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1 r 5 - , , . I HMI MLS MX! 'ka : S 4 19? Fgx I fd ,jx T! W 0 f 5 R QL 11944511 l , ,,,. . -gga, 141 f EEE:-Q 2,551 f 12751 ' Q5 :L Aiiifff' , 1 ?ef9.1I-, 3 69:45 Q21 fn ,J 1+ -:f '4zf,',ff:51 f 1 , f 'V 2-'-Y-if: f f - 1. iff, 56 ,fl 4,- .-2 5 fn-2-P ,- 212 21 1: fi 1-f 1'1'f:f,"'9,f lx: ,, 72-,V ..-- .E 5 7 -2,..:: ., ,,,,, ,f 1 ' . -, ,, ,Y .A , .. , , 41, if jf, G ,Q ,.. .P fx I, 1 ,, , , I Z' aj' Cc., ff xx I I Zyl? ,- J f 'fn ,ff -Q59 I Q45 ' 'XC I: if I ,ff 'ffl If Q -,xx ,l N pi? Q6 Xffff ,,,, 1, , I. A 5 ' r - 1 .-f' 5 '10 , I-.'.g.5.5-f -s,'.gy,'g y '-' ' 'qw 0 ff" C f ' 1 1 00 Q ' ffosb' '-.siifv pyv, Q 1 1 I, 1 All 'lx ,Qt-' 1 WAQ. guy 4 1 f . V1 ' ' '- ygggzqx rp 0,5 Ziff 1 Y :ff IV' ,- " N 1 V vl 0 . -l 4 z' 'if' f -' , - ', Q f - y, f . , .1 5 r J , iff, ? I :ali x 5 I 5 "v W! I V L, 1 SINCELC S Q Enfgmn ff 1913 . 1 g": .gig i gli :SEEN Jaw gl f'f .1 -3, ,fi A 55 Iilmzi- 1' I A is. Qi, ..-, ff Ae 2 1, , 2 . ,,., f if N, IQV 5: 'EP .I 1 A 4 N 3,3 I: . ff -0 si 'l'1,I mlm 5 .' f,' -' 2' ' ' :: Wg ' Harm-' ' ..i1:fv f ' 4' :::H I --::::a.- 1 fr- ' f , , , , .--r N--- ... .,.l,, l-- I fn.. 4 , ,,:-5 - -'.v'f"'.-91f'f4f'l'- 155 ' 94' 'W 'm:E i ' 'ff '. If ,Af f .-I If: 7 :: 3 'fn ".f.ff'f4 -fflf' ll, ,,: 3-. 1: .H ' fix 3,4 -'f,'.'!' HE! ""' ,. ii :: E ,,. , , , 1 .-. .f ...X - . fezfefmff .f E 593.1 : Af ' '1 ff ' - 1 ':, . A : f- f, Zfiflpzlffff f,fQ, , ' 'F LV 2- -' H 5 ff 'A - if 'ff' 'Z 110 ' j', 5 'qiii f 1 5' ' -" .'- f 1 G ,W X' ' 4 gf 1,93 bi t-' .-'N - 1 'H' , ....f, H . .5-. .- --- . f . . f - 9, .- 'Q 1 , I. .1 9.-X. f ,--- I L I' W, 'L ', ' f V' f " ' 1 . 'L U 15'Z"-- - - '-EQ-tin v' -E ff, , f f.-' , ' -1 1 'I 1 ' -Q5'Ci'f-W"-A yr' -f- .f,: w 'f,ff,ffff,'-' -. ' -' 'E-1 - ..-- 1, , 'rf I . ff 1 fl. .-,lfl. , -,-- ,NK v -,.:.':'- , 'off' ,,:I,f,,,, M .Zan E. , ,ff , : , 1, .... flfllffsgygv lix 4 D- ir? if ' ll 'wif :X r J' .Xi I W M If 5' I i I O I am ALDUS, the printer. The printer's job is one of publishing and printing interesting occurences that people will enjoy. This is my book: this is Armstrong College as I see it. My school is one of great spirit, hard work, understanding professors, and high scholastic achievements . It is for these and many other attributes that I am proud to present my interesting occurences, the spirit, the work and the professors as I see them and appreciate them. ALDUS - Page 3 - F ?.-.:?g.,,.,- .-,,,.1-ew rf-.7--Er, sq:-v3.:,.,ft,5?ev,-T1-W - N- , V ,wi , , .:. V. -- ., , . ,i . - , , V ., .. -,1,-,.s.,.,...-.- , 1 if .V Here is our city--Berkeley, California. The all-year-round climate that never becomes too hot or too cold. The cultural atmosphere of a university city lends dignity to college life, and you will look back upon the time spent here, with the attitude of a typical college student. The classes you will remember, as social groups studying with a common spirit. - Page 4 - Progress, to develop or improve. We here at Armstrong College are in the stage of redevelopment. The development process is a long and sometimes seemingly slow one. Yet, we here feel that definite progress is being made toward the goals that all College students want. Time is the essence. For some it is a never-ending process: they keep forging ahead and making slow progress. That is what we are doing here at Armstrong. The formation of the Spirit Committee, the Carnival, athletics and accreditation are the basic stepping stones for what we want, to be at the top. It is for this progress that we are achieving, that the theme of our book shall be PROGRESS. . . are E it I .-ff In 1925, the ALDUS, the yearbook of Armstrong College, first saw the light of day. The editor and staff of that first ALDUS had high hopes for the fledgling annual, so they endowed it with the name of one Whose name has come to stand for all that is great in the art of printing--Aldus Manutius . Aldus Manutius, scholar, grammarian, author, printer, and typographer, founded the Aldine Press in Venice, in 1490. From the Aldine presses, for the next 107 years, rolled the works of Dante, Petrarch, Boccacio and Greek and Roman classicists--Works noted for their accuracy of text, the beautiful printing and splendid binding. In addition, Manutius developed the italic type face, which he named after his native country. We, the editor and staff of this year's annual, hope that we have lived up to the ideals of our predecessors in presenting this edition of ALDUS. ALDUS, 1961 ARMSTRONG COLLEGE e BERKELEY, CALIFORN - Page 6 - IN MEMORIUM Leslie A. Wright could be considered a symbol of the theme of the l96l ALDUS -- Progress . "L. A. , " as he was affectionately called by his many friends and associates, was always looking to the future. Many people retire at the age of seventy or before -- not Leslie A. Wright. When he was seventy years young, he started his second career as a counselor at Armstrong College and served loyally until he officially retired at the age of ninety-one. He was a combination of friend, counselor, and adviser to all who knew him. He could entertain, inform or inspire as the situation demanded He was more progressive in his viewpoint than some people half his age. As a symbol of progress, he continued to keep the forward look. His counsel was always slanted to progress -- the successful progress of students and friends who came to him for advice. - Page 7 - I. Evan Armstrong was the founder and president of our College. He established and maintained an institution of higher learning in the field of business education. Within its forty-two years of history under our beloved founder's leadership, Armstrong College has advanced uniquely in the state of California . Believer and champion, he was, uncompromisingly, in the system of free enterprise for business in America . Pioneer, he was, in inaugurating a new conception for education in the specialized, yet higher fields of business life. Advocate, also, he was, for the management of -men and of enterprise to be administered through principles of science, and indeed, for the administrators to evolve a profession in management. I. Evan Armstrong gained wide friendships: he was thoughtful toward faculty, students, and alumni. Engaged in the highest purposes for education, with principle and scruple, I. Evan Armstrong remains in our memory. - Page 8 - ffl! 1 I. T' f, .J X w Pl 4 w l Q-51 ., THE FUTURE BELONGS TO YOU Concerning our responsibilities as citizens, we all have definite dislikes. We know what it is "we are against"g however, today's complex society requires that we understand "what we are for. " If we are uncertain what it is "we are for, " the best way to find out is to do something for other people. We find in serving others the greatest happiness in life. The faculty and administration of Armstrong College encourage us always to have a constructive view of ourselves, our community, and our country. Our ambition and desires for betterment and improvement will help transmit these critical evaluations into continuing actions for people. Never before hav.e young people faced greater expectations with less national solvency. The future has been mortgaged without youth's vote in representative government. If we desire to lighten the load which our politicians have placed on our shoulders, we will exercise our full responsibilities and initiate continuing action for people politically, economically, socially, and spiritually. Is there any other way? - Page 9 - . l 1 Mrs . Alta Winter Here in the Registrar's Office is Mrs. Alta Winter--one of Armstrong College's greatest assets. The job of Registrar is a never-ending one, and one of ever-increasing problems. We are proud to have her with us. Whenever help is needed, whether by the professors or the students, Mrs. Winter is present to be of assistance. Not only in charge of registration, Mrs. Winter also handles the College Placement Bureau, as just one of her many tasks at the school. ALDUS, and the student body, would like to thank you for your endless help, and wish you many more years of happiness with the students and Armstrong College. - Page 10 - IACK BEDFORD From where I sit, there are two ways to look at progress. First, we can look back and see the steady progress Armstrong College has made in the past forty-four years. Or, we can look to the future and see the progress that Armstrong College will make in the years ahead. I'm more inclined to look ahead than to use the rear-view mirror to see progress. I visualize the greatest growth of Armstrong College in the next ten years ..... years that will bring problems to all facets of higher education ..... but years that will bring new horizons for collegiate business education. As graduates of Armstrong College, you can look with pride on the progress you have made. And, you can look with anticipation to the future for the progress you will make in your business career. I firmly believe that if you will look more to the future than to the pa st you will find yourself progressing rapidly toward your goal of success and happiness. - Page 11 - The student who comes to school for fourvhours a day and goes home with no participation in any other activity here at Armstrong I feel is short changing himself on his college education. The process of learning includes the very important element of learning to work with others. Fundamental knowledge is the essential part of your education: the ability to cooperate and work with others is the fluid that will help this knowledge work for you. The experience gained from Working with the Major Clubs, Student Government, Fraternities and Sororities, Aldus, and other student groups is an intricate part of your training here at Armstrong or at any other college. When you enter the business World you may be asked to assume some responsibility which will call for the organizational talents you have acquired through your work with these groups. Will you be prepared? PHIL BENNETT President A. S. A. C. - Page 12 - Iohn B. Gehling , B.B.A.,M.B.A. Treasurer 153 Alexandra K. Filippenko, B.A. , B.L.S. Llbrarlan Secretary, Roberta Lawsor1,A.A. 1 i 'W' 7 ! Ianet C. Bird' AOB. Lynne Eisenman, A.A. Secretary SGCFGTGFY - Page 13 - Profes sor of Merchandising Grover Brink, Inst. Secy Ad. Ann S. Bennett, A.B. Associate Professor of Secretarial Ad. Nathanael N. Hill, B.S., C Instructor in Accounting Bruce P.Flood, B.S., M.B.A Professor of International Trade - Page 14 - I.E. Bedford, B.S., M.B.A. OPOAC William W. Greer, B.S. Ass't. Professor of English and Speech P A C U L T Y Donald I. Wood, Ass't. Professo r of Transportation B.S., M.B.A., M.I. Lee A. Iackson, B.A. Ass't Prof. of Sec. Adm. U 5 G Evelyn Iohnson, B.A,., M.S. Instructor, Sec. Adm. f-MSW .a,, Y .- V NV .' 5 l . 521. ' H "ini n' 3 ' V r i V2 V V , , 'A . ' ,. ' rg .Q 'l 4 jg 6 ff 4 r A-611 . ..' ,'jV ' Q. , X -' ' -' A. .-.W . I .,I . IIEIQ1 .L , ,.,. 1 , yr V f' -ml!-3 I ' U " A -' '-i--:ja . Q Q if QW' ' ' . ' - 1 V1 K I . I . . . . Q I 'sq U' . I U O . O' I I Q I o 0 ' . X ' . g I . . P . William I. Waddell, A.B., 1Vl.A Ass't Professor of Economics Mille Harold B. Symes, B.S. Instructor in Corporation Finance Robin E. Woodruff, B.S., M.B.A. Assoc. Prof. of Credit 6. Finance Page 15 H.Carman Sing, B.A. Ass't Professor of Reporting Robert H. Keenleyside,B.S., B.A. Ass't. Professor of Enqlish Cecil G. Tilton, M.S., M.B.A. Professor of Business Ad I A Q M Lydia Osmus, B.S., M.B.A. Ass't. Professor of Secretarial Ad. Richard L. Uren, B.B.A. Ass't. Professor of Insurance Page 1 6 Charles C. Moffatt, M.B.A,., P.A Associate Professor of Accounting .L H R+ r. ,. J . ' f Hobbs Shore, B.B.A. Instructor, Real Estate Henri M. Van der Brugh, Doctor of Law Instructor in World Trade Lorraine Furtado, B. B.A. Merchandising Management Victor Kostainsek, B.S., M. Assistant Professor, Anatomy David I. Stevens-Allen, B.A. A Instructor, Iunior College Edward I. Turk, B.A., C.P.A. Assistant Professor, Accounting - Page 17 - Iames I. McK1nstry, M.B.A. Instructor, Accounting Gerturde Degenfelder, B.S., M.B.A Office Management Oscar L. Myers, B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor, B.A. - Page 18 - SPORTS INFORMALS FACULTY GRADUATES SOCIAL LIFE ORGANIZATIONS Page 19 STUDENT GOVERNMENT 15.4. a,..L-A., At the last Homecoming Dance in the beautiful new Empire Room of the Hotel Claremont, I met a fellow Alumnus whom I had not seen for over 20 years. This is not surprising, for many such meetings are possible with old friends. The surprise was, "we recognized one another!" If you have the opportunity to renew one of your friendships from your Armstrong College student days, just that one incident would be worth your effort in turning out -for the Forty-third Annual Homecoming Dinner Dance. That "ball of fire" Mike Rich, formerly known to some of you as Mike Grgich, is responsible for contacting leaders of groups which date back to the "Roaring Twenties . " Contact your Armstrong College friends so that your graduating class will be well represented. I am looking forward to meeting you personally on this occasion. Norman Daniels President Armstrong College Alumni Association - Page 20 - HOMECOMING - Page 21 it 'Q-.T ..f" ' rf '11 , fi' 4 -Gr' af-r 4- .1 ,. fi Y u -31 , .,t,.. . r1!""'K 's t L 'C 1 i. r'n.cluaUl'Q4v Pge23 Fmgmm Bnox.-N l'0.AUG,+Ca4J x- f-4,0 F E ,AEf1l1' fl U ' I, Sw 'lies Jig Bl! :ef A 'Ah fn ' f'Y"'N f' ,f few Gb M99 as W1 ?lf fix. if A L J 3 kglilu Page 24 fi Page 25 i-1 GRADUATION Iames N. Abe, '60 Elaine W. Achuck, '61 B.S. Finance 6. Banking B.S. Sec. Administration 3. 'U Nancy Acquistapace, '60 Private Secretarial RiChBI'd W. AC1'1LlCk, '60 Fred Davis 160 B.S. Bus. Administration B.B'A. Pers. Mgt. Ianet Ianet Bird '59 Lynne Eisenman '61 Barbara I. Anaclerio, '60 Coll. Grad. Sec. Cert. A.A. Secr'l. Admin. Retail Selling .. L Betty H. Herbinaux '6l B. S. Accounting "f'7' Charlyne A. Ausez, '60 Medical Secretarial Phillip I. Bell, '60 B.B.A. Accounting Allen P. Babros, '60 M.S., B.B.A., Accounting Roberta Lawson '61 A.A. Secr'l. Admin. George Barich, '60 B.B.A., Bus. Adm. Carolyn Biasotti, '60 Private Secretarial mezz- ' Thomas Binninger, '6l George Boardman, Ir. '60 Ronald Braaten, '60 B.B.A. Merch. Mgt. B.B.A. Trans. Mgt. B,B,A, Bus.1-xdministration Mary I. Bruno, '60 Private Secretarial fy? Deanna Buonamici, '60 Private Secretarial Penelope Calderon, '60 A David Mc Nab '61 Orlando Canier, '60 A.A.SeC- AdIT1if1iSTi1'E1tiOf1 B B.B.A. Indus. Mgt. on B.A. Finance G Banking Iack F. Claver, '60 Eloise Coffee, '61 Harold M. Cole, '60 B.S. Bus.Administration Medical Secretarial B,S, Advertising ll Sandra A. Costa, '61 A.A. Sec.Administration Jeanette M. Comotto, '60 f A.A.Sec. Administration Lloyd R. Cooper, '60 B.S. Bus. Administration Saralee A. Craig, 60 Private Secretarial Loretta Crivelli, '60 Private Secretarial Patricia Cummings, 60 Private Secretarial Nobuso Doi '60 B. S. Bus .Administration ZIP' 17' Bette I. Devine, '60 Medical Secretarial Maurice Davison, '60 B B A Accounting 'iv' 'gg' jack A. Doyle, '60 B. B.A. Bus .Administration Russell DeWolfe, '60 Industrial Management - Page 30 - f'- 'V-E? Paula Dileo, '60 Medical Secretarial Andrea D. Davi, '60 Private Secretarial Paula M. George, 60 i A.A. Accounting Sharon Glotfelty, '60 Private Secretarial Ani Sue Elstone, '60 Private Secretarial Mervyn E. Fox, '60 B.B.A. Accounting Kazuko Fukutome, '60 Private Secretarial David Fields, '60 B.S. World Trade .Ns J Edward E. Glass, '60 B . B. A. Bus .Administration Iudith Fuentes, '60 Carol A. Goff, '60 Private Secretarial Private Secretarial - Page 31 - -QQ Margaret Hanzavva, '60 Ioyce C. Hayashi, '60 B. B.A. Accounting Private Secretarial 'B Beatrice Honda, '60 Private Secretarial Martha D. Herzog, '60 A.A. Sec.Administration 'SQ' James Hudson, Ir., '60 Jun H. Hirai, '60 B.S. Industrial Mgt. B.S. Trans. Managem 61112 Adrianne Gotzenberg, '60 A.A. Sec.Administration 7' N .- David Hanna, '60 B.B.A. Bus.I-Xdministration Eugene E. Huhn, '60 B.B.A. Advertising Ethel Kashiwamura, '60 Private Secretarial Keiko K. Ivvao, '60 Private Secretarial Beverly Ipsen, '61 A.A. Sec .Administratior ,,..,,?,,. Y - , l Ioan K. Iury, '60 Private Secretarial Martha Kameoka , ' 60 Private Secretarial Yvonne I. Kidd, '60 Private Secretarial Nancy I. Kilfoyle, '60 A.A. Sec. Administration Gisela Kuenemund, '61 Private Secretarial Robert Leard, Ir. , '60 B. B.A. Accounting 13 Ianet C. King, '60 A.A. Merch. Mgt. Andrew Kwiecien, Ir. , '60 B. S. Bus .Administration Peter Lee, '60 B.S. Accounting .Jean Kingsley, '60 B. S. Bus .Administration Judith B. Laible, '60 Private Secretarial ,rg Louise Leonardi, '60 Private Secretarial Betty Leonelli, '60 B.B.A. Merch. Mgt. Gordon Lloyd, '60 B.B.A. Accounting Robert L. Mah, '60 B.S. Accounting Terrell Lichti, '60 Private Secretarial Frank Loveall, '60 B. S. Bus .Administration Robert Mallory, '60 B. B.A. World Trade SFF Patricia Little, '60 Private Secretarial Reiko Machigashira, '60 A.A. Sec.Administration Wayne T. Mark, '60 B.B.A. Accounting Rina Martin, '60 Private Secretarial Herman Shahan '61 B.B.A. Busi. Mgt. Tom Mayeda, '60 B. B.A. Accounting Robert Martin, Ir. '60 B.S. Accounting ,l Yemiko Masunaga, '60 Irwin Mau, '60 Private Secretarial B. B.A. Bus .Administration f Y . .mf Claire Mitchell, '60 - Medical Secretarial John Moore, '60 Darleen Middleton, '60 M. S. , B.B.,A. Bus . Adm,Private Secretarial Frederick McWilliams, '60 Mariano Mundala, '60 B. B.A. Accounting M.S. , B.B.A. Accounting ii 45 X 'NW Alfred Menegus, '60 George Nelson, '60 Katherine Nemy, '60 B. B.A. Bus .Administration M. S. B. B. A. Bus . Adm. Private Secretarial 'fm 'T' I, Iris Ouchi, '60 Ronald Pacheco, '60 Private Secretarial M.S. B. B.A. Per. Mgt. Harry Ng, '60 Stephen Oswald, '60 B. B.A. Accounting B. B.A. World Trade Nikkie R. Poli, '60 Private Secretarial A J Diane L. Roberts, '60 Private Secretarial Eugene Robinson, '60 B. B.A. Finance 6: Banking i Judith Van Wyck '61 'QE-fu B.S. Secr'l Admin. Lawrence A. Repas, '60 Rosemarie Rochex, '60 B.B.A. Accounting C. G. Secretarial Carl Rodrick, '60 B.S. Bus.Administration B.B.A. Accounting Donald L. Ring, '60 Glenda Rounds, '6 Private Secretarial Marietta Russo, '60 Private Secretarial lf. -- ' i Carol A. Salel, '60 B.B.A. Accounting O Wav' Marvin Sanders, '60 Lester Schmuck, '60 B. B.A.Bus.Administration M.S., B.B.A. Bus. Adm. Juliet Sasaki, '60 Daniel Schmidt, '61 Private Secretarial B. B.A. Accounting Douglas Scanlon, '61 B. B.A. Accounting Martin Schuetze, '60 B. B.A. Accounting George Smith, '60 Daniel Schmidt '61 B.S. Bus.Administration B.B.A. Accounting 'FD ,J Karen Shigematsu, '60 Private Secretarial , fi if KiYOkO Shi1'H6IT1O'CO, '50 Ioan C. Shirley, '60 Finn Simmensen, '60 Mediflill Secretarial A.A. Advertising B. B.A. Bus.Administratior Ronald Schmidt, '60 I2 B. B.A. Finance Sf Banking Iames Sinclair, '60 B. B. A. Bus . Administration - Page 40 - IoAnn Sours, '60 Iames Takefuji, '60 Medical Secretarial B. B.A. Accounting Yasuko Takahashi, '60 Iane Taira, '60 A.A. Sec.Administration A.A. Accounting 56, Kiyomi Sugiyama, '60 Albert Tsang, '60 Shirley Thames, '60 Medical Secretarial B. B.A. Accounting PI'iVE1'fG S6'CI'6-Bililriiil Walter Sullivan, '60 t B. B.A. Accounting Edward Taketa B. B.A. Accounting - Page 41 - Ronald Towery, '60 Bonnie Trystad, '60 B. B. A. Bus .Administration Medical Secretarial Rebecca Turner, '60 Ellen Uttal, '60 Ronald Verner, '60 A.A. Bus.Administration B.B.A. Personnel M-gt. M.S., B.B.A. Bus. Adm Mary I. Walker, '60 Alfred Vertrees, '60 Private Secret arial B. B. A. Bus .Administration Patricia Vervais, '60 Iohn Young '60 A.A.Sec.Administration B,S, Fin, and Bank, Iames D. Wong, '60 Ronald Williams, '60 Bernard Zieminshi '59 B. B.A. Accounting B. B.A. Bus.Administration B.S. Busi. Admin. Abdel-Aziz Yassin, '60 Takashi Yanagida, '60 B. S. World Trade A.A. World Trade Gloria G. Backus, '60 Private Secretarial Iohn B. Ball, '60 B.B.A., Accounting Beverly A. Bauer, '60 Private Secretarial Lonnie M. Bay, '61 B.S. Sec. Administration Kathleen Beggs, '60 Private Secretarial Patricia K. Bess, '60 Private Secretarial Janet C. Bird, A.B. '60 C. G. Secretarial Mary Bonnington, '61 Medical Secretarial Martin Borello, '61 B. B.A. Bus. Administration Robin Bostick, '61 C. G. Secretarial Edith Bradley, '61 Private Secretarial Iulie D. Brazil, '61 Private Secretarial Robert Burnett, '60 B. B.A. Bus. Administration Earl E. Buswell '60 B.B.A. Bus. Administration Nicholas Carayanis, '60 B . B.A. Accounting DonW. Carlson, '60 M.S. B.B.A., Bus. Adm. Barbara Cardoza, '61 A.A. Sec. Administration Lola Castro, '60 A.A. Sec. Administration CAMERA SHY Bernard Zieminski, '60 B.S. Bus. Administration Iohn B. Zieminski, '61 B.B.A. Advertising Penolope Chapman, '60 Private Secretarial Chi Hing Cheng, '60 Private Secretarial Gayle A. Chialvo, '60 Private Secretarial Richard Conradson , ' 60 B. B.A. Bus . Administration' Leola A. Costa, '61 Medical Secretarial Patrick Crevelt, '61 B. S . Bus .Administration Bryce L. Daniel, '60 B.B.A. Accounting Cleta L. Davis, '60 B.S. Sec. Administration FredW. Davis, '60 B.B.A. Personnel Mgt. Susan I. Day, '61 A.A. Accounting Richard Dickson, '60 M.S. B.B.A..Bus. Adm. Lucille Dominguez, '60 A.A. Sec. Administration Gordon D'Or1ofrio, '60 A.A. Bus.Administration Donald Driggs, '61 B. B.A. Accounting Than-Du Hua, '61 B.S. World Trade Elsie E. Edo, '61 Medical Secretarial - Page 44 - Lynne Eisenman, '61 A.A. Sec. Administration Iulia Ruth Ellsworth, '61 Private Secretarial Michael Elvidge, '60 B.B.A. Bus. Administration Irene Fauland, '61 A.A. Bus. Administration Iudith Fisher, '61 A.A. Sec.Administration Iudith Fletcher, '60 Private Secretarial Lee L. Fong, '61 B.S. Advertising Lawrence Fowler, '61 B.B.A. Bus. Administration Richard Fortune, '60 B. B.A. Accounting IoAnne Franscioni, '60 Private Secretarial Sharon Friborg, '60 Private Secretarial Ioyce Fujii, '60 A.A. Sec. Administration Lilly Y. Fukuda, '61 Private Secretarial Richard Gazarian, '61 B.B.A. Merch. Management Alfred Gonsalvas, '60 B. B.A. Accounting Ioseph Gregory, '60 B.B.A. World Trade Gordon Green, '61 B. B.A. Accounting Luiz Gonzalez, '61 B.S. Accounting Joanne Granata, '60 Private Secretarial Nancy C. Green, '61 A.A. Sec. Administration William T. Hata, '60 B.B.A. World Trade Naoichiro Hayashi, '60 B.B.A. World Trade Robert F. Heiman, '61 M.S. Business Mgt. Eugene Helbig, '60 B.S. Finance Sr Banking Ernest Held, '61 B.B.A. Accounting Don G. Herzog, '60 B.S. Bus. Administration Betty Herbinaux, '51 B.S. Accounting Royanna P. Higley, '60 Private Secretarial Marjorie Illsley, '60 A.A. Sec. Administration Dale E. Isaacs, '61 B. B.A. Bus. Administration Anthony Johnson, '61 B. B.A. Accounting Gerald Johnson, '61 B. B.A. Accounting Patricia Joyce, '60 Private Secretarial Wilfred Jurgensen, '61 B. B.A. Accounting Tayeko Kajiwara, '61 Private Secretarial Ann L. Kinsey, '61 Medical Secretarial Claire Kitaoka, '60 A.A. Sec. Administration Kunitoshi Kobayashi, '61 M.B.A. Bus. Adm. Janice E. Kruse. '51 Private Secretarial Carolyn Kubota, '60 B.B.A. Merch. Mgt. Richard Lachenmyer, '60 B.B.A. Merch. Mgt. Roberta Lawson, '61 A.A. Sec. Administration Chung Lee, '60 B.B.A. Accounting Francis D. Lee. '61 Private Secretarial Nyla Lee, '60 A.A. Merch. Mgt. Richard Lenz, '60 B.B.A. Bus. Adm Janice Lissoway, '61 Medical Secretarial Kee Chuan Low, '60 B.B.A. Bus. Administration Lee Hung Lu . '60 A.A. Sec. Administration William Lyons, '60 B.B.A. Trans. Mgt. Raymond C. Madaris, '60 B . B .A . Accounting Jimmy Martin , '60 B. B.A. Accounting Diane McKeever, '60 Medical Secretarial John D. McCrary, '61 B.B.A. Bus. Administration - Page 45 - David McNab, '61 B.B.A. Industrial Mgt. Robert McNeely, '60 A.A. Bus. Administration Michael McNiel, '60 B.S. Merch. Mgt. Merrie McNulty, '60 Private Secretarial Jose' Morelli, '60 A.A. Bus. Administration Glenn Moss, '60 B. B.A. Accounting Eli Muela, '60 B.B.A. Accounting Judith Nagaoka, '60 Private Secretarial Alma Naia, '60 Private Secretarial Victor Nakamoto, '60 B. B.A. Personnel Mgt. Richard Nakamura, '61 B.S. Bus. Administration George Nelson, '60 B.B.A., M.B.A. Bus. Adm. Robert Nicola, '60 B.S. Merchandising Mgt. George Obata, '60 B.S. Finance 6. Banking Norman Owen, '61 B.B.A. Bus. Administration Reynaldo Panganiban, '61 M . B.A. Bus . Administration Pauline Parker, '61 Medical Secretarial Charlene Pena, '60 Private Secretarial Kent Perry, '61 B. B.A. Accounting Charlotte Pia, '6l B.B.A. Sec. Administration Richard Pollard, '60 B.B.A. Bus. Administration William Price, '60 B. B.A. Accounting Linda Rabe, '61 Medical Secretarial Jacqueline Ranks, '61 College Grad. Secretarial Sydna Reese, '61 B.S. Sec. Administration Martha Reeves, '61 A.A. Sec. Administration John Rider, '60 B.B.A. Accounting Danny Riggio, '60 B.B.A. Accounting William Rinetti, '60 B.B.A. Bus. Administration Patricia Sbarbaro, '60 A.A. Sec. Administration Sherri Santos, '61 Medical Secretarial Carol Scalinetti, '60 Private Secretarial Joseph Scalise, Jr. , '61 B.B.A. Bus. Administration Leane Seipp, '60 Private Secretarial Herman Shahan, '61 B.B.A. Bus. Administration Eugene Sharp, '60 M.B.A. Bus. Administration Ardelle Silva, '60 Medical Secretarial Hazel Silva, '60 Retail Selling Janet Simmons, '60 A.A. Sec. Administration Alan Smith, '61 B.B.A. Accounting James Smith, '60 B.B.A. Bus. Administration I-lioe Siat Soen, '60 B.B.A. Bus. Administration Nathan Sorensen, '61 B.S. Bus. Administration Norman Souza, '60 B.B.A. Finance G Banking Clarence Squellati, '60 B.S. Finance 6: Banking Laura Spyres, '60 A.A. Sec. Administration Donna Stapp, '60 Medical Secretarial Lewis Stone, '60 B.B.A. Accounting William Stone , '60 B. B.A. Bus . Administration Cyril Swanson, '60 B.B.A. Bus. Administration Gilbert Takaoka, '60 B.-B.A. Accounting Thelma Tanaka, '60 B.S. Sec. Administration Carol Tanda, '61 Medical Secretarial James Tenney, '61 B.B.A. Accounting - Page 46 - Ronald Teutsch, '60 B.B.A. Bus. Administration Patricia Thompson, '61 A.A. Sec. Administration Weldon Tunnell, '61 B.S. Industrial Management Gaylore Tyau, '60 B.S. M.B.A. Merch. Mgt. Marilyn Ullman, '60 Private Secretarial Bernadette Vause, '61 Private Secretarial Joelle Vossbrink, '61 Private Secretarial Judith Van Wyck, '61 B.S. Sec. Administration Diane Watson, '60 Private Secretarial Arlene Werner, '60 A.A. Sec. Administration Gail Wheeler, '60 A.A. Sec. Administration Jerri Wolthuis, '60 Medical Secretarial Stanley Word , '60 B.B.A. Bus. Administration Judith Wright, '60 Medical Secretarial Racheal Yamanaka, '60 B.S. Sec. Administration Sue Yates, '60 A.A. Merch. Management John Young, '60 B.S. Finance 61 Banking Rilla Yudnich, '60 Private Secretarial - 1'ucfen'l' ourrcil f -- - , 'Jn 4' I. ,ua 14 vf ' X gl? K ' gr ' WW'fHWf I sq Bao wal - Page 47 - I' XR Pg 48 Q 'fuclemf Sound' X 09924: Ns 'BARBARA 'inownl 59 MOST VALUABLE STUDENT OP THE YEAR 1959 Roland Joseph Dias 1960 Ronald William Pacheco ,Ep . ty . 5 .Li wwf! 'I Ron Pacheco receiving the Most Valuable Student award from George Nelson, Student Body President, and John E. Armstrong, Armstrong College President. The Most Valuable Student is selected from a set form of standards, and by the d d f llowed are changed from year to year students in a committee. The stan ar s o . However the basic abilities that are used are: personality, scholastic achieve I ment, and the ability to get along with other students. All of the requirements , - - d are put on a point basis. People who are eligible are named, and then score . h n coming out on top is the Most Valuable Student. This past year's T e perso winner was Ronald Pacheco. Ron was a past member of the Student Council and an active member of Kappa Sigma Kappa social fraternity. - Page 49 - Faculty Room Mrs. Bennett Major Club Welcome Informal Dance iw ' ' na' ', '-"H.El,. -71' Charlotte Pia conducts meeting Student Body Nominations bf" ii 14. ?f1f?2i3 il::?il':"f.,? 'I -5 mil , : lj 1 W 1 ll Rich Gazarian, I. F. C. President The Inter-Fraternity Council is the voice for the four fraternal organizations represented here at Armstrong. Meetings are held once a month and representatives of each fraternal organization are present. Here, prospective events of the individual organizations are discussed and co-ordinated to achieve a successful rushing and pledging season. Through this Council, fraterni-zation is achieved through the joint unity of the two fraternities and two sororities. The I. F. C. helps to stimulate the competitive spirit of its member organizations, so that school spirit will continually be at a peak and participation in all school activities and functions will be at its maximum - Page 51 - INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL Back Row L-R Rich Gazarian, Roberta Lawson, 'lRachel'Rusk Bob Hatch, Don Estes, Harry Martin Front Row Bernie Vause , Dave Poss, Eloise Coffee 1960-1961 ,WIN , ,. n.,- 47' -. .1-.-. ., , ,, ,-J., , , nr-. , Front Row L-R Ioan Cantanho, Rachel Rusk, Bern'ie'Vause Second Row-Liz Patterson, Dave Poss, Janet Tullis, Roger Finberg Back Row-Bob I-latch, Don Estes, Dean Knox, Dean Li 1959 1959 L-R Bill Stone, Adrianne Gotzenberg L-R Les Schrnuok, Virginia Johnson George Nelson Roni Pacheco Page 52 BANK OF AMERICA AWAARIDS Business Administrationlor Banliing 1959 Allan Hamel Secretarial or Clerical Science 1959 Maurine Bay Business Administration or Banking 1961 Donald Neely Secretarial or Clerical Science 1961 Ianice Kruse Business Administration or Banking 1960 Paul D. Wolff Secretarial or Clerical Science 1960 Bette Heilrnann Page 53 Mr. Armstrong receiving Farmers Insurance Award from a Farmers Insurance representative. FARMERS INSURANCE SCHOLARSHIPS 1959 Thomas William Binninger 1959 Frederick James McWilliams 1960 Barbara Jean Cardoza 1960 Patricia Louise Crider 1960 Clarence Paul Squellati 1960 Lorenz Paul Behrhorst 1960 Philip J. Bennett 1960 Cleta L. Davis 1960 James L. Donovan 1960 Robert Schutzrnan 1960 James P. Tenney 1960 Patricia Ann Thompson - Page 54 - Xp, STUDENT GDVERNMENT Winter election ff" X , lx N sy .4 ' President I ,'t"'15.,m - . y Vice-president 'f t---e-if - y ,,,,g7'!'f"' Secretary "Tm, 5 A Women's Rep ' S Men's Rep 4. 1, -V I , l V----ff Treasurer "MM Q,-1 - 0 di 9 Summer election at A :gl President' ,ff - nf. 'P V4 6,4 Vice-president 1 4 'f It g kA.A, , 71' Secretary .9'.y:i5,ffr -- .. V 41 ph!! I J,',,'Qx I . 51.2, up Women s Rep ,. 'I , vu ' ' Qefityvfsth 5,455+ - Men's Rep 'Y -ftCff.ff- 'g :::"'?Q.'5 4 Treasurer V - L5 W- ' " F ' 11 , , ' 95- 6 Ju A ' Spring election .fl w 1 NA 5 v 5 I ii., ,E 1 t T 5 u p -'I 5 if F" .fre in il K. Nj x ' , g sf K -.. President Vice-president Secretary Women' s Rep 1960 Phil Bennett Harry Martin Bette Isaacs Carol Abrott Al Wright Gary Lewis 1960 Paul Wolff Richard Achuck Carolyn Biasotti Sydna Reese Sydney White Gerald Johnson 1960 George Nelson Tom Binninger Jeanette Comotto Ellen Uttal Iim McWilliams Ieff Eichner 1959 Paul Behrhorst Bette Heilman Barbara Goebel Louella Ayau Maurice Davison 5, ' y ' Men's Rep cgi T Treasurer 1 Fall 2 F F '1 I President ei' Q V Vice-president 3 Secretary 'vt Women's Rep 13 Treasurer ,V -1' T H . 4 R Q T ipffinf 7T'f N-rr J '. Y I! i' ,yr ' lily, .mf -H+ -. ' i X ' t'-lv-Q..NeRN,eK - Page 55 - "To bind the students into a more perfect unionp "To promote college spirit and good Will: "To promote student activities. . . " . . . There were the aims of the founders of the Associated Student Body in 1924. The founders of the A. S.A. C. placed a great responsibility on the shoulders of the student leaders who followed them. We have been fortunate to have had leaders who met those responsibilities and who have imbued the student body with their energy and enthusiasm. During the past year, student activities were sparked by Paul Wolff and hiS council and, more recently by Phil Bennett and his staff: Harry Martin, vice-president: Bette Isaacs, secretaryp Gary Lewygis , treasurer: Al Wright, men's representative, and Carol Abrott, womerds representative. They have set an example by which future student leadersmay well guide themselves. - Page 56 - I '1 ARMSTRONG COLLEGE luv m g, BERKELEV CALlFORNlA stil -" " N 1 Be k Volume LI Number . r eley' California AP1'il 15, 1960 T immune 1 551372726 6222267215673 5736 it good 'ffice 2072 '-5Dfi'1?7'.S 7ll , ite Adrianne Gotzenberg and George Nelson have b h ., dent speakers at Armstrong College lg 42nd An:iS.:.1cCg::a2 as the two stu- The words of this beautiful Onnhpril 22, at S p.m., in the school auditorium. ncement Exercise a hundred years ago, in the villa, The Business Man and His Duties to 'I'he Community v. is to be th tj-tl f e of Miss Gotzenberg's speech. Mr? Austria. It happened on the nightf Eve. The parish priest, Father .Toy 7 C 5 Z- troubled. The old organ in the littlef 0 O ,V Y broken. He thought of the Christmaskll C If only there could be some special munierzzslw vnu N Coming home from a visit to a parishgfile, an outstanding giver- Father Mohr found himself on the heights otfd-ent: V111 leave for New 1 kin the little village, where a few lights Nxfhii Week t0 attend. the oo g glimmered in the ,silent darkness. So it mustxxx Inside A5-Ve1'ti3inB ed by the Association have been in Bethlehem on that silent, holy night when Christ was born. Silent night, holy night. Words came to him. Men and Women. The April 17 and runs represent Arm- 1 be one or the ting colleges Qpi. This is College ed at "In- He hastened home and put them down. The next day he showed them to his organist, Franz Gruber. As he read the words, Franz Gruber felt the beauty of that first holy night. He began to sing, and those who listened knew the song would be immortal. e life- There was no organ music in the church on X'-Qrtil-S' Christmas Eve. But, as Father Mohr sang, with trac- Franz Gruber accompanying him on the guitar, 'ost '31 the congregation listened in wonder to the first rendition of a song that was to be a Christmas gift to all the world-- "Silent Night." Knight Editors and Managers Knight staff M Sept. 1959 Adrianne Gotzenberg-Editor , Ian. 1960 Adrianne Gotzenberg-Editor f Patty Joyce-Manager ' March 1960 Bette Heilman-Editor Roberta Lawson-Manager Iuly 1950 Mary jane Walker-Editor Pat Vervais-Manager Ian. 1961 t Ioanne Agabashian-Editor March 1961 jim Alegre '- Page 57 -- Nelson has chosen "'1'0m0I-towns Op- P01't1mities" for his topic. Both student speakers have a very g00d record of service to the school and a high scholastic aver- age. The guest Speaker will be nr, Fred F- Harcleroed, president of the Alameda County State College. His topic is to be entitled: "East is East and West is West." An estimated 1140 students are graduatixjg this year. Various ag- grees v be awarded to ei these students, and the regztvzigi receive certificates, All students of Armstrong College and P8512 graduates are invited to attend this formal coxmmneement, The f011G-'ins night will be the 1-12nd Annual Homecoming Dinner and Dance, which will be held at the Claremont Hotel. There will be a Short PI'0U'B-U1 to honor the alumni and the outstanding student of the Year. The rest of' the evening V111 be filled with dining, dancing and -run. ' GIRIS CONTINUE '10 LEAD IN L, STRAIGHT "A" RECORDS 1 girls and three boys hgve hed a fine straiyit "A" 'ard for the just completed -rter. As was the situa- 'xa.rter, the girls have the boys in achieving record. 'Die out- are: fro 'OD 81113 X 6 mmmbhft Page 6 KNIGHT December 12, 1960 I PHI ZETA ALPHA IUFA Phi Zeta would like to thank all who attended our Playboy dance, which was held at Happy Valleyhlnn in Lafayette. It was a great suc- cess, as over 100 couples attended. There has never been a -semi-formal dance of this type in the college, and as A result of the success of this function, Phi Zeta will con- tinue to have a similar semi-formal dance annually, along with the traditional Hobo-Hop. Phi Zeta would like to congratulate Phi Zeta's Playmate, Miss Kathy Beggs. Kathy was selected on the basis of her looks, personality, and figure by the editors of Playboy Magazine. We would also like to thank the other girls who competed. Again, congratulations, Kathy. We would like to acknowledge the Playboy Dance committee which consisted of Bob Hatch, Norm Owen, and Danny Peralta for doing a. swell ,job on the dance. On Tuesday, November 29, Phi Zeta held its pledging ceremony. The brothers were honored to have these new pledges take part: Norm Alberts, Jack Campbell, Charles Chipman, Stan Janow, Dean Knox, Dean Lee, Jimmy Allegra, Don Lockwood, Bill McGimpsey, Fred Pinemi, :md Poston, John Willinger, and Roy Yamariro. On Monday, December 5, Phi Zeta presented its annual Whist Party. It was held at Brooklyn Masonic Temple in Oakland. There was a large group and many went away with fine prizes donated by merchants of the bay areq and by members. Thanks go to Brothers George Nelson and Bill Stone who were responsible for -the successful function. H Members of Phi zen and Alpha Iota have spent a few hard evenings and 'afternoons working on the cam- paign posters, and "MATILDA" was around AS USUAL during the campaign- ing. A lot of thanks goes to Brother Roger Finberg who was our campaign manager. PHI ZETA FRATERNITY .WISEIES EVERY- ONE A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAP Ynmmm:: CLUBS ALPHA SIGMA RHO The members of Alpha extend their wishes to the administration, and Armstrong College for a of your Yuletide Season. Spring Our congratulations assumed B Davis, a. fellow H-ds ygu, upon her graduation and admj-ni- WORLD On October 27 the news of Club had B as a whole and tation on and under- film was individuals cational, the college its ex- ment of highly and of learning. July 1+ editing, and publishing newspaper is a. task cannot undertake aloneg and World -h.- , Conmrllmd nc-11. .-.,1..m.N FRATERNITIES AND SORORITIES KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA The second rush function of Kappa Sigma was held at the home of' 'Brother will Jurgenson on November 27. The number of active members, alumni, and rushees attending was a promising forecast of continued success in Kappa's social functions This function gave the members' wives or dates 9. chance to meet each other, and a cordial atmos- phere prevailed throughout the eve- ning. A special note of thanks to Mrs. Will Jurgenson and other wives of members who aided in making the exciting refreshments. At the time of this writing, a joint function is planned with Sigma Iota Chi, our sister sorority for December ls. This function for members of both organizatj alumni, and rushees only. Congratrilations are in our candidates for the Student Body President , Y for Representative ' Phil President and Bill Faire Rep. Another mention the outgoing Kappa holding these Wh t that that it and Bud 1 E, and en. KBPP-'1 opportuni- Promises valuable our "Mock" and and u-the which will be On Dec , annual with pleas- meeting pn this SUIE to time and open to Hamilton, President Sigma College Alumni Assn. those fra in 5 IGMTS AND KNAVES by Paul Nave y Peralta teed his ball on e golf course, looked away to the next green, and declared confidenc- ly, "that'a for one long drive and a putt." He swung the driver, tore up the sod, and managed to move the ball a few feet off' the tee. Step- ping forward, the caddy handed him the putter and suggested, "Now for a hell of a putt." Harry Martin, after listening no Roger Finberg's monologue about him- self, inquired: "Roger, if you had to do it over, would you fall in .Love with yourself again?" Dean Kennedy outshone tact itself when he walked into a bath occupied by a lady and calmly bowed himself out with: "I beg your pardon, sii'." In oakmna the other day, ' Dale Isaacs got his shirt back from the laundry plus the address book he had left in his pocket--plus 12 nes girls' names, addresses, phone num- bers, Hmmm? Dave and Rachel, trying to find a secluded spot for an embrace, found people, people everywhere. Sudden- - Page 58 - Alpha Iota new pledges: Joan Kapgenehs, wma Goodwin, and N you girls for sports during G lot fe lty will both congrr He ilmann recent and Robin Earl Woodruff, a. member the Armstrong faculty, holds the official position of Director of the School of Credit and Finance. Mr. Woodruff was born in Missouri and educated :Ln Louisville, Ken- tucky. He attended. the Mount Her- mon School for Boys in Massachu- setts and also graduated from the Rose Polytechnic Institute in Indiana, where he received his B.S. degree :Ln Chemical Engineering, and the Northwestern University School of Conmmerce in Chicago, where he received his M.BiA. degree in Busi- ness Statistics. On the faculty of Armstrong Col- lege since l9h7, Mr. Woodruff is now teaching the subjects of Money and Banking, Corporation Finance, Investment Analysis, and Bank Management. Other than his teaching, he has had experience in other interesting fields , such as Metallurgy at the National Steel Castings Company, and Statistics at the Union Carbide Corporation. Some of Mr. Woodruff's pastimes are reading and going to symphonies and plays. Traveling is one of Mr. Wood:-uff's most enjoyable pastimes. He has visited Canada, Berlmxda, Bahamas, Cuba, Europe, and many parts of the United States. When asked about his impression of Armstrong College, he said, "It is a unique college wherein a stu- dent mgy obtain a comprehensive practical business education with the least time wasted on unimpor- tant subjects." ly Dave had an idea and he led Rachel to the railway station: standing before the door of a car as if seeing her off, he kissed her fondlyg after they had repeated this several times in other doors, 3 sympathetic porter came up and said: "Why don't you to the bus terminal? every three minutes." take her ug They leave Icluib ,,.,-.. gg.--xx , ni: -vw .iff 2 s I -Y ,J ' 1 ' V4 'P f ' V E on -' 'r A 5 X? ' ff c0'E0t'f0fx C4 " M,- K , 4A q I-Jigfslu 1 ij . , Q r ll M - -. :T lyu- 3" 'X 1 i ,ff 1 5.9 - Page 59 - Aldus staff plans l960-61 Yearbook Plans are now being made for the publication on the lst of Iune of the 1960 - 1961 Armstrong College Yearbook, the ALDUS. This issue will cover all activities of the Associated Students from the beginning of the spring quarter of 1959 to the end of the spring quarter of 196l-- a total of nine full academic quarters. This will be the first publication in the history of the college that will cover two or more years. Pictures in the ALDUS will show the faculty, administration, graduating students, fraternities and sororities, dances and par- ties, sports events, the Annual Graduation and Homecoming. It is a small thing to thank people for their work by just saying thanks. Yet the people involved with Aldus want only that, just Thanks. I am saying Thank you, and would like it to be known that I have never worked with a more concientious group. We have had our trying times. But these are the times that draw people closer together. We have worked together each doing more than his or her share. Aldus has gotten to be a thing of spirit with myself and I hope with those most deeply concerned with him. Our Little Man with the white mustache and bent back, has been a great image to follow, and to try to produce something equal to him. I sincerely hope that we have done you due credit Aldus. I think we have and I know that you extend along with me our most gracious thanks to those who worked so hard for us. Our humble thanks .... . - Page 60 - AL D U S S TA F F Paul Nave' Editor Carlos Pachao Ass't . Editor Marie Pachao Graduates Carol Roy Graduates Barbara Brown Art Director Myra Fassler Typist George Hinton Photographer Honorable Mention Fred Pinetti, Iirnrny P. Alegre, Dick Achuck Marie and Carol- I don't know what I would have done without you. The school, and myself owe you two young ladies so much, I don't know how, or what to say except thank you for seeing Aldus through. You truly were the backbone of this publication. My most sincere thanks and good wishes forever. Carlos- We had quite a time with the sports section, but we finally scored. Thanks for your help and suggestions. Good luck to you. Fred Pinetti- Thanks for helping us get Aldus to the desk and into production stage: you were a great asset. George Hinton- Some of our pictures did not turn out: we lost a few, but we made many good ones. We did a lot of worky thank you for your time and help. Administration- Thank you for your understanding and help in making this book a success. I deeply appreciate your concern and interest and hope that it will continue in the years to come. Student Council- your patience and help are appreciated beyond words. Thank you for making me Editor of Aldus. And thank you everyone else .... Paul Nave' "Aldus Editor l96l" - Page 61 - -1 c+ivs+ae, tb x .1 "" In f f . 3 -,3 ,Q 3v'5 'x 1' Yzg' li! Wm if XX -,xl k I 'BARBARA Ulbwrv - Page 62 - I AM K mlivifieo 'FE W aug 3 Wx? f rx W xg Loumei G PF!1f'X'f 5 1 X ZLZI- :FSU Mg ! BARN: BQDIQ P as A INFORMALS jf., If aff'-V BOWUHQ ? Valentine ' s Dance Fred Pinetti Final Fling Page 64 Rest 8 Relaxation Final Fling. . .Again ' W INFORMALS . ' Y V 1 Tape Cutting Talented What's the Problem? Flirty Thirties Entertainment Pledges ? Notice the smile Funny! ! - Page 65 -A A Friendly Interview Registrar's Office King 61 Queen Interesting ? I don't know! ! I !! You don't say Musicians, Inc. Mrs . Armstrong ff Q L A ' Ik vi: 6 "W nn nan 1 fhlefec' --0 fi , 0 ul fx S X I xxx! N ff 'l'MeTe,o, if J 1 f x ax I I , - x 1 I K 0' - . X R x if ' . JM, N w 0 In J 'gg Q' rf-J! 7 'sxkx v 9 Banana annum - Page 68 - Director of Athletics The spirit and support that was shown this year by the students of Armstrong College was greatly appreciated by this year's basketball team and especially by me, the Director of Athletics. Although the record of this year's team leaves a great deal to be desired, I know that each and everyone of the team members enjoyed the competition that was available to them. The most gratifying experience of the year was the winning of third place in the Four-in-One Tournament. Our two victories were indeed well earned. The results can be looked on with pride by the members of the student body. Let's not loose the spirit that has been shown this past season. The inspiration that is given to the players is truly a shot in the arm for that Winning bucket. I hope that the spirit already shown this year will be shown during the coming sports season. Once again thanks for the support. Dale Isaacs - Page 69 - BASKETBALL Dan Austin Bob Haxton Harry Martin John Willinger Chuck Pachao Doug SCI-mick Gary O'Hara Dale Isaacs - Page 70 - ' A Armstrong at the tournament Notice the form MVP Bob Haxton in action was It Good? Armstrong at the TOURNAMENT Armstrong vs. Sanghas 69 51 Fearsome two Armstrong vs. St. Iarlath's i 48 67 Armstrong vs. Sacred Heart 68 51 Finished in 3rd. Place Stretch Another Protest? Bennett Shoots A t' Foul!!! c lon Suspense - Page 71 - Armstrong in action Isaacs Rebounds N EEL ' ' . ' : il r 'gs - '- L. 'ff' . , V .1 " J Warm-ups What a Crowd Mr. Cool" "Curl rrsr 'Q ri .r ' 1,4 .21 .wx ' H 'ii r ,. , , , i rx. M Yu " Mr. Casual" " Mr. Band-Aid Armstrong Defense MVP Start of the game - Page 72 - Spirit 64 Attendance Record Attendance "Scoop" Knox Half-time Sl-IDDOIT Armstrong Spirit "Mr. Spirit" Armstrong College is not as diversified in athletics as many of the neighboring colleges, but we make the best of what we have. Spirit throughout the year is well appreciated by those who participate in the various sports available. Although the team lost, the spirit was there. To those who have come and supported the teams, a special thanks should be given. Furthermore, even though spirit and attendance was at a high point, there is always room for improvement. Hope to see you at the games! - Page 73 - Odds 'n' Ends Nothmg thls year, Wait till next Surprise! ! " Stretch " Time out Anxi ou s Bench support Action Strategy C , I ? ? ? ? The opposition - Page 74 - The long watch Rest 61 Relaxation GOLF L-R Bob Hatch, Harry Martin Scott McDaniel Back Row L-R Dean Knox, Buz Augustine Fred Pineti, Don Hagen Front Row L-R Charles McLeod, Norm Owen Esfandiar Lari Page 75 L-R Tom Piantinida, Iaok Campbell Roger Finberg TENNIS. B"'OWLING Ng, , , - N- fi Dean strikes out Notice the form Finberg in action CONCENTRATION 5 NN4 .. N .1 Who's next? Iust a couple of happy kids - Page 76 - tl t rs -l Perhaps the highlight of the year among all Armstrong College social activities was the Big "A" Carnival held on December 2, 1960. On this occasion the auditorium suddenly sprouted sldeshows and sawdust. It became a raucous midway. Hawkers pretty and noisy, buttonholed the passerby and did their best to leave his pockets empty. The temptations were games, food, and drink. It took money to have fun, and how much fun was had can be guaged by the amount of money left by the merry- makers in the ASAC till. A very good cause, of course: so no regrets. Decorations, costumes, games, ideas ---- all were gay and sporting, and all were contributed by a wonderful group assisting the chief lmpressari Vice-president Dick Achuck . Richard Sproule and Marilyn Zai were crowned as Big "A" Carnival King and Queen, respectively. Finalist were Roger Finberg, Bill Fairey, Scott McDaniel, Bud White, Diane Widlund, Cleta Davis, Carolyn Biasotti, Diane Archuleta, Betty Ronnkvlst, and Gail Hayden. Crownlng of the king and queen was done by Miss Osmus and Dean Bedford. O Is everybody happy? ? .di- Fortune teller ..g, r Bud White King Sc Queen NOR SOCIETY Alpha Slgma Rho Judy Van Wyck Ernest Held Iim Tenney - Page 79 - Lf? Bette Heilmann Isaacs 9. Y' , ,..-. 1, - rf- 4 Vw V Ve ix' J X J If .W K x.. w., I , ww. SN X i I w he Z, if ' If -r v, if-2 -f . LW X . .V 1- 'u imp-ffe f.':s . 1 V, I N , N 4, , I ,. r , V" W. Wwwl :1 f j 8 Y' I tl- I ' X . u-.2'vIMl'Q" 1 r ' --wf I A Nfl", ' 1 fs :4--M 1 uw, I' if Y: ,L J' at 4 L7,Uy:L-yr' H .' W,-f.:7TA f ' K ? 'R' ' -T .,.' ft M 'if Y . 1 . -F9 X g. A e-'E' Jn! tam' ,il if 'W ' . ,Q '.'.:' , ww In 4 'I v I yi . , A an "H Q u w fi Qii 1 1 , 46 1 1 ' " 54-. w 1'-Y r f 5 7 Z 1 s 'A , I .94 uf 'RQ ,-at Sark- six Llg FA V' 55' V wg "IAN Q . EQ 3 R F' ,X ia I X J' f O 'I Q. f 'O 1-jan z Jr on wiv :ncaa Nanvjfnovdf l Q Q7 Wow Track 8 - I' Qrllzo. norm K guts V rfb I I U I vi piping I 4 I I A H N I.: , ' ,fi 1 QV-JQHQU1 if j4 ,3, 'I tt llfll f ' .I i A. f 'K ,iff--' I ' ,I 'A ' - ll ,1 1' ' ,A - l. , Chirteao fl ' if . 4' i XX ' f ' 231 .: 'QW H " A! QQ Flon: husky, SEK W W 5CC.l"E:'f0.Y'7l 'Bmemux Gftewvxl - Page 82 - Student Body Nominations Major Club Welcome Assembly Again Student Body Nominations Again - Page 83 - MAICR CLUB PRESIDENTS, 1961 Iuly, 1959 January, 1960 ACC. CLUB DOUG SCANLON ACC. CLUB B.M. CLUB ERNEST HELD B.M. CLUB SEC. CLUB ROYANNA HIGLEY 'SEC. CLUB W.T. CLUB September, 1959 March, 1960 ACC. CLUB WALTER SULLIVAN ACC. CLUB B.M. CLUB FRED DAVIS B.M. CLUB SEC. CLUB ADRIANNE GOTZENBERG SEC. CLUB W.T. CLUB BOB MALLORY W.T. CLUB - Page 84 - r WALTER SULLIVAN FRED DAVIS ADRIANNE GOTZENBERG BOB MALLORY ROWLAND PONTING RUSS DGWOLFE MARY IANE WALKER DAVE FIELDS J i f' U 5 fi ii if ' i -- .-f'4'1,i5Vf4.iI3'fM - ' -l f Q fssxiif- If xv ' L Q .Hi 151. :-.M ' Vw ' I ,i-74.5.54 , ,zu -4 in A if 'T' I , 4 P 155 I if 1 54 -7 W5 IGJ s 'ff - ' I K X 43' y Lg I 'N 1,5 Y 1, 6 H .- ,A . M-f K ., ff If. g,3F"t ig vial. ' v V W W N rv! P 'L gl ,V ,4 Yu' A' 1 r 'Y f f :sf Q ,, + Q 13 A, tl '- OFFICERS 60-61 President Gary Akin Vice-President Carlos Pachao Secretary-Treasurer Buzz Augustine if S ' TH ' ,tu W .. 4-will ,c ., 'f L-Qi '- .Av ""-Lx , . ,J '--.2.,:gT9'i V -Ji'-Lf -ff . 'ef' iiliaxlg 1 1 There are a great many accounting majors at Armstrong College and for these students the Accounting Club has been established. The main purpose of the club is to increase the knowledge of the accounting student in that part of the business world of which he will someday be a member. The club proposes to do this through the sponsorship of interesting tours and other activities, which are also open to all students of Armstrong. - Page 86 - sg ' '3i ifaEL? 'W 1 ZESEFE. 5-Iii-iI1'q: i F, Termey, Olcott, Sproule, Moffatt. Vvidner, Greggs, Abadie,Tenney, Yanner, Lewis, Sproule, Pizzagoni Ponting, Troche. Page 87 -- Kona l 2 3 1+ 5 6 7 8 9 I0 Sande Costa f-r!QOLAIjLEAl presented by NA HAWAII 0 KALEPONI and the Students of Armstrong College PROGRAM Hoo Puka E Ka La Mele of Hulas Punana Ka Manu I Haili Ka Huli Aku IShell Dancel ---- --- Chant by Dance by Kona Hema 0 Kalani Manu O 0 ----------- --- Kuualoha Ku'i Molokai -- --- Chant by Dance by Out on the Beach at Waikiki Kaulana 0 Hilo Hanakahi ----- --- Kuualoha E Nani E Pua Be Still -- Beyond the Reef Lehuanani ----- Tutu E ---- Ohinemutu Na Waka --- Pua Mana Kawo Milo --- Hulamanus Namanuokawaa the Hulamanus 0'Kalakupua the Hulamanus --- Vocal Solo by Alapai --- Helen Blair --- Maori Dances by the Hulamanus nd Ioane Allan Troche Martha Reeves Sherllynn Wong Fran Hebert Ianet MlZOmi Tahi It's KAMANO LOM I'A PULEHU ----- UWALA MAOLI--Q HAUPIA ...... HALAKAHIKI ,--- AKAKA I ,........ PA'AKAl ULA ULA MAl'A ..,....... MOA LAIKI LOLOA MEAO N0 ......... WAI MOMONA --o- salmon ..........,,.......,.....................baked fish ,...sweet potato coconut pudding .....pineappIe ..,..onion ... red salt .... banana ... chicken ,.. cake ... punch Karen Freltas IhduhINagooka Nowelo Kek1p1 Berme Vause VALENTINE'S DANCE Decoration Committee Dick Achuck at work Watch the toes What a pleasant smile! ! :I 5 orforlfiefv ,. , 4. 'LKA zg H ., L QD in .A U J- I if . 'Q fi 3 A 'Y -D.. , it A ' .. 1' X s T A N E O I ? 'Renae BRQQUKI V- Page 90 -' W s l '. annum. nusx 15 UNDH Youso .Phd-Y' captmn i Sfzng? ,B-qgfderrf 17- JUDY FLETCHER 4- - Jfqfsoricr .am-La:Q.A..1,L. A .,4, J, rv- 1 - --- JOHN CRTRNHO 11854.45-V4,3' , Y... ,A 5 .!?!,,.,. , N Z X, ., 1 .1-...-.YF I 1 4 I I r JUDY VBN WYCK l Vue -Frvsihfg L W , ,, . ...,. ,nal Y?-" ' '+FT?"2-TUVIYW4 Y n i T eavmnoe-rrs vgause 1-N , wtf . ' j f 5. ,IZ-Y 9 . 1 - Page 91 - L G1SE1-H ICUENEMUND 2 Rrfrllhmqvt Chairman, W L CHRULYN BlnsoTT1 ' Sec. r-e Emgy .. V ........- i-i....agi. mmf wnuasi if cnpuonn uvewsofg . V ALPHA IOTA is an international honorary business sorority with chapters located in leading business schools and colleges. It is a non-profit organization, devoting much of its work and fund-raising activities to local and national charitable projects and institutions . "lts aim is to make 'of us, every one, better women, that we may add our mite to the general happiness and well being of the community in which we live. " Being an honorary Sorority, ALPHA IOTA encourages high scholarhsip. Social functions are an important part of creating friendship and loyalty among members of any group. Types of socials are varied--there are showers when the occasion calls for it, picnics and bicycling theatre parties, slumber parties, bowling get-atogethers , and combinations of activities with our brother fraternity, Phi Zeta. ALPHA IOTA has at least one international charity project every year. There have been flood relief and other similar contributions in addition to ALPHA lOTA'S international charity project, the Institute of Logopedics, an institution dedicated to the treatment of children and adults afflicted as the result of cerebral palsy. Each year or two, and International Convention is held in a different city. 'The sponsoring chapter provides time for business meetings, but also schedules sufficient time for sight-seeing, shopping, and entertainment In addition to this convention, each state or regional association sponsors for its member chapters a weekend regional meeting called a conclave. Participation in ALPHA IOTA is provided through three types of chapters, active -alumnae--and Mu Gamma. Active chapters are organized by members who have completed their schooling, while the designation Mu Gamma applies to chapters organized primarily for married members . The ALPHA IOTA pin is the mark of efficiency and the badge of honesty and integrity. All full-fledged members are entitled to own and wear the ALPHA IOTA pin. - Page 92 - ALPHA IOTA CASUALS 1 . 1 4 HY A4 ---g ,,,..,..,,i.....j.....q 'J 9. ,iw-N it . S HRK .ummm - Page 93 - ALPHA IOTA INFORMALS K I1 f- 'f -' A. . ' N Q o Q' ,. " 'Y .Kita , f1 .., r 'ffm .5 " - -. ' --. ' , vs. 1-' 1 lf -... , ap' X, 5 JN A ' fi l E "" Iv' L if 1-fx?lw,, - Page 94 - sm NA " JANET mqnoomnn nxtssw Mouuo CAROL! AU KOTT SANDY LEWIS ' 1 Q - Eiga" ANNE Mr.CvLYNDJ SANOI MILEE IL ' 4s'L'ossef,com-t 'N Asvu mxouusus QIANICE Howe umm Auaikjisuiu SIGMA IOTA CHI - Page 95 A ., ..,, .-'fv"- 'wars ' JUANNI IGAIASIIIRII MYIA SUZAN WLIGM1' DIANE AKC MU LETA 1 H 'J " 5' " in Y' . : LOLRAINE FUKTADO . Lffannar SfkNDE C'5TA AWS '7?Q1f44f Yimrarer iii-Zflgfrasr lgivfyy Wdgym 1 lg. Z LYUB. IOTB XI 5 DEUS 4 5 Lax 4 16 5 R196 - Page 96 - JULIE BRAZIL Yfirflijv Sari!! SIGMA IOTA CHI Sigma Iota Chi is a national sorority. It has chapters throughout the United States. Our sorority colors are purple and gold. The sorority flower is the violet. Sigma Iota Chi was founded in 1903 by Katherine Handter and Greer Duncan, a Sigma Kappa fron the University of the South at Sewanne, Tennessee. Sigma Iota Chi has grown until we now have 12 chapters located in nine states. In California we have three chapters: one in Sacramento, another in Los Angeles, and our own in Berkeley . Our official magazine is the "Parchment" which we receive twice a year. It tells us what our 12 active chapters, throughout the United States, are doing to promote the Sorority good will scholastically and socially. One of the main objectives of the sorority is to promote friendliness, not only among Sigma girls, but also to the entire student body. Each year the sorority selects a girl who they feel has done her best to promote this friendly attitude and awards her the "Friendship Pin". We have one national project a year: it is usually put on for the benefit of some underprivileged group. This year Sigma Iota Chi sponsored a fashion show for Cerebral Palsy. From 1903 to 1960 , Sigma Iota Chi has come a long way and is proud of its name and traditions. - Page 97 - SIGMA ACTIVITIES - Page 98 - 4' 'lf , E' 3 f X112 W ' ,,, ,, , raiernifiea ,W I W-H af'-""a,4 ifgsow 4921! Mr. Bob Hatch Mr. Al Wright President Mr. Harry Martin Vice Pres . Treasurer Mr. Paul Nave Historian wx Y' jgjf zi Q -35 .: ,'.,.13: .Q AXXXXXX Xl AXXW fy. I x 0 t, 'r,11g5,' .W N .mm - F , 3 - u X 1 4 1 9, Mr. Dave Poss Secy. Mr. lack Campbell Guard 1959 Officers President - Les Schmuck Vice President - Clay Wright Secretary - Scott McDanie1s Treasurer - Bill Stone Historian - Les Schmuck Guard - Norm Owen 1960 Officers President - Clay Wright Vice President - Gordon Lloyd Secretary - Rich Gazarian Treasurer - Roger Finberg Historian - Les Schmuck Guard - Norm Owen 1959 Officers President - Tom Binninger Vice President - Bob Jelsvick Secretary - Dave Ross Treasurer - Gordon Lloyd Historian - Les Schmuck Guard - Norm Owen 1960 Officers President - Bob Hatch Vice President - Al Wright Secretary - Dave Ross Treasurer - Harry Martin Historian - Paul Nave Guard - Norm Owen Page 101 - PHI ZETA SWEETHEART Ha? g,u. Q --Q . Mr. 61 Mrs. Tilton The boys L 1 I Phi Zeta Fraternity, founded in 1926 has progressed to a fraternity of strong membership and active participation in student affairs. Keeping in mind the College days that so many 5 of the alumni remember, the Phi Zeta Alumni association has been formed, with the idea in J mind of keeping the brothers together and helping the members know attending College gain . greater benefits by participating in fraternal life. 1 Fraternal life is not only social activity but scholastic achievement as well. Scholastic I abilities are highly exploited, Don Neely, and under graduate member, was rewarded for his work by the highest Scholarship this school can offer. The Bank of America award. Everyone learns that fun and scholastics may be balanced together. Phi Zeta Fraternity would like to thank everyone who has helped us in the past years, Professor Tilton and the administration, and wish all the graduates of the day the best success V possible in the future years. - Page 102 - N 1 if Q-"" lr , , N t Richard Stanley Bud White Hiswfial Vice-president --- - 7--iq Dick Achuck Secretary KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA Kappa Sigma Kappa was founded in 1867 at the Virginia Military Institue in Lexington, Virginia. The National Headquarters is located in Fairmont , West Virginia, and the fraternity has chapters throughout the United States. Its National membership is 12, OOO undergraduates. The Armstrong College chapter, California Gamma, was chartered in 1948. With the public motto, "In Goodhead is Moral Strength, " Kappa Sigma Kappa has been a leader in college life. - Page 104 - Dick Achuck Bill Allgood Dan Austin George Barich Phil Bennett Kent Brockway Lannie Canier Iack Cole Rich Crevelt Bill Cunningham Fred Davis Russ DeWolfe Don Driggs Bill Dunster Don Estes Bill Fairey Gerald Fowler Don Geoffroy Charley Green Ierry Iohnson Kenneth B . Johnson Will Iurgensen Garry Lewis K. C. Low ,--U-...f ,n ,ff a rgs, 12. Pub 4 iff Tizfiifi' ix VI.. ".qf!y,.' Ll' 52 . xg" . Page 10 5 Bill McFarland Pat McPeters Iim McWilliams Phil Mondello Ron Pachaco Tom Piantanida Buddy Pilotti Tony Rago Ioe Scalise Douglas A. Scanlon Dick Sproule Dick Stanley Tom Stanley Ron Teutsch Ron Verner Sidney T. White Paul Wolfe Fred Yanner Bernie Zieminski Advisors Dick Uren Frank Paul Dr. H. Van der Brugh KAPPA INFORMALS KAPPA ACTIVITIES I 'I ek REMEMBER US FOR YCUR STATIONERY n0W AND EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS ve tv Sa now JOHN B. GEHLING Boon sronfmcn. you m one GV ' lxill- .. , ' ,nn FOLEY AND BONNY Eiafincfiue Wen ,A wear Ware Tipping Gui Hats To The Graduating Class BERKELEY I EL CERRITO Cards Stationery Hatfield Stationery Company Floyd Hatfield, Owner-Manager Armstrong College Class '32 GQ 2181 Shattuck Avenue Berkeley, California QWWJ Waiclzes gbpwidal CgQegisiry WILLIAM W. BYRD MANAGING OWNER D WE CORDIALLY EXTEND OUR CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL GRADUATES OF ARMSTRONG COLLEGE. PHI ZETA FRATERNITY AUTGGRAPHS

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