ ......,,,,,,,,, ' 2 4 on ------------------ ------- 4 A Ba c Crows Bas, mb ll Captcu Basrntb 11 Co can snb C0 C 1 b sf' LARRY LITTREL1. 1 Basr Ltbull A. rual Staff Hon ccomxrq Ngws Flask C1 orus Softball Scmor Play Candxdato JOAN WYATT Bleve Ixot S Baseball Basketball Track Homecorrmg Candxdate Annual Staff Semor Play News Flash Class Treasurer Speccn Play ROBERT WAGNER Brother Bob Class Treasurer Honnecomxng Candidate Mouon Pxcture Operator Annual Staff Semor Play Band News Flash IOHN ALBERT CROSS Curly Cfdifif ,M for? In September twelve years ago seventeen llttle s1x year olds walked lnto the1r room where Mlss Frances Beltz then' flrst teacher was wa1t1ng to start thelr educatlon Those seventeen were Tommy Adams Kenneth Ancell Iumor Appleman B1lly Ioe Baler Iohn Albert Cross Delmar Gebharot Delores Iackson Carolyn Iohnson Ierry Klrby Larry L1ttrell Iohnny Lyons Martha Magruder Dallas Ph1ll1ps Roger Stocker Bob Wagner Wayne Ware and Mary Welch We galned Ieanette McCully durlng that year Throughout our flrst e1gnt years of schoollng we galned and lost many students Among those who came to be in our class are Ierry Colbert Stacy Scott Dudley Tlpton Llnda Armstrong Louise Clark Bobble Russell Shlrley Wyatt Ieanne Farrls Larry Iennlngs Carl McDonald and Lottle Qu1nt We lost Dudley Tlpton Llnda Armstrong Loulse Clark Bobble Russell Shlrley Brashear Ahce Buck Myrna Fuller Ieanne FGITIS Delmar Gebhardt Delores Iackson Mary Welch Lottle Qulnt Larry Ienmngs and Carl McDonald When we entered h1gh school Iean Strodtman came to Joln us In our senror year Ed1th Campbell enrolled here and then left agaln along w1th Stacy Scott Sharon Hoosrer Wllma Drew and Roger Stocker who also transferred to other schools durlng thelr h1gh school days Today at graduat1on there are only ten of us to recelve our dlplomas We are Wayne Vkare Dallas Ph11l1ps Tommy Adams Larry L1ttrell Iohn Albert Cross Bob Wagner Ieanette McCully Carolyn Johnson Iean Strodtman and Ioan Wyatt . 5 I I I , . l I 0 I Y I I 1 l I I I 1 I I I ' I l I I I - I I I I I I Y I I . I , I . I , I . Brashear, Alice Buck, Wilma Drew, Sharon Hoosier. Myrna Fuller, Ioan I . I . I I . . . I I l I I I . I U I I I I V I I I I I . I . I I I L F I ' l I I l 1 I 3 I I I , . CAM W We the 1958 Sen1or Class of Armstrong H1gh School being of absent mlnd and poor health do hereby make our last W1ll and Testament Flrst we w1ll the fo1low1ng to our teachers To Mrs Brown we leave a palr of mlcroscoplc eyes so she can see what all the klds are domg and a good supply of cokes to add to the one last year s class gave her To Mr Tabor we w1ll a year s supply of No Doze sleeplng pllls to keep h1m awake rn class To Mr Stallard weleave a book full ofAmer1can Hlstory reports and a daughter so he can marry her off to some college guy To Mr Beach we leave a loud bell to get all the k1ds to hls classes on tlme and a new limouslne to replace hls l1ttle green car To M1ss Mary we w1ll a supply of books on how to comugate a verb so her class w1ll know how next year when she glves a test and a pr1vate bookkeeper and secretary so she won't have so much work to do To M1ss Scott we leave a stralght Jacket to a dress Just llke Mrs Brown s and a 1960 Pont1ac To Mrs Banmng we w1l1 a box of ra1s1ns to replace the one somebody ate and a carload of Home Ec books publrshed rn 1999 Secondly we leave to our beloved schoolmates the following Wayne Ware wrlls Walnut Rldge to Dolly Steinmetz and the srde roads at Yates to Carolyn Sue McCully Dallas Phrlllps bequeaths hls long curly halr toSh1rley Grlmsley and hrs 46 Ford to Dean Brand Tommy Adams wllls hls broken down locl' er that leaks to Gene Espenschied and his specs to Larry Swetnam Iohn Albert Cross leaves the plcture machlne to anybody that will take rt and hrs nelght to Elsle Lessley Larry Littrell wllls h1s Ford to Gene Espenschled so he can go arter Karen and hls basketball ablhty to Edward Kennepp 0 I I , s . . . . . a . . I u , I - . - . . o . n n , , n 1 . . . . . I 1 Q . 1 o . u . . , , . . . I u ' x u . 1 . . N . a Cf Ollfllllllyl N 4 YN1 Us 11 y M Q M' V LL TI lx 1 Q1 C, D1 l fl I I II 55 f I ' f V 1 if Q-, 12,5 Arg .. ll." PQ. L. lllllw T. 1,.: :.L.5 L,:S1iJf1ll4Ll' ' cy S.l1p::,g:gf 11, fn L., 11- 55, If, . fi- I"f1'C.11.y .X my H: Ihr' 1gi,1:'gi,.:..'ic1141,115MP1, L. S' 11 LL. f wx .4 ly '.','1Il, I,.1:rj,' M1114 ll 1 1 1. ,nm LI' 15.1111 v. llgwlyi IOI...l5"'DI. wills ff. 11,1 ,. out gy 1 IIULISQ tr,Sug1+ Sg.1i1cgtta1:1r1 1fI'X.'.'n1lC '1E.Il,nI: in Lv ly.1H fzi T fn. SL1''.'.'1":s U . ' u..L11r ZL2E'Jil1,'.Qi'1'u:4:LJ..Xi..'I ftl,- wg ci1A.j L11 1' u Szpwy f:Il!j.:Ql' 141,11 k'.g,u1tt 1L,s.v I3 1 .jfQ11UIE tif :,L15E:K 1E,..l b..,ft..1wS,l:.1i1L1Si.1fl0t1 Q: Q .oz-.::.'A.' Lyozi IC Kqy ',1.1:z.S. Cjamfgffo cg As we are cneckmg on former classmates we ftnd that many cranges have come about The flrst b1t of news IS about Ioan Wyatt the playglrl of 1969 She lS runnlng an orphanage for boys A few of tnerf who are l1v1ng there are Donny, B111 Darrell and Cosrow Another one of our semor glrls who remalns slngle 15 Carolyn Iornson She has made qu1te a name for herself wlth the chaln of ltahan restaurants she now owns Some of her loyal customers are Art Dlck Ioe Ken Robert and George One of her most efflclent managers lS an old school frlend Susle There seems to be someone by the name of Don who wants to be a partner ln th1s bus1ness Thls tlme we hear of our red headed classmates who arf now rrarrled and I'9S1dlI'1g ln New York Mrs Phllllps IS known to us as lean Strodtmar Sne 1S a famous fashlon model tor Nardls of Dallas ln downtown New York Clty Mr Ph1ll1ps now owns several large f1ll1 rg stations 1n the suburbs Thelr four red headed cruldren Elsle Leroy Ieanette and Donald all drlve 1949 Fords Thls t1me we read about Madan e McCully the noted pe1c1l and paper secretary She lS an asslstant to a former school frlend Robert Ryle who lS now a professtonal student at Central College Madame McCully rs known to us as Ieanette McCul1y She always furnlshed a good supply of pcnc1ls paper, and typlng erasers whtle 1n A H S Next we hear about Vtayne Ware another of our classmates who lS now presldent of the Unlverslty of M1ssour1 Hls wtfe Darlene IS h1s secretary and mother of Ihelr slx chtldren Dlane Dana Don Davld Dalene, and Wayne Eugene Ir The Wares have recently built one of the most excluslve homes 1n Colurrbra As we contlnue to read we come upon the name of Larry Ltttrcll who now mal' es hls l1v1ng as a professtonal hunter Hc 1S also asslstant manager of the Glasgow Co op where hrs wlfe Bonlta strll works He rs teachrng hrs ktds Terry Icrry Mary Cary Harry and Larry Ir , to be great hunters lrke their father I see now that playmg at tne Starllght Tneater IS Robert L Wagner, the dancxng Sensatlon of 1970 Mr Wagner lS very well known all over the world for h1s trtmetcous danclng ablllty Bob as he 1S known to hts classmates recelved nts flrst utpenenct 111 ClGIlClf'lQ at a party out at Iohnson S durlng lrs senror ycar rn lngh school , . . , A . . , . . .. I I ' . . ' H 1 9 I I I I I . . . o o lo A , Q s 1 o I I I I . 1 , -x . , . N , ' I I ' I . . . x I - , I I I . I I I I I ,, , L I , V 3 ' X I I - , . . I I I I I I I ' . . 1 I Y 7 ' X ' Y ' " ll ll ' 1 , . . , I , , w. . N , . . . CL I' IO C7 QlfLfLlfLlfLQ We are astounded to hear about the Elvis Presley of 1969 Iohn A Cross He has made quite a name for himself as the teenage idol of this era The thing that really makes their hearts flip 15 that little winding curl that bobbles up and down on his forehead Among his latest hit records are Nancy My Love Love Me Slender and Roddin Around home in 22 different states and four countries He owns a large ranch in Australia and a famous night club The Missouri Palace in Los Angeles He rrade all of his money in uranium prospecting and oil wells The only one of our classmates who owns factories is Tommy Adams He runs the largest can manufacturing factory in the U S His niclfname Can Can was given to him by certain girls during their senior year in high school Thus ends the panorama of our future C7 M X90 Q Oy Dallas Phillips, the wealthy playboy from Missouri, now makes his lfLlfLl Ld! 5? Edltor ln Chief Wayne Vtare Assoclate Edltor Ieanette MoCully Commerce Ioan Strodtman Ieanette McCully Muslc Carolyn Iohnson Sports Larry Llttrell Dallas Phllhps Humor Dallas Phxlhps Wayne Ware Shop Iohn Cross Tommy Adams Bob Wagner Home Economlcs Carolyn Iohnson Ioan Wyatt ACt1Vltl9S Ie-an Strodtman Jeanette McCu1ly Layout Men and TYDISIS Wayne Mare Dallas Phllllps Ieanette McCully Tommy Adams Carolyn Iohnson Iean Strodtman Ioan Wyatt Iohn Cross Bob Wagner and Larry Littrell i lui Q! 'if 2 ,E I lchemxstryn ns .u mmm. 1 ll X97 wfxlrz LARRY SWETNAM 'ti' LARRY BEACH DONALD WHITE Qu 5. 1 W A. SUE SHIFLETT CAROLYN IONES RAY BANNI NG GENELLE TOOLEY LLVLLOPZ5 GENE ESPENSCHIED ,y L NORMAN HAMMONS IEANETTE BARTEE DONALD LYON EVELYN HOARD for C 1 A , ' fs- N - . V, fl? ami. D S I IL P' J R A -CA L fag A A. A 1 14,2 In R 22:1 A AA ,A 1" if S: X L rs- " , A, 4 A Q 1' A ,C , GORDON! SANDRA SHIFLETT ELSIE na. L. STUNMETZ my BARBARA BLAI R E EDWARD KENEPP KAY ADAMS CAROLYN MCCULLY GENE GOONE KAREN CHRISTENSEN 'QLPIQOTC f-3-V . , ,V.'.. D....L.- ...I '4 C' 67 IERRY WYATT PHYLLIS I-'ULLINGTON HAROLD YOUNG P08 GLADYS ESPENSCHIED WANDA HOPPER IIMMY MILLER ALICE LANCASTER 1 'R BOBBY STANLEY IOANN MARTIN ALEX PIPE dis tar 4 LINMA MAUPIN ROY BANNING PATSY RAY PCLC 8 C W JONES TANIA YEAGER BILLY ROBB IULIA KATHLEEN NORRIS DONNA GARNER MARY GARNER PIPE J Pd 8 F 1ffL DAVID IODY SHIFLETT OVID LYON DENNY LONG GANT ALEX WILLARD LANCASTER DON FULLINGTON IIMMY HAYES WELLS 1 -'ffv I V. 1. KAREN YEAGER GARY BILL STANLEY MALCOLM LITTRELL PEVELER v J v7 I SHARON YEAGER TONY NOLL W H9 f nav' E K Adurrs lst ROW E Hoard L Beach C Iones L Swetnam I Bartce 2nd ROW D Lyons G Espenschled N I-Iammons D Whxte g!9ll'LC O W " J' , 4 - ' a 1" , , J lst ROW: G. Farms, B. Blair, E. Lcssley, C. McCully, S. Shiflett. 2nd ROW: L. Lntrcll, G. Goone, K. Chnstcnsen, I- Solomon . 3 'Y' I VVYGII C TOFHSOF I McC,ully I Strodtrran I Cross D Phxlhps QCI"6f6Ll"L6L l"dCtLC8 Ieanett barteo joe LII SOA M! 1 C911 Q Ncuuuy Joan Strodtman parolyn jones we W E W 5 111 YV' J LHTED C lowes C Io so to trar LDING I N RI ook N fx 3? iii wifi -wg S-. 4 01110 C. 'f w tfa ., K I I I A A" . iz' Y ' . '17 fi ...... l. P' H Q, ""1 I 2 , - I ' " . A , - - 14 ' 2 A f , , I "' j Q U, 'I A ' Q l ,N-bv , -- S ' . E J S" : . . , . 3, I. S r d .. .. STA ' 3 . 'Vy..t , G. T fy, I. Bartgc, I. ,CC'.lly. SEATED: N. Beach, B. Stocker, D. Stelnrnetz. STANDING: D. Nachols, S. Rgcs, S. Gr1rr.s.fQg', I.. Marknzii, D. Toolay, 3f.f5cg:,, M A . 4. 1 2 'W' 1 1 3 i - D N45 ...a 7 1 m 1 I V "' A 3 'f , 9 ' ,- ,- ,W 4 .5 f . 3 ,. M K 1 , I A, Q A t I vv I , vy V 1 s K V 1' -.. L ' A ' an 5. f SAW SZLJM CWM X A xii Q , f 1 xi 5'3" ' g I , rf ,Fa- XQMQH A., an rx! 1 X lffll 01.5 www ffm! Q'- " X, OVLL5 F Tfbgfngni 92 141 -4.4 luahlPh9bP50iQ 3 Dallas Phillips Wayne Ware Ieanette McCully Tommy Adams Veron Sellmeyer Gene Goone Elsle Lessly SENIOR SOPHOMORE JUNIOR Vxce President President Secretary Treasurer La I-EUYY Swetnarr Sue Shi flett ffm UMM FRES HMAN Vice President Shirley Grimsley Vice President Nancy Beach Sec and Treas Dolly Stelnmetz Ralph Bauer rry Beach Treasurer eanette Bartee Secretary Vlce Presxdent President Secretary President Treasurer -F , 1.4,- ..:.., -L.-Qp ,,E .J . I ag' 'L 5 5, ff Y! LW-A lr 1?- 'x YI 66 77 44,5 I pl' I staglllg Sellmeycr Phxlhps Ware L1ttrel1 Wagner STANDING 1-xamrrols Ivons Espcnscfued Ada S Brand 0501 ar SEATED Goone Swetnam Bannmg Goon Adarrs STANDING Robb Wmte Coach Stallard Beacr rv 1? 12,5 Ery art i ?7 b 3 1 1 1 , ' I ' Q, ' Q . 1 N Q 1 11, L Y , ' ,QA S U 9 N . gk ' "' ' " I ' 14 , -' Y ' gf? , x . 1 N r F 27 AJ ff 1' , J- . s , N , .I ,' I ,V Q A E -, V r ' 5 N 1 . 2 JD XL r ' . I I f V 4 sm , I 4 V I I I . X . W, 'Q f ? i 3 6 N 3 3, ' ig f f W 1 wi as L ' " gff . N iii? f i as , 3 1' lr i N 5 V ' H ' 5 ig i ' A ve I Q I A A f 1 5 i K '91- s N E1 12 : N 4 J '!, 5 4 V 77 . :E A . 5 5, Q i , Q Y N f 52 1 A . 'Ii g V r W. Y , 5. -, I 7 . -1 vi 7 ' 'x . cc 77 .A 4, 'Ml fo "I mill! s L "dll vfiibvi T.. .L R, . E ....-.. ,K , ,. l .,..,.-vv '- i -1-any.---n , ,,,,, x A V . V A V 4 mafia X XM, ., . ,.. .ppm Jw.. ... .-.. -.-..,- fa ' ' I , K,-he ,Q 4. .1 ,Y ' W" -V A .nur-Y Ulinur r-9-an 5 ff? Maxx C 001 C76tC!Qlf':5 tl? Q ,fl R O Ll' 5 51.5 K . i 1 z , , 1 5 v , - 2 2 A f Y 3 Q ' ii . 5 1 i i ' , A 5 , . V I , 3 - " I 1 ,L XL X ., X. I . f g - I x -W 1 I x I 4 , 1 f ' it , . Q I 'k , Q A fb X. - X 4 - x "' ' . .. 1 kk "' T X 1 , .J 'Y' N 1 Q 5 'gg J- W ,, . sf , SITTING: Bart, ?.1,1:f.lL1-Lz, Ix1gQ..Qly, 'MQ-Qii, x.J..r.5t Hsu., Ipmvs, St,-xnxx' zz, Gr: STATJD C S L 3 Smtlr 11, Sing.-Lu, Sir- :t:: 13 F.1',C..l.',', IJ. gif, ALJ -sslfy. . ---..--. U - z ' ' ' . 4 -4 . .+-- V ' F ' "" ' V v 5- v 0 -A -, , , g , X QQ. X1 QV' A. - 1 wilmvr 0-'bi'1H J! ' f 5 , A I M 9 1 ' in 1'-as 'itaiid . QCN-Q . ,. K D Q DOLLY STEINMETZ CAROLYN IONES Fresh. Forward Ir. Guard 5.5.. 5.50 SUE SHIFLETT Ir . Forward 5 . 3 .. 5- i 4 aff Z?0Li5C7A0'L! ,nv- AQZQTV . ,f,:?,, ,..,...-W-3-1-3 . ,iw -L 5. A E?5"'2, A " . 6 t .. "1 4 y I II I 11. I W H - ll , rv -nv 'Q - 1. 'War ...jx ,,K '- 1.1 'S Q 4 .nv f :-- la 4 ' 'r 3' F ' if Luk f ,.-ff' fefi S5 Yakf , 2 L4' fy f 4: if if "s.'- 62' ' A Vu fl'1f.T"5m x 1 h.,. ln I swf- RA S V ' I! 'fr A ,,f"' if Q' S XM ' I SJ'- - GMTAGES Q- .Sluddf Modem 41. INOULRE News f ef P? iwy. , -4 1 5 461 S nl au., 51' C I' ' 0' l k -: 4 5 faflwxngi .. W? M,-fmww Y x .Sr- 'Qi Q. "gZLLfOf.j 'iclfllgi L, ,AAN5 R 'x"'5h, I Hdamtwwy '71 243 Aw, J mc -fx ., .X . A K- fn XX px s h K . r 1.1 Mx -N X N. x V ,J " 3-,A X - ,A ,X ,WI A . . A-n x Z f , 5 'X xr. 'X fy. LX, V ,ff X4 . XX Af, XX ' , 2 ,X 1 K I XX v. .blah . ' 4 4 F, . . 1 K K .7 v If . 7, gf - . gf f 41' 4 M I 1.x , 53 I X I f 1 I. ' 4 ,V - 1.7 . me 1 1' sz' , X , . V z. , - . - . 'N , l Q X 'b x - , z . 'S' .- lx 5 . , , . 1 L COMPLIMENTS GLASGOW SAVINGS BANK MISSOURI S SECOND OLDEST BANK MEMBE ITDBR L FSI VE S INSU114 ea J "" GLASGOW MISSOURI OF I I I 06 1-4 I ' IKE., COMPLIMENTS OF CCMMERCIAL TRUST CO Mm QQ 'Venn NE - ,llpnnnu H LL J! -gk ww .. IH ff SE EI:-511 Vx ...Q l A R 1 W':!m, K SX4' 5411 'Z' 67051 Mft L W IACOBS IR PRESIDENT I T WHITE VICE PRESIDENT W I TURNAGE SECRETARY NANNIE MAE MILLER, ASSISTANT SECRETARY R L BURNHAM ASSISTANT SECRETARY L W IACOBS III ASSISTANT SECRETARY CAPITAL SURPLUS AND UNDIVIDED PROFITS 3250 000 PAYETTE MISSOURI f' f' ill ' vt II' sn Q I ,f I gg j I - - I Y dk I L- ,Rr Ul..w.,'1T4u:, ,WH l"' 'VI' """ "' VT!-YI-I uw. ,,,.,, TI ii , X14 I - f 1' ,mi " IA'1' -bw-1 . .. , ,, X X ,. 4 ,., UH!! nhmw-1 j x lm, v t I I K 7 fx '-111, ' 5 'i I I f 1 U3 I -. -L I Il l 1 Af? 1 I I I bw I " Tl 1' ,!"'Hf I , 'X U I W 1 1 f f I - I I ll I 'I I ' li ' -I l ' 1 1 ' I- 'S . !l I H f ' I l I D3 H-m U IU In '21 L Eh f,,OL'L1h' 'Ani l , I l 5 E EI EP' E D - V'- mfa ' ' ' E' - I f U L' f I ,Y 5 , 'IIII - ' YI4 I' 4 1 -5 A 'n e ' ff' ,, 4 V ' ig 1 o I a I a n I - n o I a Q I . . , . , , . 00 Kelsey Blair Service Station CARL GRIGSBY DISTRIBUTOR OF SKELLY PRODUCTS DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR ARMSTRONG MISSOURI Walker Appliance Co LP GAS HOME HEATING PLUMBING AND APPLIANCES PHONE 84 LP cas ARMSTRONG MISSOURI O I O i ' r A 9 ..R.... inflow: ,,, L':'ftfl1 1 l - i i i 1 Donnelly Motors F IMI D Ford Sales And Servlce Phone 101 Payette M1ssour1 Lacrosse Lumber Company Dealers In Bu11d1ngMater1als Palnts Varnlshes Glass Bullders Hardware Spec1al Plan SGFVICS ReedS Patterson Manager Slncere Wlshes Graduates Fayette M1ssour1 Summers Elevator Company Fayette Phone 8 Boonvllle Phone TUxedo 2 5707 Armstrong Phone 2 - il - S 'S 1' 5m Q ,P - I 1, W . 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RIGID? , , vi NX I Fayette Alsop and Turner PIGSCTIDIIOH Drugglsts Pountaln SGFVICG Alr Condltloned Luncheonette Phone 62 Mlssourl Schnell Floral Company The Flnest In Cut Flowers Two Stores To Serve You Boonvllle Mlssourl Phone TUxedo2 5341 Huntsvllle Oliver Oll Company Tank Truck Dehvery Phone 236 HIWGY 24 M1ssour1 Glasgow The Farmers Frlend Is The Glasgow Co op Phone 250 M1ssour1 Fayette, Missouri-Phone 141 I I - I Connors Trre and Sporting Goods W1lson RGWIIHQS Spaldmg Largest Stock Of SPOITIHQ Goods In Northeast M1ssour1 You Can Bag Dollars If You Know Where To Shoot Moberly Mrs sour1 Shaugnessy 81 lewrs Wrnkelmeyer Furnrture Co Implement C0 Home Furnrshlngs Funeral Home john Deere Equlpment More Than 40 Years Of Dependable Servlce Sales SGI'VlCe Parts Sallsbury M1ssour1 Glasgow M1ssour1 Farmers 81 Merchants Stanard S Gmcew Phone 207 Surplus S75 000 00 Glasgow M1ssour1 Huntsvllle M15 sour1 Earl Elliott Srmm s Grocery D1str1butor Of General Merchand1se 'phrlhpsf Phone 7 Products Phone 18 O9 Moberly MISSOUII Armstrong M1ssour1 , O C O C 1 . l 9 Capital 325, OOO. 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Mert's Cafe Open 24 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week Fayette Mlssourl Fayette Ice 81 Coal C0 Ready M1xed Cement Food Lockers Slaughtermg Butcherlng Sand And Gravel Phone 225 Fayette MISSOUFI Compl1ments McMillan s Fayette MISSOUII Westlake Hardware Co Authorlzed Uregas Dealer Largest Stock Of Hardware In Central M1ssour1 Moberly M1 s sourl Gnffrn s Grocery Complete L1ne Of Meats And Grocerles Phone 69 Hlgbee M1ssour1 Comphments Modern Cleaners Phone 64 Fayette MISSOUYI Freeman s I G A Frozen Foods Fresh Meats And Grocer1es Bartee s Grocery and General Merchandise Phone Armstrong 6OlW3 Phone 79 Located In Hlgbee M1s sourl Yates M1ssour1 Of ' 7 , . O O 7 . 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Suggestions in the Armstrong High School - Comet Yearbook (Armstrong, MO) collection:

Armstrong High School - Comet Yearbook (Armstrong, MO) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 39

1958, pg 39

Armstrong High School - Comet Yearbook (Armstrong, MO) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 42

1958, pg 42

Armstrong High School - Comet Yearbook (Armstrong, MO) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 5

1958, pg 5

Armstrong High School - Comet Yearbook (Armstrong, MO) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 32

1958, pg 32

Armstrong High School - Comet Yearbook (Armstrong, MO) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 51

1958, pg 51

Armstrong High School - Comet Yearbook (Armstrong, MO) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 17

1958, pg 17

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