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-r ' L if in • • ' ' ■ • " ' ' ' . ■ ' ■■. ' .. ' ■ ' : ' GEECHEE RMSTRONG STATE COLLEGE " IF I KNEW BACK THEN ALL THE THINGS I KNOW TODAY " " I WOULD NOT HAVE CHANGED ONE HOUR BECAUSE I LEARNED SO MUCH FROM MY MISTAKES " " THIS IS THE TIME THIS IS THE MOMENT WE ' VE WAITED SO LONG JUST TO BE STANDING HERE " " WE HAD A DREAM WE MADE IT HAPPEN " ' NOBODY BELIEVED THAT WE COULD GET THIS FAR AND NOW, I KNOW THAT THIS IS OUR TIME " BUT TAKE A LOOK AROUND, OUR FEET ARE SQUARELY ON THE GROUND " " AND IT SEEMS SO CLEAR KNOW THIS IS GOING TO BE OUR YEAR " " WE ' LL FORGET ABOUT THE PAIN AND SORROW AND WE ' LL FORGET ABOUT THE TIMES WE FAILED " " THIS IS THE TIME THIS IS THE MOMENT WE ' VE WAITED SO LONG JUST TO BE STANDING HERE " 10 12 WE HAD A DREAM WE MADE IT HAPPEN NOBODY BELIEVED THAT WE COULD GET THIS FAR AND NOW I KNOW THAT THIS IS OUR TIME " ' " THIS IS THE TIME " WRITTEN BY DENNIS DeYOUNG, " - ' 1986 GRAND ILLUSION MUSIC A M RECORDS, INC. THE 1988 GEECHEE IS DEDICATED TO THE ARMSTRONG STATE COLLEGE STUDENTS OF TODAY 14 AND TO THE ARMSTRONG STATE COLLEGE STUDENTS OF TOMORROW! 15 $»; ! THE 1988 GEECHEE CO (ij-£ NT£ r jp €N . sport s LlP£ m INock W6 AITS C U WC • ' 52 6 - Hi 8 • ' 90 « } 2fl0v -,.. I THIS IS OUR TIME FOR , 1 FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION A D M N S T R A T O N Robert A Burnett, President of Armstrong State College 20 Frank A. Butler, Vice-President and Dean of Faculty John Stegall, Vice President B U S N E S S AND Top to Botto m: John Stegall (Vice President tor Business and Finance), Judy Grizzard, Dan Harrell (Director of Finance), JoAnne Windeler (Director of Business Services), Shirley Giella, Jane Holland, Lillian Tisdale, Ellen Struck (Director of Personnel), Sarah Zimmerman, Linda Hunger, Jackie Wilkes. N A N C E 21 1 s A 1 1 T F 1 1 U F 1 1 D A 1 1 E 1 1 1 N R 1 1 T S 1 c o u N s E H O u s 1 L 1 N N G Lg Joseph A. Buck, Vice President Lynn Benson William P. Kelso Terri Liles Ms. Doris " Madie Hayes " Cole and Mr. Al " David Addison " Harris. I S T A U L D U E M N N 1 T A A F C F T i A 1 1 V R 1 S T | E S Dawn Ford. Ellen Shawe (Director). Christel Morrison. |f 1 N 1 A A 1 1 N 1 1 1 C D 1 1 A 1 L 23 1 R T R A R D A E N A D N E O N F R O A L C L A M D E E N M i T i C S E R V i i C 24 E Q Dr. Donald Anderson Dr. William Megathlin Mary Cody, Joan Williams, Bertis Jones, Susannah Rockwell. S Barbara McPipkin, Tom Miller, (Director of Admissions), Jamie Carter. o R F E F 1 G 1 1 C 1 S E T R O A F R A D M S S O N S 25 C o M c M o U L N L 1 E C G A E T i i O N S Tricia Clancy and Micki Lee (Director). Byung (Ben) Lee. Sandra Murray, Tom McCracken, Bea Taylor. Jean Meyer, Jack Dennis (Director), Elizabeth Cooksey, Laura McClellan, Barbara Heuer. Steve Van Brackle (Director). A C A D M C C o M P U T I N G Rivanna Barnes, John Cash. Larry Phillips, Janice Christy, Greg Simpson, Tommy Hann, Paul Kass, Dr. BoO Magus (Director), Mark Eversoll. c S o E M R P V U 1 T C j E E R S 27 c E N T B R O A O L K S S T T O O R R E E S 1 c A T R Harry Humphries Mary Robinson, Patty Jaynes, Pam Johnson. A Maybell Watson, Martha Roberts, Dorothy Fogle, Barbara Lloyd, Mary Smith, Mary Johnson, Gloria Houston. 28 o Kendall Morgan. Hugh Justice, Rick Boyette. Joe Morris, Frank Butler, Randy Strode, Bob Bazemore, Len Rozier (Director), Willie Thornton, Reginald Cooper, Joe Quarterman, Willie Hollis. Charlie Brunner, Lawrence Lumberg, Everett Ogilvie. L A N T R A T I O N c u R T Y 29 Ia a| Ir n| It d| Is, E 1 |s D| |c ul 1 i cl Ie a| In t| |c i 1 Ie ol Is n| Joseph V. Adams, Dean 30 Sitting: Ms. Pat King (Secretary), Dr. Lorie Roth, Ms. Billie McClanahan, Mr. William Martin, Dr. John Suchower, Standing: Dr. Richard Raymond, Mr. Frank Clancy, Dr. Holly Thomas, Dr. Hugh Brown, Mr. Ed Richardson. Mr. Marvin Jenkins, Dr. Kent Brooks, Dr. Richard Nordquist, Mr. John Welsh, Dr. Robert Strozier (Department Head), Dr. Thomas Cooksey. L L D A 1 R N T A G E M U R A A A T G T 1 E U C S, R E A R A T N S D Dr. Robert Harris, Mr. John Jensen, Dr. Lucinda Schultz, Mr. John Schmidt, Ms. Lorraine Jones, Dr. Michael Cambell, Ms. Linda Gibson Jensen, Mr. James Amend, Dr. James Anderson (Department Head), Mr. Randall Reese, Mr. Mark Nuccio. N E A R T S 31 D E V E S L T O U P D M 1 E E N S T A ! L Y C H O L O Mr. Quincy Milton (Coordinator), Ms Carolyn Smith, Ms. Ellen Cottrell, Ms. Jean Sims (Secretary), Ms. Cindy Geoffrey, Ms. Margaret Morrison, Mr. Karl Harris. Y 32 Ms. Lois Wheeler, Dr. Elliot Palefsky, Dr. Stuart Worthington, Dr. Grace Martin (Department Head). Dr. Joe Lane, Dr. Keith Douglas SSG. Troy McCants, Mrs. Joan Dicker, MAJ. Gene Evans, Debbie Brinthaupt, CPT. Chuck McManus, 2LT. Gena Ellis, MSG. George McAdams. M 1 S L C 1 1 T E A N R C Y E R O T C John Shephard, Scott Puyear, Dion Francis, Mike VanDriel, Mike Rossey, Tommy McGalliard, Leon Terry, Debra Haese, Clint Anderson, Andrew Irwin, Don Senterfitt, Jim Baker. MAJ. Gene Evans, 2LT. Gena Ellis, John Cubbedge, Renee Webb. CAP. Chuck McManus, SSG McCants. 33 B O L O G Y e] c N H P G E H 1 M Y N 1 S E S 1 E T C R R s, 1 Y, N 34 gI Dr. Francis Thorne (Acting Department Head), Ms. Moonyean Browen, Ms. Pam Smith, Dr. Allen Pingel, Dr. Nancy Pencoe, Dr. Ron Beumer. Mr. James Griffths, Dr. Henry Harris, Dr. Morris Whiten, Dr. Gerald Jones, Dr. Robert Johnson, Dr. Leon Jaynes, Dr. Rick Thomas, Dr. Julia Baker. Mr. John Findeis. Dr. Dale Kilhefner. Dr. Ed. Wheeler (Department Head), Dr. Micki Harbin, Ms. Vicki Norwich, Dr. Anne Hudson, Ms. Carol Hardegree, Dr. Richard Munson, Mr. Hsing Wang, Ms. Jane Barnard, Dr. Sigmund Hudson, Dr. Charles Shirley. ■MMMngBK M C A O T M H P U A T N E D R c R M S C I E N C E T R A Phyllis Gill, Greg Sewell (Director), Maurice Watkins, Bill Buttersworth. N N I A N L G N S T I T U T E 35 Sitting: Dr. George Pruden, Ms. Diane Wagner (Secretary), Dr. Janet Stone, Dr. Osmos Lanier, Standing: Dr. Roger Warlick (Department Head), Mr. Bernard Comaskey, Dr. Jimmy Gross, Dr. Olavi Arens. W f ' ij Dr. Dennis Murphy (Acting Dept. Head), Dr. Steven Ealy, Dr. Michael Palmiotto, Dr. Steve Rhee, Dr. John McCarthy. Dr. Jacquelyn Stephens, Martha Bieber, Dr. Paul Ward (Department Head), Dr. Betty Ann Battiste, Dr. Sandra Terrol. Dr. Evelyn Dandy. E E L D E U M C E A N T T 1 A O R N Y Ms. Susan White, Ms. Patricia Ball, Dr. William Stokes, Dr. Patricia Turnipseed, Dr. Clifford Burgess, Ms. Pamela Harwood, Dr. Lloyd Newberry, Ms. Janis Wells. Is E 1 E D 1 C U 1 ° C 1 N A 1 D T 1 A 1 1 R O 1 V N- H p E H A Y L S T 1 H C A P L R O E F D E U S C s A 1 T o 1 N O S N A N Ld James F. Repella Dean 1 A N 1 s U 1 s R 1 O S 1 c 1 1 1 N 1 A G 1 T 1 E Ms. Mary Miller, Ms. Freddie Hepner, Ms. Ginger Pruden, Ms. Kathy Dutko, Ms. Sandra Clark, Ms. Margie Mathews, Ms. Sara Connor, Ms. Eva Caldwell, Ms. Dot Bell, Ms. Ginda Buie (Secretary), Ms. Jane Williamson, Ms. Teri Garner. Ms. Nell Scott. Ms. Marcella Hart, Ms. Marian Conway, Dr. Marilyn Buck, Ms. Carola Keller, Ms. Nettie Levett, Ms. Carole Massey, Ms. Elaine Silcox. B N A U C R C S A 1 L N A G U R E A T E 39 D H 1 E Y 1 N G 1 T 1 1 A E 1 L N 1 E 1 M R E E D S 1 P C 1 A R L A T T O E R C Y H N T O H L E O R G A Y P Y 40 Ms. Jan Mengle, Ms. Caroline Fleming, Ms. Mary Hoover, Ms. Suzanne Edenfield, Ms. Jean Edwards, Ms. Tina Grile, Dr. Emma Simon, Ms. Sonia Jones, Ms. Barbara Sheehan, Ms. Barbara Tanenbaum, Ms. Teresa Coursey, Dr. L. Gretenstein. m7-s? ft :al Techno! 3GY ROCxSf - Dr. Anne Rodgers and Mr. Lester Hardegree. Mr. Bill Smith, Mr. Ross Bowers (Department Head), Ms. Patricia Summerell (Secretary), Ms. Joy Ellis, Mr. Andy Mazzoli. . s -i £, Sitting: Ms. Lynn Roberts. Ms. Ginny Knorr. Ms. Dianne Lane (Secretary) Middle: Mr. Skeet Brewer, Dr. Roy Sims, Mr. Kenny Roth. Dr. John Brewer (Director), Mr. Joe Roberts. Back: Mr. Jay Bowen, Mr. Marc Paglia, Dr. Larry Tapp, Mr. Michael Lariscy, Mr. William Buckley. A T H L T C Sitting: Ms. Vicki Harrell, Ms. Lynn Roberts. Ms. B.J. Ford. Middle: Dr. Roy Simms (Department Head), Mr. Marc Paglia, Ms. Ginny Knorr, Dr. Emma Simon. Dr. Larry Tapp. Back: Mr. Michael Lariscy, Mr. Ed Clark. fp E 1 1 H D 1 1 Y U 1 1 s C 1 1 1 A 1 |c T 1 1 A 1 I 1 L O 1 M 1 THIS IS OUR TIME FOR . . . , LASSES Laura Allen Jay Armstrong Daniel Bacon Katy Ballance Elizabeth Beninati Beverly Boatright Valerie Browning Kimberly Bryant William Buckley Ann Burdette Dennis Burns Cheryl Capers Joni Carlson " Lo and behold, we have an answer! " Rea Kae Christiansen Stacey Clements Viola Clich William Cobb Jeffery Coleman Calvain Culberson Ernest Delong Janice Dobson Tammy Jo Drew Janice Eason Robert C. Edenfield Mandy Ellzey Trina Embrey Carla D. English Darryl Ennis Shane Ennis Kimberly Estridge Sineath Falls Althemese Ferguson Lavanda Fillman 45 Malcom Fuller Maryann Gallagher Helen Garlick Bill Gearhart Nancy P. Gorman Jacqueline Gracen Kim Grier Monica E. Griner Jefferson Guile (L.D.) Lisa Hammock Lee Harrell (me) Cheryl Hopkins Eileen lelmini Jeff Jackson Karen T. Jacobs Geralyn M. Kass Dave Kelley Bill Kelso Clinf Ladner Alan Lamb 46 " No. I ' m not from Ohio State, dammit! ' Suzanne Lindsey Missy Lingerfelt Debra Lively Scott Malcom Ellen Manacy Gary Marshall Sherry Martin Frank Mason Shari Matz Jennifer Mayall Elgin A. Mines Barry T. Mock Diane Morrell 47 Cindy Mosley Kathy Newman Ann O ' Brien Martin O ' Brien Michelle Oliver Kim Porter Celeste Provence Steven Redding Errol F. Rhett Sandra Riggin Amy Robertson Robin Robinson Martin Ross Becky Sappenfield 48 Rose Schumacher Karen Seckinger Mark Sellers Lisa Shawcross Greg Showalter John Simpson Beth Smith Cheryl Smith Faustina Smith Miriam Stevens Amanda Strickland Wanda Thompson Tina Tillman Marcella Tudor Teri R. Tuyls Sandra Voelker 49 Rosemary Ware Janice Waters Dennis A. Weatherly Michael Williams Walia Williams Joan Williams Lucinda Wright Frances Yeargan Deena K. York so Vicki Aeger Joseph Agnew John Andrew Krista Ashman Helen Best Mariana Bennett Ben Bickel David Bone Lisa A. Bowers David Breland Barbara Brock Anne-Marie Broderick Lonnie Byrd Sharon Calhoun Michael Canicatti Kevin Chen 51 James Coleman Norman Crawford Thomas Crumbley Vernell Cutler Audra Davis Derrick Davis Lynn Donaldson Hussein El-Lessy Vanessa Evans Eric Filmer Kerry Fitts Jennifer George Ashley L. German Andrea Hall Shirley Harrison Richard Hasbrovck Christine Heinrich Wendy Hendricks Cindy Hieronymus Wendy Sue Hood 52 " I know there ' s an ' S ' on here somewhere. " Karen Hudsbeth Sheleta Hudson Dianne Jamer Melanie Janvrin Althea D. Johnson Gregg Johnson Pamela E. Johnson Tula Koch Ken Kocher Dale Lewis June Little Bob Long Paulette Luersen 53 Tommy McGalliard Laura McNeill Beverly Mead Mike Mitchener Ruth Morales Lamara Moore Danny Moore Ben Morris Kevin Moss Nancy Nichols Stephanie Norman Tony Perry Jenny Pund John Register Kimberlie J. Ritter 54 Patrina Rivers Elizabeth Rockwell Elizabeth Rogers Sharon Ryan William Schaffer John R. Schaffner Michelle Schlenz Johnathan Shepherd Minchul Shin Karen Showalter Eva Simmons Veronica Smalls Cindy Smith Judson D. Smith Ondine Stettner s r Beth Stewart Pratt Summers Gene Thomas Lydia Trimble Eugenia Vaughn Mark Wagenhauser Pam Walker Sabine Walker Brad Wallace :arolyn Marie Wallace Ute Willmore Nancy Wynn Cathy Zerris Michael E. West, Jr. Dwayne White Felicia Williams Sean Williams ' No really I did win this trophy! " I ' m caught in one of those darn campus security force-fields again! " Ok. Everybody look natural Heidi Alexander Donna J, Andrews Lydia Blackledge Donna Boyce Michael S. Brannan Domingos Bravo Hannah Brown Beth Bryant Joy Cafiero Allen Cartee Kim Chestian Alicia Coleman Keith Crowley James E. Dantzler Jack D. Davis III Tracy Deemer 58 Sam Deloach Sandy Derocher Kelly Diamond Diana Donate Paulette Dooley Stephanie Drummond Suzanne Fentress Melanie Foss Lee Futch Robert Gibson Khristy Graham Thomasina Greene Kathleen Groover Lishus Gross, Jr. Lisa Hamilton Julie Helmly Kelly Henderson David Hodges Sherri Holland Kerry Hubbard Marie Hucks Dana Hutson Beckie Jackson Greer Johnson Mary A. Johnson Kim Kessler Brad Knight Nanine Koch Alice Landry Robin Lanier Davita Lapens Tim Lester Angie Lewis Russell Lewis Renita Lipscomb Gerald Long Mary Roberts Katherine Rockwell Lynn Ross Michelle Ruiz Michelle Long Colleen Lozen Michael Marks Stephanie Martin Sherry McCumber Bill Mcllrath, Jr. Tom McNulty William Miller Brian Myers Lisa Norman Paige O ' Conner Mora Patee Cheri Paulus Eleanor Posey Melissa Prevatt Cheryl E. Ramsey Diane Randolph Billy Rawson Patricia S. Ray Chris Rice 61 Amy Sanders Beverly Salter Alex Sheer Jay Scott Arty Sheffield Joann Singletary Lorraine Smalls Brad Smith Celena Smith Kinsey Smith Glenn Allan Steele Al Stephenson Billy Stout Mary Sutlive Crystal Taylor Terry Thomas Chrnet Thomas LaTanya F. Thompson Shannon Traver Chris Vaigneur " To hell with The Outfield. I ' ll give these people some REAL enter- tainment. " Joy VanBrackle Maria Vinueza Slovakia Washington John Waters Shane Waugh Kevin Wetmore Wendy Wickham Barbara Williamson Elane Wilson Christina Wohlert Evia Wright Richard Young Otis C. Zeiglei Michelle Zipperer 63 Simona Alkofer Chris Baker Chris Ballard Linda Baxley Ryan Beasley Heather Birkheimer Renee Boudreau Alfred Boyett Mike Branan Franci Bright Corey B. Brooks Bereatha L. Brown Gary Brown Saundra M. Brown Scott Brown Steven Douglas Brown f 1 c 64 Lori Bryant Melissa Buchans Karen L. Burke Edmond Burnsed Christy Cadle Lawrence Camp Tammy Carpenter Jeannee Chatelain Connie A. Clark Cynthia L. Clark Lydia Clark Keelen Cranberry Sonia Coleman Stephanie Cox 65 Diane Crosby Johnny Crowly Virginia Cunningham Sharon Dean Eleanor Demps John Dickens Tia M. Dixon Glenn Dobson Herbert Dorhout Stephanie Durden 66 Robyn Dykes Dawn Edenfield Joey Ellis Diana Eubanks Chris Edgerly Angela Faircloth Shawn Finnerty Tom Flowers Bill Floyd Kerry Fort Troy Fortson 67 Valerie Foss Lindsey Fox Lisa Friedman Eric Fianczak Reginal Garvin Mimi Georges Joaquin Gibson JoEllen Giogaia Marc Ginsberg Beverly Gnann Lisa Howard Lisa Howard Trina Hallman Linden A. Helmly Ken Hendley David Hopkins 68 Timothy Hunt Tonia Jackson Eddie R. Jacques Cathy Jenkins William T. Jenkins Sabrina Jenkins Tonya Jenkins Amy L. Jones Gwendolyn Jones Steven Kellam Ken Kennickell Daniel Kiene Sussie C. Kim Susan Knight Melissa Lammons Earnest Lane 69 Eva Langley Jody Lanier David Lazarus Manya Lazarus Nancy Lee Stephen Lenderman Edna Leslie Lawrence Linton Catherine Mageire Vonda Mann Traci Mckendree Ute Meyer Rose Mikell Cassandra Miller Lisa C. Moody Randy Moore Jennifer Moseley Nicholas R. Mueller John Muntzer Charles Murphy 70 " You ' re about as funny as a rubber crutch, bud dy. " Larry Nelson Sheree Neville Patricia C. O ' Neil Dorothy Packard Nilam Patel Joy Pendergraph Mildred Pendergrass Melba Perez-Matinez Edgina Polite Tricia Podmore Robert Poole Jr. Heather Poppell Jackilyn Proper George Quattlebaum 71 Cami Rambo Tommy Ray Robbie Richardson Katrina Roberds Sabrina Roberds Lee Robertson David Robinson Terri Ruiz Susan Rundbaken Guerry Russell Dense Rutledge Jim Ryan Peggy Saxon Stephanie Shannon 72 Mark Silcox Lisa Shearouse Helen Shefchyk Renee Simmons Dennis Smith Garth Smith Robin M. Smith William Smith ■ ufcl-5y£fw- 4Kfe£ i 1 3 K fe S ' ' 1 ' ((P " ? ■ ' f£« i £ iSP £TT 9WHB K " JW jp ' Sy 1 i s 1 r- i Mack Soleimai Ivey Spence 75t " | • I 1 Jennifer Stanford Terry Stark Elane Steinbach Brian Stewart 73 Beth M. Taylor Rachel Thomson Gerald Toole John Tuten Christine Usher Daniel Vescelus Bryan Vickers •4 Top: " The autographs were enough please on pictures. " Students sign petition to turn full control of college to the student body. Top: " We ' re smiling because we did not eat here. " Left: ASC students " ZIP " OFF to class. ; tt b mmfi k i ia i? ' mink - . -. Right: " I can ' t believe Mike caught the ball! " Cesea Vinveza Shanna Waters Mary Ann Wiharm Stacie Willett Glenda Wilds Donna Wright 75 THIS IS OUR TIME FOR . . . Kir ' ! ' « ! % El Armstrong State College offers a variety of organizations in which the student can exercise their leadership abilities, widen their interests, and make lasting relationships with other students. There are numerous types of groups in which students can par- ticipate: Religious, Greek, Profes- sional, Special Interest, and Aca- demic Honor Societies. Everyone at ASC can find himself in one of these. PHI ETA SIGMA A national honor soci- ety whose goals is to en- courage and reward high scholastic achievement among freshmen. Top to bottom: Brad Smith, Gay Lynn Randall (Vice-President), Jane Barnard (Faculty Advisor), Khristy Graham (Secretary), Christina Wholert, Greer Johnson (Senior Advisor), Monique Smith, Michelle Miller. Susan Shetchyk (Junior Advisor), Clint Farabaugh (President). PI MU EPSILON Dr. Mickie Harbin (Faculty Advisor), Mrs. Carol Hardigree, Mrs. Vicki Norwich, Mr. Hsing Wang, Mr. John Findeis. Dr. Dale Kilhefner, Dr. Ed Wheeler (Dept. Head), Dr. Richard Munson, Dr. Charles Shipley Dr. Gerald Jones, Mrs. Jane Barnard. Penny Marsh (Vice-President), Clint Farabaugh (President), Christine Wohlert (Secretary), Dr. Sigmund Hudson. A national organization whose purpose is the pro- motion of scholarly activi- ties in Mathematics among students. Member are elected on an honor- ary basis according to their proficiency in math- ematics. 79 PHI ALPHA THETA JAL FALL QUARTER MEETING. THE MEMBERS OF PHI ALPHA THETA INCLUDE: Cherri B. Shelnutt (President). April M. Scott (Vice President), Sharon J. Young (Secretary). Mr. Alfred Owens (Treasurer). Evelyn Spense (Historian), Dr. Jimmy Gross (Faculty Advisor), John Lee Harrell, Joseph A. Hulsey, John Kennington, Jr., Martin Eugene Ross, James B. Vaughn, Mary Wells-Bacon, Angela Maria Yglesias, James Baker, Gillian Brown, Sharon Kemper, Bradley Lyman, Charles J. Mobley, LeeAnn Rebl Patterson. KAPPA DELTA PI Phi Alpha Theta is the international Honor So- ciety in History, which recognizes outstand- ing scholarly achieve- ment of students of His- tory. Its purpose is to promote the study of History through re- search, good teach- ing, publication, and the exchange of learn- ing and through among students of His- tory, A national honorary so- ciety in Education. Lynn Roberts, Mary Lou Collins, Ralph Baisden Jr. (President), Dr. John H. Cochran Jr. (Advisor), BarBara Estes. BETA BETA BETA BETA BETA BETA is an honor and professional society for students of the biological sci- ences. Eleanor Beacham (Vice-President). Marius Ruja Terri Coleman (President). Minchul Shin, Freddie Roberts. Debbie Rapp (Historian). Michelle Miller, Dr. Laurent Guillou (Treasurer Advisor), Dr. Francis Thome, Jim Cole- man. u LjF ' E.B. TWITMEYER SOCIETY The E.B. TWITMEYER SOCIETY is a local or- ganization that pro- motes interest among students in psychology. Herb Craven. Dr. Keith Douglass. Kathy Newman, Dr. Elliot Palefsky, Elaine Wilson. Cindy McCormick Charlie Camp, Dr. Grace Martin. Ellen Albano (Program Director), Linda P. Artley (President), Magda Costanza (Guest Speaker), Deborah Crosby. Lois Smith, Dr. Joe Lane, Wilton Beasley. Karen Jacobs, Anne Buttimer-Gay Dr Clarke Worthington, Ann Trotter, Dr. Donald Super. STUDENT ASSOCIATION OF EDUCATORS A national pre-profes- sional organization whose purpose is to promote so- cial and protessional unity among students interest- ed in teaching and edu- cation. Sitting: Pamela Samples, Laura Davis. Lori Warren, Stacy Clements, Barbara Brock, Kim Porter, Tina Tillman, Mary Lou Collins. Standing: Sue Crews, Denise Evitt, Melody Exley, Pam Boyette, Dr. Stephen Agyekum (Advisor), Amanda Strickland, Tom Moiskow, Evelyn Aimar, Shelley Mobley, Karen Seckinger. ASC ENGINEERING SOCIETY An organization to fos- ter friendship and profes- sional pride among facul- ty and students of Engineering. This year the ASC Engineering Society challenged students to build self-propelled cars during the annual National Engineer ' s Week. Cars were made from various light weight materials since speed and distance was the goal. The object of the competition was to construct a small car that would climb a prepared ramp the quickest and to the greatest distance. This event delighted both those ASC students who participated in the competition and those students who cheered the young in venters on. DATA PROCESSING MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATON DPMA is an organization of students interested in data processing as a pro- fession. ' " Are you sure you only dropped this once? " Nancy Howell (Secretary), John Cash (Treasurer), John Simmons (President). Not pictured: Julie Tillman (Vice President) ASSOCIATION FOR COMPUTING MACHINERY ACM is an organization which seeks to advance the science and art of in- formation processing. Buffy and Mandy find a little " IN- PUT. " Mandy Ellzey (Vice President), Mike Williams (President), Tom Fultz (Treasurer), Cheryl Buffkin (Secretary). AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Michael Shin (Treasurer), Donna Wright, Braa Smith (President), Robbie Benton (Secretary), Dr. Robert Johnson (Advisor). A national professional organization for students majoring in chemistry or related disciplines, whose purpose is to secure ex- perience in preparing and presenting technical material before chemical audiences and to foster professional pride in chemistry. Existing within the Chemi- cal Society is an honor so- ciety for students, the Joel H. Hilderbrand Society. Eva Simmons, Barbara Creech, Dennis Burns, Steven Camka, Nancy Lee, James Turner, Chris Jones, Eric Gladden (Vice President), Todd Baumgartner, Brad Smith, Robbie Benton, Susie Kim. DENTAL HYGIENE ASSOCIATON fop to bottom: Karen Lynn, Dora Conner, Sheila Jones, Christa Ashman, Cindy Crosby, Lamara Moore, Valerie Browning, Kerri Cantrell, Cindy Younger, Becky Sappentield, Cindy Moseley, Francis Yeargan, Carolyn Bedingfield, Tina Andrews, Paulette Leuresen, Helen Garlick, Karen Miller, Beverly Mead, Tricia Stuckey, Bobbie Williamson, Veronica Schwartz, Michelle Schlenz, Debbie Richards, Edna Leslie, Paulette Dooley, Sherri Holland, Carmen Adair, Diana Donate, Cheri Paulus, Jennifer George, A national organiza- tion whose objectives are to cultivate, pro- mote, and sustain the art and science of the Dental Hygiene profes- sion. Cindy Younger (Vice-Presi- dent), Cindy Moseley (Presi- dent), Tina Andrews (Trea- surer), Tricia Stukey (Historian), Cindy Crosby (Secretary), Seated Caroline Fleming (Faculty Advisor). MEDICAL RECORDS The objectives of Medical Records shall be to culti- vate, promote, and sus- tain the art and science of Medical Record tech- nology, to represent and safeguard the common interest of the members of the medical record professions, and to con- tribute toward the im- provement of the health of the public. Majorie Herring (Faculty Advisor), Karen Holton, Cheryl Duncan, Christy Grant. MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY The Medical Technology club is open to students interested in the Medical Technology profession. Venessa Evans, Lisa Lott, Melinda Kicklighter, Wendy Lord (Secretary Treasurer), Jeff Dykes (President), Rochelle Sands, Dr. Anne Rodgers (Advisor), Debra Lively, Carmina Pascual, Connie Turner. RADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGY The Radiologic Technol- ogy student organization offers students an oppor- tunity to develop leader- ship skills, understand the group process, and broaden their social and professional background. ■ Hannah Brown, Patricia Crews, Pam Seely (President), Julie Helmy, Tina Soles, Amanda Loper, Ghas- san El ' Habre, Michelle O ' Kula. Michael Jeffcoat, Rusty Schott, Donald Nixon, Sonja Strain, Diana Willoughby, Sonyua Green, Ruth Morales, Suzanne Beatry-Spivey, Mary Byrd (Sec. Tres.), Karen Long, Gay Mann, Jenniter Marcotte, Carol Brannen, Lisa Shearouse, Leonard Grant. RESPIRATORY THERAPY Scott Mincey (Treasurer), Bill Smith, Ronnie Shearouse (Vice President), Rudy Oswell, Patricia Summer- ell (Secretary), Andrew Mazzoli, Joy Ellis (Advisor), Michelle Fleming (President), Corey H. Ellis (Mas- cot), R. Sue Zianni (Club Dummy). INTERNATIONAL CLUB The Armstrong Interna- tional Club is designed to introduce people ot dif- ferent cultures to one an- other so they might learn about the traditions and beliefs of other countries. James Turner, Abbas Rahimitabar, Reginald Garvin, Emily M. Buono, Cathy Todd, Dr. Steve Rhee (Advisor), Mary Craver (Secretary), Dr. David Noble (Advisor). Eva Simmons. Nancy Lee, Christina Dean. Bina Desai, Mark Yun (Vice President), Michael Shin (President), Susie Kim (Treasurer), Wuqi Chu, Myoung Dumias, Monica Funderburk. EBONY COALITION The Ebony Coalition is an organization that at- tempts to mainstream mi- nority students into cam- pus life. The organization plans and participates in many activities to help minority students get more out of the college experience. Membership is open to all interested persons. Robert Spaulding, Ernest Jackson, Beverly Williams, Jotfrey Smith, William Roberson, Glenn Steele, Renita Cipscomb, Felecia Williams, Thomasina Greene, Stephanie Drummond, Evia Wright (Assistant Secretary), Stephanie M artin (Secretary), Tia Dixon, Roland Jackson, Tonia Jackson, Terry Thomas, Davita Capers (Vice President), Andrea Hall, Reginald Garvin, Slovakia Washington, Diane Morrell (President), Dr. George Brown (Advisor). 88 JAMES MOORE WAYNE LAW CLUB James Moore Wayne Law Club — A local group that provides infor- mation and services to those students interested in law. Front: Frank Mason (V.P. Tres.), Robert Masters. (President), Mark Yun (Secretary). Middle: Shannon Traver, Cindy Hogue. Maria Vinveza. Lisa Norman, Dr. Dennis Murphy (Advisor), Back: Alan Lamb, Kevin Doyle. Renee Boudreau, Missy Lingertelt. YOUNG REPUBLICANS The Young Republicans are a group of politically active college students who support Conserva- tive Viewpoints. Jeannie Wilson, Mark H. Yun. Corry Evans, Hank Storm, Kevin Doyle. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION An organization which seeks to enable stu- dents and faculty to experience and grow in the real dimensions of the Christian faith. Top Row: Kevin Wetmore, Gumby, Bobby Stevenson. Julie Helmy, Kelly Henderson, Lydia Blackledge. Second Row: Reggie Garvin, Billy Rawson, Michele Ruiz, Alice Johnson, David Tuten, Terri Ruiz, Steve Linderman, Collen Willhoit, Robert Spalding, Ashley German, Jody Lanier, Chris Fuller, Karen Bowens, Jennifer Stanford, Tracy Barrenbrugge, Lawanda Tillman, Rev. Thurmond Tillman, Brenda Patter- son, Third Row: Tim Smith. Ivy Spence, Lonnie Byrd, Richie Murphy, Mike Branan, John Schaffner, Demetri Tambourlas, Mark Beyers, Micheal Jones, Robert Edenfield, Al Stephen- son, Chris Ballard, Tonya Jenkins, Mark Sellers, Bottom Row: Johnny Crowley, Lisa Hollingsworth, Renee Simmons, Bev- erly Woods, Andrea Purvis, Michele Oliver, Tina Tillman, Christine Moss, Jackilyn Proper, Renee Hallman, Pam Ford, Alice Womble, Billy Stout, Christine Usher. Campus minister Chris Fuller and BSU President Mark Seller: themselves during the luau party. r to be enjoying WOMEN OF WORTH Mary Johnson (Secretary), Anne Buttimer-Gay (President), Cindy McCormick (Interm Treasure), Linda P. Artley (Treasure), Dr. Grace Martin (Advisor). .O.W. helps its members balance Time, school, work, and home. Anne Buttimer- ' Mary Johnson, Dr. Grace Martin, Patty Parker, Joyce Nettles, Lois Smith. Tricia gets a chance to watch her mom, Pat ty Parker, do her ' school work ' . ARMSTRONG SOCCER CLUB After being dropped from the athletic program last year, ASC Soccer is making a hopeful come- back. On October 5, 1987, the Student Activi- ties Committee voted unanimously to accept the constitution of the newly founded Armstrong State College Soccer Club. The main goal of the Soccer Club is to build interest in the ASC-Sa- vanah community among the high school athletes. If the program succeeds, Armstrong will draw its players from the community. Membership is open to all. Top to bottom: David Hodges, Richard Ayala, Robert Edenfield (President), Al Zealy (Treasurer), Joe Hall, Bill Cobb (Vice-President), Mark Dempsey, Alep Rollins, Rick Zachrassek, Mark Stratton, Thorn Harrison, Jamie Brown, Jerry Kappa, Mike Ayala, Willie Griffin. Not pictured: Tim Fogarty, John Muntzer, Chris Aliffi (Match Secretary), Kelly Bouchillon, Cary Comette, Brian Blanton, Eddie Alverez, Dr. Keith Douglass (Advisor). ART GROTTO " Art Grotto, an organiza- tion formed in Fall quarter of 1987, is designed to promote the expression and growth of creativity among ASC students. We try to grow as individuals and as a group using our talents within the commu- nity, by supporting social, recreational and teach- ing projects . . . we paint signs but we also work in souplines. " Top to bottom: Nick Mueller, Dr. Jim Anderson, Mr. John Schmidt, Joseph Agnew, Mr. Jim Amend, Marius Ruja, Christine Heinrich, Katherine Rockwell, Dan Bacon, Laura Sandt, Lois Caster. CHAOS The letters stand for communication, help, ad- visement, orientation and service. The organization is a orientation program designed to provide freshmen with the infor- mation, services and sup- port essential to a suc- cessful transition into the Armstrong community. Mr. Mack Palmour, Dr. Joe Buck, Al Stephenson, Vicki Aeger, Pam Walker, Bill Keiso, Ms. Ellen Shawe, Mr. Al Harris, Stephanie Norman, Ms. Lynn Benson, Carla English, Brian Blanton, SanOy Derocher, Ms. Terri Liles, Shannon Traver, Harold Julius Augustus, Oglesby, Bob Long, Mike West, Lee Harrell, Malcolm Fuller. MARAUDERS The purpose of the Marauders is to pro- mote professional- ism in the Military Arts through instruc- tion of individual mili- tary skills, small unit leadership, and vari- ous other tech- niques common to the military service. Front Row: Alan Sohner, James Scott, Chuck Fountain, John Cubbedge, Mike Willims. Back Row: CPT. Chuck McManus (Advisor), Dr. Larry Babits, MSG. George McAdams (Advisor), Paul Conner, James Baker. ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Khristy Graham, Julie Helmly, Beverly Gnann, Lydia Blackledge, Kelly Henderson, Vicki Aeger, Donna Boyce, Beverly Salter, Kelly Diam Lingerfelt, Renee Boudreau, Kinsey de Smith, Manya Lazarus, Robyn Dykes, Lisa Norman, Tula Koch, Nanine Koch, Wendy Hendricks Richardson, Joy Van Brackle, Pam Walker, Summer Schultz, Stephanie Norman. PHIMU Top to bottom: Shane Ennis (Advisor), Tricia Barr, Cindy Hieronymus (President), Karen Leach, Jean Marie Trainor, Karen Cook, Suzanne Lindsy (Secretary), Vicki Vogel (Treasurer), Dana Hudson (Phi Mu Director), Staci Rae, Kathie Cox, Butfy Coleman, Karen Lee, Elaine Steinbach, Jeana Harden, Kathleen Bradley. Not pictured: Karen Showalter (Vice-President), Amy Leach. Deadlines, activities, music, and essays — all of these items are incorporated into Arm- strong ' s organized activities. Students are given the oppor- tunity to become involved in the student publications, aca- demic competition, and musi- cal groups. Participation in the organized activities not only develops skills in communica- tion, leadership, and responsi- bility, but it gives the student a sense of belonging. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Top to Bottom: Steve Lenderman, Robbie Richardson, Marius Ruja, Sandy DeRoacher, Vicki Aeger, Greer Johnson, Marcella Roberts, Elizabeth Rogers, Thommy McGalliard (Treasurer), Bill Kelso (President), Bob Long (Vice-Presi- dent), Stephanie Norman (Secretary) The lecture on " Date Rape " presented by Dr. Mary Koss (left) and the Creative Black Tie Dance (upper right) were sponsored by the Student Government Association. The student government ' s purpose is to further the develop- ment of the college and its student body. All ASC students are members and those who meet academic requirements are encouraged to participate in either the executive, legislative, or judicial branches. COLLEGE UNION BOARD VoYaGeR 12 SS:K LiOHTI fr Robert Gibson. Tommy McGalliard (Treeasurer), Stephanie King, Bob Long (Vice President), Stephanie Norman (Secretary), Christine Heinrich, Robert Edenfield, Not Pictured: Bill Kelso (President). College Union Board — The group that coordinates social, cultural and entertainment programs for the campus. Mem- bership on any of CUB ' s five standing committies is open to all students. Singer Chris Brady provided enter- tainment which gave the ASC lunch crowd a chance to glide on over hump day. His performance, which included songs by REM, John Mellencamp and Jimmy Buffet, was enjoyed by all. COMPUTER SCIENCE CLUB The Computer Science Club is an organization com- posed of the Association for Computing Machinery and the Data Processing Management Association. Their goal is to promote the use and business applica- tions of computers and to make computer science enjoyable at Armstrong. Dr. Sigmund Hudson, Chris Sang. Dr. Richard Munson, Gifford Usher, Dr. Mickie Harbin, David Breland, Dr. Ed Wheeler, Steve VanBrackle (Advisor), Ms. Vicki Norwich, Mike Mitchner, Bryon Wagner, Tim Poe, MaryAnn Browning, Ms. Carol Hardegree, Paul Kass, Penny Marsh, Earl Coppedge, Ben Morris, Sanjeev Desai, John Hadock, Tom Pol- lack, Carolyn Hodges, Lamar Lopez, Norman Crawford, Nancy How- ell, Mark Eversoll, Janice Waters, Al Stevenson, Beth Smith, Cheryl Buffkin, David Brown, Chuck Poythress, Glen Elliott, Sean Parker, Carl Quante, Mr. John Findeis, Pat Branyon. Mike Canicaatti, Dianna Willoughby, John Simmons, Tom Fultz, Tommy Hahn, Sherry Martin, Mike Williams, Mandy Ellzey, Alice Landry, Dr. Charles Shipley, Mr. Hsing Wang (Advisor). Computer Science Lab Assistants: Mike Williams, Tom Fultz, Cheryl Buffkin, David Brown, Mandy Ellzey, John Simmons, Steve VanBrackel (Director). ASC BANDS Front to back: Sabine Walker, Jon Moore, Al Stephenson, Jim Ryan, Malcolm Fuller, Tom Jenkins. Joseph Agnew, Jon Grady, Danny Kiene, Lee Lariscy, Elgin Mines, Nick Mueller, Steven Bene, Richard Case. Above the ASC Jazz Ensemble practices for another quarterly concert. The ASC Concert Band, directed by Michael Campbell, entertains throughout the year. CHOIR AND ENSEMBLE The Vocal Chamber Ensemble is an ASC choir that in the past year has performed in Ireland, Scotland, and England along with various loca- tions in the Savan- nah community. ASC Vocal Chamber Ensemble: Elizabeth Rodgers, Stephen Bene, Diane Ricks, Bobby Stevenson, Miriam Carlson, Ray Ellis, Mimi Witherington, Dr. Robert Harris, Fred White, Katherine Rockwell, Daniel Vescelas, Cheryl Weech, Dan Bacon, Janice Poppell. Not Pictured: Beth Davis, and Gary Quinney. Armstrong ' s Con- cert Choir is open for any ASC student in- terested in singing and performing. This year the choir pre- formed twice with the Savannah Symphony. ASC Concert Choir: Beth Davis, Katherine Rockwell, Ellen Dunlap, Elizabeth Rogers, Mimi Witherington, Miriam Carlson. Mary Beth Whalen, Althea Johnson, Diane Ricks, Joan Warshaver, Debbie Robinson, Nele Ewaldson, Cravon Mallory. Jonathan Howard, Fred White, Gary Quinny, Chance Williams. INKWELL From Left to Right: John Dickens, Beckie Jackson (Assistant Editor), Frank, Stephanie Norman, Michael West (Editor), Kathy Cohen, Lisa Friedman. Not pictured: J.J. Rutland. The Inkwell, the ASC student newspaper, is a collaboration of editorials, cartoons, cam- pus and world news, and, occasionally, a little fun. It is published bi-weekly, fifteen times a year and is the result of hard work, dedication, and lots of determination. Any- one interested in working on the 1988-89 Inkwell should apply in the Student Activities Office. It ' s an experience you won ' t forget. tutor Editor, Michael West awaits student reaction to the 1987-88 Inkwell. CALLIOPE CALLIOPE — The Campus literary magazine. Any interested student may submit original works for consid- eration or serve on the publication staff. Dr. Richard Raymond, Andy Pena (editor), and Mary " Ginger " Carver (co-editor). WRITING CENTER Mr. Richard Norduist, Dr. Lori Roth (Director), Mr. Frank Clancy, Mr. Ed Richardson, Writing Center Tutors (Not Pictured): Roger Smith, Andy Pena, Sabine Walker, Stacy Hooks, Kathy Albertson, Anne Muller, Dr. Richara Raymond and Dr. Thomas Cooksey. The Writing Center is a place where students in all disciplines may come for help with their writing. Tutors in the Writing Center offer individual instruction in basic writing skills and provide guidance in the preparing of essays, reports, and re- search papers. The aim of the Writing Center is not only to assist students in core composition courses, but also to work with English majors. GEECHEE Many a long night were sp up in the Geechee room this year trying to make one deadline af- ter another. At times it became very frustrating. Ideas sometimes ran short, many layouts did not come together as planned and fatigue ran rampant. The some- times dedicated staffers worked to make sure this annual would be the best you ever owned. But times weren ' t all bad. Some of the best times of the year were spent up in the Geechee office. Some of those memories came in the form of quotes that became everyday occurances, such as . . . " Lee, do we have a meeting today? " " Ok girls, deadline par- ties all next week! " " No, Lydia, we can ' t take a major road trip. " " Class? SKIP, SKIP, SKIP! " " Any ideas for the Geechee picture? " " Hey, Rob, how ' bout a bite of your flounder? " " Kelly and Jules, control your instincts! " " So what HU H THE GEECHEE STAFF, MORE OR LESS: Erin Sheppard, Joy Cafiero, Tracy Deemer, Lee Harrell, Kinsey Smith (Honorary Member), Lydia Blackledge, Robert Edenfield. Julie Helmly, Kelly Henderson. Khristy Graham, Susan Rundbaken, Kelly Diamond, and Mike West. Below: " Robert, that doesn ' t look like brain- storming! " The Geechee Roam (a.k.a. " The Dungeon of Hell " ). Robert Edenfield and Lee Harrell survive the year with minimal dain bamage! do we watch in Studio ' A ' to- night? " " Mike is in the Inkwell, Khristy. " " I smell bananas! " " Lee, I ' ll tell Stephanie! " " Whoooo! " " Erin, can you pencil us in long enough for the Geechee pic- ture? " " Jeff, I NEED PHOTOS!!!! " " Robert, what did you break to- day? " " Still in the brainstorming, stage. " " Ads? What ads? " " Joy, who are you drooling over this week? " " Susan, how ' s your politi- cal career? " " Shhh ... Oh, thought I heard Stacy. V1 I don ' t think this picture will fit in this little itty-bitty space here, Lee. Do you reck- on? " " I wonder if he knows that I ate his hamburg- er? " STUDENT PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICES Student Photographic Services consists of student photographers who are employed to provide pho- to services for campus publications, individuals and the campus in gen- eral. Coordinator. Jeff Jackson spends most of his Photographer Chris Klug shows off some of his time kicked back. equipment. Senior Photographer Gary Marshall — always Lab Asst. Photographer Billy Rawson prac- Photographer Elizabeth Rodgers receives HARD at work. tices his GQ pose. payment for wearing glasses. QUIZ BOWL Christian Wohlert, Monica Funderburk, Iva Shreve. Not Pictured: Mike Hart (Captain), Mary Chamlee. Laurie McClellan (Coach). he Quiz Bowl is a group composed of students from various disciplines who represent the col- lege in academi c com- petition against other col- eges throughout the region and nation. ASC Quiz Bowl — " Second Place 1987 The Uni- versity of Tennessee Summer Invitational " THIS IS OUR TIME FOR . . . f ' ■ ' - ., . •sJ ! » rfS$ msfiF z. ? ? ( $ stffr JEFF JUSTICE Splitting of the magic hanky In April, Jeff Justice was one of many comedy acts that the college Union Board presented in its Spring Programming. Jeff, considered to be one of the better comics in the business kept the crowd rolling with his original humor and hilarious antics with his " pet " raccoon Rocky. Even through technical difficulties he was able to keep the students in a roar. Jeffs ' performance was just one of many entertaining events present- ed by CUB to break the monotony of college life. Jeff and Rocky prepare for a dan gerous stunt. 112 The SHADY GROVE BAND Throughout the spring, students and faculty were entertained with a little humor and a bit of culture. On March 15th, students were some- what prepared for the long St. Pat- ricks ' Day weekend with music from the bluegrass band Shaay Grove. April 20th saw the arrival of the " We Can Make You Laugh " team. Some students succeeded in earning a few bucks by being able to stifle a laugh — or a smile. v We Can Make You Laugh " team prepares judges for " Laugh-off. 113 HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASC!!! " Two is better than one. " 114 Everyone loves a birthday celebration and celebrating Armstrongs ' Birthday was no exception. To help celebrate the 52nd birthday, CUB brought in Pinsky and Gray. P.G., as they were atfectionately known, is one ot the best comedy teams on the colle- ge nightclub circuit. P.G. showed the stu- dents that they truely earned to be called one of the best. With P.G. doing comic skits of a frenchman in a southern cafe and of a redneck on Broadway as well as other hu- morous antics it was a very successful Birth- day Celebration. Pmsky and Gray show why they are one of the best. GENE COTTON In May the soft sounds of Gene Cotton gave Armstrong students a chance to relax from the doldrums of classes. Genes ' excellent guitar and piano playing rang through MCCs ' patio with a professional grace. Gene, a national recording artist with such hits as " Shine On " , " Like A Sunday " , and " Eighties State of Mind " , entertained a crowd that in the end truly enjoyed the afternoon. And though there was a threat of rain looming over- head, Gene and the ASC students felt the show was a success. O OVV cG t P p 115 ASC-GSC LEADERSHIP RETREAT Future Leaders in Action Yea Babe! Leadership. Teamwork. Comra- derie. Cooperation. These qualities were all highlighted during the Arm- strong State College-Georgia Southern College Leaaership Re- treat heia September 26 and 27 at the Epworth Methodist retreat on St. Simon ' s Island. Student leaaers rep- resenting different organizations from the two colleges met to im- prove on their leadership skills and to show goodwill among the two schools. When the ASC-GSC contingents arrived, they quickly went through a series of " get acquainted " exer- cises, to ease the tension in the air that always arises when people meet for the first time. After the ac- auaintance exercises, the students divided up into four separate groups. Each group then went through a strenuous obstacle course composed of delimmas designed to make the teams work together as a unit ana to cooperate with each other under stress. But the weekend wasn ' t all fun and games: several " classroom " sessions were held in which the students learned to deal with stress and criticism as well as how to develop strong leadership characteristics and improve on the weaker ones. Students were then given situational leadership prob- lems in which they were to solve by role playing. After the final classroom sessions, the students heara ASC ' s Vice-Presi- dent of Student Affairs, Dr. Joe Buck, give them some final tips on the handling of leadership roles. The ef- fectiveness of the weekend goes without saying: the information gathered, the teamwork and coop- eration experienced will prove use- ful in the future endeavors of the stuaents. Teamwork. No, I DON ' t know why I ' m here! Leadership. Comraderie. 116 Top: Harold Oglesby (CHAOS), Tommy McGalliard (SGA) Stephanie Norman (SGA), Middle: Brad Smith (ACS), Donna Wright (ACS) Lee Harrell (Geechee), Mike West (Inkwell), Marcella Roberts (SGA) Al Harris (Student Activities), Marius Ruja (SGA) Shannon Traver (CHAOS), Robert Edenfield (Rock Me Productions) Lynn Benson (Student Advisement), Joe Buck (Student Affairs) Bottom: Zia (GSC). Joyce Nettles (WOW), Robert Gibson (CUB), Felicia Williams (SGA), Christine Heinrich (CUB). STUDENT LEADERS OF ARMSTRONG STATE COLLEGE Just another jock shot. Here ' s the other half! 117 " Is it me, or does it smell like bananas in the MCC? " " We see you behind that tree. " IT The second annual ArmstrongFest was indeed a festival. The two day event offered a variety of enter- tainment suitable for all ages. The choices of things to do and see ranged from sporting events to car- nival games to dancing and gym- nastics exhibitions. This year ' s festival served a dual purpose in that it raised money for the ASC Alumni Association and the American Cancer Society. A 1984 Mercury Lynx was given away by raffle, and all profits from ticket sales were donated to the fight against cancer. Some of the sponsors contributing to the event included Arby ' s, Coca- Cola, S.E.P.C.O., Dominos Pizza, and Banker ' s First. Some came to get their face painted, some came for the activities. 120 Some came for the glory, while others just came along for the ride. IT ' S SHOOTING TIME! Many ASC students " Got Shot " back in October. The shy and the not-so-shy all seemed to show up at noon to " Get Shot " for the year- book. All though there were no fa- talities reported in the shootings there were a few blinding moments when the flashes exploded. The photography, courtesy of Windsong turned out to be a record success with a number of students showing up to get " Blown Away. " 121 ASC GETS CREATIVE Above: " 1-2-3-4 . . . How ' s that step, again? ' 122 FOR BLACK TIE Top: " FM " belted out some great tunes for us Right: Robert and Mike — the real " Blues to move our feet to. Brothers. " Tuxedos and togas, bunnies and the band — October 2nd brought out these and much more. Held at the Elk ' s Lodge, the ASC First Annual Creative Black Tie Event proved to be a success in raising money for the American Cancer Society. The whole idea of the evening was to wear anything (that ' s right, anything) as long as a black tie was worn. A 1984 Ford Lynx was raffled off to one lucky person and numer- ous door prizes were given. All in all, everyone had an eventful night, jammin ' down to " FM " with songs such as " Louie, Louie " , " Mony, Mony " , and many others. Saaiy, the stroke of midnight called, but every- one continued to party long after the dance had ended. Bottom Left: Two barty animals: a Greek and a bunny. 123 WHO ' S THAT GIRL? ROBIN ROBINSON MISS ASC 1987 Traci Anne McKendree 18 years old Freshman Stephanie Ruth Shannon 18 years old Freshman Michelle Lynn Jenkins 18 years old Freshman THE 1988 MISS ARMSTRONG STATE COLLEGE CONTESTANTS Kinsey de Smith Sophomore 19 years old Alicia Cecile Coleman 19 years old Sophomore Lisa Yvette Hamilton 18 years old Freshman P J ■■97, : [ T A ■ 1 Pamela P. Ford 19 years old Sophomore 125 PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT CURTAIN GOING UP! Traci McKendree shows her award winning swimsuit pose. Stephanie Shannon sings her renditon of " The Rose. " This year ' s pageant was divided into tour divisions: talent, evening gown, swimsuit, and personal inter- view. This year ' s talent competition was tough as Armstrong has seemly never possessed such a gifted group of contestants. While Traci McKengree took home the swimsuit trophy, Kinsey Smith won the talent competition with a self-choreo- graphed ballet routine to Ray Lynch ' s " Celestial Sodapop. " The second runner-up was Lisa Ham- ilton. This pretty blonde fresh man sang a tune she first heard on " Moonlighting. " The first runner-up was Alicia Coleman, who was no stranger to the Miss ASC pageant. The energetic sophomore per- formed a boton-twirling exhibition in a tribute to America. Congratula- tions to them and all of the 1988 MISS ACS contestants. Michelle Jenkins charms the audience with " Let Us Rejoice. " The graceful dancing of Kinsey Smith capti- vates the crowd. Alicia Coleman thrills with her baton routine. " I Told You I Love You Now Get Out " sings Lisa Hamilton. Pamela Ford shows her confidence through the tune " I feel Pretty. " 127 MISS ASC 1988 MISS KINSEY SMITH 128 ' The ASC Fine Arts Center was the sight of a billiant laser light and music extravaganza on November 14. Students and non-students alike from all over Coastal Empire came out in droves as both shows were sold out. The rock faithful were captivated for 45 minutes as songs from such bands as Gen- esis, The Police, and Led Zep- pelin came to life through flashes of lasers that pranced and pulsated through the darkened auditorium. Chalk up yet another success for the ASC College Union Board. VOYAGER IV Below: A sample of the many laser images that were displayed. Laser fans await their light show voyage. Members of the 1987 Laser Light Show stage crew. 130 SALVADOR DALI Between the weeks of November 3 and 27 the Armstrong State Col- lege Fine Arts Gallery proudly dis- played the Etchings and Lithographs of famous painter, Salvador Dali. Mr. Dali was born in Spain in 1904 and has left his mark upon the world of art with his paintings, illustrations and costume designs. Many of the fam- ous artist ' s works were shown off during the exhibit and Dali ' s fans got the unique chance to view some of his best pieces. Those who did not know of Salvador Dali before the exhibit surely knew of him after. This show was just one of the many ex- hibits brought to the Fine Arts Gal- lery for the public ' s viewing pleasure this year. Everyone who viewed the exhibit seemed to be fascinated by Dali ' s works. The ASC Fine Arts Center is home for many interesting exhibits at least for awhile. 131 Wiener Leben ( " Viennese Life " ) 132 Armstrong and the surrounding Savannah com- munity received a special treat when the world- tamous Vienna Choir boys performed in the ASC Fine Arts Auditorium compliments of the College Union Board. The night of January 23 was filled with the sounds of classical music from such composers as Franz Schubert, Giovanni de Palestrina, and Rob- ert Schumann. The choir also performed the operet- ta Weiner Leben ( " Viennese Life " ) by Johann Strauss. The costuming and acting was excellent considering the fact that the average pre-pubes- cent boy wouldn ' t think of wearing a wig or dress. As an encore the chorus surprised the locals with their rendition of " Dixie " . All-in-all it was a very spe- cial evening for Armstrong. I I i : i i ■ h !!! 1 ji j ' Dixieland ' The ovation-deserving performance. ALEX TIM SETTIMI ■ I 134 U JV 4 J LAUGH YOUR ASC OFF! f you heard someone choking on a chicken leg or spitting up a can of Coke last January 11 it was elicitd by one of the nation ' s top campus comedians. Not since the Alex Cole show back in the winter of ' 87 has the student body of ASC laughed so hard. Well Alex Cole did it again when he paid a return visit to the MCC on the 1 1th made possible by CUB. Cole captivated the packed cafeteria with jokes on everything from mother nature to fast-food joints. On February 16 comedian and mime extraordinaire, Tim Settimi wowed another packed house. From his roller skating stunts to his child imitation to his sing- ing nose, Tim kept ASC students rocking with laughter. His renditions of popular songs of time (e.g. " I ' m Scared of Sex " and " Thank Heav- ens for Seven Eleven " ) left the crowd with no other choice but to bust a gut. N % ' S r v f s ' s f s N f S • • • S S N • • V S f S N. • • • • S. S N S S Following the basketball game on January 30, the College Union Board spon- sored the Club Cola Video dance. The event was a fundraiser for the Special Olympics, so for each ASC student attending CUB do- nated $5 to the Olympics. The event was loads of fun with a large screen and two t.v.s for the videos, smoke effect, and fun v.j.s. Top Right: The gala guest list. Left: Robbie Richardson cuts the rug " C-C-C-Catch the babe!! " 136 ' Those " Dirty Dancing " x lessons sure paid off v for Scott and Pau- ' s lette. • , , . S S S • •••• •• NNV NNXX N ' S N ' SS S ' NS N . S N ' ••••••• ■ N ' NN X N N ' S S S S S s s ' V N S ' • • • • N ' S,. • • V " S» v S ' • • X H v N N N VV v N ' " -w m w v N N ' S ' v s S N I I v N ' ' ' V J ' ' J " N N N ' 9 S S «. S ' S N 3 T " N N ' ' ' f ' ' f ] k N N. S f_ .. N ' ■ ■ ■ , . ' S S ' SS S N N . ' S S S N ' •••••••• N ' ••••••• N N N ' S S N • 137 EIGHT BALL TOURNEY Tommy Ware is better known as " Dead Eye " The Eight Ball tournament held throughout Homecoming week showed exceptional turnout and heated competition. Ultimately the field was narrowed to two players out of over twenty par- ticipants. Bill Smith won the tourney cues down and received a pool cue compliments of CUB. MR. LEGS CONTEST Robert Edenfield sponsored by Alpha Gamma Delta stole the show in the Mr. Legs Contest. He walked away from the field of formidable competitors to received the grand prize of a pair of jogging shorts and black fishnet hose which he has yet to model. LEFT: Robert knew all those soccer days would pay otf. ABOVE: " Oh the fishnet hose look gorgeous Robert. ' 138 LIP SYNCH CONTEST ,4 A radio e ROCK IVtt C0NTES1 ABOVE: Davita " Watley " Capers is a one woman show. LEFT: " MEN ALL PAUSE " for the ASC cheerleaders. The only night entertainment during Home- coming week was the Air Band Lip Synch Con- test held in the MCC. From Gladys Knight and the Pips to Whodini the contest was loud, sometimes obnoxious and loads of fun. In the end Bill and the Dormies collected the 25$ prize which will surely go toward their first album — maybe they will buy a good one. LEFT: Eat your heart out Huey Lewis THE ROOMMATE GAME " You guys dont really live together, do you? ' The Roommate Game hosted by Bob Long- banks was a crowd pleaser during Homecoming. Three ASC roommate couples competed against each other in this spin off of the Newly Wedd Game. Such questions as " who would your roommate most like to go out with " or " what animal does your roommate remind you of in the morning " were asked the contestants. Dan Hixon and Mike Mitchner became this year ' s champs thus claiming numerous goods for their dorm room. GUILTY CHILDREN The improvisational comedians Guitly children performed near the end of Homecoming ' 88. The ASC students who viewed this group of actor-comedians were either amazed at their talent or did not know what to think of it. One could say many things about this group but predictable is not one. LEFT: Chalk up yet more points for Dan and Mike. ABOVE: Bizarre skits were performed by the Guilty. 140 HOMECOMING GAME ABOVE: ASC cheerleaders had the crowd loud. RIGHT: The Pirates kept it close all night. The Pirates performed royally against the Colum- bus Cougars at the game, but the result was a one point loss. However, the fans couldn ' t have been disappointed since the Pirates played their hearts out and led until an opponent sunk a three-pointer. Even Greg Johnson ' s three point shot at the buzzer didn ' t save the outcome. PEP RALLY BONFIRE Saturday brought all the glory of Homecom- ing. Though the weather had been lousy, CUB still held the bonfire. Weak attendance forced an early hosing-down, but spirits weren ' t doused with the fire. LEFT: This year ' s bonfire was up in smoke! HOMECOMING COURT Right: Davita Capers. Khristy Graham, and Michelle Ruiz. Though the Homecoming Court announce- ments were delayed until the end of the game, the crowds waited patiently. The results were Homecoming Queen Khristy Graham from Alpha Gamma Delta, Davita Capers of the EPony Co- alition as First Runner Up, and Michelle Ruiz of the Engineering Society, who held a close Second Runner Up. QUEEN KHRISTY GRAHAM Left: Mike West displays pride in his promotion from lowly editor to King. APove: 1988 Armstrong Queens - Kinsey Smith and Khristy Graham. 142 HOMECOMING DANCE Left: The Chapparelles bring the dancers to their feet. Above: " So I can ' t dance so good-Naa! " Left: ASC students really know how to move to the groove. Following the game was the Homecoming Dance teaturing the Chapparelles. Turnout was fabulous and the band controlled the dancing from the stage to the walls. Everyone stayed long and partied hard — there ' s nothing like a Homecoming dance. Left: Michelle and Chuck burned that dance floor up! Dr. John Suchower is a professor of English and Drama and has been producing and directing Masguer plays at Armstrong for more than nineteen years. He has also been involved with over 500 plays during his career. Speaking on the Masauers, Dr. Suchower describes the organization as " the college ' s dramatic producing organization that provides a wide range of theatrical experiences from world drama for the cultural enrichment of the college community and the community at large. " The Masguers is made up of a vareity of persons including students, faculty and the community. The only reguirements are to show up at auditions and be willing to perform and have a good time. ORE STATELY MANSIONS Right: Robert Powers and Brian DeBolt. This play is a dark dramatic contest between idealism and the drive for material success. It has electrifying roles for two women who alternately hate, love, and misunderstand each other in the battle over the man who is the son of one and the husband of the other. More Stately Mansions was left unfinished after the author ' s Eugene O ' Neill ' s, death. In 1967, the play was produced on Broadway — reconstructed from notes left behind but still unfinished. O ' Neill set out to explore the " battle " within man ' s being between ideal- ism and the drive for material success. Steve Little. Carmel Hearn, and Matt Miller. 144 ERIOD OF ADJUSTMENT In Period of Adjustment, Mr. Tennessee Williams is telling the story of two marriages at points of acute crisis. One couple has just Proken up after five years together. The other has not Peen aPle to come to terms in one day of wedlock. Both couples are living through a period of adjustment. The phrase is tinged with irony. The play examines the sources of the crises. Ralph Bates, a former war hero, has in-law trouble. George Haverstick, a war buddy who unexpectedly visits him on Christmas Eve with his bride of a day, has the shakes; his difficulty seems to be a fear of impotence. The end is happy, as comedy reauires. The four go to bed — in the right combinations. In calling his play a " serious comedy " , Mr. Williams puts his finger on its most unique aspect, for this is a work which comPines a humorous viewpoint with deep-seated concern for a very real, human situation. Masquer actors Kandy Smith and Steve Little. Steve with co-actor Chip Powell. Steve Bellmoft, Maureen Buchanon and Steve Little. 145 If} tf° $ ¥ ° I i I N i i i AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Robin Robinson, Ashley German, Diane Morrell, Kathy Newman, Mal- colm Fuller, Diane Hartley, Ernest DeLong, Marius Ruja, Lee Harretl, Kim- berly Grier, Bill Kelso, Carlo English, Michael Hart, Calvain Cluberson. Robert Edenfield. This year Student Activ ities commit ee picked some interesting folks. Each applicant had unique qualities set- ting them apart and making them worthy to receive induction into Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Deans, faculty, students and staff had the opportunity to meet these students at a Geechee reception held in their honor. CALVAIN EDWARD CULBERSON JR Calvain is the son of Mr. and Mrs Calvain Edward Culberson, Sr. He a General Studies major and wil receive a B.A. degree upon graduation. In 1987, he was the captain of the ASC baseball team and an all conference player. He was Rookie of the year in 1985 and Big South player of the week twice. He was also pre-season All American and led the conference in stolen bases. 146 ERNEST H DELONG Ernest is the son of SGM. and Mrs. Ernest W. DeLong. Ernest is a Criminal Justice major and wiil receive a B.S. degree upon gradua- tion. He has served as First SGT, of ROTC company. Lieutenant Colonel of ROTC battalion, as a member of the ASC Rugby team and has been active in intramural sports. ROBERT CLAYTON EDENFIELD Robert is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Romus Edenfield, Jr. He is a Genefal Studies major and will receive a B.A. degree upon graduation. He has served as Concert and Dance chairman of the College Union Board for three consecutive years, member of the ASC soccer team for four years, and President of the ASC soccer club in 1987. member of the Gechee staff, assistant stage manager of Night in Old Savannah, and a member of the ASC Alumni Council. CARLA DAMITA ENGLISH o Carta is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest English. She is a Psycholo- gy major and will receive a B.A. degree upon graduation. She has held a number of leadership positions including Vice-President of the Student Government Association, CHAOS leader in 1986 and 1987, Student Honor Court, E.B. Twitmeyer Society, Student Alumni Coun- cil President, and Special Events chairman of the College Union Board. I I 1 1 I 1 147 MALCOLM FULLER f iiiim A i « — J — — 4 — T Malcolm is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Caesar Fuler. He will receive a B.A. degree in music upon graduation. Malcolm played in the ASC jazz and concert bonds, represented ASC in the Savannah Jazz Orches- tra, the 1987 Savannah Jazz Festival, Billy Taylor All-College Jazz Band, and Savannah Symphony. He has also served as a CHAOS leader in 1987. J L ASHLEY LAJANE GERMAN Ashley is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald German. She is a Chemistry major and will receive a B.S. degree upon graduation. She has served as Miss ASC Homecoming Queen in 1986, a member of the American Chemical Society and Ebony Coalition, and a CHAOS leader in 1985. KIMBERLY SUZANNE GRIER Kim i the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wilson. She will receive a BSN degree in nursing upon graduation. She has been a member of the Student Activities committee. Women of Worth, the American Chemical Society, and the ASC Cross Country team. She has served as President of the Nursing class and representative for the 1987 Academic Recognition Day in the Georgia Senate and House of Representatives. Ill _J !____ 148 ■ ■■■■■■■ ■■■mbhmmAhmbmbbJbbm mhmbIk JOHN LEON HARRELL JR. Lee is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John L. HarreS, Sr. He is a History major and will receive a 8 A. degree upon graduation. He has held a number of leadership positions including President of the Student Government Association, Editor of the Geechee. Films and Video chairman of the College Union Board, Freshman and Sophomore Senator, member of the Academic Enrichment committee and CHAOS leader for two years. MICHAEL PATRICK HART Michael is the son of Janey Briggs Hart. He is a History and Political Science major and will receive B.A. degrees upon graduation. He has been captain of the ASC College Bowl team, member of the Citizens for Clean Air committee and costal conservancy, as well as a participant in intramural volleyball. DIANE ANE E. HARTLEY f Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hartley Diane is the daugher of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hartley. She is majoring in Psychology and will receive a B.A. degree upon graduation. She has served as Program director of the E.B. Twitmeyer Society, Program council member of Zeta Tau Alpha, member of the Golden Key National Honor Society, Program director of Citizens for Peace and Justice in Central America, and a crisis hotline telephone counselor. 149 WILLIAM P. KELSO M — — h-M- Bill is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Kelso. He is a Political Science major and will recefve a B.A. degree upon graduation. He has held many leadership positions including President of the Student Gov- ernment Association, CHAOS leader for two years, residence hall coordinator. memPer of the Faculty Conduct committe. Student Hono Court, and a vol nteer for the Inner City night shelter. DIANE MARIE MORRELL Diane is the daughter of Mrs. Alice Morrell. She is a Criminal Justi major and will receive a B.S. degree upon graduation. She has served as President of the ASC Ebony Coalition, Student Govern- ment Association Arts and Sciences Senator, minority affairs pro- gram counselor, member o the Citizens Crime Commission, Rape Crisis Center line counselor, and Savannah Community Reinvest- ment Alliance. KATHY D. mc NEWMAN Kath is a Psychology major and will receive a B.A. degree upon graduation. She has served as a member of Women of Worth, Psychology Club, Inkwell Staff writer, Financial Aid and Scholarship faculty committee, volunteer for the Savannah Night Shelter, Rape Crisis center and the March of Dimes 1 — Y ANN PINCKNEY O ' BRIEN Ann is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. O ' Brien. She is major- ing in Political Science and will receive a B.A. degree upon gradua- tion. She has held numberous leadership positions including Editor of the Inkwell. memPer of the ASC Alumni Council, CHAOS leader. memPer of the Student Services committee. Student Activities committee, and Student Government Association Arts and Sci- ences senator. ROBIN ANN ROBINSON RoPin is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Robinson. She will receive a BSN degree in Nursing upon graduation. She has served as a mem- Per of the ASC ladies PasketePall team. Student Activities commit- tee. Pageant and Special Events chairmen for the College Union Board. CHAOS leaaer. Miss ASC 1986, and memPer of the National Student Nurses Association. Marius is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Traian Ruja. He is an A t and Biochemistry major and will receive B.A. degrees in both upon grad- uation. He has Peen a memPer of the ASC soccer team, the Inkwell staff, American Chemical Society, Maspuers, Tri-Beta Biology Honor Society, and an Arts and Sciences Senator for the Student Govern- ment Association. 151 THIS IS OUR TIME FOR . . . nSrl w INTRAMURALS ? G ? o -tv - x - o One of the most popular intramural sports made a roaring comeback in the fall of ' 87. Suffering through a low level of participation of 1986, flag football was revived with a large turnout of talented, athletic young men and women striving to become weekend warriors for an hour or two. Some of these guys will go on to sign with the NFL. Vicki Aeger displays the true meaning of " Juke ya outta ya socks! " 154 I " I ■ ll " What ' s the play? " " GO LONG!!! " Is that Pam Walker or Anthony Carter of the Minnesota Vikings? ' 155 %o ' f r Though only two teams competed in this years Intra- mural outdoor soccer competition the level of play was quite competitive and rough. Every Sunday the International Club and the Engineering Society went at it as if there were no tomorrow. Each team consist- ed of nine to ten players who gave it their all for three consecutive weeks as a best of three tournament was set between the two clubs. Phillip Harvey shows his skill as a seasoned goalie. J ay I didn ' t know that ASC acguired Pele ' . Competition was tough during those weeks in the winter. Some guys just liked to show ott their fancy footwork. 157 vvvvo vov o Pillo Polo — the finger-breaking, knee-scrap- ing, earth-guaking intramural event of winter auarter . . . and no one wanted to play! Al- though this " hockey on the gym floor with rub- ber padded sticks " is a barrel of fun there were so few teams this year that no goals were scored. C ' mon girls, this is the opportuni- ty to play like Wayne Gretsky in Reeboks and perhaps get a T-shirt for it! Let ' s make next year THE year for Pillo Polo . . . but let ' s not lose any teeth this time! Karen Showalter is Pillo Polo goal bound. ' But wait Karen, there ' s defense in dem dar hills. " 158 0 v Weight lifting brings out the beast in all of us not to mention the sweat and tears. In March ASC students got the chance to prove that they could lift more than their share of weight in the annual Intramural Weight Lifting competition. As always, grunts and strains went out and a few backs too. Everyone, however, seemed to enjoy the sport and competition as spirits were UP LIFT- ING! Lift! Lift! Pain! Pain! Come on Chris, you can do it! It ' s only 20 lbs. 159 $ Intramural basketball is always a favorite pastime for many ASC students. This year was no different. After- noons or evenings, one could find teams battling it out in the gym for pride and, most of all, bragging rights. Though some of the teams only played with a limited amount of players and never with the same team twice, competition was fierce, and spirits were high. Those who participated learned the value of team- work, friendship, and even how to win and lose. The Pirates better lookout tor these guys. Ex-Pirate basketball player William Buckley shows that he still possesses hot hands for the sport William Buckley and the Bucks demonstrate how to " Push it HARD! Looks like a technical foul may be coming up. THIS IS OUR TIME FOR . . . 9 42 f K ATHLETIC DIRECTOR JOHN G. BREWER 164 Sports arious di- reflect in many of us vario mensions, from the most serious to the childish. We exhibit our values for the world to see through our participation in this are- na. The intercollegiate program at Arm- strong State is designed to be a combina- tion of fun and seriousness, of work and play, as it seeks to fulfill a desire and strug- gle to achieve it. Sports shape our values and lead us to the basic questions of moral choice, thus challenging us to courageous commitment to a fundamental allegiance between self, team, college, and human- ity. The lessons learned in the Armstrong State intercollegiate program will number among the most precious of a lifetime. L A D Y R A T E ' S LADIES OF THE COURT KATY BALLANCE ANNE BRANTLEY Senior Freshman Guard Forward-Center CHERIE CONNOR DIANE CROSBY PAULA ELMGREN Freshman Freshman Senior Guard Center Forward B A S K E T B A L L TRACY GUNN SUSAN KNIGHT STACY LAKSO Freshman Freshman Freshman Guard-Forward Guard Guard BOUNCE BACK INTO ACTION MICHELLE PHILLIPS Senior Forward HEATHER POPPELL Freshman Forward-Center After a year ' s absence the Lady Pi- rates varsity basketball team re- turned to ASC in time for the 1988 season. The program had been canned a year eariler along with the varsity soccer program because certain parties believed that the programs were not very beneficial to the college. The 1988 sguad is young, talented and hopeful ly the roots of a fresh new program that will see a great deal of success. At the moment the team is in a growing and rebuilding stage and if these girls can stick it out through what will defi- nitely be a long and hard season then they can become a title chaser in the very near future. THE 1988 LADY PIRATES: Skeet Brewer, William Buckley, Katy Ballance (24). Cherie Connor (31), Tracy Gunn (30), Michelle Phillips (15), Diane Crosby (34), Anne Brantley (33), Paula Elmgren (22), Heather Poppell (25), Susan Knight (35), Stacy Lakso (14), coach Dr. Larry Tapp. 167 TIMES OF THE THICK AND TIMES OF THE THIN Top Left: Pirates hold tough defensive position. Top Right: Anne Brantley scores for the Pirates! Left: Ladies await the offensive surge. Right: Tracy Gunn ' s jumper is poppin ' ! BEHIND EVERY GOOD TEAM If you ask the ASC Pirate cheering sguad why they cheer, you get an- swers varying from loving to cheer to reasons for becoming involved. They are dedicated to practices everyday at 12:30 besides special practices. Even last summer was spent at East Tennessee State cheerleading camp and conduct- ng local clinics at Savannah Coun- try Day School and the Jewish Edu- cational Alliance. The squad can not emphasize enough the impor- tance of supporting the Pirates. Cheer! Cheer!! Cheer!!! Lynn Ross has the fans cheering " Defense, DDDDDefense! ' The ASC cheerleaders are always crowd pleasers. Karen Showalter. JoAnn Singletary, Paige O ' Conner, Lynn Ross (Co-Captain), Lisa Hamilton, Mary Lee Timmerman, Cindy Hieron- ymus (Captain). c H E E R L E A D E R S 169 A NEW LOOK B A S K E T B A L L ERIC HATHCOCK Freshman Guard-Forward GREG JOHNSON Junior Guard KEELEN GRANBERRY TYRONE GREEN Freshman Freshman Center-Forward Guard DAN KLAFTER Freshman Center-Forward CUNT LADNER LEE ROBERTSON TIM HUNT Senior Freshman Freshman Forward Guard Guard 170 FOR A VERY YOUNG PIRATE TEAM :HEERLEADERS: Mary Lee immerman, Karen . nowalter, Lisa Hamilton, i indy Hieronymus, Paige ' ' Conner, Lynn Ross. . jAnn Singletary. ( ?ATES: Gerald Miller, Lee f 3bertson, Tyrone Green, C reg Johnson, Clint L idner, Dan Klafter, Kee- li - Granberry, Eric Hath- c ck, Kirk Saunders, Tim I- lit, Skeet Brewer. DOUG RILEY Head Coach Riley comes to ASC from Plattsburgh State (NY) where they produced an 18-9 mark last season which was their best record in ten years. He had coached the previous nine years at St. Andrews (NC) where he posted an out- standing 164-75 record. The Knights won four con- secutive conference crowns with Riley in charge and they were the top- ranked NCAA III team in the country during 1982. His overall collegiate coaching mark is 182-84. KENNY ROTH Assistant Basketball Coach Roth enters his first season as an assistant at Arm- strong State College fol- lowing two years on the coaching staff at the Uni- versity of Arkansas under head coach Nolan Richard- son. JAY BOWEN Assistant Basketball Coach Bowen enters his first year as an assistant at Arm- strong State College. He comes to ASC from Chris- tian Brothers College in Memphis, TN where he was an assistant coach for the past three seasons. Other previous coaching posi- tions include head coach at Craigmont Junior High in Memphis for two years, and a few years on the elemen- tary school level. SKEET BREWER Trainer 171 PI RATES FIGHTIN ' BACK! a » r The 1987-88 basketball season was the beginning of a whole new era of hardcourt action at ASC. Gone were the days of Renny Bryner; gone were the days of Divi- sion I competition; gone were the games at the Savannah Civic Center. Instead, the Pirates competed as a Division II team with a whole new look. They had a new coaching staff, a new squad of fresh, young talented players and a new crowd to support them. The Pirates were led by Clint Ladner, a forward who was the only returnee from the 1986-87 team. Ladner was also the lone senior on a team composed of seven freshmen and two juniors. In reality, though, according to new head coach Doug Riley, they were all freshmen, for they weren ' t used to playing his brand of ball. Riley, whose main emphasis was to mold the players into well-rounded academically and socially out- standing young men, anticipated an even brighter future. With assistant coaches Jay Bowen and Kenny Roth and the fine young talent of the team, Riley should be able to form the players into a cohesive unit that will serve as a force to be reckoned with in the future. ' The main goal of our program is to be a positive ambassador for our college and to build ASC to a national Division II power. ' Doug Riley Above: Throughout the year Clint Lander made his mark as the Pirates Leader. Left: " IN YO FACE! " animates Guard Tim Hunt. 173 Above Left: Pirate offensive attack results in two points. Above Right: Clint Ladner attempts an inside shot against a heavily defended basket. Right: Center Dan Klafter afflicts some PAIN upon Paine with his inside shot. PIRATES TAKE IT % TWO THE HOOP! Armstrong ' s young Pirate team faced stiff opposition this rebuilding year. ASC ' s tough schedule, which included Ga. Southern, Ga. College and Flagler, was a rough one for any team. While the Pirates battled it out on the court they showed that they were competative in every aspect of the game as coach Riley had predicted. Senior Forward Clint Lander holds steadfast against Cheyney University ' s relentless offense. THOSE WHO OPPOSE Cheyney University St. Thomas University Valdosta State College West Ga. College Georgia Southern College Glassboro State College Paine College Longwood College Wofford College Columbus College Edward Waters College Georgia College Baptist College Savannah State College Augusta College Fort Valley State College Paine College Nova University Flagler College University of Central Florida Pirate Guard Tyrone Green reflects the determination and spirit of the Pirates guest for success! 176 PIRATES FACE STIFF OPPOSITION Pirate " accelerator " Lee Robertson proves against Cheyney University that it ' s not the size in the fight, but the fight in the size. 177 ARMSTRONG STATE L A D I E S V O L L E Y B A L L Michelle Phillips launches ASC ' s offense against Savannah State. Sitting: Stacy Lakso, Roger Hansen (asst. coach), Katy Ballance. Susan Knight, Sandy Derocher, unknown. Standing: Amy Lloyd, Heather Poppel, Ann Brantley, Diane Crosby, Michelle Phillips, Tracy Gunn, unknown. Coach Larry Tapp, William Buckley. 178 SPIKE SQUAD «rf ps .1 i n ■ i -— L L Mm ( " i i ■ ■ r Wterrai [|i % -TV ' Does this look like a double-take of the girls basketball team? Well, almost, but not quite. Many girls on the volleyball team do play basketball, but the two sports seem not to raise conflicting responsibilities. These girls prac- tice hard throughout the year on a sport that many students aren ' t well-aware of. Most ASC students see volleyball as a summer beach sport — open to anyone wishing to play. But for many girls on the team volleyball season is a juggling act for classes, work, campus activities, practice and competing. This year the team played Sa- vannah State, Georgia Southern, Jacksonville, and Augusta, with half their games being at home. Volleyball season is short, but games are played within days of each other and always at different locations. Who said volleyball is all work and no play. The ASC spike squad sets up to SPIKE AGAIN! 179 OVER THE HILLS c R O s s c o u N T R Y T E A M 180 If you saw a group of well condi- tioned people running around Arm- strong and throughout Windsor For- est this year it was most likely the ASC Cross Country Team. So the next time you see them give a sup- portive honk! • ■MMR The ASC Cross Country Team practices early in the Spring for the 1989 season of competition. AND THROUGH THE WOODS . . The 1988 Armstrong State College Cross Country Team returned to NCAA Division II after spending the 1987 season in Division I. Returning for ASC were Keith Barrs, Captain Brad Wallace, and Pirate veteran Otis Zeigler. Com- peting in Division I absorPed most of the funds that the cross country team was allowed. There- fore, no women ' s cross country represented ASC for the ' 87-88 season Put Theresa Porzio re- mained on the team and ran a very consistant season. However, some fresh Plood was injected into the team this year Py Dean Barton and Dan Vascilus. Also added to the roster was new head coach Jay Bowen who did an outstanding job and provided much needed support. Otis Zeigler, Dan Vascilus. and Keith Barrs log in some time crossing Armstrong country. Captain Brad Wallace, Keith Barrs. Dan Vascilus, Theresa Porzio, Otis Zeigler, Dean Barton. Coach Jay Bowen. 181 TO MEET, SEE L A D E S S W M M I N G T E A M Theresa Porzio is a confident ASC la- dies swimmer who strengthened the team throughout the year. Below: ASC participated in some pret- ty rough meets during the year. Though the outcome was usually not to our advantage, the ladies were certainly not all washed up. 182 DEFEAT, AND SWIM ABOVE! The newly formed women ' s swim team faced stiff competition in the 1987-1988 season and chalked-up numerous losses. The time spent working with coach Marc Paglia, and the individual practice time in the pool has helped the team prepare for future competitions. The losses this year as well as the attainments of each swimmer strengthened the team for the next season. This years experience will lead the girls to future victories. Coach Marc Paglia watches as one of this swimmers practices relays. Marc Paglia. Kamie Varnedoe, Becky Holbeck, Noelle French, Tula Koch, Cindy Nunley, Theresa Porzio. 183 L A D I E S T E N N T E A M FROM DEUCE TO 184 Standing: Maria Vinueza, Christa Doss. Nilam Patel, Ute Meyer. Kneeling: Coach Lynn Roberts, Crystal Kessler, Helen Garlick, Ju- lie Lents. Not pictured: Jeana Wambold. The women ' s tennis team be- gan practicing in early fall for 31 matches to be held through the end of April. February M began the series of matches against such teams as Georgia Southern, University of Tennessee, and Jacksonville University. Lynn Rob- erts in her first year as coach of the women ' s tennis squad had some assistance from the two re- turning players from last season — Jenna Wambold and Helen Garlick. Besides the regular sea- son games, the team also partici- pated in the Georgia Intercolle- giates held at Emory in early March. Christa Doss returns a hard hit ground stoke. Julie Lents grinds one across. f r T: rr7TTJ : • ; ■ ' • ■ rtltlt ) i i i i 1 1 1 1 1 i i i. i ; i i i ; ■■ i ■■ : : : ' . . ' ' . r Crystal Kessler is a stubborn competitor. Helen Garlick shows her determination. " Back to yo ' momma! ' GAME — SET — MATCH iiarf_fr m r2 p pg Coach Mike Lariscy, Joe Lauro. Demetri Tambourlas, Mark Beyers, Kartik Raman, Scott Kar- nibaa, Erwin Cardinal, Ron Car- roll, Pradeep Raman. The ASC Men ' s Tennis Team had some tough acts to follow this year but proved worthy of the task. Over the past couple of years the Men ' s Tennis Team has racked up more than 60 wins while drop- ping only 12! Moreover, both the 1986 and 1987 squads were crowned Big South Conference champs with the 1986 team compiling an incredible 34 and 2 record! This year ' s team of young, aggressive players fit right into the winning tradition. Coach Mike Lariscy returned as after ab- sence of six years. He brought his coach- ing experience and determination to make a great team. The team was very competitive, winning over 20 matches and was ranked as one of the top ten NCAA Division II teams in the South! Demetri Tambourlas displays steady rac- quet control. Smooth baseline play by Mark Beyers. Mark with the overhead return. A leaping return by Pradeep Raman! " Eat Fuzz Chump! " explains Mark. M E N S T E N N T E A M 185 18f, A M O N G T H E B E S T I N T H E N A T I O N 187 THE PIRATES COOK AOAINST BETHUNE-COOKMAN It was " Down and out " for Daytona as the ASC Pirates knocked off Bethune-Cookman twice in one week back in February. Right: As the Pirates watch, Mike Mitchener slams one beyond Bethune-Cookmans control. v, s » During the 1987 season the Pirates compiled a 47-15 record within the ranks of Division I. This year the team competed in the NCAA Division II ranks and found itself among the top five baseball teams in the nation in this division. Coach Joe Roberts announced earlier in the year a step up for the Pirates as ASC fans got a unique opportunity this year to watch the pirates do their " thang " under the lights and confines of Grayson Stadium. AMI -4. «_ f -■ - •- ' V 1 Above: Bill Gearhart demonstrates why he is one of col- lege baseball ' s premier pitchers. Right: Team spirit and morale are very high on the Pirate ' s ship. 188 II flfe. Kneeling: Bruce Addison. Brent Korn, Calvain Culberson, Scott Malcom, Joel Owens, Bob Hansen, Bill Gearhart. Standing: Coach Joe Roberts, Scott Ellis, Danny Moore, Mark Wagenhauser, David Bone, Bill Floyd, Dana Harding, David Wright, Dan Hixon, Sean Sharpe, Mike Haeussler, Mike Mitchener, Bill Bickel, Roge Williams, Asst. Coach Clyde Oliver. Not pictured: Rob Musser. Bethune-Cookman California Virginia State College Northwestern Georgia Southern College yaldosta State College Th£ Citadel Jacksonville Savannah State College Florida Southern Howard UTICA Bridgewater Georgia College Florida A M Paine College Illinois-Chicago Norfolk State College Springfield Above: Another one bites the dust at the hands of the " pick-off " Pirates. Right: Though Danny Moore fouled this one away, he later knocked one out of the park. f - THIS IS OUR TIME FOR r ADVERTISEMENTS AND 1 OTHER CLEAN . COLLECTABLES u 4 a E IP li Qj (J £ [5 CD til £ STUDENT LOAN FULL PAGE The Mill BAKERY EATERY CAKES, PES, MUFFINS, COOKIES, DOUGHNUTS AND MORE! W Sunday-Thursday 6:30 AM- 10:30 PM Friday 8c Saturday 6:30 AM-MDNIGHT 355-1625 7805 ABERCORN ST. CHATAM PLAZA ACROSS FROM OGLETHORPE MALL EAT IN OR TAKE OUT ' FRESHEST TASTE IN TOWN " w E C B E E [2 HARDWICKE CONSTRUCTION P.O. Box 586 Richmond Hill, Ga. 31324 J. TIMOTHY BLACKLEDGE 912-756-2698 MARTIN LOGGING, INC. P.O. Box 358 Fleming, Ga. 31309 JOE R. NORRIS Timber Dealer 912-884-5606 McAlpin Square Shopping Center Savannah, Ga. 31404 OWNER JERRY BLACKBURN 912-238-0661 One-Stop Video Store: VCR ' s, VHS movies, Laser Discs, Pioneer equipment W No, you are not seeing Mr. Bill ' s 4-door sedan, but S.G.A. president Bill Kelso ' s new 1987 Toyota after a mob of fun seeking students got a hold of it. It seems that while Mr. Kelso was representing Arm- strong at a conference in November, his car was the target a of well-planned prank. Mr. Kelso had left for a couple of days and on the night of his return, fellow stu- dents felt it appropriate that he have a hearty welcome back surprise. Several strong young men, at least 20, took the liberty of moving his car form the S.G.A. president ' s parking spot to the stairs lead- ing into the MCC building. Afterwards, several more students decided it was only fitting to " giftwrap " his car. The prank was good for quite a few laughs. We laughed then and admittedly we laugh now. While it could possibly have been a costly price to pay for a prank, it is good to know that the term " college life " still exists. 1987-88 BACK GLANCE Why the theme of the yearbook! Every yearbook has a theme. Most themes are geared to touch a place in the heart of the students it represents. The theme most often deals with the moments shared by the students and seems to focus more towards the graduating sen- ior. Armstrong ' s yearbook gives its audience a brief glance at the moments shared by the students. How- ever, editor Lee Harrell chose a theme that would rep- resent ALL students. " THIS IS THE TIME " is a song written by Dennis DeYoung and it was chosen as a theme because of its broadness. For the underclassman it means that these moments are only a few of many to come. For the senior class it will stand for the keystone of what lies ahead. For we will look back and say to ourselves how we thought " THIS IS THE TIME " . For Lee Harrell, Robert Edenfield, Erin Shepard, Jared Campbell, and the other staffers, it will be a token of dedication to the school. The long hours of bringing this book together and the professional bonds and friend- ships that were established will last long. However, " THIS IS THE TIME " goes out to those who have come and gone, and to those who will come. Every moment should be lived as " THIS IS THE TIME " . And it is hoped by the 1988 Geechee staff that you will enjoy this yearbook and truly say " THIS IS THE TIME. " The clock on the dome of Savannah ' s City Hall was chosen as the cover photo because it is the symbol of how time goes from past to present and on into the future. You can only live the present, therefore, " THIS IS THE TIME " . Are you one of those students who is fed up with the outrageous overpriced merchandise offered by the campus bookstore? If so, don ' t fret. You may be able to find one of those much needed books at over one-half the cost! How you may ask? Simple. There ' s a book exchange set up in the cafeteria. This book ex- change is sponsored by the Bap- tist Student Union and it is non- profitable. The goal of the exchange is to help students curve the cost of going to school. Students may not be able to find the book they need everytime, but at least it ' s good to know that there are people out among us who will try to help the best that they can. Thanks BSU! During the Fall of the 1987-88 school year, Armstrong State College and the R.O.T.C. department got a much needed rappelling tower. The rappelling tower, which stands 50 feet tall, is located next to the intramural and community park fields. Since Armstrong ' s R.O.T.C. depart- ment offers Mountaineering and Rappelling classes, it was definitely a good idea to have the tower constructed. Before it ' s construction, ASC students had to commute out to Georgia Southern just to complete their training. Moun- taineering and Rappelling is open to all students at Arm- strong, and if you enroll, you will most definitely find yourself learning to make a 50 foot drop safely without a parachute or airbag to break the fall. Savannah saw a brief encounter of what a real winter can be like. Down here we don ' t see much snow, not to mention ice. But for two days in January the Coastal Empire was caught in a cold front that gripped the East. Snow was reported as close as Augusta and Macon. Not here! Many Savannahians were without electricity for days. Maybe next time we will get snow instead to make it worth our while. PABisie A Bob Long impersonator show his stuff. " You don ' t believe me when I say that I ' m tight with L.L. Cool J? ' " Yo, Yo, Yo, I got her phone number! " 198 With these Parting Shots we would like to say that though we came to learn we also found time to play. Classes were rough and the teachers were tough but there were some that weren ' t tough enough. Music was played and jokes were told summer was hot and boy was winter cold. So the staffers dedicate this yearbook to the students and staff who gave it its look. And whatever the cost or whatever the price this year ' s yearbook has just the right spice. For it is the students and staff of Arm- strong State that makes this 1988 Geechee look so great! " Okay. You ' re the poptop and you ' re the piece of glass. Now the poptop goes to the parking lot and cuts back in and the piece of glass cuts up the middle then jukes right! " SHOTS He ' s not sleeping he ' s just contemplating class. 199 DIRTY DEEDS DONE DIRT FREE! It was 9:14 p.m., January 14, 1988, a dark, brisk, lonely Thursday evening and Editor Lee Harrell and his staff worked diligently away on the 1988 Geechee. The hard sheets piled up, the proofs remained uncorrected and the broads had all headed home. The Joit Cola was ice cold but going quick and the staff was anticipating a Fl missed deadline. Not a very pleasant evening, and the amount of work to be done added to the effect. " We ' re almost out of food, " hollered Robert Edenfield. comrade Eand assistant to Lee Harrell. So the bevy of periodical junkies were about to take a break and head out for some grub, probably the Krystal or some other swank and luxuri- Aous hot-spot like that. Then the phone rang. " Hello, Geechee, " answered Harrell. " Harrell, of home boy. What ' s up cuz? " replied the T raspy, frightening voice on the other end " Who is this? " inquired Harrell. " Never mind, bro ' . Lookee here, I got a tip for you. I think U you ' re gonna like it, " said the terrorist sounding male. " What-what do you want? " asked Harrell, geting a little Rmore nervous now, fearing that his Honda Prelude had been kidnapped or stripped of yet another gear. " Who are you? " he asked again. " Are you Satan? What do you Ewant? Have you taken my sweet Stephanie 9 " Harrell asked, now in a panicked frenzy, alluding to his longtime sweetheart, Stephanie Norman. (It had been rumored earlier in the year that Harrell had a contract put out on S Norman ' s head, but that ugliness was quelled when she treated him to a three game set of bowling in mid-De- ' cember ) T« " Somebody ' s sudsin ' the fountain tonight, 2:07 a.m.; be there! " the stranger informed him. Then he hung up. Just as abruptly as he had entered into Harrell ' s life, the strang- Oer had gone. " Why, Lee! What ' s wrong? Yer as white as a ghost, " R declared a concerned Jared Campbell, another of Har- rell ' s indentured servants. Harrell said nothing. He was thinking of the car bombing Ythat had taken place earlier in the day. Fortunately, no one was injured, except that a couple of cats were blown to hell and back and into a million or so pieces, but that didn ' t matter. Harrell could have prevented it, though; he had received a phone call from a similar person the night before, telling him that they were going to do such an act. A group calling itself the Preliminary Men of Sudsing, or P. M.S., had claimed responsibility for the bombing, and Harrell suspected that this same militant organization would be responsible for the atrocites that were going to take place later in the evening. " What is it? " inquired a now frightened Campbell, awakening Harrell. " They ' re gonna suds the fountain, " saia Harrell, his voice quivering and his skin pale and dry. " What?! " exclaimed Edenfield. " Oh no, not the fountain. First they blast that car now they ' re gonna suds the fountain. What ' s next? " " Dear Lord, just let this madness stop. Just let it stop, " exclaimed a petrified Campbell. The gang decided that something had to be done. So at 2:07 a.m. the staffers made their way to the fountain, armed only with their wits, convinced that they were going to salvage the purity of a perrenial symbol of academia and excellence in the field thereof. But the P.M.S. arrived armed with bazookas, Uzies. hand grenades, and 17 cases of Cost Cutter dishwashing soap suds from Kroger Sav-On, which hap- pened to be on sale for 33c a bottle through the 18th of January. " Well, ain ' t much we can do, fellas, " Harrell informed his pilgrims when ne noticed that the odds were slightly against him. " Somebody go get Remnants of the earlier car bombing, the cafeteria put the dead cats to good use. Our photographer was spotted and chased by terrorist armed with a deadly bottle o f Mr. Bubble. Terrorist (later identified as AK Voodoo Doodoo) pummels staff member into yearbook oblivion. A rare photo taken ot the P. M.S. in its active st a photographer, but not one from SPS. " Campbell went and got Michael West, Editor of the Inkwell who was busy contemplating life and its extremities, or something gay like that. West whipped out his Kodak Disc Camera and photographed the sudsing in progress. Then they went back to the office, knowing that they did their best. But the ugliness was far from over. They entered the Geechee office and were greeted with graffiti all over the walls. " What ' re we gonna do? " asked Campbell. " You want I should clean the walls, Masta Harrell? " Harrell glanced at the ceiling, rubbed his Brillo pad hair and breathed a sigh of released anxiety, like one would after nearly being splattered across the pavement by a 1974 El Camino. " Naw, " said Harrell, " It ' s Kinda art deco, don ' t you think? Let ' s go get tore up. Afterall, THIS IS OUR TIME! " Terrorists fleeing the scene; Campus Security Special Weapons Division was hot on their tails. Those Disc cameras really suck! was found by unwary cafeteria ladies the next mom- 201 THIS IS OUR TIME FOR Abdul- Jabbar. Kareem 210 Academic Computing 27 Adams. Joseph 30 Addison. Bruce 186. 189 Admissions 25 Advertisements 190-195 Aeger. Vlcki 51. 94. 97. 154 Agnew, Joseph 51. 92 Agyekum. Stephan 82 Almar, Evelyn 82 Albano. Ellen 81 Alexander. Heidi 58 Alkoter. Simona 64 Allen. Laura 44 Alpha Gamma Delta 94 Alumni Affairs 23 Alvin. Chipmunk 217 Amend. James 31. 92 American Chemical So ciety 84 Anderson, Clint 33 Anderson. Donald 24 Anderson. Jim 31. 92 Andrew, John 51 Andrews. Donna 58 Andrew. Tina 85 Arens, Olavi 36 Armstrong. Jay 44 Armstrong Fest 120 Art Grotto 92 Artley, Linda 81. 91 Arts, Science and Education 30 Ashman. Krista 51. 85 Athletics 41 Ayala. Mike 92 Ayala, Richard 92 THIS IS OUR TIME FOR s. Bacon. Dan 44. 92 Bacon. Dana 101 Bacon. Mary Wells 80 Baker. Chris 64 Baker, James 80. 133 Baker. Julia 34 Ball. Patricia 37 Ballance. Katy 44, 166, 167, 178 Ballad, Chris 64, 90 Baptist Student Union 90 Barnard. Jane 35. 79 Barr. Tncia 95 Barrenbrugge, Tracy 90 Bartles, Frank 102 Baseball 186-189 Basketball, Men 170-175 Basketball. Women 166-168 Baumgardertner, Todd 84 Baxley. Linda 64 Bazemore. Robert 29 Beasley. Eleanor 81 Beasley. Ryan 64 Beatty-Spivey, Suzanne 87 Bedmgfield, Carolyn 85 Bell, Dot 39 Bellmoff. Steve 145 Bene, Stephen 101 Benmatt. Elizabeth 44 Bennett, Mariana 51 Benson, Lynn 22. 117 Benton. Robbie 84 Best. Helen 51 Beta Beta Beta 81 Beumer. Ron 34 Beyers. Mark 90 Bickel. Ben 51 Bickel. Bill 186 Biology 34 Bird, Big 260 Birkheimer, Heather 64 Black Tie Dance 122-123 Blackledge. Lydia 58, 90. 94. 104 Boatnght. Beverly 44 Bone. David 51. 186. 189 Bookstore 28 Bono 2 1 1 Bono. Sonny 212 Bourdeau. Renee 64. 94. 89 Bowen. Jay 171 Bowers, Karen 90 Bowers, Lisa 51 Bowers, Ross 40 Boyce. Donna 58. 94 Boyett. Alfred 64 Boyette. Pam 82 Boyette. Rick 29 Bradley. Kathleen 95 Branan. Mike 64. 90 Brannen. Carol 87 Brannan. Michael 58 Brantley. Anne 166. 167. 168. 178 Branyon. Pat 99 Bravo. Dommgos 58 Breland. David 51. 99 Brewer. John 41. 164 Brewer. Skeet 41. 167. 171 Bright. Franci 64 Brinthaupt. Debbie 33 Brock, Barbara 51. 82 Broderick. Anne-Marie 51 Brooks. Corey 64 Brooks. Kent 31 Brower. Moonyean 34 Brown. Bereatha 64 Brown. David 99 Brown, Gary 64 Brown. George 88 Brown, Gillian 80 Brown. Hannah 58. 87 Brown. Hugh 31 Brown. Jamie 92 Brown. Saundra 64 Brown. Scott 64 Brown. Steven 64 Browning. Mary Ann 99 Browning. Valerie 44. 85 Bruner. Charlie 29 Bryant. Beth 58 Bryant. Kimberly 44 Bryant. Lon 65 Buchanan. Maureen 145 Buchans. Melissa 65 Buchheit. Melanie 82 Buck, Joseph 22. 117 Buck. Marilyn 39 Buckley. William 41. 44, 160. 161. 178 Buffkin. Cheryl. 83. 99 Bule, Gmdo 39 Buono. Emily 88 Burdette. Ann 44 Burgess. Clifford 37 Burke, Karen 65 Burnett, Robert 20 Burns, Denis 44, 84 Bumsed. Edmond 65 Business and Finance 21 Butler, Frank 20 Butterworth, Bill 35 Byrd, Lonnte 51. 90 Byrd, Mary 87 THIS IS OUR TIME FOR a. Cadle, Christy 65 Cafeteria 28 Caflero. Joy 58. 104 Caldwell, Eva 39 Calhoun. Sharon 51 Calliope 103 Cambell. Michael 31 Cameo. Word-Up 221 Camka. Steven 84 Camp. Charlie 81 Camp, Lawrence 65 Camcatti, Mike 51, 99 Cantrell. Kern 85 Capers. Cheryl 44 Capers, Davita 88. 139. 142 Carlson. Joni 44 Carlson. Miriam 101 Carpenter. Tammy 65 Cartee. Allen 58 Carter, Jamie 25 Carver, Mary 103 Cash, John 27. 83 Caster. Lois 92 Castro. Fidel 214 Central Stores 28 Chamber. Ensemble 101 Chatelam. Jeannee 65 Cheerleaders 169 Chemisty. Physics, and Engineering 34 Chen, Kevin 51 Chestian, Kim 58 Chisolm. Susie 26 Christiansen, Rea Kae 45 Christy, Janice 27 Chu, Wugi 88 Cipscomb, Renita 88 Clancy. Frank 31. 87 Clark. Connie 65 Clark. Cynthia 65 Clark. Ed 41 Clark. Lydia 65 Clark. Sandra 39 Classes 42-75 Cleaver. Beaver 218 Clements. Stacey 45. 82 Clich. Viola 45 Cobb, William 45. 92 Club Coca Cola 136-137 Cody, Mary 25 Cohen, Kathy 102 Coleman, Alicia 95, 125. 127 Coleman. James 52. 81 Coleman, Jeffery 45 Coleman, Soma 65 Coleman. Tern 81 College Communications 26 College Union Board 98 Collins. Mary Lou 82 Comaskey, Bernard 36 Computer Science Club 99 Computer Services 27 Computing Machinery 83 Concert Choir 101 Conner, Dora 85 Connor, Chene 166. 167 Connor. Sara 39 Conway. Marian 39 Cook. Karen 95 Cooper. Reginald 29 Coppedge, Earl 99 Costanza. Magda 81 Cotton. Gene 1 15 Cottrell. Ellen 32 Counseling 22 Coursey. Teresa 40 Cox. Kathie 95 Cox. Stephanie 65 Craven. Herb 81 Carver. Mary 88 Crawford. Norman 52. 99 Creech. Barbara 84 Crews, Patricia 87 Crews, Sue 82 Criminal Training Institute 35 Crosby. Cindy 85 Crosby. Deborah 81 Crosby. Diane 66. 166, 167, 178 Cross Country 184-185 Crowley, Johnny 66. 90 Crumbley, Thomas 52 Cubbedge, John 33 Culberson. Calvam 45. 146. 186, 189 Cunningham. Virginia 66 Cutler. Vernell 52 THIS IS OUR TIME FOR TL Dantzler. James 58 Data Processing 83 Davis. Audra 52 Davis. Beth 101 Davis. Derrick 52 Davis, Jack 58 Davis, Laura 82 Dayle, Kevin 89 Dean. Christina 88 Dean. Sharon 66, 182 DeBolt, Brian 144 Deemer. Tracy 58, 104 Delong, Ernest. 45 147 Demps, Eleanor 66 Dempsey. Mark 92 Dental Hygiene 40 Dental Hygiene Association 85 DeRoacher, Sandy 59. 97. 178 Desai. Bina 88 Desai. Sanjeer 99 Developmental Studies 32 Diamond, Kelly 59. 94. 104 Dickens. John 66. 102 Dicker. Joan 33 Dixon. Tia 66. 88 Dobson, Glenn 66 Dobson. Janice 45 Donaldson, Lynn 52 Donate, Diane 59, 185 Dooley. Paulette 59, 85 Dorhout. Herbert 66 Dorms 110-111 Doss. Christa 184 Douglas. Keith 32. 81 Drew. Tammy Jo 45 Drummond. Stephame 59. 88 Dudley. Riuanna 27 Dumias, Myoung 88 Duncan, Cheryl 86 Dunlap, Ellen 101 Dunwoody, Sandra 26 Durden, Stephanie 66 Dutko. Kathy 39 Dykes. Jeff 86 Dykes. Robyn 67. 94 THIS IS OUR TIME FOR Ealy Steven 36 Eason. Janice 45 Ebony Coalition 88 Edenfield. Dawn 67 Edenfield. Suzanne 40 Edenfield. Robert 45. 90. 92. Edgerly. Chris 67 Elementary Education 37 Edwards. Jean 40 El ' Habre. Ghassan 87 El-lessy Hussein 52 Elliott. Glen 99 Ellis. Corey 87 Ellis. Gena 33 Ellis. Joey 67 Ellis. Joy 40. 87 Ellis. Scott. 186. 189 Ellzey. Mandy 45, 83. 99 Elmgren. Paula 166. 167 Embrey. Tnna 45 End (Mike West) 208 Engineering Society 82 English. Carta 45. 147 Ennis. Darryl 45 Ennis. Shane 45. 95 Estridge. Kimberly 45 Eubanks. Diana 67 Evans. Corry 89 Evans. Gene 33 Evans. Venessa 52. 86 Eversoll, Mark 99 Evitt. Denise 82 Ewaldson. Nele 101 Exley. Melody 82 THIS IS OUR TIME FOR Faircloth. Angela 67 Falls. Suneath 45 Farabaugh. Clint 79. 82 Ferguson. Althemese 45 Flanczak. Eric 68 Fife. Barney 216 Filmer. Eric 52 Fillman. Lavanda 45 Fmdeis. John 35. 79. 99 Financial Aid 23 Finnerty. Shdwn 67 Fitts. Kerry 52 Fleming. Caroline 40. 85 Fleming. Michelle 87 Flowers. Tom 67 Floyd. Bill 67. 186. 189 Fogle, Dorthy 28 Ford. B.J 41 Ford. Dawn 23 Ford. Pamela 90. 125. 127 Fromer. Trans 213 Fort. Kerry 67 Fortson. Troy 67 Foss. Melanie 59 Foss. Valerie 68 Fox. Lmdsey 68 Francis. Dion 33 French. Noelle 183 Friedman. Lisa 68. 102 Fudd. Elmer 261 Fuller. Chris 90 Fuller. Malcolm 46. 148 Fultz. Tom 83. 90 Funderburk. Monica 88. 107 Futch. Lee 59 104. 105. 117. 123. 147 THIS IS OUR TIME FOR £ Gallagher. MaryAnn 46 Garlick. Helen 46. 85. 184. 184 Garner. Ten 39 Garvin. Reginald 68. 88. 90 Gay. Anne-Buttimer 81. 91 Geartiort. Bill 46. 186. 188. 189 Geechee 104-105 Geoffrey. Cindy 32 George. Jennifer 52. 85 Georges. Mimi 68 German. Ashley 52. 90. 148 Gibson. Joaquin 68 Gibson. Robert 59. 117 Giella. Shirley 21 Gill. Phyllis 35 Ginsberg. Marc 68 Glogaia. Jo Ellen 68 Gladden. Eric 84 Glance Back 196-197 Gnann. Beverly 68. 94 Goodson. Shirley 26 Gorman. Nancy 46 Government 36 Gracen. Jacqueline 46 Graham. Kristy 59. 94. 79. 104 Granberry. Keelen 170, 171 Grant. Christy 86. 142 Grant. Leonard 87 Green. Sonya 81 Green. Tyrone 170, 171, 176 Greene. Thomasina 59, 88 Gretenstein, L, 40 Grier, Kim 46, 148 Griffin. Willie 92 Griffiths. James 34 Grile. Tina 40 Griner. Monica 46 Grizzard. Judy 21 Groover. Katherleen 59 Gross. Jimmy 36. 80 Guillou. Laurent 81 Guile. Jefferson 46 Gumby 90 Gunn. Tracy 166. 167. 178 THIS IS OUR TIME FOR 3L Haddock. John 99 Haese, Debra 33 Haeussler, Mike 186, 189 Hahn, Tommy 27, 99 Hall, Andrea 52. 88 Hall, Joe 92 Hallman, Renee 90 Hallman, Trina 68 Hamilton. Lisa 59. 125. 127. 169, 171 Hammock. Lisa 46 Hansen. Bob 186. 189 Harbin. Mickie 35. 79. 99 Harden. Jeana 95 Hardigree. Carol 35. 79. 99 Harding. Dana 187. 189 Hardegree. Lester 40 Harrell. Dan 21 Harrell. Lee 46, 80. 104. 105. 117. 149 Harrell. Vicki 41 Harris, Al 23, 117 Harris. Henry 34 Harris. Karl 32 Harris. Robert 31. 101 Harrison, Shirley 52 Harrison. Thorn 92 Hart. Marcella 39 Hart, Michael 149 Harthley, Diane 149 Harvey. Phillip 156 Harwood, Pamela 37 Hasbrovck, Richard 52 Hathcock, Eric 170, 171 Health Professions and Physical Education 38 Heam. Carmel 144 Heinnch. Christine 52. 92. 117 Helmly. Julie 59. 87, 90. 94. 104 Helmy. Linden 68 Henderson, Kelly 59. 90. 94. 104 Hendley. Ken 68 Hendricks. Wendy 52, 94 Hepner, Freddie 39 Herring. Marjone 86 Hieronymus. Cindy 52. 95. 169. 171 History 36 Hixon. Dan 187. 189 Hodges. Carolyn 99 Hodges. David 59. 92 Hogue. Cindy 89 Holbeck. Becky 183 Holland. Jane 21 Holland. Sherri 59. 85 Hollingsworth, Lisa 90 Hollis, Willie 29 Holton. Karen 86 Homecoming 138-143 Hood, Wendy 52 Hoover. Macy 40 Hopkins. Cheryl 46 Hopkins. David 68 Horrible. Hagar 219 Housing 22 Houston, Gloria 28 Howard. Jonathan 101 Howard. Lisa 68 Howell. Nancy 83. 99 Hubbard. Kerry 59 Hucks. Marie 60 Hudsbeth. Karen 53 Hudson. Anne 35 Hudson. Sheleta 53 Hudson. Sigmund 35, 79, 99 Hulsey. Joseph 80 Humphries. Harry 28 Hunger. Lindd 21 Hunt. Tim 69. 170. 171. 173 Hurnkohi, Dana 82 Hutson. Dana 60. 95 THIS IS OUR TIME FOR lelmmi. Eileen 46 Inkwell 102 International Club 88 Intramurals 152-161 Irwin. Andrew 33 THIS IS OUR TIME FOR J- Jacobs. Karen 46. 87 Jackson. Beckie 60. 102 Jackson. Ernest 88 Jackson. Jeff 46. 106 Jackson. Roland 88 Jackson. Tonia 69. 88 Jacques. Eddie 69 Jamer. Dianne 53 James Moore Wayne Law Club 89 Janvnn. Melanie 53 Jaynes, Leon 34 Jaynes. Patty 28 Jeffcoat, Michael 87 Jenkins, Cathy 69 Jenkins. Marvin 31 Jenkins. Lynn 125. 127 Jenkins. Sabrma 69 Jenkins. Tonya 69. 90 Jenkins, William 69 Jensen, John 31 Jensen, Linda Gibson 31 Johnson, Alice 90 Johnson, Althea 53. 101 Johnson. Greer 60. 79, 97 Johnson. Greg 53. 170. 171 Johnson. Lorraine 34 Johnson. Mary 28. 60, 91 Johnson. Pamela 28. 53 Johnson, Robert 84 Jones, Amy 69 Jones, Bertis 35 Jones. Chris 84 Jones, Gerald 34, 79 Jones. Gwendolyn 69 Jones. Michael 90 Jones. Sheila 85 Jones, Sonia 40 Justice. Hugh 29 Justice. Jeff 112 THIS IS OUR TIME FOR Kappa Delta Pi 80 Kappa, Jerry 92 Kass, Geralyn 99 Kass, Pqul 27, 99 Kellam. Steven 69 Keller. Carol 39 Kelley. Dave 46 Kelso. William 22. 46. 97. 150 Kemper. Sharon 80 Kennickell. Ken 69 Kennmgton, John 80 Kessler, Crystal 184 Kessler, Kim 60 Kicklighter. Melinda 86 Kiene, Danie 69 Kilhefner. Dale 35, 79 Kim, Bussie 69 Kim, Susie 84. 88 King. Pat 31 Klafter. Dan 170. 171, 174. 175 Klug, Chris 106 Knight, Brad 60 Knight, Susan 69, 166, 167. 178 Knorr, Ginny 41 Koch. Nanine 60 Koch. Tula 53. 94 Kocher. Ken 53 Kom. Brent 187, 189 Koss. Mary 97 Krebs. Angela 82 THIS IS OUR TIME FOR JL Ladner. Clint 46. 170. 173. 174. 176 Lakso. Stacy 166. 167. 178 203 Lamb. Alan 46. 89 Lammons, Melissa 69 Landry. Alice 60. 99 Lane. Dianne 41 Lane. Earnest 69 Lane. Joe 32. 81 Languages. Literature and Dramatic Arts 31 Lakso. Stacy 166. 167. 178 Lanier. Jody 70. 90 Lanier. Osmos 36 Lanier. Robin 60 Lapens. Davita 60 Lanscy. Michael 41 Lazarus. David 70 Lazarus. Manya 70. 94 Leach. Karen 95 Lee. Byung 26 Lee. Karen 95 Lee. Micki 26 Lee. Nancy 70. 84. 88 Leghorn. Foghorn 212 Lenderman. Steve 70. 90. 97 Lents. Julie 184 Leslie. Edna 70. 85 Lester. Tim 60 Leuresen. Paulette 85 Levett. Netie 39 Lewis. Angle 60 Lewis. Dale 53 Lewis. Russell 60 Library 26 Liles. Teri 23 Lin. Anikaolm 82 Lindsey. Suzanne 47. 95 Lingerfelt, Missy 47. 89. 94 Linton. Lawrence 70 Lipscomb. Renita 60 Little. June 53 Little, Steve 144. 145 Lively. Debra 47, 86 Lloyd. Barbara 28 Long, Bob 53, 97 Long, Gerald 60 Long, Karen 87 Long, Michelle 61 Loper, Amanda 87 Lopez. Lamar 99 Lord. Wendy 86 Lott. Lisa 86 Lozen. Colleen 61 Lumberg. Lawrence 29 Luersen. Paulette 53 Lyman. Bradley 80 Lynn. Karen 85 THIS IS OUR TIME FOR M. Macraken. Tom 26 Magall. Jennifer 47 Mageire, Catherine 70 Magnus. Bob 27 Mahany. Tricia 82 Malcolm. Scott 47. 187. 189 Mahony. Cravon 101 Manacy. Ellen 47 Mann, Gay 87 Mann, Venda 70 Marcotte. Jennifer 87 Marks. Michael 61 Marsh. Renny 79. 99 Marshall. Gary 47. 106 Martin. Grace 32, 81, 91 Martin, Shery 47. 99 Martin Stephanie 61, 88 Martin. William 31 Martinez. Melba 71 Mason. Frank 47. 89 Masquers 144-145 Massey. Carole 39 Masters. Robert 89 Math and Computer Science 35 Matthews Margie 39 Matz. Shan 47 Mays. Aoron 82 Mazzoli. Andrew 87 McAdams. George 33 McCants, Troy 33 McCarthy, John 36 McClanahan, Billie 31 McClellen, Lourie 26 McCormich. Cindy 81. 91 McCumber. Sherry 61 McGalliard. Tommy 33. 54. 97, 117 Mcllrath, Bill 61 McKendree, Traci 125. 127 McManus, Chuck 33 McNeill, Laura 54 McNulty, Tom 61 McPipkm, Barbara 25 Mead, Beverly 34, 85 Medical Records 86 Medical Technology 40 Megathlin. William 24 Mengle, Jan 40 Meyer, Ute 70, 184 Mikell. Rose 70 Military Science 33 Miller, Cassandra 70 Miller. Mary 39 Miller. Matt 144 Miller. Michelle 79, 81 Miller, Tom 25 Miller. William 61 Milton, Quincy 32 Mmcey. Scott 87 Mines. Elgin 47 Miss ASC Pageant 124-129 Mitchner. Mike 54, 99, 187. 188, 189 Mobley, Charles 80 Mobley. Shelley 82 Mock, Barry 47 Moody. Lisa 70 Moore. Danaly 54 Moore. Danny 187. 189 Moore. Lamara 54. 85 Moore. Randy 54 Morales. Ruth 54. 87 Morgan. Kendall 29 Morell. Diane 47. 88. 150 Morris. Ben 54, 99 Morris. Joe 29 Morrison, Christel 23 Morrison. Margaret 32 Moseley, Jennifer 70 Moslkow, Tom 82 Mosley, Cindy 48, 85 Moss, Christine 90 Muller, Nicholas 70, 92 Munson, Richard 35, 77, 99 Muntzer. John 70 Murphy. Charles 70 Murphy. Dennis 36 Musser. Bob 187 Myers. Brian 61 THIS IS OUR TIME FOR - - Nelson. Larry 71 Nettles. Joyce 91 Neville. Sheree 71 Newberry. Lloyd 37 Newman. Kathy 48. 81. 150 Newman. Kim 26 Nichols. Nancy 54 Nixon. Donald 87 Noble. David 88 Nordquist, Richard 31. 103 Norman. Lisa 61. 89. 94 Norman. Stephanie 54. 94. 97. 102. 117 North. Ollie 232 Norwich. Vicki 35, 79. 99 Nuccio. Mark 31 Nunley Cindy 183 Nursing. Associate 39 Nursing. Baccalaureate 39 THIS IS OUR TIME FOR O ' Brien. Ann 48. 151 O ' Brien. Martin 48 O ' Conner. Paige 61. 169. 171 Ogilive. Everett 26 Oglesby, Harold Julius Augustus 117 OKula. Michelle 87 Oliver. Clyde 186, 189 Oliver, Michelle 48. 90 O ' Neil. Patricia 71 Organizations 76-107 Organized Activities 96-107 Oswell. Rudy 87 Owens. Alfred 80 Owens. Joel 187, 189 THIS IS OUR TIME FOR Packard, Dorothy 71 Paglia, Marc 41, 183 Parker. Patty 91 Parker. Sean 99 Parker. Tricia 91 Parting Shots 198-199 Pascual. Carmina 86 Palefsky. Elliott 32, 81 Palmiotto. Michael 36 Partee. Mora 61 Patel. Nilam 71. 184 Patterson. Brenda 90 Patterson. Lee Ann 80 Paul. Pope John 242 Paulus. Chen 61, 85 Pena. Andy 103 Pencoe, Nancy 34 Pendergrdph. Joy 71 Pendergrass. Mildred 71 Penn. Sean 231 Perry, Tony 54 Phi Alpha Theota 80 Phi Eta Sigma 79 Phillips, Larry 27 Phillips. Michelle 167. 178 Physical Education 41 Pi Mu Epsilon 79 Pingel, Al 34 Pinsky, Gary 114 Plant Operations 29 Padmore, Tricia 71 Poe, Tim 99 Polite, Edgina 71 Pollack, Tom 99 Poole. Robert 71 Poppell. Heather 71. 167. 178 Poppell, Janice 101 Porter, Kim 48, 82 Porzio, Theresa 132 Posey. Eleanor 61 Powell, Chip 145 Powers. Robert 144 Poythress. Chuck 99 Prevatt. Melissa 61 Proper, Jackilyn 71, 90 Provence, Celeste 48 Prudem, George 36 Pruden, Ginger 39 Psychology 32 Pund. Jenny 54 Puyedr. Scott 33 THIS IS OUR TIME FOR Quante, Carl 99 Quarterman. Joe 29 Quattlebaum, George 71 Quinny, Gary 101 Quiz Bowl 107 THIS IS OUR TIME FOR Radiologic Technology 87 Rae, Staci 95 Rahimitabar. Abbas 88 Rambo. Cami 72 Ramsey. Cheryl 61 Randall. Gay Lynn 79 Randolph. Diane 61 Rapp. Debbie 81 Ray. Patricia 61 Ray, Tommy 72 Raymond. Richard 31. 103 Rawson. Billy 61. 90. 106 Redding, Steve 48 Reese. Randall 31 Register. John 54 Registrar 25 Repella. James 38 Respiratory Therapy 40, 87 Rhee, Steve 36. 88 Rhett. Errol 48 Rice, Chris 61 Richards, Debbie 85 Richardson, Ed 31, 103 Richardson, Robbie 72, 94. 97. 136 Ricks. Diane 101 Riggm. Sandra 48 Riley. Doug 171, 173 Ritter, Kimberlie 54 Rivers, Patrina 55 Roberts. Freddie 81 Roberts. Joe 41 Roberts. Katrina 72 Roberts. Lynn 41 Roberts. Marcella 97 Roberts. Mary 60 Roberts. Martha 28 Roberts. Melinda 117 Roberts. Sabrina 72 Robertson. William 88 Robertson. Amy 48 Robertson. Lee 72. 170, 171, 175, 179 Robinson. David 72 Robinson, Debbie 101 Robinson. Mary 28 Robinson. Robin 48. 124. 151 Rockwell, Elizabeth 55 Rockwell, Katherine 60. 92, 101 204 Rockwell. Susannah 25 Rodgers. Anne 40. 86 Rodgers, Elizabeth 55. 97. 101. 106 Rollins. Alen 92 Ross. Lynn 60. 169. 171 Ross. Martin 48. 80 Rossey. Mike 33 ROTC 33 Roth. Kenny 41. 171 Roth. Lone 31. 103 Rozier, Len 29 Ruiz. Michelle 60. 90 Ruiz. Terri 72. 90 Ruja. Manus 81. 92. 97. 117, 151 Rundbaken, Susan 72. 104 Russell. Guerry 782 Rutledge. Denise 72 Ryan. Jim 72 Ryan. Sharon 55 THIS IS OUR TIME FOR Salter. Beverly 94 Samples, Pamela 82 Sands, Rochelle 86 Sandt, 92 Sang, Chris 99 Sappentield. Becky 48. 85 Saxon. Peggy 72 Schatfer. William 55 Schaffner, John 55, 90 Schlenz. Michelle 55, 85 Schmidt. John 31, 92 Schott, Rusty 87 Schultz, Lucinda 31 Schultz. Summer 94 Schumacher. Rose 49 Schwartz, Veronica 85 Scott, April 80 Scott, Nell 39 Seckinger. Karen 49. 82 Security 29 Seely. Pam 87 Sellers. Mark 49. 90 Sentefitt. Don 33 Sewell. Greg 35 Shannon, Stephanie 72. 125. 127 Sharp. Sean 188, 189 Shawcross. Lisa 49 Shawe, Ellen 23 Shearouse, Lisa 87 Shearouse, Ronnie 87 Schfchyk. Susan 79 Sheehan. Barbara 40 Shelnutt, Chris 80 Shephard, John 33. 55 Shappard, Erin 82. 104 Shin Michael 55. 81. 84. 88 Shipley. Charles, 35, 79 Showalter, Greg 49 Showalter. Karen 55. 158. 169. 171 Shreve. Iva 107 Silcox. Elaine 39 Simmons, Eva 55, 84. 88 Simmons. John 83, 99 Simmons. Renee 90 Simon, Emma 40. 41 Simpson. Greg 27 Simpson, John 49 Sims. Roy 41 Singletary. JoAnn 169. 171 Smalls. Veronica 55 Smith, Beth 49. 99 Smith. Bill 40. 87 Smith. Brad 79. 84. 117 Smith. Carolyn 32 Smith. Cheryl 49 Smith. Cindy 55 Smith. Faustina 49 ..tevens. Miriam 49 Stevenson. Bobby 90. 101 Stewart. Beth 56 Stokes, William 37 Stone. Janet 36 Storm. Hank 89 Stout. Billy 90 Strain. Sonja 87 Stratton, Mark 92 Strickland. Amanda 49. 82 Strode, Randy 29 Strozier. Robert 31 Struck. Ellen 21 Stuckey. Tricia 85 Student Activities 23 Student Affairs 22 Student Government Association 97 Suchower. John 31. 144 Summerell. Patricia 40. 87 Summers. Pratt 56 Super. Donald 81 Swaggart. Jim 256 THIS IS OUR TIME FOR Tambourlas, Demetri 90 Tanenbaum, Barbara 40 Tapp. Larry 41. 167. 178 Taylor, Beth 74 Taylor, Opie 216 Terry. Leon 33 Thomas. Gene 56 Thomas. Holy 31 Thomas, Rick 34 Thomas, Terry 88 Thomson, Rachel 74 Thom pson, Wanda 49 Thome, Francis 34. 81 Thornton, Willie 29 Tillman. Lawanda 90 Tillman. Thurmond 90 Tillman, Tina 49. 82. 90 Timmerman. Mary Lee 169. 171 Tisdale. Lillian 21 Todd. Cathy 88 Toole, Gerald 74 Trainor, Jean Marie 95 Traver, Shannon (Bubbles) 89. 17 Trimble. Lydia 56 Trotter. Ann 81 Tudor. Marcella 49 Turner, Connie 86 Turner, James 84. 86 Turnipseed. Patricia 37 Tuten, David 90 Tuten, John 74 Tuyls. Teri 49 THIS IS OUR TIME FOR Usher. Christine 74. 90 Usher. Giffor 99 THIS IS OUR TIME FOR Vt- flL Van Brackle. Joy 63. 94 Van Brackle. Steve 27. 99 Vanity Apt 247 Vmueza. Maria 63, 184 Voelker, Sandra 49 Vogel, Vicki 95 Volleyball. Women ' s 178-179 Voyager IV 130 VanDriel. Mike 33 Varnedoe. Karnie 183 Wang, Hsing 35. 79. 99 Ware. Rosemary 50 Ware, Tommy 138 Warlick, Roger 36 Warren, Lori 35 Warshauer, Joan 101 Washington, Slovakia 63. 88 Waters. Janice 50, 99 Waters. Joan 63 Watkms, Maurice 35 Watson, Maybell 28 Waugh, Shane 63 We Can Make You Laugh 113 Weatherly, Dennis 50 Webb. Renee 33 Weech, Cheryl 101 Wells. Janis 37 Welsh, John 31 West. " George " Michael 102. 104. 117. 123 Wetmore. Kevin 63. 90 Whalen. Mary Beth 101 Wheeler. Ed 35. 79. 99 Wheeler, Lois 32 White. Dwayne 57 White. Fred 101 White, Susan 37 Whiten. Morris 34 Wholert. Christina 79 Whickham, Wendy 63 Wiharm, Mary Ann 75 Wilds, Glenda 75 Wilkes, Jackie 21 Wilkins. Dominique 240 Willet, Stacie 75 Willhoit, Collen 90 Williams. Beverly 88 Williams, Chance 101 Williams. Felicia 57. 88. 117 Williams. Joan 25, 50 Williams. Mike 83. 99 Williams. Roge 187. 189 Williams, Sean 57 Williams, Waria 50 Williamson, Barbara 63 Williamson, Bobbie 85 Williamson, Jane 39 Willmore, Tute 57 Willoughby. Diana 87. 99 Wilson, Elaine 63. 81 Wilson. Jeannie 89 Windeler. JoAnne 21 Withenngton. Mimi 101 Wohlert. Christina 63. 107 Womble. Alice 90 Women of Worth 91 Worthington. Stu 32. 81 Wright. David 187. 189 Wright, Donna 75, 84, 117 Wright. Evia 63. 88 Wright, Lucinda 50 Wynn, Nancy 57 THIS IS OUR TIME FOR . Yeargan, Francis 50, 85 Yglesias, Angela 80 York. Deena 50 Young. Republicans 89 Young. Richard 63 Young. Sharon 80 Younger, Cindy 85 Yun, Mark 88. 89 THIS IS OUR TIME FOR Zachrassek, Rick 92 Zealy. Al 92 JL Smith, Judson 55 Vaughn. Eugenia 56 Zeiglei. Otis 63 Smith. Kmsey 94. 104. 125. 127. 128 Vaughn. James 80 Zerris, Cathy 57 Smith. Mary Vescelas, Daniel 74. 101 Zianni. Sue 87 Smith. Jeoftrey 88 Vickers, Bryan 74 Zimmerman. Sara 21 Smith. Kaney 145 Vienna Choir Boys 132-133 Zipperer. Michelle 63 Smith. Lois 81. 91 Vinueza. Cesea 75 Smith. Monique 79 Smith. Tim 90 Smith. Pam 33 2 y Soccer Club 92 Soles. Tina 87 i OUR TIME FOR W Spalding. Robert 88. 90 Wagenhauser. Mark 56. 187. 189 Spense. Evelyn 80 Wagner, Bryan 99 Spence. Ivy 90 Wagner, Diane 36 Springsteen. Bruce 1000 Walker. Mark 49 Stanford. Jennifer 90 Walker. Pam 56. 94. 155 Steele. Glenn 88 Walker. Sabina 56 Stegall, John 21 Wallace. Brad 56 Steinbach, Elaine 95 Wallace, Carolyn 56 Stephenson, Al 90. 99 Walls. Vicky 49 Stettner. Ondine 55 Wambold. Jeana 189 205 A WORD OR TWO FROM THE EDITOR During the past year I have had the honor of serving as Editor of the 1988 Armstrong State College Geechee. Words cannot express all the effort and time that has gone into the making of this yearbook. However, through the sweat and toil the staff ' s pride shines. We take great pride in believing this year ' s book to be a fine, creative, quality annual, one that you will enjoy and treasure for years to come. There are, as with any major project, people who worked hard and without whose help the 1988 Geechee would not be possible. I would like to express my enduring gratitude to these people who freely gave of themselves for the benefit of the book. Let me begin by thanking three students who served the Geechee from beginning to end. Robert Edenfield should be commended for his work on the yearbook. Much of the copy was written by Robert and his creative talents are displayed throughout the book. He helped this year- book project greatly and I am glad to call him a friend. Secondly, I will thank Jared Campbell who was always there and took great care in his work. He was a tremendous help and supporter to the Geechee. When the going got tough I could always count on Erin Sheppard. She was a diligent worker who took on significant tasks this year. She always knew how to go about completing a job and understood the importance of the duties before her. She will most definitely have a bright future here at Armstrong. These folks and the others on the staff were a pleasure to work with this year, they did a marvelous job and I will miss them all. I would also like to extend my thanks to Terri Liles and Dr. Joesph Buck for giving me technical and supportive advice this year and every year. On a personal note I would like to thank those persons who have helped me to complete my education during the past four years. Thanks to Lynn Benson, Mack Palmour, Al Harris, Ellen Shawe and Dawn Ford for providing and teaching me everything outside the classroom and for being good friends who were always there whenever I needed them. Thanks to Dr. Arens and Mr. Comasky for advising and teaching me History and for putting up with me (Thanks Guys). And finally, thanks to Armstrong State College for providing me an education which will take me wherever I need to go. In closing let me say that I have enjoyed every minute at Armstrong and would not change the last four years for anything. To all students who lead ASC into the future remember these two thoughts: first, there are three kinds of students — those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wondered what happened. Be a person who makes things happen at ASC! And secondly, " when it looks like all is up, keep a-goin! " (pg. 208). Sincerely, Lee Harrell, Geechee Editor 1988 COLOPHON 88 ' Volume 48 of the Geechee was printed by Jostens Printing and Publishing Company of Clarksville, Tennessee. Danny Scott and Da- vid Walsh were our company representa- tives The press run was 1000 copies. The pa- per stock was 80 pound enamel gloss. The endsheets are gold dust. The cover is em- bossed and has a direct line photo centered on the front with rich gold script. The book is 13 signatures or 208 pages of 8Vi X 1 1 inches. Type style is Avant garde. Class portraits were taken by Windsong Photo Studio of Sa- vannah Georgia. The 1988 Geechee was produced by full-time students at Armstrong State College and funded with Student Ac- tivity fees. THANKS TO: — Student Photographic Services for their patience and hard work in provid- ing quality photos. — Robby Knox for his stunning photos in the men ' s basketball and baseball sections. — Al Harris for yelling at me when I did and did not need it. — Jostens and its reps, for quality ser- vice. — All my friends and family for their support, effort and understanding. — The entire Armstrong family (stu- dents, faculty, staff) for their coopera- tion. — Mr. Wilbur Ward for access to his farm for the Geechee staff photo. ■- 1] ' ; m m 4V J Thanks Jeffey! ABSTRACTS thetrojansgetaroomgetajobgetaliferobertisatthepostofficeareyouhungryt hemillbraineryandeaterygimmeeshreeuvemillhavedosuvdennbabiesdea- derthandeanpaulmartindonnaaaahrooozsaaahhspsuxbeeraburpmiked oitputhaaydoooopuvoodoodookankasc101ruintapieceofflounderbal landchainalikiegamsyourecongeecheegonieswhoredogsgootafixmy- doomreleemrleeohwellpardonthankyanowgaadaaarrieeemawhydont wedoitintheroadyouknowwhatsheneedsmikeyoujustmadcosyouaintgot- noclotheswhodiedandmadeyoualharrisslampieceuoujustmadcosyoua- scrubword. Mt v If you strike a thorn or a rose, keep a-goin ' l If it hails or if it snows, keep a-goin ' ! Taint no use to sit an ' whine when the fish ain ' t on your line; Bait your hook an ' keep a-tryin ' — keep a-goin 7 . . . . . . When it looks like all is up, keep a-goin ' ! Drain the sweetness from the cup, keep a-goin ' l See the wild birds on the wing, Hear the bells that sweetly ring, When you feel like surgin ' , sing — keep a-goin ' l Frank L Stanton THE END THAT KEEPS A-GON ' ! 208

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