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A . Q . -6? .1-:ff 7 YL- ' Lt, TALE'- 450- ,. 1 - XS . 1 0-If f "j,',f'f 1 11,4 11 1 --"v4kJX's' .f,. 5+ L, I1. ...ia gs. 4.5 , 'xfk if al! .TT 1 . v 'I . " -ih-""x '.'w-'vin - 'J ',- 'u" f." fw . N in F . -,ngrni .li-. .I-,' ','A,4-.vit I .x f'.V,SL'.AvPki!.4 N K u ,-.J"f,A" - 'y '. . --.QQ 45" -. xp: .kdf ., s.l,. r' A .Isl 1 :YQ 1 1 13. I . - C -Q , ' v A 'I V v I-V I o 4 l 54' .. , 1 I v - , - ' , ,. ' 6 ' . A ' '- . 4 n , 1 , " .gl v K: ' . '.' 1 QL, HRH.: , "fa: l4,'.2'v 1 ' vig v ff-- ,. E' VM. 'Hsu' AF. . 5 I . 1" 'L 1 1 I D 4. F ,. . ff 9' ' 4 ' fp' ' 4 -' I'. . AJ 4 4 l :yr ' 'A . wa -.- , - . ,-- 13' ' 'v . - ui.,- . f . ii" 'f' " '.. r- 51. 4, Y 1 I ' 'f I , 1-or -V JH' " - 4 'J " A+ -'A AA - ' .wp ga g , 1, X sv Q. 5 . ,' . 11 " 1 ' . 10. ,' 7'. , ' ' ' - l',ff7,5' 'Q . ' .4 v 'V - ' 'nf' qt' , . 1 , L . . f :rf-lyk! Vi, . f nm I -'.-ff: ' .- - V V' - . - g-L-- ' 1 ' 11 .U-.1 b. , ' ff' - .-N r'- -'- ff' ,- " Q., . . I ,. Q' -'iS'foN" 8533 x' ' "fl" 'ix I cf . . 14" ,A 1' ,hi f ,-,GP -. ,,-nba. ,Q 1 ,, -Q -fn... f gf, fi?-.,' ."'-3, ,ff.---'.- '- - 'K'-N1.' gf ' . 7 - '- :S '. .f 1 5 , ' gf A U 1. 15 1 ,P 3, K., Taj J , e 2- " LN ' . , f , -' ,gn . .7456 I' -L, "Z"4 'la ' n f ,vw fig - .' ' , a 1 4, " K Q1 .I I' l I ' 11' +'?1Aw V511 .L f' . '-216 1- 'L' -Ldv! '1,4Q:.,. , im ' 31 ,. , msxg, 33, L-fy., A ' ,A , , -- ' . ...- :M :Au -,-fe- -J., --.' . 1 V. E '.N'.3, ,u. 'bfffi 5 . V V445 ' '-"f":-'11- , V. a 'Q '.:-5 ' ' GEE HEE C Q f. -'Fx r-r-"fr Armstrong State College H935 Abercorn Street Savannah. Georgia 3l4l9 Volume 47 ,-in. f,"1.'f. ' . 0898 GEECHEE l987 THEME ...... .... P AGE 3 STUDENT LIFE ..,. .... P AGE I5 SPORTS ......... . . . PAGE 69 ORGANIZATIQNS .... . . . PAGE 99 CLASSES ...................... ..... P AGE l25 FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION .... ..... P AGE I59 ADVERTISEMENTS ............ . . . PAGE I9I INDEX . . . .... PAGE 204 WELCOME ARNSTRONL TOASC... 'N A campus that incorporates the rustic lifestyle of Savannah With Southern Heritage And an appreciation for the simple things in life. -mn ASC is a model setting to expand our knowl- edge And to feel a sense of accomplishment in our actions. Study hard and do your very best -f 9' But don't rush these college years Take time to smell the roses 5' Be a kid occasionally . And enjoy life Armstrong State College is truly a preparation for life excellaration. 57712527 H vw 2 I - fwf- i V' ' I 1- Fi- 4, ' I . nn, 'Af J, - -9, I V " 4 . ,A aww' V , .stu In -4 , , ,af . UV! 954. 14677777755 ZD7702' 12142 M,-fwzavza CAMPU fx, 11" I iv ' ' 3 v' f x. X Do ou luke m new shoes? Hey baby! Mkhafs your ma or? Y Y I latxcm and SIHIICI 5"5'-3' 5-xg IGI' LIFE 1-'K -0 , -. rl 1 .S , Hb- NX 5 1' The P.E, Staff prepares for a busy day. G .21 Ihc LIJIIO offers sludcms fresh aur and rclaxallon. A studcnl and lcachcr vxcliangc ll1'0I'llh'HlOl1. I js :fl S, 'z ,rv r V ywyr I To U rvvacctr' 1111541144 - , A. fi- EZISS' Iflllfffl Ill I lf!!! ::::E:EE5E""' :ffllll ' ' 4 ! 'Q 21-'W if wg 14 M ...N Look Ma. no hands!! '.A mW4 1: Y . Raght: Hows Physics going? Below: A break between classes. ,, . xfl . ' ag- A . -, iq.,- , . 4 ' " t .4 If , f4'a!"Q' ' , ' P . 9. - ink ?-if Above Computers sure make things caslcr. Rtght "but dont drunk thc water." .I 4 r ?,..g d- Q,-4 9 -v f','fg,,.,v ' 4 fi? mf: '-L.......,.f fl in gn V V V-'43 :Q s t ,Q X P 'x 'A 5 in -Q X' Left: On second thought. maybe I'II study. Below: Sandy Derocher saddles up for a full day of classes. 1 AM 59 -xx xiii! , --aw' I . .. 4' N Q- l t Above: Awaiting the outcome of an important meeting. Left: Freshmen need love too!! Communication, Help. Adxisement, Orientation. and Service. or CHAOS for short, is clearly one of the most beneficial serxice organizations at Armstrong. All CHAOS leaders are students who are se- lected in the spring of each year to assist in the orientation of Freshmen in the fall. The leaders then undergo hours of train- ing before they see the first freshman. Unlike many schools, Armstrong's leaders are volunteers who achieve personal sat- isfaction by making other students less apprehensive about their first year of col- lege. This year's leaders were Julie Sim- mons, Elizabeth Rogers, Carla English. Tracey Jones, Robin Robinson, Bill Kelso. Harold Oglesby, Pratt Summers. Lee Har- rell, Jeff Gulle, Mo Paglia, Ann O'Brien, Lori Johnson, Fatima Sanders, and Bob Long. Advisors were Vice-President Buck, Mack Palmour, Terri Liles, Lynn Benson. Al Harris, and Ellen Shawe. CHAOS ,,.'1"'Fb, 1 , L - 4 ui i .,.5 ,gg ' in -' ..'-l." . '. .'f1 " , ', " '- Y JN ,. '- 'I L'f ' Q., .. .,, . . ."'- " ' Mo takes .1 dip in llw pool. HJr0ltl SIOPS I0 p0Si.'. g in lm., buysl C AOS ilvi' Kp: Wow! I didn't know Al Harris had such a great body! l986 is the first year in which those students who are living in the dorms had a chance to get a pre- view of what life in the dorms is like. The last CHAOS session of the year allowed incoming freshmen and their CHAOS leaders to spend the night together at the dorms. Be- sides the regular CHAOS agenda the leaders and their groups were treated to a cookout at the beach. The over-night session was such a success that there will be several of them in the summer. ii? J' xv,ic6C , F ld 'U' fy 3 V nv- Alnli Here's looking at you kid. Boy. that pizza sure looks good! CHAQS i I -'N For your eyes onlyl 'E Watch out Paige! Nice shot Chuck "N CHAQS ..,, Now that's a motley crewl nn mv N. -sunk N. x." cs 522 v Qf K1 9' ' Who? Me? This sure beats calculus. ARMSTRO C5 FE T lxerxone gathered for sun. fun. and laughs at this vear's Armstrong Fest. vp,- The purpose of the festival was to ' raise money for the student scholar- ship fund. A total of SISOON was ' raised from the event. Many of Arm- strong's faculty and students partici- pated in the festival. The weekend was filled with such events as the road race. softball, volleyball. and tennis tournaments. Armstrong's sororities A Q 'rw also helped out in the festival by work- ing in activities such as the dunking booth and face painting. The children from U.S.A. Gymnastic Academy per- formed before the crowd. The day was full of great food and fun! The festi- val's corporate sponsors were C 8 S Bank. WTOC. and Coca-Cola. Coca- Cola provided the Armstrong Fest T- shirts that were sold for five dollars. Craig Harney was the chair person of Armstrong Fest, and he hopes to make the festival an annual event. . ff' Having fun guys???? IPA 7 5 pcs Alpha Gamms look on as V.P. Huck gets dunked again. karl Grolhcer was in charge of grilling hamburg- ers lor the refreshment stand. Watch it Karl. lhcy're burningl i Pony rndcs were a ianorntc of the kms The Phu Mu's uttered face painting. 'su Y f L' ,AX I Above: Karen Cook demonstrates the art of bean-bag tossing. Left: I can't bear to watch! l' k 48' X1 "I think l need a standing ovationll", someone would shout. The next thing you know that person would be hoisted into the air by a crowd of people. That was just one of the strange but fun things taking place at Playfair. Play- fair. which is sponsored by C.LI.B., is a group participation activity that en- courages meeting new people and making new friends. Playfair has been a great success at ASC. lt is an experi- ence you will never forget. Right' We have got to stop meet' ing like this! Below: TD. on one. Break! fl! 1, x . ,xx '9"-- -. sg, We 0- '-,-. 9 Where did they find this bunch???? ,gr ,QI u if I h 2 S' .Q an nga: . 1- " , - .W f nm.. , .,, "'5f:"' Lx., ., 'n 'x rxja? ..Ll... 'WT I wouldnt have mussed this for the world. ii il lt was the night ol October 26. and thc -NSC. line Arts Auditorium began to fi vt ith people. At SIN p,m,. the lights dimmed and Had Boy stormed the stage to give an outstanding. hardfhitting performance. Next on the agenda was Cheap Trick, a popular rock act who is credited with such hits as "Dream Police" and "l Want You To Want Nlef' The concert also included some. more recent material including the song "Tonight It's You." as well as songs from their new album. The Doctor. Robin Zander lead singer, brought the crowd to its feet and Rick Nielson, lead guitarist and comedi- an of the group, awed many with his im' mense guitar collection and playing ability. Bun E. Carlos, the driving beat behind the drums. and Jon Bryant. bass guitarist. did much to contribute to the powerful, livewire show, The auditorium rocked for almost three hours. and Cheap Trick played through two standing encores. The success of the con- cert can be attributed to the Concert Com- mittee ofthe College Union Board and to the support of the fans who attended the show. W i' ir- J 5 li 24- ni ' J The crowd lets loose as Cheap Trick plays Robin Xander. lead singer ol Cheap Trick. sing ing one ol the hantls many hits I 5 l 5 I I I , Q, ' x SECTION P iw' O l 75 lx: i I cn l 75 P l 1 CD U-I y af G l G i 956 50 A C um Cl FR jan 3: 5 C C V 15 Q' u. ea ff' wg ,gff XZ im Sri 51 Q-,FYI Eb C5-I 41 F-35 gasria- 5:5 i ozgzom 550 E 225:-472 '23 i ': 5: f ' Om I dui '4'mj ae , S L STUDENTS ' 'ali 'ly RGT Q 11 Qi, FEQQNTWSQCTION BWI Ii PREV Jalal' Q . i' fu I S Left: Rack Nielson dlsplays yet another gunar. Below: Working hard guys?? x .5 K, J- I5 -i-"x -u -L 5 vl Robin Zander sings one last song. Left: The College Union Board prepares for con- cert crowd. AWAY FROM HQME For the second year Armstrong State College has offered on campus housing. Although the dorms are not quite like home they have alot to offer to students of ASC. They have an ex- cellent food program Cright guysj and offer a friendly living environment. As you can tell from the next few pages dorm life is very unique. Good times abound as do lasting friendships. fl l ,I . - X 1 -...Q N .- QA I A Yes Mom, I brought plenty of clean underwear. Take off you hosersl '-J I iii: ,f-""" D ,abs L Above: Has anyone seen my toothbrush? It was on the bed. Left: You without me is like cornflakes with- out the milk. Go fish!! 2 qi-'J Ni Sandy gets ready to put on her Sunday best. Go Dawgs!!! Belowi Rcmko makes himself at home. l U -1. Boooo "Huc". A meal In for a kung. is 4... ,.,l It s a dirty job but someone has lo do II Below: Friday night study scssnons 1m 1 Lommon sight III the dorms. ,-,.,., - 4 ,.ff" ,f""" ,f"' X 'W-W my I WHO'S WHO N AMERICAN COLLEGES A D UNIVERSITIE DEBORAH ARLENE CROSBY Deborah Crosby, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Clarquist and wife of George Walter Crosby, Jr., is a senior magoring in Psychology with a minor in American History. She is currently a member of the EB. Twiwmyer Society. President of Women Of Worth. Secretary of Phi Alpha Theta. and a student research assistant in Psychology. She has also been a member of the I972 and l987 Geechee Staff and has performed with the A.S.C. Masquers. JEFFERSON C. GULLE Jeff Gulle. the Director of Student Photographic Ser- vices is a senior with a B.A. in General Studies at Arm- strong. He graduated Cum Laude from North Georgia Tech Photography School and is currently a member of the Southeastern Professional Photographers Association and the Georgia Professional Photographers Association. He is the recipient of the Outstanding Young Men of America Award. the Rotary Club Scholarship and the l985 Memorial Scholarship. and he is a Georgia Merit Winner. Jeff serves as an artistic advisor for the Calliope and has served as a CHAOS leader, He is actively involved in the Boy Scouts of America. the Red Cross. and the Catholic Youth Organiza- IIOII. JUDY CAMPBELL RAYMOND Judy Campbell Raymond. wife of Richard C. Raymond is a senior Majoring in nursing. Judy received the A.S.C. l985 Alumni Scholarship. has made the Dean's list. participated in ASCXGSC Nursing Honor Society. She is also the origina- tor and coordinator of Between Student Nurses f Jr.y Sr. BSN Student Support Group. MELANIE ALINA ROBERTS Melanie Alina Roberts, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David F. Roberts is a senior pursuing a Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing. Her honors and activities include SGA Treasurer I984-86, Health Science Senator I98687, CUB l984'86, Blood Drive Chairman I9864O87, Large Range Planning Committee I984-85. Athletic Committee Student Rep. I984-87. National Association of Campus Activities I984-86. 39 WHO'S WHO STEPHAN WHALEN 'Stephan Whalen. son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Whalen. Jr.. is a senior majoring in Political Science. He is Vice- Chairman for the Chatham County Young Republicans. a Legislative Committee member for the Chatham Associa- tion for Retarded Citizens. and he also serves as a senator for Student Government. Stephan is a member of the A.S.C. Law Club and the Georgia Victim Witness Association. JERRY WILLIAMS, JR. Jerry Williams, Jr.. the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Wil- liams. is a senior majoring in Biology with a minor in Chem- istry. Jerry has served as both Vice-President and Presi- dent of the Student Honor Court. Chairman of the Blood Drive Committee. Chairman of the Traffic Appeals Com- mittee. President of Beta Beta Beta. President of Phi Eta Sigma. Senator for the Student Government. and as a CHA- OS leader. He has been a member of the American Chemi- cal Society and the Joel H. Hilderbrand Chemistry Honor society and he has been the recipient of the Leslie B. Davenport Award and the Henry L. Ashmore Award. Jerry is also involved in contributing to the Calliope and serves as a tutor in the Writing Center. CX' I -1:5 Il ll' NAI IU ,f SI lAlKI?Sl'IfARl COMPANY PRI SFNIY if The National Shakespeare Company presents William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew Directed by Raymond David Marciniak Costumes: Don Mangone Sets: Richard Kendrick ligliting' David Higham Music: jeremy Beck In the Induction ........ ......... ' l'he Company In the Play Lucentio ..... ...... L enny Bart Tranio ..... Lance Spellerberg llaptista .... .... G ary Desbien Gremio .,.. .Kenneth Enright Katherine .... Eleanore'll1pscolt Bianca . . . Kimberly Grieger llortensio . . ,.... Timothy Stickney Iliondello . . . .... llenry Fandel l'etruchio. ......... Dan Snow Clrumio .... ............ I Jill Blank Curtis ....... I'edant ......... Christopher Todd Christopher 'Ibdd Ilaberdasher ..... ...... I lenry Fandel 'tailor ......... .... K enneth Enright Vincentio ..... . . . .,... . ........ Bill Blank Widow . , .............................................. ..... C arol Dearman Scene: Padua and Petruclzids House Tlmrc' will bc' one intermission Production Staff 'technical Director . . . ..... Gary Desbien Stage Manager .... .,.. C huck Benjamin Choreographer .... ..... ...... A r me Lall Scenic Artist ................. ........................... V icki Neal Costume Design Assistant .... ........................... I ,inda Geley Costume Staff .............. .... lohn Canada, Vicki Dellocher, Edie lud Wendy Kahn, Alison 'Iaylor, ltalolorres Production Assistant .... ...................... K imberly Grieger Administrative Stall: lixecutive Director ..... ...... I2 laine Sulka General Manager .... 'tour Director ...... . . . .Mechele Leon . . . .William Weir 'l his tour is made possible in part through the contributions of: utlauitic Airwaysg the Vogelstein Foundationg Mid , , v , Atlantic States Arts L onsortium. "'1""i"' Spet ial thanks to the New American l,ilirary lor their contribution ol Sigur! Classic editions of the two plays: RGMEO AND ll,ll,llil and 'I l Ili 'IAMINU Ulf 'I I Ili Sl llZliWg Capeziog and llritllail 'liravel International. 'l lie National Shakespeare Company is a not-for profit organization celebrating its twenty-fourth season on tour. Its offices are at M4 West Slst Street, New Wrk City, IUUI9, where it also operates The Cubiculo, an experimental arts center. The National Shakespeare Compan 1986-1987 'Ibur WIlO'S WHO The Cornpnny Lenny Bart t Paris, Lncentiol originated the role of Ungnan in North Wrnri at l,aManra which subsequently lourecl Alaska. Other New Tink credits inclrrde A Mans Nrrlrl, Lysander in Mirisnnrnrer. . .and Wlc-re in hntnfti' lle appeared in the Scandinavian premiere of Anrrrcleus directed by Sir Giles Block, National Theatre, l.onclon. l.enny is a graduate of the National Shakespeare Conservatory. Bill Blank tBenvoliop Grumio, Vincentiol studied at the University of Bridgeport where he worked with Morris Carnovsky and Phoebe llranclt and won the University's award for Best Actor. Most recently he studied at the Circle-in-the Square theatre program through New York University, lle has appeared in llrnnlet, Class Enenry, and the New York premiere of Sennnelzrreiss and his own play, The Inst Laugh. Carol Dearman tluliet, Wiclowj has spent the past three years with the American Shakespeare Repertory in New Nink City for whom she did lnliet twice. Other roles include l.acly Macbeth, the title roles in Antigone, Marlowe's Dido Queen Of Cnrtlrfrge, and Polly Peachum in The Three Penny Opera. She graduated with honors from West Virginia University. Gary Desbien tLord Capulet, Baptistal is doing his second jaunt with lhe National Shakespeare Company. Last season he played the Dukes in The Cnrnecly OfErnns and Othello, and Solanio in The Merchant Of lenice. l le carrie to New tink to study with Philip Meister at the companys Conservatory. Prior to that he acted with companies in California, Wisconsin, Kansas and Nebraska. Kenneth Enright tMontague, Peter, Apothecaryp Grernio, 'lailorl has done Laertes in llnrnlet, Starveling in A Miclsnnnner Nights Drecnn and Sampson in Romeo Aurl luliet. lle comes to NSC most recently from San Diego where he was last seen as Brian in No Sex Please, We're British! Ile is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz and is currently writing a book entitled Zen, Drnrlity nucl Slrnlu'sperrrenrr lnnrgrry. llenry Fanclel tliscalusg Biorrdello, llaberdasherj spent a season with the American Shakespeare Repertory, appeared in the title role of Will Kemp with the Promethean T heatre Company and, most recently, was seen in Wnrrhrrrlls at American Theatre of Actors. Mr. liandel is grateful to Edward Morehouse of IIB Studio with whom he has studied. Kimberly Grieger tLady Capuletg Biancal holds a BFA in Acting from Syracuse University and has studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. She has acted with the Berkshire Theatre Festival, Syracuse Stage and on the London fringe. Dan Snow tliriar Lawrencep Petruchiol toured with the NSC last season doing the title role in Othello, Shylock in The Merclrrrnt Of lenice and Angelo in The Ccnnecty Of Er uns. lle originated the role of Danny Minx in joyce Carol Oates' Triurnph Ol Spider Monkey at the Cubicolo. Classical roles include Aumerle in Richnnl ll, 'lhurio in The Tivo Gentlenrerrof ll'mnn. llis film credits: The ltlnriors, The Silent Tenor and Tire Tirxic Avenger Lance Spellerberg tMercutio, Traniol has a BFA from Ohio State University and studied at London's Royal Academy. lle has worked with the Town and Country Playhouse in New llampshire and the Virginia Stage Company. Previous roles include Silvius in As lin: l.ilce lt, Agamemnon in Ajnr, Riff in lWst Sirle Story, Sherlock l lolmes, and the back half of a dancing cow in Gypsy. Timothy Stickney t l'ybaltp l lortensioj is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Art. lle worked with the Academy's production company for a year and toured with the Baggypants Players. Timothy has sung in choirs and as a soloist throughout the East Coast and Europe. lfleanore Thpscott tNur-ve, Katlrcrrirrel tonn-cl it ith llrc' tllit rn l"Hl Bl plat ing Maria in lieeltth Night, I lero in Alrrc lr Arlo."ll'out lNlt'llllllv'Q and thc' l'l.w rr Urn-1 n ltt l ltlllllfl A rtallvt' of f VDllltHlll.1, his lirpsccillltcilcl'..1llfXllr llu'.rIrr'frrnnllrr' llniversity of California at Berleley where she rec eiwcl the "l'ull'-l-nry Ai-.aid for lixcellence in Acting" In New tink City she stncln-cl .rt the cornp.nw's Conservatory LllIl'il0lYll?f'TTllltl fllorneog C tntis, l'eclantl stoclrccl at NN tra li-,c lr 'Qt In-ol of thc- Arts t iracltlatc' Ac ting Prograrn where he appearc-cl in lln' Seoerrll, l"n lnrnl lll, and Great Solo lirren. New Tiirkcreclits inc lucle Rrtr-st 7lNortlr Arrrerrinrr l lorno' Srrpiens ln Cnptirvty at thc- Brooklyn Playworlcs xx here he originated thc- role of loslr and Resolutions at the American lheatre of Actors. The Staff jeremy Beck tcomposerj earned his BS. in Composition from the Mannes College of Music. l le has received three Special Recognition Awards from the National Ir-deration of Music Clubs as well as numerous grants from Meet The Composer. l lis commissions include a children's opera for Theater and Dance Alliance tNYl, works for the Austin Chamber Music Center fl XJ and a piece for the Quincy Mvuth Orchestra fll,j. l lis music has been performed extensively in Europe and has been aired over WNYC and WKCR in New York. David Higham tlighting designer, has designed lighting for the National Shakespeare Company's tour since 1984. l le has also designed productions for the Opera Ensemble of New York, the Opera Shop of the Vineyard Theatre, the Alvin Ailey Repertory Ensemble, the New Kirk Street Caravan, the Bronx Community College Dance Department and the Manhattan Ensemble. Richard Kendrick fScenic Designerj returns for a second year to the National Shakespeare Company. Currently Designerlleclrnical Director at Williams Center for the Arts, lafayette College in Easton, Ibnnsylvania, he also designs for various regional theatres and Off-Off Broadway groups. Recent designs include: Agnesof Cod, Paper Flowers, Chicago, Ficldleron the Roof, hrlleys firlley, and Hny lever Anne lall tclroreograplrerj teaches dance and nrovc-ment. She has danced with choreographers Marjorie Gamso and Bryan I layes and is a member of Kenneth King and DancerslCo. She choreographed Conference ofthe Birds under Mr. Marciniak's direction for the Manhattan Ensemble. Don Mangone tCostume Designerj has worked four seasons with the University of Rochester Summer Theatre as faculty costume designer. While touring abroad with the lose l,imon Dance Company as company manager, his designs for "Scherzo" and "T he Kitchen Table" were seen in France, Canada, Brazil and in New Kirk at City Center. Design credits also include Ballet Rambert in London and long associations with the Bill Cratty Dance Theatre and the Manhattan Ensemble in NYC. Raymond David Marciniak tdirectorj directed The Comedy Offfrnns last year for the tour and The Winters Title at NSC's Cubiculo. l le is artistic director of The Manhattan Ensemble for whom he has directed fifteen productions including lter Gyrrt, Measure fivr Measure, Shaw's Sinrpleton Oflhe l.lrrerpectc 'l lsle, Marguerite And Annnnd, Ceremony OfMen t5 japanese Noh playsl and Te Dernn, a piece based on D,l l. l,awrence's short story ln london, for the East Side Studio, he directed Strindberg's Miss lrrle and Ghost Sonntn as well as The Dyhlruk, llzrintion On A Thenre and The Men Of Dorothy lhrlcer combining the talents of American and British actors. Mr. Marciniak teaches acting in NTL and has taught at East I5 Acting Studio in London. Elaine Sulka tlixecutive Directorj, co-founder of the National Shakespeare Company and Cubiculo Theatre, began her theatrical career with the San Francisco Actors lwrkshop. She subsequently performed with the San Diego Shakespeare Festival and the American Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Connecticut. On Broadway she played Medea at the Circle-in-the-Squane and appeared in lhddy Chayefsky's The llcssrou ofhvsefll She was a frequent leading lady with the Naticmal Shakespeare Company in its early years. In New Yin k she is known primarily for her work in the off-off Broadway theatre movement. Ms. Sulka often appears as a guest artist on college campuses and tours with two one-woman shows, Mothers and A lthnrarr in love. TVIWW7' 1 ,I !'V K K 9 IYFYY 5, . Q 1 'YT' 5-for 5 ,q , T f -iii fx V ASC MASQLIERS Y' 5. I -'N s h-I. xx j5,,.jg.5i',.2,--1:,,.,2v 'z if , i AMADELI , Q Y' X x Z 9 C ,.,, 1. 4 ,..n4A? . .Q 34: A DAY IN THE DEATH 1 Y! Y 2 sf K 4 '1' 1 Ga 21' uk' 'P ffl 'Z 1' ,.,.,x 1. GF JDE E GG a' BE' ' WORLD'S WQRST X 2 WW MY XQQH QV Scz H iglzxx FILM FESTIVAL YULI DUI IH COLLEGE HOMECOMING '87 ARMSTRONG STATE M0 EY DROP X W- I ll, I I ll ISO? I f xlf A 1 'OOO vowvs sovm HAVE HEART ' ' AJ gqqnnl xi, QI' M2454 WA J' 5 David J Foul: k . i mwmw- 4-qpvgu mmxa ,ff ,,' uf fl . Iluvuuwwvuunnmwu 'H .' I NNNYWMN v ' 6 W I " ' nunannnnnnuunuunnonnuunn -nuns-nnunnuuonnuuu-nauunnnnnsn ii' 5 1 .. .... . ..... . . .... . ........ - . .-- ...... . . .. ...... .... ..... .,...., , .f' ' if 74f'f"'f-57-f'f'f'f'f''-"3 vff'f':f'.'.-"'v'-'-" 6 - -7 f-f'f'f'f-Y '- 'QOQ7'-f'f'f'f'f'f-f-T'.'.-933.'.-f'f'f'f'ffl-ffl'f'PY-ff''-"'vfv13'f'f'-f"-'52 'P u n - xx 1 W. f :Spa f i. gf- -T, 1987 HOHECONING cumzzncv N .3 ' 'ff ' ' sN 9 1 ' ' C ,' '.f'. .' 631. . I. . X s IN 171 , I " ' I xy .' ., ,, , , ! . , , I l . , , ' .... . '. j, ,-, ,- - I jf... -:-I-1-1 :-:e-:-:- x - 1 - - ' ,rf 1' ' ? Qxrf-L--vf ' ,,.,, x U ' ,' --'X -N , 1. ...- -'-5 ,u N .I-...TI N xx x l . 1: ,J f fu Qu, X- 1 -N, ...'..', ....o.o:.- 5 5 ' I -. I f N i J 3.24. ' ' ' 0 ' n s ann- X 5 f V D '.'.'. -.' X .Eff ' F S s 5 S I ' 44. .. - , ni . N Y . . . ' ',' .... nnnllsnniuunssf , . Nun , , J... , . 'I , . . 0 O.. .'. ....'.'..... ..:.. .. . 'luv' . ' 1 p s 1 I 1 K HOMECOMING 87 WATERPISTOL SHGOTQLIT IDEW LK RT , v , , W1 2vv'5v'tf .1 .V 13 - 1 fl f V . .b I ,,. , u " f"' ,.-""",f ff. ,X 11' . 1 ' 1 P ,ff K' fi. . f " ' 4. .-I , P ,,,....---f""' M" ff' J f A W x ' ' b . "Tk . ' u, " xay' ' ffl' . ' I ff ' ff' ' A ' L- 5" 1 rf if ' ,? 4 i 1 BONFIRE CASINO NIGHT N 4 ASC VS. Q' CAMPBELL TRQDUCING V ,, :,'. , sf- .4 , fl . . . IV 1 i F4 2 if 55 ffff "' Q - ..I,'! STARSHQWER Above Susan Shcfchyk. lhlrd runner up Vnckl Acgcr. second runner up. W l FIRST RUNNER-UP LORI JOHNSQN HDMECGMING QUEEN, RACHEL BENITEZ The I987 Miss Armstrong State Col- lege Pageant was billed as "On the Edge of a Dream". For Robin Robinson the dream began on November I5. when she was crowned as Miss ASC l987. The pageant consisted of eight lovely, young ladies who were judged on the basis of swimsuit, evening gown. talent and a seven minute inter- view. lirst runner-up was Miss Cindy Hieronymus and second runner-up was Miss Sharon Hadwm. Other contes- tants were Becky Geary, Paige O'Con- nor, Jean Anne Stanley. Tricia logue. and Alicia Coleman. Sheila Cathcari sings a farewell song Leslie Newsome entertains the crowd during a break. Becky Geary pauses to give the judges a good look. Tricia Logue models her evening gown ,Fw l'. A I CHWIY HIPFOHYIUUS WOWS lht' ludgvs. Sharon Hadwln was a crowd favorite. r , R Q Pnuygv Ofonnor pcrlorms hcr lax: dancc, ,loan Anno Stanlcy docs an aerobics routine 'gi 1 1 1 5 i ? 3 A H nf Alicia Coleman has the crowd in awe. Robin Robinson. Miss ASC. Second runner-up: Miss Sharon Hadwin. First runnerfupl Miss Cindy Hicronymus MISS ASC I987 ROBIN ROBINSON spazvs 'Ii UlUl1'm X swvazs, 6:4223 yamzsmz fr ,may ysmmzqs HO COMPETES IN BAPTIST COLLEGE Malling Address P O Box 100874 Charleston, SC 29411 Enrollment 2,000 Founded 1965 Colors Royal Blue and Gold Nickname Buccaneers Athletic Phone 18031797-4117 PresrdLnt Or .larry C l-lunter,Jr Athletic Director Howard Bagwell Faculty Representative Dr Daxld Ftlson Sports lnlormallon Director l-lowre Bagwell Jr MEN'S COACHES Cross Cou 1lry Jim Settle Soccer Mike Matrrcclano Basketball Tommy Gaither Baseball Ralph Crabaltarr Tennis Marvin Grooms Coll Jim Boone TYBCK Jim Settle WOMEN'S COACHES Basketball Steve Taylor Tennis Marvin Grooms Sollball Howie Bagwell, .lr Cross Country Jlrn Settle Volleyball Amir Khaledt ',' 2"-F"- 6 A' 4" 'I-I-' " X"-'I S.:--1".1"f1.1 uns-nu: I1 A Q 'Z mms Area Code 19121 Ottrce Home 1- -1 1- P11-r 1 rr H .rr-. fr -36 :lb-ll 1112864 - nr-.1 mir n. er,--.-r rgu' wut, Q23 arse.-' ,ll, Fr trrrlsl '1t.1'l,r Ur tlr,t1r . ,-.rr 'Sr situ.: 131 gger r--'. r'r-.111-l'I1rrr'tl-rl l Q In ns 13' sms Q97 aoee MEN'S COACHES s - -i t-1-ill -'-1---mart-.-r O21-5.1354 'rss-sfo? . ' -es l' rr ,r-tri, Ira' - lfrarlt V Q27 5289 5-rf-----tolli ra. sary- --r -vi 5336 921 3687 -.-rurllr ml. 1'p.lIll'1IN QQ? 5136 927-3088 'f ' ' ls Htl.'.r1rt1 Hunt 232 1939 232-0-127 rg lr or err, slrrrs 927-5339 925 roll WOMEN'S COACHES Irrarui filt'1rl3Glll 927-5339 925 8117 l,r' ss f,lrul1lly Frank Clant y 927 5289 S,-,rwrrrrrio Marr Paqlra 927-5336 236 8701 .rrllr-,-ball I?rlt1t'rH3n'5of1 356 2468 925-7564 HMWUAH Open 1r,1l v Irank Claniy 927-5289 Marlrng Address: 2500 Walton Way I101, Augusta. Ga. 30910 Enrollment. 4,100 Founded: 1925 Colors: Blue and White Q Nickname' Jaguars A1I'll91lC Phone: 14041737-1626 ' 'U' Area Code 14041 Oftrce Home President Bill Monge 737-1-140 738-0656 Athletic Director Marvin Vanover 737-1626 860-5603 Faculty Representative Floscoe VJIIIIBYUS 737-1412 860-3744 Sports IOIOIFTIBIIOO DrrQClOt Alan Share 737-1626 733-7735 Athletic Trainer Fred Williams 737-1626 738-0355 MEN'S COACHES Basketball Neal Cody 737-1626 868-5594 53565311 Skip File 737-1626 736-5419 Cross Country Larry Wall 737-1626 8037642- 1273 Gott Ernie Lanlord 737-1626 733-0084 Soccer Lowell8arnnar1 737-1626 733-1498 Tennis Flrchard Harrison 737-1626 863-2601 WOMEN'S COACHES Basketball LowoltBarnhar1 737-1626 733-1498 Cross Country Denny Burau 737-1626 738-6957 Softball Lowell Barnhart 737-1626 733-1498 Swimming Richard Harrison 737-1626 863-2601 Tennis Joanne Flowe 737-1626 733-8094 Volleyball Joanne Flowe 737-1626 733-8094 Area Code 18031 Office 4224 797 4116 -111 -4119 -4 17 -4508 7-4804 7-4412 -4 17 -4 17 -4 17 -41 79 -4117 797-4119 -4117 -4117 CAMPBELL UNIVERSITY Home 3 t 0.1 5043 873 6928 875 2039 -1-100 -3968 -4776 873-0448 766-8064 -4337 -4400 572-9319 766-8064 875-2039 -1400 556-8431 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 10 Buies Creek NC 27506 Enrollment: 3800 Foundedr 1887 1 -of Colors' Orange and Black Nickname: Fighting Camels l'tesrttr,nl Dr Norrnan A Wiggins Athletic Director Wendell L Carr Faculty Uepreserttalrve Lelllel T Easley Sports lnlorrnatton Director David 8 Snipes MEN'S COACHES Cross Country Paul Smith Soccer lrrn Morse Basketball Billy Lee Baseball Calvin Koonce lennrs Kenny Doyle Coll Danny Roberts Irack' ILIUIQIIIIII1 Wrestling .lerry llartrnan WOMEN'S COACHES Basketball Wanda Watkins Iennrs Frances t loyd Srrllball Ylonrla Mueller Cross Country I73llIqII1III'l 1raek I7'1llISI11lII1 Volleyball Dr llalWaIket Area Code 19191 Oltice Home . -Ill 893-8591 89 -4111 893-8591 89 -4111 8 -4111 89 -4111 89 -4111 89 -4111 89 -4111 89 -4111 89-4111 89 -4111 89 -4111 89,-4111 89.-4111 89 -11111 89-4111 89. -3210 893-3788 892-0311 893-3351 893-9693 425-5745 639-6354 893-3660 893-4246 4-5557 893-3818 893-8639 , - 7906 I I 3 797 87 I 873 797 7 797 r 797 1 871 797 871 79 873 79 797 I , 797 I 797 797 1 871 797 17 7 797 871 797 ,tr-" ' ,Ur p I A1I1IeIIC pI'lOf19Z 19191 893-4111 tExt. 2312, 24851 J E xr- 1 ' 1 893 4 I 'I r 3 , 3 93 t . 1 3 t r ,r 3 3 7 r 3 . 1 L 3 t 3 . . . . 3 93 . 3 N 1 . 3 r , 1 . '1 . r 3 7 1 Q 3 553 RADFORD UNIVERSITY al g ddes: Fladlodu : tl R. lo1V1 24142 En ollrnenl 7,100 Founded 1910 Colo s Red, Bl le and Green N cknarne H gr-lla ders Alh etc Pho e N031 B31-52 8 Pao ' . - T MENS COACHES . r:.,.lg ljk-' 1 ,-A 1.3 5. :.rt5:'-To '1 WOMENS COACHES foyer S ar' UNC ASHEVILLE A ea Code l'O3l itll 'ihl USC COASTAL CAROLINA 'l1qA1 - Q . ',?' tllrn 'III 4. F01 1111111 1, 4 or!-, Scarlel nn 1 Hin: Nlcknarnfr Ch'lr l Lllfr-rs Phone 18031 341 3161 -rf I , '- If Y ' M 1'- O ll rf' Code 803 C, 11 .11 ff t 5329 H3 5169 H3 ,af H1 H11 N' All to '1 61-4 5169 85 5169 6' 9 4154 11194 1186 1541 Mailing Address: One University Hgts., Asheville, NC 28804-3299 Enrollment: 2 700 Founded 1927 Colors Royal Blue and White Nickname Bulldogs Athletic Phone l7041 251 6459 Chancellor Dr David G Brown Athletic Director Edward Farrell Faculty Representative Dr Gary Miller Sports lntorrnatron Director Mike Gore Associa e Athletic Director Helen Carroll Head Trainer Dr John Wells MEN S COACHES Cross Country Bob Hartman Basketball Jerry Green Baseball Ken Baowell Tennis Doug Maynard Golf Bob Dauohton WOMEN S COACHES Basketball Mary Ann Myers Tennis Mike Sams Volleyball Suzanne Patterson Soccer lvan Cohen Cross Country Karen Stasel ASHEVILLE Area Code l7041 O 5 3 D D fflC9 HOFT19 6500 6459 6441 6459 6459 6459 6459 6459 6459 6459 6459 6459 6459 6459 6422 6459 658 3524 2538 692 7506 252 3560 689 2878 258 8244 4 7010 245 4008 253 8015 4 5935 253 9837 4 7991 252 3560 258 2477 253 9837 MENS COACHES ami, V P.' ",k'TI 15 . - , O -n WOMEN'S COACHES k Q- ball Q ' '- i- f Ma ' ., hall D1-i ' 'll'-yhqll O en ,, :Q L 9: , H124 H14 WINTHROP COLLEGE Mailing Address: Winthrop College Rock Hill SC 29733 Enrollment: 5 O00 Founded: 1886 Colors: Garnet and Gold Nickname: Eagles Athletic Phone: 48031 329-2140 President Dr Martha K Piper Athletic Director Steve Vacendak Faculty Representative' Flobert Breakfleld Sports Information Director Sam Copeland Head Trainer Joe Kinney MEN'S COACHES Soccer Jim Casada Cross Country Ed Guettler Basketball' Steve Vacendak Baseball. Horace Turbevllle Tennis: Cid Carvalho Golf: Tom Webb WOMEN'S COACHES Volleyball: Cathy lvester Basketball' Wanda Brrley Tennis' Cid Carvalho Softball' Frankie Griffin Cross Country Ed Guettler Golfi Tom Webb Area Code l803l Office Home 329-2140 329-2140 329-2140 329-2140 329-2140 329-2140 329-2140 329-2140 329-2140 329-2140 329-2140 329-2140 329-2140 329-2140 329-2140 329-2140 329-2140 -1150 285-6105 1-2824 329-4354 366-1293 366-2295 528-0358 366-1584 327-6958 541-3769 328-0358 323-3513 366-1293 366-1584 M rin A r s r nrverslty S11 ion ld rt Mallr rrirrss P O Iiru 1954 f rmwiy ,f 95161 r lm: 1 000 1 r 95 I f I CO1 r tk f r 1 n , ,I I l n r 2 X 'I he ' I Ar A 1 l lm out nl Ur 11tr1ilt1N fnlarrtn P141 tht it .an I 1 Hom' AWE" DHUM' U' KHUU' N ' H ' H ' A' HA' Pre-ndrril Hunilrl li l lqlrri rnl lltlli U1 4 r :W ' is "WH" 'lg' LAT' 1 8 I 'ij 3' Alf11l1lr llm r lor liillllly ll rr l '81 1' 1 1 -1 1x forest 111111111 1' X11 N ID 1 U 11 1 F if ully Hr rm rnlallvl Andy s i 1r1l 411. 1l11rt,i1r Ht, Hr 11 rltlr l 6 1 H Q 8 11" 'JJ 5111 lrllrlrll Hr mam' W M X WJ H A W 4 t rplrr n tl rua uri rrr rr I rslm l P Alh1rllr 1111111-'l Hill: It l 1 ririr ll I tl 1 fron knunlry 1y14-1111111 H11 H R 1111 4 Qtkrtrlvtrslalv H115 78 +1.11 .1 535 L Dal ltr, L 1 gt 1,1 11, lui 44 fill l1lLll11ly Intl l-it ter l f 1 Sqopa r r fi. n, t-1 -1 15 nl S-lrrrr Paul rantr t H 1 X lf n tr R 1 -wr fl: .1 5 Bd :lull Flux B- rqrrf in l 1 11 ' Sle 1 A 4 941 6141 .1 El-1 lhall Jlfhr1Vrllrrrr1t1rl l 45 -1 1 lt has s Pi lBrtr-.xt 1 48 hw.: llnnls De l 41 La Nw Lrg Tillrnar 1 57 8 finll Billy Bl-inter l H1 5 D 10 1-' v 1 1 U 11 B34 .1 flpen 1 H11 11 n l" k Stt 'tart H11 51N rw-l 1 48 'lgnmj , Dawo r 1 3 ' R 'monk L' 8 8 Q W Qtfll fe- Dua lush l H k A r 1 ,rlrnxicr H11H1nr nt 11,44 Vim 1 D I M W 'Nj 5 8 Cru -1 f ntlnfry AI31lft1V1V1ll l H f H l Ht itras 81 hlQ 1 I H ELHWDH I 6 S1 I 11 r'lr1 ultra 1 1 "' K V . . . 1 X I X I q r nh .XA 251 328 I 32" A 251- -L - - 687- 251- - 251- - 251- - 251- - Soccer' Hank Komodowskr 251-6459 274-1148 2'1- 25 - H 251- - 251- - H 2'1- 25 - 2'1- - 251- 68 - : 251- - 251- - 251- - THE BIG SOLITH??? What more could a coach ask for than seven consecutive winning sea- sons? Well ...perhaps . . . eight. Coa- ch Joe Roberts is hard at work once again instructing his players on the finer points of the game and hoping to field a team that will make ASC proud. Over the past seven seasons ASC baseball has been a bright spot in the athletic program and this year. should be the first sport at Armstrong to make Division I. schools stand up and take notice. Although only three start- ing players return. the Pirates will be strong thanks to solid recruiting. Top schools on the l987 schedule include North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia Tech. -A-.l..4.-L -Q L-as-,-6 . y Sf-.f A-' 1-1 '+' . . A "VIA TAY "9-.2 k ' tw.,-04:-L1..L -fvufuag .-3-. ,., . Q-Q. n.-h ' I avg! I PIR TE -6 ..' , V-sr . ,H ', 0"-..'. 0 . 4 Zo. "W vb - ' :pfit-T 1 ' A .IN -P it .X ..v4. .e - .,l..-.Tiff .,,b..J 0"'17 T,l".2 . ' 'll ., .f -'AJ'-Ha' gps' ' Q, 4 Y' 15,11 , I 54 ,. 4 1. ' 'ATG'-' f " ' ' w si. fr" ., 'fl I A ' fin , L s- . Q' . -'W . . .. .-v JJ' ' .Ach Coach Joe Roberts makes a heads up play and sends the runner home. Hack- David Bone. Dana Harding. Scott Ellis. Bryon Wagner. Dan Hixon. Roge Williams. Bill Floyd. Barry Peavy, Mike Mitchcncr. Bob Hansen. Brent Korn, Bruce Addison. Front: Greg Richard. Joel Owens. Scott Malcolm. Calvain Culberson. Chuck Christopher, Bob long. Bill Gearhart. Charlte Broad, Not pictured: Coaches Joe Roberts and Clyde Oliver. -"'Y' J 11" .stay-. ...f " Q 1 Ly. Q,-QQ, 141 . e-5.41, Var ' " -5-mf" .. M -2- OL X 0 x . ' 4,,-fn--W 4434 .f,, B A ,, ,ua I 1 'Q' I thunk that gurl In the rod shorts Ilkcs mv. Hruco. Charlie Broad takes one deep. ASEB LL x-,. .V.1wM,,,'h Vw ---, 'A , ,.-,. , .-.- ' .. K,-w ,.. buf., V- ' '.i?i,"3fM3-Lg.:.g1.f-.:aLslf': Bill Gearhart keeps Mercer's bats in check vri - 1111- gtq,-"'3 gm: - I ?E,Qf'5?:.-"-.1 ' Scott Malcolm unleashes a fastball. .19 '73 The Pirates congratulate Scott Ellis on his grandslam IX' H . .'g rd, ..---IN'-Q",-Z Calvain Culberson hits his first "dinger" of the year. Ii si , new wt 'Nev 1 as 't 5 ,553 W ,.x. ' Ls. Q rv - t. 4 ,A -!w1.'PM.,. it 'kntwyg M- ' 'W' W' ""k'f..N!lnut-pangs .. Bob Hansen scores against Jacksonville. Joel Owens draws a walk against Mercer. SOCCER The I986 Pirate soccer team had a rebuilding season this year finishing with a record of I-l3. Coach Aenchbacher hopes this year has given returning players valuable experience for next year as they hope to give rival teams all they can handle. A flying kick for a goal. The team socualizes before practice -cj, ,.,p . 4' "" A. . ,,iif.',. '...-un-'A " -' J' ' A. . .W A , .f"'5" . w "' N 1 . ,, . . s -'14'..'-. " vi 5 .t',,.i .-ww . Coach Aenchbacher puts one of his players through a rough workout. 'live .- Action on the field is intense 'Ita 1 Below: Bart Schmitz works on his servlce return. ETTER Left: Bob Bergmans displays a nice ground stroke. v,.. ,I if-'fizflx ASC APPGINTS Not only did the I986-87 school year mark a change in the level of competition that ASC competes in. but it also marked a change in leadership for the Athletic Program. Due to personal reasons. basketball coach Renny Bryner resigned and the Pirates were to play under first year coach Raleigh Pastrick. Bryner lrightl shocked the community again within the next few months by resigning as Athletic Director. After several months of deliberation, President Burnett named Dr. John Brewer as new A.D. effective July I. Dr. Brewer will soon make some crucial decisions such as who will coach the running Pirates next year and also whether Armstrong will remain in Division I. Tv' F 'L L'. N-fry 'QM Qfflf 5' NNN T if-if The year I986-87 marked Arm- strong's first year in NCAA Division I. As a young program you find that the road trips abound and the competition is fierce. No one knows this better than first year coach Raleigh Pastrick. The steady turmoil off the court only magnified the Pirates performance on the floor. Facing top teams such as Clemson. Auburn, and Georgia, Arm- strong fans caught a glimpse of lust how tough the first years will be. How- ever. with solid recruiting and experi- ence ASC should become a respectable opponent and a contender for The Big South Conference title. RMSTRO G fi V -'2:t..:a.42ti.":. 1- 'k'- 4...- Za. -K 5-L ' Freshman Scott Tapp displays his ability from the perimeter left to right Coach Harold Scott. Skeet Brewer. William Buckley. Scott Tapp. Clint Ladner. Joe Staiti Bo Hammond Ernie Ziegler Tim Sellers. Tony Harris. Jim Pollman. Glen Steele. Donald Johnson, Sam Rosenberg. Coach Raleigh Pastrick Above: Joe Staiti makes a drive for the basket. Below: Jim Pollman shows Baptist his outside shot. --.4 Til BASKETBALL I ITIATED TO 'if 4 'N' ' D.J. fights for an offensive rebound. Ernue Ziegler finds the gomg tough. Tim Sellers shows FAMU that they bettcr be ready IO play Tony Harris dominates the boards against Baptist. 2 ! Q 1 DIVISIO I v LLEYB LL - - I I9S6 was the first year that Armstrong State participated in intercollegiate women's volleyball. The team was put together by coach Hansen who was experiencing his first coaching assignment. This year's team compiled a record of only 2-l2. but gained valuable experience. Next year prom- ises a much more successful season. ffl' ii' Ll, - I' -S Dale Parker makes a saving shot. .4 " - ,is I Q OO I i i B Q :L I to R lori Johnson. Michcllc Phillips. Dale Parker. Katy Ballancc. Donna Tillman. Michelle Oliver. Not pictured: Karen Showalter. Trudy Cooper. f we ' R' QQXVU e X ,J-.j "ajax-f:"Q'.3xQ:i it - ' - P.HqXf'f.-'4ST"4'ffkf.' '. ' ,Ak NRE. -x R. f Y'1"5'iWf ',f.,,',f'SE" ' N .,,-it M X455 Michelle Oliver sets up for a shot, Coach Hansen goes over last minute details in the game plan M-wfgw Michelle Phillips stuffs one over the net. - cizoss cou TRY - L to R1 Otis Ziegler. Erik Evans. Jim Brown. Kieth Darrs. Kevin Larrimore. Brad Wallace, Coach Frank Clancy. lVlEN'S TEAM "The momentum we have gained this year will carry us to success next year", comments Coach Frank Clancy on the I986 men's Cross-Country team. The striders took first place in two meets this year and finished with a record of 2032. Leading the way for the Pirates were Jim Brown and Erik Evans who were supported by the solid running of Otis Ziegler and Kevin Larrimore. Q ' I- Y Jim Brown. Kevin Larrimore. and Erik Evans loosen up before a big meet L to R: Theresa Porzio. Kame Parnedoe. Sandy Propst. Debbie Hqese. Kim Grier. Frank Clancy. f " LADIES TEAM The I986 women's Cross-Country team finished the season with a record of I5-25. They took first place in a meet against rival Augusta College. Frank Clancy also coached the women's team. A 57- I Debbie Hqese. Theresa Porzio,and Kame Parnedoe practice their finishing kick. ARMSTRO G 1... 2 i 'H I l to R1 Julie Harper. Cundy Hneronymus, Karen Showalter. Karen Weber. Joy Cafuero. Lisa Peterson. J gf r L' ,ex '.. l 1 2' ..- .WM 'A 'Xl 1155.5 .. 54,3 O ur ",, ,L Below: Cheerleaders entertain during a timeout radar-- ,,, , ,,,-1v""7' .. .- .inc HEERLE DER CI. .1 1 fff f Tf- if gf A.S.C. Cheerleaders dazzle fans. N6 JA X '-X' S "We want 2! lb' w y F f'z..,. 5 --U ..... .. AW- - bf -'-fg ,-.- ,,l 4v if l ..9n0b ' 'v' lair s-E rv 9 ' ,,L,. 1 " A m ,M , ....- .,,... ,-. ,-...qt W -' 'z.:,, - 'L 52' ,X g Z' 4 xx f J' ---Cf. C341 'E " 3:3 UIIIALS - pring uarter 1986 Key: M : Men, W : Women, Co-Rec. ENTRY ACTIVITY OPEN TO DEADLINE AEROBIC DANCE M 8 W Tuesday, April I SOFTBALL LEAGUES M 8. W Friday, April 4 CO-ED SOFTBALL Friday, April 4 TENNIS SINGLES M 8 W Tuesday, April 8 CO-ED VOLLEYBALL Tuesday, April 8 3-ON-3 BASKETBALL M 8. W Wednesday, April 9 HORSESHOES M 8. W Thursday, April 10 CO-ED INNERTUBE WATER BASKETBALL Wednesday, April 16 PICKLEBALL TOURNAMENT M 8 W Frlday, April 18 "HORSE" BASKETBALL M 8. W Thursday, May 1 4-SIDED VOLLEYBALL M 8 W Wednesday, May 7 HOMERUN DERBY M 8. W Sunday, May 18 l I X .S u Y yr .rl ou, ... ,' 'Vrw ' ."9"f ,- Q - O J ., -Qu:-,...w vb- db- x . sig Q-Q Nun! . . 'bv I 5 . 8 fb -AA -:V ' ,O ,.,.-.4-1" l ,,..--f' "sf-1 yu. 9 Q, ,H -o 1 VAL -q I 41' V' r-FA 0 -vi' 44, .....', 35 .'-:gain gg LJFIALS 'L--'L'- all uarter ENTRY 'PLAY ACTIVITY DEADLINE BEGINS MEN 8. WOMEN'S VOLLEYBALL Wed., Sept. 24 Sept. 29 FLAG FOOTBALL CAPTAIN'S MEETING I12:30 Gymy Frl., Sept. 26 Sept. 26 FLAG FOOTBALL JAMBOREE Frl., Sept. 26 Sept. 28 FLAG FOOTBALL LEAGUES Tues., Sept. 30 Oct. 5 AEFIOBIC DANCE Tues., Sept. 30 Sept. 30 BOWLING Thurs., Oct. 2 TBA TENNIS DOUBLES Wed., Oct. 8 Oct. 14 CO-ED INNERTUBE WATER POLO Fri., Oct. 10 Oct. 15 TABLE TENNIS Thurs., Oct. 16 Oct. 21 BADMINTON TOURNAMENT Thurs., Oct. 23 Oct. 30 FUN RUN Wed., Oct. 29 Oct. 29 TWO-ON-TWO BASKETBALL Thurs., Oct. 30 Nov. 6 PUNTING CONTEST Sun., Nov. 2 Nov. 2 ll Q l sYL X Q SQA V 4 , ., . W , , yy h, .fb , ffgjrv-' lg! X l A.. Y If gr. ' S' I :JI 'f 4 ' 6. 'x - x mfr? . vo- fi , '. ..""'iG1',.:f.." ,lk '1,,.'J mfg'-4:-A f g ' ' . f v . V. f 4 J 4 ,' W , ,v 'ay ' . - I . . , f ., -, ww- .r - y. -O . , Q Q A ' 'tain xii! "W .fg9'Y'w ig, '1,,Q3, f 1'-' gf x. I .V .. ,A v :N-wf. . k ,vq,fw,"X-1 f 5, , '+" .jg 1' . K 1. iv, Mau, gg 1- , .6 ,K 1 L3 xl A ,,. -3,. - Q9 fy p.g,i 'Q as ' ' X ,yliki-wi 5 9113 -'ij ,S 'bw A, Nfl'-155' ,- F -f x , ' Y T? J' 5 " ""R' . " W if W' s,"-Jafi' Ei 1.15" ' 5' ' .NV . 3. a if f V ' nf. s 1 il' A sfi Q 5" W , x.',F'wx3':f'iX"w G Ni' ix X if '21 an -A I 'fs ijpi -'Q -v' 8 Q u fu ' -,... 'gi Er: tl YN! .Ri ,g,,..'. x mis! QJTA. swbguk, ,,, 1K , sr., , . .J in uf' ,.. i Sf' .+ uk 3543: 54' "J ' w'Ag,!u'+ W 3-K' ' "' wg:?P'52Xl':f:'i -JQH' J Q f. l' - g 'Q' f ,. - A - 'H .f ff' sf -Aix, .4 'f.5f"""PS4" ":w:.w --4 -f ' .' 1 qgx 14 .P 1 N2 "' fp. ,, fs, X ,'.'. 9, av el 472 --,.., . N W, . ' V sy 'A SQ .f'4w!.1"9 3 Q., f . , , . .5 .ms-weary, ? .x v br Ii u.Q gr-uv 'i Q 1 '. g 71 an S f ' " n 1,0 1-'wal' 3 M . , y... , 1 'F-.-.-..... - I R .., . .- 'ur 'T ' sm-gh ziggy. '9'5v. , ., , 15" Tia N'?'+'kt , 1 .u ff 1 4 ACTIVITY DEALS 1 TER QUARTER 1987 ENTRIES PLAY OPEN TO: DUE BEGINS AEROBIC DANCE Men 81 Women January 13 January 13 BASKETBALL LEAGUES Men 8- Women January 14 January 19 CO-ED HANDICAPPED BOWLING Men 81 Women January 15 January 15 OUTDOOR SOCCER Men 81 Women January 20 January 25 PILLO POLO Women January 21 January 27 y INDOOR SOCCER Men 81 Women February 3 February 8 ONE-ON-ONE BASKETBALL Men 81 Women February 4 February 10 FREE THROW CONTESTS Men 81 Women February 25 February 25 C WEIGHT LIFTING CONTESTS Men 81 Women March 4, 5, 6 March 4, 5, 6 Q azg,-4m5,-fvva ws swwz- pm, 6477520 LPH C5 MM DELT From Row: Julie Simons. Stephanie Norman. Joy Cafiero. Middle Row: Kelly Henderson. Vicki Aeger. Beverly Slater, Joy VanBrackle. Back Row: Missy Lingerfelt. Lynn Norris. Melissa Brown. Rosemary Ware. Pam Walker. -was 'S 'LS gk i ?"14'f'5 P if Lei . A1 , t'-FK Q' .r li? :I W .gl '1- ini' ' 7 I .,. 5. 11.195 Y M an PHI MU I-lack Judy Poticny. Cheryl Smith. Cindy Hieronynius, Karen Showalter. Janet Poticny. Pain Wilson. Tina Nanfria. Dia Freeman. Middle: Melonie Leopold. lfran Gnann. Shane Ennis. Suzanne Lindsey. Sheri Sanders. Laura Tompkins. Michelle Rusel. Lisa Bowers. Laurie Lee. Karen Lee, Lynn Pacenka. Front: Donna Drummond. Leigh Strickland, Nancy Nichols. Amy Tuttle, Dianna Dillon. Melissa Freyermuth. Stacey Fell. O1 The girls just wanna have fun! T? The proud organizers of the party. 4-0 4 i PHI MLI EPSILO DQ. fa N -W Left to right: Dale Kilhefner. Dr. Richard Munson, Dr. Hansen, Vicki Norwich. Suk Wong. Dr. Jane Barnard. Walt Carter. Ms. Hardegree. Rosalee Ruiz Stephanie Stevens. Mr. Avila, Charles Shipley. John Findeis, Hsing Wang. Sigmund Hudson. BET B i Q i BET BET i K from Dr. larry Guullou. Gina Pilsner. Dale Daley. Back: Eleanor Beacham. Terry Coleman. Tammy Hux. Jerry Williams. PHI LPH THET -gint-2 G7 W Q gl Bernard Comaskey CFaculty Advisory, Karen Clark CPresidentD. Deborah Crosby qSecretaryJ. awe . ZQEB7' GQ' ES fi 7 2335- Iggy Q23 y ,REX Q K Q , lil Front: Gloria Gill. Ginny Knorr. Darey Pfeifle, Amy Thomas, Wally Blackstock. Lori Spence, Lynn Roberts. Back: Dr. Larry Tapp. Eddie Aenchbacher, Kathryn Thompson, Mary Ellen McGrath. Mike Sevier, Ann Marie White. Katy Ballance. DATA PROCESSING MANAGEMENT ASSGCIATIO SSOCIATIO FOR COMPLITI G Xtekte Norvnch. Daxtd Brown. Thomas Iultz. Stexe VanBrackIe. Dr. Stgmund Hudson. Dr. Richard Nlunson. John Simmons. Patrick Nelson. Dennts Weatherly. Mandy Ellzey. Paul Adams. Dr. John Ftne deus. Hsmg Wang. Jtmmy Ed- wards. Anne Hudson, Mtke Wal- Iams. Chuck Shtpley. Dr. Mtckle Harbm. Mtke Howard, Lucy Come- Iy. Jamce Lynch. Beth Smath. Muke Helser, Ted Jones. Dennts lambert. Tom Celtt. Greer John- son. Colleen lozen, Mtke Taylor Tom McNulty. Pratt Summers. Chrts Simons. David Chadwick. Su san Shelchyk. Stephanle Stevens. George BUFSSIIIILW. Jay Deermg. Chuck Tuttle, Duarte Iarabaugh. Trae Rogers. Cary Johnson. Frank McNeaIy. Make Canntcalll. Debo' rah Pomerleau, Wall Adams. Dr. Jones, Httesh Bhakta. MACHINERY E GI EERI G SOCIETY K PP DELTA PI il , -91 JJ was 'l '1 Front Row CL to RD: Phyllis Raymond. Lee Fellers, Dr. Betty Ann Batisti. Dr. Stephan Agyekum. Middle: Althena Sinopoll. Shella lmdb Back: Patricia Bartholomew. John Cochran. Jr. ald. Stacey Bolton AMERICAN CHEMICAL SQCIETY CALLIQPE I! iam I y l l l CT TG i DI' Y -Q 7 Left to Right: Michael West. Vicki Hill. Jim Brown. Left to Right: Jim Browm. Vicki Hill. Cathy Albertson, Ad Richardson, Lorie Roth. Janice. Sabine Walker. Buck Meeks. GEE HEE l98 l9S7 Geechee Staff Business Editors: Debra Crosby. Matt Klein Class Editor: Becky Geary Bob Long Kelly Stahl Faculty Editors: Kelly Stahl and Shelly Schlenz Kelly Diamond Becky Geary Organizations: Joy Cafiero Karen Cook Shelly Schlenz Student Life: Kelly Diamond Joy Cafiero Cary Johnson Sports: Cary Johnson and Andy Jennings Chip Powell Richard Young Advisor: Al Harris Tom McNulty Tracy Lynch Andy Jennings Kim Chastain A SPECIAL THANKS TO: Sandy Derocher Melanie Foss The entire Geechee Staff Tracy Daviston Paige O'Connor SPS for the overnighters they pulled and the complaining they put Darla Nease Gumby up with. Better late than never guys. Charles Mansen ldi Amin Al Harris who also listened to all complaints. Ollie North Julius Erving Kelly Stahl for putting up with mel! Thanks for all thc help on the final deadline gang Bob. TLIDE T PHOTOGR PHI ERVICES K-1 I . M2 Left to right: Gary Marshall. Jeff Jackson. Jeff Gulle. Elizabeth Rodgers. Kneeling: Matt Klein. Editor .......,., Business Manager Sports Editor .... Features Editor .. Staff Writers .,.. Assistant To W.W .,.., Contributors .,.. Typesetter .... Photographer .i,. Advisor ......a s 'O KWELL Ronnie Thompson ..... Walter Hickox . . . Cary Cornette . . Shannon Traver .... Heidi Becker Lee Harrell Kathy Newman Robert Edenfield ... Wade Roberts . . . . . . . , Anne O'Brien Michael Haeussler Ghost of Timmie LTD Michael J. Kronos, Jr. ..,. Kinsey Smith .....,..SPS .. Micki Lee vu kv Ronnie Thompson and Cary Cornette critique their newly published masterpiece. Is it that funny guys? Q , A flfil' -F -:ff 'YI "Q ,1 4- ',,s.3d'f . .ff 45 ,inf 458-ull' V Ae-i J - wr, L xe'g, 515--1: 'ff ?5-Jsrsrwe bv' -v,-. -J- 4 yuxr- --ff' --fl 1 .49 1- left to rughl Alccua Nuchols. krnest Dclong, Olna Ware. SSG Troy McCants. Donald Sentcrfltt. Andrew Irwin, Tommy McGalIiard. Major Gene Evans. Rom-c Webb, Make Cof1c.Yvonnc Mclvor. Cpt. Bob Gahagcn. Kathy Nolan, Jum Baker. Muke Rossey. MSG George McAdams. Sherry Moss. Brad Daley. and Frroll Rhcll. RCTC f9Y'Xg xi V. gb . ah'- .-- ,,.- h 1 Left to right: Lt. Richard Bass. LCDR. Ormond Fowler. YNGCSSJ. Donald Sugg. NCCS. Archie Sanders. SKC. Stephen Floyd. QMSCSSD, George Mason Lt Brian Carmichael, GYSGT. Willie Medley, Lt, Ronald Coleman, Capt. Eddie Bickham. 0 L-A CQMMANDING OFFICER CDR EDWARD CLARK r, Secretary n. Treasurer STUDENT GCVERNMENT rrell, Presldent Carla Engllsh. Vlce-P ASSOCIATION ACADEMIC CGMPLITI G CENTER Q Front Row: Alice Landry, Mandy Ellzey. Mike Williams. Back Row: Steve VanBrackle. Paul Adams. David Brown. Not Pictured: Bob Fawcett 0 S 0 C Q B A D 9 H COLLEGE UNI N BO RD USHEA The group that coordinates social. cultural and entertainment programs for the campus. Mem- bership on any of CUB's five standing committees is open to all students. 1 iii A RADIOLGGIC TECHNOLGGIES ' . ' i'i"f'UwL" '. 'N "5 . '4 if 'YY l ' ' l ' . . ' ff! mf "W .' Y' " fl . v . . a Q- U -",,.4,, W Ly JV ,Mask ag,-fm-:A -H. Vw-', "55...,,, t,,fQ"Q'iJrf5""ggZg3ff,"3f'V .s :',g,w"""f, ff 1 "?'f"5, -i.r"f , --.4"-,A -.S 4.091 hi' ,Aga . ' Q' f-6-. ' A" "' 'Y' - "" iilgxfil ,'. 0.7 H I. - , V 1 , , n ' ' U :Q rj J ..'- ' 'tg' .paul-5 . . ,3".,'- 1 ' W 1 ..-M l -'21 s- ' A H -x-..'1'a'-2'-if S 4,1-L ':,'e.f.sav-:.ffe.a4wK mr.. Pr '--we ,'1f.g- 1' ""'91' -"- my' 'T' M ' ' ' Q W" fr H ,. "Q- ' - 49-v'sf5'Q?i.iZl'fa2vv-UF'-'L""-5-'Q fi' -.1--7"51IC5YiiPg:' '- -5' S "' no M ' rm-ng ' " " " W f' Af! ' ' - 5 V ,,.' F' - A3-"fl 'Q' g' WV'-J" rig" 'm'1 N an " -r 9""""-.3"4' " A S9 ' " . - ' 'J' L5 'Lu.'fA i ' .. " M-.Alam A 594' .." Y .- "'if"'vHV.'.x..-1 .LLC -"'fyH '..' A 'l'-P.. '-4 .nlna'qi'..'r 'sf. a Front Row: Sonya Holland, Karen Long, Debra Cohen. Maria Solomon. Donna Pecenka, Rene Hutchenson. Tonia Jackson, Patti Barnes, Sabrina Trinh, Ponda Sarvis, Kimberely Akins. Jeniffer Marcotte, Carol Brannen. Back Row: Hannah Brown. Cheryl Duncan, Stephanie Blake. Patricia Crews, Mary Byrd, Donna Mixon, Leonard Grant. Michael Jeffcoat, Linda Schnell, Pam Seely, Suzanne Beatty. Gay Mann, Michelle Purvis. TLIDE T ASSGCIATIQ RESPIR TQRY THER PY DE TAL HYGIE E . - - . .U . - , - vi. - ,- lynn Bayides. Rachel Benitez. Stacey Berg. Shelly Braddy. Alicia Brown. Brenda Brown, Trudy Cooper. Melanie Crockett. Kelli Dills. Sineath Falls. Sarah llaherty. Donna Cwarri. Sandy Helinley. Patsy Hughes. Shelia Jones. Sandra lamsoii. Robin lee. Bonnie Martin. Debbie Merrifield. Kim Morgan. Nancy Nichols. laQuita Propes. Tonya Riddle. Cheryl Smith. Esther Waldrow. Krista Ashman. Rosetta Barrow, Carolyn Bedingfield. Valerie Brauing. Lynette Clark, Cindy Crosley, Marcia Dean. Stacey Ducey. laniara Cwraer. Mary Ann Curahan. Rebecca Groover. Shearon Jamerson. Melanie Janvrin. Meredith Killingsworth. lula Koch. Alisa lee. Karen lynn. Susy McCall. Karen McDaniel. Charlene McCombs. Beverly Mead. Karen Miller. Cynthia Mosely. Dora Nettles. Stephanie Rouquie. Amy Sanders. Becky Sapperfield. Patricia Stuckey. Dianne Thompson. Wendy Waller. Cheryl Walthour. Felicia Williams. Barabra Williamson. lrances Yeargan. Cynthia Younger. MEDICAL TECHNOLDGY uf' ij' , Lf- f"'Z ,A My . 'R Front Row: Michael Jones, Carmina Pasquale, Wendy Lord, Debra Lively. Back Row: Dr. Rodgers CAdvisorJ, Jeff Dykes CPresidentj, Lisa Lott. Connie Turner, Melinda Kicklighter. SSQCIATID TUDE T ASSOCIATIC OF EDLICATQRS Left to Right: karen I-eltner. Dean Adams. Jack Whalen. Mary Cowart. Jane Moore. Sandra Charles. Pam Neville. Peggy Lamy. Theresa Freeman, Leigh Ann Drumps, Paula Burke. "Not pictured. Dr. Stephen Agyekum. advisor." AMES MOQRE WAYNE LAW CLUB Front Row Dr. Denms Murphy. Tom Harruson. Lauruc Parker. Back Row: Ernuc DeLong. Steve Stafford, Missy Lingerfelt. Cindy Hague. Alan Lame. EBO Y ASSQCIATIO aa nu EB. TWITMYER SGCIETY Left to Right: Lisa Leverete, Deborah Crosby, Cindy McCormick, Charlie Camp, Diane Hartley, Barry Mitchell. Dr. Grace Martin. Anne Buttimer. Jim Fogarty, Lisa Mallory, Dr. Worthington, Karen Jacobs. DR. Palefsky. 123 W.O.W. ' ' rv I Standung fl to Ry: Sandra Carter. Cindy McCormick. Linda Arthey. and Debra Crosby. Seated: Advisor and Founder. Dr. Grace Martin DME QF WQRTH ez,-fssss sa-:vase seen, 42,423 1 Ashman, Krista Sophomore Barnes. Felicia Freshman Barnwell. Ashley Senior Beasley. Sean Sophomore Bedingfield. Carolyn Junior Benitez, Rachel Sophomore Bennett. Mariana Sophomore Barry. Scott Senior Boatright. Tonya Sophomore Bonard. Kimberly Senior Borklund, Donna Senior Bosch, Annet Freshman 7 Bosiwick. Rhonda Sophomore Bowers. Lisa Sophomore Braun. Michelle Junior Bravo. Domingos Freshman Bressler. Lara Sophomore Brock. Barbara Sophomore Brown. Alicia Sophomore Brown. David Junior Brown. Hannah Freshman Brown. Melissa Junior Bryant. Beth Freshman Bryant, Kimberly Junior b 4 Cfirii V4 .1 'L 1 x .N Nil Bryant. louise Freshman Brzana. Stephanie Sophomore Buchheit. Melissa Senior Buckley. William Senior Burdette. Ann Junior Burns. Dee Senior Butler. Renee Sophomore Buttimer. Anne Junior Cafiero. Joy Freshman Cahela, Marie Junior Capers. Davita Freshman Carr. John Senior 7 4 Chapman. Ben Junior Carter. Wall Senior Chastain, Kim Freshman Chen. Kevin Sophomore Chokos. Julie Sophomore Christopher. Chuck Senior Clark. Veronica Sophomore Clayton. Donna Freshman Cleveland. Patricia Sophomore Coachman. Craig Freshman Comlcy. Lucy Sophomore Cook. Allison Nix Cook, Karen Freshman Copley, Christ y Freshman Cribbs. Barbara Freshman Crockett, Melanie Senior Crommett, Heather Sophomore Crosby. Deborah Senior Crosby, Diane Freshman Daniels. Marylin Senior Daniels, Rob Sophomore Davis. Audra Sophomore Davis, Derrick Sophomore Daviston. Tracy Freshman 4 In ans. Eric Sophomore Ewaldsen. Nele Junlor Falls. Smealh Junior Faulk, Davnd Grad Petty, Pamela Senior Fnndeis. Mary Senior I-nts. Kerry Sophomore Hoyd. Bull Jumor Hynn. Comia Sophomore Ann forkncr. Jennifer Junior loss. Mclanlc Freshman Freeman. Dua Sensor r .X", 'a...-fn Xa A 53 7.-X --. V, , W W i . . --5 1 K fix' 5 if 1 Fuller. Malcolm Senior Futch. Lee Freshman Garri. Donna Sophomore Gay. Carlton Freshman German. Ashley Junior Gibson, Joy Sophomore Gibson, Robert Sophomore Gilbert, Barbara Senior Goldwire, Dionne Freshman Gomez. Laura Sophomore Graham, Mary Ann Sophomore Gray. Janice Junior Green. Thomasina Freshman Gulle. Jeff Senior Hammock. Lisa Harrell, Lee Junior Hansen. Bob Junior Hargrove. Cynthia Senior Harrison. Leah Freshman Harrison, Shirley Freshman Harrison. Tom Senior Hasbrouck. Richard Junior Hemvich. Christine Sophomore Hendricks. Wendy Sophomore X I I, , Q 3 xx I Hi ? X 1 s . Hester. Cheryl Senior Hlcox, Betty Sensor Hleronymus. Candy Sophomore Holland. Alexa Freshman Hood, Wendy Sophomore Hubbard. Kerry Freshman Hucks, Marie Freshman Hudson. Sheleta Sophomore Hudspeth, Karen Sophomore Hutcheson. Fredertc Sophomore lnkinen, Sari Freshman Jacks, Vondell Sophomore 9 9 9 O soooooo Jones. Stacy Senior Joyner, Melvin Senior Karlln. Sandy Freshman Kass. Geralyn Junior Kellain. Gene Sophomore Keller, Jeremy Freshman Kelly. David Junior Killingsworh. Meredith Senior King, Stephanie Freshman Kocher. Ken Sophomore Kraft. Ralph Senior Ladner. Clint Junior 4 lsssn. Larncss lfrcshnsan Langston. Rcgsna Sensor Larrsnsore. hex sn Sophomore Lawson. Alscsa Freshman Lee. Alssa Sensor Lee. Chuck Freshman lee. John Freshman Lee. Karen Sophomore Lee, Robsn Sophomore l 00. Ncsll Sensor l vcsch. Carolyn Sensor Ivnson. Yasnsa Jusssor Leopold. Melanie Junior Leverette, lecsa Senior Lewis. Angela Freshman Lewis. Georgia Senior Lindsey, Suzanne Sophomore Lipscomb. Renita Freshman Little, Sonia Sophomore Long. Bob Sophomore Long, Karen Sophomore Lozen. Colleen Freshman Lovette, Robert Freshman Lowery, Amy Freshman I L lucrscn, Paulcl IU Sophomore l s nn. karen Sophomore Mackey. Tonga Sophomore: Mancr. Bob Sophomore Martln, Bonnie Sophomore McCralIlard, Tommy Sophomore Mc Ncull, laura Sophomore McNulty. Freshman l'rcshman Mcdnlck. Davld Sophomore MCQRS. Wallvr Scnlor Megan. laurvcn Scnlor Mcrrullcld. lwlfbl Svnlor Mines, Elgin Junior Mitchell, Barry Junior Miichener. Mike Sophomore Mobley, Viva Freshman Moore. David Senior Morgan, Kimberly Senior Moseley, Jennifer Freshman Moseley. Pam Sophomore Morrell. Diane Senior Mullice. Rod Junior Murray. Cynthia Freshman Myers, Brian Freshman 44 Nelson. BOINIIL' Sophomore Newman, kathy Jumor New some. Leslie Sophomore Nichols. Harruet Junior Nnchols. Nancy Sophomore Nuven. Darren Jumor Norman. Stephame Sophomore Norris, lynn Sensor O'Brlen. Ann Jumor O'8fI0l1, Marlln Scmor O'Hrlcn. Robert freshman O'Connor. Pangc freshman N if x A x ' li! I Oliver. Michelle Senior O'NeaI. Judy Senior Otto. Terry Freshman Palmer, Jacinda Sophomore Parks, Kate Senior Patterson. Brenda Freshman Payne, Jennifer Sophomore Pfeifle. Darcy Junior Petain. Mary Ann Sophomore Perry. Toni Sophomore Pacenka, Lynn Sophomore Peavy. Barry Freshman 46, Vnuman, Nhchelle Junior Powell. Chlp freshman Poylhress. kimberly Sensor Prevalt. Melissa Freshman Proctor. Davnd Freshman Propes. LaQuna Sophomore Purvus. Andrea Freshman Qulnney. Sherry Sensor Reddlck. Margaret Scmor Redding. SIUVUII Jumor Reed. lf. Sophomore Rlgden. Marcy Freshman sq-K xt 'kv I yf 11 W2-4' .t,,n+,u A 1 Ritter. Susanne Senior Rhug. Audrey Junior Roach. Susan Sophomore Robinson. Laura Freshman Robinson. Robin Junior Rockwell, Katherine Freshman Rockwell, Elizabeth Junior Rodgers, Elizabeth Sophomore Rogers. Cindy Sophomore Rogers, Kathy Sophomore Rosenberg. Sam Junior Ross. Lynn Freshman 147 4 Ross, Marlin Junior Runz. Mnchelle Freshman Runz. Rosalie Sensor Salter. Beverly Freshman Samuel. Catherine Sophomore Sanders. Fatlma Sophomore Sands. Michelle Jumor Sandt. Laura Jumor Sapp, Allison Sophomore Sapp. Lucy Sensor Sargent. Matt Freshman Sasser, James Sensor 1 ' f -WUC, lf' Sampey. Marc y Freshman Scott, Jay Freshman Sellers, Mark Sophomore Shawcross, Lisa Junior Shefchyk, Susan Freshman Shell. Yvonne Sophomore Shin, Minchul Sophomore Shiver, Sandi Junior Showalter, Karen Sophomore Simmons, Eva Sophomore Simmons. Julie Senior Simmons. Therese Freshman 14 5 Smith. Bradley Freshman Smith. Brmson Freshman Smith. kandy Junior Smith. Kinsey Freshman Smith. Monique Junior Spence, Lori Senior Stephenson, AI Freshman Stevens, Lisa Senior Stevens. Stephanie Senior Strickland. leigh Junior Strickland. Penny Freshman Strothcr. Marilyn Sophomore ai I 9 . JF., 9. 'ill 'Mx-, E. ,. -19' vi' 4 'Q'-"N -- .Q Y .gas fl!" - Hr i in A, ,Q l : 'on 4+ N' s v Q , Thompson. karen Freshman Thompson. Wanda Jumor Tudor. Marcella Sensor Turner, Valerle Junior Ulmer. Tanya Freshman Vangner. Chris Freshman VanderBrunk. Jannls Sensor Van Brackle. Joy Freshman Vaughn. Muchael Junior Vlchlch. Mlchcllo: Sophomore Vmucza. Marla Frvshman Vogcl. Vlckl Sophomore 'Q Vollo. Phillip Freshman Waldhour. Graf Senior Walker. Pam Sophomore Walker, Sabine Sophomore Wall, Vicki Junior Ware. Jerry Sophomore Waters. John Freshman Watson. Althea Senior Waters, Janice Senior Weathery. Den Junior Weeks, Mark Junior West. Derrell Junior ls DIS Xl csl, Nhqhacl Sophomore XX nldcrspm. Dano frcshlnan Xl IJJIJIHS. lcllcla Junior XL nllnams. Nhke Jumor XL lllmorc. Ute Sophomore Willoughby. Dlann Freshman Wohlcr. Chrlsluna Frcshman Woo. 'Vhssy freshman Wright. Evra lrvshman Wynn. Allhca Junlor Wynn, Nancy Junior Yarllck, Hclcn Junior 3 f11 Zervis, Cathy Junior Zipperer. Michelle Freshman Ylncs. Sandra Senior York, Dccna Junlor Young. Richard Freshman Q .sf -..L 5 nl 1' ,. "fix ,gs nfl '- I I. AMN , x :rx .V ,YT "v lx I , : f .,L X ff ..N , hh... Y-.,.', -L1 X vfff h K rung, A' 15' gpm- L.J..-IJ Q--,,,-us 7,-46Zt4'7? ,-ww f-?D77Z77Z7.S721-4771972 aww., mea, sw ,464 swag sem., ROBERT A. BURNETT PRESIDENT ARMSTRONG STATE CQLLEGE ' -4 ,bg s W. O 1 .,,, Mx up ,l .fax x.,q:'- , . ., ,o r g,wxr, .x. .5 ,- ,fx T x F.. uv' s X' 4, .' ' ' 1 flu! ,Q -1 'r . . ,, . -1 ij . VICE-PRESIDENT AND DEAN QF FACULTY 55 J-ff FRANK A. BUTLER TUDE T AFFAIRS i Q I E 7 I fx If 1 Left to right: Vice-President Joseph A. Buck. Terry Liles CAIumni Affairsb. and Kim Knight. Take a message Kim, I'm busyl BUSINESS OFFI E L. 'EN Bild 'R A P S N xl is 5 gl x 4 x Front Row lmda Hunger. Hlvn Struck. I-urcka Morrus, John Slvgall Waco Prcsudcm of Business and hnancw. Back Row: Sarah Zimmerman. Dan Harrell 'Vlvg Daughlry. Jam' Holland. lullmn Tlsdalc. JoAnn Wlndclcr, WILLIAM MEGATHLIN DEAN QF ACADEMIC ENRQLLMENT SERVICES DQNALD ANDERSQN REGISTRAR COLLEGE COMMUNICATIONS Left to right: Micki Lee and Kim Newman. DMISSIONS Left to right: Jamie Carter and Barbara McPipkin. REGI TRAR loft to rughtt Susannah Rockwell. Nell Scott. Kun West, Sue Golden. Mary Cody. and Bcrtis Jones SECURITY Chief Hans Mueller and Tammy Swinson. PLA T QPERATIONS Front: Lonnie Williamson, Joe Quarterman, James Roundtree. Malcolm Cail. Glenn Urbanz, Owen Mclntosh, and Robert Bazemore. Back: Dewey Young Willie Thornton, Willie Hollis. Paul Betterton, Mark Beasley. Alphonso Small. Clyde Oliver, and Joe Morris. 70 PSYCHOLOGY Left to Right: Dr. Stu Worthington. Dr. Neil Satterfield, Donald Super, Dr. Grace Martin CDept. Headb, Dr. Joseph Lane. Dr. Kieth Douglass. Elliot Palefsky. Lois Wheeler. DEPARTME T DF GD ERNMENT .--1- l1 9- -!-- """"'l'l 11-l' 'Q lv ,, I- Q ,jf ur- 2'- 'C Seated' Brenda White. William Coyle, Standing: Dr. John Newman. Dr. Steve Ealy. Dr. John McCarthy. Dr. Mike Donahue. Dr. George Brown. Dr. Dennis Murphy. Dr. Bob Magnus CDcpt. Headh, Dr, Steve Rhee. CCMPLITER SERVICES Front: Paul Kass, Tommy Hann, Janice Christy. Greg Simpson. Back: Steven Hendrix, Margaret Morrison. Larry Phillips, Sandy Shea. Rivanna Dudley. LIBRARY Back: Shirley Goodson, Lauri McClelland. Susie Chisolm. Kristina Brockmeier fDirectorJ. Patti Deaux. Bea Taylor. Front: Byung CBenJ Lee. Barbara Zinnerman, Sandra Dunwoody, Shelby Strang. HQLISING, CGLINSELI G AN PLACEME T F K IPI xx x l fl to bht lynn Benson QDIFCCIOF of Counsellng and Placcmenlj, Mack Palmour fDurcctor of Housingj. and Kim Knight CSecretaryJ STLIDENT ACTIVITIES Secretary. Doris Cole and Director of Student Activities, AI Harris. AID AND VETERANS ft to right: Dawn Ford. Glenda Buie CSecretaryD, and Ellen Shawe CDirectorD JDSEPH V. ADAMS C DEAN DF ARTS, SCIENCES AND EDUCATION LA GUAGE , LITER TLIRE AN DRAMATIC ARTS Seated: William Martin, Dr. Lorie Roth, Dr. Richard Raymond, Standing: John Suchower, Marvin Jenkins. Frank Clancy, John Welsh, Dr. Holly Thomas. Miss Alwain, Pat King. Dr. Robert Strozier CDept. Headh, Dr. Hugh Brown, Billie McCIanahan. HISTGRY .. Seated: George Pruden, Diane Wagner. Osmos Lanier. Olavi Arens. Standing: Roger Warlick CDept. Headj. Janet Stone, Bernard Comaskey. Larry Babuts Robert Patterson. E BQQKSTQRE AN CENTRAL STQRE N Left to rightf Kathy Newman. Michelle Campbell. Edward Alvarez. and Patty Head of Central Store: Harry Humphries. Jaynes. CAFETERIA lclt to right' Mary Johnson. lisa Scott. Gloria Houston. Barbara Lloyd CManager5, Mary Smith. Dorothy Fogle. Janie Richards. HEMISTRY, PHYSICS, A E GINEERING Left to right: Morris Whiten, Robert Johnson, Gwen Glover, Cedric Stratton. Dennis Lambert. Henry Harris fDept. Headb. John Brewer, Michael Jaynes and Gerald Jones. BIQLQGY Back: Dr. Francis Thorne. Dr. Brad Gottfried CDept. Headb, Dr. Al Pingel. Front: Mrsi Moonyean Brower, Mrs. Pam Smith. Dr. Ron Beumer. FINE ART Seated: Dr. Bonny Miller Dr. Cindy Schultz Linda Gibson Standing: Dr, James Anderson John Jensen Dr. Mike Campbell John Schmid! Randall Reese Dr, Robert Harris 4Dept. Headb DE ELCPMENTAL TLIDIE 11 e ?'Ut gif, 7 - K 1 -4 QA 'di Left to Right: Margaret Morrison. Carolyn Smith, Cyndee Geoffrey. Gene Sims, Karl Harris. Not pictured: Ellen Cottrell MATH AND CQMPLITER -dl 3. 5 9 Ak -5 SCIENCE J 1 6. 'Uv N 3 ELEMENTARY EDUCATIO 3,1 and Front Row: Dr. Stephen Agyekum. Dr. Paul E. Ward QDept. Headl. Dr. John H. Cochran, Dr. Cornelia Lawson. Dr. Evelyn Dandy, Marlene Brunker fSecretaryJ. Dr. Betty Ann Battise. Dr. Jacquelyn Stephens. SECONDARY EDUCATIO -yym lront Row Janice Wells rSccrctaryl. Patricia Ball. Pamela Harwood. Susan White. Back Row. Dr. Herb Galloway. Dr. William Stokes fDept. Headj. Dr. Patricia Turmpsccd. Dr. lloyd Newberry. Dr. Clifford Burgess. JAMES F. REPELLA DEAN GF HEALTH PRQFESSIGNS H-1 ILIT RY SCIENC Left IO rlghl: Major Gene Evans, Janus Strachan. Captain Robert Gahagan. and MSG McAdams. PHYSICAL EDLICATIG 'Anti I I X' 625212 , lc!! to rughl Dr larry Iapp. Gloria Gull. lddlc Avnchbachcr. Marc Paglua, Vacky Harrell. Lynn Robcrts. Dr. Roy Sums fDept. Hcad1.B.J. Ford. and Ginny Knorr ASSQCIATE DEGREE LIRSING 5 y i I eft to Right: Kathy Dutko. Mary Miller, Freddie Hepmer. Dot Ball. Judy Bryner. Sara Timberlake. Ginger Pruden BACCA ALIRE TE LIRSING Front Row Carols Kcllcr. Nemo Leven. Hama Sulcox. Rosalyn Roescl. Marcella Hart. Marulyn M. Buck qDept. Hcadi. Diana Brown QSecretaryD Marian Lonway. Carole Massey. 7 HEALTH I FORMATIO MA AGEME T Left to Right' Cynthla MIIIIS.Dl'.BOl1L'S.N'13l'glL' Hcrrmg. A.S.C. MEDICAL RECQRD ASSQCIATIQ I I-11 HF! I Y jul' 11 'K C 'X Ll I 'jixgaui-Na? QL F-nj KINFIX QUIT!! 1.4.1-- A451551 QILLIU :eq 555' ,I .,x l Kx -1 Left to Right: Melissa Woo. Melinda Oswell. Sandra Duncan. Charlene Boch. Karen Holton. DENTAL HYGIE E Q v- . f',.."4 V 1 ' . 9 1 1 C? From Row: Dr. kmma Simon. Suzanne Edenfueld. Caroline lrlcmung. Back Row: Tana GFIIQ. Theresa Coursey. Barbra Tannenbaum Wink: MEDICA TECHNOLQGY 5 .I 'l , 3 fl 0 x P , ? FSM -f Left to right: Lester Hardegree CDept, Headb, Sharyn Gibson. ,jmf1f1,,?1' 0 5 H ' i - RE PIR TQRY THER PY lvft to Rughll Ross Bowers fDcpl. Hcadr. Rene Dnamanlns. Joy Ellis. Bill Smith. n ' X feavszvvszwzsvevs 'x mvazs. vsezff 620521, na WZ,-477 new 92 Union amp -1115 1 .Q,. 1 '-A4 OXll.XNlX lx 9 I.Xt.lx XNt.l. Nl XI l'NI1Hl!t I 0 ICINNPN Li Ill-'IHX 0 xwxxxiiii fNllil.lilQlNl O in 11 Georgia lii 19155 l Tiiioii Czimp Coi'poi'zitioii. tlicii known :is liiioii ling :incl Pzipci' Coiporzitioii. lit-Ipcd vliziiigt- tht- tw iurst- ot' tht- pzipcr iiizikiiig iiiclustry wlicii it lit-gin ttoiisti't1t'tioii ot' at pulp :mtl pzipt-1' lllllllllS2lV2lllIl1lll, tit-orgizi. 'l'liis mill iiizirkccl tlit In-giiiiiiiig ot' zi iiizijoi' sliitt, by tlic pzipci' iiiclusti'y. to tlit- List- ol soutlit-in pint-. law-1' siiict' tlizit timt-, lliiioii Czimp has roiitiiiticcl to grow with tlit- l't'm'li Stzitv. 'lliflzwg l 'mon Cziiiip. :iii iiitt'gi':itt-cl l'oi't'st pimcltivtw miiipziiiy, t-iiiploys owl' 5,0011 puoplt' l'l ll.lxS'l t IN X.Xl,lNlSl'Xl . MQ I zit its vznious SllCSlllliCtJI'j1lil. mziking it om' ol tlit' stzitt-'S lzirgcst ciiiploycrs. Compzmy opcrzi- ' tions in ticorgizi p1'oclt1t'czi wiclc vziiicty of pzipcil pzickzigiiig, vlit-iiiiczil zmcl liuilcliiig iiizitwizils. ln - ziclclition to iiiziiiiilzwttiiiiig, Union Camp con- ducts cxtciisivt- lorcst iiiziiizigcim-iit opcrzitioiis zmcl ai rt-:il 0811110 clcwlopiiiciit pi'ojvt't witliiii tht' stzitc. lliiioii Czimp rziiiks in tht' top liziltot' tlic l"oi'tuiit- Stltl, witli ziiiiiuzil szilt-s ot'zipproximzitcli S2 billion :mtl zisscts ot mort- tliziii 332. 5 billion. Union Camp Corporation S.lX'.lllIlllll, 11.1. ll-lOl Riverside ' 317 East River Street- Southsid if Carey C I ig C5 Piggy Dining 7 Days a Week Azllzaeda Speccalqwg pct Zaaked gan-'5 Que and Ula! 'fcwicaaed gwwmck Stew ' Seafood heal fzam Me wdlm ' S2464 aa46ed cw you lake flew 6444.601 awww, ,med FOUR LOCATIGNS 354 7240 964 5671 3316 SKIDAWAY ROAD 514 HIGHWAY 80 355 2468 925 3225 8410 WATERS ROAD 11111 ABERCORN ST EXT We damn Fmzm OPEN 11:00 AM Tomo AM L , . f H.- v-5' .' . . 1. 1, C3-3 ,i- ... -51 F ' - en 9 OP ""'?- 4154 15192, w grit 1 O I . . . dx . - , . - . Best Wishes GIANT JERSEY i To The Graduating Seniors! Q 8 Great Locations In Savannah, Hinesville, And Stateboro Expenence the Dlfference When lt comes to decorating you ll lmd more than just great iurnlture at our Ethan Allen Gallery X. ,m Carnage House O O I I C O p 9 " O T O , w- P W V 2. 'F o NXX1?RXQwi? V "LAK 'lg ' ' -if aff. I ll Elh All 'JI' .e An an en Gallery V N7-'::..x ' NIO Abercorn St. 92 - Pfl' f Ivlqn , x, 1 5 S33 U ,V .L . :fl-1 , 3"f'. " A ..,. , . ,I ' Q.-z, 1-ff", , ,.' 13' -' ' Q-P I .Q 1 1 .4, .' J r . r I Cant Beheve Its Frozen Yogurt Stores Frozen Yogurt Stores I Cant Beheve Its Frozen Yogurt Stores GD Largo An Og e Thorpe Ma 7 Q 9 1 o I Can't Believe It's Pla? 0 I ' C9 II 7 , 9 '14 seaiood ' 8 0 hamburgers RESTAURANTS 9 E DERENNE 7900 ABERCORN EXT AVE 1701 E VICTORX DR x ICTGRY DRIVE SHOPPING 4800 AUGUSTA AVE PLAZA A as captain Dk LALIRENS BOQK 8 CARD We Can Special Order Any Book We Do Not Have In Stock' IO4 Oglethorpe Mall Books, Cards, And Gifts pw -EWELERS Savannah,Georgia o 101 East Broughton Street 49 Oglethorpe Mall 19121233-1163 19121238-2120 Desbouillons-Medical Arts REALTY CO REALTOR 19121238-2125 5801 ABERCCRN 4 354 9344 l . 1 1 'NZ COMVLIMENTS . Savannah Coca-Cola Bottling Co iw r CGLGPHQ Jostens Printing and Publishing Company of Clarksville Tennessee Danny Scott was our company representative The press run was 8CD copies The paper stock was 80 pound enamel gloss Endsheets are four color processed pho tographs The cover is embossed with gold metal lay and has a black rub applied with a Spanish grain background. The book is I3 signatures or 208 pages of 8Vz x Il inches. Type style is Lydian. Class portraits were taken by Windsong Photo Studio in Savannah Georgia. The l987 Geechee was produced by full- time students at Armstrong State College and funded with Student Activities Fees. THE I98 GEE HEE-PRESENTS EDITOR'S MESSA6 At the end of last year when I was given the honor of being named as editor of the I987 Geechee, I was both excited and scared. I was terrified that I would not be able to accomplish the task but at the same time I was confident that my experience and enthusiasm would carry me through the tough times. Now. one year later, I offer to you the I987 Geechee in hopes that you will agree that myself and the staff have provided you with the best possible yearbook. It was the goal of this year's staff to create a book that reminds us of the past year, both good times and bad. On a sad note many of us lost friends and relatives to death. But on the other hand, we have shared many good times with our new friends and have made many special friendships that will last forever. If I were to take all the credit for this book it would be a crime. Without dedicated staff members and photographers this book would not exist. I would like to thank also, AI Harris, Vice-President Buck, Mack Palmour, Ellen Shawe, Lynn Benson, and Terri Liles for building my confidence and for enhancing my ability. I also thank all those people who kept reminding me that "Patience is a virtue." I apologize for the moodiness at deadline time, but impatience often quickens creative ability. Most importantly, I thank you the student, for without you the I987 Geechee would mean absolutely nothing. - Bob Long ,tr X fy V 55' 4 A Abbas. Rahimitabar I26 Academic Computing Center II7 Adams, Joseph I74 Adams. Paul II7 Addison. Bruce 72. I26 Admissions I68 Advertisements l9I-2Ol Aeger. Vicki 62. iw. I26 Aenchbacher, Eddie 76. 77. IOS, l84 Agyekum Stephan IO7, I82 Akins, Janis l26 Akins. Kimberly II9 Aliffi, Joseph I26 Allen. Debra I26 Allen, Laura l26 Alpha Gamma Delta Im, lOl Alpha Sigma Chi IOS Alston. Iona I26 Alvarez. Edward I26. I76 Alwain, Miss I7S Amadeus 46. 47 Ames. Dirk I26 Anderson. Donald l66 Anderson. James I78 Anderson. Michelle I26 Arens, Olavi I7S Armstrong Fest 26, 27 Arthey. Linda I24 Ashman. Krista I27 Associate Degree Nursing l8S Avila, Mr. IO4 B Babits, Larry I7S Bad Boy 32 Baker, Jim II4 Balance, Katy 86, IOS Ball. Dot l8S Ball. Patricia I82 Band II7 Barnard, Jane IO4 Barnes. Felicia I27 Barnes. Patti II9 Barnwell. Ashley I27 Barry. Scott I27 Bartholomew, Patricia I07 Baseball 72-75 Basketball 82-85 Batisti, Betty Ann IO7 Battise. Betty Ann I82 Bazemore, Robert l69 Beacham. Elanor IO4 Beasley. Mark I69 Beasley. Sean I27 Beatty. Suzanne II9 Becker. Heidi II6 Beddingfield, Carolyn I27 Benitez. Rachel 63. I27 Bennett. Mariana I27 Benson. Lynn 22. I72 Bergmans, Bob 78. 79 Beta Beta Beta. IO4 Betterton. Paul I69 Beumer. Ron I77 Biology I77 Blackstock, Wally IOS Blake. Stephanie II9 Boatright. Tonya I27 Bolten, Stacey IO7 Bonard. Kimberly I27 Bone. David 72 Bonfire 56 Bookstore I76 Borklund. Donna I27 Bosch. Annet I27 Bostwick. Rhonda I28 Bowers, Lisa IO2. I27 Bowers, Ross l90 Big South 707I Brannan. Carol II9 Braun. Michelle I28 Bravo, Domingos I28 Brewer, John 80, I77 Bressler. Lara I28 Brewer. Skeet 82 Broad, Charlie 72, 73 Brock, Barbara I28 Btockmeier. Kristina l7l Brower Moon ean I77 - Y Brown. Alicia I28 Brown, David II7, I28 Brown. George I70 Brown, Glenda I73 Brown. Hannah II9, I28 Brown. Hugh I75 Brown, Jim 88 Brunker, Marlene I82 Bryner, Judy l8S Bryner, Renny 80 Bryant, Beth I28 Bryant, Kimberly I28 Bryant, Louise I29 BSU II3 Bucheit, Melissa l29 Buck. Joe 22. 26, l63 Buckley, William 82. I29 Burdett. Ann l29 Burgess. Clifford I82 Burnes. Dee l29 Burnett. Robert 80, l60-6I Business Office I64 Butler. Renee l29 Butler. Vice-Pres. I62 Buttimer. Anne l29 Byrd, Mary II9 C Cafe I76 Cafiero, Joy 90. Im, l29 Cahela, Maria I29 Cail. Malcolm I69 Calliope IO9 Campbell. Michelle I76 Campbell. Mike I78 Capers. Davita I29 Carr, John l29 Carter. Jamie I68 Carter, Sandra I24 Carter, Walt IO4, I30 Casino Night S7 Cathcart, Sheila 64 Central Store I76 Chapman, Ben I30 Chastain, Kim I3O Cheap Trick 3033 Cheerleading 90-93 Chemistry I77 Chen, Kevin I30 Chisolm. Susie l7I CHAOS 22-25 Chokos. Julie I30 Christopher. Chuck 72. I30 Christy. Janice I7I Clancy, Frank 88. 89. I7S Clark. Karen IOS Clark. Veronica l30 Clayton. Donna I30 Cleveland, Patricia I3O Coachman. Craig l30 Cochran, John IO7. I82 Cody, Mary I68 Coffe. Mike II4 Cohen, Debra II9 Cole. Doris I73 Coleman, Alicia 64, 67 Coleman, Terry IO4 College Communications I67 Colophon 202 Comaskey, Bernard IOS, I75 Comley. Lucy I30 Computer Service I7I Copely. Christy l3I Cook, Allison I3O Cook, Karen 27. I3I Cooper, Trudy 86 Counseling I72 Coursey, Theresa l88 Coyle, William I70 Crews, Patricia II9 Cribbs, Barbara l3I Crockett, Melanie l3I Crommet, Heather I3I Crosby, Deborah 38, IOS, I24 Crosby, Diane I3l Cross Country 88-89 CUB 28. ll8 Culberson. Calvain 72, 75 D Daley, Brad II4 Daley. Dale IO4 Dandy. Evelyn I82 Daniels. Marylin I3I Daniels, Rob I3l Darrs, Keith 88 Data Processing IN Daughtry. Meg I64 Davis. Audra I3l Davis. Derrick I3l Daviston, Tracy I3I Deaux. Patti I7I Deemer. Tracy I32 Degener, Elin I32 DeLong, Costance I32 DeLong. Ernest II4. I32 Delorme. Leonie I32 Demott. Teresa I32 Dental Hygiene I20, l88 Derocher, Sandy I32 Developmental Studies I79 Diamantis, Rene I9O Dickinnson, Suk I32 Dillis, Kelli I32 Dillon, Dianna I02 Dobson, Jan I32 Donahue, Mike I70 Dorhaut. Pauline I32 Dorms 34-37 Douglass. Amy I32 Douglass. Keith I70 Drew, Tammy I33 Drummond, Donna IO2 Dudley, Rivanna l7I Duncan, Cheryl II9 Duncan, Sandra I33 Dunwoody, Sandra l7l Dutko, Kathy ISS Dykes, Jeff l2I E Ealy, Steve I7O Eaton, Allen l33 Edenfield, Robert l33 Edenfield, Stephanie I88 Editor's Message 203 Elementary Ed. I82 El-Lessy, Hussein l33 Ellis, Joy l90 Ellis, Scott 72, 74 Ellzey, Laura l33 Ellzey, Mandy ll7, l33 Embery, Trina l33 Engineers, IO6, I77 English, Carla 22, li6, I33 Ennis, Darryl l33 Ennis, Shane I02, l33 Eure, Greg l33 Evans, Erik I34 Evans, Gene II4, I84 Ewaldsen, Nele I34 F Falls, Sineath l34 Faulk, David I34 Fawcett, Bob II7 Fell, Stacey IO2 Fellers, Lee l07 Fetty, Pamela l34 Filmer, Gina IO4 Financial Aid l73 Findeis, John IO4 Findeis, Mary Ann l34 Fine Arts I78 Fleming, Caroline l88 Floyd, Bill, 72, I34 Fogle, Dorothy I76 Ford, B.J. I84 Ford, Dawn l73 Forkner, Jennifer I34 Foss, Melanie I34 Freeman, Dia l02, l34 Freyermuth, Melissa IO2 Fuller. Malcolm I35 Futch, Lee I35 G Gahagan, Bob II4, I84 Galloway, Herb I82 Garri, Donna l35 Gay, Carlton i35 Gearhart, Bill 72-3 Geary, Becky 64-65 Geechee lw Geoffrey, Cyndee I79 German, Ashley l35 Gibson Gay I35 Gibson Linda I78 Gibson Robert I3S Gibson, Sharyn I89 Gilbert. Barbara l35 Gill, Gloria IOS, I84 Glover, Gwen I77 Gnann, Fran IO2 Golden, Sue l68 Goldwire, Dionne I35 Gomez, Laura l35 Goodson, Shirley I7I Gottfried, Brad I77 Govt. I7O Graham, Mary Ann l35 Grant, Leonard II9 Gray, Janice l35 Green, Thomasina l36 Grier, Kim 89 Grile, Tina I88 Grotheer, Karl 26 Guillou, Larry IO4 Gulle, Jeff 22, 38. III, I36 H Hadwin. Sharon 64-67 Hammock. Lisa I36 Hammond, Bo 82 Hann, Tommy l7l Hansen, Bob 72, 75, l36 Hansen, Dr. IO4 Hardegree, Lester I89 Harding, Dana 72 Hargrove, Cynthia I36 Harper, Julie 90 Harwood. Pamela I82 Harrell, Dan I64 Harrell, Lee 22, II6, I36 Harrell, Vicky I84 Harris, Al 22, l73 Harris, Henry I77 Harris, Karl I79 Harris, Robert I78 Harris, Tony 82, 85 Harrison. Leah I36 Harrison, Shirley l36 Harrison, Tom l36 Hasbrouck, Richard I36 Heinvich, Christine IS6 Henderson, Kelly lw Hendricks. Wendy I36 Hendrix, Steven l7l Hepner, Freddie l85 Hester, Cheryl l37 Hicox, Betty I37 Hieronymus. Cindy 64-67, 90, I02. I37 History I75 Hixon, Dan 72 Holland, Alexa I37 Holland, Jane I64 Holland, Sonya II9 Hollis, Willie I69 Homecoming Sl-63 Hood, Wendy I37 Housing I72 Houston, Gloria I76 Hquese, Debbie 89 Hubbard, Kerry I37 Hucks, Marie I37 Hudson, Sheleta I37 Hudson, Sigmund I04 Hudspeth, Karen I37 Humphries, Harry l76 Hunger, Linda I64 Hunt, Howard 78 Hutcheson, Frederic I37 Hutcheson. Rene II9 Hux, Tammy IO4 I lnkinen, Sari l37 Inkwell II2 Intramurals 94-98 Irwin. Andrew II4 J Jacks, Vondell I37 Jackson, Adriene ISS Jackson, Beckie l38 Jackson, Jeff lll Jackson, Tonia II9 Jahansan, Kay I38 Jansen. Remko 78, II6, l38 Janvrin. Melanie l38 Jaynes, Michael I77 Jaynes, Patty I76 Jeffcoat. Michael II9 Jenkins, Marvin I75 Jensen. John I78 Joe Edd 48-9 Johnson, Cary I38 Johnson. Donald 82. 84 Johnson, Greer l38 Johnson, Lori 22, 63, 86. I3 Johnson, Mary I76 Johnson, Robert l7u7 Jones, Benita l38 Jones, Joy l38 Jones, Gerald I77 Jones, Joy I38 Jones, Michael I2l Jones, Shirley I38 Jones. Stacey IS9 Jones, Ted I38 Jones, Tracey 22 Joyner, Melvin l39 K Kappa Delta Pi IO7 Karland, Sandy l39 Karle, Chris 78 Karnibad. Scott 78 Kass, Geralyn l39 Kass, Paul l7l Kellam, Gene l39 Keller, Jeremy l39 Kelly, David I39 Kelso, Bill 22 Kicklighter, Melinda I2l Kilhefner, Dale I04 Killingworth, Meredith l39 King, Pat I75 King, Stephanie l39 Klein, Matt Ill Knight, Kim I63, I72 Knorr, Ginny IOS, I84 Kocher, Ken I39 Korn. Brent 72 Kraft, Ralph l39 L Ladner, Clint 82. l39 Lain, Earnest l40 Lambert, Dennis I77 Nanfria, Tina IO2 NIP. Landry. Bill II7 Lane. Joseph I7O Langston. Regina l4O Lawson, Cornelia l82 Lawton. Alicia l4O Miss ASC 64-68 Mitchell, Barry I43 Mitchener, Mike 72, l43 Mixon. Donna II9 Mobley. Viva I43 Lee. Alisa I-IO Lee, Ben l4l Lee Chuck I4O Lee John I4O Lee Karen IO2, l4O Lee Laurie IO2 Lee Micki I67 Lee Neill l4O Lee Robin I4O Leesch. Carolyn I4O Lemon, Yasma I4O Leopold. Melanie IO2. l4I2 Lewis, Angela l4l Lewis, Georgia l4l Leverett, Leesa l4l Library I7I Liles, Terri 22, I63 Lindblad, Sheila IO7 Moore, David I43 Morgan, Kimberly I43 Morrell, Diane I43 Morris, Eureka I64 Morris, Joe I69 Morrison, Margaret I7l. I79 Moseley, Jennifer I43 Moseley, Pam I43 Moss. Sherry II4 Mueller, Hans I69 Mullice, Rod l43 Munson, Richard IO4 Murphy, Dennis I7O Murray. Cynthia I43 Myers, Brian I43 N Lindsey, Suzanne IO2, l4l Lingerfelt, Missy lw Libscomb. Renita l4l Little. Sonia l4l Lively, Debra l2l Lloyd, Barbara 64-5. 9l Long. Bob 22, 72, I4I, 203 Long, Karen Il9, l4l Lord, Wendy l2l Lott. Lisa l2l Lovette, Robert l4l Lowery, Amy l4l Lozen, Colleen l4l Luersen, Paulette I42 Lynn, Karen I42 M Mackey, Tonja I42 Magnus, Bob I7O Malcolm, Scott 72. 74 Maher, Bob I42 Mann. Gay II9 Marcotte, Jennifer ll9 Marshall, Gary lll Martin. Bonnie I42 Martin, Grace I24, I7O Martin. William I7O Math I808l McAdams. George II4, I84 McCants. Troy II4 McCarthy. John I7O McCIanhan. Billie l75 McClelland, Lauri I7l McCormick. Cindy I24 McGalliard. Tommy II4, I42 McGrath, Mary Ellen IOS Mclntosh, Owen I69 Mclver, Yvonne II4 McNulty, Tom I42 McNeill. Laura I42 McPipkin. Barbara l68 Mednik, David I42 Meeks, Walter I42 Megathlin. Dean I65 Merrifield. Debi I42 Miller, Bonnie l78 Miller, Mary l85 Mines, Elgin l43 Nelson. Bonnie I44 Newberry. Lloyd l82 Newman. John I7O Newman, Kathy I44, I76 Newman, Kim I67 Newsome, Leslie 65, I44 Nichols. Alecia II4 Nichols, Harriet I44 Nichols, Nancy IO2, I44 Niven, Darren I44 Nolen, Kathy II4 Norman, Stephanie Im, I44 Norris, Lynn lm, I44 Norwich, Vicki IO4 NROTC ll5 O O'Brien, Ann 22, I44 O'Brien, Martin I44 O'Brien, Robert I44 O'Connor. Paige 64, 66, I44 Oglesby, Harold 22 Oliver, Clyde 72, I69 Oliver. Michelle 86, 87. I45 O'NeaI, Judy I45 Otto, Terry I45 Owens, Joel 72. 75 P Pacenka, Donna II9 Pacenka, Lynn IO2, I45 Paglia. Mo 22, I84 Palefsky. Elliot I7O Palmer, Jacinda I45 Palmour, Mack 22. I72 Parker, Dale 86 Parks, Kate I45 Pernedoe, Kame 89 Pasquale, Carmina l2l Patterson, Brenda I45 Patterson, Robert I75 Payne. Jennifer I45 Peavy, Barry 72. I45 Perry, Toni I45 Petain, Mary Ann I45 Peterson, Lisa 90 Pfeifle. Darcy IOS, l45 Phi Alpha Theta IOS Phi Eta Sigma IO7 Phillips, Larry l7l Phillips, Michelle 86, 87 Phi Mu IO2-O3 Pittman. Michelle 86, 87 Playfair 28-9 Pollman, Jim 82-3 Porzio. Theresa 89 Poticny, Janet IO2 Poticny, Judy IO2 Powell, Chip I46 Poythress, Kimberly I46 Prevatt, Melissa I46 Proctor, David I46 Propes, La Quita I46 Propst, Sandy 89 Pruden, George I75 Pruden, Ginger l85 Purvis, Andrea I46 Purvis, Michelle II9 Q Quarterman. Joe I69 Quinney. Sherry I46 Rad Tech Il9 Raymond, Judy 39 Raymond, Phyllis IO7 Raymond, Richard I75 Reddick, Margaret I46 Redding, Steven I46 Reed, J.C. I46 Reese, Randall l78 Registrar I68 Repella, James I83 Respiratory Therapy I20. I9O Rhee. Steve I7O Rhett, Erroll II4 Rhug, Audrey I47 Richard, Greg 72 Richards, Janie I76 Rigden, Marcy I46 Ritter, Suzanne I47 Roach. Susan I47 Roberts, Joe 72 Roberts, Lynn IOS, I84 Roberts, Melanie 39 Robinson, Laura I47 Robinson, Robin 22, 64. Rockwell, Elizabeth I47 Rockwell, Katherine I47 Rockwell, Susannah I68 Rogers, Cindy I47 Rogers, Elizabeth 22, Ill, Rogers. Kathy I47 Rosenberg, Sam 82, I47 Ross, Lynn I47 Ross, Martin I48 Rossey, Mike II4 ROTC II4 Roth, Lorie I75 Roundtree, James I69 Ruiz, Michelle I48 Ruiz, Rosalee IO4, I48 Rusel, Michelle IO2 S 67, 68, I47 I47 Thornton, Willie I69 Salter, Beverly I48 Sampey, Marcy I49 Samuel, Catherine I48 Sanders, Fatima 22, I48 Sanders, Sheri IO2 Sands, Michelle I48 Sandt. Laura I48 Sapp, Allison I48 Sapp, Lucy I48 Sargent, Matt I48 Sarvis, Ponda II9 Sasser, James I48 Satterfield Dr. I7O Schmidt, John I78 Schmitz. Bart 78, 79 Schnell, Linda II9 Schultz. Cindy I78 Scott, Harold 82 Scott, Jay I49 Scott, Lisa I76 Scott, Nell I68 Secondary Education I82 Security I69 Seely Pam II9 Sellers, Mark I49 Sellers, Tim 82, 85 Senterfitt, Donald II4 Sevier, Mike IOS SGA II6 Shakespeare Festival 4I-45 Shawe, Ellen 22, I73 Shea, Sandy I7I Shefchyk, Susan 62, l49 Shell, Yvonne I49 Shin, Minchul I49 Shipley, Charles IO4 Shiver, Sandy l49 Stone, Janet I7S Strachan, Janis l84 Strang. Shelby I7I Stratten, Cedric I77 Strickland, Leigh IO2, ISO Strickland, Penny ISO Strother, Marylin ISO Strozier, Robert I7S Struck, Ellen I64 Stuberg, Michael ISI Student Activities I73 Student Affairs I63 Sullivan, Michelle ISI Summers, Pratt 22, ISI Super, Donald I7O Swaggert, Constance ISI Swinson, Tammy I69 Waldhour. Grace IS3 Walker, Pam IS3 Walker, Sabrian IS3 Wallace, Brad 88 Walls, Vicki ISS Wang, Shing IO-I Ward. Paul I82 Ware, Jerry IS3 Ware, Olitia II-I Ware. Rosemary IOO Warlick. Roger I7S Water Pistol Shootout Waters, Janice IS3 Waters, John IS3 Watson. Althea ISS Weathery, DennisIS3 Webb, Renee II4 S4 T Tannebaum. Barbara I88 Tapp, Larry IOS, I84 Tapp, Scott 82 Taylor, Allison ISI Taylor, Bea I7l Tellman, Tina ISI Telmini, Eileen ISI Tennis 78, 79 Thomas, Amy IOS Thomas, Holly I7S Thomas, Tony ISI Thompson, Catherine IOS Thompson, Dianne ISI Thompson, Gail ISI Thompson, Karen IS2 Thompson, Wanda IS2 Thorne. Francis I77 Weber. Karen 90 Weeks. Mark IS3 Wells. Janice I82 Welsh, John I7S West. Darrell IS3 West, Kim l68 West, Michael IS4 Whalen. Stephan 4O Wheeler. Lois I7O White, Ann Marie IOS White. Brenda I7O White, Susan I82 Whiten, Morris I77 Wholer, Christina IS4 Wilderspin, Dane 78, IS4 Williams, Felicia IS4 Williams, Jerry 4O. IO4 Williams, Mike II7, IS4 Williams, Roge 72 Williamson, Lonnie I69 Showalter, Karen 86. 90. IO2, I49 Sidewalk, Art SS Simmons, Eva I49 Simmons, Julie 22. lm, l49 Simmons, Theresa I49 Simon, Emma I88 Simpson, Greg I7I Sims, Gene I79 Sims, Roy I84 Sinopoli, Athena IO7 Slater, Beverly IOO Small, Alphonso I69 Smith Smith Bill I9O Bradley ISO Smith, Brinson ISO Smith, Carolyn I79 Smith Cheryl IO2 Smith, Kandy ISO Smith, Kinsey ISO Smith, Mary I76 Smith, Moniquie ISO Smith, Pam I77 Soccer 76, 77 Solomon, Maria II9 Spence, Lori IOS. ISO SPS III Staiti, Joe 82, 83 Stanley, Jean Anne 64, 66 Steele, Glenn 82 Stegall, John I64 Stephens, Jacquelyn I82 Stephenson, Al ISO Stevens, Lisa ISO Stevens, Stephanie IO4, ISO Stokes, William I82 Tillman, Donna 86 Timberlake, Sarah I8S Tisdale, Lillian I64 Tompkins, Laura IO2 Trinh, Sabrina II9 Tudor, Marcella IS2 Turner, Connie I2I Turner. Valerie IS2 Turnipseed, Patricia I82 Tuttle, Amy IO2 U Ulmer. Tanya IS2 Urbanz, Glenn I69 V Vaigner, Chris IS2 VanBrackle, Joy iw, IS2 VanBrackle, Steve II6 VanderBrink, Jannis IS2 Vaughn, Michael IS2 Veterans Affairs I73 Vichich, Michelle IS2 Vinueza, Maria IS2 Vogel, Vicki IS2 Volleyball 86, 87 Vollo, Phillip IS3 W Wagner, Bryan 72 Wagner, Diane I7S Willmore, Ute IS4 Willoughby, Dianna IS4 Wilson, Pam IO2 Windeler, Jo Ann I64 Wong, Suk IO4 Woo. Missy IS4 Worthington, Dr. I7O WOW I27 Wright, Evia IS4 Writing Center lO9 Wynn, Althea IS4 Wynn, Nancy IS4 Y Yarlick, Helen IS4 Yines, Sandra ISS York, Deena ISS Young, Dewey I69 Young, Richard ISS Z Zervis. Cathy ISS Ziegler. Ernie 82. 84 Ziegler, Otis 88 Zimmerman, Sarah I64 Ziznnerman, Barbara I7I Zipperer, Michelle ISS THE END IS AT HAND TUNE IN FDR GEECHEE 88 ,I -fy U . 'F I 5 0 O XO., A .. I '13 vi 7 I - 'Mf- V . N , I , !',5n'j .' . - I 1 1 4,5 v .-17, . o .,, . . if . Q A el .,5f, A I r. ' . ?.'v!-. , Jr' 'tif .r ' . -'u r "!fl.- iff:- .,1,,, ,f, - fry, 'il . I . f ',"' ll, W, :fy r,' I. fda? N. ,v 1 I 4 o '- ,. , , ,,' , n 1 A '14 Y W: f I. Iltl .1 A f 'rl ' .1 ' I I 'I X -A, V .f 'F o v' 'A " -R, , A 5. ,X ' X I' 'Y."'r f,f Us , INN' V1 'J 95' '. - ' 'Vue '. xx: :A M ,V J 'l. HQ' "' '.'. 'u .bt '. I,-M , . k fi.: v J If - kkvn. -"Tuul V .N .'.5 I, , 'fl --j','4n" ' f .. - 'Z' IC 9 0,-If a "" . A I' "u ""1P "V 12" 'F 1 '.",af' 'lf ' J-1 1 1 ,, g . 1' ly? --'I IIT' wx -M 5 ,Mft ' ' 4 .. " 4 - vw k. J' - - s ' I- ,.-, ' NJ' - - .3 'gn' " .Ly ' - , -,.,. . , -A., 4 '. .4 ,. u ' 'ff N ' mfg .,s- , , 1' V, u Q gt- ,QV 1. . . . I Xu ' ' - thy! x 0 c , V ft v , ,L Q s , Q . 2' ,V .- ' .. , !' . JH-'TV J ' ' .'s"- . l V - ' " -f Qiywf AZ' 1 - - r. f r 1 . 'tr , , ' , ff D ' 'Sufi ' .f N 'gl ' . ' FT Ll' A f jffvbyl- ,V f ' .' lf ' ' . 1 34' .'-5' J P -1 V -8,34 I . is!! -V9 . 4' f'f,irf?' fa?-3' ' ' .tr ylymiegflgv A. ' - 1 M ' .NYJ ,1:'t,',:q ..' D 5. IL. ll? .,., f .V N, t.?ln,..- a 74 ut-, .I .X 1 JL' - vflfu-'llif' J' jf: rw" 1 WPI- .T U . " A IJ' .J.- A4, -Q X, Ar -I N,-, 41 1 fa' 1 N Ji! TFA Qi, 5 iff.. 'ii' . -'QJTA' If V - A '- 'P 4. 'iff N If .- Af- " . f .- .Q Af! -' -Lx", .df , ,-PT54.-f dw ',. H. '. "' 4 hu' ",f'..-152. '..,n4'b'f --' 35. 1' , .' nj' V- 'z- ..-- ... Ha J. ' '1 'P ,- -' " 9' lyl vi? 'N 'lxwxfl I i- 'Y7 ' 35.1, . . Q-J v 9 f .P 'ff 2942 A 1 'W' 451 " . f :' ,. ' V ' -,' , g '1' " . '., ,Mp 1 ' ' q .I ',V gf, ' fp , -,Tri , . ' .1 Lv -Q ...fabif , ' , Q.4bG3f?a.3r .M' --L I. Ju , .- .A..iJf.fx- fa .4 J

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